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Order of Exercises 

lune 3, 1972 

10 AM 

Cole Student Activities Building 


Chancellor, College Park Campus 

PROCESSIONAL Maryland Symphony Band 

Director, John Wakefield 


Christian Science Advisor 

THE NATIONAL ANTHEM The Star Spangled Banner, Key 

led by Mr. Fague Springmann 
Director, University Choir 


President of the University 
Chairman, Board of Regents 
Lieutenant Governor, State of Maryland 

MUSICAL SELECTIONS Pilgrims' Chorus from Tannhauser, Wagner 

Battle Hymn of the Republic, Waring 
University Choir, Mr. Springmann Conducting 


President, The League of Women Voters of the United States 


DR. BISHOP, College Park Campus 

DR. STANLEY j. DRAZEK, Dean, University College 


Graduating Senior, Architecture 


Catholic Chaplain 

RECESSIONAL Maryland Symphony Band 

Honorary Doctor of Laws 

Lucy Wilson Benson 

Lucy Wilson Benson, president of the League of 
Women Voters of the United States since 1968, is 
the first woman commencement speaker at the 
College Park Campus. 

Mrs. Benson currently serves on the executive 
committee of the Urban Coalition and Common 
Cause, the board of governors of the United Way of 
America and the executive committee of the Lead- 
ership Conference on Civil Rights. In 1968, President 
Lyndon Johnson appointed her to his Public Ad- 
visory Committee on Trade Policy. 

After becoming president of the Massachusetts 
League in 1961, she led a successful referendum 
drive to remove excessive powers held by the Gov- 
ernor's Council and was cited by the Boston Globe 
newspaper as leader of the "most powerful political 
action group in the state." 

Then Governor John Voipe appointed her one of 
three members of a special legislative commission 
to study the administration of the University of 
Massachusetts in 1961-62. The resulting bill, giving 

the University administrative and fiscal independ- 
ence, was hailed by educators as "the single most 
important piece of legislation affecting the Uni- 
versity since its establishment." 

Later, she was appointed by Governor Peabody 
to a special committee to study salaries of state em- 
ployees and was one of 21 citizens appointed by 
the state board of education in 1964-65 to study the 
educational effects of racial imbalance in the public 

Among her numerous awards is an Honorary Doc- 
tor of Laws degree from the University of Massachu- 
setts, the Smith College Medal and an Honorary 
Doctorate of Humane Letters from Wheaton College 
in Norton, Mass. 

She is an alumna of Northfield School and Smith 
College, where she received a bachelor and master's 
degree in history. 

She is awarded an Honorary Doctor of Laws from 
the University of Maryland. 

University of Maryland 

The University of Maryland is a land-grant institution of higher learning 
stressing programs of excellence in teaching, research and service. 

Now in its 165th year, the University is the seventh largest university in 
the nation, with more than 43,000 students enrolled in its on-campus daytime 
programs. An additional 54,000 are enrolled in the fiscally self-sustaining pro- 
grams of University College, which maintains centers for adult education 
throughout the state and in 21 foreign countries. The teaching and research staff 
includes more than 7,000 full-time and part-time personnel. 

Undergraduate curricula are offered in over 103 fields, master's degrees in 
64 departments and doctoral degrees in 60 departments. In the number of doc- 
torates granted annually, the University ranks among the top 30 institutions in 
the nation. 

The University had its beginnings in 1807 with the establishment in Balti- 
more of the College of Medicine, an entirely faculty-owned institution granting 
the M.D. degree. Five years later its name was changed to the University of 
Maryland, and it was given power to confer additional degrees. Subsequently, 
the University opened a School of Dentistry (1840), the first such school in the 
world, and then added Schools of Pharmacy (1871), Law (1882) and Nursing 

The College Park Campus of the University was opened in 1859 as the 
Maryland Agricultural College under a charter secured in 1856 by a group of 
Maryland planters. After a disastrous fire in 1912, the State acquired control of 
the College and bore the costs of rebuilding. In 1920 the State took over the 
faculty-owned University in Baltimore, merging it with the State-owned institu- 
tion at College Park to form the present-day University of Maryland. 

In 1886 the Delaware Conference Academy was founded by the Methodist 
Church in Princess Anne, Maryland. The institution was taken over by the State 
of Maryland in 1926 and became a division of the University of Maryland in 
1948. This unit was called Maryland State College, and operated autonomously 
under its own president until July 1, 1970, when it became a branch of the 
University, known as the University of Maryland, Eastern Shore. 

Presently located on the College Park Campus are the Colleges of Agricul- 
ture, Arts and Sciences, Business and Public Administration, Education, Engineer- 
ing, Home Economics, and Physical Education, Recreation and Health; Univer- 
sity College; School of Architecture; Graduate School; School of Library and 
Information Services; and Summer School. There are also a number of institutes, 
bureaus and service programs. On the Baltimore City campus there are the 
Schools of Dentistry, Law, Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy, Social Work and Com- 
munity Planning; the Psychiatric Institute; Center for the Study of Trauma; and 
University Hospital. A third campus was opened in 1966 just west of Baltimore 
City — the University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBO. 

The research programs at the University derive their existence and vigor 
from a faculty comprised of internationally recognized scholars and scientists. 
Exceptional research facilities include the Institute for Child Study, the National 
Resources Institute, a laboratory for basic behavioral research. Van de Graaff 
accelerators, an assortment of modern computers, a nuclear reactor, wind tunnel, 
a psycho-pharmacology laboratory, laboratory models for meteorological phe- 

University Of Maryland (continued) 

nomena, and collaborative arrangements with many nearby government installa- 
tions. A new, pioneering, spiral ridge cyclotron was completed in 1968. In addi- 
tion, the University of Maryland is a member of the initial group of 34 universi- 
ties incorporated to manage a new 200 BeV high energy accelerator at Weston, 

University libraries include more than a million volumes on the College 
Park and Baltimore City campuses, plus nearly half a million microtexts, slides, 
film strips, negatives, prints, music scores, and recordings. The University is a 
regional depository for federal docurjients. Special collections include the 
Marylandia, Katherine Anne Porter, Rare Book, East Asian, and Health Sciences 
Historical Collections. 

In recent years the University of Maryland has received national recognition 
in numerous areas. In 1964 it established a chapter of Phi Beta Kappa. In 1969 
the Association of American Universities elected the University to its selective 

In research, scholarship and in the number and quality of its graduates, the 
University is a productive member of the community of great state universities. 

Candidates for Degrees 

The 1972 Class Roster is comprised of degree candidates from the undergraduate 
schools and the Graduate School at the University's College Park Campus and Uni- 
versity College since August 1971. As final action cannot always be taken for candidates 
by the time this program is printed, the list of candidates here is tentative only, the 
University reserving the right to withdraw or add names. 


Graduate School 

Candidates will be presented by Dr. David S. Sparks, Dean for Graduate Studies and Research 


Harold Fred Abeles 

Kermit Correll Bachman, 

Roger Wilson Barnard 

lohn T. Baskin 
Bobby Glenn Seaman 
Steven Joel Becker 

Nancy Jeanne Brown 
Walter Richard Butler 

jerry Milan Calkins 
Phrosene Elaine Chimiklis 
William Nicholas Collins 

Vincent Daniel Coonahan 
George Rankin Cooter 
Dean Page Currier 
Joseph Robert Currier 
Valerian John Derlega 
Joseph Rogers Dickinson, Jr. 

David Lawrence Dubrow 

George Henry Gilbert Eisenberg, Jr. 

Charles Jeffrey Elstrodt 

Cheng-jin Fan 
lames Lewis Parr 

John J. Fearnsides 
Renate Margarete Fischeiti 
Harold Fishman 

Geraldine Ashour Fristrom 
Richard F. Fullenbaum 

August 27, 1971 

Education — Measurement and Statistics: An Application of the Facel-Faclorial Approach to Scale 
Construction in the Development ol a Rating Scale for Clarinet Music Performance. (Oklahoma) 

Dairy Science: A Study of the Aldehydogenic Polar Lipids ol a Mixed Rumen Microbial Population. 

Mathematics: Extremal Problems for Univalent Functions Whose Range Contain a Fixed Disk. 

Education — Secondary: The Einstellung Effect in Relation to Mathematics Background. (New York) 

Botany: Comparative Systematic Anatomy of the Parasite Cassytha (Lauraceae). (Maryland) 

Education— Institute for Child Study: A Comparison of Body Attitudes in Women with Masculine 
Vocational Interests and Those with Feminine Vocational Interests. (New York) 

Chemistry: Energy Exchange in H2 4- He Collisions. (Maryland) 

"Chemical Engineering: An Acoustic Technique for the Prompt Detection of Boiling in Nuclear Power 
Reactors. (Washington, D.C.) 

-Chemical Engineering: Nonequilibrium CO. Transfer in Tubular Membrane Oxygenators. (Virginia) 

Botany: Light and Calcium Antagonism ol Salt Inhibition in Chlorella. (Maryland) 

Education — Human Development: The Relationship Between Improvement in Reading Preparedness 
and Improvement in Self-Concept With Respect to 5ex Differences and Rural, Lower-Socio- 
Economic First Grade Students. (Maryland) 

Chemical Engineering: Sorption and Permeation of Hydrocarbon Vapors in Polymers — A Study of the 
N-Butane — Propane — Polyethylene System. (Pennsylvania) 

Physical Education: Effects of Selected Dosages and Absorption Times of dl-Ampbetamine Sulfate on 
a Maximal Endurance Task by Adult, Male Wistar Rats. (Maryland) 

Physical Education: An Electromyographic Analysis or the Tripceps Brachii and Anconeus Muscles 
during Isometric Contraction at Varied Positions. (Maryland) 

Education — Institute for Child Study: Relationship ol Race-Image of Negro Males of Figure-Ground 
Perception in a Black-White Perceptual Field. (New York) 

Psychology: Social Penetration Processes: The Effects ol Acquaintance, Topic Intimacy, and Support 
on Opennes of Nonverbal Behavior. (Maryland) 

Psychology: The Relation Between the Law of Initial Value and the Habituation of Electrodermal and 
Plethysmographic Responses As A Function of the Intensity, Interstimulus lnter\'al, and Novelty of 
Auditory Stimulation. (Maryland) 

Food Science: Effect of Processing Variables on Lipid Extraction and Functional Properties of Fish 
Protein Concentrate (FPC). (Maryland) 

Microbiology: The Kinetics of the Serum Immunoglobulin Response of Rabbits to the Capsular 
Polysaccharide Antigen of Cafikya tetragena. (New Mexico) 

Horticulture: Some Effects of Supplemental Light and Low Temperatures on Flower Initiation and 
Development in Carnation (DIATHUS CARYOPHLLUS U. (Pennsylvania) 

Agronomy: Daillel Crosses Among Maryland Varieties ol Nicotiana Tabacum L (Mar>'land) 

Psychology: The Effects of Mode ol Information Presentation, Response Requirements, and Order ol 
Information Type and Favorability upon Decision Making in a Simulated Selection /nterv/evv. 

Electrical Engineering: Minimum-Fuel Attitude Control and Stabilization of An Inertially Oriented 

Space Station. (Washington, D.C.) 
German: Bertolt Brecht: Die Cestaltung Des Dreigroschen-Stoffes in Stuck, Roman und Film. 

Education — Institute for Child Study: The Effectiveness of Differential Social Reinforcement Strategies 

in Facilitating Achievement Behavior ol Lower Socioeconomic Status, Primary Grade Children. 

(New York) 
Chemistry: Cation Exchange Resins lor Separation ol Phospholipids. (Maryland) 
Economics: A General Equilibrium Demand Model lor Living Marine Resources: An Application ol 

General Equilibrium and Common Property Resource Theory to the U.S. Sealood Sector. (Maryland) 

* Department and Thesis Title Indicated 


Graduate School 

Brij Lai Cambhir 

Ruth Elizabeth CattozzI 

Theodore Lee Cessner 

Michael Shelton Glasgow 
Harold Keith Coering 

Millon Robert Coldsamt 

David Murray Gottlieb 
Ion Charles Graff 

Judith Ann Grenick 

Barbara Harland 
Ronald Earl Harrell 
Velma Eichhorn Harwood 

Bruce Harold Hobler 

James Richard Horst 

Thomas William Houk 
Charlene Drew Jarvis 

Paul Winston Jary 

Sampurno Kadarsan 
Carl Bertram Kallmyer 

Masao Kato 

Theo Gordon Keith, Jr. 

Anna Marie Kralovich 

William Robert Krause 
Claude M. Laperches 

James V. Larsen 
Sotero L. Lasap, Jr. 

Paul Joseph Lavin 

James Philip Lavine 
Gerald A. Leidy 

Roger William Lind 

lames Barr Mason 
Darryl Edgar Matter 

Barbara Brown Mayo-Wells 
James Robert McCaul 

Matthew John McDonald 

George Michael McKay 
Philip Joseph Miller 

Physics: Pauli Break-Up in Deuteron Reactions. (New York) 

Psychology: The Eftect of Person on a Conditioned Emotional Response of Schizophrenic and Normal 
Subiects. (New York) 

Psychology: The Judgemental Process in Attribution of Causality Social and Mental l-lealth Psychology 
— Ceneral Psychology. (Washington, D.C.) 

Zoology: Metabolism of Fucose-Containing Glycoproteins in the Developing Rat Brain. (Maryland) 

Dairy Science: Comparison of Analytical Measures of l-leat-damaged Forage with Nitrogen Digesti- 
bility and the Effect of Several Factors on the Relative Susceptibility of Forages of Heal Damage. 

Education — Measurement and Statistics: Effects of Scoring Method and Rating Scale Length in Extreme 
Response Style Measurement. (Maryland) 

Astronomy: Abundances of K Ciant Stars. (Maryland) 

Chemistry: The Incorporation of Orthophosphate into Sphingomyelin, Phosphatidyl Choline and 
Phosphatidyl Ethanolamine in Human Skin Fibroblasts in Culture. (Maryland) 

Education-Counseling and Personnel Services: The Effects of a Model on Verbal Behavior in Croup 
Counseling. (California) 

Dairy Science: Zinc Requirement and Stores. (Maryland) 

Mathematics: Girths and the Geometry of Spheres in Flat Banacb Spaces. (Pennsylvania) 

Food Science: The Effects of Thawing and Heating Methods on Selected Parameters of Palatability, 
Wholesomeness, and Nutritive Value of Frozen Prepared Foods. (Virginia) 

Education — Human Development: Tfie Effects of Relationship Therapy Upon the Functional Level ol 
Institutional Male Retardates. (Maryland) 

Agricultural and Resource Economics: An Analysis of the Effects ol Alternative Agricultural Policies 
on the Substitution of Ingredients in the Compound Feed Industry of the United Kingdom. 

Physics: A Stochastic Model for the Contractile Process in Vertebrate Striated Muscle. (Tennessee) 

Psychology: The Effects of Lesions in the Optic Tectm and Tectofungal Pathways in Pigeons on the 
Identification and Localization of Visual Stimuli. (Washington, D.C.) 

Education-Administration Supervsion and Curriculum: The Relationship Between Job Satisfaction of 
High Schoool Principals and Their Vocational Interests as Measured by the Holland Vocational 
Preference Inventory. (New York) 

Zoology: Larval Ixodid Ticks of Indonesia (Acarina: Ixodidae). (Indonesia) 

Education-Elementary: An Investigation of the Effect of a Program of Instruction on the Rale ol 
Development of the Concept of Time in Fifth-Grade Boys. (Maryland) 

Physics and Astronomy: Laser Scattering from High Density, Low Temperature Plasmas. (Washington, 

Mechanical Engineering: Finite Difference Solutions of Steady Laminar Flow Through a Pipe Orifice. 

Education — Institute for Child Study: The Relationship of Receiving, Recognizing, Distinguishing, 
and Relating in Children's Spatial Visualization. (New Jersey) 

Economics: fva/ua(ing and Forecasting Progress in Racial Integration. (Maryland) 

Chemical Engineering: A Source of Error in the Calculation of Material Reactivity Worths by Multi- 
group Perturbation Theory. (Belgium) 

Chemical Engineering: Carbon Fiber Structure, Surface, and Surface Treatments. (Utah) 

Agricultural and Extension Education: The Leadership Altitudes ol Former National FFA Officers. 

Education — Counseling ana Personnel Services; The Use of Anecdotes in Group Counseling with 
Socially Maladjusted Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Grade Boys. (Maryland) 

Physics: Theoretical Studies in The Three-Nucleon System. (Maryland) 

Education — Special: A Study of Asynchrony in Auditory and Preprioceptive feedback Processing in 
Elementary-Age "Learning-Disabled" and "Regular-Class" Children. (Pennsylvania) 

Economics: Determinants of Local Public Expenditures: A Study of Rhode Island's Thirty-Nine Cities 
and Towns. (Delaware) 

Mechanical Engineering: Finite Element Analysis of Coupled Irreversible Vector Processes. (Maryland) 

Education — Human Development: An Investigation of High School Graduate's Achievement Motiva- 
tion and the Prediction ol Community Behavior. (Kansas) 

English: On Anticipation in Beowulf. (Maryland) 

Business Administration: The Direct Maritime Subsidy Program: An Analysis and A Proposal for 
Change. (Taiwan) 

Psychology: A Multiple Measurement Approach to the Study ol Impulse Control in Children. 

Zoology: Behavior and Ecology of the Elephant in Southeastern Ceylon. (Canada) 
Chemistry: The Optical Phonon Spectra ol Some Single Crystals. (Maryland) 


Graduate School 

Robert James Mullen 
Matthew Callander O'Brien 

Anthony Osretkar 
Leon Joel Osterweil 
Alan I. Penn 
Susan Lydia North Pitney 

Gary Edward Pittenger 

Richard H. Potter 

Robert Emmett Prince 

Ruth S. Ralph 

Robert Rex Reynolds, Jr. 

Stephen Anthony Rhoades 
Marilyn Joy Ripin 

Ronald Anthony Salerno 

DuMont Kermit Schmidt 

Bernard Arnold Schneider 
John I. Schwarz, Jr. 
Norman Alistair Scott 

Marquis Robert Seidel 
Frances Gardner Seither 

John R. Shannon 

Carol Ann Shearer 

Ashok Kumar Sinha 

lames Edward Skok 

Carol Porter Smith 
James Warren Smith 
Robert James Smith 

Raymond Earl Spaulding 

Leonard Eugene Stark 

Jennie Elizabeth Steinmetz 

James Phillips Strong, III 
Woodruff T. Sullivan, III 
Lee Roy Summerlin, II 

James E. Swasey 

Henry John Tamburin 

Art: Mexico: Sixteenth-Century Dominican Churches and Con-Ventos in Oaxaca. (MaryJand) 

English: The Southerner as Cavalier in Antebellum Literature: Beginnings and Growth of a Myth. 

Botany: Caseous and Other Nitrogen Losses from Cultures of Chorella. (Maryland) 

Mathematics: 5ome Results in Graph Enumeration. (Colorado) 

Mathematics: Normal Matrices With Entries Over an Arbitrary Field of Characteristic #2. (Maryland) 

Microbiology: Paramcodynamic Effects of Biogenic Amines, Blocking Agents, and Related Drugs on 
the Motility of Leptospira interrogans. (Florida) 

Education — Secondary: -An Analysis of the Patterns of Verbal Interaction and Their Relationship to 
Self-Reported Satisfaction Ratings and a Measure of Emphatic Accuracy in Selected Secondary 
Student-Teaching Supervisory Conference. (Pennsylvania) 

American Studies: Rural Life in Pipulist America: A Study of Short Fiction as Historical Evidence. 
(Rhode Island) 

Education — Secondary: Application of Selected Social Studies Curriculum Projects and Teaching 
Techniques by Student Teachers in Maryland Secondary Schools. (Maryland) 

Education — Secondary: The Effects of General Semantics on the Personality Adjustment of Elementary 
School Children. (Maryland) 

Sociology: The Implications of the Social Relationships of a Forestry Protection Agency for Forest 
Life and Conservation: A Methodological Strategy for Theory Development. (Virginia) 

Economics: The Effect of Diversification on Industry Profit Performance. (Maryland) 

Microbiology: The Metabolism of Alkylbenzeme Sulfonates by Pseudomonas testosteroni H-8. 
(New Jersey) 

Zoology: Analysis of Significant Factors in Determining the Actions of Exogenous Non-Oncogenic 
C-Type RNA Viruses on the Chemical Induction of Subcutaneous Tumors in Mice. (Maryland) 

Psychology: The Relationships Among Reported Family History, Difficulty of Role Transition, and 
Academic Achievement for Male Freshmen. (North Carolina) 

Agronomy: Influence of Soil Fertilization on the Nutritive Value of Corn and Alfalfa. (Maryland) 

Music: The Orchestral Music of Samuel V\/esley. (Pennsylvania) 

Psychology: The Relationship Between Client Risk Taking, Vicarious Reinforcement and Information 
Seeking Persistence. (Iowa) 

Economics: Effects of Real Estate Taxes on Land Use Changes. (Maryland) 

Edcuation — Human Development: An Investigation of the Predictive Validity of Selected Admission 
Screening Measures Relative to Success in Practical Nursing. (Maryland) 

Education — Secondary — A Comparative Study of the Effects of a Student-Determined Sequence and 
a Teacher-Determined Sequence on Student Achievement in Introductory Bookkeeping. (Utah) 

Botany: The Ecology, Taxonomy and Physiology of Some Wood-inhabiting Ascomycetes and Fungi 
Imperfecti Collected from the Patuxent River. (Maryland) 

Physics: Suprelhermal Electron Distribution in the lonsphere Under Wave-Particle and Collision 
Interactions. (Maryland) 

Government and Politics: Community Renewa/ in Prince George's and Montgomery Counties, Mary- 
land: A Study of Community Decision Making. (Maryland) 

English: The Journey Motif in the Collected Works of Eudora Welty. (Pennsylvania) 

Dairy Science: Effect of Level of Dietary Protein on the Blood Proteins of Dairy Cows. (Maryland) 

Zoology: The Effeqt of Cobalt on Hydrolase Activity in Kidney and Plasma and Its Relationship to 
Erythropoietin Production II. Structure Activity Relationships of Several Protein and Polypeptide 
Poteniators of Bradykinin Action on Rat Uterus. (New York) 

Education-Secondary: An Investigation into Two Factors in the Acquisition and Transfer of Principles 
of College Students in Two Mathematical Settings. (Maryland) 

Chemical Engineering: The Biodegradation of Alkyl Aryl Sulfonates by Pseudomonas testosteroni. 

Psychology: Effects of Preexperimental Associations and Successive Habit Reversals on Discrimination 
Performance. (California) 

Electrical Engineering: Automatic Cloud Mapping. (Maryland) 

Astronomy: Microwave Radiation of Water Vapor in Galactic Sources. (Maryland) 

Education-Secondary: A Feasibility Study of Tutorial Type Computer Assisted Instruction in Selected 
Topics in High School Chemistry. (Georgia) 

Horticulture: Some of the Factors Affecting Leaf Abscission of Greenhouse Azaleas During Storage. 

Chemistry: /. Mechanistic Studies of the Thermal Vinylcylcopropane Cyclopentene Rearrangement. 

II. Photolytic Ring Expansion of Polycyclic B-Lactam 

III. Application of Tris (dipivalomethanato) europium (III) in the Solution of a Structural 
Problem. (Maryland) 

Graduate School 

Shanti Tayal 

Ellis David Thomas 

Ronald Wayne Tillman 
Thomas Theodore Truss 

Michael Tysowsky 

Samuel van Houte 

Garrett Oliver Van Meter, II 

Li-chen Wang 

Bruce Jordan Weiss 

Cordon Samuel Woodward 

Chai Hong Yoo 

Samuel Chien-Sheng Young 

Education-Institute for Child Study: Suggestibility in a State of Crisis. (Virginia) 

Entomology: The Accumulation ol Persistence of Nuclear Polyedrosis Virus of the Cabbage Looper, 
Trichoplusia Nj (Hubner), in the Field and the Effect of Soil pH on the Activity of the Virus. 

Botany: Effect of Chloroneb on the Growth and Metabolism of Ustilago maydis. (Kentucky) 

Education — Human Development: The Effects of Focused Videotape Feedback on Changes of Self- 
Concept in a Croup Therapy Setting. (New York) 

Entomology: The Sweet Potato Flea Beetle: Its Subterranean Damage, Ecology, and Control 
(Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae). (Utah) 

History: The Freedom at Pompeii. (Iowa) 

Mathematics: Submaximal Function Algebras. (Maryland) 

Physics: A Wide-Cap Spark Chamber Study ol the KL « ± -l-e' + V Decay. (California) 

Psychology: The Development of Cohesiveness in Marathon Croups. (New York) 

Mathematics: Invariant Means and Spectral Synthesis. (Maryland) 

Civil Engineering: Plastic Analysis of Multi-span Horizontally Curved Cirders. (Maryland) 

Education — Administration Supervision and Curriculum: Some Effects of Feedback on Communica- 
tion. (Taiwan) 

January 24, 1972 

Rene Bernardo Abarcar 

juan Lauro Aguirre 

Edward Michael Alexander 
Marianne Ellis Alexander 

Clifford Daniel Alper 

E\elyn Esther Ames 

Tovah Siegal Besser 

Andrzej Zbyszko Bidzinski 

Stephen B. Bindler 

Phichani Rakvong Bodharamik 
Bernard LeRoy Bogema. Jr. 
Martin E. Bookbinder 

Robert Forest Brammer 
Clenwood Cecil Brooks, Jr. 

Charles Moseley Brown 
Joseph L. Browne 

John P. Buchanan 

Robert Vierling Budny 
John Raymond Campbell 

Jerrold I. Casway 

Margaret Smillie Child 
Cecil A. Chin-Fatt 
W. Robert Coley III 
Martin David Cooper 
Patricia Anne Cunniff 

Mechanical Engineering: The Effect of Rotatory Inertia, Transverse Shear, and Coupled Torsion on 
the Vibration of Cantilever Beams of Fiber Reinforced Material. (Philippines) 

Physics: Brownian Movement of N Particles: Extensions ol the Smoluchowski Equation and the 
Stokes-Einstein Theory of Diffusion. (Mexico) 

Physics: Ultrasonic Attenuation in Pure Niobuim at Low Temperatures. (New York) 

American Studies: The Issues and Politics of the Maryland Constitutional Convention, 7967-1968. 

Education — Secondary: The Influence of Froeble's Mother-Play and Nursery Songs on Kindergarten 
Song Books— 1887-1918. (Maryland) 

Health Education: Selected Consumer Health Practices and Opinions ol Older Adults in Whatcom 
County, Washington. (Nevada) 

Food Science: Changes in Quality and Nutritional Composition ol Foods Preserved by Cas Exchange. 

Chemistry: Studies on Carbonic Anhydrase from the Mantle of Crassoslrea Virginica (Cmelin). 

Education-Institute for Child Study: Patterns of Conceptual Functioning in Children with Reading 
Disability. (Maryland) 

Electrical Engineering: Interval Arithmetic in Active Network Synthesis. (Thailand) 

Physics: Equilibrium and Stability Theory ol Nonneutral Plasmas. (Colorado) 

Government & Politics: Electoral College Reform: A Case Study in Congressional Politics, 1966-1970. 

Mathematics: On Controllability and Observability in Finite Dimensional Systems. (Maryland) 

Education — Counseling and Personnel Senices: Tfie Effects ol Occupation on the Measurement ol 
Racial Attitudes. (Maryland) 

Physics: Tfie Electronic Spectrum and Structure of He,. (Maryland) 

Education — Secondary: Historians' Attitudes toward History in Secondary School Social Studies Cur- 
riculum, 1959-1969. (New York) 

Chemistry: The Pyrolysis ol Some Organosullur Compounds and an Investigation ol Some Preparative 
Methods lor Alkanesulienyl Chlorides. (Maryland) 

Physics: Consequences of Scale Invariance in Deep-Inelastic Lepton Scattering. (New Jersey) 

Education — Measurement and Statistics: An Evaluation, by use of Monte Carlo Techniques, of Non- 
normality and Nonlinearity on Certain Tests ol Nonassociation. (Maryland) 

History: Owen Roe O'Neill: A Study of Gaelic Ireland's Struggle lor Survival in the Seventeenth 

Century. (Maryland) 
History: Prelude to Revolution: The Structure ol Politics in County Durham, 1678-1688. (Maryland) 
Physics: Enhanced Far Infra-Red Radiation from a Theta Pinch Plasma. (Jamaica) 
Chemistry: The Reactions of Phenyl (Trichloromethyl) Carbinol with Various Nucleophiles. (Maryland) 
Physics: Deuteron Stripping to the Single Particle States ol O". (Washington) 

Chemistry: The Kinetics of Hydrolysis of Some Bridgehead- and Bridge- substituted Ester Serivatives 
of Adamantene. (Maryland) 


Graduate School 

Richard DcForest Davis 

Cliarles Peter DeNeef, Jr. 
Gary Charles De Oms 
Anthony Constantino Di Cesare 
Nancy Lou Doser 
Jude ObiukwLi Duru 
Harvey Arthur Eisen 
Ehzabeth Mueller Ellis 
John Kenny Elseroad, Jr. 

Adolph lames Engel 
lames Michael Fitzmaurice 

Gail I. Forman 
Meredith Lynn Friedman 

Margaret Neal Fringer 

Richard Thomas Froyen 
Robert Joseph Gelina 

Dominick Anthony Giglio 
Kameswararao Venkata Govindaraju 
Daniel Julius Grant 

Thomas Allen Grigalunas 

Helmut Ewald Grunberg 
Ray Allen Gsell 

Thomas Milton Haislip 

Ronald Harold Harten 

Roger James Hawks II 

James Taylor Henderson 

David Michael Hershfield 
Yau-shian Ho 
Donald James Hobart 

Gilbert Serge Jackson 
Henry Bruce Johns 

Rufus C. Jones 

Walter William Jones 

Ashok Kumar Kaul 
Christine S. Kerr 

Education — Administration Supervision & Curriculum: The Relationship of Principal Awareness of the 
Faculty Status System to the School Croup Atmosphere as One Aspect of Leader Behavior. 

Physics: Experimental Comparison Between Two Magnetically Confined Hot Electron Plasmas. 

Animal Science: A Procedure for Cecectomy in the Rabbit and the Effect of Cecectomy on the 
Digestive Process and Various Blood Components. (Maryland) 

Education — Counseling and Personnel Services: Influence of Race on the Acquisition of Behavior of 
Modeling in a Counseling Situation. (Maryland) 

Physical Education: An Electromyographic Study of Isometric and Isotonic Contraction in the Middle 
Portion of the Deltoid Muscle. (Maryland) 

Agricultural Engineering: Synthesis of Hydrograph Recessions Adjusted for Evapotranspiration Losses. 

Chemical Engineering: Electron Depth-dose Distribution Measurements in Metals and Two-layer 
Slabs. (Maryland). 

Education— Institute for Child Study: The Effects of Pictorial Mode upon Children's Spatial Visualiza- 
tion. (Washington, D.C.) 

Education — Administration Supervision & Curriculum — The Relationship Between Selected Variables 
Predicting the Academic Success of junior College Transfer Students at the University of Maryland. 

Chemistry: Differentiaf and Derivative Chronopotentiometry. (Maryland) 

Economics: The Demand for Hospital Services: An Econometric Study of Maryland Counties. 

English: The Life and Works of Francis Kirkman: A Study in Restoration Publishing. (Maryland) 

Psychology: A Comparison of Behavior Therapies for Test Anxiety with Students Differing on Internal- 
External Locus of Control. (Maryland) 

Physical Education: Changes in Selected Cardiorespiratory Parameters during Periods of Conditioning 
and Deconditioning in Young Adult Females. (Maryland) 

Economics: A Quantitative Model of the Money-Income Relationship. (North Carolina) 

Industrial Education: An Analysis of the Inter-Relationships of Selected Psychological Characteristics 
Inherent to Vocational Industrial Teachers. (Maryland) 

Electrical Engineering: The Interaction of Finite Size Beams of Light and Sound. (Maryland) 

Mathematics: The Steady Two-dimensional Flow of a Viscous Fluid. (Maryland) 

Mechanical Engineering: The Interaction of Moderately Strong Shock Waves with Thick Perforated 
Walls of Low Porosity. (Maryland) 

Economics: Waste Generation, Waste Management and Natural Resource Use: An Economic Analysis 
of the Primary Copper Industry. (Maryland) 

Botany: The Pathway of the Dar-Fixation of Carbon in Chlorella. (Maryland) 

Chemistry: Synthesis and Physical Properties of Some Monohalogen Derivatives of Stannane and 
Methylstannane: A Comparative Study of Direct and Across-space {p-^dH Bonding interactions in 
Some Selected Croup IV Compounds. (New York) 

Education — Counseling and Personnel Services: Tfie Efiect of an Orientation Program at a Community 
College on Selected Outcomes. (Maryland) 

Astronomy: A Study of Neutral Hydrogen Gas Motion Within Spiral Arms and in the Local Region. 

Mechanical Engineering: The Effect of Aerodynamic Forces on the Performance and Handling Qual- 
ities of High-Speed Automobiles. (Maryland) 

Psychology: Competence Threat and Hope in Relation to Self-destructive Behavior: Suicide. 

Geography: An Investigation Into the Frequence of Freeze-Thaw Cycles. (Maiyland) 

Civil Engineering: Analysis and Design of Curved Composite Box Girder Bridges. (Virginia) 

Physical Education: A Cinematographic and Electromyographic Analysis of the Modifications Occur- 
ring During the Acquisition of a Novel Throwing Task. (Maryland) 

Chemical Engineering: Surfactant Adsorption onto Porous Media. (New York) 

Psychology: Conceptual Tempo, Perceptual Analysis, and Concept Identification: Overlapping or 
Independent Constructs: (Maryland) 

Education— Secondary: A Study of the Effects of Position Transfer and Negative Instances on the 
Attainment of Three Simple Conjunctive Concepts in a Mathematical Setting. (Maryland) 

Physics: Calculation and Measurement of the Stark Broadening Parameters for the Resonance Lines 
of Singly Ionized Calcium and Magnesium. (Maryland) 

Physics: Processes and Measurements in an Abnormal Negative Clow. (Maryland) 

Chemistry: The Crystal Structure of Trans-Aquobis (8-Amino Quinoline) Zinc (II) Tetrachlorozincate 
(II). (Maryland) 


Graduate School 

Richard H. Kesel 

John Edward Keys, Jr. 

Gillian Revili Knapp 

John Andrew Konrady, Jr. 
Martin Francis Kovacs, Jr. 

Thomas Joseph Langan 

Robert Alexander Lasken 
John O. Lephardt 

Gerald Michael Lerner 
Joseph Samuel LoCastro 

Elwood Lockert Loh 

jean Juliet MacCarthy 
Dilip B. Madan 
Thomas Peter Martin 

William A. McClain 

Gerald Duncan McKnight 
Marvin M. Megibow 
Gregory S. Mestanas 

Donald L, Miller 

Paul Rees Mills 

Vincent E. Moncrief 
Donald G. Morm 
Soe-Mie Foeng Nee 
Jerry Okey Newman 

Yoshihisa Okamoto 
Arthur Joseph OKeefe 

Brian Shaemus O'Leary 
Robert Charles Olsen 

Donald Edward Overton 
Norman Purzitsky 
Lee Joyce Richmond 

Miguel Rios, Jr. 
Randy Roberts 

Florence R. Rosenberg 
Kenneth Jay Rosner 
Timothy Jack Runyan 
Jerome lames Ryscavage 

Daniel Santoso 
Ronald Norman Satz 

Geography: The Comparative Morphology of Insetbergs in Difierent Environments with Emphasis 
on a Humid Temperate and an Arid Area. (Louisiana) 

Animal Science: Hemicellulose, Cellulose and Starch Digestion in, and the Rate ol Passage o/ 
Digesta Through the Stomach, Small Intestine and Large Intestine ol Swine. (Maryland) 

Astronomy: High Frequence Resolution HI Line Observations ol Interstellar Dust Clouds. (Washing- 
ton, D.C.) 
Physics: Retardation Effects in Low Energy Atom-Atom Scattering. (California) 

Agronomy: Dburrin (p-hydroxy-mandelonitrile-B-D-glucoside): An Allelopath Identified in lohnson- 
grass (Sorghum halepense (L.) Rhizome Exudate. (Maryland) 

Mathematics: On the Existence ol not Necessarily Unique Solutions of Semilinear Hyperbolic 
"-vstems in Two Independent Variables. (Maryland) 

Physics: The Effects ol a Heat Current in Liquid Helium Near T . (Maryland) 

Chemistry: Application ol Fourier Transform Spectroscopy for Gas Chroma(ograp/i Effluent Analysis 
and Structural Studies. (New York) 

Physics: Elastic Scattering of Protons by Oxygen Isotopes. (Maryland) 

Psychology: judgments ol Emotional Communication in the Facial-Vocal-Verbal Channels. (Massa- 

Education — Secondary: The Effect ol Behavioral Objectives on Measures of Learning and Forgetting 
which are a Function ol Time Needed to Reach Criterion in a Learning Program Using Programmed 
Instruction lor Teaching an Algebraic Topic to Below Average Mathematic Students in Senior High 
School. (Maryland ) 

Botany: fffecf of Cation Nutrition on Biochemistry ol Chlorella. (Ireland) 

Economics: Competitive Equilibrium, Survival and Social Choice. (Maryland) 

Physical Education: A Comparison ol Oxygen-Deficit and Oxygen-Debt in Subjects ol High and Low 
Fitness. (Maryland) 

Education — Counseling and Personnel Services: The Readiness to Transmit Bad News by Male Adoles- 
cent Delinquents as a Function ol Age and Sex of Both Communicator and Target. (Maryland) 

History: A Party Against Itself—The Grand Old Party in the New Freedom Era, 1973-7976. (Maryland) 

Psychology: A Psychophysiological Externalization ol Linguistic Processing. (California) 

Education — Counseling and Personnel Services: The Effects ol Contingency Contracting in Condition- 
ing More Efficient Study Behavior of Academic Material Among Community Students. (Maryland) 

History: Alfred M. Bingham and Common Sense: A Study of Non-Marxian Radicals in the New Deal 
Era. (New Jersey) 

Physical Education: William A. Alcott, M.D. (7798-7859) Pioneer Relormer in Physical Education. 

Physics: Partially Covariant Quantum Theory ol Gravitation. (Oklahoma) 

Mechanical Engineering: finite Amplitude Free Surlace Waves in Cylindrical Containers. (Maryland) 

Physics: Synchroton Radiation Irom a Magnetically Conlined Hot Electron Plasma. (Arizona) 

Agricultural Engineering: A Study of the Modulus of Elasticity of Steel Fiber-Reinforced Concrete 
Composites. (Maryland) 

Chemistry: A New Synthesis of Regular Alternating Copolyamides. (Japan) 

Education — Institute for Child Study: The Relationship Between Father-Son Closeness-Distance and 
The Rellection-lmpulsivity Cognitive Dimension. (Maryland) 

Psychology: Learning Measures as Predictors ol Task Perlormance in Two Ethnic Croups. (Maryland) 

Education — Secondary: A Comparative Study ol the Effect of Behavioral Objectives on Class Perlorm- 
ance and Retention in Physical Science. (New Jersey) 

Civil Engineering: A Variable Response Overland Flow Model. (Maryland) 

Mathematics: Two Generator Discrete Free Products. (Canada) 

Education— Institute for Child Study: Returning and Regular College Age Women at a Community 

College. (Maryland) 
Physics: Electromagnetic Transitions in "Si. (California) 

Psychology: Object-Resource Seeking as a Function of Incentive, Legitimacy and Alternative Sources. 

Sociology: The Self-Concept in Childhood and Adolescence. (Maryland) 

Psychology: Modality and Age in Concept — Shift Performance. (Virginia) 

History: The English Navy in the Reign ol Edward III. (Ohio) 

Education — Administration Supervision & Curriculum: An Investigation of the Relationship between 
a Set of Economic Concerns and Teacher Withdrawal m the State of Maryland from 7960 to 1970. 

Chemistry: Cerenkov Counting of Beta Emitting Radionuclides. (Indonesia) 

History: Federal Indian Policy, 1829-1849. (Tennessee) 


Graduate School 

Charles M. Schneider 

Stephen Barrett Segall 

David Alexander Shaw 

Derek Staughton Singer 

Donald Elvin Snodderly 

Bruce Wilbur Sorter 

Mary Helen Carol Spear 

Sam Steppe! 

Barry Sheldon Sternfeld 

Ulrich Strom 

Lester Harold Sullivan 

Catharine Pidcock Thomas 
Dwaine Marshall Thomas 
Pascal Louis Trohanis 

Ching Fu Wang 

Ruth Louise Waynant 

Laskar A. Wechsler 

Ouida E. Westney 

Barry Michael Whitcomb 

Willard T. Witte 
Stephen N. Wolf 
William Ray Wright 

Carl Lemuel Zimmerman 

Zoology: Acquired Immunity in Syrian Hamsters Infected with the Nematode Nippostrongylus 
brasiliensis (Travassos, 1914). (Pennsylvania) 

Physics: Interpretation of Signals from a Cylindrical Langmuir Probe in a Streaming Laser-Produced 

Chemistry: A Unique, Self-Standardizing Instrumental System Utilizing Ternary-Level Modulation 
Techniques for Flame Emission Chemical Analysis. (Illinois) 

Government & Politics: Evaluating Trans-Economic Goals and Objectives in Foreign Assistance: AID 
and the UNDP Compared. (Maryland) 

Education — Institute for Child Study: The Relation of Teachers' Stated Confidence in Reading Readi- 
ness Tests to Pupil Achievement in Reading. (Maryland) 

Education — Institute for Child Study: An Exploration Into Community Development Through Be- 
havioral Patterns. (Maryland) 

Psychology: Organ/zat/ona/ /Aspects of Memory in Temporal Labectomy Patients. (Maryland) 

Physics: Time-Dependent Correlations in a Simple Ferromagnetic Model. (Canada) 

Psychology: Operant Conditioning of Reported Auditory and Visual Hallucinations Using Verbal Rein- 
forcement. (Maryland) 
Physics: Electrodynamics of Metals and Semimetals at Far Infrared Laser Frequencies. (Maryland) 

Chemical Engineering: Development and Computational Merits of a Transport Consistent Diffusion 

Theory. (North Carolina) 
Chemistry: Noise and Noise Suppression in Spectrophotometric Systems. (Maryland) 
Chemistry: A Study of the Vibrational Phonon Spectra of Some Molecular Single Crystals. (Maryland) 

Education — Administration Supervision and Curriculum: Audible Multi-Imagery: Information Learn- 
ing and Retention Capabilities. (Maryland) 

Dairy Science: A Chemical-Organoleptic Study of Iron-Fortified Milk and the Biological Availability 
of the Iron. (Wisconsin) 

Education — Early Childhood: An Investigation of the Relationship between Technique of Testing and 
Oral Reading Performance. (Maryland) 

Mechanical Engineering: An Investigation of the Load Carrying Capacity of an Oscillating Sleeve 
Bearing When Subjected to a Unidirectional Variable Load. (Maryland) 

Education — Institute for Child Study: The Comparative Effects of a Croup Discussion Program and a 
Lecture Program on the Self Concept, Attitudes Toward Pregnancy and Manifest Anxiety of Unwed, 
Primigravid, Negro Adolescent Cirls. (Maryland) 

Education — Institute for Child Study: The Effects of Differentially Reinforcing Stimuli on the Learning 
of Arithmetical Concepts via Computer-assisted Instruction. (Maryland) 

Horticulture: The Vegetative Propagation of Pine by Rooting Fascicles. (Florida) 

Physics: Microwave Spectra of Some Symmetric-Top Molecules. (Maryland) 

Agronomy: Pedogenic and Ceomorphic Relationships of Associated Paleudults in Southern Maryland. 

Education — Secondary: An Experimental Study of the Effect on Learning and Forgetting When Stu- 
dents are Informed of Behavioral Objectives Before or After a Unit of Study. (Maryland) 

Jamil Ahmed Abbasi 
George Abraham 
Daniel Thomas Adams 
Asim M. Al-Araji 

David Charles Anifant 

Gustavo Max Arnstein 

David Mack Atkinson 

A.F.M. Abdul Aziz 

John Lucas Baldwin, Jr. 
Harvey Edgar Bale, Jr. 

Gail Z. Barnett 
James P. Barufaldi 

June 3, 1972 

Civil Engineering: Reinforced Concrete — A Finite Element Formulation (Maryland) 
Physics: Multistable Semiconductor Devices and Integrated Circuits (Washington, D.C.) 
Mathematics: Spectral Properties of Operators on Banach Lattices (Massachusetts) 
Government and Politics: The 1968 Virgmia Area Development Act: Government Administrative Pro- 
grams Planning lor Development (Maryland) 

Education — Human Development: Risk Taking Behavior in Children Experiencing Open Space and 
Traditional School Environments (New York) 

Chemical Engineering: Relations of the Sublimation Mechanism of Zinc Single Crystals to the Dislo- 
cation Substructure and the Anisotropy of the Specific Surface Energy (Venezuela) 
Government and Politics: The Relationship between Man and Nature: Moral Endorsement and Legal 
Recognition of Environmental Rights (Maryland) 

Mechanical Engineering: A Mathematical Model for the Study of Heat Exchangers by Electrical 
Analogy (Maryland) 

Mechanical Engineering: An Experimental Investigation of Water Entry (Maryland) 
Economics: "The Role of Price and Redistributional Factors in the Adjustment of Exchange-Rate 
Devaluation" (Maryland) 

English: "The Endless Journey: An Ontogenetic Study of Three Poets" (Maryland) 
Secondary Education: The Performance of Children on Visual Observation and Comparison Tasks 


Graduate School 

Marc Joel Berger 

John A. Bernbaum 

Shiraz Gulamhussein Bhanji 

John Allen Bielec 

Virgilio S. Blanco 

Richard David Bleach 
Hubert Jennings Booth 
Thomas Edward Boris 

Norman Kent Boyd 

Lee Palmer Budahl 

Anna Margaret Cain 

Paul Francis Cardaci, Jr. 

Daniel Christopher Ca\anaugh 

Elizabeth Brabson Chang 
Dattakumar Madhusudan Chitre 

Arthur Thomas Clark 
Robert Byron Coates 
Ronald Malcolm Culpepper 

Rudolph Theodore Danstedt, Jr. 

Nancy D. Davis 

Richard Stephen Davis 
William Deozro Davis 

George deTarnowsky 
Charles VVillard Dickinson 

Augustine Caspar DiCiovanna 

Minna Doskow 
Barbara P. Edmonds 
Jacob Howard Femberg 
Hyman Harrison Field, Jr. 

J. Richard Fisher 

Stephen Edward Forrer 

Thomas Robert Foster 

Sandra Sutherland Fox 

Eric C. Frankel 

John Lancaster Gaunt 
James Leslie George 
Lois L. Gerchman 

Daniel Edward Gilbert 

Joan E. Gildemeister 

Mathematics; Normal Subgroups ot Fuchsian Croups (Pennsylvania) 
History: Nazi Control in Austria: The Creation of the Ostmark 1938-40 (Illinois) 

Electrical Engineering: Binary Comnnunication With a Filtered Poisson Process in White Caussian 
Noise (Tanzania) 

Government and Politics: Regional Council Decision-Making: Public Program Selection and Ration- 
ality (Maryland) 

Animal Science: Respone of Early Weaned Pigs (o Different Levels of Phosphorous, Supplied by 
Ashed Fish Meal (Mexico) 

Physics: A Study of 2 — 20 keV X-rays From the Cygnus Region (Maryland) 
Chemistry: Synthesis of Polypeptides Containing Unprotected Basic Side-Croups (Maryland) 
Education — Institute for Child Study: A Comparison Study of the Efficacy in Utilizing Audio-Taped 
Peer Models and Counselor-Presented Symbolic Models as Techniques for Reducing Shyness in 
Adolescents (Maryland) 

Psychology: Serving as Croup Leaders or Spikesmen under Different Cooperative Group Expectations 

Education — Secondary: An Experimental Study of Selected Attitudinal Variables Utilizing a Visual 
Mode in a Presentative Relative to Art Criticism for Prospective Elementary Teachers (Maryland) 
Human Development Education: The Relationship Between Growth in Sel-actualization and the Num- 
ber of Perceived and Mutally Perceived Relationships in Sensitivity Training Croups (Maryland) 
German (Comparative Literature): Demon, Daimon, and Devil: A Study of the Demonic Element in 
Goethe, Dostoievsky, Cide, and Mann (Maryland) 

Microbiology: "A Critical Evaluation of Current Procedures Recommended to Detect Plague in Rodent 
Populations" (Maryland) 

Mathematics: Extending and Lifting Continuous Functions on Zero-Dimensional Spaces (Maryland) 
Physics and Astronomy: "Investigations of Vanishing o( a Horizon for Bianchy Type X (The Mi\master) 
Universe" (Utah) 

Nuclear Engineering: A Cylindrical Transport Kernal in Heterogeneous Media (Maryland) 
Sociology: Dimensions of Police-Citizen Interaction: A Social Psychological Analysis (Massachusetts) 

Nuclear Engineering: Radiation Induced Damage in Lead and Tin Telluride or Other Semi-Conductors 

Zoology: Demographic Parameters and Body Size in Several Populations of the Duskv Salamander 
(Desmognathus Fuscus) in Maryland (Maryland) 

Counseling and Personnel Services: The Influence of a Handicapped Model on the Imitative Re- 
sponses of Retardates (Virginia) 

Physics: Influence of a DC. Heat Flux on Second Sound Near T„ (Connecticut) 

Physics: The Role of Turbulence in the Coupling of a Magnetic Pulse to a Collisionless Plasma 

Government and Politics: Poverty and Alienation: The Case for Urban Democracy (Maryland) 

Chemistry: The Crystal and Molecular Structures of 4,4'-diamino-diphenylsulphone (DDS), 4-amino4'- 
nitrodiphenylsulphone (N02NH2) and 4,4'-diflouro-3J'-dinitrodiphenylsulphone IFN02) (Virginia) 

Zoology: Comparisons Among Turnover Rates of AMP, ADP, and Nucleoside Triphosphates in Sus- 
pension Cultures of L-Strain Mouse Fibroblasts under Different Stales of Growth and Nutrition 

English: Structure and Meaning in William Blake's Jerusalem (Maryland) 

French and Italian: Aspects of Christine de Pisan's Social and Political Ideas (Maryland) 

Chemistry: "Syn(hes/s of a Hybrid Spiro Ladder Polymer" (New Jersey) 

Administration, Supervision, and Curriculum: The Effect of Color versus Black and White Instructional 
Television on Student Altitude Toward the Subject Matter (Washington, D.C.) 

Astronomy: "Design Tests of the Fully Steerable, Wideband, Decametric Array at Clark Lake" 
(West Virginia) 

Counseling and Student Personnel: A Comparison of Two Intormation Dissemination Systems in 
Parent Orientation (Maryland) 

Education — Administration, Supervision and Curriculum: An Analysis of Teacher Behavior Under An- 
nounced and Unannounced Observation Conditions by the Supervisor (Maryland) 

Institute for Child Study: "The Effect of Mental Health Skill Training on Concept of Seli as a Mental 

Health Worker" (Maryland) 

Chemistry: Intermolecular Interactions by Second Order Perlrubation Theory — The Formic Acid Dimer 


English: A Study of English Popular Fiction, 1660-7700 (Pennsylvania) 

Government and Politics: Spheres of Influence (Maryland) 

Chemistry: "The Synthesis. Characterization, and Base Strength Studies of (w-Methoxyalkyl) silanes 

and -germanes" (Maryland) 

Chemistry: Thermodynamics of the Solution of Aromatic Molecules from the Vapor Phase into 

Aqueous Solution (Maryland) 

Institute For Child Study: A Comparison of Children's Classificatory and Spatial Concepts 

(New York) 


Graduate School 

John Gilbert Cist 

Edward Lee Glover 

Verna King Cray 

ludith Green 
Gershon Wolfe Gross 

Ibrahim Emile Haddad 

William Robert Hahn 

Thomas Edward Harbaugh 
Benson Hecker 

Larry D. Hendricks 

Edward Matthew Herrmann 

William McGinnis Holroyd 

Education — Administration, Supervision and Curriculum: Relationships Among the Organizational 
Climates m Elementary Schools and the Next Higher Hierarchical Level in a Large School System 

Poultry Science: A Comparison of 3-Methylcholanthrene-lnduced Thyroiditis in Bufialo Strain Rats 
with Spontaneous Thyroiditis in Cornell C Strain White Leghorn Chickens (Maryland) 

Education — Secondary: The Perception of Reading as a Serious Problem by Some Secondary Education 
Teachers (Washington, D.C.) 

Mathematics: Consistency Properties lor Uncountable Finite-Quantifier Languages (Maryland) 

Dairy Science Business Administration: An Evaluation of Labor Relations in The Dairy Industry 

Chemistry; Synthesis oi Spiro Polymers Containing Five-, Six-, Seven-, and Eight-Memhered Rings 

Electrical Engineering: Passive Multiple Delay Estimation in a Spatially Incoherent Noise Field 
(Washmgton, D.C.) 

Institute for Child Study: A Validation Study of the Maslow Hierarcy oi Needs (Maryland) 

Counseling and Personnel Services: Frustration Tolerance, Aggression and Intervention Methods for 
a Population oi Non-Institutionalized Offenders (Georgia) 

Zoology: Schizogonic Development of Hepatozoon Griseisciuri of the Eastern Cray Squirrel 

Mechanical Engineering: The Effect of Low Surface Energy on the Boiling Water Heat Transfer from 
Submerged, Horizontal Tubes (Maryland) 

Agricultural and Resource Economics: Number, Size and Location of Plants lor a Honey Marketing — 
Processing Cooperative (Virginia) 

John Earl Hutchison 

Lorraine A. Janus 
Alexandra Barbara Kaminska 
Thomas Stewart Kaufman 
Hong Yun Kim 

SeongHwan H. Kim 

George Helmut Koenig 
Allan Dale Kolbo 

Dandamudi V. Krishnarao 

Mark Edward Lachtman 
Robert N. Lieberman 
Barbara Hsiao-yi Loe 

Steven Kalman Lorch 

Howard Stanley Lowensohn, Jr. 

Nancy J. Lund 

Walter George Mann, Jr. 

Anthony George Marchione 

Betty Jo B. Mayeske 
Mary Sperling McAuliffe 
Mary Anne Veronica McCarthy 

Charles Frederick McClure 
Kay B. Michael 
Nancy A. Muckenhirn 

K. Store J. Nordholm 

Agricultural and Resource Economics: An Analysis of Agricultural Production in Columbia with Pro- 
jections lor 1985 (Maryland) 
English: The Telling Word: The Soliloquy in Hamlet, Othello , and Macbeth (Washington, D.C.) 

Comparative Literature: Literary Confessions from 1215 through 1500 (Wisconsin) 

Zoology: A Revision of the genus Aponomma Neumann, 1899 lAcarina: Ixodidae) (Maryland) 

Mathematics: Approximation by Spline Functions of the Solution of Hyperbolic (Differential) Equations 
(Rhode Island) 

Botany: Etiology, Pathogenesis, and Ephidemiology of Pythium spp. on Aerial Parts of Phaseolus 
Vulgaris (Maryland) 

German: Friedrich Von Sallet: A Social and Political Satirist of the "Vormarz" (New York) 

Geography: The Response of Commercial Agriculture To Urban Impact in the Rural-Urban Fringe of 
Baltimore City, 1930-1970 (Nebraska) 

Aerospace Engineering: Theoretical and Experimental Investigation of Hypersonic Viscous Shocklayer 
on a Blunt-Nosed Body (Maryland) 

Mathematics: Singular Integrals and L' Functions (California) 

Mathematics: Topologies on Directed Graphs (Maryland) 

Institute for Child Study: Social Adjustment in Relation to Cognitive Process as Expressed in Speech 

Botany: Characterization and Possible Modes ol Action oi Action of Light lor Cametogenesis in 
Chlamydomonas eugametos (Maryland) 

Zoology: Determinants ol Pulsatile Coronary Artery Blood Flow in Conscious Dogs at Rest in Normal 
and Various Ventricular Hypertensive States (Maryland) 

Speech and Hearing: The Effect of S/m/7ar/ty of Bisensory Stimuli on Short-Term Recall oi Verbal 
Items (Virginia) 

Psychology: Overall lob Satisfaction and Its Relationship to Aspect Satisfaction and Importance 

Administration Supervision and Curriculum: A Study ol the Interrelationships Among Organizational 
Climates of Secondary Schools and Various Departments and Classrooms ol Those Schools (Maryland) 

History: Bakeries, Bakers, and Bread in Pompei: A Study in Social and Economic History (Maryland) 

History: The Red Scare and the Crisis in American Liberalism, 1947-1954 (Virginia) 

Psychology: Commitment, Utility, Relevance and Supportiveness as Determinants ol Information 
Receptivity (Virginia) 

Physics: A Many Body Theory of Aerodynamic Forces (Maryland) 

English: "The Lamentable Tragedy of Locrine: An Edition" (Maryland) 

Zoology: Ecological Roles ol Gray Langurs, Presbylis Entellus and Leopards in the Dry Zone ol Ceylon 
(Washington, D.C.) 

Physics: Nonlinearity and Fluctuations in Microscopic Transport Theory (Maryland) 


Graduate School 

Lena Anita Nordholm 
Hanson Henry North 

Psychology: Croup Pressures and Individual Characteristics in the Prediction ol Conlormily Behavior 

Entomology: Pesticide Metabolism in Mammalian Cell Cultures (Maryland) 

David Gerald Orr 

Aija Ozolins 

James Richard Parker 

Harold James Plastas 

Morris B. Pongralz 

Lee W. Quinn 

Carol Ann Mary Radich 

John iNorman Riismandel 
Joan Marie Rinehart 

Donald Joseph Robinson 

Roland Robert Robinson 

Joseph Schneider 

Abraham Schultz 

Ernest Thomas Schwartz, Jr. 
Ronald John Seibe! 

David Neil Silk 
Richard James Simensen 

Carroll Watson Smith 
Ruth B. Spodak 

Clayton Cresvell Stansbury, Jr. 
Guy Stewart Stanton, Jr. 

Monique Stern 

Bernice Claire Stewart 

Jane Ann Stockdale 

Olivia Calvino Suszynski 

Melvin Millard Sweet 
Louis Frank Townsley 
Louis M. Tozzi 
Vernon Arthur Tryon 
Richard Brent Tully 
Caprice Monica Uhlhorn 

John Edward Van Brunt 

History: Roman Domestic Religion: A Study ol the Roman Household Dieties and their Shrines 

English: The Novels ol Mary Shelley: From Frankenstein to Falkner (Virginia) 

History: Senator lohn C. Spooner, 1897-T907 (Wisconsin) 

Chemistry: The Crystal and Molecular Structures ol Penlacarbonyl-(lriphenylphosphite) chromium 10) 
and Pentacarbony Iriphenylphosphinechromium (0) (Maryland) 

Physics: Observat/ons o/ Interchange Between Acceleration and Thermalization Processes in Auroral 
Electrons (Maryland) 

Physical Education: Experimenter Bias in a Cross Motor Learning Task (Maryland) 

Institute for Child Study: A Study ol the Difierences in Resolution ol Cognitive Dissonance Among 

Religious and Non-Religious College Students (New Jersey) 

History: Costa Rica — Sell-Image Land Tenure and Agrarian Reform, 1940-1965 (Maryland) 

Education — Administration, Supervision and Curriculum: Response Primacy as a Factor in the Recall 
ol Stimulus Non-Redundant Bisensory Stimuli (Maryland) 

Chemistry: The Kinetics ol the Hydrolysis ol Competitive-Consecutive, Second-Order Reactions, In- 
volving Triethyl Citrate and Substituted Diethyl Clutarates (Maryland) 

Agricultural and Resource Economics: A Search lor a Rationale in the Allocation of Experiment Sta- 
tion Research Resources (Washington, D.C.) 

