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December 22 80 

University of Maryland College Park 


December 22 '80 

University of Maryland College Park 

Message to 
the Graduates 

We are gathered here today to honor some 2,150 graduates 
from more than 200 fields of intellectual study. 

You and your families should be extremely proud of the 
dedication and perseverance each of you has exhibited in 
order to be present here today. You selected a goal and stayed 
with it to successful completion. Congratulations. 

The primary purpose of a university is to help individuals,^ 
acquire the knowledge and skills to be capable of making 
sound judgments and contributing to the overall #> 

advancement of society. In particular, a university must work 
to create an environment conducive to the discovery, critical 
examination, preservation and transmission of knowledge, 
wisdom and values. Therefore, a university must be judged, 
not only by your accomplishments, which we honor today, 
but also by your success in working to improve thej^ality of 
life which ultimately ensures the survival of present and future 

As you embark on a new frontier of life, we hope you will 
maintain contact with your University. By your past 
experiences and valuable suggestions, we are best able to 
discover how to improve our service to the students who 
follow you, to the citizens of the community, the state and • 
the nation. "* 

Best of luck and every good wish for the future. We hop'^' 
to hear from you often. 

R. L. Gluckstern 

Order of 

December 22, 1980 
10:00 a.m. 

Cole Student 
Activities Building 


Dr. Robert L. Gluckstern 


College Park Campus 

Master of Ceremonies 

Robert F. McCleary 
Assistant Professor 
Communication Arts and 


Symphonic Wind Ensemble 
Conductor, Jack Cooper 


The Reverend Dorothy Franklin 
Presbyterian Chaplain for 
United Campus Ministry 

The National Anthem 

Led by Dr. Roger J. Folstrom 


Dr. John S. Toll 


University of Maryland 

Peter F. O'Malley 
Chairman, Board of Regents 

Musical Selection 

Shout the Clad Tidings 

By Ned Rorem 


By Jeffery Rickard 

University of Maryland 


Conductor, Dr. Folstrom 

Ray Marshall 
Secretary of the 
United States 
Department of Labor 

Conferring of Degrees 

Dr. Toll, Honorary Degrees 
Dr. Gluckstern 

Remarks to Graduates 
Hari Cheryl Brown 
Graduating Senior 

Dr. Gluckstern 


The Reverend John Brush 
Church of Christ Chaplain 


Symphonic Wind Ensemble 
Conductor, Mr. Cooper 

The Alma Mater 
Hail to thee, Maryland! 
Steadfast in loyalty 
For thee we stand. 
Love for the Black and Gold, 
Deep in our hearts we hold, 
Singing, thy praise forever, 
Throughout the land. 

Maryland Victory Song 
Maryland we're all behind you 
Wave high the Black and Gold 
For there is nothing half so 

As to see our men victorious. 
We've got the team, boys 
We've got the steam, boys 
So keep on fighting, don't give 
in M-A-R-Y-L-A-N-D 
Maryland will win. 



The College Park Campus 
and The University 

The Graduates 

The students graduating from the University of Maryland 
today follow in the footsteps of many notable UM graduates 
who have distinguished themselves in fields as diverse as 
science, the arts, entertainment, journalism, business, law, 
medicine and government. 

Through Kermit the Frog, Miss Piggy, and others, Jim 
Henson conveys a refreshing form of entertainment that 
touches the hearts of young and old alike. By the time he 
graduated from UM in 1960, Henson was developing 
successful TV commercials in the area. The Muppet Show," 
created in 1976, is syndicated on about 125 stations in the U.S. 
and is seen in some 40 other countries. 

The first woman elected to the Supreme Court of Michigan, 
Mary Stallings Coleman has been influential in developing 
many innovative programs for juvenile welfare. A 1935 arts 
and sciences graduate of UM, Coleman is a firm believer in 
rehabilitation and crime prevention and has established 
pre-court services for children in danger of becoming school 
drop-outs and education programs for underprivileged 
mothers in an effort to curb child abuse in Michigan. 

Known as one of the youngest graduates of the University, 
Charles Fefferman graduated in 1966 at 17 when he received a 
joint degree in mathematics and physics, just three years after 
becoming a full-time UM student. One of the world's top 
mathematicians, Fefferman received the Fields Medal, 
the most prestigious award a mathematician can receive. He is 
currently a professor of mathematics at Princeton. 

In the field of consumer affairs, UMCP graduate Meredith 
M. Fernstrom, rates as one of the nation's top experts on 
consumer issues. She has just been appointed as American 
Express Company's new Vice President for Consumer Affairs, 
and before that she served as the Special Assistant to the 
Secretary and Director of Consumer Affairs in the U.S. 
Department of Commerce. 

Other outstanding UM graduates include Connie Chung, a 
1969 journalism graduate, who anchors the news at 
KNXT-TV in Los Angeles; Carmen Balthrop, a Metropolitan 
Opera singer and 1971 UMCP Music Alumna; and Tom 
McMillen, a 1974 Arts and Sciences graduate and Rhodes 
Scholar, who is playing professional basketball for the Atlanta 
The Campus 

In enrollment. College Park is among the 10 largest campuses 
in the country. Undergraduates enrolled in fall 1980 numbered 
30,314 and graduate students, 7,550 for a total enrollment of 

37,864. This year's College Park operating budget is 
approximately $141,800,000. The University assisted over 
9,000 College Park students with financial aid in 1979-80. 

Students may choose from more than 70 undergraduate and 
70 graduate programs leading to degrees. In 1979-80, a total 
of 5,401 undergraduate, 1,069 master's and 311 doctorate 
degrees were awarded by the College Park Campus. In the 
number of doctorates granted annually, the University ranks 
among the top 30 in the nation. 


The University had its beginnings in 1807 with the 
establishment in Baltimore of the College of Medicine, an 
entirely faculty-owned institution granting the M.D. degree. 
When its name was changed to the University of Maryland 
five years later, it was given power to confer additional 
degrees. The first dental school in America, the Baltimore 
College of Dental Surgery, became a part of the University in 

Subsequently, the University opened schools of pharmacy, 
law and nursing. Under a charter secured by a group of 
Maryland planters in 1856, the College Park Campus of the 
University, then called the Maryland Agricultural College, 
opened in 1859 and became one of the original land-grant 
schools in 1865. After a disastrous fire in 1912, the State 
acquired control of the College and bore the cost of 
rebuilding. In 1920, the State took over the faculty-owned 
University of Baltimore, merging it with the State-owned 
institution at College Park to form the present-day University 
of Maryland. 

In 1886, the Delaware Conference Academy was founded 
by the Methodist Church in Princess Anne, Maryland. The 
State acquired this institution in 1948. It was made a campus 
of the University in 1970, and is known as the University of 
Maryland Eastern Shore (UMES). A new campus known as 
University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBO was 
opened at Catonsville in 1966. 


University libraries include approximately 1,335,000 volumes 
on the College Park Campus, 16,480 subscriptions to 
periodicals and newspapers, plus over a million microform 

The Hornbake Library has a seating capacity of 4,000 
students and is among the nation's largest. Facilities include a 
quadraphonic concert room, color video-tape players and 
playback units, enclosed rooms equipped with instructor's 

consoles for the use of nonprint media materials, and wireless 
stereo headsets for tapes of lectures, plays, speeches and 

Research Facilities 

Among the exceptional research facilities on Campus are: 
scanning electron microscopes; subsonic, supersonic, and 
hypersonic wind tunnels; laboratories for radiation research 
and biochemical reactions; a nuclear training reactor; an 
electron ring accelerator; complete laboratories for the 
dynamic studies of soils and structures; a unique facility 
utilizing satellite remote sensing data; a dynamic 
photomechanics lab; a precision encoder and pattern 
recognition device; a gravitational radiation detection system 
including a gravimeter on the moon; a psychopharmacology 
laboratory; three retroreflector arrays on the moon; rotating 
tanks for laboratory studies of meteorological phenomena; a 
linear accelerator; a high resolution spectroscopy facility; a 
laboratory for basic behavioral research; an assortment of 
computers; a computer vision laboratory; the Astronomy 
Observatory; a laboratory for plasma and fusion energy 
studies, and the Water Resources Research Center. 

The College Park Campus also operates one of the largest 
and most sophisticated long-wavelength radio telescopes 
(located at Clark Lake, Southern California). 

In addition to these research opportunities in the biological, 
mathematical and physical sciences, research programs in the 
behavioral sciences, social sciences and education exist in 
many bureaus and institutes including: the Bureau of Business 
and Economic Research, Bureau of Educational Research and 
Field Services, Bureau of Governmental Research, Institute for 
Child Study, Institute for Criminal Justice and Criminology 
and the Institute for Urban Studies. 

Academic Costume 

The black caps and gowns worn by the students and faculty 
in the academic procession are of ancient origin. They have 
been the traditional costume of the scholar since medieval 
times and probably represent an adaptation of the 
ecclesiastical dress since many of the scholars of that period 
were members of monastic orders. 

An intercollegiate commission in 1893 drafted a uniform 
code for costumes which has since been adopted by the 
majority of colleges and universities in the United States. 

Each of the three academic degrees — bachelor, master and 
doctor — has its own distinctive gown and hood. The 
bachelor's gown is distinguished by its long pointed sleeve. 

The master's gown has a longer, narrow, closed sleeve, 
extending below the knee; the arm is passed through a slit at 
the elbow. In contrast, the doctor's gown has a full bell- 
shaped sleeve with three bars of velvet. The opening of this 
gown is faced with wide velvet bands. The velvet trim may be 
black or of a color indicating the general field of learning of 
the wearer, for example, blue for philosophy, green for 
medicine, purple for law. 

The most colorful and distinctive item of the academic 
costume is the hood which passes around the neck and 
extends down the back. The doctor's is the largest of the 
hoods and the bachelor's the smallest. The bachelor's hood is 
often omitted. The color of the velvet edging indicates the 
field of learning. Below is given a list of department or faculty 

Agriculture /Maize 

Arts, Letters, Humanities /White 

Business Administration, Commercial Science/Drab 

Dentistry /Lilac 

Economics / Copper 

Education, Pedagogy /Light Blue 

Engineering / Orange 

Fine Arts, Architecture /Brown 

Forestry /Russet 

Home Economics /Maroon 

Laws /Purple 

Library Science /Lemon 

Medicine /Green 

Music /Pink 

Nursing / Apricot 

Oratory /Silver Gray 

Pharmacy /Olive 

Philanthropy /Rose 

Philosophy /Blue 

Public Health /Salmon 

Physical Education /Sage Green 

Science /Golden Yellow 

Social Service /Citron 

Surgical Chiropody /Nile Green 

Theology and Divinity /Scarlet 

Veterinary Sciences /Gray 

The colors of the silk lining exposed in the center of the 
hood are those of the college or university which conferred 
the degree. 

The cap or "mortar board" is uniform in design for all 

degrees. The tassel may be either black or the color of the 
field of learning. The tassel of the doctors cap may be gold. 
From Europe the use of academic degrees spread to English 
universities. Harvard University, the College of William and 
Mary, and Yale University followed the British pattern in the 
United States. 

Academic Degrees 

The degree is awarded for the successful completion of a 
course of study. There are more than 1,600 different academic 
degrees currently conferred by American colleges and 

The first known degree was a doctorate conferred by the 
University of Bologna (Italy) in the middle of the 12th Century. 
Originally, the doctor's and master's degrees were used 
interchangeably, each indicating that the holder was qualified 
to give instruction to students. The bachelor's or 
baccalaureate degree indicated only entrance upon a course of 
study preparatory to the doctorate or mastership. Gradually, 
however, the bachelor's degree came to mean successful 
completion of one level of study preparatory to the higher 

The Doctor's Degree 

This is a term meaning teacher, or instructor, applied by 
ancient Romans to those who delivered public lectures on 
philosophical subjects. In the Middle Ages, from the 12th 
century, it came into use as a title of honor borne by men of 
great learning. It was first made an academic title at the 
University of Bologna, which received from the emperor the 
right of appointing doctores legum (doctor of laws). The 
University of Paris followed in 1145. Soon after, the popes 
granted the universities the right of appointing doctors 
canonum et decretalium (teachers of the canon law), and 
when the study of civil law came to be combined with that of 
the canon law, the title was changed to doctor utriusque juris 
(teacher of both laws). The faculties of theology and medicine 
followed that of law in conferring this title. 

The doctorate in philosophy and science, and occasionally 
in theology and law, is given beyond the baccalaureate degree 
and requires two to five years of study, the writing of a 
thesis, and the passing of written and oral examinations. The 
doctor's degree represents the most advanced earned degree 
conferred by American institutions. There are two distinct 
types: the professional or practitioner's degree and the 
research type. The first type represents advanced training for 
the practice of various professions, principally Doctor of 

Medicine, Doctor of Dental Surgery, Doctor of Veterinary 
Medicine, Juris Doctor and Doctor of Pharmacy. These 
degrees carry no implication of original research and are 
classified by the U.S. Office of Education, with bachelor's 
degrees, as the first professional degrees. The University of 
Maryland awarded the first two dental degrees in history, on 
March 9, 1841, and invented the name of the degree, D.D.S., 
as well. 

The second type of doctor's degree is classified as the 
research doctorate representing prolonged periods of advanced 
study, usually accompanied by a dissertation which is 
designed to be a substantial contribution to existing 
knowledge on the subject. The most important of these, the 
Doctor of Philosophy, no longer has an implication of 
philosophy for its holder, but represents advanced research in 
any of the major fields of knowledge. It was first awarded in 
the United States by Yale University in 1861. 

The first Ph.D. was awarded by the University of Maryland 
in 1920. 

The Master's Degree 

The master's degree is an academic honor conferred upon 
students who have successfully completed work in advance of 
the baccalaureate. A thesis and an oral examination are 
usually required. The word magister, connected with a 
qualifying phrase, was used among the Romans as a title of 
honor, but its present meaning must be traced to the time of 
the establishment of the oldest universities. Regularly 
organized facilities were not then known as they now exist in 
the universities. The whole circle of academic activity was 
limited to seven liberal arts, and those who received public 
honors on the completion of their courses of studies, for their 
diligence and knowledge, and had already received the degree 
of baccalaureate (bachelor) were called magistri artium 
(master of the liberal arts). 

In 1920, the new University of Maryland awarded its first 
MA. and M.S. degrees in fields other than agriculture. 

The Bachelor's Degree 

The bachelor's degree represents completion of a four-year 
course of study of collegiate grade and is the oldest academic 
degree used by American institutions of higher learning. The 
degree. Bachelor of Arts, was first conferred in America in 
1642 on the first nine graduates of Harvard College. 

Maryland Agricultural College, which was later to become 
the University of Maryland College Park, awarded the first 
Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees in 1862. 

College Park 

Campus Administration 


Robert L. Gluckstern 
Vice Chancellor for 
Academic Affairs 

Nancie L. Gonzalez 
Vice Chancellor for 
Administrative Affairs 

Darryl W. Bierly 
Vice Chancellor for 
Student Affairs 

William L. Thomas, Jr. 

Provosts at College Park 

Division of Agricultural and 
Life Sciences 

Larry Vanderhoef 
Division of Arts and 

Shirley S. Kenny 
Division of Behavioral and 
Social Sciences 

Murray E. Polakoff 
Division of Human and 
Community Resources 

George J. Funaro 
Division of SAathematical 
and Physical Sciences and 

Frank J. Kerr 

Deans at College Park 

School of Architecture 

John W. Hill 
College of Agriculture 

Earl H. Brown 
College of Business and 

Rudolph P. Lamone 
College of Engineering 

George E. Dieter, Jr. 
College of Human Ecology 

John R. Beaton 
College of loumalism 

Benjamin F. Holman (Acting) 
College of Library and 
Information Services 

Michael M. Reynolds (Acting) 

College of Physical Education. 
Recreation and Health 

Marvin H. Eyler 
Administrative Dean for 
Graduate Studies and Research 

Rose-Marie G. Oster 
Administrative Dean for 
Summer Programs 

Melvin N. Bernstein 
Administrative Dean for 
Undergraduate Sttuiies 

Robert E. Shoenberg 

Central Administration 
of the University 


John S. Toll 
Senior Special Assistant 
to the President 

Albin O. Kuhn 
Vice President for General 

Warren W. Brandt 
Vice President for 
Academic Affairs 

David Adamany 
Vice President for 
Graduate Studies and Research 

David S. Sparks 
Vice President for Agricultural 
Affairs and Legislative Relations 

Frank L. Bentz, Jr. 
Vice President for 
University Development 

Robert G. Smith 

Board of Regents 


Peter F. O'Malley 
Vice Chairman 

Joseph D. Tydings 

Percy M. Chaimson 

A. Paul Moss 
Assistant Secretary 

Mrs. Mary H. Broadwater 

Assistant Treasurer 
George W. Wilson, Jr. 

Wayne A. Cawley, Jr. 
e.t officio 

Ralph W. Frey 

Samuel H. Hoover, D.D.S. 

Blair Lee 111 

Allen L. Schwait 

Mrs. Constance Cornell Stuart 

Wilbur G. Valentine 

Mrs. Jennifer A. Walker 

John W. T. Webb 

Officers of Commencement 


Dr. Donald Maley, 

Chairman, Industrial 

Associate Chairman 

Dr. Paul R. Poffenberger, 

Associate Dean, 

College of Agriculture 
Associate Chairman 

Dr. Robert C. Wiley, 

Professor, Horticulture 
University Marshal 

Dr. Richard H. Jaquith, 

Assistant Vice Chancellor, 

Academic Affairs 

Dr. Stewart L. Gordon, 

Professor, Chairman, 

Music Department 
Committee Members 

Dr. Ulysses S. Glee, Director, 

Office of Student Aid. 

Mr. Patrick J. Hunt, Director, 

University Relations. 

Mr. Robert J. Beiter, 

Principal Specialist, 

Agricultural & Resource 


Mr. Ernest D. Huff, Jr., 

Assistant Director, 

Records & Registrations. 

Mr. John A. Goecker, 


Food Services. 

Dr. Conrad B. Link, 



Dr. George L. Marx, 

Assistant Provost 

for Education. 

Mr. Elwood H. Gross, 

Physical Plant. 

Mr. Doyle P. Royal, 


Athletic Department. 

Mrs. Frances P. Cave. 

Nurse Supervisor, 

Health Center. 

Mr. William C. Fry, Jr., 

Assistant Director, 


Mrs. Jo Ann M. Janus, 

University Book Center. 

Capt. Ralph W. Bell. 

University Police. 

Mr. William H. Horsey, 

Director (Acting), 

Physical Plant. 

Mr. Edward Blackburn, 


Environmental Safety. 

Dr. Robert F. McCleary, 

Divisional Director, 

Radio, Television and Film. 


Ray Marshall 

Honorary Doctor of Laws 
and Commencement Speaker 

When Ray Marshall became the nation's 16th Secretary of Labor in January, 1977, American workers gained 
much more than a competent and experienced administrator of the Labor Department's many diverse programs. 
They also gained one of working people's most articulate and steadfast friends— a friend who long before he 
accepted his cabinet post as the guardian of the interest of wage-earners, had developed a deeply-rooted 
compassion for America's unorganized and disadvantaged laborers. 

Marshall's long-standing sympathy for the disadvantaged— and especially the rural poor — is derived from his 
own background of poverty. Upon the death of his mother, at age eleven Marshall and his four brothers and 
sisters were sent to the Mississippi Baptist Orphanage at Jackson. Four years later he ran away from the 
orphanage, and lying about his age, he enlisted in the Navy in 1944, serving as a radioman until the end of 
World War II. He is still a member of the Navy Reserve, with the rank of lieutenant commander. 

Despite his lack of a high school education, Marshall began earning college credits after World War II on the 
GI Bill. A natural scholar with a desire to make up for lost time, Marshall excelled at his studies, earning his B.A. 
degree in economics at Millsaps College in 1949, his M.A. at Louisiana State University in 1950, and his Ph.D. at 
the University of California at Berkeley in 1954. He continued on in academe, becoming an economics professor 
at the Universities of Texas, Mississippi, Louisiana State, and Kentucky, where he devoted many years to 
teaching, researching, and writing about the economic and social issues that affect workers. Among his numerous 
academic credits have been a Fulbright Research Scholarship in Finland, a Wertheim Fellowship in Industrial 
Relations from Harvard University, and a Ford Foundation Faculty Fellowship. 

A prolific writer with the courage to follow his conscience, most of Marshall's early works focused on the 
problems of black workers. According to one colleague who knew him during the late 1950's and early 1960's, 
Marshall was an "outspoken champion of desegregation when that was not a popular position to take in 
Southern universities." In 1968, he published his monumental survey. Labor in the South, still considered a 
standard in its field, covering every major labor union and organizing effort in the South since the late nineteenth 

Meanwhile, outside of the classroom, Marshall has put his knowledge and experience to work in jobs and 
training programs and in arbitrating industrial disputes that have brought him in contact with people from 
virtually all walks of life. While serving as the first director of the University of Texas Center for the Study of 
Human Resources, as President of the National Rural Center, and finally as the Secretary of the Labor 
Department, Marshall has labored to improve the welfare of the rural and urban poor, migrant farmworkers, 
unemployed school drop-outs, and minorities. 

Because Marshall believes that high unemployment weakens the nation as much as it harms the dignity of 
individuals, as Secretary of Labor he has spearheaded the creation of many innovative federal employment 
programs. Immediately after taking office, he proposed that $140 million be spent in training some 100,000 
disabled and Vietnam war veterans for private industry in a special program called HIRE. From the earliest days 
of his appointment, Marshall also played a key role in developing the Carter Administration's six-billion dollar 
job program designed to put 725,000 unemployed Americans back to work. As a result of his efforts, American 
workers have a strong guarantee of decent wages, safe working conditions, and the fullest possible employment 

■Today he is awarded an Honorary Doctor of Laws from the University of Maryland. 











Daniel Boorstin 

Honorary Doctor of Letters 

For all of his adult life, Pulitzer Prize winning author and historian Daniel Boorstin has carried on a passionate 
love affair— a love affair with books. It is a romance he made public in 1975 when as the nation's 12th Librarian 
appointed to head the Library of Congress he remarked to the press: "Having shared with my wife a long-time 
love affair with books, I can imagine no task more challenging, more gratifying, or more promising than to lead 
this great library. " 

Boorstin's love for books is one that was nurtured during his undergraduate days at Harvard where he edited 
the daily Crimson and spent all his spare hours reading and rereading Gibbon's Historx/ of the Decline and Fall of 
the Roman Empire. To the grandson of Russian-Jewish immigrants who had grown up in Tulsa, Oklahoma, 
Harvard "was an adventure, a travail, and in most ways a welcome shock. I had hardly heard of many of the 
people and movements— Pericles, Talleyrand, Beethoven, the Renaissance— familiar to boys from Andover and 
Exeter ... I worked overtime, determined to get a start on a career (still undefined) by being near the top of 
the class. " 

In 1934 Boorstin's dream came true— he graduated summa cum laude and won Harvard's coveted Bowdoin 
Prize for his senior honors essay on his old friend Gibbon. For Boorstin the Bowdoin Prize was the first of a 
seemingly endless string of awards and honors. As a Rhodes Scholar at Balliol College, Oxford, he attained a 
"double first"— the university's highest honor— on receiving his B.A. in jurisprudence in 1936, and a Bachelor of 
Civil Laws degree in 1937, both with first-class honors. Called to the English bar in 1937 as a barrister-at-law, he 
became one of the few Americans qualified to plead cases in English courts. Three years later, the unstoppable 
Boorstin earned a Doctor of Juridical Science degree from Yale University. 

