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Colonial Offi.ce List Advertiser. 


ManuFacfufeps of Mineral Wafers, 


Thb Queen akd H.R.H. the Princb Of Walss. 

K. 'Z. 


$oiia,Malvern-Sbltzbr Poxas^ 


Heb Maisbtv the Qvbbn. 

Rbt&il op au. 

Gkbmists^Mnx-mbrchants A'Grogkk». 




Head Office— 51, BERNEES ST., LONDON. 


LlVIBrOOL, BBI8I01, DEBBI, GUSGOW, it Snilll, II.S.W. 
AgentB for Ftaoce-M OBSAN & CO.. 68, BmOevard HaleBherbes, Paril. 


7 -'-'"gl'; 

Colonial Office Litt Advertuer. 

F. d C. OSLER, 


Glass Diimer Services. 
Glass Dessert Services. 
Glass Table Decorations. 
Glass Flower Vases. 
Glass Table Lamps. 
Glass Lustres ft Wall Lights. 
Glass ft Hetal Chandeliers. 

China Dessert Services. 
China Dinner Services. 
China Breakfast Services. 
China Tea Services. 
China Tases. 

China and Parian Groups. 
China Ornaments. 

$oIe ^gtnts for tbt Vtnitt $c iDHurano &iasiii ®o* 

To meet the Increasing demand upon their China and 

Earthenware Department, Hew and Spacious Rooms have 

been opened extending to Newman Street, of which they 

Invite inspection, 


Cotonitl Ojfice Litt Adveriuer. 

81 Medals of Honour 

from all Nations 

since 1837, 


F. BESSOnST «Sz; GO., 

InTenton uid Sole Proprietors of the " Prototype " 8;Btem of Hutnliutm, 


Instrnroente made oa the "Proto^^e System" are distinguished by perfect 
purity and elasticity of tone, poorer and roundness in forte, softness and fadlity in 
piano, increased compass, strength, durability, and Eoonomy, and being more easy 
to blow, beginnera make quicker progress on them than on any others. 
TO NATIVE BANDS.— A Speci&l Clui of eitts itroog BMald-plated Iiutramenta, to wrist wear 

and Uftp of Foreign Berriee. luHmmnU tued i» CrimeoM War itiU in »efT W .' .' .' 
TO OATALBY B^DS.— Light, portable IiistruineDts, speciaUj deaigned for use on HonelMck. 

ateTllng BllTOT iDstmments for aentlenMn Amateim or PreMntatloii PtupoMB. 

MOMTB. B«Baon ft Oo. «» prepared to TBITDBB for the IIOCBDZATSI auppl? of IHBtnuaMltB, 

FlttliiBe, Ao., In anf guantitlea. 



tme and dii«ct sction of tlie Talve, giriiig greater eaae to tbe plajer. 
DtJPXiBX TROHBONB, oombiiuttioD of Slide and Talre Trombone, Two Instniinenta 
The OOBNST-TBTJUPIIT, which by meani of s double set of ihuik*, nui; be p]s;< 

Oomet or Tnunpet. 

breaking of iprings. 

Kim Futi, W c«fa' 

... i>jo 


-Office— 198, EUSTON ROAD. 

_ Works— 16. 17, 18, SOUTHAMPTON MEWS. 

PASIS— M, Boe'd'Anfonlnss. NEW TOBX— tT, Eut BM Stnat. Br. PETEBSBITSa -Pmpeetlta Oi Nmkr 



LisBi Stokb Bbioht Bid 

Batb Do. ' DiUK Do. 

Crram Coloub. Cbooolati Colodk 


DklB or POBTUNV Do. Bbiobt Obbbn 

0*E CoLom Diip Qkhh 

Lrid CoLorR Slux. 



H.R.H. the PRIHCE of WALES, 

The BritlBh Oovenmient 16,000 of the Hobility and Qeatry. 

^le Indian Oovemment Railway and Canal Companies. 

The Colonial Oovemments. Collieries, Ironmasters, &o., &o. 

The Anti-Corrosian it eiteniiTely uaed at home and abroad for all kind* of 


and has been proved, after a teat of 30 years, to aurpaaf anj other paint. It it applicable to 
WoODBH Housaa, and other Ocibitildinob, Qatis, kv. ; alsu Iboh BooFitrs, Bbii^BS, Hdbouho, 

and ererj deecnjition of IbonWOBE. 

The only Paint that stands a Tropical Sun without Blistering, 

resisting alike extremes of 


And luting twice hb long aa oonuaoo Paint. 

Can be obtained throngb nny Mrrehant, or direct. 

Shipped in CasVs of all sizes. 5 Cwt. f. o.b. in London. 

The Original Anti-Corroaiou Paint ii onlj to ba obtained of 



PAIITinil l^^ Casks bear the Trade Mark, Contents being 

llflUIIUIIl t seonred by special gnarantee label. 

PainU and Oils prtqierly packed /or Exportation. f ',i,iii[.> 

Colonial O^t Li»t Advertiter. 


1, OLD BBOAI ST., U. ; ill 22, FlU UIX, LC lOISOI. 


CAPITAL, £1,600,000. 

a Co.. Menbuiu. 
ASHTON, KICHABD JAHES, Eiq^— Aihten ud Co. 


FARQCIUB, BOSACE B. T., E^-,— F->f»w, ForMt, 

BABCLAT, THOMAS O&OBat, Ea].,— Birekr, Par- 
kin*, ud Co.. Bimcn. 

Banu, Trttlon, Twdli, Mifl Co., Bcnken. 

BOBAKQUET, PERCIVAL, £■«.,— Swwqan, Cuitit, 

BHAND, JAVES, Kiq.,— Hu-ror. Bnni, uid Co., 

GATE, CHARLES, bq.,— FroKgO, Can, BuIod, 

Loier and Co.. Binkin. 
CHAHBEB& Sir OEOBOB HEN^I.-^Tbomu ]>aalel 

udCo., IbrcbuH. 
CBUH-EWnro, J. D.. E»q., — J. D. Cmm-E-ing, 

DAVIDSON, HBHBT, E^., — B, HlwOtU Etmt, 

PDRlud rimoa, W. 

■BdBnii, soil Bnkan. 

BABCLAT, OHABLU, Eiq„— H. Efflddl ind Bos, XfrchuH. 
BEVAN, FBANCIG ATJOUSTCB, Eio.,— BwcUj, EflTln, Triuon, TweHi, uu 
HALE. JOHM HAMFTON, tM., — Wotton ud Co., Cemeot MunlKeunn ■ 
HURDOCa, CHABLSa TOWS^HEND, Eaq.,— BMUom, Boorerla. wd Co., S 

n Iliath. Cnrdon. 

, ..HN SHEBIFF. Eh..— T 

Co., Han 
HUTH, EDWARU, Enq.,— F. Both and Co., HtrahaDta. 
LIDDEBDAI^ FRANCIS F., t», PonbtMer Bfnan, 

HABBTAT, GHABLSS, E*4.,— JoMpfa Jlanrat and 

Gou, Herchuu, 

Xie diitingvishing ckaracUmtica ofthi$ Company are:— 




Steam Thrcahijig Machines allowed imth<mt extra charge. 
Lots and Damage from Explosion of Gas in Buildingn Insured mpde good. 

Eveiy iDfonnatlon and Foms of Proposal can be obtained (him the Offices of the 
Company, or at snj of Its AgenoieB throoichont the lOngdoiD. 

Colonial Ofice Lite Advertiser. 


Eitailithed and Incorporated by Royal Charter in 18S6. 

SUBSCRIBED CAPITAL, £2,000,000. PAID UP, £600,000. 

RESERVE FUND, £100,000. 


D»puls-a>airma»--iA.CQS QUIXANO HBNBIQUEB, B»i. 

SDKS COLyiLK. Em. - - - - 





Tica-Admii*! W. Q-. H. WHIS 












Hew York 


. British North Anaori- 
can Provinces ... 


Messrs. MAITLAND, PHELPS, & Co. 



Payable on demtintl, are granted (without charge) on tbe aeveral EstabUBhmeiits 
in tbe (lolotiieA, upon payment of the amount at tbe London Office. 


Are Sent oat for G<4lectiou, and other jf,owiy bnsineM trauEacted. in the above 
named CcJoniea. 

Colonial Off/ie lAsl Advertiser. 

"•tffi""] BISHOP'S li,^£S 



Thin Salt tiu been inoal«l«Hlidriiwd>airarnpd7 tar >lektasul>ctie,ind with luclisreUnKxas, that It mirolDia 
Bi.Hor'i Okholiu KmivucBiT Cituti an CirrimB is mid in botUei il 31. ed. each. With euh botUe 

Ad eminent BlrmlnEbam Pbfilclao irrllai:— " [ like the ErniTncuiT CiTUTi or Cimm prepared br Binhop lei 

vupatlon tiare re^lucod tlie lone of thcifitsm, itmsy be Inken with perlecl uteijrand frreu ■dTanuge." 
Tht Laneil:—" fhe eicellenw of Mr. Bliliovi'i prepamtloni If well known," 

Obssrre thU the Name, Trade Hark, and Addrasi at tha Uaksr are on eaoh Bottle. 


Sold by BARCLA Y ^ SONS, 95, Farringdon Street; all Ctieniints and others. 
!«»bU.hedJ BISHOP'S [] 


ALFRED BISHOP, 17, Spsck'a Fields, Mils End New Town, London, 

I7 reminds thi 
Uitrate of UagTiei 

Beipertfa1l7 remind! the tjidt thai he OTigioailr Invented and Preiiared the Oranular BffeTTeBoent 
,,:.—._ _. » .. ^,... igj, [ij-^^ never ceawO pcrwnallj lo iiipe.'— — ■■ ■- ■— ' 

I'e hIghrBt quality: tbe granLlcs are hnndsoine in ippeamnce and perlectlj aalitble, uid the genuine prepHration rield 
dnu^ht whlrb^ ua toofiHff avi r^froAinff lal^nt btrcragt o/pntiliatl^ plauanljlarotn; Il LnatJuiUj dlstin^laluttle froi 

nrrat toMny Baniplcfl of Kr. binhDp'i granul&teil preperaCiona. ottftlned at Tarioue clvei fn^m dtllereDt lourvea, nn 
tTe found them lo he Ter; anitomj In cbarat-ur, lully cliaried with CArbonle Add, and obvlouslj made with great cai 

In Bottles, 1b. and 2s. 6d. each. 

Obaerro that the Name, Trade Mark, and Address of ihe Maker are on each Bottla. 



Slid b'j BARCLAY ^ SONS, 95, Farringdon Street; all Chemists and others. 

Iitabllshedl H T CI XX r\ "D ' Q f Oranular 

1867. J U 1 O XI U X* O LEfferveaoan 

*M bure Buffered very mnch rrom irout. Four yean bki> 1 waa advlned bj a oelebrmted PbftidaD uttTf Blahop'a 
i1T«e of Uthia. t hare taken it iLt lnterraie iini^ and have denvcd very mnob benedt from iL 1 bave recOTOmended It 

In Bottles, Is. 6d. and 2b. ed. each. 

Observe that the Name, Trade Mark, and Addreaa ot the Mftker *re on eaoh Bottle. 



Sold h;i BARCLAY J- SONS, 95, Farringdon Street; all ChemiaU and athei-s. 

Ciilotiial Office LUt Advertiser. 

Demy Sro^ Cloth, Price lis. 



Wltb Deflnltiona of K&atioal, Heroantile, Bud Zisgal Termi ; a OIoBiarT' of UerotatU* Temu 

In Biicliili, Vranoli, Oarmui, ItftLia- — ■"" ;-i- - m_i.i #-» ,., -!_•.. j« 

of UMprlnoipftlOomnieniial Nfttio: 

nBli^ilh,^^aiiah,Q^iiUiD,^tftLiaii, uida^oniali; Tublea of Moner, WeiahU.^and M 

of Comulur uid Kotui^ Acts ; 

By L JOEL, Of Her Majesty's Consular Service. 

" Mr. Joel's ■vroA it also inUndsd for Shipowners and Sbipnuuten. It will not be lesi uiaful 
to them than to Conaula. Sbipmuterg in partioaliLr, io spite of the atrenaoiu efforts of the Board 
of Trade to enlighten them, are often ttrangelj i^orant of the limits of tlieir power over their 
men, aod this hae not a tittle to do with their loud complaint* of the worthlessnas* oi their crewa" — 
Satmrdag Be'itw. 

" Ur. JosL'* colleagaee trill thank him for auppljing them in ■ single volame with much that i* 
BOir Mattered in instruotiooe issu-^ at different ttme^" — Pall Mall Oac-tt: 

"There ii an eicelleiit elpogition of the general rulm and principles vhioh ibould gnide 
Consuls in their action, and an elaborate epitome of the slatuteB and reguWions which define their 
•pecitic dutiea."— iSco/jiwaii. 

" i. tlioronglily practical work, and with it at hand, neither shipmajten nor shipowner! abould 
find much difficult; in telling what to do under difficult circumstancei." — Liverpool Albion. 








These four Books form « complete and reliable register of all British subjects 
bearing Titles, of Gi'eut Landed Proprietors and tlieir Lioeage, of Authorized 
Armonal Bearing)), and of all Peerages, Extinct, Dormant, and in Abeyance. 



Bookseller to the Qneen and H.R.H. the Piinee of Wales.' ^K^t^lC 

Colonial OJice lAtt Advertiser. 

Digitized ByGOOgle 

Colonial O^e LUt Advertiter. 


An BSttrvaaoing uid T»>tsl«>i Skit. 

A moat ZniigorfttlnCi ViMIltini;, tad Safreatdog Tonlo. 

OlTea inatMit relief in Hekdnobe, Be* or BUioua BlakQsaa, 

IndigMtlon, Oonatipatlon, Iiow Splrlta, Iisaallade, 

Heartburn, Peveriah Oolda, 

Prickl; Baat, Smallpox, Ksades, Eniptivs or Skin Compl«lnta, 

And vari<mt Altrrmt CMiUtau ofAi Blood arUineftom CtinuUU and Miter Caunt. 
Ths miliaonj of Medioil OenUtowa ud Uh r»iifiwliiinl Pnii hu bcm unigiulUleil In pnlH of 


As [">■■! mil 1 11 noBlBportaiit Blsmalta cukulued 10 T«lcr« ud maiDUlQ Hnaltb wlUi perfect Tigonj of Bodj ud 
— ---flOAi 

DR. S. OIBSON (7arn»rl]' PtifilciaD to Ibg London Hn>plt>l)— " Iti nHfalnea Id lh« tmtmnit of ai>«ug hHtongtweii 
eonflmiad >it iiKdlcii] nwriniu. I hkn been In ih> haUi of niLni II In priiUa practice for mnn; j'eiil " 

DR. SPARKS (Oownnunliledloil Inipectpr olEmlannu fn™ lliePortot London)— "1 here pwlplMmre In bearini 
mr ooTdUl mtlmonr to lU efllcser In the tnUmenl of pwn; of tlie ordlnuj ukd chiDnlc forint of OuLric comiiliuntl 
nBd oUiet fomu o( Febrile DTspepele." 

In Patent Qlua-Btopporad BotUea, at 2/6, 4/6, 11/-, and Sll- eacb. 


H^ be obtained of all Cbemiete, ud of tbt Pfoprietor, 

He lAlttPlOUGH, 113, Holbom, London, B.C. 



E. BROWN fc SONS' BOTAL HELTONIAN BLACEINO. It reudera tbem batuti- 
fally lott, durable, nod iralerproof, trhile ita lustra eqaala tbe moit 
briUifcnt ntnit leather. 


Boota and Shoea, li mora elutic, and leai difficult in ita on than 

my other. 
E. BROWN h. SONS' WATERPROOF VARNISH, for Hunting, Shooting, and Fuhing 

liioota, ii itroria]; rrcominendea to all 8port*nu>D. 

of all Coloun. 
E. BROWN & SONS' HELTONIAH CREAM, for B«iu>»ting M. kinda of Patent 

Leather Furniture, ke. 
E. BROWN tt SONS B07AL KID REVIVER, for aU kind> of Bb>ok Xid, Lnther, ke. 

otben i it requirea neither Oil nor Dye. 



Wa* awarded Ikt Priit Medal, 1862. 

Colonial OJice LUt Adva-tiner. 




" By a thorough knowledge of the natural laws which 
govern the operations of digestion and nutrition, and by a 
careful application of the fine properties of well-selected 
Cocoa, Mr. Epps has provided our breakfast-tables with a 
delicately-flavoured beverage which may save us many 
heavy doctors' bills. It is by the judicious use of such 
articles of diet that a constitution may be gradually built 
up until strong enough to resist every tendency to disease. 
Hundreds of subtle maladies are floating around us ready 
to attack wherever there is a weak point. We may escape 
many a fatal shaft by keeping ourselves well fortified with 
pure blood and a properly nourished frame." — The Civil 
Service Gazette. 

" Manufacture of Cocoa. — We will now give an 
account of the process adopted by Messrs. James Epps 
and Co., manufacturers of dietetic articles, at their works 
in the Euston Road, London." — See Article in CasselPs 
Household Guide. 



x^AMES EPPS & CO,, HomoBopathic Chemists, 


Mahrir/FF/'^i'S CLVCEKINE yvyUBES.for Tknti Irritalitm. 

■ „■ Google 


Telegraphs mA 


-1 _-=, 



-J 1 

X-. 4illll|ii 

zMiyGuU t ^lc ' I 



historical anti ^tatiiitfcal Sntormatfon 






APRffSI .] 






Prharri h Orinutrg to H,r Jfnftily. 

Digitized ByGOOgle 


The Editor requests that all Colonial Officers will notify to him any addilioss 
which they may desire to be made to the record of their services. 

All matter intended for insertion in Thb Colonial Ofpicb List ehould be In 
the handfl of the Editor towards the close of October. 

Sometimes when chants in the EstabUshmont of a Colony are in progreea 
at the time the sheets of The Colonial OrnCB List are received for cor- 
rectioD, the Colonial authorities retain them until snch changes are completely 
recorded. But this really militates against the correctneea of the whole work at 
the time of its publication, depending as it does ou the date at which the last 
returns are received. The sheets of the List are sent to the Colonies at different 
dates accOTdmg to the distance of each Colony from England, so calculated that 
if each Government kept the Returns about three weeks or a month for correction, 
they would all be in the hands of the Editor early in November, and the book might 
be got through the press before Christmas ; but if particular retiuns are delayed 
fur two months or so beyond the estimated time, the publication is delayed, 
and general Inconvenience caused to the subscribers. 

An account of the Island of Cyprus appears in this Edition (Appendix to Part 
II), the supervision of its affairs having been transferred from the Foreign to the 
Colonial Department in December, 1880. 

The following Acts were formerly printed in The Colonial Office List, 
at the Bu^^estion of certain of the Qovemors of Her Majesty's Colonies : The 
Foreign Enlistment Act, 1870; The Extradition Acts, 187(^73; The Colonial 
Kendition Acts, 6 & 7 Vict., c 34, and 16 & 17 Vict., c. 118-, but owing to the 
iucreasing size, and in consequence the increasing expense of the publication, it 
was found necessary to omit these Acta in the Edition of 1880; and the Editor 
can only suggest that those Governors and other officers who desire to have 
them at hand to consult upon emergencies, should keep by them The Colonial 
Office liisr for 1879. 

The Editor will always be ^ad to receive correcttons of errors or 
omissions in The Colonial Office Liar, and also any Buggestions as to its 
arrangement, from officers in the ColonieB ; but the low price at which the book 
is sold, would prevent him from adopting any suggestion involving a material 
addition to its present bulk. 

DowNDto Stbset, 

January, 1881. 

Digitized ByGOO^e 


JAKUAEY, 81 Datb. 






Sonilaji and rMUnl*. 





BundAniuid VmUvaU. 









































In Bdkiut tTTiK EriPB 


















ai«k.l4>( nrmifgiat. 




Dm Bdhdai ih Lkmt 



O^rd LaU Tinn. htgiiu. 


£1. ValtMtM. 














St. PatrUt. 












































Jntmneiatim. tody Dap. 








lia BrniDAr m Lairr. 







4THSDia>iT i.TTm Bpitb , 







HAY, 81 DATS. 

JUNE, 80 DAT*. 

D. of 

D. of 



SuDdaj* »ad PMtlnla. 






iHD Sniui AIT. EAniB, 




[ft.irbrf7to.-B. A. 





muUrlaw SUtifv ad. 




ftVl>n<rru>. TonibtVH. 




Wan Bdhdat. 






CanUji. Xni nru mdi. 





OxfOTi Zcnl iv™ nub. 



Piui Bd»d«. 












Alarr law SUIiivi (ml, 







TriHilr lauSUIhv Ittfin. 





4TR SmnuT AN. EiiaTEB. 


















In Boinui aft.ThihitT. 











CtenMij^ rmt iNvliw. 








a. AsivL 





















KuKrXooSUtilV' hv>"- 





2m Sd>. Aran Tuottt. 















BunvAi txt. AKmnwH. 
















Snndtyauul FwUvtlt. 

















1 e 






MB Bub. unuiTuiiiTi. 




TrinUf taw SUtbv' nd. 



O^fem TriMy Ttrm mdt. 





IthBdii. jinEaTKiiriTr. 










IRhBuv. inuTiuiiTT. 












MiBnu. ArriBTuHiTT. 












BTHHnN. irti«Tu»iTY 



















IWs Bob. irraTuacn. 






































1 1TB Sinr. ATrn Tiuirrnr. 

















OCTOBER, 81 DlY». 


DECEMBBE, 81 D*ti 



SoDdiiyiBiul PHUnla. 








Camb. Jfiak. Twn» Ugiiu. 






iwaaoii. trrmtTuKirr. 



Mick. ZOH Eiainti ttgin. 
















lUT flDB.«T««T«™.TY. 


S. i^wtolai 









Ot^fatd Mlctmaaiu Term 









ana SoHDiT iH ABvurr. 









2Wo 3mt. iftttTuBiTT. 












is™ BoK.AFTMTumTr, 




Oint. JfichuL Tcninrfi. 





OWW Miek. TiTf, emu. 





WB 80KD»Y IH ADVt-n. 









UitD Bus. irriB Tunitt. 














l»TB aoB, im« TBimv. 

























Adtdt SviniAr. 












son 8di^ iniB TKHrirr, 



SI. Andrtw. 







Part I. Office of the Secx^torj of State and Sabordinate Officer ... — 

n. Histoiioal Mid Statastic&l Acoount of the Coloniee (in alphabetica] order) 
with lista at public «atablishmente .„ „„ .^ 
^pendix— Cyprus _ 

UL luformatioD respecting Emigration to the Colonies 

IV. Pouioiui — Imperial Acts, Uinutes and Circnlard .... 
Qovemor^ Pensiou Acts .... _. « 
Abetmct of Colonial Pension Iawh and Minntea __ ^r. .._ 233 

T. Miscellaneous List^ &c. ; — 

1. Honours granted for Col<mial Services (with a imnniarj of 

the SUtiitcB of the Order of St Michael and Sb. Oeorge) .... S46 

2. Foreign Consuls in the Colonies _.. _.. » ._. .... 268 

3. F^iere presented to Parliament relating to the Colonies 

since 1876 .._ ™ — __ ™ ._ ™. -. 262 

VI, The Colonial Begolatkins (witli Appendices) -_ _. ». .... S6S 

Til. BervuM of Colonial Officer* , 

Digitized By Google 



AgBnU toe Calonlu 16 

Au^illa ...•-■ 110 

Anli(pu 101 

Bfthunu 19 


Bubadon 191 

Bsnuudu SI 

British Columbia 87 

Britiah Guiana 2i 

6rUdah"HandiirM SO 


Canada 83 

Canada, Table of Pnoedsuoe . . .317 

Cape of Oood Hope 63 

Ceylon 89 

Colonial Offlice Departmantg and DlstribntioD 

ofBaaiueu 16 

Colonial Ufflce Establishmsnt .... 14 
Colonial PosBeuions (List of) . . .18 

Connila reHldent in the Coloniu . . . !S! 

Crown Agenta IS 

.Cyprus . . W* 

Dominica Ill 

Emigration, Infonnaliun u to . .210 

EzaminaCions for entering Colonial Office, 

Inlonnatian Bi to IS 

Falkland lalandB 74 

Fiji 76 

.. Uap. 

OambU 186 

Gibraltar 77 

Gold Cowt Ootonj 78 

Oovemon, List of 17 

Grenada 190 

GriqoilaDd West 89 

Helfg^and 91 

History of the Office of Uecretuies of Slate 
prenaoe to tbe ftamatJOD of the Colonial 

Office in 1801 11 

E<Bkdaras (British). SO 

BongEoDg 92 

Honours Granted for Colonial fiarrices . . 146 

Jamaica 94 

„ Map. 

Labnan 100 

Lagos 80 

LaeiraTd Islands 101 

„ „ Pension Act. . .242 

List of Pap«rB presented to Parliament from 

lgTfitol880 S6! 

Ualaoc* (see BtruU Settlements) . . .161 

MalU lis 


BahHuas 19 

British Gidalu iB 

BrltUi Honduraa 80 

CeyloiL 69 

nS " 

-OoldOout 78 

Jamaica 94 

Natal lis 

Hew South Walea .... 181 

Sew Zealand. 188 

Oueennland 148 

South Africa 58 

BVniU Bettlements 


West Africa Settlements 

Weslem Australia 

World .... 

HanJtoba .... 


Natal .'.'.'.'. 


New Bmuawick GS 

Newfodndland 129 

New Bonth Wales 131 

BtTerrltoriea (Canada) . 


Ontario and Quebec ei 

Parliamentarv Papers, List of (lS7«-eO.) . 86? 

Penaog (nee Straits BeMlenwnts) . . . 160 

Pension Acta and Hinutee:- 

Imperial (Acla^Uinulee, and Circulars) . !10 
Governors' Pensioii Acts . . Ssi 

Pension Bules in ParUcuIar Colonies . 23S 

Oeylon 284 

Hone Kong 286 

Strait a SettlemeotB 237 

British Ouiana 288 

Barbados 340 

Leeward lalanda 242 

Turks lalands 344 

Natal 244 

Frinoa Edward Island S8 

Queensland 143 


BnleH and fiegulationa of tbe Colonial Ser- 
vice (with index raeflied) 9i» 

SL ChriBt<H>her 

St. Helena 

St Lneia 


5t Michael and St. George, Extension of Order ' 

Secretaries of State for the ColonieB 

Services of Public OfBcers ... 


South AuHtralia 

Stiaita Ssltlements 

» II Map. 


Turks and CaicoB Islands 
Under-Secretaries of State for the Cok>nfei 
Vancouver Island (sas British Colombia) 

Victoria ; 

Virgin lalands 

Western Australia . 

West Africa Bettlanenla . 

Windward Islands .... 


Bart. . . 

o.fl.'. ."'; 

O.M.a. . . 

C.8.I . . 

D.aL. . . 

D.D. . . . 


P.B.C.P. . 

p.RO-a. . 


. Aide-de-Camp. 

. BKheloT of Arts. 

. Bachalor of Civil Law. 

. BrigadieT-G«DBr>J. 
. Oompanuni of the Order of the Bath. 
"ompamon □[ the Oidsr of St. 
Miobael uid St. G«orga. 
imn'nion of the Order of the Star 
, Doctor of Civil Law, 
, Dcxstor ef DiTinity. 
Fellow of the SAng and Queen's 
Gollega of PbyaidaiiBia Ireland. 
Fellon of the Royal College of 

" " 'the Boyal OolU^o of 


O.0.8.L , 

. Fellow of the Bojral College of 

Sargeoiuk Bdinbawh. 
. Fellow of tbe Royal Society. 
. OrondCrossofthsOrderoftbeBBth. 
1 Cro« of the Royal Hnao- 

mrian Quelphio Order. 
. Grand Croat of the Order of St 

Michael and St. Qeorgn. 
. Qrand Comma Oder of the Order of 

the Star of India. 
. His Boyal Highness. 
. Knight Commander of the Order of 

the Bath. 
. Kniffht Commander of the Boyal 
a Quelphio Order. 


. Knkht CommandwoftbeOrderof 
St. Michael and SL George. 


K.Q. . 

. Knight of the Most Noble Order at 

K.H. . 

. Knight of the Boyal HanoTariaD 
Goelphio Order. 

Knt . . 

K.P. . . 

. Knight of the Order of SL Patrick. 

K.T. . . 

. Knight of the Host Ancient and 
Moat Noble Order of the Thistle, 

LLJ>, . 

. Doctor of Lawa. 

Li . . 



M.A. . 

. Haater of Arts. 

M.D. . 

. Doctor of Medicine. 


M.L.A. . 

. Member of the LegialaUre Couucil. 

M.L.C. . . 

M.P.. . . 

. Member of ParUament. 

P.O.. . . 

. Privy Councillor. 

ao. . . 

. Queen's ConuseL 

a.A. . . 

. Boyal Artillery. 

R.E. . . 

EOT.. . 

. Reverend. 


. Royal Marine Light Infantry 

It.M.A. . 

. Boyal Marine Artillery. 

H.N. . . 

. Boyal Navy. 

fit Hod. 

. Itight HouoorahU. 

v.a . . 

. Victoria Croa& 

Digitized ByGOOgle 



Ih the reign of George IIL, 1768, a Secretary of State for the Americau, or 
Colonial Department, was appointed, in addition to the two principal Secre- 
taries of State then existing ; but this new office was abolished in 1782 hj 
Statnta 22 Goo. III., cap. 82. 

In 1782 the duties of the two principal Secretaries of State were divided 
into " Home " and " Foreign ;" the affairs of Ireland and the Colonies 
devolving on the Home Department : those of the Colonies constituting 
a separate branch of the Department called " the Office for Plantations," and 
being at first managed by a separate Under-Secretary. 

At its commencement in 1793, the atTairs of the French War were 
managed by the Home Department, bnt in 1794 a principal Secretary for 
War was appointed, and the business oi the Colonies was transferred to 
this new Department in 18U1 ; which from thenceforth was generally known 
as the Colonial or Colonial and War Department 

In 1854, when a fourth principal Secretary of State was added for War, 
the affairs of the Colonies came under the exclusive charge of a principal 
Secretary of State. 

In 1856 a principal Secretary of State waa added for the affairs of India. 


COLONIES BETWEEN 1768 axd 1796. 

1768,Fsb. 27. WmsEu1ofHl)Uborci<igh(ift«-- I 1788, April la Frederick Lord Konh (•flerwuda 

wwd> Huqnla of Downahire). Stzl al OnOdford). 

1771, Aug. ST. WOUbiii Etrl of Duimouth. 1768, Dec 28. FnmdB Uvqni* of Caatnuttwa 

177G, Jtn. 16. lord George BkckvCle Qernuln* | (tfterwvde Duke of Leeds), 

faftenrarde Visct. SadcTfUe> 17M, Jan. 32. Tbomu Lord Sjinaj. 

17Sl,Utrdi8. WcJboie EUb, Eeq. (ifterwerdi 

17Bt,Awai5. WnUemEu'lofShelbunie. 
ITBi, J^y 17. Thonua Lord QnnthuD. 
1781, Oct. 6. Thomea Townebeikd (■fltrmrdc 

Lord Syditej). 

17SE>, Juoe b. WUliaiu Wyndbui QreiiTiUe 
(itterwda Lord GmiTille). 

17M, Kerch ZS. Hsnrr Dnndei (ifUrwerda VtasL 

n9i,±tlg. 7. WlUuaBnrrDlikaotPoilliuid. 


1796. Blgbt Hod. Henr; Dmidu (kftarwu'da 
Viscount MulTille). 
Lord Hobut (■iUiriru'di Eu-I of Bnddng- 

1604. £ul,laleHaraaeS8,C>mde[L 

Viecoont Csatlereagh (fiIUirw»iiB U arqneu 
of Londondarry). 

Kght Hon. W. Windtam. 

ViBcoDnt Caatlereagb (iJlerwanU UkrqneBi 
of LondcmderrV). 

Ekrl of LiTerpooL 
1812. Eirl B«thiirat. 

Viscount OodBrioh. 

RightHoD. W. HoBk' 

Sir GoOTge Man«y. 

1881. Kght Hon. Thomui Spring Bioe (*flerwkrdB 
Lord Monteagle). 

Etl\ of Aberdeen. 
183£. Sight Hon. Cliss. Grant, lat« Lord Glanelg. 
1839. M»rnueeaof Nomnnby. 

Lord John RubbcU. 
1841. Lord tJtonleT, late Earl of Derl^, O.C.U.Q 
1846. Right Hon. William Evrtrt OUcbton^ 
1846. Earl Gray, G.C.M.O. 
1862. Bight Hon. Sir John B- Pakington, Bart., 


Bight Hon. Bir G. Orsy, Bart 
Bight Hon. Sidney Herbert, after- 

warda Lord Herbert of Lea, 
Lord John Baeaell, Ute Earl 

Rnaeell, K.O., G.C.M.G. 
Kght Hon. Sir William Holei- 

Bigbt Hon. Henry Labonchere, 

aflerwardi Lord Taunton. 
Lord Btanloy, now Earl of Derby. 
Birfit Hon. Sir Edward Bulwer 

Lytton, BbtL, aflarwarda Lord 

Lytton, Q.C.M.G. 

June 18. Duke of Newcastle, K.O. 
.864, AprUl. BighcHoD.Edward OardwelLDair 

Viscount CardwelL 
.866, July fi. Earl of Carnarvon. 

March 8. The Duke of Backiiigham and 
Earl Granvillo, K-G, 
Earl of Eimberiay. 
Earl r4 Carnarvon. 

:ht Hon. Sir Michael E. Hieks 

1868, Dee. ID. 

-0, Jnly 6. 

■4, Feb. 21. 

1878, Fob. 4. 

Ight Hon. 
Beach, fiart 
1880, April 28. Earl oC Kimborley. 


1888, Bir John Shaw Lofevro,K.O.B. 
1884. The K^ht Hon. W. E. Gladatane. 
1886. Bir George Grey, Bart, 

1889. Bight Hon. Henry Labouchere (afterwards 

lord Taunton). 
1889. Bight Hon. Herbert Vemou Bmith (allsr- 
wards Lord Lyveden). 

,. "-B,M.P. 

1868. Earl of CamaiTOn. 

Bight Hon. Chichester 8. FortMOos (Lord 

Bight Hon. W. B. Fnrater, M.P. 
Bight Hon. Sir C. B. Adderley, K.C.M.G., 
M.P. (now Lonl Norton), 
,868. Eight Hon. W. UonsoU ^ow Lord Emly). 
1871. The BiRht Hon. E. H. Knatchbnll-HugeB- 

sen, U.F. (now Lord Brabonrae). 
1874. Bight Hon. James Lowther, M.F. 
1878. Earl Cadogan. 
1S80. Bight Bon. M. E. Grant Dull, M.P 

I 1869. Sir Frederio Bogers, Bart., E.C.M.O. (now 
Lord BlaoUor^ 
1871. Bobert George Wyndham Herbert, D.C.L. 

1849-68. Sir T. Frederick Elliott, K.C.M.G. 
1808-70. Bir F. R. Sandford, C.B. 
1S70-L R. G. W. Herbert, D.C.L. 
1870-4. Sir H. T. Holland, Bart., KC.M.O. 
IBTL The Hon. E. H. Heade. 

I 1874-8. W. a Malcolm. 

1874-6. Sir Julian Paiini»lote,K.C.M.GTO.B. 

tS7& John Bramslon, D.O.L. 

1878. Edward WlogOdd. 



The Staff of the Colonial Office is shown in the list at ne«t page. The 
Under-Secretaries and Assistant TJnder'Secretariea are Staff Officers selected at 
the discretion of the Secretary of State. The Clerical Staff is recmited hj open 
competitive ezamiuations held by the Civil Service Commissioners, Cannon Bow. 
Of these examinations there are two kinds : If the vacancy is in the Upper Division 
of the Colonial Office, the examination is condncted as foUoYrs : — 

IS iind 24, sod undldaleB mail be of th« prescribsd 

aglish Cflmposltion (including PriciB- writing) 

ittory of England— in clu ding tlut of the Lawa uid Conititution 

Qglish Lingniigs and Literature 

■nguage. Literature, and Uistor; of Oreeco 

Natoi^ Bckace: that is, (0 ChemiBtry, luoluding Heat 

UathemaEicB (pare and mixed).. 

"atiii»l BciaQce; that is, (1) ChemiBtry, Including He.., ,_, 
Electricity and MagnBlimn ; (B) Qeotogy and Mineralogy ; 

(4) Zoology! (61 Botany - .... 

■,* The total (1,000) marka may be obtained by adequate fTO- 
flciency in may two or mora of the Bve braschee of Kiencv 
included under this bead. 
Uoral Sciences : that Ib, Logic, Mental and Moral Philooophy ... fiOO 

Juriapmdence ■ 876 

Political Economy STG 

Candldatea will be at liberty to offer themBslTea for eiamination in any or all of Ibesa snbJecU. 
No Bubjpcts are oblu;Btory. 

Nocandidate will be allowed any marks in respect of any subject of eiatnlnatlOD onless he iball 
be considered to poBseis a comptlmt kmiKlidgr of that subject. 

8. No candidate can be admitted to the competition who baa not previoualy satisfied the CItU 
i^ervice Commissioner! that he poeeeseeB the requiBlte amount of proflcipncy in the tollowjng 
snbjeols : — 

1. Handwriting, 
a. Orthography. 

3. Aritfameuc (to Tnlgar and Decimal Fnctions). 

4. EngllBh Compoellion. 

If the vacancy is for a mf 
examination are as follows, viz 

in clerkship in the 

Lower Div 

iaion the snhjects of 

L Ortbography. 
>. ArithmetK (tc 

Vulgar and Decimal Fractitos). 


HandwritiDg. I Digesting Betama Into Snmmariea. 

OrtbogTaphy. [ English Compoaitlon. 

Arithmetic. | Geography. 

CopyiugHB.(toteBeacciirBcy> I Englieb Uislory. 

Indexing or Docketlug. | Book-keeping 

The candidates must be over 17, and nnder 19 years of age. 
Pntl particnlars respecting the conditions and mode of examination can be 
obtained from the Civil Service CommiBsionerB, Cannon Bow, S.W. 


Secretary of State, Tlie Earl of Kimberiey 28 April, 1880. 

TT„-i=^«^™=,=-:^ i lit- Hon. M. E. Grant Dnff, M.P. 29 April, 1880. 

unaer-oecretanes^ j^l^^j,Q^-^^jj^^jj^^^jj^,j^ 21 M*y, 1871. 

l=™+.„t n^A^ f Hon. Robert H. Meade, M.A. 21 May, 1871. 

A,«iatant Under- I j^^^ Bt^mrton, D.C.L. 30 JvIL 1876. 

oeoretanes y Edward Wingfield, M.A., B.C.L. 19 July, 1878. 

Private Secretary to the Secretary of State, BobertBickeratetli 29 April, 1880. 

AfifliBtant Private Secretary, R. L. Antrobns. 1 Oct., 1880. 

Pifnelpkl Clark*. OUsT Cl«k. 

fiicbard F. £bden,H.A. . 

John Hiles, U.A. 
Edmund Borke Penuell 

ErasHC H. Wednwood, B. A. 
O. W. B. De Uobeok, U.A. 
Prederio W. Puller 
W. A. B. HudltoD 
Edward Fdrfleld 
Arthur A. Pearson 

P. R.Boniid,M.A.*t 
F. QrahUDt 
C. P. Lucaaf 

B. L. AnUobus, B.A. 
H. W. Jujt, B.A. 
John AnderBoDi M.A. 
W. H. Mbtcbt, B.i 

C. A. Harrii), B.A. 
Three vacaadaB. 

20 Sept. 68 
S April 59 
IFeb. 60 

1 April 60 

2SADg. eo 

28 April 62 
SHay M 
£9 Oct 86 

2 July 67 

19 Fob. 69 

80 Sept. 72 

38 SapL 74 

27 Aug. 76 
18 Jan. 77 
2 April, 7» 


1 July, 7B 

30 April 77 
8 May 77 
3 June 78 

SO June, 79 
I July, 78 

■ PritaU Secrrtary to Ur. Herbert f Stddail Clerla. t Privatt 3teretary Id Mr. Qnuit Duff. 

FirH Clou Clerk, and Finmdai Clerk, John B. Lsiraa. 

CUrk/of Legal Iiuinamiiti, F. O. Adrian. 

AilUlaiU to Ihe Finaaeial Clerk, G. U. Butler. 

SaptriMaidail tjftke Higiitry, J. C. Braddon. 

SupaialeiidetU iff the Frintiag Brmdi, W. J. Uacgee. 

SuperiateadtiU of the Libnay, C. Alchley. 

5iipmii(*B(fcn( of the Ccpving BitmcA, E. J. Jonnioga. 

Cltri* trmifirrtd Jntm tht late EmigraUm Board, Fiitt Clou Clerkt, W. H. PownaU, and J. B. Gill. 

Uf Claa AuittoHt Clerkt, 
A. H. H. Engelbaoh.' 

iMoer Diviiiim CUrU:— 
H. Watts. 
W. Tarn. 
A. Broirae. 
W. H. Bennett 
J. F. Eeudatl. 
0. H. NibLetL 
W. F. A. Weatteoot 

E. D. Bockelt. 

F. W. Black. 
W. H. Bes8«. 

0. S. Amey. 

Qllaat'i BoiM Sermce or W Clou Me-t^ern—T:. 

r 0. W. Thompson. 

2nd Clou Ueaengert, A. SUIeB and W. Hardint, 
Bnf Oati MuKmrt, J. B. Martin, John Seymour. 

and Alfred Tbompeon. 

nr AatMont tu fiiuncial (HiA. 



Pernantnt Undar-Secrtlary. 
Ur. Bobo-t Q. W. Herbert ;— Political aad CJoiutitatioual Queatioua, Qeaanl SnpervJdoD, Papers 
OD kll aubjecta before BabmladoD to the Sscretuy of Stite. 

AsMtant Under-^crilahet, 
Tbe Hon. B. H. Meads :— CulonUl EBtimatea, Fiauun, Correnc?, Public Works, PeniioTis, VSiUrj 
QosBtians, BequitiitinDB For Supplies, and otber buHlnesB with Orown Agents, AcconotB, UisceUaDeoni 
UuEinesB of Oeoeral Department, and Uffl(» Arrangenients. Buirineu connectad with Ceylon, Hcog 
KODK, Labuan, Straits Keltiemenla. West Africa, and Cyprus. 

Mr. John Br«nBloni— General Legal Bosiness, Settlement of ComnuBsions,W«rr»nte,Cli«rteraOrde™ 
in Council, Ac, Postal and Tele^apbic BuBiDCsa, Naturalization, Education, and EcrleBiuiicai Quea- 
■" ■ oDDeot*d with the North Amerioan,ABetrBl»Miaii and South African ColonieB.andFijL 

Mr. Edward Wingfleld:- 

I other Legal Bub 

r, St. Helena, Falkland Islands, and Haligolaud. 

D St. Cioiiob. 

■ Mr. CharlM Coi. 

DlBtiibutloa of Buil 

EASTUm Dbpabthsnt. 

C. P. Lncaa. 

I, UoDg Kong, Laboan, BtraiU Settle- 
- (SiniaporB, Peoang, Malacca), Maari- 

Wksi Ihdun Ukpabtmbkt. 

. E. H. Wedgewood. 
F. B. Round. 
C. A. Harris 

NoBTH Ammciiw a 

Jamaica, Turks Islanda, Britibh Hondnrui 

British a Diana, Trinidad, Wind ward lBl*ndB> 

Leeward Islands, Bahamas, BBrmuda, Falk- 

landa, Heligoland. 


"I I Canada, NuwtonndUtid, New Uonth Wales, 
Qneenaland, Victoria, Taamania,SoDth Adb- 
tralia, Western Australia, New Zetdand. 

Fiji, and Western Pacific High CominiwiQn. 

W. A. K Hamilton 
E. Fairfield. 
R L. Antrobiu. 
H. W. Jort. 
John Andereon. 

iierra Leone, Gamliia, Gold Coast, Lagos, 
Cape of Good Hope, Natal, Transraal, 
8L Helena, Malta, Qlbrallar, aad Cyprns. 

UBMUtaL Ubfaiithbnt. 

F. 0. Adrian. 
J. C. Braddoo, 
W.J. Macgea. 
0. Atchley. 

E. 1. Jennings. 

J. Rnsaea 
JL Watte. 
W. Tarn. 
A. Browne. 
W. E. Bennott 
J. F. Eendaa 
C. H. Niblett. 

F. A. Westbrook. 

E. D. Bockett. 

F. W. Black. 
W. H. Eggett. 

General and Hiscellineoaa Correspondenca, 
including Bcplies to Circulars; GoTernurs' 
Penelons ; Nsval Csdetships ; Precedence, 
and Civil Cnifonn ; CorreBpondence n 

fidentia], and other Papers; Telegrwhi 
Bnsinese; Paeaing of CommiasionB, Cuai 
tera. Letters Patent, Wanacta, Ac 


J. B. Lewes .... 
(First Class Olerk and Fi- 
nancial Clerk). 

O. M. Butler . 

A. H. E. Engelbaob. 

C, 8. Amey. 

PreparatioD of Parliamentary EstlmaleB ; Ao- 
euvntlng [or Parliamentary Totes Adninix- 
tered by Colonial DepartniNit, and In renecl 
of the Berrices connected with tbem ; Cash 
Becelpte and Paytitent^ColonialFenBions, Ac 


OrncB : — Downing Street. 

BaMeeper and Accountant, J. W. LaoDkrd. 

^giilrar,J. Cludwick. 

Cltrla, E. HuMell, W. Wing, Hutin Kirbj, R. 

W. Bincliir, N. Uardinghun, W. H. Weir, 

Louis Adams, A. B. Whaten, R. Dale, Thos. 

Dunn. S. Btepbena, J. Fry, T. Parsons, R. 

Simderwni, E. O. AnderBon, Q. Hodgson, .1. 

Chadwick, Jan.. E. W. BargHMiat, E. Q. Antro- 

bui, H. E. K Wdton. 

Kngineering Clerk, T. R Mareh, H.A. 
Draaglatmait and Eitimator, W. H. LuicuUr. 

lads Cltrla:— 

Pniuipal, Ure. J. Browne. 
C&rtj, UiuJ.Woodd. 

„ U. £.Boddy. 
„ H. G. J. Calher. 
„ K. P. Burro wen. 
„ J. Hafea. 
Offlee Xerper, E. Newman. 

Offlee Mtttmgert, Q, Newnun, E. Eawkiiia, C. 
Kewman, and 0, Moorlksaii 
Tb« following are the Colonies (mn 
Bnancial, coDunercial, and railway bnsiDe 
Antigns. Gambia. 


PBorBnioNAi: BRij(c?n. 
CoiuiiUing Engineers^ 
Sir John Hawkshaw, C.E. 
Cborlaa HutlOQ Qregorr, 

C.M.O., C.E. 
George Berkaley, O.K 
Sir John Ucxide, C.E.,/or Harbour WorkM. 
W. H. Preece, O.E.,^ Ttlegn^ Workt. 
CoiMM)ig Niaal AnMlect, J. A. Weloh. 
laiptcting Eitgineen, 

W. p. Hu-Bhall, C.E., Loamative En^ma and Bait- 

La Hna and Go. 

B. Bartlett, Jinowe and Pottagt SbalgH. 
John Gordon, SaUaai/ Staret. 

T^Sq^^s } ^'^'^ "** ^ ''*^' 

H. P. PuroBlL LeottfT Good: 

itoTubrt, Sank of Eugland and London and West- 

Broheri, Hessra. Uollens, Marshall, A Co., and 

UesBTB. J. A A. Scrimgeoor. 
Shipping AgeMt, Heasrs. J. & A. B. Freeland. 
Ktmingkam Agaiit, Meesra. V. A U. Blakamore. 
iged alphabeticaUy) for which the Crown Agenta transact 

Lagos. SL Lncis. 

Malta. SL ViacenL 

British Colombia (Loans) Griqna Land West 
British Guiana. Heligoland. 

Cape of Good Hope. Hons Kong, 


Ne xrf onndland. 

New Zealand (Loans). 

Straits Settlements. 

Jamaica. Bt Helena. Turks Islands. 

Labnau. St. Kitta. Virgin Islands. 

Leeward laknds (Fede- Seychelle Islands. Western Australia, 
ral QovenuDsnt). 





Sir A. Gait, G.C.M.G. . . 

10, VlctMia Chamhe™. 8.W. 

AcenU General. 

New Sonth Wales 


New Zealand . . . . 
Bonth Australia .... 

Saul Samuel, 0.M.0, 

Ha Frands Dillon Bell 

Hir Artbor BIyth, K.C.M.Q. . 

B, Victoria Chambers, Victoria 
Street, S.W. 

B Victoria Chambers, Victoria 

Emlgiatlon .icenta 

Capa of Good Hope . . 
Canada ... 

W. C. Burnet, Esq. , 

L B. Walter Pesos, E»q. . 

William Annand, Esq. . 

10, Blomflold Street, E.G. 
ai, FinabniTCireue,E.O. 
SI, Queen Victoria Street, E.C. 



Part II.— COLONIES.— Oolonial OovBRBORa 







P^lVcM iV Ci.iiii- 

lljIUrtt H«. tb> Mofiili irf 





aoiilo" '.'. 






s;;s\^/-w ; 



F»M»<£l>i' " 




:: :: 

^ij^ ■ 


Tlmmu Bmb HnU4al. Bh. 

••i " 



M Api.,iiri 






NoMom Uuis 


»!■«., 1171 


n. MoB Uh. tk< Muqili or 


u i«k.Vim 


f:."r.*^" : :: 

:: ■.:.:: 



HAet., inr 

IKS"?™;- :: :: 


Msni Avnuui .. .. 

1 JUr. uri 

■ <tet.,i>n 

T(>T»> Annuui .. 





"c^^^o?" *^" ^' '*""'"■ 




■h. limM 

a°>7^(££-iLcki.f .. 

o.w. I>■y«a,■..^,c.l<.o. 




irtn 1 If Dill. 






roHi in CAim U. 


tsnuii Oeuii* .. .. 



> A;«.,iin 







I h PL. IBS 

Ni™" :; 



FonoripiLi .. .. 

m ■!»•»> Iiuim- 



MAP... IS 




.r"**^. " 

i 1: 

a cX; 'St 

£tr :: ;; 


To.«o^;: :: ;: ;: 



*d...blT.1<>C Ud C.I.K 





inA., «n 




n ;; ;: i: .'. 

\ ^. 



• AK.,llir 




"ussrsic^ »*" 












nutiTUL _ .. .. 

C«l. ■]' WLIIIi. Dm Lujin, 





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Mui Anui inu- 



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Wrf.-UUo^. aiiM.k.C.M.O. 



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Iw.^.'h'* imi,' S: c.'u . a. 



ii.OK'ipr B»H.a.c.H.o. 


4 AprV.itn 


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S'.'.V.V.-o. t^„i 

llr r.AlQfllM Wrtl. KC.II.a^ 




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HeltgDlimd '.'. '.'.'. 



Dluo 1900 



183] 784 

Compoille Coaoctl. 


0(cupl«d oondl- 
tlontlly under 
treaty, 1878 











Tr«ty 1S43 








CeHlon IftW 




CipeofOoodHivi .. 
OrimuUmd »•« 

C^tuUlion SM 







11!, 788 

! 1.000 



Comporilr Conncil. 


AniifiM 8; J 





Crown CoaocU. 


CspitolaUon BIO' 



C^rture 661 



SelUemeot 787 


17, us 




^"L; ■■■ 

EeUkitnent Sit 

f " 

14. IM 


BOTOtmeBt 881 




L<wx „ :l 






E<tt]>m«lt 1609 




fBrld>b GolLUiitiia .. 




Onurto J 

fceltion 1768 

> 107,780 



QuibM! 1 

; 188,866 




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HoithWMt Territory -j 
Iiiand.lnth.Aral.; ( 

Company IBIl/ 


} 28,700. 





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SMlUment l»3a 







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Compodte CooBcU. 






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Eettlemoni IM! 




1 1^704 

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CeSon 1781 





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Kfo Booth W*l« A 1 
HorlolkWMd } 

EeCUBment 1787 





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Separation from 






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Kfw Zealand 


WMMmAulnUa ... 


'« 1,000 

Compoflie Conndl. 

BT»L... ™ „ 




Cnran CoaacU 






* ConBnntd b; the TrtoQ' ol Fult, 18 

t Eichulre ol laud ordert. 

Digitized ByGOOgle 


(See Leemid IsUnds, p. 104.) 

<a« Lsaward Isluidi, page 110.) 



A Chun of ialuidB lying between !I° 4!' and 
S7''34N.J»t., and7i''40'»nd79''6' W, long. The 
KTonp is composed of about 20 inhabited laluidB 
Bad ut immense number of islets uid rocks. The 
principal islands are Hev Proridecoe (cantaioiug 
the capital, NassanV Abaco, Harboiir lalaud, 
£leuthOTL Tnagna, Mayad^anaj Bt. Salvador, 
Androfl Island, Great i>ahama, Ragged Island, 
Unia Cay. Eiums, Long Island, Crooked leland, 
AckliD Island, Long (lay, Watling's bland, the 
Berry Islands, and the BJininia. 

St. SalTBdor, one of the ' ' ■ - - 

tlie first laud discvvared by Coluinbtis 

voyafre in 1492. The island of New 

ice was granted by GhsjlBS II. to a prO' 

^" in 1670, and in 1(>71 Oaptain 

3rth was appointed by the pro- 

ir first OoTernor. It fell into the 

ach and Bpaniards in 1703, after 

:h it became a rendeZTOne for pirates, who vers 

extirpated in I7IS by the Eogiish, and a regular 

The EiecntlTe OoTsmment is condncted by ths 
Qovemor, aided by an Executife Connoit of 9 
□lembere. The Legislative authority reHidas in the 
Oovemor, a LegisLatiTe (jouncil of 9 members, and 
a BepTFxentative Assembly of 28 members. The 
qualillciLtioDH of Electors are f nil age, a residenoe 
of 12 months of vbich sLk have been m a freetiolder 
or hoasekeeper, or a residence of six months and 
a payment of duties to the amount of 2Gj. Oi. lOdl 
The qualiUcation of Uombers is possessiou of an 
estate of real or personal property of the value of 
iUOl. The Executive Cooudl is compoeed partly 
of offidal and partly of nnoficial Uembera They 
usually have a seat in one of the branches of tlis 

Kietary body 
huBOU V -*- 
prielors to 
faaodi of the Fi 

cnlonial admiuistra 


of the Kar they nere once more 
annexed by and finally confirmed to Great Britain, 
at the Peace of Versailles, I78S. 

]n IMS the Turks and Caicos lalande were 
separated from the other Bahamas, and formed into 
(1 distinct Gorernment, uiide ■■ " 
Uhifif of the Governor of Jan 

e is very pleaaanl 

The climate is very pleaaant and aalnbrloas in 
the winter season, and the Colony has In recent 
veara been much frequented by vialton from the 
United States— there being an anoellenl hotel, the 
property of the OoveiUDient, but leased to privals 
management, and carrisd on on the American 

Tivdt amd Indatiry, 

There are ten colonjal enstom-hooMi and porta 
of entry in the Ooverziment of the Bahamas, vu., 
Nassau, Abaoo, Eleathera, Harbour Island, Exuma, 
Bum Cay, Long Island, Long Gay, Inagua, and 
R^ged Island. Consideiabls qnantitiaa of pine- 
applM, iwangfla, tomatoes, and spooges are ei- 
turted. chiefly to Eugland and the United States, 
The pine-apple crop is very prBoarious. The 
iuduBtry of salt raking has oeatiea to be nmune^a- 
tive, owing to the high protective duties imposed 
on Halt by the United States. Experiments in 
ostor oil, tomatOBS, tobacco, and cocoa nut plant- 
ing, and other branches of induaOy, were com- 
menced under the palronage of Governor 
BobiuKHi in 1874. 

Local Boards of Agriculture have bean estab- 
Usbed in all the out-iilamda with aril 

ing these new indusiries, which, acaarding to last 
■flports, are propuBsing eatialactorily, as will be 
..sen from the Tables of Imports and Exnorts. 
The Uotoay enjoyed great prosperity daiii 
American Civil War, 
quarters of n 

hevtHM mtd E3y>m 














































PiAlic DM, 60,9611. 
Baiimee das to Widom" and Orpluau' Fund, 16,81911 

Ingxitii and Exporti. 











• B6i,Slfl 





































89,162 (Census 1871> C 

SttiluaUd populBtloD 1879, 46,000; 

Johnsan, WeiitirDrtb 


Clark .. 

liUbame . . 


JoDSB, Culw*]l>der 

Trott .. 

Wflbb, Kicbolu 

Lightfoot, Ellii 
Birch . . 

RogBTB, Woodw 

Kogera.WoodBB, agtti i 
Fltcwllliun, Ricbvd 
Tinker, Johii . . 
Shirler, Willtun 
Shirley, Thorny 
BrowDS, UoDtfttrd 
ICRXweU, Juo. 
OnnmoTe, E*rl of 
FOTbee Johii . . 
DovdeBwell, W. 
Htckett, John 
Cameron, Chu-lea 
Qnnt, H., Oensral 


ir J. 0. 

r, fl. T. 
Colebrooke, Lt.-CoI. 

Cockburn, 8ii F. .. 

Smitb, BirL 

Cookbnrn,SirF. .... 
lUttbew, Q. B. 
Qrwory, John 
Bayley, C.J. .. 
B»WBon, B. W„ C.B 

K.C.M.G., C.B. 
EanDessy, .T. P., 

BobiaBOU, W.,C.H.O. 
Callaehui, T. F., 



W. A. mIwUI. 
J, W, Culmar. 
J. B JohuBon. 
R. Sweeting. 
W. J. Henendai. 
T. W. WiUiuDB. 
J. W. B. NiooUii. 
Q. T. B. Eemp, H.D. 
Joaeph E. Dapoeh. 
Q. A. McGregor. 

H. E. Uoaeley. 
J. A. Colbert. 
0. T. Bandi. 
O. D. Malcolm, Q.O. 
Lewis Taylor. 
FrandB Bullaid. 
T. F. Uoore. 
D. A. Briee. 
G. B. Adderiey. 
Junee H. Yonng. 
J. 8. Darling. 
8. P. Baunden. 
W. £. Armbrisler. 
B. W. Farrington. 

OoKTWir, CouBMiider-iii-Cla^f, Yi/it-AA»iriii, amd 

T. Fitigerald CellaghM.C.lLQ., 8,2001. 
Pfivait Sanitary and Clark to Executive ComuH, 
Captain Stephen Power Coppinger, 1501. 
EaxaaHve CofmUi 
The Colaual Secretory. T. Darting, O.U.G. 

The Attorneu-Gateral. K H. Sawyer. 

Tke Offcer m Coaamdii/ R T. Kemp, M.D, 

tieTrMpe. 8. O. Johnsun. 

The Jtectiaer'aeHeral. W. E. Armbriater. 

LegiilaUce CoiaicU. 
Henry Anada, PreiideiU. 
6. O. Johiuon. W. H. HkU. 

Jacob H. Webb. W. Kirkwood, M J>. 

Dr. F. Dancombe. B. Butler. 

T. M. llMhewa, (I.C. W. M. G. lUclure, 

Saatt <tf AafemUfr. 
Weaker, 0. D. Malcolm, Q.O., 100^ 
Oie/Cfcri J. M. BetbeL 8«. 

Civil EtlablUmeiil. 
Colimtal Sejretary am* AudUor, E. B. A. Taylor, 


Clerk, 3. &'. Nuttal, lOOt 

Stceiver- Gmeral aid TVanursr, Alet O. Lowe, «»(. 
CoHeetor, J. A. Cnlbert, !00t 
\t Clerk, T, N. Q. Clare, 16W, 
2Hd CUri, T. V. MUhewa 60/. 
Piyri Officer, Warrhoiue-Keeper, and ExamutBlf: 

Officer, H. C. Lightbonrue, SOOI., <md 60/. boat 

Sumevor'GtieraL Civil fk^xeer, and Conmimmer 

of Craam Lanift, 1. W, Fowler, 80«(. 
Oerlv, J. H. McEinney, ISOf., W. Strombom, BU., 

and N, J. Bnrnflide, fW. 
CaOaer a/ Public Bank, W. 3. Hall, <a«. 
Clerk, A. J. Bomside, I6M. 
Ifuptctor of PMic SdlooU B. W. Begrie, SOOL 
PotmiaItT, H. C. Crawford, 200(. 
Readetd Siirgton Baperintendmt of Kew Promdence 

Aislvm, F. Dnnoombe, U.S., afiOI. 
Diipauer of AWicine*, L. J. K. BraM, 8W. 
IiupectoT of Lighlhouiet, Habere Kyle Brady, B.E., 

Soill. rfram Imperial Funds). 
Clerkio Board ofPMU Worie, H. B. Mowley,6(l/. 
Im^ctar nf Pritoni, B. 0. Crawford, 601. 

Judiaal EitailitlmenL 
Chief Juttice, Ckaaeelttyr, and Judgt of Admirattv, 

Henry Austin, 700/. and fsea. 
Attonm-GanenU, W. A. M. Bheiiff, 2e0/. and fees Id 

the Vto^-Admiralty Court 
PnmM-HortJkal, A. J. Thompuin, GOOH 
Ju^ Oi Ae Court nf Commm Pleat, tmd Coroner, 

Q. C. Campbeljt^ 2601. 
Frothoaolarg, J. A. Brook, 2001. 
Police iIagiitrale,Naaau, A. J. Thompson, SOOJ. 
Oerk, H. A. Brot*, 80(. 
Heiideni Jaeticet, md tx-i^do CoUector* n/ Re- 

'™^ Ahmo, T. N. Q. Bethel, 8«. 

CroiAediaaHi, O. A. McGregor, IM/, 

fbaOcpo, Q. Fraston, VXi. 

Ekmu, 3. Ahngreen BO/. 

BarbowJtlimd, J. B.,&olomon, SWL 

Inagtia, A. Nairn, 2001. 

Long lilaHd, L. N. Dnty, 70/. 

Bagged IManid, 3. Kerr, 70/. 

Amu Cog, Q. A. Tonng, 40;, 

SanSalKiddr, 3. B. Donett, SOZ< 
Jailor of Mu™, W. F. DaliBll, 160/. 
/iiqiwAH- o/ ftrfwa, C. Button, 850/. 
TbB PoUoe FoToe eonaista of an Inipeetor, I Ber- 
it, % Corponla, and IS OonBtaUea Ist Class ; 
" • • " • BM Class. 

gnnt, S Corponl 
7A ind; audit 


MtdiaU litptctor, Qi. McOlnre, 1 W. 


L Bit. Fnuds A. R. Oruner 


Asctor d/ (.ViX Citml, AiiMiw, Bev. B. Smon, 2T5f. 

at. MattkeB and SL Ami, XoMtim, Ber. £. 
Suuder*, 276^, usi bit. hoaM rent. 
CwvU Iff at. A^ua, iVoMOM, Bev. J. H. Fiabei, 2001., 
and SO/, rent. 

Rtelor of Si. Jalat, Barhow Itbad. Ber. W. E. 

Bb-ombom, 2S1^, ud StU. rant. 
/iMMiiaU of St. PkUip. laagaa, Rer. W. L. GUu- 
TiUe, IHNl. uid iOl. renL 
A. hwJ and ai. Andrrw, Long liUmd, 
Bar. J. 0. Orowthiir, 160/. 

A. Itanid, Crookd Itlmd, Bev. W. W 
DUKHmbe, lew 

% ^b/FWfor, Bar. J. S. Bius, !60/. 

.Sr. .iw^w'i /VMiyfanan Cihirot, JVomoii, Bar. R 
nnnlop, M.A_, 161/., Mid W. hoa» rent 
The prcwpectLn vithdnval of SUta lid la 

rirli^D wu provided for by ui Act of the LeKu- 

lUnn pawed in 1868. 


(See Windwd lalkoda, p. ISl.) 

The "Bormndu " or "Somen' IsIaDda" form i 

f Cape Hattoru in North CvtdiDa, lbs 

at point of the nelghboaTing Ameiicfui ooutl- 

*'-•■'- ' '■ erpool 1» abojit 8,900 

uent. The dlE ^ ,--,--- 

miles, from Halifai in Nora Bcotla TSO, from New 
York 677, and from tbe oeaiMtof th^'Weat Indian 

xara or j, Ana imni me a 
lalauda about 800 rnOea. 

Tbeae tilanda ware fint di»xiVBred Iq (ho jear 
lAlfi, b^ a Bpaulah maiiner, Jiu^l Bermades, aft^ 
whom thej irere called Tha Bermudas. The 
Spaniards however took no steps to form a set- 
tlement on the islands, and thej were still entirely 
uninhabited when. In 1609, Admiral Bir Qeorga 
Somers' ship, ' The gea Ventore," while on a 
voyage with a fleet of eight other ybbbbIb, ooq- 
mjing a party of oolDnists to the Dew plantations 
then being formed in Virginia, was wrecked upon 
one of Ibe nameroi;s snoken reefs which surround 
the ialands on every side. The red is still called 
after the name of the Admiral's ship. The Bea 

Sir Osorge Somera diad in Bermoda tbe follow- 
tog year, aQd his coni^nlons, ignorant poaaiblj of 
the prior claims of Joan BermndaB, called the 
groop after him, "The Somera' Islands." Tbe 
reports of the beanty and fertility of the bnd, 
lakeo home b* his nephew. Captain kbtibaw 
Bomats, Induced the Virgiula Company to seek an 
eitensiiui of thalr Charter, so as to luclnde tha 
Somers' Ialands within thcar dominion, and this 
aitengion w«s rsadily granted by King James I ; 
but ■bortlj alCarwarda the Virginia Crannny sold 
the i»biidBlortb*samQfa,0001.l«aDawbadjaf 

adTauturers, called " The Company of the C^ty of 
London for the Plantation of the Somers' Islanda," 
and thenceforward, for a aonaiderable time, tbe 
Admiral who had led 
ira. Qradnally, how- 
tbe preferenee, and now 
tbe groap is genarally known as the Bermudas, 
though etiU somatimea oatlad the Somm' Islands. 

The Bermudas may be desocibed as a singular 
agglomeiallon of small isluids and sabmarina sand 
hiilii and coral raafs, lonning together au irr^ular 
oval riuK, meaiuring about ^ nulea in leneth from 
If.K to 8.W., and about 10 milfls in width from 
S.W. to S.E. The external ring— wbeUier com- 
posed of islands or of sonkeD banks or reefs — is 
uldom more than a mile in width— and, generally 
speaking, it is coneidaably leas — bnt tha wide 
expanse of enclosed water which it encirolea is 
broken np and diversifled by Dumbeorless smaller 
Inlands, and sonkan reefs, and ledfss of coial, 
which renders tha jutamsl navtaation extremely 
intricate and dangarons to all bnt ezparfenced 

In former daya some of what are now known 
aa aonken reefs ware probably islands, which have 
since been undennined or washed away, by tha 
action of tbe sea. A solitary rock, called " The 
North Bock," dow worn aw^y to a mere eolDmn a 
few feet thick, and about twelve lest high, rising 
from a wide~stircad submerged atone plataan in th ~ 
midst «f the Nortbarn BaafL is all that lemaina > 
preaentof " ' 

BaafB^is s 

At present the sautham portion only of the 
endrcBng ring ie formed td islands, tbe nortbem, 
eastern, and western sides being compoaed ol ■Jmoat 
ocHiIinnuBS rests of ooraL 

The islands are ssid to be as numerona as tbe 
days of tbe year, but not more than one hQudred 
of them deaarvB the name of islands, the others are 
mere rocke : even of t)ie oue hundred enumerated 
not mors than flfteea or nixteen are iohabitsd, 
tha remainder being of Incoaaiderabla alia. Tba 
lai^at island, generally known as The Uaiu 
Island, is about lonrtoau miles in length, and 
about a mile in average width, it 0ODli|Ina about 
9,00U acres of land. All the other islands taken 
together measure about B,000 acres. 'The town of 
Hamilton, now the seat of government, is altvated 
about the oentra of the Main Island, when a deep 
inlet ruining ap for two or three miles into the 
land from tba abeltared watara, enoloeed between 
the encircling reefs, forms a sate and oonvenieDt 
harbour for tha small vessels whloh snSc« to oarry 
on tbe island trade. 

Next in hnportanoe to tbe Ualn Island Is the 
Island of Bt. Uecrga, on which stands the town of 
St. George, so named after Admiral Sir Qeorge 
Somera, whose heart is bnried there. This town 
was f mmerly tba la^tal of the Cotooy, and thongh 
now shorn of mnch of its Importancs by (tie 
transfer of the sett of govammeot to Hamilton, it 
is stm a town of oonsiderable trade, and ila harbour 
is mnch freqnantsd as a harbour ol refuge by 
merchant vsasels during the stormy periods which 
so frequently teeor in the Waatern Atlantic at 
certain eeasons of the year. Presenting as It does 
a wide area of landlocked water, with good holding 
ground, and a depth Bufilcient for all ordinary 
merchant vessds.aod being Msy of access from tba 
ooaan, with whioh it communioitee direct, Instead 
of opening asdoea the harbour of Hamilton into an 
aucloeed inland sea, the harbonr of SL George is 
frequently crowded during the winter months by 
large merchant Tssaala and stsaners iDaking 


shelMr during k>d wetthsr, or raqniriiig repaira 
ftfur sttirms, or being in mint of fregh gupplias of 
wbUit, or af coaJ, or jirOTiBMnit. 

The other principftl Lslands ol Ihe poop »rs — 
IrnUnd Inland, alandiDg by itself in tlie c«nCn ol 
tbe inlaad wslere, and entirely givso np (or the 
accommadacioii of Her Uajeet^'s Dockyard &nd d 
number of other oaval estAblJEhmenlB. B<ua and 
Watford Island*, intervening betwsen Ireland 
Jylatid and the rest of the rronp, and now ex- 
cluaivelj oocQpied by militaiy dejiAta and 
KarriHonBi and Sonieraet, emith'a, BL David'A. 
Cooper's, Nonanch, Bivera, Ports, and Godeti, all 
inbabit«d by a iiTil popnlstion. The islanda form 
an almost continnoae ^ain : with the siceptiDn of 
one break between Somerset and Watford leUiida, 
there is nuinlermptad commanioation by roads and 
bridges and cansenays from St. George over the 
M(in island aud Somor Bet— Watford and Boaz to 
Ireland Island — a distance of about i'2 miles. 

Tbe climate has been long celebrated for its 
mildness and salubrity. There Is do winter, tbe 
thermometer uever falling below 40 deg. of Fahr., 
and the summers are never Tery bot^ the thenno- 
meler rarely rising above 8Clc)e^. The Bummer 
beet too is generally tempered bv a pleaNUt sea 
brseie. The islaude produce a cetlsr wood of great 
beauty, and of great durability, well adapted for the 

the finer grained specimens are much in request 
among cabinet makers for artiolss of omameutsl 

TTode and Ajfricullun. 

In former dnye the inhabitants of Bermuda gave 
themselves up almosl entirelv to maritime pursuits. 
Their nmueroUB small vessels, of from iOO to HOO 
tons burden, built by the islanders themselves, of 
their native cedar, traded between the West Indies 
and Semeran, and the Cnited atates. and the 
Uritiah colonies of North America, between all 
which countHes tbey earned on a very profitable 
carrying trade, Later they extended their 
voyages, carrying the salt fish of Kewfoundland to 
Italy and Portugal, and taking back the port wiae 
for wbioh Newfoundland became celetoated, iw 
running down to Madeira or Ascension to meet 
the homeward bound Indian fleet, and taking back 
cargoes of lea or other Indian and Chineee products 
to be distributed alone the American seaboard. 

But the repeal of the British navigation laws, 
tbe introduction of st«am, and tbe very general 
substitution of iron tor wooden ships, gradually 
destroyed tbe carrying trade wbicb had been bo 
profitable to Bermuda, and now the little maritime 
fleet may be said to have ceased to exist, and the 
iDdustry of the islanders is entirsly confined to 
turning to acaonnt the amall quantity of agrical- 
tural land which tUsy possess. 

Tbe soil of Bermuda may be described generally 
aa being poor in quality. 01 the 12,000 acrss com- 
prised m tbe whole group, not more th»n 1,000 
aorea can be said t<} consist of good or fertile soil, 
another 1,000 seres may perhspe be described as 
lair, and a third 1 ^000, thot^h poor and of no depth, 
may still be cultivated with profit in favourable 

repay tbe expense of cultivation, consisling as they 
do of very hilly and stony grouad, partially covered 
with a scanty herbage and a scattered growth ol 
■tuntad ocdar trees, or of widespread brackish 
marshes overgrown with ooana graas, mshes and 
mangrove jungle. 

But the climate combined with the jcec^nphical 
position ol thes* itiauda, in some measure com- 

pensates for the imallness of tbe area of fertile 

Konud. There being nothing to fear from winter 
lats, tbe ground can be sown and planted at any 
time from the end of August to tbs end of Uarch, 
and the crops an be gathered and shipped ofl to 
Net York in the months of AprU, May, and June, 
when the corresponding American prtMure has as 
yet scarcely shown itself above ground, and the 
Bsrmndiana, taking advantage of this peculiarity 
of their climala, raise very large orops of early 
potatoes, onions, tomatoes and beetroot, witfa 
j which they keep the New York market sup- 
plied at a time when tboae vegetables cannot be 
obtained from any other Quarter, and thus the 
Islanders command vary high prices lor their 
produce, and are thereby enabled to maiotaia their 
families in comfort upon comparatively small 
portions of ground 

Very little use is made of the K^ in Bermuda 
after tbe spring crops bavs been grown; a few 
melons, pumpkins, or sweet potatoes may be raised 
here and there, but by far the greater part of the 
ground is allowed to remain idle during the hot 
summer months; anything that could then be 
grown in Bermuda can be imported so much more 
cheaply from America, that it never pays a Ber- 
mudian agriculturist to produce it. Verj little 
alao of the spring produce of the islands IS con- 
sumed by the inha.bitants; it is too costly; nearly 
ail the early vegetables raised in Bermuda are 
exported, and the whole population, civil and 
military, depends fur its subiiisUnce upon food 
supplies obtained from abroad. All the bread ami 
meat, and nearly all the vegetables conanrhed in 
Ihe islands, arc imported from New York, and all 
the food, horses, and oallle are brought from that 
or other quarters. Bermuda being thus entirely 
dependent upon America tor its supplies of pro- 
visions, any inlarruption to its intercourse with the 
nsighbourlng continent would be certain to causa 
great temporary distress. 

GovtmntM aid CoiutiMiim. 
The government of the colony is administered 

tbe Legislative 
Council. Thsre is a House of Assembly connisl- 
ing of thirty-six members, lour ol whom are 
elected by each of the nine parishes. Thers are 
864 electors, the electoral qualifications being the 
possession of freehold property of not less than 
601. value. Ths quslification for being a msmbcr 
of tbe House of Assembly Is tbe possession of free- 
hold property rated at 240/. 

Espfesentalive government W8B introduced into 
the colony In 1620. The charter of the Bermudian 
Company of London nas annnltad in 1681, and 
since then the Governors have always been 
appointed by the Crown, and the laws of the 
colony have been enacted by a local le^slature 
conaiatiog of the Ooveroor, tbe LogisUtive 
Conncil, and the House of Aseemhly. 

The importanoe of the Bermudas ks a mttml 
station began first to be felt tuwurde the end ol 
the last century, during the wars which we had 
to wage first with the revolted provinces la 
Aasrfca, and afterwards with the frenoh and 

It was mora full; ncognissd dnring the sbco't 
war between EngUud aud Um Dnilcd etates in 
1812, and it is now universally acknowledged. 


The posltkin ot tlie ialuidt, sttnaled in mid-ocean, 
at almofit h^iuI diaUuiceB from the West ludiea^ 
Ibe eutsm aesbwrd of ths United bUlas, and the 
Dominion of Conkdii, iotlading oar great onval 
etatioa at Halifax, presenta nunj ad vaiilage« for the 
eslabliiihmeDt of a Naval Stalion in Che Wegf8rn 

grunp at 
naval d 

nd fnrtrese of the. first 
aimDBt coatinoous barrier, fumed of ■ 
I of ialandfl and annkfln coral reefa, and 

only (je gained tbrough a few long narrow tortuoi 

cluems of sunken coral Tooks. Ireland Island- 
which contains Hor Unjesty's dockyard and tl 

side ffithin five n 

le midst of this encloaed sea, 
isHT cannot approach on any 
It of it without having first 
igh the endreling reefs, and 

nonnled, the 

approach to the dockyard will still be difllcult aiid 
dangerons, for the enclueed inland aaa itself is 
tliickly studded with irregular «ronp«, and banka. 
and clusters of sunken coral reeu, whicb leave only 
a few narrow channels tbat can ba traTereed with 
e^ety by vessels of any oanakdn^bls aiis- 

The principal channel tbrough the outer reefs,' 
the only one that is now used by merchant vessela, 
and the only one that is safe for large shipa, is 
that whiofa is nlled "* The Natrows," whioh sweeps 
round the northern and eastern odes of St. 
Qeorga's Island, at a distance ol abmit hatf-a-mile 
fiom tbe sbora. This channel is about two miles 
In lee^th, and is vary narrow and intricate, so 
that vessels most move through it very slowly and 
with great oaatiou, and in commanded throughout 
its whole length, as are alao tbe appraashes to it 
from either atde, by niunerons batteriee mounting 
very heavy guns behind casemated iron shields. 
In war time the channel would also bs defended 
by torpedoes or submarine mines. As a naval 
elation therefore Bermuda may almost be con- 
sidsred to be bsyond the reaah of any attack. 

Prom the year 1844 to the leeignation of the Bee 

Newfoundland. Tbey then 
time without a Btshop, but 

Bishop of Nt „ .. 

Llewellyn Jones, was eleotsd Bishop ot Bermuda, 
and as a general rule it ia anticipated that he will 
■pend every seoond winter in theee islands. 

The islanda are divided into nine parishes, of 
which tbe parish of Saint George's constitutes a 
living by itself, the remaining eight parishes being 
divided into four livings, of which each Incumbent 
officiates in two parishes. There is also an epis- 
copal extra -parochial church in the town of 
Hamilton, which may poeslbly be one day con- 
stituted a Cathedral 

The Weelenine and the PrjabyterianB and the 
Boman Catholice have erected several chaprls in 
Bermuda, and tbe Episcof^ Methodists have 
recently made some p^^pvea amoi^ the people, 
but 70 per oenl. of the whlW, and about 66 per 
cent of the coloured population etill belong to 
the Church of England. 







ic Dfit m 1B76, lt,484J: 

sntary Grant, 3,S00t (OoWnor's 

Imparit and E^orU. 




PiipidaHom, Ceata* 1: 

mnagt of VaaU. 

66,328 tons. 

78,107 „ 

79,623 „ 
100,121 „ 

96,332 „ 


I, 10,9e 

2. Richard Hoore. 1727. 
6. Daniel Tucker. 1737. 
9. Captain N. Butler. 1746. 

2. Captain J. fiemBrd.1764. 

8. Cspt Woodhonse. 1780. 
6. CapUin S. BelL 17H2. 

9. CaptKoger Wood. 1788, 
;. Capt. T. Craddock, 1794, 
1. Captain W. Hayle. 1796. 
I. Capt. J. FoiBter, 1797. 

3. Captain W. Sayte. 1806. 
t A Triumvirate; 1606. 

Sale, Paynter, & 1811. 

WiUdnsoQ. 1819. 

>, Capt. J. Forster. 1826. 

The Triumvirate. 1831. 
r. CapL T. Turnor. 1839. 
I. John Trimingbain.* 1816. 

Capt. J. Forster. 1854. 
). Captain W. Sale. 
(. CapL F, Snyinciir, 1B61, 
i. Capt. 9. Whalloy. 
). Sir John Haydon. 1867, 
1. Capt, F. Seymour. 
L Blcbard Coney. 1870. 
5. Sir R. Sobinaon. 
9, Isaac Biohler. 
I. Captain OoddaM. 187L 
i. Bamnal Day, 
9. Captain Bennett. 1BT7. 
i. Henry PuUeln. 
1. Sir J. Bmoe Hope. 

* Elected bj the p 

Captain J. Piti 
Aiured Popple. 
William Fopple, 
0, J. Bruere. 
George Bruere. 
William Browne. 
Henry Hamilton. 
James Craulurd. 
Wm. Campbell. 
Qeorge Beckwitlu 
Trancla Oora. 
John Hodgson. 
SirJ. CocSbnm. 
Sir Wm. liumley. 
Sir H, Turner. 
Sir 8. R Chapman. 
Lieut -CoL Held. 
Cspt. C, Elliot. 
Colonel Preemaa 

Col. H, St, George 
Ord, R.S., Ctt 

Colonel Sir F. E. 
Chapman, K.C.a 

CoL Sir T. (*or« 

Browne, ILdLO., 

Hajor-Qen. Sir It 
H. LafEan, R.E. 
K CM t>. 



Is tbe &buuce of thsQoveroor tlw Banlor Uili- 
tar; Officer ulminUtere tbe OoTernment. 

Ukior-Oeneral Sir Bobert Hkhael LaffSD^ R.E., 

K.O.liLQ., Govenurr and ConmoMicr-it- Chief. 
, Clu^Jnitict. 
Augustus J. Hueson. 
WiUiim H. GoaliDg. 
J. H. Irimiiighun, AuUlont Juitiee. 
E. HsTTay, Atutimt Julice. 
J. H. Hwrey, 

Juneii Tucker, Stcaeer- GaieraL 
O. Bomers Tncfcer. 
R E. Webster. Cotoninl Sftretars. 
E. C. Gordon, Cdonel, R.E. 

Suns membera u the Privy Council, except the 


Chr-k, F. L. Godet, ISCU: 
Bout of iutBtbij/. 


( FoHter M. 
) S. C. BelL 
i Roee D. F 
( WilliunS 

3 A. J. i 

■J W.I.I 

H. a Gilbert, 
ifohn Fowle. 
" (tor M. Coopar. 
" -ML 

). Pragor. 

Williun S. Mssltfs. 

TFrith. '" 
r. I. P. Prith. 

/S. BrowalovQray. 
) E. H. Ocieliug. 
\ H. G. Hunt, 
\S. a. InghKn, 8ptai». 

;T. P. I. Tucker, 
B4muel 8>JCiu. 

J. P. DureU. 

BL Geargt't paritk 


( J. N. Bnjith. 
1 W. B. Peniato 
"S N. J. Darrell 
<.J. W. Peann* 
j 8. C. Ontarbrid 
•S T. W. Mercer. 
(.T. J. Feariiuui, 

\ 3. U. Hay 
■J W. G. J. I 

' Hjlana. 


JOivil EtmUitfymrnt. 
Oovennr tad Cotmaaader-in-Chie/', Hajor-Oeneril 

Sir U. U. Laifui, K.E., E.C.lLa„ 2,74U. 
HA-dt-Ciaip ana Privatt Stcn:arj/, Lieutenant 

Carpenter, 87th Foot. 
Ci'liitiuU SterHary, R E. Webster, 3001. 
Cttrk to ditto, R F. Bout, lOWL 

.flnxMH DtpttiliaaU. 
RteeiiKr'Gnttnd, OnmiitJlir nf Cutloau and Nan- 

gnlioii Lout, rmd ScgiitTar of SUfpiiig, Jamea 


„ St, Gtorott, Edvin-Jonea and J. 'n 

Lightbourn, 1601. 
• „ Jrelmd Iiland, i. P. Tatom, ISOt. 

Cotauai Anwyor, P. Neaa, S60L 

T. L. Onterbridgw, 1162. 

GauralPoH Ofice. 

a. ButteiHeld, tBOl 
„ S. Gforgii, K Ward, 2iU. 
Smufyt, R. Fowls, 4SU. 
PottmiMtreti, Ireland IilandtliTa. J. Bneer. 401. 
Brctiring Hmtit-ketptri, 16 at 121. ei 

PoSet and GaoL 
AvSm MagutaU, HamUtoH, M. H. Frith, ISOI. 

„ ai. Georga, W. T. Boberte, I20J: 

„ Simdn. John Fovle, lOOJ. 

Goofer, HanUlUm, M. UcLeod, RdJ^ 
„ ^. Gtorvft, R ISaggs, HU. 
.A$ieriitl<wJE>i{ ZwHiiti'c .4fyliia, Dr. Hlnson, 220L 
Ovenaer, W. Wiliiuna, 961. 
IjgUAouse-teeper, J, PeriDChief, I2il 
Bej/u^vr-G-auralo/Birtij, ^'c, K. £. Wabater.feea. 

Judicial EtIailukmaiL 

■■ {and Judft o/ 
Joaiah Heoa, 700L mi tMK. 
AuuUbU JudgtMi, J. H. TrimiDgham ud E. 

Attornty-aaienil (amd Admcaie of Viet-Admmllu 

CourtX H. B. Gray, 600J: and feea^ 
Provoit-Mivihai, John H. Trott, 2501. and feee. 
Chrk o/Auize Com% W. H. Darrell, 11301., feea. 
StaitlrKr Vice-Adnarallg Cowl, H. A. BuIlorAeld, 

EcchtiatHeia EtaUUknatt. 

Ditto Hmmiton mtd Smith, Ubt. G. Tucker, 1401. 

and fees and allowaucea from tbe pariabea. 
Ditto, PonbrokeandDevotuhire, ReT. M. Jamoa, 140(. 

and fees fnd allowaucos from the pariabes. 
Ditto, Pagtt and Wannklc, Kev. J. V. B. L. Lough, 

Um. aud foes and aUowaQcea from the parisbea 
Dtito, Sandyi and Sauthampttm, Ber. Bruce Mackay, 

im. and/eee and aUoVasces from tbe pujdhea. 
Pmlyteriaii Mimittr, Ber. W. Tborburn, 140J. and 

BoBum Catholic, But J. Corhatt, D.D., V)L 
Tbe obnrcbes and rejigioua denoDiinationa are all 
endowed under a tenipoivy Act out of the Public 
Tnanury, at tbe rate ol lUl. for every 
number of (beir body, according t 
Qeneral Geniiua return. 



(See Dominion of Canada, p. 4L) 


Digitized ByGOOgle 



TUa Colon; 1> k portion ot the Stjnth Amerloui 
Oontiuent, eiUodlcg horn eut to west kbont 200 
miles. It inclades the settleinenta of Demenrk, 
Esaaquebo, and Berbice. It la bounded on tba 
saat by Dntch Qoiui*, from which it ji divided b; 
the BiTBT Coren^, on the gonlh bj Br»wl, on the 
woEt by Veneinela, uid on the north uid north- 
east by the AlUntic Oceui. 

This terrilory w»b flrrt p»rti»lly wittlsd by the 
Dntch West India Campany in 1680. It wu from 
time to ttme beld by KoUand. Fiani^ and £n^- 
Utid. It waa reelta^ to the Dutch in 1802, but in 
the following year retaksu by Great Britain, to 
whom it wBB flnally ceded in 1814. 

It la impoaaible to epedfy the exact area of the 
ColoDy, u Ita precise boundaries are nndetermlned 
betwaen VeoeiuBla and Brazil respectively, bnt it 
bag been oompDled to be 76,000 aqn&re duIbb. 

Under the Ihitch, Demerara and Esseqaebo con- 
■titDled one Qovernmeat, and Beibice another, 
which arrangement indeed oc«tini>ed in force nnder 

the British Administration down to the year 1881. 

The oonatltntion of the Colony of Bacbice dates 
from the year 1782 ; nnder it the Governor wae 
nominated by the Direetora of the Mercantile Body 
called the Berbice AsBodation, and was asalstad 
by a Donncil of six ; any vacancy ooonrcing being 
filled by the OovBrnoi's eelootion of one out of two 

cillors. In the year 1817, however, an^Ser was 
made by the Prince Kegenl in Coiiucil, reqniriuB 
tkret Dominations to be made in lien of two for the 
QovemDr's aeledion, and also declaring that if no 
Booh nomination were made in fonrteen days, the 
Govarniff shonld be entitled to appoint sbsolutely 
to the vacancv, In J828 an order ot the Xlnir in 
OonncJl was fasnod, dieaolvlng the then CoUECll of 
Qovemment,apuiintiog another, and thenceforward 
veating the right of anointing to vacancies In the 
Governor as representing the Crown. 

The Conrt Ot PoUov lor Demerara appears to 
have been eatabliahed in 1778. In 1789 that for 
EssBonebo merged into it, and the seat of Govem- 
msnt for the United proyinces wee eitablished at 
Stabroek, the site of the present capital, Oeorge- 
tonn. Dispnles having arisenbetween the Oolonista, 
the local aovemjnsnt, and the West IndU Ckimpany 
aa to the right of appointing the colonial members of 
the Court of Policy, in the year 1788, a provisional 
" Plan of Kedresa," as it was termed (being in fact 
the draft of a new constitntion), was framed by a 
Committee of Uw St»tes-General, to whom had 
been referred sundry petltiona of the Colonlsta. 
This being approved of, a commission was de- 
spatched by the States- General W the Colony, who 
on their arrival In 178B dissolved the then ensting 
Government, and establlsbed a new one for the 
ooDJoined Colonies upon the basis of the scheme m 
qnestioD. which continued in operation, notwith- 
Btanding the captaree of the Colony by the British 
in ITBslnd in 1802, and ita cMsion in 1808; the 
ArticloB of Capitulation having stipulated that the 
laws, usages, andinatitntiona of the Colony ehonld be 
maintained ae before. It is, therpiore, advisabie now 
to advert to the leading provieions of that document. 

The Council or Conrt of Policy wae to consiBt 
ot 1st, The Director- General; i The Conunander 
ol Essequebo; B, The Fiscal of EsseQUobo; 1, The 
Fiscal of Demerara; 5 and 8, two Colonists from 
Essequebo ; 7 and 8, two Colonists from Demerara. 

Tbaonofflcial Members wets to be chosen "from 
unoDK the principal, mctt capable, and moat reli- 

Conatitution ol 

gtoaa tohabltMiti, abon twentj-flve year* ot age, 
professing the ProlettBAt religion, and perfecfiy 
acquainted with the Dutch langnaga, and who had 
resided at least three years within the Colony." 

Electors, of 

which there were two, one for each Colony,* each 
oonaiBting of seveu Uembers, sleeted by a majority 
of the votss of the inhabitants possossing not 
fewer than twenty>flve slaves, such votes tobe in 
writing and signed by tho voter. The tenure of 
the Office of Kieiar, aa snbseqaently defloed by 
Proohunation of Sir Benjamin D'Urban in 1831, 
waa to be for life, unless the party resigned, or 
ceased to be an inhabitant, TheKieEers,b^orepro- 
cesdiDK to a nomination, were to be sworn to the 
faithful discharge of their ofBoe before the Director- 
General, a ceremony which oontinued to be observed 
until the pwsing of Ordinance No. IS of 1861. 

A periodical changs in the coostitation ot the 

inndl or Qc-^ * "" 

Tiding that tl 
retire yearly. 

The Director-General waa to be allowed a donbis 
vote, and the Beoretar; of Deqierara was tu be the 
"Minister of the Conrt ot Policy." 

have been the original I.^slatlvs 
ihe Colony. We now come to the 
inxxBuiu un wuich what ire termed " Financial 
BepresentatlTee " were added. 

It appears that in 17B6 it was deemad neoeassry, 
during a period of some oonfuslon, to inlfodnc* 
four members "commissioned" by the Oolleges 
ot Electors of both Colonies to have jointly i^th 
the Conrt ot Policy the administration of the 
public funds.f In the following year, howeTer, 
Go veFuor Beauj on thought fit to annul this arraogs- 
ment, and to enact that to secure to the Inhabitants 
more ample control of taxation, in lieu ot the four 
above-mectioned, there should be six inhabitants 
adjoined to the Governor and Conrt of Policy, three 
from each Colony, to be elected by the inhabitants 
qualified as in the caee of Eiezers, and to serye tor 
two years, bnt with powers strictly limited to rais- 
ing Colony taxes, and assisting jn the andit of tiie 
public sccounts. 

Beaujon'B proclamation was materially modified, 
though without affecting the definition of the duties 
of the financial representatives, by a proclamation 
of Acting Governor CfitK^^^li"! ia 1812, consolida- 
ting the two Collegea of Kiesars and Fmancial Be- 
preeentslives. This proceedingremainedoperative, 
though unconfirmed by the Crown, until, m 18B1, 
when Sir Benjamin D'Urban became Governor of 
the United Colony, it was annulled by a Boyal 
Inatrnction restoring the pre-existing arrangsment, 
and extending th^ right of sufirsge to the inhabi. 
tants of Berbice. 

Buch has been the usage and procedn 
with an exception ip regard to the frani 

after to be noticed, andlrumall which tL , 

seems to be that the Financial Bepresentalivss had, 
and have, no authority whatever, except hv eiprasa 
permission from the Crown, to discuss any {tan upon 
the eatiinate so as to altei its amount, although 
they might refuse to include an; sum to whlrh 
they objected in their calculations of the funda 
neceasfry to be raised by taxation.} 

* Demersia and Eweqpebe only an here slhidsd lo. 

I BaanJou's Ptocl., Loe. Guide. 

I Ihiriiictliedlieiis)loBiiatheCtTllIMinlg48-«,i(iiH 
soncsUd h; Bma (< the Eketlie Sectiiu te sdopt thii nmnr 
Itwuu unn the SoierHr the RtpottlliiUtT of psjlir a 

le franchise liere- 


The Inhsrant right of the Finmicial BepraseoU- 
tiTM to exBrci» this power, has been, however, 
MTongl; nuinlained b; the Coloaial Hembora 
apon ill occMions, and this has led to wlHsiuTte 
between the Executive uid Elective ssctlou of 
the Conrt,* The posilion thej MBume is bused 
DpoQ the coDatmctioD of cerlaia ui8s*geii in ft 
decree of the Stales- Geseral, dated STth Angnat, 
1788, to the effect that "the contrihntiona for the 
Colonial Chest are to be reguleted b^ the inhabit- 
Director-QenonJ ~ ~ .._.-_ 

II take ci 

the Colonj Chest whoUj 
of the Ooort of Policj, bnt will thereto admit a 
great number of the Coluciets, for enample the 
" Kiezers of both rivers," and also npon the nature 
of certain entries in the MinutOB from 1798 to 
IB08. The; do not appear to bear out the claim 
of right which has been fonnded upon them, since 
the evidence throughont eeema to proceed upon 
the aasnmption that due provision baa been pre- 
vionsl; nuule for the Hovereigu'a Chest, which is 
re^eeented b; the modern Civil List. 

The [urcgoing; ia a euednct bnt anfflctentty accu- 
rate sketch of the Legislative ConatitQtion, as it 
existed up to the jear 1849, when in the Ordinance, 
No. IS, for regulating the elective frauchiae, and 
dividing the Colony into Klectoral diatricts, was 

The great principle of the whole system of 
QovflrantaDt is eTidently cailraiiiaiion. Until 
the year 18S6, there existed not even local aub- 
dlrisiooB of the Colony. Demerars and Eese- 
qnebo were then divided Into ten Farishes, and the 
same proceas was snbsoqnently applied to Berbice. 

tlcal, involving no civil anthority or jurisdiction. 

In 1BS7 the ftBlmnnicipalb«dywas incorporated, 
bnt the principle has not been materially eilendad 
in ite application, although some advance haa un- 
doubtedly been made. 

In the year 1855 under the administration of 
Sir Philip Wodehonse, an Ordinance waa passed to 
alter and amend the Political Inatitntiona of the 
Colony, bnt It waa not approved by Her Majesty, 
dince that time no legislation has been attempted 

in the same direction nntil thr ' ''v-.i--- — 

Mo. 1 of 1864, which, 

■ct, defining the meaning of the 

as employed in the "Plan of Redrsas" above 

noticed ; and Ordinance No. 16 of 1864, to remove 

some difficulties In tlie exercise of the functions of 

the OollegB of Blectora. 

The Constitntion may be Bummed npvery briefly. 
It consiatB of a Oovomor, Court of Policy, oiid a 
Ctorobined Goorl. The functions of an Bietntive 
■nd Legislative Council and Honso of Assemhly 
are performed by the Governor and Court of 
Policy, except as regards taxation and finance, 
which are dealt with by the Combined Conrt, 
Compoeed of the Qovernor and MemberB of the 
Conrt of Policy, combined with the six Financial 
Bepreseatativea. The Court of Policy passes all 
laws and ordinances, except the Aonual Tax 
Ordinance, which is passed by the Combined Court. 

The Conrt of Policy it compoBed of five official and 
five elective members. The official members are tbs 
OavemoT, the Attomey-Oeneral, the Oovemmeiit 
Secretary, the Anditor-Oeoeral, and the Imnugra^ 
tioQ Agent- Qeneral. The elective membece are 

1 follows:— liVhen 
• FroiwdlO(t rflattvi I 

seven Kieeera, who an chosen for lite, meet and 
Bulmiit to the Court of Policy the names of two 
persons, from whom one is selected by the Court. 

The Colony Is divided into five Electoral Divi- 
sions, each of which has its Klezer or Kiezers 
chosen for life, and one or more Finandal Uepro- 
seotBtives, elected for two years, and eligible for 


1 County of Berbici 

5 Town of New A 

aterdam . . . 


7 6 715 

Id the Colony of British Quiana the Bomaii 
Dutch law is in force in civil cases, modified by 
Orders In Conncil and local Ordinances ; the Cri- 
minal Law is now based on that of Great Briton, 
and is administered in the same manner, except 
that there ieoo Grand Jury. 

Ind^utry and Produetim/L 

The staple products of Britiah Guinna were in 

former years sugar, rum, molasses, cotton, and 

coSee, but the cultivation of the two last-named 

flill capable of producing coffee Of 
rare excellence. The Uerbice Kiver coffee was onoe 
much prized; but these two iodostrios have now 
given place to the cultivation of the sugar-cane, 
which at nroBent is the chief industry of the 
Colony, and furnishes nearly ninety-two per cent, 
in value of its exports. 

The forests of British Guiana aboucd In woods 
of rare beauty and value. Some of the hard woods 
their remarkable durability, pecuHarty 

of articles of household turnlturo. 

The climate ct British Guiana ia hot, but not 

unhealthr. The mean temperature throughont the 

■ ' it8a°Far, Tf - ■ ■ '- — - -- ■ 

pered by 

prevail dl „ ._. „ . 

heat ia felt more in August and SeptemlMr than at 

greatly lem- 

„ zes Iromf 

luring the greater i 

owing to the partial cessation of thebe 

Gengetowii ii the capital cUy of British Guiana, 
It is Bitoaled in lat. 6° Iff 84" N,, and long. 58" 
11' SW W., and possesses a population of upwaids 
cd forty tbouaand loals. 

Mail CamrnuKieatitHU. 

The r^ular periodical mail oommnoicatioD with 
the Colony is maJntained by the vessels of the 


jther lines of 

Colony which oarry mails, but their periods of 
d^wrture are uncertain. 

$54,181 8Sa,B5B 

879,647 888,068 

449,060 891,219 











>d Expenditure of iKcorpomttd Towm md 

B. E. 

479 £14,41? i^SpSSS 

Dttu 0/ Public Bodiei ffuaranlted hg tit 

.olmig, "Jot Acniottpart anipif Mecared." 


Total I'oftie B/lmporU and Eiporu. 






r(KaJ;>(f>HAU>oiinlS71, 198,491. . 

Ettimaled on 81 Dectmitr, 1879, 248,110. 

InmigrioU Poptia&m on EitaUM, 1879. 

Undo Not nodtr 

Indenture, ladnnuv. 

iDdiuu . . . 22,221 85,697 

Chinsra ... 281 2,797 

itnctaa uid otlierB . 18 8,860 

ToUla . . 23,470 42,844 

Ths aboriginsl Indlua wara estimated In 1851 
■t about 7,nOO; bst Mr. M-Clintock, Snp«riuteadeut 
of BiTSTB ud Creeks, an uadoablsd ■nthoritj' rm 
the anbject, curiei the number u Ugh u 20,000 or 
21,60a, but the numbers of the tribes within tbe 
Brituli terriCorias virv and ue at all timea verj 

i*^ 0/ GoMTTiort aha hate oAaimifirtd He Ga/em 
wa* 0/ Brilitk Gviami lince til mhm of the Ume 
Pnmiett aj Dtmerara, EfeiptAo, and Birbice in 

M»j.-GeD. Sir Benjamin D'TJrbm 31 July 18S1 
'■Jor-Gaaeral Sir Jamea Carmlchael Smyth 

('■iftteKBU-aovenor) 26 Jnne 1888 

^. , iXtto (mpomttdOotener) 27 Deo. 1886 

birLioiMlBiiiltli 28 May 1886 

Sir Junsa Carmichael Bmjrth (rttuned) 

ITJnne 1886 

«eniT Light, Esq 27 June 1838 

W. Walker feed, (artmj) .... 20 May 1848 
Sir Henrj fiarklj . . . .... De^ 1848 

^iiP.E.W»delion» IB Hay 1S64 

^.Wriker Em. (oc*B^) .... »6 July 1867 
8^^E.Wodefiou»7. .... 10 May 1868 

Bt;?S"'J*>-("^> • - - ■ »M«yi«i 

Bit p. Bincke 7 Jan. 1862 

MtjOT Eobert M, Mnndy (i* Cor) . 39 May 1866 
eu- P. Hlufka, K.CM.d, C.B. . . 12 Aug. 1867 

Sir .Tohn Roott, K.C.M.G. 36 Jan. 

18(10 t<i 26 Dec. JBT? 

E. B. Buihworth, Esq., D.O.L., O.M.G. 

(Admimttrabir} 17 Jnna 1878 

8ir,I.R.Luugden, E.O.M.O.. . . 10 Mar. 1874 
WmiaDi A. G. Toang, C.M.Q. . 

(Jdmimttralor) 8 Mar. 1877 

C.H. Kortright,EKj.,C.M.G. . . 8 Aug. 1877 
William A. G. Young, Etq., C.M.Q. 

(UettteHiaU-Govtrnor) 6 April 1879 

C. B. Koitrigbt, Esq., C.M.O. . . 4 Dec. 1879 

Court o/PoUcg. 
PraidaU. T^e Gomrmor. 

W. F. H. Sniitfa, Attontet-Oeit/TaL 

W. A. G. Young. C.M.Q., GoM 

P. B. Nind, AuSlor-GmenO. 

J. Q. Daly, Inmugralion Agml-GaitTtd. 

Charles Baacom. 

B. y. Drjrsdale. 

B. Howell Jones. 

Thomai Mnlliguu 

Arthur Brand. 
SeatliBy, The QoTenmeiit SeoreUry. 
Cleri, Tbe AsaiBtaut ditto. 

/iiHncia/ Repretemlativei. 

D. C. Cameron. W. T. Bridge*. 
T. H. Glenaia. Ed. Btephens. 
Wm. Ciaigen. 

CoOeve o/£fecton. 
8. B. Trotman. Q. L. Dareon. 

W. B. Arnold. J. UaUiday. 

H. M. A. Black. 

Civil EiuMiikmeiit. 
Cowmor, C. H. Kortright, C.M.Q., 6,0OOt (and 

2,400(. lor contlngBnciee> 
Pritntt iStcretaiy, 0. J. Korbei, SOU. 
Aitit4-de-Camp, C. P. Austin. 


ffaeeniDKiil Secretariat. 


1,600/. (Lieulenant-Qovemor o[ Ihe Oolony). 
AitittOHl ditto, G. MoMlle, 7001. 
Clertt, P. W. Collier, 400/. 
C. T. Coi, 800/, 
W. D. Young, 160/. 


AtuSt Office. 

AudUor-Genfml, P. H. Nind, LOOM. 


lit, J. L. Backer, 600/. 
ind, C. H. Q. Lwge, 800/. to 4001. 
Snf, J. Veecock, 260/. to 800t 
M, F. Winter, 260/. to 800L 
M, Q. Oudkerk, 100/. to 150/. 

«*■, "T"'} ^■^^'>°'- 

Reoam-^Gnural. C. P. A uetin 1,0001 
Aitiebmt Receivei'-Ueneitil and Aiiiilani Govern^ 
Btat Beertlarvfor Berbitx, Denia Gallaghpr, 6O0/. 
BooUxtptr, C. B. Hamillon, 600/. 

iSub-AccouiOaiU, md i» dunyi of SBeiufi Boat, 
Eueqvebo, Alex. Praser, 400^ 
Cltfi to Sub-Accoauiml, E. B. W. BeyndUa, KOL 
Clerie ta Beeeivtr-Gemirai, GeorgtU m i :— 

UC, A. A. Bnrrowea, 416/. 18t. id. 
i«d, D. Y. C. Hill, 300r. to 850/: 
Brd, raoant, 260t to 8O0J. ■ ^,^,,1,, 
4rt, O. E. Swain, 200(. totSOfiOO'JlC 
fit*, Taeant 160/. to 300/. *-' 

m, B. W. Knight, 100/. to 160/. 


tt CItrk A Hemery, 2601 to BOtU. 
»d „ J. P. H. Choppin, ISOJL Ui SSU 
nl „ E. M. Hkinlen. IbOJl to 2S0L 
Ik „ E. F. P. Miy, ion/, to 160J. 

CUe/'CbmnMniir, W. 8. Tamer, WOL la SOOL 

T. N, King. 

J. R L, CniikshAuk. 


F. Hucoiut. 

T. Fitigerald, 

E. 8. Bomimsa. 

J. Half. 

J. C. iitag. 

E. G. AuderaoD. 

A. L. LtytoD. 
O. B. ToQDge. 

B. C. Tucker. 
J. SolomoD. 

JtnitaMt C vm mi t t ariiti — 
H. QildenUle. 

CmmitrotterQfClaUiiiu aaJ Am DutieM, md RtgU- 
(tw ofSkapag, H. W. Austin, LOO(Ul,aud about 

851. fees. 
flnt Clerk, T. HnbUrd. 400:. 
Secomi „ 0. N. Silu, SHU. 
TKni ^ E. H. de Gront, iSOl. 
Kwra „ J. F. Bennett, iO». 6*. id. 
Flflk ,, Q. E. P. DitIb, ISSL lOi. id. 
dcA „ A. J. Hellf er, 100/. 
BetaiA „ D. Cwnvan, lOOt 
tht-door ammior of Aid WaiUn, P. CieasiU, 


Aid Wmlen.-— 

F. a. E. Smith, 391L 18i. 4il. 

K 8. F. Luabert 


iibbwA '' 

■er, J 

LD Oendarea. \ 

lell. I.: 

er. J 


W. Harrig. 
G. M. Stack. 
J. G-miwsr. 
B. A. Hubbard. 

H.O. Via , 

a Bratnell. K. 1G6/. IBt. id 

A. Winter. 
A. R Collier. 
J. E. EnUue. 
D. 8. Duff. 
SarBrgenotdAdnttatmtro/'Skippiiig, Thomas Hnb- 

aerkinChatgeofColomalBaHdtdWanlumte.J. A. 

JtmUml CIn-te, T. Tan Der Be^h. 

D. W. Hoore. 

E. HouMonn. } 
D. Ferguson. > ,„« 

Wkarfiiffr, C. Cox, S50/. 

Dtliiny Ctirt, K H Bomuu, 1501: 

Cawcroni WtiglUT, A. Hubbud, 29R ISt. id. 

■ WLmcL. 

at &i4u«, J. T. Ibbott, 5001. 
Oiri:), 3. Sharpe, aOOt 

N. F, Biidder, 1601 
Aid WaHtr, T. Van Hoist, 200/. ; and 3 Assistants. 

IfAgaU-General, J. G. Daly, 1,S00L 
Chi'/Sub-Imnigratioii Agrnt, Mil. 

Sub-lmmgnOion Agcnlt. 0. B. SinK, 400/. ; 
Qso. A. Tavlor, 4001. ; H. Real, 400j: ; 
H. L. Straker, 400/. ; F. Griffln, 400^. 
Fint Clerjb— T. A. Bennett, 1&UL 
Second „ a. J. Gladwin, 260^ 
Tkird „ H. «. TajlOT, I50i 
/bwrt „ 100/. to 

Beeord (Mrh and Madrtu IiUirprtttr, B. Joluutoiw, 

T 900t 

Port JfoaiwK, W. Breb 
CoraUtue CoatL, T. U. Ford, 6001. 
SIMkiii, W. A. Hoselej, GOO/ 
CW(« TVes, J. T. Donnelly, TOO/, 
ifaAoHXHW, H Q. Pareira, 600/: 
i/cUea, J. D. HiUis, »00/. 
£iu»r« iii«i V/ctoria, H. G. Dalton, 9O0/. 
AMtMaw/ Seternnaotiiw, W. F. B. Follaid, 

HsiMue, F. H. AnderKia, SOOJ: 
GtorgrioKH, H. HotHon, l,0001i 
Pclcr'i EaU lad Ortat Diamomd, W. Watldua, 

BeUe Kb*, H, Hunter, IWL 
Vned-at-Hoop, A. Finlajson, 1,0001. 
/.cMom, H. Bbannon, 1,000/. 
PMiKfaAitiii, E. H. Klien, 70U: 
/■«!«», T. F. Pollard, 700t 
Wahaiaim J. Eneaa, 700/. 
^■rvrn «/ TW /(/and. J . H. Foite, 7001. 
■" ■ - J. L. Veendam, 900/: 
a. T. Dickson, 900/: 
iu, at BOO/, eaoh, 

Harford, W.W.Jonea, and H. F.Ward. 

Emianaim AgaU at Caleuttt. H. A. Firth, 1,800/. 

„ Maddra, B. W. Bb^ld, feesL 

„ Bariaiiii, J. H. QasUn, BOOL 



J. T. Thome. 
a. 8. Lunb. 
C. L. Payne. 
W. Uaingin. 
John BioQi 
J. D. SterBnun^ 

■ S60i. 

B. 6. Bnt 

Caplian of PrtMmHw Schoontr. W. Walker. 360/: 
Otrk (pid BeottapB; E. 8. GreaTea, 260/. (aotiLg> 

PMrnaKer-tJewni/, N. Darnell Davis, 6SK 
PottrnqMlermd TeUgntpk Clerk, Btrbiet,A. Bveirn, 

Oerk, E. D. Wight, 864/. lli. Sd 
Six other Clerks, six 8ortera, and eight Lstlar 

UarriKB, at aalariea from 16/. to 1601. each. 

TAfnph Superatendmt, G. C. Benson, 8S0L 

• Time oBflni baT* tranUinK all 


HeaM Cffieir, 

HJ)., siai. 

Ditto, NtM AtMeriam, i. Ifry, tsoa. 
MaUer FOat, A. Doncm, few. 

nmrnHBi iff Poor Lam Btard, AlBXkndar Cmieron, 

M.D., lOOl. 
ln^Kdor, A. Bamnrei, 400/. 
Meattn :— — Godlrev. 

P, P. FairMrn. 

Ed. BCepbwiB. 

— . aWi 

SwM, J. S. Wkllbrldn, HMUl 
j^winMiddW iffMmt BoMta, V. W. Walton, UlA 

SWryaM-eounil, E. A. Huget, 1,00(U. 

Arndotf a^r^nw, 0. E. HacnrauB, 6001. 

firtt AtfiAni SmyiOM, P. L. Fiib«r. 4161: IB<. U 

Stcrttan mi CItrt of Hit ' 

T. A. Bpoonar, 9 

5HWM [vacut}, ASM. 
at^xtrd^. B. Bbepherd, UOl. 


(Tuuit), 4001. 

Ltptr Atfhmt, Maimaea. 
Mtdioal Attadtad, Dr. J. D. Hillli (fiudsd»d In 
saluT Mihftlo* District). 

■ • "■ V B- M. L. Bwker, leot 

CirfnMif ZmotK JqrlwH, Btriiet. 

a^ne intmient, Dr. B. Qrieve, 800IL, ud perMn*! 

.lau&Bl SargHM, Qeo. Bocll, «XK. 

jneoKut vmon-, 4. o. n ujunuft 
Mala- (nout), 1041. S(. 4d 
Afatroit, Ulu Flsmliig, 87 j: lOi, 

0/ BirUu and Dealla. 
E. K O. DallOD, lOOi:, In Nc 

r ^ SdtetJt. ami Stenlmy to Board of 

ilini, BsT. W. Q. O. AnMiu, U.A., 1,000/:, 

S61. loi travcllLBg: eipenw*. 

iitoitf /Npacton owJ DutriH Edaealiimtl Qfietrw, 

L. H. Bwtl«y, B.A., 4«0/., ud H, A. WoodwETd, 

800^ »Dd tnveUliiB 

__id leOJ. for bonae. 
SkcMiI MaMer, P. Stdbbt, 60W,, 

Kid loot for V--- 

Go v irw i imt SdtBolJbr VagrMU md JonQ^ 

Colomal GtU Emaeer, H. H. 8ic(»lB»| 1,M0L u 
162J. icir tnrtMling sxpssMs and hone ftUo* 

AmMoM Cial BKgmter aid ^ww)N>r, A ( 

Cbrt of Woria, W. J. Powler, 4fiOJ: 

' — -— Clerk nf IFonb, K Chabnen 

' ' cant> 2601. 

Fint Oak (ricantY 21 
aecumd „ 0. OuteUani, 3( 
Tiird „ O. Pax, 12U. 

AaamUml, A L. BykU, 2081. St. Sd, 

OoMM Sm-vt^or, T. O. Wight, 6001: (Mllug:> 
Hrtt AtiutoHi ditH), W. Chatnwra, 4£0l: 
Seamd Aaittimt, K. E. Wight, SGOl. 
/«^ Clerk, £. A. Fauuidean, 14At. St. id 
Stcaid „ 0. B. P. Bvun, I04i. Bt. ii. 

lypedoT (/■ JVmom, GoL EUioK, C.B., 8001. and 

SMM. for travelling allombca. 
run Agtmtjor iVinu, K. S. Lambert, 2081. St. id. 
abrifo/J uwii ii ja . J. BnunelL* 
fenMT a/Oa QeorgHomt Gaoi, A F. Pile, S60^ 
Oir^ 14(U: 

Skariffif/ Berbitt, H. P. Flnnuner, BOl:t 
JTcnar ^ ''^ '''^'"' Amtferdom (loot, J. L71111I1, 

SktrifiifEMKqaiia, H. Kirk*, 601.f 
XaQxra/'fUEawtofiaol. J. Blackman,I46i: lOt. 
„ FMmoMp GinH, ISU 

AiMrMlendiMf of Ht Am! SetOemM, Oaptafa 

Fortesoue, 8N3. 
itwiXorf iMo, Q. T. Whilo, SOOJ: 
SnyKm, D. Keniwdv, 6001. 
C%<bU, C. B. Selireith, fiOOH 
Ooertttr of Wurki, Junes Guodtellow, 3501. 
Oert, J. Clark, 14611 
luuer, }. Oraig, 1601. 

CkitfjMlieeimd Judge of Court of Viet-Admirallu, 

aa D. Chalme™, St., 2,6001. 
Pmnu Judgt, J. U. King, 1,600L 

„ H. S. Semper, 1,K)0I. 

.4(lonH9-ffaKnil, W. F. H. Smith, 1,60«. 
Solicitor-Goitnil, H. AUdnson, 6001. 
Regutnr of Vict-Aimindis Cow*. E. H. Ddttm-fee*. 
Uar^ mo, Ont. H. MoLeod, ieee. 
Cro»m Arfuifor, K. W. Imlaoh, 4001: 
Anidrw Bud Q«rkqftki SmtKt CoarU, Dm 

amd Ettqttebo E. U. Dalton, S881. 6<. Sd, 

n and Elib an alM MpBidlar} 


Firtl aieorn CItrh and Notary FviUe. F. O. Kin g, 

Beamd ditto lUtto, A, B. Btemirt, S6G.'. 
Firil AuiHanl a™r» Cla-k, W. Cl'Mear*, 800J. 
' '-(o ditto, W. P. Olton, 200(. 

A/Komiaiit and Bookixeper, T. B. UsllidJiy, 500;. 

lit CUrk to Adminulnt'rr-neneral, A. Winlar, BM 

SiHJ ditto di'lfa, a. L. Wight, ST6A 

Srd ditto MIo, E. O. HuBi&h, 200/. 

4(*6'(wi (a^rfnuoii/ro/or-Cemra/, F.Verbeke,20t 

fi(A diCtd i&to J. C. HcWdtt, ISO/. 


(KSo, P. D»rg«n, liW. 

Avnut Marihal, Capt. McLeod, BSN. 
K«t Jfor*W, J. A. Dftljiel, 3121. 10». 
Jccoimtont, E. F. Chubb, 160;. 
VrdiHary ifarthals : — 

C. C. Jones, ifXH. 

A. Ebnmo, 2Q0L 

U. T»jbr, loOi 

J. Humpbrya, Sil. 

J. R O'bounell, 1001. 

H. Kirke, 8002., i 


, 760t, 

! IMI. 

7001. each, uid 
100/. Uavel- 
ling eipeoBes. 

tnvetliD^ aUDwani 
fl. C. HuggioB. ' 

F. B. Dtrnpiei. 
F. M. Bury. 

J. AlVCB. 

CoL FoMer PoBl«r. 
O. H. EawUyns. 
John Bangbton. 

M. W. WilliunB, 2001. 
3. Cleghorn, 2001. 
J. H. Bamplaye, SOW 
A. M. AbboK, 2601, 
C. Weddall, 200/ 
H. King, 2f)0L 
£. U. Beet«, 200/. 
J. McP. Corry, 2601 
John Bagol, 200/. 
C. E. Turtou, 200/: 
Geo. Plummer, 3001. 
Folux Kagiiirate of Oeorgttotnn, and SUtriff of Co. 

DcoKrara, J. Brmnell, (,000/. 
AuittiiiU Poliee MugalitUt, P. H. B. Kill 600/. ; 
(%ri>, W. A. Flckel, 20811 b. 6d ; G. Chu- 
peotier, 1661: ISi. id. 
Spedal MaautnUt: — 

Pomerma, W. O. H. F. McClintock, 400/. 
EatgnAo, H. HoTurk. 400/. 
Demrara, H. BarcUy, 4001. 
AgrNcc, Wm. Calder, 400/. 

Adjulam-GoHTal. T. Dal;, 1001. 

Jdrubnt q/" lie Ga/neluan Alilitia, and far jbun of 

FwaOr, J. Miller, 2001. 

atfen»ta>dKiaofVilia^a,T. Dilr. 5001: i 

Bod 120/- for travelluig eipenves. 
/Int C/n-i^ J. HcL. Cleghorn, IMU. 
&ca«/ diOo, J. Glaalord, 12a/. 

SoCoiiie Gitrdau, 

EcdttiaiHaJ EttaMuhnieati (CAurcA ofEaflani). 
Lord BUhop, The HL Hav. W. P. Austin, D.D., 

Sraelary and Rtgi , _. „. j, 

flin'ol Oeani, Dmerara, ReT. D. Smith, 

£ueattfio, Bar. W. 

&r«ce, Rev. P. W. 

imith,' ) 
Austin. Ua 

1/ CArirt CAumi, J. Macdonald, M.A., 416/. 
at. PhUip;. H. T. e. Ciatail, 416/. 
fiwtor of SI, PauTi Parith, Rot. T. Putw, 600/. 

/fc 3fii«i™'t ^''- D. Smith, 600i 

St. SioiUin'j, Rev. H. J. May, 500/. 

S(. Pfta-'t, Rdv. W. T. VanesH, SOOi 

«. JoAbV Bbv. W. AuBtin, 500/. 

TKaitji, Rev. 8, i;. Ho™, oOO/. 

-4/1 SoiRd, Hav. F. W. Auatin, 5001. 

Si. Mir/uuri, Rev. T. B. Milnsr, 600/ 

St. Palricl'i, a. H. Butt, 6001. 
14 Curate*. 3001. aach, to. :— 

Si. AusuHiae't, Rev. T. F. Moulder 

St. Markt', A. Hilchans, 

ift. Jamra' A. Qwythor, 

«. BarfAoi™™'., W. H. Campbell. 

rriNify, S. UaiiniDg. 

St. iMkfi, 3. J. Un5«. 

*. JUiduuTi, W. B. Drew. 

All Saints F. P. Elliott. 

«, Patriot'; I. G. Pearion, 

.Dnnfroro ffioer, 

flet*ic( aw, T. B, DetnpatH-. 

St. Morgarefi, C. D. Dan._ 

poetirt, Kev. H. H. Monr, MOl 
Pomeroon IndUou, W. Heard, 400/. 
Eutqudo JmBaai, Ber. Pierce^ 4001: 

CAhtcA a/'«(:a(lawJ: 

o/SI.AitdrtK-tPariilt'BBv.T.E'Msi 700/. 

Jolirt JfifiMfn- o/ dirto, G. Stephens, 416/. 
JUMiXer oj Si. J/ojy'*, J. Diokeon, flOOl. 

A. ifant'i, T. Trotman, BOOt 

a. Z4(fa'», F. A Boas, 500/. 

at. JaTOf,;, Hey. W. Harper, 6001, 

All Saini>\ 3. Bannia, 6001. 

St. Cathtriax'i, 6001. 

St. ClemmCi, Rev. W. Barnhill, 6001. 

St Sauiour'i Bot. J, Huckie, 600/. 

Ronum CaikoGo CItmtk. 

Walesm Miutonary Soeittg. 

Smermtetdmt of BritUh Guiana Branch, B«v. J. 

QreMbead, 1,716/. for support of tliis Utssloii. 

Britiab Bondarai is a oolonr on the net cout 
of .Central America, bounded on the north by 
Tuiatan, on the west by a straight lins drawn 
fnun the rsfdda of Graniaa a Dio* on the Bivw 
Barstoon, to Garbntt's Falls on ths Biver Beliie, 
and thsDce due nocth to Out Ueucam fpn ntim- — 




bdog tbs ynttam boundiry, u defined b; tbs 
CoDreutiDD □( IBaS with GuaCemalk— on tbe Bonth 
bj OiutemaU, ud oa the eu>by the Bo; of Hon- 
duras. The eoMt wm diBcoyered in 1502 by 
CuliuubuB, »d its eu-lv Httlement is BUpposed 
to have hoen efferted from Juniic*, by adven- 
luwrs, who were »tlr»ct«d by tbe flue timber pog- 
vund and mahogany) which grew on the banks of 
Uii! Hondo 4Dd o^r rivers. 

Prom that dale until almost tbe close of the last 
ixntury, the Bpaoiarde made frequent but in- 
(flcciual altempta to eipel the woodcutte™ by 
/urce of arme; and treaty after treaty waa con- 
cluded, wldch had little other effect than to stiniu- 
l«e the enlerprisB of the settlera by tbe recognition, 
Ihne step by step accorded, of the footing they had 
gained for themselTea in Central America, without, 
u the HtM inslanee, any thought of torntorial 
aggrandisement, but aolaly in pursuit of the In- 
duntr J in which their fortunes were embarked- 

8uch, fa) brief, is the political hietory of the 
Htllement in its earlier daya, and tbe only subM- 
qiwnt erania of eiternal sigiiificance which need 
Itcro be Dotloed, are the deflnition, aa above, of il« 
^aeral boundaries (uf which a survey has been 
]iirtiallyeieculed),andthe frequent border troubles, 
MODected with tbe revolt of the Indian population 
d( Yucatan against the Spanish iubabitantis the 
— Hot which has been that the Indiana are now 
iseasion of tbe ceuntry to a consider' 
yorth of the Houiio, and subsequentlv 
wiih tlie qnarrela of tbe Ycaich^ aud Santa CruB 
tribes of Indians, in which it has been involved. 

In 1861 it waa finally determined to place the 
Kttlement in every respect on the looting of a 
colony, though aubordinata to tbe Government 
of Jamaica, from which it is distant about 660 

This waa done in reeponse to a memorial from 
llieinbabilajit»,and aa a matter of internal repi- 
lalion only. It wae felt that the deBienalion 
hitherto borne by it had in course of time become 
inaiipropriate ; that, in fact, for many years paal^ " 

^yal Xavy and tbe . 

17BS, on the part of Spain, to take i.^™,™.,.u ,.. 
HoBduraa, followed by the revolt of the Spanish 
dependeaciea in South America, the acknowledg- 
ment of their independence by Bpain hereelf, and 
lliH relinquishment by her of all exercise and even 
insertion of dominion In that part of the world, 
baviogife jwvaa well at lie /oe'DentiUKl what had 
originally, indeed, been a "eetaement" by British 
subjecta within Spanish territory, bnt what was 
properly so no longer, to a revision of its name and 
CaJiu as a part of Her Uajesty's dominions, wherein, 
'"r an unbroken aeries of years, the torritorial and 

1 authority of QreM Britain had been openly 

restrictedly exercjaed. 
A commission was accordingly issued to the 
officer then administering the Government of 
Jmnaica (Mr. Darling), appointmg him to be 
<ii>vemor, and to llr. Seymour, tbe ttien Super- 
intendent, appointing bini to be LiBut.-Qovernor 
ol the Colony of British Honduras ; these arrange- 
ments taking effect from tbe 12th of Hay, 1862. 

The Conelitution of the Colony is regulated by a 

local Act of 1S70. By this enactment, a Lefj^tlvs 

Ciiundl iB established, consiKling of five ofllciBl, and 

t less than four unofficial nismbcrs, to be named by 

lointed by the Lieiit.- 

_. _jjsty's approval The 

_ _ s Chief Jualire, tbe Colonial 

Hecrelary, the Senior Military Officer (if ol or 
above the rai^ of major}, tbe Treasurer, and tba 

. - the CouDcQ. 

There is also an Executive or Privy Conncfl, 

ineisting of the Senior Uilitary OSicer, the Colo- 

alSecreTary,tbe Treasurer, the Attorney-General 

(If below the rank of major the Senior Uilitary Officer 

ranks list.) 

The area of the Colony is 7,&62 square miles, 
including Albion Island in tbe River Honduras, 
(about 26 squara miles), and the Cays, 21! aquan 
miles, a large portion of tbe latter being mangrove 

resembles other parts of Central America, the land 
bein^ flat and swsjnpy throughout the greater 
portion of tbe coast line, and gradually rising aa 
the interior is approached, from the Savannah, 
througb the Pine lUdge, the Cahoon Bidge, and 
the Forest, to the central mountain lone. 

The nortbem district, of which the Hondo fomiB 
the natural boundair, is bnt little rained above tba 
sea; bnt towards the south tbe character of tbs 
country becomes more elevated, until in the Cocks- 
comb Mountains a height of aoine 4,000 feet is 
attained Thai dlstriclof the Colony remained until 
1R79 wholly unexplored, when it was travereed by 
the Colonial Secretary, Mr. Fowler, from Qarbutl's 
Falls on the Beliie River, at tba western frontier, 
to the sea ooast south of Heap River. The 
country proved to be a succession of valleys and 
hills, Irom 1,200 to 8,000 feet above sea level. Tbe 
weaterly portion was an open undulating grassy 
country, forming magnificent paslun^e lands. 
Towards tbe coast it was all forest. wfai<:h was 
full of valuable timber. No inhabitants were seen, 
but ancient ladiao rnins, consisting of large stODS 
buildings, were discovered. Game abounded in 
places, whilst In others no sign of any form of 
animal life was met with. The soil generally was 
rich, bat a few ragged spots were encountered. 
Borne fine gold-beanng qaarti veins were dis- 
covered, and other indications of minerals were 

The Pine and Cahoon Bidges afford abundant 
pasturage for cattle, and the higher grounds would 
doubtlvBB produce, at altitudes varying from 600 
to 2,000 feet, as marketable a quality of coffee aa 
any that is brought for export from the neighbour- 
ing Republics. For tbe present, however, and 
until more capital and labour shall have been in- 
troduced, and in the advance of roads, it is to the 
rich virgin soil of the valleya and lower plains that 
tbe settlers must look for remuneration from their 
agricultural pursuits. Upon tbjs soQ tbe moat 
luxuriant crops of sugar ars being grown from 
cane that will ratoon for yeara. 

There seems to be no tropical prodoct to which 
tbe climate and soQ are not adapted. In the 
forests and wUds are found tba cedar, rosewood, 
bullet-tree, fustic, lignum vttie, sapodilla, Santa 
Maria, iroDwood, red and white pine, india-rubber 
and gutta-percha trees, and the sarsaparilla, cochi- 
neal-cactus, A gave or JSla, indigo, and many othsr 
useful plants or shrubs. Tbe cocoonut flourishea, 
as does tbe Cahoon palm (of which the oil will 
shortly, it is hoped, bring increased prosperity to 
the Colony), and the ground-nut, locally known 
by tbe name of Finder (^ArackiK Mffpoga^ so ex- 
tensively grown in and exported from Western 
Africa, which produces an oil equal to olive oli 
for domaRlic purposes, and is also excellent as 
fodder for horses and cattle ; and there are the 
usual varieties of tropical fruit, cereals, and vege- 
tablea, plantains, maue, yams, casava, cocoa, aud 
tobacco, to contribute to the food and en joymsnt ot 
the people. 


Tlie oUnule, though daolp, is, tor ths trapicii, 

he>lt)i7. ViaJtatioBB of maligiiant fever or eholen 

am of ruv occuireaoOf uid ma equable tempera- 

with a prevailing stw-breeEe, ia ezperlaUDed 

ghaut ths greater part ul the yesf. 

Land may be purctuued fcom the Crown al 4(. 

17Sfl Frsvlons to this yeai, by HagistrateB elected 

1786 Colonel Edward Karens Dsspard. 

1760 Colonel Peter Hunter. 

1790 to 1797, by Hagurtratea elsded annually. 

17B7 Colonel Tliomaa Barrow. 

1800 Qeneral Blr Richard fiaaeet. 

ISOfi iKUteuant-ColoDHl Qahrlel Gordon. 

1806 Lieut-Col. Alexander Hark Kerr Hamilton. 

1809 Lieotenant-Colonel John Nugent Smyth. 

ISU Major Oeorge Arthur. 

1832 Halor'Qeneral Allan Hampden Fye. 

1833 HaW-OeDeral Edward Codd. 

1829 Uajor Alexander McDonald (acting). 
18S0 Liflutonant-Goionel FranoB Cockbum. 
1837 Lisuteuaat-OoloBel Alexander MdDonald. 
1848 Colouel Charles 8c John faacourt, E.H. 
1S61 Philip Edmand Wodahouse. 
1864 WUlUm Stsvenioa. 
1867 rrodorick Seymour. 
1861 Frederick Seymour. 
1864 J. Gardiner Anatla. 
1867 J. R. Longden. 

1870 W. W. Calms. 

1871 Lieut-Col Huley, C.B. (adJng), 
187S W. W. Cairne. 

1874 Captain Mitchell, RM. (acting). 
1874 Major Mucdy, RA., C.M.G. 
— 6 OaptainMit--"-" "" '---'-- 
7 Frederick P 

The above were atyled " I 

style of 

declared a colony; since which the proper 
>n offloer permaoeutly appointed to ad- 
the OavemmeDt b Lientwiant-Governor. 




































In NoTtharD IHrtrict t,988 

„ ITorth-WsBteni Dlgtrlct . . . 4,668 
„ Central District (BellM, «o.). , 10^ 
„ Southani DiMrlci 8^260 




































EKCutiee CeumdL 

The Liontenant-Govemor. 

The Offloer 

The Oolouial Secretary. 

The Treasurer. 

Cfari, W. Grey 


Ligitlativt ComkU. 


J. H 

The Chief Jostice. 

The Colonial geeretary. 

The Officer Commanding the Troopa. 

The Treaaoier. 

The Attomey-OensraL 


John GentleL 

Captain Andrew Haltiday HalL 
Alexander Williamson. 
CUrk, W. Oroj-Wilson. 

Calomal Secniary'i Ofice. 
Colomal Seattary and AudUor-GaieraL Eetirj 

Fowler, 600L 
CU^ Clerk, Tboe. R. Fakeuham, 2301: 

nrr uvrjc, J DOB. A. raaeni 
id C4>rt,D. Taylor, aooi. 


, , ' Collector of Catlomt, 

Harbour and SUnwio Hatter, W. J. HcKinney, 

CkUfOerk, R 8. Wler, 240J: 

aeantd Clerk, 0. Blockley, 1001. 

Qium'i Wartiimte Keaer. J. B. La Croix, SOM. 

CkitfRevemt OBicer, t. W. Blockiey, 180i. 

Stamd „ J. La Cniix, 130/. 

TUrd „ O. F. Cogg, 120J: 

aurvtaor-Omerrd, M. J. Oriffllhi, 860C 

Public Work*. 
CdUmial Engmeer, Q. von Ohlafen, fiOOi. 
Clerk to £ao, Aug. F. Davis, ISOL 

Public MeJical Ofieer, A. Hnnter, 400/. tnil private 

Norlkent Dittriat Syrgton, Ooratal, Prod QahDS, 



Cnofer, Belue, Joanh Cluks, iOOl. 
Hatnm, diUo, Un. Okrke, 40Z. 

Imeeior of Nuiimeet imd Cltri of Maritt, Btliu, 

&. Carter, l&OL 
CIrrt of Slaugkttr Hona. Ctxvai, H. BeU, 481 
Oficiai Admiiattrator (md Suraigor of Siippmg, E. 

U. Vtbaz, fess. 

Judicial EMtabliiUkail. 

Qaef Jmtiai, md Judge qj YieerAinirvta Camt, 

W. A. Fwker, l.OOOt 
Attonof-Gentnu and Advocate in Admindtyf E, E. 

Pipon Scholes, 400IL uid piirUa pncdce. 
Cltri ttfCenrti, Ktattr qf Ktcordi, Pmmit Mankal, 

Old R/gitrar of Vice Admiral^ Court, T. W. 

H. DiUet, 6001. 
a,rt to ditto, H. A. Coffia, ISOf. 
Corvner md Felice Mugilrate, Bdtxe, H. 0. Unher, 

Magitratt, Nortim DiitricU R W, Picfcwo*!, iOOt 
Magiitrate, Soaiktm Diitricl, K J, Doimer, 2fH)J. 
Itiirrpnler i* Sgaaik and Masa, J. It. Boaa, lOOL 

Itupedor of PoSee, C»pt. Qeorgs HardDar, 8001. 
8d-liti^>ector. IWL 

3 Serjaanta, T Corponli, and 40 Conalablea. 
Keeper of Ptnoder Magaame, E. Heutkraon, 6011 


L Tub Doimnos'. 

IL Tm PuiTiNCBa — Ou>0AiiAi>A(OtraAKioAjn> 


Kbw BRDnainiix. 

1IL Thb Uyioti Acr asd Obrbbs in Coditoi];. 



The eoHBtUunuQ of the Dominion of Canada In 
regnUted by the Imperial Act 30 Vic, c 3, the lead- 
ing ptoTiBiona of vnich are Mt out under head III, 
o( this artiole, together with an acconnt of the Ordei 
in Council paused nnder it for the incorporation of 
the Proyiar B of British Columbia. 

The Act was proclaimod on the UTth of Hay, 1867. 

The Qovemor-Qeneral of Canada wm by Letteri 
Patent ol 1st April, ISTO, appointed Qovenior o. 
Bupert's Land. The admlBsion of Bupart's Land 
into the Dominion of Canada after the ISth July, 
1870, wa» provided for by Order in Council of the 
23Td Jnite, 1H70, and the Province of Manitoba wu 
erected out of this Territory by a Canadian Act 
3» Vic cap. 3. 

British Colnmbia was incorporated by Order In 
Oouooil of the 16th of May, 1B71, taking effect fror 
tbsiOthof Jnly, 1871. 

Prince Edward Island was Incorporated hy Order 

In Conadl bearing dale 2Sth of Jnne, ISTS, on tb« 
Jit of July In that year. 

By a Canadian Act, 38 Via,, oap. 1>, tha tsrrt- 

toriee tonneriy known u "Jfnpert's Land" and 

e North Western Territory (with tin sicsption 

the portion forming the FroTinca of Manitoba), 

BTe placed under the jorladictloD and control of a 

Lieut. -Qovsraor and Council, separate and distinct 

from Hanltobs. 

On the aist of July, 1880, in compJIanoa wUh tha 
prSTer of an address from the Parliament of Canada, 
dated the Srd of Miy, 1878, Her Majesty iaraed an 
Order in Cooncil aonezlng to the Dominion ot 
Canada, frrao the 1st of September, 1880, auoh 
British PoBsesslons in North America (other than 
NewfOnndland) as were not previously inolnded 
Id tba DominioD. 

Tha area of British North America is compnted 
at 8.388,701 square milea. The greater part of this 
'- -uimpriBad in the North Weet Territory. Thp 

en settled Provinces of tha DomioiOD compriso 

lut 7fl8,(i)M squa "— 


The following are the latest returns relating to 
the population. The flguree for British Columbia 
and the North West aremerelycompDtaUons. The 
other figures are fTom the census of 1871. 



. 1,191,678 

New Brunswick . . . 

. 386.777 




British Columbia . . . 


Prince Edward Island . 


M.W. Territory . . 

. 88,700 



Tba census of the four provinces, which constl- 
tu ted the Dominion in 1)47 L, show that the total popu- 
lation was S,48A,876| distributed into 621,710 fami- 
liea, occupying 672,713 dwellings. Of this popula- 
tion, l,0ao,87ii wero married; 117,882 vridowsd; 
681,891 were at school; and 299,676 unable to 
lead; 1,689 were between 91 and 101 years of age, 
and 141 had exceeded the latter age. 

The religious statistics of the population were as 
follows : — 

Anglioms 494,049 

Homsn Catholics l,49a,0*» 

Nonconformists and Miscellaneoiu l,4f9,688 


. 8,486,7( 

More than 1,000,000 Boman Catholica resided il 
Quebec, which has a total {wpnlation of less thai 

The occopatianB of the people were as follow! :- 
Agricultural Class . . 479,612 

Domestic „ . 

. 80,10* 

. »la,808 

Not Clasaifiad „ . 

. 148,079 

Pablic Deb 

IS^ 12,226 
2C,S 18,469 







1£ ,628,081 


Assets of the Don 


lntera«t on Tlfibt I '^'"'^ 8? .281.018-07 
Average rUe of Intereat 6 per ceot 
*^the'C"| «80.866,M7-fl4. 

More than g20,o6o,OOO of tbe Capital Expenditure 
wu an 4aauinption by tbe Domiiiion of pre-eiistii 
Prorincial DebtB. 

LouiH coDtracted in 1878-79. $14,600,000. 
Tradt and Imbatry. 
fnu/arti. Exporit. 

1868 J73,459,G44 «67,5B7,388 

1869 70,416,166 60,474,781 

1870 74,814,389 78,673,490 
96,092,971 74,173,618 





1874 128,213,582 8»i85i;928 

1B76 123,070,288 77,886,979 

1876' 98,210.846 80,966,433 

1877-8 98,081,789 79,823,667 

1678-9 81,964,427 71,491,266 

1879-80 86,489,747 87,911,467 

The coturoB for the eu-lier years do not include 

Qm trade of ttie ubwler JiraviDces. 

CnHoiiu DiOiel 

1877 «12,648,451 

1878 12,796,698 

1879 12,939,640 

1880 14,137,488 

' The trade nith Great Britain uti the United 
SUIes ID 1879-8U is indlaited bj tbe foDowiDg 

Imported for Consumption, 

Great Britsia S:j4,461,224 

United States 29,346,348 

The amount of cuitoma duties paid on British 
sooda was $6,787,997, while that coUactad on 
tjnilfld Btates goodB was Sl,512,034. 

The exports of Canada for last jeti maj be 
olaasifiBd as lollowa ;— 

Produce of the mine . . . . $2,981,613 
Produce of tbe fisheries. . . 6,663,847 
Produce of the forest . . . 17,666,698 
Animals and thair prodoos . 18,604,009 
Agricultural products . . . 32,287,128 


)oinand biimoii,$l,7Tl,766;) 
EsUmaled amount abort}- -8,046,033 
returned, 32,803,606 . .) 

1878 .... ffil0,751,998 
1874 ... . 11,B8- '■'■" 

1 Register Books: Slat 

I tons. 


Tbe paid-up banking capital of Canada haa 
doubled since 1870, Id June of that year it waa 
$29,801,013. and in September, 1880, it was 
|59,629,427-99. The banhs hnd in September, 1880, 
a circulation of 824,369,798-43. They did 

S 02,124,842-13 worth of dibcountiDo; businew, and 
ay held $81,584,240-52 of depoaits, of wbicU 
87,408,394-84 was payable after notice, and the 
lauce at call ; against which they held 
^8,080,631-28 in specie or Dominion notes. 

On 30th June, 1879, the Dominion posasased, of 
railways, actually in operation 6,484 miles ; under 
construction, portions of which are completed, and 
track laid, 692 miles ; oncbir eonBtrocUon, 916 
inilea. Total 8,021 milea. 

The Canadian UilitJa is noir under the immBdiate 
command of a Liout.-GeDeral of the £ngl]sli Army. 
TheDominioniadiTlded^or military purposes, into 
twelve districts, with a DuputT Adjulanl-GeDeral, 
andaBriRadeStaffin cbargo of each. The reserve 
Uiiitia numbers '^55,000 men, and the actiro Uilitia 
46,000 men, making up 700,000 in all. 30,000 wont 
out for Crainini: in 1874, and 28,846 in 1876. 

Inded in this force 61 balleries of 
rtillory, and 40 

5 There are two scfaooU of 
ominiua Qovernment has lately 
establislMKl a acbool of scientific military Instruction 
KingBton, known as "The Royal Military 
liege," presided over by an Officer of the Boyal 


1867. Viscount Monet, B.C.M.Q., P.O. 

1868. Lord Lisgar, G.C.B., G.C.M.G., P.O. 
1872. The Earl of Doiferin, K.P., G.C.M.Q., 

K.C.B., P.C. 
1878. The Marquis of Lome, K.T.,0.0.M.O. 


ONTARIO AND ftOEBEC (Old Camad*). 

Canada Is said to have been discovered by 

ibastias Cabot in 1497 j bat this ia not certain. 

In 1625, [he French took poeeeseioa of the coantry 

in the name of the King of France, and ten years 

Cartier explored tbe 8t. Lawrence, so naming 

splendid nver from having entered it on fiL 

In 1608 Qoebeo, the first 8eltlenwnt,waalennded. 
During their early days, and tor a considerable time 
after, tbe French wure much engaged iu conlticts 
wiUi Ibo Indian tribes, the aboriginal inhabilaota. 

In 1769 Wuoboc succumbed to the British forces 
under General Wolfe ; and Id 1768 tbe whole teiri- 

iarj of Ouidp ww ceded to Oreit Britain by tbe 
Treaty of Puia 

Prom 1763 Co 1774, Cuudft inu garemed by 
mim»iT »uthority, until in the l»tlarymr > nomf n« 
conncilvw eetablishsd by Act of the Puliwuent 
ef Qreat Britkin. By the auue Act the Bomnn 

Cktholica wem sllowod the frae "" ' -■--=- 

religions t: 
to reoeiTo 
with reopei 

religion ; uid in dvil esse* it was ded&rod tbit 
re«ort sbonld be had to the Lnn of Canadk for the 
deoiuon of Ihs suse. The effeot of this llbenlity 
wu made msnifeit upon the occulon of tbe Ame- 
rican Civil War, when the newly aoquired, and 
than mainly Catholio provlnoe of Canada, remained 
loyal to England in spite of aedootiTe OTartitrcia 
from the revolted Colonies. 

In 1791 an Act of Parliament was paned (Bl 
Qea IlL, (Mp. SI), dlvidiag Canada into two 
Provinces, nppsr Canada (now Ontario) and lower 
Canada (now Uuebeo), and establishing a constitu* 
" — 'yr each- As the form of government was 

~ " /lABO*4*i>!nn n4 that rJ 

t of 

ParliameDt in question, the Legislative authority 
was vested in a Le^aladve Connoil appointed by 
the Crown, sod in a Hoose of Assembty elected by 
the inhabitaaCs ; the Lower Province was under a 
Qovemur, whilst the Upper was under a Lieuianant- 
Ooveraor. BoUi the Houses of Assembly thus 
created, and eroeoiall^ that d Lower Canada, were 
in con^aatooalHct mil] the Executive Qovernment 
from the end of the American War in 1614, until 
tbe Canadian BebelUon of 1838. The moat fruitful 
oausoa of dissension were the right of the Assembly 
to Dontrol pnblio eipeoditure, and the qneotlon of 
the " Clergy Beserves," lands appropriated by the 
Imperial Act of 1791 for tbe exclusive benefit of 
Um Anglisan CtsHfv. The immsdiate exdtiug 
oanae of Ihs Beballian was the establishing, ly 
QoTamor Sir John Colborne, of 37 rectories in 
npper Canada. After tbe redaction of the insDi^ 
gsiits, Ihs conetltatloD of lower Canada was ans- 

Elsd, and Lord Durham was sent out from 
land as Oovanior-Oanenl, with spadal poweiv 
instmctiona to report on the affairs of the 
country. He recommended a Dnlon of Ihs Fn>- 
vlneas, sod indeed loreshsdowed the larger con- 
bderatioD, which has since been adopted. Id 
aeooniaiice with Lord Durham's recommenda- 
tion, tbe two I^Tinces were re-nnlled by an Act, 
Srd and 4th Vic, cap. 35, and tbe LeglslKtlve 
Bodies of the united Provinoss were consoli-. 
dated : the new Legislative Council was to oonalsl 
of not less than SO members (It has Id fact ex- 
oeedsd double that number) ; tbe members were 
appelated tor Hfe. The new Boose of Assembly 
consisted of 84 msmben, there being as equal pro- 
portion rstnmsd by eltber Province. In the bubs 
year (1810) also Hnnidpal InstitnlionB were ests- 
bhsbed Id Canada. 

Tbe Provincial Legislature was empowetnd by 
Act 17 i IS Vic, cap. 118 (18H> to soustitute the 
Logislillve Council an eleotlve body. 

The constitntloD of Canada lately In operation 
■■ ■ • • ■ ■iHel.ofthe 

Teturniug ii 
Assembly, 65 tor 1 
Canada; whilat tl 
tA 48nenib(rswt 

pper Caoada, anc 
> L^fisladn Coi 
} elected, and ii member* 

. ISeO, and II 

In 1B6S the question of the " Clergy Beserres " 
was settled by tbe application of the proDerty t(i 
municipal puiposeB, vested Interests being re- 
specled. In the same year geignioral tenure was 
aboliflbed in Lower Canada. 

As years elapsed, Increasing difBcnltj was 

Lovor Canada. Things having almost come t _ 
"dead lock"aboatl864,auescape from ihe difficulty 
sought in a project fur tbe union of all th« 
irican provinces, which, after 
nbodisd In tba 
America Act, 1867," which formt 

British Iiorth Americ 

part III of this article. 

The land in both Ontario and Quebec is very 
fertile, and prodnces all cereals and wheat orops in 
abundance ; fruit grows loxuriantly ; aud grapes, 
tnelona, peaches and tomatoes come to maturity in 
Che open sir. The cattle trade is also assuming 
conaidenible piopartioua, large numbers being 
exported annually Co England. The same remarlc 
will apply to daily produce. 

Free grants of laud (from 100 to 2D0 acres) may 
be obtained, and Improved farms (with huiliuugt) 
can be bought at from 4t lo 131. por acre. 

The educational system is very perfect. It ta 
compulsory, and Cbere are no school feea. 
Goventon (if fAs Untied Pronmeet 

1840 Lord Sydenham. 

1841 Sir C. Bagot, 
1S4S Sir C. Hetalfe. 
1846 Earl Cathcart. 
1846 Eari of Elgin. 

IBM Sir Edmond W. Head. 
1861 Viscount Honck. 

1B67 LlsDt-Gen. Sir H. W. Stisted, E.O.B. 
1868 Sir *'. P. Uowland, K.C.U.U., C^ 
1873 John W. Crawford, Esq., Q.a 
1876 Hon. D. A. Haodonald. 
1880 „ John B. BobinsoD. 

1867 Sir N. F. SeUean, K.O.II.Q. 
187B Hon. R E. Caron. 
1876 - Lao Letellier de St. JoaL 
1878 „ Theodore Robitams, ICJ). 


1. It oonlains an area of 21,781 

square miles, about one-fifth part of which consisCs 
of lakes, rivers, and inlets of the sea ; deducting 
Chis one-fifth psft and the land unsuited for am- 
cultural purposes, there are rather more tbaa 
6,000,000, acres of land fit for lilla((e. Oraote al 
100 acres can be obtained for about 9L, and im- 
proved farms are to be purchased at moderate 
prices. The forests of Nova Bcotia-' ■■ ' ^ 

Horn SoMla ma diwxtTsnd by John Oabot. In 

1197 ; It iras colonlzsd tiy the Frescb In IS9S ; wu 
ttken by the Englisli, luid a grunt of it. made to Si 

jru agniu restored to France, but hgun ceded t 
Xuglnnd at tlio Ceaco of Utreclit ia 1714 Afte 
tlie Peace of Aix-ia-CbaiJol!e, in 1718, a Bottlaman 
ot dinbaudod troops was fonued thara by Lord 

Hnlif&x, and the city which auw bears that : 

is the capital of the coloay. 
. The barbour of Halifax has an area of aboi 
»qua™ miiea, is open at all seaaoEB, and ita . 
gation is scarcely ever interrupted by ice. This 
■ ' ' ' aurpaiifiad by i 

a ia healthy, but the Atlantic coast 
pf Nova Scotik is frequently visited by dense 
fogs, and the variatioDS of temperature within S4 

Llaptain Moorsom waa 95° Fahr., 
ci)Ld IIJ". 

Coal and iron ore ani nlentifnl in Nova Scotia. 
Hold also has retently been discovered, and is 
yielding fair returns ; but the greater portion of 
the Inhabitants are employed in agriculture and 
the growth of fruit, though the anpenor Usheries, 
together with the Bhip-building and timber trarie, 
give oMnpation to many. 

1749 TIoD.E.Cornw>]Us. 1791 R Bulkelef. 

1762 V, Hopaon. 17&2 J. Wentworth. 

1754 C, Lawrence. 1808 Sir Q. Prevost, 

1755 A. Hoidtou. 18ll Sir J. ShorbTooba 
1700 J. Belcher. 1811 General Darroch. 
1764 M. WUmot 1816 eaneral Smyth. 
1766 M. Franklin. ' 1819 Earl of Dalhouflie. 
1773 F. Logge. 18!0 Sir J. Kempt. 
1776 U. ArbuthnoC. 1826 U. WalUm. 
1778 K. Hughea. 1836 Sir C. CamphsIL 
17S1 Sir A. 8. Earn- 1840 Lord Falkland. 

mond. 1S46 Sir J. Ilarvey. 