Psychology: The Effects ol Success and Failure Coal-Related Performance Feedback on Cognitive 

Determinants at Motivation (Maryland) 

Mathematics: Invariance ol Curvature Operators Associated with Subgroups of the Orthogonal Croup 


German and Russian: Death in the Mystical Tradition ol the Cherubinischer Wandersmann 


Agricultural and Extension Education: The Development and Validation ol Standardized Achievement 

Test (Maryland) 

Education — Social Foundations: "7wo Gambits in the justification of Pedagogical Authority" 

Special Education: A Comparison ol Educable Mentally Retarded and Normal Students on the Acquisi- 
tion and Retention of Rotary Pursuit Performance and Its Relationship to Bender-Cestalt Performance 

Industrial Education: An Application of the Aschner-Callagher Classification System to the Verbal 
Behavior of Selected Seventh Grade Maryland Plan Industrial Arts Classes (South Carolina) 

Education — Institute for Child Study: The Effect of Imagery Capacity and Verbal/Visual Crosscoding 
on Children's Spatial Visualization (Maryland) 

Psychology: Internal-External Control, Differential Social Reinforcement, and Attitude Change Among 
Black College Students (Maryland) 

Animal Science: Solvent-extracted lishmeal as a dietary source of amino acids for early weaned pigs 

French and Italian: L'Art narratif et la critique antiphilosophique dans Le Diable amoureux de 
Jacques Cazotle (Massachusetts) 

Zoology: Digestive Enxymes in the Chesapeake Bay Sea Nettle Chr/saora quinquecirrha (De Sor), 
with Emphasis on the Acid and Alkaline Phosphatases (Maryland) 

Education — Counseling and Personnel Services: A Study of the Effectiveness ol Untrained High School 
Pupils in Helping Peers Deal with Personal Problems (Pennsylvania) 

Spanish and Portuguese: The Hagiographi-Thaumaturgic Art of Conzalo de Berceo: Vida de Santo 
Domingo de Silos (Maryland) 

Mathematics: Some Results in Diaphantine Approximations over the Ring of Adeles (Maryland) 

German: A Glossary to the Songs of Oswald von Wolkenstein (Maryland) 

Electrical Engineering: Resolution in EM. Radars (Maryland) 

Industrial Education: The Economic and Psychological Aspects of Production (New York) 

Astronomy: "The Kinematics and Dynamics of M51" (Canada) 

Administration, Supervision and Curriculum: "Relationships Among the Organizational Climates ol 
Hierarchal Levels ol a Large School System " 

Education — Counseling and Personnel Services: Effects of Questions on the Retention of Written In- 
structional Materials (Maryland) 


Graduate School 

David Good Van Ormer 
Ralph Edward Webb 

Stephen B. VVeiner 
Thomas R. Wessel 

Raymond Stanley VVidmayer 
Laura Linthicum VVildman 
Daniel Ralph Woodman 
Stanley Zweback 

Chemistry: The Trace Analysis of Manganese in Urine by Atomic Absorption Spectrometry (Maryland) 

Entomology: Effects of a surfactant and four plant growth regulators on an aphid-chrysanthemum 
system featuring several Chr,'santhemum morifolium Ramat. cultivars varying in susceptibility to 
Myzus persicae (Sulzer) and Aphis fabae Scopoli (Maryland) 

Mathematics: Sequential Estimation of an Estimable Function of the Mean Vector of Multivariate 
Normal Districution When the Co-Variance Matrix is Most General (Maryland) 

History: Republican Justice: The Department of Justice under Roosevelt and Taft, 7907-7973 

Mechanical Engineering: A Study of the Motion of Laminar and Turbulent Viscous Vortex Rings 

Education — Human Development: The Effect of Dyadic Verbal Exercises on the Sell-Concepts of Pre- 
Adolescents Identified as High or Low Self-Chum Disclosers (Maryland) 

Microbiology: The Application of an Indicator of Cellular Hypersensitivity lor the Identification of 
Viruses (Maryland) 

Education — Counseling and Personnel Services: Use of Token Reinforcement 10 Control the Quality 
of Verbal Initiations in Adolescent Croup Therapy (Maryland) 


Terence Albert Brown 

August 27, 1971 

Business: Entry Control in the Surface Freight Forwarder Industry. (Maryland) 

January 24, 1972 

James Patrick Bedingfield 
Richard David Gritta 

Business Administration: An Analysis of the Benefit Concept as Contained in the Cost Principles ot 
the Armed Services Procurement Regulations. (Maryland) 

Business Administration: Profitability and Risk in the U.S. Domestic Trunkline Industry: A Case Study 
of Eastern Airlines, 1959-1969. (Ohio) 

Stephen K. Keiser 

June 3, 1972 

Business Administration: The Rolls of External Product Information Sources in the Consumption 
Behavior of Adolescence: Analysis of Selected Variable Correlates (Delaware) 


Lynda Carol Beemer 
Michael Bender 

Henr^' Joseph Bindel, )r. 
Polly Hinson Carder 

Norman Jack Dean 
Clyde Martin Hackler 

August 27, 1971 

Education — Secondary: Developmental Changes in the Self-Concepts of Children and Adolescents. 

Education — Industrial Art: An Experiment Using A Visual Method of Instruction Followed by Imita- 
tion to Teach Selected Industrial Education Psychomotor Tasks to Severely Mentally Retarded 
Males. (Maryland) 

Education — Special: The Relationship of Selected Teacher Characteristics and Student Achievement in 
Biology. (Maryland) 

Education — Secondary: George Frederick Root, Pioneer Music Educator: His Contributions to Mass 
Instruction in Music. (Maryland) 

Education — Secondary: Guidelines in the Selection of Planetarium Instruments. (Maryland) 

Education — Industrial: An Experimental Study of the Relative Effectiveness of Physical and Mental 
Practice on the Learning and Retention of a Selected Psychomotor Task. (Kentucky) 


Graduate School 

Robert Bryant Hanson 
Wilbert Allen King 
Nicholas Joseph Maldari 
Salvatore Donald Marani 
Donald Benson Mills 
T. Temple Tuttle 
Carl Robert Warmdahl 
Ronald Thomas Wright 

Education — Secondary: The Prediction of Achievement in High School Plane Ceometry by Spatial 
Orientation-Visualization-Visual Perception Ability. (Maryland) 

Education — Secondary: The Effects of Video Tape Feedback on the Achievement of Students in a 
Beginning Conducting Class. (Virginia) 

Education — Secondary: Change in the Self-Concepts of Children Who Are Studied By Teachers In 
A Child Study Program. (New/ Jersey) 

Education — Human Development: Effects of Methods of Teaching Reading on Reading Achievement 
and Attitudes Toward Self of Delinquent Boys. (Maryland) 

Education — Human Development: An Exploration of the Relationship between Television habits. 
Preferences, and Aggression in Sixth-Grade Boys. (Kentucky) 

Education — Secondary: An Analysis and Comparison of Two Modes of County Music Supervision in 
the Public Schools of Maryland. (Maryland) 

Education — Secondary: An Exploratory Investigation to Determine the Relationship Between a Child's 
Self-concept and Child Rearing Techniques as Formulated by Rudolf Dreikurs. (California) 

Education — Industrial: A Description of the Patterned Processes of Verbal Interaction That Char- 
acterized Selected Seventh Grade "Maryland Plan" Industrial Arts Classrooms. (Indiana) 

John William Banning 
Nancy Herr Fallen 

James E. Gay 

Kenneth H. Guy, Jr. 

Elliott B. Jaffa 

Annette Izola Lachance 

Barbara Ann Pokrinchak 

January 24, 1972 

Institute for Child Study: A Biographical Approach to Leadership Identification. (Maryland) 

Special Education: The Effects of Certain Physical Anomalies on School Achievement Among Lower 
and Middle Class Children. (Virginia) 

Human Development: The Effect of Teacher Congruency on Attitude Change of Their Students. 

Industrial Arts: Long Range Planning for Occupational Programs at the Community Colleges in Mary- 
land. (Maryland) 

Counseling & Personnel: Training Exceptional Children as Behavior Therapists for Younger Excep- 
tional Children. (Maryland) 

Human Development: A Study of the Correlation between Humor and Self Concept in Fifth Grade 
Boys and Girls. (New York) 

Early Childhood: An Analysis of Geminate Consonants in V\/ords to Identify Understandings Which 
May Facilitate Correct Spelling. (Maryland) 

Richard Lonsdale Elkins 
Kenneth Vernon Fast 

Joseph D. Griffin 
Byron Russel Holmgren 
Oscar Charles Jensen, Jr. 

Thomas Joseph Jordan 

Russell Glenn Layden 

Elda Ocea Maase 

William Harvey McPherson 

Evelyn Thirkill 

June 3, 1972 

Industrial Education: An Investigation of Selected Factors Associated with the Success of Freshmen 
Engineering Students at the University of Maryland (Maryland) 

Secondary Education: An Analysis and Classification of the Twelve ACS-NSTA High School Chemistry 
Achievement Tests, 1957-1971, Using Bloom's Taxonomy of Educational Obieclives Handbook I: 
Cognitive Domain (Missouri) 

Counseling and Personnel Services: The Principal as Manager: A Study of Teachers' and Principals' 
Perceptions of Managerial Behavior (Maryland) 

Special Education: A Comparison of Nonintellective Factors in School Achievement Among High 
School Juniors of Superior Academic Ability (South Dakota) 

Education — Administration, Supervision and Curriculum: The Precedents in the Development of Slate 
Higher Education Association Programs Focusing on the Higher Education Council of the Maryland 
State Teachers Association (Maryland) 

Counseling and Personnel Services: "Differences in Connative Meaning of Certain School Related 

Concepts Between Comparable Croups of High Attending and Low Attending Eighth Grade Boys" 


Institute for Child Study: The Relationship Between the Language of Instruction and the Development 

of Self-Concept, Classroom Climate and Achievement of Spanish Speaking Puerto Rican Children 

(New Jersey) 

Secondary Education: A Model for the Instruction of Poetry Designed lor Attitude Development 

Industrial Education: An Interpretation of the Ideas, Philosophy, and Contributions of Frederick 

Cordon Bonser (Connecticut) 

Institute for Child Study: A Follow-up Study of the Impact of the Child Study Program of Teachers 

and Children (Idaho) 


Stephen Keith Johnston 

Music: The Clarinet Concertos of Louis Spohr (Maryland) 



AUGUST 27, 1971 

Graduate School 

Louis Anthony Amoroso, N.Y. 
Carol Ann Andersen, Md. 
Thomas Leon Anderson, Md. 
Peter Paul Back, Md. 
Eldon Cole Baldwin, Md. 
Marie Bartlova, Md. 
William Robert Bauer, Md. 
Francis Adam Bausch, Colo. 
Charles William Bausell, Jr. Md. 
James Russell Behling, D.C. 
Ida Jean Belcher, Md. 
Patricia Reagan Bentley, Md. 
John Kirkman Berry, N.C. 
Jean Sharon Berube, Md. 
Michele Germaine Bissonette, Md. 
Laura Ann Bonagura, N.J. 
David Henry Bowman, Md. 
Bettejane Brooks, Md. 
Kathleen Marie Brown, Md. 
Kathryn D. Brown, Md. 
Lita H. Brown, Md. 
Patricia Ann Budelman, Md. 
Marsha Harriet Buxbaum, Md. 
Jane F. Carey, Md. 
Maria Angela Calleja Castro, Md. 
John Shaw-Tai Chang, Md. 
Walter Ransom Conely, Tenn. 
Janet L. Corson, Md. 
Betty lane Dashiell, Md. 
Michael Robert Dowhower, Pa. 
James Daniel Doyle, Jr. Md. 
David Drueding, Pa. 
Edythe Mae Edwards, Va. 
Deborah Ellen Etelson, Md. 
William Walter Farnandis, Md. 
Linda Lou Farrah, Pa. 
Neil Anthony Fiore, N.J. 
Kathleen Ann Flood, N.J. 
Thomas Jerry Floyd, Va. 
Irene C. Frum, Md. 
James Robert Gallagher, Pa. 
Diane M. Gensheimer, Pa. 
Joseph Albert Gill III, Okia 
William Vincent Gore, Md. 
Linda LeShay Green, Md. 
Ronald E. Grim, Md. 
Frederick Herbert Gruendel, N.J. 
Anne Lee Gurecki, Md. 
Peter Paul Gyori, Germany 
Catherine Lee Haar, Md. 

Judith Anne Hammer, Md. 
Kyu Pyung Han, Md. 
Billy J. Hannon, Md. 
Nancy Ann Hart, Md. 
Reginald Wilson Hebb, Md. 
Jean Ellen Heindel, Pa. 
Jean Francois Hennart, France 
John William Hepfer, Md. 
David M. Hobbs, Mass. 
Thomas Warren Hoffecker, Md. 
Lee Thomas Holloway, Va. 
Kent Lee Howland, N.Y. 
Suzanne Theresa Kacena, Va. 
Gail Karesh Kassan, D.C. 
Linda J. Katz, Md. 
Allan Harvey Kaufman, Md. 
Shari B. Kharasch, D.C. 
Ross Middaugh Kimmel, Md. 
Jeri Lynn Kluger, N.C. 
Carl Ann Knight, Md. 
Donna Jean Larson, Mass. 
Jonathan L. Latham, D.C. 
Diane Marie Leach, Md. 
James Randolph Leonard, Md. 
George Edward Limbaugh, Oh, 
Ingrid Frieda Lindermann, D.C. 
Joanne Linnerooth, Md. 
Peter Joseph Lowry, Md. 
Kevin John Lyons, Md. 
Dilip B. Madan, Md. 
Robert Willard May, Md. 
Ronald Jerome McCallum, Md. 
Larry R. McCarley, Md. 
Richard M. M. McConnell, D.C. 
Joan Ditlow McMahon, Md. 
Juan Antonio Mercado, Tex. 
Rita Cappon Meshulam, Md. 
Elizabeth Jane Minick, Md. 
Margaret Elizabeth Mitchell, Utah 
Monique Francoise Mitchell, D.C. 
William David Monie, Md. 
Sara H. Moniot, N.J. 
William L. Montgomery, Md. 
Margaret Patricia Morgan, N.J. 
Stephen Arthur Moses, Md. 
Janet S. Moss, Md. 
Nancy L. Nelson, N.J. 
Gregory Andrew Nenstiel, Pa. 
Sandra G. Nichols, Md. 
Wayne Gregory O'Brien, Md. 
Janet Margaret O'Hearn, N.H. 

Lorinda S. Orvedal, Md. 
Donald William Palmer, Mass. 
Jean Lois Parowski, III. 
Kay L. Parris, Md. 
Patricia Anne Peters, N.J. 
Gary David Plummer, Md. 
Mary Purzycki, N.J. 
Mary Lee Putman, N.Y. 
Richard Arnold Quint, Calif. 
James Phillip Rausch, Md. 
Marilyn Partridge Rieger, La. 
Daniel Roland Ries, Pa. 
Ted Egerton Roberts, Md. 
Paul E. Rockwell, Md. 
Patricia B. Rogers, Md. 
Francis Michael Rokosz, Pa. 
Thomas Anthony Ronzetti, N.J. 
Elinor Charlotte Rosen, Md. 
Louise Woods Rothrock, Mass. 
Joseph George Rousseau, Mich. 
Daniel Joseph Ryan, Md. 
William John Ryan, Md. 
Sandra Schneider Sallee, Md. 
Raymond J. Sander, Va. 
Janet Snyder Sanders, Md. 
Ben Weldon Shelley, Wyo. 
Arline Martel Shnider, Fla. 
Thomas E. Sides, Md. 
Carole W. Singleton, D.C. 
Herbert E. Smetheram, Wash. 
Charles William Stockett, Md. 
James Richard Tammany, Md. 
Harriet B. Taylor, Md. 
Edwin Abe Tivol, Md. 
Sandra Lynne Truitt, Md. 
William Foust Vance, Md. 
Jean Marie Vanden Bosch, N.Y. 
Eugene Joseph Verardi, Md. 
Clair Brown Vickery, Va. 
K. M Vijayalakshmi, India 
Elvyra Vodopalas, Md. 
Mary Claire Von Spaeth, D.C. 
John Samuel Walker, Pa. 
James Edward Waller, Md. 
James Proctor Wells, Md. 
William A. Westerfield, Md. 
Roger Lindsey Williamson, Md. 
Edwin K.Winer, III. 
Antoinette Sgarlata Wiseman, Md. 
Leonard Joseph Yutkins, Md. 


Graduate School 

JANUARY 24, 1972 

James Crocker Adams, Md. 
Thomas Lee Adams, Jr. S.C. 
Roy Cecil Allen, Va. 
Hamad Saud Al-Sayarl, Md. 
I Parviz Aryan-Nejad, Md. 
Herman Joseph Bahr, Va. 
Tyrone Randolph Baines, Md. 
Anthony F. Barilla, D.C. 
Rita Marie Beach, Md. 
Thomasene Lober Behm, Md. 
Sara Beth Bernanke, S.C. 
David Richard Bohardt, D.C. 
Stewart Lee Burke, Md. 
Harry Frederick Bushar, Md. 
James L. Caverly, Mass. 
Mary Crawford Clawsey, Md. 
Patrick Albert Condray, Md. 
Margaret Alice Dandois, Va. 
Robert LeRoy Donaldson, jr. Md. 
William Edward Dorsett, Md. 
William Robert Dowdall, D.C. 
Arlene Ehrlich, Md. 
Lauralyn Bellamy Emig, N.Y. 
Donald Sidney Feldscher, Md. 
Jacqueline Lois Fleming, Md. 
Patrick Crittendon Fowler, Va. 
Scott Jay Franz, Md. 
Gregory Edward Fretz, Md. 
Nancy-jo Scheers Fuller, Va. 
Henry Gabbay, N.Y. 
Howard Thomas Glines, Md. 
Arlene Fran Colomb, Md. 
Mark Randolph Grosbaker, Md. 
Sandra Sue Harwell, Tex. 
Gerald Melvin Henson, Md. 
Lynne Rosalie Hersh, Va. 
Robert Ingram Hodkinson, Md. 

Frank D. Keefer, Md. 
John Robert Keys, Md. 
Qamar Amtus-Salam Khan, Md. 
Naheed KirmanI, Md. 
James Robert Koenig, W.V. 
William George Kolata, Wis. 
Konrad M. Kressley, Md. 
John Brian Kuebler, N.J. 
Delia Kushner Lang, Md. 
Dennis Willard Link, Wash. 
Melinda Anne Lorenz, Va. 
Carol Grace Lovell, Md. 
Virginia Lee Lussier, N.Y. 
Constance Elaine Lynch, Md. 
Darrell L. Mach, Md. 
Stephen Jay Mahaney, W.V. 
Benjamin Henry Mahoney, Md. 
Carl Eugene Mann, Md. 
Sandra H. Marshburn, Md. 
Patricia Anne McDonald, Md. 
Joan G. McMillan, N.Y. 
Linda C. McNish, Md. 
Frances Anne Meisinger, Md. 
William Murray Minton, Va. 
Dennis Ira Misler, Md. 
Keith Laverne Monroe, Pa. 
Susan Marcy Needleman, N.Y. 
Darrell Lloyd Netherton, la. 
William Francis Oberle, 111, Md. 
Daniel Malcolm Oberlin, Md. 
Timothy James O'Connell, Md. 
Barbara Kay O'Donnell, Conn. 
Pamela Ann Olson, Md. 
Whiton Stewart Paine, Md. 
Arthur Ralph Pastore, Jr., D.C 
Patrick Robert Pearson, Md. 
James Albert Peckenpaugh, HI, Md. 

Stanley Pecknay, Md. 

Richard Ward Pell, Md. 

Karen Johnson Pfit^ner, Wis. 

Susan K. Radcliffe, Md. 

David Samuel Rasner, Pa. 

Joan Hazel Roberts, Md. 

Stanley Evan Rose, Md. 

Jacob S. Rosenberg, N.Y. 

Neil Joseph Salkind, Md. 

Gail Arlene Schechter, Md. 

Marilyn Miller Schwartz, Md. 

William John Schwartz, N.J. 

John Willis Shanely, D.C. 

Marilyn Jane Shields, Md. 

Theodore Lavin Signore, N.Y. 

John Anthony Skoczlas, Jr, Va. 

Sherry-Lynne Stargel, Md. 

MaryAnn Stone, Md. 

Michael Richard Stone, Md. 

Ferris Edwin Stovel, Md. 

Carol F. Tabler, D.C. 

Barry Augustus Teach, Md. 

William Golden Thomas, Va. 

Esther Pearne Thompson, Md. 

Elizabeth S. Thune, Va. 

Robin Tsai, Md. 

Merritt Eileen Tucker, Pa. 

Marcella Ann Vitzthum, Md. 

Peter John Volkert, Md. 

Joseph Edgar Wall, Md. 

Elinor Sedam Whitehead, Md. 

Leslie Shaffer Wier, Mo. 

Brenda Rose Williams, S.C. 

Richard James Wilson, Va. 

Stanley Mark Woltson, Md. 

Ann Marie Wynne, N.Y. 

Frank Ripley McDonald Young, Md. 

JUNE 3, 1972 

John Owusu Adomako, Ghana 
Steven Rolph Albersheim, Md. 
Britt L. Aldbritton, La. 
Marion Hartman Anderson, Md. 
Fadel Hasan Arafat, Md. 
Robert Scott Ashendorf, Md. 
Louann Judy Ballinghoff, N.J. 
Nancy Shaeffer Balma, Md. 
Lucia Mary Barthes, Md. 
Jane Helen Bartlett, Va. 
Mary Theresa Batt, Md. 
Beverly Lynn Battle, Fla. 
David Keith Baugh, Md. 

M. Martha D. Baugh, Md. 
John Eugene Baughman, Pa. 
Philip Kenneth Beck, N.J. 
Joseph Albert Benson, Jr., Va. 
Robert Leonard Berkowitz, Va. 
Richard Lewis Bernard!, Md. 
Judith Barbara Berne, Md. 
Kristina O. Bishop, Md. 
Thomas L. Blakeney, Md. 
Gail Ann Bleach, Md. 
Stanley Blickstein, Md. 
Kathleen J. Block, Md. 

Shelby Wayne BIythe, Md. 

Clifford R. Boeckler, Md. 

Cornelius Van Reypen Bogert, 111, Md. 

Ruth Louise Bohan, Md. 

Clyde Markell Bohn, Jr., Md. 

Thomas Charles Borzilleri, Md. 

David John Bowering, Md. 

Norman L. Bowers, Md. 

Barbara Bowman, Md. 

William Reno Bowman, Md. 

Royce W. Bradshaw, Jr., Md. 

James Henry Brakebill, Jr., Md. 


Graduate School 

Claudia Guidry Brandwein, D.C. 
Nathaniel William Branson, Md. 
Margaret M. Braungart, Md. 
Edward Julius Brooks, Md. 
Bevan Hall Brown, Ca. 
Basel Harry Brune, Md. 
John Luick Brunner, Md. 
Elsa Margaret Bruton, Md. 
Thomas James Burton, Md. 
Phillip Bussey, Md. 
Esther Pearl Bynum, Md. 
Delores June Carraway, Ind. 
Patricia Anne Carroll, Md. 
Thomas Raymond Cary, Md. 
Linda Casalino, Md. 
Marilyn Olive Childress, Md. 
Kathleen Chaltont Christensen, Md. 
John Robert Church, Md. 
Joseph Cordon demons, Jr., Hawaii 
Christina Mueller Cokinos, Md. 
Ann R. Colby, Md. 
Anne M. Collins, Md. 
Hardy Merrill Cook Ili.Md. 
Janet Cecile Coplin, Md. 
Carol Ann Crawford, Md. 
Edwin Slover Crawford, Md. 
Sandra Dean Crowell, Md. 
Joyce Cummings, Md. 
Josephine Joyce Cusmano, Mi. 
Kathryn Joy Cuttita, Va. 
Janice Hope Davidoff, N.Y. 
Robert Allan Davis, Md. 
Peter P. Deanna, Jr., D.C. 
Raymond Mark Delevie, Pa. 
Stephanie Beth Demma, Md. 
Ila White Deshler, Md. 
James Allen Doilney, Md. 
George Lewis Donkin, Md. 
Georgette Dorfman, N.Y. 
Richard Leslie Dubsky, Md. 
Dennis Michael Duggan, Md. 
Donald R. Duncan, Md. 
Bradley Phipps Dunn, Md. 
John Brooke Duvall III, Md. 
John Edward Duvall, Md. 
William Albert Eckert, Md. 
Thomas Louis Eganey, Jr., N.J. 
Thomas Donaldson Elgen, Md. 
James Kenneth Ellickson, Md. 
Walter Francis Everard, Md. 

Ben Fabian, Jr., Va. 
Mahnaz Fahim-Nader, Md. 
Barbara Anne Feller, Md. 
Charles E. Fisher, lll,Md. 
Betty Ann Floyd, Md. 
Patrick James Foley, Pa. 
Tyler C. Folsom, D.C. 
Karen Anne Frasier, Va. 
Ralph Harry Friedgen, N.Y. 
Darian O. George, Md. 
Philip Gary Gilbert, Oh. 
Devera Eileen Gilden, Md. 
David Warren Goettee, Md. 
Thomas J. Golalz, Md. 
Sandra C. Goldberg, Md. 
Elizabeth Ann Goldman, Md. 
Peter Spang Goodrich, Md. 
Edward Wayne Gordon, Jr., Md. 
Marjorie Salgado Gordon, Md. 
William Snyder Gosnell, Md. 
Marsha Grayson, Md. 
Robert Bruce Gregory, N.C. 
Seymour Gerald Gresser, Md. 
Gerhard Grieb, Pa. 
Ronald Price Grimes, Md. 
Isabelle Carol Gruber, Md. 
Susan Kathleen Hagen, Md. 
John Robert Hamilton, Md. 
Stuart Frederick Hammel, Pa. 
Tove Helland Hammer, Md. 
Sappho Haralambous, Greece 
James Arthur Hedges, D.C. 
Charles Joseph Helm, N.C. 
Jana Lee Hemmer, Va. 
Kathryn Flom Henkel, Md. 
Donald William Herder, Md. 
Larry Lee Hieb, Md. 
Frederic Russell Hildenbrand, Md. 
Charlotte Winnifred Hitchcock, N.Y. 
Katharine M. Hoffmann, N.Y. 
Frances S. Horle, Md. 
Joseph Larry Horowitz, Md. 
Joyce M. Hotchkiss, Md. 
Fred Harold Husman, Md. 
William Peter Hutzler, Md. 
Barbara Gendler Jacoby, Md. 
Sydney Houston Jammes, Va. 
Allan Jaworski, Md. 
Edith Antoinette Johnston, Md. 
Ann Howell Jones, Md. 

Linda Lee Jones, Oh. 

Philippe Geyer Jones, Va. 

Susan Louise Jones, Va. 

Richard James Keen, Md. 

Pauline Geneva Kells, Md. 

Sally F. Kelly, Md. 

David Rodney Kepley, Md. 

Ronald Lee Kimball, Md. 

Gail Lee Kletch, Va. 

Marvin D. Krohn, N.J. 

Isabel Kulick, Md. 

Julia Carter Lacy, Md. 

Ana Lajmanovich, Md. 

William Edward Lange, Va. 

Irma S. Lann, Md. 

Eileen Ann McCaffery Lapriola, Md. 

Barbara J. Lazzaro, Mi. 

Judith Lee Leichman, N.Y. 

Ross Steven Lenet, Md. 

David Morris Levermore, Md. 

Louis Richard Levin, Md. 

Lind Loveland Lewis, Md. 

Hu-Hsiung Li, China 

Chising Liao, Md. 

Marcia Helaine Lieberman, In. 

Lillian Li-Ning Liu, Md. 

Michael Anthony Lofaro, N.Y. 

Barbara Ann Lonergan, Va. 

Frank Joseph Lowery, Md. 

Dale B. Lumsden, Md. 

Robert Charles Lynch, Md. 

Brian Peter MacDonald, Md. 

Jay Allen Mailer, N.Y. 

Augustin Ngwe Mandeng, Oh. 

Eugene Thomas Maratta, Md. 

Paul Kevin Marchetti, Ma. 

Rosemary Daly Marcuss, D.C. 

Sue Ellen Marder, N.Y. 

Cheryl Louise Marrow, Md. 

Arthur Russell Marshall, Md. 

Jacqueline L. Mason, Md. 

Catherine Simpson Maynard, Ct. 

Leo Henri Mazet, Md. 

Donald John McCauley, Md. 

Jammie Lee McKay, D.C. 

Joe Glenn Mears, Tx. 

Charles Raymond Meehan, Jr., N.J. 

Joan Elizabeth Meislik, Md. 

Raymond Mejia, Md. 

Warren Harding Mercer, Ct. 

Christine Marie Miller, Md. 


Graduate School 

Frank Paul Mintz, Md. 

William Thomas Mitchell, Jr., Va. 

Thomas M. Mobley, Jr., Md. 

Jule Dewane Moravec, Md. 

Alice H. Morgan, Md., 

James Thomas Morley, Md. 

Lois Faith Morris, D.C. 

John Francis Morrison, N.Y. 

Patrick Munley, N.J. 

Albert Escott Neale, Va. 

Norman Lee Nelson, Md. 

Evelyn Marie Nordsiek, De. 

Thomas Charles Novak, Ma. 

Carol Grace Nutt, Md. 

Maida Marie O'Brien, Md. 

Stephen Joseph Ochs, II. 

Robert C. Oelhaf, Md. 

Christopher Allen Ogilby, Va. 

Gerald D. Olson, Va. 

James Martin O'Neil, N.Y. 

Joseph J. Onufrak, N.Y. 

Mary Jean Osip, Md. 

Malcolm Joseph O'Sullivan, Md. 

Eliezer Oyola, Md. 

Christina G. Papacostas, Pa. 

Demetrios George Papademetriou, Md. 

Sigrid Rita Papademetriou, Md. 

Ralph Patrick Pass III, Md. 

Anne E. Patrick, Md. 

James P. Ferine, Pa. 

Gail Powell Perry, D.C. 

Calvin Herman Peterson, Jr., Md. 

Nora Ann Pfennig, Mi. 

Man Phathanothai, Thailand 

Edward James Pickett, N.Y. 

Josephine Frances Polomski, Pa. 

Lois H. Pottorff, Md. 

Joseph Carroll Power, Md. 

Madalin Olivia Price, D.C. 

John Glenn Proctor, Jr., D.C. 

Peter John Pytlowany, Md. 

Dennis Joseph Quinn, Md. 
Thomas Daniel Rabenhorst, Md. 
Mitchell Ben Rachlis, Md. 
Donald Arthur Rapp, Co. 
Charles Roger Rees, Md. 
Waino Remes, Va. 
Mary Karen Renninger, Md. 
Stephen Washington Reynolds, Md. 
David Bruce Rindler, Md. 
Eleanor Harllee Ritchie, Md. 
Linda L. Robinson, Md. 
Robert Chester Rogers, Md. 
Dorsey Edward Rowe, Mo. 
Simin Dokht Royanian, Md. 
Linda Ruth Runion, Md. 
Thomas Denis Ryan, Md. 
Joe Frank Ryerson, Md. 
Richard Saul Sadowsky, N.Y. 
Dorothy Susan Saks, Md. 
Monwadee Samakoses, Md. 
Frank Powell Sanders, Md. 
Vmcent Anthony Sarino, Pa. 
Nabeh J. Sarkes, D.C. 
Pamela Bahr Satek, Md. 
Barbara Libby Scanlon, Md. 
Aphrodite T. Scarato, Md. 
John William Schermerhorn, Ma. 
William H. Schlotthober, Jr., Md. 
Mary Clark Schmidt, N.Y. 
Judith Elaine Schmitt, N.J. 
Rochelle Schneider, Md. 
Sue E. Schuble, Md. 
Joy Green Schwab, Md. 
Lee Dimitri Seletzky, Md. 
Benjamin Cameron Sharp, Jr., Fla. 
Margaret Wells Sharrer, Md. 
Linda Beth Shields, Md. 
Howard Warren Shiman, Md. 
Irene Kathryn Shipman, Md. 
George W. Shirley, Ma. 
Ward Stanley Sigmond, Md. 

Barabara J. Silver, N.Y. 
Edwin Howard Smead, Jr., Md. 
Bruce Edward Smith, Md. 
Karen Margaret Smith, Va. 
Linda Marie Smith, Md. 
Robert Gordon Smith, Md. 
Stephen John Sniegoski, Md. 
William Merritt Snyder, Jr., Ma. 
Marybeth Sorady, Md. 
Joseph Rueben Spicer, Md. 
Eugene Merrill Sprague, Co. 
Janet Talbot Stern, D.C. 
Gertrude Ann Steuernagel, Pa. 
Saulius Augustinas Suziedelis, Md. 
Charles Lloyd Taylor, Md. 
Gerald A. Terranova, Md. 
Robert Clark Thompson, Jr., Md. 
John Marvin Turner, Jr., Md. 
Barbara J. Upton, Md. 
John Arthur Winn Upton, Md. 
Michael James Vander Vorst, Md. 
James Louis Veneziano, Md. 
John Andrews Vernon, Al. 
Paul Selig Volosov, Md. 
Geoffrey Von Limbach, Md. 
Dwight Lowry Wagner, Md. 
Martha Thompson Wagner, Md. 
Harvey Walden, Md. 
Justin Clement Walker, Md. 
Ronald William Wall, Md. 
Kathryn Seidel Webster, Md. 
Matthew Daniel Whalen, Conn. 
Winslow Temple Wheeler, N.Y. 
Charles Segar Whiting, Va. 
Thomas Edward Will, D.C. 
Philippus Willems, Md. 
Sharon T.Wirz, N.J. 
Michael Joshua Witenstein, Md. 
Rosalind Lucille Yee, D.C. 
Frank R.M. Young, Md. 
Marvin Edward Zoerb, Va. 



AUGUST 27, 1971 

Graduate School 

Eleanor Rae Adair, Md. 

Stephen Richard Baker, N.Y. 
Susan Marie Brewer, Pa. 
Dwain Kent Butler, Nebr. 
John Bernard Carlson, Md. 
Michael James Caughlin, Jr., Md. 
Kanwal Rattan Choudhary, Md. 
Martha l-Hwa Chu, Md. 
Joseph Earl Clawson, Jr., Md. 
Thomas W. Conroy, Md. 
John Samuel Cornette, Md. 
Joseph Nelson Craig, Md. 
Ronald C. Dobbyn, Md. 
Robert Charles Eckardt, Md. 
William Louis Eichhorn, Md. 
Eleanor Louis Emch, Md. 
David Allan Espeseth, Md. 
Mary May Evans, Md. 
Gary Arthur Ford, Md. 
Eidon Robert Gemmill, Pa. 
Richard Bruce Gentile, Md. 
Robert Allan Glass, Md. 

Philip Henry Graham, Md. 
Anton Carl Creenwald, N.Y. 
Carol Jane Griffin, Va. 
Ethan David Grossman, Md. 
John Paul Gudas, Md. 
Doris Lea Hamilton, Md. 
Howard Charles Harclerode II, Md. 
William Joseph Hinkle, Md. 
William Thomas Hollaway, Md. 
Randolph Kenneth Larsen, Jr., Md. 
Rosalee Browne Leach, Md. 
Edward Vaiden Lee, Md. 
Yug-Ying Lin, Md. 
Stephen Edwin Linko, Va. 
Dean Arthur Logan, Md. 
Helen Frantz Loper, Md. 
Janet Marie Luhmann, Md. 
Carol Dianne Martin, Md. 
Richard Webster McBryde, Md. 
Thomas Enoch Milhous, Pa. 
Charles Lee Miller, Md. 
Andrew S. Milman, Md. 

M. Suzanne Minor, Calif. 
Johann Ruth Mitchell, Md. 
Dennis Leroy Mumaugh, Md. 
Joseph William Paisie, Md. 
Joe Robert Penny, Md. 
Gary Wayne Pfeufer, Md. 
George Bruce Rampacek, N.C. 
Timothy Grant Raymond, Pa. 
Joanne Murray Richards, Md. 
Boyd F. Robinson, Jr., Tex. 
Mark Stephen Rosenfeld, Md. 
Prasan Kumar Samantaray, Mass. 
Cleeretta H. Smiley, D.C. 
Richard Bennett Sohn, Conn. 
Toni Lynn Stanton, Md. 
Mary S. Sutphin, Md. 
Lawrence Carroll Tarbell, Jr., Md. 
Paul Vivian Twining, Jr., Md. 
Richard Ardle Weller, Md. 
Gerald Frances Wilber, Va. 
Ronald G. Wolford, Md. 

JANUARY 24, 1972 

Duk-Joong Won, Md. 
Robert Paul Abel, Md. 
Roy Edward Anderson, Md. 
Br>'an Hunt Ashby, Md. 
Susan Ruth Bard, Md. 
Lawrence S. Biller, Md. 
Hiija Saarend Burlingham, Va. 
David Joseph Buscher, Md. 
Marc Louis Caroff, Md. 
William Leslie Carroll, Md. 
Robert Dabney Carson, Va. 
Thomas Lee Cauthen, Md. 
Lillian Valerie Chokola, Va. 
Anne Maclean Chute, Md. 
John Edward Clayton, Jr., S.C. 
Jerome Edward Collins, Md. 
Michael Anthony Comberiate, Md. 
John Godfrey Connell, Md. 
Raju V.S.N. LJmapathi Datia, Md. 
Robert Saunders Evans, Md. 
R. Alan Ewing, Md. 
Ronald Myron Friedman, Md. 
Donald Wayne Funkhouser, Md. 
Timothy Fred Geiger, Md. 
William Ferdinand Gimpel, Jr., Md. 

Arthur George Green, Md. 
Gerald Grossman, Va. 
Daniel John Guzy, Md. 
Miles Jonathan Haven, Md. 
Richard Hecker, Md. 
Robert James Heins, Md. 
RachelleSara Heller, Md. 
Barbara Dodd Hillerman, Md. 
Lynnallen Walker Hughes, Md. 
Drew Francis Jackson, Mass. 
Rene Merlin Johnson, Md. 
Sreekumar Kittu Kadavil, Md. 
Dona Lee Kern, Md. 
Richard Walter Kisielewski, Md 
Gee-yin Kwok, Md. 
John Daniel LaBrioIa, Md. 
Richard Gaylord Leamon, Ind. 
Alfred George Lieberman, Md. 
Supachai Limpisvasti, D.C. 
Richard Francis Lynch, Md. 
Jesse Walter Majkowski, Md. 
Basil H. Manns, Md. 
Robert Alan McDaniel, Pa. 
Patricia Anne-Marie McGrath, N.J. 
Astrid McHugh, Md. 

Marion Francis Mecklenburg, Md. 

Robert Henry Michels, Canada 

Robert Thomas Mohr, Md. 

John Vincent Motta, Md. 

Maxine Marie Neufeld, Md. 

Willis F. Oliphant, Md. 

Yong Ho Park, Md. 

Peter Gordon Perry, Md. 

Donald Marvin Phillips, Jr., Md. 

James Michael Phillips, Md. 

Dana Richard Pilitt, Md. 

Lee Ann Rouse Poschman, Md. 

Mylabathula Amruta Prasada Rao, India 

Michael Stefan Rapport, Md. 

John Joseph Reilly, Md. 

Michael Henry Robinson, Md. 

John Arthur Scherf, S. Dak. 

David Joel Schultz, Md. 

Stephen Barrett Segall, Md. 

Eugene Paul Seifrit, Md. 

Robert Richard Singers, Md. 

Mark Bruce Skane, Md. 

Michael P. Smith, Md. 

Robert J. Smith, Md. 

Thomas David Smith, Md. 


Graduate School 

Rogelio Sotela, Costa Rica 
Richard Joseph Stanton, Md. 
Robert Kelly Stevens, Md. 
William Edward Strum, Md. 
Thomas Henry Tarcza, Md. 
Susan M. Thompson, Md. 

Harry Crawford Torno, Va. 
Larry B. Tsai, Taiwan 
Muralidhara Rao Varanasi, Md. 
Shem O. Wandiga, Oh. 
Marcia Anne Wheeler, Md. 
David Harry Williams, Md. 

Gerald A. Wilson, Md. 
Mary Helen Young, Md. 
Alexander Zsrechnak, Md. 
lohn P. Zirbel,Md. 

William L. Alford, D.C. 
Henry Anderson, Jr., Md. 
Robert Orrin Bartlett, Md. 
Paul Emil Bauersteld, Jr., D.C. 
Johanna Mary Bawduniak, Pa. 
Nathaniel John Belknap, Md. 
Sanford Michael Bennett, Md. 
Peter A. Bidinger, Md. 
Maynard R. Blomquist, Md. 
Robert Willis Bogart, Md. 
Michael Theodore Bohlman, Md. 
Barry Bragin, Md. 
Margaret Anne Bridge, Md. 
William L. Briggs, Pa. 
Louis Joseph Brocato, Md. 
Herbert Lee Brodie, Md. 
Bruce Joel Brown, Va. 
Ellen Daigh Brown, Md. 
Robert William Buchanan, jr.. Pa. 
Lewis Morris Buckler, Md. 
Carmine E. Bueso, Puerto Rico 
Bonita Marie Bundy, D.C. 
Sue Ann Burch Grey, Md. 
William ). Burns, Md. 
Edmund D. Cappuccilli, Md. 
Dawn Eileen Carlson, Wise. 
David James Chadwick, Md. 
Hua-Ping Chang, Taiwan 
Kenneth Alan Chayt, Va. 
Ching-Yi M. Cheng, Taiwan 
Charles Michael Chernick, Md. 
Chester Francis Clark, Md. 
John P. Cleveland, Md. 
David Webster Coffey, Md. 
Anne Constant Cohen, Md. 
Steven Charles Cohen, Md. 
Norman Saul Cohn, D.C. 
Robert John Coladonato, Md. 
Monte Wyatt Coleman, Md. 
Albert Edward Conord, Md. 
Asdghik Cortas, Md. 
John Philip Coughlin, Conn. 

JUNE 3, 1972 

Paul Craun 111, Md. 

Philip John Craun, Md. 

Catherine Criticos. Md. 

Charles T. Croney, Md. 

Herbert Hamilton Cross, Md. 

James Preston Culp, Md. 

Elmo R. Dario, Md. 

John M. David, Md. 

Larry Steven Davis, Md. 

Robert William Dellinger, Va. 

lohn Paul Devereaux, Md. 

Carolyn Jo Diesing, N.Y. 

David Baker Dillon, Md. 

Patricia McKinney Dinkelacker, D.C. 

Thomas Edward Dixon, Md. 

David William Dudich, Md. 

Willa Garner Duff, Md. 

Peter J. Dunn, Md. 

Richard William Dunning, Md. 

Bruce John Duray, Md. 

R. Sean Durkin, Md. 

Donald D. Duval, Md. 

Bruce Richard Elbert, Md. 

Aaron Stephen Engel, Md. 

Harvey Stuart Epstein, Md. 

Martin N. Epstein, Md. 

Audrey Merle Evans, Md. 

Theodore H. Evers, Md. 

Donald Ralph Evick, Md. 

Milton H. Fadely, Jr., Md. 

Chin-Fong Fang, Md. 

James Arthur Fein, Md. 

Carolyn Louise Felder, Okla. 

Stanley M. Finger, Md. 

Hugh Luther Fischer, Jr., Md. 

Steven Jay Fischer, N.J. 

Clinton Lamar Fletcher, Md. 

Ka-Hung Fogg, Colo. 

Walter Maddox Fountain III, Md. 

Edward J. Fox, Md. 

David Carlton French, Md. 

Richard Russell Furlong, Md. 

Andre H. Gage, Md. 

Stephanie Louise Galczynski, Md. 

Young Ja Garrison, Md. 

James Patrick Gary, Md. 

Joel Eddy Gaver, Md. 

Richard James Goff, Mass. 

Omer Faruk Goktepe, Md. 

Richard Grason, V, Md. 

Michael Richard Gresco, Md. 

Heino Habeck, N.J. 

Wayne Ernest Hart, Md. 

Paula D. Hefley, Md. 

Thomas Lee Hershey, Md. 

Jon Boulton Hertzog, Md. 

David R. Hess, Md. 

Joseph Leonard Higgins, N.Y. 

Barry Stephen Hillman, Md. 

William Monroe Hinckley, Md. 

Carvel Edward Holton, Md. 

John G. Hurt, Md. 

John Paul Ihnat, Va. 

John Christian Ingangi, Md. 

Claude King Jackson, Md. 

Edgar Gehr Jacques II, Md. 

Cheryl T. Johnson, Md. 

Lawrence Keith Johnson, Md. 

Mary Frances Jones, Va. 

Willard Henry Jones, Md. 

Gary Lynn Kaiser, Md. 

Raffi Karahisar, Turkey 

Edward Joseph Kelsey, Md. 

Joseph Edward Kennedy, Md. 

Willie Otto Kent, Md. 

Bruce Raymond Keppler, N.Y. 

Ruth Ellen Kershner, Md. 

Robert Lawrence Kettig, N.Y. 

David Bruce Kieffer, Pa. 

James Robert Knepley, Jr., Md. 

Ellen Rae Krall, Md. 

Mary Carolyn Kyle, Md. 

Gloria Jean Lambert, Md. 


Graduate School 

Clifford Edward Lanham, Md. 
Lawrence Louis Lehmann, Md. 
Helen Hou-Chin Liu, Md. 
Dayton Richard Males, |r., N.|. 
Thomas Edward Mapp, Md. 
Hadassah Rochelle Marcus, Md. 
Helen loyce Daly Margie, Md. 
Calvin Springfield Martin, Md. 
John Dine Martin, Pa. 
Billie Anne McCaw, Md. 
Terry Pearson Medlin, Tenn. 
Andrew Mercer, D.C. 
AlanS. Mink, Md. 
Howard T. Moncarz, Md. 
Anthony Dean Morgan, Md. 
James H. Morrill, Md. 
Lowella Laverne Morris, Md. 
Lawrence Scott Morrison, Pa. 
George Joseph Moussally, Md. 
Stephen William Mulligan, Md. 
Dale O. Musselman, Jr., Pa. 
Ardene Sachiko Nakagawa, Calif. 
Steven E. Naron, Md. 
Richard Burton Newton, Md. 
Dennis Blair Osika, Md. 
James Keith O'Steen, Md. 
Thomas William Osterman, Md. 
Michael Thomas Panich, Md. 
Michael Hugh Parker, Md. 

Richard Frederick Patterson, N.J. 

Pablo Emilio Paz, Md. 

Jeffrey Tobey Pearl, Md. 

Andrew James Pollak, N.J. 

Milton Fayette Potter, Jr., Md. 

William Leonard Price, Md. 

Donald Elmer Pryor, D.C. 

Kenneth Houston Pugh, Md. 

Francis Marion Putnam, Md. 

Richard William Radlinski, Md. 

Lauren Anthony Rauber, Ga. 

Joseph Alan Reednick, Pa. 

Donald A. Riedlinger, N.J. 

Carolyn Lee Dutky Romano, Md. 

Madeleine Sui Rose, Hawaii 

Robert Wayne Rose, Hawaii 

Douglas Newton Rundell, Md. 

Anton Kamel Saba, Md. 

Harry Lee Sanders, Md. 

George Uhlig Schaffer, Md. 

Michael Henry Scheible, Md. 

Florence Katheleen Fosbrink Scholl, Md. 

Susan Helen Schwartz, Md. 

Jack David Scudder, Md. 

Benjamin Cameron Sharp, Jr., Fla. 

James Lawrence Sherald, Md. 

John B. Shive, Jr., Md. 

Paul Walter Simon, Md. 

Barry Lee Stann, Md. 

Frederick James Stauffer, D.C. 

Bruce Lyie Steger, Md. 

Larry Momme Stevens, Greg. 

Joseph Albert Strahl, Md. 

Paul Ta-Chin Sun, Md. 

Edgar Lee Sutton, Jr., Md. 

Ruth Susan Sweetwood, Md. 

Jay Marvin Templin, Md. 

Nina Nichols Thayer, 111. 

Jean Moore Thorburn, Va. 

Dennis Wayne Torrence, Va. 

Ruth Marie Tsuk, Md. 

Wae-Hai Tung, Md. 

Benjamin Curtis Turner, Md. 

Thomas Stephen Tycz, Md. 

William Edward Underwood, Jr., Md. 

Peter Vale, Mass. 

Zonesun Frank Wann, Md. 

Patrick Anthony Ward, Md. 

Joseph Abner Ware, )r., W. Va. 

Walter L. Warnick Md. 

Robert Anthony Weber, Md. 

William McKendree Wells III, Md. 

Patricia Smith White, Md. 

William Arthur Wild, Md. 

Jimmie Louise Williamson, Tex. 

Carol Bakker Wilson, Md. 

Daniel George Wolf, Md. 

Kathleen Patricia Lemon Woodman, Md. 

Joseph Chih Ching Yeh Ching, Md. 


AUGUST 27, 1971 

Carolina Domenica Ailing, D.C. 
Mary Bankert Appier, Md. 
John Clayton Ashton III, Va. 
Donna Celeste Baer, Md. 
Marylene Janette Baird, Md. 
Harry Banks, Md. 
Irma Sue Bierman, D.C. 
Jack Billings, Md. 

Earl David Blubaugh, Md. 
Linda Lane Bogard, Md. 
Allan William Bornkamp, N.J. 
Dorothy Alice Brandt, N. Mex. 
Dorothy Anne Bratt, Md. 
John Andrew Brennan, N.J. 
Daniel Cornelius Brewington, Md. 
David Lawrence Brilliant, Md. 

Nancy Jane Brooks, Del. 
Francis Eugene Brown, Md. 
Irene Brown, Md. 
Dale Eugene Bubb, Pa. 
Gwendolyn F. Bullock, Md. 
Caroll Ann Burns, Md. 
Therese Anita Butler, Md. 
Bernard W. Carlsen, D.C. 


Graduate School 

Jean J. Carter, Md. 
Christine Marie Casey, Md. 
Sharon Lee Chennault, Calif. 
Virginia Irene R. Ciccarelli, Md. 
Wilmer Wilfred Cooksey, D.C. 
Margery Ellen Coppola, Md. 
Donna G. Cornwell, Md. 
Dorothy Helen Coughlin, Md. 
Eleanor K. Creveling, Md. 
John Joseph Dalton, Md. 
Louise Mason DeLeeuw, D.C. 
Joseph Felice DePasquale, Md. 
Clair D. Douthitt, Wash. 
Colin Kelly Ducolon, Vt. 
Herbert L. DuMars, Md. 
Barbara Ann Ellison, Pa. 
Laura Jeanne Evans, N.Y. 
Louise A. Feldman, Md. 
Rachael Susan Fine, Md. 
Janice T. Franzetti, N.Y. 
Stanley Calicki, Md. 
Harry Clinton Gemberling, Jr., Md. 
Sheloy Lazzaro Gigliotti, Md. 
Shirley Sinnan Grant, Md. 
Lillie Wallace Cray, Md. 
Albert Gutin, Md. 
George Symmes Haggard, Md. 
John Allen Haigh, Jr., Md. 
Betty J. Hall, Md. 
Osna M. Haller, Md. 
Dorothy Eleanor Handley, Md. 
Robert Eugene Hatchel, Md. 
Roberta Rae Hatvvell, Md. 
Margaret Walker Hays, Md. 
Jane Ann Heimbecker, Md. 
Donald Ray Herring, Md. 
Joan B. Hildebrand, Md. 

Audrey Elaine Hollidayoke, Md. 

Dina Teresa Hordan, Md. 

Adele Marilyn Igersheim, N.Y. 

John Clifton Johnson, Va. 

Marykay Jordan, Pa. 

Verna M. Knorr, Md. 

Marsha Gail Kossak, Md. 

Stanley J. Koszela, Md. 

Michael Louis Koza, Tex. 

Ann Harwick Lewis, "Md. 

Patricia Lee Lippert, Md. 

Dennis E. Love, Md. 

Frances Ann Lowell, Md. 

David Livingston MacPherson, Md. 

James Keith Marshall, Md. 

Martha Fortney Marshall, Md. 

Clement Martin, Md. 

Robert Lee Masters, Md. 

Twyla Kay Maxwell, Md. 

Harriett Vivian McClendon, N.C. 

Florence Baltimore McDaniels, D.C. 

Marion Virginia McDowell, Va. 

Keither Irwin Miller, Md. 

Sister Mary Louise Morton, D.C. 

Darlene Bowden Muschett, Md. 

Sarah Thomas Neale, Minn. 

Victoria M. NeeU, N.Y. 

Wayne Douglas Norton, Md. 

Helen Marie O'Connell, Md. 

Paul Thomas O'Connell, Md. 

Esther Veronica Oliger, Md. 

Judith Ann Olson, Va. 

Janet Corfine Oppenheimer, Md. 

William Donald Otis, Md. 

Beverly Adele Pariser, Md. 

Louis Franklin Patch, Va. 

MaryAult Pettit, Md. 

Marianne S. Pindell, Md. 

Mary Frances Recher, Md. 

Michael Jay Rinis, Md. 

Betty Ann Ritter, Md. 

Randolph Edward Robins, Md. 

Barbara Elaine Rottenberg, Md. 

Patrice Marie Runkel, Md. 

Elizabeth Anne Sale, Md. 

James J. Sarnecki, Md. 

Eleanor Berman Saslaw, Va. 

Jane M. Schoen, Md. 

Margaret Frostic Schweitzer, Md. 

Alicia M. Sevec, Md. 

Patricia Joan Severn, Md. 

Sheila Butler Sherwood, D.C. 

Mary Margaret Shuck, Md. 

Edward Joseph Sienkilewski, Jr., Md. 

Dennis Earl Skoftsad, Va. 

Geraldine Wagner Smith, Md. 

Francis William Spanbauer, Md. 

Anne Harrison Spicknall, D.C. 

Norman Lewis Stant, D.C. 

Marilyn D. Steele, Md. 

Barbara P. Sullivan, Md. 

Martha I. Swinson, Md. 

James Anderson Tackett, Md. 

Ethel Stansbury Thayer, Md. 

Francis Augustus Thomas, Md. 

Donna Dare Thomason, N.J. 

Lynn Clare Towers, Md. 

Philip James Vinci, Colo. 

Ann D. Volkman, Md. 

Martha H. Ware, Md. 

Deborah Lee Watts, Oh. 

Margaret Elizabeth Wilson, Md. 

Susan June Young, Kans. 

JANUARY 24, 1972 

Samuel Edward Adams, Md. 
Rudolph Newman Baker, Md. 
Bari Irene Bergman, Md. 
Margery E. Berman, Md. 
Shirley E. Block, Md. 
Ronald James Bombick, Md. 
Winfred Cohn Borden, Md. 
William Kenneth Burkhart, Pa. 
Richard L. Cain, Jr., Md. 
Mary Patricia Cavanaugh, Md. 
Louella Helen Mead Coale, Md. 
Carolyn Richards Cooper, Md. 
Margaret Lucille Couvillon, Md. 
Bonnie O'Neill Custer, Md. 
Wilbur Leory Daniels, Mich. 

Frank Anthony Del Nuovo, N.Y. 
Elia Robledo Duran, Calif. 
Robert Hanna Emery, Md. 
Floyd Gilbert Estridge, Jr., Md. 
Susan Sand Fellows, Md. 
Joyce M. Field, Md. 
Karen Lynell Fitzgerald, Md. 
Maureen G. Fitzpatrick, Md. 
Walter Francis Frazier, Md. 
Theodore Clinton Glenn, D.C. 
John Lee Grannis, Va. 
John E. Hammond, Md. 
John Wallace Hebb, Md. 
Paul Anthony Herman, Md. 
Patricia Weicht Heyde, Md. 

Charlotte Elizabeth Hogue, Md. 
Charlotte S. Holter, Md. 
Michael Vincent Iserman, Md. 
Laurence Edward Jeweler, Md. 
Peter Henry Kawecki, Md. 
Robert Kraft Kay, Md. 
Martha Peyton Kazio, Md. 
Richard Leon Krawiec, Md. 
Susana Eva Krivatsy, Md. 
Beth Roberta Lasher, Md. 
jeannette Marie Lizer, Md. 
Barbara Anne Logan, Pa. 
Josephine LeBon Long, D.C. 
Evalyn D. Longley, Md. 
Johanna Alexandrina Lucker, Md. 


Graduate School 

Corinne M. Manzi, Md. 
Robert Boyd Miller, Md. 
Michael Joseph Mirando, Md. 
Virginia R. Morgan, D.C. 
Grace Elizabeth Moyer, Md. 
Cordon Waldman Muir, D.C. 
David Holland Muns, Md. 
Richard Wayne Musson, Md. 
Kenneth Edward Nichols, Md. 
Aurelia D. Parker, Md. 
Barbara O. Penn, Md. 
Christian Petersen, Md. 
Elean Andrys Pisciotta, Md. 
Kay Francine Poole, Md. 

Robert Francis Quinn, Md. 
Jacki Ellen Rockwell, Md. 
Andrea Sue Rosenbaum, N.Y. 
F. Harold Schriver, Md. 
Karen Michele Schwartzbart, Md. 
Nancy J. Sheedy, Md. 
Paul Merrill Simpson, Fla. 
James Donald Smyth, Md. 
Peter John Stallone, Md. 
Dories H. Stanley, Md. 
Elaine Hall Staufenberger, Md. 
Carolyn N. Stinson, Md. 
Shirley Brewer Taylor, Md. 
Thomas Edward Tomoff, Ind. 

Robert Lee Turner, Md. 
John William Urbany, Md. 
Joseph Edward Vallely, Md. 
Fredda A. Wagner, D.C. 
Carolyn Strang Wakefield, Md. 
Howard Monroe Watson, Ind. 
Jack William Wetzel, Md. 
Orvilie I. Wilson, Md. 
Lorraine Beth Wodiska, Md. 
Laura Linter Wolf, Md. 
Martha Elizabeth Wright, Md. 
Wendell Taylor Wright, Va. 
Erina Wulwick, N.Y. 
Albert Dennis Zay, Md. 

Phyllis Abramowitz, Wis. 
Coy Wayne Adams, Va. 
Margaret Pauline Armentrout, Md. 
George Kenneth Austin, Md. 
Sona Melanie Babayan, Ind. 
Walter Godfrey Baer, Md. 
Jennifer Bagster-Collins, Md. 
Donna Ruth Barash, Md. 
Mary Ann Barone, Md. 
Suzanne C. Beauchamp, Md. 
John Raymond Biehl, Md. 
Marjorie Sue Bleiweis, Md. 
Bonnie Lee Bollie, Md. 
Susan Bologna, N.Y. 
Goswin Young Boner, Md. 
David Clarke Bowen, Md. 
Donna Maria Brandt, Md. 
Frances Rae Brodsky, Md. 
Ernestine H. Brown, D.C. 
Margaret B. Brown, Md. 
Zoe Evelyn Campbell, Md. 
Thomas David Cannon, Md. 
Joseph John Carducci, Jr., Md. 
Susan Carol Cartwright, Va. 
Lindsay Edmonds Clendaniel, Md. 
Marilyn Samma Cohen, D.C. 
Donna L. Collins, Md. 
Marilyn J. Coopersmith, Pa. 
Alicia Camacho Core, Md. 
Emily A. Cromar, Md. 
David John Dadds, Md. 
Kay Lorraine Dawson, Md. 
Lorraine Demartini, N.J. 
George D. Denny, Jr., Md. 
Caroline J. Dessouky, Md. 
M. Carolyn Dick, Md. 
Anne H. Dorworth, Md. 

JUNE 3, 1972 

Cleveland Raymond Duvall, Md. 
Gary Andrew Dzurec, Md. 
Arthur Eisenband, Md. 
Edith Amelia Ellington, Md. 
Carolyn Sue Erdmann, Md. 
Starrr G. Ezra, Md. 
Robert Hayes Feitz, Md. 
Adele Warren Fing, Md. 
William Charles Ford, Md. 
Audrey McCarthy Forrer, Md. 
Sarabess Aronoff Forster, Md. 
Alphonso Earl Franklin, Md. 
James Ray Franks, Md. 
Susan Ellen Friedman, Md. 
Doris H. Gannon, Md. 
Florence Warrington Gardner, Md. 
Doris Jean Garrett, Va. 
Charles Laverne Geanangel, Md. 
Rebecca Murray Glynn, Va. 
Glenda Haber Goodman, Md. 
Roger Charles Goupil, Md. 
Keith Gilbert Grier, Md. 
Donna Jean Gullickson, Md. 
Anna Bernice Gutin, Md. 
Lana Winifred Harding, Md. 
Geraldin Hasenberg, D.C. 
John Edward Hazuda, Md. 
Jean-Ann Marie Heide, Md. 
Donna Dean Hess, Md. 
Lydiar R. Hill, Md. 
M. Rosalyn Hirsch, Md. 
Emily Talbott Holdenried, D.C. 
Ellen Fisher Horner, W. Va. 
Florence Dewitt Howard, Md. 
Julia Pannell Howard, Md. 
Catherine Jane Hudson, Md. 

Charles Myron Hughes, Md. 

Barbara Esterman Jacobowitz, Md. 

Patricia Jean Jamison, Md. 

Bartley M. Jones, Va. 

