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The One Hundred and Sixty-Fifth 










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r ^ 

Order of Exercises 

PRESIDING DR- Charles E. Bishop 

Chancellor of the College Park Campus 

PROCESSIONAL March from Die ^leister singer, Wagner 


Lutheran Chaplain 

THE NATIONAL ANTHEM The Star-Spangled Banner, Key 

Led by Dr. Paul Traver, 
Director, University Glee Clubs 

GREETINGS DR. Louis L. Kaplan 

Chairman, Board of Regents 

Dr. Wilson H. Elkins 

President of the University 

The Honorable Blair Lee, III 
Lt. Governor of Maryland 

Representing Governor Marvin Mandel 


The Testament of Freedom, Thompson 
Song of Democracy, Finale, Hanson 

University Glee Clubs 

Mr. Harry G. "Skip" McComas, IV, Graduating Senior, and 
Dr. Traver, Conducting, respectively 


The Honorable Rogers C. B. Morton 
U. S. Congressman from Maryland 


Dr. Bishop, College Park 

Dr. Elkins, Nursing and University College 


Kinney, Led by Dr. Traver 
Hail! Alma Mater! 
Hail to thee, Maryland 
Steadfast in Loyalty 
For thee we stand. 
Love for the Black and Gold, 
Deep in our hearts we hold. 
Singing, thy praise forever, 
Throughout the land. 


DR. Richard Eslinger 
Methodist Chaplain 

RECESSIONAL March from Tannhduser, Wagner 

Certificates of congratulations are presented dur- 
ing the Commencement Exercises. Diplomas 
will be mailed to graduates by the Registra- 
tions Office. 

Honorary Degree 

Rogers C. B. Morton 

Rogers C. B. Morton was recently chosen as new Secre- 
tary of the Interior bv President Nixon. 

Elected as Congressman from Maryland's Eastern Shore 
in 1962, Mr. Morton continues to represent Maryland's First 
District in the House of Representatives. Long a leader in 
Republican inner circles. Mr. Morton was appointed chairman 
of the Republican National Committee in April, 1969, and oc- 
cupied that post until his recent resignation. 

As a member of Congress, Mr. Morton has served on 
the prestigious House Ways and Means Committee and has 
taken a strong role in advocating environmental control and 
greater conservation efforts. He di'afted legislation creating 
Assateague Island National Seashore, enacted in 1965, and 
served on subcommittees concerned with national parks, wild- 
life conservation, and public lands. 

Born in Louisville, Ky., on September 19, 1914, Morton 
attended Yale University from which he was awarded a 
Bachelor of Arts degree in 1937. 

University of Maryland 

The University of Maryland is a land-grant institution of higher learn- 
ing stressing programs of excellence in teaching, research and service. 

Now in its 164th year, the University is one of the 10 largest uni- 
versities in the nation, with over 41,000 students enrolled in its on-campus 
daytime programs. An additional 54,450 are enrolled in the fiscally self- 
sustaining programs of University College, which maintains centers for 
adult education throughout the State and in 24 foreign countries. The 
teaching and research staff includes more than 6,000 full-time and part- 
time personnel. 

Undergraduate curricula are offered in over 103 fields, master's degrees 
in 64 departments and doctoral degrees in 60 departments. In the num- 
ber of doctorates granted annually, the University ranks among the top 
30 institutions in the nation. 

The University had its beginnings in 1807 with the establishment in 
Baltimore of the College of Medicine, an entirely faculty-owned institution 
granting the M.D. degree. Five years later its name was changed to the 
University of Maryland, and it was given power to confer additional de- 
grees. Subsequently, the University opened a School of Dentistry (1840), 
the first such school in the world, and then added Schools of Pharmacy 
(1871), Law (1882) and Nursing (1889). 

The College Park campus of the University was opened in 1859 as 
the Maryland Agricultural College under a charter secured in 1856 by a 
group of Maryland planters. After a disastrous fire in 1912, the State 
acquired control of the College and bore the costs of rebuilding. In 1920 
the State took over the faculty-owned University in Baltimore, merging 
it with the State-owned institution at College Park to form the present- 
day University of Maryland. 

In 1886 the Delaware Conference Academy was founded by the 
Methodist Church in Princess Anne, Maryland. The institution was 
taken over by the State of Maryland in 1926 and became a division of 
the University of Maryland in 1948. This unit was called Maryland 
State College, and operated autonomously under its own president until 
July 1, 1970, when it became a branch of the University, known as the 
University of Maryland, Eastern Shore. 


Presently located on the College Park campus are the Colleges of 
Agriculture, Arts and Sciences, Business and Public Administration, 
Education, Engineering, Home Economics, and Physical Education, 
Recreation and Health; University College; School of Architecture; 
Graduate School; School of Library and Information Services; and Summer 
School. There are also a number of institutes, bureaus and service pro- 
grams. On the Baltimore City campus there are the Schools of Dentistry, 
Law, Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy, and Social Work; the Psychiatric 
Institute; Center for the Study of Trauma; and University Hospital. A third 
campus was opened in 1966 just west of Baltimore City — the University of 
Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBO. 

The research programs at the University derive their existence and 
vigor from a faculty comprised of internationally recognized scholars and 
scientists. Exceptional research facilities include the Institute for Child 
Study, the National Resources Institute, a laboratory for basic behavioral 
research. Van de Graaff accelerators, an assortment of modern computers, 
a nuclear reactor, wind tunnel, a psycho-pharmacology laboratory, 
laboratory models for meteorological phenomena, and collaborative ar- 
rangements with many nearby government installations. A new, pioneer- 
ing, spiral ridge cyclotron was completed in 1968. In addition, the Uni- 
versity of Maryland is a member of the initial group of 34 universities 
incorporated to manage a new 200 BeV high energy accelerator at Weston, 

L^niversity libraries include more than a million volumes on the 
College Park and Baltimore City campuses, plus nearly half a million 
microtexts, slides, film strips, negatives, prints, music scores, and record- 
ings. The University is a regional depository for Federal documents. 
Special collections include the Marylandia, Katherine Anne Porter, Rare 
Book, East Asian, and Health Sciences Historical Collections. 

In recent years the University of Maryland has received national 
recognition in numerous areas. In 1964 it established a chapter of 
Phi Beta Kappa. In 1969 the Association of American Universities elected 
the University to its selective membership. 

During the 1969-70 school year eight LTniversity of Maryland stu- 
dents were selected as Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship designates 
and an additional six won honorable mention. 

In research, scholarship and in the number and quality of its graduates, 
the University is a productive member of the community of great state 

Candidates for Degrees 

The 1971 Class Roster is comprised of degree candidates from the 
undergraduate schools and the Graduate School at the University's College 
Park campus and from the School of Nursing at the Baltimore City campus 
since September 1970. As final action cannot always be taken for January 
candidates by the time this program is printed, the list of candidates here 
is tentative only, the University reserving the right to withdraw or add 

The Graduate School 

Candidates will be presented by Dr. David S. Sparks, Dean for Graduate Studies and 


January 25, 1971 

John Henrique Avila, Jr. 
MARINA J. E. Bates 

Harry Andrew Beale 

A. Robert Bell 
ViRGiLio Sergio Blanco 

Edith James Blendon 

Emory Crockett Bogle 
Jerome Raymond Bohse 

Leslie C. Brinson 

Salvatore a. Bruno 

Christopher S. Caldwell 

TiEH Chun Chang 
Robert Dominic Corsaro 
Theodore S. Creedman 
Maria Smith Davidson 

Rudolph Earl DePass 

MARION Lee Edwards 
Mostafa Mahmoud Emara 

John Paul Erdman 

Ira M. Felsen 

Charles Matthew Gilmore 

Suzanne Gladstone 
Frederick Daniel Gray 

Raymond Warren Hamilton 

Mathematics: Continuation Methods for Nonlinear Equations. (California) 

Education (Measurement and Statistics) : The Effect of Partial Infonnation Set on 
Confidence Weighing Behavior. (Maryland) 

Chemical Engineering: An Aanalijsis of Some McthocLs of Puriticatio)i and Physical 
Properties of High-Purify Vanadiiun. (Maryland) 

Comparative Literature: The Harrowing of Hell. (California) 

Animal Science: Response of Early Weaiied Pigs to Different Ln'cis of Phosphorous, 
Supplied by Ashed Fish Meal. (Mexico) 

History: Venezuela and the United States, 1928-191,8: Thv Impact of Venezuelan Na- 
tionalism. (Maryland) 

History: The Anglo-French Commercial Treaty of Utrecht, 1713. (Virginia) 

Physics and Astronomy: An E.xperimental Investigation of an Optical Sounding Tech- 
nique For Atmospheric Ozone. (Maryland) 

Education (Counseling and Personnel Services) : Interaction Between Time and Verbal 
Fluency: A Model for Reducing Aggressive Behaviors. (North Carolina) 

Chemistry: Synthesis of Some Unsymmetrical Tertiary Phosphincs and Phosphinous 
Chloride as Possible Procursors to Compounds Containing Multiply Bonded. Trivalent 
Phosphorous. (Delaware) 

Mathematics: Rates of Convergence of Appro.rimate Solutions of Parabolic Initial- 
Boundary Value Problems. (Maryland) 

Physics: Electron Heating Processes in the Middle Ionosphere. (Maryland) 

Chemistry: Ultrasonic Absorption of Acetic Acid Solutions. (Maryland) 

History: The Politics of Costa Rica, 1936-191,1,. (Maryland) 

Education (Human Development): Participation in a Social Action Program and 
Change in Children's Self-Concepts and Reading Achievement. (District of Columbia) 

Agricultural Economics: A Microanalytical Simulation of the U. S. Economy, 1961- 
1970. (District of Columbia) 

Mathematics: On the Separation of Variables. (Maryland) 

Chemistry: Ultrasonic Absorption Study of e-Caprolactani in Cyclohe.rane Solution. 
(United Arab Republic) 

Chemistry: Studies of Substituted Cyclohexadiencs and Cyclohe.radienyl Anions. 

Chemical Engineering: Turbulent Flow Drag-Reduction by Dilute Poly (Ethylene 
O.vide) Solutions in Capillary Tubes. (Maryland) 

Mechanical Engineering: Thermal Displacements i)i Cu-Au Alloys. (Maryland) 

Psychology: The Interaction of Verbal and Non-Verbal Agression. (Maryland) 

Agricultural Economics: Sweetner Consumption and Utilization Patterns in the United 
States: Past Trends and Relationships, ciirf Prospects to Target Years 1980 and 
2000 A.D. (Maryland) 

Economics: The Public Housing Program in the United States: An Analysis and 
Evaluation. (Maryland) 

* Department and Thesis Title Indicated. 

University of Manjland 



^», £ - IJH. « - 

• 7 

c fj - 


Chang Sun Han 

Dale Wesley Harri s 
Donald West Harward 

Gertrude M. Haugan 

Gregory Charles Helweg 

Timothy Jordan Henry 

Gerald Francis Hoff 

David John Hoffman 

Wen-tseh Huang 

Murray Itzkowitz 

John Jellinek 

John O'Neal Johnston 

William Drumm Johnston, III 

Ihab Labib Kamel 

Philip Bernard Kaplan 
Frederick Ludwig Karls 

Kwang Je Kim 
Jack H. Ladenson 

SALLY Ann Lawrence 

Donald Loftua Lloyd 

Robert Alden Love 

John Edward Maloney 
Herbert Lee Manning 
Donald Michael McKinstry 
.Stephen_ Mellman 
Joseph Farrow, Metz, Jr. 
Raymond Paul Morgan, II 

William James Murin 

e e - III — 5 

Electrical Engineering: Analysis of Cyclotron-Type Electric Lenses and Effects of 
Posts. (Michigan) 

Chemical Engineering: Bremsstrahlung from Cylindrical Beta Sources. (Maryland) 

Philosophy: The Distinction in the Tractatus Between Saying and Showiyig. (Dela- 

Psychology: The Effect of Various Types of Reinforcement on Conditioning of Infant 
Vocalizations. (Maryland) 

Psychology: The Relationship of Selected Personality Characteristics and Preferences 
for Directive and Non-directive Therapeutic Approaches. (Maryland) 

Chemistry: Thermal and Photochemical Reorganizations 9,9-Dialkyl-cis-bicyclo [6.2.0'] 
nona-2 ,It,6-trienes and cis-Bicyclo [6.2.0] deca-2,i,6-triene. (Maryland) 

Physics: , Bajirf Inversion and the Electrical Properties of Lead-Tin-Selenide Semicon- 
ducting Alloys. (Maryland) 

Zoology: The Physiological Effects and Interactions of Trypan Blue and Oxygen in 
the Chick (Gallus gallus ). (Massachusetts) 

Physics and Astronomy: Pion-nucleus Scattering Lengths and Sig>na Commutator. 

Zoology: The Effects of Inter- and Intraspecific Intruders on the Reproductive Be- 
havior of the Male Cyprinodon Variegatus (Pisces: Cyprinodontidae) . (New York) 

Mechanical Engineering: A Lunar Transportation Vehicle. (Michigan) 

Dairy Science: Partial Purification and Bioassay of Bovine Uterine Luteolytic Hor- 
mone. (Michigan) 

Physics and Astronomy: Collisional Excitation Rate Coefficients in the Beryllium-like 
Sequence. (Maryland) 

Chemical Engineering: Radiation-Induced Grafting of Styrene to Polyethylene and 
Hexatriacontane. (Maryland) 

Electrical Engineering: On Time-Varying Digital Filters. (Maryland) 

Psychology: Influence of Adults' Success and Risk-Taking Strategies upon Childrens 
Imaginative Behavior. (Maryland) 

Physics: The Renormalized o-Model. (Maryland) 

Chemistry: Coulometric Argentometric Titration of Glutathione and Proteins. (Con- 

Education (Administration, Supervision and Curriculum) : The Effects of a Program, 
Reading Assignment, and Study Guide on Student Performance. (Pennsylvania) 

Geography: The Patterns and Problems of Agriculture within Kent and Northumber- 
land Counties, Neiv Brunswick, Canada 1961-1968. (Canada) 

Education (Secondary) : The Development, Field Testing and Evaluation of Three 
Hierarchies of Behaviorally Stated Objectives for the Chemistry Content of a Course 
of Instruction in Physical Science for Pre-Service Nursing Students. (Maryland) 

Physics and Astronomy: Measurements of the Bra>iching Ratio and Form of Inter- 
action for the Beta Decay of the Lambda Hyperon. (Massachusetts) 

Microbiology: Classification and Characterization of Tivo New Acidophilic Bacteria 
from Acid Mine Water. (Maryland) 

Dairy Science: Nutritional, Biochemical, and Pathological Studies on Forestomach- 
bypass and Control Calves Fed a Milk Replacer Diet. (Pennsylvania) 

Electrical Engineering: Propagation of the Second and Fourth Order Coherence Func- 
tiojis in a Random Medium. (Maryland) 

Education (Counseling and Personnel Services): A Study of the Relationship between 
Student Evaluation of Teaching and Selected Faculty Characteristics. (Maryland) 

Zoology: Comparative Electrophroretic Studies on the Striped Bass, Morone saxatilis, 
and White Perch, M^ americana and Electrophroretic Identification of Five Popu- 
lations of Striped Bass in the Upper Chesapeake Bay. (Maryland) 

Government and Politics: Mass Transit Policy In Washington, D.C.: Incremental Pol- 
icy Making and Ghetto Isolation. (Wisconsin) 


1971 Commencement Exercises 

John Larry Murray 

Becky Ann Thatcher Myton 

Anna Nemesh 

MARY Nemesh 

James W. Noonan 
JOHN George Olenick 
Austin Dawes Perry 
William Lockhart Phillips 

Judith Anne Poiley 

Steven William Rauch 

Allen R. Rhoads 

Wayne R. Ringlien 

Barrett Howard Ripin 

Joseph John Ritter 

Edgar Frederick Romberg 

A. Walker Rumble 

Thomas Judson Saxon, Jr. 

