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MAY 24. 1988 







C 2.5, 003 







On behalf of Ihe faculty, staff, and students of The University 
of Maryland College Park, 1 extend sincere best wishes to 
each of you who is receiving a degree today. I share the 
pride that members of this community take in your 
accomplishments, and 1 congratulate you, your families, and 
friends on this very special occasion in your lives and the life 
of this academic community. 

Today represents a milestone in a lifelong quest for 
knowledge. 1 hope that you have discovered during your 
years at College Park that you have the ability to dream and 
to do the hard work necessary to realize some of your 
dreams and aspirations. Each of you, through your presence 
and participation, has made a contribution to the life of the 
College Park community As you have grown and learned, 
those around you have learned from you. 

By virtue of your achievements, you— today's graduates- 
have an opportunity and a responsibility to enrich and 
enhance the world beyond the College Park Campus. 1 hope 
that each of you leaves this campus with both training for 
challenging work and the ability to be a clear thinking, 
articulate, and compassionate member of our society. We 
face many problems— even crises— in our world today, but 
these are also exciting times that present exciting challenges. 
1 believe that we must be willing to move away from the 
ordinar>- and be willing to take intelligent risks to 
accomplish many of the things we deem worthwhile. 

Today is a day of celebration. Enjoy your success and 
cherish the memories of these special years. But remember, 
too, your responsibilities to yourselves and to your 
community. We must all learn the lessons of the past and the 
present so that we can set the direction for the future. 1 hope 
that your future will have a place for continued involvement 
with this academic community, and I wish you Godspeed. 

• ■ i 


John B. Slaughter 

Dr. John B. Slaughter became Chancellor of The 
University of Maryland College Park in 1982. 

Cole Student 
Activities Building 
9:30 a.m. 


Dr. John B. Slaughter 


College Park Campus 

Master of Ceremonies 

Mr. C. John Sincell 
Communication Arts and 


Symphonic Wind Ensemble 
Conductor, Mr. John E. 

Musical Selection 


by Randall Thompson 

University Chorale 
Conductor, Dr. Roger J. 


The Reverend Louis 

Shockley, Jr. 
Black Ministries Program 

The National Anthem 

Led by Dr. Roger J. Folstrom 


Dr. John S. Toll 


The University of Maryland 

Mr. Allen L. Schwait 
Board of Regents 


Mr. Hugh Downs 


ABC's "20/20" 

Conferring of Honorary 

Dr. Toll 

Remarks to the Graduates 

Ms. Sarah Rose-Anne Linde 
Graduating Senior 

Dr. Slaughter 

Conferring of Doctoral, 
Master's and Bachelor's 

Dr. Slaughter 


The Reverend Thomas Kalita 
Catholic Chaplain 

Alma Mater 

Hail to thee, Maryland! 
Steadfast in loyalty, 
For thee, we stand, 
Love for the Black and Gold 
Deep in our hearts we hold, 
Singing thy praise forever. 
Throughout the land. 


Symphonic Wind Ensemble 
Conductor, Mr. Wakefield 


MAY 24, 1988 

The Great Seal of Maryland, first used by the 
University in 1922, bears the emblems of both the 
Calvert and Crossland family arms. 

Following the Commencement Convocation, individual 
commencement exercises for Colleges and Schools will be 
held at several campus locations. Ceremonies are scheduled 
to begin at 1 1:30 a.m., 2:00 p.m., and 2:30 p.m. Guests are 
urged to be seated approximately one half hour prior to the 
designated time for the ceremonies if they wish to observe 
the student and faculty procession. 

Graduates, their families and friends, are cordially invited 
and encouraged to join with University officials and 
members of the faculty at a reception to be held on the Mall 
between the hours of 11:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. In the event 
of rain, the reception will be held in the Grand Ballroom of 
Stamp Student Union. 

Shuttle bus service is available providing free transportation 
across the campus throughout the day. 
Architecture Building— Auditorium 

1 1:30 a.m. Architecture Commencement 
Cole Student Activities Building 

9:30 a.m.-10:30 a.m. Campus-wide Commencement Convocation 

11:30 a.m. Behavioral and Social Sciences Commencement 

2:00 p.m. Business and Management Commencement 
Hornbake Library— Assembly Room 

1 1 :30 a.m. Library and Information Services Commencement 
LeFrak Hall 

1 1:30 a.m. Public Affairs Commencement 
The Mall 

11:30 a.m.-3:00 p.m. Reception for Graduates and Guests 
Memorial Chapel 

1 1:30 a.m. Agriculture and Life Sciences Commencement 

2:00 p.m. Computer, Mathematics and Physical Sciences 

Physical Education, Recreation and Health Building 

11:30 a.m. Physical Education, Recreation and Health 

Reckord Armory 

11:30 a.m. Education Commencement 

2:00 p.m. Engineering Commencement 
Stamp Student Union— Colony Ballroom 

1 1:30 a.m. Human Ecology Commencement 
Stamp Student Union— Hoff 

1 1 :30 a.m. Journalism Commencement 

2:00 p.m. General Studies Commencement 
Tawes Theatre 

1 1:30 a.m. Arts and Humanities Commencement 

2:30 p.m. Arts and Humanities Commencement 


Architecture BIdg.— Aud. 

Hornbakt' Librar>— Assembh Rm. 

The Campus 

College Park is the seventh largest campus in the country in 
enrollment. In Fall 1987 undergraduates numbered 29,549 
and graduate students 8,509 for a total enrollment of 38,058. 
This year's College Park operating budget is approximately 
$417 million, including financial aid for some 16,000 

Students can choose from more than 125 undergraduate 
and 80 graduate programs leading to degrees. In 1986-87, 
the University awarded 5,570 bachelor's degrees, 1,135 
master's and 378 doctorates. 


The University began in Baltimore in 1807 as a faculty- 
owned College of Medicine, which granted the M.D. degree. 
Five years later, more degrees were added when the College 
was renamed The University of Maryland. The first dental 
school in America, the Baltimore College of Dental Surgery, 
became a part of the University in 1840. Later, the University 
opened schools of pharmacy, law and nursing. 

The College Park Campus opened in 1859 under a charter 
secured in 1856 by a group of Maryland planters. Then 
called the Maryland Agricultural College, it became one of 
the original land-grant schools in 1865. After a disastrous fire 
in 1912, the State acquired control of the College and paid to 
rebuild it. 

The present form of The University of Maryland dates back 
to a 1920 act of the State legislature joining the State-owned 
institution at College Park with the professional schools in 
Baltimore. The move created The University of Maryland 
College Park (UMCP) and The University of Maryland at 
Baltimore (UMAB). Three other campuses have since been 
added: Baltimore County (UMBC) in Catonsville; Eastern 
Shore (UMES) in Princess Anne; and the worldwide 
University College (UMUC), headquartered in College Park. 


Libraries on the College Park Campus include approximately 
1.78 million volumes, 20,658 subscriptions to periodicals 
and newspapers, and more than 2.5 million units of 
microform. College Park offers the largest university research 
library in the Washington area and is an important resource 
of the State and local community. 


^^^ ;:— ->..ViiJ-rt!iAi5J5 I S?;::'.":!; ;.^«^.-'»;.,a a e-yf:!^'--": 

Charles B. Calvert was one of the founders of the 
Maryland Agriculture College which later became 
The University of Maryland. Deciding that 
commercially sold bricks were too expensive, he set 
up a kiln to produce his own, and on August 24, 
1858, he laid the cornerstone for the first building on 
the campus. 