Soon admitted to the Massachusetts bar, Boorstin went on to spend a full quarter of a century at the 
University of Chicago, where he was a Preston and Sterling Morton Distinguished Service Professor of History. 
He has held visiting lectureships at several universities both here and abroad, has served as the director of the 
Museum of History and Technology and as Senior Historian at the Smithsonian Institution, and over the years 
has published a dozen American history books, winning the Pulitzer Prize in 1974 for The Americans: the 
Democratic Experience, the third volume of a comprehensive trilogy. 

He was 61 when former President Gerald Ford nominated him to run the 18-million book collections of the 
Library of Congress on June 20, 1975. A multimedia complex that every second gains two new volumes, the 
library which Boorstin heads has been called the single most "complicated institution in the world." 

As Librarian, Boorstin has masterminded a new "outreach" program designed to make the Library of Congress 
more accessible to the taxpayers who support it. To help achieve that goal, he is creating a special Council of 
Scholars comprised of 25 individuals who twice a year will report to Boorstin on the Library's weak spots or 
"areas of ignorance." As an avowed book man in an age when the electronic media are threatening to make 
reading obsolete, he has also set up a Center for the Book to encourage his cherished pursuit. Despite his 
formidable workload, he rises early every morning to work and write on world history at home and to use the 
Library's great resources in the same way as any private citizen. 

Today he is awarded an Honorary Doctor of Letters from the University of Maryland. 



for Degrees 

AUGUST 1980 


Doctor of Philosophy 

Mark Alan Ardis 

Computer Science: Data 
Abstraction Transformations — 
A Tool for Software 

George James Augustine, Jr. 
Zoology: Neurotransmitter 
Release from the Frog 
Neuromuscular Synapse: 
Physiological and 
Morphological Alterations 
Produced by the Food Dye 
Erythrosin B. 

Ralph Ramoutar Baney 
Secondary Education: The 
Tactual Perception of Three 
Dimensional Form as a Basis 
for Drawing and Modeling 
and for the Appreciation of 
Three Dimensional Art. 

Robert Lewis Bastress 

Administration, Supervision & 
Curriculum: The Relationship 
of Teacher Leadership Style. 
Teacher Experience, and 
Student-Teacher Relations 
with Teacher Effectiveness. 

Michael Robert Baum 

Administration, Sujjervision & 
Curriculum: A Cybernetic 
Model of Vocational Training 
in a State Institution for the 
Developmentally Disabled. 

Robert Michael Beland 
Recreation: An Assessment 
of Role Perception and 
Competency of Selected 
Special Educators towards 
Leisure Education for the 

Beth Lettow Brusius 
Secondary Education: Status 
of Home Economics and 
Related Programs in 
Community Junior Colleges 
in the United States. 

Maria Shapiro Caplan 
Counseling & Personnel 
Services; The Relationship 
between Cognitive Labeling 
and Aggression in Children. 

Jean Anne Carter 

Psychology: Couples' 
Perceptions of Relationship 
Variables. Marital Adjustment 
and Change before and after 

Sang-Hee Chang 

Sociology: Industrialization. 
Individual Modernity, and 
Fertility in Korea. 

Michael Scott Christy 

Geography: Investigations 
into the Dynamics of Water 
Movement on a Flat Land- 

Charles Eugene Coddington 
Industrial Education: A Com- 
parative Analysis of Cognitive 
Profiles Obtained by Student 
Self-Assessment and the 
Educational Sciences. 

Arnold Bob Danzig 

Social Foundations of Educa- 
tion: The Sociolinguistic 
Hypotheses and Theory of 
Educational Transmissions of 
the English Sociologist, Basil 

Ronald Marshall Davis 

Secondary Education: Factors 
Influencing the Relationship 
between Mathematics 
Departments and Occupa- 
tional-Technical Programs in 
the Teaching of Math Service 

Ruth Marie Doherty 

Chemistry: Single Crystal 
Structure Detertninations of 
Several Compounds and 
Development of a Structured 
Program for the Calculation 
of Bond Lengths and Angles. 

Mary Steimel Duru 

Human Development Educa- 
tion: Socialization among 
the Igbo: An Intergenerational 
Study of Cultural Patterns. 
Familial Roles, and Child 
Rearing Practices. 

Alice Gail Dvoskin 

Human Development Educa- 
tion: Characteristics of Fathers 
in Contested Custody Cases 
following Divorce. 

Nyong Etim Eshiel 

Industrial Education: A 
Comparative Attitude Study 
of Maryland Plan Graduates 
and Non-Maryland Plan 
Graduates towards Philo- 
sophical and Psychological 
Bases of Industrial Arts. 

Steven Louis Giardina 

Microbiology : E.xamination 
of the Protein Composition 
of the Cell Envelope of 
Vibrio parahaemolyticus. 

Judith Cynthia Giordan 
Chemistry: Negative Ion 
States of Selected Unsa- 
turated Hydrocarbons. 

Harvey Stephen Gotts 
Physics: Core-Level Spec- 
troscopies of Light Metals: 
Effects of Auger-Assisted 
Emission and Core Hole 

John Douglas Griffin 

Horticulture: The Effects of 
Some Growth Regulators on 
the Floral Initiation and 
Development in Chrysanthe- 
mum. Kalanchoe and 

Everlene Giles Grimes 

Hearing & Speech Sciences: 
Stapedius Reflex Charac- 
teristics in Renal Patients: 
A Normative Study. 

Robert Lee Haar 

Computer Science: The 
Representation and Ma- 
nipulation of Position 
Information Using Spatial 

Dorothy Kay Hall 

Geography: Analysis of the 
Factors Influencing the 
Occurrence of Aufeis on the 
Arctic Slope of Alaska. 

Doreen Connor Harper 

Human Development Educa- 
tion: The Effect of a 
Medication Self-Care Program 
on Knowledge of Medication. 
Health Locus of Control, and 
Self-Care Behaviors of 
Elderly Hypertensive 

John Richard Hiller 

Physics: Short-Range and 
Long-Range Forces in 
Quantum Theory: Selected 

August Doctors IS 

Hannah Rothstein Hirsh 

Psychology: Employment and 
Homemaking Participation of 
College Educated Women. 

Daekyoo Hwang 

Civil Engineering: A Proba- 
bilistic Consolidation Analysis 
for Embankment Foundations. 

Rose Jackson 

Administration, Supervision 
& Curriculum: Application 
of a Conceptual Model of 
Evaluation in a Graduate 
Program in Nursing Educa- 
tion, a Case Study. 

William Kilpatrick 

Civil Engineering: A Finite 
Element Analysis of Multi- 
Layered Orthotropic 

Audrey Burie Kirchner 

Early Childhood-Elementary 
Education: Developing a 
Procedure for Describing the 
Emotion of joy. 

Karen Klisch 

Physical Education: An 
Investigation of a Relaxation 
Imagery Technique on the 
Performance of a Motor Skill. 

William Clare Leffingwell, Jr. 
English Language and 
Literature: Some Versions of 
Chaucerian Irony. 

Michele Mahler Levine 

Early Childhood-Elementary 
Education: The Effects of 
Utilizing Children's Literature 
as a Non-motion Symbolic 
Modeling Procedure on the 
Social Behavior of Preschool 

Jonathan D. Lewis 

Counseling & Personnel 
Services: The Use of Goal 
Attainment Scaling to 
Evaluate Individual Counsel- 
ing Outcomes at a University 
Counseling Service. 

Thomas Joseph Lutton 
Agricultural & Resource 
Economics: Energy and Fac- 
tor Substitution in the Food 
Processing Sector: An 
Econometric Analysis. 

Gary Steven Magiera 

Industrial Education: A Study 
of the Differences between 
11th Grade Vocational and 
Academic Students on the 
Relationship of Selected 
Measures of Intelligence, 
Career Maturity, and Per- 

Joan E. Magnusen 

Zoology: Epidermal Cell 
Differentiation and Move- 
ment during Podocyst 
Formation in Chrysaora 
quinquecirrha (Cnidaria: 

Armando Manduca 

Astronomy: The Chemical 
Abundances and Physical 
Parameters of RR Lyrae 

Thomas Richard McCarthy 
Economics: Physician Objec- 
tives and the Determination 
of Fees for Medical Care. 

Mary Washington McCray 
Secondary Education: Rela- 
tionship of Attitudes of 
Administrators in Selected 
Colleges and Universities in 
Virginia and the Establishment 
of Competency-Based Teacher 
Education Programs in 
Vocational Education. 

Alease Massenberg McElrath 
Secondary Education: Factors 
Influencing Student's 
Perceptions of Their Needs 
for Consumer Education as a 
Basis for Curriculum Devel- 
opment in District of 
Columbia Senior High 

Richard E. McEvoy 

History: The Second Line of 
Defense Against Poverty: 
State-Federal Public Assis- 
tance, 1935-1946. 

Lynda D. McNeil 

Comparative Literature: 

Alchemies of the Mind: 
Style and Vision in the 
Poetry of Arthur Rimbaud, 
Hart Crane and Georg Trakl. 

Robert Louis Merlino 

Physics: Electron Heating in 
a High-Voltage Toroidal 
Theta Pinch. 

Frances Fulcher Midkiff 

Early Childhood-Elementary 
Education: Curriculum Medi- 
ated Changes in Children's 
Food Knowledge and Food 

Alan Mink 

Electrical Engineering: An 
Analytic Study of Shared Re- 
sources among Independent 
Computing Systems. 

Ann Eleanor Moskol 

Secondary Education: An Ex- 
ploratory Study of the Pro- 
cesses that College Mathe- 
matics Students Use to Solve 
Real World Problems. 

Gerald A. Newland 
Human Development 
Education: Creativity, 
Flexibility, and Field Depend- 
ence: Left- and Right-handed 

Eileen M. Oickle 

Administration, Supervision 
& Curriculum: A Comparison 
of Individual and Team 

John Joseph Parkington 

Psychology: Some Market- 
place Correlates of Consumer 

Alan Frederick Patrick 

Administration, Supervision 
& Curriculum: The Relation- 
ship between Organizational 
Effectiveness and a Degree 
of Implementation of Middle 
School Processes and 

Gowsala Pavanasasivam 
Chemistry: Trichothecenes: 
Isolation, Characterization 
and their Microbial Trans- 
formation to Antileukemic 

Elmer Clare Poe 

Industrial Education: A 
Study to Develop a Multi- 
variable Formula to Predict 
Academic Achievement in 
A.S. and B.S. Engineering 
Technology Programs. 

16 August Doctors 

William Ralph Rigby 
Psychology: Personality 
Characteristics of United 
States International Rifle 

Jung S. Rno 

Physics: A New Study on 
Axial-vector Mesons with 
SU(3) (SU<4)) Mixing. 

Susan Eileen Romans 
Secondary Education:' A 
Systems Approach for Devel- 
oping Communication 
Performance of a Bank Sales 

Mark Eric Sanders 

Industrial Education: Wooden 
Printing Press Construction 
in America, 1750-1850. 

Ira Bruce Schwartz 
Applied Mathematics: A 
Numerical Proof of the 
Existence of Unstable Periodic 

Mildred Ware Scott 

Health Education: Patterns of 
Influence of Some Known 
Correlates of Obesity in 
Middle Class Black Women. 

Matsuichiro Shimizu 

Nuclear Engineering: Trans- 
port Consistent Diffusion 
Coefficient for a Hetero- 
geneous Cell Containing 

Ward Stanley Sigmond 
Economics: A Risk Analysis 
of the Health Effects Asso- 
ciated with Generating 
Electricity from Coal and 
Nuclear Power. 

Eugenia Edwards Sills 
Secondary Education: A 
Survey of Secondary Female 
Teachers' Attitudes toward 
the Acceptance of Males in 
Consumer and Homemaking 

Norman Gary Smith 

Agricultural & Extension 
Education: The Perceived 
Management System as Re- 
lated to Job Satisfaction in 
the Maryland Cooperative 
Extension Service. 

Nancy Elizabeth Stamp 

Zoology: The Effect of Croup 
Size on the Baltimore Butter- 
fly ( Euphydryas phaeton : 

Susan Beth Sterrett 

Horticulture: Composted 
Sewage Sludge as a Media 
Amendment for Vegetable 
Transplants— a Feasibility 

Janice Elaine Stevenson 
Psychology: Counselor 
Anxiety in Response to 
Black and White Female 

Kerry Jeanne Strand 

Sociology: Status Attainment 
and Sex Stratification: A 
Structural Critique and Re- 
formulation of Female 
Occupational Attainment 

Delores Roselle Sykes 
Secondary Education: The 
Effects of a Marriage Educa- 
tion Course on the Attitudes 
of College Students toward 
Marriage and Cohabitation. 

Joan Allyn Sylvester 

Sociology: Strikes in Mono- 
poly Capitalism. 

William Edward Underwood, Jr. 
Computer Science: Grammar 
and Automata Models for 
the Syntax of Displayed 
Mathematical Expressions. 

Jerry J. Vaske 

Agricultural & Extension 
Education: An Empirical 
Comparison of Methodo- 
logical Approaches to 
Recreational Substitutability. 

Richard Edwin Weisblatt 
Psychology: Pre-schoolers 
Understanding and Use of 
Intention and Motive Cues 
in Making Moral 

Sharlene M. Spaans Weiss 
Health Education: The Health 
Effects of Bicycling in an 
Urban Environment. 

Doctor of Education 

Ursula Alexandra Kochanowski 


Administration, Supervision 
& Curriculum: A Study of 
Organizational Change in a 
County Government. 

Thelma Belle Yarborough 
Administration, Supervision 
& Curriculum: Motivational. 
Demographic, and Academic 
Characteristics of Prison 
Inmates Enrolled in Com- 
munity College Programs in 
the State of Maryland. 

Doctor of Business 

Ralph August Walkling 
Business and Management: 
Determinants of Takeover 
Premiums in Inter-firm Cash 
Tender Offers. 

Doctor of Musical Arts 

John Allen Hawkins 

Music: The Piano Music of 
Robert Muczynski: A Per- 
formance-Tape and Study of 
His Original Works for Piano 

Master of Arts 

Betsy Alison Alperin 
Ruth Elizabeth Moore Alvarez 
Marie Suzette Blanchard 
James Richard Brantley 
Emily Susan Buckley 
Mark Cameron 
Judith Margaret Cangialosi 
Audrey Wen San Cheang 
Flavia Colonna 
Frank John Coulter, Jr. 
Oliver James Cutshaw, Jr. 
Lorraine Mary Daly 
Thomas Charles Davenport 
Milo Ruse Dorr 
Lesley Anne Emerson 
Ruth Mae Finch 
Deborah Louise Francis 
Robert Louis Frye 
Mario Thomas Gaboury 
Madonna Therese Goodspeed 
Andrea LaPoint Green 
Lynn Groesbeck 
Malcolm B. Harriman 
Kenneth W. Heger 
Margaret Saunders Henry 
Lola Paley Hillman 
Robert Benson Hixson 
Gary Charles Hunt 

August Doctors /Masters 17 

Okon Edet Inuenwi 
Alice Eve Kennington 
Hye-Ra Kim 

George Henry Knostman IV 
Allen Stanley Kogut 
Glenn Robert Kreger 
Natalie Kriesberg-Thorpe 
Lawrence Jay Levy 
Charles Stuart Lippman 
Sandra Marie List 
Margrethe Lundsager 
Ellen Lustgarten 
Linda Harvill Martin 
Marylin Anne Mell 
Rachel Zohn Mincer 
Luisa Montero-Diaz 
Timothy John Myers 
Joseph C. Nessel III 
Erie Leo Norton III 
Nancy Mary O'Hara 
Aldrich Manceo Patterson, Jr. 
Elizabeth Gail Reeves 
Robin Anne Rosin 
Conne Lou Rubinstein 
Betty Anne Rybowski 
Susan Robinson Schaefer 
Lois Brenner Schwartz 
Terry Lynn Schwartz 
Craig Allen Seger 
Amnon M. Sheeloh 
Arthur Edward Smelkinson 
Marc Barry Sokol 
Sherry Ellen Trahan 
Michael John Ward 
Terry Joe White 
Peter Mark Wysochanski 
Donghyu Yang 
Janet Allison Yu 
Audrey Jane Zeibert 

Master of Science 

John Simon Althaus 
Richard Lee Baker 
Alexander Barbarika, Jr. 
Cathy J. Berenberg 
Elsa H. Berenstein 

Ronald Eugene Boenau 
Ellen Lee Bohn 
David Samuel Buyer 
Judith Diane Chencharick 
Robert Anthony Conti 
Lelia de Anda Craig 
Jay Theodore Cremer 
Gail Fiore Davenport 
Paul D. DeRoo 
Craig John Diamond 
Eleanor Therese Dill 
Peggy L. Edds 
Richard McKinley Elliott 
Mary Gertrude Enig 
Charles S. Epstein 
Hawazin Faruqi 
Marilyn Pamela Mintzes 

Jane Ann Figula 
Jessie Fitzgerald 
Donald Cameron Foster 
Thomas Frederick Grapes 
Patricia Eileen Haughey 
Elinora Anne Helgeson 
Cherie Denise Hiner 
Loris Hudson Jones 
Zainal Mohd. Kharib 
Patricia Vicars King 
Mark Elwood Koepke 
Chris Paul Konkol 
Fred Wilson Koontz 
Frederick Stephen Kuhl 
Judith Ann Lanum 
David Everton Lashley 
Alane Katherine Lehfeld 
Marlon Ray Lewis 
Shi-Wen Lin 
Hassan Lolavar 
Fulton Francis Loppatto 
Kenneth C. Maffei 
Richard Hart Mathews 
Richard Walter May 
James Thomas McClintock 
David Haworth McCuUoh 
Ellen King McGlade 
William Harry Midgette 
Louis Matthew Militana 

Marijane Q. Montgomery 
Windsor Anthony Morgan 
Andrew Nicholas Mostovych 
Helen B. Mullin 
Glenna DeWitt Osnos 
Lawrence Joseph Pinto 
Charles Michael Reynolds 
Brian P. Riely 
Ann Sipp Ross 
Bernard Sammons 
David Glenn Schleicher 
Susan Maureen Sherren 
Joan Louise Shertz 
Steve Eugene Short 
Michael J. Siegel 
Karen Dale Solit 
Douglas John Taylor 
Richard Bruce Thomas 
Tzer-Tai Tzeng 
Joseph Andrew Valdes 
Dana Elizabeth Wagner 
William Stewart Wallace 
Wyatt Thomas Wallace 
Douglas Lee Weinkauf 
Elmer James White, Jr. 
Jeffrey David Williams 
Richard Johnston Wood 
Runore Cheryl Wycoff 
Sharon Drexler Zaret 

Master of Education 

John Robert Anderson 
Barbara Elaine Baker 
Carol McCormick Batty 
Mary Susan Beck-Brown 
Milton Carl Berger 
Mary Delois Brown 
Rebecca Oliver Callaway 
Joseph Theodore Clark 
Rosemarie Piazza Cramer 
Sheila Margaret Crandles 
Anne Williams Daniel 
Deborah A. Deao-Slatkin 
Martha Biggs English 
Janet Ann Epstein 
Jeanne Walsh Felber 

Beth Rose Feuerstein 

Judith Malone Gire 

Marvin A. Glawe 

Bonnie Eaton Goodman 

Joan Scott Gough 

Judith Lois Hanagan 

Betty Lou Harmon 

Eileen Regina Helm 

Nancy Sharon Decker Holland 

David Wesley Hoskins 

Elizabeth Hager Lord 

Mary Ellen Massmann 

Lori Audrey Mattson 

Elizabeth Ann Maza 

Deborah Durham Moore 

Renee Carol Negin 

Elizabeth Ann Pritchard 

Shelley Diane Girson Reese 

Deborah Ann Jones Riley 

Katherine Nicholson Rose 

Patricia Ann Roth 

Karen Irene Schafer 

Elyse Sue Schochet 

Bruce Hamilton Sedberry 

Kathleen Gillis Seiler 

Jasbir Sethi 

Cheryl Ann Smith 

Therese Fleurie Smith 

Gail Marlene Sorenson 

Masha Spiegel 

Lisa Hedy Strauss 

Patrick Frank Taricone 

Constantinos Nicolaos Tsiantis 

Thomas Neil Turner 

Susan Haas Wahlberg 

Nora Ann Whitmore 

18 August Masters 

Master of Business 

Carol Rae Alwine 
Robert Astrove 
Lucette Bowers Comer 
Melissa Gail Daston 
David Matthew DeLonga 
Alex David Disler 
Kevin Kenneth Farrell 
Paula Frances Farrell 
Robert S. Greenberg 
Mona Shufeld Hersh 
Lawrence David Kaplan 
Donald Bruce Leiss 
Sara Meadows McCue 
Herbert Michael Meyers 
Alvera Denyse Millner 
Susan Deborah Morstein 
Franklin Taitano Olive. Jr. 
Rosann Marie Rust 
Debbie Lisa Scheff 
Sheldon David Serkin 
John Bushnell Stewart. Jr. 
Linarda Garrett Tyler 
Lawrence Denis White 

Master of Music 

William Charles Bloomquist. Jr. 
Cathryn Mary Frazier-Neely 
Jane Marie Nwankwo 

Master of Library 

Alison Lee Beyth 
Karen Teggeman Birdsong 
Sharon Rebecca Califano 
John Joseph Connell. Jr. 
Morgan Vance Cundiff 
Deborah Louise du Mais 
Patricia Hudak Farr 
Joan Robinson Foley 
Linda Kay Fowlie 
Sara Ellen Gartin 
Beth Ellen Gaum 
Judy Marie Hawkins 
Sylvia Jo Hazzard 

Molly Gilbert Kelley 
R. Denis Kennedy 
Luanne Kitchin 
Anita Frances Law 
Carol Cook Legarreta 
Anne Bibby Lesher 
Deanna Lynn Malament 
Robin Marie Miller 
Sharon Home Morris 
Katherine Laura Murray 
Shirley Anne Perrin 
Ruth Elizabeth Robinson 
Mary Catherine Ruggieri 
Deborah Lynn Scharfe 
Jean Whitcomb Smith 
Bonnie Jean Stoner 
Susan Margaret Toohey 
Emily Patricia Wagner 
Lee Marie Wisel 
Catherine A. Zelonis 


Master of Education 

May JO, 1980 

Gerald L. Agnew 
Lavona Gray Russell 

August 29, 1980 

Dennis Dale Kitchin 
Mary Elizabeth V. Smith 
Larry David Tilley 

August Masters 19 

Division of 
Agricultural and 
Life Sdences 


Bachelor of Science 
John Atangna Anong 
Suzanne Tierney Bambrick 
Jack Reed Bauer 
Leslie Carolyn Brandt 
David Spaulding Brookes 
Viviane Aimee Burick 
James Patrick Casey 
Yvelisse Irene Chase 
Margaret Sue Covey 
Carolyn Kelly Dietrich 
Gerald Raymond Elliott 
Geoffrey Nfor Fai 
Ronald Lee Gallant 
Charles Wendell Granger 
Debra L. Hughes 
Dawn Yvette Jackson 
Catherine Elise Jansen 

§Amy Joan Kantor 
Janice Jewell Kunz 
Iris Elizabeth McCalla 
Thomas Charles Mucha 

*Janet Louise Mummert 
Susan Ann Oktay 
Sara Frances Olsen 
Susan Abioye Orogbemi 

'Jeffrey L. Rhody 
Pamela Lynn Routly 
Annette Carter Slowinski 
Teresa Ann Trimmer 

§Marcia Maria Vandermause 
James Anthony Vona 
Thomas Albert Wiltbank 

Division of 
Agricultural and 
Life Sciences 

Bachelor of Science 

Steven Adelberg 

Donahue Aloysius Aitcheson 

Harry Michael Axman 
Bart Frederick Bakke 
Herbert Baylor, Jr. 
Linda Muriel Bengston 
Cheryl Lynn Brunk 
Jennifer Renee Dennis 
Jacqueline Theresa Favilla 
Dean P. Foster 

tjudith Freeman 
Leigh Charles Kelsey III 
Nancy Louise Koles 
Margaret Thair Mangan 
Ralph Peter Marconi 
Sharon Lynn McClanahan 

§Laura Nance Mcintosh 
Elizabeth Marie Paris 
Matthew Arnold Preusse 
Locke Neal Rooney 

'Michael Lawrence Rudolph 
Jill A. Russell 
Steven Schlafstein 
Joseph Beda Shieh 

*David Alan Shook 
Renee Antoinette Simmons 
Bernd Henryk Sokolowski 
James Richard Steinberg 
Kevin Lee Stockton 
Pierre Lamont Trent 
Stuart Thomas Unger 
Valerie Suzanne Upton 

tKaren Jane Weiss 
John Steven Wilkinson 
Walter Blair Wilson 
Russell Lee Yeager 

Division of Arts and 


Bachelor of Architecture 
Gary Edward Sober 

Bachelor of Science 

John Mark Bartel 
Donald Alan Harris 
Paula Lynn Harris 


Bachelor of Science 

fRobert Allan Ames 

§David Scott Bedell 
David Barry Bormel 
Julie Colin 
Ivelisse De Jesus 
Brett Woolford Ferrigan 
George John Fortmuller, Jr. 
William Kenneth Heine 
France Elliad Jackson 
Diana Sue Klybert 
Nancy Allison Lifset 
Teresa Elizabeth Markle 
Paul Damian McFarlane 
Nakita Morris-Tebang 
Carl Barton Pelizoto 
Robin Faryl Rosenbloom 
Mary Yvonne Bridget Siemer 
Stephanie M. Solien 

Division of Arts and 

Bachelor of Arts 
Peter H. Adams 
Dario Joseph Agnolutto 
Paul Edward Altomare 
Mark Avvarama Anderson 
Susan Elaine Attmore 
Robert John Bixby 
Scott Evan Blitz 
Mary Beth Bowman 
Vasco Luiz A. P. Bramao 

*Terri Ellen Braudes 
Louise Dooly Buckley 
Patrick Joseph Carroll 
Robert Joseph Carson 
Alan Wayne Peter Cavrell 
Leonor M. Chaves 
Jean Anne Cooley 
Dawn Leigh Cooper 
Dana Michelle Davis 
Richard John De Angelis 
Joseph Brown Dickson 
Gail Helene Fast 
David Francis Geckle 

Denise N. George 

Lura Annette Gibbs 

Joan Gillespie 

Rosanne Olivia Gochman 

Janet Ann Goodenberger 

Evgenia Gurary 

Judith Ann Harrison 

Linda Yvonne Hassani 

Jay Michael Jackson 

Patrick Lawrence Jones 

Mark Eliot Kamensky 

Brian Hardy Keller 

Norma Delores Kelly 

Jane L. King 

Noriko Kon 

Celeste LaCamera 

Lucretia Ames Latta 

Teresa Elizabeth Markle 

Jody Lynn Markoff 

Virginia Sue May 

Donald Raymond McGlynn 

Rosemary Elizabeth Milton 
fBarbara E. Morris 

Carl Alan Nelson 

Lane Lee Nothman 
§Elizabeth Miriam Ojala 

Stephen Michael Perian 

Laura Harper Pryor 

Molly Alena Roberts 

Lynn Alice Robeson 

Alison Martha Rose 
*Joel Ian Ross 

Joshua Mark Rottenberg 

Maura Ann Sabin 
TCrispin Gallagher Sartwell 

Kenneth Maynard Scheibel, Jr. 

