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University of Maryland College Park 
December 23. 1983 

// ' 




Message to 
the Graduates 

As Chancellor of the Gniversity of Maryland College Park, I 
take great pleasure in congratulating you and your families. 
All should be proud of the dedication exhibited by each of 
you in attaining today's goal. You will need that same 
dedicated perseverance to pursue a career in the larger 
world you now enter. 

It is a world of change that brings new challenges to 
succeeding generations, a world of wonder in which new 
miracles of human achievement await the labors of your 
hands and intellects. 

I believe that a sense of wonder stands at the center of 
all human inquiry. Our very survival and advancement today 
depend on that same sense of wonder — that ability to seek 
imaginative solutions to complex problems. 

Whatever your major, it is my hope that you take with 
you an understanding of change and a deepened sense of 
wonder from your years at College Park. With them you 
must pursue a career for yourself and a future for all of us. 

As you pursue that future, I ask that you keep in touch 
with your alma mater and share with all of us your thoughts 
and accomplishments so that this university, with your 
insight and help, may better serve tomorrow's graduates. 

John B. Slaughter 


Order of 

December 23, 1983 
10:00 a.m. 

Cole Student 
Activities Building 


Dr. John B. Slaughter 


College Park Campus 

Master of Ceremonies 

Dr. Michael P. duMonceau 
Communication Arts and 


Symphonic Wind Ensemble 
Conductor. John Wakefield 


The Reverend Gerald Buckner 
Baptist Chaplain 

The National Anthem 

Led by Dr. Roger J. Folstrom 


Dr. John S. Toll 


University of Maryland 

The Honorable 
Joseph D. Tydings 
Board of Regents 

Musical Selection 


by Randall Thompson 
University Chorale 
Conductor, Dr. Folstrom 


The Honorable 
Benjamin R. Civiletti 
Former Attorney General of 
the United States 

Conferring of Degrees 

Dr. Toll, Honorary Degrees 

Dr. Slaughter 

Remarks to Graduates 

Anne Beth Modlin 
Graduating Senior 

Dr. Slaughter 


The Reverend 

W. Thomas Engram 
Episcopal Chaplain 


Symphonic Wind Ensemble 
Conductor, Mr. Wakefield 

Alma Mater 

Hail to thee, Maryland! 
Steadfast in loyalty, 
For thee, we stand. 
Love for the Black and Gold 
Deep in our hearts we hold. 
Singing thy praise forever. 
Throughout the land. 

Maryland Victory Song 

Maryland, we're all behind you: 

Wave high the Black and Gold, 

For there is nothing half so 


As to see our men victorious; 

We've got the team, boys, 

We've got the steam, boys. 

So keep on fighting. 

Don't give in! 


Maryland will win! 

The College Park Campus 
and the University 

The Graduates 

The students graduating from the University of Maryland 
today follow in the footsteps of many notable GM graduates 
who have distinguished themselves in fields as diverse as 
science, the arts, entertainment, journalism, business, law, 
medicine and government. 

Through Kermit the Frog, Miss Piggy, and others Jim 
Henson conveys a refreshing form of entertainment that 
touches the hearts of young and old alike. By the time he 
graduated from GM in 1960. Henson was developing 
successful TV commercials in the area. "The Muppet Show," 
created in 1976, is syndicated on about 125 stations in the 
G.S. and is seen in some 40 other countries. 

The first woman elected to the Supreme Court of 
Michigan, Mary Stallings Coleman has been influential in 
developing many innovative programs for juvenile welfare. 
A 1935 Arts and Sciences graduate of GM, Coleman is a 
firm believer in rehabilitation and crime prevention and has 
established precourt services for children in danger of 
becoming school dropouts. 

Known as one of the youngest graduates of the 
University, Charles Fefferman received a joint degree in 
mathematics and physics in 1966 at age 17. One of the 
worlds top mathematicians, Fefferman received the Fields 
Medal, the most prestigious award a mathematician can 
receive. He is currently professor of mathematics at 

President and Chief Executive Officer of the George 
Hyman Construction Company, A. James Clark has been a 
member of the Gniversity's Board of Regents since 1981. A 
1950 graduate of GMCP's College of Engineering, Clark is a 
pioneer in applying new technological and management 
techniques in the construction industry. 

Other outstanding GM graduates include Connie Chung, a 
1969 journalism graduate, who anchors NBC's Eaiiy Today 
Show. Judith Resnick. a 1977 electrical engineering Ph.D. 
graduate, who as a NASA astronaut is slated to become the 
second American woman in space; and Tom McMillen, a 
1974 Arts and Sciences graduate and Rhodes Scholar, who 
is playing professional basketball for the Washington 

The Campus 

In enrollment. College Park is among the 10 largest 
campuses in the country. Gndergraduates enrolled in fall 
1983 numbered 29,510 and graduate students, 7.903 for a 
total enrollment of 37.413. This year's College Park 
operating budget is approximately $212,420,830. The 
Gniversity assisted over 17,500 College Park students with 
financial aid in 1982—83. 

Students may choose from more than 125 undergraduate 
and 80 graduate programs leading to degrees. In 1982 — 83, 
a total of 5,497 undergraduate, 1,007 master's and 354 
doctorate degrees were awarded by the College Park 
Campus. In the number of doctorates granted annually, the 
Gniversity ranks among the top 30 in the nation. 


The Gniversity had its beginnings in 1807 with the 
establishment in Baltimore of the College of Medicine, an 
entirely faculty-owned institution granting the M.D degrt?. 
When its name was changed to the Gniversity of Maryland 
five years later, it was given power to confer additional 
degrees. The first dental school in America, the Baltimore 
College of Dental Surgery, became a part of the Gniversity 
in 1840. 

Subsequently, the Gniversity opened schools of pharmacy, 
law and nursing. Gnder a charter secured by a group of 
Maryland planters in 1856, the College Park Campus of the 
Gniversity, then called the Maryland Agricultural College, 
opened in 1859 and became one of the original land-grant 
schools in 1865. After a disastrous fire in 1912, the State 
acquired control of the College and bore the cost of 

The present form of the Gniversity of Maryland dates 
from the 1920 act of the Maryland state legislature, which 
united the State-owned institution at College Park and the 
professional schools in Baltimore, thus creating the 
Gniversity of Maryland College Park (GMCP) and the 
Gniversity of Maryland at Baltimore (GMAB) campuses. 
Later, the Gniversity added three other campuses: Baltimore 
County (GMBC) at Catonsville; Eastern Shore (GMES) at 
Princess Anne; and the worldwide Gniversity College 
(GMGC), headquartered at College Park. 


University libraries include approximately 1.5 million 
volumes on the College Park Campus, 19,600 subscriptions 
to periodicals and newspapers, plus over 1.5 million 
microform units. 

The Hornbake (Undergraduate) Library has a seating 
capacity of 3,600 students and is among the nation's 
largest. Facilities include color video-tape players and 
playback units, enclosed rooms equipped with instructors 
consoles for the use of nonprint media materials, and 
wireless stereo headsets for tapes of lectures, plays, 
speeches and music. 

Research Facilities 

Among the exceptional research facilities on campus are: 
scanning electron microscopes; subsonic, supersonic, and 
hypersonic wind tunnels; laboratories for radiation research 
and biochemical reactions; a nuclear training reactor; an 
electron ring accelerator; complete laboratories for the 
dynamic studies of soils and structures; a unique facility 
utilizing satellite remote sensing data; a dynamic 
photomechanics lab; a precision encoder and pattern 
recognition device; a gravitational radiation detection system 
including a gravimeter and three retroreflector arrays on the 
moon; a psychopharmacology lab; rotating tanks for 
laboratory studies of meteorological phenomena; a linear 
accelerator; a high resolution spectroscopy facility; 
laboratories for basic behavioral research; computer 
simulation and gaming facilities; computer graphics, remote 
sensing and cartographies laboratories; specialized sound 
chambers for audiology research; a criminal forensics 
laboratory; a computer vision laboratory; the Astronomy 
Observatory; a laboratory for plasma and fusion energy 
studies; and the Water Resources Research Center. 

The College Park Campus also operates one of the 
largest and most sophisticated long-wavelength radio 
telescopes (located at Clark Lake in Southern California). 

In addition to these research opportunities, programs in 
the behaviorial sciences, social sciences and education exist 
in many bureaus and institutes including: the Bureaus of 
Business and Economic Research; Educational Research and 
Field Services; Governmental Research; and Institutes for 
Child Study; Criminal Justice and Criminology; and Urban 

Academic Costume 

The black caps and gowns worn by the students and faculty 
in the acadennic procession are of ancient origin. They have 
been the traditional costume of the scholar since medieval 
times and probably represent an adaption of the 
ecclesiastical dress since many of the scholars of that period 
were members of monastic orders. 

An intercollegiate commission in 1893 drafted a uniform 
code for costumes which has since been adopted by the 
majority of colleges and universities in the United States. 

Each of the three academic degrees — bachelor, master 
and doctor — has its own distinctive gown and hood. The 
bachelor's gown is distinguished by its long pointed sleeve. 
The masters gown has a longer, narrow, closed sleeve, 
extending below the knee: the arm is passed through a slit 
at the elbow. In contrast, the doctors gown has a full bell- 
shaped sleeve with three bars of velvet. The opening of this 
gown is faced with wide velvet bands. The velvet trim may 
be black or of a color indicating the general field of 
learning of the wearer, for example, blue for philosophy, 
green for medicine, purple for law. 

The most colorful and distinctive item of the academic 
costume is the hood which passes around the neck and 
extends down the back. The doctor's is the largest of the 
hoods and the bachelor's is the smallest. The bachelors 
hood is often omitted. The color of the velvet edging 
indicates the field of learning. Below is a list of department 
or faculty colors. 

The colors of the silk lining exposed in the center of the 
hood are those of the college or university which conferred 
the degree. 

The cap or "mortar board" is uniform in design for all 
degrees. The tassel may be either black or the color of the 
field of learning. The tassel of the doctor's cap may be 

From Europe the use of academic degrees spread to 
English universities. Harvard University, the College of 
William and Mary, and Yale University followed the British 
pattern in the United States. 


Arts. Letters, Humanities/White 

Business Administration. 

Commercial Science/Drab 



Education. Pedagogy/Ught Blue 


Fine Arts. Architecture/Brown 


Home Economics/Maroon 


Ubrary Science/Lemon 


Oratory/Silver Gray 
Public Health/Salmon 
Physical Education/Sage Green 
Science/Golden Yellow 
Social Service/Cilron 
Surgical Chiropody/Nile Green 
Theology and Divinity/Scarlet 
Veterinary Sciences/Gray 

Academic Degrees 

The degree is awarded for the successful completion of a 
course of study. There are more than 1 ,600 different 
academic degrees currently conferred by American colleges 
and universities. 

The first known degree was a doctorate conferred by the 
University of Bologna (Italy) in the middle of the 12th 
Century. Originally, the doctor's and master's degrees were 
used interchangeably, each indicating that the holder was 
qualified to give instruction to students. The bachelor's or 
baccalaureate degree indicated only entrance upon a course 
of study preparatory to the doctorate or mastership. 
Gradually, however, the bachelor's degree came to mean 
successful completion of one level of study preparatory to 
the higher degrees. 

The Doctor's Degree 

This is a term meaning teacher, or instructor, applied by 
ancient Romans to those who delivered public lectures on 
philosophical subjects. In the Middle Ages, from the 12th 
Century, it came into use as a title of honor borne by men 
of great learning. It was first made an academic title at the 
University of Bologna, which received from the emperor the 
right of appointing doctores legum (doctors of laws). The 
University of Paris followed in 1145. Soon after, the popes 
granted the universities the right of appointing doctors 
canonum et decretalium (teachers of the canon law), and 
when the study of civil law came to be combined with that 
of the canon law, the title was changed to doctor utriusque 
juris (teacher of both laws). The faculties of theology and 
medicine followed that of law in conferring this title. 

The doctorate in philosophy and science, and occasionally 
in theology and law, is given beyond the baccalaureate 
degree and requires two to five years of study, the writing 
of a thesis, and the passing of written and oral 
examinations. The doctor's degree represents the most 
advanced earned degree conferred by American institutions. 
There are two distinct types: the professional or 
practitioner's degree and the research type. The first type 
represents advanced training for the practice of various 
professions, principally Doctor of Medicine, Doctor of Dental 
Surgery, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, Juris Doctor and 
Doctor of Pharmacy. These degrees carry no implication of 
original research. The University of Maryland awarded the 

first two dental degrees in history, on March 9, 1841, and 
invented the name of the degree, D.D.S., as well. 

The second type of doctor's degree is classified as the 
research doctorate representing prolonged periods of 
advanced study, usually accompanied by a dissertation 
which is designed to be a substantial contribution to 
existing knowledge on the subject. The most important of 
these, the Doctor of Philosophy, no longer has an 
implication of philosophy for its holder, but represents 
advanced research in any of the major fields of knowledge. 
It was first awarded in the United States by Yale University 
in 1861. 

The first Ph.D. was awarded by the University of Maryland 
in 1920. 

The Master's Degree 

The master's degree is an academic honor conferred upon 
students who have successfully completed work in advance 
of the baccalaureate. A thesis and an oral examination are 
usually required. The word magister, connected with a 
qualifying phrase, was used among the Romans as a title of 
honor, but its present meaning must be traced to the time 
of the establishment of the oldest universities. Regularly 
organized faculties were not then known as they now exist 
in the universities. The whole circle of academic activity was 
limited to seven liberal arts, and those who received public 
honors on the completion of their courses of studies, for 
their diligence and knowledge, and had already received the 
degree of baccalaureate (bachelor) were called magistri 
artium (master of the liberal arts). 

In 1920, the new University of Maryland awarded its first 
M.A. and M.S. degrees in fields other than agriculture. 

The Bachelor's Degree 

The bachelor's degree represents completion of a four-year 
course of study of collegiate grade and is the oldest 
academic degree used by American institutions of higher 
learning. The degree. Bachelor of Arts, was the first 
conferred in America in 1642 on the first nine graduates of 
Harvard College. 

Maryland Agricultural College, which was later to become 
the University of Maryland College Park, awarded the first 
Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees in 1862. 

Board of Regents 


The Hon. Joseph D. Tydings 
Vice Chairman 

Allen L Schwalt 

A. Paul Moss 

Mrs. Constance C. Stuart 
AssisUmt Secretary 

Ralph W. Frey 
Assistant Trecisurer 

Ms. Dorothy J. Lehrman 
The Hon. Wayne A. Cawley. Jr. 

ex ofTicio 
A. James Clark 
Mrs. Betty R. Coss 
Frank A. Gunther. Jr. 
The Hon. Blair Lee III 
Larry L. McCullough 
Clarence M. Mitchell. Jr. 
John W.T. Webb 

Central Administration 
of the University 

John S. Toll 
Executive Vice President 

Albert H. Bowker (Acting) 
Vice President for 
Academic Affairs 

Rita R. Colwell 
Vice President for Agricultural 
Affairs and Legislative Relations 

Frank L. Bentz. Jr. 
Vice President for General 

Donald L. Myers (Acting) 
Vice President for 
Graduate Studies and Research 

David S. Sparks 
Wee President for 
Policy cind Planning 

Dr. Leroy Keith (Acting) 
Wee President for 
University Relations 

Robert G. Smith 

College Park 

Campus Administration 


John B. Slaughter 
Vice Chcincellor for 
Academic Affairs 

William E. Kirwan 
Wee ChanceUor for 
Administrative Affeiirs 

Charles F. Sturtz 
Wee Chancellor for 
Student Affairs 

William L. Thomas, Jr. 


Division of Agricultural and 
Life Sciences 

Larry M. Vanderhoef 
[Xvision of Arts and 

Shirley S. Kenny 
Oivision of Beheiuioral and 
Social Sciences 

Murray E. Polakoff 
Division of Hurmin and 
Community Resources 

Muriel R. Sloan 
Division of Mathematiced 
and Physical Sciences and 

Frank J. Kerr 


School of Architecture 

John A. Steffian 
School of f\iblic Affairs 

Peter G. Brown (Acting) 
College of Agriculture 

Donald A. Hegwood 
College of Business and 

Rudolph P. Lamone 
College of Education 

George L. Marx, 
Assistant Provost 
for Education 
College of Engineering 

George E. Dieter, Jr. 
College of Human Ecology 

John R. Beaton 

College of Journalism 

Reese Cleghorn 
College of Library and 
lr\formation Services 

Anne S. MacLeod (Acting) 
College of Physical Education, 
Recreation and Heedth 

George F. Kramer (Acting) 
Mctryland Campus of the 
VA-MD Regional 
College of Veterinary Medicine. 

Robert C. Hammond, 
Associate Dean 
Administrative Dean for 
Graduate Studies and Research 

Irwin L. Goldstein (Acting) 
Administrative Dean for Summer 

Melvin M. Bernstein 
Administrative Dean for 
Undergraduate Studies 

Robert E. Shoenberg 

Officers of Commencement 


Dr. Donald Maley, 

Professor and Chairman, 

Industrial. Technological and 

Occupational Education 
University Marshal 

Dr. Don C. PiF)er, 


Government and Politics 

Dr. Stewart L. Gordon, 

Professor and Chairman, 

Committee Members 

Mr. Robert J. Beiter, 

Principal Specialist, 

Agricultural & Resource 


Capt. Ralph W. Bell, 

University Police. 

Mr. Edward W. Blackburn, 


Environmental Safety. 

Mrs. Frances P. Cave, 

Murse Supervisor, 

Health Center. 

Mrs. Maitland Dade. 

University Relations. 

Dr. (Jlysses S. Glee, 


Student Financial Aid. 

Mrs. Cornelia Goodwin, 

Diploma Office. 

Mr. Elwood H. Gross, 

General Services, 

Physical Plant. 

Mr. William H. Horsey. 

Associate Director, 

Physical Plant. 

Mr. Ernest D. Huff, Jr., 

Assistant Director, 

Records & Registrations. 

Mr. Patrick J. Hunt, 


University Relations. 

Mrs. Alice Hurd. 

Student Financial Aid. 

Mrs. Audrey Hoist. 

University Book Center. 

Dr. George F. Kramer, 

Acting Dean. 

College of Physical 

Education. Recreation 

and Health. 

Dr. Leo R. LaSota. 

Assistant Professor. 


Dr. Michael P. duMonceau, 

Assistant Professor, 

Communication Arts and 


Mr. Matthew W. Sheriff. 


Dining Services. 

Mr. Robert T. Stumpff, 

Intercollegiate Athletics. 


Benjamin R. Civiletti 

Honorary Doctor of Public Service 
and Commencement Speaker 

In 1979, when a leader of tact as well as talent was needed to guide the Departnnent of Justice with 
professional excellence while avoiding political entanglements, President Carter turned to Benjamin R. 
Civiletti. Referred by Griffin B. Bell as a "lawyer's lawyer," Mr. Civiletti was quickly confirmed by the 
Senate and sworn in as the 73rd Attorney General of the United States on August 16. 1979. 

Responsible for the administration of some 55,000 employees and an annual budget of more than 
$2 billion, Mr. Civiletti used his considerable legal talents in dealing with a number of pressing 
domestic issues. He also played a prominent role in the Iranian crisis when 50 American hostages 
were held in Tehran, presenting the American case to the International Court of Justice at The Hague. 
Five days later the court ruled in favor of the United States. 

Mr. Civiletti's distinguished service could have been predicted. Born in Peekskill, New York, he has 
spent most of his adult life in the Baltimore area where he received an A.B. degree from Johns 
Hopkins University in 1957 and his LL.B. degree from the University of Maryland School of Law in 

His rise in the legal profession was swift. Immediately after being admitted to the bar, Mr. Civiletti 
became law clerk for the Honorable W. Calvin Chesnut and then served as Assistant United States 
Attorney for the District of Maryland from 1962 to 1964. 

Turning to private practice, Mr. Civiletti joined Baltimore's large and prestigious law firm of 
Venable, Baetjer and Howard, where he soon became head of its litigation department. After his 
service in the Justice Department, he rejoined the firm and now serves as resident partner in charge 
of its Washington office. 

He is a member of the Inter-American Bar Association; Fellow of the American Bar Foundation, 
American Law Institute, Maryland Bar Foundation, and the American College of Trial Lawyers; 
Director of the American Judicature Society; and Chairperson of the Board of Directors of the 
Maryland Legal Services Corporation. His awards include: Omicron Delta Kappa, Order of Coif; 
Herbert H. Lehman Ethics Award; and six honorary doctorates. 

Mr. Civiletti is married to the former Gaile L. Lundgren and has three children: Benjamin H., 
Andrew S., and Lynne T. 

Today he is awarded the honorary Doctor of Public Service degree. 



for Degrees 

AUGUST 1983 



Doctor of Philosophy 

Mark fHathan Abrahams 
Human Development: A 
Metatheoretical Hierarchy of 
Human Molivalion. 

Denise Abrams 

Sociology: Alienation: A 
Feminist Interpretation. 

Baice William Barth 

Human Development: Self 
Concept and Interpersonal 
Relationships Among Church 
Attending Lurtheretns. 

Betty Joan Beckley 

English: Voices of the Blood 
and Mind: A Linguistic 
Analysis of Voice and 
Character in D.H. Lawrence's 
The Rumed Serpent 
and Women in Loue. 

Marie M. BestuI 

Sociology: The Relationship of 
Social NeluMrks and Socied 
Supports to Adult Self 
Concept: Some Correlates of 
Setf-Esteem emd f^aslery. 

James H. Blaisdell 

Industrial. Technological and 
Occupational Education: 
Differential Effects on 
Computer Progreuruner 

Donald J. Carroll 

Education Policy. Planning, 
and Administration: Predicting 
Success in Social Work 
Education: An Exploratory 

Patricia Jane Castell 
Psychology: Effects of 
Expectation to Oisclose and 
Vedence of Prepared Disclosure 
Upon Attraction to a Discloser. 

DongDeuck Cha 
Civil Engineering: A 
Disaggregate Travel Demand 
Forecasting Modelmg System: 
Mulli-Stage Choice. 

Daniel Warren Chambers 
Mathematics: Central and 
Functioned Central Limit 
Theorems for Gaussian 

Mattie Curry Cheek 
Special Education: The 
Educational emd Sociologiced 
Status of Handicetpped and 
Non-Handicapped Inceucerated 
Adolescent Females. 

Henry Lowe Chen 

Physics: A Systematic Study 
of the 'He-elastic and the 
(' ) Transfer Reaction at 
E = 132 MeV. 