Research Facilities 

Among the exceptional research facilities on the campus are 
a computer vision laboratory; a full-scale low velocity wind 
tunnel; several smaller hypersonic helium wind tunnels; a 
500 liter computer-controlled fermentation system for 
research in bioprocess scale-up programs; computer-assisted 
cartographic laboratories; the Center for Automation 
Research; a comfort perception laboratory; a quiescent 
plasma device (Q machine) for plasma research, and satellite 
remote sensing facilities. 

The campus is home for the Engineering Research Center, 
a major vehicle for extending the technical and research 
expertise of The University of Mar\'land to businesses and 
industries throughout the State. The center is both a catalyst 
for problem solving and a clearinghouse for information for 
technical information resources. 

In 1985, the College Park Campus was awarded a five-year, 
$16 million grant from the National Science Foundation to 
create a new Systems Research Center to facilitate research 
in artificial intelligence and computer-aided engineering. The 
center complements a nationally recognized campus 
program of basic and applied research in computer science, 
in 1986, UMCP became one of 19 research institutions 
around the country to be linked via satellite to the Cray 
supercomputer facility at the University of California at San 

The proximity of the campus to national research 
institutions such as the National Institutes of Health, the 
Smithsonian Institution, the USDA Beltsville National 
Agricultural Research Center and National Agricultural 
Library, and the Library of Congress ensures that prime 
research facilities are always available to the University's 
faculty and students. 

The Graduates 

Students graduating today from The University of Maryland 
College Park follow in the footsteps of many notable UMCP 
alumni who have distinguished themselves in such fields as 
science, entertainment, arts, journalism, business, law, 
medicine and government. 

While he was a graduate student in mathematics at 
College Park, Herbert A. Hauptman (Ph.D. '54), worked 
simultaneously at the Naval Research Laboratory to devise a 
method for mapping three-dimensional structures of 
molecules. Three decades later he and Jerome Karle, his 
long-time collaborator at NRL, won the 1985 Nobel Prize in 
Chemistry for their pioneering research. Dr. Hauptman was 
awarded an honorary Doctor of Science degree by UMCP in 

One of the youngest UMCP graduates ever, Charles 
Fefferman ('66), received a joint degree in mathematics and 
physics at age 17. Now a world-class mathematician and 
professor at Princeton University, he holds the Fields Medal, 
the most prestigious mathematics award. 

NBC News anchor Connie Chung ('69) started her career at 
UMCP's Diamondback newspaper and the campus radio 
station WMUC. 

One of the University's most devoted sons is A. James 
Clark ('50), president of the George Hyman Construction Co. 
and president and chairman of CEl Construction Inc., the 
umbrella organization for engineering and construction 
companies that include OMNI and Hyman. A member of the 
University's Board of Regents since 1981, Clark in 1983 
made a major contribution to the College of Engineering 
which led to the establishment of the A.J. Clark Chair in 
Construction Engineering and Management. 

Two-time Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and science 
writer with Baltimore's Evening Sun Jon Franklin ('70) is an 
associate professor of journalism at UMCP. 

Other notable alumni include former Metropolitan Opera 
star. Carmen Balthrop ('71); George V. McGowan ('51), 
president of Baltimore Gas and Electric; Karl W. Meyer ('49), 
president of the University of Wisconsin, Superior Campus; 
Maryland's Fourth District Congressman Tom McMillen ('74), 
a former Rhodes Scholar; Maryland's Fifth District 
Congressman Steny Hoyer ('63); Mary Stallings Coleman 
('35), the first woman elected to the Supreme Court of 
Michigan: Fred O'Green ('49), retired Curator of Textiles, 
Smithsonian Institution; James R. Buckler ('70), current 
director of the Smithsonian's Office of Horticulture; Anne 
Truax Darlington ('52), creator of Wall Street Week, the 
director of the International Production Group for the 
Maryland Center for Public Broadcasting; and Allen J. Krowe 
('54), senior vice president of the International Business 
Machines Corp. 

Academic Costume 

The black caps and gowns worn by the students and faculty 
in the academic procession have been the traditional 
costume of scholars since medieval times. They probably 
represent a kind of ecclesiastical dress, since many of the 
scholars of that period were members of monastic orders. 
Most colleges and universities in the United States have 
adopted the uniform code for costumes drafted by an 
intercollegiate commission in 1983. Each of the three 
academic degrees— bachelor, master and doctor— has its own 
distinctive gown and hood. The bachelor's gown is 
distinguished by its long pointed sleeve. The master's gown 

^^^te^ ^^# .Kr!^ ? ; : r^gy^ 

This decorative, bull's eye window welcomes visitors to the Main 
Administration Building. 

has a longer, more narrow, closed sleeve extending below 
the knee; the arm fits through a slit at the elbow. The 
doctor's gown has a full, bell-shaped sleeve trimmed with 
three bars of velvet. The velvet trim on the gown can be 
black or a color indicating the wearer's general field of 
learning— for example, green for medicine or purple for law. 
A list of department colors follows. 


Arts, tjetters, Humanities/Wtiite 

Business Adminislration, 

Commercial Science/Drab 
Education/Light Blue 
Fine Arts, Architecture/Brown 
Home Economics/Maroon 

Library Science/Lemon 



Oratory, Speech/Silver Gray 



Philo-Sophy/Dark Blue 

Public Administration, Foreign 

Service/Peacock Blue 
Public Health/Salmon 
Physical Education/Sage Green 
Science/Golden Yellow 
Social Work/Citron 
Theology and Divinity/Scarlet 
Veterinary Sciences/Gray 

The most colorful and distinctive part of the academic 
costume is the hood extending down the back. The doctor's 
is the largest of the hoods and the bachelor's is the smallest. 
The bachelor's hood is often omitted. 

Silk lining of various colors in the center of the hood 
indicates the college or university which conferred the 
degree. Consistent for all degrees is the cap, or mortar board, 
which has a tassel of black or another color indicating the 
field of learning. The tassel of the doctor's cap can be gold. 

Academic Degrees 

A degree is awarded for the successful completion of a 
course of study. There are more than 1,600 different 
academic degrees currently conferred by colleges and 
universities nationwide. 

The first known degree was a doctorate bestowed by the 
University of Bologna, Italy, in the mid-1 2th century 
Originally, the doctor's and master's degree were used 
interchangeably, each indicating that the holder was 
qualified to instruct students. The bachelor's, or 
baccalaureate, degree only indicated entrance into a course 
of study preparatory to the doctorate or mastership. 
Gradually, though, the bachelor's degree came to mean 
successful completion of one level of study in advance of 
the higher degrees. 

The Doctor's Degree 

The term "doctor," meaning teacher or instructor, 
originated with the ancient Romans for those who lectured 
publicly on philosophical topics. During the Middle Ages, it 
was used as a title of honor for men of great learning. It 
was first made an academic title at the University of 
Bologna, which was allowed by the emperor to appoint 
doctores legum (doctors of laws). The University of Paris 
followed suit in the year 1 145. Soon after, popes granted 
the universities the right to appoint doctors canonum et 
decretalium (teachers of the canon law) and, when the 
study of civil law was combined with that of the canon law, 
the title was changed to doctor utriusque juris (teacher of 
both laws). The faculties of theology and medicine 
followed that of law in conferring this title. 

