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Full text of "Commencement 1878-1919"

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Johns Hopkins University 



At the Close of the Sixth Academic Year 
June 8, 1882 

Doctors of Philosophy 

James Wilson Bright - English 

A Discussion of the Verbal Forms in King Alfred's West-Saxon version of Gregory's De cura 

John Franklin Jameson - History 

The Origin and Development of the Municipal Government of New York City 
Mitsuru Kuhara - Chemistry 

Oxidation of Nitrometaxylene 
Robert Wright Mahon - Chemistry 

Some Investigations on the Benzyl-derivatives of the Sulphamides of Metaxylene 
Oscar Howard Mitchell - Mathematics 

Some Theorems in Numbers 
George Frederick Nicolassen - Greek 

The Articular Infinitive in Xenophon 
William Albert Noyes - Chemistry 

Protection of a Group containing two Carbon-atoms 
Chase Palmer -Chemistry 

On the Sulpho-cinnamic Acids 
Edward Henry Spieker - Greek 

On the So-called Genitive Absolute and its use especially in the Attic Orators 

Bachelors of Arts 

William Hughlett Adkins Gustav Bissing 

Thomas Alexis Berry Walter Bernard Clarkson 

Hermann Louis Ebeling James Page 

Louis Garthe Albert Gallatin Palmer 

Edward Ingle Robert Miller Reese 

Richard Fuller Kimball Lewis Tebbets Stevens 

Gustav Adolph Liebig, Jr. Herbert Thorndyke Tiffany 
Charles William Emil Miller