Myron Israel Scholnick 
Neil William Seidl 

Malcolm David Shuster 
Sat Pal Singhal 

carl Ray Smith 

Louise Wyndham Smith 

Roger Wayne Smock 
Marie Gabrielle Sponsler 

Physical Education: Retention of Isometric Endurance and Strength as a Function of 
Length of Trainiiig and Detraining. (Maryland) 

Zoology: Utilization of Space i)i Small Mammals with Special Reference to Peromyscus 
Leucopiis. (Pennsylvania) 

Education (Administration, Supervision and Curriculum): A Relationship Between 
Degree of Involvement in Content Material and the Acquisition of both Incidental 
and Non-Incidental Learning (Pennsylvania) 

Education (Administration, Supervision and Curriculum): An Experimental Study to 
Determine the Effects of On-the-Job Trai>ii>ig Materials versus Traditional Type- 
writing Copy Materials on Speed and Accuracy. (Pennsylvania) 

Mathematics: Asymptotic Expressions for Functions of Bounded Boundary Rotation. 
(Maryland) ^ 

Microbiology: Mode of action of 2-hydroxy-3-(cyclohexylpropyl)-l,i-naphtoquinone of 
Bacillus mageterium. (Maryland) 

Physical Education: The Effects of Exercise on Static and Dynamic Bone Strength in 
Male Albino Rats. (District of Columbia) 

Mechanical Engineering: The Influence of Grain Size on the Fatigue Properties of 
Low-carbon Steel and on the Tensile and Bending Properties of 70-30 Brass. (Mary- 

Zoology: Passive Transfer of Immunity Against the Nemtode Parasite Nippostron- 

gylus Brasiliensis (Travossos, 19H0 From Mother Mice to Their Offspring. (Mary- 

Mathematics: Nonlinear Programming Methods for Solving Nonliyiear Eigenvalue 
Problems. (Maryland) 

Chemistry: A Study of Microsomal Pyrophosphate Phosphohdrolase from Bovine Liver. 

Agricultural Economics: Economic Effects of Chilean National Expropriation Policy 
on the Private Commercial Farm Sector, 196J,-1969. (Maryland) 

Physics: Experimental Study of the Ballistic Second-Order Plasma Wave Echo. (New 

Chemistry: Studies on the Chemical Reactions of the Diboron Tetrahalides. (Mary- 

Physics and Astronomy: Elastic Electron Scattering on Itianium Istopes. (Pennsyl- 

History: Rectitude and Reform: Charles J. Bonaparte and the Politics of Gentility, 
1851-1921. (Connecticut) 

Government and Politics: National Security Council; Instrument of Presidential De- 
cision-Making. (Michigan) 

History: The New Deal and Anti-Semitism in America. (Maryland) 

Education (Secondary): An Application of a Small Group Instructional Method to 
Identify Some Adaptations of Curriculum and Instruction for Homogeneous Groups. 

Physics: Pion Production in Nuclear Collisions. (France) 

Physics and Astronomy: Part I: Magnetic Surface States and Impedaiice Oscillations 
for Tipped Field and General Fermi Surface Geometry — Part II: Perturbation 
Treatment of Strong Correlations in Narrow Energy Bands. (Louisiana) 

Physics and Astronomy: Part I: The Non-Linear Growth of Density Perturbation in 
a Hot Big Bang Cosmology — Part II: The Angular Momentum and Binding Energy 
of Galaxies. (Louisiana) 

Education (Counseling and Personnel Services): The Effect of an Immediate Client- 
Activated Empathy Measure on Counselor Behavior and its Relationship to Other 
Empathy Measures. (New York) 

Philosophy: The Paradox of Identity. (Canada) 

Education (Secondary) : The Effectiveness of Literary Models in the Teaching of 
Written Composition. (Maryland) 

University of Maryland 

Alan Roy Stottlemeyer 
Barbara Joan Sutek 

Ferdinand John Tramontin 

ROBERT Joel Tkevas 
Blanche Turner Vessels 


Nai-Chi Wang 
Gray Douglas Ward 
HOWARD Gilbert Weinstein 

Peter m acLellan Williams 
Robert Stephen Wiluams 
JOHN M. Wilson 
Richard Arden Wire 
harvey yakowitz 

Physics and Astronomy: An Analysis of the YKfC and >°K+ ^~ Three Body Final 
mates from Kp Interaction at 2.9 Ge v/c. (Pennsylvania) 

Psychology: The Effect of Three Behavior Modification Techniques of Extinction on 
Repetitive Verbal Behavior (Compulsive Behavior) in Four Psychotic Women. 

Chemical Engineering: Linear Models for Control Design in Multieomponent Distil- 
lation. (Virginia) 

Philosophy: The Ethical Theory of Hastings Rashdall. (Ohio) 

Health Education: The Development of a Check List Instrument for Analyzing the 
Sex Education Content of College Health Education Textbooks. (District of Colum- 

Education (Measurement and Statistics) : Extension of the Rasch Model to the Case 
of folychotomously Scored Items. (Maryland) 

Economics: A Multistage Linear Programming Model of Transportation. (Maryland) 

Physics and Astronomy: Scattering of Laser Light of SOkeV Electrons. (Florida) 

Education (Human Development): Special Classes and Group Therapy: An Evalita- 
tion of Their Effects on Achievement and Behavior in a Public School Setting. 

Chemical Engineering: Pulsed Neutron Measurements in Water near and below Room 
Temperature. (Maryland) 

Physics and Astronomy: The Effect of Electrostatic Charging on the Normal-State 
Conductivity and Superconducting Transition Temperature of Aluminum. (Maryland) 

Food Science: Quantitative Determination of the Composition of Soybean Samples by 
the Infrared Attenuated Total Reflectance Technique. (Pennsylvania) 

History: "John M. Clayton and the Search for Order," A Study in Whig Politics and 
Diplomacy. (Indiana) 

Chemical Engineering: Strain Contours in an Individual Grain of FeS wt.pct. Si 
Transformer Sheet. (Maryland) 



CLIFTON Paul Campbell 


BENJAMIN Forrest Poscover 
Robert Charles Schacht 
George Wilson Smith 

George Seaton Trotter 

Millie Mae Urbish 
Gladys C. Weaver 

Margaret Woodland Rockwell 

Institute for Child Study: A Study of Children's Responses to Cartoons as Related to 
Intelligence. (Maryland) 

Industrial Education: Identification and Description of the Elements of Numerical 
Control. (Maryland) 

Administration, Supervision and Curriculum: An Approach for Evaluating the Effect 
Aides Have on Teacher Role and Function and on Performance of Children. (Mary- 

Secondary Education: Perceptions of the Role of the Secondary School Science De- 
partment Chairman of Baltimore County Maryland. (Maryland) 

Industrial Education: An Experimental Investigation to Analyze the Effect of Mental 
Practice on the Initial Acquisition of a Motor Skill. (Indiana) 

Administration, Supervision, and Curriculum: The Development of an Instrument to 
Record the Interaction Between Teacher and Pupil in the Classroom and the Cor- 
relation of Certain Factors with Achievement. (Maryland) 

Human Development: An Examination of the Difficulties Encountered in Implement- 
ing Local Advisory Committees for Title 1, Elementary and Secondary Education 
Act, Programs. (Virginia) 

Elementary Education: Law Instruction in the Elementary School. (Michigan) 

Human Development: A Study of White Youth and Their Mothers on Tolerance. 

Institute for Child Study: Comparison of Teachers' Ratings of Behaviors of Partially 
Sighted Pupils and their Fully Sighted Peers. (Maryland) 

* Department and Thesis Title Indicated. 

10 1971 Commencement Exercises 


January 25, 1971 

Relmond Paux Van Daniker, III 

Business Administration: An Analysis of the Accouniivg Questions Disputed in the 
Renegotiation Cases taken to the Tax Court. (Kentucky) 


January 25, 1971 
Akne Steinberg Music: Franz Liszt's Approach To Piano Playing. (Maryland) 

Department and Thesis Title Indicated. 

University of Maryland 


JJie Astronomy Observatory at College Park is iised for ti 
Search. A program of oven houses for the public loas ret 


•vv. ♦- 




Thr I'nf^^ersU^^X/t (^nllcrif. nftahlishid iti 1966. Iins attract rd 
nationai atioitioiiJ^iroHJoh n nnitimiinff siriis of ixhiliitiovs. 

Master of Arts 
January 25, 1971 

Louis Anthony Amoroso New York 

William Albert Tad Archambault, Jr. 


Andrew John Arenth Maryland 

Gholam Hossein Azarbayejani Iran 

Herman J. Bahr Kansas 

Helen Winter Ball Maryland 

Paul S. Barnett Maryland 

Ursula Klara Beckert Maryland 

James Russell Behling D. C. 

Sharon H. Berard Maryland 

Virginija Elena Bird Maryland 

William Charles Boehm Virginia 

Marcia Janet Bogle Virginia 

Baiba Bolsaitis Maryland 

Norman Kent Boyd Maryland 

Lynn Ellis Brooks Maryland 

Elaine Harriet Brown Virginia 

William Holton Brown Maryland 

Emmett Evan Brunson Kentucky 

Francis J. Budelman Maryland 

Franklyn Norman Burke Maryland 

Donald Malcolm Burrows Maryland 

Margery Carazzone New Jersey 

Humberto Ignacio Cardounel Virginia 

Adelaida M. Castellanos Maryland 

Fernando Julio Charro Maryland 

Lee Robert Christian Maryland 

Edmond John Ciejek, Jr Massachusetts 

Janet H. Cohen Maryland 

Janice Lynn Cooke Virginia 

Michael Thomas Corgan Maryland 

Robert Alan Creller Maryland 

Richard Francis Crowley New York 

ILSE Margarete De Long Maryland 

Joseph Ancelo DelVecchio Massachusetts 

SiMONNE M. Deskin Ohio 

Frances Durdock Dickinson Maryland 

Jean Carol Dietrich Kentucky 

James Joseph Dowd New Jersey 

Susan E. Drapkin Maryland 

Bradley P. Dunn Maryland 

Fay Helene Dworkin Maryland 

Roy Lionel Eskow New Jersey 

ViRGiNU Lou Evans Maryland 

William Walter Farnandis Maryland 

Bruce Michael Fingerhut Indiana 

Samuel Allen Finz Maryland 

Jacqueline Lois Fleming Maryland 

Robert Flores Colorado 

Katharine Oriole Ford Maryland 

Anne Green Fotos Maryland 

Ronald Earl Foust Kentucky 

Maureen Louise Frick Maryland 

William E. Gardner Virginia 

Ralph Charles Gauer Virginia 

Charles Francis Gentile New Jersey 

RosANNA M. Gilbert New York 

Gary Eugene Gilliam Maryland 

Kenneth M. Gladstone Maryland 

Alice Naomi Goodman Maryland 

Arthur Joel Green New Jersey 

Robert Bruce Gregory North Carolina 

Sally R. Griffith Maryland 

Ronald E. Grim Pennsylvania 

C. Eric GRONBECH Maryland 

William John Grossmiller, HI Maryland 

Bart Karl Gruzalski Maryland 

Leonor R. Guillen Maryland 

Robert Lee Haar Maryland 

Steven B. Hafen Maryland 

Ralph Edward Hamil Virginia 

Robert Joseph Harford Maryland 

Thomas Edward Harris New Jersey 

Linda G. Harvey Maryland 

Catherine Helena Hayes Virginia 

Mark Bruce Hellerman New York 

John Thomas Hierholzer Maryland 

Susan Terry Hoffman Maryland 

Thomas Timings Holme, Jr Connecticut 

James Ronald Horton Maryland 

John Joseph Hourihan Maryland 

Florine Sharon Howle Maryland 

Lynne Rose Hurlbut Virginia 

James W. Hutchison D. C. 

Arnold E. Jablon Maryland 

David Lewis Jenkins Maryland 

Barbara A. Johns Ohio 

Edith Antoinette Johnston Maryland 

Wilbur Lee Johnston, Jr. North Carolina 

Kenneth W. Kagy Maryland 

Edward Daniel Kelleher Maryland 

Michael James Kelly Maryland 


1971 Commencement Exerdaet 

Ann M. Kendrick Pennsylvania 

John Robert Keys Maryland 

Robert William Kiger Maryland 

Bruce Wilson Knerr Maryland 

William Robert Krausb Maryland 

Ronald Lee Kuipers Maryland 

Carolyn Murphy Lane Maryland 

Jon H. Larson Maryland 

JowAVA M. Leggett Louisiana 

J. Michael Leibowitz Maryland 

Ann St. Clair Lesman Pennsylvania 

Mercedes M. Lesser Maryland 

Susan Alice Levine Kansas 

Bette Louise Lewis Maryland 

Pierre L. Lupien Canada 

James Alan Lutz Maryland 

Carl E. Mann Maryland 

John Joseph Matejko Maryland 

Norman R. Maxfield Virginia 

Beatriz Sarah Maza Virginia 

Frederick Louis McCoy Maryland 

John Joseph McNamara Virginia 

Blanche Ann Meier Maryland 

Ronald Edwin Meininger Maryland 

James W. Milden Iowa 

Arthur Curtis Miles Maryland 

Allen R. Miller New York 

William Louis Mocarsky Maryland 

Gloria Moldow Maryland 

VILMA Montiel Maryland 

William Joseph Montwielee D. C. 

Carlisle Brewer Morrison D. C. 

Richard Harbert Mullins Maryland 

Josyane Nicole Murawski Maryland 

Lenora Heilig Nast Maryland 

Richmond Britton Nefp, Jr. Texas 

Eric Newhouse Maryland 

Joseph Lee Nicewarner Maryland 

Francis W. Nicholas Maryland 

Richard William Palczynski Rhode Island 

Marguerite Helen Patterson Maryland 

James Lanier Perine Pennsylvania 

PAULETTE Carnicelli PidcOCK Maryland 

RiCKi Sue Price Oklahoma 

Janet Cushing Prochazka Maryland 

Edward F. Puccinelli Maryland 

Peter John Pytlowany Maryland 

Richard Arnold Quint California 

Susan Bahn Randers-Pehrson Maryland 

Donald Arthur Rapp Colorado 

Bernard Joseph Rauscher Maryland 

Gary Michael Regan Pennsylvania 

Sharon Stahley Keifsnider Florida, 

Thomas E. Reynolds Maryland 

Ronald Thomas Robinson Louisiana 

Paul E. Rockwell Maryland 

Alicia Mae Rodon Florida 

Phyllis Roos Virginia 

Elinor Charlotte Rosen Maryland 

Charles Arthur Rudy Maryland 

Lenore R. Salzman Maryland 

Andrea Marie Sapp Maryland 

Bernard B. Scheps Virginia 

HENRY Joseph Schmidt, Jr Pennsylvania 

Howard Christopher Schweitzer Maryland 

Gerald Peter Scrosati Virginia 

Gregory Joseph Segreti Maryland 

Howard James Selkin Maryland 

Barbara Claire Shafer Maryland 

Edward Joseph Shahin, Jr. Maryland 

Olen Dean Sheperd Maryland 

Paula Ann Sherin Massachusetts 

Bedford J. Silvey Maryland 

JoAnne Michaele Siry D. C. 

Carol L Spears Delaware 

Valerie A. Stanley Maryland 

Harriet Girault Stegemerten Virginia 

Marguerite Delavapuerie Stevens Maryland 

Ronald Roy Stroud Maryland 

Thomas William Summers Maryland 

Mark Edward Tanton Oklahoma 

Robert Payne Taylor Maryland 

Mark Clifford Temte Wisconsin 

Stephen Michael Thaler Maryland 

Phillip Edwin Thompson Maryland 

Cecil H. Tickamyer, II Kansas 

Arthur Howard Trush Maryland 

Charles Ernest Tychsen Virginia 

Carol Jane Van Nimmen D. C. 