David Ellis Corman 
Electrical Engineering: 
Asymptotic Anedysis Model for 
Mooing Platform Multipath with 
Applications to Signal 

Arati Dasgupta 

Physics: Application of the 
Method of Polarized Orbilals to 
the Photoionization of the 
Sodium Atom and to Bectron 
Scattering from Ionized 

Alice Ann Deanin 

Mathematics: MaNer's P-adic 
Continued Fraction Algorithm. 

Paul Devine 

Economics: Foreceisting 
Household Consumption from 
Cross-Section and Time Series 

Arthur Joseph Dorsey 
Electrical Engineering: 
Adaptive Control of a Simple 
Queuing System. 

Richard Alan DuschI 

Curriculum and Instruction: 
Science Teachers' Beliefs 
About the Nature of Science 
and the Selection. 
Development, emd 
Implementation of Instructional 

Mary Elizabeth Dzaman 
Psychology: Staff-Patient 
Interaction in a State Mental 

Reda Abdu el-hay Mohamed AM 

Civil Engineering: Analysis of 
Water, Heat, and Solute 
Transfers in Unsaturated 
Porous Media. 

Rudolf J. Faller 

Sociology: Max Weber's 
Industrial Sociology. 

Susan Mary Farabaugh 
Zoology: A Comparative 
Study of Duet Song in Tropiced 
Thryothorus Wrens. 

Jack D. Fellows 

Civil Engineering: Remote 
Sensing-Betsed Information 
Management System for Reed 
Time Regional Hydrologic 

Inci GiJIser Gokmen 

Chemistry: Validation of the 
Stable Isotope Tracer for Study 
of Zinc Nutrition in Human 

Janet Truman Gold 

Curriculum and Instruction: 
An Investigation of Word- 
Oriented and Meaning-Oriented 
Eighth Grade Readers' Facdity 
to Independently Rewrite 
Sentences Following Teacher 
Modeling (A Single Case 
Experiment with Five 

Nancy Elaine Goliber 

Physical Education: Selected 
Blood Chemistry Vedues as 
ReleUed to Physical Fitness 

James Robert Groves 
Civil Engineering: 
Development of a Remote 
Sensing Betsed Watershed 

Diane Blake Harper 
Sociology: Women, Work and 
Fertility: A Study of the Impact 
of Occupation on 

Jane Ann Haugh 

Curriculum and Instruction: 
Investigation of the 
Relationship Between 
Chddren's Melacognitive 
Aweireness Adiout the f\apose 
of Reading and Writing. 

Mark Emmett Hawley 

Civil Engineering: A Study of 
Policy emd Regulations for 
Slormwaler Management. 

Mohamed Fawzy Helwa 
Civil Engineering: The 
Chetnnel Network in Hydrologic 
Simulation: Improved Modeling 
and Evaluation of SignificarKe. 

Gary W. Hopkins 

Education Policy. Planning, 
and Administration: Use of 
the Delphi Technique to 
f^terrrune Comparabihty of 
Foreign Qualifications for 
Placement at U.S. Tertiary 

Yi-chin Tsao Hu 

Civil Engineering: Traffic Flow 
Optimization on Rural 

David Hamilton Hutchens 
Computer Science: The 
Objective Evaluation of 
Software from Multiple 

August Doctors 13 

Z. Annette Iglarsh 

Health Education: The Effects 
of Touch on Heart Rede and 
Mean Arterial, Systolic, and 
Diastolic Blood P'ressures in 
the Newborn. 

Baice Leslie Katcher 

Psychology: The Experience of 
Leaving a Job. 

Kathleen Kearney Keeshen 
American Studies: Marguerite 
Higgins: Journalist 

Chong Ho Kim 

Chemistry: Synthesb of New 
Analgesic Compounds. 

Gi Kong Kim 

Physics: Charge- Dependent 
Interactions in the Spreading 
Width of an Isobeiric Analog 
State in ^^Sc. 

Janet Kmitch 

Economics: An Econometric 
Study of Capital Utilization in 
Manufacturing Industries in the 
U.S. for 1972. 

Elsa Lee Leonard 
Special Education: Acquisition 
of Fiagetian Concepts by 
Learning Disabled Boys: A 
Deuelopmental Lag Hypothesis. 

Wai Kun Leung 

Electrical Engineering: Block 
Sequential Return Difference 
Method for Large Scale Control 

Marion Susan Levy 

English: The Poetry of D.H. 

Neil Kenneth Makstein 

Psychology: IDeuelopment of a 
Sense of Self: Implications for 
Perceiving the Environment 
and Coping with the World. 

14 August Doctors 

Varda Frenkel Mann 
Microbiology: A Genetic 
Anedysis of the Structure and 
Function of the Bacillus 
sphaericus S-layer. 

William Gregory Manov 
Psychology: Projection in 
Mother-Son Relationship. 

David Haworth McCulloh 
Zoology: Rabbit Eggs, Sperm, 
and Follicle Cells: Electrical 
Signs of Interaction. 

Jeffrey Thomas Mitchell 

Human Development: Effects 
of Stress Management Treuning 
on Paramedic Coping Styles 
and Perceived Stress Levels. 

Susan Teresa Morris 

Counseling and Personnel 
Services: Interaction of Client 
and Counselor Conceptual 
Levels with Structuredness of 

Lien-chong Mou 

Psychology: Influence of Cue 
Naming Strategies on 
Response Times in Same- 
Different Judgments. 

Beth Lynn Neiman 

Counseling and Personnel 
Services: Perceptions of 
Behaviors Reflecting Good 
Child-Rearing Practices as 
Judged by Parents and 

Bonnie Conrad Nelson 

Measurement, Statistics and 
Evaluation: The Effects of 
Semantic Structure of Test 
Items on Perceived Difficulty, 
Anxiety and Achievement in 
Computer Administered 

Richard Parker Nordan 
Zoology: Characterization of 
Factor Dependent 
Plasmacytoma Cell Growth. 

Don York Northam 

Electrical Engineering: An 
Approach to the Modeling of 
Electromagnetic Scattering 
from Distributed Targets with 
Applications to Surface Ships. 

Richard W. Peach 

Economics: An Econometric 
Model of the Single-Family 
Housing Sector. 

Robert Leslie Powell 
Civil Engineering: 
Deterministic Models and 
(Jnceriainty in the Management 
of Regional Ground Water 
Row and Contamineuit 
Transport Systems. 

Robert Slocum Preece 

Economics: The Economics of 
Transnational Pollution: An 
Evaluation of the Role of 
Bilateral Bargaining in 
Determining the Efficient 
Pollution Level. 

Lee Ann Putnam 

Library and Information 
Services: Organizational 
Structure and Work Group 
Performance: Designing for 
Library Effectiveness. 

Beth Ann Rabinovich 

Human Development: The 
Effects of Mater ned 
Employment on Behavioral 
Correlates of Maternal- Infant 

Ahmed Mahmoud Maher Ragab 
Civil Engineering: Residual 
Strength Determination of 
Timber Bridge Piling. 

Roger Harper Reeves 

Zoology: Characterization of a 
Feimily of Feline Endogenous 
Retroviral Sequences. 

Henry Douglas Robertson 
Civil Engineering: Signalized 
Intersection Controls for 

E. Arthur Robinson, Jr. 

Mathematics: Ergodic Measure 
Preserving Transformations 
with Finite Spectral 

Sandra Shapiro Rosenblatt 
Counseling and Personnel 
Services: The VedidaUon of an 
Attribution Scale for Children. 

Joyce Mae Rothschild 

English: The Radical Vision of 
Elizabeth Bowen's Novels. 

Julia Lee Robinson Saba 
Physics: A Study of X-Ray 
Variability in Stellar Black Hole 

Glenn Richard Schiraldi 
Health Education: 
Psychological Correlates of the 
Type A Behavior Pattern: A 
Descriptive Study. 

Irene Astrid Schreiner 

Curriculum and Instruction: 
Examination of Deaf Babies' 
Communicative Behavior 
Toward Their Caregivers. 

Martin Serle Schugam 
Criminal Justice and 
Criminology: Systemic Trends 
and the Weighing of Systemic 
and Composite Issues in 
Juvenile Corrections Policy 
Making: A Case Study 

Peter David Schumer 

Mathematics: On the Large 
Sieve Inequality in an Algebraic 
Number Field. 

Cynthia Lee Scott 
Zoology: Euolution of 
ImmunoglobuUn Lambda Genes 
in the Genus Mus. 

Deborah Sherman Sedlacek 
Measurement, Statistics and 
Evaluation: A Monte Carlo 
Investigation into the 
Robustness of Latent Class 
Models to Violations of the 
Local Independence etnd Equed 
Error Rates Assumptions. 

YunTai James Shiu 
Civil Engineering: TTie 
fionlinear Analysis of Cable- 
stayed Bridges. 

Anna Christine Smolen 

Microbiology: A Study of the 
Genetic and Molecular 
Characteristics of the Fertility 
Factor V in tion-OI Vibrio 

David Bruce Snyder 
Animal Science: Antigenic 
Assessment of Auian 
Coromujinises by Monoclonal 

Mancy Sarah Theeman 

Music: The Life and Songs of 
Augusta Holmes. 

Mary Laing Venn 

Education Policy. Planning, 
and Administration: Role 
Expectations and Role 
Perforrmmce of Nursing Faculty 
in Research Universities. 

Constance Ormsby Verdi 
Human Development: Effects 
of Marginality on Life-Style and 
Lifeuxtrk: Case Study of 
Gertrude Stein. 

Michael Anthony Wagner 
Sociology: Factors Influencing 
the Choice of a College Major 
for Medes and Females. 

David James Webb 

Physics: An ESR Study of 
Amorphous Spin Glasses. 

Mam Sung Woo 
Computer Science: An Implicit 
Concurrent Fiocessing Row 
Schema and Its Architecture. 

Lap-Ming Wun 
Applied Mathematics: The 
Effect of MisspeciTied 
Intervention Function on the 
Estimation of Time Series 

Doctor of Education 

Margaret Gibson Phillips 
Curriculum and Instruction: 
Retention in the Middle School: 
The Effect on High School 

Henry Leo Roubicek 

Curriculum and Instruction: An 
Experimented Investigation of 
Using Story Dramatization as a 
f're- Writing Activity to Improve 
Skdls in Composition. 

William Henry Scotti, Jr. 
Education Policy. Planning, 
and Administration: Analysis 
of Organization^ Incongruity 
Based on a Diagnostic Study of 
Leadership Style. 

August Doctors 15 

Master of Arts 

Joan Ellen Ahrens 
Stacey Hill Ahrons 
Antoinette Suzanne Allen 
Peter Gene Bahor 
Sharon Parker Balthrop 
Steve Richard Bensinger 
Jorge A. Brea 

Dominique Francoise Butcher 
Karen Lyn Byrne 
Steven Alan Cheskin 
Polly P. Clark 
Virginia A. Connelly 
Meil Griffith Conway 
Richard Lawrence Cooperstein 
Alma Christina Cottles 
Luz Minerva Cruz 
Richard John De Angelis 
Letha Marie Dugas 
Charles A. Eisenhart 
Holland Eugene England. Jr. 
Maureen McCauley Evans 
Mark Paul Faber 
Mancy J. Fogg 
Robert P. Foreman 
Helen Blankstein Fox 
Patricia Ross French 
Jan Lawrence Friskey 
Chien-Kuo Fu 
Patrice Louise Gilliam 
Rennie Rogers Golec 
Irene Frances Qoley 
Douglas Charles Greenlaw 
Joan Marie Hanlon 
Melissa Hinds 
Andrew Grant Johnson 
Nancy Carolyn Jones 
Joanna Michele Judy 
Mary Lee Kerr 
Jillian Suzanne King 
Godwin Koon-Tat Lau 
Laraine Virginia Lomax 
Cynthia R. Lucas 
William Edward Melvin 
Karen Ann Mezzullo 
Bruno Millerioux 
Bette Mills 

Mark Joseph Mitchell 
Mary T. Mitchell-Donahue 

Marie Allison Powell 
Elizabeth Lise Rafferty 
Kathryn Gearhart Reed 
Martha V. Riso 
Joan Berwitt Rosenberg 
Barbara Emeline Shankman 
Judith Lynn Smith 
Joanne Marie Sobeck 
Neeman Ahmed Sophan 
Robert Paul Stein 
Edith Adelaine Stocks 
Gail S. Terry 
Martina V. Tobing 
Marie Mayo Travis 
Jessie Kay Trotter 
Eric Winship Trumbull 
Joan Marie Twiss 
Jose Miguel Valencia 
Cynthia Anne Weaver 
Mark Edward Wheatley 
Randall Wilson 
Pamela Kline Wolfe 
Jen-Hwa Yuan 
Lloyd Zimet 

Master of Science 

Ramsey F. Abid 

Janet Naomi Abramovitz 

Marc Abrams 

Vinay Kumar Agarwal 

Elisa Delores Ahmanson 

Andrea Lee Alexander 

Genevieve Carr Anderson 

Bimal Lalith Aponso 

Alpha Teresa Banks 

Paul Jeffrey Battista 

Raymond Stanley Beiner 

Cynthia A. Beljan 

Joseph Michael Benedetto 

Martha L. Blackstock 

Janet S. Borel 

Margaret Dienelt Brannigan 

Brian Patrick Brodfuehrer 

Carolyn Kerr Brumfield 

Emelia Anna Burt 

Kenneth Ray Carroll 

Alhad Manohar Chande 

Chi-Liang Chen 

Paul Edward Cleveland 

Franco Cosentino 

Karen Listman Cyr 

June Amanda DeGraft-Hanson 

Mohamed El Baraka 

Michael Walter Everett 

Robert George Fasulka 

Terri Lynn Federline 

Daniel Allen Fieselmann 

Evan Joshua Goodman 

Paul L. Gunther 

Suresh Chand Gupta 

John Joseph Holmes 

Chang-Ho Hong 

Anne Elizabeth Houde 

Sharon Lee Hurt 

Farshid Iravani 

Donna Brinsfield Kimball 

Shirrell L Knight 

Nancy Giella Krauss 

Joseph Lewis Kraut 

Carol Ann Lee 

Hsien-Hua Lee 

Jing-Young Lee 

Mindy D. Levine 

James Darrell Luzader 

Marcia Joan Margolis 

Liliana Mayz-Wallis 

Robert Bruce McFarlin 

Javier Mufioz 

Richard Leo Neugass 

William Allen Northcutt 

David Palmer Notley, Jr. 

Dimokritos A. Panagiotopoulos 

H. T. Parker 

Norman G. Berrios Pena 

Gail Marie Proctor-Howell 

Lois Elaine Rawson 

Samuel Rosenbloom 

Laura Marie Rowland 

Robert James Ryan 

Adam Sapirstein 

Herayer Ashot Sayad 

Nancy McNally Schwenk 

Shantini A. Senanayake 

Nancy Patricia Shoemaker 

Barry Keith Silvermetz 

Chatnarong Sonetirot 

Hsien-Ning Tou 

Dan-Wen Wang 

Michael L. Weiss 

Robert Stuart Williams 
Huey Tsong Wu 
Shao Bin Wu 
Susan S. Yamada 
Jiann-Shiou Yang 

Master of Education 

Debra L. Barnard 

Ann Elizabeth Benbow 

Anne McGeehan Bierey 

Cynthia Ann Black 

Karen Lee Craney 

Jo-Annette David 

Nanette Zipper Fried 

John Edward Haas 

Nancy Hack 

Caroline Winslow Hitch 

Paulette Victoria Jones 

Sandra Jean Kent 

Lori Levin McDonald 

James S. Morrow 

Deborah K. Polycranos 

George Polycranos 

Dario O. Prieto 

James Pierce Ressler 

Michele Maria White Schaffer 

Karen Elfman Weiser 

Margaret Allison Yeager 

Marjorie Jane Crawford Younger 

Master of Business 

John Charles Beall 
Marcie Carol Berger 
Robert James Butler 
Suzanne Lynn Carson 
Ann Bixby Devilliers 
Matthew Brian Flyer 
Akshay K. Jain 
Helen Ashton Laurent 
Candace Dawn Livingston 
Sandra Ann Neverett 
Cheryl Kay Pierce 
Weichung Wang 
Jon Waite Waynick 
Ann Laws Wigle 
John Frederick Wilkinson, Jr. 
M. Sandra Wood 

16 August Masters 

Master of Music 

Harriet Marlene Kaplan 
Kareen Kido 
Brenda June M^lntire 
Yvonne H. B. L. Miyamura 
Cindy Lee Smith 

Master of Library 

Ann Paynter Ackerson 
Loiuse F. Bucco 
Diana Lynn Carico 
Nancy Jean Carson 
Kay Lynn Davis 
Rene4 Vigeant Domogauer 
Valerie Anne Eliasen 
Marlene Yvonne Fine 
Nilce Chaves Gattaz 
Anne Elizabeth Harris 
Marina A. Patta Helens 
Marilyn L. Ibach 
Rosemary Staley Keech 
Elizabeth Lynn Kremer 
Lora Curtis Lafky 
Rosemary Wing Wah Mok 
Cassandra Joyce Ricks 
Mary Ann RozmarynowskI 
Catherine T. Sizer 
Kathleen Ann Stenger 
Donna Marcia Wells 
Michele Cohen Zemsky 

Master of Fine Arts 

Laura Liberatore Szweda 


Master of Education 

June 30. 1983 

Gary Garner Howorth 

August 30. 1983 

Tony Curtis Billingslea 
Cart Pamela D. Carter 
Susan Conn Hatfield 
Leah Cast Lewis 
Kathleen Elizabeth Raisani 




Master's Level 
Mark Paul Faber 


August Masters/Certificates 17 


College of Agriculture 

Bachelor of Science 

Peggy Elizabeth Booraem 
Brian Scott Davidson 
David Alvin Flenning 
Penelope Kay Galoff 
John Garofalo 
Christopher Gerard Goss 
William James Kolodrubetz 
Michael John Marshall 
Kathleen Marie O'Neill 
Rebecca Elizabeth Paul 
Michael Joseph Raines 
Lisa Samuel Scarborough 
Barbara Truglio 
Rosemarie Walker 
William Francis Walsh 
Tamara Rae Ziesemann 
Arthur Ira Zuckerman 

A "^ 
18 August Bachelors 

Division of 
Agricultural and 
Life Sciences 

Bachelor of Science 

John Joon Ahn 
Nurcin Kalender Bardakci 
William Temple Brewington 
Jerry Bryan Coleman 
Timothy Michael Collins 
William John Colliver 
Michael Andrew Crook 
Julia Elena Daszkiewicz 
Luis Andres Dibos 
Wayne Paul Dulaney 
Mark Thaddeus Filar 
James Lansdale Flynn 
Barbara Brady Fryer 
Susan Greenbaum 
Michael Eugene Gross 
Afsane Haddad-Mashad 
Paul Roderick Harrington 
Janet Marian Hartman 
John A. Herbst 
Barbara Ann Hunter 
Daniel Peter Ivkovich, Jr. 
Mary Ann Lacey 
Diana Cecile Leavy 
Bahman Moussazadeh 
Charles Harlan Pals 
Janet Mary Quigley 
Ruth Anne Rainey 
Stephen Michael Reinitz 
Allen Russell Schaeffer 
Mitchell Evan Schloner 
Jay Stewart Schuster 
Peter K. Soltani 
Eugene Francis Wilson 


School of Architecture 
Bachelor of Architecture 

James Timothy Lozoskie 
rSicos K. Mavronicolas 
Christopher Blake Meagher 
Roberta Suzanne Pigott 

Division of Arts and 
Bachelor of Arts 

Thomas Alexander Alldredge 
Dorothy Lucinda Anderson 
Joy Celeste Anderson 
Pamela Jo Anselmo 
Robert Arhin 
Paulette M. Armstrong 
Diana Lynn Barry 
John Michael Barry 
Stuart Lee Basinger 
Lisa Brandt 
Charles Roy Burg 
Catherine Dorothy Burke 
William Michael Burlingame 

'Christina Candelaria 
Ruth Annette Carter 
Mark Alan Christmas 
Lucia Elena Cobo 
George Francis Corrigan 
Anne Creager 
Jeannine Elizabeth Crouse 
Cynthia Lee Dale 
Maria Dianne Dalton 
Charles Pitman Doherty 
Charles Martin Eisenhauer 
Yvonne Marie Eugene 
Ellyn S. Fabricant 
rSushin Kazerouni Farzaneh 
John Roland Garey 
Vernetta Lenee Gill 
Andrew Thomas Gilroy 

*Rita Louise Granito 
Malcolm Worth Gray 
Kenneth Bryon Haines 
Herbert Roscoe Hardy, Jr. 
Curtis Trevor High 
Amy Elizabeth Humes 
Raymond J. Jeffers 
Kim Marie Jennings 
Madhuri Madhusudan Joshi 
Peggy H. Landini 

tMarie Hope Lathers 
Catherine Anne Leavy 
Therese Anne Lee 
Susan Houghton Libby 
Peter Linden 
Elizabeth Rebecca Lorton 

§Summa Cum Laude; fMagna Cum Laude; *Cum Laude 

Bachelor of Science 

Melanie E. Hennigan 

Michael Andrew Lahowin 

Lan Hoang Le 

Sissela M. Malmstrom 

Lourdes Victoria Reynafarje 

Seyedhamid Sahiholnasab 

Jonathan Eric Sells 

Thorir Sigfusson 

Fernando Alvaro Zuniga-Pflucker 

College of Journalism 
Bachelor of Science 

Robyn Eileen Bellmore 
Marcy Sue Bershtein 
Bessie Ann Bradford 
Justin Christopher Caramagno 
Teresa Ann Caruso 
Mary Elizabeth Coffman 
Alexandre Benoit Ducq 
Ginni Lori Fox 
Bruce H. Gordon 
Caroline W. Huang 
Barbara Marie Molan 
Janet Susan Pomerantz 
Marie-Claire Pret 
Matthew Mosley Robb 
Robert Charles Rose, Jr. 
Leslie Pamela Schultz 
Terri Layne Torchin 
Barbara Jean Walder 

Susan T. MacKay 

Carolyn Anne Macuk 

tAlice Marie Magorian 

Angela Marney 

David George Mayeske 

Thomas Michael McCann 

Michael John McCormick 

Sharon Lynn McCullough 

Kelly Ann McDonnell 

Susan Ann McGraw 

Cheryl Kaye McKinnis 

Bradley A. McWilliams 

•John Thomas Meyers 

Yehuda Aryeh Millen 

Scott Benjamin Mitchell 

Michael James Monahan 

Richard William Morgan. Jr. 

John Gleason Myers 

Daniel Micholson Ohike 

•Elizabeth Anne Omar 

Elizabeth Pacunas 

Eric Stanley Peek 

Janice Shibel Pettit 

Keith Sherboume Phucas 

Linda Ellis Picasso 

Susan Paige Raider 

Gary Cornell Reid 

Charles Corwin Rice 

Charles Edward Ruch. Jr. 