Sheri Lynn Singer 

David Dickenson Smith 

Westey A. Smith 

Carol Anne Spanbauer 

Carol Anslie Stilwell 

Lynn Ann Sugar 
"Jeanne Schutz Tufano 

Amy Turim 
tJames Brian Ware 

Roberta Cross Watson 

Susan Elaine Westberg 

Glenn Michael Whalen 

20 August Bachelors 

§Summa Cum Laude; fMagna Cum Laude; *Cum Laude 

Emily Page Williams 
Dorothy Jean Yowaiski 

Bachelor of Music 

Sean Paul Doherty 

Joseph Jay Mclntyre 
'Pamela Louise Ryan 

Division of Behavioral 
and Social Sdences 


Bachelor of Science 

Doreen Jane Alexander 

Thomas Lynch Allen, Jr. 
'Paul William Amirault 

Cathy Ann Aronoff 

Jonathan Ash 

Alison Diane Banks 

Richard Bruce Barker 
'Jenny Wallace Bartgis 

Debra L. Beavers 

Charles Howard Beck 

Evelyn Robin Belsky 

Mary Stump Bode 

Richard M. Boker 

Stephen Anthony Bottalico 

Thomas Andrew Bradley 
§Heidi Rib Brent 

Karen Maria Brooks 

Peter John Brophy 

Pamela McKay Brush 

Matthew Lawrence Burkhardt 

Patricia Ann Cappello 

Alan C. Cason 

Samuel Peter Clement, Jr. 

Lawrence Jay Cohen 

Linda Carol Cohn 
'Carolyn S. Connor 

Dino Constantinou 

John Eric Courtney 

Robert Mark Crotty 

Lynn Ellen Crystal 

Michael Reid Cuneo 

Kevin Mark Cutright 

Teresa Valerie Daniels 

Mark Timothy Davis 

Craig Charles Deist 
Beverly Jean Dingier 
§Gail Lee Dinwiddle 
Harold H. Dorfman 
Peter Jay Drury 
Robert Michael DuCharme 
Benjamin Avrum Ellis 
Pattricia Lucile Ellis 
Mark Carleton Evans 
J. Scott Faupel 
Linda Ann Filice 
Anapera Cottrell Fisher 
Samuel E. Forkkio 
Frankie Elaine Fragale 
Richard David Francis 
Marc Alan Friedman 
Maureen Carol Fullem 
Marc E. Gallanter 
Barry Steven Gallun 
Ronald Peter Ganassa 
Carol Lynn Gebhardt 
Barry S. Ginsberg 
Janet Elaine Glass 
Albert Bobby Grandy, Jr. 
Peter Doane Green 
Sharon Louise Greene 
Elizabeth Guender 
James David Gusky 
'Michael Robert Gutermuth 
Carl Mark Haehner 
Stephen Girard Hafey 
Gardiner Amos Hall III 
Nancy R. Hanlon 
Gale Denise Harden 
Charles Bruce Hardie 
tVicky Beth Heiman 
Richard Stephen Helgeson 
Harold Isaac Henig 
William Joseph Hermann 
Martina Anjeanetta Howard 
John Allen Hubscher 
Donald Richard Hug 
Kim Anne Hunt 
Lawrence Terry Hurwitz 
'Bradly Jacobson 
Thomas Eugene Jarrell 
Harrison Leon Johnson 
Joy Lynn Johnston 
Judith Ann Joseph 

Leslie Anne Kallmyer 

Kathy Ivy Kamen 

Gary Karp 

Sue Ann Karst 

Joel Anderson Kazy 

Ahouvah Aviva Kelly 

Kristie Lynne Kerr 

Shoshana Khakshoor 

Melvin Eugene Kingwood 

Terry Bruce Kleeman 

Lisa Marie Kleinworl 

Alex Stephen Kocerhan 

Karen Christine Kovalchick 

David Wayne Krehbiel 
'Mitchell Ira Kurtzer 

Edward Joel Lake 

Audrey Ellen Lamb 

Charles Landever 

Michael Patrick Lanman 

Richard S. Lebow 

Michael Anthony Lee 

Anthony Murray Leigh, Jr. 

Joanna Lee Lewis 
tZita D. Liogys 

Colleen Clair Lockwood 

Lynn Paula Loesberg 

Louann Maimone 

Lee Michael Maisel 

Graylin Edward Mann 

Gary Allan Margolis 

Alethea Gale Martin 

Timothy Lee Martin 

William Henry Martin III 
'Sally Ann Maske 

Dennis Daniel Mattey 

Maureen Patricia McCarthy 

Richard Carlton McClain, Jr. 

Joann McCrea 

Robert M. Mcllvaine 

Betsy Jane Mintzer 

Barrett Reed Mitchell 
tShelby Felice Mitchell 

Thomas William Moran 

Marvette Denotria Mouton 

Michel Marie Mullen 

Richard William Willard 

William Allen Musser, Jr. 

Carl Jonathan Nobile 

'Norman James Obenshain 

John Robert Onda 

Hyang Sook Pak 
"Joseph Theodore Papa 

G. Wesley Patrick 

Kenneth Lynn Phillips 

James Michael Prisbe 
TLynn Marie Puffenberger 

James Arthur Pyke 

William Edwin Ramsay 

Frankie Michel Ramseur 

Charles Robert Reichel 

Lawrence David Richardson 

Joseph Rodriguez 
tSharon Rachael Romanofski 

James Frank Rosenthal 

Daniel Mark Saltzman 

Julie Lynne Sandeford 

Joseph Michael Scalco 

Mitchell Alan Schaefer 

Steven Ray Schreider 

Gerald Michael Sebold 

Sophie Bernadette Sharp 

Veronica Marie Sheehy 

Judith Ann Siegel 
TDavid Barry Silber 

Prakash Kumar Sinha 

Monika Anne Slamen 

June Elizabeth Smith 

Steven John Squeri 
§Bernice Marie Stefanowicz 

Natalie Elise Steiner 

Randy Marc Stoler 

Sandi Joy Sturm 

Stuart Thomas Sugarman 

David Brian Susio 

Scott Lawrence Swett 

Jeffrey Reed Swigert 

Karl Rodney Thomas 

Robert Scott Thompson 

Sally Barbara Torchinsky 

Gus Ottis Triantis 

Larry Donnell Turner (two degrees) 
•Pamela E. Walker 

Michele Ann Washington 

Richard Allen White (two degrees) 

Charles N. Wight, Jr. 

William Craig Wiley 

Guana Estelle Williams 

§Summa Cum Laude; TMagna Cum Laude: 'Cum Laude 

August Bachelors 21 

Wayne Michael Willoughby 
David M. Woodhead 
Howard Sheldon Yablon 
Ben Zellin 
C. Patrick Zilliacus 
Benjamin Mark Zweig 

Division of Behavioral and 
Social Sciences 

Bachelor of Arts 

Maria De Los Angeles Aceituno 

Mitchell Charles Arnowitz 

Ruth Ann Barkin 

Edson Harding Beall 

Terry Merle Becker 

Jane Carol Belasco 

Katherine Buckley Berger 

Paul A. Brailsford 

Joseph Daniel Bray 

Marian Ellen Bruemmer 

Janice Diane Buckner 

Cynthia Ann Cale 

Eileen Marie Campbell 

David Mark Caron 

Laura Jean Carton 

Stephen Daryl Cilento 

Dalerie Patrice Clarke 

Michael David Collagan 

Marie Colosimo 

Jane Marie Connor 

James Patrick Conroy, Jr. 
'Deborah Elizabeth Costolo 

Brian Edward Cropper 

Daniel Webster Davis 

Roger Stephen Davis 

John Edmund Dorsz 

Kathryn Elaine Dowjat 

Shahrzad Sahebi Dowlatshahi 

Chavonne Lorraine Evans 

Joseph Jay Feagin 
'Raymond Francis Ferner 

Deborah Bonnie Fields 

Frederick Adam Fried 

Gary August Fuchs 

Christopher Carl Gentile 

Jon A. Gerson 

Michael Gerard Goldbeck 

David Reese Gorman 

Diane Carol Gottlieb 

Dale Edward Grindrod 

Laura Ann Gubisch 

Karen Arminta Hagstrom 

Andrew Wesley Hammel 

Melvin Leon Hart, Jr. 

Elaine Faith Harwick 

Leslie Earl Hawkins 

Thomas James Hennessey 

Kenneth G. Heyman 

Henry Bernard Hoffer 

Ellen Terry Horowitz 

Cheryl Beth Howard 

Raymond Woodrow Humphrey 
'Alba L Johnson 

Robert Leonard Johnson 

Norman David Jones 

Timothy Michael Jones 
TSally Belzer Kera 

Safi ul-Asim Khan 

Donald Francis Kidwell, Jr. 

Dennis Keith Kilgore 

Michele Denise Klimitus 

Nancy Jane Koch 

Robert Bruce Lapidus 

Lesley Ann Lehman 

Judson Howard Lipowitz 
§JoLynn Littman 

Mary Frances Logue 
tEileen Marie Long 

Stephen Bruce Lumsden 

Robert Campbell Marney 

Walter Smart McKee III 

Gail Ann Mendelson 

Amparito Carmen Molina 

Christine Grace Molinaro 

Cheryl Renee Moore 

Joanna Michelle Morgan 

Gail Sindy Morse 

Charles Richard Mulliken 
'Rieko Nakao 

Edgar Marcelo Naranjo 

Carole Diane Nicholson 

Mary Theresa O'Neil 

Lois Freya Owrutsky 

Christopher Louis Panos 

Malcolm L. Pointer 

William Edward Queen 

Stephen Louis Regeimbal 

Benjamin Resnick 

Joanna Richardson 

William Geronimo Risinger 

Pamela Eileen Robinson 

Sara Jeanine Rotolo 

David Howard Rubin 

Karen Marie Russick 

Amalia Salazar 

Lee Furman Satterfield 

Julie Beth Schwartz 

Sudha Seetharaman 

Cynthia Rosemary Segale 
§ Rebecca J. Silver 
tClifford Thomas Smith 

Jennifer Lynn Smith 

Dayle Alison Spitz 

Robert Paul Strait 

Lechine Tan 

Roxanne Kim Taylor 

Sharon G. Taylor 

Jody Leigh Tracey 
'Carol Frankel Triplett 

Alex Juan Turner 

Philippe Jacques Jean Volcy 

Lola Deane Walker 

Carolyn Jean Warren 

Stuart Coley Williams 

Debra Jane Williamson 

Brenda Karen Witt 

James Jeffrey Wood 

Robin Westlein Woodard 
§Teresa Sue Woodsum 
'Christine Marie Woolbert 

Maureen McGuire Wright 

Bachelor of Science 

Ruth Ann Barkin 
David George Baxter 
William Robert Bennett 
Alan Wayne Brownstein 
Linda Floyd Miller 
James Easton Nealis 
Rosemary Wood Nothwanger 
'Diana Otylia Perkins 
Steven Fred Schneider 

'Michael Stephen Smead 
Lisa Ann Venente 
John Jacob Watts, Jr. 

Division of Human and 
Community Resources 

Bachelor of Arts 

tLori Johnson DeBoy 
David C Farmer 
Sarah Ann Richards Madden 
Lisa Kay Richardson 
Wanda Lynn Williams 

Bachelor of Science 

Joseph Gregory Black 
Carla Lynn Broyles 
'Mark Allen Cauffman 
Joseph Crilley 
Charles William Cross, Jr. 
Steven Robert Daitch 
Denise Ann DeWitt 
Nancy Suzanne Duncan 
John Joseph Ekelund, Jr. 
Gwendolyn Joann Faulkner 
Anne Elizabeth Hawk Fitch 
Rebecca Lynn Gilbert 
Maria Amatucci Gulati 
Valois Devaun Heard 
Jamie G. Kantrowitz 
Debra Ann Korotkin 
Linda Marie Larkin 
Kristin Margaret Larsen 
Carol Mei Lee 
Jeffrey Mitchell Martinez 
Deborah Ann Mattingly 
Thomas Charles McKown 
Avis Schdelle Mitchell 
Sharon Easterling Morton 
Michael Wayne Nicholson 
Carol Ann Rethemeyer 
Crystal Margaretta Riddick 
Russell Herbert Rushton 
Lewis D. Rydzewski 
Andrea Lynne Scott 
Joyce Lee Shih 
Michael A. Shilling 

22 August Bachelors 

§Summa Cum Laude; tMagna Cum Laude; *Cum Laude 

Louise Preston Singer 
Deborah Lynn Sobrinski 
Carmen Lenore Stafford 
Janet Kaye Turley 
Ruth Brady Vaughn 
Christopher Paul Vranas 
Leander Michael Wheelehan II 
Carol Ann Winner 


Bachelor of Science 

Mary Jane Armao 

Wendy Caren Asbel 
'Lorraine Ilene Beach 

Sherry Diane Bormel 

Sau Kuen Cheung 

Judy Lynn Clingan 
'Leigh Ann Duvall 

Phyllis Elwell 

Dana Stardust Gladden 

Ellen Kirkbride Grantham 

Kerrin Patricia Hayes 

Barbara A. Herondorf 

Carol Ann Kupka 

Lawrence Jay Labow 

Deborah Mae Leopard 
§Bernice Veronica Loiacono 

Wendy Denise Lukas 

Rhonda Lee Myers 

Donna Maria Queen 

Corinne Carol Rafferty 
TMary Gray Reida 

Morissa Fran Richman 

Alison Mary Scherff 

Dawn Lynn Simmons 

Pamula Elizabeth Sowell 

Kym E. Stine 

Lori Renee Van Mater 

John Allan Walker 

Lisa Gail Weller 

Dorothy Flagg Wilson 

Debra Anne Wise 


Bachelor of Science 

Dennis Edward Adams 

'Leslie M. Andalora 

Dominick Gilbert Bailer 

Sandy Lee Berman 

Lois Beth Bernstein 

Bernard John Bohince 

Jill Francie Bresman 

Julia H. Clark 

Sharon Patricia Colbome 

Diane Lynn D'Annolfo 

Deborah Lynn Dittrich 
§Laurel Anne Fogarty 

Neil Eric Frandsen 

Karen Michelle Funderburk 

Susan Eileen Gillen 

Scott David Gole 

Nancy E. Goodhart 

Robert Otis Hallwig 

Regina Meryl Handel 
tDavita Ann Hensley 

Christopher Carl Holm 

Carol Ann Hrycaj 

Joyce Jenkins 

Elizabeth Knaur Jennings 
TBrenda Jean Kauffman 

Jamie S. Kertai 

Janet Frances McCurdy 

Kristy Lynn Miller 

Michael Louis Moran 

Terry Stuart Morrill 

Susan Ruth Ostrich 

Jane Anne Pumphrey 

James Garnett Puryear 

Jacquelyn Robin Sachs 

Margaret B. Silsbee 

Elizabeth Marie Spicci 

David Wayne Sturman 

Stanley Joseph Tatko 

Judy Lynn True 

Mary Jo Trunzo 
'Michele Marie Watson 

Deborah Wright Weikert 

Phyllis Marie Weldon 

Denise D'Arcy Wescott 

Julia Agusta White 
Sheila Anne Wilkin 

Division of 
Mathematical and 
Physical Sciences 
and Engineering 


Bachelor of Science 

t Peter Hee Ahn 

Michael Frank Allen 

Bart Frederick Bakke 

Timothy Stuart Barnes 

Lee Thomas Barrett 

Jose Miguel Boluda 

Henry Alphonse Bondon 

William Dale Buckel 

Carl Alan Chin 

Hal Craig Cohen 

Donnell King Coward 

Paul Frank Dziewit 

Benjamin Franklin Elkins, Jr. 

Nader Farzad 

Francis Michael Feustle 

Brent Martin Fisher 

Judith Marie Flynn 

Mark Andrew Gaertner 

David Edmund Geary 
§Michael William Glacken 

Gene Vaughan Glinecki 

Howard Gary Goldin 

Edward Ray Greer 
'Steven Bradley Gross 
§Scott Anthony Gutschick 

Edgar Truman Hahn, Jr. 

Kenneth Wayne Harris 

James Mitchell Howe 

Adele Katherine Lisowsky 

John Francis Keagle 

Robert Louis Kondner, Jr. 

Louis Wayne Konieczny 

George Stanley Krause. Jr. 

Geoffrey Lyie Larson 

Si Cong Le 

'Matthew Andrew Lechowicz 
Kenneth Young Lee 
Marshall Eugene Lewis 
Raymond Melbourne 

David Michael McAllister 
Stephen R. Meyer 
Patrick Francois Misteli 
James Fiore Myers 
James Augustine Neilon, Jr. 
Kent Douglas Neiswender 
Manh-Hien Ngo 
Randal E. Novak 
Bernardo Paratore 
Kenneth Lawrence Perko 
Edward Eugene Prokop, Jr. 
Ravi Ramaswami 
Sterling Thomas Smoof 
Thomas Andrew Stanton 
Carlos Antonio Suarez 

'Daniel Tang 
Scott Thomas Taylor 
Joseph Hsin Thomason 
Hiep Dinh Vu 
Louis Ronald Wade, Jr. 

t Stephen Peter Warker 
Kent Richard Wegner 
Donald Eugene Wolfe 

Division of Mathematical 
and Physical Sciences 
and Engineering 

Bachelor of Science 
Patricia Ann Bailey 
Farideh Gordji Bandpay 
David Allan Butler 
Reginald David Counts 
Avery Allen Cox 
Mark Edward Cromwell 
Clarence Jackson Fulford, Jr. 
Joyce Johnson 

Walter Stanley Kaluzienski II 
Scott Bruce Klein 

TFranz Erich Marschner 
Brian Eric McCandless 
Donna Marie Milewski 
Gregory A. Oft 
Joseph Hyle Poole 

§Summa Cum Laude; TMagna Cum Laude: *Cum Laude 

August Bachelors 23 

Jerome Shiro Sajulan 
Richard Lyon zum Brunnen 


Bachelor of General Studies 

Linda Marie Aaron 

Sue Ellen Askinasi 

Michael Leonard Briers 

Susan Sears Clayton 

Andrea R. Cohen 

Ann Marie Collison 

Daniel Webb Cowdrey 

Lawrence Neal Dickstein 
* Patricia Ann Driesell 

Adele Frances Ellis 

Bruce Howard Fagan 

David Louis Goldstein 

Judith Love Greene 

Patricia Mattice Havenstein 

Claudia Jean Jacobik 

Gregory Edwin Kimball 

Neil Ira Kobrin 

Jeff Lee Krause 

Ivy Jane Krug 

Alisa Gail Manoff 

Allison Sue McLuckie 

Namela Blackwell Miller 

Ricardo Montanez 

Judith Grove Nielsen 

Randolph Anthony Peterson 

Louise Cecelia Reed 

Margaret Ellen Reed 

Robert Edward Reilly, Jr. 

Gregory Alan Robertson 

Kathleen Ivy Roland 

Richard Harold Rubin 

Mary Martha Sandefer 

Terry Lou Schafer 

Steven Lee Schwartz 

Brenda J. Shaw 
tSusan Barse Shepard 

David W. Shifflett 

Timothy William Smith 

Clinton Tsao 
tjudith Fair Warner 

24 August Bachelors 

Judith Louise Westbrook 
William Owen Westmoreland 
Barbara Lee Wilets 
Mark Neal Wolfson 

Bachelor of Arts 

David Barry Bormel 
Edward Lipsett 
Barbara Carrie Lowitz 
Martha Jean Pearson 

Bachelor of Science 

Glenn Michael Carey 
*Thomas John Kleman 
Paula Michelle Wilbome 


3umma Cum Lau4^j^JM|^na Cum Laude; *Cum Laude 

for Degrees 

DECEMBER 22. 1980 

The 1980 class roster comprises 
degree candidates from the 
undergraduate and graduate 
programs at the University's 
College Park Campus. As final 
action cannot always be taken 
for candidates by the time this 
program is printed, the list of 
candidates here is tentative 
only. The University reserves 
the right to withdraw or add 
names. All diplomas will be 
mailed by the Records and 
Registrations Office. 

Students who have earned their 
degrees from the College of 
Education may obtain a state- 
ment of Certificate Eligibility in 
the College of Education 
Records Office (Room 3201). 
Other students who have 
completed teacher education 
programs will receive their 
statements in the mail (separate 
from the diploma) upon 
verification of required 


Candidates will be presented by 
Dr. Rose-Marie G. Oster. 
Administrative Dean for 
Graduate Studies and Research 

Doctor of Philosophy 

Jonathan Russell Agre 

Computer Science: Perfor- 
mance Evaluation of 
Operating System Overhead 
in Computer System. 

