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Full text of "The Comey-Comee family in America; descendants of David Comey of Concord, Massachusetts, killed in King Philip's war, 1676, with notes on the Maltman family"

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Descendants of'David Co>rEv of Concord, Mass., killed in 
King Philip's War, 1676, 

With N'ote> on the Family. 





Member of the New-En^rland Historic Genealogical Society. 




(The lirst fivo generations an: reiiriiited from the Ncw-Eiii-lainl Hi>t. nn.l (Jtn. ReKi>t 
April, 1>96.! 


1. David' Comke, wlio was in Woburn, ^[a^~.. in I 003, seems to be 
the first of tlie narae in AmiTica. Wlien or whence he came is not known 
with certainty, hut VTie family tradition is that he was a Scotchman. His 
son John married the danchter of a Scotcliman and this same .lolm. in 
1728, conveys a certain riglit i[i Concord "which belongs to the Teii<>nient 
where my Hon' father David Comey formerly dwelt in the Soutlierly part 
of Concord known by the narae of Scotland." So it seems there was a 
part of Concord known aa Scotland, perliaps becanse a Scotch colony iiad 
settled there. The name is generally spelled Comee until the nineteenth 
century, when tliere was a division, about half .adopting the form of Comey. 
On the old recorils it is occasionally spelled, or misspelled Corny, Come, 
Comi, Coraay and Coomv. The name seems not to be related to those of 
Coney (Cotiy). Corner. Comby (Combee) or Comley, that are occasionally 
met with in New Eni;land. Comrie and Comyn are old Scotch names. 

Al)out 1*301 David Comee moved from Wobnrn to Concord (Mass.), 

where he lived until iiis death. He was killed. April iUlOTtJ. by King 

Philip's Indians in the adjoining town of .Sudbury, iu one of the blooiliest 

of Indian encounters. The followins; petition was presented by his widow: 

"To tlie honored Court assembled at Cambridge y" iS day of October 

1670 The humble petition of Ksther Comy of Concord liumbly showeth 

y' whera.s y"' said esther comy her husband Danid Coniy was slaine by y'" 

jtKlians at .Sudbury and lefte me a poor widow with sisp small chililreti and 

foure of them bee by a former wife and non of them being com to Age or 

able to choose their own Ganlens: I y* saicl Esther doe humbly entreat 

this honored Court to appoynt Gardens for them >i: to put y"' out to som 

good places: wherby v' bov mav learne som tra I v' may bee for his futter 

beinft-Ht and dispoose of y' Girls as may bee for their weell fare also for y' 

settlment of v' smal estate y' my husband died seized of w hich dotli amount 

to about eighty pounds which appears by An jnventory given in at court at 

^ Charlestown : and I doe humbly desir y' Captaine Timothy Wheeler with 

'j on or tow mor may bee anpointeil for both y' ends afor«fsai<I : whom y° 

a liPnored court shall see causse to appovnt : hoping y' y*^ honoured court will 

V Consider me beeing poor and hauein:: serl children very small on of y" not 

' being Above sixe weeks old when mv husband was slaine: so praying for 

your prosperity : your humble petitioner this iiiJ : 7 : ; 7'i 

Esther Coiir." 

The inventory accompanying the above is short and amounts to £37- 
14-0. ot- wliicl.'f.JOii lor the bouse andland. , , . rr i ;;:,n 

Cl.iMren of David and his wile Elizabeth, ... recorded m Woburu. u.. to 
T. recorded in Concord: 

1 ELlziDETn. ro. Jfarch 20, 16M. John Kendall (li546-1732) of 
Wobum, •"•here she d. IQ DecMnber. 1701. ,-■, , „ „/ 

„. SUnv. b." Jan. 30, 1^,63. n,. .May 24 u;>^, J-1"'.^ K-bby. of 
Shorborn, and d. July 0, 1712, ae. 49. He d- m I'-l- 
2. ill. Joii.v. t>. O.t. I.'*, ii>;:. 

iv. David, b. Nov. H, l'>;o; d. before 10i6. 
V. Sm;ah, b. Si-pt. Id, l'>;?. 
David's wife Elizabeth died in Concord, March 4. I'i'l- .^"^ 

he married, second, Esther , who married, >ov. -, Ibb., 

Samuel Parry for her second husband. 

Children of David and Esther born in Concord: 

i. Danzhter, n:»me unknoivn. 
il. Esrutit, b. fob. H, 1070. 

2 John' Comf.e (O.n/cfM was a farmer and moved from Concord to 
£ambrid-'e Farms (Lexin-tou) between 1689 and IbJJ. He 
■ died in Lexington. Dec. C, 1720. ae. 64. Hudson is .n error 
when he uive.'the dale as 1723. He marne.l June 21. 16.^8, 
Martha, born Nov. 2. 1667. el-Vst daughter of William Munroe, 
who came from Scotland in 16.j2. 

Children of John and Martha, i. recorded in Concord iv. and y. 
in Cambridge. (The first four were baptised Feb. 2b, loyjj . 

I. John, b. April 8, li;-0; prob.ibly d. young. 

II. HocN-vn. d. unm. May 2t;, 1770. ^ . ^ , , ,-,,. lo i-iQ 

III. Martha, n. July 9, 1713, Benjamin Smith, and d. Nov. 10, 1,49. 
8. Iv. David, b. Jan. 11, I'V."!. 

;i.^u";;: Up.'oct:2.,^i?o7. m. Jan. 4, 172S, Jonas Pierce, and 
d. in Webtminster, Mass. 

3. David' Comt.t. IJohn.^ David") of Lexington, lived to be 104 year^ 
old, if family tradition is correct. This would bring the date of 
his death about the year 1800. In 1729 he is odied a yeoman, 
in 1736 an innbolder. He married first, Ruhama, born in W ater- 
town July 15, 1701, daughter of Joseph and Rul.a ma Lro wn. 
She died June 3, 1730, and he married second. .Sarah — 

David and Ruhama seem to have had live or six chi.dren, wno 
died in infancy. Those that lived (born in Lexington) were : 

4. 1. John. bap. Sept. 23. 172.">. 
6. 11. Jujkph, bap. Aug. 4, 172S. 

Children of David and Sarah, all born in Lexington : 

6. I. BF.NJAMrN, b. Nov. 15. 1733. „ , u . /,-ti 

II. Sarah, b. Sept. 11, 173.'.: m. Dec. 4, 175.i, Isaac Parkhnrst (1,31- 

) of Wallham, where they lived till l,-^"- xt-,,.„^ 

III. Martha, b. April 11, 1737; m. at Chelsea, April 2, l.Gl, William 


7. Iv. EzKKiEi., b. April 27. 1740. „ ,,.,- 
T. UriMMA. b. A,.ril 15, 1742: m. Pec. 9. 17<;2, I-;aac Corey H, 40- 

l-;7i f.f Wj.\\W.un. and d. at East Sudbury, March 2, laU- 
«. vi. David, b. Apr.l 21. 1741. 
9. »li. Jo.NATHA>, b. April 4. 174G. 

4. Jonx' CoMEK (nan'd.' Jnhn.' Daii,P) a f.irmor, moveil from Lei- 

iiigloii to Milton ill 17J1, liiit soon after ( 1 T.'i.i to 17.'i.'>) remo%-ed 
to Stoughton, the part known as .Stouglitoiiliam (incorporated 
17G'.' as Sharon). He seems to have oeeii in tiu^ part of the latter, 
which in 1778 became Foxhoro. His name is iiicludeil in the 
unsuccessfnl petition of May 1773 for the incorporation of Fox- 
boro. At the tirst town meeting June 1*9, W'Tf^. he (or pos.~ibIy 
it was his son Jolin) was chosen constable. IFeiiit-d in Fosboro, 
Feb. 8, 181.5, .no. 89. He was married at Milton in 17.51 to Abi- 
gail, born Oit. 22, 1727, <laiif;hter of Roger Snraner and a descend- 
ant of U'illiim .Sumner ntJU.)-1688) of Dorchester, the ancestor 
of Charles Sumner. Mrs. Abigail Comee died at Foiboro, May 
19, 180fi, ae. 78. 

Chi 'hen of .John and Abigail, i. recorded ia Milton, ii. to v. 
in Stoughton, vi. iu Sharon : 

10. 1. John, b. .Tan. U, 17,-,3. 

ii. .iF.Ki-sriA, b. Feb. •.'•-', ITo.J. 
1'. ill. OLrv-KR. b. June 11, 17.'i7. 

12. Iv. .SpENCEH. b. .Ian. 2t, I7r,ri. 

V. ABiQiiL, b. .Viil;. 2.">, 17t;2; d. unm. .Tan. U, 1700. 
vi. EcxiCE, b. July 1 j, 1760. 

5. Joseph* Comee {David} John,* David}) moved previous to 1771 

from Lexington to Wreiitham. tlie part taken in 1778 to make 
Foxboro, where he was a cordwainer (.shoemaker) and still living 
in 1809. He was one of the signers of the unsuccessful petition 
of 1773 for the incorporation of Foxboro. October 1771, Joseph 
Comee and wife Mary, of Wrentham, gave quitclaim to estate of 
their honorable father Benjamin Merriam, of Lexington. Hud- 
son, however, in liis History of Lexington makes it out that he 
was a member of Capt. John Parker's Company, April 19, 1775, 
and was wounded in the arm trying to get out of the meeting-house, 
whither he had been to replenish his powder-horn, but this was 
probably his son Joseph. He married, almut 17.50, Mary, born 
ApriU, 1733, tldp>t daughter of Uenjamiu Merriam (1699-^1773), 
of Lexington. Hannah, widow of Jo-eph Comee deceased, died 
in Foxboro, M.irch 22, 181.5. The death of a child of Joseph 
Comee is recorded in Lexington churchrecords in 1766. 
Children of Joseph and Mary, all born iu Le.tington : 

13. i. Ezra, (twin) hap. Oct. 27. 17.'il. 

11. Mekcv, (twin) bap. Oct. 27, 1751. 

ill. Joseph, b. July 1. 1733; probaOly the Joseph who d. in Lexing- 
ton. Oct. 12."l77fi. 
Iv. Mart, h. June 22. 17J.5. 

V. A\R0N, b. .Vuff. Ij. 1757; nothing further known. 
Ti. Betty, b. March 23, 1700. 
vil. RrHA.\fA. bap. Nov. U, 17C2. 

14. Till. Be.vjajiix, b. July 3, 17Cj ; m. Ruth Trow. 

6. Benjaiih** Comf.e {David.' John.' David') was a cordwainer and 

at the time of his marriage (1762) was still living in Lexington, 
but moved soon alter to Maiden, where he died in 177-t. ae. 40. 
He married tir^t. March 2.5. 1762, Hannah Watts, of Chelsea, 
who died at Maiden, Dec. 1. 17G7. She was probably the Han- 
Diih Watts b. Chelsea, Feb. 17, 1743, dau. of Samuel and Hannah. 

ITe married secnnd. Oct. 17, ITO'', Hannah nicbardsnn, of TVo- 
burn, by whom however ho liml no chiMren. She wa> pr.i'>.ihly 
the II:inii:ih Cuome, wlio mar.ieJ in 17s;} Thomas Sui:,'<iit. ni 

Children of BeDJ.imia and Hannah, ii. and iii. recorded iu Mai- 
den : 

I. IIvNNMi, d. in Bo.;ton, unm., in 1794. 

II. Sak.vii. h. March 23. 17i;i;. 
15. iii. ilKNJ.VMlN, b. Xov. 21, 17b7. 

EztKiEL* CoMEE {David? .M„i.* Duvhr) lived in Canibrid-e- 
(Bri^'hlon) till 17>;i. when he probably went to Boston. «h.-ie he 
appears in the directories of 179() ami 1800, but not in lS<t.?, so 
he probably died before that. (No directorin* published b-tween 
these dates). Feb. 12, 1806. Mary Ann Comee, siniilewoman. 
aud Charlotte Smith, wife of Ebeuezer Smith, all of Boston, sell 
property iu Cambridge, that descended to them from their fa'.her 
..Children of Ezekiel and his wife: 

I. Mary Ann. Perhaps tlie Mary who d. in Boston, An?. 12. IS24. 
ii. CnAHLOTTK, b. about 1775; ra. Ebenezer Smith, a pniiilcr and 

glazier iu lioston, wliere he il. July 20, 1»10, ae. 30. She d. 

iu Boston, iu June, Idua, ae. 34. 

D.vvid' Comee ( David.' John,' DavicT) was a farmer, but one of 
"the embattled farmers" that "tired the shot heard round the 
world." Though not a member of any militia company, as a citizen 
of Lexington he saw active service April I'.t. 1775, when his queue 
w;is shot off. At the battle of Bunker Hill a bullet from the 
euemy was shot into the barrel of bis musket. He out two 
days 'from March 4 to JIarch fi. 1770, at Roxbury, in Cpt. Ste- 
phen Dana's Company, while the forts were being erected on 
Dorchester Heights (Rev. Rolls, xviii. 2:'.0). Soon alter he moved 
from Lexinntou to Westminster, the part that was incorporated 
in 17b.j as Ganlucr (Ma.-s.). His deed from Amos Gates was 
dated April I'J, 177G. From Dec. 12. 1776 to March 1, 1777. 
he was out iu Capt. Manasseh .Sawyer's Company in C.lonel 
Dike's Regiment (Rev. Rolls, xxvi. 4"l9). Au<:. 22, 1777. at t!io 
Bennington alarm, he marched to East Hoosick in Capt. Klislia 
.Jackson's Company with ."^I.ijor Bridge (Rev. Rolls. XX. lU>t). 
From Sept. 7 to >'ov. 20, 1777. he was iu Capt. Nathaniel Car- 
ter's Company in Col. Job Cushing's Regiment ( Rev. R.>i;s. xviii. 
31). His house in Gardner, where he died March 8, 162i'.. aged 
nearly »2. was about one and one-half miles east of the Ceutre 
on the road to A^hburnham and before his day had been an inn. 
David married first, Christiana, .laughter of .lames .Maitman. who 
came from Scotland to Boston about the middle of the eighteenth 
century. .Slie died in Gardner. May 17, 17>0. ae. 3.) ye:irs and 
« months, and he married second, her younger sister Hannah 
M.ilKuaii. who liveil to be 88 years. 2 months aud IS days, dying 
in Gardner, Oct. 2:5, 1.SJ2. .She was bliud the last twenty years 
of her lite. 

Children of David and Chrirtiana, i. born in Lexington, the 
Others in Wcjtniiuater (Gardner): 

Ifi. 1. n\\ni>, b. Sunday, Srarch 2C, 177.". 

17. ii. .IiMi:-i M\LIMA\. 1). Friil:iv, April I?. 1777. 
iii. Rk.nmamix. b. Mny 2*. Kf.'; il. .Tan. '.'O. 17<.'i. 

Iv. Cliui>TlA.NA. b. (Vot. 30. K'*! : lu. .March 2'.>. IS'H. r.!lol Dacon, of 

GariliKT. nml about ISiKJ moved to IIoiu!(TM>n, N. Y. 
V. SrAUV, b. .Si-|it. 4, 17jI ; m. June -".I, l-i'il, William tk-tchcr 2d, of 

TempU-ton. and d. Oct. 7. 1.x IS, a.-. ;U. 
rl. Bknjamix. b. Dec. 13. 17^'!; d. .\pril 4. 1790. 
vli. .John, b. .Ian. 24, K.'i'J; d. .May 25, 1<03. 

Children of David find Ilunuah, all boru in Gardner: 

I. IIax.vaii M>.i;v:. b. April G, 1790; d. March 10, isio. 

U. SARAti. b. Feb. 12. 1703? lu. Ancr. 11. lsi4. Elijali Breck (1702- 
l?i;<>', of (lardnor, where she d. .Innc 20. l.-^r7. ao. 84. l.av- 
1ns several cliiidren, aiuoni; them Sarah Ureck, wlio m. A. 
Allen Bent: and has one son .\Uen H. Bent. 

Ul. P.vTTV, b. Oct. 2, 170.-.: d. .May 10. 1«"!. 

It. Ruhaxa. b. Feb. 2n. 170S; m. .June 23. 1>:1.T, .\brnm .laqnith 
(1802-IS51), of Fitohbnr?. where sliedi.'d Uoc. UK lss4, a<-. .''i;, 
leaving cue danghter, Abby Mead Jaqnith, who m. David 

18. V. Bex.iamix, b. Sept. IB. 1800. 
13. vi. J.^sKPH, b. .Ian. 14. 1803. 

vii. llAitiHA, b. .Inne 20, 180.j; m. Sept. 20. 1828, Ebenezor Fenno 
(lS01-184i;).of Gardner: and I5:ddwin>ville. Mass.. .Ul:;. 
4, 18S0, ae. 75. leavins three lianiiliters. Mr. Fenno was a 
sou of Ephraim Fenno ( 17.->0- U-.2'fi of Wt'stniinstcr, Ma-s., 
and a descendant of Julin Fenno, who was in MiUoQ, JIass., 
at its ini-orporation in 10i>2. 

20. Tlii. GEonoB \Vasiil.noto.v, b. Aug. 22, 1809. 

JoNATn.\N' COMKT (David,' Jofin,^ D'lvtd') when a lad, followed 
his older brotliers to what later became Foxboro, and while still 
young removed to Ilolliston, wiiere he lived with a Mr. ^iamuel 
Jlesseiiger. After his marriage he went to the western part of 
Llopkintim to live on the west side of Whitehall Pond. At thfl 
time of the Lexington alarm lie was out eleven days iu Capt. Jcjhn 
Homes' Company in Col. Samuel Bullard's Ke;:iment. His name 
is spelled Ju" Commej on the muster roll. He married Eliza- 
beth Wells. 

Children of Jonathan and Elizabeth, all born iu Hopkinton : 

1. Par.melia. ra. Nathaniel Chamberlain, of Ilopkiuton, and moved 
to Wardsboro. Vt. 

21. ii. KcjYAL. b. ,Ian. 20, 1772. 

iii. BkTsey, ra. .loshua Mellen, and lived in Westhoro: where they 
had one son, the late Judge Edw. Mellen, of Worcester, anil 
four daughters. 

It. Polly, m. Jonathan Fairbanks, and lived in IToIden, Mass. 

T. Nkllipf.e, m. John Wlieelock, of Hopkinton: where she died at 
the birth of her son John, wlio wa.> brouslit up by a Mr. .Vdanis. 

vl. I1A.VXAH, m. Abncr Prentiss, of Uopkiutoa. 

John* Comkt (John,* Z)oiiV.' John,'' Dncid^) was a farmer and 
lived in Foxboro. where he died Mav 21. 18.30, ae. 77. At the 
Le.xiugtonalai LD he marched ;is corporal in Capt. Israel .Smith's Com- 
pany and was out four days ( HeT. KoUs, siii. lOo). From May to 
December, 177.5, duiing the siege of Boston, he w:i.s it; C.ipt. 
Samuel Payson's Company in Col. Joseph Reaii'.s Ue::iini nt. Ho 
w.'ia also out five and one-half davs in Capt. Josiah Pratt's Com- 
pany iu Colonel Gill's Regiment "that marched ou j" alarms to 


Eoxbnrv thi- -"^ .Vi v of ^'h A.D. 1770" (R.-v. RoIl=, Txi. !«<'). 
lie miirrieil 15et-ey C:irpeiiU'r. iliiiK^liter of Nelieiui.ili. Bct-i.'V in Foxboro in Fel)ru:iry. IM-i. 

Chil.lreii of J.ilin and n^t-ey, all born in Foxboro : 

I. Cl-AnissA. b. yUv ;0. 17.«.?; d. nnm. Dec. 20. IS.'.i. up. 72. 

II. Df.tsfv. b. .\n-'. 2n. 17s4: d. nnm. Nov. 1.3. ISr.O. ae. 8'.. 

22. iii. SrKNCKi!. b. .\pril ■'. 17'if,: d. Foxhoro. Doc. U. 1>'0. m-. 7."?. 

23. iv. TinTi-iiKK, li. .Miirc-h 22. 17^-«: d. Foxhoro, Dec. 2J. 13i;7, ae. 79. 
V. Nvniiv, h. Au'z. 1>. 1700; d. .Inly m. 1700. 

vl. Ki-NICF. h. .Innc C, 1702: d. nnni. Oct. :3. IS.!'?, no. i"i". 
Til. K-riiFP., h. Mruch rt. 17'.U: d. nnm. Mav 2.'). l*.!!. ae. .37. 
Tiii. N\uuv. b. M.ircli 1, 1707; ni. 1845. .Vmos Ktitli. of Xorton : 
ivhert- shi-il. M>v 1. l.«M. 
24 it. .Ions. b. April 1, 1793; d. Foxboro. April 7, 1880, ae. 88. 

11. Omvf.u* Comet (John,* Dnvid? John* Dni-iiT) w.%9 a Tirmpr and 

livoii in Fciihoro. where he died Jan 4. 1842. ae. S4. He en- 
listed .Tilly 14. 177S, and serwd until Feb. 1ft. 1770, in Capt. 
John Kllis'3 Company in Cnl. Thmnas Poor's Rni^iment. mi^ed 
to fortifv and ■;>'cnre the pas-ps of the Nortli River in New York 
■^Rev. RiilU, xix. 3). In later years was called Captain Comev. 
lie married. Dec. 21. 178G. Elizabeth, daughter of FJeazar Rel- 
cher. She died in Foiboro, May 12, 1851, aged 83 years, 3 
miinrhs and "Jti d:ivs. 

Children of Oliver and Elizabeth, all born in Foxboro: 

2.'. I. Oi.ivKR. b. Oct. 2.3. n.'S; d. Foxboro. Jfay 3. 187.J. ae. 87. 
20. ii. A vnox, b. Jidv 5. 17S0: d. .Ian. fi. 1840. ae. .ifi. 

iii. Et.izv. b. April 27. 1791; ra. Jnne 3, 1S13. Abijnh Fales. She d. 
D.'r. 17. n.-.O. ae. OS. Children: Eliza M., Emily C, Abijah, 
F.Iizahctli and .Vbner. 

27. Iv. T.YMVV. b. Ancr. 0. 1703: d. .Inn.' 14. 1878. ne. 84. 

28. V. AVii.t.ARn. b. March 20. K^'O; d. Foxboro. April 23, 1800, ae. 73. 
vi. I'p.L-DFVCE. h. .Inlv 7, 170^; d. N'or. 13. ISOO. 

20. vii. .Iv-ON. b. i>rt. 4.'lSi"«"i: d. Piincoton. lona, Sopt. l.i. 18,53. 

viii. Mini, h, Dec. «. Hri2: m. Martin Copnland. of Kaston. Shed. 
March 10, 1878, leaving one son Ephraim M. Copeland, of 
li. Otis, b. Feb. 3. 180,5: went to Pennsylvania abont 1*3,3; and is 
snppo-^d to have bci>n drowned. 

30. I. rnir.iF-*, h. ,\pril 8, l-i07; living In Kennebnnk. Me. 

31. il., b. July 31, 1811; d. Foxboro, Nov. 12, 180.). 

12. SlTNTFR* CoMFT (John.* David.* ./oAn.' Daii'f) of Foiboro, 

enlisted Anj. 14, 1777, fwh»n onlv 17 vears ohl). in C;ipt. .John 
Bradley's Corapiny in Col. Benjamin Gill's Re;;iment, marchfcl 
to Manchester, Vt,. to join the Northern Army and w:is out ttiree 
months and twentv-eiixht davs. He was in service a'.'iin in Col. 
Thom.ut Nixon's R.^iriment from Sept. 1, 1770 to Feb. 3, 1780, 
when he was reported killed (Rev. Rolls, liii. 210). 

13. Ezra* Comff (.fnffph.* David.* John.' David') at the time of his 

marriaiip wa< of C.imb'-iil^'e. lint si-ems to have liv(»d on the south 
side of the river. lli:it is. in the part set off in l.-<07 xs Brighton. 
About 17'*2 he moved aw.ay. His later vears were spent iti Dana 
(M;«ss.). where he died Nov. 13. 1.S5J. .ae. 81. He raarrie.l Feb. 
16. 1774, .\Dna Porter, of Newton. She died at Uaua, Oct. 28, 
1838, ae. 81. 