Akiko Rupell 

Hillary S. Sachs 

John Samuel Schmid, Jr. 

Elisabeth Alexandra Schweiker 

Mader Shashaani 

Ellen Marie Sheehan 

Cindy Lee Smith 

Ruth E. Stein 

Mona Lynne Sussman 

Mark Richard Taylor 

Lisa M. Turnbull 

Darryl Scott Waskow 

•Karen Wells 

•Elizabeth Ann Williams 

Douglas Perry Wilson 

Christine Susan Witte 

Zoe Anne Woolard 

•Colleen Margaret Zaruba 

Bachelor of Music 

Barbara Pace Swenson 


College of Business 
and Management 
Bachelor of Science 

Robert Edward Adams, Jr. 
Alisa Rene Alderman 
Ronald Axe 
Randy Scott Ballin 
Ronald Franklin Barr 
Judi Lee Bashore 
Mitchell Howard Bassen 
Vondelear Ana Baylor 
Stephen Michael Beard 
Jonathan Edward Beasley 
Thomas Eugene Bennett 
Joseph Whama Boayue. Jr. 
Michael John Boleski 
Linda Ann Borselli 
Timothy M. Boyle 
Jeffrey Scott Brannan 
Todd E. Camel 
Louis C. Capannelli 
Samuel Cerrato. Jr. 
Lung-Ying Chang 
Adele Mae Chaudry 
John Francis Costa, Jr. 
Rachel E. Crowley 
Karen Ann Cuccia 
Craiglyn Joanne D'Agostino 
Martha Anne Dawson 
Patrick Ward Day 
tGretchen Ellen 

John Harold Donohue 
Hugh F. Duffy 

Suzanne Marie Edwards 
Daniel C. Eng 
David Francis Ennis 
Laura Wallace Evans 
Michael Thomas Evans 
James Keith Everly, Jr. 
Darlene Marie Ewell 
§Althea A. Ewing 
Jack Exier 
Sarwar Husain Faraz 
Craig Joseph Farrell 

tCynthia Jean Faust 
Jeffrey Stewart Feldmann 
Susan Lynne Flanders 
Mark Steven Flatau 
Karyn Rose Fliegler 
Thomas Der Fong 
Melanie Christina Franz 
Gregory John Gaudio 
James William Gerson 
Althea Elaine Gibbs 
§Susan Helene Greenstein 
Howard Steven Grunfeld 
Charlene Teresa Guessford 
Jennifer Lynn Gundling 
Barry Michael Haffner 
Mary Kathryn Hanrahan 
Stephen Scott Harris 
Vaughan Anthony Hastings 
Mindy Beth Helman 
Deborah K. Higgins 
Michael J. Hoberman 
Lisa Anita Hudson 
Melissa Hutchinson 
Ahmad Irvani 
Roxanne Elizabeth Jenney 
Curtis Everette Johnson 
tHelen Berry Johnson 
Kathleen Ann Johnson 
Tammy Jordan 
Diane Irene Karadimos 
Bruce Andrew Kasper 
•Katharine Mary King 
Brian David Kotzker 
Dean Miles Krauss 
Rhonda Alane Kruman 
Stanley Francis Lamb 
Mark Alan Leander 
Madalina Yuk-Ling Lee 
Graham Eugene Lefelar 
Frank Joseph Len. Jr. 
Jennifer Leigh Leshko 
Mark Steven Levine 
Bruce Meal Livingston 
Cindi Lynn Lukow 
Bnjce Ian Margulies 
Michael Revell McGlaughlin 
Ernest Edward Migoya 
Cary David Millstein 
Anwar Ali Mohl 
§Loretta Monterastelli 

§Summa Cum Laude: tMagna Cum Laude; •Cum Laude 

Mark Montgomery 
Kimberly Thomas Moulton 
David Wayne Moxley 
Daniel Abraham Mainan 
Mark Haegle Olin 
Vrege Pamboukian 
Cynthia Wallace Phifer 
Laurie Debra Poms 
Kenneth Gregory Prather 
Mark Louis Raulin 
Scott Michael Richards 
Veta Teresa Richardson 
Herman Walter Robertson III 
Paul Sergio Rodriguez 
Scott Leonard Rogoff 
Ira Charles Rovitz 
Thomas Joseph Ruseski 
•Alan Randall Scheller 
Bruce Edward Schevitz 
Susan Schlanger 
•Robert T Schooley 
Karen Nancy Schwartz 
Bruce Raymond Scull 
Michael Jeffrey Seligman 
Cheuk-Woon Shang 
Bonnie Fisher Shapiro 
Charles Steven Shapiro 
Linda Lee Sharpless 
Elizabeth Mancy Shionsky 
Stephanie Fay Smith 
Patti Ann Solko 
David Meal Solomon 
Eileen L Soto 
Debra Denise Staton 
Steven Patrick Steele 
Andrew Robert Stehr 
Steven Marc Steiner 
Michael Andrew Stem 
Elizabeth Ann Stewart 
tAnita Maureen Sydorko 
Karen Lynn Thomas 
Gregory Wayne Thornton 
Ronald Floyd Tipton 
Phyllis Ann Turvey 
Sherry Lynne (Jmbel 
Steven Thomas Valentino 
Susan Anton von Paris 
Sherri M. Wagman 
Sherri Denise Wall 
Scott Olaf Weikle 

August Bachelors 19 

Andrew Raos Weinberg 
Laurie Fran Weiss 
Marriott Wilson Winchester, Jr. 
Anna Shing Yung Wu 

Division of Behavioral 
and Social Sciences 
Bachelor of Arts 

Gregory L. Appier 

Deborah Gail Ballen 

Joyce Marie Barrow 

Karen Helen Bernard 

Richard Daniel Besson 
tinderjit Kaur Bhathal 

Robert Eugene Bickford III 

Joel E. Binford 

Kenneth Earl Black 

Barbara A. Borman 

Donette J. Boyd 

Sandra Anne Brown 

Gina Marie Buiko 

Todd Peter Burrier 
•Sharon Ann Byrne 

Denise E. Chatman 

Bernard Cieplak 

Katrina Jean Cool 

Lawrence Crilley 

Angela Lynn Critchfield 

Jeannine Elizabeth Crouse 

Paul Thomas DeCoste 

Glenn Adam Dreyfuss 

Jennifer Susan Dumbroski 

Lawrence Edward Eiser 

Alicia Fran Feingold 

Janice Celia Firestone 

John Michael Garlock 

Patricia Garman 

Philip David Geissler, Jr. 

James William Gerson 

Helen Carolyn Gibbs 

Cynthia Rochelle Goins 

Ellen Ruth Goldberg 

Julie Beth Goldberg 

Joanna Louise Qoldsby 

Robert Edward Gough 

John William Govel 

Eliana Maria Grand! 

Linda Cathleen Grant 

Felisa Deloise Graves 

Cindy Marie Grayson 
Whitney Dale Grimley 
Risa L. Gunzenhauser 

tMary Keiling Hackley 
Stephen Scott Harris 
Christopher William Havens 
Yvonne Nora Heffner 
Alfonzo Hemphill 
Christopher John Henderson 
Evaline Lalrinmawii Henkai 
David Adrian Hirschman 
Kenneth Raymond Hiser 
Kurt Bennett Hoffman 
Mark Gerard Hoffman 
Richard Earl Holmes 
Linda Catherine 

Christopher David Horton 
Susan Maria Humphrey 
Carolyn P. Jacobsen 
Maxine Harrod James 
Madia Jarski-Goldman 
Paige Johnson Jenkins 
Jeffrey Jerome Johnson 
Beth Waunetta Jones 
Michael Joseph Kennedy 
Douglas Stewart Kerr 
Brooke A. Keshian 
John Benjamin Kling 
Pamela Elise Kutner 
Michael Dennis Litherland 
Alison Anne Frances MacKeen 
Carolyn Edith Mackie 
Francis Gregory Martin 
Jawad Paul Mashny 
Susan Ellen McCaffrey 
James Arthur Mills 
Jane Winslow Moore 
Deborah Lynne Mossburg 
Edward Arthur Motsinger 
William Bruce Mulligan 
William Joseph Murphy 
Robert C. Myers 

§Paul Burns Mardone 
Kenneth James Memetz 
Clare Killeen Neville 

fJames Edward O'Malley 

•Tricia Diane O'Neill 
Sally Anna Painter 
Nancy Ann Palandati 

Rosaria Paratore 
Gilda Diana Parsons 
Deborah Lorraine Penland 
Cletus Albert Presnell 11 
Susan Renee Pugh 
John Christian Pyles 
Robert Wilson Raimond 
Linda Reese-Davidson 
Melinda J. Rhyne 
James Louis Richardson 
David George Robak 
Mary Catherine Robinson 
Ernesto Candido Rodriguez 
Jeffrey Aron Rosenzweig 
Douglas James Roswurm 
Gene Mark Santucci 
Nancy S. Scriba 
Steven Lee Sefret 
Maria Christina Segovia 
Maureen A. Shaffer 
Ronald Francis Shaffer 
Diane Elizabeth Shamsey 
Charles Roy Shapiro 
Jason Alan Shapiro 
Lisa Ann Siciliano 
Kathleen Patricia Simonini 
Kathy Yvette Smith 
Beverly Stell 
John Robert Stricklett 
Michelle Roseanne Thelen 
Thomas Albert Thompson 
Robin Ann Tobin 
Joseph Anthony Todaro, Jr. 
Richard James Todd 
Nusrat Fatima Gsmani 
Elaine Irene Vadnais 
Sergio David Vega 
Gina Marie Watkins 
Brigit Mary Westerhout 
David Franklin Whipp 
Michele Marie White 
Deborah Williams 
Clark Emanuel Wisor 111 
Kelly Michann Wright 
Irene Patricia Zamora 

Bachelor of Science 

Candace Lynn Alexander 
Kenneth Stonewall Bowie, Jr. 
Linda Catherine De Carlo 
Glenn Andrew Dix 
David Scott G latter 
Carla Dell Houghten 
Donald Owen Kreger 
Richard Matthew Leadbeater 
Sherri Lynn Mazza 
*Christopher P. Milosevic 
Carol Diane O'Connor 
Barry J. Snyder 

20 August Bachelors 

§Summa Cum Laude: fMagna Cum Laude; *Cum Laude 


College of Education 
Bachelor of Arts 

Michele Raymonde Beach 
Kathleen Rose Goetzinger 
Frances Mounfield Hardinge 
Lynn Merrynnan Marsh 
Judith M. Stigall 
Terez Maria Touhey 

Bachelor of Science 

Susan Ann Ayers 

Richard Mark Belcher 

Lori Ann Blum 

Joyce Kathleen Bourne 

Janet Lee Brumer 

David Mark Buddenbohn 

Lisa Audrey Busbice 

Carolyn Susan Campbell 

Thomas Roy Cole 

Loni Lynn Cooley 

Lawrence Colin Delaplaine 

Janet Byrnes Donnelly 
•John Charles Duval 

Constance Paige Ervin 

Hopie Elisa Fleishman 

Paula Rachel Freeman 

Korry Alden Greene 

Tambra Lou Higdon 
'Linda Lou James 

Michelle Renee Jones 

Bradley Cromwell Karn III 

Robert William Klein II 

Mark Carl Leming 

Michael John Maier 

James Thomas Morris 

Mickey Austin Newport 

Gregory Vladimir Oleynik 

Stephen Donald Payne 

Karen Elizabeth Polley 

Thomas Robert Prouty 

Frederick John Reitz. Jr. 

Belinda Marie Rosenberger 

Marcia Mae Routson 

Thomas Charles Sparacino 

Charles F. Trovato 

llene Tyroler 

College of Human Ecology 
Bachelor of Science 

Nina Linda Adier 

Denise Marie Anderson 

Anuli Loveth Anochie 

Brenda Ellen Barrentine 

Cynthia Leslie Booze 

Linda Lee Boretos 

Migdalia Carmona 

llene Meryl Chaimowitz 

Nancy Elizabeth Dahl 

Lisa Ruth Danziger 

Danise Marie Dobal 

Beth Ellen Dobrin 

Laura Karen Dome 

Gail Lynn Fox 

Suzanne Kay Fox 

Pamela Faith Gevinson 

Marjorie Louise Goldich 

Sandra Anne Marie Gray 

Gloria Marie Hale 
§Rebecca Sue Harrison 

Karen Anita Hartong 

Lesa Joyce Hebron 

Irene M. Herold 

Lynn Elizabeth Hilton 

Eva Marie Hogiund 
'Sharon Theresa Jackson 

Lynne Marie Jones 

Virginia Lee Kay 

Pamela Martha Kehayias 

Roberta Vivian Kess 

Joyce G. LaZar 

Catherine Anne Leavy 
•Mary Page Lee 

Shirley Jean Linder 

Margaret A. McDonough 

Julianne Nolan McMahon 

Diane Lynn Moore 

Mary Tierney Mullen 

Eileen Antoinette Nee 

Lissa Celeste Nielsen 

Debra Elyse Radom 

Angela Marie Rhoderick 

Anneli Kay Rock 

Betsy Faye Rosenthal 

Heidi L. Rosman 

Shelly Ann Scott 

Jane Camden Sellheim 

Nader Shashaani 

Charles Wesley Shauck 
Laura Beth Shelton 
Krista Leigh Shives 
Ira Doron Simson 
Cheryl O. Sumner 
Gloria Ann Webb 
Monique Dorcas Wright 
Adrienne Young 
Annette Louise Zamarchi 
Marcie Zeitzoff 
Jennifer Leigh Zeller 

College of Physical 
Education, Recreation 
and Health 
Bachelor of Science 

Fred Dean Aaron 
Jill Robin Baron 
Susan Ellen Beloff 
Teresa Charles 
Robert Dorsey. Jr. 
Rebecca Ann Edwards 
Angela Marie Ernandez 
Susan Beth Finn 
Linda Marie Fiori 
Robyn Carrie Friedman 
Gail Leslie Gordon 
Robin Mindy Greene 
Mauria Rita Kaplan 
Patricia Ann Martin 
Amy Lou Meyer 
Theresa Marie Pugh 
Barbara Jean Redington 
Nancy Lynn Richards 
Holly Elizabeth Richardson 
Samuel Alfredo Rivera 
Barbara Anne Ryan 
Sharon Lynn Scott 
Wendy Beth Singer 
Wendy Leigh Sites 
Laurie S. Trott 
Mary Frances Weaver 
Shannon L. Yauger 

College of Engineering 
Bachelor of Science 

Kathryn Louise Aguilar 

Thomas John Anderson 

Sarabjit Singh Bakshi 

Ferland Jerome Barber, Jr. 

David Eugene Beistel 

Lee Joseph Binette 

Frederick Karl Birk 

Jose Armando Blanco III 

Michael Andrew Boden 

James Harvey Boisseau 

Jaime Richard Brusse 

Alexander Depaz Bueno 

Narendra Kumar Chaudhari 

Swee-Ming Chong 

Frank Spangler Clark. Jr. 

Patrick Joseph Cooper 

Rene Dell Cooper 

Daniel Patrick Croghan 

Kevin Edward Crouchley 

J. Oliver Dahlfrancis 

William Louis Davitt 

Kurt Ernest Deming 

Howard Lawrence Dixon, Jr. 

William Thomas Dixon ill 

Sheerin Gohar Emami 

James Earl Fowler 

Narendra Ganti 

Gregory Bernard Gelak 

Christiana C. Georgarakis 

Harry Mark Gibson 

Guy Alvin Gifford 

Maureen Marie Gormley 

James Timothy Hartnett 

James Arthur Hopkins 

David Carl Horengic 

Wesley Carson Jones 

David Marshall Kaplan 

David Michael Kelly 

Qin Kong 

Mai Ho Korns 

Michael David Lambert 

MaLi Lee 

§Summa Cum l-aude: tMagna Cum Laude: *Cum Laude 

August Bachelors 21 

Susan Chia-Han Lee 
Charles Michael Limparis 
Edgar Allen Logan, Jr. 
Gregory C. Marr 
Susan Nicola May 
Michael Wayne McKeehan 
Yonwoo Mam 
Roberto Alexis Naranjo 
Robert Bernard Normoyle 
John Novak 
Jacob Jinho Pak 
Do Won Park 
Susmitkumar Harihar Patel 
Jean Volland Pearman 
Adrian Pilco 
David Solomon Querido 
John Quinn 
Mehdi Razi 

Robert Townsend Reese 
Mark Joseph Reinhart 
Myung Je Rhee 
Charles Ricky Rineholt 
Paulo Jose Cunha Rodrigues 
Mamak Shahbazi 
Glen Caples Stonebraker 
Steven William Sweeney 
William Robert Wilson 
Khodarahm Yazdanipour 
Saeid Zamani 

Division of Mathematical 
and Physical Sciences 
and Engineering 
Bachelor of Science 

Thomas Deane Armstrong 
*Joseph Aulino 

David Marc Balenson 

Gerald Mark Belson 

Thomas Jay Boyland 

Stephen Joseph Burns 

Sue-Fong Chai 

Wo Kuen Chang 

Gregory Joseph Coyne 
* Kevin Eugene Davis 

Margaret Mary Dewling 

Marisol Sixtina Duarte 

Kambiz Fakhrai 
•Jacqueline Inez Fern 

Wayne Stuart Freeze 
*Susan Mary Hoban 

Keith Wesley Hoover 

Robert Dyson Kearney 

Michael Yosef Laufer 

Doreen Marie Lupton 

Richard Jean Madrid 

Neera Mathur 

Brenda Sue Mauldin 

Bradley A. McWilliams 

Nancy Sue Mier 

Robin Lise Moore 

Laurence C. Newcomb, Jr. 

Patrick Joseph Nussear 

Mark Theodore Patterson 

Philip Austin Perucci 

Stephen Allan Polklnghom 

Christopher Frank Porter 

Winston B. Prather 

William E. Sanders 

Celsus Oliver Serrano 

Thomas Butler Sewell 

Lionel Ross Shapiro 

Jeffrey Martin Simpson 

Patrick Jerome Steranka 
•Jeffrey Henry Straathof 

Karen Elizabeth Tew 
•Richard Gary Tillman 

Jack Hieu Tran 

Rocio Celeste Yanez 

Richard B. Yeh 


Bachelor of General Studies 

Robin Sue Adler 
Edwin Wolf Albers, Jr. 
Joy Miller Anderson 
Lynne Ann Baysinger 
Nina Jo Bimbach 
Scott Jay Bojan 
Cynthia Lynn Bombino 
Daniel Joseph Boyland 
Elsa Anne Bray 
Avedon Carol 
Evelyn Joy Chew 
Katherine B. Chia 
Barry Steven Cohen 
William Colucci 
Mark William Dantzler 
Marie Therese Draize 
Mahasweta Dutta 
Erik Alfred Eways 
Christopher Fain 
Roberta Lynne Feingold 
Kay Yvonne Flora 
Thomas Connors Frank 
Ronald L. Garfinkle 
Naomi Gendelman 
Michael Charles Ger 
Steven Scott Gold 
Loretta Marie Gray 
Alison Edelin Hall 
David Hilary Hamberry 
Stephen Arthur Hannon 
Marsha Lee Harris 
Kathleen Mary Hennessey 
Janet Clifford Holmes 
Stephen Jeffrey Johnson 
Suzanne Mara Katz 
Stacey Lynn King 
Sharon Lynn Knapp 
Mark Steven Laird 
Alexis Miller Langsner 
Paul Mease Leffingwell 
Diana Bulkeley Lindsay 
Martha Ellen McKisson 
Jan Evans Miceli 
Susan Diane Mollenhauer 
Thomas John O'Grady 
Cindy S. Pagnan 

David Andrew Parker 
David Edward Patterson 
Robert Scott Pierson 

•Laura Louise Roberson 
Cecile M. Runo 
Bruce Tomas Sapp 
Barbara Ellen Schwenger 
Miriam Susan Snyder 
Mitchell Alan Stark 

•David Albert Sysma 
Christine Lillian Terrill 
Harold Nelson Trimble 
Ronald Raymond Williams 

Bachelor of Science 

§Henry Tsao 


Avedon Carol 
Carolyn P. Jacobsen 
Lisa M. Tumbull 
Gina Marie Watkins 

22 August Bachelors/Certificates 

§Summa Cum Laude; fMagna Cum Laude; *Cum Laude 

for Degrees 

DECEMBER 23, 1983 

The 1983 class roster comprises 
degree candidates from the 
undergraduate and graduate 
programs at the University of 
Maryland College Park. As final 
action cannot always be taken 
for candidates by the time this 
program is printed, the list of 
candidates here is tentative only. 
The University reserves the right 
to withdraw or add names. All 
diplomas will be mailed by the 
Registrations Office. 

Students who have earned their 
degrees from the College of 
Education may obtain a 
Statement of Certificate 
Eligibility in the College of 
Education. Student Services 
Office (Room 1210). Other 
students who have completed 
teacher education programs will 
receive their statements in the 
mail (separate from the diploma) 
upon verification of required 
course work. 


Candidates iviU be presented by 
Dr. Invin L Goldstein. 
Acting Administratiue Dean for 
Graduate Studies and Research 

Doctor of Philosophy 

Golam F. Akhter 

Civil Engineering: Development 
of a Model for Predicting 
Dynamic Modutus of 
Bituminous Betse/Subbase 
Matericds in Pavement Design 
and Rehabilitation. 

William Gregory Alvord 
Measurement. Statistics and 
Evaluation: Application of the 
Mixture Model for Objective 
Competrison of Latent Structure 
Models Which Arise from 
Different Parametric Farrulies. 

Douglas Norman Arion 

Physics: Tearing Mode Stability: 
A Schroedinger Equation 

Nikhilesh Banerjee 

English: Textual Formalism in 
Modem Critical Theory. 

Eric O. Bazques 

Mechanical Engineering: 
Control and Perfonmance of a 
Photovoltaic /Thermal Energy 

Hubert Edwin Beckwith 
Music: Giovanni Battista 
Pergolesi and the Chamber 

Mara Beller 

History: Genesis of the 
Interpretations of Quantum 
Physics. 1925-1927. 

Mitchell Roy Belzer 
Electrical Engineering: 
IdentiTication of a 
Biomechaniced Model for 
Maximal Venical Jumping. 

Patricia Ann Roberson Bennett 
Business and Management: 
7?ie Relationship Between Need 
for Achievement and Goal- 
Setting and Their Interactive 
Effect on Task Performance. 