A doctorate is given beyond the baccalaureate degree 
and requires several years of advanced study, the 
successful completion of a thesis or dissertation, and 
written and oral examinations. The doctor's degree 
represents the most advanced earned degree conferred by 
American institutions. There are two distinct types: the 
practitioner's degree and the research degree. The first type 
represents advanced training for the practice of various 
professions, principally Doctor of Medicine, Doctor of 
Dental Surgery, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, Juris Doctor 
and Doctor of Pharmacy. These degrees carr\- no 
implication of original research. The University of Maryland 
awarded the first two dental degrees in histor>' on March 9, 
1841, and invented the name of the degree, Doctor of 
Dental Surgery (D.D.S.). 

The second type is a research doctorate representing 
prolonged periods of advanced study. A dissertation which 
usually accompanies the study is intended to contribute 
substantially to existing knowledge on the subject. The 
most important of these, the Doctor of Philosophy, no 
longer has an implication of philosophy for its holder, but 
represents advanced research in any of the major fields of 
knowledge. It was first awarded in the United States in 1861 
by Yale University. The University of Mar>iand awarded a 
Ph.D. for the first time in 1920. " 

The Master's Degree 

The master's degree is an academic honor bestowed upon 
students who have successfully completed work beyond 
the baccalaureate. A thesis and an oral examination are 
usually required. The word magister was used by the 
Romans as a title of honor, but its present meaning can be 
traced to the establishment of the oldest universities. 
Organized faculties as they now exist in universities were 
not known then; academic activity was limited to seven 
liberal arts. Those who were honored for their diligence 
and knowledge upon completion of their studies and who 
had already received the bachelor's degree were called 
magistri artium (masters of the liberal arts). In 1920, The 
University of Mar\'land awarded its first Master of Arts 
(M.A.) and Master of Science (M.S.) degrees in fields other 
than agriculture. 

The Bachelor's Degree 

The bachelor's degree represents completion of a four-year 
course of college-level study and is the oldest academic 
degree used by American institutions of higher learning. It 
was first conferred in America in 1642 on the first nine 
graduates of Harvard College. Maryland Agriculture 
College, which later became The University of Mar>'land 
College Park, awarded its first Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) and 
Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degrees in 1862. 


Board of Regents 


Allen L. Schwait 
Vice Chairman 

Constance C. Stuart 

Joel A. Carrington 

A. Paul Moss 
Assistant Secretary 

Betty R. Coss 
Assistant Treasurer 

John J. Mattras, Jr. 
Wayne A. Cawley, Jr. 

ex officio 
Geraldlne Aronin 
Frank J. DeFrancis 
George V. McGowan 
Julius A. Rainess 
Robert F Tardio 
Albert W. Turner 
Rodney Lydell Tyson 
John W.T Webb 

Central Administration of ttie University 


John S. Toll 
Vice President for Academic Affairs, Studies and Research 

David S. Sparks 
Vice President for Agricultural Affairs 

Raymond J. Miller 
Vice President for General Administration 

Donald L. Myers 
Vice President for Governmental Relations 

Patricia S. Florestano 
Vice President for Policy and Planning 

Jean E. Spencer (A) 
Vice President for University Relations 

Robert G. Smith 

College Park Campus Administration 


John B. Slaughter 
Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Provost 

William E. Kirwan 
Vice Chancellor for Administrative Affairs 

Charles F. Sturtz 
Vice Chancellor for Institutional Advancement 

A. H. (Bud) Edwards 
Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs 

William L. Thomas, Jr. 


College of Agriculture 

Raymond J. Miller 
College of Arts and Humanities 

James H. Lesher (A) 
College of Behavioral and Social Sciences 

Murray A. Polakoff 
College of Business and Management 

Rudolph P. Lamone 
College of Computer. Mathematical and Physical Sciences 

J. Robert Dorfman 
College of Education 

Dale P. Scannell 
College of Engineering 

George P. Dieter, Jr. 
College of Human Ecology 

John R. Beaton 
College of Journalism 

Reese Cleghorn 
College of Library and Information Services 

Claude E. Walston 
College of Life Sciences 

Raymond J. Miller 
College of Physical Education, Recreation and Health 

John J. Burt 
School of Architecture 

John Steffian 
School of Public Affairs 

Michael Nacht 
Maryland Campus of the Virginia-Matyland Regional College of 
Veterinary Medicine 

Sasni B. Mohanty, Associate Dean 
Administrative Dean for Graduate Studies and Research 

Jacob K. Goldhaber 
Administrative Dean for Summer Programs 

Melyin N. Bernstein 
Administrative Dean for Undergraduate Studies 

Gerald R. Miller (A) 

Officers of Commencement 

Donald Maley, 

Industrial, Technological and Occupational Education. 
University Marshal 
Don C. Piper, 

Government and Politics. 
John E. Wakefield, 

Director of Bands. 
Commencement Committee 
Charles J. Beatty, 

Industrial, Technological and Occupational Education. 
Frances R Cave, 

Health Center. 
Earle Connors, 

Physical Plant. 
Maitland W. Dade, 

Institutional Advancement. 
Richard W. Doran, 

Police Department. 
A. H. (Bud) Edwards, 

Institutional Advancement. 
Carolyn A. Ent, 

Institutional Advancement. 
Cornelia F Goodwin, 

Diploma Office. 
El wood H. Gross, 

General Services. 
Leonard B. Jankowski, 

Motor Vehicle Administration. 
Nancy G. Loomis, 

Dining Services. 
Donald Maley, 

Industrial, Technological and Occupational Education. 
Paul Maloni, 

University Book Center. 
Dorothy A. O'Donnell, 

Industrial, Technological and Occupational Education. 
Beth Pattison, 

Scheduling Office. 
James N. Robinson, 

Environmental Safety. 
Constance L. Shaughnessy, 

University Book Store. 
Matthew W. Sheriff, 

Dining Services. 
C. John Sincell, 

Communication Arts and Theatre. 

Barri J. Standish, 

Commuter Affairs. 
Sylvia S. Stewart, 

Administrative Affairs. 
Robert T Stumpff, 

intercollegiate Athletics. 
Janice E. Summons, 

Motor Vehicle Administration. 
Paul A. Tessicini, 

Police Department. 
Loretta C. Wertheimer, 

Academic Affairs. 
Unit Representatives 
Katherine Pedro Beardsley, 

Behavioral and Social Sciences. 
Lyn E. Chasen, 

Public Affairs. 
Jean Diepenbrock, 

Library and Information Services. 
Frank C. Fellows, 

Physical Education, Recreation and Health. 
David P Fogle, 

Donald Giffin, 

Arts and Humanities. 
Effie A. Hacklander, 

Human Ecology. 
Albert J. Klavon, 

Life Sciences and Agriculture. 
Leo LaSota, 

Undergraduate Studies. 
Joseph G. Mattingly, 

Business and Management. 
James N. Newton, 

David J. Rhoads, 

Greig Stewart, 

Thelma M. Williams, 

Computer, Mathematical and Physical Sciences. 


Hugh Downs' integrity, reasoned judgement, and insight into 
American culture have made him one of the most trusted 
and enduring television personalities in the nation. 