1782 J. Parr. 1852 SirG.L.Marchant 
178a P. Fanning. 

1865 General Bit "W, F. WiUiamg, Bart, 

Lieaiaiant-GoBenion liace Catfideraliolt. 
1867 Major-Gen. fir C. Hastings Doyle, K.C,M.G. 
1870 Sir Ed. Kenny (adminiatralot> 
187il Hon. Joseph Kowe. 
IKTd Hon. A. U. Archibald, C.M.Q., Q.C. 


Which is now incorporated with Canada, is the 
oOBlemdiviBionof the continent of North America; 
it is situated between 45* s' and 48' 5' N. lat, and 
fl3° 47' and 67° 53' W. long.: its area is about 
27, 105 square ndlea, or 17,000,000 acres. It Ib con- 

New Branawick, in (he early part of the last 
esEtnry, belonged to the French, and was called 
by them New Franca. At the peace of 1763, 
New Brunswick, with the rest of Canada, was 
ceded by France to Great Britain, Irom which 
period to 1785 it wa« annexed to Nora Scotia, 
i^hen it was erected into a separata Culony. It waa 

first cokmiaed by Britieb vubfects in 1761, and In 

,.,o» ,... ,! .,.-_j.j ,- .._ f,g„ England. 

'ked by a joint-stock 
im are to be 
A great por- 
tion of the I'ountry U covered by dense (oreala ot 
fine timber, (he cutting and working of which — 
or " lumbering " — furnishes remunerative employ- 
ment to many. Wheat, Indian corn, barley, and 
oats, are the principal cereala raised. 

1786 Guy Carleton. 

1787 B. Winslow, 

1788 Lieut. Colonel Johnston. 
1809 General M. Hunter. 

1811 General W. Balfour. 

1812 General George Stracey Smyth. 
18iB Ward CUpman. 

18-24 J, M. Bliss. 
18115 Genera! Sir H. Douglas. 
18S1 General Sir A. Campbell. 
1837 General Sir J. Harvey. 
1841 Colonel Sir W. Colebrooke. 
1848 Sir Gdmund Head. 
1854 Hon. J. U, T. Uanaers Sutton. 
1861 Hon. A. H. Gordon. 

1866 Uajor-Geueral Hastiags Doyls, O.B., sow 
K.C.M.G. Cs-'ting). 

LiaiitnaHl- (bt^mon nnct Con/ederatiiM. 
1B67 Colonel P. P. Harding, C.B. 
""t Hon. Lemuel Allen Wilmot, D.C.L. 

I Sir B. L. Tilley, K.C.M.O., O.B, 
1878 Hon. E. B. Uhandler, Q.C. 
1880 Hod. R. D. Wilmot. 


Hanitoha waa erected Into a Province with 
Bepresentative Institutions by an Act of the 
Canaciiau I'arliament, S3 Vic, c. 3, taking effect 
from the loth July, 1870. By this Act, the 
boundaries of Manitoba are dcaned. It is declared 
to be bounded on the south by the 49th degree of 
latitude, outhenorth by the 50° BO' latitude,Dnthe 
west by the 99th parallel of W. longitude, and on 
the east by the SUth parallel of E. longitude. 

Manitoba waa fonnerlv known as the Bad 
"' Settlement of the Hudson's Bay Company. 


e Char 

o the Crown, with a view of the inolnalan ol 

t'e Land in the Dominion, many ot tha 

inhaljitaDta of the Hed Klvsr Settlement, fear- 

they would be subject to a poasiWy 

lorm of Government, rose in insurreo- 

the 4th of March, 1870, 
leaders of this insun^cUoi 
who had been opposed 


id Soott, 

jon itself ended by the titght of 
the leaders upon the approaoh uf Sir Garnet 
Wolseley with a military force from Canada. In 
September, 1870, Mr. A. G. Archibald assumed 
the adroiaistration of the Government. 

In October, 1871 the Province was threatened by 
a Fenian raid. Mr. Archibald, isejatod, and without 
the aid of troops, took meaaures for its defence, and 
with this view accepted the co-operation of Bieland 
Lepine. The attack never took place. 

in 1874Lepin6 was brboght to trial atFort Garry 
for tha murder o( Scott, and, upon conviotioii, 
sentenced to death. But Lord DufleriD, witli tha 
acquia«>«iice o( tlu Secretary of State, oommuted 

■UoTemor Aruhlb&ld, t 

Ub «enlsDce fortwoyMn'lmprlKmmelit, witli loss 
of riolitical rigbU, chiefly ' 
u( his Berticee by Lieut, 
■buve sUUed 

The a^cultnra] capabiHttos of thia province ara 
very highly spoken of. It oiniainB abool 3,OW),UO0 
BcrtH of land admirebly idflpted for the production 
(it whett uid ili other i^ropt. The soil ia a rich 
blavk loun. The growth of Winnipeg, the chief 
dty, ia remarkable. In ItiTO it conUiuedabout -iW 
iiihabilanu, now (1880) it hte a [»j|.ulation of from 
IU,OUUIo 12,000, and id increaslngrapiilly. 

At present the pnjrinca can onlj bfl reached by 
railway through the Uuitad Statea territory, but 
next year it la eipectod that the nortioD of Che 
UBQ«<U»n Pacifle Hallway from T.. . 
Selkirk and SDO milee beyond will be opened, the 

LitulaittM-Qo v tnK n. 
1670 Hon. A. Q. Archibald, C.U.O., aC. 
1H7B Hon. Alexander Morria, D.C.L. 
1S77 Hon. J. E. Oanchon. 


ouast of North Aniorica. It compr 
aent coiutituted, the territory lyin 
Kocky Mountains and tLe Facifl 


: Uoean, and 
n the frontier 
I United States on the aonth, to the 
BimpooD and Tinlay rirerd, which form its north- 
em botrndary. Tli average breadth of the terri- 
tory ia abont 250 milea, the length of ita coaat line 
aboat 450 milea, and its area (inolnding VancoDv^ 
laland and - Queen Charlotte Island) ia roughly 
calculated at 466,978 aqnare miles. 

Until the year ia5», BriliBh d^umbia formed 
part of the territory over vhich the Hadsoo'e Baj 
Uoiapaiiy poaseBsed by licence from tbe Cronn the 
■icluaive rigbt of trading. Bnt in that year large 
discoveries of gold were made in the rivers of the 
CDimti^, which attracted a vaat immigration of 
gold-diggera frnn California, and rendered it 
neceaeary for Her Majesty's GovenimeDt to take 
meamrea to maintain order, and protect life aad 
property. The Hndaon'a Bay Company's trading 
BceDce was therefore ivyolied, and the — 

e country 

The Colony had, when first created, no form of 
Bepresantative Government, laws being made 
hj the Governor in the shape of proclsmatiuns, 
which were submitted Co the Qneen, and laid before 
both Houses of Parhament: in 18t>3. hoireVBr, a 
Legislative Council was established by order in 
Council, to consist of the Colonial decretary, the 
Attorney-General, the Trcaanrer, the Bnrvevor- 
GeneraJ, — * """" '^" 

I the Collector of CustoDU; of five 
js from diSerent parts of the coontry, 
B nnofiicial members, who were selected 
hy the votes of the inhabitanla of the respective 
dutriets, all but Chinese and Indians being allowed 
' In 1866, the Colony of Vr t..,._j 

inited t 

L by I: 

perial Act paased in accordai 
the Legislsture of the former Colony, and became 
in every respect an integral portioa of the Colony 
of British Colnmbia. The number of the Legis- 
lative Conncil was increased from 15 to 23, consist- 
ing of the fin oxeoutivB officers before namud, uine 

migistrates, and ntue unofficial msmbera selected by 
the votes of the inhabitaula of the severai districtJ, 
This Constitution was altered by Order in Council, 
1870; and the number of the Couu<:il up to the 
Uuion WHS IS : 9 members elected by the people. 

by the Legislative Council after the adoptioi 

tion for that Union, and in accordance with the 
Uli Article of the lenna, the Legislative body was 
HtiU further enlarged. The number of members 
was increased to ib, all to be elective ; and the Act 
contained provisioua oeceasaj-y for introducing tli« 
system of Executive Administration known as 
*' Kespotisible Government," intended to come into 
operation on completioa of the Uoion. 

The population of the country ia chiefly mlgra- 
tory, oonaisting of miuinR adventurers from Cali- 
fornia and other parts of the world, and including 
considerable numbers of Chinese. The soltled 

lute pDpnlaiion of tbe United Colony ma; be 

stated as bt 

10,OUO and 1< 

if Nor' 

milder than that of 

. LSt ol the Itockj Mau.iuiuB. Be- 
sides gold, the country produces magnificent timber 
and good coaL Gold quartz mining is now beings 
prosecuted with considerable vigour, and reanoii- 
able hopes of success. Promising indications of 
silver have been discovered in several localities. 
Some of the ore having been aasayed has yielded 
at the rate of 2oOj. to the ton. TheEc loads are 
now being thoroughly tested. Beams of eiuullent 
antliracite coal have been discovered in Queen 
Charlotte Island, and works are now in progresi^ 

The revenue is raised principally by mcuns of 

upon traders and miners. 

Agricultural operatioua have boon greatly ei-, 
tended during the last Bve years, and have] 
proved the character of the land tlirougbout the 
colony to be admirably adapted for the cijture ot 
Is. Laud once thought valueless is now 
under heavy crops. Tlie meat, bartoy, oata, and 
other farm produce of the Colony may compare 

' '"'"" ~ith that raised even in California., 

e gradually being erected. TracU 
igland exist throughout the Colouy, 

Nicola Lake, offer excoUent pastt 

ineeu, Okanagau, 
pasture land. : 


highest commercial value, for size, Btrength,' 

durability. The "lumber " trade is gradually 

1 [he increase ; there being an unliniilea supply 

Une timber throughoQt the Colouy. , 

The fur trade of tluB part of the world is also n' 

noticeable feature. The skins exported chiuSy 

of mink, marten, sablo, silver fox, bear,' 

sea and laud otter, fur seal, deer, elk, 

, aiffleur, and others of minor impurunwj. 

This trade was originally amouopoly of theHodsun 

Bay Company, but is now open. 

Large quantiliea of excellent cranberries yearly , 
ready sale in Caiilornifk 

1 Fra«er Kiver abounds In salmon. stargflOD, 
and a small fish called the " oulakoa." of great 
delicacy, resembling the sardine, and wfaich ia found 
' , But fishing as aa iuduatry has 
itensively carried on. The sea 
lerriug, cod, amelt, and halibut^ 

. . . lUuous line of telegraph from, 

Westminster to England,' and a line ptusea 

lug as aa iudustry has 
ilherto QXtensively carried on. The sea 
flaheriee consist of herring, cod, amelt, and halibut^ 
all in great abundance. 

thropgh ths Colony from Booth to north, tbiu 
placing evBD the remote distriot of Cariboo in 
direct commnmcatton nilh America and Enrope. 

The Kcqnisition of land ouder pre-emptive right 
U simple and inexpenBive : any British subject can 
take DP a claim of 160 acrea oi iKai, and BetUe 
upon the same, with the carUlnt; of not being 
called upon to pay for the land nntu it in inclnded 
Id Uie evrrey (d the Colony, and then at a rate not 
exceeding 4}. 2d, an acre. Any quantity of land 
immediaUilj adjacent to a pre-emptive claim caD 
be purchased by the pre-emptor of aoch claim npon 
papnenC down of half the pnrchase-mone; j tha 
romaiader when the land is Bnrveyod — in no case 
exceeding 4f . 3d per acre in the whole. Town lote 
Bnd BDbarban lands are pnt up for sale b; public 

Vancouver Island lies off tlie nortb-wert coast of 
Horth America, between N. lat. «8° 30' and SO" 66', 
and W. long. licS° ID' and 138° 30', and has an ex- 
treme length of 276 miles, and a breadth varying 
from 40 to 60 miles. It is separated from the main- 
land by a channel, called in various parts by the 
names of Queen Charlotte's Sound, Johnstone 
(Strait, and Qnlf of Georgia, On the south it ia 
divided from the Washington territory by the Juan 
de Fnca Strait. Its area has been ronghly eati- 
inated at 76,flS4 square mllse, the greater propcr- 

The y 

whicfi is 

mtrj i, 


lore or less densely 
I summit of the moun- 
ight of nearly 16,000 

wooded, excepting 

tains (which riae 

leet) affords no hold for plants. Tha soU 
and capable of eucceasf^ cultivation. Goal, good 
in quaity, has been (onnd at many points, and has 
been worked to a considerable extent at Kaaaimo 
on the east coast. A large quantity of this coal 
is exported to Ban Fraacisco and South America. 
The climate ia beantifnl, more especially from early 

The chief town of the island Is Victoria, aitnated 
at its Bonth-esstem extremity, a floorisbing town 
of 6,000 iohabitanta. The number of the aborigines 
on the island has been estimated at sbont 17,000. 

The first British Settlement in Vancouver Island 
was made at Nootka Bound, on ths N.W. coast, 
about the yesi 1778, hy aome I^indon merchants, 
whose intention it was to dispose there of the pro- 
duce raised in China. 

Spain, however, at this time laid claim to the 
west eoMt of America, sonth ol lal. 60". Spanish 
oruizers seixed the British trading vessels, and 
detained their crewa as prisoners. To resent this 
outrage, a hu-fe fleet waa assembled at Spitbead, but 

the English OLerchants were indemnified, and the 
Spanish claims were Tirtnally, though not fomially, 

Dnldl 1849, TancoDVsr Island was only occasion- 
ally resorted to by the servaota of the Hudson's 

year a teaue oi the island was grauled to the former 
Uompany lor 10 yeara. The Imperial Uovemnient, 
howsTer, reaeTTM to itself the right of resuming 
it at the expiration of thia period, on certain con- 
ditions. Accordingly, in 1869 it waa made a 
British Colony, Hr.Tanerwarda Sir James) Songlas, 
who bad acted as Ooremor under ths HudMn'i 
Bay Company, waa contlnu 
In 1866 it was, as alrcad' 

Srial Act to British Columbia, and 
legral portion of tiiis Colcuy. British Colnmbia 
entered tbe Canadian Union 3Mh July, 1871 ; rinoe 
which time she has been represenlod in the 
OaDadiin 8enal« by tbree, and in the Honae <if 

nued in that employment 
ady stated, united by Im- 

Conmona by six, meinbers. During 

port of 1879, tenders were asked for ani 
awarded for the constructiou of four sections of tbu 
Canadian Pacific Bailway, aitnated within tha 
^oviuoe, viz., from Gmary's Bar on the Fraser 
Kver, to Bavana's Ferry on the North Thompson 
Kiver, a distance in all of 137 milea. Work waa 
commenced on theee sections during the past year, 
and Is being energedc^y prosecuted. 

LiaUauKt-Ooetnian tiuet otttring At Doaamon. 


This island, which waa admitted into nnion witb 
the Dominion of Canada on the 1st July, 1878, ia 
sitnatad between 46° and 47° H. lat, and between 
82° and S4° W. long. | its area is about 1,880,000 
acres ; it is aboni 140 miles long, and S4 its grealeat 
breadth. It waa discovered by Sebastian Cabot, 
1497 \ it was first settled by the French, but was 
taken from them in 1758. It wss annexed to the 
Government of Jfova Scotia in 1768, but, on the 
petition of its inhabitanta, waa constitated a sepa- 
rate Colony in 1770. 

The olimate is milder than in tbe surrounding 
British Colonies, and it ia considered very healthy 
The island is generally well wooded. 

The inhabitanta are engaged almost exchudrely 

Responsible Government waaestabHsbad at Prinoa 
Edward Island in 185L There ia a Lientenant- 
Sovemor, appointed by the Oovenior-QeDeral of 
Canada, an Exeontive Oonncil (the Cabinet) com- 
posed of 9 members, a Legislative Council of 16 
membera, and a House of Assembly of 80 mam- 
bera. Both these bodies are elected by the people. 

The island is divided into three countiea, King's, 
Qneeu's, and Prince's, each of these elsota ten 
representatives and lour conndllore to the Loul 
Assembly. Ths Island is also representsd in tlie 
Dominion Parliament, 

The laud tenure has for many ysara been a sonrcv 
of agitation in this Colcsi;. At the doae of the laat 
century the whole island waa paroelled into 66 iota, 
and these lota were distributed smongat varionB 
peraouB, with certain conditions atta^ed 

ched to t 
3 were on most estate* 

Tbe lands tt 
leaaed for terms of 999 years, at an annual rent of 
about one shilling an acre, and thns a ayslem of 
absontoe proprietorship was established. 

For several years ibe Local Government bought 
out the interests of the proprietors in ttaeir land* 
whenever favourable opportunities ttocornid. 

The land question has been dispooed of by ai 
■ ^" ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ • ■• ,pro 

ipels tbe 

nroprietbra to sell to ths teuanta, at a price to be 
fixed by tbe award of a majority of tores Com- 
missioiKirs app<^led under the Act The nujorit* 
of the CiODUniesionnB hare made their awanL 
giving the proprietora cm tbe average about Sa 6d. 

adapted l 

1770 Walter Paterwm. i 

1786 Lieut-Oon. Edmund FanuU^OlC 
BphF. W.Debairefc^ 

1805 Colonel Joseph F 

IKm Hit John lUrvey. 

Ih37 Uir Chuleg A. f'iUro;. 

IMl Sir Henry V«ra HnallsT 

]H47 Sir Dould Cunpbell 

18A4 8ir Dominick Daly. 

IM&9 GeoTKe Dandu. . 

IMOU Sir B. Hodgnon. ^dmnutrofor. 

m70 Bir Wil]i*m C, F. Bobinoon, K.C.K.a. 

1673 Sir W. 0. P. BoM. 

1878 Bir R Hodgnm, Ai 

M74 Sir B. HodRBOU, LiealeniBil-tiootmir. 

1S79 Bod. T. U. EsTiknd, Q.O. 


By a Cuudiui Act, 58 Tic, cap. IS, the tarri- 
hwiu formerly known m " Supert's Land " and 
tbs Krath Wefltera Territory (with tbe eioeption 
i>f ench portion tbereof tut fornii the ProTinco of 
Uuiitoba), ifsre created into a Uoreniment enUrely 
Mpacate and dietini^ from UanitDbs. Tbe Act 
was pnt Into force by Proclamatdm of 7tb 
October, 1876. The teTTEtoriefl arc goTcmed by a 
Lbiotenanl-Qcrvamur aBsislsd by a Conncil not 
eiceeding Hre mmnberii, aiibject to Iniitrnctioae 
iriTen by Order In Council at Ottawa, or by the 
BecTBtai^ of State of Canada. BepresentatlTeB may 
be retamed from thne to time to a Coonctl or 
Aanmbly acuordlng sa diatricts ooDtatning an 
ares ol 1,000 square miles attain a popalatioQ of 
not leas than 1,000 inhabitanta of adult age, qtcIu- 
rire of aliona or unenfranthised Indiane. 

Tbe remarks as to tbe agricultural capaUIitles ol 
UanlCoba awly to thia distrlirt also. Free grants 
of land of iwt acres can be obtained. It in eeUmatsd 
that (be prorinoe baa about 1&0,000,000 acres of 
laud Boftstde for cultiTatlon and awaiting aeUle- 

LmbL- Governor. — Hon. DaTid Laird. 

The Provinceaof Ontario, Quebec (formerly 
constituting the Colonj of Canada), New 
Bmnawick, and Nova Scotia, vere bj the 
Imperia] Act 30 Vic., c. 3, formed into one 
Dominion. This Act was brought into force 
by Boyal Proclamation, bearing date the 2Tth 
of Idaj, 1S67. The Act, oinoDgst other 
things, provides as follows : — 

Canada shall be divided into Fonr rroriucea, 
named Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia, and New 

The parts of tbe Frovincs of Canada (as it 
exists at the passing of this Act) which fcrmerty 
coQStitpted reBpectively the Provinces of Upper 
Canada and Lower Canada, shall be deemed to be 
■svered, and shall form two separate Frovincsa. 
The part which formerly couatituted the rrovinco 
of Upper Canada shall cooBtitutu the Province of 
Ontario; and the part which formerly com 
the Province of Lower Canada shall constit 
Province of Unebac 

The ProvincoB of Nova Scotia and New Smns- 
wick shall have the saoM limits a* at the passing 

IIL— Exicnnvi Powib. 

The Executive Government and Autfaority of 
and over Canada ia hereby declared (o coutmne 
and be vested in the Queen. 

The FruTiaioUB of this &tt referring to tbe 
Qovernor-General eitand and apply to the Ijovemor- 
Geceral for the time being of Canada, or other tbe 
Ohief Eiecutivo OfBi-er or Administrttor for the 
time being c&rrylDg on tbe Uoremment of Canada 
on behalf and lu the name of the Queen, by what- 
ever title he is designalud. 

There shall be a Council to aid and advise in 
the (iovernmeat of Canada, to be styled the Queen's 
Privy Conncil for Canada; and the penions who 
sf e to be Hembera of that Council shall be from 
time to time chosen and suaunoned by tbe Governor- 
General, and ewom in as Privy Councillors, and 
Members thereof maybe from tune to time removed 
by the Governor-General. 

The Command-in-Chief of tbe Laud and Naval 
Militia, and of all Naval and MiUtary Porces, ol 
aod in Canada, is hereby declared to continue and 
be vested in the Qneen. 

Uutfl the Queen otherwise directs, tbe seat of 
Government of Canada shall be Ottawa. 

There shall be one Parliament tor Canada, oon- 
aiating of tbe Queen, an Upper Hoose styled the 
Senate, and the House of Oomiuoni. 

The Senate sb^ aubject to the proviaions of 
this Act, consist ol sevsuty-two Members, who 
shall be styled Senators. 

In relation to the constitntion of the Senate, 
Canada shall be deemed to conaist of three Divi- 

!. Quebec; 

8. TbeMsritimeProTinces,Kova8cotiaandNew 
Brunswick ; which three diviaions shall (sobject to 
the proviaiona of thia Act) be equally represented 
in t)ie Senate as follows: Outarie by twenty-four 
SenalOTB ; Qneboc by twenty-fonr Benatora ; and 
tbe Maritime Provinces by twenly-fonr (Jenators, 
twelve thereof representing Nova Scotia, and twelve 
thereof representing New Brunswick. 

The Governor-General ehall. from time to time, 
in the Queen's name, by instrument under the Great 
Beal of Canada, summon qualiUed persona to the 
Senate ; and, subject to the provisiona of this Act, 
every person so summoned shall become and be a 

Hnch persons shall be firat summoned to tbe 
Senate as the Queen, by warrant under Her 

aud their namee ehall be inserted in tbe Queen's 
proclamation of Union. 

If at any time, on tbe recommendation of the 
Qovemor-Generai, the Queen thinks fit to direct 
t three or six Members t>e added to the Senate, 
Governor-General may, by summona, to three 
rix qualified persons (aa the esse may be), re- 
presenting eqnally the three divisions of Canada, 
- Id to the Senate aocordiugly. 

Id the caiw of auch addition being at any time 

ade, the Govarnor-Genersl sbaU not snnuuon any 
person to tbe Senate, except on a further like 
direction by the Qneen onthi^likerecommeudation, 
until each of tlie three Diviaions of Cauada ia re- 
presented by twenty-four Senatore, and no mure. 

The number ol Senators shall not at any tima 
eioeed Bevanty-eight. 

A Stmator aball, mbjsot to the prvTlBioni of thii 
Act, Iiold biB plaoe in the Senate for llfs. 

A Seualor Duy, by -writing under his h&nd, ftd- 
dreBaed to tbe QoTernor-GeneraJ^ reaig;u his place 
in the Senate, and therenpon Uw gams Bbul be 

The BoaaB of OonunonB shall, anbjact to ths 
provisions of this Act, consiBt of one hundred and 
eighty-one Uembers, of whom eighty-two ahall 
be elected tor OnUrio, siity-Ave for Quebec, " ' 
teen for Nova Sootia, and flltaen for Mew B 

v.— Pbdtikoul CoNaiiri'Sioiri. 

JSuKutioe Poietr, 

For each PrOTincs there shall be an Officer, 

styled the Lieutenant-Qovemor, appointed by the 

Qovemor-General in Council by izistnunent under 

the Great Seal of Canada. 

A Lieatemuit-GoTertior shall hold office dturng 
tbe pleanure of tbe QoTeruor-Gmera] ; but any 
Lieateaanl-Governor appointed after the com- 

-' "-B flrsi tjesaion of Hie Parliamant 

ot be removable within five years 
Ilia appointment, except fur cause assigned, 

is made, and shall be commduicated by measaee to 
tbe Seoate and to the House of Conuuona wittiiu 
one week tbereaf ler if the Parliament is then sitting, 
and if not, tLen within one week after the com- 
mencement of lbs next BbssJOQ of the Parliament. 

The ssLarieB of the Lientenant-QoTernon ahall be 
flied and provided by tbe Parliament of Canada. 

Every Lieutenant-Uoremor ehall, before assom- 
Ing tlie dntitiH of his ofBce, malm and subscribe 
before the Quvemor- General, or some person 
_!_ 1 . . ■_. .. r ., . and office 

which si 

aathoriaod by him, oaths of aL-^, ^ 

ainiilar to those taken by the Gov«mor-6en 

The provisions of this Act referring ti 
T. il-GoTsmor extend and apply ti; 




e Chief Executive Officer or 
Administrator for the time being carrying on the 
Govemmaut of the Proviuce, by whatever title be 
is deaiKDatod. 

Tbe Executive Conucil of Ontario and of Quebec 
shall be composed ol such persons ss the Lieu- 
tenant-UoTeTDor from time to time thinks fit. and 
in tbe flrst instance of the following Officers, 
namely, — the Attorney-General, tha Secretary and 
Registrar u[ the Province, tbii Treasurer of the 
Province, the Commisidoner of Crown Lands, and 
the Commissioner of Agriculture and Public Works, 
with, in Quebec, the Speaker of the LegislaliTe 
Council and the SoUcttor-Cenerah 

The Constitution of tlie Executive Authority in 
each of the Provinces of Nova Scotia and New 
Brunswick ahall, subject to the provisions of this 
Act, continue as it exists at the Union until altered 
under the authority of this Act. 

Unless and until the Kiecutive QavemmsDt ol 
any Province otherwise directs with respect to 
that Province, the seats ol Government of the 
Frovincas shall be as follows, namely, — of Ontario, 
the city of Toronto; of Qnelwc, the city of Quebec ; 
vt Kova Gcotia, tbe ci^ of Halifax ; and of New 
Brunswick, the dly of Fredericton. 
Legulalire PomeT. 

There sbaU be a Legislature for Ontario, oun- 
■isting ol the Lientenaut-Govaruar aud of OD* 
UouBS, Btybd tlis Legialative Aiminiilrly of Ontario. 

Tha Le^slatiw AsMmbly of Ontario aliall b« 
composed "of eighty-two Members, to bo elected to 

represent the eighty-two Electoral Districts set 
forth In tbe first schedule to this Act 

There shall be a Legislature lor Quebec con- 
sisting of the Lieatenant-OioTemor and ol two 
Houses, styled the Legislative Council of Quebec, 

posed of twenty-four Members, to be appointed by 
the LientenaDt-Qovemor, in the Queen's namu, by 
instrumeut under tlie Groat Heal of Quebec, one 
beine appointed to represent each of the Cweuty- 
four Electoral Divisions of Lower Canada in this 
Act referred to, and each holding office for the 
term of his life, unless the Legislature of Quobou 
olherwisa proTides under the provisions of this Act. 

. The quuiflcatiouB of the Legislative Couucillors 
of Quebec shall be tbe same aa those of the Senators 

or Quebec 

The Legislative Assembly (rf Qnebsc shall be 
composed of sLxiy-five Members, to be elected to 
represent the eiity-flve Electoral Divialons or 
DiBtricta of Lower Canada in this Act referred to, 
subject to tbe alteration thereof by the Legis- 
latnre of Quebec : Provided that it shall not be 
lawful to present to tbe Lieutenaut-Gnremor of 
Quebec for assent any Bill lor altering the limila 
of any of the Electoral Divisions or Districts men- 
tioned in the second schedule to ttiis Act, unloss 
tbe second and tliird readiugs of snch Bill have 
been passed in the Legislative Assembly with the 
concurrence of the majority of the Hembers repre- 
senting all those Electoral DiTisions or Distncts, 
and the assent ehall not be given to such Bill 
unless au address has been presented by tlia 
Legislative Assembly tc ■' " ■ ■ " 

stating tl 

EveiT Legislfltivo . , 

every Leeislative Assembly ol Quebec, si 
tinue for four years from the day of the return of 
the writs for choosing the same (subject never' 
thelesa to either tlie Legislative Assembly of 
Ontario or the Legislative Assembly of Quebec 
being sooner dissolved by tbe Lioulenant-Oovemor 
of Iha Provbice), and no longer. 


The Constitution of the Lsgislatora of each of 
tbe Provinces of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick 
shall, Bubiect to the provisions of this Act, cuu< 
tinue as it exists at the Union until altered under 
the autboiily of Ibis Act; and the House of As- 
sembly of New Brunswick existing at ttte passing 
of this Act shall, unless sooner diraolved, contiuoe 
for the period for which it was elected. 


Tbe Govemoi-Qeneral shall appoint the Judges 
of the Superior, District, and County Courts in < 
each Province, except those ol the Courts of Pro- 
bate in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. 

Until the laws relative to property and dvil 
rights in Ontario.Nova Scotia, and New Brunewick, 
and the procedure of tbe Courts in those Provinces, 
are made uniform, ths Judges of the Courts ol those 
Provinces appointed by the tioveruor-Goneral shall 
be selected from ths respt ' ' ' ' " 

a respective bars of those Pro- 

Tin Jndees of llw SnpBrior Oosrla slull liold 
<dloB during good bahavionr, but ahajl be remoTftble 
bj ths QoTUiiM'-Oniar*! on addrau of ths SeaMe 

TUL — BivsHUU; DiBIB; AuxTSi Tazatioh. 
All duties uid revenneB orer which the rsspeo- 
tive LeguUtnreB of Caukdo, Nova Bcotia, «n[l ftn' 
Brnnswick before and it thi) Union ltd and havo 
puwer of appropriation, except aach portions thereof 
tu) are by this Act reserved to the respoctive Legiii ■ 
latnres (if the Proviscea. or are raised by them ia 
accordance with the special powers conferred on 
them by thia Act, sluJI form one Consolidated 
Bevenne Fund, to be appropriated for the public 
■ervice of Canada In the maimer uid Bubject to the 
chargsa in this Act provided. 

X— Intebcxjlonul Bacwai. 

Inaamnch as the Provinces of Canada, Nova 
Scotia, and New Bruaewick have joined in a 
declarstioD that the coaetructioa of the Inter- 
colooial Hailwa; ie eseential to the consolidation 
of the onion of British Korth Amei 

of Nor 

and New Bruns- 

the Government of Canada : TherBfore, in 

order to 

give effect to that at 

■reeiaent, it sbaU be the duty at 

the Government and Parliament of Canada to pro- 

vide for the comn. 

«ncemeiit. within sli 

be Diver 

fit. Lawrancu with 

the Cit; of Uahf&i 

m Nova 

ticotia. and for the 

constructiaa thereof 


iDtennisaion, and t 

with all 


It shall be lawful for the Qneea, by and with the 
advice of Her Uajastv'a Most UoDOurable Privy 
Council, on addresaes nom the Houaea of the Par- 
liunent of Canada, and from the Uoiiees of the 
teapective LeEislatures of the Colonies or Provinoea 
«f Nawfoimdland, Friaoe lildward Island, and 
Britiah Colombia, to admit those Colonies or Pro- 
vincea, or any of them into the Union, and on 
addreaa from the BouMt of the Parliament of 
Canada to admit Buperl'a Land and the North- 
Weatem Territory, or eltherof lliom. into the Union, 
OD SDCh tarms and conditions in ea^h esse aa are in 
the addresses eipreeeed and as the Queen tliinka 
fit to ^proYe, aubjei:t to the provisions of this 
Act; and the provisions of any Order in Counci] 
in that behalf shall have effect as if Ihcy had been 
enacted by the Parliament of the United Kingdom 
of Great Britain and Ireland. 

In case of the admission of Newfoundland and 
Prince Edward Island, or either of them, each shall 
a representation in 

be entitled t 

Canada of four Uembers, a 

aDTthing in this Act) it 

iiised in t> 

^ ivithstanding 
e of the admission of 
IB normal number of Sesatora shall 
be Eeyenty-sii, and their maximum number shall 
be eighty -two ; but Prince Edward Island when 
admitted shall be deemed to be compri: 
third of the three Divij-ions into which C 
in relatdon to the constitution of the tlenate, divided 
by this Act ; and accordingly, after the admiHeion of 
Prince Edward Island, whether Newfoundland is 
admitted or not. the representation of Nova Scotia 
and New Brunswick in tbe Senate shall, as vacau- 
dea occur, be redoced from twelve to ten Uembers 
rsapecttvely, and tbe renreeeutation of gaob cA 
thoae Pronnoea ahaU not be incmaaed at any time 

DA. \l 

beyond ten, except under the provisfoo of this Act 
for the appointment uf three or six additional 
Senators under the direction uf the Queen. 

By Act of Canada, 86 VicU, ch. 18, the House of 
Conmians coneista gf £00 Uembers, of whom 88 
are from Ontario, 6a from Quebec, SI from Nova 
Scotia, le from New Brunswick, 4 from Manitoba, 
and 6 from British Columbia. 

Tke following are the FroTudona of Her 
Majeatj'B Order ia Oonaci] reapet-ting the 
incorporation of British Columbia, dated 
18 Ma.y, 1871, issued under the authority of 
the British North America Act, 186T, on 
Addresses from the Houses of Parliament 
of Canada and the Legislature of British 
Columbia, aa therein piovidsd. 

lUows :— 

1. Canada shall be liable for tbe Debts and Lta- 
biljljee of Bridah Columbia existing at the time of 
the Union. 

2. British Columbia, not having iucarred debts 
equal to those of the other Proyincea now consti- 
tuting the Dominion, ahall be ontitlBd to receive, 
*— half-yearly paymentB i- -■' ' ''-' 

[sDerel Uovem 

., iutere«t at the rats of five pnr 

e differ* 

actual amount of ita indebtednesB at the date of 
the Union, and the indebtudneee per bead of the 
popQlBtion of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick 
($27 77c), the population of British Columbia 
being taken at 60.000. 

S. The followiD^ sums shall be paid by Canada 
to British Columbia for the support of its Goyern- 
ment and Legislature, to wit, an Annual Bubsidy 
of 385,000, and an Annual Grant equal to 80 cento 
per head of the said population of 60,000, both half- 
yearly in advance, such Grant of 80 cents per bead 

populatiaa, as may be shown by each subsequent 
decennial census, until the population amounts to 
400,000, at which rale such Gnnt shall thereafter 
remain. It being understood thai thu first census be 
taken In tbe year 1881. 

4. The DoDiiuiou will provide an etBcieDt Mail 

tween Victoria and ^an Pranciaco, and twice a-waek 
between Victoria and Olympla, the vessela to be 
adapted for the conve3ranca of freight and pae- 

5. Canada will assome aud defray the charges for 
the toUowing services : — 

A. SalaiT of the Lieutenant-Governor ; 

K Balartes and Allowances of the Judges of the 
Supreme Courts and the County or Dhitrict 

C. The charges In respect to the Department of 

D. The Postal and Telegraphic Services ; 

B. Protection and Encouragement of Fisbeiias ; 
F. Provision for tho Uilitia ; 

Q. Llghthoueea, Buoys, and Beacons, Ship- 
wrecked Crews. Quarantine and Uariae Hospitals, 
includiag a Marino Hospital at Victoria ; 

H. TlioGeologicalSuryey; 

I. TboPeoilontiaryi 

And sneb further charges aa may be incident to 

48 CAS 

knd caunectod with tin servioM irUcfa bytheft^tiah 

Hortli Amorioa Act of 1867 tpperuin to tbe 
OeneraJ Govemmeat, uid as ara or DUk; be allowsd 
to the other ProvinccB. 

6. Suitable Pendona, anch aa ahall be ^(Tored 
of by Her Uajeatj'a OoTerameat, sball be provided 
bj the GoverameaC of the Dominioa for Chose of 
Her Majesty's nervaota in the Colony whose posi- 
tion and emolmnentH derived therefrom would be 
affected by poUdcaJ ctuuiges on the admianiou of 
BHdsh Columbia into tbe DomiuiaD of Canada. 

7. ICisstrread tbatthe eilstinK Customs' Tariff 
and Eidse Duties shall coatinue m force in British 
Cohunbia ucdl the Railway from the Padfli: Coaat 

ebooid sooner decide to accept the Tariff aud 
Hidee Lawe of Canada. Wbea CDatoms and 
iExdHO Duties ara, at the time of tbe Union of 
Britiah Columbia with Canada, leviable on ouy 
Gooda, Wares, or MerchandiHes in British Colum- 
bia, or in the other Provinces of the Deminion, 
those Goods, Waraa. and Merchandises mav, fr^m 
and after the Union, be imi>orled into BniisL 
Columbia from the Proviueoe now coniposiijg the 
Dominion, or from either of those Provincea into 
British Colambia, on proof of payment of ths 
Custtnna or Excise Duties leviabte thereon in the 
Province of EiportatiOQ, and on paymei 

ih Colombia ehall be entitled to be re^re- 
■enlsd in tho Senate by tUiee Members, and by eii 
Membsrs in the House of Commona. The repro- 
aentation to be increased under the proriaiona of 
the British North America Act, 1867. 

B. The influsuce of the Dominion OaTemment 
ynH be nsed to secure the continued mainleDaoce of 
the Naval Station at EsquimaJL 

10. The provisions of tbe British North America 
Act, 18«7, shall (except those parts thereof which 
■re in terms made, or by reasonable intendment 
may be held to be specially applicable to and only 
affect one and not the whole of the ProvincsB now 
compridcg the Dominion, and except so far aa the 

. other Proi 

id totl 

IS Ihoy apply to the 

the Dominion, and an if the Colony d British 
Columbia bad been one of the Provinces originally 
vnited by the said Act. 

11. The Ooverumeut of the Dotninlon undertake 
nt simultaneonaly, within 

two ye 

re troi 

le date of the Union, c 

the ' 

fltruction of a Railway from the Padiic towArds the 
Bocky MountaiiiB, and from such point as may be 
Beleoled, oB«t of the liockv Mountuns, towards the 
Pacific, to connect tbe seaboard of BrttJsh Columbia 
with the Bailway system of Canada ; and furtheT, 
to secure tbe completion of such Hallway within 
ten years from the date of the Umoo. 

And tbe Government oi British Columbia agree 
to convey to the Dominion Government, in tnist, 
to be appropriated in such manner as the Dominion 
Oovemment may deem advisable in hinberanBe of 
the construction of the said Railway, a similar 
extent of Pubhc Lands along the line of Railway 
througbout its entire length in British Columbia, 
not to exceed however twenty (20) miles on each 
side of said line, as may be appropriated for '■'- - 

tba tnbBc Lands In tbe North-wesi Tenttorlee and 

tbo Province of Usaitoba : Provided that the 
quantity of Land which may be held under Pre- 
emption right or by Oown Grant within the limits 
of the tract of land in British Columbia to be so 
conveyed to tbe Domiulon Government, shall be 
made good to the Dominion from contigoioua Public 

and provided further, that 

until the com- 

nont, within two years as afor 

esaid from thi 

the Union, of the construct) 

on of the SHid 

y, tbe Government of Bri 

iKh ColuKbia 

ot sell or alienate any furt! 

er portions of 

shall nol 

tbe Public Lands of British Columbia ii: 
way than under right of Pre-emption, reriulriue 
actual residence of the Pre-emptor on the land 
claimed by hinL In consideration ol the land to 
be so conveyed in aid of the construction of thf 
said Bailway, the Dominion Government agree to 
pay to British Columbia, from the date of the 
of $IOU,000 per annum, In half- 
lyments in advance. 

■ly payment 
!. The Don 

at forte 

if the « 

ion of tbe works, at the rate of five per ce 
per annnm, on such Hum, not exceeding 100,000/. 
sterling, as may be required for the oonAtruction of 
a first-claee Graving Duck at Esquimalt. 

18. The charge of the Indians, and the trustee- 
sbip and management of the Lands reserved for 

liberal as 
British Columbia 
(joveniment ahall be continued by tbe Dominion 
Government aftffi- the Union. 

To carry out such Policy traote of land of such 
extent as it has hitherto been tbe practice of th« 
British Columbia Government to appropriate for 

in trust for the use and benefit of the Indians 
on application of the Dominion Government ] and 
In case of disagreement between the two Govsm- 
nwnts respecting the quantity of such tmcte of 
Land to be so granted, the matter shall be referred 
for the deciaion ot the Secretary of State for the 

aubject to the provisions of the British North 
America Act, IHS?, continue as exiating at the 
time ot the Union until altered under the Aulho' 
rity of the said Act, it being at the same time 
understood that the Oovaminent of the Dominion 
will readily consent to the introduction of Respon- 
.1, ^ ..... ', aired i,y th 

of British C 


d it being likewis 

e under- 

stood that i 

is the in 

antion of tbe Go 

fsTOor of 

British Columbia, under the anthcHity ot tbe 

Secretary of 

Stato for 

the Colonies, lo amend the 

existing Con 
viding that 

a majority of its Members 




Civil EibMitkmait. 

WIntfln, K.A., 58,000, ai 
auefOerk, Jofan Kidd. 
MSttarg Stcntary, Lieat.-CoL F. de Vinton, B.A. 

±S>.C^ C^t V.0IirtBr,8Ut lUehnsnt, Ctpt. Hod. 

a Hwbord, Bcots Qiwrda. 
£Mra A.D.C., Lieut-Cd. Bermrd, C.ILQ., Q. R 

IiMigtoa, BuMslt Stephannm, Esqi 
The Privy ConncO for Cm-' "-'''' 

consUts of— 

D.C.L. (Oxon), Q.C, Mitatef of Out Werior 

Hon. Sir Buoorf L. Tilloy, K.C.M.G, C.B., 

JfMfEer d/Zuhhk. 
Bon. Sir ileuuder Cunpbell, £.C.H.a., Q,C., 

Hon. Hector L. LangaTin, C.B., C1.0-, ifuiubr 

Eon. Junes Ooz Aikins, JftwUer of lataud 

Hon. Bir ObtIm Tspmr, K.C.H.O., C.B., 

Mhtultr ofRaiba^ md CmaU. 
Hod. John H. Pope, Jfinuter q/ Jjneiitlwe. 
Hon. John O'Connor, Q,C., SeersMry ofStaU. 
- - IB McDonald, aC.,MB<u(«-o/Jiii(ii»i 
91 C. Fops, Jfoiu<er of Marine trnd 

Hon. Uukenda BoweD, Mnultr of Dutitrnt. 
Hon. D. L. M»cphoreon, ^wofer qf tie iSewita 

(wJUoad Port/oCo). 
Hon. J. P. E. A. C«on, d-C, MmWer ofMilxUa 

Hon. J. JL HansBSfta, Q.C., Predde^ oj Ae iVuiy 

Hemberi of the Privy Coundl who am not 
membera of the Cabinet : 
Hon. Bir A. T. Gait, O.C.M.G., D.O.L. 
Hon. Wm. McDougall, C.B., Q.O., M.P. 
Hon. Sir Wm. F, HowUnd, K.C.M.G., C.B, 
Hon. A. O. ArchibsM, C.MXl., Q.C., I 

GooTHOr of Nova Scotia. 
Hon. F. HitchelL 
Hon. Jean C. Chapais, Senator. 
Bon. Bir Edwud Eenn;, Kt. 
Bon. Bir John HoeB, Bart, Q.C.M.G., Q.C. 
Hon. Sir Francis HinckB,K.C.M.G., C.B. 
Bon. ChriMopber Dtmkin, D.C.L. PluM Judge 

ofStqKfior Court, Quebte. 
Hon. Aloi. Morris, D.O.L,, M.P.P. 
Hon. Theodore Robilailla, M.D., £««<(.- Guwntor 

Hon. Thoe. H. Gibbs, Smator. 
Hon. Hugh HcCondd, Judge Suprmt Court, 

Kowt Seolta. 
Hon. Alexander Hackenzie, M.P. 
Hon. Sir A. A. Doriou, Clu^ JmUce <if tie 

Protinct of dirbfc. 
Hon. Edward Blake, Q.(J., H.F. 
Hon. Sir Albert J. Smith, K.C.M.Q., M.P. 
Bon. Luc Lct«Uier de Si. Just. 
Hon. Bir Biohard J, Cartwright, K.C.M.G., M.P. 
Hon. David Laird, Lieai.-GoBtmor ofAe N.W. 

Hon. David ChrilUe, Senator. 

; Pmna Judge iff tie 

HmTwiiiiuu Kosa, Collector of Ciulimt,Balifax, 

Hon. itichard Wm. Scott, Q.C,, Aflulor. 

Hon. L. B. BuiiliDgt«n, Q.C, M.P. 

Hon. relii QeoflrHm, M.P. 

Hon. Wm, B. VaiL 

Hon. J. E. Cauchon, Lieta.-GoBemor ofUamleba. 

Bun. David Mills, M. P. 

Hon. R LsBamnie, Q.C. 

Hon. O. A. P. PaUotier, C.M.Q., BemOor. 

Hon. WtUrid LanileT, Q.G., M.P. 

Hod. a. Q. Jonas. 

Hon. B. D. Wihnot, LKnl.-downiar of JVob 

Hon. L. R Hasson, M.P. 
Hon. L. F. Q. Baby, Pmtme Jtidgt of Ae Svperivr 

Courts Quotte. 




PtdtHt Judpea—Eim. 8. H. Strong, Hon. T. 
PoumisT, Hod. W. A. Henry, Hon. Henri B. 
Tsscbnwi, the Hon. J. W. Qwynne, |T,0(N) 

Segietrar, Robert Oamali, Jnn., ^£,600. 
PricU-Writer, Geo. Duvil, 83,000. 

Cjbcboh or 'Enouitio. 

MdropotUm, Bight Bar. J. Medley, S.D., Blehop 

Biiliop of lYederialoa, Ht Eev. J. Medley, D.D. 

Swku: of Nova SeoUa, Bt. Rev. H. Biunay, D.D. 

Biihop ofCobmlaa, Bt Her. G. BillK, DD. (1S60> 
ibW D/CteariD,Rt Bev. J. T. Lewis, D.D. ^S^ 
BiAop of QMebec,'S.%. Bev. J. W. Williama, D.D. 

BUJinp ofBuroK, Bt. Rev. I. Eellmntli, D.D. (1871). 
i^>W ofAlgoaa, Bt. Bev. F. D. Fauqnior, D.C.L. 

BidK^ d/ JfoDHiKe, BtBev. J. Hotden, D.D. (1878). 
Aii^ o/'Jala&uoa,theBt. Bsv.J.C. Bompu,D.D. 

Biduip of Niagara, Bt. Her. T. B. Fnlkr, D.D,, 

D.C.L., (1876) 
BiAop oJ ScalcaUiktwim, Bt Bar. Jno, HXean, 

D.ri., D.C.L. {1876> 
£iiila>e^Jfaa<reaJ,Bt. Bev. Wm.Bond,DJ)., D.C.L. 

Siihm af Taroalo, Bt. Bev. A. Sweatmsn, DJ>. 

Bitluip of BriSti Colmdria, Bt Rev. Q. HtUi, D Jl. 
BiihM of CaUdoma, Rt. Rev. Wm. Ridley, D.D. 

BoiUH Cathouo Cbbbob. 


AnMiei^ofQuaec,Tirmt Rev. E. A. TascbtiMU 

^tkepofTkree fiwerf, Rt. Bev. L. Lafleche. 
sUkop offfimoiuH, Rt. Bev. J. LaneeTin. 
SUlu^ of Montreal, Rt. Bev. C. E. Fabre. 
Beiup ^Skahrooi», Bt. Bev. Ant. Racine. 
BitlKp af OUaiBo, Bt. Bev. J. T. DnhsmuL 
^lap of&. ByadMhe, Rt. Bav. L. Z. Moreau. 
KAop ofVUcotOiiHi, Rt. Rev. D. Badiw. 

Provinee of Onhww. 
ArcMiiihcp of rorcmfo. Most Rev. J. J. Lynch. 
CoadjaOr, Rt. Bev. Timothy CMaboney. 
£ia4q) t^j Lomdm, Bt. Bev. i. WiJah. 
Bitkap o) Bigi^UM^ BL Bev. P. F. Orinnon. 


jfATidiat, fit. Rev. J. CmmBron- 
Province of Nob Bnmtmck. 
Bitlup qfSL John, Bl. Bev. J. Sweaney. 
KAop of CAoCiam, Rt. Bev. J. Bi^n. 

/Vonince of ibaUaba. 
JrMulupiifSt. Bamfaee,'Koi<t'Bev. A. Tncht. 
&Aop iffiSt. Albert, Bt, Rev. T. Qrandin. 
Vie. Apot. of Adiabatca md MeKaaie, Bt. Bar, 

Bt Bev. — Glut, Coadjulor. 

Frowux of Brilitk Caiumiia. 

Vie. Apeu. of SriluA CobaiHa, Bt. Bar. L. J, 

Bt. Bev. P. Dorieu, Coadjator. 
£wbifio/ Fruowt>«r'< /(fond, Bt. Bev. J. B. Broadel. 

Pratmet of Prince EJtoarti hlmd. 
Biiiop of CkarloOtiev*, Bt Bst. F. Hclutre. 

AHmhr, Hon. D. L. Hwphemn, 91,000. 
Clerk t(flie ParSaaenU, Robart Leoioino, $3,400. 
Deputg Clerk and Clerk AitiitaiU, FeaoiUKa Taflor, 

GfUiemm {Jtker of the Black Bod, Ban^ £. Kunber', 

BergtaM-al-Arme, J.ietiL Dsoii Le HoIdb, $1,300. 

Eon. John Hamilton 

„ Walter U.Dickaon. 

„ Sir Alex. Guupball 

„ David Chriatie. 

, JSIiiaH he 

, waiiami 

] JuneaBkud. 

, Darid L. Macpher- 

, Billa Flint 

, George W. Allan. 

, Jaciues 0. Bureau. 

, JoliQ Htuoilton 


, CharlSB Cormisr. 

, David E. Price. 

, L. Dumonchel. 

I J. F. Amund. 

, Wmiam H. CliaSera. 

, Jean B.GuJvTemout 

Jamee Ferrier. 

Thomas Byaa. 

, T, D. Archibald. 

, Rht B. Dickey, Q-O. 

, John Bauriuot 

, William Miller Q.O. 

, A. E. BotafonL 

, -^lUam HOdeU. 

, David Wark. 

, John ForRueon. 

, A. B. McClelan. 

, J. C. Chapais. 

, Jaa. R. BenaOD. 

, John Glaaier. 

'. A. W.HoL^ 

Hon. A.Uscfarlaae,Q.O. 

„ Frank Smith. 

„ Robert Read. 

„ H. A. Girard. 

„ J. Butberland. 

_ C. P. Cornwall. 

„ W. J. McDonald. 

„ H. A. N. Eaulbaoh. 

„ M. H. CochruM. 

„ Wm-Hoirhead. 

„ Alexander Vidal. 

„ Eugeoe Chiiu'c. 

„ George Alexander. 

„ J. H. Balleroae. 

„ D. Uontgumerj. 

„ B. P. H«ythoriie. 

,, Obo. W. Howlan. 

„ P.X.A.TrudBLQ.a 

„ B. W. Soott, ic. 

„ E G. Penny. 

„ Pierre Bailkrgeon. 

„ A. H. PMUBt,M.D. 

- CAP. Pellatier, 
„ O.M.6. 

„ B. P. Grant 

- Adam Hope. 
„ J.D.Lewin. 
„ L. G. Power. 

„ J. a Thibandean. 

„ W.H.Brou9e,M.D 

„ C. B. de Boucbor- 

- ville. 

„ E. K BuIL 

„ Dr. AlmoQ. 

„ J.N. Gibte. 

„ John Boyd. 

,. Joseph Korthwood. 


Clerk . 

LatB Cfcrt— G. W. 

Deputg CUrk—Re. 
Algoma . 
Both well 
Brant, N, 

Bruce, N. 
Bruce, B. 

Durham, E. 
Durham, W. 
Elgin, E. 
Elgin, W. 

Jroy, E. 

Hon. J. G. Blauchet, U.D., M,000. 

Geo. Boarindi, S2,0OD. 
Wieketeed, aC, $3,400. 
rj Hartuey, gi.SOO. 
. John MoRory 
. SLmon J. Dawson, G.E. 
. Eon. David MIUs 

fin Fleming 
, William Patereon 
. William FltzsimmODa 
. Jobu Gillies 
- Alexander Shaw 

a White 
. John Bochestor 
, Darby Bergin, M.D. 
. John S. Rose 
. Arthar T. H. Williams 
. Hod. Edward Blake, Q.C. 
. Thomaa Arkill 
irgo B. Casey 
IBS C. Patterson 
. Geo. A. Kirk)iatrick, Q.C. 
. John HcLeunan 
" hn P. Wiser 
muol J. Lane 
. Thomas S. Bprouls 
. George Jackson 
. David TbompHon 
Hon. William HcDongall 

t f randa E. Kilvert, 

Haatfnge, N. 
Haadnga W. 

Middlesei, H. 


Norfolk, 8. . . . 
Northumberland, E. 
Northumberiand, W. 
Ontario, N. . 
OulariOjS. . . 
Ottawa City. . 
Oiford, N. . . 
Oxford, 8. . . 
Paol .... 
Perth, N. . . 
Perth, 8: . . 
PoterWo', E. . 
Peterburo', W. 
Preacott . . . 

[ Thomu Robertson, Q.O. 
Hod. Mackensia fiowell 
John While 
James Bro' 



Hon. Sir R J. Cartwright, 

Malcolm C. Cameron, Q.O. 

Bafus Stephenson 

Alexander Gunn 

Hon. Alex. Mackenzie 

D. G. HcDonell. 

John G. Haggart 

Charles F. Ferguson, M.D. 

David F. Jones 

Edmund Hooper 

John 0. Rykart 

Eon. John Carliag 

Timothy Cougbliu 

Duncan Macrmllan 

George W. Boss 

LachW McCallum 

Alex. P. Oockburn 

J. B. Plumb 

John Chariton 

William Wallace 

Joseph Eeeler 

Eon. Jaa. Cockbnra, Q.O. 

Geo. Whsler 
. Francis W. Glen 
I Joseph M. Onrrier, 
(Jiweph Taas£ 

. Jamea A. Skinner 
. William Elliott 
, Samuel B. Uesaon 
. James Trow 
. John Bnmham 
. George HiUiard 
. Felix Bonttaier 

Princo Bdward . . . Jamei S. HkoCmig 

I)«nfrair, N feter Wliita 

Kenfrev, B WtUbm Baanenruin 

RuBHll EonJ. O'CoDDor, U-0. 

^Imooe, N. Dalton McCarthy, U.a 

Bimcoe, S WillUin 0. LiUl« 

Slormont Uscar Fultoo 

Toronto, E. . . , . Bsmnal Pl«tt 

Toroatfl, C Bobert Hay 

Toronto, W. . . . . JnmeaBeUy, jno. 
Victoris, M. .... Hfttor Cimeron, Q.O. 

TictorU, e Arthur HoQuda 

Waterloo, N Hugo Knox 

.WatBTloo, S 84mael Memer 

WglUnd Christopfaet W. Baoting 

WsUingtoa, S. , . . George A. Drew, Q.C. 
WelllDgton, 0. . . . O. T. Ortoo. U.D. 
WellinfrtoQ, B. . . . Could Outhrie, Q.a 
WeotwcTth, N. . . .ThonuuBtiD 
WflDlworth, 8. . . . Joseph Ryoul 

Tork,N. FiiiW. St^«lK^lI.D. 

York, B. Alfred Boultbn 

York, W: Nktbtsiel C. Walkoe 


Argenteuil . 

ThoiuM Christie, M.D. 

Jonph BoldDO 

sllot.,. . 


Edwwd A. Cuthbert 

P. B. BeaucheBne,N.P. 

cSSbly' ; 

P. B. Benoit 

J. a. P«n«nlt 


Edwud Hollon 

EniBst Chnon 

Hon. John H. Pope 

F. FortunU Bouleaq 

Drammond, » 

0. Dirfrf Bourl»«n 

a«;Q]$t^ : 

Hon. Piene Fortin, HJ>. 

JnBuB Boriver 

b«iTills. . 

FrancoiB B«cb4Td 

D. Qironwd, g.C, D.O.L. 


Jalratta . . 

Hiltire Uniteaa 


Lovl». . . 


Phillipe B. Caagnin 

Frederic Hondo 

Ueg.t>tlc . 

Louis E. OU*ler 

UtRfUquoi . 

Hon. a. B, Bakar, ti-C. 

Hontolm . 



MonlreJ, E. 

HoDtnuJ, C. 

Michael P. Bym 

Monlre&l, W. 

M^piervflk . 

Siite Coupal dil Lawins 
Fnwuoia X. 0. Molhot 

Nicolet . . 

OtUw* Count, 

Alcinio Wright 

John Foiipore 
Roche P. Villus ' 

Partnent . 

Wnebec.O. . 

ConatltDeDciea; Uombers. 

Cueboo County ... P. Adolphe Caron, ^.0. 

KichehsD Loub U. Uaasue 

Richmond and WoUe , William K J*es 

Rimoaaki Jean B. B. FiBet,H.D. 

Bodville Oeorve A. Oinult 

Bt. Uyadnllw .... Louid Telller 

St. Jobn'f Franfois Bonraaaa 

Bt. Uaurice Loui« L. L. Ceaanlniierf, 

Bhefford ...... Eon. L. B. Hnntinfcton, 

tt.0. . . . 

BhorbrookB Edward T. Brooks, Q,a 

Soulaqges Jacques P.Lantier 

Btuistead Charles C. Colby 

T^mlBoooiilB .... Paal K Qrandbols 

TerreboBDa Hon. Lonia P. B. lCasM>n 

Three Birera .... Hon. Hector L. LangeTiu, 

C.B., Q.C. 
TwoUauntaJna . . . Jean B. ^aonst 

Vaudrenil Jean B. Uongenals 

Verchiree ..... Hon. Folii OeoffrioD 
Yamaska. F. Vanawe. 

Annapolis . . ... . Avord Longley 

Antigonls Angus Mclsiao 

o.„B,.,„ . . . {Srie-Sio.,ad 

Colchester Tbomaa UcKay 

CombBrland . , . . Sir C. Tnpper.K.O.M.Q., 
aB., M.D. 

IHgby John C. Wade, aC. 

Guysboroiigh .... Alfred Ogden 

Halilai f """>»" H. Richey, Q,0. 

"■"" lMalarhyB.Dsiy 

Hants W. Henry Allison 

Inverness Samuel UcDonnell, Q-O. 

Eipgs F. W. Borden 

Lunenburg Cbarlea £. Kaulback 

pj,t_„ (Hon. J. McDouJd, aO. 

Queen's S. T. R Bill 

iUchiBond Edmund P. Flynn 

Shplburno Thomae Boberteoc 

Ticloria. Duncan Hctlonaid 

Yanuonlli Frank KUIam 


Albert Aleiander Bogers 

Cerlcton George H. Connell 

Cbarlotta Hon. A. H. Gillmor, Jun. 

GloucBslar Hen. T. W. Anglin 

Kent Gilbert A. Giro^rd 

Eings James Domville 

MorDiainberUnd . . . Jabei B. Snowball 

Queen's George O. King 

Beatigonche . . . George Haddow 
St. John City . . . Hon. f'lr 8. L. Tlllsy, 
St Jobo City and K.C H.G. U.B. 
n™...™ (Hun. Isaac Burpee, 

Connty .... ■Jcb.rt,, w. WelSn, QO. 

Banbury Charles Burpee 

Victoria . - . , . John Costigan 
Westmoreland . . . Hen. Bir Albert J. Smith, 

York John Pickard. 


King's Connty . . J ^- ,?" ?*'^"i'^.' ^ 
" J ■ ■ J^Ephraun R Multart 

Prince Connty . . {iS^Jalckett 

Queen-aOo-nty . j?:^^*? ^^1^,0.0. 


Yictori* . . . 

fBt. Hon. Sir John A, 
J Maodana1d,E.C.B,,Q.O. 
(Hon. Amor De CasmoB 

New WestDdaster . . Dr. Hclnnaa 

VancooTOt Bon. A. BnnBter 

Tale . ..... 7. J. Bunard 


Liagar Hon. Jobs C. Schnlti 

Huqustte Joeepli Byui 

ProvADclMr Hdii. Joseph B^yiL 

SslUrk Thos. Scott. 

OlTIL Sbbticb Boabd. 
Composed of the several Deputy Heada of 

Clerk, (^ant PoweU, (200. 

Stattmy af Stale far Canada, John O'Conaor, 

Cl.0., 17,000. 
Undnr atetOan iff 31/^ Edouard J. Laogerin, 

(^U«/'aer-ia,QmitPowell,SS,3'iO; Henry J. Morgan 
(fauKT 0/ UU ResorM\, SV^OO; itichaid Popo 
Ifileek of At Otwn in Ououxrifj, (2,100. 
dttaCt pTv^a't firsiKk. 
dutiiiPr'aiar, Btowd Chambeilin, C.H.a.,|S4.00. 
SegitlTg Brapck. 
■ Ikpalg R^iOnw-OoKrat, L. A. Catomer, $240^ 


Ckrh u CAarge, Jos. Tonag, |1,600. 
MinuiiT of tie Inlerior, and Premier, Bt. Hon. 

John A. Hacdonald, K.C.B., $8,000. 
D^utg i^Uo. Lleat-Colouel J. 8. Dennis, 
Clerk of CoTrtmcniaKie, Alex. UcE. 


In£im Land BraiiA. 
Dtp^ StpervUemieiil'Geiteral of Indiat Affaun, 
'Lawrence Taukoughnat, (S^OO. 
Ahwhoh, oIk Ordwnc* and A^wrt^ ZiButi, 

Bnrvesor^Gaiend, Lindsay Bmuell, 33,800. 

N. W. Uaaittd Polvx Braack. 

Bomfmaa; Frederick Wbite, S2,0Da 

Geological Bvniy Bramdu 

Oinctor, A. R a Selwyn, F.O.S., $8,000. 


rimmeB Mhmler, Hon. Sir 8. L. TillfV,E.C.M.O^ 

O.B., fT.OOO. 
Depvtv MinuUr <^ F^HOtee, J. Mortimer Oonrtnoy, 

CSt^f Booh-temr, 

,lcenn<aiM li/' CiM(uV™»i, ^, ThoB. Bow, t^iiaO. 


AmSlor General, John Lorn UoDonmll, ^,!0(J. 
AMMiitani £Uo, Jas. PattersoD, $2,400. 

Mimter ef PMU Warla, Hon. H. L, Laugerin, 

C.B., Q. C, $7,000. 
Dipi^ do., a. F. Balll^rge, C.E., )B,300. 
Seertlary, F. H. Ennia, SSjOOO. 
CUsfArdUiect, T. B. Soott, S8,000. 

Mmitler qf Imbmd RamMt, Hod. J. a Aikiiu, 

Minitler ofCaitomi, Hon. Hackaniie Bowelt, f7,000. 
Commiinoaer <^ Ctulomt, S. Jobanoa, $8,300. 
Chief Clerk, J. F. Peaohy, jS,800. 
Aecomtant, W. Q. Parmelea, (2,300. 

Umiiter ijf Bailami and Caiaii, Hon. Sir Oharlaa 

Tnpper K.C.M.U_ C.R, $8,000. 
D^mti/ Minuter, T. Tnideau, C.E., 81,100. 
Stcrttaiy, F. Bnou, ^,400. 
CUif Engineer. John Page, C.G., gl^OOO. 

Fottmatler-Omeral, Hod. Bir A. Campbell, 

K-CM-Q., S7,000. 
Deputu ditto, W. H, OrilBn, $8,300. 
a^rebwy, Lioat.-Colonel Williuo White, (£,«». 
AceoMUnt, U. A. Wicksteed, S2.400. 
aieperwlendait, Mmty Order Brandt, W. ForaytK 

a<^ierimlmdimi, SoBim Bank, 3. 0. Stewart, $3,800. 
Catluer J. Aahworth, $S,200. 
CkieJ In^HOtir of pJM-^/ioa, John Dewe, $1,400. 

Jfinuftr of Jnliot and AUomeu-Gtntral, Hoiw 

Jamea McDonald, Q-C, 7,000. 
Dtpyly, Z. A. Lash, aO., £1,000. 
In^edar ef PmUatliaritM, J. Q. Moylan, $!,400. 

Miadtter of AgricvUure, Ha 
Dijmty, 3. U. Tach^ $8,200. 

Hon. J. H. Pope, $7,000. 

Mmiiter The Hod. Jsmei Collndge Pope, $7,000. 
Deputu Minitter, William Smith, $i2lKJ, 
Cooumuioner of FiAeriet, W. F. Whitchsr, «2,40a 
Chuf Clerk, John Hardie, 82,000. 
General Siwerialeiident ofLightt, Joseph TonilinsOD. 
$2,000. w ■»-. r -, 

AccomlanI, John TiltoiL $S,400. 
Ageitl at QuAtc, for Prorinoe of Qneba:, 1, U. 
Oregory, £2,000. 


Halifax, for Prannce of Nona SeeHa, 

H.W. Johnston, .t2,0fe. 
Victoria, for Pnmnm ofBritiA Caiimibia, 

F. RoTsly, $l,60a 
CkoTioaetoicn, for Pnwinct of Prinet 

'■■•—■• '-•—' -"-a. Mitdiet»I,OO0L 

CkairmoK of Board of Exa m i ne ri of iftuttri and 

Main, C»pt. Peter A. Scott, KN.. »l,800. 
emmiiKra, Captains G. A. Uackende, E. D. Ashe, 
J. Prioturd, D. Huntar, Wmiaui Tliomaa, H, 
Cameron, H. Levris, T. Killun, And K DeriUa, 
each 34 per daji wben on liiity. 
Clerk (D C'ioiniuii <tf Beard, NaTigsting LiBotonant 

DaaiBl M. Browne, JSOO. 
Chairman of Board of ^eamioat ImpectioH, Saoinel 

Bialey, 11,800. 
aeomfcHrf /iupeetori,W. M. Smitli, (Depnly Chair- 

mui) tl,4u0; W. J. Heueilley, Sl,20Ui John 

BurgoBi, $1,»)0 : Jowph Taylor, Jl,00O] F. X. 

Bafiirt,il,000; Jowph Samson, $1,D00 ; Thomaa 

Weotgwth, S760. 
Si^^triMetidaU of M^torolegUal Office tntd Dirtctor 

o/Magnelic dbiervaloiy, C. CFirpmBel, 8^,000. 
StitriiUiidniU of Ligktt, James Mitchell, 11,200; 

Daniel H. Srowae, TLS.. $1,200 j Willtun 

Barbonr, 81,000 : and Patrick Harty^ 31,000. 
OBirTinltndait of Fith - brttding EitiMiilmeiU, 

Bamu*] W3mot, $2,000. 
Itupectort of FiMitria, W. H. VBunitiB, |l,400r 

W. H. BiKeiB, tl.SOO i and A. J. Anderson, S600- 
ClUff CoMlable of Hieer Polia mid a)a,]fing llasItT 

at Qutbtr, B. TIndet, S1,S00. 
Cilief CoMable of A'nr Polia at HoHireat, G. 

Iiiiirphy, SB per dien. 
ConwiaRifari y Govemmenl Vei*eU, Captafa J. 

Devereui 21,400; &. Hutnen, $t^; A. Fin- 

layson, 8900; A. Bscqnet, (SOD; B. A. Gnild- 

ford, 91,000. 
Inmclor of Harboitr PoUce, aitd Agent at MmUrtal, 

H. Bt. A. Ormond, $1,400. 
Miitittero/Mmia,^on.J. B. B. A. Canni,Q.O., 

Dtpiku Minuter, Ueut-Col. E. Facet, £3,200. 
Major-Gaierai in Coimumd of MllituL. Uajor- 

QanerelLnard, £4,000. 
Adjalmt-Geiurai, Col. W, Powell, M.eOO. 
DirMor of Stora., and Keater of Militia Primer' 

tilt. LieuL-CoL J. Uacphsrson, $3,000. 
AccomiUant, C. Herbert O'Meara. 

D^Mg A<iiMl, 


LienUnaot-Colonel W. 

LieatenaDt-Colonel A. C. D* L. Harwcxid, 

Liealanant.CoIanal T. J. CncbBsnay.UoDtTeaL 
Colonel J. W. Laurie, Victoria, B.C. 
Lkatsnaot-Colonel W. a Bmi^ CM. O., Mon- 
treal, Quebec. 
Lieutenaat-Colonel 0. F. Hon gbton, Winnipeg. 
Lieuteuanl-l-oLone] H. V. VUlierB, KlngstoD. 
Lientenant-Oolcmel K B. Deolson, Traonto. 
Brigade Jil<fjon-~ 

Lieutenant-Colon ol J. UoffaC, Uamiltoa. 
Lieuteinnt-Colonel P. W. Wocsley, MontreaL 
LiBDtaniuit-Colonel ti. Uattice, Uherbrooka. 
Lteatenant-CiiloQel T. Bacon, Ottawa, Ontaria 
Lleutanant-Ooionel the Hon. H. Aylmer, LoD- 

d™, Ontario. 
Lianteuant-Cokinal Q. d'O. D'Orsunnena, 

Lientenajit-Oolanel E. Lunontagne, Montreal 
UaBtenaiit-Colonel J. B. MacUbane, Halibut, 

Lta^auuit-Ooliinel T. MilBom, Toraita 

t. Jacluon, London, 

The ProTinee la represented by 34 Members In 

the Senate and 88 Membara In tlio House o( Com- 
of Canada. It baa an ElectiTe Legislatlva 
blyoESH Members. 
lani-Govtraor, Han. JobnB. Itabinson410,OaO. 

Aide-ds-Camp, Capt. Gamble Oeddes, (1,200. 

ExBctinn Covnoil. 

Altonttu-Geaeral owJ Prtmier, Hon. 01ivevMow»t, 

LL.D., (iC, 48,200. 
Oamiwiwnsr ofPubtie Worl^ Hon. C. F. Fraaar, 

ConmiuioMT ^ Crourn Umdt, Hon. T. S. Pardee, 

Secmtarf <Md Rtgittrw, Hod. A. S. Hardy, $8,200. 
Trtattirtr, Hon. 8. 0. Wood, JB,200. 
Miiutter of Education, Hod. Adam CrOokaL 

LL.DtQ.C., 88,200. 
Otrk (if tilt Caimdi, 1. Q. Scott, $2,800. 


ConsHtoandeB. Mambera. 

Addington Hammel Madden Deroche. 

Algoma Robert Adam Lyon 

Brant, H. James Yoang. 

Brant, S. Hon. Arthnr Stnn^ Hardy, 

Brookville Hon. Chriatopher Fmlay Fra- 

Brace, N, Donald BlDclalr. 

SrDce,6. Bnpert Uearaa Wella. 

Cardwell Charlea Bobinaon. 

Carlelun George William Monk. 

Comnrall Wm. Mack. 

DDSerln John Barr. 

Dandaa Andrew firoder. 

Durham, B. John Boaevear. 

Dnrbam, W. James Wellington HcLanrii- 

lin, M.D. 

Thonuu Mclotyre Nainu 

James Caacaden, M.D. 

Solumon White. 


DeUno Deilar Calrin. 

Donald McMaalar. 

Frederick John Frenoh. 

Elgin, E. 
Elgin, W. 
Essex, S. 

Gren villa, B. 
Grey, N. 
Grey, R 
Grey, S. 
Hastings, W. 
Hastings, El 
Hastings, N. 
Hnron, £. 
HoroD, S. 
Huron, W. 
Kent, E. 
Kent, W. 
Lambton, W. 
Lanark, H. 






Middlesex. S. 

Middleaei, N. 

Abram William Lander. 
James Hill Hunlar. 
Jacob Bailor, M.D. 

Darid Bobertson. 
John M. Qibaon. 
Alexander Bobartsoo. 
Nathaniel S. Appleby. 
George H. Bonllar. 
Thomas Gibson. 
Archibald Bishop. 
Alexander McLagan Bum, 
Daniel McCraney. 
Edward Bobinson. 
James Henry Hetoalfs. 
Peter Qrabam. 
Hon. Timothy Blair Paids. 
William G. Caldwell 
William Lee& 
Henry Merrick. 



George Donglaa Hawlsy. 
Sylvester Heclotu 
wniiamBaJph Meredith, Q.O. 
Biohard Tool^. 
Jofan Waters. 
John Watlerwvth. 

Norfolk, S. 
Norfolk, N. 
NorChnmbertand, E. 
North umbarluid, W. 
OnUrio, N. 
Ontuio, B. 
Odord, S. 

Penh, N. 
£?rth, B. 
Peterboro, E. 
Patarboro, W, 


Brines Ednrd 
Bedlreir, B. 
Baolrev, K. 


RlBhari Hureourt. 
John U. HUler. 
William Uo^aD. 
John B. Freeman. 
James U. Feiria. 
John C. t'Uld. 
Thomas Futon. 
John Drrdan. 
Patrick Baakerville. 
Hon. Oliver Mowalt, ftO. 
Bon. Adam Crooks, U.C. 
Kenaeth Cbiaholm. 
D«Tid D. Hay. 




Simcofl, S. 
Simcoo, W. 
Toronto, E. 
Toronto, W, 
Victoria, N, 
Tlcbirla, B. 
Waterloo, N. 
Waterloo, 8. 
Wellington, W. 
Wellington, C. 
Wellington, S. 
Wentvorth, N. 
Wentworth, B. 


William H.^ 

William Harkio. 

Gideon Striker. 

James Bonfielii 

Thomas Uurray. 

Adam J. Baker. 

Herman Heurv Cook. 

W. J. FarkhiU. 

ThomM Long. 

Joseph Kerr. 

Hon. Aloiaader Morris. 

Kobert BelL 

Samael Btanley Feck. 

Hon. Samnel Case? Wood. 

Hoeea Springer. 

Jsmes LiTingatone. 

Daniel Near, 

Robert McKIm. 

Uharles Clarke. 

Jamoa Laidlav. 

James HcMabon. 

Nicholas Awrey. 

George Washington Bwlge- 

AnoBmr-QsHBRAL's Offiob. 

AUanug-Generai, Hon. Oliver Mowtt, Q.C. 
£>tpat!/Aaornes-Getieral,3.a.Scott. 81,200. 
Inmectnr iff Aiyltaiu, RotpUait, Common Gaoli, fc^ 
J. W.Langmuir, $8,000. 

PiioviHciAi. Secutabt's Offiob- 
Pnmiicvd-Secrtlary, Hon. A. B. Hardy , S8,260. 
Auulrmt Secrelarf, Geo. E. Lnmsden, $1,G00. 
CluiifCUrk, R B. Brodii 
Pitnindai Regutrar, Ho 
}>tpiay diUa J. F. C. Ussht 
a VCfert, H. S. Crew. 

TBiAauaiii's Offici. 
IVtuwm-, Hon. B. C. Wood. $3,200. 
AeeoiMlait, W. B. Harris, $1,200. 

r AoRtouLTiniB AND Puauo 

r, Hon. a F. Fraser, $8,200. 

:itcrrlary. Bureau o/ Agriaillure, Geo. Bockland, 

ProresBor of Agricnltore, $800. 
ArckUfct nwf SiqieriiileHdaU of Fvbiic Worb, Kivat 

Tnlly, «S,200. 
' laul, Wm. Ed-ifards. 

DBPABmin OF Cbowit Xahm. 

il; Dr. Wm. Ford. 

I DspittnnntT or EDtroATioir. 

WaniUr of Sdwidiaii, Hon. Adam Crooks, LL.D,, 

Q.C., S3,aD0. 
Dmitij ibtto, J. Q. Hodgins, LL.B., F3.Q.B. 
CGt/CUrk, Ale.. Ma^g, LL.B. ^ 


.S^xolw oj IjU Hoait ofAttembfy, Hon. Chas. Clarke, 

Chrk. Liont.«Dlonel O. T. Oillmor, $1,800. 
Qatoi't PrvUer, John Notman, $1,200. 
Lam derk. Alei. Leitb, Q.C. 
Judicial Am Lioal Hsfaxthint, Outabio. 

ChitfJuitit* of Ontario, 

PuuHt Judga, Court ofAppml, Hon. O. W. Burton, 

Hon. C. B. Patterson, Hon. J. C. Morrison. 

\itf Juliet, Cnart of Qaeat't Bench, Hon. J. H. 

Hagarty, D.C.L,, $7,000. 
Puiate Judati, dilb^ Hon. J. D. Armoar, Eon. 

M. C. CamsroB. $6,000 eaiJi. 
ChiBiciJIor, Hon. J. G. Bpragge, $7,000. 
Vice-dumctSort, Hon. 8. H. Blske, Hon. W. 

Prondfoot, $fl,000 each. 
Chief Juaica of Common Plaa, Hon. Adam Wilson, 

Ju^, 6iao, T. Gait, and Featherston Oaler, $6,000 

CUrk ofCroum, R. G. Dalton, ^.000. 
Regitlrar, Couri ofApptal, A. Grant, $2,000. 

The Province is represented in the Senate by 
24 Benatora, and in the House of Commons by 6A 
Members. Bhe posseKsne two elective Legislative 
Chambers— the LegtBlalira Council of 24 Msmbera, 
and the LeglslatlTe Assembly with 66 Members. 
iMutauaU-Goeernor, Hon. Theodore Bobil^le, 


EiiCDTivB Comcn. 

Mmiltr of Agrieahurt and PiMic Worli, Hon. 

J. A. Chaplean, D.C.L. Q.C., S3,7M. 
Allornes-Oauiral, Hon. L. 0. Loraoger, Q.C., 

Tnaiurer, Hon. J. Q. Bobertson. 
Commutioner of Oown Landt, Hon. B. J. Pljnn 

aC, $8,760, 
&>mi:a; LegitbUim Coa«cil, Hon. J. J. Ross, $8,750. 
Promucial Secrrlary, Hon. E. T. Psqaet, St<,7eO. 
SdCoWt-Cct*™/, Hon. W. W Lyncli, $2,800. 


Ckrk of Council, F. 

Fortier, $2,000. 

LsanLAnva Codncil. 

Hon. J. J. Rosa. &>taier. 



Hon. J. L. Beaadrr. 


„ T.Wood. 

„ J. J. itoso. 


„ T.Savape. 


„ RDionne. 

„ O. Bryson. 


„ J.Gandet. 

„ P. E. Dostalw. 

La Daiantaye 

„ EBemillard. 


„ J. E. Oingras. 
„ A. B. C. de L<ry. 



„ L.Panrt. 


„ J. B. Q. Pronli. 

Hills Isles 







Hob. J. O. Lkvioletta. 
„ C. B. de Bonohervnls. 
„ F. H. Lenuure. 
„ L. Arcli«rab«Qlt. 
„ JL Frad'hoinme. 
„ P. B. da L» Bruere. 
„ P.E.Boy. 
„ E. SMtucs. 
„ Johu HMm. 

" W.H. Wet*. 








Deal MuIlti«Di 


Druromoad sud Ar- > 



Jaoqnea Cartier 




Montreal Eaat 
ItoDtreol Ceatrs 
Montreal WsBt 

Ottawa County 
Quebec East 
Quebec Centie 

Quebec Wert 
Quebec County 
Jtichmond and Wolfe 

Bobert a. Helkle. 

Narciaee Btais. 

Joseph Pairier. 

C'elestin BergBTiu, 

Pierre Boutin. 

Joaeph Robillard. 

Joseph I. Tarte. 

Hon. Williani W. Lynch, 

IL PrifonUine, 
Dominique N. SL Cyr. 
Oa^iiae Qauthier dit La- 

Edouard Laberge. 
E. Beaudet. 
William Bawysr. 
Cliaj-lea L. Champagne. 
Tjicod^me Andei 
William J. Watts. 
Hon. Edmund J. Flynn. 
Louie Beaabfsn. 
Aluiander Cameron, H.D. 
I.onis Mo Dear, jun. 
NarcisBe H. LecsTsUer. 
Vincent P. LavalMe. 
Charles A. B. OaKnon. 
L. B. A. Charlebois. 

Hon. LonisO.Loranger,Q.O. 
Hon. Etienna T. Faquet. 
JcsD B. DnpuU. 
Henri G. Joly. 

St. Hyacintl 

Onave Mafiuan. 
Louia N. Fortin. 
Chnrlee Laoftelier. 
Lonia 0. Talllon. 
Horatio A. NbIboe. 
Jamos Uc8bane. 
Lnuront D. LaFbntaino. 
Charles E. Hoode. 
Louis Duhamel, M.D. 
LeviH. Chnroli,M.D. 
Franfoia Laneelier, Q.C. 
Joseph Bheyn. 
U. i: Uiultet dit Halouin, 

Arthur U. Murphy. 
David A. Boas. Q.C, 
Jacques Picard. 
Michel Mat Men. 
M. rarent 
F. O. BoHthillir. 
ir. Mercior. 
Felix G. UarcLand, N.F. 


l!'. 6. L. SeitaulQiers. 
Joseph L. Lafontaine. 
Hon. Joseph U. Kobertwn. 
William IJui-kott. 
Heary LovolL 
Georgo H. DeschSnes. 
Hon. Joseph A- Cbaplean, 
Q,C., D.C.L. 
Three EiTOrs Hon. Arlhur TurcoKo. 

Vamdreuit Emery Lslonde. 

Verchires A. Lsrow. 

Yamaaka J. B. C. Wnrtels, Q.C. 

AttUlaat Stcretarg «/ Protinct, P. J. Jolicoaar, Q.C., 

AoiMlfntio Laa Offken of Ihe Ci-oim, J. A.. Deloj, 

AuibloT n/iAe Prormce, Gaspard Drolet. 59,400. 
Auulaal Trttaiirtr, H. T. Machiu, 52,200. 
Amiilanl CommiMtonei" of Croim Landi, E. Tach^ 

Avltlaid ConinnMianrr "J AgrUuUare aad Piiblie 

Wurk; 8. LBsaRe, S2,200. 
SuperiHtendeiU of Public IiatrixtioB, Hon. G. 

Onimet, D.C,L..Q.C., S 
Se/xetary to the DfixtHmeni ofiTillo, L. Giard, M.D., 

Aaiil. Seci-elioT/lo ditto, H. U. Miles LL.D., Sl,ffl)0, 
Clerk It} Ci-oan in Chanixr'j, L. H. Hnot 


r A. A. Dorlon, 


ChirfJuitice, Qatai't Bench, Uoo. 


Pwjite Judga. Qunn'i Bfncli:— 

Hon. 8. C. Monk, Hon, T. K. Ramsay, Hon. 
U. J, Tessier, Hon. A. Cross, Jo.OOO each. 

ChiffJvttke, Supenor Court, Hon. W, C. Meredith, 
D.C.L., «Mft«, $6,000. 

Paime Jvdga, Supti-ior Court: — 
Hon. A, Stuart, li, McKay, C. Dunfcin, F. W, 
Torrance, P. G. Johnson, J. N. Bosse, L. V. 
Sicotlo, L. E. N. Cnsault, A. B. Routliior, L. A, 
Olivier, T. McCord, M, Doberly, 8. Belangor, 
e. W. Chagiion, M. A. Plamouiion, L. B. Oaroo, 
P. Bainville, J. B. Ikim'gooiH, A. C. Papinean, 
L. A. Jetld, H, T. Taschoreau, L. Laframlioisa, 
Cliarles Cill, L. F. B. Bahy, A. B, Augers, Wm. 
McDougnll, $^,000 each. 

Rectmier of 3lo«t}tnl, B. Tostarddo Montigny. 

DiUo. QuAec. Elziinr D^ry. 

JuilgenfSritKmt't/'Pfacf.Maalreal.L.X. Desnoyers. 

Allorneg-Gtwral, UOB ' " ' "" 

Shcra: Quebec, Hon. C. Allejn, (iC, S^MO. 
DiUo, Montreal, Hon. V. J, 0. Chauveau, Q.C., 

CUrk o/Aiweal, 1. Marcbaud, $2,000, 
Aailimi ditto, L. W. Marchund. 
CUrkophe Crown aiilClerto/ the Peace, C. E, Schiller, 
Ditto,V. A. Doncet, Quebec. 


ParUament by 12 Members in 
Members ia tto House of Comm 

8be pousesaes also a Legislative Council, and a 
LegiaUlire Assembly. 
Lieuienanl-Gortmm; Hon. Adams G. Archibald, 

C.M.G., Q.C., S9.000. 
Prirate Seciilary, LienL-CoL H. W, Gierke, $1^50. 

Provincial StKntary, Eon. B. H. HolnisB. Q.O. 

Atton^-Gaierdl, Hon. J. B. D. Thompioa, 0.0. 
Ommunowr 0/ fWUic tTonti and J/met, EoiL B. 

WUliont Office. 

Hoa. W. B. Troop. Hoil U. F. McDmzgilL 

„ C. J. TowDMud. „ J. 8. UaaDonald. 

_ N,W,Wliito. „ John f. BUira. 

LBOiaLinvB Connon. 

/VoidM, Hod. B. Bosk. 
Boo. B. H. Culler. Hon. H. Marioll. 

„ ChartsB IKckef . „ A. 11 CochnOL 

Junes CochnuL „ T. P. Uorrison. 

„ W, C. WMtmHi. „ E. R Otkea. 

_ Freemftn Tupper. „ 8. Ohipman. 

_ Ilobert Boak. „ J. B. Didde. 

„ J. HcKinnon. „ L. Q. Bilker. 

_ Samnel CTOotmaiL „ C. Bonrdrot. 

W. O. Hefrerman. „ CM. FnncbftrHla. 

„ n. MoN. Parker, „ D. MoCnrdy. 

„ JwneB Prasor. „ H. Cuneron, U.D. 

„ W. J. StaiTB. 
derh, Joba C. Halliburton. 

Chi^tlain, Bev. G. W.Hill.D.O.L., H. Cimeron,M.D. 
Black Sod, Robert Komana. 


Eon. E. T. Moaeley, Sjitaka: 
OonatitaeDoiee. Hembera. 

(_ Angua Mr^Oillivray. 

{Hon. E. Tilton Moseley, 
Hon. Hector F. HcDougtlL 
William Blair, 
William A. PatterKn. 
ChsrleB A. Townahend, 
Edward Viokerv. 
IteDJamin Van fitarcom. 
Henry U. Robichau. 
J. W. Hadlcy, 
A. N, McDonald. 
William D. Harricgton, 
John Pupb. 
Hon. J. v. Stairs. 
Thoma* B. Smith, 
Nathaniel 8 pence. 
< D. J. Gaoipbell, 
) Alexander Campbell. 
{ W. C. Bill, 

( Hon. Jamee S. McDonald. 
i Edward James, 
] Charles A. Smith. 
("Hon. Simon H. Holmes, ft-C. 
J Aleiander MoKaj. 
j.Adam C. B«IL 
* L. 8. Ford, 
'i James C. Bartling. 
J-Ieidore Lb Blanc, 
1 Alexander McOniah, 
/Hon. N. W. White, 
■JFehemiah McGray. 
f William F. MoCurdy. 
(John Morrison. 
J Hon, Albert Qayton, 
I Joseph &. Kinney. 

Clai, H. 0. D. Twining, 
Ctqpiiwi, Bev. J. Cochrue, D.D, 
^j ca m ai-Arwit, A. W. Oidney, 

CM^ Arfica, ^ WfUiain Tonng, Knight, 96,00. 
E^ialg Ju^e, Him. J. W. Bitchie, $6,1)00, 

W. F. Des Barres, 1 
H. McDonald, 

E. W. Bmitb, >i^fi^ 

A. James, ] 

R L. Weatherbee. J 

Judgt of Vive-AJmimlls Court, The Chief Jnatice. 

CODZITT CocaT Jddoh. 

I. CwnpbeU, 0,01, B. E. TremainjlL]., I 

Lord Bl*im of tfoea Seotia, Bight Bev. HIbbert 
~-iMy, D.D. 

Brad, D.D. 
A«H» CaduMc ArcUMop of EaJifax, Bt Ber. U. 

Hanuan, D.D. 
Bidu)p of Atickat, KL Bsr. A. CameroD. 

IxFBBiAL MiUTAsr EtTisutmnon. 
Cetera Caamawfii^ Htr JUajmi/'t Foroa, Geaeral 

Sir Patricli MacDongall, K.C.M.G. 
Aida-jk-Camp. Liant. J. 0. Barker, RE,, Lieut. 

the Hon. F. Elliot, »Srd Bcgiment. 
AuM. (iiiarlia''muttr-Gtiierei, Lieut. -CoLCameian, 

Auiit. Xilitarg Stcretaiy, LienL-Gol. F. W. Fre- 

mactle, 7.C, Co1dt>lream Guards. 
Brigadr.-Major. Capt. J. Bouehoj, I 
Tomtt-Maior, Capt. Nagle, unntt. 
Connmm&ig R.A., Colonel Drsvson, RA. 
„ R.E., K Belfiold. 

ProtiiKia} Seci'^ary'i Offict. 

Attomey-OtneraCi Offict. 

I. D. ThompMm, Q.a, 

Treatarei'i Offet. 
TrtOMrar, Hon. S. Creelman, $2,000. 
CAi^ CUrk, W. E. 'Sums. 

Aiparfnteiif oj ifiati and PuHie Woiii. 

iliaa and Public Workt, Hon. S. 

Creelman, g; 
Dtpuly CanamaioiKi: John Kelly. 
Intptctor of Mina. H. S. Poolo. 
Chief Cln-k of Workt, 3. A. Cultley. 
Chirf Ckrk of Mint* and SfinfraU, C. ] 

M iff Gimit I/mit. 
r, RraL 6. OnelinuL 
DepiA ComtittUmr, V. A. Ueudry. 
Qutafi Primter, B. T. Vnmt;. 

Lot or Chut Omouu n N»va Bootu, 


KtAanw OMJ Marine. 
Agtnifor Noca Scotia, H. W. Johnston, Sl|600. 

OU^ Collector, Hon. Wm. Boai, *2,60U. 
ControBtr ^^miiig, H. B. Fuiliu, (1,800. 
Inspector, J. J. Kerr. 

i^ufnuuter, H. W. Bbc]ud«r. 
/(upector, P. M. Pasaow, 82,«XI. 
.luMtoiif rfiUo, J. D. Story, $1,600. 
Staurintendaa, Mentg Ordtr Oglee, J. H. Tborae, 

Cliitf SuperiiHtHdeit. David PoUinRer, aX,MO. 

Ckiif Engiiuer, A. HcNab, 82,100. 

CAiiif AcwimUBit and SecnUiry, Tho«. Foot, HfiOO. 


Ifew Bmnswici; is repreMntad is tbe Ctmadwn 
Seukla by 13 Member*, uid sends 16 Members to 
tbe House of Commons. 

There Is iJso a Legislative Gonneil and in 
Eloctive ABBamblv. 

New Brunsnrick posMnea a Legislative Council 
of SO members, and a Legislative AiMmU; of *l 

Fbothicui. QoT^untiKT. 

Civil flttabtiikmail. 
Lieattnanl-GoiKnior, Bim. R D. Wilmot, $9,000. 
Private Sterttary, WOL 

Pi-OBiaeiat Aida-de-Camp, LieuL-Col. Saundan, 

Capt. G. F. King, A. F. Street, Esq., Capl. W. 

C. Dtorj. 

EttaUive ComciL 
PrttidtKt qfCameil, Hon. R. Tonng. 
Aaom^General, Hon, J, J. Fraser, Q.C. (Pnmttf). 
ProciHci'd Secrttary and Jteoaser-Gaiarai, Bon. 

W. Weddorburn, Ci-G. 
Sumeyor-Getierati Hon. M- Adams. 
CommUnonerof Board oj WorJa. Hun. F. A. Landry. 
Sotidlor^GtarrrJ, Hon. J. H. CranfurJ. 

Uo.. w B. i..,ta j.,ria„„,oji„. 

„ D- L. Hamaglon. | 
Praideit oflht LtgtMtaline Council, Hon. B. Bobinaon. 
"'--'■ -' -Hoo, George Botaford. 
I nad.n. K. Jouott. 

, lain, Bav. Dr. Brooke. 
Speaixr t^ lie Uoutt of Auembls, Hon.B. K. Blc. 

Previnnial Srcretiuy't Office. 
/''■wineiaf Stcrtlarf and BcgiUrar ef Steord*. B 

W. Wodderhorn, 82,400. 
DtpiUy ditiD, J. Woodfonl Ijmith. 

Cl'rt oj 

Cnw» Limd Office. 

Stavq/OT'Gtttnit, Eon. H. Adams. 

Dtpiag, Andrew Inches. 


Dr^ftanan, F. O'Connor, 

Beard tf Warh. 
Chitf Commitiianer, Hon. P. A. Landry, tS.lOO. 
Becrelan,, Ass Coy, 316J. 
Ciea Engineer, J. Wilkinson, il6l. 

Judiaial EOakliilmtMt. 

Chief Jwtiee, Hon. J C. Allen, BOWL 

iWiw Jfdget, Hou. 3. W. Weldon, Hon, C. Fisber, 
Hod. a. a Wetmore, Hon. 0. Dufl, Hon. A. L. 
Palmer, SBM: 

JuAk of the yie»-A<lmirall« Court, Hon. Chas. 

AdcooaU-Geacral, William Jack, Q,C. 

AUantey-aeaeral Hon. J. J. Fraeor, $3,400. 

CoaUg CouriJudp; Hon. C. Walters, Hon. J. Stead- 
man, Hob. E. Williston, J. C. Sterens, B. Boteford. 

Ckrk iif tie Pleat in ike Bojx-aM Court, William 
Carman, 8D0;. 

Cltrk of lie Crann ta fie Saprant Court, C. V. 

Clcrt ijf tie Croitn an Oirvmlt, Hon. 

Lm or Chuf Omoui.B n> New Bkuhswick 


Collector of Ctuloau, Jamea B. BiieL 
Btgiilj-ar of Skipping, Jamea Barber. 

PoU OJice. 

, EIUb. 

.Secretary, Wiltiam Paisle;. 
SapenHtaident, Money Order Brancll, G. F. Ercritt. 

AmStor, W. Saely. 

Ililkiriet and Ifarine. 

Agent/or Xe« BranBcick, M^W^Smith. 

Skit or Oovixniast, Foni Oiaxt. 
Uial.-Govenvtr, Hon. J. E. Canchon, 810,000. 
Private Sccrrtars, J. Caudion, gl,200. 

ExMvriTB ComrciL. 

Provincial Secretary fPreaiifr\ Hon. J. Noroaay. 
Minitero/l'ulilic Worii. Hon. D. H. Walker,83,00A 
J/iniil<T of Agriadture, Hon. J. Taj'lor, $3,000. 

derk of I^gitlatice Aitmddg, Thos. Spence, $TDfl. 


DoHunOH Officexb. 
Surcryor-Gtneral of Domimoa Landi, Lindsay 

lndia,K Cmuaiitioaer, Eiigar DowclDoy. 
Cliief Commitiioiur iltmnted FoUce, Ltent.-Co], 

A. Q.Irvine. 


British Columbia is represented In (he Dominion 
pKrlismeut by S memben in the Sonats, and 6 in 
the Hoaso o[ CoDimDns. The province also poa- 
■essea a local L^isltttiTn Aseembly of 21 Members. 
Lteal.-Gmerniir, Bon. Albsrt Korton BichftnU, 


Pricate S-xrelary and A.D.C., $1|W0. 

ExEcimvB Council. 
AUomtv-Utntrtil and CU^ Commtiioaer of Lanit 

and Work,, Hon. G. A. W.lkem, 0,0., 88,500. 
Protindd Secnlarv, MmiMtrr ef ilina, aiul Clerk ej 

Extcutine Cmmal, Hon. T. Bfteil Hu^threys. 
ifitiitttr <tf FiniHct and AgncuUart, Eon. Kobett 

Be*T&n, S^^O. 
Depths Clei-i, J. J. Young. 


Bpeaker, Hon. F. W. Williama, S7S0. 
Cla-i, Thornton Fell, $500. 


C&iff Juttice, eir M, B. Begbie, $6,820, 
Puime Judge, Hon. H. P. P. Cresae, $4,8M-92. 
DUto, Hon. J. Hamilton Orky, D.C.L., ^fiSIS^i 
Comty Court Judmt- 

Victoria, A, F. Pemberton, SS,26a 

A'mouno, W. R. Spalding, {|^,2SI}. 

Cariboo, H, U. BelII, S3,Sua-96. 

rale, P. O'BoUJy, 83,000. 

LUIooet, ETU. Sanders, $S,000 

CWfaeftw, Hon. W. 0, Hamley, 83,789-98. 

Ckie/ Clerk. 0. S. Finlaisou, Sl,939'92. 

Bfmwt Officer, C. Bunllng, S 1,704. 

lM<id Watirr, G. Frye, S1.70i 

Cfcrt, Nicholas Bunater,J500. 

Droud/ Collrclor, J. C. Hsjnos, 81,704. 

Sub-CollKlor (at Kooloimy),JolinGiiflt8viisNorriB, 

Post Officb. 

iMpector, K Wnllace, 82,200. 
PoUnaulrr at Victoria, R Wall«oe. 
AtdttoM Itaptrtor, E. Fletcher. 

Marine and FisHZRiEa. 
Agent, P. Bei-ely, 31,600. 


Eiiginter, 82^00. 

Island Retenue. 
Intpteior, C. T. Dnpont, 52,200. 
Cotteaor, H. B. Good, ^,800, 

LieuL-CoL Powell, S2,S0O. 
Jos. Leuihun, $2,000. 


PtorinaalSeeretary't Office- 
Prcninciat Secretary, Hon. T. Basil Hnmphrers, 

HfpMu Ditto, T. Elwyes, $1^. 
Sapenntrndent Prialing Branch, K. WoUenden, 

LoMdt and WotU DeparlmeiU. 
Chief ComtnimiHiB; Hon. G. A. Wslkem, SB.OOO 
Sarveuor-General (letap.). W. 8. Gore, 31,800. 
aerh o/Secorde, i. G. Vinler, 81,820. 
Draughltfaan, F. Q. Bichnrde, junior, $1,600. 
Aeoaaliaa, J. AtutlD, $1,600. 
ifimiier of Ffiunee, Hon. B. Beaven, $3,000. 
Dgntg data, J. JndsoD Yonng, $1,800. 

Audit Branch. 
AudUor, J. J. ADstis, £1,600. 

St^rreme Court. 
Begittmr, C. E. PooUy, 81,940. 
D^y ditto, H. S. Muou, $340. 


ViclOTia, Thomas Hurls, SSOO. 
lieie Wettimntltr, H. T. Edmnads, $£00. 
Cariboo, Y, Bymee, JSOO. 

C. Todd, 81,762. 
Goterament Agtnlt. 
Coaidutn, H. Fry, (eea. 
Nanaimo, K G. Prior (tlso Inspector of MlncE), 

C'Dmoz, J. Bodollo, fees. 
.V™ Weitmintter, J. C. Hughce, $1,600 
Yale, W. Teagiie, $1,200. 
Lyitm, a. Uoion, fees. 
aWuddi, J. Ussher, $1,200, 
Clinton^, O'Connor, fees. 
Ijillooet, C. Phair^oeB. 
Ohanagan, T. MoK. Lamhly, toes. 
Kootenag W. Fcrnie. 81,404. 
Cariboo, J. Bowron, $1,704. 
Queiaelle, J. BtepheDSon, 81,600. 
Caniar Mutes. 
Gold Coamiitioner and Stipendiary JUagiiti-atr, 
A. W. Vowell, S2,&1H). 

Aeaajf Office (Varibooy. 
Aitager, A. J. Mouat, $1,200. 

Lunntic Aiglum. 
SigxriiOendent, 1. Fhillipe, $900. 

JEducation Deparlmcnt- 
StgKrintaidenl, 0. C. McKenzie, $1,600. 
For list of Biebapa sse ante, new Dominion Estab- 

AnAdeaoon and Rector of Netn Weelnmitter, Bev. C. 

Archdeacon, Victoria (nemf). 
Dean of Vtctorio (vacant). 

at. John's, Bev. P. Jecna. 

EMQwaaU, Rev. Gribell. 

Nanaimo, Rev. A. Garrett. 

Counchan, Bdv. Holmes. 

I'd/c, Bev. P. Holmes. 

Latton, Rev. J. B. Good. 

Cimox, Bev. - 

Prince Edward Island is repreBeDted in tbo 
DominioQ Parliament by 4 Membera In the Beiiata, 
and 6 in the Honna of Commons. The island hIbo 
poBsesses a Legislative Coucoil (elective) of 13 
Membcra, and a Legislative Assembly of 30 

Digitized ByGOOgle 



iMaUKant-Goptrnor, Hon. T. E. Hanlaiid, Q.O. 

PriniCs Seatlar^ E. H. HaTiland, (S3S. 
ProrinaaJ Aidt-de-Camp, Major Jaa. Fuke. 

Pttmmeial aecntorf md IVtn m rcr, Hon. Neil 

HcLeod, 81,600. 
Attoneg and AdBocale - General, Hon. W. W. 

BnUiTOD, aC, (/Vemin-), $1,600. 
CoflUMniDiKr o/ PiMie Worit, Eon. Donald 

FergnsoD, Jl,600. 

Withovl Porl/olio. 

Hon John l,tiaigej. Hon. J. 0. Arsenanlt. 

Son. Ptta Oavio. Hon. W. Cunpbell. 

Hon. Samiul Frowee. 

Ctert, Wm. 0. Dea Briny. 

Speairr of titt LegUlattae Cmaaii, Eon. J. Baldar. 

Speaker of lia Ltgidalive AuaMy, Hon. fisnr; 

SaOaxu CoeauMMioaert, Danisl Oreeit, Ckmrman, 

26eL IS$. 4d.; WiUuunEulaiid,200/.; Lawrence 

CommiiBimer of Croon atd PublK Limii, Bon. 

Joseph Pope. 
PrmL AtuHtor, W. C. doa Briaay. 
Stgutrar of Deed*, Jolin A. DingwalL 
Rotd OxTapondeal, ami Secrtlary, Board <tf Wortt, 

John W. Uornson, 16G^. tSi. 4d. 
Axmtmt PrvnHdalSecretarg and Treatyrer, Aithnr 

Quton't Pnater, John Coomba. 
Collector iffCaHoBU at Ckarlotletoien, D, Onrrie. 
Aui^ant Canmttumer iff Crom and PubUe Landt, 

Henry W■dnlaJ^ lOU. 
Aadiiort of PubSe Accoanit, Thomas dee Sriaay, 8M. 6». 8aL 

Aaittant PoMmaeitr, W. W. HcLeod, IDOL 
Saroewr of SUming, Henry Longworth, fees. 
Mafor qf Cliariollefxm, NoU Bankin, 661. 13j. id. 

Judicial EsTABLianuKT, Bupama Coubt. 
Hon. Edward Palmer 4001., datfJutlKe and Judge 

of Court of ViofAdmraJty. 
Hon. Junes H. Peters, Maeta- of iKe SeBt and 
Senior Atittant Judge of the AjwwM Court, 

383{.6(. &£ 
Hon. Joseph Honsley, Vice-ClmictSor and Atmlant 

Judge of the. Supi-eme Court, 8331. 6». W, 
Daoifll riodgsoE, Cltrk of tie C'rotm and Pntho- 

GMTAUsy, Judge, Coaalv Court, (JuMii'* Countv. 
Thomas K.alj, Judge, Counlg Court, Pnitce t^Bttnlt/. 
Denis O'Moara Heddii, Judge, Counts Court, Kiug'i 

William Bossel Watson, SieriffBf Queen'* Cmrnqr. 
A, E. Holland, Sieriff of Prince Coimls. 
Michael MoConnack, WitriffofKin^e Comty. 

AnAdeaeon and Rector (ff ifUloa, Bev. J. E. 

Bead, D.D., IBSl ISj. *d. 
Sector of Charlotttioum, Bev. D. Fitzgerald, A.B. 

T. CD., aow. 


Hon. Matthew YijiiifSlipendiary Hagittraie, ^,000. 
Ident.-CoL Eush Kichardson, dilto, si),O0O. 
Lieut-Col. Mcleod, C.U.G. 
Hon. P. Breland. 

Chrl ofCotmcO, A. E. Forget. 


E^eni amd Boundariet. 

The Cape of QooA Hope, strictly speaking, is a 
amall pramonlory near tlie south-west eilremity of 
the continent of Africa. Bui the eilensive Colony 
of the name is wBebed by the Atlantic and tho 
Southern or Indian Oceans on the wuiit and 
Huuth; it is bonnded on the north by the Orange 
Bifer, on the north «aat by Natal, and on the > 
by curtain districts of Kativo KaBraria still iode- 
pendant. The Cape Colony, witli adjacent terri- 
tories (Basutoland and British Transkoi), containa 
sn area of 222,808 iwiuare miles, that of the 
Colony being: 199,9j<l, of Basutohuid 10^03, 
and of the Transkoian tarcitoried 12,063 equaio 

In 1B44 Letters Paloiit were issned aaoexing 
Natal to the Cape. But in ISaU It was m;parat«J 
from the Cape and constituted a eoparaCo Culony. 

By an Act of the Colonial Legislature, Mo, 12 of 
1871, the country known as Basut^iland — which on 
the 13th March, 1BG8, had been praclaimcd British 
territory — was annexed to the Cape, tlio Act being 
confirmed by an order of Her Majesty in Couucil. 
In conaideration of the peculiar circuni.stancct 
of the Basutn community, the Act of incorpora- 
tion expressly declared— that Banntoland was not 
to be subject to the goueral law of the Colony, 
that the Oovornniont should have power to legiBlalti 
for it by proclamation, and to extend te it by 
proclamation any Cape Act not othorwiiie in force 
therein. Affairs are administered by an agent 
representing the Governor. 

In 1876 three large tracta of Eaffraria — namely, 
Fhigoland, Idutywu Beserve, aud Noniau's Land 
were brought under the more direct control of 
GoTernmenl, and on the l-2tli of June, 187U, 
Letters Patent were iaaueJ authoriiiing tliu 
Governor to annex these (arritorios to tLe Capo 
of Good Hope, on condition ol the Cape Parliament 
passing an Act to provide tor their government 
Such an Act was passed as No. 88 of 1877, but 
the territories were not actually incorporated 
until the lat of October, 1879. Ae in Basutoland, 
the Governor is anthorised to legislate for them 

On the mh March, 1878, the Port of Walwlcb 
Bay, situated a few miles north of the tropic of 
Capricorn was proclaimed British territory. 

On the 16th October, ItWO, the Province of 
Girqualand West ivas incorporated with the Capo 
Colony, and will in future be admiuistered aud 
ropeeented in the Capo Parliament in aceorJanco 
with arraiiEpmentB described in the Article Gm- 


Hitler^ atd Ca^jHul. 

On 14th September, 148S, B^tholomew de Dtui, 
R Fortupieee comniRniler, Imded in Algo* Bay. 
Vasco de Uama doubled the Cap« 11 yeitrB later. 
from whioli time it appeara to b&ve been reHoried to 
by European navigators of all uatiooa, but ehiefly 
b; Fortaguese, Dulch, sud EnsUah. Britiab afaipa 
VLBited tl^ Cape iu 1591, and about 160t the Dntcb 
made it a place ol call. In 1620 two English £ut 
lodia Commandors, by a proclamatiau dated from 
Saldauha Bay, tonk poaeeEslou of the Cape in the 
name of Great BriUin; but no Bettlemont was 
formed. Id lti52 J. A. Van Biebock, duly com- 
miBaioned by the "Chamber o! Soventeen" at 
AmstOTdam, landed at Table Bay accompanied by 
lUO pereODfl, and toot poHeeBslon of what ia now 
the site of Cape Town on behalf of the Dutch East 
India Company. In 1671 the Hret formal purchase 
ol Uud was made from the Hottentots, and anothar 

Sarchaso took place in the following year. At the 
me of the revocation of the Edict of Nantes the 
Enropsan population received a slight addition of 
Preach ProtPBtantB, but their descsndanla have 
not muntained any dietinctive position in the 
country. The rtile of the Dutch East India Com- 
pany proved very digtastaful to the Burghers, who 
werB thereby continually prompted to move further 
and further froin the seaboard and original eoat of 

a magistracy nas cetnblishi 
174fi, and anotlier at (iraaff Roiuet in 1786, and in 
17B8 the Great Pish Diver was proclaimed the 
boundary of the Colony. In 1796, Holland having 
yielded to the French Revolutionary Governmont, 
an English force proceeded to the Cape of Good 
Hope to secure it againet the French for the Frincs 
of Orange, but the Governor refused to obey the 
mandate of the Prince as conveyed to him by the 
Brftieh Commander, and the British Foree ttiere- 
npon proceeded to taha poasesaion, upon which 
a capitulntion was arranged, and the administration 
of the Government was assumed by General Craig. 
By the Fcace of Amiens the Cape of Good Hope 
WBB restored to the Halavian Republic, but it was 
Bgain captured by a British Force in 1806, and at 
tlw General Peace of 1814 it was ceded in per- 

Saity to the British Crown. Dnrine tbe interval 
ween the Peace of Amiens and the recapture 
by the British in 1806, tbe Colon; had made rapid 
and considerable prr^fresB owing to the abolition of 
the rule of the Dutch £aat India Company, and 
the wise regulations of government which had 
been substituted. An important event in the 
history of the Capo was the expulsion in 1809 of 
tbo KaSlrs from the Zuurveldt, a district west o! the 
Great Fiah Hiver. In 1817 tliat district was vlsitsd 
by the then Governor, who saw the imporlanco of 
its ccloniitation aa a buricr against the KaSi 
Dower, and in 1820 Parliament voted " " 

In December, 1834, began 
what are called (he Enfflr wart, wben the Qailu 
tribe, 20,000 strong, overran the whole south- 
eastern portion of the Colony, hut wars defeated 
and their lands ap to tbe Eel River proclaimed 
British territory. SubsoquentlyLordGIenelg, then 
Secretary of State, who thought the KaUrs had had 
mneh siouse for their invasion, raversed this Act 
In 1846 the second KafBr war broke out but was 
speedily Buppressed, and the colonial border was 
extended to the Eel River, as proposed by Sir 
BenjamiD D'Urban. On ClirisCDUs Day, 18S0, 

aggravated by a simultaneous rebellion of lbs Kat 
River Hottentots. 

In 183S began what is called the trekUiig of a 
part of the Dutch or Boar population, who were 
so estranged from the British Qovsmment that 
they prefMTed th« perils of the wildarnese to p»- 
malaing under our rule. This remark>ble movio- 
ment, which resultsd in the ooloniutioD of Natal, 
thsFreeBtate,anddie Transvaal, may be ascribed to 
eeveralcauaes, of which theehiel were :~1. Gaoeral 
dislike of the policy of Great Britain in relation to 
slavery and the Native question. 2. Particular 
resentment against the policy of Lord Glenclg in 
reversinjc tbs policy of Sir Benjamin D'Urbam in 
n:lation to the firet Rafflr war. B. BcnntmeDt 
against the mode in which ctanpeasation had been 
made to them for the loss of thiiir slaves under tho 
Imperial Act abohshing slavery, namely, by orders 
for payment payable in London, whioh thsy could 
only dlspaee of ou the spot at an anormona 

The yean 1B49 and 1R50 were years of oontinned 
eidtement, owing to the proposals of the then 
QoTBrnmsnt at home to send convicts to ths Cape. 
In view of tbe agitation, carried almost to the pomt 
of active resistance, the project was abandoned. 
In ISoS the German Legion, which had been 
formed during the Crimean war. wsa brought to 
the Cape, and the men, numbering 2,300, dispOMd 
in selected spots on the Irontiar for defensive pnr- 
poses. ITie aaros ysar (1858) was remarkable for 
tho prevalence in nativo Kaffraria of a oattio 
killing delusion praached by a young praphsless, 
which resulted ia wide-spread starvation. Tho 
political changes which have occurred in ths last 
20 yeara are briefly described under tbe titla 
CanHHitiim. Tbe most important event in tlw 
recent economical and socinl history of ths Cuw 
lias been the discovery of diamonds beyond the 
Orange Hlvnr, which has undoubtedly been one of 

onv. Them 

the prosperity of the 

the ahippmg inwards in 1870 amonnted to 335,50D 
tons, in 1679 it amounted to 2,189,182 tons, and 
in ths same pariod tbe inmorte, deluding specie, 
rose from 2,362,0481. ia value to 7,080,2297. 

The climate of tho Cape ia very favourable to 
people of Eoropean birth : tho temperature at Cape 
Town, by tables compiled by Sir Thomas Maclear 
when Astronomer Royal at the Cape of Good Hope, 
Is shown to bo less variable than in most countries ; 
thaaverags temperature in winter is bnt 14-86° 
below that ol summer: the mean temperature is 
61-28°, the highest is 96-8°, ths lowest 8770°. 
The^ ennuner begins in Novsmber and lasts till 

Consnm^on, in its early stages, has been bd- 
tlrely eradicated by residence at the Cape. 

lu the western portions of the Colony tbe rain 
tails dnring the winter months ; bnt in other parts 

Hot winds are somstimes felt in the eutem dis- 
tricts, and thnnder and hailstorma are common in 
the north and east portions of the Ccdony, which, 
on tbe whole, in the statistics of ths Army Medical 
DeparlAeDt, atasda as ons of the hnlthisst in tho 
world. Diseases of ths lungs are tare, and there- 
Is a remarkable exemption from cholera, fevers, 
iK, The following table shows Om Ughtrt and 





Moe8elB.y(onthecoMt) . 
Worcotw (60 miles iulud) 

Gnwff Beinet (inlxul and 

■hut in) 
Allwal North (ioUnd, ele- 













Tbft coloniata at the Ciipe are chiefly emplojsd in 
the prodacaon of wool, wine, wheat, barley, oata, 
tobacco and nuiza, and in the hrsediog of hoTBoe, 
cattle,go»ta,o(triches,uidaheep. Thewhaatof this 
Colony ig not BorpaDsed in quality by any grown 
atsewhere. Valuable forests cover large areas, and 
lare eitenaiTely worked. 

WagM — Average rates Ibr Colony, 1879. 
Vina QnuiMimiii, per month (with board £ (. d 

andlodgiDg) .. ..4 1 3) 

FaimSemnta ditto, ditto 1 » 9 

Day Labonrers, p«i day (with food) .. 2 II 

I 18 8 


pard*y 8 

Slone-CDtters „ 

Tailors d Shoemako* „ 
Tannen n 

7 8 


8 1 
10 Si 

Oetrich breeding ia now earried on with marlted 
soccess in all parts of the Colouy. Artificia] inco' 
hation of ostnch e^ has been BaocMeinlly intro- 
ducad in many diatriGts. 

In 1860, tno export of oebrich feathort was 
3,287 lbs.; ten years laUr it was 38^0S lbs., irlJla 
in 1879 it amoimtad to 96,582 lbs. 

The exporta of mohaii at oorrenwnding dalaa 
wfte MSWOtlTely :— S85 lbs., 1DB,1£8 lbs., and 
2,388,116 Iba. The export of wool had riBW ftom 
23^73,786 lbs. in 1B60, to 40,087,698 lbs. in 1879. 

The aeneuses of 18t;s and 1876 supplv the 
iltural pro- 

tqllowing inlorsalioii regarding agricnltur. 

Oats „ 

Moaliea ft Uniat, bnshols . , 

rMn^fi«Bw,ftralN„ .. 


1,087 ,e8S 





Potatoes, bnehola . . 134,738 

Tobacco, lbs. .. 1,683,716 

Dried Fruito .. 8,843,014 

Wise Imp. gaL . . 8,:i37,428 

Brandy i S mrits. Imp. gaL 480,955 
Aloes, lbs. . . 388,408 

Cotton, lbs. 

Area of holdings (morgen) 80,464,803 S 
„ land coitiTatedido. 217,692 

Aa to afpricnltnrvl implamenta and indui 
187d CeuBOa gives the following particulars; — 
Number of ploughs 28,416, harrows 1U,58<), naping 
machinaa 219, tbresbiug machines B83, gTain cniah- 
li]gmachine624,haycuttingmachines 148, winnow- 
ing machines 139, maiao cleuiers 150, corn niil]a 
1,695, saw mills 81, woulwaahing mw^nea 57, 
tannery machines 806, brewery nuchiuea 46, dia- 
tillory 1,444. BtalisliEBof manuiflotories and works 
are incomplete, but the undermentioned inTonnation 
was obtained in 1879 as regards citia and Imoai : — 
Number of boot works 186, brick works 136, 
jams, &c, works, 44, coope»gea 38, gun works 
16, iron foundries 18, iron and tin worke lOfi, 
nnnting eatablishments 47, tiaddlery works 97, 
tlsh curmg 30. gas 4, boat-building 0, wsKon and 
cart works 347. 

The cliief oxfKirte of the Colony are aloes, argo^ 
copper ore, grain, ostrich faathcra, fish, dried frnit, 
angola hair, ludee, horna, ivory, diamonds, akiu^ 
wine, and wooL 


The Bailwaya of the Colony ara diTiil»l iato 
three groups, convergicg respectively at the porta 
o( Cape Town, Fort fihsabeth, and East London. 
The mileage ie as follows i— Western Byatem, 4014 ; 
Midland aud North-eastern System, 401^ ; Bordac 
System, 167}. 

Of these theiewere In October, ISBO, altogether 
917} miles open for traffic ; and it waa expected 
that by the middle of the year 18H1 an additiiaial 
length of 53 milea would be ready for openingt 
maJuDg a total of 970} miles, the entira leugthat 
prasent projected, 

WiUi the exception of a few miles of purchasBd 
llnee, whloh are on the 4 ft. 8} in. gauge, the whol* 
of the railwaya ol the colony haTe a geoga id 
8ft. Oin., audit ia la contemplation to inaka tbe 
latter the uniform gange. 

The appropriatiuDs lor these railways amount, In 
the aggregate, to 8,788JS0£, uf wbiofa thera had 
been spent, np to Slat DeoBmbar, 1879, tha snm of 

In 1878, wbea the first line constnwted in tKa 
colony, viz., Uiat between Oape Town and Wel- 
lington, became Uw property of the Qorsramant, 
the rsreniu dollTed froia lailwaya aammted to 
6£,6tW. ; and the oost at Tnaintaining and wooing 
the Una waa 4S,768{. Sinoe then, the levantM froH 
thia aonree has inseased nmidly, aoUl, in 13TO, ft 
had raaohed 477,814^. On the other band, tte«B- 
penditure bad grown to 86«,340f. 

Tbeee reBults repreeent the working at ^ 
aionge oi 638 milea tor the year. Ihving tba 
flnudal yeur let July, 1360 to 80th Jnne, IB81, 

sjid aorveys for extenstons) 497,0001L 

Pkblie iFbnb Mer Un SaUicafi. 

Harbonr works on an eitenalvn scale are bdtt 

carried on at Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, Fan 

Alfred (Eowie), and Eaat London. 

At 0^ Town Mid Port EUubiUt, the- wtAs 



t local 

D adv&nced 

■robeiii^ praeecQted nnder 

bonrdfl sppoinLcd for the porpune. At uiv uuiui- 
placeB iiirai:d they ore Qudar tne dlreot cohCtdI of 
(he GoTBrniQcnt. 
The brsfikwiiter and docks in Tabla Bay, which 

a cost uf 4i3,'2ail. Tho fumier hsa proied of 
DTeat Bervice to Tsssels in the rot-Aatead ; its 
length M present ie 1,870 eet, but ParlismBstary 
kntboritf tia nising 100,000/. foi the pnrposo 
of eitfliiding it vbs obtained in 1H80. The 
dock has us nrei of 10 aorcs, and ft depth, at 
the northern end, of 24 feet at low water; the outer 
basin mensurea 800 feet by 400 feel, and has a 
depth of wattT from 9 to 19 feet A graving dock, 
capable of taking up veeeela of the largeet aizs, is 
in course of construction ; and, when fiitiabed, will 
add greatly to the facilities already existing for tho 
repair of veeselp. 

At East London the works are 
condition; and the effects already 
»s to justify the Kanguine eipectations oi success 
which have been enlerlaincd by the Conanlting 
Zngineor, 6lr John Coode. 

At Port Alfred, aW, the wnrkaaroprogrsssing; 
and there is every probability of their being 
brought to a highly successful issue. 

The expenditure incurred for harbour improve- 
menta directed b; the GoTernmeut was ou 30tli 
June, 1880, as followa :— Eaat London, 24a,188(.; 
Port Alfred, lB6,9S0i. ; Port NoUoth, 5,648;. 

Conaiderable Buma hove also been spent upon 
other useful works, and In opening np the roads 
conimnni<n.tloD9 of the countt?. For such pur- 
poaea the folLowing budis have been appropriated 
for expenditure in the flnancia! year 18tfO-18Hl:— 
Works and l^uildings, 7S,bMI. ; fioada and Bridges, 

in addition to the abcve-named amonnta, pro- 
TlBion has been made, to tlie extent of 120,000;., 
tor the erection of Bnitatilc hounea for tho accom- 
modation of Parliament, and of B40,000;. for the 
erection of bridgea (4) over the Omnso Kiver on 
the Bov-eral rontea to Griqualand W and tho 
Orange Hivor Free State. Of Iheae bridges, three 
(Bethnlic, Aliwal, N., and Colesberg) are already 
completed { the otbsr (Hope Town) is tn pro- 

The value of telegraphic conununicatiou has been 
so (nlly appreciated in the oolony, that there were in 
nss, at the cIoeo of 1879, no fewer than 8,676 milea 
of wire, provided at a cost of 206,DB9J. ; while in 
the session of Parliament for 1879 provision 

miles, at an estimated cost of 66,e00f., independently 
of aeubsidy of 16,000/. for 20 years towards the cost 
of iBTing and maintaining a submaiins cable from 
Hatal to Aden rid Zanzibar. The work of laying 
ihs cable ia now completed, and tlie colony enjoya- 
"-- --"-tntagesof tel^raphic commiuxicatlou with 

Tha rates of charge within the colony are one 
■hilling for mess^ea not exceeding SO words, for 
distances ranging up to 150 miles, and two shiliiags 
and eizpeiice for all dlaUuuies beyond. 

llinet and itiaerali. 

jjtoptttj of the Capa Copper IfioiDg Company (Luni- 

lad), is belisved to be one of the richest in the world. 
The yield of ore, at the present rate of working, is 
about 12,000 tons per annum, and the percenlago 
of copper 33-00. Between this mice and theaeaDort 
("Port Nolloth), a disUnce of 93 ir 

13,090 tons. 

Coal bus been discovered in variona localities in 
Bonthem Africa, extending over an area ol fifty 
thuuEand square miles. In the Stormberg, at 
Moltono, Indwo, and elsewhere, eitonsiTO dejiosita 
are found ; and at Aberdeen, in the divicion of 
Oraaff Beinet, there are encouraging indicatione of 
the existence of coal of a very superior qnality. 
Alive to the importance of developing the rei<ources 
of the iMlony with res])ect to thie valuable mineral, 
the Govemraent have ordered from England boring 
apparatus and other machinery for the purpose of 
testing the seams discovered at thie spot end else- 

A rich mine of mangatwae ore, yielding han TO 
to 90 per cent, exists in the mounlaina opposite the 
Paarl, a town distant about 35 miles by rail from 
Capo Town. 

Uuano is foand in large quantitlcaonthe various 
islets along the coast ; and the collection andexpor- 
lation of it forma a very remunerative industry. 

To promote elementary day-school Inatruction 
of all children, industrial training for native 
lads and girls, and superior instruction to 
(hose preparing for the UniverHity oxsminations, 
the Government gives grants of money in aid of 
salaries of lecturers and professors (under the 
Higher Education Act), and of other teachers uuder 
Act 13 of 1866. asEisUnce in providing furuitum, 
Ac,ailawaDceaiD aid of expenses of needy buardars 
at Bchoola amongst the agricultural population, 
and to maintain native boarders at industrial 
instltutiona. In 1864, 91 schools, at which 10266 
children attended, cost tlie Colony 7,693/., whUe 
during the year 1H78-79 there were in the Colony, 
the Transkei and Basutolaod, no less than 848 
schools with 67,122 scholars. The Government 
expenditure on edncatioD in the financial yai 
1878-79 amounted to 70,082^; as lato as 1872 It 
was only 25.267f. The local expenditure was 
81,012/: in 1878-79. 

Under Act "So. IS of 1678, was established the 
University of the Cape of Good Hope, whose power 
to confer the degrees of RA.,M,A., LL.B. LL.D., 
M.B. , and M.Dm has been recogiiised by Her Majesty 
under Letters Patent dated Bth August, 1877. 

CAaiirrliin; Bight Hon. Bir H. B. E. Frere, BarL, 
P.O., O.C.B., O.C.8.L, it 

Vict- Chancdhv, LaDghsmDo)e,Esq.,H.A.,LL.I). 

The Conncil connists of 20 members. Tho 
Univereity is aided by a Government grant, apd 
Its revenue ia anpplemented by cndowmcntf, &c 
The following table showa Ibe number of persons 

Matrimlattd. Took dirtct Wirt adndted 





mad mee vend, with tt 

uid HeBSTB. Donkld Carrie A 

IsaTB Englaad on Fridays, und the Cspe (Table 

B»y) on TuoBdays, the passage to be eflecMd in 

t£ aaya, and in S7 days when the steiuiieT Is 

Tequired to toach at St. Helena or AseeusinD, but 

pramiamB are paid lor quicker runs. The average 

Hssags 1b 22 days. Ths distance by sea frmn 

Eoglaod to the Cape varies from 5,B6G to 6,14G 

mllea, aeccrdJi^ to the course followed. 

Staaansn leave Table Bay throe or fonr times n 
month (ot Natal (diaUnI about l.UOO miles), calling 
■t MoHsl Bay, PortElizsbetb, and East London, to 
land and embark pasBeDgerai they Dmaily leave 
aboat 48 hour* alter the arrival ol the bngUsh 

The passage to Port Elizabeth takes two day«, 
East London three, and to Natal four to five. 

A Union Company steamer leaves Table Bay 
once a month for Zanzibar, tonching at Port 
Eliiabeth, Natal, Delagoa Bay, Inhambane, Quili- 

and Mozambique. 

^hicf i 

id, effected betwee 

Wast (Diamond Fields) three times a weoV, witL 
Natal once a week, vU the TranHkei, and once vift 
tiie Orange Free State, and with the Transvaal 
twice a week through tbi' Diamond Fields. 

Comtnunlcation by railway is carried on twice a 
day between Cane Town and Beaufort West East 
London, King ■William's Town,andUneen's Town, 
and Port Bltialieth and Grahamstown, and Port 
EliEtbeth and Orsaf Keinet 

The number of Colonial poat offices is fiS8, and 
o( money order offices, 77. The expenditure on 
the postal service in 1873 amoQnted to £68,297, 
Bnd to 1B4,1«8/. 12». 6*, in 1S79 ; the revonne from 
posUge in 1878 was jE41,*78, and from money 
orders £9U9, the corresponding flgures for 1879 
were £76,090 5>. Id., and £1,667 VJi. Sd. 'the 
weight of registered packets, addressed to England, 
and supposed to contain diamonda, which passed 
Uie Poet Office in the years 1874 to tS79, both 
indnsiTs, amoimta to 4,999 lbs. 


Cape Tonn, which had in 1875 a populnlion ot 
S3^9, and with eaburbs, 45,340, is laid out at right 
aoKlee, and contains numerous handsome shops, 
oBoes, and churches. Tlis finest bnilding is the 
edifice containing the Library and Museum, the 
lormer of which has upwards of 40,000 volumes on 
its shelves. 

Port Elizabeth, the second town of the Colony, 
has a DODulation of 18,019; and GiahamVlown, 
>8i King William's Town,5,169-, Faari, 


The Government of the Cape from 1806 to 18M 
was administered by a Go'vemor, aided by a few 
EiecuHvB Officers ; but in that year an Executive 
Coiuicll, and a Le^alativs Uouncit, appointed b; 
the Crown, comprising certain ofHce-holderB and 
■onu naofflcial members, were created. 

By Letters Patent, dated !3rd Hay, IBftO, the 
Oovemor and Council were empowered to enact 
OnSnaocee tor the eetablislunent of a Bcpreeenta- 
tht Q w r ai ' iii nent; three ycKri later, that form of 

Qovemment was brought into force. By an Act 
of the Colonial Legislature paused in the nession of 
1872, the introduction ot the system of Responsible 
GoTBTument, thst is the conduct of the Executive 
Qovernnieiit bytbe adviceof Uioisters responsible 
to the Local Parliament, was prononniad adviaable, 
and the Boyal Assent to the measure was given 
by an Order in Council dated the 9th August, 
1872. The flrat HiniBtij under Bcsponsible Govern- 
ment was formed in November, 1S72. There is a 
Legislative Council of 22 elected Members, presided 
over, tx offido, by the Chief Justice, and a Hoiisa 
of Assemhly of 72 elected Members, representing 
the country districts and tonus of tLe Colony^ and 
the incorporated province of CSriqualand West. 
The Colonial Ministera are tlie Colonial Secretary 

Srho is Premier), the Troasurcr-General, the 
etomey- General, the Commissioner ot Crows 
Land* and Public Works, and the Secrelarv for 
Native Affairs, all ot whom are Members of the 
Legislature, and also have seats in the Eiocntive 
Council, of which tbe Gorernur is President. 

Act No. 18 of 18T4 provided tor the division 
of the Colony into seven electoral provinces, each 
electing three members for llie LegiKlaliva Ciiundl 
for seven years. Under the Griqualand West 
Annexation Act 39 of 1877, a Member is added to 
the Council fur that province. The quallHcation for 
Members is ponsessioii ol immovable property ot 
2,000i, or movable property worth 4,000l. With the 
oicepCion of paid omce-holder B (ot her than the Minis- 
ters), and others specified in the Order in Council, 
^y ]^ olecled a Member of Assembly, 

or receipt of salary or wages, of Dot leua thsji 5w. 

Sr annum, or not less than 257. with board and 
Iging. The numt»r of registered electors In 
1879 was 44,67 G. 

By an Act No. G of 1875, the Ecckisiastioa] En. 
dowments provided by the Civil List Ordinance of 
1852, were abolished prospectively, tbe life inte- 
rosta of incumbents being respectetC 

Under Act No. 6 ol 1879. the Supreme Court 
cousisls of s chief Justice aud five puisne Judged ; 
the Court of the Eastern Districts 14 composed of 
throe ot the judges of the Supreme Court, of whom 
one, the Judge President, is a Judge of a Court of 
Appeal, whii£ consists of the Chief Justice, the 
Judge Preside St, and two Judges ot the Suprsma 
Court. By Act No. 12 of 188U, it is provided that 
from the auneiatlon of Griqualand Waet to Cape 
Colony, the Supreme Court is to consist of one ChiEt 
Justice and six puisne judges, the additional judge 
being the Becorder ot Griqualand West. 

The Judges of the" Supremo Court" hold Sessions 

in Cape Tovni, and Circuit Conrts iu the Wo 
Districts, and tbe Judges of "The Enutern 
tricls Court," hold Sessions in Graharnatown, and 
Circuit Courts in the princijial towns of the 
Eastern Distriirts. 

The Roman Dutch Law prevails iu the Colony 
as modified by Colonial Legislation. Several Acts 
for the mom effectual defuuce ot the Colony were 
paimid daring the sssaion of 1878, vis., Cape 
Mounted Teomani? Act, Burgher Force and 
Levis* Act, Cue Moantad Hiflnmnn ^t, Volun- 
teer Act, Peace PreservatlDn Act, sud besides two 
in the eesslon of 1880, viz., Colonial Forces Diadp- 
line Act aiid Cape Field Artillery AcL 

The oondition aod proRress tt the naUve popu- 


dvilized life. The great vice of tlis nitlrae appeara 
to be ■ tendency to brand}- drinldag, but tma 1b 
DCFt onied to outragoons exCBSS. 

BAtctoi.!!!]:), tlio largest depondent natfTS 
diBtrict, ia >bont 150 miles long uid M irid^ 
and containfl 10,393 eqnare miles. 

Tbia land of mountain and gctaa la i*ell -nterad 
and enjoys > delicione climate. The nconery Is 
grand uid in mitny pnrts extremely bauitifuL 

i^nndotim, 1875.— Eurapoui, 469 
NativB 127,707 

Slodb, etc. — S9,257 hoTBeR, draught cattle 38,6!S, 
other 188,791, shwp, woole<l, 240.270, other 49,537, 
goaCe, angorm 13,^92, other 117,162, piga 15,2S6, 
ploughs 2,770, baimirB 269. 

Rmaiue, . 11)77-78—18,712/.; 1878-79— 15,561t 
' :da3in^ advances). 


Balavx, 80th Juue^ 

8— 13,772f.i 1878-79— 81,166f. 


_._ , . _.l, wheat, mealieB, and 

Kaffir com. There are indications of iron and 
oopper, aud coaL hae been found and is lued in 

FingDland,Iduiyn Reserve, and KomaD'a Land, 
at ex^ained in Part 1 of this Article, irero anDeiad 
to the Cape in October, 187U. 

In 1877 the Gualokaa, a tribe residing beyond 
the Kei, under Kroti, one of the leaders of the 
gnat Kfflr war of 1850-53, deSed the anthority 
of the British Government, and even invaded what 
is now British territory. They irere, hoireTBr, 
defeated by the Colonial forces under the im- 
mediate leadership of Colonel C. D. QritBth, C.M.O., 
then Commandant of the Frontier Armed and 
Hotmted Police. Their territory vaa orerruu, 
aadKroli deposed, and his country taken as 
Britfeh, by a Proclamation of Sir Bartlo Fraro dated 
the 5th ot October, 1877, and caQOnned by Lord 
Carnarvon in a despatch dated the tlth of So- 
Tember, 1B77. 

In 1875-76 the Terobna, ol Temhnland 
gave themselves over to the Goi 
1878 the BomTaacas did bo. 


While giving effect to the deeire of these tribes 
to come nnder tiie Cape Uovsrumeat, it me alao 
proposed to include iu the same acheios of luoor- 
porstlou the oonquemd provlDOS of Qealekalaud, 
and a Battlement of British subjects caUsd the 
Emicraat Tembus. 

The anneiatian of tbeee terrllorlea to Uu Ci^ 
Colony, however, has not taken plaoe, for rsaoou 
on which it is needteea to enter, but tbey aia 
goveraed by ofSdsls paid by the Cape DoTemment, 
and nnder its supervision. 

Under a Procliuaation of Bir Bartle Frere, dated 
ttie 4th Septsmlwr, 1878, Umquikela, for breach of 
treaty amkageuiBnts, has ceased to be reooguized aa 
paramoaut ohiaf of the Pondoa, and tbe sove* 
reignty of the port and estuary ol Rt, John's 
Biw has been vested in Her Majesty's " 
moDt. A Bsaidont has also been a 

to represent the Governmeut with UmquiL , 

remained Chief o( East Pondolond. The Cape 
Colony customs dues are levied at St. John's 
Blver montfa. 

West Fondoland is under the Chief Omqnfllso. 

independent of his uncle Umquikela. A small 

'-mouth of the St. John's 

9 Cape Qovenmieat for 

strip of me territory at the mo 
Blver was acquired by the C. 

These Tarious Transkeian Territories haTe beta 
recoDtl^ re-grouped, under three Cljef Uagistrolea, 

iug m 

veral subordiuata nuigistrateii, in the 
)mpTJsiQg Nomansland (lato 

folJOB „ 

Adam Eok'e 

John's Territory, all under one Chipf M_„ , 

the Hon. Charles Brovnlee (late Secretary for 
Native Affairs), and eight subordinate msgialrolei. 

Tembuland. compriaing Tembuknd proper, Bom- 

vanaland, and '. 

buland. all under I 

subordinate magietratefi,w)io have also charge of the 
reladons of the Governmeut with Pondoland West. 

Tronskei, comprising Fingolaud, the IdatywaBe- 
serve, and the country of thu oi-chiof Kreli (GeAle- 
kaland), aJ! under one Chiel Uogistiate, Oaptaia 
Blyth, C.H.O., and six subordinate magistrates. 

Eicb d the three Chief Uagistrates above-men' 
tloned receives a salary of l,DOaf. per annum. 

The following Tabfca o 

best avaUafale statistics relating to theie territories:- 


Bewnue. 1880-1. 


GriqnaUnd East, Inclading SL John's 




FIngoland, Idutywa Heaarve, and 






8h«p. Oeats. 





182,869 50,240 
51,302 14,909 
B2,27G 18,079 
84,201 47,300 
68,260 48,112 









402,908 178,640 




SlatMa ofikt Cape Colemg Prepei^—Ilantme, £xpm£tvre, md DAU 







ElpeciUnin iin l^ibllc 
Worlu (Worka ukd BDUdlnr 
Bouliuid BrJdgH, Bailwmji 
— d TelegTkpha. 





















































EdTopMD or While . . 128,910 

H^y 6.182 

Hottentot 50,579 

Fiugo 86,486 

EftfflTMid Betohwii* . 109,817 

Mixed and otbere . . . 43,706 

Tot«l . . 720,984. 



1876. lass. 

Persona 720,984 496,881 

tUlee B69,62S 266,760 

Fenwlea 861,858 240,621 

BuRipean or While . . 23ti,7g8 181,632 

Hottentot 98,661 81,968 

All others 886,64» 288,191 

PenoBM to Ae upian mile. 

1876. 1886. 
Gnropeaa or Wbils . . . 1-18 0-91 

Hottentot 0-40 0^1 

Another* 1-98 I'17 

AgTietiUtCTal Slalitlkt. Uargen.* 

Total ana of holdioge in 1876 89,947,734 

„ „ „ „ 1864 20,464,602 

„ _I»iidculliT«tedinl875 274,418 

" ,, „ „ 1865 217,692 

Total, 1875. Total, 18*6. 

Horsea .... 205,085 226,610 

Unles and Aeees . 29,318 34,979 

Dnnght Csttle . 421,763 249,807 

Other Catlla . . 689,961 448,207 

Woolled Sheep . 9,9H6,240 8,870,179 

Other Sheep . . 990,428 l,466,8e« 

Anson Goat«. . 877,988 121,424 

Other QoMs . . 2,187.214 2,316,020 

FiKB 116,738 T8,66S 

Oatricbes . . . 21,750 SO 

Lift oj Govtnwi. 

1796 J. H. Craig. 

1797 Eirl Macartney. 

1798 8ir Francis UuHilaa rLiautonant-GrOTemor}. 

1799 Sir OeorBO Young. 

1801 Sir Francis Dundee (IJeutenaDt-QorvrDOt); 

leOS JuWillemJaui 

1806 Sir David Baird. 

1807 Hon. H. O. Ore; (Lienteuant^omnor). 
1807 Dn Pr(i, Earl of Caledon. 

1811 Hon. H. G. Grey (LieutonMt-Govanior). 
1811 Sir John Francis Cndock. 
leiS Hon. Robert Meade (Limitenant-QoTemor}. 
■"■ ' Lord (!hwlei! Henrv Homernet. 

inry SomirMt). 
1821 Lord Charlee Henry tjomereet, retnriMd. 
1826 Bichud Bonrke (Li*atMMUit-0«>T«nwr> 



lir Q&lbr^th Lowrv Cole. 
-CoL T. F. Wade (acldng-QoTamor). 
1884 Bir Beniunh] S'Drtan. 
'.BS6 Sir Audrias Stocks nstrom, Bart. (Lfantena 

OoTsmor of Itie EaaterD Province). 

:r George Thamaa Napier, K,C,B. 

ilonal John Hare (Lieutemuit-Goyoriior 

the Eutem Province), 
IS4S Blr Peregrine Maltland. 
1847 Mijor-General the lUght Hon. Sir Henry 

Poltinger, Bu-t. 
,847 Sir H. F. Yonng, Ki CLienlenant-Gorernor of 

the EMtera Province). 
1847 Lleut.-General Sir Slanry Q. W. Smith, B«t. 
1862 Lieut-Qenenl the Hon. Q. Catbcirt. 
l862 Ch. H. Darling (Lioateoant GoTomor). 
1864 Sir George GrBv, K.G.B. 
.869 IJBQt.-QenoralB.H.Wyiiyftrd,O.B.(LioQleD. 

1860 Sir O. Grey, K.O.B. 
.801 Sir Phihp Edmond Wodehonae. K.C.B. 

tie E.F'r^.„, , , 

■ H. H. Ulilford, V.O. 

_ A-dmioiKtrnkir). 

1880 Major Sir G. C. Stiahao, E.C.M.Q. (d.dmini»- 

1681 BIT E. G. B. BobinsoD, O.C.M.Q. 

LtgitltUire Coimeil, 
Oerh to CowKil, J. A. Fairbairn, 625i 
UiAer of lit Biack Rod, F. W. Rcili, 300i. 
JSortAosd Writer and Cltrk, W. Buchanaa, 860t 
Matayrr, J. Keilly, 1601. 

ITerton Province ; — 

The Eon. Uarthiaus Lurentia* Heethllng. 
Tlio Hon. AUred Ebden. 
The Hon. Jamca Muriaon. 
ItovA-Wtttem Promna: — 

The Hon. Thomae Tennant Heatlie. 
The Hon. Jan Hendrik Hofmeyr. 
The Bon. Willem Ann^ jBtitmenade Bmidt 
SoaA- WaUm Pi-ormce .— 

The Hon. Pinter Lourens van der ByL 
The Hon. John Fraser Hudson. 
The Hon. PietBT Marais. 

Ths Hon. JacohoB Amoldns Bnrger. 
The Hon. JeremiaB Benedictoa Aurot 
The Hon. Charles PriCchard. 
SaH/i-Eatlera Province :— 
The Hon. George Wood. 
The Hon. John Geofd. 
The Hon. John Miller. 
Norlh-Eatltni Prairinct :— 

The Hon. Johannee Adriaaus Vomia»k. 
The Eon. Charlee William Uutton. 
The Hon. 
ElMrrn PrOBiact :— 

The Hon. IJOTtrMD Egerton Bowker. 
The Hon. Thouaa Brown. 
The Hon. Edwud Hardwicli. 
Home of Atiemilj/. 
Bir David Tennant, Sptalier, IfiWL 
J. Mohle, CUrk to tkt Jioaie, mil. 
E. J. de Wet, SeryeoHt-at-ArTii; SOU 
£. F. KUpill, A-maiit Clfrt, BOOI. 
H. W. Bflwell, StorlJuuid Wriler aid CUrt, 860t 
J.A-BinutB,Cfcrio/rt«/'r-- - "'"' 
B. W. BarroD, Mettatser, 1 

Avliff, Jon&thaD. 

Ayliir, WiUiAm. 

Aling, Robert N'ieolaAS. 

Aunt, Abraham. 

Brown, George. 

Harry, John Joseph. 

Barrr, Thomas Daoiel. 

Ber^h, Michael. 

Blaine, George. 

Bradfield, John Linden. 

DeSmidt, William, juu. 

De Villiera, Jacob Isaac, A. P. son. 

Eb Villiers, Willem Pclrua, Bev. 

Ds Villiera, Mathya Johannes. 

De Wet, JacobuB Albcrtus. 

EvBiltt, Herbert, Dr. 

Fanner, William UurlimerMaynard. 

Fuller, Thonuis Fkina 

Fleming, William. 

Frost, John. 

Goldechmidt, Lndwig Honry. 

Goold, Patriot 

Hofmeyr, John Hendrik, J. H. eon. 

Hookley, William Henry. 

Human, Johannea Zacharias. 

Irvlue, John James. 

JoDbert, Jotham. 

Eirkwood, James Somers. 

Keyter, Bamardus Ji hannes. 

Louw, Michael J oseph. 

Laing, John. 

Leonard, James Weston. 

Lewie, Charles. 

Louw, Thomas. 

Harais, Johannes Btcphanus. 

Mann;!, Charles Johu. 

Mybnrgh, PhUippus Albertus, E. hcoi. 

Molteno, John Charles. 

Moodie, Thomas. 

Merrimin, John Xavier. 

Mackay, John. 

Oipen, Joseph Millerd. 

Pearson, Henry William. 

Proctor, Johannea Jacobus. 

Powell, John. 

Eeilz, Gysbort, 

Robertson, Alfred George. 

Benaborg, Johannes Jacobus JsnM ran. 

Bsid, Joseph. 

Solomon, SauL 

Stigant, Fliilip John. 

Saner, Jaeobus Wilhelmoa. 

Bichel, Godfrey. 

Sprigg, John Gordon. 

Scanloa, Thomas Cliarles. 

Tb Water, Frana KareL 

Tlmm, Paul. 

Tennant, Bir David, Et. 

Tennant, Hercules. 

Upington, Thomas. 

Vintcent, Lewis. 

WatermeyBr, Philip Johannes Auilries, 

Wright, Samuel Cron. 

Wright^ Ebeneier Cr.m. 

Wood, Joserfi Garbett 

Wilman, Herbert. 

Walker, Joseph. 

Zyi, van, June Johaonet WiUielm. 

I EtUMitltmaU. 


Pritale SicrcUtrf, LIsuL Gnham Bower, B 


Auiilimt Prinate Sterelary, Fronds J. Nanton. 

Colofaial Aide-dt-Camp tmd Mililary Secretarg IV He 
Goantor, Coptiin BeauchuDp St. John, 3S0I. 

Oerk H> the BmaititH Comal and ConfidaUiai Clerk, 
Hampdeu Willis, J.P., SOOf. (Actiag tinder Col- 
onial ^Kreiaty in 18gD.) 

Cplonial Secntary'i Offiet. 
Coiotial Sacrrtary and Premier, Hon. J. Gordon 

Sprigg, 1,760(. 
CiAr Colomal Sterelary, C^t. ChlTle* Hulls 

C-ILQ., l,000t 
die/ Oerk, Hsnry da Smidt, 5001 
Ckrie of tie Second aaa :— 

Angiutas ChaileB Dale, 300^ 
T. i, 0. aUehard, aTOi. 
FeUx S. Murray, 240(. 
OsorgB Piers, 230/., ond S61. tMoTnoice. 
E. M. Jackson, SSOJ., nod 2oJ: aUoiruice. 
A. H. Msnaon, 205J. 
Lugham Dole, jun., ISil. 
VIerkeoJ'tlu Tlui-dflaa:^ 
W. G. Bellaira, 1ml. 
W. H. Mnton, \mi. 
8. Cowper, 14W., nnd 100(. M ftirott Secrtlary 

to Mr. SprigR. 
**-- "mer, W. Keil. 120(. and qnarters. 
r, H. H. West, 100(. 

Accomlanl, J. S. Brydges Todd, C.M.O., 600?. 

• ■ ■ '■ ^fttTo«,260(. 

B. von Beenec, ISOL 


Goiem/ Bnmcft. 
Controller and Atulilof-General, C. AtetoromHe 

Smith, ILA., 9»o:. 
Aitiiiaat ditto, 3. E. B. Rom, 600^. 
iHtpeclor and Accoimlaat, George Revnolds, 4001. 
AMtulaat £tto, B. J. Eeaae, IGOf. 
Clerk, T. E. Lftwton, 120/. 

AnwiDg Avncft. 
iHmdor <md Accotntaal, J. F. dfl Villiers, WOl. 
EiMmnert of AecounU, W. P. Back, 880(. 

F. B. Staplaton, 190f. 

T. W. Hartor, ISOt 

J. F. MarH)iall,SO0{. 

S. Stlioltz, 160;. 

R. C. van Hanan, 17K. 

J. S. iStrphaiiBon, libl. 

E^pendiiure Bi-andu 
md Iiupt<ior, C. Wolfa, «0(. 
ifAcemaUt, W. C. Stnpleton, 360f. 
P. J. Hohna, 260/. 
H. E. Blaockenberg, S!G/. 
F. Vorekor Bindon,2I0t 
E. F. Collard, 200(. 
J. C. Spyksr, 30W. 
A. H. fi. tiMvens, IMM. 
C.B. Fair, 260/. 
W. E. Goodnuui, 360i. 
W. H. Tooko, 160t 
Regitlrar of Derdi' OJlce. 
BenUtrtrr of Deedt, Bylt la S. Fischer, 700L 
r^.f ri.ri- c A WrT.Bdil. find/. 

CWt/" atrk, C. A. McLeod, 6O0t 

Clsntf, H. Ford, 800i 
W. BerRh, 2gW. 
W. J. Roui. 190f. 

C. G. Smuts, 190?. 

D. Tannant, 120i. 
sr, T. P. N. aialar, 400/. 

GeaeralPoit Ogict. 
Potlmatter-Gaieral, Q. W. Aitchison, TODf., boUM 

•llovance, 100/. 
Sterelary. R. B. French, 600/. 
Clo-it, Arthnr Riden, BOO/. 
0. E. PillaDS, 190/. 
0. Wolfe, jua., 160(. 
DiltoMoney OrderandStamp BnMeh,G. ClO«te, 400/. 
AttiHanl, W. Jloorby, 200/. 
Controller, Cirailation Bnaick, J. C. Csrstens, SSOL 

allcnrftDce 507. 
Clerkt, W. K Thomas, 260/., sUowuice 401. 
W. Sewell, ISOl and 30/. aUowuice. 
Pan Office, Pint Elaabeth. 
A. Wilmot, 600/:, aUowance 84/. 
SrftiattiDiHi/ JTepordnoif. 
Smerintendent-Gtneral of Education, L. Dale, LL.D., 

H. A., F.R G.S., 900/:, uid 100/. alloTrance. 
Seeretmy. G. Maconochia, 450/. 
C/(Tt, W.Boveil, 145/. 
Accoimling Officer, A. J. Knys, /iOO/. 
Deputs-Impeclon of SchooU, A K. Bowan, 4£0/. 
per annum. F. H. Ely, T. Lewis, B.A.j O. 
Clarke, 400/. each, and 11 per day travelling 

S^AccouHtmt, J. Spylotr, 300/. 

Am/i Afnam Mmetim. 
Curator, Roland Trimen, F.L.S., F.Z.8., 4001., and 

Govenuneni Mediail EilaliliAment. 
Colonial Aifdical Commttee. 
Pretident, Henry A. Ebden, M.D, lilL 
Memberi. Fet«r G. Stewart, M. D., A. Chiap- 
pini, H.D., Wm. H. Bobs, M.D., and A. Aber- 
cromby, M.D.. 50/. each. 
Seattaty, Phillip Laadaborg, U.D., 100/. 