Victor Ben-Ezra 

Physical Education: The 
Influence of High Intensity 
Trairung on the Hormonal 
Response of Trained Distance 

Gerald Carl Berg 

Economics: The Incumbency 
Reinforcement Theory of 
Advertising and ProTitability. 

Linda Elaine Bessett 

Counseling and Personnel 
Services: Exploration of Factors 
Leading to Physician 

Douglas Wayne Bigwood 

Botany; Analysis of the Three- 
Dimensional Spatial Paltem of 
Seeds in the Soil and a 
Comparison Seed Beink 
Setmpling Technique. 

Lynda Jeanne Birckhead 

Psychology: Rapport-Building: 
A Client Characteristic X 
Counselor Style Interaction 

Jerry Tighe Bonnell 

Astronomy: Spectroscopic 
Determinations of the Surface 
Gravities of Giant S/ars. 

Laurie Klein Brachfeld 
Counseling and Personnel 
Services: AttribuUor^s of 
Mothers and Their Children 
from the Self Versus Other 

Daniel Lee Brandel 

Electrical Engineering: Phase 
Error for the First Order Linear 
Phase Lock Loop. 

Renee M. B. Brimfield 

Education Policy, Planning 
and Administration: Metaphors 
and Curriculum Theory: An 
Appbcation of Paul Ricoeur's 
Interpretation Theory. 

Audrey Caroline Gene Brown 
Animal Science: Growth 
Hormone and Metaboiile Levels 
at Different Stages of Lactation 
in Cows and Heifers Fed Two 
Different Diets. 

Diane Patricia Brown 
Sociology: A Comparatioe 
Analysis of the Distribution and 
Prediction of Global Well-Being 
Among Black and White 

Carl Bryant 

Counseling and Personnel 
Services: The Impact of 
Counseling Mode and 
Personality on Outcomes Using 
the Colorado Educational 
Interest IndiceUor. 

Raymond William Joseph 

Education Policy, Planning 
and Administration: Factors 
Relevant to Eslablisfvnent of 
Faculty Development Progreuns: 
A Grounded Theory Approach. 

Jaime Femando Cardenas Garcia 
Mechanical Engineering: 
Characterization of F^JectUe 
Impact on Rock. 

Ruth Gibson Carrington 

English: The Later Poems of 
Marianne Moore: A Literary 
Case Study. 

December Doctors 23 

Delbert David Carson 

Industrial, Technological and 
Occupational Education: An 
Investigation of Microcomputer 
Instruction in Selected Industrial 
Arts Teacher Education 
Progreuns, with Implications for 
Curriculum Development. 

John Michael Cavallo 

Physics: Oxygen Adsorption on 
Single Crystal Tin at Liquid 
Helium Temperatures. 

Craig Kellman Chandler 

Horticulture: Crossability of a 
Diverse Group of Blueberry 
Interspecific Hybrids, and Vigor 
of Their f^ogeny on an Upland 

Myron N. Chang 

Mathematical Statistics: 
fionparcunetric Estimation 
Based on Doubly Censored 

Tae Hwan Cho 

Aerospace Engineering: 
Computation of 3-D Potential 
Flow Around a Finite Wing 
with Leading Edge Discontinuity 
at High Angle of Attack. 

Ock B. Chung 

Human Development: Sex-Role 
Identity and Self-Esteem Among 
Korean and American College 

Michael Paul Cohen 
Human Development: 
Mainstreaming the Handiceipped 
Child and Its Effect Upon Self- 
Concept, Attitude Towards 
School and Attitude Towards 
Handiceipped Peers. 

Colin Cooper 

Psychology: Discriminants of 
Traditional Versus Non- 
Traditional Career Choice of 
Black Students. 

Diane Wilson Cormicle 
Counseling and Personnel 
Services: Effects of Self- 
Verbalization and Cognitive 
Tempo Upon Logical Abilities of 

Patrick J. Creary 
Government and Politics: 
Evaluating Theories of War. 

Anita O'Connor Crowley 

English: Charles Reade's Fictive 
Method Fact into Fiction. 

Patricia Anna Dabbs 
Agricultural and Extension 
Education: The Impact of 
Migration Turnaround on Local 
Pluralism and Local 
Government in Northeastem 
Nonmetropotitan Counties. 

Harriet E. Darling 

Human Development: The 
Relationship Between Gender 
Constancy and Piaget's 
Concept of Qualitative Identity. 

Ibrahima Diallo 

Agricultural and Extension 
Education: An Assessment of 
Farmers' Attitudes and 
Experiences Under No-TiU Com 
Production in Maryland. 

Moshe Dror 

Business and Management: 
The Inventory Routing Problem. 

Ismail Ibrahim Mohamed 

Civil Engineering: Potential of 
Remote Sensing for 
Evapotremspiration Modeling. 

Elisa Louise Elliot 
Microbiology: The 
Microbiological Quality of 
Chesapeake Bay Blue Crabs 
and Oysters. 

Robert M. Esty 

Economics: The Effect of State 
Fiscal Caps on Expenditures. 

Johnnie Leroy Fairfax 

Recreation: An Investigation of 
the Effects of Selected 
Experimented Treatments on 
Attitudes of Non-Disabled 
Persons Toward Physically 
Discibled Persons in Leisure 

Ladislav Falat 

Chemistry: Optimization of /n 
Vivo Monitoring of 
Neurologically Significant 
Electroactive Compounds. 

Beverlie Drucker Fallik 
Human Development: The 
Relative Contribution to 
Variance in Intuition by 
Cognitive Style, Hemispheric 
Dominance and Sex 

Dena B. Feren 

Business and Management: 
The Effect of Perceived Attitude 
Similarity on Performance 

Linton Eugene Floyd IV 

Physics: Experimental Study of 
Collective Acceleration of Light 
and Heavy Ions from a 
Localized Gas Cloud. 

Peter Hans Frederikse 
Microbiology: The Role of 
Methylation Reactions and 
Cyclic Nucleotides in Algal 

Dorothy Q. French 

Curriculum and Instruction: A 
Comparative Analysis of the 
Parent-Teacher Communication 
Needs of Single and Dual 
Parents of First Grade Children. 

Robert Douglas Fulton 

Physics: Zlaser Ruorescence 
Study of a Helium Theta 

Susan Qarges 

Microbiology: Regulation of 
the Expression of the 
Escherichia coli rho Gene. 

Thesia Isedora Gamer 
Textiles and Consumer 
Economics: Economic Analysis 
of End-Stage Renal Disease 

William Marshall Gaynor 
Economics: Optimal Pricing 
and Production of an 
Exhaustible Resource: The Case 
of Saudi Arabian Crude Oil. 

William Ferdinand Gimpel, Jr. 
Entomology: A Taxonomic 
Study of Mealybugs of the 
Pseudococcus obscurrus Group 
(Homoptera: Pseudoccidae). 

Regina Bresnan Glover 
Recreation: A Study of the 
Changes in the Decision- making 
Authority of Recreation Citizen 
Boards in the United States. 

Ben Brent Gordon 

Mathematics: Kuga Varieties, 
Intersection Numbers emd Siegel 
Modular Forms. 

Constance Herreshoff Gordon 
Education Policy, Planning 
and Administration: The 
Development of a Questionnaire 
to Assess Leadershiip Processes 
in Schools. 

Stephen Blaine Gordon 
Government and Politics: 
Contracting-Out for 
Housekeeping Services by U.S. 
Counties and Municipalities: The 
Political Aspects. 

James Emerson Green 

American Studies: The Many 
Faces of John Cassevetes. 

24 December Doctors 

Jack Greer 

English: Malcolm Loivry's 
Prose Experiments: Expeinsiue 
and Contractive Modes. 

James C. Hanson 

Agricultural and Resource 
Economics: Economic 
Implications of Water Law in 
MaryUmd. Mississippi, and 

Susan Atherton Hanson 
American Studies: Home 
Sweet Home: Industrialization's 
Impact on Rural Households, 
1865- 1920s. 

Delores Marie Moore Harris 
Curriculum and Instruction: 
History of Kindergarien Policy: 
Stale of Maryland. 

Robert Lee Hayman. Jr. 

Curriculum and Instruction: An 
Investigation of the Effect of 
Tempo on Primary Beat 

Martha Rose Heimann 

Chemistry: The Total Synthesis 
of Coriolin. 

Maurice Bombard Hickey 
Physical Education: TTie 
Continuing F^fessioned 
Education of Physical 
Educators in the Slate of 

Howard Hines 

Psychology: The Strong- 
CampbeU Interest Inventory: A 
Study of Its Validity with a 
Setmple of Black College 

Allen Gene Hirsh 
Horticulture: On the 
Mechanism of Extreme Cold 
Resistance in Higher Plants. 

Evelyn Blose Holman 

Curriculum and Instruction: 
Maryland Values Commission: 
A Case Study in Legislating 

Linda Jean Hood 

Hearing and Speech Science: 
Auditory Evoked Potential 
Asymmetries and Their Relation 
to Ear Dominance for Dichotic 

Alan Mark Horowitz 
Physics: Duality and 
ConTmemenl in Two 
Dimensiomd Systems. 

Glenn Hosokawa 

Botany: Effects of Sterol 
Biosynthesis Inhibitors on 
Suspension Cultures of Carrot, 
Soybeetn, and Tobacco. 

HuoShu H. Houng 

Microbiology: Cloning of the 
Geilactose CJlilization Genes of 
Vibrio cholerae. 

Nina Davis Howland 

History: Ambassador John 
Gilbert Winetnl: Friend of 
Embattled Britain. 1941-1 946. 

Matthew R. Hyle 

Economics: An Interindustry 
Forecasting Model for Prices 
and Factor Incomes for the 


Donald Alan Jaworske 

Chemistry: Kinetics of Rapid 
Oxidcint Demand: 
Meeisurements with a Rotating 
Ring Disc Electrode. 

Maxine Caldwell Jenkins 
Counseling and Personnel 
Services: Measuring Counselor 
Attitudes Toward Minority 

Virginia Gray Johnson 
Animal Sciences: 
Immunological Chetracterization 
of Proteins of the Guinea Pig 
Milk-Fat-Globule Membrane. 

John William Jones 

Chemistry: Investigation of the 
Applicability of Chelex-lOO 
Chelating Ion Exchange Resin 
to Multielement Atomic 
Spectrometric Analysis of Plant 
and Anirmd Tissue. 

Berend Thomas Jonker 

Physics: Quantum Size Effect 
in Thin Epitaxied Metal Rims on 
Single Crysled Substrates. 

Mary Katherine Jordan 
Curriculum and Instruction: 
Effects of Peer Review on 
College Juniors in Advanced 
Composition Courses. 

Svetlana Katok 

Mathematics: Modular Forms 
Associated to Closed Geodesies 
and Arithmetic Applications. 

Robert B. Kauffman 

Recreation: The Relationship 
Between Activity Speciedization 
and Resource Related Attitudes 
and Expected Rewards for 

Kenneth Marvin Kempner 

Electrical Engineering: A New 
Computer- Aided Approach for 
the Management of Acute 
Cardiovetsculeu- Syndromes. 

Stephen Alan Kendall 

Horticulture: A Diallel Analysis 
of Fruit Maturation and 
Ripening in Muskmelon 
( Cucumis melo L). 

Robert Louis Kirby 
Computer Science: Iterative 
Parallel Labeling for Pattern 

Mary-Ellen Kiss 

Industrial, Technological and 
Occupational Education: The 
Effects of Three Prevocatiomd 
Interventions Upon the Career 
Maturity of Selected Adolescerd, 
Learning Disabled Males. 

Bela Kissh 

History: TTie Maort Operatiorv 
History of Standard Oil 
Company (New Jersey) in 
Hungary— 1938-1948. 

Susan Beth Kleinberg 
Human Development: 
Occupational Envirorunents eind 
Support Systems: Their Effects 
on Stress and Job Satisfaction 
of Home/Hospital Teachers. 

Fred Wilson Koontz 
Zoology: Stemal Gletnd Scent 
Communication in the Rufous 
Bephant-stwew, Elephantulus 
refescens, with Additional 
Observations on Captive 
Betiavior and Reproduction. 

Diane R. Koslow 

Counseling and Personnel 
Services: Ability to Differentiate 
Between Formed and Informed 
Roles and Its Effect on 
Negotiating a Hierarchy. 

Georges F. Kraus 

Chemistry: The Vapor Pressure 
of Super Cooled Water and 
Heavy Water. 

Hordur KristjSnsson 
Biochemistry: Partial 
Purification and Characterization 
of an ATPase in the 
Archaebacterium Hedobacterium 

December Doctors 25 

Marisa Morbio Kutscher 
Comparative Literature: La 
Francia nella uita e nelle opere 
di Sibilla Aleramo. 

Rashmi Lai 

Economics: A Theory of 
Quantity Rationing by Firms. 

Elizabeth Riley Lambert 
English: The History and 
Significance of the Relationship 
of Edmund Burke and Jeunes 

Jan Caria Lauridsen 
Music: Musical Scales in 
Australian Aboriginal Music: 
Structure and Social 

Ronald Leatherbarrow 

English: Crisis and Conversion: 
A Study of the Eady Fiction of 
Robert Perm Warren. 

Chia-Hoang Lee 

Computer Science: The Use of 
Shading in Image Segmentation 
and Surface Orientation 

Diane Weidenbush Lesser 
Health Education: The 
Effectiueness of Two Simple 
Relaxeition Exercises in the 
Reduction of State Anxiety and 
Perceived Discomfort of 
Gynecological Examinations. 

Daniel Mark Levine 

Zoology: The Study of the Role 
of Essential Fatty Acids During 
Zoeal Development of 
Brachyurem Crab Larvae Using 
Microenccipsulation Techniques. 

Chun Wah Li 

Applied Mathematics: Almost 
Sure Stability, Optimal Control 
and Scheduling of Stochastic 
Systems with Point Process 

Ray Hodgson MacSorley 
History: Millennialism in 
Eighteenth Century America. 

William Flynn Manders 

/. Laser-induced Degradation 
of PolydimethytsUoxane. 
II. FT-NMR Characterization of 
Organotin Carboxylates. 

Elayne Nord Mangad 

Industrial, Technological and 
Occupational Education: A 
Study to Determine the Degree 
of Agreement with Standards 
for Child Development 
Curriculum and the Application 
of the Standards to the Actual 

Jorge Francisco Marcano 
Economics: Output-Capital 
Ratios and Labor Demand in 
Manufacturing Firms: The Case 
of Venezuela. 

Marsha Carow Markman 
Curriculum and Instruction: 
Teacher-Student Dialogue 
Writing in a College 
Composition Course: Effects 
Upon Writing Performance and 

Virginia Carol Hagelstein 
Art: Louis Lozowick: 
Development from Machine 
Aesthetic to Social Realism, 

Richard Meff McArdle 
Horticulture: Use of 
Endogenous Amylase for 
Production of Fermentable 
Saccharides in Sweet Potato for 
the Production of Fuel Ethanol. 

Edward Ray McDonald 
Education Policy, Planning 
and Administration: The 
Relationship of Student and 
Faculty Field 

Dependence /Independence 
Personedity to Student 
Academic Achievement. 

Margaret Aurelia McEntee 
Health Education: The Effects 
of Perception and Appreiisal of 
Lifespace Events on Autonomic 
Reactivity and Self-Concept 
Among Nursing Students at a 
Large University. 

Albert Mark McGartland 

Economics: Meirketable Permit 
Systems for Air Pollution 
ConU-ol: An Empirical Study. 

Dennis Regis McGrath 
Government and Politics: 
James Madison and Kenneth 
Arrow: The Possibilities of 

Francis Edward McKenna, Jr. 
Government and Politics: An 
Intergovernmental Framework 
for the Regulation of 
Communications Technologies. 

Donna Patricia Griffith McMally 
Psychology: Blacks and 
Television: A Comparison of 
the Porirayal of Black and 
White Characters on Television. 

Norma Jean Melcolm 

Education Policy, Planning 
and Administration: 
Professional Socialization and 
the Vcdues of Nurses. 

Suresh Menon 

Aerospace Engineering: 
Stability and Interaction of 
Coherent Structure in 
Supersonic Reactive Flow. 

Linda Evi Merians 

English: A BiograpNcal Study 
of Matthew Prior. 

Lawrence Daniel Messier 
Human Development: The 
Relationship Between Loneliness 
and Empathy. 

Jerry D. Messman 

Chemistry: Evaluation of a 
Shori-Arc Xenon Illuminator and 
a Direct Current Plasma as 
Sources for a Wavelength- 
Modulated Atomic Absorption 

Beverly Anne Mock 
Zoology: The Population 
Biology of Trypanosoma 

Ralph Michael Monaco 

Economics: Interindustry and 
Macroeconomic Effects of 
Money Growth Rules: A Long 
Term Perspective. 

Deborah A. Moorman 

Psychology: The Impact of the 
Perceptions of Disease Severity, 
Treatment Environment, and 
Socicd Support Systems on 
Appointment- Keeping Patterns 
of Patients with Psychiatric 

Larry Joe Morell 

Computer Science: The Theory 
and Application of Error-based 

Edward Franklyn Morris 

Psychology: An Examination of 
the Effects of the Teacher's 
Race on Black and White High 
School Students' Perceptions of 
the Classroom Social Climate 
and on Their Willingness to 
Approach the Teacher for 
Assistance wiUi Their Various 

26 December Doctors 

Andrew Nicholas Mostovych 
Physics: Leiser SceUtering 
MeasLwemenls of Thermal 
Fluctuations in CoUisional 

Rosilyn Madeline Neuder 
Curriculum and Instruction: 
Relationships Among Seventh 
Graders' Visueil and Verbal 
Imagery. Error Detection, and 
Reading Comprehension 
Performance in Narratitx Texts. 

Pamela J. Oksman 
Counseling and Personnel 
Services: The Effectiveness of 
"Good Student Skill Treuning" 
with High School Students. 

Ademola Sigismond Onifade 
Physical Education: Attitudes 
Toward Physiced Activity and 
Relationships to Selected 
Factors: An Investigation of 
tiigerian Students in the United 
Slates of America. 

Joseph Leo Overton 

Government and Politics: 
Sleibility and Change: Inter-Arab 
Politics in the Arabian Peninsula 
and Gulf. 

M. Katherine Pagoaga 
Chemistry: 77ie Crysted 
Chemistry of the CJranyl Oxide 
Hydrate /Minerals. 

Luke A. Pallansch 

Biochemistry: ModiTtcation of 
Membrane Structure and 
Function by Dietary Tretns Fatty 

Josef Robert Parrington 

Chemistry: The Chemistry of 
Background Aerosols at Mauna 
Loa. Hawaii. 

MaryLou Morrison Parrott 

English: Images of Motherhood 
in the Novels of Joyce Carol 

Wen-Lea Pearn 

Applied Mathematics: 
Capacitated Cfunese Postman 

Dennis Michael Pelletier 
Counseling and Personnel 
Services: Relationship of Ceueer 
Plateau to Occupational 
Aspirations. Attitudes eu\d 

Isaac Mess Pessah 
Environmental Sciences: The 
Activity of 2,4-Dicuruno-6- 
(2-furyl)-s-trietzine in Various 
Developmented Stages of the 
House Fly: Indications of a 
Novel Mode of Action. 

Dennis Anthony Pitta 

Business and Management: An 
Experimental Investigation of 
Selected Determinants of 
Advertising Misleadingness. 

Mona Michaels Pollack 
Human Development: The 
Psychological Well-Being of 
Cetre-Givers of Cognitively 
Impeiired Older Persons. 

Linda A. Radey 

Economics: The Effects of the 
Depository Deregulation and 
Monetary Control Act of 1980 
on the Competitive Behavior of 
Commercial Banks and Savings 
and Loan Industries. 

Mohammad Karim Radjai 

Chemical Engineering: Steady 
and TrsLnsient State Kinetics of 
Microbial Production of Amino 

K. K. Ramakrishnan 

Computer Science: Time 
Threshold Policies for Multiple 

George Winterling Reed 
Applied Mathematics: Some 
Properties and Applications of 
Higher Order Crossings. 

Michael Jonathan Reynolds 
Physical Education: TTie Effects 
of Sports Retirement on the 
Present Job Satisfaction of 
Professional Football Players. 

Spilios A. RIyopoulos 

Physics: Waves and Turbulence 
in Plasmas. 

Mark Darrell Roberts 

Economics: Child Support, 
Welfare, and Single Parents. 

Howard David Robison 

Economics: Three Applications 
of Input-Output Amdysis. 

R. Scott Rodgers 
Counseling and Personnel 
Services: Correlates of Coping 
and Effectiveness for 
Disadvantaged Black Youth at 
a Comprehensive Vocationeil 
Training Agency. 

Victoria Sharp Rymer 

Business and Management: An 
Exploratory Study to Examine 
the Practicing Public 
Accountants' etnd Commercial 
Bcink Loan Officers' Resistance 
lo Accounting Innovation and 
the Individual Barriers WNch 
May Serve to Entrench This 

Adnan H. Sahli 

Civil Engineering: Application 
of Adhesives to Steel Bridges. 

Juanito Buan Sangalang 

Horticulture: TTje Breeding for 
Aluminum Tolerance in Sweet 

Samuel Ayodele Sangokoya 
Chemistry: Synthesis. 
Cfiaracterization and 
Coordination Chemistry of a 
New Class of Tripod Ligands 
Containing Phosphorus. 


Psychology: The Use of the 
Discounting Principle in 
Fieschool Children. 

David Glenn Schleicher 

Astronomy: The Ruorescence 
of Cometary OH and CN. 

Rose Ann Veronica Schultz 
Chemistry: Syntheses and 
Cation Binding Properties of 
Nitrogen-Pivot Lariat Ethers. 

John Frederick Seitz, Jr. 
Criminal Justice and 
Criminology: An Exploratory 
and Descriptive Study of 
Violence, Stress and Interacting 
Phenomena in a Forensic 

Carole L. Seyfrit 

Sociology: The Effect of Fear 
of Success on Attributior^ 
About Impending Success and 
Impending Feulure. 

Stephen Pinyee Shao. Jr. 

Business and Management: Art 
Investigation into the Efficacy of 
the Dualpiex Method for Large 
Sccde and Special Case Linear 

Katharine Patricia Sheppjard 
Economics: The Capitcd 
Investment Decision Fioblem of 
a Multi-product Firm Facing 
Uncertain Demand. 

Anne Frysinger Shifflet 

Human Development: Elderiy 
Residents of Life-Care 
Retirement Communities: 
Personal Control, Future 
Planning, and Happiness. 

December Doctors 27 

Madhu Sudan Singh 
Agricultural Engineering: 
Mathematical Modelling of 
Basic Design Criteria for a 
Sunflower Oil Expeller. 