ChiMren of Ezra and Anna: 

I. Eliza, b. >r.irch 21, KSl: m. Dec. 20. 1?02. Kov. .Tosliaa Flas?. 

II. SrsAN, b. July l;>, IT'Jl; m. B.iruoy Fl:>:."j (i:!i2-l>.'.r). 

32. 111. TuoMA? WiLio.s, b. Jau 3. 171)1; m. Lvilia Towne, of Daoa. 

14. Benjamin' Comee {Joseph* David,'' John,* DitinP) of Foxboro, 

is spoken of both a< a corilwiiiiier and a trader. He was a sergeant 
in the Foxboro iiiihtia in 1707. He died in Foxboro. Oct. II, 
184-2. ae. 77. He married M.ircli '24, 17^j, Ruth Trow. 
Children of Benjamin and Riuh, all horu in Foxboro : 

I. Aaron, b. Xov. l:i, IT.^.j: d. Xov. 13, K-^j. 

II. Nancy, b. April 8. its: ; d. July 2o, lill, ae. 2t. 
Ui. RcTii. h. March 17. 1700. 

It. Otw, b. Aug. 12, 1791; nothing further known. 

15. Benjamin* Co^iey [R-njamin,* David.* John.* David') moved 

from Maiden to Boston some time before 17y3. and continued to 
live there until lSt2, wl.sju he moved to Dorchester. In April 
1848 he moved from Dorciiester to Chelsea, where he died .June 
24, 1858, ae. 00. He was a mast-maker and built C'omev"3 
T\'harf, whMl first appe.-irs in the Bo>ton Directory of 18-'j5. The 
wharf was taken in 1804 to become a part of the North End 
Park. Benjimin married first, Hannah Watts, who died in Bos- 
ton, July '2-), IS'20. ae. (^^2. .She was born in Boston, Dec. 11, 
1767, dau. of Bellin^ham Watts (173"2-17G7), mariner, who wa3 
son of Samuel and Hannah. He married second, Nov. "29, 1S30, 
Nancy, eldest daughter of Robert Howe, of Boston. .She died 
in Reading. Kansas, in 183i>. No children by the first wife. 
Children of Benjamin and Nancy, born in Boston: 

L Isabella ILui.'us, b. September, 1332 ; d. In Chelsea, Nov. 3, 1S54, 

II. ILoNAn Watts, b. Sept. 22, 1834; tau-iht school in Oielsea; m. 

In IsOj, Joel Augustus Stratton, of Leomln>ter, Mass., where 
they lived until February lj'79, when they moved to Kcadiug, 
Kansas. >Ir. Stratton was a Capt. in 53u Mass. Vols. 

16. David' Co^iee (Dnvid.* David.' John.' David^), of Gardner, mar- 

ried March 31. 1709, Esther, daui^hterof .John and Betsey Biker 
of Gardner, where she died Oct. 5, lsr,.3, acred S8 years, 11 months 
and 5 days. He died Sept. is, 1818, ae. 73. 

Children of David and Esther, all bom in Gardner : 

i. DA^^D, b. June 4, 1801 ; d. April 17, 1S03. 

li. Betsey, b. Dec. 9, li?02; m. Dec. 28, 1826, Jesse Lovcwell (I79»- 
\SiS). of Hubbardston. Mass. 

III. John, b. Dec. 21. \^^'\: m. 1st, March 13, 1838, Mrs. Mary Ann 

Kobbius. dau. of Robert lit-ed, of Dunstable, who d. Nov. 12, 
lSfi7, ae. 57. He m. 2d. March 10. Is70, Mrs. Harriet Stod- 
dard, dau. of Luke Kiiii'ht, of Winchendon. John <i. in Gard- 
ner, March j, ISsj. ae. aU. No children. 
Iv, LovisA. b. Oct. 4, 1SU3; m. Dec. 2, ls29, Leonard LovewcU, of 

17. James Maltman' Comee {David.* David,' John.' David") of 

Gardner, was the first in the town to ec::jge in chair manufactur- 
ing, an industry for which the town Las since become famous, 
some $2,OUO,000 worth being made there annually now. It 


seems to have been in the year ISO.i thai he began the iiulustrv in 
a small wav iu one of the rooms in his dwh liouse. Tln' ohairi 
he teameil himself to Boston, Salem, Providence ami 
The viTT first were probably wood seats, but tliey were soou suc- 
ceeded by the i-IJ llaj; seats. He aii.l his older brother were 
Masons, probably memlicrj of the now extinct Lodge at Teraple- 
toti. His hou-e «as on the A>libiirnham road, a short distance 
from the centre of O inhier. He was the tirst Comec to indulge 
iu the liutury of a middle name. 

James M. married .Ian. id, lSi">2, Sally, daughter of John and 
Abi"ail Pntn im, of Filchburj. She died iu Gardner, Dec. "J I. 
lS6.i, aged Si years, C mouths and 24 days. He died Aug. 27, 
1832, ae. o.J. 

Children of James M. and Sally, all born in Gardner: 
1. Maria, b. Sept. 2, 1802; m. Nov. 22. 1821, Isa.ic .Jnqulth (1707- 

1(>61), of Gardner, wliere slie d. Fel). 15, ISsl, in-. 7f>. 
U. CiiKlsriANA, b. .\pril 1, 1?05; m. June 23, Ifjio, William S. Lynde. 

of Ganliu-r, where she d. .May 7, ls42. 
ill. 1). May U, lsu7; m. Oct. 27. lS2i, Benjamin Franklin 
lUywood vr'*"2-lS4o), a chair manufacturer, of Gardner. She 
d. at Fitchb'ir;;. 

33. iv. .Iami> b. Mav 31, I?nO; d. at Fitcbburp:, Nov. 11. 1S0:5. 
V. Mary, b. Mav 2:1. 1,hi"i; m. Aus. 25, 1M2'J, Gen. Moses Wo.<.J 

(IsOa-l^CU); of Gardner, and afterward lived in Providence and 
Fitchl)ur;:. She is livin;: iu Brookline. Mass. 

34. vl. William Williams, b. Aus- I'J. 1S13: d. July 22, l-iS3. 

vU. Abihail. b. April 24, IslG; ra. 1st, Nov 3, IsLJU. Jonas Ilarwood 

(I0I2-ISI11, of North Bninklleld; and 2d. Ar.:;. 1. Is47, Kev. 

Sumner Lincoln (17'.'i)-l">r'0), a Uuitarian clergyman. Shed. 

at Wilton. N. H.. Jan. 24, It^'Jo, ae. 78, leaving one dan. Mrs. 

Abliie L. Biidi:es. bv her second husband. 
Till. .ToHX rm-.TKR, b. Sept. 3. 1>1S; d. March 8, 181!). 

35. is. r.F.A.NDKR PoRTF.i:, b. Pec. 20. 1819; d. Dec. 9, 1885. 
s. Eli/a, b. April 28, 1822; d. March 10. ls:>;. 

xl. Da.mkl Wtu^TKR. b. Ai\!Z. 21. 1825; d. nnm. in Sacramento, Cal. 
He went to California in 1S53, aud was in llour milling busiicjs. 

Benj.vmi.n^ Comee {David.* David* John.- David}) moved from 
Gardner, Ma?s.. to }Iemierson, N. Y.. .-xbout 18,'3S. and thence 
in 18.")5 to Hei)ron, Wis., and later to Seymour. Wis., wliere lie 
died Ocu 5, 18«0, ae. 80. He married fiist. Sept. 30. 1823, 
Lovina Mead, born April 7, 1803, daughter of Thomas and Char- 
lotte Mead, of Luneiii)urg, .^ She died at Henders.jn, N. Y., 
July 11. 18 42. ae. 3'J. He married second, Mrs. Eliza Ana 
Seger (born Dye), who died at Hebron, Wis., 1869, ae. 66. He 
Was a caliinet-raaker. p:iinter, and decorator. 
Children of IJeiijamiu and Lovina: 

1. CHARtOTTK, b. AniT. 31. 1S24; m. Feb. 20. 1.841. S.amnol 
Delos Ward; and lives (I8:i5) with her only son, Benjamin 
Comee Ward, at .Superior. Nuckolls fo.. Neb. 

il. Caroline .Vcoista. b. June 20, 1626; m. in l!55 John Parson?, 
and lives in Wisconsin. 

IU. .^LlRTIIA A.NN. b. AU3. 28, 1828; m. 1st. Gates; and 2d, 

Nicholas Stokes. They live at Lacrosse. Wis. 

Iv. Jajif.s Mcnkoe. b. .VU2.8. Is.iO; m. Jennie Thornton: and d. 
at Lacio-se. Wis., l>i;i':?i ao. 32. No children. 

T. Sarah .ME\n. b. i),-t. 12. 18;;2; in. 1st. An-. 2u. 18.50. Orrin H. 
Emory, who d. durini; the War (Oct. 29. 1804). She m. 2 1, 
Oct. I, 1800, James H. Bower, and lived at Whitewater, Wis. 


ChilJrcu of Boiij.imia ami Eliza, all born at Iloudorson, N. Y. ; 

I. M.viin Rosi.riK. U. dct. ». 1>U: m. Jan. I. ISOO. Uriel Tibbets; 
Hiiil livi'> i\n\v at Fniiikliii. Minn. 

36. 11. Wii.i.MM I?i:x.nMiN. b. N.n-. U. Hli!; m. 1*';:. Anna EUz.a Fran- 

cl.s, of .Mil\vaiiki.'L', an<l lives at Seyuiour. \VU. 
111. SqciiiE S., b. An;;. 'J, 1848; uuni.; "lives at Lake Linden, Slicb. 

A photo-jraphcr. 
Iv. Uelf.s, b. ls.'>4 ; d. unm. March 15, 1890, at SeyTnour, WU. 

19. Jo3Ern* CoMEE {Dm-id.* Davnl,^ John* Ddi-iiP). after the death of 

his f.ither in 18l'C, took the old homestead in Gardner, but abou'. 
18.'J7 moved to New York. He lived for a short time in Ilemler- 
son and then in lielleville, but soon located in Eilisburg (N. Y. ). 
where he died Jan. 10, 1850. ae. J3. He married, April '27. 
182t), M .iam Stone, bo'n Gardner, July 13, 179'J, youiiLjest 
daughter of Samuel Stone. She died Oct. 2, 186.3, ae. 64, in 
Ashburiiham, Ma^s.,' whither she had removed iu 1860. 

Children all born iu Gardner, except v., who wa3 born in Ilen- 
f'ersou, N. Y. : 

37, I. Cnr.isToriiFit Tolutmbus. b. .Tau. 23, 1S27; was a captain In 01th 

Kpiji'S. Y. VoIm.. captured at Gettysburcr and cnntlncd in Libby 
I'rison. Ho Is an arti>t and lives In Wasuka. Miun. 
3S. 11. S.v.MiEL Stoxk. b. .June 17, l.'<oi); m. Sarah W. SawLu. 
111. JV.MK.S, b. Svpt. 12, KS32: d. Mar 2G. 183'J. 

Iv. M.k.RTiLi Stonk, h. Dec. a, l«4;"m. Au^'. 19. lSr>S. Otis D. Sawin, 
and lives In Wasoka, Minn. They have an adopted dan. 
Winnie, who is m. and lives in Wnsekii. 
V. Gf.okge W.^nj.NUTON, b. June 9. 1>.!8; m. Dec. 26, ISSl, Eliza- 
beth Kittredse. and has lived in Waseka, Minn., since about 
1867. No cliildron. He is a furniture itfr. with his brother- 
in-law, O. D. Sawin. 

20. George Vr.\.sniNGTox^ Comee (David.* David.' .fohn.^ Daivd') 

lived in Gardner, Tenipletou and Fitchburij, and about 18-52 went 
to Worcester (Mass.), where he died JI.iv 28, 1878, ae. 63. He 
married first. May 2, 1833, Fanny Richardson Viuiiig. born June 
27, 1810, daughter of John Vining of Teinpli:tou. .She became 
an invalid soon after her marriage and died at Templeton. Mass., 
Aug. 30, 1338, ae. 28. No ehildren. George W. married second, 
Betsey Howard, of Brookfield. 

Children of George \V. and Belsi/y, all of whom died young: 

I. George M., b. May 1, 1842. 


Iv. FlLLX"K. 

21. Rotal' Cosiee [Jonftthan.* David.' John,'' D'lvid^) was horn in 

Hopkiuton. -Mass., Jan. 29, 1772; and died in Ho[ikinton, iu Octo 
ber 16.52, ae. 60. He was a well-to-do farmer and always lived 
in Hopkiuton on the east side of Wliit>;ha!l Pond. He owned a 
large tract on the west side of the pond and an island, now called 
Comey's Island. He married I'olly Andrews, of Milford, who 
died Aug. 29, 1873, aged 88 years, 8 months and 8 d.ays. 
Children of Royal and Polly, all born in Hopkintou: 

39. 1. HtRAM, b. July 18, 1306; m. 1«.32, Emily Gibbs. 

40. 11. Aluk.ut. b. \\i\i. 3, loOS; was twice m., and had seven children. 

41. ill. Elbridge Gekuy, b. Nov. 21, 1811 ; m. Abigail J. Pierce. 


42. W. Dexter, b. Feb. 21, 1814; d. in Wcsthoro, Mns.s.. Nov. 8, 1692. 
V. MAinii.v A.NN. b. Am;. I'.'. I^IT; m. WlUi:im IJ. W.iks. of Hi'i/- 

kiiiton; and d. April n. 1S15, Icaviii-j; one child. Mary Auu. 
Tl. M.vuv, b. July 12, 1»23; d. unra. July 1», \Hi. 

Srf.scr.\:' Co^iKI [J<'/nt* Ju/,n.* DariJ.' Jo/,ii.' Dari'iP) was born in 
Foxboro, M-iAj.. A|>ril 2, 1780; .iml died in Foxlioro. D-c. 11. L'^J'J, 
ae. 73. He married Tolly, daughter of J;icob and Milly Leonard, 
of Foxboro, wlu-re she died Nov. 19, 16^3, ue. SJ-7-'J. 
Chililren, all born in Foxboro: 

43. i. W.vnnrN- G,vri>nkr, b. S .pt. l.>, 1'21. 

44. il. Sam iiRi) Er.AMf-;, b. March J, l-'Ji!. 

lii. JA.M1..S Mlnuok, b. March :;■.*, isi'j ; has ^pcnt most of his life in 

the oil resions of rcnnsylvania. 
Iv. Spkncf.r -VrorsTCs, b. Nov. 19, \y>^2; d. March 25, ISii. 
4J. V. SPKXCKRAfGCSTl-S, b. AuL'. 27, IbSl. 

Tiiatchkr' Comet {John* John.* Dm-id." John? DuriiT) was born 
in Foxboro, Mass., March 22, 17.-^-S; and died in Foxboro, Dec. 23, 
1867, ae. 79. He married Dec. 21, 1.S23, Mary Thompson, boru 
July 14, 1801, daughter of David and Phebe (llonney) Thompson, 
of iCaston and Lenox, Mass. ilrs. Comey died iu Fo.xboro, Dec. 21, 
1867, ae. 06. 

Children, all born in Foxboro: 

46. i. HEXTtT Tn-vTcnER, h. April 30, 1S27. 

47. il. Ja.mks Ai,, b. March 22. Is;Jl. 

48. Ui. Elbi'.idof. C.uipenter, h. .Sept. 23, 18.36. 

John* Comf.T {John.^ John.* David.' John,' Bm-id,') was born in 
Foxboro, ^Ll■!«!., April 1. 170.S: and died in Foxboro. April 7. If<-st5, 
ae. 88. From 1.-<JG until his death he was a deacon in the Baptist 
Church and a great temperance worker, and in his younger days 
(from 182'^ until IS.'Jl) w;is captain of a militia company in the 2d 
regiment. He marri^-d, May 23, lf*24, Hannah Robinson, born 
March 13, l>*i)l, taughter of Abishai liobinson, of Kaynbam. 8he 
died in Foxboro, Oct. 17, 1890, ae. 89. 
Children, all born in Foxboro: 

49. i. Geouge Preston, b. March 30, 1S23. 

U. Mai:ia, b. Sept. 24, 1*20; m. Dec. 5, 1141), Daniel .M. Mnv- 
hew. who d. Julv 12. l.tTj. They had one dau., Ellen Maria, b. 
Boston. Aus. 7,' 1.^.54. and d. Jan. 17, 18(J3. Jlrs. ilayhew 
lives (180G) in Foxboro. 

Ui. H-v.vNAB RoDlNSON, b. March 31, 1830; is living (1890) uura. iu 

60. Iv. CllE.^TER Hoi.BROfiK. b. Feb. 22. 1832. 

61. V. JoiLN, b. March lo. l,s:<7. 

vi. VoDisA Ja.nx. b. D<c. :;o. l'*42; is livins (1890) nnm. in Boston, 
■where she is a valued teacher in the Lincoln Grammar School. 

Ot-rvER* CoMEY {Oliver,* John.* Bm-id,' John.' David}) was born in 
Foxboro, 3Ias3., Oct. 23, 1787; and died in Foxboro, May 3. 1875, 
ae. 87. He was a farmer and married Feb. 6. 1812. K.-ziah, dau^'h- 
ter of Spencer Leonard, of Foxboro, where she died Oct. 12, 18(9, 
ae. 88. 

Children, all born in Foxboro: 

L LotnSA, b. Jan. 25. 1S13; m. June 1, 1?30, Addison Kingsbury, 
and is living (1836) in liosUndale (part of Bootouj. 


U. 3\TSiA An-n, b. March 12, 1815; m. Nov. 9. 1S38, AddUon P. 

Forri'st. and <l. in Foxlioro, May 11, 1^S2. ae. t',7. 
111. jKUisliv, b. March 21. 1^17; m. Oct. IJ, K^.l*, Alfred Il.jdgcs; 

and U livitiK il<''';) ill Foxboro. 
Iv. MARniA Lku.n.viiu, b. J:iu. 27, 1S20; d. uniii. in Foiboro, March 

10, l-i.-7. 
V. lUiiv, b. .M.irch 22, 1822; ra. April 21. 1847, Bowers, ot 

Boston, and d. in Hyde Tark, .Mass., Jan. 1, 1S70. ac. 47. 
vi. Lauka -Vmanda, b. Sept. 2G. isaij; d. Sept. 13, 1S27. 

62. vil. Ui-ivnt Ki>,-..v, b. April 8. 1S30. 

vlil. A.MI..NI1V Fha.vci:.s. b. .Vug. 18. 1832: m. May 22, 18GC. Ocorse 
W. Ilayues, ot" Baltimore, Md., uhorc she is stUl (IsaO) lif- 

26. Aakon' Comey (O'iriT* Juhn* David' John.' DaviiP) vras born in 

Foxboro, M.i>s., July '), 17f>'J; and was killed in Milton, .Jan. 6, 
IM-It; (ae. 5 jj, by beini; thrown froia his carriage while ou the wu': 
to Boston. IJuried in Foxboro, whore he had always lived, a farmer 
and tr.ider. He raanicd in May. Isl2, Charlotte, daugliter of Wil- 
liam and Avis (Wliite) .Skinner, of JIanslielJ, Mass. -Mrs. Comey 
wa- born Nov. .3, 1701. and died iQ Fo-^cboro, April 20, 1~)j1. 
Children, all bora in Foxboro: 

I. LowErxFuANcis, b. 24, 1>I14; d. Jan. 25, 1S15. 

63. 11. A.utox LowKl.L, b. Dec. M, 181.3. 

111. CiiAKi.OTTK Batks. b. .May l'.», 181-<; m. May 14, 1S37, Albert 
AUlon, and d. .\pril 2;), 184'.). They had live chiklri'u: Char- 
lotte L., Albert H., Harriet F,., Leslie and Arthur B. 
54. iv. Wai.l.v.-M Skin.nki!, 1). Sept. 30, 1821. 

v. Nancy .Maiua, b. Feb. II, 1h24; m. 1st. May 12, 1848, Ellas 
ChUiu','sworlh Miller, whod. at .Vusnsta, .Me., In January, 1854. 
She m. 2il, .May 12. l8Ja, Samuel Dexti-r Maybry. of Ilopkinton, 
■who d. Jan. 7, 18'.il. She is living (It^jr.) in Foxboro. One 
child: Charles Alliston Maybry, b. Sept. 1:5, l.s.;2: m. June 30, 
1892. Fannie .M. Soule. and lives in Middleboro, .Mass. 
■vi. CuLOE SABTtiSA.b. Nov. 10, 1>27; ra. June 27, l.s.->2. Henry James 
Sawyer, of Hopkinton. Mass. She d. April 4, 1857, leaving 
two children. He lives at Joliet. 111. 
Til. El\ika Cokdei.ia, b. .Vus. 0. 18:J0 : m. Benjamin HartwcU Spaald- 

ins, of Milf.'r.l. .MassT She d. July 13, 18G4. No children, 
viii. Tno.MA.s EaYDE-N, b. July 30, 1833; d. Aug. 17, 1834. 

27. Lti[a_n' Comet (0/(irr,' .^A«.♦ Dm-id* John? David}) was born in 

Foxboro, ila.^s., Aug. 6. 1793. and died in Foxboro. June 14. 1S7.'^, 
ae. 84, but lived several years at .Saudwioh, M:»ss. He married 
Nancy Fi^he^, of Wrentham. daughter of Cyrus Fi>her. a Kevolu- 
tionary soldier. .Slie was born .luii. 7, 1794, and died in April, laJ2. 
Children, i. and ii. born in Foxboro, iii. to n. in Sandwich : 

65. I. Lth.ln- Fisni^R. b. Ansr. 20, 1814. 

66. il. George Axsox. b. April 7. 1817. 

iii. H.VXX.VH, b. (October, 1*21; m. at Peterboro. N. H., June 25, 
1844, Alonzo C Hounds, and lives at .Milford. Mass. 

Iv. Makia. b. about li2» ; d. unin. at Foxboro, Oct. 25, 1849, ae. 25. 
57. T. .U.BEiiT, b. Feb. 24, I ■•'is. 
06. vi. W ti I m n, b. Dec. 1, 18:j0. 

28. Wii-LARi/ Comey {Olher.^ John.* Duvid.' .fi>/,n.^ Dnn'd^) was born 

in Foxboro. .March I'lj. I7'Jt'.. and died in F»\!"iro. .\ 2.J. 
18'i9, ae. 73. He married first. E^ther Boydeii, ot Foxboro. who 
died in 1823, and he married second, Celia, liuugliter of Samuel and 


Sarah Leonard, of Jfansfield. She died in Foxboro, June 13, 1875, 
ae. 80-5-] 8. 

Child of Wiilard and Esther, born in Foxboro: 

I. Mary EsTiiii;. b. ,Iuno 20. 1S23; m. Aaj;. 20, 1843, Warren G. 
Comcy. (See page 19). 

Children of Wiilard and Celia: 

I. Adeline (twin) ; d. ae. about S. 
U. AuiKiiT (tTviiiJ ; d. ae. about 8. 

29. Jason' Comey {(Wirer.' J.Jm.* Rnul.' John.'' A-oW) \v:is born in 

Foxboro. M;i>~., Oc'. 4, ImKI. and (iii.l in Frinrt-ton, lona. Sept. !•-<. 
18J3. lie wa'i a farmer and lived in Foxboro all of lii,> life but the 
Ia>t five montln. He married, Oct. S. 1826, Trypbeuia Daniels, 
who was born in December, li5(J2, at Foxboro, where ;be died Feb. 
29, 18>2, ae. 79. 

Children, all bom in Foxboro : 

1. Sl-s.vN D., b. .lulv 1.-). I^2S; d. Aug. IS, 1843. 
59. 11. Jajon. b. Sept. ,■«. IS.'il. 
GO_..ui. Jo>Krii, b. Ma;- I>, I-;!.'.. 