Venkateswara Rao China Vellanki Maryland 

DiONisiO Vio Chile 

Joseph Robert VORRO Pennsylvania 

Harvey Walden Maryland 

University of Maryland, 


Davidson C. Watts Maryland 

Andrew Saul Weinstein New Jersey 

Sharon Nancy Willig Maryland 

Raymond Kenneth Wills Maryland 

Laurence Sheldon Woodworth Maryland 

Richard I. Wool New York 

Robert K. A. Yaasi D. C. 

Mark Edward Zeug Hawaii 

Master of Science 
January 25, 1971 

Lawrence Carlisle Abell Maryland 

Narasimharao Venkata Addanki Maryland 

CHUNG Hyun Ahn Korea 

William Lane Alford D. C. 

Thomas George Althen Maryland 

Luther Kersey Harden Maryland 

Justice Stephen Barton, Jr. Maryland 

Donald LeRoy Bartusek Maryland 

Anthony Allen Bednarczyk Maryland 

William Rohrman Belfield Maryland 

Manuel G. Benavides Costa Rica 

David Nathan Bixler Maryland 

Robert A. Blase Maryland 

David S. Bright Maryland 

Michael Buas Maryland 

Douglas MacArthur Burch Virginia 

Marilyn Louise Carlson Maryland 

David James Chadwick Maryland 


John Lin ward Chasse Maryland 

Amar Singh Chawla Maryland 

Kenneth Alan Chayt Virginia 

Weldon Hawkins Clark, Jr. Maryland 

Monte Wyatt Coleman Maryland 

Robert Joseph Commisso Maryland 

John Godfrey Connell Delatvare 

Terry Duane Copeland Texas 

Thomas Patrick Courtney Maryland 

Michael Dexter Cowing Maryland 

James Herbert Crouch California 

Albert Edwin Cunningham Maryland 

Douglas Garrison Danforth Maryland 

John Marshall David Maryland 

John Paul Devereaux Maryland 

Donald Patrick Doherty Virginia 

Stephen Linley Dougherty Maryland 

James Michael Douglas Maryland 

Clive Paul Durose Maryland 

Mary Monica Duru Maryland 

Marian Frances Eilers Maryland 

Martin N. Epstein Maryland 

Ronald Hubert Estes Maryland 

Rudolph Keith Fairfax, Jr. Maryland 

Andrew M. Findlay Maryland 

John Gaudet Frink Maryland 

Robert Michael Fry Maryland 

Edward Harry Glade, Jr. Virginia 

Paul B. Gross New York 

Richard Hecker Mairyland 

Arthur Henry Herbst Maryland 

William Francis Hermach Maryland 

David R. Hess Maryland 

Andrew Arnold Holtan Maryland 

Lyndon J. Howlett, Jr. Netv York 

Katherine Chuan-Kai HU Indiana 

Thomas B. Kaiser Maryland 

Samuel David Kaplan Marijland 

Ramesh Khatri Maryland 

Rattan Lal Khosa Maryland 

Robert Martin Kirby Maryland 

Richard W. Kisielewski Marijland 

Albert James Klavon Manjland 

Brenda Dawn Korr Maryland 

TzoAN Chiang Kuo Maryland 

Straton Charles Laios Maryland 

Richard Gaylord Leamon Maryland 

Carl Edward Lenhoff Maryland 

Richard C. Lenz Maryland 

Daniel William Leubecker, III Maryland 

Peter Charles Lichtner Wisconsin 

George J. Linde Maryland 

William F. Litwiller Maryland 

James Russell MacFall Maryland 

Joseph G. Maley Maryland 

Harish Narain Mathur Maryland 

Wilfred Edward Mazur, Jr. Maryland 


1971 Commencement Exercises 

JUDITH Headers McGinty Maryland 

Thomas Enoch Milhous Maryland 

Thomas Albert Mink Maryland 

William Daniel Mooney Virginia 

Joseph Vincent Moskaitis Maryland 

Richard Michael Nicholson Maryland 


Michael Thomas Panich Maryland 

Martin C. Peckerar Maryland 

Robert James Phelps Maryland 

James Michael Phillips Maryland 

Ann Elizabeth Pottala Maryland 

John Richard Preston Maryland 

Timothy G. Raymond Pennsylvania 

James Lawrence Redifer Maryland 

John Joseph Reilly Maryland 

Roger Richter Maryland 

George Benjamin Roche Maryland 

Mark Stephen Rosenfeld Maryland 

Whitfield Aaron Russell Virginia 

Lazaros Vassilios Sakellariou Maryland 

Nicholas Alden Salatti Maryland 

Prasan Kumar Samantaray Maryland 

James Albert Schaefer Maryland 

George Uhlig Schaffer Maryland 

Paul Samuel Schmitt Maryland 

Karen Elizabeth Schultz Maryland 

ARCH Chilton Scurlock, Jr Virginia 

Bruce Allen Shapiro New York 

Thomas A. Shaver Maryland 

Prema Amirtham Simon Maryland 

Thomas David Smith Maryland 

Thomas R. Spacer Maryland 

Norman Crawford Steele Maryland 

Aretha M. Stubbs Maryland 

Mary Susan Sutphin Maryland 

Francis Charles Szoka, Jr Maryland 

Pravinkumar B. Tailor Maryland 

Henry M. Thompson Maryland 

Richard Lee Tinsley New Jersey 

William Edward Underwood Maryland 

Anthony Charles Verbalis Pennsylvania 

Shem 0. Wandiga Ohio 

Jack Frederick Weaver Maryland 

Ian Malcolm Wedderspoon Maryland 

James Shiapin Whang Taiwan 

Howard Scott Wheatley Maryland 

Elaine Rose Willums Ohio 

Michael Duncan Willums New York 

Ralph Emerson Williams Texas 

Peter Stanley Winokur Maryland 

Carl D. Wise Maryland 

Kenneth Eugene Wisner Maryland 

Duk-Joong Won Maryland 

Patricia Quing Wong Maryland 

Master of Education 
January 25, 1971 

Gail T. Adams Maryland 

Linda Foxx Ahlstedt New York 

Doris Crichton Anderson Maryland 

BELiSARio Marques Andradb Maryland 

M. Paul Antetomaso Maryland 

George Kenneth Austin Maryland 

Donna Celeste Baer Maryland 

Avery Franklin Barnett Maryland 

Gertina Keyes Batson Maryland 

Raymond Kirk Benser Maryland 

Carol Ann Bergen Maryland 

Judith L. Boyce Maryland 

Sandra "Waldine Boyer Maryland 

Kennard Samuel Brackney Maryland 

Diana K. Brosnan Maryland 

James W. Buffington Maryland 

William Ashworth Burslem Maryland 

Charles Edward Carey Maryland 

Charles Wayne Carter Maryland 

Sandra Yudkin Casway Maryland 

Mary T. Chan Maryland 

Sharon Lee Chennault California 

Frances L Clark Michigan 

Valerie Johnston Cooper Maryland 

MoNiQUE Claire-Louise Coustry Maryland 

Carol Lennon Cuba Maryland 

Walter James Cuttler Maryland 

Barbara Anne Daniel Maryland 

Theodore Lewis Danish Maryland 

IRMA Polk Deas Maryland 

Chester Allen DeVore Maryland 

Josephine W. Disney Maryland 

Adella Ann Donaldson Maryland 

Patricia Ann Dove Maryland 

Margo Helen Dusberger Maryland 

Harold Charles Fait, Jr Maryland 

INA W. Feldman Maryland 

Judith L. Ford California 

Asenath Paulette Fowler Missouri 

Barbara Sue Frank Maryland 

Joseph Gregory Fudjack Maryland 

University of Maryland 17 

Thelma Lee Garris D. C. 

Maurice Curtis Genies D. C. 

Lucy B. Odom George Virgin Islands 

Joan Michele Gingell Maryland 

Sharon Braver Goldstein Maryland 

Barbara Joyce Graves Maryland 

Ernestine H. Gray Maryland 

Ruby W. Gunter Virginia 

Betty J. Hall Maryland 

Mary Saunders Hande Maryland 

Theodora Kay Harris Alabama 

David McGregor Healey Massachusetts 

Carl Edward Hoffman Maryland 

James Edward Hopkins Maryland 

Rae Trapolino Houghton Maryland 

Florence DeWitt Howard Maryland 

Virginia M. Hunter Maryland 


EDWARD Francis Johnson Maryland 

ENID DeVeaux Johnson D. C. 

Lenora Ruth Johnson Virginia 

Evonne Parker Jones Maryland 

Judy Schwartzbach Kipnis Maryland 

Audrey Mae Kihnemann Missouri 

Walter Berkett Knighton, III Pennsylvania 

Irene Koszarek Wisconsin 

Priscilla Griffing Krebs Maryland 

George Rudolph Lauer, Jr Maryland 

Earl Laws California 

Elizabeth S. Lee Maryland 

Dave Lefcourt Maryland 

Barry R. Levin Maryland 

Gail Roberta Warren Maish Indiana 

Barbara Lee McCabe Maryland 

Jean Shaw McHale Maryland 

Catherine Ellen McLaughlin Maryland 

Suzanne P. Miner Maryland 

John Edward Mooney Maryland 

Robert V. Moore Maryland 

Ross Richard Morcomb Maryland 

Wade McCoy Morrison Virginia 

Deborah J. Nelson Maryland 

John P. Noon Maryland 

Charles John O'Donnell Maryland 

Cynthla S. Picha California 

NOKNOi Pramualratana Maryland 

Mary Bea Preston Maryland 

Carl Richard Pullum Virginia 

Saulo Antonio Rada Maryland 

Marsha R. Raff Maryland 

Ellen Hope Rappoport Maryland 

Patricia Kathryn Reilly Pennsylvania 

A. RicciARDi, Jr. Virginia 

Jesse Thomas Richie Maryland 

Randolph Edward Robins Maryland 

Madelyn K. Schaefer Maryland 

Conrad Vincent Scurto Maryland 

Robert Alan Skipper Maryland 

Ronald John Smetanick Maryland 

Betty Cooper Smith Maryland 

Alice Fay Statler Maryland 

Margie A. Stoker Maryland 

Mary McEachin Thompson Maryland 

Edward Victor Tildon Maryland 

Barbara H. Truesdell Maryland 

Dorothy N. Ushijima Hawaii 

Mary Bizzelle Vogel D. C. 

Martha Pollard Ward Virginia 

Patricia Louise Warren Maryland 

Takeshi Watanabe California 

Thomas Joseph Watkins Pennsylvania 

Mary Tupper D. Webster Maryland 

Betty Ann White Maryland 

John Charles Whitten Maryland 

Marian Odessa Williams D. C. 

Erina Wulwick New York 

Annette Zane-Wacks Zimmeen Maryland 

Master of Business Administration 
January 25, 1971 

Robert Hayes Bell, Jr Maryland 

Uri BRAININ Maryland 

Stephen George Carver Texas 

John Francis Cunniffe Maryland 

Edward John Donohue, Jr. Maryland 

John Sidney Durham Maryland 

Edward Joseph Geckle Maryland 

William Frederick Grazer Maryland 

Murl Dee Harmon New Jersey 

John Henry Linneman, Jr California 

Lawrence Lovelace Wisconsin 

Joseph Thomas Maurer Pennsylvania 

John Theodore Oleksy Maryland 

Dale Frederick Olm Delaware 

Bohdan Yaro Paschyn Maryland 

Walter Frederick Spath, Jr Maryland 

John Francis Swegel Maryland 

Ronald Wayne Talbert Maryland 

Benjamin Collins Whitfield Maryland 

George William Wright Maryland 


1971 Commencement Exercises 

Master of Library Science 
January 25, 1971 

Patricia Ann Aud Maryland 

Mary Evelyn Bell Florida 


Douglas George Campbell Iowa 

Camille Annette Cannon D. C. 

Lucia Pennington Cook California 

Bonnie Jo Dopp Wisconsin 

Vincent Edward Dougherty Maryland 

Ann E. Eberly Maryland 

Priscilla Mae Ernst Maryland 

Deborah Joy Craning Maryland 

Helen Marjorie Gryboski Virginia 

Cheryl Theresa Illigasch Pennsylvania 

Wayne E. Jackl Maryland 

Donna L. Jamison Pennsylvania 

Margaret Edith Kane Virginia 

Wen-min C. Kao Maryland 

Elise C. Kissman Maryland 

Carol Louise Knoth Indiana 

Jane H. Larson Maryland 

Angela Marie Least New York 

Peter Liebscher Maryland 


Patrick F. McIntyre Virginia 

Susan Wood Nichols Maryland 

Irene Owens D. C. 

Joyce O'Connor Pelletier Maryland 

Susan S. Pence Maryland 

Regina Laura Robbins Maryland 

Carolyn May Sauthofp Mart/land 

John George Schaefer Maryland 

Mark Francis Scully Maryland 

Gita Gloria Siegman Maryland 

Martin Albert Smith D. C. 

Esther Moger Stokes Virginia 

Nancy Taft Massachusetts 

Barbara E. Taylor Maryland 

Robert Tarpley Taylor North Carolina 

Elizabeth Waterman Velke Virginia 

Priscilla Alden Watson Maryland 

Richard Thurston West D. C. 

Robert Lee Wright D. C. 

Janice Maru Young Maryland 

Master of Music 
January 25, 1971 

Paul Jerald Dallman Maryland 

Robert George Dure Connecticut 

Marilyn Louise Hall Maryland 

University of Maryland 



Candidates will be presented by Dr. Gordon M. Cairns, Dean of Agriculture 

Bachelor of Science 
January 25, 1971 

William Anthony Beasman, III Maryland 

William Cleofus Bentley D. C. 

Howard Alan Bergson Maryland 

William Joseph Blackert, Jr. Maryland 

Thomas Michael Blessington, Jr. Maryland 

Charles Henry Boyer, Jr. Maryland 

Charles Rodney Buckley Rhode Island 

Judith Karen Burton Maryland 

Steven Bennett Caplan Maryland 

Mary Alice Carey Maryland 

Clarence Daniel Chance Maryland 

Frank Thomas Covey Maryland 

Betty Jane Davis Maryland 

Paul Alan Drazek Maryland 

Douglas Randolph Dunn Maryland 

Nancy Elizabeth Forster New York 

George Dwight Gorsuch Maryland 

Richard Alvin Greene Maryland 

Andrea O'Neill Hallock Virginia 

Rexwell Aubrey Huston Maryland 

Thomas John Jensen Maryland 

Donald Wayne Kurtz Maryland 

Paul Frederick Meyer Maryland 

Gerald Thomas Mikesell Maryland 

Ronald Pierce Milberg Maryland 

WiLLUM Jackson Mills Maryland 

Eddie Forest Molesworth Maryland 

Donald Thomas Myers Maryland 

William Joseph Nohejl New York 

James P. O'Mara Maryland 

David Walter Reger Maryland 

John Cartier Regnier Maryland 

James Thomas Roseberry Pennsylvania 

James Rudolph Scott, Jr. Maryland 

Andrew Quinn Shepherd Maryland 

Paul Timothy Stanley Virginia 

Steven Edward Taylor Maryland 

Mark David Thomas Maryland 

William Howard Twilley Maryland 

Yaovamalaya Umpunantana Thailand 

Thomas Eric Van Dyke Maryland 

James Anthony Vona Maryland 

James B. Williams, Jr. Maryland 

Gerald Eldon Young Maryland 


Candidates will be presented by Dr. Charles Manning, Dean of the College 

Bachelor of Arts 
January 25, 1971 

Jane Day Abb Maryland 

Robert A. Aird Maryland 


Anthony Daniel Allocca Maryland 

Andrew F. Angevine Maryland 

Mary Jennifer Angle Maryland 

Ann Marie Arendes Maryland 

Janice DeVries Aronstein Maryland 

Ann Louise Ashton Maryland 

Lilly Avgerinos New York 

Peter A. Bair Virginia 

Diane Virginia Baker Maryland 

Jeanne Christine Balge Maryland 

Vincent Timothy Bambrick Maryland 

Steven Neil Barsky Maryland 

Patricia Ann Bartolillo Maryland 

Timothy Preston Beach Maryland 

Edward Powell Becker Maryland 

Henry Edward Becker, III Maryland 

Ann Beiser Maryland 

Cynthia Ero Bell Maryland 

Douglas Eugene Bell D. C. 

