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CVS bbi 

D E C E M 

19 8 7 






On behalf of the faculty, staff, and students of The 
University of Maryland College Park, 1 extend sincere best 
wishes to each of you who is receiving a degree today. 1 
share the pride that members of this community take in 
your accomplishments, and 1 congratulate you, your 
families, and friends on this very special occasion in your 
lives and the life of this academic community. 

Today represents a milestone in a lifelong quest for 
knowledge. 1 hope that you have discovered during your 
years at College Park that you have the ability to dream and 
to do the hard work necessary to realize some of your 
dreams and aspirations. Each of you, through your 
presence and participation, has made a contribution to the 
life of the College Park community. As you have grown and 
learned, those around you have learned from you. 

By virtue of your achievements, you — today's graduates 
— have an opportunity and a responsibility to enrich and 
enhance the world beyond the College Park Campus. I 
hope that each of you leaves this campus with both 
training for challenging work and the ability to be a clear 
thinking, articulate, and compassionate member of our 
society. We face many problems — even crises — in our 
world today, but these are also exciting times that present 
exciting challenges. I believe that we must be willing to 
move away from the ordinary and be willing to take 
intelligent risks to accomplish many of the things we deem 

Today is a day of celebration. Enjoy your success and 
cherish the memories of these special years. But 
remember, too, your responsibilities to yourselves and to 
your community. We must all learn the lessons of the past 
and the present so that we can set the direction for the 
future. I hope that your future will have a place for 
continued involvement with this academic community, 
and I wish you Godspeed. 

John B. Slaughter 

Dr. John B. Slaughter became Chancellor of The 
University of Maryland College Park in 1982. 

Cole Student 
Activities Building 
9:30 a.m. 


Dr. John B. Slaughter 


College Park Campus 

Master of Ceremonies 

Mr. C. John Sincell 
Communication Arts and 


Symphonic Wind Ensemble 
Conductor, Mr. John E. 

Musical Selection 

Battle Hymn of the Republic 

Arranged by Roy Ringwald 

Maryland Gospel Choir 


Ms. Valeria A. Foster 


Dr. Neil Petty, Director, 
College Park Institute of 

(Church of Jesus Christ of 

Latter Day Saints) 

The National Anthem 

Led by Dr. Paul Traver 


Dr. John S. Toll 


The University of Maryland 

Mr. Allen L. Schwait 
Board of Regents 


The Rev. Timothy S. Healy, S.J. 
President, Georgetown 

Conferring of Honorary 

Dr. Toll 

Remarks to the Graduates 

Mr. Michael Ernest Severino 
Graduating Senior 

Dr. Slaughter 

Conferring of Doctoral, 
Master's and 
Bachelor's Degrees 

Dr. Slaughter 

Musical Selection 

Ezekiel Saw De Wheel 
Arranged by William Dawson 
Maryland Gospel Choir 
Director, Ms. Valeria A. Foster 


The Reverend Elizabeth Platz, 
Lutheran Chaplaincy 

Alma Mater 

Hail to thee, Maryland! 
Steadfast in loyalty, 
For thee, we stand. 
Love for the Black and Gold 
Deep in our hearts we hold, 
Singing thy praise forever. 
Throughout the land. 


Symphonic Wind Ensemble 
Conductor, Mr. Wakefield 

DECEMBER 22, 1987 

The Great Seal of The State of Maryland appears in this 
frieze on the Skinner Building. Built in 1918 as an 
agriculture building, it is named forW.W. Skinner, the 
most outstanding agriculture graduate of the Class of 

Following the Commencement Convocation, individual 
commencement exercises for Colleges and Schools will be 
held at several campus locations. Ceremonies are 
scheduled to begin at 1 1 :30 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. Guests are 
urged to be seated approximately one half hour prior to the 
designated time for the ceremonies if they wish to observe 
the student and faculty procession. 

Graduates, their families and friends, are cordially 
invited and encouraged to join with University' officials and 
members of the faculty at a reception to be held in the 
Grand Ballroom of the Stamp Student Union between the 
hours of 1 1 :00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. 

Limited shuttle bus service is available providing free 
transportation across the campus throughout the day. 

Cole Student Activities Building 

9:30 a.m.-10:30 a.m. Campus-wide Commencement 


11:30 a.m. Business and Management Commencement 

2:00 p.m. Behavioral and Social Sciences Commencement 
Hornbake Library — Assembly Room 

1 1 :30 a.m. Library and Information Services Commencement 
Memorial Chapel 

1 1 :30 a.m. Computer, Mathematical and Physical Sciences 


2:00 p.m. Agriculture and Life Sciences Commencement 
Physical Education, Recreation and Health Building 

11:30 a.m. Physical Education, Recreation and Health 


Reckord Armory 

1 1:30 a.m. Education Commencement 

2:00 p.m. Engineering Commencement 

Stamp Student Union — Grand Ballroom 

1 1 :00 a.m.-3:00 p.m. Reception for Graduates and Guests 

Stamp Student Union — Hoff 

1 1 :30 a.m. Journalism Commencement 

2:00 p.m. Undergraduate Studies Commencement 

Tawes Theatre 

1 1 :30 a.m. Arts and Humanities Commencement 
2:00 p.m. Human Ecology Commencement 


The Campus 

College Park is the seventh largest campus in the country in 
enrollment. In Fall 1987 undergraduates numbered 29,549 
and graduate students 8,509 for a total enrollment of 
38,058. This year's College Park operating budget is 
approximately $417 million, including financial aid for 
some 16,000 students. 

Students can choose from more than 125 undergraduate 
and 80 graduate programs leading to degrees. In 1986-87, 
the University awarded 5,570 bachelor's degrees, 1,135 
master's and 378 doctorates. 


The University began in Baltimore in 1807 as a faculty- 
owned College of Medicine, which granted the M.D. 
degree. Five years later, more degrees were added when 
the College was renamed The University of Maryland. The 
first dental school in America, the Baltimore College of 
Dental Surgery, became a part of the University in 1840. 
Later, the University opened schools of pharmacy, law and 

The College Park Campus opened in 1859 under a 
charter secured in 1856 by a group of Maryland planters. 
Then called the Maryland Agricultural College, it became 
one of the original land-grant schools in 1865. After a 
disastrous fire in 1912, the State acquired control of the 
College and paid to rebuild it. 

The present form of The University of Maryland dates 
back to a 1920 act of the State legislature joining the State- 
owned institution at College Park with the professional 
schools in Baltimore. The move created The University of 
Maryland College Park (UMCP) and The University of 
Maryland at Baltimore (UMAB). Three other campuses 
have since been added: Baltimore County (UMBC) in 
Catonsville; Eastern Shore (UMES) in Princess Anne; and 
the worldwide University College (UMUC), headquartered 
in College Park. 


Libraries on the College Park Campus include 
approximately 1.78 million volumes, 20,658 subscriptions 
to periodicals and newspapers, and more than 2.5 million 
units of microform. College Park offers the largest 
university research library in the Washington area and is an 
important resource to the State and local community. 


The traditional ivy-covered lialls of academe reflect tlie 
red brick and wliite column Georgian arcliitecture of the 
College Park Campus. 

Research Facilities 

Among the exceptional research facilities on the campus 
are a computer vision laboratory; a full-scale low velocity 
wind tunnel; several smaller hypersonic helium wind 
tunnels; a 500 liter computer-controlled fermentation 
system for research in bioprocess scale-up programs; 
computer-assisted cartographic laboratories; the Center for 
Automation Research; a comfort perception laboratory; a 
quiescent plasma device (Q machine) for plasma research, 
and satellite remote sensing facilities. 

The campus is home for the Engineering Research 
Center, a major vehicle for extending the technical and 
research expertise of The University of Maryland to 
businesses and industries throughout the State. The center 
is both a catalyst for problem solving and a clearinghouse 
for information for technical information resources. 

In 1985, the College Park Campus was awarded a 
five-year, $16 million grant from the National Science 
Foundation to create a new Systems Research Center to 
facilitate research in artificial intelligence and computer- 
aided engineering. The center complements a nationally 
recognized campus program of basic and applied research 
in computer science. In 1986, UMCP became one of 19 
research institutions around the country to be linked via 
satellite to the Cray supercomputer facility at the University 
of California at San Diego. 

The proximity of the campus to national research 
institutions such as the National Institutes of Health, the 
Smithsonian Institution, the USDA Beltsville National 
Agricultural Research Center and National Agricultural 
Library, and the Library of Congress ensures that prime 
research facilities are always available to the University's 
faculty and students. 

The Graduates 

Students graduating today from The University of Maryland 
College Park follow in the footsteps of many notable UMCP 
alumni who have distinguished themselves in such fields 
as science, entertainment, arts, journalism, business, law, 
medicine and government. 

While he was a graduate student in mathematics at 
College Park, Herbert A. Hauptman (Ph.D. '54), worked 
simultaneously at the Naval Research Laboratory to devise 
a method for mapping three-dimensional structures of 
molecules. Three decades later he and Jerome Karle, his 
long-time collaborator at NRL, won the 1985 Nobel Prize in 
Chemistry for their pioneering research. Dr. Hauptman was 
awarded an honorary Doctor of Science degree by UMCP in 

One of the youngest UMCP graduates ever, Charles 
Fefferman ('66), received a joint degree in mathematics and 
physics at age 17. Now a world-class mathematician and 
professor at Princeton University, he holds the Fields 
Medal, the most prestigious mathematics award. 

NBC News anchor Connie Chung ('69) started her career 
at UMCP's Diamondback newspaper and the campus radio 
station WMUC. 

One of the University's most devoted sons is A. James 
Clark ('50), president of the George Hyman Construction 
Co. and president and chairman of CEI Construction Inc., 
the umbrella organization for engineering and construction 
companies that include OMNI and Hyman. A member of 
the University's Board of Regents since 1981, Clark in 1983 
made a major contribution to the College of Engineering 
which led to the establishment of the A.J. Clark Chair in 
Construction Engineering and Management. 

Two-time Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and science 
writer with Baltimore's f/jen/ngSt/n Jon Franklin ('70) is an 
associate professor of journalism at UMCP. 

Other notable alumni include former Metropolitan Opera 
star. Carmen Balthrop ('71); George V. McGowan ('51), 
president of Baltimore Gas and Electric; Karl W. Meyer 
('49), president of the University of Wisconsin, Superior 
Campus; Maryland's Fourth District Congressman Tom 
McMillen ('74), a former Rhodes Scholar; Maryland's Fifth 
District Congressman Steny Hoyer ('63); Mary Stallings 
Coleman ('35), the first woman elected to the Supreme 
Court of Michigan; Fred O'Green ('49), retired Curator of 
Textiles, Smithsonian Institution; James R. Buckler ('70), 
current director of the Smithsonian's Office of Horticulture; 
Anne Truax Darlington ('52), creator of Wall Street Week. 
the director of the International Production Group for the 
Maryland Center for Public Broadcasting; and Allen J. 
Krowe ('54), senior vice president of the International 
Business Machines Corp. 

Academic Costume 

The black caps and gowns worn by the students and 
faculty in the academic procession have been the 
traditional costume of scholars since medieval times. They 
probably represent a kind of ecclesiastical dress, since 
many of the scholars of that period were members of 
monastic orders. 

Most colleges and universities in the United States have 
adopted the uniform code for costumes drafted by an 
intercollegiate commission in 1983. Each of the three 
academic degrees — bachelor, master and doctor — has its 

This crest adorns the west pediment of Ritchie Coliseum. Completed in 1932, 
the building is named for former Governor Albert C. Ritchie. 

own distinctive gown and hood. The bachelor's gown is 
distinguished by its long pointed sleeve. The master's 
gown has a longer, more narrow, closed sleeve extending 
below the knee; the arm fits through a slit at the elbow. The 
doctor's gown has a full, bell-shaped sleeve trimmed with 
three bars of velvet. The velvet trim on the gown can be 
black or a color indicating the wearer's general field of 
learning — for example, green for medicine or purple for 
law. A list of department colors follows. 


Arts, Letters, HumaniliesAVhite 

Business Administration, 

Commercial Science/Drab 
Education/Light Blue 
Fine Arts, Arctiitecture/Brown 
Home Economics/Maroon 

Library Science/Lemon 



Oratory. Speech/Silver Gray 



Ptiilosophy/Dark Blue 

Public Administration, Foreign 

Service/Peacock Blue 
Public Health/Salmon 
Physical Education/Sage Green 
Science/Golden Yellow 
Social Work/Citron 
Theology and Divinity/Scarlet 
Veterinary Sciences/Gray 

The most colorful and distinctive part of the academic 
costume is the hood extending down the back. The 
doctor's is the largest of the hoods and the bachelor's is the The bachelor's hood is often omitted. 

Silk lining of various colors in the center of the hood 
indicates the college or university which conferred the 
degree. Consistent for all degrees is the cap, or mortar 
board, which has a tassel of black or another color 
indicating the field of learning. The tassel of the doctor's 
cap can be gold. 

Academic Degrees 

A degree is awarded for the successful completion of a 
course of study. There are more than 1 ,600 different 
academic degrees currently conferred by colleges and 
universities nationwide. 

The first known degree was a doctorate bestowed by the 
University of Bologna, Italy, in the mid-12th century. 
Originally, the doctor's and master's degrees were used 
interchangeably, each indicating that the holder was 
qualified to instruct students. The bachelor's, or 
baccalaureate, degree only indicated entrance into a 
course of study preparatory to the doctorate or mastership. 
Gradually, though, the bachelor's degree came to mean 
successful completion of one level of study in advance of 
the higher degrees. 

The Doctor's Degree 

The term "doctor," meaning teacher or instructor, 
originated with the ancient Romans for those who lectured 
publicly on philosophical topics. During the Middle Ages, 
it was used as a title of honor for men of great learning. It 
was first made an academic title at the University of 
Bologna, which was allowed by the emperor to appoint 
doctores legum (doctors of laws). The University of Paris 
followed suit in the year 1 145. Soon after, popes granted 
the universities the right to appoint doctors canonum et 
decretalium (teachers of the canon law) and, when the 
study of civil law was combined with that of the canon law, 
the title was changed to doctor utriusque juris (teacher of 
both laws). The faculties of theology and medicine 
followed that of law in conferring this title. 

A doctorate is given beyond the baccalaureate degree 
and requires several years of advanced study, the 

successful completion of a thesis or dissertation, and 
written and oral examinations. The doctor's degree 
represents the most advanced earned degree conferred by 
American institutions. There are two distinct types: the 
practitioner's degree and the research degree. The first type 
represents advanced training for the practice of various 
professions, principally Doctor of Medicine, Doctor of 
Dental Surgery, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, Juris Doctor 
and Doctor of Pharmacy. These degrees carry no 
implication of original research. The University of Maryland 
awarded the first two dental degrees in history on March 9, 
1 84 1 , and invented the name of the degree. Doctor of 
Dental Surgery (D.D.S.). 

The second type is a research doctorate representing 
prolonged periods of advanced study. A dissertation which 
usually accompanies the study is intended to contribute 
substantially to existing knowledge on the subject. The 
most important of these, the Doctor of Philosophy, no 
longer has an implication of philosophy for its holder, but 
represents advanced research in any of the major fields of 
knowledge. It was first awarded in the United States in 1861 
by Yale University. The University of Maryland awarded a 
Ph.D. for the first time in 1920. 

The Master's Degree 

The master's degree is an academic honor bestowed upon 
students who have successfully completed work beyond 
the baccalaureate. A thesis and an oral examination are 
usually required. The word magister was used by the 
Romans as a title of honor, but its present meaning can be 
traced to the establishment of the oldest universities. 
Organized faculties as they now exist in universities were 
not known then; academic activity was limited to seven 
liberal arts. Those who were honored for their diligence 
and knowledge upon completion of their studies and who 
had already received the bachelor's degree were called 
magistri artium (masters of the liberal arts). In 1920, The 
University of Maryland awarded its first Master of Arts 
(M.A.) and Master of Science (M.S.) degrees in fields other 
than agriculture. 
The Bachelor's Degree 

The bachelor's degree represents completion of a four-year 
course of college-level study and is the oldest academic 
degree used by American institutions of higher learning. It 
was first conferred in America in 1642 on the first nine 
graduates of Harvard College. Maryland Agriculture 
College, which later became The University of Maryland 
College Park, awarded its first Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) and 
Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degrees in 1862. 


"A Meeting Place: Nigtit and Day" is a monument created 
by the late UMCP art professor Kenneth Campbell. The 
15-ton structure, which consists of two 18-foot-high 
pieces, is sited on a cobblestone court surrounded by 
dwarf pine trees just east of the H.J. Patterson Building. 


Board of Regents 


Allen L. Schwait 
Vice Chairman 

Constance C. Stuart 

Joel A. Carrington 

A. Paul Moss 
Assistant Secretary 

Betty R. Coss 
Assistant Treasurer 

John J. Mattras, Jr. 
Wayne A. Cawley, Jr. 

ex officio 
Geraldine Aronin 
Frank J. DeFrancis 
George V. McGowan 
Julius A. Rainess 
Robert F. Tardio 
Albert W. Turner 
Rodney Lydell Tyson 
John W.T. Webb 

Central Administration of tlie University 


John S. Toll 
Vice President for Academic Affaiis. Graduate Studies and Research 

David S. Sparks 
Vice President for Agricultural Affairs 

Raymond J. Miller 
Vice President for General Administration 

Donald L. Myers 
Vice President for Governmental Relations 

Patricia S. Florestano 
Vice President for Policy and Planning 

Jean E. Spencer (A) 
Vice President for University Relations 

Robert G. Smith 

College Parl( Campus Administration 


John B. Slaughter 
Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Provost 

William E. Kirwan 
Vice Chancellor for Administrative Affairs 

Charles F. Sturtz 
Vice Chancellor for Institutional Advancement 

A. H. (BudJ Edwards 
Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs 

William L. Thomas, Jr. 


College of Agriculture 

Raymond J. Miller 
College of Arts and Humanities 

James H. Lesher (A) 
College of Behavioral and Social Sciences 

Murray A. Polakoff 
College of Business and Management 

Rudolph P. Lamone 
College of Computer, Mathematical and Physical Sciences 

J. Robert Dorfman 
College of Education 

Dale P. Scannell 
College of Engineering 

George P. Dieter, Jr. 
College of Human Ecology 

John R. Beaton 
College of Journalism 

Reese Cleghorn 
College of Libraty and Information Services 

Claude E. Walston 
College of Life Sciences 

Raymond J. Miller 
College of Physical Education, Recreation and Health 

John J. Burt 
School of Architecture 

John Steffian 
School of Public Affairs 

Michael Nacht 
Maryland Campus of the Virginia-Maryland Regional College of 
Veterinary Medicine 

Sasni B. Mohanty, Associate Dean 
Administrative Dean for Graduate Studies and Research 

Jacob K. Goldhaber 
Administrative Dean for Summer Programs 

Melvin N. Bernstein 
Administrative Dean for Undergraduate Studies 

Gerald R. Miller (AJ 

Officers of Commencement 

Donald Maley, 

Industrial, Technological and Occupational Education. 
University Marshal 
Don C. Piper, 

Government and Politics. 
John E. Wakefield, 

Director of Bands. 
Commencement Committee 
Charles J. Beatt>', 

Industrial, Technological and Occupational Education. 
Frances P. Cave, 

Health Center. 
Earle Connors, 

Physical Plant. 
Maitland W. Dade, 

institutional Advancement. 
Richard W. Doran, 

Police Department. 
A. H. (Bud) Edwards, 

Institutional Advancement. 
Carolyn A. Ent, 

Institutional Advancement. 
Cornelia F. Goodwin, 

Diploma Office. 
Elwood H. Gross, 

General Services. 
Leonard B. Jankowski, 

Motor Vehicle Administration. 
Nancy G. Loomis, 

Dining Services. 
Donald Maley, 

Industrial, Technological and Occupational Education. 
Paul Maloni, 

University Book Center. 
DorothyA. O'Donnell, 

Industrial, Technological and Occupational Education. 
Beth Pattison, 

Scheduling Office. 
James N. Robinson, 

Environmental Safety. 
Constance L. Shaughnessy, 

University Book Store. 
Matthew W. Sheriff, 

Dining Services. 
C. John Sincell, 

Communication Arts and Theatre. 

Barri J. Standish, 

Commuter Affairs. 
Sylvia S. Stewart, 

Administrative Affairs. 
Robert T. Stumpff, 

Intercollegiate Athletics. 
Janice E. Summons, 

Motor Vehicle Administration. 
Paul A. Tessicini, 

Police Department. 
Loretta C. Wertheimer, 

Academic Affairs. 
Unit Representatives 

Katherine Pedro Beardsley, 

Behavioral and Social Sciences. 
Lyn E. Chasen, 

Public Affairs. 
Jean Diepenbrock, 

Library and Information Services. 
Frank C. Fellows, 

Physical Education, Recreation and Health. 
David P. Fogle, 

Donald Giffin, 

Arts and Humanities. 
Effie A. Hacklander, 

Human Ecology. 
Albert J. Klavon, 

Life Sciences and Agriculture. 
Leo LaSota, 

Undergraduate Studies. 
Joseph G. Mattingly, 

Business and Management. 
James N. Newton, 

David J. Rhoads, 

Greig Stewart, 

Thelma M. Williams, 

Computer, Mathematical and Physical Sciences. 






The Rev. Timothy S. Healy, S.J., has presided over the 
nation's oldest Jesuit university' since 1976. 

A professor of Englisfi, Jesuit priest, and president of 
Georgetown University, Timothy S. Healy has wall<ed the 
often difficult path between the secular and the sacred at 
one of the nation's most prestigious private institutions of 
higher education. 

Presiding over the nation's oldest Jesuit university since 
1976, Healy has been at the helm during an era of great 
change at Georgetown. This change is reflected in such 
diverse areas as revised curricula and programs, a larger 
endowment, and unprecedented growth in university 

Though holding fast to Georgetown's Roman Catholic 
tradition, Healy has embraced the growing number of the 
university's non-Catholics. His outspokenness on 
international human rights issues, in particular, has won 
him worldwide recognition and acclaim. 

Despite his heavy administrative responsibilities, Healy 
continues to find time to teach poetry classes to 
undergraduates and medical students at Georgetown. He 
has published two books, John Donne: Selected Prose 
(edited with Dame Helen Gardner), and John Donne: 
Ignatius His Conclave, both published by the Clarendon 
Press, Oxford. Healy also contributes articles to such 
periodicals as Newsweek, The Saturday Review, and New 
Republic, and newspapers such as The Los Angeles Times, 
The London Times, The New York Times, and The 
Washington Post. 

Healy taught at Fordham Preparatory School (1946-50), 
Fordham University (1955-69), and the City University of 
New York (1969-76). In addition, from 1965-69 he served as 
Executive Vice President at Fordham University, and while 
at the the City University of New York, he served as Vice 
Chancellor for Academic Affairs. 

He holds degrees from Woodstock College (B.A., 1946, 
Ph.L., 1947, M.A., 1948), the Facultes Saint Albert in 
Louvain, Belgium (S.T.L., 1954), Fordham University (M.A., 
1959), and Oxford University, where he received his 
doctorate in English literature in 1965. Today he receives 
the honorary degree of Doctor of Humane Letters. 






Harry R. Hughes served as Maryland's 57th governor. 

Harry R. Hughes has often been called one of the most 
popular governors in Maryland history. 

Elected on the Democratic ticket as the State's 57th 
governor in 1978 by a record margin, and reelected in 1982 
by more than 700,000 votes, Hughes compiled a 
significant record of progress on social reform, 
environmental protection, and fiscal responsibility issues. 
Under his administration, the State of Maryland launched 
an ambitious program to save the Chesapeake Bay and 
also became a national leader in campaigns against drunk 
driving, to protect children and youth, and provide 
adequate housing for all citizens. 

A high priority of the Hughes administration was to 
encourage economic development in the State, and while 
he was in office, unemployment remained below the 
national average while capital investment by new and 
expanding businesses averaged over $1 billion per year. 
Hughes also sponsored the largest increase in State aid for 
public education in Maryland's history. 

A native of Easton, Md., Hughes became Maryland's 
chief executive after 16 years as a legislator representing 
Caroline County. He was first elected to the Maryland 
House of Delegates in 1954 and was elected to the State 
Senate in 1958. As a state senator, he served three terms 
and held various leadership positions, including majority 
leader and chairman of the finance committee. 

In 1971, he was appointed Maryland's first secretary of 
transportation and served in that post until 1977 when he 
resigned to protest the manner in which a large construc- 
tion contract was awarded. 

An alumnus of The University of Maryland, Hughes 
earned his B.S. degree in business in 1949. While at 
College Park, he played on the University baseball team 
and after graduation spent a summer with a New York 
Yankees farm team in Easton. He received his law degree 
from the George Washington University School of Law in 
1952. Today he receives the honorary degree of Doctor of 
Public Service. 


A pioneer in the field of steroid chemistry, Russell E. 
Marker provided the world with a revolutionary means of 
producing progesterone, which eventually led to the 
development of today's oral contraceptives. 

It was November 1941 , a time of tension between the 
governments of the United States and Mexico, when 
Marker, then a member of the chemistry department at 
Pennsylvania State University (then known as Pennsylvania 
State College), made his first of what was to be many trips 
to the Mexican jungle in search of Dioscorea. a type of yam 
known to the natives as cabeza de negro. Marker had 
determined that this plant, found only along a stream in an 
area outside of Mexico City, could be an excellent source 
for the chemical refinement of progesterone — the female 
growth hormone then used to prevent certain types of 
miscarriages. Progesterone, difficult to produce and 
prohibitively expensive, was administered sparingly by 
physicians at that time. 

While at Penn State, Marker developed a unique 
chemical process (later named the Marker Degradation) 
that he successfully used to produce large amounts of 
progesterone from the Mexican yams. The market price of 
progesterone would later drop from $1 ,000 to $2 per gram 
because of his discovery and refining process that paved 
the way for development of oral contraceptives and 
corticosteroids such as cortisone. 

An alumnus of The University of Maryland, Marker 
received his B.S. in 1923 and M.S. in 1924. He continued on 
with his studies toward his Ph.D., but never received his 
degree because he declined to take a required course in 
physical chemistry. Had he completed this requirement, he 
probably would have been the campus' first Ph.D. 

A highlight of Marker's early career was the two years he 
spent as a researcher for the Ethyl Corporation between 
1926-28. While at Ethyl, Marker's hydrocarbon research led 
to the development of the octane rating system for 
gasoline performance. He joined the faculty at Penn State 
in 1934 and remained there until 1943. 