JoAnne Michaele Siry 

Human Development: Clients' 
Perceptions of Fee, Setting, and 
Time Limit in Psychotherapy. 

Bernard Clement Smolen 
Physical Education: Effect of 
Faculty Participation in the 
Decision-making Process Upon 
Perceptions of Organizational 
Clirmde and Job SeitisfacUon. 

James Michael Sockler 
Physical Education; An 
Evaluation of the 28 C Wet 
Bulb-Globe Temperature Heat 
Stress Index During Long 
Distance Running. 

Jeffrey Edward Sohl 

Business and Management: An 
Application of Spatied and 
Temporal Price and Allocation 
Modeling to the Deregulation of 
Natural Gas. 

Craig Wilson Stanfill 

Computer Science: Form and 
Function: The Epistemology of 

Colman Brez Stein, Jr. 

Education Policy, Planning 
and Administration: The 
Bilingual Education Policy 
Cycle, 1953-1983: Symbolic 
Gesture or the Great Equalizer? 

Edwin Gwynn Summers, Jr. 
Horticulture: The Effect of 
Nitrogen, Phosphorus and 
Potassium Fertilization, Light 
Intensity and Light Quality on 
the Chlorophyll, Anthocyanin, 
Flavonoid and Mineral Content 
of Abelia x grandiflora Rehd 

Marcia Koppelman Sweedler 
Education Policy, Planning 
and Administration: The 
Relationship Between Fear of 
Success, Neurotic Fear of 
Success and Certeiin 
Sociocultured Factors and the 
Effects of These on the 
Aspirations of Male and Female 
Elementary School Teachers to 
the Principalship. 

Andrew Edward Szymkowiak 
Physics: X-Ray Observations of 
Supernova Remnants. 

David Earl Taylor 

Physics: Chlorine on Ag(lOO): 
A Physiccd Realization of the 
Hard-Square Model. 

Elizabeth Anne Teegarden 
Counseling and Personnel 
Services: The Relationship of 
Race, Age, and Education to 
Performance on the Luria- 
NebrsLSka Neuropsychological 
Battery with Non-Brain- 
Damaged Adult Males. 

Allyn Field Tennant, Jr. 

Physics: Rapid X-Ray Variability 
of Active Gedaxies. 

Raymond Theodore Terry, Sr. 
Education Policy, Planning 
and Administration: 
Arrangements: An Analysis of 
Interagency Collaboration 
Among fhiblic and Private 
Health and Human Service 
Organizations in the District of 

Kevin Wayne Thorpe 

Entomology: A Comparison 
and Evaluation of Three 
Trichogramma Species as 
Inundatively Released Biological 
Control Agents. 

Antonio Chofai Ting 
Physics: Vortices of Two 
Dimensional Guiding Center 

Richard Parks Tobin 
Physical Education: The 
Effectiveness of Training Pre- 
Adolescent Females at Work 
Intensities Relative to Their 
Anaerobic Thresholds — An 
Echocardiographic Evaluation. 

Sharon Frances Hunter Travers 
Psychology: Role Conflict as 
Experienced by Working 

Randall Hagner Trigg 

Computer Science: A Network- 
Based Theory of Text Handling 
for the Online Scientific 

Beth L. Truebell 

English: The Poetical and Non- 
Poetical Elements in Ted 
Hughes' Mythology. 

Allen Daniel Uhler 

Chemistry: Kinetics of PbS 
Precipitation and Crystal 
Growth in Mildly Alkaline 
EDTA Solutions. 

Richard August Upton 

Computer Science: A Transient 
Analysis of Computer 
Communication Networks. 

Gerald A. Vanim 

Industrial, Technological and 
Occupational Education: A 
Study of Selected Relationships 
Among Field Dependence- 
Independence, the Vocational 
Preference Inventory, and 
Female Enrollment in 
Secondary School Vocational 
Education Programs. 

(Jtpal P. Vasavada 

Agricultural and Resource 
Economics: Determinants of 
Investment in U.S. Agriculture. 

Vivekananda Murthy Vrudhula 
Chemistry: Isolation and 
Chciracterization of New 
Trichothecenes Synthetic 
Studies in the Area of 
Trichothecenes Epoxycrown 
Ethers as Bioalkylating Agents. 

Veda Elaine Ward 

Recreation: An Analysis of 
Factors Influencing Outcomes 
of Recreation Field Work 

Edward Andrew Wasil, Jr. 
Business and Management: 
Evaluating the Performance of 
Alternative Methods for Solving 
Combinatorial Optimization and 
Other Decision- making 

Robert Edward Webber 

Computer Science: Aneilysis of 
Quadtree Algorithms. 

Robert L. Weiler 

Electrical Engineering: 
Microwave Generation from 
Rotating Electron Layers. 

28 December Doctors 

Glenn Edward Welch 
Physics: Tau Leplon Pair 
Production in e"*" -e~ 
Annihilation at ys = 34. 7 Gev. 

Carol A. Werlinich 
Human Development: 
Therapists' Perceptions of 
Successful Feunily Therapy: A 
Qucililatioe Study of Therapy 

Thomas Bowman White. Jr. 
Agricultural and Resource 
Economics: A Regional 
Analysis of Rural Land 
Conversion: The Washington- 
Baltimore Area. 

Kenneth Diller Witmer. Jr. 
Education Policy. Planning 
and Administration: A 
DescripUve Anedysis of the Self- 
Concept Education Being 
Experienced in a Residential 
School and Treatment Center 
for Emotiomdly Disturbed and 
[delinquent Adolescents. 

Paul J. Wolff 

Business and Management: 
Quality Circle Interuentions: 
Content. Process. Change. 

Stephen Carl Wood 

Public Communication: The 
Effects of Production Variables 
in Television: A Developmental 

Jane Chuang Yao 
Economics: Fnancied 
DiversiTication, Exchange Rate 
Determination, etnd f^onetary 
Independence Cinder Imperfect 
Asset Substitut£ibility. 

Yun M. Yiu 

Physics: Coherent VOV 
Generation by Foiir-Waiv 
Mixing Processes in Inert 

Po-Yang Yu 

Chemical Engineering: The 
Simulation etnd Experiment for 
[determination of Size and 
Cfwnge Distributions of r±>rous 
Particles from Penetration 

Craig Dennis Zamuda 
Environmental Sciences: The 
Bioavailc±>ility of Copper to the 
American Oyster. Crassostrea 
uirginica: The Role of Chemical 

George Howard Zettler 

Mathematics: Hou)e Duality 
Over Finite Fields. 

Doctor of Education 

William Joseph Callaghan. Jr. 
Education Policy. Planning 
and Administration: Staffing 
Patterns in Anne Arundel 
County High Schools: 
Principals' Discretion and 
Rationale for Determining 
SlafTing Patterns. 

James Leiand Clack 

Education Policy, Planning 
and Administration: A 
Comparison of Comprehension 
Skills Taught in Five Elementary 
Schools Reading Series: 
Implications for Program 
Planners for the Hearing 

Sandra Lee Eades 

Education Policy. Planning 
and Administration: The High 
School Assistant Principalship: 
[^resent eind Ideal Roles and 
Needed Changes. 

James Paterson Hackman 
Education Policy. Planning 
and Administration: An 
Anedysis of Forrmd Grievance 
Cases in the Baltimore County 
Public Schools. 

Donald Wayne Harmon 
Curriculum and Instruction: 
The Development of an 
Audiovisual Instructioned Series 
on Dorchester County. 
Meiryland. and Its Effectiveness 
as Determined by Students and 

Wendy Lucille Harrison 
Education Policy. Planning 
and Administration: Extent to 
Which Key Groups Are 
Congruent in Their 
Establishment of Community 
College Goals. 

John Stauffer Heck 

Curriculum and Instruction: 
Great Fox Island Environmental 
Experience: A View from the 

Susan Virginia Hughes 

Curriculum and Instruction: 
The Desigrung. Writing and 
Evaluation of a Manual of 
Prereading Activities for Use 
with Parents of Preschool 

Henry Frederick Linck. Jr. 
Education Policy, Planning 
and Administration; 
Cooperation Between 
Community Colleges and 
Business/Industry: An Analysis 
of Policy Issues. 

Anna Mary Mauk 

Curriculum and Instruction: 
Career Education Curriculum: 
Slide /Tape Preservations of 
Selected Occupations of 
[)orchester County, Meuyland 

Betty Frances Minus 

Education Policy, Planning 
and Administration: Attitudes 
of f\iblic Bemenlary euid 
Secondary School Principals in 
the District of Columbia Toweud 
Declining EnroUmenL 

Jacob Rabinovich 

Education Policy, Planning 
and Administration: The 
Principals' Leadership Style and 
Pupil Achievement 

George D. Sauers 

Education Policy, Planning 
and Administration: Equal 
Educational Opportunity as 
Perceived by Legedists. 
Economists, and Educators and 
Selected Criterium Applied to 
Funding the Public Schools in 
Pennsylvania for 1973-74 and 

December Doctors 29 

Robert Scheer 

Curriculum and Instruction: 
The Development of Local 
Norms for the Slingerleind 
Screening Tests. 

Curtis Tuttle Schnorr 

Curriculum and Instruction: A 
Swviual Word Listing for the 
Moderately and Seuerely 

Janice Ruth Sheble 

Curriculum and Instruction: 
Story Schema in Preschool 

Anita Joy Stockton 

Education Policy, Planning 
and Administration: Inside 
Science Classrooms: A Study 
of Classroom Settings to 
Determine the Meanings That 
Students Find There. 

Lloyd Stengle Tyler III 

Industrial, Technological and 
Occupational Education: 
Technological Developments 
Resulting in the Blue Crab 
Industry of the Chesapeake 

Doctor of Music 

Chien-Tai Chen 

Music: A Recording Project of 
Living Traditions in Chinese 

Theodore Mikell Guerrant 
Music: The Piano Music of 
Richard Faith: A Performance- 
Tape, Biographical Sketch of 
the Composer, and Study of 
His Works for Piano Solo. 

James Reid Patterson, Jr. 
Music: Desert Waves (A 
Composition for Wind 


30 December Doctors 

Master of Arts 

Jose Maria Abreu Ortega 
Agnes Marie Alexander 
Lona Kay Ambrose 
Edward William Andersen 
Douglas H. Appleman 
Jane Dunne Artigliere 
Wendy Herrmann Atwell 
Elizabeth Anne Balaban 
Mark Barnhart Baribeau 
Briccio Baltazar Barrientos 
Debra Roth Bierly 
Cindy Kruskopfs Bladey 
Robert Morris Blair 
Rosol C. Botello 
Sharon Lee Brownfield 
Carolyn Veda Carter 
Anthony R. Chan 
Chi-Yun Cheng 
Deborah Lloyd Chesley 
Carol Whelan Clendenin 
Marcia Cain Coling 
Martin Richard Collin 
Craig William Conners 
David Paul Cooley 
Sara Jane Corse 
Elizabeth Claire Cournoyer 
Stuart David Crandell 
Andrea M. Cremins 
Helen Dantsker 
Richard D. Davis 
Ramon De La Fuente 
Jean Marie Driscoll 
Douglas Thomas Du Vail 
Barbara June Ferrenz 
Michael Gerald Flynn 
Harry Alan Frank 
Ellen Lynn Gaines 
Annette Marie Gallagher 
Maria Teresa Garayar 
Jeffrey Colin Gardner 
Margaret R. Gearin 
Dana Torregrosso Gentile 
Virginia Sue Gibbons 
Lawrence Paul Gilden 
Terrence Robert Gillen 
Donna Marie Gomez 
Stephen Paul Goodrich 
Boyd Lance Grove 
Benqi Guo 

Carolyn Anna Habbersett 
John Edward Halley 
Shahid Hamid 
Wally Lense Hankley 
John Allan Hartt 
Guy Martin Hays 
JoAnne Fish Hildebrand 
Margaret Mary Hilly 
Eugene L. Jeffers III 
Susan Mathorn Jenson 
Karen Frances Johnson 
Linda Maria Just 
Gibwa A. Kajubi 
Laura R. Klingler 
Brenda Jean Knowles 
Donna Korman 
Georges Gabay Korsun 
Eric John Kostelich 
Maryelyn Krekel 
Richard Michael Kreminski 
Ching-an Lee 
Anita LekicTrbojevic 
Robin Sue Levine 
Cynthia Ann Lewis 
William Dean Lewis 
Faith Stuart Libelo 
Douglas London 
Judy Lavon Ludke 
Jane Frances Maloney 
Michael Matson 
Kathleen Ann McCormick 
Deborah Ann McCray 
David Christopher Meder 
June Lara Melloni 
Marilyn Band Meyers 
Pamela June Meyers 
Patiricia Ann Miley 
Joel Beach Mitchell 
John A. Montroll 
Deborah A. Moorman 
Margarita Morales 
Edward Franklyn Morris 
William H. Mosley, Jr. 
Nora R. MunozSanchez 
Carolyn L. Murphy 
Gary R Musicante 
Denise Thadine O'Donnell 
Maria Celeste Olalquiaga 
Julie Swain Paul 
Nancy Perez 

Joan Elizabeth Petrosky 
William David Plies 
Charles Michael Powell 
Gina Maria Prato 
David Thomas Pride 
Nancy Sussman Puffett 
Regina Marie Rheingrover 
Elizabeth Anne Robertson 
Larry Jay Robertson 
Miranda Brooks Rolls 
Carol Henrietta Leigh Rydell 
Bernardita Atienza Saldua 
Daniel Scott Schechter 
Roz Schenker 
Nancy Schneider 
Susan Hickey Shaffer 
Satnam Sharkey 
Dean Carroll Shifflett 
Tobin Lee Short 
Michael Slade Shull 
Anna N. Simpson 
Jusidth K. Skillman 
Brenda Dee Smith 
Jean Gillespie Sprowls 
Gwendolyn DeVonne Stone 
Brian Jeffrey Sullivan 
Holly Eve Syrrakos 
Sharon Lee Taylor 
Alice Louise Tracy 
Angela K. Traiforos 
Lien-Huong Thi Tran 
Martha Sue Wax 
Robin Lenore Weisman 
Edith Marie Williams 
M. Elaine Williams 
Gerald Matthew Wong 
Patricia Downey Wright 

Master of Science 

Kishor G. Agrawal 
Candace J. Allen 
Katherine K. Anderson 
Beth Kathleen Armstrong 
John Kevin Baird 
Peter Mito Battelino 
Clifford J. Bedore III 
Ramesh Bhimarao 
Elizabeth T. Biesel 
Christopher Blow 
Mark Jeffrey Bimbaum 
Earl E. Bitely 

Frederick Lawrence Blonder 
Charles Christopher Boehlert 
Raymond Victor Bosmans 
Kevin Gerald Bowcutt 
Elizabeth Anne Breckinridge 
James Alan Burns 
Theodore Henry Carski 
Huei Chen 

Lawrence Martin Ciskanik 
Diane Irene Cobb 
John Paul Corless, Jr. 
David Burton Crawford 
Jeffrey Joseph Cunningham 
Eric Lee Dahlstrom 
Judith A. De La Garza 
James Robert Dever 
Debora Ann Durant 
Pradip Kumar Dutta 
John Decamp Elder 
Elizabeth Emerick 
Lottie Leah Erikson 
John Arthur Ewing 
Jose Luis Fauste 
Gregeory Peck Fenner 
Luis Orlando Figueroa 
Giles A. Fike 
Benjamin Richard Fisher 
William Michael Folkner 
Henry Thomas Freudenreich 
Susan Alice Fry 
Edwin H. Fung 
Keith Charles Furman 
Alan Robert Gardner 
Jeanne Marie Gelber 
Sandra Lee Gilbert 
William Joseph Goldsborough 
Lori Jean Graunke 

December Masters 31 

Thomas Joseph Hall 
Eli Harouche 
Gordon Greene Hastings 
Stephen Baker Haught 
Patricia Hawkins 
Richard Lee Helmick 
Yvonne Yvette Henderson 
David Joseph Henry 
Richard Melvin Hobbs 
Janet T. Holbrook 
Tzer Chaur Horng 
Catherine Wiatt Howard 
Fupei Hu 

Kwei-Chang Huang 
Min-Chie Jeng 
Pamela Jeanne Jenkins 
David Alan Jett 
Michael Patrick Johnson 
Collins Russell Jones 
Lynn M. Jordan 
Murali Kalavapudi 
Emily Hofmann Kasif 
David Gerrard Keller 
Anita Paula Kelman 
Deborah Ruth Kemere 
Anil Khatri 
Robert A. Kluson 
Abbe Radom Knepp 
Teri A. Kobierzynski 
David James Krask 
Adrian Krygsman 
Mark D. Lantz 
Linda Susanne Laughlin 
Ashok Law 
Mary Jane Letaw 
Michael Leung 
Jiin-Jia Liaw 
Jih-Wen Lin 
Kathryn Ann Longen 
Jennifer Layne Looper 
Carlos Alberto Lopez 
Mary Elizabeth Losh 
Michael K. Lumsden 
Kathleen Lenore Lutrell 
Robert John MacDowali 
Sanjeev Malhotra 
David Gerard Matuska 
Martin Albert Mayer 
John Laurin McCoy 
William John McMahon 111 

Marc Jean Meteyer 
Michael Anthony Metzger 
David Peter Moran 
Peter Frederick Morris 
Nancy Kirk Mountford 
Theresa Fogarty Murray 
Natasha Katherine Lavine 

Robert Arnold Nelson 
Barry Edward O'Keefe 
James Kenneth Olthoff 
Christine Condon Onasch 
Stanley Anthony Ostazeski 
Barry Norman Ostroff 
Asgar Ounsinegad 
Rajappa Papanna Reddy 
Ho Gia Phan 
Kelvin Pinero 
Francis Joseph Priolo 
Caroline Bascom Purdy 
Ravi Ramaswami 
James Tamura Ramsey 
Debra Grace Reames 
Wayne Douglas Reichardt 
Herbert Edward Reinhold III 
Kenneth James Ritter 
Anito Rapheal Roberts 
Mark McConnell Roberts 
Sven E. Rodenbeck 
Paul John Rothenberg 
Guo-Lian Ruan 
James K. Russell 
Thomas Michael Saskiewicz 
Ralph Frederick Schneider 
Rivka Shai 
Osama Mohamed S. 

Mohsen Sharirii 
Hung Shen 

Robbin Allan Shoemaker 
Masood Shoyooee 
Alexander Shpilman 
Fredric Scott Silverman 
Jayanta Kumar Sircar 
Kevin Joseph Smith 
Michelle Annette Smith 
Wallace Dean Smith, Jr. 
Robert Reece Smullen, Jr. 
Thomas Christian Snyder 
Mark D. Somers 

Gene Spivak 

Jane Woodley Spruill 

Christopher Rhodes Stephens 

Richard Mark Taverna 

Eugene Serge Tehansky 

Ellen Bushell Tomlinson 

Guy Kevin Townsend 

Chii-Ren Tsai 

Neera D. Tulshian 

Robert Warren Waffle 

Patricia Anne Waldron 

Ling-Huei Wang 

Yiqun Wang 

Vicki Lynn Prince Warker 

John Frederick Weiland. Jr. 

Edward Joseph Weinkam 111 

Valerie Claire Wesner 

Carol Ann Wilkinson 

Mitchell David Woodward 

SauMou Wu 

Wei Cheng Wu 

Bruce W. Wyman 

Ing Yan 

Shen-Teng Yang 

Shao-Ti Yu 

Tzu-Ming Yu 

Da-Wei Zhang 

Cathy Ann Zieba 





32 December Masters 

Master of Education 

Julie Tiernan Allen 

Alison Marie Amato 

Peggy Queen Andrews 

Elizabeth Rebecca Baker 

Janice Lynn Byrd 

Kandyce Mizell Douglas 

Felicia S. Essien 

Leroy Clifton Evans 

Wendy Diane Feuerman 

Rodney Donald Fiorito 

Lori Helene Fried 

Stephanie K. Fulk 

Helen Rodden Goeltz 

Susan L. Grunthal 

Marion Morth Harrison 

Jacqueline Michelle Holland 

Janet Celeste Horst 

Joan Carnahan Hosmer 

Cherrie Elaine Caligiuri Hultman 

Lynn Mary Jackson 

Judy Moore Jones 

Barbara Jane Kasten 

Rhona Lambert Kaufmann 

Joan Marie Kline 

Gale Schuman Labovitz 

Susan Melvin McBride 

Mary Jo McConeghy Messenger 

Patricia Jean Moore 

Ann Christine Morris 

John Mark Mosier 

Paula M. Moeller 

Beverly E. Peterson 

Sabina Terry Radin 

Linda Maria Sanfilippo 

Shirley S. Schwartz 

Thomas Edward Short. Jr. 