Edward William Bennett New Jersey 

Robert Barton Berger Maryland 

Frederick Carl Berhalter Maryland 

Nancy Louise Bienia Maryland 

Everly Blacketor Maryland 

WiLLUM John Schuyler Blakefield Maryland 

Jill Elizabeth Blomquist Maryland 

Linda L. Blomquist Maryland 

Fred Paul Blumenthal Maryland 

Nancy Wooding Bonifant Maryland 

Michael J. Boone Maryland 

Judith Ruth Bootz Maryland 

James Richard Boyd Pennsylvania 


1971 Commencement Exercises 

Stephen Ayers Boyer Maryland 

Jennifer Louise Bradley Maryland 

Linda May Braun Maryland 

Geraldine Ann Brenner Maryland 

James Aloysius Brew, Jr Maryland 

Jennings Charles Brinsfield Maryland 

Neil Allan Britt Maryland 

Joyce Marie Bronson Maryland 

Diane Sherrie Brooks Maryland 

John Martin Brophy Maryland 

John Preston Brucksch Pennsijlvania 

Leslie Virginia Buell Maryland 

Russell Ely Burke, III Maryland 

William Patrick Burns D. C. 

Peter Michael Burtram Maryland 

Mary Lorna Cahall Maryland 

William Clark Campbell, II Maryland 

Barbara Kane Campfield Maryland 

Sheldon Lee Caplan Maryland 

Jose German Cardenas Maryland 

Lucy Nina Cargnelli D. C. 

Richard Edward Carter Maryland 

Mary Madeline Cator Maryland 

John Michael Cavanaugh Maryland 

Ronald William Cavill Maryland 

Robert Taylor Chandler Maryland 

Arthur Lee Chaney Maryland 

Crescent Leigh Christianson Maryland 

Robert Forrester Cissel Maryland 

James Madison Clark D. C. 

Stephen Douglas Cloyd Maryland 

Steven L. Cohen Maryland 

Theresa Stella Cole Maryland 

Sidney Colen Maryland 

Edward Francis Connors, III Maryland 

Mary Kathleen Cook Maryland 

Richard Lee Corbett Maryland 

Daniel Raymond Corridon Maryland 

Thomas Patrick Costello Maryland 

Sheron Longley Couch Maryland 

Billie Elizabeth Crawford Maryland 

Walter Charles Crawford Maryland 

Craig Henry Cromar Maryland 

Carolyn June Cross Maryland 

Robert Paul Croch, Jr. Maryland 

Sandra Dean Crowell Maryland 

Dandridge Crump Maryland 

Robert Lee Crystal Maryland 

Robert Thompson Cuff, Jr Maryland 

Philip .Charles Dahan Maryland 

James Russell Dailey, Jr Maryland 

Barbara Gene D'Ambrosio Texas 

Carolyn Eulalia Damron Virginia 

Katherine Lowndes Darby D. C. 

Elaine Toby Davis Maryland 

Jeffrey Mark Davis Maryland 

Jordan Butler Davis, Jr Georgia 

James DeBeer New Jersey 

Gary Russell Decker Maryland 

Katherine Henriette Deimel Maryland 

Verrell Leon Dethloff, Jr. Maryland 

Jose Reginald Dias Maryland 

Michael Ann Dodson Maryland 

William Keith Dooley Maryland 

Christine Marie Doran California 

Thomas Bruce Downs Maryland 

Yvonne Henriette duBuy Maryland 

Deborah Helen Duffy Maryland 

Steven Henry Dunlap Maryland 

Sharon Lauren Dunmore Maryland 

Francis Joseph Earley, Jr Maryland 

Joseph George Ebner Maryland 

Deborah Elizabeth Edmondson Maryland 

Elizabeth Campbell Edmunds Maryland 

JEROLD Irving Eisner Maryland 

Laura Elaine Elam D. C. 

Jon Owen Ellingson Maryland 

Florence McSherry Ellman Maryland 

Peter James Enders Maryland 

Richard Lee Engel Maryland 

Karl Elliot Epstein Maryland 

Jay Elliott Erdman Maryland 

Edmund Anthony Estes Maryland 

Elizabeth Parker Faber Maryland 

John Willlvm Fineran, Jr Maryland 

DOMENic Gus FiRMANi Maryland 

Dorothy Linda Fischer Maryland 

Paul C. Fister, Jr. Maryland 

Gvra;N H. Fitzgerald Maryland 

Katherine Ann Fitzpatrick Maryland 

Nadine Veronica Fizzano Pennsylvania 

Sharon Francine Fletcher Maryland 

Leslie John Fossett Pennsylvania 

Albert Augustus Fox, Jr Maryland 

Howard Norman Friedman Maryland 

Mary Linda Gallagher Maryland 

Leslie Ann Galoon Maryland 

Charles Thomson Garey Maryland 

jANis Marie Gaskins D. C. 

Henry C. Casque, Jr. Maryland 

Leila Susan Gault Maryland 

Linda Mabel Gaylor Maryland 

Michelle Gelkin Maryland 

Carin Wynne Geller Maryland 

Barbara Dale Gendler Maryland 

University of Maryland 21 

TANIA Gerich Maryland 

Timothy James Geran Maryland 

Charles Michael Gerardi New York 

Michael Joseph Geschlecht New Jersey 

Michael James Gidding Maryland 

Helen Nora Gilbreth Maryland 

Janet Marie Gillis Maryland 

Jeffrey Carl Gitomer Maryland 

Anthony Calvin Gochar Maryland 

Michael I. Goldrich Maryland 

David Ellis Goldstein Maryland 

Robert Thomas Gonzales Maryland 

Grace Eva Goodier Maryland 

Elissa Lynne Gordon Pennsylvania 

Kathleen Judith Gotkin Maryland 

John Dana Graham Maryland 

Michael Thomas Graham Maryland 

Howard J. GRANDIER Maryland 

Cheryl Ann Gregg Maryland 

Michelle Habersat Maryland 

Nancy Joanne Haldeman Maryland 

Vaughn Raymond Hall Maryland 

John Jerome Harman Maryland 

John Louis Hartge, Jr Maryland 

Martin Kevin Hayden Maryland 

Susan Carroll Heise Maryland 

Edith Andrea Heller Maryland 

David Paul Henninger Maryland 

Mary Deone Herl Maryland 

Anne Katherine Hershey Maryland 

Alice Maria Heuser D. C. 

Robert Ernest Holland Maryland 

Meldon Stonewall Jackson Hollis, Jr D. C. 

Helen Susan Holman California 

Rita Holstein Maryland 

James Brewster Hopewell Maryland 

Jack Edward Horowitz Maryland 

Randall W. Hudgins Maryland 

Stephanie Jean Illar Maryland 

Kathleen Ingle Maryland 

Mary Helen Ives Maryland 

Noel M. Izon Maryland 

Joanne Cecilu Jaxtheimer Maryland 

Ann Campbell Johnson Texas 

Donald Allen Jones Maryland 

James Marion Jones Maryland 

Margaret Anne Jones Maryland 

Matthew Irving Kahal Maryland 

Virginia Sue Kaneles Maryland 

Andrew Jay Karten Maryland 

Stanley Herbert Katz Maryland 

Susan Ruth Katz Maryland 

Gideon Isaac Kaufman Maryland 

Katherine L. Keheley Virginia 

M. Karen Kelleher Maryland 

Martin Joseph Kelly Maryland 

Kathy M. Kenefick Maryland 

Charles Hutton Kennedy Maryland 

Stephen David Kent Maryland 

Sue Ellen Ketcham Maryland 

Clinton Phillip Killin Germany 

Karen Norma Kinley Maryland 

Edward Joseph Klejnowski Maryland 

Wilbur Clayton Klemm, Jr Maryland 

Janice Anderson Kluckhuhn Maryland 

John David Kohler Maryland 

George Melvin Kraft, Je Maryland 

Ann Shari Kramer Maryland 

Robert A. Kramer Maryland 

Jan Roberta Kressin D. C. 

Karl Hans Kuckels Maryland 

James Michael Lacombe Maryland 

Frances Lamberts Maryland 

William Alfred Lanson Maryland 

Mervin Wesley Lantz Maryland 

Margaret Ann Lassuy Maryland 

Michael Leibovici Maryland 

Bonnie Lee Lentz Maryland 

Samuel Mark Levy Maryland 

Mary Ellen Lewis Maryland 

Carolyn Julia Libertini Maryland 

Patricu Ann Linnell Maryland 

Leah Lipman Maryland 

Barbara Ellen Long D. C. 

Suzanne Marie Long Maryland 

Robert Dale Lucas Maryland 

Bruce Keyser Lumpkin Maryland 

Sylvester Lyon, Jr. Maryland 

Rosemary Macchiavelli Maryland 

Douglas Mulquin Macrum Maryland 

Michael Dennis Madden Maryland 

Kathryn Mae Maeers Maryland 

Robert Barry Manili Maryland 

Carolyn L. Marlow Maryland 

Karlene Annette Martin Maryland 

Roberta Williams Mattox Maryland 

Thomas William McClenahan New York 

Harry Gough McComas, IV Maryland 

Robert Warren McGonigle Maryland 

Randall Ivan Mechem Maryland 

Allan Harry Meltzer Maryland 

George Elie Menassa Maryland 

Myra Ruth Mermelstein Maryland 

Meinrad Ann W. Merrill Massachusetts 

Jack Chelds Merriman, Jr. Maryland 


1971 Commencement Exercises 

Roberta Jean Messingee Maryland 

Etta Joan Meyer Maryland 

Robert Patrick Michaels Maryland 

Matthew Malverne Michie Maryland 

Elizabeth Christine Miller Maryland 

Gerald S. Miller Maryland 

Larry Miller Maryland 

Rosemary V. Miller Maryland 

Joseph Anthony Milo, III Maryland 

Harry Lee Mitchell, Jr. Maryland 

George Albert Moquin D. C. 

Rocco Antonio Morelli New York 

David Michael Morris Maryland 

Leslie Moss Maryland 

Mary Anne Mullins Virginia 

Patricu J. MURPHY Maryland 

Christopher John Murray Maryland 

Barbara Jean Myers New Jersey 

Harrison M. Naumann Maryland 

Linda Ann Noble Maryland 

Christine Raymond Nunn Maryland 

Jerome John Ohlert Maryland 

Charles Grant O'Marr Maryland 

Robert Joseph O'Neill, III Maryland 

Iris Muriel Orent Maryland 

James Willum Orme, IV Maryland 

NiKi June Parker Maryland 

Randolph Michael Patton Pennsylvania 

Margaret Byrd Payne Maryland 

Nancy Ann Payton Maryland 

Bonnie Ellen Pearlman Maryland 

James Donald Pembroke Maryland 

Kathryn Anne Petruccelli Maryland 

Bruce Edward Piccirillo New York 

Clara L. Piegols Maryland 

William Hiram Pietsch, III Maryland 

Joseph Henry Pinto Maryland 

Susan Barbara Platt Maryland 

Larry Polen Maryland 

David Scott Pollock Maryland 

Jean Marguerite Pomeroy Maryland 

URAIRAT Pramualratana Maryland 

Sally G. Prewitt Maryland 

Wanda Cynthia Priester Maryland 

Christine Diane Promutico Maryland 

Sarah Goodwin Pugh Maryland 

Patriclv Weems Rawlings Maryland 

Daniel Ward Redlin North Dakota 

Craig Duvall Reilly Maryland 

Kevin J. Reilly Maryland 

Narine Edith Richards Maryland 

Stephen Alan Richardson Maryland 

Gail Linda Richstone Maryland 

JOSEPH Wayne Rimar Maryland 

Robert Lewis Ritter Maryland 

Terrell N. Roberts, III Maryland 

Ellen Wells Robertson Maryland 

Jean Sprinkle Robertson Maryland 

David Harrison Robinette Maryland 

Stuart Jay Robinson Maryland 

Orrin Joseph Rodgers Maryland 

Suzanne Bennett Rogers Maryland 

Joseph Vincent Rohr Maryland 

Suzanne Jeanne Rosquist Maryland 

Joel D. Rozner Massachusetts 

NANCY Elaine Rusinko Maryland 

Sharon Ann Ruth Maryland 

Robert Henry Rydze Pennsylvania 

Lawrence Elliot Sabbath Maryland 

Milton Michael Sasser Maryland 

Laura Gay Savadow Maryland 

Sharon Rose Schacht Maryland 

Kathleen Anne Schaefer Maryland 

Janice Beth Schkloven Maryland 

Jack M. Schneider New York 

Elaine Sharon Schooler Maryland 

Marvin Arthur Schwab Maryland 

Trudi S. Schwab Maryland 

Richard Albert Schwarting D. C. 

John Tennyson Schwarz Maryland 

Wayne Delano Selnick Maryland 

Ann Elizabeth Sentman Maryland 

James A. Seret Maryland 

John Nicholas Sfakianos Maryland 

Stephen Curtis Shannon Maryland 

Toby Jane Shapiro Maryland 

DONALD Robert Sheppard Maryland 

Richard Neil Shinberg Maryland 

David Thomas Shinn Maryland 

Mark Zalman Shobin Maryland 

BARRY Bruce Siegel Maryland 

Miriam Leslie Siegel Maryland 

Linda Susan Skotnicki Maryland 

Bret Sanford Smart Florida 

Dorothy Dent Smyth Maryland 

Roy Henry Soares Martjland 

Patricu Carmen Soma Maryland 


ALAN D'AVESNE Spealman Maryland 

NANCY Jean Stansfield Maryland 

Henry Taylor Stedman Maryland 

Roberta Stein Maryland 

Linda Ann Stepp Maryland 

Michael Roger Stern Maryland 

Ralph Edward Stokes Rhode Island 

NANCY Lynn Styer California 

University of Maryland 23 

CAROLYN Chiharu Sugiyama Maryland 

Penelope S. Sullivan Maryland 

Karen Alyce Tamzarun Maryland 

David Lee Tanner Maryland 

Lynne Susan Tellis Maryland 

Suzanne Mara Temkin New Jersey 

Gregory Carlyle Tevis Maryland 

Charles Anderson Thompson, III Virginia 

Ronald Lee Thompson Maryland 

James Patrick Tinney, III Maryland 

Susan Eileen Todd Maryland 

Prince Bernard Tolbert New York 

Robert Hart Tomlinson Pennsylvania 

Thomas Kenneth Toula Maryland 

Sharon Lee Trainum Maryland 

James Thomas Traylor, III Maryland 

Ernest Cale Tyler Maryland 

Kathryn T. Usher Virginia 

Sandra Kay Vergamini Maryland 

Robert Frank Vielhabee Maryland 

Samuel Elliot Vinicur Maryland 

Paul Francis Von Essen Maryland 

Maudeen Brooks Wachtee Maryland 

Richard Leo Wakefield Maryland 

Robert Elliott Walsh Maryland 

Robert Gordon Walther Maryland 

Linda Marcia Warnekow Maryland 

Jacqueline Karol Wassel Maryland 

Judith Ann Wasserman Maryland 

Alan David Weinberg Maryland 

Deborah Ruth Weinstein Maryland 

Phyllis Sue Weinstein Maryland 

Nancy Karen Weir Maryland 

Rachel Ann Weisman New York 

Nancy Harriet Weiss New Jersey 

Robert Alan Weitz New York 

Jeffrey Lee West Maryland 

Robert Charles Westbrook Maryland 

Ann Christine Westergard Maryland 

Judy J. Whitaker Maryland 

Chris H. White Maryland 

Linda Diane Whitehead Maryland 

Donna Regina Willums D. C. 