Ronnie Sue Kahn, Md. 

Mary Jean Lawrence, Md. 

Sarah Liebowitz, Md. 

Angela J. Littleford, Md. 

John Powers Littlehales, Md. 

Noreen Anne Lyne, D.C. 

Sue Ellen Wells MacDonald, Md. 

Donald Robert Maclean, Md. 

Kathleen S. Magee, Md. 

Mary Ann Marceron, Md. 

Lark Ann Matis, Md. 

Bruce David McConneli, Ark. 

Michael Thomas McElroy, D.C. 

Shirley Jean McKenzie, D.C. 

Susan Ann Mehall, Md. 

Donald Sylvester Mielzkowski, Md. 

Robert Joseph Mier, Md. 

Eulene Rier Morgan, Md. 

Betty Joyce Morton, Md. 

Barbara J. Murphy, Md. 

Frank Phillip Mussano, Pa. 

Gretchen Louise Nethken, Md. 

Nancy Gloria Neubauer, Md. 

Anne Berman Nissen, Md. 

Wilhelmina Louise Nutter, Md. 

Jeralyn N. O'Brien, D.C. 

Carolyn Joyce OhI Md. 

Harlod Herbert George Oliver, N.C. 

Virginia L. Olmer, Md. 

Frances Almeda Pearson, Md. 

Linda Weitzman Perl, Md. 

Margie Joan Perry, Md. 

Wendy Ann Plotkin, Md. 


Graduate School 

Iris Millicent Podell, Md. 
Richard Knowlton Preston, Md. 
Elizabeth Louise Principe, Md. 
Jane Ellen Purkins, Md. 
John Paul Randall, II, Md. 
Robert Lee Rawlings, Jr., D.C. 
John Frederick Reiher, Del. 
Mary Catherine Ribar, Md. 
Bonnie Lee Ridgley, Md. 
Gary Frederick Riggins, Va. 
Adelaide Suzanne Riskin, Md. 
John Robinson, Md. 
Nancy Ellen Robinson, Oh. 
Eldora S. Rogers, Md. 
Nancy D. Rosselli, Md. 
Marilyn Quinn Ruymann, Md. 
Wilmer Brinton Sagle, Md. 

Marsha E. Sandler, Md. 

Anita Irene Sapp, Md. 

Erma Eldora Sarahan, Md. 

Ceraldine Gloria Schehr, Md. 

Ellen Schiff, Md. 

Nancy K. Schmitt, Md. 

Rose L. Schwartz, Md. 

Harry M. Shealey, Jr., Md. 

Donald K. Snnith, Md. 

Melvin Alfonso Soboleiki, Md. 

Irven Charles Spear, N.Y. 

Sidney Simon Spindel, Md. 

Robert Stephen Starr, Va. 

Marianne Russom Stoner, Md. 

Margaret Louise Williams Taylor, Md. 

Carl Lewis Tishler, Md. 

Norma L. Trax, Md. 

Rosalie FHeadley Triplet!, Md. 
Barbara Graham Tucker, D.C. 
Shirley Ruth Tucker, Md. 
Elsa Merle Tutwiler, Md. 
John Paul Underwood, Md. 
Regina Mary Wallace, Ind. 
Alice Stehle Wallerstein, Md. 
John S. Ward, Md. 
David Lee Warner, Md. 
Elise Caiby Warner, D.C. 
Susan Warsinger, Md. 
Bernadette Elizabeth Welch, Md. 
Carolyn R. Wheaton, Md. 
Marilyn M. Wheeler, Md. 
George Washington Whitting, Md. 
Richard Charles Woods, Md. 
Dorothy Sager Zipperman, Md. 


AUGUST 27, 1971 

Thomas Charles Boyd, Md. 
Philip Henri Cappuyns, Belgium 
Joseph lames Caputo, Pa. 
Dana Welcome DeVos, Oh. 
George H. Diacont, Md. 
Elwood Harold Forsht, Md. 
James Arthur Haas, Oh. 
John Joseph Hannigan, Md. 

Stephen Ross Hodgson, Md. 
Garrett A. Isacco, Pa. 
James F. Jordan, Md. 
Dimitri Alexander Kellogg, Md. 
Francis O. Kuroda, Md. 
Randall R. Logue, Va. 
Anthony John Montcalmo, Md. 
Paul Julius Norris, Md. 

Joseph Clare Nothern, Kans. 
William J. Romig, Md. 
Phyllis Lynn Scott, Ky. 
Robert Rocco Segesta, N.Y. 
Frank Edward Silvestro, Md. 
Steven Keith Solovey, Md. 
James Butterfield Wheatley, Va. 

JANUARY 24, 1972 

David Keith Baker, Md. 
Carl O. Buhlman, Md. 
E. Steuart Chaney, Md. 
William John Davenport, Va. 
Howard Frankim Deterding, Md. 
Patrick Michael Flanagan, Md. 
Thomas Arthur Hanson, Md. 

Lynwood Harris Henderson, Md 
David Franklin Hodge, Jr., Md. 
Allan Kaufman, Md. 
Duard Alexander Little, Del. 
Wisam Naim Owais, Md. 
Philip Donald Palermo, Conn. 
Richard M. Pokras, N.J. 

Robert Allen Schiek, Va. 
David. B. Shumate, Va. 
Robert L. Sokoloff, Md. 
Michael Francis Spates, Md. 
Marty Robert Stango, Md. 
Robert James Stolba, Md. 
Robert Stiehl Tonsmeire, N.Y. 

JUNE 3, 1972 

Bobby Neil Adkisson, Md. 
Richard Leslie Alsager, Oh. 
Albert Kurt Auer, Md. 
Kachig Maksout Baboyian, D.C. 
Clyde Joseph Behney, Jr., Md. 
Jeffrey Justice Carter, Md. 
Lawrence Robert Chernikoff, Md. 
Garland Chow, Md. 
James B. Cunningham, Md. 
Dennis Webster Eckes, Md. 
Douglas Matthew Ford, Md. 

David Alan Foster, Md. 
Barry Martin Goldfarb, Md. 
Dennis Michael Gurtz, Md. 
Gary Charles Herrman, Md. 
William Graham Hudgens, Va. 
Yoram Kafkari, Md. 
Stanley Jay Kotler, Md. 
John B, Leonard, Md. 
Max Joseph Levine, Md. 
James Arthur McMillan, Va. 
Rodney Lee Morton, Md. 

Conrad Nathanial Nelson, Md. 
Richard Francis Ofeldt, Jr., N.J. 
Frank Pascoe, Md. 
James L. Patton, Md. 
Donald L. Rosenberg, Md. 
Michael Jonah Schoenfeld, N.J. 
Helmut Sieg, Md. 
Jerry Jay Simpson, Oh. 
Alan Lee Stovitz, Md. 
John Paul Thereault, Md. 


Graduate School 

Marilyn Ruth Abbott, N.Y. 

Duane W. Arenales, D.C. 

Bettie Lou Wilson Armitage, Canada 

Janet Marie Ashby, N.Y. 

Jan Teresa Baranowski, Md. 

Thomas C. Battle, D.C. 

Karia Kay Britain, Md. 

Dorothy Schuiz Britt, Md. 

Mary E. Brownell, Va. 

Glenna Zoritta Bundy, Md. 

Frances Callan, D.C. 

Judith May Canning, D.C. 

Julia Frances Carlson, Md. 

Bettie Tillit Cobb, Va. 

Leighton FH. Cumming, Va. 

Linda Susan Davis, Md. 

Roberta Gail Friedman, N.Y. 

Courtney FHarris Funn, Md. 

Janet Arleen Gaffney, Md. 

Catherine Lester Garrison, Md. 

Jean B. Gerhardt, Va. 

James Earl Giles, Mich. 

Phebe Anne Gooding, Md. 

Gabriel John Gorombey, Md. 

Karen Jean Graves, Md. 

Joanna Seaton Greene, N.J. 

Mary Scarborough FHanning, N.Y. 


AUGUST 27, 1971 

Andrea Eileen Hawkins, Mo. 
Patricia B. FHeydweiller, Md. 
Charles Ray Hicks, La. 
Randolph Edward Hock, Md. 
Elizabeth Jean Holton, Md. 
Lillian Casma Huie, Md. 
Grace Theresa Jenkins, Md. 
Judith Anne Johnson, Mo. 
Strephon Hayward Johnson, Md. 
Andrew Clarke Jones, Md. 
Ediea K. Jones, Md. 
Geraldine Foucault Katz, Md. 
Sandra Gordon King, Md. 
Elsie A. Leonard, D.C. 
Bronwen Begenau Lewis, Va. 
Juan R. Marreo, Ga. 
Cheryl M. Marshall, N.J. 
Howard Doyle Mayfield, Md. 
Anne Woodcock Maynes, Md. 
Ann Penelope McCallum, Va. 
Philippa Cynthia McNeill, Md. 
Anthony Albert Miller, Jr., Md. 
Eve Christine Moon, D.C. 
Robert Morris, Mich. 
Elayanaya T. Narayanan, D.C. 
Pamela Jane Nelson, Pa. 
Alfred Nero, N.Y. 

Suzanne G. Paul, Md. 

Joyce O'Connor Pelletier, Md. 

Lynne Priestley, N.Y. 

Jeffrey Garth Reed, Md. 

Elisabeth Jane Roberts, N.Y. 

Sheila Natalie Roos, Md. 

Mary Daughny Roth, Md. 

Mary Elizabeth Rouiller, Md. 

Mary Sue Saint, Md. 

Celia Rey Sanchez, Fla. 

Ethel Luvenia Sands, Md. 

Richard Walter Schoepf, Md. 

Patricia Wallace Stevens, Md. 

Bettina W. Surratt, Md. 

June Deborah Sweeny, Md. 

Sharon Kay Taylor, Miss. 

Bettie Crier Thomas, Md. 

Agate J. Tilmanis, D.C. 

Michael J. Tomaski, N.Y. 

Susan G. Wartzok Md. 

Elmira M. Washington, Md. 

Sarah M. White, Md. 

Lorna Christine Wilkie, D.C. 

Mary Knipp Wirth, N. H. 

Evangeline Nicine Woodford, Md. 

Jeanne Carol Yeagle, Pa. 

Lean Gayle Mendheim Zahos, Fla. 

Ruth R. Allen, Md. 
Jan R. Callison, Md. 
Roxane Chadwick Md. 
Judy Anne Clarke, D.C. 
Mary Barbara Comly, Md. 
Georgia Ann Cook, Va. 
John Nathaniel Davenport, Va. 
Wilford Emmitt Devine, D.C. 
Joseph Forrest, Md. 
Lottie Goldman, Va. 
Marsha P. Greenhill, Va. 
Isabelle J." Higgins, D.C. 
Donna Lee Jamison, Va. 
Carol Frances Johnson, Md. 
Pamela Anderson Kerns, N.C. 

JANUARY 24, 1972 

Carl Reed Kessler, D.C. 
Olivia Orme Kredel, S.C. 
Lida Lou Larsen, Md. 
Nancy Padgett Lazar, D.C. 
Michael Lawrence Levine, Md. 
Nancy T. Levine, Md. 
Winifred Allen Lichtenwalter, Va. 
Rosemary Ralston Merritt, Okla. 
Katherine Colene Moore, Md. 
Jean Q. Neubauer, Va. 
Carolyn Titus Palmer, Va. 
Fran T. Robson, Md. 
Harriet Evelyn Rotter, D.C. 
Ruth Michelle Schroll, Md. 
Michelle Schuster, Md. 

Meredith C. Semones, Md. 

Marian Rucker Shamu, D.C. 

Alice Taylor Spangler, D.C. 

Mary Jeanette Stanley, Kans. 

Marvin Hamilton Stevens, Me. 

Edwin Phillips Sunderland, Jr., Md. 

Brenda R. Swanson, D.C. 

Ramola Marilyn Thomas, Md. 

Elaine S. Tsubota, Md. 

Nancys. Ulrich, Md. 

Christina Maria Teresa Wagner, Md. 

Patricia Moreland Wang, Md. 

Kathleen O'Connor Wigglesworth, Md. 


Graduate School 

JUNE 3, 1972 

Judith Appel, Ala. 
Brenda J. Bateman, Md. 
Marcia Courtney Bellassai, Md. 
Margaret Keith Blair, Md. 
Nancy Ellen Bleil, Md. 
John R. Boroughs, Md. 
Elizabeth M. Brauer, D.C. 
Catherine Frances Burns, Md. 
Bonnie G. Cannard, Md. 
Alma Rose Chaparas, Md. 
Evelyn B. Clay, D.C. 
Gwendolyn Marie Cogdell, D.C. 
Paul Joseph Connor, Jr., Md. 
Grace M. Crisp, Md. 
Mauricio Oliveira Cunha, Md. 
Nancy Bouton Ross Delatush, Md. 
Jean S. Diepenbrock, Md. 
Audrey Drew Duff, D.C. 
Doris Beatrice Dunn, Md. 
Susan Marsh Ellsworth, Md. 
Alice Louise Gardner, Md. 
Penelope Owen Hampton, Md. 
Sally Elizabeth Hartikka, Md. 

Martha Jean Hauser, Del. 
Gladys B. Healy, Va. 
Ronald Eugene Hoagland, Md. 
Nancy Larraine Hoffmann, N.Y. 
Lois Ann Hollander, Md. 
Vera Williamson Holt, Md. 
Susan Nork Hunchar, Md. 
Bonnie Jane Isman, D.C. 
Ronald Wayne Johnson, Ala. 
Adefar Adel Khalatbari, Md. 
Jinak Kim, D.C. 
Natalie E. Kothe, Va. 
Betty Ann Lallier, Va. 
Michele Ellen Lauer, N.Y. 
Judith Welsh Makaravitz, Md. 
Barbara Jean Miller, Md. 
Ashley B. Mills, Md. 
Heidi Brigitte Motzkus, Md. 
Eileen M. Murtagh, Md. 
Arthur Donald Neal, Md. 
Nancy Ann Nicoletti, Md. 
Lessie Viola Owens, S.C. 
T. Peter Park, N.Y. 

Deborah Ann Parnes, N.J. 
William Bruce Pitt, Md. 
Janice Lynn Quasnovsky, Md. 
Marie Celeste Quinn, Md. 
Lynn Louise Rausch, Md. 
Alice Mae Robinson, D.C. 
Leatrice Robinson, Md. 
Katherine Setlow, Tenn. 
Sharon E. Siesseger, Md. 
Claire Francis Stevens, Md. 
Sara S. Stewart, Md. 
Sharon Anne Taber, Md. 
Carolyn Ann Tolleshaug, Wash. 
Judith I. Torgerson, Md. 
Cornelius Vanscott, Va. 
Anne Wilson Wall, Md. 
Elizabeth Jane Wardrip, Md. 
Hans Wellisch, Md. 
Jenona L. Whitlatch, N.M. 
Mary-Jean Whittaker, Md. 
Mary Louise Wood, Md. 
Carole Klemm Zoeller, Va. 


AUGUST 27, 1971 

Wade Hampton Beach, Jr., Md. 
Ileana Jeannine Case, Md. 
Marilyn Louise Hall, N.Y. 

Robert Louis Petrella, N.J. 
Natalie Deich Ross, Md. 
Paul Jerald Dallman, Md. 

Maryen Joan Roberts Herrett, Va. 

JUNE 3, 1972 

Elizabeth Abbey, Md. 
Ronald George Amos, Md. 
West E. Coile, Md. 

Ralph M. Gaedicke, Md. 
James Howard Gibbs, Va. 
Linda C. Nardini, Oh. 

Stephen Charles Stek, Oh. 
Mary Christine Wasser, Md. 


College of Agriculture 

Candidates will be presented by Dr. Gordon M. Cairns, Dean of the College 


Gerald J. Edgley, Jr., Md. 
Dennis John Flynn, Md. 
Richard Alvin Greene, Md. 
Susan jean Hathaway, Md. 
Mark Steven Henderson, Md. 
lohn Webster Jacobs, Pa. 

AUGUST 27, 1971 

John Joseph Leber, Md. 

William Robert Lewis, Jr., Md. 
*Marilyn Adele Michie, Md. 

Gerald Thomas Mikesell, D.C. 

Jeffrey Eliot Nachamkin, Md. 
tWilliam Houston Ringler, Oh. 

Jonathan David Shaffer, Md. 
Kathleene Sterling, Md. 
John Henry Suit, Md. 
Caye Lynn Williams, Md. 

Dennis Ray Belloff, Md. 

John William Burns, Md. 

Ray Allen Caple, Md. 
tGudrun M. Christenson, Md. 

Paula Crowley, Md. 
tRobert George Darmody, Md. 

Stephen Luther Durand, Md. 

Essi H. Evans, Md. 

Grace Elizabeth Fielder, Md. 

Rodney Smith Hall, Md. 

John Jerome Hanley, Jr. N.C. 

JANUARY 24, 1972 

William Blan Harcum, Jr., Md. 

William Coley Harmeyer, Md. 

Raph Flewellyn Hopkins, III, Md. 

John Henry Kimmons, Md. 
*Jean B. Kulla, Md. 

Rosalyn Kam Lin Lum, Md. 

Jerry Marmelstein, Md. 

Mark William McNutt, Md. 
*William Russell Morgan, 111, Md. 

Lawrence William Morton, Md. 

Thomas O'Brien Oyler, Jr. Pa. 

Lynda Eileen Priddy, Md. 
Mark Nelson Reynolds, Md. 
Charles Larry Riggs, Md. 
John Linwood Safford, Md. 
Charles Leroy Staines, Jr., Md. 
John Richard Tamburo, Md. 
Jeffrey Lloyd Taylor, Md. 
David Frederick Thayer, Md. 
Carl Mollis Updike, Md. 
William Allen Walker, Va. 
Jordan Best Wheeler, III, Md. 

Howard Richard Albert, Md. 

Dale Allen Ammann, Md. 

Richard H. Baker, Md. 

Richard Randolph Barrett, Md. 

Bruce Wayne Beardmore, Md. 

Michael David Bilger, Mass. 

Jeffrey Alan Boyer, Md. 
*John Raymond Carpenter, Md. 

Diane Mary Clay, Md. 

Joseph Stephen Cochran, Md. 
*Dennis John Colton, N.Y. 

Carol Ann Credit, Md. 

Gary Francis Creighton, Md. 

David Paul Crowl, Md. 
♦Jeffrey Gilmore Davis, Md. 

Gregory W. Dell, Md. 

James Maurice Dennison, Md. 

JUNE 3, 1972 

tWilliam Devine, Md. 

Allan John Dietemann, Md. 
tBeverly Irene Dulaney, Md. 

Lynn Robert Ely, Md. 

Charles Calvin Fluharty, Md. 

Frederick Gordon, III, Md. 

Geoffrey Gordon Graff, Md. 

John Emilio Grasso, Md. 

Richard Francis Griffin, Md. 

Thomas P. Hallan, Md. 
tjames Clarence Hanson, Md. 
tWillard Lee Hawkins, Jr., Md. 

Randall Hedeman, Md. 
*Steven Nelson Heller, Pa. 

Patricia Denise Heywood, Md. 
tWilliam Theodore Hill, Del. 

David Monroe Hughes, Md. 

tWalter Lee Hurley, Md. 
tjulia Jachowski, Md. 

Francis Winfred Jacobs, Md. 

Howard Wayne Jones, Md. 

William Joseph Kennedy, Md. 

Roger Fitzgerald Kidwell, Md. 

Vaughn Edward King, Md. 

Edward Joseph Kleinhauf, Md. 

Dennis Stephen Kostick, Md. 

Julie M. Krepner, Md. 

Kathleen Mary Kulik, N.J. 

Carole Ann Lansdale, Md. 

Dale Patricia Larkin, Md. 

William Clayton Lawson, III, Md. 
tThomas Harry Lederman, Md. 

Gary Rodney Martz, Md. 

Charles John McCullough, Md. 

•with Honors; twith High Honors 


College of Agriculture 

James Edward McMurtrey, III, Md. 

Kathleen Veronica Mehring, Md. 
tRichard B. Mieremet, Md. 

Victor Leon Miller, Md. 

Philip Heard Moerschell, Md. 

Richard Elliot Mole, Md. 
*Mary Susan Moreland, Md. 
tRobert Edward Muller, Jr., Md. 
*David Alan Nash, Md. 

Richard Pearson Naylor, Md. 

John Charles Nicholson, Md. 
*Danny Thomas Noble, Md. 
*Linda Ann Noe, Md. 

Robert Legrand Nuhn, Md. 

Charles Edward Null, Md. 

George Willard Oakley, Jr., Md. 

Aubrey Clark Old, Md. 

Carlos Adan Parada, El Salvador 

Patricia Eileen Parks, Md. 

Michael Hall Patterson, Md. 

Armando Perez Delgado, Md. 

tBrent B. Piner, Md. 

Jan C. Reese, Md. 

Allen Willard Rice, Md. 

Lawrence Michael Roberts, Md. 

George Patrick Rosenkranz, Jr., Md 

Linda Diane Sampson, Md. 

Richard Paul Saul, Md. 

John Newman Sexton, Va. 

Kenneth W. Shields, Md. 

Joseph Glenn Shortall, Md. 

David Wayne Simpson, Md. 

Marianne Sinclair, Fla. 

Dorothy P. Skaggs, Md. 

Errol Dennis Small, Md. 

E. Lawrence Stahm, Md. 

Lewis Keith Staley, Md. 

William S. Stanley, Jr., Md. 
^-'Clifford Ernest Stein, Md. 

George Matthew Stephens, Md. 

Charles Leroy Stone, Md. 
tjohn George Strang, Md. 

Charles William Sturges, Md. 

James Franklin Supplee, IV., Md. 

John Francis Suprock, Pa. 

Thomas Francis Sweeney, Md. 

Mark David Thomas, Md. 

George Stanford Thompson, Jr., Md. 

Dennis Dale Trice, Md. 

William Lamar Trotter, Md. 

Dennis Lee Trout, Md. 

David Darley Wagner, Md. 

William Ronald Waldron, Md. 

Andrew Eric Weiser, Md. 

Neal W. Welsh, Md. 

James R. Wheeler, Md. 

Ronald Alan Wilson, Md. 
♦Laurel Kay Wittmeier, Va. 

Mary Anne Roberts Woodcox, Md. 
tRobyn Sue Zeiger, Md. 

Amanda Day Zeltman, Md. 
*Etta Maye Zoerb, Md. 

School of Architecture 

Candidates will be presented by Mr. John W. Hill, Dean of the School 


June 3, 1972 

Jon Evoy Barnes, Md. 
Thomas Edward Fields, Md. 
Jaime Fishman, Md. 
Robert Charles Goldman, Md. 
Barbara Jeanne Hill, Md. 
tJohn Paul Lucas, Md. 

*Mark Christian Mclnturff, Md. 

Gregory William Mitchell, Md. 

Wayne Alan Neale, Md. 
tSusan Woodward Notkins, D.C. 

Irwin Aaron Oler, Md. 

J. Ronald Pales, Md. 

Stephen Lindsey Parker, Md. 
Stanley Ryder, Jr., Md. 
Rolando Juan Sanz, Md. 
Robert Glen Stephens, Md. 
*Ronald Arthur Stup, Md. 
Charles Edward Young, Md. 

*with Honors; twith High Honors 


College of Arts and Sciences 

Candidates will be presented by Dr. Thomas Aylward, interim Dean of the College 


AUGUST 27, 1971 

Donald )oseph Abram, Md. 
tjoel Arsenault, Md. 

Ronald Lee Atherholt, Md. 

James Alan Baker, Md. 

Margaret Frances Ball, Md. 

Stephen Wayne Ballas, Md. 

John M. Bartosh, D.C. 
*Jill Anne Schroeder Bash, Md. 

Edward Powell Becker, Md. 

Gary Eugene Beckward, Md. 

Carole Jane Bendler, Md. 

James C. Betz, Md. 

James Woodrow Bigbee, Md. 

James Martin Bishop, Jr., Md. 
*Linda Lamoreux Blomquist, Va. 

Roland Dexter Blood, Md. 

Janice Louise Bragg, Md. 

Geraldine Genevieve Branson, Md. 

Frances H. Bricker, Md. 

Jan Steven Brodie, Md. 

Diane Sherrie Brooks, Md. 

Mary Jane Brown, Va. 

Susan Murray Brown, Pa. 

James Madison Buchanan, Md. 

Charles Martin Butler, Jr., Md. 

Robert Douglas Caldwell, Tenn. 

Raymond Emanuel Cantrell, II, Md. 

Frank Carson Carney, Md. 

Arthur Carrington, D.C. 

Linda Elizabeth Carter, Va. 
tVirginia Lee Caswell, Md. 

Nancy Kent Chambers, La. 

Thomas Howard Cifelli, N.J. 

Ladd Gregory Colston, D.C. 

Edward Joseph Comly, Jr., N.Y. 

Emily Wells- Conrad, D.C. 

Lawrence Duane Converse, Md. 

Sharon Ruth Courlang, Md. 

Margaret Anne Crecca, N.j. 

Richard Alan Cunningham, Md. 

Floyd Stinson Dameron, Jr., Md. 

YlanThi Dao, Md. 

Margaret Mary Demers, Md 

Holly Ruth Dinerstein, N.J. 

William Leonard Dorer, Md. 

Steven Edward Dubin, Md. 

Steven Henry Dunlap, Md. 

William Addison Eaton, Md. 

Charlotte Anne Eberly, Md. 

Gilbert Owen Ebner, Md. 

Beverly Arlene Eiserer, Md. 

Ross Lee Englehart, Md. 

Pamela Elizabeth Farmer, Md. 

Stephen Richard Fishack, Md. 

Yorke Flynn, III, Md. 

Charles L Ford, Md. 

Patti Robin Freeman, Fla. 

Samuel David Friend, Md. 

Gregory Alva Galemore, Va. 

George Andrew Gallenthin, U\, N. 

Wendy Ellen Garner, Md. 

Carin Wynne Geller, Md. 

Doran M. Gerstein, Md. 

Michael Joseph Geschlecht, N.J. 

Stephen Howard Getz, Md. 

Jean Pennington Gibson, Tenn. 

Mark Joseph Gill, Jr., Md. 

George Philip Glaser, Md. 

Herschel Gloger, Md. 

Robert Alexander Goley, Md. 

Jerome Larry Golfer, Md. 

Craig Guy Goodman, Md. 

Robert Vernon Grabus, Md. 

Margaret Mary Grambo, Md. 
*George Edward Craning, Md. 

Austin Spencer Gregg, Conn. 

John Francis Gribbin, Md. 

Gale Robina Grube, Md. 

Stephen Issac Gurney, Md. 
tLynne Sendejo Hager, Md. 

Bonnie Ruth Hardie, Md. 

Christopher Barlup Hargrove, Md. 

Frances Ann Hayes, Md. 

Stephen F. Heare, Md. 

Roger Earle Hedges, Md. 

James Stephen Heslin, Md. 

Nancy Jane Hobson, Md. 

Charlotte Thornton Holland, Md. 

jeannine Ruth Iverson, Md. 

Noel Maria Izon, Md. 

Richard Arthur Jatczak, Va. 

Bruce M. Johnson, Md. 

Carol Lynn Jones, Md. 

Allan Robert Kahan, Md. 

Daniel E. Lambert, Md. 
tEarling Joseph Lamp, Md. 

Eugene Anthony Langbehn, Md. 

Linda Marie Lebling, Md. 

Janna Lee Murphy Leepson, Va. 
*Marv' Jeannette Lentz, Md. 

Joanne Bailey Levin, Md. 

Lana Levy, N.j. 

Elaine Sylvia Lewis, West Indies 

Mark N. Lipp, Md. 

Arlene Lishinsky, N.j. 

Judith Ann Lohsen, Md. 

Robert S. Love, Md. 

Donald George Lowry, Va. 
*Paul Shearer Malone, Md. 

Linda Marie Marson, N.J. 

Linda C. McCormick, Md. 

Angela Elizabeth McWhirter, Md. 
♦Constance Leigh Merson, Md. 

Brenton Raymond Miller, Md. 

Ghana Miller, Md. 

Wendy Fay Miller, Md. 

Carol Ann Montague, Md. 
*james Moore, Md. 

Florence Linda Morten, S.C. 

Linda Cleo Mullins, Md. 

Benjamin James Mundell, Jr., Md. 

Karol Lyn Newman, Md. 

Christopher Mark Newport, Va. 

Robert Lee Nothstein, Md. 

Raymond Bell Palfrey, jr., Md. 

Lynne Parmelee, Md. 

William Douglas Pitts, Md. 

David Michael Pritzker, Md. 

Alan Eugene Ptak, Md. 

•with Honors; twith High Honors 


College of Arts and Sciences 

Steven K. Puterbaugh, Md. 

Dianne Margaret Reamy, Md. 
♦William Marvin Rebert, Md. 

Jane Aelda Recht, Pa. 

Colleen Annette Regan, Md. 

Jeanine Cottrelle Reid, Md. 

Richard B. Renacia, Nev. 

William VanNess Requa, D.C. 

Mary Susan Rice, Md. 
* Karen Lemoyne Roberts, Md. 

Sharon Biser Robinson, Md. 

Suzanne Bennett Rogers, Md. 

Marsha Lynn Roman, Md. 

Marthe S. Rosenthal, D.C. 

Carole Anne Rowland, Md. 

Jeffrey Scott Rubin, Md. 

Anita Marilyn Sachs, Md. 

Robert Woodrow Sanders, Md. 

Mindy Rose Saslaw, Md. 

Avram J. Saunders, Md. 
Eileen Seeley Schlag, Md. 
Jack M. Schneider, N.Y. 
Robin Elaine Schwartz, Md. 
Michael Patrick Sears, Md. 
John Michael Sefakis, Mass. 
Leon Louis Seidman, Md. 
Nancy J. Seligman, N.Y. 
Edward John Sheehan, Md. 
William James Schicklep, Md. 
Vivan Yvonne Shire, Md. 
Michael Cordon Simms, Md. 
Richard Jackson Smith, Md 
Roderick Blair Smith, Md. 
Edward Hal Snyder, Ga. 
Carol Ingrid Stahlman, Md. 
tjonathan James Stanley, Md. 
Noreen Mary Stedman, Md. 
Sally Sue Stern, N.Y. 

Karen Lang Stevens, Md. 
*Robert John Stevenson, III. 
tSuellen Stover, Md. 

Shawn Patrick Sullivan, Fla. 

T. Gwendolyn Sullivan, D.C. 

Jacqueline Swanson, Md. 

Sheryl Ann Tharp, Md. 

Gary Lee Thomas, Md. 

Robert Hart Tomlinson, Pa. 

Dennis LeRoy Wade, Md. 

Weida Frances Walker, Md. 

Robert Elliot Walsh, Md. 

Elizabeth J. Wascavage, Md. 

Sarah Ellen Weaver, Md. 

Hans Helmut Wegner, D.C. 

Douglas John Wells, Md. 

Gary Irving Wright, Md. 

Mary Lou Yopes, Md. 

Francis Albert Young, D.C. 

tRichard Arnold Abramowitz, Md. 

Angelo Enrique Aguilera, Va. 
*Martin Norman Anesgart, Md. 

Mary Ann Arens, Md. 

Marcia Armon, Md. 

Theresa F. Arney, Md. 

Brian Alan Auslander, Md. 

Robert Francis Baldesari, Md. 

Lionel Jesse Bane, Md. 

Jack Allen Barbanel, N.J. 

Patricia D. Barth, Md. 

Mary Pellow Batcher, Md. 

Julia Rose Martha Bay, Md. 

Gilbert Carroll Becker, Md. 

Robert Dixon Bell, Md. 

Paul Stephen Berigtold, Md. 

Steven Alan Berkowitz, N.J. 

Sandra G. Berman, Md. 

Deborah Ellen Berthold, Va. 

Heidi Bea Bialowas, N.J. 

Susan J. Birch, Md. 

Karen Lynn Bishop, Md. 

Bruce David Bitcover, Pa. 
*Douglas Pierce Black, Md. 

Deborah Marsha Blacker, Md. 

Michael Thomas Blair, Md. 

Linda Sue Blickenstaff, Md. 

Glenn Lawrence Bond, Va. 
♦Catherine E. Born, Md. 
tDana Radebaugh Bowdle, Md. 

Brian Stephen Boyd, Md. 
tAnn J. Brickfield, Md. 

Sydney Anne Brookes, Md. 

JANUARY 24, 1972 

Hugh Michael Brown, Md. 

Mary Ann Brown, Md. 

James Wallace Bryan, Jr., Md. 

Pamela Beth Bryden, Md. 
tLinda Jean Bryson, Md. 

James Elliot Buchanan, Md. 

Jon Charles Burrell, Md. 

Steven Joseph Burstein, Md. 
*Mary Catherine Bushrell, La. 

George Callen, Md. 

Marsha A. Campbell, Md. 

William Francis Campbell, Md. 
*Su5an B. Cardwell, Calif. 
♦Stephen Keith Carper, Md. 

Ronald Neil Carroll, Md. 

James Edgar Casbarian, Md. 
♦Elaine Hicks Cassel, Va. 

Maureen Hagan Cavaiola, Md. 

Thomas Ray Chase, Md. 

Wayloon Chuang, Md. 

Louis Joseph Churchville, Jr., Md. 

Gary Edmond Clark, Md. 

Richard Lynn Claypoole, Md. 

John George Clements, Md. 

Dallas Roger Collins, Md. 

Kathryn Eugenia Colpitts, Md. 

William Stephen Connery, Md. 

Patrick Francis Conway, Md. 
tLarry Harlan Cook, Md. 

Darlene Grace Cooke, Md. 

M. Kelsey Cooke, D.C. 

Janice Gail Corwin, Md. 

John I. Cosky, Md. 

♦Carol B. Crump, Md. 
Norma Ann Cunningham, Va. 
Diane Irene Dalton, Md. 
Rita Anne Daly, D.C. 
Dennis Fred Danner, Md. 
Sally Diane Davidson, Md. 
Sarah L. Davis, Md. 
Russell Allan Dawson, Md. 
Carol M. Dean, Md. 
William John Dennehy, Md. 
Christopher Pearson Denney, Md. 
Mac Hugh Derry, Md. 
Ricki Ellen Deutsch, N.Y. 
Margaret C. Diamond, Md. 
Thomas Owens Dixon, Jr., Md. 
Pamela Jean Donohue, Md. 
Andrew Leon Dory, D.C. 
Jamie Leone Drago, Md. 
Dorothee Daniela Drake, Md. 
Robert Abraham Dubanksy, Md. 
Paul Joseph Dunlap, Md. 
Linda S. Durey, Md. 
Stephen Mack Earle, Md. 
Joseph George Ebner, Md. 
Maureen Ann Eby, Va. 
James Nelson Eckley, Jr., Md. 
Arnold Mark Edelman, Md. 
Nancy Lynn Ehrgott, D.C. 
Diane Patricia Elsnic, Md. 
Joan Elizabeth Elzey, Md. 
David Emsellem, D.C. 
Peter Engel, Md. 
Patricia Ann Farmer, Md. 

*with Honors; twith High Honors 


Charles Edward Fawley, Md. 

Alan Laurence Feinberg, Md. 

leffrey Stuart Feldman, NJ. 

Stephen Marc Feldman, Md. 

Cheryl Lynn Ferguson, Md. 

David Mitchell Ferguson, Md. 

Earle Norton Ferren, Mass. 
tCarolyn Jovce Fidgeon, Md. 

Thomas Joseph Flanders, Md. 

Frank Angelo Fonte, Jr., Md. 

Anne Cecile Ford, Md. 

Sharon Slesser Fram, Md. 

Roslyn Ann Fredericks, Md. 

Mark Millard Freedman, Md. 
tTerry Sarcia Freeman, Md. 

Conrad Dale Fridley, Md. 

Leonard Sher\ in Friedheim, Md. 

Barbara Gene Friedman, N.J. 
tSte\en Charles Friedman, Md. 
tCharlene Frieman, Md. 

Demetrios John Gadonas, V'a. 

Charles Bennett Gammon, Md. 

David Michael Cantz, Md. 

Patricia Anne Gardner, Md. 

William Payne Gaskins, jr., Md. 

Gregory Thomas Caura, Md. 

Curtis Charles Gibson, Jr., Md. 

Michael Gary Gilden, Md. 

Catherine Hermina Gill, Md. 

Connie Lou Gilliam, Md. 

David Thomas Glasser, Md. 

Sherryl Marshall Gloyd, Md. 

Marilyn Joyce Goldstein, Md. 

James Timothy Goon, Md. 

David Cordon, Md. 

Polly Ann Gordon, Md. 

Kenneth Robert Granata, Jr., Md. 
*Jo Ann Grantham, Md. 

Norman R. Greenberg, Md. 

Richard Irwin Greenblat, Md. 
*Karen Lynn Grill, N.J. 

Paul A. Hackner, Md. 

Gerald Allen Halpern, Md. 

Leonard Martin Harris, Md. 

Susan Elizabeth Harrison, Md. 
*Trudy Hartzell, N.J. 
tAnn Marie Haughey, Md. 

Monica Mary Healy, Md. 

Ian Frederic Hellman, Md. 

Craig Winston Hendrix, Md. 

Thomas Oliver Herman, Md. 

Edwin Bruce Herring, Md. 
t Patricia Ann Heselion, Md. 

Lawrence William Hirsch, N.Y. 

Kevin Raymond Holecko, Md. 

Daniel Strickland Hope, Md. 

Susan Horowitz, Md. 

Susie A. Horsmon, Md. 

Lewis Wingtield Horton, Md. 

Paul Saunders Hurdel, Md. 

Elaine Naomi Hurwitz, Md. 

Robert Joseph Hysan, Md. 

Judith C. Ignacio, Md. 

Laura Louise Jacobs, Md. 

Michael Howard Jacobs, Md. 

Mark Neal Jacobson, N.Y. 

Marie Frances janios, Md. 

Sharon Marie Johnson, Md. 

Michael Kent Johnstone, Md. 

Margaret Ellen Jump, Md. 

Philip Kagan, Md. 

Philip Stephen Kanter, Md. 

Michael Harvey Kapland, N.Y. 

Mark Alan Kaufman, Md. 

Danek Stephen Kaus, Calif. 

Janet Mary Kerig, Md. 

Harriet Wright Kidder, Md. 

Barbara Jane Kirkwood, Md. 

Irwin Stuart Kirsch, Md. 

Susan Jane Kitchin, Ky. 

Colleen Welch Klapac, Md. 

Richard Allen Klem, Md. 

Ruth Anne Koenick, Md. 

Yeo-Hee Koh, Md. 
tjoseph Charles Kordella, jr.. Md. 

Patricia Doherty Kosiba, Md. 

Karen Marie Kowal, Md. 

John Wells Kramer, Md. 
tDeborah B. Kravette, Md. 

Richard Lawrence Kroll, Md. 

Kimberley A. Lambelet, N.Y. 

George Charles Lannon, Md. 

Helen Zoe Lantz, Md. 
tLaura Lee Lapko, Md. 
•Marianne Aimee LaRoche, Md. 

Bonnie Jean Lavvson, Md. 

David Jacob Lazar, Md. 

Theresa Engle Leager, Md. 

Beverly S. Lehrer, Md. 
♦Jeffrey Hay Leisenring, Md. 
tAnne Winston Letaw, Md. 

Donn Kenneth Levine, N.J. 

Judy Ann Levine, Md. 
tAlan H. Lewis, Md. 

David Robert Lisanksy, Md. 

Steven Johnson Littleton, Md. 

Richard Jay Loebl, Md. 

Barbara Jean Longhi, Md. 

Andrea Janice Ludwig, Md. 

Helene Sharon Lyons, N.Y. 

Judith Nan Macaluso, D.C. 

Victoria Jean Maiolo, Md. 

College of Arts and Sciences 

Mya Marcus, Md. 

Jeffrey Martin Marker, Md. 

Richard Andrew Marr, Md. 

David Harper Martin, Md. 

James R. Martin, Jr., Md. 

Kathleen Rae Martin, Md. 
*George Gus Matheos, Md. 

Barbara Ann Maxwell, Md. 

Kathleen Marie McAlinden, N.J. 

Patricia Ann McAuley, Md. 
*Carole Lee McBride, Md. 

Jane Hickman McCabe, Md. 

James Michael McCully, Md. 

Kenneth Walter McDaniels, Md. 

Karen Patricia McDonnell, Md. 

Lloyd Howard Reisler McGill, Md. 

John Francis McMorrow, Md. 

John James McPherson, Md. 

William Bryce McTurnal, Md. 

Neil V. McVoy, Md. 

Marjorie Ida Merritt, N.C. 

Gary Ardis Merson, Md. 

Gary Samuel Messina, Fla., 

Robert Patrick Michaels, Md. 

Wayne Steven Mielczasz, Md. 

Kenneth Steven Miller, Md. 

Sherry Gordon Miller, Md. 

Mark Allen Millman, Md. 

Robert Wayne Minnix, Md. 

Mary Beatrice Minotti, Md. 

Dominick Andrew Mirabile, Md. 

Williedelle Mitchell, D.C. 

Dan Anthony Mitrione, Jr., Md. 

Marie Agnes Monaghan, Md. 

Caria Rappaport Moore, Md. 

Loyd Moroughan, Md. 

Clifford Warren Moy, Md. 

Alan Issac Munaker, Md. 

Frank Anthony Muscolina, N.Y. 

Bonnie Bolhagen Neubauer, Md. 

Maybeth Spadling Nix, Ga. 

Patrick Bernard Nixon, Md. 

Harry Arthur Nogle, Md. 

Barry Benjmain Novick, D.C. 

Joanna Alina Nowakowski, Md. 
*Nancy Adair Nowell, Md. 

Andre Roger O'Coin, Md. 

Patricia Ann O'Connell, Md. 

Loretta Frances Orndorff, Md. 

Janet Sue Otton, Md. 
*Anthony Joseph Padua, D.C. 

Jane Dailey Palsgrove, Md. 

Rebecca Elaine Parsley, Md. 

LilaTouba Patt, Md. 

Paul Raymond Pearson, Md. 

Heidi Jeanette Pelot, Md. 

•with Honors; twith High Honors 


College of Arts and Sciences 

♦Patricia Dianne Peoples, Md. 
*Janice Lynn Pepperman, Md. 

Elizabeth Perry, Md. 

Charles Perticari, Md. 

Linda Ann Peters, Md. 

William Hiram Pietsch, III, Md. 

Roger Dale Pittiglio, Md. 

David James Piatt, Pa. 

Harding Scott Polk, D.C. 

Margaret Ann Pollard, Md. 

Susan Gale Pomeranz, Md. 

Ann Theresa Potosky, D.C. 

Richard Michael Powers, R.i. 

Arthur Donald Press, D.C. 

Thomas LeRoy Priestley, Md. 

Julia Alys Putignani, N.J. 

Terrence Anthony Quill, Md. 

William Lawrence Quinn, Md. 

Patricia A. Rachek, Md. 

Peter Howard Raimondo, Jr., Pa. 

Jeffrey Keith Raub, Md. 

Victor Reasoner, Md. 

Mariletta J. Reazin, Md. 

Charles Blaine Reece, Va. 

Sharon Eileen Rice, Md. 

Suanne Marie Ritchie, Md. 

Beverly Jean Rivers, D.C. 

Catherine Adele Robertson, Md. 

James Roland Robertson, Md. 

Sally Lou Robertson, Md. 

Carl Harris Robinson, Pa. 

Hunter Edward Robinson, 111, Md. 

James Barry Roche, Md. 
*Linda P. Rocklin, Md. 

Bonnie Joyce Rosenthal, Md. 

Louise Judith Rosenthal, Md. 

Harvey Steven Rosenzwog, Md. 

Francisco Rosillo, Md. 

Charles J. Ross, Jr., Md. 

Patricia Lynne Rowny, Md. 
*Paul Alban Rukstela, Md. 

John Stephen Rupert, Md. 

Lawrence Edward Rutherford, Md. 
tLauren Deneene Ruttenberg, 111. 

James Albert Sampson, Md. 

Bettina Claire Santoro, N.J. 

G. Michael Scaboo, Va. 

Alan Michael Scherr, Md. 

Stephen Paterson Schmidt, Md. 

Carolyn Jeanne Schmitt, Pa. 

Mark Lewis Schuweiler, Va. 

Marcia Rae Scott, Md. 

Walter Marvin Scott, Jr., N.Y. 

John Walker Sears, Md. 
* Howard Neil Segal, Md. 

Donald Stephen Seidel, Md. 

Madeline Seidner, Md. 
*Eileen Marie Selby, Md. 

William Anthony Shade, Md. 

Judy Lynn Shapiro, Md. 

James Christopher Sheldon, Md. 

Lynn Marie Sheppard, Canal Zone 

Lawrence Joseph Sheridan, Md. 

Susan Elise Shipe, Md. 
♦Christopher Wayne Shipley, Md. 

Ruth E. Siegel, Md. 

Steven Lee Sigafoose, Md. 

Douglas L. Smith, Va. 

John Walter Smith, Mass. 

Leo Francis Smith, Jr., Md. 

Robert Travis Smith, D.C. 

Wayne William Smith, Md. 

Rachael E. Solomon, Md. 

Harry Lee Sommer, Md. 

Kathryn Teresa Sommer, Md. 
tLynne Baur Southwick, Md. 
♦Penelope Antoinette Spaldo, Md. 

Henry Fred Spiegler, Md. 

William H. Spitzinger, Jr., Md. 

Susan Joelle Stacy, Md. 

Michael Lee Stein, Md. 

Deana L. Steiner, Md. 

John David Stratton, Md. 
tPamela T. Stutz, Md. 

Suzette Madeline Surkamer, Va. 

Roland Saunders Sweet, II, Md. 
♦Linda Mary Wysong Teich, Md. 

Gregory Kent Thoben, Ind. 

Beverley Kaye Thompson, Md. 

Melissa Carr Thornton, Md. 

Henry Tom, N.Y. 

Martin Adam Torre, Md. 

Hortensia Maria Torres, Md. 
♦Charles Ronald Trueworthy, Va. 

Peter Anthony Tucker, Md. 

Pamela L. Tulyadejanonth, Md. 

Karen Sangster Turner, Md. 

Jean Elizabeth Tuten, Md. 

Sheldon Curtis Tyrrell, Md. 

Walter Alfred Washington Usedly, Md. 

Paola Anne Verduci, Md. 

Ann Lynn Verfuerth, Md. 

Daniel Anthony Vernon, Md. 
♦John William Vessey, III, Md. 

Diane Lee Walden, Md. 

Samuel Warsaw, Md. 

Andrew Watt, IV, Md 

Bruce Nelson Weart, Md. 

Timothy Allen Weaver, Md. 

Donald B. Webb, Jr., Va. 

Nancy Anne Webb, Md. 

Harold Weber, Md. 

Edward Kenneth Webster, Md. 

Nancy Gail Wechsler, Md. 

Gene Lee Weeks, Md. 

Rodney Michael Weidner, Md. 
tScott Jay Wenner, N.Y. 

Martha Joan Went, Md. 

Frank Joseph West, Jr., Md. 

Robert Ralph Wharen, Md. 

Randolph Allen Wickers, Md. 

Dianna Devona Wills, Md. 

Mary Ann Wills, Md. 

Ann Sharon Wilner, Md. 

Pamela Jane Wingert, Md. 

Marilyn Gail Witkowski, Md. 

Richard Max Wolf, Md. 

Ronald Mark Wolf, Md. 

Nan H. Wolfe, Md. 

Ling-Ling Woo, D.C. 

Heather Anthony Woodman, Md. 

Mary Dale Woolston, Md. 
♦Rosemarie Joan Workman, Md. 

Anthony John Yadouga, N.J. 
♦Deborah Yorio, Md. 

Piia Mai Aarma, Md. 
Frank Anthony Abbruscato, Md. 
Joseph Clifton Acton, Jr., Md. 
William Bruce Adair, Md. 
Bonnie Rae Adler, Md. 
Charles Thomas Agnew, N.J. 
Elaine Catherine Alligood, Md. 

JUNE 3, 1972 

Alan Eric Alper, Md. 
tAnn Marjorie Yvette Heywood Alu, Md. 

Fred W. Apelquist, III, Md. 

Orestes Pedro Alvarez, Va. 
tRuth Rebecca Amberg, Md. 

Denise Helen Ames, N.Y. 

William Clyde Amick, 111, Md. 

Phyllis Katherine Anastos, Md. 
Margaret Rose Anderson, Md. 
Dale Edward Anglemeyer, Pa. 
tRichard Bruce Ansell, Md. 
Allen Ward Argabright, Md. 
Nina Janice Arnhols, Va. 
Joan Barbara Arsenault, Md. 

•with Honors; twith High Honors 


Frank Charles Arturi, N.J. 

Kabir A. Atayee, Md. 

David Randal Atkins, Md. 
tNancy Almand Ator, Md. 

Mary Stephanie Auld, Md. 

Aird Allen Avakian, Conn. 
tElizabeth Patricia Ayres, Md. 

Jo A. Baden, Md. 

Mary Ann Bader, Va. 
tjoan Carol Baer, Md. 
tMary Jeanne Bahr, Calif. 

Michael John Baier, Md. 

Wanda Jane Bair, Md. 

Alice Carol Baker, Md. 

Ellen Leslie Baker, Md. 

Junius McClain Baker, Md. 

Richard Allen Baker, Md. 

Charles John Balint, Md. 

Frederick S. Balsam, Md. 

Patricia May Balsam, Md. 
tChristine Ellen Baltz, Md. 

Earl C. Banchek, Md. 

Dolly Baker Barger, Md. 

Janet Roberta Barrick, Md. 

Michael James Barron, Pa. 
*Rebecca Ann Barron, Md. 
*Joyce L. Bartoo, Md. 

Stephen Craig Bass, Md. 

Kathryn Lambert Bates, Pa. 

William Frederick Bauer, III, Md. 

Anthony M. Bazlamit, Md. 

Stanley Norris Beall, Md. 

Ernest Ross Beard, Md. 

Stephen Ross Beard, Md. 

Beverly Carol Beck, N.J. 

John Leslie Beck, N.Y. 

David Frederick Bell, Md. 

Ellen H. Bell, Md. 
tHeidi Ann Bendorf, Md. 

Judith Frances Benedict, Md. 

Laura Ingrid Benson, Md. 

Harold Lee Benus, N.J. 

William Francis Beran, Md. 

Mark Irwin Berger, Md. 

Shirley Joyce Bergert, Md. 

Elwood R. Berkeley, Md. 
tjan Steven Berlin, Md. 

Donald Martin Berman, N.Y. 

Jed Berman, N.Y. 

Marie Anne Berman, Md. 

Stephen Kelley Berry, Md. 

Joanne Gwen Bershaw, Pa. 

Eric L. Beser, Md. 

Thompson McDow/ell Betts, Md. 
♦Robert Charles Bibb, Md. 
tDavid Brian Binder, Md. 

John Michael Binetti, Md. 

Michael D. Birner, Md. 

Daniel Cardwell Blair, Md. 

Michael Arlen Blank, Md. 

Kenneth Asher Bloom, Md. 

lane Regina Bockenek, Md. 

Jerry Warren Bokow, Md. 

Matthew John Boratenskin, Md. 
*Kyrill Borissow, Jr., Md. 

Randolph Joseph Borniger, Germany 

Alexander Bortnick, Md. 

Thomas Raymond Borum, Jr., Md. 

Sally Jeanne Bottorff, N.J. 

Rodney Darryl Boutwell, Md. 
*John Munsell Bowman, Md. 

Thomas George Boyajy, Md. 

John Owen Bracken, Jr., Md. 

Charles Edward Bradford, Md. 

Sharon Diane Bradley, Md. 
tRichard Barry Brandman, Md. 

John Park Brauer, Pa. 

Karl Staton Braungart, Md. 

Eddie Jean Breazeale, S.C. 

Valerie Mary Bredariol, Md. 

Douglas Gary Brener, N.J. 

Jules Selig Brenner, Md. 

Jay Gregory Bricker, Md. 

Edgar William Bridges, Md. 
tCharles Michael Bright, Md. 
*Sherie Lee Brook, Md. 
*Diane Louise Brooks, Md. 

Donna Jean Brooks, Md. 

Deborah Lynn Brown, Md. 

Francine May Brown, Md. 

Philip Martin Brown, Md. 

Richard Allen Brown, Ariz. 

James Edward Broyles, Md. 

Michael Emerson Bruggeman, Md. 

Judith Anne Brugger, Md. 

Janet Bruner, Md. 

Mary White Buchanan, Md. 

Helene Marcia Buchman Md. 
tMartha Louise Buck, Md. 

William Ray Bullman, Md. 

Nancy Tydings Bullough, Md. 

Paul William Burch, Md. 
*Theodora Lee Burke, Md. 
tKathryn Lee Burnett, Md. 
tRobert Wallace Burns, Md. 

Robert William Byrd, II, Md. 

Marie Annette Gaboon, Md. 
♦Penelope Caminis, Md. 

Kevin Patrick Campbell, Md. 

Sarah Anne Campbell, N.Y. 

Lynn Paula Caplan, Md. 
♦Ronald Richard Carrillo, Md. 

College of Arts and Sciences 

♦Paula Ann Carroll, Md. 

Judith Ellen Cassara, Md. 

Cynthia Susan Castellucci, Md. 

Emmajo Castro, Md. 
tAnne Marden Caswell, Md. 

Marcia Elise Caval, Md. 

Wayne Archie Cawley, 111, Md. 

Everett Bacon Chamberlain, II, Md. 

Russel Warren Chamberlayne, Md. 
tClaire Ann Chelotti, N.J. 
♦Carolyn Hwa Cheung, Md. 

Hsiao-Mae Chiang, Md. 

Ronald Thomas Chmielewski, Md. 

Linda Louise Christ, Md. 

Crescent Leigh Chrlsitanson, Md. 

Stephen Claude Chumbris, Md. 

Dennis Wayne Chupella, Md. 

Paul Michael Claffy, Md. 
tDiane Christine Clagett, Md. 

Elizabeth R. Clark, Md. 

Susan Jennifer Cleaver, Va. 
tRoberta Lynn Clemens, Md. 

Karen Jo Clifton, 111. 

Camilla Sue Clough, Md. 

Clark David Cloukey, Md. 

Barabara Ann Coburn, Md. 

Lynne Maria Cogan, Md. 

Barry A. Cohen, Md. 

Chesna Sue Cohen, N.Y. 

Leighton Cohen, Del. 

Neil Ira Cohen, Md. 

Shirley Celeste Coles, Pa. 

Leslie Ann Collier, Md. 

Marshall Owen Combs, Md. 

David Ottis Compton, Md. 

Nora Ellen Connell, Md. 

Mary Helen Conner, Va. 
♦Suzanne Theresa Connors, Md. 

Roberta Anne Conover, Pa. 

Harry Martin Cooke, Md. 

Paul Douglas Cornell, Md. 
♦Anita Marilyn Cosnow, Md. 

Graham Andrew Cox, Canada 

Ira Nelson Craig, Md. 

Richard Barkley Craig, Md. 

Jean T. Crandall, Md. 

Harry Burch Crawford, Md. 

Charlene Frances Creamer, Md. 

Robert James Cressman, Md. 

Eileen Marie Crilley, Md. 
♦Michael Francis Crim, Md. 
♦Kathryn Turrell Crockett, Md. 

Oma Jean Crosier, Md. 

Jeffrey M. Cross, Md. 

Robert Emmett Crowe, Va. 

Jana Svatava Crowl, Md. 

Lee Melton Crutchfield, Jr., Tex. 

•with Honors; twith High Honors 


College of Arts and Sciences 

*Cynda Jay Culbertson, Md. 

Kurt R.D. Cullmann, Md. 

Frederick Mark Curran, Md. 

Ellen Louise Curro, Md. 

Irene Natalie Curry, Germany 

Laura Caroline Cyr, Md. 

Valerie Ann Czawltko, Md. 

Charles Philip Dabney, Md. 

Thomas Franklin Daddario, Md. 

Okan H. Damar, Md. 

Glen Wayne Dameron, Md. 

Michael Lawrence D'Amico, Pa. 

Gerard Vincent D'Amore, III, Md. 

Gail Barbara Danker, Md. 

Larry Gene Dasch, Md. 
*Loretta Ann Dash, Md. 

John Philip David, Md. 

Christine Davis, Md. 

Melanie Ann Davis, N.J. 

Thomas W. Davis, Jr., Md. 

Wendy Nan Davis, Md. 
tSylvia Davitt, Md. 

Roger Hammond Day, Md 

Mary Suzanne Daylor, Md. 

Robert David Deal, Md. 

Carolyn Elizabeth Dean, Md. 

Ralph Gayton Dean, Md. 
♦Warren Laforest Dean, Jr., Norway 

Dawn Deborah Debe, N.Y. 

David Samuel De Jong, Md. 

Joseph Michael Demouy, Md. 

Kevin Ignatius Dennehv, Md. 

Karen Frost Depew, Md. 
*Ellen Barbara Deutsch, N.Y. 
*Jane Lisa Deutsch, Md. 

Arthur J. DeVaney, Md. 

David Calvin DeVoll, D.C. 
♦Jewell Doris Diamond, Md. 

Keith Emerson Diamond, Md. 
♦Elinda Darlene Dickman, Md. 
tLinda Jo Difilippo, Md. 

Sally Elizabeth Dobres, Md. 

Robert Michael Dodd, Md. 

John Arrington Dodge, Md. 

Chirstopher Joseph Doerrer, Md. 

Mary Ellen Doilney, Md. 

Sandra Lynn Doles, Md. 

Michele Irene Dolin, Md. 
*Ruth Carol Dolleck, Md. 

Mary Elizabeth Donaldson, N.J. 
tjosephine Freijomil Donovan, Md. 

Patrick Gerald Dooher, Md. 

Ami Elisabet Dorn, Md. 
♦Arthur Louis Drager, Md. 

Barbara Leslie Dryden, Md. 

Jeffrey Allen Dubnoff, N.J. 

Derrick Jerome Dudley, D.C. 

Caria Louise Dunlap, N.J. 

Timothy Philip Dunningan, Md. 

Martin Timothy Durkin, Md. 

Randi Jane Dvoskin, N.J. 

Barbara G. Dowrsky, Tex. 

John Edwin Dyer, Md. 

Robert Wayne Eastridge, Md. 

Catherine D. Eberwein, Md. 

Kim Taylor Eddy, Md. 

FHenry Derek Ediey, M-d. 
♦Richard Seward Edsall, D.C. 

Donata Louise Edwards, W. Va. 

Pamela Jean Filers, Canada 
♦Marsha Beth Eiserike, Md. 

James Peter Elia, N.Y. 

David Nissim Elkaim, Central Africa 

Donald Baker Ellis, Md. 

Stephen Mark Ellis, Md. 

James Patrick Elsby, Md. 

Glenn Alan Emerson, Fla. 
tLinda M. Enama, Pa. 
♦Kathleen Lillian Endres, Md. 

Patricia Ellen Enzel, Md. 

Leif Aelfric Olson Beachley Erickson, Md. 
♦Ronald Ray Errato, Conn. 

Michael Robert Eshleman, Md. 

Linda Lou Ruth Eshom, Md. 
♦Claire Eskenazi, Md. 

Dianne Cavell Esson, Md. 

Georgia Ann Evanovich, Md. 
♦Elaine Anne Evans, Md. 

Linda Marie Fahey, Md. 
♦Elizabeth Anne Falcao, Md. 

Nilka Damarys Falcon, Md. 

Antonietta Falcone, Md. 

Dennis Patrick Farley, Md. 

Anne Marie Farrar, Md. 

Richard Harold Faught, Md. 

Carol Ann Feeney, Md. 

David Abraham Feighenbaum, Md. 
tMark Tirrell Ferrenz, Md. 

Suzanne Fields, Md. 

Daniel Richard Fierst, N.J. 

John Francis Finamore, Md. 

Beverly Esther Fine, N.Y. 

Madeline Christine Fineran, Md. 

Bruce Alan Finestone, N.Y. 

■Robert Jay Fishman, Md. 

Joseph Patrick Fitzgerald, Md. 

Robert Flachier, Md. 
♦Steven Robert Fleming, Md. 

Jerome Anthony Flowers, Pa. 

Vaughn Lee Fluharty, Md. 

Kathleen Ann Flynn, Md. 

Randall Thomas Forbes, Md. 

Diana Rose Ford, N.J. 

Mary Elizabeth Ford, Md. 

Howard Bruce Forman, Md. 

Ann Elizabeth Forsythe, Md. 

Patricia Ann Forsythe, Md. 

Betty Bradley Foster, Md. 

lerrold Stuart Fox, Md. 