Gerald Frederick Snelson 

Susan Bucher Snyder 

Ellen Patricia Stets 

Salvador Sylvester 

Dianne Klebe Turpin 

Carol Jean Vellucci 

Teressa Schimkus Wallace 

Larry Westley Ward 

Katherine Browning Watts 

Kathleen Grace Williams 

Gwendolyn Ann Williamson 

Mary Kathleen Woodford 

Gary Irving Wright 

Patricia Ann Young 

Master of Business 

Carl Roger Allen 
Michele Alperin 
Marilyn Marta Brody 
John Stell Browning 
Linda Bryson Buscemi 
Donna Lee Eccard 
Robert F. Emond 
Clark William Hand 
Charles Henry Holm 
Leo Thomas Hool 
Timothy Neill Horton 
Beth A. Kacenga 
Yu-Fan Lee 
Mormand Pierre Long 
Anne Marie Lyons 
John Joseph Mandico. Jr. 
Ruth Langrill Martinez 
Leona Irene Pfund 
Joseph David Potosky 
Penny LaVerne Prue 
Neil Richmond 
Scott Iver Rosenthal 
Martha Morris Shannon 
Vincent Eugene Steis 
George Frank Stimak 
Charles L. Underwood, Jr. 
Susan Helene Valverde 
Gerald John Ward 
Robert Orr Warthen, Jr. 
Donna M. Williams 
Frits Wybenga 

Master of Music 

Beth Ann Botsis 

William Oxiey Brubeck, Jr. 
Robin Ann Fischer 
Bonlyn Goodwin Hall 
Gustav Joseph Heintze. Jr. 
Bradley Duane Johnson 
Nancy Mathis 
Daniel Grimm Thompson 
Colette Therese Valentine 

Master of Library 

William Thomas Auman 

Patricia D. Barth 

Karma Ann Yates Beal 

Mary Turner Beverungen 

Oscar Elmer Booth III 

Kathie Marie Clingan 

Mitzi Leigh Collins 

Lenore Cecilia Cymemrian 

Rong-Chyn Dai 

Carol Emily Dausch 

Maureen Roberta de Souza 

Margaret Anne Enzler 

Patty Crenshaw Greany 

Jacqueline W. Greismann 

Lizette Dietrich Hannegan 

John Henry Harbison 

Joyce Ann Henderson 

Ellen E. Kardy 

Emil H. Levine 

Janice Turick Morris 

Sherwood Andrew Moulton 

Ruth Ann Newton 

Nonyelum Patience Okpokwasili 

Sandra Elizabeth Owen 

David John Paul 

Faye Anita Powell 

Stephanie Piper Ralph 

Elizabeth Ann Rinn 

Elizabeth Anne Robertson 

Ellen Levin Share 

Carol Elaine Smalls 

Diane Lisbeth Smith 

Joan Ellen Stark 

Lynda Bradley Streight 

Peggie Spearman Tillman 

Linda Anne Toole 

Susan Allison Turner 

Frances Sinclair Vanish 

Thomas Stone Warner 

Carolyn Weaver White 

Linda Lee Woods 

Martha Bassford Zimmerman 

Master of Fine Arts 

Carol Love Harrison 
Benita Anderson Keller 
Allen Richard Linder 

Master of 

Riccardo E. Ferguson 



Master's Leud 
Rivka Shai 

Doctoral Leuel 

Anne Frysinger Shifflet 

December Masters/Certificates 33 



College of Agriculture 

Cdndiddles lvUI tx presented by 
Dr. Donald A. Hegwood. 
Dean of the College 
Bachelor of Science 

Jamal Hussein Abuswai 

Deborah Ghana Aksler 

Julie Ann Amos 

David Israel Beller 

Christopher Paul Benas 
tKaren G. Bennett 

Tom Gerald Branthover 

Gary Stephen Burnett 

Joan Therese Capodice 

Michael Kevin Cassidy 

Andrew Mark Clements 

Daniel D. Day 

Nancy Lynn Deemie 

Alejandro Armando De CIrioste 

Hazel Ellen Dicus 

Francis DIhosh 

Dana Anne Drewyer 

Cheryl Ann Eggers 

James Thomas Federline. Jr. 

Evan J. Federman 

Timothy Francis Finn 

Christine Fisher 

Maria Lyn Fishman 

Jeffrey Edward Flora 

LaLetia Regina Gaither 

Charlee Beth Gallik 

Francesco Scott Gentile 

Karl Eric Glaeser 

Karia A. Grasse 

Fred Anthony Greenblat 

Helene Irene Halushynsky 

Parrie Lynn Henderson 

Tobert Wayne Hessler 

Eric William Hill 

Susan Lynne Hirst 

James David Hochmuth 

Laurie Huffman 

Vernon Wayne Hustead 
§Susan Christine Imwold 

Jocelyn Kimberly Johnson 

James Martin Keefer 
Susan Ann Kelly 
Thomas Steven Kubic 
Peter Michael Lacey 
John Fan Lee 
Mary Catherine Mattocks 
Brenda Ann McKelvin 
Cynthia LaVerne Myers 
Adam Keith Newman 
John D. Nickerson 

*Erin Theresa O'Donnell 
Scott Brian Oler 
John Arthur Owens 
Maureen Teresa Pello 
Ann Teresa Piety 
Philip Plaskowitz 
Andreas Otto Ploeger 
Jorge Emilio Prugue 
Kevin James Reed 
Mehdi Rohamnia 
Mary Kathleen Schaaf 
Thomas John Schweitzer 
Brett Howard Schifflett 
Ronald David Sperlbaum II 
Kevin A. Stiles 
Kathryn Carlyle Storm 
Lili Virginia Thomas 
Thomas Patrick Walsh 

tJennifer M. Webber 
Eric John Westergard 
Mitchell Patrick Williams 
Alice Virginia Wise 
Charlotte Lynne Wrublewski 
Youn Hee Yoo 

Division of Agricultural 
and Life Sciences 

Candidates will be presented 
by Dr. Leury N. Veinderhoef. 
Prooost of the Diuision 
Bachelor of Science 
Catherine Anne Abbott 
Isaac Afrangui 
Lyie Aifandary Alexander 
Jacqueline Anne Aluise 
Robert Elias Badwey 
Anthony Joseph Bahnick 
Theresa Lewis Baker 
Kevin Michael Barnes 

Thomas Michael Barth 
Craig Walker Black 
Daniel Mark Boward 
John Christian Braisted 
Eric Llewellyn Briscoe 
Tracy Leora Broady 
Craig Harold Brown 
Michael Lee Bryant 
Anthony Charles Budzik 
Lynette Marie Cahill 

tLois Aurelia Carani 
Tammy Cecelia Casanova 
Christina Maria Celluzzi 
David Lawrence Chernov 
Stephen Michael Conrad 
Mark Crowell 
Valerie Anne Devaris 
Lauren J. De Voe 
Babette Dickerson 
Betty Rui-Yun Dong 
John Kevin Duffy 
James Michael Duiko 

*Anne McCoy Edwards 
Keren Louise Ensor 
Mary Louise Erickson 
Karen Marie Evans 
Randolph Jerome Faux 
Michael Keith Flemming 
Suzanne Elizabeth Fogle 
Elizabeth Pertovitch Garcia 
Anthony Francis Hammond 
Mark Frederick Hevey 
John Hudak 
Karol Lynn Jackson 
Haleh Jafari 
Richard Ira Jaffe 
Rafi Diran Jalkian 
Diane Joyce Johnston 
David William Jones 
James Karanikas 
Edward Yul Kim 
Susan Ann Knower 
Walter O. Koehler 
Michael Thomas Kozycki 

'Susan Ann Kunst 
Mary Lyn Kuzminsky 
Elizabeth May Lawrence 
Carlos Humberto Leal 
Mark Douglas Learn 
David Myers Leffingwell 

Jennifer Little 

Ann Marie Lohmann 

Mark J. Lowe 

David L Mandelblatt 

Lisa Ann Martinez 

Anita Monica Mattero 

Brigitte R. J. Maubouch^ 

Hugh Patrick McAdams III 

David Chris McGann 

Maureen Mary McMahon 

Michael Alan Milan 

Noel Erasmo Monardes 
•Lisa Anne Neike 

Katherine Sue Orlowski 

Michael Albert Orona, Jr. 

Lauren Steele Pawlikowski 

Darnell LaGuardia Pearsall 

Kevin Lynn Poff 
§Karen Grove Provine 

Young- Jean Rah 

Katherine Anne Railsback 

Amy Beth Richter 

David Keithern Richter 
•Karen Wamer Riggin 

Jerry David Rotter 

Issa Ghassan Sabbagh 

Russell Andrew Sheets 

John Randall Shields 

Shabnam Solaimani 

Sarah Ann Sweeney 

Fred Fadel Taweel 

David Keith Thornton 

Eric James Vacchio 

Gene Marchant Vass 

Joseph Hans Wagner 

John Arthur Wedemeyer III 

Robert Hendy-Pooley Wheelock 

Susan Lynn White 

Thomas Mark Zuby 

§Summa Cum Laude: tMagna Cum Laude: •Cum Laude 

December Bachelors 35 


School of Architecture 

Candidates will be presented by 
Prof. John A. Steffian, 
Dean of the School 

Bachelor of Architecture 

Richard Chan Bing 
Jon David Wallenmeyer 

Bachelor of Science 

Beth Allyce Behling 
Michael Cavanaugh 
Eleanor Christine Demasco 
Alan Scott Geoffrey Garrison 
Randolph Jay Holmes 
Paul Sydney Kea 
Melissa Anne Keenan 
Joseph Alan King 
Judah Organic 
Earl Lee Purdue 
Judy Yinkin Tarn 
Gregory Paul Zurmiihlen 

College of Journalism 

Candidates will be presented by 
Prof. Reese Cleghom, 
Dean of the College 

Bachelor of Science 

Carolyn Cecelia Baker 
John Frederick Bernhards 
Judy Lynn Bray 
Deborah Lyn Broomer 
Karen Robin Burke 
Deborah Takako Busby 
Carin Lee Carter 
M. Caroline Day 
Sharon Ann Donlin 
Michele Annette Eaton 
Karen Lynn Fauson 
Andrea Daryl Ganz 
Diane Elaine Geiman 
Steven Howard Ginsburg 
Audrey Robin Goldman 
William Allen Haufe 

36 December Bachelors 

James Elliott Joyner 
Susan Kenyon Kelley 

tDelores Elaine Kight 
Marjorie Susan Kline 
Dawn Ann Kurth 
Michael L. La Porte 
Leslee Marie Masters 
Cheryl Lynn Mengle 

•Karen Jean Milburn 
Douglas Michael Miller 
David Eugene Mills 

§Anne Beth Modlin 
Keith Herwald Morton 
Joseph Charles Mynaugh 
Robin Elaine Neilson 
Pamala Teresa Palmer 
Alison Jane Peters 
Vanessa G. Petrutsas 
Pennye Perceil Pinckney 
Karin Emmy Plancke 
Mary Lee Powell Walter 
Karen Pulver 
Linda S. Richmand 
Arlette Romano 
Lisa Ann Saltzman 
Elizabeth Jean Schilling 
Birgit Maria Schock 
Neil Scott Schuman 
Virginia Pearl Sedlack 
Donna Lynn Seeley 
Vicki Lynn Smyth 
Alison Gilchrist Tobias 
George Paul Tzamaras 
Deborah Lynn Vocke 
Denise Elizabeth Waters 
Elizabeth Anne White 

* Leslie Ann Wiley 
Diane E. Yslas 

Division of Arts 
and Humanities 

Candidates will be presented by 
Dr. Shirley S. Kenny 
Prouost of the Diuision 
Bachelor of Arts 

Charles Boyd Allen 
Kathleen Patricia Allison 
Neal Alan Archer 
Michelle Constance Asher 
Erik Brian Avol 
Anne Elizabeth Barker 
Erich Eugene Baumgartner, Jr. 
Julie Marian Belcher 
Nicholas David Blanchet 
Catherine Shanti Boehme 
Ann Kaylor Byler Boone 
Brent Oliver Bracely 
James Vincent Brady, Jr. 
Steven Wayne Bramer 
John David Bremer 
Jeffrey Dean Brown 
Mary Byrd Brown 
Amanda Leticia Bueso 

de Arispe 
Ellen Sue Bullard 
Stuart A. Carpey 
Eusebio A. Carrasco 
William Martinez Carroll 
Daniel Francis Casey 
Bruce Hamilton Chase 
Adele Gay Cheatham 
Robert C. Christiansen 
Whelon McKinley Clayton, Jr. 
Laurie Ann Concannon 
Joan Frances Crichton 
Mary Elizabeth Crow 
Shari Beth Daniels 
Theresa Maria D'Anton 
Martin Luther Davis, Jr. 
Russell Alan Davis 
S. Edward Davis IV 
Craig Thomas De Carlo 
Maria Teresa de la Pezuela 
Michael Delasos 
Lisa M. Delligatti 
La Verne Merri Dickerson 
Caroline-Hao Hoan Do 
Cynthia Louise Donnelly 
Kevin Michael Dorgan 

§Summa Cum Laude; 

Leanne P. Dotson 

Jane Elizabeth Dunklee 

Edward Joseph D'Zmura 

Judith Gayle Engler 

Andres Eduardo Filippi 
tKenneth Michael Fleit 

James Peter Francomacaro 

Lori Ann Frederick 

Amy Karen Freedman 

Roxanne Fulcher 

Philip Howard George 
tShelley Beth Gorelick 

Raymond Tyrone Gould 

Mary Theresa Greco 

Yoko Gushi 

Ira Harold Haber 

Paula Doris Hammond 

Jonathan Mark Hardee 

Angela White Harker 

Karen Jane Harloff 
fMary Claire Hartig 

Thomas Joseph Hartnett 

Frederick Walter Haub, Jr. 

Richard Alton Hays 

Amy Elizabeth Heit 

Kerry Ann Hennessey 

Mary Agnes Hennessey 

Kimra Jane Herb 

Sara Price Hesser 
*Charles S. Hirsch 

Jerry Allen Hobbs 

Charles Kilby Hodges 

Yvette Renee Holland 

Paul Stephen Honig 

Lois Joyce Hopkins 

Suzanne Marie Hopper 

Sharon Ruth Horowitz 

Thomas Holohan Jackson 

James Thomas Johnson 

Linda Lee Johnson 

Kevin Kazuo Kaneshige 

Shelia Joan Kanzler 

Alan Jack Kazanjian 

Catherine Ann Kirchner 

Matthew Alan Koch 

Dean John Kouyeas 

Linda Ann Kovarik 

Dana Elizabeth Lamb 

Shelley-Anne Ina Lashley 

Penelope Mansee Lau 

tMagna Cum Laude; *Cum Laude 

Dukhyung Lee 
Ariane Ruth Levine 
Edward Joseph Lilly 

•Kathryn Graham Long 
Susan Dorothy Lothrop 
rSguyet Anh Ly 
Lynn Ann DAmato Lynch 
La Mar K. Mack 
Ennilianne Valerie Manning 
Mary Elizabeth Marsden 
Millicent Noel Massey 
Maria G. Matrakas 
Chris Harold Matthews 
Daniel E. McAndrews 
Heather Leigh McAuliffe 
Susan Jennifer McCandless 
Patrick Joseph McCawley 
Andrew Carl McDonald 
Gail Marie McGaha 

•Mary Dawn McGrath 
Thomas Edward McHugh 
Carolyn Sue Mcintosh 
Maureen Mary McMahon 

tCarolyn Marie McManis 
Evelyn Elizabeth Medina 
Rebecca Darlene Meushaw 
Patricia Anne Miller 
John Francis Monahan III 
Joel P. Moreland 

(two degrees) 
Pascale Annie Mourrain 
Elena Maria Mazario 
Thomas Stanley Needell 
Kimberley Yvonne Norwood 
Laura Novak 
Susan Marie O'Brien 
John Joseph OHara 
Stephanie Mary O'Neil 
Laura Outerbridge 
Joanne Padron 
Jennifer Joanne Palazzo 
Theresa Ann Palerino 
Joseph Paolucci 
(two degrees) 
Seon-Hee Park 
Linda Marie Parker 
Diane Elaine Paull 
Lynn Marie Paullet 
Maria Trinidad Perez 
Butler McCulchon Perkins 

Marc P. Peterson 

Sharon Elizabeth Pettis 

Carol Ann Phifer 

Charles Hye Pratt III 

Leigh Primavera 

Robin Lynn Rannenberg 

Donald Anthony Roache, Jr. 

Carolyn Elaine Robinson 

Lynn Marie Roeder 

Deborah Lynn Rose 

Amy G. Rosenfeld 

David L. Rosenwasser 

Linda Suzanne Roth 

Elizabeth Aven Rubidoux 

Caroline Louise M. Rude 

Anne Elizabeth Russell 

Sonia Denise Rutstein 

Nita Kay Santiago 

Elizabeth Serra Dos Santos 
•Patricia Elizabeth Schellinger 

Lawrence Bruce Schiffman 

Maryjo Schwamb 

Michael John Sharkey 

Melauree Ann Shaw 

Brenda Lynn Shifflet 

Mark Andrew Sielecki-Dzurdz 
•Sharon B. Soffer 
•Wendy Gail Sollod 

Andrew Raymond Sosnowski 

Janet Marie Sparks 

Tracey Leith Stith 

Kevin Edward Sweeney 

Sharon Ann Sweet 

Earl Gilbert Taylor 

Mariana Rene6 Theberge 

Rachel Thomas 

Elaine Marie Tippett 

Polly Richlie Title 

Lucy Fatima Tomas 

Beverly Ann Turk 

Mark Lawrence (Jnger 

Donald Warren Valyou 

Gary Wackernah 

Cecilia Marie Ward 

Alison D. Warner 

Peter Benedict Waters 

Elaine P. Watson 

Cynthia Jo Welden 
•Kelly Rae West 

James Bruce Whalen 

Mark William White 
Richard W. Whiting. Jr. 
Glenn Howard Whitney 
§Pamela Murray Winters 
Gigi Wizowaty 
Howard Glendon Wood 
Jan Worth Yost 
Carolyn Denise Young 
Sandra Jane Young 
Mi Ho Yum 
Means ZellJohnston 
John Walter Zizik 

Bachelor of Musk 

Howard Alan Breitbart 
Richard Anthony Galla 
Karen Ruth Johnson 
Kenneth Albert Plant. Jr. 
Glenn David Sales 
Roh)ert Daniel Spates 
'Myra Starkman Tate 


§Summa Cum Laude: tMagna Cum Laude: *Cum Laude 

December Bachelors 37 


College of Business 
and Management 

Candidates will be presented by 
Dr. Rudolph P. Lamone, 
Dean of the College 
Bachelor of Science 

Christopher Paul Abod 

Murray Paul Abrams 

Steven Dwight Akers 

Susan Elizabeth Allen 

Susan Debra Alten 

Anne Marie Altobelli 

William Konstantine 

Robert Francis Andrew, Jr. 

Robert Wilburn Armstrong 

David Scott Asher 

Thomas Brennan Auer 

Steven David Auerbach 

Jerry Wayne Ausherman 

Stuart George Axenfeld 

Asim Baber 
'Carol Frances Baker 

Robert A. Baker 

Vicki Lynn Baldwin 

Lisa Renee Bartlett 

Debora Ann Bartley 

James Arthur Beaubien 
*Stacy Joy Bellmore 

Karen Lynn Biehn 

Sharon Renee Boger 

Cheryl Ann Boone 

Mario H. Borda 
§Mindi Bornstein 

Kathleen Marie Bouvier 

Henry Lee Braddock 111 

Robin Nadine Bradshaw 
•Renee Ostrow Brodsky 

Nancy Joy Bronerwine 
•Lisa Ann Brooks 

Timothy Richard Brown 

George Lloyd Brownlee 

Roscoe Adrian Butler 

Kevin Thomas Byrnes 

Anthony Michael Campanella 

Dorie Jean Campbell 

Edward Michael Campbell 

Christopher Fred Carr 

Gerard Alexander Castelli 

Hazel Andrea Chan 

Wai Hong Chan 

Nancy Lynn Chell 

Henry Moonhae Chi 

Louis Andrew Chuey 

Lisa Marie Clemente 

Candice Susan Clough 

Harris Jay Cohen 

Michele A. Cohen 

Martin Roy Coleman 

Robert Barnett Conn 

Jason Alan Constantine 

Belinda Sue Coopersmith 

Margaret Costello 

Michael Allan Coughlan 

Joseph Lee Cowden 

Patrick Michael Cox 

John Cherokee Crittenden III 
•Kathryn B. Curry 
•David John Dagger 

Julietta Fahmi Dahdah 
*Toi Dinh Dang 
•Deborah Anne Daniel 

Ha Thi Thu Dao 

Natalie Marietta Davidson 

Elizabeth Frances Deasy 

Rita Delia Torre 

Theresa Lynn DeNunzio 

Thomas Anthony DiBenedetto 

Louise Dieffenbach 

Virginia Mary Dormitzer 

Gregory Thomas Douds 

Sean Patrick Duffy 

Sean Patrick Dugan 

Laura Barkley Earles 
•Dana Linn Edsall 

Taryn Lee Egelanian 

Maureen Teresa Elia 

Todd Alan Etelson 

Barry Steven Euzent 

Philip James Facchina 

Nancy Jean Falls 
•Diane Louise Ficken 

Steven Douglas Field 

Kevin Lee Figge 

Leonard Charles Fleischmann 

Jeffrey Lyn Frey 

Paul Jay Friedland 

Richard Craig Friedman 

Roseann Friedman 

Catherine E. Galgano 

Elizabeth Ann Galindo 

Joan Gallagher 

Molly Ellen Gallagher 

Ruth Denise Garfinkle 

Philip Garonzik 

Christopher Welch Gault 

Robert Roy Giraldi 

Joan Lee G laser 

Joyce Ann G laser 

David Alan Godwin 

Jeffrey Neal Goldberg 

Robert Paul Goldberg 

Gerald E. Guido 
•Theresa M. Hage 

Hail Mohamad Haleem 

Gary Alan Hall 

Craig Reynolds Halota 

Edward Curtis Hare 

James Patrick Harrington 

Hilary Joyce Harris 

Rosemarie Catherine Hicks 

Edward Franz Hogg 

Douglas Charles Holl 

Judith Ann Holland 

Matthew Roger Horowitz 

Thomas Edward Hoyes 
•Shangying Hsiung 

Janice Demoi Isreal 

Daryl Neil Jackson 

Lorraine Ann Jacobs 

Berthil T. James 

Rosario Robles Jan 

Neil James Janashek 

Robert Craig Jee 

Barry Christopher Johnson 

Cassandra Ophelia Johnson 

Robert Joseph Johnson 

John Charles Joyce 
•Kim Elizabeth Judd 

Gary Martin Judson 

Daniel VanWagoner Kill 

Michael William Klemens 

Mark Alan Kline 

•Brian Ronald Knerr 

•Inki Ko 
Kostas Kokolas 
Barbara Jean Kopera 
Carole Jude Koslosky 
Joan Levinson Krens 
Peter Bryant LaForce 
Gary Charles Laios 
Lyn M. Lammert 

•Debra Marie Land 

•Dean Jeffrey Langdon 
Roxane Marie Ledet 
Angela Y. Lee 
Jenny Pui-Ching Lee 
Lori M. Levin 
Harlee Beth Levy 
Thomas Martin Liebrand 

•Oon Cheng Lim 
Virginia Page Link 
Betsey Lister 
Jan Estelle Littleton 
Christine A. MacKall 
David Scott MacMillan 
Susan Elizabeth Madden 
Marc Henry Magid 
Virginia L. Manz 
Laura Lynn Marceron 
Sharon Marie Marconi 
Anne Patrice Martin 
Seema Bahadur Mathur 
Mary Elizabeth Mauger 
Raymond Joseph McCrea 
James Steven McCroddan 
Olga Anatolievna McKenzie 
Roger Geoffrey McMorrow 
Anoop N. Mehta 
Roger Allen Mercanti 
Stephen Lee Miller 
Yvette Gale Mitchell 
Lisa Frances Moore 
Julio E. Morales 
Rosalyn Ann Morton 
Kenneth James Motta 

tSharon Elizabeth Motta 
Elese Foster Murdoch 
Gregory L. Nerantzis 
Kim Diane Newberg 

•Nancy Ruth Newman 
Chi Kim Nguyen 

38 December Bachelors 

§Summa Cum Laude; fMagna Cum Laude; *Cum Laude 

•Frank Nitkiewicz 
Robert Michael Morton 
Susan Beth Novak 
Lisa Ann Nowak 
Terence William O'Connor 
Edward Michael ODonnell 
Mark Haegle Olin 
Carola Maria Otero 
Thomas Michael Painter 
Chong Hwa Pak 
Thipamaia Ann Pananon 

§Dennis Carl Panchuk 
Renee Avis Parker 

•Ben Paul Persinger 
Brett Alan Phillips 
Vincent John Piazza 
Marc William Podnos 
Gordon Clark Pomeroy 

•Thomas James Porter 
Thomas Andrew Potts 
Henry Powell III 
Nisakorn Praisaengpetch 
Jonathan Taras Proch 
Denise Carol Quis 
Carl Michel Radecke 
David Clark Rasmussen 
Lois Catherine Rebholz 
Michael Lawrence Reed 
Renee Anne Reed 
Ann Catherine Reilly 
Paul Joseph Richardson 
Elizabeth Anne Riordan 
Michael Anthony Rogers 
Thomas J. Rokosny 
Cindy Jaye Rosen 
Martin Steven Rosenthal 
Elizabeth Anne Roumel 
Laura Kate Saffran 
Mark Allen Salters 
Robert Eugene Schurr. Jr. 
Eliot Michael Shatzman 
Barry M. Sherr 
Dennis Kook Shin 

tKatherine Josephine Silvester 
Lisa Kate Smith 
Timothy Govreau Smith 
Susan Lee Southerland 
Elaine Barthen Stana 
Maren R. Steinberg 
Dorthy Ann Steranka 

Curt Christopher Stine 

•Eric Charles Stockhausen 
Richard Alfred Stone, Jr. 
John Michael Straub 
Maria Renee Strauss 
Kevin Michael Sullivan 
Timothy Sullivan 
Bruce A. Sussman 
Jeffrey David Sussman 
James Barry Tastet 

tLinda Marie Thornberry 
Charles Lee Tobias 
Mark Lawrence Tobin 
David Wayne Todd 
Anthony Joseph Torano 
Conrad Leroy Trahern, Jr. 
Sandra Lee Travers 
Channary (Jk 
Kim Susan (JIman 
Gregory Damian Vaillancourt 
Robert Kenneth Vaughn, Jr. 
James Frank Verderamo 
Philip Louis Vest 
Veronica Sanz Vogel 
Joan K. Voskamp 
Mary Elizabeth Voskamp 
Kyra Simeon Waney 
Margaret Alice Ward 

tMichael Wilson Ward 
Carrie Elizabeth Warwick 
Scott Frankland Watson 
Daniel Emmett Watts 
Robert Ephraim Weisner 
Charles Raymond Weitzel 
James Herbert Wilkerson III 
Joseph Wilkins, Jr. 
Tod Smith Wilson 
Barbara Eileen Wixon 
Adam Ian Wolf 
Scott E. Wolgamuth 
Roger Scott Wollaston 
Johnny S. Wong 

•Mark Frank Wood 

fTeresa Julia Wood 
Susan Beth Woolridge 
Richard Kurt Yeager 
James Walter Young, Jr. 
Debra Nan Zimmerman 
Teresa Elaine Zumbrum 

Division of Behavioral 
and Social Sciences 

Candidates will be presented by 

Dr. Murray E. Polakoff. 