Marker retired completely from chemistry in 1949 to 
pursue other interests. He currently lives in State College, 
Pa., and commissions Mexican-made replicas of antique 
silver European works. He has been honored by the 
Mexican Chemical Society and by Pennsylvania State 
University. Today he receives the honorary degree of 
Doctor of Science. 



Russell E. Marker is a pioneer in the field of steroid 



AUGUST 1987 

,ii;.- 'T-^*»i^feg;ilJR?i.':?(Sr-::-.V-.=.-. . . 

A spired cupola crowns the roof of the newly-renovated 
Microbiology Building. Built in 1938, the building 
originally served as a U.S. Bureau of Mines research 
center for non-metallic minerals. 

Doctor Of Philosophy 

Charles Agho Adamu, Agronomy 
Examination of the Availability of Heavy Metals in Selected 
Soils for Uptake by Maty land tobacco as Influenced by their 
Chemical and Physical Properties and Prior Sludge 

Claudia Jeanne Anderson, Psychology 

The Course of behavioral Change in Alcoholism Treatment: 
Relationship of Problem Solving Style to Initial Treatment 

Sergio Antoy, Computer Science 
Automatically Provable Specifications 

Faisal Ismail Awadallah, Civil Engineering 
Durability of Retroreflective Signs 

Sylvia Kuhner Baer, Curriculum and Instruction 
Attitudes Toward Writing. Attitudes Toward Teaching Writing, 
and Writing Performance of Elementary Teachers 

David Lynn Barry, Business and Management 
Strategic Planning Processes and Their Relationship to 
Organizational Performance 

Phoebe Lee Bauman, Education Policy, Planning, and 

Expectations of Educational Programming: A Comparison of 
Parents of Gifted and Talented Learning Disabled Children and 
Parents of Other Gifted and Talented Children 

Ann Elizabeth Benbow, Curriculum and Instruction 
A Comparison of the Effectiveness of Demonstrations. Verbal 
Statements, and "Hands-on " Experiences on Correcting Some 
Misconceptions of First-Graders Regarding Magnets 

Marie Suzette Blanchard, Physical Education 
Response Surface Defining the Effects of Ta. and rh. on Tc in 8- 
10 Year Old Children Working at 60% V02 max 

Donald Curtiss Bozarth, History 
Burgher Boer and Bondsman: A Survey of Slavery at the Cape 
of Good Hope Under the Dutch East Indian Company. 1652-1795 

James Clesi Broughton, Recreation 
Self-Esteem. Leisure Attitude and Leisure Satisfaction Among 
Physically Disabled Individuals in Homogeneous and 
Heterogeneous Recreation Settings 

The August 1987 class roster comprises degree candidates from 
the undergraduate and graduate programs at The University of 
Maryland College Park. 

Reginald Paul Brown, Physics 
Aspects of Chaotic Dynamics in One or More Dimensions 

Samuel Hanthequeste Cardoso, Civil Engineering 
Procedure for Flexible Airfield Pavement Design Based on 
Permanent Deformation 

Lewis Earl Carr, Agricultural Engineering 
A Model for Determining Ammonia Release from Broiler 
Chicken Litter 

Wen-Jian Chen, Biochemistry 
Mechanistic Studies of Glutathione Transferase Using Substrate 

Lih-Ming Chao, Mechanical Engineering 
Robot Positioning Accuracy Improvement by Kinematic 
Parameter Identification Technique 

Raymond Slieng-Chieli Cheng, Applied Mathematics 
Delta-Trigonometric and Spline-Trigonometric Methods Using 
the Single Layer Potential Representation 

Jason Lucas Chou, Chemistry 
Polymerization of Spirotrienes and a Spiro Ortho Carbonate 

Susan Covington, Curriculum and Instruction 

The Effect of Art Instruction on Children 's Aesthetic Preferences 
and Their Graphic Representation 

Leiand Benson Deck, Economics 
Estimating Marginal Benefits of Housing Attributes: A 
Simulation Test of the Rosen Hedonic Model 

Lawrence Alan D'Hoostlaere, Zoology 
The Immunoglobulin Kappa Chain Locus of the Mouse: A 
Determination of the Gene Order and an Examination of the 
Diversity Present 

H. Minnie Dunbar, Education, Policy, Planning, and 


The Effects of Personal and Institutional Characteristics on the 
Marketing Attitude of Community College Faculty' 

Suzanne Howze Edgar, Measurement, Statistics and Evaluation 
Nonresponse Bias in Mail Surveys 

William Michael Folkner, Physics 
Performance of a Three Mode Gravitational Radiation Antenna 

Carol Sue Fullerton, Human Development 

The Effects of Gender Matching and Experience Level of 
Therapist on Psychotherapy Process and Outcome with 
Adolescents in Long-Term Residential Treatment 

Linda Danielle Gerson, Human Development 
The Psychosocial Impact of Acquired Immune-Deficiency 
Syndrome on Nurses 

David Michael Gorzo, Horticulture 
Characterization, Physical, and Gene Mapping of Chloroplast 
and Chromoplast DNAs o/^ Zinnia elegans 

Gary A. Greene, Music 

The Life and Music of Henry Holden Huss: A Documentary Study 

Franklin Roy Guenther, Chemistry 
Residential Wood Combustion as a Source of Air Particulate 

Keith Gregory Haddaway, Chemistry 
Mechanistic Studies in Single Electron Transfer Photochemical 

Janet Fraser Hale, Health Education 

The Feasibility of a Patient Education Program for Primary 
Care, Private Practice Physicians in the State of Maryland 

Jae Hong Han, Electrical Engineering 
Symmetries in Nonlinear Control Systems and Their 

Jeffrey Kline Harrison, Business and Management 
An Examination of the Individual and Combined Effects of 
Behavior Modeling and the Cultural Assimulator as Cross- 
Cultural Training Techniques 

Allen Ray Hefner, Jr., Electrical Engineering 

Characterization and Modeling of the Power Insulated Gate 
Bipolar Transistor 

Haitham A. Hijazi, Civil Engineering 
Generalized Static and Dynamic Analysis of Tube Structure 

Kimberly Eaton Hoagwood, Counseling and Personnel Services 
Self-Blame Among Victims of Child Sexual Abuse 

Marjorie Patricia Hogan, Psychology 

The Relationship of Past Interpersonal Loss to College 

Juliette Coupain Howe, Nutritional Science 

77?? Postprandial Response of Calcium and Phosphorus 
Metabolism to Single Meals Varying in Protein Level and Source 

Paula Ann Hutzell, Botany 
Studies on the Biology of the Corn Cyst Nematode. Heterodera 

August 1987 Graduates 

Angelos Kaneliis, Horticulture 
Studies on the Suppressive Effect of 2.5% O, on the Rate of 
Ripening, Activities of Hydrolytic Enzymes, and Gene 
Expression in Ripening Fruit 

Ralph Carl Kenat, Jr., Philosophy 
Babylonian Science: Eddington, Idealization, and the Origins of 
Stellar Structure Theory 

Jai Ok Kim, Textiles and Consumer Economics 
Measurements of Surface Temperature Changes and Moisture 
Vapor Transfer through Fabric and Micro-Porus Film Assemblies 

Madhur Kohli, Computer Science 
Controlling the E.xecution of Logic Programs: Specification and 
Compilation of Control Knowledge 

Yaacov Krispin, Aerospace Engineering 
Accelerating the Computation of Steady State Solutions for 
Non-Equilibrium Chemically Reacting Flow Fields 

Dolores Pauline Lana, Animal Sciences 
Characterization of Monoclonal Antibodies Generated Against 
Virulent Strains of Serotype I Avian Paramyxoviruses 

Michael D. Lasky, Economics 
An Economic Analysis of Regulator,' Enforcement 

David Jessop Loomis, Human Development 
On the Relationship Between Imagination and Religious Faith, 
with Special Focus on the Influence on that Relationship of 

Etta Reid Lyles, American Studies 
A Transitional Generation: Grace King's World, 1 852-1932 

Joseph Stephen Mancos, Government and Politics 

Congressional Bargaining and the Administrative Structure of 
CETA:An Explanation of Social Welfare Failure 

Jeanne Estrellita Manese, Psychology 
Predictors of Adjustment Among Retirees with Health Problems 

Terry Lynn Martin, Human Development 

The Effect of Death Education on Adjustment to Loss in College 

Michael Joseph McCarrick, Physics 
Quasilinear Saturation of the Drift-Cyclotron Loss-Cone Mode 

Natalie Jean McPherson, Economics 
Export-Led Initial Growth in the Fully Industrialized Countries 
and the Olson Hypothesis 

Danusia Leah Meson, Spanish Language and Literature 
Historia y Ficcion en Francisco, Novela Antiesclavista Cubana 

Pramoda Kumar Mohapatra, Physics 
Superstring Compactification and Low Energy Physics 

Howard E. Motteler, Computer Science 
Properties of a Graph Computation Schema 

Peter R. Muehrer, Psycholog\' 
Though ts-Versus Feelings-Focused Therapist Interventions and 
Psychotherapy Session Outcome 

Walter Warring Mulbry, Marine-Estuarine-Environmental 

Genetic Characterization of the Parathion Hydrolase Gene from 

Flavobacterium Sp. ATCC 27551 

Timothy James Mulligan, Marine-Estuarine-Environmental 

Identification of White Perch ( Morone americana ) Stocks in 
Chesapeake Bay Based on Otolith Composition and 
Mitochondrial DNA Analysis 

Jerry Samuel Nardi, Applied Mathematics 
Entropy Rate of Sliding Block Codes 

Jan Alan Nobel, Physics 

The Effects of Inversion Asymmetn' on Diluted Magnetic 
Semiconductors with the Zincblende Structure 

Lyn Dian Olson, Microbiology 
Nitrogen Assimilation Enzymes o/^ Vibrio parahaemolyticus 

Bodil Ottesen, Art 

The Development of the Romanesque Dedication Image 

Jeffrey Lloyd Ried, Botany 

Characterization of Pectate Lyase Isozymes h-om Erwinia 
Chrysanthemi and Their Role in Soft-Rot Pathogenesis 

Daniel D. Riordan, Education Policy, Planning, and 

Medical Communication in a Radiology Residency 

Debie Denise Saidia, Counseling and Personnel Services 
A Multitrait-Multimethod Matrix of Empathic Responding, 
Perception of Experience, Similarity of Partners, and 
Interpersonal Understanding 

Elaine Lisbeth Selby, Human Development 
A Method of Comparative Analysis Applied to Sibling Birth 
Research: Hypothesis Generation 

Louise Simons, English Language and Literature 
Death s Household, Death 's Threshold: Representations of 
Death in Shakespeare and Milton 

Suresli Chandra Srivastava, Business and Management 
Loan Losses. Interest Rate Risk and Common Stock Return of 
Commercial Banks 

Rebecca Jane Straw, IndustriaL Technological and 
Occupational Education 

Validating a Philosophical Base for Maryland Secondary Home 

Economics Curriculum 

Lorie J. Teagno, Human Development 
The Relationship of Birth Order. Perception of Parents' Child 
Rearing Behavior and Parental Modeling to Daughters ' Sex 
Role Identity 

Elizabeth Ewing Tebow, Art 

Arcadia Reclaimed: Mythology and American Painting, 

Ellie Tragakes, Government and Politics 
The Political Economy of National and International 
Agricultural Research 

Chii-Ren Tsai, Electrical Engineering 
Covert-Channel Analysis in Trusted Computer Systems 

Robert Alexander Van De Geijn, Applied Mathematics 
Techniques for Implementing the QR-Algorithm on Parallel 

Joseph S. Villani, Human Development 

The Effect of Instruction in Reading Strategies on the Self 
Perceptions of Scholastic Competence Among Middle-School 

Zen-Yow Wang, Nuclear Engineering 
A Comparison of Similarity Laws and System Thermal- 
Hydraulic Codes for Scaling Applications 

Michael James Ward, Special Education 
An Analysis of the Issues Associated with the New Data 
Collection Process for Deaf-Blind Children and Youth Under 
Sec. 622 ofEHA as Amended by PL. 98-199 

Janice Ware, Human Development 
Prediction of Psychologic, Motor, and Growth Outcomes for 
Infants with Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia 

David Alan Williams, Industrial, Technological and 

Occupational Education 
A Study of the Instruction and Application of Microcomputing in 
Industrial/Technical Safety Courses, with Implications for 
Program Development 

Ing Yan, Electrical Engineering 
The Detection Search Problem of Systems of Randomly Mooing 

Che-FnYu, Electrical Engineering 
A Formal Specification and Verification .Method for the 
Prevention of Denial of Service in Computer Systems 

Terrance Scott Zimmerman, Human Development 
Perceived Family Type and Family Satisfaction by Primary 
Family Careprouiders of Homebound Aphasic Adults 

Doctor Of Education 

Debra Crawford Catts, Curriculum and Instruction 

The Effects of Training Strategies for Lecture Comprehension 
on Test Performance and Metacognitive Awareness in 
Underprepared College Students 

Douglas Martin Hill, Education Policy, Planning, and 

An Affirmative Action. Equal Opportunity' Employer: An 
Assessment of How the Term is Perceived and Implemented in 
Public Higher Education Employment 

Martin Nadelman, Education Policy, Planning, and 

A Comparison of Academic Performance and Success on State 
Nursing Boards of LPNs and Generic Nursing Students in the 
Associate Degree Nursing Program at WOR-WIC Tech. 
Community College 

Amelia Sue Rathbone, Education Policy, Planning, and 


Gender Differences in Attitudes Toward Mathematics Between 
Low Achieving and High Achieving Fifth Grade Elementary 
School Students 

Aquilla Rice, Curriculum and Instruction 

The Commitment of Elementary School Educators of Large 
Suburban School System to Death Education in the Elementary 

Russell Givens Wright, Curriculum and Instruction 
The Impact of Grading and Grading Related Factors on Science 
Attitude and Science Achievement Motivation 

Doctor Of Musical Arts 

Anthony David Villa, Music 
Gestures (For Two Pianos, Flute, Oboe, and Dance) 

August 1987 Graduates 

Master of Applied 

Hettie Boyce Ballweber 

Master of Architecture 

Lourdes V. Reynafarje 
Robin Deborah Ziek 

Master of Arts 

American Studies 

Dagmar Elisabeth Kauffman 
Sylvia L. Helfrick Smith 


Carolyn Jean Laray 

Communication Arts and 

Melissa Lee Dean 
Mary Lisa Grand 
Catherine Anne Luther 
Rodney Burgess Schwartz 
Susan M. Walsh 

Counseling and Personnel 

Barbara Joan Barger 
Kelli Jeri Binder 
Michelle Lori Friedman 
Steven Robert Kowa 
Mary Elizabeth Supik 
Todd S. Thomas 

Criminal Justice and 

Anne Michele Armstrong 

Curriculum and Instruction 

Laurie Reid Eyre 


Marcos Andre Bonturi 
Antonio Estache 
Marc H. Goldstein 
Bernd Oliver Kriegseisen 
David Daniel Nelson 

Education Policy, Planning and 

Margaret Anne O'Neill 

English Language and 

Michele Raymonde Beach 
Kristina A. Kessler 
Amy Lechter-Siegel 

French Language and 

Bernadette Crosley 
Ellen Young Ellis 

Germanic Languages and 

Hala Raouf Ghoneim 

Government and Politics 

Thomas James Bodie 
Phyllis Yvonne Moore 
Rodger Allen Payne 
Steven Glenn Shandy 
James C. Thomas 
Matthew Charles Victor 

Health Education 

Nancy Anne Bickmeyer 


Antoinette Marie Bram 
David J. Magnus 
Sally Durham Mason 
Katherine Ann Morin 
Tangela Garris Roe 
Joseph Eugene Walukonis 

Human Development 

Barbara Ann Nail 


Michael H. Brush 
Teresita M. Carrion Geigel 
Betty Kathleen Ford 
Valerie Ann Gompf 
Min-Sun Kim 
William David Levine 
Carolyn Coffin Stevenson 

Mathematical Statistics 

Craig Steven Hoesman 


Jose Orlando Gonzalez 
Bruce Follett Torrence 

Physical Education 

Julie Ann Angle 
Sally Ann Await McCoy 
Jean Ann Byarlay 
James Michael Harris 
Thomas Harry Klein 
Patricia D. Miller 
Patricia Ann Sullivan 
Geoffrey Latham Wheeler 


Christina Ann Douglas 
Donald Anthony Gillespie 
Maria Cecilia Zea 


John James Mahlmann 

Spanish Language and 

Berta Bermudez 
Maria Isabel Prieto 

Special Education 

Hillary Ann Schwartz 

Urban Studies 

Steven Frederick Masterman 

Master of Business 

Business and Management 

Suzanne Alero Alele 
Sylvette Knachel Bardach 
Mark Brown 
Carolyn Marie Carr 
Charlotte June Conway 
Charles Stephen Davis 
Cynthia Lois Davis 
William Brent Davis 
Carl Drafts Donigian 
Jaime Beth Epstein 
Darrell L. French 
Mary Ann Gilmartin 
Kenneth Edward Gleockler 
Michael N. Goldfinger 
M. Susan Hancks 
Carlise Joanna Harris 
Bruce Edward Hause 
Diana Noga Hirrlinger 
Evan Reid Horowitz 

John Michael Knowles 
Joseph J. Kushnerick, Jr. 
Geoffrey Roy Lilja 
John Patrick Long, Jr. 
John Robert Lynn 
Ann Carol Metropolski 
John McDowell Morris 
Brenda P. Murray 
Carl Michael Nelson 
Luis Borges Nogueira 
Susan Elizabeth Perry 
David James Piatt 
David Quinn Rupp 
Charles Steven Shapiro 
Donald Allen Spicer 
Norman Berne Starkey 
Michelle S. Wmtermyer 
Shou-Mei Wu 
Bradley Howard Zebal 

Master of Education 

Counseling and Personnel 

Barbara Sonnenberg Banks 
Teresa Marie Flannery 
Jeffrey Mark Gould 
Judith F. Hyde 
Lori Ann Montemayor 
Lynne Norann Stevens 
Megan Clare Sylvester 

Curriculum and Instruction 

Nancy Jo Aleksandrov 
Vanessa Liane Allen 
Susan Dale Berrington 
Caroline Elizabeth Means 

Denise Carboneau 
Frederica Ann Castle 
Jeffrey Martin Choppin 
Barry Cohen 
Nellie Ashe Cooper 
Kathryn Dawne Cravens 
Leesa Alberta DeHaven 
Erika Shanti Foster 
Marguerite Teresa Gaffney 
Diana Dee Gilbert 
Sara C. Anderson Greenwell 
Kenneth Bryon Haines 
Margaret Mabon Hall 
Linda Ann Harmon 

Decorative bull's-eye windows adorn the east and west pediments of the Turner Building. 

Mary-Ellen O'Connor Jacobs 
Michele Jodi Karin 
Delynn Ruth Kelly 
Dawn Christine Lyons 
Laura Elizabeth Martin 
Sage Tower Mumma 
Joyce Janet Nelson 
Claire Ann O'Meara 
Flora Lee Pristoop 
Anne R. Roschelle 
Lorie Ann Satterfield 
Raymond Earl Sikes, Jr. 
Thomas Edward Verdin 

Education Policy, Planning and 

Joan Marie Rooney 

Human Development 

Joyce Thompson Blackwell 
Anne Marie Dudley 
Anne Marie Smith 

Occupational Education 

Gail Lippert Ebersole 

Special Education 

De Ann Sue Clemons 
J. Lawrence March 
Cynthia S. Tilley 
Cheryl Watkins Yates 

Master of Library 

Library and Information 

Lynn Marjorie Adams 
Hillary Ann Brunschwyler 
Anne McDonald Cochran 
Sara Gildersleeve Eakes 
Nancy K. Erskine 
Janet Louise Ewing 
Dorothy Catherine Gerald 
Miriam E. Gershfeld 
Anne Leslie Gillis 
Roxane Maria Gnau 
Ann Davis Haley 
Martha Hill 
Faith A. Kaufman 
Lori Lee Kebetz 
Agnes O. Kiang 

Ricki Deutsch Kresan 
Patricia Ann Krug 
Phillip Russell Lord 
Thomas Edward Mann 
Annie C. Massey 
Cheryl Jean Miller 
Kenne Alma Miller 
Jack Gilbert Montgomery, Jr. 
M. Patricia Mufioz 
Jane Elizabeth Murray 
Kathleen Louise Niederpruem 
Kathleen Helen O'Connell 
Stephanie Ann Patterson 
Enayetur Rahim 
Yealuri Rathan Raj 
Julian Reckert 
Tangela Garris Roe 
Dale L. Sharrick 
Patricia Sue Simons 
Teresa Claire Vorce 
Theresa Lee Wertan 
Elizabeth S. Wolf 
Valerie Anne Yaros 
Emanuele Jakob Zoberman 

Master of Music 

Jose Luis Caceres 
Lawrence Joseph Carr 
Gail Katherine Draper 
Phyllis A. Vickers 
Helen Katherine Huse Wallace 

Master of Public 

Carolyn Marie Carr 
Elizabeth A. Gettes 
James Benjamin Hemby 111 

Master of Public Policy 

Ale Ndiaye 

Master of Science 

Aerospace Engineering 

Vit Babuska 

Dhananjay Krishnaji Samak 

Agricultural Engineering 

Patricia Tojeiro 

August 1987 Graduates 

Agricultural and Extension 

Vivianus Shang\-uf Ngong 
Roy Smith Walls, Jr. 

Agricultural and Resource 

Wendy Lauren Cohen 


Frances Ann Caulfield 

Animal Sciences 

Annette Theresa Bailey 


Michelle Elizabeth Brody 
Marv'Ann Monica Johnston 

Business and Management 

Dennis W. Cheng 
James Jonathan Crutcher 
Joseph Andrew Gelak 
Peter Michael George Miller 
Beth Anne Rubenstein 
Ellen Kay Sandfort 
Christopher Charles Skiscim 
Thomas Allan Sweet 
Guat-Yong Goh Yap 

Chemical Physics 

Rachid Dahmani 


Anita Louise Fiesei 
Cynthia K. LeCompte 

Civil Engineering 

Kaissar Youssef Abillamah 
Mohammad Akbar 
Maad Sahib Al-Birmani 
Moh'd Salim Baydoun 
Ismail F. Hanieh 
Richard Michael Hillis 
Gary Michael Luczak 
Stephen Andrew Matty 
Kia Shokouhi Nejad 
Carlos Herminio Serrano 
Christopher Neal Stark 

Computer Science 

John Danilo Cappelletti 
Mitchell Jay Cohen 
Piyush Dikshit 

Dennis Lee Doubleday 
Nicholas C. Ide 
Hatem Ameen Sleem 
Brian Keith Sutton 

Electrical Engineering 

Mohammed Gomaa Abutaleb 

Kwang-Cheng Chen 

Xin Chen 

Donald E. Merrifield 

Charalambos Moussas 

Kim Nguyen Viet 

Kshemendra Nath Paul 

Jose Manuel Santiago 

Joe-Ren Shyng 

Subir Varma 

Li-Sheng Wang 

Daniel Joseph Weidman 

Qiang Xu 

Rui Yang 

Shu-Sun Yu 

Engineering Materials 

Dz-Chi Li 
Jein Shyue 


Pamela Benette King 
Lucy Katherlne Vinis 

Family and Community 

Michele Chivian Lukban 

Food, Nutrition and Institution 

Mary Ellen Dallavalle 
Barbara Ann Day 
Jane Oshinsky 
Jackie Mills Rutyna 
Jodi Kaplan Susser 


Pamela Bright Barnard 
Douglas Alan Bell 
Todd Michael Burke 


Lisa Karpinski 

Mechanical Engineering 

Michael Edward Bohse 
John Paul Carpenter 
Charles J. Obst, Jr. 
Michael David Osterman 
Srinibas Y. Praharaj 
Sudhakar Shyam 
Daniel Tak-Lung Tarn 
Rajiv Uppal 


Mark David Brusberg 


Sharon Kaye Germana 

Nuclear Engineering 

George Edward Wendal, Jr. 

Nutritional Sciences 

Clifford Reece Caughman 



Joseph Edward Mazur 

Szedung Sun 

Textiles and Consumer 

Nai Yu Wang 


Linda Gail Byrd 
James T. Cronin 
Joseph Castro Morelos 
Carol Dean von Dohlen 

in Gerontolgy 

Master's Level 

Frances D. Allen 
Letitia Anne Geiger 

Certificate in 
Mettiods of 
Policy Analysis 

Lawrence Eric Leake'* 
**Certificate received May 1987 


Master of Education 

May 30. 1987 

Barbara B. Prewett 


Master of Education 

May 30. 1987 
Corene M. Cook 
Judy Ann Crouch Cowart 
Terry Clark Dunn 
Rebecca Tve Quentmeyer 
Leah Deanne Sekiguchi 
Barbara T. Weaver 




AUGUST 1987 

This Corinthian-style capital can be seen at the 
McKeldin Library which was built in 1958 and named for 
then Governor Theodore R. McKeldin. 

College of Agriculture 
Bachelor of Science 
Agricultural and Resource 

Robert Wayne Sanders 

Animal Science 

Devorah 'Alana Chock 

Combined Agriculture 

t Susan Beth Hardiman 

General Agriculture 

Susan Lee Nance 


* Robert Harold Bors 
Paula Joan Yeager 

School of Architecture 
Bachelor of Science 

Homa Falsafi 
Waleed Shaalan 
Shari J. Wepman 

College of Arts and 
Bachelor of Arts 

Art History 

Elizabeth Anne Houppert 
Louise Elizabeth Martinez 

Art Studio 

Yuno Delwizar Baswir 
Deborah Marler Bradford 
Sung Taek Cho 
Michele Fattibene 
Timothy Alan Leuba 
Donna Aurelia Richardson 
Edward Sowers Schweizer, Jr. 

English Language and 

Benedict Peter Angus Armour 
Susan Lee Barrett 
Michael Dermot Barry 
Kathleen Borie Boothby 
Michael William Burroughs 
Lavinia Monnette Dowdell 

Rudolph J. Eilers 
Randee Lynn Eisenberg 
Mary Angela Hensel 

* Karen Ann Legler 
Matthew Duncan Lemp 
Scott Alexander Ollar 
Colette Suzanne Owens 
Linda Carol Rockelli 
Deborah Joy Rosenfeld 
Gwendolyn L. Thomas 

t John Edward Thompson 
Joanna Eleni Tsangaris 

French Language and 

* Viviane L. Arking 
Charles Andrew Contois 
Gerrit Septimus Marks 
Catherine Alison Rael 
Valerie Shanks 

Germanic Languages and 

Julie Helen Forde 


Steven Edward Ericson 
Mary Elizabeth O'Brien 
David Edward Pankopf 


Christina Marie Pax 


(Liberal Arts Program) 

Jane Annette Brody 
Allan Wiltshire, Jr. 


