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Cvlvhd-Av C$lUa& 


■ \ 

Digitized by the Internet Archive 

in 2012 with funding from 

LYRASIS Members and Sloan Foundation 

Y\ft%%rt 2000 

Volume 97 

The Colorado College 

14 E. Cache La Poudre 

Colorado Springs, CO 80946 

Tiger Flag Pole: Worner Quad 


■2 £)*)enin<>t 

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aWJ—rtitt" lilfiiiriillMitiKiJMMiWW 

©Minln'g 3 

ABOVE: Sophomore Aimee Hull leads freshmen Patrick and Emily during 
their Streetwise trip to IHS. Streetwise is a program to introduce freshmen 
to volunteer opportunities in Colorado Springs. 

LEFT: Pre-orientation was tried for 
the first time this year at CC. 
Participating freshmen were 
introduced to backpacking and 
camping, as well as other new 

TOP: Even Freshman know to 
avoid Rastall if possible. Parents 
and students enjoy a picnic on a 
beautiful September day. 

ABOVE: Chaos reigns in 
Worner Center during 
Freshman orientation. 
Parents try to make sense of 
the bustle about them. 

RIGHT: New students and 
parents get a chance to talk 
with returning students, as 
well as other freshmen, 
during an orientation picnic 
outside of Worner center. 








ABOVE: Juniors Levi Heidrich and Jackson 
Latka move into the new Edith Gaylord 
Building of the Western Ridge Project. 

BELOW: Senior Jennifer Cross assists 
students signing up to work on publications 
at the Cutler Publications recruitment 

LEFT: Two first-years, Scott Reis and Jesse 
Hererra, get ready to loft their beds in Loomis. 

BELOW: A student's room in the process of moving 
in. To think. will be a mess again in just a couple 
of weeks. 

ABOVE: Craig Karges shows off his mysterious 
skills for incoming freshmen and upperclassmen on 
campus early, September 2, 2000. 

LEFT: Senior, Mr. Squirrel, knows his way around 
the campus as well as any other student, and he is 
willing to give anyone a tour for the price of a nibble 
of one's lunch. 


^tnAcnt JS 1 ^ 7 




ABOVE: Alumni and 
parents look on as the 
CC football team 
moves on to capture 
victory against the 
Westminster College 
Blue Jays, 16-12. 


ABOVE: The CC tiger, a disguised Quana 
Rochelle, greets prospective CC students in 
Worner Center throughout the weekend. 

LEFT: After sunset, CC students watch 
Armstong Quad light up with the flames of 
the annual bonfire. 

Above: Class of 1934 at Homecoming 

v Claim 

WORNO/OrRerta! (AM 
Restrooms iflTi 

Above: A sign at Colorado Springs Air- 
port welcoming alumni and parents 

Above: Alumni signing in for 

^tnAcnt XJifcl rf 


CC and the Great Outdoors 

Ashly Lawrence, Jessica Matthews and 

Hillary Allyn in Moab over a block break. 

Students often travel to the mountains and 

desert to hike for block breaks. 

Rae-Anne Hayes excavates a Camarasaurus first 

block break. She traveled to Wyoming during block 

break to dig up dinosaur bones. 

Amy Klein and Aimee Hull at Garden of 

the Gods in the fall. CC is close to 

Garden of the Gods, and students often 

go for a hike or a bike ride. 

10 ^indent Ji/Hi 

Guys and Girls 

Co-Ed Life at CC 



Chad Schonewill and Tiffany Robertson get 

close on a cool night. Chad and Tiffany 

sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G!! 

Students spending time together in the 

Slocum Lounge by the piano. Nothing can 

compare to a friendly duet. 

Ryan Olson and Melina Masterson work 
together on the Catalyst. Long Thursday 
nights together create lasting friendships. 

^tnAcnt JJi^c 11 

Out on the Quad 

What do CC Students do on a Sunny Day?? 

Anyone for a round of golf? Or maybe 
some practice on the quad with tennis 
balls? Have you heard that a ball travels 
farther at higher altitudes? These guys 
have decided to take advantage of that. 

On a spring day two girls decide to spend 
time outside, playing the guitar. On cam- 
pus you can often hear drums, a guitar, or 
other music. 

Students playing catch in 

front of Loomis. There is 

always a frisbee or ball being 

thrown around the quad. 

Heads up! 

On a beautiful day, many hang out out- 
doors. Others work on their skating moves. 
Take your pick. 

12 ^tnAcnt JJtli 

The Western Ridge Project began last 

year and is continuing until fall, 2001... 

supposedly. With some major and 

minor setbacks, the new apartments 

have simply been fields of 

construction this year. Building H was 

opened in fall of 2000 and upperclass- 

men were very excited to live there. In 

a couple years, will older students 

even recognize CC?? 


Lucy Bergen, Chenee Cox, 

Gina Curler, Keri Dixon, 

William Holloway, Alison 

Klimesh, David Marcus, 

Cynthia Marietta, Jessica 

Miller, Wesley Peters, 

Aaron Retka, Shadron 

Sellman, Jamien Shields, 

Jennifer Simmons, 

Heather Tepley, Martha 

Tuttle, Karin Wangherg, 

Rebecca Zaklin 

y{ ntAr & u & t D fly 


I like Anthropology 
because it's inter- 
esting and fun to 
learn about other 

people and cultures 
in the context of a 
small department. 





Lucy Brank, Becky Geller, 

Elizabeth Heerwagen, 

Katherine Holloway, 

Lindsey Housel, Bryan 

Kershnar, Hailey King, 

Laura Sawicki, Melanie 

Sepulveda, Katherine 



Mia Chong-Hanssen, 

Jonathan Christensen, 

Georgia Elrod, Derek 

Freeman, Sabra-Jenks 

Graham, Sonya 
Hernandez, Kathryn 

Hodges, Jonathan 
Horwath, McKendree 

Key, Mary Moring, 

Richard Penner, David 

Prince, Tracy Rameil, 

Anneliese Ruegg, Brian 

Selek, Melanie Sepulveda, 

Hye Shim, Amy Stetson, 

Heather Stites, Julie 


* 'It's a small de- 
partment, but by 
your senior year it 
gives you a great 
chance to develop 
your own work. 

The personal 
studios are also a 
great perk. * * 

-Georgia Elrod 
(Studio Con- 

f-f 1 / H'tjors 


I liked the fact that 

Asian Studies is a 

fairly small and 

young department 

and that it has 
room to grow. In 
the next few years 

I'd like to see it 
expand and become 
a better and stron- 
ger program. 

~ Robin Barnes 

Asian Studies 

Robin Barnes, Bryan 

DeLeuw, Brian Diamond- 

Falk, Tyler Stilley, 

Alexander Takahashi 


is a fun 


learning ex- 

TUdjcrs fS 


% 1 


I have been impressed and satisfied with the 
number and variety of classes and programs 
offered by the CC Bio department. I think 
students should investigate and take advan- 
tage of what is offered to them. 
-Ryan Olson 



1 like ecology, one time we found a 
skeleton of a bighorn sheep. I really 
liked field trips and looking at plants 
and animals. * * 

-Claire Zimmerman 


Abigail Appleton, Leanna Baldwin, Peregrine Barber-Gormley, Elana Becker, Mark Bremer, Regan Brockmeyer, Mary Bussey, Ewan 
Callaway, Kyle Christie, Rune Christopherson, Hadley Clark, Michael Colgan, Emily Couper, Meghan Desch, Henry Eichman, Tyler 
Free, Scott Gibson, Stephanie Goehrig, Matthew Gove, Rebecca Grainger, Andrew Hauschka, Luc Hibbs, Kimberly Humphrey, Anna 

Jaquez, Jennie Jarvis, Kevin Johnson, Melissa Kath, Bonnie Keeler, Megan Klish, Anne Koenke, Lyndsey Larson, Ramon Lopez, 

Kristine Lucero, Paul Manning, Molly Mathias, Rhett Mays, Kelly McCormick, Mari Miezwa, Philip Najm, Ryan Olson, Proby Patel, 

Mark Petitt, Natalie Pheasant, Brian Pugh, Lander Purvis, Sunita Quick, Laura Reed, Jack Schleiffarth, Kelly Sheff, Zachary Simpson, 

Matthew Stahl, Kristin Storrud, Heidi Stuber, Kimberly Tate, James Tharp, Amy Vasquez, Angelika Warmer, Melissa Walker, William 

Weider, Elizabeth Williams, Jara Wind, Megan Woodburn, Claire Zimmerman, Jordon Zlotoff 



king a chemistry 
major at Colorado 
College means a 
great deal. It 
means challenging 
yourself day in and 
day out, and 
lasting friendships 
with fellow chemis- 
try majors and the 
best professors 
around. * * 

~Brice Van Der 


Jason Chircop, Rebecca 

Cohen, Anna Euser, 

Daniel Haxton, Brian 

Lynch, Brian Neff, Jody 

Rustmann, Haydn Silleck, 

Jacob Swenson, Brice Van 

Der Volgen, Amelia Wolf, 

Alexander Zolot 

e t 4 

I like Classics 
because it's a 
small depart- 
ment; everyone 
knows each other 
well and it feels 
like a family. 



' ': 

...' ' . 

. rt t ' 


Darcie Hutchinson, 
Molly Mayfield 

yhi)ors 17 


The block plan is good for economics 
majors because we have the opportu- 
nity to do many business plans and 
projects that prepare us for the real 
business world. * * 

-Melody Hrubes 


7 am looking forward to majoring 
in a subject that I find seriously 
interesting as well as seriously 
applicable. * * 

-Amy Klein C03) 


Brooks Areson, Sishir Bhattarai (Mathematical), Scott Bryan, Gwen Cochran, Nitin Coonjoobeeharry, John Dalton, Elizabeth Earthman, 

John Ehmann II, Ian Farrell, Annie Gauthier, Matthew Herrera, Mary Hickey, Julie Hietala, Melody Hrubes, Michael Kenney, Sabah 

Khan, Dustin Kitson, Justin Knox, Clinton Kowach, Edward Leach, Erwin Lin, Philip Najm, Emily Nelson, Ruobei Pang, Proby Patel, 

James Paulis, Daniel Peters, Bradley Podolec, Melissa Pongtratic, Peter Sartoris, Reed Saunders, Quinn Sawyer, Jacob Stark, Colin 

Taylor, Mark Towner, Lindsay Turner, Guillaume Visot-Bolder, Whitney Wheelock, Jay Wilkinson, Clark Woolly 

18 14tnjcrs 

It brings to- 
gether ideas, 

that would 

normally be 

under different 

fields, in a 
cohesive way 

DeBeer ('03) 


Amanda Leban 

I like that you can 

incoroporate the 

study of alternative 

literature and that 

you get more of a 

cosmopolitan point 

of view of litera- 
ture. You have the 
option to incorpo- 
rate every disci- 

-Laura Mohaupt 

Comparative Literature 

Robert Jackson, 
Laura Mohaupt 

yhl)or& 1<? 

£n<gt\ &k 



It's not as easy as 
everyone say si 


Richard Tombeno 

Wliat made me decide on 
the major and follow 
through with it was 
definitly the faculty. // 

Michael Ebert 


Richard Baiocco, Joseph Barry, Jeremy Bowman, Katherine Cancila (Creative Writing), Nathaniel Chambers, Christina Congdon, 
Daniel Conzelman, Thomas Cunningham, Rebecca Cyr, Brandon Daly, Martinique Davis, Kevin Day, Courtney Druen, Michael Ebert, 
Christopher Enzaldo (Creative Writing), Michael Eubank, Lucas Falk, Alicia Farley, Bailey Figler, Catherine Finch (Creative Writing), 
Hugh Findlay III (Creative Writing), Miguel Garza (Film Studies), Anne Gasperini, Sylvia Geyi, Jonathan Hall (Creative Writing), 
Alison Harney, Elizabeth Heerwagen, Molly Higginbottom, Kathryn Hodges (Creative Writing), Joshua Hoeynck, Denise Hoover, 
Joseph Imwalle (Creative Writing), Nicolle Jensen, Brian Kelly, David Koeker, Danielle Kretteck, Emily Long, Desiree Lovato, Cynthia 
Lowen (Creative Writing), Cary Matthews (Creative Writing), Maureen Norton, Julia Palmer, Megan Palmer, Katherine Pierce, Jenny 
Ray, Gregory Rucks, Benjamin Ruggiero, Vivian Russell, Daniel Sadicario (Film), Matthew Schniper (Creative Writing), Samuel Scott, 
Hadley Smith, Sandra Tavel, Richard Tombeno (Creative Writing), Spencer Walker, Karin Wangberg, Jonathan Weeks, Amy West, 

20 l/fa^Crs, 

t>eing a drama 
major has al- 
lowed me to 
experience the 
most supportive 

and personal 

department The 

Colorado College 

has to offer. 


Z> ra m a / Z> 4 n c c 


James Clancy, Jonathan 
Davis, Virginia Hare, 
Alison Harney, Kevin 
Johnson, Mary Legg, 
Megan Milner, 
Jennifer Rose, 
Matthew Wurdeman 

It's a good major 

for those who are 

generalists and 

want an 

eclectic mix 

of classes. // 

~Clara Savage 

£nvirpnment4t £ citncc 

Environmental Science 

Ty Brookhart, Andrea 
Carty, Timothy Farrell, 
Matthew Holmes, Seth 
Kassels, Kristina Kifer, 
Elizabeth Martin, Sheila 
Pundit, Lucas Rice, Clara 

yKtjOrs, 21 


Nitin Coonjoobeeharry, 

Devin Gaskell, Guillaume 


I really enjoy the 

small classes and 

how they give me 

an opportunity to 

develop friendships 

with the faculty. 

This fact gives the 

professors a chance 

to know exactly 

what type of French 

Literature I am 

interested in 


-David Swenson 


Drew Beckwith, Seth 
Cowdery, Christopher 
Gale, Joseph Gartner, 
Joseph Hansen, Sonya 
I lernandez, |aime Kopke, 
Christopher Krajicek, 
Ryan Larson, Deborah 

Roth, Samuel Scott, 

Gregory Shopoff, Karl 

I luimpsnn, McikI.i A-rbi, 

Jeffrey Zettler 


The field trips 
make being a 


major worth 

the hours 

in lab. 


Carol Goranson 




Experien ring culture 

and learning a 
language at the same 

time gives your 
college experience a 

new perspective. 


~Arijana Hodzic 

I chose to major in 

German because the 

German Department is 

the funnest on campus 

and the semester at 
Luneburg was the best 
part of my college 
experience. * * 

-Doug Cox 


Christina Congdon, 

Douglas Cox, Arijana 

Hodzic, Robert Jackson, 

Kathryn Rensberger, 

Angelika Wahner 

The professors 

in the History 

department are 

great and very 

well versed in 

their subject! 


-James Foster 



Colin Crow, James Foster, 

Edward Hames IV, 

Christopher Hudson, 

Nathan Jackson, Rachel 

Korber, Michael Martori, 

Christine Painter, 

Nicholas Pratt 

1 / hd'jDrs 2$ 

}r{\ story/ ' ^pAit&s&pAy 


Lauren Wholey 


I enjoyed being able 
to combine two of 
my favorite disci- 
plines into one 
major, j j 

~ Lauren Wholey 

]?Ji&tory/ '^oCitic&t ^ciancd 

History/Political Science 

Jennifer Aiken, Carly Corder, 

Maren Elliott, Vanessa Floyd, 

Sandra Hailey, Nicholas Kahm 

Dinh Luu, Daniel Packard, 

Catherine Rice, Melinda 


leant think of a 
better year to be 
a History/Poli 
Sci major than 
the year with the 
Campaign 2000! 


-2-f 'VHtjors 

XJifartd s4.rt& f- ( C y 


LAS gave me a 
chance to combine 

everything I 

wanted to do into 

one major. 