Proi'osl of the Diuision 

Bachelor of Arts 
Deena Suzann Acton 
Tanya Theresa Adeseun 
Ethemios Paul Alexiou 
Douglas Paul Andberg 
Sandra Lynn Appell 
Catherine Ann Appleyard 
Patricia Mary Atkinson 
Joseph Harlan Austin ill 
John Christian Bailar IV 
Christopher Alan Baker 
Joan K. Balch 
Cynthia Trussell Baliles 
Carol Lyrn Bauer 
Jay Charles Beasley 
Rachel Fawn Beck 

§Connie Marie Belland 
James Edward Berg 
Michael Craig Berman 
David Bryant Berry 
Michelle Ann Berry 
Barbara Katharyn Black 
John Eric Blackburn 

tJoni Gayle Block 
Steven D. Bolz 
Celeste Marie Boucher 
Alan Wayne Bozman 
Cheryl Ann Braun 
Mancy Louise Brewer 
Churchill Murray Bridgman 

§Alison Eileen Briggs 
Laura Gale Briskman 
Aaron Jay Brown 
Christophe Laurent Brown 
Melinda Roberta Brown 
Wendy Gail Brown 
Debra Ann Bucalo 
Beverly Nelson Buggs 
Daniel Kelly Burch 
Donna Jean Byrd 
Maria Elizabeth Calandriello 
Rex S. Caldwell III 
Gregory M. Calvino 
Daniel George Canaan 
Erica Lynn Caplan 

§Summa Cum Laude: tMagna Cum Laude: •Cum Laude 

Stephanie Louise Caruso 
Sonya Christina Castillo 
Barbette De Anna Cephas 
Nicholas Scott Chaconas 
Mary Grace Chacos 
Alicia K. Chin 
Eunho Choe 

§Mina M. Chung 
Jacquelyn Constance Cimino 
Kim Marie Clark 
Joseph Kittredge Cody 
Michael John Collins 
Lisa Margaret Conn 
Gale Susan Cooper 
Charlye Ann Covert 
Joan Frances Crichton 
Michael Roger Croes 
Paige Bostock Cronlund 
Thomas E. Crosby 
Helen Marie Curtis 

•Elektra Athena Cutchis 
Amy Ellen Dagold 
James Hampton Davis 
Janice Anne De Leonibus 
Luis Felipe de Lucio Olivares 
Charity F^letcher Dennis 
Dana Page Detamore 
David Andrew Deutsch 
Patrick Arthur DiGennaro 
Pamela Jean Diller 
John William Dillon 
Deborah Virginia Dirks 
Jamie Gwen Disharoon 

§Rudi Alfred Distler 
Valerie Leigh Donohoe 
David Gregory Doss 
Jeffrey Patrick Dougherty 
Johnny L. Douglas 
Stephen Paul Dragos 
John Walter DuMont 
Gary Wayne Echard, Jr. 
Luis Humberto Echeverria 
Kathryn Jane Egloff 
Tammy Lynn Ellison 
Denise Irene Emmet 
Joseph Francis Eschrich 
Douglas Martin Farrell 
Marian L. Farrior 
Daniel Leonard Feldman 
David Allen Fennimore 

December Bachelors 39 

MaryAnne Christina Field 
John Joseph Fitzgerald 
Margaret Mary Fitzgerald 
Dennis Edward Flake 
Jane Theresa Folan 
Lynn Ellen Frame 
Paula L. Franklin 
Linda Susan Fritz 
Paul Andrew Furton 
Anne Cecilia Gallagher 
Joan Gallagher 
Edward Joseph Garro, Jr. 
•Philippa Thferese Gasnier 
Nancy Elizabeth Gay 
Robert Christopher Gholl 
Caroline Crawford Gillespie 
Marjorie Ann Glaser 
Leslye F. Goldberg 
Anne Louise Goudreau 
David Andrew Gough 
Timothy John Gough 
Kenneth Michael Green 
Stephen Coughlan Haaga 
Amy Lynne Hackerman 
Cynthia Robie Haley 
Russel Edward Hamill III 
John Marshall Hand 
Mark Charles Harger 
James Howorth Hartten 
Scott Lawrence Heckman 
Thomas Steele Henderson 
Anne Arrington Henschel 
Richard Louis Hepburn 
V. Marie Heppner 
Elena Marcy Herskowitz 
Barbara Gattis Hill 
Ann Margaret Hirschy 
Martha Jane Hodgson 
Kathryn Gail Holbrook 
Dong Ok Hong 
Mark Ashley Hoye 
Catherine Pierce Hutchinson 
Angelica Anne Directo Ibanez 
Eldridge Jeffrey Jackson 
Shari Denise Jacobs 
Lisa Marie Jerry 
Marrell Garland Johnson 
James Joseph Jones 
Sharon Renee Jones 
Leah Michelle Joppy 

Brian Hendrick Kaisler 
Lori Mariko Kasamatsu 
Robert Charles Kautz 
Patrick Joseph Kearney 
James Patrick Kelly 
Gordon Chandler Keys III 
Stacey J. Kilgore 
Eugene Lee Kim 
Yun Kyung Agnes Kim 
Karen Anne Klautky 
Steven Lewis Kleeman 
Thomas Raymond Klimkosky 
Nina Loren Kobrinetz 
Lisa Michelle Koiman 
Ken A. Kopp 
Anne Elizabeth Korn 
Andrew E. Kostecka 
Attila Kovi 

Cheryl Lynn Kratzner 
Hilda Angelica Labrada 
Pamela Isabel Larravide 

*Sarah Ellen Laster 
Henry Lawrence Lavery IV 
Christopher Lawrence Law 
Catherine Anne Leavitt 

•Theodore Philip LeBlanc 
Shellmay Ann Lee 
David Leon Leeger 
Kevin Charles Lefcoe 
John Michael Lemmon, Jr. 
Terri Lynne LeMoyne 
Lawrence Howard Letow 
Leslie Gail Leventon 
Deborah Malia Levine 
Deborah Lee Lewis 

•Martha Ellen Libbee 
Kevin Alan Lichtman 
Alexander William Likowski 
Joseph Richard Linehan 
Loretta Mae Logan 
David Scott Loring 
William Francis Ludwig, Jr. 
Mary A. Madle 
Timothy Lowell Magee 
Kevin Joseph Mahoney 
Monte Dale Malone 
Mark Roy Manges 

tMichael Robert Maryn 
Stephen Francis Mason 
Mark Anthony Mastripolito 

Mary Catherine McAuliffe 
Rhonda Denise McCreary 
Anne Lynn McElligott 
Christopher J. McGorty 
Jeffrey David McGowan 
Lori Ann McKay 
Sallie Ann McNatt 
Kenneth Everett McPherson 
Mary Evelyn McPherson 
Joseph Edward Melanson 
Kristina L. Meson 
Mary Buckley Meyer 
Evelyn Miller 
Maria Patricia Montes 
Karen Anne Moore 
Michael Curtis Moore 
Patricia Virginia Morales 
Minerva Marcela Moriole 
Joseph Francis Morris 
Wayne Richard Morris 
Ann Kristin Nagel 
Lauren Eve Nanna 
Christopher Jay Napolitano 
Anne Marie Navalaney 
John William Navas 
Brian C. Nicholson 
Frank Nitkiewicz 
Joseph Gibson Noble 
Jean Marie Novak 
Robert Lawrence Novick 
Justin Gregory Nunzio 
Timothy Collins O'Connell 
Raymond Pace Oglesby 
Bruce Songuk Oh 
Stephen Clark Olson 
Gregg Michael Paley 
Victor Jerome Pascoe 
David R. Patch 
George Wallace Pendleton 
Brian Penn 
Wendy Helen Pessin 
Julia Ann Petro 
Camille Marie Pino 
Ru Chung Pong 
Mark Jeffrey Prati 
La Verne T. Preddie 
Edward Carl Prensky 
Robert Craig Pringle 
Nancy Hay Quantock 
Mark Delaney Rawlings 

Tamatha S. Ray 
Walter Edward Reed, Jr. 
Lisa Beth Ritter 
Michael Wayne Robertson 
David Wayne Robinson 
Roncent D'von Robinson 
Thomas Howard Rockwell 
Maria Antonia Rodriguez 
Donna Lynn Rogers 
Hilarie Lynn Samuels 
Steve Savor, Jr. 
William James Scanlon 111 
Mary Jane Scarcia 
Scott William Schattenfield 
Barbara Jan Scherr 

fCaren Anne Schlossberg 
Bradley Dean Schwarz 
Emily Ann Seibel 
Daniel Richard Shaffer 
Lillian Frances Shaffer 

§Sandra Jean Graham Sheets 

fRoslyn Sue Sherman 
Lindsay Jane Sherrard 
Amit Shiloach 
Richard Keith Siegel 
David Earle Smith 
Mary Jacqueline Smith 
Rebecca Lee Smith 
Susan Lynn Smith 
Susan Schurig Smoluk 
Bruce Oswald Snowden 
Tippy Yvette Spann 
Maurice Paul Speert 
Charles Luther Spencer 
Paul Richard Starks 
Janean T. Starr 
William Andrew Stirmer 
Thomas Alan Stout 
Lawrence Ralph Stouter 
Steven Bruce Strauss 
Marc David Street 
Loreice Suzanne Strum 
Valerie Carmel Stutman 
Ronald Eugene Sutton 
James Leo Sweeney 
Margaret Mary Sweeney 
Christopher James Taggart 
Gail Elizabeth Tail 
Michele Taylor 
Efrosini Lisa Theodore 

40 December Bachelors 

§Summa Cum Laude; fMagna Cum Laude; *Cum Laude 


Anthony Louis Guzzi 
David Paul Hannon 
Julie Francine Hesselgesser 
Mark Randolph Hooper 
Rex Aaron Lloyd 
Karen Ann Michael 
Joel Ripley Miller 
Richard Christopher Moyer II 
Thuy Thi Mguyen 
David William Nixon 
Michael Kent Raybuck 
George Earl Shipley 
Steven Richard Smith 
Nancy Karen Stambler 
tJulie R. Stewart 
Sandra Suggs 
Jay Laurence Wattenberg 
Thomas Yarmas 
Daniel Martin Yeatman 
Chaploon Yee 

Karen Yvonne Thomas 

Stephen Adrian Thompson 

William Mark Thompson 

Robert Gordon Tice 
•Mark J. Tinch 

Raymond Patrick Towie 

Brian Douglass Townsend 

Olga Rosa Trujillo 

Charles Anthony Turner 

Warren Bruce Underwood 
tLeander Shelton 
VanLandingham III 

Helen Annette Watts 

Martin Douglas Waugh 

Cheryl Ann Weinstein 

Jill Deborah Weinstein 

Meal Robert Welch 

Stephen M. Whitby 

Donald Wharton Whitehead. 

Albert Lee Wilcox 

Sandra Gail Wilcox 

Rachelle Willett 

Lance Currie Williams 

Patrick Hayde Williams 

Timothy S. Williams 

Michael Jesse Wittig 

Linda Elizabeth Wolff 

Sharon Patricia Wong 

Margaret Helan Woo 

Carol Yvonne Wright 

Jeffrey Marc Yenof 

Lloyd Ray Young 

Jose Antonio Zapata 

Ronald Martin Zich 

Bachelor of Science 

Strawinski Marc Albaugh 

David Matthew Arnold 

Raul L. Arriz 

Karen Emily Buckley 

Rocco Riccardo Buglisi 

Clarence Andy De Laine. Jr. 

Deane Howard Durm 

Brenda Ann Ellis 

Susan Anne Gallagher 
'Anne Marcia Goldenberg 

James Joseph Greeves III 

Martin James Grenchik 

Adrian Scott Griffith 
§Barbara Jeanne Guariglia 

§Summa Cum Laude: tMagna Cum Laude: *Cum Laude 




December Bachelors 41 


College of Education 

Candidates will be presented by 
Dr. George L Marx, 
Assistant Provost for Education 
Bachelor of Arts 

Frank Michael Aita 

Ann Brown Dorsey Aksel 

Michael Eric Andberg 

James Ira Elder 

Andrew Karl Henry 

Seamus Patrick Nunan 

Hannah Ifeoluwa Olaleye 

Edit Maria Sayko 

Holly Person Shifrin 

Bachelor of Science 

Lisa Marie Alder 

George Anthony Alkire 

Mary Beth Ash 

Elizabeth Jean Austin 

Laureen Donaldson Baggett 

Alfred Vincent Basile, Jr. 
*Ann Elizabeth Bedford 

Yvette Elizabeth Beveraggi 

Robert Michael Bowes 

Charles Herbert Bowling, Jr. 

Mary Jane Boyer 

Lori Anne Brashear 
*Mary Cecile Braun 

Susan Diane Byrnes 

Ramon Castro, Jr. 
*Denise Marie Clark 

Lori Robin Cohen 

Roy Daniel Comp 111 

William Isaiah Conaway 111 

Mary Regina Conley 

Annette Louise Cosgrove 
*Teri Lynn Davis 

Karen Lynn Detrick 

Penny Diamond 
*Cynthia Louise Di'lenno 

Diane Rachel Doneff 

Marie Williams Durkin 

Daniel Gerard Eberhardt 

John Edward English 

Michelle Anne Ferguson 

Ronald Allen Flax 

Susan Catharina Fontyn 

Gail Delores Gallman 

Catherine Cassandra Garris 

Beth Debra Ginsberg 
•Risa Sue Gold 

Helen Marie Goldsticker 

Linda Grace Goodenough 

Anthony Morbert Gutschmidt 

Lisa Sue Habib 

John Joseph Harrington 

Robert Edward Herr 

Dennis Scott Hunter 

Douglas Leslie Huntt 

Donald Eugene Irwin 

Tracey Lynn Jennings 

Clare Anne Kaplon 

Susan Lane Kaufman 

Margaux Eileen Kelley 

Richard Eugene Kelly 

Omar Haroun Khiel, Jr. 

Jennifer Lynn Klein 

Marilyn Kleinman 

James Francis Kmetz 

Christina Eunshil Ko 

James Stuart Kroll 

Denise Land 

Wendy Kay Larsen 

Karen Davis Lee 

Marcie Amy Lemberger 

Timothy Leroy Leon 

Eileen M. Levy 

Larry Alan Lint 

Jean Brock Long 

Matthew Leo Malanoski 

Kevin William McCarthy 

Linda Anne McCroddan 

Barbara Lee McGinley 
§Deborah Clarkson Mclndoe 

Patrick Michael Mclnerney 

Beth Johnson McLachlen 

Robert John McQuitty 

Joseph Carroll McWilliams 

Assunta Marie Melia 

Jon Damian Mersinger 

James Gilbert Moore 

Charles Edward Mullineaux, Jr. 

Clarence Phillip Murray, Jr. 

Brenda Allyn Nassau 

Duncan Craig Nutter 
'Pamela Denise Pace 

Darlene Bierbach Porter 

Arlene Susan Richard 

Mary Elizabeth Robinson 

Michelle Beth Rodbell 
*John Carr Russell 

Dennis Patrick Rutten 
•Patricia Pleva Sams 
§Doris Kay Sanders 

Nancy Martina Scalley 

Peter Monroe Schoen 

Lisa Ann Seminerio 

Ronald Coleman Shaffer 

Carol Frances Sheehan 

Lorrie Argent Shymansky 

Barton Murray Simpson 

Michael Carlton Smith 

Pamela Lynn Smith 

Dennis Melvin Soboleski 

Deborah Susan Solomon 

Lisa Ann Sorge 

Michael Christopher Stebbins 
§Marion Wessels Strishock 

Jill Elizabeth Tanner 

Lori Beth Taylor 
* Pamela Ann Thompson 

Suzanne Lufkin Tinkleman 

William Kirkpatrick Tinsley 

Vincent Ralph Tolino 

Teresa Ann Trappen 

Kathryn Troshinsky 

Jui-Yun Tsao 

Amy Elizabeth Tudor 

Kathleen M. Vetter 

Laura Ann Walsh 

Stanley Paul Weintraub 

Paula Marie Wilhelm 
*Anna Marie Williams 

Angela Theresa Wilson 

Carol Anne Winn 

George Daniel Wood, Jr. 

Anthony George Yazge 

Robert Siegfried Zimmet 

College of Human Ecology 

Candidates will be presented by 
Dr. John R. Beaton, 
Dean of the College 

Bachelor of Science 

Elise Alexander 

Kimberly Anne Anderson 

Emily Kaye Baker 

Susan Mary Ballance 

Cynthia Murray Bartlett 

Susan Chambers Bigler 

Margaret Bogdanski 

Renee Suzanne Boudreau 

Maureen Suzanne Boyle 

Katherine Elizabeth Browning 

Carolyn Irene Bunke 

Jeffrey Butler 

Alina Margarita Cabrejas 

Catherine Laura Cairo 
*Cathleen Susan Carafelli 

Kristine Virginia Carney 
tLinda Cheryl Castek 

Dawn Marie Chaikin 

Cindy Ae Chung 

Janet Barbara Hull Clark 

Michael Anthony Clark 

Fran A. Clymer 

Serena-Leslie Colvin 

Russell Benjamin Cornatzer 

Daniel Emmet Crow 

Mary Theresa Devaux 

Beverly Sue Diamond 

Kathleen Marie Duchesne 

Kyena Lee El rod 

Kathleen Denise Figiel 

Daniel Scott Frasier 

Robin Marlene Friend 

Marie-Evelyne Golding 

Diana Lee Gonzalez 

Karen Sue Gottesman 

Susan Elizabeth Grant 

Patricia Lynne Gubbings 

Gloria Jean Hambrecht 

Clare Elizabeth Harman 

Mary Catherine Henry 

Janet Hirsch 

Amy Elizabeth Holland 

Edith S. Homoki 

Twyla Michelle Howse 

42 December Bachelors 

§Summa Cum Laude; fMagna Cum Laude: *Cum Laude 

•Donna Lee Jackson 
Thonnas A. Jenkins 
Katherine Ann Kastning 
Stephanie Travillian Keefer 
Patricia Ann Kelly 
Brian Wayde Kinsey 
Laura Kay Kirsch 
April Lynn Kispert 
Kimberly Anne Kobi 
Cynthia Leigh Kolscher 
Grace Marianne La Marsh 
Mahshid Lam^ 
Sally Elizabeth Layman 
Ana Maria Lazo 
Richard Lloyd Leahy 
Eun Jung Lee 
Philip Guy Le Vee 
Jacqueline Ann Lorden 
Markella Constantine Magoulas 
Marilou Sheridan Majowicz 
Jill Sondra Marziani 
Steven Michael Mealy 
Karen Ann Michael 
Susan Mary Mrozek 
Elizabeth Joan Mueller 
Lisa Karen Mueller 
Cella Ann Murphy 
Vicki Lynn haliborski 
rSadine Eleanor Masim 
Karen Ann Morton 
Stephanie Jane Obranovich 
Barbara Andrea ONeill 
Gabriella Orban 
Patricia Ann Palasik 
Ruth Ann Paukstitus 
Avery Alonzo Pearmon 
Stephnee Peer 
Jerrisa Darlene Perkins 
Deatra Sharleen Kit Perry 
Francesca Mapoli Philbin 
Erika Wiersma Posey 
Cheryl Ann Purbaugh 
Bonnie Hsia Quon 
Karen Marie Reed 
Deborah Louise Richardson 
Jacob McCoy Robinson. Jr. 
Kimberly Ann Ross 
David William Ryner 
Elaine Garfin Salsbury 
Terry Lynn Schaffer 

Susan Beth Schwartz 
Christine Elizabeth Seitz 
Pamela Jean Seltzer 
Patricia Ruth Sher 
Pamela Carter Smith 
Kathleen Terese Stanton 
Michelle Stigliano 
Mary Johanna Stretmater 
Julia A. Sullivan 
Catherine Veronica Sweeney 
Toni Lynn Tibbs 
Rebecca Rose Tilghman 
Gladys Patricia Tituana 
Colleen Patricia Tressler 
Nancy Jean Vawter 
Cindy Ida Walters 
Cecilie Anne Witt 
John Joseph Zierdt 

College of Physical 
Education, Recreation 
and Health 

Candidates ivUI be presented by 
Dr. George F. Kretmer, 
Acting Dean of the College 
Bachelor of Science 

Roy Allen Avedon 

Renee Susan Becraft 

Donna Louise Brown 

Patricia Ann Butler 

Jeffrey Blaise Chansler 

Kimberlee Ann Clark 

Linda Ellen Cooke 

Albert Raymond Cruz 

Joseph Edmund Ernst 

Robert Leonard Gole. Jr. 
tGloria Gonzalez 

Elizabeth Mary Grahl 

N. Jeanette Gray 

David Henry Robert Haughton 

Joseph Adam Herget, Jr. 