James John Ahern 

Agricultural & Resource 
Economics: Analysis of the 
Implications of the Demand 
for Racing on State and 
Industry Revenues in SAary- 

Richard Raymond Angus 
Human Development Educa- 
tion: A Study of 4-H Leader 
Effectiveness Utilizing the 
Expanded Contingency 

Alan R. Aronson 

Computer Science: Solutions 
to the Implied Constraint 
Problem for Unified Data- 
bases and Applications to the 
Theory of Databases. 

Patricia Creegan Augustine 
Poultry Science: Patho- 
physiologic Responses of 
Young Turkeys to Infection 
with Eimeria meleagrimitis 
and Eimeria adenoeides . 

Elsa Azpeitia 
Counseling and Personnel 
Services: The Effects of Test 
Anxiety, Feedback and Task 
Difficulty on A-State and 

Samuel Frederick Baldwin 
Physics: Far Infrared 
Magneto-Optical Study of 
the Subband Exciton-Phonon 
Interaction in Bismuth. 

Frances Wright Balfour 
Chemistry: An Analysis of 
the Thermodynamic Behavior 
of Fluids in the Critical Re- 
gion Based on the Hypothesis 
of Critical-Point-Universality. 

Bradley Alan Ballish 

Meteorology: Initialization, 
Theory and Application to 
the NMC Spectral Model. 

Pamela Burns Balogh 

Botany: Biosystematics of the 
Orchid Subtribe Spiranthinae. 

Tamar Barkay 

Microbiology: Genetics and 
Biochemistry of Mercury 
Resistant Bacteria Isolated 
from the Chesapeake Bay. 

Adrienne Moesel Bama 
Counseling & Personnel 
Services: A Study of Gradu- 
ate Student Satisfaction. Ego 
Development and Relation- 
ships with Significant 

C. Wrandle Barth 

Computer Science: The 
Design of a High-level 
Coroutine Implementation 
for the Production of Quality 

Jannette M. Berg Barth 

Economics: A Disequilibrium 
Model of Elective Hospital 
Admissions and Public Pric- 
ing Implications. 

Keith Alan Berven 

Zoology: Heritable and En- 
vironmentally Induced 
Variation in Development 
and Reproduction of the 
Wood Frog Rana sylvalica . 

Vinod Kumar Bhalla 

Health Education: Neuro- 
endoctinal Cardiovascular 
and Musculoskeletal Analysis 
of the Holistic Approach to 
Stress Reduction. 

Edward McKinley Bird 
Zoology: Population 
Dynamics, Sediment Modi- 
fication and Commuttity 
Structuring by Callianassid 

Elwood L. Bland 

Administration, Supervision 
& Curriculum: The Effects of 
Three Instructional Modali- 
ties on Reading and 
Vocabulary Comprehension 
of Deaf Children. 

Marilyn R. Block 
Human Development 
Education: Effect of Work 
Pattern on Women's Satis- 
faction with Retirement. 

Dorothy Payne Boemer 
English Language and 
Literature: The Trial Conven- 
tion in English Renaissance 

Margaret Anne Bowman 
Early Childhood-Elementary 
Education: The Effect of 
Story Stntcture Questions 
upon the Comprehension 
and Metacognitive Awareness 
of Sixth Grade Readers. 

December Doctors 25 

Gregory Alan Brown 

Philosophy: Teleology, Final 
Causes, and Mathematical 
Reasoning in Leibniz. 

Nancy Hollingsworth Brown 
Early Childhood-Elementary 
Education: A Comparative 
Analysis of Parent-Teacher 
Communication Needs of 
Single and Dual Parents of 
Preschool Children. 

O. Anne Burley 

English Language and 
Literature: Ben Jonson's 
Masques and Plays, 1603- 

Hyo-Duck Chang 

Meteorology: Spatial and 
Temporal Distributions of 
Vertical Velocities and their 
Relationship to the Atmos- 
pheric Circulation. 

Lim Hung Cheung 

Physics: Submillimeter Wave 
Survey of the Galactic Plane. 

Gary Stuart Chottiner 

Physics: Oxygen Adsorption 
on Metals Cooled to Liquid 
Helium Temperatures. 

Craig John Cleland 
Early Childhood-Elementary 
Education: A Study to Develop 
and Validate a Procedure for 
Predicting the Future Per- 
formance of Fifth Grade 
Students on the Seventh 
Grade Form of the Maryland 
Functional Reading Test. 

Daniel Colacicco 

Agricultural and Resource 
Economics: A Determination 
of the Optimal Set of Com- 
post Characteristics. 

Faye Edwards Coleman 

Early Childhood-Elementary 
Education: Black Children's 
Self-Concept and Teacher's 
Perceptions of Black Children. 

Patricia Jean Coleman 
Counseling and Personnel 
Services: A Comparison of 
Coverant Self-Management 

Lynn Bannerman Connor 
History: Suchou: Patterns 
and Reflections of a Twelfth 
Century Chinese City. 

Carroll Kreps Craun 

Early Childhood-Elementary 
Education: A National Sur- 
vey of Parenting Courses in 
the Public School Grades 
K-7 and the Relationship to 
the Adolescent Pregnancy 

Barbara Irene Crist 

Secondary Education: A 
Study of the Summer Pre- 
college Programs for 
Nontraditional Students in 
the State College of 

Patricia Anna Dabbs 
Agricultural & Extension 
Education: The Impact of 
Migration Turnaround on 
Local Pluralism and Local 
Government in Northeastern 
Nonmetropolitan Counties. 

Robert George Darmody 

Agronomy: Geomorphic and 
Geologic Relationships of 
Elioak and Associated Soils 
in the Piedmont of Maryland. 

Nancy A. David 

Applied Mathematics: A 
First Order Theory of Linear 
Regression with Errors in the 

Charlotte Evelyn Davies 
Administration, Supervision 
& Curriculum: The Relation- 
ship between Nurse-Educator 
Values and the Selection of 
Clinical Assignments for 

JoEtta Palkovitz Dayhoff 
Early Childhood-Elementary 
Education: Effects of Prior 
Knowledge on Free and Cued 
Recall of Skilled and Less 
Skilled Comprehenders. 

Vicki Wong Diamond 

Early Childhood-Elementary 
Education: An Assessment 
of the Impact of the Mary- 
land Arithmetic Clinic 
Program on Inservice 
Teachers' Diagnostic- 
Prescriptive/ Teaching 
Competencies of Elementary 
School Mathematics. 

Romesh Dias-Bandaranaike 
Economics: Rural Electrifica- 
tion and the Optimal Quality 
of Electricity Supply. 

Joseph John DiBartolomeo 
Health Education: A 
Descriptive Study of the 
Problem Drinking Behavior 
of Spanish-Speaking Youth 
of Puerto Rican Heritage. 

Nikitas J. Dimopoulos 
Electrical Engineering: 

Organization and Stability of 
a Neural Network Class and 
the Structure of a Multiple 
Processor System. 

M. Ennis Dodd 

Horticulture: Effects of Fall 
Nitrogen and Spring Gib- 
berellin (A^ on Cropping 
of Magness Pear. 

Wanda Maria Dodson 
Sociology: The Impact of 
Federal Housing Policy upon 
Homeownership and Resi- 
dential Spatial Patterns in 
the Baltimore, Maryland 

Arthur Joseph Dorsey 
Electrical Engineering: 

Adaptive Control and 
Estimation of Partially 
Observed Markov Chains 
with Point Process Obser- 

Ann Marie Downey 

Health Education: The Ef- 
fect of Sex-Role Orientation, 
Self -Disclosure, and 
Religiosity upon Death 
Anxiety and Self-Perceived 
Health Status in Middle- 
Aged Males. 

John Stanley Dryzek 
Government & Politics: 
Public Policy when Values 
and Rights Conflict: Natural 
Resource Management in 

Janice Halperin Earle 

Administration, Supervision 
and Curriculum: Toward a 
Grounded Theory of Educa- 
tional Innovation. 

Helen Myatt Ferguson 
English Language and 
Literature: Nathaniel 
Hawthorne and Charles 
Wentworth Upham: The 
Witchcraft Connection. 

26 December Doctors 

Alfred Earl Finch 

Physical Education: A Bio- 
mechanical Analysis of the 
Arm Swing and Shoulder 
Action when Bowling with 
Varied Ball Weights. 

Chamya Fisher 

Human Development Educa- 
tion: Developmental 
Patterns of Mid-Life Career- 
Interested Women: A Life 
History Study. 

Kathryn Christine Flom 

Art: M736 Miracula et passio 
sancti Eadmundi. a Study of 
the Pictorial Cycle. 

Gerald L. Fowler 

Early Childhood /Elementary 
Education: The Effect of 
Using a Personal Outlining 
Strategy on the Long-Term 
Recall of Explicitly Stated 
Details in a Passage. 

Patrick William Gallagher 
Chemistry; Study of Nuclidic 
Yields for Intermediate 
Energy Alpha-Particle 
Reactions on Rhodium. 

Antoinette Broe Galvin 
Physics: Charge State 
Analysis of Low Energy 
Heavy Ions (Q 2 3) in the 
Vicinity of the Earth on 

Roger Charles Gauss 

Applied Mathematics: Quali- 
tative Behavior of Nonlinearly 
Thermoelastic Rods and 

Mark Steven Germani 
Chemistry: Selected Studies 
of Four High-Temperature 
Air Pollution Sources. 

Linda Geurkink 

Human Development 
Education: Manifestations of 
Anxiety at Several Stages of 
Ego Development. 

Mark A. Givler 

Secondary Education: Sports 
and Literature: A Rationale 
and Guide for the Use of 
American Sports Themes and 
Sports Values in the Teaching 
of a College Undergraduate 
General Education Course in 

Barbara S. Gline 
Counseling & Personnel 
Services: Achievement Per- 
formance as a Function of 
Locus of Control and Locus 
of Reinforcement in Third 
and Fifth Grade Children. 

James M. Glover 

Recreation: A Two-Year 
Study of Organizational 
Change in the Maryland- 
National Capital Park and 
Planning Commission. Prince 
George's County Parks and 
Recreation Department. 

Ved Parkash Goel 
Secondary Education: The 
Effect of Preinstructional 
Disclosure of Laboratory 
Behavioral Objectives on the 
Achievement of Psycho- 
motor and Cognitive Skills 
of High School Physics 

Paul R. Good 

Psychology: A Comparison 
of the Public Interest 
Activity of Members of the 
AAP and the APA. 

Karen Delouche Gordon 
Computer Science: On the 
Construction of Representa- 
tive Test Workloads 

Miriam Mizrachi Gottlieb 
Counseling and Personnel 
Services: Acculturation and 
Anxiety: A Study of Hispanic 
Immigrants in the Washing- 
ton, D.C. Area. 

Rae Krohn Grad 

Health Education: The 
Effect of Electromyographic 
Biofeedback- Assisted 
Relaxation Training on the 
Experience of Childbirth. 

Charles Ernest Grantham 
Sociology: Social Networks 
and Marital Interaction. 

Roberta Rubin Greene 

Human Development Educa- 
tion: The Influence of Ageism 
and Death Anxiety on Geria- 
tric Social Work as a Career 

Milton R. Grinberg 
Computer Science: A 
Knowledge Based Design 
System for Digital Electronics. 

Barry Lee Gruber 

Health Education: Develop- 
ment of an Animal Model 
to Study Mechanisms 
Mediating Biofeedback 

Jacob Grun 

Physics: Measurements of 
Motion, Pressure. Ablation 
Velocity and Depth from 
Laser Driven. Ablatively 
Accelerated Targets. 

Franklin Charles Haering 
Health Education: A Survey 
of City Recreation and Park 
Departments to Determine 
the Status of Existing Safety 

Patrick George Hatcher 
Chemistry: The Origin. 
Chemical Structure, and 
Diagenesis of Humic Sub- 
stances as Studied by Nuclear 
Magnetic Resonance. 

Bruno Heidik 
Health Education: The 
Relationship between Selected 
Demographic Variables and 
Loving. Being. Having. 
Religious Ideology, and 
Quality of Life. 

Therese Rose Marie Helbick 
Psychology: The Effects of 
Thoracic and Diaphragmatic 
Breathing on Cardiovascular 

Elwood Fayette Hill 

Poultry Science; Toxic and 
Stimulatory Effects of Inor- 
ganic and Organic Mercury 
Chloride to Japanese Quail. 

Barbara Bealor Hines 
Secondary Education: A 
History of the Columbia 
Scholastic Press Association, 

James Ferguson Hoobler 
Government & Politics: 
in the Department of Justice: 
Theoretical Constructs and 
Real World Problems Asso- 
ciated with the Evolution of 
a Formal Management System 
in a Major Federal 

December Doctors 27 

Patricia Carol Hunter 
Human Development 
Education: The Relationship 
of Maternal Readiness to 
Observed Maternal Role 
Performance of Adolescent 

Choochai Itharat 

Agricultural and Extension 
Education: Adoption of 
Agricultural Innovations: An 
Analysis of Farmers' Socio- 
economic Characteristics, 
Personality Variables, and 
Communications Behavior in 
the Northeastern Region of 

Murzban D. Jhabvala 
Electrical Engineering: A 
Complementary DMOS- 
VMOS IC Structure. 

James Randall Kahn 

Economics: The Economic 
Damages Resulting from the 
Depletion of Submerged 
Aquatic Vegetation in the 
Chesapeake Bay. 

Margaret Noble Kain 

Administration, Supervision 
& Curriculum: Development 
of Conflict between a State 
Higher Education Coordinat- 
ing Board and Institutions of 
Higher Education and State 

Zubairu Ahmed Kaloko 
Government & Politics: 
Economic Cooperation of 
Sub-Sahara Africa. 

Behzad Kamgar-Parsi 

Physics: Density Dependence 
of the Transport Properties 
of Gases. 

Ralph Kaplan 

Physical Education: Force 
Estimation and Variability 
of Practice as Related to 
Schema Theory. 

Carolyn Lury Karcher 

American Studies: Shadow 
Over the Promised Land: 
Slavery, Race, and Violence 
in Melville's America. 

Judith Tobi Karpen 

Astronomy: On the Origin 

of Multiply-Impulsive Emis- 
sion from Solar Flares. 

Dorothy Kauffman 

Early Childhood /Elementary 
Education: A Description 
and Analysis of Wordless 
Picture Story Books for 
Children, 1930 to 1980. 

Naomi Reed Keiter 

Administration, Supervision 
and Curriculum: The Rela- 
tionship of Perception of 
Adult Basic Education and 
Participation in ABE 

Colen Guy Kennell 

Aerospace Engineering: A 
Higher Order Theory for 
the Potential Flow about 
Thin Hydrofoils. 

Bretton Wayne Kent 

Zoology; Patterns of Resource 
Utilization in Busycon 

Majduddin Omar Khairy 
Sociology: Jordan and the 
World System: Incorporation 
and Resistance. 

Mohammad Khosrowjerdi 
Mechanical Engineering: 

Hydrodynamic and Thermal 
Phenomena of Pool-Fire 

Robert William Koontz 

Physics: Coincidence Study 
of Alpha-Particle Fragmenta- 
tion at £„ = MOMeV. 

Ramakrishna Kotra 

Chemistry: Organic Analysis 
of the Antarctic Carbon- 
aceous Chondrites. 

Catherine Anne Kraus 

Early Childhood /Elementary 
Education: An Investigation 
of the Effects of Literal and 
Metaphoric Titles on Good 
and Poor Readers' Com- 
prehension of Text. 

Nancy Suzanne Lamontagne 
Chemistry: Isolation of 
Hydroxysteroid Dehydro- 
genase Activity from 
Tetrahymena pyriformis . 

Georgianna Anderson Land 
Administration, Supervision 
and Curriculum: Common 
Elements and Characteristics 
of Internships Essential in 
Preparing Human Service 

Jeffrey Rolf Lapides 

Physics: Planetary Gamma- 
Ray Spectroscopy: The 
Effects of Water and Rare 
Earth Elements on the 
Planetary Gamma-Ray 

Ronald LeRoy Larsen 

Computer Science: Control 
of Multiple Exponential 
Servers with Application to 
Computer Systems. 

H. Daniel Lea 

Counseling & Personnel 
Services: Relationship of 
Levinson's Concepts of Dream 
and Mentor to Career 
Development Concepts. 

Michael H. Lee 

Physics: Surface Excitons and 
a Model Calculation of 
Differential Reflectance on 
Ordered Adsorbed Mono- 

Wei-Na Lee 

Food Science: Nutrient and 
Sensory Changes in Raw and 
Processed Food. 

Ann St. Clair Lesman 
Spanish Language and 
Literature: El pronombre 
atono en la prosa del Siglo 

Mickey David Levy 

Economics: Monetary Policy 
and Deficits. 

W. Christopher Love 
Human Development 
Education: Children's Per- 
ception of Parental Behavior 
as an Antecedent of Chil- 
dren's Focus of Control. 

Daniel Stuart MacMillan 
Physics: Convergence of the 
Distorted Wave Bom Series. 

Ray Hodgson MacSorley 
History: Millennialism in 
Eighteenth Century America. 

Gail Hills Maguire 

Human Development Educa- 
tion: Participation in 
Valued Activities in Relation 
to Life Satisfaction of the 

28 December Doctors 

Sharyn M. Mallamad 
Psychology: Sequential 
Strategies of Decision 

David Lloyd Mallino 
Government & Politics: 
The Politics of Occupational 
Cancer: Federal Regulation 
of Industrial Carcinogens. 

Margaret Louise Williams Mann 
Administration, Supervision 
and Curriculum: Linking 
Agents and State-Mandated 
Educational Projects: A 
Study of the Role and Func- 
tions of Facilitators During 
the Year-One Phase of 
Implementing Project Basic 
within the Local School 
Systems of Maryland. 

Carl John Maria 

Secondary Education: The 
Use of Inquiry Instruction to 
Foster Creativity in Inter- 
mediate Grade Students. 

Diana Kathleen Maxwell 

Early Childhood /Elementary 
Education: Relationships 
between Child-Teacher Inter- 
actions and Preschool 
Children's Play Behaviors. 

Mary Elizabeth McCarthy 
Human Development Educa- 
tion: Relationships among 
Mothers Perception of Infant 
Temperament. Attitudes 
toward Childrearing. and 
the Competence of Their 
Down's Syndrome Infants. 

James Robert McGowan 

Administration, Supervision 
and Curriculum: An Investi- 
gation of the Relationship 
between Ceriain Situational 
Variables. Personality 
Variables and Job Satisfaction 
within the Path-Goal Model 
of Management among Public 
School Teachers. 

John David McKee 

Astronomy: Extragalactic 
X-Ray Sources: Abell 
Clusters. Zwicky Clusters 
and Supermassive Accretion 

Joanne Chabaud McMillan 
Early Childhood /Elementary 
Education: Children's 
Drawings and Cognition: A 
Comparison of Gifted and 
Normal Children. 

Niall B. McNelis 

Physics: Peak Intensity and 
Integrated Peak Ratios for 
Thomson Scattering from Ion 
Sound and Electron Satellite 

Mary Patricia Meeley 

Biochemistry: Regulation of 
Brain Glutamate Decarbox- 

Susan Smith Mikesell 

Human Development Educa- 
tion: College Women's 
Sex-Role Identity. Reported 
Participation in Cross-Sex 
Behavior and Perceived 
Willingness to Encourage 
Cross-Sex Behavior in School 
Age Children. 

Carole Walker Minor 
Counseling & Personnel 
Services: The Impact of 
Previous Career Develop- 
ment Stage on Adjustment 
to Graduate School. 

Wiboonkiet Moleeratanond 
Food Science: Heat Exchange 
of Boxed Meat Products as 
Influenced by Packaging, 
Refrigeration Temperatures 
and Air Velocities. 

William David Monie, Jr. 
Administration, Supervision 
and Curriculum: The Rela- 
tionship between Seventh 
and Ninth Grade Teacher 
Effectiveness and Preferred 
Leadership Style as 
Moderated by Teacher Sex, 
Subject Taught, and Grade 

John Milton Morgan HI 
Recreation: Computer- 
Assisted Application of the 
Universal Soil Loss Equation 
for Estimating the Physical 
Carrying Capacity of 
Recreation Areas. 

Donald Paul Murphy 

Physics: Observations and 
Interpretations of Macro- 
scopic Plasma Dynamics in a 
High Voltage Toroidal Theta 

Linda Mesler Muul 

Microbiology: Regulatory 
Cell Abnormalities in SPQC 
1 1 Plasmacytoma-Bearing 

Timothy C. Muzzio 

Human Development Educa- 
tion: The Comprehension of 
the Relational Term Less as 
it Relates to the Ability to 

Dung Nguyen 

Economics: Optimal Inter- 
temporal Decisions of the 
Firm under Uncertainty. 

Martin Reynold Noretsky 
Administration, Supervision 
and Curriculum: The Effects 
of Syntax Modifications in 
Reading Materials on Reading 
Comprehension of Deaf 
College Students. 

Michael Andrew O'Connor 
Mathematics: Cones. Related 
Algebras, and Affine Geom- 

Michael Olmert 

English: "A Man May Seye 
Ful Sooth in Game and 
Pley ': The Tradition of 
Sport in Middle English 

Joseph Cleveland Opdycke, Jr. 
Entomology: Metabolism and 
Pharmacokinetics of 
Diflubenzuron in Chickens. 

Thorsteinn Kristinn Oskarsson 
Physics: Friction Coefficient 
for a Hard Sphere Fluid. 

Milton Edgar Palmer III 
Mechanical Engineering: A 
Generalized Approach in 
Applying Thermodynamic 
Equations of State to Indus- 
trial Fluids. 

Jo Barraclough Paoletti 
Textiles & Consumer 
Economics: Male Sex Role 
Changes 1880-1910: A Con- 
tent Analysis of Popular 

Marlet A. Paydarfar 

Administration, Supervision 
and Curriculum: The In- 
fluence of Race and Sex on 
Educational Attainment in 
Theoretical and Applied 

December Doctors 29 

James Casper Peterson 
Chemistry: Analysis of 
Phthalate Esters in Chester 
River and Chesapeake Bay 

Virginia E. Peterson 

Biochemistry: Partial Puri- 
fication and Characterization 
of D-Lactate Dehydrogenase 
from Crassostrea virginica 

Rachel Monteith Petty 

Human Development Educa- 
tion: The Effect of Child 
Variables on the Affective 
Responses and Disciplinary 
Choices of Child Abusers. 

Janet Booher Phillips 

Human Development Educa- 
tion: Changes in ^Aoral 
Judgment in Adult Years. 

Daniel Lucien Powroznik 
Government & Politics: 
Supratiational Integration 
and Subnational Regionaliza- 
tion: The European Commu- 
nity and Belgian Wallonia. 

Martha Gregg Price 

Biochemistry: Investigations 
of the Lipids of Six Strains 
of Veillonella alcalescens . 

Ajai Puri 

Food Science; Biochemical 
Changes in Potatoes Pre- 
served by Gas Exchange. 

Gregg George Raduka 

Human Development Educa- 
tion: An Investigation of 
Hypothesized Correspond- 
ences between Fowlerian 
Stages of Faith Development 
and fungian Stages of Per- 
sonality Development . 

Mary Fry Rapson 

Administration, Supervision 
and Curriculum: Multiple- 
task Role Requirements as a 
Source of Perceived Role 
Ambiguity. Role Conflict, 
and Role Overload among 
University Nursing Faculty. 

Lyle Dean Roelofs 

Physics: Cooperative 
Phenomena and Adatom 
Interactions in Chemisorbed 

Melvin Victor Ross, Jr. 