Familiar to millions of Americans as host of the ABC New^s 
prime-time weekly newsmagazine program, "20/20," Downs 
has enjoyed a distinguished career in radio and television as a 
reporter, newscaster, interviewer, narrator and host. In 1985, 
he celebrated his 40th anniversary in television broadcasting 
and also was certified by the Guinness Book of World 
Records as holding the record for the greatest number of 
hours on network television. 

Born in Akron, Ohio, on February 14, 1921, Downs began 
his broadcasting career as a radio announcer in Lima, Ohio, 
at the age of 19. After serving in the U.S. Army during World 
War 11, he joined NBC in Chicago as a staff announcer, and 
joined the "Home" show on that network in New York in 
1954. From 1956-1957, Downs was the announcer for 
NBC's "Caesar's Hour," starring comedian Sid Caesar. In July, 
1957, he helped launch "The Tonight Show" with Jack Paar 
and stayed with the late-night series for five years. 

In August, 1958, Downs became host of the daytime 
game series, "Concentration," a role he continued when 
he joined the broadcast team of NBC News' "Today" program 
in September, 1962. As host of the "Today" show. Downs 
reported to the nation on the news of the day and inter- 
viewed statesmen and leaders from around the world. He 
left "Today" in October, 1971. 

Downs has been honored many times for his distinguished 
career in journalism. In 1986, he was awarded the National 
Headliner Award by the National Conference of Christians 
and Jews. He was also the recipient of the 1985 Award of 
Merit from the National Honor Society of the Daughters of 
the American Revolution. He received an Emmy Award in 
May, 1981, for his work as host of the Public Broadcasting 
Service program, "Over Easy." 

He has written several books. The latest, "On Camera: 
My 10,000 Hours on Television," was published in 1986. 

Downs has attended Bluffton (Ohio) College, Wayne 
University (now Wayne State), and Columbia University. 
He holds an honorary doctoral degree from St. John's 
University, and in June, 1986, he earned a post masters' 
degree in gerontology from Hunter College. 

Today Downs receives the honorary degree of Doctor of 
Humane Letters from The University of Maryland College 
Park for his significant contributions to broadcast journalism. 




Hugh Downs, host of ABC's newsmagazine "20/20," 
has enjoyed a distinguished career in radio and 
television as a reporter, newscaster, interviewer and 




■■■■ ->:t?'" 

This Corinthian style capital can be seen at the 
McKeldin library which was built in 1958 and named 
for then Governor Theodore R. McKeldin. 

Doctor of Philosophy 

Gideon Orkwagh Abu, Microbiology 
Adhesion, Ecophysiological and Chemical Studies of a New 
Marine Bacterial Isolate: Its Biofouling and Biotechnological 

Farzin M. Aghamir, Electrical Engineering 
Experimental Studies of a Circular Geometry Free Electron Laser 

Sami Ainane, Mechanical Engineering 
An Analysis of Turbulent Channel Flow Using a Second Order 
Vorticity Closure 

Mario Alai, Philosophy 
Realism. Realisms and Naturalized Philosophy 

Linda L. Alexander, Health 

The Smoking Behavior of Military Nurses: The Impact of Job 
Stress, Job Satisfaction and Social Support 

M. Estela Alvarez, Chemistry 
Studies in the Chemical Reactivity of Structurally Modified Simple 

Wendy Herrmann Atwell, Curriculum and Instruction 

Wishes for Words: The Application of Reader Response Theory to 
Three Secondary Teachers' Personal Reading Experiences and 
Their Literature Curriculum 

Sand Royce Bagoon, Counseling and Personnel Services 
Assessing a Conceptual Model for the Treatment of Test Anxiety: 
Contributions of Model Components to the Prediction of Test 


Brian Bailey, Counseling and Personnel Services 
Self Esteem, Focus of Control and Retention: Path Analysis of a 
National Sample 

Patricia A. Basili, Curriculum and Instruction 

The Effect of a Cooperative Group Task Structure to Promote 
Conceptual Change on Student Learning of Two Physical Science 

Karen W. Bauer, Counseling and Personnel Services 
DISCOVER: Its Association with Retention and Congruence 

The May 1988 class roster comprises degree candidates from 
the undergraduate and graduate programs at The University of 
Maryland College Park. As final action cannot always be taken 
for candidates by the time this program is printed, the list of 
candidates here is tentative only. The University reserves the right 
to withdraw or add names. Diplomas (for other than doctoral 
degrees) will be mailed by the Office of Records and Registrations. 


Bruce A. Benner, Jr., Chemistry 
Mobile Sources of Atmospheric Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon 
(PAH) and Nitro-PAHs: A Roadway Tunnel Study 

BoAnn Bohman-Kearns, Education Policy, Planning 

and Administration 
An Analysis of Sctiool-Based Induction Programs for Elementary 
Teachers With Special Consideration of the Role of the School- 
Based Administrator 

Bruce Erskine Bovard, Education Policy, Planning 

and Administration 
An Analysis of Role Perception and Practice Differences and 
Similarities Among Selected Supervisory Subject Fields 

Mark A. Boyer, Government and Politics 

Burden-Sharing and Comparative Advantage in the Western 
Alliance System: Toward a New Economic Theory of Alliances 

Richard A. Boykin, Economics 

The Economics of Nitrogen Fertilizer Production in China 's Small- 
Scale Plants as Illuminated by the Experience of Guangdong 

Zelma Valaire Brosey, Industrial, Technical and Occupational 

Effects of Inservice Training and Completion of a Field Test 
Assignment on Teachers' Perceptions of Applicability 
and Importance of Selected Student Competencies in 
Home Economics 

Barbara Jean Brown, Textiles and Consumer Economics 
A Study on the Fblymerization of HydroxylalkyI Actylates in 
Cotton Fabric for Improved Performance Properties 

Nicholas John Bruno, History 

Major Daniel C Imboden and Press Reform in Occupied Japan, 

Julia Redding Bryant, Food, Nutrition and Institutional 

Needs Assessment of Supervisory Skills for School Food Service 
Managers in the State of Maryland and Program Development to 
Meet These Needs 

Noel Anthony Bryson, Applied Mathematics 
Multiohjectwe and Large-Scale Linear Programming 

George William Buchman, III, Chemistry 

Molecular Biology and Mode of Action of the Polypeptide 
Antibiotics Nisin and Subtilin 

Walter Francis Burghardt, Jr., Psychology 

77?? Effects of Ionizing Radiation on the Performance of Signalled 
and Unsignalled Bar-Press Shocft Postponement in the Rat 

Carol Burke, English 

Women's Visions: Folklore of Women in Prison 

Kenneth Edwin Burke, Education Policy, Planning and 

Institutional Image and Alumni Giving 

William Samuel Busch, Marine-Environmental-Estuarine Science 
Scientific Project Characteristics that Influence the Productivity of 
Marine Research Activities 

Jani Gabriel Byrne, Psychology 

The Nature of Processing in Focused and Divided Attention 

Haiyan Cai, Mathematics 

On Revival Markov Processes and Their Application 

Mildred Southern Cannon, Human Development 
Adult Daughteis: Future Planning for Old Age and Perceived 
Mother-Daughter Relationships 

Stephen D. Casey, Mathematics 

The Boundary of the Universal Teichmuller Space and the Bers 
Space of Schwarzionr 

George Paul Chambers, Nuclear Engineering 

Investigation of Thin-Film Interface Resolution and Radiation 
Induced Diffusion During Ion-Bombardment 

Cheryl Mae Chanaud, Zoology 

Anatomy and Physiology of Compartmentalized Cat Hindlimb 
Muscles During Normal Movement 