Roger Neil! Fox, D.C. 

Geraldine Joyce Franco, Md. 
♦David Samuel Frank, Md. 

Edith Marie Franke, Md. 

William Francis Franken, Md. 

Estelle Diane Franklin, D.C. 

Dennis D. Freda, Md. 

jerald Israel Freed, Fla. 
tjoan Bennette Freeze, Va. 
♦Sally Ruth Freitag, Md. 

Maria Denise Frenzel, Md. 

Carol Christine Friendlander, Md. 
tMona Friedlander Md. 

Jeffrey Martin Friedman, N.Y. 

Pamela Zena Friedman, Md. 
tPatricia Anne Friedman, Md. 

Eve Judith Frist, Md. 
tDouglas Wayne Frye, Md. 

Phyllis Fulton, Md. 

Nancy Marie Fusillo, Md. 
tEdward Francis Gaffney, N.J. 

Frederic Richard Gallagher, Md. 

Elizabeth Louise Gallas, Md. 

Daniel Stephen Gardella, Md. 
♦Steven Dewey Gardner, Md. 

Gregory Paul Garrison, Md. 

Donald W. Garwood, N.J. 

Norman Gates, Md. 

Linda Lee Gehoe, Md. 

Harry William Geiglein, Jr., Md. 

Nina Maria Geiken, Md. 
tThomas Augustine Gentile, Md. 

Charles Michael Gerardi, Md. 

Henry Irving Gershman, Md. 

Ellen Jeanne Gerson, Md. 

Nancy Gevirtz, Md. 

Kim George Gibbons, Md. 

James Arnold Gibney, Md. 
♦James Thomas Gikas, Md. 

Myrna Cheryl Gittelman, N.Y. 

Jan Clattly, D.C. 

Paige Laconia Glaze, Jr., Md. 

Mark A. Glazerow, Md. 

Sydell Sarah Click, Md. 

Jane Ellen Gloss, Md. 

Jan S. Glustrom, N.J. 

Frederick Joseph Goebeler, III, Md. 

Arthur Charles Gold, Md. 
♦Donna Jay Gold, Md. 

Frederick Bert Goldberg, N.Y. 

Marilyn Sue Goldberg, Md. 

*with Honors; twith High Honors 


Phyllis Susann Goldberg, Md. 

Saraellen Goldiner, Md. 

Marcia Ann Goldman, Md. 

Nancy Ellen Goldsmith, Md. 

Susan Robin Golomb, D.C. 

Alan Webster Goodhue, Md. 

Gary Lee Goodner, Puerto Rico 
*Allen John Gordon, Md. 

Arthur Michael Gordon, Md. 

Robert Howard Gordon, Md. 

Peter Joseph Gossens, Va. 

Madelle Ann Gott, Md. 

Lorinda Irene Gottlieb, Md. 

Kathleen Mary Gough, Md. 

Tanya Orgrette Cray, Md. 

Valerie Jeanne Gray, Md. 

Richard H. Grayson, Md. 

Richard C. Green, Md. 

Elaine Dee Greenberg, Md. 

Gary Alan Greenberg, Md. 

Stanley Michael Greenberg, N.J. 
tSusan A. Greenblatt, Md. 

Richard Stuart Greene, Md. 

Charlene Ann Gress, D.C. 

Carol Lee Griffin, Md. 
tjames Michael Griffin, Md. 

Cecile E. Grimm, Md. 
*VVilliam Lee Grimm, Md. 

Lily G. Griner, Md. 
tRobert ). Groner, Md. 

Judith Eileen Gross, Md. 

Gil Harvey Grossman, Md. 

Robert Jay Grossman, Md. 

Gwen Ruth Gurland, N.J. 
*Judith Elaine Guy, Md. 
*Pete Hugo Haas, Md 

Nancy Stephenson Hafer, Md. 
tMichael A. Hagstad, Md. 

Mary Monica Hall, Md. 

Kathleen Marie Hallengren, Md. 

Gordon Carl Handte, Md. 

Mark Griffith Hanna, Md. 

Damian Ann Hanrahan, Md. 

Robert Joseph Hanyok, Md. 

James West Harbour, II, Md. 

Carol Leslie Hardesty, Md. 

Costas Haris, Md. 
*Richard Curtis Harms, Del. 

William Terence Harris, Md. 

Barrett Sfriith Hart, Va. 

John Millard Hart, Md. 

Donald Ross Hartman, Md. 

John Warner Hartmann, Md. 

William Ziegler Haskell, Md. 
*Cynthia Leigh Hatfield, Md. 

Anita Claire Hauf, Md. 

Edward McKinley Haugh, Jr., Va. 

Sheila Ann Havranek, Md. 

Jacques Hay, Md. 

Sheila Bronwyn Healey, Md. 
* Rebecca Bowen Hebb, Md. 

Ronald Montgomery Hebron, Md. 

Elaine Ann Hecht, Md. 

Anne Louise Hefiin, Md. 

Henry F. Hege, Md. 

George Arthur Heim, N.J. 

Carol Josephine Heiser, Md. 

John Stephen Helburn, Md. 

Daniel Robert Heller, Md. 

Ralph John Henn, Md. 
*Victoria Mary Hennessey, N.J. 

Douglas Warren Herbert, Md 

Myra Bernice Herlich, Md. 

Kathleen Mary Herreiko, Md. 

Terence Joseph Herron, Md. 

Pamela Rose Hevey, Md. 

Thomas Daniel Heyse, Conn. 

Deborah Lou Hickey, Md. 
tEarl F. Higgins, Md. 
tPaul Cole Higgins, Md. 

Richard Joseph Hilderbrandt, Md. 

Jean Ellen Hill, Md. 

Warren Edward Hill, Calif. 

Cecil Calvert Baltimore Hines, III, Md. 
*Spencer C.S. Hines, Md. 
tLaurel Gaye Hirz, Md. 

Lee Jeffrey Hirz, Md. 

Richard Norman Hoffman, Md. 

George Stephen Hollands, Jr., Md. 

James Timothy Holly, Md. 

Ronald Elliot Holt, D.C. 

John Apalategui Holte, Md. 

Teresa Elizabeth Holzhauser, Md. 

James Russell Hopkins, Jr., Md 

William Albert Horman, Jr., Md. 
tElaine Horwitz, Md. 

Judith Ann Horwitz, Md. 

Mary Louise Houck, Md. 

Catharine Marie Howard, Md. 

Kevin Collins Howard, Md. 

Patricia Marie Howard, Md. 

Stephen Grant Howard, Md. 
*Lenore Marie Howell, Md. 

Sophia Katherine Hruzo, Md. 

William Joseph Hudson, Jr., Md. 
tSherry Maigne Hulfish, Md. 

Kirk Hunerlach, Md. 

David Nelson Hunt, Md. 
tDeborah Ellen Hunt, Md. 

Kenneth L. Hurley, D.C. 

Nancy Hurley, Md. 

Thomas Michael Hurson, N.Y. 

David Frederic Hurst, Md. 
tCharles Larry Hutto, Md. 

College of Arts and Sciences 

Janis Ireen Hytia, Md. 

Rita Fernanda lafolla, Va. 

Joann Theresa Imhoff, Md. 

Eileen Marie Inglesby, Md. 

Terry Ann Ives, Md. 

Sherone Euzelle Ivey, Md. 

Joseph Anthony Izzo, Md. 

Barbara Helen Jabara, N.Y. 

Carleton Lebaron Jackson, D.C. 

Ann L. Jacobs, Md. 

Lynne M. Jacobs, Md. 

Ilene Bonnie Jacobson, Md. 

Betsy Kathearine Jaegerman, Md. 

John Arthur Jarnagin, Md. 

John L. Jarrell, Va. 

Julia Marie Jarvis, Md. 

Warren Robert Jason, Md. 

Barbara Lyn Jehlen, N.J. 

Ronald Wayne Jessup, Md. 

Donald Edward Jewler, Md. 

Jenny Ward Jig, Md. 

George Jarrell Jobson, Md. 

Donna Foltz Johns, Md. 

Bonnie Gayle Johnson, Md. 

Paul Joseph Johnson, Md. 

Thomas Moore Johnson, Pa. 

Douglas Paul Jones, Md. 

Gregory Evan Jones Md. 

Peter Raymond Joray, Md. 

Maurice Robert Jordon, Jr., D.C. 

James Michael Joseph, Md. 
tKathleen Mary Judge, Md. 

Michael Kaczaniuk, Md. 

Jeffrey Marc Kadet, Md. 

liana Kafkafi, Md. 

James Francis Kalbacher, Md. 

Mary Louise Kallander, Md. 

Bruce William Kamins, Md. 

Dorrie Lynne Kanofsky, Md. 

Jonathan Jay Kantor, N.Y. 
*Sarah Kaplinsky, Md. 

Steven Ira Karpa, Md. 

Kim A. Karpowicz, Md. 

Roger Neil Karr, Md. 

Jeffery Stuart Katz, Md. 

Judith Janet Katz, Md. 

Joshsa Jacob Kaufman, Md. 

Maria Royce Kaufman, Md. 

Scott Craig Kaufman, Md. 

Tobias Kaye, Md. 

Wendy G. Kaye, Md. 

Barry Kazley, Md. 

Michele Rosemary Keating, Md. 

Thomas Joseph Kebba, Md. 

Raymond Paul Keigher, Md. 

Janet M. Keller, Md. 

Mary Katherine Keller, Md. 

'with Honors; twith High Honors 


College of Arts and Sciences 

Launchlin Archibald Kelly, III, Md. 

Mary Anne Kelly, Md. 

Patrick Anthony Kelly, Md. 

Paul Kelly, Md. 

Donna Elaine Kemper, Md. 

Karen Ann Kendig, Md. 

Lawrence Edward Kennedy, Jr., Md. 

Vicki Ann Kennedy, Md. 

Steven David Kennevan, Md. 

Richard Barry Kessler, Md. 

Maureen Frances Ketchen Md. 

Kathleen Dunn Kibsey, Md. 

Stephen Herbert Kiefert, Md. 

Alan Kirzner, Fla. 

Susan Diane Kistler, Md. 

Steven Elliot Kiviat, N.Y. 

Patricia Marie Klapac, Md. 
♦Catherine Eugenia Klemic, Md. 

Thaddeus Klus, Jr., Md 

Mary Louise Knight, Md. 
*Kevin Paul Knott, Md. 

Raymond Joseph Koch, Jr., Md. 
tMark F. Kochevar, Md. 
*Susan E. Kollmar, Md. 

Barry Arnold Konig, Md. 

Thomas Edward Kosterman, III. 

John Gregory Kram, Md. 

Bruce Terry Kramer, Md. 

Francis John Kreysa, Md. 

Stephen Philip Krohn, Md. 

Harriet Dale Krol, Md. 

Paul Edward Krull, Md, 

Barbara Anne Krumsiek, Md. 
tCarol Ann Ksiazek, Md. 

Gregory Louis Kuhrtz, Md. 

Alice Lehman Kuryk, Md. 

Mary-Jeanne Zappacosta Kushner, Md. 
*Jerome Anthony Kuta, Md. 

Sharon Ruth Lamnin, Pa. 
♦Helen Vincenze Lane, Md. 

Rosemary Lane, Md. 

Judy Kathleen Lang, Md. 

June Margaret Lang, Md. 

Patricia Elaine Lange, Md. 

Diana Louise Langley, Md. 

Karen Ruth Lapin, S. C. 
tMark Charles Lapman, N.J. 

Marilyn Elaine Largey, Md. 

Katherine Mildred Earner, Md. 

Aniee Doris Larsen, Md. 

James Peter Larson, Md. 

Karen Elizabeth Larson, Md. 

Laura Claire Larue Colo. 

Ruth Carole Lates, Md. 

Donna Rose Latzko, Md. 

John Robert Laudwein, Fla. 

Dianne Marie Lawler, Md. 

Timothy Raymond Lazaro, Md. 

Diane Marie Lazarus, Md. 

Dale Everett Leach, Md. 

Barbara J. Leap, N.J. 

David A. Leatherwood, Md. 
*Faron Nanette Lebson, Md. 

Joseph William Ledbetter, Md. 

Eugene Conwell Lee, Md. 

Raymond Ashford Lee, Jr., Md. 

Richard Ronald Lege'er, Md. 

John Christopher Lehner, Jr., Md. 
♦Howard Steven Leibowitz, Md. 

Thomas Sylvester Leidy, Jr., Md. 

Sarietta Leifer, Md. 

Correan Marrie Lemaster, Md. 

Ronald William Lent, Md. 

Lawrence George Lessne, N.Y. 

Gail B. Levine, N.J. 

Stuart Henry Levine, Md. 
♦Ellen Sue Levinson, Md. 

Daniel Allan Leviten, Md. 

Barry Jay Levy, Md. 

Richard Franklin Lew, Md. 
tRoss Carlson Lewchuk, Md. 

Adrian Elliott Lewie, Jr., Md. 

Bryan J. Lewis, Md. 

Marjorie B. Lewis, Md. 
tThomas Basil Lewis, Md. 

Jacob Liao, Md. 

Joan Shelley Lieberman, Md. 
tKathleen Mary Linehan, Pa. 

Stephen William Linger, Md. 
tjohn Carl Link, Md. 

Linda Lupton Little, Md. 

Ralph Donald Little, Md. 

Doris Anne Lobb, Md. 

Paul August Lodato, Md. 
tBarbara Lais Logan, Md, 

Leslie Ann Loker, D.C. 
♦Callie Annette Looper, Md. 
♦Christine Mary Lortie, N.Y. 

Michael E. Lott, Md. 

Juanita Michele Lovett, N.Y. 
♦Rita Marie Luciano, Md. 
♦Geraldine Wai Yung Lum, Md. 

Paul Edward Luttner, Md. 

Reginald Willis Lyies, Va. 

Andrea R. Lynn, Md. 

Dyanne Stricklin Lyon, Md. 

Linda Harding Lyons, D.C. 

Robert Bruce Lyons, Md. 

Robin Stevens Lyttle, Md. 

Jacqueline MacMillan, Md. 

Edward Melvin Magin, Md. 

Bruce Alan Maladry, Md. 
tTerrence Shane Mahon, Md. 

Marcilla Lynn Major, Md. 

Lorelee Sharon Manheimer, Md. 

Susan Archer Mann, Md. 

Matilde Teresa Maranon, Md. 

Donn Stephen Marcus, N.Y. 

Jane Eve Marcus, Mass. 
♦Shirley M. Marcus, Md. 

Vicki Francene Marick, Md. 

Christine Micheline Marion, Md. 

David Samuel Mark, Md. 
♦Norman Edward Markovitz, Md. 
♦Janice Lynn Marks, Md. 

Nancy Lorraine Marraccini, N.Y. 

Mary Ann Marsh, Md, 

Joseph Michael Marshall, Md. 
tKathleen Mary Marshall, Md. 

Bonnie Anne Martin, Md. 

Diana Frances Martin, Md. 
♦Charles Martinez, Md. 

Janet M. Martinez, Md. 

Robert Allen Marvel, Md. 

Mark William Mason, Md. 

Michael Keith Mason, Md. 

Roy Lenard Mason, Md. 
tKathleen Beck Matus, Md. 

Garry J. May, N.J. 

John Oliver Mazcko, Md. 

Toby Carol Mazer, Md. 

Welford James McCaffrey, III, Md. 

Naomi Theresa McCall, D.C. 

Donald Frederick McCann, Md. 
tEllen Marie McCarthy, Md. 

Susan Mary McCarthy, Md. 

Wayne Filbey McDonnell, Md. 

Pamela Anne McFarland, Md. 

Timothy Francis McGinn, Md. 

Eileen Dorothy McGuirk, N,J, 

Suzanne McKay, Md. 
tRonald Harold McKinney, Md. 

Kevin Eugene McManus, Md. 

Michael Francis McManus, Md. 
♦Ann J. McNerney, Md. 
tSusan McWhorter, Md. 

Joan Ulrich Mealy, Md. 
tCheryl Lynn Medeiros, Md. 
♦John David Melius, Md. 

Margaret Katherine Melson, Md. 

John Michael Menard, Md. 

Debra Susan Mentzer, Md. 
♦Susan Elaine Merdinger, Md. 
♦Michael Francis Meros, Md. 

Juanita Gail Merson, Md. 

Douglas John Messerli, Md. 

Marian Glisan Metcalfe, Md. 

Michael Bruce Metzger, Md. 

Andrice Jean Michaels, Md. 

Christine L. Miller, Md. 

•with Honors; twith High Honors 


tlohn Raymond Miller, Md. 

Norman E. Miller, Md. 

Ronald Delano Miller, Md. 

Thomas Damian Miller, Md. 

Bruce Paul Millner, Md. 

John Hampton Mills, Jr., Md. 

Susan Mindlin, Md. 
tiacqueline Lee Mintzer, Md. 

Cheryl Ann Mitchell, Md. 
*Dennis Robert Mobley, Md. 

Ruth Anna Moncure, Md. 

Gary Bruce Moore, Md. 

John Van Loon Moore, Md. 

Terrence David Moore, Md. 

Elizabeth Noemi Mora, Md. 
*Katherine Sue Morris, Md. 

Patrick Lynn Morris, Md. 

Glenn Louis Morrison, Md. 

Linda Susan Morrison, Md. 

Gail Virginia Morton, Md. 

Wayne Michael Moss, Md. 

William Robert Motsko, Md. 

Mark Charles Mouhtouris, Md. 

Linden Robert Mowry, Va. 

Glenn David Moy, Md. 

Bruce Frederick Moyer, Md. 

Paul Bernard Moyer, Md. 
tTimothy Patrick Mulligan, Md. 

Carole Sabina Mumford, Md. 
tSusan J. Mundth, Md. 

Bonnie Murphy, Pa. 

Gerard Norris Murphy, D.C. 

Sharon Marie Murphy, Md. 

Gary Donald Mutzabaugh, Md. 
♦Deborah Kay Nagel, Md. 
*Kathryn Marion Naimo, Md. 
tKathleen Maria Nardini, Md. 
tRebecca Nash, Md. 

Carlos Patricio Naudon, Md. 

Donald Raymond Newhouse, Md. 

Martin McHale Newhouse, Md. 

Susan Rose Newhouse, Md. 

Myra Shelley Newman, Fla. 

Amelia Gwyneth Nichols, Md. 

William Thomas Nitsche, Md. 

Darryl Eugene Nixon, Md. 

Robert Bohumil Noha, II, Md. 

Carolyn Louise Norton, Md. 

Martha A. Nothstein, Md. 

Constance Catherine Nucker, Md. 

Marilyn Juanita Nue, Md. 
♦Marguerite Deborah Nye, Md. 

Judith Lynn Odell, Md. 
tMary Kristine Olsen, Md. 

Linda Lee Oney, Md. 

Charles Edward Oniey, Jr., Md. 

Carol Ann Ornes, Md. 

Karen L. Ort, Md. 

Magda Socorro Ortiz, Md. 

Jonathan Paul Ortman, Md. 

Donald Phillip O'Sullivan, Md. 
*Maria Bernarda Otero, Md. 

Jeffery Stuart Ottenberg, Pa. 

Robin Riehl Otterson, Md. 

Ann Cuinlan Otto, Md. 

Richard Mitchell Owens, Md. 

Joseph Carl Pacifico, Md. 

Deborah Ann Padrick, Md. 

Alice Kerr Palmisano, Md. 
tGeorge Frank Pappas, Calif. 

Mindy Ann Papperman, Md. 

Rosemary Mines Pardee, Md. 
tKenneth Ira Pargament, Md. 

Andrew Robert Pariser, N.J. 

Patricia Louise Park, Md. 

Franklin Matthew Parks, Md. 

Carolyn Ruth Parsons, Md. 
♦Joanne Margaret Paskar, Md. 

Neil Ritchie Paterson, Md. 

Peter Frost Patterson, Md. 

Susan Marie Paxton, Md. 

Lynne Maureen Payne, Md. 
♦Marlene Tobic Peake, Md. 
tCarol Jean Peciulis, Md. 

Penny Lynn Peerce, Md. 

Barbara Helene Pelley, Md. 

Steven Gary Pelzer, Md. 

Joan R. Pendleton, Va. 

Michael William Perri, N.Y. 

Duncan Ward Perry, Md. 

Richard Hart Perry, Md. 

Eugene Alan Petasky, Md. 

Mary Elizabeth Peterson, N.Y. 

Joan Tracy Peto, Md. 

Jean Elizabeth Phillips, Md. 

William Felder Phillips, Md. 

Anita Jean Piccolie, N.J. 
tHena Pilloff, Md. 

Maria Angelica Pinto, Md. 

Barbara Jan Pinzow, Md. 

Linda Jeanne Platshon, Md. 

Alan Lee Piatt, N.J. 
tBillieJean Piatt, Md. 

Walter Plotkin, Md. 

Barbara Kay Plovsky, Md. 

Barbara Jane Polcen, Md. 

Sandra Louise Pollack, Md. 

Barbara Pomerantz, Md. 

Urszula Irene Porebny, N.J. 
tPatrick Grishaw Port, Md. 

Elizabeth Ann Porter, Md. 

Suzan Marie Porto, N.Y. 
♦Bruce Theadore Posner, Md. 

College of Arts and Sciences 

tBarbara Judith Potash, Md. 

Mary Ann Povlishock, Md. 

Linda Marie Pregi, Md. 

Jody Elizabeth Prendable, Md. 

Alfred Thomas Prestileo, N.J. 

Sharon Elizabeth Prouty, Md. 

John Hydrick Pugh, Md. 

Barry J. Pullman, Md. 
tWilliam Mahlon Purdin, Md. 

Charles Lee Pyatt, Md. 

Jeffrey M. Pyle, Md. 
tjohn Robert Queen, Md. 

William Avellino Quintana, Md. 

Michael Charles Rabineau, Md. 

Michael Vernon Raedy, Md. 
tjanice Ann Rafalowski, N.J. 

Terri Frances Raport. Md. 

Doris Marie Ray, Md. 

John Preston Ray, Md. 

Patrick Edward Reale, N.Y. 

Katherin Anne Rechen, Md. 

William Thomas Redden, Jr., Md. 

Joseph Stafford Redding, Md. 

Dale Alan Reeder, Md. 

Natalie Helen Rees, Md. 

Anne Hardcastle Reese, Md. 

Charlene Lynn Reim, Pa. 

Kathleen Harris Rellihan, Md. 
tjoan Reynolds, Md. 
tThomas Edward Reynolds, Md. 

Sharon Diane Rice, Md. 

Wade Hampton Rice, Jr., Md. 

David William Richardson, Md. 

Miriam Rider, Md. 

Lana Ann Rife, Md. 

Elliott B. Riley, Md. 

Anthony Joseph Rivetti, Md. 

Mary Elaine Roache, Md. 
♦Jeffrey Lee Roberts, Md. 

Scott Taylor Roberts, Md. 

Benjamin Pinckney Robertson, HI, Md. 

Cynthia C. Robertson, Md. 

Norman Thomas Robertson, Md. 

Carole Phyllis Rochkind, Va. 

Jill Hardwicke Rockman, Md. 
tLynne Anne Rogner, Md. 

Samuel Rogovsky, Jr., Md. 

Paul Donald Rohde, Md. 

Robert Lawrence Rooney, Md. 

Michael I. Rosenbaum, Md. 

Harris Rosenblatt, Md. 

Dorothy Maxine Rosinski, Md. 

Jeffrey Alan Rosolio, Md. 

Jeffrey Scott Ross, N.J. 

Thomas Harold Ruark, Md. 
♦Joseph Lee Rubin, Md. 

*with Honors; twith High Honors 


College of Arts and Sciences 

♦Richard Rubin Md. 
tDiane Rudner, Tenn. 

Teresa Amelia Ruggieri, Md. 
♦William Theodore Rusinko, Md. 

Jonathan Baird Rutledge, D.C. 

Robin Virginia Rydell, Md. 

Howard Michael Ryder, Va. 

Jens Mikkel Rygh, Jr., Md. 
♦Linda Frances Saah, Md. 

Marjorie Helen Sablic, N.Y. 

Steven Mark Sacharoff, Md. 

Arthur Raymond Sackman, Md. 

Linda Ann Chigas Saksa, Md. 

Maria Janine Salatti, Md. 
tDeborah A. Salganik, Md. 

Wendy llene Salganik, Md. 

Nancy Nadell Salus, Md. 

Bonita Sandrowitz, N.J. 

Fereidun Bakhtyar Sanjabi, Md. 

John Joseph Santoro, Md. 
♦Harry Jack Sapienza, Md. 

Mary Louise Saulsbury, Md. 

Chnetta Leontine Saunders, D.C. 
♦Virginia Riley Savely, Md. 

Margaret Danaher Savidge, Md. 

Jill A. Savitt, N.J. 

Janice Lagrande Sawyer, Md. 

Mary Jean Schaller, Md. 
♦Thomas Niel Scharmen, Md. 

George I. Scheer, N.Y. 
tMarjorie Ann Schenk, MD. 

Ann B. Scher, N.C. 

Edward Paul Schiesser, Md. 

Jeffrey Schimberg, Md. 

Dale Lee Schirra, Md. 

Cariyn Schlossberg, Md. 

Thomas Frederick Schmelzer, Md. 

Mary Teresa Schmitt, Md. 

Peter Frederick SchramI, Md. 

Richard Laverne Schroeder, Md. 
tChristine Estelle Schubert, Md. 

Lynne Deborah Schubert, Md. 

Thomas Werner Schuiz, Md. 

Lauren Marcia Schwartz, Md. 

Marcia Mae Schwartz, Md. 
♦Janet Marie Schweer, Md. 
♦Gabriela Katharina Scott, Md. 

John Mcintosh Sears, Md. 

Lorraine Margaret Sebo, Md. 

Robert Wayne Seek, Md. 

Francine Seiden, Md. 

Roberta Seidman, Md. 

Susan St. Clair Seidman, Md. 

Janet Lee Seifert, Md. 

William Stephen Seipp, Md. 

William Paul Selig, Md. 

David Stewart Seltzer, Md. 

Larry Craig Semer, Md. 

William Andrew Seymour, Md. 

Major Lee Shackleford, Jr., D.C. 
tMichael Lee Shanks, Md. 
♦David Lee Shapiro, Md. 

Linda May Shapiro, Md. 

Lois Verdell Sharps, Md. 
♦Linda A. Shaw, Md. 

Nancy Joan Shaw, Md. 
♦James Michael Shedlock, Md. 

Marilyn Nessa Shelleman, Md. 

Melinda Helen Shelton, Md. 

Emilia Ann Shematz, Md. 

Patricia Mary Sherlock, N.J. 

Wayne Sherman, N.Y. 

Janet Louise Shiffler, Md. 

Gwen Frances Shipe, Md. 

Leslie Renee Shuey, III. 

Stephanie Ann Siegel, Md. 

Brian Malcolm Silber, Md. 

Muriel France Silfies, Md. 

Jack Samuel Silver, Md. 

Wesley Frank Silver, Md. 

Michael Edgar Simmers, Md. 

Richard Marshal Simmons, Md. 

Linda Fran Simon, Md. 

Wendy Lee Simon, Md. 

Don Thomas Sine, Md. 

Jeffrey B. Singman, Md. 
♦Mark Stephen Sisselman, Md. 

Frederick John Sisson, Md. 

Dennis Scott Sitka, Md. 

John Henry Skeen, Md. 

Linda Jean Skiles, Md. 

Mary Godfrey Skipp, Md. 
tAndrew L. Sklar, Md. 

Linda Ann Skrutski, Md. 

Robert A. Skylar, N.Y. 

Paul Millard Sladen, Md. 

Nancy Eleanor Slocum, Md. 
tDana Lea Smith, Md. 

Edna Lynn Smith, Md. 
tjoanne Barbara Smith, Md. 

Patricia Alison Smith, Md. 

Richard Wayne Smith, N.Y. 

Robert John Smith, Md. 

William Thomas Smith, Md. 

Howard Jeffrey Smolin, N.Y. 

Perry Snyder, Md. 
tRichard Snyder, Md. 

Todd Edward Snyder, Pa. 

Laurie Ellen Sober, Md. 
♦Gregory Michael Sorg, Md. 

Robert Michael Sorrells, Md. 

Alice Linda Sosville, Md. 

Lawrence John Sowa, Md. 

Judith Rollins Spealman, Md. 

Leslie Ellen Speert, Pa. 

Patricia M. Sprague, D.C. 
♦Judith Ellen Sprei, N.Y. 

Patricia Margaret Springer, Md. 

Taman M. Sprung, Md. 

Mary Karen St. John, N.M. 

Harry Steven St. Ours, Md. 

Valerie Stamps, Md. 

Joanne Pattee Staub, Md. 

Edward Joseph Stayskal, N.J. 
tRosalie Angelina Steel, Md. 
tjohn Robert Stein, Md. 

Halyna Marta Stelmach, Md. 

Karen Faye Stepanek, Md. 

William Dean Stewart, Md. 

Barry Allen Stiefel, Md. 

Debby Ann Stirn, Md. 
tVirginia Susan Straface, Md. 

Michael Harris Streett, Md. 
♦Norman Alan Strickman, Md. 

William Bernard Stringer, Md. 

George Guild Strott, Jr., Md. 

Anita Marie Summers, Md. 

Michael Archer Sundgren, Md. 
tLynn Beth Sures, Md. 

Margaret Anne Suriano, Va. 

Rhonda G. Surles, Md. 

Richard Walton Swain, Jr., Md. 

Dianne Patricia Swann, Md. 

Annie Lee Sweet, Tex. 

Dianne Janette Swiger, Md. 

Daniel Llyod Swinson, Va. 

James Kelly Sybor, Md. 

Shelley Rosen Szekely, Md. 

Laura Mae Tabler, Md. 

Thomas Earl Talbert, Jr., Md. 

Albert Norman Tanner, Md. 

Marta Maria Tatchyn, Md. 

Patricia Estelle Tate, Md. 

Joann Karol Cory Taylor, Md. 

Linda Sue Taylor, Md. 
tErikaUsbeckTeal, Md. 

James R. Teeters, Md. 

Jeffrey Bruce Teitelbaum, Md. 
tTheresa Ann Terry, Md. 

Alan Lieb Tetervin, Md. 

Nancy Lorraine Tevis, Md. 

Peter Graham Thomas, Va. 

Phyllis Anne Thomson, N.J. 
tDonna Lee Throne, Md. 

Fred Falconer Thursfield, Md. 

Ann Carol Tickell, Md. 

•with Honors; +with High Honors 


College of Arts and Sciences 

Odin Tidemand, Md. 
*Gregory Brown Tilley, Md. 

Patrick James Tlliey, Md. 

Kenneth Ray Tinl<elenberg, Md. 

Michael A. Tobin, Md. 
*Martha Wright Toth, Md. 

Louise Natalia Towels, Md. 

Joan Ethel Tracey, Md. 

David Edward Tresselt, Md. 

Thomas Trezise, Md. 

Lia Georgia Triff, Md. 

Sharon L. Trimble, Md. 

William Talbot Truitt, Md. 

Patricia Gail Tucker, Md. 

William Jamison Tufts, Md. 
*Grady Howell Tumlin, Jr., Md. 

Gregory Vincent Turek, Md. 
*Rita Louise Turetsky, Md. 
*Cregory Gerard Turlik, Md. 

George Edward Turnbull, Jr., Md. 

Patrick Joseph Twomey, Md. 

Carolyn Alice Ulf, Md. 

Benise Alison Ungar, Md. 

William J. Van Camp, Md. 

Joan Marie Vance, Mass. 

Richard Wesley Vangorder, Md. 

Curtis Ervin Vanover, Va. 
*Maria Teresita Veloso, Md. 

Robin S. Vernay, N.Y. 

Malcolm Alan Versel, Md. 

Betsey Jane Vielhaber, Md. 

Carol Ann Vix, N.J. 

Catherine L. Vogel, Md. 

Susan Elizabeth Voisinet, Md. 

Mary Katherine Wagaman, Md. 

Brenda Raye Wagner, Md. 
tFrederick Close Walker, Md. 

Janice Mary Walker, Md. 

Robert David Wall, Conn. 

Catherine M. Wallis, Va. 

Deborah A. Walsh, Md. 

Sharon Joan Walsh, Md. 

David H. Walter, Md. 

Frank Lynn Walter, Md. 
tjohn Macardell Walton, Jr., Md. 

Martha Jane Wampler, Oreg. 

Nancy Marie Wandres, Md. 

Maurice Sherman Ward, Md. 

Richard Edward Ward, Md. 

Elizabeth Ruth Waring, Md. 

Barbara Rose Warnock, Md. 

Kathryn Jean Weaver, Md. 

Janet Diane Webb, Md. 

Virginia Ann Webb, Md. 
tDarlene Victoria Weber, Md. 
*Marsha Irene Weber, N.J. 

Harlan Douglas Weikle, Md. 

Jerry Arthur Wein Md. 

Carol Phyllis Weiner, Md. 

Bruce Taylor Weinland, Md. 

Margit Beth Weisgal, Md. 

Rachel Ann Weisman, N.Y. 

George Louise Wellington, Md. 

David Herndon Wells, Jr., Md. 

Mary Joann Wells, Md. 

Sue Ann Welsch, Md. 

James L. Welsh, Md. 

Arlene Virginia Wergin, Md. 

Hilary Lindsay Wessel, D.C. 
tDeborah Kaye West, Md. 

Margaret L. Wharton, N.J. 

Larry Eugene Wheeler, Md. 

Edward Austin White, D.C. 

Patricia Joan White, Md. 

Charles Michael Whittinghill, Md. 

Robert Harrison Wickless, Md. 

Robert Charles Wiley, Md. 

Gertrude Elisabeth Wilkes, Md. 

Vicki Willey, Md. 

Linda Marie Williams Md. 

tMolly K.Williamson, D.C. 

Kaylene Anne Willow, Md. 

James Warren Wills, Md. 

Vera Rosalind Wilmore, Md. 

Howard James Wilson, Va. 

James Alton Wilson, Jr., Md. 

Sheila Marie Wilson, Md. 

Susan F. Winchester, D.C. 

Donna Jean Wirth, N.Y. 

Ronald Wayne Wohrman, Md. 
tBarbara Jean Wojciechowicz, Md. 

Rosanne Ida Wolf, Md. 

Gail Heil Wolfe, II, Md. 

Gerald David Wolfe, N.J. 

Stanely Edward Wolk, Md. 

James L. Wood, Md. 

Linda Carol Wood, Md. 

James Friedrich Woods, Md. 

Anthony Lane Woodward, Md. 

Joanne Carol Woodward, Md. 

Leesa Gail Woolfolk, D.C. 

Allison Elizabeth Wootten, Md. 

Louis Edward Wright, Jr., Md. 

John William Wrightson, Md. 

James J. Xinis, N.Y. 

Deborah Anne Yantz, N.J. 
*Ronni Marlyn Yaskin, Pa. 

Robert Andrew Yednock, Va. 

Renie Belle Yellowitz, Md. 

Vernetta Diane Young, Md. 

Kenneth Edward Yowell, Md. 

Alan Stuart Zamosky, N.J. 
*Mary J. Zeiler, Md. 

Donald Gene Ziegenfuss, Pa. 

Teresa Thomason Zimmerman, Md. 

Robert Marren Zinsmeister, Md. 

Irene Louise Zolnaski, Md. 

Justin Francis Zubrod, D.C. 

Margaret Mary Zubrod, D.C. 

Carl Bowman Bailey, Md. 
*Maris Baltins, Md. 
Sonya Mori Cohen, Ga. 
James George Cook, Md. 
James Michael Dyer, Md. 
Wesley Vincent Forgue, N.J. 
David Allan Foster, Md. 


AUGUST 27, 1971 

Ghislaine Renee Frederick, Md. 
Stephen Eugene Fryling, Md. 
Brian Francis Fuller, Md. 
Barbara Ann Garber, Va. 
Louis Gerald Gelrud, Md. 
Paul G. Gessner, Md. 
Rodger Carl Henning, Md. 

William Marvin Herbert, Md. 
William Joseph Hussong, Md. 
John Grant Irving, N.Y. 
Rosemary Keene, Md. 
Michael V. Kenlon, Md. 
Jeanne Kostas, Md. 
Stephan Edward Kraft, Md. 

•with Honors; twith High Honors 


College of Arts and Sciences 

♦Steven M. Lacher, Md. 
♦Albert Mang Lum Lai, Md. 

William Donn Mallery, Md. 

Richard Thomas May, Md. 

David John Minor, Md. 

Irva Bernice Nachlas, Md. 
Michael Peter Savage, N.Y. 
Henry Louis Schmidt, Md. 
Geoffrey Walter Sohr, Md. 
Howard Marc Swerbilow, Md. 

Leonard Albert Walch, Md. 
David A. Wheeler, Md. 
Yvonne Marie Wilkinson, Md. 

Edward Grant Abramson, Md. 

Theresa M. Bellew, Md. 

Martin Joel Book, Md. 

Richard Robert Brush, Md. 

Richard Irving Buhrman, Md. 

Parris M. Caulk, Md. 

Miao Sun Chen, D.C. 

David Michael Clark, Md. 

Arnold B. Cornett, Md. 

Lawrence Joseph Darmody, Md. 

Matthew Joseph Dudzinski, Md. 

Stephen Charles Ebner, Md. 

Arlene Bundschuh Figler, N.Y. 
tElizabeth Jane Moran Fisher, Md. 
tWilliam Gilmer Flowers, Md. 

Stephen Royal Frary, Md. 
♦Francine Sara Frome, Md. 

Dennis Stewart Ginsberg, Md. 

Albert Eric Giraldi, Md. 

Alfred Gluecksmann, Md. 

Thomas Alan Goldsborough, III, Md. 

Gary Gondelman, Pa. 

Robert Norman Goodenough,Md. 
tThomas White Hall, Jr., Md. 

Charles Keith Harris, Md. 

Robert Verne Hatfield, N.J. 

JANUARY 24, 1972 

David Edward Heller, Md. 

Thomas L. Hoffman, Md. 
tLinda Marie Hoxie, Md. 

Bruce Harmon Jacobs, Md. 

Lawrence Jay Jaffe N.Y. 

Charles Leonard Knupp, Md. 

Eliot Laurence Lieberman, Md. 

Mary Thompson Liebhold, Md. 

Janet Patricia Magee, Md. 

Robina Lynn Malpasso, Md. 

Wayne Martin, Md. 

James Patrick Mclntyre, Md. 

John Alan Mihok, N.J. 

Thomas Arthur Milleson, Fla. 

Barbara Diana Milton, Md. 

James Paul Mishoe, Md. 

Stephen Edward Moring, Kans. 

Andrew Charles Myrup, Md. 
♦Shirley Fumiye Nishino, Md. 
tStefanie Marie Nucci, Md. 

William Thomas Ofenstein, Md. 

James Perdue Gland, Md. 

John Joseph Oravec, Md. 

Larry Paul Panebaker, Md. 

Michael Allen Perez, Md. 

Barry Reichert, Md. 

Elaine Anne Roberts, Md. 

Miles Stanton Roberts, Md. 

Robert James Robertson, Md. 

Mitchell Alan Roffer, N.Y. 

Bennett Yarrow Ryan, Jr., Md. 

Howard Ira Saiontz, Md. 

Arthur William Schmidt, Md. 
tAnri Zenobia Scoles, Md. 

Walter Leslie Seely, Md. 
tFrances Caperton Shannon, Md. 

Stanely Shapiro, Md. 

Ronald Roger Shields, Md. 

Michael Joseph Smith, Md. 

Thomas Carl Smith, Md. 

Charles Henry Spaulding, Md. 

Philip Bradford Strauss, Md. 
tMary Elizabeth Suer, Md. 

Duane George Tash, N.J. 

William Edward Trinter, Md. 

Ricky Lynn Trovinger, Md. 

William Winton Warren, Jr., Md. 

David R. Watterworth, Md. 

James Robert Wedeking, Md. 
tBarbara Ann White, Md. 

Thomas Johnson Wingfield, Md. 

Sarah Susan Ahalt, Md. 
♦Roberta Meehan Alexander, Md. 

Martin Louis Alpert, Md. 

Raymond Edward Anholt, Jr., Va. 

Robert Gregory Arenge, N.J. 

Ann Rochelle Arnold, Md. 

Jeanne Marie Arnold, D.C. 
tRobert Lawrence Ash, Md. 

Daniel Abe Assad, Pa. 

Stephen Joseph Auer, Md. 

Mary Denise Avery, Md. 

Nelda Katharine Badger, Md. 

Akbar Bagheri, Md. 

Wilton Anthony Baker, Md. 
tEdward David Ball, Md. 

Paul John Ballesteros, Md. 

Richard Anthony Barbierri, Md. 

JUNE 3, 1972 

Leo Allen Barnard, Md. 

Merry Christine Baumann, Md. 

Robin D. Bayles, Md. 
♦Kevin Robert Bedell, Md. 

Stuart Bruce Bell, Md. 

Robert Mario Belott, N.J. 

Donna Lee Bemis, Md. 

Richard Augustus Bendall, Jr., Va. 

Barbara Jill Benisek, Md. 
tHoward lay Bennett, N.Y. 

Howard Floyd Benson, Md. 
♦Steven Marc Berlin, Md. 

April Lee Bickel, Md. 
♦Elizabeth Bartlett Bieber, Md. 

Bruce David Bitcover, Pa. 

Robert Harvey Black, Md. 

Pamela Jane Blackburn, Md. 

William Stephen Blaner, Md. 

Janice Lee Bleicher, Md. 

Kennard Robert Blevins, Md. 

Leah Helen Bluzer, Md. 

Richard Alan Bontz, Md. 

Glen L. Bowers, Md. 
♦Douglas Bruce Bowling, Md. 

John Milton Bowman, Pa. 

Zora H. Brennan, Md. 

Michael Joseph Brinley, Md. 

Martin Luther Brotemarkle, Jr., Pa. 
tLarry Kenneth Brown, Md. 

Terence Martin Bryner, Md. 
tTheodore Richard Buis, Md. 

Jesse Clement Bunch, Md. 
* Peggy L. Bupp, Md. 

Harold Kenneth Burke, Md. 

•with Honors; twith High Honors 


Ralph Scott Burkley, N.J. 

Joan Burnside, Md. 

James A. Busey, Me. 

Richard Alan Butler, Md. 

Thomas E. Callanan, Md. 

Joseph Cama, N.J. 

Courtney Thomas Camp, Md. 
tBarbaraJean Campbell, N.C. 
tjohn Jacob Cannell, Md. 

Caryn Canner, Fla. 

Gregory Andrew Canter, Md. 

Thomas Lyman Carlisle, Md. 

Terrence Niles Carlson, Md. 

Joseph Michael Casper, Md. 

Woodie Odom Castleberry, jr., Va. 

Joseph Forrest Cavy, Md. 

Allen Howard Chamovltz, Pa. 

Stella Tzu Yun Chao, Md. 

Richard Eugene Chatelain, Jr., Md. 

Elliot Jay Check, N.Y. 

Wendy Rose Chernikotf, Md. 

Wesley Michael Chin, D.C. 
t David Joseph Chitwood, Md. 

Daniel A. Church, Va. 
*Theodore Paul Ciarald, Md. 

Edward Robert Cohen Md. 
tJo-Ann Deborah Cohen, Md. 
tMildred Cohen, N.J. 

Stanely Albert Cohen, Md, 
tDavid Davis Collins, Md. 

Kenneth William Cowgill, Md. 

William Bruce Crawford, Md. 

Samuel Morris Creeger, Md. 
tCarroll William Creswell, Md. 

John Edward Cromwell, III, Md. 

James Dixon Curtis, Md. 
tHoward Marc Cushner, Md. 

Mark Eli Cutrufelli, Md. 

John Michael Damare, Md. 

Thanh Hung Dao, D.C. 
tRichard Mitchell Dasheift, Md. 

Bruce Donald Davis, Md. 

Elizabeth Franklin Dennis, Md. 

Louis Denrich, Md. 
*Dean Alexander Denton, Md. 

Jeffrey Scott Deschamps, Md. 

Edward William Devlin, Md. 
tStephanie Lynne Dier, Md. 

Charles T. Dieter, Md. 

Charles Donald Dietrich, Md. 

Carroll Marie Dillon, Md. 

Donn Jeffery DiNunno, Md. 

Michael Patrick DiPietro, N.J. 

Karen Ann Dorries, Md. 

Kevin Wayne Dow, Md. 

James Colburn Drake, Md. 

Robert William Drogan, N.J. 

Helene Jacqueline Duggins, Md. 

George A. Dumais, Md. 

James Michael Dunbar, Md. 

Linda Anne Dyson, Md. 

Michael John Eby, Va. 

Giersa Hicks Edwards, Md. 

David Murray Ellis, Md. 

Sue Ann Ellsworth, Md. 

May Shang Eng, D.C. 
*Alan Stephen Exier, Md. 

Deborah Eastman Farrel, Md. 
*Helen Herbold Farrow, Md. 

Walter Richardson Farrow, Jr., Md. 

Granville Benjamin Fassett, Md. 
tRobert Allen Feffernan, Md. 

Stephen Ronald Feit, Md. 
*lsadore Allen Feldman, Md. 

Neil Robert Ferri, Md. 

Frances Firek, Va. 
tRobert Stuart Fish, Md. 
tJohn Hendrickson Fiske. Md. 
*Mary Boyd Flynn, Md. 

John William Foellmer, Md. 

Gail Foure, Md. 

Vincent John Frattali, Md. 
tjoel Roger Friedman, N.J. 

Tyrell Clyde Furman, N.Y. 

Sue Ellen Gabel, Va. 

Harry Stanton Gallarda, Md. 

Steven Douglas Gaylor, Md. 
tLeonard Gerald Gehl, D.C. 

Theresa Anne Gemmell, Md. 

Harriet Ruth Gerber, Md. 

Peter Norman Gertson, Md. 
*Val Gibberman, Md. 

John Steven Gibson, Md. 

George Patrick Click, Md. 

Dwight Edward Glotfelty, Md. 

John Robert Clowa, Va. 

George Michael Gnall, Md. 

Neil Daniel Goldman, Md. 
tjames Stephen Gordon, Md. 

Mary Ann Gordon, N.C. 

Susan Ann Gosnell, Md. 

Donald Clifford Graham, Md. 

John Anthony Granados, Pa. 

Marybelle Gregg, Md. 

Howard George Griffin, Md. 

Darlene Mildred Gruel, Md. 

Francis Alfred Haifley, Jr., Md 

Gregory Steven Hall, Md. 
tjoyce Marie Harris, Md. 

Scott Alan Harwood, N.Y. 

Georg Theodore Hazzard, Md. 

Hope Coppage Hendrickson, Md. 

Mark Gordon Heneson, Md. 

John H. Henninger Md. 

College of Arts and Sciences 

William Marvin Herbert, Jr., Md. 

Rita Sue Herbst, Md. 
tMaura Therese Herring, Md. 

Frederick George Hess, Jr., Md. 

Rebecca Anne Hightower, Md. 

Max Shofner Hildreth, 111, Md. 
*Diana Kay Hill, Mass. 
tjames Allen Hill, Md. 
*Kristin Rae Hinds, Md. 

Timothy Scott Hinton, Md. 

Laurence Steven Hoffman, Md. 

Ann A. Holt, Md. 

Edith Sianna Holt, D.C. 

Tovondia House, Md. 

Eric Jeffrey Hovland, Md. 

Cheryl Anne Hughen, Md. 
*Leigh Alan Hurst, Md. 

Iris Solar Hyman, Md. 

Benjamin Thomas Hynson, Jr., Md. 

Abraham Ingber, Md. 

Eric Jacobi Paul, Md. 

Douglas Richard James, Md. 

Lloyd Edward James, Jr., Md. 
tPatricia Louise James, Mich. 
*Jack Charles Jawitz, N.Y. 
tDanae Marie Jeffrey, Md. 

Mario Jelencovich, Md. 

Fan-Fan Margaret Jen, Md. 

Mark Philip Jenkins, Md. 

Nancy May Jensen, Md. 

Stephen Henry Johnson, Md. 

Gary Michael Jones, Md. 
tYale Mitchell Kadesky, Md. 

Shakeh K. Kaftarian, Md. 

Stephen Hendrick Kaisler, Md. 

Ira Sheldon Katz, Md. 

Richard David Katz, Md. 

James David Kaufmann, Md. 
tDavid Roger Kehs, Md. 

George Henry Keller, Pa. 

Mitchell Alan Kellert, N.Y. 
•Stephen Craig Kelley, Md. 
•Kevin Kelly Joseph, N.Y. 

Maureen Anne Kennedy, Md. 

Nancy Cecilia Keselmg, Md. 

John Warren Keyes, Md. 
tDean Kim, Md. 

Thomas John Kimball, Md. 

Kathleen Deborah Kirkpatrick, Md. 
•Iris Barbara Klein, Md. 

Marc Alan Klein, Md. 
tBradford Allan Kleinman, Md. 

Douglas Eugene Kohlhepp, Md. 

George D. Kramer, Md. 
tAudrey Gail Kriegman, N.J. 

John Amil Kristianson, Md. 

James Lawrence Kuhar, Germany 

•with Honors; twith High Honors 


College of Arts and Sciences 

Stephen Evans Lane, Md. 
Zeph Lane, Md. 
tCeorge Sterling Larue, Md. 
tBarbara Stephanie Latterner, Md. 
*Suzanne Catherine Law, Md. 
James Earl Lehman, Jr., Md. 

Robert Lloyd Leung, N.J. 
tBarry Kenneth Levin, Md. 
Jeffrey Alan Lieberman, Md. 

Gloria Jan Lieu, Md. 
tAna Maria Llopis, Venezvela 
tRegina Maria Llopis, Venezuela. 

Robert Andrew Loeb, Md. 

Richard David London, Md. 

James Lyon Longmore, Md. 
♦Louise Ann Lonski, Md. 

Thomas Dale Lookabill, Md. 

Alan Dennis Lott, Md. 

Bradley Moulton Lufkin, Md. 

Paul Michael Madden, Md. 

Linda Teresa Maher, Md. 

Bonnie Lee Majors, Md. 

John Clement Malloy, Md. 

Felix Prada Mamani, Md. 
tDeborah Ruth Mangis, Calif. 

Raymond Jennings Mansfield, Md. 

Thomas Arthur Marcelino, Md. 

John R. Marcus, Md. 

Kathleen Loritz Matthews, Md. 

Douglas William McAdie, Md. 

Linda Frances McCaig, Md. 
tDavid Evan McCauley, Md. 

James Upsher McClammer, Jr., Md. 

Rodney Dean McComb, Md. 

Don Rafferty McCreary, Md. 

William Henr>' McDonald, Md. 

Michael Joseph McGivern, Md. 

William Stuart McKay, Md. 

George Henry McLaughlin, Pa. 

Celeste Gabrielle Meade, Md. 

Lee Robert Meiners, Md. 

Susan Helene Melkisethian, Md. 

Lee Bernard Melnikoff, Md. 

Robert B. Miller, Md. 
*Leo Louise Minasian, Md. 

Gary Richard Minkler, Md. 
tFee Jing Mon, D.C. 

tRita Anne Monahan, Md. 

Susan Marie Morgan, Md. 
*Thomas Daniel Morley, Md. 

Marilyn Morris, Md. 

Lee Jonathan Musher, Md. 

Vladimir Nacev, Md. 

Eric William Nachlas, Md. 

Virginia Amelia Naegele, Md. 
Roger Leon Nasteff, Md. 

tjoel Lewis Nathan, Md. 

Thomas P. Naylor, Md. 
Barry Norman Neeland, N.J. 
Richard Wallace Nichols, Md. 
tNancy Jean Nicholson, Md. 
*Thomas Richard Nickerson, Md. 
Christopher Saurin Norris, Md. 
tCarol Elaine Nyberg, Fla. 
Wallace Bruce O'Benshain, Md. 
Michael Andrew O'Connor, Md. 
Suzanne Elizabeth Olive, D.C. 
Lee Barry Oppenheim, Md. 
John Thomas Panzek, Md. 
*Peter George Pappas, Md. 
Glenn Ross Parkinson, Md. 
Robert William Patterson, Md. 
tRalph Edward Payne, Md. 
Clifford Irving Pearson, Md. 
Joan H. Pendegrass, Md. 
tWalter Herman Penney, Md. 
Arthur H. Perler, Md. 
Gerald Paul Perman, Md. 
George A. Picklo, III, D.C. 
Michael Joseph Pine, Md. 
Ronald J. Pinkley, Md. 
Harry Bristol Pitts, III, Md. 
Philip Lamothe Plante, Md. 
William David Plies, Md. 
*Astrida Antonia Plucis, Md. 
♦Gilbert Russell Poisson, Md. 
tGary Philip Posner, Md. 
Thomas Paul Potere, Md. 
*Lura jane Powell, Md. 
♦Thaddeus Peter Pula, Md. 
tDeborah Anne Quillen, Md. 
Barnett Alvin Rattner, Md. 
Russell Mackay Reid, Md. 
tAllen Geoffrey Rich, N.Y. 
Lorinda Richardson, Md. 
Christopher J. Rigas, Md. 
Thomas Wesley Roberts, Pa. 
John Andrew Robertson, Iowa 
Ann Louise Robinson, Md. 
Barbara Joanne Robinson, Md. 
Michael James Rodak, Md. 
♦Bridget Cheryl Rogers, Md. 
♦Elizabeth Jo Rogers, Md. 
Joseph Jerome Rolla, Jr., Md. 
Christopher Lloyd Romine, Md. 
♦Clarice Ann Rook, Md. 
Karl Anthony Rose, Md. 
♦Howard Lee Rosen, Md. 
Jordan David Ross, Md. 
Gina Barbara Rossi, Md. 
tPaul Franklin Rothberg, Md. 
♦David Brian Rubinstein, Md. 
♦Jerry Neil Rudden, Md. 
Bradford Alan Russell, Md. 

David Sackrider, Md. 
♦Linda Clark Sage, Md. 

Douglas Alan Salser, Md. 
♦Stephen Paul Sand, Md. 
Claudia Diane Sandusky, Md. 
Sharon C. Sauter, Md. 
Joseph Miller Saxe, Conn. 
Fred Clyde Saylor, Md. 
Robert William Schaffner, Md. 
Edward Dennis Schappell, Md. 
Robert Michael Schatz, Md. 
Barbara Lee Schiff, Md. 
Joachem Paul Schmidt Ernst, Md. 
John Joseph Schmidt, Md. 
John Thomas Schmidt, Md. 
tWilliam Milton Schnitzlein, Md. 
tCharles Nicholas Schoenteld, Md. 
Richard Gordon Schreitz, Md. 
Sara Ann Schuler, Md. 
Anthony Herbert Schwartz, Md. 
tGloria Bormel Segall, Md. 
Stuart Mitchell Seidner, Md. 
John Aleksey Semma, Md. 
♦Douglas Kent Shaffer, Md. 
♦David Adam Shaller, Md. 
Allan Barry Shapiro, Md. 

Charles Edward Shaw, 111, Md. 
Christopher Lynn Shawyer, Md. 
James Robert Shipman, Md. 

William Arthur Sigler, Md. 
tBruce Alan Silver, Md. 

Alan Jay Silverberg, N.J. 
Jeffrey Scott Singer, N.Y. 

Andrew Joseph Smith, Md. 
♦Blaine Edwin Smith, Md. 

Dean Hewson Smith, Md. 

John Charles Smith, Md. 

Kent Lyie Smith, Md. 
tLannis Bradley Smith, Md. 

Suzanne Elizabeth Smith, Md. 

David Morris Somerville, Md. 
♦Alan Bruce Spector, N.Y. 
tDavid Herschel Sperling, Md. 

Ronald Paul Sponaugle, Md. 

Judy Ann Sprague, Md. 

Frederick William Spranklin, Md. 
♦Edward C. Springer, Md. 

Robert Edward Staley, Jr., Md. 

Gary Clifford Stanton, Md. 

Jay C. Starling, Md. 

John Irwin Starr, Md. 

Caryl Lynn Staugattis, Md. 

Richard Russell Stearns, Md. 
♦Jerry Nelson Stein, Md. 

Kathleen Sue Stemler, Md. 

Joel Mark Strachman, Md. 
tMary Lynne Stracke, Md. 

*with Honors; twith High Honors 


College of Arts and Sciences 

Celeste Ann Strahl, Md. 
tHarry West Strahorn, Md. 

Earl White Stromberg, Md. 
*David Joseph Stryker, Md. 
*Sheldon Howard Suskauer, Fla. 

William Roy Sutton, III, Va. 

Patricia Kay Svvomley, Md. 

Mark Howard Tabak, Md. 

Mark Louis Taff, N.Y. 

Howard Ernest Tate, Md. 
♦William Bernard Tauber, Md. 

Helen Winston Taylor, Md. 
tDiane Lynn Thomas, Md. 
*Melinda Lucille Thomas, Md. 
*Patricia Jean Thompson, Md. 
*Alan Don Tiedrich, N.Y. 

Kenneth Robert Tindle, Md. 

Glenn Toner, N.J. 

Debra Ann Trahan, Md. 

Russell Spencer Travers, Md. 

Samuel Faires Trexler, Md. 

Stephen Michael Tullman, Mass. 

Lawrence Ian Turek, Md. 

tPatrick Allen Turnes, Md. 

Gary Gregory Twigg, Md. 

Robert Alan Varady, N.J. 

David Lewis Vaughan, Md. 

Genevieve Taylor Vershel, Md. 

Asta Marija Vietnas, Md. 

Leo John Volz, Md. 

Laura A. Waitz, Md. 

Ellen Marie Waldron, Md. 

William James Walker, Md. 

Susan B. Walsh, Md. 

Walter Markham Washabaugh, Md. 
*Cheryl Lynn Watson, Md. 

Katherine Mary Watts, Md. 

Richard Paul Weiblinger, Md. 
tElissa M. Weidaw, Md. 

Craig Colin Weikel, Pa. 

Wayne Gustav Weinel, Md. 
*David Allan Weiner, Md. 

Victor Harold Westhall, Md. 

Karen Lynn Wheat, Md. 

David Andrew Wheeler, Md. 

Gary Lewis Whited, Md. 
Joshua Simon Wilkenteld, Md. 
tSusan Marie Willard, Md. 
Christopher Brian Willson, Md. 
John Robert Wilmeth, Md. 
Mark Edmund Wilson, Md. 
Natan Ari Winer, Md. 
Michael Dean Wingeart, Md. 
Frederick Blix Winston, Md. 
Scott Charles Wittelsberger, Md. 
Eva Jadwiga Wojciechowska, N.Y. 
Gary Neil Wolford, Md. 
Lewis 1. Wolitz, N.Y. 
Daiva Anna Wood, Md. 
David Lawrence Wood, Md. 
Charles A. Young Md. 
Orrey Pierce Young, Md. 
Nazih John Yousif, Md. 
Chester P. Yuan, Md. 
Paula Jane Zientek, N.J. 
Brian Lawrence Zimmerman, Md. 
Stanely Howard Ziskind, Md. 


August 27, 1971 
Marajean B. Marvin, Md. 

January 24, 1972 

Eunice Louise Hill, Md. 

Mark Alan Stein, Md. 

Michael Stephen Avrick, Md. 

June 3, 1972 
Patti Frances Collett, Md. 

Diane Virginia Steely, Md. 

•with Honors; twith High Honors 


College of Business and 
Public Administration 

Candidates will be presented by Dr. Donald W. O'Connell, Dean of the College 


Harold Bellou Adams, Md. 

John Harding Ballance, Jr., Md. 
tCregory Dale Carmack Barnes, Md. 
tMichael Lynn Bean, Md. 

Leland Roy Beitel, Md. 

Peter Benjamin Buggica, Fla. 

Michael Joseph Burke, Md. 
tjohn Theodore Campbell, Jr., Md. 

Charles Ralph Chamberlain, Md. 

Timothy Stevens Coursen, Md. 
tOzro Douglas Covington, Md. 

David M. Crane, Md. 

Jocelyn Andrea Curley, Md. 

David John Denning, Md. 

Robert Charles Dorsey, Md. 

David Edmund Dowall, Pa. 

Stuart Keith Field, Md. 

James Olsen Fike, Md. 
tJohn Edvk'ard Forbes, Md. 

James Louis Frazetti, Md. 

Michael Conrad Fry, Md. 

John Campel, Md. 

Harry B. Gemmell, Md. 

Carlo Cilotte, Md. 

Joe Lamb Grahm, Md. 

Earl Stanley Gronkievvicz, Md. 

Richard Eugene Hastings, Md. 

Susan Louise Hayes, Md. 

Robert John Hetfner, Md. 