30. Charles' Comey (Oln-er.^ John.* D"rM.' John.' Darul') w.-u born in 

Foxboro, Mass.. April >i, l-*07, and is living ( 18'J<>) in Kennebuiik. 
Me., where he lias resided since about l.s'.>0. .Most of li'.s years have 
been spent in New Hampshire as a farmer. He married, June 11, 
1835. Mrs. Martha Marden (nee Berry), of Portsmouth, X. U. She 
was bora at Rye. N. H., M.ay 1, 1811, and is still living. 

Children i. to iv. born in Foxboro. v. to vii. in Hostoii. Mass., viii. 
in Danbury, N. H.. ix. to xi. iu Wilmot, N. II.. xii. in Hillsborough, 
N. H., and xiii. in Wilmot: 

1. CHAnr.ES Bnr.r.Y. b. May 12, is.?n; d. Feb. 22, 1837. 

61. 11. Otis WiixtA-Ms. b. June 19, 1837. 

62. IU. CuARLEs Becky, b. Mv^. 23. 1S39. 

63. Iv. Henuy Haiu:i#i<x, b. Aus. 23. Is41. 

V. Nathaniel W miren. b. .\u?. If*, 1843; d. Sept. a. 1S43. 

v1. M.utruv .Jo.-FPHINE. b. Au;:. 31. 1^44; d. Sept. 24. 1->4G. 

Til. Jv.ME> Edwin, b. July 28, 1840; d. Sept. 20, 184'). 

Tiii. JoTii.ot Edwln, b. Sept. 12. 1847; A. Feb. 27. 1804. at Fort 

Nelson, Ky., whither he bad gone In the 11th Kcs. N. H. 

Lx. Martha JosEiiirNE, b. Sept. 21, 1840; m. Nov. 10, 1870. Warren 

R. B.imey, of Wilmot. N. H. 
X. Jcxn .Maria, b. Oct. 17, 1851; m. Sept., 1877, Albert Wctherbee, 

of Boston, 
xi. Jason ArorsTTNE. b. Jinie «. 1854: d. Nov. 23. 1855. 
xll. Ja.mes J.vsoN. b. .Ian. 11. 1857: d. Nov. 20, 187C. 

64. xill. Jous I [ale. b. May 25, 18*50. 

31. OllAx' Comey (Oliver* John.* David.* John.' David') was bom in 

Foxboro, Mass., .July 31, 1811, and died in Foxboro. Nov. 12, 
1895. ae. 84. He was a farmer, and married in November, 1846, 
Susan Adella Morse, bom March 19, 1S13, daughter of John Morse. 
She died April 11. 1«77. ae. 64. 
Child, born in Foxboro: 

65. Lewis .\x\tn, b. Aug. 2, 1350. 


El.lZA* COMF.E {E:r<i} Josi'pli* Dnrid,' Juhn.'^ David') was born in 
Hrii;htnn (ilit_>;i ;i part of C':iiul)ri'!'if. ih'W :i [■:irt ul l>o^loll). Mn-^., 
Jlixrch -21. 17S1. and .lied in Daua. Ma>5.. Sept. 3(\ l^V). ac. fVJ. 
She married Dec. '2'J, 1802. Rev. Jij.-.liiia Flag^ (bom April -.'l, 
1773; ilied iu Uana. Nov. 10, 1>S59, ae. 8G), a Uuiversalial clergy- 
man, who preached iu Dana for over sixty years. 

ChiMreu. Flogq. i. born iu New .Salem, ilass., vii. iu Scituate. 
Mass., and the others iu Dana. 

I. Euz.v, b. Nov. 11, 1*04; in. 1S30, Asa Spooner, and d. April ', 


II. Jo.^iuv. b. D.>c. .11. 1*0.5: d. Aiij. i:.. l.*JO. 
ill. PoiuKR. I>. March 7, K^IO; d. Deo. -JC. I.->0. 
Iv. M.utl.v. b. Oct 20, l-^Vl; d. Xov. 17. \-i.o. 

V. N.v.\CY. h. Dec. S. ISli; d. Feb. I'J, 1*^7; ui. Nov. 10, 1S36, her 

cousin Dennis F. Flase. 
vl. Lccics. b. Jan. L'2, 1»1;<: llvln? (1S06) In San Franci.sco. 
vll. Alonzo. b. Oct. 21, l'-20; m. Feb. 29, 1S44, Uannah N. Babitt, 

and A. Dec. 31, 1S7S. 
vlil. MniRAY, b. July :0, 1S25; living (1S96) In San Francisco. 

Sc3\.n' CoMr.n {Ezra* Jnsfph,* David} John.* Da'-id') was born 
July 19, l-?LM,and died in Chelse.a, Mass., .July I'O, l.s7ij. ae. 8-5. 
She married Barney Flagg (born May 24, 1792; died Nov. C, 16-37) 
and moved to Moston. 
Children. Flu'jg : 

1. SornRONj.i .\NN, m. Charles Partrldne. 

U. Fr-OCIS Dkn.vis, I), in Dana. Jan. 22. IS1.J; d. in Boston. Oct. 7, 

Ifist; m. Nancy FImuu. He wrote his name Deiiui-, F. 
Ui. Scs.v.N FouTKR, m. Koiiert K. Perkins, and had two chihlren. 
Iv. De-ncy, b. Itl20; d. 1922. 
T. Den-CY, b. 1S22; d. l!524. 
vl. Frankmn Biirc.cs, b. lS2-t ; d. 1S47. 

vii. Jane, b. 1S24; m. Newell Stanyan, and had two chil- 

32. TnoMAS Wilson' Comf.e (Ezra.* Joseph.* David.' John.'' Bavi(P) was 
bom Jan. 3, 1794, and died in Boston, Feb. ,5, 1862, ae. OS. He 
moved to Boston about 18.53. but most of his life was spent in Dana 
(Mass.), where he buried. He married in 1817, Lydia, born 
Oct. 19, 1301, d.iughter of Ichabod Towne, of Dana. She died in 
Boston, JIarch '2.!), l^sj, ae. 83, and was buried in Dana. 

Children, i. to iv., vi. to viii. and sii. born in Daua; v., ii. to xi. 
bom in Petersham, Mass.: 

66. 1. "WrLsoN-, b. Jan. 24. 1810. 

67. 11. Cn.\i:t.K.s, b. Nov. 2, 1*21. 

68. Iu. EzR.v, b. Oct. 21, 1523. 

Iv. >Uria. b. Nov. 24, 1S2.'. ; d. nnm. in Boston, May 4, 1893, x. G7. 

69. V. Fra.nkli.n. b. Dec. 11, ls27. 

vi. Na.xcv. b. Julv 17. 1829; m. Mav 1. 1851, William S. Tuttlc rb. 
in Kowe. Mass., Feb. 19. 1830)'. and Is livins (189*5) in B.istoa 
(Roxbury Di>t.). They have had three children : Lydia Maria, 
b. in Barre. Is33; William H., b. in Lynn, 1S57, d. Istll; and 
Charles W.. b. l*'-.0. 
vll. L-v-T>iA. b. Feb. G. 1832; d. in Infancy. 

viil. Sopiir.oMA Fautiiidck. b. Jan. 21. 18:U: m. Jan. 5, 18.-i;i. Benja- 
min V. Woods (b. in Sprinsiield, .^las^., Dec. 18. lo3o. and d. 
May 20. 1873J. She d. in Buaton, Sept. 17, 1»77. No chil- 


70. U. Pknnis Fugo, h. June i!, 183G. 

71. s. .I\MK.-» Thomas, 1). Nov. 2'J, ISJ'J. 

xi. Sr.-\x KLi/.xbKTii, b. Nov. i;, ISH ; d. in Bo'iton, Aug;. 11, 19JS. 

72. xli. FiiKUK.KiLK, b. Oct. 1, l^tO. 

33. Jam f.s' Comkk (./mmm .1/.,* /)^r,W,* Z)'/cr,/,' /oA/i.' ZJ./nW ) 

was born in Giinluer, .Mass., M.iy 31, 1809, niul dieii iu Fitcliliuri:, 
Mass., Nov. 11, lS'.i3, ae. ?^ I. ^io5t of his life was spent in Fitcii- 
bur>'. where ho was a chair maker, thoUi,'h uever in bn-.iiie>s for 
himself. He married tirst, Emily A. Nichols, of (laniner, <lauy:liter 
of D-'vid Nichols. She was born .July 21, isu:), and died Sept. 2'.). 
1844. He married second. April 29,'lS47, Mrs. Mary F. Davis, of 
New Ipswich (born in Concord. Mass., .July 20, 182o'). dau<;liter of 
James and Seba Conant. ami widow of Waiter Davis, of Fitchhurg, 
where she is still livii;? ( 189»5). 

Child of James il. and Emily, bora at Gardner: 

73. 1. J.oiKs, b. July 2, l>3i;. 
Child of James M. and Mary : 

1. Wehstkr IIcntu-.y, b. May 4, is.-,r,; d. Teh. 0, l^s.l; m. Mtiy 12, 
1ST7, Mary Dunn, who ni'. a^'ain July Z, ISS-t. William A. I'rcs- 

'■'" cott. and'llvcj now in Wakoiklil. Slass. They lia^l one son: 
Walter Uuntley Comee, b. Sept. 17, 1^77; liviu;^ iu WakeUeld. 

34. William Wir-LiAMs' Comee (Jttmes ^1/,' David* David* John* 

David') was born in Gardner, Mass., Aug. I'J, 1313, and died July 
22, V6!^'i. at the Point of Pines Hotel, Revere Beach (about seven 
miles from I5ostoii) whither he ha<l gone for his health. He 
moved from Gardner to Fitchburg, Mass., where he was proprietor of 
the American until IHGs, when he removed fo Boston, where 
he resided until his death, except the four years Is'Tl to 1875 
that he spent in Cambridge, while his son was in college. He mar- 
ried Thauk.-u'iving eve,* Dec. 2, 183.J, Maria, daughter of Cyrus 
Winship, of We-tniinster (Mass.). where she was born April 13, 
1817. .She is living (1)>'JC) with her youngest son in Boston. 
Children, i. and ii. born in Gardner; iii. in Fitchburg: 

74. 1. William Port>;k, b. Julv 17, ls.!7. 

75. 11. CllAKLKs Hknry, b. Kw'i. 17, 1?«0. 

76. lil. Fr.KDKiuc KonniNs, b. Jan. 2. I'^jl. 

35. Leaxder Poi-.ter' Comee {Jamts M..' Dmid.* Dnvid? John* David}) 

waa born in Gardner, Ma<5., Dec. 26, 18 I'J. and died iu .Mx.^sachu- 
setts General Hospital, Boston, Dec. 9, 188-3, ae. 6G, and was buried 
at Fitchburg (Mass.), where a great part of his life was spent. 
He kept a dry goods store for several years and afterwards dealt in 
horses. He mariied Sept. 9, 1845, Sarah Louisa Beckwith. daugh- 
ter of Charles and Mindivell (Alexander) Beckwith. Mrs. Comeo 
died in Fitchburg, July 30, 1866, ae. 44-4-10. 

I. Frank E., b. July 31. I'-'.l; d. unm. in Boston, March 25, 18S2, 
a;. 30. Buried iu Fitchburg. 

36. William Benjami.n' Comee {Bfujamin* David.* David.' John,' 

David') wa^ born in Henderson, N. Y., Nov. 11, 1S4G, and io living 

• Thankdgiring was a week later ihan usual in lS.3-3. 


(1S96) at Seymour, Wi^. In lS.')."i. lie went uith his father frnm 
New York ti^ Hebron iu soiitheru Wisconsin. Later he roove^l to 
Seymour (Wi>.). wlic-re he entereil tlie em|ili)y of the Nortlnve-tern 
Mauufacturiui; Couipa-iy in 1>71 ai Superinti-iiiieut of their iiranch 
works. He married iu l8o7, Anua Eliza Fraucis, of Milwaukee. 
Children : 

I. Jenxif. W.. ra. Dr. .1. 11. Fllttncr. of Sermmr, Wis. 

II. Ai.BF.riTis Bknm.vmin, a drugi; in Cliicago. 
lil. \Vu.i,Li.M Clvue. 

37. ClIKlSTOPHER COLCMBCS* COMEE (Josfph} Diriil* Baiiil.' John* 

D'liifP) was born in Gardner. Mass., Jan. 2S. 18-J7, and is liviu" 
(1896) in Wase-ka, Minn., where he has resiijed for several years. 
He is an artist by profession. Oct. 2-J. IS'Il, he eidisted as 1st 
Sergeant in Co. G, '.Mth Rej. N. Y. Vols. He became Isi Lieu- 
tenant, May 14, 18112. and Captain. Nov. 1, lsiV2. He was in the 
battles of Cedar Mountaiii, Fredericksiiurg, Chancellorsville and 
Gettysburg. At the latter. .July 1, IStj.'J, he was tak.n prisoner and 
sent to Libhy Prison, where he remained until I'.rchanged iLarch 7, 
1864, He -was in Grant's campai^'n a<.'ainst Lee for about three 
months, but at the battle of Cold Harbor. June 12, l.">64, he broke 
down with fever and was carried from the fi'Id. He never fully 
recovereil from the hardships of the war. He tnarrii-(l .Snpt. :.', 
1847. JLiroa Griswold, daughter of Sylvester Griswold, of Adams, 
N. Y. 

Chililren, y. and ii. l>orn in Adams. X. Y. ; iii. and iv. in Ellis- 
burgh. N. Y.; V. anii vi. in Belleville. X. Y. ; and vii. and viii. in 
Waseka, Wis. : 

I. Emma .Iane. b. Xov. 0, 184S; m. Oct. IT. !-■;.■;. William R.indall, 

and d. in Vivian. Minn., (Jot. 27. I'Oin leavinsa ilau., Emma. 
U. Sylv>:stei: OmswoLn. b. April 27. I<.j3: m. l.^t, in Liviii;,':,ton, 
Tenn., Margaret West, antl 2d. Xov. 2.";. 1M14. Alice Kmoiiov. 
Xo chiKlrcn. He is a painter and lives in .^^mncapolis. .Mitin. 
Hi. Adei-HDK Lavet.a. b. .May 5, 1SJ5; m. Dec. 7, lb81, John Ward, 

anj lives in Waseka. .Minn, 
iv. Irene .Mozem.e. b. Dec. 17, l'<.i7; nnra. ; lives with her father. 
T. Florence Viletta, b. An?. 2'J, ISCO; unm. ; lives with her 

t1. Eu-ex Mir.lAM. b. , 23, 18fi2; d. .Tan. 0. 18G7. 
vii. Sarah 15Kr.TiiA, b. .Ju'.y 2, l,-';-'. ; unm.; lives with her father, 
viii. Joseph FitEDEnicK. b. Oct. VJ, l3<;'.t; a machinist; lives unm. 
lil Missouli, Muutana. 

38. Samuel Stone' Comee {Joseph,' David.* D'lvil,' John,' DaviiP) 

born in Gardner, Mass.. June 17, 1830, aud is living (1896) in 
Waseka. Minn. When about seven years old he went with his 
fatiier from Massachusetts to New York. When a young man he 
returned to his birthplace for a few years, but soon went b.iok to F^Ilis- 
burgh, N. Y. .Since 1&6.J, most of his time has been spent in 
Waseka, Jlinn., where he is a fruit grower. He married ^Iay 1.'}, 
18.55, Sarah W. Savin, bom in Gardner, July 3, 1836, daughter of 
Joseph Dexter .Sawin. 

Children, i. born in Elli^burg, X. Y. ; and ii. in Belleville, X. Y. : 

1. Mtra Adelaide, b. Sept. 2il. IS-^O; m. Sept. 2C, 18S8, Rev. Orrln 

L. Robinson, and lives in Barahoo, Wis. 
U. Martha Josei-eine. b. Oct. 10, lsi;2: m. .^Iay 1, Idol, Charles E. 
Leslie, and lives iu Ilillsboro, Xorth Dakota. 


IIlRASi' CoMEY (JJoi/ri!.* Jimathnn* Durii/,' Julii,' DaviiP) was born 
July is. ISiiO, ill ilopkiiitou (Ma.--.). wLere lie always livt^.l atiJ 
wlieie lie ilieil in l.>.5i). lie na^ .i shoe maker ami tarunr; wis 
a selectnuiu in 1(> I'.i and a ineculier of the sclioul committee. lid 
married iu 183:.', Emily Gibbs, ol HopkinCoii. 

CLilJreu, i. boru iu Huliistuu, the others ia Hopkiuton: 

I. ALrnoxso, b. 1S:'.3: never m.irrieil; ciilUtcd April 7. 18C2. In Co. 
B. i.>tli .^Il»ss. Vuli.. saw ln.a\ y tl;:litiii:i, and was killed at Cold 
llarbiir, Va.. .Iiiue o, lsi;4. au'l Ijuried in an niiknowu iirave. 
li. E.Mii.Y Ku/AiiK.rn. b. .Jau. 4. l-.'.j; ni. SetU .VldrlcU, of .MUford, 

and lives at llopkintoii. TliiV have fonr clilldreu. 
ill. L.VWSON. b. ISJT ; ui. I<i;3. Ursula Taft, of Upton; enlisted 

Sept. 24. 1.>i;l'. in Co. H. 4L'd Vols., and was killed on 

the skirmish line at Bra.shear City, La., June 23, 1»(>3, and 

buried in an unknown i^rave. 
It. Ha.xn.hi Mviuv. b. ISSs; m. Welcome Temple, of ITnpkinton, 

who d. near New Orleans In l^ija. She d. In lSi;2. One sou. 
V. Cki.ixda. b. 1>42; m. Ix'o, her cousin George U. Comey. 

77. vi. .Jamks K.nox r.>l.K. b. Feb. 2o, KS45. 

vil. I.F.SUE Sc.ODiKLL, b. Ucc. 2o. lf(47; d. April 3, 1849. 
.yiii. MAliriiv .V.NX. b. March 3, l-."0; d. unni., ISTl. 
'is. AnuiK IsAni:i.LA, b. March .">. 1-<J3; m. nr4, .John Colhurn, of 
UoplUntou, and d. Jau. 2ii, Is'ti, leaviui; two daughters. 

Albf.rt' Comey {R'lycl.^ J'inathan.* Duvid.^ Ju/m* Daviil^) was born 
in Hopkiuton, Mass., Aug. 3, 1>''S, and died iu Pawtucket, U. I., 
Jan. 2-<, laSG. te. 77. In 1S3'J he went to Texas, which had be- 
come independent four years before, but was still iu an unsettled 
condition. The Indians at this time were particularly uneasy, so that 
he not only lost eveiythiug, but was obliged to tlee to the wihler- 
ness, with a few companions, and fur two years he endured all sorts of 
hardships. At the end of that time, when he returned to New- Eng- 
land, he found that his wife had died and that his family had been 
broken up. Iii ]S'>0 during the "gold fever" he went to Cali- 
fornia, wiiere lie spent the next live years. The remaiiiinj years 
of his life were spent in Pawtucket, R. I. He married first, in 
1831. Celiiida Barton, of Medway, who died April M. Is40, and 
second, in 1^43, Hannah Walker, of Pawtucket, 11. I., who is still 
living (ItfOG). 

Children of Albert and Celinda, i. born in Medway, Mass.; ii. 
and V. born in Wreutham; and iii. and iv. born in Attleboro, Mass.: 

78. 1. Albert Barton, b. Feb. 20, 1<32. 

79. li. GEORiiE UoYAi,. b. Feb. 2, 1S34. 

111. .V.NN Kliza, b. .May 24. 1831 ; m. Xov. 6, 13J3, George "W. Temple, 

of Hopkinton. where she still lives. 
Iv. JLuiiETTA. b. May j. I^o--: m. Nov. 8, 1*00. Henry L. Steams, 

of Hopkinton, where sli- il. .Tuly 13, l»al. 

80. T. WllXLOl .^L^C1IEH, b. Feb. IS, Iri+O. 

Children of Albert and Hannah, born in Pawtucket, R. I.: 

I. Charles Dklos. b. July 11. 1-45; ra. Emma Scott, of Cumber- 

land. R. I., and livts in I'awtucket. No chililren. 

II. Frank b. May 2'.». 1S4S; m. F.l!a .i. Whipple, of North 

Providence, U. I., and lives in I'rovidence, K. I. No children. 

Elbridge Gerry* Comet {Royal} Jonathan* David,' John' D'lvid^) 
was born in Hopkinton. Mass., Nov. 21. ISll, and died in Hopkin- 
ton, April 19, lOCiii, X. 56. Ue was a farmer and until about ld43 


lived in Hopkinton, whore he was a Lieutenant in the militia. 
Then lor sevcr;il v<>,irs lie liveil in Ilolli^ton, oituiractiiriii^ tinrn 
combs as well iis tarniin;;. His hist yars were spent in Wooilville, 
a villai^e of nopkinton. He was a member of the Cor.2re;:utional 
Church. He marriei! Oct. 21, 18:^1, Abii;uil Jacksoii, dauirluer of 
Ebenezer and Ann (Spring) Pierce, of Hopkinton. She died Juno 
9, 18'J3, X. 8G. 

Children, i. to iv. born iu Hopkinton; v. and vi. born in HoUis- 

1. Ajiaxda As-n, b. Dec. 20, l>*:\i; <l. unm. In Ilolliston, Nov. li">, 
ISJ'J. a>. 24. Was educated in .Mt. Holyoke Fiinali- SL'iniiiary 
(at .><outh Iladlivl which she entered iu ISil ; a brilliant bcholar. 

81. 11. Ar-VTIS, b. Iii-l. 27, 18;i7. 

82. 111. Henry Newton, b. March 4. 1S40. 

83. Iv. Manlhs. b. .March \». I&+3. 

V. SiARY Abuy, b. Nov. 28, 184.5; m. .July 15, 1S63, Georire S. Gib- 
sun, of MopkiDton, auiJ Uves (IdOG) In CUnton, Mass. They 
have five chiklron. 

84. vl. Perley Piekce, b. Jan. 14, 1852. 

42. Dexter' Comet (Royal.' Jonathun* David.* John.- David') w.os born 

in Hopkintqn; ilass., Feb. 21, 1814, and died in Westboro, Mxss., 
Nov. 8, 18'.t2, *. 78. He was a farmer, and boot maker, and a 
member of the Haptist Church. He married Mr<. Ii;ichel Bailow, 
but was divorce<l from her and marriei .Jan. 18, l'>'/'2. Marv, daugh- 
ter of Lyscomb Hrigham. of Hopkinton. She died in 1S'J4. 
Children, all born iu Hopkinton: 

1. E>™a Eliza, b. Apiil 1.1. 185.1; m. .July 31, 1^87, Leonard V. 

Antonella. and lives (18'.ii;) in Fitcbbur;;, Mass. 
U. Maky Albueanna. b. Mav 1, lSo4; m. Nov. 20, 1373. Gilbert 
Belcher, of Natick, Mass., and lives (1396) in Westboro, Mass. 
Ui. WtLLUOi Henry, b. Mav 27, 1857: m. in 13si;, Lillian .Smith, of 
Chelsea. .Mass. .She d. Feb. 2u. Is95, and he m. 2d. .March 4, 
1896. Mrs. Alice L. Beganson, of Chelsea, and Uvea in Aliaton 
(Boston), Maas. 

43. Warren Gaudner' Comet (Spencer,' John,' John.* David.' John,' 

David') was born in Foxboro. Mass., Sept. 15, 1S21. and is living 
(1896) in Quincv, M:us. About 184C, or 1847, he moved to Bos- 
ton, where he has been, and still is, a successful business man. 
Since 1867 he has lived in Quincv. He married, Aug. 29, 184,'3, 
Mary Esther, daughter of Willard Comey (see page 14). No 

44. Sanford Erastus' Comet (Spencer,' John.* John.* Dai-id,' John,' 

David'} was born in Foxboro, Mass., March 5, 1826, and died in 
Fall River. Oct. 26, 1H6;3, a;. 37. He married Oct. 14, 1.S47, -Mary 
Ann Neal. who married second, Nov. 3, 187.5, Burgess S. Wilcox. 
She was born April 9. 1523, and died Feb. 2.5. 1891. The only 
child of Sanford E. and Mary A. was bom in Foxboro: 

1. Mary A-nceline. b. Sept. 27. 184D: m. April 13, 137G, Joseph 
Hcam, of Foxboro. where she d. Jnly 5, IS'O. They had one 
child: Grace Sanford ileam, b. Sept. 5, ls79. 