SomerKt IIoipilaL 
Setident Swyton, P. J. Parson, 300/., quaiiers and 

VitiOig Mtdical Qffcen, 3. Wright, M-D^ 100/. 

A L. Chiappiui, lOOt 
Diipenier and Dreaer, T. C. Mncklow, libl, 

qnarters and rations. 
Clerk, J. Eagle, US/., etc 

Old Somertet Uotpital. 
Officer in Chargt P. Landaberg, M.D., 120t 
Keeper, B. Meadham, IBO/., quarters and rations 
Soiben Idand Aiylamjrs- Lepen, Ltmaiio, 4". 
Surgeon Suptrintaidail, F. L. C. Biecard, U.B.C.8., 

Eng., eODJL, quarters and rations. 
Jvnifn- Surgeon, Dr. Wynne, 260L, and 110/. as 

Ciap&i, Rev. A. WUshere, tOOL, qoarterB and 
rations. ' 

Clerk, J. Beid, 315L and ditto. 

3teaard,T. Baalt, lOGL 

Lwialie Aiglvni, Gralunaiioien. 

Smyeon Sigiermlendtnt, B. Ilullah. H.B.C.B., 400/. 

CUrk and Storekeeper, W. Swansou, 120/., allow- 
ance 60/. 

Hotpial at King WJliam'i Tom. 

Apmn/fm/rmi, J. FiUgerald, U.S.,600/., 70L alloff- 
anoe, qtuuteii aod rations. 


Ooimuaidimt-aaurat of CoUinidl Farcet, Brigadler- 

OeueTBl C. 11. Cluka, C.B^ 1,2004 uid BOOI. 

AttUtoM Adjntant-Genrral, lient. W. F. S- Coeh- 

ruke, S2Dd L.L (Provl.), bbOL 
Aooouataat to ComataadaM-Gmtral, A. H. GaroU, 

Clerit, T. WUthun, 19U 

T. E. UauDiuK, 190L 

H. Tucker (proh.), liOt 
Cttanial Committaru of Onhama, W. H. WdDs 

(wob.), miL 
AmtlaM, A. C. K. AtUvty , lU 6d: per di.j. 

Cigie Mmailed RifitBun. 
ItiglU Wi<tg: 
Liaa.-Coloiul Zuihi.rr S.Vaj\S, C.H.G.,9(KU^ 
Majori, W. L. HutehlaBoa (Paymatier), 6S0L, 
C. BaiJie, iai. a day. 
W. Bouroa, 24*. a. d«.v, 
C^taim, J. W. QoliliworUi; (Jdrufaal aad 
JsiTiicfor). BOOL 
J. Lektherluid (Quarfcmkufcr), 30i. 

J. E. MacImii, 24<. ■ d*v. 
A. BUiiw, 2Ij. a day 
C. BproDgBT, 21>. a day. 
a. Giles, 2aj. a da;. 
UlMfencDiO, B. HcCnllum, lU. 6d. a da;, 
a. F. RuBB, 1I(. a dn?. 

B. U. Fyan, 16>. mdBT. 
F. G. SbDuIt, 111. a day. 
R WMaon, lU. adiy. 
L. WiDslsv, 111. a day. 

C. Guldnwurthy, 111. 6d: ■ day. 
J. Best, 111. 6/ a day. 

Smwm-Majon, E. B. Uorttey, U6I. 
E. Cnmmmg. 456t 
Viterinar^ Sargeon, J. B. S. CawkiBa, 400^ 
Liaa.-Colontl,Y. Camngton, C.U.O.,90CU: 

W. A. McC.rl«p (Ouartmnartn-), S«G/. 

C. D'Arcy, 16j. aday. 

J. C. Wuiiis, -ill. a day. 

H. UontotfUi ''tl'. a day. 

'4, A. E. Ciratenseii, 11«. a da; 

K. 5utherlaad,12/.B day. 

C. We«l, lij. a day. 

J. C. BirMck, 17*. aitey. 

H. Neylan, lit. a day. 

O. McMiillBn,12).ad*y. 

R Keunan,lli. Bday. 

G. H. White, 12i. a day. 

£. F. Uattoa, 17>. 6</. a day. 

J. P. Cochrane, lit. «d. a ifey. 

" " ddnworthy, lU. aday. 

L J. Bmi 

a, 0. Gar 


loUl Force, Offlcari, S7. 

Medical Omcen, G. 
Serjeants, K8. 
CorporolB, 46. 
PriTatea, TtO. 

O^w ifMMfal FwnMiy (Act Kft t •( UT8). 
IX RegHueat, Colonel Conmiait£ng, R T. Brabant. 

Snf „ „ ,, R G. Soathay. 

trd „ „ „ T. CMiato. 

Dinaunru. Cot-its um OmOH. 
C*p« Tcrww. 
Raubmt HagUtraU. Cape Toym, J. Campbell, TOOI. 

, J. W. H. Bubsohw, 6ML 
Police BroKch. 
doit Q. Heiboldt, 6tai. 
2iuimto, Jomea Ford, £207. 

&oy«m aiutMeoM qfleer,W. H. BoM, ■OtU-.SO;. 

Con DiTunnt. 
CHnl Camnitlima; C. Piers, B6U 
Cierii, 3. 0. Btapletoa, 80n{. 

8. J. Galloway, IMl. 

F. Aitchison, 146t 
Beeeaero/ Haute Ihily, J. Blaaison, WW. 

DuTKicT or Simon's Town 

Ciml Gmimiaioner aitd Rtndmt MagiltraU, F. J. 

Von der Biet. SOOL 
Clerk, Banae Cole, itO. 

DmiucT OP WniBMBO. 

ReiideiU MagiUnUe, C. Piers, 850L 

CTertpW. KBealy, 190t 

DmeioK OF Stbllbkbosch. 
CiBil Conaiietiontr and Seiideai Hagittrate, W. R 

Chalmera, 600 J. 
Irf Cltrk, J. G. Frcislicli, 300f. 
2nd ditto, £. Schroder, 12Ui. (on probaUon> 

DiVUIOtr OP TBB Paabl. 
CtoU OmaiUtUmer mtd RaidtKt Magittrale, 8. T. 

Cloete, 600'. 
CUrkt, J. A. MDUDlk, Sm, 

J. W. Morgeurood, SOW 
H. J. Dreyer, 120(. 
E.H. Turner, 14W. 

Dnthie, GOOL 
U(Cfcri,W. P. B«fc,l9fl£ 
isd ditto, T. U. Boux, 14SI1 


Ciml Oommiuiaier and JfsnifaM HagUtralc, Alex. 

CUrk, G. J. Voe Bergh, SOOL 


Civil Camaatrioner and Setident M<aulralr, J. D. 

in Cleri, 

2<Hf Cltri, L. Neelhting, 146/. (octinK liO- 
Cfcf*, W. WMtohead (actmg), 145t 

DmuoH OP NuuaDALuni. 
Ciril COKKuttiater and Bendent ilagittralt, S. T. 

£uBtac«, 600J: 
Clerk, W. Van der Beit, 190/. 

DimticT OP FoBi NoLLom. 

SaidaH Magitralt. C. Buber (anting), SOOf. (JMl 

as Barboor Uautsr). 


OmaiaiT of Calvixix. 
GM OmtoMimeT and BnidaU MagulrtiU, J.f.J. 

WronBch, 600/. 
CJent, F. EorBtcD, 23021 
„ J. W, KujB, 1461 




Cltrt, S. D. AUmu, 20U 
C&r*, P. G. HennM, 145/. 

Civil CaBBiuMiwHiT oh/ JtMu/ca/ JbTi^^utraU E. A. 

judgs, OODf. &iid qDulsTS. 
Aditig Iff CJerl^ W. nn R. tid Ondtsboorn, SStOL 
2nd £tto, H. 0. B&dniill (acting), 145/. 

DiruioK OF Fkabebscbq. 
CtvU Ctmnaaianer and Eaideni MagUrtUe, F. 

NlgLtianle, SOOl. 
lit Orrt, J. C. Gio, 190/. 
and ^o, J. J. P. Wege, 145/. 
3rd ditto, J. F. Jonbert (provialoaall;), ISO. 

Dmsion of Victohia Wbbt. 
Cicil CommitiontT imd HendaU Magittratt, J. 

N. P. de ViUiera, 600/. 
Ut Clerk, R. B. Hows, 190/. 
Qatdditto, B. E. 8. 8h&ire, 146/. 
8ni(6(to, J. MoTsggart, 146/. 

Stndtnt Mogittnttt, H. Pwh, 600/1 
C/eri, W. G. Llewelljn, IftUt 

DmsHm OP BKAtrroBT. 
Civil Cimmittioner and Htndtnt Ma^ttntt, E. 

Gwcia, 600/. 
Irt Clfrk, F. Ford, 220t 
and ditto, 8. D. Cloete, M6/. 
ird dUto, B. J. HomB, 146/. 

DntuoH OF Pbincb Albbkt. 
Cipi/ ContBMtioatr and Saidtnt Hagiilrale, O. Q. 

Bunier, 60U/. 
C'imfc, a a. B. Borcherds, a20L 


ClEtf CffflHRWRoiKr sad Btiidenl Magittrate, E. 

C/mt, A. B. Van Byneyeld, 190/. 

Cin7 CoiiHiuMioiKr and SaidaU Magatrate, B, 0. B 

Boyaa, 600t 
Clerk, J. E. C. Hodges, 260/. 

CivU Commiaianer and Beddtnt Magittratt, F. W. 

F. W. Harold, 500/. 
Cltrk, C. J. Boui, laO/. 

Division of EoBBaTBOM. 
Cipi'/ Gmmun'onfl- am/ Aeau/oU JHa^iflntfc, Arthur 

Smvtk, 600/. 
C/eri, J. E. HobartMn, 


Ciril Cmasauioner and Retidtat MagiitraU, T. 

Tilnsy, 600/. 
1*1 ClfTk, A. M. Mciring, 276/. 
2iu/i/iMa,J. F. Reita.WO/. 

Division of BmuoiALE. 
Ci'mV CmninunDner and Asiu/snt Magiitrate, L. H. 

Meuraat. 600/. 
CU,*, B. Tilney Cacliug), 1901. 

H. JauDiBgB (ou [irobation), 120/. 

X>mnoii or Ladtuiith. 
Ciiil CommUmmer and Kaidtat Magilmlt, W. IL 

Baicier, 500/. 
Clerk, F. £. Allmvi, 190/: 

Diviaio!! OF U0S8KL Bat. 
CSml CotnmiMiiomer aad Bttidatt JUajpttratt, B. J. 

CrcBier, 600/. 
Cltrit, P. Bergh, 860/. 
„ T). A. CampboU, 146^ 

DiYiaioN OF Gbosoe. 
Gvil Commluioncr aad Eeiidenl Afagiilrate, James ' 

Fichat, 600/. 
lit Cltrt, J. FoBter, ESD/. 
2ad diUo, T. BcoLUnd (on probation), iSOL 
DmBuni OF Uhiokdaia 


a. B. 

ObU CofnmiHiimer and Sttidatt Mi^itratt, G. C 

BBTue, 6001 
1« CUrk, B. A.Hiidd, 190?. 
2wfdiUo,G.O'CoDDel, 145/. 

DiTieiOK OF Ektska. 
(7in/ Camaiaioner tmd Saidtnt Magittrale, M. J. 

jAcksoD. fiOO/. 
(7/eri, T. E. Wrigbt, 200/. 


CMI f^BmunOKT one/ Raident Magittraie, T. R. H. 

DiTinoii o 
Civil Conmiitiimer and BaidaU Ifimtratt, £ 

PUlpott, 60O/. ^ 

l»t (7;«r*, F. E. Wollaston, 220/. 
2tid ifiao, Q. J. MathewB (on probatJonV 120/1 
an/ ditto, W. de N. Lucas (on probation), 1201 

DiTisios OF Jasbesthjj. 
Cini Communimer nni/ Btiidmt Xagittnite 3, J 

WstBon, 500/. 
Oa-t, T. D. Hugo, 1901 

Cim7 CommittVMtr and Reiidnt Mmiilntte, A. 0. 

Wylde, 7001, aUon-nnce 561, 1601 home rent 
Itl CUrk, H. Halse 2JU/. 
2ad ditto, R. J. V. D. tliol, SOol 
9rddiUo, W. Phili»It, UIDL 
ilh duco, J. A. Gibbs. 1451 
5IA ditto, A. P. de TiJliei'6, 1461 

CmaiOM OF Aleiahixu. 
dml Canmiuienrr aad UeiidaU ilagitbvlt, H. A. 

Cvril CamBouncr and Btiidmt ilagiitrale, 0. H. 

Hnntloy, 7001 
C/n-ib, tt. C. Ferrig, ?'i01 
A. P. Ham, 1451 
E. 8. Booth (ou probation), 1201 


Citil Coirwattioaer and Buidenl Magiatratt. A. 

a lEcaB, 200/. ^ ^ 

Cltrk, S. P. VemuDg, 1001 


Civil Commiuu/tier and Stiident Magiitrate, J. F, 

Webb. 600(. 
Chri, W. HwB (acting), 190/. 

DtnaioK o? Vicroali CE*si> 
Civil CarBmiinoner and Reiident Magittfafe, J. C' 

Paure, 6O01. 
Clerk, A. 8. HoolB, 2207. 
dtti and InUijntler, 8. Miiinba, 921. 

BlVIBlON or Stocks>«tboh. 
Cieil Commiaiontr and BeiidtHt ifagittratr, P. 

B. Borcherils, SOOf. 
Clcri, J. O. NicbolsoD, 190/. 


Ciril CoamiMiiimer md Setideat Magiatr^e, B. R. 

Holland, 600/. 
IK CTert, J. W. Honey, 400/. 
Siij Cient, B. Ultford, 1457. 

DmeioN OF BHDFoas. 

CivS Commiaioner and Saidrnt ifagittrete. A, 

Stewart. 500/1 
Ckrk, A. W. Baker, 220/. 

F. Boss (OQ probation), 1201. 


Ciril Commitiioner and Beiident Moffitlrale, L. 

Bovee, 600/. 
I.(Cfc*.C. Home. 280?. 
2nd CItrt, W. S. K. Dorrington (on probation), 


DiTiaios or Cradock. 
Citil CommiiMioaer and Bttideat ifagUtratt. J. 

AyM, 600/. 
lit Clrrk, M. Smuts, 220/. 
2nd CUi-b, F. B. Gedga (on probation), 120f. 


Civil Crnmittitmer and Raidatt Jaagutrate, W. W. 

Maakew, 600/. 
Oert, A. E. C. Fielden, IdOL 

Civil CommiJiBioner and Rsfidmi Magiitratfj H. 

Hudson, 700f.; 100/. honse nllowanee. 
1« ««■*, R MeirinB (acting), 210/. 
Cfcri, W. Lb Sueur, i4ot 

Ciiril CommiuioneT and Sendeit MoyitOyOe, Aithnr 

C/rri, W. C. Scully, 190/. 


BaidenI Sfayiilrate, T. P. 

Cieil CummufioiKi- 

Pett, 6C0t 
Clerk, A. B, Montagu, 190/. 

Dmsios OF BtnuMorm, 

Ciril Commitiioner and Bttidenl Sfagittmle, H. F. 

Barton, 600/. 
IK (%1-it. F. E. Kretzschmar, 190/. 
2hJ CTeri:, C. J. iNiclioluon, 1457. 

DiVlBIOS 07 HOPB Tow*. 

ltd Retidtai Magiitrate, J. 

Hudson, G 
Ij/ Cfcrt, G. M. Edyo, 2007. 
2wj Chrk, J. A. de Oiiviera, 116t 

C^n7 Crmwaaiimer and RtMidatt Magitttfdt, F. J. 

Hodges, 6007. 
1« CTeri, H. J. Sbea, 210/. 
2»rf Clerk, W. C. Morris, 14571 


£!iti7 (Jonuniisofirr and Seiidtnt Magittratt, 0. E. 

Beera, 500/. 
Cltrk, M. Smuta (on probation), 160/. 

DmsioN OF Albbbt. 

Civil ComnuuioBtr and Rt4ident MaqiitraU. C. 

W.AndrewB, 600(1 
1«< C7tri, R, H. Nesbitt, 19071 
2n(7 Clerk, 3. B. Harrison, 120/. 


Civil Commiitioatr and Btaideat MagUtrate, J. C. 

Hunt 600/. ^ 

1*( Clrrk, C. H. Haw, 2307. 
2ad Clerk, W. G. Button, 1467. 

Divmox o? Tabka. 

Cli^ fomntuimur onii AeniJcM ilagittrate, T. I. M. 

Gie, 5O07. 
CTn-i, W. W. Hire, IBO/, 

Division OF Hbbmbel. 
Civil CommitiioBer and Retideat Magiilraif, Captain 

Hoot, 500/. 
\tt Clerk, L. M. Harfaon, 100/., and S071 allovancs. 
CUrk, 0. Taintoo, 145/., and BO/, allowance. 


Civil Conmiaioner and Saident Magutraie, L. Q. 

Bawslorao, 6007. 
1»( Clerk, H. A. Jennor, 25071 
2iid C/ent, C. H. HiUlnrd, 146/. 


CiVi7 CommittioHtr aitd Saident JWaaistrate, G. G. 

Munnik, 500/. 
Cki*, A. 8. van OoUer, 1907. 


Civil Camniiaioner and Srtident Mmiifnda, J. 

Hemming, 60071 
IH Clerk, H. J. de W. van Breda, 30071 
2nd Cleik, G. C. Dreynr, 2207. 
3rd Clti-i, a. M, Hnntkiy, 145/. 
CUrk and lalerpreler, Jamea Verily, 145t 

DlBTBiCT op G1.IM Gbbt. 
Reiident MmiHrale, C. U. Driver, 50071 
Clerk, W, K Jeffrey, 1457. (on probalion). 

Division of Cathcabt. 
Cieil Commisnoner and Reiident Magiitrate, J. J 

Clerk, F. Schermbmolcer, 19071 

DiviBio:* OP KxKQ WnjJAM'B Town. 

Civil Commisriimer, Jleiidenf Ma^rale, and Reqii- 

trar of Dtrdi, Acting Adnunuira/Br Gnanalaiid 

Weil, 18«0i J. B- lanes, C.M.G., 700/., and 

Clerk), L. Oersirdy, 3007., and 307. allowance. 
0. HuntlBv, 2207. 
A. O. Gili; 1907. 
G. H. B. Shaw, US/. 
A. J. Vaughan, 14571 


Cldl Cotmnini . . 

Wright, 500/., and 50/. nllotraBce. 
CUri,W. A, Hudsoo, 190/. 

Reiidtal Magimrate, W. 



Cieil Ctmmittiimer a»d Rctidait MagiitTate, E. 6. 

Chaliaere, SOW. 
Clert, W. R. Peiwe,2001 

DnTBioN OF East London. 
Cirii ConumHiour and Retidtnt Magulmtt. W. 

H. Fleucher, GOOf. 
1*( CUrk, P. T. Trater, aaot 
2imJ ditto, H. HcA. BUkawsy, 190J: 
8ni ditto, W. F. Bergh, 146t 
4/& £ao, 0. Hallet, 14GJ: 

TrtoMurtT efdu Colona, Hon. H. W. Pearson, IfiOOl. 

AuimaU Tnanmr. K. H. U. Orpeu, 630<. 

Depvi^ AauiraU Trtaturer, J. U. CoUird, 6001. 

Accom,iant. T. S. Hull, 4501. 

AniHant dilto, B. Nieolay, iOOt 

Booltetprr, Caloitt M. Stevena, 2501 

2nd C'i»i L'ferJ3, E. Philpott, 22M 

3nf C/oM Clrrti, T. Joabert, 180t 

„ J. J. Herbert, 1601 

„ W. F. Ruynolds, 12W. 

Diitribtttor of Stamp; B. J. Brodribb, OSOt 
Sub-DittrSmlori, P. Borcherdg, 22S/. 

„ T. BlnkB Turner, IBO/. 

SCatiotury Branck. 
Omcer M CHoTw, Q. MoC. The»L 2607. 
CTerJ;, B. Lawrence, 210f. 

Collector and PriHdpal CaiXroller, U. Jennlsni 

Ciiff Clert, C.W. Pe»r9oni, 600t 
Ul aiUB, B. W. T. Walir, 2751. 
iitd ditto, J. Keckroodt, 2001. 
Brd diOo, W. W. Speid, 1601: 
Hh ditto, P. Berraoge, 14Gf. 
bi diUo, T. D. Achiun, 1451: 


aab-CoUedor wtd Surveyor, F. Burrowei, 70O?. 

kdA lOOJ. allowance. 
CAir/ CTfTit and Warehoiudteeper, E. B. D'Arc;, 4S011 
inddUlo, J. 0. Hoets, 226/. 
3rd dttto, F. C. S. Psnnolt, 1601. 
Additioaai ditto (lempomr;), 1162: 
CUtf ExmTutnng Office, H. Le Snenr, 4001. 
and ^, W. M. Morris. BBOt 
Brd mto, P. van Breda, 275'. 
4M diUo, H. P. Denning, 2101. 
5(1 iSUo, P. Hertatet, 200f. 
~ ■ -liFOjBwr.K. J.dsKorW, 17K 

l»i Locitr, G. F. B«iuu»j.u 
Sad dUci, W. Miller, 14«j: 
Brd rttio^ J. Toi 


and IMs Waiter, H. LyonB, 120t 
Srdditio, J. Fillent. 120/. 
4rt ditfo, B. WoodbndB. 112t 
m ditto, J. J. EiuE, 100/: 

ea ditto, H. RiuMii, 100/: 

74 (fitto, J. Breakej, 100/. 
6a dUto, J. J. Beeve, lOOC 
MA ditto, W. 0. Townaond, 100/. 
IDd ditto, M. Leeaon, m. 
lUA ditto, W. Hansf onL 901. 
I2ti )BUo, W. lAunbe, 00/. 

POBT OF BmaM'fl Toinf. 

Sub-CoBedor and Examining QMcer, F. J. van der 

Hist, 3U0/. 
Tiids Waiter and Locker, J. H. Glynn, l!Oi 

Post Nolloth. 
3fdi-C</lleclar, 0. Barber (acting), 200/:,Mid50l. 

Tide Waiter, C. Bennett, 120/. 

PoBT OF Port Bbacfobt. 
Officer, H. Dariea, 260. 


. _. , B^zaminiag Ot 

keeper, A. H. L. Horkel, Si 

Locker md Tide Waiter. A. Too 

Tide W<uter, T. Hclneroey, 1001. 

PoBT OP PoBT Elisabeth. 

3iit-CdlhcioraHdSurwyoi;A. R Orpen, 7001. al- 
lowance 150/. 

Ckitf Clert and WareAoiueieeper, H. J. Bed- 
ford, 400/. 

2Bd ditto, W. H. Haswell, 275/: 

Srd ditto, B. B. BoBa, 176/. 

414 ditto, T. C. Purlaud, 145/. 

lit Examining " " • 

2»ddiUo, C. I _. ... .. 

3rd diffo, G. C. Chaso, 2.^0i. 

Uh ditto, F. J. Gaity, 175/. 

bth ditto, F. K. Chase, 175/. 

6a ditlo, H. UnrahaU, 1761. 

Ill Locker, N. Lynch, 170(. 

2nd iStlo, P. O. Swcaaey, 160/. 

ird ditto, P. Brophy, 120/. 

W ride Waiter, M. Kenny, 120/1 

Snd ditto, F. Sinnigan, 110/. 

3rd ditto, B. H. Novin, 100/. 

4M<ttto, A. Brydon ""' 

5(4 di 

I, W. I 

t, 100/. 

6M ditto. T>. Clarkaon, lOO/. 
7(* £tto, T. O'Connor, 100/. 
8(4 ditto, Boberte, 100/. 

Poet op Potn Alfxbs. 
S\A-CeUet!lor and Examining Officer, A. £ 

SOO/., aUowaoRe 90/: 

lerk and Exanbning C " 
Tide Waiter Locker at 
A$eiilant ditto, W. C. Uoumnn, 100/. 


SiA-Collector, SuTceyoT, and WareAoiue-keeptr, 

H. C, a. Fielding, iai)l., and 100/. allowance. 
1)( fanninii^ Officer, J. S. Orerbeck, 400/, 
2>id „ George Hawkioa, 225/. 

Srd „ J. J. Gleverley, 176/. 

Clerk, A. H. Wilaliere, 220/. 
IHtto, A. Murray, 120/. 
ioc4<r,A. Duncan, 132(. 
TUe [Cwtor, D. M. Clear, 120/. 
Zlitto, A. Paterson, 100/. 
Ditto, D. Martin, 100/. 
iWto, W. Dingwell, 100/. 
ilitto, W. Haoaen, 100/. 


' Srmrente Court. 

Cltu^Jiatiae, Hia Rooour tiiri. H. de YilliarB, 2,0007 
TUnc Judgtt, B. Dwyer,* 1,500/. 

C. T. Biiuth,t 1,500/: 
Segittrar, J. B. C. Semirier, BOOi 
^uiXoat ftmrtmr G. Bt V. Crfppa, 800/. 
Interpreter, F. G. Watermeyer,&O0f., andfiOL iUoiT- 


PuuM Judga, S. Jacobs, 1,600^. 

S. Q. A. Bhippord, 1,500; (E. BadiB- 
lUtD actincX 
Bfffiitivr <md SleHa; W. R. Fieri, iOfil. 
ClK-i, W. C. v»n Hj-noveld, 146/. 
Inltiyrela-, B. Ajliff, SSOt 

Vice-Admiraltg Covl. 
Judfff, Sir J H. do Villiers. 
PrtKlor, C. A. Fsirbridgs. 
Smittrar, J. R. Itf itL 
JfiirjAai, J, M. Hools. 
Surroffaie, T. EliKabeth, A. C. Wylde. 

JfoUci-'i &l^, JA^MTiiH Coarf. 
Maitrr ami Guerdutn of Orphan, 3. HofmoTT, 
(setiiie), 800i. 

Orjihan Chambtr BrantA, 
Acting CU'/arrk, 3. A, lo Cnrap, 46W. 
Clerkt, 0. i\ Silbeibaiier, W&t 
C. J. Mullcr, 20W. 
P. O. TBn Mokerk (prob.), IMt 
Itaolvtta Bnav^i. 

Altormg-GtneraTi O0ct. 
Atlnmey-GtHfrai, Hon, Thomas UpJDiFtOD, ILA., 

CiUr/ Clert and Clfri of Pt/ux, 3. 3. Qmham, fiOOt. 
S«i Cfcnt S. P. TowDBcnd, 145'. 
Cfcnt, H. K. X)»lfl (prob.), 120/. 
Par/iamfitlary Dravghlimtm, A. W, Cole (t«ll^) 

AaMoOml, J, Pprkins, 300/, 
Dcpu/s Audilor, F. E. Philpott, »D0/. 
SolicUor-CeHtyaei Offer. 
SalicUor-Gfofi-a!, A. F. S. MaiBjorp, 70Of. 
C/«ri*, F. GrBham. 225?. 

M. B. BobiDaoD, ISOt. 

//17A &ifrif, Offct. 
Btgk aiittif, J. M. Croeby. TOO/. 
Clent', E. T. Audorson, 2o0/. 
Cierl;i. C. ritngorsld, 1451. 

, .. jn. J. LaiDg, 1.500t 

Auitiaat Commimmer, T. R Elliott, LL.B., TMH 
Chirf Aaxmlat, U, H. McNaiii;Uton, fiWt 
l»i Clerk, Cbwlea Currey, BOOi 
C&t-t», C. Lyon Henry, I90i. 

Noel Janiarb, 160/. 

F. J. dn Fleaaifi. 1351 

B. McMillan, ISbL 

W. H. Millara, 13S/. 

ConHct BnatA. 
ChiifCUrt,-7F.T. Hawthorn, MOJ: 
Clerk, O, Carr Bolby, 146t 
Slarei Itmer, W. Keal, GO/. 

Oofrvii,T Statiokb. 

Sigteriiiloidail, W. tod Luisingeii, 8S0I., uid 

ritUiag Maglttrrdf. J. runphell. SGL 
Acaimtant. J. 11. Wobb, m<i., and alloirancM. 
Cjk^rfai'n, G. H. B. Fiulc, 257i., and ftUowiDCoa. 

yUilinq MagiUmtf, A. E. Innea, 2W. 

i>>*Ua Surgeott, A. P. K. Prsaton, £5/., Kud alknronoM- 

fiito t'AnpduB, D. W. Dodd, 160/. 

£cut Lofidon. 
Sigxrinteadeni, 3. Dall&a, 2%5[., and aUow&neen. 
Viiilinn ilagittrate, W. M. Pleisehor, 26i. 
DiUo Swgam, B. ¥. Sunning, 200/. 
INHo CA^lan, C. H. E. Wycho, bU. 16«. 

^ I, F. Ilreyer, ISO/., and allowaoeve. 

l-Mi/iiw SurgtoM, (). Gnrmsn, 75/., and aUowanooB. 
ZKrto Ciiq^aia, B. 0. Mortiiuer, 5UI. 
i>i'H(> Jfogiftni/i, H. J. Jacksau, SOL 

■S'Hpm'flfnu^l, H. M. Dreyer, ISO/., and allomnces. 
Vxtitiaa 3lagiU,-ale, W. H. Newdigate, 50t 
Dim, Ciaplain, B. Qibba. 50t 
Jtetidtnt Surgtat, J. B. Woolby. 200t 

/■ort Captain, Table Ba'j, M. H. Penfold, 500/., and 

allovanco 100/. 
OwA, A. T. V. Brideo, 200/. 
Pari Offctr, Shum't liae, T. Bynon, 22H. 
JUtto, Jloatrl Boy, G. b. Bird, 2251., and (dlowance 

Pi/of, A'ufTwa, J. Renn, 150/. 
Purt OJicev.FMIenberg-t Bob, J. T. Sflwell, 60t 
Harbour iliulrr, Fort KlkaSnA, T. Skead, 50011 
Shipping Mattrr. A. Bristow, 250/. 
Purl Officer, Fort At/?,d. W. Cilifford, 1001. 
JJarbow Matter, hatt LondM, C. Q. Thomson, 


Dilio. King William'i TonK, Baroa J. d« Fill, 3001., 


Ilgdraidic Engineer. 
3. C. Gamble, 1,1100/. 

Stuv^or^Geaerafi Office. 
SufMifor-Genfral, A. de Smidt, 800t 
Eranuaer of Diagrant, L. Marqnard, 600/. 
Aaitlani Sarvtym'-Gmeral, 3. T. Homo, 660/. 
Chief CUrh, W. H. Homo, 400t 
CUfki, G, B. Wentzel, S50t 

p! B. de Wet, 226t 

E. StapktoD, 200/. 

A. Harher, IBS/. 

R. Hanaon, 120t 

E. H. Stokea, 120/1 

M. Kempton, 120/. 
Ca^fCmpiler. G. N. ThomaB, 400/. 
Ditto Drmnhtrmm, W. C. Krnp, BOO/. 
jJMittanf Vnanhttman, M. Brink, 275J1 
/Uro, di»a, A J. van Ueladingen, 200/1 
i)i«o, £110, A. Krynaur, 200(. 

J^<J/ie Workt Offlee. 
Chief Impetlor, 3. Fforde, 1,200/. 
Engiaeenng Aaielanl^ W. H. Oner, 600^. 
ArchUedural ditto. H. S. Qr«aTea, SOOI. 
fljnJiT^ni/iUai/ d/Mo. D. May, 50PJ1 


Atii*laiit Aceomtmt, L. J. de J. da 'Vmien tML I 

Cltrk, C. J. CmtoI, iibl. 

SUtreterper, J. Art, SOOI. 

Ctert, P. Jainsch, 3001 

Road /(Hpecfw, T. Bun, 5S0L, and aUowuoBO^ 

Wtitem RaUtBogt. 
SmlicavEitgmeer, W. G. BronngBT, 1,20(K. 
Chief OUrk, J. McNaoghton, 1£0L 
C^it. H. B. Lewis, ■ioUI. 

r Enro Vuxun'a Town. 

«, M. Stsf^LSBB, 47U, kod 

100(. lUDiniuB. 
^torriwwr, C. Ajidivw, UO. 
Tro^ JfilMwrr, J. Dell, 8O0t 
CAv/^M«MlM, J. Startler, 5001. 
Auutant ^ccoMAnt, J. U. Davii, SOU 
.iImU ^farjt, A. fiobb, 30<U. 

J/idlonif and yorth E/utent BaUteay 
CkirJ RaidaU Eagmerr, J. P. WntBon, 900t 
ChirJ Accotmtani, P. Counor, eOW. 
TVnJfc Maaagtr, A, W. Huwall, 8001 

Jiait London and Quttn'i Toaa Railtmf. 
CHrfReadnt Engiwer, P. (J ^ieaaor BOOt 
Ckuf AecomtaU, Clarke Thwailes, 4501. 
Traffic MmagtT, A. Difford, 8D0/. 

Teltffraph Dtj^artmaU. 
Oaurat Umagtr, J. fiiveirrigfat, C.H.Q- SOOi: 
Chirf Cltrk, B. Doff, 600(. 
A$niUiBil AccoanlanL J. Bearle BBOt, 
Audit Ckrl, T. Searie, 276;. 

DtpartmaU o/ffaSte Affinn. 

Od^ Cltrk. F. i» Smidt, E«q., WtML 
Clert, L. Chiappini, Esq., 246t 
DiUo, B. E. Turner, Esq., 190^ 
DUto, F. Baker. Esq., Vitil. 
AcroaUanl A. F. BoberWon, Esq., 350?. 
Audit Clert, E. H. Hogge, Esq., 200/. 

JVorlAcnt Border. 
Spieiia Oinmiuiimer and Magitlrau, 1. H. Scott, 
Esq., 800/., and allowance 100/. 

DirmoN OF Albaht. 

mdnto/'jVatipa.S. Barrett, 160/. 
/nuM(<ora o/^ MdiK Locatiotu, 5. Barrett, lOO/Li 
W. C. Nicholson, aOO/. 

DinsiOK OP ALBXunniA. 
la^iKtor qf NatiM Lacaliomi, J, B. Sh*W, ISO^ 

QinsiOlt OF BUKUMT. 
Intpectart of Xative Locatioiu, J. N. Cock, SOW.; 
J. a. Balnw, 200r. 

Division of Bxnroma. 
Iruptctar of Naiive Locotunu, O. H. King, 2501. 
Divniox OF East Lohdok. 

Smgion of Foki Bbiufobt. 

0/ Fingoei, Btald Tomt, R Di^i- 
more, zuw. ; alluwance iSt 
Inipector of Natim ZdcotwM, B. Booth, SGOJl 

Bartholomew, Jan., 290L ) Codl N. BaAsr, 
od W. J. Doll, 2S0t 

i:jBq., iyuj, ■ miuwanne oui. 
iKeto, iVimiicAa.K J. Uiok, E»., OiSl.; aUovaiice 

Otrt, lEIto, a. J. BaVDur, 1751. 
Sptoiid Mcniaratt, Jfiddedrijl, S. H. B. Fielding, 

Esq., 400/. ; alloirancB lOoi^ 
Oert and iMetj/reter, J. Hottsb, Esq., ISOt 

allowanoB 251. 
IjupeOon of ffative Locationt, J. DorringtoB, SSOl^; 

aUowanoe 25/. ; J. A. Tapwtn, SSO/L ; J. M. 

Steveneou, SBO/. : J. Landrey, 260/. j H. Sprin, 



Luptctor of Native Tjoeatioat, 1. Cowie, 260/: 

DrnaioH of Peddi>. 
Inmdori oj Natim Localiimt, J. B. Hartley, ZfiO/L 

E.Bartholomew, jan^ 2601. " -" " "--■— 

SML ; and W. J. Doll, 260L 


AswrfBtaufent of NaltTO, Bolofva, B. W. Stanford, 

Esq., 200/. ; aUovauoe 26/. 
Clerk, C. W. Chaband, 60J. 
Superialeadeal of Hngoet, Kcpoailoae, ^t., £. C. 

Je9rey, 200/: ; aUowance 25/. 
Cfcri, C. A. King, 1601. 
Iiupekora of A'rUiM Locationi, F. J. Evens, 2267. ; 

Qeo. Lynn, 225/. [ O. Judd, 226/: 

Inipedor of Natine Looaioiu, k. T. Trollip, 26/1 

DmsioN OP BToOKBicnBOH. 
/ntfKcim- of Natim Laoatioiu, E. T. Elliott, 800/. 


Ingiectar of NoiUt LocaHont, i. Kropf, 200/. 
DlTISIOW OF Vtctowa East. 

mentor'i AgetU, Baiutoimd, and Ckief Magitlrait, 
BanMlmJ, CharlM D. Qriffltli, C.H.O., 1,200/:; 

Clerk, F. E. O. Bell, 2M/. ; ■Uomiiee 501. 
Aeeomlanl, A. G. Hnbbard, Esq. (proTilionally), 

1461. ; allowance 25/. 
Dittria Sargeo*, L. C. Danmas, UJ)., 300/.; 

hoDsa tree. 
DiTtdor Modd School, Bev. £. B. Holland, 600/. ; 

house free; 1/. per diem alloirance for timTelliog'. 
Auuttmt UagiihTUe, Mataru, H. L. Danss, Esq., 

450t ; allowance 60/. 
C/(r*,aJ. Maitin,170/: 
-(aoiitrate,Mafitag,K. C. B. Barkly, Esq., 4601 ; 

allowanco 60/. 
Clirrk J. E. Sunnon, 170/: 
Atndnt i%«(ra«, Btrta, 0. 0. H. Boll, Esq., 460/., 

Clerh A. E. G. Hatchard, 14S/. 
"tadentMagi ' ' - ■ " - 

Esq. 450f:i 
C/ert, W. M. Carlisle, Esq., 200L 
SaideM MagiitnUt, Leribt, Major C. H. Bell, 4UJ:[ 

allowance 60L 

- ■,. Kun., 

aylor, M,D., Ac, iSOl^ •!- 

Clerk, P. P. JerTifl, Esq., 200(. 
DiOnd Surgeon, H. S. Taylor, 

lowanRS 60/. 
Beddmt Magitlnde, QuMng, 

4S0/. ; allowance 50/. 



CU-^ ^agUtraUt, Captnin H. S., BIyth, C.U.G^ 
1,000 { allowanco 7b!., and lionBe fre?. 

Citef Clerk and Accnun/iaU, B. L. UutIob, £sq., 
SOOI. ; allDwance 25/., and houw free, 

t'(frJ: and Fninvrtlir, W. T. Brownlee, Esq., 1601. ; 
Hllowuice 251 

J)i!lnctSarr/em.J. H. Nankivoll, Eeq., M.ILC.St 
SOU. 1 tllowuiFe 50:. 

/wpfrforo/Soarfi.E.B. Prlohttrd,Esq.,*OOt; al- 
lowance aoo(. 

Saidaa MagitlTale, Nqamaltnf, F. P. tiladwin, Esq., 

iSOl.; allon-ance Ml, and house free. 
Clerk, N. O, Tbomeon, Esq., 120(. ; ollowance 25t, 

■nd house free, 
Saidml Maniih-nit, Tiomo, T. A. Sing, Eeq., 

5O0L; kUonmucij 50f., and house free. 
Oeri, B. B. Giirnor, Esq., I20f: ; aUonaiiKi 25L 
Retidetit Magutrate, KnUani, M. B. ishaw, £gq., 

600i : allowing in/,, and house free. 
Clent, A. Bein, Ei«|., 120;. ; Hlh>wnui-e 25J1 
Kttident ilagiknue. WUhwrait. F. M. Straatfond, 

C.H.Q., 5W/. ; allonnnco 501., and house free. 
Clerk, C, J. Waruer, 120/. ; allowance 25/, 
Kfidait «agistratf, Bulltneorth, T. K, Merriman, 

EBq.,SO0/:; allowanro 50/., and house free. 
CUrh, A. W. Fuller, 150/. ; allowance 2.5/. 
KetideM ManiUrale, IihlytBti, T, P. M. Fattle, Esq,, 

BOOi ,- allownnio 50/., and house free. 
atrk,S. H. Uamillun, 120/.; alluwante 26/,, and 

house free. 

GniQr ALAND East, 
CWrf- MagUlratf, Uon. Charles Brownlee, 1,0001 ; 

allowance TSf., nod hniiso frco. 
Atcwmtaiit.y . Sampson. Esq,, 2501.; Hllowanco 751. 
<7*wfC/ert, B. Barker, Esq., 2(Xi/.; ollnwnnce 25/. 
CUH, 8. B. Liefeldl, Esq., Vihl. ; allowance 50/. 
Dittrict 3urgem, R. E. Guild, Esq., H.B., Ac, SOOt. ; 

allowaneo 100/. 

B60i ; allowance 100/. 
Cltri, H. P. Tillard, 125/. ; allowan™ 26/. 
Raidtnl Maffiili-alt, I'mzimtuiu DUlriet, Q. W. 

Hawthorn, £>>q., 850/.; allowaace 100/. 
Otrk, 3. C. Garner, Esq., 160/. ; allowance 25/. 
ItuuUiU Magiiinile, MalalieU,lt. W. Liefeldt, Esq., 

; alio- 

■e imL 

atrk, A. a. Aasten, Esq., 120/. ; allowance 50/. 
Rttidaa itai/Uli-ale, .Itoual Fr/Tr, W. B. G. filen- 

kinB. Esq., RaO/, ; aUr>wan.-fl lOO/. 
atrh, W. p. Loary, 120/. ; allowauoe SO/. 
Raidenl Magiilraie vilh " Jojo," Mount Aatiff, W. H. 

Head, Esq., 300/, ; all n wan ce 100/. 
Of rt, Harry B. Wamer. X2W, ; ■llowancs2a/. 
Rfnthm MimHralt, (lumba. 6IML ; allowance 50/. 
Clerk, ISOL; allowanra 50/. 
Bendent Jfagutmlr, finlbrrg, J. B. Thtnuson, Esq., 

VOL ; allowancB 100/. 
Orrk, B. T. Ouniimnir. Esq., 120/. ; allowance 60/. 
Auxfent MagiHrale, Tiolo, A. R. Welsh, Esq.,400/. ; 

TkmbulAni), Ac. 
C/uffHagiilratt, Tembiland. and Britith Raidenl U 

Wettent PoiHkJand, Major U. G, Elliot, O.M.Q., 

1,000/, { illnwaace 100/. 
/tiuiKHi/ C/ert,C. J, Sweeney.Esn,, 250/:; allowance 

Clerk, L. Q. H. Tainlon, Esq., 12Dt ; allownncc 501. 
DUUi, R. E. Warrene, 120/. ; allowance 25/. 
MaqiflrrUt lU Umiala, A. H. Stanford, Esq., 900/. ; 

ailowance 75/, 
Clerk, TT. n. Henman, 120/: ; allowance 23/- 

Reildent UagUl)yai, EmgaaU, Uajor J. F. Bojcs, 

Clei-k. J. G. L. , , 
Ra'vteat ifag'ulrtae, Engenbi 
Esq. 450/.; alk "=' 

120/, ; allowan 

W. I 


Clerk, h. Daoiell, Esq., 120/., allowance 86i 

Clerk in diargt at .llaxonno'i Uoet, J. W. Uonix, 

Esq., 250/.; aUowanco 50/. 
Seiidejil JUagiilrale, Mqaiidi£, C. F. Blaksway, 

Esq,, 850/. i allowance 76/. 
Clark, J. W. Nesbitl, 120/, ; allowance SiL 
Readent Magielrate. Bllintdaie fflomraiiaianrf), 

CapUin J. O'Cunnor, 350/. ; aUowance 76/: 
CU<-k, H. 8. Vice, 120/. ; allowance 25/: 
RfBOutt ilagulTatt, Souihtsnlle (^Enagraat TenAv- 

land), C. J.I.evov, 500t ; allowance 76/. 
Clerk, Q. Fonii, 120/. ; allowance 25/, 
Seridenl ^agUtratf, Xalaaga (Kwitjrant Tembuland), 

W. CummiDK, E><q.. 250/. ; allowance 100/. 
aerk, W. H. Bunn, 120/. ; allowance 25/. 
Acting lietident Jfa^iitlrati; and Sab-CoUedor nf 

II.M. CitiUmt. Port St. Joha-i, Pondolimd, H. M. 

Edyo, Esq., 400/. ; allowance 150/. 
Acting Cltrk and Etamiaing Officer, J. Fleming, Esq., 

Harbour and Shipping JIailer and Pilot, T. B. 

Bangav, Esq., 300/. 
Britith RnideM, Pimdoland Eait (Egoio), Bev. J. 

Oiley OiIand{proviBioiially),600/.i allowant-u 


Ckrk and Imerprrter, W. G. Klcinschmidt, 176/. 
Acting RaiOad, Otaliaadja, iS^oi B. D. Hnsgrave 

(proTiBionally), 600/. 
Clerk and fiittrprettr, J. J, Meyer, Esq. (pro- 

risionally), 176/. 


Archdeacon of lie Cape. Ten. H. B«dnall,D.D.,150f. 
Arckdeacon of George, Ven. P. P. Fogg, 2001 
Bithop of OraAaraiioicn. Rt. Rev. W. f. Merriman. 
Ikan of Qi-ahamitoim, Very Key. P. H. WiUiams, 

Archdeacon of GnAanutoicn, Van. H, M. While, 

ArchdeacoA B. Kaffi-aria^ Ven. H. Kitten, 
Bithop of SI. JohiiX Mt. Bev. Dr, Callaway. 
Bitki^ (1/ Blnemfi/ntein, Oranga River Frte State, 

RL Bev. Dr. *obb, 
Raman Catholic Bithop, Capeimm, HL Bev. Dr. 

RonuM Catholic Bithop of GrahaTnttoan, Bt. ReT. 
"Jr, Bicards. 

Royal Obaervatory, 

(Eipenees defrayed from Admiralty Chest.) 

Latitude, 33° 66' 3"; longitude, Ih, ISm. GSs. cast 

Attronnmer Royal. D. Oill. 
' ■ uitlani, W. fl. Finlaj. 

[ttitliait, Q. W, H. Haclear. 
8rrf Atntlanl, — Pott. 
V\ Attitlanl, J. Freeman. 








%— '^ •■? \I?\ 

COLOMBO ^gj^g-^ ^"^afiiwr/^*^^^ --— -U^ 


B-a*Jl \^^v / Nc.-'oV''^ 




„■ Google 

An isUDd dloatad in the Indian Ocmd, off tlie 
Bontbern extremity of Uindostsu; lying between 
6° 55' uid 9° fil' N. ImL, and 1i)° 41' andMl" 64' E, 
long. : iti eitrelae length from north to sonth, 

lively haalthy ; the heat in the plaina, width is 
nearly the same tbiou^hout the yeai, being much 
less opprsBsive than in llindoatan. Along tlie 
coMt the annual mean tomiieralure is about SO"' 
Vahr.; at Kandy, 1,GGS feet above eea hivel, it is 
Tfl° (avBiagB of tsn years) ; at Colombo the annual 
variation ia from 76° to Bti°; at Galle 70° to aO"; 
and at Trincomaleo 74° to 91°. In tliu mountain 
ranges there is of coarse a great variety of climate, 
the tharmometer at the hill station, Nuwara Kliya, 

which is some 6,WXI feet ' ■-- 1— -> -• -^ 

falling at night as law ai 

CeyloQ was visited in early days by the Greeks, 
Bomans, and Venetians: in 150^ the I'ortugueus 
formed Battlements oc the west and south of the 
ialand: in the neitamturythoywere dispoBBesBed 
by the Dntch. In 1795-6 the British took posees- 
sion of tha Datch suttlenumts in the lEland.' TLey 
were than annexed to the Presideucy of Madras, bul 
five yeoTB later, in IMJl, Ceylon >v as constituted ■ 
aeparate Colony. In lttl5 nor was declared agaiusl 
the native Uovemmeut of the interior; the Kan- 
dyau King was taken prisonor, and the whole 
Island feU under the fuIb of the British. 

Tlie CocoB or Xeelisg Islands were transferred 

15,809j280 acres; and nMber more than one-aizili of 

ttuB,ailardBdncting backwators, &c., is nndsr culli- 
Tation, the moat important productions being: — 

bioe, 700,000 acres; other Uraiu, roughly esli- 
matod at about 100,UUU acres; (Joffee, V37 ,UUU 
acres; Tea, 3,1)00 ■cres; (jiuohona, 7,000 BcrBS; 
CoooanuU, 260,000 acres; Cinnamon, 2«,000 acres; 
Areka, I'olmyrah, and othej' 


6 of Cro 

1 land is 

by a supplementa 
vernor (>larcl,, : 

IB apjioiuted, and 

■ ■ -33) the form of Govsri 

_. . Ing was ostablished. 

The Uovemment is administered by a Gov< 
aided by aQ Eiecnllva Council of live mor 
vii., the LientODont-Govarnor and Colonial f 
Ury, the Officer Commanding the Troopt 

Queen's Advocate, the T: ~ "~"' """" ' "" 

Qeneral: and " ' " ' " 

iucloding the 

four otlwr office-holders, and six unofficial mem- 

In the Legislative Council no vote oi rsBolution 
can be paswd, and no question be admitted to 
debate, when tbe object of such ordinance, resolu- 
tion, or question is to dispone of or charge any part 
of the rersnue of the Island, uuIsbb the Uovsmor 
shall have first proposed such vote. 

Ba.l,!40,U00 per annum are paid to tha Imperial 
Oovnmmsnt as the cost of the European garrison, 
tlie nomiikal sDvngth of which is 1,092 men. 

Ths popnlation of Csylon was aBOertaJned by 
the CeuBUB taken in 1871 to be 2,401,U6(>, aicluaiTe 
of military and sMpping, the total being made up 

British, S,709, ; BoTghers, 5,771; EuraaianB, 
SMI; Moors, 168,516; Sinhalese, l,6t>B,llil8 ; 
Tamiii, 584^9 ; others, 21,308. 

Ths nnmbBT of Indian coolies on coffee estates 
waa estlmatod at 128,803, but the number employed 
at present is probably over JU0,0O0. The^ are 
under no Indentures, and are free to quit on giving 
a month's notice. 

'I'lie area of the Island is 24,70! square mils*, or 

coffeo cultivation 
has fetched as much as -ZHI rupucs. 

The revenue ip principally derived from CnslOTOS 
duties, land salea, a laud revunuB (usually ouo- 
tenth of the production cl graiu), Licences (under 
which bead is eutered the aiuuuut realised by ths 

sole of Arrack Ker'-^ ■'-" '-'■"'■ ■- - " 

meilt monopoly), t . , 

following amounts under these beads: — 

Imports (there is no duty on exports), 2,966,430 
rupaas; Loud tjales, <J94,U3U Grain Bevenne, 
Ac, 398.308 ; Liconces, l,724,2<il ; t<alt, 797,274 ; 
Stamps, 1,220,819; Kailway llcceipls, 3^5,141— 
againat which should be set off Cotitnbution to 
linking Fund and Interest on Di^beutures, 620,554 
rupees, and Working Exiwnsca, Sc, 1,68S,53S ru- 

The grand total — 14,748,GTC nipeas — isexclusiva 
of tha local revanuaa roiscd by ihu Municipalities 
of Colombo, Kandy, and Galle, by the rrovinolal 
Haad Committoea. aiid by tha Local Boards of 
Health and Improvameut which have tieen os- 
tablished in tha townB of Kalutara, Negombo, 
Matora, Puttalam, Gampola, Nuwai-a Eliya, Knm- 
nfgala, and Badulla. 

The imports (iuclnding specie) were valned at 
53,A47,3D6i-upoes,andtliooJtpurtE(daducting specie, 
921,130 rupaas) at 53,9I0,I>73 rupees, ot which 
49 e4B,628rupeeBi9raturnoiiror Ceylon produce, and 
2,351,913 rupees for imports exported. Coffee to the 
value of 40,292,291 rupcea, or about fonr-fif Iha of 
thetotalexports,pas80d through the Customs; ths 
bulk of it, to the value ol £3,057,482, being 
shipped to England. 'I'ba aggregate tonnage i^ 
the shipping entered inwards and cleared outwards 
during the year wsa 1,805,748 and 1,303,988 tons 
rcspoctively. A largo increasa may be uipecled 
when tha breakwater ot Lulombo, already com- 

For purpoeCB of general adminlstratiOQ, the 
Island IB [^vldod into sereQ I'rovincea, presided 
over by Government Agents, who protuct Ihu 
rights ot the Crown and promote the welfare o( thu 
people, and, with their Assiatonts and subordinate 
Ueulmen, are the channel of communication be- 
tween tbe Govsmment and the nativee. 

Justice is administered by the bupremo Comi, 
which has an original criminal jurisdiction and 
decides appeals from the inferior Courts both in 
dvil uid orimioal cases; the Police Courts and 
Courts of Kequests, which dispose, respectively, 
of trivial criminal and civil suits ; and the District 
Courts, which have a criminal jujisdiotion inter- 
" ite between that of the Supreme Court and 
lollce ComlB, and a civil jurisdiction in all 

not cognisable by tbe Courts of Koqaests. la 

addition to these there are tha Oansab&was, or 
Village Councils, inalituted under tha Ordinanco 
No. 2(> of 1871, with powera to deal with petty 
ollencse and trifling claims. They have worked 
admirably, being thoroughly adapted to the genin* 
of tbe people^ and, baeidati settling a conaiiterablu 
■moiint. oI htigation^ have provided a valoabln 
machinery for csirjutg out locsd improvemant* 

70 CEl 

Tbey ■!« empinrcrHl to nuke mlsH, sobject to the 
■pproTol of tba Ooveiaor and tha £iecutiTe 
Council, relating to tbeir village •conomy, and it is 
noticeable that in nuny inalancss they haru cot 
only voluntarily provided school buildisgB and 
undertaken the ooat of the nmuing expenses and 
repaijB, but have made elsmentai; educatioa cum- 

Satiafactory progresaiH being made in educaliun. 
The number of Bcholars at the end of 1879 in 
Government echoola vras lO.lSO, and in achoola 
aidod and inspocted by Goveroment «ae £6,944, 
aod the cost 445,S28 rupees, aa cximpared with 
1868, when the number was 6,879, and the ex- 
penditure IG1,660 rupeaa. The improTemsBt ia 
due to the institution of a Department of publio In- 
BtmctioD, and the adoptioD of the aystem of pay- 
ments tor results. 

In the matter of commanication, great efforts 
have been made to keep pace vith the growing 
• " " ■ The priacij*! t 

\ which ia w{ 

connected by the telegraph, 

.: .'.k .u„ Indian te 

ylon. T 
abo to Kandy (74 miloBj at 

, worked 

inth the Indian telegraph syetsm — 
866 miles are open in Ucylon. There is a railway 
*— - '^-'-'-- ■- "Candy (74 miloB) and a branch 
o the coffee dietrictB. South- 
wards, the railway has been eilendod to Eslu- 
tara (27 miles from Culombo.) A railway from 
Kandy to Matale (17 miles) was to be open tor 
traffic on the Ut October, IH80, and the 
contractors have commenced the construction 
of a lioe through the mountains from Na- 
walapitiya to ilanu Oya (42 miles.) Of metalled 
roada, there are 1,120 miles: of gravelled and 
natural roada, 7gS and '31 miles ; of canals. 167 
xclusive of roads nitliiii Municipal 

the charge i 


vhioh I 

10 Department o( PubKo Works, 
lufl coai oi conatruction is great, and the ex~ 
pensea of upkeep very great owing la the heavy 
traffic constantly passing over Uie roads where 
railway carriage is not available. Every male 
between the ages of 18 and 55 is bound to perform 
«ix days labour in tha year on the roads, or to 
contribute a rnpee anJ-a-half (two mpeee In the 
town of ColomtKi) by way of commutation. The 
Boad Committ(«s who collect liie commntation 
received during 1879 a revenue of 862,266 rupees ; 
but the amount derived from this source ia incon- 
siderabie as compared with the outlay-. The total 

Xnditure on public works (not including the 
ay) in 1879 was 4,914,000 rupees. 
The daily average number o{ criminals in jail 
during the year 1879 was 1,907. The atrnngth of 
the Police was 1,666; and the charges 629,406 

A fortnightly mail service is carried on by the 
stetmara ot the F. and O. Comuny between 
Ceylon and Brindiai, Venice, and intermediate 
porta and Bombay on ooe aide, and Madras, Cal- 
cuttv Straits, and China on Iho other: also a 
monthly gervico between Oeylou and Australia. 
There is also a fortnightly mail service by 
the steamers of the H. M. Company betweoD 
Oeykm and HsrseiUea, and between Ceylon and 

_ * .. -.-■•- -id cUna. "' '-D^- 

. anaraUy oc . 

days, and to Boml»iy, Uadrai<, Calcutta, Singapore, 
and China 4, 2, 6, 7, and 16 days roapeotively. 

Further fadlitieB are aftorded by the Briliab 
In^ Steam Navigation Company for com mnnin a- 
lion witti porta in India. Their steamsra leave 
Oolomba weekly for B<mbay and Calcutta, otUing 
«t iBttnwdiat« ports. 

BriHA a«gtnur$. 

1796 TheHon. the Governor of MadrasinConnciL 
1798 The Hon. Fred. North (late Earl of OnildfonI). 
1806 Lientenant^Generat Right Hon. Sir Thomas 

Haitland, Q.C.B. 
IBII Major-Gen. John Wilson, LieDt-Qovernor. 
1812 General Sir Bobert BrownriK, Bart., G.O.II. 
1820 Major-Qeseral Sir Edwwd Barnes, S.C.B., 

ISZS Liantananl-General tha Hon. Sir Edward 

Paget, K.C.B. 
Iffi2 Major-Ganeral Sir James Campbell, E.C.B., 

Lieutenant-G ovemor. 
1824 Lieut.- General Sir Edward Barnes, K.C.B. 
1881 Major-General Sir John Wilson, K.C.B., 

1881 The Right Hon. Sir Bobert Wilmot Eorton, 

1S87 The EL Hon. James Alex. Stewart Maoksnof . 
1841 tient .-General Sir CoKn Campbell (Irtirt 

Clyde), K.C.B. 
1847 Sir J. £ Tennent, E.C.S., LieDL-OoTaraor. 
1S47 The Right Hon. the Viscount Tonington. 
1850 C. J. MacCnrthy, Esq., Lieutenant-Governor. 
1850 Sir George William Anderson, K.C.B. 
1855 C. J. MBcCsrthy,KBq.,LieDtenant-Uoven)Or. 
1866 Sir Henry George Ward, X.C.M.G. 
1860 Sir C. J. MacCarthy, Knt. 
1866 Sir Hercules G. R. Robiaaon, Knt, G.C.M.Q, 
1871 The R1. Hon. Sir W. H. Gregory, K.CJI.G. 


-ch. Liautenu 


1877 Sir Jamea R. Longdcn, K.C.M.U. 








■ 881,878 














1, 110,180 

















6 par osnt. Debnktnres issued i 
laad for Railway Construction 

.1^. ^ 

Borrowed in London, January, 1880, at 


Borrowed from the Public Works Loan 
Commisaioners for Ctdombo Harbonr 
(beinK PWt of a loan of 260,000'. 
authOTised by Act of Parhaoieut), 
bearimg interest at Si per cenL . . . 

Tol^ l,87a£00 

Amount of Sinking Fund applicable to 
the rvpaymant of ttao 6 par oant- 

Debsntnrea (June, 1880) 20S,G;» 

Fnliw of /inparM and Expinlt. 
£ £ 

1866 4,961,060 a,£8G,4a2 

18*7 4,501,388 3,530.22* 

1868 4,403,177 3.786,721 

18«9 4,636,023 3,631,065 

S, 336, 119 
- ~61,240 



ExtciUiBe Couaeil. 
His ExceUency Sir Junes Boliert Loagdon. 

K.C.H.O., Gmemor. 
John DouUs, CJU.6., LuHtBuml-Gtvwnor and 

iU,ior-(ieaBttl W. Wilbj, aO., Co mm m di Mg lit 

Bmw Lockhkrt Bunudde, Quteti'i AArocate. 
G. Vtue, C.M.O., TYeaietr. 
W. H. BaTSOBCtufC, AwUHtr-General. 
a. T, U. O'Brien, Cleri oj Ae CinaiciL 

Le^dalme Caimail. 
His ExoeBaUcv Hir Junas Boberl Langdec, 

K.C.M.G., ffonmior. 
John Dcnglu, C.M.O. 

Colimal Seetflaiy, 
HftjoT-Genanl W. Wllby, C.B., ComtnauiSng lie 

Bmce Lockhui SnmBide. Qaera'i Adeaxit. 
Wp H- fisTonscroft, Auditrrr-Generai. 
Q. Vsna, C-M.(3., TVeonow. 

P.H.SannderB, fiDwi-rnmnMffiif, Weilera Pronmce, 
1\ B. Tampler, tfotxTmnffl/ Ayfnl, Centivi rrociact. 
CoL A. B. Fysre, K.E., Hunr-jor-Gtneral. 
W. D. Wright, tWfcdor q/" 6Wo™. 
P. RamaiuUban. R. B. DownslL 

J, V«,u Langenbarg. H. Boil. 

J. P. ObeTBBekerc. 

Ckri, J, A. SwoMonham. 

Ciril EUailUlimeitt. 
,, Hii £ipeUenc; Sir Junaa Bobett 

Priaaie Sfcrelari/, W. M. S. Twjiuun. 

Jiifa-ife-Quqi, C^t. A. Nevill Hajse, e7tli Kegt 
Cokmial Btcrtlary't Offiet. 

CoionialSfentars, John Donglaa, C.M.Q.,Ra. 24,000. 

Principal Aitislaat Q. 1. M. O'Biisn, Ka. 12,000. 
StcoHd ditto, J. A. Swetteahun. Us. 7,200. 

Wrilert, commemciDe at Br. 8,000 per annnm : — 
H, L. Crawfora, J. I'. Lewia, T. WcC. Twigg, 
E. M. de 0. Short, C. T. D. Vigora, M. 8. Craw- 
tocd, G. S. Saiton, J. UacJeau, Colville ISardlej 
Witaot, H. Whltu, J. ir. l\ Hamilton, W. H. 
Jscksod, W. It. B. Suidera, 8, H. Bun-ons, 
W. B. DsTidsoD. 

Slaha Mudaiiyar, 0. F. Diaa Baodiruiayalm, 
Be. 2,500. 

Gocananait Printei; W. II, HarlMrt, Us. 6,000. 

AuiMUaU ditto, Q. J. A. Kkeen, Ua. 8,000. 

Trtatartr, Hon. G. Vano, C.MG., H«..18,000. 
A«dU Offict. 

^^. H. BavanjKTott, Ha. 

oBQ, Ks. 4,000. 

Otmtmaml AgfM, Hon. F. K. SmndCTs. Es. 18,t)00. 
&^ .45iufaM, Ci^ttio, H. U. 1'. BeU ,Ua. 4,600. 

.itwIito^CaKni^ lion. 

AuUlaKl ditto, C. Dicki 


Aftnt, JEabupura, ELN. Ather- 

ton, B«. 9,600. 
DilUi, ditto, Kegailn, E. W. JOTera, Be. 7,200. 
ilifM, ditto, Ntgombo, H. W. Green, Rs. 7,900. 
Diao, £ao, Salalani, H. H. Oameron, Bs. 7,200. 

Kakth Wbstbbh Psottnci. 
Goeenmat Agent, W. E. T. Sharpe, Ba. 14,400. 
OMx Attitl<ait, Kinmeaala, Q. C. BooBmalBcoi^q, 

Kg, 4,600. 
j4initDicr^Dentneiif.40«f,/V(atoii, P. A. Templer, 

Be, 9,900. 


-*ynt/, W. W. Hame, Be. 18.800. 
(Mob Aaittaal, Vailt, R H. Sinclair Bs. 4,500. 
AmitlaKt GoBermaeat AgenI, IlaBUxmlola, Q. S. 

WiUiuns, B& s.eoa 

DiUo, ditto, Milma, V. C. Piriier, Es. 7,200. 

Eastbkn PimVIHCB. 
Govtrmgnt A^att, B. W. D. Uoir, lia. 14,400. 
Office Anittml, Baltieaha, C. £, Dnnlon, Ba. 4,500 
AaiiMBt OewnonnK Agenl, Trincomalee, P. W 
Uonoll;, Ba. 0,600. 


Cotwmmeirf Agent, W. C. TwvnaiQ, Ra. 18,000. 
Offict Aititlml, Jaffim. J. E. Smart, Ba. 4,600. 
Auitiant Govertmxni Agtnt, ^iJanndr, A. IE. Dawaon, 

Ba. 7,200. 
DiOo, <mto, MMtlaUtva, S. Hangliton, Ba. 7,200. 
Ditto, ditto, Vanmim Vilau Kttlam, IL C. Polo, 

Bb. 9,800. 


GoBtmnent Agal, J. F. D!<:kson, Kg. 14,400. 
Ofiee AttitaU, .dMnxttipHni, H. Waco, Ba. 4,600. 

Cbntsu. Peotwcb. 

Gonemment Agent, Hon. F. B. Tempter, Rs. 18^000. 

OJiee Airidtmt, Kamfy, G. A. BaamgartMr, Ba. 


(, £ A. King, 


Ditio, ditto, fiwaara EUga, (J 

Judicial Ettatlieiment. 
Oiitf JuMtia, Hon. K. Caylpy, Be. 2fl,000. 
Private Secretarg, W. DiulQwiKe, Ba. 2,700, 
Senioi- Pvitne Judge, Hon. L. B. Claronce, Ba. 

PritaU Sccrttary, lis. 1,800. 

Junior Puiine Judm, Hon. U. Diiw, Ra. 18,000. 
iVirateifcCTrtajy, J. de Alwis, Ha. 1, 
QdMi't Advoeatt, Bruce Lockhart' 

BuiosidB, Bs. 18,000. 
Dgmlg ditto, C. L. VerdicuidB, 

fea. 10,000. 
Bg/aliti (0 iie QuwiiV Jrirwo/e ,■— 

A'oiK^y, O. W. C. Morgnn, Ha. 5,000. 
Jaffna, C. S. Hav, 1(«. 4,000. 
Gallr, L. Nell, K... 4.000, 
X^wvR^ni/a, P. DM. Oudaalj^, Ha. 8,000. 
Colombo, tt. H. Movgnn. Ba. 3,000. 
■ofSmrtme Couit, li. Th^raltfS, BB.e,0O0. 
X>tpaly ditto, £tlo,S. B. Looa, Ra. 0,500. 
2nd Drputy ditto, G. Qronier, Re. 3,000. . 
Ditlriet and Minor ComU. 
Dittrictja^, Cobmibo, T. Bornick, Ba. 14,40 

IS, Jla. 1,BUU. 

d., jd!=.w:; 

iilrid Judgei, CommUMonenti/'BeqiiatSjtmdPelice 
Ma^tratfa, at: — 
AnuriuBngiiiFa, J. F. Dickson, 

„ (addttiaiiKl Maeiatnte), E. 


Kaltttam, 0. W. Palotson, iU. 9,600. 
jLonmeoala, J. U, de Sbtud, Hs. 9,6( 
XfgamSa, F. J. de Livora, Rs. 7,200. 

Poitce MagittTole, Colombo, W. J. S. Boike, 

Kb. 7,200. 
Coiamittvmen of Regnetfi and Polux Magiifratti 

'Kimds, T. M. Gibeon, Rs. 7,200. 
Gampota. J, W. GlbBon, Ks. 4,500. 
Nimiiiwitiva, G. M. Fowler, B.A., Es. 4,600, 
Jf<ife/<H. W. P. C. Brodhnret. lU. 4,000. 
IlaldiHimuaa. E. F. Uopkins, Rs. 4,S00. 
Galagrdira,!.. 0. FjemDDt.Pvumont, Bs. 4,000. 
Pinadure, G. D. L. Browne, iis. 4,000. 
KatnloTa^. ArunnchfttoiB, B.A., Ite. 4,600. 
AwooraHija, C. A, Murray, 
Panvila, A. M. AshiDOie, Rs. 4,000. 
AriiKMtla, L. W. Booth, Ba. 4,00a 

Ditlrict Judget, Comminioatri oySeqat^, and iW>« 
Mntjiftraitx^ at: — 

daUe, A. H. Roosmalocacq, Rs. 14,400 
TaKjalla, G. 8. Williame. 
jl/iifaro, E. M. D. Bjxde, Rs. 7,200. 
Qamttttiontn qf BegaetU and Fuliet Magiititilet, 

Gailf, J. D. MasOD Ba. 7,200. 

Hambanlola, Q. 8. Wmiima. 

Balapiiimodara, C. H. LuHhiagtan, Ba. 4,000. 

Mutara, Z. J. Tate, Ba. 4.0O0. 

ZJWu, additional, W. (i. Haines, Ba. 4,000. 

roBSoHe, E. T. Nojus, Rs. 4,600. 
Siitriel Judge <md Joini Comminioner of RrqatAt 
aad Polict MagittrMr, Jagiia D E. de Sarun, 
Eh. 12,000. 
Diilricl Jadgti, Commimrmeri oj IitqaetU,aad Pt^ioe 
Hoffiftrates, at : — 

Batliraloa, O. E. Worlliington, E«. 9,600. 

CAi7mo, W. Wrogg, Rs. 7,200. 

Trincomaltt, P. \V. Conolly. 

ilaamr, A. R. DawsuD. 

MidUnUiTU, B. UanglitoD 
CoiiuaUtiontrt aj SiqaetU anil Poiie* MaglttnOt* 

'jajfsa, F. B. Ellis, Rs. 4,500. 

Pmnt F/drc and Ckaaikadickeri, F. H. Prica, 
Ba. 4 000. 

KauU, C. Edmonds, Rs. 4,000. 

KalpiliBa, H. P. Baumgartnor, Kb. 4,000. 
ItiatTotuig Ilittrict Judge, G. W. Tsmpler, Bs. 9,600. 
Fitral, II etrm A-oriiiee, L. F. LieachiDg, Rs. 9,600. 
Jlitlu. Crntrai ProriHce, G. F. H. L. LieadiiUK. 

B8.7,20a **' 

OufoBU Dtpttrimait. 
Principal Cotlrclor, W. D. Wriglit. Ha. 14,400. 
Dqiulf) dillo, W. HallQey, Ba. 9,600. 
Latdug Siu'Ocyor, Colombo, L.F. Loe, Bs. 7,200. 


CoUtetor, B. Beid, Bs. 8,400. 

CiMtcfor, W. C. Twynam (GoverDment Agenl). 
Aaiitanl Collector and Landing Sunmor, Jaffiia, 
3. G. HaugLtou, Ba. 4,600. 

EAETEim Pbotikoe. 
CoOedor, &. W. D. Udr (Gotb 
AuitiojU Collector Olid LatnUnq Si 
0. J. a La Hesurier, Kb. 4,000. ' 
Harbour DeparimenL 
Matter AUaidani, Cohtsbc J. Donnan, Ba. fiJtOO. 
AuUlant ditto B. de Waas, Ks. l,m. 

Xaiter Attendant, Galle, D. Bljth, Ra. 6.000. 

onto Trineomalee, C. J. B. Le HemriBr, 

Ditto Salticaloa, B. W. D. Moir. 

IXUo BambanUUa, O. S. Williams. 

IHtto Jaffna, J. G. Hiughton. 

PtdiliB Workt DtpartamL 
DtrecHtr of AiWie Woria, J. R Hosse, M.I.O.E.) 

Rs. 15 OOO (J. F. Churchill M.I.C.E., acting). 
Fimmdaiandq^AuittoM, B.D.Onnabj,M.I.O.K, 

Rs. 8,000. (A. Murray, A.M.I.C.E., Ba. 6,000, 

Arohitect, J. G. Bmithor, F.E.I.B.A., Ke. 7 600. 
Protd. Amilant, Central ProriiKe, J. F. Churt 

M.LC.E. (B. MacBride, --^-- 

Bs. 8,000 (T. Stnith, A.M.I.C.E- aotinRi; 

Es.7,00a ' 

Pnml. AuiMml, Eatlera Pronince, J. A. Ameil, 

" ",000 (H. B. Haryay, A.M.I.C.E., acting), 

D'Ormaby, M.I.C.E., Es. 8,000, aoiingi. 
Provl. AuiiliaU, tforth- H'eitei-a Awiaee, T. Smith 

A.M.I.C.E., Rs. 6,000 {II. M. Fflach, Se. 6.000, 

Provl. Auulanl, Korthem Pi-orince, H. T. Dss- 

landes, Rs. 6,000. (C. Prime,A.M.I.C,K, acting.) 
Frorl. Aititlanl, A'ocrt CeiUral Proriner, H. M. 

Flinch. Ks. 6,000. (E. Venaing, Ha. 4,760, acane.) 
Enginrer of the Factory, E. C. Daviea, Ke. 4,600. 
Second Finimcial Aaittant A. Murray, A.M.I.C.K, 

Ea. 4,000. (L. Croary, Rs. 8,750, acting.) 

..,.,. J =^__., ...._ 0. J. H. P. TowDsend, 

•Rve, J.S 

ig Omceri. 
, C.E., 

Suptrii _, 

E. Dalton, C.E., Rs. J. F. CooIbod, Ba. 8,300. 
6,000. W. Burton, Bs. 8,000. 

J. Eobert8on,RB. B,000. T.John8tone,Rs.3 000 

G. Burton, Ks. 6,050. A. W. Taffa, Rs. 8,000. 

F. Commina, Kb. 6,000. B. Uscpherson, Bs 

' "- "" ■""■ .r 

Cant, K. H. Coia, Kb. 

E. Holland, Rs. 4,500. 
E. Case, Re. 4,000. 
8. Piillar, Ra, 4,000. 
E. J- H. Cliristie, Bs. 

W. H. HawlMS, Bs. 

M. HaogTegor,Rs. 8 ,600- 

Koch, Bs. 3,000. 
G. Burleigh, Kb. 

A. J. Winchester, Bs. 

H. F. A. BobinsoD, 

Bs. 8,000. 
W. DbwL Ba. 8,000. 
H. T. 8. Ward, 

A.MJ.C.E.,Rs. 8,000. 

— H. Hayes, H. A, Grant, Ito. 8,000. 

A.M.I.C.E.,Ea.3,S00. C. E, Spoonw, Bs. 8,000. 

F,Annatrong,BB. 3,600. A. W. Butlin, Bs. 8,000. 

H. 9. Poteer,R8.8,000. A.a.Moes, A.M.LO.E., 

J. T. Stowart, Es. 3,000. Ba. ifm. 

W. H. Long, B. H. Bonrcliiv, Ba. 

A.M.I.C.E.,Rb. 3,000. 3,000. 

L. M. Acluid, P. CoUrell, Bn. 8,000. 

A.M.I.a.E., Its. 3,000. J. Trump, Kb. 8,000. 

G. L. Bonrchier, Kk. H. M«ye«, Ea. 8,000. 

8,000. W. D. Shrine, Bb. 8,000. 

A. £. WUUuns, Bb. B. Smilh, Rs. 8,000. 

8,000. F. M. Templer, Es. 
F.W.Johnson,RB.B,000. 8,000. 

MscDonncU, Ha. 3,IJ00. B. Price, Ea. 2,600. 

P. Target, Ka. 3,000. C. E. L. Murray, 2,190. 

E. Botnua, Ba. 3,000. £. B. Prctz, Ba. 2,000. 
J. II. Preti, Hs. 2,000. 

W^ G™t«nr, Itfi. I,ie0. 

Irrmtiam Offeert: — 

J. H, Il«ww)tL Kb. J.F.Bninton,RB.8,000, 
6,000. J. II. Uulhollud, Bs. 

H. Parker, Ba. 6,000. 3,000. 

W. SimpkiuB, Bs. 8,4l>0. 

Survey Department. 
SUn^ar-Geneml, Col. A. B. Pyor8,B.K. Bb. 14,400. 
Offiet AuulinU, O. U. Sj-mocda, Ka. 6,500. 
TiwatonKtneai VompiUn; U. J. M»cVic«r, Ba. 6,000. 
Ckef SarregBT, Central I'Torince, John Stodiu*, 

Rb. 8,000. 
Piflo, Soa/hern Frorince, Ba. S,GOO (TUUtV 
JAtla, WeUira Fnri«n, D. G. Manltai, B«. 6,500. 
OiUo, Nunh Weiten and A'ortk CaOral Prvrinea, 

Ra. 6,500 (vaODt). 
Ditto, Sorikm imd Eaitem Proriiua, J. W. Bobert- 

G. B. Capper, Bs. 4,500. 

F. H. (irioUntuu, Ba. W. F. Thomaou, Bs. 

4,600. 3,250. 

W.A.rouHor,Ils.4,tKlO. B. J. More, Ei 8,600. 
H.L.^Ya^d, 1(8.4,000. 
£. J. Vaiiailtori, Bs. 

W. A. B. Fyera, Svpt. ofChena Santft Rs. 4,600. 
A^ufror Cowroi'* JJepartment. 
EtgiMtror-GeiuTal, J. B. A. Bailey, Ba. 9,600. 
Auiatant Regiitiiir, B. E. Alvia, Ua. 2,500. 

Poflnmler-Oenmd, T. E. B. Skliiner, Bs. 9,600. 
AuUtaat Fii4tmatltr-Ge«eraLV. W. Vtue, Ba.4,G0O. 
AdiSlional Aititimli, W. C. Hacready, Bb. 3,000. 

„ „ T. Twynam Kb. l,60a 

Deputy Poetwuuler-Gmend, C'aKroJ iVomaoe, C. C. 
DuTuford, Bb. 8,600. 

Director, T. E. B. Skinner, Rb. 4,800. 
Etertrician.E. B. Hurley, Ha. 7,000. 
Stqtnnltndent, O. ttimpaon, Bs. 3^. 

Diiv^lor, A. Hily, Ra. 5,000. 

DgianmeHt aj PtMic liutrucHim. 

Director, C. Bruce, Be. 10,000. 
iMprHor n/Sdtoelt, £. BUir, Bn. 6,000. 

PrinavalofUie Colombo Academy, J. B. Cidl, Bs. 7,500. 
lat Pfitu^pd AttiitanI, A. Walker, Ba. 4^. 

Medical DepartmenL 
PriKeipai Civil Medical Officer and Inatclor-Gtneral 

ofSorpilah, W. R. Kynsey, 12,000. 
Colonial 3argeoni, P. D. AnthoniBE, M.D., M.RC.S., 
Bug., F.K.C.B., EdiD., M.ii.C.P., Lon., Kb. 8,000. 
J. LooB, M.D,, Aberd.,M.D. tc HJt.C.F., 

Edin., L.K.C,S., Ka. 8,000. 
W. C. OuduCie, Ka. 6,0U0. 
J. W. Uareinuut, Ba. 0,000. 
SmerviieHdeat of Vaixinaiwn, Colmsbo, W. C. Od- 

aur^n iMuOic Aiylum, 3. L. I'Uxtoa, Ba. 6,000. 
AtttttoM Colonial Sai-geoat :— 

M. Corington, Ka. 4,500. 

B. Aadree, Ka. 4,500. 

J. T. Morgan, M.H.C.S.E., Be. 8,750, 

W, Diaa, M.D., Rs. 3,750. 

J. L. VauderdtraUHD, M.D., M.E.C.P., 

W. C. Bock wood, Rs. 3 000. 

F. A. Van Deramagl, M.D., Eb. 8,000, 
E. Graliaon, Ka. 3,(HJ0. 

W. E. Ulsao, M.K.C.a., Edin., Be. 3,000. 

J. Carbery, M.B.C.M., Ba. 8,000. 

C. J. Kriekeubcck, M.B.C.M., Ra. 3,0tl0. 

W. G. Kuith, M.B.C.M., Ra. 8,000. 

H. T. Ktaploa, Hs. 3,000. 

T. F. Garviu, M.B.C.M., Rb. 8,000. 

G. P. BchQkinan, Ka. 8,000. 
£. du Libera, Ba. 3,000. 
H, A. MoraJB, Kb. 3,000. 
W. H. Swan, Ka. 1,500. 

B. P. JuuE, Ha. 1.600. 
R. Janaz, Kb. 1,600. 
8. FerDsndo, Ka. 1,500. 
A. Q. Uairt nsz. Ha. 2,000. 
A. H. Tous&ain[,Hs. 2,000. 
£. Wytealiugtm, Ra. 1,750. 
W. H. Meier, Kb. 1,760. 
if tcfual Innxdor, Coifu Diili-icf, J. D. U. CoKbUl, 
MJ)., Ba. 7,000. ° 

Intptdor-Gtntml of Police, G, W. B, CuspboU, 
Ba. 12,000, Allowances for house, Ac, and 

Galle, Captain D, D. 

ieut. A. HuBwd, Bs. 

Provincial Superintetdent, 

Qrahsm, Ra. 5.000. and ai 
Ditto, Wettem iVmince, L 

4,000, and Ulawasces. 
Ditto, Kam^, Major E. T. TrancheU, Ba. 6,000, and 

atferiniendrnt, W. 1 

AuiitiBil SuperiiUeniimli, W. S. Murray, and E, 

Cr»asy, Bs. 8,600 each, and aUowancea. 

tn^eetor-Gentral ofFriiont, E. Elliott, Hs. 10 OOO. 
AiiwriHlfluinil of Ike < otomin Oonrict Etiablithneitii, 

Oapt Wyndham A. R. Thcmpaon, Ba. 6,000. 
Airittont data, E. B. Templer, Us. 4,000. 

Celomal Store Departmemt. 

Bs. 8,000, 

. Le Feuvre, Ba. 4,000, and 



Etcieiuulical DyMOiBitni. 

Buhep of Colombo, Kt. Rev. K. S. OoplestOQ, D.I). 

Ba. 20,000, and Bh. 22.50 a day travelliag 


Bwitfrar o/ Ike Dioceie, H. H. Morgan, Ka. 1,0 
' ■ ■ Fi, Voa. W, E, Mstthew, fis. 1,000. 

Lai af Colonial Chaplaint. 
ChnrA ofKttglwutt— 

Kav. J. Bimfortb, Galle, Ha. 7.OO0, 
Bas. C. Boyd, Cotombo, Us. 6,000. 

CDiomio (vacant), Rs. G,000. 
Van. W. B. Matthew, Kaads, Rh. 6,000. 
B«v. B. W. Dias, Cotomio, its. 4.000. 
„ 0. de Hoedt, Cutombo, lis. S,0O0. 
„ C. A. Koch, Jufaa. Rs. 3,000. 
„ B. Ondutje. ColoTnbo, Rn. 2,600. 
„ W. Ellis, jVu™™ Hijo, Hb. :i,OO0. 
„ A. UeiiclU, iforotiHBa, Us. I,:i50. 
„ C. SenimiiBjeke, aaUoue, Bs. 1,250. 
iVefivtenon Cftarei:— 

Eev. H. L. Mitchell, Poifc, Re, 4,500. 
„ J. Watt, JJTanrfj, Rs. 4,500. 
„ J. Rumet, 31. Andita'i ChunA, QilomlHi, 

Hs. 4.500. 
- S. LlndAHy. Wolfeadaht CharA Cotombc, 
lie. 4,500. 


Dirtdor-Griuntl, J. H. Moese, C.E. 
Loconvitiee Engioftr, E. Strong, M.LE., 

Be. 10,000. 

JRBanceaR(i7'ni^cJfcma;fr,E.CobinB(ui,Rs. 10,000. 
Aitiinat Trnfi^Matiagn-Craaail), Rb. 6,000. 
.SorafcMjttr, W. Mittholl, Be. 4,600. 

amounta to a gala. Tha momisgB and evenings 
aro deligbtfnl. In winter the weather is kas 
boisterous than in summer, and the thermometer 
seldom falls boloir SO". Ice has not been known 
to eioeed tno inches in thicknesa, and snow 
seldom Ilea on the tow lands. The tempentaro, on 
the whole, ia equable. The thermometer ranges 
/rom 80° lo 60" m winter, and from 40° to 65= in 
Bummer. The dryness of the atmosphere in aum- 
mer is remarkable, and evaporatioti is rapid 

A peculiar feature in tLe geology of these ietauds 
is presented by streams of atones or fraements of 
quartz, which appear to Sow down the sides of tijo 
hilla. Those etreame are twenty to thirty foot 
wide, and tUe stones vary in size from one to four 
cubic feet, and are spread out in the ralleya to a 
great extent. Sandstone, in wluch are beautifully 
perfect impressionH of shells, uoours in beda TIio 
soil is chiefly peat, but near the surface, where the 
clnj is of a lighter quality and mixed with vego- 
table remains, it is gnod ediI fit for cultivation, 
titone of two or three kinds suitable for building is 
found in different parts of the islanda. 

There is a groat rai-ioty of sweat-scented flowqrd, 
which in November aud Decembec noorly cover tlie 
ground Thn tussac grows to Hie height of seven 
feet, ^dth a breadth of three-quarters of an inch, 
feeding on which the cattle get very fat ; hut it 
cannot be raised without a strung fsnee, the cettlo 
uprooting it. On all the email islands along L)iu 
coa£t the tnasac grass still abounda. but it has dis- 
appuofcd ou the East and West Falkland since the 
catUs have been imported. Anti-scorbotics are 
plentiful in a wild state, such as celery, scurvy 
grass, sorrel, Ac, cranberries, aud a small red fruit, 
growing like tlia strawberry, but in appearance 
--■' taste more like a half-ripe blackbeiTy, besides 
nil plant called the tiia-plaut, kuowu and muoh 

used b. 


(See Leeward) Islands, p. 111. 


The Falkland Islands are situated iu t 
Atlantic Ucaan, between Sl"^ aud SB" b. 
between 57° nnd IJi" W. long. ; they c 
the East Falkland (area 8,001] square miiesi, me 
West Falkland Ci.SOtJ square milo»), and about 100 
small iBlauda mth an area of nearly 1,200 aqnare 
miles. Honnt Adam, the highest ^ound in the 
colony, rises 3,315 feet above the level of the 

The Fnlklaads were discovered by Davia in 
16B3, and visited by Ilawkjns in 1594. In 1763 
they were taken possession of by France ; nibse- 

Joently, tliey were held by the Spaniards imtil 
771, when they were for a (imo abandoned, and 
the sorereigDty ol them given up to Qraat 

In 1820 the Republic of Buenos Ayres esta- 
bUahed a eeltlement in these islands, which was 
Uestroved by tlie Americans in 1831. 

la 1633 they were taken possesion of hv the 
BriUah QovemmenI, for the protection of the 
Whale Fishery. 

The climate is healthy. During the Eomrner 
a calm day is unusual The winds rise at about 
10 a.m., aud fall away again betwecu i and o p.m. 
During the middle of the day, the wind often 

* FaU froiTi C<ilanlal fundi ; total fjn^nt to ba drawn 
IlmltMl lo Ba. B,00a a-< ear. 


Rabbits abound in various parts of the islands, 
and snipe, geese, sivans (black aud whits), wild 
duck, dotti^rel, end teal are plentiful. Tlie har- 
bours swarm during the anrnmcr months with ox- 
cellontfish, and trout, weighing from one to two 
IKiuuds, are to be found iu the rivora and Ukes of 
the interior, and bores have recently been imported, 
and are doing well. 

Wild cattle, horses, and pigs ore very numoroxis. 
Sheep have been introdacod, and found to do 
ascftedin^y well. The wool is of oicellont quality 
ind realizes s high price in Che Loudon inarkcls 
The oiporla consists of wool liides, home, hoofs, 
bones, nnd tallow. 

There ie mail communication with England 
twelve times a year. In June, ISidO, a contraot woa 
entered into between the Government and the Gor- 
man "Koamoa" Stsamahip Company, to perform the 
service. The steamers call at Stanley on their 
voyogo out to Callao, six times a year, and sii 
times on the return voyage. The voyage bet« eon 
Stanley and Havre occupies £ve weeks. 

The Govemmsntis administered by a Qovemor, 
aided by an l^xecntivo and Legialative Council. 
The members of both Oouncils are apcoinled br 
the Crown. ^ 

The tonnago of vessels entered. in 1B7S was 
7,287 touB^ 

The export of wool in 1878 xi-as 1,863,349 lbs., 
worth 85,732f. 

1876 Males, 710 Females, 340 Tola], 1,050 
lB:e „ 78S , „ 884 , ,, 1,153 

1877 „ 833 t „0(Wk' .. 1.3M 

1878 „ S02 % olft - 1,415 


. « 



5'/ ■ 





Captain Muore, RN., ISSfi. 
Captkiu McKeu^iie, KN.. 1862. 
W. F, C. KoliinBon, 1866. 
ColouelD'Arcy, 1870. 
T. F. CollBKhan, C.M.Q. 1876. 
Tbomu Kerr, 1880. 

Local Rmamt, and E^tnStan. 







































































Ejxadivt CoimcU. 
ThoiDUi Serr, Govmior, 
Arthur Bailey, Poliei MagulraU. 
tjuQuel Hamilton, Co/oniat Anynm. 

LegitlalivB Couaeil. 

Tlie Legidmtive Canncil 1b compoMd ol tlie Go- 

Temor uhL tbe two JneticoB of tbe Feaos whuso 

uunea Btuirj flrsC ou Any genernl CcmmiwoD of tlia 

Peace, who are nunnbera ot tbe Baard er officio. 

Cinil iMMitkmeU. 
Gevtmor ami CmniKamler-in-Cliief, ThomaB Sbtt, 

ClaefJiiti<x,iba OovBinor. 
Trtatum; Cvilerior <}f_ Cuaumu, BarttMT Matle>; 

and PaftmMtrr (aeiiiui at Cvhitiai Acntorji), 

John Wright Collinn, 200/. 
CotanUd Su^em dnd PabKc Vacdaaior, Bamuel 

Hamilton, 800/. , and feci. 
AtUtaiit Colonial SurotoH and nMic Foednnfor, 

B. T. HsiMtoii, 2O0/. 
PMee Uagiturmle, Arthur Sallev, 100/. 
CoroHfT, ¥eee. 

Brgitirar Geterat and Seeeivrr of Wralt, Artbnr 

Bailey. Feea. 
Clerk and K/gikrvr to tin Suprane Oawrt, J. 

LigMouK Ke^nr, George Broom, ISOf. 
Sc/utolmailer, 100/, 

JBiihap, Hight Kot, W. B. Stirling. D.D„ SOOl. (paid 

by tliB Houth American Uiinonary 8odety). 
Cohaial amlaiH, (be Itsv. Lowtber E. Brandon, 

M.A., 800/. 
PmbfUrian Jtimtler, Uie Bev. Anthony Teoman, 

Ramon CathoSe Prieit, Ber. Jimcs Tona, 601. 

Xhoy ii-ore d 


Fiji Itdanda proper he hotwocn 16° and 22^ 
south latiCude, and 1 > 6° east and 177° west lougi tuib>. 
conaequently wholly wilMu the tropiofl. 
"■ - u-d in 164;i by TaEman, X'liey 
[ n'liich 80aru inhabited , vu'y- 
i Ldtu, with an area ol about 
4,260 square milee, eai Vauuft Levu, with mi ai'ra 
of about 2,ti00 equare ntilta, to the inera cural 
iBlei, crowned with a aiuglu clump ot uocoik-nut t reiai. 
The lar^r ielaudd aro mostly ineunlainoOB, liaing 
abruptl3- from CheBhoreal'iHnDlIiludeof liom2.00U 
to 6,000 feet, clothed lo llu) Bummits vitli denae 
lorosta and rich grasacB. The rivers aro nnmerons, 
and snbjott to heavy and auddon muunlaio floiidB. 
Skirling tlie foot ol tlio mountains and fringing 

Ihu c 

rich aUnvinl plainij, strolchisg uometinum many 
mj]9H into the interior. Tbu oborigiual popnlaliou 
belonga lo the darker of the two Rreat f'olyoeBiaL 
fami]iet(,hut,li\'ingon thu conliuee iif the fairer raco, 
iU blowi baa received suma admixlnre. It wa» 
estimated in ISit'J nt 200.000 in number ; in 1668 at 
170,000; and in 1874 at 14D,0On. lly the epidemic i.[ 
measles whidi occurred in 16TJ tlie iiopulotioii tiaa 
been reduced to about 110,000, Tliu people were 
formerly eannihals. but tliey liave now been L^onver^ 
ted to ChriBtianity by tbe Wc&loyaD nussioiiAriea. 

By Letters I'stvut liaWd the 17th Deci'mlxT, 
18HU, Ilothumah, and all islets aiid rocks lyiog 
between tlie li° atid 16° uf iM>uthlalitudu,[uidl76'' 
and 177° o! tabt longitude, bavu bct'ii includeii iii 
the Fiji Government. 

In 1859 Thakombau, the most powerful chivf 
of Fiji, otferod the Bovereignty of tho iBluulu lo 
Great Britain. TLiii offer, ujioo tho recommenda- 
tion of Colonel, now Lieutenant- Ueueral, W. J. 
Bmythc, RA. (who had been soot out to invastigato 
- 1), won declined by tho Duku ' -' 

in 1662. About that time 

tlto demand for c 


ril war, led to an influx 

vatiom lu June, 1671, ti 

tb the priiK'ipal 
Ko vBrnmen t ruceiv 


■dhorencDof the Europeui 


n was agreed upuu 


Farli anient elected. Thol' 


meut before long drifted 

into atlitnOes uf n 


hostility, and the UiuiBtry Istlprly giivonied 


out the aid of tlio I'arlifljuent, and in n luaij 

ar a 


Lof ai 


ia and England sincu IBiW 
on many grounds, botli of local expediency and Ini- 
periol ubUgatiou ; and in August. 1673, the Ku'l of 
Kimbarley cununisBioned Commodiru (joodoiMHiBh, 
commanding the squadron on the litatioD. Bud Ur. 
E. L. Lajard, Her Majesty's Consul iu Fiji, to 
investigate the facts of the case on the spot, awl 
repurt as tu the best chutbu to bo adopted in the 
matter. Tbeeo vuiiuiuiisloni.'rB, on the 2lBt of 
Maccbj 1674, reportud an oSer of tho cesBJon of tlio 
sovereignty of tlie ishmda front the chiefs, with iJi* 
assent ot the Euraptaus, but ou certain teruis, 
irbicb wore net ntceptablo to Her ITfljeKy'a 
GoTSmment, and Sir ILerculcs Itubiiisun, ilie 


Governor of Koir Booth WaleB, wis deapatcliod 
to Fiji in Scplcmbar, 1874, to negotiate. This 
miKuion was comjilololy saceeBsful, and the bdv- 
ereignt; of tho ialnuiia iriiE cedod to Ber Uajesl; 
by Thakombau, Maafu, and other the princip^ 
chlBts, in k deed of coBsion dated the lOth day 
of October, 1X74 ; the form of goveroment, the 
hiud question, aud the variuuB pecuniary qnoationa 
then pendiug being virtually left to the discruliou o? 
Her Majesty. A charter was shortly aiterwarde 
IsBUcd ly Her Majesty, erecting tho islands into a 
MOpiirate colony, and providing tor their govern 
moul. A Xrfig^Hlative Coancil in established, to con- 
Bist of not less than two persons, nominated by Rova 
instructions orwarrnDt, An Kxeeutive Council ii 
also established, and tho usual powers of appoinlin) 
and EHEpenditi^ oScers, making land grants, un 
granting parJiius, are conferred on tlie Qovemor. 

Governor Sir A. U. Gordon arrived in the Island 
in June, 1875. hut the Government continued to I 
■droinistered by Mr. E. L. Laj-ard, C.M.G., unl 
the 1st September, when tho Charter was pri 
elaimed, aud t^u' A. H. Gordon assumed the 

By virtue o( an Order in Council of the 1 
August, 1877, whiob came into fores on the 
f ebroarj, 1878, Sir Arthur Gordon exercises 
duties of Her Majeslv's High Commissioner 
over, and for the WobtPni Pacific Ocean, with 
certain powers and jnrisdictioa therein eipressi 

He has also been appointed Her Majesty's Ci 
auI-Oeneral for the Western PaciGc. 

The climate of Fiji is coo! and bearahlofor 
tropics, and the country is remarkably free Ir 
Eymotic and enteric diseases. Dysentery is ..._ 
only diseaEO to which Europeans an, peculiarly 
exposed Id Fiji. The islands are well adapted 
for the growth of sugar, the cnltlifition of which 
might place tlioir prosperity an a secure footing. 
Their geographical position, their fine harbours, 
and the advantages which ttieir occupation affords 
few preventing and punishing tlio outrages which 
have too frequently been practised against tlie 
Polynesian Islanders, render their inclusion within 
the British Dominions an important and fortunate 

The alarm and distrust produced by tuu, iibiib- 
Hon, contributed with some othercauses to produce 
in the following year, an insurrection among the 
Imperfectly subiiigated mountain tribes of the 
interior of^Viti Levu. This rising was, however, 
expeditiously suppressed, and the mountain districts 
thoroughly pacilied, the iuhalHlanla atl adopting 
Christianily, and abandoning the use of arms. 
Notwi^stanJing these drawbacks, the progress of 
the Coiuny has been satisfactory, every year 
showing a l»rge increase in the revenue and in 
the amount and value of exi>orts and imports. 
Conaidenible progress has traen made in the 
settlement of titles to land, and sugar and coffee 

localities on a considerable scale. To the natives 
a large share of self-government lias l>een con- 
oiided, their own system ol village and district 
councils rocogniied and improved, and aupple- 
ntented by an annual meeting of the high chiefs 
and representatives from each province, presided 
over by the Governor. Tho leguhttions recom- 
mended by these bodies have, 

souls. Suva, on tho south coast, with a fine 

harlieur, has hecu choscnaa tho future capital 

Executive Council. 

Composed of tbo official members of 
Clerk, W. M. Gordon. 


T/u Goi-emor. 

m chiffj^kt. T 

The Colouial Secrilari/. 

The Attonty (ienn-al. 


The li^ceiFtr GtHtral. 


Tht VommtiUmtT of Crrncn Load,. 

C. J. SmltC. i 

R. B. Loefo. 



N. Chalmars (acting). 


J. K. Mason. 

A. Barrack. 

iputg nigh 

10 sanction of tho I 

'» Count 

I befor< 

The present European capital of Fiji is Lovuka, 
Ovalau, with a papulation of ooU 

e Island o 

■GtntrrJ, John B. 

Ut Clerk aiii Clerk of Council, John Langford, 260/. 
Recticer-Gmeral, Willmiu McGregor, M.D., HMJi 
Cltrk of the Treamry, H. Scolt, "iotl/. 
Collector ofCuttomi and Shipumg Mailtr, David B. 

Smart, ioOI. 
Barbimr Mailert, Lemka, R Cocks, 20IW.J Sma, 

N. S. Hedslrom, 2DU/. 
Clerk, Aitdit Office, Daniel J. Chishohu, 200/, 
Citncn Surresoi; J. Berry. 
Colimial Poilmmirr and Coinmittioner of Stamui, 

Leslie Walker, 30(M: 
Commimoner of Laudi, and Agenl-Oenrral for 

Immigration, C. A. W. Mitchell, oVOl. 
1»< Clerk (ImBUaralion), Henry Benlley, 2.'iW. 
2nd Clerk (Omm Laadt), W. M. Gordon, 250/. 
Mtdicai Officer, Dr. J. Calder, SUOI. 
AiiUlant Ifedical Offiar, Dr. Ohio, IflO/. 
Colonial Surgeon and I accinalor (autiDg), Bolton G. 

Comey, 300/. 
Chief Janice, John Gorrie, 1,200/. 
Altaraea-Gtneral, P. S. Solomon (acting), 600/. 
Police itagiitraU, Hamilton Hunter, 3,t(J(. 
Jlrgiilrar, SajHrme Court, Cyril H. H. Irvine, 350/. 
Sl.pendiarySlagiHraUi.V.' nilei B, Carew, Jas. Biylli, 

A. Eastgate, G, B. Le Uunlo, C. B. Swaine, 300/. 

each ; F. S. Friend, Archd. Taylor, Captwu C. F. 

Halkett, U. Anson, and — Uarvey (acting), 2S0/. 

Commiitioner for Inlerior of Viti Leni, Walter S. 

Carew, lUO/. 
Chairman ofLandi CommiHioH, 

There are twulve Superior Native Chiefs, styled 
"Boko Tui," exercising oiecutivo functions under 
the Oovnmment, enjoying salaries varying from 
600/. to 100/.. and amonniing in the abrogate to 
2,&K0/.; and also twenty-six Native Magistrates 
at salaries from 24/. to 6t., amounting to 310/. 
Clerk of the Peace, H. L. Tripp, 150/. 
Sesittrar-O'eneral and Jlegiiirar of Tiller, Uonce G. 

G. Emhereon, 160/. 
Superinletideia of Police, J. W, Seed, 400/. 
S^-Inipectort uf Police, W. Fowler, 250/. 

J. Fori 
• Sir A. H. Gorton, QC H G,, l»t*Gt 

r, 200L 

)( FIJI, a 


Vomiiaiidrmt of Anud Natat ConHaiularv, Cftpt. 

L. P. KnolIyB,C.M.O.,13W. 
fi'oofcr, John Cox, 200;. 
fJoeenmcrU Start Kreptr and Magatine Kteper, J. D. 

CJiief Inlerarrter and Notice CommiuiotKr, D. 

WilkiiiBDii, 4501. 
Rnrrme of King JiaiOTiAau'i Gocenannl, £ 

1878 14,221 

Expenditure ofhii GoeentmaO, 18TS . . . 81,366 

AtEBiM, 1876 18,488 

EnwKfieurf , 1875 42^86 

Rntnue, 1876 38^24 

Eti^esditure, 1876 71,716 

ftrnnBc, 1S77 46,688 

Kipndiltire, 1877 64,692 

rttcMiiM,lH78 61,021 

ExpendituTt, 1S7S. 80,268 

Repmae, 1879 e7,021 

KipendUun, 1879 67,362 

Tlie dsfidt baa been mads up from the pracnudB 
o( a loan from the Imperial (JovBrnmtint, bnt it is 
anticipated that Buch aid will not be further 

KaljvM 120,000 

Europesns 1,800 

Area offyi, 7,408 equare miles. 

1878. 1874. 1875. 

laparU of Letmia , 87,653/. 109,00011 100,000L 
Kxportt „ . 84,802/. 110,000/. 84,714/1 

/■norta of lite wiob Co/my. 1876. . 112,086/. 
„ I, - ■ l""'- ■ 184,688/. 

„ „ „ . . 1878. . 186,ii07i 

EiporU „ n . . 1H76. . 107,464/. 


Tbe Rock of Gibraltar wan captured by the 
British Forces on the 24th of July, 1704. The 
territory couMHtB of an olovated promontory, 
rnnning south wards. ItK Kreataat eloTation IB 
1,439 feet, ita length is 2) uiilua, and its greatest 
breadth 1 of a mile. 

The promontory forms one Ride of a bay, (ailed 
the Bay of Gibraltar, which is about 4 or 'i miles 
across, and affords good au^hurage for tliu uhippiug 

paBsinp through ""■ "•'"<- r .il.,-,l.o.- i. nr.-ur 

cjitunsively uiteil 

port of cn]l bysudi shipping, 

o an tntrepit ot thu trade butneea 

■ha Arabian stales of NorlbDrn Africa, 

has many advanla^es, haring been 

over nnce its occupation by the lliitij'b a free port. 

The rsTonno ia derived from port dues, thu rent 

ot the Urown estate in the town, and trifling dues 

upon packages and wino,and a feir licence dnlion. 

The oostem face of the Koch ia an inaccessible 
precipice. The larger portion of the tonn li«s on 
the Dortbern poction of (be went slope of the Rock. 
It Is one of the most thickly inhabited places in the 
world, the pcginlation being at the rate of 60,000 to 
the equaro inilej bnt, owing probably to a well- 
deriaed scheme of drainage and water supply, tbe 
town is very hssJthy. 

The two portions of the town are separated hy ■ 

picturaeque public garden, called the Alameda. 

There ia no Biacutlvu Council, nor any legis- 

all the f anctioiis of government and legi«Ut!oD. 

Total Pajmlalioit (rxdutive of Militani) meardlia ft 

Cavnu of 1878, 18,014. 

Stimae and Expendilwc 
























'.the Lord Napier of Magdala, G.C.D 

Colonial Seorttaru, Hajor-Qenoral B, 8. Bayuca, 

CJkief aerh and Secretar;, to the Board of HeaUh 

(vacant). 200/1 to 8O0/., as chief clerk, and 60/. 

ior BoM^l of Health. 
2B>f CUrt, J. U. King, 150/. to 200/. (and 26/.allow- 

3ni Clerk. J. Torral, 100/. to 1 jo/.' 

CoUfclor of Ihmma and Treaturer, Meltort Cauii>- 

bell, 600/. 
iMt Clrrk, Ooorgo Baasadone, 200/1 to 27o/. 
ind Clrrk, A. Podesta, 150/. tr> 2t)0/. 
3rd Clerk, W. G. Btonebara, 100/. to 160J1 
Own Land Office, Head Clerk, J. Terry, 200/. to 250/. 
•Ind Clatt Clerk, A. Poml, 160/, 
to 200/. 
Port Office. 
Captain of the Fort, Commander F. Baker, B.N., 

400/. to 5O0/, 
ChitfCterh, James Davidson, 200/. to 250/. ; 4 other 

CoioKial a^ineer. Captain Bqcklc, H.E., 400/., 
- ' 100/. allowances (and foreman of works). 

Auditor afl'ublte Aocvwiti, Major T. E. UcClintock 

(Staff- Paymaeter), 100/. 
Clert, T. Gnjbara, 150/. to 200/. 

Jttdicifd Department, 

Chief Jntlice and Judge of Vice Adiairaltg, nnil 

Judge oj the Court of Sequesli, G. Phimpiio, 

Rrgiitrar (jf the Suprtne Court, ^c, E. J. Banm- 

JItomeg-General, Hobort Pfronch Sheriff, SOOL 
ClerkM in the Svpreme Ctwi, 3. B. HecaGo, 160/1 t.) 

200/1, A. titncW, 100/. to IhOl 
Clert to the Aitomea-Gmeral.lOOl.loiSOl.fvacxni). 
Police Magittrate, W. L. Bj-mc, 6S0/. 
Coroner, RegUtTar of Birthi, Ac. (vacant), 180/. to 

Cleric to Magiairate, 3. Q. Gordon, 200f. 
Clerk m Police Office, U. Torry, 150/. to 200/. (and 

2 aupplomentary dorks). 
ChirJ Impeetiir of Folier, Captain Samuel Blair. 


latpector of Health, Surgeon-Genend W. Mnuro. 
M.Dt C.B., 150/. 



rament TeUgraph, 

^ . . mpBTUil FuBde M 

Dvpnty Fostmistresa-Osaerul at Qibraltar). 
Blihip. The Hight Hot. G. W. Sandtord, D.D. 
CtoU C/iapiaat, Tho Hot. M. Moore, M.A., 8007., 
and sllowmncos, laOl. 


TJis Qold Coast Colony wliich compriseB tha 
Britisb aotOanjenls on toe Qold Co«at and at 
LagoH, wBB coQstitntpd by a Charter under tlio 
Great Heal, boaring dato the 21th day of Jnly, 


Tho Qold Cwwt is the same genorally given to a 
portii in of Upper Guinei, between 5° W, long- and 2° 
E. louB., between which poinw are tlio seltlementa 
of Axuu, DiiCDve, tjccoodee, Elmina, Cape Coaat 
Castle. Anamaboe, Accra, and Addali. In 1872 a 
Comiiauy was formed, called tho Koya! African 
O'JinpaHy, whieh built fort« at Diicove, Secondce, 
Cumnieudah, Auomaboe, Winnobah, aud Accra, 
besides stren^hening Cape GoaHt Caetle, which 
trnn already tn exiatence. This company was 
Hlli-cpedod in 17o0 by the African Company of 
Mcn-linntn, conatitufod by Act of Parlinmont, with 
liljei-tT totraduaud to form eslabliBlmiBiits on the 
\*Ci.uist of Africa, batweon 20° N. and 20" 8. 
lat. This oonipony was diasolvod in 1S21 by Act 
of Parliament, and the forts traoafBrrod to tho 
Crown, by whnm they wero placed nndar the 

Firtl AAohH War. 

Tlio Ihon QovoTDOT of Siom Leone, Sir Chorlea 
Uncarthv, on vidtiDg Capo Coast Caatle, found tlie 
neiRhbouring country of the Kantis in possession 
of the victorious aud marauding armies of the 
Ashantis. Ho formed the resolve of iociliiig the 
Fautis agiluat thi'ir oppressors, and bimselt lud on 
army o( them, with a few disciplined Boldiera, 
Bgoiust thp Aahanlis at Essamkow, when on the 
24tli of January, 1S24, be was hilled, and his force 

The war which (■nHued was ended by the victory 

Peace was forraaily concluded by a tripartite Treaty 
in IttSI between tbo Euglish, the Fantis, and the 

GovermuM oj Ihe ifercAanU. 

In tho meantime. Her Majeaty'a Govercment, 
wliich hod Ixwn at one lime minded to quit Iha 
coast altogether, hnd transferred the goTemmaut 
of ttH> forts to tho local ajid London nierchanta 
InlerSBtecl, who secuTed aa their GoTOruor Mr. 
George Uaolcnu, a man of marked energy and 
tapacfty. This gentleman, with a force of no 
more tfiaa 100 men at commond, and a ravenue 
of only about 4,000t a-yoar, contrived to ex- 
tend and maintain the influence of bia govern- 
ment over tho whole tract of country lying 
behind the British forts, and now known aa the 
Gold Coast Protectorate. Here ha preserved tho 
peace, remedied injustice, and ropresaed the ccnal 

it having 

luspuoled that the Merchant 
i at tho Slave Traile, tho 

ciug appniutcd. Mr. Hacleau waa 
tlio direction of Hstiva Affaira, under 

tho title of Judicial Asaeeaor to the Native CMofa, 
which post he held until his death iu 1847. 

In 1850 tlie Danish forts at Accra and Quittah 
wore purchased from the King of Denmark for 

Secimd AiAaali War. 

In 1863 a raid was made into the Protactorate 
by an Aahanti f orco, in revongo for the Governor 
having refused to aurmnder Co the King of Aahanti 
two fugitives from his kingdom. A force of Weat 
Indian troops was marched to the Prah, whera 
it encamped, but the eoemy made no ^pearauce, 
and the troopa were withdrawn, after Baflering 
great lose from sickness. 

Aaquitilioa of Dutch Fi>rlt. 

Inleraparasd amongst the Britishsattlemcntg there 
bad always bcenanumlter of Dutch forts. This 
circumstance rwaa an abiding source of embannas- 

netllements being free ports, no a]i)m!ciablo cuatoma 
duties could be imposed at the British ports nithoat 
driving trade into those of the Dutch, For those 
rcatiuns on our part, aud for HulBclent reasons on 
the part of the Dutch, a partition of the ooast was 

the Ist ut January, UfUS, the Dutch taking the 
country west of the Sweet river, Ihe British tliat 
'-"-g to tho east. Under this jjartition tbo Dutch 
Mred Diicovo, Apollonia, Becondee and Com- 
idah ; the British acquired Dutch Aocis, Ber- 
raco, Apam, Cormantyae, and Moroc. Uur Majeaty 
'so relinquished to the King of Holland Her 
'otactorate over the two Wassaws, Apollonia, and 

The Dutch found their new possessions os- 
trenwly unruly. Their authority was defied by the 
protected tribes of the interior, aud their oAcors 
outraged and iU-trooted on the coaat. And by a 

rights on the coast. The Convc 

imediately ratified, but an assu 

lUghtand received from the King of Ashanti that 

iLadnoclalmonthoDutchselllvnieutsof Elmina. 
The formidable objection to the trausfer arising out 
of this supposed claim having been apparently 
removed, the Dntiflcations were exi'hangHl at the 
Ma-^ae in February 187:1, and on tho Gth of April^ 
187 i, tlie actual transfer of the sovereignty of tho 
forts look place, when tho Dutch Governor, 
Ferguson, handed, in tho presence of cliiefs and 
people, tlio ancient gold and ivory baton of 
l)e Knytar to Mr. John Poiie-Hennesfly, the Acting 

ovemor-in-Ohief of the West Africa settto- 

Third Athanti War. 

On the gth of Decombor, 1872, tha King of 

Aahanti dospatcbed from CuomaHsio an army of 

*0,000 men to invade the Britiah Protectorate. It 

not clearly known wliat may have beeu tho 

ktivss prompting bim to tliis procoeding. He 

himself made various statomoiita on the subjec^ 

and it may probably be ascribed to a variety of 

motives — the soUciiatioiiB of the disloyal ]>eople of 

- la, on unfouuded fear that the Hritwh would 

gate him , aud rage ou account of having been 

in aagotiationa than pemling for flio redemption of 


His army did not cross the Proh until tho 2Bth o( 
January, 1873. It thi^u spread itself slowly overths 
country, ravaging as it advauced. In April it met 
and dsfeated tho I'autl allies at Dunquah, anil 


Digitized By.GOOgle 


ffBin in Jnne at JoaquBiL Aftar thin victory the 
ommasder biui tba hHrdihood to attack tlia fortreBs 
.( Eliuin*, wharo ho w«a Bntiroiy detBited by thu 
eflmoa aiid MariDes of tho i'loet, in coiijunctioa 
rilb tha Colonial Forces, all under the command 
if Colonel, now Sir Friuicis, Fosting. tCU-Q., 
;.B. After this the war laugikishiiil for acme 
ima, liut Her Majesty's Qovemmout dwmed it 

now Sir John Glover, (;.O.M.G.,wi 

tonit«, and or^^nLse the 

At tho aametime Sir 
patched to the Gold Vi 
BUrOB for bringing about the obji 
wan npii]XHntsiI Civil Adminiatn 
locjil riiik of Major- General, an 

tribes in that qoarter for : 
the Aehanti territory. 
Garnet Wolaeloy wsb des 

!cta in view. He 
itor, recBJTod tho 
d wna auiElei! by 
ataS. But before 
msbe much pro- 

L'nptafn Glover had Ufn 

grexB in marahnlhng hin nniive levies, u, woa ue- 
ttmiitii'd to make « further effort for tho more 
immediate expulsion of tho enomy from the Pro- 
Garnet Wobeloy qnickly decided that the uatira 
cliiefs were wanting in the qnalilios neooBeary for 
his purpose, and reporteil atroogly io Her Majmly'B 
Government that in his ind)(nient it vould bo 
necessary to send three battaliuna of while troopa 
to the Coaat. Within 4B houra of tha receipt of tliia 
deapaich in England two lisltalions wore on their 
vray to the Const. A third followed on the 8th of 
Kovcmber. The troopa arrived early in Decem- 
ber, but a good road Io llio I'rah not havinc been 
completed, they vera nont lo saa again. In the 
inoantimo Sir Garnet Wolselsy, by tho aid of native 
levies, Wmt Indian troops, and seamen and Marines, 
bad lieon driving the enemy further sod further 
towardH the Prali, which river they croBaed on tha 
271^ 28th, and 29lh of Kovembor. Tha white 
troopa lauded towards the end of December, and 
Sir Garnet Wol^elev and hia Lead-quarters crossed 
the Frah on the 2Uth of Jannary. The King of 
Ashanti now begged for pooce, and Rent the cap- 
tive misaionwiae and otliurs to the liritieh camp ; 
but BB liis Ungnaee and sits were not e»ti«(ac1ory, 
Eir Garnet U'dwley continued his adv 
the 31stof Jannary cania into general „ ^ 
with tho enemy at Amonfnl, wberej after desperate 
resistance, he drove them from their position. The 
neit days wore employed continnouBly in fighting, 
nntih on the evoning of the 4th of Febraary, the 
British force eatcrcd CoomaaBie. Tbe King had 
fled to the bnah, Nepoliations wera opened with 
hiio. but without result, and on the 6th Hh Gamel 
""" " 1 his 

. - - „ - - g the 
city astlio forcemarphedoHt. Inthamaanl' 
John Glover hod been advancing from tha e. 
HouBSU and native aUios, and on tbe ISth he 
passed through the burning ruina of Coomaesie. 
On tho 13th uiesGengcrH sent by the King aigned 
a peace with Sir Gomot Wo!«ley at Fommanah, 
which woa afterwards signed with a pencil cross ~ 
King CeSeo (who cannot write). Thoe ended t 
war. By tho Treaty of rommannh the King 
Asliauti renounced all tIaimB on the rrotcctora 
promiaed to protect traders, to abandon hum 
EBcriflces, (o kee]> up a good road lo tho Prali, and 
to pay an indemnity of 50,000 oia. of gold to "^ 
Queen. The King has paid by three inBlalnu 
nboot 1,600 ezB. of ^eld. He also asked I 
the Qncen would permit htm to sand his son lo 

At the cimclUBion of peace, meaBures irere taken 
ir placing tha British Liovernmont of the Gold CoiM 
upon a proper footing of ofBcienuy and security. 

A uaw charier wag isiued. dated the !4th of 
July, 1874, separating tha setilements of tbe Gold 
Coast and Lagos from the government of the Weat 
Afrii-a settlements, acd erecting them into one- 
colony undur the style of the Guld Coast Oolony, 
under a Govemor-in-Chiof, with an AdmilUBtrWor 
at Lagos. There is one Eiecutive Oonncil and 
ooB uominatad I<egislative (Jouncil for the two 
setiJemsuts, and thu« is one Superior Court la 
administer jnatico amongst tho iuUabitanta of tho 

By an Order in Council, dated theGthof Anffost 
1874, Her Majcbly enipuwared tha new Jd^ala- 
ture to regnlate by Urdinauce or Urdlnances all 
such poweraossbu may enjoy iu tbe protected tenl* 
toriaa adjacent to the Ilritish Battlements. 
ifeiuBretialendtKtlie War. 

For the presonl tho tariffs of the two Eotttomsnts 
of the Gold Coaat and Lagos remain distinct, and 
their Itevenno is separately acc<mntad for. Tho 
piilico force, oflicured by Eumpeanu, numbering 
nearly 1,000 rank and file, is armed with the Snider, 
and port in trained in artillery exercise. This 
force is largely composed of men of the Houssa 
tribe — a people noted for lliHr military qniJitWB. 
The Ahoonaha beyond tba Vidta have acknow- 
' " ' ho under the Qnocn'sjuriB- 

aent a 

L lieve 

have been formed along the coast as tar as Addaflo. 

Since tbe peace the Adansia, Juabins, and other 

tribes hitherto tributary to Ashanii, have revolted 

tures of fealty to the British Crown, 'i'lio relations 
between Ashsnti and Jualdn being most thrcalen- 
;.._ ;_ -1 1 lo-., Cp(^ teen volunWared 

, of peac. 


■fi for tbe 

His psrilouB and difllcnlt 

fortune of a wor in tho interior was averted- 
Unfortunately the peace did not prove lasting, and 
hostilities took place between the Ashonlis and 
Juabins, which resulted in tlin defeat of the iattsr, 
who sought refuge uithin the British ProtsctoTate. 

Tbe road to the J^ah, constructed during th> 
war by the late Colonet Home. UK, O.B., liaa bean 
maintained by tho laKmr of the natives, under the 
direction of the armed i>ol ice. Tbe seat of Qotmu- 
ment has been transfenad to. Accra. 
DomtKlic Slarrrs. 

At its first nceling, the Legislative Coundt, ez- 
erciaing tbe powei'ii in rclnlion to tho Protectorate- 
conferred by Eer Majesty's Order in Council of lh& 
6th of August, 1S74, pasjvd two ordinaucas dii- 
po^ng of the quafilion of slavery. 

Domestic slavery han existed from time imme- 
morial ou the Gold Coast, as in other parts of 
Africa. Tho slave popuhitioii consisted partly of 
native-born slaves, and partly of Doiikos, alave& 
purchased from Asbantl im[iurlers. Ijlavury was 
an emanation of parental authority, every maOi 
being Baleablo either by liis father or mother, 
according to the character of tho union BubsisUng 
between hiepai-onts, and tho consequent sIoliMof 
tho niotlior. In aildilion to slavsry eroanallng 
from parental authorit3', thi-re ivas a Bpecles of 
slavery called pawning, founded on contra^ wblolv 


ftrose when > debtor gsTO to his creditor, aa a 
sBciirit;, either himself, or a child or alave, to be a 
tempararf slave in the hands oi the creditor nnii) 
debt and int^rfiat were pud^ 

Within the British poeaensioDB on the Gold 
Coast, slavery is abolished by force of the etatnU 
3 4 4 Will, iv., c. 7B, but the British territory on 
the Gold Ccaat ia of very narrow local ran^e, and 
slavery within the Protectorate was not aSflcted by 
that statute. Nor was any attempt made on the 
part of the British Govornmcnt to uproot it. " If 
the laws or naages of those countr^," obHerrod 
Limi John RuBsell (desp. 14 July, iSll) " tolerate 
slavery, we have no right u> got aside those laws or 
usages except tiy persuasion, Degoliation.aDd other 
poaceful means. But oven at that time the haraher 
uaages of slavery wore appreciably mitigated by 
the action of the court of thu " Judicial aaaessor to 
tbe Native Chiefs " and other magistrates. At the 
conclusion of the war the quesiion was serioaaly 
taken in hand, and settled by the two ordinances 
in qneadon. Ooe prohibits, under penalties, the 
Introdactjon of slaves inffl the Protectorate, and 
the buying and selling, and pawning of slaves and 
other parsons within the Protectorate; and the 

or Bridsh, shall take uoticn of, so as to give eScct 
to the relations between master and slave, except 
in so far as those relations may bo in accordance 
with the law of England rclatiuf; to master and 

Mail Communicatiim. 
The distance from— Miles. 

Lagos to Capo Coast is SS8 

Cape Coast to Sierra Leono ... 869 

Sierra Leone to Madeira .... 1,680 

Uadeira to England (Liverpool). . 1,420 

The length of voyage from Liverpool to Uadeira 

is abont 7 days; and from Miwlotra to Caps Coast 


The British settlements at Legos formerly con- 
stituted a kingdom which was coded by the reigning 
monarehDoccmo on thoGlh of August, 1861, to the 
Britiah Crown, he being guarantood a pension of 
l,000f. a-yoar. 

They were erected into a snparate government 
by Letters Patent dated the 13th of March, 1862. 

By the charter of the 19th of February, 1886, 
Lsgos became a part of the Government ^f the 
Wast Africa Settlements, having a separate Legis- 
lative Conaeil, but subject to the Covemor-in-Chief 
at Sierra Leone. 

By the charter of the 24th Julv. 1874, it bocame 
an integral part of the Gold Coant Colony. 

By tbia charter the term Lagos is defined to 
comprise all Biitish settlements hing between 
2° and 5° E. long. 

The Bri^h settlements are — Bad>^7 on the 
west, Lagos Island in the centre, and Falma and 
Lockle on the east. Sovereignty is virtually eier- 
dssd over the intervening sea board ; and the ad- 
jacent country, as far as we arc related with the 
tribes by treaty, is vaguely said to be a Protec- 
torate, but there is no regular authority eiarciaed 
inland, as at the Gold Coast. 

The waters of Lagos, though the entry to them 
is rendered perilous by a har, constitute the only 
safe harbour along eix hundred miles ot coaat, and 
the trade of the port, if ponce prevailed in the 
interior, would reach magniflcont proportions. TLe 
trade, which tias suffered more or lees ever since 
the Briluh occapation, from the wars of tbo Egbas 

and Ibadans, was penlysed bv the action of the 
£glna and Jebua in closing their trade paths in 
1872. But a more friendly understanding having 
been arrived at between these tribes and the British 
Goveroment, the paths are again open and trade 




Gold C«ut. 



1889 24.127 


1870 80.851 


1871 28,609 



41,683 42,879 


45,612 45,611 


41,:<40 41,346 


52,240t 52,255 


33,350 87,296 


43,366 44,379S 


46,448 45,170l 


59,38a 42,306 


50,-*n9 49,735 


54,934 45,984 


Iruporlt and ExporU. 

Gold C«M. 

£ £ 


218.491 281.918 


253.397 878.23l> 


250,672 2Si,207 


280.101 38.5,281 


225,526 830,621 


trustworthy roturns. 


364.672 327,012 


446,088 465,268 


327,274 387,003 


304,152 393,457 


323,039 761,850 





















Gold Coast . . 




• EaclnUn ol 40.0001. voted Dr 

t The GoW Coa« 

I V).mi. ftoatir 

f Indadlni 10,0001 

of loan, of which the 


iglhg PmtocMcat*. 


SrATEJCsnT of the EBtablishment of the Settlements on the Quid Coast and 
LagoB, showing Rank, Names, Salaries, and AUowancea of each Officer. 

Govemor-in-Obiet . 

LIsutroaBt-QoTemor . . 
AId«-da-CHnp A Prints SMreUry 

Executive CoibkH. 

The Governor, JVeiufcnt 
The AdminiatntDr of Lkgoo. 
Ths Cotoniftl Secretory. 
The Qneeu'a AdTOcoto. 
The Collector uid Treuorar. 
The Officer CommiDiliDg Troops. 
Chrk, the Colonial SecreMry, 

tJirS. ItoiTe,E.C.M.O. 

And SOOL allow- 

Ltgiitativt C'luiKiL 

The OoTemor, Pretidrta. 
The Admiuutrator ol Lsgof. 
Tba Chief Jubtice. 
The Colonial SecreUry, 
The Queen's Advocate. 
The Collector and Treasarer. 
The Officer Commanding Troopa. 
Cfei-i. the Private BBcretaiy, 60t 

Fint Clerk , . . . 
Second,, , . . . 

Third Clerk and Intopreter . 

Colonial Becrataiy . 
Chief Clerk ". '. 

Second Olerk . 
ThiM , . 

Colleetor and Treasurer . 
AnisUot Collector . 
Chief Eiamining Officer . 
Superriidng Officers, Kingo . 

BecondOItA . 

Third „ . . 
Fourth „ . 
Wirehoiuekeeptr . 
Port and Examining OfScsr . 

J. A. Williams 
A. J. QaauEih 
C. W. flttdgsr 
Qoainiu* Agill 

Cotonia/ Secrtlarial. 

0. A. Moloney 

J. 8. Hay 

J. B. Davies . 

Ctutomt and Trtanrg. 

G. T. Carter . 
S. Banuornian 
Joseph Wurall 
H. A. [lore . 
J. A. Dillet . 
A. AUui . 
T. Stevens . 
W. J. ElUott . 
C. C. Brown . 

W. O. Hene . 

T. T. C, Fleischer . 

R. W. Kchter. 

O, H. Brooks , 

Vacant . 

ttobeit Dodoo 
. Vacant . 
. W. S. Saunders 
. T. F. Beraasko 
, 0. V. E. Gnvea 

Vacant . . 



























Free qnartei*. 
And sot' aUow- 

I'res qnartera. 

A^ 60t"allo»- 


Odd Taker 

Office MssMQger .... 

Bub-Oollector ud TS»».iiilnlng Offl- 

oer, PramprAin 
Out-door Offlcar, Fmniruii . 
Olerk and Eiaioimiig Officer, Addah 
AasiBtuit „ » II 

OM-door OffloBT „ 

„ „ Attitficb 

Clerk and Eiamuilng Officer, Aiim. 
Ont-door Offioer „ 


Aa^lant Examining Officer, 

Half Aaainee 
Snb-CollectOT & Exanuning Officer, 

Kew Town 
AasiBtant Examining OSosr, Stm 

Snb- CoUoctor Caw Uoaot 

Clerk „ 

Port and Ezunlniitg Officer „ 
AaeieUnt Sxunlning Offioer „ 


Clerk ft Examining Officar,DiicoyB 
Ont-door Officer „ 

Clerk and Exam jnilig Officer ,£lmlua 
AaHiatant „ „ „ 

Ont-door Officer „ 

AadBtant Examining Officer, C<mi- 

Cleik i Examining Officer, Baltpond 

Oot-doCT Officer „ 

Aaaistant Examining Officer, Ana- 

ODt-door Officer, Anamaboe . 
Snb-Colloclor ft Eiamining Officer, 

Asaistan C Examining Officer,Qiuttah 
Ont-door Officer „ 

Animuit Eiamin In g Officer. A ddafia 
Ont-door Officer, Elmina Cluca . 
Atlokoh . . 
Bnb- Collector, Canoe . 
Auistant l^liamining Officer, 

JeUali CofTeo 
Ont-door Officer, Jellah Coffee 

Ont-door Officer „ 

enb-CoUector ft Eiamining Officer, 

Ont-door Officer, Adjuh 
Bnb-Collector & Eiaminiog Officer, 

Outdoor Officer, Clumali 
Bnb-Collector ft EuminiDg Officer, 


AuiBlant F.-..TntTilng OfficST, WIo- 

A. A-i&le . 

Vacant . 
Q. J. Btoorf . 
J. W. Meyara , 
a. A. Robertson 
C. H. Hesse . 
W. E. Anf am . 
E. S. Esillie . 
John Abinaqnah 

B. B. TTJaon . 

Tacant . 

D. B. Torke . 
A. Meneah 

J. woiriDg : 

Emeet Aiking . 
"W". E. P. Niezen 
Vacant . 
Cndjoe Korean 
J. A. Wilson . 
H. A. Bemaako 
W. A. Lutterodt 
Joseph B. Aacht 
J. Eoilfie 
J. Niezer 
P. W. H. StooTi 

J. L. Minnow . 
J. H. Btopb . 
H. W. O. Da-riee 

E. E. QniEt . 
A. Teechemaker 

Vacant . 

8. P. Arkolnl . 

d'. B. Tarkson 
J. B. O. Cromwell 
Vacant . 
Vacant . 
G. P. Coleman 

J. B. SbadracbBon 
K. H. Solomon 
J, A. F. Ulzen 











Oat-door OfBcer.WinaeUh . . 

J. W. E. Biney . . 


aB-AiUne . . . 


Bnb^bolloclo? & Ei»miing OiBeer, 
Ort^^ Officer, Appim . . 

J.Hagan . . . 




J. L.NiBzen . . . 




8nb-Oon8ctor A Ei»iuiilng Offlcor, 

Outdoor OiBoBT, Mmnlord . 

J. M. Halm . 




J. E. Franco' . . . 






W.Manford . 





Fin* Clerk 

J. A. T, BnoklB . 



E.W. Bruce . . . 



JoneaEeeBe . . . 




FoEtmutM, Accra .... 

E. B-Cnle . . . 




Olwk and Sorter, Accra . 

N, S. ThompaoQ 


Poaliii4Btflr Cap« Ooost . 

E. J. da Costa. . . 


Clerk and Sorter „ 

H. B. Blaukson . . 


A.ri«t«nt Clark 

Vacant .... 


J. F. ThompKiQ . 




S. S. Cole . . 


Sscond „ 

Q. T. A. Thompson 


Third „ . 



j.'r^cia^K : '. '. 

H. H. Vanderpojo . 


Second FreBBun 


Apprentice . 

Enoch Heyera 


BoofWdtf '. 

Vaamt . . . . 




CbiefJnstice, Acoia 

Jamea UarahaU 




Free qiuirt«n. 

BeriBtnr, AcCT« . . . . 

A. W. Thompson . 


Chief Interprater, and Clerk to 

John BobertauQ . . 


Heaaengar and CareUkar, Accra . 

J.WillianM . . . 


Puiroa Jnd«, Weatem Province 
Depaty EegiBtrar, Weatem Pro- 

J. W. Smith (acting) . 


Free qoarten. 

T.Blankflon. . . 



UoBsenger and Caretaker, WeatoTi 




Qoeen-B Advocat« , . . . 

Thomaa Woodcock . 


Free qnartm 
pnTAle practica. 


W. Z.Cokar . . 




Colonial Chaplain . . . . 

T.Maiwell . 







ThomaeDunoBQ (acting) 




BohciolniaatBr, Capo OoMt . . 

Emart Heyford . . 




HosUor „ „ . . 

J. W. Bnniia . , . 


Vacant .... 


FnpiiTtaclMr ^1,' '. '. 

T. Duncan . . . 


J. Fry . . . . 
6. A. Johnson . . 




AaaWamt „ » » 

Vacant .... 

















T.M. WuUt . . . 


Monitor „ . . . 

D. Ccineliua . . 


M. C. Wiu™ . . . 


Bchc^mlitTBBB, Am™ '. '. '. 

Elizabeth Brew . . 


Kow Miller . 


Pupa Tewher 

H. Vanderpnye . 


U. Uiller 


DepDtrBet^trar u.d iDteipntor, 

Cipo Cout 
MasBonger lo N.liv^ Chiefs . . 

Edmusd Watt 




Ftm quarters. 

J. E. CaliUne . . . 




Jamea Davis . . 




Vacant .... 


CiTtrOonuniBaioDer, Tacqash 


Volts Bivw . 

Lient. Bumaey, E.N. . 


Deputy Begistiv md loterpreter 

Ciiriatian Aeanle . . 




And SOI. ftllow- 

C. da F. Green . . 

Depnty Registrar and Intormitor , 

J. H. liannennaD . 


S. Bampo . . 


J. S. Parker . . 


Q.OW.B. . . . 


i\ M. F. G. Hackett . 

DspntyBegiBtrar and Interpreter . 

H. P. Brown . 


George Smith. 


Deputy HegiBtrar and Intaniroler . 

U. Brew.juu . . 


District CommisBioner, Elndna . 

L. A. Brydon . . 

Deputy Regislrar and Intcrprotor . 

J. K. Mends . . . 


H. H. Gravea. . 

Deputy Regi8tr«r . . , . 

J. F. Thompaon . . 


J. Malm .... 
JcliuBmitli . . . 




And 60t. aDow- 

Deputy Begistrar and Interpreter . 

Joseph Hughes . . 
Jacob SimoDB . 






Deputy Ragistrar and Interpreter , 

J. G. Jones . 

C. ILBarlola . . . 

aTroom . . . 





And SOL allDW- 

And aOL allow- 

DUtrict Commladoner, Prampram . 


Inapertor General .... 

Aleiandor Grant . 




Free qnarten. 

Firat^Uia Inepeetor . 

CecU Dudley. 


Vacant .... 



A.djnUikt and Muaketiy Inatructca- . 

D.Lysaght '. '. '. 





ArtOlerjf Inapcctor .... 


E. Q. Woolhc™* . . 


AiLtant t^a ™d Qn«ienn"t«t 

Charles Whaiton . 



H.H.Gnivea. . . 



L. A. Brydon. . . 


Louis Wyatt , . . 
C. de P. 6reen . . 



„ . . . . 

P. D. O'Brien. . . 




Free quarters, 


„ , 

B. W. Baatow. . . 





F. M. F. G. Haakett . 


Froe qsKtara. 

J. R. H. WUlon . . 


W. A. CuBcaden . . 





R.H.B.CampbeU. . 




AssUteQt loipectoT 

A. W. forbea. 

Oeo. BreBDBU . 
2 Nfttin OOoeri 

B Bergaant Majors 
10 SergMoU . 
40 CorponlB, iaclndiiig 
S DnimiDer Corponls 
1 Dnim Major. 

SO Qunuers . 

4 ClerluMidliiteriiretei 

5 Fri8Et« . 

I Ordsiij Boom Clerk 

L. A.BrTdan. 
C. de F. Oreen 
E. WM . 
E. W. NewsDhun . 

OaoloT, Accra . 
TnrnkBy „ . 
HUroD „ . 

Gaoler, Elmiua 

Becoad^oinksr, E 

Qaoler, Cape Coaat 
Tiumlay „ 
OvOTBeer „ 
Qaoler, DiicovB 
„ SaltpoDd 

L. A. Brrdon . 
Dr. Nundy 

T, Woodcock . 
Jolin Fagao , 
Dr. Qnuit 

O. Woothousa . 

A-Brjdon. , 

C de F. Qreen 

T. C. Trant . 
J.ReffeU. . 
Sarah Bochealcr 
O. J. FaUri . 
W. & Niezar . 

Colonial Soigeon . 

AulBtaut SnTgsoss 

L. Thorpe 
A. D. AJnonr . 
J. Van Dyke . 
J. W. Lowia . 
a. Edward! . 
U. B. Cobbold 
T. Beader 

MaSeal D^artmad. 

J. B, Jsana . 

~ t). B. Grant 

C. F. Castor 

E. Nundy 
3. W; Rowland 

F. 0. Bou 

A. L. Peacock . 
ForeU Easmon. 
M. P. DukB 
J. Booth . 



Wardnuu „ 

Bmalipox EospiUl Eaeper, Oftpe > 

Wardmui, C&pe Const . 
DiBpanser and Clerk, Elm 
Drouer, Elmiiui 
Wardmau „ 
Heaaenger „ , < 

DlapenHer, Accra . 

, T. Freeman . 
, J. W. Saokej . 
. O. Eton d« Great 

anilnry Diportmml. 

Llgbthonse Koopar, Cap« CoMt . 
Aasistuit „ „ 

LighthoUBo Keeper, Accra 
Aeeutaut „ „ . . 

Lighthaaae Keeper, Cape 3 Potnts 

■ A. Limberg . 

Marin* Liffitlloiaei. 

John Paul 

J. OUsapeter . 
Qdow Thompson . 
A. ThompBon 
John Hansen. 
J, rt Hoea . 

Sorrejor General . 
Aaaiatanl SurTsyor. 

Foreman of Works . 

Clerk and Accouatant, Accra . 
Storekeeper „ 

Foreman o( Works, Elmlna 
Claik and Storekeeper „ 
Foreman o{ Works „ 
Blacksmith „ 

Carpenter „ 

Ueasengerand Taidkecper, Elmina 
Foreman of Worka, Cape Coast 
Gardener „ 

Public Worltandaum^. 

John Pagnn . 
U, Jones 
J. Sdo«1o7 
H. Baxter 
H.D. Thorpe. 
W. Euah 

W. L. Morgan 

T. Djapia 
Yacant . 
B. Roberta 
Charles Affnll . 

Lighthouse Keeper, Cape Coast 
AsslnMnt „ „ 

Lighthouse Keeper, Accra . 



John Faal 
Jacob Frauds 

r Thompson . 

Keeper, Cape Three i 

Adminlslrator . 

First Clerk and Inlerpretat 

Second Cltrk . 

, W, B. Qrifflth, C.K.Q, , 
. A. L. Hethersctt . 
, 0. B. Colo ; 







Ai^tuat Colonial 

3tertUrf$ aa AwEt Dt 





Prmfc Simpaon, M.D. . 


Irtwa Auditor 

Chief Oleit 

J. B. T»ylOT . . . 


SeooDd Clerk 

V,^t. . . . 



Jod>hB.A«liton . 

AsEdiUiit OollMstor ud TnMtner . 

CPlke . . . . 




Colin Blackbom . . 


Fi[«01wkMidBookkBeper . . 

B. a,D«vl«« . 


Second Cla-k 

W. R. Htrding . 


Third „ 

J.T.Lrigh . . . 


Eitn Clerk uid Powder Msgufu^- 

K T. Euriaou . . 


EiwJ^Offlcer .... 

B. J. Gilpin . . . 




A'nd ISI. in Un 
of fee*. 

Yacuit .... 


8«ond „ ,, „ : 

P.S.Jonei . . . 


Third „ 

0. H. Tnmer . 


Fourth „ 

L.W.W.Docker . . 


JunatS. Uole. 




SroSf." . : 



ss£ras?a^: : 

H. H. Or*Tei . . 
M.E.Cr.% . . . 





Hnb-ColkStor, P»lm. . . . 

F.O.QneS . . . 



W.J. King . . . 





Jeoob B. Qmrge . . 



iBUkh Loudon . . 


SBoond ,, .... 

H. A. PhiUipa 


Oolotilal Sunreyar .... 

T. G. Tdium 




W. L. G. L.i«on . . 



Clerk . . . : : ■. 

J. J. Williun* . 


Clark ud 7oremui of Worki 

J.T.Johnwn. . . 


Clerk of Gruts .... 

.E.Pete™ . . . 


Junior OlflA 

.T. Laigh . . . 


P.J.SUrtin . . . 
Bariom- Jfoitar'* Dtpert 




Hubovrltt.ta' .... 







G. 0. Byron . 
— Sheldon . 


Engbwer of Oovemiunt VmhIi. 



Engine D^tst ." . ." ' 

— AduDBon . . 


H.Z.Tnm«r. . . 





FoohoMtec ..... 

W.E.CoIa . . . 




G.J. Goto . . . 


Ucnngff . . . . . 

A.D.8(awe . 











0. D. TnrtoB . . . 




Free qaarlers. 



E. W. Butow, O.CC. . 
M. E. Cr»ig . . . 






A. W. PorbeB, O.C,a . 
T. W.Joni* . . . 





Privm D^artmaO. 

DopirtjSheriff . . . . 

AMiBt Inspector O'Brien 





VlaitarofPriwna . . . . 


£18 6<. 



And uirtew 


Willum Kekere 

HosiHt^Attflodut, Gioi . . 
GmW, B»d.«i7 . . . . 

J. B. Cole . 
Solomon Coker 



DeputyRegyirB .... 


Crown PrOBOCutor (mcUng) . 

Hector HvJeod . 
J.A. P«Tna . . 
H. C.M.Davies . 
T. W. Johneon . . 
C. D. Tnrton . 




Free qoarten. 

Second Bailiff . . . . 

J. W. Qceen . . . 

Mc^aa Drpartmaa. 

ColonW anTKOon . . . . 


Clerk knd StflWird .... 

Dr. D. McCarthj . 
F.D.Cole . 




And alloiruiceB. 

Digitized ByGODgle 


(Bee Wlndwud IsUuda, p. 199.) 

aiUOTTAl.Ain> WBBT. 

fNow p»rt of tha Ospo Colony.) 

GriqaKluid West [i siliuUed batweeu 3!° kud S6° 
E. long, uid 37° uil 2S'>&. laL Becuas Britieb ter- 
ritory by cesMOD from the Griqiut people, ■ race of 
bl]f-caat«q, in tho yanr 18TI, and wu proclumed to 
tuive been ceded by tha Oriqu« QovemniBiil, Bud to 
have been acceptsd in the name of Her H&jesty 
the Qneen by bin BicsUency Sir Henry Bu-kly, 
OorerDcn' of the (.'ape of Good Hope, uid Her 
Mijeety'B High ComroiaHioner In Soalh Africa, 
CD October S7 in tliiit year. 

In the previous year, 1H70, the existsncs of large 
depofdta of diomuods along the banka of the Vaal 
Bivor had been no conclusively proved, as to 
attract to Griqualaud tboumnde of Cape and Natal 
ColonialB, tt^ether witli some practical diggera 
from Auntraiia, and persons of every rank and 
condition from Europe and America. 

Prior to the acceptance of the Otlqua territory 
by Her Majesty, differences had exiitted between 
the Qriqua GoTemment and the Governn^ant of 
the Orange Free State respecting boundaries, and 
UDdeavoorB had been made for the Eettlcmont of 
thooe differences by arbitration, which had failed of 
■access owing to the inability of the parties to 
agree on ■ plan of arbitration in detail. While 
leaving the quustions in dispute still open for such 
settlement, Sir Henry Barkly declared the boun- 
dary line between the Free Stale and the territory 
ceded to Her Majesty by the Griquas to be that 
which had eiielod and been formerly agreed upon 
between Eait and Weat Griqualand prior to the 
existence of the Orange FroB State, viz., from 
Bamah on the Orange Hiver nd David's Grave, to 
Platbsrg. Tills was the eastern boundary of the 
territory. The northern and wealem boundaries 
had previously been defined by the " Eeate award " 
of ISTI, and tha southern boundary (between 
Griqualand and the Capo Colony) was the Orange 
Biver, about which no dispute euslad. 

The area between these boundariea la in extent 
about 17,800 square miles, and its population prior 
to the discovery of diainonds condated of the 
Orlquas, certain Europesns to whom farms had 
' aasigned by the Griqna Govb~~--* '" - 

acquired lands in the territory under Free Slate 
tiues, and wore almost exclosively occupied in 
stock farming. 

Simultaneonsly with tha issue of tlie proclama- 
tion for incorporeling this territory with theBritiah 

for It 

a law. 

jf pablio businsBs, pending Its 

anoeiatlon tc< the colony of the Cape of Good Hope. 
In 1872 the diecovHry of tha four diamond mlces 
known as tho ■■Drj* Diggings," in the flat grass 
country between tlie Vaal and Uodder Rivers, had 
COllocted a lai gfl puiPidation there, which was impa- 
tient of coiitri>l,sud iireatly disBBtisded with a form 
ol QovanuntJit which neceasitated a reference to 
Cape Town, luoro than GOO miles distani 

felt ft Us duty lo proceed to tiriqaaland, and 
assume tba personal direction of altairs As ■ 
result of his vlait he recommended that the terri- 
tory should be formed into a separate and distinct 
Government, under a Lieutonant- Governor, and 
that a Gonatitation should be granted to it Thi» 
:ceded to by Her Majesty, 

the first Lientenant-Ooven 

The letters patent by which the CanstitutfoB 
was granted, bwr date at Westminster, the 7th day 
of tobmary, in the thirty-sixth year of Her 
Majesty's reign; and they provided, among other 
things, that the Governor of the Cnpe CoTony or 
Officer administering the government of tiiat 
colony, should be Governor of Griqualand West; 
that in the absence of the said Governor from the 

Cvince, the Govanunent should be administered 
a Lleutenant-Govamor or Admicistrator ; that 
for advising the said Governor there should be an 
Executive Council coQHisting of such persons as 
should be duly appuinted to it ; and that there should 

force onlil the 151h of Uotober, 1680. 
By that Act Griqnaland West becomes an electoral 
province of the Cape Colony, returning one member 
to the Council, and four to the Assembly. Tha 
Recorder is made a Judge of the Supreme Court 
of the Cape Colony, and an appeal provided to the 

nery of i 


listing in the Cape is 

The claims of the Orange free Slate, in the 
territory of Griqualand West, without b«ing ad- 
mitted, were set at rest in an ainicable manner by k 
Convention concluded in London, on the iGth 
of July, 18TG, between President Brand and the 
Becretary of State for the Colonies. By tho 
terms of this convention the Orange Free Stats 
agreed to abandon its claims in consideration of a 
payment by the Province of 90,0UUf^ while at the 
same time a slight modiflcatioD of the eastern fron- 
tier line was accorded to the Orange Free State, 
which line has been surveyed and marked by 4 

The lands of the Provinca afford exceUent 

ruraga for all Mnds of stock, and in particular 
sheep, homed CAttle^ horsea, and ostrichea; 
and where water is available for irrigation, tho 
cultivation of wheat and other cereals, and almost 
all kinds of farm and garden produce can be pro- 
fllahly undartakeu. The land is fertile, and yields 
abnndant crops. 

The great Indnatry of diamond seeking has 
during the last two years continued very remune- 
rative, though the reduced price of diamonds In tho 
English and European markets, and the increased 
cost of working at the Dry Diggings, as the minea 
grow deeper, Imve been disbearteuing to the poorer 
--J iq those who eipectod a rapid 



ita origin, and the eiiBtaiice of rough disiDOiida 
In South Afri™ wds no genarslly dlBcredited 

A tew diunondB, howerer, contlnnad to b« 
found, BDd in the yaaz 1870 an exploring party, 
cHefly composed of offi™™ of Hsr Majesty's 20th 
Begiment, thnn ntaticnied at Nitsl, and one of 
Ottpe Coloniata from King Wmiam'e, pro- 
oeeded to di^ nnd wtjih the illavk! drift «loag the 
b«nkB of the V»al BStbt. They soon touni dia- 
monds, and their BnccesB brcmght anmerons other 
pBrtiea from all parte of the neighbouring Ctriouiw 
and Sspublics. Operations were at tUs limo con- 
flnsd to tha river banki, which for Toany miles 
wers covered with mining camps. 

In 1871, however, the dlaooyery had been made 
that diamonds Biieted not only In the drift of the 
old river-bod near the premnf course of the Vaal, 
but in the loose red euriace-flind covering the 
country between that river and the 



laller stream which ultimately John 
;orona, if not PyBtematic, search 

being worked at and close to Kimherloy. and the 
river banks were soon denafted for the more 
profitahla Dry Diggings, where diamonds ware 
found la ^DeThmplad profusloiL There are now 
410 olainu In this mine, divided amongst aboat 
1,W)0 claimholders, and the claims are valued for 
rating purpofss at 474,0001, the selllnf' pries being 
about 60 per cent more than that. No vilaation 
of tbe claims hae been made at the other mines. 
The total Dumber of daimholders at the Dry 
n December 31, 1S74, was :— 

Eimberley Mine 1,183 

Du Toit's Pan Uine ... 401 

De Beer's Mine 3S4 

BultfoDt^n Mine 176 

Biver Diggings 161 

Total ... , 3,144 

Tbe method of diamond saskiiig at the DiT 
Diggings was at first of the rudest daseription. 
Tho ^lef reason for Uds careless mode oi working 
was the absence of water availsble for washing the 
SolL Water, which was St first unattainable, has 
now to be pumped irom Iho mines to keep tha 
olalms clear, and is also supplied from Weils, which 
have besn sunk in everr dlrecdon. Tho result of 
this abundant supply of water has been the intro- 
duction of simple machines for washing the soil— 
a process which not onbr Increases the yisld by 
rersallng many diajnonds which before passed 
nnnotired but eoonomizes labour, and renders 
theft Impbssibls in the sorting. As the depth of 
tho mines increases, Ihe work of diamond fiuduw 
requires a greater and greater employment of 
capital and macbinen, and the work is (ailing 
more and more inlo uie hands of capitalists and 

It U eettmated by pertons who should be able to 
Judge, that tba washing mact>inea,of which there 
may now be some 400 In operation, wadning pr6b~ 
ably 3,000 tons of soil a^liy, produce diamonds to 
the -value of 20,000/. a-week. 

The largest diamond known to have been found 
WW SeS carats. Tbe tdgbeit price given tor a 

single rough stone Is 8,0001:, being abont lOOi: per 
cnrat. Tbo question wholhsr tbe title of tbe pro- 
prietors of the farms enttttta them to the sub-scdl 
diamonds has been violently debated in the Pro- 
viDoe, andinvolviag as it did consequencea of great 
pecuniary magoitudeto the dig^erii,at one time led 
them to acta of lawlessness which rendered neces- 
sary lbs daspatch of a body of Her Usjest^s troopa 
to the Province to snsora respect for aatbority. 
The tronbls was averted by the acqidsition ol 
the principal farm, Vooruitiigt. for 100,0001. by 
the uovemmenti and as Tenrds the minor dig- 
gings, the mallsr lias now Besn set at rsM by * 
ieguIatlTe comproniiao. 