Shing-Chong Chang, Electrical Engineering 
Parallel Algorithms for Several VLSI Routing Problems 

Chao Chen, Business and Management 
Essays on Testing Asset Pricing Models 

Ming-Jer Chen, Business and Management 

Competitive Strategic Behavior: A Study of Competitive Actions 
and Responses 

Silvia Rita Chepal, Psychology 
Psychosocial Adjustment of Salvadoran Refugees 

Donald T. Chung, Nuclear Engineering 

Real Time Expert System for Fault Diagnostic and Fault 
Prevention in Process Control 

B. Mawiyah Clayborne, Human Development 

The Relationship Between the Attitudes of Urban Students and 
Mothers Toward Computer Education 

Christian P. Clermont, Curriculum and Instruction 
Concepluralizalions of Effective Chemical Demonstration 
Teaching: Expert-Novice Differences and the Influence of Training 


Dennis Craig Coates, Economics 

Capital Utilization in Models of Tax Incidence 

Susan Dey Colien, Botany 

Gene Activation and Partial Characterization of Alcohol 
Dehydrogenase From Synchronously Differentiating Cultures of 
Armillaria mellea 

Lucette Bowers Comer, Business and Management 
An Investigation into the Impact of Sex Role Identity on the 
Effective Performance of Saleswomen 

Alanna Connors, Physics 

An All-Sky Study of Fast X-Ray Transients 

Stephen Corda, Aerospace Engineering 

Viscous Optimized Hypersonic Waveriders Designed hrom Flows 
Over Cones and Minimum Drag Bodies 

Griffin P. Corpening, Aerospace Engineering 
Shock Wave/Vortex Interaction at Hypersonic Speeds 

Stephen E. Cox, Applied Mathematics 
Nonlinear Stability of Traveling Waves for a Model of Viscoelastic 
Materials with Memory 

Barry Coyle, Agricultural and Resource Ecomonics 

Modeling the Industry In Market Equilibrium: The Theory in 
Application to U.S. Agriculture 

Bruce Warren Crim, Physical Education 
An Investigation of Professional Preparation Components as 
Related to Teaching Success 

Paul Douglas Criswell, Curriculum and Instruction 

The Episcopal Choir School in the United States: Past. Present 
and Future 

Alex G. Cummins, History 
Slate Commission for the Electrification of Russia IGOELRO). 
1920-1921: A Study in Technology Mobilization, and Economic 

Charles Mun Hong Dai, Mechanical Engineering 
Turbulent Shear Interaction with a Propeller 

Esther Pauline David, Curriculum and Instruction 
A Study on the Effectiveness of Metacognitive Training Upon the 
Mathematics Performance of College Students 

Estelle L. Davis, Counselling and Personnel Services 

Client Participation in Goal Setting: Goal Attainment Scaling in a 
Transitioning Program 

Georgia Ann DeGangi, Psychology 

Sustained Attention Across Cognitive Domains in Normal and 
High Risk Infants 

Katherine Murphy Dickson, American Studies 
Women Librarians Re-Entering the Work Force 

Michael B. Dillencourt, Computer Science 

Graph-Theoretical Properties of Algorithms Involving Delevaney 

Brenda L. Dingus, Physics 
Study of Point Sources of Ultra High Energy Radiation 

Ana Nora Hurtado Donaldson, Mathematics 

Non-Parametric Estimation in a Serial Sacrifice Experiment 

Margaret Lee Dowell, Curriculum and Instruction 
Effects of Visual Referents Upon Representational Drawings of the 
Human Figure 

Phoebe Dufrene, Curriculum and Instruction 

A Comparison of the Traditional Education of Native American 
Healers ivith the Education of American Art Therapists 

Ziad A. ElDukair, Civil Engineering 
Assessment and Optimization of Construction Operations Under 

Constance Waeber Elsberg, American Studies 

Graceful Women: An Ethnographic Description of Women's 
Experience and Structural Tensions in a New Religious Movement 

Joseph Andre Esposito, Physics 

Measurement of the Iron Spectrum Above 60 GeV/n and the 
Design and Calibration of a Large Isotopic Composition 

Beth Southern Eubanks, Recreation 
An .Analysis of the Social Environment in Non-Profit. POrprietary, 
and Public Nursing Home Activities Program 

Ellen S. Fabian, Counseling and Personnel Services 

The Meaning of Work: Employment Status, Life Satisfaction, and 
Job Satisfaction 

Miriam Feinberg, Curriculum and Instruction 

Placement of Sectarian Content in Jewish Nursery and 
Kindergarten Programs in the United States 

Gyorgy Fekete, Computer Science 

Property Spheres: A New Representation for 3-D Object 

Eugenio Figueroa, Agricultural and Resource Economics 
A Dynamic Rational Expectations Model of Investment and Asset 
Price Determination of a Quasi-Fixed Factor The Case of 
Agricultural Machinery and Equipment in the US. 1948-1983 

Florence E. Fischer, Curriculum and Instruction 

The Development of Number Concept Using Two Cumcular 


John Christopher Fish, Aerospace Engineering 

Strength of Composite Structures with Internal Ply Drops and 
Free-Edge Effects 

Dean Foster, Mathematical Statistics 

Conditional Least Squares Estimation for Semimarlingales 

Susan Foster, Economics 

Company-Financed and Contract R&D: Economies of Scope 

Michael Frazier, Government and Politics 

Implementing State Government Export Trade Programs 

Jyun-Horng Fu, Electrical Engineering 

Stabilization of Bifurcations in Nonlinear Systems 

Michael Gaitan, Electrical Engineering 

Numerical Analysis of Metal-Oxide-Silicon Devices with Traps 

Nicolas H. Galdos, Civil Engineering 

Investigation of the Dynamic Behavior of Steel Curved Box Girder 
Bridge Structures Under Truck Loadings 

Mohsen A. Gameh, Agronomy 

Urea-KCI Mixture Effects on Ammonia Voltilization 

Patrick Raymond Gartin, Criminal Justice 
A Reanalysis and Critical Evaluation of the Minneapolis 
Domestic Violence Experiment 

Atef Z. Ghalwash, Electrical Engineering 

Extended Petri- Net Theory for Modeling and Analysis of Decision 
Making Organizations 

Christina M. Giannantonio, Business and Management 

Applicant Reactions in the Employment Interview: The Effect Of 
Recruiter Friendliness, Verifiable Job Attributes, and Nonveriflable 
Job Attributes 

Patrice L. Gilliam, Psychology 

The Effects of a Job Acquisition Training Program on the Job 
Acquisition Process of Educated Black Adults 

Patrice L. Gordon, Economics 
An Examination of Wasteful Commuting Using a Discrete 
Residential Location Choice Model 

Stephen M. Graham, Mechanical Engineering 
Analysis of Residual Stress Effects in Fatigue Using Moire 

Cathleen Gray, Human Development 

Descriptive Study of the Emotional Process of Monitol Separation 
Through Application of John Bailby's Theory of Loss 

Albert Greene, Entomology 

Colony Dynamics of Vespine Wasps 

Shahid Hamid, Economics 

Optimal Adjustments in Financial Policies Under Imperfect 
Capital Market and Managerial Objectives 

Janice Kathleen Harder, Government and Politics 

The Role of the Local Church in the Political Mobilization of 
Evangelical Protestants 