Eric Scott Chaskes 
Daniel J. Glass 
Michael Gerald McDonald 
Ronald Craig Weller 

Radio, Television, and Film 

Brian Alexander Allen 
Marco Antonio de Almeida 
Elizabeth Ann Bakalinski 
Marc Wallace Barclay 
William Jordan dayman 
Matthew Paul Cuddy 
Lois Jane D'Amelio 
Jonathan Fitzgerald Douglas 
Lori Jill Eisen 

August 1987 Graduates 

Kathryn Mathilda Fischer 
Christopher Robert Forrest 
Christopher Booth Hamilton 
Michael Andrew Jarvie 
Karen Hilary' Marks 
Margaret Ellen McCoy 
Patricia L. McWain 
Michael Andrew Mosko 
Dina Rhae Parsons 
Gregory Paul Rodowsky 
Edward Isaac Stilkind 
Carole Ann Strasser 
Steven Michael Uhl 
Elizabeth Nelson Williams 

Russian Language and 

t Hannah Kate Singleton 

Spanish Languages and 

Nathaniel I. Cordova 
Todd Joseph Goldberg 
* Elizabeth Rose Howard 
Anthony Charles Moe 
Mark Alan Story 

Speech Communication 

Steven Todd Katze 
David Bryan Loeb 
Linda Beth Mantin 
Janna Lynn Marcus 
Theresa Ann McKenty 
John Ralph Meyer II 
Scott Lawrence Norwitz 
Sean Mercier Sullivan 


Maria Codas 

Bachelor of Music 


(Liberal Arts Program) 

t Patricia Lynn Darden 

Bachelor of Science 

Advertising Design 

Michael Anthony Abernethy 
Debra Kay Anderson 
Jennifer A. Battle 
Janice Elaine Grav 

Anne Margaret Hageman 
Draylon Hawkins, Jr. 
Patricia Marie Joseph 
Robert Michael McDonough 
Conrad Montgomery McKethan 
Emilie Ong 
Lisa Sommer Ward 
Holly McKeown Weetman 
Shirin Zohdi-Tehrani 

Interior Design 

Susan M. Goetsch 
Aniki Sheensen 

College of Behavioral 
and Social Sciences 

Bachelor of Arts 

Afro-American Studies 

Peter Anthony Duggan 


Dagmar Jencquel Mika 
Kathleen Ann Savory 

Criminal Justice 

Peter Raymond Brinker 
Carol Jolene Breece Chad 
Patrick Michael Dumais 
Jorge Enrique Filippi 
Paul Francis Green 
Eric Ara Holder 
Richard Lawrence Kane 
Thomas Michael Kelly 
Chang-Su Kim 
Hubert Arthur Mitchell I! 
Kevin Lee Myers 
Michael Drury Rafferty 
Michael John Russo 
Roberta Marie Schmitt 


David Allen Alston 
Barbara Blue Bailey 
Victor Jeffrey Bean 
Jennifer Ann Gibbs 
Claire Leslie Jackson 
James Lawrence Keilson 
Stacey Michele Levin 
Marilyn Lee Maggid 
John Vincent Mazzola 
Timothy O'Leary McLane 

David Alfred Schiller 
Joyce Marie Stewart 
Steven Thomas Whelan 


Khaled Ahmed 
Cynthia F. Ansari 
John Paul Bishop 
Antiilio Neves Bonfim 
Juan Carlos Borda 
Richard Chapman Brace 
Brewster Phillips Campbell III 
Terry Wmg Chin 
William Robert Crowley, Jr. 
John Christopher Cummins 
Natalie Susan Davis 
Christopher Richard Delorey 
Robert Patrick Driscoll 
Thomas John Frye 
• Benjamin Lavin Ginsburg 
Charles Warren Greenspan 
Heidi Foster Griebel 
Adrienne Gruz 
Mary Grace Guglielmo 
John Marshall Hand 
Charles David Hoffman 
Leonard Gregory Horowitz 
Bejean Huang 
Lori Beth Hyman 
Thomas J. Jasien 
Gergory Robert Kaplan 
Katharina Katterbach 
Brian Lewis Katz 
Jeri Beth Katz 
David Lee Kimberling 
Kevin Scott Kordon 
Thomas Earl Krazinsky 
Rolando Vicente Lee 
Timothy Francis McTavish 
Eric James Minor 
Kevin Marc Mont 
Raymond Livingston Moore 
Carlos Elias Obando 
Arch Laurence Peregoff 
Edward Bruce Perlman 
Helen Perrus 
Robert Jay Pincus 
David Brendan Powers 
Benjamin Rivera I! 
Keith Andrew Rosenbaum 
Steven Andrew Rubloff 
Renee Marie Sanchez 
Lisa Diane Scheller 

Stefano Sciolli 

Mark Stewart Seebeck 

Joseph John Sena 

Zlatan Michael Slavoff 

Daniel Frederick Smith 

Peter Byrnes Smith 

Caroline Juliet Soto 

Pamela Jeanne Stoker 

George Chauncey Tolson 

William Edward Townsend 

Kim Eleanor Trujillo 

Scott Francis Van Giezen 

Kenneth Chuck Wade 

Lahari Marietta Wikramanayake 

Brian David Willard 

Sun B. Yang 

Brad W. Young 

Brett Mark Zickerman 

Michael F. Zimmerman 

Government and Politics 

Elizabeth Maria Blagojevics 
Jodie Lyn Booth 
Duncan Kenner Brent 
Tara Michelle Brown 
Aaron Robert Caruso 
Susan Estelle Crowe 
Sean David Donnelly 
Barry Adam Flax 
Daniel Jude Friel 
Mark Lawrence Gallagher 
Gabrielle Ann Gill 
David Andrew Gough 
Alice Marguerite Harrison 
Hisham Yehia Heshmat 
Jeannette DeRan Heuisler 
Caria Suzanne Hollingsworth 
Wendy Alicia Holloway 
Terri Rae Hyatt 
Sean Kantorow 
Raymond Paul Keppler 
Kelly Jo Kohlert 
Lawrence John Konefal 
Michael Raymond Lanahan 
John Stephen Lazowski 
Gregory Dion Lindler 
Michael Rov Luchinskv 
William E. Mayer 111 
Joseph Thomas McCreight, Jr. 
Michael Randolph McLean 
James Edward Miller 11 
Walter Michael Parobv 


§Summa cum Laude 
f Magna cum Laude 
'cum Laude 

Christina Alexia Petrakis 
Sanford L. Piachter 
Adam Roy PodhursI 
Richard Gordon Rifkin 
Michael Eugene Shearer 
Linda Ann Smith 
§ Cynthia Kahl Thirumalai 
Jeffrey Joseph Trandah! 
Kymberly Ann Truman 
Stuart Raymond Wilson 

Hearing and Speech Sciences 

Cherie Ann Coffman 
t Christine Ann Connor 
* Gregory James Rosenthal 


Michael Louis Deem 
Yvette Marie DeLauro 
Deena B. El-Selehdar 
Donna Sue Hawkins 
Elysa Iris Hochstadt 
Nancy Alison Kahn 
Bruce David Kirby 
Daniel Rogers Kirchhoff 
Michael Thomas Koenig 
Joseph Michael Lynch 
Nancy Lynn McCarthy 
Belinda Ann Parker 
Patrice Lindsey Parker 
Eleanor W. Song 
Catherine Anne Stone 


Laura Alexander 
Gary Richard Altheim 
Samuel Moncrief Anderson 
Veronica Benson 
t Walter Arthur Ewing 

(2nd Major Anthropology) 
Elisabeth Joy Fritz 
Kathleen Carol Hildebrand 
Richard Edmund Seyfried 

Urban Studies 

Tanya Theresa Adeseun 
Harold Lynn Barger 
Bradley Stephen Coburn 
Allyson Michelle Green 

Bachelor of Science 


Kevin David Callagy 
Robert Stuart Colliver 
Phillip B.Durbin 
John Douglas Talentino 


Catherine Olivia Bendure 
Marion Hutto Eiseman 
Daphne Rachell Kirksey 
Adam David Klein 

College of Business and 

Bachelor of Science 


Trevor Anthony Agard 
Dilip Anil Anand 
Kristi L. Baker 
Robert Alt Baker III 
Daniel Bruce Bledsoe 
Kimberly Rae Christensen 
John Diezmuro 
Christopher Paul Donovan 
Kristen G. Fennell 
Michelle Dianne Gagnon 
Donald James Goletz, Jr. 
§ M. Kathryn Gray 
Denise Suzanne Hall 
Holly Elizabeth Harshbarger 
Lance Hartley Jacob 
Brendan Joseph Keating 
Edward Thomas Kennedy 
Jeffrey Alan Lear 
Mary Beth McHale 
Charles Arthur Sarahan II 
Stephen T. Swales 
Kevin James Tock 
Susan Kathleen White 
Barbara Lee Wirth 
Tamara Jo Wodarczyk 
Gerald Blaine Zapol 


Raynah Herbert Adams fV 
Suleyman Murat Akdilek 
Karen Marie Bachkosky 
* Rita Srimati Bagchi 

(2nd Major: Accounting) 

Fernando Barriga Jarrin 
Robert Ross Branthover 
Robinson Caro 
Jill Allyn Coakley 
§ Debra Marie Collins 
Karen Marie Crotty 
Kevin Christopher Devlin 
Debra Ann Doherty 
Terry LeVan Dowless 
Boni Michele Fair 
Steven Paul Goldglit 
Corinne Susanne Hardy 
Mohamed All Hassan 
Karin Hannah Hayden 
Steven Claire Hinckley 
James P. Knox 
Michael Brent Koval 
Robert Victor Lee 
Man Chi Lok 

* Vincent David Marietta 
Marc Henry Matthews 
Craig S. Mays 

Alan F. Osit 
David Boyd Ramsey 
Eileen Frances Sabatini 
Christopher Holcomb Sabin 

* Robert Anthony Sanguily 
Karen Jean Schlesinger 
Daniel Jay Schreiber 
Timothy Shiro 

Zlatan Michael Slavoff 
Barton Seth Smith 
Bryan John Straathof 
Andrew Craig Tupler 
German A. Vegarra Bocanegra 
Stephen Michael Waak 
§ Thomas Walter Wetterer 
Lee G. Yee 

General Business 

Susan Clarke Acevedo 
Thomas Eugene Atkins 
Kimberly Anne Carter 
Kevin Joseph Conway 
Erwin Javier Cordero 
Beth Ann Douglas 
James Lattimore Edmunds 
Karl Walton Goldstein 
Alois Milan KhodI 
Philip George Thomas Korn 
Howard Lenzer 
David Sean Phoebus 

t Cheryl Lynn Querry 

(2nd Major Marketing) 
Brenda Lee Record 
Patricia May Rizzo 
Stacey Lynn Rosenstein 
Eric Arnold Saathoff 
Sandra Theresa Sciuto 
Donald M. Slebodnik 

* Eleanor W. Song 
Braxtina Jewel Stackhouse 
Michele E. Sullivan 
Hans Eric Van Leer 
Joseph Michael Warring, Jr. 
Elizabeth Allyson Wood 

Management Science and 

Luis Antonia Perez 
Khaled Farouk Shaalan 
Mary Elizabeth Tagert 
Randal Scot Taylor 


Silvana Teresa Accame 
Cynthia Marie Beaton 
Michael B. Beder 
Delia Maria Boluda 
Mark David Brown 
Stephen Arthur Cassell 
Annette Marie Cornelia 
Constance Yvonne Creswell 
Suzanne D. Cummiskey 
Alaka R. Desai 
t Irene Dlouhy 
Karen Louise Fecht 
Steven Michael Frizalone 
Dionyssia F. Garyfalou 
Andrew Gerstman 
John David Gorman 
Kathie Ann Hagan 
Sharon Jo Hahn 
John Brady Harmon, Jr. 
Robert Marc Hermann 
Randal Edward Holmgrain 
Rodney Quinn Huber 
Paul Edward Jacobson 
Janet Jennings 
Craig Howard Kessler 
Shireen Khan 
Drew Garret Kislin 
Daniel Francis Kline 
Kyong H. Lee 
Gilbert M. Leigh III 


August 1987 Graduates 

Theresa Evangela Lewis 
Richard M. London 
Jeffrey Darv'l Matthews, Sr. 
Marc Henry Matthews 
Michael G. McClosk\- 
J. Anthony McMillan 
Chers'l Jean Miller 

* Yeganeh Melissa Molavi 
Daniel James Murray 
Joyce Pamela Noshay 
Julia Anne Quinn 

Gar\' Andrew Rosensweig 

* Elizabeth Ellen Schuette 
Mary Elizabeth Starling 
Robert Alan Sterling 
Charles Robert Summers 
Kristing R. Van Why 

* Robert Br\'ce Wignall 
Jane Caprice Winsor 
Stacy Elyse Wolf 
Jennifer Lisa Woods 

Personnel and Labor Relations 

Gregg Lloyd Bienstock 

(2nd Major: Economics) 
Glenn Trace Boykin 


Robert James Hayes 
Rebecca R. McDaniel 
Charles Arthur Sarahan I! 

College of Computer, 
Mathematical and 
Physical Sciences 

Bachelor of Science 

Computer Science 

Richard Glatfelter Aleksandr 
Truman Kenneth Barriteau 
Eric Weldon Bell 
§ Mallku Garcilasso Caballero 
Cynthia Ann Cortez 
Patricia Ann Devine 
Viet-Chinh Duong 
David R. Elstner 
Amita Goyal 
Hyung Sook Han 
Wen-Hsian Han 
Loi Huu Hang 
Diana Nguyen Hoang 

Patsy Ann Hurst 
Leslie Denise Johnson 
Robert Van Jolliffe, Jr. 
Kate Myong Juhnn 
Jeffrey Paul Kasselman 
Woo Ryun Kim 
Thanh Nhat Lam 
Felicitas Arrobio Lumaban 
James Harris Mowbray 
Angelique Quynhtrang Nguyen 
Chin Van Nguyerh 
Tarn Thu Nguyen 
Sung Hi Park 
Thu-Trinh Thi Phan 
Melody Carol Richardson 
David Charles Ritchie 
Richard Paul Shearer, Jr. 
Kathleen Mar>' Sloan 
Eugene Joseph Stello 
"i" Octavio Nestor Suarez-Munist 
Mridula Salish Tamboli 
Mai Xuan Tran 
Thuan V. Truong 
Renuka Vig 

Stuart Evermont Whitman 
Dianne Elaine Wienand 
Russell Henry Williams 


Caria Susan Evans 
Theresa Lynne Payne 
James H. Roark. Jr. 


Sassan Dehghan 

David Nils Jensen 
§ Elliot Neil Linzer 
■*• Sylvie Adrienne Ryckebusch 

Steven Matthew Weaver 

Physical Sciences 

Rana Kyong Choe 
Brian David Jackson 
Kamran Malekolkalami 
David Scott Preston 


John Peter Bonk, Jr. 
Paul William DeCamp, Jr. 
t Sylvie Adrienne Ryckebusch 
Peter Joseph John Tiernan 

College of Education 
Bachelor of Arts 

Art Education 

Karon Gene Pease 

Foreign Language Education 

Karen Franks 

Social Studies Education 

Michael Peter Kawecki 
Laura f\irvin Waters 

Bachelor of Science 

Art Education 

Frederick Robert Collins 

Early Childhood Education 

Teresa Lynne Agnello 
Kristi Ann Ivosevich 
Yong Mi Kim 
Patricia Marie Quinn 

Elementary Education 

Ginger Lee Cannon 
Priscilla Wolinski Diacont 
Monica Ann Diaz 
E. Noreen Freeman 
Tracy Lee Ganey 
Allison Lydia Hamburg 
Elspeth Yates Hamidi 
Sheila Seyler Hillman 
Virginia-Mar\' Ann Kane 
Jennifer Brogi McFadden 
Anne Marie Neel 
Adell Lou Nestor 
Lucinda Dorothy Oates 
Hvun Sook Park 
Susan Marlene Rodbell 
Darlene Marie Runyen 
Wendy Louise Storch 
Cheryl Ann Van Cleave 

Industrial Technology 

Kevin David Beauregard 
Victor Evan Boswell 
Gustavo Caidas 
Stephen Michael Derdeyn 
Neal Peter Donnelly 
John Edward Ferensic 
Yvette Adele Harris 

David Mitchell James 
Jeffrey Markowitz 
Jeffrey Jerome McLean 
Richard J. Nazay, Jr. 
Michael Ernest Schwasnick 
Richard Everett Warren 

Marketing and Distributive 

Melissa Amy Bell 

Mathematics Education 

Patrick Jon Crouse 
Gregory Scott Ellis 
Charles Frank Hoag 
Amy Diane Mathews 
Donna Lynn Starnes Moore 
Robert Lawton Rogers 

Secretarial Education 

Lisa Anne Bradley 
Peggy Jo Davis 
Susan Marie Snyder 

Social Studies Education 

Jan Harris Ediowitz 
Brian Keith Starkey 

Special Education 

Brenda Faye Locke 
Robin Sue Meyers 

Vocational Technical 

Gary Eli Keeney 

College of Engineering 

Bachelor of Science 
Aerospace Engineering 

Steven Barron Brooks 
William Alexander Combs, Jr. 
Patrick Edward Davis 
Steven Andrew Donaldson 
Anthony Francis Maggio, Jr. 
Michael Zane Taylor 
Harry Douglas Whiteley, Jr. 

Chemical Engineering 

Christine Solomon Knopf 
Mathieu deLong Vargot 


§Summa cum Laude 
t Magna cum Laude 
'cum Laude 

Civil Engineering 

Ayman Ahmed Alshaikh 
David Mitchell Barnes 
t Margaret Ellen Bragdon 
Nathan H. A. Cole 
Kevin Lewis Dill 
Richard Brian Glass 
Douglas Alan Hess 
Edward Reginald Hood 
Keil Douglas Maberry 
Michael Kevin Malloy 
James Brennan McCummings 
Marcus Calvin Miller 
Bryan Eugene Palmer 
Carl David Petty 
William Edward Stoll 
Christine Ann Wilkerson 
Steven Powell Wrightson 

Electrical Engineering 

Anthony Dane Alder 
Ardrey Kathryn Allen 
Toby Dennis Bennett 
Sue Ellen Borchardt 
Andrew Emil Casertano 
Lawrence Albert Chamberlain 
William Eric Curry 
Saurabh Fakirchand Dalai 
David Wayne Dennis 
Julie Ann Fritz 
Jo Ann Irene Gonzales 
William Lee Grant 
Thomas Agamemnon Hanzas 
Tu-Tu Van Ho 
Yvette Colleen Hubbel 
Robert Albert Johns, Jr. 
Ronald Edward King 
Hoshik A. Kwon 
Edward Paul LaFemina 
George Milton Lambert 
§ Elliot Neil Linzer 
Daniel Ray Luck 
Geoffrey Robert Moss 
Cuong Manh Nguyen 

* Khang Ngoc Nguyen 

* Tarn Quang Nguyen 
Tran Ngoc Nguyen 
Reese Weldan Radcliffe 
Wayne Martin Roberts 
Annette Rosenbaum 
Thomas Earle Rowe 

Clayton Bryan Sigman 
Wayne Eric Simms 
Franklin Carroll Smith, Jr. 
Bereket Rifat Tanju 
Randall Scott Wmchester 

Mechanical Engineering 

James B. Baxter 
Michael Randolph Bell 
Jimmy Carlos Cachola 
David Lloyd Carter 
Clemente Cascio 
Cheryl Lynn Clevenger 
James Anthony Delligatti, Jr. 
Banafsheh B. Ghassemi 
Michael David Hendrix 
Ronald Brian Holmquist 
Adam S. Jacoff 
Steven Sungwhan Kim 
Tae Hwan Lee 
Roger Neil Lipman 
Patrick Denis Murtagh 
Adam Perry Nave 
Mark Christopher Nolan 
Todd Lewis Ripley 
S. David Ross 
Scott Alan Schmidt 
Colin Sydney Taitt 
Mary Angela Vandergrift 
Paul Wilson Wells 
David Uk Yi 

Undesignated Engineering 

Maynard Scott Hill 
C. Orion Phillips 
Farid Zikria 

College of Human 

Bachelor of Science 

Apparel Design 

Alma Lee Kukucka 

Community Nutrition 

Nancy Dee Galek 

Consumer Economics 

t Susan Elizabeth Brown 
Barbara Jean Hale 

Costume Design 

Patrisha Davis-Wack 


Tina Chen 
Jodi Ellen Cohen 
Laura Maria Dawson 
Sheila Delores Eason 
Andrea Lynn Feit 
Tracy Jean Gelhaus 
Cathleen Marie Niewulis 
Roberta Lynn Siegel 

Family Studies 

Rebecca Ann Barnhart 
Karen Michelle Douglas 
Michele Andrea Lasky 
Grace Elizabeth Mackey 
James Patrick Mullings 
Roland Edward Nairn III 

* Marilyn Teitel 

Katherine Addison Williams 

Textile Marketing/Fashion 

Lori Beth Calmenson 
Jennie Ruth Jacobs 
Nathalie Ruth Levine 

Institution Administration 

Janice Ann Chory 

Management and Consumer 

Gabriele Lucia Massaro 

College of Journalism 
Bachelor of Science 

Cheryl Anne Adam 
Carol Ann Afrookteh 
Elizabeth Anne Barr 
Frances Darlene Chapman 
Jeffrey Alan Chase 

* Anita Lorraine Dangel 
Julia Ann Delligatti 
Joan Clarke DiPaula 
Kerry Marie Dugan 
Andrea Marie Edie 
Rhonda Ann Feit 
Cinthy S. Getz 

Kyle Lawrence Gold 
Mary Angela Hensel 

* Alfred Robert Hogan 
April Favthe Malmud 
Albert William Margolius 
Sheila Maureen McCurley 
Stacey Jayne McEvoy 
John Dietzel Meyers 
Wendy Lee Morgan 

t Fritz Eugene Nelson IV 
Gail Maureen O'Neill 
Cara Sommerman 
Laurence Brian Stern 
Cyndi P. S utile 
Steven J. Voci 
Paula Joan Wendell 
Chequita Darnette Wood 

College of Life Sciences 
Bachelor of Science 


Suel Kim 

Kurt Ahmet Ozbey 

Marie Lizzette Weaver 


James Paul Anzalone 
Patricia Jean Nyman 
Kim Michelle Sterrett 

General Biological Sciences 

+ Amanda Patricia de Calderon 
Diane Rosalie Juras 
Gary Alan Kitto 
Andrew Larack Stone 


Michael Lynn Ault 
Courtenay Claire Coogan 
Ronald Andrew Ford 
Karv'n Denise Howard 
Sujata B. Kapai 
Cristina Fulvia Kerry 
Joseph Ahmad Manna 
Anthony Hugh Morgan 
Erin Therese Noonan 
Kimberlee Pippenger 
Christina Louise Teletski 


Deirdre Margaret Christianson 
Saira Moiez Ghadyali 
Lawrence George Granger 

* Hong Thuy Nguyen 
Donald Mervin Sandercock II 


August 1987 Graduates 

College of Physical 
Education, Recreation 
and Health 
Bachelor of Science 

Kinesiological Sciences 

Joan Renee Carter 
Daniel Anthony Coll 
Margaret Teresa Danek 
Susan' E. Davies 
Cynthia Donavin-Rudorfer 
Joan Marie Durkin 
Daniel King Eilertsen 
Clarence Richard Graves 111 
* Karen Michelle Janus 
Kenneth William Klotz 
Suzane Lynn Krostar 
Angela Elaine Lewis 
N. Lisa Moeller 
Elizabeth Barrett Sheats 
Kevin Scott Sherman 
Teresa Laverne Smith 
Mary Michael Walsh 


Martin L. Bare 
* Pamela Ann Hubbard 

Paula Lee Reamer 
' Anastasia Ellen Vouzikas 

Undergraduate Studies 
Bachelor of Arts 

Combined Program Arts/Law 

Gerald F. Doherty 

Individual Studies 

Stephen Howard Bergman 
t Sarah Justine Gillies 

Diane Marie Johnson 
§ Nancy Jewell Meyer 
§ Jacquelyn Kaye Zitzke 

Bachelor of General 

Melissa Anne Aquilina 
Glenn Lawrence Arshansky 
Kurt Eugene Bennett 
Cynthia P. Brousseau 
Jeanne Louise Browning 
Andrew Jeffrev Burns 

Judith Elizabeth Butler 
Angela Marie Carestia 
Tracy Ann Carney 
David Wayne Cashman 
David Abram Cohen 
Gregory Byron Conroe 
Maurya Anne Cooke 
Gina Lynne DeLorenzo 
Mary M. DelBalzo 
Debra Lee Dempsey 
Laurel Ann Donahue 
Heidi Jill Erekuff 
Clara Jeanette Faison 
Jerilyn S. Frye 
Gayane Sona Gelenian 
Sheryl Maxine Goldman 
Kevin Scott Guerrieri 
John Stanley Haddock 
Stephen Roy Hasting 
Jane Elizabeth Hatheway 
Dorsey W. Hoff 
Jeffery Holinka 
Alan Har\w Honigstein 
Nancy Hook 
Nancy Carol Jeng 
Steven Kelly 
Shari L. King 

Denise Sadami Kitashima 
Roy Edward Kohn 
Jeffrey David Kune 
Jeff Perry Lagowitz 
Richard Lawrence Lang 
Kyong Ok Lee 
llene Judith Lefor 
Andra Bernice Mac Donald 
Philip James Maher 
Carolyn Dianne Marino 
Mary Louise McCann 
Jill Shari Mednikoff 
Cindy Lee Miller 
Dana S. Miller 
Elaina Denise Mixon 
Marilou Cocos Morella 
Maria Gabriela Nino 
James Lee Oliver 
Louis Ottimo 
Neil Lance Pittman 
Margaret Jeanne Ramos 
Leslie Dawn Reisel 
Paola Lynn Renzi 
Susan Amy Rifkin 
Laura Josephine Rogers 

Paul William Rogers 
Steven Bruce Rosenberg 
Stacey Joy Rothman 
Gretchen Roubik 
Karen A. Rubino 
Keith Adrian Rugless 
Jon Eric Sabrowski 
Angela Scott 
Stuart David Serota 
Catherine Lisette Sharretts 
Richard Sica 
Dana Lacresia Smith 
Michael A. Somerville 
Bruce E. Talan 
Peter Dustin Thomas 
Sally Ann TIasek 
Cristina Louise Virzi 
Scott Brian Wellington 
Joseph Albert Wolf 
Thomas Henry Worpell 

Bachelor of Science 

Individual Studies 

* Karia Suzanne Bartholomew 

Edward Michael Coco 
t Michael Lee Donahue 

Certificate in 
Women's Studies 

Mary Louise McCann 






This decorative, bull's-eye window graces tiie front 
pediment of the Reckord Armory. Built in 1944, the 
"New" Armory, as it was then called, was first used for 
commencement exercises on June 27, 1945. 