Stephen Ralph Williams Maryland 

Barbara Ann Wilson Maryland 

David Edward Wilson Maryland 

Robert Michael Wilson Maryland 

Richard Allen Wohrman Maryland 

Martha Lee Wolfe Maryland 

Jonathan Allen Wolin Maryland 

Gary Leonard Woodruff Maryland 

William Edward Worthington, Jr. Maryland 

Mary Jo Wright New York 

Kathleen Marie Wygant Maryland 

Judith Anne Zachai Maryland 

JAMES Michael Zimmerman Maryland 

Bachelor of Science 
January 25, 1971 

Ernest Africano, Jr Maryland 

Nancy Jo Anderson Maryland 

Patrick Joseph Anderson Maryland 

Donald Charles Barnett Maryland 

Stephen Paul Bartels Maryland 

Joseph Howard Beard, III Maryland 

Stephen Arnold Bernadyn Maryland 

Richard Stanton Brown Maryland 

Joseph Franklin Bruce Maryland 

Walter Maxwell Bryant Maryland 

Addalia Burrus Illinois 

James Patterson Church Maryland 

Willum Lester Clowser Maryland 

SONYA Mori Cohen Maryland 

William McCutcheon Congdon Maryland 

Peter Forbes Crossman Maryland 

Mary Barbara Curlander Maryland 

James Edward DeBettencourt Maryland 

Janet Lynn Drazek Maryland 

Donald Alan Dresner New York 

Wesley Vincent Forgue New Jersey 

Mary Michael Forlines Maryland 

Danny Harold Fowler Michigan 

Louis Fox Maryland 

Michael C. Frame Maryland 

Nora Mae French Maryland 

Thomas Vincent Gaffigan Maryland 

William Marshall Gaynor Maryland 

Craig Elliot Gladstone Maryland 

Stanley Ira Goldfarb Maryland 

Robert Sterling Graham Maryland 

Stanley Dominic Hajkowski Maryland 

Richard Lewis Hargett, Jr. Maryland 

Wick Timothy Harlan Virginia 

Louis Thomas Hart, Jr. Maryland 

Robert Ralph Heath Maryland 

Richard Michael Helfrich Maryland 

Edwin Allen Helmstetter Maryland 

Robert Hewitt New York 

Alicia Carol Hill California 

Allan Roy Himmelstein Maryland 

Edward Michael Hirshorn Maryland 

Michael Bruce Hummel Maryland 

Joseph G. Iacangelo, Jr Maryland 

John Grant Irving Maryland 


1971 Commencement Exercises 

Bruce Harmon Jacobs Maryland 

Teresa Reaud Jareed Maryland 

James Thomas Jones, II Maryland 

Patricia Mary Keller Maryland 

Alan Robert Kellogg Maryland 

Melvin Elliott Klein Maryland 

Mitchell Knisbacher Maryland 

Timothy James Knop Maryland 

George Konstantopoulos Maryland 

Mary Lou Kramer Maryland 

Minnie Cmenn Kung Maryland 

Gerald R. Lange Maryland 

Mervin Wesley Lantz Maryland 

Mary Schminky Laubscher Maryland 

Dennis K. Lee D. C. 

Michael Melvin Lee Maryland 

Josephine Cropper Lloyd Maryland 

Christine Dolores Makowske Maryland 

Barry Thomas Malkin Maryland 

Gregory Lee Mangum Maryland 

Miriam C. March Maryland 

Michele Rae Marcus Maryland 

Kathleen Ann McKay Maryland 

Brian E. McNamee Maryland 

Nancy Eileen Mullins Maryland 

Sandra Jean Occhipinti Maryland 

George Rakula Owino Kenya 

Nicolas Alexandrou Papanicolaou Maryland 

Ellen Mae Passman Maryland 

Roland Joseph Pearson Maryland 

Paul Frederic Pedone Maryland 

William Walter Allen Peterson Marijland 

Albert Pines Maryland 

Michael J. Pitrofp Maryland 

Robert Pokras Maryland 

Frank William Porto Maryland 

Leslie Anne Raines Maryland 

Elbert H. Richardson, Jr Maryland 

Charles Franklin Russ Maryland 

Barry Alan Saye Virginia 

Robert Charles Schaaf Maryland 

Frederick Vail Schaefer Maryland 

Robert Sherlock Shippen Maryland 

Nathan Siekierka Maryland 

Harold Victor Silver Maryland 

Sandra Lee Sloan Maryland 

Arthur Zeigler Smith Maryland 

Joan Louise Sondheimer Maryland 

Robert Macdonald Stauffer Maryland 

Jane Anne Steck Maryland 

Maren Stewart Maryland 

Sheldon Campbell Sutton Maryland 

Ellen Mason Swartwout Maryland 

Raymond Joseph Terry Maryland 

Jacqueline Eugina Thompson Maryland 

Leo John Tilley Maryland 

Edward Leroy Timmerman Maryland 

J. Allen Turner Maryland 

WILLEM Theodoor Marie VAN ROOY, Jti,. .Maryland 

William Thomas Waugh Maryland 

Mary Louise White Maryland 

Phillip Charles White Maryland 

Steven Edward Whitman Washington 

Frederick Neff Wilson, Jr. D. C. 

William Robert Yesbek, Jr. Maryland 

Jacqueline Rhea Young Maryland 

Julius David Zant Maryland 

Carol Jean Zyskowski New Jersey 

Bachelor of Music 
January 25, 1971 

Gary Willum Dinn Maryland 

Mark William Hauver Maryland 

Joynes MacCubbin Maryland 

June H. Voraritskul Thailand 


Candidates will be presented by Dr. Donald W. O'Connell, Dean of the College 

Bachelor of Science 
January 25, 1971 

Harry Jay Adler Maryland 

Ronald Leslie Adler Connecticut 

Douglas Winston Align Maryland 

GEORGE Franklin Allen Maryland 

John Manfred Almacy Maryland 

Richard M. Alperstein Maryland 

Robert William Alston New Jersey 

Marilyn Diane Alva Maryland 

Carol Aleta Anders Maryland 

Karen Estelle Argy Maryland 

Greg Randall Baker Maryland 

Laurence Charles Basis Maryland 

University of Maryland 25 

NICHOLAS Francis Barranca Maryland 

Jeffrey Wayne Bass Maryland 

Marcla Ann Bauer Maryland 

William Francis Bernschein Maryland 

JOSEPH William Bickley Maryland 

Robert L. Bleakley Maryland 

Leonard Howard Bloom Maryland 

Robert Lee Bonifant, Jr Maryland 

DUNNA Lee Boyer Maryland 

Richard Nielsen Braunstein Maryland 

Melvin M. BRODSKY Maryland 

Donald Bowden Brooks Maryland 

KENNETH William Brown New York 

Paul Mason Brown Maryland 

Barry Lee Brunstein Maryland 

Ronald Harvey Buck Maryland 

Mark Anthony Buckley Maryland 

William Stanley Burch Maryland 

John Rodgers Burdette Maryland 

Alan Jay Burke Maryland 

Carl H. Burman Maryland 

David Patrick Callahan Maryland 

Jon Alan Cantor Maryland 

Robert Joseph Carey Maryland 

James Michael Centra Maryland 

WiLLL-VM Wilkerson CHAMBERS, III Maryland 

John Patrick Connolly New York 

Harold Wilson Corby, Jr. Maryland 

John Daniel Corun Maryland 

Kenneth Melvin Cox Maryland. 

Francis Joseph Crandell, II Maryland 

Robert H. Crawford Maryland 

Robert Edward Creager Maryland 

James Alvin Cunningham, III Maryland 

James Burl Cunningham Maryland 

David Stephen Danielson Maryland 

James Patrick Day Maryland 

John Joseph Denis Maryland 

Konstantine Emanuel Diakoulas Maryland 

Robert Patrick DiSalvo Maryland 

Dennis Patrick Dolan Maryland 

Brun James Donnelly Maryland 

Francis Joseph Dore Maryland 

Richard Eugene Drennan Maryland 

Michael Morris Dreyer Maryland 

Robert Steven Driessen Maryland 

Brian Edward Dullea Maryland 

Bruce Nathaniel Eckhardt Maryland 

Paul Franklin Ellisor Maryland 

Alan Bruce Ellzey Maryland 

Charles David Elmer Maryland 

Edward Lawrence Escoffier Maryland 

Fulton Lambert Evans Maryland 

Edward Foster Everitt Maryland 

James Frederick Fattibene Maryland 

Larry Wayne Faulkner Maryland 

James Wallace Fauqxher Maryland 

Thomas Michael Ferraro New Jersey 

Jay David Finglass Maryland 

James C. Fischer Maryland 

Richard W. Fisher Maryland 

Thomas Francis Fisher Maryland 

Michael Joseph Ford Maryland 

Kim Steven Frick Maryland 

Kenneth Francis Gallagher, Jr Maryland 

Roger R. Gardner Maryland 

Henry Douglass Gareis Maryland 

Richard Carvel Garner Maryland 

Steven Allen Gavey Illinois 

Arnold Stuart Gayle Maryland 

Frederick Yale Geber Maryland 

Stephen Michael Gergely Maryland 

Dennis James Gillen Ohio 

Anthony Edward Gioffre Maryland 

John S. Gloss Maryland 

Michael Wayne Golden Maryland 

Gerald Jay Gordon Maryland 

Stephen R. Gottsagen Maryland 

Michael Peter Gough Maryland 

Johnson Graham Pennsylvania 

Arlee Clayton Green Maryland 

Dana Squires Green Maryland 

Ragan Eugene Gross Maryland 

James Ezra Grove Maryland 

Charles Howard Haas Maryland 

Paul Edgar Haberlein Maryland 

Stephen Prescott Hall Maryland 

William Trimble Hall Maryland 

William James Halterman Maryland 

Linda Hope Hamblen Maryland 

William Scott Hanle Maryland 

Susan Lee Hanna Maryland 

John H. Hargest, III Maryland 

Russell George Harrison Maryland 

Bernard John Hayden, Jr. Maryland 

John Rodney Healy Maryland 

Robert J. Heffner Maryland 

Frank Cecil Heflin Maryland 

Lynwood Harris Henderson Maryland 

Dennis Earl Hergert Maryland 

Melvyn Arthur Herman Maryland 

Thomas M. Hetherington Maryland 

Hedley Wishard Hickey Maryland 

Linda Lee Hinch Maryland 

Sidney Cecil Hodges, Jr. Maryland 

Anthony Iver Hoffman Maryland 

Vernon Robert Hollidge, Je Maryland 

Jill Marie Holub Maryland 

Jean Marie Horan Maryland 

Rodney Paul Horst Maryland 

Stephen Clay Hough Maryland 

Glenn Louis Howard Maryland 

Michael William Humphries Maryland 

Ruth Elizabeth Huston Pennsylvania 

Robert William Ibach, Jr. Maryland 

David D. Israel Maryland 


1971 Commencement Exercises 

Theodore Anthony Iszkiewicz Maryland 

Louis Edward Jacksits Maryland 

Larry Joel Jacobs Maryland 

Mark Daniel Jacobs Maryland 

Alan Martin Jacobson Maryland 

Steven Mark Jacoby Maryland 

Richard M. Jerardi Maryland 

Clifford Francis Johnson, Jr. Maryland 

Stephen A. Johnson Maryland 

Patrick Michael Kane Maryland 

Daniel Kecman, Je Pennsylvania 

Michael George Kemper Maryland 

Stephen Charles Kennedy Maryland 

Walter Willum Kimmel, Jr Maryland 

Judith Ann Knight Maryland 

Edwin Roger Koehneke Maryland 

Stacey Paula kolker Maryland 

Vancelle Elizabeth Koontz Maryland 

Pedro J. Labourdette Maryland 

Robert David Lang Maryland 

Douglas James Larkin Maryland 

Robert Jeffery Larkin Maryland 

Kassandra Jane Leach Maryland 

Robert Hayward Learmouth Maryland 

Paulette Marks Lebowitz Maryland 

Jack Roy Levenson New York 

Mark Levin Maryland 

Monica Farrell Levin D. C. 

Perry Allen Levin Maryland 

Larry Harvey Levy Maryland 

Barry Alan Lewis Maryland 

Michael Lind Maryland 

Donald Ray Lindsey Maryland 

James Robert Lingebach Maryland 

Ronald Jason Link Maryland 

Harry Franklin Lins, Je. Maryland 

WiLLL\M Alan Lipford Maryland 

Michael Francis Lochary Maryland 

Jack Wayne Loiacono Maryland 

Stephen Edward Lortie New York 

Peter Henry Lucas Virginia 

Edward Dennis Maddox Maryland 

Larry Douglas Manning Maryland 

Michael Marcellino, Jr. Maryland 

Alan Michael Margolius D. C. 

Fred Edward Marmarosh Maryland 

Joyce Penelope Marshall Maryland 

Susan Ruth Maschkowski Maryland 

Mark Stephan Matthews Maryland 

Warren Preston Maxwell Maryland 

Robert J. Mayer Pennsylvania 

David Martin Mazer Maryland 

Robert William McAllister Maryland 

G. Edward McEvoy Maryland 

Thomas Eugene McGuire Maryland 

Joseph Bernard McKay, III Maryland 

Deborah Rosen McKerrow Maryland 

John Austin McLoud Maryland 

Harry Meixell Maryland 

Thomas Waller Meleney Maryland 

Lawrence Thomas Michaels Maryland 

Bruce K. Michelson Maryland 

Calvin Richard Miller Maryland 

Ralph Irvin Miller Maryland 

Gail Bassin Misler Maryland 

John Paul Mitchell Maryland 

Richard Lewis Mohlhenrich Maryland 

Garrett Francis Mona Maryland 

Thomas Carlin Morris Maryland 

Steven Hugh Mudrick Maryland 

James C. Myers Virginia 

Timothy Stephen Claydon Nadell Maryland 

Matthew Peter Nelson, Jr. Maryland 

William McAllister Norrell Maryland 

Sefa Bahattin Ocak Turkey 

Vefahan Ocak Turkey 

Bruce Wallace Olecki Maryland 

Richard James O'Neill Maryland 

Lawrence Houston Owens, Jr Maryland 

Larry A. Pace Maryland 

Michael Joseph Paoletti Maryland 

Arthur Faustino Paras Maryland 

Michael Alan Paris Maryland 

Peter Leo Paulin Maryland 

Ronald Eugene Pearson Maryland 

PETER John Pellegrino Maryland 

Humbert© Oton Pertierra New York 

Gregory Arnold Pfeiffer Maryland 

Howard Robert Pinson Maryland 

Joseph James Poolesny Maryland 

Howard Jay Postal Maryland 

Willum Duane Pratt Maryland 

Stephen Jay Press Maryland 

John Charles Preston Maryland 

Roy Harlan Preston, Je Maryland 

NEIL Ira Pritt Maryland 

Joseph Ward Proksa Maryland 

Howard Rivell Prouse Maryland 

DAvm Ray Purdum Maryland 

Martin Barry Rayman D. C. 