Les P. Henig, Md. 

August 27, 1971 

tjoel Samuel Hertz, Md. 

David Patrick Holcombe, Md. 

John R. Hon, Md. 

James Troy Honeycutt, Md. 

Edward Randolph Jackson, II, Md. 

Carolyn Anne Jones, Md. 

James Lee Jordan, Md. 

David Roy Kamauf, Md. 

Gary Howard Kerner, Md. 

Peter Kochmaruk, Jr., Mass. 

James Nelson Kolakowski, Md. 

Bruce A. Kramer, Md. 
tjohn Meador Kreimeyer, Md. 

Roy Ira Kupersmith, Md, 

James Lawrence Lears, Jr., Md. 

Margeret Lee, Md. 

Michael John Lightman, Md. 

Ronald Jason Link, Md. 

Valentine S. Liu, Md. 

Thomas Bussey Logan, Md. 

Lora L. Mackin, Va. 

Joyce Lynn Marshall, Md. 

Patrick Victor Martino, Jr., Md. 

Christopher George Mayers, Va. 

Wayne Douglas Miller, Md. 

Harvey B. Mills, Md. 

Daniel Gordon Mintz, Md. 

Kenneth Dwight Moorefield, Md. 

Edward Paul Moritz, Md. 

Pete Shields Nelson, Md. 

Nhung Thi Nguyen, Md. 
tTerrell Lee Owens, Md. 
Allan Hirsch Paul, Md. 
Barbara Ellen Peregoy, Md. 
Marna Ellen Podonsky, Va. 
David Michael Pusey, Md. 
Charles Frederick Rand, Md. 
Gary Keel Roberson, Md. 
Robert Frederic Rose, Md. 
Webster Ronald Roszell, Md. 
Gary Walter Scott, Md. 
Richard |. Shenos, Md. 
Terry Earl Shumaker, Md. 
Steven Larry Shuster, Md. 
Elena Dianne Silva, Md. 
Samuel Louis Simonovich, Va. 
Steven Fred Sisgold, Md. 
Allan B. Sotzsky, Md. 
Gary Ronald Steger, Va. 
John Marshall Stone, Md. 
Stephen Douglas Sullivan, Md. 
Tomohiro Takasaka, Md. 
Albert Roland Tankersley, Md. 
Neil Edward Tapman, Md. 
Charles Edgar Thomas, Md. 
Stephen Van Nostrand, Japan 
Stephen Ernest Wells, Md. 
David Lawrence Wiesman, Md. 

Gerald Leslie Addicott, Md. 
Doyne Clark Ahern, Md. 
Charles Russell Albright, Jr., Md. 
tjames Patrick Allen, Md. 
Michael Joel Alloy, Md. 
Larry Joe Alverson, Md. 

January 24, 1972 

Mahlon George Anderson, Md. 
Robert James Andrzejewski, Md. 
Louis Irwin Apple, Md. 
Thomas Lee Aslakson, Md. 
Hernan O. Aspiazu, Md. 
Jeffrey Charlls Ayers, Md. 

Richard Steven Backus, Md. 
Jerry Lee Baine, Md. 
Joseph Augustus Barrett, Jr., N.J. 
Robert Cota Barrows, Jr., Md. 
Stephen Ray Baumgardner, Md. 
Joe Park Beatty, Jr., Md. 

•with Honors; twith High Honors 


College of Business and Public Administration 

John Anthony Becka, Md. 

David Simon Beckerman, Md. 

Joseph Carson Beckley, Md. 

Frederick Rhodes Beer, Md. 

Marshall Charles Benedict, Md. 

Millard Stephan Bennett, Md. 

Edward Arthur Berg, Md. 

Robert John Berkebile, Md. 

Robert Hathaway Berry, Jr., Mass. 

Lawrence Robert Boer, N.). 

Frederick John Bohlander, Jr., Md. 
tjessie Louis Bourgeois, Jr., La. 

Christopher Claybourne Bowers, Md. 

Thomas Lee Bowman, Va. 

Raymond Lee Boyer, Md. 

Stuart Mark Breiterman, Md. 

Charles Craig Bristor, Md. 

Anthony John Brocato, Jr., Md. 

David Bronstein, Md. 

Gary Calvin Brooks, Md. 

Herbert Francis Brooks, Jr., Md. 

Robert Gray Browning, Md. 

Rodney Ellsworth Buckingham, Md. 

John Joseph Buckley, Md. 
tjerrold William Burgoyne, Md. 

Marshall Jerome Bush, Md. 

Ronald Burton Busick, Md. 

Richard Lee Caldwell, Md. 

Robert George Care, Md. 

Arthur Dorrance Casey, Jr., Md. 

Sharon Kathleen Cassidy, D.C. 

Clarence Mitchell Chambliss, Jr., Md. 

Micah Philemon Chapman, Md. 

Bruce Malcolm Chilcote, Md. 

Susan Chin, Md. 

Clifton Colin Chrapaty, Md. 
tjohn Davis Clark, Md. 

Richard Andrew Clark, Md. 

Robert Winston Clemens, Md. 

Gordon James Clifford, Md. 

John David Clifford, Md. 

Donald Brown Coleman, Jr., Md. 

Michael Colen, Md. 

Timothy George Collison, Md. 

Carol Compagnola, Md. 

Robert William Conde, Md. 

Mary Christine Cook, Md. 
tJohn Gary Cornali, Md. 

John Daniel Corun, Md. 

Dennis Lane Cregger, Md. 
tCharles Thomas Crichley, Jr., Md. 

Arthur Anthony Crisafulli, Md. 

Ronald William Cross, Md. 

Robert Bruce Gushing, Md. 

Donald Francis Cusic, Md. 

Eugene Joseph Daly, Md. 
tGary Edward Davies, Md. 

James Jay Davis, Md. 

lay Ritchie Defibaugh, Md. 

lustus Calvert Denner, Md. 

William Edward Dennison, Jr., Md. 

James Mallory Dockstader, Pa. 

Sherwood Alexander Dowling, Md. 

Alan Norman Drumheller, Md. 

Richard Thomas Duncan, III, Md. 

Ben Brooke Dyer, Md. 

Donald Calvin Eastridge, Md. 

Greg Wayne Eckel, Md. 

Joseph Anthony Eikenberg, Jr., Md. 

James Byron Elder, Md. 

John Barton Ellinger, Md. 

Walter Thomas Engle, Md. 

Glenn Rendal Esham, Md. 

James Martin Evans, Md. 

John G. Evans, Md. 

Ronald William Farhood, Md. 

Dennis Thomas Fean, Md. 

Alan David Feldstein, Md. 

Thomas Joseph Fitzgerald, Md. 

Brian M. Flynn, D.C. 

Stephen Allan Flynn, Md. 

Richard Dennis Fogg, Md. 

Christopher John Ford, Md. 
tDean William Frank, Md. 

John Conrad Franke, III, Md. 

Rodger D. Frederick, Md. 

Joseph John Frick, Md. 

Kenneth William Friesner, Md. 

Judith Ann Fusco, Tex. 

Michael Frank Gaidis, Md. 

Kyriakos Dimitrios Galiatsatos, Greece 

Thomas W. Galish, Pa. 

Bernard Francis Gallagher, Jr., Md. 

Sherry Ann Garland, Md. 

Thomas Allan Garrett, Md. 

James Joseph Garvey, Md. 

Joseph Alan Gassaway, Md. 

Page Windsor Caumnitz, Md. 

John Francis Gebhardt, Md. 

Arthur Stanley Gerson, D.C. 

Stephen Wayne Gilchrist, Md. 

Robert Lee Gilka, Md. 

Richard Martin Gjerulff, II, Md. 
tMary Griffin Goodpasture, Md. 
tWayne Blakeney Gordon, Md. 
*Bruce Charles Gorman, Md. 

Raymond Allen Grahe, Md. 

James Monroe Grammar, Md. 

Richard Neil Greenhouse, Md. 

Claude Alvin Gregory, Jr., Md. 

David Coulter Hancock, Md. 

James Saulsbury Hanson, Md. 

Andrew Hanzlik, Pa. 
tStephen Anders Hard, N.J. 

tRobert Wilson Harris, Md. 

Louis E. Henneke, Md. 

Stephen Leslie Herchenroeder, Md. 
tWalter Henry Hermani, Md. 

Vladimir James Hesoun, Md. 

Donald Eugene Hessong, Md. 

Robert Langdon Hobson, Md. 

Wayne Richard Holland, N.Y. 

Dennis Dunne Horton, Md. 
*Roland Eugene Hudgins, Md. 

Timothy P. Hudson, Va. 

Ralph L. Hughes, Md. 

Nancy Kay Hyde, Md. 

Perry Nelson Ives, Md. 

Thomas Sanford Jackman, Md. 

William Robins Jefferson, Md. 
tJohn Anthony Jenkins, Md. 

Allan Douglas Johnson, Md. 

Roland Wynn Johnson, Md. 

Michael Randolph Jones, Md. 
tDavid Lewis Judy, Md. 

Edward Francis Kaminski, Jr., Md. 
tMarc B. Kaplan, Md. 

Joel Howard Kaye, N.Y. 

James Robert Keenan, Md. 

Walter Duncan Kesting, Md. 

James Francis Kielt, N.J. 

Kevin Michael Kimball, Md. 

Arthur John King, Md. 

James Beverly King, II, Md. 
tSteven Ira Klein, Md. 

Stephen Campbell Kling, Md. 

Edward Joseph Kordula, Md. 

Joseph Gerard Kosojet, Md. 

Brian Richard Kramer, Md. 

Thomas Michael Krawchuk, Md. 

Wesley M. Kremkau, Md. 
*Steve Kronzek, Pa. 

Barton Kermit Kuhns, Md. 

Richard L. Lage, Md. 

Richard Henry Langis, Md. 

Kenneth Andrew Lavish, Md. 
♦Eugene Duffield Legg, Jr., Md. 

Kathleen A. Leibe, Md. 

Marcia Terry Leventhal, Md. 

Terry Harold Levi, Md. 

Kenneth Michael Levine, Md. 

Paul Martin Logan, Va. 

John Anthony Lollo, Md. 

James Michael Long, Tex. 

Clara Mae Lovelace, Md. 

John James Mahoney, Md. 

Albert Jackson Main, Jr., Md. 

Richard Gene Mannion, Md. 

Robert Russel Marsh, Md. 

Andrew N. Martin, Md. 

Bradley Lewis Martin, Md. 

•with Honors; twith High Honors 


College of Business and Public Administration 

Robert Barbee Maxwell, D.C. 

Gary Edward McAdams, Md. 

William David McCabe, Md. 

Kathleen Mary McCormley, Md. 

Michael Herbert Meier, Va. 

William Marshall Meister, Md. 

David Roy Mesard, Md. 

Harry Aloysius Meyers, Md. 
tChristine Barbara Mikes, Md. 

John Howard Miller, D.C. 

Nancy Leigh Miller, Md. 

Barry Alan Minkoff, Md. 

Allen Hearn Mitchell, Md. 

Laurence Franklin Mondorff, Md. 

Winifred Bradford Moore, Md. 

William Gibbon Morris, Md. 

James Charles Mosebrook, Md. 

Paul Martin Muhly, Md. 

Fred Garrett Mullich, Md. 

Clifford John Munz, Md. 

Robert Terence Murphy, Md. 

Daniel James Murray, Md. 

Robert Alex Nannetti, Md. 

Russell Alan Nasteff, Md. 

James Thomas Neubauer, Jr., Md. 

Stephen Ivan Newborn, Pa. 

Thomas Earl Newkirk, Md. 
*Mark Terry Nichols, Md. 

Frederick Wayne Nizer, Md. 

Paul Francis Novick, Md. 

Kevin Robert O'Brien, Md. 

Thomas Stephen O'Connor, Md. 

Dennis Charles O'Hara, Md. 

Dennis Alan O'Neil, Md. 

Karl Michael Penko, Md. 

Warren John Percy, N.J. 

Craig Nelson Perron, Md. 

Peter Agamemnon Perros, Md. 

John Jerry Perruso, Md. 

Thomas Nelson Pessagno, Md. 

Martin Metro Pietrowiak, Md. 
Joseph Samuel Pillera, Md. 
Bruce Richard Piringer, Md. 
Anthony Pisciotta, Md. 
tVernon David Pizzi, Md. 
Stephen I. Plevins, N.J. 
Joseph Ralph Pomponio, Md. 
Luis A. Portal, Jr., Md. 
William Stillman Pratt, 111, Md. 
Joel Wallace Prescott,'Md. 
Michael Frederick Preston, Md. 
Roy Harlan Preston, Jr., Md. 
Carl Henry Rauschenberg, Jr., Md. 
Pamela Jean Raymond, Md. 
Harry Rehl, Jr., N.Y. 
James William Rei, Md. 
Murray Carl Reiter, III, Md. 
Robert Ray Richardson, Md. 
Armand Edward Ridolfi, Md. 
John Joseph Robbins, Md. 
Lawrence Clement Rohan, Md. 
Andrew Robert Rosenberg, Md. 
tDavid Israel Rosenbloom, Md. 
William Hicks Ross, Jr., Md. 
Barbara R. Roth, Md. 
James Lee Rouse, Md. 
Vincent Frank Saccardi, III, Md. 
Howard Kenneth Sacks, Md. 
James Julian Sambataro, Md. 
Donald John Sauer, Md. 
Bobby Lee Savage, Va. 
Nancy Garland Schoolfield, Md. 
Jack Carl Schroeder, Md. 
Sue Carol Schultz, Md. 
Lee Michael Schwab, Md. 
Alvin Benjamin Scolnik, Md. 
David Charles Seibert, Md. 
John Francis Sheahan, Md. 
Ami Dov Sheintal, Md. 
Ronald Edwin Shoupe, Md. 

Kenneth Edward Sickmen, D.C. 
tRoslyn Tina Silverberg, Md. 
tjan Ellen Simon, Md. 

Murray Arnold Sislen, Md. 

Charles Lee Slagle, Jr., Md. 

James Richard Smithson, Md. 

Donald Norman Sperling, Md. 

Linda Anne Stark, Md. 

Roger Alan Stillwell, Md. 
tPeter Auldan Sutton, Md. 

Steven Rowe Swanson, Md. 

Dave Sunao Taguwa, N.J. 

Michael Montfort Tastet, Md. 

Philip Dana Taylor, Md. 

Richard Hill Taylor, Md. 

Robb Michael Taylor, Md. 

Anthony James Tennaro, Jr., N.J. 

Barbara Kay Terry, Md. 

Anthony S. Thomas, Md. 

Earl Ellsworth Trump, Jr., Md. 

Akira Tsuchihashi, Japan 

Samuel Elliott Tucker, Md. 

James Edward Vanghel, Md. 

George H. F. Venet, Md. 

Nina Grace Voehl, Md. 

John David Voorhees, Md. 

Sharon Ann Wah, Md. 

Steven Danenberg Wallach, Md. 

William Arthur Walsh, Jr., Md. 

Kathleen Marie Weaver, Md. 

Richard McLaughlin Webb, Md, 

Martha Gail Weidhaas, Va. 
♦Thomas Andrew Westrick, Jr., Md. 

Keith Randall Whitman, Md. 

John McGill Wigginton, Md. 

Ryland Lee Willis, Md. 

Stephen Stayton Woolston, Md. 

Connie Lou Wright, Md. 

Donald Albert Wynn, Md. 

Richard John Zitrick, Md. 

tRiccardo Lee Aboe, Va, 

Steven N. Achhammer, Md. 

Marilyn Ruth Acken, Md. 

George Albert, D.C. 

Caesar Allen Alsop, Va. 

Henry James Amann, Jr., Md. 

Walter Joseph Anderson, Md, 

James Victor Anthenelli, N.J. 

Bruce Richard Anthony, Md. 
♦Barbara Louise Armstrong, Md. 

Richard Edward Ashby, Md. 

Walter Wilkinson Atkins, Va. 

David Terry Attman, Md. 

June 3, 1972 

tGary Vahan Avakian, N.J. 

Leonard A. Babinski, Pa. 

William Foster Backus, Mich. 

Bryan Reyburn Bailey, Md. 

Henry Elliott Baker, Md. 

Philip Richard Baker, N.J. 

Garry Edward Winston Barnes, Md. 
*Scott Jeffrey Barnes, Ala. 

Richard Alan Barsky, Md. 

Jeffrey Wayne Bass, Md. 

Roderick Arthur Batease, Md. 

John George Beck, Md. 

Nancy Lynn Beck, Md. 

Paul Michael Bell, Md. 

Donald Thomas Benedick, Md. 

Gerald Raymond Benedick, Md. 
tPeter Benezra, Md. 
tArthur Lee Bennett, Md. 

Stephen Bradley Bennett, Md. 

Giles Randolph Benson, Md. 

Robin S, Benson, Md, 

Gary Stuart Bernstein, Md. 

James Patrick Bieber, Md. 

Karen Gail Binstock, Md. 

Craig Nelson Birmingham, Md. 

Benito George Bonanni, Md. 

•witli Honors; twith High Honors 


College of Business and Public Administration 

James Bonanno, N.J. 

Joseph Bonczkowski, N.J. 

Marcey Sue Borowsky, N.Y. 

David Edward Bourdon, D.C. 

Wayne Shore Bowen, Md. 

Linda Jeanne Boyce, Md. 

Darlene K. Brabec, 111, 
*Charles Edward Bradley, Jr., Md. 

Roger D. Bragg, Md. 

Joseph Francis Brennan, Md. 

Sara Rae Breslow, N.J. 

Christian VV. Brettschneider, Md. 

Jonathan Scranton Bridgford, Md. 

Keith Eric Brisco, Md. 

Francis Joseph Brosnihan, Jr., Md. 

Michael Edward Brothers, Md. 

Gary Lewis Brown, N.J. 

Harold Brown, Md. 

Mark Lawrence Brown, Md. 

Robert Lawrence Brown, Pa. 

Robert Spencer Browning, Jr., Md. 

David Francis Buckingham, Pa. 

Donald Joseph Burch, Md. 

George John Burik, N.J. 

John F. Burns, Md. 

Shirley Ann Butler, Md. 

Ellis Charles Byers, Va. 

Stephen Phillips Callahan, Md. 
tThomas Lewis Caltrider, Md. 

Del Richard Camp, Va. 

John Joseph Campbell, Md. 
tEugene Herschal Cantor, Md. 

James Norman Carmichael, Conn. 

John Eliot Carr, Md. 

John Lawrence Carson, Md. 

Camille Louise Carter, Md. 

Thomas Derrick Castleberry, Md. 

Robert Derry Catudal, Md. 

Ronald Michael Catzva, Md. 

Eileen Ruth Cavey, Md. 
*Patricia Eileen Cavey, Md. 

Richard Ceccone, Md. 

James Wesley Chaires, Jr., Md. 

Lester O. Chandler, Jr., Md. 

Micah Phileman Chapman, Md. 

Robert Paul Chastain, Md- 

Warren John Child, Md. 
tRoger Lee Chin, Md. 

Gary Eugene Ciuca, Md. 

Wayne Edward Clark, Md. 

Diane M. Cleemput, Md. 

Joyce Ann Clements, Md. 

Dennis O. Cloud, Md. 

Robert Charles Coggins, Md. 

Harvey Ronald Cohen, Md. 

Jay Clarence Coleman, Md. 

Marcia Donnette Connelly, D.C. 

Timothy Leonard Cornwell, Md. 

Ronald Jerome Council, N.C. 

Howard Sam Crawford, Md. 

Mark Edwin Crosby, Md. 

Charles James Cummings, Md. 

Michael Joseph Cunningham, Md. 

Thomas Patrick Curtis, Jr., Md. 

Leonard Cutler, Md. 

John Lawrence Daly, Md. 

Jerome Stuart Danoft, Md. 

Danny Lee Darby, Md. 

Patrick Ross Darr, Md. 

Patrice Corcoran Dashiell, Md. 
*William Francis Davey, Jr., Md. 

Harvey Solomon Davidson, Md. 

Gary L. Davis, Md. 

Michael Alan Day, Md. 
tChristine Decker, Md. 

Stephen Wayne Dellinger, Md. 

Michael Lawrence Derr, Md. 

Richard Lawrence Detwiler, Md. 

John Edward Devan, 111, Md. 

Pasqual Rico Dicamillo, Md. 

Carol Perruso Dijulio, Md. 

Gregory Anthony Diubaldo, Md. 

John McKinley Dobbins, Md. 

Joseph Michael Dobson, Md. 

Carlos Luis Dominguez, Md. 

Margaret Ann Dorasavage, Md. 
tAloysius Clayton Doyle, Jr., Md. 

Robert John Doyle, Md. 

Daniel David Dudek, Jr., Md. 

Alfred Felixberto Duenas, Md. 

James Moore Duls, Jr., Md. 

Thomas Dale Dunlap, Md. 

Paul H. Durbin, Md. 

Helen Easley, D.C. 

John Clegg Edgerton, Md. 

John Colvin Emery, Md. 

Allen Rayne Emminizer, Md. 

William S. Emrich, Jr., Md. 

Mark Victor Engel, N.Y. 

Roland Ellsworth English, 111, Md. 

Charles Richard Enis, Md. 

Larry Stuart Enten, Md. 
tGwenn Jane Evans, Pa. 
tStanley Abbott Evans, Md. 

Mark Fredrick Everhardt, Md. 

William Joseph Eahey, Jr., Md. 

Raymond J. Fatz, Md. 

Michael Stephen Febrey, Md. 

Robert Fred Fierstein, Md. 

Gary Stephen Figallo, Md. 

William Ronald Filbert, Md. 

lohn Byron Finch, Jr., Md. 

Walter Lee Finch, Md. 

Richard Martin Finkelstein, N.Y. 

Brian Marc Fischer, Md. 

John M. Fisher, Md. 

Barry Philip Fishier, Md. 

Sandra Beth Fleishman, Md. 
tCregory Wayne Fletcher, Va. 
*Nancy Jean Foltz, Md. 

James Alan Foulger, Md. 

Charles Andrew Frank, Md. 

Thomas Edward French, Md. 

Daniel Andrew Furman, N.Y. 

Brian Joseph Gallagher, Md. 

John Thomas Gallahan, 111, Md. 

Ronald William Gamble, Md. 

Walter Earl Carman, 111, Md. 

Rosemarie Gerstner, Md. 

Darel Joseph Gettier, Md. 
tSusan Elaine Gibson, Md. 

Robert Neal Gilbert, Md. 

Carlton Craig Gilchrist, Md. 
tjames H. Gill, Jr., Md. 

Frank Giosue Giordano, Md. 

David Reynolds Given, Va. 

Charlotte Class, Md. 

Bradford Kinard Glenn, N.J. 

John Vernon Click, Md. 

David Stahly Godfrey, Md. 
tChristian D. Golding, Md. 

Lee Bennett Goldstein, Md. 

Robert Earl Goodman, Md. 

Shelley Beth Gordon, Md. 

Stuart Yael Gordon, Md. 

Thomas Locke Gough, Md. 

Kenneth William Craber, Md. 

Patricia Claire Gradis, France 

Steven Joseph Graves, Md. 
tPatrick E. Gray, Md. 

Arlee Clayton Green, Md. 

Cheryl Jean Greenberg, Md. 

Leslie Joel Greenberg, Md. 

Stephen Dennis Griffith, Md. 

Michael Arby Gromet, N.Y. 
*Leon A. Gubala, Jr., Md. 

Richard Mark Guest, Md. 

Harry Guey-Lee, D.C. 

Anthony F. Guida, Md. 
tThomas Gutierrez, Md. 

Richard Joseph Hajjar, Md. 

Stephen Douglas Haley, Md. 

George Edward Hall, Md. 

Linscott Eldredge Hall, Md. 

Cordon Wayne Hamill, Md. 

Richard Dwight Hammond, Md. 

Douglass Scott Hampton, Md. 

John Fenwick Hanson, Jr., Md. 

Edwin Wakefield Harrington, Jr., Md. 

John Francis Harrington, Md. 

Thomas Donald Harris, Md. 

*with Honors; twith High Honors 


College of Business and Public Administration 

Henry Daniel Haslinger, Md. 
tClifford Gary Hathcock, Md. 

Olaf Christian Haug, Md. 

Ruth Ann Hauser, N.J. 
*Philip Marshall Hayes, Md. 

Richard Stephen Haynes, Md. 

Allen Warren Heap, Jr., Md. 
*Stephen Merrill Hearne, Md. 

David Franklin Hedges, Jr., Conn. 

Dennis Patrick Heffernan, Md. 

Thomas Walter Helmke, Md. 

Joanne Heming, Md. 

William Charles Hemphill, Md. 

Brian Patrick Henley, Md. 

Muriel Lisa Henson, Md. 

Donald Maurice Herndon, Md. 

Lawrence B. Herring, Md. 

Harold Ray Hess, II, Pa. 

Donald P. Hicks, Md. 

Francis J. Hill, Md. 

Stephen R. Hood, Ohio 

Michael Hoen Hoover, Md. 

Susan Arlene Horowitz, Md. 

Mitchell Lewis Hose, N.Y. 

John Decatur Hospital, Md. 

Edith Marie House, Md. 

Glenn Douglas Howell, Md. 

Marianne Soonai Howie, Md. 

Jeffrey Allen Hubscher, Md. 
tRand Lee Hughes, Md. 

James L Hull, Md. 

Stephen Vincent Hurley, Md. 

Howard C. Hyman, Md. 
tCerald Louis lanni, N.Y. 

Donald Wayne Insley, Md. 

Barbara Ruth Isard, Md. 

Fred William Jacoby, Md. 

Robert Jerome Jansen, Md. 

Raymond Maynard Jarrad, Jr., Md. 

Carl Peter Jaworski, Jr., Md. 

William Daniel Jeffrey, Md. 

William Shealy Jeffries, Md. 

Anne Marie Jennett, N.J. 

David Edward Jersey, Md. 

Clarence Luther Johnson II, Md. 
*James Robert Johnson, Wis. 

Mark Edward Johnson, Md. 

Ralph Euclid Johnson, Md. 

Thomas William Johnson, Fla. 

James Richard Johnston, Md. 

Robert Louis Johnston, Md. 
tWilliam Howard Johnstone, Md. 

Edward Graham Jones, III, Md. 

Frederick Lawson Jones, Md. 

Mary Ellen Jordre, Md. 

Stephen Blandford Joyce, Md. 
tjerry Milton Joyner, Md. 

Kenneth Michael Juliano, Ca. 

Steven Jay Kamins, Md. 

Allen Joel Kaplan, Md. 

Joseph Wayne Karol, Md. 

Joseph Chester Karpinski, Md. 

Harry Francis Kaufman, Jr., Md. 

lames Joseph Kavanagh, Jr., Md. 

Thomas William Kay, Jr., D.C. 

Thomas Vincent Keavney, Md. 

Michael Joseph Keenan, Md. 
tTimothy James Kelley, Md. 
tLeo Charles Kelly, Md. 

Deborah Lynn Kempf, Ga. 

Scott Douglas Kennedy, Md. 

Robert Campbell Kennick, II, Md. 

Bruce Joseph Kertcher, Md. 

David Holmes Ketcham, Fla. 

James Robert King, Md. 

Michael Alan King, Md. 

William Edward King, III, Md. 

Maryann Kirley, Md. 

James B. Kissinger, Md. 
tKenneth David Klein, Md. 
tStuart Allen Klein, N.Y. 

Robert Drake Kline, Md. 
tKenneth Wallace Knapp, Md. 
tVernon Edwin Knarr, Md. 
tCharles Richard Knerr, Jr., Md. 

Michael Charles Knorr, Md. 

Patrick J. Koehne, Va. 

Irvin Lee Kohne, Jr., Md. 

George John Kohut, Md. 

Raymond Edward Koontz, Md. 
tLawrence Myron Korb, Ohio 

James Michael Koshinski, Md. 
tRobert Charles Koslowski, Md. 

Samuel Abraham Kotz, Md. 

Geoffrey Leigh Kotzen, Md. 

Warren Jay Kozlow, Md. 

Richard Allan Kraichman, Md. 

Alexander Peter Kunaniec, Jr., Md. 
tHoward Kenneth Kurman, Md. 
♦Ronald Mark Kurtz, Md. 

Fabian Anthony Kwiatek, Jr., Md. 

Margarita Antonieta Labourdette, Md. 

Richard S. Lachman, Md. 

Burt R. Landtroop, Md. 

Bruce Lee Lane, Md. 
*Francis Joseph Lanigan, Jr., Md. 

Stephen Bruce Latter, Md. 

Michael Latyn, N.J. 
tjames Arthur Lau, Md. 
*Richard Wagoner Lauchman, Md. 

Laura Ann Law, Md. 

Milton A. Law, Md. 

John Brooks Leahy, Md. 
tRoy Alan Lebson, Md. 

Frank H. Lee, Md. 

James Carl Lee, Md. 

John William Lee, Md. 
tKenneth Jon Lee, Md. 

Lois Jane Lee, Md. 

Marilyn Louise Lee, Md. 
*Peter Kuhn Lee, D.C. 

William Yee Lee, Md. 

Duncan Arnold Leet, D.C. 

Richard L. Lefever, Md. 

Mark Thomas Leifer, Md. 

Annette Joan Leone, Md. 
tStephen Rodney Leser, Md. 

Timothy Roland Letzkus, Md. 

Paul H. Levin, Md. 

Edward Norman Levitan, N.J. 
*David Leonard Lewis, Md. 
tlvy Richard Lewis, Jr., Md. 

Ronald Maceo Lewis, Md. 
*Richard Lafayette Lichvar, Md. 

Joann Lieb, Md. 

Charles Mark Lindner, Md. 

Bellie Ling, Md. 

Joel Stuart Litzky, Md. 

Karen Stephanie Loss, Md. 

Robert Joseph Low, Jr., Md. 

Arthur Keith Lowen, Md. 
tBetty Pan Lum, D.C. 
*Barry Steven Lumlsh, N.Y. 

Stanley Michael Lutz, Md. 

Christopher Joseph Lyman, Md. 

Richard Hooker Lynch, Jr., Md. 
♦Douglas Stuart MacDonald, Md. 

Charles Gambrill MacGill, Md. 

Hervey Gilbert Machen, 111, Md. 

Donald Alfred Machis, Md. 
tEdward Lewin Maddox, Md. 

Margaret Mary Maguire, Md. 

Malcolm G. Makel, Md. 

Charles Robert Mallalieu, Jr., Md. 

Bruce Michael Malone, Md. 

Betty Ann Mandel, N.Y. 

William Richard Maranto, Md. 

Lewis Bradley Marman, Jr., Md. 

Richard John Marquardt, Jr., Md. 
tEdward Blaine Marr, Md. 

Peggy L. Marsheck, Md. 

John Melvin Martin, Jr., Md. 

Larry Ross Martin, Md. 

Thomas McCallister Maslin, Md. 

Marie Evalyn Mastin, Md. 
tDiane Mary Matarazzo, Md. 

Richard Scott Mattison, Md. 
♦Norman Francis May, Jr., Md. 

Dianne Marie Mazor, Md. 

Frank Albert McBride, III, Md. 

Thomas Joseph McCabe, Md. 

*with Honors; twith High Honors 


College of Business and Public Administration 

Timothy Brian McCall, Md. 

Dale Ann McCarthy, Md. 
tRosellen McCarthy, Md. 

Tom Wayne McCary, Md. 

Thomas William McConnaughey, Md. 
*John Walker McCullough, Md. 
tBrian Francis McCully, Md. 
tjames Anthony McCully, Md. 

Ronald Willard McDaniel, Md. 

Lee Warren McDowell, Md. 

Janet Hester McGreenery, Md. 
tjames Michael McHenry, Jr., Md. 

John Richard McKenny, Md. 

Keith Stanton McKenzie, N.J. 

Deborah McKerrow, Md. 

Bobby Thomas McLeod, D.C. 

William Frederick Mehler, Jr., Md. 

Richard Peter Mele, N.Y. 
tLouis Philip Mellinger, N.J. 

Gary Steven Melnick, Md. 

Frederick Kyle Mengel, Md. 

Paul Jay Mensh, Md. 
tSally Ann Meyers, Md. 

Eugene Edward Middleton, Jr., Md. 

David Alan Miller, Md. 
*David Huls Miller, Md. 

Donna Jeanne Miller, Md. 

Terry Charles Mirachi, Md. 

Richard Emmett Mitchell, Md. 

Rosemary Ann Mitchell, N.J. 

Roberto Antonio Molina, Md. 

Benjamin Frank Mondell, Md. 

Andrew Jackson Moore, Jr., Md. 

Gary Lee Moore, Md. 

Paul Thomas Moore, Md. 

James Thomas Morefield, Jr., Md. 

Richard Andrew Morris, Md. 
^Richard Allen Morrison, Md. 

Frederick James Morton, Md. 

Shelley Harriet Moskin, N.Y. 

Michael Frank Mugno, Md. 
♦Michael Joseph Mulcare, Md. 

Gary Lee Mullinix, Md. 

John Patrick Murray, Md. 

Anthony Musick, Md. 

Theodore Evan Musiker, Md. 

Gerald Joseph Myers, Md. 

Bruce Robert Nable, Jr., N.Y. 

William Vincent Nardiello, Del. 

Thomas Denham Nash, Md. 

Charles Franklin Naylor, Md. 

Arthur Thomas Neville, Md. 
♦Stephen Alexander Newell, Md. 
tjames Burton Newman, Jr., Md. 

Barbara E. Newnam, Md. 

John Gicas Niarhos, N.J. 

Robert Albert Nicholas, Md. 

William Francis Nicholas, Md. 

Doris Jean Nicholson, S.C. 
tChristine Marie Noble, Md. 

Brian Walter Norris, Md. 

Ted Albert Nykiel, Md. 

Hugh Francis O'Connor, Md. 

Jay William Odien, N.J. 

Dale Chapman Cliff, Md. 

Robert Stephen Ollerhead, Md. 

Michael R. Oneil, Md. 

Dennis Michael Drear, Md. 

Ronald Peter Ottone, N.Y. 

Donald Brent Owens, Md. 

George Mark Parker, Va. 

Thomas Warren Parker, Md. 

John Richard Parsons, Md. 

Douglas Alan Patterson, Md. 

Pete Armando Paturzo, Jr., Pa. 

Anthony Quinn Pauletti, Md. 

James Edward Pekich, Md. 
tBarrett Joseph Penan, Md. 

Carl Herbert Perlstein, D.C. 

Karen Shelley Perry, Md. 

Michael Joseph Peter, Md. 

Carmine Lincoln Petriccione, Jr., Md. 

Stephen Arthur Pettit, Md. 

Kenneth Bruce Peyre-Ferry, N.J. 

Jerry Wayne Phelps, Md. 

Lawrence Joseph Phillips, Md. 

David Thomas Pierson, Md. 

Diane Maria Pietrantonio, N.J. 
tEdward Allen Pietsch, Md. 

Mark A. Pitt, Md. 
*David Richard Plue, Md. 

David Allan Polland Md. 

Mark Leon Popluder, Md. 

Jerry Gene Posey, Md. 

Charles jay Postow, Md. 

William Duane Pratt, Md. 
^Craig Ruddock Prescott, Md. 

Clenton Ray Price, Md. 

Jorge Casa Pulupa, D.C. 

Robert Rudasill Putnam, Md. 

John Carl Pyle, Md. 

Jack McKee Queen, Md. 

Manuel Alejo Quinones, Md. 
tBruce Douglas Rand, Md. 
tKatie Constantine Rangos, Va. 

William Robert Raspet, Md. 

Philip J. Raub, Md. 

James David Reese, Md. 

Clyde Kent Reeves, Md. 

Thomas Joseph Reidy, Md. 

Carl Peter Rhame, Md. 

Michael James Rheuport, Md. 

Charles Howard Rice, Md. 

Thomas Richard Rice, Md. 

Robert Rideout, Md. 

Donald Reed Rigdon, Md. 

Reed Stoner Roadman, Md. 

Ross Connor Roadman, Md. 

Lonnie Roscellus Robbins, Md. 

Mary Anne Robins, Md. 

Clement Vanlill Rogers, Md. 

Mark Edward Rogers, Md. 

Richard Lawrence Rombro, Md. 
tMary Penelope Rose, Md. 

Bruce Kenneth Rosen, Md. 

Clifton Harold Rosenberry, Md. 

Irving Charles Rosenblum, N.J. 

Laurence Jay Rosenfeld, Md. 

Jonas Howard Rosenthal, Md. 

Bruce Anthony Rossi, N.J. 

William Slater Rowe, Jr., Md. 

Paula Lee Rubin, Md. 

Robert Neil Rubin, Md. 
♦Robert John Ruppel, Md. 

Thomas Edward Ruprecht, Md. 

William Allen Ryals, Md. 

Steven Eugene Sabloff, N.J. 

Robert Alan Sachs, Md. 

Harvey L. Sanders, N.Y. 

Steven Ned Sandler, Md. 

David Martin Sanger, Md. 

James Joseph Sarnowski, N.J. 

Val Sorbello Sasmore, Md. 

David John Saul, Md. 

Brian Martin Savitt, Md. 

Andrew Schaeffer, Md. 

William Earl Schaffner, Md. 

Larry Jay Schoolnick, Md. 

Louis George Schreiber, Md. 

Sidney Morris Schuchman, Md. 

John Richard Schuize, Md. 

Steven Arthor Schuman, Md. 
♦Lynda Sipes Schurman, Md. 

William David Schutt, Md. 

Lawrence Elliott Scovotto, Md. 

Thomas James Sehler, Md. 

David Edward Seifert, Pa. 

Melih Bayram Sensoy, Turkey 

Michael Edward Seraphin, Md. 
♦Timothy Robert Sexton, N.J. 

Stephen Isidore Sfakianos, Md. 

James Patrick Shada, Md. 

James Allen Shaffer, S.C. 

Arnold Neal Shainker, Mass. 

Patricia Elizabeth Sharpnack, Md. 

Edward Allen Shear, Md. 

Jack Gary Shelton, Md. 
tCarlton Rowles Sherman, Md. 
♦Harriet Ann Sherman, Va. 

Russell Lee Shipley, Jr., Md. 

Lois Anne Shipway, Md. 

*with Honors; twith High Honors 


College of Business and Public Administration 

tCheryl Siekierka, Md. 
tRuth Ann Sievers, Md. 
tLoretta Martha Sih, Md. 

Robert Stewart Silverman, Md. 

Harvey Matthew Siman, Md. 

Jerome Paul Singman, Md. 
♦Francis Michael Sisto, N.J. 

Adrian Keith Skane, Md. 

Peter Alan Sklar, N.Y. 

Helena Mary Sledz, Md. 

Roy Richard Sleeman, Md. 

James Robert Slevin, Md. 

Russell Melvin Sloss, Jr., Md. 

John Albert Smith, Md. 

Russell Alan Smith, Md. 

James Dwight Snell, Md. 

William Frank Snively, Md. 

Robert Wayne Southard, Md. 

John Temple Specht, Md. 

Jack Evan Spector, Md. 

George Dukehart Spicer, III, Md. 

Bruce Anthony Stabile, Md. 

Wayne Headley Stack, Md. 

Barry Edward Starr, Md. 

Barney Ray Stephens, Md. 

David Burns Stevens, Md. 

Nancy Ahlfeldt Stevenson, Md. 
tCharles Rolland Stewart, Md. 

Michael Early Stewart, Md. 

Charles Richard Stogdale, Md. 

Michael Stone, Md. 

Lindsay Spencer Stott, Jr., Md. 

James Michael Strachan, Md. 
tMark Michael Sullivan, Md. 

Larry David Swerdlin, Md. 

Jacqueline Taylor, Md. 

Malcolm Carvel Taylor, Md. 

William Perry Tayman, Jr., Md. 

Walter Clark Teagle, Fla. 
tlrma Dator Tejada, Md. 
tEdward Robert Thomas, Md. 

Francis Gates Thompson, Md. 

James David Thompson, Md. 
*)ames Anthony Tiesi, Pa. 

Gary Alan Timm, Md. 

Mark A. Tobin, Md. 

John Devine Tolson, Md. 

Brough Emerson Tretfer, Md. 

Robert John Trogolo, Md. 

David P. Trueblood, Md. 

Kuen Mun Tse, Md. 

Michael Steven Tucker, Md. 

Patricia Sandra Uhl, N.J. 

J. Manuel Uriarte, D.C. 

Donald Lee Vancleve, Md. 

William Blakely Vanetten, Md. 

Don Vantine, Va. 

Steven Charles Vermillion, Md. 

Dixie Ann Vess, Md. 

Paul Matthew Vidunas, Pa. 

Douglas Cole Vivian, Md. 

Gary W. Wagner, W. Va. 

Paul John Wagner, Md. 

Michael David Walden, Md. 

Arlene Ann Waldman, Md. 
tRobert Carroll Waike, Md. 
*Frank Kelly Walker, Md. 

CharlesKelly Wallace, N.J. 
tGregory John Walling, Md. 
tMichael John Ward, Md. 

Michael Joseph Warren, Md. 

Margot K. Wasser, Md. 

Gregory Ellis Watkins, Md. 

Ellen Beth Wayne, N.J. 

Richard C. Webb, Md. 
tCary Karl Weber, Md. 

tjohn Daniel Webster, Md. 

Judith Ann Weinstein, Md. 

Candy Leighton Weiss, Md. 

David Weiss, Md. 

Gary Earl Wenger, Md. 

Gary Steven Westen, N.J. 

Linda Ann White, Md. 

Teddy D. White, Md. 

Thomas Alan Whitelock, Md. 

Richard Lisle Widman, Md. 

Kirk Louis Wiegers, Md. 

Charles Decker Wiemers, Conn. 

Robert Lewis Wilcox, Md. 

Leslie Ann Wilens, Md. 

Paul Lawrence Wilkinson, D.C. 
tAnn Scoville Williams, N.J. 

Peter Livingston Williamson, II, Md. 

Richard Alan Willis, Md. 

Robert Kenneth Windham, Md. 

Drew Russell Winneberger, Md. 
tCharles G. Wise, 111, Md. 

Rosalind Wonpat Wise, Md. 

David Edward Witkowski, Md. 

Kenneth Charles Wood, II, Pa. 

William Clinton Workinger, 111, Md. 

James H. Wyrss, Jr., Del. 

Harry Ray Yarrison, Md. 

Jeffrey Brian Yingling, Md. 

Victor Samuel Yocco, Md. 
tCharles Edward Yoe, Md. 

Candace Susan York, Md. 

Walter Guy York, Md. 

John David Youngwirth, Md. 

Michael Anthony Zeleny, Md. 
tNathaniel Stanley Zitomer, Md. 

John Charles Zydalis, Md. 

•with Honors; twith High Honors 


College of Education 

Candidates will be presented by Dr. Robert F. Carbone, Dean of the College 


August 27, 1971 

Marsha L\nn Ackerman, N.Y. 

David Alyn Adams, Md. 
tHelene Marie Armstrong, Md. 

Shirley Thorne Armstrong, D.C. 

Christine Anna Beard, Md. 
tDouglas N. Box, Md. 

Virginia Ann Brovvnson, Md. 
tKathleen Nellis Cole Butler, Md. 

Patrick Stephen Costello, Md. 

Magdalena S. Edmonson, Md. 
Pearl Queen Ellerin, Md. 
Robert Randolph Estes, Jr., Md. 
AletaM. Gadino, N.). 
Kenneth Cochal, Md. 
Betty Jane Holthaus, Md. 
Eugene Otho Jones, Jr., Md. 
John Paul Kenney, Md. 
Cheryl Lynn Kriss, Md. 

Susan Berry Lujack, Md. 

Margaret Ann Post, Md. 
*Susan jane Redding, Md. 

Michael Rogovsky, Md. 

Susan Gail Schwartz, Md. 
tFrances Thompson Sellers, Md. 

Carole Ann Wilson, Md. 

January 24, 1972 

Patricia A. Baldi, N.C. 
*Marie Theresa Barr, Md. 

Linda Walker Beach, Md. 

Thomas William Bradley, Va. 

Michael Dennis Carroll, Md. 

Michael Patrick Caruthers, Md. 

Randy George Changuris, D.C. 

Andria Michelle Charig, N.Y. 
*Madeline Beth Cohen, Md. 

Susan Olivia Daniels, Md. 

Susan Ann Dickinson, Md. 

Frederick Christian Dorn, 111. Md. 
*Sharron Louis Eror, Md. 

Rosemary Felsher, Md. 

Kathleen Ellen Fletcher, Md. 
*Raymond Louis Frappolli, Md. 
tLynne Mary Censor, Md. 

Louise Lyon Chormley, D.C. 

Tern,' Rix Crimes, Md. 

Frank Warner Hale, Va. 

Marilyn Harmon, Md. 

Joan Lee Hartge, Md. 
tAnna R. Hauptman, Md. 

lames Bruce Havvley, Md. 

Kenneth Earl Holliday, N.Y. 

Karen Lee Hulse, Md. 

Sharon Linda lr\'ine, Md. 
tCarIa Harris Johnson, Md. 

Theresa Marie Kauzlarich, Iowa 

Mark Jay Kornmann, Md. 

Linda Lie, Md. 

Eric James Long, Md. 

Janet S. Meike, Md. 

Susan Jane Miller, Pa. 

Michael Robert Mott, Md. 

Irene Pelszynski Murray, Md. 

Joan Katherine Pahl, Md. 

Daniel Frederick Pearlman, Md. 
tjanet Louise Peridier, Md. 
tSusan F. Podufalv, Conn. 

tCharlotte Ann Pryor, Md. 
tClenn Michael Queen, Md. 
tHertha A. Rada, Md. 

Shelly Mark Radnor, Md. 
tjeanne Flanigan Randle, Md. 

David Gary Rice, Md. 

Jessica Faye Richman, Md. 

Carolyn Sue Rountree, Md. 
*Sylvia Santa-Anna, Md. 
tHans-Alfred Schneider, Md. 

Ellen Marilyn Silverstein, N.J. 
tCheryl Marie Taetle, Md. 

Alyce G. Turner, Md. 

Kathryn Van Buskirk, Md. 

Betsey lane Vielhaber, Md. 

Diane Warshaw, Md. 

Tessell Williams, Md. 
♦Kathryn Celeste Wood, Md. 
♦George Hawley Wright, Md. 

Sally Keller Wright, Md. 

Carol Elaine Annas, Md. 
*Gloria jan Antetomaso, Md. 
Jo-Ann Assante, N.Y. 
Robert Edward Baulsir, Jr., Md. 

June 3, 1972 

*Diana Lynn Beall, Md. 
tLinda Jane Beckvvilh, Md. 

Kathr>'n A. Bell, Md. 

Janis Nancy Berman, Md. 

Mary Ellen Berman, Md. 
Michael Brooks Bernard, Md. 
Linda Susan Betts, Md. 
♦Diane Carol Bochanis, Md. 

•with Honors; twith High Honors 


College of Education 

tCherrie L. Bolls, Md. 

Thomas Gary Bond, Md. 

Edith Lee Born, Md. 

Thomas C. Bosa, Md. 

Robert Thomas Bradford, Md. 

Judith S. Bresler, Md. 
tSusan Marie Browning, Md. 

Bonnie Lynn Buckel, Md. 

John Kenneth Burk, Md. 

Susan Laura Burkwitt, Md. 

Millicent Emilie Carr, Md. 
*Diane Louise Carter, Pa. 
*)anet Cherry, Md. 

David Ray Cheslock, Md. 

Julia Frances Collins, Md. 

Stephanie Ann Comella, Md. 

Sydney Joan Condray, Md. 
♦Linda Ellen Cook, Md. 

Craig Christopher Crowley, Md. 

Patricia Mary Czwartacki, Md. 

Devany Elaine Dale, Md. 

Bonnie Susan Debaugh, Md. 

Deborah Kay Decker, Md. 

Adrienne H. Dern, N.J. 

Joanne Veronica Derosa, Md. 

Barbara Ellen Dick, Md. 

Harry Boas Dissinger, Jr., Pa. 

Donald Louis Dolce, Md. 
tPamelaJ. Doong, D.C. 

Susan Beth Dubrow, Conn. 

Jody Lockman Duckett, Calif. 

Karen Louise Dula, Md. 

Yvonne Ann Edwards, Md. 
tRhonda Margot Fischer, Md. 
*Diane Estaire Flyer, Md. 

Jeffrey Elliot Forbes, Conn. 

Mitchell Ira Francis, N.Y. 

Dorothy Patricia Franz, Md. 

Ruth Evelyn Friar, Ohio 

Lynn Rhoda Friss, N.J. 

Dianne Marie Galati, Md. 
*Bruce Christopher Gerber, Md. 

Linda Sue Glasberg, Md. 

Anne Susan Gold, N.J. 

Deborah Dukes Green, Md. 

Laura Lorene Grove, Pa. 

Charles Edwin Hall, Md. 

Yvonne Diggs Haney, D.C. 
tMerle Susan Harad, Del. 

Charlotte Gale Hayden, Md. 

Robert B. Hess, Md. 

Nancy Kay Hibbard, Md. 

Joan Ellen Highto, Md. 

Clyffeton William Hill, III, Md. 
tLynn E. Igou, Md. 

Sharon Linda Irvine, Md. 
tjulie Wye Ishio, Md. 
*Carol Saile Jeffers, Md. 

Carolyn Freas Jennings, Md. 

Donna Louise Jerome, N.J. 

Ronald Nelson Jessee, Md. 

Robin Frances Joffe, Ohio 

Marjorie Lee Johnson, Md. 

Ronna Sue Josephson, Md. 

Aimee Junker, Va. 
tDeborah Ann Katz, N.Y. 

Susan Lee Katz, Md. 

David Arnold Kaye, Md. 
tAlice Anne Kelley, Md. 
*Anne Marie Kibler, Md. 

John Francis Kirkpatrick, Md. 

Deborah Ann Kneisley, Md. 

Jeffrey Alexander Kohn, N.J. 
*Sarah Jane Kryszak, Md. 

Edward Perry Larkin, Mass. 

Stephanie Diane Laskin, Pa. 

George Leo Lawson, Jr., Md. 

Rose Ann Lennox, Md. 

Linda June Leypoldt, Md. 

Susan Carol Lieberman, Md. 

Linda Carol Loebenstein, Md. 
tSenta Lowenstein, Md. 

Robert Kenneth Lowery, Md. 
tjanine Mae Lynch, Iowa 

Christopher Andrew Maier, Md. 

Margaret Holloway McCabe, Md. 

Linda Ann Miller, Md. 

Dennis Joseph Montero, Del. 

Ellen Sue Morris, Md. 

Janet Moshinsky, Pa. 
*Mary Lucinda Motsko, Md. 

Linda Joyce Mukitarian, Md. 

Paula Hope Nobleman, Md. 

Debra R. Norinsky, Md. 
♦Theresa Cox Nugent, Md. 
♦Elizabeth Alma Oliver, Italy 
tSusan Eva Oseroff, Md. 
tSusan Arold Ousborne, Md. 

Jeffery Robert Padfield, Ind. 

Glen Barrie Peltz, Va. 

Christie Johann Petrilla, Md. 

Michelle Louise Pierluissi, Md. 

Carol Susan Pike, Md. 

David Norman Portney, Md. 

Joan Alice Pullen, Md. 

Marjorie Goetz Quinn, Md. 
tFederico Orellana Ramos, Md. 
tLilo Rawland, Md. 

Ruth Ann Rea, Md. 
tSusan Constance Richards, Md. 
tPamela Mary Richardson, Md. 

Janice Kay Rickey, Md. 

Ellen D. Ritterman, N.J. 

Guillermina Riutort, Md. 

Linda Lee Robinson, Md. 

Harriette Allyn Rosenblatt, Md. 

Carolyn Linda Pear Rubin, Pa. 

Kathleen Anne Ruckstahl, Md. 

Mary Anne Rutledge, Md. 

Virginia Ann Sails, Md. 

Antonino Saraceno, Md. 

Helene Gale Schechner, N.Y. 

Leslie Gail Schlags, N.J. 
♦Susan Carol Schneider, Md. 

Jean Louise Seawright, Md. 
tPhyllis Joan Shubert, Md. 

Patricia Jane Simmons, Md. 

Kathleen Louise Smith, Md. 

Tina Jane Solomon, Md. 

Robert Christopher Stanley, Md. 

Mary Elizabeth Sullivan, Md. 

Gene Francis Thomas, Md. 

Susan Marie Trice, Md. 

Betty Angela Valltos, Md. 
♦Judith Annell Vanfosson, Md. 
tRonnye Ellen Varsov, Md. 

Mara Spade Velie, Md. 
tDoris Jean Venetta, Md. 
♦Anne Louise Vieira, Md. 

Sharon Leah Villines, Md. 

Ellen Jane Waranch, Md. 
tMartin Wehrle, Md. 
tBarbara Joan Weiss, D.C. 
tLinda Ann Welch, Md. 

Sarabeth Zirkle Werner, D.C. 

Helene Elaine Westcott, Md. 

Roland Gregory Whitacre, Md. 

Patricia Jo White, Md. 

Elaine Louise Williams, Md. 
tLynn Williams, Md. 

Alyson Meininger Wilson, Md. 

Faye Ann Wolfstein, Fla. 

Linnea Alice Zetter, Md. 
♦Marilyn S. Zitomer, Md. 

•with Honors; twith High Honors 



August 27, 1971 

College of Education 

Sally Ellen Adam, Md. 

Abraham A. Alon, Md. 

Martha Guiler Ames, Md. 

Marcella Anne Aucremanne, Md. 

Thomas Ellery Baker, Md. 

Helen Lee Barnes, Md. 

William C. Baugh, Md. 

Ralph W. Baumgardner, Md. 

Jane Elizabeth Behrens, Md. 
tjudy Alice Bell, Md. 
tPatricia Daniels Bogan, Md. 

James Jefferson Bogard, Md. 

Joan Horkay Bojsza, Md. 

Barbara L. Bowers, Md. 

Beverly W. Bowman, Md. 

Barbara Ann Brady, Md. 

Raymond C. Buchman, jr., Md. 

Donna Jean Byars, Md. 

Donald Grayson Campbell, II, Md. 
*Leona Jewell D'Annenberg, Md. 

Maria-Isabel Del Canto, Md. 

William Edward Dempsey, Md. 

William Martin Diegel, Md. 

Martha Sothoron Donovan, Md. 

Seena Fran Engel, Md. 

Edward Flowers, Md. 

Christine Julia Fones, Md. 

Phyllis Joan Forkel, Md. 

Audrey Bernice Funk, Md. 

Christie Anne Getz, Md. 

Isabel Green Godwin, Md. 

Eileen F. Grosshandler, Md. 

David Earl Guetler, Md. 

Sarah Jane Hanthorn, Md. 

Vivian Palma Harriman, Md. 

Margaret Sue Hobbs, Md. 

Linda hlolzman, Md. 

Faye Eileen Huckert, Md. 

Lenore M. Humberson, Md. 

Mary Anne Joda, Md. 

Shiela Anne Keigher, Md. 

Ann Celeste Killion, Md. 

Nancy Ellen Kriegel, Md. 

Ronald Charles Laber, Md. 

Eleanor Moon Larrabee, Md. 

Mark Edward Levine, Md. 

Francis P. Mancuso, Md. 

Rita M. Marinello, N.Y. 

Beverly Jean Marks, Md. 

John Charles Marshall, Md. 

Kathleen McEwen, N.J. 

Richard Leo Miner, Jr., Md. 

Gloria Dale Montano, Md. 

Joseph Anthony Mutolo, Md. 

FHelen M. Norris, Md. 

Frank Emanuel Novotny, Jr., Md. 
*Susan Ann Ochfeld, Md. 

Susan Dean Ogletree, Md. 
*Mary Alice O'Halloran, Md. 

Alan Robert Oresky, Md. 

Naomi Lynn Parker, Md. 

George Albert Peters, Md. 

Judith Ann Reed, Md. 

Susan Elizabeth Richardson, Md. 

Charles Robert Rimpo, Md. 

Anna Marie Robbins, Md. 

Marion Andrea Rourke, Md. 

Carroll David Rowe, Md. 

Harriet Mae Sealfon, Md. 

Sherry Janet Seiden, Md. 

Cherie Faye Seidman, Md. 
*Linda Silvern, Md. 

Steven Bruce Silvern, Md. 

James Michael Spencer, Md. 
♦Sandra Lee Staulcup, Del. 

Terri S. Tarason, Md. 

Janet Richards Thompson, Md. 

Rosemary Christine Thompson, Md. 

Deborah Susan Tinsley, Md. 

Francesca Elizabeth Tracy, Md. 

Gary Ray Vest, Md. 

John Howard Ware, Md. 
tjo Ann Symanoskie Will, Va. 

Janice Alma Williams, Md. 

Cecille Marlene Winston, Md. 

Robert Gordon Worthington, Md. 

Gerald Charles Yonetz, Jr., Md. 

Saralee H. Zakroff, Md. 

Linda Barbara Zetlin, Md. 

David Anthony Agee, Md. 

Grace Margaret Alder, Md. 
*Linda Amato, Md. 

Marion Louise Amos, Md. 

Patricia Jane Anbro, N.Y. 
*Dorothy Louise Anderson, Md. 

Robert Stephen Anderson, Md. 

Claudia Genevieve Arkell, Md. 

Steven Kearney Badeaux, Md. 

Barbara Carol Bahl, Md. 
*Melanie Lynne Baltz, Md. 

Andrea Baran, N.J. 

Candace Elise Barnhouser, Md. 
*Ann Marie Beard, Md. 

Donald Beck, Md. 

Sherrill Rae Bell, Md. 

Wayne Martz Bell, Md. 

Barbara Ann Biggs, Md. 

January 24, 1972 

*Dorothy Ann Blakely, Md. 

Virginia Oliver Bloomfield, Md. 

Phyllis P. Blosse, Md. 

Yasmin Shanta BoodhooSingh, D.C. 
tAdrienne Book, Md. 

Lawrence Gilbert Lukens Boyd, Md. 
*Sarah L. Brannan, Md. 

Barbara Mae Briggs, Md. 

Barbara Gail Brosman, Md. 

Judith Ellen Menage Brown, Md. 

Mary Irene Brudner, Md. 

Roberta Bryan, Md. 

Susan Buckwalter, Md. 

Verna Louisa Reamy Buczek, Md. 

Barbara Ann Budman, Md. 

Karen Ann Bugg, Md. 

Leslie Ann Burton, Md. 

James Eugene Callahan, Md. 

Sharon Anne Cannon, Md. 

Susan Mary Casper, Md. 
*MaryZabel Caulk, Md. 

David Bryan Chase, Md. 
*Margaret Lorraine Clarkson, Md. 

Eileen Anne Cleiman, Md. 

Linda Lee Cleveland, Pa. 

Wilma Loretta Coble, Md. 
*Barry Scott Cohen, Md. 

William J. Conlyn, III, Md. 

Daniel Francis Couglin, jr., Md. 

Patricia Gordon Crews, Md. 

Carolyn Ruth Currey, Md. 

Barbara Ellen Dale, Md. 

Nancy Lee Damberg, Md. 

Michael J. D'Antuono, Jr., Md. 

Arlene M. Darrow, Md. 

Patricia Ann Davis, Md. 

•with Honors; twith High Honors 


College of Education 

Use E. de la Puente, Md. 
tCarol Ann DeMun, Md. 
Robin Lynne DeSirey, Iowa 
John Paul DeVcs, Md. 
Donald Burchell Dickerson, Md. 
Robert Warren Dickinson, Md. 
Duane L. Dickson, Md. 
Helen Lois Dubick, Md. 
Margo Mary Durand, Md. 
James Cary Dye, Md. 
Virginia Alice Delappe Economos, Md. 
Terrie Lee Eesley, Va. 
Clarence Raymond Embrey, III, Md. 
*Diana Ping Fong Eng, Md. 
*Olive MacKenzie English, Md. 
Mary Margaret Evans, Md. 
James Griffen Everett, Md. 
Patricia Ann Falvey, Md. 
Ann Elizabeth Fannon, Md. 
Diane Jean Fasnacht, Md. 
Carol Elaine Fellendorf, Md. 
*Bruce Roland Ferguson, Md. 
Jeannine Marie Finnacom, Md. 

Helen Sonia Fitz, Md. 
Theresa Ann Fitzsimmons, Md. 
Carol Ruth Fitzwater, Md. 
♦Beverly Lucille Fogle, Md. 

Ina Kay Ford, Md. 

Barbara Ann Frid, Md. 

Selma Florence Frieman, Md. 

Cynthia Jean Fritz, Md. 

Frances O'Neill Gallagher, Md. 

Mary Conrad Gallagher, Md. 

David Craig Garner, Md. 