Timothy Ray Harvey, Physical Education 

An Application of the Interaction Model of Anxiety as Applied to 
the Environment of the Compulsory Physical Education Class 

Fawzy M. Hasem, Agronomy 
Significance and Prevalence of Rhizobiophages in Soil 

Brian Anthony Haugh, Philosophy 

Non-Monotonic Formalisms for Commonsense Temporal-Casual 

Stephen Blair Hedges, Zoology 

Evolution and Biogeography of West Indian Frogs of the Genus 
Eleutherodactylus: Slow-evolving Loci and the Major Groups 

John Edward Hench, Animal Sciences 

A Method for Predicting the Effects of Land-Use Changes on 

Timothy W. Hepburn, Chemistry 
Mechanistic Investigation of Phosphonoacetaldehyde Hydrolase 
hrom Bacillus cereus 

Ronald D. Hester, Human Development 

Contraceptive Behavior and Use Among Sexually Active Black 
Adolescent Males 

David Wolf Hibler, Biochemistry 
Studies of Active Site Mutants of the Enzyme Staphylococcal 

Helena S. Hicks, Education Policy, Planning and Administration 
The Black Apprentice in Maryland From 1660 to 1861 

Terry Allen Hinch, Public Communication 

Trends In Reporting: An Examination of the Press Agenda 

Carolyn Hoffman, History 

The Development of Town and Country: Charlotte and 
Mecklenberg County North Carolina, 1850-1880 

William Hopkins, Psychology 

The Effects of Conceptual Level Matching on the Working 
Alliance and Outcome in Time-Limited Counseling 

John Z. Hugh, Sociology 

State-Led Export-Oriented Industrialization: The Case of South 
Korea. 1961-1979 

Alva Theodosia Hughes, Psychology 
Polysemy and Frequency in Word Knowledge Acquisition 


Yubin Hung, Computer Science 
Processing Geometric Representations on SIMD Computers 

Karel Susan Jeunes, American Studies 

Chimera in the Congo: An Interdisciplinary Examination of the 
Myths and Realities of the Overthrow of Patrice Lumumba (July 
I960 - January 1961) 

Matthew R. James, Applied Mathematics 
Asymptotic Nonlinear Filtering and Large Deviations with 
Application to Observer Design 

Jinseok Jang, Aerospace Engineering 

Ground and Air Resonance in Hover and in Forward Flight 

Oliver F. Jenkins, Jr., Curriculum and instruction 
Application of Concept Learning Paradigms to the Functional 
Acquisition of Selected Problem Solving Heuristics by Capable 
Middle School Mathematics Students 

Roman Jesien, Marine-Estuarine-Environmental Science 
Evaluation of Factors Affecting Response of Fish to Electric Fields 

Jacqueline E. Jolinson, Education Policy, Planning and 

Relationship Between Holland Personality Typologies and 

Classroom Learning Styles 

Dongsoo Jung, Mechanical Engineering 
An Investigation of Horizontal Flow Boiling Heat Transfer 
Characteristics of Rehrigerant Mixtures 

Janet Whalen Kammeyer, Mathematics 

A Complete Classification of the Two-point Extensions of a Multi- 
dimensional Bernoulli Shift 

Rosanne M. Kannuck, Chemistry 
Detection and Characterization of Chemically Modified Electrode 

Homayoun Karimabadi, Astronomy 
Regular and Stochastic Motion of Charge Particles in Obliquely 
Propagating Waves with Applications to Crab Nebula and Type 
III Bursts 

Elizabeth E. Katz, Computer Science 

Examining Design Methods, Modularity, and Maintainability 

Sandra Lynn Keehner, Recreation 
A Study of Perceived Leadership Behavior and Program 

Michael KendLx, Economics 
An Empirical Investigation of the Relationship Between Labor 
Unions and Unemployment 

Frank G. Kenesson, Comparative Literature 
The Dialectics of Decadence 

Fariborz Khayat-Mofid, Physical Education 

The Affect of Variability of Practice on the Performance of the 
Layout Squat Vault 

Suk Hyon Kim, Public Communication 
Foreign Influences on the Korean Press 

Chulgi Ko, Economics 

The Effects of Tax-Favored Individual Retirement Accounts on 
Resource Allocation Behavior 

Andrea Marcus Konz, Psychology 
A Comparison of Dimension Ratings and Exercise Ratings in 
Assessment Centers 

Robert Victor Koziol, Education Policy, Planning and 


English/Language Arts Teachers' Views on Mass Media 
Consumption Education in Maryland High Schools 

Roy Karl Kropp, Zoology 
Systematics and Phylogenetic Relationships of Coral Gall Crabs, 
Family Cryptochiridae 

Doris Stepp Kuehnle, Curriculum and Instruction 
Problem Approach Effects on Student Oral Behaviors 

Ravindra Ram Kulkarni, Electrical Engineering 
Microwave Generation From a Cusp-Injected Rotating E-Layer in 
a Magnetron Type Conductor 

Bijayendra Kumar, Mechanical Engineering 

Feature Extraction and Validation Within a Flexible 
Manufacturing Protocol 

Susan B. Kyle, Physical Education 

Repeatability of the Plasma Endorphin Response to Maximal 
Treadmill Exercise 

Elisabeth Marie Laloy, French and Italian 

L'oeuvre de Crebillon fits et le Rococo: discours et ideologic 

Byron J. Lambert, Chemical Engineering 

The Effect of Morphology and End Groups on the Radiation 
Chemistry of Chain-Folded Polymers 

Ombo Jim Lavvson, Agricultural and Extension Education 
An Assessment of Inservice Needs and Delivery Methods for 
Agriculture Teachers in Maryland 

Rita Branca Leahy, Civil Engineering 
Permanent Deformation Characteristics of Asphaltic Concrete 


Shem-Tov Levi, Computer Science 
Methodology for Designing Real-Time, Distributed Fault-Tolerant 
Operating Systems 

Joon Won Lim, Aerospace Engineering 
Aeroelastic Optimization of Rotor Blade in Forward Flight 

l-Cheng Lin, Civil Engineering 

Optimization of Prestressed Steel Beams 

Lillian Liu, History 

The Development of the Soviet Rural Health Care System and the 
Role of Feldshers 191 7-1941 

Shau-Ping Lo, Electrical Engineering 

A Comparative Study of the Multi-processor Scheduling 

Shirley Wilson Logan, Curriculum and Instruction 
An Ethnographic Study of Computer Writers in An Undergraduate 
Composition Class 

Robert J. Lutz, Geography 

Interactions Between Climatic Centers of Action 

Dye-Jyun Ma, Electrical Engineering 
A Simple Problem of Flow Control: Optimality and Adaptive 

Ingham A. Mack, Electrical Engineering 

The Effect of Moderate and High Drain Voltage on Short Channel 
Mosfel s in Subthreshold 

Beverly H. MacMahon, Counseling and Personnel Services 
Children's Task Orientation and Common Behavioral Problems 

Mary Claveau Malzkuhn, Government and Politics 
An hi-deplh Case Study and Political Analysis of Board of 
Education versus Rowley 

Patrick S. Mangan, Zoology 

Ultra-Steep Voltage Dependence in the Mitochondrial Outer- 
Membrane Channel. VDAC Induced by Polyvalent Anions 

Edward John Marcinik, Physical Education 

Effect of Circuit Weight Training on Endurance Performance: 
Muscular Strength, Power and Lactate Threshold Correlates 