45. Spencer Acgtstcs' Comet [Spencer,* John.* John.* David,* John,^ 

Dcvid}) was Iwrn in Foxboro, Mass., Aug. 27, 18:J4, and is living 
(1896) in Norwood, Mass. March 17, 1856, he moved from Fox- 


boro to Boston, where he is still in business. In October, 1892. he 
transferrt'il hi.-> re.siileiuo from Boston to NoruorMi. He mnrric'l in 
Boston, Nov. 11, ixC). Ann Eliza. eMest ilaughter of \Villi;itii H. 
and Eliza (Eaton) Lawrence, of Leiiugtou, where she was boru 
May 3". 1»U. 

Children, all born in Boston, the lait four in the part known a3 
Jamaica Plain : 

I. Haiirv L., b. .lune 4. ISi"; tl. in Loxinuton. June 25, 1SC9. 

II. .Ai.icK G.. b. All?. U, l>ri: d. Oct. :tii. 1«<T4. 

!'l. Wariskn" W., b. Alls. IS, 1873; il. Sept. 5, 187G. 
Iv. William A., b. Dic. 3, 1s:g. 
T. A. LovwL, b. Oct. 19, 1S73. 

46. Hen-RT TllATcnER' Comey {Tlwlcher* John} John.* David* Jvhn.'' 

David') was born in Foxboro, Jlass., April 30. lUi'. and died in 
Monson, JIass., Sept. 6. 1H.S7, a-. CO. Buried in l-oxboro, where 
most of bis life was spent in the bonnet bleacliins ii)dii*;try. Me 
married Nov. 3, 18.J0, at Foxboro, Mary Richmond Luther, who 
was born in Taunton. Mass., llarch I'J, r«29, and died in Foxboro, 
Nov. 2S. 1861. ae. 55. 

CEUdren, all born in Foxboro : 

1. IIr.Nim-.TTA TnoMPSoN.b. Dec. Ifi. l.'.'JS; m. June 14. I?7C, WlUiani 
Build Van Amriii^'.', and lives (l-'.i>l) in Roxbnry (13o>ion). Th y 
havehad ttiroecbildren : H.irrv Sti-rliiif,', b. in I'rovi lence. R. I.. 
Julv 4, 1«<77: d. in Dorchester. Mb.hs., April 1. l^->4. Roh.rt 
Coi'nev, b. in Providence, R. I.. June 22, l3S2. William Martin, 
b. in ilvdc Fark, .Mass., Oct. :>. I.ss4. 
85. U. RODKKT Hexrv, b, Nov. 26, 1«J7; m. April 2G, 1S34, ThereiA 
Pierce .Mellor. 
Ul. Walter Uiciimoxd, b. April 12, 18fi6; m. at Los Angeles, Cal., 
Dec. 29, 18a8. Laura Munsey, and d. at Roxbury (Boston!, 
Mass., Sept. 22. 1»04, le. 23. >'o children. Mrs. Comey has 
relumed to California. 

47. jA>rE3 Ali-En' Comet ( Tfmtcher,' Inhn* John.* David.* John,'' Drvid') 

w.a3 born March 22, 1^31, in Foxboro, Mass.. where he still lives. 
He married Feb. 27, 1853, Susan Samautha Carpenter, of Foxboro, 
born March 11, 1832. 

Children, all born in Foxboro: 
1. E.MMA RicnMovD, b. Nov. 20, 18.'.3: m. Dec. 29, 1874, Abbott S. 
Sniitli. of Wi'-t ('.aniincr, .M.'. They have one child: AUca 
Lincoln .'imith, b. Sept. 14. l-'7.-;. 
U. Ezra Carpkntkr. b. April 21, IvlO; m. Lanra E. Frit, of Sh.aron, 
Mass. He is an attorney and councillor at law in Foxboro. 
Has one son. Lawrence .Alien Comey. b. May 19. Irsl. 
ill. Ja-Mf.s')N, b. Mav 20, lifil ; unra.. livt-s in Foxboro. 
Iv. Allen, b. N.)v. 2i;. 1m;7: m. Feb. 14. 1--L'. Katie E. 
Rowtll, of Cornville, ile., and lives (le'JG) in Charlestown, 

48. ELBRrDf>E Carpenter' Comet ( Thnichfr* John.* John.* Dm-id* John.* 

Dovid^) was born in P'o.xboro. Mas3., SepU 23, l^^-'j'), and Iiv.-s 
(1896) in Somerville. Mass. "When he was seventeen years old 
he left Foxboro and went to Boston to work. Three ye.ars later. 
In 1856, he entered the employ of W. K.. Lewis vi; Bros., dtal- 
ers in pickles, preserves, etc, 93 Broad Street, Boston, and since 
1866 has been a member of the firm, which has an extensive trade. 


About the same time be transferred bis place of residence from 
Rostoii to Quiiioy, wlioru he ri-raaiiii'il n dozen vcars. Siiico al)out 
1878 lie lius lived in Sonierville. Mr. Coujey is a substantial bu'-i- 
ness m:iii and lia^ aUo been mucli iiitereHtL-d in the cinipilatiou of 
the C'oin.n- geiuilos.'y, and luu rendered v.duabio assi-.tance. Ho 
niarrieil, May 17, lf<GO, Joje[>hine Louisa Messinger, who was bora 
in Walpole, M:l^^., Jan. I'o. IS.J.'). 

Their only child w;u born in Boston : 
86. I. AnrnrR )>lt.<<rsaF.n, b. Nov. 10, 18C1. 

49. George Preston' Comet (John* John.*. Mm* Duiid* John.* David^) 
wa;i boru in Koxboro, M.i-s., March 30, 1.'<2J, and lives (1^96) in 
Brooklyn. N. Y. At the a^q of tneiuy-one he left Foiboro, and 
for two or three years worked in Boston, removing thence to Brook- 
lyn, N. Y., where he has ever since been engaged in the straw goods 
business, which under his able m.mai^.'ment has assumed large pro- 
portions. He is tcuch interested in charch work and h;is been for 
Sfveral years Trustee and Deacon of the ."^tronj PI. Baptist Church. 
He married, Oct. 15, 1848. Clara A. Dean, of Rehoboth. 
Children'L boru in Foxboro; ii. to i v. born in Brooklyn: 

1. Laura Jcd.*ox, b. July 24, 1832; lives nnm. (IS'JC) in Brooklyn. 

U. E.M>[A FR.V.NCES, b. Oct. a. 1»51; m. July 10. UH. Uov. Daniel J. 
Ellison, now (I>',iO) pastor of tlie First Haptist Chnrch of 
Indianapolis, Ind. Tliey have two cliililrin : Willie !Iu;:h, b. 
In Jersey City, N. J.. .May 8, 186j. Emma Comcy, b. in Brook- 
lyn, N. Y., <Jct. 3. l->--i;. 
87. lii. Geor(-,e Pkkston Jr., b. April 21, 18jS. 

Iv. A.NNIE Mykhs. b. Jnly 24. In'10; ra. April 14, 1881. John J. Bate, 
and live in Westwood. \. J. Th"v tiave four children : Alice 
Louise, b. in Pa>kack, N. J., Jan. I'l. 1882. Edith Ad.Ic, b. in 
Pa.-.kack, N. J., May 2. X-iti. Daisy b. in I'askack. N. J., 
March 28, 188". Arthur Comey, b. in Westwood, N. J. 

50. Chester Hoi.p.rook' Co^tEr {John* John.* .Tohn.* David.* John,* 

Darid^) was born in Fo.\boro, Mass., Feb. 22, l'<32, and died in 
Cambrldjre. >rass., March .Jl, 1881, x. 49. In 1853 he graduated 
from the Bridgewater Normal School with honors, and for several 
years taught school with marked success in Foiboro, Kingston, 
South Dedham (now Norwood), Arlington and Boston (Mass.). 
In the latter he was sub-master of the Dwijlit Grammar School. 
His later years were devoted to the insurance business, though 
be always retained bis interest in educational and religious work; 
was church trustee and deacon in Caml)riil;:e. He married Au:;. 27, 
1855, .Sarah Dyer Rich, daughter of Capt. Philip S. Rich, of 
Provincetowu, Mass.: 

Children, i. born in Foxboro; ii. in Dedham; iii. in Norwood; 
and iv. in Cambridge: 

88. 1. Ch.uiles RjcFt, b. .Tnlv 21. 18,"><5. 

U. FR.OK Hi.ijjROoK. 1). .May 2.->. IS.IO; d. Sept. 14, 1839. 

lil. Loi-L-iA G., b. April 2. Is02; d. Sept. 1. 18r,7. 

iy. PuiLip RoBLNSu.v, b. Nov. 2, 1871; d. Sept. 29, 1372. 

51. John Frankli.n' Comev (John.* John* .John.* David* J,hn* David") 

was born in Foiboro. Mass.. March l'>. 1837, and lives (I89r>) in 
New York city (74 W. 5 Uh St.). Educated at Pierce Academy, 


Middleboro, Jfas?. In 1855 he went to work in the New York 
salesroom of -lAtu \\. R..;;.ts. of M.uisliel.i, Mass.. straw poods 
manufacturer. When Mr. Iv gers retired he went into the tirm. 
Ten years later Mr. C'omey heeanio sole owner. Since then Mr. 
Rogers has gone back into tlie tirm again. He lived eleven years 
in Brooklyn!, since then in New York city. He is a Trustee and a 
Deacon of tlie Fifth Avenue Baptist Ciiurcli, Member of Board of 
Manai'ers of the International Medical Miasionary Society, Trustee 
of the Southern New York Baptist As«ociation, Treasurer of the 
American Bible Union, and Trustee and Treasurer of tlie Ml. Olivet 
Baptist Church (colored). He married, Dec 26, 1x59, Hattie 

Children, i. born in Brooklyn; ii. and iii. in Foxboro; iv. in New 
York city: 

1. CARRtT. RoniNSOs, b. March .">. 1*'^.'; tl. Mav 21. 
il. Harrif.t Bai:iiows. b. Jan. 11. Im^s; m. Sept. li;. I>mC, Charle.^G. 
Juilson. They have two ihiu;;hters : Marsuerite E. JuJson, b. 
March 13, 1802, and Sylvia .liuLson, h. June 10, 1805. 
ill. BvssiK France.^, b. Dec'. 15, 1870 ; m. June 2, 1806. Jas. B. Harris. 
.1^;. John Wintorop, b. April 6, lsT7; is in the Class of '98, Brown 

52. Olivfr EdsOn' CosIET { Oliver.* Oliver.' .Mn.* Dnn'd,' John.' Bm-ifP) 

was born April S. l.'^SO, in Foxboro, Mass., where he still (hS'JC) 
lives. He was engnjed in the grocery business for more than twenty 
years, but retire<i several years ago on account of poor health. He 
married first, in July, 1852. Harriet Anderson, who died Dec. ID, 
1864. He married second, Jan. 28, 1866, Lucinda Frances Wood, 
who is still living. 

Child of Oliver E. and Harriet, born in Foxboro: 

1. Ln:u.A ArorsTA. b. Sept. 20. I^58; ra. Ut. .\U'.'. 20, IRS.3, •William 
S. Whitins. who d. i>ct. 23. U-Sfi. She ra. 2(1. Dec. 11, 1880, 
Byron T. Koscoe, and they live at Greenwich, R. I. 

Child of Oliver E. and Lucinda, born in Foxboro: 

i. Dana Wood, b. July 12, 1^74; d. .Ian. 1, 187t3. 

53. Aarhn Lowell' Comet (Aaron.'Oliver.^John.^Duvid.'J'jhn.'BavifP) 

was born in Foxboro. Mass., Dec. 10. 1815, and died in Ortonville. 
Minn.. July li', 1880, ae. 64, unmarried. He went West in 1856 
and wa.s a prosperous farmer. July 20, 1862, he enlisted in Com- 
pany C, Sixth Regiment Minnesota Infantry, and served until the 
end of the war. 

54. William Skinner' Comet (Anron.' Oliver,'' John,* Dnvid.^ .fo/in' 

I)nviiP) was born in Foxboro. Mass.. Sept. 30, 1. Si' 1 . and died in Forge 
Village, .^la^3., April 28, IS'.M. ;e. 60. He kept a meat market in 
Forge Village, in the town of Weslford,* Middlesex Co. He mar- 
ried in l.">45 Almira Havden. of Westford. daughter of Luther 
Hayden of Groton. She ilied in Westford, Feb. 27, 1894. 

Children, i. born in Bedford, Mass.; ii. in Foxboro; the others in 

80. 1. WiiiUM V.-Mi.MT,. b. M.irrh 4. \-\i',. 

il. \Kii\ lU^DK.v, I). Jlay 20, 1-47; d. Sept. C, 1647. 

• Westford wa« Kt off from Cbelmsford in 1720. 


111. Edwin RmrrrN, b. Jan. 16, 1840; m. Maria Hrnso, of Daffalo, 

N. Y.. i\-hcrc he rt. !!<;»••. 
Iv. Na.ncv -Makiv. b. July L':t. 18J0; in. Oct. I, l^rc. Wilfor.l G. 

Blixlselt, auJ lives (ISVC) lu Graultcville, a villa:;e of Wost- 

T. Sarah Frances, b. March Irt. ISJl; d. Aug. 11, 1852. 
vl. Eu.EX Coiii>F.i.iA. b. .Mav 12. 1853. 
vU. Maky Ella. b. May 25,' ld55; m. EUwln B. Lee, and lives (189C) 

Id Worcistor, Mass. 
vlll. Aktiuk Ecoknk, b. Oct. 26, 1857; <1. In Infancy. 
Iz.. A.N.NA ELI7.A, o. Jan. 2H, lb59i m. Joseph Bruso, and lives (1S9C) 

in Li.jns. N. Y. 
X. Claha VoiiTER, b. June 2jJ, 1801: m. Nov. 25, isai, George F. 

("arkin, ami lives (lS',>rt) in Granlteville. 
xl. Aiirutp. Hekhkkt, b. Dec. 7. 18i;2; m. Oct. 14. 1S94. Susannah 

Mollor, and has Hazel May, b. April 3, 1S95. They live In 

Forge Villaire. 
ill. ksniA Francks, b. March 20, 1865; Uves nnm. In Graniteville. 

55. Ltman- Fisiiek' Comf.T ( Li/m-m' Oliver* John.*'d.'JoIni.'Dmi'd' ) 

was born in Foiboro, JI.iss., Aug. 20, 181 1. and died in Foiboro, 
October, lfS67. ae. -^'3. Much of his youth was spent in Sandwich, 
Ma.-is. Whe_ahe was eighteen ho went to sea. R.;turniiig be locutetl 
in Fo.\l)oro, \\'hiTc he was a stone cutter. lie married lirst, about 
1836, Harriet L. Skinner, of Mansfield. She died May 17, l.s42, 
and he married second, iu 1845, Lydia, dau'jhter of Waldeo, 
of Mendon, a lady of Quaker stock, wlio still lives in Foiboro. 
Children of Lyman F. and Harriet, all born iu Fosboro: 

i. Uaukiet Ei.iZAnKTil. b. March 23. 18:!3 : m. 1st, in ls55, Cilecins 
M. i'lerco. of Mansllekl, and 2d, in 1870, Joseph Gay. She lives 
(1896) in Foxboro. 
U. TVaruen Wkstlev. b. Jan. 13, 1840; d. in Foxboro. Feb. H, 
1863; m. Louise Spinney, of Maine, and saw service In llth 
>Taine Vols, in Civil War. 
111. ER-vsrrs Fisiikr. b. .May 12, 1842; was adopted by an nncle 
named Williams, and lives (1896) in i'rovidence, R. I. Ue m. 
Grace Murray, of Taunton. 

Children of Lyman F. and Lydia, all born in Foxboro, except iv. 
who was born in Wreutham: 

I. Lewis Edgar, b. 1*47: lives nnm. in .\ttlcboro (?). EnlLsttd 

Julv 17, l.s.;4. for 1)0 (lavs in Co. B, 6th Mass. Vols. 

II. Olive E., b. 1840; d. 1851. 

III. J.I.MES Albert, b. 1852: ra. Aus. 17, 1879, Ida Pine, of Wren- 

Iham, and lives (1896) In Connecticut. Tlicy have three chil- 
dren ; 1. Charles Heno'. b. .March 26, I85O. 2. Lewis Eugar, 
b. Oct. 21, Issi'. 3. Earle Francis, b. July 21, 1883. 
It. Martha Jane, b. 1854; m. Thomas Uoyil. and d. May 2. 1S93. 
T. Frank .\llen, b. 1856: d. 1890; m. Carrie I'iercc. ami had one 
daughter .Mice. b. April 21, 1880. lib widow m. a .Mr. Adams, 
of Sherboro, Mass. 

56. Georoe Anson' Comet {Lijman* OUrnr* Jvhn* David* John* 

David') w,^^ born in Foxboro, Ma-'S., April 7, 1^17. and lives (18'J6) 
in Cambridijp, Mass.. where be has resided since 1875. He married 
Nov. 26, 1«40, Lydi.i Fisher .^Io^se. born in Foxboro. Dec. 21, 1818, 
daui:hter of John JLirse. a cirpenter by trade. 
Children, all born in Foxboro: 

L S.UIAH An->-, b. Feb. 2, ls43; m. Nov. 27, 1868, Joseph W. Bel- 
cher, and Uves in Cambridge, Mass. 


wiLi.ivM Af.N' vniiio, u. .NOV. rj, i.'^ji). 

M.vr.Y .W.wi.NA. 1). Jan. 1". I>^01; d. Mr^. 20. lS.-,5. 

M.tliTmMM.\. 1>. Jan. 8. l.^.ji); lives urim. in Bnstou. Ma 
. Ella^Iaiua. b. May IS, K-ijS ; d. Aug. 13, It-5S. 

II. Gr.nnc.r. AN=f>.>*. b. Sopt. 9, l*U: d. Joly 0, 1917. 

90. 111. CiiAiti.KS .Mr.LviN. b. .^.'i''- "• I"*"'- 

It. GEom.t: 0th. b. Nov. 17. !-»?; lives (1S90') In Cambrid-c, .Moss. 

91. T. William .\ln- vhaiio, b. Nov. 12, l.'^jO. 
vt. Mary 

57. AlheRt' CouI'.V [Lymnn* Olivrr* John* Dnvid* John^ David,') 

waa born in Sandrt'ich, Mass., Feb. 2 t, Idi'", and lives (l-sOC) iu 
Akron, Oliio. His mother (lyin;; wlieu he wa.s four vears oIJ, he 
with his oiliest sister went to live with his [jraml-parents and later 
with his uncle. lie went to work at tlie a:;e of fouiteeii. After 
two years spent in Canton, Ma>i.. he went into the B. ife P. R. R. 
repair shops at Roxtjury and there learned the machinists' trade. 
Thence he went to New London. Conn., as a locomotive eni;ineer. 
After about eleven vears spent in this occupation he returned to the 
machinists' trade and moved, in Marcli, l>i'>f<. to Ohio. Since .ibout 
1.S70 he has been connected with the Buckeye Co. (Aultmau Miller 
Co.) at Akron, O. 

•."ile married. Oct. 19, lf^.51, Mary Ann Brayinton. of Taritrville, 
Ct. She was born in England, Oct. 11, 1823, daughter of William 

Children, i. born in Jamaica. L. I., ii. born in Bridgeport, Ct., iii. 
to V. born in Cuyahoga Falls, C>hio: 

1. CnARLKs Lymax, b. Nov. 13, 1«;2: ra. Alice M. Stowell, and has 
one son, .vrthur -M., b. Jnly j, 1S77. They have lived iu Grand 
Itapids, ^fU■ll., since 1890. 

U. CiTUERrNK IIanxau. b. .May 11, 18.")-t: m. Charles n. Myers, and 
lives iu .\kron, U. Thev have one son. 

92. lil. Gkohi.e BitAYiNToN, b. .\iiril2, leJ3. 

93. Iv. WiLLAltD, b. .March U',. l^JJ. 

V. Frank Irving, b. Dec. 19, 18f;S; lives nnm. in Cleveland, 0., 
where he is In the employ of Comcy i Johasoa. 

58. WilLARd' Comf.T {Lyman* Ofiver.' John.* David.' John.'' David') 

waa born in Sandwich, Mass., Dec. 1, 18.'!0, and lives (189^) in Wren- 
tham, JLiss. Ilis mother dieil while he was yet in infancy, and 
he was brought up by his grandfather Cyrus Fisher, of Wrenthr.m. 
At the age of ten he went back to Fnxhoro, where he remained 
four years, after which he went to live with his sister in Upton (Mass.), 
where he remained until 1818, learning the boot maker's trade. 
From Upton he went West for a couple of years, living in Cinciti- 
Dati and Louisville. Returning, he lived in Ilartfonl and New 
Haven. Ct., for nine months ami then gravitated back to Upton, 
where be remained several years, working iu the straw business. Tlie 
five next years were divided between Worcester and South Framing- 
ham, MajS., and Woonsocket Falls, 11. L In August, 1862, he 
enlisted in the 1st R. I. Cavalry and served until the close of the 
war. He was a prisoner in Libby and Belle Isle, and upon his 
exchange in 18iU was so disabled that he was transferred to the 
Veteran Reserve Corps. In l.-^tj-j he returned to ilassachuietts, 
and for three vears was in the straw manufacturing firm of .Smalley 
& Comey. After 1-^O.S he became interested iu various inventious 
and ha<» patented in his own name over twenty articles and machines. 
Since disposing of his business iu W"estboro in 1S89 he has lived in 


He married first, Oct. 1, la.'Sl, Esther E., daughter of Lewis 
Rockn-ooil. of U[itoi). Mass. She dieil in Upton, Au;;. 11, ISo". 
ae. 24, ami be man id seconii, Oct. 1, ISO", Velzora, liauuhter of 
Siduey L. Turner, of Westlioro, M.iss. .Slio wa.f boru iu Porllani), 
Jle., .Sept. :i. 1>:5.'3, ami died in the Lo-iptal at liustou, July 18, IbS'J. 

Child of Willard and Esth*, born iu Upton: 

1. Fr.vntv Lewis, b. ,Tune '*, ls.".7; followed the sea after he was 
flghtn'n, became on cilicer in the whaliuit vessel "Vlsilaut" 
of New llijfonl and was lost, with all ou board, during the 
winter of 167U-SO, In the Arctic Oceau. 

Child of Willard and Velzora, born id Westboro: 

1. Edward Or.nKn. b. An:;. l.>, 1S71 ; in 1S02 entered the employ of 
the Ailnnis Expres.s Company at Worcester, Mass.. whert; he 
st'u remains. He m. Sept. 28, ISUS. Alice Ophelia, dau. of 
Leander .M. llowland, of Whitinsville, Ma>s. They have a son, 
Willard Ilowlaud Comcy, b. .March .J. li'JJ. 

59. Jason' Comet {Jas'^n.' Olictr* John.* David? John.'' BariJ') was 

born in Foxboro, Mass.. Sept. 8. 1831, and lives (1.S90) iu Fran- 
coDia, N. H.. where he has a farm. lie married Feb. 18, 18J4. 
Julia A. Al»jTfch, of Dalton, N. H. 

Child of Jason and Juli;x. born in Foxboro. Mass.: 

1. JcUA M., b. Oct. 31, 1*.'..': m. April 25, 1S?2, Adclbcrt Jcssman, 
of Lisbon, N. H. No children. 

60. Joseph' Comet [Jason,* Oli'ver* John.* DaviJ* John.' DurirT) was 

born iu Foxboro, JIas.s., May 18, 18.'55, and still resides iu Fnx- 
boro, where he is a farmer. lie married tirst, Dec. 21, IS.'iS, 
Lucretia .Aldrich. of Dalton. N. H., a sister of his brother's wife. 
She died April 2>>. Is61. and he married second. Oct. 6, 18C9, Ellen 
F. Blake, of Wrentham, Mass. 