Administration, Supervision 
and Curriculum: The Effec- 
tiveness of Summer School 
as a Remedial Program. 

Tarek Nazir Hassan Saadawi 
Electrical Engineering: The 
Queueing Delay Problem in 
Multiple Access Schemes. 

John Sadowsky 

Mathematics: Asymptotic 
Diophantine Approximation 
with Reduced Fractions. 

Stewart Harvey Saphier 
Electrical Engineering: 

Specialized Asynchronous 
Distributed Pipelines. 

Jae-Kyung Eom Schemm 
Meteorology: A Numerical 
Study on the Interaction of 
Atmospheric Gravity Waves 
at\d Cumulus Convection. 

Frederic Mark Schemmer 
Psychology: Shrinkage in 
Principal Components Based 
Factor Analysis. 

Marjorie Seabreeze Schulenburg 
English Language and Litera- 
ture: Naming in Wordsworth: 
A Study of the 1807 Poems 
and The Prelude. 

Willi Walter Schur 

Aerospace Engineering: Plate 
Bending Finite Element Based 
on the Extended Field 

Steven Schwartz 

Economics: Determinants of 
Conglomerate Merger 

Lawrence Jay Shifreen 
American Studies: The 
Persona in Norman Mailer's 

Lynald E. Silsbee 

Secondary Education: The 

Identification and Analysis 
of those Conditions that 
Inhibit and Encourage the 
Development of Establishment 
of Courses in Advanced 
Placement American and 
European History in Public 
and Private Secondary 
Schools in the Middle 
Atlantic States. 

Scott Alden Sinex 

Chemistry: Trace Element 
Geochemistry of Modem 
Sediments from Chesapeake 

Michael Sinutko, Jr. 
Electrical Engineering: 
Mixed-Valued Logic. 

Judith Ann Siskind 

Psychology: Young Children 
Teach Their Peers: An 
Exploration of the Social 
Communication Skills of 4 
and 5 Year Olds. 

Steven Lawrence Small 
Computer Science: Word 
Expert Parsing: A Distributed 
Word-Based Model of Con- 
ceptual Parsing for Natural 
Language Understanding by 

Ann Bosma Smit 

Hearing & Speech Science: 

Selected Aspects of Speech 
and Language Performance 
in Two Groups of Speech- 
Disordered Children and 
Two Control Groups. 

Robert Michael Sorin 
Human Development: A 
Synthetic Definition of 
Responsibility and the 
Implications of this Defini- 
tion for Schools. 

Mark L. Spano 

Physics: Ferromagnetic 
Resonance in Amorphous 
Metallic Glasses. 

Anne S. Stephens 

Special Education: An In- 
vestigation of the Effects of 
a Structured Training Pro- 
gram on the Attitudes of 
Parents of Preschool High 
Risk Children. 

Edna Mae Stilwell 

Health Education: Attitudes 
of Registered Nurses toward 
the Aged as Predicted by 
Selected Socio-Demographic 
Variables, Life, Work and 
Educational Experiences. 

Jerome Thomas Storck 

Psychology: Effort Expendi- 
ture as a Self-Enhancement 

30 December Doctors 

David Donald Stranz 

Chemistry: Matrix Isolation 
Spectra ami Structures of 
Unstable Molecules 

Ronald Eugene Sutcliffe 

Administration, Supervision 
and Curriculum: A Com- 
parative Study of Leader 
Behavior of Deaf and Hear- 
ing Supervisors. 

Mays Littleton Swicord 
Electrical Engineering: 
Studies of Microwave 
Absorption in Liquids by 
Optical Heterodyne Detec- 
tion of Thermally Induced 
Refractive Index Fluctuations. 

A. Louise Thomas 

Early Childhood /Elementary 
Education: The Relationship 
between Good and Poor 
Readers' Awareness of 
Reading Schemata and Their 
Performance on a Measure 
of Reading Comprehension. 

Isabel Marlene Thorn 
Human Development 
Education: Effects of a Career 
Planning Workshop on 
Career Subidentity Growth 
of Women Employees. 

Kiertisak Toh 

Economics: Market Struc- 
ture. Market Conduct and 
Intra-lndustry Trade: A 
Study of the Pattern of 
Intra-lndustry Specialization 
and Trade in U.S. Manufac- 
turing Industries. 

William L. Truex 

Physics: Nucleon Recoil and 
Off-Shell Scattering Effects 
in the Pion-Nucleus Optical 

Robert lames Tuholski 
Industrial Education: An 
Analysis of the Maryland 
Professional Development 
Academy Instrument 
Designed to Assess the Slate 
of the Art of School Prin- 
cipals in Maryland as Related 
to Vocational School 

Madeline Renee Katz Turkeltaub 
Administration, Supervision 
and Curriculum: A Study to 
Determine the Impact of a 
Continuing Education Course 
for Registered Nurses on 
Knowledge and Skills Utilized 
in Providing Patient Care. 

David Vernon Turnburke 
Special Education: Music 
Therapy: The State of the 

Daniel Nana Twum-Barimah 
Economics: Decision Analysis 
of Commodity Exporter's 
Choice on Timing and Size 
of Forward Delivery Sales: 
The Case of Ghana's Cocoa 

W. Thomas Vestrand 

Astronomy: On the Role of 
Cosmic Ray Protons in Two 
Extragalactic Sites. 

George von Rautenfeld 
German Language and 
Literature: Nonverbal Com- 
munication in the Nibelun- 
genlied Compared with that 
in the Chanson de Roland 
and the Poema de mio Cid. 

Herbert Withers Ware II 
Measurement and Statistics: 
The Sampling Distribution of 
Generalizability Statistics in 
Nested Survey Designs. 

Phillip Baxter Watts 
Physical Education: The 
Effect of Pre-Exercise Glucose 
Ingestion on the Occurrence 
of a Metabolic Acidosis with 
Progressive Graded Exercise 

Douglas Charles Varvil Weld 
Psychology: Prognostic Ex- 
pectancies and the Outcome 
of a Career Treatment. 

Linda Jean Weldon 

Psychology: Memory for 

Dennis Duane Wellnitz 
Physics: The Two-Color 
Refractometer: Design. Test- 
ing and Results. 

Carolyn Ann West 

Zoology; Changes in Life 
History Traits of the Rat 
Nematode Nippostrongylus 
brasiliensis (Travassos. 1914) 
upon Adaptation to the 
Golden Hamster. 

Lynnette Annice Whitt 
Counseling and Personnel 
Services: The Effects of 
Posters. Feedback, and 
Incentives on Vandalism in 
a Residential Setting. 

Pamela Armstrong Wills 
Counseling and Personnel 
Services: A Comparison of 
Behavioral Versus Tradi- 
tional Group Procedures for 
Teaching Job-search Skills to 
Rehabilitation Clients. 

Stephen Thomas Witas 

Human Development Educa- 
tion: The Perceptual Shift: 
A Quantum Model of 
Hemispheric Dominance. 

Lai Wan Woo 

Physics: Elastic and Inelastic 
Scattering of 100 MeV 
Protons from Even-Even 

Ming-Shyong Wu 

Geography: Spatial Discrim- 
ination of Mortgage 
Financing and Home Owner- 
ship in the City of Baltimore 

Joseph Chih Ching Yeh 

Computer Science: Language 
Features for Modularity. 
Coordination and Protection. 

Judith Corbett Young 

Physical Education: A Com- 
parison of Leadership 
Behavior between Male and 
Female Basketball Coaches. 

Ali Mosa Zaghab 
English Language and 
Literature: The Stage History 
of William Shakespeare's 
Antony and Cleopatra. 

Dorothy Jean Zukor 
Nuclear Engineering: 
Invariant Imbedding in Two 

Susan Jacobson Zuravin 

Human Development Educa- 
tion: Child Neglect among 
the Poor: A Comparative 

December Doctors 31 

Doctor of Education 

James Parker Foley, Jr. 

Administration, Supervision 
and Curriculum: Building 
Consensus at the School Unit 
Lei^el: The Beginnings of a 

Lynn Schepis Long 

Administration, Supervision 
and Curriculum: A Process 
for Assessing the In-Service 
Needs of Regular Education 
Teachers for Mainstreaming 
in a Particular School 

Howard Edmond Mclntyre 
Early Childhood /Elementary 
Education: An Examination 
of the Status of Middle 
Schools in the State of Mary- 

Daniel William Sheats 

Early Childhood /Elementary 
Education; An Analysis of 
the Discriminative Value of 
Light's Retention Scale as a 
Retention Indicator. 

Dorothy Ann Young 
Secondary Education: A 

Study to Investigate the Ef- 
fectiveness of a Secondary 
Teacher In-Service Program 
in Individualizing Instruction 
Techniques and Career 
Education Concepts. 

Doctor of Business 

Stephen Stanley Batory 
Business and Management: 
The Persuasion Stage of the 
Adoption Decision Making 
toward Solar Water Heating 
Systems: The Role of In- 
centives and Information 
Source Credibility. 

Dennis J. Gillen 

Business and Management: 
The Influence of Organiza- 
tional Formalization and 
Centralization on the Rela- 
tionship between Mariagerial 
Effectiveness and Unit 

William Frederick Grazer 
Business and Management: 
Brand Recall and Intention 
to Purchase as a Function of 
the Level of Sexual Intensity 
in Print Advertising. 

David Michael Schweiger 
Business and Management: 

The Impact of Cognitive 
Styles on Strategy-Formula- 
tion Effectiveness in Uncertain 
Environments: An Explora- 
tory Study. 

William Royce Stewart, Jr. 
Business and Management: 
Stochastic Vehicle Routing 
and Related Problems. 

Susan Margaret Sherwood 


Business and Management: 
An Experimental Study to 
Investigate the Effectiveness 
of Variations in Educational 
Methodology to Improve 
Consumer Purchasing Ability. 

Carl Paul Zeithaml 

Business and Management: 
Toward a Contingency 
Theory on Strategic Action. 

Valarie Ann Zeithaml 

Business and Management: 

Consumer Response to 
Grocery Price Information: 
A Comparison of Different 
Modes of Presentation. 

Doctor of Musical Arts 

David Ray Stutzenberger 
Music: Belshazzar , an 
Oratorio by George Frederic 
Handel: An Edition, Critical 
Report, and Performance 

32 December Doctors 

Master of Arts 

Vincent Mark Adams 
Ali M. Al-Shihhi 
Kenneth A. Amster 
Mark Alan Am tower 
Ceor;ge Thomas Andres 
Diane Kozon Arnold 
Darlene Marie Atkins 
Stephen P. Badrich 
Luanne Electa Bair 
Debra Jean Bartucca 
Denise Ann Beck 
David Edward Benson 
Edward Benjamin Berger 
Pluma E. Beyer 
Cathy Ellen Bezozo 
Sionag M. Black 
Kathleen MacAloney Blackwell 
Christine Barbaro Bogar 
Craig Thomas Bogar 
Nancy Ellen Boone 
Laurie Klein Brachfeld 
Sherri Louise Brandon 
Kathleen P. Brophy 
James Madison Buchanan 
James Thomas Bull 
Delores Bobian Bullock 
Robert Michael Burch 
Bette Sue Bussel 
Denise Anne Calderone 
Winifred Elaine Cannon 
Desanka Vulovich Carp 
Dorothy Anne Cartagena 
Beverly Elliott Catron 
David Celeste, Jr. 
Pamela Ford Charshee 
Mary Margaret Collins 
Yayoi Kobayashi Cooke 
Mark Charles Coover 
Ann H. Covalt 
Robert Bruce Crawford 
Susan Marie Czajkowski 
Steven Gerard Czelusniak 
Timothy Petfit Daniel 
Camille Marie D'Annunzio 
John Francis Dausch 
Leiand Benson Deck 
Barbara Dexter deLevie 
James Sylvester DeLizia 

Carolyn Jane Dornsife 

Mary Elizabeth Cullen Dzaman 

Linda Laura Edge 

Kathleen C. Elder 

Stephen Charles Elliot 

James Francis Emory 

Robert Mockler Esty 

Patrick Robert Flanagan 

Paul Hugh Flanagan 

Shirley E. Fogarino 

Kathleen Manley Ford 

Dale Roy Gamache 

Joanne Cohen Gampel 

M. Elizabeth Gardella 

Denise Renee Genzman 

Lamont Rolf Gibson 

Nancy Fohrell Gist 

Laurie Goodman 

Linda Lee Hamilton 

Pamela Kirby Hamilton 

Christopher John Hardwick 

Paul Thomas Harley 

Larry Allen Hayes 

Patrick Jean Henaff 

Marion Bowen Hoffman 

Charlene Hughins 

Patricia Farley Hunt 

Mary Jane Gaines Hurst 

John N. Hyman 

Lisa Levin Itte 

Hope Mona Lisa Jackson 

Ralph Kenneth Jones 

Timothy Lynn Jones 

Karen D. Keating 

Teresa Louise Kendrick 

Adah Frances Kennon 

Regina Elizabeth Kesler 

James David Kestenbaum 

Annie Emma Knowles 

Frances Marie Kosir 

Barbara Lynn Krapohl 

Richard David Krechevsky 

Nona M. Kuhlman 

Joyce Diamond Lang 

William Godfrey LeFurgy 

Grace Marie Lenihan 

Lawrence Philip Leonard 

Gary Stuart Levine 

Anneli Moucka Levy 

Kenneth S. Lindsay 

Cheryl S. Louie 
Carol Elizabeth Rowe Lowe 
Mark Raymond Marlow 
Alyce C. Martinez 
Thomas Mason, Jr. 
Darrell Leigh McDiarmid 
Mary Catherine McDonough 
Michelle Carter McElvany 
Karl Frederick McFarland 
Brian Douglas McLaren 
Brien Aloysius McMurray 
Harold Ivars Mednis 
Bruno Millerioux 
Peter Ashot Mnatzakanian 
Francis John Monaco 
Barbara Montefel 
Arlen Sue Morris 
Daniel Nathan Moskowitz 
Sheila Marie Murray 
Karen Elizabeth Musolf 
Elizabeth C. Nanni 
Ellen Deborah Nasper 
Sheryl Jane Negron 
Theresa M. Nemmers 
Dung Nguyen 
Beatrice Nordberg 
Edward Leon Norwood 
Jane M. O'Brien 
Adetunji Omotade 
Alexandria Paula Orlando 
Bodii B. Ottesen 
John Savvas Pantelides 
Franklin Matthew Parks 
Donovan Peelers 
Mirtha Susana Pokorny 
Catherine Formwalt Posey 
Karla Ruth Rabin 
Sheila Ann Ramsey 
David Kenneth Rardin 
Daniel Thomas Rice 
Craig Richard Rimby 
Laurence James Ritzmann 
Frederique Marcy Roberge 
Robin Leona Rohrer 
Jonathan Richard Rood 
Sharon Footer Rosolio 
Ellen Paula Rothsfein 
Bernadene Susan Schlien 
Joan Weisberg Schulman 
Mark Alan Schwartzenberger 

Deborah Ruth Scott 

Donna Marie Scott 

Shirley R. Scott 

Elise de Lesdernier Seay 

Leonard Eugene Shanks 

Michael Slade ShuU 

Valerie M. Simmons 

Paul William Smith 

Philip Spilberg 

James Stokes 

Nancy Jane Story 

Martha Betty Straus 

Marianne B. Tanabe 

William Whitehurst Taylor 

Victor Kevin Tervala 

Alayne Dale Thorpe 

Bruce Allen Trader 

Joseph Francis Trettel 

Janine Bonnie Tucker 

Suzann Estelle Tucker 

Helen Seals Tuel 

Deborah Marion Turner 

Donald Lawrence Viola 

Farrel Vogelhut 

Maureen H. Walsh 

Robert A. Wasilewski 

Roderick J. Watts 

Laura Jean Weisberg 

Shelley Joy Weiss 

David Edward Wilt 

Susan Willand Worteck 

Anthyme C. Yameogo 

Jane Chuang Yao 

Mohammad Reza Yazdanfar 

Denise Young 

Janice Kay Armstrong Zeichner 

Master of Science 

Andrea Lee Alexander 
Mohamed Ibrahim Mohamed 

H. lames Antonisse 
Douglas Norman Arion 
Elaine Johnson Ayres 
John Dominick Azzolini 
John Winston Bailey 
Kathleen Anne Baldwin 
Raymond Ernst Banfer 
Phyllis Mathews Barrier 

December Masters 33 

Peter David Bedini 

Bahram Behnami 

Linda Susan Beres 

Craig Pemberton Berg 

Paco Blake 

Timothy Rollon Bondelid 

Robert M. Borochoff 

Steven R. Bowman 

Bruce 1. Brill 

John Daniel Brooke 

Patricia R. Browder 

Dale Calvin Brown 

Dennis Judson Brown 

James Dewey Brown 

Stella Grahn Brownlee 
James Cardenas 
John Thomas Carrington, Jr. 
Laurence Yan-Bor Chiu 
Angela Tse Chuang Chu 
Kuo-Siang Edward Chu 
Robert N. Clarke 
Lottie Carter Clements 
Mary Eileen Cole 
Richard Gregory Collins 
Susan Marie Conger 
John Anthony Contino 
Sheryl Lynn Cottrell 
Agnes E. Cuddihy 
Gustavo Cuevas 
Lee Norton Danner 
Janet Lynne de Michaelis 
Joseph Francis DeVema 
Nancy Jean Dickinson 
Nettie Victoria Young Dixon 
John Richard Donahue 
Lawrence Kenneth Eller 
Lawrence Calvin Ervin 
James Edwin Falkenstein II 
Trinka Coster Faran 
Mirkazem Farhangi 
Gary Jay Felser 
Stephen Patrick Flanagan 
Kenneth M. Forster 
Nicolas Hermogenes Galdos 
Veneranda Gonzalez Gapud 
David Alan Gershfeld 
Jonathan Louis Gershfeld 
Charles Edward Goorevich 

James Wesley Gormanson 

Ida Marie Hakkarinen 

John Andrew Halupka 

Thomas J. Hannan 

Sharon Ann Harrell 

Christian Urs Hochuli 

David Bruce Hogan 

Behjat Hojjati 

Ki Jong Hong 

Hill Jen-Hon Huang 

Warren Edward Joseph Hughes 

Karan Davis Israel 

Marva Nesbit Jett 

Martin Reynold Joseph 

Hisato Kato 

Bert Benjamin Katz 

Patti Anne Kelly 

Penelope Maria Koines 

Robert Lawrence Kort 

Christopher Kostas 

Robert Michael Kube 

Shue-Yu Kwan 

Edward R. Larach 

Douglas John Lawrence 

Chia-Hoang Lee 

Chun Wu Lee 

Ahuva Leopold 

Chin-Shing Lin 

Kwei Jay Lin 

Shuenn-Jue Liou 

George Po Liu 

Janet Lahr Livezey 

David Anthony Lorenz 

Yoram Lotem 

Pamela Esther Ludwig 

Marie Ellen Lukaszewski 

Michael John Lynch 

David I. Ma 

Thomas Alexander Majchrowicz 

Debra Jeanne Maness 

Donald George Marks 

Richard Neff McArdle 

Rosemary McGinnis 

Donald Forrest Merritt 

James Albert Milke 

Anna-Mary Bush Miller 

Christopher Edward Miller 

Robert William Miller 

Peter Joseph Mohan 

Soung-Hong Moon 
Barbara Browning Morris 
Maria Elizabeth Mosley 
Marc Muser 
Jan Alan Nobel 
Dorothy A O'Donnell 
Harry Osei-Mensah 
Benedict Bernard Pagac 
Georges P. Panayotopoulos 
Kenneth Marshall Parsons 
Eileen Prouty Patton 
Barbara Louise Peterson 
Karen Ellen Peterson 
Diane Martinette Petruzzo 
Peter Kade Pickard 
Donald Lawson Pommer 
Cynthia Richmond Pottala 
Sharan A. Prasad 
Michael David Pressel 
Mark Frederick Prouty 
Paul Reed Quillen 
Mark Angelo Ramirez 
Esther Manette Ratner 
Laurie Catherine Raupp 
Julio Antonio Reategui 
David Maximilian Reinitz 
Michael Paul Ressler 
Sara Lynn Reynolds 
Mark Wayne Rives 
Janice Delaine Robinson 
Christopher A. Rothenberg 
Linda Schlossberg Rothleder 
Kenneth Mark Rudo 
Maria D. Schoor 
Daniel P. Schumacher 
Joseph Calvin Scott 
James Richard Sewall 
Ahlam Ibrahim Shalaby 
Marjorie Anne Shapiro 
Scott Richard Shaw 
Fu-hua Sheu 
Janet Dempsey Smith 
Rosalind Bingham Smith 
Russell Clark Smith 
Thomas Christian Snyder 
Stephen Heilig Spinak 
John Gregory Stacy 
Robert Allen Starnes 
Patricia Schriver Steeg 

William Michael Stem 
Michael Strudler 
Helen-Jean Talbott 
Kenneth Marc Teffeau 
Mary Nicholas Terry 
Wendy W. Ting 
Charles Ronald Turner 
Aileen Marie Vaucher 
John Andrew Veil 
Lalit Wanchoo 
Davey Lanier Warren 
Kendra Buckel Wells 
Philip Paul Wieczynski 
Cheryl Anne Wilczek 
Harold Arthur Wilkening III 
Jane Marie Williams 
Hyon Joo Woo 
Jane Orzel Yager 
Brian Carl Zeichner 
Claudia Diane Zent 
Araya Zerihun 

Master of Education 

John Dana Aldridge 
Nancy Eileen AlHson 
Karen Lou Carlson Arick 
Elizabeth Powers Armitage 
Anne Athos 
Julie Ann Bader 
Betty-Jean Bailey 
Patrick James Bates 
Gladys Coulter Baughman 
Kim Jeanette Bazzell 
Martin Harry Borell 
Katherine Barbara Brandon 
Loretta Grace Brown 
Phyllis Maria Brown 
Diana Rein Callaway 
Veda A. Carter 
Linda J. CoUis 
Diane Schaffer Coon 
Louise Aguirre Cortez 
Robert Arthur Courtemanche 
Janice Paula CuUinane 
Diane L. Cunningham 
Susan Woodruff Cutler 
Linda Jo DiFilippo 
Sharon Lauren Dunmore 

34 December Masters 

Ruth E. Eckard 
Joseph Kanter Epstein 
Mary Lee Flessner 
Patricia Louisa Foster 
Gary L. Frace 
Natalie Francies 
Patrick James Garnett 
Diane Lynn Gastfreund 
Maureen Terese Gillick 
Anne Marie Griffin 
Lynn Lupish Gruner 
Emma Delores Handy 
Helen Soo Hoo Hayman 
Priscilla Wallace Helm 
Amy P. Hill 
Kathleen M. Hodder 
Sharon Brown Hullihen 
Paula Brooks Jawitz 
Diane Lynch Jones 
Susanne Miller Jones 
John Joseph Kenty 
Sally Ellen Lauro 
Elaine Lombardi 
Gloria Elaine Long 
Margaret A. Malone 
Jodi Micheie Marder 
Sally Ann McKeever 
Mary Frances Mikulski 
Ellen Mary Miller 
Dorothy Louise Mosser 
Betty L. Nagel 
Dorothy R. Neuhauser 
Cynthia Conley Orgel 
Donald Andre Ouimet 
Natalie Thomas Pharr 
Virginia Hatcher Pilato 
Susan Porter 
Heather Dutton Ramwell 
Thomas Helmut Renner 
Charlotte Wyatt Rickenbaker 
Albert Francis Ritchick 
Diane Hairston Roberts 
Kent Frederick Roberts 
Yvonne Leasure Roberts 
Nancey Ellen Rose 
Susan MacDonald Rowe 
Linda Gail Rubin 
Barbara Custis Sample 
Daniel J. Shea 