Doctor of Philosophy 

Mario Alai, Philosophy 
Realism. Realisms and Naturalized Philosophy 

George Patrick Albaugh, Botany 

The Characterization of a-Amylase Gene Expression In Barley 
Aleurone Tissue 

Trevor S.C. Alleyne, Economics 
Exchange Controls, and the Black Market for Foreign Exchange 

M. Estela Alvarez, Chemistry 
Studies in the Chemical Reactivity of Structurally Modified 
Simple Trichothecenes 

Mark Benson Andon, Nutritional Sciences 
Vitamin B 6 Status of Vitamin B-6 Unsupplemented Lactating 
Women and Their Breast-Fed Infants 

Sand Royce Bagoon, Counseling and Personnel Services 
Assessing a Conceptual Model for the Treatment of Text 
Anxiety: Contributions of Model Components to the Prediction 
of Test Anxiet},' 

Brian Mercer Bailey, Counseling and Personnel Services 
Self-Esteem. Locus of Control, and Retention: Path Analysis of 
a National Sample Summary of Proposed Research 

Richard A. Barczewski, Animal Sciences 
Studies on the Preparturient Behaviors of Sows and the Post- 
Parturient Development of Piglets to 21 Days of Age 

Robert Joel Barry, Biochemistry 
Enzymic Phosphoryl Transfer to Oxygen and Carbon Acceptors: 
The Kinetic Mechanism and Substrate Specificity of Yeast 
Inorganic Pyrophosphate and an Investigation of the 
Biosynthesis of a 2-Amlnoethylphosphonic Acid in Tetrahymena 
pyriformis W 

Louis V. Bassano, Agricultural and Extension Education 
The Relationship .Among Faculty Perception of Organizational 
Climate and Job Satisfaction and Job Performance In the 
University of Maine Cooperative Extension Service 

The December 1987 class roster comprises degree candidates 
from the undergraduate and graduate programs at The Universit\' 
of Maryland College Park. As final action cannot always be taken 
for candidates by the time this program is printed, the list of 
candidates here is tentative only. The University reserves the right 
to withdraw or add names. Diplomas (for other than doctoral 
degrees) will be mailed by the Office of Records and Registrations. 


December 1987 Graduates 

Peter Mito Battelino, Physics 
Three-Frequenq,' Quasiperiodicity, Torus Break-Up. and 
Multiple Coexisting Attractors in a Higher Dimensional 
Dissipatioe Dynamical System 

Stefi Alison Baum, Astronomy 
Extended Optical Emission Line Gas in Powerful Radio 

George E. Bell, English Language and Literature 
Aristotle and Barnum: A Study of the Rhetorical Background. 
Subjects, and Practice of H.L Mencken 's ".Monday Articles. " 

Bruce A. Benner, Jr., Chemistry 
.Mobile Sources of Atmospheric Polycyclic Aromatic 
Hydrocarbons (PAH) and Nitro-PAH: A Roadway Tunnel Study 

Thomas Stephen Bianchi. Marine-Estuarine-Environmenta! 

Feeding Ecology of the Subsurface Deposit-Feeder 

Leitoscoloplos Fragiiis 

Beulah Bernardik Blinder, Human Development 

Three Applications of a Model for Pre-Retirement Programs 

Barbara Jean Brown, Textiles and Consumer Economics 
A Study on the Polymerization of HydroxyalkyI Acrylales in 
Cotton Fabric for Improved Performance Properties 

Nicholas John Bruno, History 
Major Daniel C Imboden and Press Reform in Occupied Japan. 
1 945- 1 952 

Julia Redding Bryant, Food, Nutrition and Institution 

Needs Assessment of Supervisory Skills for School Food Service 
Managers in the State of Maryland and Program Development 
to Meet These Needs 

George William Buchman 111, Biochemistry 
Molecular Biology and Mode of Action of the Polypeptide 
Antibiotics Nisin and Subtilin 

Walter Francis Burghardt, Jr., Psychology 

The Effects of Ionizing Radiation on the Performance of 
Signalled and Unsignalled Bar-Press Shock Postponement in 
the Rat 

Linda Carolyn Campanelli, Health Education 
The Effects of a Didactic and Guided Imagery Intervention 
Regarding Horrendous Death Upon Fear of Death. Health Locus 
of Control, and Social Responsibility in College Age Death 

Robert Andrew Canosa, Human Development 
Infant-Sibling Attachment: Antecedents of Behavior in the 
Strange Situation 

Kai-Hsien Chen, Botany 
Analysis of lndole-3-Acetic Acid in Tobacco Genetic Tumors and 
Wheat GA3 Insensitive Mutant "Tom Thumb" 

B. Mawiyah Clayborne, Human Development 

The Relationship Between the Attitudes of Urban Students and 
Mothers Toward Computer Education 

James Allan Coale, Physical Education 
Cardiovascular and Sympathetic Response to Combined Static 
and Dynamic Exercise: Weight Training vs. Running 

Susan Dey Cohen, Botany 
Gene Activation and Partial Characterization of Alcohol 
Dehydrogenase from Synchronously Differentiating Cultures of 
Armillaria mellea 

Alanna Connors, Physics 
An All-Sky Study of Fast X-Ray Transients 

Terry Lynn Cornwell, Public Communication 
Democracy and the Arts: The Role of Participation 

Barry Coyle, Agricultural and Resource Economics 
Modeling the Industry' in Market Equilibrium: Theory in 
Application to U.S. Agriculture 

Pamela Grace Plummer Cranston. Counseling and Personnel 


The Relationship Between Undergraduates ' Reported 
Experiences of Micro-Inequities and Their Self-Esteem and 
Career/Educational Aspirations 

Charles Mun Hong Dai, Mechanical Engineering 
Turbulent Shear Interaction with a Propeller 

Jihong Dai, Chemistry 
High Performance Liquid Chromatographic Determination of 
Trace Nitrilotriacetic Acid and Ethylenediaminetetraacetic Acid 
Using an Amperometric Detector 

Eric de Laubenfels, Chemistry 
Synthesis and Structure of Phosphorus Tripod Ligands 

Georgia Ann DeGangi, Psychology 
Sustained Attention Across Cognitive Domains in Normal and 
High Risk Infants 


June A. Degraft-Hanson, Poultry Science 

The Effect of D-Mannose on the Attachment of P Aeruginosa la 
Broiler Tissue Surfaces 

Jean Z. DeWitt, Public Communication 
A Description of Functionally Based English as a Second 
Language Textbooks: Speech Act. Speech Event, and Speech 

Virginia Ann Diehl, Psychology 

The Effect of Pre-Existing Knowledge and Learning Strategy on 
Memory for Auditory and Visual Information 

Eleanor Therese Dill, Zoology 
Probing the Nature of the Voltage-Sensing Mechanism of the 
Mitochondrial Outer Membrane Channel, VDAC: Kinetic 
Analysis and Al CIS-Induced Alterations 

Cliai-Ray Feng, Mechanical Engineering 
Dislocation Density and High Temperature Creep of Aluminum 
Alloy and Fracture of SiClAl Composite 

Rosairo Ferre, Spanish Language and Literature 
Filiacion Romantica de los Cuentos de Julio Cortazar 

Louis Douglas Finney, Economics 
A Rational Choice Theory of Political Violence 

Alan Robert Gardner, Chemical Engineering 
Characterization and Optimization of Tyrosinase Production 
by a Recombinant Streptomyces 

Patrice Garver, Human Development 
Factors Affecting the Social Skill Development of the Learning 
Disabled Student 

Mark Eiswerth, Economics 
Two Essays in Environmental Economics: "An Optimal Control 
Approach to Cross-Media Variation in the Behavior and Effects 
of Pollution. " and "Exploring the Determinants of Air Quality 
Improvements: An Empirical Study of Trends in Particulates " 

Andrew Seth Elliott, Aerospace Engineering 
Hingeless Rotor Gust Response Using 2-D Unsteady 

Raymond Lamont Ellis, Criminology 
Pretrial Release Decisionmaking. Failure to Appear and Case 
Outcome In a Court of Limited Jurisdiction: A Baltimore Study 

Carl Kurt Esche, Jr., Chemistry 
Mechanistic Aspects of Aromatic Imide Photochemistry 

Joseph Andre Esposito, Physics 
Measurement of the Differential Iron Spectrum Above 60 GeV/n 
Through the Use of a High Energy Gas Cherenkov Spectrometer 
and the Design and Calibration of a Large Isotopic 
Composition Experiment 

Mohamad Talal Farran, Poultry Science 
Branched Chain Amino Acids: Requirements and Antagonism 
in the Male Broiler Chick 

Miriam Polokoff Feinberg, Curriculum and Instruction 
Placement of Sectarian Content for Jewish Nursery Schools and 
Kindergartens in the United States 

Gyorgy Fekete, Computer Science 
Property Spheres: A New Representation for 3D Object 

Anthony Frank Gilbert!, Industrial, Technological and 
Occupational Education 

Technological Literacy as a Curriculum Movement in Education 

Patrice Louise Gilliam, Psychology 
The Effects of a Job Acquisition Training Program on the Job 
Acquisition Process of Educated Black Adults 

Myrna Gallant Goldenberg, Education Policy, Planning, and 
Annie Nathan Meyer: Barnard Godmother and Gotham Gadfly 

Patrice L. Gordon, Economics 
An Examination of Wasteful Commuting Using a Discrete 
Residential Location Choice Model 

Samuel Antonia Gordon, Clinical Psychology 
The Impact of Adolescent and Maternal Religiousness on the 
Psychosocial Functioning of Chronically III Adotsecents and 
Their Mothers 

Paul A. Gottschalk, Government and Politics 
Building Peace in South Africa 

Andrea Gould, Education Policy, Planning, and Administration 
Perceptions of Professional Accreditation by Major University 
Actors. A Case Study: University of Baltimore 

Stephen M. Graham, Mechanical Engineering 
Analysis of Residual Stress Effects in Fatigue Using Moire 

Wilda L. Grant, English Language and Literature 

Woman s Search for Identity in Modern Fiction: Self-Definition 
in Crisis 


December 1987 Graduates 

Lynne Greeley, Public Communication 
Journey Along the Matrix: The Feminist Plays of Martha Boesing 

Karen Gruner, Chemistry 
The Shear Viscosity of Polystyrene in Diethyl Malonate as a 
Function of Temperature and Composition Near the Consolute 

John Frederick Gugel, Measurement, Statistics and Evaluation 
Evaluation of a Computer-Efficient Normalization Approach to 
Estimating the Parameters of the Normal Ogiue Three- 
parameter Model for Ability Tests 

Shahid Hamid, Economics 
Optimal Adjustments in Financial Policies Under Imperfect 
Capital Market and Managerial Objectives 

Timothy Ray Harvey, Physical Education 
An Application of the Interaction Model of Anxiety as Applied to 
the Environment of the Compulsory Physical Education Class 

Fawzy M. Hasem, Agronomy 
Significance and Prevalence of Rhizobiophages in Soil 

Brian Anthony Haugh, Philosophy 
Non-Monotonic Formalisms for Commonsense Temporal- 
Casual Reasoning 

John Edward Hench, Animal Sciences 
A Method for Predicting the Effects of Land-Use Changes on 

Ronald D. Hester, Human Development 
Contraceptive Behavior and Use Among Sexually Active Black 
Adolescent Males 

David Wolf Hibler, Biochemistry 
Studies of Active Site Mutants of the Enzyme Staphylococcal 

Chihmei Dai Ho, Chemistry 
Mechanistic and Synthetic Investigations of Intramolecular. 
Electron Transfer Induced Photoreactions of Arene-lminium 
Salt Systems 

Yuching Ho, Chemistry 

General Methods for Preparation and Lewis Acid Catalyzed 
Diels-Alder Cycloaddition Reaction of2-Aza-l. 3 dienes 

Kuo-Tzer Huang, Chemical Engineering 
Control of Batch and Semibatch Free Radical Solution 
Polymerization Using GPC Molecular Weight Monitoring 

Tristan Hubsch, Physics 
Unification of Space-Time and Internal Symmetries Through 
Superstrings and Preons 

John Z. Hugh, Sociology 
State-Led Export-Oriented Industrialization: The Case of South 
Korea, 1961-1979 

Gary D. Hughes, Mechanical Engineering 

The Effect of Grain Size on the Hardness of Electrodeposited 

Yubin Hung, Computer Science 
Processing Geometric Representations on SIMD Computers 

Dawn Lynn Hunter, Special Education 
An Investigation of the Affect of Tutoring Versus Social Contact 
with Severely Handicapped Students on the Attitudes of 
Nonhandicapped High School Students 

Khiery M. Ismail, Agricultural Engineering 
A Model for Ammonia Volatilization From Soils Treated with 

Thomas Peter Jacobs, Zoology 
Eicosanoid Production and Vascular Permeability in Motor 
Function Deterioration Following Spinal Cord Ischemia in the 

Karel Susan James, American Studies 
Chimera in the Congo: An Interdisciplinary Examination of the 
Myths and Realities of the Overthrow of Patrice Lumumba (July 
1960-January 1961} 

Jinseok Jang, Aerospace Engineering 

Ground and Air Resonance in Hover and in Forward Flight 

Jody L. Jensen, Physical Education 
Intersegmental Dynamics in Propulsion Tasks: The Role of the 
Arm Swing in the Vertical Jump 

Jacqueline E. Johnson, Education Policy, Planning, and 

The Relationship Between Holland Personality Typologies and 

Classroom Learning Styles 

Stephen James Jordan, Marine-Estuarine-Environmental 

Ecological and Biochemical Significance of Oyster 


Hyunchul Kang, Computer Science 
On Query Processing in Distributed Database Systems 


Homayoun Karimabadi. Astronomy 
Regular and Stochastic Motioti of Charge Particle in Obliquely 
Propagating Waves with Applications to Crab Nebula and Type 
III Bursts 

Namir E. Kassim, Astronomy 
The Galactic Plane at 30.9 MHz 

Elizabeth E. Katz, Computer Science 
Examining Design Methods, Modularity, and Maintainability 

Richard Alan Kehs, Jr., Physics 
Experimental Demonstration of an Electromagnetically 
Pumped Free Electron Laser with Cyclotron Harmonic Idlers 

Robert John Kieber, Jr., Chemistry 

The Effects of Solar Radiations on Hydrogen Peroxide and 
Chromium Chemistry in Natural Waters 

Philip James Kijak, Chemistry 
The Oxidation ofS(lV) in Natural Waters: The Role of 
Suspended Sediments. Dissolved Trace Metals and Dissolved 
Organ ics 

Patricia Fitch Kinney, Curriculum and instruction 
Antecedents of Caregiver Interactions with Infants and Toddlers 
in Group Care 

Lynne Marie Kistler, Physics 
Observations of the Energy Spectra of the Major Ion Species in 
the Earth s Storm Time Ring Current 

Michael Everette Kitto, Chemistry 
Simultarwous Collection of Particles and Gases for Application 
to Receptor Modeling 

Chulgi Ko, Economics 

The Effects of Tax-Favored Individual Retirement Accounts on 
Resource Allocation Behavior 

Robert Victor Koziol, Education Policy, Planning, and 

English/Language Arts Teachers ' Views on Mass Media 
Consumption Education in Maryland High Schools 

Roy Karl Kropp. Zoology 
Systematics and Phylogenetic Relationships of Coral Gall 
Crabs, Family Ciyptochiridae 

Susan Takacs Krueger, Physics 
Small Angle Neutron Scattering Studies of the Core Structure of 
Intact Neurosecretory Vesicles 

Agnes Sinniger Kuhn, Curriculum and Instruction 
An Investigation of the Effects of Parent Education on the 
Attitudes of High School Students toward Parenting and Child 

Ravindra Ram Kulkarni, Electrical Engineering 
Microioave Generation from a Cusp-Injected Rotating E- Layer 
in a Magnetron Type Conductor 

Alok Kumar, Physics 

Conformal Symmetry and String Theories 

Natalie Kurinij, Food, Nutrition and Institution Administration 
Attitudes. Perceived Social Support, and Infant-Feeding 
Behavior in Black and White Primiparae 

Massimo Lanza de Cristoforis, Mathematics 
Nonlinear Deformation of Structures in Perfect Flows 

Paul Michael Larsen, Zoology 
The Intracellular Pathway Taken by Secreted Immunoglobulin 
Proteins in Plasmacytoma Cells of Mice 

Louise Laurence, Economics 
Cross-Subsidization in Unemployment Insurance A 
Microeconomic Analysis 

Ombo Jim Lawson, Agricultural and Extension Education 
An Assessment of Inservice Needs and Delivery Methods for 
Agriculture Teachers in Maryland 

Alice Lazar, Human Development 

The Development of the Subconcepts of Death in Young 

Rita Branca Leahy, Civil Engineering 
Permanent Deformation Characteristics ofAsphaltic Concrete 

Sally Ryung Lee, Psychology 
Asian American Cultural Identity 

Scott James Leischow, Health Education 

The Effects of Diaphragmatic Breathing and Expectancy on 
Cardiovascular Reactivity 

Ron Lennon, industrial, Technological and Occupational 

An Investigation Applying the Engel. Kollat and Blackwell 
Consumer Behavior Model to the Teaching of Credit 

Frederick Theen Lok Leong, Psychology 
Cross-Cultural Epidemiology of Psychological Disorders: A 
Comparison of Asian-American and White Clients in Hawaii's 
Mental Health Svstem 


December 1987 Graduates 

I-Cheng Lin, Civil Engineering 
Optimization of Prestiessed Steel Beams 

Shau-Ping Lo, Electrical Engineering 
A Comparative Study of tfie Multiprocessor Scfteduling 

Dye-Jyun Ma, Electrical Engineering 
A Simple Problem of Flow Control: Optimality and Adaptive 

Robert John MacDowall, Astronomy 
Directivity Measurements of Kilometric Type III Radio Bursts 

David Josepli Mack, Physics 
Coincidence Measurements of the Reaction "'Ofn'Jp) at 

Ingham A. G. Mack, Electrical Engineering 
The Effect of Moderate and High Drain Bias on Short Channel 
Mosfets Operating in the Subtures Hold Region 

Mary Claveau Malzkuhn, Government and Politics 
An In-Depth Case Study and Political Analysis of Board of 
Education Versus Rowley 

Toby Lester Mapes, Microbiology 
Proline Biosynthesis in Neisseria gonorrhoea 

Donna Alexis Spence Mason, Curriculum and Instruction 
Factors That Influence Computer Lab Use in Exemplary Junior 
High/Middle Schools in the District of Columbia 

Shelley S. Mastran, Geography 

The Role of Land Investment Activity in the Genesis and 
Evolution of Suburban Nucleations: Fairfax County. Virginia 

Margarida Malaquias Mateus, Economics 
Commercial Policy in an Economy with Product Differentiation 
by Country of Origin and Variable Returns to Scale 

Cheryl L. Matthias, Chemistry 
A Gas Chromatographic Determination of Tributyltin Species in 
Environmental Media Using Hydride Derivatization and Flame 
Photometric Detection 

Thomas P. Maxwell, Physics 
A Study of the Nonlinear Dynamics of Artificial Neural Systems 

Edna Greene Medford, History 

The Transformation of Black Life in an Area of Diversified 
Economy Virginia's Lower Peninsula. 1860-1900 

Pamela Anne Megna, Economics 
The Impact of Sunk Costs on Firm's Profits 

loannis E. Minis. Mechanical Engineering 
Chatter Prediction in Turning 

William Stephen Moore, Counseling and Personnel Services 
The Learning Environment Preferences: An Objective Measure 
of the Perry Scheme of Intellectual Development 

David Earl Morrison, Government and Politics 
U.S. Human Rights Foreign Policy Decision Making in the U.S. 
Department of State and the Bureau of Human Rights and 
Humanitarian Affairs Policy and Perception 

Debasish Mukherjee, Nuclear Engineering 
Boron Concentration in Reactor Coolants by Gamma Emission 
Following Neutron Capture 

Ruth E. Mutchler. Human Development 
Androgyny in Single Parent Mothers and the Emotional and 
Behavioral Functioning of Their Adolescent Daughters 

Thomas E. Mutchler, Jr.. Human Development 
Single-Parent Mother-Daughter Empathy and Role Expectancy 
Vs. Role Fulfillment as Factors in the Adjustment of Teen-Age 
Daughters of Divorce 

Margaret Elaine Myers, Statistics 
Applications of Robust Techniques to Logistic Regression 

Mary Dove Myers, Business and Management 
An Empirical Investigation of Post Audit Procedures for Capital 
Expenditures and Their Association with Firm Performance 

Nicholas Joseph Naclerio, Electrical Engineering 
Via Minimization for IC and PCB Layout 

Thomas Jeffrey Neal, Psychology 
A Comparison of Federally Funded Community Mental Health 
Centers on the Basis of Services to White and Minority Patients 

Norma McLaughlin Nelson, Curriculum and Instruction 
Music for Older Adults: Available Activities. Recruitment 
Techniques and Teaching the Autoharp and Selected Musical 
Concepts and Notation 

Julius Anosike Njoku. Agricultural and Extension Education 
Organizational Communication as Perceived by Maryland 
Cooperative Extension Service State Specialists 

Anthony Chikezie Nweke, Chemistry 
Determination of Residual Oxidant in Sulfite Dechlorinated 
Effluents. Chlorination and Dechlorination Porperties of 
Organic Amines and Peptides 


Maureen O'Brien, Special Education 
The Involvement of Handicapped Children in the Development 
of Individualized Education Programs and Their Satisfaction 
with the Process 

Andre R. O'Coin, Industrial, Technological and Occupational 

Vocational Education During the Depression and World War II 

Challenge, Innovation and Continuity 

David B. Olsen, Chemistry 
Investigation of the Bacillus Cereus Phosphonoacetaldehyde 
Hydrolase Enzyme 

Joanne Blanch O'Neill, Zoology 
Identification and Characterization of the Opiate Receptor in 
the Ciliated Protozoan. Tetrahymena 

Bae-Sig Park, Physics 
Dimension of Fractal Basin Boundaries 

Emil Vincent Patricli, Mathematics 
Some Solutions to Problems in Visual Perception from 
Differential Geometry and Deconvolution Methods 

Glenn Pearson, Computer Science 
Foot-Operated Cursor-Positioning Devices and Associated 
Software, Design Implementation and Evaluation 

Julie Ann Perone, Counseling and Personnel Services 
Single Mothers by Choice: Transition and Decision-Making 

Silvia Rita Chepal Petuchowski, Psychology 
Psychosocial Adjustment of Salvadoran Refugees 

Judith K. Philippides, Curriculum and Instruction 

The Use of Reciprocal Teaching to Enhance Comprehension by 
College Zoology Students in an Introductory Course 

Marylou Luttrell Phillips, American Studies 

The Language of Performance Evaluation in the American 
Military Document Analysis in a Conlextually Grounded Study 

Kenneth E. Pickering, Meteorology 
Innovative Techniques for Assessing the Regional Transport of 
Air Pollutants 

Thomas Williamson Purcell, III, Botany/Marine-Estuarine- 

Environmental Science 
The Effects ofAtrazine and Nitrate Separately and in 
Combination on a Mixed Phytoplankton Population from the 
Potomac River 

Venkatraman Raghavan, Aerospace Engineering 
Unsteady Force Calculations on Circular Cylinders and 
Elliptical Airfoils with Circulation Control 

Margaret Olevia Roberts, English 
Writing to Liberate Black Women Novelists from 1859 to 1982 

Dennis Patrick Rogan, Criminology 
Selective Incapacitation Determining the Career Criminal 

Raymond Sydney Rollings, Jr., Civil Engineering 
Design of Rigid Overlays for Airfield Pavements 

Ellaline A. Roy-Macaulay, Industrial, Technological and 
Occupational Education 

Cuniculum Conceptions of Home Economics Educators from 

Selected Anglophone West African Countries 

Henrietta Elizabeth Rue, Counseling and Personnel Services 
The Identification of Components of Community on the College 

Thomas Rumbaugh, Economics 
A General Equilibrium Model with Scale Economies and 
Imperfect Competition: An Application to the Welfare Costs of 
Trade Restrictions 

Robert Douglas Ryne, Physics 
Lie Algebraic Treatment of Space Charge 

Deborah Strauss Salmond, Business and Management 
When and Why Buyers and Suppliers Collaborate: A Resource- 
Dependency and Efficiency View 

Jonnalagadda Vidya Sarma, Zoology 
Microtubule Protein Phosphorylation and its Effect on 
Microtubule Properties During Metaphase-to-Anaphase 

Gerald Ebun-Olu Scott, Economics 
Debt and Development: The Modern Transfer Problem in Sub- 
Saharan Africa 

Thomas Alfred Posbergh, Electrical Engineering 
Modelling and Control of Flexible Spacecraft 

Bal Krishna Sharma, Animal Science 
Choline Nutrition of Lactating Daiiy Cows 

Deepak Dattatraya Sherlekar, Computer Science 
Graph Separator-Based Techniques in VLSI and Algorithms 


December 1987 Graduates 

John Richard Sieber, Chemistry 

Quantitallue X-Ray Photoelectron Spectrometry on 
Multicomponent Systems 

Jane Starke Sims, Curriculum and instruction 
A Comparison of the Comprehension and Metacognitive 
Benefits of Thematic-Fantasy Play and Retelling/Discussion of 
Second Graders 

Bernita Maria Sims-Tuclcer, Special Education 
A Comparison of Two Nonverbal Language Training Programs 
With Severely Handicapped Preschoolers 

Frank Sizer, Counseling and Personnel Services 
Religious Orientations and Expectations for Counseling 