Child of Jason and Lucretia, born in Foxboro : 

I. Joseph If., b. Ans;. 9. I-OO: lives unm. in Foxboro, a farmer; he 
Is deaf and dumb, tue result of scarlet fever. 

Children of Joseph and Ellen F., born in Foxboro: 

1. Charlotte Kli.en. b. Sept. 12. 1«70; m. Ani. 27. H02. at Mans- 
field, Mass.. to Albert Edward Hanscom, of Machias, Me. 
U. Axxa Florence, b. March 28, le76. 

61. Otis Williams' Comet {Charles,' Olicer.^ John.* Dadd,' John.' 

David') was born iu Foxboro, Mass., June 19, 1837. and was killed 
in front of Richmond, Va., Oct. 2, 1864, ae. 27. He enlisted in 
Co. E, 10th N. H. Vols. Before the war he was engaged in farm- 
ing. He married in June, 1859, Rebecca Olive Johnson, who died 
Feb. 22, 1864. 

Children, bora in Wilmot, N. H. : 

1. Wahrev Otis, b. Feb. !3, l-SOO; Is a shoemaker; lives nnm. in 

Ravmond, N. H. 
U. Cl.*.r.v EsTiu-.u. b. April 19. 1^02; ra. April 13. 1880, John H. 

Kevser (b. Feb. 14. IsjI), of North Sutton, N. H., where they 

still live. 

62. Charles Berrt' Comet (Charles.' Oliver.'' John.* David.' John.' 

David') was bora ui Foiboro, Maas., Aug. 23, 1639, aud lives 



(1896) in Sfonroo City, Iowa, a farmer by occnpation. IIo enlisted 
in Au;:u«t, 1."<''I, in Co. A of the f.iraous " fujlitiiii; Kilth" Uogiment, 
New Hampshire Voliintters. iu whicli he s.-rvoil three yoirs, being 
severely woumied at Gettysburg. He married in June, lyOG, Irene 
W. Tentiey, who waj born Feb. 5, 1833. 

I. COR.V B.. b. March 13, ISOG. 

II. CnAni.Ki E.. b. i)i:t. 11, l^iN; d. Anj. 29, 1869. 
lU. Gr-ick E., I). July 2S, 1-^71 ; J. Oet. 1, 1873. 
Iv. ClIAUI.Fs. b. JulV 2.>, l■^74. 
V. MiNMK M., b. All!;. 14, H77. 
vl. MvnTLK I., b. Dec. 15, 1h73. 

IIexrv Harrison' Comf.t (Charles* Olirer* John* David* John,* 
Jhfid^) was born in Foxboro, Mass., Aug. 23, 1841, and lives 
(189G) in the part of Boston formerly Dorchester. In August, 
1801, he enlisted with his brother in Co. A, 5th N. H. Vols., serv- 
ing for a year. He was at the sio;.'e and capture of Yorktown, Va., 
and on the Peninsula with McLi-llan until July 5, 18t'i'2, when he 
was sent to David's Ijlatnl, N. Y.. sick with typhoid fever. .Since 
lfiC,:i he hxs resided in Boston, and since May 1, 1877. has been in 
the custom bi>usc, where he is an inspector. He marrie<l .June 25, 
1874, Caroline Elizabeth Derby (born July 23, 1843), of Boston. 
Children, all born in Boston: 

I. Charles IIevrt, b. Xov. 8, 1875. 

II. F.LI.ES Maiua. b. Oct. 17, 1S77. 
HI. Ueiuiert Dei-jjv, b. Nov. 5, 1834. 

64. John Hale' Comet {Charles* Oliver.^ John.* David* John* David") 

was born in Wilmot, N. H.. Jlay 2,5, 1.S60, and lives (1896) in 
Melrose, Mass., where he has resided since May 15. 1886. He 
learned the tailor's trimmings business in Boston with N. W. God- 
dard, with whom he wxs connected from .Sept. 6, 1880, to Jan. 1, 
1888, since whch time he has been with Cumner, Jones & Co., 
Boston, in the same business. He is now a travelling salesman. He 
married. Nov. 2G, 1885, Isabella Hunter McKav, daughter of Donald 
A. McKay. 

Children, all born in Melrose: 

I. HrxRT CiirrvKn. b. .Ian. 9. 1897. 

II. Nettie May, b. .lun.- i;. l<-.>; d. .Tnne 13. 1859. 

III. Ji>ii.v Oni.iN, b. May IS, l>;iO; d. .Jan. 8, laJi. 
Ir. Francis Wiison. b. April Irt, 1892. 

T. Mildred, b. Jan. 1, 1895. 

65. Lettis Alvin' Cosiet ( Oman* Oliver,^ John.* David.* John.* Darid^ ) 

was born iu Foxboro. M.xsj., Aug. 2. 1"*50, and still lives there. 
He married, June 20, 1872, Ella M. Briggs, of Mansfield, Mass. 
Children, all bom in Foiboro: 

I. Lf.wt; Edward, b. April 13. 1=>74; d. Dec. 31. 1883. 

II. Id 4 IsMiKLi-E. b. Nov. 19, l-'75: d. Nov. 8. l-i7.S. 

Ul. Cora .Ii'st.i'uiNE. b. Ecb. 17. Ii77; m. .lames Everett Campbell, 
of Mansfield, and has one dau., Mildred UUve, b. June 9, li'Ji. 
Ir. nEi'.iiERT AiT,r>iTfS. b. ,Iunc 9. lf«7;). 
T. Waltk.k Lawrence, b. S>f[)t. 17, 1881 ; d. March 2, 1893. 
vl. Eva May. b. M.iy 4. 1^>:,. 
Tli. Ber-Sakd Evekett, b. Dec. 30, 1893. 


6G. Wilson' Comee ( Tlmmas IT.,' Ezra,* Joseph* David,'* Band') 
was born in D.iiiu. M.i-<.. .Ian. 2-3. XAIO. an. I .liel in IJoston, 'SIm^., 
Auir. 0, l.SiJO, ae. 11. Uurieil in Dana. He uiovoil to Boston ia 
1.H4S aticl was eiij;a:.'iMl i[i the grocery business. He marrieil, .Sept. 
28, 1811, Maria Siiilev, of Dana, who was horn .July 14, 1S-J2. 
Cbildreu, i. to iii. boru in Dana, iv. to vi. in Boston: 

1. Axsox SlULKY, b. Oct. 19, ist3; il. In Boston, Sept. 28, IS'Ja, 
ae. jO. He ra. In Boston. March !*, ISil, Annie Cruthcr, who 
was b. March :.'•-', 1s.">j. No cliiUlren. 
94. 11. Er>!D WII.SOV. h. .June ■-'0. lst4. 

111. CoRPf.Uv Woodward, b. April 3. 1S4?; d. Au^. ."50. 1851. 
Iv. Gkobck Fhask. b. Feb. 10. I'*J1; «1. In Barre. M:i>s., March 
12. l.s;)3. Ill- in. in Uarrt, Nov. 27. 1<!<3, Anna Maria Barrett, 
b. in Barre, .Sept. 2:5. l.-^JS. No chiKlren. 
V. Mary .\nn, b. Ang. 12. 18.'.;>; d. In Boston. Jan. 9. 1836. 
vl. WAi.Ttu< HoUAKT, b. Sept. 15, 1S55; d. April 1, IsJC. 

67. Cn\Rt.Es' COMEE ( T/iomrts IT..* Ezra.' Joseph * Dmid.' John* DavuC) 

w:i3 born in Dana, .Mass., Nov. l. 1821. anj lives (18jt;) in West 
Somerville, Ma-ss. He moved to Bo-ton fioin Dana iu 1.S18. He 
married, Nov. •2(j. Idl.'i, Samantba G. Richardson, born in Dana, 
Oct. 6. lsi'3"." 

Children, i. born in Dana, ii. in Boston, iii. in Chelsea, Ma-ss. : 

I. Edgab Fra-vk, b. Feb. 15, 1849; m. Sept. 9, 1879, Marion Alice 

Garcclon. b. in Frodcrickton, N'. B., Au?. 2. 18J9. Tliey live In 
Somerville. whore tliov have hatl born two children: Uoy 
Eliot, b. Fel). 1, 1SS2. a'ud Ed-ar Uandolph. b. .Inly G, 1693. 

II. Cn.vRi.ES .\liikrt. b. .March 20, !>.')(*; d. June 3, ISJS. 

III. LllJJ\.N May, b. .March 13, 1800. 

68. Ezra' Comee {Thomas W.,* Ezra* Joseph.* David.* John} Daiid'^) 

was born Oct. 21, 182.!. iu Dana. M.i.<j., where he stiit lives. He 
still owns the farm where his mother was born, but for a few years 
has kept a store at the town centre. He married. Nov. 10, 1814, 
Arbelia ^yhipple, boru in Dana, April II, 1822, and died in Dana, 
Nov. 6. 1.S94. 

One child, born in Dana: 

1. Ecgexe Therun", b. Jaly 6. 1850; ra. Feb. 10, 1377, Mary Etta 
Towne, by whom he has one cliild, Ethel, b. in Grpcnwich, 
Mass., Aug, 5, lSs2. He is In business with his father at Dana. 

69. Franklin-' Comee ( Thomas W.* Ezra.* Joseph.* David.' John* 

David^) was born in Petersham, Mass., Dec 11. 1827, and lives 
(1896) in Briixhton, Boston. .Mass, where he is a paper han<;er. He 
moved to B.iston about lUbi. He married. Nov. 28, 1849, Lucinda 
Rockwood, born in D.ina, Aug. 16, 1831. 
Children, both born in Boston : 

I. Frakk HrRBKRT. b. April 2fi. 1<5^: m. at South Framinsham, 

Mass., Feb. 16, 1881, LlUian A. Stewart, and Uves (1836) in 

II. Marion LotnsE, b. Dec. 23, IS"?.?: m. at South Framlnsham, 

Ma...s.. Nov. 10. H^i;, Nathan Parker Colhurn 21. of Hopkinton. 
b. March 30. 1?>U. They have had two children born at South 
X Fnimingham: Lizzie Rockwood. b. Nov. l^i, 1837, and Ralph 

Parker, b. Aug. 23, 18«9, and d. Feb. 16, 1890. 


:0. Dr.NNIS Flago' COMEE (Thomas W'..^ Ezra} Joseph* Dnvid? John} 
Dun'd') was born in l-'elcr-him, M;i~s., June C, \^oi'. ami lives 
(18iH"i) in Boston, where lie li;i-i re>i<ieil since voutli. He marrii-il. 
ilarcli ".'O, l.'?.Jt>, Klliii Mari;i ile:iriie, wlio was horn in Sehav,">, 
Me., June 12, 1^3.■>. and dieil in Boston, Mass., Dec. 0, IbTu, ae. oo. 
One chilli, boru in Boston. 
1. Walteu J.vme>, 1). Feb. IS. 1837; d. In Bo.ston, Sept. 3, 1871. 

n. Jamks Thomas' Comke (Thomas IP..' Ezra.' Joseph* Doiul.' Juhn? 
Variil') was born in I'etf-r.'.hani. Ma«s.. Nov. 2'J, li^'-J'.K ami lives 
(1890) in Brij»htiin (Bo-ton). Mass.. where he is a 6er;,'eant on the 
police lone. He lEarried first. l)ic. S, 1806. Fanijy I-. Sieailman. 
boru in Mil! Villau<.'. N- S., Jan. 2U. 1844, and died in Boston. Nov. 
23, 18'^0. Uc married second. Oct. 10, IhOO. Vesta Louise Pomerov. 
born iu Boston, Nov. 12, 1849. No children by the second mar- 

Children of James T. and Fanny L., born in Boston: 

I. Sr.sA.v .\LT.l sr\, b. Jan. 2'.'. MM; ni. In Dorchester. Mass., .\n2. 

17, iN^r. Janics Henry Sluiniaker. b. in Uoxbiiry. Mass.. .\pril 
22. 18rt.s. Tliey have two children, born in Bn~ton : Henry 
Wil.-on. b. Sept. 20, l.s.sS, and .\lbert David, b. June 4, IsUO. 

II. 'Wii>i>N SfKAPMAN. b. .\pril 13.,7; ni. at Iljde Parlt. .M^iss,. 

Sept. In, I«.s:i. Kli/abeth Hanvood Lockman, I), in Hraiitford, 
Canada. May IK, l.sOfi. Thev have om: child, James Uarwood 
Comcc, b, in Hyde Park. March 30, 1-^'Jl. 

72. FRF.nFRlCK T<iwnk' Co.MEK (TTinmas IT.,* Ezra.' Joseph * David* 

Jo}in? David'^) Was born in Dana, 5Iass., Oct. 1. l-slO. and lives 
(1896) in WooiiMcket, R. I., n hither he removeii in 18*4 to become 
Assistant Su[perintciident of the Woonsocket Rubber Ci'mpany. In 
1887 he became ."superintendent, and this position he still holds. For 
thirty years previous he had made his home iu Boston, where he 
was a member fjf the St. .John's Lodje of Masons, was Worshipful 
JIaster. ls77-7->; member of St. Andrew's Royal Arch Cha|)tcr, 
Most Kmiiieiit Hi^h Priest, 1879-81'; member of the Boston Com- 
maudery of Kir.;li;s Templar, was ?'minent Commander 1884— 's.i; 
member of M.i-« ichnieits Consistory (o2d degree), and was also 
Most Kminent Grand High Priest of the Gran. I Royal Arch Chap- 
ter of Ma--.ieliii-etis. 1 >.>.",_si;_.s7. \\^. i,-,s been much interested 
in this geneaioL-y ati<l has furnished valuable assistance. 

He married. M.iv 25. 1«7I, at Salisbury Point, 3Ia«s., Mary 
Adelaide .Morton, l)orn in New Beilford, Mas.s., Oct. 9, 1840. 

Children, i. born in Salisbury Point, Mass., ii. in Boston: 

I. FnKi'ir.iiK NfioiToN, b. .Vn^. 21. IH72. 

II. AKTHi It .Mi;rCAi.K, b. Feb. 13, \n'l. 

73. James' Comke (Jamd M.' James J/,' Darid* David* John.* David') 

was born iu G.inlner, ila,,3., July 2, 1830. and died in Fitchbur<j, 
Alass., Feb. 9, It-^.j, ac. 40. He went to Worcester. Mass., in his 
teens, and there marrieil April J, 18J9, Charlotte M.. dau"hter of 
Roland Pollard, of Nantucket, .Mass.. and moved to Boston, where 
be remained until about l.'si".4, when he returned to Worcester to 
X become superintendent of the street railway there. Three years 

later he went to New York to Lake a similar position. His health 


broke down and he wont to his father'3 home, where he died. 
Mrs. Ci>iuee it livinij in \Vi)rce>tcr. 

Child of James and Charlotte M., horn in Worcester : 
1. Ei.lZA SI., b. Fob. 4. ISiM ; m. Dr. William T. Spring. Ttii\V live 
In Worcester, whore tUcy have a .son WUlIc Kayuiond Spring. 

William Porter' Comee ( William IF.,' James .V..' David* David,* 
John.* Daviif) wxH born in Gardner, Mass., July 17, 1837, aud 
lives (lf<'J6) in New York City. In youth he worked in Barnard i 
Sumner's dry i;oods store in \Vorco-.ter. He was afterwards con- 
ductor on the railroad between Fitclibur^ and Worcester. He and 
his brother Charles were the tallest men in the Fitchbur^ Fusiloers 
and were drafttd at Lincoln's tirst ciill, but both were unable physic- 
ally to go. Most of his life has been sp-'iit in tiie hotel business. Ha 
has been chief clerk at the lievere, Tremont. Parker and Coolidtje 
Houses in Boston, was a year at the Unitt-d .States Hotel. Saratoga, 
and a season at the Point of Pines, Revere, Mass. Since IS'J 1 has 
be«n steward at the Hotel Grenoble. Fifth Avenue. New York City. 

He married, June 4, I.S7o, Alice Ferry, of St. Albans, Vl. 

Child, bojTT in Cambridge, Mass.: 

1. Cn.uu,Ks niNr,iiA\t. b. March 4. I'TC; since 1S94 has been nl:;ht 
clerk at Hmil Knipiro, New York Tity; is a member of Co. C 
In the crack Ttli Keg. of N. Y., and has taken several medals 
for marksmausiiip; Is 6 ft. 14 in. tall. 

Cn.vRLES Henry' Comee {William W.^ James If.* David* David* 
John' David') was born in Gardner, ilass., Aug. 17, 1>*4<I, and died 
unmarried in Fitchburg, M;iss., Sept. 1. 1878, ae. 33. For a long time 
he was in the employ of the father of the famous Jim Fisk, first as 
an express mosseniier between Boston and Brattleboro. Vt., the home 
of the Fisks, and later, during the Civil War. running a cotton 
steamer on the Mississippi River for Jim Fisk himself, when the 
latter was cotton buyer for the firm of Jordan, Marsh & Co., of 
Boston. On his return from the South, Mr. Comee entered the 
employ of Otis F. Ruirijles, Superintendent of the Vermont & Massa- 
chusetts Railroad, with offices in Fitchburg, and at the time of the 
leasing of the road to the Fitchburg Railroad, Jan. 1. 1874, he suc- 
ceeded Mr. RuL'u'les with the title of Division .Superintendent of the 
Vermont &. Massachusetts Division of the Fitchburg Railroad from 
Fitchburg to Greeutield. This position he held at the time of his 

Frederic RonBisa' Comee ( William W.' James M.* David* David' 
John,^ David^) was born in Fitchburg, Mass., Jan. 2, lSo4, and 
lives (1896) in Boston, whither he removed with his parents in 
1868. He graduated from the Boston Latin School in 1?71, a 
Franklin Me<lal scholar, and the same year entered Harvard College, 
from which he graduateil in 1875. For six years he was employed 
in the civil engineer's department of the Fit'.-hburg Railroaii. From 
1882 to lS-'4 he was Assistant Treasurer of the Bijou Theatre in 
Boston. In December, ISSJ, he became AssisUiit Manager of the 
Boston Symphony Orchestra, a position he still holds, his office 
being at Music Hall. 


lie married Doc. 1 'J, 1 ^9 I, at Hotel Rrunswlck, Hoston, Clam E., 
daughter of United Sutcs Deputy Marabal Frederick G;illuupe, of 
Somcrville, Mass. 

77. James K. Polk' Comf.T {Hiram* Royal* Jonathan* David* John* 

David,') was born iu Uopkiutoii, Ma»s., Feb. 2il. 181.5, ami died in 
Milford. lla-vs., Dec. 7, 1881, ae. 3'J. April 7. 1H62, bo enlisted in 
Co. 13, 2.Hb Reg. M.iss. Inf., and served until the close of the war. 
lie was wounded, and alaO in the hc..>nital. lie married. .June 2t5, 
1873, .Sylvania Rhoby Qiiimby, who die.l in Milfurd. Jan. l-<. 1888, 
ae. 41. ' .^be was burn iu HIaekstoue, Mass., May 10, 18-16, daugh- 
ter of Sullivan J. Quimby. 
Children : 

1. Lawson nERScnri, b. In >ray, 1874. 
U. Alfrtd L., b. Srpt. 6, lt)77. 
111. Maiua Lol-i^e (twin), b. Sept. 27, 18S1. 
Iv. iULD Fr.».N-CEs (twin), b. Sept. 27, 1881. 

78. Albert Barton' Comet (Albert,' Ro>/a/,' Jonathan,* David,' John,* 

David^) was born iu Medway. Ma"ss.. Feb. 2i). 18:32, and lives 
(189t') in Framin^ham, Ma>!s. He res^ided in Hopkiiiton. Ma.«9.. 
until 18.>-<, when be moved to the adjoining town of Ashland where 
he remained about twenty years; engaged IJrst in the grain business 
and later in tlie manufacture of boots and shoes. In 1^""* be pur- 
chased property in South Fraraiiigham, a few miles from Ashland, 
and at the same time built a summer cottaije at Lake View Camp 
Ground. A few years later be transferred his residence to Normal 
Hill in Framingham Centre. Aus. 23, 18G2. he enlisted in Co. E., 
6th Re;;. Mass. Inf., and was in service until July 2, IMCS. He is now 
a member of the Fit'ih Reixiraent Veteran Association; of Post 163, 
G. A. K. ; of the Framingham Historical Society: and of two or 
three orcinizations; as well as being a deacon in the Park 
St. Ba[>tist Church at South Framin;:ham. He has been much 
interoted iu the hi-tory of the Comey family, and nearly all of the 
information about Uoyal Comey and his descendants has come from 
him. During Mr. Comey's term of service in the war he was 
almotl ciJiJjiantly active, often on the skirmish Hue, and once for 
geveral days scout outside the Union lines. His regiment was 
ordered to North Carolina and attached to the 18th Army Corps, 
Major-(jeneral J. G. Foster. He took part in the engigements of 
Bachilor's Creek. .Southwest Creek, Kinston, Whiteliall. (ioliKboro', 
Newbern. R.»lman's l-'oint. Little Wasbini^ton, Blount's Mills. Dover 
Road, Gum .Sw.tmp and Biohelnr's Creek again. During all the 
lime be kept a diary, which is tilled with interesting and exciting 

He marrie<l, Feb. 19, 18.j4, Miranda J. Temple, of Hopkinton. 

Children, all l>irn in Ashland, Ma.'s. : 

t 8cst« M., b. An?. 1, 1802: m. S^pt. 7. Ha;, Elmer EUsworth 

(jrnv.M. of H";<kintr>n. wliere they have two sons. 
U. ALiu.Kr c'ai.i.i.i >\. I). .Jnlv j. i?71 ; lives uom. In Framingham. 
X 111. Hr.iiNAlJ) Ki:m -r (twin'), b. .Vwv. 3. 1872. 

Iv. Btu.MCE Euza ttwin), b. Nov. 3, 1872. 


George Rotal' Comet {A!brrt* Royal,^ Jonathan* Daii'd* John' 
Dan'tl,') was horu in Wretitliara, M.iss., I"fl>. 2, 1.S31, ainl ilinl iu 
Ilupkliiloo, Mass., Nov. ii), 1^70, ac. :i>i. When a youni; lu.tii lie 
wa* wiili Gen. Albert Siiiney •Ioliii>toi)'(i i'X[H'ilitioii to Utali in 1.h,j7 
and 18.J8 to re^tore orilor aiuonjj tlie MortiicniH «lio wi-re in open 
revolt apiinst the national goveriinieiiU Later he n:is with a survey- 
ing party iu tlie nililer part of the West. June 18, IriGl, he enlisted 
at Ouialm in Co. E, 1st Neb. Vols., and was iu active service until 
Aus;. 18, 1802, when he was honorably disciiariiod, the cau>e heing 
ill health. lie soon came Hast anil ou 'Tan. 1, 1801, cnliste<l in the 
15lh Mass. Hattery, in which he remained until the close of the 
War. His battery w:is sent immediately to Louisiana. The ful- 
lowiiisj V:i\\ they Went up the Mississippi, first to Arkansas and then 
to Memphis, Tenn., but on Jan. 1, ISb'j, they were back in Louisiana. 
The following mouth they were sent to Alabama, and almost immedi- 
ately to Florida, but were soon hack in Alabama. A wound cause<l 
by the bursting of a shell at the siege of Blakely, Ahu, iu April, 
186.'), eventually caused his death. 

He married, in 1 8C.'3, his cousin Celinda. daughter of Hiram Comey, 
of Hopkinttnt, Mass. She died Nor. 7, 1868, ae. 26. 

Chil<lren, i. born in Hopkinton, Mass., ii. iu Aurora, 111.: 

1. ACH8AH. b. Sept. 13. 18fi4 : m. Dec. 30, 1887. Frank O. Proctnr. of 
.Vshland. .Mn-is. They live (180i;)at South Franiinjrham, Mass. 