Kathleen Marie Sheehan 
Margaret Ann Shemonski 
Robert Alfred Shoemaker, Jr. 
Deidre Louise Shumaker 
Donna Louise Smith 
Karen S. Snyder 
Marie Claytor Spangler 
Donna Perine Spinella 
Mary Ellen Stanton 
Joanne Steckler 
Barbara Gail Strang 
Lynn Carver Sukalo 
Judith Lynn Sullivan 
Dorothy Marie Taylor 
Carmen Hansen Timmins 
Janice Smalls Timmons 
Sharon Mather Vernier 
Karla Berg Walker 
Paul Ernest Walters 
Donna Tobin Wolohojian 
Diane Thomas Young 
Paula H. Zuckerman 

Master of Business 

Jillian Boland 
Robert Bruce Bower, Jr. 
Paul Sanford Burger 
Richard Louis D'Adamo 
Ivan David Doseff 
Deborah Kim Elgot 
Ira Benjamin Goldstein 
A. Michael Gottlieb 
Shiv N. Goyal 
Jerry Len Hadley 
Alzbeta Dozova Hardgrave 
Larry Edward Hinman 
Paul Francis Houston 
Flora Wen-Hua Hsin 
Betty 1-hsin Hsu 
Gerald A. Joireman 
Pamela Joy Kalen 
Jeffrey Harold Kinrich 
Mary Frances Kirchner 
Diane Elise Kretschmer 
Yuef Alfred Lau 
Marc Bryan Levin 
Philip Charles Levinton 

James Francis Lynn 
Richard Evan Lynn 11 
Clovis Elmer Manley 
Paul George Marble 
Vickie Marie McCaleb 
Kathy Anne McDonald 
Thomas Elwood Milbourne 
Binod Bihari Nayak 
M. Angelica Pinochet 
Steven Robert Porter 
Jyoti Ranade 
Curtis Lee Russell, Jr. 
Robert 1. Scheer 
James Kevin Seward 
Scott Arthur Sigman 
Stephen S. Silver 
H. Brisbin Skiles 11 
Linda Anne Stilley 
Michelle Anna Trahan 
Jane Ellen Tumpson 
Richard Lee Vogel, Jr. 
Bruce Harry Weinrib 
Eugene Ervin Wojciechowski 
Ai-Lun Ellen Yu 

Master of Music 

Ann Fox Conrad 
Lawrence David Ink 
Paul Lawrence Nahay 
Howard C. Sanner, Jr. 
Debra Lynn Vanness 

Kersti Helen Tannberg 
David Emerson Young 

Master of Library 

Mary Ann Babendreier 
Rebecca Ann Barker 
Kathleen Kelly Berkley 
Michael Charles Bouchard 
Betty J. Boulware 
Amy Lancaster Bridgman 
Louise C. Bruneau 
Christine Marie Campbell 
Elizabeth Anne Chezik 
Zayna Sherrill Cline 

Larry Eugene Cody 
Clair Richard Gibson 
Nancy Gilbert Gleboff 
Kristine Claire Harding 
Alexander Hassan 
Louise Hardy Hayman 
Patricia Gail Hinegardner 
Christopher Ethan Hitchens 
Kathleen M. Kelley 
William Godfrey Le Furgy 
Harriet Sue Malamut 
Donale Albanese McColloch 
Maria Emma McMurtry 
Alice Bollinger Miller 
Mitsn Bartlett Mitchell 
Jane Mary O'Callaghan 
Colleen Anne Pritchard 
Betsy Jennifer Schwartz 
Sophia Haun Shain 
Donna Jean Strauss 
Teresa E. Surdyk 
Linda Joyce Sweeting 
Pamela Tate Towill 
Susan Marie Valenza 
Madalyn Morgan Waller 
Patrice Schuette White 
Patricia Ann White 

Master of Fine Arts 

Wendy Gail Kaye 

Division of Agricultural 
and Life Sciences 


Candidates will be presented by 
Dr. Earl H. Brown, 
Dean of the College 

Bachelor of Science 

Sidney Wiley Abel 111 
Solomon Adebayo Bamiduro 

December Masters /Bachelors 35 

Mary Elizabeth Beacham 
Alexander Thomas Belano 
Martin Byrne Blankfard 
Darlene Hellen Boerlage 

'Steven Marc Bogash 
Cindy Lou Bowman 
Frank Emid Briganti 
Mary Kelly Brock 
Patricia Cecilia Burnett 
Susan Joy Butler 
David John Carrier 
Anne Howland Cleary 
John Thomas Cockey 
Warren Stuart Cohen 
Paula Sonya Cole 
Rebecca Ann Connor 
Kathleen Anne Cook 
Norman John Corlett, Jr. 
Stephen Edward Curtin 
Gregory Czajkowski 
Jon Christopher Dale 
Mary Ellen Dehart 
George Paul Demas 
Alicia M. Dunn 

§ Edward Francis Dumer 
Walter Paul Edwards 
Thomas Herbert Everett 

*Carla Alberta Faustini 
Ida Insana Ferrari 
Mark Thomas Foley 
Michael Beckley Forsythe 
Leonard Peter Galusky 

•Tracy A. Gill 
Barry Wayne Glotfelty 
Barbara Susan Goldberg 
Andy Raymond Goldsmith 
Lori Jean Graunke 
Regina Therese Green 
Timothy Joseph Groner 
Paul L. Hallberg 
Brian Edward Helbing 
Sharon Anne Hestvik 
George Joseph Horlander 
Jeffrey Balchin Hoyt 
Joseph Patrick Hughes 
Paula Bender Iliff 
Kenneth Lloyd Inscoe 

Matthew Owen Johnson 
Anna Karpovich 
Mary Anne Kistler 
Susan Jane Kite 
Philip Anthony Klene 
Joseph Lewis Kraut 
John Paul Krehbiel, Jr. 
Jeffrey Robert Kushner 
Pamela Lori Liddell 
James Andrew Link 
IRobert F. Long 
'Valerie Ann Loughrie 
Alice Eileen Ludington 
Katherine June MacCoU 
Stephen Joseph Maltese, Jr. 
Mary Kathryn Mead 
Norman A. Miller III 
Patti Lynne Miller 
Michael Joseph Newell 
Kathleen Ann Norris 
Janice Eva Oliver 
Jennifer Lynn Ortel 
Lynn Marie Palmer 
Ernest William Paroczay 
Dianne Lynn Patterson 
t Robert Stanton Peregoy 
Victoria G. Perros 
Judith Margaret Petersen 
Ronald Amedee Pitts 
Federico Tarcicio Poujol 
Jeannette Marlene Pragel 
Timothy Taylor Prigg 
William Charles Quentin 
Cheryl Romayne Raum 
Mary Ellen Rauschenberg 
Elizabeth Easley Reeder 
James Adrian Ross 
Janice Dickison Sadowski 
Mary Jane Sammons 
Kenneth Thomas Scalzone 
Stanley Paul Schlosnagle 
Michael Peter Schneider 
George Rodney Senseman 
Stephanie Sheinbach 
Stanley Albert Sheridan 
Michael Parker Shipley 
Ellen Kennedy Sickle 

Manya Slowinski 
John Francis Smith 
Linda Diane Stanton 
Robin Lyn Stein 
Dana Louise Sugrue 
James Holland Thomas II 
'Keith D. Van Ness 
'John Campbell Warrick 
Anne Marie Weaver 
Mark Patrick Whalen 
Harry Staley White III 
Cheryl Ann Wilen 
Linda Maureen Wilmot 
Thomas Charles Woodhouse 
Constance Harriet Young 
Steven Norman Zaricki 

Division of Agricultural 
and Life Sciences 

Candidates will be presented by 
Dr. Larry Vanderhoef, 
Provost of the Division 

Bachelor of Science 

Pamela J. Ames 
§Susan Kazuko Arisumi 

John Kevin Baird 

Florance Bakhads 

R. William Bale 

Sunita Lachman Bhatia 

Robert Marc Blum 

William Anthony Boegel 

Paul Lemuel Bowden 

Peter Harris Brockdorff 

John Kirk Brokaw 
§Hari Cheryl Brown 

Robert Francis Brown 

Jerome Paul Bukovsky III 

Bonnie Kay Burger 

Michele JoAnn Carsrud 

Patrick P. Chang 

Mae Yuan Chin 

Patrick Stephen Cieplak 

Donald Cohen 

Stanley Cohen 

Elizabeth Baldwin Coit 

Robert Claude Collingsworth 

Henry Cortesini, Jr. 
Brian Lee Craddock 
Eric Brandt Dangle 
tAnn Elizabeth DeCamp 
Martin Michael Delaney 
'Brian Francis Disher 
Samuel W. Droege 
James Robert Eckert 
'Elke Endert 
Michael Paul Falba 
Debra Sue Friedman 
Mark Townsend Gasser 
'Harold Hett GiUum 
Dean Steven Glares 
Kim Betty Glover 
H. Kirk Grander 
David Ray Grogan 
Jeffery Lynn Harris 
Terri Lynn Hawks 
Stephen Frederick Haynes 
Terry Joseph Henderson 
Donna Ella Hess 
Margaret Bartholf Hiltabidle 
Mark Andrew Hinebaugh 
Paul-Rene Nam-Tien Hoang 
Ronald Alan Holser 
Gregory Scott Hunter 
Robert Keith Jacoby, Jr. 
Martha N. Jarosewich 
Robert Marston Kaplan 
Bruce D. Katz 
Bruce Kelder 
Sae Woong Kim 
Martin Howard Kuner 
Corrine Joanne Lange 
Eric Stephen Langer 
Robert Hilary Laurine, Jr. 
Julia Shang Lin 
Robert William Ludwig 
Gerard Andrew Madden 
Hazelton Leon Majors III 
Stephen Hambleton Majors 
Susan Jeanne Martin 
Paul Eric Mayrand 
Alexandra Cecile Miller 
Carl Anderson Miller, Jr. 
Richard Eugene Miller 

36 December Bachelors 

§Summa Cum Laude; fMagna Cum Laude; 'Cum Laude 

Kristine Virginia Mohr 

Jeremiah James Montague, Jr. 

Cynthia Ann Morgan 

Bryan Eckles Murfree 

Kevin Michael Nearey 

Hong-Ly Thi Nguyen 

Mark Westbrook Noel 
'David Palmer Notley, Jr. 
tAllison Ann Odenthal 

David William Oldach 

Ella Ostapenko 

Michael Todd Paczkowski 

Andreas Alexandrou 

Randy Neil Parsley 

Patrick Stephen Paul 
tKathieen Marie Phelan 

Paul Alan Pinocci 

Sunita Prasad 

Louis Puglese, Jr. 

Fred Dennis Randall 

Judith Montgomery Rappaport 

James Frederick Reid 

Theresa Marie Rice 

Robert Stanley Rider 
'Sharon Elaine Roberson 

Eve D. Robinson 

Gregory Ian Rudd 

Mark Craig Smith 

Diane Marie Smutniak 

Martin Craig Stranathan 

Bruce Edward Suit 

Bruce Rory Thomas 

Paul M. Thomas 

Nichola Elizabeth Thompson 

CHven Leslie Towles 

Due Thi Tran 

Richard Jeffrey Turek 

Dean Loren Velasco 
TTeri Lynn Vossler 

Robert Anthony Vucci 

Robert Thomas Wallace, Jr. 

Francis Luther Waterhouse 

Thomas Morgan Watlington 

Jacqueline Erika Wells 

Anne Marie Wieber 

Marcus Carlton Williams 

Kevin Glenn Wilson 
Robert Boyd Wissman, Jr. 
Sara Kathleen Woolery 
Cathy Ann Zieba 
Anne Margaret Zuke 

Division of Arts and 


Candidates will be presented by 
Prof. John Hill. 
Dean of the School 

Bachelor of Architecture 

Charles Bruce Boswell 

John Alan Brunnett 

Kathryn Haffey Cameron 

Timothy Brooks Carlin 

Carl Elefante 

Sharon Mae Eng 

Thomas Pentland Feulner, Jr. 

Judith E. Hyman 

David Kempner 
'John Hayes Larson 

William Philip Mallari 

David Ira Mayhew 

Emily Miriam Mintz 

John George Oberdorf 

Karl William Riedel 

Wendie-Ann Rosenbaum 
§John Peter Ross 

Mehmoosh Salehi 

Michael Matthew Westfield 

Bachelor of Science 

Kimberley Paula Brown 
Sue Chung 

William Joseph Graham 
David Ira Mayhew 
James Gregory Novolny 
TJulie Benson Pitts 
Regan Young 


Candidates will be presented by 
Prof. Benjamin F. Holman, 
Acting Dean of the College 

Bachelor of Science 

Eileen Nan Aarons 
Mary Clare Anderson 
Rebecca Suzon Beason 
Rebecca Bellina Brasseaux 
Robin Michel Butler 
Grace Courtney Clarke 
Loretta Delores Colvin 
Marie Grace Curcio 
Lola Demma 
Barbara Ann Divver 
Ellen M. Downey 
Leslie Anne Draper 
Janet Ruth Fisher 
Patricia Rae Foss 
John Patrick Gallagher 
Edward Clinton Gillette IV 
Judith Suzanne Hamblen 
Jane Ellen Harford 
Keith Eaton Harrington 
Adrienne Arlene Harris 
Diana L. Hawk 
Madeline Mary Iselin 
Ricky Lee Janisch 
Lori Kapner 
Howard Joshua Katz 
Raymond David John King 
William Martin Kirby 
Joyce Renee Kleinberg 
tPhilip Howard Kushin 
Lawrence Howard Lichtenauer 
Cynthia Anne Loffler 
Lynellen Magner 
tWilliam Maier 
§Gail Lynn Mann 
Marie Lynnette Marshall 
James Martin Masseron, Jr. 
Pamela Iris-Jean McAdory 
Debra J. Moore 
William Harrison Moore 
Nancy Kay Nickell 

Joyce De Gray Nickolaus 

Jeffrey Kevin Perry 

Mark Brian Pettygrove 

Beverly Jean Phillips 
'Joseph Louis Raeder 

Daphne Anne Rhudy 

Lori Iris Schenck 
§Debra Beth Shapiro 

Donna Jean Simmons 

Barbara Vanessa Smith 

Larry Renard Spriggs 

Leslie Paula Stimson 
'Penny Suzanne Stocksdale 

Thomas McGahan 

Peter Tahinos 

Karen April Thomas 

Arlene Karen Thorner 

Tyler Edwards Ward 

Margaret Mary Warden 

Brenda Jo Wilson 

Ann Elizabeth Winters 

Division of Arts 
and Humanities 

Candidates will be presented by 
Dr. Shirley S. Kenny. 
Provost of the Division 

Bachelor of Arts 

Douglas Walter Adolphsen 

James Townley Alvey, Jr. 

Rebeca Beatriz Anders 

Brian Lewis Armstead 

Cheryl Dee Balston 
tMary Louise Mapp 

R. Tiana Barnes 

Cindy Melissa Baurmash 

Michael John Belisle 
'Paul Martin Berg 

Brian N. Berggren 

Roberta Selma Bernstein 

Ernest Betancourt 

Judith Kathleen Boccabello 

Kathleen Anne Boyd 

Laura D. Branch 

Timothy Morley Breen 

§Summa Cum Laude: TMagna Cum Laude; 'Cum Laude 

December Bachelors 37 

*Cathy L. Brice 
'Laurie Jean Brigham 

Anne Marie Brooks 

Catherine Lynn Butler 

Marta Astrid Cabredo Davila 

Kathleen Mary Carlson 

Jennie Vivian Carlton 

Stephen Patrick Carmody 

Albert Joseph Carr, Jr. 

Felix Ferdinand Cedeno, Jr. 

Jerrold Morris Cohen 

Elizabeth Ann Colliver 

Carlotta Anne Conley 

Kaireen Ann Corbett 

Judith Leigh Cox 

Janice Gayle Daggs 

Stanley George Dambroski, Jr. 

Stephen Merrick Davies 

Robert Stanley Davimos 

Delmer Lawrence Desmond 

Sally L. Dimsdale 

David Francis Donnelly 

Leslie Anne Draper 

Brenda Evans 

Paul Francis Fabrizio 

Mary Susan Farley 

Mary Jane Fingland 

Ronald John Fornatora 

Linda Yasmine Fried 

Max Friedlander 

Susan R. Gainen 

Carol Garsh 

Cathy Cook Gaynor 

Nancy Lynn Gelfand 

Michael Joseph Gentile 
§Barbara Jane Gere 

Keith Isome Gilmore 

Bernard Warren Gitlin 

Bennett Gary Goldberg 

Lori Valencia Greene 

Anna Margaret Guide 

Bernard William Gutwald 

Vivian Lynn Hackman 

Kathleen M. Hall 

Samuel Franklin Hankin 

Sharon Elizabeth Hanrahan 

Jeffrey Stuart Harris 

*Natalie Hassan 
Judy Ann Hearring 
Pamela Sue Herrmann 
Stephen Harvey Hoffman 
Elizabeth Holm 

§Mary Elaine Humphrey 
John Clifford Husson 
Nancy Russo Inman 
Joyce Michelle Jackson 
John Joseph Jacobs 
Pamela Brooke Jaffe 
Alison Cochran Jefferson 
Janet Lynn Jenkins 
James C. Jeppi 
Letitia Eileen Johnson 
Richard Jon Karpinski 
Charles Michael Kelley 
Kathleen Louise Kelley 
Kathleen Elizabeth Kelly 
Sandra Ann Kemper 
Carolyn Leslie King 
Wilbur Gordon King III 
Diane Lynn Korvin 
Victor Krasnokutsky 

§Judith Simons Kreger 

tLisa Andrea Kupetzky 
Lenore Margaret Kurkjian 
Linda Mikel Lanier 
Clifford William Lawhorn 
Alan Leader 
David Scott Leas 
Lorraine Ledesma 
Eleanor Blanche Lehan 
David Asher Levine 
Donald Marc Lipton 
Agnes Epoupa Lobe 

*Bruce Douglas MacKinnon 
Jean Barbara MacKinnon 
Michelle Darlene Mattingly 
Laura Ann Mayell 
Michele Marie McDonald 
Paul David McGinn 
Sandra Ann McKeon 
Mira Ann Merrick 

•Martha Jane Michels 
Terry Marie Minor 
Janet Patricia Mitchell 

Sandra Lee Mitchell 
Mary Ann Morrison 
Patrick Joseph Moss 
Emily Chang Mourtzanakis 
Brian Kieran Murphy 
Deborah Ivy Myers 

tEric William Nagle 
Nancy Sue Nardini 
Parimaz Navai 
Kimberly Ann Newell 
Thomas Frank Nickels 
Linda Jean Noeske 
Jeannette Lee Oliver 
Sara Malka Organic 
Monica Maria Paclisanu 
Mina A, Padilla 
Jeffrey Charles Patrick 
Milton Alvin Paynter 
George Peter Pelecanos 
Peter John Penoyar 
Maria Teresa Perez 
Lisa Ellen Peshkin 
Victoria M. Pfeifer 
Janet Lynn Potter 
Joanne Inez Pride 
John Christopher Quinn 
Roger A. Reynolds 
Elizabeth Butler Richards 
Karen Lee Richardson 
Tiana R. Robison 
Alice McGee Robrish 
Vanessa F. Rollins 
Vanessa Carol Rosborough 
Siwanny Sam Roy 
Helene Gail Rubin 
Patricia Lynn Samosuk 
Shana Irene Schwartzberg 

'Norma Marie Seidel 
Mary Ellen Serey 
Bryant Scott Seubert 
Thomas Gregory Shafran 
Richard Alan Silberstein 
Kathryn Marie Silvia 
Janice Anita Simmons 
John Michael Simmons 
Joseph Brian Skinner 
Darcy Leah Smith 

Timothy Scot Smith 
Marilyn Ilene Snyder 

*01ga Solomou 
Stephen Girard Stegman 
Elaine Stephanides 
Ralph C. Stines 
Kathleen Marie Storms 
Amy Beth Stutman 
Cristina Rebecca Suszynski 
Margaretta Louise Sutton 
Deepa S. Tamhane 
Michael Jerry Terebuch 
Joan Mildred Thaxton 
Jennifer Lee Thomas 
Carl Richard Thyberg 
Lisa Maria Tocci 
Jacquelyn Lee Townes 
Eileen Fitzgerald Uber 
Joseph Urbas 
Mary Dorothy Vaughan 
Susan Marie Wallace 
Joanne Dee Werner 
Ezell Westbrook 
Shryl Ann Whigham 
Tyrone Lee White 

fThomas John Willis 
Paul Sewoong Yi 
Carol Ruth Zawatsky 

Bachelor of Music 

Peter Wilson Chamberlain 
Jeffrey Andrew Cleveland 
Susan Marie DeCamp 
Wayson Renard Jones 
Frederick Wilson Ray 
Gregory Paul Shook 

38 December Bachelors 

§Summa Cum Laude; tMagna Cum Laude; *Cum Laude 

Division of Behavioral 
and Social Sciences 


Candidates will be presented by 
Dr. Rudolph P. Lamone. 
Dean of the College 

Bachelor of Science 

Steven Joel Aarons 

Dana Rene Abbott 

Jay Ross Abrahams 
"George Philip Albamonte 

Issa Najeeb Albina 

David Michael Allen 

Clinton Gary Anderson 

Charles John Andres 

Omar Sjawaldy Anwar 

Thomas Matthew Ardisana 

Troy Jessup Atkinson. Sr. 

Debra llene Auerbach 

Sarah Ann Backus 

David Bailin 

Charles William Baldiswieler 

Drusilla Letitia Banks 

Jeanette Louise Barranger 

Nancy Helen Baugh 

Steven Milliard Baylin 

Beatrice B. Beaubien 

Robert Joseph Beiter, Jr. 

Jeffrey Robb Bergmann 

Denise Lynn Billings 
tMarc Roy Birnbaum 

Miguel Boluda, Jr. 

Antoinette Louise Boyd 

William Joseph Boyle 

Edward Albert Brady II 
'Deborah Diane Brain 

James Hamilton Brandon 

Gerard A. Brennan 

John Michael Brennan 
§Ronald Paul Brensinger 

Mary K. Bresnahan 

Timothy Lee Bringardner 

James Vincent Brown 

Joseph Brucker 

Nancy L. Bryniarski 

Kelly Richard Buccino 

Joseph Whitman Buell 

Larry Hugh Burdoin 

Joseph Herbert Burke 

Mynga Butcher 

Patrick John Byrne 

David Neal Byron 

James Caffey 

Oscar Angel Cardona 
tjonathan M. Carson 

Steven Carson Casbarian 

Glenn Edward Caviness 

Allen Hing-Lung Cheng 

Gregory Willard Chesnutt 

David Keith Christmas 

Sharon Lynn Rose Cohen 
TThomas Joseph Coleman 

Barbara Ellen Collins 

Thomas Joseph Collins 

Susan B. Conroy 

David Franklin Connor 

Teresa C. Conti 

Albert Francis Costantino. Jr. 

Pamela Denise Covington 

Anna-Mae Crockett 

Marianne Gilroy Culbertson 

Steven Allen Custead 

James Jay Dailey 

Lisa Beth Daniels 

Glenn Robert Davis 

Frank William Delahanty III 

James Howard Dennis, Jr. 

Robert Charles Devestine 
■Raymond Edward Deyton 

Phyllis Jacqueiyn Diamond 

David Victor Diforte 

Joseph Alfonso Dobbins 

James Kevin Doherty 
tDonna Marie Donnell 

Christopher Blake Drews 

William Douglas Druschel 

Ana Cecilia Duarte 
§Richard Charles Durbin 

Tad William Edmondson 

Reginald Dean Edwards 

William Steven Edwards 

Beth S. Ehrenman 

Steven Michael Ekouich 

Samuel Joseph Faller 

Michael Jay Fanaroff 

Steven Lane Fanaroff 

Brian Thomas Fanning 

Allen Thomas Farabaugh 

Fatima Margarita Farias 

David Griffin Faucett 

Sarah Catherine Feeney 

James Peter Ferrard 

Donald Norman Fierstein, Jr. 