Leon Harlowe Slaughter, Agronomy 
The Effects of Ozone Stress During Anthesis and Grain Fill on 
Yield Components of Soft Red Winter Wheat 

Jane Elizabeth Smedley, Chemistry 

Close-Coupling Calculations for Rotationally Inelastic 
Collisions of Nitric Oxide (X doublet Pi) With a Silver (111) 

Eric P. Smith, Physics and Astronomy 
Multicolor Surface Photometry of Powerful Radio Galaxies 

Gordon Willis Snyder, Jr., Agronomy 
Genetic Diversity for and Mode of Inheritance of Tissue 
Carbohydrate Characteristics in Cultivated ( Triticum Aestivum .) 
and Selected Wild Aegilops and Triticum Species 

Shelley Weiss Spilberg, Psychology 
A Judgement Analysis Approach to the Content Validation of 
Work Sample Simulation Examinations 

Narasingarao Sreenath, Electrical Engineering 
Modeling and Control of Multibody Systems 

Venkateswaran Sriram, Business and Management 
Anteledents of Contractor-Sub-Contractor Relationships An 
Analysis From the Contractor's Perspective 

Cluney Moses Stagg, Marine-Estuarine-Environmental Sciences 
An Expert System for Fishery Management with Application to 
Chesapeake Bay Fisheries 

Jeffrey W. Stansbury, Chemistry 
Free Radical Ring-Opening Polymerization of Unsaturated. 
Asymmetric Spiro Orthocarbonates 

David H. Stephenson, Music 
On the Visual Representation of Music 

Meredith Laura Strohm, Counseling, Personnel and Human 

"But 1 Don 't March ": Feminism and Voice in Daily Life 

Lu-Sa Su, Electrical Engineering 
Computer-Aided Design of Nonlinear Control Systems 

Ki Hyun Sung, Mechanical Engineering 
A Dynamic Study of Flexible Robot Manipulators: Analytical 
and Experimental Approach 

Jancie C. Swanson, Animal Sciences 

The Effect of Genetic Relatedness on Social and Spatial 
Behavior and Production in Beef Cattle 

Neil Charles Talbot, Animal Science 
Study of a Differential Ouabain Cytotoxicity between the HOS 
Cell Line and Its Transformed Derivatives 

Helen Elizabeth Taylor-Green, Criminal Justice and 

The Effects of Police Systems and Their Environments on Police 

Homicides: A Multivariate Analysis 

Subhashchandra R. Thaker, Animal Science 
Molecular Cloning of Ehrlichia Risticii and its Application in 
the Diagnosis of Potomac Horse Fever 

Juan Francisco Tituana, Jr., Education Policy, Planning and 

Occupational Portrayals of Hispanic Television Characters on 

the Spanish International Network 

Dorothy von Wald Toffolo, Human Development 
A Comparison of Never-Pregnant and Pregnant Adolescents' 
Perceptions of Self Esteem. Sense of Responsibility, and 
Parental Nurturance. Control and Communication 

Stephen J. Treado, Mechanical Engineering 

The Interaction of Lighting. Coding and Heating Systems in 

Carol H. Valdivieso, Special Education 
Special Education Faculty Perceptions on Pre-Service 
Competencies and the Factors that Influence Them 

Venkataraman Vanaja. Mathematics 
Iterative Solution of Forward-Backward Heat Equation 

loannais Viniotis, Electrical Engineering 
Optimal Dynamic Policies for Switching Voice and Data in an 
Integrated Services Digital Network 


Ping-Kong A. Wai, Physics 
Solutions in Optical Fiber Near the Zero Dispersion Point 

Hsuei-Chin Wang, Chemistry/Biochemistry 

The Mechanistic Studies of Bacteroides Symhiosus Pyruvate 
Phosphate Dikinase 

Hattie N. Washington, Curriculum and instruction 
The Effects of a Thinking Skills Teacher/Aide Training Project 
on the Reading Achievement of Cpt. I Students 

Leon M. Waynberg, Government and Politics 

The Illusion of Independence: Narcissistic Aspects of 
Rousseau s Political Theory 

Robin Lenore Weisman, Psyciiology 
Children s Social Support: A Comparison of Clinical and Non- 
Clinical Samples Using Parental and Child Self-Report 

Jane E. West, Special Education 

The Handicapped Children s Protection Act: A Case Study of 
Policy Formation 

Mark Ford Westling, Computer Science 
Reasoning About What You Can and Can 't See in Computer 

JillWhitall, Pliysical Education 
Interlimb Coordination in Running and Galloping: A 
Developmental Study of Dynamic and Cognitive Factors 

Susan Louise Wiley, Government and Politics 
Dimensions of Voter Evaluation in U.S. Presidential Elections 

William Harvey Wilson, Meclianical Engineering 
A Study of Bench Blasting and the Mechanisms Leading to 

Nancy Elaine Winitzky, Curriculum and Instruction 
Applying Schema Theory to Educational Demonstrations of 
Cooperative Learning in Preservice Teacher Education 

Sybil Walter Wolin, Human Development 
Predictors of Helplessness in Young Male Soccer Players on 
Losing Teams 

Sheldon IraWolk, Electrical Engineering 
Ergodic Control of Partially Observed Markov Chains 

Katherine Solomon Woodward, Public Communication 
The Comedy of Equality: Romantic Film Comedv in America. 

Joseph Louis Zelibor, Jr., Microbiology 

Geomicrobiological Processes Associated with Organic 
Accumulation and Mineral Precipitation in Aquatic Systems 

Doctor of Education 

Carl Roosevelt Bennett, Education Policy, Planning, and 
Students ' Concept of "Old" 

Gordon Byron Browning, Curriculum and Instruction 
A Microcomputer Program to Aid in the Reinforcement of Word 
Meaning: A Single Case Experiment with Replications 

Shirley J. Butler, Curriculum and Instruction 

The Development of a Handbook for the Team Teaching 
Delivery System 

Lawrence Russell Campbell, Curriculum and Instruction 
The Non Promotion of "High Risk " Primary Students: A Sound 
Educational Intervention or Academic Irresponsibility? 

Gary Irwin Geiger, Education Policy, Planning, and 


The Effectiveness of the District of Columbia Public School 
System s Administrators ' Leadership Training Academy 

Carter Lee Hammersla, Education Policy, Planning, and 
Factors Influencing the Passage of House Bill 378 in 1967 

Elizabeth A. Keenen, Education Policy, Planning, and 

A Description of the Influence of the Learning Environment on 
the Cognitive Development of Registered Nurse Students in a 
Baccalaureate Nursing Program 

Agnes Sinniger Kuhn, Curriculum and Instruction 
An Investigation of the Effects of Parent Education on the 
Altitudes of High School Students Toward Parenting and Child 

Amy S. Meekins, Curriculum and Instruction 
An Investigation of the Effects of Student Team Learning on the 
Academic Progress and Social Acceptance of Academically 
Handicapped Mainstreamed Children 

Susan Smith O'Connor, Education Policy, Planning, and 

A Comparison of the Hidden Curriculum in Three Elementary 
Reading Series Assigned According to Reading Ability Group 

Marina Reichhart-Erickson, Human Development 

Testing the "Goodness of FIT" Model Relationship of Preschool 
Children s Competence to the Match Between Their 
Temperament and Features of the Home and Day Care Center 


December 1987 Graduates 

George R. Schmidt, Education Policy, Planning, and 


The Behavioral Paradigm in Curriculum Writing in One Public 
School System: The Hidden Revolution in American Education 

Stephen E. Schwartz, Curriculum and Instruction 
A Program Evaluation of the Delaware Agenda for School 

Antoinette Cecelia Wells, Education Policy. Planning, and 

A Study of the Perceptions of Secondary School English 
Teachers Relative to the Effectiveness of In-Service Educational 
Programs in Schools 

Doctor of Musical Arts 

Susan Fleming Chin. Music 
A Sr\listic Approach to Max Reger's Schlichte Weisen 

Suzanne Rhodes Collier, Music 
Contemporary Spanish Song: Cycles for Soprano by Turina and 

Kristina Jean Suter, Music 
The Four Unpublished Piano Sonatas of Charles T. Griffes: A 
Performance Edition with Editorial Notes, and a Recording of 
the Five Piano Sonatas 

Master of Applied 

Linda Marie Kaljee 

Master of Architecture 

Stuart Alan Cohen 
Michael Richard Collins 
David Paul Conrad 
Mark Daly Farber 
Robin Lvnne Farrar 
William'E. Kirw^an 111 
Christena Marquette McCabe 
Dennis William McGlynn 
Donna Madeline Mclntire 
Michael Joseph Monaldo 
Adeniyi Adedamola Paul 
Carol M. Peredo 
Susan Johanna Presser 
Jon Anthony Reinhard 
Scott Philip Rosenberg 
Bita Salamat 
Susan Gail Schofield 
Essam Adel Sembawa 
Julie Ann Wetterau 

Master of Arts 

American Studies 

Michelle M. Elliott 
Juanita Blanchette Kus 
Jane Webb Smith 

Applied Mathematics 

Elvira Agron 
Leonard Rodney Long 
Robert Alan Paul 
Jay G. Rosansky 


Valerie Caria Ceriano 
Steven Scott Epstein 
Marguerite Glass-Englehart 
Susan Houghton LIbby 

Communication Arts and 

Dianne Marie Abruzzo 
Mary Catherine Atwell 
Vincent R. Liburd 
Bonnie S. Negler 
Scott Alan Nisbet 

Douglas Scott Sandhaus 
Allan Martin Shapiro 

Comparative Literature 

Par\'ine S. Windom 

Counseling and Personnel 

Kathleen Ann Angeletti 
Jeffrey Mark Gould 
Mary Ann Krehbiel 
Barbara Levitz 
Cynthia Haley Simon 
Julia Cannon Watson 

Criminal Justice and 

Barbara Leigh Anderson 
Bruce Allen Benke 
Susan Ann Hesley 
George Roger Jarjoura 
Charles Joseph Kahn 
Susan Ann Kline 
Ruth Ann Triplett 

Curriculum and Instruction 

Kay Mandzak Baker 
Rebecca Ann Brune 
Yuei-Er Chang 
Judy H. Mantua 
Richard Neal Rosenhaft 
Charlene Sheets 
Richard Gary Tillman 
Martha Kay turckes 


Cynthia Lynn-Knuhm Clement 

Gunter Joseph Elert 

Mary Ann Hartzell 

Berhane Kassahun 

Paul S. Kiingi 

John Charles Langer 

Udayan Panda 

Alison Martha Rose 

Deborah Rodgers Shiley 

Milan Vodopivec 

Education Policy, Planning, 
and Administration 

James Ross Kahler 


English Language and 

Cathy W. Barks 
Elisabeth Cannon 
Francis DeBernardo 
Shawn Erin Denton 
Barbara Louise Eaton 
Douglas James Free 
Elizabeth Dale Johnson 
Daniel Gerard Keranen 
Edwina Ann Maksym 
Pamela F. Murray 
Madeline Frances Suss 
Lon Gilbert West 
Judith Smith Young 

French Language and 

Teresa Nowogorska 


Elizabeth Joan Agayoff 
Matthew Robert Bley 
William Francis Henaghan 
Vivre Alaine Koomanoff 
Gail Alison Price 
Bor-Wen Tsai 
Mark D. Zeigler 

Germanic Languages and 

Katrin Lisa Komm 
Beatrix Marguerre Pollack 

Government and Politics 

David A. Bashore 
Cynthia Grace Burack 
Cynthia Gates Colella 
Thomas P. Coyne 
Kathleen Anne Dolan 
Peter J, Dombrowski 
Zarina J. Durrani 
Gayle Antoinette Fisher-Stewart 
John A. Filter 
Lynne Elizabeth Ford 
Magda Ahmed Ghanima 
Peter Arne Hutchinson 
Darrell John Kaeding 
Isabel Marie Keenan 
Elizabeth Marie Kiker 
Maureen Terese Latimer 
Gregory Louis Lockwood 
Michael Frederick Miller 
Sonetta Andrea Neufville 

Robert William Pecha 
Kieron R. Swaine 

Health Education 

Joseph R. Adlesic 
Judith Anne Bowden 
Cheryl A. Buesking 
Helen Shirley Geller 
Melinda Cochran Hieber 
Patricia Osmond Hulbert 
Jeanne Henaman Randall 

Hearing and Speech Sciences 

Lori Sardino Bowie 
Janice Eileen Creamer 
Leslie Shigeno Frandsen 
Lori Jane Cranberry 
Leslie Fox Kefauver 
Carolyn Evosevic McCarthy 
Jacqueline Marie Paterson 


William Frederick Collins 

Sara H. Davidson 

George Bache Du Bois, Jr. 

Ning Gu 

Kevin Roden Hardwick 

Zhaohui Hong 

John Christopher Kelly 

William Frederick Meinecke, Jr. 

Susan Gale Munro 

William Anthony Peniston 

John Carroll Ruben 

Amy Elaine Shoop 

Herbert Ray Swanson 

Mark A. Vargas 

Robert William Young 

Human Development 

Jean Moore Warner 

Occupational Education 

Dennis Charles Myers 
James Matthew Smith 


John L. Cummins 
Laurie A. Evans 
Barbara Ann Goodno 
Agnes Hooper Gottlieb 
Rosa Angelica Maymi 
Martha Jean Phan 
Yasushi Sasaki 

Mathematical Statistics 

Antonios Nikolaos Eleftherakis 
Joseph David Goldman 
Antonis Dimitris Koutsoukos 
Donald Eugene Kemp Martin 
Karen Erica Wright 


Christopher J. Mark 

Measurement, Statistics and 

Elizabeth Ann Tippets 


George Stuart Garwood 

Physical Education 

Mitchell Alan Batkin 
Robert Stephen Cohen 
Jacqueline Marie French 
Linard Webster Hancock 
Nelson Lee Kohn 
Catherine Gail Lambert 
Thomas A. Morrison 
Deborah Ruby Mueller 
Matthews Carl Nichols 
Andrew Novick 
Therese A. Miller Smith 
James Robert Wenhold 


Ana Ines Aguirre Deandreis 
Charles Barone 
Allen Taylor Bramwell 
John J. Echeverry 
Alan Wayne Heaton 
Linda S. Katzman 
Karen Kay Kosak 
Standish McCieary ill 
Tma Richardson 
Susan Anne Rockwell 
Barbara Jean Thompson 
Patricia Suess Walker 


Janice Lyn Atwood 
John Robert Byrd, Jr. 
Janet Lynn Carbone 
Dawn Karen Edwards 
Jeffrey Colin Gardner 
Debra Jeanne Gonder 
Cynthia Palmer Grove 
Megan Catherine McMahon 
Linda Frances Stewart 
Michael Dennis Supko 


Mary Carole Starke 
Hsiao-Ye Yi 

Spanish Language and 

Mei-ing Chuang 
Elizabeth Daghlian 

Special Education 

Susan Kay DiVeta 

Urban Studies 

Beth Allyce Behling 
Tod Chernikoff 
Michael Stephen Nagy 
Loretta H. Ware 
Joann Darlene Wilson 

Master of Business 

Business and Management 

Jeffrey Craig Anspacher 
Ahmad A. Aniabli 
Michael James Balhoff 
Moris Sam Bardach 
Lawrence Scott Beckerle 
Elizabeth Ann Benes 
Mark Kenneth Call 
Marie Christine Cortez 
Thomas James Dubnicka 
Louis Alvin Everson 
Martin Davis Fuller 
Deborah Ann Gamble 
Mark S. Ginsberg 
Anne Muryn Haldeman 
Beverly R. Haynes 
Matthew Adam Hein 
Karen Robertson Keck 
Elizabeth Juanita Laumann 
Nancy Henr>' Lewis 
Charles Franklin Littleton 
Claude Francis Martin 111 
Michael Peter McCarthy 
Scott Raymond Mixa 
Susan Poller Newman 
David William Odenthal 
Drew Persinko 
Denise Maureen Rider 
Julia Benson Rom 
Kenneth Thomas Sachs 
Sherry Belkin Schild 
Lance Seth Staller 

December 1987 Graduates 

Kristin Marie Sundback 
ingrid Chariotta Thunander 
David Louis Todaro 
Chervl Ann Truchan 
Kelly Myrtha Welsh 
David Zlowe 

Master of Education 

Counseling and Personnel 

Adrianne Marie Ancrum 
Maureen Melly Buczynski 
Kathryn Glueck Burke 
Angela Marie Conno 
Lisa Marie Hoke 
Paul J. Kurth 
Joanne Moore 
Douglas Robert Morin 
Ellen Schofield O'Leary 
Karen Orloff 
Susan Pamela Podall 
Loretta Drewes Quinting 
Judith Hawes Stokes 
Paige Lael Titus 

Curriculum and Instruction 

Mary Ann Bailey 
Dale Edward Boger 
Maureen A. Callanan 
Kathleen Carey-Fletcher 
Irena Hayner Claus 
Daniel Alan Coast 
Manoel Silva Gordo 
Kathleen Alice Marie Grasso 
Marianne Grayston 
Hobbs Henry Horak, Jr. 
LeAnn Allen Johnson 
Sylvia Wu Lee 
James H. Menasian 
Pamela P. Monder 
Dixie Lee Moore 
Leslie Carol Roper 
Diane K. Ryan 
Bonnie Cooksey Schofield 
Susan Dawn Slagter 
Kathleen Patricia Tmdle 
Jean Miller Waldman 
Elizabeth Shoemaker 

Education Policy, Planning, 
and Administration 

Ronnie S. Fields 
Robert C. Shook 
Lois Lombardo Springer 

Human Development 

Kathleen Anne McCauley 

Occupational Education 

Dennis Michael Macy 
Shinichi Ozawa 
Thomas J. Roberson 

Special Education 

Phyllis Michelle Cohen 
Robin Ann Dobrzykowski 
Colette Preis 
Kathryn McQueen Turnrose 

Master of Fine Arts 


Delia Rose Albert 
Pearl Mandel 

Master of Library 

Library and Information 

Edward Adams, Jr. 

Barbara Jane Bell 

Frank Thomas Blaha 

Martha J. Bobbino 

Janet Ann Boucher 

Joy Spartin Bowen 

Lois Ambush Boyd 

Jennifer S. Burns 

Carol Jo Carlson 

Bridget Marv^ Carroll 

Lynette Elaine Constantinides 

Georgeann S. Coote 

Gary Beth Crs'or 

Lorraine Evans 

Denice Sue Fmi 

Susan Kay Glaize 

Dorothy A. Heise 

Peter Bolles Hirtle 

Martha Walker Hood 

Debra Snyder Kaempf 

Mary Annette Lacy 

Rudolf B. Lamv 

Erica Barditch Lilly 
Michael S. Lynch 
Maria Elisa Martinez 
Sandra Elaine Marts 
Nisa Kim Merritt 
Linda Slagel Monroe 
Lene Palmer 

William Anthony Peniston 
Charles Jeffrey Place 
Daphne Ann Plaut 
Steven Brandt Ranch 
Cynthia Sue Rock 
Erica Hedreen Smith 
Janet R. Tjarks 
Jacqueline Lampp van Wees 
Mark A. Vargas 
William Douglas Vitek 
Ruth Etersel Bentley Weston 
Susan Marie Wheeler 
Merilee Jean Worsey 
Helen Blumberg Yeager 
Dhanarat Yongvanichjit 

Master of Music 

Ronald Dean Johnson 
Jung Hyun Lee 
Susan Lorraine Pelter 
Linda Simonson 

Master of Public 

Linda L. Alford 
Mitchell Reagan Coffey 
Betsy L. Halsey-Russell 
Anne Dillon Herr 
Charles Franklin Littleton 
Toby Caryn Sunshine 
David Zlowe 

Master of Public Policy 

Ralph Chester Butler 

Master of Science 

Aerospace Engineering 

James Matthew Baker 
Derrick A. Early 
Anthony Fitzgerald lst\'an 
Hung-Kang Jan 
Peter Hickok Johnson 
Thomas Alexander Mercer, Jr. 
James Francis Peters 

Kenneth James Rebel! 
Randy Michael Russell 
Gerard Stewart Schkolnik 
Earl Scott Seifert 
Herman Bernard Urbach 
David Lee Vanhoy 
James M. Wang 
Tzu-Hsien Yen 

Agricultural Engineering 

Amiruddha Duttagupta 
Maureen Ellen Guck 
Percy Alberto Pacheco 
Quang Viet Vo 

Agricultural and Extension 

Sabinus Onyebuchi Anaele 
David Stuart Brown 
Anandan Narayanan 

Agricultural and Resource 

Zhigang Chen 
Theresa Marie D'Addio 
Kathleen Frevert 
Dhaneshwar Ghura 
Fritz Michael Roka 


Mohammad Bagher Lari 
Maureen Elizabeth McConnell 
Anthony Stuart Nash 
Terry Lyn Purkable 

Animal Sciences 

Katrina Hoffman 
Susan Seller 
Basavaraju Shankarappa 


Damian Joseph Christian 


Inna Kats 
Kiran B. Sakhuja 
Kay Dunnavant Slonaker 
Mark Thomas Steen 
Lori L. Yuan 


Rebecca Louise Horner 
Bertha Cecilia Ramirez 
Irem Yucel 

Business and Management 

Siu Cheong Chow 
Edward Thomas Galloway 
Suzanne Carol Goll 
Cynthia Huang 
Shikha M. Jalote 
Mary Beth Joseph 
Nipon Khanna 
Catherine Kay Lienhart 
Yu-Chwen Luo 
Daryl Joseph Salamone 
Linda M. Schlipper 
Sandra K. Schmidt 
Janice M. Williams 

Chemical Engineering 

Stephen Howard Brown 
Philippe Jean Rinaudo 
Bernard J. Sadoff HI 

Chemical Physics 

Alexander Benitez 
Tamara F. Isaacs-Smith 
Houria Madani 


Anne Licia Bates 
Janet Joseph 
Tracie Anne Lango 
Lauren Elizabeth McCarthy 
Stephen Rex Meyer 
Charles David Pendleton 
Licia Jane Scearce 
Lin-Lin Zhou 

Civil Engineering 

Mohammed Mohammed 

Abdulrahman Abdullh 

Diane Marie Cameron 
Hong-Jer Chen 
Stewart Richard Comstock 
Henry Newton Doyle 
Michael Eugene Duffy 
Venugopal Rao Eagala 
Maged Ismael Elhelbawey 
Peter R. Eliason 
Yazdan Tabarestani Emrani 
Adolfo Lagman Escalona 
Daniel R. G. Farrow 
Ahmed M. Azmy Ibrahim 
Michael David Kane 
Mohammed Hamzah A. 


James Eric Klinger 
Ku Tak Lee 
Pang-Yen Lin 
Eric Edgar Livingston 
Stephen Maurice Lucchesi 
Muhammad Waseem Mirza 
Jitesh H. Parikh 
Eduardo Emilio Perez-Reyes 
Davis Bruce Reinhart 
Camille Fayez Shabshab 
Peter Rudolf Siebach 
Matthew Thomas Storck 
Paul M. Szmurlo 
Mohd Raihan Taha 
Rahul Amritlal Trivedi 
John Phillip Wisniewski 
Guoping Xu 

Computer Science 

Rene P. S. Bane 
Robert Arnold Becker 
Randall Jeffrey Browne 
Joy Lee Bush 
John R. Callahan 
Show-Fune Chen 
Dominic Duggan 
Ching-Ho Fung 
Theresa Gaasterland 
James Wesley Gray 111 
Olafur Gudmundsson 
Daniel Hernandez 
Bruce Neil Israel 
David M. Kamishlian 
Katsuki Kanoka 
Raghu R. Karinthi 
Pankaj Ravindranath Karnik 
Paul Konigsburg 
Chin-Kun Lay 
Joseph Peter Lobo 
Michael Gray Lockwood 
Joshua Lubell 
Douglas Richard Martin 
John R. Meyer 
Kannan Ramaswamy 
Alfonso Reyes 
Olaf Andrew Schoenrich 
Ramesh Kumar Sitaraman 
Ava Suzanne Stevenson 
Bruce Gary White 
Yu Chung Wong 
Qiang Yang 
Xiaoping Yuan 

Electrical Engineering 

Dean William Abrams 
Dominic Joseph Affinito 
Ahmad Khalid Aman 
Todd Stephen Bakita 
Li Bao 

David Wayne Calderone 
Chee Sju Chia 
Shue-pyng Chiang 
Minze Vincent Chien 
John Walden Cole 
Janet Ann Cugini 
Gerald Joseph Davieau 
Abdallah Said El-Saghir 
Preston W. Grounds 
Sarbari Gupta 
Yunus Hussain 
Ching Yuh Jan 
Chosheng Jeng 
Roberto Jaime Kaliman 
Moon Bae Kim 
G. S. Krishnan 
Chi'-Foun Kuen 
Amir H. Kupay 
Shyh-Chin Laih 
William Lew 
Chuang-Chun Liu 
Gregory Robert Lyons 
Rajan Chandru Mani 
Hien Due Nguyen 
Madhura Vivek Nirkhe 
Neena Verma Pemmaraju 
Louiza Sellami 
Naiming Shen 
Carol Ann Sullivan 
Xiao Ming Sun 
Julie Ann Boswell Tarr 
Deanna Wilson Temkin 
Philip Herman Temkin 
Timothy Tien Tran 
Suan-Wei Tsay 
Perry Louis Vessels 
Jia-Chang Wang 

Engineering Materials 

Leonard Herboczek 


Jo-Ann Bentz 
Charles Frederick Cornell 
Hartmut GiJnter Doebel 
Ruth Stanly Salvaggio 
Kathleen Lvnn Staker 

Family and Community 

Denise Marie Ambrose 
Meredith Pounds Branson 
Cynthia Joyce Farley 
Mary K. Hargadon 
Daphne M. Pinnock 

Food Science 

Behrouz Meyssami 
John Charles Mowbray 

Food, Nutrition, and 
Institution Administration 

Alice Chin-Kwei Chai 
Phyllis Brook McCarron 
Joanna Louise Wh>1e 


Stephen Craig Bell 
John Joseph Fitzgerald 
Sara Shearer Koch 
Mark Andrew Symborski 
Andrew Howard Wulff 


Judith Fielder Leggetl 
Catherine Michelle Ronning 

Environmental Sciences 

Karen Chesnutt Arnold 
Ann Marie Barse 
Marnita Marie Chintala 
Lori Hagberg Crocker 
Patricia Evelyn Koenig 
Ines Sofia Morales 
Edwin Carl Peters 
Haluk Tuncer 
Claudia Proctor Walters 

Mechanical Engineering 

David Paul Adler 
Theresa Ann Butler 
SuJen Chen 
Ferrell Windsor Furr 
Jerome Steven Gerstein 
Eugene David Guerrero-Martin 
Muthiah Jeyaseelan 
Eric Lionel Johnson 
Timothy Mason Johnson 
Wen-Chang Kang 
William James McCutcheon 
Ali Neshati 

December 1987 Graduates 

Philippe 0. Sivac 
Debra Marie Stillo 
David William Stroup 
Stephen Michael Summers 
Chun S. Yuen 
Jing Zheng 


Maria Athanassiadou 
Eugene Joseph Kratz 
Eleanor L. Smith 
James Walter Tauss 
Valerie Jean Thompson 


Nilofer A. Ahmed 

Nutritional Sciences 

Dennis Eugene Barnard 
Wayne Wmfield Campbell 
Suzanne Marie Rosch 
Diane Adler Servetnick 


Farida Adimi 
Jeffrey W. Durachta 
Rodolfo Alvaro Jalabert 
Lance G. Joneckis 
Donna Lynne Kriebel 
Liang Lu 
Yunong Yang 

Poultry Science 

Luz A. Cortes-Burgos 
Samrerng Kimkool 
Cindy Silver Rawlings 

Textiles and Consumer 

Shiao-Mei Chen 
Jan Eden Hatfield 
Janet Lyn Moreland 
Jean M. Parrish 
Claudia Lucia Ramirez 


Maria Esclapes de Pereira 
Marianne Martha Krall 
Paul A. Manzo 
Laurie Beth Powers 
Eric James Vacchio 
Gwen Maria White 


Master of Education 

August 30. 1987 
Linda Faye Glass 
Diane Mary Rivard Hart 
Sheila Margaret Lucas 
Mary Elizabeth Switzer 
Kathleen Mary Dunne 

Graduate Certificates 
in Gerontology 

Master's Level 

Cynthia Joyce Farley 
Karen A. Gravenstine 
A. James Izzo 
Thomas Rose 

Certificate in East- 
Asian Studies 

Li H. Shyu 

Certificates in 
Women's Studies 

Rena Collette Clay 
S. Joan Eskin*** 
Susan Ellen Hart** 
Deborah Ann Heim*** 

** 'Certificate received 
May 1987 
** Certificate received 
December 1986 


Second Lieutenants 
U.S. Air Force Reserves 

Carol Ann Johnson 
Matthew Alan Mandina 
Reginald Lament Smith 


College of Agriculture 

Bachelor of Science 

Agricultural and Resource 

William Joseph Allen 111 
Godbertha K. Kinyondo-Peuse 
Robert Frederick Stahl, Jr. 