~ Christopher 

Liberal Arts & Sciences 

Anders Beck, Christopher 

Coyne, John Herter, Andrew 

Kuntz, Donald Lewis, Michael 

Lichtenfeld, Andrea Reiskin, 

Peter Williams II 



The department 
is full of profes- 
sors who are 
excited about 
what they do 
and that enthu- 
siasm carries 
over into the 
classroom.* , 

~Eric Martens 


Jesse Howard, Titania Inglis, 

Luigi Iuppa, Peter Johnston, 

Benjamin Lamm, Christine 

Painter, David Price, Adam 

Pringle, Kyrsten Wilde 

Mathematics (Computer 

Lucas Bond, Joseph Dohrn, 

Arijana Hodzic, Susan Holman, 

Peter Johnson, Eric Martens 

WUJers 2S 


Lauren Carpenter, Young Shen, 
James Sizemore, Mitchell Sieve, 
Elyse Weakley, Benjamin Wright 

Majoring in music, 
I've enjoyed getting 
to pursue some- 
thing that's fun 
and creative. 

~ James 

y\ £ Pi r o & c I £ n c £ 


Jonathan Faust, Daniel 

Gammon, Melody Hrubes, 

Francis Macalalag, Sharon Sann 

J thought that it 
was a challenge. 

It made CC 

worth the bill. I 

got my money's 



26 Yh^ors, 

J think that you can 
do anything with 

Philosophy. It 

prepares one well 

for anything one 

would ever want to 

do. g g 

-Kaija Wycisk 


Ryan Anderson, Andrew 
Berg, Beau Blackwell, 

Elisabeth Chong, Molly 
Coughlin, Seth Ford, 
David Gafner, Parnell 
Klug, Mark Menaldo, 
Patrick Murdoch, Jodi 
Pounds, Eliza Prager, 

David Prince, Donovan 
Tracy, Kaija Wycisk 

^P Ay si c S 


The physics major is 
small, and a real 
community forms 
among the students 
and faculty. It 
creates an atmo- 
sphere that's really 
conducive to learn- 
ing- // 

~ Suzanne Foster 


Evan Dehor, John Feighner, 

Suzanne Foster, Katy-Robin 

Garton, John Givot, Eric Haas, 

Peter Johnson, Benjamin Lamm, 

Daniel Quinlan, Brian Sohn, 

Davis Thomsen, Alexander 


yHn}or& 2J 

Political Economy 

Anjali Aggarwal, Jason Atencio, 

Scott Basham, Owen Berry, Seth 

Bolzle, Jean Carbutt, Brianne 

Casart, Mikel Chertudi, Yael 

Cohen, Andrew Curry, Lucas 

Forte, Joseph Kelly, Alexandra 

Nowlin, Christopher Pallanch, 

Travis Rummel, Thomas 

Staevski, William Stuntebeck, 

Richard Trask, Geoffrey Unger, 

Christopher Witt 


I enjoyed the 
approach to the 
major. * j 

~ Blake Trask 

^ t\t\ c Pit £ c\in c i 

Political Science 

Anne Boyd, Danielle Campbell, 

Jorge Cedron, William 

Chemnick, Claudia Cravens, 

Jennifer Cross, Danielle Dahlin, 

Mathilda De Dios, Katherine 

Eyler-Walker, Titania Inglis, 

John Juech, Stephen Kast, 

Christi Patrick, Samuel 

Phinney, Meagan Pitt, Francis 

Serianni, Amy Smith, Lisa 

Strassner, Mark Wellborn 


I feel that the 
Political Science 
faculty has been the 
best part of my 
degree at CC and 
thank the depart- 
ment for finding 
such distinguished 

~Jenn Cross 

28 THa/crs 



I really like the 
psychology profes- 
sors. They were 
really cool, down to 
earth, and funny. I 
plan on going into 
sports psychology. 

~ Haley Miller 

David Abrahamson, 

Meigan Baldwin, Mary 

Brown, Courtney 

Clinkscales, Gentry 
Connelly, Jennifer Cook, 
Amanda Faulkner, Mary 
Haley, Carolyn Hodges, 

William Holloway Jr., 
Nina Kaiser, Kimberly 

Kubie, Rebecca Lane, 
Chelsea MacLane, Eron 
McLaughlin, Haley Miller, 
Sarah Muench, Monica 
Nielsen, Juliana Okulski, 
Jennifer Pearson, Stefani 
Previdi, Jacqueline Rea, 

Peter Singler, Jesse 
Sinderson, Lori Skolnik, 
Kirsten Sprenkle, Tessel 

Stevenson, Katherine 
Supinger, Donovan Tracy 


Being a religion 
major is not only 


challenging but 

also challenges one 

personally and 

spiritually through 

the study of so 

many different 



~ Michelle 




Michelle Calderon, 

Kathleen Cronley, Peter 

Courage, Gina Curler, 

Laura Davis, Rachel 

Duncan, Jordan Elliott, 

Michael Gerbec, Molly 

Mayfield, Camron 

McDonald, Carrie Repp, 

Karen Sama 

VKijors 20 

^Om&ncn XjtlnsLH(l*i<is> 

Romance Languages 

Lynsey Johnson (Spanish/ 


Misty Kellow (Spanish/ 



The opportunity to 

study foreign 

languages in their 

native country was 

very attractive to 

me. I really liked 

the opportunities to 

travel abroad. 

-Misty Kello 


^HSStdn fr CiirA&ifln ^tttdhs 

Russian & Eurasian 


I decided to be a 

Russian and 
Eurasian studies 
major because I 
plan on traveling to 
Russia and living 
there after college. I 
also enjoyed the 
fact that this is a 
small major with 
individual atten- 


~ Marisa Kind 

30 yftfCprs 



I decided to major in 
Sociology/ because I am 
interested in social 
cliange and progres- 
sive movements and I 
wanted to find a way 
to cliange them 


~ Jessica Quizar 

Andrea Autobee, Abigail 
Breckenridge, Benjamin 

Buehler, Michelle 
Calderon, Coral Celeste, 

Nina Cella, Jonathan 
Dickerson, Carl Frederick, 

Grace Funk, Wren 

Gadwa, Christy Gallegos, 

Elaine Gordon, Jayme 

Gualtier, Joseph 
Heinbecker, Collin Hu, 
Katherine Kindleberger, 
Chelsey Kivland, Audra 

Knutson, Ashley 

Martinez, Mark Menaldo, 

Jessica Quizar, Zachary 

Schroeder, Jill Snodgrass, 

Jonah Steed, Dana 

Walters, Julia Weitzer, 

Michael Wren, Colin 


£ p * 




It's the easiest major 
by far because there 

are extraordinary 
professors that help 

you learn a lot but 
don't bog you down 
with too much home- 
work. * * 

~ Tiffany "mini- 
muffin" Robertson 


Will Adams, Nancy 
Duran, Tyler Lynn, Sara 
Snyder, Matthew Stahl 

7/ha] on 3* 

1/^/7 mens ' £ t pi A i e £ 



Womens' Studies 

Heather Clarke, Emily 

Couper, Alison Hayes, 

Erin Hudson 

I like how it 

forces me to 

see things 


than I saw 

them before 


Holland ('03) 

LEFT: Advanced Ecology, Block 2, 2000 



3^ 14U.)m 

OotomAo &otU%& 0nmpn& ^/\ ssodatifin 

Jacquelin Anderson, Nicole Benton, Vachon Brackett, Adam Fink, Felisa Gonzales, Susan Heard, Jacqueline Hundley, Luigi Iuppa, 
Carlos Jimenez, Tommy Moore Jr, Dan Packard, Proby Patel, Jessi Quizar, Tyson Charles Roy, Antonio Sandoval, Erin Shea, Cassi 
Sherman, Eddie Sherman, Pedro Skrbek, Lisa Strassner, Adrienne Tsikewa 

President: Eddie Sherman 
Executive VP: Jacquelin Anderson 
Financial VP: Adam Fink 
Student Concerns VP: Vachon Brackett 
Constitutional VP: Lisa Strassner 
Office Manager: Nicole Benton 

CM& 33 



QSA (Queer/Straight 
Alliance) is an activist and 
support group that wel- 
comes anyone, regardless of 
sexual orientation. This 
group allows supportive 
straight people to be in- 
volved with the queer 
community at CC. 

Empowered Queers United 
for Absolute Liberation 
student group at The Colo- 
rado College is a mixed- 
gender social and support 
group, which is involved in 
political action, community 
service, and other fun activi- 
ties, depending on the 
interest of its members. 


Colorado College 

3<f CM& 

q n 

The Outdoor Recreation 
Committee organizes 
outdoor activities that 
include student-led 
backpacking, cycling, 
rock-climbing, kayaking 
and cross-country ski 

CM& 3S 



RRobin Barnes, Lauren 
Carpenter, Kate Eyler- Walker, 
Barbara Howland, Melissa 
Lynskey, Amanda Minjarez, 
Krista Nygaard, Sara Snyder, 
Katie Supinger, Melissa 
Walker, Jacquelin Anderson, 
Jessica Cisneros, Jenna 
Heermann, Lenny Lopez, 
Hillary Allyn, Jill Boyd, Kaycee 
Clovicko, Cassie David, Sarah 
Fitzgerald, Rudi Garza, Emily 
Hammond, Rae-Anne Hayes, 
Courtney Hopley, Nadja 
Hunter, Erica Jensen, Elma 
Kreso, Sarah Meshke, Jana 
Miller, Kathy Morgan, Melissa 
Sortor, Katie Travis, Ashley 
Absmeier, Cathy Bellus, Eliza 
Fernie, Jennifer Marlow, Teresa 
Medina, Alexis Whitted 

Andrea Autobee, Molly Black, 
Danielle Campbell, Jean Carbutt, 
Nina Cella, Mindy Cushing, Anna 
Euser, Elaine Gordon, Mary Hickey, 
Sara Hill, Melody Hrubes, Sara 
Hunter, Jennie Jarvis, Melissa Kath, 
Hailey King, Emily Nelson, Ashley 
Schorger, Margaux Albair, Chrissey 
Buckley, Katherine Dirks, Alison 
Eichten, Palmira Farrow, Sara 
Foster, Hadley Fuller, Karen 
Henderson, Katherine Matsumoto, 
Lindsay Varner, Angela Wood, 
Isabel Boswell, Natalie Conner, 
Aimee Corrigan, Jenny Daniels, 
Daisy Duke, Catherine Fee, Liz 
Mohr, Erin Shea, Christie Smirnoff, 
Jessica Tennant, Mary Voelbel, 
Kelsey Wennesland, Laura Whalin, 
A.J. Wieselman, Brittany Zschoche 

Merith Bennett, Laura Buch, Mary 
Bussey, Andrea Carty, Bree Casart, 
Courtney Clinkscales, Christie 
Congdon, Kim Dennler, Jade Durkee, 
Kitren Fischer, Mered Ford, Emily 
Fryer, Susan Graff, Rebecca Green, 
Marit Hanson, Kelsey Hoffman, 
Laura Jansen, Nina Kaiser, Eleanor 
Kelley, Christy Kennedy, Kim 
Kisabeth, Lyndsey Larson, Ashly 
Lawrence, Jaime Ludwig, Ashley 
Martinez, Crestina Martinez, Carolyn 
McGarvey, Kitty Megill, Michelle 
Meyer, Lee Lee Milner, Angela 
Papuga, Kristy Payne, Ellie Peck, Julia 
Rapp, Melanie Richmondy, Beth 
Sauer, Jenny Shaw, Amanda Sheets, 
Lauren Sprague, Ernie Steele, 
Elisabeth Steinegger, Sevan Suni, 
Eleanor Vogelsang, Kate Waugh, 
Elyse Weakley, Abbie Weis, Katy 
Willig, Wilma Witherspoon, Christy 
Wolfe, Molly Yoder-Williams 

36 CMs 

JT Adamson, Andy Anderson, 
Chris Clarke, Ramon Cordova, 
Jake Dovenspike, Jared 

Steve Kast, Jared King, CJ 
Kowach, Jason Kreitler, Jess 
Kuemmerlin, Joel Lanthier, 
Chris Medina, Tom Medina, 
Brian Mock, Nick Olney, Mark 
Petitt, Eric Speicher, John 
Staton, Josh Sternburg, Alex 
Takahashi, Gavin Wallach, 
Craig Wirt, Tim Wolfmeyer, 
Forrest Woolery, Clark 
Woolley Pledges: Cairo 
Ender, Walter DeGunya, 
Jonathan MaGee, Mike 
O'Connor, Jeff Wilson, Reggie 
Kama, Nathan Swanson, Jason 

James Aitken, Brooks 
Areson, Gabriel Baca, 
Andrew Billo, Aaron Black, 
DJ Black, Matt Byers, 
Cullen Casteel, Jesse 
Chismer, Sean Coffey, 
Keith Connaghan-Jones, 
Matt Coffman, Andrew 
Curry, Chris Defert, Micah 
Dickey, Andrew Dunn, 
Drew Glode, Jon Faust, 
Nick James, James Kilgour, 
Joel Mcllwain, Andy 
Meyer, Derek Patten, Peter 
Richardson, Brendan 
Schatz, Ken Scott, Mike 
Torner, Malcolm Ulbrick, 
Nathaniel Washington III, 
Ian Widmer 

Alex Wilschke, Ben Martin, Bob 
Salazar, Brian Sunderland, Chase 
Landmesser, Chris Nilsson, Cole 
Styron, Drew Beckwith, Fello 
Sacerdoti, Jarrod Brom, Jay Moss, 
Jeff Foss, Joss McKinnon, JT Ladt, 
Kelley Sheff, Mike Kenney, Misha 
Novitsky, Nick Mills, Owen 
Berry, Paul Giudice, Pete Satoris, 
Reed McNeil, Seth Bolzle, Spencer 
Morris, Tyler Stilley, Vaughn 
Blake, Winga Rice, Alex Harris 
Asa Firestone, Binoy Thomas, 
Brett Piazza, Carl Siegel, Chris 
Tulp, David Nguyen, Jack 
Shelton, Jeffery Moore, Jesus 
Morales, Jonathan Udewitz, Justin 
Thomas, Locke George, Rory 
Crowie, Aaron Livesay, James 



CMs 37 

00 O&HtmPinity y&CitcAen 

CC students and adults from 

Colorado Springs enjoy working 

in the Community Kitchen on 



Mira Tamarkin, Jessi Quizar, Nathaniel Washington, Simon Tafoya, 

Evania Archuleta, Emily Dickerson, Esperanza Salazar, Chivonnie 

Meekins, Freddy Lopez-Salazar, Arow Parsons-Pineda, Elizabeth 

Mendoza, Jeremiah Lopez 

38 CMs 


Co leaders: Amy Belcastro and Cassie David, Anna Bauer, Maggie 

Conner, Walter De Gunya, Bryan De Leuw, Mary Groome, Nick 

Kahm, Jenn Marlow. Advisor: Beth Brooks 

Jnter\Jsirsity 0Ari&tinn ^-etlctv&Alp 

Dave Briggs, Colleen Briggs, Bill Bush, Eirene 

Cutolo, Jaemey Shim, Michelle Calderon, Heather 

Krumm, Brian Atencio, Scott Reis, Suki Lanoha, 

Autumn Rivera, Janie Pinto 

CMs, 34 


Karin Wangberg 
(chair), Arow Parsons- 
Pineda (chair), Kelsey 
Hamory, Tonya Huff, 
Lisa Grossman, Liz 

Mendoza, Laura 

Mohaupt , Jennifer 

Provizer , Jessica 

Reimer, Annie Robb, 

Elaine Stillman, Simon 

Tafoya, Becky Zaklin, 

Leovi Madera, Karen 

Dudzinski, Bailey 


Karin Wangberg, with 

young students at a 

Wednesday AMA 

meeting, trying to get 

homework done. AMA 

works with 


children in Colorado 

Springs twice a week, 

helping to provide a 

safe working 


-to CM& 

^kovn Council 

"jrfoncntr 0dnnat 

Anne dovu, byivia 

Geyi, Mike Colgan, 

Courtney Clinkscales, 

Fred Federer, Melody 

Hrubes, Karen Sama, 

Matt Stahl, Brian 

Powers, Martin 

Gutmann, Micah 

Lang, Jorge Cedron, 

Kelly McCormick, Jeff 

Zettler, Kevin 

Johnson, Courtney 

Hopley, Kyle DeBeer, 

Jill Boyd, Zach 

Simpson, Josh 

Vandiver, Katie 







CM& <ft 

Chaverim / Hillel 

Rebecca Green 
(Treasurer), Vanita 
Narayana, Rebecca 
Haimowitz, Ellie 
Collinson, Emily 
Fryer, Amy Seiger, 
Carla Barrett, Jon 
Udewitz, Scott 
Burger, Matt Kruse, 
Alex Zolot 

C C L I M 

Andrew Tankersley, 
Peter Williams, Jacob 
Comenetz, Celina 
Cunningham, Sarah 
Deacy, Therese 
Fernalld, Angie Gar- 

Maloney, Elizabeth 
Miller, KathleenMor- 
gan, Gabriela Poles, 
Lander Purvis, Scott, 
Reis, Judy Twedt, 
zel, Bailey Nelson, 
Rhett Mays 

<f2 CMs 


CARE volunteers 

spend one 
evening weekly, 
either Monday or 
Thursday, from 
5:30-6:45 interact- 
ing with, and 
providing activi- 
ties for, senior 
citizens with 

Band is a group 
activity that 
educates, ex- 
pands musical 
creativity, devel- 
ops problem- 
solving skills, and 
explores global 
musical expres- 
sion. It's gain for 

the brain. It 

speaks to your 

soul. And it's fun! 