Slaten Louis Finger 

Jonathan Hal Finglass 

Leonard Paul Finkel 

Charles Patrick Finn, Jr. 

James M. Fisher 

Gregory J. Fitzpatrick 

James Edwin Forbes 

Neal Francis Ford 111 

Vicki Lynn Foster 
*Anne Elizabeth Fowler 

Mark Edward Fox 
tHugh MacNash Frampton 

Robert Wills Frankeberger 

Douglas Michael Frisch 

Janet Marie Frost 
'Joseph Davy Furie 

Dean David Gallagher 

Michael Kenneth Geary 

Ronald Lee Gehring 

Aaron Michael Gellman 

William Judson Gerhold 

Mary Louise Gervie 

Jeffrey Alan Gibbs 

Paul Joseph Giganti 

Carole Lee Gist 

L. Michele Gladner 
TAnthony Eric Glass 

James Patrick Glickert 
'Anne Marie Gogarty 

Dorleen Goon 

Howard Marc Gordon 

Mark Andrew Gray 
t Patricia Elaine Gray 

Stuart Aaron Greenburg 

Alicia Gail Gregg 

Frederic Gussin 
'Scott Alan Halpine 

Soo Kwang Han 

Patrick Kent Hanners 

Riaz Haqqi 

Thornton Wyatt Hardiman, Jr. 

William Paul Harris 

Jeffrey Jon Hartmuller 
tEsther Miriam Hartstein 

Larry Neal Harwood 

Stephen Welford Hayes 

Michael Dennis Hayre 

Charles Stover Heintzelman 

David Benjamin Hershey 

Rebecca Jane Hetzler 

Deborah K. Higgins 

Michael George Himonas 

Douglas Nelson Hollowell 

Mary Cecilia Hoppenjans 

Bruce Nelson Howard 

Mark Andrew Hrozencik 

Paul Everett Huff 

Lester Mark Hurst 

Rex Uchenna Iko 

Virginia Carol Ingle 

Thomas Leon James 

Michael Thomas Jarriel 

George Henry Jelly 111 

Clark Dennis Jenkins 

George Gregory Jones 
TPaul Juergensen II 

Harry Frederick Kabemagel, Jr. 

Martin Scott Kaiser 

Martin Kane III 

Michael Jonathan Kaperst 

Jeffrey Lawrence Kaufman 

Philip Jay Kaufman 

Kenneth John Keefer 

Thomas Marshall Keely 

Stuart Noble Kehr 

Gregory M. Kelly 

Martin Joseph Kerlin 

Harry Stephen Kessler 

John Alan King 

Stephen Scott King 

Michael James Klem 

L.aurie Gail Klier 

Tiani Marie Kramer 
'Frank Frederick Kretschmer III 
§Patrick William Lahti 

§Summa Cum Laude, tMagna Cum Laude: 'Cum Laude 

December Bachelors 39 

Irene Rochelle Langweil 

Robert Charles Larkin 

Greta Lynn Laughery 

Marie Launi 

Judy ]. Lee 
"Vincent Ming Leung 

Diane S. Levin 

Mark Louis Levy 

Liho Li 

Peter William Lipka 

Daniel M. Locker 

Robert Edward Lockhoff 

Joseph Noel Longbottom 

Virgil Clemente Lopez 

Kyle Donald Lorton 

Shannon Ruth Low 

Glen Anthony Luna 

Ming Jon Ma 

Robert Alan Maggin 

Harold Michael Magruder 

David Mangrum 

Donald Walter Martus 

Carolyn Kay Mason 

Jeffrey Xavier Mason 

Brian Francis Matera 

Peter Todd McArdle 

Maura Anne McCafferty 

Harrison Byington McCawley III 

Brian Kevin McGrath 

William Carson McKenney 

Joseph King Meads, Jr. 

Nancy Lynn Mebane 

Mark Karl Menzel 

Ronalda Janina Meson 

Jack Eric Metzner 

David Meyers 

Michael A. Michaelson 

Pamela Sue Miller 
tRobert Kenneth Miller 

Thomas Lee Miller 

Linda Cassandra Millner 

Laurin Howard Mills 

Diana Mink 

Peter John Monroe, Jr. 

Rodolfo Monsalve 

Alina Maria Monserrat 
*Rene Marcel Monserrat 

Michele Ann Montague 

William Moore 
Karen Ann Moran 
Michelle Christine Morcone 
Keith Alan Morison 
Pamela Blackwood Morris 
Deborah Ann Moyer 
Joyce Alice Morrison 
Michael Kevin Myers 
Alexander Nalyvayko 
Leon Thomas Needle 
J. Mitchell Neitzey 
Robert Edwin Nerthling II 
Ivan Douglas Newman 
Jeffrey Newman 
Bach-Hue Thi Nguyen 

*Tuyetmai T. Nguyen 

§Tuyetnga T. Nguyen 
Kevin Joseph Noon 
James Howard Norris III 
Mark James Norwicz 
Alice Susan O'Donnell 
Eileen Joan O'Donnell 
Scott Charles Osgood 
Christian Brandt Ostertag 
Julie Louise Owens 
Munir Erol Ozdemir 
Lisa Diane Packheiser 
Sally Jane Parker 
Edward John Pasciutti 
Barry George Patton 
Philip Anthony Pellegrino 
Alan Jay Pernatin 
Steven Frank Perz 
Vincent Raymond Petruccelli 
Elizabeth Carol Petzold 
Jeffrey Keith Pinto 

*Marc William Podnos 
David Jay Polashuk 
Craig Edward Ralston 
Phillip Reid 
Lawrence Mark Reiff 
Andrew Mark Remer 
Harry Sanford Reynolds 
Craig David Riche 
Daniel Jay Ring 
Nancy Kathryn Ringle 
Pamela D. Robbins 
Gary Lee Robinson 

Domitila Rodriguez 

Jose Ensor Rodriguez 

Ameneh Roghani 

John C. Roldan 

David Vincent Rost 

Edward Franklin Rowzee IV 

Peter Raymond Rozanski 
"Helen Lynne Rubin 

Aric Lee Rudden 

John Edward Rudolph 

Jeffrey Steven Rueff 

Judy Lee Ruzycki 
* Peggy Sue Sager 

Linda Marie Sandifer 
§Sandra Lee Sattler 
§Katherine Stines Schiebinger 

Nancy Jean Schoenwetter 
*Mathew Joseph Scire 
t Charles Lawrence Shapiro 

Joyce Markeeta Shellman 

George Michael Shelor 

Marlene Shepel 

Sally Anne Shook 

Margaret Ann Shores 

Eric Scott Sievers 

Roberto Selim Simon 

Glenn Jung Sing 

Rajprakash Sinha 

Holly Robin Skolnick 
§George Ruffin Smith 

Jay Harold Smith 

Patrick Joseph Smith 

Brian Daniel Snyder 

Anthony Domenic Sofia 

William Allan Sollod 

Anil Mark Soni 

William Joseph Spano, Jr. 

Paul Eugene Stecher 

Joy Alison Stoltz 

Jonathan T. Stratton 

Kevin Scott Sullivan 

Daniel Winslowe Sykes 

Bong Soo Tai 

Jacqueline Ann Thomas 

Ronald Floyd Tipton 

Judith Margarita Tituana 

William Anthony Toeller 

Timothy James Trevithick 

Margaret Alice Tulintseff 

Arthur Francis Turcotte 

John Timothy Turner 
*Gail Shifflet Tyeryar 

Joanne Catherine Vanderveldt 

James Frank Verderamo 

Gerard Watts Via 

Victoria A. Vickroy 

Alan I. Walcoff 

Craig Hamilton Walker 

Matthew John Walker 

Robert Walker 

Thomas Paul Walston 

Michael Steven Walter 

Jerry Chi-Li Wang 

Eric Mark Warneke 

Daniel A. Wasser 

Brian Steven Weiblinger 

Michael Leonard Weiland 

Robert Brian Weise 

Thomas Joseph Welsh, Jr. 

Teresa Anne Todd 

John Robert Wetherell 

Lori Denise Whalen 
"Paul Conrad Whittemore 

Michael Francis Wiggins 
"Julia Brown Williamson 

C. Marshall Wilson, Jr. 

Joseph Dale Wilson, Jr. 

Steven Charles Wilson 

Suzanne Witasick 

David Richard Wolfe 

Mitchell Alan Wolinsky 

Kimberly Martha Yashek 

David Cheong Yee 

Tony On-Wing Yeh 

Frank Joseph Zarket 

40 December Bachelors 

§Summa Cum Laude; tMagna Cum Laude; "Cum Laude 

Division of Behavioral 
and Social Sciences 

Candidates will be presented by 
Dr. Murray E. Polakoff. 
Provost of the Division 

Bachelor of Arts 

Amy Deanne Abramowilz 

Jody Elizabeth Adams 
'Deborah Ann Allen 

Bridget Claire Allshouse 

Shahram Charl Amirkhanian 

Keith Robert Anderson 

Michael Edward Anderson 

Svetlana Antonoff 

Harvey Albert Appelbaum 

Jane Dunne Artigliere 

Nasser H. Asi 

Cheryl Ann Audish 

Nancy Anne Augustin 

Aileen Helen Austin 

Emily Barry Bang 

Carole Jean Bastien 

Rocky Bruce Bates 

Sheila Leslie Baxter 

Kim P. Bender 

Richard Bruce Bennet 

Richard Lynn Benyak 

David Olof Berg 

Janice Lynn Berger 

Chantal Marie Billoud 

John Edwin Bishop 

Rose Esther Bixby 

Edward Joseph Blake, Jr. 

Teresa Rae Bland 

Susan Claire Boemer 

Marilyn Sue Bordenick 

Moshe Yakov Borowski 

Gayle Marie Bowling 

Karen Marie Bradley 

John Robert Brittingham 

Caria Denise Brooks 

Sandra Elaine Brown 

Stephen Edward Bruns 

Daniel John Buckley 
TJeanne Marylou Bynum 

Charles Smith Cadigan 

John Jeffrey Callahan 

tNancy Lee Cameron 
Regina Nanita Campbell 
Barbara J. Carey 
David Andrew Carleton, Jr. 
Mark Celeste 
Charles B. Chapman 
Cheryll Ann Clark 
Melinda Marie Cloutman 
Robert Barnett Conn 
Michael Brett Cornell 
Mary Ruth Coster 
Donald King Creveling 

§Denise Marie Cumberland 

'Diane Grace Dare 
Dale Martin Darwin 
Donna Dee Dase 
Judith Ann deLeon 
Brian Kintzer DeLong 
Elena Sonia Dennis 
Maura Ellen DeOrsey 
Sharan Fluhr Dicker 
Timothy Edmund Dixon 
Elizabeth Mary Dormitzer 
Robert Mark Eaton 

(two degrees) 
David Jay Eckstein 
Jill Helene Eidlin 
Philip Edward Eisenhauer 
Marshall Frank Emery 

'Gerard John Emig 

tjohn Donald England 
Fortunate M. Espina III 
Mary Catherine Faass 
Susanne D. Falk 
Colleen Marie Farrell 
Karen Louise Federman 
John Daniel Fein 
Kenneth Eric Fellows 
Damese Renee Ferguson 
Janet Vanetta Ferguson 
Jerome Fitzpatrick 
Sanston Moody Foster, Jr. 
Joel Irenee Foulon 
Allison Edward Friedman 
Bruce E. Friedman 
Frederick Funk 

Richard Michael Gallo 

Carol Ann Gehring 

Deana Gay Gelman 

Peter John Giaquinto 

Donna Marie Gomez 

Kathleen Ann Gough 

Jon Carroll Gray 

Howard Jay Greenberg 

Dennis Montgomery Griswold 

Margaret Mary Groh 

John Ame Haanes-Olsen 

Fiona Sheila Hancox 

Charles Richard Hand, Jr. 

Ann Catherine Hannahs 

Laura Mae Hardgrove 

Thomas Milliard Harris, Jr. 

Margaret Arlene Hartman 

Gail Anne Hazelrigg 

Robert Everett Heflin 

Laura Anne Henning 

Judy A. Henry 

James William Hession 

Gwendolyn Mae Hickman 

Robert Michael Hill 

Dorothy Eileen Hilton 

Paul John Hoegg 

Debbie Elizabeth Hogan 

Kathryn Gail Holbrook 

Susan Lynne Holmes 

Rolla Berry Holt, Jr. 
(two degrees) 
TJennifer Lynn Hughes 

Terrie Lee Hunt 

Lydia Karen Hurley 

Humberto Ibanez 

Susan Sutton Irvine 

Toni Ilene Johnson 

Donna Lynne Jones 

Michael Allen Jordan 

Lisa Sue Josephowitz 

Edward Mark Kantor 

Elaine O. Kaufman 

Anfisa Anna Kavalou 

Brenda L. Kay 
'Edward Michael Khouri, Jr. 

Bruce Alan Kibler 

Julie Kim 

Joel Kimel 
tllene Rosalind Knable 

Nancy Illona Knapp 

William F. Kochert, Jr. 

Karen Ann Kocur 
tSusan Beth Kohn 

Michael Theodore Kosanovich 

Mark James Krueger 

John Michael Leon Krumm 

Edward Mang-Tun Lai 
'Anne Cunningham Lee 

Debra Ann Leek 

George Edward Lehman, Jr. 

Debra E. Lieberman 

Sheena Lisa Lillibridge 

James Richard Lockrow, Jr. 

Tracy Anthony Lolt 
'Judy Lavon Ludke 

Donna Marie Lynch 

Joan Carol Mackell 

Eric Lawrence Marcus 

Marie Lynnette Marshall 

Howard Craig Mason 

Steven Frederick Masterman 

Leslie Rice McCullough 

Brian Keith McGahey 

Maureen McGehee 

Ronald Dale McKeever 

Charles Linwood McMillan 
t Nicolas Auden Meier 

Wyndham Davies Miles. Jr. 

Patricia Jean Moore 

Carolyn Lynette Morton 

Michelle Renee Moten 

Dora Sue Moy 

Thomas Edward Murphy 

Sharon Ann Murray 

Linda Lee Myers 

Lisa Kotzker Naharin 

Eric August Nelson 

Jacqueline Marie Nusbaum 

Lawrence J. Nyce 

Dennis Patrick O'Brien 

Steven Francis O'Clair 
'Katy Colleen ODonnell 

Robert R O Haver 

Patrick John O'Keefe 

§Summa Cum Laude; TMagna Cum Laude; 'Cum Laude 

December Bachelors 41 

John Robert Olenick 

*Laura Ellen O'Neill 
Rose Marie Orcino 
Anne Maria Pagano 
Debra Louise Pano 
Robert Lemuel Paris 
Christian Stanley Peek 
Michael Keith Peniston 
Kumar Anthony Peries 

tStuart L. Perry 
James Kevin Peterson 
Michael Paul Phelan 
Scott David Plumer 
Kenneth Dwayne Powell 
John Vincent Quagliato 
Michael Patrick Regan 
Norman David Rivera 
Christopher James Rodak 

*Joseph Lawrence Rooney, Jr. 
Jacqueline Dolores Rose 
Helene Carter Ross 
Lisa Anne Ross 
William Spencer Rubin 
Andrew Charles Sankin 
David Charles Schauer 
Leonard Joel Selfon 
Frank Arthur Sforza 
Ivy Dawn Sforza 
Joanne M. Sharon 
Angela Venetia Sherman 
Bradley Paul Shopp 
Gregory Steven Sigler 
Robert Ballard Sigmon 
Alan Silverstein 
John Lester Slagle 
Patricia Denise Small 
Scott Bradley Smith 
Stacie Beth Snyder 
William Claiborne Soper 
Paul Edward Sparks 
Bernard Walter Stapleton 
Charles Albert Stedman 
Michael Duane Steele 
Richard Brian Stein 
Roderick Elliot Stephens 
Dolores Jean Strahl 
Susan Rey Straussberg 

Barbara Sarah Stutman 
§Francis Dennis Sullivan 
Bertie Chudnow Sweet 
Sharon Tanavage 
Bonnye Lynn Taylor 
Charlotte Ann Taylor 
Daniel Martin Teodosio 
Scott Lloyd Terman 
Debra Gail Thomas 
John Marshall Thompson 
Jeanne Claire Toth 
Daniel James Townsend 
Jill Diane Tracey 
Cheryl Ann Trainque 
Steven Garfield Trimble 
Anthony Paul Urban 
Linda Denise Valentine 
Ivette Valle 
Anne Dawson Veirs 
Gerard Watts Via 
Arthur Charles Vogel 
Michael Adam Vogel 
Xavier George Vogel 
William Michael Vucci 
Ellen Marie Wachter 
Susan Marie Wallace 
Pamela M, Wallgren 
Lola Marie Wanner 
Kathleen Ward 
Susan Lucia Weidner 
Miriam Weinryb 
*Jean Marilyn Werner 
Robert Christopher Wiebler 
Michael Edwin Wilkinson 
Malcolm Liang Wilson 
Donna Michelle Windrow 
William Robert Wineland 
William Ross Winne 
Betty Rowena Withers 
David Franklyn Woodbum 
Pamela Ann Wright 
Robin Jan Yablokoff 
Marcia Alene Yeager 
Linda L. Youngblood 
Raymond Barham Yslas 
Simona Joan Yslas 
Mark Vincent Zobrisky 

Bachelor of Science 
Leoncio Dalupan Afable, Jr. 

tCarolyn Frances Bentz 
William Timothy Beyer 
David Louis Burriss 
Thomas Edward Dapper 
Robert Lee Davis 
Rocco Richard Emelio 
Michael Scott Emler 
Robert Steven Faringer 
Gloria Diana Fine 
Michael Joseph Gentile 
Deborah Lee Gewisgold 
John David Gilman 
Blair Coleman Goldberg 
Kim-Diep Thi Hoang 
Thomas Roy Horner 
Kasondra Kay Johnston 
Rebecca Sue Jones 
Joseph Hendrick Kaisler 
Edward Mang-Tun Lai 
Bennett Ray Lichtman 
Randi Faith Lowenthal 
John Howard Milburn 

§Shari Nan Miller 
Deborah Ann Morrissey 
John Mattison Morton 
Wayne Curtis Morton 
Ian Peter Nelson 
Nancy Elaine Nylund 
Patrick Francis Peck 
Norman Christopher Perry 
Theresa Lynn Roberts 
Ronald Arthur Rose 
Betty Carol Rovner 

§Francoise Roy 
Jere J. Santry 
HoUis Hess Seidell 
Betsy Rae Skolnick 
Kevin Phillip Thompson 
Mark Hamilton Tise 
Aldona Terese Vaiciulaitis 
Diane Marcie Weinbaum 

*Stacey Zlotnick 

Division of Human 
and Community 


Candidates will be presented by 
Dr. George L. Marx, 
Assistant Provost for Education. 
Division of Human and 
Community Resources 

Bachelor of Arts 

Mary Elizabeth Anderson 

Mary Ellen Beaty 

Susan Bagwell Farnandis 

Daniel Feldman 

Mary Ann Forbes 

Diane Jean Harris 
*Agnes Kiang 

Teresa Marie Mavilia 
§Ursula Myslinski 

Barbara Jan Parr 

Carla Jean Benoit Senseman 

Wilma Marie Toffler 
tJose Miguel Valencia 

Sara Jean Witcher 

Bachelor of Science 

Jayne Carolyn Alto 

Cynthia Lynn Baker 
*Lynette Virginia Baker 

Virginia Maria Steiner Balton 
§Buffy Lynn Barnhart 

Carol Ann Baum 

Joseph Lamar Beavan 

Donna Elaine Black 

Lisa Marie Bond 

Diana Davis Bowman 

Nancy Jane Brady 

Lauren Lynn Brown 
*Susan Carol Brown 

Patricia Joan Buell 

Carol Ann Bullock 

Kim Buren 

Thomas Eugene Burgess 

Frank Jefferson Carlisle III 

42 December Bachelors 

§Summa Cum Laude; fMagna Cum Laude; *Cum Laude 

Terry Lewis Carman 

Emily Rene Carpenter 

Ramon R. Castro. Jr. 