U. Wai.teb L.vw-iiN. b. Sept. 2.s. l!<i;(;; m. .June L*'J. IS'.U. Lizzie 
Dyer, of Ashhind, and lives (Islitl). at Milford, .Ma>s. They 
have one sou, Harvey Dyer, b. iu Milford, Sept. 21, 1«'J4. 

WrLLI.VM M.^ Comet (A'berl* Jio-/al.' Jonathan.* DavU.* Jnhn* 
David^) was born in Wrentham, ILi-is., Feb. 18, 184C. and lives 
(1896) in the village of City Mills in the town of Norfolk (.Mass.), 
where he h;is resided since l.-^O.J. He enlisted at Chicago, Jan. 24, 
1861, in Battery B, 4th U. S. Artillery, and was ordered at once to 
Newport, Ky. January 27, he was detailed as mounted orderly 
to report to Major McRae at .St. Louis. .January ''31, he left St. Louis 
for Galveston and .San Antouio, Texas. Thence he st;irted for Fort 
Arbuckle. but learneil before reaching there that General Tivicji^s 
had surrendered all the troops and supplies in the states. Major 
McRae was a Union man and decided to march to Little Rock, 
Ark., which he reached after a hanl march. That ni^ht the garrison 
was surrendered, but they were allowed to proceed toward .St. Louis 
without arms. At St. Louis, Comey was detailed as orderly to 
General Lyon. April 11, be was taken violently ill. At the end 
of May he re-joined General Lyon, and June 18 wa.s at the battle 
of Boonesville, Mo., his first engagement. Immediately he wa> s^nt 
to Fort Kearney, Neb., and Fort Leavenworth, Kan., but by the 
first of August was back in Missouri, and on August 10 was in the 
battle of Wilson Creek, where General Lyon was killed. Comey 
was near General Lvon at the time and was wounded in the knee 
himself, was placed in his saddle and rmle 125 miles without dis- 
m'lUUting. Ortober 1.5 ho returned and was attached to P'reniont's 
Body Guard, which was disbamled ou Thanksgiv-uu Day, aiid Comey 
«as>attached to Co. C, 2d L'. .S. Infantry. December 2U, he waa 
ordered to Washiugton, D. C., where he was detailed oq special 


detective service until ^^arch 8. 13G2. JLircli 9, his ror;imcnt took 
posscs-ioii of the a!j.itiil.jn<:"l torts ;ioro«s the Potom;ic. aiil soon attiT 
sailed Jowd the river. At ILimptoii Ro.ids the .si.Mm-r f.iuii.kTi-l. 
Then crime the ^ie^e of Yorkt.nvii. ninl the hattles of; 
May 3. Kllison Mills May •.'•>. Hanover Court House May 'p , 
Seven Pines May 31, Fair O.iks June 1. and several oth-r im- 
portant engai;euieiits, iiicludiig MalviTU Hill July I.Cedar Moun- 
tain Augustus, and the I'd Bull Uun Au^'usl 30. At the lalier 
Comev rec.-ived live wouuiis in the left hand and arm and was in 
the hospital at Philadulphia until November 1.5, when he n-lurned 
to his r.-gimenl in \'ir-inia. Dec. 12-13. lSt3-2. he was in the haltlo 
of Freilerickshurg. thefollowini: M.iy at Chancellorsville. and in .luly 
at the battle of Gettysburg. His regiment pursued Lee uniil ordere<l 
to New York to snppre>j the draft riots, remaining until S-jptember. 
On the ni^ht of November 27-28, Comey and several other pickets 
were captured, but with seven otliers he maile his escape and re- 
joined his ret;imt:it, and remaine<l with it until .Ian. 21. 1M)4, when 
he received his discharge. He is a member of Antietam Command 
U. V. U. at Boston and of Post CO. G. A. R. at Franklin. Of the 
latter post he is historian. In lrt02 he was on the st;af of Com- 
in.ander-in-chief Palmer at the G. A. R. parade in Washington, 
D. C. Since ISO'S he has been engaged in the manufacture of bonnet 
wire, picture cord, etc., and has taken a prominent part in town 
affairs, has been auditor, moderator, etc., and is a notary pnlilic also. 

He married, Dec. 7, 180.> (National Thanksgiving Dayj. Ophelia 
H. Scott, dau:,'hter of Col. Saul B. Scott, of Fraukliu, Mass. 

Children, both born in Norfolk, Mass.: 

1. Etukl O.. b. Nov. 30, lji77; d. Dec. 6, 1877. 
U. yiia.NK Hoy, b. Jan. 2, is so. 

81. AratCs' Comet {Elbri^ge G..' Roi/al,'' Jonathan.* Dnn'r!.* John,^ 

David') was born in Hopkinton. Mass., Oct. 27, 1"^37. aiid resides 
(189G) in Newton (.Mass.), where he has lived since April. 1874. 
He is a tin.'!mith. his business being in Boston. He married, Jan. 1, 
1861, Annie C Leland, of Holliston. 

Children, i. to iv. born in Hopkinton, the others in Newton, Mass.: 

I. TTaruy I.elvnd. b. Jan. 26, 1S62: d. In Holliston. April 3. I«i". 
U. Ijivisg Wi.Nir.Ku. b. Dec. 18. 1*G3; m. Oct. 20. l^s7. Emma J. 

Coombs, of Xewton. where he resides. He is an engraver 

and works in Uo^ton. No children, 
lli. Anna Tf-MrLK. b. June 6. 18r,(!; d. in Holliston. April ?.. IS07. 
Iv. BKitTiivNt", b. May l:t, IsOti ; lives ( l.s9<;) unm. in Ni-w York City. 
V. Epith UiioDA. b. July 21. \*'H; lives unm. in Newl.)u. 
vl. .U:nnik Li)i-|>K. h. ¥<-h. j. H71>. 
vll. R.iu-H, b. Doc. 19, lss3; U. Jan. 20. 1984. 

82. HESRr Newton' Comet {Elhridge G.,' R»>jal* Jonnihan* David* 

John,'' David') was born in Hupkinton, Ma:,3., March 4, 1840. and 
lives (189G) in Swamp-cott. his liu>;ness b-ini; in the adjoin- 
ing citv of Lvnu. where he ha-s been connnected with the Smith & 
Dove Niaiiurai'turiiig Co. (linen threa^ls — manufactory in Andover), 
for about ei^ht years. M;iy 2J. 18t<l, he enlinled as private in Co. 
» G, 2d Re". Mass. Infantry. Nov. 1, I8C2, he became second lieu- 
tenant; June C, 1803, first lieutenant; and May 21, 1864, captain, 


in which position he waa active until the close of the war. For a 
year or more ho wa< at Ilarp-'r's Ferrv aii.l \Viiiche>ter, V;i. At 
the battle of Ce-lar Jlouiitaiii, Va., Au;;. 0, lSi)2. he acted as capiaiu 
part of tiie Un\o. IK- was now at tlie front constantly ami was at 
the 2(1 Hull Run. Cli.intilly, .South Mountain, Aiitictam anil Chaiictl- 
lorsville. At tlio latter, he was for the time being in comiuami of 
several companies and was wounileii liy a split bullet. At the l)attle 
of Beverly Ford, Va., he commande<l a company of marksmen. His 
regiment arrived at Gettysbur;: on the evtuin;; of July 1 and was 
ordered to the extii-me ri:jlit, where they remained until the aftcr- 
noou of the 2d. Tliat ni:;lit and the next morning they tried to 
regain tlic-ir position and lest nearly lialf of their men. Lii-utenant 
Comey was tivice wounded. Ho re-joined his regiment in New 
York duiiii,' the draft riots and soon after went to Virginia, then to 
Tennessee and finally to Alabama, where he [)assed the winter fight- 
ing guerillas and guarding the railroads. At Tullahoma. Tenn.. he 
fractured his leg. Leaving the iiospital at Nashville, Tenn., in the 
spring of 18*34. he joiue'l his regiment on its advance from Chatta- 
nooga to Atlanta, Ga. He took part in many of the battles until 
the ca(iturBr>'ept. "2. 1SC4, of Atlanta, where as officer of the day 
on provost liuty he took tlie Confederate flag from the court house. 
On Sherman's famous March to the .^ea lii^ regiment (the 2d .Massa- 
chusetts) was the Hrst to leave Atlanta, an<i continued with Sherman 
from Savannah to Columbia, S. C, and Goldsborough au<l Raleigh, 
N. C During this time Captain Comey did valiant work in repuls- 
ing attacks. In March, lii')-'). he was present at the grand review- 
in Wajhington, and was on duty at the trial of the conspirators. 
His campaigns e.xtended through all of the southern states east of 
the Jlississippi, except Mississippi and Florida. Since the war has 
lived in Woodville ami Woburn, Mass., in Vermont, in Chicago, 111. 
(about seven years), but about 18^7 located in Lynn, Mass. 

He married, Oct. Iti, 18tJ6, Augusta Wood, daughter of Col. 
Albert \Voo<i. of Wuodviile (Hopkinton). 

Children, both bom in Woburn, Mass.: 

I. AGNE5 Amanda, b. Sept. 10, IS'.O: m. June IS. 183.5, Joseph F. 

HoTt. of I.ynn. ami resiilos In Swainp-cntt. 

II. MxRY ACGLSTA, b. Dec. 27, laTO; lives witb her sister. 

Ma.nlius' Comet {Elbri<ige G.,' H-yal.' Jonathan* Bmtd.* Jo/in.' 
David'-) was bom in Hopkinton, Mass., March 19, 1.S43, and died 
Dec. 20, 1«04, .ae. 21. July 27, \>Cyi. he enlisted in Co. F. 1 Ith 
Mass. Infantry, wa3 afterwards transferred to the 1st BatL:ilion Mass. 
Heavy Artillery. He was in the forts around Wisliington. with 
Grant in his advance on Kiclimond in the spring of l^^'U. at the 
battles ot .Spottsvlvania, North Anna, Tolopotomy. Cold H.irbor aiid 
Petersburgh. At the latter. June 24, I.'St;4, he was captured and 
hurried off to Belle lale prison at Uichmoud. Thence he was trans- 
ferred to Andersonville, Ga., and on to Millen, Ga. Sherman's 
advance, with Comev's brother among the officers, obliged the Con- 
federates to vacate Millen, and the prisoners went to Savannah and 
thence to Florence, S. C. From the latter he w.xs parol.rl, but 
although of a naturallv robust constitution the confinement and 
hardships had proved too much for him and he died on bjard the 




steamer New York, whilo on tho way from Hilton Head to Fortress 
Monroe, liis 'oo,i.v was brou-lit to .Masbacliusetts and bo burici 
iu bis ualivc tuwu. 
Pf.KLKV Pir.K. k' C'.MKV {E:hnJ,,e C* R-yal,'* Vuci'l.' 
John,' D,ir,;0) was born in Holli-ston, Mass.. Jan. 14, \X->-2. ami 
lives (IS'Jf.) iu Clititon, JIa.-s. In IHf.O his father movcl to Hoj)- 
kinton, and here the vouth of the future doctor was spent. He 
fitte.i for college at the Oread .School in Worcester, but was 
un ble to .'o, so learned the apothecary business in the same city. 
Later he s^tu.lied medicine willi Dr. A. 1'. Uiehar.lson. of Boston: 
an,l at the Harvard .Medical School, from which he -graduated in 
1878. In August of year he located in Clinton, wliere he still 
remains, enjoyins; a lucrative practice. He is a member of the 
Massachusetts Me.iical .Society, of the Worcester County Jledical 
Association, of the .State A'^sociation of Boanls of Health, of the 
Clinton l;..ard of Health, of which he was chairman several years, 
of the medicJ staft' of the Clinton Ho>pital. For three years he 
was cluiirman of the Board of .Selectmen, and is now chairman of 
tUe-Buard of Trade. He is a member of Trinity Lodge of M;vsons 
at Clinton, and of the Worcester County Commandery of Kniiihis 
Templar. He is also a member of the Odd Fellows and several other 
fraternal organizations. He has been assistant surgeou-general of 
the Patriarchs Militant, is surgeon of the Worcester Continentals. 
and originator and president of the Clinton Riding Club. His por- 
trait appears in the Hi>tory of Worcester County published in 1"^S9. 
He married, Oct. 8, 1873, Marion L. Jones, daughter of John O. 
Jones, of Qiiincy, Mxss. 

Children, i. boru in Worcester, ii. and iii. in Clinton: 

I. Eh-ni:^ioN, b. Sept. 4, l.«i:4; entered Smith College in 1802. 

II. GKi:riui>K JiLiKTri. b. .\iig. 17. 1S81. 
HI. CurroN Junes, b. June U. Iss.'). 

Robert Henry' Comet {Henr>/ T.,' Thntrher* John,' J'.hn.* David.* 
John,* Dnid') wius born in Foxboro, Ma,-3., Nov. 20. l.S.J", and 
live* (liJ'")) in Camden, N. J., wliere he has resided since the 
autuuin of l-i.'i.'J. Previously he had been in Philadelphia for about 
fourteen months. He is a dyer and bleacher of straw goods. He 
married at Camilen, April 2C. 1881. Theresa Pierce Mellor, daugh- 
ter of .lonas .Mellor, formerly of Yorkshire, Eng. 
Children, all born iu Camden, N. J. : 

I. H»r.uY XlFiLoii, b. April 2.j, 1335; U. Sept. 8, 18S5. 

II. Mii:nM l'i.«n.L, b. Sept. 2'<. lisfi. 

III. llFsfiirrTA I.otisA, h. Nov. .■>. 1S.S3. 
Iv. UOIiKHT II.IKOLU, b. Uuc. 28, 18yl. 

ABTntre Mfssinoer' CoJlET {Elhridge C.,' Thatcher,' John.* John.* 
Dai-xd,' Jjhn.- Diivid^) born in Boston, Mass., Nov. 10, IS^l, 
and live- (Ih'jr,) in C-imbridg.?, Ma^s. He prepared for college at 
Adams Auiiemy. Quiiicy, gra<luale<l Irom Harvard in 1382, studied 
at tho Polyte.lii.!»um in Zurich, .Switzirlaiid. and afterwards look 
tlie degrccj of A.M. ai.d Ph.D., at He'ielberg U^iiversity. Germany ; 
waa instructor of chemistry at Harvard College from 18iS4 to l^.-SJ, 
and seuior profeaeor of cbemiairy at Tufls College from 1863 to 


1893, since which tini*» he has been en;;;»<»o»l in preparing a " Dir 
tionarv of Chemical Sulubilitics" which ha> juat boeu publisht 
(May,' 18'.»t5). 

He marrieJ. Sept. 0, l>i-*j, Kate Coleman (of LaFajette, luJ. 
who waj born Sept. "), ISGl. 

Their only child was born in Somerville, Mass. : 

1. Abthcb Coleman, b. Sept. 6, 1^?0. 

57. Georgi: Pueston' Comev .Jr. ( ^eory P..' John* John* John* Dnvui 
John," D'lviil') was born in Brooklyn, N. Y.. April 21. 18.J8, an 
lives (IS'.'G) iu Cleveland (Ohio) in which city he re>idcd sine 
18S0. He is en;;ai;ed in the maiiut icMire ot ladies' straw ami fe 
hats at 7 Academy Street, the lirm being Comey li .Johnson. H 
married, .June 29, 1881, Nannie J. Gill, daughter of Bartholomev 
Gill, of Hins.lale, Mass. 

Children, all born iu Cleveland, Ohio: 

I. Cuii.1 .ALvY. b. Oct. IG, 1S84. 15f>f>VG5 

II. Flokknck Lillian, b. Dec. 20. IflSfi. 
Hi. r.K'lFiOE Lawrknck. b. Oct. 10, l-^SS. 
Iv. KllKDO'lCK Harl.vN. 1). Feb. ri. l-JJ. 
V. Kai rii IIowAKi). b. \n\i. 27, l!<;U. 

t1. Hakold Dka.v, b. .\pril 20, IS'J'). 

38. Charlf.s Rirn' Comfy {Chester //:,'* John,'' J>hn* Dmvl 

John,'' D(iii'if) was born in Foxboro, Ma,-..>., .July 21, \^'>*'>, an 
lives (180'^) in^tield. Ma.-^s. He graduated from Harvard Co 
lege in 1878, and the following year entered the employ of Come 
& Co., with whom he has been ever since, part of the time in Nev 
York Citv and part of the time in Man.-tielil. He married, JuD' 
20. 188:3, '.Josephine M. Mead, of Cambrid-e, Mass. 

Children, all born in Manslield, except i. born in Cambridge : 

I. M.iBFL LorisE, b. Feb. 11. ISS5. 

II. p:prrn Mead. b. Oct. 9, I8Si'). 

ill. CiiF^TKii Fr.AXCis, b. Aug. 21, 1S.SS. 
Iv. I'uiup Uicii, b. .lug. 23, 1;D3. 

39. William W.vll.vck' Comey (WHIinm S..' Auron,* Olivrr,* John. 

D'lnd.'' Dnvid') was born in Bedford. Mass., March U 1«1 
and for several years kept a market in Fitcliburg. M.iss.. which It 
Bold in 180.5. He marrif<l, March 21, 1871, JIary, daughter of I;aj 
Jackson, of Hodgdon. Me. 

Children, born in Forge Village (Westford) Mass.: 

I. Florenck May, b. June 2:1, 1872; d. June 2t, l.-i72. 
U. ADNAil FluisCOTT, b. March 17, 1S76. 

90. Charles Melttn' Comey ( Gtorrjf A.'' L;iman.*OUcer,' .Fohn,* Darid 
John,* Darid') was born in Foxboro. M;iss., Sept. 11, 1816. ar 
lives (1896) in New Bedford, Ma-s.. where he has resided sim 
about 1868. He married first. .July 8. l-<68, Hannah C. Dri^^ 
born Oct. 31, \Ai7, dau-hter of .James D. Driggs. of New B-.-dlor. 
She died Feb. 2.5, lS87.and he married .-econd. in 1891. Mrs. Kliz, 
beth Eld^idge Carsley, daughter of Ira Geriish, of Fairhaveu, .Ma--. 


Children, all born in New Btnlford : 

95. I. J.V.ME.S Pavis Drtgcs, b. March 7, 18C0. 
il. Alicf. Lm-isK. b. Sept. 9, I.*:-.*. 

111. Fkancks b. Dvc. U, 1873; d. Nov. in. 1874. 
Iv. CiiAKLKS .Mklvix, b. An?. 18. 1S76; J. Jan. 24, Irr-O. 
T. MuKius LoiUNO, b. April 2'J, 1879. 

91. WII.I.IA^r Al.NAR.VDO* COMKT (Gfort/e A.,^ L</man,' OUver' John,* 

Davids Joh.i: DariiT) wa> born in Foxboro, Ma.«s., Nuv. 12. ISoO, 
and died Oct. 17, l."?'.>0, in Canibrid;:e, M:ij3., where lie Imd lived 
since 187.'>. He married, Oct. .'?. I87H. Marv .1. Caldwell, of Cam- 
bridce, daughter of James Aver Caldwell. Slie is still living in 

Children, all born in Cambridgeport : 

I. Flurenck. Lypia, b. Feb. 3. 18S2. 

II. Ei^MKii HAKni.Nc, b. Fib. 22, 1888. 

III. Gkace Evelyn, b. Sept. G, ls90. 

92. George Bra viSTOs' Co.iiET ( Alfxri.^ Li/man,' OUvtr} John* Dnrid* 

J'lhn^ D'lvxd^) was born at Cuyahoga Falls. O.. April 2, 18J0, and 
liVes (Ib'JG) at Akron, O. He married Nora Brauuon. 
Children of George B. and Nora : 

I. Albert, b. March 23, 1S84. 

II. Clarence, b. June 21, 1886. 

III. John, b. April 13, ls'J3. 
It. George, b. Sept. 18, 1894. 

93. Willard' Comet (Albert,'' Lyman.' Olh-r.'' John* Dmid,' John,' 

Dat-i'd') Was born at Cuyahoga Falls, 0., March It"., 18C3, and lire* 
(1896) in Cleveland, O., where be has resided since July 5, 18.S8. 
He 13 a hatter by occupation. He married, May 2j, lSS7, Lottie 
C. Nei-ber. 

Children of Willard and Lottie: 

I. MaRiin E., b. March 15, lsr.8. 

II. EuzAiiETn C, b. April 1."), 18W. 

nwABD Wilson' Comee ( Alison,'' Thomas IT,' Ezra,' Josyh,* 
D.irid* Johu.- Daiid') was Iwro in Dana, M.as8., June 29. 1844. 
and lives (l.-^'.'G) in North Dan.a. He married, ii, Boston, May 22. 
1S73, Kmma Jane Dutton. born in Roxbury, Mass.. May 22. 1849. 
Children, i., ii. and vi. b>irn in Dana, iii. in Petersham, ai.d iv. 
and V. in South Buston : 

I. Walter Herbert, b. Jan. .">. 1874. 

II. Srs»N Maria, b. Julv 5. 1875. 

ill. M»r.i Ti.i.A .(ane. b.'Feh. 19, 1877: d. .\ag. 6, 1877. 
Iv. .Mai;i.>ri:t Fiiier. h. Auc. 2.', 1879. 
T. Millie Ei izahetii. b. S.-pt. 5. 1881. 
tI. Artiur Euward. b. Aug. 21, l»a3. 

95. James D. D.* Comet ( Charkt .!/,• Georg' A..^ Lyman.* Oliver.' John,* 
Dill-id,' John.' D'liifl') wa^ born in New Bedford. Mass., Jlarch 7, 
IbO'J, and i> living ( l>9i"i) in Fall Riv.;r, Ma>s., .^llere he has been 
lnoated ^inie the Fall of Iti'.'l , teaching mu..,ic. He is organist of 
the First Bnpttst Church, an.l conductr.r of the Fall River Choral 
^ Society. Studied ihe organ with H. C. ilcDou-'all, of Providence, 

94. E 


R. I., and George E. Whiiipg, of Boston; piano wiih Arthur Footo, 
and conipo«itioir\vith Georje W. Cha.lwiok. of Boston. He mrirried. 
Oct. 12, 1S92, .\ii^.>Une S. Capen, daughter of Andrew .Jackson 
Capon, of Now Beli.>rcl. 

Children, born in Fall River: 

I. M.iRGARF.T," b. Anz. 5, 16'J{. 

II. Uklen, b. Jau. 3, 18JC. 


jAMr« SIaltman came from Edinburgh, Scotlnml, to Boston, Mas?., 
about tlie tniiidle of the eigliteeiith ciMitury. The tra'litinn is that he left 
his iiativp cuuiitrv to t-acape being dral(..<l into tlie ariuy. It i.s possible 
that the War of tlio Au>trian Succession (174"-4S), known in America as 
King George's War, was the cause of his coming to the New World, but 
jf this there is nothiirj certain, and it shuuhl be understood that what is 
known of jliis James Maltmau is from family tradition entirely. Kiigland 
was dragged into this war by her ICin^,', (leorge II.. a native of Germany, 
much ag;iiDst the wish of tlie people, in the year 174-3, and the army waa 
recruited with ditTiculty. so it will be seen that there is at least plausibility 
in assigning this as the cause of Maltman's leaving Scotland. The story 
ffoes that be was twenty-one when ho left his old home and that after com- 
ing to Boston he met a young lady, Castor, who had come from 
Glasgow, and that he afterwards married her. After her death he married 
igain. He was a cabinet maker by trade, and a member of the ^lasonic 
fraternity. At one time he lived in Providence. li. I., but died, it is sup- 
posed, in Gardner, Mass., at the home of one of his daughters, though there 
•.3 not the slightest clew to the date of his death. 

Children of James and Christiana: i 

I., b. in September. 1755; m. about 1774. Bavid Comee, 

of Leiinirton (see p. 6), and died in Gardner. Mass., May 17. 
1789. ae. 33 rears and » months. Their second son was named 
.Tames Ma'.tman Comce. 

II. 5Iary. m. .Joseph Clark (1757-1837), who -went from Shcrborri, 

Mass., to Gardner, amons the early settlers of the latter. TLey 
' had one *on. .loseph, b. March 3, 17m7. 