Agricultural Chemistry 

Anthony Charles Pierpoint 

Agronomy-Crop Science 

Frederic Berry 

David Kalman Edelman 

Thomas Edward Irwin, Jr. 

Agronomy Turf and Urban 

Peter Mylo Downey 
Bruce Steven Hollinger 
Thomas Patrick Mynaugh 
William Andrew Reinohl 

Animal Sciences 

Sharon Kay Ashburn 
* Susan Carol Brown 
§ Jennifer Kate Coffey 

Laura Michelle Ewoldt 

Deborah Ann Gilbert 

Angela Yvonne Moody 

Lisa G. Reinhardt 

Cynthia Schwarz 

David Allen Wimert 

General Agriculture 

Alexander Wilhelm Barth 
Thomas Russell Bunting 
Dennis Ryland Crow 
Mark Phillip Dubin 
Patrick Michael Lloyd 
Parivash Roughani 


Keith Bryan Caudill 
Venus Michelle Eagle 
t Judith E. Hardesty 
Robert L. Hillyard, Jr. 
Joo Yon Kim 
Carol Ann Kopolow 
Dennis Paul Kratz 
Sean Patrick Mallin 
John Andrea Marcolin 
Betsy Elizabeth Mendenhall 

§Summa cum Laude 
f Magna cum Laude 
' cum Laude 

Thomas Matthew O'Kane 
t Barbara Jean Oxman 
Michele A. Petro 
Gail Marie Speierman 
Catherine Maleady Ulander 
Guy Cameron Ward 

Natural Resources 

Andrew Jay Faulkner 
Marie Claire Hodnett 
Deborah Rachel Kleinmann 
Judith Malin Linden 
Robert Gerard Lindgren 
Timothy Manuelides 
t Claramarie Moss 
Kathryn Prendki 
Sean Michael Chadwick Smith 
Eric Bruce Southan 
William Madara Warncke, Jr. 

School of Architecture 
Bachelor of Science 

Haesung Chung 
Karen Ellen Flynn 
Dongsik Lee 
* Eric Joseph Mayer 
Philip Glenn Meske 
Tracy Jeanine Porter 
Selina Akhtar Rahman 

College of Arts and 
Bachelor of Arts 

American Studies 

George Phillip Braxton II 
Eileen Carraway 
Susan Eileen Lehr 

Art History 

Carol Lorraine Belisle 
Mabel Yuen-Bing Cheung 
Joanne K. Edmiston 
David Lind Olin 
Jennifer A. Resch 

Art Studio 

Carol Angela Alleyne 
Karen Marie Bell 
Anne Hamilton Blaska 
Ann Elizabeth Brickley 

Constanza Eugenia Convers 
§ Ann Elizabeth Crumbley 
* Linda Diane Kanazaki 

Steven Anthony Muir 

Narendra D. Ratnapala 

Teresa Cough Rizzo 
(2nd Major: Art History) 

David Matthew Standish 

Benita Myra Williams 


Bruce Waller Wyman 

East Asian Languages and 

Kris EunJung Bae 
Jane Richard Lewis 

(2nd Major: Government and 

Englisli Language and 

Marta Kliger Albert 
(2nd Major: Individual 

Sheppard Kellam Ames III 

Alicia Geralyn Arkell 

Sybil Elaine Baker 

Tracy Ann Bambrick 

Lila F. Barth 

Edward Beenick 

Ann L. Black 

Paula Rose Bronstein 

Del M. Mauhrine Brown 

Paul E. Chandler 
(2nd Major: Philosophy) 

Kimberly Gillis Coroneos 

Joseph Charles Curl 
t Elizabeth Geneva Darrow 

Dawn Estelle Diggins 

Katherine Suzanne Drummond 

Daniel Eilenberg 

Cynthia Louise Felton 

Santina E. Fertitta 

(2nd Major: Art History) 

Daina Elvira Freivalds 

Sharon Lee Geaslen 

Miriam Elizabeth Grossmann 

Ernest Edward Haffner 

Karen Michelle Hall 

William Carroll Hayward 

Wendy Amerman Hempton 

John Dorrance Hogan 

Levi Jackson 

Traci Marie Johnson 

Kim Germaine Judd 

Cindy Marie Kline 

Kimberly Lane Kridler 

Miriam R. Kuerer 

Tracey M. Lancaster 

David Robert Landry 

Shenaz N. Malik 

Lisa Marie Manahan 

Tim Michael Margoiis 

Mary Ellen Matthews 

Jennifer Louise McClean 

David Lawrence McDuff 

Mary Ellen McGrain 
§ Sundance Metelsky 

Holly Elaine Meyers 

Elizabeth Miranda 

Steven Mon 

Shannon Jane Moore 
§ Villia Louise Morgan 

Antoinette Naomi Myers 

Usha R. Nagarajan 

Steven Nelson Neale 

Erik Noel Nelson 

Elisabeth Anne Niemann 

* Stephen Daniel O'Neill 
Kathleen Ann O'Rourke 
Nancy A. Piccirilli 
Willow Jean Prall 
Malcolm Francis Reintzel 
Demetrius Bernard Robinson 
Thomas Edrington Schniedwind 
Michael Scott Schulman 
Maureen Molloy Sharp 

Leslie Helen Sherman 
Gregory Scott Tillman 
Tina Marie Tippett 
Beverly Ann Turk 
William Kevin Wetzonis 
Thomas Kevin Whalen 
Timothy Taylor White 
Barbara J. Willman 
Tonya Evangeline Younger 

Frencti Language and 

Alexandra Antonopoulos 

* Nathalie Chantal Florence 


* Natalie Danielle Meilleur 
Renee Ralou Minkkinen 
Jacqueline Dorcal Piou 

t Teresa Katherine Wilpers 
Nancy Zephirin 

Germanic Languages and 

Sarah H. Clark 
Joel Christian Napolitan 
Courtney Alison Reusch 
Sigrun M. Robinson 


William Duff Barker 
Marisa Isabella Boone 
Herbert Brewer, Jr. 
Deborah Brown 
Van Earl Davis 

Arthur Raymond Ehscheid, Jr. 
Ann M. Gallagher 
David Allan Goldstein 
Eric John Golightly 
Marcel Herman Heuver 
Mary Susan Hoscheit 
Mona Denise Hunt 
Jerome Emmett McCann 
Dieter Kurt Miller 
Laura Ann Neal 
James Ralph Osborn ill 
Mark Stephen Phillips, Jr. 
Douglas Eugene Pielmeier 
Brian Edward Rupp 
Thomas West Shelton 
Mark John Smith 
Timothy W. Thompson 
Virginia Ann Tortona 
Douglas Keith Woodward 
Cathieen Marie Wootten 
Mary Elizabeth Zack 

Jewish Studies 

§ Elizabeth Ann Cahan 


t Shu-le Sue Chen 
t Sarah Rebecca Eanet 


* Danielle Grace Gallina 
Caroline G. Gibson 
Lisa Victoria Sanderson 
Katherine Ann Steel 


Glenn Joseph Dickinson 
Elizabeth Kathleen Morris 
Thomas Robert Rowland 
Suresh Pudukattil Velayudhan 
Peter Christian Zitta 

December 1987 Graduates 

Radio, Television, and Film 

Denee Aleathia Barr 
Sally Ann Barrett 
Forbes Robbins Blair 
Linda Cindy Brown 
Laura Ann Caponiti 
Michelle Denise Carpenter 
Susan Elizabeth Cullather 
Anne Marie deBremond 
Anne Marie DiEdwardo 
Vincent Thomas D'Onofrio 
Maurice Elbert Drummond 
Stephen Neil Ellis 
Tinnothy Joseph Ellis 
D'Ana Edwina Feggins 
Mary Katharine Antonia Fowler 
Victor Antonio Furnells 
William Joseph Goldstein 
Curtis Eugene Golladay 
Neil Henry Gratton 
Stuart Ira Greenblatt 
Angela Lynn Harless 
Patrick Yarnel I Hayden 
Christine Louise Heinbaugh 
Michelle Augusta Herndon 
David Allan Huff 
Nathalie Paule Joost 
Jonathan D. Katze 
James Francis Landi 
Gary Alan Lawton 
James Gregory Libert 
Yvonna Beth Martin 
Scott Edward Mulcahy 
Cynthia Lee Paul 
John Joseph Peake 
John Robert Perreault 
Stephen Farrell Powers 
Rebecca Rae Rafajko 
Deborah Ellen Raffel 
Karen Deborah Riedel 
John Edward Schneider, Jr. 
Ian Paul Sinclair 
Tracy Marie Stone 
Patrick Lee Taylor 
Joseph Alan Tolleson 
Lisa Jini Tucker 
Rhonda Renee Vinson 
Grace S. Vista 
Roy Keet Wadsworth 
Kristine Lisa Walsh 
Lori Hope Wasserman 
Edward Wayne Wharton 
Russell Alan Wood 

Russian Area Studies 

Gareth David James 
Maria Magdalene Marinakis 

Russian language and 

William Joseph Brennan 
Eric Andrew Parker 

Spanish Languages and 

Nicholas Edward Angell 
Irene Maria Bascunana 
Edwin Agustin Calimano 
Edward Ronald Fuller 
Diane Michele Hickox 
* Anne Ester Nisenson 

Speech Communication 

Lauren Alexander 
Robert Paul Arnold 
David Alexander Barclay 
Marc Wallace Barclay 
C. Peter Driscoll 
Barbara Jean Eilertsen 
Michael August Frymark 
Brian Keith Furr 
Joseph Giuliano 
Andrew Hamilton Jacobs 
Kathleen T. Keating 
Thomas Vincent LeMay 
Jenny Ann Nigrine 
Cami Irene Norman 
Lori Ann Pillittiere 
Yolanda Michelle Tillman 
Susan Camille Vogts 
Kimberly L. Wiltz 


A. Caria Chrambach 
Donna Lynn Coby 
Jane Phebe Halverstadt 
Kenneth Charles Jackson, Jr. 
Megan James 

Bachelor of Music 


(Liberal Arts Program) 

Keith Edward Daudelin 

Music Theory and Composition 

Ronald E. Branton 

Bachelor of Science 

Advertising Design 

John Alden Addy 
Randi Lynn Baker 
Vicki Gayle Butler 
Andrea B. Chen 
Cari Minnette Colclough 
Sonya Romy Dewey 
Ann Margaret Gaegler 
Ryland Hewitt Jones 
Colleen Elizabeth Kelly 
Robin Beth Lazarus 
Kathleen Leyden 
Beth Ellen Mayhew 
Susan Ballance Neilson 
* Patricia Jean Perry 
Adam Blair Sachs 
Claudia Ingrid Saldi 
Rachel Teresa Sengers 
Beth Merle Siegel 
Kathleen Marie Slattery 
J. Kimberly Pepersack Weller 

Interior Design 

Betsy Shalit Black 

Katherine Louisa Bockenhauer 

William Fritz Brandt 

Judith Adele Cooper 

Joan Marie Frantz 

Nancy Ann Godoy 

Sanam Hashemi 

Julia Marie Hey 

Jeanne Marie Kunzelman 

Sandra Alane Lennon 

Judith N. Little 

Joan Burke O'Connor 

Joseph Michael Palazzo 

Cynthia R. Porter 

Jane Alexandra Schmidt 

Mark Anthony Stanley 

Waldemar Osualdo Velez 

Stacey Gail Wood 

Davida Beth Yuni 

College of Behavioral 
and Social Sciences 
Bachelor of Arts 


§ Stephanie Lin Bloom 
Robert Timothy DiBlasi 
Izau Figueira dos Santos 
Karie Eileen Peterson 
Mark Edward Seifert 

Criminal Justice 

Richard Jason Altmark 
John Douglas Barthel 
Suzanne Benedict 

t Lisa Jean Carey 
David Warren D'Amato 
John Raymond Donaggio 
Michael Antonio Echols 
Robert Gary Ford 
Ryan Harvey Gore Ghiz 

§ James Clinton Glendinning 
Allen Lee Herrmann 
Scot Edward Hopkins 
Michael Francis Hutnan 
Matthew John Jermann 
David Anderson Kelly 
Ira Howard Krowitz 
Edward Carl Landicho 
Teresa Jean Leapley 
Peter Sengfong Lee 
Daniel Christian Link 
Rachel Rene Luce 
Stacey Jerrelle Lyles 
Maureen Sue Malarkey 
John Kirby Nesky 
Wayne A. North 
Cynthia Lee Novotny 
Jeffrey Charles Peters 
Francesco Vinent Ristaino 
Ellen Carole Shaughnessy 
Paul Sean Stolburg 
Marisa K. Striano Wmterling 
Robert Harrison Tort 
Kelly Denise Treichel 
Christopher Leo Umlauf 
Laura Weintraub 
Glenn Charles Williams 
Joyce Elizabeth Yakupkovic 


Kelly Lee Auld 
Michael John Brown 

§Summa cum Loude 
f Magna cum Laude 
' cum Laude 

Kirsten Virginia Campbell 
Richard Anthony Dabbs 
Suzanne Marie Danielson 
Margaret Anne Dibble 
Valerie Ann Dunaway 
Donna S. Duncan 
William James Guy 
Courtney Coe Hodges 
Eve Gabriel Janney 
David Lee Klima 
Kristine Susan Larson 
Maura Lynn McLaughlin 
Patrick Claude Millham 
Bernadette Marie Pagal 
Robert Allen Prender 
James Richard Sabelhaus 
Dawn Aileen Upton 


David P. Abish 
Mohammad Shaker Akbar 
Emmanuel Alexandrakis 
John Gus Anagnos 
Richard Allen Anderson 
Luigi Antonelli 
Jeffrey Lee Arens 
Deitra LaShawn Artis 
Michael Barry Austin 
Candace L. Ayscue 
Zafar Azhar 

Michael Lawrence Baiter 
Laurence David Bank 
Lucila de Medeiros Barbosa 
Mary Elizabeth Begey 
Richard Marc BenBassett 
Arthur Bercovits 
Jhana Rakelle Bogan 
Brian Kenneth Boxman 
Douglas Edmund Brangan 
Kirk Thomas Brimmer 
Rebecca Sarah Bristow 
Henry Addison Brown 
Jacqueline Marie Brucker 
Willard Edward Bryant, Jr. 
Rose Elese Burrell 
Belinda Kay Campbell 
Stella Y.Choy 

(2nd Major: French) 
Mary Harden Conaghan 
Christine Jimmette Contino 
Mike James Creaghan 
Donald Thomas Cusick 
Jennifer Lynn Czarnecki 
James Benjamin Davis 

Tamara Jean Davis 
Ervin Walter Dawson 
Gustavo de Lucio Olivares 
Paul T. Del Vacchio 
Kurt Louis Demmerle 
Rennee Jeanne Dinkins 
Jeffrey A. Dortch 
Theresa Maryann Dunn 
James Lester Edwards, Jr. 
James Tilford Estes ill 
David Alan Fabian 
Patricia Ann Felix 
Lisa Ann Fern 
Sharon Elizabeth Flicop 
Kirk Fox III 

Mark Lloyd Fulton, Jr. 
Donald Craig Gaither 
Hratch Gakavian 
Daniel James Gallagher 
Douglas Mark Garcia 
Hector Armando Garcia 
Steven Michael Geest 
Jeffrey A. Geller 
t Laurence Daniel Giammo 
James Vinent Gilder 
Peter Grexa 

Charles Rawles Grissom 
Robert Hugh Hamill 
Michael David Hartnett 
David Charles Herman 
Steven Justin Hilaski 
Mark Phillip Hosking 
Letitia Frances Howland 
Donald Hyun Im 
Jesse Jackson, Jr. 
Dorcas Benita Jones 
Kevin Anthony Jordan 
Scott Evan Kaplan 
Brian Patrick Kennedy 
Derek Steven Kennedy 
Yauthaty Keo 
Cynthia Jane King 
Saad A. Kirmani 
Priscilla Ann Lewis 
Katherine Hughes Liskey 
Mark Arnett Long 
James Francis Lubeck 
Tarrian Denise Lunsford 
Cesar A. Lynch 
Robert William Lynn 
Darius Stephen Mansoory 
Andrew John Marcopulos 
Wanda Maria McCoy 
Rufus J. McCrea, Jr. 

Pete Dimetrios McDaniel 

Polly Esther McGoogan 

James Patrick McNeill 

Falguni Dilip Mehta 

James Christian Merdoc 

Dennis Patrick Mesaros 

Brad George Michael 

Adrian Mihaescu 

Eric Joaquin Miller 

James J. Miller 

Karin Edith Mitchell 

Phillip Joseph Mogavero 

Douglas Merle Mohney 

Marcia Diane Morris 

Harold Hershey Niebel III 

Lisa Dawn Niverth 

Talandii Yvette Norton 

Steven Michael Nunes 

Benedicto Ocasio 

Pasquale Palumbo 

Chung Kwong Pang 

Wendy Denise Peebles 

Paula Marie Pelletier 

Erick Kent Peters 

Matthew William Peters 

Christopher Boyd Peterson 

Maria J. Piscitello 

Robert Allen Plumb, Jr. 

Brian Alexander Pomykala 

Lin Yee Poon 

Cynthia Elizabeth Ramroop 
Glenn Thomas Rempe 
(2nd Major: Gouernment and 
Walter Joseph Rogal 
Kenneth Edward Rollin 
Scott Robert Rudick 
Alan A. Ruskin 
Stephen Francis Salter 
Thomas James Sammarco 
David Michael Sando 
John Vincent Sarcone 
Brian Seth Schaechter 
Scott Brandon Schluederberg 
Karen Linwood Severy 
Bonnie Faye Shamblin 
Rajeev Sharma 
Theodore M. Shediac 
Carole Jean Sheerin 
John Ken Shimabukuro 
Li H. Shyu 

Krag William Sichelstiel 
Mark Allan Singer 
Dane Allan Spancake 

Alan Lane Speck 
Sherry Lynn Spruiil 
Luther Scott Starnes 
James Alan Stefan 
Howard Odell Stevens III 
Evan Russell Stoopler 
Fredrick Douglas Straub 
John Patrick Sullivan 
Steven John Sullivan 
Dasha V. Talmy 
Thomas Terne 
Kira Christine Tewalt 
Daniel Alan Thornberg 
David Frederick Toomey 
Emilio Christopher Tozzi 
Magdalena Trevino 
Leiand Bradley Trice 
Johan Madison Trumpy 
William Edgar Turco 
David A. Urovsky 
Kenneth Angelos Valis 
James Douglas Vinson 
Andrew Edward Walsh 

t John David Ward 
Charles Francis Wedlock, Jr. 
Katherine Weiss 
Celeste Renee Wheeler 
Christopher George Andrew 

Kevin John Wilsey 
David John Wolf 
Karen Kawa Wong 
Edward Gerald Wright 
Kenneth Jerome Wynn 

* Craig Dixon Yokum 
Seung Yong Yoo 

Government and Politics 

Thomas Gregory Adinolfi 
Ekaterina Afanasieff 
Kristin Rebecca Altman 
Steven Antinoff 
* Miguel F. Avila 
Ahmed Shawky Aziz 
Todd Whitney Baldau 
Judith Anne Beach 
Michael Vincent Beali 
Scott Andrew Beall 
Beth Ann Beasley 
Robert M. Beavers III 
Todd Harris Bender 
Ian Robert Bouet Willaumez 
John Augustine Bourgeois 
Daniel Todd Bradfield 
Valerie Louise Byrne 

December 1987 Graduates 

Lawrence Andrew Canning 
David Alan Carrodine 
Donald John Chontos 
Livio William Cillo III 
Rena Collette Clay 
Michael Joseph Coady 
Jay Cook 

Paul Edward Copeland 
Craig Chase Cornell 
Greg Alan Corrick 
Lloyd Mason Cramp 
Theresa Ann Dalpini 
Lisa Ann David 
Timothy Martin Deegan 
Donna Lee Doneski 
Martin John Durbin 
Rajiv Dwivedi 
Paul Edward Esch II 
t Lynn Rae Funk Fitrell 
Kenneth James Frain 
Michael Winston Fulwider 
Alan Lee Galford 
Timothy Paul Gallagher 
Francis Timothy Gardes 
Brian Scott Gerbozy 
Alberto J. Gimenez 
David Christopher Glenn 
Natalie Florence Golden 
Sarah Anne Gowen 
Ben Alan Grabenstein 
Makelita Suiaunoa Gray 
Daniel F. Grayuski 
Donna Kay Greer 
Cynthia Gordon Gruver 
Kenneth Andrew Hall 
Diane Michele Hickox 
Avigal Hoffman 
Martin David Holt, Jr. 
Sandra Lee Horan 
Gina Charon House 
John Frederick Howard 
Brian Lee Jackson 
Joseph C. Jameson IV 
Gigi Raynette Jones 
Christine Lynn Kelly 
James Michael Kerrigan 
Monique Klein 
Marc Glenn Kroop 
Eugene Joseph Kucevich 
Lynda Pui-Ling Lee 
Patricia Rita Lee 

(2nd Major: Sociology) 
John Michael Legreca 
Dana Kaye Lehmer 

Anne Wolcott Levy 
Alison Elizabeth Littell 
Janice Gail Luckett 

(2nd Major: Economics) 
Andrea Jean MacQuillan 
Thomas Francis McKeon 

* Guy Roland Meader 
Thomas Francis Militano 
Angela-Ann Jacklyn Morony 
Mala Devi Nagpal 
Jeannette Marina Negron 
Harold Hershey Niebel III 
R. George Okrepkie II 
Thomas Edward Owens 
Yvonne W. Packard 

Mark Anthony Piccirilli 
Glynis Vanessa Priester 
Troy Lee Reynolds 

* Kenneth R. Rhoad 
Angela Stefania Roca 
Kevin Anthony Salamat 
Michael Caleb Sandifer 
Michael Edward Saunders 
Willem Donald Scheltema 
Laura A. Scuto 
Konstantinos Serevetas 
Christopher Leigh Skinner 
Cheryl Caria Smith 
Liana Elena Smith 

Erik German Soderberg 
Karen T. Stephens 
Amy Noel Swisher 
t Richard J. Thometz 
Steven Robert Topoozian 
James Edward Tracy 
Patricia Anne Trumbule 
Frederick John Vetter 111 
John Peddy Watson 
David Hugh Werning 
Alem Woldemariam 
Ruben Eduardo Yui 
Paul Edward Zahler 

Hearing and Speech Science 

Allison Agard 
Cheryl Ann Blumberg 
Carol Susan Boell 
Wendy Terrill Christenat 
Elaine Kanen Collins 
Carol Elisabeth DiLosa 
Julianne Howley 
Lisa Anne Roberts 
Jean Marie Karlovitz 
Marcia Ellen Wolf 

Law Enforcement 

Deborah Ann Bernick 
Ronald Earle Goodall 
Terrence Jay Pierce 
Carroll Joseph Ross 
Richard James Wambold II 


Michael Alexander 

Bernard Edward James Amend 111 

Steven Todd Barlow 
§ Matthew James Barry 

Catherine A. Bonsignore 

Lisa Bostelman 

Maria-Luanna Lucia Bozzolo 

Andrea Lynn Brandon 
§ Myra Lee Burgee 

Stephen Peter Butler 

Jodie Eileen Chaikin 

* Elaine Sarah Chester 
Adam Scott Chill 
Susanne Cogar 
Nancy Joan Cogsil 
Margaret Mary D'Amato 
Jo-Lynn Michelle Davis 
Amy Claire Emmermann 
Juan A. Enamorado 
Stephanie Barri Enis 

t Michele Beth Feder 
Cynthia Lynn Lake Foutz 
Christopher Charles Garrett 
Eunice Ursula Gill 
Wendy Sue Gromen 
Allison Beth Herstein 
Joyce Lynn Hood 
Crystal Kay Isaacs 
Joyce M. Jennings 
Nancy J. Kallander 