Connie Wright Gassman, Md 

Gail Howe Gilbert, Md. 

Jacqueline Gill, Md. 

Ruth M. Claser, Md. 

Elaine Marilyn Clazer, Md. 

Shirley Miriam Goldman, Md. 

James William Gordon, Jr., Md. 

Margaret Ann Cordon, Md. 

Ronald Arthur Gordon, Md. 
tBarbara Weinstein Greenfeld, Md. 

Diana Carole Greisman, Md. 

Samuel Warren Groeschler, Md. 
♦Phyllis Eileen Hagstad, Md. 

Norah lean Haley, Iowa 

Oliver David Hansen, Md. 
tDawn Marie Heindel, Pa. 

Mary Sandra Hellman, Md. 

Paul Elliott Herman, Md. 

John A. Hladish,)r.,Md. 
♦Robert Marshall Hoffman, Md. 

Minnie Doris Jackson, D.C. 
Patrice Anne Kaczmarek, Md. 

Barbara Eileen Kaplan, Md. 
Gail Renee Katz, Md. 
Steven Arnold Kebeck, Md. 
Joan Leslie Kenny, Md. 
Elizabeth Kimball Kiefer, Md. 
Mary Frances Kinley, W. Va. 
Charles Samuel Kistler, Md. 
Nancy Ruth Knebel, Md. 
♦Barbara Ann Knight, Md. 
Suzanne Margaret Koppelmann, Md. 
Judith Lynn Kornett, Md. 
Marilyn L. Kurt, Md. 
Sara Jane Kurtz, Md. 
Marjorie Frances Lambert, Va. 
Sydney Joseph Lawrence, Jr., Md. 
Robert Bernard Lemaire, Md. 
Sandra Diane Levin, Md. 
Nina Bertha Lindes, Md. 
Sophia Liplewsky, Md. 
Bonnie Merle Lipman, Md. 
Marilyn )o Lipskind, Md. 
Linda Sue Lipsky, S.C. 
Lynn Denise Little, Md. 
tMarsha Nettleton Lougee, Md. 
♦Michael Lee Lowry, Md. 
Decoursey Clayton Lucas, Jr., Md. 
♦Gail Elzabeth Macht, Md. 
John Paul Magee, Md. 

Donna Prechtel Magliano, Md. 
Susan P. Marin, Md. 
♦Carol Fowler Marshburn, Md. 
Angela Patricia Martino, Md. 

Leslie jean Mauck, Md. 

Diane Theresa McCleery, Md. 

Richard Paul McDonnell, Md. 

Shirley Jean McGaha, Md. 

Jeanne Huffman McGinnis, Md. 

Bonnie Jean McGregor, Md. 

Geraldine McKee, Md. 

Marsha Joy Menke, Md. 

Frederick Andrew Messing, Jr., Md. 

Michelle Mickett, Md. 
tChristine H. Miller, Md. 

Constance Ann Miller, Md. 

James Douglas Miller, Md. 

Pamela Jean Miller, Md. 

Ronald Miller, Md. 
tElizabeth Susan Mills, Md. 

Kathryn Ann Miner, Md. 

Susan Marie Mirabella, N.J. 

Edward Harrison Mitchell, Md. 

Stephen Phillip Moreland, III. 

Linda Kay Muellen Morris, Md. 
♦Barbara Susan Ross Morrissette, Md. 

Francine Sue Most, Md. 
tCarole Elizabeth Mueller, Md. 

Frederick William Mueller, Md. 
Donna Marie Mullikin, Md. 
Ruth Shayne Naftaly, Md. 
James Michael Nash, Md. 
Anthony Vincent Navarro, Md. 
tSandra C. Naylor, Md. 
Richard Oakley Neel, Jr., Okia 
Ellen Joyce Neilhouse, Md. 
Charlotte Suzanne Nelson, Md. 
Harrv' Lewis Neuman, Jr., Md. 
Linda Joan Newkirk, D.C. 
Susan Greer Nicholson, Md. 
George Michael Norris, Md. 
tSara Lee Okun, Md. 
♦Shira E. Oler, Md. 
Gloria Teresa Oliveri, Md. 
Joseph Walter Olszyk, Md. 
Grant Walter Ortel, Md. 
Judith Anne Ostdiek, Md. 
Judith Marie Page, Va. 
Gene Michael Paul, Md. 
Barbara Bell Payne, Md. 
Kaye Louise Lawrence Pelovitz, Md. 
Diane Ellen Pickard, N.Y. 
♦Mary Eileen Pierpoint, Md. 
♦Aria Rochelle Plattner, Md. 
♦Cheryl Marie Plotner, Md. 
Robin Elise Pollak, Md. 
Cheryl Lynn Posner, Md. 
tPatricia Barbara Rakes, Md. 
Mary Ruth Reagan, Md. 

Monica Lesley Regan, Md. 
William Bruce Reiber, Md. 

Guy Dawson Richardson, Md. 
tCail Marie Rixse, Md. 

William Lester Roberts, Md. 

Mary Patricia Roche, Md. 
♦Elizabeth Kristina Rohver, Md. 

Lance Haden Rose, Md. 

Carol Frances Rosen, Md. 

Ellen Sue Rosenberg, Md. 

Arlene Linda Rothman, Md. 

Evelyn Bernice Sagman, Md. 
tFaith Janet Schoenfelder, Md. 

Shelley Lynn Seiden, Md. 

Barbara A. Silberman, Md. 

Jay Harry Silverman, Md. 

William Martin Sinclair, Md. 

Emily Schloss Singer, Md. 

Mary Linda Singleton, Md. 

Rebecca Lynne Sisson, Md. 

Elizabeth Rogers Smith, W. Va. 
tEvelyn W. Smith, Md. 

May Evelyn Snowden, Md. 

Toby Lynn Solomon, Md. 

Wendy F. Sparrow, Va. 

•with Honors; twith High Honors 


College of Education 

Joseph Lawrence Spitzer, Md. 
Deborah Lee Spry, Md. 
Betsey Lehman Starr, Md. 
Linda Ann Stevens, Md. 
*Carol\n Lenore Stober, Md. 
Charles William Straughan, Md. 
Linda Murphy Strub, Md. 
Deborah Susanne Sudduth, Md. 
Rosemary Ruth Sylwester, Md. 
Lynn Ann Teagle, Fla. 
Nguyen Van The, Md. 
Robert Eugene Thompson, Md. 
Cher>'l Ann Tierney, Md. 
Ralph Glenn Tingler, Md. 

Joseph Stanley Tomczak, II, Md. 

Steve Zvi Topchik, Md. 

Carmela Marie Trivelli, D.C. 

Katherine Spangler Tucker, Md. 

Ruth K. Tuve, Md. 

Eloise Anne Ullman, Md. 
tCarol Susan Umans, D.C. 

John Albert Umberger, Md. 
*Carl Joseph Urban, Md. 

Michael Vincent Van Hoomissen, Md. 

Louise Anita Vasilakos, Va. 

Linda Marlene Vettori, D.C. 

Jo-anne Barbara Wade, Md. 

Cher^'l L. Wagner, Md. 

tjohn William Walstrum, Md. 

Sharman Elizabeth Way, Md. 

Linda Faye Weisberg, Md. 

Bruce Adams Wheeler, Md. 

Carolyn Joan White, Md. 

Kenneth Neal Whitmore, Md. 
tSuzanne Watson Wilson, Md. 

Nancy Beth Winters, N.J. 
tAnn Marie Wylie, Md. 

Virginia Anne Yates, Md. 

Susan Gay Young, Md. 

Joette Zitwer, Md. 

John William Adams, II, Md. 

Margery Anne Adams, Md. 

Carol Adier, Md. 

Elaine Rochelle AdIer, Md. 

Judith F.Allen, Md. 
tMary Holly Allison, Md. 

David Wallace Anderson, Md. 

Katheryn L. Anderson, Md. 

Pamela lane Anderson, Md. 

Carol Sue Andreu', Pa. 

Carol Elizabeth Antony, Md. 

Margaret Inwright Arnold, Md. 

Glenna Kaye Ashley, Md. 

Phyllis Anne Baboyian, Md. 
tElizabeth Henderson Baker, Md. 

Harvey George Baker, III, Md. 

Robert Joseph Baldwin, Md. 

Steven Paul Baran, Md. 

Kathleen Mary Barbee, Md. 

Linda Sue Barchers, Md. 

Clarence Hank Barnes, Pa. 
*Sally Lisabeth Barnes, Md. 

Josephine Rae Barock, Md. 
*Marilyn Mae Bateman, Md. 

Elizabeth Susan Baugh, Md. 

Caroline Susan Beall, Md. 

Michelle Dede, Becker, Md. 

Christopher Peter Behre, Md. 

Mary Kathryn Behrens, Md. 

Mary' Elizabeth Bell, Md. 
tDeborah Ann Bender, Md. 

Susan Lynn Benett, Md. 

Karen Claire Berg, Md. 

Penny L. Berg, Md. 

Rosalind Berlin, Md. 
*Cindv Lucille Bern,-, Md. 
*Linda Ruth Bloyer, Md. 

Cheryl Lynn Bokelman, Md. 

June 3, 1972 

David Allen Bollinger, Md. 

Donna Jean Bollinger, Md. 

Linda Beth Bondy, Md. 

Diane Virginia Borgerding, Md. 

Melody Lawrence Bowie, Md. 

Joan Pillion Boyle, Md. 

Bruce Michael Bradford, Md. 

Michael Fredrick Branagan, Md. 

Cynthia Ann Brandt, Md. 

Beverly Anne Brawley, Tex. 
*Lynne Brazer, N.J. 

Robin Ellen Breeskin, Md. 
*Mary Susan Briggs, Md. 

Susan Covington Brolle, Md. 

Pauline Marie Brosnan, Md. 

BetteSusann Brott, Md. 

Frederick Elmore Brower, N.J. 

Elizabeth Roberts Brown, Md. 

Jacqueline Ethele Brown, N.J. 

Sherry Sue Brown, Md. 

Phyllis Sandra Brownstein, Md. 

Sharon Louise Bruce, Md. 

Susan Roberta Bruce, Md. 

Karen Lynn Bryan, Md. 

Kit Warner Buckingham, Md. 

Deborah Ann Burgess, Md. 

Elaine Susanne Burka, Md. 

Signe Ann Bush, Md. 

Robert Samuel Butera, Md. 

Julianne Marie Cain, Md. 
tBarbara Ann Campbell, Conn. 

Barbara Lee Caplan, Md. 

Donna Kay Cardinale, Md. 

Lemuel Pembrook Carpenter, Jr., Md. 

Barbara Jean Carroll, Del. 

Ann Prver Carson. Md. 

Kenneth Thomas Carter, Tex. 

Jean Scott Gary, Md. 

Marie Concetta Castellucci, D.C. 

Samuel Chayt, Md. 

Susan Elaine Chiccehitto, Md. 

Christine Smith Cieslowski, Md. 
*|anet Marie Clark, Md. 

Yvonne Elaine Clark, Md. 
*Lori Susan Clement, Md. 

Veronica Jean Clise, Md. 

Kay Myra Cohen, Md. 

Margaret Maxwell Colby, N.J. 

Marilou Theresa Combs, Md. 
tjanice Lee Compton, Md. 

Robin Lisbeth Confino, N.Y. 

Thomas Mitchell Conlon, Md. 

Avis Lorraine Barbour Cook, Md. 

Mollye Ann Cook, Md. 

Elizabeth Ann Cooper, D.C. 

Ellen Cathy Cooper, N.j. 

Debra Barbara Corbett, D.C. 

Cynthia Susan Cordell, Md. 
tDale Christine Corvelli, Md. 

Carolyn Frances Cosgrove, Md. 

Sherry Ellen Cosloy, Md. 

Barbara Jean Courtois, Md. 
*Ellen Cecilia Cranston, Md. 

Pamela Mayse Cremeans, Md. 

Stephen Wallace Crescenze, Md. 

Ricki Sue Growl, Md. 

Maureen Margaret Curtin, Md. 

Deborah Lee Curtis, Fla. 
tRandy R. Cutler, Md. 
tSusan Jane Dailey, Md. 

Richard Leon Dalton, Md. 

Ghanita Evelyn Daniel, Md. 

Elizabeth Rogers Davidson, Md. 

Sandra Davidson, N.j. 

Helen Adell Davis, Md. 

Jerry Raymond Davis, Jr., Md. 

•with Honors; twith High Honors 


College of Education 

Earl Norman Deickman, Jr., Md. 

William Ray Deily, Md. 

Eric Allen Deitrich, Md. 

Daniel Lewis Denham, Md. 

Maureen Susan Denney, Md. 

Jack Edward Denny, Jr., Md. 

Marsha L. Diaz, Md. 
*Nora King Diehl, Md. 

Michele Susan Dier, Md. 

Deborah Eta Dimentstein, Md. 

Brenda D. Dorenfeld, Md. 

Milton John Dorsch, Md. 

Marcia C. Drew, Md. 

Pamela Drews, Md. 

Doris Elaine Dudley, Md. 
tjoan Marie Dudley, Md. 

Melissa H. Duley, Md. 

Iris Anne Ebert, Md. 
tMarilyn Edelman, Md. 

Charles Austin Edwards, Va. 

Richard H. Edwards, Md. 

Kathleen Ann Egan, Md. 

Gwenn Marcia Eisenberg, Md. 

Valerie Jackson Emrich, Md. 

Douglas George Enfield, Md. 
*Cindy Engel, Md. 

Ellen Marian Epstein, Md. 

Ruth Ann Euzent, Md. 

Helene Fay Fall, Md. 

Charles Patrirk Farrell, Md. 

lames Bruce Fawcett, Md. 

Kathryn Ann Fearns, Mich. 

Debra Mae Fedder, Md. 
♦Kathleen Marie Feldman, Md. 

Ruth Charle Feldman, N.J. 

Gary Ross Fennel, Md. 

Elizabeth Carroll Finch, Md. 

Shelley Faye Finger, Md. 

Sandra Bee Fingerhut, Md. 

Karen Anne Fiore, Md. 

Marlynn Fischer, Md. 

Carol Gay Fisher, Md. 

Mary Ellen Fisher, Md. 

Sharon Ann Fitzgerald, Md. 

Susan Fitzpatrick, Va. 

Ellen F. Flinta, N.J. 

Denise Antoinette Flocker, Md. 

Paula Annette Flores, Md. 

Frances Sarah Flowers, Md. 

Gayle Gussman Flynn, Md. 

Susan Ann Foster, Md. 

Barbara Anne Fox, Md. 

Eunice Maria Fox, Md. 
Kathleen Frank, Md. 

Cheryl Lynn Freedman, Md. 
Patricia Anne Freeman, Md. 

Glenda Diane Fried, Md. 
Beth Frances Friedlander, Md. 
Susan M. Friedman, Md. 
Debra Lynn Fusco, N.J. 
Nancy Hazard Gardner, Md. 
Karen Lee Garner, Md. 
Michael Joel Garner, Md. 
tMarilyn Louise Gaver, Md. 
Elinor Debevoise Gawel, N.Y. 
Sue-Ellen Gelletly, N.J. 
George Huber Gerth, Md. 
Margaret Alice Gery, Md. 
William Robert Gibbs, Md. 
Nancy Jean Cifford, Md. 
tCarolyn Goldberg, Md. 
Nola Meryl Goldberg, N.Y. 
Susan Frances Goldberg, Ga. 
tPeggy Pearl Golden, Md. 
Estell Goidenson, Md. 
Gail Ellen Goldfarb, Md. 
Beverly Sue Goldman, Md. 
Martha Fern Goodenough, Md. 
*Francine Gordetsky, N.J. 

Karen llene Gordon, Md. 

Norma Lee Gordon, Md. 

Lynn Mary Gorman, N.J. 

Marjorie Fair Gossard, Md. 

Mary Robin Gould, Md. 
tloanne Ellen Green, Md. 
*Linda Ann Greenbaum, Md. 

Gary Laine Greer, Md. 
tElaine Elizabeth Hall, Md. 

Paula Mary Hall, Md. 

Beverly Ann Hampton, Md. 

Janet Gail Hardy, Md. 

Sheila M. Haris, Md. 

Linda Dianne Harris, Md. 

Sandra Harris, Md. 

Christine Bernice Hart, Md. 

Linda Arlene Hartlove, Md. 
♦John Paul Haslinger, Md. 

Darleen jean Haug, N.J. 
♦Janice Evans Heath, Md. 

Jane Tina Hendler, Pa. 

Susan Vose Hendrickson, Md. 
♦Susan Christine Henley, Md. 

Jullie Marie Herman, Md. 
tDeborah Lee Hesse, Md. 

Susan Lynn Hessler, Md. 

Jill Lee Hewitt, Md. 

Catherine Theresa Hicks, Md. 

Celeste Rona Hicks, Md. 

Jo Anne Higby, Md. 

Rochelle Elaine Higger, Va. 

Marjorie Anne Higgins, Md. 

Cynthia Lee Hightower, Md. 

Joyce Elaine Hilsberg, Md. 

Lydia Lee Hilton, Md. 

Karen Sanna Himmler, Md. 

Susan Corinne Hoch, Md. 

Jacy Hochstadt, Md. 

Fern Harriet Hoffman, Md. 

Joyce O. Hoggan, Md. 
♦Anne Marie Holland, Md. 

Michael F. Holmes, Md. 

Claudia Maxine Holt, Md. 
♦Margaret Purves Holt, Md. 

Linda Joy Holzman, Md. 
♦Ann Carter Hood, Md. 
♦David Allen Horm, Md. 

Nancy Formwalt Horten, Md. 

Patricia C. Horton, Md. 

Kathleen Patricia Howard, Md. 

Carol Ann Howie, Md. 

Donald Allan Hrush, Md. 

Peter W. Hudson, Md. 

William Kenneth Hurteau, N.H. 

Donald H. Hutson, Md. 

Robert George Ippolito, Md. 

Marsha Lynne Isaacs, N.J. 

Robert Judith Israel, N.J. 
♦Virginia Elizabeth Izzo, Md. 

Leslie Ann Jackson, Md. 

Ronna Joy Jackson, Md. 

Janis Collins Jacobs, Md. 

Susan Deborah Jacobs, Md. 
♦Caron Mary janko, Md. 

James Robert Jennings, Jr., Md. 
tGail Audrey Jensen, N.J. 

Ellen Anne Jesse, Md. 

Barbara Ann Joffe, D.C. 

Emily Romaine Johnson, Md. 

Gail Lorraine Johnson, Md. 

Robyn Lynn Johnson, Md. 
♦Nancy Ellen Jolson, Md. 

Judith Anita Jones, N.Y. 

Robert Harvey Jones, Md. 

Sue Anne Jones, Md. 

Thomas Allen Jones, Md. 

Robert Camden, Joyce, Md. 

Karen Elizabeth Jurrius, Md. 

Darlene Ann Kalil, Md. 

Michael Everette Kalogris, Md. 

Carol Frances Kane, Md. 
tRobert Walden Kane, Md. 
tRochelle Jane Kaplan, N.J. 

Barbara Sue Kappalman, Md. 

Ronni Susan Karpen, N.J. 

Linda Lee Katrancha, Pa. 

Noreen Mary Keefe, Calif. 

Patricia Ann Keegan, N.J. 

tAnn Marie Kelly, Md. 

•with Honors; twith High Honors 


College of Education 

Gregory Paul Kelly, Md. 

Sharon L. Kenney, Md. 
*Sharon Jean Kessinger, Md. 

Joan Carolyn Kessler, Md. 
*Nancy Kessler, Md. 

Diana Wynne Kidd, Md. 

Drue Leslye Kilberg, Md. 

Bonnie Dale King, Md. 

John Frederick Kirby, Md. 

Barbara Ann Kirker, Md. 
*Don Lee Klein, Va. 

Susan Cheryl Kligman, Md. 

Sharon Elaine Kline, Md. 

Ann Louise Klukowski, Md. 

John Walter Knox, Jr., Md. 

Eileen Sue Koblin, Md. 

Fern Barbara Kogan, Md. 

Sharon B. Kolsky, Md. 
tFlorence I. Kraft, Md. 

Arlene Sharon Kramer, Md. 

Karen Lee Kreil, N.J. 

Kathleen I, Krelove, Md. 

Ellen Frank Kropman, Md. 

Norma Schwartz Krupenie, Md. 

Bonnie Lynn Kunenetz, Md. 

Barbara Renee Kurtz, Md. 

Estelle Kutson, Md. 

Diane Marie Kuykendall, Md. 
*Michael Joe Kuykendall, Md. 

Constance Diana Kwon, Md. 

Margaret Curry Lackett, Md. 

David Richard Ladenheim, Md. 

John Edward Lambert, Md. 

Donna L. Lane, Md. 

Lynne Rebecca Laper, N.J. 

Linda Louise Larkin, Md. 

Thomas V. Laudicina, Md. 

Judith Lynn Leblanc, Md. 

Brenda Sue Leftwich, Va. 

Cheryl M. Legum, Md. 

Paula Diane Leith, Md. 

Ilene Beth Levin, Md. 

Linda Ann Levin, Md. 

Deborah Levine, N.j. 

Barbara Lynne Levinson, Md. 
*Marcy L. Levowsky, N.J. 

Beverly Eden Levy, Md. 

Bonnie Ruth Levy, N.Y. 

Elizabeth Ann Liden, N.Y. 

Colleen Patricia Lieb, Md. 

Donna Jean Light, Md. 
tEllen Lynn Lightman, Md. 

Elbert Graydon Lilly, Md. 

Mary Catherine Lilly, N.Y. 

Anna Marie Etzler Linton, Md. 

Sondra Joy Lipman, Md. 

Alexis E. Lipsicas, Md. 

MaxineShiela Litman, Md. 

Jessica Elizabeth Lobban, Md. 

Faigy Locker, N.J. 

Christine Marie Lockhart, Md. 

Eric James Long, Md. 

Patricia Ann Lowery, Md. 

Margaret Jean Ludeman, Md. 
tAndrea Phyllis Luterman, N.J. 
tjo Ann Lyell, Md. 

Frances Wyatt Lynch, Md. 

Grace Ann Lynch, Md. 

Karen L. Macomber, Md. 

Rose D'Auria Madden, Md. 

Mona Susan Malamut, Md. 

Bonnie Helen Malkin, Md. 

Carl Wesley Malmberg, Md. 

Kevin Edward Manglitz, Md. 

Ellen Marie Manley, Md. 

Catherine Geria Marciano, Md. 

Elizabeth Cox Marks, Md. 

Arlin Weksler Martin, Md. 

Mary Patricia Martin, Mich. 

Nelson Reed Martin, Md. 

Ann F. Martyn, N.J. 

Sandra Ellen Marx, Md. 
*Dana Lee Mason, Md. 

Patricia Ann Mason, Md. 

George Charles Matisick, Md. 
tErnestine Matthews, Md. 

Sue Lynn Mattingly, Md. 
tDiane K. Maxwell, Md. 

Paula Cook Mayhew, Md. 

Nanette Jan Mazer, Md. 

Patrice Anne McCabe, Md. 

Margaret Anne McCain, Md. 

Susan Elizabeth McCullough, Md. 

Frank Leslie McDaniel, Md. 

Clair Jean McDevitt, Md. 

Karl John McGovern, Md. 

Patricia Kathleen McGrath, Md. 

Marsha Lyn McHoney, Md. 

Martha Ann Mclntyre, Md. 

Patricia M. McKee, Md. 
*Alma Jeanne McKenna, Md. 

Madalaine Kirchoff McLelland, Md. 

Maureen Edith McNeely, Md. 
*Joan Margit McNeill, Md. 
tRebecca Sue Meese, Md. 

Karen Sue Meliker, Md. 

Elaine Madeline Menzella, N.J. 

Pamela Jo Meredith, Md. 

Denise Ann Merkel, Md. 

Mary Kathleen Meszaros, Md. 

Linda Florence Mider, Md. 

Diane M. Miller, Md. 

Eileen Sharon Miller, Md. 

Gregory Miller, Md. 

Janet Hayden Miller, Md. 

Sandra Alexa Miller, Md. 

Sidney Lee Miller, Md. 

Ann Maria Millios, Md. 

Rebecca Beth Millstone, Md. 

Carol Lynn Minkoff, Md. 

Carolyn Louise Moore, Md. 
tSaundra Tokarz Moraski, Md. 

Enrica Diane Morgan, D.C. 

Judith Lee Morrell, Md. 
tRobert John Moskaitis, Md. 

John Robert Mowrey, Md. 

Charles William Mueseler, Md. 

Linda Jean Mullings, Md. 

Elsie Adele Mulvey, Md. 

James Phillip Murray, Md. 

Martha Mae Murray, Md. 
*Nancy Naden, Md. 

Helene Ellen Needle, Md. 

Judith Ann Nelson, Md. 

Margaret Duvall Nichols, Fla. 

Rosemary Nicholson, Md. 

Joyce Darlene Niner, Md. 

Rose Ellen Norseth, Md. 

Christine Louise North, Md. 

Pamela J. O'Brien, Md. 
*Nancy Amelia Ohibaum, Md. 

Patsy Gayle O'Neale, Md. 

Kathleen Louise Ostdiek, Md. 

Carey Marlene Owen, Md. 

Donna J. Pantazis, Md. 

Beverly Anne Parks, Md. 

Stacy Linda Parrott, Va. 

Mary Frances Patton, Md. 

Joseph Jerry Pavlovsky, Md. 

Elyse Edith Pavsner, Md. 

Patricia Lee Payne, Md. 
*Marsha Ann Peic, Md. 

Alice Susan Pelecanos, Md. 

Bonnie Fern Perlow, Md. 

Harry Clayton Perrine, Jr., Md. 

Harriet Jo Perry, Md. 

Mildred Raye Perry, Md. 

Mark Scott Peterson, Md. 

Janet L. Petrelli, Md. 

Katherine Margaret Pezzelle, N.C. 

Mary Ann Pirro Dixon, Md. 

Patricia Kent Plum, Md. 

Bonnie Rose Politz, Md. 

James Arthur Pope, Md. 
tCatharine Poppe, Md. 
*April Lee Potter, Md. 

Linda M. Price, Md. 

Flora Frances Pritchard, Md. 

•with Honors; twith High Honors 


College of Education 

Linda Smith Pruitt, Md. 
Anne Elizabeth Quinn, Md. 
Margaret B. Randall, Md. 
Amy Fran Rappaport, Md. 
Sandra Claire Rasbornick, Md. 
Kathryn Elaine Rasch, Md. 
Laurie Susan Ravin, Md. 
Leslie Ellen Reichlyn, Md. 
Sharon Lynn Rent, Md. 
Susan Joyce Rice, Md. 
Helene Pearl Richman, N.J. 
Stephanie Lauretta Ricker, Md. 
Christopher Ewing Riley, Md. 
Linda Louise Rioux, Va. 
Judy Ann Rippeon, Md. 
James Carlyle Rivenbark, Md. 
Frank William Robbins, Md. 
Marsha Susan Robbins, Md. 
Carol S. Roberts, Md. 
Ellen Murray Roberts, Md. 
Mary Noreen Robertson, Md. 
Elizabeth Kathleen Roche, Md. 
Angela Margaret Rodriguez, Md. 
Dorothy Lee Rodriguez, Md. 
Judith Anne Roots, Md. 
Linda Ellen Rosen, Md. 
Teresa Renee Rosenbach, Md. 
tClenda Josiane Rosenbloom, Md. 
Ellen Beth Rosenkrantz, N.J. 
Shelley H. Rosenzweig, Md. 
Elizabeth Jane Roth, Md. 
Feme Marcy Rothstein, Md. 
Gerald Phillip Rubin, Md. 
Terry Lynn Rubin, Md. 
Mary Kathryn Rupard, Md. 
Ann Ruth Sacks, Md. 
*Charlene Joy Sackschewsky, Md. 
Christine Cecelie Salac, Pa. 
Linda Ann Sale, Md. 
Sandra L. Saltz, N.Y. 
Patricia Elizabeth Santisi, N.J. 
Thalia Ulrica Satterfield, Md. 
Marian L. Saunders, Md. 
tMary Ann Saunders, D.C. 
Cheryl Ann Scaizi, Md. 
Peggy Catherine Schaech, Md. 
Janet Michelle Schaffer, Md. 
*Jack Adalberto Schoendorfer, Md. 
Myrna Sandra Scholl, Md. 
tLynne Anne Schuman, Md. 
tjeanette Louise Schunter, Md. 
Stuart Eriyne Schwalm, Md. 
Francine Lois Schwartz, Md. 
John Hirschy Schwendy, Md. 
Bonnie Lynn Scott, Md. 
John Frank Secco, N.J. 

Bruce Hamilton Sedberry, Md. 
Susan Ellen Seidman, Pa. 
William H. Shakal, Md. 

Barbara Lynn Sheddy, Md. 

Marcia Taylor Sheldon, Md. 

Mary Wachter Shenk, Md. 

Ruth Helen Sherman, Md. 
tDeborah Judith Shestack, Md. 
*Diane Patricia Shor, Md. 

Rebecca Ann Shrake, Md. 
*Elizabeth Jeanne Shreve, Md. 

Margaret Murphy Sigler, Md. 

Bernard Peter Silverberg, Md. 

Patricia Ann Sklar, N.Y. 

Roberta Lynn Sklar, Md. 
*Arlene Beverly Slossberg, Md. 
*Patricia Ann Small, Md. 

Catherine Lee Smith, Va. 

David Carlysle Smith, Md. 

Karen Beth Smith, Md. 

Kathleen Lorna Smith, Md. 

Kenneth Lee Smith, Md. 

Kevin Lynn Smith, Md. 
*Linda Warren Smith, Md. 

Sharen Lee Smoot, Md. 

William David Snipes, Md. 

Marlene Frances Snyder, N.J. 
*Anita R. Solomon, Md. 

Marsha Ellen Solomon, Md. 
tSandra Ann Solter, Md. 

Patricia Some, N.J. 
tDorothy Jean Sowell, Md. 

Elizabeth Jane Spada, Md. 

Susan L. Spath, Md. 

Suzanne Speckel, Md. 

Karen Stentz Spencer, Md. 

Cynthia Byrnes Spicer, Md. 

Suzanne Dewhirst Spillman, Md. 

Joseph Michael Spinola, Md. 

Luellen Allayne Sprague, D.C. 

Carol Marie Springer, Md. 

Frances Howard Staley, Md. 
♦Christine B. Standish, Md. 
♦Harriet Beth Star, N.J. 

Lewis Ira Stein, Md. 

Susan Cayle Stein, Md. 

Marilyn Essie Steinberg, Md. 

Sara Faye Sterling, Md. 

Sherry Lynn Sterling, Md. 

tShirley Ann Sternad, Md. 

George David Stewart, II, Md. 

tSandra Susan Stiles, Md. 

Charlene Neila Stoler, Md. 

Sandra Anthes Stoner, Md. 

Marietta Regina Streamer, Md. 

Jean Marie Sullivan, Md. 

Joan Vance Sullivan, Md. 
Sharyn Pamela Swick, Md. 
Nancy Ellen Teitelbaum, Md. 
tRuth F. Temin, Md. 
Susan Louise Tennant, Md. 
Judith Kay Terborg, Md. 
Lynne Sherry Tesler, Md. 
Karen Lee Thalsheimer, N.J. 
Melanie Ruth Thomas, Md. 
Monica P. Thomas, Md. 
Rebecca Arlene Thomas, Md. 
Susan Gail Thomas, Md. 
Patricia Anne Thompson, Md. 
Stephanie jo Thompson Michalec, Md. 
*Sallie Ann Tinney, Md. 
*Susan Lee Titrington, Md. 
*Jacquelyn Joan Tolley, Md. 
Sharon Sue Tomczak, Md. 
Sydney Erb Tredick, Md. 
*Joan A. Turner, Md. 

Larry Kenneth Turner, Md. 
♦Virginia Sue Turner, Md. 
Bonnie Sue Ulmer, Md. 
♦Dolores Jean Urso, Md. 
Betsy Dale Valenstein, Md. 
Kimon Stephanie Vassos, Md. 
Catherine Ann Vaughan, Md. 
Diane Marie Velie, Md. 
Clarence Moreland Venable, HI, Md. 
Pamela Louise Vennerdrow, Md. 
Karen Ann Vogtman, Md. 
Helen Cecilia Wade, Md. 
♦Susan Marie Wagenheim, N.J. 
Sharon Lee Wagner, Md. 
Mona Lisa Wahrman, Md. 
Jacqueline Michele Walderman, Md. 
Lewis Warsaw, Md. 
Priscilla Ann Watson, Md. 
Linda Lilie Weant, Md. 
Leah R. Weinrauch, Md. 
Barbara Anne Weiss, N.J. 
Barbara Ellen Weiss, Md. 
tjaimye Weston, N.Y. 
Brenna Lee Wexler, Md. 
Karen Fern Wheatley, Md. 
tSuzanne Mitchell Wheeler, Md. 
Charles R. White, Md. 
Cynthia Ellen White, Md. 
Robert Michael Whitlock, Md. 
♦Patricia Ann Willoughby, Md. 
Diana Rae Wilson, Md. 
James Kevin Wilson, Md. 
Judith Ann Winchester, Md. 
Rayetta Marie Windsor, Md. 
tKaren Marie Wiseman, Md. 
Carlton Blair Wolfe, Md. 

•with Honors; twith High Honors 


College of Eaucation 

Jeannine Elita Wolford, Md. 
Karen Helen Wolgamot, Md. 
Stephanie Warriner Wood, Md. 
Lorraine Helen Woodcock, Md. 
*|ane Elaine Workinger, Md. 

Sheila Ann Wright, Md. 
Dennis Peter Yarnell, Pa. 
Connie Leong Yee, Md. 
Barbara Elise York, Md. 
Janice Marie Young, Md. 

Leroy Paul Zeigler, Pa. 
Tessa llene Zelesne, Md. 
Keith Clark Zembower, Md. 
Stefanie B. Zucker, N.J. 

•with Honors; twith High Honors 





i > I (^ f\j 

College of Engineering 

Candidates will be presented by Dr. Robert B. Beckmann, Dean of the College 

Bachelor of Science 

August 27, 1971 

Eugene Walter Baker, Md. 
William Eugene Baumgaertner, Md. 
John Earl Bender, Md. 
Dennis John Beran, Md. 
Philip Neal Bolton, Md. 
Russell Balvin Brinsfield, Md. 

Philip Leo Conrad, Jr., Md. 
Giovanni Luigi Coratolo, D.C. 
Frank Michael Faff, Jr., Md. 
Dennis Charles Fee, Md. 
Paul Oonyong Hong, Md. 
David Michael Martin, Md. 

Harvey Earl Shaver, Md. 
Guy Donald Smith, Jr., Pa. 
*Russell Barkley Sydnor, Md. 
Victor Frank White, Md. 

Dale Holloway Allen, Md. 

Paul Spencer Ander, Md. 
tDavid Peter Anderson, Md. 
tEloy Areu, Md. 
tRaul Armenta, Md. 

Robert Kenneth Arvedlund, Md. 

Stuart Marc Auerbach, Md. 

Mark E. Bader, Md. 

Alfred Arthur Banzer, Md. 

Howard Wilson Barnes, Md. 

Walter Ross Bateman, Jr., Pa. 
*Gordon Arthur Bates, Md. 

Alfred Rohrman Belfield, Jr., Md. 

John Rex Benchoff, Md. 

Stephen Lawrence Berger, Md. 

Eugene J. Bogdan, Md. 

Lamar E. Bortner, Pa. 

Carroll Merlin Brown, Jr., Md. 
tRussell DeAtley Brown, Md. 

David Lee Bryan, Md. 
tPhilip Burroughs Burch, Md. 

Alfonso Mario Casalena, Md. 

Ercel Dwight Chewning, Md. 

Michael Joseph Collier, Md. 

Martin Francis Comiskey, Fla. 

Kenneth Welborn Cook, Md. 

Robert Burnell Dannecker, Md. 
*Ronald Harry Davis, Md. 
tVictor K. Der, Md. 

Warren Douglas Dunham, N.Y. 

Allen Scott Dunstan, Md. 

January 24, 1972 

George F. Eberle, Md. 
tiames Gary Eden, Md. 

Frederick Ward Eilskov, Md. 

Stephen Earl Evans, Md. 

Joel Steven Faden, Md. 

David Morris Fleming, Md. 
tCharles Aubrey Foley, Md. 
*Douglas Scott Foote, Md. 

George Henry Fowler, Jr., Md. 

John Goon, Md. 

Kenneth Allen Goon, Del. 

Richard Henry Gordy, Jr., Md. 

Woodrow Sterling Hancock, Md. 

Christian Helfenbein, Md. 

James William Hendricks, Md. 

Michael Neal Herson, Md. 
tPaul Joseph Hickey, Md. 
*Joseph Martin Higgins, Jr., Md. 

Gary Charles Hill, Md. 

Thomas Aaron Hively, Md. 

John Edward Hoesch, Md. 

Burruss Evans Holloway, Md. 
*David Stanley Huff, Md. 

Roger Allen Hutchins, Md. 

Martin Carroll Jackson, Md. 

Thomas Joseph Jackson, N.J. 

John Michael Jillions, Md. 

Jeffrey Lamont Johnson, Md. 

Charles Thomas Karpewicz, Md. 

Parker Wolcott Keen, Md. 

Kevin Patrick Kelley, Md. 

Michael Eugene Kerstetter, Pa. 

Miroslav Zivko Knezevic, Md. 

Bayard Sheldon Koch, Md. 

Robert S. Kraft, Md. 

Richard Vincent Krcha, Md. 

Thomas Michael Kuba, Md. 
tAlbin Owings Kuhn, II, Md. 

Steven Charles Larsen, Md. 

Norbert Gordon Lassahn, Jr., Md. 

Jeffrey Ira Leaf, Md. 

Mart Magi, Md. 

James Edward Maness, Md. 

Leo Edmund Menestrina, Md. 

Kenneth Bruce Merriken, Md. 

Robert Ray Miley, Md. 

Robert Earl Miller, Md. 
♦Thomas Patrick Miller, Md. 
tMichael Lawrence Milligan, Md. 
♦Reginald Henry Mitchell, Jr., Md. 
tThomas Lewis Moore, Md. 

Thomas Stillman Moseley, Md. 

Robert Joseph Nalevanko, Md. 

Frank Ronald Netro, Md. 

Ian Moller Nielsen, Md. 

Harvey Mathew Novak, Md. 
tDavid Michael Oliver, Md. 

John Timothy O'Neill, Md. 

Claude Edward Peacock, Md. 

Douglas Alan Pettie, Md. 
♦Dennis Michael Puglisi, Conn. 

William Dow Rader, Md. 

•with Honors; twith High Honors 


College of Engineering 

Robert Edward Reed, Md. 

Allan Leroy Reuschel, Md. 
tjames Frederick Ripken, Md. 

James Melvin Roberts, Md. 

Philip M. Roebuck, Md. 

Michael Lewis Roepcke, Md. 

James William Russell, Jr., Md. 

Wayne Alvin Sanders, Md. 
*James Thomas Scott, N.J. 

Wayne David Seifert, Md. 

David Lee Shaffer, Md. 

James Adam Simick, Md. 

Michael A. Sinniger, N.Y. 

James M. Sinton, Md. 
tDavid Timothy Snyder, Md. 

Glenn Michael Stanley, Md. 

Eugene Phillip Starbuck, Md. 
tKarl Stertzback, Ohio 

Richard Mahlon Stilwell, Md. 

Matthew Alan Straus, Md. 

Harry Theodore Stumpf, Md. 
*Robert Kerry Sundstrom, Md. 

Michael Sylvester Tabisz, Md. 
*Robert Joseph Thornberry, Jr., Md. 
tBenjamin Shui-Ming Ting, Md. 

Lloyd George Tompkins, Md. 

tWilliam Edward Urquhart, Md. 
Michael Joseph Vitacco, Jr., Pa. 
Lawrence John Vojik, Jr., Md. 
Timothy Wagner, Conn. 
Alan Bruce Wang, Md. 
Mark Elliot Weber, Md. 
Richard Allen Weichbrod, Md. 
George Milan White, Md. 
Richard Howard Whitt, Md. 
James Dean Wilcox, Md. 
Mark Hal Wolk, Md. 
Philip Francis Zaiesak, Md. 

-Kenneth Arthur Albin, N.Y. 
-David Martin Alexander, Md. 
'Yodhin Anavil, Thailand 
-John Nelson Annen, III, Md. 
-1ohn Anthony Araneo, N.J. 
Robert Alan Ayers, Md. 
Martin Joseph Bak, Md. 
^^Daniel Leslie Baker, Md. 
-Blair Bruce Barger, Md. 
'-William Archie Barnwell, Md. 
♦William Wallace Basham, Md. 
.*Herbert Marc Basik, Md." 
, tEric Osvaldo Bazques, Md. 
.Vincent Joseph Belmonte, Md. 
Byron Dov Berman, Md. 
♦David Blank, Md. 
-'Jeffrey Alan Bloom, Md. 
- -tTimothy Glenn Boland, Md. 
-f rederick Jerome Borrell, Md.- 
,*John Calvin Borum, Md. 
Patrick Carroll Boss, Md. 
-Ernest Samuel Bouchard, Md. 
JfThomas D. Brown, Md. 
-Richard Charles Bullock, Md. 
>Douglas Courtland Butler, Md. 
- Joseph Cullinane Cave, D.C. 
'James Roger Chase, Md. 
Dennis Euyen Chen, Md. 
Daniel Tah-nian Cheng, Md. 
',*Wai-hung William Cheung, Canada 
-Richard Carroll Christ, Md. 
'William Louis Cleary, Md. 
-'Anthony B. Comberiate, Md. 
-Victor Leon Conrad, Va. 
'-Thomas Wilson Levering Coudon, Md. 
--John Peter Cozzi, N.Y. 
--Gordon Augustus Crandall, III, Md. 
■tjames Edward Cummings, Md. 
yMichael John Davidson, Md. 

*with Honors; twith High Honors 

June 3, 1972 

.-Glenn Albert Davis, Md. 

-Ricky John Deutsch, Va. 

-Raymond Edward Dixon, Md. 

'Donald Michael Donnelly, Md. 

^Charles Michael Dougherty, Md. 

--Ralph Andrus Dowell, Md. 

'-William Beard Durkin, Md. 

..JJohn Raymond Fair, Md. 

-•Samir Georges Farah, Va. 
-jtFrederic Thomas Farra, Md. 

-Anthony Thomas Feeser, Md. 
-Thomas David Ferrara, Md. 
,-tJohn Edward Flowers, Md. 

Miferd Jessop Forestell, Md. 
^tThomas Benton Fowler, Md. 

- Woodland Thomas Franey, Md. 
C h a rle s C lift o n F r a n kli n , Md. - 

■;t'Thomas Stevens George, III, Md. 
Rossell Alvin Glasgow, Jr., Md. 

- Harold Jay Goodman, Pa. 
-'Phillip Gary Gross, Md. 
JfRaymond Anthony Hammett, Md. 
--William Theodore Harkey, Md. 
--William Donald Harper, Md. 

-Hal R. Harrelson, Md. 
--Edward Robert Harvey, D.C. 
-■ Richard Turner Harvey, Md. 

- Charles Edward Henck, Md. 
-Bernard Francis Hermley, Md. 
'Donald C. Hess, Md. 

-John Stephen Himes, Md. 
-tMichael O'Hara Hirtle, Md. 
El li ot Char l es H oldridge, Costa R i ca 
--Thomas Grant Hollingworth, Md. 
Geoffrey P. Hornseth, Md. 
-John Patrick Huffman, Md. 
,*Donald Albert Johnson, Md. 
' Lionel Bradfield Johnson, Md. 
' Martin L. Johnson, Jr., D.C. 

- James Joseph Jordan, Md. 
'-'''Akhlesh Kaushiva, Md. 
-Ronald Harper Kean, Md. 
^Michael Francis Keller, Md. 
,- Michael David Kennedy, Md. 
.•Richard Clayton Kenney, N.Y. 
-"Timothy Alan Kepp, Md. 
Jjmoo Loo li o K i st i o, Md. 
'Gregory Sanford Krause, Md. 
' Kerry David Kube, Md. 
y- Eric Michael Kuhfahl, Va. 
—.-Henry C. Kung, Md. 

-Glenn Frederick Lamartin, Md. 
'-James Knox Lathrop, Conn. 
, -William Thomas Leader, Md. 
---Robert Caspar Leginus, Jr., Md. 
.-Jack Leibovitch, Md. 
--Michael Edward Lewis, Md. 
- -*Martin Dennis Liebman, Md. 
.-Jeffrey Lynn Linebaugh, Pa. 
'Richard Michael Lingebach, Md. 
. *Michael William Little, Md. 
-Robert A. Lloyd, Md. 

John Car l Lowndes, Md. 
-Michael Craig Luongo, Md. 
^Ronald Allen Luzier, Md. 
--George O. Lyon, Jr., Md. 

John Jo se ph Maholtz, I I I, M \ i . 
,- Robert Carl Mann, Md. 
--Robert Raymond Martin, III, Md. 
-'Daniel William McCoy, Md. 
Thomas Edward McGonigle, N.J. 
- James Richard McNew, Md. 
-'Matthew Sumathy Mendis, Jr., Md. 
^Robert Alan Menke, Md. 
-•Mark Laurence Mercer, Md. 
.-tWilliam Harry Midgette, Md. 
/"Ronald Martin Mijan, Md. 
^Richard Mayer Millman, Md. 


College of Engineering 

■-.,*David Alan Minnis, Md. 

-James Richard Monnie, Md. 

^John Edmunds Montague, Md. 

''Thomas W. Morfesy, Md. 

'James Francis Murphy, Md. 

''David George Myers, Md. 

--Peter Paul Nerbun, Md. 

'R. Kent Nicholson, Md. 

^Wladimir Norko, Md. 

,-Cary William Parsons, Pa. 
K i thung Pat, Hong Kong 

-'Edward Douglass Patterson, Md. 

-'George Nicholas Pavlakis, Md. 
-^-Thomas Val Peacock, Md. 
■ '*)ohn Elbert Phelps, D.C. 

^■Kenneth Jerome Porter, Del. 

^ohn Charles Potts, Md. 

^Arthur Clinton Prewitt, Md. 

-^ Mark Anton Proett, Md. 

-'Raymond Joseph Ratcliffe, Md. 

-Kenneth Richard Reader, Md. 

-cDorian Jefferson Reines, Md. 

-'Alton R. Ricker, Md. 
. Leo John Romanowski, Jr., Md. 
-''Dennis Rosenfeld, Md. 
''John Edward Ruke, Jr., Md. 
^Robert Francis Ryba, Md. 

Dav i d A l len Soha, Md. 
-- George Michael Samaras, Md. 
-'James Sanders, Md. 
, 'Louis John Sansone, N.J. 
.-Cary Bruce Sappington, Md. 
'<]eorge Joseph Schaefer, Md. 
''Richard Stanley Schaefer, Jr., Md. 
>tJohn Carsten Schmidt, Md. 

Vincent Paul Scire, Md. 
.-Richard Arthur Scott, Md. 
'- Victor Anthony Scuderi, Md. 
.'tTimothy Walter Sheen, Md. 
^Michael Lynn Shrader, Md. 
-- Lynne Charles Smeby, Jr., Md. 
•-Michael John Smith, Md. 
Hoseph Martin Snyder, Md. 

--Roland Orville Sorensen, Jr., Md. 

''John Courtney Spence, Md. 
^tBrian Robert Stanley, Md. 
' ^Norman Berne Starkey, Md. 

'-William Patrick Sullivan, Jr., Md. 

-Allen Barry Swartz, Md. 

- James F. Tobin, Md. 
.'Gerald Phillip Toomey, Md. 
, John Richard Tull,Md. 
-Michael Turbitt, Md. 
'Jeffrey Leo Tylec, Conn. 
•*Maxim Frits Vannorden, Md. 
-James Stuart Vickery, Md. 

tRichard Lee Vogel, Md. 
_ -Arun Vohra, Md. 
--Robert Francis Whelan, Md. 
' Michael Andrew White, Md. 
•William Ogden White, Jr., Md. 
'Clyde Matthew Wiley, Md. 

- Roger John Williams, Md. 
-Behrooz Ben Wosoogh, Md. 

'with Honors; twith High Honors 


College of Home Economics 

Candidates will be presented by Dr. Marjory Brooks, Dean of the College 


August 27, 1971 

Carole Schmid Burton, S. Dak. 
Sheila Anne Coiegrove, Md. 
Bonnie Susan Frank, Md. 
Susan Dunagan Kidd, Md. 
Elll Kitsoulis, D.C. 

Cheryl London, Md. 
Christine Starr Mathiesen, Md. 
*Judith Mohler McGlothlin, Md. 
Herlene Gwen Mendelson, Md. 
Rita Elizabeth Miller, Md. 

Fahimeh Mortazavi, Iran 
Helen Jane Richards, Md. 
Irene Theresa Waters, Md. 

January 24, 1972 

Robyn Anderson, Md. 
Nicki L. Antonacci, Md. 
Diane Patricia Beall, D.C. 
Marjorie Deck Bedingfield, Md. 
Lorraine Bosley, Md. 
Susan Elizabeth Burck, Md. 
Betsy Sorrel! Carroll, Md. 
Gail Castleman, Md. 
Penelope Harris Clifton, Md. 
•Pamela Ellen Cope, Md. 
Jody Lee Creaser, Md. 
Linda Jane Davidson, Md. 
Janet E. Delbrook, Md. 
Christine Elliott, Mass. 
Tisa Rebecca Fields, D.C. 
Mary Kevin Finegan, Md. 
George Michael Fowler, Md. 
Carol Louise Frederick, Md. 

Vicki Lynn Gadberry, Md. 

Donna Elaine Gallia, Md. 

Annamarie Gilden, Md. 

Leslye Lee Goldberg, Md. 
*Laurel Marilyn Gorman, Md. 

Vinetta Ellen Gottschalk, Md. 

Amy Sue Gudelsky, Md. 

Joy Andrea Hahn, Md. 

Gerard Albert Hemming, Md. 

Patricia Marie Hook, Md. 
tEileen K. Jacobs, Md. 

Cynthia Jean Jolly, Md. 
*Mary Elizabeth Kadlubovvski, Md. 

Elizabeth Clark Karcher, Pa. 

Janice Lora Katz, Md. 

Linda Ellen Krebs, Md. 

Stephanie Elizabeth Lane, Md. 

Edith Work Laydon, Md. 

Barbara Jean Mahaney, Md. 

Margaret Tew Miles, Md. 

Gayle Fisher Olszyk, Md. 

Lynne A. Gregory Porpiglia, Md. 

Marlene Ann Shemelynec, Md. 
*Janet Elaine Shephard, Md. 

Kathleen Marie Smith, Md. 

Constance Knowles Stanley, Conn. 
*Karen Greenberg Sugar, Md. 

Ellen Patricia Sullivan, Md. 

Mary Jane Sullivan, Md. 

Pepper Daphne Watkins, Md. 

Mary-Louise Whelton, Md. 

Kristine Louise White, Md. 

Patricia Gail Willis, Md. 

Sharon Lee Young, Md. 

Eileen Zellman, Pa. 

William Charles Adams, Va. 

Anita Magdalena Addessi, Md. 

Sharon Elizabeth Allen, Md. 

Nicki L. Antonacci, Md. 
♦Debra Lin Badin, Md. 

Linda Susan Baker, Md. 

Christine Dale Baldwin, N.J. 

Pamela Arlene Beadle, Pa. 
tjoanne Marie Beagle, Md. 

Linda Carol Behrens, Md. 

June 3, 1972 

tjill Marie Beierlein, N.J. 

Cynthia Lind Blaine, Md. 

Linda Jeanne Blatz, N.Y. 

Larry Eric Bodenheimer, Md. 
tLinda J. Bohlander, Md. 

Marynette Brown Bollinger, Md. 
♦Elaine Gail Bormel, Md. 
♦Karen Elizabeth Boruff, Md. 
tjoyce E. Boyd, Md. 
♦Susan C Boysen, Md. 

Barbara Anne Brand, Md. 
tRegina Peggy Breiterman, Md. 

Judy Lynn Brennan, Md. 

Rena Lea Brundige, Md. 
tKaren Jean Bruns, Md. 

Arlene Giffin Candida, Md. 

Sun-Ving Chang, D.C. 

Jennie Chin, Md. 

Marie Ann Clarke, D.C. 
♦Stephanie Bavour Cox, Md. 

•with Honors; twith High Honors 


College of Home Economics 

Suzanne Elaine Craven, Md. 

Pamela Marie Cunningham, Md. 

Teresa Cecelia Daly, Md. 

Kathleen Irene Dennis, Md. 

David Burgan Dilvv'orth, Jr., Md. 
♦Eileen Sherry Dinkin, Md. 

Barbara Ann Duck, Md. 

Anne B. Duncan, Va. 

Theresa Marie Durkin, Md. 

Philip Waitso Eng, Md. 

Carol Jean Flynn, Md. 

Sylverna Voralease Ford, Md. 
*Toby Denise Fox, Md. 
tMarlene Ann Frazier, Md. 

Kathleen Elizabeth Gemmell, Md. 

Sheryl Snelling Gibson, Pa. 

Patricia Gene Griffin, Md. 

Betty Mae Griffith, Md. 

Doris Kay Gunther, Md. 

Beverly Jo Hafner, Md. 

Ann Warme Hall, Md. 

Anita Meley Hardisky, Md. 
tKaren jean Harris, Md. 

Aurelia Sue Herrington, Va. 

Gayle Zola Herskovitz, Md. 

Mary Elizabeth Holland, Md. 
*)oan M. Hollister, Md. 

Patricia Mary Howell, Fla. 
tKaren Stephanie Hudgins, Md. 

Leslie Beth Hurwitz, Md. 

Teresita Iriarte, Puerto Rico 

Cathie Elaine Jones, Md. 
tTerry Lee Jones, Md. 

Dimitra Jerry Kalivas, Md. 

Rebecca Kaplan, Md. 

Richard Carhart Kell, Md. 

Robin Anne Kern, N.J. 

Mary Anne Thune Khojandi, Md. 

Sharon Alice Kindt, Md. 

Susan Klemic, Md. 
*Sharon Nancy Korb, Md. 
*Sharon Lynn Kuehn, Md. 

Patricia Ann Lamotte, Md. 

Lillian Collins Lay, Md. 

Nancy Lorraine Leonberger, Md. 

Elizabeth Jane Lillie, Md. 

Timothy Long, Md. 
•Leslie Lee Lovell, Md. 
tivy Paula Lowell, N.Y. 

Anne Laura Macri, Md. 

Sandra Liane Magin, Md. 

Sylvia J. Markovich, Md. 

Candice Anne Martin, Md. 

Annette Rita Mason, Md. 
tDolores Ann Mason, Md. 

Ann Odonna Mathews, Pa. 

Joyce Yvonne Matthews, Md. 

Judith A. McCullough, Md. 

Sonya Ann McDonald, Md. 

Nora Anne McDonough, Md. 

Janet Lee McGinn, Md. 

Patricia Foster McWilliams, Md. 
*Deborah Ellen Mertens, Md. 

Adrian Ellen Michaelson, Md. 

Marsha Louise Miller, Md. 

Patricia Streett Mohan, Md. 

Ralph Albert Mollet, Md. 

Nancy Susan Moneypenny, Md. 

Barbara Ann Monichelli, Md. 

Kathy Christine Moore, Md. 
♦Elizabeth Ellen Moran, N.Y. 

Denise Clare, Moyle, N.J. 

Dixie Marie Mullineaux, Md. 

Cheryl Ann Nash, Md. 

Louise Deborah Newton, Md. 

Janice Marie Oehme, Md. 

Mary Christine Oristian, Md. 

Eileen C. O'Toole, Md. 

Christine Susan Page, Md. 

Sara Margaret Pearson, Md. 

Sally Pendleton Peatross, Calif. 

Pamela Michele Paczan Perrygo, Md. 

Jane Powell, Md. 
tMartha Hoffman Preston, Md. 
tSuzanne Louise Pritchard, Md. 

Sandra Jean Quase, Md. 

Elizabeth Ann Quigley, Md. 

Martha R. Quigley, Md. 

Elizabeth Jane Ramsdell, N.J. 

Dana Gale Reed, N.Y. 

Beverly Jean Reinhart, Md. 

Deborah Irene Rennis, Pa. 
tMary Miller Rice, Md. 

Rosalind Ellen Rice, Md. 

Leanne Gayle Riggs, Md. 
tMarjorie Myrtle Riley, Md. 

Evelyn Louise Robertson, Md. 

Elizabeth Marie Rodriguez, N.Y. 

tSuzanne Dorothy Rohde, Md. 

Susan Carol Rosenthal, Fla. 

Rodney Scott Rumford, Md. 

Barbara Woodruff Ryder, N.J. 

Sheryl Ava Sager, N.J. 

Janet Ellen Sanner, Md. 

Anne Jeanette Saulnier, Md. 
♦Eileen Frances Schneider, Md. 
•Janet Mary Scully, Md. 

Patricia Ann Serino, Md. 

Sandra Joyce Sheridan, Md. 
tSandra Christy Shimasaki, Md. 

Bernard Alan Silverman, Md. 

Carol Ann Sissala, Md. 

Richard Joseph Slaninka, N.J. 

Mary Louise Slavinsky, Md. 

Cassandra Sue Smith, Md. 

Christine Cheryl Smith, Md. 

Robert Alan Soule, Md. 

Gail Ann Stafford, Md. 

Susan Lee Staines, Md. 

Melody Ann Stambaugh, Md. 
*Jill Louise Stearns, Md. 

Barbara Lee Suit, Md. 

Bobbi L. Swartz, Pa. 

Marlene Mary Telak, Md. 

Linda Sheryl Throckmorton, Md. 

Karen Grace Tresch, Wis. 

Dennis Mark Violett, Md. 

Valerie Rona Walk, Md. 

Lea M. Wartzman, Md. 

Susan M. Watkins, Md. 

Susan Marie Weakley, Md. 

Tina Adrienne Weinstein, Md. 

Susan Marie Wellner, Md. 

Kathleen Ellen Wenner, Md. 

Cheryl Christine Whitaker, S.C. 

Susan Alice Whitmore, Md. 

Diane Marie Wickham, Md. 

Jane Louise Widner, Md. 

Joan Copeland Williamson, Md. 

Katherine Louise Willis, Md. 
tCatherine Anne Wyatt, Md. 

Nancy Montgomery Wyvill, Md. 
tNaomi Hatkin Yarris, Md. 

Betty May Fong Yee, Md. 

Camille Bernice Zarzycki, N.J. 

•with Honors; twith High Honors 


College of Physical Education, 
Recreation and Health 

Candidates will be presented by Dr. Marvin H. Eyier, Dean of the College 


James William Aires, II Md. 
Caroline Anne Ball, Md. 
Meivin Douglas Burwell, Md. 
Gregory Kevin Carroll, Md. 
George Robert Dacey, N.J. 

August 27, 1971 

Gary Eugene Powell Hastings, Md. 
Carol Hubbard Jones, Md. 
Jean Adelaide Larner, Md. 
Mary Elizabeth Mahaney, Md. 
Diane Wendy Morris, D.C. 

Carol Ann Reeves, Md. 
Lillian E. Riley, Md. 
Stephen Charles Sauve, Md. 
John Theodore Viachos, Md. 

John Edward Baker, Pa. 

Theodore Barila, Md. 
tCandace Rae Bender, Md. 

Barbara Ann Bradford, Md. 

Robert lllingworth Clee, Wis. 

Steven Brice Cox, Md. 

Michael David Dashiell, Md. 

Deborah Carroll Dietz, Md. 

Rita Ann Fuller, Md. 

Deborah Lee Giauque, Md. 

Charles Monroe Gillikin, Jr., Md. 
*Donna Jean Hardy, Md. 

Sara Jane Helfrich, Md. 

Margaret Ann Hoffman, Md. 

January 24, 1972 

Harry Gerald Irving, Md. 
Adrianne Joy Leiderman, Md. 
Anita Marie Marchitelli, Md. 
Marie Margaret McEwen, Md. 
Carole Lee Miller, Md. 
Patricia Kimberly Muller, Md. 
*Stephen Joseph Niemczyk, N.Y. 
Frank James Pasko, Jr., Md. 
Laurel Elizabeth Roth, Md. 
Ralph Coleman Ruschell, Md. 
LeRoy Jack Schmelyun, Jr., Md. 
Scott M. Shank, Pa. 
William Wright Smith, Md. 
Ralph Edward Sonntag, Md. 