0M& <?3 

*fc •* tf fc fc 

"^ridk Qui 

-f-f £?lxjfc 

*fc •£ t* €F fc 

BreakOut Steering 
Molly Black (Co-Chair), 
Jack Sasser (Co-Chair), 
Susie Bjork, Josie Bruce, 
Susan Haley, Emily Irwin, 
Britt Maier, Sarah Martin, 
Stephanie Miller, Susie 
Tofani, Raegan Truax, 
Julia Weitzer, Jonathan 

Erin Bad Hand (Presi- 
dent), Erika Bad Hand, 
Dave Begay, Stephen 
Casey, Rachael Cassidy, 
Cyanne Chaves, Benny 
Hoatam, Jared King, 
Ferguson Lee, Jessica Min, 
Fatima Sandoval, Delbert 
Small, EricaVarela- 
Gittings, Josh Zunie 

£ tPiMnt/^/l tnmni ^/l &S>odtlt\on 

Officers: Kelsey Wennesland (President), Amanda Mallinger (Vice President), Niffy Hargrave, Kitren Fischer, Mandy Sheets, 
Lauren Sprague, liana Goldfogel, Kara Lindstrom, Micah Dickey, Erin Shea, Merith Bennett, Jess Tennant, Melissa Walker 
(advisor.) Members: Malia Arenth, Andrea Autobee, Gabe Baca, Ariel Bergmeijer, Erin Brown, Mary Bussey, Danielle Campbell, 
Shannen Carney, Andrea Carty, Gwen Cochran, Eirene Cutolo, Derek Dalton, Walter De Gunya, Kath Dirks, Anna Engeln, Therese 
Fernalld, Angie Garland, Jenn Gonzales, Sarah Harris, Andy Hauschka, Brie Henry, Barbara Howland, Sara Hunter, Jennie Jarvis, 
Melissa Kath, Andrew Krebs, Greg Lestikow, Lenny Lopez, Karin Nelson, Proby Patel, Kate Pierce, Jamie Pinto, Jordan Pock, 
Autumn Rivera, Nat Robinson, Gina Rodriguez, John Staton, Elisabeth Steinegger, Jon Udewitz, Melissa Vogt, Kirsten Walth, Laura 
Whalin, Alexis Whitted. 

CMs -fj 

Carla Barrett, Matt Bartosik, 
Andrew Billo, Jill Boyd, Jorge 

Cedron (coordinator), Sean 
Coffey, Ellie Collinson, Natalie 
Conner, Jennifer Cross, Walter 
De Gunya, Kyle DeBeer, Ashley 
Holm, Melody Hrubes, Aimee 
Hull, Darcie Hutchinson, Kevin 
Johnson, Amy Klein, Mattherw 

Krause, Kari Kwinn, Ashly 
Lawrence, Bethany Lord, 

Katherine Matsumoto, Jana 
Miller, Jennifer Provizer, Quana 

Rochelle, Emily Watt, Abbie 

<t6 CM& 

DeEttra, Nina, Kit, 
Lyndsey, Jeff, Chelsea, 
Kristy, Hannah, Chloe, 
Matt, Angela, Meghan, Elin, 
Suzanne, Maggie, Nat, 
Kitren, Suzanne, Caitlin, 
Meg, Matt, Amy, Muliha, 
Ellie, Hannah, and Evan 

Ttikt ^ick tfu yxi^ht 

Kit Maloney, Meadow Stahl, Maggie 

Johnson, Elin Shartar, Meg Patton, 

Laurie Gestal, Susannah Strange, 

Sarah Harris, Harmony Ball, Eddie 

Dutierrez, Hanah Rider 

Kit Maloney and Katie Rutledge, 
Take Back the Night Coodinators 

^%'^\tf^>»^*»S Jl\/h& 

CMs <f7 

^kn 0lpAcr 

Editor-in-Chief: Erin Reilley, Teague Cohen, 
Ben Shellhorn, Richard Penner, Maggie 
Bellows, Ryan Anderson, Karen Dudzinski, 
Molly Keenan, Max Harper, Parnell King, 
Partick Murdock, Kate Johnson, Joe Peters, 
Nick Pratt, Aaron Retka 


*~£Ae J^tvifttktin 

Editor-in-Chief: Giselle Restrepo, Teal 
Fitzpatrick, Joan Eichner, Julie Watson, Cary 
Matthews, Scott Reis, Chris Enzaldo, Joe 
Imwalle, Evan Schnair, Clarissa Nelson, 
Nicole Warren, Eliana Vagalau, Richard 
Penner, Merith Bennett, Katy Torpy 

m pu Y\u%%d 

Editor-in-Chief: Rae-Anne "The Oppres- 
sor" Hayes, Amy "Axl" Klein, Jennifer 
"Slap-Me-Silly-And-Call-Me- Wanda" 
Marlow, Scott "THave-No-Personality" 

\,J, J, 

<f8 CM& 

C^pttUr ^ufrCicfttions* JZ>onrA, 

PRESIDENT: Jennifer Cross VICE PRESIDENT: Eric Martens MEMBER-AT-LARGE: Karen Henderson 
ADVISORS: Ruth Barton and Leroy Smith COMPTROLLER: Denise Dye MEMBERS: Rae-Anne Hayes, Ryan Olson, 
Erin Reilley, Giselle Restrepo 

7^ CAttity&t 

Catalyst Editor-in-Chief: 
Ryan Olson 

Steven Bedrick, Kelley Clark, Caprice Marie Edwards, 
Chris Enzaldo, Rebecca Haimowitz, Annie Hays, Karen 
Henderson, Ryan Olson, Ben Ruggiero, Matt Schniper, 
Audrey Thompson, Nathan Thorp, Rich Tombeno, Brice 
Van DerVolgen, Jonathan Werve 

^/Ictiviths *f? 

yyxatfcms, yiatt 

Mathias 1 -East /West 

Kylie Crocket (RA), Amy Apple, Coeylen Barry, Lauren Bradley, Steve Comstock, Tyler 
Corbett, Brie Corbin, Lisa Dyen, Jim Dziura, Gabby Ebert, Josh Fitzpatrick, Matt Foley, Lea 
Golis, Alexis Griffin, Tobin Guthrie, Anna Hook, Laura Jansen, Cameron Jordan, Erin Keenan, 
Rois Langner, Joel Lanthier, Karin Nelson, Chris Neville, Jenn Opton, Joe Peters, Jake Siedlik, 
Mandy Sheets, Ethan Stebbins, Nils Tillstrom, Kristi Vosbetk, Jonathan Werve, Forrest 

Mathias Hall Director: 
Stephanie Cohen 

J-0 ^tnAents 

Mathias 2-East 

Quana Rochelle (RA), Erika Bad-Hand, Jordon 
Buff at, Joe Cardona, Liz Chertoff, Dana Cole, 
Rory Cowie, Geoff Christensen, Dayna Davis, 
Jo Digregorio, Luke Galli, Valerie Griffeth, 
Elsa Gruen, Katherine Heidrich, Benny 
Hoatam, Katharine Houschka, Davis Inman, 
Jenn Johnson, Daniel Kirschner, Jessica 
Koppel, Jay Macias, Maggie Mangan, Lia 
Martinez, Meegan McCauley, Dolores 
McElroy, Walker Montgomery, Marion 
Phillips, Jess Reyes, Antonio Sandoval, Fatima 
Sandoval, John Schmid, Erin Spenner, Zach 
Van Hilson 

Mathias 2-Core 

John Galfione (RA), Ernesto Barnabas, 
Andrew Canzanello, Cailtlin Carlson, Rachael 
Cassidy, Sean Cromarty, Elizabeth Florence, 
Reid Goolsby, Brittany Kernan, Chiedza 
Kundidzora, Tyler Liebel, Carolyn McGarvey, 
Ariel Nieland, Peter Sejna, Colin Stuart, 
Gabriel Tuder, Pace Webb, Peter Winter 

Mathias 2-West 

Krista Duke (RA), Alexis Ball, Miriam Ban, 
Sarah Barnard, Yekaterina Batilova, Ariana 
Beldoch, Mona Brahmbhatt, Misha Calvert, 
Randi Chambers, Mackenzie Claypool, 
Stephanie Cline, Teague Cohen, Stephanie 
Crocker, Brooke DeGroat, Katherine Feldy, 
Sarah Gasper, Kelsey Harmony, Natalie 
Heaivilin, Ellen Hoecker, Staci Johnson, 
Keagan Kenney, Leah Kiely, Kristi Kittleson, 
Sarah McFarland, Laura Parisi, Jan Pongtratic, 
Robin Rickard-Richardson, Kathleen Romero, 
Caitlin Scott, Devon Swartz, Trisha Thomas, 
Amanda Webber, Carolyn Welther, Suzanna 
Wilcox, Diana Winingder, Shelley Wong, 
Rebecca Wood 

^,tnAcntS Jf 

Mathias 3- West 

Carla Barrett (RA), Emily Adrion, Allison 
Athens, John Avery, Matt Campbell, Tobey 
Carman, Stephen Casey, Todd Chapman, 
Adam Cornelius, Sarah Deacy, Brian Edstrom, 
Anna Engeln, Paul Giudice, Greg Jindrich, 
Maggie Johnson, Alex Kim, Brad Kraushaar, 
Alex Macpherson, Hilary Merina, Jacob 
Michael Lambert, Travis Lang, Kelsey 
McArthur, Misha Novitsky, Katie O'Connor, 
Renan Ozturk, Heather Pashman, Jody 
Peterson, Jared Pruch, Martin Quinn, Brian 
Svigel, Bridget Tanner, John Van Pelt, Julia 
VanBenthuysen, Cindy Yi 

Mathias 3-Core 

Katharine VinZant (RA), Noah Bodman, Erin 
Boll, Kristen Cambron, Kathryn Carr, Gabriel 
Diniz, Catherine Fee, Susan Hoak, Winn 
Jewett, Kathryn Kaufman, Carl Leivers, 
Rachel Lovell, Reed Owens, Matthew 
Scherbel, Thomas Shepard, Christina 
Smirnoff, Tamara Valdez 

Mathias 3-East 

Katie Guffin (RA), Hillary Allyn, Shannon 
Carney, Cyanne Chaves, Laura Cook, Beth 
Crawford, Star Fowler, Emily Fryer, Nicole 
Gorsuch, Rachel Greenberg, Jen Grenz, Brie 
Henry, Stephanie Hiltner, Lydia Jackson, 
Felissa Jacobson-Sadacca, Lisa Kahn, Eleanor 
Kelley, Cortney Kitchen, Elma Kreso, Adah 
Maclndoe, Andrea Maier, Zina Mercil, Kip 
Morris, Angela Papuga, Dalina Prasertsri, 
Kate Rutherford, Aimee Schecter, Neal 
Schlein, Julie Sheehy, Sarah Shonnard, Erin 
Steele, Rachel Thomas, Julie VanHoy, Mary 
Voelbel, Elizabeth Wengel, Sarah West 

J\2 J?, indents 

Mathias 4- West 

Theodore Archibald (RA), Jarred Adamson , 
Andrew Anderson, Skylar Atkins, Warren 
Bahson, Gian Baldrica, Bentley Beich, Michael 
Bredenberg, Kelly Clark, Noah Clarke, 
Matthew Coffman, Elizabeth Copeland, Amy 
Cornelius, Joseph Cullen, John Forder, 
Bradley Haas, Brady Iandiorio, Jason Jozsa, 
Amanda Mallinger, Cora Mattie, Charles 
May, Charles Mintkeski, Justin Nelson, 
Annemarie Pariante, Thomas Preissing, Adam 
Pringle, Erin Shea, Robert Silvas, Alison 
Singer, Erik Speicher, Jessica Tennant, 
Michael Trefry, Kent Usher, Kelsey 
Wennesland, Margaret Whittum 

Mathias 4-Core 

Tristy Vick (RA), Rebecca Carroll, Jou-Yie 
Chou, Sean Coffey, Joe Dykes, Sarah 
Fitzgerald, Chris Heimbuck, Kim Kisabeth, 
Tom Medina, Lisa Melby, Jana Miller, Brian 
Mock, Amos Ngola, Sebrina Owens, Chris 
Russell, Jenny Shaw, Robin Shishido, Andrew 

Mathias 4-East 

Nadja Hunter (RA), Amber Atkins, 
Bernadette Blanco, Julie Britt, Christopher 
Clarke, John Craig, Amanda Dalsing, Noblet 
Davidson, Katharine Davies, Margaret Davis, 
Jake Dovenspike, Anthony Farmer, Peter 
Gibson, Rachael Gill, Krista Hardin, Lisa 
Heap, Emily Hoagland, Ashley Holm, 
Elizabeth Horsh, Erica Jensen, Andrea 
Johnson, Reginald Kama, Jess Kuemmerlin, 
Eang Man, Danna Olbright, Jordan Pock, 
Michael Reed, Alyse Richards, Paul Sage, 
Melissa Sortor, Erin Sparks, Elisabeth 
Steinegger, Erica Varela-Gettings, Laura 
Whalin, Craig Wirt, Nicole Wright, Molly 

£tnAmt& S3 

XjOomis yiatt 

Loomis 1-West 

Emily Dickerson (RA), Marlene Andrews, Laura Baringer, Erin Callahan, 
Mandy Christensen, Allison Craig, Liza Donegan, Eliza Fitzhugh, Sara 
Gronewold, Alisha Jordan, Anne Kagi, Suzanne Kern, Alyssa Leibold, 
Emily Lilo, Koby Lochhead, Julia Marcus, Ruthie Martin, Jill McCord, 
Jenny Mick, Julia Nasser, Jessica Reyes, Madaleine Sorkin, Betsey 
Vandeusen, Caroline Zoba 

Loomis 1 -Southeast 

Natalie Conner (RA), Amanda Addison, Rebecca Albertini, Abby Davis, 
Susan Echt, Katie Engelman, Anne Hauemann, Sabina Henneberg, Crystal 
Johnson, Kristen Kubacki, Kirsten Lindstrom, Jamie Ludwig, Karen Mesko, 
Caroline Moore, Michael Neil, Caroline Nothman, Patty Petelin, Kate Poss, 
Melissa Rhoden, Oli Robbins, Beth Sanders, Ruth Schlein, Katie Shapiro, 
Maggie Thompson, Melissa Vogt, Aisha Wiig, Sharla York 