III. Hannah, b. \ns- 5, 1704; m. about 1789, after the death of her 

8tstcr. David Tomee (see p. 6), and died In Gardner. .Mass.. 
Oct. 23, I''52. ae. 88-2-18. She was blind during the last twenty 
years of her life. 

The name Maltman seems to be purely .Scotch. In the year 1.527 there 
was living in Aberdeen, an Alexander Maltman, flesher (butcher). 

Hercules Maltman, of Edinburgh, writes (ln34) that there are only four 
Maltmans in that city, but thiiiks there are more on the east coast, at Dun- 
bar and Eyemouth. Ho l)im.-<elf went from Glasgow to Edinburgh about 
1881. There is a Robert Maltman, in Ringford, Kirkcudbrightshire. 

The supplement to Allibone's Dictionary of Authors has a James Malt- 
man, minister of the go-pel, and author of " Holiday P.ipers " on teetotal- 
ism, an 8vo volume published in Edinburgh in li'^S. Tho Saturday 
Review (liv. 300) says: "Mr. Maltman • • • ♦ falls upon teeto- 
talers and smiles them, taunts them, ridicules them, curses them." 


Iq Gray Friars Oiurchyard, Ediubiirgh, are the graves o( James Jlalt- 
man 1778. Aim Maltmau 1701, auJ Anu Maltiuau (ae. C2) 152J, widow 
of Alex. Ko»< Porter. 

A reooiit Gi.isiiow directorv has three Jlultmani. and in London (Eng- 
land) ih'.Tti is oue, George Mahniati. export clotliier, a native of Soutlaiid. 

Amon;; the passengers from England to Virginia in the sliip " Th'ima-i." 
Henry Taverner maiter, in 1C3J (probably) w:u a Thomas Maltiuau 
ae. 17. 

John Maltman (18i"'')-18.53?) came from Edinburgh to Canada and 
thence to New York C'i'v. lie was a son of William Maltman, of Glas- 
gow. Jolm's son, Thom.n B. of New York, writes that the only other 
Maltman he has known.. lolin ilaltman. formerly of Brooklyn, N. Y., came 
from Perth. Scotland. AVilliam M.iltman. stone cntter, appears in the New 
York Citv directory of \o'27, and tea years latter there isa James Maltman, 

There was a John S. Jraltman, 1st Lieut, of the 17th Reg. Mich. Vols., 
April 13, IhCJ. The rciriment was orL'anized at Detroit, in August, l'<02. 

William II. M.iltman is in the lsy3 directory of Melbourne, Australia. 

A search of the lt*03 directories of the ten larijest cities in the I'liited 
States reveals onl_r."*even Maltmans: oue in New York City, two iu 
Chicago, three iu Philadelphia, and od-j in Boston. 


As tlie oripin:itor of the Compy-Comoe family in Amorie.i wa3 killed in 
Kirif Pliili|)'s AViir, a f-w notes upon tliat subject may not be out of place 
here. The seiieral notes are mainly from "The Be^^inning* of New Eng- 
latnl." by .liilin Fiske. and the local additions from the History of Sudbury, 
Mass., bVUev. A. S. Hudson. 

Since tiie destruction in 1037 of the Pequols, perhapi the most powerful 
of the earlv Indian tribes in New Kngl.ind, there had been uo serious out- 
break. Jleauwhile John Eliot of Roxbury, who after fourteen years of 
hard study had translated the Bible into the Ali^outiuin dialect, had suc- 
ceeded in "gathering into his villages some l.JOO "praying IiidiaDs," mostly 
of the Massachusetts tribe that took its name from Maisawachusett, or Great 
Blue Hill, in Milton. There were as many more in Jlartha's Vineyard, 
300 in Nantucket and about 700 in Plymouth Colony. These latter were 
mostly from the Wampauoags, ami tbey. with the Massachusetts, were 
among tlie weaker tribes. The stroiicrer tribes, the Narragansetts, around 
the bav of that name, the Mohegaus in Western Massachusetts and the 
Nipiuueks among the hills of what is now Worcester County, furuished few 
converts. They thought that the Eiii,'lish were trying to absorb the weaker 
tribes and thus strengthen their tightiii!; capacity. 

In I'-.'^O Massasoit, chief sachem of the Wampano.ag3, died, leaving two 
sons, Wiimsutta and Metacom, or Alexander and Philip as the English 
uick-nanie<l them. Soon after WamsutLa had succeeded his father he was 
called V) Plymouth to account for some of his actions. He seems to have 
explained them satiit'actorily, but before leaviug he either caught cold or 
iroiiibed too much "fire-water" and 'lied of a violent fever on the way 
home. Philip suspected the English of having poisoned his brother, for to 
the sav.Tge normal death must cotne bv the tomahawk or firebrand, abnormal 
death fr'im poison or witchcraft. Philip's dark plotting presumably began 
about this time. Twice he was summoned before the federal council, bat 
both tlnie* protested his innocence. 

It WIS not until .June, lC7d, that Philip, issuing from his lair on the west 
giile of .Mount Hope Bay, R. I., laid waste the towns of .Swanzey and Dart- 
mouth and the war really began. Jliddleboro and Taunton were destroyed 
»ooa after. In .July the Nipmucks attackeil Mendon. The Mohegani 
remaiiie.i f .ithful to tlie English. On the night of August 2, Philip, whose 
home li id become too hot for him, to'^k part in a tierce a.ssault upon Brook- 
field. The scene then shifted to the Connecticut Valley and simultaneous 
attacks were maiie September 1 upon Deerfisld and Hadley. Meanwhile 
the more powerful Narragansetts, uuJcr their chief Canonchet, evidently 


remembering that the latter's f.ithiT Miantonooie') hail been put to deatli 
by order of the Enclish in lOl.J. ha'i t.tkeii the warpath. On thi; iiioniin;; 
of Sunday, U>'i.-emlii--r 10. Gov. .In-iali Wiii^low, of I'lymoiith. ami liis tm-n 
ca|itiiii<l the Narra;;ansett fort in nliat is now S.juth Kiiii;-I"n, U. I., ami 
a tliousand of the In.lian* (full lialf their number) were killeil. 

Keb. 10, 167*5, Philip, who hail ilisapjieareii since llie IJrooklicM light of 
the previous August, led a furi.iui attack upou Lancaster. .Medlielil was 
attacki'd tlie same montli. ami tlien Woroi-^ti-r and Marlborough. The 
burniiii; of the latter on .Sunday morniii<:, March 20, lelt .Sudbury unpro- 
tected on the west, and for the tie.xt month the si-ttlcrs kept a sharp lookout 
for sijjns of the savai,,-s. At d.iyl)reak on the J 1st of April* the Indians 
came, mostly Nipmurks, variously estimated from .500 to 1 JOi*. During 
the preceding night they had dl^poseil the iii-cIvhs in small Mjiiads so as to 
bum the houses and att.itk all of tl;6 six garrisons at once. Toward one 
of these, the Haynes garrison, " twelve resolute young men from Concord " 
were rapidly approaching to give their assistwice, for the iii,'hting was par- 
ticularly hot here. As they drew near they were decoyed down to the river 
meadows until eleven of th'-'ir nurnl)er found thum»olv(;s surrounded, and as 
a result ten, including Daviil Comey, were killed. The scene of this slaughter 
was on the west side of the .Sudljury lliver a mile or more east of the present 
Sudbury Centre. Ttlt Ilavnes garrison house stood for two hundred years 
alter, and it was not uutil within twentv years that it was deuioli.ihed. The 
main fighting of that day wixs the west side of Green lldl, a little northeast 
ot the present village of .South Su Iburv, ami it was here that the itonuuient 
to Captain U'adswortb and his brave followers w;is erecti-d. Five of those 
killed at the llaynes garrison were brousrht in boats the ne.xt day to the 
foot of the old town bridge and buried. Was David Comey's body one of 

The Indians were still active and many another town felt the effects of 
their savage fury, but Cationchet was capturrd in April and gradually the 
Indians were killed, until in August Philip himself was raptured at I)ri^tol 
Neck, K. I. A dozen of the leading sachems were hanged or shot, aiid 
humlreds sent to the West Indies and soM into slavery. Among the latter 
was Philip's sou, a lad of nine years. Of the ninety town.', in the Jla-sa- 
chusetts and Plymouth colonies twelve had been utterly destroyed, while 
forty others had been the scene of fire and slaughter. Hundreds of brave 
men had peri-lied and an enormous war dei>t incurred, but severe .'u. this 
had been for the English, for the Indians it meant utter annihilation, .md 
southern and central Xew England ceased to be troulded by the red men. 

• There hns been an endless cootroversy on the Jite of this encounter, whcilicr it wjs 
April 18 or 21. 


Davili' Comft, the progenitor of the Comoes and Comeys in America, 
was killed by King I'bilip's ludians at Sudbury, Mass., in 1G76. 


David* Ciunee, of Lexinctou .ind Gardner, Mass., was at the battles of 
Lexington.' Bunker Hill and Uenuinijton (see p. 6). 

Jonalhiin* l.'omee, of Mopkiuton, Mass., marched to Lexington, April 19, 
1775 (see p. 7). 

John' Comee. of Foxboro, Mass., inarched to Lexington, April 19, 1775, 
and saw other service (see p. 7). 

Ollvrr* Coinre, of Foxboro, Mass., was in service in New York in 1778 
and 1779 (see p. 8). 

Spencr' Comf, brother of the two preceding, enlisted in .September, 
1779. and was killed Feb. 3. 1780, ae. 20 (see p. M). 

Ezra'' C'tmee. of C;imliridi;e (part now Bri^liton) appears in the list of 
Revolutionary soldiers in Drake's History of Middlesex County, but not in 
Mass.achnsetts Archives (see p. 8). 

Joseph' Corr.te, of Leiii.gton, according to Hudson's History of Lexin;;- 
ton, was in Cant. .Joiiii Parker's Company of Minute-men, April 19. 1775, 
ami was woundei] in the arm in trying to get out of the meeting-house, 
where he had been to replenish his powder-horn, but Charles Carleton 
ColTin, in his " r)au;;hlers of the Revolution," savs lie was wounded as he 
was standing in the d'lorway of Robert Munroe's house. His name does 
not ajjpear in the Ma-s.icliusetts Archives. This was doubtless Joseph 
Comee Jr. (1753-177C). (See p. 5.) 

Note. — The William Comcv that nppc.irs in tho index to the .M.iss.ichavtts ReTo!otionary 
Boll] Hru proljabijr [tii: Wilium Coney, trarn in StougbtuD, March 4, ITVi. 


Cnpt. Christopher C." Comee. 9 Jth N. T. Vols. (See p. 17). 

Copt. Henry A'.' C"ine<j. 2d Mass. Vols. (See p. 32). 

Aaron L.' tymfy. tith .Minn. Vols. (See p. 22). 

Albert DJ Comey. 5th Mass. Vi.U. (See p. 3ii). 

Alphonso'' Comey, 25th Mass. Vols., was killed at Cold Harbor, Va., 

June 3, 1864. (S.-e p. 18). 
Amon S.' Comee, Zil\i Mass. Infantiv and 16th Light Artillery. (See 

p. 27). 


Charles B? C>ni,-y, .uh X. II. Vols. (S.e p. 2.')). 

K'itcnrd W.* (^oitti-f, 1:M M:j>h. Vols. (Sec p. 36). 

Gforge li.' C>mey, Isi Nol>. VdIs., ami l.'nh Mass. Cattery. (Seo p. 31). 

I/enry H? (\ime</. 5lh N. H. Vols. (See p. 2G). 

James K. P.' Comii/, '2.3111 Mass. VoU. (See p. 30). 

Jotham A'.' Ci/mei/. llth N. 11. Vols. (See p. 14.) 

Lairson' Comrij, 4"JJ Mass. Vols., was killed at Brashear Citv, La. June 

23, 1803. (See p. ix). 
Lfxcis A'.* Comey. 6tli Mass. Vols. (See p. 23). 
Mimlius' Vomi'ij, 1st Battalion Heavy Artillery Mass. Vols., was starved 

to death in prison. (Seo p. 33). 
Otis It'.' Cni'y, 10th N. H. Vols. (See p. 2:)). 
Warren W.* ('uinrtj, llth Maine N'ols. (See p. 23.) 
WiUard'' Coiiiey, 1st Battalion R. I. Cavairv. (See p. 24). 
William .1/.' Cnmey, Battery B, 4th U. S. Artillery. (See p. 31). 


Mrs. Sallv (Comeo) Ileywood (see p. 10) d. in Fitchburg, Jla^s., Dec. 
29, 1881, x.'74. 

Naocy Comee of Ilardwick, Mass., m. Aag. 17, 1796, Joel Woodward 
(of Petersham) who was b. March 28, 1774. She may have been a dau. 
of Ezra* Comee, of Dana, which was set off from Ilardwick, Petersham 
and Greenwich in 1801. 

Job Comee was Junior Grand Warden of the Grand Lodge of Masons 
in Massachusetts in 1783. Who was he? 

COM r. v^cny 1 1-: v index . 

A iron (1757), 5 

Aaron (l7«i>-ls4<t), 13 

AaroQ Lowpll (HIJ-llvJOl, 2S 

Abbi' I'«h»li« iis^is;-.!, m. Colborn, 18 

AblKail , irori. m. 1'Iit«, 4 

Abliidll 17J7-1H')', b. Sumner, 5 

Abiftuil (i:6.;-i7'."i),» 

Abigail >l5l(;-18.'5l, m. HnrWdftT. 10 

Abigail Jttckiion (IfOr-l-.W*. b". Mcrce, 1» 

Acti'ah (IstH), m. J'roctor. Jl l.arera (1^V.>, m. W»rd, 17 

A.)n«h I'rvscolt (I»rsi,iS 

Arni's Amanda, ni. UoyC, 33 

AlUrt ;18'.S-Iw6i, 18 

Albert ()-:■*), I'l. 

Albfft tl— l),3rt 

Albfrt B;\rtoD (IMJ),30 

Albert Carllon (ls7l),30 

AIb»rti« Bi-nJ. 17 

AlfrrU L. (1677), 30 

Alice, b. Koon«7» 17 

AIlM n*-r''),2i 

All«, b. Ferrr. » 

Alkv l.oulie (l-7-.'),3« 

Alice M., b. Siow«U,.;4 

AllcF ()., b. fion land, -25 

Alphon!0 (1».T3-IS<H), 18 

Almlra. J^ 

A. LouI.e (lii7.«). M 

AtnanJa .Von (tlt^lJ-lMA^, 19 

Amanda Franc*-', m. Unynes, 13 

Angelioe S., b <.ap*»n.o7" 

Ann Eliia (ItvUj). m. Timplc, 15 

Ann Kllia (I"-H . b. Lawnnce. ."O 

Ann Maria (li:2>!j, m. Mnyhcw, 12 

Anna ( I7i7-1«> , b. forter, H 

Anna K.lira, b. Irincit, 17 

Anna Elira, m. Bruzo, 2.^ 

Anna Kiurence ''1-7'':. 'iS 

Anna Jlaria (I«>i, b. Barrrtt.J? 

Annie (ixii), b. Crulher,27 

Annie C.,b. Leland, Xi 

Annie M., m Bate, n 

Anion S. (1MJ-1>V.'), 27 

Aratui. 3} 

Arbella. b. AVhlpple. 27 

Arthur Coleman 1 1««1 . 34 

Arthor Edward (;-«l),36 

Arthur Hert.-rt. il 

Arthur M.. or Umnd Bapldi, 24 

Arthur Jtf.ienger, 31 

Arthur Metcnir, » 

Augutu, b. Wood, 33 

Benjunin (17T3-1774\ 5 
Benjimln :i7-''—'.-4::.t 
Benjuniin ( l767-l-> . 4 
Benjamin l-'O-lvii-, 10 
Bernard Erne-«t (N7.'\ 30 
Beruard tferett (l<Mj, 'Jt) 

I Demlce Ellia (1?72),30 
I Hcrtrand, 3:2 

Bi'^^le France*, 22 
1 Uet#ey, m. >Iel>D, 7 
I Bfisey, b. Carpenter, 8 
I B.-l,.cy (l7>»-lf"Jl,S 
I Benev, m. I.ovetvell, 9 
I D.tiey, b. Howard, 11 

licttjr (1"*0). 5 

Caroline A., m. Pardons. 10 

Caroline E., b. P. rhv, je 

Carrie, b. I'lerc.-. 23 

Catherine II., 2i 

Celia. b. Leonard. 13 

Cellnda, b. Bar-on. H 

Cclioda ( I"*.--!-"*), m. Comey, 18, 31 

Cbarln (1807:, li 

Charles (IS2l),27 

Charles (Ib7I), M 

Charles Berrv ■1<W\2.1 

Charlet BiDnlum :-:.•.). 29 

Charles iJil..- - I-f.', l" 

Charles Henrv . :-l '-1.7^l, 29 

Charle< H.nrv ■:-:.•, .;•(•, 

Charlil Henry il"...23 

Charles l.vman ' '.S'.2: . 24 

Charle. Jlelvin IM-il. 35 

Ch«rle« KIch iw, u 

Charlotte (ir7i-l-i'>), m «tniih. « 

Charlotte n:Jl-'.-'>l,. h. .-klnner, 13 

Charlr>tte ifite., m. Alden. 13 

Charlotte KIleD. m. Uan-rom, 25 

Charlotte Err.-Iine, m. Ward, 10 

Charlotte M., b. Pollard, 28 

Chestur Fran.-i« ;l"r.3j 

Chester lloltrr..k I-rrj-IhSI). 21 

Chloe .-nbrlnn. m. >awver. U 

Christiana [l:.v'.-17?.' . b. 5Ialtman,iJ 

Christiana H>\\ m Daon. 7 

Christiana {I?ai-:M2). m. Lyodc, 10 

Christopher <•. ;i(r.-7), 17 

Clara A , b. D. an. 21 

Clara E . b. t^islloupe. :iO 

Clara E , m. Ke\ *er. 25 

Clara Mav (iSM}. 'J 

Clara Porter, m. CarWn, 13 

Clarence i l»eo , rirt 

Clarissa (ir*:(-lV> V, 8 

Clifton Jones ;;-i . 34 

Cora B. 2« 

Cora J., m. Campbell, 26 

Dsniel Webster, 10 
Darld (d 10761,3 
Darld (l^•l«-l-<»l?).4 
David ;l7+4-l-y .6 
DaTid (irvlMs .» 
Dennis F..2S 
Dcsur (U14-la8t2), 19 


EirleFraocli (1888). 23 

K.ifar Kruiik. ^-7 

E.liiir|.h, 37 

K.l'iii M'l'l. Ji 

I'.JIIh l!lio.l:i. J.' 

K.lw^rrl Dhtrr, '.*S 

K'lward wil.ou. :M 

K>lwln KutlivrQ, :£t 

Kffle Marlou,34 

KlbridUf lari.»nt»r,20 

Klbrl.l^* Gi-rrT. Is 

Ulijtt ( ir'.M-l«J'J) , m. Ful'-i. 9 

Ell/a (irfl-i:i.:i, m. fUng, tt, li 

Lllm Anu, b. D>r, 10 

t.lua 51., m. >i.riiii. ."J 

KlUntclll id. 11.71,. 4 

Kli/ju>th :<l. i:o: , m. KtQdall, i 

Klu.ibrih>irul!, ♦ 

Kliiabtili, b. W. 

Klliabcih 1 17ti*-lt>J 

Elliabvih.b. Klttridcc, U 

Kluiibetli <•. (l?w). ■■-•> 

KlUubnh y... b. titrri.h. li 

KiKubrtb U., b. Locknmu, :.» 

F.lla A., b. Whippli-, \t 

Kll:>M.,b. Urlggs,:i 

Ell.o C, W 

Ell'n K., b. BUk». iS 

Kll<ra M., b HrarDp, .» 

Ei;.n .M. (I«"),j.i 

Elmer ll.(l^.v.),:i«-- 

ElTir» C. ni. >pauMln);, 1.1 

Emr.v, b.^ is 

Emilv A. (1«'JV-1^H^ b. Nicholl. 10 

En>tl> E , m. Aldrlcb, I9 

Eium*. b. >cult, IS 

Emm« Kllin, m. Ant'inolli. la 

Emma KruncvK. m. EUi.<oa, n 

Emma Krancf ». it 

Emma J., b. Co<)mb«. U 

Emma Junr , lM»-l-<«.) m. Kandall, 

Emma Jai..-. b. |)u!t.,n. :;.-. 

Eoima KlchmoDd, m. suiltl, 20 

Lnii>tiit K.. J3 

E.ihtr, :). 4 

E-lher il6.-«\4 

V.-ihcr ( i::«-i-<'0. b. U.ikcr, V 

E'tluT iir'.>4-Kil),i> 

Eulier (d. I'-r. b. liord^n. 1,1 

E-thrr E, (l«.tuiNir,, b, Uuckwood, 

Eihfl (1^-;;. .7 

Eu«-De T . -7 

EunlCT (ir-O, 5 

Eunicv 'ir-'.'-I^S-). 8 

EYi>lav ,lvO,..a 

Elf ki. 1. '•> 

Eira ,i:iUl<rj).8 

Eir« 0"- 'i- -"^ 

>jrm(J. (1~A)). JO 

Fannr L. (l-4+-l'>»<), b, Stfsdman,; 

Kannv It. : l-l*-l^.-). b, * miDg, 11 

E.oreoo- Liiliao i l-i-.). ;IS 

EloMnc-" Li.lia i !«»;;, J« 

riutvncv Vilill». 17 

Krancii NViiion, -■« 

Frank AUi-n ( l-^>- 1-','0: , 33 

Frank K. ;l-il-l";'. Ill 

Frauk Kj.- n.- , l»4-i. 1« 

Frank llrrbrrt 'l-i« , '.•7 

Frank Imujc il"^.. I* 

Frank l.rmt, i .- ..-: v^?), iS 

Frank l:..)p 1 K- .V 

Franklin ,l-;r),;.7 

Fr."trrKk Harun. -.i 

Frrd.-rick )|..'ion. ia 

Fr»d>rtc Uiibbini, .-J 

Frrdrrlik Fownf. a 

(".eoritt AnJ>'B il6i;i, n 
b<-orit>- Ura>iQii.o (1^J),34 
(.Kir;^ Frank : lvSI-1 v..', J? 
l.-..r«e l.-1-rHnrt n-.,NsKii 

GtOTiK Pr«ifon (lSaj).2! 
tirorKf I'rr-ion (ls>«). V, 
Ufotgr Kojal J«;i-I?:o;. ,11 
liroric W.DlilnKtoD (I^0^>-I»78), II 
Urur^r WiKlilniiluu (Is^iM, 11 
(i.-rlrudr .lullellr (1»>1), 34 
Urace Erclyu (1MXI),34 

Hannah (d. 1770), 1 

llanoali (d. 1<U). 5 

Hannah ( in ui:..;). b. Watt«, S 

lli>linjh,b. Klcb:ird«oD. <1 

lUnnali ,i:"l-l>i.';, b, Mallmnn, 4, 3<< 

Hannah ;d. 17.4 , tl 

Hannah (iri'7-l-.> . b. WatU, 9 

Hannah, m. |-rrnti9<. 7 

Hjnnah (l?0|.li-i<i:, h. Robioioa, 12 

H.,nn:ih. h, Wulki-r. IS 

H:iunah ^I-.'li.m. Kounds. II 

Hannah C, ( l-4,--W-7). b. Driggi, 33 

Hannah JIaria (IK'.»-lw'.'), 18 

Ilaonuh Jlorv (irw-l<lo),7 

Hannah l("Mn:.uu (In^O), 12 

Haunuh Waiti ( 1NI4), m. stratton, 9 

Harold Dciin. 1.i 

Harri.l.b. Knight. » 

Harnrt (d. 1" I), b. Andcnon, £! 