James Ronald Spangler, Md. 
Janette Louise Steele, Md. 
Les H. Steinberger, N.Y. 
Bertha H. Taylor, Md. 
Judy Lynn Tremmel, Md. 
Susan Elaine Vaughan, Md. 
Paul Joseh Vitale, Md. 
tjanet Karen Vizard, Md. 
Marie Vondas, Md. 
Nancy H. Whitney, Md. 
Patrick Joseph Wieman, Md. 
Mary Lynn Wise, Md. 

Dennis Edward Adams, Md. 
tSaida Agrebi, North Africa 

James Kimball Ahearn, Md. 

Marsha Adaire Bader, Md. 

Barbara Jeanette Baer, Md. 
*Alma Gray Beals, Md. 

Sharon Lee Beitzel, Md. 

Dennis Wayne Bilicic, Md. 

Keith Ira Bolton, Fla. 
*Sandra Ann Broderick, Md. 

George Francis Burns, III, N.Y. 

June 3, 1972 

Charles Ralph Carci, Md. 
John Thomas Carrington, Md. 
Thomas Edward Crowell, III, Md. 
Diane Ann Crowley, Md. 
Jo-ann Murray Culler, Md. 
Robert Dewey Dain, Md. 
Melanie Sue Darvin, N.J. 
Joseph Benjamin David, Jr., N.J. 
J. Jeffrey Dieringer, Md. 
John Michael Elliott, Md. 
tKaren Irene Foss, Va. 

Thomas Patrick Freeman, Md. 

Robert Frederick Goldschmidt, Md. 

Duane Collinge Graham, Md. 

Sidra Cruss, Conn. 

William Jule Hale, Md. 
*Martha Payne Hancock, Md. 
'Elizabeth Jane Hargett, Md. 

Barbara Jean Heller, Md. 

Jo Ellen Herr, Md. 

Joan Middleton Holzberg, Md. 

Virginia Louise Honey, Md. 

•with Honors; twith High Honors 


College of Physical Education, Recreation and Health 

Stephen David Hoopengardner, Md. 
tDorothy June Houlditch, Md. 

Harry John James, Md. 

John Michael Kelly, Md. 

Judith Ann Kennedy, Md. 

Bernadette Marie Kimmitt, Md. 

Karen Mohr Kline, Md. 

William Spero Kolius, Md. 

Frances Elaine Lake, Md. 

William John Lucas, Md. 

Gerald Lupinos, Md. 

Sylvia Julia Made], Md. 
tjane I. Madsen, Md. 

Robert George Manz, Md. 
♦Frank Skelton Mauck, III, Md. 

Joyce Marie Zanelotti McGowan, Md. 

Rhonda Carol Mcintosh, Md. 
♦Barbara Jeanne McKinney, Md. 
♦Ricky Edward Millen, Md. 

Beverly Cele Moses, Pa. 
♦Sherry Stargell Osbourne, Md. 

Brenda Christine Rahn, Md. 

Marcia Anne Reidinger, Md. 

Susan Nan Robinson, Md. 

Jonas Howard Rosenthal, Md. 

Barbara Kathryn Ross, Md. 

Gail Myer Rucker, Md. 

Michael Steven Ruckert, Md. 
tjanet Elizabeth Sadowski, Md. 

Charles Loren Sample, Pa. 

William Russell Sampson, Md. 
tBeverly Ann Scarborough, Md. 

Donald Dewey Shea, Md. 
♦Andrew Paul Smith, Md. 

Paul Jonah Smith, Jr., Md. 

Mark Thomas Smoot, Md. 

Richard Francis Stoll, Md. 

Lorraine Anne Thaden, Md. 

Kathryn Alice Waesche, Md. 

Frances Carol Wagner, Fla. 

Joyce Martin Walk, Md. 

Martin Thomas Waters, Md. 

Nadine Ann Welsh, Md. 
tRicky Dale Wheeler, Md. 
tStephen Francis Wilson, Md. 

Benjamin Franklin Wright, Md. 
tGlenn Russell Young, Md. 

Gail Lynne Zitnay, Md. 

•with Honors; twith High Honors 


University College 

Candidates will be presented by Dr. Stanley J. Drazek, Dean of the College 

College Park 


George Edward Amrein, Md. 
Maren K. Auerbach, Md. 
Roger Oliver Bair, Va. 
tRobert Isma Bani<5, Mich. 
Thomas Terry Beach, Md. 
Roberts. Bedillion, Md. 
James Neil Benson, Md. 
Edmond Lockwood Bouton, 111, Md. 
Henry Cordon Bozeman, Okia. 
Myron John Chrzastek, Va. 
Patrick Raymond Churchville, Md. 
Anderson Edward Clipper, N.Y. 
Peter Carroll Cobb, Va. 
Cindy Lou Cooke, Va. 
Sister Toni Anne Craven, Md. 
James Joseph Crow, Md. 
Thomas Everett Curling, N.Y. 
Patricia Anne Dawes, Calif. 
Gregory Martin Dunn, Ga. 
Majid Farhan El-Erris, Va. 

August 27, 1971 

Leroy Robert Fahrney, Md. 
Earl William Flatman, N.J. 
Betty Lee Fox, Va. 
Raymond Louis Garner, Md. 
Bernard Lee Gorda, ill. 
William Robert Hall, Pa. 
Jewell Lena Henry, Md. 
K. T. Henry, Md. 
Damaris May Catherine Hodgson, 

Arthur William Kriegsmann, Md. 
tBruce MacKay Leonard, Md. 
Neil Terry Levitt, Md. 
George Leo Logue, Md. 
Alvin Lewis Lowery, Va. 
Richard Allen Lowy, Md. 
Thomas William McClung, Md. 
David Hall McDonald, N.C. 
Michael Edward Mclntire, Va. 
Bobby Kirk Miller, Md. 

Daylard Elliot Minton, III, Va. 
Robert Lee Mullinax, Ohio 
Thomas Francis O'Connor, Md. 
Charles Thomas Peckenpaugh, Ind. 
E. Grey Persons, Jr., Md. 
John Alva Phillips, III. 
William Green Plum, N.Y. 
Jack Morton Pivowar, Md. 
Kenneth Lee Pusey, Calif. 
Stephen Sathmary, Pa. 
William Ronald Schmidt, Md. 
William D. Taper, Md. 
Burton Harris Tapper, Md. 
John Randolph Weis, Va. 
tLarry Deane Welch, Kans. 
Ruth C. West, Md. 
Ethelyn Barbara Wiggins, Md. 
Palmer DeMontforte Wilson, Md. 
Alexander Yenyo, Va. 

Arlene Sheila Allen, Md. 
Morton Arendt, Jr., Va. 
Alfred Lindow Ault, Md. 
Robert Bailey, Md. 
George Wayne Baker, III. 
EIroy Curtis Banks, jr., Md. 
Henry C. Bishop, Va. 
Nicholas Perry Brame, Md. 
Norman Lee Branca, Md. 
William C. Brinkley, Va. 
Richard Allen Bruha, Md. 
Franklin Richard Bruns, III, Md. 
Margaret E. Bubb, Md. 
John H. Burlingame, Md. 
Kenneth Burlingame, Md. 
H. William Byers, Md. 
Kevin Caden, Va. 
Harold Wesley Campbell, Md. 

January 24, 1972 

*James Francis Carmody, Va. 

Dennis Fredrick Carroll, Md. 

James D. Carroll, Va. 

Mary Ewry Carson, Md. 

Paul E. Castle, Md. 

James Eugene Clague, Md. 

Betty Lee Clifford, Md. 

Eleanor G. Condit, Va. 

Gordon A. Crago, Md. 

James Joseph Craig, Va. 

David E. Crooker, Mass. 

Carole J. Dallman, Md. 

David A. Dannenfelser, Md. 

John Francis Day, 111. 
*Paul Kenneth Deehan, Mass. 

Thomas Domingues, Jr., Ala. 

Richard Geary Dompka, Md. 

Howard Vincent Dove, Jr., Md. 

Charles Joseph Dowling, Md. 

William Russell English, Md. 

Paul Howard Erslev, Va. 

George Harry Estes, Md. 

Walter Earl Farrow, Conn. 

Richard Dorsey Faust, Md. 
tFrances L. Feldman, Md. 
tPhilip Earle Forest, Md. 

Mary Anne French, Md. 

John Wilson Gaff, 111, Md. 
♦Allan L. Gohrband, Md. 

Donald James Gonchar, Va. 

Gerald Smith Gooden, Md. 

John Mark Gorman, Va. 

Juergen Haber, Md. 

James Allen Hague, Md. 

Richard A. Harrell, Md. 

Kenneth Michael Harrison, Md. 

•with Honors; twith High Honors 


University College 

Brian Hugh Henning, D.C. 

George A. Hermes, Md. 

Dona Duncan Higginbotham, Md. 

Weldon Higgs, Va. 

Edwin Bennett Hoeck, Jr., Md. 

Joseph Ernest Hopkins, III, Md. 

Richard Edgar Horsley, Jr., Md. 

James Porcher Hubbard, Md. 

Richard Patrick Johnson, Md. 
*Robert Car! Johnson, Va. 

Walter Lowell Johnson, Md. 

William Henry Johnson, N.Y. 

David M. Jones, Md. 

Ernest Donald Jones, Md. 

William Frederick Kastner, Md. 

Jon Lincoln Kenas, Md. 

Earl Kay Kinter, Md. 

Ralph Albert Kuebler, N.Y. 
*Roger Lee Kuhns, Md. 

Philibert Adrien LaBonte, Mass. 

Robert Bobie Lankford, Md. 

Marvin Gene Leerar, Va. 

Joseph Dennis Lenihan, Md. 

Andrew Francis Leso, Md. 

Gerald Edward Lester, Md. 

Paul Joseph Leturgez, Jr., Md. 

Barry Stephen Lewis, Md. 

Wendell R. Lewis, Va. 

Carolyn Frances Males, N.J. 

Richard Eugene Martin, Md. 

Edwin Thomas Matthias, Md. 

William Walter McCollum, Md. 

James Patrick McGovern, Md. 

Paul Edward McGraw, Jr., Va. 

Shelton De McLaurin, Jr., Md. 

Thomas Aloysius Meade, Md. 
William Cyrus Mercer, Pa. 
William Stuart Merkin, Md. 
Barbara Rose Meyrowitz, Md. 
Neil A. Michaels, Md. 
Lorenzo Middleton, Jr., Md. 
Arnold Irvin Miller, Md. 
Eunice H. Miller, Md. 
Stephen Andrew Miller, Md. 
Gerald Michael Mitchell, Md. 
Gilbert James Mitchell, Md. 
Nicholas Montanarelli, Md. 
Peggy Joyce M. Mooney, Md. 
Eugene Wallace Mulberry, Ind. 
Robert Edwin Musitano, Md. 
George Mychajluk, Md. 
Jose Terlaje Nededog, Md. 
♦Michael Edward Newman, Md. 
Robert Ferrell Noethe, Md. 
Earl Eugene Nokes, Jr., Md. 
Nancy Black Nordquist, R.l. 
Leonard J. Nunno, Md. 
Charles Katrick O'Brien, Calif. 
Terrence Joseph Oliss, Md. 
Peter David O'Neill, Va. 
Kenneth Parker, N.Y. 
Charlene Sylvia Pass, Md. 
Michael Lloyd Peterson, Md. 
Nicolo Pfeiffer, Md. 
William Taylor Rachford, Jr., Ky. 
Joseph Fairbanks Radcliffe, 111, Md. 
Anuroj Ratanapool, Md. 
William Wayne Rath, Md. 
John Barry Richardson, Md. 
Raymond R. Roache, Md. 

William Mitchell Robeson, Md. 

George Wolff Roecker, Md. 

Ollie Franklin Ross, Md. 

Howell Crawford Sasser, Fla. 

Sandra Phyllis Schneider, Md. 

Toefilo Caoile Servito, Va. 

Robert Murray Shade, Md. 
*Paul Edward Sheehan, Ind. 

Neil Robert Sheidler, Md. 

James Curtis Shelton, Md. 

James William Smith, Md. 

jerry Charles Smith, Md. 

Robert Crawford Smith, Md. 

Virginia Ann Sniegon, Va. 

Richard John Sooy, Md. 
*)effrey Neil Stottlemyer, Md. 

Peter Shih-ying Sun, Md. 

William Joseph Sutton, Md. 

Frank Anthony Sypniewski, Md. 

Helga S. Taranto, Md. 

Diana P. Thomas, Pa. 
tWilliam Albert Tishey, Md. 

Theresa Anne Tull, N.J. 

Charles Alexander Tunstall, Va. 

John Tyler Turner, Md. 

Randle Ray Weaver, Jr., Md. 

William Edmund Weizel, Md. 

Bryant Roy Whetstone, Md. 

Maymie DeLeon White, Md. 

Jack Dean Whitehill, Md. 

John Wright Whitworth, Md. 

Judith Ann Young, Md. 

Charles Henry Youngblood, Md. 

John Delbert Adkins, Va. 

Hallock Alvord Adier, N.Y. 

Peria Aizenman, Md. 

Richard Merwin Allen, Md. 

Richard Thomas Altman, Md. 

Joseph Anthony Amshey, Md. 

George Cogan Athey, Md. 

Marian Taylor Balaban, Va. 
♦Mary Balakian, Calif. 
*William Ellis Bankert,Md. 

Albert Clyde Barrett, Md. 

Howard William Bates, Md. 

Elise Lucille Baylis, Md. 

Hancel A. Beckworth, Jr., S.C. 

William Henry Bergman, Calif. 

June 3, 1972 

Martin Clinton Bird, Jr., Md. 

Frederick Black, Md. 

Michael Hugh Blake, Jr., D.C. 

David Wesley Blanford, Md. 

James Tobey Bley, Va. 
tjames Joseph Boney, Va. 

Rodney Ireland Bowling, Md. 

William Joseph Bradley, Md. 

Charles Joseph Brennan, Md. 

Alonzo Leon Brown, Md. 

Eldridge Eugene Brown, Md. 

Jerry Lee Brumbelow, Md. 

Edward Joseph Budraitis, Md. 
*Alice May Burch, Md. 

John Calzone, Md. 

Mickey Les Carvour, Md. 
James Richard Chadwick, Md. 
William Joseph Clancy, Jr., Mass. 
John Joseph Clever, Md. 
Charles Philip Cline, Va. 
Worthington Edward Cockey, Md. 
Bryan Wooten Collier, Jr., Calif. 
James Edgar Corby, Md. 
Wilbur A. Crable, Md. 
Richard S. Craighill, Jr., Va. 
James Francis Cunningham, Md. 
Patrick Arthur Curtis, Md. 
James Michael Custick, Colo. 
James Riley Daniels, Va. 

•with Honors; twith High Honors 


University College 

Robert Monroe Day, Md. 

Robert James Depersenaire, Md. 

John J. Desaulniers, Va. 

Harry Joseph Dewald, jr., Calif. 

Edward James Dimler, Md. 
*John Peter Dinwoodie, Md. 

Susan Anne Dolle, Md. 

Joseph Anthony Duffy, Md. 

Carl Rudolph Dulichan, Md. 

Sylvester Washington Duncan, N.Y. 

John Thomas Dunn, Md. 

Stephen Francis Durbin, Md. 

John Jude Durbin, Md. 

Franklin Thomas Edwards, Md. 

Leroy Elton Edwards, Md. 

W. Kent Edwards, Md. 

Robert Marlin Eichelberger, Md. 

Haytham Hilal El-Abed, Md. 

Gus Joseph Elbert, III, Md. 

Joe Bernard Enloe, Jr., Md. 

Charles Arnold Estep, Md. 

Gary Edward Esterly, Md. 

Ernest Pipkin Evans, D.C. 

Lewis E. Evans, Va. 

Richard M. Evans, Jr., Va. 

Walter Asque Fendley, Jr., Md. 

Nathaniel Crow Fick, Jr., Md. 

Ruth Irene Filbert, Va. 

Harvey Enloe Fisher, Va. 

James George Fisher, Va. 

John Watson Fleming, Tex. 

Stephen Hawthorne Flesner, Md. 

Arthur Zane Foster, Md. 

Charles Clayton Francis, Jr., Md. 

Charles Patrick Franklin, S.D. 

Todd Michael Frazier, Md. 
♦Phillip Hunter French, Md. 

Charles Andrew Frey, Md. 

Joan Friedmann, Md. 
♦John Richard Frost, 111. 

John Harlan Fudold, Md. 

Janice Galin, Md. 
•Jerome James Galinsky, Md. 

Delores Davis Garrison, N.J. 
♦Catherine Uldine Gartner, D.C. 

John Edward Gates, Va. 

William Howard Gilbert, Md. 

Lawrence Junior Godby, Va. 

Ronald J. Godfrey, Md. 
*)ay Grant Goldsberry, Md. 

James Anthony Gongcia, Md. 

Albert Edward Gonzales, Md. 

Charles L. Green, N.J. 

Manfred Groth, Md. 

Richard Hamilton Haddock, Va. 

Robert Linwood Hall., Va. 

Thelbert Ray Hammond, Md. 

Clifford Joseph Hangarter, Md. 

John B. Hannon, Jr., Md. 

Leroy Aloysius Hansley, Md. 

Joseph E. Harb, Jr., Md. 

James Leo Harley, Va. 

John McCulloch Harms, Md. 

James A. Hart, Md. 

Michael Richard Hartman, Md. 

Howard Michael Hawkins, Md. 

James Donald Haynes, Md. 

Philip Conrad Haynes, Md. 

Kazuo Joe Hazeyama, Calif. 

Melvyn Sheldon Highstein, Md. 

Richard Allen Hinton, Md. 

Anthony Richard Holmes, Md. 

Robert Allan Honsa, Md. 

Carrol Lee Hoover, Md. 

Robert Jay Horwath, Md. 

Beulah May Huber, Md. 

Richard Ford Hughes, Md. 

James Kent Jackson, Md. 

James William Jackson, Md. 

Donald Edward Jamison, Md. 

Elmer Charles Jarusek, Md. 

Janet Theresa Jarvis, Wis. 

Thomas Millard jefferys, Md. 

Carleton E. Jess, Md. 

Billy Johnson, N.C. 

David Neal Johnson, Md. 

Richard John Kaier, Md. 

George Paul Kappa, Md. 

Gerald Boughton Keenan, Md. 

William Keir, Md. 

Frederick M. Kelley, III, Md. 

Leonard Charles Kesselring, Jr., Md. 
♦Raymond Albert Kirsch, Md. 

Charles B. Kloss, Md. 

George Edward Koch, N.Y. 

William Gilson Kolar, Md. 

Shirley L. Kranz, Md. 

William Henry Krautler, 111, Md. 
tMarguerite Rose Krista, Md. 

Ruth Inara Krolls, Md. 
♦Vincent Robert Lauria, Md. 

Thaddeus James Layton, Pa. 

Vincent Anthony Lepore, Va. 

John Richey Lewis, Md. 

John Nelson Liles, Md. 

Roger I. Lohman, Md. 

Charles Barnes Longfellow, Jr., Md. 
tjay Edward Lovejoy, Md. 

James Fleming Lovette, Jr., N.C. 

Bambi Branham Lynn, Md. 

Edward Bruce Lyon, Md. 

Glenn Hoyle Madison, Va. 

Franklin Beall Maphis, Md. 

Larry Wayne Marang, Calif. 

Charles Henry Marcus, Md. 

James Edward Martin, Jr., Md. 

Sylvia Cooke Martin, Md. 

Edgar Everett Mathias, Md. 

James Robert Maxwell, Md. 
tWilliam Edmond McArthur, Fla. 

Ronald Henry McCall, Md. 

James Paul McCaslin, Va. 

James Madison McCauley, Md. 

John Joseph McDonnell, Md. 

Genevieve McMahon, D.C. 

Patricia Agnes Mercer, Md. 

William Forbes Michel, Jr., Md. 

Ronald Lee Miller, Va. 

Michael Joseph Mitchell, Md. 

Minareta Moananu, Va. 

Douglas Blaine Moke, Md. 

Lloyd Hugh Morris, Jr., Md. 
♦Joseph Charles Mosier, Md. 

Keith Richardson Muir, Md. 

Loren Stanley Myers, Va. 

Russel Ernest Myers, Jr., Md. 

Robert Raymond Neall, Md. 

Mark Allan Nerenberg, Md. 
tEdward George Newman, Va. 

Michael Robert O'Connor, Va. 
tPatrick Francis O'Connor, Md. 

Kenneth Vern Oerke, Md. 

Shirley Blumenthal Olman, Md. 

Carol Ann Olmstead, Md. 

George Olshevski, Md. 

Steven C. Owens, Md. 

Terry Joseph Pacovsky, Md. 

Herbert Paige, Md. 
♦Gabriele Joseph Paone, Va. 
♦Elizabeth Walton Pardoe, Md. 

Rosser Lee Parker, Md. 

Russell Lawrence Parker, Md. 

Raymond Paul, Calif. 

Thomas Pereira, Va. 

Rodolfo Perez, Jr., Tex. 

James Keith Perkins, Okla. 

Paula J. Peters, Md. 

Dick Dale Peterson, Md. 

Robert Wayne Plott, Md. 

Joyce Tyler Post, Calif. 

Charles Milton Prietz, Md. 

Howell Wayne Pryse, Md. 

Michael Desmond Quinn, Md. 
♦Thomas Frederick Riggle, Md. 
♦Paul Edwin Ring, Va. 

Arthur Lester Ritzman, Md. 

Jerome Dennis Robbins, N.Y. 

Frank William Rohig, Sr., Va. 

•with Honors; twith High Honors 


University College 

Marion Joan Rosencrans, Md. 
Reuben Michael Rosenthal, Fla. 
Pamela Rowe, Md. 
Federico F. Ruck, Md. 
Robin Donald Ruzicka, Md. 
Leonard Irving Sandler, Md. 
George Sidney Scheer, Md. 
Arthur Schneider, Jr., Md. 
tKenneth Raymond Scholl, Md. 
Patricia Mary Schramm, Md. 
David Sebastian, Md. 
Virginia S. Seuss, Md. 
William John Shrader, Md. 
Frederick Anthony Siegert, Md. 
David Grant Simmons, Md. 
Charles Sincoski, Va. 
Walter Bernard Sizemore, Md. 
Radi Latio Slavoff, Md. 
Rodney Russell Smith, Md. 
Thomas Hall Smith, Ohio 

Charles Sumner Spalding, Jr., Md. 
James Louis St Omer Ray, Md. 
Howard LeRoy Stanley, Md. 
Michael Vincent Stasulli, Jr., Md. 
Frank M. Steadman, Jr., Md. 
Patrick Alan Steel, Va. 
Jacob Stieger, Md. 
Gregory Lloyd Sutton, Md. 
Albert F. Sweeney, Jr., Va. 
James Richard Sweeney, II, Md. 
Ronald Lee Taintor, N.J. 
*David John Tanchuk, Md. 
Thomas Roy Theel, Va. 
Margaret Louise Thompson, Md. 
Jack Robinson Tishue, Jr., Md. 
Gene Paul Townend, Md. 
Robert Calvin Trafton, Md. 
Katha Rose Trott, Md. 
Jackson Tsai, Md. 
Ralph Stanley Turner, Jr., Md. 

Daniel Joseph Tuschak, Pa. 

William Reed Tyree, Md. 

Stephen Peyton Vance, Md. 

C. Michael Varlotta, Md. 

Kenneth Robert Velie, Md. 

Carl Theodore Vogelgesang, Md. 

Linda Benthall Voitk, Md. 

Marion Jane Wade, Md. 

Raymond Louis Walker, Jr., Md. 

Herbert John Wells, Md. 

Lester Hansell Wentz, Jr., Md. 

Joseph Westner, Jr., Md. 

Thomas Rochester Wheeler, II, Md. 

Theodore William White, Md. 

Alvin Frederick Williams, Md. 

Clyde Dewey Willis, Md. 
*Frank Joseph Wirdzek, Md. 

Harrison Ferrier Wolf, Va. 
*Dean Roger Wood, Md. 

Eugene Joseph Benoit, Va. 
Arthur James Cramer, Va. 
William H. Deadwyler, Jr. Va. 


August 27, 1971 

John Edward Haggerty, N.C. 
Albert Foxwell Paul Jones, S.C. 
tWilliam Hansel Oakley, N.J. 

Carlo F. Presti, Tex. 

Laurence Ady Webster, Jr., Md. 

Thomas Franklin Brubaker, Md. 
Victor Joseph Crepeau, Va. 
James Watson Galway, Jr., Md. 
George William Hoppe, Va. 

January 24, 1972 

George Kenneth Kitarogers, Fla. 
Harold Robert MacMillan, N.J. 
Clyde Foster McClain, Va. 
Edward John Miller, Calif. 

Horace James Saldi, Md. 
Reuben Stanly Sorensen, Nebr. 
Samuel Jay Turnbull, Jr. Md. 
Albert John Wright, Idaho 

Benjamin Edward Bennett, Va. 
Frank Earle Cohee, Jr., Md. 

June 3, 1972 

George Holt, Jr., Md. 
Ross Ward Lambert, Md. 

George Coulson McNaughton, Va. 
Frank G. Richie, D.C. 

William Carroll Adam, Tex. 

Larry A. Barter, Conn. 
tSamuel McKinley Barton, Jr., W. Va. 
tAnna-Faye Beattie Baumgardner, Okla. 
*James Frank Boushley, Wis. 

Steven H. Brumm, III. 

Arnold S. Delatour, Germany 

Richard Earl Ebright, Md. 

John Barrington Egan, Calif. 

Charles Jerald Ellis, N.Y. 



August 27, 1971 

Ralph R. Fedele, N.Y. 
John Rossiter Galaska, N.Y. 
Robert Doyle Hall, Calif. 
Thomas James Hill, II, Tex. 
Michael Holub, Conn. 
Richard Arthur Houck, Tex. 
Chester Lee Johnson, Md. 
Danny R. Leadingham, Ohio 
James F. Leonard, Pa. 
Joel Rex London, Fla. 

Steven H. Marks, N.Y. 

Patrick Henry McCulloch, Calif. 
tLaura Belle Kemp McGhee, Ala. 

Anthony Joseph Molina, III. 

Claude Walker Moore, Tenn. 

James Wallace Morgan, Mo. 

James Henry Neubauer, 111. 

Jaan Otsa, N.Y. 

Irene O. Papastratis, III. 
tjoan Marie Payne, Va. 

'with Honors; twith High Honors 


University College 

Fred Emmett Phillips, |r., S. Dak. 
Peter Pupshis, N.Y. 
tKaren Mary Reilly, Calif. 
Ksawery Wladyslaw Rogowski, Ohio 

William Dale Scott, Iowa 
♦Patricia Marie Seybolt, Conn. 
David Lee Smith, Fla. 
Kathleen A. Smithson, Calif. 

Charles S. Stingel, Mass. 
Frank Dorsey Young, Oreg. 

Myron Apilado, III. 

Anthony Leon Bellotte, W. Va. 

Norman E. Bilger, Fla. 

Allen Ray Brewer, Minn. 
*Roland Francis Connell, N.Y. 

Richard Alan Cox, Md. 
*Margita Seweloh Cross, Kans. 

Rita Dawn Dalton, Pa. 

David John Donaldson, Mich. 

Michael Wren Dugan, Md. 

Philip John Erickson, Wash. 

Sonja Charlotte Farrero, Germany 

Iris Joy Fox, Pa. 

Avon Herbert Garrett, Md. 

Larry Philip Gowens, Ohio 

lames Elmo Hankins, Jr., Okla. 

Philip J. Harding, Md. 

Robert Nelson Hogarth, N.J. 

January 24, 1972 

A. Barbara Holle, Calif. 
Leeland Erie Jandebeur, Calif. 
James Sisler Johnson, Miss. 
Paul Thomas Karpiak, N.Y. 
Edward Neil Kesselman, N.J. 
Albert Lawrence Kuhner, Pa. 
Herb Clark Lamb, Ohio 
George Martin Leda, Mass. 
*Mariarosaria Diane Lorts, Calif. 
John Scott Lowry, Pa. 
Steven Joseph Lyons, Ohio 
Howard Philippe Marks, Tex. 
Thomas Jesse Martin, Jr., Tex. 
John Paul McCann, Fla. 
Raymond Patrick Mitchell, III. 
Frank Donald Monaco, N.Y. 
Courtney Jay Morgan, N.j. 
Jack P. Morgan, Ark. 

Jeffrey Herald Nyman, Calif. 

Leo Allen Palmer, Mont. 

James Patterson, N.Y. 

Gordon Peek, Va. 

James Randle Riley, Ohio 

Thomas Arthur Ruth, II, Va. 

Richard Prescott Salmon, N.j. 

Manfred George Sanders, Calif. 
*Michael Edward Say, Jr., Pa. 

Carolyn S. Stoehr, Minn. 

Joseph William Street, Mont. 

Robert James Surrette, Mass. 

Iris Meredith Teperow, Ca. 

Nicolas Constantine Tsiros, Greece 

John Nicholas Vassil, Mass. 
tjohn Joseph Waugh, III. 

John Alan Whelan, N.Y. 

David F. Yetman, N.Y. 

tCeorge George Apostolopoulos, Greece 
tSamuel Ernest Archuleta, N. Mex. 

John Edward Balanky, Fla. 

Yasmine D. Balassis, Greece 

Ronald C. Barnett, III. 
*Julene LaHam Bartel, III. 

Tildon Keith Beasley, Ind. 
tKatherine Lee Beinecke, 111. 

Leanne Wade Beorn, Va. 
*Marianne Ellinor Berlin, Mass. 
*Thoma5 Michael Bircumshaw, Calif. 

Asa Calvin Black, Tex. 

Joseph Blakely, Del. 
*Gloria Marshall Borgrink, Nebr. 
tAndrew Martin Brasch, III. 

Howard Roy Brubaker, Pa. 

James Joseph Buck, Pa. 
tSteven Roger Canfield, Minn. 

George Frederick Cassens, Mass. 

Shirley Ann Chittum, Va. 

Robert James Christopher, Calif. 

Donald Milton Clarke, Jr., Md. 

Cynthia May Cluck, Md. 

John Purnell Cobb, La. 

Mary Lynn Cochran, Va. 

Marcia Kathryn Cunningham, Mont. 

Gloria Dawnn Curry, N.J. 

Joseph Francis D'Alexander, Pa. 
*Rita Dawn Dalton, Pa. 

May 28, 1972 

tBarbara Chenault Duff, Tex. 

Gordon Lennox East, Wash. 

Hugh L. Elmer, Wash. 

Philip John Erickson, Wash. 
♦Stephen Louis Frey, N.J. 
♦Robert Lee Garrels, Nebr. 

Howard Fennell Gearhart, Pa. 

Hester McKinley Ceithman, Jr., N.Y. 

Thomas Edgar Genn, 111. 

Phaedon John Gennimatas, Greece 

Gerald Peter Giggins, Conn. ' 

Richard Jeffrey Codin, R.I. 

Kenneth Lee Goodwin, Ala. 

James Orval Grimm, Ohio 

Thomas Charles Haman, N.Y. 

Raymond Hampton, W. Va. 

M. Jay Harroff, Nebr. 
♦Carol Suzanne Hart, Iowa 

William Eugene Hart, Iowa 

Billy Charles Hayes, Tenn. 

Dan Frank Hedrick, Iowa 

Dona Marie Hegge, Idaho 

Lee Douglas Hemink, Ind. 

Robert Marshall Henning, Md. 
tMaureen Herbert, Va. 

W. Bradford Herbert, N.J. 

Jean Ellen Buchanan Himberger, N.J. 

George Joseph Hirko, Pa. 

Linda Da Ronch Jenkins, LJtah 

Alan Henry Johnson, N.Y. 

Joseph Charles Johnson, La. 

Paul Thomas Karpiak, N.Y. 

Donald Ray King, Kan. 

Lawrence Michael King, Fla. 

Anne H. Knapp, Calif. 

Billy Duane Koch, Mo. 
tGrover M. Lawlis, Tex. 

Ferris Oliver Lee, Del. 

Joan Lasky Levinson, Tex. 

Dean Spencer Lind, Mich. 

Gert Lindenau, Wise. 

James Joseph Linn, N.Y. 

Charles H. Long, Ohio 

Eugene H. Looram II, Fla. 

Mariarosario Diane Lorts, Calif. 

Donna Marie Lowre, Mass. 

Thomas Aquinas Lucid, Va. 

Robert Carter Lunsford IV, Md. 

Theodore Marmarokopos, Greece 
♦Antigone J. Maroudis, N.Y. 

Linda Mae Marsh, N.J. 

John Peter Master, W. Va. 

John W. McGee, Tex. 

Dennis Lawrence Menard, R.I. 
tDonald I. Mills, Wash. 

Norman Arthur Morey, N.Y. 

Jack P. Morgan, Ark. 

Olga B. Morris, Conn. 

"with Honors; twith High Honors 


University College 

William Harrison Murphy, Md. 
tjohn Paul Nejman, Fla. 

Robert Arthur Nelson, Ariz. 
tTerry Leslie Ogilvie, Jr., Ark. 
*Eva Jarmila Parsons, Mo. 
tLee James Patrick, Mich. 

William Marvin Phillips, Jr., Mo. 

Madeline Joyce Polemis, Fla. 

Robert Houston Potts, Jr., N.Mex. 

Richard Powers, Wise. 

Gary Harmon Pruitt, Okla. 
*John Howard Patrick Quinn, Calif. 

William Rondall Rainbolt, Tex. 

A. C. Reaves, Ala. 

Robert Reed Redcher, Tenn. 

Donald David Reed, Fla. 

Benjamin F. Rider, La. 

Marvin Gene Ripley, III. 

William Watson Risher, Jr., S.C. 

Thomas C. Salas, Tex. 
*Rose Salemi, N.Y. 
♦Marianne Lester Sanders, Ca. 

Michael Paul Schafer, Wise. 

Gary Steven Schneider, Wise. 

Wanda Lee Seals, Tex. 

Richard Lewis Segesta, N.Y. 

Richard Pierre Sentner, Md. 

Brian Lee Shively, Colo. 
tAnthony Charles Sicari, N.Y. 

Robert J. Skotz, Mass. 

William Richard Slater, Pa. 

James Joseph Smith, Ohio 

Michael Stadnick, Jr., Conn. 
Carolyn S. Stoehr, Minn. 
Daniel Alexander Stover, Jr., Fla. 
John M. Swafford, D.C. 
Judith Lynn Tender, Minn. 
Lynn Edward Turley, Mich. 
John Delano Underwood, Jr., Ark. 
Edward Valenzuela, Tex. 
Guy Robert Vanderman, Md. 
George William Walker, jr.. III. 
Eugene F. Watson, Md. 
Robert Windell Whitford, Fla. 
Curtis Eugene Wilson, Okla. 
Dale H. Wilson, Calif. 

♦Thomas Joseph Fitzgerald, N.Y. 


August 27, 1971 
Frank Laslie Kimbrough, Fla. 

George H. Lynn, Maine 

Willis P. Anderson, Maine 
Irene Leonine Barthelemy, 
James C. Green, N.Y. 

May 28, 1972 
Alfred Samuel Ciricillo, N.Y. John Robert Spehar, Wise. 



August 27, 1971 

*Kiyomi Kaneshinge, Hawaii 
Guy Alton Langston, S. C. 
Sara Katherine \taypole, Fla. 

Alvin LeRoy Misener, Nebr. 
Margery E. Newman, Mich. 
Donald Joseph Wiesner, N.Y. 

Robert Sidney Adair, III, Tex. 
Marian Kathleen Burnham, Ariz. 
Jose M. Bustamante, Ohio 
Robert Dean Detwiler, Md. 
William H. Disher, N.J. 

January 24, 1972 

*Billy Fay Hunt, Tenn. 
tRobert Thompson McMahan, 

John Thomas Norris, Va. 

William Edward Tarry, Md. 
*Norman Knute Thorpe, Oreg. 

Patricia Prosser Wales, Tex. 
Ohio tRobert Bruce Wales, Tex. 

tBruce George Warr, Calif. 
Leon George Yourgevidge, N.J. 

Alfred J. Amedy, Vt. 
William Duane Bowerman, Iowa 
Sharon L. Briggs, Calif. 
Lawrence Joseph Gazzola, III. 
Alfred George Goetzka, Wash. 

March 20, 1972 

Bernard J. Haller, Pa. 
tKenneth Duke Hotaling, N.J. 
David Willard Jackson, N.Y. 
Peter A. Mertens, Belgium 
Robert L. O'Neal, Colo. 

Cassian Patrick O'Rourke, Minn. 
Carter Smith, Ky. 
William Y. T. Takasaki, Hawaii 
*Thomas J. White, Mass. 
Nancy Lou Wiman Wiley, Tex. 

Thomas McCord Edwards, S.C. 
Vincent Peter Gibbons, N.Y. 
Harold Conrad Gilbert, Jr., Calif. 
Ida M. Holtsinger, Tenn. 

June 3, 1972 

James Francis King, N.J. 
♦Melissa A. Lewicki, N.Y. 

Richard Stephen McNalJy, N.Y. 
♦Joseph Anthony Menickelly, N.Y. 

Walter Bernard Morris, Mo. 
tWilliam Birn Rowe, Mich. 
Joseph William Schmidt, Ky. 
Simon Wilhelm Woegens, Colo. 

•with Honors; twith High Honors 


Academic Honors 


Candidates for bachelors' degree eligible to graduate "With Honors" or "With High Honors" are so indicated in the alphabetical listings by college. 
These persons are eligible for the appropriate designation if they have completed at least two years of resident work (60 semester hours) at the time 
of graduation with a scholastic average of B or higher. (Computation does not include grades for courses taken during the last semester of registration 
before graduation.) The candidates must also rank in the upper fifth of the graduating class in their respective colleges. "With High Honors" is awarded 
to the upper tenth of those in each college, if they qualify, and "With Honors" is awarded to the second tenth of those in each college, if they 


Mary Jeanne Bahr 
Francine Frome 
Thomas Hall 
Eileen Inglesby 
Deborah Kravette 

Carol Kslazek 
Mark Lapman 
Ellen Levinson 
George Pappas 
William Tauber 

Patricia Thompson 
Carol Umans 
Marilyn Zitomer 








th High Honors in Botany Deborah Ruth Mangis 

th High Honors in English Elizabeth Ayres, Joan Baer, John Link, Darlene Weber 

th High Honors in French Ann Alu, Roberta Clemens, Maria Kaufman 

th High Honors in German Ann Alu, Hans Schneider 

th High Honors in Government and Politics Mona Friedlander, George F. Pappas, Deborah K. West 

th High Honors in Mathematics Thomas Hall, Robert A. Feffernan, Thomas D. Morley, Russell M. Reid 

th High Honors in Physics Carroll Creswell, George LaRue, Mary Stracke 

th High Honors in Psychology Kenneth Pargament 

th Honors in Chemistry Elizabeth Fisher 

th Honors in Economics Valentine Liu 

th Honors in English Noel M. Izon, Elaine Cassel, Michael Crim, Jane Deutsch, Sarah Kaplinsky, Kathryn Naimo, 

Maria Otero, Christopher Shipley, Albert Tanner, Marsha Weber 

th Honors in Mathematics Jo-Ann Cohen, George LaRue, Regina Llopis 

th Honors in Physics Theodore Buis, Ana Llopis, Peter Pappas 

th Honors in Psychology Jan Berlin, Kathryn Crockett 

th Honors in Speech & Dramatic Art Roy Mason 

th Honors in Spanish Ruth Amberg 

th Honors in Textiles and Consumer Economics Barbara Birx, Jennie Chin, Karen Harris, Karen Hudgins, 

Suzanne Pritchard, Beverly Reinhart, Suzanne Rohde, Eileen Schneider, Sandra Shimasaki 


Honor Societies 

All-University Honorary Societies 


(junior Women's Honor Society) 

Rosemary Aluino 
Anne Athos 
Susan Dagnell 
Barbara Dexter 
Nancy Englehart 
Leslie Ernst 
Bari Feldman 

Janet Foltz 
Karen Jean Hansen 
Roslyn Kozba 
Joanne Palmisano 
Katherine Paradowsl<i 
Susan Rapoport 
Betty Rubin 

Janet Lee SJiedler 
Anne Sorenson 
Linda Tur 
Lynn Turner 
Rochelle Stutman 


(The national senior honor society for women, recognizing service, leadership and scholarship) 

Mary Holly Allison 
JoAnn Assante 
Mary Jeanne Bahr 
Linda Beck 
Janet Brewer 
Elaine Kolker 

jean Kulla 
Kathleen Marshall 
Tenny Owens 
Nancy Parker 
Suzanne Pritchard 
Joan Reynolds 

Gloria B. Segall 
Lani Smith 
Carol Umans 
Susan Wagenheim 
Mary Judith Zeiler 


John E. Baker 
Eric O. Bazques 
Stephen Ross Beard 
Richard Augustus Bendall, Jr. 
Jan Berlin 
Michael A. Blank 
Vincent M. Brannigan 
Martin Luther Brotemarkle, Jr. 
David Francis Buckingham 
Gerald Arthur Erhard, Jr. 
Fred P. Fenjtermaker 
Eric Steven Francis 

Alan R. Friedman 
Joel R. Friedman 
Charles T. Carey 
Keith A. Gasman 
James C. Hanson 
Steven N. Heller 
Stephen R. Hood 
Stephen Jay Lee 
Roy Leonard Mason 
Darryl Nixon 
Donald P. O'Sullivan 
George F. Pappas 

David Victor Petersen 
Bruce Theodore Posner 
Joseph W. Rogers, Jr. 
Russell McKay Reid 
Richard Rubin 
Fred Howard Silverstein 
Mark Allen Snyder 
Brian R. Stanley 
George J. Stepanenko 
Karl Stertzbach 
Gregory John Walling 
Nelson Douglas Zeroth 


Honor Societies 


(A national honorary fraternity, open to honor students, both men and women, in all branches of learning 


Dr. Louis L. Kaplan, 

President, Board 

of Regents 


Robert Joseph Beiter 
Margaret C. Carthy 
Alfred George Lieberman 

Claud Collier Marion 
Joseph Farrow Metz, Jr. 
Ronald Thomas O'Leary 

V. Phillips Weaver 
Joseph G. Wutoh 


Georgieanne Alef 
Elizabeth N. Alspaugh 
Sue Ann Grey Burch 
Adelaida M. Castellanos 
Josephine Joyce Cusmano 
Robert C. Davis 
Richard Alan Disharoon 
Fay Helene Dworkin 
Joseph Ambrose Feustle, Jr. 
Sister Margaret John Filor 
Rudolph Fiorillo 
Hugh Luther Fischer, Jr. 
J. Daniel Garcia 
Judith Green 
Leonor Guillen 
Richard Paul Hallion 
Gladys Bernard Healy 
Sherman Samuel Hendrix 

Gary Lynn Kaiser 
Thomas Stewart Kaufman 
Ellen Rae Best Krall 
Mark Edward Lachtman 
Steven Kalman Lorch 
Janet Marie Luhmann 
John Dine Martin 
Michael William McKinney 
lames Robb McSkimin 
Christine Adducchio Miller 
Lowella Laverne Morris 
Timothy Andrew O'Brien 
Cesar Oro 
Eliezer Oyola 
Donald Marvin Phillips, Jr. 
Madalin Olivia Price 
Robert Samuel Printis, Jr. 
Charles Wayne Puffinberger 

Thomas Daniel Rabenhorst 
William James Romig 
Neil Joseph Salkind 
Judith Elaine Schmitt 
Irene Kathryn Shipman 
Judith Anne Stelcik 
Ada Julia Stilman-Lasansky 
Manya Brooke Stoetzel 
Kenneth Warren Theil 
Carol Susan Umans 
Anna-Lisa Kristina Warga 
Ian Malcolm Wedderspoon 
Catherine Callan West 
Dorothy Yvonne Williams 
Richard James Wilson 
Daniel Ralph Woodman 
Gladys Bertila Zaidivar 
Marvin E. Zoerb 


Riccardo Lee Aboe 
Emmanuel Turkson Acquah 
Tracy Lee Algrim 
John Wesley" Allender, II 
Mary Holly Allison 
Ann Majorie Yvette Alu 
Ruth Rebecca Amberg 
Lawrence Walter Ament 
Joseph Thomas Andrucyk 
Martin Norman Anesgart 
Raul Armenta 
Robert Lawrence Ash 
Nancy Jean Almand Ator 

Anna Lucile Atwood 
Dennis Moore Atwood 
Margaret Ritchie Axtell 
Elizabeth Patricia Ayres 
Joan Carol Baer 
Mary Jeanne Bahr 
Edward David Ball 
Christine A. Baltz 
Penny Susan Bamforth 
Alfred T. Barnard 
Marie Theresa Barr 
Marilyn Woody Barrett 
Samuel McKinley Barton, Jr. 

Norman Lee Baumgarten 
Eric Osvaldo Bazques 
Linda Jane Beckwith 
Deborah Ann Bender 
Peter Ben Ezra 
Howard Jay Bennett 
Jan Steven Berlin 
Robert Charles Bibb 
Terry Ellen Blessington 
Cherrie Lee Bolls 
Dana Radebaugh Bowdle 
Kathleen Elizabeth Boyle 
Lynne Brazer 


Honor Societies 

Judith Inez Breen 
Robin Ellen Breeskin 
Regina Peggy Breiterman 
Janet Anne Brewer 
Mary Susan Briggs 
Larry Kenneth Brown 
Susan Marie Browning 
Thomas Franklin Brubaker 
Karen Jean Bruns 
Theodore Richard Buis 
George Thomas Bunch 
Theodora Lee Burke 
Kathryn Lee Burnett 
Robert Wallace Burns 
Charlotte Mary Buschman 
Mary Catherine Bushnell 
Suzette Ava Calsetta 
Thomas Lewis Caltrider 
Edmund Scott Campbell 
Eugene Herschal Cantor 
Gerald Caolo 
Susan Mary Cardwell 
Stephen Keith Carper 
Leonard Eugene Carter 
Patricia Jo-Anne Casper 
Anne Marden Caswell 
Claire Anne Chelotti 
Dolores Anne Christ 
Stephen Claude Chumbris 
Diane Christine Clagett 
Harriett Louise Clark 
Roberta Lynn Clemens 
Jo-Anne Deborah Cohen 
Mildred Cohen 
Audrey K. Coleman 
David Davis Collins 
Janice Lee Compton 
Larry Harlan Cook 
Linda Ellen Cook 
Danae Marie Cooperman 
John Gary Cornali 
Dale Christine Corvelli 
Lance Cornelius Couturier 
Ellen Cecilia Cranston 
Carroll William Creswell 
Pamela Smith Cribbs 
Kathryn Turrell Crockett 
Carol Buller Crump 
Barbara Cummins 
Howard Marc Cushner 
Randy Handelsman Cutler 
William Robert Dachille Jr. 
Loretta Ann Dash 
Helen Adell Davis 
Sylvia Davitt 
Joan A. Deacon 
Connie Sue Dehoff 
Carol Ann DeMun 

Jewell Doris Diamond 
Muriel Matthews Diaz 
Stephanie Lynne Dier 
Deborah Anne Dirks 
John Anthony Dix 
Sally Elizabeth Dobres 
Josephine Ann Donovan 
Martha Mae Dooley 
Pamela Jane Doong 
Aloysius Clayton Doyle, Jr. 
Joanne Johnson Doody 
Betty Knebel Drake 
Beverly Irene Dulaney 
William Addison Durboraw, Jr. 
Marilyn Edelman 
Gloria Hicks Edwards 
Linda Marie Enama 
Kathleen Lillian Endres 
Marvin Thomas Englert 
Jerome Arnold Ennels 
Alan Stephen Exier 
Karen Maureen Fairbrother 
Robert Allen Fefferman 
Susan W. Federroll 
Frances L. Feldman 
Clark Fetterman 
Gary Steven Fink 
Carol Thomas Fishel 
Rhonda Margot Fischer 
Elizabeth Jane Fisher 
John Hendrickson Fiske 
Thomas Joseph Fitzgerald 
Carla Jean Flatequal 
Dale Nita Flax 
Sandra Beth Fleishman 
Carol Anne Fogarasi 
Charles Aubrey Foley 
Raymond Louis Frappolli 
Terry S. Freeman 
Mona Friedlander 
Joel Roger Friedman 
Patricia Anne Friedman 
Charlene Frieman 
Martha B. Frith 
Douglas Wayne Frye 
Ellen Ann Gardiner 
Steven Dewey Gardner 
Marilyn Louise Gaver 
Lynne Mary Censor 
Thomas Augustine Gentile 
Thomas Stevens George, III 
Bruce Gerber 
Carol Leah Gewehr 
Susan Elaine Gibson 
Lois Almeda Gilbertson 
James Howard Gill, Jr. 
Dennis Stewart Ginsberg 
Renee Diane Givner 

Allan Lee Gohrband 
Carolyn Hoffman Goldberg 
Estelle Goldberg 
Pearl Peggy Golden 
Susan H. Goldsmith 
Allen John Gordon 
Stuart Yael Cordon 
Frances Pauline Gottlieb 
Leslie Dana Gradet 
Edward Clark Greelegs 
Beth Lee Greenbaum 
Susan Adele Greenblatt 
Barbara Carol Greenfeld 
Karen Lynn Grill 
William Lee Grimm 
Nancy Lee Cuiland 
Robert Jay Groner 
Paul Francis Hahn 
Elaine Elizabeth Hall 
Thomas White Hall, Jr. 
Harold Louis Hallock 
Richard Carl Hansen 
James Clarence Hanson 
M. J. Patricia Harley 
Karen Jean Harris 
Frances Jones Hastings 
Anna Roth Hauptman 
Isaac James Hayward 
Janice Evans Heath 
Lawrence Joseph Heilos, J. 
Jeanette Marie Heindl 
Victoria Mary Hennessey 
Maura Therese Herring 
Ann Cochran Higgins 
Earl Francis Higgins 
James Allen Hill 
Michael O'Hara Hirtle 
Laurel Gaye Hirz 
Ann Hoffnar 
Lynn Cathy Hoftiezer 
Kenneth Duke Hotaling 
Elaine Kolker Horwitz 
Linda Mae Hoxie 
Karen Stephanie Hudgins 
Sherry Maigne Hulfish 
Deborah Ellen Hunt 
Leigh Alan Hurst 
Lynn Erie Igou 
Margaret Fischer Ingram 
Julie Wye Ishio 
Virginia Elizabeth Izzo 
Julia Jachowski 
Eileen Kramer Jacobs 
Patricia Louise James 
Mary Carter Janke 
Carol Saile Jeffers 
William Shealy Jeff ries 
John Anthony Jenkins 


Honor Societies 

Gail Audrey Jensen 
Ronald Nelson lessee 
Caria Harris Johnson 
William Kaleolani Johnson 
Nancy Ellen Jolson 
Jean Marie Jones 
William Alfred Jordan 
Jerry Milton Joyner 
Kathleen Mary Judge 
Yale Mitchell Kadesky 
Rochelle Jane Kaplan 
Kiyomi Kaneshige 
Deborah Anne Katz 
Alice Anne Kelley 
Stephen Craig Kelley 
Anne Marie Kibler 
Dean Kim 
Karen R. Kingry 
Kenneth David Klein 
Bradford Allan Kleinman 
Catherine Eugenia Klemic 
Paul Bailey Kluge 
Charles Richard Knerr 
Barbara Ann Knight 
Charles Leonard Knupp 
Mark Francis Kochevar 
Lawrence Myron Korb 
Robert Charles Koslowski 
Kathryn Kosty 
Sandra Mary Kovach 
Florence Iversen Kraft 
Deborah Beth Kravette 
Blanche Alice Krause 
Christine Sue Kris 
Carol Ann Ksiazek 
Albin Ovvings Kuhn, II 
Roger Lee Kuhns 
Howard Kenneth Kurman 
Michael Joe Kuykendall 
Ruth Elizabeth LaMonte 
Helen Vincenze Lane 
Mary Lane 
Laura Lee Lapko 
Mark Charles Lapman 
Marianne Aimee LaRoche 
George Sterling La Rue 
Barbara Stephanie Latterner 
James Arthur Lau 
Sandra Diane Lavoie 
Suzanne Catherine Law 
Howard Steven Leibowitz 
Barry Kenneth Levin 
Alan H. Lewis 
Thomas Basil Lewis 
Ellen Lynn Lightman 
Ricki Lila Lilly 
Kathleen Mary Linehan 
John Carl Link 

Barbara Lais Logan 

Richard Gardner Long 

Louise Ann Lonski 

Regina Marie Llopis 

George Francis Lowe 

Senta Lowenstein 

Betty Pan Lum 

Andrea Phyllis Luterman 

Janine Mae Lynch 

Diana Susan Lynn 

Gail Elizabeth Macht 

Carolyn Madden 

Edward Lewin Maddox 

Jane Ivers Madsen 

Terrence Shane Mahon 

Deborah Ruth Mangis 

Larry Anthony Manuel 

Elizabeth Ann Mann 

Charles Martinez 

Marie Evalyn Mastin 

Ronald Andrew Matovcik 

Kathleen Beck Matus 

Diana Kathleen Maxwell 

David Evan McCauley 

Tracy McCleary 

Rodney Dean McComb 

James Anthony McCully 

Kathleen Laura McDowell 

Laura Belle Kemp McGhee 

Robert Thompson McMahan, Jr. 