Loomis 1 -North 

Nicole Schindler (RA), Catie Bellus, Holly Calhoun, Celina Cunningham, 
Christine D'Aleo, Nicholas Farrell, Jeff Katz, Aaron Livesay, David 
Murphy, Brett Piazza, Lorraine Salek, Sarah Sanberg, Daniel Strauss, 
Chris Tulp, Christine Wolfe 

S'f ^jtnAcntS, 

Loomis 2-North 

Loomis 2-South 

oe Bair (RA), Matthew Bahl, Timothy Campbell, James Cleland, Evan 
Dougherty, Alex Harris, Nicholas Hart, Christopher Hennessey, Bryan 
Turlbutt, David Labbe II, Gregory Lestikow, Thomas Love, Michael Penn, 
oe Rosenblum , Ken Scott, Jeffrey Stivers, Nathan Swanson, Jacob Tabor, 
David Ward, Matthew Wong 

Rebecca Green (RA), Zach Blaylock, Andrew Brown, Laura Buch, 
John Cropper, Meaghan Daly, Amanda Fixsen, Jacques Gilson, 
Larissa Hinaman, Lauren Kulp, Patrick Lindmark, Chivonnie 
Meekins, Marissa O'Neil, Nathaniel Riley, Luis Rivera, Esperanza 
Salazar, David Sprague, Emily Watt, Abbie Weiss, Christopher Zink 

Loomis 2-East 

Loomis 2-West 

Matt Borum (RA), Evan Berquist, Amos Dunlap, Nicholas Grant- 
Collins, Andrew Hurie, Andres Lopez, William McBride, Ben 
McFerron, Nicholas Mogno, Jesus Morales Jr., Michael O'Connor, 
Douglas Perkins, Kiel Smith, Joseph Stepan, Binoy Thomas, Jonathan 
Udewitz, Ian Widmer 

Sarah Rupp (RA), Christine Benner, Margaret Collins, Margaret Conner, 
Lauren Crisera, Susan Erlenborn, Saren Felder, Maren Foster, Amy 
Lovato, Michele Meyer, Yun Jin Oh, Heidi Overbeck, Jacqueline 
Papineau, Janet Prevey, Hannah Rider, Sarah Schuster, Meghan Silver, 
Sara Springer, Sevan Suni, Lauri Thomas, Audrey Thompson, Amelia 
Westerfield, Sarah Wolfskehl, Emily Wright 

J^tnAevtts JS 

Loomis 3-North 

Loomis 3-South 

Evania Archuleta (RA), Brian Atencio, Merith Bennett, Katie Chynoweth, 
Scott Crawford, Adrian Davis, Sarah Harris, Victor Jimenez, Kristofer 
Johnson, Heather Krumm, Suki Lanoha, Lee Lee Milner, Meg Patton, Jamie 
Pinto, Adam Reeder, Autumn Rivera, Kayly Van Buskirk, Nathaniel 
Washington, Alexis Whitted, Mahlon Wigton 

Nichole Root (RA), Christopher Barlow, Melina Bixler, Felix Bull, Lawrenc 
Chien, Walter DeGunya, Brennan Galloway, John Glinsman, Philip 
Halteman, Robert Krumhansl, Christina Mainar, Tyler McGrath, Tracy 
Melzer, Erick Paul, Patrick Picard, Lane Salter, Benjamin Shellhorn, Kalist; 
Trombley, Anne West-Miles, Joshua Zunie 

Loomis 3-East 

Loomis 3- West 

Deme Yuan (RA), Andrea Bell, Allison Brandenburg, Mesha-Gay Brown, 
Jason Clark, Rilke Greenmun, Kristen Klein, Kunal Mandal, Jenn Marlow, 
Teran Martin, Jonathan McGee, Bill Morton, Clarissa Nelson, Heather 
Newby, Amber Rethwisch, Lindsey Santellan, Evan Schnair, Michael Silk, 
Tony Sorci, Whitney Turk, Gabe Varney, Aaron Vinje 

William Underwood (RA), Chris Aubin, Amy Belcastro, Brian Bly, Bill 
Bush, Eirene Cutolo, Derek Dalton, Peter Erb, Therese Fernalld, Angie 
Garland, Mary Groome, Jereme Guerrero, Jesse Herrera, Kendra Murray, 
Michelle Krefft, Ferguson Lee, Haewon Min, Liesl Peterson, Scott Reis, 
Patricia Shannon, Jaemey Shim, Susannah Thiel, David Trench 

jS ^indents 

Loomis Ground-West 

Karen Sama (RA), Aaron Black, Clara Bradley, Liz Chertoff, Emily Crowe, 
Tony DeLois, Cash East, Meredith Ford, Peter Fowler, Samm Fuller, Dave 
Greenberg, Max Harper, Lindsey Hilton, Elena Imaretska, Mona Johnston, 
Anita Joshi, Sara Levin, Pete Mattox, Eli Mechanic, Dana McLeod, Tim 
Moore, Jordan Parrillo, John Putnam, Dan Roose, Katie Shapiro, Eric 
Simenson, Ben Wurzel 

Loomis Hall Director: 
Stan Prather 

£tnAents J7 

^tocum "jrfM 

Slocum 1 -North 

Steve Seman (RA), Sean Allen, Nick Buehrens 
Greg Cook, Mitch Crooks, Mike Davis, Kyle 
DeBeer, Andrew Dunn, Wil Edwards, Drew 
Feder, Evan Horn, Nick James, Josh Mack, 
Henry Man, Joel Mcllwain, Connor Morrison, 
Peter Richardson, Sterling Roop, Delbert 

Small, Brent Sonnenmaker, Adam Williams 

Slocum 1-West 

Carole Gedenberg (RA), Candice Erdmann 
Sam Fuller, Jacqueline Hundley, Andrea 
Hurlbut, Jason Janzen, Kristin Kahl, Mike 
Landis, Kendra Montoya, AJ Moss, Doug 
Perkins, Brendan Schatz, Jordan Van Ry 

Slocum 1 -South 

Nicolas Drum (RA), Zachary Carver, Daniel 
Dreyer, Asa Firestone, Andrew Glode, 
Christopher Garcia, Cullen Garcia, Nate 
Hausman, Brah Herfurth, Jacob Koseki, 
Mickey Menard, Derrick Patten, Will 
Reynolds, Justin Thomas, Michael Turner, 
Andrew Tweel, Robert Williamson 

S8 <_$ indents 

Slocum 2-North 

<ari Kwinn (RA), Melanie Bennett, Sara 
3ergerson, Nicky Damania, Erin Davis, 
onathan Ender, Ian Ferrin-O'Connell, Elissa 
3reene, Rebecca Haimowithz, Leonelo 
imenez, Angela LaBorde, Mick Lorusso, 
ennifer Provizer, Samantha Reilly, Stephanie 
shannon, Uddhav Shigdel, Alexander Smith, 
Emilie Steffen, Kai Stinchcombe, Matthew 
^ynenberg, Erin Toews 

Slocum 2-West/Soutwest 

Katie Rutledge (RA), Ashley Absmeier, 
George Ames, Nicole Benton, Adam Bleckert, 
Holly Brownstein, Charlie Cave, Lauren 
Ciborowski, Kate Davenport, Travis Emick, 
Luke Franson, Locke George, Andrew 
Goldsworthy, Autumn Goodrich, Carolina 
Green, Jon Hilts, Sarah Howell, Doug Inglis, 
Mairin Jerome, Brian Jones, Corey Josselyn, 
Elyse Kanowitz, Steve Kerrigan, Steve 
Limburg, Danica Lombardozzi, Jon Mattes- 
Ritz, JJ McDonald, Kyle Miller, David 
Nguyen, Sarah Norton, Elin Shartar, Jack 
Shelton, Suzanne Ward, Jeff Wilson, Tim 


Slocum 2-South 

Hillary Swanson (RA), Willie Adams, Peter 
Anderson, Malia Arenth, Tim Atkinson, Ariel 
Bergmeyer, Alalia Berry, Laura Brown, Eric 
Davis, Evan Desieyes, Shannon Dorato, 
Robert Franklin, James Hancock, Jessamin 
Helder, Jacqueline Hundley, Chris Jain, Ryan 
lohnson, Nicole Knecht, Hyo Lee, Summer 
Lockett, Claire Lukens, Pat Martinez, Hanna 
Meisner-Bogdahn, Ann Morgenthaler, Eric 
Murdoch, Dan Paller, Jessica Riemer, Andrew 
Shaper, Carl Siegel, Jon Souter, Dane Stevens, 
Wes Thurston, Kapua Weeks, Travis Whitson, 

Carla Wojczuk 

^tnAcnts J"<? 

Slocum 3-North 

Angela Wood (RA), Kat Baker, C.J. Biazak, 
Rachel Damon, Brad Dierschow, Sarah 
Dombrowski, Caprice Edwards, James 
Frazier, Juan Garcia, Kelli Gilson, Aaron 
Henes, Tonya Huff, Tony Kieffer, Michael 
Klein, Ellen Kriedler, Matthew Lebsack, 
Leovigilda Madera, Lamont McMillan, Benjer 
McVeigh, Erik Nelson, Jason Webb, Yuri 

Slocum 3-South 

Briana Von Feldt (RA), Brian Abeyta, Amber 
Atkins, Lindsay Beck-Moskowitz, Claire 
Bonial, Tristan Bridges, Jessica Burch, Kristen 
Coutee, Justin Doolittle, Evelyn English, 
Kristin Hardin, Julia Howe, Maxim Korenkov, 
Kerri Kuhn, Molly McCormick, Ellen Peck, 
Emily Pope, Michael Pyszka, Jessica Rivas, 
James Rutherford II, Peter Skrbek, Patricia 
Staley, Rebecca Sullivan, Alan Taylor, Lindsay 

Slocum 3- West/ 

Ellie Collinson (RA), Robyn Albert, Carrie 
Aldridge, Cody Carter, Kaycee Clovicko, 
Francesca Doriss, Paula Eaton, Stacy Elmer, 
Cody Evers, Chris Forsythe, Diana Garnett, 
Emily Hammond, Jon Holdorf, Chad 
Hunter, Hunter Jones, Natalie Kashi, Micah 
Kiehl, Josh King, Matt Krause, Kyle 
Marshall, H.C. Martensen, Crestina 
Martinez, Sean McGinnis, Teresa Medina, 
Kathy Morgan, Megan Mowbray, Erin Muir, 
Patrick Shannon, Samir Singh, Matt 
Swenson, Susie Tofani, Katy Willig, Brandor 

So J^tnAents 


Slocum 4-North 

Brittany Skewes (RA), Matt Bartosik, Steven 
Bedrick, Scott Burger, Jacob Comenetz, Emilie 
Cornell, Kristina Dougherty, Emily Girwood, 
Jennifer Gonzales, Rachel Johnson, Dawn 
Peters, Tiffany Robertson, Ruth Rounds, 
Heather Sackett, Kari Samuelson, Chad 
Schonewill, Cassi Sherman, Jamie Shinn, 
Kristyn Stolze, Dorothy Treichler, Isaiah 

Tucker, Kirsten Walth, Miranda Wichelns 

Slocum 4- West 

Barbara Howland (RA), Katie Allison, Dawn 
Beckman, Curnita Brisby, Phoebe Evans, 
Carol Goranson, Tiara Grant, Cassandra 
Hilpman, Sophie Holland, Shawna Johnston, 
Sonia Kumar, Jessica Matthews, Elizabeth 

Miller, Lauren Santerre, Allison Trafton 

Slocum Hall Director: 
Ryan Lombardi 


^tuAcnts Si 

£>cmi& }JM 

Bemis 3rd Floor 

Gwendolyn Cochran (RA), Amanda Ashury, 
Elizabeth Baker, Carmen Bell, Jill Boyd, 
Rosanna Chase, Cassidy David, Ashley 
Fitzgerald, Jennifer Flynn, Lisa Grossman, 
Rae-Anne Hayes, Courtney Hopley, Carissa 
Ilg, Cara Jacobsen, Brittany Reynolds, Joy 
Rose, Aurora Ross, Carrie Schaffner, Maren 
True, Rasha Khalaf, Lindsay Weidmann, 
Jocelyn Whitworth 

Bemis 2nd Floor 

Nancy Duran (RA), Johanna Altgelt, Lavanya 
Balasubramanian, Francheska Bardacke, 
Amanda Bissell, Kira Darlow, Nancy Duran, 
Jill Gilkerson, Stormie Glenn-Myers, Lisa 
Hawkins, Kristin Hintz, Minh Le, Breanne 
Lyons, Mindy McNeil, Roxanne Munoz, 
Maria Oliveira, Gabriela Poles, Kathryn Rose, 
Michelle Schick, Lindsey Simmons, Lauren 
Stelzer, Camea Thatcher 

Bemis 4th Floor 

Molly Black (RA), Anna Bauer, Chloe Busch, 
Jenni Caroff, Chenee Cox, Erin Cushing, 
Darby DeGroat, Kitren Fischer, Anne Hilbori 
MaryRuth Jurado, Jennifer Kerr, Jenny 
Laansma, Katie Ledbetter, Gwyneth 
McCawley, Catherine Navez, Miriam 
Pierucci, Quillen Reivich, Katie Salipante, 
Sonia Shishido, Aron Wagner, Andrea 
Weatherford, Kathryn Wotring, Leilani 

62 ^tnAtnts 

y%c ^m^or yiM 

McGregor 1st & 2nd 

Yousef Arefi-Afshar (RA), James Aitken, Elliot 
Anderson, Benny Bellows, D] Black, Kevin 
Boehm, Jon Clarke, Isaiah Costello, Aaron 
Davis, Patrick Doolans, Joe Gumbel, Chad 
Gutierrez, Jarod Gutierrez, Andrew Huggins, 
Peter Jeavons, Nick Kabrich, Ben Kaehler, 
Alex Kane, Jason Kidde, Joachim Ljunggren, 
Maytor McKinley, Zach Paquette, David Pilz, 
Kyle Pluene, Jesse Porter-Henry, Nat 
Robinson, David Shively, Adam Sorenson, 
Jeremy Syz, Josh Vandiver, Ed Van Walchren 

McGregor 3rd & 4th 

Adam Drushal (RA), Travis Ault, Kevin 
Boehm, Mitch Brown, Christian Bruns, 
Christian Donath, Jeff Foss, Ben Hildebrand, 
Blake Holden, Kevin Jarret, Jamie Kilgour, J.T. 
Ladt, Brett Livesay, Tim Morgan, Pete Morse, 
Zach Shapiro, Andy Shepard, Morgan Smith, 
Jarrod Weber, Matt Wirzbicki, Chris Wozniak 

Bemis and McGregor 

Hall Director: 

DeEttra Kudera 

£ tti.Ae.nts 63 

~£\cknor y\M 

Sylvia Geyi (HR), Jennifer Aiken, Annika Brattberg, Regan Brockmeyer, Josie 
Bruce, Emily Burgard, Courtney Cusick, Lesli Garrison, Laura Goforth, 
Jennie Gruss, Abbey Hardy, Shea Hogan, Darcie Hutchinson, Cara Johnston, 
Muliha Khan, Harmony Kopelov, Sarah Koski, Suzy Lim, Stephanie Miller, 
Holly Moore, Suzanne Moore, Molly Myhr, Katie Neldner, Christine Painter, 
Hillary Price, Kara Reagan, Nancy Santos, Stefanie Schulz, Kimberly Tate, 
Lauren Tice, Amy Vasquez, Amy West 

*VI\ont<gomiry }^M 

Molly Mayfield (HR), Jacqueline Anderson, Mary Bonin, Jessica Brookhart, 
Carrie Carillo, Caprice Marie Edwards, liana Goldfogel, Annie Hays, Jennifer 
Hunt, Lindsey Jager, Kerry Jenkins, Samantha Lampert, Kara Lindstrom, 
Katherine Matsumoto, Emily Meshberg, Deborah Orman, Kristy Payne, 
Valerie Plesch, Giselle Restrepo, Rebecca Roodhuyzen, Jessica Spivey, 
Hadiya Strasberg, Heather Stites, Bridget Sullivan-Stevens, Jennifer Wiant 