DENIS Patrick Reardon Pennsylvania 

Harold Egbert Rice, Jr Maryland 

Michael Earl Rifkind Maryland 

Mercedes Drain Rintoul Maryland 

Gary Ronald Roberts Michigan 

Robert Ralph Robertson, Je Maryland 

Terry Ray Rogers Maryland 

Lynn Barbara Ronningen Maryland 

RONALD David Rosier Maryland 

James Patton Roth Maryland 

Kenneth Joseph Rothstein Maryland 

Richard Dennis Rubin Maryland 

Lawrence Alan Ruhs New York 

William James Ruskell, Je Maryland 

University of Maryland 


Eugene Philip Rutter Maryland 

Theodore Charles Samaras Maryland 

Ramon A. Sassani Maryland 

John Stephen Scarlis Maryland 

John Timothy Schafer Maryland 

Charles Lawrence Scher Maryland 

Stephen Michael Schick Maryland 

Randall Charles Schmidt Maryland 

Gary Bernard Schoch Maryland 

Harvey Shelley Schochet Maryland 

Ellis Alfred Scott Maryland 

Melvin Michael Seidman Maryland 

David Shavatt Maryland 

Jay David Sheinfield Maryland 

Carl 0. Shelton, Jr Maryland 

Patrick Evanson Sheplee Maryland 

Gary Elzey Shockley Maryland 

Robert Michael Shymansky Maryland 

Jeffrey F. Silverman Maryland 

George Curtis Simpson Maryland 

JANISON Noble Skutch Maryland 

Bernard John Sledz Maryland 

Stephen Harold Sleightholm Maryland 

Francis Edward Smith, HI Maryland 

Thomas Fulton Smith Maryland 

Gregory William Stamm Maryland 

Gregory L. Stein Maryland 

Larry J. Stermer Pennsylvania 

Leonard Alan Stern Maryland 

Paul Arthur Stiehl New York 

William Henry Stinson Maryland 

Frederick Andreas Storm Maryland 

Jeffrey Allan Sweren Maryland 

Stephen Willum Sylvu Maryland 

Lawrence Edward Taubman Maryland 

Wesley Earle Thawley Delaware 

Louis Ignatius Thomas Maryland 

Bruce Allan Thomason New Jersey 

Charles Erwin Tiedebohl Maryland 

Albert Anthony Tisone, Jr Virginia 

Mary Ellen Todd Maryland 

Gary Lynn Trayer Maryland 

John D. Trench New Jersey 

Karen Jean Trouvat France 

Edward Harold Tuchman Maryland 

Rasim Sukru Tugberk Turkey 

Brent Allen Turner, Jr Maryland 

Alan Peter Varhus Maryland 

Frank David Vezzi Pennsylvania 

Robert Francis Vit Maryland 

Edward Louis Vogelman, III Maryland 

Charles Edwin Vondrehle Maryland 

Dennis Thrale Walker Maryland 

Russell James Wallace Maryland 

Stephen Lester Warner D. C. 

PETER JOHN Warren Maryland 

BRUCE Allan Watkins Maryland 

John Douglas Weiss Maryland 

Mark Allen Weiss Maryland 

William Marion Weistling, Jr Maryland 

COLMAN Langan Wessel Maryland 

BuRTCHAELL Grubb Wetterau Maryland 

John Nicholas Wetzelberger, III Maryland 

Kenneth Falconer Whitfield Maryland 

Bernard J. Wilks Maryland 

Wesley Marcellus Willums D. C. 

Richard Charles Wolff Maryland 

Richard Coyle Wolfinger Maryland 

Charles Ellsworth Wolfkill, III Maryland 

James Earl Wood Maryland 

Arthur Nevin Wynkoop Maryland 

Richard Vincent Yankowsky Maryland 

Jeanette Bo-Jean Yee Maryland 

Terry Edison Zerwick Maryland 

Charles Leroy Zink, Jr. Maryland 


Candidates will be presented by Dr. Robert F. Carbone, Dean of the College 

Bachelor of Arts 
January 25, 1971 


Catherine L. Allen Maryland 

Janet G. Bell Maryland 

Mary Doreen Burke Maryland 

JoAnn Campbell Maryland 

Margaret Lois Campbell Maryland 

Frances Nicole Cariaga Maryland 

Jane Bridget Cestone Maryland 

Georgu Ann Coburn Maryland 

Barbara Louise Compton Maryland 

Mary Townley Costello Maryland 

Nancy Chamberlain Deane Maryland 

Louise Migneault Denton Maryland 

MiGNON Pendleton W. Derrick Maryland 

Kathy Lynn DiGennaro Maryland 

Stephen H. Dolainski D. C. 


1971 Commencement Exerdset 

Patrick Daniel Dore D. C. 

Marilyn Watrous Emanuel Maryland 

Pamela Gail Ennis Maryland 

Mary Nell Ford Marxjland 

Susan Adele Frank Maryland 

Jay Lynn Friedenberg Maryland 

Judith Ann Furash Maryland 

Ingrid Martha Graff Maryland 

Terry Pax Grimes Maryland 

Thomas Hugh Harwood Maryland 

David Bruce Heard Maryland 

Lewis Adam Hess, Jr Maryland 

Marie Beckett Hoage Maryland 

Lois Edith Ingber North Carolina 

Arlene Elizabeth Jones Maryland 

Linda Louise Keller Maryland 

Judith Anne Kreamer Maryland 

Lawrence Edward Lange Maryland 

Marcheta Louise Lawrence Manjland 

Forrest Wemple Levely Manjland 

Eric James Long Maryland 

Glenn A. Martin Maryland 

William Robert Mayhew Manjland 

Judith Ann McElhone Maryland 

Anna K. Mergen Maryland 

Denise Diane Mitchell Maryland 

Therese Marie Mogensen Maryland 

Michael Joseph Murnane D. C. 

Irene Pelszynski Murray Maryland 

Lynnette Ernestine Parsons Maryland 

Barbara Jo Rephann Maryland 

Sarah Brooks Raver Manjland 

Linda Lee Reynolds Manjland 

Benson M. Rice Maryland 

Raul N. Rizik Martjland 

Judith Leslie Rodden Manjland 

Michele Patricia Scanlon Maryland 

Sandra Ailene Seidel Maryland 

Leonore Jean Slavin Maryland 

Joette Ruth Stasse Maryland 

Joan Robin Stumpp New Jersey 

Jacquelyn Ann Sykes Maryland 

Annick Georgette Takara Maryland 

Mary Ann Todd Maryland 

Susan Jean Trilli Maryland 

Glenn Ira Warrick Maryland 

SUSANNE Dorn Weathersby Maryland 

IVEY Irene West Maryland 

Annie Mathis Williams Maryland 

Kathi Zarrabi Maryland 

Bachelor of Science 
January 25, 1971 

Maryann Elizabeth Albaugh Maryland 

Lewis Philip Allnutt, III Maryland 

Jltdith Johnston Anderson Maryland 

Betsey Frances Arenberg Maryland 

Allen Alonzo A\'ERY Maryland 

William Wallace Banks, Jr Maryland 

Elizabeth B. Barclay Maryland 

ILENE Terry Barke Maryland 

Martin Barnhouser Maryland 

Caroline Baron Maryland 

Joyce Baron Maryland 

Linda Hanson Bealdreault Maryland 

Charles Albert Belanger Maryland 

Gwendolyn :\Iadee Betts Maryland 

Richard Herbert Bigelow Maryland 

Paula Chan Bing Maryland 

Judith Patricia Bladen Maryland 


Linda K. Borssuck Maryland 

Linda G. Brantner Maryland 

Maureen Anne Breitenberg Maryland 

Marjorie Ann Brenner Maryland 

Linda Kay Brunson Maryland 

Susan Jane Burbrink Maryland 

Linda Ann Burns Maryland 

Margaret Theresa Campbell North Carolina 

James Charles Carroll Maryland 

Rosalie A. Cassou Maryland 

Mary Linda Chesnik Manjland 

Stanley Michael Chop Maryland 

Stephen Edward Collins Maryland 

Marsha Ann Craig Maryland 

Marilyn B. Cramer Maryland 

Virginia Lee Dahl Maryland 

Robert James Danielson Maryland 

Richard Thomas Dashiell Maryland 

Janice Hope Davidoff Neio York 

Douglas Ledbetter Davidson Florida 

David Clement DeRoo Maryland 

Klaus Fritz Diefenbach Manjland 

Larry N. C. Drake Maryland 

Maureen Patricia Duggan Manjland 

Michael Joseph Duke Maryland 

Linda Lou Duvall Maryland 

Anne Boyd Earle Maryland 

Nancy Eileen Eaton Maryland 

Diana Warfield Elliott Maryland 

Barbara Lois Eveleigh Maryland 

Ruth Marion Feller Maryland 

Carol Anne Fisher Maryland 

Stephanie Flax Maryland 

William Thomas Fowler Maryland 

Beverly Laraine Frazzano Maryland 

University of Maryland 


ROCHELLE Jean Friedland Maryland 

Ronald Alan Friedman Maryland 

Larry Martin Garber Maryland 

Marjorie Arrington Garner Maryland 

Elizabeth Coale Gellner Maryland 

John William Gladstone Maryland 

Margaret Bowles Golden Maryland 

Mark Lee Goldstein Maryland 

Mark Richard Goodman. Maryland 

Margaret McCurdy Gray Maryland 

Celestinus Alva Green, Jr. Maryland 

MARY Ann Knight Greer Maryland 

Rita Jean Griffin Maryland 

Stanley Alan Hall Maryland 

Mary Blanche Harding Maryland 

Pamela Wade Henderson Maryland 

Tony Britton Henline Maryland 

Susan Lynn Hightower Maryland 

Ann Marie Hiniker Maryland 

Deborah Lee Hoos Maryland 

Stephen Francis Hopkins Maryland 

Kenneth Victor Iserson Maryland 

Allen Randolph Javins Maryland 

Sandra Lee Jenista Maryland 

June Christine Johnson Virginia 

Richard Joseph Jusko New Jerseey 

Susan Nancy Kandell New Jersey 

Dixie Abbott Kelley D. C. 

Joyce Ann Kennedy Maryland 

Harry Page Kimball, Jr Maryland 

David Jones King Maryland 

John Franklin Klossner Maryland 


Diane Lynne Korn New York 

June Ann Kotun Maryland 

Eugenie Marie Kraft Maryland 

Barbara Jo Kuppe Maryland 

Karen Jayne Kuryloski Maryland 

Mary Patricu Lason Maryland 

Sue Ellen Lazarus Maryland 

Joan Bette Lewis Maryland 

Janet Elizabeth MacCallum Maryland 

Barbara Ann Macciocca Maryland 

Patrick M. Mahady Maryland 

Bonnie Lynn Manners Maryland 

Charles Bryan Marcus Maryland 

Brenda V. Markley Maryland 

Judy Lea Marks Maryland 

Charles Talbot Marshall Maryland 

Michelle Diane Marshall Maryland 

Donna-Marie T. Mattes Maryland 

Glenn Franklin Mayer Maryland 

Mary Lynn McCarthy Maryland 

John Henry McGovern Maryland 

Marilyn Oliver McMillen Maryland 

Michael Thomas McNerney Maryland 

Stephanie Harriet Metelits Maryland 

RONA Kay Middleman Maryland 

John Anthony Miller Maryland 

John Houston Mitchell Maryland 

Glenn Ellis Mohr Maryland 

Margaret Claire Mohr Maryland 

Dana Edward Moore Maryland 

Helene Marie Murphy Maryland 

Eleanor Louise Nash Maryland 

Janice Elizabeth Negley Maryland 

Irene E. Neubert Maryland 

Rose Newman Maryland 

Susan Virginia Nichols Maryland 

Kathryn Jean Nitka Maryland 

Pamela Ann Norris Maryland 

Barbara Lynn Odell Maryland 

Richard Bruce Oden Maryland 

Linda Marie O'Leary Maryland 

Catherine Migliorini O'Malley Maryland 

Frances Ruth Page Manjland 

Nancy Lee Robson Parkison Maryland 

Patricia Michele Parks Maryland 

Beverly Margaret Parr Maryland 

Nicholas Charles Parr Maryland 

Stephanie Elizabeth Parreco Maryland 

Donald Edward Patti Maryland 

Pamela G. Paul Maryland 

Arthur John Paymer Maryland 

Howard Franklin Payne Maryland 

Judith Loye Peddy Maryland 

Alice Theresa Peisner Maryland 

Janet Booher Phillips Manjland 

Velma Eileen Porter Maryland 

Dianne Louise Prather Manjland 

Jacqueline Salzberg Rabinow Maryland 

Lynne Elaine Radcliff Maryland 

Martin Albert Reich Maryland 

Anne Wellington Reid New Jersey 

Susan Carol Reid Maryland 

Lani Dale Remez Maryland 

Judith M. Reynolds Maryland 

Thomas Walker Rhodes, Jr. Maryland 

Virginia Smith Rippeon Maryland 

Beverly Adina Ritchey Maryland 

Joyce Ann Rodgers Maryland 

Susan Theresa Roenick Maryland 

Gary Sheldon Ross Maryland 

Carol R. Ruddie Maryland 

Barbara B. Rudich Maryland 

Thomas Rutkoski Maryland 

Patricia Marie Ryan Maryland 

Carol Sand Maryland 

Dennis William Schoepe Maryland 

Stuart Erlyne Schwalm Maryland 

SONDRA Sue Sealover Maryland 

James Durwood Seals Maryland 

James Paul Seawell Texas 

Penny Ann Secord Maryland 


1971 Commencement Exercisea 

Theodora Anagnostakis Serlemitsos.... Marytand 

Linda Jeanne Sheriff Maryland 

Eleanor Elizabeth Shook Maryland 

Marlene Susan Siavitz Maryland 

LARRY Allan Sigleb Maryland 

June N. Silverberg Maryland 

Paul Norman Singer Maryland 

Robert Allen Siskind Maryland 

INA Beth Sklar Maryland 

Carole Louise Smith Maryland 

Elizabeth Bagley Soper Maryland 

Ruth Anne Spellerberg Mar^jland 

Merry Henry Spence Maryland 

Richard Gary Spinelli Maryland 

John Spencer Staehle Maryland 

Edward Stanley Stanis Virginia 

Althea Jeanne Statham Maryland 

Ardyce Dee Stevens Maryland 

Mary Jo Tarallo Maryland 

David Edward Taylor Maryland 

Thomas Edward Taylor Maryland 

Marcia J. Tew D. C. 