The towns ot KimbertoT and Da Toll's Pan 
are almost entirely composed of temporary butldings 
of Iron, wood, and canvas. Klmberley is, however, 
as regards size, population, and brndQess, superior 
to most towns of the Cape Colony. It has nume- 
rous churches and chanus, three banks, and three 
newsfupers. Its market, owing to the high prices 
given for all articles of consumption, is the best in 
South Africa. Diamonds tiave recently been fomd 
within ttie town limits. 

Latins TVmiUef. 
In 187».9 the tribes and parts of tribes inluMl- 
ing ths Province and its borders— namely, £(»■»- 
sas, Kaal Kaffirs, Oriquas and Bechuanas— wca« 
aeiz«d with the war fever latoly prevalent among 
the natives of South Africa, and broke out again 
and again Into revolt It waa found necessary to 
undenake three campaigns against them, nnder 
the leadership ot Colonel Lanyon and Llsnt- 
Colonsl Warren, which proved entirely soocessfid 
— the rebels botng subsequently treated vrith a 
degree of Isnieuoy which has turned them into 
loyal snbjsota. 

Bevenne. Eipenditiire. 
1B7S X68,67S £64,888 
18TS 66,978 71,161 

1874 B0,S67 91,40fi 

1S7S 78,098 93,919 

1876 91,0BG 89,fiS6 

1877 101,840 90,476 

1878 10fi,7*6 199,976" 

1879 113,789 131,S»4 

Oe eenmaU Offiee. 
Colemel BtcrtUrs (acting), P. J. Tllllew, aM.G,, 

(aboUahed from October, 18eo> 
Ut Cltri, 3. B. BrazisT, 80M. 
Swt Cieri, P. EUot, 3601. 

._.. Kmifr&g, J .. . 

and artmg TTttuartr, H. E. Wright, 700^, and 

200t 01 Ktguirar qfOadi. 
Ciitf Clerk and Accaimtinii, J. C. Erynanw, BOOL 

and lOOi. allowance. 
2nd Cierk, 0. Bt Y. Bicketts 3-20J1 
DittramtOT of Sbtnipt. A. R. Clarenoe, 4601. 
Clerk to Cinl Commuiiima; J. G. Moret, 3001. 
Entrring Clerk (Un^iorarT/), at lOs. per diem. 

• This indtHsd Be,<141. tt 


Court o/Jailux. 
Saordrr and PvUiK Judge of ike Svprtnt Court of 

IJkt Capt Colony, Hia Hononi F- Brown. 1,600/.; 

2D0f. persoDU aJIonuice. 
Citrk to RecardtT, i. R. EenDedy, 751. allowance. 
MatUr oust Regitirar^W. P. Button, SOW. 
Clert to Mailer and RegUtTta; J. E. Kennedy, ITU. 
Sheriff, Talbot Ubxdclf, fnes. 
Crier and DAer, W. Brown, lOM 

Crovm SalicUor'i Qffiix. 
Croon Soliator (acting), L. Hoflfcyn^ 60W., and It 

a day allowanco. 
Clert to tie Crovm So!ieilirr,and Clerk of tie Peaa 

for tit ProeifHt, O. E. Back, S00£, and M. 


Police. — Grijualand Armed Coiutabalarg. 
latptdar. , 1/. a-day aod I0>. pel diem 

Wct*,' O- Iti. BradBhaw, im. 
1 Oert, a. B. WiUUnw, 150)., and 7W. allow»n«B. 
iletteager, B. Baybittle, and hOL BUowance, 

and feea im service of drll ta-oosBH. 

Rfflittror atd Sunrytrr of Du Totlt Fan Mine and 
[amtctar tjf Buil/bn/ein Diggingt, H. J. Tonga, 

Clerk to ditto, W. R Smith,'250£ 
" — TB Cltrti, at 10». pur diom. 

>fKimberltj/ lline, W. B. Smith, SOOL and 

Clert ft> £tto, P. W. Colo, E6W. 

3«i Clert, H. A. Coleman, 10<. a da;. 

StirBegor of Kimberlei/ and Dt &ei'i Miaei, W. 

Ward, 600i. and '57. allowance. 
Aea^foa Svrtesor. Q. Hares, SOOI. 
12 mining oonstables, at 120t 

Fotlai Departmaii. 
Potmuter, Kimb:rlr«. A, N. BressanHdorB, 5607. 
CHef Clerk, T. S. CheeyerB, 250t and SOi. aUow- 

4 Additional CUrkt, at from T(. Od. to 10«. per 

Xeneager, D. Faiire, 66(. 

Peilmuler, JTu Toift Pin, C. M. Bolt, 2601: 

CIei*,J. S. Balifai,20W. 

fB«( Office Agmt, Belmont, 251. 

dvil CoBiniiiiioner'i DepartmaU, BarUg, 
CiM Commitrionrr and Reiideni Magatrate, 0. 0. 

Camphell, 50O/. and lODf. allowance. 
U Clerk, W. Franklin, S2ot and 76t aUowance. 

CiBil Coianamtner, Dutrict of Hag. 
Civil Commitiioaer and Betident Magitfrale at 

Griqaatmm, , 500)., and lOW. allow- 

Clert to CivU CeiRRUMKnier, B. Sfalriey, SMT. 


Civil CominUiioner and Reiident Ua^itntte at 

Lansford, H. B. Boper, 6001. 

Additional Sriidenl Magittrat^t Department, 


Additioma Rendeat Magiitrate, S. J, SAolti, 


{nttrprtter, Piet Cotta, SH. 


Medica! Department, Kimberleg. 

Medical Injector, W. Orimmer, 40IU., and 501. 

noipital Medical Officer, W. Qrinmior, 800i 
Di^enter, F. Hurray, 3D0L 

Begitlrg of yalivtn, Kinberiey. 
J?r^tffrar,W.J. CoIeinan,S007.,and lOOf. allowiooe. 
Clerk, 200t 

BegiMlry of JVa«oM, Du ToiU P«t 
Stgitrar, 0. M, Bolt, lOOf. 

Gaoler at Kimberleg, D. O. Heal;, IbOl. 
Matron, Mia. Worrell, 86). 
3 7tlrai^5,240). 

.h Sea, in 7° 61' E. 


of the adjacent island termed "Sandy," three- 
nnarters of a square mSo. Tbepopnlatiun,a8 taken 
at tbB cenans of 1871, waa 1,91^. 

BeUgoland was sarrendered to the BritlBb arms 
in 1807, and lonnally ceded to Great Britain by 
Denmark in the Treaty of Vienna, 1816. It con- 
tinned to lie governed ander its antique Frisian 
uaagM until 1864, when a new and more directly 
repreaentatlve lorm of Qovemment was auh- 
Btituted} but this constitution not having been 
found to woik In a manner condudve to the 
intersBta of order and good government, the legla- 
latiTe and execntive authority weie centmr in 
the hands of the Governor, by an Order of Ber 
Majesty in Council, bearing date 29th Febnury, 
1868. By ttda Order in Council an EiecnUve 
Counoil was eetablisbed to afford advice to the 

The inhabitautB in former limes exlBted solely 
by fishing \ but aince 1830 Heligoland has become 
a fashionable bathing-place, and the old seafaring 
population of the island is rapidly dacreesing. 
ThB HoligolandsrB now turn their attention ti 
building and letting lod^g honses, on the pro- 
lits of whioh they exist throngii the -tiwXvt 

The inhabitanta have a pure bnt unwritten 
lanRuagB of their own, and are ot Friaiaa origin. 

Ueligoland ie a p'aoe of rendezToos for the 
Engliab North Sea fbhlnf-nnacks, as many as 70 
or HO being at tliosa at anchor in the roada 
OooemiBr and Com.-m-Ckitf, LienL-CoL Sir 

Hsnrj Fitihar^nge Berkeley Uaxae, £.C.H.a, 

Gorenment Secretary, R Qittke, Esq- laOil 
Tom Clerk, Nicholas Block, S04. 
Medicat Officer, Dr. Bchwan. 
SlipendiarB Mamttmie and Wrect Eeedvtr, W, 

Hains. Esq. Jt.H., SOI. 


U/Bteivrp(«r, Louis GatkB,40t 

Jkgutrar of SkippiHg, and Jlarbour-Matlrr, P. 

Ulohels. Fwa. 
Pilat Ititpietor, Jacob Dflrry. 





















PobUc debt, 1879, 8,606i. 


HoDff Eon^ is one of a number of Islsuda 
sito&ted off ths aoDtli-eutorn lyast of Ctdno, at 
the month of tba Canton Biver. Hods Kong 
is about 40 milea east of Mssao, snd lies between 
22" B' and 22° 1' N. laL, and 114° 6' and 114" 
18' E. long. Tha island is an irrenpUar ridga, 
BtrotchJng nesrly oaat and west ; its broteu and 
abrupt peaks rising to a great litiight above the 
aea levsL Its length is aboat II miles, its broadth 
from 2 to S milta, its area rather more than 29 
■quaro miJee. It is BeparBt«d from the mainland of 
China bv a narrow strait, known oe the L;-ee-moon 
Pass, which does not exceed ball a mile in widlb. 
The opposite panineuia of Kow-loon was cedod to 
Great Britain by a Treaty entered into by Lord 
Elgin in 1861 with the Oovenunent of China; and 
DOW forma part uf the colony. The general aspect 
of the island is extremal; boantifnl. It poesosBeB 
one of the moat magniflcent harboiira in the world, 
bavingan areaof l«n square miles, the pictnrtaque 
round it riaing IwtwE 


a coop dtai whi< 

iOOO feet high, the 

blends the wild octintij oi ciixiiiami witn ine 
classic beauty of Italy. The City of Victoria 
extends for four milvN at the base of the hiUa, 
which protect the south side of the harbour, and 
contains upwards of 6,000 houaea of stone and 
brick. The reKldenoaa of tbs foreign merchants 
ars niuneraus, and most of them are large and 
handsome manaiona. Being built on the slope of 
the biUa facing the aea, the ^neral aspect of ths 
town ia perhaps more striking and picturesque 
from the water than that of any other city in the 
east, whilst many of the streeta are now shaded 
wito well-grown and handsome trees. 

Tho minimnm annoal rwntall for tha last 16 
years was 66 {nches and the maximum 90 inches, 
the annual averue being 78-64 ioches, while 
STerage range of f " 

f the thermometer ii 

bota 43° 

The Colony was flrat ceded to Great Britain in 
January, 1841; the cssnon was confirmed by the 
Treaty of Nankin, in AugnaC, 1842 ; and the 
charter bears date 6th April, 1843. 

Hong Kong is valuable to Grpat Britain mainly 
as a fa^ry for our commerce with China, and aa a 

■ T^e Scnac indnilet Uie uBoaDt of a Fiiiiuacntaiy 

militar; and aavBl station for ths protection of 

that commerce. Ita distance from Singapare is 
about 1,620 miles. 

Hong Kong la the centre of trade In many kinda 
of goods. Amongst the priucipal are opium, sugar, 
and flour, produced in Tungkoon. Salt, earthen- 
wars, oil, amber, cotton, and cotton goods, 
sandal-wood, ivory, batol, vegetables, live stock, 
granite, Ac, &c The Iransactions of the tea and 
■ilk trade are mainly controlled by Hong Kong 

As Hong Kong is a free port, it is impoaslble to 
give a corract return of imports and exports, but 
the enormous extent of the trade with which it is 
connected, may be approiirnately estimated firom 
the fact that the amount of Foreign and Brittah 
tonnago entering and leaving the port annually 
averages two mUions of tons. To this must ba 
added tho immense fleets of native craft of all sizes 
and forms, by whioh much of the coaatjng trade of 
the Chinese Empire is carried on, and also that of 
Siam, Cochin China, and the Straits. The number 
of native vesseis — independent of several thonsand 
smaller boats, which visit Hong Kong annually— 
la about 52,000, with a tonnage of nearly 1,300,000, 
raising tha total tonna^, fureigti and native, of 
arrivalB and departures m each year, to upwards of 
three millions and a half. 

Hong Kong ia well provided with dock accom- 
modation. There are firn docks and three shps 
which are well snpplied with shears, engineer's 
and carpenter's shops, foundrias, and every 
requirement (or making large repairs to ships of 

There is lelographic communication with nearly 
the whole world; and there is s vury extsnsiva 
steam communication with Europe, America, and 

In addition to the regular mall lines of tho 
Peninsular and Oriental Stoam Navigation Com- 
pany and the Messagerieg Maritimea vrhich convey 
the European mails weekly, the Paeiflo Ifail 
Bteam Navigation Company have a fortnightly 
serrioe, via Yokohama, J apnu, with San Francisco, 
and the Eastern and Anntralian Mail Steam 
Company have a monthly service with the AuBtr»- 

Hong Kong's distance from the following places 
ia about; — 

Miles. Length of voyage. 

Amoy 280 86 hours. 

Bangkok 1,460 8 days. 

RrislianD 6,860 SO „ 

Canton 80 61 hours. 

Kobe 1,623 9 days. 

Manila 620 S „ 

Macao 40 SJ hours. 

Peking 1,615 10 days. 

Saigon 910 8 „ 

Shanghai 800 4 „ 

Singaporo .... 1,600 7 „ 

Sydney (mail ronte_), 5,700 89 „ 
San Frani'isoo, vd 

Tokohama. . . . 6,480 80 „ 

Wladivoetodgoo . . 1^00 10 „ 

Yokohama, Japan . . 1,G20 7 „ 

There is duly sleam communication bstween 
Hung Kong, Macao, and Canton, and about twico 
B^week with the ports of Bwatow, Amoy, Foo 
Chow, Shanghai, and other porta more nc^herly 
on tbecoaat of China. Ths commnnicatloD with 
Japan is a little over a weekly one. 

The occupation of Hoag Kong at its outset was 
effected at cDadderablD cost to Imperial funds, tha 


vote from Parliunent in tha year 1845 being 
aeaiij 60,00Ut, in »ddition to miliWry eipeadiMure, 

The Oovarnmeut i* odminiBtered by s GoTemor, 
aided by an Eiecnliva Connoil, composed of Bie 
offldals beaidBB the Goveraor. Ths Legislati™ 
Cumicfl in {ffeeidcd aver by the Ooyemor, and is 
composed of tbo Cbief Jnatioe, tbe Colonial Secre- 
Imry, the Attoroaj-General, the Treamirai: and 
lour nnofflcial members nominated by the Crown 
on the recommendation of the Qovemor. By the 
provieioDs of the Vice- Admiralty Courta' Act of 
1868, the OoTemoc is ex-offieio Vice-Admlral, and 
the Chief Jnatioe ex ogiao Judge of the 'Vice- 
Admiralty Conrt. 

Then) la a Pohce force In the Colony nnmbering 
6110 men, of whom 110 are Europeans, 176 Indiana, 
and MO Chinese. 

Hong Eong pays 20,0001. a-year to the Imperial 
GoremmfiDt as mHitarj coDtnbntloii> 

,8*8 Bir Henry Pottinger, Bart, O.C.B. 
844 Bir John F. Davie, Bart,, K,C.B. 
1848 Bir George Sonham, BsrC, K.C.B. 
L85S Major-Qeaeral Jervoia (actingl. 
IB58 Bir Ueorge Bonliam, Bart, E.C.B. 
ISM Bir John Bowring, Knt. 
.864 HBUt,-Co!onal Coino (Lieut.-QovamoT) 
1859 Bir HerculeB O. R Robinaon, Knt. 
1862 William T. Mercer Cacting). 
1864 Bir UorculeB Robinson, Knt. 
1866 W. T. Mercer (acting). 
1866 Sir Eichard Gravce MaoDonnell, C.R 
.869 Maior-Oen. Whitfeild, LienL-Qovemor. 
[871 Sir R O. MacDonnell, K.C.M.C,, C.a 
1872 So- Arthnr Kennedy, K.C.M.O., O.B. 
.876 J. G. AusHn, Adminislr»tor. 
.876 Sir Arthur Kennedy, K.C.M.G., O.B. 
1877 Sir John Pope Henneaay, K.C.M.a. 

Bevame and Expttt^turt, 

















































European and American. Chinese, &o. 

Ktit*. Itnulu. 

Totals.. 101,262 67,812 189^44 

NutiOier md Tomagt of Vtu^aUertdalPorUbt 

Bong Kong. 

Number of Vessels Tonnage. 








































Exeadin CmmaJ. 

r John Pope Henneesy, K.C.M.O., G 

aior-Oeneral B. M. Donovan, Officer 

lie Tncpt. 

'. E. Marsh, Colonial Srerttary. 
E. L. O'Malley, AUoma-GaieTa!, 
J. M. Price, Saneyor-Gtneral. 
Clerk, a. £. Wodebouse. 

LegUlalive CmmdL 
:ir John Pope HennesaT, K.C.M.Q., Gorenar. 
Bir J. Bmale, CiUfJutlKr. 
W, Q. Marsh, Cotomal Secrrtary. 
E. L. O'Ualley, Alltrraev-Gmeral. 
James RusseU, Actina Trtaittrer. 
Unofficial Mmbm, P. Eyrie, W. Keswick, J. 1 

Price (Surveyor- Ganeral), Ng. Choy. 
Clerk, H. K Wodehouse, 5960. 

Cinl Ettablukmaa. 

Private StcrtUtry to Goneraor Dr. B. J. Bitel, jtf,l*0. 
Extra Aide-de-Camp, Captain J. J. Pranda, H,V.O. 

CofoniaJ Secntary'i D^mrlment, 
Colonial SecnlaTT), W. H. Marab, ^7,200. 
■ " "■■ SsCTf (oiy. Dr. B. J. Eitel, *2,*00. 
' ^ "'odehouee, 52,*00. 

lada, e Csstco, SS,880. 
2iuf diOe, J. M. Alvea, $1,440. 
drd diUo, A. K. Travere, |1,844. 
Extra, P. H. Bozario, $600. 

Treatartr'i DqiartmaU. 
Treamrtr, James Bussell, {960 additional to salary 

as Police Hagistrate. 
Ill Clerk and CoMhier, J. A. Carvalho, A2,400. 
ind Clerk and Aeaxailant, A. F. Alves, £1,660. 
Srd Clerk, A. Madsr, $640. 
4M Clerk, F. H. Alves, $480. 

AadHor-GentraTi D^attaeit. 
Auditer-Gtaeral, W. H. Marsh. 
Clerk, J. M. A. Silva, *2,6O0. 
2Bd Clerk, F. V. Biheiro, $1,200/, 

SarBegor-GenereTi DepartmeKi, 
meral, 3. M. Pri 
and chair allowan 
AuuCont Barvettor'GeturtU, B. Bowd]er, $3360 And 

(268 [or chau aUowauce. 
AtnOttnt Engineer, E. K. Leigh, $2,400, and (GO* 
for qnadsia and chair aUowance. 


CWk <^ Waria (vacut), $1,410, $144 for duOr 

KDon-ance, und free quBiWrs. 
I(t CUrk, O. L. Tomlia, $2,400, and $300 for 

Saj Sao, F. ChtRU, Sl,440. 
SrddiUo, M. Gatlioirei, el,080. 
/wpeeior o/Building; 8. K. Neate, $1,B20, 8218 for 

chmir «ilow»iice, «nd $360 lor qiurterB. 

Btgitlrar- GtrntraTi D^artmatl, 

Aitu^ Regulrar-General ud lit Citri, Jolin Ger- 
ru-d, p,120, und $240 u AsBiatuit Uarri^a 

2*i Oert, O. Northcole, $1,440, 

JUffUtratim Cltrk, C. OBmond, 81.*40. 

HoTbour-MaiifT'i D^MoimerU. 
Harioar-ifatter, iforine Sfamitrote, Emu/miionaiui 

CttMlomM Ogicer, Htnry U, Tlmiugott, B, N,, $4,200 

«ld$6004!< Super iatsndeut of Uuapowder dep6t 
Aaulaaa Harbour-MmItT, i. P. McEobd, K.N., 

$1,920, and M8D as CuUactor of Light Dubs. 
1»( Cltrk, W. Lording, 51,^:^0- 
2md Sao, F. J. Hacbado, £1,440. 
Srd dillo, J. L. de S. Alvvs, $1,440. 
Boarding Officer, A. T. Sampson, $1,500 and free 

Stid Alto, J. Spoecbl;, £1,380, frne quarters. 

Pottrmaler-Gmemri DepirlmtiiL 
PotmaHer- General, A. Lister, $3,840 <$4£0 of 

which is paid from Imporial i'unds)^ 
AitiUant PottruaHfi-G,m.rul. S. Barft, $2,400. 
Accoantaal, J. Q. da Uucba, 31,680. 
Prnhnaxter, Yokoluima, F. G. Machado, JliliO. 
IXSto, Shanghai, J. U. Simoci, £2,880. 
Cbrk, Q. S. da SUva, $1,200. 

aOeetOT, A. Liater, $960. 

It Clerk, 3. 8. Eodriguua, £1,380. 

aiddino, E. H. d' Aquino, 31,200. 

Judicial Estamabmenlt. 
Aiprcme Cowrt. 
CU^JsHiet, Sir J. Smale, $12,000. 
PvuM Judoe, F. Snowden, $8,160. 
BegiMtrar, H. F. Oibbans, 34,800. 
D^aty Btgitlrar (racant), 32,160. 
C^rk, C. F. A. Sangsler, $1,020. 
jMdgt't CUrk, W. H. Mostop, $1 ,440. 
iHltrpnltr K A. Bozario, «1,1I20, 
,^f-•rf^-^ iHtcrprelrr, J. D. Ball, {acting). 
BaSifaHd t'lAer, F. Le Marquand, S06a 
AuittaM dillo, T. B. HcBsan, $480. 

id private 
,400 and prirala 

Craiim Solicitor, E. Bharp, 


JtegiHrar of Companirt, S. F. Gibbou, $182. 
Coroner, Q. Morthcote, $720. 

Vice-Admrallji Court. 

Judge, iba Obiaf Jnatica. 

Api((H Jvdge, F. Bnowdaa. 

Queen M Admcate, the Attoraey-QeueraL 

Begitrar, Qoii. C. B. Plunket- 

QuKii'« ftwtor, E. Sharp. 

Manliai, W. H. Uossop. 

Surnsatt, 0. F. A. Baogilcr. 

i\)lice CottTt.' 
PaSet Uagidrtte, Jamea RusseU, 8 

?^ ■ i. 

[.Parker, $1,440. 
■ - ■ 1 

i, 8720. 

Saimdcrs, JMO. 
Gaol Dtpartment. 
A^peruKMisif o/" Vidona Gaol, U. 8. TiHiaoch}-, 
Warden, Q. Hayward, $1,440. 

Captain StqunnlendaU of Felice, W. H. De«I]0> 

$8,840 and qoarters 
D^gSigteruUendnU, 0. Y. Creagh, $S,120. am] 

CAi'/lmpecior a/Polioe, G. Horspool, $1,440. 
In Clerk, C. Wagner, $l,44a 
Swf (Slto, 0. Duggan, $960 

Edu c OiJonal D^artiaenL 
Impecior of&Aoolt, Dr. E. J. Eilel, $2,100, 
Head Mailer of Central School, F. Slenart, $8,120, 

and qnart«ra. 
2nd ifailer, A. Falconer, $1,920, and qnartera. 
Srd ditto. W. M. Arthur (acting), $1,440, and 

4th Matter, A. Ma; (anting), $1,440, and qaarters. 

Ecdetiattical DeparltiieHt. 
Bi»W, Bight Be T. J. S.Burdon, l,000t (from Colo- 
nial DishopriCfl Fund). 
Colonial Chi^iain, BeT. W. Jennings, $8,840. 

Medical Departmeml. 
Colonial Surgeon, P. B. Ayres, $2,880, and private 

Surgeon of Lock ffotpilal. P. B. Ajtbs,$864. 
Superinlendeni of Civil Honiittd, C, J. Wbtur;, M.D., 

Beallh Officer, W. S. Adame, M.D., $2,000. 
Apothecary ajid GovfTHment Aiialyil. U. McCallum, 


Fire Brigade. 
Smennleadaa, C. V. Creagh, $960. 
AuU'anI SuptrintmdenU,i?F. MeEnan, KN.,»ad 

J, A. Carvallio, $480. 


An island utuated in the Caribbean Bea, and to 
the Bouthvard of the eastern cxirenuty of ths 
Uand of Coba, wilhUi K. lat. 17" 40' and 18° 80', 
and W. long, re" 10' and 78° 30'. It is ths largest 
o( the Bridsh West ludiea, being 140 miles in 
length, and 60 in extremo breadth, and containing 
abotit 4^200 square miles. 

Jamaica was discovered by Columbug an the Srd 
May, 1494. Be called it St. Jago. It remained in 
the poseKflaion of the Spaniatds for 161 years, «hea 
it was attacked by a (ores sent by Cromwell, undtf 
Admirals Penn and VunsbleE, sgaioet Uispaoiola. 
It capitulated, after a trifling re&istance, on the 
Srd May, 1690. After the capture of the isUsd, 
until the Beatoratioa of Charles II., Jamaica re- 
mained under military jurisdiction. In 1660 ths 
first oatabUshmeBt of aregular cdril govnmment waa 
made b^ Cbailss IL, who appointed 0. D'0;ley 


Digitized ByGOOgle 

aovemM-m-Chief, with ui Etective ConnciL In 
lerO peaae wu loule witii Spun, and the title of 
Englud to Junaica wm recogoiied by tba Tre»ty 
of Madrid. In 1807 tlia Slave Trade iths abolished, 
ftt wliicb time there were 323,827 bIaybb in Ja- 
main. DnrtDg the laet eight fcare of the trade, 
8G,B21 alavBB ware imported. Un the ftboIitioD of 
ilaTery ia 1833, Jamaica received 6,161,92Tf. of the 
S!{l,ODI>,OOOI. ^rautcd by the Imp«r:a] Goverument 
aa compenwijon to the slave-owuers ; being rather 
more than 19f» a head on a alave populfllion of 

There is great variety of olimate ; the mean 
temperatDre of Kingelou is about 80°, rising to B0° 
in the da; time, and falHngtoTO" at night. Aa the 
tenpeTStiue iaila about 1° for every 800 feet of 
sBcsnt, and oa there is a loft j range of monataiss 
which mn down the middle oi ibe whole island, it ia 
poesible, inafew hourB,toreachacool anddelight- 
inl climate. From Kingeton, the capital, a change 
of 10° or 1&° iJD temperolure can be attained by a 
ride of thne hoars. 

In the coontry the diifarencs of temperatnTe 
between da^ and night ia aeldom more Uun 10°, 
and the diSerscce oI temperature in eonuner and 
winter ia much losa, say 6° or 6°. 

During tliiB century Jamaica has beea tolerably 
free from hnnicaneB and eartbquokea, until the 18tb 
of August, 1680, when tlic eftecla of a cyclone were 
felt in the north and north-eastern portions of the 

The rainy aeaaoua are in May and October, and 
last tor about three weeks ; but beaidea these lieavy 
■□d periodical rainrallii. the ground ia refreshed by 
continual showers. The annual raiofall varies 
thronghoiit the inland from at>out 80 inches to as 

:ion, which, after ei 

ting for neai 
dered in 1866, n 

Frivy Council, a Legislative Council, and an As- 
sembly of 47 elected members. The abolition of 
this form of government, and the substitution (or it 
of a new furm, resulted from the aeriona dialurb- 
Bocea amoDget the black popnlotioQ which ooourred 
in Octi^r, 18«d. 

After the aupptession of disaffection in BL 
Thamas's-io-tho-fcatit, Governor Eyre, at the meet- 
ing of the Legislature, urged the unsuitabilitj of 
the than eiistiug form of Uovernment to meet the 
circumstances of the community, and the necessit; 
of maMng some awteping change, b; which a 
rtrong Government might be created. 

The Legialalure unanimously responded, abro- 
gated all the existing machinery of legislation, and 
left it to Her Majtstya CJavcrmnsnt to substitute 
any other form of (iovernmant which might be 
bolter suited to the altered circumstances of the 

An Act o( the Imperial Pirliamsnt and an Order 
in Council of Ihu i*tli April, 1866, wore passed pro- 
viding a new t'onsiituiion for Jamaica, which is 
that now in force, and is as follows :— 

A LsgislativB Council was, by Orders in Council 
of the 11th June, 1866, and Itth Kovember, 186S, 
established, consisting of six ofGcial and six uu- 
otBcial members, ahich members have since been 
enlarged to nine of eneh. Tha Governor aite aa 
PreoioenL The ofBcial memberB arc, by virtue of 
their offices, the senior mihtary officer, the Colonial 
Secretary, the Attorney-General, together with Bve 
mcb other offlceis or ponons as Her Majestj 

may think fit, and osrtaln nnofflcial mmbtm not 

exceeding nine in number. 

There is also established a Privy CouucIL 
The membeia aS the Priyy Council are, the 
Lieutenant-Governor, the senior military oHcer in 
command, the Colonial Secretaiy, the Attorney- 
General, and such other persons, not to exceed 
eight in number, aa may be named by the Qneen, 
or provisionally appointud bv the Govcruor subject 
lo the approval of Her Uajeatj. The Govemor is 
to preaida at eaoh meeting, and the Govemor and 
two membera form a quorum. The Govemor is to 
consult in all casus with the Councillors, excepting 
only when the matter to be decided would in hia 
]uilgment sustain material prejudice by consults 
Cion, or be too unimportant to require tlii'ir advice : 
and he ia to propoao all questiuus ou which they 
are to advise aud decide^ but any member may 
apply in writing for permission to propose a qusa- 
tion, and a written answer, granting or refuoncf 
the request, is to be returned. The Govemcr u 
authorized to act in opposition to the advice and 
decision of the Privy Council, " if in any c»bb it 
shall appear right ao to do," and to report to the 
Secretary of State for the Colonies " the gronnda 
and reasons" of his opposition, and any member 
may record on the minutga the nature of tho advioe 
or opinion offered and rejected. 

mth regard to the Legislative Council, the 
following rules and regulations are to be observed, 

of laws. The official members are to be the same 
as those mentiontd for the Frivy Council; the 
Govemor is to appoint one or more persona to act 
provisionally as unofficial Councillor or Coun- 
cillora, when the number appointed by her Hajeaty 
shall be lesa than six; and all the Councillors are 
tu hold office during tho Boyol will and pleasni«. 
Any member may propose questions for debate, 
excepting only that no law ahall be enoded, HOT 
any vote or resolution passed, nor any quoation 
admitted to debate, when tho object is to dispose 
of or charge any part of tho revccue, unless the 
proposition be inade by the Governor, or the pro- 
poaal expressly allowed or directed hy him. All 
taws pastied are to be styled, " Lb»'s enacted by 
the Governor of Jamaica, with the advice of iao 
Legislative Council thereof." 

Jamaica luider Crown CoternmaU. 

For many years prior lo the establishment of 
Crown Government, in 1866, the expenditure ot 
the Island exceeded the revenue by large amounts ; 
but a better collection of lite impoxla, and the in- 
crease of the community in niunbern and sub- 
stance, has permitted a largo increase of revenue, 
and a considerable reduction of debt. Taxation In 
Jamaica amounlH to about 18i. a head. 

The number of parishes (ivhich are the nntta of 
local goverument) has been reduced from 22 to 14. 
Each pariah has its own parochial inctitntionB, 
viz., hoapitala, almshouses, Ac, dtc, managed by 
the Mumcifail Koard of the ^rish, of whioh_Ui« 


nan. The 

tod by the ebair- 
nually appointed 
by ths governor. There is alto a Huad BoMd 
in each parish, for the management of the paro- 
chial roSida, appointed in the same way as the 
Municipal Board. The several taxes reoeivad on 
honaea, horses, caniagaa, dc, &c, are devotod 
entirely to the pariah in which they are collects^ 
The ravenue is collected by the officers of the 

Eoma kre derived from Import datics, which yield 
■bout 356,000/. ; excise duty on rom, it 6j. per 
g;illoD,jia1diBe!l2,»00;.: stunpe, lS,600f. ; licensea, 
17f)00l. i and postal reTeuue, U,WO!. The new 

mpQl ESTiu^s banks were established 
11 the priacipal towns, ftnd there is no 
.._ about 330,UOO/., on which the aovem- 
meot pays Interest st the rate of 4 per cent per 

District courts, somewhat on the model of Conntr 
Coarta in England, are held all over the Island. 
The judges are barriateta or adroeateg. 

Tbe coQstabuIar; was placed on its prsaent 
tooting In IB67, and is modelled on the Sfstem of 
the EoyaJ Irish Constabulary, semi-miliUry. There 
are about 35 QfflcerE(iuspector9 and sub-iuspeotors^ 

a, distl 


," under 

created. The several mfdicsl pi. .. 
rocfflTB ft ret«ining fee or salary from the UoTern- 
ment, are desigtiatof "district medical oflieera." 
They are located throughout the island, and tor 
the fixed aslary paid by Qoyernment they have to 
Attend sick paupers, parochial hospitals and alms- 
bonsas, the constsbuWry offlcers and men, aud 
prisons. For atteudieg East Indian Iiomigrants, 
TftociDatlaD, Ac, Jtc, the^ are paid extra. They 

jntha' leave 
and frequout communication 

The Royal 

^ ind I7th of each month. The 

average passage is 17 days. The Royal Mail 
cano steamers leave Southampton on llth and 
23r3 of the mouth. The West India and Pacific 
steamers leave Liverpool on the 10th o[ each 
month, their average paasagB being ai days. A 
French steamer leaves Hi. Nazaire once a month. 
SCeameiB of the Atlas line leave New York nnder 
mail contract every alternate Thursday, The 
contract passage is six and a half days. 

Tolegraphic communication with Europe Is com- 
plete. Jamaica is the first British poeseeslon in 
the West Indies which the cables from Cuba touch 
ftt, whence it brHUchea away vid St Thomas, 
Barbados, &c,to Domeram, and in the opposite 
direction to the Islhuios of Tananxa. 

A line of inland telegraph, connecting all the 
prinoipal towns, iu now noarlj- completed. 

At present the only railway in Jamaica is Uiat 
from Kingston citi Spanish Town to Old Harbonr, 
a distance at SO miles ; but, eince the purchase of 
the line by the Government, an extension to Poms 
and Enarton lias been determined on and is in 
progress of bciag carried out. 

ArraDRemente have been mode for weeUy steam 
communication round the island to the tbirteon 
principal outports. 

RataiK and EiqitmSlitre, 

£ £ 

1866 299,39S S14,29S 

ISeS 3-27,359 S96,&97 

1B67 S9S,441 SSS,U6 
































1879 614,867 602,988 

PaNie DOl, 778,609/. 


Estimated popnlation in 1880,640,000: present 

annual Increase, 6,000. 

White. Colotnvd, Black. Total 
1871. .18,101 100,846 892,707 606,16 

1861. .13,816 81,066 846,871 411,26 

Imports and Egwrt*. 





1 Lord Windsor. 

6 Sir T. Modyford. 
Sir T. Lynch. 

5 Lord Vaughan. 
8 Ear] of Carlisle. 

2 Sir T. Lynch. 
4 Sir P. Howard. 

7 Cuke of Albemarle 
Earl of Inchiquin- 
^ William SelwjTi. 

1829 Earl of Belmore, 
1832 Earl of Mulgrave. 
1834 Martinis o[ Sligo, 
1836 Lieut-Qen, S& L, 

1839 Sir C. Metcalfe. 
1842 Earl of Elgin. 
1847 Sir Charlee Grey. 
1853 Sir Henry BaiHj. 
1857 Sir C. H. Darling. 
18G2 B. J. Eyre. 
Lord A. Hamilton. 1866 Lieut -Gen. Sir H, 
6 Peter Heywood. K. Storks, G.C.B.. 

8 Sir N. Lawes. O.C.M.Q. 

2 Duke of Portland. 1866 Sir John F. Gnnt, 
8 Mai.-Gan. Hunter. K.O.B. 

K E. Boshworth 

Sir John ° "--' 


1762 W. H. Littleton, 1872 E. E. Rushworth, 
1767 Sir W, Trelftwnsy. Liont.-Govsrnor 

1773 Sir B. Keith. 1873 Sir J. P. Grant. 

1878 W. A. O. Tounff 
(administered the Govemmeat') 
1777 Maj.-Gen. Dolling. 1874 Sir William Grey. 
1782 Major-Gea. Camp. 1874 E. B. HushwortL 

boll. C"" ^-- — "— - 

1790 Earl of EfBngham. 

Ear! of Balcarras. 

Lt.-Gon. Nugent. 1879 E.Newlon,C.M.a 

LieuU-General Sir Li8at.-Qo7emor. 

Eyre Gooto. 1880 Sir Antiiony Mns- 

deil EttabliOmtiU. 

Note.— All nlaries oTer lOOL > year tio by 
Lkw No. 11 of 1674 Bubject Co a deduction of i 
per cent. p«}'abla to a widows' and orphuis' fund. 
CiaUiin-ifaierol and Gmrrnirr-in-ClutJ, Sir Anthony 

Miugrave, K-C.M.G., 7,0IXIf. 
iMVlataat-GoBemor, Edward Newton, C.M.Q. 
Pritait SternoTji, Autbon; Mu^rave, jnn., 300/. 

/VtBy CoimcU. 
The LleDL-Govemor and Colonial SwrBtsry. 
The Senior Officer Comaianding Her Majcgty's 

fibular Tioops. 
The AUornsy-Uuueral. 
MHior-GsDeuLl J, R. Uiian, B.E., Dirctior qf Bmdi 

md Samgnr- Geaeral. 
Oert lo (At Pray Coundi, The AjsiBlaiit Colonial 


Ltffitlalive CmmeS. 

Prttitloit, 8 


Official Manben. 
The Liaul.-Govemor and Colonial Soorotary. 
The tionior Officer Conunnadiag Her Majesty's 

Regnlar Troops. 
The Attoroey-Qeueral. 
MajoT-OeaeralJ. K. MaiiQ,B.E.,i>in!dor ^Axuif, 

and SurvaioT-Graeral. 
Tba Hon. D. P. Trench, CoIIccUh- GatemL 
Tbo Hon. J. C. Uackglaeban, Auditor GtHtral. 
The Hon. E. S. Walker, AitUtant falaaial ^ccntaiy. 
The Hon. S. C. Burke, Cnnen Solkilor. 

Kon-Official Mrmiert. 
The Hoa. J. H. McDowell. 
Tbe Hon. Jamea U. Gibb. 
The Eon. O, Solomon. 
The Hon. H. Westmorland. 
The Hon. L. C. Shirley. 
The Hon. H. F. Colthiral. 
The Hon. Henry SewoU. 
The Hon. Michael Bolonion. 
Clerl of Ike Ltgidalivt CutUKil, Thomas Oughlon, 

Ubrarian and (Ifficial Srporttr, John Bevie Hacnab, 


Culomal Secrttary't Offiat, 
Colomat Secntarg, Edward Newton, C.M.Q., 1,6001 
AaiHaiii Seerrlan, E. N. Walker, 800/. 
Oaef Clen, J. Aavo€'i,i<X}l. to BOOL 
Clerk; IX Clan, 8. F. Musaon, L. B. Fyfe, and 

F. S. San^netti, 300i. to 400/. 
Cferfa, ind tVou, WDL Allwood, J. B. Lnoie Smith, 

and E. J. Worllej, 150/. to 300/. 
Cltrkt, ird Clua, A. Corlc, J. H. CaBserly, and R. 

Johnstone, 80/. to IGtil. 
Dep»lg Ketper, Edw. U. Lynch, GOO/. 
Drparttmil iff the Dinclor of Baait emd StinKjiar- 

Dirteior qf Roadi and SaTts/ar-Getteral, MaJ< 

General J. B. Hann, B.E., 1,850/. salary, and 

800/. travelling allowance. 
DsnA DmOoT of Roadf, Capt D. O'Brien, B,E., 

£wHM(g-/or Kuigibm, E. Scott Barber, 600/. 
iiHgatUT, EatUm DittrieL'L. Fayne Qallwey, 600/. 
Ditto, Sortiiem Dilriel, E. 0. Tilly, V.B., *oOL to 

itufAnI ditU), ditto, 3. O. Doorly, 2oOL to BOO/. 
Kmnrtr, aoulkem Dit'Tict, 8. T. Scharscbmldt, 


AaUaiU Engiattr, SotOkem IHOritt, 

Engmecr, St. Cathfriw'M Dlalfict, James BicbmoniL 

HXM: and 150/. travelling allowance. 
ilanagtr of the Raiiaaji, L. F. Mackinnon, 600/. and 

Engineer, Valentin Boll, 1,200/., and allowanoo whsa 

GovenmKat Bttrwgor, Thomas Hairison, 400t and 

zoo/, travelUns alloirance. 
AttiMaKt to ditto, J. H. Dodd, 100/. to 300/., and 

100/. travelling allowance. 
Chir/DrmshtemaH, J ohn Death, 200/. to 300/. 
Aualant Draughiefoan, B. IL WilUams, lOOi ta 

JecowKoiri, J. Sherbm, 400/. to 600/1 
Chvf Clerk C. W. Tail 800/. 
lit Clan clerk, Edwin WhilahornB 200(. to 2501. 
2nd ditto, G. Mitcliell, H. ArrDWBmith, lOO/. to 200i 
3rcf ditto. C. O. Magnan, W. HesEias, and A. A. 

Samuel, SOI. lo lOtl/. 

Siqirrinlen^M at Ciaeiona Plantation, W. Nock, 

AitdttoT'Gtneni, John C. MackK^nfliBO, 750/. to 

diin/Clrrt, BoBB Jameson Livingston, 300/. to 400t 
Clerts, lit Clou, K A. Foster, W. Duff W, Arrow- 

Hnith, G. M. Livinght™, and E. J. Andrews, 

200/. to 250/. 
Clerki, 2nd Clan, B. V. HaU, W. B. Mala, and 

E. du Uont, iWI. 
Clerti, Srd Clau, H. E. Laidman, A. S. Finzl, 

and W. C. P, lord, 80/. to lOOi. 

Public Trtaiarer, H. W. Livingston, 600/. 

Chi^ Clerk, John Harris, 300/. to 400/. 

BooUeefprr, R. A. HendcrBOn, 80O/. to 360t 

Caikitr, Q. H. Waldron, 160/. to 260/. 

Clerkt, lit Clou, C. W. Chapman, and A. M. 

Marshall, 200(. lo 250/. 
CUrki, 2ra/ Claa, IL D'O. Mitch«U, and B. G. 

McLeUand, 100^. to 200/. 
Ctarii, 3rd Claa, T. B. Hendrika, E, W. Harrta, 

and E. W. Astwood, 60/. to 100/. 

Govenmeiti Saviagt' Bank, 
SfoHOfftr, H. W. Livingston, 100/. 
.lowwUan/, J. Sinclair, 300/. to 400/. 
OoAtfT, J. M. Tnckiitt, 200/. to 250/. 
Ind Claa Clrrt, C. Morton, 100/. to 200/. 
Srd ditto, 3. B. Heath, and T. D. Nicholson, 80/. ta 

AVe»» Communmn-, P. E. Chapman, 400/. to GOOJ: 
Clerk, Srd C/ih, O. Tbomwin, HOf. to 100/. 

PoitmaileT for Jamaica, FiBieria Sullivan, 6001 ta 

C*K/'C1«rt, G. H. Fearce, 300/. to 400/. 

ataervi»or, I>ittrict Pot OffiOe, Wm 

2001. to 260/. salary, and travelling allow 
' Clou OeriM, T. H. McBayne, £. N. Harshall, 

avelling allowancB. 

Heath, and 0. A. Heath, 80/. to 100/. 

AnmMor of Itevtnue OOaa, B. BatUc 

eOOJ:, mud 21. per day i^isn trnTelling. 
Ckuf Oa-t, B, C, OrpiU, BOOt to 400(. 
IJl Clop C^Jx, A. H. Hilea, S. E. Ndbbs, and 

W. 0. Fogartj, SOW. to 260t 
SmI Clan (Ufa, D. J. Uelhado, W. O. KoiM, ud 

&. U. CockiDg, 100/. to SOCU. 
SrrfCJnadWo.KO. Anmranitb.W. J. T. Lwch, 

a>d W. F. Mumy. 

(kBtaor of OulcmnatdSiippiBgJtatler, 

Itt Oaa Ckrkt, F. K. Pune and £. A. Bkvtge, 

200L to SSOf. 
3ad Clou dilto, O. 0. Nix, H. Bogle, and 

£. B. PrendsrcMt, 10(B. to BOW. 
Snl riou Ckria, J. S. Brown, Ernest N. 

BomDey,C. Q. Tnrland.uidL.Q. E.UuTphy, 

80/. to lOOf. 
jMitUml Smwrnrr tad Ch^f Tide <Sbnigvr, 

3ik( LoaiUiig WaUa- and Starcktr aui AuUUai 

Inatelorofltuxica, A. W.Hilchuu, S601: 
ltm£ng Wtatert, Solomon Da Ci»U, B. H. Wilson, 

B. Qaniel, J. k Chadwick, F. Delfowe, aud H. 

fm-^MT Offeen, Ut Clam, A. B. Fitch, C. Wood, 

B. A. Mowat, aod K C. Frice, 90/. to IOC 
Ditto, 2«i C'iuj, F. J. Soadv, 8. K. Bynge, J. 

8mythe, B. Walker, H. J. Katon, H. Bained, J. 

Melbonma, and M. E. Bogle, 761. to BU 
DUto, Srd Clou, W. C. Plununer, C. 8. Cockburn, 

H. Campbell, G. D. Gareia, P. 0. Holwell, T. P. 

Walton, J. E. Tyiie, H. O'Connell, F. K. King, 

and J. 8. Chapman, 601. to 70/. 
Lodcer and GaagrT, KingUiM, Peter Brooks, ISOI., 

J. B. Bawn, l6oi 
Tidt SuTvrsor, Port Rasi^ J. W. Bodgere, IGO;. to 

iMkr, St. Amt't Bas,3. Addison, 100/. to 120/: 
Lendoig WaUer, SiJl ISver, W. B. Bnrke, IMU. 
Ditto, Port JfonBU, 0. L. B. Oununing, ISO/, to 160/: 
FalBioaA— Third Clou CeUtcUr, Jobn Paamore, 

Tide Waitrri, B. B. W. Smith and K A. 
Fnlford, 60^ to SOI. 
Smemma-ia-Mar — "Hard Ctau CoSeelor, F. B. 
(auunberlains, BOOl. 

Citrk muf (TanlaweJawr, A. O. FaWT, ISOf. 
Locter, J. McLorence, lOOi. to 1301. 
Montego Bw—2nd Ciau CoUedor ofCiuUmi, J, O. 
Chisliotan, 8M/. 
Stcmd Officer, N. Badley, SCO/. 
Oerk, 0. A. Faamoro, 100/. to 12ffi:, and 12/. 

Ledar, W. 8. Spance, 100/. 
Tidt Waittr, G. A. ffili, 60/. to BOL 
Tlide IVaiWr, Port AMonio, J. L. Lord, BOi: to 
1(1 C!<iu Colltrtart of Titca, Herman J. BorgBr, W. 
A. Eam&ton, W. J. JamtoOD, £00/., and OH 

2nd Clou CD/teetsn, W. I. Stewart, R. 0, J. 
BMfaie(400/. andhoiue proridsd), J. W.Onibor, 
Wm. Oork, J. BraTO, and W. A. Dooiiy, lOOL, 

Bind H/. luniw allowance. 

8rd OUm CUImton, A. H. JaokKm. T. F. CRnln, 
J. A. Uaraliall, k. BcAiertBon, and J. B. Trencb, 
SOO/., and 60/1 hoDSs ^owasoe. 

It Oan .Inutoiri CoUeelon (2M/. aalar^, G. C. 
Hutchings, 60/.; H. Jauiee, 75/.; R B. B. Spald- 
ing, 76/, ; H. D. Fletcher, 60f. j J. J. Breakapeai, 
lOO/.; L. A. Battigan^ 100/. 

iad Clou Auitkat Coiledon (iOOI. Bahijy), A. 
Cooper, 40/. traTeUingallunHnce: D. UcEonsie, 
lOOi; k C. Bainoa 75/. i G. B. Caldwelli H. K. 
Berwick, fiO/1 toavalling allowance: E. Wilson, 
lOO/L ; C. BagriBs, Tfit 

Snl CloMs Amilant Colltctori (150/. ea]*;^), A. O. 
Davidson, 100/.; 8. E. Payne, J. C. fiichaids, 
100/: ; L. J. Ue, BO/. ; B. J. Steer, GO/. ; 6. Binns ; 
B, A. Lindon, 60/. ; G. W. atridwr, 100; 

Clerla of Parochial Boardt, 8. Bonnito, J. Attwood, 
R A. WilliamB, J. A. Hoskiue, F. H. Hawkins, 

A. G. Ffrench, W. J. Pearson, John C. Bunting, 
J. A. Brown, J. B. Bravo, B. F. CoDymore, C. 
P. Ti^, and H. M. Howe, 180/, to 160/, ; B. 8. 
Saneumetti, 660/. 

IM Clou Clrrtt, H, James, D. Ballej-, Alezander 
Taylor, A, R Facey, C, M. Gifford, J. E. 01)oi»- 
nell, E. 8, Ffrench, J. 8. Collymore, G, L, Gifford, 
O. H. Dnidwiii, Q. P. ». Taaffe, L. Bmyth, and 
J, J. Oi^, 100/. to 190/. 

&)</ C/aw Cferfa, C.8. Foolo, M. J, KBny,A.I{. 
Dawes, P. B. Bowen, L. M. Lynch, J. C. Bonottto, 

B. H. Brioe, H. E, Bamson, C. P. Yonng, D. 
BankiDS, W. G. Chevaunes, A. W. Londie, W. 
J. Henderson, B. de B. Boil, and B. Livingston, 
80L to 100/. 

/mm^rnieios Bqiortaiati. 
Ajmt tn /ndia, R W. B. Uitchell, 600/. 
A^M'-GaKrn/ in Jbmoica, A. H. Alezander, 600/., 

and !/. when travelling. 

lu Cbu*, C. li. Bipoll, 260/., and travelling 

2.K/ C/«, W. T. Oareia, E, W. PigoB, D. 
S. B. Haokenxie, P. C. Cork, and G. W. 
Oamond, 200/:, and travoUing allowance. 
Snf Clou, H. G. Jervis, 160/. and travelling 

/(■Mrica a>wCa6«/iV3r. 
ImfdHer Oattral, Captain E. H. B. Hartwell, 

salary SOO/. 
Fint Clam Impaton, W. HcLsod, Bt. Lager A. 

Tivy (169/. tor forage, travoUing, lerTuUa, and 

rent, and 60/. u Begutrar of Crinunals), Gleet. £. 

C. Pisld, St. J. a. B, Hepburn, G. N. Brodaiok : 

salary 3001, forage 82/, ii. Sd., eervant 27/. 7: 6d. 
iHd Clan diOo, T. Gordon Blank, L. Orori^ T. 

Alaau^r, C. H. Anstin, T. de Faaa: salary 

UOL,tar*ge 82/. 2>. 6</., aervant 37/. 7*. td. 
ird CUtti diOo, G. P. Coward, P. IL James, 

R. L. BiVBtt, A, A. H. W. Wodderhnm, A. C. 

Carey-BrontoD: lalary SOO/., Icrage 62/. 2t. 6d., 


SiA-hupecton, O. Tonacrnhv, H. P. Tbomas, F. 
JUmoo, Jolm BBunel, !N. J.Altman : Bi>lu7l3U^, 
fonge ill. U S<i, eeivut 371. 7t. 6d. 
[All tba cfflceis hsTe quarien ptoridbd for 
Uiun, OT VI allowaace iiut««d.1 
ChiefamdPas Clerk, 0. Uac L. £u',400J. 
Ut Ciaa Cltrk, W. Q. Bell, 2aOL to iSef. 
SnJ Clan dUlo, J. W. FonaBo IWM. to SOOJL 
Brrf CloH dttto, F. licLaoblin, SOJ. to lOOf. 

/VitOK i>(parttncM. 
Imedor <(fPruoiu, H. B. Shaw, tOOL, tad 21. 2<. ^ 

day when trayalling, 
Clai, L. Facny, 10021 to lOOf. 
(Jnienij i Vw i l M fi ary AsavtloKienL £}(iie King, 

Z>>puly ^leriiWeuiait, Joliu Ingram, 1501. to 20IU. 
OnTMcr m' Wort., 6. 8. Wortley, aXU to SOW. 
Surgm, bOt. W. Ao^elMa, HJ)., 2HU. 
Siptrmlmllmit •fCamS^ Gaol and DiHrict Pritau. 
MiddleiamdSKmsi Gaol. WTO.Uaxtiii.liOL 
St. Calkavtt VUtrict Pritaa, W. B. Edddge, 1601: 
,11. Mtrv, Wm. Sperk, 1X61. 
J/iBKiiDi^ J. BoutLrooe, 1601 
JVanacvr, T. BowsU, ISO', and 24/. horee aUawance. 
faiatoHlA, T. P. Kidd, 200^ and 86/. 10.. liorw 

A^^nr Oeatrari OepartimmL 
RrAtmr Gmeml of Birtiu. Mvriaga, aadDtaUu, 

S. P. SmeBtou, 40011 to 600/. 
Fint Oert, C. C. Aitken, iOOI. to SSOJ. 
ikamd Clerk, A L. Harris, lOOf. to SOOIL 
Tiird Oerk, C. H. M. CcDikerr, SOL to lOOL 

JftdEica/ ZJeportmarf. 
r ^ejiDiiJ OJieer, Sspn^ SBTReoO' 
. ^ ISoue, C3., MDO'- uxl tnTcUing 
eipQuwa Sf. per diem. 
CkufCleri, George H. Bees, SOO/. to iODL 
2«( C/OM Cieri», C. D. H. Brdm and L. K DelfoaBe, 


;tn/ CIoH Clerh, J. B. Talenoii, 80/. to lOOL 
SlecScal Slortie^ier, Edwin Butler, loU'. to 2502., and 

bonse allowanoe. 
AxalfUaal Cieimtl, J. J. Bowtot, MKUL, and 80/. 

liODBe allowaiice, and <0/. as Librarian. 
Sad Clam Clerk, Nmtmt and LOrarg, E. Prleat, 

UK to 2001. 

Public noipUaL 
<;Us^JU(dMi/ OAxroaif IMrector, C. R Mowa, OB. 

^uperinteudiDg Medical UfDcor.) 
JStmar Medieal OIktr, D. P. Bou, saUiy 6001: 
tbmieUMeiiealO»m,3M.^aiiL.aMi toWQl. 

LobU DdntBge, WIO/. to 4001., witti qoMitaca to 

ClD9>am, BsT. G. W. Downer, Mf. 
Obr^ Tnnnr Peanon, fiOOJ. to SMU 
AiMml Cleric, J. B. PhiUlpa, 801. to 100/. 

Chi<fM«iie<dOfflcer,lxMW.ii>3Kivm U.D.,im. 

ruMnw jSur^M*. Jasper CarglU, M.D., lOOi: 
C/enb, 7smer Peanon, iOL 

Lanciie AtgliaL 
Jfedieal SuBeraiiaidtat, Tbomaa Allan, U.D., 6001., 

AM i ttmi l itMtal Qffkitr, U. P. Cormao HcOor- 

^K^ SU/. to 40llir*» * foniitiwl rMideaiK. 
CAivi&mt, Bn. W. E. Pfaiw, B.A^ 601. 

Gen^ C. B. HoaH, C3., MD 

H. B. FoatcT, 140/. 

W. R KceA, 200/. 

A. C. SeyUnd, VJD. SOO/L 

J. Dehwn, 200^ 

A. G. McCatty, 200/. 

J. Oarj^ H.b., IM/. 

J. S. Qernrd, U.U., 200/. 

£. W. Hajur, ItM. 

J, AdtJphns, 2001. 

J. iLcWk,aooi: 

Z. Manuel], 100^ 

O. a Harvey, ILD., lOOL 

J. TompaMt, 2U0/. 

G. T. Hartm 2001: 

J. 1. UaUalion. 2001: 

E. H. Cooka, M.B, SBOl 
W. A. O'Connor, 11.D., SOOI. 
J. Pringle,M.B.,200i: 
Lewis Alexander, 200/: 
J. H. Courtanay, 2001. 
fieniandn Walrood, 2M/. 

F. L.8taiiigar,200/. 
Georg* Bogera, 200/: 
O. Uajleari. 400/. 
W. K. tilenlHia, £00/. 
J. B. Talbot, 160/. 
K. S. Earvey, 2601 

G. Cooke. 2001. 
J. J. Hillary, 2001 
T. KanHra,20al: 
W. H. Miller, M.D., M3, 2001 

B. c. Gibb, sodj: 

C. GiUaid, 200/. 
U. E. Hiunaell, 200/. 
J. E. W. Holweii, 200/. 
B. M. Beckwith. 
S. M. Lonu. 
V. «. Haflen. 
T. M. Dnuomond. 
F. BobertB. 
W. Taylor. 
J. Beynolda. 

The Gorernmeut medloal flfficera ara all allowad to 
~ e mvate practloe. 
i Officer, kiapHtm and Port Aoyo/, Jaa. Nelab, 

Chaiiallor, The Qoverno 

HK-ChsKXUar and Chi 

tkeRecordt, The Hot. 

C.M.G., 2,500/., and travelling aUowtncs. 
Prntne Jttdga of lie Swprme Court, The Hon. Alan 

Ker, lj&UO(., The Hon. C. B, Cnrran, 1,200/., and 

travelling allowance. 
\tton,eg-Gi>unil, H. H. Boding, 1,600/. 
Cltrk u> ditto, Charles Burnett, 60/., and feaa as 

Librarian to Guprenie Ooort Library. 
AMiialailM (o (As Attormt-GenenU, B. D. Lindo, 6WH. 

and 8. Constantine Burks, 4(>01.,and travelling 

CrvtBH Solicilor R. C. Bnrtat, 400/. 
Segittrar and Clerk of tiu Caerlt and Orant, imd 

Clerk oftke Patentt, Thos. Hendrick, 600/. 
gicial Atiii/ntet, the clerks of the dittrict courts. 

A mmiM r^or OoMni/ and Tnalee in Baiikrmites 

W. Lea. ^^' 

Diiiria Court*. 

CUji ofKtHgiton — One of tin Pilano Jodses of 
]B bapreme Coort (tor Civil Jnrladietion Oo^, thft 
Criminal Jurisdiction being aasiKued to the Judge 
of the CoutraJ District> 



Ctrri, JaoBB Dayte, 48fl'L 

Cmtivl Uittrict, Robert Karr, Ja^, I.IOW., »nd 

travel linKsllowuice 2401. 
KUo, W. G. MoFarlane, Clerk, 4001., and 1861. 

traveUinR allow anoe. 
KuTtheni Dutriet, Jidffe, 

IfiOOL, and truTelling aHowance 22W- 
Dilto, A. B. DigDUm, C^mt, 5001., and 1871: lOt. 

travelling allowftQCfl. 
fVeiters DatTict, G. O, LitUa, Jw^, l.lOOt, and 

travelling allonance tibl. 
Ditto, G. Pilliaer, Ckrk, 40W., and 187(. 10». 

tmvellinB allowance. 
aoatbtrn liitlTui, Eobert Buid, Jadgt, 1,000/., and 

travelling allowuice 2iht. 
Dilto, Jftmes AUwood, Cleri, SOOt, and 1751. 

tmvclliDg nllowancv. 
Ruttm DiitTKt, William £rnst, Jadgt, SOOJ., and 

travulling rUowbdcd 180/. 
Dilto, J. M. Facey, Clrrk. SOOt 
,/«,/;/( unattaclud, E. T. Smith, SOW. 
SliiieiuHary ilagutnltt, T. H. Bbarpe, salary *50(., 

Riduu-d Carter, J. T. Cartwright, G. T. Farqu- 

harHon, 800'. salary, 100/. for a house, iTiit one 

EhilLing per mile traTelling allowance. 
Polict Maaiatrale, Kiugitoa, H. J. Bicknell, 50«. 
Coraarn, The judges of the district couHb act aa 

Clrrti o/Pilh) Sadmit. 
Cliatitdon, M. 8. Farquharson, 300(. 
SI. Jama, 3. C. Humbcr, 300/: 
SI. Aadrair, A. L. Vendrvea, 300?. 
IW/oimy,]! J, froBton.aOOt 
St. ElUabelA, J. W. Pctgrava, BOW. 
St. Calkenat, G. L. Shaw, 300/. 
Il^jlinor/aii^ W. F. LungUj, SOOJ: 
SI. Thomni, L, L. Samuel; 260/. 
JfamAMfrt-, W. G. Cluugh, 250/. 
SI. Am, A. Lake. 250'. 
nirtfaiu/; A. R. Wiiite, 250/. 
JJ. Haty, H. Fouval, 300/. 
Xijw»(OB, A. H. UnaUo (acting), 200/. 
Ilanomr, U. Brown, 260/. 

£cc/Muiifica/ iJqurf nifnl. 
BiAm of KingHon, Right Rev. Enoe Nnttall, B.D. 
Arck^hacoB of CaewieU (acting), Ven. J. It. 

Venerable G. B. B 
SttlOTt, C. H. Hall, 400(. 

J. H. Campbdl, D.A., 400/. 
W, Sniilb, 400/. 
J. Cork, 400/. 
The Rectors receive an aUoiraace for glebe. 
liimA CuTola, at 840/. each. 
W. E. Pierce, B J- 

E. HuttolL 

C. F. Douflt, B.A, 
AchesOQ Find lay. 
H. H. Isaacs, U.A. 

F. H. Sliarpe. 
George 1 

C. H.Ch 
J. L. a 

J. S. FarqoliarBon. 
Henry Clarke. 
J. O. Del Bio. 
E. A. SlfiWart. 
J. A. Thomson. 

D. B. Pauton, M.A. 

R K. Dnnbar. 
O. W. Downer. 
H. Scotland. _ 
Cvratt^S. E. HiUer, 1 

H. U. F. Macdermot. 
E, B. Key. 
tuxnifMtTy CoKla (paid wholly from the British 

G.B. Brooks, M.A., 800/: 
J. L. UaiB,B.A.,100/. 
R B. Foster, 100/. 
C. H. Davis, 50i. 

Edacalional DtparlmtfU. 
Impeelor qf Sdioalt, T. Capper, TOOL, and 150/. 

ling alluwance. 
MiXotii ImptctOTt of Sckoalt, 3. 3. Wood, 300/., 
200/. travelling allowance ; Cliarlcs Flununor, 
250/,, aud 200/. Iravelliug allowance; Rov. A. 
Findlay, 100/., and 100/. travollina allowance for 
Smontlia; Rev. C. E. Randall, 100/., aud 100/. 
travelling allowance for 8 months; Rov. J. 
fioberts, 100/,, and lOO/: travelling allowance 
for 8 months; and Uaj. Geo. Hicka and Rev. 
P. Williame, 100/., and 100/. IraveLIiag aUow- 
anco for 8 mouths. 
Gooenmail Schoolmaileri, R. Klwortby 230/. and 
' ' ■ Willis, I'ojt 


), 150/. and house. 

of lie Trmning CoEeat, Rov. C. P. Douot, 


timinrvi Cap 


Tbo island of Labnan is situated on the aorth- 
weat coast of Bornoo,in 5° 16' M. laL.and 115° 15' 
E, long. Its area is 80-2S square miles. It is (li«. 
taut from the coast, at the nearest point, about eix 
Tsiles, and from Brunei, tlie capital of Borneo 
proper, about thirty miles. 

The islani)^ then uniiihabit«d,waa ceded 1« Great 
Britain by the Sultan of Bcmeo in 1846, aad 
occupied in 1848. 

Much expectation as to the aacoess of the new 
settlement was founded upon the existence of rich 
coal deposits in the island, the derelopmeDt of 
which was undertaken by a Company which was 
formed in England at the time, under the name of 
" The Eastern Archipelago Company. " (fevertbe- 
less, the coal resources of Laboan remain still 
comparatively undeveloped, and more than ono 
Company has failed and retired from tlie under- 

ughbourJnK co 
Bom«o, and 'the Sula Archipelago, such as bees'~ 
wax, edible birds' neata, campbor, gntta-perchi, 
indis-i'uhber, pearle, lortoise-shell, aud trepaug, 
which are forwarded by the Laboan traders to 
lliera are 

where the raw n ... 

converted into aago tlonr, which Is exported t 
some extent (or the Siagapcn's uarkeb 


The iobtbttaoti ve chteBjUdajB from Borneo, 
and Chinege, tlie Utter being chiefl; petty tradeiB 
or inunigrauta worldiig uoder coatncte msde la 

Tbe Uavemmeiit U adminiatered b? t. Ooverzior 
tuid B Dominated Legielatiie CooudL 

VnlH the year 1869 the eipsnditoro of the 
Colony waa partly defrayed by an Imperial grant 
in lid, but siace then the aoloay has gappoiied 
itself. In 1871 the military garrison maintained by 
fhe Imperial Oovemment waa vithdrawn, and an 
armed police force Bnhstitnt*d by the Colony. 

The chief edutcw of Bevenne are the farming of 
licences to «ell tobacco, spirits, opium (retail), and 

Srt«n, ofColofM AcMMM md Krp«H««n. 






























































Clam Ciai OutpiO. 





1876 6,824 



1877 8,741 



1878 3,717 , 



1879 2,245 




1847 Bir James Brooke, K.C.B. 

1848 WiUiain Napier, LitiU.-Go>xr«or. 

18fi0 J. Scott, 


(now air John Bcott, 

18« Hon. G. 

W. Bdwardes. 

1861 T. P. Callaghan. 

1866 Hngh Lo 

1867 J. Pope 
1871 Bir ff E 


lenoeeay, C.U G. 

Balwer. K.C.M.G. 

1876 Herbert Taylor UsBhor 


1879 CharlBB Cameron Leee, 


LtgUtaHvt. Corncil. 

The Oovenior 


XealfTM, W. 

H. Tmcher, 

A. S. Hamilton. Cr 

P. Ley.. 

Govrrnor, Charles Cameron Lees, C.M.O., 800i, 

and 800(. from Imperial Funds, as H.M. ConnJ- 
QeiKiTal for Brand. 

• The Imporu 


ImpoMi rnwa th* Cout, 
M le SlnrainnL and 

.lilcb art^temnU mocpor 


EiporlL Yhi Upon rgtunu loelnd* 

Caionial Stattarg and AudiMr, W. H. Treachsr, 

Cotomal Tr/atunrr^. 8. Hamilton, RN., 4001. 

1 iraautrale, W. H. Treacher. 
aurHj/or-Umtral and SttperaOtndait of Comiiii, 

vacant, 600J. 
Colonial Svraroa, Dr. P. Leys, 825f. 

;h learin oaUT* boMi. 


A. a. Hamilton, RN. 
ItegMnr, W. U. Treacher. 

BiAop qfLaivaii, 


and the Virgin Islands, wore constituted a single 
Federal Colony by an Act passed in the Imperial 
Parliament in the SesBion of 1871, 84 t 36 Vict., 
cap. 107. The toitof the Ant, which is given below, 
will explain the confltitution and powers of the 
Federal Qovemment and Che relatione between that 
Govemmeot and the several Island Governments 
Sir Benjamin Pina, to wliose energy and ability thn 
paasage of tbe measure in the i^ands is largely 
due, was houoored by Her Majesty after tlie pase- 
ins of the Imperial Act with the dignity of a KuigliC 
Commander of the order of St. Uichael and St. 
George ; Messrs. Wlgley and Frceling, tbo adminis- 
tratoTB of at. KittB and Dominica, being on the 
sams occasion made CompaniouB of the Order, and 
atr Oliver Nugent, President of the Legislative 
Council of Antigua, receiving the honour ol Knight- 

Tha Federal Colooy contains 120,499 inhabitants. 
Its total exports, according to latest returns, were 
621,242f., and its imports 486,738'. The aggregate 
revenue of aU the six Presidencies iros 3ii;27SI.; 
their expenditure, 100,277'. 

Jt may be mentionud, as of liistorical interest, 
that the Leeward Islands podsessed a common 
Legialatnre as far back as the reign of WDlijuu and 
Harf. Borne Acts passed b ~ ~ 

force in th 

provide for the want of flnea and common rpco- 
veries," under which entade snd sottlementa of renl 
propertyare effected, and which is considered credits 
able to the sagacity of the Colonists of the day as 
having anticipated by nearly n century and a half n 
very bcnoflcial reform only effected in lliis connlry 
in theyeailSSB, bv the Act S and 4. Will. IV, c 74. 
The General Legtelatore met for tlio last lime in 
1798, when it^ia^ed a highly humane shtvo amDliori^ 
tioa Act, whuA was allowed, a ('athalic Emandps- 
tion Act, and an Act repealing the duty on exports 
of 4^ per conL for tho bonoSt of the EngUsh ex- 
chequer — both which were disallowed. An attempt 
was made by Bir William Colobrook in 1832 lo 
revive the General Legislature, and though tho 
attemptwas regarded uufavonrably in some quartere, 
and the Lo^slature iie\~cr actually met, yet the 
right to revive it was clear, and there is no doubt 
that tlie Act ol 1871 is no more than a revival of 
tbe ancieot constilntiou of tbe islands. 
Subjoined is tbe text of ILu Act, 



Chap- 107. 
An Act fi^ tkt Federa&m trnd gi , 

lAt Letward IilmtiM (UDMidMl b* locd Aot No. 11 

□( 1S78). [21at Aagaat, 1S71.J 

WheresB the Bevenil laglsliltiva bodliffi of Her 
MajBrtj'H Leewari) Islands have, by eortsia rsBoIo- 
tiona, Bignified their dpsire for the ubiod o[ the said 
Islands aoder one Govemnimt in mumer therein 
set forth, and have requested that the said nnoln- 
tioaa msy be embodied is an Act of ths Imperial 
F&rliameot with all such prorixion^ as may uecee- 
Bary to give them full force imd oJtoct, and it ie 
expedient that the said anion ehonld be eatahliebed: 

Be It enacted by the Qneen's moat Excellent 
Uajesty, by and with the advice and couaent of the 
Lords Spiritual and Tomporal, and CommouB, in 
this present ParlianieDt assembled, and by the autho- 
rity of the same as follows : — 

1. This Act mny bo ollad tor all purposes as 
"The Loeward lalnndB Act, 1871." 

S. So soon OS tMs Act ahi 
in the Leeward Islands, thi 

one colony, conHistiue of six ^._. .. , _, , 

the BSTora! ibIuuIb i5 Antigui, Monteemit, Sniat 
Ciiriatopher, Nevis, uid Dumiuics, wiUi thoir re- 
spectire dependeadcB, and tlio V'ifgia iBland*. 

8. Id this Act the following t«rmB shall have the 



shnll foi 

BometluuR lu I 
thereto (that ia 

"Qoremor" shall mean the Gotbtboi" 

for the time beitiK ndministerlDg- the gmernl 
gOTarnment of the Leeward Islands: 
"Oenetal Government" ttBd "Oenerai Legisla- 
ttire " shall respectively nKan the QovemmsDt 
and LeaiBlature of the l^oeward IsIandH : 
"Igland GoTBrnment," " lalnnd Ocrancil " and 
" Island Legifllalnre," sliall mean respoctlTely 
ths Qorernment, LegiHlntiTs Iwdy, or Legie- 
laturo of one of um abore-iiBiTWd Prcsi- 

" Proclamation " slialt mean a writtea or printed 

notice nnder the hand of the Govemor, pub' 

lished by his ordsr in each of tha FiemeacieB 

which it may directly eoneero. 

4. This Act shall come into operation to Hie 

Looward Islands on a day to bo declared by pro- 


iDcntivD Conncn Of tlis 

or designate. 

B. The Queen may from time to time appeini 
Ench ofHcers of the gBUeroJ Govsmmant as Uei 
Majesty may think St, with such salaries as may hi 

J .„ .! — 1 — .i,g General Legislatnrt 

the Leeward Islands a _„ 

>mpos«l of NIds electiVB and Nfne non- 
elective members [thus re-enactf d by A<^ 11 of ISTRI. 
Provided thattheprocsedinf aof the Council shall 
not be invalid on account of any vacancies therein. 

a. Of the elective mombers, Four shail be token 
from the Island Council of AnligTiii, Two from tha 
Lt^HislatirB Assembly of Dominica, and throe from 
among the iinofBciBi iTLcmbera of the Lent^lntiru 
Council of Ht. Christopher. The msmbors for 
tilca shall respectively be chosen 
s of tha !(■ " ~ 

I and Domi 

Antigna and . 

by the elective members of tha Island Con., 
from which thoy are taken, and those for ( 

4 Uiereof, 

manner as the said Island Coantdl may, from tima 
to time, by any standing rule detormine, and within 
such period as may. from time to time, be prescribed 
by proclamation. [This Bection is printed as rft- 
enacted by the Lsoward Islands Act 11 of 1B78.] 

9. The non-elective member* shall be anpointed 
hy the Quean in such maimer and nnder such condi' 
tioDS as Her Majestj may think fit, and shall be aa 

A President, who at the time of his appoiubuont 
shall be member of some lebmd Couicdl; 

The Colonial Secretary, the Attoruey'OeBsnil , 
and the Andltor-QeaeraL 

Five unoffidal members, of whom one shall ba 
taken from the Island Coundla of Donmiica, 
St. CUtistopher, Nevis, Montserrat, and tlio 
Virgin [slands respectively, and who shall ipia 
jQicfD vacate Iheh: seatsonceagingtobeutembcrs 
of such Councils. 

10. Subject to the proviaionB of the ttventy-Sflh 
and twenty-siith soctjons of this Act, the Govemor, 
with the consent of the General Legialative " ^ 
hereinafter referred to as " the Con '^ " ~' 
laws for ths Leeward Islands, or a 
on the f nUowing subjects i— 

1. The law of real aad personal pmperty, in- 

cluding wills, tcstaraents, probate, and a4- 
Tniniatration of estates of deceased persons ; 

2. Themorantilelaw: 

5. The law relating to husband and wife, parent 

and cliild, maniags, dirorce, and g;uBardian~ 

6. Tha constitution of courts of law, the criminal 

aud civil ailmiointralioQ uf justice, including 
the ]urisdiutiou, practice, and procedure of 
all courts of law, criminal and civil: 
e. Tha eatablishment and regulation of a «im~ 
mon convict station and a common prison 

7. The estabiishroent and regulation of a general 

police force, and of tfie other protoctivQ 

forces of the Leeward Islands: 
S. The post ofRcis and the electric telegrmph: 
S. Quarantine: 

10. Onrrenoy: 

11. Weights and msacares: 

12. Audit of the public KKonnts in the evora 

presidencies : 

13. Education: 

H. Inunigration and treatment of iraBilgmnts; 

15. Idiots, Innatics.and idiot and Itmaticas^ums; 

16. Copyrights and i>RtsntB: 

17. ThecoastitutiouBndproceduTflof theCounellt 

18. Such other subjects in respect of each presi- 

dency as the Island Legislature thereof may 
declare to be within the competenl? of the 
General Logislatore. 

11. Subject to the provisions of the twenty-flfih 
and twanty-sixtli sections oi this Act, the Governor 
may, with the conaent of the Legislative Body uf 
any prcsidBncy, malto laws for the peace, order, and 
good government tlioreol, but any island enactment 
relating to any of tho subjects named in the preco- 
ding section roay at any time be repealed or altereil 
by the General Legislature, and shall, withont auy 
formal repeal, be void so far as it ie repugnant tit 
any law passed by tho General Legislating 

IS. The Council may from time to tima he con- 
voked, prorogued, and ilisaolved by any ingtnuueat 
under the hatkd and seal of the Ooreraar. 

18. Ths Oomea dull be sa eouToksd wtthln bIe 
montlka after this Act shall come into oprratioB ia 


th »rMw rtM>ndB,Mid«aTm>rJ«oM>(«tlMWl) 

14. The plM» of meeling of tba aomid dull 
from tidH bo flzsd by produdMioa. 

IB. Tbe dnrmCioD of the OrauU, sriua aiKMiar 
diuatTCd, duU bs thrw jMni 

Ml Bnrj i^Mubar ol tb> Ooancil bIbII. brfan 
' " "■ nat, Uke and anbatribe baton ti» 

f<]U<nriiig aath <d aOaguoe: — 

"I, A.R, do svesr that I vfll t« futhfol and 
"bear troB allwiiuiro to Her Majas^ Qoeen 'S^otoda, 
" hsT heirs and EDce^efOra, acctrding to law. 

"So help ma GOD." 
Bnt any parwn anthoriied b; fawr to alBm or 
dadaie luataad of taldng an oatli nuymaka Madi 

17. The Coimea alwll updnt ooa of tba lura. 
bars of the Cottocil *" *** *Tm-»_w«-»i<Mi* >4h^ib 

wiWiwTnider Ub luutd 
19. Smrj elactive m 

re member who ahail aoeept aar 
ivn ahall TMato U* bmU in the 
aaid Comufl, bat shall be eli^ble for n-tkllioa. 

M). Whan any I'lectiTe member vacat« Ua aMt 
in the Ooudl o^rwise than by the disaohitioii or 
other dBteniiiDatian thereof, the elootive msmbere 
ol the idaod amnoil which he repreaenled shall 
ebaoee a successor within three mODtha altar notiee 
of aaiA Tacsacy shall have bean proobimed hi the 
preaidBBOT; and if tliey fail to do so -nitbin that 
time tba Qoramor shall appoint a psrsDa fnna that< 
Uaod council to fill euch vaeancj. 

SI. Until otherwise datermined by the Council, 
tlie Oooacil shall not be considered aa eonatituted 
fm'tha deapiUeh of bumness unlesa at least idne 
DMOiben be raesent asd aaaisting thereat. 

as. QnesUona arising in tba Coondl dull he 
decided by a majority of TOicea ; Che President shall, 
in all caaea, have a vote, and whsu the Tuicea are 
equal the dedsiun ahoU be deemed to ha in tbe 

as. Ho Tole or rgsolnUoD shall be propoaed iu 
the Conncil harjng [or its object to char^ any part 
of the revennea arisini; iritMn the said Leeward 
Islands, excapt by one of the olBdal msBbera, 
or with tbe express appronl oi dkaction of the 

84. Whan a Sill passed by the Comal la m- 
sented to the Governor for bis Meant, ha shall 
decls« according to his discretioD either that Le 
aesenta thereto, or that bo rcf^jaes his afisent to the 
same, or that be reserves tba same for the algnidoa- 
tinn of Her Hajeety's pleaaura thereon. 

as. When the Govemor assenta to a BiU. he 
ahall by the first poqvopiejit.opportnnity send an 
anthantio copy of the law to one ol Her Majesty'a 
Principal B^retoriea nf State, and it shall be lawful 
for Her Hajesty ai any Hme within eightsen months 
after sneh copy shall have been rooelved by the aaid 
8BCrelary of Btate to notify to the Qoreraor her dla- 
aHmranee of aach law throujrh one of her Prfncipal 
Beemtaries of State, and everr anch taw shall become 
noil and void hoai and after the day on which the 
said Qoremor ahall signi^ such iSa^lowiince by 
manage to the Cooocil, or from and after a day to 
be named by proclamation. 

90. A Bill reserved for the aigniflcalion ol Her 
Maieaty'a ifeaaure ehall take eflect so soon as Her 
Hajestr shall have given her assent to the same by 
Order In Conndl, and the Qovemor shall have alp- 
nUled snch aaaeut by messags to Iha Coonall or 
p«daniation, provided that DO sucti meatage or pT». 

as prsaented to the Oovemor 

rif ntinn nhtllhn imni aflar ti 
day on which tho Bill w. 

a7. Tba Conacil ahall at ita Srat aunbtg, and 
may from time to time aiterwarda, aa occasion may 
iwnirs, adopt standing rules and ordera for the 
orderly conduct of business, which rnlas and ordera 
shall take effect when confirmed by the Oovemor. 

S8. Tbe sxpanaea of sneh estabhshmenta aa are 
common to all the Leeward Islands, other than the 
remnueratlon and travelUnR expenses of tbe mem- 
hera of the Council, shall be fixed by the Conndl, 
and shall, nntil otherwise apportioned by the Conn- 
dl, he divided into dxteea parts, which shall be 
charged aa follows : — 

On Antigua ... ' — '- 
„ St. Obristophsr . 

II Mevis . '. '. 

„ Hontserrat 

„ Virgin Islands 
Snch charges, however, as may be ioaurred in i«- 
spect of immigration shall be ahared only by aach 
Islands as may elect to partidpate Charein. 

20. An estimate of such expenses shall he ever; 
year prepared by the (ieneial (Jovermnent and laU 
before Che Cnuncil, and wban passed by the Conndl 
shall l>a pnbtiebed in the Leeward IskadB; and 
after snch publication the Governor may, from tfana 
to time, aa tbe occasion niaf raqnire, draw ou the 
public treasury of each presidency for tbe whole or 
any part of tbe amonnt due from ancb preaidency. 

30. The Conndl may, by aay law or laws, alter 
from time to time any of tbe proviskma ol this 
Act : Provided that every aucih law staaU be re- 
irved bj the said Governor for tba oipulGatiaa 

by the said G 
Uajesty's plea 

of Her 

91. The terra Governor c . . 

the Government, whan need in any Island e. 
ment heretofore pasecd, shall, after tbia Act shall 
come into oporntiou, and nntil otberwiae provided 
by tbe Island LegisUture. bo takiin to maan tho 
Governor of the Leeward Islands or any other 

arson appointed in that behalf by writing ander 
i hand and nnder the Pnblio Seal of the Preai- 

811. The p 

tbe fifth, sitb, and ninth sectiona o 

under the Boynl Sign Hannal and 8igi 
be delej — ^ -- ^i- " — 

and ancb instmctini , 
ma^ t>B issued beforn this A 

m Council, from time to time, on adilreas from the 
LegislativB Bod; of any of the West Indian Islands 
not included in this Act and from tbe CoonsC^ to 
bring such island undue the operation of this Act, 
an such tenna and conditions m each case a> are in 
the addresses expressed, and as Her Hajeaty tbinka 
fit to approve, and tbe provisions of any Urder In 
ConndJ in that behalf shall have etFect aa if they 
had been enacted by tlie Imperial ParliameoL 

Extaitivt CouKcU. 
The Governor. 
Tbe Colonial Seoratary. , 
The Attorney-GaiBraL 



A.'W. Moir, C.M.O., PraidaU of SI. KiUt. 

BIf Olirer KuRent, 

C. H. Eldridgis, Praidml of Dominica, 

Nwie Porter, Pitiidtat ofMoiiliiirnU. 

T, BerkBley, C.M.G. 

CWaln J. S^ncec^Chnrchill, Acting Pmi- 

Gaurai Lrffiilativt CoimciL 
Official .Veniitn. 

Tha AadiUr-Oeneral. ' 

Elective Mtn^en. 

n. A. ehmnd. 
J. Magiule]'. 

T. BerkelsT. 
W. W. Eaid. 
B. B, DnyiB. 

Noa-Elauiix ilemben, 

Pmidet Mdr, aM.0. 
AmfHffa — 

E. A. Fulle. 

U. PembertOD. 
Montwrral — 

Prasiilent Porter. 
Vlrnin Ulaitdt — 
AcUng {-Toideat, B. H. Dyett 
Cterk, Edward Baynee, £dO. 

deil Eitabtitkmnil. 

Goeemor, Goorge Borkoley, C.M.G., 3,000/. 

/V.'coie SHT<«ary, F. J). Hbtiiuji. 30(H 

Colonial StcTttary and jUeu/.-Couenior, Edwin D. 

Rijaes, C.M.G., 800t 
C&ri», Edward Bayaoa, 150i., William Ooull, SOi 
AudHoT-Goteral, V. Burns, BOOt 
/lupeetor nfSchooU, Kof . M. L Drinkwater, aOOt 

CTk/" Jujh'oe o/"*** AnjiiWM Coarl, Hodtt J. Bnrford 

la Pmnte Jadgt diUo, 3. R. Sempor, l^m. 
ind ditto, diUo, ti. FeiulHTtOD, SOU. 
Attomes-Gaieral, 3. T. Qolclnsy, 700^ 
Salicitor-aaitrai, H. S. Itorkcloy, avol. 

An iBland Bitiuled in W. lone. 61° W, ■□d N. 
Ut. IT" 6'. It ia abont M milea in drcamlereuco. 

Antigua nas dlacovered by Columbus in 1498, 
who named it alter a cborcli in SsTilla, calleJ 

eitv and t 
iiple, or aa i 

Santa Maria La Anti^rt. It waa llrM inhabited 

by a few English in 1632. In 1663, Charles II. 
mado a farmai grant of the ieland to Lord Wil- 
loughl);, who Beat out a large number of caloniaCs. 
After an interval of Frunch occupation, it was 
declared a British poasossiun by ths Treaty of 
Breda, IGSS. Tbero an no rivers, and few springe 
lu the island, and consequently it ia exposed to 
frequent droughts. Area of the island is 1U8 sqaare 
miles. About £7,500 is annually apsnt is the sup- 
port of Poor Hau»'s. Hospitals, Board of Healtli, 
audforMedicalKelicf, Vaccination, Ac There are 
14 places of worslitp belonging to the Church of 
England, 13 Uoravinn. 10 WeBlcyau. 

The Constitution consists of a Governor, aided 
by an Eiecntivs Council, the members o( which 
■re appointed by the Crown ; and a Iiegislativu 
Council consisting of 24 members, of which the 
Colonial Secretary, Attorney-General, Salidtor- 
Oeneral, and Treasurer, are ez-o^icio membera ; 
8 members nominated by the Crowu and 12 elscted 

TheqnaUfleatiana for Uombers and Voters Wro 
fixed by an Act of ISii, and are as follows : — 

For Uembers. — An annual income of 68t do- 
rived from real property within the Island, or an 
aoDDal income ol SUUf. durivod frum profession oi 

trade, 4c. Voters for 

possesa land eitbur in f 
a period of not less th 
election, and ol the yearly value of 2SL Voters 
(or the country divieione— jiosBeBaioii oC ten acres 
of land in fee nmplo, or of five acres witli building 
tbereon, or land of the value of 111/., or one acre 
of luid aud building value '2iH., or tenant paying 
nut leas than SK/. per buhudi. 

The Island is divided into eleven electoral dia- 
triots. Of the 208 voters regislered for tbo whoto 
Island, 130 are registered for the City of St. John. 
The districts ore as follows : — 

City of BL John 2 

Diviaiou of St. Jobn. 1 

„ Dickeneon'e Bay and Five Is- 

„ Popeshead 1 

Division of Old Road 1 

„ Bormadian Valley 1 

„ New Division 1 

Town of Parham 1 

Division of Old and New North Sound . 1 

„ Nonsuch 1. 

Belfast 1 

Willooghby Bay 1 

Division of Falmouth and Bendezvoos Bay, 
and Towns Falmouth and English 
HarbcFor •.....,.,.! 

The Governor aj 

event oF an equality'^uf votes shall have a second 
or coaling vote. All grants or appropriationa of 
mouov must origiuale with the Govarnmont 
Hembers. Tlie duration of the Council is for five 
years. The elcclnd members of the Legislstiva 
Council of Auti^iin send four elected momlKra to 
thfl General Legislature. 

ISflS Lord WfHonghby, of li' 
ISee Samuel Wiulhrope, DaMa-Goiii-tA 
1671 Philip Warner. 


Bowlud Wmiuna. 

Sir WllliBiu StepletOQ. 

NtUuniel Johnsan. 

Q«[ieral Codrln^n. 

CoL JohD TeMDsuB, LiaU.-Govaiior. 

Chrutopher Codrinirtoi). 

Sir WmW MattKevr. 


Col. John YeamaPB, lMi^~Govtrmir. 

Generkl Hamilton. 

Walter Doiistu- 

Geuaral HamiltoD. 

John UarL 

Lord IjondondBrry. 

William Hattbew. 

Sir OeorgB Thomas. 

Junes Verchild. 

WJUltun Woodlej, Ueiil.-Govenor. 

Sir Balpli Fajne. 

Wiilkm E. Burt. 

Biz Thomss Bhiriey. 

John Nugent, lAiiU,-GBttrHOr. 

Bir Thomas Shirley. 

John Naseat, lieaL-Goventor. 

William Woodle^, LiaiL-Gmenior. 

John StaiUsy, LtriU.-Giivmor. 

Mator-Gflneral Leigh. 

William Woodley, LiaiL-Govmior. 

Lord LavingtOQ. 


LieoL-Qeiienl Sir James Leith. 

1869 6 
1871 E 

. IT Patrick Rosa. 

4 Bir Evan K'Gnigor. 

6 Homy Light, jUeui.-Cocenwr, 

7 Bir WUliam ColeUrooke. 

Uajor Uacphail, Lieuf.-GoBentor 

2 Sir Charles A. Filz Koy. 

5 C. J Cuimiughaiii, la^-Govcmar. 
7 J. M. Hi^oson. 

B. J. Uacldntasli. 

6 K. B. UamUtoD, C.R 

9 Sir Hercules Robiasan, LML-Oavtmer. 

9 B.E.Jaxvis,Prfiutat/. 

9 K J. Eyre, LimL-GoTemor. 

Sir William Byam, PrtMidtiit, 

E. B Hamilton, C.B, (resuming) 

3 Sir William Bjam PraitiaiL 
B ColoQsl 8. J. Hill, a.B. 
~ 0. 0. Pine, KL Acting. 

■ R C. Fine. 

J, C.B. 

aiif.G., Gaotraor^ifCki'^ 

'2 B. D. Baynes, PrtadaiL 

a H. T. Irfing, C.M.G., Governor. 

6 Q. Beituley, C.H.Q., Gmemor. 






PiAlie Ofil, 89,76Si 
Valut oflmporU and Eiportt. 





























WMte. BUck. 

Coloured. TotU. 

61 2,6 

6,882 87,046 

■1 2,146 2G,3S6 

6,890 85,422 


H(^^.. FuDch^. Pnntheiiii. 



1,736 381 



7,391 G88 



3,507 305 



4,690 267 






















miling 1879 
































The Colonial Bocretarr 

The Attorney 


The Auditor-General. 

The Tressurei 

Bh- Oliver Nugent. 

Ckri, a. H. G 



« OMincilCLoa,^ 

Nominees ot the Crown 

Sir 0. NngenL ftwirfait 0. 

The Attomej-Oeneral. H. 

The Anditor-Qenoral 




A. Q. HcHattio. 

F. B. Csssin, Esq. 


8. Berkeley, E.q. 


Electsd Ibmben: 

a A. 8lMail,Esq. 
I. Mwinlej, r- 

Q. Holboroir,£aq. 

B. HMrinteVi Esq. ti. auKuiie^ , - - . 

T. D. Foote, Esq. Vice- E.H.Lue,Eaq. 
Prtiidail. D. Browne, Eaq. 

H. W. Whll«. D. W. StMTFilU, Esq. 

B. 6. HMgan, Esq. J. F. Poola. 

A. UcAdiim, Eaq. 
(3eTi, Edward Bajnes, SCA 

Civil EKailidmaaa. 

Pmidmt aidlihndStcreUrs, E.D. Barii««,C.H.O., 
86W. (and 8001, u Colonial Secretarr ul the Lee- 
ward IslllDllg). 

Cfcri, H. H. Gruy, lOW. 

Cfor* in Load Audit Ofict, A. S. Tibbeta, lOOJl 

TVeoiwer and Comptnillfr of Cmtomg and A'ar^o- 
(ion £ou», J. F. Wyldo, SOOI., and Fees is Begis- 
trar of ShippiiifC. 

Laadina Surr^rr and Hnrimir MotUr, i. Bnrna, 

loKfiiw Wiolert— 

Edward Horrford, lOOJL 
J. K. Chillick, lOOf. 
W. B. Da»ey, lOOt 

Otri:, M. D. B. Kdridgo, 150t 

Seamd Cltrk. E. a Jones, SOL 

CaMfT <if tie Snningi Sank, A. B. Tfbtdta, 70/. 

1. W. Gmy, loot 
■\ii(ic IVonti, BBoA, 

)0/, and 50/. horse i 

Srerctaiy to Ihi Board of ITrnlA, K 8. Ueagan, 60t 
fHAKCfor e/ Wrislilt «>* Mtatuni, S. B. Heagan, 

Clerk to Me Pvblic Librvnt, R B. Boden, lOO/. 
/ftofti OJB*r, «(. JoAn, W. H. Edwardi, P.K.C.S.E. 
Ditto, St. Fati, S. B. Brooms, M.RO.S.E. 
Ditto, *. purr, John Freeland, M.RO^.B. 
ProvoU Marihtil and ReeMrm; O. HumphMyii, 850/., 

and 35/. as Chit/ JlrgLitrar, fiupreme Cnurt. 
Hrtt aeri, Stgitlnr'i OJief.J. G. Pipionit, 150(. 
SBvmddHIa, 3. E. Feleni, 5W. 
Cltrt, 3/(mWi OjB«, D. Jonoa, 100/. 
AguMiriii I'tre-adiaiiii/ry, U. lIomphiTB, feoe. 
Carmuni tbe District HngmtratoB. 
JToniali' '" -^ ■ -•■ " ■- 

Keaierof'Ciu. , . 

Dinrict Xagiitraiti, W. H. Whyhani, 400/. ; 

William A- CooU, 475/.. 
Imtetor of Foliix, 11. Thompson, UOt,, and 36/. 

hoTBO alfcwanw. 
CTeri 0/ iWf«, C. Mn"eravo, lOOt 


District No, 1. and Publir: InstitoMonB. 

W. H. Edwards, F.B.C.8.E, 400/. 

A. E. Edwurds. M.B.C.8.E., 180/. 

„ 2.— A. O. McHBttie, P.E.C.8. Ed., 

M.H.C.S. Eng., 190/. 
_ 8.— J. I'roeland.M.R.C.S.B., loW, 
„ 4.^1. Dunne, M.R.CIS.E., 250/. 
„ 6.— 9. n. Br(™neJf.B.C.8.E.,260/. 
H " 6.— B. P. Griffith, MJtOaE., 250L 

it {■ rice-.i^ir(i//tr D. jonea (fees). 

« qZ-Cnnni™ Cno/, Veiu C. J. Branch, 50(. 
o/GiiBin™ God/, J. Pct«ri, 180/. 

Au/irr ej St. Paul, Her. Bobart H. Blndoii, SODI. 

,». i^ter, KsT. Bobert B. Abbott, 800/. 

St. (Itargt, Bar. H. DrmkwMcrrSOe/: 
Ckp/BBi 0/ CWimm Jo/, Van a J. Bnooh, SOI 



Thie ialand, diaeovored by tJ 

navigator in H9S, waa named b^hiMiafter a ' 
monntain in Spain, where le aitoaled the monaslery 
in which Ignatius Lo^la oonoaiVBd the project of 
fouudiag tlie Society of Jeaua. 

. It is otuated in 16° 45' N. lat., and Sl° W. long. ; 
it ia abont 12 milsn in length, and 8 in the broadest 

Sirt ; its roada, boweVBT, are si«z«g, nphiU, and 
own ravine, so that a ioumey from tiw town ot 
Plymontb (lying in the centre of the aontb-vwt 
aoaat)to norlb or Bcnith,Biaeda the axtrema length 

HontBarrat was colonized by t)i« BngHih in 
1682; the French took it in I£fi4, and lvri»d heavy 
imposta on the inhabitanta : it was reatond to Eng.' 
land in 1668. It capitalated ta the Fmnch in 1782. 
H. Lmia Joseph de Goullon, who was upoiated 
Commaadant, levied an impoat of 1,800 Johanoris, 

one for the Major, and others for the TrsBanrer, for 
the Commiasary of Miurine, for the 8nrgei»-Ma]ar, 
for warohoaseE of every kind, lor a hospital, for » 
chapel for Divina service for tha trDOps, and ■ resi- 
dence near it for the chaplain, a raddeaee tac tbo 
keeper of the warehousoe, and a chamber for hi* 
clerV The Honae of Aaaembly provided tha 
OovorDor with a famished bonae, wfldi horns, 
Ac, ftc, bat oEterad a spirited resiataiica to tbe 
other demands. 

The island wa> restored to tiw Ea^liah is 17S4. 

Hontserrat possessed a LegidaCiTH Cotmcil and 
Assembly as early as 1S6S. 

Honteerrat is justly considered tbe moat bealtbv 
of theAstlUes. 

The staple commodity is engar, vhicb until 
lately was brought to the town in bags a 
backs of mules or oxen, ttarta are now ~ 
generally used, but the mole and the o: 
bag ot sugar on its back is etill oocaaia 
There is no harbour, bat a very good r 
Many of tlio sugar estates which had gn>a out ot 
cultivation have been bought up aod an bein^ 

iw vigoronaly worked by Mobstb. Rtargp, of Bic< 

low pretty 
X with tbo 

(subordinate to the Qovsmor-Generai of the Lefr* 
ward Islands), aided by an EiecutiTB and Legi»> 
lative Uounnl appointed by the Crown. 

By an Act of the LeginUtive Aseembly, dstod 
24th Dec., 1S66, and conHrnieii by Order in Council 
26th Feb., 18<;7, iuslpnd of a Leraalativo Aseembly, 
a Legislstiye Council ww establiahed, iiaving all 
the powera, anthorities, sud rights lutherto poa- 
sessed \ij tha Assembly. Her Majeetj; may from 
time to tuna by any warrant under her aign maniuil 
and si^et, or by an; instructions through one of 
her prmdpsl BMretaries of State, deaignale aUL-h 
oScsrs and appoint guch persons, not exceeding 
siT in all, as abo may think fit, to be reepectivcly 
otHdaJ, or ex offao and unofficinl menbara of t)u> 
said Coimci], every councillor holding his offlco 
dorlcg Bat Hajesty's pleaanre. 

Tha QoTamor, and in hla abeenoa any person 
■f pointed by him in wittang, ahall pisrida at avery 


moeUDg of the ConncU, ud ehnll hsTB an orfgtntl 
and caatiiig -vote. 

Ths Freddent and three Member* of Conndl 
torm ■ quorum. 




































































1879 reluniB not roceiTed. 

Extaitire CoaarH. 

The Oovernor. 

The Colonial Secrctarr. 

Tlie AMD 


The And 




Junes MeadB. 

Wm. Wi 


Burdcit Jolmaon. 

M^mUr, of I^egUlativ, Comcif. 

The Praddent. 

Junee Heade. 

J. F. Kirwnn. 


K. P. Penohoeu. 

J. 8. Hoi 


Civil EitiMiAmtnk 
Praidail, Noole Porter, 500?. 
TVecUMW, Junes Ucn<le, 90(U. 
Clerk, E. A. Wohbe, KKll. 
Reffittrar <^ Suppiaij ami CoaplnUtr of Ciufon 

ond NrnigalvM Laiet. James Meade (leu). 
RmMrar of DetiU, Jiumns If oaiU ((ean). 
Otrh ofPmblie Maril, B. H. Blaho, »& 

Jfedical Offteert. 
mo. I District, Bnrdett JoIuibm], 2001. 
Ko. 2 n H. FilkiDgtaa,20af., 

Poliee EtlabHtbiiml. 

>• Aihmraltf, 3mme» Meade (f set 

tartkat, B. U. Dystt, imi. and fe 


Socmr of Sl Puta'M Paruh, Jot. Bhirrington, laOL 


(3t. Kitts.) 

The follcnring gcnflral dasn-iptloo of SL Kltta la 

_ ..J . , ^ Report on that lali-* ^— — 


a printed and laid before Farliainent, 

presenta a long oral, from ths sottth-eastem end of 
irhich runs a narrow neck, gradually expaudfng- 
into a smal! knob of land, 

" The total loQgth of the ialand Is abnnt 23 mfles. 
The breadth of its mahi bndj is abont five miles ; 
tliat of the knob or peninnula is about two mtlce. 
The breadth of the neck Tariei from half a milD to 
a mile. The total area is 68 sqnare milea. 

"The central part of the main hody condatB of 
a range of lofty mgged monntainii, which travereea 
it- froni BOnth-eaat to north-west, attaining its 
grealeBt height at Hoont HlBery, which is about 
4,100 feet above the sea. On the south-west sida 
of the island, between the moDutsins and tha em, 
but nearer the latter, is Brimstone Hill, formerly 
the Boat of the garrieon. It is quit" isolated, nearly 
conical, and abont 750 feet in height. This raBgo 
of hilla describes nearly a eemldicle, forzoing the 
spadouB and fertile valley or plain, on ths seaboard 
of which lies Baeselerre, the capitaL 

^* Immediately beyond these hills on the south- 
east Is the BUTonest part of tlie nock, which at 
this point is perfectly flat. But as it expands it 
rises into codtcaI hilla, which, covered witn gras^ 
prickly mlmoaaa or idofitij traverse the knob or 
penbBula in almost every direction. In one spot, 
however, the hills recede from the sea, forming a 
tutsiu, within which is a salt-pond about two mucs 

body ol 

" The dicle of land formed by the skirts and 
lower slopes of the mountain -rauge of tite main 
of the island, and the Vdley of Baasslerrc, 
larly the whole of the arable aad colti' 
vated portlDD of the island. 

" These tracts of land are covered with angar 
plantations, and dotted o-rar m every direction 
with hoiQBBlewls mills, and labourers' villages. 

" The higher dopes of ths mouulains ^e clothed 
with short grass, affording exceltont pasturage, 
while their summitB are crowned with dousu 

The clunnte In Bt. Kitta, tor a tropical one, is- 
decidedly healthy. From obserratioiia made by 
Mr. BvelTB, the tteceiver-Oemral of Ibe Colony, it 
appeara that the averacs range of the tharmomelcr 
waa,In Aogustio 186C,8ani..83,'„^='and in Feb- 
ruary of the same year, 7T^°, 87° at noon, 86° at 
* £"■ 

The average range of the tbemiometer traa, in 

February, 1878, B a-m., 7B°, and at 3 pjn, SI"; and 

in August of the aame year, 9 a.m., 81° and at 

2, 88". 

^he rainfall for the year 1872 was 45 A^ Ins. 

(iDtU the year 1866, St. Chriatopher bad repre- 
•ontatlTs IimIIIiiHhh of the Obarlar ^ps, foimerl j 



BOgenaralin the West lodieB. lu ISfifi (by Art' 
No, aei), the two HoiiBsa were replsMd by a Binglo 
I^eKisUtiTeAaBembly.purtlyBominatod and partly 
eloct«d. This AaBembly has now abrogated itself, 
and BnbBtitutad for itaell a LeglaJativB Council, 
ooDSiHtiiig of five official aud Hve unofficial mam- 
bera (Act of 28111 Juno, 1H78). The mambecs are 
nominated by the Queen, The Qovoraor, however, 
has power to nominate unofficial mcmbera pro- 
vieionally. The Governor is Prasidont, or, in his 
abnenco, such mambar as he may appoint in 
writing- Four besides the President are a quorum. 

Lia of GoEFnwjr*, ^c, of SL Kitujrom 1881. 
1831 JJauteaaat-Gotreraor, Lieut.-Colonol J. Lyons 

1885 FrfidaU, W. O. Croohe. 

1839 lieuUmoU-Goeenioi; C. T. Cuuningliam. 

18*7 Lieutnvmt-GoBenuir, K. J. Mai'kinlOBh. 

1860 LiaOaual-Goetnior, E. Hay DiTmmiond Hay. 

18aa LieutauaU-Oocfraor, UercDlos G. R. BobiuaoD. 

1856 ^rf«i™»(™/or, Thomaa Price. 

1800 Ueulrruat-Gnpemar, Sir B, C. C. Pine. 

1862 Praideal, J. E. Tudor. 

„ fVendniA J- H. King. 

1888 LittUBUHtt-Gorenor. Sir B. C, C, Pins. 

1864 PTtadeal, J. R- Holligan. 

1865 Utalmanl'Ooetmor, Sir B. C. C. Fme. 
186S FrtiidtHl, J. K. HolUgan. 

1867 AiiiiiiaiMlnaor, Sir Arthur Bumbold, Bart. 
„ LiaOmaat-Gnveraiir, Cspt Uackeniie, B.!-. 

1868 LieutfiiaiU-Gocemor, W. W. Cairns, 
AdminiMlralor F. 8. Wigley, C.M.G. 

HKtBue and Expeaditan. 





























Debt, 4,500f 



according to &eCa^ of imi 







Value of Iiaporb a»d E*i>crU. 




































Exern^ve CosMth 

The Gov 


The Colonial SeeretaiT. 
The Attorney ■General, 

The Aodilor-Genural. 

• iodudlM S,ml. txam of 187*. 

Ltgitlaiiec Coiiiicil. 
Offiaid Manhtr: 
The President, ■J 

Eoceiver-Qenoral, t „ ,v ,r „ 

Tha Solicitor-GeDenJ ofP"'^^''*""' 

Leeward iHlanda, ) 
PranciH Suencor Wigley. 
Blcbard Edmund BoDiper, M.B.C.S.E. 
Unofficial Membtn. 
"HioniM Berkeley. 
William William Beid. 
Thamaa HcNiBb. 
B. 8. Davis. 
J. E. Gould. 
Cltrl, T- Probyn Borridge, lOOt 

Ci^'l ElablithmmL 

Beodrfr-GfiKToi, George J. Evelyn, 6001 

CaakUr aud Bootierper, Henry George King, 250f- 

Cterk, W. W. Gray, 160(. 

1»( lamlitig Waiter, F. O. Plageman, 150/. 

iad dillo, C. E. Moir, 1257. 

trd dillo, J. B. ChsmberB, 1(101. 

4Ut ditto, H. G. King, jun., 75/. 

PofdnarffT, The Beceiver-Goneral, 1007. 

Surctyor Iff Boadt and SaprriiUendrnt of Fablic 

IForfoi, L. M. Kortright, 300/. 
Tatm fFardea, O. F. riaeemann, 200?. 
IiupKtor of WtighU md Meaturu, 0. i'. Flagemanu, 

S^rrintaideiit of ImmigmUi (vacantj- 

RegittroT of ^>Ti«<ifitld Cemtlinj, J H. Mnldor, 667, 

7^ Conningham Hoipilal Act, 1867. 
For the reception of the poor and destituto, and ot 
the diseased poor and lunatics. 


" Inq>octorB," to report periodically to tbo 

The Board consists of — 
G. J. Evelj-n. 
Thomas Berkeley 
W. J. Branch, M.D. 
Joe. K. Diniey, M.D. 
Aiaitma, W. H. Davis, 7W. 
DitpoMT, C. KillikflUy, 60(. 
HotaekKper, Mary Foster, 307. 

In connection with the Cunningham Hos|dt«l 
there is a aupplementary hospital, luLviug accommo- 
dation for 25 bods, under Act 11 ot 1872. 

The medical officer of No. 6 district ia tho super- 
intendent and the medical aud aui^ical officer ol 
this hoBiutal, subject to the Governor. 
He receives 50J. per annom. 

The total eqisnasB of tbls hospital an not to ex- 
ceed 5001, per auuum. 


Board ef BrtdO, Act, No. 146, 1856. 
Chairmm, The PrsoidBuL 
Wm. Fuunore, BBSsetarre. 
O. F. PlagemMui, Bftueleire. 
llenj. S. D«yiB, Old BokL 
a. U. Bichu'dBon, Sandy Point 
T. C. Palmer, Dieppe Bay. 
U. C. Culpoper, eeyoa. 
Cltrk lo Board, E. D. Baynea, jnn., BOL 

a. 2, 187; 

No. 1 DiMlncI, D. Waldron, M.B., CM., 2001. 
„ 2 , A. r. Boon, F.B.C.S., Eiiq. 
„ 3 „ J.O. Wmiams. 
*„ * „ J. K.I>iiii6y,M,D.,200r. 
„ 6 „ T. 0. rsltner, 200/. 
„ 6 „ B. £. Semper, 250J^ 
Water Commiuumrri. 
A supply of vator to Baneetcrra was provided 
by an Act dated 24th Novembap, 18M, alno by au 
Act n«w»od on lat May, 1869, entitled "Aa Act to 
prOTulB a BDfficient EU[i]iIy of Water lor tlie Towu 
ol BaBsetetTo and its Vi<:inity, oud to erect Water- 
works in connectioD therewith." 

Tho ccmzDJafflonera are five (^tlire« of whom form 
a quorum), to carry out the Act. 
They are— 

J. S. Berridge, Ciaimam. 
S. Abbott. 
O. J. ETelyn. 
T. Berkeley, C.M.G. 
J. W. C. (iordon. 
Cleri; O. F. Flageiuann, oOl. 

Juditial fa'afuAumt. 
Police Magulratt and Coroner, Bamtvm Dulrict 

F. Speti™r Wigley, 400f. 
CM; C. G. Evelyn, ISO/. 

riling Jattiee, F. 8pcncBr Wigley. 
•difti AitatdnM, W. J. Brand., M.D„ ! 

laiprclor, A. T 
B nerjaanta, I 

IL Id. e 


The militia force coneists of the Horse Artillery 
Corps and two troop* of UnTalry; the strength of 
the former being 2S men and <k the latter 66, 
offloera included. 

BoHorary Cohmfl, fx officio, The GoTerooT. 
Uealenant- Colonel, T.Pn' 
AdjvlaiU, a. Harper, 75/. 
Qaariemuuler, J. Piguanit. 
Drill Aufmcfor, A. Tbom, 501 

at. Otarft, Baitettrrt, ArchiieMion O. M. Qtbba, 

St. Mary Cagon, ami CkriH Ckureh, f-'idolat Toim, 

Eov. 0. C. Culpeper, 282/., fees (1S72), 6/. 11«. 
Si. Jo/m and SI. Paul, Capiitem, Hov. W.PBmborton, 

. A. C. Armbrioter, 280/., feoa 

Thia island is situate in 17° 10' K. lat. and 62' 33' 
W. long. It was discovered In 1498 hy Colambiu, 
and wae colonized by the Eogliah in 1628. Its area 
is abont 21) square miloe. Cbarlestown, the prin- 
cipal town, lies along the shore of s wide bay, and 
the monnlain berins to riae immediately behind It 

The ialaud, which ia divided into five parishes, Ik 
nearly of a circular form , its area about S2,O0l1 
acres, of which about 16,000 acres are fit for cnlti- 
vation; its groatast eluifation 3,200 feet above tlw 
sea. The average height of the thermometer, 62^. 

The climate is very similar to that of St, cliriaU>- 
pher, from vlnc^ place it is separated by a strait of 
about two miles iu breadth at its narrowest part, 

boats pl^dug between the two Islands — the distauct^ 
betweeo Basseterre (fit. Cliristopher) and CharleK- 
town (Nevis) being abont twelve miles. A roURh- 
nesB of the sea occasionally prevents commuoita- 
tioD, and sudden and dangerous squalls often occur. 

Sugar is the chief product. 

In 1866 (by Act 329), the constitution was eim- 
plifled in the same manner as had then recoLIh- 
oeen adopted in St. Kitts and Anti^a, and a siugh^ 
Chamber was eslahliahed, in which the Beprosenta- 
tivB element was preserved, tbo majority of votSK, 
however, resting with the Dominees of the Crown. 
The EiBcntive Connril waa reeoustiluted, Tht- 
Elected Members of the Kevis Asbembly seat oui- 
Member lo the Ueueral Legislature of thu Leeworil 

By an Act (No. 16 oi 1877) to "Amend and, 
simplify the Legislature of Kods " the Aasambly 
waa abolished, anil a LegisUtive Council ealabliaheil 
in its stead, to consist c7 such officers and persoiif. 
not exceeding six in numl)er,aa Her Majesty may by 
warrant or by any instrnction through a Beerotary 
of Stale designate or appuint to bo official orrx- 
pffido and unofficial members of the said Assembly. 
The Governor has power la appoint provisionally 
to TBcancioB amongst the unofficial mtmberB. Threi- 
is a quorum. The (jovomot is to preside, or, in his 
absence, such pcraou as he may appoint in writing. 
Nevis is therofcrfl now nndar Crown Govenuneut. 

Birttiiie and EipetuSlure. 




Popidafion aeeor^mg to tie Cmtut laltm in 1871. 

Total, 11,704. 


Vaiue 0/ lofoiU otiEnparU. 











The QoTCinKiT. 
The AUonwr Qi 
TFlw Fnddent. 

H. 8. MavDBrd. 
<Seft, 0. foitar. 


TtM Tnxwunr. 
Iba UegiBtnU'. 

Uturgiadl Meabert. 
If. FembertoD. 
3. M«jn»rd. 

lAmd Sterttarg and PrtMidetit^C. 8. Salmon, 600^ 

€tef*, a Foster, lOOt 

Trtaiartr, OmtpfroUer of Xmigatian Tjoat end Rt- 
gittntr oj Snpmiig,CoUKlor of Cutlofiii,tIi.i Iitmi- 
gnaion AgBU,yf. U. Aachiiilech, BOOI. 

CUrh U> Vnamry, W. H. Porter, IMi. 

Laitdins Wailtn, E. B. K. Moore, uid C. BeD, lOOj: 
Uch,iDdlldiiig all sllowaiiceB. 

BtmrrmtauleRt of Public Worti, L. M. Kortright, 

Aw&t Offher U. E. Burke, fen. 
AubwufT, /. Bridgewiiler, 40/. 
Jdneantm- o/ Veurti, U. U'Daslell, feci. 
QwinMiw Officer, R B K Moore, 10/. 
Keeptr of Gnrrmmtril Bouse, H. Joliffe, S6( 
Kw A'wpfT, Bii. Scarboro, S4t 
Dmig Hail Boat Contraaor, Ed. Scarboro, 8(M, 
Pn>r .Jjyln* (nip)wrt«{ bg GoMnmmt Oratf). 
CmuntttM ^ Vitilort. 
Tbo PrRaldent. Ber. J. M. ColUna. 

Tbe Treuuror. W. E. Hucko. 

ti. W. DamelL U. Femberton. 

W. D. AnchiQlMh. W. £. Backs, 
J. P. BridKBVkltr. L. M. Angiu 

JVafiW Offictn:— 

So. 1 Dutrkt, W. £. Bache, SOW 

„ 2 _ J, D. Boll, 270i. 

„ 8 „ P. T. Hnggina, 2WI 

Jiutiea ofUkt Pmoi. 

Waltar Utynard. Sir T. Q. Briggi^ Hturt. 

Henrj S. Hayiuurd. W. Q. Bncke. 

Qeorge W. Daniel! T. T. Hnsgiiu. 

J. P. Bridgowater. E. H. i- Djett. 



fitiUm/ JnitiBt, B. H. A. Djrit. 

Sttrgeim to Priiom, Ulick K Burke, nil: 

Ct<jpfaM,ItsT. J. k. Culliiie,a2f. 4«. &£ 

Inmdor, If. Beach, IMJ:, and S6L bom alktmace ; 
1 Bei«Mnt, 6SJ^ ; Corpora 46J:, and 10 PriTalea, 
801. to 40/. each, besiifee rurkl oonetablee. 

Stelor <!f3L Pmd, Bot. J. kL CdSSna, H£L rad fees. 


Tbe ialasd of AostuUa is placed nsdar tlM Fn«i- 

moy of St. Ohrlatopber, bemg BOTsmed looaliy by 

■tipeDitiarr nugulcate, paid from the Imperul 

Treaaniy. TUb uffioer is asidated bj * Vestry, of 

trhlohbeie obalimwi, Tba Veetryia oompoaed of 

the BtlpendiuT ua^slrate, tbrea eleotsd memberB, 

' tbrea Domlualed b; the Crowu. 

he revenno of Ant^ilU may be ostiraated at 

655/., and tbe expenditure at about tbe same uaount- 

Tbe local courts for tbe administratian of jnetioe 

are tbe Magistrate's Court and tbe Ssull Debt 

UoaiL But the island in alao idthiB the iuria^c- 

lon of tbe Supreme Cuurt of tbe LeewaTd Islands. 

Anguilla is about sixty inJleB M.W. of St Cbris- 

opber, and is mxteen mUes in length, and varieB In 

■rWdtb fmn three to one and a half mflea, otMi* 

aining an area of tliirty'flvo equare miies. 

Tbe Island is eitrciDi^ly healthy, aod tbe pcqnla- 
tion Is oonpulMl tt £,600, of wliom 100 aro wbHe 
(or of pure European descent), and the remainder 
~olonred or blac^ 

Besides cattle, ponies, and garden stodc, wblcb 
aat meets with a ready sale at St. Thonias, the 
iroductJcns are phoophate of lime and aalL Jn 
he latter oanunuditieB tlie tnuie is decidedly on 
he incrcaaa. The revenue is derived from impcrt 
duties, a duty on salt, a tai upon houses and IimdiSi 

Proroil-ifoTAaliadStguiTar.J. T, Tbibou, 28fit 

Cleri, C. Wobbe, 76/. 

GTDiiers (]wid b/ itts), W. H. BMfee, P. T. Huggins, 

Fvai^ Magidratt, J L. Leke,2201L 


The Vingin Wands were discovered by Uolom- 
bw in 1493^ theyoonsist of a cluater of cocks ; the 
laneat island in tbe croup belonging to Great 
Britaiu is Tortola^ wbioh is situate ui 1B° S7' N. 
lat.,w>dM<'te' W.long. Theu idands, solar as 
tbe^ are British, became eD in 1666. 

Tbe Danes also possaae some of tbem; tlia more 
important of wbicb are St. Thomas, St. John, and 
Santa Croix \ irhilst the Spaniards lay claim to 
those near Forte Hico. 

A civil government, and courts of jnstiM vwe 
estabhabod in tlie Virgin Islands in 177S. 

Constitution: In April, 1867, an Oidinauce was 
passed to amend tbe conslitutioD of the Virg;&i 
Idanda. It was enacted that a Lcglabttive Council 
■hoold be conatitoled to conaist of the Colonia] 
Secretary and the Colonial Treaancer, and not 
more than three umifHdal members to be Domi- 
ttated by the Administrator ol Um QoversBNlit, 


vho ii to prsiUa at tbe meeting! of the Council, 

and to bave a C4BtJiiK m well w a dslibeiBtioii vole. 

There is bJbo ui Eiocutive Council, 

Bngu* ifl mAde in a unall quantity in the Virgin 
Islands, and racenfiv many of the landed pro- 
prietors have planted coUco, which grows luxuri- 
antly, and i^pearB likely to prove romiitierMive. 

On October S»th, IS«7, tbe iilanda were TJsted 
by a fearful huiricace, which wu most deatrnc- 
Uts to life and property. Sir Atthar Bnmbald's 
acconnt 15 as follows ; — 

"The >tocm tasted bom eleven ajo. to three 
p.m., but the greatest force was from twelve to 
Lwo. In that brief epace of time, two-tbirds of 
the miserable tenemeDts of the town were blown 
down. The gao! is dostrojod, the oliurcb, the 
liospital, jUBT, BChool-hauae, Weslsyan Chapel, 

^ , usr, school. 

and Poor-nouBe are also duetroyed, 

dwelling luiroofed and rendered an inhabits bla. 

"The h>aa of life caonot u yet be correctly 
ascertained. I hare, however, bean oCBcially in- 
formed of above twelve deaths in tbe town, two 
at Peter's Island, two at West End; whils I 

. . _ is hift standing. 

" All was brt^t and verdant, the withering 
blast has passed over it, and not a frait w other 
tree remaina. The works of the fcw xemaining 
estates are all totally destroyed." 

The islands also suffered severely, bat not to so 
fiGot an sitent, in the huriiauie of Auj^ost, 16TL 

1864 a,110 2,070 

1S65 1,893 LSSl 

1866 1,996 1,906 

US7 &,0SO .8,280 

1868 2,879 3,08« 

1889 1,666 1,869 

1870 2,068 l,9fi8 

1871 3,178 2JL7 
1871 l,6Sft 1,681 
187* 1,464 1,SD7 
1874 1,769 1,087 
1876 2,049 2,083 
1S77 1,SM 1,829 
1878 1,542 1,196 
1679 1588 1,501 


Whits. ColouMd. Black. Total 

Vahe oflaportt aad S^ortt. 




1667 11,062 
1868 »,S91 

1668 6,120 
1870 4,426 
1S71 . 4^84 
1872 4,606 
187S 2,£18 






The QovBnMH-. 
The Colonial Boeretary. 
T%B Attorney OeneraL 
The Auditor OeneraL 
The Freaident 
F. A. Pii^eriw. 
C. CraudalL 

Legid^ite Couneit. 


£. Faixiogton. 
A. UaCUeverty. 

Prmdml aad Ctlemiai Tnamtrer, 3. enener- 

Churchill, WOL 
ProBo^Mardul, AspiCrw of Deait, ami Ckri (e 

Mmlratet, □. Ctaudall, IMf. 
aab-f^mamrtr, 1. King, 40f. 
OohnalBurgtaumdOorrmer, J. Foreniaa^tOU. 
Citrt n Trmtary ami LaitdHig tVaHtr, Fntekk 

Aognanu Piokeiiug, 60/. 


I^nd, situate la tlie «ODtKe of 
tbe Canibean Sea, betwsm 16° 2U' and Ifr" 46' N. 
m^ and 61° 18' and 61° 60' W. long. ; 29 ndles 
long and 16 broad ; vtry mouutaioonB and pictn^- 
saqoe; wa« tttsooverad by CIvlHtopker Cidombne, 
— Sunday (hence its Dame), the 3rd KoTembar, 
'* -- Us aasond voyage, 

■midry Idaoda in tbe Carhbean Hea to the Earl tl 
OarUde, by a pMeot, dated 2ud Jnne, 1627 : bat 
■afval atlempla to bring the plane uiKler eobjeo- 
tioQ to Ihe EngUah prorod abortive. Bt tbe trwiy 
algwd at Aiz4a-01^>el1e, iu 174», it wie Blipulatod 
betwen lb fingliahand French that Dominica and 
•oma olbsr islaods shoold remain neolral, and that 
Ike crlgiiial prajrielon, the Caribs, shoold be le 



« that Dominica w 

Ha A- 

dsnqyrf „ 

By the ninth article of the peace, aigned at Paris 
IctwBSP '-r'*"'^ and Fnnee in 1786, - Itominica 
was asBpied to Oraat Britain. CommissioDaFB 
ipsra asnt out f or ths purpoM of surveying and 
MUfag tfae eifttiTBt^le bcdg, which yielded to the 
B^tlsh Crown the aam of 312,092/. lli. Id. aterHng 
The French setders were peneroualy Hocurad £i 
thsir pnsssnrinnn. on condition of taloag ttie eotb 
of ■llnj.liiinti and paying a eduU quit Tent. Da- 
minica at this time formed one of a Gansnl 
Government, compriaing, beEidce Grenada aud the 
Qreoadinee, St. Vinoeni and Tobago. 

In 1771, the island was constituted a aeparate 
Goveramsot under the admin [stratioa ei Sir Wm. 
Young. BacL 

On the 21d Jane, 1776, the Boyil Pruclamatloii 
was iaaaed, BzJDg a qualiUcation for tandidales 
and eleotont for the Eouse (4 AanemhlT, end regu- 
lating thspioceedingaatalaotlons, nUcth is still In 

In 1771, Sie FrencK attacted by the icrtjlity of 
ths place, and invited ow from Mirtiniqiie by 
»ma of tbefr conntiyiDon, prepared a military 
and naval armament againit the island, rnndar the 
Uuqui* te Jk>uilll, UcTenur of Uartiniqnei and 


rv of tlie Uland on the 7th of S«p(eni' 
□bsdnala retoittiuioe. MsrqnJa Dn- 

Ml and tyr---^ -' -"— '-'■ 

; trads lailiM 

ber, aflor s 

as Oovernor 

In 1783, tho island 
English, and Sir John 

another inTosion of tho ii 

attempted u 

the FroDch Republican Chief, wb 
(orced tho British troopB to evaoi 
Tha bravo and well-directed r 

of Vi. 


In 1803, now the most renurkablo epoch used 
in the fflUcd for markiDg the time of events^ 
and vhich goes bv the name of La Grange (tho 
name uf the inTadme Genernl}, the French again 
landed at each Sauk of Koeeau. Tho regular 
troops and the militia fought gnllanlly, but onfor- 
toualelj BoBeau, the capilal, was set on ftre 
accidentally, and nss ubUged to cnpitnlate, paying 
the enemy IS.OOOf. to quit; nOiilst the Governor, 
Sir Goorge Prevont, and the troops (regnlar and 
militia) proceeded across the island to the superior 
position of Prince Ruperts, milking ready for battle, 
sbontd they be attacked. Since this period thr 
island has not known war. 

The extent of the island is estimated at IBG.tSfi 
aeree. It abounde in rivers and rivolets, well 
stocked with flati, and tliere is abundance of gams 
in the island. 

The Local Government is administered by a 
President, aided by an Executive Council of suvsu 
members. In 1865. during tlio temporary adminis- 
tration of Mr. (now Sir) W. G. F. RobinBon,now Go- 
vernor of the Straits fieltloments, the Legislative 
Assembly was reduced, by an Act of the Local 
Legi^atore, from 9 nominated and 19 elected mem- 
bers, to 7 nominated and T elected membera. Tho 
OTCsidont preaideH over the deliberationa of this 
body, and eierciseii a casting vote in the House, 
and a deliberative as well as a casting voteinCom- 

The qual£cation for the represonlative of a pniiah 
is 50 acres of land, and for a representative of the 
■ — n of Koaean or I'orlHnoutli. 60 acres of land. 

a maSBUage in t 

«nted at m. pei 

Electors for a parisli Tannt possen 10 acres in 
the parish, or house or building to bo rented at 
V. par annum. For the tonus of Robmu and 
Portsmouth, a house or building in tbe town worth 
18^ per annum, i>r H. per annum for life out of and 
cbai^d on lands or teuemenls. 

The olectod members of the Dominica Asaonbly 
Bend two members to tiie General Legialatnre of 
the Leeward Islandu. 

RevtHut and Krpeitditure. 





































PtAKe Dfbt o/Demniea. 

Water Worts Loan, 5,900t 

yata Loan, l,ODOf. 

Pimiialion in 1871. 

Valite of Import! and Eajmrlt. 




62,552 62,020 

66,714 67,719 

62,811 7l>,769 

67,657 76,661 

65,760 84,705 

67,602 78,667 

f^xaiHiv Council. 
Tho GoTonior. 
The Colonial Secretary. 
Tho Attorney-GenenJ. 
The Auditor Qeneral. 
The President. 
W. Mclntyre. 
G. L. BeUot. 
Alor. Frasor. 
P. J. Larocqu^. 

Legi4lati^ Atteaiilji. 

Vroan NomtHeet. 
E. D. Baynos. 
P. Harris. 
Edward Uaynes. 
R. H. A. Dyett. 
K A. Fame, Esq. 
0.0. Bogle. 
Q. B. Blauc, Esq. 
Clerk, J. Beiguoret, lOOi. 

Eledin Hfrmim. 
A. C. Potter, Esq. 
J. Bellot, Esq. 
C. Beaurisseau, Eai. 
L. A. Qiraud, Ebq. 
John Bellot, Esq. 

Gril Etiablukmml. 

IX O^r, J. Hurrain, ISOf. 

ind „ W. W. Trail, IBOt 

Bnl „ 0. R. Lander, 150/. 

4U ,, N. Lockhart UOL 
Revenue Officer, Porimvmtk, C. Winston, 601. 
Exat OffictTt, C a. Lockhart, fees. 

C. Fadelle, ditto. 
Sartour-Sfailer, J. Green, 45/. 
Poetmatter, H. A. Seignoret, 100/. 
Ctirii Eagtaeer and Iiupeclor of Jtoadt, Q. B. Blanc, 


r, 125/. 

NiohoIls,Ti _ 
Who, JXtricI ffo. 1, N.W. Eeelan, M.B.C.8., SOW. 
Ditto, Dutriet No. 2, Q. O. Elliott, 2001. 
Ditto, ditto ^\v.^.„, (300t 
Ditto, dm i.)^""* is50t 
J. Q.Wimam«,actIi^. 


Dittrlet E, C. C, Boyle, 270/. 
„ P, E. A. F«ill«, 270/. 
„ G, J. W. ElUott, 270L 

about 180 from the aeareat point of tho jnainLuid 
of AfricB. Villelts, its port and capital, is in 
&s,° 6V N, !■(., and 14= 31' E. long. Tlio length 
of Hklta 1b ■bont 17 miles, by « mflsB in bnadth ; 
its area i» abont 96 sciimra miles ; that of Qoso 

Of Che ialutds of Ifaltu, Oozo, and Coimno men- 
[ion ia mada at very early date. They were 
under tha domioion of the Carthaginiana, from 
whom they were tatco in the first Funio War by 
the Roming. On the decline of the Roman Bm- 
Iiire, Ualta foil tc the Goths, and then lo the Sara- 
cens, who were eipellod by Count Roger the 
Norman. It was under the dominion of the House 
of Aiagon from 1190 until early in the eixtoenth 
cantnry, when it was granted by the Roman Emperor 
Charles V. to the Ordnr of the KniRhta of Bt. John, 
by whom it -n-as held for more than two eonlnries. 

On the 131hJaly,17»8,Ualtacapitulated to Na- 
poleon Bonaparte. The Maltose rose, however, 
against tbeir conquerors, aud drove them Co take 
refuge in tha towns, where they closely blockaded 
them for two years. The Prencli, rednoed to ei- 
tremitiea, Burrendered, and Ualta wa« taken possas- 
Blon of by Oreat Britain ISDO, and fin^ annexed 
to the Britiah Grown by the Treaty of Paria 1814. 

The climate of Malta is Bomflwhat peculiar. The 
heat there almoat equals thaC eiperienoed in the 
tropica, and lute not only during the day, but con- 
tinues almost without abatament through the niglit. 
Tbls oontinuouB heat for soma months of the year 
produces a fsoiing amongst the residents of lassi- 
tude and oppreaaion. The tniLviTniiiii tempCTatura 
during the three coldest months (DeceaQmr, Ja- 
nuary, Pabrnary) is 61|° Fahr., and the minimum 
oBl" i bul during the four hottest months (June, 
July, August, and Boptomber) the Tna.Tim iiTn ia 
82^° Pahr., sad the miaimom 73i=. The well- 
known "floirocoo" is ■ very disi^reeable wind, 
blowing from the south-east ; it is pajticDlarlY pre- 
valeot fn the anlnma of the year. 

The island is highly cultivated; its principal 
prodneta are cotton and corn ; the vine has been 
grown, and oranges and flga are abundauu 

During the year 1874, the groat work begun by 
the late Sir Qaspard Le Marchant, namrfy, the 
eilonaon of Malta Great Harbour, was finally 
completed, and the French Cra^ liacded ov^ 
to the Aibiiralty authorities, whilst the merchant 
flhlppiu; was moved into the ne wly-eitendsd watws 

Halta is oonnectad with the undermenUtHied 
ports as follows :-- 

Oibraltar and England by the P. ft 0. steanurs, 
onco a week. 

Bidly and Italy by Florio's steamers, thcao times 
a week, and by the TrausathintiquB steamers twice 

th oi 

Fort Said i>7 Um P. ft O. slewierB, once • vraek. 

Alexandria by tha French steamers, twice a 
month (say Sth and 25th of each month). 
_ Cyprus bv the F. & 0. fltoamara, once a week. 

. by tha TransaChuitiqus 

Tripoli By the Ottoman eteamer "Trabolna 
Garb," say once a week, by Messrs. Kubattino'a 
steanisrs once ■ week, and by the TraiiBathuiCiqao 

The Oovemment is admiuistered by a Qovornor, 
who is assisted by a Council of Government, con- 
stituted by Letters Patent of llthMay, 1849, con- 
sisting of 18 members, 10 oiScial, and 8 elected, 
who are rotamed by about 2,700 electoca. An in- 
come of 8/. from immovable properly, or payment 
4/. per annum, and a knowledge of 

English or Italian, qualiSea , 
Council, unlsss soouer dissolved. 
The Oovemor presides at meeting 


are the Cusloms 

duties, uh 

oily levied on grain. 

The tax on wheal 

is lOi. a quarter. 

Eetauuaad ExptnJUan. 

































7%a Pcpi^tttioaof Holla and GozomVic YtarWJ» 

Hales. Females. TotaL 

76,959 77,289 161,198 

(Ezolnsive of British troops and their (amiliea). 

Total Valut oj ImpaiUaad Eaportt. 





































The balk of the figures given above conaiits n 
tha value of cargoes which tonchad at Ibo Fort a 
UalCa, and procoBded in the same bottoou. 

1813 Lient-Qeueral the Hon. &ii Tbomai Main- 

1S24 Prancis, Marquis of Hastinga. 

1826 Majoc-Ueneral Sir P. C. Fonsonby (Lieu' - 

1836 Major-Goneral Sir H. P. Bouvorlo, 

1843 Lieutanant-OeQeral Sir P. atuart ' 

1847 Right Hon. R. More O'Perrall: 

IWl Uajor-Qenerta Sir W. Beid. 

lS6g LiaaL-Geiianl Bir J. Onifri Le Uarclujit < 
1864 LiouL Gen. Sir H. Slorfcg, .O.O.B., G.C.M,G. 
1867 Gbd. Sir Tatrick Grant, G.C.R, G.G.M.O. 
1872 Gen. Sir Ch^loa T. Vm Strauiwniee, G.C.B. 
1876 Qw. Sir Aithur Bortoo, G.C.U.Q., E.C.B. 

Council o/ Govenmmt, 
7^ Senior Officer ih ConHnandf tbe Hod. H»jor- 

Genea^ P.B. B. FeUding, O.B. 
dnef Senntary to Gtnmtmtnl, Sir Victor Honlton, 

G.CJ1.G^ U.A. 
CroBH Adeocaif, Guiseppe Carboae, LL.D. 
Axditor-Gmer^ aui jkridor of ConirtKU, F. F. 

CoUtOoT ofCialam*, P. V. Inglott, C.M.G. 
AntriKtimbit of Ue Porft, Captain O. W. L. Cut-, 

Con^trolkr of CharUable IfutOutiaiu, G. MooreaL 

DiredOT of Kdacatvm, 8. Savona. 

Awn'iwr Cawral, A . Sdoitino. 

A. Saudi. LL.D. ) 

P. Miffliid, LL.D. 

S. C*c1iia Zammit. 

Hbt. Caoon E. M. Debono, DD, I, pi_j^ 

P. 8. De Ceaae. f *-*««*>■ 

G. Sdortino, LL.D, 


P. Mirri, LL.D. J 

CUrk to the Coaoctl, P. Vellb 

Aiadanl ditto (vneaut). 

GoBfTHor, Gen. Bir Arthur BortoE, O.O.M.G., 

K.C.B., i.MtH., and 5001. table allowuice u 

Commander of tiha Troopn. 
Aide-df-Canp to the Goetmar, 

17SL 17.. 6d. {v«canl> 

Ciiff Secrrlary't Office. 
ChUf SecrtloTv to Gorrmmait, Bir Victor Honlton, 

G.C.M.O., d.A.. l,SO(K.,ol«hichBO(M.liperaoual 

to tho preMnt holdf^r. 
Aaulanl Statlars and CUri to He CmbkU, F. Veil*, 

Fim Clou Clerki, E. do Potri, > ion; .„ oyu 
P. Muair, ; ^*"- " ^^■ 

Second CTo« Cltrt, W. Caaolani, ISOI. to 180t 
FoBTih Clan CUrk, P. F. Bellanti, 60/. to 80/. 
Crown Adroeatt, GiuBeppe Carlioae, LL.D., 6001. 
Adrocale tor the. Poor, Puquale Frenito AEopardi, 

LIJ),, low: 

Audit and Contract Office. 
Avditor-Oaund and Director of Coatradt, Fred. 

P. Hoare, 500i. 
Fir^ aan CTfrt, C. Rapinot, 190(. to 260i. 
Second Claa Clrrk, Q. Grech, 180(. lo 181M. 
T'Ai'n/ CToM Cfcntfc V. Lapira, \a^ inl90( 

O. Xarri De«ro. ^^-^ *='"' 

Ctalam Home. 
Colkelar of Cielome, P. V. Inglott, C.M.O., BOOL 
FiT$t Clou Clerk, G. Dslmas, lUOt to g»t 
Second Clou Clerki, 0. Bonaria, > („ ion? 

Founh Clou Clerk, O. Curmi, 60(. to 80i. 
Bead atorekaper, Q. BoneUo, IbOi. 

Iteceiver GtneraTi Offioe. 

Heceirer Gateral. A. Soiortino, MOI. 

Deputy Prceiper General Jar Goto, alto Deputy 
CamptrolUr of Charitable In$titutient, and Dqnit!/ 
Commiaars of the Montt (vwant). 2501. 

Pint Claa Clerii, R. BalU, 

Third Clou Clerk,, 6. G, 

Q. Casolani, -\ 

A. Francics, l^n 

A. Canuina, (^ 

-Dingli, ) 

PMic Worki D^MrtmenL 
Hi, B. L. GaU«a, 30M. 
fSrtt dan Clerk, G. Darmanio, 1901. to 260<. 
Second CUta Clerk. E. Trapani, 130/. to 1801 
Zoad Swtj/ori .- — 

Franiaiaco HicaDef , 120J. 
Giuseppe Cacbia Caruana, lOW. 
Astoniu Gijuiiiua, 90L 
V. Fenoeli, 70i 
Attiitant Laid Sareegor and Droagktttmu, U 

BmutliL 70i. 
Clerk of Workt, W. PanlBon, SOO/. 
Siaerintendmi of PiMc Gardeni, H £. Bnunli^ 

Port Department, 
of Ike Pom, Captain G. W. L. 
Can, B.N., 300J., and fMs about 9aL 
mlatit ditto, F. Uamo, 2m., and fees. 
Pint Clatt Clerk, Q. Borg, 190i. to 2Mt 
Seamd Claa Clerk, A. Gurmani, litOiL to ISOl. 
TUrd Clati Clerk, £. Casolani, 90J. to 120^ 
Clmritable Imlilulioni Department. 
ComflnOtr of CiaritiAle ImtituHom, G. Hodtm], 

Pint Clou Cterk, J. Trapani, 1901. to 3301. 
Steati Clou Clerk, R. ICoJlef, 180/. to 1801. 

PmbaUonars Otrk, P. V. Vellm, 76L 

Senior Platician, Central Hoipital, G. O. Galea, 

Senior Surgeon and Accoaciear, Salruloie L. Plaoni, 

UD., IftV. 
Baideat Jvmar i^ndiis, Guieeppe !Diereb, UJ}., 

Ruufanf Snior Surgeon, G. Tab 


Ptnidttit Junior Suri/eon, T. Bonnid, M.D., 70t 
SuperiiUendeRt, of Hotiiilal of SoMo Spinto, G. L. 

Supmiftendent qf Oepiaoat Floriaiia, S. Bw^,D.U., 

Simerintendenl ofllomilal of IiicuraiUt, G. P. Por- 

lelb, M.D., 901. 
Visiting Pkyncitin and Surgeon, Lunatic AjuIubi. 

G. O. Gslea, M.D., iU. 
Sttperintendeni of Lunatic Aiytum (acting), A. Gnlia, 

M.D., 100/. 
Atiiitanl ditto, P. Xiiercb, U.D., 70/. 
Male Superintendent of Orphan Atiilum,G. iM BlMa, 

Female Suprrinlemlent of Orphnn Atjfitai, The 

Mother STiperior of tlio Siatern of iSumty, 76/. 
Matron of Magdalen An/lum, A SiHtcir of CHarily, 

Smerintendent of /foipital and Omiiie of Gam, L. 

Portelli, M.D., 00/. 


r A. DtogB, 

di^Jattiet tifMaUa md PraidaU of tie Court oj 
Afpeal, Sir A. Dingti, O.C.H.O., C.B- LLJ>^ 
eiilL, of which 60L peraoniL 
■Judgai, Hiz 8. Nkudi, El, LhJt^ 600L 
L. 2nereb, LLJ)., fiOOi. 
P. Veil*, LL.D., soot 
Filippo FuUJoino, LL.D., 600L 
G. Qaaui, LL-D., 6001. 
Prfidmt of iJkt Comt of Apftai, 

a.CJLQ., C.B., LL.D. 
Jadga, Sir 8. Naudi, Kt., LL.D. 
L. Xoareb, LL.D. 
~ tl (XbH Vouri, 
i. GmKo, LL.D. 
Saamd Baii, h. Xuenb, LL.D. 
Jidfaa <(/ t*e CoamemiiU Court, P. Vb11« LL J). 
Jikb* oJ tie Ormmml Court, V. VeU&, LL.D. 
Stgutrar of tie Stferier Oourtt, G. Xosrab, BOOI. 
JD^iUg SegMrarw ;~ 

G. da Doueiiica, MoUiy, 200L to iM. 
H. L« Bom, Notv7, tWM. t<>a60I. 

F. Sdordno, LL.D^ ISOl. to 160L 
AmiMlmt StgMrar, R Hiuckt, tSOL to IMJL 

G. Puik, eoi 

p. BOTK, aU. 

MagiMnia ofJudieial Fmlieejhr HaHa ;— 
P. F»lw>D, 1L.D., awt 

F. Hizxi, LL.D., SIOJ: 

G. Kapinet, LL.D., 320^1 
G. Cunilleri, LL.D., 2S0I. 
O. MioOlef, L1.D., 2001. 

Stgutrarqflii CieaBrmek, T. Face, 190J. to S60i. 
RtgiitTtxT a/lie Criiniaal Branch, A. Viuallo, IHU. 

AnUtoHt Retpttrar, R LMnardiai, SU to 124ML 
JVarNba^. A. Picoiniiu), bbl 

Magitmla of tie lilmd o/Goui, Oioi. Xaanb, SM. 
P. CiWDDiia, L.LD., iHOL 
V. p. Hioallef , LL.D., IM. 
or, V. labono, 1204 

PtAlic ICegUlry. 

Direelor qf PuNic Begulrs mid Xe^tr o/GoemattKl 

.JrcbW F. S. CuBillor^ Kotuy, 190^ and lew. 

Auiilaiit £lto, 

Seamd Claa On-b.— 

F, Cilik, Notary, 

G. Gora, Notary, 
0. Curmi Vella, L' 
A. C. Brith, LL.D 

Ouflain U> Gomrmenl, Boy. E. Hardy, 4501. 

DirtOoT of Education, S. Uaron*, 6(HK 

Pro/eaon in Us «a^ (7«wrafjr. 
lya/Hnno/neolDm, Yerj Sot. Oaiuai Uraogaoi 
P. B, FaiTQgift, D.D., IOOJ: 

£fiL.D., ^' 
LL.D, ) 


Bov. S, Carnana, D.D., lOOt 
£<» (vacant), 2D0J. 
Namrai Law, <fc N. Cm 


Medieim, G. O. GalM>, ILD, ISOl. 
'Surgety, 8. Piaaiii, MJ3., 801. 
JiKKniuoRdi/i^^W U. HdloD,U.D.,8Dl. 
ifAfan^ry, O. B. SuhemM, H.D., SOJL 
(Ar«u(n, V. HiciUaf, H.D., 801. 
.\altrral Hulary, O. Qolia, HJ>., 801. 
£a<ia Liltraltirt, Bar. Cbiwb A; AlbaiMM, 

D.D., loot 
Jlaliut IMmtmv, O. Om1w>, lOOt 

PhJ)., CB., laot 
Logic, A. Zuomit, H.D. 
Polilical BeoHomji (vacant). 
Ptiilie LOrariit. 
A. A. UarMiA, LL.D, SOOiL 
Police Department. 
SmtHmlmiiKt of Police, Colonel Attilio 

Anutaat SUo, U. R Oannuia, 6001. 
Pint Clou Clerti! 

r Claa Cleki, L. Cappelle, ISOf. to 180(. 
^dwfKnf of Marine Police BraiuA, P. Vella, 16011 

r .__ ^ ^__.. J20t 


In^aOon, Antonio Oalleja, 1201. 

Carlo Muscat, llUt. 

F. Caochi, lOOi. 

A. Coznillori, 1001. 

P. Bcal^lo, eOl. 
(^uefPoHee Pkaiieuai and laaptelor of Ditptntariet, 
AnloDia Gblo, H.D., 20*1: 

Smerimlendrnt of Corradino PritOH, Malar L. 

lileasOD, 29M. 
Impnlor ofditte, F. P^Jam, LL.D., M7. 
Aniitaat aapcritOeHtliTU, K FHrruein, 80/. 

HentediPieta, ittciudiag Sanngi Smt 
a. Trapani, 260L 
fin* Clati Cirri, F. Giglio, 190?, to 25M. 
Fourth OoMi CUrkt, P. Monraal, I uaj .« onj 

R llliff, I ««. to sot 

Third aim CTn-t, L. Catro, 90(. to im 
FatrA Clam CUrk*. Q. EngUnd, "I 

RManara, J-eOttoSOt 
R Atlard, j 


An iBland in the Indian Ocean, between 67° IT' 
and 67° 46' E. long., and 19° 3K' and 30° BK' B. 
lat. ItlaaitDatCd at a diilanca of 115 miles from 
Bjonion, SIO miles from HevcbelleH, 1,800 milen 
(rom Natal, 2,000 mUes from Oape Coniario, 11,000 
ndles from En^iaod, 2^ from the Cape of Good 
Hope, and eOOlrom Madanocar. Mnnritiiu eom- 
priaesan aisa of about TlS Hinare miles. It ha« 
an oxtreme leOKth of ge miles Innn north to sontb, 
and an eMnma breadth of 28 mileii from east to west. 

The fcvmation of the Island is volcanic, and It is 
■omiaDded by reefs of coral. The mountain chaina 
avnraga a,000 feet In altitude, witli i>f«lcii rkring to 
nearly 2,700 foet. Borne of these, nuch u Pieter 
Both and the Ponoe, have fantastic ilupea, and 
have bean doBoibed as "fiDgerfpolntlugtoUeaven." 
Tbs higbBBt peak is tlie Piton de la Blvi^re- 
Noire, whicli in 2,711 EnRlish feet, but Pieter Both 
and the Ponce are only a few feet luirer. 'I'heisland 
ie nteicd bynoraeroiu streams, canimonlj flowing 
In deep raviii«e,with several flae ^'n^mdes; none of 
these rivisn are navlgahlo beyond a few hundrpd 
yards from the sea. 

This famoBS and beantiroT island, the tAlrer 
" Malta of the Indian Ocean " (hr it is culled by 
Thiers, i7i«otyo/ei4 Connialeand f:mpirr, booh M), 
' by tin Portnpnaso in 1607, bat the 



first p«ople th&t occupied it vcn the Datcb, in 1698, 
wlio named it MaurilinB, in hononr of llieir TriuPe 
llnuricB. The Dutch, howovor, thonph they bailt 
n furt at Gruad Port, do net appeir to have mado 
any punnaueat Bettlemeut, and they finnlly abati- 
di>neU the ieland in 1710. It was, in 1716, takuQ 
pa;iscRHion of by tlia French, at Iret, ou behall □[ 
the French Enat India Company, and nfterirardH, 
in 1767, on behalf oi the Crown of fc'mnco. The 
niMt celebrated nf tlio French Governors was 
Mah^deLabonrdonnmiB (1735—1746), " a man o( 
eminent talents and Tirtoos" (in tlio words of Lord 
Macaulay), who introduced the cultiTation of tlio 
Bogar-cnuf, and was tho real founder of the proa- 
iiority of tho island. 

Mauritius was during the earlier part oF the long 
war a Bource of (pflat miflcliiet to our merchant 
vessels and ludiamen, froia tho facility with which 
sortios might ho made from it upon our traders hy 
French men-of-war and priTatecru, The Britisli 
Govprmmint dolarmined on "~ i^'^ — '— !- ■ 

bytheTrmtyof Pari! 

Maurilias is divided into nino districts. Port 
Louis, Famplemousses. Uiviirc du Ilem]iart, Flacq, 
Grand Fort, Savanne, Moka, Plainos Wilhoms, ani! 
BUck River. 

The dig nfPori Louii is the capital, and scat o( 
GKVormuent, and contains, with its suburlw, a 
population of nearly 70,000 souls. The harbour is 
one of tho bent in the East It possonses threo 
graving docki. It is defended by Fort Adelaide 
(the citiidcl) and by Futt Gooree. Thorii nro larRB 
barracks and military utorcs. TThe annoal frado of 
Iho island (including hupnrts and oiports}, which 
passes almost entirely throueh I'ort Louis, is 
valued at about ti:£ millions steiliuR, ij,, it is 
equivalent to the entire trade of EaKlond in the 
reien of Queen Addc ; while tho annual pubhc 
revenue excceiis £700,000, i.e., it U eqnivaTont to 
the entire public rovouuo of England in Iho reign 
of diaries II. 

ConrfifWiiM.— Mauritius is a Crown colony ;_tha 
KOvernmeDt consisting of a Governor, who is aided 
in executive duties by an ExccuUve Council, aud a 
Logi^dative Council of Government, consisting of 
certain public officers and anofficialmeiubors nomi- 
nated by the Crown. 

./A5K'mfe'ieiM.--Tlio SoychelloB Islands, HodriguDs, 
Di^Cu Garcia, and about seventy other islands, scat- 
ton'd over > vast extent of the ladiaa Ocosn, and 
containing a total [wnnlatian of about lG,0001n)ial»- 
tsntfl, are dependencies ot Haurilins. Hodrjgne^ 
is situated abont iiOOniilen east of Haorilius. I tie 
•m miles in leDgth by 12 in breadth. It is culti- 
vated by colonists from Manritius. 

The Seychelles Islands are sitnatdd between the 
parallels of S. lat- 4° and 6° ; the Intal number of 
acres compriM>d iu this group 1860,120; tlie distance 
from Mauritius 940 miles. These islands are urn?— 
the superintendence of a Chief Civil CommisBioi 
(asslsbid by a Board of Commissioners) who 
appoioled by tlio Secretair of State, but Is ■ab' 

r of Manritios, from whom 

Ciimatt, ^.— From December io April is the 
hottest season oi the year in Mauritius, h"' " '- 

comparatively cool during the remainder 

Tear. The temperature iu the high lands in the 
interior of the islnnd is always lower hy several 
degrees than in the city of Port Louis and in the 
ccBst districts. Tho govenior, tho general com- 
manding the troops, and most of the oflldal and 
other principal inhabitants, now rumdc in tho 

:harniing climate of the npUnds. The mean tem- 
.lerature at Cnropipe, 1,800 feet at>ovo the sea, a 

Clacemnch resorted to of late years, and rapidly 
ecomiug a largo town, resembles that of the SouUi 
nf France. The hurricane season extends from 

days are at tho December solstice, and the shortest 
at the June sulstice, Thediffersnceof lime between 
Greenwich and Fort Louis is thres hours, forty-nine 
minutes, fltty-eight seconds, the latter in advanco 
of the former. 