<5«f ^tnAcnts 

y\ rtkpit yiopisa 

HR Matt Stahl, Theodore Benson, Joshua Best, Vaughn Blake, Houston Bonnyman, Scott 
Challinor, Anders Fairbanks, Oliver Glosbland, Kai Hilfiker, Joshua Kalven, Brian Lynch, 
Darren Malia, Eric Martin, Gibson Peters, Justin Pohlmann, Ian Pye, Raffaello Sacerdoti, Cole 
Styron, Brian Sunderland, Mark Towner 

T^ <^tn&s, yiopiu 

HRs Katie Rutledge and Raegan Truax, Marc Blasi, Zaid Bokhari, Vachon Brackett, Akobundu 
Ejiasa, Kyle Fitzgerald, Nicole Gettman, Shakib Hassan, Shuaib Hassan, Brianne King, Robert 
King, Natalie Lewis, Freddy Lopez Salazar, Elizabeth Mendoza, Arow Parsons-Pineda, Aaron 
Ransome, Emily Steed, Leonard Teague 

Z>ortHS Sj 

*Y\ortk tQnad yion$><i 

HR Alexis Roberts, Jamil Abou-Samra, Margaret Bellows, Alexander Chu, Kathryn Frieze, Daniel Gargan, Julie Graham, Nicol 

Hagge, Jose Iriarte, Katelin Jackson, Lasse Jarvi, Ville Jarvi, Ann Kaplan, Cynthia Kellogg, Karl Lindgren-Streicher, Brian 

Makofske, Erica Maver, Katherine Mills, Brady Montalbano, Zachary Pugh, Sarah Purdy, Troy Rahner, Logan Seacrest, Tracy 

Shapiro, Thomas Staevski, Blair Wilson 

fast <^2hM }JoH&e 

HR Jonathan Lowsley, Emily Anderson, Helen Berger, Emily Bodner, Isabel Bodwell, Lori Ann Burd, Julia Burns, Sam 
Caldwell, John Chun, Chris Crowley, Jennifer Daniels, Emily De Cloedt, Will Driscoll, Alison Eichten, Arlen Ginsburg, Mil 
Goldstone, Scottster Grossman, Bisco Hill, Trisha Klempf, Chase Landmesser, Kit Maloney, Gem McLaughlin, Emily Mert; 
Spencer Morris, Kris Roveillo, Libby Saeger, Wendy Saliin, Rachel Sennett, Kylie Smith, Lisa Van Sciver 

66 Z>crnts 

HR Lee Stuart, Jacquelin Anderson, 

Alexander Balick, Peter Blink, Anne 

Campbell, James Clancy, Jane Conolly, 

Tom Dadourian, Sierra Dye, Albert Farias, 

Amanda Faulkner, Alex Ficken, David 

Fortney, Nolan Goodnight, Thomas Hall, 

Catherine Heindel, Johannes Hubmayr, 

Sara Hunter, Jenica Kline, Christina Lewis, 

Lenny Lopez, Natasha Peterson, Erin 

Reiley, Marit Robinson, Tyler Sanberg, 

Nicole Skinner, Lauren Sprague, Thomas 

Thompson, Nathan Thorp 

^>0nntAs>0n y\0PiU 

Avram Eisner, Angela Epley, 

Rebecca Markin, Kristin 

Masunaga, Katherine Rosow, 

Anja Schoeffel 

Sjdnnok, y\on&& 

HR Megan Chanin, Edward Bigler, Nathaniel 

Birgenheier, Elizabeth Carrington, Keith 

Connaaghan-Jones, Majorie Ewing, Anne 

Griebel, Jennifer Haydel, William Holloway, 

Adam Krefting, Edward Mathews, Tristan 

Mele, Wynne Morgan, Christina Palm, Paul 

Sanberg, Beth Sauer, Lindsay Nestmiller 

^orrns 67 

(£*?erm4n ^fcnsc 

Andrew Billo, Mike Fink, Lindsay Bristol, Katie Johnson, Amy Klein, Joe Kurland, Becky Lane, 
Ashly Lawrence, Jen McFadden, Sarah Meske, Oiwi Parker Jones, Danny Quinlan, Heather 
Rice, Ben Wilson, Josh Woodbeck 



(jZf&anl&A fcfwse) 

Rafael Ballesteros, Daniel Dryden, Karen Dudzinski, David Fowler, Daniel Garman-Palactos, 
Angela Gonzales, Aimee Hull, Kelsey Milton 

68 "X^orms, 

Cerent; A fcft>nse) 

Head Resident: Florence Gomez, Christopher Benoit, Terry Bisiar, Eddie Gutierrez, Bethany 
Marsh, Brian Potts, Meadow Stahl, David Swenson, Nicole Thompson, Katherine Travis, 
Malcolm Ulbriek, Eliana Vagalau 

Head Residents: Martina Ghiandelli and Yaryna Wynar, Hannah Allen- Yeager, Abigail Baker, 
Annie Bareford, Katherine Borman, Josie Davis, Joan Eichner, Emily Irwin, Marisa Kind, Bethany 
Lord, Ryan McKeon, Gina Rodriguez, Abigail Ryder, Kendra Weistar, Nathan Wetzel, Michael 

Z>firntS 6rf 

£,<Kith £2 Ay tor A J^mtA'ivvg 

James Austgen, Robin Barnes, Shishir Bhattarai, Susan Bjork, Anne Boyd, Michael Burson, Matthew Byers, Michelle Calderon, Amy Carman, 
Coral Celeste, Elisabeth Chong, Jessica Cisneros, Courtney Clinkscales, Carly Corder, Dakota Corey, Paul Cornelison, Andrew Cornell, 
Thomas Cunningham, Danielle Dahlin, Christy Gallegos, Levi Heidrich, Denise Hoover, Melody Hrubes, Erin Hudson, Luigi Iuppa, Jennifer 
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Van Der Volgen, Melissa Walker, Karin Wangberg, Adam Weissbarth, Melanie Wienecke, Kaija Wycisk 

*fc* *Z *$ €f €f 

70 Z>enus 

'*% ' 

"Z^arms, 71 

72 "ZFacUty fr &U$ 


Bailey, Bridget S. 
Baker, Alberta 
Bonser, Matthew 
Brans, Becky L. 
Collins, Gail 

Drake, Melanie S. 
Garcia, Roberto A. 
Goulding, Ellen 
Harris, Brenda 
Hendrickson, Elizabeth 

Hunemuller, Linda 
Knight, Dianne V. 
Marquez-Butler, Anna 
Raab, Jessica 
Sargent-Pierre, Chantelle 

Souder, Janelle 

Anderson, Robyn 
Brickell, Susan 
Malkasian, Sophia 
Walker, Melissa 


Gerhart, Heather 
Hautzinger, Sarah 
Jacobson, Calla 
Nowak, Michael 
Ridings, Suzanne 


DeRhodo, Sandra H. 
Freeman, Terry 
Jeavons, William 
Kirsch, Edith W. 
Kolarik, Ruth 

Leonard, Kate 
Murray, Gale 
Raffin, Daniel 
Swider, Bogdan 
Walters, Charles 

VpHcntty fr £>U^ 73 


Adams, David 
Bazin, Norm 
Bonnett, Joseph 
Castaneda, Ted 
Chaney, Carriee 

Darlos, Laura 
Endicott, Cindy 
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Swan, Richard 


Armstrong, David 
Fisher, Andrew 
Pearson, John 
Wiencek, Daniel 
Anderson, Lamont K. 

Andrews, Kenneth 
Bay, Robin 
Bertrand, Ralph 
Beryy, Donella 
Capen, Ronald 

7<l faculty t £UI 

Ebersole, James 
Enderson, James H. 
Erdos, Shawnette 
Hall, Tiffany 
Hathaway, Ronald 

Kelso, Sylvia 
Noble, Carolyn 
Norris, William 
Olney, Margaret 
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WntHlty * £t*ft 7S 

Smith, Helen 

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76 "^ACHtty f- t£,t^ 

Marshall, Gregory 
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Sams, Andrea 




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Acuity fr-£fo£( 77 

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Crown Tapper TLC Lab 
Taylor, Peter 


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Goldsmith, Kathleen 
Nelson-Cisneros, Victor 

78 Acuity f £t*{( 

Storey, Richard 
Tooley, Brenda 
Stapleton, Bonnie 
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Coles, Heather.tif 

Dixon, Karen 
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Peterson, Kathrin 
Pluemer, Lorraine 
Rush, Jo 
Sheffeild, Roger 

Swanson, Deborah M. 
Terch, Pam 
Thompson, Marlene 
West, Julie 
Wilson, Donald 

Wntatty f £t*ft 7<? 


Klose, Greg 
Martinez, Mel 
Parsons, Steve 
Peterson, Kim 
Surma, Mark 

Tidwell, Dianna 
Wolf, Carrie 
Ames, Gypsy R. 
Arnink, Donna 
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Barton, Ruth 

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Evitt, Regula Meyer 
Garcia, Claire 
Gianarelli, Donna 
Hilberry, Jane 

Mason, David 
Mauch, Thomas 
Sanny, Thomas 
Sarchett, Barry 
Simons, John 

80 Acuity f- S tei U 

Stavig, Mark 
Tynan, Daniel 
Weaver, Benjamin 
Yaffe, James 
Yanez, Richard 


Guerreiro, Heloisa 
Samy, Shahryar 

Ballard, Thomas 
Bradbury, Brad 
Brady, Carl 

Brandenburg, Carl 
Cain, Jim 
Cano Jr., Roy F. 
Cooper, Jeffrey J. 
Crochet, Donald J. 

Crossey, D. Daniel 
Davidson, Don 
DeLaHunt, John 
Eckhardt, George 
Eisentraut, Sally 

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Gelner, Victor 
Gonzales, Cecelia M. 
Graham, Robert 
Greis, Karl 

Higginbotham, Kris 
Holmes, Bill 
Hughs, Darrold 
Keale, Nolan 
Kemp, Terry 

Lockhart, Robert 
McDowell, James "Mac" 
McGee, James K. 
McNeil, Jason 
Montoya, Jim 

*F*6ntty &■ £1*,$ 81 

Murakami, Neal 
O'Connor, Mathew 
O'Neill, Sam J. 
Ordway, Peter 
Ortega, Jose 

Pacheco, Juan 
Phillips, Dorothy 
Reuter, Carl 
Reynolds, Gary L. 
Rovira, Stanley 

Salazar, Ron 
Salazar, Salomon 
Schawe, Robert 
Solano, Bill 
Starr, Michael 

Sullivan, Doug 
Switzer, Jerry 
Valdez, Anthony 
Vigil, Floyd 
Vitamvas, Kevin 

Watters, Jeffrey 
Wilson, Kenyon 
Winkelblech, Robert 
Wise, William 
Wojakowski, Edward 



Gudvangen, John 
Scheafer, Gaye 
Swanson, James 
DeWitt, Sarah 

Ferguson, Deborah 
Fischer, Woodward 
Fricke, Henry 
Getty, Stephen 
Leonard, Eric 

82 Vacuity f- £U$ 

Noblett, Jeffrey 
Shapiro, Russell 
Siddoway, Christine 
Snyder, Noah 
Weaver, Stephen 


Bening, Carina 
Ericson, Joan 
Fink, Michael 
Jiang, Hong 
Koc, Richard 

Maruyama, Paul 
Matson, James 
Mesropova, Olga 
Pavlenko, Alexei 
Richardson, Horst 

Wishard, Armin 
Webb, Ryan 

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Cheek, Timothy 
Cotts, John 

Hyde, Anne 
Johnson, Mark S. 
Joos, Cindy 
Mcjimsey, Robert 
Monroy, Douglas 

Neel, Carol 
Papuga, Sandra 
Rommel-Ruiz, W. Bryan 

Butler, Pam 
Smith, Judith A. 

Teel, Janet 
Wilson, Barbara J. 

Kawano, Sarah 

Tamarkin, Mira 


Collander, Patricia 

Acuity fr £Uftft 83 

Davis, Alan 
DeSmidt, Jamie 
Enright, Janet 
Erickson, Judith 
Freddolino, Michelle 

Jones, Kristine T. 
Langley, Sharon 
Michels, Karen 
Mondragon, Gerald 
Rendon, Manuel 

Ross, Eric 
Ruiz, Ruben N. 
Smargie, Michael 
Stiles, Randall 
Thomas, Michelle 

Tipton, Geoffrey 
Watson, Thomas 
Wolford, Tulio 
Zimmer, Darryl 
Akers, Lyn 

Bieri, Jeff 
Hilton, Sara 
Lee, Ronnal L. 
Raher, Stephen 
Utterback, Delaney 

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Anderson, Marlow 
Beaudin, Jennifer 
Henderson, James 
Janke, Steven 

Tinsley, Frederick 
Vatuk, Sunita 
Watkins, John 

Mason, Rochelle 
Narayana, Vanita 

84 Wicu-tty t £tty 

Retherford, Megan 
Agee, Richard 
Anderson, Diana 
Barnes, Kathy 
Ben-Amots, Ofer 

Brink, Annette 
Brink, Daniel 
Burrichter, Vicki 
Carbone, Betty 
Claman, David 

Clamp, Victoria 
Cooper, Peter 
Dinwoodie, Stuart 
Doyon, Lyn 
Ekberg, Nancy 

Garcia, Peter J. 
Grace, Michael 
Grace, Susan 
Inouye, Richard 
Lasmawan, Imade 

Miller, Dale 
Nagem, Paul 
Roberts, Tamera 
Scott, Stephen 
Shelton, Frank 

Staton, Catherine 
Stevens, Daryll 
Steve, Burt 
Genova, Judith 
Harrell, Maralee 

Lee, Jonathan 
Riker, John 
Rosenthal, John 
Wolfe, Rory 
Bordner, Charles 


vFucHtty f s> i m 

Burns, M. Shane 
Cervantes, Phillip 
DiCenzo, Stephanie Beth 
Hilt, Richard 
Klebe, Dimitri 

MacFarlane, John 
Steele, Jeff 

Van Teylingen, Judith 
Veirs, Val 
Whitten, Barbara 


Carter, Lief 
Cook, Curtis 
Dunham, Andrew 
Fennell, Vera Leigh 
Finley, David 

Fuller, Timothy 
Grace, Eve 

Hendrickson, David C. 
Lee, Robert D. 
Lindau, Juan 

Loevy, Robert 
Siemers, Dave 
Stark, Jane 
Gibson, Judith 
Brockett, Linda 

Brooks, Beth 
Buick, Pamela 
Martinez, Loretta P. 
Mohrman, Kathryn 
Wolfe, Hobbin 


Erdal, Kristi 
Freed, Douglas 
Horner, John 
Jacobs, Dr. Robert 
Maas, Lisa 

86 &*cntty f- £t*tf 

Parker, Clarissa 
Roberts, Tomi-Ann 
SeStefano, Ann 
Waters, Patricia 
Weir, Catherine 


Apodaca, Phillip 
Engle, Donna 
Gibson, Ella 
Lubbert, Donna Rae 
Roth, Karla 

Youngman, Jean 

Coriell, Bruce 
Pickle, Joseph 
Ruthven, Malise 
Suarez, Margarita 

Weddle, David 
Williams, Sam 
Wolfe, Rory 

Allen, Kimberly 
Beauregard, Eileen 

Bell III, Edward F. 
Boecking, Peggy 
Catacutan, Lucila 
Cohen, Stephanie 
Cormier, Roger 

Cranston, Martha 
Crochet, M. Earline 
Crow, John 
Curtis, Roberta 
Davis, Brian 

Duncan, Mary 
Kudera, DeEttra 
Lombardi, Ryan 
Manning, Janet 
Martinez, Clyde 

faculty fr £U^ 87 

McClain, Erin 
Motiff, Holly 
Prather, Stan 
Vaughn, Renate 
Westover, Calvin 

Yowell, Sandra 



Paul-Phillipe, Gordo 
Ballesteros, Rafael 
Biagioni, Elena 
Bizzarro, Kathleen 

Bizzarro, Salvatore 
Daniels, Marie 
Ghiandelli, Martina 
Gomez, Florence 
Hilberry, Ann 

Inoue, Miyoko 
Lomas, Clara 
Noonan, Janet 
O'Connor, Kevin 
O'Riley, Michael 

Paheau, Francoise 
Peterson, Elmer 
Reid, Eve 
Tartaro, Sarah 
Wade, Ibrahima 


Anaya, Jose 
Blackshaw, Jeffrey 
Brown, John 
Claridy, George 
Corr, Johnny 

Dunson, Fred 
Klein, James 
Lagree, Carl 
Lehmann, Richard 
Loevy, Walt 

88 Vacuity t-£tty 

McBride, Wyatt 
Sanchez, Anatolis 
Smith, Ronald 
Sturghill, Robert 
Tjerandsen, Theodore 

Voorhees, John 
Weisenberg, Arthur 

McLeod, Laurel 
Mohrman, Kathryn 
Nycum, Thomas G. 