Patricia Ann Marx, Art History 

The Attributes of Athena in Athenian Narrative Art ca. 630 lo 
530 B.C 

Shelley S. Mastran, Geography 

The Role of Land Investment Activity in the Genesis and 
Evolution of Suburban Nucleations: Fairfax County, Virginia 

Margarida Malaquias Mateus, Economic 

Commercial Policy in an Economy with Product Differentiation by 
Country of Origin and Variable Returns to Scale 

Justin Kevin Mathias, Entomology 

The Relationship of Endophytic Fungi in Perennial Ryegrass and 
Resistance to the Hairy Chinch Bug and Sod Webworm 

Mary Ann Matras, Curriculum and Instruction 

The Effects of Curricula on Students' Ability to Analyze and Solve 
Problems in Algebra 

Cheryl L. Matthias, Chemistry 
A Gas Chromatographic Determination of Tributyltin Species in 
Environmental Media Using Hydride Derivatization and Flame 
Photometric Detection 

Thomas P. Maxwell, Physics 

A Study of the Nonlinear Dynamics of Artificial Neural Systems 

Susan Anne Mellinger, Health Education 
An Analysis of the Influence of Selected Variables on the 
Performance of Testicular Self-Examination by Young Male 
Athletes at a State College 

Joyce Irene Middleton, English Language and Literature 
Confronting Lingering Questions in Plato's Phaedrus: How 
Textbook Authors Draw on Historical Speech Strategies to Teach 


This is one representation 
of the Maryland mascot, the 
diamondback terrapin, once 

a plentiful creature in the _ 

State's estuaries. 



loannis E. Minis, Mechanical Engineering 
Chatter Prediction in Turning 

Nancy Moelier, Psyciiology 
Job Environment. Job Structure, and Organizational Unit 

Soliman M. Mousa, Animal Sciences 

The Relationship Between Amino Acid Composition and Protein 
Degradability or Solubility of Ruminant Feedstuffs 

Debasish Mukherjee, Nuclear Engineering 
Boron Concentration in Reactor Coolants by Gamma Emission 
Following Neutron Capture 

Franl( E. Muller-Karger, Marine-Estuarine- 
Environmental Sciences 

Phytoplankton Variability in the Caribbean Sea: A Case Study 

Using the Coastal Zone Color Scanner 

Margaret Elaine Myers, Statistics 

Applications of Robust Techniques to Logistic Regression 

Mary Dove Myers, Business and Management 
An Empirical Investigation of Fbst Audit Procedures for Capital 
Expenditures and Their Association with Firm Performance 

Norma McLaughlin Nelson, Curriculum and Instruction 
Music for Older Adults: Available Activities. Recruitment 
Techniques and Teaching the Autoharp and Selected Musical 
Concepts and Notation 

Judith A. Newton, Physical Education 
Background Predictors of Health Related Physical Fitness 

Jacob Mbua Ngeve, Horticulture 
Factors Affecting Yield Stability Among Sweet Potato Genotypes 

Christine M. Nimmo, Curriculum and Instruction 

Response Shift Bias as a Factor in the Evaluation of Programs for 
the Continuing Education of Professionals 

Julius Anosike Njoku, Agricultural and Extension Education 
Organizational Communication as Perceived by Maryland 
Cooperative Extension Service Slate Specialists 

Anthony Chikezie Nweke, Chemistry 

Determination of Residual Oxidant in Sulfite Dechlorlnated 
Effluents. Chlorination and Dechlorination Properties of Organic 
Amines and Peptides 

Andre R. O'Coin, Industrial, Technological and 
Occupational Education 

Vocational Education During the Depression and World War II: 

Challenge, Innovation, and Continuity 

David B. Olsen, Chemistry 
Investigation of the Bacillus cereus Phosphoroacetaldehyde 
Hydrolase Enzyme 

Stanley Anthony Ostazeski, Marine-Estuarine- 
Environmental Sciences 

Transport of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in the Aquia 

.Aquifer of Maryland, USA 

Richard Henry Owens, History 

Peaceful Warrior: Horace Porter (1 837- 1 921) and US Foreign 

Sun Mok Paik, Physics 

Numerical Study of Atomic Surface Difhision and Epitaxial 
Crystal Growth 

Bae-Sig Park, Physics 
Dimension of Fractal Basin Boundaries 

Kwang Sung Park, Mathematics 

Transnormal Systems on Projective Spaces 

Edward Britton Patterson, Criminal Justice and Criminology 
The Social Ecology of Delinquency: A Reformation of Shaw and 
McKay's Disorganization Theory 

Richard Willis Pavlis, History 
Jules Guerin and the Lique Antisemitique Francaise 

Katharine Ann Pawelko, Recreation 

Defining the Nature of Visitors and Their Recreational 
Experiences on the Delaware River: A Naturalistic Inquiry 

Darzell Strother Paz, Curriculum and Instruction 

Teachers ' Responses to Ebonic Miscues During Reading Instruction 

Glenn Pearson, Computer Science 
Foot-Operated Cursor-Positioning Devices and Associated 
Software: Design, Implementation, and Evaluation 

Julie Perone, Counseling and Personnel Services 
Single Mothers by Choice: Transition and Decision-Making Styles 

Uta B. Peterson, Germanic Language and Literature 
Kulturanthropologische Literaturanalyse. Fin theoretischer 
Entwurf und seine Anwendung auf H. Manns Roman Eugenie 
Oder Die Buergerzeit 

Otto Martin Pharr, Psychology 

The Effect of Electromyographic Biofeedback Training on 
Psychomotor Functioning and Global Ward Behavior in Chronic 


Judith K. Philippides, Curriculum and Instruction 

The Use of Reciprocal Teaching to Enhance Comprehension by 
College Zoology Students in an Introductory Course 

Anne Radford Phillips, American Studies 

Farm Women: Continuities and Changes in the Lioes of Women 
in Stokes County. North Carolina 

Mary Lou Luttrell Phillips, American Studies 

The Language of Performance Evaluation in the American 
Military: Document Analysis in a Contextually Grounded Study 

Alfred E. Pinkney, Marine-Estuarine- 
Environmental Sciences 

Biochemical. Histological, and Physiological Effects of Tributyltin 

Compounds in Esluarine Fish 

Thomas Alfred Posbergh, Electrical Engineering 
Modelling and Control of Flexible Spacecraft 

Thomas Williamson Purcell, 111, Marine-Estuarine- 

Environmental Sciences 

The Effects of Atrazine and Nitrate Separately and in 
Combination on a Mixed Phytoplanklon Population hfom the 
Potomac River 

Melvin H. Raff, English Language and Literature 

This Above All: The Challenge of Identity in Modern Literature 

Venkatraman Raghavan, Aerospace Engineering 

Unsteady Force Calculations on Circular Cylinders and Elliptical 
Airfoils with Circulation Control 

llona N. Rashkow, Comparative Literature 

Upon the Dark Places: The Politics of English Renaissance 
Biblical Translation 

Andrew John Rindos, 111, Electrical Engineering 
A Critical Analysis of Present Models of Mammalian Muscle 
Architecture and Force Generation Using Lasar Diff and a 
Comp.-Aulomated Exp. Paradigm 

Dennis Patrick Rogan, Criminal Justice and Criminology 
Selective Incapaciatation: Determining the Career Criminal 