Scfiiery, Field Sporli.^c — Tho famous talo of 
Patd and I 'irgiiiia, hy Bemardin do Bt Pierre, an 
Engineer officer in the service of France, who was 
stationed in tho island towards the close of the 
last century, scarcely Biajtgerates the pictoresque 

t century, a 

uuty of lar(, , 
tlie fonsts havD, however, been lelled to maJiO 
room for the cultivation of tlie sngar-cane, th» 
staple industry of the colony. In the remaining 
woods deer abound, anda^oru good sport; there aro 
also partridges, quails, horcn, and wild ducks la 
HOveral parts of the island. Tlie Botanical Gardens 
contain many rare and valuable plants and flowsra. 

AfiifKaM.—There are two lines of railway, tho 
North Lino and tho Midland. The former runs 
between Port Louis and Grand Hiver, B.B., a 
distance of Sfi miles ; tlie second line runs betweeti 
Port Louis and Hahobourg, a distance of 86) miles. 
with hranehcB to Savanne and Moka. Tlu) total 
number of miles of railway now open is 87. At 
Carepipe the olevation of tue railway is 1,822 fcot 

Telegraphic communication is established 
ttiroughoDt the island. 

fiAfliiCton. — The department of pnblic Instmction 
comprises two branches, the Bo^ College for 
higher education, and the Schools Deparljiient for 
primary education. The College is under the con- 
trol of a Hector, who is assisted by a staff of pro- 
fessors. Tho Schools Department is under the 
direction of a Superintendent, aided by two In- 

The Govenmient schools are supported by Iha 
State ; the grant schools only partially so. The 
following table shows the nnmorical strength of 


Grant schools 

I and mittreswa 


Of the pupils 7S percent, are professedly Boman 
Catholics, 8 per cent, belong to tlie Church of EiW- 

Sand, tho Ilindua number 
ahomedans 5 per con 
CLrren^. — All accu 

. „....- - „ , Into force on 


ifUtlarii C'mliibiilicn. — Hanritins pays p mazi- 
mnm of 45,0OOf. per annum to the Imperial Govern- 
ment as military oontribatinn, but this amount ia 
subject to reduction when tho garrison is below n 
fixed standard ; tlie sum paid in 1879 on aoconnt, 
amonnlod to £88,691/. 

Polirt^Tlm total police force On Slat December, 
1870, was 6i0. 

Sta Cemmniealioiw-A monthly aervica is CMrlcd 


OD by Ibe mail stsunera of tlie UsasagerieB Harf- 
tiiaes betweea ManritJuB uid UarMillGe, ui tiuez, 
touching at S^umim and Sejdielles. The sanw 
Company's sleamors leave Marseilles once a month 
for Mauritius. The pasaaKe to and fro ATeragoc 
26 days, but it is expected that it ivill be aoou con- 
siderably Bhorteneil. There ie frequent commoni- 
catiou by sailing Tsesela with India, Australia, 
Uadagaacar Katal, 4c There is also monthly 
communication with Englaad, n<t Natal and the 
Cape of Good Hope, by the steamers of Messrs. 
Donald Currie and Co., the passage to and fro from 
Uanritina 1« Limdon by this rente averaging about 
33 days. 


For Uu FtokA Crmcn (1767 la 1B10> 

M. Dumsa, Colonel, QoQTemenr QAi^ral des 
lies de Prance et de Bourbon . , 17 July 1767 

H.SCeinatler, Brigadier Q^o^ral, Commandant 
Gdn^nldea'deaillee 2!) Nov. 

Lo Chevalier Des Bocliea, Chef d'Bscadre, 
OoDvemeur Odn^ral des denx lies 7 June 17G9 

M. ateinaller,poriii<mm . . July to Nov. 

Le Chevalier d'Arzac de Tamay, Chef 
d'Escadre, Commandant O^n^ral des deux 
Uos 24 Aug. 1772 

Le Chevalier de Cuiran de la Brillaone, Chef 
d'Bscadre Commandant Qjn^al des deux 
lies 2 Dec. 

IiB Vicomte de Bonillac, Commandant Gdndral, 
par inleriaL i I'lle de FraoM . . 8 May 1779 

Le Vicomte de Bouillac, Commandaat G^H^riJ 
dss deux Islee 4 July ITSl 

Le Vicomte de Bonillac, Oonvemenr O^niiral 
des EstabllBBementB F[an9aJB k I'Est du Cap 
de Bonne Espdrancs 16 Feb. 17S6 

Le Chevalier deFreane, Colonel, Commaodant 
deB Des da France et de Bourbon, par 
inl^rim 5 April 1785 

Le Chevalier de Fleury, Colonel, Conuuanr^t 
dee lales de Frsjice et de Boorbon, nor 
interim 28Jino 1786 

Lb Vicomte de Sonillac Nov. 178S 

Lo Chevalier de Broiii d'EntrAcasteaox, Cap- 
taine de Vaisseau, Goaveraenr dee Isles de 
Prance et do Bonrbon 6 Nov. 1787 

Le Comte de Conway, Har^cbnl-de-Camj!^ 
Oonvemeui Odn^ral dea Etablissementa 
Franfais, k fEst du Cap de Boone Esp^r- 

anca 14 Nov. 1789 

M. David Charpentier do Cossiogy, Morrfchal- 

de-Camp, Gouvomeur G^n^ial dee Etablis- 

Bemeuts Francais, Ac, Ac ... 26 Aug. 1790 

Le Compte de Jjolartic, Llenlenant OrindraJ, 

Oonvemeur Gtfn^ral des EtabliEsements 

Fran^aie, 4o. 81 June 1792 

U. Hagallon I<amorli^ Ofo^ral de Division, 
Qonvemelv GAi^ral des denz Des, par 

Merin 29 Joly 1800 

M. CharleBDeca«n,a<n£ralde Division, Capi- 
taine G^irfral des ElabUssHnents Fraufaia 
k I'Est dg Cap de Boone Eep^rauce 2C Sept. 180S 

Oovenunfor Great Britabt. 

H. T. Farqnhar, Esq. S Dec. 1810 

Major-aenBral fi. Warda (actlngl . 9 Awil 1811 
R T. Farqnhar, Esq. 12 July 1811 

Uajcr-General J. Gage Hail . . . 19 Nov. 1817 
Colonel Dalrymplo, (.nctiug) . . . lU Dae. 1818 
Major-General fi. Darling (orfiH^) . 6 I'eb. 1819 
Bir R, T. Parquhar, Bart. . . . . G Jnlj IH20 
Uajor-Goneral »ir B. Darling (acfi'n^) 2U May 1823 

Sir G. Lowry Colo 12 June 1823 

Hon. Sir Charles Colville, K.G.C. , 17 Juno 1829 
Mai.-QBn.8irW.NiooIay,C.B,K.G.U. 31 Jan. 1830 
Colonel J. Power, R. A. fnedW) . . 20 Feb. 1840 
Sir liunel Smith, Bart. lCa£. . . lli July 1842 
Colonel W. Staveley (acling) ... 8 Jan. 1842 
LieoL-Col. Sir W, M. Gumm, K.C.B. 21 Nov. 18« 
Lieut.~CoL T. Blancharil (a<.1im) o May 1846 

Lient-Col. H. L. Sweeting (i^ctiug) . 21 May 1848 
Sir George W. Anderson, C.B. . . 8 June 1S49 
Major-Qon. W. Sntherlaad (.aclini/). 19 Oct. 1850 
James Macaulay Higgineon, Esq.. B. 8 Jau. 18^11 
Haiar-Qen.W. Sutherland (lufinn). 14April 1854 
Major-Gon. C. M. Hay (norinj) . . H An. 1855 
Sir J. M. Uigginaon^ K.C.B. ... 12 June 1856 
Major-Gen. C. M. Hay (nrfinn) , . II Sept. 1837 
Sir William Slevenson, JtO-M. . . 21 Sept 1807 
Major-Gen. M.C. Johnstone fortifw) 9 Jan. 1883 
Sir Henry BarMy, K.G.R .... 22 Aug. 18«8 
Brig.-Geo. E. B. Bmyth (actiiw) . 4 June 1870 

Hon. Sir A. H. Gordon, kC.M.G. . 21 Feb. 1871 
Major-Gen. E.S.Smytli(ac(iB«). . lU Aug. 1871 
Hon. Bir A H. Gordon, K.C.M.U. . 33 Sopt. 1871 
Edward Newton, Esq. (actiTis) . . 21 Oct. 1871 
Hon. Sir A. H. Gordon, K.C.M.G. , 28 Oct, 1872 
Edward Newt«n, Eeq. 
Hon. Sir A. H. Gordot 
Edward Newton, Ei 

K.C.S.L, C.B 21 Hot. 1874 

F.N»pierBroome;Esq.,C.M.G.Cae(rnj)81 Deo. 1878 
Sir G. F. Bowun, G.C.M.G. . . . 4 April 1870 



PtUie Dtbt, 700,0001. 




















Digitized ByGOOgle 

'-—"■ 1681. 

PonunDH (871. 





Femtla. Total. 




Total of EesiJent Pi^«- 

Uon . . . . . 

Military in Port Ltniis &nd 

Cre^rof ''Mercait.lo Ship^ 
pinB .... 





■ 1,169 



107,089 810,060 
M6 2,860 
isl* 1.069 






Total of Population 









Kttmaitd Pigmlaliim, txdimce of MiMtafy and Ski^jiiiis, 3Uf J> 

Genera] Fopnlolloii. 
Uale Female. 

6y,619 68^10 

60,ue3 63,890 

Indian Ft^nlatlon. 

Male. Fentalck TotaL 

l3l,04I 90,853 864,628 

160,867 92,629 367,889 

Slatemenl thowbig At Incrtatt and Dtenate fn Coolit Itmnigration tiace 1855. 

















Hd«.| Fen. 


3 "10 

I IB) 

4. MS 




' J 






















^ W. Murray, C B, 

F, Kapler Broonw, C.M.Q,, iioi/.-Cownior oniJ 

CWonia; Srcrrlary, 
£. U. Wood, IToeumr ttjid AdBOcat^Gtntrai. 
H. N. D. Bf jiB, ReceivtT.Genm^. 
Th. Elliott. ^wf^or-CsiflW. 
AcfiDf ^eci-ffai^, D. Stoait. 

Gcimeil of OoKranoiC 
Sir a«orge VergnBoa Bowen, G.C.M.G,, Gortmor. 
Kajor-Ganeral A, W. Mnrraj, C.B., CommaHAg 

F. Napier BrOome, O.ILQ., Liat^OoBenm- amd 
Cehnial Stcrttary. 

E. M. Wood, Procumr md Adtocate-OaumL 

H. N. D. Bayta, Sectiver-GmemL 

Th. Elliott, AadUor-aenertU. 

J. A. Clia^teaQiisnf , Coiltdor of Oiatom, 

in Norember, w 

le colon: 

■nd irenerBl mmanlHe tblppliig wtn ratnnDd togethtr. The Cnuiulti 1 
wit Diuallf DiBD/ Sbin Id Portt aor] Uiu ol IMl, In April, wbtn tlie mi 
nt (or Eha (ppurnt UailnDtJoii In ttis (blppICK ntsni, DotwiUutaaUsf the gi 

J. 0. IWy, PnteeM-of Iu mtg nwI U . 

If. Ootuutl, SarvryoT.GoKni. 

C. Antelme, C.M-Gl. L. L. lUooL 

P. H. Pilot. U. F. H. Ad«nu 

B. Stein. J- Fraaar. 

Sir V. N»z, K.C.M.G, E, loerj. 

N.S.— The MBmbera of the BieoutiTe Ooimcil 
and of ttie Coniicil of tiOTsnunaut hare tbs title of 
" Hononiftbla." 

Govrmar tmd Comiiumder-in-CM^, Sfr Oco^e 

Fbtkiuod Boweu, G.ti.H.a., Be. WfiOO. 

ii. M^er fiioooie, C.M.a. 

Catatial Secrttarg, T. Hapiei Bnwme, O.M-G., 

Ba. 18,600. 
AnulaU Colomal aeentary, H. Cockbnm Btewirt, 

/Ved. ffriffl-, Lord Westliory, Rs. 6,000. 
Okw/ Oeri, L. E. Schmidt, Ra ejWO. 
Rtrntfrar, Q. Lumeair, Re. 4,000. 

an-tTirS.VBrimoutOtt, Ke. 1,500 to 2,500; G. 
Crftiii,J.Macpher9on, Kb. 1,00010 l,BOO: F. Gib- 
son, E». 1,500 ; W. K»B, L. Pilot, W. Mclrrina, 
R. JohnBOD, Re M)D to 1,000. 

CoibkU BroMi, F. M. Mwiikion, He. 2,000 to 8,000. 
RecdBtT-Gaieraft Dtforbamt. 

Sieiivtr-Gemral, H. N. D. Bejta, lU. 12,000. 
Cencmi BnauA. 

Chief atrh, C. de Lerocho, Rb. *.000 to 6,000. 

AySffw, O. J. Avril, Ba. 1,600 to il,«>0. 
Recdpt Bnach. 

CoilTolUr, H. E. Picerd, Re. 3,1)00 to 4,00a 

Seaior Clerk, L. Duvei^^, Rs. 2,500 to 3,600. 

ft™™-, H. Ctrticr, Hb. 2,000 to 3,000. 

C'fcrtfc D. Bemlnaden, C. S. Pusqnot, D. C. Mele- 
»PI«, Be. 1,000 to 2,000 ; P. HarHson, E. Tons- 
eeuit, B. LBtoumour, Ra. 500 

Sig nii u M i er arg (j^ietr* la be Inm^fiirti ie otter 

H. O'Snghioe, K. Ghristin, H. de Qmje, 
E. Darrtiy, A, Joidony. A. Lfttafia, S. 
ringnat, B. PitobBu, Be. 1,60 to 3,600. 

AudiUrr-OaierriL Tb. Elllatt, Bs. 9,000. 
Chief Clerk. E. C. AbUbv, Hb. 4,000 to 6,000. 

iatn, P. D'UaienTille A. Cuoain, 

Cierki, J. BouD, S. StaoSey, B^e. 1,600 to 3,600; 
A. Bubier, Be. 1,000 to 1,500; Q. B», Ba. 600 

to 1,000. 



I o/ Sntnue, L. 8. B. da Vargtf, Re. 

lameelon of ReBenur, Re. 1 ,440. 

N. Lagesee, C de BoucherriUe, L. Sellce, 

F. Lebnton, G. LetouinBnr, W. B. Bftwetone. 

Pay and AecouHt Branck. 

Uead AaamUml, H. W. ChMtrBll, Be. 4,000 to 

6,000. _ 

Cfalroller, A. Berthelier, Rb. 8 000 to 4,000. 
Saaor Clerk, L. GaaiCB, Rs. 2,000 to 8,000. 
Jwmor CJn*, J. Beytiv Hb. 1,000 to !,000. 
CMa, E. Boen, 0, Sudape, Be. 600 to l,»Oa 

Samngt Smi. 
AtHiigCliiefaeTk, A. Ataot, Rs. 4,000 to 5,000. 
Clerkt, L. L Adirouben, Be. 3,000 to 8,000 ; W. L. 

Argont, Be. 1,000 to 2,000. 

IMiUmy BnuH*. 
aia*rMeitdttitt, A. 0. lUckvoodaiid C. Laimrthe, 

&. 8/100 to 4,0«i. 
TuMCton, He. 1,500 to ifiW. 

3. QnnI, F. Oollard, B. H&l, T. Lvoport, J. 
Battr, A. BIgaignoD, T. CoUard, J. Bertheliar, 

fHwecton, Be. 1,200 to 1,800. _ 

E. Uaxanbon, G. de Heland, A. aaiid,H. BnmNn, 
A. deBone. 

Clerki, L. C. de Malherbo, J. Lavere, Be. 

8,000 to 4,000. 
Clerkt, J. Connor, Rs. 2,000 to 8,000 ; L. Cm^, Be. 

1,500 to2,600; A. CbBeloauni^, J.Chaateetmenf, 

K Aubort. Rb. 600 to 1,000. 
Recttver, S. Dinnematin, Ka. 2,000, 
Landiaa Bunegor, Q. BradsliBW, Be. 4,000 to 6,000. 
SefiorLaavSiig Waiter, A. Letoomeur, Be. 2,600 to 

Landing Waiitn, 3. V. DaniBrUald, 8. GmTei, 

S. B^renger, J. BaVB, AdolpLe Davr^.Be. 2jD00 

to 3,000. 
Tide Burteyorr, T. Benjor and A. Liater, Be. 2,000 

to 2,600. 
Locker, G. Cooper, Be. IJWO to 2,000. 
Sloftke^fT, A.>ioiUe, Be. 1,600 to 2,000. 
AttiUml dMo, J. Gaastdy, Be. 1,000 to 1,600. 

Bariour Hatter rout ,^merinleiuienl i(f Senmilik 

Marine, Capt. Cnuford, R.N., Ra. 6,000. 
Atnttant Harbmir Mailer, T. G. Uoiuuiow, Ba. 

3,000 to 4,000. 
aerie, B. Jenkiua, Bs. 1,600 to 2,600. 
Depniy-iSuperiiiteiulrta of Menantiie Mariae, S. 

Cartito:, Be. 8,000 to 4,000. 

jforwjwr-OaieraPj D qia rim ml . 
Sunemr-General, M. Connal B& 9,700. 
E»gineer aivi ArckUeet, W. 1. Maun, Ba. 4,000 to 

AMlmt Enginefr aadArcluteet, A. Taodeniiaerich, 

Be. 4,000 to 6,000. 
Intpector of Woria, V. Barils, Rs. 2,000 to 8,000. 
IWilsMperawiftwrKn-, C. Maj*rB,Be. 1,000to 1,60CL 
DrangiUnum, A. Deacnbee, Be. 1,600 to 3,000. 
Chii/cierk,V. B. Hnlro.Be. 4J300 to fiOOtt 
Pag Clerk, 3. B. Bruce, Be. 3,600 to 8,000. 
Clerkt, E. Orftin, A. MariiTB, W. A, PockneH, E. 

Gaapard, Be. 1,000 to 1^00. 
gotier7mieHlSMrmr,G. Q. Keid,BB.4,0DO to 6,0(XL 
AMtittam ditto, S. B. Hobba, Ba. 8,000 to 4,000. 
.,4Muea>ilJ>nHaiUnnai>,F. Parsons, RB.I^to3,S00. 
Ckrk, L. Saminadan, Be. 1,000 to 1,600. 
Traiiang StirBti/or, 1. J. Doff. Rh. 1,000 to 1,600. 
Chief avretgor of Roadi, 0. HalL Be. 8,000 to 4.000. 
SuTBiwort o/Soadt, F, Parsons, T. Godley, J. Fiat, 

C. OUbert, Be. 1,500 to 2,600. 
DincW of Woodt KButFomt; JohtiHoma, Ra. 1,000. 
OwmHanofWoodtmdForeMjA. BnniBBB,Be.l,MO. 

S^pttnolon and Mortgage DtpartmaU. 
Hecdver of Rtgitlrcaioa Ihiit and Contnator oj 

MoTtgagtt, J. H. l^iuiiiaB, Rs. 10,000. 
Cmf Clerk, N. Leeage, Rs. 4,000 to 6,000. 
Senvrr CUrla, L. E. Dupoot, F. R D'EmnunreE, 

Ba. S,000 to 4,000. 
Vathitr, J. P. A . F. Mijrf™, Hs. 8,000 to 8,000. 
Attitt. £tto. C. «abiiiuii,BB. 600 to 1,000. 
Tnxing Cltrk, P. Ducuee, tte. 2fiOH to 8,000. 
VIerU, D. Fitchen, Sb. 2,000 to 3,000; U. St-JTsn, 

A. da Bouobervillo, A. Thatcher, Ba. 1,600 to 

3,600 1 E. MftDgoot, L. A. LahKUSM, C. Pitrel, 

W. Acton, S. Pllchau, A. Duvicier, Bs. 1,000 

to 1,600. 

Itamigraiion Drparimenl, 
Prouetor of ImndgnnU, J. G. DiJy, Ra. 10,000. 
C/UtfClrTk, L. MartiD, Kb. 4,000 to 6,000. 
huptcton of Inmigrantt, F. De la Maia, R«. 6,000, 

and CaplaiD G. CouUon CliUds. 
Mfdicat IntptdoT, R. S. Stoao, M.D.. Ra. 8,000. 
AammbaU, C. Hall, Rb. 2,000 lo 3,0UO. 
CuMtr, E. Courtoia, B«. 2,000 W 8,000. 
t7er-b, A. Conior, Ks. 1,600 to 2,600; H. Mmb<, 

R Jowpli, J. Vlibro, B. O'SugloTiB, J. M«Ia, 

O. CoonibeB, L. E. Barbaau, J. Cautfu, Be. 1,000 

to 1,600. 

Cieil Slatui Office. 
Regi^rar-Oaieral, J.B.KjBhe,F.S.8.,Ra. 7,000. 
(•octrmnna Statiitidan, J. F. Koleej, Kb. 4^ 

to 6,000. 
CUrtt, E. Bonton, A. Psul, T. Paton, Bs. 2,000 to 

8,000; C. Fapilloii, Rs. 1,600 to 2,600; O. Adrlen, 

J. Staodley, P. A. Nnyua, Bb. 1,000 to 1,600; 

RBattj,Rs. 600 to t.OUO. 

Pot Offitt. 
Coloraat Potl-miuirr nmJ SimmnUHdenl of 7>fc- 

jnipjb, T. H. Thom]ison, Kb. 6,000. 
refcjropS Iiupfctor. «. Watt, R«. 4,000. 
Simtrijitendtnt of Sorliag Sranck. L. O. Iloae, Be. 

liOO to 2,500. 
arrt,, C. Lennon, Rb. B,000 to 4,000; J. G. 

McGregor, Ha. 1,600 to 2,000; P. P. CharloB, 

B*. 1,000 to 1,600 i £. Robert, Rs. 600 (o 1,000. 

Cint Medical Drpartmeni. 
Ckitf ifrdieal Offierr, Dr. F. H. LotbH, R«. fi,000. 
Chief CUTk,7. A. Martin, Bs. 2,600 to 3,600. 
Cltrla, C. Batbfleld, Bb. 2,000; H. Martin, Bs. 

1,000 to 1,600; L. Dnciay , Rb. 600 to 1.000. 
BtaUk Officer, Dr. A. R. Bananl, Kb. 6,000. 
.VeJUafSlaniefper, C. H. Letornu, Bg. 2,000. 
VUiluig SurgeuH Civil HotpitaL Di. Poaitnet 

Rfl. 5,500. 
RaidaU ditto (vacuitY Bs. A.OQO. 
AHiitant ditto, E.O. Scutt, Bt. 1,500 to 2.000. 
/Vmou and Police Suri/eon, Dr. K Pellerean, Bi. 

Chemical AnalgieT, Dr. DavidGnn, Bs. 2,000. 
Siaavaendenl of Lunatic Atvlma, Dr. DaTJdsoii, 

Bo. 6,000. 
Jttdicai AttcHdaaU, Pamplemauia, Dr. Forder, 
Bb. 4,000. 
JliritTe da Remfori, Dr. D'Espauniet, Ba. 

flues. Dr. Monty Bs. 1,000. 
Grand Port, Dr. Vitry, Bs. 1,000. 

Vitry, Bs. 1,0( 
on, Bb. a,000. 

Moka, Dr. VinioD, Ba. 1,500. 

_ . ,iVrtZiniu,Dr.Dnboto,fec». 

Pampiemoiiua, Dra, E. Hsrsl and Ud&at, 

Siturre du Remparl, Dr. CEapalgnet, foca. 

t'lacq. Dr. Moulv.tces. 

Grand Port, Dr. Vitry, feea. 

Savaaae, Dr. G. A. L. A. DirdauDS, [ees. 

B^ick Ai'crr, Dr. Vaudagos, fees. 

QvanmliKe EelabUikmctUi. 

aieieard, Cannonitr Point, A Poopnet, Rs. 1,600. 
Oemtral Board of Health Office. 
. Dr. LoTSlI, Chii/Medical Officer. 
-Praideil, E. Leckzio. 

WarJn, P'irt timt, O. JenOOT, Bs. 7,000 

Samiarv Gvardiau*^^ 

F. J. HaU, Rs. 4.000 aad Ba. 3,000 slIoTvnnwt, 
M. BrawuriKg, ditto. 
A. Is Juge, ditto. 

Curator, A. Dsroty, Rs, B,B00. 

Roj/al Atfrtd ObecrwUorg. 
GovemmaU Ueleorotvgical Obieretr, Dr. C. Ueldnmi, 

Bb. 6,000. 
Aaielaat MOtorological Obiervtr, H. Bell. 


Cipil Commissirriai Department. 
Storekemer-Gattral, C. M. de Joni, Rg. 8,000. 
CU-fCterk, J. Angus, Rs. 3,600 to 4.600. 
Sloreixeper,'W. Bruce. Ha. 8,000 to 3,500. 
AmelanI diUo, J. Cowley, Kb. 2,000 to 2,600. 
Store AcommtoiK M. Tirselvon, Kb. 2,600 to 8,000. 

Slappita Clerk U. do Joui, Bs. 1,600. 
.Icrtij luaer, E. 6inique, Rs. 1,000. 
In CSarge of Foader ifajaiiae, LienL J. P. Cnig, 

R.A., bi. per dietn. 

Supreme Coart. 
Chief Judge, A. Q. Ellis, Bs. 17,600. 
Clerk, P. Aoaargi, Bs. 2,000 to 3,000. 
Fint P^dmt Jt^, E. F. J. Leekiio, Bs, 12,000. 
Clerk, a. B. DowsoD, Ba. 2,000 to 3,000. 
SecondPtdtne Judge, Audrew Hure, Ba. 12,000. 
Clerk, J. Bondeaui, Bs. 2.000 to 3,000. 
Mairr, V. Esnouf, Eh. 10,000. 
Sabititiite MaiH/T, J. A. Hntmrtaon. 
Chief Cbrh.'E. J, Ackroyd, Rs. 4,000 to 6,000. 
Cathierj I. Piairoui, Ra. 2,000 to S,000. 
Ckrk, J. B. Coombos, Bs. 2,000 to 3,000. 
SegiMrar, 0. D.-Emmrrez de ClianDoy, Ss. 8,109. 
Chief Clerk,!.. Isnard, Bs. 4.000 to 6,000. 
Clerkt, L. 0. Comiiminnd, Bb. iSm to 8,000; 
W. Bstbfleld, Rb. I,a00 to 2,600; F. Ganacband, 

Ba. 1,600 to 3,600: L. Collet; F. de Fivbcr- 

Tille, Bs. 600 to 1.000. 
Official Afignee, Court tf BanhngOiy, 1. Her* 

rhenroder, (eos. 



Viee-Adiiitral^ Court. 

A. G. ElUs. 

Ht^ttrar, U. A. Hitter. 
Queat'l Proctor, J. Bouoliet. 
J&ralo^ J. J. Brawn. 

I*reantitr~Gairrari Dejiarimerit. 

rrocurear md Advocate-Gaieral, E, U. Wood, 

Be. 18,500. 
Suiitiliae iStto, L. Gni, Kg. 7,200. 
CVtnm So&dtar, W. Qrecne, Rs. 1,000 to 6,000. 
CJ^rb, N. H*ll, Bs. 8,000 to 4,000; F. Poirier, B& 

1.60g ; A. de Baiie, Ks. 1,000 ; J. Horgui, H. 

VillsmoDt, Its. AOO. 
Intrrpr^itr, U. Ramdoas, "Ra. 1,S00 to !,G00. 
CunOoT ofliUaliae EMala, 3. 1. Brown, B& 8^. 
Clerk, E. Coortoia, Bs. £,£00. 

- i)ii<r>e< JUagi4irary. 
Ditrict Citrk, £. Doamirais, Rs. 3,000 to 4,000. 
Cfmti, H. Daniel, W. Brovnrigg, Bs. 1,000 to 1,500. 
iBltrpMrr, D. Dowsoa, Bs. 1 ,000 to lioo. 
Junior DMrict JUagiilratt, J. Kouillu'd, Hs. £,000. 
JoiiU Dutrict Clerk, H. Stfntquo, Kb. 3,000 to 4,000. 
^nifaiit Jiitlriet Citrk, II, Conwmy, Be. 1,000. 
Jnttr^flrr, SosTirordoo, Hb. 1,000 to 1,600. 

Bb. 7,000? • J- "■ 

J)iitTict Citrk, T. N. GmveB, Rs. 8,000 to 4,000. 
Miitrict CoiiitT, E. C. Dumfo, Ba. 2,000 to 8,000. 
Cleria, E. LsbordB, N. BiTiiro, Es. 1,000 to IJOO. 
DiHrid Mcmtmie, Grand Port, A. E. Sanonf, 

B«. 6,000. 
Dinriet Clerk. H. Bttubs, Rs. 8,000 to 4,000, 
Ditltirt CaJuer, E. Bnrosin, Hb. 2,000 to 8,000. 
Joint ClfTk,^. Coi, Ks. 1,500 to 2,500, 

It C'ltrk, L, BonSi.Rs. 
MagiOrale, P\ 

JwUyirt'Cfcri,J. fe.Boi 

Rl. 8,000 to 4^0. 

9Td, Bi. 6 

,000. - 

Dinria Cleri, L. Mpvot, Rs. B 000 to 4,000. 
Dittrkt CaihuT, A. Gonrrtge, Ba. 3,000 to 8,000. 
Ckrk, E. BernoD, lU. 1,600 to 2^. 
Di^nct MagiitTate. Flacq, L. O. Trouchflt, Ba. 5,000. 
i«i(rirf C&r*, H. Piat, Bb. 3,000 to 4,000. 
DiUxid Cathier, T. H»ddon, Bb. 2,000 lo 8,000. 
Jrant Clerk, B. QeUi, Re. 1,600 to 2,500. 
CUrt, L. diUua, Rb. 600 to 1,000. . 
Diitncl Magittratt, Saeiamr, C, Fu^ubarscn. 
Actiim JXHria Clerk T. Cannon, Ha. 8,000 to 4,000. 
KMtncl CoAier, A. Qufrin, Rs. 2,000 (a 8,000, 
Jant Clerk, 3. P. Brooks, Ra. 1,500 to 2,500. 
Clerit. 8. Barfoot, Bs. 1,000 to OOO. 
Dilnct Haiflttraie, Black «ieer,l. JoUiret, Be. 8,000. 
IfiHrict Citrk, R. Bonnemiiieon, Ba. S,DOO to 1,000. 
VMrict Caihier, T. Banner, Bb. 2,000 to 3,000. 
Cleri; E. Bernon, Bs. 1,000 to 1,000. 
DMncl JUagitlrate, Moka, £. Didlor ds Bt Arnand. 
JJitBvt Clerk, F. Mirtindale, Ba. 8,000 to 4,000. 
PUIrict CoMiier, H. G. de BauviUe, E«. 2,000 to 8,000. 
Clerk, E. Pauquj, fia. 1,600 to 2,400. 

PMea Ma^Mraef. 
Polite Jfuutrnte, T. JoUivet, Bi. 6,000. 
Joint Cterk, A. Marceau, Rs. 2,000 to 8,000 

Stipendiary Ma^ttnuy. 
^pea&anMagiHratr, Pari Jmiui, A, E. Xa KanM, 

Cfcrti, V. Bingmy, Es. 1,500 ; W. ABain, Ea. 600. 
Stipeiuhari/ MagiilTole, FanqJemoHMtut and SiiiiTe 

duSeii^ari,U. A. Bapliste, Ba. 6,000. 
Clerki, A. ds Lnchosnaye, F. CoquevaL Ba. l^OO 

to 2,600. "H -. r^ 

^^auUoTj/ llagittrate, tlacq, T, E. Dempalor, Be. 

Stipti>£ars Magistrate, Grand Fort and Sarame, 

R Swan, Bb. 5,000. 
ClerkM, J. Lynch, J. J-urlong, B». 1,500 to 2,600, 
Stmendiary MagiitTatt, Plaiatt Wiilamt and Moba, 

F. HodgBon, Ba. 6,000. 
Clerk, H. Plaagan, Ba. 1,600 lo 3,500. 

PoSce DtpaHment. 
Iniptclor- General, 'L\mii.-Co\. O'Brien, C.H.G„ Ba. 

Stgierintendent, 3. A. Spenter, Ba. 6,000. 
Ituprcton,!. H. SholUm, F. Timperley, F. Shep- 

pard, Bb. B.OOO; V. Ttbw, W. airdine, k 

SuHivan, J. Bowman, M. KansaJy, J. Bradsbaw, 

W. W. Wast, Ra. 2,000. 
Fay Clerk, A, Latouchc, Bb. 2 000 to 8,000, 
CIrrkt, F. Blatt«ry, Ba. 1,000 to 1,600 ; A. Pttcheit, 

Ba. 1,000. 

( of Priiont, Port Laid*, I 


Ba. 4,000. 

AiMKonl Gaoler, W. Fardey, Ea. 1,500 lo 2,600. 
Storekeeper, L. St. Joan, Bs. 1,000. 
Matron, Mrs. Wood, Rb. 1,000 to 1,600. 
Clerk, 3. Boncherat, Rs. 8 000. 
Gaoler, Bwipfenoujnr, P. Kelty, Bs. 1,600 to 2,600. 
Auittant diuo, W. Bpray, Es. 1,000 to 1,600. 
Gaoler, jaiHre da Rftapari, Ra. 1,500 to 

IJOO, "^ 

Auutant ditto, 3. Fnrrell Bs. 600 lo l.OOa 
Gaoler, Flacq, 3. Frond, Es. 1,000 to 1,600. 
AtMtanl ditto, A. FoonoOBamy, B«, 600 to 1,000. 
Gaoler, GnadPori, T. Keating, Ea. 1,000 to lioO. 
Aiiutata ditto, H. Oionhsm, R-. 600 lo 1,600. 
Gaoler, Satamie, 3. McVoay, Be. 1,000 to 1,600. 
Auiiianl ditto,V.'. DurosB, Bb. 600 to 1,000. 
Gaoler, Black iUvtr, H, Harding, Bs. 1,000 to 1,600. 
Gaoler, Flainei Williems, J. Bobs, Ba. 1,000 to IMO, 

'-'---" -■■ " sznie, Br. 600 to 1,000, 

B, Bb. 720, 

C. H. Grant, Rs. 2,000 lo 2,500. 


Ckarekqf England. 

BUhai oflfataititu, Elglit Rev. P. S, BotsJoh D.D. 

Rb.7,200. ' 

AnAdeaeon, Vea. A. D. Matthewa, MJ. 
Civil CAapi«n fia. 4,000. 

Cha^infoT lie French, Ear. A. lagier Es. 2,000. 

CinJ CAotIbb/ot 

Citnl Ciaplaiit for Vat 

A. Ajaf^iei, juf. d,1A>V. 
rg, E«v. *. Wright, 

Btach Rinrr, ^ Ten. A. 

Wiatnu,VaV. H. 

D. MBttaws, M.A., Ba. ^ 

/■mmient of St. T/iunint, Plainti 

D. Buawell, lis. 2,0OU. 
SI. John't, J/ojEo, Rev, Q. Canwntcr. 

Si. Banabai, Famienmuitei, Bov. A. 
Vaadia, Bb. 2,000. 

XoBKm OaOaSe CkarA 
Bbiep of PoH LmiU, Eight Hev. D. BdriBtrick, 

E«. 7i00. 

Vkar-aenenl, Very Rev. P. HftcdanAld, Be. 8,000. 

PrieiU, fievs. D. Curtln, J. I. Stuart, J. Beaud. 

P. Coi, W. 0. Furell, P. Bjtdb, P, MnTUe, B. 

Itarbec, E. Harel, A. R. C<^, 8. HuselU, Be. 

i,im MKh. 

AuiMM PriaU, Ron. T. Roy, B. Vervult, F. 
Haiwer, S. BotU, 8. Lebooabsr, L. Moore, 
K. 'nklloD, C. Hogtin, 6. Lemoine, H- Quyon, 
A. Nararre, B. Shore, (i. LRtoor, H. Tnippini, 
L. B. Dorbec, A. Baiter, A. PoL 
Ciwrch of ScoOaitd. 

mMen, EaVB. G. Mclrvioe, H«.4,000; J. J. Lo- 
brna, Bi. 2,000 ; S. H. AndwKia, Rs. 1^. 

Rogai CoBige. 
Sector, Alfrad Hesmrvy, M.A., Oion, Ba. 10,000. 
Semor Profitior, W. J. Anaarge,U.A.,Ba.G,O0O. 
Becretan, W. CBSsidy. Bb. 3,600. 
1« Cfas. Profaion,, C. BaiBBao, RA., Bo. 6,000 ; 

W. W. Hnmley, H.A., Cantab., Bo. 4,800, Q. 

Dick, Rs. 4,600. 
^ad Clof Pm/uiort. W. HobU, B«. 8,700; L. 

Thom^, D. ADderaon, Bb. 3,S00. 
ird Clan Profiaon, A. H. Poirier, B.A., Ba. 

8,000; F. O. FattanoD, Ra. 3,000; D. Pa^Uon, 

RA., LoDdoD, Ra. 3,600. 
i^Cbut Maitm,7. Andrrf, Ha. 2,100; H-Uutiu, 

Ba. ;j,IOO ; L. tavaz, Bb. S^OO. 
»rd Ciaa Matter, K Hullnrd, Be. 1,000. 
itoubnt ifoitir, J. Felix, Be. 600. 
ProJauoT oj Iliitd-a'aMt, HsT. W. Wright, Be. IfXXi. 
^ertSarf» AiaMnt, J. Armand, Ba. GOO. 
bMncUr of (iymi«atia,G. SvAsM, Ba. 1,000. 
U UAer, T. Cawidj, Ke. 8,000. 
Sad I/iisr, J. D. Broira, Bo. 2,500. 
Bo^ CoUtijt SctaoL 
Eeadmiater, R. Bell, Ba. S,000. 
IX Clan Matter, A. DupoBt, Aaajataot Head- 
master, Bm. 2,800. 
an! Ghu Matter*, G. ChapeTDn, Ba. 1,600; G. 

~ - ---); A,MaiitBl,Bs. 1,000! C. 

; E. CdUIub, Ba. 1,060 ; A. 

OanttD, Ra. 1,000. 
Temporary ^uutent Mailer, P. Banloox, Ba. SOO. 

Rogal CoBege Schooi, (Atr^iipe. 
2ikI Clou Profntar, A. Btandlej, Headmaatar, Ba 

Sri Clait Profaior, H. Magny, 8.000. 
Ije Clatt Matter, H. Cunningham, Bb. !,100; 

A. Bemon, Rb. 3,100 ; J. Beguiv, Ba. 2,100. 
^4 Clatt Matttr, J. L'Ktaug, Ba. 1,800; £. 

Bonnemalfton, Rs. 1,000. 
Drawins MaOu; A. de La Hc^ne, Ba. tOO. 
Vthtr, £. ITesBala, Rs. 1,000. 

OotortaiKiU BAoeb. 
aiaeriatenJe<U,J. C. Bronno.Ba. BftW. 
iupe<toTt^Scho^, W. H. Ashlsyjta. 4,000 to Ba. 

&000 ; B. Lassorre, Be. 2,000 te Ba. 8,00a 
Oa*, H. Foatar, Be. 2,000 to 8,000. 

Poor Line C«mut^at. 
■,E. Duc™y,B«.4iO0fc 

Board of Civil Qjuiwus fawan. 

OSdal MenAert.— 
Chiaf CammiBsu 
District Judge. 

Unoffeial tfem&en: — 
g. Rodool, £aq. 
0. Le Uarchand, Eaq. 

E. SerrcL Esq. 

Seertlan, F. Bertlus, Ba. 600. 

C^k/' (%nwuioMr, Captain T. BUmi Ba. 0,000, 

aod Ba. 1,B80 for offlca and boat aatabliabmepts. 

B et emui DqxirtBieat. 

CcihaBref D»e* and Taxet, H. W. Bstndge, Be. 

Auditor, F. Berthier, Rs. l.TaO. 
LamSng Santyor, Henry Treftarthen, Rb. 1,000. 
Siaerinlemkyit of IKttiiieria^ de., Jamaa Daiidaon 
K*. 1,000 (Bee Post Office). 

Dittriet J«^, H. E. DeBnuraie, Be. 6,000. 
Distncl Clerk, Richard Hjddleton Bennarda, Bs. 

2,000 to 3,000. 
AttitttKt Clark, A. de Chemont, Be. 1,000. 
Clerk, Raiilralim Office, Jamos Davidson, Ra. 600. 
UtiKTt, L. Loizeau and J. Dyer : paid by fees. 
OnlSlatmi Offatrw. 

Medical Department. 
GovtmnuKt Medical OJicer, Dr. Lepper, Ba. 4,000, 
AuiatoHt diifo, Dr. Tillemont, Ra. '^,000. 
DitpBuer, Public Bo^ilal,T. Paenin, Ha. 480. 

Ealeiiailleai Dgiartmenl. 
Cial ClKwIaiit, Bev. J f. Gnndjean, Ba. 8,000. 
AssHM Catkoiic PiietU, The Vaiy Bar. tbo Frdlel 
Apoatokique, Ba. 2,000 ; and tlio Be«. P. Marc, 

Pott Office. 
DemOs PottmaOer, Jamea DavidsoD, Ba. 1,000 (Ke 
Sevonae Dapartmant). 

/njHcftT o/" Immigraiilt, H, Leipdc, 
Fulice IJapartment). 

Intpeeter qfSiAoeti,F. Hodoul {actingj 

Police ttu/t Oaolt. 
Chief Officer of Police, H. Leipwo, Bs. L700, 
CoaJn-, C. Bivi^, Ra. 840. 
Matron, Mra. Blviira, Ba. 180. 

Smerintendem of Worht and Gooenmienl Srvnor, 
Jules CauTiD, Bs. 8,000. 

BMuyrars Secrelay, F. Bmhier. 

Bmnln/ BmM. 
Jfan(en,theXambsnot tbeBoanlot Chi] Oom- 

fTanorary aoortUirf, F. Berthkr. 

Digitized ByGOOgle 



ITertk cmd ScnUk MiUu aad JUHowKe, E. Collird, 

Bi. 1,000. 
iViuIiii, The AuoBUnt Medlc&I Offlcer (cz-ofBcIo). 

Potkt MagttraU, J. T. O'Haltorui, Ba. 4,000. 

Dttcmeiji end Earlg BiMory. 

Tba Cokny of Natal derivM its Mma from ths 

fMt of lU diMorarf by Vaaoo de Oua4, tha e^. 

bratad Portngmae utvigMor, on Ohriatoua^ay, 

1487. It lias on tba aouEh^ut cout of Africa, 

~ ■ of Good 

]( B^it bmidTwl milea from the Oapa < 
Hmie, ud batwean V9th uid Slat panOali of 
U. M. : it is bcmndad by the Tngalk aiid Umtatmm 
BivaiB, and by the Drikanabarg Uoiintaiiia. It 
connpr i — an aiaa of aboat thirtaeii railUcRii uid 
a buf of aareB, and bas a seaboard of one hundrod 
ftSd geranty nifles. Tha conutry is brokeo sod 
ro^ed, SDd tnnirit ia coneaquently diSealt 
and eostty. 'i'fae Ecenary In Natal in parta ie 
pjotvnwiDe in tha aitrsma; watsrfalls abound. 
Natal IB a nall-naterad ootmtir, no laaa tfaau 
Its diatinot riTsn nnDJng into the Indiu) Ocaau 
in the one hondrad and fitty railai of ooast Unfor- 
tonataly none of Uiem are naTlgal:^ 

From the diaoorery ol Natal by Vaaco de Qama, 
in 148T, but little is to be found leepeoting it nntll 
ises, whan a Dutch Teaaal wae wreeked in the Bay 
ol tfatal. Tba crew spent aome twalvii monthe 
there engagBd in bnilding a snail TSval froin the 
ir%Kra™^ of ^e wrack. Having aocomplfulffli] 
than' taak, tliey aailed lor tha (Jape, leaving behind 

it Farewell, of the Eoya] M»- 

rinea, baring iii the provicms yaar vititad Natal un 
.__!.._-_.. y^—gg andaavonrad to aolonlia It. 
•^•'-h Oovenunant dadiaad to noog- 
m his plana, be indneed aonie 
,- _ g indindnala to joiu Mm in tUs 

o- On their airiral tim- piaced ttaam- 

ealvea in relation with tha hii« of the coantry. 
Ohakn, a chial of the gnataat talent, vho had fnaed 
into a nation under hie own deapottc amy the 
varlona tribaa inhabiting a, Tsst tnet of mmtrr. 
Ea aanotioned tiie formation of a BBttkment by thie 
amall band of white man, whiah, bowwer, was 
farokan Dp at hie death, about fonr yssrs later. 

Tnwaniatheeloaeof the year U37 a targe body 
of Dntoh Boers from the Capa Coloay, taking 
offaoae at isctriotiDnB plaoed on tfeeu by the 
Britiali Qovsnuaent in regard to Kwlr aobnirad 
garrante, migtmted to NataL Uany of tliem warn 
treaebBronaly mnnlcred by Dingaok, Iban Snln 
eUef, tha murdBrer of, and ancoeaaor to Ua bnithar 
Ohaka. During the next two yeara the Zahu and 
the Boos waged war with Tsrions Hoovea ; bat In 
1880 the Dntoh obtained a daeiiiva viatory, and 
riaoad Paiula, an i^y U tMra, aod brotfaar of 
Dtagaan, on tba ZdId thnawt 

Owing cbisSy to thaae diaBu baaeaa, tlie Oover- 
wn of £e Ca]ia daoided to take miUliry 
of ttaa diibk», and aaM there - "-^ 
IrooBB for the purpoaa. Tbla 

MDt (1B40). Theae livopB came Into conision wHh 
the Diitoh Boars, were defeated by them, forced to 
entraaoh themBatves, and oompletely blockaded 
njltil the arrival of oonaiderabte reinforcements 
nnder OoloDol Cloete, with whom a jnnctian waa 
efteetad. Tbs Boere mbmitted, on tha 5th Jdy, to 
Cakoel Cloeto at Piatanxarititnirg. 


In 1&18 tha district of Natal was proolaimed by 
the Goveiiior of tha C^>a to ba a lititish Colony. 
In August, 1S45, Letters Patent ware tsasad, oon- 
Btitating tbe district a part of the Cape Culraiy. 
Ordinsuces were passed by tbe Ca{ie Le^palatare 
eatabUiiliiiig Bomau Dutch law, and providing tor 
the adniinuitiatioii of jsalioe. And m Navambat: 
of the same year other Latters Patent were passed 
making Natal a separate Government. A LisQ- 
tenaut-Govemor was appoiuted, aa wall as an Ezb- 
cutive Council created. The Lieatenant-GoTeragr 
was subordinate to tbe Governor of tbe Cape, and 
the LeKislatire Cooncil of the Cape ooDtuiuod to 
frame laws for Natal liU 1848, whan a Bep<Kat» 
Lwislativa Council was established. 

ia iljlje Natal wsa erected iato a disUnot and 
separate Colony, and from tliat tinw has not bean 
under tlui control of the aoreroor of the Cape. 
Its affairs are administered by a LieutSDan^ 
Goiernor, ssaisted by an Executive Cauoojl and a 
Legislative Council, composed originally of fonr 
offioisl members, viz., tbe Colonial yecrelary, Um- 
Treasurer, the Attorney-General, the lieeretarj 
for Native ASairs, and 1^ membaia alacted by tbe 
counties and borouRhs. 

Under the Suppbmentaiy Charter of December. 
18«9, two meniUrs of tba Legislative Ckiuncil ara 
elected members of the Executive Cauuoil, nhiist 
the number of oBcial numbers of tha Logieiative 
and Executive Councils was increasad to iivo by 
the admission of the Protector of Immigranttr 
for whom Uie Colonial Engineer baa been sub- 
stituted by additional letters patuot dated the 21»t 
of December, 1876. 

The elected members of Council hold Uieir seats 
for four years from date of election, nnlasB the 
Couuoil is dissolved bvthe QovomiB'. There aroU 
electoral districts, andpossesaiunaf property to the 
value of 5Df., or rents from property oj au annua 
Tsloo of IDJ^, entitles a oum to a vote ; tbe usual 
provisions respecting the disqualiliaalum of alieui, 
and otliers hold gowL No person oan ba elected 
a member of Council, oulass he ia a duly qualiSed 
and reKislered elector, uor unless he oball have baan 
invitud to become a caudjdste fur eisction by at 
least 10 electors of the county or borough which it 
ia proposed he shall represent : nor unlasa such 
requisitian shall have been transmitted to the 
Besident U^strate, at least fourieea days before 
the election. Tbe Haserved Civil List ia fixed at 
lO^DO;. under the Suppementary Charter of 1S7S. 

By Law No. 1 of 187S the numba- of t^i^ 
members of the Legialativa Coonoil was Increased 
la 6, and the number of elected manibers to U. 
By Aot No. 8 of iS75 tba number of oominatod 
members was incTMsad to IS, Including tin 6 

A'alJM Affiin. 
In antamn IBTS, Langallbalela, cUef of the Ana- 
bihi Tribe, raafdinR in alocatEon at foot of tha Dra- 
kBusberg Mountains, entered on a someirhBt eon- 
tomaoloua eonrsa of couduat tcmtrit the local 
Bonnuian^ Mdkig b anaMBB^ to SMape ftmr tba 

Colony Into BttantoUnd iritU hU people and etMe. 
A Colonial force, conBistinK of r^pilaxB, TolonteerB, 
and u&tivsB, was diBpatchud ogalnBl tbe Tribe, and at 
ODO point, in tbeBuBhrnan'sKiTerFasii, a portion of 
tho force came into collision with the rear-gnard of 
tbe tribo, when throe Earopean volnntoSTB wero ahot 
down, and two natiies. LacgalibeJele and many of 
the tribe irers met and secured ia Basntoland by 
Mr, GrifBthe and Mr. Orpon, Agonta of the Capo 

u In pursuit. Lan^libaJi 

triedbyaCourtL _. 

lilniself presided. About 2 itOprisonorBTi^ro condem- 
ned to various terms of imprisonmaut. Langnlibalele 
IiimBalf was condemned to banistulieTit or trans- 
portation for life, and one of hia sonB to a mmilar 
pnnishment for five years. The cattle and land of 
the tribe were con &Bcat«d. The oeighbouring tribe 
of Pntini, whicli lind harboured the women and 
cattle of the AmalnbiTrihe^werceuhjectedtoBimilar 
confiscation, bnt the property of the Tribe has been 
restored to tliem. LnnKalibalelu and his son wero 
transported to Hobben Island, In the Cbm of Good 
Hope, by the Legislatnre of which Colony hji 

Her l^^y's Oarernmt.'nt having formed tho 
opioloQ that the punishment inSictud on the Chief 
was eicesaive, this Act was repealed by the Cape 
Parliament, by a second Act which provided for 
the removal of Langalibalela and his son to the 
mainland to be at largo undnr regulations framed 
by the Governor of the Capo in Council. The 
members of the tribe were practically amnestied 
and accorded liberty to soltla fieaccabiy in the 
Oolony, though not ta occupy theur former location 

Garnet Wolneloy was specially commissioned to pro- 
ceed to the Colony as adminiBtrator, and lo consider 

id report u[ 


The Native population had until then been 

"Temdd chiefly undor the authority of Ordinanre 

8 of 1843, which withdrew them from tbe 

or the personal authority of the Governor as 
Supreme Chief , and made native law and custom tbe 
measuroot justJCO among thcmin civil and criminal 
raattoTB, aconcurrent juriadietion being reserved to 
tho ordinary law courts in cases of crimes mala in le. 
Tho native population was debarred from the fraa- 
cliiBe.butbyan Act No, 28 of 1885, machinery was 
provided by which a native might procure his relief 
from tbe operation of native law, iu whjch case he 
woald be entitled to all the rights of an ordinary 
Colonist. The triheti live apart, upon locations pro- 
vided (or them by the Government. They have 
enjoyed their tribal oi^nisali on, and lived in poly- 
gamy. But baeideB these location natives there 
are manv native Bqnaltors on Crown lands, and 
many living' by regular bibour on famiB. 

Jt vras decided, as a result of the recommendalloas 
d Bir Garnet Wriseloy, and the deliberations of 
Her Majesty's Governmontj lo supersede verj- gra- 
dually the tribal organisation, and the judicial and 
other authority of the Chiefs. A law(No.2U of I8To) 
bas been paaaed establishing a Native High Coort 
to admiDistar civil justice to the natives, and by 
thia law thay are placed under the ordlnan 
crHmmU law at the Ct4ony, except aa regarda 
poUttcd trlmea, crimes arising out ot native 

customB, and mmea declared triable undM* any 
local law by native law, all which crimes are 
reserved for the Native High Court. A while 
mogialrate is placed with every tribe, wbo Is the 
administrator of justice in dvil matters, and suprr- 
sedes to a conaiderable extent the authority of the 
Chiefs ; and it is hoped gradually to accustom the 
Kaflra lo regular induBlry, and the individoal 
ownership of property in the civilised way. By a 
law, No. 13 of 1875. a tax of &l. on native 
■ris^s was abolished, while 

le native hut tax w 

d from 7>. to 14(. 

I»< Ztiiu War. 
In. 1879 Natal, without bemg actually to any 
great extent the theatre ot war, becante the base 
of hostile operations against the Znln kingdom, 
which were at the time of momentous interest to 
the Golonists, and are likely Id their result to have 
a great influenoe on the future ol the colony. It is 

the sliglitBat manner the causes which led lo tlis 
Zulu war, and give the outline of its events. Iu 
the latter years of King Fanda, Zululand was 
distracted bylherivatamliitionBof his sons. This 
stale of things appeared lo be of such evil conse- 
quence to the general peace, that tbe Natal Oo- 

Shepslone, Secretary fi ..,___ 

mission to Zululand, to induce the Zulus to recog- 
nise someone of Panda's Bona as heir to his throne, 
and thus restore tranquility to the oountry. 'Tho 
son chosen as b^, with the consent of the uadon, 
tbe king, and the Natal Government, was Cety- 
wayo, who from that time acted to a great extent 
as r^;ent for his father until the latter died in 1873. 
When this happened, Cetywavo sent mesaengera 
to the Natal Government, sii^geBling that Hr. 
Bhepslone should come back into Zululand and 

nation as king, in fulfilment of the understanding; 
arrived at in 1861. Tliis the Natat Oovonuneat 
consented that Ur. Sliepatone should do, and 
Cetywayo was crowned by him in the presence of 
the Zulu people, Aspartof thissolemnlransaction, 
Cetywayo, at the instance of Hr, Shepslone, pro- 
claimeil certain new'laws, which in effect came to 
this, that he was not to hill his lubjeota witliout 
adequate cause and without trial The relatiom 
between Cetywayo and Natal during the first yearn 
of his reign were not unfriendly, though they 
became occanonilly strained through disngard 
by him of his new coronation law. Hut after (lie 
annexation by England of the Tiausvaal, a ma- 
terial change in the reUtians of the two powers 
took place. Cetywayo bad long hated the Boers, 
~'th whom he had a boundary dispute, dating 

ition his enmity ap- 

from 1861, and after t 

peered to be transferred t< 

The Zulu war party, with the prima minister 

at their head, wanted at once to oeeupy tlH 

whole territory in diaoute, and a collision between 

the Zulus and the firltiah Government of the 

Tranavaal appeared imminent, but was averted by 

J himself. Thia was accepted, both by Sir T. 
epstone and Cetywayo, and approvecl by Her 
Hajesty's Oovenunsnt ; the tliuQ award being 
however by them reserved to Sir B. Frera as Hv 
Majesty's High CommiBaioner in Sooth Afrioh 
The Natal Commission reported in June, 1878, and 
In September eir B. Frsre arrived in Nalal and took 
up tbe conaidatatlon of the boundary dispula, and 

kIko of our general reUtloDi with the Znlns, which 
H-ers bacamiiig more and more stnined. Oa the 
11th of December his award in 

these repraasatativcn wore put in gxMsesaian of the 
ilcnuuida on other aubjeciB, whicb Sir Bartlo Preie, 
of Cer GonsoltfttioQ with the local authorities, decided 
tluit Uie UBalaunt-^Tcmor of Nat&l should make 
upon Uie Zulu Mug lud people. The document 
coutali^ig these demauda is called in tlie histor? of 
the war ' the ultimatum." 

In bia award Sir R Frere so far agreed with the 
report of the Nabil CoaUDiaalauera, as to zive to 
the Zulus the political saverei^ty of the disputed 
territory, whibh be held, upon the anthoiitiBB bafore 
him, had narec been valid! 7 ceded to the Tranavaal 
Itepublic j but he made it part of the award that 
the fannerawbo had acquired farms in the disputed 
tonitory after 1861 should retain their [anna. 

The ultimatum demanded from Cotywayo the 
BOrrender of TJmbelini, a Bwaii reFag«e reaident iu 
Zululaud, who had recently raided upon curtain of 
his owD tribe liring near a place called Derby, and 
being ujider Dritisli protection ; also the auirender 
lit the EDDB and a brother of tiiraye, a chief living 
near the Tugela; the offence of these peraone being 
that they b«l followed two of the wives of Sirajo 
into NatoJ, whither they hod eloped, and dragged 
them back into Zululnuiover the bed of the Tugela, 
and then, aa there ia renEou to Ixlicve, shot them. It 
further demaadedaflue of 500 cattle from Cetywayo 
for not haviug aurrenilered Ihe criminals when first 
demanded of him by Sir Henry Bulwer, and also a 
fine of 100 cattle for llie conduct of certain common 
Zulna in anrroauding and hustling two surveyors 
of tlie Boyal Engineer Departmeut when engaged 
upon some observations in the bed of the Tugela- 

Bewdea these demands in respect of onlrages. 
Other reqnirementa were made on Celywayo in 
respect in the government of bia conotry. These 
were that he shonld receive a British Beaident ; that 
he should allow misncnarioa to live securely in his 
coontiy ; that he ahonld abolish his military system 
by whfcli every mftn was a soldier belonging to one 
or other of tlie king's regiments, and liable to be 
called up to military service at the word of tlie 
king; that he should not go to warwitbout the 
conasnt of his National Council and the Britiah 
Besident; that be should observe his coronation 
promises against nnjnst killinf;, and that ho should 
atwlish the laws restricting marriage among his 

Twenty dayt were given to him to comply with 
the first class of dsmands, and thirty days to oom- 
p]y with the second. The longer of these periods 
Laving elapaed, and the king not having complied, 
ths further enforcenient of the demands was con- 
fided to LisuL-Qeneral Lord Clielmaford, whose 
forces advanced into Zululand in three columns 
between the 11th and 14th of January, 1879, from 
the Utnicht district of the Transvaal, Borke's 
Drift, and the Lover Tugela ford. On the X2nd 
of Jaauarytwo engagements were fought; one at 
JsMldhlwaiuL, the other at Inyexane. In the first 
an inmi of 18,000 Zulus attacked the oamp of the 
RorkoaDiift column, which was defended by about 
halt the oolunm, the other half having proceeded 
with the geceisi to what was intended to be the 
nent camping gronnd. The camp transport am- 
munition andartillery ------ - ■ '- - - ■• " 

Europeans ' 

AL. 12s 

and hospital post of Borke's Drift, which was held 
by one comjiauy of the 24th Regiment The post 
was without defences ; tmt the officer in command, 
Lieut, (now Major) Chard, K.E., V.C, with great 
rapidity and skill converted the stores themselves 
into a defoncs, and tbroughout the whole night, the 
little garrlHon, behind a fiimsy rampart of rice 
bags and biacuit boxes, successfully maintained an 
heroic defence. 



kowe, where he proceeded to entrench himseif* 
The Borke'a Drift column, having lost its cai 

and take up a de 
the colony. 

in the meantime, the northern ooiumn. Under 
Colonel (now Sir Evelyn) Wood, continued to 
engage and harass the enemy. But even hi this 
part British arms were not free from disaster. On 
the 12th of Uarch a company of the 80th Kegiment 
was surprised at the Intombi Rivsr, nsac Lnne- 
ber^, by Umbelini, and newly all Mllsd ; and on 
(he SStb of March the cavah^ and natives of 
Wood*s column, under his iuuuediate command, 

Zloblane Mi 

Eop, suffer 

testimony tliey seern to have regarded as the 
severest chastisemeut which tbey received in the 
course of the war. 

At the beginning of April reinforcements having- 
b^un to arrive from England and the neighbour- 
ing coloDii'B, Lord ChehoKford advanced across the 
Lower Tugela to the relief of Colonel Poareon, who 
was shut up in Ekoivo. Bia lordship delisted the 
enemy at Ginginhlovn on the 8rd of April, and tbo 
some day relieved the garriaon of Ekowe, whicli 
place was then abandoned. 

No general enrrngemeitt was fought after this 
untn the 4th of July, uhen the main army advanc- 
ing upon Wood's original line of march from 
Utrecht, fought the balllo of TJlnndi, when tbe 
military power uf the Zulu kingdom was finally 
broken to pierea. Cotyn-aw fled to cha bush, with 
a few fcllowcra. The Zulu army never again 
assembled in force. The people accepted Uiolr 
defeat with aingular calmness, at once retum- 
iuR to their ueuoi avocations. Chief after chief 
Buomiltcd, and Cetywayo hiniRelf was cap- 
tured on the 2«th of August, by Major Marto- of 
the King's Dragoon Guards. On the 1st of Sep- 
tember, Ijir Gnroet Widaeley, who had arrived at 
Che end of June to tako tlie supreme civil and 
military command in Natal and the Transvaal, 
assembled tbe chiefs of the Zulu nation at Uiundl, 
and explained to them the new order of things to 
be established in Zululand. The dynasty of Chaka 
was for ever deposed, and the country was divided 
into thirteen districts, each under an Independent 
Chief, holding office by the gift of the Queen of 
England, subject to crrtain conditions accepted by 
him. The terma of the Tdtimatum in regard to 
mattera of govemiiieut were to tie oarricd out; and 
a British resident was appointed to reside in Zoln-- 
land, and bo the advisor of tlie chiefs and channel 
of communication iKtween them and tbe British 

Tbe attitude of the Natal Znlus during the war, 
and especially after the disasters of Isandhlwona 
and Intombe River, was admirabte. Not only was 
thero no tendency to lawleaaness or insolence 
towards the Qovenunent, bnt every call for men 

126 na: 

made bj tho GoTenmoDt, and the caUa aiooiuited 
to thouHoiLda upoa thoiuandaf nas duly and 
promptly nwpoiided to. About 7,DD0 Natal natives 
ireie eupplied to the General ae a nalire con- 
tingent, aad nearly as many more in Tarioua 
capacitieB under the AdministratiTe Departments 
of tba Anuy ; and aevural thouiaiida also were 
iu tlieir respective districte maraLaUed and held 
ready for delensire purpoaie under their magia- 

Ad Aot ma passed by the Lc^ialaliTe Oonnoil, 
In IBTS.Mithcsisiag the constmction of a railway 
ftom Pietennaritaburg tu the Port of DurbaUj 78 
miles, with a branch Dortbwai'ds from Umgeni to 
Verulam, 19j miles, and one south to the iHipineo 
Biver, 7 miles. The estiinatfld cast oi the wor\, 
£1,S00,(XM), has been raised by loan; the oonlrsct 
taken by Hessra Wythes and Jackson. The 
first sod wsfi turited by the Lieutenact-Oovera<^ 
flD the 1st ri January, IB76. This is now cmi- 
ptoted, and a bill for a farther extension to Lady- 
soiitb (US miles), at an OBtlmated coet of 1,100,0001., 
has been pasaad. 

The railway between the Port of Natal and the 
Biver Umgeni, which was bonght by the Govem- 
tnent for the sum of lO.OOtU., has been oonnected 
'With the QoTerameut Hallway. 

The vohuktaer foroe of the Colony at the and 
of Septembw, 1S80, consisted of 449 ij all ranks. 

There is also an armed and mounted polive form, 
numbering 229 of all laoks. 


There are TSiions miBBionarj establi^meota in 
Natal, snpportod by volonlary aid, for the adrouca- 
ment of the 320,000 Zuln-Kafir aubjeota of the 
Queen. The Uhurcbes of Eagland and Scotland, 
the Wosleyons, the Dutch Beformed, the Amaricaoa, 
the Froseiana, the Qanoveriana, the Narwegiana, 
and the Chnroh of Borne, all liave tltuir stations. 
AsD«mie and Eajiaiditim. 





































GU DieaAer, 1^, 1,681 







































683 m 

Total, H1,6S7. 

EaaOiue ComdL 
Tie Oooenior. 

Sir Henry Comua-, KL, CSk/ Jiuliee. 
Ttt Coammdad oftke Tnxmi. 
LieuL ~ GoL Mitchell, B.M., CllG^ Caioaial 

J. T. PolkinghomB, IVawtrn-. 
M. H. Gallwey, AtUmeu-GtneTol. 
John Shapstone (acting), Sardars for Xatke 



lollersh, M.L.C. 
u. j:.iicombo, U.L.C. 
Clerk, G, Grimes. 

J. T. Polkinghome, ZVsomrer. 

M. H. Qallwey, AOoratiz-CeacTal. 

JohnW. Bhepstono (noting), Seenlary for Naline 

T. ShepBtona,'C.U.a 

G. M. Sutton. 

W. G. Balwr. 

H. Sscombe. 

J. Kobiuson. 

S Crowder. 

T. W. Uarlaud. 

U. Aing. 
J. C. Wallon. 
G. Mellerah. 
F. W. Moor. 
T. Iteywdds. 
Ciml aftiWiiinifli/. 
Gaverwx- aad Commasdir-in-C&ief, Hi^or-General 
Sir Georga PomorDy-CoUoy, K.C.a.1., U.S., 
C.U.Q., 2,u00i„ High GommiBBionar H. E. Africa, 
and Coauuander of the Forces iu NatsJ (paid 
from Imperial fundd), the TransvaaL 
PriBotr Stcnlan, H. T. Hunro, ISOi. 
A.IJ.C., Lieut. Efwes, Coldstream Guards. 
CUrt, Exeadiv* Ound/, G. Grimes, lOOJ, 
DlUo, Goetmor'i OJice, A. Uyma, 200^1 to 8MJ. 

Colaiial Secrtiai-y'i Lepartmatt. 
Cotonal atentary, Liout-CoL C. B, H. Hitch^ 

a.M.,aM.G.,i,oooi ^^ 

Afitlamt Coloiuai Smrelarv, F. S. Hades. B.A.. 

4002. to 600^ 
U Clerk, J. A. Hichell, 200J. to SOOi. 
inddiUo, C. J. Bird, l&Ot to 200f. 
Office Keeper, J. O'Seefe, 120f. 
AgrqpOM Muteiiger, Y. Worthingtoo, 481^ 

yaUpe Deparbnent. 
Searelary for Natiee Afmrt, J. W. Shepatons, 
(acting). 8001 ^^ 

It Clerk, 3. J, 8«weU, 2001 to SOOi. 
%idd^ 1. E. FraniptoQ, liOL 

TVeanrji Veparlmetil, 
TrttuuTo; 3. T. Poftdngbome, 70W. 
IK Cia-k aad Aooamlaat, T. PrimniaE, 200t to 8001. 
2wf diUo, H. 11. Bainbridge, 160f. to 2001. 
Brd dtto, A. W. F. Taylor, 1604 to 3001, 
Hi dUto, J. F. Galboroe, 100/. to ttOJL 
SiA-AaaoimlMt, Ladgimtk, J. J. Field, 361. 

Attdit D^MrimeiU, 
Audiler.J. P. Symoos, 60«. 
lal Clerk, O. A. Boad, 200i to 30«. 
ind ditto, a. Wylde-DruWDe, 20OI. to 800t 
Sfd diao, T. J. St. George, loUf. to 200/. 

PMCbI DeporlmeitL 
Pottmame-Gatmd, A. Hoodie, 1001. 
W C&rfc FitUrmariltierg, W. B, Slunncat, 

aoof. to sow. 

indiXao, dUlo, F. B. Becker, 1601. to 200L 
Bnl >£Bo, daio, K. 8. Bimburf, ISOf. to iOOL 
Ati i£Uo, litto, , 1601. te 2004 

HA (fiKo, (fito, H. Smith, 100/. to 16M 
eiA diUo, dMa, J. O. Baker, 1001. to 1601. 
7th diao, diao, R . Stephen, 100/. to 150/. 
PottmatiB; Dmian, C. i. Uoakea.StOL 
Ut CUrk, A. W. ColHiit, 200/. to 800^ 
2tk1 <£ao, J. E. Pcnrn, 160/. to SOOIL 
8rd iliUo, J. F. Hsdllier, 100/. to ISOL 
ah diao, W. Pike, low, to 150/. 
6(4 ditfo, B. N. Wmi*ni8, loot to IHU. 
6llk ditto, J. TtlbiiT?, 100/. to IGOt 

Je/^n^iA DrpartinaU. 
Gattna Manager, J. fflTewright, 160t" 
Gaitral 3ub-ifrmaffer, ^, 3. Chidwi*, MOt to 

Iniptcior tmd Meehandai, ±. Sdnreixw, SOOi. to 

CItrt m Charge, Barim, T. T. Hiidaker, SBOt to 

Telegiapb BtlltlOBS. 

Haritibirg, e Cleika ' 

Durbaa 6 „ 

Pins Town 1 „ 


Rigiitrar ^ Jkedi. 
Begiifrar of Deedi, a»d Jltgutrar-GmKral, G. 

li( fln*, J. Cr«w, BOOL 
3mi ^tta, 3. W. Bird, 1001. to 150/1 
Sni i£Ua, J. D'A. Damua^ 100/. to 1601. 

Bmtuor md Lodur, Pidtrmaritiiurs, B, Qoble, 

Ix Landing Waiter and Searcher, J. 03I*IiODy, 

2»d ditto, A. Uorling, 1501. to 276/. 
SrddWo. B. Upton, 1601. to 2751. 
U /.ocfaw and Tide- Waiter, J. Mulen, UOL 
•lad£llo, T. Sntton, 130/. to 150/. 
3n/(/il(a, T. Niohol, 1201. to 1601. 
Extra Tide-WaHeri (S), at 108/. each. 
IW ITitfcfanet and Baatmtn at S4J. eacb. 

Eaeiit Dtpariment. 

Keeper of Wordumte, Durban, H. KoynoldB, 180t 

IXOo, Ftetennarilibarg, B. Ooble, lOOt 

Excite Survegori (7), ut 120/. aacli, wHhallowanceB. 

Port <yka D^arfH^ 
Port Cbpfon, AloiandBr Airth, 350/. 
C/ert, L. C. Stanhope, 1001. to 150/. 
Emineer ofStam Tvg, O. D. Stewart, 2E01: 
2nd Enginrer, W. HoBkixon, 1^0'. to 15011 
\it pant, T. WeUlDgton, 160/. to 150/. 
■ind ditto, C. Rtraohnn, 150/. to 2601 
Brd diUo, Q. Vibert, 150/. to 2501 
iti dille, L. Dnrrant, 1001. to 150/. 
6U diU; W. QordoD, lOOH to 160. 
lighlhouae Xaper, D. Moffnt, 1251. 

Smvnor-Gateral, P. C. SnthBriand, 60011 
Ckrt and Draugkltman, C. Q, Behrena, SOOt 
Snd Clerk, O. W. Tajlor, 1001 to 160/. 
PtdiSv Wortt DepartneM. 
Colonial Engimer. Captain Eime, B.E., 1,0001 
Chief aerk and Accowilant, E. F. McGill, 300(. 
let Clerk lad DraugUtmm, W. Q. Evasa, 200/. I 

Snrf Clwjt, A. B. LeaUe, 100/, to 160/. 
3rd ditto, T, N. Smith, 100/. to 16011 
Accountanft Clerk, W. W. Barker, lOOi to 1601, 
Clerk of Worki, Durban, 0. J. H. JeBkyn, 3501. 
Ditto, Pietermaritdnirg, A. SinglBtoB, 8001, 

Ctatotai DepOTtmeat, 
CoUeelar ofCmUmt. Q. Ratherford, 7001. 
Irt Cleri and War^toate Ktaer, I. Byrne, SOU 
•.!■</ dJHo, B. B. Cochrane, IMl. to soon 
ZrddUto, R. Amon, 1601. t« 3D0t 
-llA ditto, E. A. J. MatthaiWB, lOOL to 1301. 

• En^ed l7 (be C^ 0<n«na«Bt hi i ttmllar ci] 

CtUfJaitice, Sir H. Connor, Kt, 1,2001. 
1« Itdtne Judnt. 7. C. Williami), 1,0001. 
8*1 diao, C. F. Cadit 1,0001. 
Jlait^ and Begiitrrtr,li. I. Finncmore, 66011 
derk to Matter, B. B. TKtham, Will, to 150/. 
Clerklo Bimttrar, C. P. Wolhotor, 1501 to 2001, 
Uiherand Mateiu/er, J. Palerjon, IlOi 
Inlerprtter to Suprrnr aiid Circtiil Covrtt, F. H. 

Mothley, 2601. to 800/. 
JvdgeijftfatimBi^ Courf, A. S. Windham (acting), 

Regittrtcf, W. R, IJOTdon. 2501. 

Fjtnman Meuengfr, C. E. Girhett, S4L 

Sheriff, A. Clarence, 250f. 

Altomeu-General, M. H. Gsllirer, 800/. 

Clerk, W. Broome, 2001, to 3001: 

Clert of the Peace, Pittermarittbarg, B- F. Morcom, 

iuatant iffila, and Proeeetilor Naltn High Court, 

B. C. Clarenre, 1601. 
deri of the Peart, and Prateaifor Xatite Bigk 

Court, D«rb<ai, J. P. Wallor, 2501. 
Ditto, and Protecator \atii-e Jjigh Court, Ferriom, 

James UcLanrin, 1001. 

itagittenal D^artmeiK and Sta^. 
Retidenl Magittraiet: — 

Pielermaritibtirg. City Divition, C. Bartar, SOO/. 

IK aeri, J. W. Hathom, 3001, 

2nd ditto. J. C. Crowly, 150/. to 2O011 
. ClerkmidZvliiIntaj>Ttta:W.KJoitea,lSOL 

«HMrmtndM< V fino/, W. Cook, 200/. 

ifalron, Mrs. Cook, 601. 
Cmgem Dioition, Jamee Forder, 4601. 

Oa* and ZuIb lnttrprtt*T, B. B. Donn, IVH. 



UalToa, Mrs. Fliilllpf 
Umlazi Dlcitim, A. E. Titren, 460:1 
CUrh aad ZiUa iMrrpnter, B. H. AdiUsan, 

150/. to 20Oi. 
CUrk and Indian Interirr^tT.C.BtBBhBB.WaL 

to ISO/. 
Kim Simr Divititm. W. J. D. Moodie, 450/. 
CttrL- and Zulu iHlerpmer, J.J. Field, 150/. to 

C/ent, n. Boaat, 100/. to ISO/. 
NoBCattU Dicisioii, W. H. BcHumont, 450/. 
C/trt and Zu/u lalerpraer, W. B. ErskiDe, 

160/. to 2U0/. 
C/fnt, A. Millar, 100/. to IflO/. 
/sawfa Dicuion, H. C. Ciimpbetl, 450/. 
Clfrt and Ztdu Inleriirtter, J. J. Hagman, 

150/. to 200/. 
Clert and Indian IiUtivreier, J. Gonsalyos, 

100/1 to 150/. 
Cleri aad CreoU laterpTettr, 3. D'Hotiiuui, 

100/. to 150/1 
lourr rwrf/a DiaUlon, W. P. Jackson, 450/1 
Ckrk and Zulu Iraerprttrr, E. C. Leech, 200/, 
C/tri onrf lodim merpreto; M. J. Willlanw, 


I 300/. 

JuksoD, 150/. 
ffwnfli Coanta, V. Piukiibju, ij-ii. 
a<Ti aadZulalnlrrpnter, k. M. E. Chadwick, 
Cmdaga Dirltioa, H. P. Fymi, 850/. 
C/eri ONI/ Zr£/u IiUenn-elsr, 3. L. Kuight, 


Gtrt and Indian Initrj/reter, V. H. Gordon, 
lOO/l to 150/. 
.d/;V(rf C««/y, J. Giles, 450/. 

Clerh and Inlerpnter, T. E, Benaett ractiiiK\ 
GpnfT Utntomana Dtdtion, A. C. Uairkiiis, 

(7Jmb a«/ ynfernrii^er, J. A. BrickMll, ISO/. 
/a™» O/ruioB, M. Stuart, 350/. 

Clerk and laterpnlir, 3. W. CrosB, 160/. to 


r P/ .Vaffw /l(iii>, Uiuadi, C. B. Boast, 

AffannMRitor oj XiUire lam asvi Border Agenl, 

Lmcer Tugda, F. B. Fynoey, 300/. 
AiPihiittnUoroJ NalinLav>,lpoiiela,3. 0. Jackson, 

AdMim4trator of Katiee Law n/uj Border Ageni, 

nptKT Tugtla, 3. 0. C. Cliadmck, 300L 

Inaajgralion Dtpartiaent. 
Pnttetor oj Immgrantt, Major 6. GraTSS, 600/. 
.dMuCoHt Pn>tet«>r, L. Muon, 400/. 
C/ent, F. Colepspar, '200/. 
Cfent, J. A. PolKnghoniB, 200t 
CUrrk and ImUoH laltrpnter, C. W. Burfc-m-Joaas- 

.DiUo, (CUa, W. EmmiagH, 100/. 
LandiM J.wn(, W. PeHCc (ncUiig). S60/. 
Brattarg Laiiiaad liamiijratiou Board, C. A. Bntlw, 

EdiKation Deparlnient. 
Saperiaiaiding InnecUir oJ SchooU, H. Bnaaell, 600/. 
Head Matter, High School, i'lelerviaritabani, B. Olack 

(acting), 500/. 
Aaiilani Malta; ditto, ditto, 3. Guthrie, 250/. 
Head Matter, Darbaa, P. G. Sandford, 600/. 
AMtiilaiil MoMler, ditto, W. H. SitholM, 250/1 
DUla, Primars ScAooi, Pietermaritiburg, F. Q. Bfcli- 

moDd, SOO/. 
ffead Mailer Pritaarv ScAooL Durban, 3. Ctowc, 


Lsgitlraive Council 0,ffice. 

Iheaker, Ltgittatise Coundt, 3. W. Akarman, 400/. 

CUrh, a. Stranack, 300/1 to 860/. 

C/eri J«itJan<, T. Oarllck, 200/. to 250/1 

StertioiwI J&porter, T. F. Carter, 275/. 

I7(Aer, D. Slattor, 100/. 


J/biin(«tI Police. 
Curmnandanl, Major J. G. Dartnall, 550L 
Irt Impector, G. kaiiBOl, 350/. to 400/. 
■2nd ditto, F. A. Campball, 350/. to 400/, 
In 3ali-Inmector,F. Ptriliips, 260/1 to 800/1 
2nil dilto, C. B. Jackson, 250/. to BOO/. 
8rd ditto, and Paymuter, F. U. Bewell, 260/. to SOO/. 

fo/im/ser i)*pnrti»en/. 
Commandant, Major J. G. Dartnell, 150/1 
Staff ClerL, H. E. DavBy, lOO/. to 150/. 
Storekeeper and Arnvourer, F. Choies. 150/1 
J(4putoB( anrf ZW// InMruotar. N. E. Duvoy, 260/. 

Controtla- of Amu, T. G. Crowly, 400/. 
Caretaixr, FielermarilzbtTy Magmii " 
Ditto, Durban Magaxine, 0. Butler, 

R Boyd, 84/. 

S^enrufitn/ Zlepannun/. 
Colonial Caap/ai"ii,7)i»*oB,BBv. W. H. C. Lloyd, 250/. 
Chaplain, EHgiitk CAurcA, fteiernwri(ii«tro, Bar. J. 

Green. 100/. 
Minitter, Datck Rt/braed Charch, Umviti, Eav. J. 

Turabull, 160/1 
Minitter, Dutch Reformed ChiTch, Weaai, Bev. B. 

Craig, 160/. (on Bick Imtu). 

Medical D^artment. 
Grey'g Jloipital, Pietfrmariliburg: 

Manager, H. Hancock, 125/. 

Matron, Mrs. McDonald, 751. 

Stirgem, Dr. J. F. Allen, 160/. 

Cferii J. A. Miohell, 36/. 
fjunatic At»htm, Pietermantsharg: 

Keeper, 3. Smithwick 100?. 

Matron, Hra. Bmithwick, 60/. 

Male AUendoHt, *. Uuirk, 84/. 

iSiffSfoa, Dr. C. Gordon. 
Ho^jital, Durban : 

St^intendent, H. Barnes, 150/. 

Matron, B. Howroyd, 60(. 

i)wjwiiwr (vBcaut), 84/. 

-SiB^Won, Dr. W. H. Addison. 
Dittrict Surgeoni:-' 

CUv ofPtetermaritdnirt}, Dr. 0. Oordon, 200/: 

Counts ofdillo, S. 0. Ward, 100/. 

£onii^ o/'i>iirtoi. Dr. W. H. AddJMD, 200/1 

(AnjXk iif ditto. Dr. 0. Bovias, lOOi. 

BicmonofKlip Sieer, Dr. Q. a Hyde, lOOi. 
„ {feiecaHle, Dr. G. O'G. Qubbina, lOOL 

„ Inanda, Dr. E. Krstsohmar, 100I.J 


A'maoi>«/£Mwr T^ifftla, Dr. H. W. Jouw, lOOj. 
Comty of VTiaiHi, Sr. Biitwell, lOOI. 

„ H'eemn, Dr. Hevnolds, 100/. 

„ Ahxomira, Dr. iJoolli, 100/. 

„ Aifrtd, SuigeoQ-Mnjor Stock (»cting), 

Dicinim of Ummaga (yacuit), 100^ 

Cpptr Cniaaiana. Dr. T. B. Cioc, lOOL 
„ /Hjw, Dr. G. B. M. Greer, lOOt 
VOeriaiay OfparlMait. 
VBtermoiy Sargton, S. WUIatiiie, SOOL 
Sheep Iiuptaoni 

CouHty ofPittermariltiurg, E. P&rUDSoa, liOL 
„ _ J. Lindsky, IStK. 

„ Unmti, F. Nortan, l&OJ: 
„ „ L. H. J. vui Sooym, IKL 

- Wmai, B. J. Wilkes, iun., IdOJ. 

„ „ C, Lloyd, laot 

Divuton of Vpper UmiioBumzi, J. Ely, lOOt 

Natai Gomnmeit RaUaayi, 
Gatml Mmngtr, D. Hm>l«r, 1,000. 

Maii^aiaiiae Enj^neer, W. U. Cobley faoting), IK 
Loamotin SaperinHmdaU^. Milne, iOOL 
Trafic aaxTrntoHfeHl, J. F. MuiUty, 86QL 


Thit Uliuid is aitiutcd Iwtwcon J6° SO' and 
61" 89' N. 1»L, uid 62° 15' and 69= fiO' W. long., 
on the north-esBt aide of tho Gulf of SL LtvreQce j 
tbe giMtest iBD^ from north to Houth is A50 
mfloi, ftnd ikTengo breadth about 130 ; its esti- 
mated >rw is 40,200 square miles. It nis dis- 
coTsred by John Cabot in 1197 ; it was as asrly is 
IfiOO fiBaueiit«d by the FortuKUOse, Spanish, and 
Frenob, lor its fisbcries. 

Bir Walter Baleigh and others, in the reign of 
Qnaen EliEabeth, att4tmpt«d to colotiias this iiuood, 
but van not succeMdul. In 1623, Bir O. Calvert, 
Afterwards Lord Baltimoro, established himself in 
the SDnth-east part of the islaDd, and appointsd his 
son Governor. In 163*, a party of coloniBts were 
sent over from Ireland, and 20 years after, some 
Bnglisb cnlonista arrived, having emigralod by 
means of a Parliaiaentar; grant. 

The FrsHcb, abont 1620, established n atation at 
Placuntia; and for macy years the French and 
SDRlish aettlBTB were oomitantly auuoying each 
other. At the Peace of Utreubt in 1713, sobse- 
quonUy ratified by the Treaty of Paris, the oicln- 
oive sovereignty of Newfoundland was cmUid to 
Great Britain, subject to certain richts reserved to 
France, which are still in question between tbe two 

Newtoondlaiid was the last of tbe North Ame- 
rioan Colonies to which reeponsiblo Govenmunt 
was conceded; it was CBtabliBhed in 1855. The 
Oovemment is at present administered by a 
Governor, aided by a responnible Executive Council 
not to exceed 7 memburs, a LeginUtive Council 
not to eiceed 15 mombcrM, aud a House o 
Assembly of 81 members, elei'.ted by honseholders 
who have oconpied a dwcUinB-bouiio oh owner or 
tenant for 1 year immediately pracediiig the day of 
election. There ere 19,b88 olectore registered on the 
dectoial roU, and 16 districts, or Bubdivisions flf 
districts, of which G return thiM members ; 4 

perty exceeding 600(. in amount or value, oi 

meets at the end of January. 

Members of tbe Council and Assembly receive 
a certain fixed sum per seesiun, which is [Tovided 

a loc^Act 

President 240 doHs. 

EachUember . ISO „ 

A reduction Is made for each day's iiOQ-«tt«n- 

jffouse qfAuaiAls. 

Speaker 924 doII«. 

Membeia, each, reaiJunt in uutpo-ls. . 291 „ 

„ „ H cspltnl . . 194 „ 

The prludpal exports of the Culony are codfish, 

cod and seal oil, seal skins, and cupper ore. Total 

tonnage of vessels entered and ck'nred in VSSi 

was, entered 817,709, cleaced 2!m,74<l. 

lUvaoK and ExptuditHrt. 







































202,261 ej. 





P^Uc Debt oflifBfBmdlmd, $1,451,190. 







Toiw liflmporU aitd ExporU. 






































1 285,024 







• S« ids ot iBpetial Parliamc 

(, EtaVicL™i.l|KL 


»p. 144; alH C^LodU Acts, II Vi. IVi 



t IndnAei »Mf- truifemd lo 


Iilifai Fiiberj A 

nrd, UkU Lou itf 




1729 ClpUiD Oaborne, B.N. 
1737 Captain Vanburgh. 

1740 Csptain Lord O. Gr»h*ni, 

1741 Captain Hon. J. Byng, 
1744 CapUin Sir C. Hitrdj-. 
1749 Captain Lord Kodney. 
1760 Captain Draka. 

176a Captain Bonfoy. 
1765 Captain Dorrij. 
1767 Captain Edwardo. 
1760 Captain ■\Vebb. 
ITSI Captain QruvetL 
1764 Captain Pajiiaer. 
1769 Captain Hon. J. BjTon. 
1772 Commodore Molynoui. 
1775 Conunodoro Duff. 
IT76 Admiral Montajcuc. 
t779 Admiral EdwardPH. 
1762 Admiral Campbell. 

1788 Admira! Ellioll, 

1789 Admiral Milbankt. 
1794 Admiral Sir J, Wallace 
1797 Admiral Waldwravp. 
IBOO Admiral Polo. 

1802 Admiral Gambicr. 

1804 Admiral Sir E. Uowct. 

1807 Admiral Iloltoway. 

1810 Admiral Sir J. Duclcircirtli. 

1818 Admiral Sir J. Keats. 

1816 Admiral Pickmore. 

ISIS Admiral Bir C. HamfltoD 

1826 Captain Sir T. Cochrane. 

1834 Captain Preecotl. 

1841 Major-General Bir J. Harroy. 

1847 Lieutonant-Colonel Sir J. G. Lo Marchant. 

1862 Eer Baillie Hamilton. 

1865 C. H. Darling. 

1867 Sir Alexander Banaemian, Kt. 

1864 Antliuny Unsgrave. 

1869 Colonel Sir Sti'phen J. HUl, K.C.M.G., C.B. 

1876 Sir John U. Glovar, G.C.M.G. 

Executive Coanril. 
Sir W. V. Whiteway, K-CMG^ Prtmitr imd At- 

3. 3. RogerHon, Rtcticrr-GtntnJ. 
Solicitor- General fvaca at). 
E. D. Shea, CulaunI Stanlarg. 
W. J. 8. Donnelly, SarstyoT-GmeTal. 
3. 8. Wintor. 
J. Borke. 

Lefftdative CowtcU. 
Edwd. Uorria Prriiileitt. 
Edwd. White, Thoa. Talbot. 

P. a. TesEipr. Stephen Rendell. 

John Winter. John H. Warren. 

Edwd. D. Shea. John Fox. 

Aug. W. Harvey. Charles R. Ajnt. 

Hobt. Thorburn. 
Aetiim CUrli lo the Ltgiiladet Coanai, H. Carter, 

176/., cy. 
Ae^ Maitrr in Chaneety, T. J. Kongh, 200/., cy. 

ffoMS ofAuaaUy.' 
Htm. Alei. J. W. McNeily, Q.C., SptaJxr, SS74. 
Me. J.O'Mara. A. J. W. McNei]y,5.a 

B. J. Kent S. B. Carter. 

B. J. Paraons. R V. Bice. 

P. J. Scott. Hon. W. V. Whilewiy. 

L. Tsssier. J. Beodgll. 

IL Fenelon J. H. WaUioa 

• Elected lOUi »DTnaber, im. 

A. Penny. D. J. QreeDe. 

I. J. Little, Q.C. Hon. J. J. Bogeraon. 

P. Nowlan. J, O. Frazer. 

Hon. W. J, Donnelly. P. Winton. 

M. E. Dwyer, G. Skelton. 

J. Collins. J. Saint. 

A. McKay. N. Norman. 

Hod. a. Slioa. J. Rorke. 

C. Dawe. 

CUrk of Ok Douie of Anemhly, John Btoart, $1,260. 

Auittimt Clerk, KicEard B. Holdon, $600. 

SergeajH-fa-Armt, J. B. Bamea, $480 cy. 

SobcitoT to tile Umut ofAiiemblv, John Boone,5490. 

Cidi EiuAIitlimeHt. 

Gornnurr, Cnnanander-in-Chitf, and Vim-Adniiraf, 

Sir John H. Glover, Q.C.M.G., 2,6001.. Britis, 

sterling, (12,000. 
Private Secretaru cf A.D.C., Horatio H. Morgan, 

Capt. Royal Manno Light Infantry 192/. sterling 

Extra A.D.C., Aleiandar Marrsy, C.M.G. 
Co/oBio/SMretaTw.E. JD, Shea, 600(. cy." $2,400. 
Clerkt, John W. Withers, 280(. cy. $1,124; and 

OBorgo W. B. Cartor.auOi., cy. $800. 
Finanaal Secretary, Francia Winton, 300t 
Fimadid Clerk, A. Beid, 20W., cy. 
*«iwr-Gflimj/,J. J.Rogerson,60W,,cy. $2^00. 
Survesar-Geaeral, W. J. S. Donnelly, 600/., cy. 
C/iairman Board of Warkt, Jamea 0. Fraser, 500/. 
Secretary Hoard of Worki, John Stnart, 200t 
^ceoBiMonl, Michael Knight, $1,000, 260i. cy. 
Aaitlant CicrL Patrick Hogan, $60U, 160/. cy. 
fnipecloT o/ljyhlinutet and SuperintendaU ofPubtie 

huildingi, J. T. Novill, 2b<ii. 
Clerk, Thomas Sa]ter,aG00. 
mhf^. Eight liev. LL Jones, D.D. 
Commiuioner of Poor, John Caaey, 250(. 
Roman CaUiola Buhop of St JtAn'i, The Sight 

Bev. Thomas Joseph Power, B.A. 
Roman Caiholic BiaAop of Harbour Grace CvBcant). 
Ca«*in- o/Strinji' ^oni, Edwi '" ' "'-■ 

' ' =:tcphe- ' 

. .. . sytum, , . 

fiojpito/AiTjeoru, Charles Crowdy,Senior Surgeon, 

$600; Henry Shoa, Junior Surgeon, $400. 
Anittant Colltctor of Coloniai Smoaie, Jami 

Hayward, $1,600. 

jndmg ajv' ^''- ° 


Clerk, Pierce M. Barron, f 70O. 
r>rit iMidiag Waiier, James Winter, $1,100. 
Second „ W. 8. Canning, $1,000. 

Third W. White, $760. 

Ut Clerk and Warehomt Keeper, Tacanl, $1,100. 
Clrrki, W. GiU, $900, P. Furlong, $750, J. H, 

Noonau, $760, Francis Berteau, $600. 
Sab-CoUertori, J. B. Duder, J. J. Feice, J. Q. 

Lucaa.Wm. Lang, W. S. Green, FeliiHcCarthy, 

A. Clift,0. GuBtue,T.Winter,F "- ■- *" 

$462 to $800. 
Pail7natter-GmeTa!,Joha Delaoy, $1,660. 
Chief Clerk Q. Le Messurier, $800. 
Siqirrintaident Monty Order Office, Thomas B. 

Dwyer, $800. 
Superintendent, Geolomeal Survey, Alex. Mnrrxy, 

C.M.Q., 450/., cy. 
Attiilant, James P. Howley, 200/., cy. 

Liadmg and Tide Surveyor, James Ii. Noonan, 

tmrrtiiey <if Ikt cileny. 

le ularin Wnf piU !a Un 

Digitized ByGOOgle 



Ills*- ^^H^ ■ i 

k 1 1 i i 
SI Sll^^ 1*^ 



tt-Cliie/, iloMtm <md Mata, omd Bartour 
MoMlfT, Conuundar George Kubiuson, R.N., 

Jui&ial Ettabluhntnt. 

OutfJattieeimdJudgtB/ihe VuM-AdmiralUi Court, 

Sir P. B, T. Cju-tcr, ILC.M.O., S5,000. 
ActHig AttitlaH Judge, John Huywlrd, $1,000. 
DiOo, Bob. J. Fineent, $4,0OU. 
Altomey-Ge»enU,S,it W. V. Whitew»y,K,C.M.U., 

Q.C., eOOf., cj., S2,4l)0. 
aaliator-GaitTtd (Tuaut), 8001., cr. 
Ctii^ Clerk and RtgiilTar oj At Ai^wmm Cuvrt, P. 

Emsrson, 85tUl 
Ckiief Cltrt and Etgutnir of lie SapmHt C(mrt on 

ifortitn CinuU Co«n, L. W. Emereon, 2001. 

sterling and feee $1,1U0. 
CMtfCltTk of the Smreme Court oaSmUUm Orcuit, 

L R. McNeily. 
SamJ"A'ort4iTOi>u(rirt, J. BenuBter.aoOt, $l,aM5. 
SitTtffSmitAent iJiWria, James Carter, 201H, $924. 
Bmitlrar of the Vict-Admiroitg CouTi, E. B. W. 

Lilly ffeos\ 
COtlrai Diilrict ( 

ond J. O. Uouroy, *2,WW. 
Dittriet Cmtri Judgt, liarbow Grace, T. B. Bennett, 

MdgiiovaUt, CariaiecT, ItneX M'Neil, 150/., (830. 
„ firwHi, John Wilcox, 160f., $^30. 

„ TrinUf, a. H. Cole, 150/. $330. 

Plactalia, Thon 

O'Heaiy,150/. $880. 
„ ^wnn, James uoran, 160/., (gUO. 

„ OWfn-ficm.Wm.ChrisIian, laOl., $800, 

_ Grand Bank, Gootko Bimma, 160/.$700. 

„ BaxboT Breton, P. Hubert, 11101. S*e2, 

„ SI. Mars'i, J. Harney, 60/., S'^BO. 

„ Bvrgea, Jolia Jordao, 100/.. $500. 

,, Channel, Fraiioriek Cot. $600. 

Cterk o/the Peace at «. John'; and Clert of Central 

Diitrict Court, K £. \V. Lilly, 220/, $li7l). 
liupertor oj ConMtabularg, P. Carty, 8U0/. Sterliug, 
and allowances. 

Thii Colony la ntnated on the eastern coaat of 

discovered by the Spauiarde in 

SUtiation and Are. 

£ti|Utli eoBilsta. and to vliich plia the di 
BULiaeen of tha 'Baimlj* ren rtmorcti 
Iibnd, la indu ths iBMnnttodniM ot 

I in ee" 25' S. 
I recrjiticla for 

The Colony is aupposed to contain S1D,98') sqnaro 
.;i— "19,0o0,0Of ^ -' —'""-'■ coicA 


The climate of New Soutli Wales affords a wide 
range of lomporature; from the cold of Kiandra, 
where the mean is 43°'5, to that of Grafton, a9°-0. 
On theeoastit ToriDefrumoS"-?, atEdcn, toSB^-O, 
at Graflon, Sydney being ei"-?, almost the same as 
Uailrid (61°'4> Ob the mountains snow hes in 
some pUcoB all the witilar. On the hi|.-li table land 
at Bathurst the menu temperature is ^"-8, and on 
the inland plains about 7U°-0. 

TheralnJallderrcasea as the distance from the 
coast iucreaseB; at Deniliquin it is 13 inches; at 
Sydney, 49 iiicbes; and the daya on which rain 
fi^ls, 141. At T.ciDilon the ntlmbrr of daya is 146, 
aud the amount 24 inches ; only 26 per csut of th^ 
falls in quantities of half an inch and upwards in a 
day, while in Sydney 60per cent, may be fluiil to fallSn 
torrenta of frum half an inch to 8 inches per day. 

The prevnient wiudsia suuuncr are the north- 
east aea-breeie and light westerly; in winter, dry, 
cold easterly; and wet S. and S.E. 

Id winter, on the lowlands, fre^tts are common 
ia Ike sontbcrn and rare in Che northern districte. 

Trade and Indutlrj. 
The great staple produce of Vow South Wales 

In 1870, 57,99D,707 lbs. wcru es]K)rted, the 
prodnce of tbe Colony, valut'd at a,2U«,274;. In 
1871, 6S,811,Bo8 lbs., value 4,748,1()U£ In 1872, 
60,238,453 lbs., value 8,34S,UU0/. 1873, aboat 
o2;i21,466 lbs., vaino about a,5tia,309/. In 1874, 
55.150,924 lbs., vnluo 5,010,125/. InlH76, 67434,280 
lbs., value 15,661,643/: lu 1M76. IOU.736,330 lbs., 
value 5,565 73/. In 1877, 102.160.-^411 lbs., value 
5,256,038/. In 1878, 111,(133,017 IbK., value 
5,723,316/. In 1879, 123,710,460 lbs., value 

The Colony also produces cual, silver, tin, iron, 
copper, gold, tobacco, sugar, and keroBone. 

A mapis published herswithsbowiDglhsuiitieral 
districts uf the colony. 

The live stock on 81 Uareh, 1880, was si 
tollcws:— 360,088 horaeB— cattle, 2,914,210— sheep, 
29,043,392 — pigs, 256,026, Gold and cuin eijiorled 
in 18T9 was valued at, produce of the Colony, 

The ooal mioes have been stpadily advancing 
since 1863. The produce of 18 mines in that year 
is irivea as 483^ tons, valued at 2.'i6,23(l/. In 
Ihe quantity of coal raised from 23 mines 
Btsd to 954,231 tons, of the valno of 417,809/., 
tbeqnantity raised In 1876 from 26 mines amounted 
to 1,253,476 tona, o( the value of 766,134/., in 1876 
the quantity raised from 24 mines was 1,319,918 
tons, valned at 808,300/. In 1877, the quantity 
raised from 28 mines, 1,444,271 tons, valued st 
868,998/, In 1878 raised from 28 mines, 1,676,497 
lino 916,228/. In 1879, raised from 86 

M-ospoct of the same satisfactory urogrcssion. 
The export of coal to the neiji-hbouring colonies 
and to Foreign States lor tho last tour years, and 
1879, was as follows:— 







QiunlilJ. 1 VbIhc 







Tlctwta . . . 
















Qneeiuduid . - 








T»m>DU. . 









South Australia • 









gSE., : 









Chin* . . . 









United Status . 


















OOuriilacea . 









Total . . 










. perlb. 8 
.So! fi u 
.do. 4) • 
.do. 8 
.do. OH 

N^hb««ing Cohniel 








five limes a 



.do. « 1* 
. perton 40 
. perlb. 1 
.So. 1 

Briabane . 






. ea<^ 10 

Adelude . 


Once ■ fort- 

6 days. 

Fruits, bottbd quarts . 

. pwlb. 1 
. perdocsn 2 

Auckland. . 


Steamer about 
once a fort- 

6 days. 

Do. ^nU and nnaller qoantitie 

« per dozen 1 
. parlli. 2 
.da 1 


Hams .... 

VeniDgton . 


Steamer about 

6 days. 

do. 2 

once a month. 

.do. OS 

HobartTown . 


Steamer once a 



dies, or sheets, or corrugatiH 

. pmton 40 

Hew Caledonia. 


Steamer once a 



. pwcwt 8 

Iron" Wire . 

. per ton aO 

n» . . . 


Sftu Piancisco 
Mail, once a 

7 day* 


. perlb. 1 
.do. t 
.do. 1 

SttttOk Idand 




Muslard . 

. per buflhol 6 


. ixirton 40 

Tbsre were TSS miles of nulvn open ia 1879, 

Nnle of all tdnde eioept Cocoa 

•amine a net Mun ot M7,646i. 

'. perlb. 1 

Tha greater part o{ tbe Public Bevenne, amonat- 

Oilman'B Btores— Sauwa an 

teg to more than one-tbird, is d^ved from Oue- 

Pickles— quarts . 
Do. pints and smaller qnantitie 

. perdoten 1 

toms DntieB. Tha other principal BOOrcea 0/ 
nranw are land ules aud rente of load. 

e do. « 

Oilfl, except Animal, Black 


Cocoa-nut, Sperm . 

'. pargalloa 6 

Tbe foIlowiiiR ia a TabU ol CuBtome' Duties 

wares, and mercbandjst 

mixed or murated wii 

Impo^:-"^"^ ''-"*^- ?*£ 

opium or with any prepan 
doo or solnlion Qiereof 

^ . ^. . . . perlb. 2 

steeped therein 

perlb. 10 

Baga and sacks. ... per diwen 1 
l)o.aQmir .... do. 06 

FainM . . . ■ 

. perton 40 

Pi^wawWriting and Fancy 

. perlb. 1 

Beer, ale, porter, spruoe or 

Do. Brown and Wrapping 

. percwt B 4 

otbar beer, in wood ot jar . per gallon 6 

Pepper . . . 

. perlb. S 

Do. in bottle . . . .So. 9 

Powder, Blasting 

.do. 1 

BiKuita perlb. I 

Bine do. ] 

Do.. Sporting . 

.do. 1 

.do. 8 

Oaadka do. 1 

BicB . ' 

. perton 60 
.do. 40 

Cement per barrel 2 

Bope. . 

Cheese . . . . cerlb. OS 

B^ud Saltpe 

.perlb. 1 

ChtooTT . 




. perto 



■Sareaparilla— IfconUiningnot ». d. 

more than twecty-tlve per 

ceotom of Proof BpiriU . per liqniJ gaUoa i 

Suhea each 1 

Bhot iwr GWt. 6 

Shutters fnch ' " 

Soda C»TBt«lB ■ ■ ■ . 1-a-ton 20 


tJlTints— On ^I kinds of Spirit^ 
imported into the Cd1od7, the 
strength ol which can ba 
ascertalnad by Syke'a Hydro- 
meter . . . - POT proof gallon 12 
Spirita— On all Spirits audSpi- 
ritnona Campounds imported 
into tbs Colony, the atrength 
of which cannot be ascer- 
tained bj Byke'a Hydro- 
maler . . . .per liqiud gallon 12 
SpiritB, Methylated . . pereeUon 2 

Staroh per lb. 1 

SncradsB do. It 

Sugar, Bcdmd . . . . uor cwt. 6 8 

Do.Baw 00. 6 

Do. llolassea and Treacle , . do, 8 4 

Tea per lb. OS 

Timber, Dresaed , . pet 100 ft. super. 2 
Do. Bongh and Undressed .do. 10 

Tobaco(>,lUniifactBi«d(uidSniiff perlb. 3 
So, 10 

do. 8 

pergallon X U 


Viml^ . 

WlitfSi ^Hvltlin^ 
DoToUier kinda 

In New South Wales, " responaible QoTenunenl " 
waa esUbliihsd bv the Constitntion Act, 18 and IS 
Vict., cap. 54. The GoTeraoc la appointed by the 
(Jrowo- BO alaa ia the Legislative Council, which 
is to conaietofnot fewer than ai persona, of whom 
not leaa than foar-Sftha shall consiat of persons 
mil hoJdiiK oiBce nnder the Orowi^ except officers 
in H-lfs sea or land forces on fuU or lialf pay. 
Tlie members of the first Lngialative Council of the 
Colony w»e wpointed tor 6 years, but all sabaeqaent 
appointments have been made for life, snbject to 
itained in the AcL The Conn- 


certain pronHiona* 

cil now coniistH of 40 membera. 

The LegiHlatiTe Aeaembly, under the "Eleotoral 
AC* of 18Ki " (44 VicU No. 18), is to coasiat of 108 
members, re[ffesODting 72 olecloral districts ; and 
proVMion la made for giving increased leprp-."*-- 

™^ ^ the f 

growth of popUlatiDn. The qnalifloation for elf 
to the Asaembly eitenda to " every male subject 
of Her Majesty of the full a^e of 21 years and ab- 
solutely free, being a uatural-bom or natnraliied 
subject," with CBrtain Bpccial eiceptiona. 

The eleotoral fraochise ia given, sobject to cer- 
tain (JBeial and other diequalifloationB, to "every 
male subject of Her Mojesty of the full age of 21 
years anil absolutely free, being a aatural-born 
or natunU»d subject," if entered on the Boll of 
Eloctore, Ondar oneorotheroftha f oUowinghaada :— 

1, "BeaidentEleclors.— Every sucli subject who 
at die time ot making out the Eleotoral List in any 
Buch District shall TOTde, and dming the ail months 
then next pr«csdlDg shall have raeided tn that 

• ActllVictJo.S. 

t Uieraiu 

wliether or not ao TDsident as aforesaid, who si .._ 
litvs at the time uf making out the said Electoral 
List, and for thu six montha then next precediiig 
shall hare hod within the district a freehold or 
leasehold estate is poBsesaion, or have been in tbs 
reoeipt of the rents and profits thereof for Ida own 
use of the clear value of 100'., or of the ananU 
value of 10(. respectirely, or who shall then ocoupy, 
and (or the said six mouths have occupied, withm 
the district any house, warehouse, couuting-houBe, 
oS&ce, shop, room, or building, being either sepa- 
rately or jointly with any laud irithin ench district 
occupied by him therewith of the annnal value of 
loi., such oocupstion being either ocntinuoualy ot 

for pastoral purpOBsa 
wiTjiiu Bucn aisinci : rroviueo that no elector pos- 
ESBsing more than oue qualiflcatioD within the samo 
electoral district shall be tharuby entitled to an 
additional vote for tbat district: Provided alao 
whcD auy premises are jointly owned or oocuplod 
or held on lease by mora peraons than one. each ot 
auch ioiat owners, occupieru, or Isaaoholders ahaU 
be envied to rote ia i-t.-Bnect ot auci 
case the value of his Individual inb 
separately taken would, under the provisionB ol 
the said section, entitle hint to vote if aole^ 
iuferested." (Section II.) 

The voting at elections is by ballot, aa it was 
alao under tho old electoral Act of 1858, now re- 

Succeasion of Qovernors. and the Dales on whicL 
they assumed and retired from the QoVBrDment. 

Captain A. Phillip, RN., from Jan. 26,1TS8, to Dec 
10, 1792. 

Captain F. Qroae (Lieutemuit-Gorenior), fromDao. 
11, 1792, to Dec 12, 1791. 

Captain PatecaoD, Mew South Wales Corps (IdBD- 
tenant-Goremor), from Dec 13, 1T94, to SepL 1, 

Captain Hunter, B.N., from Sept 7, 1795, to Sept. 
27, 1800. 

CaptiuD P. Q. King, aH., from Sept. 28, 180S, to 
AugiBt 12, 1806. 

Captun W. Bligh, KN., from Augnat 18, ISOS, t* 
Jan. 26, 1808. 

Darii^ Govtmor BU^h'i awpnuion, tie 
tnu (Bccunaely aiiminutfrtd bg 

Lloutonant-Colonel Q. Johnstone, Lieutenant- 
Colonel Poveaui, and Colonel William Pateraon 
(south Wales Corps, afterwards 
from Jan. 26, 1808, to Dec. SB, 

Muor-General L. Macquarie, from Jaiu 1, 1810; to 

iJec. L 1821, 
Mftjor-General'Sir T. Briabsno, K.C.B„ from Daa 

1, 1821, to Dec 1, 1825. 
Colonel Stewart, Srd Begiment or ButFa (Acttng 

GoVBmor), from Dec 6, 1826, to Dec. 18, 1826l 
Liouteuant-Ueneral R Darling, from Dec. 19, 1826^ 

to Oct 21, 188L 
Colonel Lindasj, C.B. (Actii^ - Qovermir}, from 

Oct. 22, 1881, to Dec 2, 1831. 
Major -General Sir B. Bourkes K.03., from Deo. >, 

1881, to December 6, 1887. 
Lieutenant-Colonel E. Snodgrasa (Lientenant- 

Goremoi^ from Dec. 6, 1887,10 Feb. 23, 1888. 
Sir Haurim O'Coluuill, from July 12, 18tS, to Aug. 



a Ang. 8, 1846, I 

Sir CbtrUe A. Fitz Rov froi 
J«n, 17, 1865. 

Bir Willinm ThonuB Donison, K.C.B., from Jan. 
20, lHs5, to Jan. 22, 18G1. 

ColooDl HoDTT Keane Bloomfleld, John Hnbert 
Plunkett, Esq., and Charlefl Cowper, Esq., ad- 
ministrators during BbsoncB of Sff W.Denison 
■t Norfolk Island from Sept. 17 to Ort, 27. 1857. 

Oolonol John MaiwoU Perceval, Bir William Weai- 
hrooke Kurton, Ht, and Charles Coivpar, Esq., 
adminiBtratnrs during absenra of Su- W. Denison 
at Norfolk Island troin June IG, to Jnl^ 

fro - 

nel John F.KemiitfAdDunii 
»MarTh21, r" 

Bight Honoureblo Sir John Yonng, Bart, K.U.B., 
&.O.M.G„ afterwards Lord LiBgnr(Adminiatrs^ 
tor), March 22, 1861. lo May, 15, 1861, Governor- 
in-Ohiof, May 16, 18G1, to Decerabor 21, 1H67. 

Sir Trevor Clmte, K.C.B. (Administrator from 
December 25, 1867, to Janaary 7, 18681. 

Somerset Richard Lowry Corry, Earl of Belmore, 
Janoary 8, 1868 lo Fob. 22, 1872. 

Sir Alfred Stephen, £t, C.K (Cbief Joslice), 
from February 23 to June 2, 1872. 

eirHerculBB Q.R.Robinson, Q.C.M.G,,from Jone 
3rd, 1872, to Mnrch 18lh, 1879. 

LiaOenaat - Gocrmor, Sir Alfred Stephen, C,B., 
K.C.M.G., from Mar. 20th, 1879, to Aug, 8id, 

ight Hon. L 

rd Augustus W 

a Lcrttng, 

4th August, 



































iHtanttd Potmlatiim of the Col<m« of New South Walei att&tmd 


r rt™1865(o 

1879, aid lilt HunAer 6f VatfUbtalt in Ihty^an 

1865 to 1879, mth Ute Tonnage o/thi una 

DaeripUon of TeweU Biult tad Toan^ of nnui in 1864-1878. 


















' 16 







348.6U lee.tog 



























































































(I Banj. 
(4 Bri^ 

























































1870, 9,681,130 

1871, 10,614,380 

1872, 10,77.1,280 

1873, 10,842,415 

1876, 11,769,619 

1877, 11,724,419 

1878, 11.688.119 

1879, 14,987,419 

n 7^000'., praceedi of Tr 

Po/n^ion ai end of year. 

1870, 602,861 1876, 606,662 

1871, 519,182 1876, 829,776 

1872, 589,190 1877, 662,21! 
1878, 560,275 1878, G93,74« 
1874, 684,278 1879, 7a4;282 

111 or DebenlorH inaed under It Tict.. m teeoi 
[)06aC al IHA*. and 300,000^. temwarj Loan, 

□r 328,72111. ISt.lDif.nmittad in tl 

ebcntoie die Id 1872. 

Uie aliaTCil buing boilt otlSl t« 

"iM^lB sddil 























































0/ Imporlt imd Exporti. 











































































PrtMaU, Sir John Hay, K.O.M.G., 1.20af. 




John CampbeU. 

H White. 

BunnfllDoane Gordon. John 


E. C. Weefes. 

Sir W. MacArthur, Kt. 

Wm. Bubv. 
ArcUbild Ben. 

Francis Lord, 

Edwwd Flood. 


ander Campbell. 

J«n™ Morion. 

ChKloa Campbell. 

Oeorge Ookaa. 

Georite Henry Coi. 

Wm. K. Piddlngl 

on. E.D 

Ptuart Ogilvio. 

John Stewart. 

F. M 


T. W. Bnuri. 


Brown Watt. 

J. Docker. 


T. Holt. 


AUred Btanben. 

C.B..K.C.M.G.' ■ 

Sir J. 0. L. InoM. WiUi.m Qrahwne. 

Edwd. King Coi. 



Leopold FanoDe Bali*. 

William Haclea?. Sir John BobertMlo, 

Goorge Thornton. K.C.M.G. 

Clerk o/tAii ParBimaiU, John J. Calvert, 700t 

Aiiiilmt diOo, A F. Clapia, 6D0f. 

CAoinuM o/ CowmMeei, Bir G. J. L. Iiinea, KL, GOOL 

Udar of tie Blact Jtod, U. T. Shadforth, 4002. 

Uinaiiat, Bobert BogorB, 8601 

Legitlaiiet AtttB^y. 
•Ill, a. W. Jones, 8D0f 
t. W. Wabb, 600/. 
^Hd iUto tfitfo, John A. Vivian, 600f. 
Coalman of Comnittta, AnguK Camsroii, 60<U. 
SergioHl at Arm; t. J. Harnett, 400/. 
TKt Executiiie Coancil. 
Coloml SarOaTtt, The Hon. Sir Henrr Fkrkes, 

ColaAil Tmuurer, The Hon. James Watson. 
MiritUrrofJuiUce.Ths'aaTi.Sii Q. J. L. IniMS, 

StcntarsJhr Landt, The Hon. James HosMoi. 
Secniarsfor PuMic Work), The Hon. John Luktj, 
Stcnlaryfor Minei, The Hon. lilzekiel Aleiandcr 

PotlmaHtr-Gtuand, The Hon. F. B. Suttor. 
JlitUiler of Public Itutmcliott, and Vicr-PrttidtKt, 

The Hon. Sir John Robertson. K.O.M.G. 
Clert oj lis Coiaua, A. C. Budge, J.P., GOO/. 

Coil EMtaUMmfal. 

tfi>eicni0r,di:., LordAuguatuaW.S.Loftns, G.C3., 

7,000/: ' ^ — . . 

lieutoim^Gotitnior, Sir AUred Stephen, E.C.M.G., 

Prieatt BterOars, Ednraid Boginald Stirling Bloi- 

Bome 4,00/. 

Loftns, 4li,. 
Clerk, William Byrnes, 816J: 

CoUmial SeereUtrs'M Deparlmtnl. 
Calimal Secretara, Sir Henry Tarkes, E.C.H.n., 

Principal Under Secrffaruj Bichard ComeUiu 

Critchett Walker, J.P., 800?. 
Chirf Clerk, John J. M. Beatty, LL.D., 600/. 
Firit aerk, in cAorm of Long Room, Edvpard W. 

McKoiiny, 450/. 
Skmhu/ Cltrk, Thumai P. UcLerie, 4001. 
TIdrd Clerk, in charge of Rtcvrdi, J. J. Taylor, 825t 
FovTtk Cirri, J. Q. Coben, S00(. 
Fifth Clerk, J. E. Onnieton, 226/., andS other derka. 

Tit Tnaturs. 
Colonial TVauurtr and Steretary for Fmanet aad 

Trade, The Hon. Jamoa Wataori, 1,500/. 
Undtr-Seereltay, Hon. Geoffrey Fa^nr, J.P., 800/. 
AccoiMUmt, Jaa. Pearson, 600/. 
tAie/ InMpidor o/ Public Rccemit Cotlrdon' Ac- 

coaiU, Jas. Thomson, 700/. 
Tniptclor4 oJ Public Rirenae Colkelort' AccituHlt. 
J. J. Faton, 660;.. F. Kirkpatrick, 650/1, aod 
C. H. T. Pinhey, 550/. 
Bectieer, W. Newcombe, 600/. 
Pamaittr, J. D. Cronin, 600/. 
EzauuntT of AeamnU, R. A. Cantor, 400/. 
C/trtq/"CwTe™oJnfcn«,B,M.Bi«K 400(. 
Clerk of Record; A. E. Evans, 850/. 

S<A-Aceoit»lani, Jaa. N. Oatley, 350/. 
lit Cleric, Philip J. Holdaworth (_Revenno Branch), 

Cfcrli, 8, at 800/. ; 2, at 3161; 4. at 250?. ; 1. at 286/.! 
1, at 2-i6L-, 7, at 200/.; 2. al 190/.; 3,at 1781.; 2, at 
165/. ; 2,at 150/. ; l,at 126/. ; 5, at lOO/. ; 2, at 75/. { 


Jto^ Branch Mint. 
DeptOs Sfailer, Eahert Hunt, 1,10(U. 

Saaor Clerk and Melttr.E. O. Hbtwoo 
Seaior Auayrr, Dr. A, Leibius, 70W. 
Auagtr, J. W. McCntcheon, 6001. 

Sfpartmeai if/ Laxdt 

CUef Commiitioiitr of Cm^imal aata, A. O. 

Horiarty, 8U0(. 
Seadi ofBroHchrt : — 

CoadMonal Kida, W. Bltcbnan, iOOL 

Hinutrrial, Honry Oaborno liich, 400f. 

Miicellanena,, L. O. Thomnaon, KHU. 

J>tedi,J. WiHeniBD,360;. 

Jttconli, a. Frteroan, 350/. 

iftoK, F. If. wiiaoD, am. 

Auction, J. G. Blmxlaod, S5D/. 

And abovo 160 otlier Gierke (Inclad- 
iug temporary uuea). 

Bobmk Gardent. 

DincCor, Charloa Moore, iSOl 

Ihrrcryif iMndi. 
SUmesor-Gntral, P. P. Ailsma, l.OOOi. 
Dqmlu Surergor-Gtneral, R. D. Fitzgerald, 9007. 
IS Dfattict Surroyors nt fiOOJL each foe salar; and 

2301 each for diuiimient allowance. 
11 First CiasB Smroyora at 400t each tor ealarj 

knd 330'. eacli equipmoDt allowance. 
18 Sacond Class KarreyorB at BOOi for salary and 

230J. ettch Hquipment allowance. 
£4 Field Aenletauls or Cadets, one for each Bur- 

veyot's party. 
J. H. Ellis, Chi'f DraJitouBt eOGF., and aboat 100 

Officers with Knlitrics ranglDf>: from G50/. to 761. 

Triangulation andgenc nil surrey of the Colony, viz. : 

I First Glass Surveyor u-ith raJary at 600/. and 
expenses, and 3 at 400/. with expenses; also 2 
Second Class SuTreyora, at SOOl and expensea. 

3 Field Asi^iatiiiila. 

II Draf tsmon and CompulOTB itith salsiieB ranging 
from 500t to Toi 

D^>OTlmtia if Mhttt. 
Secretary for iliaa, Hon. EieUel Alexander Bafair, 

Onder-Strrrtarg, Harrie Wood, J.P., tOOl. 
Chief Clerk, Gerard E. Herring, 500(. 
Remifrar, T. C. Blnny, 3601. ; and 10 Clerks. 
CSef Sliaiag Surcegfr, It. D. Fitzgerald (also 

Depttty Survoj-or-ljeneral). 
MM^ Simtaori, 3. J. Bnllivan, 300/.; H. B. Sol- 

livan, 300', ; equipment allowanoe, 230'. each. 
Cldef DraJUman, W. 8. Campbell, 600/, 

And 7 cither Draftsmen, 
Wardem, T. A. Smith, 76'. ; and C. de BooB, *»/. 

each ; and l(i othorn without salary. 
Kramiatr af Villi Fif/ib, J . MoKeniie, 600/, 
Intpeaor, 'i'liii«. LoiviH, 800/. 
Geol-igical Sarrfinri, V. S. Wilkinson, 600/., and 

2S0'. cquipnioiit ulloivance; 1 Field Assiatiint 

110/.; and 1 CoUoclor, 109/.; E. F. Pittman 

400/., equipment allowance iStlLi L. H. Q. 

Young, iWiL, equipment 230/. 
orator ofiluitam, 11. Wilkinson, Hit. 


Croiea Latdt OceupatUm BrmA. 
Cldef Officer, Thomas W. Harriott, 600'. 
Clerh St charge of PoMlon^ Lcaia, G. Uansfleld, 

Aocomtrnt, Ed. Dwyer 250/, 

And li other Clerks. 
ISfoiYri Avi^iBt200f. each; and 2 at IDOt each. 
CIdef Drqftmim, E. Du Haur, 9001 

And 5 Draftsmeu and 2 Cadets. 

Department a/ irori(. 

Miniiier for Pvbiic Worla, lion. John Laukey, 

Under SrcrtUtru for Public Wirrkt, John Eae, M.A., 

J.P., 800'. 
Chief Clerk, OnaiA Halligan, 0601. 
ClerU, William Forde, 400/.; 0. B. Airey, 800/. 
And ! otlier Clerks. 

Sailicay Branch. 
Geiurul EslabUahmeat. 
Comimuimer, C. A. Goodchnp, 1,0001 
Secrrtarw, D. Vwnon, BOO', 
ChU/Clerk, Q. Berner, 8501 
Accomtant, F. J. Wickham. 460'. 
Prwcipai Bookkteper, J. Vernon, 3501 
Caehier, John T. Bryant, 1001 

And 10 oiher Clerks. 
Examiaer, Wagei Branch, H. J. Sheridan, 376/. 
And other Clerks. 
Emeliag Liiut oj" SaiinK^i. 
Engineer, Wm. Hason, 1,000/. 

Engineer, Bobort H. Burnett, 1,0001 

Manager, South and Weilern Art/unin, Wm. T. 

Road, 6001 
Mananer, Northern Uaiticaya, John Higcs, 600/. 
Auditor, Thomas Carlislo, 400/. 
Btonkeeper, A. Richardson, 3601 
■Ode/, John Whitf on, 1,800/. 
7 tlistrict Engiuecrs, and an Inspecting Ifngineer. 

and an Asstatant Lngineor for Trial Surveya. 
18 Surveyors. Trial Liues Hfdlnay. 
Atiiilanl Enmnter, John W. Drecvelt, 6001 
■-■■■■ Praftsn 

SoadM and Bridge*. 

Commiaioner and Enginter-tn.CiieffoT Soadt, W. 
C. Bennett. 9001 

Aeriiiant EnglneT (pro. tem.), T. B. Daniells, 660/. 

Chief Clerk, Q, C. fiamch, 400/. 

Accountant, P. H. Flynn, 400/. 

And la other Clerkfl. 

SuperinlmdenI of Electric TdimuAt, B. 0. Crack- 
nel!, 8001 

Mr. Craoknall is also Major ConmumXng Torpedo 
and SiipiaJHug Corm, 3001 

Auiitani Sapenntendent, P. B. WaUsT, 5001, and 
iiovoral Clarks. 

Mr. Walter is also Captain of Torpedo aid Sunal- 
li-Hj Corpi, 1001 

EnginetT-ia-CIUef /or flarbortrt and Siotr Ifaeiga- 

'■-., E. O. Moriarfv, 1,100/. 
iani Engineer, John Skinner, 600/. 

Chief Clerk, J. BarUng, 5001, and 8 Cierka. 
Also T JGngirtcerB, 5 Draf lamen, and 8 Smreron. 



Ordiuaet mtdBarradiDip ar lmaa. 
Ordnance Slortkeeper and Barracis Matter, Julien 
Tbomas fibcchard, Be(U. 

BegulmT-GeHeTart Dejiartmttil. 

ComiUar of Gtnend Slatitlia amt Blu$ Bh* Hy. 

C£. Kewc[nnbs,360I. 
IScammtr and OmpiUr of Pitol SUilUthi, W. Ii. 


Laud TUlet Cotmnuioatr$. 
liichird JoDSB, paid b; fees. 
A. W. Scott, dllto. 
Exttminen o/' TUUi, Edmund Barton, John Booth 

Jonee, and Henry Dyer Maddnclc, 800/. eacb. 
Dm^ Se^ttrar-Otiml, Charles John Unddle, 

Prmti^ Dn^tmam, B. If. FeBmon, 6001. 
Ckrt to £aBmun, Jopas Lomlw, SDOJl 

Dttd» Branch. 
Dejmtg Rigumtr, J. B. Dolt, 3001. 

CoUedor of CWont, W. A. Dddcui, 1,000/. 

lAmlmg Sunewn, A. Uerney, 62U., £. Jmwa, 600^ 

ClliefClerk, W. N. Llawellia, bSOI. 

ind iStto, J. H. HndilDcks, 5301. 

ard cUto, U. J. Budcer, a7U 

4tA diKo, Bichard KeUy, iOOL 

5(A •£«(>, Bobert Small, 3751., and 14 other CUuks 

tt MlvwB a/ leas thui SUUf. 
I«( £aMbw »"(>{«■, A. J. OnoBb;, lU/. 
2>Kf ifiHo, Thomae Godfrey, il6L 
6rd diUo, W. B. T. Puisnuve, S1>(U., and 18 other 

Lauding WaiCerH U lese aalarieB. 
Itf TUe itarTwyar, B. L. Eamea, STU. 
aarfflftto, Wiu. amjth, 37Si 
IConkawatB^Kr T. FBDCoort, 4601. 
le Looter), at BslorioB of 27dJ. and nadar. 
Andilor-GentraTt D^iartmenl. 
Aaditor-Gemrai, C. I^olleston, 90U. 
/nqvctor 0/ Jcfointtt, £. A. Bennie, 60W. 
Atattaat Iiupecior, 4501. 

And over 30 Clerks. 

Central Pot Offbx- 
Patmailer-GmenU, Hon. F. B. SuMor, 1,6001. 
Sierrlara, S. H. Lamblon, J.P. 800/, 
atU/dai, Junes Dalf^iinia, 500i. 

Caiiifr, Q. Tbompnon. 
Po*lai latpfciori, williua Biichnnui, O. ds HUhao, 
W. J. Davioa, and ^'ickers Uuyse, 46021 eiuh. 
And many other Clerks. 

Simmirtflid™*, P. W. nni, 800t 
Ckiff Clerk, A. J. Doak, 600/. ; and acTsral other 

Ailrommer, K. C. Rassell, B.A., TODf. 
AitroiKmiad Auulant, Henry A. Lenehan, SOOI. 
Celomal ArcAitecl' 

ChHmof B'ori»,M.W.LBwifl,JO«.; J.M'Oraokan, 

4601.; E. 5. V. Spencer, 4J5f.; and S at S60L, 
and 1 at SOOI. 
FoTaHa* oj Warkt, Jamsi Kay, 27S/. ; and 1 at SSOi. 
OAef DTofltntan, &c. A. Ckwk, 4001., 1 drafttmm 

at SOOJL, 1 at 300J., 1 at 1761., and 1 at 160^ 
aUffCltrt, James HcShane, 60W: 
Cfcri»,J. T. Nonle, 3fiO/. 

Q. B. Black, 800(., 1 at 276/., 1 at 2E0I., and 
2 at 2D0/„ 1 at 160J. and 2 at lOOJl 
Caiittt, 4, 1 at lOOH, 1 at 751., 2 at 62/. 
GOBemmtnt Pnufer, Injector <if Stangn, aad 

I Dtpartnaiit and Police 

Smerintendent, C. I . . . 
C&rf Ckrt a«d CaiJuer, Georga Kellick, 27B/. 
Aaxmtimt, Jbo. Btoel. 250/. 

C^Inipector oflHitUleriu, H, Lnmadaine, 676/. 

i/a&a/ Addirr to lA» GoeenaieiU, H- U. AUeyne, 

U.D. (no salary). 

■ ■ bK "/ I'tt 

M. Egan, 440/. 
Oqiartiiient of Ptiblie Jrutmetion. 
Minitter of Public Itulrvctiim, Sir John Eoberison- 

/7fHJn- Secretary, William Wilkins, 900/. 
ClaefClert, Geo. Miller, 560/. 
Caihier, Andrew Kurfai, 476/. 
AccamtoHt, J. M. Gibaon. 4T6/. 

Clerk of Correipandcace Bnmdi, D. J. Cooper, 



AnJuteel, G. A. MauBSetd, 350/. 

Po/ice LlepurtmeBt. 
ftupedor-Gmeral aj Police, Edmund Fosbery, 800/., 

and 1121. forage allowance aod honse. 
CM-/ (7Jcri and ^ccouKuxf, Thomas Uanry Qotr. 
8 SaperinUrndttOt at 6D0/: each. 
2 ZWd „ 450/. 

S ilieta „ 400/ 

Polict HagiUrata CnOral Police Office, D. C. F. 

8oott, 6O0/. 
AmtUmt Poliee Uagittratt and Clrrk of Pttio 

Setmamt, Wm. Cnoe, P.H ., 600/. 
Water Poliee MagiitTate, J. H. Marsh, 600/. 
C. P. S., P. C. Lncas, 600/. 
Controller-General of Friioia, HaroM Hactaaa, 

-.u^..«. 1,000/. 
Superintendenl of iIk Hotpilal for the Itumt, ParO' 
matia, Charles Taylor, H.B., 6001. 

Judicial and Legal IfgioTtnenU. 
Himiter ofjiutice, Sir J. G. L. Innes, Kt, 1,600/. 
Under Secretary, Wm. Edmond Plnnkett, BOOJl 
Chie/ Clerk, T. E. MacNovin, 400/. 
Clerk of Record!, H. J. Chieholm, S60/. 

And 7 other Clerks. 
Catf Jtatiet, The Hon. Sir Jsmea Martin, Ki., 

Ditto, Sir William M. Manning, Kt.,2,a00i: 

auto, and Jadgt i* Matrimonial Cowu, WIDIam 

Oharles Windejer, 2,0001 
DiOricl Court Jndgei, and Ckannen of l^uirttr 

Wm. H. Wilkioi 
SoiMem DitiriH, AKrad HcFarluid, 1.000. 
ScwtA-iEwirm Utrict, Daiid O. Fotba*, l,000L 
Weitem Ditlrict, Joshua Frcy Josephson, 1,000/. 
jVertiffn Ditlrict, Frodk. Wm. Moymotl, 1,000/. 


North Wf^eni and EaiKm Diitnct, C. E. K. 

Uana.j, 1,0001. 
Matter in Eqdty, A. T. nalro;d, 1 OOOf. 
Produxiaiars aad Candor of InlestaU Etlata, 

Pradarick Chapouui, 700t 
aUf Clerk o/aapreme Court, J. A. Hoad, 400/. 
Chi^ CatrmdaUmtT oj Ijuohent Eitatet, Q. H. 

Deffell, 1,000/. 
aSen/f, Charlea Cowpfir, jun., 650/. 
Under tSirrif, J. Q. Thurlow, 4fl0/. 
Cldef Clerk, J. H. Ennia, 300J1, and 3 othors. 

Attomey-GmeraTt DepnrtnteTii. 
AHonts-General, The Hon. Robert Wisdom, 1,600?. 
SecntoTf to AUomey-GentnJ, O. U. Reid, 500/., 

and a Clerk at 16^. 
ParliameHlars DrqfUman, 1,0001. 
Cltrk, aooi. 

CroaM Solicitor, 3. WilliamB, 1,000/. 
FinI Cleri, H. H. Ould, SOOi. 
<7/enb,J.J. Lec,a50?. 

M. S. Harte, 8001 

1 at 250/., 1 at 200/., and one at 1261. 
Cnnm Proucatori, F. E. Sogers, 6001. 
E. Lee, 600f. 
P.J. HealT,600t 
E. B. Docker, 600/, 
J. J. TcBce, 600t 
R E. O'Connor, M. A., 5001 
A. P. Backliaose, 500/. 
Clerh ofPeacf, A. C. Prazer, 650/. 
Clerk to Cltrk of the Proa, H. W. Porater, 2fl0;. 
And 3 utbor Gierke. 
Marine Board. 
PrerideM, F. Hiison, 650/. 
Secrrlary, lUarine Board, Q. R. Lindeman, 400/. 
Harbotir Matter. Sydney, Akx&nder Bell, 350/. 
ClndrmiM of Local Marme Board and ffartoar 

Matter, AVcojE/', Darid T. Allan, 460/. 
sapping Matteri, Sudtiey, John Brown, 400/. 

litaautie, C. H. Eannell, 3001 
Bithop of Sydney and MelTopolil<at, Bt. SaT. Fred. 

Barker D.D., 2,0001 
BUhcp of Netrcaille, JosiaJi Brown Pearson, D.D. 
BUkiyi ofGoulbvrn, Ht. Hev. M. Thomae, D.D. 
Bithop of GraJioB and Amidoie, Bt. Bev. James 

Francu Tnrner, D.D, 
BMop ofBathwrit, B(. 3tev. 8. E, Marsden , D.D. 
Dtm of Sydney, Very Rev, W. M. Cowppr, M.A.,3001 
D — rj_~. CoittKiorwl Court (vaeant), fe«s. 

Qrimm (B^nisin),"M.A., 2001 
Roman Catiolic Arcli6iiiop,S. B. Ytmgbi 
Soman CatholU BUliopt, 

Mailla«d, Kt. Ebt. Dr. Murray. 

Batiarit, Et. Rot. Dr. M. Qulnn. 

ArmdaU, E(. Bev. EImst Torrepgi""*. Ti.T>. 

Got^Hrm, Bt B«t. William Lanjgan. 


, «.4sn.(,Q.F. Wise, 600/. 

Inipector ofPibUr Chariiitt, Hngb BobieoD, 6001 
Prvtcipol IXbrarinn, /V« Public Ubrara, Eobert 

Cooper Walker, 4501 
LIbronan of Lending Bra»di,'E. G. W. Palmer 8501 
-4«nt-Cenfi-n//"l- the Colon,), Sanl Samnel, C.M.O., 

3,0001, 5, Westnunstor Chambera, London, 
Secretanf to Agent-General, S 
Emi^ratvm and Dttpatolang 

Chi^ Cleric, W. Eoblnson, 2501 


BiiaiOian and Area, 

The Colony of New ZealandconaiBt.B of threeprin- 

cipal iaUnda, called respectively the North, tba 

Middle, and the South or Stuwart'a laland. Thera 

Chatham lalea and the Auckland Islea. The entire 

Fiup liea between S3° aud 53° S. lat., and 162° 
long, and 173° W. long. The three principal 
islands extend in length 1,100 iniles, but tlieir 
breadth ia eitremely variable, ranpngtroin 43 miles 
to 260 miles ; tlie averago being about 140 miles, 
iq. HDet. Aerei. 
100,000 or 64,000,000 
44,000 or 28,000,000 

1 climate, from 

The toUl area ot New 
Zealand ia about . 

Ditto of North Island ,' 

Ditto ot Middle Island . __, .. .. . 

Ditto of Stewart's Island 1,000 or 640,000 

It will thus be seen that the total area ol New 
Zealand ia somewhat leas than that of Qraat 
Britain and Ireland. 


From its healthy and aalubric 
Ita great extent of ' '' 
tion with regard t 

of Australia, New ZealBTid is oftou called " 
Great Britain of the Southeru ITf mi sphere." Tbe 
temperature is, howoTor, much more eqnable than 
In the ilritishlales. While the Bummera are as cool 
as those of England, the winters are as warm as 
those of Italy. The mean annual temperature at 
Auckland is nearly the same as at Rome; at 
Wellington, nearly the same as at Milan ; at Dun- 
edin, nearly the snuis as at London. The official 
reimrts ot the Medical Departnujnt show that 
wLereaa the annual mortalitv from all dieeases 
out ot every 1,000 British soldiers (jnartered in the 
United Kingdom was IE, it was only 5 ont of every 
1,000 in the troops quartered (or mors than twenty- 
Avs ysars in Now Zealand. 


New Zealand was diacorercd in 1G42 by the Dulcli 
navigator, Tasman, who, however, did not land 
upon ita shores, lu 1769 it was first visited by 
Captain Cook, who in that year, and during sobse- 
qoent voyagt^s, explored its coaatE. The country 
subsequently became a resort for whalers and traders, 
chiefly from Australia, as woll as a field for the 
labonrs of tlie Missionary Sooieties, Id 1840, the 
native chiefs ceded tlie eovcreicnty of New Zealand 
to the British Crown by the Treaty of Wailangi, 
and the islands were erected into n British colony. 

The aborigines, called Maorie. are a remarkable 

about 600 yearB, ur twenty (:enerntions ago, Irom 
Hawaiki, which waa probably Hawaii in the 
Sandwich IslaDds, or Savaii, in the Navigator, or 
Samoa, group. They are divided into about 
twenty different clans, analogous l<i thone of the 
Hig&landeot Scotland. There have lioentwoMaori 
wars; the first lasted Irom 1K45 until 184R ; the 
second lasted from 1860, with little intermission, 
until 1870. But fully half the clans have always 
been friendly to the English; and many of them 
have fonjjht on the side ot the Colonial GoTcm- 

tranqDUlity appears to have been established ia 
'"'' throughout the country. It was estimated. 

f \ 


sUBwmc rnt mgresto milwayS 

(cttisTimercD, etusruticnms, sunvEreo or ecuTctiKATtO.) 


Digitized ByGOOgle 


on ist H&rch, 18TB, tlut the MaonB (inclndine 
hatr-utateB) uoountDd tn 42,819, bU of whom dvet 
in Die North Islaad, with the eiccption of 2,28! 
so&ttered over the other ialands. 


A couatitntioDal form of Gi^Temment «m esta- 
bliahed in New Zealand by the Imperial Statute 
1ft and IB Vic, cap. 72, pnsBed in 1862. By that 
Act, ths Colony was divided into nix provinces, 
since incrBasad to nioe — viz., Auclcland, Tannaki, 
WeUinjtton, Kelson, Canterbnry, Utagn, Hawke'a 
Bay, Woatland, and Marlborough — each ^vernfld 
by a Bnperintetident and ProviDcial Council, 
elected by the inbabitaota nnder a franchise 
whii^ practically amounts to household suffrag*. 

" a Act of the General Aaaainbly,S9 Vic, No. 

By an 
XXI., p 

._ _ . , . ra^rerioDsly 

eiercised by superiiilendButa and provincial offlcera 
are now exarcified by the Governor or by local 
boarda. The Act pruvid«i that the aboUtioQ 

until the day after the conclusion of the than next 
session of the Assembly, uxcopting that in the 
meantime Provincial Councils should not bold any 
laeetiQK. Before the ueit Seseioa there was a 

Sineru election, and the first Session of the now 
nrliament ended on the 31st of October, 1876. 
Nothing was done during the Session to repeal the 
Abolition Act, and the iiroviuces, therefore, ceasod 
to exist the day after the SeasioQ concluded. 
Tba provincial system being abolished provision 

counties, acd the necessary machinory for their 
self-government was provided. 

A Central liegislature, called the Oeneral As- 
sembly, was also establislied by the Impwial 
Blatnto of 1852, and consists of the Governor, of 
a LegisUlive Conncil, and of a House of Bepre- 
eentatives. The Oovenior is usuted by an Exe- 
cutive Conncil, composed of the Heaponsible 
Miniatere of the Colony (or tho time being, accord' 
ing to tbe OBoa] practice of Parliamentary Govern- 
ment. The Legislative Councillors are appointed 
by ths Governor, and bold their seats for life. 
Tlie Hembeis of the House of Kepresenlatives are 
choBea by Electors poa.-WBsing a liberal franchise. 
Every elector is qualified to become a Member. 
The House of Bepresuntalivea now consists of 
88, including i Maori membors, elected by the 

mperial to tbe Colonial GovernraenL In 1864, 
[he Beat of tho general Govormueut was removed 
from Auckland to Wellington, on aoconnt of tbe 
oentral position of the latter city. 
Ths population of New Zesland on the SIst 
December, 1ST9, was 463,729, excluding tha 

The revenne, the trade, and the other elements of 
Tial prosperity have increasod largely dut4iig 
■ - Thus f .-.=-. 

cent yean. 
11,46*/;, aad 

879, the totf 

total ordinary an 
follows :— Ordinar 

, 2,816.244/.; territorial. 318,6611.; total 

3,134,9051. The popnlation of the cliiet towns in 

January, 1S80, waa aa follows :— Wellington (the 

* TheUemlienofbolh branrliei of the Lcfiilaton new 

seat of the general Qovernment), 21,582 ; Dnoedin,' 
23,959; Auckland, 15,022; CliristcWch, 15466^ 

ported from the colony up to Slst December, 1879, 
was valued at 86,153,381/. ; and the annual ^o- 
dnction is now about 11 millioUB sterling. 7ha 
wool exported in 1879 amounted to 02,220,810 Ibe., 
valued at S,126,439f. In 1855 it amounted to 
1,772,344 lbs., valued at 93,104/. The live stock 
in New Zealand in 1878 was;— Horses, 137,768 
for 99,859 in 1874; cattle, 578.430: sheep. 
13,0«9,338 for ll,704,853in 1874. Thennmberot 
seres ander oullivalion in February, 1880, was 
1,165,590 acms, exclusive of laud laid down to 

Tbe system of Government Life Insurance has 
worked remarkably well. Tho llrat quinquennial 
examination waa made in June, 1876, by emlnant 
actuBiies resident in England, and their report waa 
highly satisfactory. 

PuMie Warkt FaUey. 

In 1870, the Immigration and Public Works Act 
and cognate Acts were passed, and the poUcy ooa- 
tained in them may be shortly described as 
follows : — 

The colony was to incur a liability, spread over 
a course of j-enrs, amounting to about ten ndllions, 
which were to be expended in specified propoftiona 
on the nndor-meotioned objecta: — 

1. Immigration. 

2. Main railways throughout each Island. 

3. Bouls through tho intorior of the North 

4. The purchase of nativo land in 

6. The supply of water on gold-fields. 
6. The extenidoa of telegraph works. 

tha Korth 


tn the General Qovorni 

pended on the previous concurrence of prorindal 
authorities, devolved on the General Government. 
These excejilions havs been abolished by snb- 
Bequent legislation. 

For the bettor working of these Acta, two de- 
partments have been organized, called tbe Immi- 
gration Deparimenl and the Public Works De- 

Since 1870, and up to tho 3l8t of August, 1879, 
:he Agent-General for New Zealand has deepatdwd 
;o tho colony 97,210 soula. 

Binceite organization, tho Public Worts De- 
partment has constructed in tho North and South 
lalands dray and horse roads to the extent of up- 
wards of 2,000 milos, at a cost of 1,261,224£ 0«. 2i, 
including several hundrod bridges, opening up 
nearly eil parts of tho North f Kland for aetUement. 
" nay here be romarkncl, that before the creation 
e Public Works Department of the General 
Government, many thousands of miles of good and 
substantial roadn liad been cnnstructed b.v tbe 
vaiioas Provincial Qovernmenta throughoiit tha 

The constmction of railways is still being pro- 
ceeded with. On the Stst March, 1880. there were 
open ioT traffic in tha South Island S17 miles, and 
in the North Island 363 miles. There was a balance 
of profit on their working during the nine months 
fnuQ 1st July, 1879, to eiat March, 1880, of 



111,25T<: ISt. 3d, in Oa Sonth, and at 
84,<H6J: I2t. B<L ia tlio Nortb Tshnd. The total 
oxpenditnie on conatruetion of the raJlirnyH open 
for trsfBo to the s»ne dale had been, in the Bonth 
iRland, 6,06fi,403f., and in the North 2^68,0001. 
Thus the profits in the South Island show 2-44 
per coQt OQ the whnio oatlay, and in the North 


.ddition to tLlit, Farliament baa 
fiu-th«r length of 1,191 mileB, tor 
beiug prepared. 

__ ._. ._ .11 of ttiniTorfca fti funiis will 

permit The whole of the above milwaja are to 
roBt. when complolod, with their equipmentB, Hbout 

The railw&y syetem of the colony ia indicated !□ 
tlio accompanying map of the islands. 
Stvenae of Kta ZaUand, 
Ordinary. TarrUiaial. 




- -18,190 






2,828,753 1,5M,563 

2,682,0tU 869,729 

IH7»— BU- 1,37H,K)0 16o,t08 

PMia Dtbt, 81 March, 1380, £27,422,611. 

Borrowed Id London, Dec., 1879 jf5,000,000 

Sinking Fund, accrued, 31 March, 1880 1,806,^8 
Iwgmrtiand E^ortt. 




. 8,374 ■ ■ - 


(hBernori ofNea ZaaliauL 
1840 Osplaln W. Hobson, B.N. 
1842 W. Shorthmd (Actiug Governor). 
1848 Captain Bobert Fitzroy, BJI. 
1845 Sir Oetwi Grey, K.C.U. 
1864 Col. E. H. Wynjard, C.K (Acting QoTBnrort. 
1855 CoL Sir Thamas Gore Browne, K.C.M.Q^, 

1861 Sir Oeo. Grey, K.C.B. 
18S8 Sir G. F. Bowen, G.C.M.O. 
187S The Bi^t Hon. Sir Junea FergusMin, But., 

187* The Marqids of Normanby, O.C.M.(5. 

1879 Sir Hercules G. E. Robinson, G.C,M.G. 

1880 Sir Arthur H. Gordon, G.C.M.G. 

LmiBi^TiTB ComrCu. 
^taier, Sir W. Fitzherbert, K.C.H.U., 6001. 
Ckanmait qf Ccmmilteti, W. D. H. BailUe. 
J. B. A. Acland. J. A. Bonar. 

W. D. XL Bdffie. D. R Brett 

Gfr F. D. Ball, KL Q. BucUoy. 

■ Nbii moathi onlr, the flnaaaial peiied baiine bin 
alterMl tnm 10 Jone lo 31 Uucb. 

P. A. BncUey. W. T. Ngatatfc 

S. Campbell W. H. Nnrae. 

E. Chamberlia. J. Patanon. 

P. Dignan. J. T. Peacock. 

Hir Williiun Pitihorbert, W. 8. Peter. 

BLC.M.O. C. J. Pharazyn. 

T. Praser. D. Pollen. 

U. B. QraOB. W. H. fiajnoldB. 

£. Orny. M. Bichmand, C.B. 

R Hart. W. Hobinson. 

T. EendersoD. H. B. BnaselL 

M. Holmes. H. Scotland. 

G. H. Johnson. O. M. Waterhoun. 

J. Johnalan, F. Whitakar. 

M. KohSre. G. S.Wbilmoro. 

H. H. Lahmann. T. H. Wigiay. 

W. B. D. Mantoll. J. WUiiamson. 

J. Martin. J. N. Wihroi. 

J. Uenzies. W. Wood. 

HI J. Milltr. 

Clerk of the ComeU, L. Stowe, 6001. 
Cltrk AmtUmt, A. T. Botbamley, SBOL 
Inlerprtttr, F. BiemenBchnelder, 2001. 

Eoun or fiEPiiEmiTATiTxi. 
Aeulor, Sit G. M. O'Borke, 800J. 
Ckaamaao/CowiimtUa, A. P- Seymour. 

Adanu, W. A. B. City of Neleon. 

AUwright, H. Lytleltoo. 

Andrews, 6. P. City of Chrbtdborofa. 

Atkineon, Hon. H. A. Egmont. 

Bain, J. W. InTeroargni. 

Ballance, J. WanganQi. 

Ban-on, W. Caveraham. 

Beatfaam, Q. Wairarai^, 

Bowen, C. C. KoiapoL 

Bnmdon, A. da B. WelUnMoii Oonotry. 

Brown, J. C. Tuapeka. 

Bryce, Hon. J. Wanganni 

BaQny. H. Wairtntpa. 

Colbeck. W. H. Uanden. 

De Lautonr, C. A. Mount Ida. 

DIok, Hon. T. City of Dmwdln. 

Driver H. Hoalyn. 

Finn, H. J. Wabtlpn. 

Fisher, J. B. Bulla'. 

Piaher, J. T. Heathcoto. 

Pox, Hon. Sir W. Rangilikel. 

Fulton, J. Taieri. 

George, S. T. Bodnay. 

CJibbs, W. ColUngwood. 

Gisbome, Hon. W. Totara. 

Qrov, Sir G., E.C.B. Thames. 

Hull, Hon. J. Belwyn. 

Hnmlin, E. FrankHn. 

Harris, B. Franklin. 

Hirst, E. Wallace. 

Hurst, W. J. City of Auckland West 

Hnrathons&B. Motnaka. 

Hutchison, W. City of Wellington. 

Vacant Waikaia. 

Johnston, W. W Maoawato. 

Jones, Geoige WaitakL 

Kelly, T. TownofNewn7moll& 

Kenny, a W. A T. Picton. 

Levin, W. H. City ol WdUngtOD. 

I — a__ t Mongonni and B»y 



Lundon, J. 



Mclean, O. 



Hosa, F. J. 


Mnmy, W. A. 


OHybt, Hon. B. 

City of Dunedln. 

Ormond, J. D. 


O-B-Hke, Sir G. M. 

Pitt, A. 

Uity of NelBoiu 



^^ B. H. J. 

Gcej V Jley. C. 



NoIboq Suburbs. 

Eicli»tdsoQ, Hon. E. 
BuMdl, *. B. 

City of Chrirtchnrch. 



SanndeTB, A. 


Sflddon, R. J. 


8h«ika,J. B. 





Bhephud, J. 


ebrSnski, B. E. 


City of AucMuid East. 

Starens, £. C. J. 

City of Ohrirtohnwh. 




Bntton, F. 



Soutbem Maori. 

Tftwhai, H. H. 

Northen. Maori. 

To Whooro, W. 

Westam Maori. 

Thonuon, J. W. 


Tole, J. A. 



Eaalem Maori. 

Trimble, k 

Gray and BelL 



City of Aocklwid Weat. 

Whyto, J. B. 




Wright, E. G. 


TVmuww, Hon. H. A. Atldnaoo, 1,26011 
Stertlary to Tnaiun, Seeavtr-Gaumt oad P^- 

miuler-Ginmral, J. C. 0»vin 700(. 
I, J. B. Heywood, JBO/. 
Minuter of JmUet, Hon. W. BoUealon, IJUSN, 
Under StcnUny, H. G. Fountain, 67H. 
ChUf Clerk, C. J. A. Hanlden, am. 