Storey, Richard 
Wilson, Donald 
Richard, Quincy 
Edmonds, Mike 
McLeod, Laurel 

Popiel, Joanna.tif 
Stimeling, Kurt.tif 
SW Studies 
Diers, Jim.tif 
Kaylan, Kathleen.tif 
Levine, Victoria.tif 

Nishida Harney, Susan 

Ashlock, Christine 
Brodersen, Diane 
Davis, Ledreka 
Davis, Mary 

Davis, Monica L. 
Dickerson, Carol 
Fair-Spaulding, Judy 
Felber, Susanne 
Harner, Rebecca 

Harrison, Glenna 
Henson, Karl E. 
Hoke, Debra 
Jaecks, Srah 
Jones Eddy, Julie 

&*£HCty *£U$84 

Kiefer, Virginia R. 
Knipe, Nancy 
Knowles, Anne 
Lewis, Elizabeth 
Lister, Lisa 

May, Lance 
McEvers, Michael 
Mosher, Franklin K. 
Mrozek, Krystyna 
Satterwhite, Robin 

Seeley, Judy 
Slaton, Lana Rae Edith 
Tappan, Cynthia 
Wylie, Nethery 
Bresnahan, Eileen 


Moen, Georgia 
Plym, Roddna 
Reding, Tom 
Reinert, Nellis 
Smith, Alvin 

Spencer, Martha.tif 
Vellon, Ann.tif 
Writing Center 

Lewallen, Judy.tif 
North, Rebecca.tif 
Tamarkin, Mira.tif 

Wingate, Molly 

<$o ^acuity f- £,t<i^ 

£, ports, 01 

With three shutout victo- 
ries in its final four matches, 
Colorado College's NCAA Divi- 
sion I women's soccer team 
proved itself to be a worthy 
opponent. The Tigers, who de- 
feated the University of Iowa (4- 
0) and University of Wyoming 
(3-0), finished an impressive 13- 
7 season in 2000. The 13 wins 
this season are the most for CC 
since 1991. Women's soccer had 
an excellent season and is ready 
to tackle next year's difficult 

-Scott Reis '04 

Beloiv: A Colorado College 
player goes up for a header and 
wins the ball. The Tiger's had a 
winning season in part due to 
excellent ball handling skills. 

Bill Parent '9 

Caitlin Carlson '04, Kristin Masunaga '03, Sophie Hines '02, Kyrsten Wilde 
'01, Mari Miezwa '01, Kris Kifer '01, Ashley Magnuson '02, Haley Miller '01, 
Kasey Clark '01, Jessica Koppel '04, Jessica Reyes '04, Maggie Mangan '04, 
Jayme O' Bryan '02, Molly Shea '02, Lydia Jackson '03, Andrea Johnson '03, 
Lia Martinez '04, Cortney Kitchen '03, Rebecca Carroll '03, Koby Lockhead 
'04, Jenny Watkins '02, Kelly Clark '03, Brittany Kernan '04, Head Coach: 
Greg Ryan, Assistant Coach: Stephanie Porter, Team Trainer: Sheila Loar 



I X 

Bill Parent '9 

Above: Kristin Masunaga '03 
makes another amazing save. 
Great defense as well as an 
impressive offense helped the 
Tigers this year. 

Right: Casey Clark '01 takes a 
shot past the goalie into the 
upper corner of the goal helping 
propel the Tigers to one of their 
13 wins. 

42. J^pcrts 

Left: Maria Miezwa '01 chases an oppo- Below: Lia Martinez '04 takes the 

nent to the ball. Maria, one of the few ball up the sideline as the Tigers 

returning seniors this year, played her last march on to another victory, 
season for Colorado College. 

Below: Kasey Clark '01 dribbles the ball 
down the field. Kasey was a key player 
this year as the Tigers finished the season 
with a record of 13 wins and 7 losses. 

Bill Parent '40 




Bill Parent '90 

Above: Maria Miezwa 01 
dribbles the ball past the goalie 
for an easy goal. 

Bill Parent '90 

t^rch out progress. 
J'ttt reatty frmA t>§ 
the players who 
Aiive stuck through 
the ve/ir. \/$e ctearty 
AelineA out vision 
for the Intnre &t the 

SCtlStn s CH.i. 


; < %^w 


Aboi'e: A Colorado College soccer player 
lines up for a perfect shot at the goal. 
The Tigers scored a total of 37 goals this 

Left : Tyler Free '01 sets up to pass the 
ball upfield to waiting Tiger players. 
Free led the Tigers in goals with 9 this 

Right: Brad Podolec (#5) '01 
and Tyler Free (#11) '01 both 
converge on the ball. Excellent 
teamwork helped the Tigers 
this season. 

Above: Whitney Wheelock 
'01 waits in the goal with 
an intense look on his face. 
Wheelock finished the 
season with a 75% save 


Whitney Wheelock '01, Kevin Vicente '02, Tim Campell '04, Justin Livesay 
'02, Brad Podolec '01, Thomas Staevski '01, Jeff Stivers '04, Keith 
Connaghan-Jones '02, Collin Eder '02, Sean McGinnis '03, Tyler Free '01, 
Brian Svigel '03, H.C. Martensen '03, Jake Lambert '03, Zach Tillman '01, 
Paquito Lopez '04, Ethan Anderson '02, Gem McLaughlin '03, Tracy Melzer 
'04, Joe Heinbecker '01, Martin Quinn '03, John Cropper '04, Maylon Wigton 
'04, Jon Holdorf '03, Ben McVeigh '03, Evan Desieyes '04, Head Coach: 
Horst Richardson, Assistant Coaches: Bill Arbogast, Jerry McNeal, Steve 
Myers, Team Trainer: Bruce Kola 

contmHi the. trfa 
tion d£ atmi'ity & 
that has, fieen 
esta^teshed Anrhi% 
the. Cast hat§ 

<?«f Sports 

,,/M <* ttdm we 
didn't meet Bur 
zicpectathns In the 
number d£ wins. 
fjot-v-ever, l-v-e never 
anesthneA the 
i((nrts o^ our 
players In A crePtteA 
memories, ft last ((■ 

-QifcMfaP*— ^ 

,57 f 11 r Bl 77 466^50, 75 ; ? 71 -.69 ',42 

7.| 8 j 41 |80|3E f B7,|52 9 49 §51 |,e5g if. 


.3 18 

2% k -iZ Si 6H C5 <59f H? f 44 e ,n ^9 ^ ■' 4 

i "58 ' |-i82fUV 12 -'30< 

Wes Murakami '02, Craig Wirt '03, Jay Marias '04, Patrick Martinez '04, Robert Silvas '03, Chris Witt '01, 
Tim Wolfmeyer '02, Matt Fry '02, Pete Sigler '01, Matt Johnson '02, Jason Webb '03, Matt Herrera '01, Andy 
Cornell '02, Chinesom Ejiasa '03, Victor Jimenez '04, Chris Clarke '03, Tony Rosendo '02, Paul Sage '03, 
Mike Burson '02, Gavin Wallach '01, Derrick Patten '04, Jake Latka '02, Joseph Dykes '03, Leonard Teague 
'03, Eric Davis '04, Jacob Stark '01, Joel Nelson '02, Sean Owens '02, Robert Franklin '04, Patrick Lindmark 
'04, Ian O'Connell '04, Jake Dovenspike '03, Walker Montgomery '04, Chuck May '03, Evan Dougherty '04, 
Cory Jackson '02, Justin Knox '01, Tim Atkinson '04, Menelek Lumumba '02, Alex Hinojos '04, Jeremiah 
Lopez '02, Patrick Tolley '04, Ernesto Barnabas '04, Joseph Cardona '04, Justin Nelson '03, Jonathan 
Dickerson '01, Shuaib Hassan '02, Nick Mogno '04, Erik Speicher '03, Jonathan McGee '04, Kyle Fitzgerald 
'02, Kiel Smith '04, Mike Bredenberg '03, Levi Heidrich '02, Joe DiGregorio '04, Zach Van Hilsen '04, 
Johnny Craig '03, Clark Woolley '04, Jarred Adamson '03, Head Coach: Greg Polnasek, Defensive 
Coordinator/ Linebackers: Neal Mitchell, Assistant Coaches: Dave Grantz (Defensive Secondary, Special 
Teams Coordinator), Jeff Bellinghausen (Defensive Backs), Tony Grantz (Wide Receivers), Dustin Horras 
(Running Backs), David Rhody (Tight Ends), Greg Romine (Defensive Tackles), David Schmidt (Defensive 
Ends), Perry Stancato (Offensive Line), Frank Hood (Recruiting Assistant), Team Trainer: Cindy Endicott 

Beloiv: Coach Greg Polnasek 
yells some encouraging words 
to the Tigers as they march on 
to victory. 


Above: Andy Cornell '02 receives the ball 
from quaterback Chris Witt '01 and takes it 
up the field. Cornell led the team in receiving 
with a total of 508 yards. 

Beloiv: Paul Sage '03 runs the ball to the 
outside. Sage had a total of 183 rushing yards 
on the season and averaged 4 yards a run. 

'ove: Paul Sage '03 runs the 
11 in for a Colorado College 
ichdown. His touchdown 
iped the Tigers to defeat 
bor College in their first game 
the season. 

'."^jHMftlH liily ■. 

Below: Meggan Grant '02 
spikes the ball over the net and 
scores a point for the Tigers. 
Grant had 223 kills this year. 

0- '" JP 

Chris Enzaldo 01 

Right: Brianne Henry serves the ball 
over the net. Henry was a key 
defensive player for the Tigers this 
year with 22 blocks and 20 digs. 
Excellent offense as well as defense 
helped the Tigers achieve 19 wins 
and only 8 losses this year. 

• nil 




Colorado ] 

C/in's Enzaldo '01 

Above: Carrie Repp (#15) 
'01 and Larissa Enns (#3) 
'02 look on as a fellow 
team member volleys the 
ball over the net. Repp led 
the team in kills this year 
with 379. 


Chris Enzaldo '01 




Back row: Assistant Coack Karen Warnock, Kristen Coutee, Brianne Henry, 
Katharine Hauschke, Head Coach Rick Swan, Carrie Repp, Julie Britt, 
Christie Smirnoff, Assistant Coach Mitch Plummer Middle Row: Assistant 
Coach Wayne Sombric, Emilie Cornell, Larissa Enns, Katie Supinger, 
Heather Newby, Meggan Grant, Ashley Martinez, Assistant Coach Kevin 
James Front row: Ruthie Martin, Bri VonFeldt, Anne Griebel, Melissa Sortor. 

\rfe (.fere, realty 
sound uvltA the 
depth life hud on U 
team. Jt i-vtts 
definitely H streng 
far us. fi-fpivever, i 
knoiv hre have the 
potential tD do fiett 
neict mar. 

- f&ch XfivHn 

tf6 Sports 

"Che. 0otortiAo 0olitfe 
cross country teams 
intereA the zooc lenson 
i-vitA optimism dnA 
ffreat Chcpict/ithn &,..,. 
~£>otk tedms shonlA see 
Immense improvement 

TtA Cn&timAA 

Women: Brandi Boyle '01, Holly Calhoun '04, Kristin Cambron '03, Katie Chynoweth '04, 
Emily Dickerson '02, Sarah Fitzgerald '03, Jenna Godfrey '02, Shea Hogan '02, Katie 
O'Conner '03, Dawn Peters '02, Lane Salter '04, Kari Samuelson '04, Robin Shishido '03, 
Carrie Welther '04, Miranda Wichelns '02 Men's: Carlos Centurion '01, Gabriel Diniz '03, 
Brennan Galloway '04, Tobin Guthrie '03, Kris Johnson '04, Jesse Herrera '04, Matthew 
Lebsack '03, Carl Leivers '03, Eric Martin '02, Ray McMenzie-Young '04, Erik Nelson '03, 
Reed Owens '04, Pat Shannon '02, Taylor Williamson '04 Head Coach:Ted Castaneda 
Assistant Coaches: Michelle Blessing, Mac Auree 

Below: Katie O'Conner '03 leads the 
pack. Fellow Tigers (L to R) Holly 
Calhoun '04, Sarah Fitzgerald '03, 
and Kari Samuelson '04 are right on 
her heels. 

Chris Enzaldo '01 

Above: Carl Leivers '03, Brennan Galloway '04, and 
Jesse Herrera '04 set the pace for Ray McKenzie- 
Young '04 and Taylor Williamson '04. Herrera set 
the team record for the fastest rookie with a time of 

Below: (from left to right) Matt Lebsack '03, Eric 
Martin '02, Gabe Diniz '03, Carlos Centurion '01, and 
Kris Johnson '04 run together for support during the 
Tigers meet in Oklahoma. 

Chris Enzaldo '01 

Chris Enzaldo '01 

Above: Katie O'Conner '03 
runs on, determined to 
improve her race time. The 
Tigers improved dramatically 
over the course of the 2000 

Chris Enzaldo '01 

"One of the Western 
f Collegiate Association's 

best defensive teams 
throughout the mid- and late 
1990s, Colorado College ex- 
pects to be strong inside its 
own blue line again in 2000- 
2001 . If the Tigers can generate 
a little more offense this sea- 
son, they can reasonably ex- 
pect to move up a notch or two 
in the WCHA standings, and 
challenge for an NCAA play- 
off bid." 

-Dave Moross Sports Information Director 

I 'ir 1 %] 


Gian Baldrica '03, Mike Colgan '01, Brent Voorhees '01, Jason Jozsa '03, 
Trent Clark '02, Joe Cullen '03, Noah Clarke '03, Mike Stuart '02, Jesse 
Heerema '02, Sean Cromarty '04, Justin Morrison '01, Colin Stuart '04, Mark 
Cullen '02, Alex Kim '02, John Van Pelt '04, Tom Preissing '03, Shaun 
Winkler '02, Chris Hartsburg '02, Paul Manning '01, Reid Goolsby '04, 
Andrew Canzanello '04, Peter Sejna '04,Tyler Liebel '04, Colin Zulianello 
'01, Jeff Sanger '02, Head Coach: Scott Owens (Colorado College '79), 
Assistant Coach: Norm Bazin, Assistant Coach: Joe Bonnett, Volunteer 
Assistant Coach: Terry Kleisinger, Hockey Trainer: Richard Quincy, 
Equipment Manager: Jason Mahan, Play-by-Play Announcer: Jeff Thomas 

Casey B. Gibson 

Above: Sophmore Joe Cullen 
(#9) takes the puck up the ice 
against the University of North 
Dakota. Cullen scored one goal 
in this game and a total of 13 
points on the season. 