Arthur Edward Cogswell 

Ruth A. Crowley 

Karen Joy Crystal 
'Deborah Jane Curry 

Barbara Christina Davis 

Ellen Patrice Devlin 

Deborah Ann Diaz 

Diane Marie Digirolomo 

Susan Beth Dolinka 

Christopher James Dowel) 

Anne Patricia Doyle 
§Dorothy F. Dueber 

Elizabeth Ann Dunham 

Laurie Jean Dyson 

Debra Louise Eisenstadt 

Elizabeth Grace Elliott 

Anita Belinda Ellis 

Ann Elizabeth Enterline 

Leslie Susan Evans 

Linda Gail Evans 

Suzanne Margaret Everett 
■Jean Marie Fagan 

Virginia Currie Farmer 

Carol Feldman 

Susan Lucile Feldman 

Dorothy Ann Finkle 

Mary Michelle Fordyce 

Linda Ann Gardner 

Lynn Anne Gervase 

Kathleen Joan Gidley 

Peter John Glamp 

Avis Hershyl Gold 

H. Crail Gordon, Jr. 

Eileen Elizabeth Gowen 

Mitchell Clark Grieb 

Vanessa Leigh Grijalva 

Richard Bernard Haberkom IV 

Alvin Robert Hanlein II 

Martin B. Hart 
'Kathleen Diane Hartman 

Juanita Else Harvin 

Jo-Ann Henderson 

Shelley Robin Hendler 

Espor Marie Hill 

Mary Lynda Hill 

Beatrice Marie Howarth 

John Edward Hurley 
Ann Love Hutcheson 
Robin Tawana Jenifer 
Paula Kristin John 

•Rul-Aref Kashif 
Rona Marlene Kashtan 
Leslie Margaret Kem 
Susan King 

Margaret Ann Kitzinger 
Kathleen Ellen Kline 

§Kathryn S. Kraus 
Lizbeth A. Kurtz 
Brenda Fay Le Blanc 
Mary Elizabeth Levock 
William Jerome Lopes 
Linda Kathleen Lowry 
Linda Lee Lyons 
Kathryn Anne MacLean 
Ramona Malloy 
Timothy John Maloy 
Susan 1. Marcus 
Bruce Gordon Marshall 
Susan Therese May 

tCarol Ann McAndrew 
Kathleen Marie McFadden 
Michelle Anne McGee 
Maureen Theresa McKay 
Walter Thomas Moore 
Linda Elaine Moosher 
Forrester L. Morgan 
Patrick Damian Murray 
Rosie Guerrero Norita 
Patricia Rose O'Higgins 
Barbara Mary Owens 
Myra J. Owens 
Mary Elizabeth Pleasant 
Carol Sue Plumley 

TPatricia Jenkins Pointer 
Susan Hannah Pollack 
Susan Fitzpatrick Rector 
Ellen Frances Reidy 
Diana Jean Reiley 
Suzanne Marie Ritz 
Serena Anne Robins 
James Stephen Roper 
Barbara Ellen Rosenfelder 
Kathleen S. Russell 
Frank Michael Russo 

Kari Lynn Rutkovitz 
Cynthia Joyce Sanders 
Donald Cary Schaffer 
Pamela Christine Schleicher 
Ellen Ruth Schwartz 
Lewis Michael Schwartz 
Diane Scott 
Robbie Jane Seabolt 
Holly Gail Seidman 
Maureen Rose Sheridan 
Stuart Darryl Shifrin 
Maralee Marie Shoemaker 
Lori Ann Skolnick 
Cindy Ellen Smith 
Robert Christian Snyder 
Anne Claire Sorensen 
Desiree Spencer 

TDeah Parker Stark 
Sarah Jane Statton 
Diana May Stayman 
Bradford Charles Stine 
Cynthia Lee Stratton 
Jennifer Louise Titcomb 
Patricia A. Tobin 
Robert Scott Turnbull 

'Teresa Claire Tuthill 
Margaret Jo Webster 
Marya Therese Wiedel 
Suzanne Cynthia Will 
Joyce Cynthia Williams 
Donna Lynne Wiltshire 
Christina Marie Wiseley 

TJeffrey Israel Wolf 
Theresa Carolyn Worrell 
Robert William Wroten 
Dawna Rae Wyant 
Barbara Suzanne Scott Young 
Roxanne Faye Zimmerman 


Candidates will he presented by 
Dr. John R. Beaton. 
Dean of the College 

Bachelor of Science 

Florence Chinyelu Akpunonu 

Janet Ruth Allenspach 

Janice L. Amundsen 

Janice Lynn Applegate 

Rhonda J. Baldecchi 

Michelle Lynn Baldwin 

Ann Trace Barnhart 

Roberta Lynn Bartkowski 

Sheila Ann Bass 

Joyce Patricia Beagle 

William Leslie Benefiel 

Natalie Marie Benincasa 

Abby Hope Bernstein 

Rebecca Susan Bitzer 

Denise Yvonne Blackiston 
'Janice Elizabeth Bodner 

Valerie Seton Bohince 

Rita Bohmler 

Celeste Marie Boucher 

Elsa Ramirez Brisson 

Michelle Allyson Brown 

Robert Patrick Burnham 

Christine MacLeod Caudle 

Mary Anna Cece 

Cynthia Jane Chase 

Janice Cecile Clark 

Lori Sue Cohen 

Maria J. Collier 

Catherine Yvonne Courtiliet 

James Thomas Cox 
tAnita Lorraine Crouse 

Donna Lee Crouse 

Robert Stephen Davison 

Karen Susan Denburg 

Jerome Franklyn Dickerson 

Thomas Patrick Doremus 

Joan Ellen Douglas 

Nabila Durraini 
'Raymonde Emsellem 

Julie Falvo 

$Summa Cum Laude: tMagna Cum Laude: 'Cum L.aude 

December Bachelors 43 

Jennifer Grace Flaherty 
Marianne Elizabeth Flanagan 

tLaura Marie Ganim 
Sandra Lee Geisbert 
Kathleen Mary Gestiehr 
Kathleen Louise Glick 
Carol Wendy Glucksman 
Mary Lee Gockowski 
April Nancy Goetze 
Linda Sheryl Gould 
Paul Gush 

*Mary Rose Guy 
Bichloan Thi Ha 
Nancy Ann Hahn 
Ann Katherine Hamilton 
Shin Young Han 
Elizabeth MacKay Hart 
Cathy Lynn Hogan 
Shari Lynne Holley 
Theresa Ann Isaman 
Lynne Choiniere Jacob 
Elizabeth Ann Jacobsen 
Lida Ellen Jettmar 
Angela Hazel Jiggetts 
Gary C. Jones 
Laurinda Malvina Jones 
Nancy Ann Kane 
Judith Betsy Kaufman 
Rhona Eileen Knoblock 
Lesa Colette Knowlton 
Claudia Ivonne Koenig 

"Christopher Joseph Kohlway 
Harriet Joy Kramm 
Barbara Susan LaFleur 
Andrea Mary Leacock 
Barbara Gwen Lerner 
Barbara Ellen Levine 
Isobel Susan Levine 
Linda Jean Linnekin 
Valerie Ann Liss 
Paul William Lojewski 
Susan Katherine Long 
Kathleen Marie Lyon 

* Carol Kenzie Magoon 
Carlos Jose Martinez 
Christine Erree McCally 
Kelly Suzanne McCeney 
Janine Marie McCombe 

Kelvin McGhee 
Kirk Douglas McKoy 
Allen Harvey Mervis 

*Donna Smith Mesrobian 
Darrell Lyndon Moy 
Gertie Selina Mutswairo 
Lizabeth Sue Nevins 
Greg John O'Hara 
Joan Hastings Oliver 
Dana Sue Osterndorf 

*Ann Elizabeth Pennacchini 
Donna Angela Summers 

Rosemary Petti 
Mona Felice Pogermon 

§Robin Gail Polansky 
Joan Marie Porter 
Carol Theresa Raimondi 
Nancy Martha Raukko 
Allison Sue Robel 
Susan Carol Robertson 
Colin Edward Rooney 
Janice Zeva Rosenberg 
Rebecca Ann Ryan 
Barbara Ann Saltzman 
Meggin Gemmill Schlinkert 
Susan Gail Schwarzwald 
Robert Thomas Simpson 
Patrick Charles Smith 

§Barbara Gayle Snyder 
Carol Spicer 
Gerald Monroe Stocker 
Katherine Elizabeth Tallmadge 
Keith Nickens Tapscott 
Amy Beth Tousman 
Lucinda Ann Tucker 
David Christopher Uhl 
Julie Marie Vanderslice 
Donna Jayne Ventura 
Kathleen Robin Walters 
Randy Ellen Wax 
Mary Virginia Wilder 
Sherrie Lynn Wilkinson 
Marty Eugene Williams 
Adrienne Young 


Candidates will be presented by 
Dr. hAarvin H. Eyler, 
Dean of the College 

Bachelor of Science 

Roy Allen Avedon 

Heather Anne Ballard 

Lisa Ann Baysinger 

Terry Black 

Deborah Sue Brown 

Richard Henry Chambers 

Shari Lynne Cohen 

Kevin Louis Colabucci 

Stephen John DeAugustino 

David William Decker 

Sandra Lee Dobson 
tRaul Jose Dominguez 

Craig Leonard Estrain 

Judith Ellen Farnsworth 

Gregory J. Fean 

Lauren Gale Fischer 

Nancy June Flynn 

Patricia Kathleen Fogarty 

Constance Marie Frey 

Kathleen Ann Geiger 

Roberta Lee Gold 

Janet Ruth Gorman 
tJoanne Patricia Greway 

John Anthony Guy 

William Russell Ham 

Carol Anne Harrington 

Stanley Roy Hepburn, Jr. 
*Anne Marie Herink 
'Carol Susan Hook 
*Tammy Sue Humberson 

Mary Josephine Johnson 

Jennie Susan King 

Cathleen Jane Kraus 

Robert Emory Kreiter 
§Nina D. Lansky 

Joann Carol Lindblade 

James Samuel Maurice 

Norma Jean Miller 

Annie Lee Phipps Mobley 

Timothy Patrick Moran 

Steven Francis O'Clair 
Arthur Francis Padgett 
Darlene Peisach 
Mark Kevin Pendleton 
Marlon William Pickles, Jr. 
Brenda Susan Povich 
Betsy Ann Price 
Robert Jacob Reed 
Nancy Pauline Robles 
Susan Randi Schlenoff 
Kathryn Schmitz 
Sanford Mark Schmookler 
Kathryn Marie Silvia 
Randi Sue Smith 
Joanne Stepowany 
Janice Fern Tarica 
Carolyn Anne Torbert 
Larry Edward VanOrden 
Karen Frances Webster 
Bonnie Lee Willis 
Kimberly Jo Young 

Division of 
Mathematical and 
Physical Sciences and 


Candidates will be presented by 
Dr. George E. Dieter, ]r., 
Dean of the College 

Bachelor of Science 

Ramzi F. Abid 
*Marc Abrams 

William Randolph Adams, Jr. 

John Albora, Jr. 

Bilal Khamiss Al-Khabori 

Catherine M. Alkire 

Robert Carter Andrews, Jr. 

Daniel Lee Arnold 

Foroud Arsanjani 

Hamid Zarinehbaf Asadi 

Fariborz Baghaei 
tJean Louise Bailey 

Michael David Barnes 

Thomas Wright Barnes III 

44 December Bachelors 

§Summa Cum Laude; fMagna Cum Laude; *Cum Laude 

Donald Gerard Bathurst 
James Philip Bauer 
Melvin George Beckmari, Jr. 
Christian Benner HI 
Gerald Edward Berney 
John Cleveland Bernot 

^Richard Paul Bingham 
Martin Edward Birmingham 

'Dana Virginia Bitz 
James Waldo Blake 
David Paul Bochinski 
Ezio Eugenio Borchini 
James Oscar Britt, Jr. 

JJoseph Harold Buehler 
Granville Lawrence Campbell 
Richard Joseph Carey 
Donald Eugene Carson 
Sanjay Chandra 
Ramon Maximiliano 
Chaparro Solano 

TGeorge Der Chin 
Brian Fred Class 
James Hunt Cleveland 
Rickey Lee Coberly 
Michael Robert Conklin 
Stephen Corda 
Joseph Patrick Corcoran 
Michael Alexander Cornish 
Anthony Richard Cox 
Angela Harvey Cremeans 
Angela Eyvette Croom 
Glenn Charles Culbertson 
Michael J. Cunningham 
David Lloyd Curtin 
Russell Albert Deubler 
Stephanie Lynne Donohoe 
David Norwood Dorsey 
Matthew Wallace Doyle 
James Michael Ducey 
Khalid Elallam 
John deCamp Elder 
Joshua William Elvove 

(two degrees) 
Fariba Farahani Farzaneh 
Frederick Donald Fiene 
Amelia Jane Fisher 
Bruce Anthony Flanick 
Ellen Anne Fleckenstein 

tjay IVwin Frankel 
Louis Albert Gambino 
Edgar Humberto Garcia 
David Paxson Gibson 
Ronald Leo Glosemeyer 

§I-awrence Jay Gotts 
Leslie Scott Grim 
William Gary Grimes 
Richard William Halstrick 
Stephen Richard Handy 

TAIbin Lee Hawkins 
Christopher Edward Hayden 
Michael Kim Hayden 
Christopher Paul Healy 
Glendon Lamar Heard 
Mark David Hebner 
Kevin Louis Heinrich 
David Matthew Henderson 
Paul Stephen Henig 
John M. Hilliard 

"Athanasios George Himonas 
Timothy David Hirrel 
Anh Hoang 
Hoa Xuan Hoang 
Richard Harvey Hollis 
John Clinton Hossick 
Dennis Allan Huber 
Jeffrey Morse Hunt 
John Thomas Hutton 
Steven Wayne Ide 
Vincent Teodoro Ippolito 
Akbar B. Irani 
Farshid Iravani 
Robert Alan Jackson 
James Chandler Jones 

TAbdo Elian Kardous 
Worthington Bennet Kemp 
Donald Andrew Kessinger 
Chung Mi Kim 
Won Chong Kim 
David Whitten Kimberly 
Richard Lee Kittrell 
Robert Jose Koebke 
Chuck S. Kozlowski 
David John Krawchuk 
David Edward Kromer 

'Thomas Y. Kurihara 
Young-Yun Lee 

Barry Lee Leslie 

Michael F. Liu 

Theodore Cheetat Liu 

Mark Henry Lloyd 

Richard Paul Lockwood 
§Thomas Jude Loftus 

Timothy Joseph Lonsbury 

Miguel Eduardo Lopez 

Stephen Maurice Lucchesi 

Gary Michael Luczak 

Richard John Ludwitzke 

Michael Kirby Lumsden 

David Wayne Lyons 

David Charles Mackes 

Khalid Mahmood 

Michael John Mannion 

John Anderson Martin 

Terence Lee Martin 

William J. Martin, Jr. 

Larry Eugene Mathews 

John Christopher McCormack 

George Martin McCubbin, Jr. 

Charles William McCullough 

Eric De Shunn McFarland 

Gregory King Melcher 

Edmund Alexander Merchlinsky 

Barry Jay Molofsky 

Kenneth Bruce Mooney 

Gregory Eric Moores 

Julio Cesar Morinigo 

Jeffrey David Morris 

Timothy Joseph Morris 

Carmelo Murii 

Edward Robert Neal 

Blake Duane Neilson 

Michael David Norrix 

Stewart Gregory Nutis 

Eric Rex Olson 

Michael Bruce Oshrine 

Jose Rene Otero 

John Frank Paskalides 

Suresh J. Patel 
'James Anthony Paul. Jr. 

Douglas Everett Paunil 

Frank Xavier Pearson 

Kelvin Pinero 

Nancy Jane Pistel 

Joseph T. Pitman 

Keith Joseph Polasko 
Robert Polito 
Michael Alton Pometto 
Robert Edwin Poole 
Steven Llyn Poole 
Manoo Poosuthasee 
Andrew Allan Porter 
Thomas J. Pretty man 
Joseph Werner Rees 
Charles Alan Reese 
Richard Charles Reilly 
Sami Revah 

Gregory Martin Richards 
Daniel Leon Robinson 
Juan Alberto Roman 
Yuri Rosenberg 
John Roy Ross III 

'Michael William Rust 
Vivian Marie Ryan 
Stephen Anthony Sachs 
Tara Melanie Sachs 
Behrooz Sadeghi 

'Mark Dennis Sartain 
Joseph Albert Schmidt 

'Alan William Schwartz 
Julien A. Scott 
Donald Joseph Seibert 
Bruce Louis Servary, Jr. 
Joseph Vincent Sferrella 
Nareshkumar Ratilal Shah 
Alireza Nemat Shahbaz 

'Douglas Edward Sharp 
Harold Bernard Sheppard 
John Michael Sienkiewicz 
David Bernard Sikora 
Cynthia A. Smith 

'Michael Bryan Smith 
Robert Louis Smith 
Ronnie Earl Snyder. Jr. 
Paul Richard Sowter 
Scott Edward Stegall 
Kevin Charles Steiger 

TMichael Vernon Stine 
Thomas Martin Strawsburg 
John Stephen Suehle 
Dennis Allen Sullivan 
Paul Lawrence Sulsky 
Margaret May Szelingowski 

§Summa Cum Laude: TMagna Cum Laude; 'Cum Laude 

December Bachelors 45 

Nader Tajalli 

William Albert Tartal 

Rasoul Termeh-Zonoozi 

Robert Allen Thibodeau, Jr. 

Philip Merrill Thompson 

Ronald Alan Thompson 

Stuart Michael Torf 
* Linda Jean Trageser 

Brian James Trees 

Reginald Lewis Trivers 

Timothy Lee Upton 

Thinh Quang Vu 

Tu-Anh Vu 

Ahmet Levent Vural 

Arno Olavi Wainikainen 

Anthony Carl Warnell 
tSteven Michael Welp 

James Hamilton Wessels 

Michael Andrew Wilt 

John Jay Woodruff 

Peter Carl Woodworth 

Homa Yazdani 

Diane Ziolkowski 

Daniel FaiYell Zivi 
"Richard Kenneth Zuerlein 

Division of Mathematical 
and Physical Sciences 
and Engineering 

Candidates will he presented by 
Dr. Frank ]. Kerr, 
Provost of the Division 

Bachelor of Science 

Bryan Phillip Aaron 
*Marc Abrams 

Nancy Sun Ahn 

Guillermo Raul Arguero 
"Christopher Atsumi Asano 

Jeffrey Charles Bailey 

Haidai Tsai Bayley 

Deborah Billet 

Steven Donald Birgfeld 

Patrick Joseph Black 
fBarry Alan Bodt 

Steven Grant Brannon 

Eric Timothy Burleyson 
Kevin Eric Burns 
Steven Edward Cascio 
Eric Nicholas Chomko 
Bryan J. Coupal 
Eugenie Franceska Del-Colle 
Joseph Martin Dwyer 
Peter A. Epstein 
Stephen Bryan Essich 
Jeffrey Noel Ethridge 
Keith Leon Farrell 
Shaun Patrick Fleming 
Walter Nichalos Fredrick 

Barbara Jan Fruchter 
Mary Supplee Gattis 
Roy Eliot Glixon 
Dwight Jerome Hammond 
Lorna Jean Harrison 
Sally Sutton Henley 
Joseph Clifford Huston, Jr. 
Daryl Clyde Jackson 
Joel Harvey Kastner 
Naji Ul-Labeeb Khan 
Thomas Lee Kistler 
Christina Hyo Soon Ko 
Daniel Rupley Kulp 
Eric Irwin Kuritzky 
Thomas Eugene Lambert 
John Henry Limpert 

§Kar-Wing Edward Lor 
Regina Veronica Massiello 
Jacob Bobby Mathew 
Michael Joseph McCarrick 
Matthew Neil McCoy 
John William McPhillips 
Denise Anne Mengers 
Terry Lynn Michael 
James Steven Murphy 
Luis Ledda Nakpil 
Valerie Ingrid Naylor 
Kevin Arthur Nelson 
Michael Alfred Newton 
Hanh Van Nguyen 

* Linda Nguyen 
Tu Nguyen 

*David Palmer Notley, Jr. 
Michael R. L. Nys 

Maria Okmae Park 

Sung Yeal Park 

Francis James Patry 
§Jane Borleis Petersen 

Martin Edward Pine 

Samuel John Placanica 

William Louis Price, Jr. 

Mary Claire Robinson 

Ronald Everett Robinson 

Juan Alberto Roman 

Helen Alexis Roussos 
"Richard Dennis Rowan 

Steven Robert Roys 
tDavid Ray Salzman 
"Rachel Lee Schwab 

Clifford Alan Shaffer 

Steven Ira Silberberg 

Brian Patrick Smith 

Daniel Lee Snyder 

Mark Steven Solomon 

Elliott Geoffrey Speert 

Mark Charles Stokrp 

J. Robert Suckling 

Huy Due Trinh 

William Francisco Trinquero 

Jeffrey Rahn Vanhoy 

Robin Kay Wehrheim 

Bruce David Wenger 

Douglas H. White 

Robert Williams 

Douglas Keith Wingeard 

Joseph Yancone 

Susan Faith Zeller 

Howard Nathan Zuckerman 

Undergraduate Studies 

Candidates will be presented by 
Dr. Robert E. Shoenberg, 
Administrative Dean, 
Undergraduate Studies 

Bachelor of General Studies 

Jeff Christopher Alfier 
Stanley Joseph AUuisi 
Robin Sue Appel 
Maribel Araujo-Martha 
Thomas James Beattie 

"Flora Ada Beaudet 

Neil Joseph Biegel 

Walter R. Blair III 

Joanne Christine Bohnet 

Richard Burkhart 

Teresa Ann Cameron 

Barbara Joan Carlsson 

Rita Viola Carney 

Douglas Paul Cifone 

John Patrick Cullen 

Joseph William D'Aulerio 

Marc Debroux 

Mignon Use de la Puente 

William Francis Dennis 

Charles Anthony Durakis, Jr. 
§Lisa Paidakovich Elder 

Alan David Ernstein 

Donna Ann Faraino 

Richard Joseph Fasano 

Teresa Lynn Fernandez 

Charles Preston Flanagan 

Richard Hunter Foote 

Christopher John D. Grey 

Susan Beth Grove 
"Louise A. Harrison 

Mark Cadwell Hiebert 

Gary Andrew Hogue 

Frances Jean Humphreys 

Jeffrey Alan Isquith 

Deborah Darlene Jenkins-Law 

Debra Sage Johnson 

Magdalene Azora Johnson 

William Eric Johnson 

Violet Areta Joseph 
"Suzanne Kmetz 

Debra Jean Knotts 

Cynthia Ann Loeb 

Deborah Jane Martin 

Samuel Perry Medile 

Peggy Rae Mersdorf 

Christine Ann Messinger 
"Kevin E. Mitchell 

Peter Michael Moreland 

Glorianne Noble 

Elizabeth Joanne Nordahl 

Jeffrey Alan O'Connor 

Robin Lynn Olsen 

Laura C. Pagello 

Maria Marinucci Perkins 

46 December Bachelors 

§Summa Cum Laude; fMagna Cum Laude; "Cum Laude 


Frances Kelly Popper 
Richard George Price 
Jamie Lynn Pruce 
Norma Lee Purcell 
Connie Ray Rogers 
Lisa Gail Royse 
Kevin Cronin Schmadel 
William Francis Schneider 
Joseph Schofield 
David Linden Sherry 
Jacquelyn Frances Sherwood 
Charles William Shick, Ir. 
TEric Stephen Siegel 
John M. Sigler 
Marcus Lee Simmons 
Darla Eugenia Smaliwood 
Keith Brian Smith 
Robert Wesley Smith 
Audrey Mindy Stein 
Paul Donald Stevens, Jr. 
Rita Lynvett Tiller 
Dennis Francis Timpanaro 
Amy Vaillant 
Robert Horton Waldron 
Charles Wilson Wannan III 
James Conrad Washington 
Timothy Earl Weddle 

Bachelor of Arts 
Abbie Marcia Blankman 
Ellen Ruth Gendelman 
Heidi Elizabeth Lawrenz 

TNicolas Auden Meier 
Maria P. Moore 
Ann Elizabeth O'Brien 
Suzanne Marie Socker 

Bachelor of Science 
Edith JoBerta Beauchamp 

'Brett Michael Behounek 
Thomas Marshall Butler 
David Marshall Harter 
Carol Ann Karpa 
Carol Lynn Kuhr 
Catherine Rita Powell 
Samuel Rosenbloom 

Candidates for bachelor's 
degrees who have earned 
honors of scholarship upon 
graduation are indicated in the 
alphabetical listings of Divi- 
sions. Colleges or School. To 
be eligible for consideration for 
such honors a candidate must 
meet the following general 
criteria: (1) have completed two 
years of work at the University 
of Maryland (60 semester 
hours, 30 of which were at Col- 
lege Park) and (2) have a 
scholastic average of B (Grade 
Point Average of 3.000) or 
higher in University of 
Maryland work prior to the 
last semester of registration 
before award of degree. 

December, 1980 candidates 
who meet these criteria are 
shown in the alphabetical lists 
as qualifying, upon graduation, 
for the designations "Summa 
Cum Laude " if they ranked in 
the top two percent of the can- 
didates in their respective Divi- 
sions, Colleges or School; 
"Magna Cum Laude," if in the 
next three percent; or "Cum 
Laude," if in the next five 

General Honors Program 

Briccio Baltazar Barrientos* 
Brenda Lee Beitzell" 
Sally Carter Bennett** 
Roberta Joyce Bergman** 
Francine Gail Blum** 
Laura Jean Colcord** 
EIke Endert 

Ethan Joseph Friedman** 
John Bernard Gholl** 
Sterling Voss Harwood** 
Ilene Rosalind Knable 
Martin Edward Kobren** 
Nibedita Mohanty** 
Ivette Valle 
Neil Whitney Vanik** 
Jean Marilyn Werner 

Departmental Honors 

With High Honors in Chemistry 
Ann Elizabeth DeCamp 
Teri Lynn Vossler 

With High Honors in English 
Crispin Gallagher Sartwell*** 

With High Honors in 

Sterling Voss Harwood** 
Lisa Ann Kershner** 

With High Honors in Urban 
Stuart L. Perry 

With Honors in Economics 
Robert R. O'Haver 

With Honors in Government 
and Politics 
Ilene Rosalind Knable 

With Honors in Physics 
Jeffrey Rahn Vanhoy 

With Honors in Psychology 
Diana Otylia Perkins*** 
Jere J. Santry 

With Honors in Textiles 
and Consumer Economics 
Anita Lorraine Crouse 

"graduitrd May 16. 1980 
•"graduatfd August 15. 1080 

§Summa Cum Laude; TMagna Cum Laude; *Cum Laude 


Cole Field 
House Seating 

Section 1: 


Agricultural and Life Sciences 



Undergraduate Studies 

Arts and Humanities 

Section 2: 

Graduate School 


Mathematical and Physical 
Sciences and Engineering 

Section 3: 

Business and Management 
Behavioral and Social Sciences 

Section 4: 

Human Ecology 
Physical Education, 
Recreation and Health 


mam entrance 
& exits