JftKMter, Hon. W. Bolleaton, 1 JfSO/. 

UnderStentary, H. J. E. Eliatt, fiOCU. 
BtntTEi Dkfixtiooit. 
■Gfneral, alto Secnlary Jor OoUB Zoadf, 

Cfcrf o/iWiiiBiiCT*, P. E. CampbeU, 7Mt 
^uufont C7er*, G. Friend, 600(. 
Inicrprtten., 1. Gannon and H. Hadfield. 
Sermaul al Armi, C. O. Horna. 
imi Clerk, AmHant, H. OtUraan. 
LOmrian, Ewen HcColI. 

Orra. Eer^iBUBBKBVT. 

Govenior and Cmnatavfar-iH-nti/ imd Vice-Ad- 
mral, The Hon. Bir Arthur Hamilbin Gmdon, 
G.C.U.G.,* b,0OOL Bad allowauoee 2,6002. 
PrUate Secnstani, 
Clerh ofExtcuUot Comal, Foreter Goring. 

The Hon. John Hall, Prtmier, and Pattmatler- 
,, B. A. Atkin 

„ W-SotlBttaUfMimiltrofLimdiflmmigra- 

- 3, BTToa, maititT fat Nativt Affmrt. 
„ R. OETer^Jftwfcr ofPiMic IPSri*. 
„ Predk. Whitaker, Attonry- General. 
„ Thtnuaa Dick, ColomiJ Secrtlaty. 
CoLOMiu SBuuTAx-r'a Omoi. 
Cdoniat Seenlary, The Hoti. Tbomia Dick, l,360f. 
UnderStcretary, Q. 8. Cooper, 9001, 
Clatf Clerk, Hugh FoUan, 8602. 

■ Ii High CoramlaaliHMr loi Ih* Ttttam PaoUo. Bu 

J. McKer 

Office Sureegor, A. Barron, 600J. 

GniraaAi;. Foat Orw«m. 
General, Hon. John Hall, 1,T60J. 
Secrttars, W. Gray BOOt 
Impector, Thomu Boaa, 600L 
Aceoimtaat, Mono/ Order SrmcA, J. I. WMTfaorton. 
450t ' 

EsucATioy Omcr. 
Mmtler, Hon. W. SoUestoD. 
Seerttary, John fiielop, 6IML 
In^e^or-Oeneral, Ber. W. J. Habuit, 650^ 


{7einn(Mtai(«r, Hon. H. A. AAincon. 
SKretarv andlttmector, W. Seed, BOM. 
Chief Clerk, W. France. 

Jttariae D^artiHmt. 
Seeretarv, Robert Johnaou, £00^ 
Marine Engineer, John Blaokelt, CE. 
C/M/Clai, L. H. B. Wflain. 

Public Wobxb Dbpabikbitt. 

Mimiter of PutUe Work*, Hon. Richard Oliver. 

Ut^ Secreliay, John Enowles, SGO^ 

A m i i timt Under iSecr^ary, Charlea T. Banioni, tOOi. 

Enmneer in Chtrge, North frlmd, John Blackett 

Cilia, Middle Island, W. S. Blair, 900/. 

/■mecSiiff £(imiHan, C. Y. 0. Connor, 76W., J. P. 

Wouuno Ratlvats B&asoh. 

^ flafktWf, NonA Jtlmtd, 3. Lawaon. 

Under Secrrtarg, N. W. Warry, 4 

Dbtihob OmoB. 

G. Foi, 4O0/. 
Mativb Ofho*, 
Minitttrfor Naiee ABairt, Hon. Jdin Bnaa. laaOJ 
Dmfcr Beeretary, T. W. Lewia, esot -.—"■ 


JfMifer, Hon. W. ItolleetDn. 
Under Secrttory, H. J. H. Eliott, 
Stamp Ofpicf. 
CvmUMiiaiur, Hon. H. A. Atkinson. 


Telbobafk Cbfaktxbkt. 

_ . r, Hon. John HftlL 

-Supfrintendau, G. Lemon, 700/. 
Secretary, A. J. Uoginnit;, 4001. 

CminOtr and Aiubtor-General, J. E. Fil«QBr«ld, 

C.M.G., l.OOOt 
AaiMlant dilie, C. T. Bitkin, SOOf. 
CUifOeri,!. G. AuiiersoD, 426t 

Cbotvs Law Ofpicb. 

Clerk, C. P. Batkin, lfiO(, 

Patek* Omae. 

Patent Officer, W. B. Beid. 

Btgiitrar nfPattaU, G. J. A. Huelden. 

AKsriTiES Office. 

Gbown Lahdb Office. 
CMuniMion^ n/ Croon tandi, Atickland, D. A. 
Tanaaii, C. D. Whitcombo. 
WdUngtoH, J. G. Uoldiiworth. 
Haak^i Bay, J. T. Tyleo. 
JV«i»OB, Allred Groenfield. 
" ' J, John Marahman. 

CaiUfriwv, Ji 
Olago, J. P. i 

Cold Fuldi Department. 


Segulrar-CeneraTi Department. 
■Generai of Birtii, Death*, aitd Marriage*, 
'. B. E. Bcovf n, 65W. 

Geoloffiixt Survey Department. 
UrtctoroJ Geologicoi Sumeyt and Curator of Colonial 
Miaeim, J. Hector, M.D., r.ILB., SOOt 

Printing Drpartment. 

aoveramaU Printer, 0. Didbbury, 4001. 



Saprtme Caart Judge*. 

ditf JtHfUa, Wellington, Ntbon, and Wtttland, 

WeiUiigton, NtUon, and We*t!and, C. W. 

Caitlerbury and Wegtlaiid, A. J. Johnrton. 
(Xoni.J. B.WilliuuB. 
Diilrict Senrt Judgei, AvcHond, BamUton, end 
Oraiamdrnm, J. £. Hacdouald. 

.Vew Piymoulh aitd CartyU, E. Stuv. 
WelUngloii, Grej/toum, and Matertoa, T. A. 

Wanpaiad and Patmentot^ £. Hardm 
Xaptrr and CiAome, H. £. Eanny. 
Neiton. L. BrouL 
MoJtilika, Greymoatit, Weitport and RetJUm, 

T. S. Weelon. 
Tlmaru, Waimalf, Ckrittekurrh, and 

Oamaru, C. D, B, Ward. 
Dunedin and Tulamiairiro, Invercnrgill, 

A'dWiy, Clyde, QueenMovm, CromadI, 

ArroK, imd Ijiarence, G. W. Harvcy. 
the Suprtiat Court, AucOaad, K S. 

n illcocks. 
Nea PItfTnoalh, C. E. Bawson. 
A'npia-, P. A. F. Birch. 
Welliiwtoa, A. S. Allan. 
l^ehon, A. TurnbnB. 
BlenAam, H. Mclntire. 
CArulchurck, F. do C. Malet. 
IlokHika, A. H. Xing. 
Ihn^tdin, C. M. Gordon. 
TnvercargUl, A. C. Henderaon. 
Retident Afa^tralet, 

Auckland and Oneiunr/a, B. C. BaTBtoir. 
Poteno, ^., T. Jackson. 
Nokianya, S. W. Von Bturmer. 
Kaipara, tie., W. Whitehorn, and J. 8. 

WaHtato, II. W. Northoroft. 
Sa^an, W. G, Hair. 
Taaranga, ifc,, H. W. Brabant. 
r*iMn«, cfe., H. Kenriek. 
OpotiH, Ac, B. S. Diish. 
Farertg Bay, M. Price. 
7iiu;«, J, M. Robcils. 
I^'ew Pigmouth, K. Sliaw. 
Wellingtm, ifr., T. A. Maneford. 
WaHgaaiii, K Uardcaittle. 
Car;j,fc,^.,C. A. Wraj. 
&™<r ll'aiwanw, B. W. Woon, and J. 

jtfnrton, .|c.,H.Ward. 
Wturaraia, U. 8. WardeU. 
A'c^r, .Jf., H. E. Kenny. 
Wniroo, (fc, G. A. Proece. 
A'f faon, if^., L. Broad, 
Collingtffooa, (Jr., 
tKufiwrt, *c., W. H. Revell. 
BldiAeim, U. HcTntire. 
Pirfon,^., J. Allen. 
CTTi!lc*iircA, G. L. Mellish. 
LyttrtloH,4c., J. Bcswick. 
Kmopoi, ^., 0. ■ftTiitefoord. 

Ataroa, 4e., J- Aylmer. 
Timaru, <fc., R. Beetfaam. 
Boiitiia,ac..}. Giles. 
Gregnoath, Ac., J. Mackay. 
Okarito, F. Bin), 
Jadaart'* Bay, D. Maofarlano. 
Dmedin, W. L. Simpson and I. N. Watt. 
Oamaru, .fo., T. W. Parker. 
JJaahttlnrry, dc, I. N. Watt. 
Laarence, Tolarmairiro, iJt., E. H. Carew. 
^iToioWinii Qfttenttoan, (fc., H. A Strat- 

ar*ri™, ^., J. N. Wood. 

Clyde, 4e., J, Keddea 
Ifaieby, ^., H. W. Bobinaon. 

CftiKAan lilandt, B. D^hton. 

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Ixllelton on 



t, E. F. Timrd. 

WA/mgarti, H. &. Aubrey. 

Tmnmga, D. HcKellar. 

PotertuBag, D. Johngtone, juo. 

Neto Plymouth, R. Thompson. 

Wmganui, D. London. 

/bzton, A. Surges 9. 

B'eHiiWfcm, il. S. McKellar. 

jVdoier, B. W. Pntl«n. 

Woirou.E. W. PsBley. 

fu;((«, J. AllDn. 

iVeiioii, H. W. Brewer. 

Wttlport, W. J. Hodgerson. 

Grg/Biotiti, J. Ci. Wooa. 

So&tilca, E. F. Rich. 

. . . .rf CAmrrfBrcS, A. Bose. 
», C. E. Coopor. 

iramara, H. B. Foj^uhar. 

J>uiiediH, J. Hackworlb. 

InctTcan/Ul and Bluff Harboar, J. Borrle. 
3ab-CoBectar, C/nuiam Iilandt, S. Dcighton. 
O^ctr in CAorgt at Mongosm, O. Kelly, 

Hakianga, S. Von Stormer. 

EamiiKk, Q. A. Empson. 

Kaiboara, J, OaoilalJ. 

ftwwtf, E. B. Laing. 

Ataroa, F. F. Slrntlon. 

iiinrfou, B. Bailey. 

Kaipara, W. Whftehom. 
CiUWfiniAn- a( Sttmtrt'i falaad, J. B, Grelg. 

Wans/aroa, A. P. Batcliffe. 

Woiara, J. Ciuneron. 

ColUmjuimi, A. le O. Ca 

JTaConu, J. Matlienon. 
PopT OrncE Def 

CUtfPaitniiuteri and PoitmatteT§. 

Aaelclmd, 8. B. Bisg. 

Thamri, J. Coney. 

Tanmaii.L. Von Eottor, 

ffairia'faw, John GrubbL 

WtUingtim, E. D. Butts. 

SfarUtonxigh, T. F. Winrtanley. 

JVefaen, B. Kirton. 

H'e»(port, 8. J. Job o. 

CintrrhiT^. S. J. T)\c\. 

Olago, Archibald Borr. 

Boulkland, J. W. Wiltin. 

Hokilita, E. Coot. 

GrtgnunOh, } . Shrimpton. 

Chatham Maadt, S. lleighton. 


Church oj England. 
IVdBngloH, Oct>viue Hodfield, CD. 
Waiigm, Edward Craifr Stuart, B.A. 
CArutcAurcA, Heoiy John Chitty Harper, DJ)., 

Aueldaad, William Garden Covie, D.D. 
NOvM, Andrew Burn Sulcr, D.D. 
Dmt^, B. T. NaTill, D.D. 

Qneeiuland ocenpiea tho whole of the norlh- 
eaatom portion o[ Auatmlii, commencii^ at a 
point of the east cout aOled Poiot Danger, about 
400 raOes north of Sydoey, tho oapitJ^ (« New 
Sontli Walee, fn Ut. 28° 8' Booth. 

Tb» gTMler pwtiot) ol the Mutliam bouadary 

Hoe IB formed by the 39th parallel of south latitude. 
The eastern seaboard extends about 1,600 miles, 
from Point Danger to Cspe Ynrk, the aitreme 
northern point of the contiuent, is lat. 10° 40'. 

The breadth of the Isrrltory near the southera 
boundsry is about 900 miles, from the oaetern coast 
line to the roBridion of 138° east longitude, which 
forma tha wealem boundsj-y line of the Colony, 
seporatiDg it from the tornlory of SoQth Australia. 
Ttds inclndes the greater part of the Quii of 
Osrpantaria, which has a seaboard of about 760 
milfls. The wholo of tha colony of Queensland 
comprisBs 669,520 square miles, or 438,492,800 

Fht/iicai Ftaturet aad ProducU. 

Tha country aitttnding along the eastern sea- 
board ia indented with several fine bays and 
estuaries, which are tho outlets of rivers, a number 
of which are navigable for good sized vessels. 

A mountain range extends north and south 

from it. Between the range and the sea, especially 
on the banks of the rivers, there is a considerable 
quantity of good alluvial land, which in its natund 
state is covered with a dense growth of timber. 
Much of this, in the more settled portione of the 
country, has been claared and cultivated, and Is 
found to yield a remunerative return to the farmers, 
who are usually small proprietors, cultivating this 
soil principally with their own labour, and growing 
chiefly maize, English and sweat potatoes, orrow- 

Cotton cultivation promised for some years to 
«ttieV'farmers, but since 

in prices consequent upon the renewed supply 
from the United States of America it has rapidly 

Ths sugar vsne has been successfully grown on 
the eastern seaboard, and the production of sugar 
has gradually increased, with seme fluctuations, 
from the first year of its successful cnltivaUon in 
1867. The quButity roturaed as made within the 
Colony in 1878 is 13,526 tons. The extent of land 
under sugar cane in 1879 was returned as 17,652 
acres, and the quantity of sugar mode during the 
year ss 18,982 tons. 

Much of the country to the waet of the dividing 

sisting of wide plaina, almost devoid of timber, 
but well grassed and watered. Within a certain 
distance of tho mountains where tho rainfall is 
tolerably regular, much of the laud is well adapted 
for the production of whnat. This is cultivated 
most successfully in the neighbourliood of Wsr- 
wicfc, on the Darling Downs. The statistical 
register shows the quantity of wheat returned as 
produced in the year 1878 as 130,462 bushale. But 
owing to the ravages of met, the wheat crop of 
1879 was almost a failure, the returns showing 
that out of 14,999 acres sown with wheat grain, 
10,195 acres were nnproducti — ' "^ 

6} lbs. per acre. 

Affriaillurai and other Tnduttrf, 

Agricollure in Queensland, though yet iu its Iiu 
fancy,iBgTaduallyeitaDdiug,and will no doubt oon- 
tinne to grow in importance wjth ths stead; incteoM 
of popuiatiou- 

OrudDK is far In adnoM of tiUage ttxiaiag fat 

tBrrilOTj, this wjll no d 

There m 6,422 squatting " tuob " or tntcte of 
Und containing 286,012,180 acres lewed from the 
Governmeot at a very lov bdduhI rental in the 
Colony, mere than hou the uuiuber of which aro 

In 1879 there were 51 new runs applied i<s, 
eonlaiaing together 2,S7S oquore miles, or 
14,419,300 acres. Application wae mode in the 
■ome yw for S2 "unwat«red ruaB," aa they ore 
tenned, containing 1,520,000 square niilco. 

There were 29 runs purchased at auction dnring 
Iha year from the Government, for 1,101/. 10». Oi, 
at aD average of 16(. lljd per square mile. 
Together, the new runs aciiuircd during the year 

re SIB. 

The average rnte ol n 

avaihtbie area of runs u 

Aettlsd districts of the cc 

t per squa 

to the 

The importance of the pastoral interests will be 
•eeu by the volne of the following eiporta coa- 
OBCtad with this induatrj for the year 1879 ;— 

Wool .... 
Hides and ddus 
Tallow. . . . 
live stock . . 


Uiidng Is likely to provo a great sonrce of 
wealth to the Colony. During the year ISTS the 
sroortfl of gold and other metals are given as 

OoW 1,028,287 

Total . .£1,178,879 
The gold fields on the Falmer Biver, in the 
tar north of the Colony, discovered in 1874, 
attracted a population returned in the census 
c^ Uay, 1876, oa 9,216 poreons. Cooktown, 
on the Endeavour Biver, which is tlio port 
lor this district, during the short period since it was 
proclaimed a lownsbip, to end of 1876, jioldod 
te the Customs revenue and wharf^ rales, 
117,4621. Ifii. 1^, and in land solea and fees 

the year 1876 new diacoveriw of voir 
■ ^>pBi-ently very rich gdd roots 
the Hodgkiusan lliver, a little 

I Mil. l.D«. i. 

iloib;, U Id. 

extensive and 
■were mode or 

to the south of the Falmer. A rood, which 
Mud may be rendered practicable for drays, was 
found from the aea coast to the HodgMusun gold 
fields, a distance of about 70 mileo, and they are 
connoctod with one of the finest hnrbourg on the 
aeaboard, called Trinity Bay, of ithich the port 
has been named Uoinu. A considerable amount 
of capital and enterpriHe have been attracted 
to this new auriforous district, and maoliinary, now 
Valued at £87,000, bos been creeled for crusLlng 
lbs stone, which is said to be veiy rich in gold. 

Considerable tracts of good pastoi-ol country 
have also been found not fu- (ram the new routo 
from Trinity Bay to the gold flolde, iu the same 
diatciot, and in the western dietrLcta, on Ihu Dia- 
fn»t^tip* and Herbert Rivers. 

Valuable timber of various descriptions grows in 
Abuiducc in Qoaansland and ougnt to bcuHne a 

valuable export. Ezcellent coal has been found 
in some localities ; and there are other natural pro- 
ductiouB promising to odd to Che v.calth of the 
Colony, but requirmg labour and capital for their 

Papidation and oilier SUOittim. 

The popnlatian of Queensland, eicladlng tlie 
aborigines, was found by the returns of the census 
of Hay, 18TG, to be 173,283 persons. 

The population on the HOth June, 1880, was 
estimated at about 222,000 persons. 

There are 199 plocoa now returned as procliumcd 
towns or townshjp reserves, in the Colony, eighteen 
of which are munidpal towns, with an s^^gregaio 
population of a little over 72,000 jiorBana, and con- 
taining rateable property vnlued at 5,291,227/. 

Of the imports for 1879, the total value is given 
aa 2,949,31st 

There are 6 banks with 78 branohos. The 
vsJne of the coin with bullion is given aa 1,1*3,728/. ; 
deposits 8,627,189/.; note circulation 862,886/. 
The Government SaviogK Itank retDmsttu nun- 
ber of depositors as ]6,9iu, the amount of deposits 
as GS4,444f. 

The rulways in Queensland show 608 miles now 
in operation, the revenue being 236,108/. There 
are 805 miles of railway iu course of construction. 

The electric tclugrajih lines shown number of 
stations, 160 ; miles of line, 6,871 ; revenue 38,649/. ; 
number of messagos (for the year 1879), 563,266. 

Brisbane, the capital of the Colony, boa a jiojiu- 

Jolony, I 
;,012 resident within the 
B, and of S8,B84 within the ceiuns distrii 
external shade tempersinre there 



given as 70". The boat is great in summer^ but 
the atmosphere is dry and healthy. In the winter 
the climate is agreeable. The mortality over a 
period of ten years from 1869 to 1878, was 17-98 
per 1,000. 

The European iminigrationforUie year 1879 was 
4,086. Thearrivahi(romlIonffKongnBmbeTod4«l, 
and from the South tjaa islaDds, 2,182 1 2,313 
immigrants from Europe were introdiued entirely 
at the expense oE the Queensland Qovernment. 

The land order system of iiumigratjon, by means 
of wluch as many as 36,000 persons were inlroduccd 
from Qreat Britain in the j-ears 1861-1866. a largo . 
number of them paying ihcu- own paseagos and 
briagiog a groat deal of caiiitoi into tho colony 
has Men discontinued. It is supposed that the pre- 
sent liberal system of disposiag of the public lands 
of the Colony ought to be a sufficient ottractioD to 
UiB better doss of immigrantji Irom Europe likely 
to engage in pastoral and agticultural pursuits. 

The vacant Crown lands In QuBsnsland are dealt 
with under the provisions of the Crown Lands 
Alienation Act of 1876. This measure is a con- 
solidation of previoaa Acts, and differi in some 
respects from the Act of 1868, which was in force 
for idght years. For instance, classilication of 
land into three classes, viz., agricultural, first close 
pastoral, and secund class pastoral, is done away 
with, and a new system introduced of decUring 
the Dpeet price when the land is proclaimed opeu 
to sefectiou. Land cannot ha sold fcr leas tkoD 
5t, per acre, and in the case of conditional selec- 
tions, tijn years are allowed to pay the purohaae- 

?• obtain by a 
^20 acres, as 


acres, but tha Act proTidas ihtX in uiy dktrict the 
Govemmeat may limit by prncUmation the maxi- 
miun area that one selector can secure, provided 
that the muimiun ehall not be lens tlian lUO acres. 
Scleclflra of conditional purchases must expend a 
tnun equal to the upset price np to lOi. par acre 
on tbe land, but not moru tluin lOt. per acre in 
required under any circnmstancBs. In addition to 
eipanditnni, the selector must rexida personally or 
keep a bailiff on tiie land during the currency of 
tbe tan jears' lease. After proof of three years' resi- 
dence from date of aelectiou and follilment of the 
cimditions of expenditure, a certificate may be 

tranafer his interest ii 



e selection, if he det 
, . . !ie balance of pnrcb 
money and obtain a d>>ed of grant. 

The annual pajments on homes 
are fid per acre for fire years. The area that can 
be selected under the homestead cUiiws of the Act 
is 80 acres in bomeHlead areas, and 160 aorea 
oQtalde these araas. The land may be secured in 
fee Bimple by the homestead aoleclor after a per- 
BOnalresidBncoof five years, and proof of improve- 
ments of the value of 10«. per sore being otfectod 
on the land. 

Id hameataad areas the area irhicb can be 
selected imder conditional pureliaRo is limited to 
1^280 acres, and under homestead BCleclton to 80 
acres. The homaalsad areax usually comprise land 
>f the bast clans, and must saitable [or settlement 

All I 

L homtsteud I 

a persouall] . 
safflcient to entitle the selector to a deed of 

Pastoral runs in the unsettled districts of the 
Colony are leased lor 21 years, in blocks of not less 
than 25 square miles, at a rental of 5», per square 

and 15t. for the third seven years, the conditions 
being the atockiDg of the land with sheep or cattle 
ei|aal to one-fourth of ita carrying capacity, which 
is defined by the Pastoral Lea.tes Act of iHG9 to 
bo 100 sheep or 20 liead of cattle per square mile. 

The several Acts of Parliament under which 
land may be secured are " The Crown Lands 
Alienation Act of 1876,- " The Settled Districts 
Pastoral Leases Act of 1876," " The Pastoral 
Leases Act of 18<;9," " The Minerai Lands Act 
of 1872," and " The Gold Fields Art of 1874." 

" The Crown Lands Alienation Act of 1868 " 
was rapoaled on theSIal of March, IB76. Under lU 
proviaions, 4,058,201 acres were selected. There 
wer« 11,682 selections made under the Act; of 
these 3,086 wore homesteads eantaining areas not 
exceeding 160 acres, 1,088 homesteads under the 
Homestead Areas Act of 1872 fnow repealed), 
7,228 conditional purchases, and 610 pro-omptiooK. 

Tltore are 3& land offlcss in the Uolony, where 
conditional purchases and homestoadB may be 
applied for. 

The areas open to selection in the iwveral settled 
(Ustricta of tbe Colony in April, 18'T, ware as 

Lands open to salecUon at time of repeal of Act 
of 186B:— 

CoudHlotul selection .... 29,489,486 

Homealead areas 697,825 

TowDreserraa 898,160 


- 2,78S,8SS 

Acres 88,220,601 
The total area open to selection in tlie sevaial 

land agents' districts on tbe Slat December, 187B, 

waa 24,928,892 acres. 

[Jnder " The Western Railway Act of lS7fi," B 

reserve containing 13,440,000 acres was set apart 

in which bloclts of land containing about 6,000 

effected on the land, in blocks of 10,000 acro^ ma^ 
bo sold to defray the cost of the railway which is 
in course of coustructian to Roma. The first 
sale underthis Act was heldin March, 1877, whan 

"The Hallway Roservee Act of IS77" ahM 
establinliBs four railway reserves is addition to Uw 
Western Railway reserve-, it embodies the same 
provisions as '■ The Western Railway Act," viz., 
that the proceeds of the land in the several railway 
roservee are tu be duvutud to the construction of 
railways. There are four lines projected under this 
measure : 1st. An extension from Warwick to the 
northern border of Now Suuth Wales, through 
Stanthorpo, tbe principal town in tlie tin field; 
this line will be nlliniat^ly connected with tha 
railway ej^m of Now South Wales. 2nd. The 
liiie from UaryborouKh to Gympie, one of the 
chief gold fields in the Colony. 3rd. The hue 
from Bundaboig, a town at tlio mouth ol the 
Burnett river to Tonniiigoring, or Mount Perry, 
near which ttiore are several rich copper mines. 
4th. The line from Townsvillo toCharters Towers, 
one of the :iorthem gold fields. 

The Govarnment of Qneen-land is composed of 
the Governor, appointed by Iler Majesty the QnaeD, 
and an Executive Council, composed of the respon- 
sible ministers of the Crown. Thu Legislature fa 
formed of two Houses of Parliament, tha I^gialatiTe 
Ooandl or the Upper ilouse, and the Lower Honse or 
Legislative Assembly. Themembers of the OonncH 
are nominated by the Governor, and hold tiieir 
oSlces for life. The members of the Legidalivs 
Assembly are elected by the suffrages of the people. 
There Is no property qualification required Sot 
membership In either brsnch of the Legislature. 
The voting for members of the Assembly is 1^ 
bsllol. Ths franchise is on the most liberal 
footing, every man of 21 years, who hss resided as 
much as six months in one locality, having a vote. 
Persons having property, either leasehold or free- 
hold, or a licence to deiiasture lands from Uie 
Government in any electoral district in which tbey 
do not reside, have the right of a vote in the 
distrirt where auch property may be aitualad, 
as well as in the district for which they claim 
aa residents. 

In the Upper Chamber of the Logislatnre Ihsra 
are at present 31 niembers, includiog the President 
of tlie CoOQciL By the Eluetoral Districts Act 
of 1S78, tbe Colony is divided into IS districts. 

total of 42 districts 
>et northerly district 
OS yet onre^iresenled. 

returning 55 mem' 

in the Colony, Be . . ^ 

It contains only 101 male adnlls, according 
census of May 1st, 1S7G, exclusive of Chinese and 
Polynesians, who are not possessed of the franchiao. 
Quceoalaud became a colony in 1869, the t«rrilorT 
having been then sepuatud from New Dont^ 




I! 1 


2 1 1 















Kmg Oeorfra'i BOIrad 


FIJI - ... " 
K«*Ctf«Ioik, Id* otFlM f 

SolooKmUudl .„ 1 
Hetn1ile« ... .„ 

VU Torrei BIntta A BrbidU 

Jlelboama imd EooUi- 

Cape Horn 

Sydney uid UetboHRia 

^^^ ... :■ ... 

VilSydB^ ... „. .. 

VttSydBej .. ... „ 

VUl Sydney ... __ _. 

TOlydner ::; ::;' :: 
viiBM;;ia ::: ::: :: 












67 " Z 

iwu'iw*^ •'" 
zw a) n •■■ 

10 Sy.' ." ::: 


11 daji 

8 eteun, 16 uiling 


i itum, 11 ullliE 

Sr =":: 

Entry* week* 

About twice aweA 


About eTe7T*-eeK. 




Sir G. F. Bowen, Q.C.M.G., IWh December, 186B, 
Colonel MaoriDO CturlGH O'GoncieU (Admlns- 

trator), 4th Janunry, IHfiS, 
Colonel Sunoel WoDBlo; Klackall, 14th August, 

Colonel Sir Manrico CliarlOB O'Connell, Knt. 

(AdminUtritor), 2nd J>Tina,rf , 18T1. 
MorqniB of HDrtQimbj, P.C. and Q.G.M.G., ISth 

Otdonel Bir Maurice CtiaHee O'Connel), Knt, 

(AiimiiiiitratoT), 12th November, 1K(4. 
William WeUlngton Cttima, C.M.G.,now E.CJI.G., 

SardJanaar)-, IBTfi. 
Colonel Blr Hanrice Gharles O'Connell, Knt. 

(AdminiBtralor), 1411i Marcli, 1«77, 
Sir Artfaor Edward Kennedy, K.O.M.Q., C.6., 

lOtli April, !S77. 

(Svil E>labK>»nunl. 

Genmor aid Conma»dfr-in-Ciir/, Sir Arthur 

Edwu-d Eemiedy, E.C.U.G., C.B., S.OOOJ^ and 

AdmiiiistntoT of the Qovemment duriog the 
abaenceonloaveof SirA.B.KannBdT,K.O.M.G., 
CB. The HonoiirabloJoBhuii Peter BeU,a,6<Ki;. 
(Frcaidoot of the Legiitlativo CoanciL.) 

PrhateSecMary, Comnii^ia O'CoJlnei'an.late Capt. 

Exeeutiee Comeil. 
Wry and Sfcreta 

afnictton, Hon. A. H. Palmer, 
AOora^-Geiitml, Hon. H. S. Koor, 1,000/. 
StcTfton Jir PiAlic Workt and Miiut, Hon. 

J. M.ltaCTO« 

TVwwirer aMtl Prtwier, Hon. Thomas McHwriia 

^nTTCar^/iirZoiu£i,Hon. P. PoiUna, 1,00(U. 
Fiutnuuler-atntral, Hon. C. H. Buzaeott, 1,0001: 
Ciert, Albert Victor I>rury, 600/. 

L/yiilalice CowkU. 
Hon. J. P. Boll (Presldoot.) 

„ W. ApMn. 

„ W. D. Box. 

„ A. H. Brown. 

„ E. I. C. BrowQB. 

„ C. H. Bozacott. 

„ J. CofflJBbav. 

,, G. Edmoudstons. 

„ J. C, Footo. 

„ J. Gibbon. 

„ W. Graham. 

„ F. T. Gregory. 

„ F. H. Hart. 

„ J. C. Heustlsr, 

" r. J.^fery. 

,, W. F. Lambert. 

„ J. P. H'DongBlL 

„ C.8. Mein. 

„ C. S. D- Melbonrno. 

„ J. HuHoq. 

„ T. L. Miuray-Prior. 

_ K. 1. CDoUertj. 

„ W. Poltisrow. 

„ D. HobcrCs (Chairman of Committee^ 

„ O. Sajideraaii. 

„ H. G. Simpson, 

J. Taylor. 
J. P. Turner. 
W. H. Walah. 

■ „■ Google 

148 QCEEf 

Pntidait, Hon. Joshn* P. Ball, 8001. 
CiairmoH oj CmtmutUn, D. F. Boberts, VtOl. 
Clrrt of the ComkU, HtLry B. Flti, COO?. 
Vther qf tie Black Sed, F. It. 0. Muter, SOO/. 

Ltgiitatirt Autmblg, 

Elcctornl Districts. Mcmbera' Names- 
Aubigny . . . , . . .P. Pcrldos. 

Baloane J. Low. 

BUckaU A. Arolier, 

Bom™ H. R. Beor. 

Bnlimba F. U. Swaaincl. 

Bundanba W. HeDdren. 

Burko B. II. SbetSe. 

Burnett W. H. BByiiea. 

Camu-Ton J. dp Pdi T)Tel. 

Clermant II. Weld Bluodclt. 

*'*"' i F. A, Cooper. 

Dulby G. H. Simpson. 

Drayton and Too- ( W- H. Qroom. 

n-oomba 1 G. H. D«VBaporl. 

Tn™™™™ I J. R. Dickson. 

^""KBe" \a. HutlBdge. 

Fsssifwn I)e B. F. Fortse. 

Fortitnde Vollev . . . F. Besttii'. 

Gragoiy C. L. HilL 

Gympie J. Uamilton. 

, , . . f }Ion. J. M. ThcMnpson. 

^-^r {S;r^S 

I'-'"-'' U:Fr 

Logsn PelPT UcLeui. 

MscfcsT F. T. AmhoTBl. 

Miraiios J. Lalor. 

K.„b™Bh . . . . j rKittT"""-"-"- 

Mitchell B. D. HorehMd. 

Moreton J, F. Qarrick. 

Hulgravs T. Mollwnltb. 

Bonnanbj J. Stovenseii. 

N^rtk Tirfci = f R""- 9- ^- Griffith, 

Korth Brisbane . . . J i. n. pjin„. 

Korthcrn Down^i . . . G. Thom. 

Oilev S. GrimBS. 

Port 'Curtis A. Norton. 

Eo,kl.„plo. . . . (^.^■i'"™- 

BoseiTood A. Meslon. 

S™thBri«bono. . . \f^^«'^°^ 
„. , fW. Kellett 

f^'w^oy \t. O-Snllivan. 

TnwnBvillo John If. Hacrossan. 

Wmmko E, J. StevBn.. 

WarwSk .T. Horwitz. 

—,_, ■ ( W. G. Bailey. 

^ii''B»7 iT.Frice. ^ 

JFwnJn-, Honry Edwnrd KiD(-, SOW. 
hnirmoH nf Commilfrn, Jubn Scott, 400r. 
Cirri n/Aunnbly, L. A, Bprnnys, 60(». 
Her^jtaai at Ama, Bobort Doaglas, 300J: 

Celmaal Sttrrlarg'i Drpartmtnt. 

I'mfrr Col<mial SrcMari/, Bolwrt J. Oraj-. 
Semftmr-Grrifrtil. IJrnry Jordnn, 700t 
lUaUfi- of Titlft, (i. G. Miller, 400/. 
CnntnuM'mHr nfl'nlirr, David I. Seymoor, 7001^ 
Gonmmtnl Priaier, J. C. Brai, 600/. 

Iiiuiunnaim Agnu, St, G. Ealpb Gore, 600t 
McdKol Officer (BriilimeX Hon. W. Hobbs, 

P. RG 

ion, 600(. 

CvdeT St 


AUomeg-GtaemCi D^iartmait. 
ChiffJuMict, CharUs LillByJ,SOO/. 
U PuUne J«dgf, George R Harding, 2,000/. 
2od ditto, the Hon. E. Priug, 2,000t 
Xarthera Judge, Kdmund Sbepnaid, S,000/. 

(Goorge W. Piral, 1,000/. 
DUlTlct Covrt Judga J Honry L. Hely, 1,000/. 

(Joha J. BUke, 1,000/: 
Shtriff, Arthur Edn-nrd Hollann, TOO^ 
Iltgutrar of Supreme Court, Clerk of lie Peaet, 

Protkonolary. 4e.. Q. Crawford, 800/. 
Croaa Solicitor, Robert littlo, 6001. 
CuraloT of Intrilalt J-Maltt, Aleiander Raff. 
Seerelarg to Attonuy-GeHeTal, John Keanc, 400J: 

Itfparimait of PiMie /nifrtKtioiL 

t'wJfT Srcretary far PMie ItutrmUon, J. O. 

Anderson, 700/. 
General Inmetor of SchocU, A. R. Campbtdl, 600/. 
la^eetor oj OrjAanaget, Henry Cballinor, 600/. 

Colonial Treaiurer'i D^iartmait. 
'etary to the Trtntury, Edward B. CoUcn, 

of dalomi, Wniiun Thornton, 7001. 
rr, Cunmumder G. P. Heath, B.N., TOO/. 
Engineer of ilarbouri wid Rivtr; William D. Nlflbet, 

Chief Inipector of Ditlilltriet, St. G. R. Gore 

laiptctnr oflaroica, James Honeyman, 440i. 
Shipping Hatter nod Secrelarj/ to 3Ianne Board, 
Alexander J. Hansoa, 400/. 

DepaTtraait of Public Lasdt. 

C'ader Stcrstory/or PMic Latidt, William A, Tully, 

Surresfrr-Grmral, Williun A. Tnlly, lOOt 
[atpeclijuj Commttumer qf Lands, K J. Bmlth, SOOC 
ColoHial Botaniif aad Dirtdor of Botarne COndnt. 

Waller Hill, 475/. 

Department of Public Worht. 
Under Serretari/f or Public Wonts, Edward Dmgliton, 

Erninfer in charge, RnHatay Surrey, J. T. Bmitb, 

Under Seeretargfur ifinei and Itwptaor, Q. L . Lnkin, 

Deparimmt of the Paitmaiter-Genrral. 
Under SeiretaruPotlal Separlmttil.loha'itoDoaaBa, 

Jltleorotogtcal Otnerrer, Ednmnd UacDoimell, S50I. 

jlniaor-CeiKnrf, ^ Q Q I ^^ 
AudUar-Genrral, W. L. Q. Drew, SOW,'^ 

Comn^f/r Fartign Cowtlria. 
Connd for Damark, £. H. Webb. 

„ NeAerliaJt, J. 0. Ueuaalar. 

- Fv^rrial Gaman Ev^Te, J. C- Han 
Ctmii^ Agent for t/nittd Stata of America, G 

„ „ Bdaitan, E. R. Drm-y. 

„ „ Ila^, B. L. Banistt. 

^IfuiBin I 

St. Helen*, so isluid in Ibe Soath Atlantic Ocean, 
SOO mileg 3.K of AkshbIod, and 1,200 miles from 
eha cout of Bouth Africa, 16° W 8. Ut., and S° 43' 
W. lanr. St. Helena is 10^ milea long and Si 
broad; ill area 47 aqnue mflea, or about S0,000 

The capital is Junes Town, wUch f» on tba 

N,W. of the ialand. The climate 

vorisB little, the thermnnii 
betireen 68° and 72°, and 
and 70°. 

Bt Halena was diBcovered by the FortnKness 
Comnunder Juui c!e NovaCutaUo, on St. Uelcnn's 
day May Zlst, 1501. The PortugnsBe eontrived 
to keep secret tbe Bitustioit of the island from 
other Enrowan natioQs until 1588, when it wns 
sighted by Captain CaTCudish, on hie retnm from 
a voyage round the world. Bt. Holena ■was unin- 
habited till the Dutch became poBsessoru of it. 
Captain Mnndon, of the English Narj-, in 1673, 
took it from the Dntoh, and soon afterwardB the 
Eofit India Company obtained a chnrtar for its 
pomeudon from Charles 11., and it romaiaftd under 
that Company, with tlie oiception of the period of 
Napoleon's unprisonment there, till 1833, when 
it was finally handed ovar to the British Govern- 

81. Helena is well watered by clonr springs, wliicb 
ftrs abundant. It Is situated in ths beart o( the 
South Atlantic triula wind, and in the direct track 
of vessels homeward bound from tlie East round 
the Cape of Good Hope. Previous to the opening 
of the ova-land routs it was a port of coll for a 
T«Bt quantity of shipping and posmngei'smluming 
fmn India and other puts of the East, and in con- 
Bsquenoe of its importance in conacclion with the 
Eoatsm trade, lar| " ■-'■'— -•- — -'- 

..aned, both civil and niilitarv. For many yaors it 
WHS also a dop6t for liberated Africans landed from 
aUvers captured by the West Coast sqiudrom. 

Beyond the supply of the passing shipping it has 
never produced any articlo of eiport properly bo 
callod, thoee included in the returns beUaa 1873 
being, in fact, rcBhipments of imported goods, and 
tha entire trade baa, theraf oni, depended ex ^^lusively 
upon the large sumsof money brought into circula- 
tion from tha several sources above unmDd. These 
have all been greatly dimioiahed in recent yenrs, in 
coDBeqnence of tha opening of the Sixuz Canal, the 
considarabla reduction in the Imperial sxuenditore 
In tha island.andlhereduction of the squadron con.. 
■aqusnt on the cessation of the slave tnide. 

Efforts an now being made to create an export 
trade. Native-grown flbrs prepared by steam 
machiiivy from tha " Phormium tenoi," is found 
to b* of eicellant quality ; 110 hales were prepared 
Ud exported in 1876, 248 in 1877, and the cuItlvO' 
tiOBof lbs plant is being extended. Superior coflee 
la also eodly prodund, but as yet thers are only 
three oi lour small plantations. Tbe position ot 
the iolond is well suited for a wbole flslMry, mi It 

United States froi 

VESA. 149 

is on this aooonnt the resort of a number of 
American whalers. Tha oil transhipped to tha 
1 these TBBaelB nt Bt. Helena, in 

88,010(, and in 1877 to 82,60lW. 

The Island had previously no share in this pursuit, 
but in 1876 oil to tbe value of fi,G00r., and is 1877 
6,8001. was taken by vessals belonging to the port 
and transhipped to London. 

The nnmbsr of ehips calling at the port of 
Jamefl Town for supplies In 1877, including 
BteamerB and ships of war, was 664 ; in 1878, 661) ; 
and in 1879, «0£. 

The Government is administered by a 
-=-*-dbyar^ ■ 

The Governor 

alone makes 


being no Lsgisla 

ive CounciL 






























11,50«. Debanlures. 

/■tpuiofiono^encA S/x (iHcludliig Military) aeeonUng 

Malet. FemiLles. Total. 

2,999 8,242 6,241 

Dcath-ntle, 1878, 11 per thousand. 

t Vuc <i/ laporit and Erportt, 

1872 52,070 10,387 

1878 64,998 6,072 

1874 B.t.874 4,006 

1875 62,145 4,GC4 

1876 49,,i04 7,864 

1877 70,025 2,228 

1878 60,li04 12,653 

1879 64,686 5,127 

1842 Colonel Hiuuelin ' 

18*6 Msior-General Sir Patrick Boss, G-aM-Q^ 

1851 Colonel Sir Thomas Gore Browne, K.C.M.Q., 

1856 Sir E. H. Urunimond Hay. 
1863 Admiral Sir Cliarles Elliot, E.C.B. 
1870 H. H. Janisch (acting). 
1870 Admiral Patoy. 
1873 H. R Janisch, C.M.G. 

EieaOiBe Council. 

The^Swp of SL Hslenm. CtOOoIo 
Qeoige Most, Sitrij: '- 



Civil EitiAliABtm. 
GoBfraor. H. E. Jnnisch, C.M.G 900/. 
Attl^ant Colonial Sicretary and Trttuury OffiitT, 

Bazott If. Eiiipo. 25il/. 
PatoiaiUr, Robert Noble, 140t 
Auditor, Lieut. H. Breton, R.R, 60(. 
OJfiBert aj Ciulomi Bratick, tn AnxweT'CcwroTt 

W. H. Smjtb, 80W. 
K, Prilchard, 20W. 
Georgo Brace, V2QI. 
Colonial Hoffinar, Lieut. >Colanel Gaorss FhilipB, 

Coloniai Surgeon, Bertnun JuuBch, 200J1, Uul 

Judicial EttdbHAmnL 

William HuriBon, 12 W., 

Ecctfsiatttcal Drparimmt. 
BiiJiop and Colvuial Chm^aiji, Bislit Bsv. T. E. 
Welby, D.D., OMI. 


GeoffTrgMa^ PotitiiM. 

That portion of Uta Continent of Awtndi* 
bounded on the ta'it by tbc 14Ist degroo of esst 
longitude, on tlie nortli by the 2filh dpgieo of eontb 
!«itudo, on tlie wtst by the 132nii degcse of euBt 
loneitnitP, and on tlio soulh by tho Southern 
Ocean, was couKtllutstl a Brifisb Province by Act 
of ParliamoQt, 1 aud 5 William IT., c. 96, under 
tho doBignation of South Avstbaiia. The area 
contained iviHiin those limila is BBlimBled to be 
800,OOOEquareniileii. In IHfil, thstcrritory known 
as " No Man's Land," shout 80,000 aquare miles, 
lying between the boundaries of Soqth and Western 
AustraUtt, was added by Act 24 and So Vic. c. 44, 
making the weslt^ra boundary the 129th degree of 
east longitude. 

All the country north of the 26th psrallel of 
south IWitudfi, betiroen the 129th and IBSth degree 
of easClougitndi', ha.q also heun aaDeied to South 
Australia, and ix known as the Northern Terriloiy. 
The present nortbura boundary is the Indian 
Ocean, latitude IP S. ; tlio southern boundary, 
the Southern Ocean, in latitude 38° 8. The rro- 
viace of South Anstralia covera twanly-Beven 
doRTeea of latitude, and twolvs degrees of Icaigi' 
tndo, forming, at present, tliu lu-gost Britisli 
Colony — tho area oitunding oTor mora than 
900,000 oqunie niiluB. 

The southern coast-line is dooply indented by 
two largo gulfs— tho eastern, St. Vincent's Golf, 
rnnniag inland lo the northward for 86 mike, 
and the larger, S|«ncer's Gulf, running N.N.E. for 
180 mjhss. Tbeso gulfs ham a mean breadth of 
80 and 50 miles respectively and both taper 
towards their norllicrn ends. St. Vincent's Gulf 
is sheltered byliangnroo Island, 90 miles in length, 
which lies to the soutbirard of it, leaving two fine 
eatrancBs. one frimi tho westirard Ihrougn Investi- 
KBtor'fl Stroila 'JS uiilea broad, and tho other 
from tho eastward through Backstairs Passage 
8 miles in width. 

The principal agricultural aad miuaial districts 

of tho Colony, are contiguous to the two gnlfs, tho 
shores of which are 780 miles in leneih, tlie greater 
part being entirely protected Irom toa ocean awelL 
Numerous outports and slopping placBs, of which 
there are over 60, eoabta setttera to ship tlieiz pro- 
duce at a very small cost. These golfs are dinded 
by Torko's Peninsula, some 120 cailea long, and 
20 miles broad, having largo tracts of nbeat- 
grovring land, and the principal seat of "■'"■" g 

Adelaide, the capital of the Province, is situated 
about five railan from the eastern sbore of St. 
Vincent's Culf, in latitude 84° 57' 8. and longitude 
180" 38' E., aad Port Adehlde, the principal port- 
is about seven miles north-west from the city, and 
connected Iherewilb by rail. 

General Govenmenl. 

The Constitution granted to South Australia by 
Her Majesty, by virtue of Imperial Act 13 and 14 
Vic, c 69, was prodaiioed on tho 21th October, 
1856, on which day the Queen's assent to tbo 
Constitution Act No. 2 of 1855-C was received 
in the Colony. Under that SUtuto tbo Parlia- 
ment consists of two Houses — the Legislative 
Council aad the House of Assembly ; the former 
being composed of 18 members, and the latter, 
at that time^ of 36. In 1878 the electoral dis- 
tricts of the House ol Assembly were increased 
from 18 to 22, and tba number of members from 36 
to 46. 

The L^islaUve Coancil, which cannot be dis- 

that purpose. Bach member is elected for twolvo 

Csars ; and every four years tlio six members who 
Bve been loogest on tho roll of the Council retire. 
The aualification for a member of the Legislativo 
Council is that ho shall have attained tho age of 
30 years, that he bo a subject of the Queen, aad 
that he has resided in the Province for three years. 
The qualification of a voter tor tlds branch of the 
I/ftgielatura is that he shall be 21 years of age, a 
natural-bom or uatiiTalizod subject of Her Majesty, 
and have been on the electoral roll for a period ol 
six months. He must al-'io either be poesossed ol 
a freehokl of tho value of bOL or oF a leasehold of 
the annual value of 20f. having three years ui run, 
or with right of purchase, or bo in occupation of a 
dwcUing-houEo rf the annual tent value of 26f. 
The constitution of the Legislative Council is 
□naltsred by tho lat« amendment of tho EleclorU 
Act. The total number of voters for the Legislo- 
lative CouncU is 21,537, or about 40 per cent of the 
adult nude population. 

Tho House of Assembly, which is liable to dio- 
solution by the Govoinor, is elected for throe years ; 
and of the 22 dipstricta represented in it, three 
return three members each, eighteen two momlxira 
each, nad the other returns one member only. T]» 
Constitution Act prescribes no other qualiflcatioD 
as necessary for a Member of the House of 
Assembly than that ho shall be an elector. An 
elector's qualification to votii is that he shall be of 
full age, and have been six months on the electoral 
roll. Tho toUl number of electors on the roll for 
the Assembly is 39,987, or about 75 per cent of the 
adult male population. 

Besponsible Government is carried on by sit 
Ministers, members of the LegisUture who form 
the Cabinet, and who are fx o^icio members of tho 
EioontivB Council, namely, the Chief Secretary, 
Attorney- General, Troasurar, ComnusBionw" of 
CrowD Lands and Inuuigration, Commissioner of 
Public Works, and jfinister of Education. 


The popnUtion of the Colony at Iho close of 18T9 
waa OBtamtod to bo 259,460 persons; Bhowing ui 
tncretua during the tnclve nionthe of 10,665 per- 

Tbe inh*bit«uts of the City of ddelside nninhBr 
aboai 86,000 persona, and of the aaburba 80,000, 
whOe about Taper cent, of the whole population are 
resident in the country distriotH, and are employed 
directly or indirectly in the cultivation of the 
HoQ, or In the production of mineral and pastoral 

The South AaatntUan born prepandBrate and 
fornt 60 per cenL ol the population ; the next 
largest dais being personB of Engiieh birth, who 
form 22 per oeni. &eland has contributed 7 per 
cent., and Osniiaay and Scotland each i-& per 
cent. The proportion oF nialiis and females in the 
settled diitriots ia about equal. 

About Si per oenL of the whole population are 
memberB of Protestant ChurchfE, and the remaln- 
In^lS per cant, are Roman Catholics. The Church 
of England is repreaented by £6 per oent 

Oroftting chilSren under five years of age, 81 
per cent, of the populAtion can read and write, 9 
per cent, on only read, and H per cent, con 
neither read nor write. Of the risiug yonth, say 
from 16 to 21 yean of age, 9i per cent, can read 
and writs, S pel cent, can read only, and only S in 
oveij 100 are totally noedui " ' 

rralati. _ 
1870 was 2,2SS. 
The average death-rale In South Anatialia is 14 
r 1,000, as eomparcd with 23 por 1,000 in 

Immigratum and Emijratioii. 

In 1879, 18,480 persona arrtveil In South Aua- 
tralla, and 9,187 left it, yielding lui increaeo of the 
l^pulMion from this aource of 4,343 persona. The 
Bom proposed to be Toted by Parliament for the 
introductJon of Immigrants during the coming year 
will be soffldent foiUie introduction of about 1,000 

mitted to 

.. wSdncatlon Act prorides that tlis future 
Eement of pubhc education should be com- 
__ . 1 to a Minuter of Educatioii— a member of 
the Cabinet. The education is aeoulai, but not to 
tha Bxdusion of the Bible ; f i«b to those who 
cskunot afford to pay a small fee ; and compulscffy 
whstevar practicable. Provisiou is also made for 
Qlb astatdishmeDt af model and trainin); sehools, of 
Boards of Advice, and for the aystamatic examina- 
tion of leacbers, their claaaiflation according to 
their attainnwuta and proficiency, and tor schcdac- 

With a view of fostering and encouragtoK the 
growth ol a comprahensivo system of publTo in- 
■troctloQ, the following grants of money and land 
liave lately been made : — Towards the expenses of 
the Education Departmctit, pajiaent of teaclieic, 
Ac, a yMrlyanm of 60,000^.; aud a liksamannt 
fOTtlie erection of pubhc school-buildings. 120,000 
*a«a of the public estate wero also granted to tha 
Council, and prorlaion made for setting apart 
80,000 acres in future years. To the Urdversity 
of Adrialde, lately establi-ihed, an annual grant of 
flT« per cent on all sums contributed to the 
Unfrerdty totn pririie boutcob (at preaant 
■Btoontlttg to over iOfiOOLX and also an endoV' 
mont atftfiW WW ol lud. for the mauc 

Pablio WonUp. 

The voluntary prLadpla, or freadomof religion 
from titate aBsiatanca and cooaeqnent coalrol, was 
estabhshed in South Aastralia from the dais of ita 
foundatiou. The number of chorrhea andoUur 
buildJi^ uaed for public worship is MS, providing 
ieiJi82 sittings. 

The number of Bunday Schools ii 680, at- 
tended by 41,961 children, inatmcted by 6^2 

AAnmutradim <tf Jiulice. 
The legal tribnnale of the Province consist of a 
iprsme Court, presided over by the Chief JnaUoe 
Id two Puisne Judges; tha Court of ^oe- 
Admiralty, of which the Chief Justice is Judge; 
" "ourt of Insolvency, presided over by a Com- 
nuHuoner, who is a Stipendiary Hagiatnte; Local 
Courts of Civil Joriadiction, presided over by 
Stipendiary Magistratea } and FtOioe HagiBtntea' 

Local Courts of civil jurisdiction are established 
in all the principal towns throufthoot the Province, 
airanmd in citcuita, and presided mm by Stipen- 
diary Magistrates. 

The annual number of convictions in the 
ipnme Court has averaged during the last three 
yesis 160, or only one in 2,000 of tha f( — ' 

Tha Statute known as the Beal Property Act 
of South Auatialia, affords a process Dy whioh 
the transfer of landed property may be accom- 
plished in as easy and cheap a 

""dinary coomiercial t] '"" 

land — 

Where almost 
wner, or is interested in 
or or vendee, lessor tr 
,nB~, iiu<..«<.ei» ^ ..jirtgagee— doaliaga in r««l 
estate become a matter of ahnost every day 
occurreuoe. It may be said to be quite aiceptional 
for an individual in South Australia not to be, 
mora or less, persoaslly interested in the eslabllsl^^ 
ment of a simple and ineipenaive method «( 
dealing with this description ot property. I'hwft 
can be no question that the operation ft the- 
measure has bean highly advantageMis to the. 
community. The total value of the landa brought 
under the operation of this law amoonte to over- 
ll} milliona aterlin«. 

Loom for AiUic Work*. 

Legislative MneHon has been acoorded frcan 
time to time for the rainng of moneys, by vrsj of 
lean, for the prosecution of roprodnetivs public 
-lorks— such as railways, tiMnways, waterworki. 

ootsianding ooBlat December, lB79,was6,605,760t", 
and the total rate of indebtedness per head of tlw 
popnlation was 25i 9a Si Against this liabilitv 
a sum of 4,490,246/. remains due to QoveramenV 
lor 8488,744 acrea ot land sold under the crsdU 

The earlier loans were issued bearing 6 per cent, 
interest, bat those of late years bear 4 per cent, 
only. The present price of South Ausliafian Four 
per Cents, la about 97. Interestandredemplimiare 
payable la London, on 1st January and let July In 
™ch year. The currency of the bonds is geMrally 

south: austealla. 

Eight banking iastituliona cnrry oa baaoett 
within the Proviuco, nil ol whith liavo establish- 
ments in tlm priadpHl eoaporte nnd inland town- 
ships ^ Dnmbering altogether 104 bnnchoa slid 
agnndBB. The total nveraf^ linbilities of the eight 
banks amoitnt to 3^6U,9-23f., nnd the total avenge 
t»aeU to 7,307,814'. 

The Savings Bonk is managed by a Board of 
Tcustf --*"' >--■>- " ' •--- 

being 31/. The total dep.'xits of the year amounted 
to DS3,:iOS/.. and the total funds of the institution 
to 1,032,301;.— invested cliiefly in Government 
securities and od mortgnge of freehold property. 
In South Australia one in ten o( the popolatioQ 
in ft depositor in savings banks. 

Land and Oceuimiian. 
Etcludine that portion of the Province knovni 
as the Nortbem Territorr, the total area of South 
Australia ia about D8O,OT0 square miles, or 
213,344,800 acres. It may be rough); estimated 
that not more than 250.01)0 Bauors miles are at 
present pat to prolltabte nge, Agricultoral settle- 
ment has not extended 150 miles from the roost ; 
and psatoral occupation may be said to have 
reached no further than BOO miles — altbongh 
uuatters bave lately token up large areas of land 
diacavered by re>«iit explorations (lying chiefly on 
the route of tlio overland telegraph), and which are 
considered capable of carrying stock. Thirty-sii 
eonnties have been |iroc1aimednpto3lBt December, 
13T9, ombraciug 5)<.94l> Rquare milen, or 97,7-25,440 
ocreB. Of this Inrge area only 8,477,Nli acres have 
been alienated from the Crown — amounting, never- 
theless, to abont83acreflfor every man, woman, and 
child in theTolony, or upwards of IBS acres for 
eoi^ male adult. About one in every five acre" of 
the Alienated land is under tillage ; the remainder 
is used tor pastoral purposes only. Ail land is 
surveyed by the Qovernment prior to sale, and is 
divided into farms of extent varying from 80 to 
1,000 acres— the nernHwiry reserves being made 

5ublic (or railways, liiRhwcyti, watering stock, Ac. 
'his land is thrown ojicn for selection in large 
quantities— from 90,000 to 200,000 acres being put 
npatone tin<D. At present there is as mn% an 
I ,S50,D00 acres of land eurreyed and open for Im- 
mediate selection. 

About two-thu'ils of the total area of land culli- 
vat«d is cropi>i)d with wheat, of which cereal 
l,468,0n6 acres were reaped lust year. Tho area 
OE wlieat grown has increased more than 100 per 
cent, during the last 10 ycarc. 

Vine culture is an iiu[>nrfant and progressive 
industry. There are 4,117 acres of land devoted 
to this purpose. The produce of thesB vine- 
yards for the jenr ended December, 

8 galloi 

of « 

■ per 

aero. The suitability of the soil 
Bouth Austmlia to the growth of wine was soon 
discovered by the carUer settlers, some of whom 
bad brought from Europe a variety of high-class 
vine cuttings. The sIdjiob of the hilla produce 
wines of a full-bodied character similar to those o( 
Bpatn and Portugal, whilst those made in the 
more elevated districts resemble tho ligbter wines 
lo the Rhine. Whilst tho local demand is fully 
supplied at very cheap rales, a considerable export 
trade in wines of a higher character iscarriedon. 
Tbe wines o( South Australia lia\-o always beea 

The introduction of flai-growing Into tho ordi- 
nary routine of fann operations b^ baeo followed 
by considerable success. The prices realized for 
this commodity In the European markets havo 
beeu very encouraging. 

Considerable attention has also been paid to the 
drying of raisins and currant This brancb of 
industry will probably soon develi^ into an 
export trade. 

Almond trees are of rapid growth, and large 
qnantitiea of a superior description of soft-shi'll 
almond are gathered yearly for home consumption 
and for shipment. 

South Australia possesses all the conditions 
requisite for tbe successful and profttable oultar« 
of the olive. Olive oil of the most delicate charac- 
ter has been expressed, and gained awards at the 
various Exhibitions. Its purity and general 
superiority over the imported article of commerco 
has acqufred for it a high position in tbe local 
market. Tho prodnco of the plantations ia eagerly 

Curchssod by persons who have entered upon tbo 
usiness of the manufacture of oil. 

PoMoroI Ocagiation, 
In ISSl the total area of land leased from (ho 
Crown for paslorsl purposes was 15,000 square 
miles. At the present time there are no less thou 
890,000* square miles in pastoral occnpation. 
During the same pei-iod the number of horsea baa 
increased from C,500 to tSa,0o2 ; of horned cattle 
from 75,000 to 2G6,217 ; and of sheep from 
1,000,000 to over 0,140,396, whilEt tlie exports of 
wool liavB inoroased from 4,000 to 140,181 boles. 
A few years ago, flour mills and tanneries were 
almost the only representatives of local mann- 
foctures ; whilst those liavc largely increased in 
numbei' and elflciency, many imjiortant additions 
have been made to the list, vIe., 113 steam flour 
mills with 2,200 horse-power, driviug 275 pairs 
of stone H ; 8 bailiug-down works; KO tanneries 
and lellmongeries ; several large wool-washing 
works ; 10 soap and candle factories ; 5 bone-dust 
mills; 2glueandsiEi}worlta; 81ateiimsaw-millsl 27 
fonndriefl ; 86 - 
(or reaping a . 
and waggon-builders' shopB ; 1 woollen tWeed fac- 
tory; 6 clotlung factories; 4 hat factories; IS 
boot and shoe factories ; 4 dye works ; S flax 
mills; 8 rope walks; 2 bmsb manufactories; 29 
breweries ; 30 sodawater and cordial factories ; 
102 wlne-Tsaking ealablialiments; 10 biscuit 
bakeries; 10 jum and preaervea; 7 confectionery 
manufactories ; G dried fruits ai^d 3 oUre oil fac- 
tories, and 1 ice-works. In addition to 5 patent 
slips, there are 8 ship and 12 boat-building yards. 
Several marble and 16 slate quarries of excellent 
quality, and over 100 building slono quarries have 
been opened. 

The gasworks of the Colony are five In noinber, 
of which one is for the supply of tbe City of 
Adelaide and suborbs, one is at Port Adelaide, 
and tbe remaining three ore in the prindpel country 

Impcrt <md Erpart Thtde, 

The comUned import and export trade of 
I87S omuDuted to 9,770,8761. sterlma, of wbioti 
6,014,149:. were imports, and 4,762,727^ exports. 

Of the total imports, more than one-Iult, tii-, 


S,718,T8St, nnM from the CDitod Etngdom. Of 
the toUl exports, products represenliiig 2,Si5^51L 
were exported la tiie mathcr country. 

It appeu-B that out of »,957Mil. »orth of staple 
produce exported, the value of breedatuSs amounted 
to 1,648,112'. J tWwool rapreseuled l^S4,8r9i., 
tuA copper 363,781/. 

South Australian wheat and Sonr oonunand the 
highest price in the markets of the »orld, aud 
seoored the highest awards at the Paris Eiliibitioo. 
The great hulk of the crop ia shipped to the 
nnited Kinnloin. 

The totol value of wool shipped in 1866 was 
412,163/.; 1866, 990,1631:) and m 1879 it reached 
1,984,8791: Bterliug. 

ThereareS.MlmileBofroaddBflQOd in the settled 
districts. During the past 21 Tears, about 
1,955,000/. have been devoted to these worts, and, 
with the exoeptioD of 200,000/., the whole cost hu 
been defrayed from the Ocneral Kevsnao — ni> 
special loll or rate having beon levied. The 
aggrwate number of miles macadamised is 1,321. 
Id addition to the main licea, perhaps as many 
more miles o( district or by-roads have been con- 
structed and kept in re^ir bv locsl maniclpalitica 
out of Tatee and grants in aid. 

The coast of 8anlh Anstralia is well lighted, 
first-claas lighthouses having been erected on 
Capes Borda and Willouchby, Kangaroo Island, 
on Althorpe and Troubridge Islands, and at the 
entrance to Port Adelaide, m St Vincent's Golti 
on Tipara Shoal, in Speacer Gulf ; and on Capes 
Jervis, Jaffa, and Korthumberland. There are 
also other smaller liglithousoa. The total cost 
of mainteoancc of lighthouses in 1879 was 7,557/:, 
and the amauat of light dues received 7,6681.' 

-ailways durino; 

amounted to 323,405/., and the eipendltnre to 
239,6681. Up to Daoember 31at, 1879, the total 
receipts from railways reached 3,975,498/., and 
the expenditure to 2,619,675/., showing a balance 

f South Australia 
„ , . , ._ . _oBt western of the 

gronp, the flnt port of arrival and the last of de- 
partnrefor mail communication with GreatBrileln 
and the East, neceesitatod early and earnest atten- 
tion being devoted to the extension of the South 
Australian tidegraphi. so as to afford instantaneous 
oonununication with U el bourne, Sydney, Brisbane, 
Fort Darwin, and Ferih. In older to accomplish 
direct telegraphic communication with Europe. 
from which inch great results hare flowed, and 
so Immense an area of territory has bean opeutul up, 
South Australia, at her own risk and cost— whii.'b 

has amounted to over 400,000/. — erected a line of 
telegraph aome ! jiOD miles in length, across a con- 
tinent which had only been traversed by au ex- 
ploring party. 

At the close of the year 1879 there were 149 
stations, and 5,934 miles of line open throughout 
the Colony, and there ais seveial lines now in 
course of construction. 

There IsDOwthrougbconununication with on the 
sister Colonies— Victoria, New South Wales, Tas- 
mania, Queensland, New Zealand, and Western 
Australia, thereby completing the chain which 
unites the whole of the British poeseeaions at the 

itipodee with the mother country and the rest 

of tne civilized w 


Climattand iIdtonj!ogy. 

The clunate o: 
for iti dryness, a 
except on hot-wind dayiT, 
When a fierce hot wind is 
ids perhaps a 

th Anstrslia is remarkable 
linK to this cause, the beat, 
oldom oppreedva. 
ing, and the ther- 
iieihing over 100", 
the wet bnlb thermometer will show 65°, and it is 
this peculiarity which euablos persons to bear ths 
heat of the South Australian summer, and carry 
on their usual pursuits with less inconvenjemw 
and disoomfort than is felt in tropical and damp 
climates, when the tcmperatnie, ia 16° or 20° 
ioWer than in South Australia. 

The hottest months in the year are December, 
January, and Pebmary, when the temperature on 
the plaiHB frequently exceeds 100° In the shade. 
November and March are also hot, but the olKhlH, 
especially ia the former mcnth, are cooler, and the 
heat is seldom of long duration, rarely reaching 
100° In the shade, and coming in snddonly with a 
strong hot wind, ia followed quickly by a chuige 
to cool or even cold weather. A few hot days 
occ»BionaUy occur in Uctober, but even in t^s 
hotteBtmontha, eBpccially in December, tlie weathor 
is often broken by cloudy, cold Intervals, with 

south-west winds, veering gradually to 

' 'Mngs will 

and sautli.east. This stati 
o for I 

sunset, a bank of cloud forming over the Mount 
Lofty Banges with cold nights, the temperature 
fsJling rapidly after Bnnset. 

After Harch, the tempernturo falls rapidlT, ve>y 
rarely reaching 9U° in the sluide iu April (only 
six thnes in Ave years], the mean temperature (or 
that month, dednoed from ten years' observations, 
being 64-6, or 5-5 below that of the preceding 
month, whilst for May it is only 58-2. The 
coldest months are June, July, and August, the 
mean monthly temperature of which are 54-4, Gl-i^ 
and 53-7 respectivelv. 

The climate, with few exception!!. Is all that 
Europeane could desire ; it is n climate of tdna 
skies, bright sunshine, and mild genial weather, 
varied by Bnfflcient rainfall and moisture in most 
years, and marked by an almnet entire absence of 
those fierce commotions which elsewhere bring 
distructlon nnd dismay. Hurricanes maybe said 
to be unknown, fogs are rare, oarthquakos, which 
have been occasionally nntrd, are conflned to a 
few slight tremors nnd rumblings. ETerythiog Li 
favourable to health and peaceful indttstr;. 

Digitized ByGOOgle 








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7- -14 







1,( i6 








1,1 W 







1,; ?8 








1,1 « 








1,' SG 








1,1 Ifl 



4,816,170 1,320,204 




l,t 15 








2,t 10 



6,855,020 1,692,634 




2,i 58 






H-CkUf, Uajor-QeunJ 

Bir Wmiam FraniiH Drummond Jarrob, ILS., 
O.C.M.G., C.B., 5,1X10/. 
Atdt-df'Craap, and JVirale Secretary, LigateiMiit 


Exmutiiie Council, 
I^rtmJeml, Hia ExcelleDcy the Govornor. 
The Uoa. 8. J. Way, Ctiiof Justice. 
Otief StcreUay, Hou. William Morgw, M.L.C. 
AtUmeS-GoKral, Hon. W. H. BuDiToy, M.P.,Cl.C. 
Trtaturtr, Hon. Charlos Mann, Q.C. M.P. 
Comniuioner of Croicn 7M»d$ and Immignlion, 

Hon. Thomas Playford, M.P. 
CbnnuuiaiKr 'ij /^ftc IVorti, Hon. George Ohnrles 

Hawker, M. A., M.P. 
ilfiaiifi I of EduoatiOH, Hon. Thomas King, K.P. 
Clerk of Comal, Lieut. JerroU, It.E. 

Tub Fakliuumt. 

Lejitlalife Cimacit— IS Urmbtrt. 

Prfidmt, Hon. Sir WilUun Uilno, 600J. 

Cteri, Francis Corbett SinRlelon, 600J. 

Auiilant Clerk and Serjeaat-at-Anni, Fred. Hal- 
comb, 4261. 

The Eons. The Fri^siclent, Sir Henry Ayen, 
K.O.M.G., R. C. B.ker, Allan Campbell, John 
Oroiler, John Dunn, J. Fisliur, A. Ha;, John 
HodgUas, Tlioe. Hogarth, D. Hurray. Wm. 
Morgan, J. reojce, J. U. Kamaav, W. Sandovar, 
P. Santo, Henry Scott, K. A. Tarlton. 

Home of Aaemblg—i6 Memtert, 
Awabr.Him. Sii' O. Ett 
dtotniun 0/ Cimnilleea, 
Mr. T. Atkinson. 
Hi. U. F. F. BaaedoiT. 
Hi. W. H. Bean. 
Sir, J. Boaworth. 
Mr. David Bower. 
Mr, J, C. Bray 
Mr. H. E. Bright. 
Hon.W. H. Bundey.Q. 
Hr. W. Cnvenagh. 
Mr, P- B. Coglin. 
Hon. J. Colton. 
Mr. K Cooke. 
Mr. Jolui Darling. 

Mr. J. W Downor, Q.C. 
Mr. a, S. Fowler. 
Jlr. H. Prneet. 
Mr. L. L. Fumar. 
Hon. L. Glydo. 
Mr. W. Hainee. 
Mr. A. Hardy. 
.C.Mr. J. Hart 

Hon. G. C, Hawkar, M.A. 

Mr, C. 8. Hare. 

Mr. R W. E. Henning. 

Hon. Thoa. King. 


Hr. A. H. Landaeer. Hr. John RonnseveH. 

Hr. W. J. Magaroy. Mr. W. B. Bouneevell. 

Hon. Chaa. Mann, Q.C. Mr. W. K. Simms, 

*' " " ' Mr. J. Shanno 

Mr. J. L. Faraous. 
Hon. Thos. Playford. 
Mr. C. Pcaoock. 
Hr. Bowland Keos, 
Mr, B. D. llosB. 

Mr. E. T. Smith. 
Mr. P. W. Btokea. 
Hr. W. TownBemL 
Mr. James White. 
Mr. W. A. E. West-Br»- 

doQ Blackmore, 425i. 

Qffiix* connected wi A hoA Jloute*. 

Jddou op the Sctbiu Cocmr. 

CAief Sea-Oars^t Dfpartmenl. 

Wm. Morgan, M.L.C, 1,0001. 

Green, 210;.; L. Dyke, im. 

Audit Dijiartiaent 
Aa^or^aenen^, E. W. Hitchin, J.P., 900^ 
AuietatU AudUor-OenrraltQ. A. FeeeDmeyer, S( 
CWy CTfi*. P. Whitington, 320/. 
Cierkt, W. O. Ford, 240/. 

O. tawrence, 240/. 

Edgar Giles, 240/. 

W, Bnrgess, 230i 

G. G. Todd, 2S0L 

E. Langmon, ISOL 

A. J. Korft, 110(. 

J. W. Stow, 120/. 

J. W. Davidson, 170t 

R. J. Champion, 170/. 

E. A. WahlLi, 160/. 



rrnf Police, Geo. niLnm»n, J. r.. TDM. 
CU^ fntpeetoT, W. 8e«rey, i25l. 
loMptctort o/itomUtdPolkt, Banjimm Hnnt, T. W. 

Bee,uida Sanders, B30f. ; L, Woodcock, SBOI. 
Sab-Inn^OTjp. Sullivui, 250/. 
ChitfCleFi, W. JohoBoo, B30i. 
aa*i, Q. t. Beed, 8301: ; Y. Droofibt, SODA; P. A. 

Skerifi Dtp/B-tmeni. 
Skerif md Seturmng OSeer of tlie I^ctbux, W. K 

Boothhy, J. P., 7001 
Cfcr*, 4. W. Boj ' 

ogerB, 2 
J. How 

£acp«r «/ Gaol, J. Howell, 366/. 

ComlrdBm; W. H. Boolhby, J.P. (SbeMy 
AuiCTwtauint, B. B. Scott, J.F., 42K. 
C&tjL K. H. Bdmonds, 3001. 
Mtdicat Offiar, B. W. W»y, M.B., STOt 

Besidmr-atMral of ffirtii, Oariit, ibkI 

RtgMrar-Gtaeral, J. F. Clelsnd, UWL 
Depm dtOo, J. A. PlunkeCt, SlitU. 
Ci!«r£, D. Pisher, jna., IStK 

Vediea/ Z>9)(n4iMBf . 
CoJofuaJ SunftoK, A. 8. Patenon, H.D. 
ilwirtairt Colonai Surgeon, JUouni GtaMtr, J«D 

JackHm, H.C 
^eeSco/ QjG%rt~~ 

ffimnaii^. B. Clntterbuck. 

Glaitig, H. FergUBon. 

finiHui, W. N. BobiHBon. 

KooringajR. B 

JfomM, .1. Jan 

Port LtKvh, A. H. Parker. 

JVt ^i^Mta, William Mu-ktaam,uid T. T. Cotter. 
WaiiaroOiitibn Oosse. 
Clan, 0. W. Smitb. 

iZiupital SrmeA. 
Saaor Houie Surgeon, Aiwtiii O. Ward, M.RC.G., 

Junior A'Oo, J. L. WiUoQ, 2901. 
SXeward, E. H. Hallsolc, 2i;0/. 
AtMbuH Ceiomai Sm^am at Moial Oaaiitr, 1. 

Eeallh Officer, Fort Adtlaidt, B. OethiDg, M.D. 


Central Board o/HteM, 
PratdaU, md Vacciaalum Officer, W. Qmm, ILD^ 

DatUMt Poor A^/Iam, 

joriT. H. 

A. Lindsa- 

..r.J. 8. 01ii_..., 

foala, 2001. ; J. B. Whiting, IBM. 

CAan^mw of Board, T. H. Atkioaou, IKU. 

intendnit, A. LiudsaT, 2701. 

■ ' " 01iiBnt,21«. 


Prmiinff Departjumt. 
Prinln; E. Spillei-, 6oOi. 
CterkaadlUadtT, H. F. Laader, 280f. 

FbtoniMT Miiitari/ Force. 
CoIdikI Coamandant, Lioat-Colcuuil Uajor F 

Downas, fi.A., 1,0CK)(. 
Dmaly AniMtant Adiatiad-Gtwfnd, Capt. 

pBrgnflson, P.C,,0.,'l(iflB Brigade, SOOt 

Z^iu O^cert' DepartjotnL 
AUones-Gmeral, Hon. W. H. Bnndey, Q.O., M.P,, 

Cnmm Solicitor, Hon. K. B. AndreirB, Q.C, SOU. 
aeertiay, O. E. DeHnte, J.?., £00i^, alto Comnit- 

riowT of PalaUt and Beoittrtir of Cvoftighi, 
CTeri»,C. 0. CormBh,330i. 
Q. a. Martin, ISO'. 
0. W. HnghcB, 1101. 

LimalSc Ait/li 
Bttidtat Mu&eal OSctT atd Cotaiiial Bvryran, ^B. 
Fateraon^UJ). , SSOJ. 

jr awnon, A.U., bow. 
Cbrl^J.J. HunabilSai. 

ifiuler ofBt^enu! Cnuri, 3. Q. Bussall, 7W. 

Segittmr, 0. A. Wileoii, 600/. 

Jtulget' Atiodate, A. Stov, 310/. 

Chif/ Clerk and Aiiocialt to Judges in Egm/g, 'W. 

GwTQiie, 800/. 
Auittaal Auociatt and Jadga' Clert, H. J. Fitzroy, 


H. HcK. Uolrhead, SOD/. 
C. B. Sawell, 110/. 
Cleri to Covri ofA^taU, C. P. Fenn. 

Moffittratti <md Local CourU. 
Adelmde, StyKadian, Magiilralf and Commimoter 

qflaiolvaicy, H. B. Dowoer, 1,S00. 
Poliai MagittraU, B. Bsddome, 700/. 
Citrk qf Load Court, W. Banlacd, 36U 
Clerh q? ft/fce Coitr(, J. B. Penn, 270/. 
C/er*», Q. P. Hitcyu. 240/. 
T. P. Eaynolda, 180/. 
W. H. Denver, I»Ot 
Cleri to BbkA of Magiitrata, J. B. Femi. 
Angatt/m, Gaaler, Malkda, Saiiibmy, Temoida, 
TWira, and Too iVelU, ^ipeadtary Magiaralt, 
G. W. HavksB, 460/. 
Clerjb, T. 0. Fowler, 160/. 

S. von Bortoncb, SIOJL 
F. Bottfleld, 160/. 
AidmrH, Clare, Redrvtk, Krmmda, UorgariL, Riverian, 
Stodiort, SlipeHdiaiy iiagiiirati, John Varleyr 
CUrti, 3. T. Beo, lOOt 
W. O-Hara, 210L 
A.H. FordBT,310/. 
F. Pearce, 160/. 
A. Kennett, IbOL 

W. Oate. 

Smman, SIhetidiorf Magitlrale (aha Si^Prottetor' 

qfAborigma), 1. F. Buttfield, ibOU 
CIn-jt,M.H. Salter, 160/, 
Gooiva, Morpkett Vale, C/m-aufon, Port Elliol, WU- 

tmga, and YaitkaMa, Sdoendiaru JUegiitrala, W. 



aerk$, 0. H. MyIm, ISOt 

C. W. (Jcott, 130/. 
H. C. Bcorfe, ISOi. 

G amen i Aa, Mamtm, Moiail Barter, Maau Plsaaat, 
Tta-trtc Otiii*. Strathatk/n, IVeilikgton, and Waiid- 
mde, SH}KndiaTy Magiitrale, T. J. S. O'HallorRii, 

Cfcrif, O. Skipper, 2101 

D. Mdfat, leoi: 

H. O'DoqubU, IMH 
Kadkia, ilootiia. Port Waiefield, and Port WaHaroo, 

S&ieiuSary MagMrate, J. B. Sbepfaerdsoa, 4S0I. 
Cfcrfe, N, D. Bennett, 2101. 
M. H. Graham, 160?. 
J. W. McKeohnia, 1101 
J. T. KeatB, 21U. 
fljrt PErie, George Toon, Jama Toon, Lratra, 
Red Bill, YarcowK, and Ormro/i, StiptruBari/ 
Magittralt, A. J. EdianndB, 100{. 
ClerU, W. Handall, 170(. 

£. H. CliddOD, imi. 
P. J. LewiB, 1201 

E. J. Ej-ra, 1701 
B. Pullen, 150/. 

Kington, Border ToaH, fCaracarrte, and Ro6e Tbun, 

Smndiary Magiitraie, H. J. Bmilh,4£0f, 
Oerii, W. B. Ottoway. 
J. Law, 160(. 
Bnithin Farmer, 1601. 
Jabn Green, 1501 
Muml Gambia; Peiola, Port MaeDoimeU, and naU- 

etnt, Slipendtary Un^ttrate, Q. B. Scott, 4501 
CUrJa, JoliD Jacob, 210i. 
P. VslentinB, 1601 
S. J. Btuckej>, 1601 
W. T. Jonee. 
ifinnj RenarhJilt, Fort Atiguita, WllotMgton, and 
<^m, Stiptndiary Mmittralt, Qoo. Donaldson, 
Oerk, A. F. AndrewB, 2101 
W. J, Trembttdi, 1261 
B, J. Turner, 6601 

H. W. Maaterman, I6W. 


s, 1501 

Fort Ad^aide, Slipauliarii MagittraUtU. I. Tnrnar, 

C3trtt, F. B. Burton, 2601 

G. Fotberingbam, l.'Wl 
fart Limxla, SliptmSary MagiitraU, 3. S. Browne, 

Oerk, W. 0. Bennett, 1601 
EdiMttr^ TorietowB, and .Vottfond, 8liptn£airii 

UagUtnOt, £. Gowlt, 4601 
ClerJ»,J.W. Allen, ISO/. 
G. U. Haanev 150/. 
L. Sharpies, 1501 
Sttakg Buy, Stqiendiary Stagiitratt, E. Eeynes, 1601 

Iiuoieeitcs Court. 
CemmUriotier of Imolceacg, H. E. Downer, 1,2001 
OffldaiAMiigntt, J. Clierry, 6601 
.iccDwfoM, H. A. Wood, :e60f 
Begitrtxr, B. Blunt, 6651 
Cleria, W. Johnstone, SlOl 
F. NotUge, 160/. 

Ci^ Carontr, T. Wud, 8101 

RtgMror-GmeraCi D^partaaA 
Btgidrar-GaienU, W. B. T. AndreiTB, TCOt 
SAxlon, H. Qkwier, 8001 

P. F. Tuner, 8001 
ittmt* iiuuAnir-Caieni/, W. B. Garter, SOOl 
Sad J9^{w4 Bt^itnT-Ctneni, £. J. HMtta, tfOL 

Secretaxy, 3. H. Th«mai, 3961 
i^rotwiUDnaH, H. F. Benton, 4251 
CUrIa, W. a. Little, 8101 

F. Anthony, 3651 

J. H. Fitwrald, 2701 

W. G. F. Jojnar, 3801 

Wiles Peacock, BlOl 

B. N. Newbury, 2801 

N.W.. O.Bennett, 200/. 

J. H. While, 2301 

A. S. FoCheringhazn, 3001 

0. H. Schomburgk, 1601 

5. BigBod, 170/. 

W. J. Hinde, 1601 
K UacaaUT, 1101 

Q. W. Anthony, 100/. 
DEPAXTHKirce vvuss. oasffnan or the 


Treatiny Drpartmeiii. 
Treamrer, Hon. Charles Uann.Q.C, H.F., 1,0001 
Undrr-Trtaturer, E. W. Hitchin, J.P., 7001 
CasiierandAaoualaTit,!.. H. 8boll,l£01 
Stctiver of Retwiue, 0. B. Todd, 2B01 
Chief Ofrh, L. 8. Hpiller, 2901 
CUth, W. Aldweil, 160/. 

W. Lindsay, 1901 

H. P. Peacock, 1601 

W. H. Belway, jun., 110/. 

P. J. Condon, 100/, 

Cjuionu DeptrrtmenL 

P. J. Sanderson, 8001 
(%/■ Clerk, Charlos Parry, 3801 
CoapiroUer of Cvttomt Accoaiiti, W. H. CanUBeU, 

/•upector 0/ DiniOerUt, E. F. Clarke, SOOl 
Oerla, L. R Hogg, 2C01 

W. E. Folurswald, 2101 

A. Searcy, 2101 
WanAoutt-lieeptr, F. A. Howell, 3001 
GaHgen, S. Harvey, 2401, and C. BtepheuB, 1601 
LoJien, T. Frewin, 1501 
W. R SUter, 1401 

E. Bume, 140/. 

W. Lindstrom, 1301 
G. A. Payne, 1301 

F. L. Le Leu, 1201 
T. S. GiUman, 1401 
J.J. Condon, 1201 
W. B. Alton, 1201 
H. J. Dunn, 1001 

J. C. Grutzuiachor, 1101 

J. Traynor, 1001 
(M-door QSken ^ 
'-- '-.^-ftinfyor, J. 0. Fergnaon, 4501 

mU ditto, B. Magraitb, 3101 

Landing Waiteri: — 

W. H. F. Bayly, 240/. 

W. Little, 1901 

Alt. Beorcy, 1901 

W. R Squires, 1801 

M. J. Conion, ISO/. 

J. H. Servante, 1701 

W.Cale, inn., 1601 
ant Landing Wailert: — 

G. E. C. Stevens, 150/ 
S. T. Everett, 1301 
R CIcland, 1201 
J. W. Porter, 1001 
T. BradwoU, UOl 
K W. Barlleet, 110/. 
J. A. Atkins, 100/ 

D. F. Neb 


Boura AvemAUA. 

BoarOiKi OSctrtt— 

K:V. Pmyne, lOOt 

P. Front, 10«. 

J. Beanmout, lOOi. 
TvU-aantvor and ilaimnr o/SkoM, T, K. Uagee, 

Tide WmUri:— 


Addaide, P. W. Hingwood, BOO/. 
J'art Bobe, A. Uuut 
/airtimwA, P. W. Allen, 
Glaidg, J. Dagwell. 
Ooehca aid Forf Victor, 1. Tiylor. 
Uorgtm, J. H. Wooller. 
Yaaixma, C. W. Seott. 
nWmiga, H. Burgess. 
Moaaa, Y- W. HtHlges. 
Fort Wakijitia,i. W. McKechDie. 
Fort Augnita, J. MolTille. 
Port JJmcobt, W. O. Banuett. 
PoH MaclkmatU, W. T. Jones. 
PorU PWit ani Braushfm, H. B. WflHnOB. 
WaOaroo, J. Cirson. 
Port Corotof , U. H. Stjbs. 

J/ariw AMmJ. 

PrtMdenL, E. H. Fergoron, J.P., 6S«. 
SeerOarv, T. N. Supheas, Sdo/. 
«W Cteri, 4c^ W. Birch, BOOi- 
AaUtiBitEHgiatrr, Vf. £. 8Ude,S80/. 
Cfcrfa, J. Dnrby, 170;. 

A. E. Wilhy, llOt 

H. Smith, 120/. 

W. Ganmicill, lOOf. 

Examiner qfilailm iiad iIalet,Sluptr-'-^' *"— 

*c., J. Injfis, aSOf. 
/iiwiwfr, Siirwjw, one/ EBoiniiter 

J. Campbell, 2t«l/. 

It, Sl^fflffri^ iSnrqKT, 


ftB^A»4f, A-Munl. 

H'oifaroo, J, Cnrsiiii. 

Fart ilacDrmntll, Tliomaa Brinuge. 

Port IJHroln, W. U. BeDnett. 

Pan Ilftoi", T. Tnylor. 

P<irt Auglata, 1. Mrlville. 

Fart Pint, S. B. WiUiams. 

Port IVaiffiU, J. W. McKoehnfe. 

VFiUumga, M. BurgBBg. 

rtmfJt/to, U. W. Scott. 
Pari Cmv/iw, G. H. Stjtos, 
Jtlpoli Bag, F. CInrke. 

Agtnl-Grtteralt Drpartmmt (London). 

Aaetd-Gtneral (alto £niwrattM Antnt), Sir Arthur 

Blyth, K.C.M.O., 1,600/. 
j4iiii(MJ A^nit-Cnifni/ OHJ .iMutaBi Emisratioii 

Agatt, 8. Desrlng, J.P., 750/. 

CJUi/' CJtrJ-, Junes Baell, S50L 

Bonded Dthl Cirri, T, Oill, aSOt 

C/(r*r, A. B. MnrMii, 210/. 

A.Z. Caliill, laO/. 



CaBmMaiier qf Croon Landt DepartmeBi. 
Comminicner, Hon. Thoaaa rbj-ford, ILP,, 1,000/. 
SrrrrfBTO, H, J. Andrews, J.P., 600/. 
Ouef Oert, T. Dnfflald, 240(. 
CUrk*, A. A. Feneiimeyer, 2001. 

Sarret/ Departiaeni. 
SHrrtmr-Gaieral and Inmtclor of Afiaei, G. W, 

Goydw, J.Py^l,2dO/. 
Dtpatv Ditto, W. C. GOBSB, 650/. 
CAtf Cirri, D. N. Bogot, 330/ 
Cltrk, P. E. C. Frost, 190/. 
C&Tjt utd Storrit/prr, L. C. E. Gee, iW. 
AccoHiliBit, 8. Sjke, 1802. 
Cki^Suretyor, J. W. Jones, 380/. 
C*»^ JfroB^iimaii. W. Strawbridge, SdiU 
Surmon, w. U. Hardv, 810/. 

B. King, fun., SOO/. 
W. G. EvBBS, 280/. 
E. B. Jones, 220/. 

C. Wells, 2H0i. 

E. W. Kriclaufl, 110/. 
H. jKcab, 100. 
Q. McCoy, lOO/. 
Rrgiiimr, Land Office, C. J. Snndera, 42G/. 
Reederr of Erremie, W. H. Banders, 2B0(. 
Clerks, A. E, W. Ebewortb, 880/. 
M. DoBwoU, 250/. 
W. S. Crabb, 210/. 
A. Ward, IROf. 
F. W. Hotting, 180t 
J. N. O'Reilly, 170(. 
P. W. Sims, 100/ 
Pholo-LilAogngiher, F. S. Crawford, 435/. 
AiaOaat Ditto, A. Vauehan, 210/. 
PhotoUHiogn^v: PriMcr, W. Newport, ISKIt 
DrmalUtmai, E. P. Lanrio, 3J0I. 
E. M. Smith, 270/. 
C. H. Harris, 270/. 
T. D. Porter, 250/. 
P. H. Burden, 240/, 
H. C. Talbot, 230/. 
E. A. Nolt«nias, 190J: 
W.J.CrombiB. 180/. 
J. Abbott, 1201. 
Q. A. Berry, 110/, 
fatpecling Ratine, B. Hack, 2S0I. 
Kimgtrt, S. Watts, 210/. 

W. P. CogUn, 210/. 
E. Mclntyre, 210/, 
A. Cole, 200/. 
O. Wadmore, 2001: 
H. Harslett, 1801. 
J. J. Fitzgerald, 180/. 
J. W. UaU,160/: 
Q. J. Rowe, 1601. 

Impeetorand Vahialor'i DeparintiiL 
Clad' ln*pKlor,l. M. Borrow, 600/. 
aub-Intptdan, E. P. Boncsiit, BSOt 
A. Tolmer, 270t 
G. W. C. Tolmer, 220t 
P.Marchant, 170/. 
CUrki, Leo von dor Borch, 160/. 
O. G. Bonnay, 200/. 

Abori^Ktf UtjucrtnKiU. 
iVoe«*iPo/'itftor^iiM<,ConmiiaBioner Crows Luidi, 

SOttH ittnCEAUA. 

Bolaiucal Garden. 
DiraaltK- atd Setrektrji to Board, Dr. Bcbombnrgk, 

Cemtterg Drpartmtni. 
Siip4riiitendent, H. K Brootea, S70J. 

Wardet, Bedford Hack (Inapectiiig Cro-wit 'Ltnia 

iSi«^ ln>ptttciT'4 DtpatimtiU. 
Cluefln^clor, C. J. Vslenttoa, 460i 
•Sui-Zfunccluri, T. A. Wells, SmL 

H. E. Wells, aio;, 

A. McLeod, iSO/. 
J. G. I. Kor, ■itHL 

DBFAanama i: 

Offet of C<nimMotur ej Public World Dtpartaent. 
Ctmmiahriir of Pablic Worhi, Hon. George 0. 

Hftwkn-, U.!., U.P., 1,000^. 
Secrelaiy, John Mann J.P., 600?. . 
Cla-li, Philip Calf, mi. 

W. C. Bliuttloworlh, llOi 


AauUaU Engm/xra, J. I 

W. D. LoTsU, 700/, 
Prqfiaiio»a! Orri, U. 3. Mnllins, 310/. 
Accoatiaat, J. Gardiner, alOi. 
Clerla, T, F. WickEl^, 300i. 
F. Olifont, 2m. 
P. E. WaterhonM, 210/. 
P. B. EVRD, 110/. 
i)rOToiaine», W. Wright, 425/. 
W. Stephens, 330/. 
ArckUeeCi DipartmeM. 
ArchUtct HI Chi^, E. J. Woods, BOO/. 
Juitlani ArduUclJi. T. Light, 600/. 
JirmgiUnKm, W. H. Graliam, 930/, 
Prvjommal Ckrk, C. E. 0. Smyth, 390/. 
Ovenar of Woria, T. A. AbbotI, 270J, 
C&ri, W. Q. Eond.ll, 280/. 

IFatenoorib Departmnt—En^ntrring Diatioa. 
BvdraulK Engineer, O. Browii, M.I.C.E., 900/1 
.^MMtott Snjinen-, W. B. Hnll, M.8.E., 700/1 
Ihaughttman, A. H. Lnng-lcy. 290(. 
CUrkcmdAcmu^lant. S. G. Aahton, 810/. 
SuperinttndeM of Mnini, C. SejTnnuI, 250/. 
Cltrk,, B. Hsndell, 280/. 
J. Bee, 280/. 
W. G. Uroobnan. 100/. 
JtiKTVoir Kaper, 0. SKidere, 210i 
SuperinUndeiit yPrrrt Avgw^a Wat'. 
Superialendenl if Port Pi--- " 
Forsoith, 190L 

Waterteorkt DfprnlBitBtSala A'cftioa. 
Valuator, W. T. Cooper, 270/. 
Ceikaon. W. Dulano, 2j0/. 
G. F. Day, 240/. 

Wateraorkt, D. 

J. D&Tia, 210/. 
J. M. Holder, 210/1 
T. J. Brooke, 170/. 
O. Wa«Wj), 160/. 

Orii, a F. Heath, 2B0I. 

A. B. Brood, 160^ 

Smiaag Dqmrtineiil— Traffic Diciiiim, 
Geaeral Tn^ Manager, A. Q. Pandlololi, 1,000/. 
.4c(»ubn<, J. B. Hack, MQL 
Tracdiing ItapeOor, £. Saiat, 380/. 
Etpen^ure Clerk, J. PEokering, iun, 820/. 
JteveiiMt CUrk, C. J. Holder, 290/. 
AuittaM Accomtant, M. DuhorW, 250/. 
CliUf Cltrt, W. Frampton, 290£ 
CUrii, J. F. De Ceon, 200/. 
D. H. Bimpson, 190/. 
J. H. Dunalun, 170/. 
J. Bennett, 17U/. 
G. H, Pierce, 170(. 
H. A. Qooden, 1601. 
W. Gold a worthy, lOOt 
W. G. Martin, 150/. 
8talio%IiupetMr,J. B. McNiol, 180/1 
StatioainaUTi, W. C. ItowoU, 3201. 
J. Enmbal], 270/. 
W. B. Bannalt, 2701. 
J. G. Bold, 210/1 
O. Baker, 210/. 
T. Home, 21 Oi 
J. EUia, sen., 2101 
F.B.Litcbfleid, 210/1 
J. 0. Butllvan, 210/1 
T.H.LitehneId, 210/1 
J. West, 210/. 
A. Horaor, 210/. 
J. Brown, 160/. 
C. W. Draper, 200/. 
R R Milloer, 210/. 

A. Newton, 190/. 

B. G. Pearce, 160/. 
R J. Bumball, 190/1 
W. G. 0. Cole, I80J1 
J. A. Carroll, 180/. 
R Wells, 180/. 

W. CUrfc, 170/1 
G, Gitaham, 180/1 
J. McQnire, 190/1 
J. Jackson, 190/1 
A- J. OUjer, 170/. 
T. E. Adama, 150L 
J. Machin, 150/. 
T.M. Foi, 150/. 

C. R SalKmiuin, IGOL 

a w. nif:hfirda, not 

G. Lnaeombe, 140/1 
J. Biadden, 130(. 
W. Lyford, 130(. 
W. McMiirray, 110/. 

A. E. Bose, 140/. 

B. J. Hack, 130J1 
F. O. Belcher, 130/1 
W. D. Bobb, 160/. 
J.Hotten, 160^ 

E. Pretty, I GO. 

F. T, C. Smith, 100/1 

D. Hntt«n, 160/1 
SipttuUmdaU^Trtiffic, W. N. W*a<Jiope, !7«. 

H. HcArthnr, 26011 
J.N. Martin, 2G0/.. , 

W. P. Mart, 280/1 ,OOQ C 
a A. Whit«, 200/1 " d 
H. E. Fomnod, 220/1 



7. Spooner, 180 1 

H. E. Forvood, SSOJl 

E. H. K^Mkea, IIU. 
Bo^^neper (Oeodi), B. B. C*rTo«ao, 3101 

T. Wood, 210(. 
GooA Oeanor, J. Smith, sm 

Leamotive Eamierr, W. Thow, 700t 
i>nwabinai, F. Boberta, 4U0t. 
BooAtpw (loiwMotiw), B. W. Bmitti, 1701. 

iSorctetpir'f Divitiim. 

Sforettiper, 3. W. Bmwll, 82W. 

aurdxtper, Q. S. Uanis, 

atonmim, 3. H. SUc;, SIOL 
C'fcrl!,D.8oUy, 14W. 

C—iral Eooi Boafd. 

Cfcnb,J.S.Browii«, 1-,.. 
OaienMUMfaiif SarHyart, C. T. BirgniTs, 56011 
J. Horris, (ML 

P. E. Bend*. 18W. 
W. E. G. ShtcUe, lOOL 
JuKctor-fiflKnil ofSckoeU, 3. A. Hartlef, B.A.. 

AeeouKHmtJ. Bath, 42I>^ 
Intptdort, £. DewhirBt, 450/. 
J. H«kiiiK, 4212. 
Tbomas Burgas, tSil 
0. L. ^Tuthun, B.A.,89CL 
L, W. SUntoo, asfit 
CZa-jli,T.E. Junes, 2401. 
O P. HallaU, 18021 
Oeo. J. De Boaa, 120JL 
C. L. MatliewB, 120L 
J. 0. Kerr, 100^ 

Utad^alcr, Levis Q. UwUey. 

Civ -^oi^ Solooi*. 

tltia Kaaer, A. ChrkB. 
Urad itiitrat, Biunb U. Krt. 
JUutnu nf Ijifant School, Ttarj Ony. 

Bar. CauoQ Fur IC.A. 
Hon. L. OlTd^ Ii.F. 
W. ETOTard. 
V. done, H.D. 
C- Todd, C.1LQ. 

Pea Office and Tileffn^ DeparAuM. 


C. Todd, C.M.G., B50?. 
Dtmtt) PoitniaMtcr-Gtntral nndAititliM 3»^eriiae»- 

datt o/Tel/grmdu, K Squire, 6601. 
Staerintendait LeiUr Biimeh, and Tng/ector Iff 

Paiiage3btapi,B. L. FIurM, 42511 
AceoimlaHt, W. H. BnneU, 425/. 
Intptdor of PotUd and TelffjrapA Swica, B. B. 

EanckBy, SfiO/. 
JtfwrintaKhnf, Afoati/ Order A-rmef ,B. 5nm>i>erB,4I011 
Cm4i«r, Pojioi Sraach, R. I.nwruice, B20(. 
CotTwpoitdifi^ CUrh, H. W, U. Wmdiy, 3201. 
CoMtr, Tfligraph SrancS^harleH Fry, 320t 
Auiitmt Statioimaila; J. W. B. Croft, 3201 
Senier Iniand Clerk, C. 0. Schedlich, SOOl. 
O. Sparks. 
H. 8. Olifent. 
XL O. Sells. 

H. L. HuTst, jun. 
T. S. J«aR. 
H. H. Dolfinan. 
T, W. PosTson. 

J. Olifent, jnn. 

L. F. SuDBOn. 

J. 0«toy, Ian. 
B.W. BaUi. 
J. F. Grutzmnclier. 
H. D. Doolette. 
A. M. Worenop. 
C. GUoi, iuD. 
H. Schroder. 
0. Isuehmn, 
3. D. Whittmn. 
H. Win ton. 
J. E. Gill. 
A. W. Winter. 
O. E. De Cran, 
F. O. Dollman. 
J. Haddem, jun 
Gaotgo Brown. 
W. O. F. Leuk 
T. 3. BobiUiud. 
Q. F. Hnsaey. 
J. B. Hachray. 
J.B. AdamsoQ. 

B.H. Lee. 

Prvittr of Blaiimt B. Brookman, azOt 

PottmOMla; Pari Addiadt, E. W. Gray, 3301. 

aiatiaimailer, Port Darain, 3. A. G. Little, 43611 
„ Maimt Gambier, G. H. C Uaon, 42511 

„ Port Adrlaidr, E. FbHUps, SOOi. 

n WeHtaonh, J. J. Watson, 3701. 

Auiittml Obttntr, A. Blnervood, 2TW1 

DnirtTnty of Adtlaide. 


ChmMfloF, Bight Bev. tlie Lord Biahop ot Adslalda, 

Vid-ClkatetUor, The Hon. Samod Junes Way, 

Chief Jnstice. 
Tmaurer, Uon. Sir Henry Ayerg, £.C.M.G. 

M.L.O. ' /. , 

B. W. Way, Esq., M.B. t illOQ \c 

WnUam E, Iloolliby, Esq., B-A., JJ. < '• 
David Itnmy, Eaq., J.P. 



Hon. HeDiy Scolt, M.L.O. 

John A. Hartley, Esq., li.A., B. 6c, London. 

Adolph Ton Troner, Esq. , J.P. 

R. D. Rou, Esq., M.P. 

J. W. Bakoweir Esq., M.A. 

Bev. Junes Lyill. 

Chules Todd, Esi^, C.M.G 

Wmi«m Everard.Eeq., J.P. 

Arthnr Hardv, Esq., M.P. 

EoT. W. B. Fletcher, M.A. 

Wmiun Gosee, Esq., U.D. 

Eoraoi Lamb, Eeq., M.A. 

Rot. O. H. Fut, M.A. 

J. D. ThCFmaa, Esq., M.D., F.RC.B. 

StgiUnzr, W. Bmlow, Esq., B.A. 

D. F. Ee%, Enq., M.A., Huglios Frofsasor of 

Rov, J. DftriJson, nughea Profoasor of English 

Horace Lamb, Eiiq., M.A., CaaUb., Elder Pro- 
fessor of MatlicmatirB. 

IWnh Tale, Esq., i' R.8., Elder rrofcBsor of 
Natnial Science. 


Govtrnment SaidenK t'Hiprndiari/ Magutralt, pad 

CamtiMiiontr for Citvtdt Court, Edward Wflliam 

Price, 8.M., 8001. 
Secmaiy and Accoaalant, B. E. Reyntdds, QBtU. 
CobmuifSatytim and ProUdtr fj Aborir/iiKi, B. J. 

Uorice, M.B., 5001. 
Seftior Siirvtgor and Sig)rTnsor q/ Putlie Worli, 

a. B. McHinn, NOD/. 
.TMBDr Sitrvfgnr, D. Lindsny, 310/. 
Draaghtiman, W. it. CulhlKrteou, 950f. 
Damtv Shmff and Clerk of Vomit, and Chiff 

Wardm, Cold /Wd., J. U. Kuigbt, M.LC.B., 

Intptdar of Police, Paul Foelsrhe, B30f. 
Intpeding and Senior Officer of Ttlegrapki. J. A. G. 

Little, 500/. 
IJarboia' JUatleT, and Commcmdtr of "Flgino 

Cloud." H. R. Marah, i6Dl. 
Krrper U.M. Gaol, W. Lawrte, 2i0/. 
Gardener in chrrr^ qf Botanic Cardent, Manrjoe 

Holtze, 182/. 
latptctor o/Puilic //ousri, Q. Montagu, SOW. 

To Ports of KoiT Zealand, rid 

Melbourne woekJy. 

„ Porta of Now South Walce, 

rid Melbourne bi-weekly. 

„ Ports of (ineenslanil . . . bi-wceklj. 

„ NewoMtla bi-wealdy. 

.„ T»»muiia,vii.,HobartTo»ii 

and Launoestou .... weekly. 

„ Melbourne aod olbor Vic- 
torian Porta tri-weokly. 

„ Northern Territory, Port 

Darwin orery ten weeks 

„ WoHtern Auntralia , . . . inouthly. 

„ Great Britain and Iho East . monthly, 

„ Bobe and GuichoD Day . . weekly, 

„ Port Augusta weakly, 

„ Singslon and UacDooQcU 

Bay weekly. 

„ Port Lincoln weekly, 

„ MoonlaBny weekly. 

„ PortWnUaioo weekly. 

„ Port Pino bi-wsckly. 

To Edithbnrgh and Stansbury . tri- weekly. 

„ Ardroeaan woekly. 

„ Victor Harbour weokly. 

„ Port Wakefield weekly. 

The Mnitay Blver steamers tmYerse a, distance 
of about 2,000 miles from Goolwa, and call at 
ports an the route as the requJreiaenta of trada 

Litt^ GoBemoTi of SouA AttttraUa. 
L Cant John Hindmarsh, R,N., K.H. 2(lth 

December, lBSe,lo 16th July, 1838 (Goorgo 

Milner Stephen acting ad interim). 
2. Lteut-CoL George GnwTer, K.H.,l,tL October, 

1888, to 16th May, 1841. 

8, Captain, now Sir, George Groy, K.C.B.,froni 

16th May, 1841, to asth Oetobsr, 1846. 

4. Lieut.-Col. Frodk. Holt Bobs, C.B., 2otli 

October, 1846, to 2nd August, 1848. 

6. Sir Henry Edwaid Fox Young, C.B., 2nd 

August, IS48, to 20th December, 18M (Boyk 
Travers Fianiaa Bcting adtatenm). 
e. Sir Kichard Graves MHcDonQeU,O.L., SthJujw, 
1855, to 4th March, 1862, 

7. Sir Dominick Daly, Kl., March 1862, decciuwd 

February 1868 (Lieut-Col. Hiunley, 6011. 
Queen's Own, administering the Gorera- 

6. Right Hon. Sir James Fergusaon, Bart., 16tL 
' Pebmarv, 1869, to 18lh April, 1873. 

9. Sir K. D. ifauaon administered the Government 

from 7tli December, 1872, to 8th Juno, 1873. 
10. Sir Anthony Musgrave, K.C.M.G., 9Ui June, 

1878, to aath January, 1877, 
IL TheHoa. S.J. Way, Chief Juslice.adminiBtoreu 

the Oovernmont from 29th January to 23rd 

March, 1877. 
12. Bit Willinm Wellinglon Ciums, K.C.M.G., 

94th Mareh to 17th May, 1877. 
IB. The Hon. B. J, Way, Chlef'JnBtioe, administered 

tha GoTemrocut froni 18th May lo 1st 

Octobor, 1877. 
14. Bir W. F, D. Jervois, E.E., G.C.M.G., CD,, 2nd 

October, 1877. 
16. The Hon. S. J. Way, Chief Justice, adminia- 

lerud the Government from 14th February, 

1878, to 13th Aug. 1878. 


The Straits RettlcmentB, which comprise Singn- 
pore,PeDBnB, and Malacc.i, were transforrodfromthi 
oontrol of tlio Indian Government to that of thi 
Secretary of State fur the (Tolonies on the let April 
1867, by an Order in Cnuacil issned under the autho 
rity of an Act of the Imperial Parliament 29 A 3( 
Vict c. 116. 

Stualion and Area. 

Singapore is an island about 27 milea long by H 

wide, situated at tlin southern extremity of tlw 

Malayan Peninsula, from which it ia separated bj 

TOW strait about thret-quartors of a mile in 

t. There are a muuber of small ialands ad- 

l to it which fonn part of the BOttlomeut 

c seat of Government is the town of Singa- 

Pre, at the southern point of the ialand, in Tat. 
IG' north, and long. 103° 63' east 
I'tnasg is an island alxjut IS milea long and 9 
broad, containing an area of 107 square milesi 
situated off the west coast of tho Malayan Peniusula 
in 6'^ N. latitude, and at the northern eitremit^' or 
entrance to tho Straits of Malacca. On the oppo- 

Digitized ByGOOgle 


*f . ^I'f g. ■ y ■ t^. ** , y ■ lys'. « . y J !»♦• 



Hte shore of the main lud, from which the UlMid 
is separXed tv a itrait trom 2 to 10 mileg broad, 
IB Province Wellealey, ■ atrip of lerritOTf fomuag 
part of the Bettlemeat, avenging S milea in width. 
and eilendiag 4f> miles along the coast, includiiie 
10 mileg of newly acquired Iwrilory to the south oi 
the Kreau (ndi lajra). 

isBt of the 

lat. and lUO" Sr east long. 

Maiacva it eituated on tni 
peuinBala between Singapore aad Fenang, about 
120 miles from the former and •IVS from the latter, 
aud conaiats u( a strip of territory about 12 miles in 
leugth, and from 8 to 2U milee in breadth. Tha 
prindpal town, called Malacca, ia 2° ID' north lat. 
and lvi° 14' east long. 


Malacca Is one of the oldest European settle- 
ments in the East, having been taken possession 
of by the Portuguaae under Albnqnenjue in 1511, 
aad held by them till 1641, when the Dutch. 
after frequent attempts, were BUcceaafuI in driv- 
ing out the Portuguese. The settlement re- 
maiued uoder the Government of the Dutch till 
1795. when it was taken poBseaajon of by the 
Englieh aud held bv them tUl 1R18, at which date 
it was restored to the Dutch, and Qnally fell into 
oar hauda in pursuance of the treaty with Holland 
the 17th Uarch, 1S24, in exchange for the East 
India Company's settlement at Beneoolen, on the 
west coast of Sumatra. By that treaty it was 
arranged that the Dutch should Dot again meddle 
with affairs or have any settlement oa tbe Malayan 
Feninvnla, the British Government agreeing at the 
same time lo leave Sumatra to the Dutch, 

When Malacca was taken possession of by the 
Portngueae in 1611, it wsa one of the grand 
nWrtpoU for the commerce of the East, but ss the 
Purtu^nese pnshed their operations further to the 
eiiet, m the archipelago and neighbouring coun- 
tries, the trade of Malacca gradually declined, and 
It outsed to he of cooeequeiioe as a collecting centre, 
except for the trade of tbe Malayan Peninsula and 
the Island of Sumatra, which trade it retained, 
under Dutch role, till the eeUhlishmect of Fenang 
ill 1786, when ia the course of a few years trade 
almost ceasul, and it became, what it has ever 
•luce been, a phice of no commercial importance. 
bnt posfieasing great undeveloped agricultural 
resources. Penanij soon acquired a monopoly of 
the trade of the Malayan Peninsula and Sumatra, 
and had a large traffic with China, Siam, 
Borneo, the Celebes, and other pUkoes in the archi- 
peUgo not reduced to mercuilile Hubjection by the 
DDtch; bnt no sooner was Singapore astabllahed 
tliaa Penang in its turn declined in importance, as 
the greater part of the extensive Eastern trade 
centred at Singapore, and Fenang uame to de- 
pend chiefly on the local trade, which has 
largely increased in conaeqaencs of the opening 
cut of the extensive tin mines in Larut, Kallang, 
Selaogor, Junk Ceylon, the Bettlentent of Doli, on 
the coast of Sumatra, Ac. 

Malayaii Psninsula, having been ceded to the 
English by the Rajs of Kedah in 178o, with the 
proviso that the sum of 1<I,0U0 dols, bo annually paid 
to the Kaja of Kedah as long as the Bridsh occupy 
tlie island. In 1798, in consequence of the prava- 
lonce ol pn:«cy on the shores of the mainhuid op- 
poaite Fenang, * strip of the coast of the mainland 
was arqaired from the Kaja, now called Province 
Wellealey. II szleDda from the Unda Biver to 

tbe Krisn Biver, a distance of 8fi mOss, oantaiuing 
in all 2S4 square mites. This prorincs is in a high 
stale of cnlUvatian, whsn compared with the neigh- 
bouring territories. The conans of 1871 gives a 
population of 71,000, who are ahnost entirely en- 
gaged in agriculture, the chief articles cultivated be- 
iug angar, paddy, and eocoa-nnta. In 1806 Penang 
was made a separate Presidency under the East 

India Coff ' ' '- " '■ 


it <i OovernmenI was truuferred U> 

ford B 

Malaju princes. Itwasatfirstsubordin^ to 

coolen m Smnatra, but in 1823 it was placed under 
the Qovemment of Bengal : it waa a^erwards, as 
above stated, incorporated with Fenang and 
Malacca, and placed under the Governor and 
Conndl of the Incorporated Sattlemsnt. 

The anarchy prevailing in some states of the 
Malayan Peninsula,>ml especially in Ferak, haa been 
for years a source of disquiet to the Straits Settle- 
ments comjnunity, and a hindrance to tbe prosperity 
of Britiah traders. In the begiiming of 1874 alepa 
were takon by Sir A. Clarke to remedy this state of 
things by stationing Britiah reaidenta in I'erak and 

"-' •"- the small eUte of Sungei Ujong 

idera respecting l^" " 


„ Witha 

also of enabling the British Anthoritiea to keep order 
in that part of the Peninsula, a strip of land south of 
Province Wellesley, about 10 miles broad beyond 
the Krian river, has been act^uired aa Britiah Ter- 

■itory, as well at 


>n the 

iland, opposite the island of Fulo Pangkor. 

towards the end of 1875 disturbances arose in 

the Btalea in question, Mr. Birch, the British 

Resident at Perak, wtn murdered, a force sent to 

apprehend the murderers was resisted ; jnd, a 

menaced by bodies at ll 
SUtes near Malacca. 

Under the prompt and energetic measures taken 
by the aovornor, Sir W. Jorvoia, these outbreaks 
were suppressed in the coarse of about two months. 
Troays were obtained from India and China, a 
naval brigade was landed, and a native contingent 
organized. The forcea in Ferak under Major- 
General Colborne and Captain Buller, R.N., 
occupied that State; a military and naval force 
undw the direction of Colonel Anson, Lieulenanl- 
Govemor of Fenang, and commanded by Colonel 
Uai, of the 1st Qhcorkhas, and Captain Sterling 
H.N., drove the enemy from a strong- fortifled 
position in flungei Ujong, aud dispersed the mal- 
contents in that quarter. During theee operations, 
Belaj^or remained tolerably quiet. 

Sinoe tbe military occupation of Perak. Ihoeo 
concerned in the murder of Mr. Birch have been 
captured and punished, some of the chtele being 
banished to the Seyohellei Peace and order now 
reign throughout the peninaula, and the goverb- 
inout of the titate has assumed a settled form. In 
Perak, Selangor, and Sungei Ujong, Keddents have 
been appointed, who are aanisted by s staff of 

native rulers by advioe, and to carry out certain 
itire functiouB delegated to them. The sa- 
le authority in Perak and Selaugor is vested 
le Slate C;oundl, consistiug in each State of 
highest native anthoritiea and the principal 
li^ offlcialB. In Bungel UJODg, the chlai 


Mtlve »uthoritj ia the D»icb 

preeent ossiotei 


Id bj R connciL The 
rectly under the Qoverniuotit ol the Straits Set- 

howeTBr, in othsrwiee rich, and offers gretii ■< 
TRntaReB for the cultivntiun of eoffee, ciuchon 
tea, lb;., on ita high Isada, uid of paddy in tl 
TsJleja. It is not poaeible to form any accan 

e thsv 

g the Chinese has 

. _ _B increttee amoi^ 

beoD Terj gre*t. 

The reTODue aud expenditure of the three States 
Is abont as (oUows : — 

Revenae. Erpenditnco. 

f erak S&OO.OOO $4«0,000 

SeUngor .... 326,000 320,000 

Bongsi Ujong . . 75,000 66,000 

, , idLB(^s- 

lahve Council : the latter body cumprisiug 11 official 
members and 6 unofflcia! nominal^ members. 

Tbe Hililuy Force comusts of batf a battery of 
Royal Artillery and one Battalion of an Infantry 
Begiment, of which ooe Company ie stationed at 
UalaccB, two CompaDies and a few AjtilJerj at 
Feaang, and the remainder at Sing^«ret 

In PeDao^ and Province Wellealej, the Ualay 
race predominateB. The Chinese nuik next, and 
constltDte about a fourth of the wliole popuhuion ; 
tlie remainder being made up of Enropeans arta 
their deiicendanta, natives of tbe Madras and 
Coroniandel coasts (called Chuliahs and Klings), 

In Ualacca the Malays form a atill larger pro- 
portjon of the population, their numbers amount- 
fog to more than three-foorths of the whole. Here 
also the Chinese are found in great numbers, form- 
ing' about a sixth of the inhabitauta, Europeaneand 
their descendants, native bom Portnguese, natives 
of India and Arabs, maldng up the rest. 

The population of Singapore is more varied in its 
composition, the Chinese being by far the otost 
numerous section of the inliabitonts. 

The census of 1871 is considered to be far from 
correct in point of Chinese population, as they were 
anwilling to give correct returns, fearing that a 
puU-Caz would follow the ceQSUs, and it is estimated 
that 30 par cent, might be added to the figures ; 
the resatt of the returns ie as follows : — 


Malacca . . 


.... 183,064 
.... 77,766 

Total . . 807,961 

The following are 


Penana ... 513 
Prov.Wellosley. 98 
Malacca ... 47 

HsJars. Chlnae. of India. 
19,360 64,130 13,900 
30,110 23.730 7,100 
61,100 14,000 10,000 
67,174 13,466 8,000 

The reaolt of the census in previous ysara was 
M follows :— 

1888 160,000 
1S46 19fi,000 
1B5« 3*8,000 
1868 378,000 


The Btraits ports are wholly free from duties on 
imports or exports, nor ore tonnage dues levied for 
general purposes, and the only tax to wliich 
shipping entering the port Is liable, consists of a 
very mod«riite one, of 8 cents or lid per ton re- 
of thoHocBburgh and KafBes Light- 

> at the e 

it Cape Eochado. 
hief exports com_ 

, sago, tapioca, rice, b 

and horiia, rattana, gulta, india-rubber, gambler, 
gum, coSee, dyestuSs, tobacco, Ac Of Uiese the 

only articlee produo 

d Prov 


»iiusagw'{in ProV. Wellesloy). In the Provincean 
attempt has recently been made with some sncoess to 
cultivale the tea-pianL 

The value of tbe united exports and imports of 
the three Colonies in IS99-60 was as follows: — 


nang . . 

. . 8,680,000 


ilaoo. . . 

- . 920,000 

. . £14,821,300 

In 1870 it had inrreaeed to— 


gapore. . 

. . £22,424,813 


Qong . . 

. . 9.227,410 

Malacca . . 

. . 1,166,299 


. . £33,818,631 


and tonnage 
he a traits Se 

of vessala whiuli hivo 

rived at t 

ttlements in the four last 



10,l'66 3,6^^ 
9,761 a,*B6,.i39 


12,478 sjasf),ea8 


11,879 2,786,848 

April, 1867. Major-Oanerd Bhr Harry Saint 

Usorge Ord, ILE., C.B. 
March, 1871. LieuL-Colonel Archibald Edward 
Harbord AnsoQ, RA., Adminis- 

Nov. 1878. Colonel Sir Andrew Clarke, R.E., 

K.C.M.O., C.B. 
May, 1876. Colonel Bir William Pranoia Druni- 

April, 1877. Colonel Archibald Edward Harbord 

Anson, K.A., C.H.U., Adminis- 
Oct. 1877. Sir William Cleaver Fruds Bobin- 

son, E.C.M.O. 
Feb. 1879. Uaior-OenOTal A.E. H. Anaon,B.A., 

C.M.O Administrator. 
May, leSO. Sir Frederick Aloyains Weld. 

The sources from which the revenue is raised are 
alike in all tbe three stations. They consist chiefly 
of a slamp duty, the monopolies of preparing 
and retailing opium for smoking, and the sala of 
spirits and other excisable commodities, which are 
farmed out to private individuals. Tbolandrevenue 
comprissa the piooecds of sales of public landH, 

J nit rents, tenths, and fees on tfansfsr. JniUcial 
Dss and fees, the post office, the light-dues and a 








PtJilie Dot, 100,0001. 

Atamt of Mai Conmimiaition. 

CammnnkUian ia malnUiiHd betweenthe Straits 

BagtoKdi—Sj the veekl? 
tract lime by the Ueawf, 
BingatKini ^not calling kt 

by the MeHsageriefl Maritimea from 
^not calling at Penang), vi& Mar^ 
by the P. and O. ConipMiy|i 
Pentuig, the nearoat port, vii 
Brindisi, 26 dfcvB. 
Ctj/im—bj the P. and 0. and MesaainrieB mail 
■Uamere weekly; tune by the HeBBogeriiiB 
litaritimes frmn Singapore (pot calliaR af 
Peniuig) 6 to S days; by the P. and O. Com- 
pany'u steamerB, irom Penang, ibe nearesi 
port, to 6 6 days. 
Calaita. — By the oplnm steamera, onoe a month 
""e from Penang, the nearest part, about ' 

dayi, and by fortnlgbtly contract staunere 
^the British India Company), Ume about 18 
daya bom Penang, toocdiing at Bangoou and 

<the British India Oomi 
dajabom I 
other placet. 
AtfmM.— Wnkly m^a by the steamera of the 
HeBMgeiiea Uantimea and Ifetherlauds India 
Steam Ha vjntion Company, and frequent c 
maoication by other steamera; time aboi 

BimghMg. — By the P. and 0. and MeBaagBrieai 
steamers veefrly, and bj frequent trading 
sleamere ; time Irom Singapore, the neaieat 
port, 6 to 9 days according to the monBODo. 

Au^ndia. — lo Brisbane and Sydney, rii 
Turrea Straits, \js the eloamere of the Eastern 
and Australian Bleam Navigation Company, 
monthly ; time to Brisbane 20 days. By P. 


i stcamars to Melboi 

ExtevtiiK CookU. 

iitding the Trocfie. 

The Llentenant Uovernar of Fenang. 

The Colonial Sata-etary, 

Tbe Beaideut Conncillor of Ualaeca. 

Tbe Attonuy-OanerBL 

Tbe Treaanrer. 

The Auditor-Oeneral 

Tim Cofamlal Englnsei. 

Tie Lit/Ulaliiit Comdl. 

Official Manlnrt. 
Tbe GoVBnior. 

Tbe Chief Justice, Struts Settlementl. 
Tbe Officer Commanding Tratnis. 
The Llentenant Oovemor of Penang. 
The Resident Conncillor of Hataoca. 

The Tressuier. 
The Anditor-OenenL 
Tbe Cohnlal Engineer. 

VuofficiaU MetAen. 
lease Swlnbune Bond. 
Thomas Shelf ard. 
Kobert Campbell. 
Samuel Gilfiilan. 
David Broirn. 
F. C. Bishop. 

_ i Cum _. ... 

Frederick Aloyaius Weld,K.aiL 

Entertainment aUowance , . . i 

Aide-de-Canm, Cosmo Huntly Gordon, 

-TheBufi" . . . . . . 

Privait Secniary, Edwin Joseph De Lisk 
Caimial Stcrrtan—CxH Clementi Smith, 


AttUtaat Colonial Secrtlarj/, A. H. SUnner 
AMiitlant Colimiol SecTttary/oT A'olioe State*, 

F. A. Swetlanham. A. P. Talbot i 

Peutd Cadft. R W. Birch , 
»iuSeU Cad^U, F. Powell, H. £. Q. Coo 




■ H.B.Bennye 

Dtpvtg O^hOor, 3. E, Birch 

Pnnlifg Office. 
Afpenntenrjent, H. L. Koronha • 

TVnuurpT ovrf Cbmnuuwur of Stam)^ "V 

W. Wilhma 

Ckitf Clerk, W. Sonia 

j^wKeor-ffflKnil, E. A. Irving 

Chief Clerk. A. Knight 

PtMic Worki rmd Buney Drpartmaia. 
Colomal Engineer and Surrey or-General,}iii.}oi 

J. F, A. McNair, B.A., C.M.Q. 
Dfpvtv ditto, Capt H. £. HcCaUnm, RE. 
atmrmttBdmt of Warkt aod Sanieyt, W. D. 

Oufnrt Surra/or, j. Hogan . 

Cleri: of Wrr^, omf JWIfrniu, J. H.Calkott 

C\itt Clerk, W. J. Valberg .... 

Uarwe Dgmrttiait. 
ifailer Attendant, RftDTj EOia . . . 1,300 
Deputy ditto, Edward Bradbery . . . 2,000 
C&ef Clerk, H. D. Chopard .... 1,800 
Conimceider of GoeermaeM BUamer "Pinto," 

K. Huddle 

~ 'neer, E. 0. Billows . 
Poitmatter-Gauml, Henry Trotter 
OUt/ Cfcri, Noel Trotter. . 

Regiitratkn Departmm 
Srgittnxr-Generai, A. W. V. Cousin! . 
Intpector, J. Phillips .... 

Judicial Departmewl. 
CkitfJiatice, Sir Tbomaa Bidgreaves, Kt. 
" ■ M Judgt, T. Lett Wood . 

Die Blarlw atiached to wnnl of the oOlCM li 
Servl« tiaie recentlj twu Incieaied, bu ilia id 
t yM complete. 


Beginrar, C. E. VbIitb .... 
Dgmtg ditto, J. Ciiilchen . 

AliBToey-Gentn^i DrpartPitnL 
^BonKy-Cmmii, T.Braddell 
Clerk, A. D. MitchBU .... 

Police Court. 
SaUoT MagittraU, R S. O'Coanor 
2*/ ififto (vuxnt) . 

Srd ditto G. W. a EynnerBky 
CUef Ckrt, 0. Rappa .... 

Sheriji'i DepertmnU. 
Steriff, a. B. EraEfl .... 

Coroner'* Vgiarimmt, 
Comiei', A. W. T. Coaeina . 



fa^Kdar oj. SciooU, S. P. TreTaiWn 


Surofon, M. 
■ oJ Batpit 

Hmpitalt and Atylami, S, P. 

Iit^ieetor-Gtneral, Major S. Dunlop, R.A. 
guptriaiaidaii, C. K OminMiey . 
CMt/Clerk,K.SoJiov».y . 

CU^W^T^, Q. MitchBU 

liadaiaid donmiei; MAJor-Onoorftl A. E. 

H. AneoD, RA., C.M.a 

aitfCterh,W. A. Drigoa 

CUnete BriBKk. 
Auittimt Pntttior of ClUnae, £. Karl . 

Land Offiet. 
Diputy ColUdor, F. Q. Pannay . 

Auittant TWonnw, iinif Collector oJ SUaspi, 

W. Noirii (mctipg) 2,400 

Public Worii and Sana/ DepartToenl. 
DoHitj/' Cr^onial EtwinffT omI Sttrveyof- 

Gemtral, Capt. H. E. HcCsllam, R.E. 
Cfcrt of Worb and Drajtman, 3. FriRht , 

DUto, dUlo, T. P«rkBB 

Diitrict Synegor.T. A. St. Jolin . 
Dillo, Pnmnee Wtlleiity ("tjmut) 
Marine DtpSt. 
Hartomr Matter, T. A, Poi .... 
CAff/ Cl<irk, M. Tbomu .... 

Auiitani PottmaiTrr, A. J. Q. Atibod . 

f I Re^traiion Drpatttntnt. 

1.200 I fy^or^ J. R. MoF«rUne .... 
Judicial Deparimeiif. 

Judge, T. T, Ford . . . .- 

Btgiitrar, W. Clutlon 

iJqjufj ftoutnir, J. W. N. Kyahe 

CAif/Clfrt, C. Stewart 

SoMtor-General, D. Logau .... 
Pntector of Imnagnadt' DeparOiaU. 
ProUcfor, A. M. MaoQcegor .... 
bitpeclOT, H. Evana . , 

MagiMToteoBd Ci/mmunoiKT, Coy/rlqfRBqaelU, 

F. H. QotlliBb 

2nJ(a«o,H. A. O'Brien . , . . 
DUto, Frowice Welleiiej/, E. B. IsemoDger . 

SAeri^'i DeparlmenL 
Sheriff, J. B. D. Rodjli .... 

Ciapltan, Eov. John Walker 
CoUmal Surgeon, T. K. HampBhire, M.B. . 
IHOo, iVocwM WiSedeg, J. H, MoC]o8ky . 

Saperintnident, R W. Uazwell . 
Amibmt ditto, E. E. Bell 
Ditto, Province Wriletlea, H. J. H. Ri 
Chi'f Clerk, R. H. MitcEeU . 
ftvperinlfndcnijC^^ 8 pena (acting) 





. S,400 






. 2,100 

Chief Cleri, L. H. Volge 



Ptdilic Woria DeparlmenL 
Smrriatendent of Worh and Siireegt,J.'U.'R. 


CItri: of Worh and DrangiiUman, H. D. 


Chi'f Chrt, A. J. P\^pp 


BegiHration £>^>arimaii. 
Depu^ Btgiitrar, E. Eayward . 

Judidal Dipartmenl. 
Begittrar, W, Rodyk .... 

Court of Se<fitt$U and Paliee Court. 
Commiiiion/r and AfOffitlrBle, D. ¥, A. 
C*i^/"C^*,W. A.'Rodyk. '. '. '. '. ' 
• Flu. SOO iDllin pu ■nunn Wiol^RUpital dnti 



Colomal Cftopfau, Rev. L. C. Biggs, U. 

Ojloaial BurgcoK, W. T. B. Falls 

■SkywrviteadtHf, E. Hayward . 
4 Gaoier, W. Boyd 

uit), Baja Mtida Yamf, Begsnt . 13,000 
. , tmt Comi, Ea> Dri» . , . 8,600 
idjadgt, Datba T«msnggoiig . . . 2,400 

t, Hoah Low, C.M.G. 
« ReSdemt, W. E. Hi 
rwomrfT, E. H. Ml ■ 
SupaintrititM of 

CKQlflald - 
Chirf Cam... 
iJamlg CommutumiT, Lieut, fi. . 

Harpla. . . . . 
PuSlic Werit, F. Bt G. 

of PoBa, Major p! 

Cvtledor and Magitfrate, Kri*i 

N. DenJBon i S,400 

Colltetitr and Magittnte, Kinta Diatrict, 

H. W. C. Leech 


Srgwrntfltdait, B. Bnioe . . . , 


SulUK, B.H. Abdal Saiuat . . . , 1!,000 

Judge, 8¥mmt Caart, Ksja Udh . 1^0 

Ci^>tam, CUmo, Tap ah Loy ' '^'' 

longlaa, B.: 

lo/pMic IVeriM,D. O. Dalf. 
r, J. E. Hftwlsy , , . . 
CoKwtor iK £«iwa(, J. buiea. 

Jfimj, C. H, Tumey . . . 
„ BeUmgor, E. Perrica . 


JlavittU, Capt, p. J. Unrny,B.N. 


Gaitnil DucriptioH. 

Tasnuuila is an island at the Bouthum eitTemilj 
(if the contiDsnt of New Holland, fmm which it u 
divided by Bass's BtraiU, 1:20 mfles vride : the im- 
portant gold-produdng colony of Victoria being 
uQ the other side of the Htraila. The sarface is 
diveriifled by ranges of hills and raUeva, with 
ocxasianally large plains. Tannumia is the moat 
healthy of all the BritiBh colonies, and is Devei 

• Flu UO 6Mm per naimin tct Lock Hoiiiital datiei. 

t The WBdinp an placn] l«niporanlj under U» Bed- 

too hot in BDminer nor loo oold In winter for ont' 
door Docnpations to be carried on ; nor is it subject 
to the dronghta experienoed in other AoBUahaa 

The three spring months commence in Bopteni' 
her, Buamer m December, autumn in Uarch, and 
winter in June. 

Taking tlis avenge of 3E years at Eobart Town, 

anCnmn, 56**; and wintar, i7°j of the whole year, 
66°, wluch— compared with that of London, 51°i 
EdJEbnrgi, 47°; Quebec, il° ; Kow York, 61°— 
shows a anperiority of climate over those places. 
Rain falls on an average IIS days in the year, and 
the rainfall is a little mare than 24 inchea. 

All the principal tawne ais united b; telegraph. 

There are i,W2 miles of lelegTRpb open in the 

There Ib an electric oabia between Tasmania 
and Victoria, whence land-linee extend to New 
Boulh Wales, Queensland, Adebide, and So<iitfa 
Anatralia,lheatailingjiointofa Hue across tbeAns- 
tralian continent to Port Oarwin, and thence to 
England rid Java. 

The colony is placed in telegraph communication 
with Ncv Zealand, ndSydney (Mow Boulh Wales) 

19uf El 


Melbourne and Hobart 
ToHTQ and Launceaton twice and aometimee thrice a 
week. Direct mail ateamer from Hobart Town to 
^dney every forCuigbt. Direct mail ateamer from 
HobattTowatoNewZealandonceamonth. There 
is also a eteamer traduiK betwsea Lannceston and 
the north-west porte of Tasmania and Helbourue 
every ten days. Sailing vesaels are continually 
departing from Hobart Town or Launceston to all 
the Australian colonlea and ^'ew Zealand. The 
mail steamer from Melbourne to Galle and London 
every four weeks, 48 days vid Brindisi — 65 daya 
nd Bouthamptan. The mail steamer from Bydney 
to San Francisco and thence to London, lad New 
York, every four weeks ; time about 60 daya. Tho 
mail steamer vii Rriabane, Btngaporo, ajid Qalle 
every four waeka ; paaeage from Tasmania about 
70 days. Bailing vaasula of GOO to TOO lona direct 
to London in summer montha. Clipper ships uf 
heavy tonnage as well as steamers of large power 
and tonnage from Melbuurne all the year round. 

There axe 178 pout towoa in Tasmania. 

There is no postage on newapapen to the United 
Kingdom, the other Australian colcuiea, or any 
part of Tasmania, when posted in the island. 

The post office money order system is in force 
for orders on the Auslii^an colomeH, New Zealand, 
Great Britain, and Ireland, up to IQ'.ior each order. 

The island c ' ' ' 

d with il 

lontain Umil- 


The colony 
nd 160 from I 
The adji 

Besides tbt 

170 miles from N. ta S., 
w . — 18 divided into 18 cnimliea. 
ilanda are 56 in number, most of 
IK in Bass's Struts. 
■<ie corporations of the city ol Hobarl 
iwn of^ Lanncasbon, there are nineteen 
al municipal councils in the colony, each with 
warden tuid a euQcient police, and nine poHce 

Benevolent societies, working men's clubs, home 
for the poor, aaylumB for the insane, hospital, 
for the auk, an anyluui For orphans, three asyhmi 
f orpaupare, relormatorieB, boys' home, town mjb^ uc 

Bibla ■odsllu, tempannoe KiaMis*, Odd Fellowa' i 

Sooisties, FreemaaonB' todgsa, gu-dsnera* BDCiaties, 
kad igrionlttiral MBociationi, hare beeu sat&bUahed, 
uid are in aeti™ operation. 

The oiAiD rowl from the port of Hobart Town 
to Lauacestau ia 130 miles long, puses through 
the centre of the oolony, uid is nuliiMJned 
in excellent order by the GoTerniaent : »11 the 
other roads are aai4r the cue of trnsleM, who 
raised rata* and maiatAlned the roads and bridgea 
in repair ti aa expense of S0,165L in the yeti 1S77. 

A line o( railway 134 milsa la length to connect 
the two parts of Uobart Town and Launceaton has 
been oocHtructed by an English Compacy; the 
oolony guszanteeing to pay interest at the rate of 
5 per cent, per annum on a Bum not exceeding 
660,000/. tor SO years upon due fulfilment of tbe oon- 
tract and maintenance of the line during that period. 

There is also a railway from the port of Lsun- 
Oeston to Deloraine, 4fi miles In Icueth, psaaing 
tbroogli some of the beat agricultural lands of the 
oolon?. It sost 610,000L 


Tbe npflet prlop of Crown land Bt tor sgricniture 
is 1/. an acre ; and tbe upset price of pastoral lands 
■ snm equal to 13 f abts' rental, bat not leea than 

contraot with the UoTernment, one lot of sgricnl' 
tnral land not exceeding S'20 acres, at U. an acre, 
on the fallowing terms, as exemplified to the extent 

£183 6 S 
£ •■ d. 
Cash at time of purchase . .868 
Ditto Srrt year . , P 

Ditto second year . . . fi 
Ditto third and following years 
up to 14 years . . 10 Oayr. 

And so on in proportion lor any greater or amallnr 
«rea than 100 acres. 
Whan SOO acres shall have been sold in not less 
>n 10 lots adjoining or close to each other, the 

not ejtceedmg tiall of such purchase money lor the 
purpose of conslrnating a road or roade In the 
Ticinity of the lots, 

Creifit Is "" "" " 

a allowed on all pnrchasei _ . . 

The Tariona islandsbelonging to Tasmania may be 
leased for H yieara by rent payable in advance for 
each year. 

The Act also empowers the Immigration Board 
to permit any porson, who has paid his family's 
pasBSpe-moncy in cabin, to demand, within a year 
after liis arrival in the colony, a certificate to selocl 
80 acres of land fiT himself, 20 for his wife, and 10 
tor each cliild aciTompanying him or joining him 
within twelve months. 

And for those lands a grant will issue after five 
years' readonco vri thin the culony: but the order 
will not be furfeiUid by the death uf the emigrant 
if bis family remain. 

The Emigration and Colonists' Aid Corporation, 
S2,Queeu Anne's Gate, Westminster, London, islht 
S((ency now employed by the Tasmanian Board of 


The exports of the island are principally wool, 

tin, grain, fruit, preserves, gold, hides, skliiB, and 

leather, hops, sperm dl. Umber, Tsgetablea, and 
tanning ba». 

The laud in cnltlvatloD In 1879, was 866,911 
aores. There were in the colony I3S,317 homed 
cattle and 1,836,970 sheep. The quantity of wool 
exported in the year 1B79 was 7,386,002 lbs., valued 
at 107,227:. 

Tasmania possesses a great source of wealth in her 

Coal, abundant in quantity and of good qoalit;, 
Ib found in many pajts of the island. Iron ore* 
exist in great qunntitiea, and Iron of the finest 
Quality has been produced from them. Tin in 
mimense quantitjes has bean discovered at Hoimt 
Bischotf, the whole monnlain being said to be 
intersected with veins of that ore. The nia-th-eaKt 
portion of the isluid is also rich in that mineral. 
I'here exists in the island an euormous lode of 
bismuth, sMd to be the richest in the world. 
Copper, silver, and antimony have also been found, 
the copper yielding 80 per cent of metal Along 
the northern ooast is to ba found slate of first-rate 

In the elevated plateau which occui^ the centre 
of the island, are numerous lakes, which by means 
of irrigation might be nude to spread fertility 
over a large Burface, and furnish rich pastnre laud 
for stock. 

In tiieae varioos ways profitable employment 
might be found for a large amount of capital and 
labour, and Tasmania might become one of the 
most proeperons and agreeable of the AuBtralasiau 


On 8! 


Tbe death-rate of 1879 wss 16-18 to the 1,000 o 
the population, but for 1868-73 it was only 14 nei 
1000. The number of houses is 20,864. ' 
aboriginal popalation Is now extinct. 

Over sixty medical men practise their prof easiOD 
thropghout the island. 

Three hundred and sixteen churcbssand chapels 
are ereclnd in various parts; and in addition to 
tlvi numero^a private schools, there are 171 Gtv 
venunent schools, baviog 12,652 scholars on the 
ToUa ; and several scliolarships are maintained by 
the colony, tlie beet being the two aanoal Ta«. 
"- ' English nni- 
eaeh. There 

_. - - , - . - - primary to 

superior schools, each tenablofor four years, varying 
from 18/. to 20/. a year. 

There were 29,444 persons In Tasmania who 
could not read, according to the census, on 7th of 
February, 1870 of whom 14,000 were under fi years 


Hobart Town ii 


tains a population of 10,668 persons. 

The conslatution of Tasmania wai settled by 
local Act (18 Vict.^ No. IT) : by this Act a Legisla- 
tive Council and Konse of Assembly are consti- 
tated, called "tbe Parliament of Tasmania." 

The LegislativeConncilconrfstaof siitaen mem- 
bem, elected for thirteen electoral dietricts. Every 
member of the Legislative Council boids his anat 
lor six years from the day of his election, st tbe 

eiplraikm of which time hia seat shall be Ticant. 
Ths oompelency o( (be Coimcil is not sffecUd b; 
Tacuicies,Bo long u Berea raemberB remain. S( 
judge of Qio Suprsme Court ran be a member al 
the Legialativfl CounciL The qualification for i 
member is (u be thirty years of hgo, sud a oatural' 
bora or Daturalizad subjeet. The qualification for 


I'he House of Assemblj' consista of thirty-two 
members, elected for the same number of electoral 
districts. Any natural-bom ot naturalized subject 
can be elected, provided that he in not a judge of 
the Bupreme Court. The duration of the AsBembly 
ia five years. The qnalifiation of an elector fur the 
Asaambly is jiroperty of the value of 601. in the 
district for which he vcteB^ or household property 
of Che annual value of 7L \ or being a barriBler or 
solicitor on the roll of the 8npremB Court, or le- 
gally qualifled medfcal practitioner or mini&ter of 

the diatricL Voting by ballot is rSKi^ated by SI 
Vict, No. 82. 

The Qovemor fa aided hj a Cabinet of reapon* 
Bible Minialers. 


Col. DaTid CoDinl. R.H 

LleuL Ednid Loid, B.U ) 

Capt Murrar, 73rd Btp. .... J 
IJeuL.-Ca]. Oeila, ISrdKcgt. . . . . 

Col. Thn. Diver, B.U 

Col. Wim™ Sorell 

LteDl.-<leD(nlB.Daiilnf ! '.'.'.'. 

liancXM. K. Siuil|T*a> 

Sir Joiin t raakUn. Kt. B.N 

Sir J. E. E. WDDH)t.Ban. 

CharlH Joteph Latrobe, Esq. . . . 
Sir W. T. DeolKHL Kt, Cipt. K.E. . . 

Got. UrT. 6onBniwn£'K.G.k.a„ '. 
Sir QurlHDu Cane. K.C.U.O. . . . 
Eii ValentlM FlunlnR. Kt., Admhili- 

Blr FTaodi SmIUi, KsL. Admlnlttmur 

of ibe Oonrnmaa 

rrad. A. Weld, E^., C.ILO 

Saaaie and Exiimdiutre. 





[•riMBeds of Luaua are not iucliidod in Ruvonue. 

■ Beparnent of Tnanu? BlUi. A2,000[. 

111-9— Fublic Dttl 0/ TatmoHia, 1,786^W. 

Valut of Inporti and £Epor(a. 






















Praaier md TVninmr, The Hon. W. B. OibUn. 
Coloniai Saretaiy, The Hon. W. Uoore. 
dUvmef-OaienU, The Hon. J. B. Dodda. 
MiitiiUTe/IjBKUimd Worki, The Hon. 0. CHeiUy. 
MittUUt aithoiU Port/olio, The Hon. James W. 
Agnaw, H.D. 

Pntidan, Hon. F. M. lanes, 2001. 
CAainnnnq/'Canunitteef, Hon. James Aikeohaad^SO^ 

Jas. Lord. 

3. Solomon. 

D. Cameron. 

James Wilson Agnew. 

T. D. Chapman. 

John Lord. 

W. L. Crowther. 

W. A. B. Oellibrand. 

Tboi W. Field. 

P. W. Gmbb. 

William Dodery. 

W. Uoore. 

A. MacKTeKor. 

C/rri, E. C. Nowell, 800i " " 

lI.hxro/ Black £pd.G 

F. Evans, lOOt 


^iraUr, Hod. 

Henry Butler, 2O0/, 

CA<b™<bi af CommitUa, Henry Elms Lette, 160( 

W. Belbin. 

E. Braddon. 

Hon. Henry Butler. 

A. J. Clark. 

Adye Douglas. 

D. Lewis. 

James Scott. 

William Hart 

J. Mitchell. 

Henry Lamb. 

Hon. Alfred DobsoD. 

G. Sailer. 

Hon. J. 8. Dodde, 

A. Riddooh. 

Uon. W. R. Gihliu. 

W. C. Sleigh. 

W. Hodgson. 

G. W. Kesch. 

J. Cox. 

E. L. Crowther. 

A. T. Pillinger. 

Henry E. Lette. 

Joseph K. KTaby. 

Thomas C. Just. 

J. A Uuun. 

W, GeUibnuid. 

C. Oltoilly. 

Hon. T. Kelbey. 

Audley Coote. 
J. M. booley. 

J. D. Balfe. 

Hon. N. J. Brown. 

Clerk to lie Boom of A 

b™*(,, H. M, Hull, 450t 

Seneiat-<U-ATm», J. P. Calder, lOOl. 
Clerk AuutaM, Frederick A. Packer, SOO^. 

Cieil EitablMmat. 
Govermor (md Cimmaiuier-iH-Cliirf, Major Sir 

Gporge Cumine Slr^ian, ILA., K.C.M.G., 3,60W.! 

and 1,000/. nllowaucee. 
Aufe-tfc-Coni/i cmd Prinale Stcrrlary, 

Cohmal Seertlary'i Drpnrtmtiil. 
Ciiiamid S-'crrlan, Hon. Wm. Moore, 700f. 
AuUlaiU Cobiwdi Srenliay, U. T. tiolly, 650f. 
Ciief Cirri, H. E. Smith, a50(. 
Clertt, n. Newman, 300/.; M. P. Honey, ISO/. 


It Trraturer, W. H. Wiudsor, BOOt 

UinUleritd Oak, J. E. r»ekor, 300(. 
CUrIa, Q. W, Fletoher, iaOl ; A. Baid, 2901. 

Au£l Office. 
AadUor, W. Lorett, 600J. 
Firtt Cterh, K. U. Jobaston, 400i. 
Otrti, W.K Honajs 22U.; H. 8. B«ni«rd, SOOI. 

Lamit md Worki DqnrtmtM. 
CommUtioiter of Cnmrn Landt, Hon. C. Caeaiy, 
Draflimn, F 3. Windsor, 8501. [ A. OM, 2&H. 
iliniiteriJ Orrk, Q. P. Lovett, 800t 

Ciutoiat DrporlaaiL—Robarl TVm, 
CWlMtor o/Cvtomt, T. T. Watt, 600t 
Bauor LmSiig Waiter, J. W. Cunpbell, SKI, 
2mI (fifto, J. K. BMemui, !4U. 
H^artlKmtt-kttpfT, J. H. InueB, S20I. 
aufOerk, T. E. Hewitt, 860J. 
Second ditto, C. Eardinge, UOl. 

Colltclor of Caitome, K T. Bo;eH, UIOL 
WarrJuHiH-taper, J. Bunui), 2601. 
Otief Clerk, C. Kent, 3M(. 

Secrtlarti, i 
Cfert, T. H 

Cfert, T. H. UhgTMb, 85W. 

/^MOauter (LodMoron), W. Windeatt, UML 

MiKdlimtoBt Ogieet. 
Gotermnent Printer, James Banianl. SOOi. 
/luprdor ofPolict, John Swan, 600t 
i&rmoB-JSiipmiiinKfcsl b^ lAmatic Aij/Iim, G. F. 

Huston, fiOOf., iDd hnnse. 
/(■mwrD/i™ Agetil, B. T. Solly, 601. 
Oiii/Tiupecter ofSdinob, T. etasibenB, 46W. 
iHtpKtor of School!, JnmeB Bule, 41HM. 
Recorder o/Tititi, G. P. Adama, 600i 

j;ZAWK«itoii),U. T.A. MurTay,360I. 
Srerctars (/.atotaalon) of Wtiltm Sailtoag, H, W. 

Lord, 600t 
.li^'niffrator of CliariUiiik Graati, John O'Boyle 

(acting), soot 

JuduM and L^al Departntentt. 
OiirfJiutice, Sir Francin Smith, Knt., l.SOOi: 
Puim Judge, W. L. DobBoii, l,aK)i. 
AUorKey-Gewral, Hon. J. B. Dodds, 700^ 
Solicitor-General, B. I'. Adams, IfiOI. 
Araufnirt of tit iSupmne Courf, H. J. BnoUaad, 

Boot i O- Browua (Judga'd Awociate), 400t 
Skrriff, John Swan, nil. 
l}fptty ditio, John UotbweU, SfiO( 

Biitop of Tiumaxia, Bight Ber. C. H. Brombj, 

D.D., l,20Ot 
yWii of HiAoTl T"™*, H. R Bromby, B.A. 
Afchd>acm(Jhfi'rn Townf, A. Davenport, B.A, 
Archdeacon (^Lamcalrm), F. HaleE, B.A. 
Roma* Catholic Bithop, Bight Bw. D. Uurphf , 

D.D., *OQt 

Commandimt Local Forcei, Lisut.-CoL E. Fox 

Augelo, 2001. 
Aitiilant Intpeellag Field Officer flferthent Dietrid), 

Local LieuL-Colonel B. C. D. Horns, Ule 67tti 

Aof ^0!cer, Capt. E. H. Tudor'Boddu>i,UtaB.A., 

AdttUaU fftrthtn Bitlrict, Lieut. Wm. Hunt, 

T. V. B. Begiment. 
AdJulaM S, T. V. AmOen/, Liont. W. B. BurgesB. 
J^fKtimt Rifle S^meiu, Lient J. B. Betts. 

(Bee Wiodmrd Islands, p. SOt.) 


SStitaHtn and General Detcription. 

The Transvaal Territory lies between the SSnd 
and 28th parallel of south latitude, and tbe 2b° and 
80}° east longitude. It may be said generally lo 
be bounded by the Orange Kiver, the Lebombo 
Uountaias, tbe Limpopo Hiver, and the KalihaH 
Desert ; bnt the boandariea remaUi in some direc- 
tions still undefined. The area is about 114,000 
square miles. 

Tbe sontbern portion of tbe territory ia traversed 
from we^ to east by a high plateau, which forms 
the watershed between the rivers running santli 
and those ranDing nortb, of which the chief are re- 
spectiveiy tbe Vaal and the Limpopo. Besides this 
elevated plateau, called tbe Hooge Veldt, there are 
threemountain ranges which cross tbe country from 
west to east, of which the most northerly acd im- 
portant ia called the Zoutpansberg, in the district 
of tbe same name. Detached ranges, which are 
oontinustionsof theI)ra)reiisbergUiDuntunB,eiteDd 
from the Natal boundary to tbe Oliphaat's Biver, 
north of Lydonbnrg, In the eaefom distrlcla. 
These rise in plscea to an elsvat^n of 7,000 feet. 

The country is well waterad, and rich in springs, 
and the surface soil is cuvered with a swu-d df a 
paiticut^Iy good quality, aSordin); puturage for 
LorseB, sheep, and cattle. In tbe sootbern districts 
tbe habit hse eiistad of bumtng off the grass in the 
dry winter sesson, on tixe ground that it improved 
tbe pasturage. Tbia practice has produood a great 
scarcity of shrubs and Irees. In the middle and 
north parte of tbe country vegetation is plenliful 
and luxuriant, and them atlll eiist some exCensivs 
forests, the principal of which are ths Pongola 
Bush, la Uttecbt, and tbeHoutboeoh in Zootpans- 
berg, in which latter forest ebony and mahogany 
Irees have been fonad, of considerable height and 

All tbe districts of the Ckilony are wall adapted 
for cattle breeding and the growth of rereals. In 
the south, also, tbat is in Potchefslmun, South 
I'retoria, Heidelberg, New Scotland, Uiddelberg, 
Wakkorstroom, and Utrocbt, borses can be bred, 
liut in tbe middle and north districts, such ss North 
I'retoria, Lydenburg, Zoutpansberg, and Water- 
liertt, the conditions are unfavourable for breeding 
horses, as slao for breeding small stock. These 
' " dietrictn are suitable to ths production ' 


. . I miDerals, such aa gold, copper, lead, cobalt, 
ron, aad coal. Auriferous quartz was discovered 
'y a Oerman traveller, in IWS, In a range of hills 
K>rUi of titt Ollphant's Blver, aflerwarda called 


The bonmdariet of the Trantvaal have in certain partt not AMft 
accurately defined, not made iht eubject of tatis/aetonf agreement 
with the Native JVHtet ; and no two geographert have traced them 
alike. It would be eonfueing to gltoio on the accompanying mtqt 
the boundary line of each geographer ; and it will luffice to 
indicate what were the limitt assigned to the Republic by the 
German Geographer P^ermann in hie Map of 1870 (light red), 
aru^ what are the additions elaitned for the Transvaal in the Maps 
of 1877-8 by Mr, Jeppe, the local geographer (which are shown 
in mediwn red). 