Annette Henocque Thelen Maryland 

Arnold Lee Thomas Maryland 

Robert Alan Thornton, Jr Maryland 

Susan F. Tilman Maryland 

Ronald Wayne Tognocchi Maryland 

Marsha Noel Toomey Maryland 

Maureen Ann Traber Maryland 

NOLA Ann TRUSEN Manjland 

Mary Ann Tuma Maryland 

Linda Hazel Valentich Maryland 

Barbara Jean Van Fossen Maryland 

Deborah Vasilakos Maryland 

Henry George Wachter Maryland 

Mark Waldman Maryland 

Joan Susan Wallach New Jersey 

Frances Ann Walters Maryland 

Dorothy Lee Ward Manjland 

Lynne Elizabeth Wasmuth Maryland 

Michael Jay Watsky Maryland 

James Arthur Weinreich, Jr Maryland 

Marilyn Weseloh Maryland 

Mary Beth Whiteford Maryland 

MiTzi Scruggs Wicker Maryland 

Elissa Rose Wilen Maryland 

Gail Lager Wirch Maryland 

Karen Elaine Woods Maryland 

Helen Elizabeth Wright Maryland 

Haroldene Fowler Wunder South Carolina 

Paul Michael Yannuzzi Maryland 

James P. Yetter Maryland 

Ray Nelson Young Maryland 

Sandra Zeitzofp Maryland 


Candidates will be presented by Dr, Robert B. Beckmann, Dean of the College 

Bachelor of Science 
January 25, 1971 

Richard Benjamin Asen Maryland 

Darryl Marty Attkisson Virginia 

Melvin D. Banks, Jr. Maryland 

Stephan John Batchison Maryland 

Joseph Andrew Behun, Jr Maryland 

Michael Paul Bey Maryland 

Douglas Rae Brinkley Maryland 

George Earl Brown, Jr. Maryland 

Jean-Francis Brun Maryland 

Charles Edward Caldwell Maryland 

Anthony Joseph Chalkley Maryland 

Sudhitham Chirathivat Thailand 

Michael Luis Clar Maryland 

Chester Francis Clark Maryland 

Robert Bruce Cooper Maryland 

James R. Crupi Maryland 

Robert Dee Culver Maryland 

Edwin Lewis Cutright Maryland 

Larry Dean Daniel Maryland 

Kenneth Alfred Davidson Maryland 

Dennis Ray Davis Maryland 

Lamar Waldo Davis Maryland 

William A. DeLoache Maryland 

Robert William Dempsey Maryland 

Mark Rutherford Diehl Maryland 

Stephen Mark Dubinsky Maryland 

Kenneth William Dungan Pennsylvania 

Dennis Wayne Eckstine Maryland 

Joseph Lennis Edmonds Maryland 

Phillip Michael Errico Maryland 

Donald Ralph Evick Maryland 

John Sin-Wei Fang Maryland 

Ronald Wayne Fischer Maryland 

Robert Anson Floyd, Jr Maryland 

Lewis Benedict Gannon, III Maryland 

Darrell R. Garrison Maryland 

Frederick John Gatchell Maryland 

Joseph John Getz Maryland 

University of Maryland O 1 

Christopher Michael Greifzu Maryland 

Donald Edward Grove Maryland 

Allen Thomas Grumbine, Jr. Maryland 

Walter Franklin Haislip, Jr Maryland 

Daniel John Hardisky Maryland 

Robert Reed Harrison, III Maryland 

Paul Joseph Hickey Maryland 

Vance York Hum Maryland 

Douglas Norman Johnson Maryland 

Willard Henry Jones- Maryland 

Joseph Walter Juras Maryland 

Thomas Sergeiovitch Kakovitch Maryland 

Robert Edward Kamosa Maryland 

Ronald Anthony Kaschak New York 

William Morris Katz Maryland 

Joseph Patrick Keane, Jr. Maryland 

Bruce Frederick Keller Maryland 

NORBERT Leonard Kelly Manjland 

John L. Knox Maryland 

Herman John Koenig, Jr Virginia 

Frederick James Kowaleski Maryland 

Robert George Lange Manjland 

Robert Eugene Larche Maryland 

Ernest Seay Lauderdale Maryland 

Allen Li Maryland 

Daniel Lim D. C. 

Carroll Richard Lindsay Maryland 

Thomas Price Littlepage Maryland 

Hung Kai Liu Maryland 

David Mac Gregor New York 

Joel Stuart Magram Maryland 

John Joseph Maholtz, HI Maryland 

Dante S. Marinari, Jr. D. C. 

Robert H. Martirossian Maryland 

Patrick Lee McGaha Maryland 

Kenneth Robert McLauchlan Maryland 

Thomas Alan Michel New York 

Robert Millard Mohr Maryland 

Thomas Cornelius Montgomery Maryland 

Douglas Chester Moody Maryland 

Thomas John Moynahan, Jr. Maryland 

Wayne Garland Norris Maryland 

Edward Joseph Olenginski, Jr. Maryland 

Ross Andrew Oliver Maryland 

Albert Evan Owens Maryland 


Robert Paul Patsel Maryland 

Frank John Pelz, Jr. Maryland 

James Alan Polson Neiv York 

Darryl Harlan Porterfield Maryland 

Marshall Richard Potter Maryland 

Gary Albert Powell Maryland 

John Samuel Prebula Pennsylvania 

Oliver Scott Price Maryland 

Michael Eugene Ragan Rhode Island 

William Francis Robbins, Jr. Maryland 

Philip O'Niel Rodwell Maryland 

Theodore Nicholas Saffos Maryland 

Anthony Joseph Scalone Maryland 

Jean-Pierre Schonfeld Mar^jland 

Donald Lawrence Seckel Maryland 

Harvey Earl Shaver Martjland 

Howard Grant Sheldon Maryland 

Manouchehr Harounzadeh Shirazi Maryland 

Alfred Jabez Simpson Maryland 

Kenneth Michael Skelps Maryland 

Paul Thomas Smith Mar%jland 

David Americus Snook Maryland 

Ronald Edward Spath Maryland 

GEORGE Steube Maryland 

Joseph L. Strahl Maryland 

Bill W. Thompson Maryland 

Richard Paul Thornberry Maryland 

Alan Roy Trimble D. C. 

QUYNH Nguyen Truong Maryland 

James Michael Urchasko Maryland 

Daryl Knight Warner Maryland 

Clarence Elgin Werback, Jr Maryland 

William Joseph Whelan Maryland 

Christopher Harvey Winslow Maryland 

Charles Justin Wright Maryland 

Seng Young D. C. 


Candidates will be presented by Dr. Marjory Brooks, Dean of the College 

Bachelor of Science 
January 25, 1971 

Susan Rochelle Amanuel Maryland 

Joan Marie Balacek Maryland 

Frances Michaela Beamer Maryland 

Marian Pearl Berg Maryland 

Melody Ann Brodnick Maryland 

Ann Marie Carr D. C. 

Darlene Elizabeth Castle Maryland 

Christine Marie Coates Maryland 

Janice Lee Brimberry Maryland Maureen Elizabeth Collins Maryland 


1971 Commencement Exercises 

Ronald William Deck Maryland 

Rosemary Dougall Virginia 

Ramona Yvonne Durm Maryland 

Sandra Olivia Edmunds Pennsylvania 

Roberta Lee Fein Maryland 

Carol Jean Frase Maryland 

Margaret Elizabeth Frazier Maryland 

Sandra Alison Gasket Maryland 

Margo Himes Green D. C. 

Illona Gayle Grigg Maryland 

Jo Ann Hake Pennsylvania 

Rose Anna Heavner Maryland 

ILENE Heller Maryland 

Norma Jean Hetrick Maryland 

Kathleen Fay Hunter Pennsylvania 

Jeraldine Lee Huss Maryland 

Elaine Jacobs Maryland 

Paula Jacobs Maryland 

Sharon Marie Jeffrey D. C. 

Paraskevoula Demeter Johnson Maryland 

Nancy Lee KiMMEL Maryland 

Elli Kitsoulis Maryland 

Barbara Ann Klein Maryland 

Paitl Richard Kratzer Maryland 

Linnea Louise Kroll Maryland 

Patricia Ann LaMotte Maryland 

Terry F. Lewis Maryland 

Susan Powers Light Maryland 

Mary Ann Loreman Maryland 

Bonnie Schiessler Magee Maryland 

Sheila Anne Markham Maryland 

Jessica Franklin Miller Maryland 

Janice Marie Milliken Maryland 

Carol A. Mussman Maryland 

Carolyn Elaine Parrish Maryland 

Jacqueline Rose Rich D. C. 

Nancy Guest RiES Maryland 

Constantine Nicholas Saffos Maryland 

Myra Jean Sandidge Maryland 

Bonita Anette Saul Maryland 

Linda Jane Schlossberg Maryland 

Denni L. Sepe Maryland 

JoAnne Kellert Siegel Maryland 

Linda Florence Sutphin Maryland 

Robert Raymond Walker Maryland 

Irene Theresa Waters Maryland 


Candidates will be presented by Dr. Marion Murphy, Dean of the School 

Bachelor of Science in Nursing 
January 25, 1971 

Janet Margaret Bley Maryland 

Patricia Jayne Bollino Maryland 

Gale Robinson Boys Maryland 

Marilyn Branning Maryland 

Barbara Ann Brelsford Maryland 

Janice Victoria Bryant Maryland 

Wanda Selby Carroll Maryland 

Jo Ann Caulfield Maryland 

Nancy Hummel Cooley Maryland 

Coralease Reona Cox D. C. 

Linda Brockwell Daudelin Maryland 

Charlene Thomasina Davis Maryland 

Mary Haskin Deeley Maryland 

ROBBIN Wardell DeMul Pennsylvania 

Margaret Ann Gerstner Maryland 

Charlotte R. Granofsky Manjland 

Susan Christine Heindel Pennsylvania 

Rosemary Elizabeth Henry Maryland 

Helen Gaskins Johnson Maryland 

Kathleen Sue Johnson Maryland 

Charles Allen Jones, Jr. Georgia 

Cheryl Ann Jordan Maryland 

Marian Moore Langley Maryland 

M. Bernadette Ledden Maryland 

Linda Ruth Levin Maryland 

Lois Elaine Loveridge Virginia 


Patricia Ralston Maryland 

Clotilde Maria Sambolin Maryland 

Gayle Elaine Sauselein Manjland 

Grace Jane Schermerhorn Maryland 

Marilyn Rose Smiraglia Maryland 

Dawn Felker Vaughn Maryland 

Patty Jo Wilshire California 

Debra Hordan Wright Maryland 

University of Maryland 



Candidates will be presented by Dr. Lester M. Fraley, Dean of the College 

Bachelor of Science 
January 25, 1971 

Helen H, Alden Maryland 

KENNETH Frank Ambrusko Maryland 

Elaine Marguerite Bailey Maryland 

Dennis Robert Baker Massachusetts 

Gordon Bradley Baker Maryland 

Regina Beth Baker Maryland 

John Sheldon Barrows Maryland 

Richard Alan Bloyer Maryland 

James Richard Calhoun Indiana 

Stephen Ciambor Maryland 

Paul Thomas D'Aiutolo Maryland 

Joseph M. Diorio New Jersey 

Paul Carrington Edmunds Maryland 

Sherrill Doak Ernst Maryland 

Thomas B. Fink Maryland 

Paul Edward Fitzpatrick New York 

Sherry Meer Gertz Maryland 

Charles Monroe Gillikin, Jr Maryland 

George David Hall Maryland 

Linda E. Herbst Maryland 

James A. Hinkle Maryland 

Arthur Jackson Hughey Johnstone Maryland 

Joseph T, Longo Pennsylvania 

Sarah Jane Lynn Maryland 

Mary Jane Maddox Maryland 

John Andrew McGovern New York 

Stanley John Mehosky New York 

Mary Lynn Mount Maryland 

Martha Ann Muller Maryland 

Fredrick P. Nickles New Jersey 

Charles Francis Parvis Maryland 

Barbara Dolores Price Maryland 

BoNiTA Dee Richardson Maryland 

Beatrice Elsa Roppe California 

Lonnie Baker Rutledge, Jr Maryland 

Karen Sue Ryan Maryland 

Michael John Schaffer Maryland 

Phillip Stephen Schreiber Maryland 

WiLLUM Fairfax Schwartz Maryland 

David Michael Sheriff Maryland 

Raymond Dowe Steckman Maryland 

Stephanie Muneen Stenberg Virginia 

Jerome Joseph Svec Maryland 

James Russell Taylor Maryland 

Carol Jean Thompson Maryland 

William Harold Tipsword, Jr Maryland 

William T. Veith, Jr. Maryland 

Gerald J. Voll Maryland 

David Harry Whitehill Pennsylvania 

Lucille Mazza Winston Maryland 

Michael Joshua Witenstein Maryland 

WiLLUM Jay ZlOBRO New Jersey 


Candidates will be presented by Dr. Stanley J. Drazek, Dean of the College 

Bachelor of Arts 
January 25, 1971 

PERLA Aizenman Maryland 

Robert Jaye Allen Maryland 

Richard Lynn Anderson, Jr. Virginia 

John Walter Atlee, Jr Maryland 

Thomas Charles Barile California 

Roger William Battley Virginia 

James L. Beaver California 

Edward Herman Bechtold, III Maryland 

Joseph Francis Behan Virginia 

Casimir Stephen Bluj:cki Virginia 

Francis Xavier Biasi New York 

Richard Hayse Black Maryland 

Donald Dean Blevins Alabama 

M. Elizabeth Bobo Maryland 

Thurman Lee Bolen, Jr Texas 

Paul Duane Bookheimer Maryland 

Joseph Francis Boris, Jr Maryland 

Henry Gordon Bozeman Oklahoma 

John Edward Bradley Missouri 

Donald Ralph Brandt Virginia 

Arthur Carl Brecelnick Connecticut 

Richard Lee Bromwell Maryland 

Kenneth K. Brosk Pennsylvania 

Donald Robert Brown Virginia 


1971 Commencement Exercises 

Christian Sebastun Brusca Maryland 

Kenneth James Busic Maryland 

Armando Camacho Maryland 

John Russell Caulk Maryland 

Jerry Clin Cavness Maryland 

Cynthia Lea Clawson Missouri 

Lincoln L. Coffin, Jr. Maryland 

Lewis Howard Cohen New York 

Jefferson Davis Coleman, Jr Maryland 

Norman Leslie Wharton Collick... Pennsylvania 

Glenn Arthur Compton Maryland 

Edward Norrby Connelly Illinois 

McGrady Cordell Manjland 

William Thomas Craig Oklahoma 

Maida W. CROCICCHIA Maryland 

Derrill Plummer Crosby Virginia 

Gary Arthur Cross Maryland 

Stephen Warren Cummings Wisconsin 

Benjamin Gustav Cwalina Maryland 

Victor Henry D'Aprile Maryland 

Robert Daniel DeAngelo Pennsylvania 

Harry L. DeBUSK Maryland 

Barry Walker Dekovic Maryland 

John Paul Dietlin Maryland 

Louis Harry Dietz Maryland 

Richard Dale Dixon Maryland 

Bruce Lee Dobbs Maryland 

Richard James Dolan New York 

Mark Holden Donaldson Maryland 

Daniel Patrick Dorrlan California 

Carlyjane Dunn Illinois 

John Adam Durany Virginia 

Arthur Blair Eckert Maryland 

William Louis Enos, Je Maryland 

Aurora Fall Maryland 

James Stephenson Faw Maryland 

Charles S. Fellers Ohio 

Harry Franklin Ferguson Maryland 

Lawrence Finnegan Maryland 

William Ford Maryland 

Ronald Franklin Fowler Maryland 

Garland Mac Gobble Virginia 

Roslynn Goldberg Maryland 

Richard Kaye Greene California 

Karen Kea Greenwalt D. C. 

Ruben Ervin Gust Minnesota 

Robert L. Hahn Maryland 

William Robert Hall Pennsylvania 

Gilbert L. Hardesty Maryland 

James John Harney Maryland 

John Andrew Harter D. C. 

Gail Marie Hartjen New York 

Eunice Morris Haynes Maryland 

Robert Malcolm Haynes Maryland 

Charles Dean Heald Virginia 

Hester Lampert Hill Missouri 

Marcel Kodak Maryland 

Irvin Lewis Holland Washington 

Orest Holowka Michigan 

ALVIE LEROY Howe Massachxisetts 

Calvin Lee Jackson Maryland 

Paul Harold Jacobson Maryland 

Roland E. Jalbert Maine 

Laurence T. James California 

WiLLUM A. Johnson Maryland 

Mark Edward Johnston Virginia 

David Lee Jones Maryland 

Michael William Katz Missouri 

Philip Thomas Kennedy Maryland 

James Dwight King Maryland 

Robert Wilbur Kirkpatrick Maryland 

Andreas Klepp-Egge Maryland 

Stanley Theodore Koch Maryland 

Ronald Reed Layman Maryland 

Gilbert B. Layton Virginia 

Jean A. Lehenaff Maryland 

Neil Terry Levitt Maryland 

Michael Terrence Lipovac Iowa 

Robert Earl Little Pennsylvania 

Billy Gene Love Maryland 

Michael Sims Lupfer Virginia 

Michael Glenn Manganello California 

John Francis Markhorst, Jr New York 

William Benjamin Marquet New Jersey 

Stephen McClurb Maryland 

Jan Day McGilvray Texas 

Carl E, Milam, Jr Texas 

SiCRiD Antonu Miller Ohio 

Robert A. Moen Minnesota 

Patricu Newton Moller Missouri 

Theodore Neal Montgomery Maryland 

Norman Arthur Morey New York 

James Wallace Morgan Missouri 

Douglas F. Mortl Maryland 

Robert Dean Moss Maryland 

Roland Anthony Mumford Maryland 

Gilbert Charles Murray Pennsylvania 

Raymond A. Murtha New York 

Robert Willum Nance Maryland 

Evangelos C. Nartis Greece 

ALGIA Hearn Nash, Jr Maryland 

Kenneth Dale Nickalo Maryland 

Michael Ray Olson Illinois 

Anne Lamb O'Neil Connecticut 

Augustine Carl Ormrod Virginia 

Theodore Roosevelt Padgett Maryland 

Samuel William Patellos Pennsylvania 

Samuel Pesacreta Virginia 

Richard Haven Peterson California 

Margaret Carolyn Petts Maryland 

John Hershel Pitts Ohio 

Timothy Daniel Pflaum Maryland 

University of Maryland 35 

William Compton Poling Maryland 

Susan Elizabeth Clinger Puckett Arkansas 

Gerard Joseph Quinlan D. C. 