08 Sports, 

Left: Alex Kim Shoots and scores in the 
game against the University of Calagary. 
Kim had an impressive 12 goals and 17 
assists in the regular season. 

Below: Tom Preissing '03 takes the puck 
up the ice while Tyler Liebel '04 follows 
close behind. 

Below Left: Senior Justin 
Morrison lifts the puck over the 
shoulder of the DU goaltender 
to score a power play goal. 
Morrison is second on the team 
in goals with a total of 17 in the 
regular season. 

Casey B. Gib 





Above: Head coach Mike McCubbin 
gives his team a pep talk during 

Left: Tommy Moore '04 goes up for a 
shot. Moore led the Tigers in points with 
295. Moore was just part of the talented 
freshman class this year. 


Right: Matt Bahl '04 puts in a 
lay-up. A very important asset 
to the team, Bahl was second in 
points with 294 and led the 
team in three point shots with 

Above: Captain Jimmy 
Paulis '01 goes up for a 
three point shot. Paulis 
was second on the team in 
three point shots with 33 
this season. 

Head Coach: 
Mike McCubbin 

Blane Williams '04, Jimmy Paulis '01, Matt Bahl '04, Antonio Sandoval '04, 
David Ward '04, Scott Gibson '01, Pete Gibson '03, Nate Chambers '01, Tommy 
Moore '04, Jordan Elliott '01. Head Coach: Mike McCubbin, Assistant Coaches: 
Marc Fry, Verdel Baskin, Equipment Manager: Victor Ignatiev, Strength 
Coach: Susan Stuart, Trainer: Sheila Loar 



Assistant Coach: 
Marc Fry 

100 ^perts 



Back Row: Cora Mattie, Shelley Wong, Lisa Whitford, Rusty Moomey. Julie 
Soriero, Jerry McLaughlin, Carol Rugg, Amber Atkins, Megan Mowbray. Middle 
Row: Andrea Maier, Eleanor Kelley, Laura Cook, Beth Crawford. Marissa O'Neil, 
Kris Coutee, Valerie Griffeth. Jody Peterson. Front Row: Mary Voelbel. Christy 
Gallegos, Catherine Rice. Dana McLeaod. 

Below: Christy Gallegos '01 dribbles 
the ball up the court. Gallegos was 
the only senior on the team this year. 
Her experience helped to make her a 
team leader. 

ve: Eleanor Kelley '03 
)es up for a tough shot. 

lley led the team in points 
is year with an impressive 

1 on the season. 

Above: Mary Voelbel '03 guards against an 
opponent. Voelbel led the team in assists this 
year and was second in steals with 32. 

Below: Andrea Maier '03 shows off a little as 
she brings the ball up the court. Maier played 
a very solid season this year. 

Right: Beth Crawford '03 
drives toward the basket. 
Beth is part of a very strong 
sophomore class that has 
much promise for the future 
of the team. 

Above: A Colorado College swimmer 
races for the finish line in a freestyle 


Above: Tiger swimmers take a break 
during a tough practice in 
Schlessman Natatorium. 

Right: Felissa Jacobson- 
Sadacca gives it her best in the 
100m breast stroke. 


Chris Enzaldo 

Above: Howie Silleck '01 and Brian Edstrom '03 show off for the camera. As 
well as keeping the team entertained, Silleck and Edstrom both qualified for 
Nationals in swimming. Silleck qualified in the 50m and 100m freestyle and 
Edstrom qualified for the 100m butterfly. 

... :: > 

88s. * 

It* 18 »«»..,. 

Chris Enzalc 

Above: Jason Kidde '03 
performs another spectacu- 
lar dive. Kidde had a top 
finishing of second on the 
3m platform. 

U"l?e Alive the tdieytt 
to capture the 
ivumeri ' & champion- 
ship once Again and 
vie tot top hoyiors On 
the men's side. 

-l&rian -^earsO) 

102 Sports 

Bell, Andrea '04, Back, Aaron '04, Dalton, Derek '04, Dunn, Andrew '04, Hinaman, Larissa '04, 
Jacobson-Sadacca, Felissa '04, Johnson, Rachel '04, Knecht, Nicole '04, Kopelov, Harmony '04, 
Lascano, Darcy '04, Lestikow, Greg '04, McFerron, Ben '04, Morton, Bill '04, Pope, Emily '04, 
Sackett, Heather '04, Schuster, Sarah '04, Stelzer, Lauren '04, Sullivan, Rebecca '04, Suni, Sevan 
'04, Trench, David '04, West-Miles, Anne '04, Whitted, Alexix '04, Adrion, Emily '03, Allison, 
Katie '03, Athens, Allison '03, Baker, Elizabeth '03, Bisiar, Terry '03, Borum, Matthew '04, 
Edstrom, Brian '03, Hildebrand, Ben '03, Hoagland, Emily '04, Howe, Julia '03, McArthur, 
Kelsey '03, Melbye, Lisa '03, Pylypczuk, Katherine '03, Byers, Matt '02, Cornelison, Paul '02, 
Defert, Chris Paris '02, Hall, Seph '02, Heister, Dave '02, Keen, Adam '02, Kurland, Joseph '02, 
Rocca, Ali '02, Tice, Lauren '02, Cohen, Yael '01, Curry, Andy '01, Cyr, Becky '01, Farrell, Ian '01, 
Silleck, Howie '01, Head Swimming Coach: Brian Pearson, Assistant Swimming Coach: Carriee 
Chaney, Head Diving Coach: Ellen Berens-Walker, Assistant Swimming Coach: John Rork, 
Internet Services: Brett Brinkhoff 

Left : Several CC 
women swimmers 
take off from the 
starting blocks. 

Below: Alexis 

Whitted '04 was a 
wonderful addition 
to the Tigers this 
year with excelent 
performances in 
backstroke events. 

Belozv: Lise Melbye '03 in mid- 
flight of another spectacular 
dive. Melbye placed third in 
both the lm and 3m diving 
competitions at the national 
qualifying meet. 



Chris Enzaldo 

Above: A CC swimmer races 
through the water during a 
freestyle competition. 





Below. Brad Miller '04 hits a 
powerful forehand to score a 

Right-.lroy Rahner '03 sets up 
for a nice return shot. 

Name Clas 



John Chun 


Luke Galli 


Glen Ellyn, IL 

Bryan Hurlbutt 


Twin Falls, ID 

Luigi Iuppa 


Aurora, CO 

Brad Miller 


Portland, OR 

Alexander Pope 


Austin, TX 

Troy Rahner 


Durango, CO 

Adam Reeder 


Salt Lake City, UT 

William Underwood 


Evergreen, CO 

Above Left and Above: 
Brad Miller '04 tosses the 
ball up for another serve. 



iO<f- Sports, 





ove:]erm Marlow '04 and 
idsey Bates '02 discuss their 
est match with coach Jackie 

Katie Allison So. 
Francheska Bardacke Fr. 

Lindsey Bates Jr. 

Krista Duke So. 

Angie Garland Fr. 

Jenna Godfrey Jr. 

Anne Griebel Jr. 

Katie Guffin So. 

Leah Kiely Fr. 

Kim Kisabeth So. 

Kristen Klein Fr. 

Jennifer Marlow Fr. 

Albuquerque, NM 
Kansas City, MO 
Houston, TX 
Springboro, OH 
Littleton, CO 
Colorado Springs, CO 
Missoula, MT 
Wickenburg, AZ 
Rochester, MN 
Kirkland, WA 
Englewood, CO 

Above: Katie Allison '03 and Krista Duke '03 
discuss their strategy in between points. 

Below: Lindsey Bates '02 gets ready for the 
opponent's serve. 

Right: Katie Allison '03 
and Krista Duke '03 
prepare to destroy their 




Right: Nick Stephens '02 
makes a great move to get 
around several defending 



1 1 
* tri-ca 

Player Pos. 

Chris Russell A 

Mike Turner A 

Colin Taylor M 

Darren Malia A 

Nick Stephens M 

Ken Scott D 

Luke Peterson D 

Clayton Williams M 
Jesse Porter-Henry A 

David Shively A 

Andrew Farman D 

Jon Mattes-Ritz M 

James Cleland M 

Jason Chircop * D 

Brady Iandiorio A 

Mike Penn G 

Pete Morse D 

Jake Braitman M 

Tony Sorci M 

Josh Golding D 

Patrick Garstin M 

Cullen Casteel M 

Clark Woolley * M 

Mike Landis D 

Alex Ficken * G 

Jon Clarke D 

Dan Lohr D 

Tim Atkinson M 

Above: A Colorado College Lacrosse 
player battles for the hall. 

Left: A Tiger Lacrosse player drives up 
the field. 

Above: Captain and goalie 
Alex Ficken '02 prepares to 
make another amazing 




Wgt. Class Hometown/High School 

175 So. Oakton, VA/Oakton 

165 Fr. Denver, CO/East-Manuel 

155 Sr. Skaneateles, NY/Skaneateles 

175 Jr. Barrington, IL/Taft 

165 Jr. San Francisco, C A /Tabor Academy 

200 Fr. Denver, CO/George Washington 

180 Jr. New York, NY/Middlesex 

170 So. Bellaire, TX/Episcopal 

155 So. Heath, MA/Mohawk Trail 

165 So. Denver, CO/Littleton 

160 Fr. Newton, MA/Newton South 

160 Fr. Lincoln, MA/Lincoln-Sudbury 

180 Fr. Ruxton, MD/Gilman 

150 Sr. Longmeadow, MA/Longmeadow 

165 So. Wayland, MA/Wayland 

165 Fr. Bainbridge Island, WA/Bainbridge 

165 So. Longmeadow, MA/Longmeadow 

190 Fr. Santa Paula, CA/Thacher 

200 Fr. Northfield, MA/Northfield Mt. Hermon 

185 Fr. Walpole, MA/Middlesex 

165 So. New York, NY/Trinity 

185 Fr. Denver, CO/East-Manuel 

180 Sr. Milton, MA/Nobles 

170 Fr. Chatham, NJ/Chatham 

150 Jr. Philadelphia, PA/Penn Charter 

175 So. Milton, MA/Milton Academy 

195 Jr. Franklin Lakes, NJ/Ramapo 

190 Fr. Glenn Falls, NY/Glenn Falls 

Head Coac 

10S Sports 

Interim Head Coach: Stephen Devlin Assistant Coach: Peter Devlin Assistant Coach: Jon- 
Erik Borgen Assistant Coach: Thaddeus Romansky 

ad Coach: 
>usan Stuart 






Sally Gasper 







New Market, MD 


Becca Cashman * 



Newton, MA 


Kip Morris 



Falmouth, MA 


Allison Craig 



Denver, CO 


Katherine Feldy 



Evanston, IL 


Alyse Richards 



Montclair, NJ 


Chrissey Buckley 



Denver, CO 


Erin Simons 



Wilmette, IL 


Margaux Albair 



Hampden, ME 


Eliza Fitzhugh 



Montpelier, VT 


Jane Conolly 



Kinderhook, NY 


Cynthia Kellogg 



Encinitas, CA 


Julia Vanbenthuysen 



Greenwood Village, CO 


Bridget Tanner 



Wausau, WI 


Sara Hill * 



Englewood, CO 


Madaleine Sorkin 



Rockville, MD 


Niki Thomas 



Warner, NH 


Christine Neville 



Menlo Park, CA 


Devon Swartz 



Breckenridge, CO 


McCrea Tuttle * 



Falls Church, VA 


Katie Davies 



Wayne, PA 


Cindy Yi 



Colorado Springs, CO 

* - denotes tri-captains 

Head Coach: Susan Stuart Assistant Coach: Kelly Klosterman Assistant Coach: Michelle 
SecorHead Trainer: Bruce Kola 


Beloiv: Captain McCrea Tuttle 
'01 prepares to defend against 
a Regis attacker. 

~Jtkn .. '& 

Above: Kip Morris '03 runs up field to 
provide support for her fellow teammates 

Below: The Lady Tigers attack the Regis goal. 
The Tigers won this game with very powerful 

hove: Captain Becca Cashman 
|3 shades hers eyes against the 
right Colorado sun. 


The 2000 Softball Team 


The 2001 Softball Team 

No. Name 





1 Ruthie Martin 




Dolores, CO 

2 Kristin Hardin 




Ralston, NE 

3 Barbara Howland 




Denver, CO 

4 Andrea Maier 




Brighton, CO 

5 Mandy Dalsing 




Kansas City, KS 

12 Bonny Hawkins 




New Castle, CO 

14 Julie Sheehy 




Tucson, AZ 

15 Theresa Medina 




Las Animas, CO 

15 Beth Crawford 




Bailey, CO 

19 Jacqueline Anderson 




Curlew, WA 

21 Megan Mowbray 




Atlanta, GA 

22 Kelly Slater 




Minnetonka, MN 

23 Laura Cook 




Limon, CO 

24 Katherine Chapman 




Marriottsville, MD 

Head Coach: Shane Showalter, Assistant Coach 

Don Pettrow, Team 

Trainer: Sheila Loar 

Head Coach: 
Shane Showalte. 
Assistant Coach 

Don Pettrow 

108 J> ports 


The 2000 Track & Field Team 

Assistant Coach: 

Bob Stauffer 

Head Coach: 

Ted Castaneda 

Assistant Coach: 

Mark Sweet 
Assistant Coach: 

Mike Simpson 

Assistant Coach: 

Katarina Zuber 


2001 Team 

D.J. Black 


Salt Lake City, UT 

Mike Burson 


Evanston, IL 

Andy Cornell 


Englewood, CO 

Sean Corrigan 


Littleton, CO 

Gabriel Diniz 


Albuquerque, NM 

Brennan Galloway 



Tobin Guthrie 


Salem, OR 

Jesse Herrera 


Johnstown, CO 

Kris Johnson 


Minneapolis, MN 

Jake Latka 


Pueblo, CO 

Matthew Lebsack 


Loveland, CO 

Carl Leivers 


Colorado Springs, CO 

Jeremiah Lopez 


Littleton, CO 

Brian Makofske 


Roslindale, MA 

Eric Martin 


Atlanta, GA 

Kyle Miller 


Anacortes, MA 

Erik Nelson 


Widefield, CO 

Derrik Patten 


Denver, CO 

Mike Reed 


Denver, CO 

Pat Shannon 


Belle Mead, NJ 

Taylor Williamson 


Knoxville, TN 


s 2001 Team 




Miriam Ban 


Bellingham, WA 

Holly Calhoun 


Bryn Mawr 

Kristin Cambron 


San Antonio. TX 

Katie Chynoweth 


Johnstown, CO 

Emily Dickerson 


Colorado Springs, CO 

Evie English 


Portland, OR 

Sarah Fitzgerald 


Laramie, WY 

Hadley Fuller 


Park City, Ut 

Jill Gilkerson 


Minnetonka, MN 

Mary Groome 


Crawford, CO 

Jenna Heermann 


Haxtun, CO 

Larissa Hinaman 


Rangley, CO 

Suzanne Kern 


Lexington, MA 

Elizabeth Mendoza 


Greeley, CO 

Katie O'Connor 


Denver, CO 

Laura Orrico 


Wyckoff, NJ 

Jacquine Rea 


Santa Fe, NM 

Catherine Rice 


Corvallis, OR 

Kari Samuelson 


Castle Rock,CO 

Miranda Wichelns 


Sacramento. CA 


Left: The Champions of the co- 
ed ultimate frisbee league, 
BA II, celebrate their big win. 

Below: The champions of the 
flag football league, Silicon 
Implants, don their champion- 
ship T-shirts and pose for a 


s ■, : -'.' I'.- • 

Top Left: A player in the hockey 
league attempts a diving save. 
As usual, the hockey season 
was a success this year. 