■ „■ Google 



. . _ of LjdeDburg, where there is 

jiag popnUtiou of some handredft. Uold 
h*a mlBotmn fonad at Bnffelapcxvt Fum, In the 
district of W»terberg, on the Crocodile mnd Konuti 
IUtsts, ftt SchoeaBpmil, in the diBlrict of Murico, on 
the Kold mine i« worked b; ux EngUuh company. 

Tbere era et present no Hlaliatice tu ahow the 
extent of tha trade at the conntry. 

The flnt European lettlerB In the TraDoreel 
Territory wore eiulgruit Cape laniien. The ordi- 
nal destinalioii of these emipvita was Natal, but 
upon the annexatioii of 14 atal to the EngliBh Grown, 
moat of them left the new district and turaine baek 
over tho DrakeoBberg went, some lo the Oran^ 
Biver Territory, and oLhere to the conntry beyond 
tbeVaaL In 1»4B British 8over»i)^ty was extended 
over the Orange Biver Teiritury, but no atiempt 
was made by the British Oor * ■- 

promiee that they 
would not be interfered with In the management 
of their own affairs. This treaty is known as 
the Sand Rirsr ConTsotion. The emigranta at 
the time formed three independent commnnitiea, 
which did doC unite nntil 1868, when they adopted 
for tbcanselTea the name of tbo South Afrioui Be- 

Eablic. After 15 years of somenhal chequered 
Istoty, the people o( the Transvaal elected as 
PreBident the Hev. Thomas BurKers, a elergyman 
of the Dnich Reformed Church, from the Cape 
Colony, and high hop«B were eutertaiced b^ many 
(or the future ol the Republic under his guidance. 
These hope* were not fulfilled. Misfortunes fol- 
lowed one another in rapid succession, and only 
ended with the collapse of the OoTemment, and 
the extinction of the Republic 

The President early ooncoiTod the project of a 
railway to be made from Delagoa Bay into the 
Bepnblic, to carry its produce proflttbly to the sea; 
nnd to promote this project he vigiled Europe 
in 1S7S, cancluded a treaty with Portugal and 
oBsayed to laonch a loan oi SOU.lHKlf. m Ameter- 
dflin, of which, however, only about 7*,OO0L were 
■fDbsciibed. Tms money he spentinbu>in^plantfor 
the proposed railway, part of which is now l5inS 
at Delagoa Bay. In the meantime the OTOTielonu 
Go»emment of the Kepnblic had drifted into a dis- 
pute with the formidable Zulu King, Cctywayo, 
touching the boundary of Utrecht ProTince;andon 
his return the President himself en^iaged, flret in a 
disfinta with, and then in actual military operations 
against Sikukuni, a small Beohuana chief living on 
the north-east of the Repubhc, whose oonatry 
was claimed under an ambiguous and not very 
intelligible treaty in the Dutch language, to which 
some fioers had oblalnad the assent of Sikukani' 
father in the year 185T. The operations against 
Sikuhuni, w!]''=li were upon a large scale laakinf- 

in person by the Pruli&nt, ended in disaster 
The Republican field arm^ melted away, a guerilla 
war, however, being eontmupd by a small merfe- 
nary force, until a peace was concluded early in 1877. 
In the meantime the defeat of the fioera by an inng- 
nificant tribfl of an anwarlike branch of the native 
race, and their inability to repair the disaster, were 
prududnc the most alamiing eidtoment In the 

to be in London at the time, lo South Africa, as a 
Special Commieeinner from Her Majesty, to watch 

-^ *-'-- such action as might be necessary 

loralpeaca. When 8ir Theophilus 
Shepstone arriTed in the Transvaal, he found that 
the peace with Sikukuni was but a hollow one, as 
"he chief declared that be had never assented to, 
knd knsw nothing of its principal article ; while 
at the same time the attitude of the Zulu King on 
the east waa such that his irruption into the 
Bepublio with an overwhelming force might 
at any moment be expected. The condition o( 
the Qovemment was past hope. The tlnances, 
which had never flourished, had wholly gone to 
ruin under the stiain of war expenditure and a 
foreign loan. The public servants ware unpaid. 
The treasury was empty. The public debt 
was 296,071i. The pet^ile would no : 
taxes, and the banks, to which the 

was heavily in debt, refused further .^ 

The coercive authority cJ the Oovenunent over 
its own subjeots had oaaaed, and Its defeniiYe 
power against the enemisE whom it had pro- 
voked was luf. In thess circumstances— the Be' 
publican Qovernment having in effect ceased to 
eiiat , and being incapable ofrevival— BirTheophlluB 
3hspstone saw no Mher course but to nrocla&n the 
" " 's sovereignty, and set n 


This he did OI 

in a I 


ILS approved by Her Majesty. 

le 12th of AprU 


The anne xatie a of the T rons vaal was effected with- 
out the aid of physical force. Sir T. Bhepstone at 
the time had with him but a few mounted police- 
men ; and Her Majesty's troops did not arrive In the 
province for some time after the English Qovem- 
ment had been set up, with the Miparent acqides- 
cence of the public in general. But subsequently 
a revulsion of fssling; took place, and two depu- 
tatlone were sent to England after annexation, to 

d desired a 

a were opposed to that m 
Ithdrawal of tlie CritiBh Ooveiii- 
ment. In each case the answer of Her 
Maiesty'e Qovernment was a decided ni^ative. 

On the entry of Her Majesty's present idrisers 
into office, a telegraphic message was sent by tlis 
6ecretaryof State for the Colonies to theTranevaal, 
to make it known tbat Her Majesty's sovereintr 
could not bo withdrawn from the Territory. Thi 
messsgs provoked no outburst of feelinc at flrat, 
but in December, 1880, a majority of the Boers 
broke out into open rebellion. 

The Qovemment was admiDistersd b* Sir 
Thoophilos Shepstone until March, 1879, wbsn he 
was succeeded by Sir Owsn Lanyon. 

The Ufflcen Commanding the Troops, if BOt below 
the rank of a Lieutv-Oolon^, holds a dormant oom- 
mission to admiuistar the Qovsmment in the 
abeenoe of the Lientenant Oovemor, In the event 
of his being unabls to act, tfas Colonial Secretary 

holds a 

and dom 

Letters Patent, bearing date the Sth Vovem- 
lier,'ie79, an Executive Cciunril and Legislative 
Assembly were constilntsd tor ti>e TruuvaaL The 

The Colonial Secretary. 
The Attorney Oeneral, 
The Saoretary for Native Affaire, 
and ttirpe nommated members, who each rsoeive 
SOOf. per annum. 

The Legislative Assembly comprises the mem- 
bers of the Executive Council, together with the 
Chief Justice, aud six nominated membeia. 
The energies of the Government were at Brat 


largely occupied in dealiog vUb the 
hoatibtj of SikubniUf find ^riiArdlng mcuD§l threat- 
ened danger on the Zulu border, where the nev 

ing mcuD§l threat- 

. . a late Hs- 

pablic Both chiefs have now been defeated and 
taken caplivo bj the Imperial furces. 

The principal eonrcca of revenue are quit-renta, 
transfer duties, poll-fax, an import duty on all 

KidH brought into the country, stampa, leea. and 
fflr taies, the yield of which hae hitherto been 
but trifling. 

The revenue and expenditure of the late Qorern- 
ment for the Uet three years ol ita existence were 
as follows:— 

£ £ 

lST^-5 eSfiSS 61,7S4 

1876-6 64,68! 69,384 

1876-7 62,762 64,604 

The reoeipts from the 121h of April to the Slat 

of Deoember, 1677, were 64,137/: ; the expenditure, 


The receipts in 1878 were 79,962J: ; the ordinary 
Bxnanditnre 8! 4901, 

The reodpts in 1679 were 93,408/. ; eipeaditure, 

The rsoelpts in the flnt niiie montlu ot 1880 
were 183,8B4(. ; " " 

; the expenditure, 108,574f. 
Public DdL 

On aut December, 1679, the Public debt 

grant of lO0,0OVi. The remainder oonsista ol 
funded debts, ana af 90.166/., raised at Amslerdon 
and one of 48,000Z. ; raised at the Cape. There i 
also a floatiDg debt to the Standard Bank of aboc 

Noconsushae ever been taken in theTranavs&l, 
there are supposed lo be about 46,000 whites of all 
nationalities in the Province, and the native popu- 
lation has been estimated at 800,000, 
ExeixliBe Coumdl. 


The Hon. Colonel Bellairs, C.B., Conmandiiy 
„ GeoTga'S.a'iaaa, Colonial Srcrrtary, 

W, B. Momom, AUarofS Gcntral. 
H. C. Shepstane, *cre(ury for Native 

P. J7MaraiB,J. C. HoltBhauaon, J. S. 
CUrk to Comeil, C. Van Boeschoten, lOOt 

Lrgiil'^ive Aiitmblg. 
Preiidaii, CoL Sir Wm. Owen Lanyon, K.aM.G., 

C.B., iltfaiinirtrotor. 
His Honor J. P. De Wet, CU^ JutCuie, Vice- 

The Hon. Colonel Bellairs, C.B,, CommamSag 

George Hudson, CoIohIoI Secrrlary. 
" W. B. Morcora, Atlamtg (Iratral. 

" H. (\ Shep^toue, S«Tt(ur, fir Satire 


P. J. Marals. 
' J. C. HoltahaUBon. 

J. S. Juubert. 

Clerk, B. RutherfoOTd, HKl 
1* CUrk, C. X. White. *A CUrk, J. H. Nel. 

2nd do., O. W. A. Porsaman. MA do., Vaoint. 
Snjrfo., J. A. Ealerbuyee. eii do., Vacant. 

Civil EMUd^ithmait. 
AdmimOrator, Colonel Sir Wm. Owen Lanyoo, 

K.C.M.G., C.B., 8,000/, 
Pricate Secritary, Godfrey T. Lagden, 800/: 
CUrk, Joka Parr Tinling, 200i. 

Celi)m(d Suxttarial. 
Catonial Siattani, George Hodson, I.IOOJL 
Ckitf Clerk, C. Van Boeaohotan, SOOt 
Iri Ciau Clerk, Fitz Btlemeos, 2£0/. 
2nrf „ „ J. T. A. atofiord, 180/. 
Srd „ „ a. Irving Daviea, 180/. 

Deparlnent ofNatiee Affidri. 
SeerOervfar Native Affair,, H. C. Shepetone, 950/. 
Cla-l, C. H. R Norman, 266/. 
Committioner Nortitm Dittridt, Major H. Clarke, 

RA., C.M.G., 700i., and 200/. aUowancae. 
Ckrk, E. O. G. Lys, 200(., and 60/. allowances. 
fotBJTHjiioner Simzi Bordrr, Cant. Sir M. Barlow, 

Bt., 450f., and 100/. allowances. 

Dittncl Zos/poHtbery — 

Klipdam, Captain Oscar DabI, 800/:, and 5f)L 

Spiirntan, J. Albaaini, 2501 
C/tr^ ArtharBatea. 
Diri!-icl Watcrberg—A. W. Sampson, 800/., and 80/. 

Cfe't, J,'b.O. O'Reilly. 
DittrieC Uiddelberg— 

Afaieo'i Kop, Carl Schnltz,SOO/.,andBO(.»]low- 

Ltotu Mounlaira, Captain A. Bitter, SOOL, and 

60/. alloirancoB. 
Clerk, Harry Scholefleld. 
DiUrict Ruilenlmrg (vacant), 3001. 
Finance and Sevenue Comaiuioner', Drpartmail, 
flnawe and Penenue Commi,iioiier, C. E. Stafford 

Steele, 900/., and 200/. alioikance. 
C'ier*, Jacob Bwart, 290/. 

Colonial TVranrer, N. J. R. Swart, 900/: 
Chief Clerk and Accmmlanl, B. W. Qyngell, 800^ 
i(Bd(,'/tr* (vacant), 180/. 
DiUribalor of Slaapt, Jc, J. Q. C. Van Leenlioff, 


An^ Office. 
Coloiual Aii£tor, D. 11. Eisch, 6601. 
in Clerk E. a Fry, 260/. 
ind ditto, A. P. Crete, 260/. 

Sumei/or GweraTj DepartmaU. 
SuTvevor General, Sam. ITolviil, 800(. 
Irf Clerk and Examiner of Diagram,, P. H. Bissik, 

inddiUo, C. F. Palmer, 180/. 
Clerk of Wort., G. Lovedaj, 300/: 

Pegietrar of Oreik Department. 
PrgirlraT n/Deedi, J. J. Mcinljes, 6o«. 
lit C'crit, J. C Uinnaar, 26Ui. j 

■ind dUto, A. C. e.Lorentz, ISOtiOOQlC 
3nf ditto, B. Quinn, 160/. <-' 



A. W. de 1> Unlit, MOt. 
Pottmailer, Pnloria, A. von LevetEOW, 2NU. 
Clerk, Gaienil PoU 0^, H. H. timithera, 200L 
PoUmuler, Potdufitroom, E. H d> W»al, WHL 
Clerk, — Both*, 76t 

Judiaai imd Legal Departnaa. 
CUtfJiulice, Jacobus Petrns da Wet, 1,60011, and 

iO(U. •UowtDWS. 
Fim Puiau Jttdgt, J. Q. Kotxi, 1^200^ 
^texiMJ <£tto, ifiua (Tacant), 1,000/. 
C%ri, P. Eoti^, ISOJ: 
^tfonwj-Ceiierai, W. R Korcom, ftlOt 



joyeiaj, 40ol 

^.j* aio;/, C. J , , 

RaidaU Me^iMtraU Pntoria, R. Butberf oord, 4001: 

PvUk PrvfraHor. 3. Vagal, ibOL 

LamMrvit, PatthefHroOH, A. M. Ooeti, EOO/. 

l<f Oerk, B. Q. Impe;. 260/. 

-iHd dttto (7U»nt), ISO/. 

/juuUnHt, C'tKcA^Q.H, nu 

Cbnt,0. L. Sch&ffei, VOL 

iuddato, — Silverlock. 

latddml, Ludeniurg, a. A. Both, 400(. 

CUrk, J. Itbt, n&l 

Laaddrol, Autniui?, U. C. Oeiiis (acting), 400/. 

Cfari, F. P. Van Kuyper aSO/. 

Ia«idni«<, Btidrlberg, C. UeckemuJin, 400/. 

CfcrtD. 0. Nabal.lBO/. 

Lmd*oit, Waiitnlroom, 0. B. ScfaoUi (Kting), 

CTmt, C. H. Hoffman, 1807. 
Ixmddroit, Middtlbfj-a, C. ToQ Brendia, 4Mf. 
Cfcri, J. W. Bshbock, 180/, 
Landdroit, Uarieo, V. A. Tan Tpsren, 150f. 
(7/eri, J. A. Bntner, SM/. 

IWAv^, fibnulD/; T. J. Krogb (acting), 4001. 
B. Donovan (ac^- -' '"" 

CItrt, J. konaberg, iWl 
LaHUva, Za^foiubtrg, O. P. ZlerTosel, 400/. 
C/eri^ A. Von Laveliow, 180/. 
Lmddmt 3imJertoit, i. C. Krogb, SOO/1 
(%r£, H. i. Jnta, 176/, 

GiiM Comaimima; Pitgripi'i lUt, O. Palmar (act- 
ing), 2O01., and «0/. aUowancBB. 
C/tri,F. Dowling, 150/, 

£[ji«yifiDiki/ J)a«rA>inf. 
5i»ertt>l<i«JcnJ^£</u»t/<iii,H, ^. BuBmap («ctlns), 

CUrk,'yf. A. Doly, 280/. 

Colonial Dtfrnee. 

A moQDted potioe force of half-caatee, SO in 
nnmbo- of all ^ank^ h»« been formed for tie pro- 
tectiuD of tho northern diBtricts. 

fntprftor. Captain Nonrao, IGj. a day and ratianB. 

TheT« la also a native force of about 800, dialri- 
huled under the Bevaral Native Conuoinaioreri, to 
whom the snb-lnajieclorBactaB olerka; Ibsj receive 
11». a day and ration*. 

A force of 1'20 mounted infantry from ^e regi- 

Colonial Oovi 

Gattral of fMbnoi), Herbert T, Wyon, 7 
Clergg of Ae Duldk Rrformed Chireh m rrtapt of 

Bev. D. T. d. Hoff, Potchefatroom, 226/. 

N. J. Van Warmelo, Heidelberg, 226t 
a. W. Bmits, BuEteubars, 226/. 
J. W. Ackemianu, Wakkemtroom, 226/. 
Da Vriea, Uarieo, 112/. 10*. 


Ths bland of Trinidad Ilea to the eadward of 
VnieiaeU, between 10° S' and 10° 60' N. latitude, 
and 61° 89' and 62° of W. longitude from Green- 
wich, tta area ia 1,761 aqnare milea. It ig aepa' 
rated from the CDDtineut of America by the Qalf 
of Paria, into which fall the northern moutha of 
lbs Orinoco. 

Trinidad v 


urd voyage, 
ealon uf bv b 

rat discovered by Colninbua, on 
>n the a I st July, 1496 ; and taken 
bim for the Crown of Bpain. " 

I appointed by the Idnga ol 

an then, and for many j-eara 

'ards, the Spanish coloQiats bad the greatest 

diSculIy in mainlainine any footing in the inland. 

Court ol __ _, 

a French planter of Grenada, who, whe 
to the island, had been struck by its ex 
fortiiity, a Boyal cednia or proclamation waa 
iaaned, by nhich extraordinary advanlagn ware 
oBered to loreignera of all nations to aettle in 
Trinidad, tbe acle oondition impoeed, and that not 
very atrictlv Inaialed upon, being that they ihonld 
pnHCSS the Boman Catholic religion. The oone^ 
quence of this proclamation was a large inflni of 
population, which waB aoon asginented by many 
French families, who were driven from Bt. 
Domingo and elsewhere, bv the terrible events of 
tbe French Bevolntion, and to this cause ia to be 
traced the great prepoDderance of the French 
-'" ■ *" " wdony which never belonged to 

'ey, and connsiea or lo vesaeu, carrying 
760 gnne. The military force, numbering in J] 
6,750 rank and Ale, waa led by Sir Balpl| Aber- 

island to Hia Majesty's foreea, and on the Ifitl 
February, 1797, the ardclos of capitulation werL 
signed by Abcrcrombie, Harvoy, and UhacoB, the 
Spanish governor. 

Trinidad waa held for a few years aa a military 
conquest, during which period it was governed by 
LientenaQt-Colonel Thomas Picton, Aidenlo-Canip 
to Sir Balph AbarcTDmbie. 

In 180a it was Bnally ceded to the Crown of 
Qreat Britain by the Traaty of Amiena. 

Geniral DacHjHion. 
Tbe soil Is varied, and extremely fertile, and 
excellently adapted to the growth of tropical pro- 
ducts, more ^rticularly of sugar and cacao, which 

us TRIN 

■i« iU Btaplea. Coffee hu of Iftte been largely 
cnltiTated, nad with Krwt roecesa, bidding fair lo 
become ■ vary conalderabla factor in the future 
eipuTting power ol ths colouy. Tobacco of a 
auperior quility ia also largely grown. 

Tbe climate of Trinidad ia haaltby and by no 
meana hurtful to Europeaua, providsd they take 
rsasonablfl precautions. 

The chief town and principal port of Trinidad 
is Fort of Spain (population S»,000), dtuatsd on 
a gently inclined plain, Dear the nraih-eait angle 
ottheCfnltof Pari 

The next town and port ia San Fernando (papu- 
lation 6,000), about 80 mtlea aouth from Port of 

The harbour la the flneat in the Weat Indies. 

A pitch lake, SO acres in extent, is altnated in 
the ward of La Brea, abost 80 milea from Port 
of Spain ; it is of ooneiderable Tilue, and yialda 
a alifht rovenue to the iaUnd. 

Of the total 

a of Trinidad, which ia eeti- 
maiea at sQout l,12S,DO0 acres, the alienated 
acreage ia giTen below, according to the laet 


CoItiTatedin Sugar Cane . . . fi2,lfiD 

„ Cacao and Coffee . 31,279 

n Oronad Provisione 16,986 

„ Cocoanuta . . . S,886 

Total la crop S3300 

Paature 6,108 

DnoultdTatad IM.IOS 

Total alienated . . , . 2e8,fiU 
Tbe popnktion of the island by tbe census of 

1B71 was stated to have been 109,688 ; it is now 

probably aboat 125,000. 
Conunuiication between Port of Bpain and San 

'™— laodo ia at present maintained principftUy by 
W of the Onlt ateamera, which ply dailv, caUing 

at fBtermediate points, and proceeding on Thursdaya 

and Satordays as far as Ce<^os, in the eoutb-weetem 

port of the ialand, a total distance of sixty miles 

hom Port of Spain. 

Tbe nfiway from Fort of Snin to Arima (16 
mileB) was opened in 1876. TheOouva line (IS 
oilee from the junctiDn at Bt. Joseph. S4 mfJea 
Is all bom Fort of Spain) was opened in 1S80, 
and the further extension to San Fernando (7 mflea), 
already Bonucenoed, will probably be completed at 
an early date. There are also 7 miles of railway 
between San Fernando and Savann Grande, and 
short tinea at Cbagnaoae and in tbe Gnaracara 
valley, iieed chiefly'- "■- -- 
These lines will n 
portaoce whfn nnited with the i 

Tbe towns of Port of Spain and San Fernando 
are under the jnrisdictioti at borough councils, the 
former oonaisting of fifteen eiectlve members, tbe 
latter of eeven. 

One of tbe TnemberBis annnally cboaen mayor. 

There la a General Poet Office in Port of Snin, 
a branch office at San Fernando, and 27 out offices 
throughout the island. 

The money order system bae been oataUiahed 
between the United Kingdom and the island, and 

ordera are issned at the Qeneral Post Office and at 
the San Fernando office. 

Trinidad has joined the Postal ITnioD. 

Tbe nmnber of steamers calling at Trinidad has 
within the last few yeare inoreaaed con^erably, 
the number per month being now 17, viz., 2 royal 
mall steamers, 2 royal mail cargo ateameis, 2 of thu 
Transatbmtic Company's steamei-s from SL tiasaire, 
1 French cargo steamer from Bordeaux, 2 of the 
Weat ItidIaandPaciIlcLine,andoneof the Harrison 
Line from Liverpool; 1 Clyde stcAmer, 2 of the 
Qnebec and Qulf tine from America. BDd4 steamera 
running between the island and Venesuelu. Mails 
are regnlarly forwarded and received by all tlieao 

Cooiic Intmigratim, 
Immigration from India ia conducted under 
dovernment control Under this head 66,16(U: 
was expended in 1878, besides the fixed establiah- 
ment of the department, tbe coat of which ia about 
4,000'. The number of Indian immigranta im- 
ported dnring each of the but three years was as 

1877 1,686 


A volunteer oorps was establii^hed In 1879, 
having 170 members In Port of Spain, and nearly 
half tliat number in 6sn Fernando. There is also 
a fiifle Aesudation. 

The Police Force of the island consists of an in- 
spector-commandant, two joapeotora, one clerk, 
two sergeant-majors, SI sergeants, 25 corporals, 
2G lance corporals, and 250 constablee. There 
is also a water police, with 2 coxswains and 
8 polioeDien. The cost of tbe eatsblishment ia 
iSpW. annually. 

two kinds, one secular, and supported entirely by 
Government, tbe other denominational, aided only 
by the Government. For higher education thero 
are the Queen's Royal 0.)llege (aecular), and its 
affiliated Boman Catholic Inetitnlion, tbe Coilegn 
of the Immaculate Conception. Attached to thene 
inatitutjona are exhibitions or Bcholarabipe of tbe 
annual value of IfiO/., each tenable for three years 
at some university in Great Britain or Ireland. 
Four of these eibibitione may be gained annually 
by sQcb students of either College aa pass the re- 

Juired examination. There were at the end of 
B78 seventy-two students on the books of tbe 
Queen's Boya) College, and one hundred and thirty- 
flve on those of the College of the Immacnlate 

From the Government primary schools to tbe 
Uueen'a Boyal Oolite there an annually mien tc 
competition three free admlesionB, each tenable for 
three years. 

The primary schools are now ninety in number, 
Sf ty of wUcb are secular schools supported entirely 
by Qovemment, and forty denomination^ and 
asaiBted. The Goverament schools are eeneially 
well supplied with school requisites ; their fumiture 
is oonstructad on good models, and aome of them 
are heldin creditable buildings. Fees are exacted 
and paid with great regularity, the usual rates beintr 
three pence per head per week ; at some schoolK tlw 
charge ia two shillings par montli, and at tbe Model 
Schools Bve shillings per month. Then is a i«~ 

dncb'on vhen the laet are [aid qnrt«l; In advance, 
nud reduced rtWa are Ehai'ged for the seoond and 
third children la a faioil;. In cimiieiiaii with tha 
Bon* Uodel t^chool there ie a Training College for 
'male teachers, which admits twelve nsideul anA 
fuor non-reKideDt studeute. In conneiioQ wilh 
tlie GirU' Model School there in a kindergartei 
department for Infante. The staff of the Qovern 
ment BchooU inclndea 15 maaters, 4 mistrvsMe, I 

treaees, and 65 pupil teachere, paid monitors, am 
normal Btndenta. There ia an euminalion o 
tcachera annually, the conditions of wliich ar 

The number of pupils i 
schools waa aa followa ; — 

ending the primary 

kUdSclwoll. Total. 
1868 !,8B6 — i,S8S 

1878 8,293 3,997 6,390 

1879 3,967 S,2T4 T^Sl 
The total net expenditure on edncatioo unounted 

in 187S to 12,308/. 

Beddes tha pablio achoola of which mention haa 
been made above, there are many private adventun 
acboola, the largest of which is the Convent Board- 
ing anil Daj Sdiool for girls. Under the Presbi 
terian Coolie Mlesion there are twelvo estate aohc— ' 
having abonC tiOO pupils; so that it maybe roa( 
estimated that the number of children attenc 
school in Trinidad is about 9,000. 


The Ooveminent ia administered by a Governor, 

wilh an executive council of three membere. The 

l6giBla^TebodriBaConncil,inclodinK the Governor, 

who ia Proddent, 6 official, and 8 unoSdal membert, 

all of whom are appointed bj the Crown. 

Gotrtrmon of Ue CoUmg during Oa SpaiiA Govtn- 

■wM DM iMce tke iMland ha* t^prrUmed to 

Gnat Britaiai. 

^jamih GovfnaittnL 

11 Oct. 1783 LienL-Col. E. 9. de Linany Vera. 
4 Dec 174a Don F. de la Monteraa. 

19 June 174« Doc J. J. Balcedo. 
17 S3 Don F. MancUiBB. 
17b7 Don P. de la Uoueda. 
ITeO Don J. Ban Joan. 
1763 Don J. A. Oil-Enight. 
19 Jnne 1765 Son J. da Bmno. 
1T66 Don J. de Flares. 
1773 Don J. de Dlos Valdes. 
SO Nov. 1776 Don Manuel Falqnsi. 
Ang. 1779 Don M. de Salavaria. 
1 Sept. 1783 Don J. M. de Chacon. 

BrUitk Gontrnon and Adntinittratort ofOts 

18 Feb. 1797 Bir Halph Abercromhie. 
Apr. 1797 Brigidier-Qeiieral Ficton. 
Jan. 1808 Colonel Fnllerton I 

to Brig.-Oaueral Ficton > CommissioneTs. 
BO July 1803 Commodore Hood ) 
30 July 1803 Brigadier-Oeueral Sir Thos. Hialop. 
9 Jan. 1810 lient.-Colonei Tolly, ) W. L Regt. 
25 Apr. 1811 Colonel Monro. 

14 June 1818 Sir B. J. Woodford, Bart 

12 Apr. 1831 Lt-Cd. A.W.Tonng,l8tW.LKegt 


15 Feb. 1838 Sir B. J. Woodford. 

1 Apr, 1828 Major Capadoae, lat W. I, Segt. 
Sir Charles F. Smith, B.E. (aetiDg.) 

16 Apr. 1828 Sir 

26 July 1838 Colonel Faranharron (acting). 

10 Har. 1829 Major-Gonenl Sir Lewis Qraat. 

20 Kov. 1829 Lieut.-CuL Doherty lat W. 1. Bert. 

16 Fab. 1880 llajor-ijenu'al Sir Lewis Oranl. 
IG May 1880 Lieut. -CoL Doherty, lat W. I. Begt. 
SJunelSeO LiBut.-Col. Sir Chas. F. Smith 

G Dec 1881 Maior'Qelieril Bir Lewis Grant. 
B Jnne 1888 Sir O. F. Hill, Bart., Lieut. 

8 Mar, 1889 LienL-Colonel Mein, 74th Eog., 
24Mar. 1889 ColonelSir KM. McOregor, Governor - 

28 Mar. 1888 Lleul-Colonal Uelo, 7«h Begt. 

IB Apr. 18*0 Col. Sir Heniy Maoleod, Governor. 

11 Nov. 1840 Major Barlow, i4th Begt (acting). 
\4 Deo. 1840 Major Tyler, Deputy Unartemuutcr- 

General (acting). 
3£ Sept. 1841 Lieut-Colonel Six Chas. ChicheHler, 

Henry Madeod. 
le 1843 Major F. Fuller (acting). 
_ IDEA Tj — L rt-,i„„„i hJ., *n.-X a 

9 May 1842 Col, Henry . 

Lieut. -Colonel Sir Chas. Chichester 
8 May 1843 CoL Sir H. Madeod. 
8 Feb. 184G Lieut-CoL E. C. Archer, Deputy 

Quartermaster-General (actingl 
! July 1846 CoL Sir H. Macieod. 
31 Apr. 1846 LlettL-CoIonel Brown, S4th BegL 

33 Apr. 1846 Lord Harris. 
13 June 1851 Lienlenant - Colonel Ward, B.E. 

11 Feb. 1868 Major HalUday, Seth Begi. (acting). 

26 Feb. 1868 Lord Harris. 

2fi Jan. 1864 Major L. Bourchler, GMh Beet 

(actinB> ^^ 

10 Msr. 1864 Ba CharlM Elliott, S.C.B., Oo- 

27 Oct. 1866 Lieut. -Colonel B. Brooks, G7th Begt. 

36 Jan. 1867 Bobert William Ksate, Governor. 

6 Sept. 1864 Hon. J. H. T. Maimara-Salton, 

24 Apr. 1866 E. E. Buahworth, D.C.L., Adminia- 

7 Nor. 1866 Hoiu Arthur H. Gordon, C.M.G. 

8 Apr. 1868 Major Bostock, 16th lUgt, Adm. 

the Qovemment. 

30 Apr. 1868 Hon. A. H. Gordon, C.M.O., Qo- 

26 June 1868 C. H. Eortrigbt, Esq., AdmiDlstrator 
of the Government. 

31 Dec 1868 Bon. A. H. Qordoo, O.M.O., Gt>- 

21 May 1878 J. R. Longdon, C.M.O. 
27 Apr. 1874 J. Scott Bnehe, Administrator o( tha 
2 May 1874 W. W. Caima C.M.G., Governor. 
27 Hay 1874 J. ScoU Boahe, Admiuiatrator. 
10 Nov. 1874 Henry Tomer Irving, C.M.G., Go- 

171 TBI! 

9 Dec. 1876 J. Scntt Bnshe, O.U.Q., Adminis- 

tntir of GoTemment. 
Fob. 1877 a. W. DoBviBiii, C.M.G., LieuL- 

2 J«ii. 1878 Sir Hanrr T. Irving, K.ail.G., 


37 Jnlj 1880 W. R. Pyne, AdminiRtrmlor. 

ST Aug. 1880 Willum A. G. Yoang, C.M.Q.. 
Hov. 1880 Sir Binford Freeling, K.C,M.G., 







































Public DAt of TrimJad. 
246,800(. lor rsilwoys. 

82,2001 Becured on pene™! ravepue, but r 
able by tbe CoIodj irom other pviieo. 

VttUit oj Imporit and Exporit. 
ImporU. Eiport*. 



/V^wJotton, Ceiuiu, 1871, 

Extcaiivt ComtfCiL 
Tlie GoTsrnor, PretidnL 

mdiiig Her Ma^Os't Fi^tU. 

LegUbtiive CotmeU. 
Sir J. Nsedbim, CkUfJa^kt. "X 

J. 8. BuBh«,C.M.Q., CufoinaJ5«reA»y. 
H. Lndlow, Attomry-GrHtral. I 

W. R. Pyse, Rtainr-GmtTal. VOfficuU. 

M. M. Pliilip, .lolidtoT-GmeraL I 

H. UllcbsU, M.D., AgaU-Gimentl i/ 7«- 

Frederiek W«rner. 

Lonia A. A. de Vertenll, H J>. 

J. de Boissitre, U.D. 

Gi/rrrnot cad Cammaiider^tt-Ckief, Sir Suford X 

FreeliDg, K.C.M.G 4,000 

PrmU Secrctan/ and Aide-de-Canm, 



Colomal &crflan, J. 8ooM Bnsbe, C.M.G. . 1^ 
CimfideHtial Ckrt and CIcrt of CoukU, A. C. 

Ko8B, 4O0;. to 600(. 60O 

ind CItrt, J. CuuDJaghun, 200f. to SODJL . . S60 

SrdrfiUo, 8. W. KiiiigKK, 160/. toiOOt ... 200 

tiAdiUa, F. Pyne.lOO/, to laOL 100 

1>( Gorermnml Mtaayer, 3. HuniltOD, 160t 

uid 30f. ftlloffuioe 190 

2i>tfitiU(',J. Lewis 100 

ReaiaT-GtMn^i Dtparliaail, 

fi«riwr-G«»nW, W. R PyDB,800t to. . ,1,000 

Ut CItrk (A ccomUXHf), E. Eckel, S50/, to . . 400 

2i^ dim, 3. BtowD. ami. to 860 

3nJ diOo, C. W, Lftngford, 2201. to . . . . SUO 

UM dit/o, C. H. E. Holder, 150L to. . . . . 20O 

614 ditto, G. B. Flaaagiii, 1001. to 160 

Exdit Officer, J. T. Boweii 280 

Locter, A. Tslfer 120 

Sub-Hecfivtr (San Frraiado), C. E. Merder . 400 

Cbrlc (ditio). B. Bnthwaite. 160J. lo .... 300 

Eaim CIrrk {dUtd), 3. H. Ounhi 100 

iMtding-WoAtrr (ditto), i. B. lavie, lOOJ. to 180 

/>o«^(<£aa),J. E. Jofanstone, 100/. U). . . ISO 

Calkdar </ Caitimi, Jobn FBUning 

\itCUTk,G.Vtjn\xra,iliil.Xa . . 

2n<fi£fffa,J. U. Boes, . . 

BiddifD.F. Gibbon, lOOt. to. . . 

Tidt Sunmsor, F. J. McLood . . 

Ditto. W. H. Wbita . . 
Landiiui Waittrt and Loeieri .•— 

H. Pollini,800(.to. . . 

F. B. FraBBr,210/. to . . 

A. Hu-t, 2IUt to ... . 

J. Leotaud, 21W. to. . . 

8. J. Clurko, 100/. to . . 

J. L. Su-^uit, 100/. to . 

T. D. Teiich, 100/. to . . 

C. P. KooltK, 100/. to . . 

E. Bufp™, lOOi to . . . 
W. U. White, lOOi. to. . 

F. HcLeod, lOOL to . . 
P. Sutton, 100/: to . . . 

Proieclof qf lumigmiUt, H. Uitchell . . . 1 
liupector oflvmii^mdi, O. W. Warner, 600/., 

■nd 160/. allowance 

aub- Protector tad Attiitiml tiupeeUir, H. 0. 


la Cirri, a. Bt Hilaire, 260/. to 

!>Hfi2>»o, W. LaCroii, SOOf. to 

Srd dUlo, J. Bannatyne, 1601. to 

4a dim, H. W. Stone, 100/: to 

6rt Ctort,A.MoDteil luO 

Jmmigntton Agent at Caicatla, Bobert W, B. 
Mitcbell, l.fiUOi., uid 60CM. travelling ajlovrance. 


4e* di«o,'j. A. Bfidhead', 150(. to 200 

oih dilto, C. Ponlia, IML to 900 

m ditto, W. B. Osmble ISO 

7lk dilta, L. B. Fraser, 100/. to l&O 

ertitoW,!,. Hart, loot to 160 


Vtth ditto, C. Havkeawartb 


PMic Work* DeparlmmL 

Diridor of Fublie Woria md -Surcqa, J. E. 
Tuauer, H.I.U.E, 1,300/. (and 80IIJ. trom 
Btulw»y funds), .ud 200/. iraTBlliug allow 

/ Ptiilic Workt, a. W. 
i 160;. allowance . . . 
r', W. I. Koach, 500/., and 

Auiilant Krtelor 

Difkson, BOO/., a 
iK AultliuU Kagiiu 

160/. allowance 

Sad AuiKoHl £00, C. Measerry 600/., and 

ISOf. allowance -. . . 6S0 

£cffn Atdtiaat, E. Maingot, 2£0(., and 50/. 

aUowi--- "'" 


to Dincior Public Wortt.A. E. C. HoM, 

UO/. to 200 

Clerti,- Bladre 75 

J. Porsler 76 

.Janwn/anf, A. Scanuuirony 350 

F'aKmdai Aidilaal to Dirtctnr PuNic Worts, 

fi. Dick 260 

Draagitmiai, F. K. Hughea 260 

Slordueper, O. V. Hanu^he 200 

PiB/mailtr, Nartlurjt IHriiiati, G. Labaatide . loO 

„ Sourten. IHimion, W. L. Knoi 150 

WhoTfiiga; J. A. Qniseppi 186 

Hoad AcncmilBnt, J. Evenley 125 

lie Boail OMctT, Nortlun IMdiica, C. Uaeaj, 

I25t, ana 100/. allowance 226 

2nd Road Officer, ditto, S, AgoBtini, 1251., and 

100/. allowance 225 

ird Road Officer. diUo, C. Samutny . 

' Swlism JXva 

, c. e. 

San Fernando Extention Rail«ag, £ 

SeiideiU Engintrr, P. BteveDs 4G0 

Afutani Jingineeri, Q Samaon 250 

A. LabBBtide 200 

C. de Verlauil .... 150 

WSor)t"j(T, J. Jack 100 

Draui/iUBuui, A, B. Slollmeyer. 200 

Btgittrar-Gtntraft D/parlmmi. 

Kfoiitrar-Geutral, H. A. Fitt 600 

CItrt, Cbarles Phillips, SOO/. to 400 

2nd CUrk, E. St Laoreut 100 

Earboar Matta't Drparlmail. 

HarboiT Matter oj tie tiland. Q.W. Normaii. 600 

AtiiitoHt ditto, S. Hocbford 260 

Harbour Maiter, San Femamlo, C. E. Herder, 

IDO/., and 60/. aUowance 160 

l.rC/frl, O. W. Nornmn.jun., 200/.to. . . 300 

2ni/i/i«o, J. NomiBU, 150/. to 800 

!WC/«-i»,atlOO/. to 160 

CrovJu Loads D^arCmfnt- 
Sti-lnleadaal Commiuiontr Nortiem Provitm, 

V. Wilson. 
Jtnirane Is the Ssh-Inlendant tad Commuiioner, 

Northern Proiince, G, F. Boahe .... 400 
lit aert, P. Pantln. , . . 
•ind ditto, A. R. Bowen . . 
3rd ditto, B. F. Ganteaume . 

. 200/. to 260 

Botanic Garden. 
Botamit, Henry Prealoe .... 
tiardtner, F. B. Songer .... 

Chief CoUKir>r,A..ti.Grnj 600 

.H»nita«(diUo, F. J. Mahony 260 


StgierinteiidBit, 0. W. Ommauney . 

I 7Mb. 

lit 2M0/. , 




2nd Road Officer, ditto, J. Acbi. . . . 
8rd ditto ditto, L. Le Cadre . . 
4M ditto iStto, J. Isiret . . . 
btk ditto ditto, (J. B«ssoD . . . 
Cin>tainofTug"Felican,"G.iInreignn . . iHV 
Overteerof Walrr»ortt,'r.liuTTe\ .... 160 
Foreman of Saa Mill, J, Maredon (acting) . 160 

Survey Departments 

Enoineer in Charge of Sumeyi, G. S. Cochrane, 
£00Jl,andl00^Birovance 600 

let Aaiitant to Director of Surveys, H. de 
Lapeyrouiie, MW/., and lOO/. allowance, 
withfeee 400 

2nd AiBsiaiU to Director oj Surveys. L. Labaa- 
tide, 400/., and lOOJ. aUowance 600 

Srd Aidttaat to IHrrdor oj Surveys, C. Mor- 
vant, 200/., and 100/. allowance .... 800 

5 iOlB, at i\.U. 1,080 

Judicial DepaHment. 
atV^Wicf, Sir J. Needham, KL . . . .1,800 

AnoxywiTaf, U.Fitzgerald 1,200 

H. Coort 1,000 

Clerk to the Judges, and Chief CUt* to the 
Srgistmr, C. Stone 


jislraral the Coarit, 
ind 446t for Clarks, 


Allom^-Gmrral, Usnry Lndlow, 1,000(., and 
SOO/. for clerical aselslanco. 

Solieilor-Genenl, M. M, Philip 

J^dae, Petty CinI Court, H. FitiQerald 

lj( 'Cltri, A. Foumier 

2nddiHo, J. Smith 

Onion Solicitor, Leon O'Connor 

J/m-iW.D.B.Uorsford (with tees). . . . 
Official Assignee, B. A. Fitt, leea. 
Citrks to iMr. Registrar (aUowance 456i) 

£, Clarke F, Fraaer. 

J. HcVorao. £. Huggini. 

176 T 

Walen DiHriet, Co. Sl Geone, H. D. Msyne, 
700/.,«iid60i, trftTBlling»lIowittiC8 . , . 
DUto, ditto, Counts St. Patrick, 
Eattern Oiiinct, Cixmts St. Giorge, F. H. 


Comlg Vielt/ricLG. E. Clmpnuui ..... 

CowUs Canmi, E. P. Neodtuun 

OrcpoKie mdSaeamn Grmde, H. F. Hobsoa 
Toco and BUiwAiuaue, L. P. Pierre .... 
Caun^ tifUiyaTo, F. A. GaateMime .... 

CUrkt oj Hit Peaee. 
Toon nf P<iri q/* Spmik, Arthur C. NawMin, 

3(M)J , and SOi. tnvelling ftllowuiw 
Tovn of San /^nowfa, H. D. Hnuiu. 
Cvals of St. Gtargt, Eatient DHlrUt, C. 


CouHts Caroni, B. J. Cuibon, 3O01. to SAO . . 240 
aavaia Graadr, 4c., QeorM Ecclee, VIOL to SM) 
t'Duniyo/.^, /'oirict, T. W. Cro»bl8, 200 
AaitUM Cltrk,, 8. H. Uuk, lOW. to ... 160 

M. pMea, loot 150 

L. BoBtant no 

H. Frainois 100 

H.Jobity 60 


fforUetti Prtninee, 

CoBomuUmer and Sub- Intfndajtt of Crotn Landi, 

D. Wileon, BOOt., and iWl. tnralliiig oUoirvice. 

AuiiloM la ditto, G. V. Bueba, 10W. 

Warden, St Ann't, L. KoeUDt, 600i., uid 601. ll- 

tnd 601. >i- 

Mamro, F. A. OftDtetmne, 350^ 
Toco, L. P. PiBire, aO0(. 
AniilaBt ITarifew, Ditgo Martin, T. WuTier, KOI., 
uia bOL aUoCBDoe. 
Ckasaanai, W. J. Oraj, 360/,, ud 

Ml. Bllowance. 
UoHtterrol, U. Wimer, BOOI. Uld 
bOl. allowKuce. 

Aaiitant Wivdau, Savana Grmde. H. HKTagio, 

Cedrot, G. HiigKuw (acting), 8601. 
■.nrj ml. Movntnti. 
S. WMtOD, ISO/. 


EedetiaM&iai EitabliAmtKl. 

Oairdl of England. 
Beetor of St. Paul, Eer. H. N. Huggini 

Sl Man, Rev. H. Riolutrda (Archdeuwn). 

St. Fhmpand SLPtia;}lBV.W.B Laurie. 

Each rector hnn tMl. per udiub, uid 20/. f— 

Itland Caratt ej SI. MatUieiB, Bat. J. O. Knight 
It. John, IteT. Dr. Horriord. 



bu l60L,vti'M.foriu 

Blibop U q 

fli InHB Public FnBdi. 

AaitUat Caratet of ffolu Trimlg (All SalntA, Ber. 

L. A. Tutt, lOOi 
CkaplaiH of Soyil Gaol, 601., \ Bev. L.A. 

Lmalic Aislum,'lOl. Gi. 8d.J Tdlt. 
San FrrncBido ifoipiial, Bey. H. K. 
HugginB, SOL 
CatecluMl of SI. Jade, Mr. T. G. Grahwn, liOJ: 

The fidlowiug are not on the eetablishnwnt :— 
BUAop fftke IXocae, Rt. Bay. E. T. Hawle, M.A. 
Rector of Holy Trimtji, The Bishop. 
'—'-Mil Vwraiet <if Boiy TtvoIs:— 
B«T. A. £. tjniith. 
„ _ Skinner. 
„ W. H. Doorlj. 
AOing Rector of St. SlepKcn, Rev. J. G. Enighl. 

St. Andiea, Bay. W. W. Burburj. 
Curala ofSL Clement, Rev. 

St. Jude and SI. BaTtliolonieie,BeT. H. A. 

&. Lake, Key, 

St. Michael, Key. J. B. Bobinson. 

St. TkoaoM „ W. J. Eeny. 

Soman Catholic Ckareh. 

ArcAbiduaiofPoTt n/ &«■*«, The Most Hey. £ 

H. J. L. Gonin, D.D 1,000 

Cure, Fori of f^in, Vary Bev. W. O'CarroU 300 

Auitta-U Cure; Jillc, Rev. A. Violette ... ISO 

Bey. T. T. Groanough . 130 

Bey. M. Foreslier . . 130 

Caret, Arima, Roy. M. Daudier laO 

.IroBCo, Roy. de Martiui 160 

Carenoj/t, Ray. D. Poujade 150 

LowFT Caroni, Rey. A. Bardi (acting) . 100 

Ci/maaiuu, Rey. M. Patron .... 150 

tViA™, Rev. B. Uummiaky 160 

OotiBo, Ray, T, H. Donelly 150 

Viego Martin, Rev. T, Uuiler .... 160 

La Brta and Erin, Bav. E, O'Haulon . liiO 

iWi^foro, Hay, V. Kanyer 150 

A'apariBio, Rev. A. Violette 

A'rto Toam, Rev. T, Montagno ... 160 

Ongioucie and Siparia (yacant)* . . . 160 

J^»B(-4-/"((rre, Kay.J.B. Rabanit . . 160 

.SaaJam, Rev, H. Warlop IfiO 

St. Joirpk, Rev. J. A, Orcini .... 150 

Sania Ona, Bey, L. Boynand .... 160 

Sacasna Grande, Bay. P. Smith ... 150 

St. Ann, Bev. K. PiUoa 150 

Toco, Bov. L. De Qiacomo 150 

Afitl. CWv, Naparima, Bar. U. GriSln. . . 130 
diulain. Royal Gaol and CoL HotpUal, Rey. 

A. Violette SO 

DAto, San Fernando Ho^iital, . . ^0 

Principal of Qnem'i Awo/ CaOege, W. MUtf, 

B.A,, TOO/., and 1001, rent alloTance. . . 8 

2nd Matter, ditto, U. Q. Buiihe, B.A E 

ard ditto, ditto, G. Biahop t 

French Ma4ter, ditto, 3. a. Vniiinet . . . . i 

^anith ditto, ditto, F. A. Paul '. 

Pr^euoT oj CiemutTji, and Govtrmniuit Analatl, 

f.UcCnrihj I 

College of lie Immacalale Conception, 
(In connection with Royal College.) 
Principal, The Bey. Pfare Brovne . . . . j 
inipeOor iff SchaoU. B. L. Guppy, 600i, and 

200(, travflUinB allowance 

jMMfofK i£Ua, B: A. Uowbray, S60J,,aDd60l: 

allowance , 

Sitperinlemdrntu/ Model SdiBol,i. H. Collena. , 
Teachrr of Female School, Hisii Lawrence 



1/cdiaJ Ettabliihnaa. 

Sarseim-CtHtral tmdHediaiJ Officer of UtalA, £ 

).(6In-i,F. ILBornsrd,200/. to ail» 

■iHd Clerk, P. Fuller, 101)/. lo \b-.\ 

3rd Cla-l, ,f. E. Rftwla 7u 

.l/((ff™/«orT*«7Wr, J. Samuali 160 

GureniBUyil Hedual Officm : — 

A. Woodlook (acliag), Diego Uartin DUtrict 
Medical OiBcsr, Leper Aajlilm GM) 

Bobert JohiiBtone, North Naparima District, 
CoDBUlb'Dg HsdiciJ Officer, Hui Feniuido 

HoapitiJ 800 

J. W. Jedvey, Codtii District BOO 

E. J. Humuand, BavumaGnadeDistrir.l . 600 
J. C. Cl8«Ter{.cting),CBdro« District, , . 4n() 
T. Mumy, jun., Tucarigu* Digtrict .... 700 
J. F. Ciitlsuden, Montaarrat District ... 450 
John Arnold, Modioilln^ieolor of tmnugnnlB 

kDd HaaJth OfBcer, Shipping 500 

C. B. Fiwley, Rcsldect Surgeon, Colooial 

Hfspilat, Port of Spiin 600 

J. A. DoWolf,8t.Joseph'HDiBtricl. ... 400 

B. W. Pitt, South Napailm* Ristrict ... 400 
Ajimn District, J. V. Farfan 400 

C. V. Knoi, Rusident Sargroo, San Ftmuuido 
Hoepital 600 

Robert Ktngae, Suburban Dirtriot .... 400 
A. U. HutiD,MiHlical Officer, Lunatic ABylum 

and Qaol 62S 

F. A. de Verteuil,Chaguauaa DiatTict, Medical 
Officer, CoDTict Department 460 

J. E. Thompson, Oropouche District ... 460 
A. Boucaud,lEt AsslBtaiit, Port of 6p«lD Hos- 
pital S50 

W. DsTenish, Officer, Points h Pierre ... 460 

I>. H. G. KuagK», Uayaro District .... 460 

L. Fabien. Act&g Hodical Officer, Tacarigua SCO 
J. W. EakiD, Assirtant Surgeon, Uolanial 

Hospit^ 800 

R. Lesalie, Supernumerary, Colonial Hospital 300 

Norfc—GoTemmenl Medical Officers are allowed 

private practice when in charge of dtstiicts. 

Colomal Bomilal, Port o/^xtin. 

/>upni«r,J. Buteli8a 200 

.iuiilaal ditto, J. B. Innise 100 

67rt-i, H. Waiaright 300 

■SteiBord, J. Morgan 1^6 

ZoJy SigyeruHmdaU <if A'sriei, Miss Emily 

GoodbBD 150 

J/ulivn, Mrs. MacCabe 125 

Colomal Ba^ital, San Fermndo. 

Dimaaer, C. Colston (acting) 120 

Stmrd, H. Chalomelle 80 

Clfrh, 0. Dick 60 

MatrmtauiHtadNvint,lin.'PiAaloasky. . SO 

Lrper Aiylirm, Cocoritt. 

Rftidall SimeTiiUmdi!nl,liiaB.T.GMiotnd . !0O 

Diepttuer, ft. Oartier 76 

Boutt Iff Erjuffe. 

RMufealA9>«p>itfi!ii<fa>l,HrB.H. Dsrweot. . 160 

Lamalie A$yltm, BdmoiU. 

7frad..4tMwin<, CBiuell 160 

randier, J. Rawlins '6 

ChUf Warder. 100 

t'otowoiaaretwpn-.O. KItigerald .... 460 

PiAlie Htaitk Departmait. 

Samiarwiitmetor, Port of Spain, C.Gi»QO. 850 

iJi«o,««An™ifo,R.H. Filzslmons . . . 100 
The Wardens are Sanitary Innpeolors for their 
rexpactire ward unions, and the DUtrict Medical 
UC&era are Healtb Offitxrs for their districts. 

Police and GaoU. 
lamector Cammaiulaal, and Inipeclor cf £ 

Wtiski aitd Mtaiurrt, Captain A. W. Baker 700 
Intpector of I'olict (.Sok fentaado), Intprdcr 

of Weighlt and Meatura, and Superviior 

K FilzsimoDs, b2bt., and tees. 
Ijuptctvr of Police aitd Suprrdtor (Part of 

AMiii),D.Owen,42(M,houseallowance lU. 49fi 
rnmector of Prittxu, L. M. Fraser, lOOi, and 

60i. allowance 160 

Intpector of Itubutrial SchooU, L. M. Frasar . 60 

GocemmeiU Prinirr, H. T. Clark 876 

Saperitiitndetit ofPritoni, and Kieprr ofR'ignl 

Gaoi, O. Harfey, 400t, and 50/, allowance . 450 

CUrtofHowd Gaol, S.W.Gca^A ISfl 

Aiii^anl ditto, R Farrei 130 

reorfn-,RFarrei uO 

t'optcuB Vaianlt^ Fin Bi-inadt, CapL A. W. 

IfcleT MO 

SaprriHiendeHt of Goctrnmnt Pot/aret and 

Examiner of AnimaU, 3. B-WhlM. ... 600 


These islands were formerly included, for piir- 
Lg the Bahama group, 
valed in ltH6 by Act 

or the Bahama 'Legislature^ The followi- - = 

extract from tba- " " 

and Bait Cay, ..„ 

and Cays immediately adjao 

:c:—" The Islands of Grand 

..^ the said Islaods of Urand and 

Salt Cay, are commonly known and designated 
as 'The Turks Islands,' and the Islands and 
Cays, commnnl^ k 

tha said Turks Islands and Caicos li 
comprised withiD, or deemed part of, 
talning to Totir Majesty's Bahama Is 
cease to be component parts of the Baliama Go' 


The Turks and Caicos Islands lie botween 21° 
nd 2^° N. Ut, and 71° and 72= 87' W. long. 
On the lat of Januar 

a, by Order 

1 Couoc: 
There u 

uf Jamaica. 

Imperial Act, 36 Vict., ci 

tiro Board consisting uf the Chief C 

and Judge and not less than two, nor mi 

other persons appointed by the Govcrni 

Taiatkm and expenditure, and other numon, m 

a purely local character, are regulated by this 

Board; bat all laws passed by the Legislfttive 

Council of Jamaica, which are In eiprcss terms 

made applicable lo Turks lalauda, will lake effect 

The diminDlion of Beveane which appesra Dthe 
retuTDS for 1S73 results from the abolition of ei- 
'iities, which was effucted on the Ist ot 

Rtntnae and llrpemCliire. 










IKSl 9,m 3,S44 «^7S 

1871 a,i74 a,MB *,;2B 

I'o/u! V /'«P<>r« and Exporf. 


£86,845 £18,8M 


25,285 2l,a04 

81,881 Sl.HVH 


1S,380 88,987 


28,778 24,321 


33,340 !6,864 


28,867 Bl.B6fi 


21.780 22,186 


19.868 28,iH0 


21,939 17,942 

WynuB, arw. 


a-d Cl^t h Uk: CWmiiMKWrt-'i 

Office (Hectntu Leparlmail), J, C CriBSon, 

Tit Clirt in (*< CnmmiwioiKr'. Office (_Exraitivt 

Daartiaoii), anil Seardiiig OSrer and Loeler at 

Grand Turk. W. N. Kigby, im 
TheAautant ComBiuti<merai&illCag,i. W. Biker, 


Tit Aniilait CotmiiiiiBtur at Coekbtm Harbow, 
James U. Ru, 2D0J:, uid 60/. travsLing »Uow- 

Tlu SoonSno OSar aitd Lodxr at ditto, A M, 

Btubba, T.V. 
The Gonramnt Mtdical OffictT D. B. Bucome, 

Tht Jn^ of lit aprwne Court, W. J. Anderson, 

71c LtgitlfUict Board. 
E. B. Lleirelyn, PrtridtKt l 

itf Ike Board, [ Ex^ffldo ifenOen. 

W. J. ADderauD, ) 

A. a. Wynos. C. R. HiDson. 



yictaria, ths moat pnpulooa and wealth; of the 
AuBtraJaHiau colouieB, is situaled at tlie eouth-etst 
o[ Uw Continent of Australia, and lies between 
the S4th and 39th parellfls of south latitude and 
the 141gt and IJOtb meridiuia of east longitude, 
treme lenvlh from east to nest ia tbout 420 
geographical miles, and its greatest breadth 

about 260 

milea. Itaei 
was separated fi 

"^ill ... ■-' '---a New South Wales 

west by the Colony 
f booth Anstralia, the dividing hue being the 
41st moriiiisn. On the north and nortb-eaet it is 
bounded by the Colony of Kew South Wales, from 
which it IB Beparaled by the riier Murray, and 
reaching from the head waters of that 
at Porest Hill, to Cape Howe, On the 
nd south-east its sboree an washed by tha 
n Ocean, Bus's Straits, and the FacJAo 

whole of Australia, is Wilson's PrornODtory, which 
lies in lat 89° 8' S., long. 146" 26' E.; the northem- 
niDst point is the place where tbe western boondary 
of the colony meets the Murray, lat. 84''a' S., long. 
141° E. : the point furthest east is Cape Howe, 
situated In lat, 37° 81' 8„ long. 149° 69' £. ; the 
most westerly part ia the whiile western frontier, 
which lies upon the meridian Hl° E. (aa has been 
alrt^dy staled), and extends from lat. 84° 2' 8. to 
lat. 88° 4' 8., or about 240 miles. 

The area of Victorfa is 88,198 square miles, or 
6G,440.72(J acT«a. The whule continent of Austridia 
ia estimated to contain 2,972,846 square miles, 
and Victoria conaequeutly occupies about one 
thiriy-ihird part of its surface, fireal Britain , ei- 
clusire of the islands in the British seaa, contains 
89,644 square miles, and is tharsfon allghlly larger 
than Victoria. 


Wheat produced in Vlcloria, in 1879-80, was 
9,398,HeS bushels; oats, 4,023.271 bosbela; pota^ 
loea, 167,948 lomi; hay, 2B2.?07 tona; Victorian 
wool produced in 1879, 47,626,291 lbs., Tshied at 

The total quantity of gold raised from the dale 
ol the first dMcovery (1861) to the end of the year 
1879, is estimaled at 48,817,796 oas., which at 4L 
per OIL gives the value aa 192,169,296/: 

The number of acres under cultiration in 1879-60 
was 1,688,276. 

There aie 216,710 horses in the colony. The 
Dumber of cattle is 1,129,3^, o( sheep 8,661,776, 
and of pigs 111,783. 

V iclorii, as a manufacturing country, occupies a 
pre-eminentposition in the Anatralasian group. Tbe 
manufactories and works returned in 1880 nuiu- 
bured 2,239, the hands emplo3-ed therein anmbcrcd 
33,247, and tbe capital inveated, so far aa it is re- 
presented by the value of lands, buildingSi loa- 
chinery, and plant, amounted to 6 713,71SJ. 

There are 1,125 miles of railwav completed in 
Victoria, and in fnll operation; alHO 71 miles in 

iss of telegraph Knei open, 
n all parts of the Colony, 


imost p(^>, in Victoria, SLd in the 

.iblislied thcniaelveB on tbe^si 
the present city bo mcently as in 18S6. 

From its guographiral position, Victoria enjoys 
a climate far more genial to Europeans than any 
other colony within ths continsnt of Anatraliit. 
In regard to heat, the weather la never Bsvurely 
oppressive except during the prevalence of hot 
northerly winds, and these occur only at intervals 
during the summer months. Over a series of 
j'earB the mean temperature at Melbonmo was 
57-6°, the mean atmospheric pressure at 91'S feel 
abovB tbe sea level was 29-93 inchesi imin fell oii 
the average npoo 131 days, the mean annual rain- 
fall being 27-22 inches. 

The Government of Victoria coneista at & Go- 
vernor appointed by the Crown, who ia aided i d 
the conduct of public affairs by a respoaeible 
Ministry. There is a Legislstive Couodl of 3(1 
members elected for sli Provinces, and an An- 
Bvmbly of 86 members returned by 66 Electoral 
Districts. The ConstUuttoD was eetabllabed by lui 

iet jmmed by 
o wLich Her ! 

lieslj a 

ol Ttetorte, IBM. 

lied, in pumuaoe of 
of tlis Imperia] P»r- 
ip. Sfi). One of the 

lold pro- 
lOt The 
nber> of 
lold pro- 

tlie pover gruited bv J 
liunBnt (18 4 IB Vlit, 
Hemben of Council re 
ElDctoral ProTUiceB reCii 

pertj worth 2,6001., or iDtiQa) nhie .. . 

tropertT qntliflcalioa of Electors of Hi 
onncif IB pnsee»eioo of (roehold or leasi 
pertyrsled in ai 
Ml!, per unmn 

the Britisb dominiooB, barriGlera and soUcilora, 
legally qnalifidd medical practitioners, offlcdatiDjF 
DunisterB of religion, certificated scboolmaeters, and 
offlcera of tbe arm; and Dtvj irheii Dot on active 
earrlce also have votee far tbe Legislative CoiiDdL 
The functiona of the tJpper HoDas differ very 
alightly from those of the Boass of Lard& Hooey 
Bills may be either accepted or rejected, but th^ 

An Act vas pMsed to 1867 to aboliah the 
property qualification required of Hembers ot 

(he Legialative Asaembly, and manhood snSrage 
exists BO far u tbe election ot that body ia con- 
cerned. The diuatjon of the Assembly is three 
years, and vote by ballot baa been in operation 

All Uembera of the Leglslativa Aasembly, ex- 
cept Buch as are in receipt uf ofHdal salary ODt of 
tho CoDBolidated Beveaus, are paid SWl a jresr 
" for reimbnrainB their eipenses in relation to 
th«ir attendance m Parliament." The Hembers of 
tbe LegiBlative Council are not paid. 

Helbourne Is distant from BydDey by sea about 
e70 milee, and by land aboat 581 miles ; fram 
AdeUide by gea w miles, and by land 660 milea. 
Steam postal DonunnnicaCion irlch Gufcland, rid 

Ceylon a. 
by the sti 

BTSry I 
-B of the P. and O. Company. 

Blr HeWT Barklr, ICC.b. 
Sir C harts HHHTDarllnK, 

BrUadei^Oeoeral OHrn 
jukHn Cany, cii. 

Tbfl Bight Baoonntilt 
John Hntrr ThoDui 
VlKooni auHutnUT, 



Unirin Augiutui 
•tantme Harqul 

may, um.. 

It Anf., IBM 
SKar., IB71 

n Fib., 1S18 
10 Jan., U7fi 
14 Jan., ins 

r. John (rabanajij . 

I. JaiMS McCoUolai . 
I. Cbarka Sudan 

}. JaHKS HoCulloch . 

la. ChariH Oaian 


17. Sir J 

IS. Oiaham Barry 
IS. Jauu Sarrlcs 
to. Gnham Barry 

2» April, li 
10 Uar., II 

. e April, la 

POFVLATtan OP VicnosiA Pi 

Hay !U, IBM. . . 

NnnmlKr S, 18U . 
Sertcubar H, ia3« 

April iS.lSH .... 

April 7, IMl .'.'.'; 

Apnl i. ini 

June 30, laao (EtUmaU). 

. 911,(71 
I S30«B 




ItnpBTU and Export: 1861-79. 

■duTilii 1 


V It i 

a S 

»i 11 la 
» t c 

11 10 1 
■3 t tl 

17 It < 

1ft It 1 

17 10 11 

i« u : 
IT It in 

SI t 5 
iO ( ( 

le IS 1 
i> t I 

18 II 11 


M 3 4 

2a II 10 
31 ( e 

It 11 8 

It 6 S 
Iftlt 9 

Pffidatloit, Rttvnat, Ejgxnditure, 1851 (o 1879-80. 

GoBtmor and Cc 

of Ni 
Frinote Swretaiy, C»nt, R F. LePatTBi 
jlMe-A-Compi Lord Hervey L. Phippa. 

Executive Council. 
CIdef Secrttary, Pramtr, and Tmuurtr, Tho Hon. 

tinliMn Berry. 
AOorney-Genrral, and Miniilcr o/Jmtiet, The Hon. 

Tirni-__ ir .j„_j f 1 y ^^ 

m Hountlord Kineey ValB. 

Then. Clark. 

r <{f Trade md Ctatomt, Hon. Alfred 

MiiiiUr oj jMino.TliB Hon-HenryHobcrtsWilliftmB. 
PrtBdaUof the Board of Land and Worki, Coin- 

PtaidaU a/ tie Boar/ of Land and Workt, Tho 

Hon. Jamofl Brown Pattarson. 
MimUfT of Edveation, The Hon. Williim ColUrd 

CommUeimerofPiiUc Wort;and Via-Fnt>daU of 

U« Board of load and Work4, The Hon. George 

PaTid Langridge. 
Oerk to tlie Extmtlve Covncil, R Wodsworth, Esq. 


N.B.— Members of the LegiBlativo Council, Mi- 

nisMra ol the Ctowd, «i-UiniHtaia, and tlu 

Speaker of Ibe Lfgislotivo ABBembly take 


: tor lb[ 

imuidil J>w ■"^ » ■■ t" trrminila on the WJIn 
Jone. lie Aguni tai ISTl an, thnHVin, for the r> 

LegiilaUoe CaunciL 

Compoaed of BO Members, rspresenling fix 

Frovinees, contuning 38,007 Electors. 

PreiideU. The Hon. Sir W. H. F. Mitchell, 1,0001. 

Ckairman of Comnutlta, The Hon. C. J. JeuDor, 4W)f. 

Central I'Tonnct : — 

The Hon. Williun Edwud HeaiD. 
„ James Gruham. 
„ Theodolue John SiuuufT. 

The Hob. William John Clarke. 
„ James Buchanan. 
„ Tbonus Fenier IlKniilloti. 

„ Frauk Stanley Dob^x-D. 
,, James Balfaar. 
SovU-iVettent Pnnmct:— 

The Hod. Caleb Ja«hDa Jenuer. 

„ Geoi^ Fnderick Belcher. 
„ HetU7 Cathbert. 
„ Jamet Henty. 
„ Philip EasBell. 
The Hon. William Bobs. 

„ Sir Charles Sladen. 
„ Thomas BromelL 
Kobert UiniHon. 
Sir Bamuel Wilson. 
North- ifeitem Province .— 
The Hon. Frsnda Bobertson. 
„ Alexander Fraser. 

„ Nicholas Fitzgerald. 
WiUiam CampbelL 
Sir William Hanry Fanoourt Mitchell. 

Eailrm Proni 
Tho Hoi - 

George Dongharty. 
,. Robert Btiriing Andersuu. 

Joho Alston Wallaoe. 
„ Kobert Dyce Iteid. 
„ Wm. UcCnlloch. 

Legislative AHembly. 
Composed ol 86 Members, returned by ftfty-fi %-o 

Districts, containing S0&,4J1 Klectors. 
Sptaicer, The Hon. Peter Talor, IffWii. 
Chairvian of Commilleei, Dand Oaunson, HOOL 

Officen of lie l^egiiiative CouncU and Aitembfy. 
Legiilative Council: — 

CltrKqflie Comril and Clerk of Farlianenft, 

Q. W. Rusdan, l,0O0f. 
Cleri AeiiMaal, C. L. Comrna, ml. 
l/iicT, A. A. C. Le Sceuf, 400^ 
Clerk of (*t Pofeei, E. Finn, 400t 

litM Attrmbli/ :— 
Clerk of He Auem&ls, J. Barker, 1,000;. 
Clerk Amiitant, G. H. Jenkinii, 7m. 
8erpeant-at-Armt. W. G. Paliner, 4501: 
Cterk of tie P<^>eri, T. G. Alkiuson, 550L 
Atattant i&tto, 8. M. Gill, &m. 
Clerk of Committta and Aeoomtant, W. J. 
Wall, 533/. 

Ubrarian, J. Farrell, 500/: 
Gmenmumt Shorthand Writer, J. H. Webb, 610/, 
AmUaat do. Q. Bell, GOOZ. 


Chief Secretarg'i IHvition. 
Chief Secretarg, The Hon. Graham Berry, L,80Of 
£/H<iT~StCT-(<orj, W. H. C ' 

LaAr-aecrctars, W. H. Odgers, 1,0C 
Chief Clrrk, T. Webb Ware, 600i. 

Oregor;, OOOL 
Aetaarj/, J. H. TempletoiL 

StatMcal Deparlmatl. 
GotxmimeiU SUHiU, H. H HsTter, S76^ 
Cfa^CUrk, H. A. Hendrew, 6iK. 

Anting CHHif Cammiidauf, 6MI, 
CMef Oeri, H. Uoon, 6002. 

. . 3. CuticiAU, SMJ. 

AocomilaiU, J. Btone, *S6l. 
PoUnvhe Penal StUMiimaO, aatmmtendait, R. 

GucSoar, leSJ: 
Governor of Mtlbouma Gaot, J. B. Cutiean, 

tdUal SmtUUaideM and tnmelOT, E. Faler, 
it.KC£^, wot. 

t, T. T. Dick, 60W, 
MaScal AponMoidcnt, J. V. KcOniary, MOT, 

AlaSaU SnperMimiml, W. L. Wktktoa, 6WJ; 

MeOtmnie PiAlic LUno!]/, 
Ziirarin, SOOf. 
5iiA-£i&ninia>, H. CUrks, SfiOI. 

Of Natural ElsUnr, Geolo^, uid Eoonoiaio 

F. HcCoy, aOOi, 

.^•(roiiDiBH', E, L. J. EUery, F,R.S., 4o., 700t 
Atataat, E. J. Wfait«, 650J: ' 
Atailaia, 0. MoerUn, ^f,L 
AiUliml, J. Tuniflr, 4Ba. 
^uiiKIT /iHutlBM, J, S. Qilbert, 36Q/. 
CnwmiBflfC BotoHut, 
Girvertmenl Botaniil, Snxoa F, tod MaeDer, 
K-C-M-Q,, Boot 

CoMnitm'imeri of AuiBt. 
CimBdmontr$, C. H. Bjmonds, 1,000/. 

7. JoDBB, on ISftTe of abunce, 

wiCh 450/. aUowuice. 
A. J. Age. 1,000/. 
^(iBKir Cleri, E. C. Bjmoad^ &^ 

Central Board/or tie Protection of Ahongmei, 
Ci^lrlwM, The Hon. Orahsm Berry. 
Caimi/ Jiup«cti>V <Mi< ^KHli^, A. II, A, Pcge. 

CMtJ fupeet»r, E, H. Cnnr, 7601. 

Chi^Jiatice, Sir W. F. Stawell. S,50(U 
Puime Jadgu, Sir R Barry, 3,000t 

a. Molesworth, 8,000/. 

J. W. 8tBphen,8,000/, 

G. Higinbolliam, 8,000/. 
AMtodata. C. J., A. D. Hichje, 3001. 

P, J., A. O'G. RoBe, flOOI. 

i". J.,J. G. T. Honi6,B00/. 

P. J., T. W. Kiddell, 800/. 

PnuKuton /or ike Q/Ken, ifeHoxnu: — 

0. A. Smylh, 1,000/, 

At Couitt (jf Altist: — 

T. AdaiDKin, 600(. 

A.W,ChoniIey, Boot 

Steretary lo tie Lav Dgmrtinent, B, C. Hairimau. 

Chief Clerk and AecowUaal, J. W. PoBbery, 610t 
PariiamenbBy Prafliman, K Oarlile, 6101. 

Croim Solieiinr. 

Diao (dnliuiiaeit), K, A. bntheilaiid, SOOI. 

ifiVUr n Equitg. 
.VaUer, F. WilUiuoii, l,&00t 
CIlie/ Otrt, J. M. Seward, 760t 
fieguttrof ProbaleM and Admmi^ratiom,iMtd OSar 
for Lunacg Am'iHa, O. Q. ItUir, 610t 

Mailer in iMxacg. 
MatUr, F. WilUaBeii (paid as Hauler ia Eqnily> 

Sieriff, MtOKMne, S. Reda, 1,000/. 
" ■ - ■ ™- -" ■ ■ ""8,680 

, W. H. AnderBOQ, 

.^A, W. a. Brett, 600/, 

Caitiaiieoit, H'aryboroadi, attd Sam&urit. 
B. CoUes, 610/. 

R^Utrer'Generati Department. 
Segittrar-GeneTal, JteaiMror of tie Si^irtme Coirl, 

OMd Segittrar o/* jfi/u, &. QibhB, 800t 
Bib. Bemitrar-GentTol, and Aitiilaat Hegittrar of 

me,, H. Krone fiS3t 
AceoimlaiU, H. T. GaoiTn, 4g6t 
"cmarar of Copgrig/Ut and Clej:k of Pvfenti, 3. 

Office rtf XitlVy 
CommUuoner of 7S/«, B. P, Bnnsy, l^SOOt 
Eaaninen of Tiile*, E. Sandfwd, 800/1 

H Q. Boowden, 700L 
B. W,SedKeS8ld,700f. 
H. H. Fuge, 70«. OOQK 
M. A'Be^tL Boot. '~' 
CU^ Dn^Umm, H. Samson, 600£. 

Coruitji Courts, Comii of rmolinae), Camrti o/Miittt, 

and General SoiionM. 
Jmlga aj Coimiy Covrtt, Covrlt of Mima, Caarit oj 

Imolncnq/, and Qkoirmaa qf General SttMumi, 

IfiOOI. tadi .— 
T. a. Cope. O. F. Haekett 

C. B. O. tJkiiuMr. S. F. Nolui. 

PronaOon for lit Qteat at Cowlt of Oaitral 

i. 8. ArmEtrong. BOOi, 
J. T. T. Smith, 600t 
W. 8. Qnniett, eOM 
Cfenb of Coaru, witk mlariet rmwm fmrn 
801. to 610L per omuin .— 

a. F. BuUop. 

N, J, Muid.^ 
J. Uctuckis. 


R. J. BurrowBii. 


G. W. CimpbaU. 

F. J, M: M»r«Un, 

T. SL 0. Csulfleld. 

R, C. Morgui. 

N. Cockburn. 


W. H. Coffey. 

Q. C. Morrbon, 

O. W. CollinB. 

J. A. HuUigan. 

C. L. DolAin. 


J. A. Murdoch. 

0. R Uurphy: 

W. B. Nicolflon, 

J. L. Doog™. 

D. Oliver. 

J, J. 0'M«n. 

J. Druiy. 

W, Pondord. 

P. J. Dwyer. 


C. G. HoberWon. 

a. Gibton. 

ik. 3. Eyin. 

P. W. Otobdb. 

W. W. Greone. 


C. Q. Holmas. 

G L Hulcbinson 

O. V. S^Qith. 

T. James. 

W. H. WhoeUn, 

B. K Johns. 

W. B. Wbeeler. 

J. Eeogb. 

£. £. ViUkiM. 

I'Met Magitralt* aad Wtn-dtm ^ Uu GM/itUi of 

J. A. Fuitini,800t 
CoBHfty DitlTicU, em. Moh, with fonga ud 

iTarelliDB aUowuiau. 
A. F. AkehoTBt. W.L.Bkhwdsoo(uting] 

J. H. AUey. C. Shaler. 

C. W. Cut. B. Smith. 

W. H. Poster. J. G. Tajlor. 

J. F. Eamilum. J. a ThonuoD. 

T. D. B. Uenm. 0. Webstar. 

A. W. Howilt. A. Wyiitt. 

AM Police HagtBtrftea an Ooroiier* of Tletoria at 
tha reapecUvD plfoea at which ther w* UMIodmI 
MdioMnte, B. C. CindJ^, 

R. YouL 
Oouflunt, B. Btrickluid. 
Anyliadak, Thoa. Hopper, 

TrautiTer'i Offiai-~ 

Treaiarer, The Hon. Graham Berrf. 
Undtr Treatartr E. S. Bjlnonda, i.lKM, 

I Ue ly^umy, B. Gudenuuiii, 

Recaotr and Fimuuter, ttdbaunu, J. Hall, tSK 
StcretoTji for Aorn aiid Trtamort, Quaca Laiw, 

Govemmait Amalgtioal CAoHHt. 
CownBHHl .liw^yfuaJ Otamit, W. JahaBon, 4001. 

Local SUif. 
CotmmdcmL, Ookoel W. A. D. AmJeTHm, C M.G 

Adjutant, Captain F. W. Bull.SSO^ 
Imtrador q^ Cuiuierjr, ^, Captain W, H. Snoe, 

Loeal Ariilltrs. 
UcutMaiV. I>r Nhdiolwm, SOOI. 
Naval f^rea. 
S. M. Y. 3. CMeniK 
Cmtam and Senior tfaival Offleer, 0. T, lUniti- 
Tille, R.N,, mi I 

B. M. r. S. ffeUoK. 
(M^Enjfiuetr, P, Blddle, KW. 

B. il. V. a. rietoria. 
LiaOaiaM, W. £. Heathcote, 400L 

Croien Laitdt and Stmeg Dimdoit. 
PraidaU of tie Board of Land and Worh, 
Comaatmoner CVvm Laiiidt OMd Suraea, and { 
Miniiter of Aarictdtart, Tha Hon. Hichanl i 
Bicbardaon, IflOOl i 

Sarnegor-Gtaeral, A. J. 8k*na, 1,0001. 
Aaulanl Sarveyor Gtneral, A. Black, 5S0L 
Diitrict Surveyon: — 
M. CaUanan. 48611 
T. Niion, 4e6t 
T. Fimiigiir, 48511 
T. W. Cooper, 4801. 

D^artmtnt of AgricuBart, 
m, Horn. Bichard I 
. R. Wallu, 6001. 
Land Tax Ommiulm. 
ioner. Hod. B. Le Post Trench, 0.0., 

_,HiB Honor Jadga Nonl, and B. F. 

Bimny, in addition to salary aa Saro^or-Gentmi. 
RegiilTar, A. Uonyh (paid aa Secretary for Lauds). 
&cn«iry,B. GaiuMan,41U ia>.4dL 

Itqiartiaait of FMie Wartt. 

of Pablk Workt, The Hon. G. D. 

, 'B. BrolhertoD , IfiOf. 
rr!/*Hfonal S/af, 
In^Kler-ameril ^ AiUic WorU, W. H, ^f^I, 

Chif Ainttant Arciitecl and Eiuimer, C. Barrett, 

Digitized ByGOOgle 

Sritiah' Sh^rbry 


BrVtiah t^rriAjOry italjjtvjJ. I 



A*ti*laM ArthUeit and Engintrr, P. Ken. 688/. 
Traiyelling Smtriniendiiw fiupatari of WortM, Wm. 
Finlay, 600i. ; P. FinJiy, «7t 

MeOotirHe Water »^y Bnaick. 
Srcretaqi i»rf Trnuarrr, 0. Le Cran. 
AreomitiiiU, F. B. Force, 600J. 

Chief Eajonar, W. H. Stool (piid >B Inspector- 
General of Pnblic Works.) 

MinMfrof Minti, Hon. H. R Waii«m», l,!O0t 

tM and Cki^ Mitins SurtH^or, T. 

laswttmf, Johii AndiewB, 6382. 
ComRunofwr a/" IVtufc oimI r^uf ont Divwim, 
CtBtmtnimfr, The Hon. A. T. Cl&rk, t^OOt 
^criw CoUator, F. W. Hotrden. 

Zonifi^ SHrayor, J. MuTarlane, GOOH 
Port Biklfiarft 

CAu/* (%ri a 

SftTttaTf, B. Ford. SOOt 
TVfawrer, O. A. Honritc, 4S0I. 
I/orbour Jailer, K PullartOB, TOOL 
BaidaU Eisner, J. Bradf, 7S0JL 

itMtmorter GaKTaTi IHeiaon. 


McQowan, SOOZ. 
/™p«*rf-,B. D. Pttinin, 660L 

^nvwOairiawI/Bnwcford/^ewjii, J. H. Qibbt, E671 
C4i(:/ Ci«r*, J. Bimbert, t8S(, 
rdtgnuik UimagtT, T. H. Jamets 600L 
CMtroSer o/SaangM' Banit and Monty Ordtw Bra»dt, 

W. Oilbraith. .001. 
Sr^/trintaidaa Mml SraiA, J. C. Harrison, 

iTatitltraf Education, Tbe Hon. W. C. Smftb. 
Bnaitary, O. W, Brown, B.A., Camb., B«i, 
.4<K(wntoii<, J. Bsgge, 475/. 
CUv' C/n;^ W. H. Huidfield, fiNU. 
JrcUlHtf, Hi B. Baitvw, 610J: 

Th^MctKm BmcA. 

JOfiMtiir-ffswni/, r. Boltin,700Jl 

AtaHiat ditts, J. Uun, e5DL 

/•uwtton, T. Brodribb, U.A., BlU. 

C. A. Topp, U.A., LL.H., e7SC 
J. Baldwin, 600^ 
B. Cr»ig, M.A., LL.B., 4601 
a TjBiui, B.A., LL.B., 480L 
A. C. Cnrlewis, M.A., 4602. 
8. J. BwindJey, 4802. 
J. HoUuid, M.A., UOZ. 
W. H. QMble, 4902. 

A. Btowsrt, 480t 

B. Cox, 480/. 

H. Bbeiton, B.A., 4B0t. 
AuiMml /MHfdrra, S. Sonunona,M.A.LL'.B., 8T67. 
B. Philp, 1I.A., 8762. 

Aiiitlaiii iMBtcton, A. Longlirav, B.A., 37o/. 
A. T. Lewia, LL.B., 876/ 
J. Deonsnt, 8602. 


W. M. M. CsmpbeU, M.A.,32S2. 
T. H. Hepburn, B.A., 3-26/. 

Comniitnoafr ofldutitay Ditinim. 

Vitiorian SaHvx^. 

ComimtdaiKT, Tho Hon. J. B. Patterson, 1,2002. 

ABcovaant, O. T. A. Lsyater, 7002. 
StA-Accomlaia, B. Q. Kent, 60021 
ArAg TroSle Xaneger, 3. Anderson, 9001: 


EHgkuer-in-ade/, W. Elsdoa, 1,2001 
Bigimtr lor Contrvetim, K. O. Ford. 1.0001 
£^'»Mr /or Jf(n'itfaun«,J. Luut, 8602. 
General OBfTUfr b/ LocoMoliva, ifc, B. Mirle,7602, 

bnsiDesB temporarllT ■aperintaikded by Colooel 
C. Pwley, B.E.) 
Seenlary, J. Csshsl Hoey, 7002: 



Set Map. 


C«pe lies in B*" 80' N. tat., 18° IB' W. lone. The 
■attlenumc ia 18 miles in length by li in breadth, 
with KQ aret of 800 square milefi. Slem Lrane 
was cedad to Great Bril»in in 1787 by the natfvo 
ckiefa. Four years aflOTwards a charter was 
mxted t» > Campan; nnder the name of " The 
Sierra Leone Comntny.' In 1800 a gruit of the 
penmeola was made to the Company by Lettem 
Fatact. and a Court of Directors of the Corn- 
empowered to appoint a GoTem 

thia^ ' .. . . 

was trsnaterred back to the Crovu. 

In U&i t, large tract oE conatry called Bherbro 
»as haudad over by treaty to the Colony. In this 
district British cnle prevuls, domeetio slaTcry has 
been abolished, and the eipmditure Ihrawn on the 
Bolony by the tianslvr has been more (liao met by 
(he Talne u[ Cnstoms dues eoll*cl«d on the trade 
of ttas districL 

By a Charter Issued on Ua; 97, 1868, an Ezecn- 
Uto Council was created, composed of fonr mem- 
bers nominaled by the Crowu. The Legielalive 
Council was to consiat of tb* raembem of the 
Eiecntive Ciiuncll^ and "snoh other Person or 
PsnoDS as We, by any lustmctlDQ or Warrant 
acder Onr BJKn-nanual and BigKet, may from 
tiiuB to time bereafter nominate and appoint to 
be memben of tbe said LegislatiTS Cenncil." 

In 1B66. it was decided tkt a Centttd Oovem- 
msnt of the Bettlements on the West Coast of 
Africa should be established, with the seat of 
gOTBTnment at eierra Leone. This rhann was 
effected by a Charter, dated the l»th of PoTiraary, 
tB66, which revoked and determined the former 
oommisaioD* iasned in iBspeet ot Sierra Iieone, 


ths Ounbia, the Gold Coast, and Lagoe, and 
Btitated on the West Cout of AFrica one Got 
menl-in-Cliiet, to ba called the Goreninient ol 
Vest Africa Settlemonta, and to compriiM the 

oentiTB Council was established for the porgoae of 
advising and aasisting the QoTemor-Gensnl. 

It irai proridsd that ths Ooremttr Bhauld re«de 
in 8i9rra Leooe, eicept when the iateteats of ths 
service might render nil presence desirable in anf 
other ol the said Bettlenients. 

B7 a new Charter, dated the !4th of Jolf, 1674, 
Boainchof the Charter of the 19th of February, 
JBfl6, was revoked aa provided for the pvornment 
of toe Qold Coaet and Lagos, under the Qovern. 
ment-in- Chief of the West Africa Settlements; and 
those Bettlbmenta were erected 

The govemiasnt of Sierra Leone and the Gambia 
continued during the remainder of the year 1874 
to be adminietered under the Charlsr of 19th 
Februar}', 1866, but it has since been revoked 
by a new Charter, dated 17tb of December, 1874, 
which erected a new governmeot of the " West 
Africa Settlementg," and oreated a legislative 
council in each aetllement, conaieticg of the officer 
adminiateriag the government and not less than 
two other peraone, to be designated by royal instrnc- 

at Sierra Leone, and the power of pardon and 
suapBUBion is gireu to the Qovernor-in-Chief. 

The tariff of the colony of Sierra Leone from 186S 
to 1872 consisted of an ad vaiorrmdjltj of 4 percent. 
on all imports except wiiuv, apirita, tobacco, &a,, 
on whioh speciflo rates were charged. There were 
alao licence duties, taxes on houees andland,audB 
poll tax for the repair of roads. In 1S72 the houae 
and land tax, the road tax, the market does on 
native raodnce, the specific duties on articles of 
food, clothing, »nd building materials, the 4 pot 
cent, ad vtiiOTtm duty, the wharfage dues, and two- 
tbirds of the tonnase dues were abohahed. The SQb- 
Btituled tariff consiated of a duty of -l: a gallen on 
spirita, 4d a lb. onlcbacco, 3t. abarrel on gunpowder, 
andld per bushel on gronndnutseiported. All other 
articlea in futigre were declarBd free. The revenue 
under that tariff did not prove auffloient for tht 

of the Doloi 

imposed in 1874, 

The distance from— Miles. 

Freetown to Bathurst^;Qambia) 477 
Bathurat to Madeira . . . 1,176 
M«dBlra to Liverpool . . . 1,426 

Freetoirn to Liverpool . . . 8,078 
Tbe steamera leave Liverpool for Madeira and 
Freetown every Saturday, and the average length 
of paaaage is 7 days to Madeira, and 7 or 8 daye 
from lifadeira to Freetown. Everr tinrd week one 
of tbe steamers of the British and African Stsam 
Navigalion Company touchea at Baihuret, Gambia. 
The steamers that go to Bathurat are the only 
ones that call at Ooree, the French settletqent 
about BS miles from Gambia. Ths bomenard 
bound steamers perform tbe same route sa tbe out- 
ward bound ones, hut the; are very irregular in 
their arrival at Sierra Leone, and conaequently in 
their arrival at Liverpool and the intermedJate 
purta. This ia owing to tbeir being frequently 
oetalusd down the Coast looking for freight. 

Rev e it m and Ei^aitSitirf. 

186B Z46,934 


1866 62,161 


1867 64,871 


186S 69,272 


1869 6B,6I7 


1870 67,106 


1878 fi8,244 



1874 66,733 


1879 GB,87« 


1876 66,889 


1877 66,820 


1678 63,126 


1879 71,877 



1871 jC2S,000 

1873 36,00U 

Due for purchase of certain pro- 

perty on lat August .... 

1880 6,000 

^ofue offn^TOTts and Exprrrt*. 





Tamiast <if VcutU trading in PorU in tie SetOrmaiL 







The climate ol Sierra Leone is moat unhsallhy, 
especially for Emropeans. Thsseasons an divided 
into wet aDi)iiry; the former com n M Poin gin June, 
and lasting til! November. The begtomnK and end- 
ing of the wet aeason are the most sickly periods 
ol tbe year. 

The rain-fall during the past Avs yews luta 
averaged over 133 inches. 

The t>irths have exoeedad deatha fa ths last 
eight yean 1871-8, by 808. 

























'Sierra Leone posBesaes a college at Fourah Bay, 


■hwn TJtdTersity, ft «p«cioaB 

.f four . 

TThioliis BfWUted 
cathedral, uid c . 
ever; kuowu reliKioilB d< 

Tbs bead-quartcni of Her MRJest;' 
the West Coast of Africa, consis^g ol 

Suiies of ■ West India Kflgiment, are sUtioned at 
iem Leone. There is nleo an eBtablishmeut for 
Tictoaltiag uid coaling shlpa of the Uoyal Havy. 

GoDertum-iii-Chi^, Wat AJrka StUUmtHU. 

ISeS CoLBlackall. 

1868 8ir Artbor £ Kennedy, 'K.C.M.Q.. C.B, 

1878 John Pops Henneiay, C.llQ. (acting). 

187S Bobert W, Kealfl. 

1878 Oeoige Berkele;, aU.O. 

1874 C. H. Kortriicbt. 

1877 Sir Samuel Sows, K.C.H.G. 

1881 A. E. Eavelock, C.H.O. 
ExtadiBe CouncU, 
Pi«Bid«nI, the GoBtrnor-m-Ciie/. 
The Chief Justice. 

The Colonial SacreUrT and Treasurer. 
The OfBcW Coqunauding the Forces. 

LtgulatiBe Cotmdl. 

i. The OfBcsT Con 

6. WilliUQ Qnst, S 

8. (vacant) J 

Cfcfi D/ LegfilaUve Oaimdl, Jaoob W, Lewis, 10«. 

Cieil EttablUkmaU. 
dwepFior, Comnaiider-iit-Ciitf, taui Viei-Ailmiral 
or W. Afrva SetUemtntM, ArtHnr Elibank Have - 
lock, C.lS.G., 3,0OW., and 600/. allowancee. 


lOerk, J. W. Lewis, 


Secrttariat and Trtamy. 
Cobmial Stenlary and IVtonnr, T. BiielT Oriffltti, 

AuUttaU Colomai Stcf^vy a»d Trtaiarer, ¥. 

Enna, MOl.* 
Ditto, iJUc, Captain H. F. Bichmood, VM. 
DiUo, diOo, P, H. O. HngtuiB, VML 
Mtte, dUlo, a. A. Baobnrj, 4001: 

Clerb, SicTttarial BraidL 
3. It. HelEger, 300/. i J. H. Spaina, ISO/.; J. 
WiUiame, 100/1 

Ckrii, Trtaiary BnauA. 
U. A. Potta, 200/, ) B. H. Brown, 120/. i J. J. 
WallJustoa, 100/. 

Aboriginei Braneh. 
GDKeninmt Mtrprtler, T. G. Lawson, SOO/. 
AriAie Writer, Aohi '" ' ""' 

BaHiour Miuter and Boat Etiablukment. 
Barboitr Matter. A. B, Haqion (deputy), IDOt 
Om Cla* 10 (£((u at 40/. 

Priaiing StpatimerU. 
Goeenmml Printer (Ta™nt> 

Jounugmim w Oarge of lie OgUx, B. H. Jahn, 7dJ 
* ildO of tfal* 1» ptiKiniiT. 

Sun^<ir'i Dt^T'.mtn'. 

Colonial Snnt^or, Conaiii^oiirr of RoaU, and 
aaperktendtnt of Pablic Wurb, J. W. Jenkins, 
600fL, and trareUine aUowance, 1S6/. 17*. 6d. 

Clerk to SunevoT, W. B. Gsmpbell, 180/. 

Extra Clerk at ML, B. B. A. Cane. 

Stonkerpa; J. A. Fitcjobn, Ml 16f. 

In-door OJ&ert— 

durfaerk, J, F. Brown, 850t 

Cltrk, J. W. Cole, SOO/. 

2Wfo, J. B. Front, lOOt 
Oia-door Omom-^ 

LamSiigSiinifsor.h. B. Hanson, BOOL 

Landing Wailtr, 0. W. Edwin, 160/, 

IHIta, J, D. M'Canlny, 75(. 

JXao V. J. Lawrence, JbL, and S. J. Anber, SO/. 

3 ndi-mailtri, at M. each. 

8 IVarttotutrntn, at 60/. each. 

Poa Office, at FrtOotm. 

'Potbruater and Maii Pacttt Agent (vacant), SM/., 

and commisdon. 
1j( CUrt, 8. Buckle, 70/. 
2ih/ (field, Isaac S. Johnson, 861. 
2 Sorlm, at 80/. and 26/. each. 
1 Maii Carrier, at 25j: 

Superintendent, Tbe Deputy Harbour Haater 

LigUioaie Keeper, at 40^ 
Aitietant (Etta, at 81/: lOh 

Audit Office, 
AwBtOT-Gen. of W. Africa SeitlmeMt, Conuaisaary 

H, P. BUaaett, C.M.Q., 250;. 
Clerk to ditto, Q. W. Cola, lOOt 

Ja^dal ElablitimtnL 
Cluef.TMlKe and Judge of Ike Vice-Adfjuralty Court. 

and hegcd Adeiier. W. W. Streeten, 1,<H)0L, and 

621. 10). for GunbifL 
Clerk to (SOa, at 100/., I. H. Cafnpbea 
ifaeleT and Regiitrar of lit S,^rtTne Court, onJ 

Croim Soliatar F. P. Pinkatt, 600/. 
Clerk to ditto A. B. Msrlja, 16oi. 
Ditto, I. H. Campbell, bOl. ; and W. A. ValentiD.SOi. 
Rririilrar-General.Y. P. Pinkett, 160/: 
Cltrti to ditto, J. M. Thomas. 80(., J. Q. Smith, 60/. 
A'heriffand Protoa-MarAal, John Uehoui, 400(. 
"- -■- — af Via-Adntlrallg Court, P. P. Pinkett, 

ItraiHrar o, 

BiAop of Sierra l.eone. Sight Bev. Henry Ctieet- 
bam, D.D., 800/. from West Africa Getclemeutii, 
200/. from Gold Coast Colony, and 400/. from 
Bishop's fund. 

CWonio/ CKqp/oM (yiuant), £00/: 

AmiUnt ditto. Bar. John Campbell, 1501. 

Orwiiul, M 40/. 

Cleyk, ^t -ISL 

SAication EUabiitisienl, Frttloan. 

Head Idailer Model School. T. 8. Wilson, 100/: 

Maiter, at 36/. 

tkhooimiih-em. at Z'M. 

Dttlo, at 20/. 


Medieal EttaNUimtnt, FrtetoioL, 
ColomJSmytm, W. H. Hut, U.B., 600^:, traTslIing 

allowuice. 9lL it, 
AtMbmt (SOo, Bobt. 8mith, M.RC.8., 8001, travBl- 
liag allow&iica, 9U. 6). 

OenfTol Eogpital. 
CowoHiufer md Slorttrrptr, J>. JohnBon, lAOl 
MskaU Clai, O. Cd1«, fci. 
Draien, Apprealicei, WanSteepen, Ifomt, Gate- 

Saaitan/ Drjiartmmt. 

roace, u«uiBi L/MToi, i 
Iiupiclor-GentTal of FoBce, C^ptsinH, U. JscksoD, 

&.A., 400;., and traielling aUomiioe, HL it. 
ImpectoT, A. ReriDElon, 
Inmelor nfPaliiM, Qeo. NsTilla, aOJL 
7 StrgtiBUt, 6 CotjtoraiM, and 1S2 Priitatu, 

Cool EtattMmeat, FnOaiai. 


Umager, E. AdotpliiiB(Ktmg), ti^TfiUlug ftUomaoo 

ibL 13*. 6aL 
Cerrmtr, The Caronar tor Freetown, 301. 
Polia, 1 Bergauit, end G Privatea. 
Mtdical, 1 Draeaer, at 3U. 

Mtmager, W. Budge, 8601., %aA trnTriUngaUowiuice, 

91JL Gi. and qu^ters. 
Ckrk, Kt BOl. 

Conmer, The Uanuer, 30f. 
Po/uK, 1 Bergeuit, 1 Corpcn»), and IT FriT&tee. 
Medical, 1 DrssKir, M bU. 

WtOtr* Uitrid. 
Manager, 3. B. ElUott, 2601., itnd rent Ml 
Cfa'jt, at BOi 

Canmer, the Uanager, 201. 
Police, 1 Corporal and 10 Frivstda, 
Gaoij 1 Caoleraiid 1 Ovcnaer. 
HtduxU, 2 Breesera, at oO/. each. 

Homlm Ditrid. 

Manager, E. Adolphna (acting), IraVBlling 

aUowence, ibt. lU. 6d. 
Coroner, the Coroner for Freslown, iOL 
Police, 1 Sergeant, lad 10 Priiratis. 
Medicai, 1 DreBger, at iGl. 

Cieil Ctnmaadmt, T. A. Wall, 500A. »ud quartera. 
Clerk md Svb-Accaunlant to £tto, 100/. 

Deputt CoUecior of Cutkma, the CoDunandant 

(acdag), lOOi., and fees. 
Clerk W. M. Laborde, IMt 
Two hadUig \i 'ailtr; at 761. euh. 
0<ie Tuk H'uitFT, at Ml/. 
One Wartlumtr kerper. 3. Dongan, llOU 
PoUmaeKr, U. B. Williama, 7&1. 
BaUiff, W. H. Uugbea, BU. 

Coroner, the Commandant 

Poliee, I Sub-lnepector, fi Baigeaata, 8 Corporals, 

and 69 Privatsa. 
Gaol, I Oaoler, 2 Oyerseeri^ and 1 SnpBrintendant 

Sab-CdUctor of Cmtomi. OScer m eliarge, 3. D. 

Macanlaj, 7&., and bU. 1st. allowance. 
Sdmiimaler, at iSL 
Pi^ine, 1 Corporal, and 8 Privates. 

KiiimMi (mantli o/llu Satrdet River). 
atiUComiimdimta»dSiib-Colleiior, W, M. Laborde, 
(acting), aUowanoBs 109/. lOi. 


The QambiaJs a great river of Western Africn, 
It falls Into the Atlutio Ocean b; a large ssCuary 
msasorlng in some parts nearlj !7 milee across, 
bnt oontracling to 10 miles between Eiriil Island 
and Cape SL Muy, and to little more than two 
between Barra Point and the town of Bathont Do 
Si. Harj-'s Inland. There are 26 feet of water over 
the bar o( the river at low water. The town of 
Bathnrrt, IB" 2i' N. lat., Ifl" M' W. long., U 
situated on Bl. Uary'a lelaad, which latter is a 
sandbank about three acd a-half miles long and 
a mile and a quarter broad, and is separated from 
the mainland by a narrow channel, called Oyster 
Creek. A large portion of the island is occupied 
bj a Bwami^ the level of whicb la in many ftite 
below that or the river. 

The settlement on the River Gambia conaiats of 
the Island of Bt Mary's, BriUsb Combo, Albreda. 
the Ceded HUe, and McCarthv's Island. HcCarthy'a 
leland is situated between tbs falls of Banaconda 
and Bathurst, and is li7 mllee distant from the 
latter. It fonuB the line of demarcation between 
those portions of tiie liver known aa tlie i^iper and 

The principal pnidnctionB of the settlement and 
of the odjuiomg districts are ground nuts, hidee, 
beeswax, rice, cotton, maiie, and a sorn called 
kons. 0! these, however, only ground niil«, hides, 
and beeswax are exported. With the eioeptioa 
of the weaving of cotton into native cloths called 
pagns there am DO manufacinring indnaities 
worthy the name in tbe country. Il£ advantages 
of this noble river for carrying on trade with the 
natives in the interior of Africa were well known 
to our merchanta upwarda of 230 years oga The 
nnhappy wars which are constanUy waged along 
its banks at the present day preveut tiia develop- 
ment of any great commerco. 

In IGSa a patent was granted by Qneeu Eliia- 
betb to some merchants of Exeter to trade in the 

In 1721, and enbaeqaently UD its aboUliun, it 
Lppeare that the trade in slaves formed the stapla 
.raffle of the Company, The general commercB 
between Oreat Britain and the Qamhia fell off after 
the abolition of tbs elave trade till 1816, in which 
. a new sstUement waa formed at tbs Island of 
Maiya by British merchante fro'n Beiie^ 



•ua of the Proteatorat* at the Gold Cout) s 

meat of Sieirk Laoae. 

kD indepeadsiUcolonT, withs Gowi 

tirs and LagialatiTV Ooandla for the 

of it* albfra. II bcoms a pwtion of the gomni- 

■MBt of West Africa Bettlonuiitt by Iba diartar of 

19th Febnury, 18S«, and so Malinaaa oiulsr tba 

charter of th* 19tb Dscembar, 1874. 

The diataacsB of the priacipal jiatricte and 
BriUsb aeUlenuiuM are u foJlowai — 

From Siwra Imhm to the Gambia . , . . 9TT 

„ Sflaegal to the Oambia IBO 

se'glaUDdF 17 

Elephant to Deer 

iphant lad 
ieland . 













CdH tjflt^KirU m4 ^'Vtt. 









































Biiliih Con.J^'^ .'.' 
n»n», Cadtd Mile .. 
H'CanliT'i JiUnd ., 


6» i.m 







S»« 14,190 

ISU H, P. a«f«raiii. 

1848 E. NoiootL 

1844 C. FitxOaald. 

1847 K a. UcDouwll. 

1853 A. K SamitAy. 

1863 Colonel L. B. OVonoor. 

1869 Colonel O. A. K. d'Arcy. 
1B6S Adnural C. 0. K Patey, C.ILQ. 
1871 T. F. Callaghan, C.M.G. 
1878 0. H. Kurtrieht, G.H.G. 

1876 Sh- Bamuel &Jwe, K.C.M.Q. 

1877 V-S-Gouldsbiiry, C.M.G. 

Lrgiilaiivt Council. 
The Adminlatrator, Prttidatt. 
ThI Chie^f'M^rstra^"""'' } ^'"^^ Membtr, 
Cleft to LrgiMlatitt Cotndl, Capl. W. P. Boche. 

Gmmior'i Clerk, Robt. H. Sjrett, 1601. 

GotermmaU PriiMmg EttablMmetU (attacHtd t 

AAimatralor'4 Office), 
CoumttUor, J. J. Coker, Bbl. 
AuubuK ifiMD, J. N. C. Wilhelm, 401. 

CoOtcOyr and Tnamrtr'i Ofice. 

Officer, A. Walter iewi 

THree PUoIa, tt 7?f. each, 
Matltr of Pilot Boat, 4211 
7^ SsBUBi, 24/. vchl 

I EngineA' ami aanUarii liupeelor, J. (J. 
r, SDOl. »nd allovruics for forage^ td. a day, 
tot rent, 
n of Warti, J. G. Joiner, 7SI, 

CoUnaid Surgeon, Thomu H. SpQabury 400f., and 
Sf. M. par day forage allovanoe. 

Anutmt iStIo ^moant\ SOOZ., and foragB anoy- 
ances of S«. R<£ per day. 

£upcun',S. W.Dawaon (acting), 761., Bndreaideiice. 

(XtftfagiilTate, Fnada Smith, 6DDI, and feea. 
Sierif, Wehaet Qufn, fees only. 
Rmitlrar ofDeedi, Thomaa JohnBon fees only. 
Ciet* of Coaru and SegiMrar, Zadi. T. Oibeon, 

Coroner, W. H. Berkeley, hpa only, 

^ jf F»6a,Ct,]*. W. F. HoiAe, 200t, 

and fonge alfowanoan of \$, td, ftr dlein. 
Ganlor, Ivam Tramne, 76L 

Maaagen qfDitlrirU. 
MeCariki'i Itlani, B. A. M. Bmith, 2B0r ,nMiideace, 

and fence allowanoe of ia, EM be? diem. 
BrUUI, Cbnio, SO/. 

Cohmal Chaplain Bev. George Nicol, 4601., ud 

'it. Sd. per d*; (orage oUowaooa. 
C'fcri imrfOrjmirt, J, 0, Clmpniwi, 20t 
JTegitr aj Cemeltry, J. Buton, 2aL 


As defined by Her Mftiestj'B < 
ilU that portion of New Solluid 
weatw^rdof 129° £. loog.i its 
1,2H0 miles from north to aont 
from BMt to weet 

~' 1 citf of Fsith le Bltoaled io lat 82° B. 

Dat£, and eOi 


Tlie euidalwood klreidy affords an sTticts u* 
oiport; the tuart SQd kari, EncalypU of enormoiu 
die, are valuable timber trees; when standins they 
hare been eetimeted to attain a height of nearly BOO 
feet from the groand to the topmost branoh, thos 
emulating the grwC CllifoTDian < Wellingtouia, ' 
the kauri (Daranar* AnstraliB) of New Zealand, 
or the great Sucalyptae purpurea ol Tasmania. 
Theee Inatancee, however, are rare and eioep- 

The climate is one of the flnesl and moet sain- 
biions In the world, and the mortality of WesterD 
Australia, since i,tB ocaupatiou, U said to have 
av^aged not more than oae per Rent. From the 
Dorthera to the Bouthera extremity, the olimats 
varies uonsiderably ; the aoathem temperature 
Is Bomewbal Blmllar to, but higher than that 
of England. The northern is hot but not nn- 
pleaeant, the atnuisphere being free from that 
moiirtneeB oharaoteriatio of tropical climates gene- 
rally, and being tempered with cool breezBe. The 
chmate of the oButral poctioD of the colon; la like 
that of southern Italy and paita of Spain. The 
seasons are dtvlded into wot and dry, the former 
oommencing in April and Isstins till Septemberi 
a greater part of thie time of year, however, la bright 
and clear. The dry Baaaoq le occasiouaUy, but 
rarely, visited by showers or a thunderetomi. 
During three montha of this period hot land winds 
occuloDally prevaiL The isTere droughtii and 
heavy floods eiperianced in the other Australian 
colonies are unknown in West Australia. The 
mean of the barometer is about SO inches, slid of 
the therpiometer about 73 degrees. Enrasure to 
all weathers produces no apparent ill raects on 
the constitution. Epidsmio diseasessm almost un- 
known, dysentery iB a rare disease, and consumptive 
peraona often derive great advantage frcon the 
climate, 6now is never saen \ ice only «arly la the 
morning, and in the depth of winter. 

CoBemun of (Kertern AmUraSti, 

Captain Jamea Btiiling, Lleutenant-Qo wqor, from 
the lat June, 182B, to September, 188S, 

Captain Irwin, acting Lieutenant-Qovsrnor, from 
September, 1832, to Be^tember, 1838, 

aptain Daniel, acting LieuteDant-OoToi^__ , 

September, 1S33, till May 11, lSB4,when Captain 

Western Australia was settled 

The Oovemment is utoinistered by a Governor 

Colonial Secretary, the Attorney ~ Qsueial, the 
Senior Officer oommaQding Che Troops, the Colo- 
nial Treasurer, the Surveyor-General and the 
Director ol PsUio Works, and Commissioner of 

There la a Legislative Comoi! ot twenty-one 
members. Seven are nominated, of whom three are 
official, ni., the Colonial Secretary, the Attorney- 
Geueral, the Snrveyor-JUeneral, and fourteen meai- 
bors are elected. 

The electoral franchise is conflned to bonse- 
holders of 101. in annual value, and the qnalifica^ 
tion for members ia the pu»e«Bioa, beyond all 
incumbrances, of landed property to the value of 

The colony Is divided into ten electoral dis- 
tricts, the two prinoilial towns, Perth and Fre- 
mantle, retorning two members eaoh. 

The occupied portion of the colony is about 600 
miles In length from north to south, by about 150 
mileein average breadth. 

The whole of tfae settled district, nearly the aiie 
of France, is nsually level, often ocdulating, but 
never mountainous. The western seaboard is gene- 
rail y cfBuparatively flatoountrj,ofa sandy chuaoter, 
composed ohieHy of the detritua of old coral reefs, 
which has been again deposited by the action ot 
water : more inland, a formation, whtc^ is here 
caJledironBtoiie, lemct with : It appears to be chjefly 
a conglomerate ofdisintegrated granite, stained with 
iron; granite, slate, quarts, pipeclay, and, in places, 
trap, are all found In thia country. Tfae Darling 
Bsnge, for Instance, preeeuts these cbaracterisUca; 
it runs from north to soath in tbe rsqtjal district 
inland of Perth, and appears once tg have fcrmad 
the coast-line. 

The whole country, from north to south, except- 
ing the apota cleared for cultivation, may be dea- 
mbedaaone vast forest; sometimes, bnt seldom, the 
traveller comes upon an open sand plain, coveted 
with shrubs and flowering plants in intlnlta variety 
and exquielCe beauty, and often, especially In tlie 
northern and sastera districts, low scrubby trees 
and bushes fill tbe place of timber. 

A very large proportion of this ia heavy timber 
country. Tlie jarrah, sometimes erroneoualy called 
malkogany, a tree of the Fuoalyptus triiie, oovers 

durable, and as it resiata the white ant aqd tlw 
> Teredo navalis, ' it is admirably adapted for railway 
sleepers, and for piles for bddgea and harbour 
works. It Is hoped that, witfa increased f«dlitles 
'--' port, tbe trade in Jarrah m«y be indefinitely 

for transport, 

Captain Daniel, acting Lieutenant-Oovem,Dr, Erom 
September, 1S33, till May 11, lSB4,when Captain 
Beete became acting Lfeutenant-Oovemor, and 

S4Ui Hay, 1BB4. 
Sir James (formerly Captain) Stirling, I 

from Anguat, 18S4, to December IHSa, 
Johq Hutt, Eeq., Qovemor, from JauDaryS, 18B9, 

to December, 1846. 
Lieut-Colonel Clarke, Govamor, from FebTDsry, 

tS4D, to February, 1B47. 
Lieut.-Coloiiel (formerly Captain) Irwin, Ckfvanior, 

Irwn Februsry, 1847, to July, 1848. 
Captain Charles fitigetald, QoTefnor.from ^Qgust, 

{848, to June, 18&S, 
Arthur Edward Kennedy, Esq., Ooveroor, froni 

Jane, 1866, to Febmary 17, iSflK. 
LlevL-Colonel John Bruce, acting Qoremor, from 

17 to27 February, 1862. 
John Stepbeo Hamptoq, Esq., Oovernor, from 

Fabruary 27, 1862, to November, 1868. 
LieuL-Colcnel John Bruce, acting Oovernor, from 

Nov., 1368, to 30th September, t8S9. 
Frederick Aloyaius Weld, Esq., Oovernor, from 

80th September, 1B«9, to December, 1874. 
WBlism CIsKver Francia Boblnsoi), Esq., CV-G , 

Governor, nth Jannary, ltF7& 

V Google 

Digitized ByGOOgle 


tSnjoT General Sir H^ny St. Goorgre Ord, R.E., 
K.C.M.O., C.R, from November, 1«77, to April, 

Sir Wm. C. P. Eobinaon, K.C.M.G. 

























196,815 Ot. lid 196,813 4i. 5d: 

PMic Ma, 361,0001: 

Total Popalation in 1879, 

Halw, 16,638. Fenutles, 12,040. Total 28,668. 

Vaine q/'/nporta imd Sxportt. 





























407,299 Ot 6A 



Extaitivt Cmmcil. 
Sir W. C. F. Bobiiuon, K.IJ.M.G., Govmvn. 
0«pt«in Lord affford, V.O., CWimiof Stcnlary. 
A. G. OubIdv, AOornfy-Oaieral. 
Lieut.-CoL E. D. Eorveat, ConanandiBU. 
Anttaon; O'Grndy Lefro;, C.H.G., Cotonial Trea- 

U. Frawr, Sarmor-Oaieral. 

J. H. ThomM, IXredar of P<AJie Work*, mA Com- 
muiioatr of Baiheagt. 

Cltri, E. W. Bowwd. 

Ltgitlatict Couneil, 
ClfTk qf CovkU, Godfrey Enigbt, lOOJ. 
AmtaKt do. Qso. Lekke.Jd/. 
8tTSfiaii-at-Anu, H. P. Hilla^ 8UJ1 
CivU EttabtiihBiait. 
GoMnor and Conrnimder-m-Ckief, Sir W. C, F. 

Bobinnon, K.C.M.G., a,B00t 
Pyiratt Stcrelary, K. Hownrd, Esq., 2501. 
A.D.C., E. Howard, Era. (ftcting), 118/. 12i. Ci 
Cierk, H. A. CrPraser, 16UJ. 

Colimiid Seerefaty'i DtpaiintaiL 
Cobmal&crttaty, C»pt«in Lord Glffnrd, V.C., 800/. 
AtMlemt Colonial Secrtlar^, Q. B. Piiillipii, mH. 
U Clerk Old RtaiitTar-Cnieral, Lanreoce B. EUol, 


Oert, Jma. Djer, 140f. 
Clerk and Regittrar, Edwin Ley, 160/. 
Cfcri and Copgitt, Jamea Lanmucs, 90i. 
Office Keeptr, U. P. Iljtiaa, lOOf. 
MaimgtT, UJchard Ward, 42/. 

GoeenmeM JbtidtaU, 
Xorliem Diitrict, Robert J. SholL 
Vidoria dOto, George Eliot 
Soulktra ditto, Gnstavns E. C. Hare. 

Chitf Clerk and Aceountattl, B. A. Bholl, 800/. 
2nd Clerk, P. L. Huasey, 200/. 
8rd Clerk, Gboi^b WitharB, 90/, 

Auditor-Gen^rttl, E. h. Courthope, 4001. 
t'iK/'CTer* aarf Seanann-, P. Spencor, 800/. 
2nd CUrt, U. HnrTBat, 1501. 
3nf Clerk, C. Father, 80/. 

SufB^ Jhparlnfnl. 

allowanoe 1502. 
SlB^eycr, J. B. BrookiDg, BOO/., and nllowaoce ISO/. 

Do. C. D. Price. 80Ui, and iilloivaace loOt 
Chief DrafUman and CaUo&an of Plata, G. Vin- 
cent, 820/. 
Drafitma, E. C. Dean, SOO/. 
FholoUlhpgraiAeT and JJn^Umtn, Clarence Wood- 

house, 300'. 
Chitf Clerk and Keeord Krntr, R C. Clifton, 800/. 
CUrk, A. H. Willianie, 90/. 
Eiqht Tmporaru UrafitmeH, 1,143/. 8>. 2d. 
Ont Te<<g>ontrv Clerk, 120/. 
One Meuenger, 45/. 12(. 6d: 

Cuitomt Deparlment, 

Cotledor oj Cattonu. Sqfiitrar of Skotpim, Stippiiig 

Jtailer, and Xreartr oJ tVreck, h. W. Cliltoii, 

480/, (aUowed guartera). 

S^-CMtHorM, Champion Baa, Qeorge Eliot. 

BanbuT), W. P. CliftOD. 

Bautlton, J. S. Hania. 

Albany, G. K 0. Hare. 

Roebourai, K. J. ShoU. 

Chief CUri and Ganger, Frananilt, E. Troode, 

Clft, Frtmaille, Gooffery Eliot, 180/. 
Landing Waiter, ditto, W. UcHee, 160/. 
AtiielarU liit/e, •fiUo, J. O'Counor. IBOL 
G. Hclnlnab, lOO^ 
rWetDoiJer, Fmnantle, O. B. Williams lOOt 
Cotner and WarotWMe Keeper, iremaiiiU, L. 

Suffleld, ISOiL 
IjBtdinB Waiter , ABiang (also Clerk), W. Fiular.SOOIl 
AtuMant dino,W. J. Finlay, 50/. 
IjuK&ng Waiter, Buabioj, W. Bimpson, 80/. 
Jiilta, I'oue, T. A. Hare, 30/. 

Workt and BMIieaift Department. 


tVorit and SaUieast, A. F. Thonuoit, 

One cicrt and monktrprr, ml. 

Out Clerk, CE-Wty, vol. 

Drafttiaan, F. Sirch, 1101. 

Carttater and Matnger, J. lojaa, 601 

Traffic Manager, LiKomotiiie J-orrman and Statina 

fiMter, Gmldbm, J. C Csmpbell, aSOt 
Impector of Prmanmt Wagi and Warb, and 

atonJtaptr, GeraUum, ISIM. 
.SCoCtott Matttr, NorOumptoii, H. BpddiiiB, 1601. 

Fo^at and TW^nipl D^axtmeM. 
PeUmuttr-Gtatrai and General AfKrinleiidntf qf 

Tdegrt^, A. Helmlcb, 4601. 
A(perM<«*<fen( of TeUgn^, J. O. FlemlDp, SOOf., 

kllonmnce lOOJ. 
cat/Clerk, W.A. Btona, MW, 
Seeimd Clerk. A, F. Ciirtta, iaOL 
TUrd Clerk, W. Kannedy, 'iiOL 
Famih Cla-k, K AshWa, 310f. 
Cordaier and AniHanl, B. Howlett, I!0£. 
f ./(* Cfcr*. H. Btnith, W. 
Sixtk Clerk, 8. H. Wright, 901. 
jfewnd C&rt, O. E. Cu&lj, SOf. 
/■oiirtsrtn-Ciimer»,2U(. 10*. 
Ttlrgrvnk Clerk, H. E, CIaj, IBW, 
CU/ Opermor and Imtmctor, F. A. IMle;, ISOi. 
Teiyrapk Operator and ImtmOor, E. W. Buodk, 

Fin AhMoU Operator; 3101. 
Tkrtf Telntrmit Mmtngert, 60L 
Too Tdegn^ Linemen ami Two AtiittanU, SOBJ. 
Xinelg-teven JJiMrict P/ntmaMrrtj Tdtgrapfuiii, 
Meuengat, Letter Carriert, and Linemen, 4,9441. 
Land TUU* Department. 
Conmiuioner.J. C. H. Junes, 6001. 
Regittrar oj Titla and Dndt, A. £. Burt, 800/. 

Me£eai DepartmenL 
Colonial Surgeoit, and Saperattendent of raccHolluni, 

A. E. Wsylan, 4501., and «llo««nco bill. 
RtMdent MeScal Officer and Amttaai Sigtrrintrndent 

of yacdnoAin, C. J. Knniii, ^iOOl.. and qiurlan. 
Colonial Sttrseon and Health Officer, Iremantlr, 

U. C. Barnett, 275/. 
Diilricl Medical Offioert— 

j\'ortA DiHrict, J. A. D'Heehn, 160/. 

I'irtBria Di^rUt, C. Jl. Elliolt, 100/. 

Grtenough UHrict, 1001. 

York DtUricl, S. W. Hope, 1001. 

Toods>a Diilnd, W. Uftyhew, 1001. 

•Sunn Diitrict, , 1001. 

Banbtiry Utlrict, T. H. LoTagrove, lOOl^ 

BuueUon IHHria, C. B. Bompaa, 100/. 

AUxaif JHUriH, C, Bocera, 140/. 

H'Ullami Dielrict, 3. C. BiMsellot?. lOOt 

Blacheood Utfritt, T. H. Lovsnare, 601, 

flinaien MalnmM, Niiri; Warden, and Vrderlit, 
at Coloaial Soipital, Perth Lunatic Atgliim 
■'■ -■' iXtrid Bo^pU^.'iS-U. 

Harboumiailer, Frentanlle, U. TarBjtb, ¥i&l., 4od 

HarboHrmaMtr and Film, Albai^, 0. T. Butcher, 


IVolt, fyananth, 8. O. Boldier, I30t 

Satlnett, Jmuea Nub, loUl., and quarters. 
Atiisliml KM, AOang, W. A. Simmoni, SW. 

Soalt' Crtm, FremtrntU, Six men, 899/. 
RaUnat, Six men, 870/. 
Albani/, Five men, 8S81. 

Artiur'i Head, FremantU, J. Hart, SO/. 

Rottnat, i. Brown, 80/. 

Point King, AUmt^H. Hilcbell, I7BJ. 

Brtaktea liland, J. Turner, B41: 

PoiM Moore, Chanaim Bcai, J. HoCarthj, lOO/. 

Sing LigUt, do. ___ J. W^^gh^SO/. 


Judictai Depariment. 

Chief Julie*, H. T. Wrenfordsley, 1,0001, 
Atbimet-Gaurai, A.: C. Onslow, 6001. 
CroBm Solicilor Qso. W. Leake, Q-C, 2501. 



S*m7(, Jamee Roe, BOOt 
Clerk to ChitfJuMtice, 8. Rawe,M£ 
(7/n-t (0 Attomes-Oen 

W. Peullow, aot 
Cln-i to Rtattrar of Smreme Court, 120/. 
BiMff and Head Contdie, F. Wheeler, 1201. 
Cla^menof Quarter Stedotaand lUeideM MaiiielnUet 
North Dilriet, U. J. Sboll, 416/., sad kUow- 

y-Oenerei and Crvan SoUeittyr, ¥. 

Victoria Diitnct, Q. Elit 

with ciuartera, 1001. 
PlanlagnKi District, G. E. C. Hare,6O01,,B 

i, aiiL, and aUowauot 

Stuitx Datrict, B. Fakhalm, S16/., uid allow- 
ance SOI. 

Weiliiaton Dietrict, W. P. Clifton, S25L, and 
allowance £0/. 

ifirKW Dittrict, 3. a. Hniraf, 1661. and 
allowance 601. 

Williami Dietrid, J. G. Roaselloty, 1T0£, and 
ftUowance 601. 

FrtBumlle Diitriet, J, G. Slade, 4051. 

Toodgai) Diilrict, 0. Burt, 2761., and allow- 



Cltrit lo Magittratet^ 
North Diitriet, V. Taunton, lOOL 
Victoria DUlrict, W. D. Cowan, ISOt 
Grtenough Dittnct. J. W. E. Archdeacon, 110/. 
York IHilriii, H. Huneralef , 1^61. 
Toodyay Diitriet, W. B. Pieatie, 12611 
SiBan DiOriei, N. E. Knight, lOU. 
Perth Dittrict, John Adam, 17511 
FrtncettU Dittrict, O. 8. ComptOD, 160/. 
tVelliagton DttMcl, Q. B. Taeda, lUX. 
Sauex Dittrict, F. A. Hare, lUM. 
Planlagenet IXttrict, H. W. Tbomaa. ISOt 
WUlioMt Dittrict, F. U. Fiaaae, 661. 

Pulici DtjKtrlment. 

Si^ierinltndtiil, H. S. Smith, 4001. 
tnmectort — 

Norihem Dittrict, W. E. Timperloy, 3601 

SovtMem Dittrict, C. Howard, 3bOL 
Chief Clerk, R CampbeU, 23U1. 
Clerk, P. Kelly, 20o£ 
Eight Serjettnti, tiglu Cfrporalt, ninetf-fonr Con- 

ttatUt, and tunJy Natioe Comtablet, 11,3861. 


Gaoitrt, Perth, 

Gmldiim, W. Wad, UHU. 

Frtmaalii, If. Beneoo, SOIL 

Alba^, J. McGoTsn, 961 

Atattimt Gaakr, Ptrth, A. Woodbridn, lOOL 

Tkrte MalrotM md OoBt Wordta*, 1,007 j: 

RaOmat Priiom DtparlmaU. 
SigieriHtmdaU, W. D. JtckioD, 300J.,»od qurters. 
JUidical OSctT, H. C. BainetC, bUL 
Clerk and auprrvHendat of SaU Woria, B. G. 

Coardecot, lOOt 
Sc*W Ttadirr, K Wdcott, 7(H 
One CUtf Warder laidjbe Auiibmt Warder; 46U. 

PrinOi^ Dipartwiemt. 

GBBrnmaU Printer, B. Petbei, BOOL 

Clerk, A. Cnrtis, 90L 

TAne CanpoeitoH, two Prtitma 

(mJmiw Appremtiae, 8»;i. It. 

Iit^tdort <if Sheep 
Oun^iM Bag Dietria, Joshua HilU, im., ud 



Inein DUlrict, J. F. Hoirea, UOL, uid allow- 

■iu» 100/. 
CnfraJ atria, }. U. Cnig, 16011, uid kUowuioe 

South-ieeit Dietrid, 1. J.ogae, Jan., ItOJL, ud 

■UowBQoe lOOi. 
&wU-«u( DUhicI, B. Wvburton, 150J1, >nd tUaw- 

ActiagSecreUtryto Centrai Board, C. H. Clifton, S30'. 
Juipator oj Schoolt, W. AdktnBaa, GOO/., aaa 
illDwauce 100/. 

St^reriHtendenl oJ ItmmgraiUi, Poor Eomee, and 
Ckarilable fiiHitidiimt, W. Dale, 2HU. Malnm, 
StrvanI, Matter, Cook aad Orderiy, 2UL 

CtBuact Deptatmtnl. 

Superintendent oJ Connnte, John F. Stono, i35L, 

A. H. Locbee, ISO/. 12t. 
C. Speaoer, 160/. 12*. 
Surgton, C. U. KlIi□t^ 17U., uid qiurtors. 
Cnrnpotmdrr, 126/., uulqiutrten. 

Ciaptaim, Clmrci of England. 

G.Q. Nicdlay,l7fi/.,»i; 

D. G. WstkinB, 100/. 

J. Brown, m. 

G. H. Sveetine, 100/. 

Q. Bwller, 100/. 

r. Lynch, loot 

S. Bronn, lOOi: 

W. H. Pidoock, 100/. 

O. B. Hovard, 100/. 

6. Q. Niollayirifi/. andquMteri. 


J. Withera, 100/. 
W. W.JohDKin.IOO/. 
C4m?{niu, Homan Catkelii:. 
a. Delanev, 2-26f. 
H. Oibney, 77/. 
A. I. Leculle, 71/. 
F. Qibuey, 3U/. 

AMop, H. Qrifei:, 58/. „ 

Water Police 
Smerinlendsa, M. S. Smith, lOOJ: 
Sii-Iwpcaor. W. MUla, IBO/., «ncl qnnrteni. 
LMtf Aeiitiaai Coxtvain, aad nx Contiablee. 

Bieltop Binbt Bev. H. H. Parry, D.H. 

Dean, Very Rev. Joseph Q^g. 

Archdeacon, Van. Jamea Broim. 

/■erli-Re*. J. Alien. 

BuueUon, Ro". H. W. Brown, 

Northain, B«t. B. Browo. 

Dongarra, Hbt. T. H. Friel. 

Fori, Rbt. G. Howard. 

.l/hiiiy, Kov. W. W. Johnson. 

tireenotigk, Bev. B. King. 

GeraUfwi, Bav. H. Lawrenoa. 

Benerley, S»v. F. Lynch. 

Fremantte, CkapUdn to Priton, Bar. U Q. Sloolaj. 

JVflDcitfl/s, Bev. W. Fidcock. 

A'noin, Bev. O. Budler. 

Giuidford, Eov. Q. SwBBtiuK. 

/>«iuH(/(, B«v, D. a. WatCiDS. 

AM^wy, Rev. Pornell. 

PiilKirRii, B«r. B. Alderson. 

Rodonme, Bev. W. UayWo. 

PTiJ/iaiii, BaT. J. Witherit. 


Ig sitnatad tn latitnda 18" i' North and Imgltuda 
a9° S7' West, and ia (he moot windward of thn 
Carribbee Ii' ' " " 

nearly !1 EngliBb a 
>ng by 11 Id breadth, and la aai-t to coDtain a 
^rfldal aiea of 106,170 acrsa, or about IHfl aqi 

The exact date of the discovery of Barbados ia 
not known. It is eaid to bare been first visited by 
the Portiigneee, who flading it anlchabited and 
mde in appearance, nanuid the inle Loi Bariadot, 
from the aumborot bearded fig-trees which they 
fonnd. In 1625 Sir William Conrleen, a Loudon 

9 party, whz 
e thirty persocB, landed on t 
d side ol the island formed a town called 

(m Hole) Town. . - - . 

William Deane tlieir gove 
Carlisle obtained a gTant from Charles I of all the 
Caribbes Islands. This grant was opposed by the 
former patentee. Lord Marlborough, but the matter 

to settle c 

300L Boon after this the Earl of Carlisle bong 
employed on a diplomatic mission, ibe Earl ol 
Pembroke, then Lord Chamberlain, obtained a re- 
vocation of the former coblemsn a patent in his 
favour, and supported Sir W. Coiuteen ; but on 
the Earl of Carlisle's return from hia embas^, ha 
remonstrated with the king, who reiostated hnn in 
poasSBSiDu of the territory. Wotferaluae, a native 
of Bermuda, was then conuniealuned by the Earl of 
Carllala aigovsrnoc, and in 162B aixtT-foiiT nttlen 



ced tha erection of 

which interaecled the ground, and laid the foTtn- 
dstion of BridgelowTi, tha presBut cspitiJ. The 
leewmrd nnd windward men opposed each other, the 
latter ultimately tHumphing. An in Hll neiv colo- 
nies, the inhabitants met with no inconyidrrable 
difflcultiea. Local fends were added to domaatic 
imTatioDH,butthe civil war which nged in England 
contributed to people and enrich the island ; and 
on Ihe downfall of Cbarlea, man; families attached 
to the Royal ranse found ahelter in Bubados. The 
island was afterwards eoTemed hy Lord WH- 
loughby, a Riyallst, to whom it was conveyed by 
LoS Carlisle (son of the first palenloo) ; but when 
the island was snbdned by the power of the Com- 
monwealth, he was banialisd. In 1662, after the 
rOBtoratlon of Charles II, Lord Willonghby re- 
newed his claim on Barbados, and the kinsmen and 
heirs of the two earls brought forward demands on 
the settlers. To satisfy these claims, a duty of 4^ 
per cent, on all exports waa imposed; and nnder 
certain conditions the proprietary goremment was 
dissolved and the sorerei^ty of Barbados annexed 
to the British Crown. The inhabitants long pro- 
tested against the imposition of the H per cent, 
dnties, but wilhmit sucoess; and it wsB not til! 
ISSB, fonr years after the abolition of slavery, that 
the tax was abolished by an Act of Parliament. 

Barbados has not, like most of the neighbouring 
islands, changed owners: it has always remained 
in possessian of Orcat Britain. 

Bridgetown, the chief town and port, is silnated 
in the parish of St. Michael, the principal of 11 
parishes into which the island was divided at a 
very early dale. This town contains, according to 
the census of 1871, 31,368 inhabitants, exclusive of 
tfle shipping, which amounted to 448. In 1881 a 
most important project for supplying the town 
with water was completed by a joiut-stock company 
incorporated by an Act of the legislature. A rail- 
way from Bridgetown to the parish of Saint A ndre w 
(2S miles as surveyed) has been commenci*d, and 
the first section wiU probably be completed early 
in 1B8I. 

Carlisle Bay. ths barhoiir of Barbados, is an 
open rcudstoad, which is much eiponed to the 
wind from the south and south-west. There is an 
inner harbonr orcareeDaeej)roterled by a structure 
called the Mole Head. The works in connec- 
tion with this harbour were formerly under the 

Members of the House of Assembly, j 

and appointed by ths Governor, wi 

lied by Act with the care, management, and cc 

trol of the Uolehead and csreenaKs. 

The ipland is almost cndrcled hy coral reefs 
's, as in the paruih of St. Phillip, 

„,„_ J nearly Smiles to . ^ ...^ 

dangerous to narigaliDn. A lighthouse was 
erected in )B6S on the south jcxnnt of the island, 
partly at the expense of the British government. 
A barbonr-light was also placed ou Nesdham's 
Faint in 18W. Another liuhlhouse was erected 
on the east coast (in St. Philip's), and Ughled on 
1st May, 18T5, by a second order dioptric fiash 
l%ht, the latter ffiven bv the British Qovemment. 

The chief arlirles planted for exportation for 
fome years after the ssttlemout of the island were 
indigo, cottOD-wool, ginger, and aloes, besides 
■everal kfnds of woods; and the manufacture of 

century, when the cultivation of the sngar-cane 
increased rapidly, and the plant became, in com- 
mercial impintance, the Island's most valuable pro- 
duction. At that period, too, ths introduction of 
African labour was commenced. It is stated that, 
in IBBS, there were 358 sugar-works in operation. 
At the present time they number over 500. The 
produce of 1871 amounted to 58,800 hogsheads of 
sugar and 83,500 puncheons of molasses ; in 1676. 
87,848 hogsheads of sugar, and 24,001 puQcheons of 
molasses. In 1879 the produce amounted to b1,lSi 
of sugar, and 63,923 poncbeons of 

hogsheads o 

The popnlatlon of tbe island in 1851 amonnted 
to 135,989 ; and although it is estimated that some 
S0,000 were carried off by cholera in 1864, Ihe 
census of 1861 showed a total of 159,7i7 ichi^ 
bitsnts. By the census of 1871 there are 163,042 
inhabitants, of whom 16,560 are white and the 
remainder coloured and black ; Ike natural in- 
crease having been checked by tbe migtaticn to 
other West Indian Islands of large numbers of ths 
labouring population. At the end of 1875 thepopu^ 
lation was estimated at 180,000, from retttrns of 
baptisms and burials. Where so gnat a popnla^ 
tion eiiats, great industry is essential to enable the 

great industry is 
ive. Thus, tabo 
capacity of the i 

, garden. 

Frum an early dale, each of the II parishes of 
tbe island was presided over by a clergyinan of Ibe 
Church of England; but it was not tilt 1894 that 
the Bishopric ^ Barbados and the Leeward Islands, 
with British Oniana, was erected. In JS42, upon 
lbs resignation of Br. Coleridge (the first bishop), 
British Guiana and the Leeward Islands were sepa- 
rated from the Windward, and (onstitnted distinct 
sees. There are at present in the island, besides 
the bishop, 43 clergynten of the Church of 
Barbados ^ 


and whose name it Iwars. It wasaffiliated to iiur- 
ham University in 1870. It is under the administra- 
tion of the B. P. Q., who are the Trustees of General 
Codrington's will There are several theological 
scholarships of the value of SO/, per annum from 
the College funds, and four Island Scholarships at 
idl. per annum paid from the Colonial Treasmr}'. 
The latter are confined to natives or sous of 
natives. Barbados possesses a ^ood grammar 
m Bridgetown, 
endowed many 
years a^o, which 
the legislature, ■ 

has a slafl! of 5 umversiiy men as naeiers ana 
numbers 140 pupils. 

A police force was established in Barbalos in 
1835 by an Act of the Legislature, and is staled to 
have been the first attempt in the British Wast 
India Colonies to establish a force of that descrip- 
tion upon a similar footing. It now consists of an 
Inspector-general, 1 superintending sergeant, 10 
sergeants, !KI corporals, and 228 privates- 
There is a Harbour Pohce Force, established in 
ISG7; it consists of 1 SupcriuteDdeut, 1 Sergeant^ 
4 Corporals, and S5 privates. 

An inland Post OfDce was first set on foot in 
1852 ; it has since been amalgamated with tbe 
' Post Office, whence are delivered all 
ocludfn- ••---- '--- 
Through this of 

irs, Including those from beyond tbe 
'hrongh this oflke a letter ma ' 
i the island, maching its desti 

letter maybe sent to any part 

J its destination tbe sanra da7, 

fur Id: the t oE. Honey Orders are granM by tho 


Heunl PiMt OMm 
tb« United Siugdom (InohidlDg the Cbumel laluide) 
■nri net terti.- The FostmaaUr is tarwhed with 
« liiit«t those oflleaa. Mone; Ordera vealBodrown 
on Otmerir*, Trinidad, uid the Wjadmrd Iduda. 
A hmatie ujlmn and ■ laaaretto are also insti- 

irbick the a 

« the anpport 

ony conWbnte* 6,6801 per annum. 

The depoaitB In the Baringe Bank amoiiDtdd, on 
Slut December, 1879, to iii092L The muDber of 
depontora was S,079. Branch eavinn banks are 
■bout to be opened In the nmJ diatnota. On the 
SOth June,-ia80, the number of depodtiirs had in- 
■■ IvBOjOOOt 


to 8,100, and the deporiU to nearlv K 
a ta a aCatlon of the West India anJ Pa 

Telegraph Compan; 

The ulaud' forma Che head-quartera of Her 
Maieaty^B farces la tlM Weet ludjaa oonunand, 
ander a major-eeueral, who i^aideB In Barbadoa. 
The troops atationsd in the island are garrisoned 
at 8C Aim's, aitnated - ""- -— ■ '^ ' 

. , . . . . ^ . d yeomaory-caYalrj 


The Loi^ Government of Barbados conaista of a 
Qoyemor (who la also Qoramor-ln-Ohief of St. 

Yfaic«nt, Qrenada, Tob^o, and St. LndaX an 
EKeentiTe Oonadl, consisting of the Oovernor, 
Major-Oeneral, Coloniil Secretary, and Attomey- 
Oeneiali a LegialatlTe Council, and a flonae of 
AaBBmblr, compoeed of 24 members elected an- 
noallj. Th'snon-offlcialtnembersof tbeLegislaCive 
Council are appranted b; warrant under Roral 
'Warrant, and hold office during pleaeore. The Le> 

elative Conoci! has a conoorrent voice in making 
rs wl£h the Qovernor and Assembly. In former 
years alnkoet every judicial function m tbe island 
was executed either collectively or individually by 
Members of the Oonncil, who composed the Court 
of Chancery, the Court of £rror, and discharged 
in rotation the ofBoe of Judge of the Criminal Bes- 
aiona, till the year IMl, w£ni a Chief Joatloe was 
appoliited. GioepHons to parish rates are heard and 
determined by the Chief Justice,bDt the assessments 
moat be confirmed by the Hovemor in Council 
before tbey are levied. The Aesembl; oonsisti of 
two members for Bi;ldgetown, and two for each of 
the eleven parishsg, and its duration is limited to 
twelvemonths. ThequatiflcatlouKof Hembersand 
Blsatora are regalaCed by a Fraachine Act, passed 
In IS40, and are m follows for Electors:— 

1. PosBBBBion of estate for life, or Is right Of 
marriage, of not lass than the annual value of 
13J:iB«.6dL, or interest in rents and proflU of land 
of a slmilaT amonnt. 

S, L asss c or assignee rfUnds or tenemsnts wben 
tbe rent shall not be less than tU. 3>. O^d, and 
the term of lease was In its origin^ ovatiDB of not 
less than Ave years. 

' 41. Oampant in any town of any house oi pre> 
tnlse* paroclually rated at not lesa than S2l U. O^d. 

1 taxes for two years 

4. Faymaot of parocUal 
to the amount of s}. 4f. OJaL 

The nnmtiar of rsgtstereid electors was 1,S86 at 
the dose <J 1879. 

In addition to their legisUtive functions, the 
' Hatnbers of OonneH and Assembly are called upon 
to diacbarge various executive and admfnlstrativs 
duties, which devolve on Committees^ either named 
by the senior Member of Conndl and tbe Speaker 
TespectlTBly, or, in a few JTistaneea, selected by tbe 


.! 1,797 

' Folw of lurorUaiid Sipom 




367 989,682 

!6B 1,180,092 

«9 1,026,820 ■ 

J70 1,069,867 ■ 

371 1,191,888 

in 1,126,080 

^78 1,198,814 

)74 1,049,248 i,ivi,f0f 

J7G 1,187,499 1,479,910 

i78 1,027,871 ■ 944,308 

m 1,144,818 1,097,912 

i78 1,102,724 1,078,411 

i?a 1,038,897 ' 1,269,168 
Tken it no PvbSe DiiL 

wd Cemmanden-im-CUt/ qf Ba 

JnmiUSetllanaUiit 1635. 

Deane .... Governor-. 

-Wolfereton - ■ Governor . 

John Powell Qovemor . 

Bobert Wbeatly. , 
SirWi'" " ■■ 

. OoVBrnor. 

. Depu^-Qovemor , 
. Governor. . 
. Depnty-Oovei 
. Governor. • 
. ■ Doputj-Goremor 
. Qovemor. 
. Governor. 

Tufton , 
Henry Hawley . . . 
Bicbard'Psen . . . 

Bichard Peers '. '. 
Henry Hawley . . 
William Hawley . 
Henry Hawley . . 
Sir Hen^ ^unks . . 

Philip Bell Governor. 

FranciSi'LordWilloughby Qovemor. 
Bir George- Ayecns. ■ . Governor. 
Daniel Elearle. .... Depnty-^ov 
Thomas Modlford . . . Qovemor. 
Humphrey Walrond . . PrssidBnt. 
PrancitLord Wllloughby Qoveraor . 
Henry Wilknighby. . ^ 
Henry Hawlej' ... V Joint-Governors . 
Samuel Barwick . . I 
William, Lord Willonghby Oo^«riior. 
ChrlatojJier Codrington . Depnty-Goremor . 
Wl]tiam,I.ordWilloaghb7 QOTemor. . . . 
Ohristopher Oodrlngton . Oepnty-Govemcr . 
Williani,-LordWillonghby Governor. . , , : 
Sir Pstsr Colleton, Bart. . Deputy-Governor . 
Sir Jonathan Atkhis . . Qovemor . . . 
Sir Bichard Dutton . . Governor. . . 
Sh: John Witham . . .Deputy-Governor 
Sir Richard Datton. . . Qoveraor .... 

£dwln Stede Depaty-Govemor . 

James Kendall .... GOTemor . . 
Fnncta Bnssall .... Governor. . 
JVanois Bond. .... Frssidsnt. . 
Balph Grey ..... GovnmoT. . 
John Farmer ..... President . 


Sir Bavin QrwiTfll* .- 

. Oonnar. 

WilUuDSliupe. . . 


Mettort Crowe . . . 


SKor-. -. 


William Bbtrpa . . . 

; Praaident; 

B»b>rt LowttuT . . 

John Fran. .... 

. Preaident. 

Suuusl Vox. ... . 

. PMBldoDt. 

Heorr Woraler • ■ • 

Suni^fiarwick . . 

. Pnaldenl. 

June* DotiD .... 


B<!roop, Lord Ti«oni>l 


Junes DoUa .... 


Hon'. Bobort BIng . . 

. OoTonitr. 

IiBBaBaOn. . . . 


Sir Thomu Sobin«m 

Hon. Hrarj GranYlIle 
BalphWw^i . . . 

. Pieudent. 

Chu-leiFinfoU. . , 

. Governor. 

SwuuelBoni . . . 

. Preaidant. 

William eprr . . . 

. QowmoT. 

Samuel Bona . . . 

. Preaidant. 

Hon. Edward Hay. - 

. Oovenior. 

JohnBotu .... 

. Fnaident. 

Jamea CnuuDKliaina . 

. PreiidaDt. 

. Pieaident. 

- QoTamw . 

johnDotin Preaidant, 

David Faary ..... Oovenior , 

Uenrv Frere PreiideDt. 

David Parry .... 

William Biahop . . . 
George Fop'ota Bicbta 
William Buhop . . . 

Hackeaaie, LordSaa' V Oov«nMir. 

hrth ,.,...) 

Jobnlnoe Preaident. 

Vranda Humbaralolial 


lorth ..... -J 
Jobn Spoooer . . . Preddent. 
8iraecrgeBMikivilb,E.B. Govemoi. 
John Bpoooer .... Preaidant. 
Sir JanM Loilli, S.B. . Qorenua , . 
jolm Spoonar .... Preaident, . 
Sir Jams* Lelth, K.B. , Qoremw . 
John Foster Alleyna . . Preudaot. 

iSkuite. Preaidant. . 
filr Henry warde,K.C.B. Goramir . 

JohnBrathwailaSkaata. Preddent. , 

Sir Jamaa Lyon, K.C.B. Qovetnor. . 

JiriuiBratliwaitaSkaale. Preaident. , 
Sir JaniBa Lyon, E.G.B. Oavernor. 

J<^BrathiraitaSbeta. Preaidant. . 

bit Janua I>y<»i. K.CB. Govanwc . . 

JofaaBTatlivaiteBkBetB. PraiddnU. : 

Sir Lionel Smith. ILCB. Qovemor . . 

Jebn AU^ne Beodaa . FiealdaDl. . 

BirLloDal Bmitli,K.aB. Govanur. . 

Jobh Alleyne Becclaa . PreaUeat, , 

Sir Lionel Smith. E.C.B. GoTeruor. . 

Jolm AJleyna Becdea . Freaideiit. , 

Sir Lionel Smith, KLCB. Governor . . 

J. BrrttiwaKa . , . , Fnaldant. . . 
B. C Darlias .... LleuL-Oorarnor 
Blr Charlaa Edward Qre? Govrmor . 
^{Illam Raid, C.B. . . Governor. 


Fnaidot. , 


WilUu>B«ld,CJl . 

GovanKC, . , 

J. S. GmUd .... 

Prwidant. . , 


WiUlMBBHd,O.B. . 

Ooversor. . . 

. lSi8 


J.S.OMki>, , . , 

Pnaidaot. . . 


. 13tt 

J. B. Beat. ... 

Preaident. , . 

. i»a> 


S. B. Hamilton . . . 

. ISfil 

J. a Qwki> .... 

Preaident. . , 

. im 

. 1863 

FrauiaHincka. . . 

Goveraor. , , 

. IBM 

Gr>Qt£.TfaaM« . . 

Pn«dant. . . 


Frwda Hliwka . . . 

Governor . . . 

. 18M 

JaaaaWalkar . . . 

. 1869 

Bir Francia Hliick^) 
K.(U1.0,C.B. . . 

Govanmr. , . 

. 18W 

JanM Walfear, C.a . 

Oovamor. . , 


B.H.llnD4y . . . 

. I8G6 

Blr Jamaa Walker, 
E.aU.0., 03. . 

Goiranwr, . . 

. 1S6G 

Sir Kawaon W. Haw- 
■Ott, K.O.M.a^ C.B. 



. 1S7« 

John PofM Hennaaay, 

OoTBraor. , , 


Cm. a«Q. Onmina 

ODvenur . . 

. 18TB 



, 18T« 

lUjer 8tral», CK.Q. 

Oovamor . . 




. 18Tt 

Haior Sir Qea C.> 
tiMlum,K.C.lLa . 

QovBmor. . . 

, 187« 



, 1880 

Sir Henry E. Bnlmr, 
S-aiLO. .... 

GoTemor . . 



EstaOlvt ComdL 

liw Offioar ComwamUnB tba Irouw. 
Tba Colo^al Setretw v. 
Iha AMamaT-Oeiieral. 

Major- Qaneral D. J. Gamble, C.B. 
The Hon. Aaguatna Bjigga. 
The Hon. John Sealy, TiS>. 
The Hon. J, W. CarritiKtan,I).C J..,A>Sc>taf^GaarraJL 
The Hon. John Q. QranL 
The Hon. AUan Belfield. 
The Hon. Geo, C File. 
The Hon. W. B. Jones (acting). 
Clerk, t. W. HcKiu^. 

Serjeiia-at-Am*, The Provoat Hanlial, tm-ilfiam^ 
Ch^Jaiit, Bav. H. Qenavnr, SSL 
Bvmt yAwrflj, elMtad HUBaUy (liB».n> 
Henry PDgrlm, ^adxr. 
Bridgetown . . B. Inniaa and J. A. L< 

a> n..... * ^- Hely-HntcbinBon ud I. P. 

Chriat Chnrch , laaao Baeoa and 8. J. AtlwalL 
a. nLii_ f Jnhn CoBoell and Joaeph 

«. PWlp . . J ConnelL 

BL Jeba . . . F. Fleming and i. H. Thanaib 

BtJatnaa , . . J. C. Biafaaida and H. Qt^tm. 

St. Tbamaa . . W. G. Ellia and J. F. Marah. 

Bt.Asdrew . . J. T. QraaveaaBdJ.W. Pwtla. 

StJoaapk. . . W.C. BaevaaandTboaaaOUl. 

UL F<te . . . jL J. f aa and a C. QrM^ga. 

St Luc/ . . . J. B.PhllUpaajidJoluilE "- - 

J. A. Lnoli. 


Orrt, a. W. ClHTfaigtaD,NIOt 

DfmOy Clerk, W. L. C. PhilUiM, ISOI. 
ManU, 0. IL BrftlUmlts, im. 
Ck^lam, Bm. W. H. Pt.jJM, BiL 

CS^ EitabtiiiKuitL 
UtuL-Govtmor md ComnumAMm-CU^, WDUun 

Boblnson, G.iLa., i,0O0L 
Private Sacntan, Cftpt. C. 7. Holdar, iOHL 
CUtf Cltrk, B. Liwnuiw, IMN. 
Slid dii., E. Dnyton, VM. 

Coietaal 3temarf'$ Offica. 

Corrttpiyiidtiiet Brandt. 
Ckitf Ckrk, T. W. HoKlDitiy, SSOJ. 
and <iK, £. a. Sinokln, 160L 
Srrfrfs., a L. GnmiDUis, 90L 

Ut Oa-k, O. A. DDlaD, SOOJ. 
2n(j (fa., k H. Lvder, lOOJ: 
trd Jo., H. W. 0(4l;inore, 602. 

aUmial Tnamnr, John S. Howell; nlary ud 

offlcs eipsiueL L4S4/. 
CTiV Cfert, C. a. HowbIL 1 „,. . , 

E. H. Moora (KttoB). J »llo™«^ 

tiuptctor of OffiBtn, W. T. Amutcoiig, BOOt 
(Wfewr/or iXtJriK— 

A.— «. Midmi,!. B. Hwsiiils 1H». 