Harriet B. (1><*»). m. Jud<on.22 

Harri. t E. (1n>). m. I'Icrci-. 23 

Harrlit I., (d. Isl.';, b. aklDurr, 'J3 

Harriy Uvr, 31 b lirov.r .« 

HelfD (lVi(-l,M«l). II 

H fie II 'lv..l),.i7 

HfnriillB l.ouiso rlSWi),S4 

Henrtrtt,! Thompson, m. Van Amring?, M 


. ■-•0 

,ry Ha 

ilrnrj N.»ton, t apt., K 
Urnry Thatcher i ■.-.:7-l>?7), 20 
H'rbfrt Au4ii>lu>, 2d 
Herbert p. rbv. 2rt 
Hfrmann Allen. 20 
Hlraoi, 18 

Ida, b. Pin 


Irtne Holfllp. 17 

Irene W.. b. Tenner, M 

Irrins W,. ,12 

1-ab.lla Harri- ( l'T>.|«4), » 

Iiabi'lla U., b, McKay, 28 

Jamci (l".1ft-18«3).28 

.lam,f< A ,b' rt ( l«.i2). 23 

.lame< Allen ;lMl).-20 

Jaraej I). L) ,M 

Jame< Hariraod. 2S 

Jam.-. ,l»<.)n (I^j.--Iii7<l>, 14 

James K, I', (L■^.•.-I^-4)..^0 

.'anief Mnltman ; I7r7-I'M2), 

James .M,iUm»u i\'i'J-\lfXii, U 

Jainn M'.nroe (lh.-.i> 

Jante* Munroe M*^^*- 

Jam<9 riiumas ;1M-.' , is 

Jame, Thomp'on (:»">l).a) 

Ja.on ( l»..0.|j-s:i; , 14 

Jajon (ISIl), 2o 

Jennie l.oui«e (HS7V),.12 

Jennie W., 17 

Jeni<ha (I7ij),8 

JerDfiha (l9l7;, m, Hodgei, U 

Job. 4 1 

John ^l'ViVir20), 4 

John '1—9.4 

John 'ir.',>-:-Ii .5 

John iir-i-l- ■. .7 

John {!r'.»^;--^, 12 

John n~.(->-.) , ■i 
,l.,hn Irar.kiin, .:I 11.1.., ,■•; 
John \\ iiiihrop. j:- irt->. 7 
Joeph, fir2.->. 5 
Jo9«pb (I.*j>t77b), 3 



Jowph (l«<vvi(i.M). 11 

JoKph (KJ). iJ 

Joarpli trrlrrlck, 17 
Jolrph ll.(l>«0\ \a 
Juii-phinr, b. Urni. U 
Jo«phlnf I,., b. .M.<"nK.T, 21 
Joiliam KJwiu (IM7-|v<«J, It 
Julia A., b. Aiancii, :i 
JulU MiirU, m. Ucilicrbre, U 
Julia M., m. Jt'ivmaD, ;:^ 
JuuU Aun, m. f orrcit, U 

Kattf, b. Colfman, 15 
K>i>< E , b. K.wcll, M 
Kifziah, b. Lcouord, li 

Laura, b. Man«of, JO 
L.iuru t... b F(U,.-J 
Laura JuJ<on, Jl 
Lawrroci- AKen. M 
Law»on ,Kir-l-<n), 18 
LawsoQ llerscbel, JO 
L«anjer I'ortvr, 14 
L«wtt Alrin, .'A 
L«w|j tdgnr (I'M;), •-•S 
Lrwla Edgar ( I.mJ), il 
Lillian A., b. Stewart, J? 
Lllllao Mar, '•'' 
Louie C, b. Xrlnhrr, M 
Louisa, m. Lovcwi'll, 9 
Loulaa. m. Klnn^bury, 12 
L,airina, b. Sl-ad, 10 •*" 
LudO'la. b. Koi;kwo<>d,'27 
Lucioda F., b. \Voo<l, 22 
LocrftU. b. Ald-ich, 24 
LuoIJa Augusta. 2*2 
Lydl» (Isoi-lS-^i), b. Townr, IS 
Ljdla. b. Waldcn, 2.1 
LyJU F . b. Mor^r, 23 
Ljrman : irw.Vlsrsl), 13 
Lyman i\ (lSl»-l(i<i7), 23 

Uabt'l Loui.4», 3>> 

Manlla< ; 1-1 U1-.14), 13 

Margor.t, b. Wrst. 17 

Marifir^t (IfOI). 37 

Margorcl Kulli r, M 

Maria (I-r.--l-.-u. 31. Joqnlth, 10 

Maria 0-17\b. Winsliip, 16 

Maria (l-2t-IM'J), i:i 

JIarIa , 1-22). b. .Slblev, 27 

Maria n-2i-16'.i:i), 14' 

Maria Loui.i! (ls/.l),30 

Maria Koaeltl- (IhH), 11 

Uani-tta. m. Mrarn-, Itt 

Marlon A., b. durc-loD, 27 

Marlon K. (l•^^- , .i»l 

Marion L., b. Jonri, M 

MorloQ I... m. Colburn, 27 

Maroa, b. GrKwoM. IT 

Martha, b. .Munror. 4 

Martha (d. iri'J), m. Smith, 4 

.Martha ^\7^r \ m. «"illiam«. 4 

Martha ( 1 ->i- 1 -.-o 1 . m. Fenno, 7 

Martha (l»ll), b. BrrrT, 14 

Martha Aon (I-17-1-I4), 12 

Manha Ann (1-2.-). 10 

Martha Ann (l-.v>-lr!7i;. IS 

Martha Jan' ,KH-1-Mi, m. Bord, 23 

Martha Jojophlne (l-ll>). m. Brirntv. 14 

Marna Jo„pi,h.r -.-..J., m. I^.lie, 17 

Martha LiMnard (l-.i>-iv.7',, n 

^Urxha .^ton' (1--'*'. m. -^awin, 11 

Mary (l|-.-V17l2' . m. Kibbv, 4 

Morjr (ITtH. b. Jlcrriam, i 

Mary (17iJi.S 

Mary (i7>t-isi«). m. Fle!ch»r. 7 

Mary (Isul-It..7i. b. Thompiou. 12 

Mary (1-11), m. Wood. 10 

Mary , ;-.-:-l-7')>. m. Bowerf, 13 

M.nry (l»2J-l-44). 12 

Mary (d. lif.M!. b. Briirhani, 1« 

.Mary. b. .lacHvin. J.i 

Mary Abby, is. Oibjaoa, 19 

Mary Adrtaldr. b. Morton, » 

Mary Albrranoa, m. lulch. r, \» 

.M try AnKrIinr, m. IKaru, IV 

Mnry Ann (d. 1-JI»),4 

5I»ry Ann : l-2-Ul-.»i), b. Xe«I, U 

M.iry Ann, b. Ilrmlnton, 24 

JIary Aus'jita l(ir»i. il 

Mary Kl!j, in. Li-«', 2J 

Mary Knima (l^i^l^24 

Mary E<th. r ( m. Comry, 14, It 

Mary ttia, b. lownr. 27 

Mary F., b. Cunaul. lA 

.Mary J., b. Cj:.1«i11,T« 

Mnry i: . m. Luther, -t) 


, JO 

M.rcy iirilj.i 

Mlldri'.l, 21) 

Millie tli;ab.!h,3<) 

Minnie >!,:■■. 

Mlra ;i-t',-l-7-\ m. Cop«land, S 

Mimnda J., b. r..niple. :v> 

Miriam (17.'>-1-Ai , b. Stone, U 


I 1'. (I-j«> , it 

Morris L., > 

Mvra A., m. Koblnioo, 17 

Mynle L, 24 

Nabby (iriC-lvM). m. Keith. S 
Nancv, m. Uo...lw.rd, ii 
Na»:y (l7-:-I-ll), K 
Nancy, b. Mowe, o 
Xancr C17'>»-l-r.', h. Fisher, IJ 
Nancy, m. Tuttle. U 
Nancy Maria, m. Mavbry. 11 
Nancy Sluria. in. Itl.,:i^elt, 21 
Nannie J., b. Ijlil, ii 
Nellipve, 7 

Nora, M 

Oliver (17.'i7-lM2).8 
01iTcr(I7-7-l-:5;, 12 
OllTer fclion, 2a 
Oman, 14 
Ophelia 11.. 12 
Otis (1791 i. 9 
Otis vl»<io,, " 
OUs \V. (1%17-IS«4), 24 

Pamelia, 7 

Perlev li. rce, Dr., 34 
Philip Ui.ii. ">■> 
Poilv. m. F.lrbfinks 7 
Polly, b l^...i.«r.l, 12 
Polly, b. Andrews. 11 

Ralph If.. 34 
Rebecca u., 24 
Roben M;irold. 1» 
Robert Hvury, 34 
Rosette. 11 
Koy Kli"t. 27 
Koval. 11 

Kuharaa (1701-17101.4 
BubaioA (I7l2-l-lv:. 4 
Kunaraa < 17'' -■ . J 
Kuhama ( 17-.".-l-*4), 7 
Kulh, b. Tnjw, K 

Kutb (irxo.» 

.-•allv (:7r>-)--vi\ b. T'ltnam, l» 
sallv 1«<.7-1"1 1, ni. llv>wo»<d, 10 
.■^auiaiithu O .27 

Vanford K.. V> 

>arall (l>'«i-). 4 

.-■rah. 4 

-•rah (17 211.4 

.Saroli (1;mi,« 

Sarah f I7'>:i-I-7T>. 

m. Rrrek 


>«ra'i Ann ,1-t ■ . 

21 li.nda :- 

• . 17 

.-ar^li |)>.-r. 1.. 1::. 

ll. 21 

■-arali I^.uim-. 1.. 1 



Sarah MeadlUvt.-) 


Skrab W., b. Stwln, 17 
Sophrunla I'., li 

sprncT (ir v^ir^ci, 1 

Sp«nciT (17**-lsiu , U 

^pfncrr AOKUita, Iv 

Siiulrif S.. 11 

Su'sn ;i:vl-lfr«\ni. Flngj, !>, 15 

su-m A.ii'Uii vi>»7:i, a 

bu«»n Ai-uuiia (lj«'. ;s 

SutuD K'.liabcth (Itl41-ie68}, 10 

Sman Murii (IsTi), 3il 

Su<an SjmnDtba, b. Citrpcntcr, :0 

8u<lc )!.. m. ('■ritTi'i, ;)0 


bjlTnttr If., U 

Thttchf r. 12 
Th«rrj» P.. 31 
Thom.n W., U 
ToTbenls, 14 

Urnils, IS 

Tclzora, tS 
Vests L., 28 
TodljaJ., 12 


Walter Hrrbrrt (1«74), M 
W«lli;r llun:!.)r ,l-77i. M 
Wnltpr I ;i» .on (l«i''.j..11 
Walter llUhmond (le^J-lSlH). » 
Warren ourJinr, W 


I Writle 

Wrbii.r Huntlvy. 1« 
Wlllard (l7'.io-lNW), 13 
WllUrd ilM0),24 
Wlllard I 16<<.l>,3iJ 
Willard II., 2i 
William A. i;!-<70. 20 
William Alnarado (1850-1890), 3A 
Williiim B^Dianiln (1M«), 1« 
William Clvl.-. 17 
Willium ll.nry (1S37).19 
William ^larher :'.'^^n). n 
William rortiT ;l^:l7),■.•y 
WillLim Skinner f Ih-'l-li-'Jl), a 
William Wullace(l»t'll. rti 
William Wliliami (1~1J-13«3), 18 
Wllion (lfl'.>-l,-Oo;. J7 
WiUon SUudmaD, 'M 


Akron, O., 54 
AldrD. Alb<-rt. 13 
Aldrlcb, JulU A., Jl 

LucrctiA, '^ 

Sfth. I« 
Andf^non. liurrtcl, 'ii 
AnJrfWi. roily. 11 
Antonf 11 1. Leonard V„-)# 
Arctic Octiio. Ji 
A)hl>nd, Ma<9.. 30 

Babbllt. HaniiHh .V., 15 
Bacon, KII.1. 7 
Bakrr, E.iher. 9 
Barlow, .Mri. Kachrl, 19 
Bnrarj, Wirrio K., 14 
Barre. MaM.. ^7 
Barrttt, Anna 51., 27 
Barton, Crlinda. \i 
Bale, John J., .'1 
B^ckwUb, Sarnh Louf««, lA 
Btnatoa. Mr«. Alice L., 19 
Btlcliw. j 
Gilbert. ;.' 
Joj-pb W., J 
Brnt, Allvn tl. 7 
Btrrjr, Slirtha. H 
Blake. Kllen V.. a 
BlodgttI, Wll/ord G.. 33 
Boaton, Mu9., 6. 9. U, 1«, 20, 

Bowfr. J»m'« H., 10 
Bower«. William. 11 
Boyd. Thomas, -i 
Boydfn. t.ihir. 13 
Braanon. Sutn. M 
Brarinton, Mary A., 24 
Breck, K.ijah, 7 
Brf(t((«, KUa M.. 26 
Briiham. Jlury. W 
Brighton, lla»«., i3, s. ;r, 28 
Brooklyn. X. Y.. 21.15 
Brown. Kuhama. 4 
Briwn UnlverMtT. i: 
Bmso, Joseph. 2.1 
Marlt.'. '23 

Caldwfll. Sfanr J...-iA 
Cimbridge (Mum.;, ie,21,23,: 


Camdrn. N. J.. .14 
Campbell, Jiiinn E.. 26 
Cap«n. Anfteline .S., ^7 
Carkln, (Jeorje W., i) 
Carpenter, Befoy. a 

."^mxn .>.. 20 
Cariley. tlliabelh i:..M 
Chamberlain, Natliiialel, 7 
Cheliea, )la<i., S. v 
ClCTelaad, 0., 24, U 

Clinton, Mm«., .14 
Colbum, Jotin. H 

Niilhan P.. 27 
Coleman, Kale. .15 
Comey'j Wharf. 9 
Comev t .Tohn.nn. 24 
r inant. SI irv v., 1(1 
Lincord. M :v<« . 1. 4 
Coombi. I.mmn .1.. 32 
C.ipelnnd. JUrtln, S 
Corey, Iiaa.-. 4 
Cruther, Anulc, 27 

Damon, Darld, 7 
Iiaim, .M.KS., ■«, 15, 27 
l>.uutl<. Iryphenla. 14 
Davlj. Mri.Mary F " 
llean, CUra A., 21 
Dtrbv, Canline E., 2« 
•iKK^ Hannah C.,3i 


Uunn, Ma 


I^u-.ion. tmiua J., 36 

Elllsborg. N. Y. II. 17 
Ellison, Ker. Diinlp|J.,21 
Emory, ' >rrln U., 10 

21, Fairbanks. .Fonatbaa, 7 
Falei, Abijah. ■* 
Fall Kiver. Maj.., 19 
Fell, Laura E.. JO 
Fenno, Khenezer, 7 
Ferry. Alice. 29 
Fi-her. Nancr. 13 
Kitcbtari;, Ma-s..?, 11, W.iS, 

Flan, BartieT, 15 

Ke» .Joshua. 15 
Fletcher, William. 7 
Force Vlll,l«e. Mttii., 22 
Forreit, Addhon P., 13 
Foxboro, Maji., 5. 7, », 12-14. 
23, 2J. 2H. 34, Ma.i.. 27, 30 
FrancU. Anna K.. 17 
Franconia, N. U., 25 

'Cailoupe. riara E., 30 
tiarceluo. ilarion A.. 27 
Gardner, Ma« , A, 7,9, 11, It, 

Gate*. . 10 

fiay. Jo<eph. 23 
Oerri.'i. Kuaboth E., .35 
Gibb«. Emilv. H 
Gibson, G'-orieS.. 19 
GUI. Nannie J.. ii 
Grmrei, Elmer E., 30 

Griiwold. Jtaroa. 17 
<iro\er, Uattie, '^ 

lIan<com. Albert E., 25 
ll.irri.. .Jiiine. II.. 22 
llarrard 2';, 31, 35 
llirwood. .Inna<. 10 
llavden. Almira. 22 
Havne«. Gevr^e \Y., 13 
lleam, Ellen M., '2S 

J0<er,h, 19 

Henderson. N. Y.. 7, 10, 11 

ll.vwood. II. F.. 10 

Jliltner. J. II.. 17 

ll..d„- •, ATr-d. 13 

I|..l:i.r..n. 51 -I-'. 19. 34 

II .pkiuton. Mass., 7. 11. ifi, 1 

Howard. Betsey. 11 
Howe. .Nunrv, •> 
llowland. Alice O.. 2* 
Uoyt, Jo.epb F., 33 

.lack-on, Msrr. ■« 
Ja.iuiU), Al ' V .M.. 7 


I-a-i.-. 10 
Jes'man. .v.l- .tiert. 25 
,T.,hn<oo, l:. b.ttal)., 25 
Jones. Jliin in L.. 34 
Judson, Charles G.. 22 

Keith. Amos, s 
K.>n.UII..I'.lin. 4 ' 
Kover. Jolin IJ., 25 
Kihl.v. .I..'hu.i. 4 
29.Kin2 I'lnlipS War. 3, 40 
Kin<-).ur\. Ad.lis.'O. 12 
Klttrid^e: Eli/abcih. II 
Knigbt, Ha/rut, 9 

LasTT-ncs-. Ann Ellia, 20 
I..e. I.lwin II.. 23 
I9-L<lanl. Annie c. .32 
lAjouard, I 111. 14 

Ke-;ah. 12 

IVlly. 12 
Leslie, n.arls K 17 
Lewis. W. K. .1c llr..s ,20 
I.exin/ton. Ma-s.. 4-fl 
L.nroln. Kev. --.iinn-r. 10 
17,Lo<rkm.-sn. Kl./jl-th 11, :?( 
Lutestiil. .!■ ••• . ' 

L--.i:.i.-d. 9 

Lather. >l:.rT IL. .■« 

. 10 

L)iiu. Mj 

McKay. I'«'.»;'j II.. J6 
Maiden, Mais .J. ■/ 


Miltm»n Farallv. *, i^ 
.M.i .rl.ll. ll.i-< . •• 
M 1 ...II. Mr-. .\l..,'l. .. • 
ll...jnlcUJ^ , 


.1 D . 

iMIll.l .M.. 

Lorlna, \o 
iWAra, .lo.huu, 7 
Mi'llor, >u»:\nn.ih, 2.1 


.1. I". 

Mfrrlam. il.irv.S 

Mi;, r,i. M;i..., II, i;. :-, 

.Mi:l-r. t..l:nl.. l:l 
Mli:.,.ii. Ma-'. ..•..7. !.i 
Morj. . I.vll.i F . -M 
.■iu'an A.. !l 
Morton, Marv A., ;» 
Muoror, Mirlho. ' 
Willi»m. • 
Manny, Laura -.-O 
Murr:iv. <;r.ioe, '.1 
Jly.rj, Lliurlij I!.,;* 

Nfur. M»rT Ann, lii 
N. u-lii-r. Ilottli- <•.. 3« 
N. %» Il.'.ifor.i. M.HM.. !S 
Ni-^ ll.imp^hlre (.'onn-T« 
N.'w Vork Cliy, ■.•!. .».i:.' 
N. wf.i:i, Ml-)., >. :;.«• 
Nlchoi), Emily A . 14 
Nurwood, 5Um., I'J 

T*nrlihur«t, Nnac, 4 
farrv, .Samuel, 4 
Pi.r.;.n». John. 10 
r»rT|.li<', Charl. «. !S 
I'liirtackHt, P.. I.. U 
r. rkiii). Ruhert U., 15 
Fhilip'j War. .1, 40 
ricrc«, Abigail J., ID 
Csrrlf, 2.1 
CUeciut M., ■:3 
Jonu. 4 
Pine. Ida. Zt 
PomtTOV, Ve5ta L., J? 
Pon.r. Anna, s 
P'i-nii<<. Ahncr, 7 
Fr.-ioctt, William A., 16 
PTcnor, Frank i)., Jl 
PutDim, aally, 10 

Qlll^l^r. SvlranU R.. TO 

ijuu. : . M...-., I'j, .'1, A 

: it;iii' : . \M;iUni. i: 

< It. ...lii .• K:iu.. « 
l:.. 1 .\l..rv .\un. 'i 
l.-lh. «.rul, li..-.:l 
i{iclu.r.l-an, liuniiah. 

^amnnilia G., .7 
Rohhiii.. Mr«. Sliirv A., 1) 
Robiu-on, llunn.ih. !.• 

Kpv.iirrlu I,., 17 
Rcckwood, K.tli.r K . ;i 

LuduJa, ^7 
Rc-or.. John «'.. J-.- 

. A:Io 

J. . Ilvron T.. .--• 
r:.:>. AI'iRioC , 13 
ri:, Ka-.e t.. 20 

SaniliTk-h. Maj»., M. 21 
.^iar^fut. Tlioma*. (i 
!*a»clu,")ri! l>.. 11 

Sarali \Y.. 17 
SawTfr. Hinry J., I.T 
Scotl. Kmma. li» 

n,l„.||a a..3i 
Stgrt. Kliza A., I') 
.s..vnioi.r. Wis., 10. 17 
U,2S Sh:ir.>ri. .M.i«.. 5, .'0 
a; Sh.imi..i.r, Jam.) H.,is 
SIM.'V. Mnri.A. •.■7, Charlotte 11 

Harrirt L.. it 
Sina!lev A; Cun.fv, 'Jl 
Smlth.Abtott ,s!, JO 

Benjamin, 4 

Coll. ge. 34 

Ebfafier, 6 

I.illbn, 1» 
SoiD»ri lllp. .Maji., iO, 27 
^^puuMin;. ILnjamlD U., 13 
Spinnev, L'.ulHt, i? 
Spounir. A<a. 15 
SprlOj.-, William T.. 29 
Stanvan, S>w-ll, 15 
SreaJman. tann? L., 2S». H.nrv L, IS 
— S!.:w.irt. Lillian \.. 37 
Sio.Wi.rd. Mr-. Harrl.:t, » 
St.]kc . N::hola«, 10 
Stone, Miriam. It 
Stowell, Alice M., 24 
Stnttoa, Joel A., » 

Sudbury, M«««.. ^, 40 
Suoiut-r, AtliJail, 3 

Tart, fr.ul.i, I*. Ui-.,r.'.. W., !« 

-M.r J., 30 

«>, li. 
Tennrv, Irciir W.. j.) 
Thom|.-..n, Marv, l.' 
Th..riit.»i. J.nnl.., 10 
Tlbl.'tt-. l>!r|, II 
Towiie, I. V.I. J, 15 

Mary K..-.'7 
Trow, ItutI,. V 
Tu.ii.T. V.l/. ru.a 
Tutilc, WIM.aa. S., li 

Cpton, Ma.-., 24 

Van Amrlr^rf. William B., M 
Vlnln,[, Fanny 1!., 11 

W.ildin. Lvdia. 2.1 
Wal.'», William B., 12 
•Walker, lIjDiiuh, Is 
Ward, ;: 

Samnel D»lo.«. 10 
W»-..ka. Minn.. II. 17 
WtttH. IL.nn..h M71 :Ul7'ff), S 
H; i:'-.7-l'2'J,, » 
Wellj Klu.i;-rh.7 
W..»l, SLirKir..!, !7 
WV.tboro. .^ln<., 1», ?4 
W. .tf..r.l, M.i-<.. .-2 
W...tmin«t..r, >Li'< . 4, «, 7, 1« 
Wi.'.li.Tbee, A;L..rl. 14 
Wheei.>ck,.''hn, 7 
Whipple, ArNha. 27 
K;!a A.. IS 

Whiiinif, ^^^.:.Jm >.,zi 

Wilcox.;.-.<!; . Itf 
WllUanu, F.r:.-!!? F., 11 

William, 4 
Wllmot, N. H.. 14 
WIn-hln. M..rn. 1« 
W.jbarn, M^'•., 1. «, 33 
Wood, Amrujia. '-1 F.,22 

jlo...'. :» 
Woods ll.rj imlD O.. IS 
Woon'ocktt R. I , 2" 
WorceMcr, MaJf, 1 ! , -2.^. 2«, W, 34 
Wreotbam, M««.,S, U, 2J, 24, 31