Arthur Clanton Reaves Alabama 

Frank John Rezek Maryland 

JAMES Randle Riley Ohio 

Angel Luis Rivera-Velazquez Maryland 

Theodore Robert Rose Ohio 

Manfred 0. Rothmaier Maryland 

Michael James Rubery Maryland 

Edward A. Sabo Virrjinia 







Henry Cecil Smith, Jr Sozdh Carolina 

Frank Joseph Sanford 
John Francis Sawyer 
Mary Jane Schatzel 

Daniel David Scurti 

Patricia Marie Seybolt 
Lester George Shaffer 
William Francis Shea 
Andrew Albert Sherbine 
Howard Grove Shipp 
Donald Homer Shuman, Jr. 
James Albert Siemucha 
Edward Charles Skarda, Jr. 
Joseph Warder Small, IV. 

Wayne Harry Smith 
Robert Paul Snader 
Arleen Frank Sneider 
James Edward Snight 
Michael Joseph Socorso 
Jon Phillip Southworth 
PtOBERT Livingston Spencer 
Paul Sposito 




Eugene Vincent Staiger 

Paul Charles Stanley 

LoRis R. Stell 

Richard Cornelius Stewart 
Worth Alfred Sweet, Jr. 
David Howes Swenson 
Thadeus Anthony Tanski 
Jerome Alexander Taylor, Sr. 
Mark Van Thaler 
Joseph Albert Thomas 
Arthur Pjchard Thompson 
Robert Wayne Tinkle 
Ralph Ashworth Travis, Jr. 
Myron Norman Vanetsky 
Ralph Anthony Varano 
Howard Mark Walker 
Joseph Clarence Wall, Jr. 
David Kuo-Wei Wang 
William John Ward 
John Edward Wasson 
John R. Wayne, Jr. 
Margaret Curtiss Weaver 
Richard L. Williams 
J. L. Williamson 
Robert J. Willyard 
Henry Grover Winters 
Phillip Howard Wold 
Homer Leon Wo mack 
Michael Radford Wright 
Eugene Theodore Wugofski 
Frank Dorsey Young 

Joseph H. Ziglinski 

Margaret Mary Zucconi 





North Carolina 


D. C. 







.-New York 

Neiv York 


North Carolina 








New Jersey 








Bachelor of Science 
January 25, 1971 

Robert E. Adams Colorado 

William Carroll Barnes Maryland 

Charles Herndon Brown Virginia 

William Young Brown California 

Walter David Hanson Maine 

John Joseph McCabe Texas 

William E. McNeil Oregon 

William H. Mitchell Maryland 

Ernest L. Moran New Jersey 

Glenn Leroy Parmeter 
Leo B. Pessin 
John R. Powell 
Alfred J. Reese, Jr. 
Lawrence Ralph Smith 
Clifford Lee Stewart 
Howard Glee Tarrant 
Miller G. White, Jr. 
George Junior Windish 










Larry Dean Daniel 
Joseph Lennis Edmonds 
Louis Thomas Hart, Jr. 
Frank John Pelz, Jr. 


Second Lieutenants, U. S. Air Force Reserve 

Alan Roy Trimble 
Richard Leo Wakefield 
Richard Allen Wohrman 


1971 Commencement Exercises 

' T~rn«~i iiiiTii-— mn~T 

Academic Degrees 










Reference: Academic Degrees, 

Office of Education, U. S. Department of 

Health, Education and Welfare, 1960. 

A degree is awarded for the successful completion of a course of study. 
There are more than 1,600 different academic degrees currently conferred by 
American colleges and universities. 

The first known degi'ee was a doctorate conferred by the University of 
Bologna in the middle of the 12th Century. Originally, the doctor's and 
master's degrees were used interchangeably, each indicating that the holder 
was qualified to give instruction to students. The bachelor's or baccalaureate 
degree indicated only entrance upon a course of study preparatory to the 
doctorate or mastership. Gradually, however, the bachelor's degree came to 
mean successful completion of one level of study preparatory to the higher 

From the continent, the use of academic degrees spread to English uni- 
versities. Harvard University, William and Mary, and Yale followed the British 
pattern in the New World. 

The bachelor's degree represents completion of a four-year course of 
study of collegiate grade and is the oldest academic degree used by American 
institutions of higher learning. The degree Bachelor of Arts was first con- 
ferred in America in 1642 on nine young men, comprising the first graduating 
class of Harvard College. Yale conferred its first Bachelor of Arts in 1702; 
Princeton in 1748; William and Mary in 1753; Pennsylvania in 1757; and 
Columbia in 1758. 

The degree Bachelor of Science, was awarded to four graduating mem- 
bers of the class of 1851 of Harvard University, probably the first to receive 
this degree fi-om any institution. From 1851 to 1905, the degree was con- 
ferred only upon students registered in the Lawrence Scientific School; after 
1905, on students of Harvard, also. 

The master's degree is an academic honor conferred upon students who 
have successfully completed one or two years' work in advance of the bac- 
calaureate. A thesis and an oral examination are usually required. The 
word "magister" connected with a qualifying phrase, was used among the 
Romans as a title of honor; but its present meaning must be traced to the time 
of the establishment of the oldest universities. Regularly organized faculties 
were not then known as they now e.xist in the universities. The whole circle 
of academic activity was limited to seven liberal arts, and those who received 
public honors on the completion of their course of studies, for their diligence 
and knowledge, and had already received the degree of baccalaureus (bachelor) 
were called magistri artium (master of the liberal arts). 

This is a term meaning teacher, or instructor, applied by ancient Romans 
to those who delivered public lectures on philosophical subjects. In the 
Middle Ages, from the 12th century, it came into use as a title of honor borne 
by men of great learning. It was first made an academic title at the Uni- 
versity of Bologna, in Italy, which received from the Emperor the right of 
appointing doctores legum (doctor of laws). The University of Paris followed 
in 1145. Soon after, the popes granted the universities the right of appoint- 
ing doctors canonum et decretalium (teachers of the canon law); and when 
the study of the civil law came to be combined with that of the canon law, the 
title was changed to doctor utriusque juris (teacher of both laws). The facul- 
ties of theology and medicine followed that of law in conferring this title. 


*Sometimes designated as the baccalaureate degree, from the Latin baccalaureus from bac- 
calaris "under the influence of" and laurus "laurel" used as a designation of honor, distinction, 
or fame. 

fThe Oxford English Dictionary defines a doctor, in the academic sense as, "One, who in any 
faculty or branch of learning, has attained to the highest degree conferred by a university." 

1971 Commencement Exercises 

The doctorate in philosophy and science, and occasionally in theology 
and law, is given beyond the baccalaureiite degree, and requires two to five 
years, the writing of a thesis, and the passing of written and oral examinations. 

The doctor's degi-ee represents the most advanced earned degree conferred 
by American institutions. There are two distinct types: the professional or 
practitioners degree, and the research degree. The first type represents ad- 
vanced training for the practice of various professions, principally: Doctor of 
Medicine, Doctor of Dental Surgery, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, 
Juris Doctor, and Doctor of Pharmacy. These degrees carry no implication 
of original research and are classified by the U. S. Office of Education, with 
bachelor's degrees, as the first professional degrees. 

The second type of doctor's degree is classified as research doctorates rep- 
resenting prolonged periods of advanced study usually accompanied by a dis- 
sertation which is designed to be a substantial contribution to existing knowl- 
edge on the subject. The most important of these, the Doctor of Philosophy, 
no longer has an implication of philosophy for its holder, but represents ad- 
vanced research in any of the major fields of knowledge. It was first awarded 
in the United States by Yale University in 1861. 

A „-»^ A ^-tt^ I y-> /^ .#-». o-<-i -■ ♦-»^ /-v Reference: American Universities and Colleges, 

/\C3.QCII11C ^OSLUrQC American Coundl on Education, 1968 

The black caps and gowns worn by the students and faculty in the academic 
procession are of ancient origin. They have been the traditional costume of 
the scholai' since medieval times and probably represent an adaptation of the 
ecclesiastical dress since many of the scholars of that period were members of 
monastic orders. 

An intercollegiate commission in 1893 drafted a uniform code for costumes 
which has since been adopted by the majority of colleges and universities in 
the United States. Each of the three academic degrees — bachelor, master, 
and doctor — has its own distinctive gown and hood. The bachelor's gown 
is distinguished by its long pointed sleeve. The master's gown has a longer, 
narrow, closed sleeve, extending below the knee; the arm is passed through a 
slit at the elbow. In contrast the doctor's gown has a full bell-shaped sleeve 
with three bars of velvet. The opening of this gown is faced with wide velvet 
bands. "The velvet trim may be black or of a color indicating the general field 
of learning of the wearer, for example, blue for philosophy, green for medicine, 
purple for law. 

The most colorful and distinctive item of the academic costume is the hood 
which passes around the neck and extends down the back. The doctor's is the 
largest of the hoods and the bachelor's the smallest. The bachelor's hood is 
often omitted. The color of the velvet edging indicates the field of learning. 
Below is given a list of department or faculty colors. 
Agriculture Maize 

Arts, Letters, Humanities White 
Business Administration, 

Commercial Science Drab 

Dentistry Lilac 

Economics Copper 

Education, Pedagogy Light Blue 
Engineering Orange 

Fine Arts, Architecture Brown Physical Education Sage Green 

Forestry Russet Science Golden Yellow 

Home Economics Maroon Social Service Citron 

Humanics Dark Crimson Surgical Chiropody Nile Green 

Laws Purple Theology and Divinity Scarlet 

Library Science Lemon Veterinary Sciences Gray 

'The colors of the silk lining exposed in the center of the hood are those of 
the college or university which conferred the degree 

"The cap or "mortar board" is uniform in design for all degrees. The 
tassel may be either black or the color of the field of learning. The tassel of 
the doctor's cap may be gold. 

Certain institutions in this country and abroad have academic costumes of 
distinctive color and design. 








Silver Gray 







Public Health 


University of Maryland 


Thi^ is an artist's rendering of the addition to the Center of Adult 
Education which is scheduled for completion late fall 1971. 

The neiv Zoology-Psychology Building receives the finishing touches 
of construction as grouyid is broken, in the foreground, for the new under- 
graduate library at College Park. 


1971 Commencement Exercises 

Board of Regents and Maryland State 
Board of Agriculture 


Dr. Louis L. Kaplan, Baltimore 


Mr. Richard W. Chase, Baltimore 


Mr. B. Herbert Brown, Baltimore 


Mr. HariT H. Nuttle. Denton 


Mrs. Alice H. Morgan, Chevy Chase 


Mr. F. Grove Miller, Jr., North East 

Mr. Harry A. Boswell, Jr., Hyattsville 

Mrs. Michael J. Deegan, Jr., Seabrook 

Mr. George C. Fry, Cecilton 

Mr. Edward V. Hurley, Baltimore 

Mr. Hugh A. McMullen, Cumberland 

Officers of the University 

Dr. Wilson H. Elkins, President of the University 

Dr. R. Lee Hornbake, Vice-President for 

Academic Affairs 

Dr. Walter B. Waetjen, Vice-President for 
General Administration 

Dr. Michael J. Pelczar, Jr., Vice-President for 
Graduate Studies and Research 

Dr. Frank L. Bentz, Jr., Vice-President for 
Agricultural Affairs 

Mr. Robert A. Beach, Jr., Assistant to the 
President for University Relations 

Dr. Charles E. Bishop, Chancellor of the 
College Park Campus 

Dr. Albin 0. KUHN, Chancellor of the 
Baltimore Campuses 

Dr. Ray Ehrensberger, Chancellor of 
University College 

DR. Howard E. Wright, Acting Chancellor of 
Eastern Shore 

University of Maryland, College Park 

Dr. Charles E. Bishop, Chancellor 

Dr. George H. Callcott, Vice Chancellor 
for Academic Affairs 

Dr. Thomas B. Day, Vice Chancellor 
for Academic Planning and Policy 

Dr. John W. Dorsey, Vice Chancellor 
for Business Affairs 

Dr. J. Winston Martin, Vice Chancellor 

for Student Affairs 

DR. P. Bertraxd Phillips, Special Assistant to 
the Chancellor for Human Relations Programs 

Dr. Gordon M. Cairns, Dean of 
College of Agriculture 

PROFESSOR John William Hill, Dean of 

School of Architecture 

Dr. Charles Manning, Dean of 
College of Arts and Sciences 

Dr. Donald W. O'Connell, Dean of College of 
Business and Public Administration 

Dr. Robert F. Carbone, Dean of 
College of Education 

Dr. Robert B. Beckmann, Dean of 
College of Engineering 

DR. Marjory Brooks, Dean of 

College of Home Economics 

Dr. Lester M. Fraley, Dean of College of 

Physical Education, Recreation and Health 

Dr. David S. Sparks, Dean of Graduate Studies and 

DR. James W. Liesener (Acting), Dean of School of 
Librai-y and Information Services 

Dr. Stanley J. Drazek, Dean of University College 

Dr. Marion I. Murphy, Dean of School of Nursing 

University of Maryland 


Officers of Commencement 


Dr. Robert D. Rappleye, Associate Professor, Botany 


Mr. Charlton G. Meyer, University Organist 

Dr. Paul P. Traver, Director, University Glee Clubs 

Mr. John E. Wakefield, Director of Bands 


Miss Patty Collette 
Miss Eileen Jeffery 



Dr. Paul R. Poffenberger, Assistant Dean, College of Agriculture 
Dr. Robert C. Wiley, Associate Professor, Horticulture 


Dr. Thomas J. Aylward, Professor, Speech and 

Dramatic Art Announcing 

Mr. H. Kent Baker, Instructor, Business Administration Ushering 

Mr. Robert J. Beiter, Assistant Professor, 

Agrictdtural Economics Platform 

Mr. John T. Broadbelt, Supervisor, Physical Plant 

General Physical Arrangements 

Dr. Gordon M. Cairns, Dean of Agriculture Guests 

Lt. John Downs, Campus Police Parking 

Mr. Milo C. Knight, Director, Food Services Food 

Dr. Conrad B. Link, Professor, Horticulture Floral Arrangements 

Dr. George L. Marx, Professor and Head, Counseling 

and Personnel Services Faculty 

U. Robert Merikangas, M.D., Director, Health Services First Aid 

Mr. Amos R. Meyer, Associate Professor, Markets Guests 

Mr. John C. Price, Acting Director, 

Office of Public Information Publicity 

Mr. William A. Reith, Physical Plant Platform, Physical Arrangements 

Mr. Doyle P. Royal, Assistant Dean for Student Affairs 

Information, Lost and Found 

Mr. William C. Spann, Coordinator, Records and Registrations Program 

Mr. George 0. Weber, Director, Physical Plant Physical Plant 

Mr. Jerrold L. Witsil, Superintendent, Safety and Security Traffic Control 

Candidates Seating Plan 






Business and 
Public Admin. 









University of Maryland 4«3 






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Baltimore, Md. 



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