Hag Football 


Indoor Volleyball 

Ultimate Frisbee 

Ice Hockey 


Indoor Soccer 




Outdoor Soccer 

Grass Volleyball 

A variety of 
adjuncts are 
offered at CC 
including Ba- 
linese dancing 
as shown here 
by Sarah 

Anna Bauer 
checks her 
mail in down- 
stairs Worner. 
A ritual per- 
formed by most 

Hayes and 
Cisneros dis- 
play the energy 
and excitement 
put into Hallow- 
een at CC 

^tHAint JJifc 10$ 
















Right: CC's own resident squirrel, 
Mr. Squirrel, takes a moment out of 
his busy schedule to smile for the 

Above: Mr. Squirrel demonstrates 
his amazing ability to walk on two 
legs! He's so sexy! 

Right: Exhausted after a grueling 
photo shoot, Mr. Squirrel vents his 
anger by attacking our photographer's 
foot. That must mean it's time to quit! 

Left: Going Down??? Sarah Harris, Below: Patrick Picard, Tyler McGrath, 

Amber Rethwisch, Jenn Marlow and phili P Halteman and Ben Shellhorn 

Anne West-Miles show off their favorite celebrate after an exciting bowling 

mode of transportation to the third game, 

Above: Meg Patton is thrilled to be 
hanging out in the study lounge, 
where something exciting is always 

^tuAcnt X/ife H$ 

Hanging Out with Friends 

Tlie Favorite Past-time of CC Students 

Above: Ashly Lawrence and Andrew 

Billo dressed up as a bottle of Hooch 

and a CC Security Guard for Halloween 

'00. Halloween fell the Monday after 

2nd block break. 

Above: Heather Rice and Kai Hilfiker 
hanging out in the German House. 

Nice glasses Heather! 

Above: Rafa Ballesteros, Mike Fink, Ben 

Wilson, and JoshWoodbeck having fun on 

a Saturday night. I wonder what they've 

been doing. 

Left: Sarah Koski, Abbey Hardy, Amy 

Klein, Rae-Anne Hayes, and Julie Sheehy 

at a CC hockey game. Go Tigers! 

116 J^ttiAent l . dJik 

Below: Megan Boone, Hillary Allyn, Andrew Billo, 
and Jessica Matthews in Taos, NM. 

Below: The men's swim team gets ready to fly to 
nationals with mohawks. 

Above: Jarrod Weber and Anna Bauer hanging 
out before a fun night with friends. 

Below: A class at Baca including Lauren, 
Melanie, Ben, Kip, Oiwi, Amy, Ashly, Pace, 
Elena, Corey, and Michelle. Classes go to Baca 
for a week of laidback learning in the moun- 
tains. It's wonderful to go to school in 

Below: Kitren and Nat having fun at a party. 

^tnAtnt JJilt 117 

7Vv$<$et £ UU 2000-2001 

j iini^tH(iiiii|^|^7iiapi -—-—Mr ■ ^ j? _; 

v. .... j ^ v 'i^BHHHi 



;: iJSj ^HL 

P *^B 


factors! ^P&%i& 

i^'-'TJr^ «^fe I 

John Witucki aka Monkey Boy 


•m * 


A At 

(?Uss I'll- 200 f 

o°o o oO- ^a% 00 o 0o( o o g o ^o'O, 


: i QUn42001\ o 9 



oo of 

o c 


o o 


fw*t* T^A/i^et &*|| 



0°o O O 

0°0°a °00 V^?* * °°ooo O O 



* 4 


K ° 


•^yii pi 

*»♦ J 

J/ot/ !re eueru tiling a parent could 

want in a daughter. (SUe adore uou 

and will always be wil/i uou 

wnereoer aou mau be. 

loooe, JlLt 



J^enifir /I As iZ1 



a n 






Take time to work, it is the price of success. 

Take time to think, it is the source of power. 

Take time to play, it is the secret of perpetual youth. 

Take time to be friendly, it is the road to happiness. 

Take time to love and be loved, it is the privilege of the gods, 

Take time to laugh, laughter is the music of the soul. 

Cjonara/ulafi'ons from Cju/ler J uoli'cah'ons 

122 junior ^/l As 

u J\isA more 
Jveflec/ more 
SJnuest more in 
long lasting 






Jenn— Thanks for 

being such a good 

friend and "role 

model". You've 

always been there 

for me. Have fun 

after graduation. 

Take things easy 

andyoull be 



I have always been impressed 
with Jenn Cross' dedication to 
whatever task she sets her sights 
on, particularly through my 
experience in Cutler Publica- 
tions, and I wish her the best of 
luck in whatever she chooses to do 
after leaving CC I've certainly 
learned a lot from her. 
^Ryan Olson 

^cnhr ^/\A& 123 

^putrlck 7/K pi r A o c k 

JCeep climbing onwards and upwards 

^01 Our £ove, 
Mum, ^ad, <§• trie 

Mark G) e ff6 o r n 

Our Man Mark! 
You did it your way. ' 
We're so proud of you! 

Mom, Dad, Rachel, JJ and 
the rest of your family 

n l>t&A<h>Att> Z&t&t 

We are all p$ The 
so proud l^ Mi Zolots 

Molly Mayfield 

^ronA Is too small a w-orA. 


J / Hom UnA Z>dA 

12<$ Renter y^As 


As you explore 

the world 

around you 

Keep your 

memories in 

Enjoy life's 
wonderous jour- 
Leaving foot- 
prints in the 

Congratulations, Andrew 

The Class of 2001 

junior /[As 12$ 

: : -****^' 


Whatever gou can do, of dream gou can, begin it. Doldness has 
genius, power, ana magic in it. f J here s magic in gou, let it ont, 

\ David Dpowep, guoting (j7oeth< 

, and treunRssmalesI Love, Morn and Ueid I 

Congratulations Lindsay! 

Thanks for ail ih&joyyou, bring into our Lures 

and tke< Lures of others. 

Mow, VadandRott 

126 pernor /l As 

Dear Scott, 
Another milestone 
along your journey. 
We are proud of you! 
Wisdom guidelines 
passed on to us and 
now to you: 

-Make your life 

-perceive reality 

-Love unconditionally 

Love, Mom, Dad, 
and Ryan 

^tniot ^/lAs 127 

128 ^mbr/lAs 

Kir&ta flfo&coni 

JCirsta: Congratulations 

Jrom climbing flights of stairs to 

moping in as a "Summer Stan" to 

thinking of what to write for this 

space, it seems to have gone so fast! 

Our pride and happiness can only be 

sw^passed by your hard work and 

dedication to reaching your goal of 


We will always be proud of you no 

matter what path you take toward 

your future goals in life and we will 

continue to support you in that effort. 

JiQve ^Jiappiness 

Mom § @ad 


Our heartfelt congratulations Phil 

With much love and best wishes 


Mom& Dad , Pete and Tony 

Rachel JCorber 

Dear Rachel^ 
Your family loves 

you -* 
Mom, Dad, Liza, 

Doug &Andi 


Elyse Weakley 

Dear Elyse, 

Congratulations on your 

graduation. You're the best! 

We love you and are so proud to 

be your family 

Love, Mom, Dad, Eric, Jeanne, Bob, 

and Alex 

fCfinmt y /iA& 12.^ 

Brooks Areson 

May you never lose 

your enthusiasm for 

life. it is contagious... 

Your Loving Family 



- ^m^ A 



L *t 


J| iL 


i - 



We hope you've learned something from 

us that will be useful in your new and 

exciting life. 

We wish you lot's of good luck! 



Alfred Hitchcock 

Miles Davis 


Mom & Dad 


Junior & Athena 

Melody Rose- 
"There is a time for everything.... a time to laugh.. .and a 
time to dance..." Ecc3:4 

God has gifted you in so many ways- 
Continue to enjoy life as God gives it. May 
your deep faith bring you wisdom, knowledge, 
and happiness 
As you leave CC and begin a new journey 
We love you, 

Dad and Mom, 
Myra, Rick, Gavin 
Myssa and Chris 

13° ^fOuot /I As 

near ienrey Miies. from pools 
college : it nas seen an 
today. Be proud oi wnai yo« nave 
itionor ami great enaraeier , mm 
Gimatiiiatiofisi love. Momma, Baddy 

, from tricycles to cars, Rom pre-s 

Renter /l As 131 

Jean Carbutt 

Dear Jean, 

Above all, I wish you 


Love, Yl\. 

Richard M. Tombeno 

"If people concentrated on the really important 
things in life, there d be a shortage of fishing poles." 

-Doug Larson 

My Big Brother- Congrats and good luck. 
May your life-long adventure bring you happiness 
and joy. I know you will succeed in whatever you 
do. Your wisdom and strength will forever influ- 
ence everyone around you, especially me. Keep it 
up... You must be doing something right. 

You never cease to amaze us! May you trust 
your instincts and surround yourself with laughter. 
Stay close to nature because it lives within you. Re- 
member to take time to listen to the voice of the river 
and the smell of fall in New England. 

Love, Mom & Dad 

You've come a long 
way baby! 
We were proud of 
you then and we're 
even prouder now! 

Love, Mom and Dad 

i32 Renter /{As 

Congratulations, Ben Buehler! 

Thanks for bringing such joy to our Jives. 

We're so proud of you! 


Mom, Dad and Jason 

Cyinior /[At, 133 



This is a time for looking back on lessons 
learned, great friends shared and adventures 
completed. Congratulations! We're proud of 
you! Keep trespassing your own boundries. 
Love, Mom, Mark, Grandmother & Grandfather 

Serb Bolzle 

Now you are really in 

the driver's seat We 

are so very proud of 

you. Enjoy the journey. 

With all our love, 

Mom & Dad 

Ever since I saw you doing to Macarena at 
our Freshman Homecoming, I knew that it 
was ment to be. Now we can follow our 
dreams and get married by Bo Bo the Clown 
at Circus Circus in Las Vegas! To the rest of 
our lives! -Q.Z. 

^andrea DC ^Auiobee 


You are our triple talent - brains, 

beauty and class. 

We Love You. 

Mom, Michael, Michelle and Desiree 

134- pernor /[ As 


a,4ta*U&>m/ &r%#]&n?tds?7?GyiS Ai*tcUaf 

£emor /I As 13 S 

*' ST o flay op youKu 


136 t£,tvCw s4,ds 


Achievement lies within the reach of those who reach 

beyond themselves. 

John and t)anuta { Donovan 


Little Juan Pon, 
Nicknamed Jon, 
Got to go to college. 
Love & Congratulations to 
JUD & the Class of 2001 
Mom, Dad, Jess, & Beebs 

G i n a Curler 

We are so proud of you! 

May your future be filled 

with happiness and 

many wonderful 


Love Mom, Dad, Erin, 

Katie & Laura 

Renter /l As 137 

Mike lichtenfeld 

What shall we say about Mike? 

The utterly impractical, never predictable, 

Something irascible, quite inexplicable, 

Strange blend of shyness, pride, and conceit, 

And stubborn refusal to bow to defeat, 

He's spoiling and ready to argue and fight, 

Yet the smile of a friend fills his soul with delight. 

His eyes are the quickest to well up with tears, 

Yet his strength is the strongest to banish your fears. 

He's wild and he's gentle, energetic yet serene. 

He's proud and he's humble and follows his dream. 

He's a poet and minstrel; his emotions are strong. 

He gives voice to his passion in poems and songs. 

In love with the Beatles, Madeski, Marin and Wood, 

And he'd play with Garcia if only he could 

He's enamored of beauty wherever it lies, 

Be it ocea?i, mountain top, river or sky. 

He's loving, sentimental, filled with ideals, 

And there's neiw a doubt just how he feels 

He's one of a kind, who stands in a crowd 

But mostly he's a loving son who makes his parents proud. 

We love you. Mom, Dad, Aimee 

f 38 pernor yl As 


CongnarulaTions on compleTing This 

phase op youn journey rhnougb hpe 

in a mannen rhar has made us 

exmemely pnoud op you. 
Rememben as you approach ihe 
nexr phase: yeans wmnkle The 
skin, hur w give up emhusiasm 
wninkles The soul." Wonk hand, 
play hand, and dneam hand. We 
wish you good heahh, success and 
good powune wnh youn journey, 
love, Mom, Dad, and Michelle. 





0\l of us are so proud of your hard 

work and perseverance. 

We wish you good luck and 

continued success in the future. 

jCove, Mom, 

t)ad, and 


^enhr ^/lAs 130 






Keuin Fitzgerald 



William RewiTT 

Will ~ We are 

proud of you. 


Cynthia and Dan 

i*f-0 junior ^/l As, 

(I 4 A e y\ \ c o t t 2> n r k c c 



Welcome to the Alumni! 
Love Dad 
C.C. 1973 

Jlte 1 1 n d a Cjusn/na 

Great Job, Mindy! 

We are SO proud of you! 


Dad, Jani & Briana 


Congratulations Matt!!! 

We love you and are proud of 


Mom, Dad, Christie & Family 

pernor yl As f*ff 

"For we are his workmanship..." 
Ephesians 2:10 KJV 

^ad pave U4> & apecmi ^Ut &fy 

t&4& wwdd. *i¥i4, kind, qeitfjte 
and casuHty €v4Uf& one tAc ketf4, 

toott a&d now uac tyive &im 

tAdi coonld. 

You are a beautiful Masterpiece! 

We love you, Richie 
CLASS OF 2001 


Mom, Dad, PJ & 


i<$2 pernor /I As 

Jiadley T. Clark 


Congratulations on a job well 
done! We are proud of you for hav- 
ing taken advantage of this opportu- 
nity - a Colorado College education! 
you have learned much, played hard 
and climbed high! We've loved 
watching you grow! 


Mom and t)ad 

Excepti onal 
Speci al 


Epicurean of 





We love you! 
Dad, Mom, Josh 

Brandon Daly 

Dearest Brandon, 

What a wonderful four years you have had at Colorado College. 
Many new friendships that will last a lifetime, challenging academia 
to prepare you for a world full of opportunities, and travels that have 
both excited and educated. You are emerging from CC with the 
confidence and knowledge to positively affect all those you will 
interact with in the years to come. Please remember to be kind, 
caring, fair, and honest in any path you choose. We are so very 
proud of the man you have become. 

Love & Hugs, 
Mom & Dad Daly 

0ktnu £ tar 0O& 

Congratulations - 


To our Shining 

i Star - 

I Love Daddy & 

1 Mommie 

junior /I As 1<I3 

To Our Girl. Mary Rachel Brown 


With love, 

Mom, Dad, Sam, 
Lisa, Asher & Rufus 


You are magnificent! 

Love, Mom, Dad & Bob 

We'ne veny pnoud. 

Dad, Mameen, and all The Boshens 

Regan Rene Brocltmeyer 

Congratulations on your fantastic college career. May 

you always find happiness and success wherever your 

life may lead you. We hope you are as proud of your 

many accomplishments as we are of you. 

Love, Mom + Dad 

f*ff J^eyiccr^As 

Colin Crow 



Renter ^/l tis f'fj 

Well, Seth you've finished. 

Four years down and many 

good times behind you... 

tele-skiing, backpacking, 

biking, block breaks, the ORC room, 

residence at the Alamo, 

Einstein academics, the wind and 

solar powered lab... and of course Steph. 

You leave sunny Colorado with great adventures accomplished 
and more to conquer. We are so proud of you. 

1^-6 ^zniDr yiAs 

Hunter Saunders 

All our best wishes and good luck to you 

And to all of your friends at Three Thirty Two. 

You did it so well. 

You've made us so proud. 

So proud that we now want to shout it out loud, 

Congratulations ! 


Here s to the graduate on his big day! 

And to all you may do, 

And to all you may see, 

As you take the world on with your CC degree! 

Mom, Dad, Ramsay 

foaifeu Fiafer 




Monty Dad, Chris, 
Andi, Stowe 




We wish you success 

and happiness. 

We love you! 

Ana, Mom and Dad 

^enicry^As 1*£7 

3^ M« short Jjifie 
~£hat onty Casts an hour 

}Joiv mPich^'hoi^ Citt\ 
^fiithin onr pOPver 

1<*8 Cto&inft 

■ A W r