E— CAruCcfamsk sjid 31. Csoi^ W. !>. 'BM.jntt, 

a— a nUItp lad St. JoJih, a. St J. WatU, IfilM. 
D.— A. /oiui, a Thomat, and St. JotqtJL 8. S. 

PhiUipa, lAOJL 
K— & Ptffr, 5L £wn, awf ^f. Andna, F. K. 

AudUor-Gmeral, 0. 0. EnoUy b, 600t, ud SSOL lor 

offloa aipsDHs. 
OU</ CJ^i, I'. J. PatterBOD, 160L 
Clertt, F. QrifflCh, 6(U; and C. Oleiiuinta, lOJ. 

a>«<n>&r, L E. Bn)1nl^ «00i: ; with I*M M 
Begittru' of ahippiiiK, ■vwaginr VII. 

LamSaB Bvrt^or, Geo. Clinton, SfiOi. 

U (%ri aHa WarAomfittftr, Bo1»rt Dtduon, 

wsU, 160J. 
ftM^ Cieri, W. BL Bailey, HiL 
trdditta, Jaa. S. Lloyd, 160L 

QidmiafSaeiat Offiotr, H. A. Eodfie, I6(U. 
Saiiior LoHdrng-WZUir, P. L. DUIon, SOOJ. 
tmd Oaf diUa, Fnucl* Tavlor, UOl. 

£dwd. B. WalouU, 3401. 
trdOamditlo, mil. 


Wm. Erenrd, aOOJ. 
J. O. OnDtfiBD^aiW. 
A. D. Bjnoa, WOi. 

8nf Clou La^bu WaUtr, O. B. Eiu, SWU. 
W. Borahaia, £00/. 
Uk Gan dim, Vacant, 1(0^1 

AdHuUHnr ot JUu, W. K Clarke, fen avaraglng 

/Win nut PKrhu. 

Itupt^trr-Gauml qf Poliee, John Clemanta, G2DJ. 
Si^rMeidins aertftBd, R Stroud, l&OL 
St^avUtndeiilo/BarbimrPaLoc^ H. H. Haynei, 25011 
'——-'— n/Prum; P. B, amjlh (atting) «" 

/«»««*■ '*' -' ■- " " " '^f 


FiiitM^ JoMtce •!< (•'oitliiin, B. F. B. A 
Pnmtt-Manlud (vEcant), fsea. 
Ootenor ^ Giatdairy Pruon, W. Fri(«, SOOf. 
Surgeon lo Giatdairy Priton, T. Bowen, U.D. 

CoIedimi/ PMtmwOr^ B. A. D. Bynos, BOOI. 

xdpt and deipatoh ol 

Ckrtt, W. BrDwae, SOOf. 
F. H. BUhop, 1001. 
B. S, Walcott, lODi: 
F. 0. Kiug, TOt 
Tmo Ikpulg Pmtnuitltrt at SOIL saoh, 
Bigia 4UtB at IM sactt. 

One Supenaanerarji Ckrk, employed on Honey 
Order d«y>, S on days of rsoinpt ' ' 
£Dglish and oolonii 

SmrriHtatdmt, dipt. H. W. Skinner, B.R, 600A 
Cbrk, B. Collymore, lOOJL 

Harboar-Uatla'* Qffiei. 
Bartour-Matter, S. G. OlaWBon, SSOt with an 
allowance of 2SK for dorks, boat's crew, Ac- 
Ib Shipping-Haitcr, with feea. 

Ltmatie Atflum aid LatorMo. 
XaideM Smtrinlatdait of Aiulan, Albert Field, 

SiBitriiitemdeiU of LaaartOo, T. Welch, lOOt 
Pkytidm to UaaTetto, Albert Field, M.B.OJf..' 
631. 1D<. 

Sauiage Bank, 
Stertlanf aid Actuary, John O. Qrant, 601. 
3 Clirki at ML and ioL 
111 Clerk, E. P. Boyce, 7Bi 
iwj Cleri, O. Bmilh, GOl. 

PtAUe Library. 
IjOrimm, Dot. J. E. Walmtt, 8001: 

Board of Boaltk. 
Clert, J. Sanderson, SOIL 

Ju£eial BtlMMmint. 
Chief JtuOct, Sir Charles Packer, EnL S,000t 
AttonMy-GuMTai, F. Fleming, 6001. 
Sntiaior-Geneml J. W. CmrinKton, D.O.L., SMt 
Own'f Ailicilar and Proctor, E. K. Taylor, fees. 
UculfT in Cianrery, J. Q. Grant, leefl. 
Btgitirar m Ckmrry, Robert Haynee, feei; !• 
' alao Cltrk •/ tht Croien, with SiL 2t. ; and Pro- 
Ikonolory and Clerk of the Court of Conaum PUat, 
Ims. I* aotinKU I^Toat Uarsb a'. 
Ogieiai Auigiiet,W. P. Trimingham, fees. 


Etcitalor-Oaimi, R. A, P. Bibby, teas. 
CanKd-Ric€ivtT, W. H. Berkeley, fees. 
Rmitrarbi Admirtilly, E. K. Taylor, feaa. 
Martial iSOo, Bobert Haynes, fees. 
f%ve ComnuHionm /or laHag the Proiata of Dttdt, 
4k., J. Q. Qnat, H. N. SprinBer, Chulei Eva- 
Ifq, N, Grcves, I. B. Heece, fees. 
Jttdga of He Aiditmt Court q/ Appad, H. F. B. 
Alleyne, W. Hyndmm JoneB (witiiig), uid J. B. 
Boece (■cling). 150(, ewh. 
Clerk to (fifto, P. Tinliag, 150;. 
J»^ ofPtUy Debt Court, John Coot, 400t 
a^Ckrk Petty Debt CovH, St. Hktatri, E. L. 

Stokes, 30<V. 
Snd CUrk, S. W, King, 

iViM Magiitratet of Bridgetotim md St. Midutrl, 
H. 8. aeon uid J. B. Smith (»cdDg>, WO/. e»oli. 
Tiws atri, W. H. Berkeley, 182i 
i^>^ UamitTott o/DiMrictt— 
B.—A. Sealy, SdOt 
(7.— W. Honalnglon, 8601: 
^.— A. Kingdou, B60L 
£— N. Orearee, *00t 
/:— W. T. Evaljn, 8601 

a. J/tohwf, "W. C. Pinotl, M.D., 1501. 
CiMM CSurot and SL Georye, I. B. 

Beece, lODI. 
ai. Pkak and St. John, J. Bealy, M.D., 


SL JotejA and St. Aiufrew, B. Bowie WU- 

at Janet and St. Themiu, J. R Uoora, 

M.B.C.e.E., 8«. 
.St. Peter and St. Laeg, W. H. Jordu, 8(U. 

/ViiKwa; o/"Cb<iruijtoii Cott^a, Yen., W. T. Webb, 

T^tor of <Ltto (vKcuit), SSOt 

Oattical Lecturer, W. Urey H.A., 800f. 

itidicat Lecturer, dc, oT dUta, &. Bowie Wiloott, 

H.D., soj: 

Tiland Profeaor oj Oieaattry and Agi-iadturai 

Sdenee, J. B. Hurimn, B.A., SOOl 
Biad Hater of Harrieon CoOege, H. Delghtou, 

U.A., F.RA.8,, late Senior SchaUr ot Queen's 

Oollege, Cunbiidge. 

U^„ „ . ._____. 

B.A., Soholu of St. John's CoIIskd, Cuabridge i 
Bev. a. Oepp, RA., Ute Eibibitioaar ot St. 
John'i Cotlege, Cambridge i G. F. Fruiks, B.A., 
Balliol College, Oxford; W. Burilem, B.A., 
PambrokB Collage, Oiford; K Cutting, B.A., 
DorhAjn Umreralty. 

Amkm ifoftcr, J. B. Harrison, B. A., Christ's Col- 
lagB, UuDbridge. 

Utrman Maiier, Horr Lndlow. 

Inmeclor of Sdutoli, R P. Elliott, 600/. 

SiA-Iatpeclor of SdmoU Joa. A. Carringlon, 250(. 

Secntarj q/ Edacation Board, H. J. Borall, 160t 

Poor Late Board. 
Preiideai, Otwild Jones, 
Memberi, J. Q. QranL 

J. A. Lynch. 

J. Thonuu Jones. 

/nnslor, C. HotBOD, ILB., aH., 6001. 

0. J. Lswranoe, 200^ 

CianoeBorofOeDioeae, Sir J. S«ly, K.Q.W-O., 

A^uerar qftSUo, Thomaa II. Sealy, B.A., fees. 
Rector tfSl. ifiduiel. Rev. T. Clarke, U.A. 

«t. ./oln, Bev. £. U. Sealy, H.A. 
at Jo*^ Rev. C. L. Paleraen, M.A. 
a. Andrao, Est. H. Hulson, M.A, 
Si. Tkomai. Hev. W. H. R BoveU, RA 
at. Jamee, BeT. W. D. Arrfndall. 
St. Peter, Hev. G. M. D. Praderick. 
«. /.tnj, Hev. 0. D. Qitlona. 
Each rector receiTaa a stipend of S30f., has a 
reaidence and anull glebe, and such as were 
appointed priot- to IS.'il a cammutatioii in liou of 
fees. There are also !7 curates psid from the 
Colonial Treasmy, at a aalsi? of iOOL each, and 
most of Iham are provided with reeddeiioes. 
The Roman CathollcB receive SOJ^ a-year. 
The Moravians receive 4001. 
The WesleysttS rooeiva 700i. „ 

UiUtary Dtparlmtnt (Wmdaari and Leeioard 


Comnumding the Forcn, UajoT-Goneral D. J. 

Gamble, O.R 
Auiitaat Adjuliait and Quartermatter - Gtneral 

Attulant AfUUarv Seerttary, Brevet Lleui-Col. 

J. E. D. Hill. 
Aide-de-Camp, Lieut. L. O. Fawkes, R.A. 
Cammaa£ag Offcer ofEngmeen, CoL D. A. Frawr, 

Retident Royal Enginerr, Major Lyon Campbell, B.E, 
Commanding Qffcer ofArtiUery, LiaDt.-Col. 0. H. A 

limienant-Colonel, 0. Eccles, 1st Batt 4lh K.O.B. 


Dltlrirt P^marler, CapL E. J, La^ess. 
Princaai Medical OScer, Deputy Surgoon- Genera! 
■ H. T. Beada, V.C, M-D. 
Chaplain to the Ibrcet, Bnv. J. H. Sutton Uoiley, 


The Island of St Tincent was disoovered by 
Oolnmbus on the SSnd M January, 1498. It ia 
situated in 18° lU' N. latitude, and 60° 67' W. Iod- 
gituds, at a distaDce of 21 miles to the south- we«t 
of St. Lneia. It is 18 miles in length, and 11 ia 
breadth, and canlaina about 85,000 acres of land. 
Some of tlie Qrensdinee, a chain ot small Islands 
Ifiag between Grenada and St. Vincent, are com- 
^ised irithin the goTeriiment of the latter island. 
The principal is Bequja, eituated at a distance of 

KiugBtown, thacapitalofBt. Vincent, la sitnated 
at the bottom of an eitensire bay, at the south- 
western extremity of the Island. It oonslstH of 
throe principal streets, each about a mile loo^, 
mnnin^ parallel with the beach, and conUins » 

^ulatlaD of 6,400 aonls. 
t. Vincent, though oxhibiting some features 
with the other islauds, is favourably 




Ita moat 

ustain, wlsbnted far tbv Tiolenci d1 ita erup- 
UOD in 1812. This moniituii ia iiituated at ue 
uDrUiem eitremit; of tlis ialand, and is about 
8,000 feet above the level of the aea. 

At (he time of its discove^, Bt. Yin 
Bome of the other email istacda, was inhabited b]r 
the Cariba, who coutinoed in the uudispiited pos- 
session of it oiitU lS!7,when theEingof England 
made a grant of the islaod to the Earl of Carliele. 
In I6G0 it was declared nentnil, and in 167S it was 
gnnted to Lord Willoaghby. 

tio steps, howBVur, upeir to hare been taken 
to f onn s sattlenunl on the lal&nd. In the ~ 
time the Eaglish and French came to an agree- 
ment to abandoQ the Islands of Dcaninlca and 
Bt. Vmoent to the Cariba, on oondition of their ro- 
uoufidDg all claim to the other islands. After 
that, the Cariba oODtinued sole masters of SL 
Vincent until the year 167S, when a number of 
savages of • different raoe were discovered on the 
island. Then received the appellation of "Black 
Caiiba," to dietinguish them from the aborigines, 
to whom the name of "Yellow Caribs" wa« 

Inl .. „ 
Hontagne of some ol the' 
eluding Bt. Tinoent. 

From Blatlstica of the fesr 1740 it appears that 
the while inhabitants then unonnted to abont 
tlOO, and the glares to 3,000, prodncing oonimodi- 
ties for exportation to the valne of 6S,S25f. 

In 1748 8t Vincent was declared neutral by the 
Treatf of Aii-la-Chapelle. In 1756, however, 
hostilities were renewed, and the Island was 
taken in 176S by General Uonckton ; and by the 
Treaty of Paris in the following vear it was oeded 
lo Qreat Britain, when General Melville was ap- 
pointed Qovemor. 

By a treaty, which was oonolnded in Febmarv, 
17TEI, an exIeDsivs district of 8t Vinoent was al- 
lotted to the Caribs ^who for some time had betm 

laying down their arms and acknowledging the 
King of Great Britan as the rightful sovereign of 
the island. 

In lii9 the island snrreadered to the Fninah. 
The following year has been rendered memor- 
able by the ocourreuoe of the greatest hurricane 
of which there ia any record in West Indian 
annals. It took place on the lOfh of October of 
that year, and extended its ravages chiefly Co 8t 
Vincent, Qrenada, 8 b Locia, and Uarticiqne. 
The plantations were deatrojad, the hoases thrown 
down, and the lose of human life in the four islands 
has been computed at upwards of 20,000 souls. By 
the Treat; ofYereaillea lo 1708 BU Vin<wn( was 
restored to Great Britain. 

From this period to the breaking out of the French 
revolution the island sppeara to have enjoyed oom- 
parstlre prosperity and peace ; but then the Caribs 
and their allies (the French) again overran the 
oonntry, burning the oane-fields, plnndering the 
honsee. and meroileaelv murdering the EngUHh 
colonists. This stale d thinge continued till the 
arrival irf the Zebra sloop of war, with sucoonrs 
from Uartinique, then the British faead-quarCern. 

The oOQtest was carried on, "with aftomationB 
of good and ill fortune, until the arrival of 
8ir Italph Abercrombie with reinlorcements in 
June, 1796. The suoceee which bad attended the 
British arms in the reduction of BL Lucia in- 
apind tbe inbatHtaots of Bt. Vincent with tiopes 
<i a speedy deliverance, and they ware not dis- 

' appcrinted. After an obstinate strnnle the In-> 
mrgeuts surrendered at discretion. TbJe Govem- 
ment, in anticipation of such an event, liad re- 
solved that the Cariba should be transported to the 
island of Bsttan, in the Bay of Uonduras; and 
accordingly, on the llth Usrch, 1797, the neces- 
sary transports having been provided, tbe Caribs, 
to tJie number of 5,DS0, were embarked at Beqnia, 
and sailed for their appointed deatination. 

The planters who survived thia protracted and 
desoiating war fonnd the Colony at its close in a 
sad state of destitution; and an application for 
relief to the Imperial Parliament 1^ means of a 
loan, was favourably entertained. Aboat this 
time Mr. Sealon resigned his post of Governor, and 
was succeeded by Ur. William Bentinck, who ar- 
rived in June, I80S. The new Ooremor was au- 
thoriaed to graut oconpancies of tbe Csrib lands, 
during the Kind's pleasure, to all those who iiad 
been engaged In the late war; and this wsa fol- 
lowed in lS04 by an Act declaring that tbe Caribs 
had forfeited all claim to their lands under the 
treat; of 1778, and these were consequently re- 
vested in the Crown. 

In 1809, Sir Charles Brisbane was appointed Go- 
lf BL Vincent, in which post be oontinusd 

is death, in ISM. During his a 
^-Bn to ngTie-" 

renticeship system was e 

d the first 

tn 1884 tta^ 
blished, and was 

emancipation. The year 1846 w 
introdnotloD of Portaguese tabonrera, ■ 
imraJgrBDts who amounted in a few years to !,400, 
and who have proved a valnabls addition to the 
genvol popnlatlon of the island. 

St. Vlucezit received its first cargo of Ooolle 
laboorers m 1861. There sre abont 1,800 of these 
immigrants at present located on different planta- 
tions in the island. 

There are seventeen oliurcbes and oliapels be- 
tonoln^ to the Eatablislied Cbnrcb, tliree Boman 
Catnoho, eleven Weslejan, and one PreelTtarian, 
chnrchsB or chapels. 

The coostitutioD of St. Vinoent o^giually oon- 
■fsted of a Qovemor, OonnoU, and Assembly. 

Tbe Oonndl coo^slsd of tweln members, ona 
half of whom were named in tbe Govemar's Com- 
mission, and the remaiadiir appdnled cm Ua re- 
commendation. The Council acted in the doable 
capadt; of a Privy CouncQ and a LegislaClva 
CoundL The Governor presided in the former, 
and tbe senior member, with the title ol President, 
tn the latter, on whom also devolved the temporary 
administration of tbe Qovammsnt, on the death or 
absence of the Ooremor. 

The Asselnbly was originally composed of 
nelsMi membera, indnding two tor the Oreoa- 
dloes. In 1643 it was increased to twenty-lve, but 
by an Act of 18M the number ol B 

a 1856 a 

number ik Beprasentatlva 

a, as it originally stood. 


Council was re-modelled, with the addition of an 
Administrative CoEnioitteCK selected by the Qo- 
vemor, and compoeed of three members, (His from 
the Legislative Conncil, and two from the As- 
sembly. T his Committee held office diuring plea- 
sure. Tlieir duties were to advise and assist the 
Oovsmor in the administration of the flnances, 
and of tbe general affairs of the Ocriony ; to act aa 
- Baard_af Audit, and to have tbe charge d all 
be tbs oSdal organs of 



oommnnioatloa betwera tbB OoTWdot uid tha 
IieglBUtiTe Cluunban. Tbii Ad of ISSS had, how- 
eVBT, > duratloa of only Sva ytna. On its sxpiT- 
ing, in 1861, the AdmlainntiTe CoDunittae ww 
not revived i bat ui Act wu pMsad Buthioiaiiig 
Iha continuuice oS the EieconTe Caaucil w ■ 
Cound] <d Advice to the Governor. This Council 
ma compoMd o( membarB from both brwiches uf 
the LegiaUture, appointed bv and removable M the 
iJeamire of the Crown. I^om this CoDDdl the 
Goremor aalecled, at pleamre, >D7 two mem- 
bers, being membera of the Houea d Aasambl}', tu 
act utha (Ada! organa of canmiuilcatioii betwean 
himself and the AMemblj. The initiatioD of all 
uoDOy votes reeled with theae membera, uktar tha 
direction of the aovenlOT, without whoM aaeent, 
aignifled throogh one of them, no money vole 
conld be taken. A separate and diatinci oUce of 
Auditor of Public Aooomits yna at the same time 

Thii conetitution, however, wm found no longei 
miited to the altered drounutances of the Colony; 
and b; Acts which received her Hajesty's aeseut, 
and wliicli were formally proclaimed in the 
Colony on October 17, 1867, the Legislative Coun- 
cil and Uouiie of ABeembly wore abrogated, and a 
single Legjelative Aeeembly was created inatetd 
thspsof. Thie Aeeenibly was compoaed o( 12 mem- 
ben, via.:— three ex-tdSoia, three nominated by 
the Crown, and eii elected by tba people. It was 
presided over by one a! its Dtaniben appoliitad by 
the Crovn, who had, in addilJoD to hu vole as a 
member, a caeting vote aixn an tquaUty of votes. 

The ftaDchiee was regotued by an Act paaaedand 
nnbtished concurrentlv with tlw Conatitatioli Act 
The qualification for eUctoTB was a freehold ol lOL, 
a leasehald or tenancy of SQL, or an income of bOl. 
per anDurD. The number of electors registered 
nnderthia law, for the year 1874, waaonlj 888. Oi 

306 on income qualiflcatiou. 

But thie Conetitulion, aim, haa been aluvgated 
by an Act, of the Local Legialature (confirmed by 
an Imperial Act, 89 and 40 Vic, o. 47), by which 
the future modelling of the Conatitntion was left 
to the Crown. By an Order in Council of the 
7th of Fsbniary, 1877, Her Majeety baa declared 
(hat the Legislature is to oonsist of the ODvemor 
for the time being, and such other pwaona, not (evrei 
than three, as She may dealgnala by inatructiona 

The Bupreme Court (or Civil Causes was for- 
merly called the Court of King's Bench and 
Common Pleas, but is now etjled the Bupreme 
Court of Judicature. It is presided over by the 
Chief Justice, with whom are associated tliraa 
AssialaBt-J nstices. not profeadooal men, receiving 
no salary, but entitled to oerlaju [eea. 

Tha court for the trial of criminal otfenoes ii 
Btykd the Court of Grand Sessions of the Peace, 
aod is held four times a year. The Chief Justice, 
the Aesistant-Juetioeii, and the members of tha 
Executive Council are Judges of this Court. 

In 1864 the benefit of the Encumbeivd Emtat^ 
Act was extended to Bt Vincent; and ia 1869 tha 
Court of Appeal for the Windward Islands was 
duly inaugurated. This Court is composed of tha 
Ctuef JuBlicee ol the Islands ol Barbados, SL 
Vincent, Gnnada, SL Luda, Tobago, comp^aing 
tbe Government of the Windward lalanda. Tha 
ragiatratlon irf all real proserty ia required to b« 
— -■- =- '>-- -— ■ -iw Colonial Bagiatrar, who ll 

jDOda in tha ofBcs of tba C< 

Utl^ OScrrt teio Aara AAiUmMertd Us Oarerw- 
ment of St. ViwxBt ma itt Catvm to Qr»aL 
Britaiii, in 1768. 

Brigadier-Qenoral Bobert Uelville 
Oaptain-General and Qovemor- 
ia -Chief in and over the Soothem 
Garibbee Islands of St. Vinoent, 
Grenada, DominiCB, and Tobago . S Oct. 176S 

Brigadier-General William Ley- 
borne I>eyb«ne !I(ar. 17TS 

Fnm 1770 M 1883 &. Piactae was a K^onM Go- 

Valentine Uorrls, Qovemor <i Bt. 

Vincent and its " "" ' " 
Edmund Lincoln. 

28 Sec 1818 

William Bentinck . . . . 

Henry waiiam Benttnck . 

Sir George Beckwith, K.B. 

Bir Charles Brisbane, Kt. . 

Bir Charles Brisbane, Et. . 

Bir Chaa. Brisbane, K.O.B. . . . 

Bight Honourable Sir QeiHgB FitB- 

gvrald Em, Bart 10 Jan. 1831 

In 1838 St Vineiml mu imslwitd mlh BartaAit, 
Omaia, amd Toiage, in one GoKrai GonmUHmt, 
lie 0«<enHr^4a.CSHf/ bting VMiibaf at Barbadat. 

" m eoet •>/ (is otter MiiHla, 

W mabJed m (Ms pmraf 

S April9S78 
2 Mar. 179S 

Bir Qflorgo Tyler, Oaptafn KV. 

fLieuL-QovBraor)) 4 May 1888 

Colonel Sir Richard Doherty, EL . 8 Jan. 1843 

Sir John Campbell, Bart 16 Oct 1846 

Bichard Graves MacDonnell, C.B. . 10 Jan. 185S 

Edw, John Eyro SO Dec 1864 

Anthony HuBgrtve (Administrator) M Hay 1B61 
Anthony HuBgravefLfeat-Oovemor) 10 Hay 18St 

George Berkeley fl Bepi 1SS4 

Witliam Hepburn Rennfe .... t June 1871 

Edward Labords (Adminlstrstor) . I July 187S 

Augustus P. Gore (Administrator). 2 May 1874 

Geo. Dundae, C.M.G. gfl Oct. 1S74 

E. I.aborde (Administrator) ... 28 Hay 187S 

Geo. Dundee, C.M.Q !7 Har.lSrS 

Augustus F. Gere, H.O. (Liant- 

Govemor) 10Jnlyl88O 


37 ,81.9 
If Public DfiL 



3,844 24,707 1,4B6 481 6,721 
Total 86,888 
* mdndas lEmnEgTation Revenue and ExpanAtDn. 
t laclBje»liimrijiaBi>HandTTinietglB^tc— Bareaaa 


































Snaaiiit Onmea. 



D. K. Porter. 


LigiMlaliBt CvmtdL 
The I.tnit.-OoTBnioT ■ndOalonU BMraU)?. 

The AUarn«]f-a«iMnL 

rttan, and StaUtrar-Gmeral^Biilit, ^, A. F. 

Qora, ^JnC-bUeriMr, LOOK 
CUfi 9f Cammli ami Co^/Ualial CIml t* At 

Goramar, T. Newton Biiivba, 16«. 
Cbri to lA* Colomial Seentarf, Aleunder Alfan, 

amd CeOtular of Catlam*, UaaagSi 
Bcmt, T. B. Qriffith. GOOI. ud Ian. 

^wtter, E. H: Mi 
Pnlttler of tmu 

GDI. to- tunw kM|h 
OK^yPBlic»^0«pt.Gea 0. Denton, 8001, ^nd 

■Uovanoae, ukd GOf. f or cWfc. 
Cfank, H. B. OwDBiit. 

CtowaOrr, The Officer AdminieteriuK the Gotmii- 

lab»n«to Cbwt, Q. TnHort, BOpt 
^tonK,-^«r.i Juhbb a ChoMita, «« 
prorot JAntol, E. H. Breeti. U6L eod Ims. 
CblMtaJ JlMii*™- owl AoMtoi* tf ■*• *^S*r 

C<»r« ^T-. a«d ii-ilj), illMi Lwrii, MOt, 

nd fiOl: for oleriod wdrtwce. 
/>!)&> if<9iNnitoi, J. O. 0>>°W^> ^^X*^ 

O. YaokaTiiliinn, ■U'l 
John ITOt^T&M. 

MMot Amm, 8. Arnott, U.D., t 
Dfat No. 1, R. P. aprotl, M-D., S 
- 1, V. F. Newwn, HE 

u, Ua, MU 
8,' Ooo. riidi7, 140iL 
4,L7nefaeT ' 

UiBilten qf Bd^/iin. 
ChmttkU Em^^:— 
AMm, Ber. H. T. Labotde, ILA. (ireUuwit). 

BeT. J. Dnrton. 

Bev. fiouwl F. Brauih. 

Bar. John Coonell. 
Om^im,V»i. S. UbIb Smith. 

Bar, H. FUutoi. 

Bov. 8. Tipean. 

Bev. B. CIvke. 
TTeelniw MinuUm, Ber. Geo. Bf kea, OhairBua 

ttn. T. 8. Ttao 

Bar. Powell. 

Ber. — Orifio. 

Bnv. J. Gnat. 

BeT. W. B. Smith. 

Rev. J. OnwUur. 

BeT. R GHbett. 

Bh.J. B. TnlL 
Amm CUloliM, Bar. IL Fiirdlr. 


Qronda h dnMnd betvWB tlw lanlbile of 
U« W Hidtl« tB* N. ht- Mi SI* aO' and 61° W' 
W. In^t kekaalSli^eataleneHLlSnflaiin 
Its gtaMeM breadth aid cootaiiM aboot 7«,MB 
aoraa, iritta a popalattuB, by lb* Oenna <;< 1S71, of 
S7,7»SH>ida. ItUai<6emileaS.S.W.af8t.Tiiieaal, 

latlar island an aartda 

.__ QreiuuUaeft partly at- 

taohed to the gannttmai tt Si. vWent, aad- 
—- "-*- that of Onuda; thalvgeat of Ihelattw 
" h hae an ««i of S^U acrea, and' 

Teiy plstn- 
1 in naanl' 

- i«se 1.741 

the level •( the sea, 7 ides from Bt. GMrge, and 
Ltfhe AatdBe are asoDc the auvt nnanablv 
uatnral ovtaailba. Tlw lelatMl b divided into aik 
paiiibae~8t. OMne, SI David, St. Andrav, Bt. 
Patrii^ BL Mvk, and St.Jobn. Tbfxrfiiaf pro- 
II of OieBailaan mga- and ooooa, and tbaa*' 


Inhabited bv Cu-iba. In 16W Do Paiqnet, Go- 
vernor «1 If artiniioe, poTcluBed Grenada from 
■ FrMteh eempaov. rb&g the expense of nudn-- 
tabling an nvied (one to mpport Ida anUioritj 
not eompeniMted bv the expectation of fotnre 
pratta. Da Panaet eiU th* Ub»1 Id Ub7 to 
Iba OomU de Canfllae for SOOM arowna. The 
QoWDM affxAited b; the saw {BOfDiatflr ruled 
vttli 10 BBoh tynumj that the aoat reapeotable 
artlbnlift tlwuludi ha was at langth aetaed. 

oUmt tat i> 17U tt -wa aaanadvod W ttw 
. InglltL Oavmedora Bw auloti, aad w«* termdly 



ceded to GraaC BrlUla by tbs Tietlj of Peue 
BigDBd at Ftris on the 10th of Febrnuy, 1?88. 
til 1779 it WM retaken b; the Frenoh ; ftod In 1783 
jt WH rwtorad to OieM Britain by the gsneral 
Treaty of Pbhw of Voraailtsa. Hajor-Geoeral 
Edward Uathen was appoialed Captain-Clenera] 
•adOoTBmor-in-Chietof Grenada and of Cariiacoii, 
and from tltat dale to tbis time the KaTsmment 
of Grenada has been cooflned vithin then limits. 
In 1787 St. Qeotge's was nude a free port. 

of msmberi of AMembl;. The"HcniBe'cif Aw 
was to consist of Sfl members, of whom 4 were 
rstuniBd tor the town of St. George, 7 by the nnllwl 
parishes of St. Qeorga and BL Jobn, fi by ths united 
parishes of St. Patrick and St. Uark, « by the 
oniltid parishes oi Bt. Andrew and St. David, and 
8 by Caniacon. 

The Assembly was sleeted for bstsd years. 

Cnder an Act dated 14th October, IBfiB, and 
limited in ita dnratian to a term of three yeora, an 
EzscutiTe Council was formed, compoeed of mem- 
bers selected by ths Crown from the Legislative 
OonncBand Bonee of Aasembly. Daring the con- 
tinnanos of this Act the executive functions of the 
LsgislatiTB Conndl ceased, and were exercised by 
ths new CounciL The Act was allowed to expire, 
and the I^egialatiTo Council resumed its sxecutivs 
functtons nnder the style, of Her Majesty's Ckiuncil. 

Tba conetitutioQ was re-ffiodelkd by an Act of 
ths 7th of October, I87S, end a single Legisladvi 
Assembly establiaW in lieu of the Coundl an. 

Assembly e 

Asaeiably. 'The Assembly consisted of 17 Members, 

8 eledM by the people, and B not 

OroWD. The A^ aJao appointed 

imbly. These 

u^' ' 

„__ ^ d 

)r on ths conduct of affairs. 
This Assembly at its flrel meeting on tbe 
9th of Februarr, 1876, addressed the Queen, 
Informing Her Majesty that it had passed a Bill 
proTidinf; for ita own extinction, and leaving 
" it entirely to your MaJBatT'e wisdom and 
discnitian to erect such form of Government aa 
your Majesty may deem most desirable for ths 
welfare A tbe colony." Tbe Imperial AoL (89 and 
40 Vic, c~ 47) which has been msntiDned in the 

Kvians article (Sl Vincent), empowered Her 
Jesty to ccmpty with thie addreee, and a new 
LegialatiTe Council ha« been estabhahed by the 
Qnees, ooniliting oi tbs QoTemor for tbe tjiae 
batng, and snob persons, not fswcr than, three, as 
Her Majesty may designate by instructlcma or 

Lilt !{/* Goeeniort, aaif £*»(.- Cowmorj. iitio have 
admniiUnd tie fiosenment qf Crovdu, nlnce lie 
es«ti>ii a/ He CaliKg in 1763. 

1784 Brig.-OeDsral Bobert Melville, Capt-Oeueral 
and Cr>mmiuider-in-(^hief in and over the 
Boulhem Oaribbae Islands at Qreiwda, 
Dominica, Bt Vinoeut, and Tobago. 

1768 Clyssea Fitnuanrioe, Sen., Lient.-UoiraniDr 
of Bt. Vincent. 

1771 Brte-Oenersl W. Leybourne,QoTenuir. 

177fi WilUsm Ynuig, IJBDi.-.aoTmoT of Tobago. 

1776 BirGeareo(>fterwwdsI.ard)M>caMiHiy,£^ 

4 Llent-Qeneial Bdwird HaUhaw, Gorermv. 

IS ) 

1 ^Samuel Wmiams, Esq., President. 

18 I 

IB Nlnlan Home, Esq., Lient.-QovBmdr. 

i6 Alexander Hoostonn, Esq., LienL-Goremor. 

<7 CoL ChBB. Green, Governor. 

a George Vere Hobart, Esq., Lient-Qoremor. 

15 Major-Oansral W. D. McLean CIsphans, 


16 Brig.-Qeneral F. Maitland, Governor. 

I > A. C. Adye, Esq., President. 


a Major-GaneTal F. MaiUand, Qoremor. 

10 ) 

> S-A. C. Adye, Esq., Frestdent. 

5olonel E 


6 Major-Genera] Phineas Biall, G 

7 ) 
y Andrew Houatoun, Esq., President. 

9 1 

1 MajoT-Oensral Fhineas Biall 

V George PatereOn, Esq., Fresidsnt. 

6 BIr James Campbell, K.CB., Qovemor. 

1 > 

}■ Felix Pahnsr, I^., Prwddent. 

2 ) 

B Major-Qonsra] George VIddlemore, 0.R, 

8 Major-General J. H. Xtii, Lietit.~( 

6 Lieut.- Colonel 0. J. Doyle, LieuL-GovenWi. 

6 Eer B, Hamilton, Esq., LieuL-ODvemor. 
8 Robert W. Keats Esq. LieuL-Govomor. 

7 C. H. Eortright, Esq., Lient-Oovemor. 

4 Major Robert Miller Mnndy, C.M.G., LisaL- 

I. Sanford Freeling, Esq., CM-G., 











































































PtNic DM,aflOOL 
Ber Sfafiitg't Eiacatiet C<nmdi. 

Tkt Coloiual Secretary, ) 
Tht Attmnrs-G '^ ' " 

Tkt Trtatunr, 

Ligiib^BB Comeil. 
FrfUmt, ths Lient-'OoTernor or Admiulatntor. 
Tke Colonial Secrtlani,) 
mt AUontg-OenerM, V Ex-i^tao. 
Tkt Tnatmrrr, J 

Unoffidal itemien, L. F. HuiMt, J. Bumernuui, 

Bcd F. Batt. 
Clerk of Ike CaameOt, IML 

Cieil Etiablitkment. 
LtaKtataml-lioKnuir, UoLonel B. W. Hwle;, O.B., 

O.H.Q., i,aou 

PriwOt Secnlmy, 

Colamial SecrrtaTB and Begittrar-GaHtral, CkpUlii 

IrwiD v.. Ktling, biOL 
CKefClerk, CohmaiSecrelary, Qeo. Anton (utinB), 

£. J. HcEwen (ictiiig), 2801. 

Oua/Cltrk, Trt 
Sattamt Omcert . 

A, Giargt, T. J. Rowley, IBOt 
E. J. If cEwen, IM, 


OjT.l., 8n...., 

5. W. Rochs, JU W<atT, m. 
t,B.J.Q. Mnnro-SOOt 
i, J. L. S. BarnBrd,30<U. 
ilDM AqIou, 170/. 

Ctiamal En^inttr, C. Biak, 8SU, tod SOJ. toavelliiig 


ToiBinffSt. <ltorge,ColomiJBBmaal,tmdPnit- 
e^Medkat Offictr, F. Orgiu, ILD., 400/., 
and sot. dlowtnce. 
Fari4liqf8t. Ge<rm,mdAiglmi,0,R.'linatii, 

a.' Jikn and SL Modi (vacant), SOtUl 
SL PtOrum, P. F. HcLeod, H.D., ROD/. 
BL AndroB, William Laos, U.C., SOOi^ 
St. Dmid, WiUun Wella, ILD., 800/. 

AwH .hr^cn (Tacaut), 2&0L, and 

ffeunn (Mibn-, Carriaam.T.J.'Rjiet.lLTLO.BE. 

BttOk qgktr, St. Gtorgt, P. Oreias, H.D. (hM). 
PmleeloT of IvmigrvniM, TH. O. L. CumuDgbam, 

Airhwr 1/iuter awl Adn^ AexmH e>JjE«r, 0. F. 
■ Anton, M5/. 
JCcgMT o/ CornnuM Gaol, Q. D« Prwtines, 1601. 

Jmtidal EttablMmmt. 
Chi<fJtittice,Juibeo/lAe Viee-Admiraity Covrt,and 

vUe-Ckaits^or, J. F. Gresbam, BDO^ 
AUonef-amenii, £. K. UoyUn, 400/. 
Begiitrar m Chimcfry, Ordinary, and Vice-Adndralty, 

CapUin Iririn C, Mating. 
Awroil Mankal, and ifarthal in Viee-AAnirally, 

Henry Shaipe, MO/., and allowaiioe fiO/. 
C/cr*, G. A. Jackson, BO/, 
/■oftn MagulraUM, J. A. Harwood, 4/iOi., and 601. 

PaUce Maaittr^f L- B. Otway, 8O0L 
e. £. Bochc, 300/. 

A. Jofai (Bu! .SEI. Mori:, Samuel E. Bocba, IS/. 
«. Patrick, J. P. G. Mnnro, 30/. 
St. AndrtK, J. P. G. Untiro, !G/. 
Corriacou, L. B. Otway, ISL 
Jfajftr 0/ Cnnwir Sckool (vacant), SOOl. 
AuitUml diUa, 100/. 

Aailant Mater o/Karmai Sckool, 
LUrarian and Keatr of Catmerdai Ball, Jonpb 
EobOTt»,60/. ^^ ^ "^ 

Gonnmml FriiUen, C. Walla and Bon, BOO/. 
Miaetera of RtSgioii. 
Anglican Ckurrk. 
Biikop, Ths ffishop of Barbadoa. 
Beetort, The Very Rav. J. A Anton (Canon). 
Hbv. K. L. PhiUlpa (Kwro/ iJM»> 
Bev. E. BoreU. 
Rev. 0. A. Gentle. 
aimte,Vey. G. W. Brancb. 

.RDmiM CatkeSc Ckurck. 

The Vary Bav. Canon Patretto. 

Tha Bav. AbM P. Tronelle. 

„ „ T. O'Railly. 

„ „ H. Eepiniwa, 

^ II L. Duffy. 
The Hov. Q. Irrina 

K, aJ. £ng1edow. 

Toba^ was dlacovered bj Colnmbaa In 141)8, at 

wbioh luDS it waa occupied by Carihb. The Brilish 
flag was firrt planted on the iHlind in 1580, and tha 
•oTerelstit; wu regularly claimed by Jamea I in 
1608. In lS2a an attempt wae made by eoma 
adventaira™ from Barbadoa to form a colony ; bat 
many vers killed by the Carib Indiana, and tha 
remaining few eecaped and settled at Providence. 
In 16S6 a grant of the inland was made by Charlea 1 
to the Eail of Pembroke. The ialand remained 
DiKnca^ed until 1682, when 800 Zealandaca wer« 
' ' by a company of Dutch mercbaota, who 
Kew Walobaien. AiUr a reaidence ol 

. . J yeara theee eettlere were all deetroyed or 

eipelled by the Indians and Spaniarda from Trini- 
dad. In 1646, Jamea, Duke of Courland, obtained 
a grant of the island from Charlea I, and in 1648 
two veaeela arrived with a number of Courlandern, 
who Httled OD the north aide of the Island. Tbeaa 
were followed by a second Dutcfa colony in 1664, 
who, having effected a compromiea with the Cour- 
landera, eHtabliahed themeoivee on the southern 
coaot ; but in 1669 the Com^landera were over- 
powered by the Dutch, who remained in posaeaidoD of 
the whole laland until 1662, when the Dutch Com- 
pany resigned Iheir right to it In this year 
Cornelius Liunpeis procureil letters patent bom. 
Louis Che Fourteenth, creating him Baron of 
Tobago, and proprietor of the island under ths 
Crown of Fran™. 

Id 1664 the grant of the island to the Duke of 
Courland was renewed by Gliarlee II. TheDulclt 

styled il 


thenuelveB were compelled to eTicuBte lbs idkod bv 
tbe Prauch Admiral E«tTas,iTho delsUsd the Dnteli 

In 174& bv Ihe 
TrnHty of Alx-la-Ulwpelle, tba nluid was deeUred 
iniitnl ; Iha subjects of oU Europatn powen beinp 
■t liberty to form settlemeBti or eazrj on ncm- 
BSTOS, bat not b> pUce garrinotie ou it. Al (lie 
peue In 176S, by the I'lestv of Fuii, Tobago ms 
ceded bv France to Eogluid ii perpetidtj. 

In 1781, Tobago wes caplnred by the French 
under the Dnks of SooUlie, tHer a most gallant 
defence bv the twlooiMa. li> 17Ba it was Bur- 
rendered by treaty to the French Crown. In 
March, 17SB, it waa captured by a Britiah Force 
under Admiral Laforey and Oentvat Cnyler. and 
wee once more reetored to tlie French by the Treaty 
of Peace in 1802, and acain reconqiured in 1608. 
by Commander Hood and General Qraenfleld ; and 
in 1811 finally ceded in perpetuity to the Britiah 

It la the meet Bonlbarly of the Wind-ward gronp 
of the British West India lalande. in N. laL 11° S', 
W. long. SO" 12' ; diatant from Bardadoe abont 
ISO miles, from OreDsda about TS milea, and about 
SO N.E o( Trinidad, and eipaads N.E. and B.W. 
The distaDce between Tobago and Trinidad by 
aotnal mryey made by Mr. Famn^ K.N. in 1865, 
is 1B| miles in a aoudi-wvaterlv direction. It ia 
Vi mues loDg and from 6 to IS brood, and baa ui 
area oi 114 square miles, or 78,280 acrea. 

The lomuaiDU of the ialaod is volcanic: its 
{Aysiotl asMCt is irr^ular and piatanaqne, with 
conical hDls and ridcea, which deacemd from a 
oommou ban or dorMlridge 1,800 feet high and SO 
BiUea in length. 

8u«r, mm, and molasees form the principal 
•rtidea ol eipni. The first so^ expnied wa« 
from an estate on the windward aide of the island, 
in the jmt 1770. Id ITSO there were odIt 8,000 
bogsbeade sUmed ; this was inersased In 18W to no 
kasthan 15,837 hocabeada. Cotton and indisowera 
fonnsrly eiport«d. In 17S0, 3,611,000 lbs. of 
eottoD and 37,000 Iba. of ind%D are staled to hara 
been lUpped la EncUnd. 

The island is divided into seren paridiBi, Bcar- 
boroOBlL, the principal town, is on the south side of 
the lajand, aniat 10 mile* frun the B.W. point, and 
is sKoaled at the soDlh-wiBSten base of a hill 436 
fest aboVe the lerel of the sea, on which stands 
Fort Kfi^ Osoree, now withovt aKarrison. The 
town has a population of about 1,300. The mails 
■ad passengen trtm tba fioyal lUil SIsam Paokat 
Company^ ' ...... n -... 

mngar is from a Took . 

Beef Barrel,' and beqnsDt hesv* snrf*. Th« ia 
k IJEhthouse at Bacolst Point Bcarbonwb; ills 
a find whlto liuht at an el vaUon of U8 fdet 
■bore Ihs level S the sea. 

The Oovemment la adminislorcd by a iMideM 
Llsatanaut-Oorernor, snlMrdioatB to the Oovsmor- 
tn-CUst o( tbe Windward Islands at Barbados. 
Thsie were fornwrlv two Legislaiive HoBsea,— the 
Ls^^atl-re Oonndl and the BWutlve Le)riaktiva 
Asaembljr. The OouncO ma ooBpoaed at sann 
MsmbsTS, upoiDtsd bythe Queen. 

The Assembly oonaislsd of 16 members, elected 
by the mgialemd voters of tbe seven parishes inlo 
which the iflond is divided, each pariah iMnriilnR' 
Iwe I 'spreeenlatt™, and the towna Of Bcarborough 
and PlytBctUh one eaeb. 

gtvAito tba Odouy 

of Iba Lwislatare tnnalerTed 

IS Bay, to Bi " 

waa remodelled b IS5 

1, cap. 7, entitled "An Act for tbe 

■_(...,_. hich,biad- 

iDd Elective 

— _ ,, 1 Privy Conncil 

and an Exsoutiva Committle. 

The BiecullvB Oonunittee counted of one HeiiH' 
ber of the Legialatlve Council and two Hntnbera 
of the Elective Lsgielative Aasembly, selected by 
the LieuteDaot-GoveTQOi, and hoUing office daring 
pleasunv Their duties were to adniae aij aaaist 
the Oovemor in the geoeral administratian of tl^ 
affairs of the island, and to prepare and perfect all 
estimates and ways and meaiiL They were tbe 
official orgnu d coBmOBieatian betweaa th* 
Qovemoraud the remctivs Legisllitiva Cbamben. 
Tbey farmed a Board of Audit of PabHo Aoooats, 
and ore also CoBuabsfonars ukder the BnnloaBa 
Loan Act. They received a aalary of lOM. per 
annuiB each, and had a SeivstBrT reocaring alaa 
lOOL per annum. Tbe Members of the £iee«iTa 
Committee sat aa Prtvy Coundlloca ia TirtM e( 
their ofHoe, but eeassd to be Uembera of the Privy 
Coundl oo their retlrssunt from Uie Eieaotivie 

The coDBtitotlon was further remodelled by an 
Act No. IX of 1874, which aboUtfied the two 
Legislative Houiee, and esUbllBhed in Hen tbsnof 
one Legislative Asaembly, conststlng of «U Kem- 
bera tunninated by the OovecuMient and s^ht 

same aa before. The Privy 
Council waa confinued and tbe Eseetf *« Oom- 
mittee, which however was nd«a«d to hra ICem- 
bera, one a nominee Membsr d the AmobUt, and 
ttaeotharaneleatedUeaber. Aad their andammta 
were reduced to 6011 a-vear each. The Laglalatlw 
Asaembly thus created, baa sinoe abolished itMlf 
and eiwaweied Het KaMy to oosatitnla a Legis- 
lature for Die Island. Thia Act tea been ratifled 
by tbe Imperial Act 89 and 40 Via., c 47 (alluded 
to under previona articlea, St. Vinoant and 
Grenada). A Legislative Connml ha been 
eatatili^ied by an Order in Coundl of the 7th of 
February, 1877, to consist of not leas than tbrv* 
persons, deeignated by Her Haieaty. 

Biols occurred in the Windwanl District In Hay, 
1876, Forty-two ranoos concemad in these rioU 
were indicted for murder, oi whom sixteen wei« 
eenlenced to death, Tbey were all aubaeqaBitly 
reprieved ood sentenced to various terms of pania 
servitude. In oonssquenos nf tbew riots, tlia 
Police FoTDB waa reoiKaniied and incrsaaad la 
numbers, and made a araui-miUtary force. 

Ths munays in dreolatiDB ant Bniiali sold, aDvar^ 
and bronse ooinB, doubloons, and American sag-lea 















































Valit,^Ii>90tU imd Export*. 






































!M of GvBtrwurt <^TiAngi>. 
1764 LlanL-GoTCTDDF 1880 PreaideDt BoblsT. 

Browne. IBM „ MichoL 

1768 aoTBraor-OsiiBna 1828 „ Br«melL 

Malrillo. 1827 „ PiKgott. 

1770 Oorornor SlBWirt 1888 Oomrnor Hijor- 

1771 „ Lejboorne. Gen. B1»ckwell. 
1771 LieoL-QoTernor 1888 GoTemor Sir Lionel 

M»}or Tonng. Smith. 

Lieat,-OtiTeniQr 1888 LioHt.-aoTernOT 
Ferg:iuon. Hi). -Qea. Darling. 

1784 GoYenior Dillon. 1846 LianL-OoTimKrl., 

1794 „ BtctBtW. QnrmB. 

179} I, Uniln;. 1860 Ueut-Govenior 

1795 „ Daluey. Orsome. 

1800 „ Mnetere. 1851 LienL-OoTttnor 
1808 „ Sahnhie. D. R. Ro>b. 

1808 „ Bnthtir. 1868 LienL- Governor D, 

IBOB Lieut.- GoTBmor D«ly. 

Plcton. 1864 Lieut-Qovwnor 

1803 Lieut.- OoTBrnor Shonluid. 

JtcDtnuld. 1868 LieuL-OoTemor 

ISO! Lieot-Govemor J. V. DrTedaln. 

Jobnatoue. 1884 LienL-Gotarnor 

1804 Go-rernor Hilketl. C. H. Knrtrif^t. 

1806 - BJfonr. J87» H. T. Cssher, 

1807 _ Sir Wm. CH.Q. 
Tonng. 1876 CoL S. W. Hertoj, 

1818 President OmpbelL C.B., O.M.G. 

1816 Governor 8. T. P. 1877 Aognatiu Frod, 
BobinsoD. Gore. 

1819 I 

ExaatiiBt Ccmdi. 
The A A t»nu ( T< t OT, Ed<nrd Laborde. 

SiiSS-f^ } '■•'""•■"• 

Legiilativt C cnn c i t 

The Adralntstntor, \ 
lif, IMoraej Onaanl, 

The Traworer, J 

K. OordoD, 1 
Bolomon Baber Tbmm, 

Junes HeOaD, J 

Ldrad l^borda, SOW. 

Itt ArHMw Officer, 8. Cnnnin^hKB (pronBioaal), 

ind tfitdi, J B. luiwa (proTidonaJJ, 76J: 

Oh. bar» aUowanm. 
teerMmfeM <(f Lig/ii/ioun, Bartair UaHtr, md 

Filol, Jobn Smcei, 160J. 
i^MtiHfufar, tbe FroTOflt Varshftl. 
AwthIskW ^ FMic Worb, H. T. Filignald, 

PtHix imd GaoL 

, A. H. AgoilUr, 
, B. Biuuom, 

Intptdor ttfScMoob, 8. J. Fiura (jroridoaal), Wf. 

MeMeal Zfepartntiil. 
PabEe Mescal Officer and Kitrict Mtdieal Qfiar; 

B. B. AndsTBOD, P.H.aBJL, 880J: 
liiaiict MtdUal Offictn, B. M. Cluk, H.B., W. 

A. FvTMT, I..B.C.S.I., uid J. Q. Andenon, lOOi. 

Jtmittrrt tifRdigi<m. 

" " " ■ " ' VAocUoan OtamL 

UotmTiu] IQulan. 
Wedajrui Hluton. 

Judiaal ElaUMmtKt. 

diifJiiitiefmdJii^aftJu Viat-A*mr^ Cturl, 

. ;,CJtG.(Kti«g), 86W.,inZbwri- 

s, B. Gordon. 
AUartai-atatnl and Cam-l ia Lt^Man, A. 

Lawu, 86W:(Mtiiig> 
a^mdiary Magi^ratt* Md Cmraun, D. Te>tM, 

lOOJl; 8. J. t^uer, SbOl. 
^edal CbRHKn, Juuei £irk, Jimn UcUall O. T. 

HcDonnll, J. 0. Anderson, W. T.SIiidtek, ud 

aL. AbbMLieoa. 
Amwatl JforaC^ B. F. TfMi^ t70L 

The fdud of SL Lqcm ma dbcoTerad br 
rthTOwe, on theuS 
■ i> IS" 60' S. lat, and 

mllei In length, and 
81 at it! grsateat breadth; iU c^mnfareDo* ia 
one hDDdrHt aui jUty mOee, and its area 168,880 
■aw. Neai ita northtfn aitremity 1^ Pigeon 
Island, icaiusrljr a miliUi; post ol some import- 

Oastriee, tbe caidtal of the island, oontalna aboat 
900 honaee, and a popolatlDB U iboat 8,600 aonls: 
Next In importanoe le the lovn ut SouMen, oan- 
taining a population of 1,800 eonla. 

At tbe period o( its dlBoorny, St Lnda vaa 
lilb«blt*d ti; the Cuiba, and oontlnaad In their 
1 1686, vben it was gnoM b; tbe 



and DnpleuiB. 

„ .-med thsir flrst Betttement, 

but In tbe following year the ouloiiifltA were all 
mordered by the Cuibe. 

In 1643 the King of Frmoce, atlll clumlug t-right 
ot sovereignty over the lelkiid, ceded it to the 
French Weat India Company, wiio In 1660 sold it 
for 1,600/. to H.U. Hone) ami Du Parquet. After 

with them in 1660. 

In 166S, ThouiBB Wamer, the natural son oF the 
GoTsmor of Bt. Chriatophor, mad« a descent on 
St. Lnda, The English oontiDued in poesaesjon 
till the Peace of Breda in 1667, when the ialand 
was restored la the Freach. In 1674 it was re- 
anneied to the Crown of France, and made a de- 
pendency o! Hartinjque. 

After the Peaw ol Utrecht, in 1713, the rival 
pretensioni of England and France to the posBes- 
■loa of St. Lucia roaulled in open hostility. In 
17ie the Bogeot d'Orl^ana made a grant □( the 
island (o Uarshal d'Eatr&s, and in mi, the Ein^ 
of England made a grant of it to the Duke of 
Montague. In the following year, however, a 
body of Croopa. deapatched to St. Lucia by the 
Oovemor of Uartinique, compelled the Enghsh 
■ettler? to evacuate the island, and it wu declared 

In 1744, tbe French took advantage of the de- 
claration of war to resume poeaeesion of St. Lucia, 
which they retained till the Treaty of Aii-le- 
Chi^Ie in 1748, when It wae again declared 
neutral. In 1756 on the renewal of hoatilitlea, the 
French pnt the istand in a state of defence i but in 
1702 it Burrendered to the }olnt operations of 
Admiral Bodneyani General Honckton. In the 
(ollDwing year, by the Treaty of Paris, it waa 
assigned to France. 

bt. Luda continued in the peaceable poaaBSaioii 
of Che French till 1778, when effactivs measures 

GroB net Bay, in Bt. Lnda, with a fleet of S6 si 
of the line, and it was from thence that he porsni 
'^ it de GraHsa, when he gained the * 

battle of the ISth of April In that year. Thia event 
was followed by the Peace of Versailles, and St 
Lucia was once mors restored to France. 

lutionary France, the West Indies bocame the scene 
ol a Beries of naval and military operations which 
resulted in tbe surrender of Si Lucia to the British 
amiB, on the 4th of April, 1794, on which day H.RIL 
the Duke of Iient, father of Her Hsjesty Queen 
Victoria, placed the British colours on the prin- 
cipal fortresa. 

In 17B6 the British Qovernment despatched to 
(he relief of their West In<Uao pOMeesioiu a boi^ 
ol troops, 13,000 strong, under the command of Sir 
llalph Abercrombie, supported by a sqaadron 
under Admiral tiii Hugh Christian. On the SBth 
April these forces appeared off Bt. Lnda, and after 
an obstinate and aangninary contest, which lasted 
till the 26tb May, the B^ublican party which 
had been aided by insurgent slares under Tictw 
Hughes, laid down their arms, and BorrendsTsd as 
prisoners of war. 

Sir John Hoore, the future hero of Corunna, 
who greatly distinguished hioisell in this campaign, 
wan appoitil^ Oovemor of the island, which post 
he held till tbe beginning of 1797 

Tbe British retained possessiDn o( Bt Lucia till 
1801t, when it waa restived to France bv the Trsatj 
of Amiens { but on tbe renewal of hootititieB it 

Borrendered by capitulation to Oeneral Qreenflell 
on the 22nd June, taUS, since which period it baa 
continued under British rula 

On Its final acquis] tion by ths English, ths island 
had become much depopulated, partly bjr war, but 
chiefly by intestine struggles, tbe fruits of the 
Frend> Revolution. The recovery from this stale 
of things has been alow, having been retarded by 
the severe epidemics cf cholera and emall-pox which 
have at different times visited tbe Weat Indies. 
However, each census shows an improvement 
in this respect, and the population now amounts 
le 87,2S0. The regiatration (Inatituled in ISfiS) 
eiMbits an annual excess of births over deaths of 
about 600, or nearly S par cent, of the population 
— a fact which shows that the reputation of the 
island for peculiar unbealthineBa la completely un- 
deserved. Certain spots situated in narrow valleys 
between high moDutains are undonbtodlyunbealtby, 
but are becoming less and less so aa ihe f oresti fall 
before a yearly extending oultivatlDn. Amoi^ tbe 
SOO or thereabout of white inhabitants, consumption 
and other of the most fatal diseasas of lemperale 
climates are unknown. Probably no climate in 
the world is more suitable as a winter leeart lor 
invalids suffering from cheat complaints. The 
temperature from December to Apni seldom ex- 
ceeds 80° Fahr., even at midday in spots situated 
a few hnndred feet above the sea, and a freah trade 
wind blows continuously. The scenery is of 
peculiar beauty, even as compared with that ot 
other Weat India Islands, and in the neigbhour- 
hood of the Pitons has ths lees common element o( 
grandeur. These are two cone-shaped rocks rising 
flieer out of the sea to a height of nearly 8,000 teot, 
and near them is the crater of a volcano and a 
soufriire, the ordinary chaiacteriatics of the Carri- 
bean Cordillera. 

Up to the period of the French Bevolutton, aod 
after the reatonition of order In ISOO, the island 
was governed accco^ng to the law and ordinancBs 
of the French monarchy. Tbe Courts of Justice 
were an inferior Court called the ^* Bdn^cbaoss^,^ 
and a higher Court called the " Consell Bapdrienr," 
or Court of appeaL The latler Court waa com- 
posed ot a President and twelve Councillors ; the 
Governor often preaidsd, and it was invested with 

The Qovemnient ia now conducted by an Aibnin- 
istrator (who ia aubtffdinste to the Govemor- 
in-Cbief of the Windward lalands), aided by 
an Executive Council of four members. Tlra 
Iiagislature conrfsts of tbe Admlnlatrator and 
a Council, in which he presides, consisUnr of 
four offidsl and six uncfflclal members. Law 
is administered by a judge, from whom in 
civil cases there is an ap»al to the Court ot 
Appeal of the Windward Islands, and by three 
magistratea, whose dedaions are liable to review 
by the judge. In crimmal cases tried In tbe 
Superior Court tacts are decided upon by a jury 
of twelve as In England. 

Immigration from tbe East waa resumad in 
April, IHTH, and there Is at present In ths Colony 
an indantured Indian population of 790 souls. 

A code of civil law, the authors of whidi are 
Hr. Q. W. Dea Tceux, O.U.Q., the late Admiois- 
Irator of tbe Uovernment, and Hr. James Arm- 
strong, C.U.Q., the ChieJ Justice, was passed in 
November, 1878, and having received HerMajeety's 

'wtTHrnA lav in Ontnhw lATQ 

gracious approval, became law in October, le's. 
This code has been framed upon the principles ot 
tbeandectlawof tlieislaod,w{thsDcbmodiflcationa 






















81,811 of vbam 80,901 u 









puiie oat, sifim. 








































EMcmivt CoimaL 
Tbe AdmlniatratoT of the OoTerDmenL 
The AttonJey-General. 
The ColonUl Treuorer. 
Cttrk, ChulBB J. UoLeod. 

he^delint CoumciL 

Tbe AdminiBtratar of the QoTsnunent. 
The AtUMTiev-GonermL 
The Colonial Treuorer. 

, S^pta^arji MagutraU. 
Henry E. Lyncli. 
Jamaa Annstrong, C.H.Q., ClunfJiutut. 

J. 8- Moffet I N. A. Cools. 

B Weeka. I Charlee Chartuet. 

Alezuxler Llo^ | Cferi, Cha* J. McLeod, 

When tbe GoTenior-ln-Chief (■ in 81. Lneta, 
ho pnddes at tbe meetlnge of Inth Conncih. 
Wbaa actiiig eePrraideDtot tbe Legislative Conncll 
the Administrator site ae Colonial Secretary, to Che 
cicliuion of the official member who at all other 
times inpplieB hli place at the board. 

dra Eilablulimtjti. 

le GocenBHent and Colimial Sttre- 

AdmitiutTolor of the Got 

tori/, R T. OoWewotthy, I 
ChitfCltrh^ Chsrlee J. UoLeod, 280t 

watXhj, C.M.O., 800/. 

ind CUrk, John Sen ^ . , 

TVuuHrvr, Macnaman Cii, 500IL 

CUrk to Treanrrr, J. L. Clavier, 1361. 

ind Cirri to Tnatirtr, Geo. A. Aubert, lOOt 

Kieprr of Saint Wareh/mit, A. Lacorbiniere, lOOi. 

Landing Water; B. 3. Dink (paid by percentage on 

import dntiea). 

F. Louatan, ditto. 
BarbouT Mattrr, Geoiee Price, 120t 
Poittmitrea, Mrs. Richard, lOOi. 
Calomal Enginiitr and Sureeyir, J. J. Ueagher, C.El, 

4001., and IOOJ: allowances. 
CoUnuai awrqeon, Cba& Deimeby, 8601^ 

Prottctor qf ImmioTaili, Bobert P. Cropper, M. A., 

8001, and 100/. travelUng allDwance. 
Aaitlaiil diOo, and Cbrk, Juoea B. Cropper, lOOt 
Ivadgnition MiditKd Officer; Charles Dennehy, 100/., 

Herbert Norton, B. H. FreemaD, W. Duncan, and 

0. Galgay, 60i. each. 
Four Iidayntfr; 1 at 6021, 1 at 40L, and I at 81^: 
!» and ^^^dge of 

Armstrong, c!,M.O., 

Attonty-GoKral, F. J. K. Fer|, 
Stgiitrar and Accmmtaia. A. Clavier, 810(. 
ImptOor ofRtvBmt and Police, aid Sherig; A. QalL 

Sub-liupecton ditto, F. Devaux, 160/., and Edward 

W. Lord, UOL 
Colonial Tnlu, L. Vallet Paret, 1601. 
^pendiani Magutrata .-— 
fVacant), 400/. 

CbrU to tie Magiiinta md Diitriet Courti .— 

H. Clavier, ISOL 

A Dn Boulay, 140t ' 

M. Devaui, 100(. 
Gaaiar, Alfred A. Archer, ISA/., and ntions. 


Boman CBiioiic Cltryi/. 
Arthbiahop of Port of Spain. 
TTcor General, Hav. Abb* Ranlnraa. 
Ctutrie; Rev. Abb* Rauturaa, 200/., sikI fee*. 
Ame LaRaue, Rev. P. Fmchaid, 100/., dUto. 
*i«yWere, Bev. P. M. N. Ronyer, ditto. 
Oiaiietd, Rev. A. Bondo, ditto. 
Labmt, Hev. A. Neff, ditto. 
Viraxfart, Kav. C'Connell FnrceD, ditto. 

Z)inMfrj, Bev. T. Lorgao 
Grot im. Rot. Abb* Ohi 
AaitUmt to Cnri of Cmlriet, 1 

t, ditto. 

I ,v Google . 




Ttm laland of CTpma la (Auted in Um sutsm- 
moat baslii c^ the UediUmiHUi SsK, with Asia 
HIdot Co tha north of H, and Syria to the east, at 
dlatancM of 60 and 41 ntlea lenimtiTalT. It Ifaa 
beCwmn 81° 31)' and 86° 41 ' N. latltitda, and batwwD 
83° 15' aad S4° SG' E. longtjtudo. Tba poft o( 
Lamaka oa the aoathern oaitat is 15S milsB from 
Port Bald, and 1,117 tallw bom the harbour of 

ta area is iW the eaUmates nude ol it 
harBTarisd from 8,678 to 4,500 square milee. It 
is the third largest [aland in the Medilemuieui, 
being onlj exceeded in sise b; Sicily and Sardinia. 
Its BTeatest length from weet-BDUth-weBt to eaeC- 
Boitb-eHt, betwaau C^ie Drepaoo and Cape St. 
Andrea is abont 140 rnOes, and ile greatest breadth 
from north tosoath is abnal 60 milw. The greater 
part o( the island oonHlBts of an irregular panJIal- 

SHD at abont lOO miles long, and from SO to 88 
M broad; the remainder consisting of a pen- 
insula 40 miles long, and from 10 to 8 miles broad, 
ending iq Cape B. Andrea. The ancients com- 
pared the Islaiid, in shape, to an outspread deer's 

The mala topographical features of the island 
are the northeraaad sou tbaro mountain chaina, and 
the great plain of the Heaearia extending bet veen 
them acniaa the island from the Bay oi Uorfn to 
that 01 Famaguitk, The northern range, called 
the Ksrpas UoontaiDs, and, towards their weatem 
•ztremity, th« Ejrsuia Uonntslns, forma > conti- 
nnoOB chain borduing the northern shore from Cape 
8. Andm to Cape Euiuakftl, a distance of about 
100 miles. ThasonthaniTBiiga, which Isthemoreex- 
tensiTe and lofty of the tvo, uccupic* the weeteni 
■od south-western portions of the Island,and tren- 
ding thence along the south co«st, termlDates in the 
isolated peak called Hants S. Oroce,about 12 miles 
west of Lamaks. The highest summit of this 
nnge Is Uonnt TroOdoe, 6^90 feet above the sea 
level and on its southern slopes have been estab- 
liibed the summer qnarien of the Englisb troops, 
and the summer reeidenoe of the Hi^ CJimmls' 
doner who admlniatars the Oovernmeut. 

The riTcrs ol Cyprus are neaiiy all mountain 
torrents, geneimlly dr7 in summer. Kone are 
uavinble. The principal Hrer is the Pedias, 
which rises in the sonthera range, and flows 
north-DWth-eaat, and east Chrougb the Messaria 

K'ain into Ihessa about 4 miles north of Famagusta. 
ear its mouth extensive majuiies have been 
formed, which are the chiel cause ol the notorious 
luihealthlneaB of Famagusta. The Idalia, tha 
Mcoad river at Cynros, also flows through the 
Uesaaria, and joina the Fudiaa about 16 miles Irom 

onthne. Whan ths Bomftu Empire cuna to bs 

divided into east and west, Cyprus fell Into the 
Eastern Empire, and remained under the govsm- 
ment of lieulenanU of the Bviantine Eiaperors 
until 1191, when Richard I of England invwled 
the island to chastise the ruler for the Ul-treat- 
mentof Usileet Bichard sold tiie iriand in 1193 
to the Templars, hot aa they could neither govern 
it, nor fulfil the terms of the aale, the king made 
it aver tu Quy de Lusignan, ex-Eiugof Jerusalem, 
■who promised to take apoD himself the obliga- 
tions of the Templars. The island vras ruled l>y 
the Lusignaa [aiiiily from 1193 until 1489, wb^ 
the widow of the last king of the Lusignan dynasty 
yielded the government of the island to the Be- 
public of Venice, of whi<:h she beraelf was a 
snbjocL Venice ruled tbe island until 1571, wbt^ 
the Ottoman Turks invsded it, and captured and 
put to the sword tbe Veneliau garrisons. 

The island remained under the government of 
the SultsoB of Constantinople from 1671 nntil 
1878, with the e.oeptioa of the period from 183S 
lo 1840, when it was in tbe oooupalion of the Fasha 
of Egypt, who was at war with the Porte. It may 
be observed thai the island was freq neatly invadod 
by the Arabs, Baracena, and Egyptians before its 
Hnal conquest by the Turks, and that frtim 1426 to 
1671, it paid tribute to Egypt. The great fortress 
and port of Vamagnsta waa held by the Qenoeaa 
ftepuUic from 1878 until 1463, when the Lnsignan 
King retook it with the help of the Egyptians. 

The popnladoii ia estimated to exoeed 300,000, 
and may prove, after the apw-oaching oensua. to 
rea^ nearly 800,000. A 4aSi<a majority, not lea- 
than two-thirds, are Greek in reUgiim, and a still 
larger proportioB epeak Qrvsk. The Hoaleros and 
Olulstians in Cyprna have for Isss ill-feeliDg to- 
wards i»)e anotter than In otbn porta of the Turk- 
ish Empire. ^ 

The chief towns of Cypras are Nicosia, tbs seat 

of government, with a population of 16,000, oblefly 
Uoeleme; Lamaka, the Turkish aea-port, with a 
population of about 10,000 ; and Limassol. tbe Qre^ 
pcHi, with a populslion of over 6,000. Both plains 
are merely open roadsteads. FamagDSta, on tbe 
east, ia tbe natunJ naval and commercial ca[dtal 
and port of Cyjirua. and there, at a certain coat, a 
greM commerctal and naval harbour might be con- 
structed; but at present the town is little mora 
than a collection of ruina encircled by fortlflca- 
tions, and it has no more then 500 inhabitants. gJl 
Uoslenu. The district 
owing to the existenc 
have to be drained befon 

a place of any importanoe. The lour towns already 
mantiraed are the capitals of four ol tha six a^ 
rainistrstive provlnoes into which the island is 
divided— the other two capilals being Ktima, the 
modsra eapltal ol Papho, on the sonth-weat, and 

e place became again 

l^iaUv uid 


Cjfpmi hu minen] nuiaurcea, bat ths; an at 
pmwot nudenlopBd, md its irailth, Bocfa U it Is, 
eoDBiatgiu ita n^coltural prodoee, ahlsflj a 
utoIm (loenat-beui*), oliTea, dk u>d wine. '. 
conDnon wiim vs erportod to Syria, Eg; 
Torkej, and Triesta; tbs rkhar -winsa vn cU 
exported to fmea, to ba HMd u \ nto tiinfr 
glTing atnngth ■nd itamc to tba Initt <A ; 
■wioBjuii. Uy[nu wiae ii TCKMnrhM boidf 
ordioary lua, ud its ralua in conunerce liaa basa 
IsMened by Ita tair^ SarDor derivad from tba 
pvctio* at ouryinE it to the port in tarred a'-'-- 
to pTBTmit ita apiuing. Not that road* _ _ 
bein^ mada ft can be tranaported in the cool of the 
night, and in nntarred caaka. 

The agricultural [a roi |i w lty of the ialand ia grvtly 
retarded by want of water, aod bj locoata. The 
rainfall ia aoiaewtiat deficient Id the whole, and 
what there ia, baa benn in great part allowed ' 
go to waste by want of Intelllgeut acttTit; on 
the part of tlw TurUab QaremmeDt and io- 
baUlanta b ita eWnfe and diatribalka. 

The woikot locnat dMiruaUon is being Tlgoronaly 
proaaoalad, Xvery bousehold Is required to Inr- 
kiab a cerWn quota ot locnsls' enn to Qorem- 
ment: and an ingentoni plan ia followed tor de- 
■troTlngtha young looaats, who bava been hatched 
bat nave not yel raaohsd the kge to flj, wbila on 
thrir DUToh. It IwTing been obeernd that tha 
yonng locaat army nsTar dariatas from tba (tndxht 
Una ^ nkarch, tua expedient waa adopted of <&<■ 
glng a ditch acroaa the Una. and [endng this onfts 
»r dda b; a lenca of oanraa topped wilb highly 
glaied oilcloth — an obstacle whi^ the locusts can 
not mnnount, the result being that they all fall 
Into tlw ditch, ow on tha lepcdftha other, —' "- 
of SBSsoatioB or cnubfng. Whei 
to tba flying stags, 

Host of the cnltimad land is held In eouunan hy 
Ibe riUaga cmnmnnitiui, but Individaal titlea '- 
land are not unknown. It la 

actually broag^t under coltlvatlDD in any ,..._. 
CyjiTiui haa greatly suffered, in i>Diat of climate, 
bom the waoloD deetruction at its forest ireea. 
A lorest department haa bsen fomuKi, and plaoed 
under the direotion of a ITraucb forasl official of 
exparience. The nbjeet ot this hrancb of tba Ad- 
itfeditratton Will be to prevtot lurthar lai«AM, 
by a TlfUant adminiitration a< the serviosabls but 
iong naftsoM foMst Uwa of Iark*r. «U«h bara 

Bniitk Oan^^ion. 
Lh June, IS78, a OoB-nntton waa itgned 

Die HaHstf and the Button of Tsriny, 

fay wUch fii^lana engaged to Join Ibe SnHan In 

defending hie Asiatlo posessslons against Russia in 

' "n conllDBNutes, and lbs Snltau, •• in order 

lable England. to make necessary provlrion 

Innnetes, I ^___ ^ 

lor exaaating bar eungemsBts," oonstnted "ti 
assign the Ialand of Cyprna, to be occnrled am 
adidnkltnd by Englud." On Ae M of^ Jnly ai 
s Oonlr-"- - 

Annex lo this OonTantlon w 

Bra. auT 

ttnapl*, In «^anatioa of tlia eondUiona of lbs 
OOOimsiioB. The loUowIng is the EngUah ofloial 
Tsnim of its provisions;— 

"1. ThatalfnantlMnTdlgiaasTribaBal(Uah- 
ktfin^i SUri) shall contlnne to ailrt in tba island, 
whieh will lake aiduaive oogniaanDe ot religiona 
mattara, and ol no others, ooooernlng tba Musnl' 
man population at Uis ialand, 

"11. That a Missnlman resident in tba Island 
shall be named 1^ tba Board ot PI one FoiuidatioM 
ia Tuikm' (Erkaf) to saperinland, in ooujuncUaa 
with a Oelegste to be ^pointed by the Biritisk 
Antberitles, the admlntslratkiD of tbs property, 
fniids, and hods balouglug to uaaqnea, estnaiaries, 
Huaaulman scboola, and othsr nl^ioos ealabUak- 
auMs e«istiDg In tiyprM. 

" Hi. That England win pay to ths Porte wbai' 
aver is the prsssnt exoeas at rennue over eipen- 
dltnrs In tba idaod; this exoeu to be ealoalated 
upon and datarmlned by the annge of tbs laat five 

State and Oown lands bt or aold during that 

"IV. That the Snblfans Porte may freely seU 
•ad IsBSS lands and otbar promrtv hi Otmim 
belonging to the Ottoman Oown i 
"'-'-' -' " '-■-■ Hoainayonn\ 
m part of tb 
bkud relerTsd to In Arttola III. 

"T. That tbs BngUsh Uovsrunent, tbrongh 
thdr eompelaot aathoritlss, may pnTcbass oompnU 
sorily, atalairHtoa, htnd »qulr*d fcr publie In- 
provemsnts, or lor other public pnrpaaea, and land 
wfaith la not onhinled. 

" TL That if Basela restores to Turkey Ban 
and the other oonqnasts mads \fi ber ia Armenia 
doilDg ths laat war, Ibe Idaod of Cypms will b* 
eraouted by England, and tbe Oonrsntkn ol Oe 
4th of Jane, 18^ will be at an end." 

On the l4tb of Ana 

. . .- ti Angnst, t 
Contention was B%ned between the rspnMntatiTiM 
' 6reat Brttaln and Tnrk«y, making it plain that 



Cyprus, as well as administcHng lla 

On tba 14th SeptMubsr, 1ST8, an Oidarln Oonncj] 
as iasnsd for the nvnlatlon of the goTernment 
at tbe island. Tha adnialalratioa wie nlaoad in 
the bsnda ot an offirer, styled High OommlarioDsr t 
a LegUaliva Coundl was ssUbtUhed, to oonelst of 
the High CommiasloDer *aA not Issa than low, a^ 
not more ttian eight other members, balf to ba 
ofBcials,andhalftubaiBhriiUaat* not holding otBcs. 
Tba Utter are appointed to seats in Council for 
two years, andare eligible tor ra-appoiutment. An 
Executive CouneO waa also eetabUahed, and the 
High Commisdoner was InTeeted vrith the powers 
of pardon, appointmeut, suspeasion trom office, &c., 
ic, usnailj conferred upon a Colonial Qoveraur, 
The iatand, for legal and admlnistntlve purpoaia. 
Is divided into gix diatricts, namelv— Pamaguata, 
Hicoda, Lamaka, Limassol, Eyrenia, and Fapho. 
In each the Oovarnment is represented by a Com- 
and Asaiatsiit Commiaaioner. The Otto- 
. _ luUccte in the island are ncder the foriadiRtion 
of tbe Niiam Courts, which consist ot a Dasvi 
Court, or Court ot First Inelanoe, in each provlnoe, 
and a Sapetior Court of orlglual and appsllat* 
Jurisdiction, oalled the Temyii Court, at Kooaia. 
~ OasarlcUab/ tha Pone ena agratd 

' — "■- '" «* Aprfl, 1»7», tor a iiaj. 

> be ulaindontd, fr 

The CaaTl VoatU have jiuiHUction in cJTil 
up to fl.OOO plutna, — ■> ■- — i—i—i —— •!.. 
inflict aei' 


prisonniBBt. The procoedings irs leecried iu 
Tnrkiah, uid the Courts ue preiidsd over b; ■ 
Cadi, s Moslem (tntlned oUefi^ in tb« EcclesksUnl 
Ikw) i And Uis otbsT jndgoi coDBist of tKD OIiriB- 
tiuis and two HoeleDu. formerlr elected, but now 
|ioiaii»t«d bf tbe High CosimiBBbiner. The ulariea 
ners fonnerly very Biuill, imd bribas mra freely 
taken. The uUnw have now been raised, and 
■troug efforts are made to anforoe purity. In 
criminal cues, the procsedings and seutenoes ftre 
revised by tlw Commisaiouer or Aaaiatajit Com- 
miBBioner of the district. 

The Temyiz Court consiet*. like the Dft»vi Conrt*, 
oi a Cadi uid four other membeis, but of a presnm- 
ablf fuperior olaas, and receiving higher pay. 
The four judgBs were formerly chosen by a vory 
oomplei plan of election aod eelection, but they 
are now iiomlusted by the High Commiaaioner 
M in the case of the Duci Court Jadges. 

The Jurisdiction formerly eieroiBeable over the 
Ra bjeote ofvarlousChristianPowerebytheir respeo- 
tive Oonsnls, has now fallen into abeyance, and such 
persons are subject to the jurisdiction of a High 
Court, preddad over by a Judicial CommisBioner 
and Afwdslant Commissioner, and adminieteriiig 
English law. The Sigh Commissioner can re- 
move a cause affecting Ottoman Bnbjects from a 
Niiam Court into the High Court at any sti^ ; 
and he haSf under powers conferred by TnrlDBh 
law, given a seat in the Tamyii Court to the Judioia] 

The principal aources of levenne la Cyprus 

L Verghi— Aa income, property, and bade 

i. Military exemption tax. 

S. Tithes of the principal products of the island, 
id in money. 

6. Import dniiea of _ ,_. 

8. An szdss on wins, spirits, tobacco, and gun- 
All exmnptions formerly enjoyed by foreicnei 

have been abolished, except that froi 
The military exe 
» payable by If oslems and 

imptlon tax. The military exemplion tax 
IB now payable by Hoslems and Oliristiane 
Certain tithes on minor articlei 



:poTt dti^es, 

tax have been abollahed by the 

■sd a BshinK tax 
British Adnibiiatrat 

There is a military polioo toroe ol about 1,000 
1,100 nun, mostly HobIsuw. 

the number of il 

tectural remains, and the vast quantity of anti- 
quities In the shape of coins, InscriptionB, oma- 
msnt*, statues, and pottery, which have been 
discovered. The most fsmous collection of 
Cypriote antiquities, that of Usosral dl Cesnota, 
the late United States Consul, is in the Uetro- 
poUtan Museum at New York. ~' 
of the Island are by no means fully 

Finatee, 1879.40. 

Local Bevnnus 

Local Expenditure , 

Trlbnte pryaUs to Turkey .. 



'•ll,m,»BI basUik 

Imfortt ami Sxporte. . 
£ £ 

1878. 177,661 ' 1&T,B2» 

1879. 208,407 SXJ,218 
LUt of Priaapal Offidalt. 

Pneate iSeorrfary, a A. King-Harman, BOOt 
Aide-de-Cmigi, Lieat. Q. A. Keith Wlaaly, KG. 
ChitfStcrttars to Goe-nmiKit, LienL-CoL F. G. K 

Wairen, EA., C.M.G., I,200t 
Traulamr nf AoCs DutxmaiU, A. Utldjian, BOOL 

K 0. BovllI (ocft'iM JwficiaJ ConmiMoiKr). 
W. H. Varsh factm jtiaSfor-SmmiO- 
Cferjt, C. A King-Harman, \m. 

Ltgitlativa fJowaaf. 
Ogieial Mea^ert, K C. Bnvill. 

Lient.-CoL F. Q. E. Warren, R A, 

W. H. Harsh. 
Vm^aal Mmibert, T. Peristiany 

Hshmet Ali Fehim EffendL 
C F. Tkonlmidea. 
Cleri, 0. A King-Harman. 

AiiulaiU to Lfoal Aduiier, Elliot Charles Bovill, 

M«j.-3eD. 8Ir R Biddnlph, RA., K.C.M.O., O.B. 
Jv&M CoBtimtuoiier, E. 0. Borill (acting). 
Depulii CoBomuioiurt, Captain P. A. 8. Inglia. 

Uajor B. Gordon 
Captain A. Scott 
C. B. Tyeer. 
S^Utrart, W. H. Oordon. 

MsrtoD King. 

" L. Thompson. 

S. Fiaber. 

Captain W. 8. Baker. 

A.>. Law. 

Dittria CmimitiliMat. 
, Nieoria, Major R W. T. Qordoii,8001„ 

quarter! or allowance. 
AuuUaU CmiaiBMdimer, Oaptain W. 8. Baker, 860{., 

qnarterB ta allowauoe. 
Coma , iM n oiirr,Lenuha,C. D. CQbham,600t,quartcr« 

AsuMnt CoMiiiiiaii'iiw, R Fisher, -8601., qoarters or 

CVnnnuMOBir, Lumutct, Boland L. N. Hichall, eOOJ:, 

quartera or allowance. 
JnHtaB< Cominiitiaia; Uerton King, S6U., quarter* 

or allowance. 

iSOL, quarters oi 
Aui^ant Orm mmmtr, A. F. Law, 360J1, qoarteira 

or allovanae. 
CbMwwswr, P<^iot, Lient A. H. Yonng, MOi., 

quartan or aUowanos. 
AtnAstf CinDnunDiHr, B. L. Thonqistm, BGOl- 

qnartara or aUawanoA. 

CtmmiuiiMer, Famagula, OaptaJD J. Id^, MSiL, 

qnarters or allowaiice. 
AtAtimt CviiaiiiMiiimer,V. H. QoriimfieOL, qnulan 

Aa£tor tmd AaoHHtant-GateraTi Office. 
AadUor and Aeeatuttml-General, W. H. UuBh<*ct- 

Auittimt Au^tor, H. C. Nicalle, lOOH 
l^imd Tmaarrr, J. O. Ford, «HJ. 

CkiffCoUedor qfTUlm; Mikh&ili 8hakdlli, 8601. 

Col. A. H. A. OorrkiD, ' " 

Locat CtiWMMnrfimt. Lunattol, Lient. A. OUmore. 
DiMo, Xiama, Lieut, J. fi. Bra. 

Lead Commandanl, Kgnmia, CkptUD A. Soott 

XKlM, Pi^cw, L. Oliro. 
Ditto, larmika, Lieutentnt C. A. H&dfleld. 

,?initory OmiBUwionn-, Dr. F.W. Barry, M.D.,C00r. 
Surgeont, Niaaia, W. R. Clieyao, HJ). 
/^mota, Dr. HiiiJonstniu. 
Famaguila, O. Irving, M.D. 
LhkuioI, 1. G. Kar^BorgiadL 
Ktfrenia^ G. CarletLL 

Diredvr qf Surety, LiDuleoimt H. U. EHchesar, 
R.E., 600:. 

nit EnginetT. 8. Brown, 1,0001. 
EHginttf, Lieuteuutt £. B. Ksdtoh, UK, 
BarboHr Hailer and Supermiauiait of Purl, Lamaba, 
SUff Comm. Henry Bond, R.N., SOOJ., quuteia 

ldttnd SIOTttftper, QiiRrtennuter UcKsy, SvOf. 
Principal Forttt OJiifr, P. Mudon, 400/. 
DtTteUT of EdacalioH, Tlie Bev. Jonah Bpencer, 

Digitized ByGOOgle 



Th« foUowing notice is printed as being of general intefest. — Ed. C. 0. List. 


Ibm Oolonlu TUch promote immignilon traia tlie United Kingdom by meuiB of Uieir public fuadj an 
Vvw BoDth Walea, South AnrtrBlia, Queensland, Tasnusia, Wealern Anstralia, New Zraluid, the Cape 
tl Oood Hope, Natal, and Canadm. 

Tba selection of emigrante tor pwiag« to thia Ooloii; la, at present, limiied to pneoDS beCweeD the 
Agee of 17 yean and CIO jeara, uominated by their friend^ in the Oolonj, and to oMldren ooming with 
tlMir parsnta under that condition. The persoue to be introdaced must be of sound mantij and Dodily 
beolth, and of good mora] character, and must oonsiBt of dcmeetio servauts, farmers, and any description 
of Ubouren suitable for country pursnita, to be chosen with a epedsl view to the promotion of the 
indnstnal pursuits of the Colony. 

The following paymente are required to be made in S jdaej by the friends of the nominees. 
Dq^oolt (iuciudinK bedding and meu ontflt) : — 

Cmldren under 8 years of age Free. 

Children S and under IS 1{. 

IS and not eioeedinR SO years of s^^ il. 

N.B. — The bedding and mees outfit become the property of the emiKTsnt. 
Applicatioiis for infonnation respecting the above-named psasages should be addressed to Banl 
Hamiwl, Esq., the Agent-Qeneral for Now South Wales, Emigration Depadment, 6, WestmliwUic 
Ouunbers, Victoria Street, Westminster, B.W. 


Free and asueted emigration to this Colony is for the present snspanded; but Passage Warrants 

immi under the Kegulotions ol June. 1870, and October, 18TI, which have not been made use of, are slill 

transferred and renewed by the Colonial Authorities at Meibourae. The Agent-Oonersl's offioe is M 

Nol 8, Yictoiia Chambers, Victoris Street, Weetminatcr, 8.W. 

Free and assiBtad passages are now granted only to persons who have been nominated by their fiieoda 
Id the Colony, and wbo are approved by the Agent-Qoneial as eligible. But at present even tbis system 
of emignlian from iEngland to South Australia is aiinpended. 

FeraonB not eiceedin); 4fi years of age, wying their own fall passage, receive a LandOrdar Warrant 
of the value ot SO/, for every adult abovd 12, and lOL for children between 1 and IS years of age. 

Further Information resuectfog the issue of Land Order Warrants may b.- obtained on ap^callon 
to Sir Arthur Blyth, E.C.M.G., the Agent-Genera] fcr the Colony, No. 8, Victoria Chambers, Victoria 
Street, B.W. 

□ Queensland Is rej^nlated by tbe " ImmignUJon Act ot 1872 " and the " Immigntioii 

1 of 1876." 

Ilwfeffil passages are granted by tbe Agent-Oflneral of tbs Colony, under the following acal« of pay- 
mrats to farmers, fann labourers, and their families : — 





Between 1 and 19 




ominees are norlded with passages upon oaymsnts ranging from lH to 4£ mads 
Agent in Brisbane, or to Sub-Agents tbronghoat tbe Colony by reeident coloidsts. 

Tb» Mlowing la tbB n^ irf 


to ba DMdB in the Ootony for noBtiiutfld pMMgM :'■ 






Betmaa 1 uMl 12 

Bstween 12 aiHl 40 




Free passigei are gnntad to female domeBtlc semuita, mud snob penone of the tnriiiing clus fts 
may fron tfms to tlve b< vpedally required in tbo Colony. No pcyments, irttli ths exception of 1/. per 
adult tor ■hip'a Ut, are reqnred from tliia claas. 

AppHcatknia fra' frve and asnsted puuiiik'mi are to be addreraed to the Ageni-Oenonl tor Queenaland 
A. MacaOMer, Baq., C.M.O., Si, Charing Oroia, IrfHtdon, a.W. 

NoTK — Emigrarion to this CokiQ}- at the expense of paUic taa3» baa been temporarily Buspended. 

To tUa Oalony aaatated earigratlon ia mniad oa by meaiia of " Bounty Tickets," which are procurable 
in the Coiony and (nnd^r carCnln reatric^tiooH) from tue Agents id London. 

Tl» BOite a( paymeala ■uid«' wbjdi the "Bounty Ticketa" are graaled is aa followa: — 

J>aj/maiU rt^redjivm AppHeatlt. 

For a tatnfly ticket, indading a man and hla wUe, with all their children under 

IS yeira of age at the tune of embarkation 16L 

For a tioket for a sinKle female 61. 

For a ticket lor a single mala IdL 

All children of 12 yeara of age or upvarda at embarkation tra to ha oonaldered aa adulta, and nmst 
each have a separate single tkkot 

The Board ol Immigration in TasDiaoia are ompoworad to appoint agents in England tix the 
purpose of BeIectiDgeniigra>it& and arranging for thair cODVayaocs to Tasmania. Theim agents have 
olao power to issue Warrants for Land on tlie followinR lorma :— 

Tbs agents shall iasno to each approved emigrant who haa not previously resided in tlie Colony, and 
who pays UiB full coat of his family's passage out, a warrant, which will entitle the holder to receive 
a Land Order to the value of ISZ. fur each member of the family above lli vears of ago, and 9i, for eaoh 
member aboTO IS montba and under 1& years old ; and these Land Orders will be received by t^e 
Qommment as payment for any Crown lands that tbe etmgrant may buy after hla arrivaL 

The Ada also empower tbe launigration Board to permit any person who haa paid his own and 
family's paaaige-money as cabin or intermediate passengers, to dsmand, within a year after his airival 
in the Cotonr, a laad certificate entitling bim to select 80 acres of land for himself, io for his wife, if he 
lUfP one, and ID tor each cbUd, provided he haa not already obtained a Loud Urder Warraut. 

And for theae lands a giant will be issued after Sve years' residenoe : but the order will not be forfeited 
by the death of the emlgnut, or by hia absence, if his tamiiy rsmain in the Colony. 

Applications for Land Order Warrants and for ganaral information respeoting the Colony may be 
made to the Tasmania Government Emigration Agent, viz., the Emigrant and Ci;laiiist'a Aid Ccrpora- 
Hon (Limited), at their office, 2j, Qubod Anne's Gate, Westminster, S.W. 


Free and aaalstod emigration to this Colony is for the present suspended. 

Application (or information reapecling Now Zealand may bo made to Sir Jnliua Vogd, K.C.lLa., 
the Agent-Qenaral for New Zealand, No. 7, Weatminaler Chamttors, Victoria Street, Westminster, 
London, B.W. 


Passages to this Colony are granted only to a limited number of persoDS previously nominated from 
the Odony, and afterwards approved as einlgranta by Messrs. Fefgato and Co., 27, ClenkenCs Laoe, 
London, E.O. , 


The Oape Qtrremment are now inTitIng egrieultural families to proceed to the Cape of Good Hope for 
tbe parpoaes of agrlcnltnral sottlemeut In that Colony. The foUowiog are the (erma on which tba 
eal^ttOD Is arranged: — 

Tbe emigrants required are indnstriona smsU fsrmers having a little money, and wiHing at oiiee to 
settle on the land. Thoy should be eitlier fnmlly or single men of from 20 to 4o years ol^age. They 
most be of good moral character, and fit for uTicultonil life Id a colony. 

O 3 

locale the eettlerB. 

218 £UiaRA.TIOH. 

The advantages offsr«d are : (1) a free or aasirted passage for each ftaHj ; <S) tlM idieloe of baying 

Ucd for occupation, up to aOO acres, at the rate of lOi. per acre by tan annual iustalmenU, so that 
Bupposing an amigrant were to buy 100 acres, he would have to pay bl. a year for 10 yaars, at the end 
of whish term the laad would be hia own ; (S) not less thau 180 acres nor more than 480 acres of pasture 
land to each settlor free of all charge f- ~— _..... i. _.... . >. _...,.._ .,. -.. ., 1.. 

the I . . - - . 

mnr;e small SDma of monsy to be repaid withoi^ iatarest wiudn two years ; (6) the 
:e of a !jnpeilat«iident gf InuuigraDts qipoiuted b; the Qovernmeat lo receive aod 

The voyage to Cape Town b; steamer occupies ahout three weeks, and is generally pleasant. A 
BfuUns vesBel usually occupies 60 days. The fowl is good and abundap^ and bedding is provided for 
each berth. 

Airangeinents are made by the UommiSBioners of Crown Lands and Fablio Works for teceiving and 
locatinE thi! emigrants on their arrival. 

The lands to be offered to the emigranta are sorveyad under the provisions of the " Agrionltural 
Immigrant*' Lands Act," No. SB of 1S79. 

Arluaos engaged [or the Qovemmont service are provided with a free passage out, and in certain casee 
witb a free passage home at the termination of the engagement. Those who are engaged for private 
ueraons, and (or wham as order for an assisted passags has been obtained from the CommlsBioner of 
Crown Lands and PuliUc Works, Cape Town, and who can satisfy the Emigration Agent that they are 
fit and proper persona lor such employment, will be forwarded to Cape Town ancTPort EUiabeth on 
payment of 71. 5>. second class, Bl. third class, for each adult ; and to Port Alfrud and East London on 
payment of 8/. G>. second clasH, 6J. lOi. third clasa, foe each adult. Children ander 16 are charged one- 
slitaenth of that amount for each year of age; special errangementa, however, must be made for families, 
tienerallj speaking, those payments are made by the employer, and are not charged to the emploj^ 
iialoss be or she breaks the engagement. 

The classes eligible for the aided passage are agriouttural latK>uiers,gardeners,farm>ervants,d(DieBtfc 

Each paHSeo^r ie allowed to take SO cubic feetol lugf^age, and is at liberty to take with him whatever 
be con put into tliat spnoi, whether toohi, clothing, bedding, dc For alliuggage above SO cubic feet the 
■hip's charges are li. Sd. per cubio foot. Bedding Is not required on the voyage, each bertb being fully 
provided in tliat respect. 

Passages of emigrnnte are acraDged lor 12 days before the sailing of the steamer, and none can be 
snaraoteed afterthat dais. A steamer sailB from England nearly every week, the port of departuro 
being London. 

Every person propOGod to be introduced into the Colony as anaesisted emigrant, must obtain a medical 
cectincatu to the satisfaction of the Emigration Agent of hie being in good health at the time of 
emigrating or enlerine into an agreement to emigrate. 

All emigrants must oe seen and approved by the Emigration Agent before embarkation* 

TestimoniaU or references as to cliaracter, and as to skill in trade or occupation, must be produced Id 

Assisted emigrants mu^t proceed to the Colony within one month of the date of notificatloD, failinK 
which the order will be cancelled. 

Wages ore a fair porcentogc higher than fn England, and the prospects of odvancomont for good and 
steady men very much greater. In consequence of the average prt^rcss of the Colony, and of eitenaivo 
railway and other public works baviog beea authorised, there is a good and steady demand for artisaa 
labour in all parte of the country. 

The cost of living varies considerably In different parts of the country. In some it ie not more than 
in England, in others It is 15 or 30 per cent greater; but the wages vary proportionately. 

Kecruiting for the Cape Mounted Kiflemen is now going on. 

The force is embodied under Act No. 9 of 1878, "to serve ss an qrmed and mounted force," the 
membora u( which " shall bo sworn before a justice of the peace to act ss a police in and throughout the 
Oolony, for preserving the peace and preventing robberies and other orimes, and apprehending oftenders 
against the jieocc, and alto as a military force for the defence of the Colony. 

Life in the force ie ono involving bardshipa and eipoeure, and Bnbmission to a strict system of dis- 
cipline. It is not, therefore, a lilo suitable for idle adventurers, clerks, or town-bred men. Hardy 
youths of strong physique are the most suitable for the service ; aad it is to such lads, and espedally tt> 
those of them who have worked on farms with horses and cattle or In agricultural pursuits, that 
preference will lie given as recruits. 

A copy of the "Kules and Regulations" of the force, together vllh a form of application, will bo 
fnrnishod on receipt of three postage stamps. 

Applications reBpocting passasEs should be addieased to W. 0. Bumet, Esq., Cane GoTeruneDt 
Emigration Agent, 10, lilomfield Street, Flusbnry Cinjus, E.C. 

Free passages are provided from Euglond to If >t*l for emigrants of the foUowltig alaasea (who most 
have been nomiDated by some person or pertouB residing in the Colony, and the application approvsd 
by the Land and ImmigratioD Board, Pietermaritsbun), viz., farm labourera and mecoonics; csjpenteis, 
bricklayers, stonemasons, blacksmiths, and wheelwrights. Every applicant has to enter into a guarantee 
to find for such emigraot in respect of whom he makes application employment st a stated rate of wagea 
for at least 12 months from date of arrival In the Colony. The Uoard reaervw to itself the light to 
ooDslder applicationB for persons not included in the above category on their special merits. 


Female domestto Mmnta txe gnnted pungsa auder nomiaatlODs an tbe following tenu : — Tbat 
the DOmiuator depodt the Bum of £7. on appUcatian and il, on arrlTil of the eniigraut. 

Aeeisted passages are granted nudernominatioaBtocIerlis, warelioiisetiiea,piiiilars, Ac The Goverii' 
meot in the first instance pays the whole of the passaee moae;, but a portion of the same (viz., lOL 
Bterfing per adult and 5i. ilerling for each child under 12 yearB of ago) has to be repaid to the GoTem- 
ment in two equal inetalments, the one at siz and the other at 12 months from date of lauding. The 
paymeot of these inelslmenta hae to be guaranteed by at least two rcflpectabls oolomstB. 

Applications for free passages have to be sent in writing to the Secretary of the Board, and must 
atats full particulars as to class, trade, wages oSeied, and period of engagement. 

Applicante are required to make amngementa for the immediate receptiau on arrival ol Immigrants 
Introduced on their behalf, and failing euch arrangements Sfe held liable for any expense incurred in 
that reapaot by the Ooveramsut. 

So ai^le person above the age of 45 years is eligible U> noeive a free passage. 

The wiirae and families of married male emigrants receive free passages. 

Furtherjparticnlara can be obtiuned on application te Walter Feacs, £sq,, Acting Emigradon Agent 
for Natal, So. S, West BtKst, Finsbory Ciicua, London, E.C. 


Asttsled passages are granted by the Govenmieiit of Canada to tenant farmers, agricultural laboureri, 
and iuteading farmers, oa board the steamships of the Allan Lino from Liverpool sod LondouderrT, 
by the Dondnlon Line from Liverpool, and by Messra. J. and A. Allan's Line from Glasgow, at tbe 
rate of U. sterling for each adult ; -iL lOi. for each child between 1 and 10 years of age ; and 10«. for 
each infant under 1 year. Female domestic servants ai-e charged 4f. Teu cubic feet of loggage are 
aOuwed free to each statute adult. The bedding and uteoails required during the voyage can cither be 
purchased, or hired for the passage from the Steamship Companies for a nominal sum. 

Persans eligible for these passages moiit produce to one of the Agents for CnUEula in tliis country 
satiafactory certiScates of character, and declare their intention to become settlers in Cannda. 

Depfite or stations for the reception of immigrsQts are provided at Uuebec, Moutreal, HaJifax, 
EingatoQ, Toronto, OtUwa, Hamilton, and Winnipeg. 

Thesa stations are fitted up so as to afford Immigrants all necessary couTsnleuces for meals. Bleeping, 
washing, medical attendance, and accommodatian Tor their luggage, &c Meals are provided for th^ of 
good quality at low prices. Medical attendance and hospital accommodation are aiFurdud by ths 
Oovemmentin all cases of niclcncsB. 

Free transport by railway ttUI be given to the above claaeea from Quoboc, the port of landing, to the 
nearest station to uieir destination in the Previncea of Ontario and Quebec Imniigrants intending to 
settle in the Trovlncs of Manitoba are booked through from Quebec at a reduced rate of 31 dollars per 
adult. An officer of the Govurumont travels with parties of immigrants in the railway trains to see that 
their wants ire properly provided lor, and that tbey are not subjected to any imposition on the road. 
Free grantv of land rannng from 100 to 200 acres can be had in almost every prevince. 
Agricnltursl labourers should arrive in Canada early In the spring. By leaving this conntrv In the 
middle of March, they will reach their destination at a time when labour is In demand. Tbsre is atwaya a 
steady demand for good farm labourers and female domestic scrvanta, at good wages. 
The following are the Government Immigration Agents in Canada :— 

OTT.LWA ... Mr. W. J. Willa, 6U Lawrence and Ottawa Bailway Station, Ottawa, 

Toronto ... Hr. J. A. Donaldson, Strachan Avenue, Toronto, Ontario. 
MONTRBAL ... Mr. J. J. Daley, Montreal, Prevince of Quebec 
KiUCWiOK ... Mr. B. Macpberaon, William Street, Kingston, 
EaMQ-ION ... Mr. John Emilh. Qreat Western Bailway Station, Hamilton. 
London ... Mr. A. G. Bmythe, London, Ontario. 

HallfU ... Mr. E. Clay, Ualifuc, Nova Bcotla. 

8t. John ... Mr. J. Liviugstone, St. John, New Brunswick. 
QuBBXO ... Mr. L. Stafford, Point Levis, Quebec 

WiNHiFHa ... Mr. W. Hespeler^ Winnipeg, Manitoba. 
DtmiBiN .,. Mr. J. E, Tetu, Dutferin, Manitoba. 
These Offlcen should be immediately applied to on arrival They will f nrnish information as (o lands 
open for settlement in tbsir respective provinoea and districts, farms for sale, demand for employment, 
rates (rf wages, ronta ol travel, dlatances, expenses of conveyanee ; and will reoeive and forward letters 
and remittaiiaaa tor esttlers, &c. , ic 

Applicatkins for asBisted passages and fullparticnlars shouldbeaddreanedtoj. CoImer.Esq., Secretary 
Eintemiou Department, High CommiasioneT's Office, ID, Victoria Ghambere, London, S.W. 

The foUowing are tbe Oauadian Emigration Agents In Qreat Britain and Ireland :— John Dyke, Esq., 
le. Water Street, Liverpool j thomaa Qrahune, Esq., 40, St. Enoch's Bquare, Glasgow; Thomas 
C<HmolIy, Ew]., Northumberland House, Doblin; Charles Foy, Etq., 39, Yictoiis I'lace, Belfast. 

■ „■ Google 


This Part of the Colonial OfBce List indades the text of the Imperial Sapenm- 
niuttioa Acta (other than the Imperial Penaiona Commntatioit AotB)*,aad the 
Uiantes and Circnlare uwaed under them, the GoTemora' PeDraons Aote, and a 
gnccinct statement of the pension laws, mloa, or practice ohtainiqg in UioBa 
coloniea (other than responsicJe Oovemment Colonies) whioh nanoll; peai BOper- 
annnation allonanoee to their serraats. — Ed. C. 0. LiaT. 
4*6 WILL., CAP. 5XIV. 
An Act to aUer, tuaend, tod consolidate the L>wb for regnktiDg tbe Paiwioiis, OompeiuatioiiB, and 
AUowtuioeB to be mads to Persoiu in raspeoC of their haTins tield OJTll OBlcsa in His UajeMy's 
Bervice. [26(A Jufy, 1834.] 

[SsctlonB I. (fl V. and YII. oltbiaAct irernpealed bj SS&SSVlc. c 60, whioh see at p^ea 218-19 
Beetioa VI. is printed as a foot-note at page S19.'~'Ei>. 0. O. Liir.] 
Vni. And be it fiirthpreiiactM,thBt£roixi and after thsjiMidi^ of this Act, an Act madeintboflfMeth 

regnlate and control the grxntiag and payment oi 
several AotB pa*B«d in the fifty-firstywr of tbs roigii of Hie said late Majesty and in the third year of 
His late Majesty King Geonje the Fmirth, MTenllj to amend tlie aaid Act of the fiftieth year of the 
reign of King Grorge the Third ; and also an Act psaHed in (he fifth year of the reign of Hie said Isle 
Hawety King Ge^e the Fourth, lo nmend the said Act ot the t)iird year of His said Majesty's reign ; 
and ED mucli of an Act panned in tho sixth ^ear of the reigu of Hie said late Hajeaty, to resnlate the 
payment of salarioB and aliowincoB to BrUuA Oonsnla, as respect' the allowance to be made lo sncli 
Oonsuls in tho nature of Buperannnation or rowsxd tor meritorlouB public services, shaU be and tbs same 
are horeby repealed, exropt so far aa relates to any matter or thing already done nnder the said Ads of 

IX. And be it further enacted, 

day of Ai^mK, 1829 (except only as hereinalt«r is authorized) shall not —„,--. 

with reference to the amouot of^ their salaries and tbe perioila of their serTices rsirpectively ; (tiaeticrt), 
To an ofBctr, clert, or pecsoo who sliall have served ten years and apwardE, and under flftean years,' 
toy auDual allowance not exceeding in amount four-tnulfths of tho annual eaWy and emolnmeutB 
of nia office ^ 

For fifteen years and upwards, and under twenty yeais, not ozceodiog flve-twelf th« of such sbUt; 

and emolument H ; 
For twenty jearn and upwards, and under twenty-flve years, not exceeding sii-tweltthB of mcb 

salary and emoluments : 
For twenty-five years aud upwards, and nnder thirty years, not exceeding flsvea-twalftlis of Bocti 

salary and emoluments : 
For tbu'ty years and opwirds, and imdsr thirty-five juara, not eiceoding eight-twelftlia of audi 

salary and emoIumentB : 
For thnrty-five years and upwards, and nnder forty Tears, not . szcasding uina-tweUthB of snob 

salary aad cmolumonca ; 
For forty years and upwards, and nnder lorty-Sva yvara, not «xo««diDg ten-twelfths (^ sndi 

salary and emoluments : 
For forty-five years and upwards, and undsr fifty justs, not exceeding elevao-twelfths of such 

salary and cmoluiocntb 
And lor flf ty ycaru or upwards, any nmnal aUowanoe not exceeding the net amonnt of the salary 
and emolumenta of his office. 

X. And be it further enacted, that from and after the passiiig of this Act it shall not he lawful to grant 
to any offiesr or clerk who sbaQ hare entered the public Eerviceaubscquect to the 4th day of At4fiiit,liSS, 
except as herciuafler Buthwized, any superannuation or allowance exceeding the following pztoortiaua 
with reference to the amount oi their salaries and the perioda oi their aervicea respective^ ; (mdetiai), 

To an officer, civrk, or poraon who ahall luve served ten years and upwards, and under seveutseD 
years, anv annual allun-ance nut oxoeediDg in amount thieo-twelfths of the salary and enMlamautB 
of hie ofiii.'e : 
For seventeen }'eare' servioe and T^iwarda, and under twenty-Eonr years, not «ioeediQg four- 
twelfths of such f,-itary and emolnments : 
For twenty-four years' aerrico and upwards, and under thirty-one Tears, not exceeding fivB- 

twelfths of such ealary and emolumenta : 
For thirty-one yeara and npwards, and under thirty-eight years, not oxoeading sii-twolftha ol 

such salarr and emolsments : 
For thirty-e^ht veara and upwards, and nnder forty-five years, not ezceedlDg Bsvan-twelfths of 
aiiuh sslarraud emolunuiQts: 
• nm Acts are n A U Vie., c. 32, U A H Via, e. 101, UAU Vlo., c M, W * U Vit, e. II.— Bo. C 0. U»i. 


And lertorly-ita ytm md nnwida, iiot«io»a(Uog «%ht-twelf Uia of sncii mliijiiiiil iiiiiiTiwiilg 
And ia BO caw, ezoept »s haraliuJtor la MpedaUy piavided, thtii any snpenuiniuition or ■llmranm 
wnw»ill»g tir«>4hirds of the wibry and amoluiwiitB of ui; enoh officer, clerk, or person be erkulad. 

21, And it ba f ortber eiwcted, tlut froiauid kfter tha pssoue of thu Aat it ahall not be Ikwfal to 
gnat tay «q«i«iuuutuio allovuce to aay idBeer or derlE who aluU be under eiitj-fire yaus of tf^ 
■nleaa ipon MrtUeatea liom the hside of the dapaitmeut to which mcb offloar or ckrk ahall baloog. 

io the Mttaflirtioii of the head officar or offloera of his departmoDL w 

■noh head ofltoor* if thara ahAlL be more tbaji ma, or b; such haad officer if there be but oaa ; and in oaM 
the panm '■'«*™'"g audi aaparaouuitioik aUowaooa aatU bhnoelf be the head offloer, or one of the hnarl 
offinia, than aseh aapenoniution allowanoe ahall not be granted nnleu he ahiU have di«chaigad tha 
dnUMofUe aituationwithdiligaDDeandfldalitjto theaatiafaotionof thuGommisaiuDersof theAdmW^, 
:i — 1. 1 — J .a 1..I1 bold any offloe or aUsaUeu under the oontrol of tbM de^iutment, and in allothu 

Ldndnltj and Tiaaann leapaativaiy ahall ez^vaaa snch wliafirtion in tl 

ntboniiBg the grant a any anch aufMrannuatuD allowance. 

XIL Providad alwna, and be it further enwjted, that the mperanaiutian allowaniM to be granted to 
taj offloer or parara uler the paaaing ol thia Act shall not be computed upon the anunmt of the lalaiy 
•oiojed bj him at (he time of hie retlremsnt, anleae he shall hkve been in the receipt at the laiDe, or in tha 
ewa tron whidi be ratiree, for a period of at least three yeuv immediately before the granting ol ndi 
anpenunuation allowance ; and in caaa he aball not have enjoyed hie then ezialing e&Ur; (or nave baen 
in aneh dug) for that period, inch aDperannnatiaa allowance ahall be calculated upon the average amoonl 
of salary received bv auch pernon for three ;eare next preceding the comnkeDCeuiunt of Buch aUowaaea. 

XIII. And be it nMber enacted, that all compenaatioiu and allowances granted or hereafter noder thii 
Act to be granted aa pensitnu or a^qMrannoaticau shall be paid to the persona entitled to receive the aama 
withontanyabateniant or deduction in respect of any taxes or duties whatever at pruoeat existing. 

XIV. And be it further enacted, that the superannuation allowances authorized by this Act ihall 
AiUnd to all aueh dTil offlcea and depannuota as are set forth and enumerued in the sohedule to thJE 
Act, with sncb ezceptious as are apaoifled in the eaid schedule : provided always, that it shall he lawful 
tor tha Oorwrnlaslanwe of His If pasty's Tieaaurv, by any order or warraut under the bands of any three 
or wore of tbam, to add to the list ol offloea and d^iartokenta enumerated in the said schedule an; othsr 
offioea or departtnante wUah now exlat or may hereafter be created or eatablisbed, and to place the same, 
and the olHcaira and peraona employed tiiereiu, under tha provisions of thia Act, in every which order or 
warrant the KsMona for adding any auoh office or department ahall be stated, and a copy of every such ivdar 
or winant ahall be laid before parliament within one montli after the making therecj, if Fuhament shall 
be then shthig, and if not, then within one moath after the then naxi sitting of ParUament ; and all the 
proriaiaiB of thia Act, and all the powers, authoritiaa, rcgnlationa, reetriotiona, and claoaas theraia 
aontained, shall in every each cane apply and be pot in fcrce with teapeet to every office or department 
which shall be so added as aforesaid, as fully and effectually, to all intauta and purpoees, aa if they had 
been originaUT ^lecified and annmanUed in the asid achediils. 

XT. iSwUed always, and be it further enacted, that nothing in thia Act contained shall extend or bs 
oonatntod to elteod to or anthoriM the adding to aucb list any offices held under military or naval ecm- 
miaafoBa entitling the hcddam of the same to haJf-pay, or any military or naval allonauce in lien trf or in 
addilitm to half-pay flowed under the r^ulaiioo of any order of His Uajesly in Council to any paracau 
for aervkes in Bis Majesty's army, navy, or ordnance, or any offices in sny of Uis Uajesty's Courts at 
Watmiiuttr or Dailiii, or any ouer lUs liajeety's Courts of Justice elsewhere, or the Comptroller of 
His Hajasty^ Sxahe^oer, or any officae in relation to whicn tha graittiDg of any allowances for paat 
asrvioaa baa bean apecnJly regulated by any Aot, or any offices held aa siaeoares, or execuled prindpallj' 
by dnnity. 

XVI. And be it further enacted, that no oempeiuation hereafter to be made or aaiKvauniiatiaa 
aUowtnsa to be graaled in reapect of dvil aervioeB to •oj' person entitled to half-pay m the army, 
ordoaaos, naTy, or marinea. who aliall ban bean apnanted to the Civil Service Bubsequently to tha 
fourUk daj of AugmM One tbouaand eight hundred and tweuty-niao, ehatl in any case, except as in thia 
Aot ia qniially provided, exceed in tim whole (ooitmaling hia ulf -pay in such comiHnaatiuQ or allowance) 
(heamCWDl of two-thirdB of the lalary and anKdmnentaof tha office relinquished by him: provided 
always, that nothing in thia Act conlainad aball extend or be OOnatruad to extend to entitle any snperiu- 
taurdaDt of a dockyard ca other eataUiahmant in the Civil Department of the >'avy, who elutU have held 
any cMl appotntiMnt prior to the dfUidaTol itwist One Uunwand eight hundred and twenty-nine, to anv 
saperannaatioo allowanoe under thia Act Deyoail tha amount atutnlated by the lerma on which he aha& 
havo aeeeptad tha office of aaparinlendeiit, or the anunmt oatabliahod by any Order of His Uajeaty in 
Oowtdl Qonawing «^)winta n dente. 

XVII. Provided always, and be ft fnrtiier enacted, that in any case in which it aball ^paar to tha 
CcmmiaalODaB of Hia Haieaty'a Traaaury that any apedal cfa-cnmstanoes afford to any officer or clerk in 
the aeiMnl offieea at departments mentioned in the schedule to this Act, or in the addition authoriiad t» 
be m«dettMata,iriioia not within the asceptlDusthvein contained, a just claim to an amoimt of superau- 
niiatlDD aUnranoe not aiMboriied by thia Act, or exceeding the amount therein specified with retiswce to 
the IsBigtli ol hia sarvioe, it ahall be Jawful fcr tlie OoaunieaioDerB of His Majesty's Treasury to giant or 
give aollicrity for grsnting any apeoial — per«nnliathiB which such officer or clerk shall appear to Ihsn 
to devrve; bnt In every soeh eaee the gnmnds on which such special Bu[>erannuUion shall bo granted er 
■BthMiaad ahall be atatad in the giant Iberaof , or in the authority lor granting the same, and alsosntarad 
in thaMintiea ol the Treasury, and alull likewiae be laid before Parliament within one month attar Itw 
lUth day of Jamtars in each 7ear, if Parliament be aitting during that period, or if not, then wfUdn ona 
month after tbe ensuing meeting of Parliament. 

^VIII, And be It lurtber eBaelad, that no ctmpsnwtion for out office aboliahed, nor an; wgrnM 


Gamtioa f n the nature of saperumnUfon la retired 
s h«Ting held any public offlce or emploTment, or 
hsTing been engsgod in 'any public service, flhail be granlsd, allowwi, or paid, other thin nrnlM- tlu> 
muthority of «n Order of Hie Mnjeaty in Ooundl, or by l& CommiBOOners of His MajestyV "- 

XIX. And be it further enacted and provided, that erery person to whom my ooi . 
nllowauce, in conseqaOQce of the abolition or redu(^loD of office^ ahall bereaf ter be granted, shall at 
times, when called upon, be liable to fill, is any part of His Hageety's dominionB in which he nbrnh have 
already served, any public office or situatioa onder the Crown for which his previous public serrloesnuty 
render h'm ^igible, and that it he ebatl decline, whtm called npon so to do, to lake upon M™"J* socn 
ofllOD or situation, and eiecDta the duties thereof satisfactorily, odns in a oompetant etate of health, he 
BbsU forfeit hie ri ' ' ' - " ^'-' '^ — "- ^-^ ^- •-•- • . 

^ Provided always, and be it further enacted, that in caaa aoy person enioyiog any superaiiiLuaH<Hi 

ance, in consequence of retiring from offlce on account of age, inflmuty, or any other cause, or 

enji^iog any compensation for past SBrvicee upon the aboUtloo or reduction of i^ce, anall be a^nx^tet 

to fiU any ofeoe in any public depsrtmoat. every such allowaneo or compensation ehall cease to be paid 
for any period subsequent to snob appointment if the annual amount of the profits of the office to whicb 
he shul be acpoiuted shall be equal to those of tbe office formerly held by him, and in case they shall not 
be equal to thoee of his former office, then no more of such superannuauon altowaoce or oompensation 
•hall be paid to him than what with the salary of bis new appointmait shall be equal to that of ma fonner 

XXI. Provided always, and be it further enacted, that nothing herein contained with respect to 
eompenaatioQ, superannuation, or allowance far civil sn^ces atiall extend or be construed to extend to 
any military cr naval half -pay, or allowance In lieu of half-pay, or to any military or naval allowanoe ot 
ponsiona gninlod or to be granted under the regulations of any Order of His Majeety in Council, in any 
of the respective departments of the CommisBioners of the Admiralty, the Secretary at 'War, and tba 
Master General of the Ordnance, except oa hereinafter ie provided with respect'""" 

X5II. And be it further enacted, that between the first day ol February and the twentv-flftll day <rf 
Afarck in every yoar, or if Farliamont sball not be sittinB: duriug any part of that period, then within 
twenty days altDC the next meeting of Farliamfut there shall be laid before buth Houses ' " " 

. _ d diminution which shall have taken place within the preceding 

n the thirty-first day of Decembtr, in the number ot persons employed in all pubUo omc 

departmente under the Crown, and in the salaries, emoluments, allowances, and eipenai 

token place or boon paid, granted, received, or incurred tor and in reepect of all oUicers and psrsona 

belonging to or employed in nil such public otHces or departments, specifying (he amount and nature 

thereof, and diEtiuguishing every increase and diminution In the amount of allallowaDoeeof compensatfona 
granted as retired allowances or BUperannuations to any person having held any office, place, or employ- 
ment in any such public olHce or dupartment, and also the time and length of service of every such 
persons, and the amount of the salary and emoluments received by such person immediately preoeding 
bis superannuation or retirement, and the nature of his services, and the grounds upon which such increase 
or diminution in the establishment of every such public ofSce or department, or of any such salary, 
emolument, allowance, compensation, or superonnnatian shall have been granted or made; asd also 
specifying the name of every person receiviug such allowance or compensotiou who may have died In 
the course of tho year, together with the amount ot the annual allowance payable to such person. 

XXIII. Provided always, and be it further enacted, that acoouots ot all eompensatioDB forofflcM 
aboKshed, and of all allowances in tho nature of superannnation or retired allowancea to all other pnacma 
in respect of their iiaving held any public office or employment under the Crown, shall annually, at tba 
period lastly provided, be laid before the Commons House of Parliament, 

XXIV. And whereas tbe scale of allowance under this Act specifies the highest rate which a Ksom- 
■nnuated officer can receive unless his case be specially laid before ParliamBot: and wbereta it Is 
erpedient that the Lords of His Majesty's Treaenry and the Lords of the Admiralty for the ttms bring 
respectiVBly should consider the health, age, meritiRHotu conduct, and other drcumstanoes of each party 
app\jia^ for a superannuation allowance, in order to exercise their discretion In fixing the amount ic 
such allowance, subject alwaye to the limitation prescribed by this Act : and whereas it is expedient that 
Parliament should be made acquainted with the manner in which such discretion shall be exerciBed: be it 
therefore enacted, that all Orders of His Majesty In Coondl, and Uiuutes of the Lords of the Traamryi 
wMch shall at any time be framed or passed laying down any general rule or regulation respectlDK tbe 
granting of superannnation allowances, sliall, within one month of the date thereof, if Parliament should 
then be sitting, or if not, thou within one month after the commencement of tbe next ensuing sesalaii 
of Parlisment, be laid before the two Houses of Parliament respectively. 

XXV. Provided alwa3rs, and be It further enacted, that all half-pay and allowances in lien of half-pay in 
theBeTeraldepartmentBotthearmy,ordnance,Davy, and marines, and all military and navsl allowancas or 
pensions granted or which shall be granted in any of such departmenle under tbe authivityof any Order 
In OouncU, shall be annually laid before the Commons House of Parliament, in separate satfanates, at ths 

IS tlnu with the ordinary estimates of those respective deportments, and shall be kept disUnct from 

11 be annually laid beSirs the Commons House of Parliament, in seporate satfanotes, ol 

_„ 1 the ordinary estimates of those respective deportments, and shall be kept disUnct 1 

nil penaionB, compensations, Huperannuotion, and retired allowances in ony of the dvil offlees of tbosa 
dsMrtmsnts respectively. 

XXVL And be it further enacted, that the compensatlana, superonnuatlona, and allowances onthorlied 
aa weD 1^ this as any former Act or Acts shall, when not spedally provided for by Parliament, be charged 
opon and paid and [«yable by tbe respective deparlmsnts or ofnces In which ths persons rsosiving SQcb 
allowances shall have served. 

XTIL And wharaas the Oommladoners of the Treuntry did, by a Kinnte doted the lonrth dny o . 



Atmi$l One tlioimiui dght bnndred ind twmty-nlDB, record their intentioit 
witli k Tiev to reduce prospectively the chwrge Incurred in proTidisg for Bi 
whfcli notice vse given in the eercnl public depsrUnents for the infonoHtia 

3 adopt certain regolatioaa 
loraaniiittion ftllowances, of 
of thoBO who should there- 
Minute an anuuBl ibBtement hath 
the public BSTTioe 

— p »l pul>liodep«i1me[itB f 

after enter the public eerrioe; and iriureaa in pnrsTiaDce of liw nai 
baen nude tiimi the nUriee ud emoloment* ot (he several perEOns 

■Qbseqnent to the date therof ; and whareaa it ia expedieiit to contujue aiiisu HUHurminiL m liuhd lvhw, 
and to extend it to others as herelaeftor provided : be It therefore fnrther enacted ttiaC from and after the 
pasaing of this Act Ibere ehail be an annual abatement made, in quarterly proportioue, by the proper 
officer in each respective departcoent, from the Balajiee and emolumenta c^ the tferenil officers and 
percooB employed in the asTeral ciiil offices and departmenta apodfled in the schedule to this Act, or 
to be spedfled in the addition authorised to be made thereto, and not irithin the exceptions thereof, vho 
have Bince the date of the said Minate entered or flhall hereafter enter the public eenice, ia each manner 
and under such diredione as shall from time to time be given in this respect by the CommiasionflTs of tlie 
Treasnry or of the Admiralty, Rfl the case may be; the amount of which abatement aliall be according to 
the reepective rates following (that is to say) ; — 

From salaries and emoluments not exceeding the annual nun of one hundred pounds, an abatement 
after the rate of tno pounds ten sbilliDgsjwreadHn; 

And from salaries and emoluments eicee<&ig onahondred pounds, flva pounds per cenfun: 
And in the cases ol all persons whomsoever at present holding office and entitled to BuperannnBtloD 
allowance under this Act, who shall Lave been appointed to BUi£ office subsaquentlv to the issue of the 
Hinule of the Lords Commissioners of His Hajesty's Treasury, bsariiig date the fourth dav of Augutt 
One thousand eight hundred and twenty-nine, for tbs future regulation of the several civil dBpartments 
of the public Bervioe, and who ehall hersafler, upon promotion, obtain any increase ot salary or sllowanees 
in respect of their offices, au annual abatement, after the like rates respectively, shall be made from tho 
amount of such increase from time to lime, commencing from the period when the same shall ttie place. 

XXVIIL And be it further enacted, that it stall be laiv-ful for the person or nersoDs at the head of 
any dapartmant in which any fees or other sources of profit may form part of the emoluments of any 
office n BDch department, te fix, with tbe approbation ot the Commissionere of His Majesty's Treasury, 
or for the ConutussioDers of the Admiralty u the office shall be in that department, an average sum upon 
which the compensation or supersnnusiion allowance shall he granted, as well as the sum to he sncnally 
abated, aa hereinbefore provided, from Buch person's salary, in respect of such emolumenta, ivhicn 
sum BO la be fixed shall not exceed the average amount of such emohmients (or the three last preceding 

of the execution of this Act, and of all matters and things relating thereto, in his exeoutioB of the poweri 

' ~ ' ' '•e "^'^ particuiars, ai he eliall in that behalf be from 

time to timo directed. 

>r and form, and containing st 
XXX. Frovided always, aud be it further enacted, that nothing in thia A 

: contained ahall extend oi 

.0 give any person an absolute right to compensation tor past services, or to any 
ng allowance under this Act, or to deprive the Commissioners of His Hafesty'a 
eads or principal officers of the respectiTe depar*™'^"*" "^ it^nir n/^wd^ anA m^^tV^i^ 
,0 dismiss any person from Uis public service without compensation. 

ra of the respective departments, of I 
le amended, altered, o 

'ir power and aulhomy 
tpealed by asy Act or 

BciiEDDLE referred to in the aforegdng Act (See XIT.). 

Offico of Vice Treasury fai Ireland. 

Office of Privy Coondl, Great Britain) 

and Ireland , - . J 

Office of Oommittee for Trade . . . - 

Offices of Secretaries of Stale 

OfBoe of Secretary for Ireland . ■ . . ] 

Alien Office. 

Consnla Owieral and Cousuls restricled 

from being engaged In Trade- 
State Paper Office. 
Oaice of Bt^jatrar of Slaves. 
PoUcB Offices in London and Middlesex 

and Borough of Southwark. 
Commander of the Forces Office, England -1 

and Ireland ( 

Qnartennaaler-Qeneral's Office, ditto . . I 
Adjutant-General's Office, ditto . . .} 

War Office 

Army Medical Board. 

Board of General Offloen 

Chaplsdn General's Office. 

Judge Advocate General's Office . . . 

Army Pay Offloa 

• AitoUMt 

Lords of tbe Treasnry aud joint Secretaries. 

Prsddent of tbe Council. 

Pieddent and Vice President. 

Secretaries and Under Becretaries. 

Chief Bscretary, the Parliamentary Council f(v bJlh 


Offloers acting under Military Commlseloni; 

Judge Advocate Qenaral. 

■xcqtiBni m n A IS Vic «. eo. 



Boysl Uil^HT College 

O:^ lliliUr; Allium 

Ifutor Qenand. 

Clnk of Uie OrduAiuw. 


Prinoipil Btorekeqier. 

Beenfauy to Uaater-Geniva], uid *1I psnona ioliiBg thdr 
fft^liit^*nif ^y Willtiry OcauDiBAiai. 

TrMnm of tbe Orduanee. 

Perami wbo, btmg M^ilu? OSoeM, iMf b* antilbd to 
foil or btii'ftj w taeb, Bnb)Mt, tunranr, to t^ prcr- 
YMonmoUhbs AeL 

Lordg of tte Adndnltyand Saontarin. 

SawriDtocdenta of Dot^nrdB utd Viotnaliiu Twda^ and 
Haral llodioal EktoUi^faawnta or l{aq>itala, sot turnDg 
bMn (oiTdi^ad in the Civil Scrtioa <rf tLe Nstj prior to 
tbe mth dftj of AHnit ods thooHitd eight bnadred and 
twtcly Dins, and Omovs aetioc by TirtaB of MaTal or 
Military Commiaakna of Wairaota.aiHl entitled to half- 

Peat Office 


Audit Offloe. 

Uomptmllare of Arm; Aocoimts. 

Natioial Debt Office. 

Offioe of Wood*, Fonats, Worka, ttc. 
King's Bemualnranoer'B Offloe in tbe Ez- 

oheqner (d Scotland. 
Offloe of Anditot of tlie Eicbeqoer of) 

Sootlaod J 

Biguet and Friry Seal Offices, Scotland. 
IMtiah and Iriih FiiOMry. 

OfBee ol Teller of the Eicheqner . . . 

Hibemian School for Sotdien' Children. 

Board of Edncstion. 

Priiry Seal Office. 

Board of Charitable DonationB and Be- 

Hegiatrir of Deedw. 


The Teller. 

Peraone holding CommlmionB antitling tbem to half-pay, 
■abjMt, however, to the proviaiMia df this Act 

. n A 88 VIOT,. CAP. LI. 
ki aller and amend tba Acta enabling Her UajeBty to grant Fenalona to Fvaona having htU 

oertalnhigh CiTiIOtacoB. '""■ ' ' "•" ■■ 

[9th A 


leof Cc 

of the Ci 
tmmona, and which offices ore hereinaft^i 
it Excellent Mftjeetj'^lsT and 

held by m 


of Lords or the 
political offlcoa ; Be it envlad by tbe 
t the I<onlH SphrMual and Ttaapani, 
ority of the lame, as fotlowe: — 

stained, fihall not apfdy to any office 

In fier Majeety's household, or to any legal idBce, oti>er 

and Con . 

1. This Act, with liie eicpption of the rt 
in the purmsnent civil service of the Crown 
tlian the office of Judge Advocate General. 

2. Folitical offices uhall for the purpOBBB of this Act be divided into three oUsse 
CUsa 1. Containing the office of the first Lord of the Admiralty and ai 

ramuneralcd with a yearly salary of not toss than flva thonaand poauds ^ 
Class 2. CouUuning all auob offleaa iMDonaiated with a yearly salary of li 

poQnde and not leaa than two thousand pounds : 
Claj<8 S. Containing: all Bucb offices remnnoaled with a yearly salary of less tliaa two thonaand 

poundH and more than one thousand pounds. 
S. Subject to the proviaiona of this Act Hsr Majesty m^, If She shall think fit, b? warrant nndsr ber 
royal sign manual, countersigned by tnu or more Conmusaioners of Her Majasty'a Traaamy, gnnt to 
any peraou in respect of his sorvuas, wbstber before or after the. pasiine of tUs Act, fai any <^oe 
iududed in any of the above cLaasae, a paaiioa daring life aooording to tlw(oUDwingicalB,vlB.>— 


Ilk Afint-«Uwpaauon,DOteic«ediiig two thounuidpoDQdE* jstr.mrsBpsct ot&MTvioeof notlMB 
tluuD four jBaiB, or itb squiTdent, in ui office of ths first claea. 

Sod. A Bacond-cinsBiwaHioD, not exceeding one thousuid two hundred pounds a ye&r, id reqwct ot k 
service ot not fesa than sii jearB, or its oquivalonl, in an oiBce of tlie second class. 

ltd. A third-daaa pensian, not eicoedine eight bondisd pouiida a j-ear, in respect of a serviM of not 
less than ten Tears in an offii» of the thiid daas. 

4. For Uis purpoBss of this Act, sarvice for an; tinu In an office of the third class shall const •• 
pervice for ons-half of that time in an office of tlie second cksa ; and service for any time in sn offlce of 
the second class shall count as service for oDo-half of that tints in an office of the first class; but no 
person shall be entitled to a QtsI-cUbs pensloD »ho has not actually served tno years in an offio ol tha 
first class, cor to a secoud-clasB pension who has not actoally served three yaan in an office ol the second 
class. Any perBon who, having serrsd for three years in a lower olaas, has afterwards served in a 
higher class for such would, if the sorvico had bean in the lower olaas, have entitled him to & 
penaioninthBlowerolasSishallbeaatitlad torac^n thewboleof bis service as if it had beeu passed ia 
die lower class. 

The tisiB of service in political ofBoes may for the purposes of this Act be continuoue or at different 
times and in different offices of the above clisses ; but no pension under this Act shall be granted in any 
class wbila four iiensionsof that class are Bubsistiug; nor shall more than one pension nnder this Act tie 
granted in tbe eame year : Prorided tbat no office hereafter created ehall be enticed to rank as one of the 

Elitical offices willun the moaning of this Act, unless such office shall have been created by Act of 
Thaotent, nor shall in future any addition to the salary of any political office now existing, or hereafter 
to be civated, mads otherwise than under the anlhodty of an Act of tarliMDaiit, eotitla ssch oOfie la- 
rank in any hlebsr class than that In which it would have ranked without such addition. 
'i. FsDoio^in respect of earvice in offioas the salary (d which is paid out of the revenues of India shall 

}. Wheie a person receiving a pension onder this Act was at the time of his application for sucli 
peualDn, or ie afterwards, eotitled to any emolumant ^including in Cho term any saiary, compeasatioa 
sinieraiiHUatioD allowance or pension) which is payable out of any monies raised by taxatian or out of 
other public leveaua in anj- part ol Mer Uajesty'H dominions, or is received by way of faes or otherwise 

ii respect of his holding any publio office or employment in any part of Her Uajosty's dominions, Uis 
pnymeut of the pensiou under this Act shall, so long as he rsceivee sucii emolument, if the amount 

lliereof is greater thou or euual to the seaaion under this Act, be suependad, and if less be dimiiusbed 
by the amount of such emolument { and if any person is at the t" ~ -' ' - --" ' ' 

Jommissioiiare of Her Uajeaty's Ireaauiy a declaration onder his hand stating the nature and amount 

T. Section six of the Act o( the eaxBian of the fonrtli and fifth years of the reign of King William the 
FourUi, chapter twenty-four, shall apply to psuMoua uud«r thia Act in the same manner as if they had 
been arranled under the provjaions of the said AcL* 

S. Every pension, not being chargeable on the revennes of India, granted under this Act ehall be 
i!<*ned and payable out of and charged and chargeable Upon the Consolidated Fund of the United 
Kingdom of Oreat Britain and Ireland next in order of payment to and after paying or reserving 
su^dent to pay all such sums of money as have been directed to t>e paid by ^Qy former Act or Acts, 
but with preference to all other payments hereafter to be charged thereon as aforesaid, and the same 
eliall from time to tinie tie paid and payable quarterly. 

9. The Ads speci&ed iu the acbediUe to this Act aie hereby repealed to the extent in the schedmle 

f roiTided that— 

(1.) This repeal shall not alfact any* penricois which faavo been granted imdsr any of (he Mdd Ads 

before the r****^ "1 this Aot sod aia stiU In forss, and thooe Acts shall apply to sndi peadons 

as if this Act bad not passed. 
(2.) Where a person is qnahied by Mrvioa bsiora the paadug of this Act to laeelve a pansion udH 

an; of the aalB Aots, It shall be lawful for Her Hajssty to grant a pension to aoch person In 

pursuance of those Acts; and those Acts shall fpfy, in the oaaa of Bath pansion, in the trnm 

manner as if this Act had not passid. 
(a) Where a person who la in the pannosnt otvil aervlos o( the aUte ia qualified by servioa bslcn tha 

passing (4 this Act to nedvo a psuaian undo: aay of the said Acta, w wonld bat (or tUe n«al 

hare beoam» so qoalified by ■ervkie paitly haf <a« aad partly aftor Uie paaafaig of Uiis Act, ttun 

(a) Sndi person may dsim a snperaminatkB aUowanoe nndv the SupacaonnatiiHi Act, ISU : 

(A) Sudi pereon may olaiB, and Her IMesty may grant to him, a penaioa tudar the jniTi- 
siona of the eaid Acta ; and than Aots shall apfiy, in ths oaae id snob panaion, in tha 
same manner aa ii this Act had not passed. 
Ilk This Act may he cited as " TIm FidWoal Offlcss PuaAm Act, ISW." 


67 0eo.S,c.69 . 
6 6m>.4,o.G0. . 

efficient civil ofl 
An Act to unend 
late Msjeaty, for enabling Hia 

who lutve belli certain high and 

t to oltiir, ■ 

the flftT-wrenth year of H[i 
ng Hia Miijr-'- 

offlcea in Hia Hajealy's sDrrice. 

UJBHtT to recompei 

3d eonaolidate the IftWB for rrga- 
mpensatiauB, and aJlowaDODit to 
respect of tbelr luTing beld civil 

The whole Act. 
The whole Act. 

BecliODH one, two 
three, four, five, 
tnd eeven. 

22 VICT., CAP. rKVL 

o Persone having held 
[_litk April, 1869.2 

Wkkbsih an Act wae paeaed in the seaeioD holdan In the fonrth and fifth years of King WillioM the 
Fourth, chapter twenty-four, "lo alter, amend, and conaolidato t]ie lawa for regulating the penaionB 
-impsnBationB, and sllowaacea to be made to^reone in respect of their having held Civfi Offlcea in Hii 

ir Maieety, chaplsr thirty-seven, section twenty-seven of the flrat-recited Act, by whiSi an al 
ment was directed to be made from the aalarios of dvil servants entitled to superannuation allowance, 
woe repealed: and whereas it is desirable further to amend the said Act as hereinafter mentfoned: be It 
therefore enacted by the Queen'a Host Excellent Majesty, by and with the advice and consent of tha 
Lords Spiritnal and Temporal and Commons, in this present Parliament aBsembled and bv the 
authority of the same, a« follawa : ' 

I. Bectiona leu, clDven, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, nevenleen, nineteen, and twenty-four of the said 
Act of the fourth and ilfth years of King William the Fonrth are hereby repealed, but such repeal shall 
not affect any pension, compensation, or superanDuation aUowauco granted or act done before the pasdDK 
of this Act. r— — -B 

U. Subject to the exceptioue and provisions hoeiDafler contained, the superannuation allowance to 
be grauted after the comfflDDcemeDt of this Act to p^sons who shall hare serred in an established 
•upacity in the permanent civil service of the state, whether their remuneration be computed by day 
pay, weekly wages, or annual salary, and for whom provision shBlt not otberwlBe have been made by 
Act of Parliament, or who may not be specially excepted by the authority of Farliunent, al«ll be U 
follows i (that Is to Bay). 

To any person who shall have served ten years and upwards, and under eleven years, an annual 
allowBur« of ten-eiitielha of the aunnal suary and emoluments of his office : 

"■ ■ " ~~' '~~' ' ' "" if eloven-siitietha of such saUry and 

For eieven years, and under twelve yeara, an annoal allowan 

nay be granted ; and no addition a 

additional year oi an^n eerviufi, uj 

■nnoal allowance ut forty-siitietl 

any service beyond forty years : 
Provided always, that if any question shonld arias In any deputment of the pnblio service as to 
the claim of any person or class of persons for ettperannnation undar thie clanae, it shall be referred to 
the OtnnmiSBionarE of the Treasnry, whose deciaian shall be flnaL 

IIL Nothing herein coutained shall Interfere with the grant to the officsrs and clerks who enlared 
tfaepnblioBervioeprior to tlieflfthday of 'lii;w< One thousand eigbt hundred and tweuly-nine, of sneh 
■nperannnation allowances as might hereafter have been granted to them under section nine of the said 
A^ of the fourth and fifth years of King WilUam the Fourth, or shall prevent, restrict, or diminish any 
other suporannnatiou allowance, pension, eratulty, or compensation which, fl this Act had not been 
passed, night hereafter have been granted to any person who shall have entered the public service 
before tha passing of this Act, but, except as aforesaid, (he provisionB hereinafter contained shall unily 
M wdl lo persons who have already entered the public servioe, whether before or after the saldtfth 
d»v U Auguil On* thoiuand eight hundred and twenly-niue, as to those who may hereafter ent«T the 
public service. 
IV. It shall be lawful for Ih« OommlssIonarB of the Treasury from time to time, by any order or 

n- tlie due and efficient discharge of the duties of any oBlts oi _ __ 

,. ... __...__,__., ir other pecnliarqualificationa not OTdlnarily to 

" '- '--"-' il of the public that parsong 

.. _ .. nl, proieei _ , 

e, are required, and that it le for the inu 
-Ji age exceeding that at which public 

id be ai^xrioted thereto at an age exceeding that at which public service ordinarily begins; Mid 

by the nme or any other order or warrant to direct that when any person now holding or who may 
hereafter be appointed to snch office or any of such class of oSlces shall retire from ttie public service 
a nnmber of years not exceeding twenty, to be speeifled In the said order or warrant, shall. In 
computing the amount ol superannuation allowance which may bo granted to him under the ton~ ' 
■ectbin oI this Ad, be added to the nnmber of years during which hems"' 
alao to direct that in respect of such office ctcUm of ofBoecthe period a 

nted to him under the tcvsgoing 
1 may have actaall; served ud 
1 of lervice reqauaid to MlUto 


tbs holdera to mpennniution may ha a period leu thtm tea yesrs, to be fpedfled In Uia order or 
Tarrant ; and bIbo to direct that, in toapact of each office or c1^ of oSices, the holder may be entitled 
to snperuiDaatian, though he may not hold his appomtmeiit directly from the Crairn, and may not 
have entered the Bervice with a. certificate from the Civil Bervico CommittiuuaerB : provided always, 
that every order or warrant made under thia enactment ehaU be laid before Fnrliaxnent. 

V. It shall bo lawful for the ConimiiiBionerB of tbe Treasury to grant to any person who, being th* 
hoUsr of an office in reiipect of which a Buperannnation allowance may be irranted, but not having; 
Oompleted the period which would have entitled him to a BUperaun nation ^owauce, is compelled tu 
aoit the public service by reason of severe bodily icjory, occaeioued, without his own default, in the 
discharge of hie public duty, a gratuity noteicee^gthreemontha'pHyforevery two year» of service, or 
% Buperan nnatiqn allowance not exceeding len-aiitiethH of tlie annual salary and emoluments of his office. 

TL It shall be lawful for the ComnuBWoners of the Treaaory to grant to any peraon who, being the 
tiolder of an office in respect of which a snperasnaatiou allowance may be granted, is constraiDod, irom 
Infirmity of mind or body, to leave the public service before the completion of the period which would 
entitle him to a superatiauation allowance, such Bum of money by way of gratuity as the said 
OonuniBsioners may tbinlc proper, but so as that no such gratuity shall exceed the amount of one 
month'a pay for Bach year uf service. 

VII. It shall be lawful for tlie ConunissEonera of the Treasury to grant to any person retiring or 
removed from the pablic service jn consequence of tbs abolition of his office, or for the purpose of 
tacUitatinK improvements in the organization of the department (o which he bolouga, by which greater 
effideacy and economy can be eSei^ted, such special annual allowance by way of cumpeasatioQ as on a 
full consideration of tlie circumstances of the case may seem to llie said Commisaioners Id be a 
reasonable and just compensation for the loss of office ; and if the compensation Hhall exceed the anujunt 
to which such person would have been entitled under the scale of supersncuation provided by thia 
Act if tOQ years were added to the number oi jears which he may have actually servod, imch allowanco 
•ball be granted by special Minute, slstiug Uie special grounds for granting such allowance, which 
Uinute ahall belaid before Farlisment,and no such allowanc« shall exceed two-thirds of the salary 
and emoluments of the office. 

VIIL It shall not be lawful for the Gommissioners of the Treasury to grant the full amount of 
anporannuatioii allowance which csn be granted under thia Act to any person not being the head officer 

ofHcer of the department, or by two head otBcers, if there be more tban one) that he baa served with 
diligence and fidelity to tho satisfaction of such head officer or officers ; and in every case in which any 
superannuation ollowaDce is granted after the refusal of such certificate, the Minute granting it Bbul 

stats such refusal and the grounds on which the allowance is granted. 

IX. Provided, that it shall be lawful for the ConuxdasicnorB of tbs Treasury to grant to any person 
any saperannnation. compensation, gratuity, or other allowance of greater amount than the amount 
which might be awarded to him under the foregoing provisfous, whsD special services rendered by 
SDch person, and reijoiiing special reward, shall appear to them to juetify such increase, but so that 

di allowBnce sliall m no cass oicsed the salary and emolnments enjoyed by the grantee at the time of 

, and the grounds of every BQch increase shall be stated in a Minute of the Treasury, whicJi 

■hall be laid before Parliament ; and ft shall be lawful for the said Commisaioners to grant to any 
nereon any such allowance of less amount than otherwise would have been awarded to bun wbeia hiB 
defanlts or demerit in relation to the public servii^e appear to them to jnetify such diminution. 
X. It shall not be lawful to grant any superannnation allowance under the provisions of this Act to 

jnder sixty years, unleas upon medical certificate to the satiafaction of tbe 

y tbathe ' ' '■ — 

reasury that he is incapable, from infirmity of mind or body, to discharge the 
duties of his situatian, and that such indrmity is likely to bo permanent. 

XL Every person to whom a superannuation or compensation allowance shall have been granted 
before he sliall have attained the b£b of sixty years shall, until he has attained that age, be lial& to b» 
called upon to fill, in any part of Her Majesty's dominions in which ha shall before have aarved, any 
pablic <tfBce or sitiution under tho Crown for which Mb previous public Borvices may render hiia 
eligible ; and if he shall decline, when called upon to do so, to take upon him such office or sltuatiDn, 
or ab^ decline or neglect to execute tbe duties thereof satisfactorily, t>eing in a competent stale of 
health, he shall forfeit his right to the compensation or superannuation allowance which had been 

XII. Jind whereaa it will be tor the advantage of the public service that officers holding emtdoymenta 
' '■' " J — 1,-r. ...... . ._ . .„ , . ... .. , . ^ other public 

Bupeiannnation allowances under this or other Acts Bball be eligible for a 
Lome and abroad, without forfeiting their claims to such allowanCE ~ ~ 
ivarj officer already or hereafter to be transferred from employment entitling b: 

.. . jjjjjj so entitling him ahaU be en 

allowance as if he had continued to bold tbe vacated 
i. subject nevertbelesa to tho 
the grant of such sllowanoe ; 

.... » lawful lor tlie Commissioners of lie T ,, . . . 

to g uvwlt ot ships and Ueutenanl'^ovemoTsbips of colonfes, and other high officea abroad, conferred for 
B ifiuited period, to grant such superannuation aUowsnce to such officers on the expiration of such terTa 
of service without a renewal of public employment ; but any officer to whom snob grant is made while 
under tbe age of sixty years shall bo subiect to the same Uabiiity to be called upon to fill office under tbe 
Oroinij aa herein provided conceroisg other peraons under that age to whom tike nllowancaa are granted. 
XIII. All orders, warrants, and nunntea by this Act directed to be laid befora Parliamsnt shall bo 
laid befora both Houses of Parliament within fourteen days alter tbe making thereof if Parliament 
be dtdng, and il Parliament bo not sitting then withiu fourteen days after the next meeting thereof. 
* Baa ClKuIan ralaltnc to thli clauM at pace E30.~Ed. 0. 0. L. 


XIT. No pensiiA shall be grantad inider ths proTlllaBs of lectitni rix of Hm Aot o( the llf^M»mith 
jo«r <rf King Cwtye the Third, ohaptur raity-ftre, to any peiaan who sbsU not have had a sBSt in one of 
the Hooses of Faruunent during tfas pnriod or one half of the period tor irhidi ha has held offlce, aa in 
ths uid section fa mentioned. 

XV. The several seetjone mentioned in the achedde bereto of Ha ssretsl Acts at Parliament, ^BO 
therein mentioned, xhall be constmed aa if this Act, inatsad of the said Act of ths fourth and fifth years 
of the reign of King Wiiiiam the Fourth, had been nfeired to in the said aactianfl ; and each other 
enactmenta as refn ta the scale of mpei^minatloa aUowance establiefaed by the provisiODB hereby 
repealed of the said Act of King WtUiim ths Fourth shall be ooiuittaed as if the scale saUbliahed b; 
thlB Act had been referred to. 

XVI. All soperaniimtionB, eompeDBationB, gratuHisa, and other aHowancaa granted or bereafler- 
under this Act lo lie gisnted ahaJl be paid to the pa'sima entitled to recoire the same irithont any 
Abatement or deduction in reapect of an; taxes or dntiea whatever at present exjatlng, except the t^ 
upon property or income. 

XVII. For the purposes of this Act, ne pemttrt hereafter to be Appointed shall be deemed to hwTQ 
Serred in the permanent Civil Service of the Stale unless snch person holde his appointment dlisetlj 
from the Crown, or has beea admitted into the CivU Service with a cortifioslo from the Civii Serviea 
CommiaBioiiBni ; nor shall any person, already appointed to any office bo held to have served in the 
permanent Civil Service aa aforonaid, unless such poreon belong to a class which ii already enUfled to 
Huperaiiuiiatlon allowance, or to a class in which, if he bad beeo appointrd tberel« snbseqnentlj to ths 
paasing of this Act, he would, as holding hia appointment directly from the Crown, or as having been 
admitted into the Civil Bervice with such certificate aa aforesaid, have become untitled to saeb 
Allowaitce ; ood no person shall he entitled to any saperannnation allowance under (hia Act, tmleea his 
salary or remuiieratian has been provided out of the Consolidated Fund of the United Kiogdom of 
Ortat Brilaiit and Irdatd, or out of the moneys voted by Parliament 

XVIII. 9o mneh of the said Ai ' * " " 
twenty-four, aa is no 

if the moneys voted ly Parliament 

,ct of the fourth and fifth years of King WtKan the Fourth, ch^itar 

and not hereby repealed, and this Act, shall be constroed togethM* aa 

n citing this Act, to use ths expresdott "The Snporannnalloii Act, 


[ lB41«Vfct.c7e, B.I6. 

). a. SI. I 16 * 16 Vict, c 87, a. 46. 

17 ft IB Vict. 0.78, S.M. 
19 * 20 Vict c. 110, B. 9. 

84 ft Sfi VICT., OAP. inn. 

An Act to extend the provisioiis of the Pension Commolatiou Acta, 1869 and 1S70, to certain PnUio 

Civil OfBcera, and to coniolidate and amend the said Acts. [2Bth June, 1S7L J 

Ba H SDaetsd by the Queen's Host Gicallant Uajeaty, by and with thi> advice and eansent of the L(7ds 
Spiritual and Tempera!, and Commons, in thia pisBent I'azifamant assembled, and by the anthorfty of the 
same^ follows : 

1. This Act may be dted for all purposes aa "The Feasioni Commnlation Act, 1871." 

a. In this Act— 

Tbetnm •• the Treaanry " DiaaaB tha OommiSEtoDsrs of Her Majesty's Treasury for the tine being, 

Tba torm " pennon " inoludes any b^-pay, oompenaation allawanoe, snperannnatiaD or re Ui e ami t 
allowance, or ouier payment of thelilte natars: 

The tenn " offlc«c means commissioned ofleer and wamnit officer In the Army and Navy, and 
sobordteateoSlosr in the Navy: 

The tenn " pnblie cdvil ofSxt " msaca any oSea othar than that of an ofBoer in Her Hajeety^ naml 
or land forces, the holdsr of which is paid lus rsnmneratiou oat of moneys provided by Parliaoeilt for 

I. This 


Act shall ^ply only — 

abolition of thoir oOees, or tor ths purpose of facilitating improvemontj in the organlntios ol 

tte dapartmsnts to which they belonged, and to irttom annual pessiona have bean granted by 

■wmf of compens