* Randi L. Karmel 

t Kevin Llewellyn Kenno 
Daniel Moshe Krell 
Gretchen M. Lohmann 
Michele Veronica McGlynn 
Raymond Lester McKay 
Andrea Theresa Metzner 

* Philip Houston Mohr 
Heide Rose Mueller 
Teresa Marie Notargiacomo 
Traci Joy Novak 

Marc David O'Mansky 
Annjane Pecosh 
Lisa Majda Ruggiero 
William Thomas Ruscitella 
v. Annette Ryan 

Elisabeth 0. Saenger 
Richard Emmett Scott, Jr. 
Sharonda Denise Sharp 
Stephanie M. Singleton 
Darlene Suzanne Sonde 
Young Jae Song 
Joseph Paul Tralongo 
Linda Kathleen Turley 
Derric Douglas Ward 
Sherry Warner 
Patricia Maureen Weaver 
Holly Alyce Williams 
Ronda Lee Williams 
Patricia Zaidman 


Charmane Pearl Beverly 
Judith Mary Broderick 
Marshall Brooks, Jr. 
Gary Allen Deininger 
Mary Haskell Derrick 
Andrew Joseph Egber 

t Susan Lynn Fleischmann 
Dominic Sebastian Francis 
Lisa Ann Gilmore 
Amy Jean Guy 
Henry Vurdell Jenkins 
Jeffrey Gerard Kallal 
Scott Howard Kaye 

' Patricia Ellen Mikus 
Sharon Anne Morningstar 
Karen Latanja Payne 
Molly Ghiseiin Sasscer 
Rosemarie Seminara 
Gayle Ann Smith 
Raymon Lee Wener 

Urban Studies 

Robert Duncan Church 
Kevin Scott Kazmaier 
E. Donald Kolchick, Jr. 
David Henry Light 
Sam B. Parry 
Jeffrey Steven Pollack 
Jeffery Lyle Shipman 
Dean Matthew Steinman 
W. Paul Thompson, Jr. 
David Lloyd Vaughn 

SSumma cum Laude 
f Magna cum Laude 
'cum Laude 

Bachelor of Science 

Creighton Van Adams 
Thomas Eugene Benassi 
John Dorrance Hogan 
Charles Thomas Jacob 
Virginia Kotter Martin 
Edward Louis Quinlan 
Steven Loyd Sharpe 
Barbara Christine Vermillion 
Edward Mario Vlach 
Richard Avery Weaver 


Susanne Caryn Atwood 
Matthew David Braswell 
Susan Elizabeth Chamberlin 
Michele Marie Cornet 
Felicia Venturi Cowser 
Grace Juliet Crussiah 
Mary Virginia Harding 
Jeffrey Philip Kaplan 
Harold Haroutune Kevorkian 

* Shari Lynn Kidwell 
Lisa Ruthanna King 
Karl Douglas Kirchner 
Mark Lee Perloff 

* Herbert Rankin 
Lisa Anne Roberts 
Romena Lousie Romero 
Cheryl Ann Rounsavilie 
Stacy Eileen Sidle 
Keith Gerard Smith 

* Jonathan Stuart Spector 

College of Business and 

Baciielor of Science 


Curtis Perry Abod 
Martin Joseph Archambeault 
Debra Irene Asch 
Kathleen Ann Bailey 
Loretta Lynn Bain 
Keith Dominic Ballenger 
Christine Anne Bobo 
Robert Louis Bohorfoush 
Raji Aziz Brimah 
Maureen Mary Brogan 
Robert James Buczkowski 

Robert Joseph Callahan 
§ Gerardine Mary Campbell 
§ Katherine Campbell 

Glen Carl Carby 

Shantanu Chakrabarti 
(2ncl Major: Finance) 

Daniel Wayne Chaney 

Yar-Chin Chen 

Yin Kee Chin 

Ssang Hyun Cho 

Scott Jonathan Cohen 

Alice Theresa Connelly 
t Karen Elizabeth Cunningham 

Cynthia J. Curran 

Muna Dalai 

Leslie More Davis 

Robert William Day 

Philip Richard DeBaise, Jr. 

Manuel Martin de Leon 

Daniel Lloyd Dellon 

Shari Sue Dicken 

Patti Doreen Dorsey 

Jeffrey Forrest Driftmyer 
§ Susan Marie Dudley 

Lloyd Allan Farber 

Terence John Farrell 
§ Marilyn Kay Fellows 

Michael Patrick Fitzgerald 

Pedro Hernando Fuertes 

Glenn L. Gargan 

Elizabeth Christine Gatbonton 

Thomas Patrick Gogarty, Jr. 

Virginia Katherine Gordon 

Eric Hershel Gorsen 

James Kevin Green 

John Anthony Green 

Suzan Elizabeth Green 

Jacqueline Grubar 

Neai Matthew Halper 

Teguh Haryanto 

Michele Denise Kaplan 

Nancy Beth Katz 

Kathy Ann Khanna 

Jung Mi Kim 

Yeonghi Terri Kim 

Allen Norman Kimble 

John Boyd Kincaid, Jr. 
(2nd Major Finance) 

Padmavathi Kodali 

John Andreas Koutsothodoros 

Calon Sik-Fung Kwan 

Hyonju Kim Lee 

Lisa Marie Lindley 

Gregory Walter Litvinuck 

Carol Leslie Lovell 

Grace Man-Chong Lui 
(2nd Major: Economics) 

Steven David Lund 

Linda Louise Mann 

Nicholas George Margarites 

Josephine Mathew 

Sally Ann McDaniel 

Alan Thomas Mello 

Kim Patrice Miller 

Thomas Gregory Miller 

John Robert Montgomery 111 

Robert L. Morgan 111 

John Kenneth Moxley 
§ Pamela Lynette Mudd 

Jacqueline Jean Myers 

Mary Ogbemudia 

Cathy Sue Oland 

Lewis F. Parker, Jr. 
t Carla S. Patterson 

Rebecca E. Phelps 

Suzanne Marie Piatt 

Samboornam Ramaswamy 

John Ashton Randolph 

Kirk Walter Reinitz 

Donna Marie Reynolds 

Julie Ann Ritz 

James Leonard Robertson 

Jeffrey Greg Rogers 

Swati Ramanlal Ruia 

John N. Ryan, Jr. 

Darrel Lawrence Sam 

Richard Lawrence Schombert 

Linda Rae Schulze 

Lisa Anne Serra 
§ Robert Lloyd Sherman 

Hyunjung Shin 

Silvia Stagnaro Simons 

* Howard Burgess Smith, Jr. 
Stephen William Gerard Smith 
Susan Barbara Sokol 
Gregory Antonio Springirth 
Catherine M. Stevick 

t Richard J. Thometz 
J. Eric Totushek 
Donna Marie Vanasse 
Eric Dean Wagner 

* Regina Wan 

Tami Ellen Williams 
Catherine A. Winlersteen 
Su-Chia Wong 
Laurella Flora Zeender 


Pablo E. Aguirre 
(2nd Major: Marketing) 

Kenneth Scott Alperin 

Andrea Aldena Anderson 

Jeffrey Taylor Andrews 

Richard F. Ball 

John Joseph Barrett 

Jonathan Richard Barrett 

Deborah Lynn Brock 

Laura Ellen Brooks 

Kenneth Everette Brown 

Louis Frederick Buckner 

Timothy Michael Burton 
§ Helen Kathleen Busch 

Richard Paul Cermak 

Sherry C. Cheng 

Manuel Armando Chinea 

Deborah Ann Clark 

David Leroy Collier, Jr. 

Joseph Michael Cox 

William Wyatt Currey 

Philip Ricfiard DeBaise, Jr. 

Gonzalo de le Pezuela 

Paola Angelica Del Fierro 

Alan Haye Doong 

Neal Stuart Edrich 

Steven Craig Elkins 

Lisa Jane Ellis 

(2nd Major: Marketing) 

Rosemary Farinella 

Gary Francis Farrall 

Beverly Sue Ferrell 

Michael Patrick Filippone 

Susan Lorraine Galicic 

Timothy Scott Gardiner 

Glenn L. Gargan 
§ Laurence Daniel Giammo 

Paul Jason Glashofer 
§ Maria E. Glooch 

GloriaJeanne Gooch 
* Andrea Frances Gray 
§ .Katherine Lynne Gray 

Darryl Michael Grear 

Thomas Scott Greeves 
(2nd Major: General 
Business Administration) 

Robert Hugh Hamill 

James Rowley Harvey 

Christopher C. Hoilett 

Bridgette Anne Horan 

An Qi Huang 

(2nd Major: Economics) 

Mary A. Hughes 


December 1987 Graduates 

Tina Leigh James 

Po K. Jung 

Susan Michelle Kearns 

Charles Frederick Kettler III 

Michael J. Klos 

Judy Heung Ching Kwok 

Keith Henry Lobo 

Man-Lin Lor 

David Ian Machlin 

Erik Joseph Marghella 

Wayne Scott Margolies 

James Thomas McCubbin 

Steven Philip McNult 

Janina Marilyn Menezes 

James Allen Michael, Jr. 

Samuel Willetts Moore 

Virgil Am Moore 

Mark Anthony Neff 

(2nd Major: Marketing) 
Deborah Elizabeth Nixon 

(2nd Major: Economics) 
John Giles Nolan 
Serena Patrice Olson 
Andro J. Orcino 
Eleni N. Pallas 

(2nd Major: Marketing) 
Andrea Marie Carla Perrone 
Eric Christopher Reed 
Richard Stephen Ricci, Jr. 
Jeffrey Jon Ronaidi 
Michael Joseph Royal 
David Christopher Sabatini 
Andrew August Santoro 
Joanna Christine Sarigianis 

(2nd Major: Marketing) 
Jonathan Drew Schaechter 
Michael William Schmidt 
Michael Ian Schnall 
Cheryl Robin Schuler 

(2nd Major: Marketing) 
Stephen Maurel Scriber 
Jonathan Edward Sears 
Susan Anne Secco 
Richard Joseph Sherrick 

(2nd Major: Accounting) 
Robyn Frances Sippel 
William Irvine Slade, Jr. 

(2nd Major: General 
Business Administration) 
Joseph Edward Stout 

(2nd Major: Marketing) 
Jeffrey William Tan 
Kenneth Samuel Taylor 
William L. Taylor, Jr. 

Fred F. Timbol, Jr. 

(2nd Major: Transportation) 
James Charles Tolle, Jr. 
Janet Angela Traettino 
Thomas Angelo Triolo 
Patricia Elaine Tyler 
Theresa Anne Velky 
Luis Fernando Villalba-Ocampo 

(2nd Major: Economics) 
Donald Kevin Waksmunski 
Eileen Katherine Walker 
Brad Scott Weingart 
Daniel Wells, Jr. 
Shelly Ann Whitacre 
Alise Monique Whitlock 
Karmun Wong 
Sang Tak Yau 

General Business 

Leah Christine Arban 
Paul James Babest 
Paul Edward Copeland 
Stephen Elliot Gittelman 
Wendy Sue Gromen 
James Edward Hall 

* Jo Anne Haslinger 
John Emanuel Hoffman 
Richard Kelly 

Steven Jacob Kravitz 
Angela C. Kwon 
Dana Leigh Laster 
Brian Francis Lingenfelter 

(2nd Major: Finance) 
Kevin Little 
Brian F. Lowe 
Robert Hume Lucas 
Donna J. Macau ley 
James Joseph McCarthy 
Arthur Sung Sik Nam 

* June Kelly Nippes 

(2nd Major: Marketing) 
Elizabeth Louise Orlik 

* Ana-Luisa G. C. Paraud 
James Robert Pasquarelli 
Kim Bronwyn Pettingill 
Vivian Maria Porro 

Dale Wayne Propst 
Richard Gary Rosen 
Richard L. Rowe 
Karen Ellen Schneider 
Randi Lauren Schoenagle 
Karen Ann Solomon 
Elwyn James Thompson, Jr. 

Charles Edward Webster 
Jui Wen 

Diana Franziska Wengert 
John Christian Wiklund 
Dean Francis Wilkerson 
Carole Ann Yaskovich 

Management Science 
and Statistics 

Annie Ansah 

(2nd Major: Finance) 
Kenneth Emerson Butler 
Mark Justin Chambers 
Leslie Ann Collica 
Linda Ann Dalbor 
Mark Andrew Elliott 
Darrell G. Hickman 
Keith Parks Hightower 
Suzan Nicole Hirsch 
Asumptha Tina Jayaratnam 
Jennifer Lee Jung 
Tammy Kathy Justice 
Steven Marc Kahan 
Seema Kedia 
David Stanley Loesche 
Douglas S. Marsters 
Andrew Colin Mary 
Monique Elyese McAlpine 
Rajeev Kumar Mehta 
Aldo P. Pasquariello 
(2nd Major: Finance) 

t Regina Maria Potyraj 
Anne Marie Roeder 

t Noah Frederick Stern 
Orlando Clayton Taylor 
Leisel Angela Tsoi-AFatt 
(2nd Major: Finance) 

* Melanie Louise Uebele 
(2nd Major: Economics) 
David Paul Wilsey 
Caroline Elspeth Woodward 
Kathleen Sue Zimmerman 


Nicholas Joseph Agrusti, Jr. 
James Michael Anderson 
Leila Janine Baba Ahmed 
Eun Jung Bae 
Faith Seton Bagnall 
Ellissa Gail Banks 
Robert Charles Barber III 
Cary Jay Bayer 
Barbara Ann Blanchard 
Virgina Pauline Blum 

Mary Ellen Carta 

James Thomas Cassell 

James Anthony Charanis 

Sothara Chin 

Christopher Thomas Corcoran 

John Lowery Crew, Jr. 

Karen Ann Cruze 

Coren Veronica Denningham 

Richard Herschel Doctrow 

David Thomas Dorn, Jr. 

Christian Edier 

Mark Andrew Ennis 

Lisa Anne Ewing 

Virginia Louise Fenwick 

Maricar L. Ferrer 

Daniel Marc Frank 

Lori Lynne Geyer 

Michele Goller 

Michele Anne Granados 

Charles E. Grazioli 

Michael John Guthrie 

Lisa Michelle Heitt 

Richard James Holtz 

Robert Kevin Hoover 

Ferenc Mark Huaroto 

Bruce Alan Hudson 

Sherry Deese Jager 

Thomas Olin James 

Gregory Scott Kiel 

Kira Evangeline Kiladis 

Kevin Andrew King 

Carrie G. Kobb 

Jonathan D. Kraut 

William Walter Kunowsky, Jr. 

Yvonne Sai-Mun Lee 

Theresa Evangela Lewis 

Sally Elise Luber 

Kenneth Conklin May 

Brian Sean McCarthy 

Jacqueline AnnMarie 

Timothy J. McSweeney 
Inge Lisa Meek 
Robert Charles Mercer II 
Cheryl Jean Miller 
Michael Anthony Mordenti 
Eleanor Ann Nelson 
Andrew J. O'Donnell, Jr. 
Michael Christopher O'Malley 
Mirophora Papanastasiou 
Scott Ellis Partin 
Burton A. Patton 
John Marion Pellegrini ill 
Andrea Prochotsky 


aSumma cum Laude 
i Magna cum Laude 
'cum Laude 

Alex A. S. Raad 
James Evans Read 
Lisa Deloras Revello 
Victoria Anne Ricketts 
Lynn Marie Rothernnel 
Kimberly Marie Rouse 
Peter Alan Saari 
Gail Ellen Sagel 
Riyad David Sayyad 
Paul Logan Schager 
Glenn Russell Schneider 
Alexander Jeffrey Scfiudrich 
Wendy Robin Scott 
Fawn Ann Severino 
Sandeep Singh 
Wendy Sue Slapak 
Colleen Christine Smith 
Gary Francis Smith 
Richard Evan Solomon 
Michael S. Stark 
John David Stewart 
Schuyler Alexander M. Stewart 
Diana Joy Taylor 
Kenneth Samuel Taylor 
Rebecca Sue Thompson 
David Anthony Timmons 
Walter William Wachter 111 
Bryan Louis Walters 
Gil Joshua Weinbaum 
Ralph Woel, Jr. 
Christopher Gerard Yanchulis 
Sandra Kay Young 
§ William Nicholas Youstra 

Personnel and Labor Relations 

Deborah Lynn Bell 
Robin Diane Conner 
Laura Ann Flavin 
Amy C. Frymark 
Andrea Lynn Hartford 
Xandra Lee Jewell 
t Nandita Mazumder 
Renee Ralou Minkkinen 
Laurie Ann Perry 
Michelle Marie Querry 
Douglas Sherry 
Tammy Konstantinos Siskos 
Jean Michelle Temkin 


Thomas Paul Cashman 
Augustus Columbus Frazier, Jr. 
Wendy Sue Gromen 
Michael Barry Hickey 

Mindy Yong Marchbanks 
Richard Douglas Williams 

College of Computer, 
Mathematical and 
Physical Sciences 
Bachelor of Science 


Helena Irene Guertler 

Computer Science 

Musarrat Shahia Ahmad 
Craig Lawrence Allen 
Polkrist Authachinda 
Mitchell Howard Berman 
Dorothy May Brethauer 
Patricia Lynn Britton 
* Stephen Joseph Butler 

(2nd Major: Mathematics) 
Bryan Nathan Calhoun 
Donald Wesley Carter, Jr. 
Paul E. Chandler 
Yong Joon Cho 
Angela K. Chu 
Marisa Colli 
Gail Aimee Dalferes 
Quynh Huong Dang 
Charlene Do 
Caroline Ng Doong 
John Gregory Edinger 
Megan Danielle Ensor 
Laurence Ross Ferber 
Thomas R. Ferrara 
Nitin Kumar Garg 
Paul Andrew Gatewood 
Sherrell Marie Goggin 
Bruce Goldin 
Teresa Maria Granados 
RoyM. Grille, Jr. 
Stephanie Lynn Haghighat 
Ki Hyun Han 
Sung Chun Han 
Eric Charles Harmon 
Michael Allen Harris 
Carol Marie Hatfield 
Gnanasiri Hettiarachchi 
Kevin Shui-Chang Ho 
Raymond Shui-En Ho 
Christopher Banard Johnson 
Todd Aaron Johnson 
Nicholas Joseph Keller 
Goker Kerman 

Ae K. Kim 

Brian Atkinson Kim 

David Kim 

Sun Kim 

Susan Konoudi 

Gary Edward Korzeniowski 

Alan R. Layton 

Quynh Giao Le 

Kyungchun Lee 

Soo R. Lee 

Janie Yuwei Ma 

Giao Quynh Mai 

Keith Wi'lliam Marshall 

Richard Martin 

Mark Mendel Mason 

Sundeep Bahadur Mathur 

* Kathleen Elizabeth McGill 

* Robyn Adele McKirgan 
Fang-Ke M. Meng 
Diane Eileen Messina 
Rakesh Mittu 

Wayne Griffin Morrison 
Dao Xuan Nguyen 
Julie Mai Nguyen 
Thanh Duy Nguyen 
Trung Tiet Nguyen 
Krishna Marie Noback 
Danelle Delores Norris 

* Martyn Jeffrey Noss 
Juey Chong Ong 

William Richard O'Rourke, Jr. 
Robin Lynn Parsley 
Hemlata Dahyabhai Patel 
Angel Rada 

Edward Augustus Raley, Jr. 
Torrence Harlan Robinson 
Steven Curtis Rogers 
William G. Roman 
John Michael Ruffini 
David W. Rush 
Carol Lynn Schulz 
Franciea Juliet Shaw 
Darlene Allison Sheck 
Hina Batool Siddiqui 
Marie Ann Siefring 

* Emmanuel Olympia Sigler 
Karen Nanette Smith 
Scott Aaron Stewart 
Timothy Sullivan 
Gananathan Suresh 
James Stanley Tesauro 
Pamela Renee Thomas 
Peter Leslie Toth 

Hao Natalie Tran 

* Thuytien Thi Tran 
Terry Wayne Veil 
Edward Anthony Vetock 
Nhan Thanh Vo 
Robert Todd Weiser 
Michelle R. Williams 
James Alan Willis 
Wai-Yee Wong 
Jason Kyong-Min Yi 
Hasan Coleman Zainal 


Guy Edward Auld 
Alan Elbert Fisk, Jr. 
John Michael Forsythe 
Elizabeth I. Montgomerie 
Peggy Graney O'Neil 
Richard W. Yan 


Sandra Ann Banaszak 
David Andrew Boyd 
Thomas Kurt Brownscombe 
David Emmons Clarke 
Linda Ann Coblentz 
Rachel Anne Deslattes 
Asoka Asawa Devadas 
Victoria Marie Dick 
Janice Lynn Downer 
Patricia Michelle Duffy 
Charles Christopher Fafard 
James B. Fenwick, Jr. 
Edward Matthew Frankovic 
Seth Hyman Friedman 
Patricia Ann Gherna 
Michael Allen Harris 
Dondre Marie Hennies 
Son Kim Huynh 
Thomas Kyubeom Kang 
Ashok Francis Kapur 
Amy P. Lee 
Sarika Manrai 
Kimberly ivy McCarty 
Ralph Hemingway Mitchel 
Steven Michael Nunes 
Pete Ames Palmer 
Diane Louise Reamy 
Brian Douglas Repp 
Joan Frank Roberts 
Douglas Eugene Rogers 
John Gerard Stiller 
Vikrant Tannan 
Estefanos Woldemariam 
David E. Woodward 
Hirad Yazdankhah 


December 1987 Graduates 

Physical Sciences 

Mary Lynn Balash 
Eugene Joseph Barrett 
Dennis Joseph Donovan 
Monica Theresa Freeman 
Donald Robert Garrett 
Saunders Bernard Kramer, Jr. 
Jennifer Lynn Lisiecki 
John Wesley McGuthry 
t Melody Avery Owens 
Reginald Lament Smith 
Gregory Van Thornton 


Stephen Edward Bartlett 
John Robert Burgoyne 
Alan Joseph Cheiiek 
Toby Giles Gotten 
Louise H. Crider 
Brian Keith Crone 
David Wayne Gagner 
Amanda Faith Hansen 
Robert Arthur Hughes. Jr. 
David Edward Lynch 
Terra Lynn Lyons 
Douglas Todd Norkin 
(2nd Major: Mathematics) 

College of Education 
Bachelor of Arts 

Art Education 

Sharon Marie Ferrer 

(2nd Major: Studio Art] 
Nancye Elaine Hesaltine 
Lynn Morgan Lewis 

English Education 

Jennifer Young Andreasen 
Cromwell In Ho Chiang 
Kimberly Elizabeth Dooley 
Andrea H. Margolit 
Beverly Janet Murphy 
Thomas Richard Scanlan 
Diana Marie Thompson 

Social Studies Education 

t Gail Larson Fallon 
Hugh Richard Jessell 
Peter M. Small 

t Steven David Taylor 

Speech Education 

Edward Christian Leibe 

Bachelor of Science 

Art Education 

Beckv Rachel Thomas 
Kelly Sarah Waalkes 

Early Childhood Education 

Roseanna Joy Allen 

Kimberly Lynne Beall 

Lisa Ann Brett 

Barbara Kirsch Freedman 
§ Jeanine Liza Horner 

Victoria Sue Hudson 

Caren Louise Marinaccio 

Zoe Maria Nicols 

Betty Kinna Phares 

Susan Kay Potter 

Nancy Elizabeth Pumroy 

Elisabeth Carol SavTe 

Terri Lynn Schroeder 

Nancy Lee Scott 

Jodi Christine Stancovich 

Shari Ann Stirmer 

Lisa Katherine Towell 
t Mary Regina Wilkinson 

Elementary Education 

Mary Grace Abrahams 
Dorothy Anne Adolph 
Laura Anne Arnold 
Beth Anne Bailey 
Laurie Diane Banta 
Lori Beth Bennett 
Anne Theresa Berman 
Pamela Ann Bloodsworth 
Madelon Drain Butler 
Karen Lisa Card 
Stacy Lynn Clagg 
Sharon Beth Cohen 
Kathleen Susan Conway 
Elvira Sophie Cuetter 
Sheila Louise Downey 
Kathleen Marie Forrer 
Terri Lvnn Gray 
§ Carolyn M. Hall 
Pamela Hansch Isreal 
Laurel Anne Jackson 
Kimberly Ann Koch 
Beth Lee Lemberger 
Jeanne Ellen Lerch 
Jennifer Ann Lounsbury 
Jill Noelle Mackin 
Mary Denise Madeleine 

Rita Meirovich 

Harrison Dessez Miller 

Melanie Ann Miller 

Vilma lleana Perez 

Lisa Ann Randall 

Jill Lori Richardson 

Jayme Beth Sapperstein 
' Miriam Ann Schwartz 

Susan Marie Sheehan 

Ivette Dana Sherman 

Lisa Joy Sitnick 
* Mary Margaret Stehle 

Jodi Ellen Ulin 

Suzanne Marie Venit 

General Business Education 

t Joni Carol Mathews 

Home Economics Education 

Karen Ann Schaub 

Industrial Arts Education 

Michael Paul Mittleman 

Industrial Technology 

David Lawrence Brown 
Craig Charles Campbell 
Mark Steven Ciarrocca 
Peter Cornelius Glaudemans 
Patrick John Gorski 
Robert Michael Henley 
Mark William Hostetter 
Christopher Neil Kiessling 
John Edward Krucenski 
Michael E. Marsico 
James Joseph Matalavage 
Michael John McLaughlin 
Brian Allen Ryder 
Miguel Humberto Segovia 

Mathematics Education 

Jeffrey Stewart Blank 

Leslie Darlene Hinds 
t Virginia Ann Larson 

Dawn Marie Likins 

Joanne Marie Lind 
■!■ Mary Catherine Mussari 

Sandra Lynn O'Clair 

Warren Wesley William Watts, Jr. 