Melinda Lee Hold 

Julia Ann Hughes 

Tony Lee Hursey 

Robert Brooke Langkammerer 

Kathleen Leahy 

William James McKay III 
'Charles David McKelvey 

Marlene Yvonne Melendez 
§Rosalie Veronica Miller 

Donna Rae Mills-Flippo 

LuAnn Minnick 

Shelley M. Nose 

Ho[>e Sarah Patterson 
•Scott Mitchell Peltin 

Michelle Lynn Peterson 

Margaret Mary Pusey 

Robert William Reading 

Karen Elizabeth Renaud 

Zachary Chait Tolin 

Kimberly Dee Trickett 

Cherie Lisa Weintraub 


College of Engineering 

Candidates will be presented by 
Dr. George E. Dieter, Jr., 
Dean of the College 
Bachelor of Science 

Abdollah Abdolvand 

Eve Marie Abrams 

Mona Gomaa Abutaleb 

John Gary Adams 

Aderemi Alfred Adeyeye 

James Michael Allard 

Gregory Michael Amigo 

Martin Anderson 

Michael Francis Arnold 

Soraya Asa 

Gerard George Back III 

Michael Augustine Andrew 

Robert Woodrow Bahr 

Bruce Edward Baker 
•Jay Balakirsky 
•Michael Lee Bangham 

Thomas Anthony Bannister 

Donald Eugene Barber. Jr. 

David Christopher Barry 

Gregory Orrin Bates 

Armand Henry Beard III 

John T. Bell 

Charles Phillip Bengston 

Mark Christy Bennett 

Robert Charles Berry, Jr. 

Patrick John Bettinger 

Jerome John Bialecki 
'Edward Bryan Bird 

Tammy Gail Birkmaier 

Robert Louis Bitting 

Jason Seth Bober 

James Borzatti 

Susan Marie Bour 

Peter Humphreys Bourne 

Winfield Scott Boyer 

James Vincent Brinks 

Edward John Burke 

§Summa Cum Laude: tMagna Cum Laude: •Cum Laude 

December Bachelors 43 

§David John Burkhart 

Lydia Anne Butterworth 

Wlliam Duryea Cameron 

John Joseph Campanella 

Mecmettin Can 

Carol Jean Minnemann Chavez 
fShu Ang Chen 

Yao Hung Cheng 

Ping Chieh 

Dean Chin 

Ravinder Chona 

David Chung 

Christopher Joseph Clark 

Steven Dwaine Cochran 

Peter Clifton Cole 

Thomas Lee Collins 

Brian Paul Considine 

Michael Edward Cooley 

William Arthur Cooper, Jr. 

Ross M. Cox 

Bruce Edward Crock 

Joseph George Dafin 

Frank E. D'Ambrosio 

Russell Alan Davidson 

John Anthony Delgozzo 

Thomas Marion Dembeck 

John Fitzgerald Devlin 

Eric Charles Dickerson 
tRudi Alfred Distler 

Robert Mitchell Dobyns 

David Brian Dutton 

David Frazier Eakin 

David B. Eddleman 

Doan Edward Eiband 

David George Enders 

Cheryl Jane Engel 

David Eric Everhart 

Faramarz Farid 

Farhang Farzad 

Keith Foreman 

Harry David Foster 

Kathleen Bridget Frantz 

Thomas Patrick Frederick 

Donald Alan Free 

John Timothy French 

Edward John Fronden 

Michael William Gallagher 

Michael Edward Gallo 

Pankaj Garg 

James Maxwell Garner 

tAndrew Gordon Gauld 
Mark Steven Gerber 
Robert Anthony Gibeily 
Christopher Mauro Giordano 
Hung Wang Goh 
Scott Alan Gordon 
Pia Carita Granholm 
Pamela Gay Greene 
Julio J. Guinand 
Geoffrey D. Guttmann 
hajib Octave Habesch 
Sheila Ann Haghighat 
Mohamud Abdullah! Haji 
Mazibul Mohammad Hague 
Edmund Burke Hardcastle 
Richard Wilson Harper 
Timothy Edmond Harris 
Joseph Harold Hartman 
Randall Stephen Hash 
Peter Francis Hatfalvi 
Charles Robert Hean 
Daniel Dean Helfrich 
Donald Lawrence Hemp 
Timothy Scott Hennessey 
Rustan James Hill 
Mark Wayne G. Holt 
William David Homick 
Michele Arlene Huffman 

fMichael Wayne Hunt 
Bonnye April Hur 
Michelarcangelo lannuzzi 
Michael J. Iglesias 
Darryl Wayne Ivins 
Christopher Mark Jackson 
Clyde Porter Jackson, Jr. 
Patrick Ross Jackson 
Paul Iver Jacobsen 
Joseph Michael Jardin 
Joseph Franklin Jenkins, Jr. 
Andrew Lewis Jones 
Thomas Warren Jones 
Marshall J. Jose 
Kiandokhy Kafie 
Sepali Chitra Kahawita 
Kuljeet Singh Kalkat 
Michael David Kane 
George Constantinos Karas 
James Karayinopulos, Jr. 
Dong Bang Khuc 
Ray Skylstead Kidder 

Robert Ray Kifer II 

Douglas Kyun Kim 

Soong-B Kim 

Richard Charles Klein 

Anjali Kochhar 

Khalil Elia Kodsi 

Stephen Jeffrey Krone 

Mark Edward Kumagai 

Ratan Kumar 

Nathan D. Kunes 

Donald Joseph Lacey 

Douglas Anthony Lawton 

William Lazarides 

Soo Hong Lee 

Steven Shing Lee (two degrees) 

Walter M. Lee 

David Brian Legg 

Paul Leeds Lemar, Jr. 

Kenneth Edward Li 

John Eric Lindahl 

Byron Allen Lindstrom 

David Edward Linton 

Mitchell Wood Lock 

Darryl V. Logan 

Bradley Gene Loisel 

Say Voeun Lor 

James Joseph Lucas 

Dimitri Lutchenkov 

William Herbert Mandir 

Thomas Oliver Martino 

Richard Louis Mason 

Alberto Ariel Mayo 

David Lawrence McGinley 

Peter Adrian Mclntyre 

Jack Andrew Medovich 

Sasan Mehrabanzad 

John Micholas Menard 

R. Davis Mentzer, Jr. 

Sanjar Moinizandi 

Fariborz Mortezaee 

James John Moyer 

Nagi Michel Nader 

Jonathan Edward Nesbitt 

AM Neshati 

Gregory Michael Newbold 

Hieu Thien Ngo 

Loc Van Nguyen 

Nha Thanh Nguyen 

Felix Manuel Nieto, Jr. 

William Wallace Norton, Jr. 

Ihioma (Jche Nzeadibe 
Mark Oliver 
David Henry Ordun 
Dean Packard 
James Verdine Palmer 
Andrew John Parker 
Vinay Chimanlal Patel 
Christiane Yvonne Perrin 
Jerry Donald Phelps 
Daniel Salvatore Pitone 
John Roger Polak 
Robert Edwin Poole 
Stanley Charles Prout 
David Alan Quinn 
Daniel Joel Radack 
Jay Francis Raley 
Sally Carol Rawie 

'Christopher Joseph Reinhart 
John Stephens Reitwiesner 
Walter Kellner Rickert, Jr. 
Thomas Purnell Ridley III 
Paul James Robert, Jr. 

*Lee Alan Rodberg 
Philip Stephan Romas 
Deborah Lynne Rooney 
Howard Lewis Rosewell, Jr. 
Frank Willard Rothenhoefer I 
Stephan Patrick Rotolo 
Jennifer Lynn Ruos 
Holly Ann Russell 
Reza Sahiholnasab 
Aaron Arthur Salzberg 
Giovanni Santoro 
Dale Alan Schermerhorn 
Michael Alan Schneider 
Richard George Schnurr, Jr. 
Roy Walter Schwarzenberg 
Daniel Joseph Scipioni 
Michael John Serapiglia 
Margaret Agnes Sheehan 
Roderick Peter Silton 

* Keith Edward Simpson 
Bijan Sistani 
Michael Dean Slama 
Michael Paul Smith 
James Michael Spriggs 
Kraivuth Srinkapaibulaya 
Samir Kumar Srivastava 
Brian Paul Storms 
John Byron Strawbridge II 

44 December Bachelors 

§Summa Cum Laude; tMagna Cum Laude; *Cum Laude 

Paul Milton Stroessner 
Jerome Wayne Stultz 
Thomas Harold Styer 
John Edward Thibeault 
James Appleton Thompson 
Vu Thi Bich Thu 
Ronnie Chein Toy 
Kevin Joseph Tracy 
Daniel Michael Troxell 
Thanhtan Cong Van 
Steven Ira Vinner 
Anhthu Tara Vu 
Delroy Oratio Walker 
James Lance Webber 
William Morton Weidemeyer 
Theresa Lynn White 
Mark Charles Wilbur 
•Patrick Francis Williams 
Steven Coe Wilson 
Rebecca Myers Woodby 
Kerry Scott Woodfield 
Myung Chul Yi 
Romae Paulette Young 
David Duane Zaieski 
Michael Gregory Zammit 
Michael Anthony Zimmick 
Sandro Zlatar 

Division of Mathematical 
and Physical Sciences 
and Engineering 

Candidates will be presented by 
Dr. Frank J. Kerr, 
Prouost of the Diuision 
Bachelor of Science 

Aderemi Alfred Adeyeye 

Hamid Afshar 

Richard Carl Andresen 

Gary Lynn Andrews 

Torin Kirk Andrews 

Terry Lynn Austin 

John Christian Bailar IV 

George Edwin Bailey 
•Steven Craig Barash 

Gregory Orrin Bates 

John David Beatty 

Debra Ellen Braun 

Linda Lee Breck 

Terrance Anthony Browne 

Timothy Bennett Butler 

Anthony Gerard Cascio 

Sijung Chang 

Susan Chang 

Yoon Sook Chang 

John Perry Cioccio 

Jeffrey Franklin Clark 

Ross Fairfax Clark 

Peter Brennan Cottrell 

Kim Allan Darland 

Bryant Davis 

Beth Kaye DiMaria 

Michael Trieu Ba Do 
•Ralph Lee Drake 

Ann Suzette Droege 

Richard Mark Dudley 

Richard Lee Edwards 

Harry C. Engel. Jr. 

Judy Lynn Erno 

Douglas A. Ewing 

Peggy Joyce Garrett 

Jeanne Marie Grillo 

Kaveh Mir Habibolahi 

Eugene Harris Handler 

James L. Harrington, Jr. 

Gary Lee Henry 
•Suzanne Coney Hiser 

Kyung-Eun Hong 

Keith Richard Huffman 

Gary Robert Hunt 

Rodney Terry Joel! 

Bruce E. Johnson 

Vincenc A. Jutersek 

Myung Sook Kang 

Manju Katyal 

Dennis Patrick Kelly 

John Kyoung Ryool Kim 

Robert Kim 

Yoon Sook Kim 

John Keats Kirsch 

Edward Lawrence Kovalcik. Jr. 

Carolina Lampo 

Dong Chul Lee 

Tak Hing Lee 
tEugene M. Lerman 

Jacob Israel Lifshitz 

Wai Lin Lor 

Florence Hsia-Hsiao Lu 

Nghia Due Lu 

Richard Fredrick Maier 

Merry Martin 

Cynthia Rose Meyer 

Mary Cathryn Miller 

Subhendra Math Misra 

David Moraff 

Paul Hilary Morusiewicz 

Igor Nemirovsky 

Martin Farley O Meill 

Chomhong Pak 

Steven C. Palmer 

George P. Parton 

Bradford William Pechacek 

Diana Catherine Petrucci 

Dat Tien Pham 

Mam Phi Pham 

Levan Phan 
•Roger Beach Pierson, Jr. 

M. Itiel Pinker 

Juliejames Pirle 

Patricia Ann Pridgen 

Donald Edward Pugsley 

Philip Dennis Quade 

Keith David Ratzman 

David Brian Rice 

Leon Anthony Richardson, Jr. 

Eduardo Alberto Rivera. Jr. 

Linda Lee Rohrbaugh 

Hugo Antonio Santana 

Joseph Mark Schartman 
Timothy John Seppi 
Arkady Yakov Shapiro 
Kenneth M. Sheers 
John Ali Shekarchi 
Chiu Ping Shum 
Peter John Sorando 

§Alexander V. Stanoyevitch 
Ernest Lee Staples. Jr. 
Lynn Cecilia Stephens 
Claire Sullivan 
Gail Lorraine Swick 
Sonya Moore Tatem 
Rachel Thomas 
Suzanne Marie Tillman 
Regina E. Toffolo 
Gyen The Tran 
Ky H. Trinh 
Hazel Louise Troendle 
Stephen Marc CIdelson 
Gregory Alan Velott 

•Deepak Vig 
Lyubov Vladavsky 
Brandon Scott Wagoner 
Charles Eugene Watley 
Leigh Steven Weber 
Michael Wiant 
Stephen Eugene Wieprecht 
Monica Kay Wilfong 
Jonathan Jude Wilmot 
Claire Marie Wolfe 
Murry Paul Wolfman 
Matthew Albert Wolnitzek 
(Jma Yalamanchili 
John Michael Young 
George Abe Zachariah 

§Summa Cum Laude; tMagna Cum Laude; 'Cum Laude 

December Bachelors 45 


Candidates will be presented by 

Dr. Robert E. Shoenberg, 

Administrative Dean for 

Undergraduate Studies 

Bachelor of General Studies 
Mary Elizabeth Adams 
Richard Joseph Albicker 
Karin Terese Arnold 
Beverly Jean Baker 
William Joseph Bankston 
Anthony Paul Baum 

fWynne Beatrice Beaman 
Jacquelyn Ann Bean 
Charlene Anne Beaulieu 
Shawn Bruce Benson 
Adam Richard Bernstein 
Margaret M. Biro 
Sondra Dorothy Black 
Philip Scott Blum 
Michael Steven Bonavia 
Reginald Aivin Bookard 
Scott Howard Bomstein 
Martin E. Brauch 
Michael John Burdusi 

§Lily Yeh-Fen Burgess 
Brent Paul Burke 
Rafael LaReine Bussie 
Michael Thomas Calderwood 
Monica Ann Carlquist 
Geoffrey Stratton Carpenter 
Dale Edward Castro 
Craig Francis Chase 
Matthew W. Collison 
Jeffrey Brian Cooper 
Paula Marie Cunningham 
David Andrew Curtis 
David Clark Dean 
Brenda Joyce Dobbins 
Norman Kurt Dobson 
David Andrew Drewyer 
Andrew Carl Eaker 
Esther Ruth Ebey 
Ethan Ehrlich 
Criston Farrell Ellis 
Douglas A. Englander 
Jacqueline Beth Feldman 
Lisa Beth Feldman 

Kimberly Marilyn Ferrell 
Page Mewcombe Fiery 
Sandra Lenora Frazier 
John Samuel Garofolo 
Clifton Noel Gilbert 
Stephanie Ann Golliday 

jAndrew Anson Good 
John Clayton Grant 
Daniel Edward Green 
Anthony Lavarne Greene 
Juliet Helene Greer 
James Bradley Grier 
James Hiram Gurganious 
Gary Robert Guthrie 
Alison Kay Headline 
Michael James Hennessey 

fKaren Ann Holtz 
Thomas Kingyin Hung 
Tanya Lisa Hunter 
Andrew Joseph Hyams 
Paula Angela lacangelo 
James Atwater lacone 
Paula Christine Incarnato 
Mary Eleanor Istvan 
Javdan Jabbarnezhad 
Tanya Allyn Jefferson 
Ira Edward Kasoff 
Anne Brannigan Kelly 
Jennifer A. Kerby 
Kathlynne von Jordan Koch 
Michele Lynne Koenigsberg 
Eric Philip Krens 
Alan Roger Kuzminsky 
Margaret Sophia Labrada 
John Alexander Lamon III 
Margaret Jean Leedy 
Victor I. Littman 
Carol Katherine Loman 
Francis Bernard Mackrell 
Rene M. Marcus 
Michael George Marshall 
Roberta Miriam Mazal 
Michael Joseph McCann III 

§M. Denise McGrath 
Brian Agar McLemore 
Martin Joseph Messina 
Charles Webster Muhly 
Michael Charles Muller 
Christopher William Murphy 
John Thomas Newman 

Sung Mee Oh 
Beth Meryl Orlan 
Robert Ross Ott 
David Wade Pacella 
Elizabeth Mary Francis Paul 
Laura Jayne Pence 
Janet Sue Pope 
Michael Lee Ranck 
Janice Darlene Rau 
Suzanne Elizabeth Remondini 
Donna Lynne Roberts 
Gary Edward Rottmann 
Ara Aree Sahakian 
Steven Jeffrey Schwartz 
Stephen Robert Shaheen 
David Judah Simon 
Jennifer Anne Simpson 
Kenneth William Smalley 
Scott Edwin Springer 
§Mark Allen Stockett 
Martin Paul Stout 
Charles Robert Strittmatter 
Kevin Elliott Taylor 
Christine Anne Tripp 
Randall Delewelyn Tyson 
Thomas Angelos Valis 
Frederick Mark Yardley 
Michael Alan Yellin 
John Robert Zawarski 

Bachelor of Arts 

Ronald Steven Gilbert 
James Vincent Hellane, Jr. 
Melanie Lynn Isis 
Eileen Ai Lee 
Glen Bruce Leiner 
Debra Lynne Pancer 
D. Randall Prowom 
§Celia Rebecca Serkin 
Laura Anne Steiner 
Alice Marie Tirrell 

Bachelor of Science 

§Lee Ritzman Ebinger 

Roger F. Klinger 
*Shelley Diane Liebman 

George Arthur Whitmore 


Sandra Lynn Appell 

Sondra Dorothy Black 

Joni Gayle Block 

Maria Elizabeth Calandriello 

Amy Ellen Lippens 

Pamela Denise Pace 

D. Randall Prowom 


Second Lieutenants 
G.S. Air Force Reserves 

Anthony Charles Budzik 
Sean Patrick Duffy 
Martin James Grenchik 
Brandon Scott Wagoner 

46 December Bachelors/Certificates/Commissions 

§Summa Cum Laude; tMagna Cum Laude; *Cum Laude 


Bachelors degree candidates 
who have qualified for 
scholarship honors upon 
graduation are designated by 
appropriate symbols adjacent to 
their names within the 
alphabetical listings of divisions, 
colleges or schools. 

To be eligible for consideration 
for such honors a candidate 
must meet the following general 
criteria: (1) have completed at 
least two years of work at the 
University of Maryland (60 
semester hours. 30 of which 
were at College Park) and (2) 
have a scholastic average of B 
(grade point average of 3.000) or 
higher in University of Maryland 
work prior to the last semester 
of registration before award of 

August and December 1983 
candidates who have met these 
criteria are shown in the listings 
as qualifying, upon graduation. 
for the designations summa cum 
laude (if they ranked in the top 
two percent of the candidates in 
their respective divisions, 
colleges or schools), magna cum 
laude (if in the next three 
percent), or cum laude (if in the 
next five percent), based on the 
grade point averages of students 
in the preceding three 
graduating classes of their 
degree-granting unit. 

General Honors Program 

WUh General Honon, 
Binda Greta Oouglass** 
Michael Patrick Flanagan" 
Steven Lawrence Heston" 
Carolyn Marie McManis 
Susan Elizabeth McManis" 
Donna Jean Messersmith" 

Departmental Honors 

With High Honors in Astronomy 

Brian David Gross" 
With High Honors in Chenriistry 

Robert Otto Heuckeroth" 
With High Honors in Criminology 

George Roger Jarjoura" 

Sandra Lee Wilkinson" 
With High Honors in English 

Pamela Murray Winters 
With High Honors in Government 

and Politics 

Deborah Ann Biscieglia" 
With High Honors in Mathematics 

Eugene M. Lerman 

Alexander V. Stanoyevitch 
With High Honors in Music 

Myra Starkman Tate 
With High Honors in Physics 

Selman Phillip Hershfield" 

With Honors in Biochemistry 

David Dean Tuthill* 
With Honors in Corrvnunicalion 

Arts and Theatre 

Eric Adam Epstein*" 
With Honors in Economics 

Steven Lawrence Heston" 
With Honors in English 

Bradley A. McWilliams'" 

Meil Haresh Sekhri" 
With Honors in Microbiology 

Lynn Louese McRoy" 
With Honors in Philosophy 

Arnab Kumar Acharya" 
With Honors in Physics 

Karen Gruner" 

Timothy Meil Reynolds" 
With Honors in Russian 

Wendy Ellen Chalet" 
With Honors in Speech 


Peter F. Legowski" 

With Honors in Textiles euid 

Consumer Economics 

Barrie Jill Adier" 

Blossom Dawn Reichstein 

Devora Ann Scharff" 
With Honors in (Jrt>an Studies 

Dean S. Ventola" 
With Honors in Zoology 

tHushin Kazerouni Farzaneh*" 

• Graduated December 22. 1982 
•• Graduated May 23. 1983 
'"OadueUed August 19.1983 


Cole Student Activities 
Building Seating 

Section 1: 


Agricultural and Life Sciences 



Undergraduate Studies 

Arts and Humanities 

Section 2: 

Graduate School 

Mathematical and Physical 
Sciences and Engineering 

Section 3: 

Business and Management 
Behavioral and Social Sciences 

Section 4: 

Human Ecology 
Physical Education, 
Recreation and Health 



main entrance 
& exits