Joan Margit McNeill 

Cheryl Lynn Medeiros 

Ruth Lyn Meese 

Alyson Lee Meininger 

Arnaold B. Merin 

Michael Dennis Merson 

Jeffrey Lee Metzner 

Patricia Maloney Meyer 

Sally Ann Meyers 

Jay Stuart Michael 

Christine H. Miller 

Glenn Stevens Miller 

Helaine Susan Miller 

Don Wallace Minium 

Jacqueline Lee Mintzer 

Howard Michael Mirvis 

Pauline Margaret Mitchell 

Fee Jing Mon 

Rita Anne Monahan 

Orrin Arlington Moore 

Saundra Tokar Moraski 

Richard Allen Morrison 

Mary Lucinda Motsko 

Timothy Patrick Mulligan 

Karen Ann Myers 

Nancy Naden 

Verilette Ann Nagle 

Kathryn Marion Naimo 

Kathleen Maria Nardini 

Rebecca Nash 

Joel Lewis Nathan 

Barry Norman Neeland 

Elisabeth Moorhead Nesbitt 

Sei Hoon Newkirk 

James Burton Newman 

Nancy Jean Nicholson 

Carol Elaine Nyberg 

William Hansel Oakley 

Nancy Amelia Ohibaum 

Elizabeth Alma Oliver 

Mary Kristine Olsen 

Mildred Angela Omar 

Joyce Evelyn Oreschnick 

Kathryn Louise Ostberg 

Lynn Ann Ostrinsky 

Gail Marie O'Sullivan 

Susan Arold Ousborne 

Walter Timothy Palmer 

George Frank Pappas 

Peter George Pappas 

Kenneth Ira Pargament 

Kenneth Parker 

Nancy Ohison Parker 

Glenn Ross Parkinson 

Thomas Val Peacock 

Michael Sandor Pearl 

Murray Dennis Pearlman 

Carol Jean Peciulis 

Janet Louise Peridier 

Carol Anne Peters 

Hena Pilloff 

Christine Carol Pisarcik 

Astrida Antonia Plucis 

Susan Frances Podufaly 

Gilbert Russell Poisson 

Richard C. Pollin 

Catharine Poppe 

Patrick Grishaw Port 

Barbara Judith Potash 

Arthur Evans Powell 

Martha Hoffman Preston 

Suzanne Louise Pritchard 

Edward Charles Pytlik 

John Robert Queen 

Deborah Anne Quillen 

Hertha Anna Rada 

Jeanne Flanigan Randle 

Lilo Schneider Rawland 

Ruth Emily Rea 

Patrick Alan Redd 

John Michael Reece 

Karen Mary Reilly 

Samuel Thompson Redgrave Revell, III 

Joan Reynolds 

Judith Karen Rib 

Mary M. Rice 


Honor Societies 

Allen Geoffrey Rich 
Susan Constance Richards 
Pamela Mary Richardson 
William Houston Ringler 
Dale Patrick Riordan 
Robert Orme Ritts 
Gail Marie Rixse 
Linda P. Rocklin 
Lynne Anne Rogner 
Suzanne Dorothy Rohde 
David I. Rosenbloom 
Glenda Josiane Rosenbloom 
Morey David Rothberg 
Richard Rubin 
David Brian Rubinstein 
Diane Rudner 
Patricia Mary Rudolph 
Paul Alban Rukstela 
Veronica Ruszin 
Lauren Deneene Ruttenberg 
Linda Frances Saah 
Janet Elizabeth Sadowski 
Deborah Ann Salganik 
Claude Willard Salisbury 
Stephen Paul Sand 
Sylvia Santa Anna 
Mary Ann Saunders 
Marjorie Ann Schenk 
Hans-Alfred Schneider 
Michele Marie Schiesser 
William Ronald Schmidt 
Louis lames Schneider 
William Milton Schnitzlein 
Jack Adalberto Schoendorfer 
Charles Nicholas Schoenfeld 
Faith Janet Schoentelder 
Kenneth Raymond Scholl 
Jeanette Louise Schunter 
Ann Zenobia Scoles 
Gabriela Katharina Scott 
Gloria Bormel Segall 
Irene Seitter 
Patricia Marie Seybolt 
David Adam Shaller 
Deborah Elisabeth Shaller 
Michael Lee Shanks 
Frances Caperton Shannon 
David Lee Shapiro 
James Michael Shedlock 

Timothy Walter Sheen 
Leota M. Shelkey 
Deborah Judith Shestack 
Sandra Christy Shimasaki 
Christopher Wayne Shipley 
Diane Patricia Shor 
William Byard Shortley, Jr. 
Mark Whisler Shreeve 
Phyllis McGarry Shubert 
Bruce Alan Silver 
Louis Silverstein 
Jan Ellen Simon 
Andrew Lawrence Sklar 
Joseph L. Slayton 
David Oliver Sloan 
Betty Louise Smith 
Blaine Edwin Smith 
Dana Lea Smith 
Joanne Barbara Smith 
John Payne Smith 
Lannis Bradley Smith 
Martin Raymond Smith 
Norman A. Snyder, III 
Richard Snyder 
Elaine N. Sollins 
Rajive Soni 

Lynne Baur Southwick 
Dean Paul Spacht 
Carolyn Lee Staples 
Rosalie Angelina Steel 
John Robert Stein 
Ann Marie Steiner 
George Jerry Stepanenko 
John Joseph Stepulis 
Ann Fisher Sternad 
Hilda Stevan 
Sandra Susan Stiles 
Carolyn Lenore Stober 
John George Strang 
Norman Alan Strickman 
Kenneth Charles Strine 
Edward Eugene Suarez, Jr. 
Mary Elizabeth Suer 
Lynne Beth Sures 
Sheldon Howard Suskauer 
Roland Saunders Sweet, II 
Cheryl Marie Taetle 
William Bernard Tauber 
Erika Usbeck Teal 

Irma Dator Tejada 
Theresa Ann Terry 
Diane Lynn Thomas 
Melinda Lucille Thomas 
Sally Ann Thompson 
Norman K. Thorpe 
Donna Lee Throne 
Allan Don Tiedrich 
Grady Howell Tumlin, Jr. 
Patricia Anne Turner 
Virginia Sue Turner 
Patrick Allen Turnes 
Anne Louise Vieira 
Richard Lee Vogel 
Stefani Marie Nucci Vogel 
Sharleen Nancy Miller Wagner 
Frederick Close Walker 
John Macardell Walton 
Michael John Ward 
Patricia S. Warren 
John Joseph Waugh 
Marsha Irene Weber 
Martin Wehrle 
Elissa Marie Weidaw 
Barbara Joan Weiss 
Linda Ann Welch 
Scott Jay Wenner 
Jaimye Weston 
Susan Natalie Wiener 
Susan Marie Willard 
Robert Phillip Willet, Jr. 
Ann Scoville Williams 
Lynne Williams 
Molly K. Williamson 
Patricia Ann Willoughby 
Stephen Francis Wilson 
Warren Woodrow Wilson 
Karen Marie Wiseman 
Dean Roger Wood 
Rosemarie Joan Workman 
Catherine Anne Wyatt 
Ann Marie Wylie 
Naomi Laura Yarris 
Glen Russell Young 
Ronald Joseph Zaczek 
Andrew Zahos 
Nelson Douglas Zeroth 
Greta D. Zink 
Marilyn Susan Zitomer 


Honor Societies 

All-College Honorary Societies 

George C. Apostolopoulos 
Samuel E. Archuleta 
Samuel M. Barton 
Anna-Faye B. Baumgardner 
Katherine L. Beinecke 
James ). Boney 
Andrew M. Brasch 
Steven R. Canfield 
Mary L. Cochran 
Barbara C. Duff 
Charles J. Ellis 
Harvey E. Fisher 
Vincent P. Gibbons 


(National E\ening Student Honorary) 

Thomas C. Haman 
Maureen Herbert 
Carrol L. Hoover 
Kenneth D. Hotaling 
Billy D. Koch 
George H. Lynn 
John P. Master 
James P. McCasiin 
Laura McGhee 
Peter A. Mertens 
Joseph C. Mosier 
Elizabeth W. Pardee 
Joan M. Payne 

John H. P. Quinn 
Karen M. Reilly 
Michael E. Say 
Richard L. Segesta 
Anthony C. Sicari 
Patricia P. Wales 
Robert B. Wales 
George W. Walker 
John j. Waugh 
Dale H.Wilson 
Frank J. Wirdzek 
Simon W. Woegens 


Richard Benjamin 
John Benson 
Charles Bowling 
Raymond V. Bosmans 
Steven A. Dawson 
Robert C. Fry 
James Feldman 
Mark A. Goodwin 
Gary M. Goldstein 
Walter L. Hurley 
Steven N. Heller 

(Men's Professional Agricultural Fraternity) 

James C. Hanson 
Vaughn E. King 
Robert S. Kravitz 
J. Kevin Mathias 
Lee S. Malone 
Jason M. Myers 
Victor L. Miller 
Thomas R. Nickerson 
Lawrence M. Roberts 
Clifford E. Stein 
Charles L. Stone 

L. Keith Staley 
Thomas D. Schaeberle 
Robert Stewart 
J. Glenn Shortall 
Theodore P. Streett 
Richard J. Sinsky 
Hal Spielman 
Edgar L. Stahm 
Jeffrey Taylor 
Neal W. Welsh 


Honor Societies 


(Men's & Women's Commerce Honor Society) 

George H. Allen Charles G. Driesel 


January 1972 
Robert F. Dyer 
Terence A. Shimp 

May 1972 
David A. Foster 
Yorum Kafkafi 
Frank Pascoe 


January 1972 
Thomas Caltrider 
John Cornali 
Wayne Gordon 
William H. Johnstone 
Steven I. Klein 
David R. Plue 
Eugene H. Cantor 

Roger L. Chin 
Craig A. Clagett 
Christine Decker 
Susan E. Gibson 
Thomas C. Harris 
Edward L. Maddox 
James A. McCully 
Barrett J. Penan 

May 1972 
Carroll A. Brown, Jr. 
Doris A. Chew 
Barbara E. Duran 
Caria J. Flatequal 
Gregory W. Fletcher 
James H. Gill, Jr. 
Gerald L. lanni 

Timothy J. Kelly 
Marilyn A. Kessinger 
Kenneth O. Klein 
Vernon E. Knarr 
Lawrence M. Korb 
Howard K. Klirman 
James A. Law 
Sidney Laytin 
Edward B. Marr 
James M. McHenry 
James B. Newman, Jr. 
Samuel T. Revell, III 
Mark M. Sullivan 
Steven C. Vermillion 
Michael J. Ward 
John D. Webster 
Ann S. Williams 

Judy Alpert 
Marc Bresier 
Corin Eisenstein 
Robin Epstein 
Linda Fassberg 
Rachelle Frenkel 
Cheryl Friedman 
Sheila Gloger 


(Honor Society of Hebrew Language and Culture) 

Barbara Katz 
Naomi Kawin 
Sherry Kinland 
Elizabeth Klein 
Gail Korobkin 
Andrea Mark 
Lawrence Neff 
Lola Pinczuk 

Richard Quint 
Amy Rubin 
Steve Sager 
Jerry Scheinberg 
Alan Tischler 
Linda Tolchin 
Sibby Weinstein 
Debra Wexler 


Cherrie L. Bolls 
Randy R. Cutler 
Sandra Davidson 
Pamela J. Doong 
Marilyn Edelman 
Kathleen M. Feldman 
Margaret A. Gery 
Gary L. Greer 
Elaine E. Hall 
Linda A. Hartlove 
Deborah L. Hesse 
Julie W. Ishio 
Gail A. Jensen 
Nancy E. Jolson 


(National Honor Society in Education) 

Rochelle J. Kaplan 
Deborah A. Katz 
Patricia A. Keegan 
Ann Marie Kelly 
Nancy Kessler 
Arlene S. Kramer 
Barbara L. Levinson 
Colleen P. Lieb 
Elizabeth L. Moranda 
Nancy A. Ohibaum 
Susan A. Ousborne 
Patsy G. O'Neale 
Marsha A. Peic 
Sharon L. Rent 

Diane P. Shor 
Christine B. Standish 
Rebecca A. Thomas 
Jacquelyn J. Tolley 
Virginia Sue Turner 
Dolores Urso 
Ronnye E. Varsov 
Doris J. Venetta 
Susan M. Wagenheim 
Barbara Ann Weiss 
Robert M. Whitlock 
Jane E. Workinger 


Honor Societies 


(Journalism Honor Society) 

Barbara Armstrong 
Scott Barnes 
David Dawson 
Nancy Foltz 

Richard Lauchman 
Diane Matarazzo 
Louis Mellinger 
Timothy Sexton 

Harriet Sherman 
Russell Shipley 

Richard Bigelow 
Thomas Bogar 
Christopher Cade 
Ralph Clickman 
Anita Hauf 


(National Honorary Dramatics Society) 

Robert Kauffman 
Julie Kayafas 
Linda L. Lewis 
Robin Lyttle 
Terry Margulis 

Christine L. Miller 
J. Evan Parker 
Roger Pippin 
John Potthast 
Sue Wiener 

Richard B. Brandman 
James H. Cilljr. 
Bruce C. Gorman 
Philip M. Hayes 
Richard S. Haynes 
Deborah E. Hunt 


(National Economics Honorary Society) 

Scott A. Kresan 
Howard K. Kurman 
Howard S. Leibowitz 
David Lewis 
Armando S. Linde 
Christine M. Noble 

Patrick G. Port 
Robert A. Skylar 
Mark M. Sullivan 
Nancy L. Tevis 
Helen Wilber 
James Xinis 


(National Home Economics Honor Society) 

Fall 1971 

Sue Birch 
Sara Bagby 

Hazel Holton 
Mildred Nethken 

Janice Meadows 
Georgiean Guyer 

Fall 1971 

Debra B. Knighton 
Margaret Bailey 
Jill Beierlein 
Barbara Birx 
Karen Boruff 
Ruth Breunig 
Constance Citro 
Irene Waters Dyal 
Carol Goodall Gewehr 

Karne Harris 
Joan Hollister 
Karen Hudgins 
Sharon Kuehn 
Patricia McWilliams 
Deborah Mertens 
Pauline Mitchell 
Elizabeth Moran 
Martha Preston 

Lynn Nyce 
Beverly Reinhart 
Marjorie Riley 
Eileen Schneider 
Janet Scully 
Dennis Violett 
Christine Warnke 
Bonnie Wilcox 


Honor Societies 

Spring 1972 

Frances Kohn 

Norma Archilesi 
Martha Burgess 
Janice Coren 
Dianne Densock 
Joanne Doody 
Janice Forney 
Melody Grimm 
Catherine Hammer 

Spring 1972 

Sharon Hewitt 
Barbara Hoffman 
Denise Holtzman 
Sharon Hoover 
Roxanne Hout 
Ellen Ives 
Barbara Kaplan 
Lynne Kennedy 

Debra Kessler 
Maryanne Khojandi 
Sharon Korb Nicolay 
Paula Magoulas 
Margaret Pascoe 
Joyce Pollitt 
Nancy Rossi 

Cynthia M. Bean 
Annette C. Caruso 
Christian E. Gronbech 
Linda M. Jones 


(Physical Education, Recreation, and Health Honor Society) 


Maureen E. Lang 
Edward R. Levy 
Godfrey N. Ngoh 
Joanne M. Scholz 

Janet K. Vizard 
Michael J. Witenstein 
Gerry A. Zentz 

Cay P. Biggs 
Beverly J. Bloodsworth 
Sandra A. Broderick 
Anthony M. Chite 
Robert F. Collins 
Steven B. Cox 
Robin L. Edwards 
William K. Elderbaum 
Elizabeth J. Hargett 


Joan M. Holzberg 
Stephen D. Hoopengardner 
Dorothy J. Houlditch 
Bernadette M. Humphrey 
Donald E. Moors 
Beverly C. Moses 
Marcia A. Reidinger 
Janet E. Sadowski 
Mary E. Schmidt 

Karen F. Schulte 
Andrew P. Smith 
Linda K. Stevenson 
Rick D. Wheeler 
Stephen F. Wilson 
Delmar R. Wolfe 
Clemm R. Young 


Honor Societies 

Martin W. Gillman 
George R. Kent 
Evelyn Levsky 


(National History Honor Society) 


Ronnie Sue Sirota 
Stephen H. Sirota 
Terrance P. Walbert 

Francis A. Young 

Joan Axelroth 
William E. Bankert 
Frank R. Bartle 
Andrew N. Becker 
Anthony L. Bellotte 
David L. Bennett 
Patricia A. Brady 
Claire Chelotti 
Marilyn Childress 
Raymond M. De Marco 
Sandra L. Doles 
Carol D. Drury 
Raymond L. Frappolli 
Stephen D. Fromang 
Douglas W. Frye 
Avon H. Garrett 
Richard J. Codin 
Susan H. Goldsmith 
Kevin C. Greene 
Robert J. Croner 


Robert J. Hanyok 
Corinne D. Hayward 
Ron Hedges 
William J. Howard 
Elmer C. jarusek 
Mark A. Kaufman 
Edward N. Kesselman 
Robert D. Kline 
Mark Kochevar 
Mary Lane 
Denise M. Liard 
John N. Liles 
Alexander Mathews 
Susan L. McCally 
Carl P. McCartney 
Dennis L. Menard 
Susan E. Merdinger 
Bruce Miller 
Charlotte Moran 
Susan E. Oseroff 

Patricia Osti 
Hena Pilloff 
Thomas H. Price, III 
Leslie ]. Robbins 
Joel A. Rothberg 
Marianne L. Sanders 
Michele M. Schiesser 
Thomas F. Schmelzer 
Patricia M. Sherlock 
Marie L. Sigler 
Mindy K. Small 
Richard B. Sniffin 
Howard L. R. Stanley 
Edward E. Suarez, Jr. 
Christopher W. Wilkens 
Roberta F. Woronow 
George H. Wright 
Theodore T. Zinna 


Honor Societies 


(A National Honorary Society for Arts and Sciences) 


Homer Ulrich, Professor of Music, Unive rsity of Maryland 

Evelyn Walker Gordon, National Center forHealth Statistics 

)oel Arsenault 
Nancy A. Ator 
Edward D. Ball 
Christine E. Baltz 
Robert C. Bibb 
Ann J. Brickfield 
Larry Kenneth Brown 
Barbara J. Campbell 
John J. Cannell 
Elaine Hicks Cassel 
Virginia Lee Caswell 
Claire Ann Chelotti 
Stephen Claude Chumbris 
Diane Christine Clagett 
Jo-Ann Deborah Cohen 
Howard Marc Cushner 
Valerie A. Czawlytko 
Sylvia Davitt 
Sally Elizabeth Dobres 
Josephine A. Donovan 
Roberts. Fish 
John H. Fiske 
Mona Friedlander 
loel Roger Friedman 
Steven Dewey Gardner 
Leonard Gehl 
Thomas A. Gentile 
Kathleen )o Griffin 
William L. Grimm 


Michael A. Hagstad 
Thomas White Hall, Jr. 
Maura T. Herring 
Patricia A. Heselton 
James A. Hill 
Sherry Maigne Hulfish 
Deborah E. Hunt 
Kathleen M. Judge 
Yale M. Kadesky 
David Roger Kehs 
Dean Kim 

Bradford A. Kleinman 
Catherine Klemic 
Deborah B. Kravette 
Audrey Gail Kriegman 
Carol A. Ksiazek 
Howard Kenneth Kurman 
Barbara Latterner 
Alan H. Lewis 
Thomas B. Lewis 
Deborah Ruth Mangis 
David Evan McCauley 
Nancy Nicholson McComb 
Rodney D. McComb 
Cheryl Lynn Medeiros 
Rita Anne Monahan 
Timothy Patrick Mulligan 
Joel Lewis Nathan 
Carol E. Nyberg 

Mary Kristine Olsen 
George F. Pappas 
Kenneth Ira Pargament 
Glenn Ross Parkinson 
Carol Jean Peciulis 
Patrick G. Port 
Gary Philip Posner 
John R. Queen 
Janice Rafalowski 
Lynne A. Rogner 
Paul F. Rothberg 
Richard Rubin 
Deborah Ann Salganik 
Charles Nicholas Schoenfeld 
Frances Caperton Shannon 
Bruce Alan Silver 
Andrew Lawrence Sklar 
Dana Woolschlager Smith 
Richard Snyder 
John Robert Stein 
Ann Haughey Steiner 
Mary Lynne Stracke 
Virginia Susan Straface 
Mary Elizabeth Suer 
Donna Lee Throne 
Patrick A. Turnes 
Stefanie Nucci Vogel 
Scott J. Wenner 
Susan Marie Willard 

David Anderson 
Eric O. Basques 
Anita Blanar 
Thomas P. Butash 
Steven L. Craig 
David Crockett 
Ruth Dayhoff 
Alice Deppe 
Steven S. Eiserike 
Robert A. Fefferman 
Thomas W. Hall 
Donald Johnson 


(National Mathematics Honorary Fraternity) 

Robert L. Kirby 
Phyllis R. Kolmus 
Daniel Lam 
Thomas P. Langham 
Barbara Latterner 
Bruce Lipschultz 
Regina Llopis 
Maryann Lorey 
Redge A. Mahaffey 
Thomas D. Morley 
Eric Nachlas 
Raul Ormertta 

Thomas R. Park 
Armando P. Saavedra 
G. Patrick Sand 
Eric Schechter 
Martha A. Segal 
Gloria B. Segall 
Charles E. Shaw 
Kaye M. Shedlock 
Patricia N. Shields 
Barbara Turner 
Asta M. Vitenas 
Carol A. Widmayer 



(Spanish Honorary Fraternity) 

Honor Societies 


Peggy Arenas 
Donald Burrows 
Adelaida Castellanos 
Louise Crissman 
Stanley Rose 
Paul Seaver 
Gladys Zaidivar 
Joseph Feustle 
John Raggio 

Jaime Sendra 
John Wooldridge, Jr. 
Alyce Cesare 
Jose S. Gil 
Diane Leiner 
Eliezer Oyola 
James F. Turk 
Maria Hanks 
Gloria Rodrigo 

Juan A. Perez 
Cesar Oro 
Ann Lesman 
Daniel Garcia 
Ernesto Cuesta 
Raymond Clar 
Alice Perry 

Ronald Carrillo 
Ruth Amberg 
Emma Jo Castro 
Leda Dishrow 
Karen Krausen 
Mary Matsko 
Guillermina Riutort 
Marcia Weinberger 


Constance A. Bissell 
Patricia Chastain 
Maria Alejandra Guillen 
Barbara Hanson 
Michael Hawkins 
Valerie Jensen 
Sandra Kemick 
James Leventhal 

Pilar Mercedes Saavedra 
Allan Smith 
Karen Dula 
Camilla Day 
Sharon Karst 
Christine Willis 

Robert L. Ash 
John M. Christian 
Jordan Goodman 
RoberJ, Kushlis 


(National Physics Honor Society) 

Daniel F. Lam 
James Lyerly 
John R. Michener 
Peter G. Pappas 

Russell Talcott 
Lawrence G. Votta 


Honor Societies 


(General Engineering Honor Society) 

John W. Allender 
James J. Alter 
Harry R. Anderson 
Daniel Baker 
Alfred T. Barnard 
Norman L. Baumgarten 
Eric O. Bazques 
Russell L. Bellamy 
Ronald B. Benjamin 
Louis A. Bennett 
Tim G. Boland 
John C. Borum 
Ronald E. Boston 
Sam Bronstein 
Charles S. Bucans 
Richard B. Bunevitch 
James N. Caldwell 
Wai-hung VV. Cheung 
Steven L. Craig 
Hassan A. Dayem 
Michael V. Demaio 
Bing N. Der 
Robert J. Divilio 
Peter H. Emmons 
Frederick Farra 
John E. Flowers 

Thomas B. Fowler 
Bruce E. Gardner 
Nelson E. Gardner 
Thomas S. George 
Edward F. Gonzales 
Gil Y. Graff 
Richard C. Hansen 
John E. Herring 
Michael O. Hirtle 
Joseph A. Hopkins 
Donald A. Johnson 
Charles D. Kahn 
Akhlesh Kaushiva 
Henry C. Kung 
Martin D. Leibman 
Michael W. Little 
Robert A. Lloyd 
Kevin R. Madigan 
Wayne T. McKee 
Dale C. Meyer 
David R. Miller 
Glenn S. Miller 
David A. Minnis 
Sei H. Newkirk 
Richard D. Peacock 
John E. Phelps 

Joseph F. Piekarski 
Robert L. Powell 
Rassa Rassai 
Thomas E. Richtmyer 
Dennis Rosenfeld 
Gary B. Sappington 
Maury Schlossman 
Timothy W. Sheen 
Jonathan J. Sheppard 
Mark VV. Sh reeve 
Robert R. Sidi 
John D. Smiley 
William A. Sommerwerck 
Dean P. Spacht 
Brian Stanley 
Norman B. Starkey 
Jaime A. Valencia 
Maxim F. Van Norden 
Richard L. Vogel 
William D. Walton 
Edwin J. Whitney 
Howard O. Wilson 
Ronald J. Zaczek 
Steven E. Zaiesch 
Nelson D. Zeroth 
George H. Zinkgraf 


Academic Honors 

Milton Abramowilz Memorial Prize to a junior or senior student majoring in mathematics 
who has demonstrated superior competence and promise for future development in the field of 
mathematics and its applications. 

Awarded to Robert A. Feffernan, Russell M. Reid 

Allied Chemical Scholarship Award is presented to a student in Chemical Engineering on the 
basis of intellectual capability, scientific ability, breadth of interest and leadership qualities. 

Awarded to Michael N. Dwyer 

Alpha Chi Sigma Award to the senior majoring in chemistry or chemical engineering whose 
average has been above 3.0 for three and one-half years. 

Awarded to Rodney D. McComb 

Alpha Lambda Delta Award to the graduating senior member who has maintained the highest 
average during her first seven semesters of attendance at the University of Maryland. 

Awarded to Deborah K. West 

Alpha Lambda Delta Senior Certificates to graduating senior members who have maintained 
the Alpha Lambda Delta average of 3.50 or higher for their first seven semesters of attendance at 
the University of Maryland. 

Awarded to: 

Susan Marie Browning Kathleen Mary Marshall 

Claire A. Chelotti Marie E. Mastin 

Mona Friedlander Susan A. Ousborne 

Audrey G. Kriegman Deborah Anne Quillen 

Karen Jean Harris Marjorie Ann Schenk 

Deborah Lee Hesse Susan Natalie Wiener 
Julie Wye Ishio 

American Association of University Women, College Park, Annual Graduate Prize. 

Awarded to Manya Stoetzel 

American Society of Civil Engineers, Maryland Section Award to a student member for out- 
standing service to the chapter and for demonstrated interest in extra-curricular activities. 

Awarded to Kenneth A. Albin 

American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics Awards. 
Awarded to Herbert M. Basik, Norman B. Starkey, Ronald Luzier 

American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics Scholarship Improvement Award is pre- 
sented to the senior in Aerospace Engineering who has made the greatest improvement in 
scholarship from his junior year to his senior year. 

Awarded to Craig M. Luongo 

American Institute of Chemical Engineers Award to the junior member of the Student Chap- 
ter who attained the highest over-all scholastic average during the freshman and sophomore years. 

Awarded to Alexander Bruner 

American Institute of Chemical Engineers Professional Achievement Award by the National 
Capitol Section to an outstanding chemical engineering student. 

Awarded to Michael Keller 


Academic Honors 

American Society of Civil Engineers' Outstanding Senior Award. 

Awarded to Thomas S. George 

American Society of Mechanical Engineers Award to the senior member who contributed most 
to the local chapter. 

Awarded to James R. McNew 

American Society for Testing and Materials Student Award is given in recognition of the 
demonstrated interest and meritorious work in the courses related to the activities of the Amer- 
ican Society for Testing and Materials. 

Awarded to Thomas D. Brown, Thomas S. George 

The Appleman-Norton Scholarship Award to a senior major in recognition of excellence in 

Awarded to Deborah R. Marngis 

Baltimore Sun Scholarship to outstanding Journalism students donated by Baltimore Sun 

Awarded to Rochelle Caplan, Daniel Webster 

David Arthur Berman Memorial Award is presented to the student majoring in Chemical 
Engineermg with the highest cumulative scholastic average at the end of the first semester of his 
junior year who has been elected to Tau Beta Pi. 

Awarded to Charles D. Kahn, Richard D. Peacock 

Dinah Berman Memorial Medal to the sophomore who has altamed the highest scholastic 
average of his class in the College of Engineering. 

Awarded to Bert Black 

Bnai Brith Women of Prince George's County Book Award for excellence in Hebrew studies. 
Awarded to: 

Judith Alpert Steven Kover 

Eliza Braver Judith Marwick 

Marc Bresler Mary McKay 

Janet R. Coleman Lola Pmczuk 

Mary Conner Richard Quint 

Robin Epstein Anthony Schwartz 

Roberta Gnatt Sidney Schuchman 

Sherry Kinland Marilyn Torchinsky 

Business Education Award of Merit to students in Business Education in recognition of out- 
standing achievement as students. 

Awarded to Veronica Clise 

The Carroll E. Cox Scholarship Award to the outstanding graduate student in the Department 
of Botany during the last year. 

Awarded to Steven K. Lorch 

Delta Sigma Pi Scholarship Key to a member of the graduating class who has maintained the 
highest scholastic standing during the entire course of study in business administration or eco- 

Awarded to Carlton R. Sherman 

The Drake Award to the undergraduate student in chemistry who shows the most promise at 
the end of the sophomore year. 

Awarded to Patricia L. Steinbach 


Academic Honors 

Electrical Engineering Department Outstanding Junior Award is presented to a junior in 
Electrical Engineering in recognition of his achievements. 

Awarded to Nelson D, Zeroth 

Eta Kappa Nu Outstanding Senior Award is presented to a senior in Electrical Engineering for 
his outstanding scholastic achievement and service to the society and department. 

Awarded to Karl Stertzbach 

The lames Douglass Coddard Memorial Medal to a male and female student who are native 
residents of Prince George's County and have demonstrated outstanding scholastic achievements 
and scholarly attributes. 

Awarded to Deborah K. West, John Robert Stein 

The Charles B. Hale Dramatic Award to the two members of the senior class who have done 
most for the advancement of dramatics at the University. 

Awarded to Robin Lytle, Cheryl Mitchell 

Alumni Award is presented by the Engineering Alumni and the Hamilton Watch Company to 
the graduating senior who has most successfully combined proficiency in his major field of study 
witb achievements in social sciences and humanities. 

Awarded to Karl Stertzbach 

William Randolph Hearst Foundation Scholarship to an outstanding )ournalism student. 

Awarded to Kathy Goldbeck, David Dawson 

William Randolph Hearst Foundation Awards: 

Awarded to 

October: Steven Colford Photojournalism: Steve Budman 

Chad Neighbor Paul Levin 

November: Sandra Fleishman January: Dave Bourdon 

Robert Hobby Robert Hobby 

December: Sandra Fleishman February. Jan Davidson 

Chad Neighbor Sandra Fleishman 

March: Michael Powell 

Robert M. Higginbottom Award in memory of Robert M. Higginbottom, a compassionate and 
dedicated young man, an honors student of mathematics, who lost his life in Vietnam; to an 
outstanding junior student maioring in mathematics. 

Awarded to Edward Korn 

Joe Elbert lames Memorial Award to the graduating senior in horticulture on the basis of 
scholarship and promise of future achievement. 

Awarded to John Strang, Julia Jachowski 

Charles Manning Prize. 

Awarded to Robert H. Wickless 

Maryland-Delaware-D.C. Press Association Annual Citation to the outstanding senior in jour- 

Awarded to Marie Mastin 

Maryland Recreation and Parks Society Award to the outstanding senior majoring in recrea- 

Awarded to Karen I. Foss 


Academic Honors 

Maryland State Veterinary Medical Association Award — An award presented annually to the 
pre-veterinary student who, in the judgement ot the faculty, has performed in the most acceptable 
academic fashion. 

Awarded to James R. Hendrlckson 

Merck Index Award to an outstanding student of the senior class majoring in chemistry. 

Awarded to Elizabeth J. Fisher, Carol E. Nyberg 

Montgomery County Press Association Scholarship to an outstanding Journalism senior resid- 
ing in Montgomery County. 

Awarded to Sharon Dorfman 

Noxell Corporation Scholarship Award to an undergraduate student in chemistry. 

Awarded to Rodney D. McComb, Carol E. Nyberg 

The junior award of the Gamma of Maryland Chapter of Phi Beta Kappa will be presented 
this year to Neil D. Goldberg 

The senior award (Leon P. Smith Award) of the Gamma of Maryland Chapter will be presented 
this year to John H. Fiske, Thomas Hall, 

Bruce A. Silver, Virginia Straface 

Pi Tau Sigma Award to the most outstanding sophomore in mechanical engineering on the 
basis of scholastic average and instructors' ratings. 

Awarded to Robert R. Sidi 

Pi Tau Sigma Memorial Award to the senior in mechanical engineering who has made the 
most outstanding contribution to the University. 

Awarded to Eric O. Bazques 

Public Relations Society of America, Baltimore Chapter, Annual Citation to the outstanding 
senior, active in public relations. 

Awarded to Candace York 

The Sigma Alpha Omicron Award to the outstanding senior in microbiology. 

Awarded to Ricki Lilly 

Sigma Delta Chi Regional Award Winners. 

Warren Hill, Robert Hobby, Rose Kushner, 
Chuck Petrowski, Andrew Sharp 

Sigma Delta Chi Foundation of Washington, D.C. Scholarship to an outstanding senior jour- 
nalism student donated by the Maryland Chapter. 

Awarded to Sandra Fleishman 

The Sigma Chapter, Phi Delta Gamma Award to an outstanding woman who has completed 
the requirements for doctoral degee. 

Awarded to Kay B. Michael 

Dr. Leo and Rita Sklar General Honors Award given annually to students for excellence in the 
General Honors Program of the College of Arts and Sciences. 

Awarded to: 

Mark Lapman, Outstanding General Honors Student of the Year 
Morey Rothberg, Outstanding General Honors Senior 
Jeffrey Shulman, Outstanding General Honors Junior. 
Elizabeth Meehan, Outstanding General Honors Sophomore. 

Society of Fire Protection Engineers Outstanding Senior Award to the most outstanding senior 
in the Fire Protection Curriculum. 

Awarded to Marshall A. Klein 


Academic Honors 

Society of Fire Protection Engineers Outstanding Sophomore Award to the most outstanding 
sophomore in the Fire Protection Curriculum. 

Awarded to Randall Eberly 

Reuben C. Steinmeyer Award presented by the Alpha Zeta Chapter of Pi Sigma Alpha to the 
outstanding senior in the Department of Government and Politics. 

/Awarded to Ellen M. McCarthy 

Algernon Sydney Sullivan Awards, offered by the New York Southern Society of the City of 
New York in memory of Mr. Sullivan in recognition of those students who evince in their daily 
life a spirit of love for and helpfulness to other men and women. 

Awarded to Mary S. Auld, Stephen R. Hood 

The Maryland Beta Chapter of Tau Beta Pi Association Award to the junior in the College of 
Engineering who during his sophomore year has made the greatest improvement in scholarship 
over that of his freshman year. 

Awarded to Richard Peacock 

The University of Maryland College of Agriculture Alumni Chapter Senior Award presented 
annually to the student who has demonstrated outstanding collegiate accomplishments which 
typified the model student and contributed significantly toward the advancement of the University's 
College of Agriculture. 

Awarded to David Simpson 

The University of Maryland College of Arts and Sciences Alumni Chapter Student Award pre- 
sented annually to an outstanding senior man and woman student in the college who have demon- 
strated outstanding collegiate accomplishments in scholarship, leadership and citizenship. 

Awarded to Thomas W. Hall, Jr., Deborah K. West 

The University of Maryland Business and Public Administration Alumni Chapter Student Award 
presented annually to the student who has demonstrated outstanding achievement in academic 
and extra-curricular activities. 

Awarded to Marie E. Mastin 

The University of Maryland College of Education Alumni Chapter Award presented annually 
to the senior male and female students who have demonstrated outstandmg service toward fur- 
thering the highest ideals of education. 

Awarded to Alyson Meininger Wilson, Bruce G. Eberwein 

The University of Maryland College of Engineering Alumni Chapter Award presented annually 
to the senior who has demonstrated outstanding scholarship and contribution to the College and 
University through activities and leadership. 

Awarded to Karl Stertzbach 

The University of Maryland College of Engineering Alumni Chapter Award presented annually 
to the student who has demonstrated outstanding scholarship and contribution to the College 
and University through activities and leadership. 

Awarded to Eric O. Bazques 

The University of Maryland Senior Award of the College of Home Economics Alumni Chapter 
presented annually to the student who has demonstrated exceptional scholarship, leadership, and 
service to the college. 

Awarded to Regina P. Breiterman 

The University of Maryland Alumni Association Outstanding Student Leader Award presented 
annually to an outstanding senior man and woman student who have demonstrated excellence 
in leadership, citizenship and scholarship. 

Awarded to Jan Steven Berlin, Estelle D. Franklin 

Washington Chapter of the American Society for Metals Award is presented to a student in 
the Materials Engineering Program for outstanding undergraduate research in the field. 

Awarded to Ronald L. Kolbe 


Scholastic and Special Awards 


Citizenship Prize for Men. An award presented annually by President Emeritus H. C. Byrd, 
a graduate of the Class of 1908, to the member of the senior class who during his collegiate 
career, has most nearly typified the model citizen, and has done most for the general advancement 
of the interests of the University. 

Awarded to John Charles Spottswood 

Citizenship Prize for Women — An award presented annually as a memorial to Sally Sterling 
Byrd, by her children, to that female member of the Senior Class who best exemplifies the en- 
during qualities of the model woman. These qualities should typify self-dependence, courtesy, 
aggressiveness, modesty, capacity to achieve objectives, willingness to sacrifice for others, strength 
of character, and those other qualities that enable the women of our society to play such a funda- 
mental part in the building of the Nation. 

Awarded to Cynthia Robertson 



The Maryland Ring, a memorial to Charles L. Linhardt, Jr., to the Maryland male resident who 
is adjudged the best athlete of the year. 

Awarded to Charles Reilly 

Silvester Watch for excellence in athletics to the man who typified the best in college athletics. 
Awarded to Richard Bendall 


The Atlantic Coast Conference Plaque to a senior for excellence in scholarship and athletics. 

Awarded to Russell Reid 


Charles Blank 


John E. Baker 
Ronald L. Taintor 


Clarence H. Barnes 
Kambiz Behbahani 
William S. Emrich 

Lawrence E. Marshall 
Leonard P. Massie 
Edward R. McManus 
William M. Mesiter 
Thomas L. Miller 
Dennis C. O'Hara 
Charles W. Reilly 
Guy M. Roberts 
Robert P. Santangelo, Mgr. 
Scott M. Shank 
Carl D. Shelton 
Jeffrey E. Shugars 
Perry L. Larkin 
Raymond P. Soporowski 
Theodore W. Steiner 
James A. Tiesi 

Floyd L. White 
James H. Wyres 
Dennis P. Yarneli 


Richard Bendall 
George Burns, III 
Kenneth Peyre-Ferry 


John Perrella 
Melih B. Sensoy 



Barry Accornero 
Donald Dolce 
Gary Goodner 
Charles Hoffman 
Michael Kaiser 
Paul McDonald 


Neil Paterson 
Eugene Speni 


Mark J. Reid 
Russell M. Reid 


Michael Baier 
Francis DiCesare, Mgr. 
Kenneth Knechtel 
David Lombardi 

Scholastic and Special Awards 


Charles W. Reilly 
John G. Kaestner 
Kevin Rogers 
Robert C. Pennington 
Jeffrey J. Tessier 


Martin L. Brotemarkle 
Paul D. Corrigan 
James W. George, Jr. 
Vincent i. Slruble 



Darrell Brown 
Robert Bodell 
Charles Blank 
Leonard Elmore 
Thomas McMillen 
Jack Neal 
James O'Brien 
Richard Porac 
Japeth Trimble 
Howard White 
Larr>' Gordley, Mgr. 
Zev Kaplan, Mgr. 


John E. Baker 

Albert P. Carey 

Daniel M. Rincon 

Jeffery A. Rundell 

Ronald L. Taintor, Statistician 

John K. Umbarger 


William N. Bernhards 
William R. Carter 
Nathan H. Christopher 
Dell D. Dodson 
Joseph W. Jackson 
Scott L. Kligman 
Robert P. Lovisa 
Wilkie L. Nunn 
James A. Sager 
Elliott Schwartz 
Russell C. Smith 


Robert E, Abbott 
Clarence H. Barnes 
Kambiz Behbahani 
Raymond Bednar 
Timothy C. Brannan 
Timothy F. Brant 
Lee C. Branthover 
Daniel A. Bungori 
William M. Calandra 
Christian B. Cowdrey 
Brian R. Dominic 
William S. Emrich 
Stephen D. Fromang 
Michael Gaines 
Monte D. Hinkle 
George C. Jernigan 
David C. Jones 
Ronald N. Kecman 
Edward P. Larkin 
Michael Lishack 
Lawrence E. Marshall 
James J. Martell 
Leonard P. Massie 
Edward R. McManus 
William M. Meister 
Thomas L. Miller 
Albert A. Neville 
Dennis C. O'Hara 
Barton T. Purvis 
Donald E. Ratliff 
Charles W. Reilly 
Guy M. Roberts 
Robert P. Santangelo, Mgr. 
Ken W. Scott 
Arthur L. Seymore 
Scott M. Shank 
John M. Petronaci 

Carl D. Shelton 
Jeffrey E. Shugars 
Raymond P. Soporowski 
Theodore W. Steiner 
James A. Ties! 
Robert Tucker 
James W. Tweedy 
Paul Vellano 
James C. Watkins 
Ray W. Wethington 
Floyd L. White 
James H. Wyres 
Dennis P. Yarnell 


Richard Bendall 
Larry Boggs, Mgr. 
George Burns, III 
John Hanna 
Paul Hanczaryk 
Mark Herrmann 
Randal Hoffman 
George Marucci 
Kenneth Peyre-Ferry 


John V. Alcazar 
Thomas J. Armenti 
Tarik Ayasum 
Patrick C. Cunningham 
Alfredo Franco 
Jorge J. Gordinho 
Peter Hamilton 
Mario locco 
James M. Palese 


Scholastic and Special Awards 

John Perrella 
Alfredo Quintas 
Melih B. Sensoy 
Michael SIdlak 
Nicholas Skirka 
George Taratsides 
Michael Whelehan 
Michael J. Wilson 
Jan Deneroff, Mgr. 


Barry Accornero 
Frank Bartle 
Charles Berke 
James Clifford 
Donald Dolce 
Richard DuschI 
Bradford Glenn 
Matthew Glenn 
Gary Goodner 
Michael Goodner 
Charles Hoffman 
Michael Kaiser 
Thomas Killion 
Marvin Levenson 
Paul McDonald 
Kevin Moore 
James O'Connor 
Peter Pederson 
Robert Petrovich 
Gene Pollock 
Thomas Schaeberle 
Gary Weber 
Alexander Yonych 


John Beck 
Robert M. Carmany 
Donald G. Hicks, Jr. 
Neil Paterson 
Gary Silverman 
Eugene Speni 
James Wesner 


John C. Ferrara 
Jack R. Hoffman 
Patrick J. McCall 
George S. Myers 
Steve D. Nickolaus 
Peter G. Pappas 
Thomas W. Pappas 
Arthur J. Peters 
Richard D. Ragan 
Mark J. Reid 
Russell M. Reid 
Robert A. Stover 
David L. Strauss 


Stanley Anderson 
Michael Baier 
Vincent Bateman 
Francis DiCesare, Mgr. 
Richard Fillings 
Robert Grossman 
Kevin Hicks 
Kenneth Knechtel 
Thomas Law 
David Lombard! 
Edward Mace 
Harry Martell 
Robert Madden 
John Quail 
Craige Smith 
James Manley 


Stephen H. Adamo 
Richard V. Avena 
Gary L. Besosa 
Stephen E. Caravana 
Steve Demczuk 
David B. Dempsey 
Edwin J. Glatzel 
Thomas J. Goucher 
David H. Hallock 

Edward L. Hubbard 
John G. Kaestner 
Mark D. Levy 
Dominick A. Mattessich 
Edward F. Mullen 
William D. O'Donnell 
Patrick F. O'Meally 
Robert C. Pennington 
James D. Radebaugh 
Charles W. Reilly 
Kevin Rogers 
Douglas M. Schreiber 
Alden B. Sleeper 
Gavin T. Stringer 
Jeffrey J. Tessier 
John M. Thearle 
George C. Martz 


Edward L. Bailor 
Andris Bilmanis 
Neal E. Blair, Mgr. 
Brian A. Bozzone 
Martin L. Brotemarkle 
William J. Brozey 
Gerald T. Carney 
Paul D. Corrigan 
Donald J. Fisher 
Steven C. Fullerton 
James W. George, Jr. 
William B. Goodman 
Glenn D. Houze 
Craig A. Johnson 
Myron Kostyk 
Jon R. Kuntz 
Ernest G. Ladieri 
William K. Larkin 
William MacLachlan 
Michael F. Permenter 
Alexander Pisciotta 
Dennis J. Red 
George I. Scheer 
Vincent I. Struble 
John K. Umbarger 
Louis J. Valenti 


Scholastic and Special Awards 

The Alvin L. Aubinoe Football Trophy, for the unsung hero of the current season. 

Awarded to Jeffrey E. Shugars 

The Alvin L. Aubinoe Track Trophy for the senior who has contributed most to the squad 
during the time he was on the squad. 

Awarded to Paul D. Corrigan 

The Alvin L. Aubinoe Basketball Trophy for the senior who has contributed most to the squad 
during the time he was on the squad. 

Awarded to Charles Blank 

John T. Bell Swimming Award to the senior letterman who has contributed most to swim- 

Awarded to Matthew Glenn 

Louis W. Berger Trophy to the outstanding senior baseball player. 

Awarded to Michael Baier 

The Andrew M. Cohen Tennis Trophy to the member of the tennis team who judged by his 
teammates contributed tne most to tennis. 

Awarded to Neil Paterson 

William P. Cole, III, Memorial Lacrosse Award to the outstanding midfielder. 

Awarded to Gary L. Besosa 

The George C. Cook Memorial Scholarship Trophy to a member of the football team with 
the highest scholastic average. 

Awarded to Stephen D. Fromang 

Joe Deckman-Sam Silber Lacrosse Trophy to the most improved defense man. 

Awarded to Michael Thearle 

Geary F. Eppley Award to the graduating male senior athlete, who during his three years of 
varsity competition, lettered at least once and attained the highest overall scholastic average. 

Awarded to Kenneth Knechtel 

Halbert K. Evans Memorial Track Award to the most outstanding senior trackman. 
Awarded to Vincent I. Struble 

Jack Faber-Al Heagy Unsung Hero Award, to the player who best exemplifies determination, 
will to win, and pride in accomplishment. 

Awarded to David B. Dempsey 

Herbert H. Goodman Wrestling Trophy to the most outstanding wrestler of the year. 

Awarded to Russell M. Reid 

Jim Kehoe Ring Award to the member of the track team whose dedication to excellence most 
closely exemplifies that of Jim Kehoe, one of Maryland's greatest trackmen. 

/Awarded to James W. George, Jr. 

Charles Leroy Mackert Trophy to the Maryland student who has contributed most to wrestling 
at the University. 

Awarded to Mark J. Reid 

Charles P. McCormick, Sr., Swimming Trophy to the senior letterman who has contributed 
most to swimming. 

Awarded to Gary Goodner 


Scholastic and Special Awards 

Bob Beall-Tommy Marcos Trophy to the best football lineman of the year. 

Awarded to Dennis O'Hara 

Edwin E. Powell Trophy to the player who has rendered the greatest service to lacrosse during 
the year. 

Awarded to Jannes G. Kaestner 

The Teke Trophy to the student who during his four years at the University has rendered the 
greatest service to football. 

Awarded to Thomas L. Miller 

The Robert E. Theofeld Memorial Trophy to the golfer who most nearly exemplifies the 
competitive spirit and strong character of Robert E. Theofeld, former member of the boxing team. 

Awarded to Kenneth Peyre-Ferry 

The Dr. Reginald Van Thump Truitt Award to a senior attackman (midfield or attack) for 
scholastic attainments and team performance. 

Awarded to Charles W. Reilly 

University of Maryland Alumni Swimming Association Scholar Athlete Award to the swimmer 
who has compiled the best combination of academic and aquatic record. 

Awarded to Thomas Schaeberle 


Air Force Association Award to the outstanding Senior Cadet in the AFROTC detachment. 

Awarded to George F. Pappas 

Air Force R.O.T.C. Angel Flight Award to the outstanding member of the Air Force R.O.T.C. 
Angel Flight. 

Awarded to Gregory S. Pavlakis 

Air Force Times Award to the Senior Cadet who has distinguished himself by contributing 
materially to constructive public attention for the Corps of Cadets. 

Awarded to Howard M. Ryder 

Alumni Cup awarded to the Graduating Senior with F^ighest Cumulative average. 
Awarded to George F. Pappas 

American Legion R.O.T.C. General Military Excellence Cold Medal Award to the Senior Cadet 
demonstrating outstanding qualities in military leadership, discipline and character. 

Awarded to Walter M. Washabaugh 

American Legion R.O.T.C. Scholastic Gold Medal Award to the Senior Cadet in the upper 
10% of his class and upper 25% of his R.O.T.C. class. 

/Awarded to George F. Pappas 

Coblentz Cup to the Commander of the outstanding group in the Corps of Cadets. 

Awarded to William R. Viney 

Daughters of the American Revolution Award to the senior cadet who has demonstrated high 
qualities of dependability, good character, adherence to military discipline and leadership ability. 

Awarded to Kenneth M. Juliano 


Scholastic and Special Awards 

Disabled American Veterans Gold Cup to the Senior Cadet who has displayed outstanding 
leadership, scholarship, and citizenship. 

Awarded to Jonathan J. Sheperd 

General Dynamics Award to the Sophomore Cadet displaying outstanding leadership and 
scholastic qualities and who has been selected for the Professional Officer Course in the pilot 

Awarded to Kathryn A. Thompson 

Governor's Cup to the Commander of the outstanding squadron in the Corps of Cadets. 

Awarded to Thomas N. McKnight 

PAS Award for Excellence to the Senior Cadet who has distinguished himself through excel- 
lence of leadership in the Corps of Cadets. 

Awarded to • • Walter M. Washabaugh 

George M. Reiley Award to the member of the Flight Instruction Program showing the highest 
aptitude for flying as demonstrated by his performance in the Program. 

Awarded to Thomas G. Hollingsworth 

Reserve Officers Association Gold Medal to the Senior Cadet demonstrating outstanding 
academic achievement and highest officer potential. 

Awarded to Jonathan J. Sheperd 

Reserve Officers Association Silver Medal to the Junior Cadet demonstrating outstanding 
academic achievement and the highest officer potential. 

Awarded to Theodore R. Dunn 


Kappa Kappa Psi Award to the most outstanding band fraternity member of the year. 

Awarded to Henry Amann 

Tau Beta Sigma Award to the outstanding band sorority member of the year. 

Awarded to Dolores Gill 

Director's Award to the Symphony Band member who demonstrated the most improvement 
in musicianship during the year. 

Awarded to John Tatum 

Assistant Director's Award to the outstanding member of the Concert Band. 

Awarded to Timothy Hirzel 

Kappa Kappa Psi Award to the most outstanding freshman band member of the year. 

Awarded to Martin Greene 

Tau Beta Sigma Award to the most outstanding freshman band member of the year. 
Awarded to Linda Mahaffey 

Members who have successfully participated for four or more years: 

Henry Amann, Thomas Bartolomeo, Glenda Fried, Eileen Shaw 


Scholastic and Special Awards 

Members who have served 
Kent Ashcraft 
Rachel Bouton 
Robert Boyar 
Kathleen Brooks 
Carol Connelly 
Michael Feustle 
Galen Galentine 
Timothy Hirzel 

Members who have served 
Steven Berkowitz 
Arlene Bernstein 
Peter Bjerke 
Dennis Bollinger 
Margith Borror 
Stuart Burg 
Mark Butterfield 
Dale Carrigan 
Anthony Ebersole 
Joanne Elliott 
Julia Felsecker 
Dolores Gill 
David Hardin 
Jeffrey Havel 
Brian Houser 
Philip Jehle 
Barbara Katz 

faithfully for three years: 

Alan Jenkins 
Richard Kowal 
Dorothy Messick 
Elizabeth Preston 
Steven Rosenheim 
Richard Rowen 
Henry Rubin 

faithfully for two years: 

Stanley Kensky 
David Klein 
Irene Klug 
Michael Krebs 
Dennis Lamarre 
Gary Letcher 
Kurt Lucas 
Gary Magram 
Gregory Mangiapane 
Roger Mason 
Chris Mauro 
Kenneth McCormick 
Jane McCraney 
Erin McFadden 
John McFarland 
Timothy McManus 
Linda Melvin 

Members who have 

Richard Bates 
Conrad Bladey 
Douglas Blanchard 
Paul Bucca 
Steven Bucca 
Ann Cohen 
Bruce Conaway 
Jeffrey Cordiano 
Michael Cristry 
Stephen Curtin 
John Daly 
Paul Deafenbaugh 
James Dowel! 
Dianne Drescher 
Paul Fraunfelter 
Carol Gonzalez 
Rosann Goodrich 
Kathleen Gray 
Martin Greene 
Thomas Hobbs 

successfully participated for one year: 

David Hauser 
Robert Jenets 
Linda Jones 
Zemira Jones 
Steven King 
Stanley Knight 
David Kuykendall 
Harvey Leikind 
Gary Letcher 
Tobi Lipshitz 
Linda Mahaffey 
Katherine Mariner 
Katherine Mavity 
James Mathes 
William McCarthy 
Elizabeth Moore 
Sandra Myers 
Jean Obear 
Gregory Oleynik 
Jon Peterson 

Lawrence Strickling 
Susan Strunk 
William Thomas 
Gerald Wacks 
Kenneth Walton 
John Winslow 
James Wharton 

Gregory Meyer 
Michael Petrucelli 
Linda Poland 
Marc Ricklis 
Wanda Robinson 
Michele Rocheny 
Steve Saltzgiver 
Michael Sisk 
William Stenger 
Marlin Strand 
Phillip Symonds 
John Turner 
Mark Walton 
George Werner 
Michael Wheeler 
Gordon Williams 

Barbara Ream 
Charles Rowe 
Janet Rubien 
Christopher Ruigomez 
Stephen Saltzgiver 
Rudolph Savage 
Anthony Scarselli 
Ronnie Silberman 
Barry Sirkis 
James Sisson 
Harriet Stanley 
Hope Stanton 
Jan Streett 
Ann Strickling 
John Tatum 
Howard Tischler 
David Williams 
David Wittemeier 
Antonio Young 
Sara Zoller 


Four Year Award: 

Sue Staake 

Three Year Awards: 

Randolph Albright 

Two Year Awards: 
Patrick Crowley 
Teresa Holzhauser 
Jeanne Humiston 
Sharon Huriaux 
Sally Kaplan 


Fred Leise 

Susan Miller 
Mike Morstein 
Eileen Quinn 
Donna Rinis 
Barbara Strang 

Sharon Roberts 

Mary Rose Szoka 
Randi Thompson 
Joanne Trostle 

Academic Degrees 

A degree is awarded for the successful completion of a course of study. There are 
more than 1,600 different academic degrees currently conferred by American colleges 
and universities. 

The first known degree was a doctorate conferred by the University of Bologna in 
the middle of the 12th Century. Originally, the doctor's and master's degrees were used 
interchangeably, each indicating that the holder was qualified to give instruction to 
students. The bachelor's or baccalaureate degree indicated only entrance upon a course 
of study preparatory to the doctorate or mastership. Gradually, however, the bachelor's 
degree came to mean successful completion of one level of study preparatory to the 
higher degrees. 

From the continent, the use of academic degrees spread to English universities. 
Harvard University, William and Mary, and Yale followed the British pattern in the 
New World. 


The bachelor's degree represents completion of a four-year course of study of 
collegiate grade and is the oldest academic degree used by American institutions of 
higher learning. The degree Bachelor of Arts was first conferred in America in 1642 on 
nine young men, comprising the first graduating class of Harvard College. Yale con- 
ferred its first Bachelor of Arts in 1702; Princeton in 1748; William and Mary in 1753; 
Pennsylvania in 1757; and Columbia in 1758. 

The degree Bachelor of Science, was awarded to four graduating members of the 
class of 1851 of Harvard University, probably the first to receive this degree from any 
institution. From 1851 to 1905, the degree was conferred only upon students registered 
in the Lawrence Scientific School; after 1905, on students of Harvard, also. 


The master's degree is an academic honor conferred upon students who have 
successfully completed one or two years' work in advance of the baccalaureate. A 
thesis and an oral examination are usually required. The word "magister" connected 
with a qualifying phrase, was used among the Romans as a title of honor; but its 
present meaning must be traced to the time of the establishment of the oldest universi- 
ties. Regularly organized faculties were not then known as they now exist in the 
universities. The whole circle of academic activity was limited to seven liberal arts, 
and those who received public honors on the completion of their course of studies, 
for their diligence and knowledge, and had already received the degree of baccalaureus 
(bachelor) were called magistrl artlum (master of the liberal arts). 


This is a term meaning teacher, or instructor, applied by ancient Romans to those 
who delivered public lectures on philosophical subjects. In the Middle Ages, from the 
12th century, it came into use as a title of honor borne by men of great learning. It was 
first made an academic title at the University of Bologna, in Italy, which received from 
the Emperor the right of appointing doctores legum (doctor of laws). The University of 
Paris followed in 1145. Soon after, the popes granted the universities the right of 
appointing doctors canonum et decretalium (teachers of the canon law); and when the 
study of the civil law came to be combined with that of the canon law, the title was 
changed to doctor utriusque juris (teacher of both laws). The faculties of theology and 
medicine followed that of law in conferring this title. 

The doctorate in philosophy and science, and occasionally in theology and law, 
is given beyond the baccalaureate degree, and requires two to five years, the writing 
of a thesis, and the passing of written and oral examinations. 

The doctor's degree represents the most advanced earned degree conferred by 
American institutions. There are two distinct types: the professional or practitioners 
degree, and the research degree. The first type represents advanced training for the 


practice of various professions, principally: Doctor of Medicine, Doctor of Dental 
Surgery, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, Juris Doctor and Doctor of Pharmacy. These 
degrees carry no implication of original research and are classified by the U.S. Office 
of Education, with bachelor's degrees, as the first professional degrees. 

The second type of doctor's degree is classified as research doctorates represent- 
ing prolonged periods of advanced study usually accompanied by a dissertation which 
is designed to be a substantial contribution to existing knowledge on the subject. The 
most important of these, the Doctor of Philosophy, no longer has an implication of 
philosophy for its holder, but represents advanced research in any of the major fields of 
knowledge. It was first awarded in the United States by Yale University in 1861. 

Reference: Academic Degrees, Office of Educations, U.S. Department of Health, Education, and 
Welfare, 1960. 

'Sometimes designated as the baccalaureate degree, from the Latin haccalaureus from baccalaris 
"under the influence of" and laurus "laurel" used as a designation of honor, distinction, or fame. 

tThe Oxford Engliih Dictionary defines a doctor, in the academic sense as, "One, who in any 
faculty or branch of learning, has attained to the highest degree conferred by a university." 

Academic Costume 

The black caps and gowns worn by the students and faculty in the academic pro- 
cession are of ancient origin. They have been the traditional costume of the scholar 
since medieval times and probably represent an adaptation of the ecclesiastical dress 
since many of the scholars of that period were members of monastic orders. 

An intercollegiate commission in 1893 drafted a uniform code for costumes which 
has since been adopted by the majority of colleges and universities in the United States. 
Each of the three academic degrees — bachelor, master, and doctor — has its own dis- 
tinctive gown and hood. The bachelor's gown is distinguished by its long pointed 
sleeve. The master's gown has a longer, narrow, closed sleeve, extending below the 
knee; the arm is passed through a slit at the elbow. In contrast the doctor's gown has a 
full bell-shaped sleeve with three bars of velvet. The opening of this gown is faced with 
wide velvet bands. The velvet trim may be black or of a color indicating the general 
field of learning of the wearer, for example, blue for philosophy, green for medicine, 
purple for law. 

The most colorful and distinctive item of the academic costume is the hood which 
passes around the neck and extends down the back. The doctor's is the largest of the 
hoods and the bachelor's the smallest. The bachelor's hood is often omitted. The color 
of the velvet edging indicates the field of learning. Below is given a list of department 
or faculty colors. 


Arts, Letters, Humanities 

Business Administration, 

Commercial Science 
Education, Pedagogy 
Fine Arts, Architecture 

Home Economics 
Library Science 

The colors of the silk lining exposed in the center of the hood are those of the 
college or university which conferred the degree. 

The cap or "mortar board" is uniform in design for all degrees. The tassel may be 
either black or the color of the field of learning. The tassel of the doctor's cap may be 

Certain institutions in this country and abroad have academic costumes of distinc- 
tive color and design. 

Reference: American Universities and Colleges, American Council on Education, 1968. 











Silver Gray 







Light Blue 




Public Health 



Physical Education 

Sage Green 



Golden Yellow 


Social Service 


Dark Crimson 

Surgical Chiropody 

Nile Green 


Theology and Divinity 



Veterinary Sciences 



Officers of Commencement 


Dr. Robert D. Rappleye, Associate Professor, Botany 


Mr. John Wakefield, Director, Bands 



Dr. Paul R. Poffenberger, Associate Dean, College of Agriculture 
Dr. Robert C. Wiley, Professor, Horticulture 


Mr. Ulysses S. Glee, Office of Student Aid Ushering 

Mr. James R. Collier, Director, University Relations (College Park) .... Publicity 

Mr. Robert J. Beiter, Assist. Prof., Agricultural & 

Resource Economics Platform 

Mr. John T. Broadbelt, Supervisor, Physical Plant 

General Physical Arrangements 

Dr. G. M. Cairns, Dean, College of Agriculture Guests 

Mr. J. W. Wilson, Records & Registrations Program 

Mr. Milo C. Knight, Director, Food Services Food 

Dr. Conrad Link, Professor, Horticulture Floral Arrangements 

Dr. George Marx, Professor, Counseling & Personnel Services Faculty 

Dr. U. R. Merikangas, Director, Health Services '. First Aid 

Mr. Amos R. Meyer, Associate Professor, Markets Guests 

Mr William Reith, Physical Plant Platform, Physical Arrangements 

Mr. D. P. Royal, Dept. of Motor Vehicles . .Parking Information, Lost & Found 

Mr. G. O. Weber, Director, Physical Plant Physical Plant 

Mr. Jerrold Witsil, Director, Department of Public Safety Public Safety 

Mr. L. B. Jankowski, University Police Traffic Control & Parking 


Board of Regents and Maryland State 
Board of Agriculture 


Dr. Louis L. Kaplan, Baltimore 


Mr. Richard W. Case, Baltimore 


Mr. B. Herbert Brown, Baltimore 


Mr. Harry H. Nuttle, Denton 


Mrs. Alice H. Morgan, Chevy Chase 


Mr. F. Grove Miller, Jr., North East 

Mrs. Michael J. Deegan, Jr., Seabrook 
Mr. George C. Fry, Cecilton 
Mr. Edward V. Hurley, Baltimore 
Mr. Hugh A. McMullen, Cumberland 
Mr. L. Mercer Smith, Baltimore 
Dr. Emerson C. Walden, Columbia 
Dr. Samuel H. Hoover, Timonium 

Officers of the University 

Dr. Wilson H. Elkins, President of the University 

Dr. R. Lee Hornbake, Vice-President for Academic Affairs 

Dr. Walter B. Waetjen, Vice-President for General Administration 

Dr. Michael J. Pelczar, Jr., Vice-President for Graduate Studies and Research 

Dr. Frank L. Bentz, Jr., Vice-President for Agricultural Affairs 

Dr. Charles E. Bishop, Chancellor of the College Park Campus 

Dr. Albin O. Kuhn, Chancellor, Baltimore City Campus 

Dr. Calvin B. T. Lee, Chancellor of the Baltimore County Campus 

Dr. Archie L. Buffkins, Chancellor of the Eastern Shore Campus 

Dr. Ray Ehrensberger, Chancellor of University College 

University of Maryland, College Park 

Dr. Charles E. Bishop, Chancellor 

Dr. Daniel L. Bratton, Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs 

Dr. George H. Callcott, Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs 

Dr. Thomas B. Day, Vice Chancellor for Academic Planning and Policy 

Dr. John W. Dorsey, Vice Chancellor for Administrative Affairs 

Dr. Thomas Aylward, Interim Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences 

Dr. Robert B. Beckmann, Dean of the College of Engineering 

Dr. Marjory Brooks, Dean of the College of Home Economics 

Dr. Gordon M. Cairns, Dean of the College of Agriculture 

Dr. Robert F. Carbone, Dean of the College of Education 

Dr. Margaret Chisholm, Dean of the School of Library and Information Services 

Dr. Marvin Eyier, Dean of the College of Physical Education, Recreation and 

Professor John William Hill, Dean of the School of Architecture 
Dr. Donald W. O'Connell, Dean of the College of Business and Public 

Dr. David Sparks, Dean of Graduate Studies and Research 


Diploma Distribution 

College of Agriculture 


East wing of 
Dining Hall No. 4 

Denton Compex 


School of Library and 
Information Services 


4th Floor 

McKeldin Library 

School of Architecture 


College of Business and Public Administration 

College of Arts and Sciences 

Business Administration 

Room 29 

Tydings Building 

See BPA for Economics, Geography, and G 

overnment and Politics 


Room 122 

Tydings Building 

Afro-American Studies 

No graduates 


Room 255 

Tydings Building 

American Studies 

Room 112 

Woods Hall 

Government & Politics 

Room 104 

Tydings Building 


Room 3 

Skinner (Auditorium) 

Information Sys. 


Room 214 

Tawes Fine Arts 


Room 215 

Tydings Building 


Room 171-172 



Room 109A 

Journalism Building 


Room 97 



No graduates 

Classical Languages 

No Plans 

Institute of Criminal Jus- 
tice and Criminology 

outdoors (Room 79 

lull Hall 

College of Education 

North Lobby 

Education Building 



Temporary EE 

Receptions for College of Education: 


Room 145 

Taliaferro Hall 

Elementary Education 

Room 105 

Education Building 

French and Italian 

Room 58 

Foreign Lanuguage 

Secondary Education 

Room 127 

Education Building 

German and Russian 

Room 58 

Foreign Lanuguage 

Industrial Education 

Room 126 

Education Building 


No graduates 

Special Education 

Room 112 

Education Building 


Room 6 

Francis Scott Key Hall 

Meas, & Stat. 

Room 125 

Education Building 


Not Applicable 

Admin., Supervision 
and Curr. 

Room 114 

Education Building 


Not Applicable 

Counseling and Personnel 





Room 116 

Education Building 

Molecular Physics 

No graduates 

Human Development Ed. 

Room 118 

Education Building 


Room S 



Recital Hall 

Tawes Fine Arts 

College of Engineering 

Room 175 

Engineering Building 


Room 110 
Room 171-172 


College of Home Econ. 

Maryland Room 

Marie Mount BIdg. 


Room 111 


College of Physical Ed. 

Room 18 

Cole (Small Gym) 


Room 267 

Taliaferro Hall 

Spanish and Portuguese 

Room 58 

Foreign Language 

University College 

Heritage Room 

Adult Ed. Center 

Speech and Dramatic Art 


Tawes Fine Arts 


Room 110 

Zoology- Psychology 

Computer Science 

Room 312 

Computer Science Ctr. 









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