Brenda Gail Wyatt 

Music Education 

Betty Teresa Armstrong 
t Deborah Beth Graham Gibson 
James Adam Misenheimer 

Science Education 

Toni Marie Anthony 
David Elliot Boyarsky 
Amy Marie Dorman 
Gregory Scott Dutton 
Melissa DeMurnie Fiske 
t Antoinette Fiumos-McDonald 
Neil Steven Hansberger 
Amy Sue Hartung 
Deborah Rachel Kleinmann 
Killeen Melisa Martell 
Cynthia Lynn Szczesny 

Social Sciences Education 

Patricia Ann Kurz 
Stanley Pecknay 
James Clark Tapley 

Special Education 

Hugh Gordon Berr\', Jr. 
Debra Hope Yablon 

Vocational Technical 

Glenn David Owens 

College of Engineering 
Bachelor of Science 
Aerospace Engineering 

Abeba Admassu 
Joseph Mitchell Askins 
James Joseph Barnes 
James Ellis Batt 
Timothy Edward Seville 
Ward Lee Boughers 
Johnny W. Brooks, Jr. 
§ Robert Blake Burgio 
Peter Bing-Keung Chui 
Jeanne Steele Coughlin 
Ricardo Heinrich Diaz 
Demi I Y. Djafri 
Andre Dress 

Stergos Of George Giannas 
Hugo A. Gonzalez 
Edgar Joseph Hatter 
Adelle Marie Hewitt 
Roman Julian Hnah'shyn 

§Summa cum Laude 
f Magna cum Laude 
'cum Laude 

Moses James Holmes 111 
Debbie A. Kesselring 
Darren Henry Leap 
t David Anthony Lotz, Jr. 
Matthew Alan Mandina 
Ronald Anthony Miller 
Milton Nelson, Jr. 
Michael George Nishizaki 
Noel David Oteyza 
Rebecca Catherine Reason 
Eric Bernard Singletary 
Joselina Largoza Sorra 
Robert John Sowa 
Robert William Wozniak 

Agricultural Engineering 

Vivian M. Rvan 

Chemical Engineering 

Gerald Dean Caddy 
David Joseph Carver 
§ David Joseph Dovedytis 
Ahmad Heshmatipour 
Arun Stephen Phasge 

Civil Engineering 

Andrea Bridget Bias 

John Custer Buffett 

David Michael Burke 

Andreas Meletiou 

Russell Albert Erb 

Jaye Lynn Fitchen 

Harr>' Paul Freed 

Keith Robert Good 

Timothy James Hall 

Zaw Han 

William Jefferson Holtzinger 

John Edward Hovermale, Jr. 

Antonio Angelo Mawry 

Francis Albert McCullough 111 

Kurt Alan Miller 
' Glenn Emery Moglen 

Thomas Edward Murray 

Kevin Douglas Ours 
§ Harry David Poulter 

Gregory Robert Sauter 

Charles James Shaffer 

Charles Louis Smith W 

Helen Grace Stein 

Eskinder Teklu 
Scott Warren Tracey 
Steven Anthony Walsh 
Wendell Kevin Winfield 
Robert Anthony Woodcock 

Electrical Engineering 

James Stephen Abell 
Ronald Bruce Abelson 
Dong Won Ahn 
Ronald Jeffrey Allen 
Randy Stuart Amonick 
Kevin LeRoy Anderson 
Jose Luis Anez 
Khaled Mouayd Azem 
Stephen Bruce Balakirsky 
William J. Battle 
Edward Paul Becker 
William Russell Bonner 111 
Mario Bonsignore 
Chalkan Bunnag 
Gary Michael Burke 
Gerard Michael Callahan 
William Keeling Cassidy 

* Stephen Sai-Lun Chan 
Martin O. Charles 

Victor George Cheswick, Jr. 
Larry John Cimbalista 
Kenneth William Clements 
Timothy Hadley Clotworthy 
Stephen Crosby Conger 

* Andrew Charles Coon 
Joseph G. Coppa 
John Joseph Cruz 
Francis Wade Cullison 
Harry Latimore Culver, Jr. 
Hal Nguyen Dang 
Bruce Darrell DeShong 
Ethel S. Dowuona 
James Joseph Egan 
Andrew Isaac Faile 
Austin Lyman Farnham 
Christina Eleni Georgatsos 
Mary Katherine Gill 
Daniel Mark Goodman 
Stanley Leroy Goodrich, Jr. 
Kevin William Grimm 

Ali Makarechian Hamedani 
Kevin L. Hart 

* Duong Tuan Hoang 
Katrina C. Hopkins 

* Blair Patrick Houghton 

Philip M. Huang 
Craig Dmitri Hughes 
Du The Hung 
Dung Quoc Huynh 
Ezra D. Jalleta 
Diane Cecilia Jentilet 
Devendra Kapoor 
Kimberlie Herborg Kerfoot 
Sunil Hiralal Khatri 
Masud Kibria 
Douglas Edward Koch 
Eric Visith Kouch 
Julie Elaine Kraft 
Yoon Sik Kwon 
Mary Evangeline M. Lee 
Tommy D. Lee 
Yong K. Lee 
Michael Ray Lemley 
Gary David Lesser 
Christopher Robert Linden 
John Edward Lloyd 
Khanh Loi 
Mark Leonard Lojek 
Joyce Noelle Lubbes 
Dat Phi Mai 
Nicholas Manuel 
M. Lori Matheus 
Jacob Mathews 

* James Robert Metzger 

* Mohsin Moini 
Mark Alan Moon 
Daniel Paul Morrison 
Anne Marie Moylan 
Usha R. Nagarajan 
An Phuoc Nguyen 
Anh-Tuan Hoang Nguyen 
John Thanh Nguyen 

* Thu-Phuong Thi Nguyen 
Thuong Linh Nguyen 
Samuel Wade Ntiros 
James David Orndorff 
Sangsoo Pak 

Bennie Allan Palmer 
William George Palmer, Jr. 
Ngan Van Pham 
Binny Prasad 
Christine S. Price 
Mark Alan Priebe 
David Provinzano 
David Brian Prucha 
Ronald Morris Quave 
Kerry Francis Raivel 

Laurance Rosenberg 
Soward Seam 
Barry Jon Shapiro 
David Allen Sheppard 
Brendan Joseph Sievers 
Tyric Tyronn Sims 
Charles Herman Singer, Jr. 
Marlene Skopec 
Dion L. Smallwood 
Robert Francis Smedley 
John Jahanshah Sojdehei 

* Gregory David Stabler 
Tony Verl Steelman 

* John Paul Stralka 
Brian Edward Sullivan 
Terry George Summons, Jr. 
Tushar Suthar 

Edmund Syed 

Hai Quang Tang 

Edison Teano 

Phuong Thi 

Karen Elizabeth Theile 

Lan Huu Tran 

John Henry Uhler, Jr. 

Ronald Keith Wages 

Steven Matthew Weaver 

Chen Hua Wei 

* Stephen Paul Wells 
Mark David Williams 
James Alan Willis 
Raymond Glenn Willis 
Dorian Winterfeld 

t Jeffrey Kwok-Kuen Wong 
Kin Man Wong 
Yiwei Yu 
Susan Zammit 
Gordon Gilbert Zeeman 
John Stanley Zuby, Jr. 
Andrew Richard Zwirko 

Fire Protection Engineering 

Scott Wallace Adams 
Clay Phillips Aler 
David Blaine Collins 
Edward Abbott Connell III 
Eric Havward Cote 
David Lloyd Huffman 
David M. Jatczak 
Deidre Ann LeMaster 
Peter Sengfong Lee 
Cristina D. Padlan 
Paul Joseph Richards 
George Alan Seuss, Jr. 


December 1987 Graduates 

Mechanical Engineering 

Luis Pacheco Amaral 
Edward Guy Amatucci 
Annette Areizaga 
Diane M. Barbaza 
James Josepti Beckley, Jr. 
Robert Jay Berger 
Kenneth James Bocam 
* William Joseph Bradshaw 
Daniel James Brashear 
Hilary John Brust 
David Joseph Carpenter 
John Robert Carro 
Stephen John Colclough 
Lynette A. Cooper 
Craig Scott Cornish 
Steven James Crockett 
Carlton David Daubner 
Gregory Thomas Dembeck 
Mario DiValentin 
Mitzi Ann Eyier 
Douglas Lee Farquhar 
Scott Francis Foltz 
Hugh Nelson French 
Mark Richard Gelak 
Richard Lee Gezelle, Jr. 
Cherryl Ann Gillette 
Kenneth Patrick Gladu 
Jon Kevin Griemsmann 
Sheila Margaret 

Karen Bracken Higby 
Diane Lynette Hoak 
Henry Hwong 
Jalal Jalalian 
11 Hoon Jee 
Ina Hemant Joglekar 
Suk Beom Kang 
Rabih George Khoury 
Steven Gregory Lang 
Jack William Lavinder 
Michael Joseph Lazarus 
Daniel Sung Lee 
Richard Stuart Levine 
Jenny Faye Louie 
Mark Mitsuo Matsumura 
Raymond Russell McCadden, Jr. 
Christian Meinig 

Paul Edward Montanaro 
* Kathy Moore 
Steven John Nabinger 
Michael Andrew Neal 
Cristina D. Padlan 
David Alan Penn 
Robert Dudley Quattlebaum 
Jeffrey Alan Reddish 
William Matthew Reilly 
Stephen Brian Rosen 
Daniel John Schartman 
John Lawrence Shannon 
James Allen Sharp, Jr. 
Mary Constance Shemanski 
Cyrus Sasan Shojaie 
Eric Robert Spillman 
Garvin Wayne Thomas 
Thomas Richard TruUi 
Laura Lynn Vendemia 
Frederick Lament Warner 
Jonathon David Watts 
Patrick Paul Young 
Paul Francis Young 

Undesignated Major 

David Brian Anderson 
Brenda Lee Cornish 
Vincent Thomas D'Onofrio 
William Eraser Leavitt 
Stuart Randall Morgan 
Mitchell Lee Pinnix 
Francis Xavier Talbot 

College of 
Human Ecology 

Bachelor of Science 

Apparel Design 

John Patrick Giblin 

Community Nutrition 

Carolyn Ardeen Cox 

Community Studies 

Cecilia M. Cosgrove 

Consumer Economics 

Laura Jeanne Daniels 
Alison Anne Kovalchik 
Mark Gregory Tornillo 


Shahin Bagheri 
§ Michelle Mary Buckingham 
Alexis Kyongjoo Chung 
Eva Madeline Havas 
Sally Jacob 
Melissa Ellen Jones 
Judy Borum Lane 
Phyllis L. Levy 
Nancy Noel Niewiaroski 
Marva JoAnne Philip 
Seppideh Sami 
Maureen Gail Slifer 
Juanita Louise Thompson 
Demetre Elizabeth Whitmore 

Family Studies 

Dawn Lee Berry 
Bethanne Marie Cushen 
Cheryl Elizabeth Duray 
Darnese Renee Ferguson 
Martha Beth Jones 
Suzanne J. Keller 
Jody Linchuck 
Christine Marie Rhoads 
Bernadette Hardin Shomers 
Tma Louise Sonde 
Jill Marie Torchia 
Leigh Anne Wratten 
Tiera Dior York 

Textile Marketing/ 
Fashion Merchandising 

Michelle Renee Barnes 
Dawn Melissa Morodin 
Helen Marie Buchberger 
Linda Maria Byroade 
Barbara Ann Carr 
Sharron Diane Darroll 
Elyse Randi Carter 
Nancy Elise Cohen 
Cherylann Crisp Conte 
Deborah Lynn Davis 
Staria Ann Doss 
LuAnn Gretzinger 
Paula Caroline Hansen 
Jennifer Bartlett Hetherington 
Glenda M. Kiperman 
Tan Ching Lam 
Chung Won Lee 
Sara Elizabeth Lewis 
Leslie Ann Maltagliati 
Michele Heather Mannes 
Leslie Jene Painter 
Rebecca Lynn Russell 
Carol Inkeri Salim 
Jane F. Scott 
Daryl Michelle Wintner 
Stacy Allison Wood 
Rachel Sharon Yuffee 

This frieze is one of several that appears on the front of 
Cole Field House. Also known as the Activities Building, 
Cole has been the scene of commencement exercises 
every year since it was built in 1955. 


SSumrna cum Laude 
f Magna cum Laude 
'cum Laude 

Institution Administration 

Sharon R. Barsky 
Carolyn Beth Kaufman 
Suheir S. Saah 
Robin Lauren Swanson 
Kelly Kathryn Walter 

Management and 
Consumer Studies 

Sheba Shabazz Black 
Jane Luceta Burrell 
Daniel Wayne Cook 
Marcea Denise Gran 
Robert Bryan Johnson 
t Joanne Veronica Kennedy 
Ruby Victoria Neville 
Cathlene Ann Strasnick 
Frances Elizabeth van der Valk 

Nutrition Researcli 

Richard William Crowley 

College of Journalism 
Bachelor of Science 

Cynthia Yvonne Anderson 
Kristine Jean Antonelli 
Nicole M. Bachtell 
Patricia Ann Barrett 
Dianne Marie Beck 
Chad Loring Beeler 
Fontella Dianna Bell 
' Brenda Dennis Blankenship 
Kindall Lee Bliss 
Laura Jean Branchflower 
Kelly Suzanne Brown 
Bremante Claiborne Bryant 
Karence Elizabeth Carter 
Rochelle T. Charno 
Virginia Kimberley Clarke 
Daniel P. Clemens, Jr. 
Andrea Lynn Coles 
Sophia Christina Collis 
Susan Carol Combs 
Deidre Frances Comegys 
Cornelius Wendel Cornish 
Tamara Maureen Daly 
Cathy Elizabeth Davis 
Mary Colbert Denger 
Glenn Joseph Dickenson 
Jeffrey A. Dortch 
Steven Scott Rshman 
Michael Joseph Franklin 
Steven J. Galanis 
Linda Ann Gatti 

Gary Bernard Graves 
Bart Loveman Greenwald 
Christina Elise Ha 
Lisa Jane Hanellin 
Patrick Yarnell Hayden 
Douglas Scott Heimlich 
Susan Marie Hoover 
Karen Anne Howser 
Tracie Lynn Hoye 
Deborafi Ruth Katzman 
Kira Evangeline Kiladis 
Connie Sue Kisamore 
Lisa Anne Kline 
Mary Anne Kniss 
Katherine Alexandra Kopsidas 
Jeannette Alexandra Kruk 
Robin Anne Kurtz 
Lola Jeaninne Lee 
Patricia Lee 
Kelly MacDonald 
Robin Christine Manougian 
Mary Joanna Marciniak 
William Farley McBrayer 
Mark Joseph McGann 
Karyn Marie Mesmer 
Michael Thomas Morrison 
Andrea Lynn Neuman 
Marybeth Novak 
Angelica Maria Nowottny 
Dora Denkyirah Ohemeng 
John Christopher Ourand 
Cheryl Lynne Pellerin 
Adam Stephen Perel 
Beth Danielle Peters 
Merle Ellen Ford Phillip 
Francena Allison Phillips 
Christopher Joseph Powers 
Ivy Lynne Rabinowitz 
Medea Marie Ranck 
Meredith Anne Resnick 
Orii E. Robinson 
David George Ryberg 
Susan Anne Secco 
Kelly Ann Elizabeth Sheridan 
Paige Anne Sherman 
Jonathan Barton Siegel 
Linda Lee Sigmon 
Ronald Lee Sinfelt, Jr. 
John Norman Smallwood, Jr. 
Kimberley Anne Smith 
Eric Phillip Tobin 
Kayle Tucker 
Jason Anthony Tygielski 
Patricia Rae Maestri Wagner 

Terice Ann Wessel 
Daniel Spencer Willis 
Donna Jean Worpell 
Howard Mitchell Youth 
Ann Louise Yurkanin 

College of Life Sciences 
Bachelor of Science 

Peter Nash Brugger 

Paul Cooley 
* Michael Alien Eng 

Christine Frances Hoang- 

Dennis Anthony Armstrong Huie 

Sung Eun Ko 

Firouzeh Korangy 
t Thomas Christopher Lee 

Jennifer Alisse Roecklein 

P. Shonette Sell 
§ Michael Ernest Severino 


Kevin Gray Donnelly 


Cynthia Lynn Bombino 
Laura Elizabeth Buckner 
Hye Yun Choe 
Garth Maxwell Dahlen 
Shiva Erfani 
Christina M. Hughes 
Nancy Lorraine Jensen 
Elizabeth Anne O'Brien 
Jong Won Park 
Samuel Jayakara Rao 
Kenneth Brian Sumpter 
Hoang Van To 
Jonathan Joon Yi 

General Biological Sciences 

Arthur M. Abrams 
Ramona Arora 
Dolores Janine Bowen 
Ellen Rose Byrne 
Darryl Wayne Coffman 
Claire Louise Courtemanche 
Caleb Torbjorn Donnolley 
Sonja Viveka Fordham 
Eduardo Gomez-Saladin 
John Michael Harrison 
Amy Kathryn Hopkins 
Paul James Hubbard, Jr. 
§ Susan Linda Kandel 
Deborah Elaine Kauffman 

Ann E. King 

Kim Marie Krechman 

Brian Martin Kurtyka 

Lisa Gail Meyers 

Tertye Ann Marie Mowatt 

Teresa A. Mulliken 

Ronald Keith Owens 

Janet May Ozur 

John Edward Page 

Paul Sangchull Park 

Steven Michael Schoenicke 

William Clifford Scrivener 

Alison Maynahan Sowers 

t Martha Mary StrandquisI 
Gail Lynn Swisher 
Laura Ann Wing 

§ Marisa Margaret Wisniewski 


Grammenos Achilles 

Alexandra Antonopoulos 
Deborah Anne Breen 
Paul Selvan Chinnaraj 
Theresa Murray Davies 
Kim Pasha Guthrie 
Marie DeSimone Head 
Steven Miller 
James Merle Palangdao 
Seema Raina 
Shanta Ramson 
Liliana Isabel Riva 
B. Shojae Sangani 
Roya Sedghi 
Anita Sethi 

Michael Todd Watson 
Elizabeth Compton Welk 
David Desmond Wilmot 
Ingrid Vickie Beard 
Aymar Bear Carter 
Christopher Scott Coco 
Ruby Das 
Laiman Fong 
Robert Grandi 
Thomas Chase Harbage 
Lynda Louise Herring 
Kimberly Jean Jenkins 
Patricia Eileen Kane 
Crystal Unhe Kang 
Lisa Anne Lavery 
David Michael Levin 
Elizabeth DeLany Logan 
Robert William Lynn 
Karyn Louise Molines 


December 1987 Graduates 

Uchenna Nneka Otue 
Vicki Renee Rasey 
Debra Kay Robinson 
Vincent Joe Tavedi 
Lisa Jo Truby 
Lisa Miciielle Weaver 
Deirdre Julia Whittaicer 

College of Physical 

Education, Recreation 

and Health 

Bachelor of Science 

Kinesiological Sciences 
Deborah Allison 
John David Bussard 
Monika Lilien Cebulla 
Michael Anthony Cortese 
Kathleen Marie Crosby 
Mark Alan Daniel 
David Robert Detweiler 

t Linda Ruth Early 
Ramona Birute Ginh'ainis 
Jaymi Howard Goldberg 
Michelle Charmaine Hesen 

t John Gordon Jamieson 
Barbara Anne Kahn 
Scott L. Kesselman 
Maureen McGowan 
Kathleen Elizabeth Moxey 
Linda Beth Oxman 

§ Julie Marie Papa 
Robert Edward Powell 
David Allen Prevo 
Ellen Jean Ryan 
Karen Anne Scaffidi 

* Katrina Marie Schneider 
Christopher John Wagner 
Robert Anthony Wells 
Lisa Zacharia 

Physical Education 

Celia S. Adams 
Patricia Carroll 
Laura Jean Fratino 
Bruce Wayne Morgan 
Thomas Gerard Morris 
Pamela Scott CK'erstreet 
Judith Ann Turnbaugh 


Michael Lawrence Burton 
Stephanie Lynn Czekanski 
Kimberlee Dawn Dunlap 
Allison Clare Holder 
§ Laura Anne Idoni 
Bradley M. Johnston 
Cyndee Magruder 
Silvia Susan Pugliese 
Diane Louise Skelton 
Beth A. VanBennekum 
Audrey Joy Warden 

Undergraduate Studies 
Bachelor of Arts 

Individual Studies 

Lisa Michelle Geller 
T Patricia Levine 
t Jessie Ann Newburn 

Bachelor of 
General Studies 

Deborah Ruth Abramson 
Jill Mindy Abramson 
Joseph Michael Alley 
William Raymond Andahaz\- 
Karen Joy Gasalao Antonio 
Jeffrey Scott Balenson 
Carol Elizabeth Bedingfield 
John Allen Bell 
Sher>'l Anne Belton 
Cindy Robin Blate 
Philip Andrew Bohne 
Eric Joseph Braverman 
Janis Gregory Bryant 
Helene Suzanne Burg 
Benjamin Mark Chodor 
David Stuart Cohen 
Diane A. Corrao 
Deborah Ellen Courage 
Christine Ewing Danihel 
' Kimberly Lynne Dorsey 
Luis Octavio Morals dos Santos 
Mark Edward Dull 
Thomas Henry Eigelsbach 
Amy Gail Eisner 
Maritza Mercedes Ellis 
Jeanette Patrice Evans 
Elizabeth Anne Eynon 
Douglas Andrew Eyring 
Maria Fittro 

Kimberly Marie Fitzgerald 
Jeff Ira Flanzraich 
Kurt Richard Flittner 


Jamie Denise Focas 
Adriana Lisa Friedman 
Walter D. Gaffney 
Philip Paul Gaitan 
Teresa Ann Galeano 
Mary Regina Ganz 
Stacev llene Gindi 
Michael J. Goldfarb 
Mark Douglas Haffner 
Sue Ellen Hanawalt 
William Brian Harper 
Martin James Hawk 
Steven L. Hess 
Paul Bryant Hiskey 
John Adolf Hohensee 
§ Jane Palfrey John 
Carol Ann Johnson 
John Andrew Kalbaugh 
Mi Y. Kang 
Suk Hi Kang 

Susan Elizabeth Kirchiro 
Kelly A. Knoll 
Michael Lewis Koch 
Dina Sery Korman 
Clairy Kraft 
Adam Edward Laboz 
Karen Rachelle Landau 
Sherri D. Levitt 
Aubrey Cecil Lewis 1! 
Jennifer Fong Lui 
Leanne Lustica 
Colleen Ann Maguire 
David Don Mahew 
Anthony Joseph Martin 
Mary-beth McCauley 

This decorative, bull's-eye window welcomes visitors to the Main Administration Building. 

iSumma cum Laude 
Magna cum Laude 
' cum Laude 

Deanna Leigh Mclntire Bachelor of Science 

Elizabeth Atkins McShulskis 

James William Miller Individual Studies 

Teri Lee Miller 

Bruce Allen Moorefield judi Beth Abramson 

John Patrick Morrison Joseph Anthony Cocco 

David Knight Muir Sharon Helene Freed 

Lisa June Nachman Thomas George Thorpe 

Linda Jean Norman 
Thomas John Oktavec 
Nicholas Scott Perry 
Lori Lee Piencykoski 
Kevin Walter Preysnar 
Orazio I. Publisi, Jr. 
Beverly Jane Reamer 
Frederick William Reardon 
Garrick Wayne Reid 
Gregory J. Rochlin 
Marc Ross Rosenberg 
Deborah Anne Rosquist 
John Reiff Ross 
Thomas Morrow Ross 
* Suzanne Mary Russell 
Lisa Mary Sansone 
Andrew Mark Schwartz 
Shari Helen Schwartz 
Lisa Kaye Sebasco 
Mark Steven Shapiro 
Gale Weant Smith 
Christopher Allan Stewart 
Robert M. Stofko 
Daniel Paul Sullivan 
Jerome Joseph Sweeney 
Catherine Anne Telford 
John Davis Terrier 
Monique Lise Thompson 
Kirk Edward Thurston 
Gregory Franklin Trotto 
Lisa Lynn Troyer 
Karen Marie Truman 
Lannay E. Tull 
Miriam B. Waknin 
Amy S. Wildenberg 
Christopher Dark Williams 
Wendy Monfort Williamson 
Florence Lynn Wong 
Gordon Jayson Wright 
Joseph Yasharoff 
Barry David Zuckerman 



Maryland's flag, bearing the arms of the Calvert and 
Crossland families, was first flown in its present form at 
Gettysburg Battlefield in 1888 to dedicate monuments 
to Maryland Civil War veterans. 

Bachelor's degree candidates who have qualified for scholarship 
honors upon graduation are designated by appropriate symbols 
adjacent to their names within the alphabetical listings of 
colleges or schools. 

To be eligible for consideration for such honors a candidate must 
meet the following general criteria: (1) have completed at least 
two years of work at The University of Maryland (60 semester 
hours, 30 of which were earned at the College Park Campus) and 
(2) have a scholastic average of B (grade point average of 3.000) 
or higher in University of Maryland work prior to the last semester 
of registration before award of degree. 

August and December 1987 candidates who have met these 
criteria are shown in the listings as qualifying, upon graduation, 
for the designations Summa cum Laude (if they ranked in the top 
two percent of the candidates in their respective colleges or 
schools), Wagna cum Laude (if in the next three percent), or cum 
Laude (if in the next five percent), based on the grade point 
averages of students in the preceding three graduating classes of 
their degree-granting unit. 


General Honors with Honors in Psychology 


Designed hy OIA Creative Services 12/87. 
John Michael Basham* * Design Mana Sese 

Renee Eileen Boiler* * iiiusiranom Stephen a oarrou 

,,,,. .. , r>. I** Production Coordinator: Linda Martin 

Marta Kliger Albert ^^^''^'^ Maybury Downs, Jr.*' 

Michael Lynn Ault*** Tamara Gail Halle*' 

Irene Maria Bascunana Herbert Rankin 

Stephanie Lin Bloom U\chae\ William Tucker* * 
Kenneth Andrew Hall 

Amanda Faith Hansen W'*** Honors in Zoology 

Karen Lesley Lewis** '^'^'''" ^irk Long** 

Jeffrey Jay Plutchok' * 


**Graduated May 1987 

Honors ***Graduated August! 987 

With High Honors in French 

Felicia Marie Kirk** 

With High Honors in General 
Biological Sciences 

Marisa Margaret Wisniewski 

With High Honors in 
Government and Politics 

Victor Bradley Lewis** 
Susan Marie McMillan** 

With High Honors in 

Alec Douglas Walen** 

With High Honors in Physics 

Davida Zara Street!** 

With Honors in Economics 

Jeri Beth Katz*** 

With Honors in English 

Marta Kliger Albert 
Sarah Justine Gillies*** 

With Honors in Government 
and Politics 

Cynthia Kahl Thirumalai*** 
Stephanie Anne Turco** 

With Honors in Philosophy 

Thomas Robert Rowland 
Vytas Varekoujis Vergeer** 

With Honors in Physics 

Jason Scott Meyer** 





~r /