Larry D. Roper, Counseling and Personnel Services 

Student Affective, Behavioral. Dogmatism and Social Distance 
Outcomes of an Academic Course on Racism 

Jay Rothman, Government and Politics 

International Conflict Management Training: Model Development 
and Testing with Jews and Arabs in Israel 

Henrietta Elizabeth Rue, Counseling and Personnel Services 
The Identification of Components of Community on the College 

Severine Rugumamu, Government and Politics 
State Regulation of Foreign Investment: The Case of Tanzania 

Thomas Rumbaugh, Economics 

A General Equilibrium Model with Scale Economies and 
Imperfect Competition: An Application to the Welfare Costs of 
Trade Restrictions 

Betty C. Russell, American Studies 
Silent Sisters: An Ethnography of Homeless Women in 
Baltimore. Maryland 

John E. Sabelhaus, Economics 

Consumer Expenditure Systems: Analysis of Functional Forms. 
Data Sources, and Household Compositional Effects 

Jack William Scarborough, Business and Management 
An Examination into the Role of Public Policy in the Development 
of Commercial Space Transportation 

Dennis E. Schell, Human Development 
Predictors of Death Anxiety in Children 

Francis Mark Schiavone, Botany 

Investigations into the Nature of Pattern Formation in Developing 
Embryos of the Domesticated Carrot (Daucus carola L) 

William Randolph Schildknecht, Jr., Curriculum and Instruction 
The Effect of Practice of Reasoning Skills Upon Performance on 
Problems in an Introductory Probability Course 

George R. Schmidt, Education Policy, Planning, and Administration 
The Behavioral Paradigm in Cuiriculum Writing in One Public 
School System: The Hidden Revolution in American Education 

Christina Scholten, Linguistics 

Principles of Universal Grammar and the Auxiliary 
Verb Phenomenon 

Mark S. Searle, Recreation 
A Test of Social Exchange Theory Through an Examination of 
Municipal Recreation Directors and Advisory Board Members in 
Manitoba. Saskatchewan, and Alberta, Canada 

Patrice McDermott Secrist, American Studies 
Scholarship and Politics: A Cultural Study of Feminist 
Academic Journals 

Michael Layne Selmon, English Language and Literature 
Engendering Drama: Caryl Churchill and the Stages of Reform 

Bal Krishna Sharma, Animal Sciences 
Choline Nutrition of Lactating Dairy Cows 


Ruth Sickle, Human Development 

The Relationship Between Premature Birth and Dependency in 
Preschool Children 

Daniel Richard Sidler, Chemistry 

Carbon-Carbon Bond Formation Utilizing Organomanganese 

Eunsup Sim, Electrical Engineering 

The Application of Optimal Control for Anaylsis of Human 
Jumping and Pedaling 

Donna Lee Simpson, History 

The Abbey of Saint-Denis-en-France Under Matthew of Vendome, 
1258-1286: A Socio-Economic Study 

Bernita Maria Sims-Tuclcer, Special Education 
A Comparison of Two Nonverbal Language Training Programs 
with Severely Handicapped Preschoolers 

Caleb Benjamin Smith, Education Policy, Planning, 

and Administration 
An Investigation of the Perceptions Held by a Select Group of 
Foreign Students on the Role of Media in Development 

Eric P. Smith, Astronomy 
Multi-Color Surface Photometry of Powerful Radio Galaxies 

Thomas J. Sodroski, Astonomy 
A Study of the Galactic Large-Scale Far Infrared Emission 
Observed by IRAS: Dust Energetics in the Interstellar Medium 

Young Goo Son, Civil Engineering 

Prestressed Composite Steel-Concrete Girders 

Jeffrey W. Stansbury, Chemistry 
Free Radical Ring— Opening Polymerization of Unsaturated. 
Asymmetric Spiro Orthocarbonates 

David H. Stephenson, Music 

On the Visual Representation of Music 

Lawrence Fred Stephenson, Mathematics 
Representation Theoiy for Nilpotent Groups over Nondiscrete 
Locally Compact Fields of Characteristic Zero 

Lu-Sa Su, Electrical Engineering 
Computer-Aided Design of Nonlinear Control Systems 

John S. Suehle, Electrical Engineering 

Characterization and Modeling of Localized Hot-Carrier Induced 
Charge Effects in Microelectronic Switching Circuits 

Ki Hyun Sung, Mechanical Engineering 
A Dynamic Study of Flexible Robot Manipulators: Analytical and 
Experimental Approach 

Janice C. Swanson, Animal Sciences 

The Effects of Genetic Relaledness on Social and Spatial Behavior 
and Production in Beef Cattle 

Neil Charles Talbot, Animal Sciences 

Study of a Differential Ouabain Cytotoxicity between the Hos Cell 
Line and its Transformed Derivatives 

Clarence Rudolph Talley, Sociology 

77?? Effects of White Unionization on Black Earnings 

Helen Elizabeth Taylor-Greene, Criminal Justice and Criminology 
The Effects of Police Systems and Their Environments on Police 
Homicides: A Multivariate Analysis 

Subhashchandra R. Thaker, Animal Sciences 

Molecular Cloning of Ehrlichia Rislicii and Its Application in the 
Diagnosis of Potomac Horse Fever 

Juan F. Tituana, Education Policy Planning, and Administration 
Occupational Portrayals of Hispanic Characters in Selected 
Comedy Television Programs on the Spanish International 

Dorothy von Wald Toffolo, Human Development 

A Comparison of Never-Pregnant and Pregnant Adolescents' 
Perceptions of Self-Esteem. Sense of Responsibility, and Parental 
Nurturance, Control and Communication 

Chuan-Ling Tsai, Textiles and Consumer Economics 
Improvement of Cotton Fiber Performance by In-Silu 
Polymerization and Cross-Linking 

Chung-Lan Tu, Chemistry 

Mechanistic Studies of Electron-Transfer-Induced Photocyclization 
Reactions of Allylsilane-lminium Salt Systems 

Christopher Tull, Human Development 

The Relationship Between Personal Space and Self-Monitoring 

Laszio K. Urban, Government and Politics 
Autonomy Under Soviet Institutional Constraints: External 
Influences on Hungarian and East German Economic Ideas 

Carol H. Valdivieso, Special Education 

Special Education Faculty Perceptions on Pre-Service 
Competences and the Factors that Influence Them 

Venkatarsmian Vanaja, Mathematics 

Iterative Solution of Forward-Backward Heat Equation 

John Groshell Ventre, Education Policy. Planning, and 


What Selected Journals Tell Their Readers About Tuition Tax 
Credit for Elementary and Secondary Education: A Content 
Analysis of Articles Positing Pro and Con Arguments 


loannis Viniotis, Electrical Engineering 

Optimal Dynamic Policies for Switching Voice and Data in an 
Integrated Services Digital Network 

Ping-Kong A. Wai, Physics 
Solilons in Optical Fiber Near the Zero Dispersion Point 

Gerald Walford, Physical Education 

Proprioceptive and Visual Feedback of Golf Skill Acquisition 

Mary Bannon Walter, Special Education 
A Study of Cognitive and Behavioral Differences Between 
Handicapped and Non-Handicapped Incarcerated Male Youth 

Hsuei-Chin Wang, Biochemistry 

The Mechanistic Studies of Bacteroides Symbiosus Pynivate 
Phosphate Dikinace 

Ijcon M. Waynberg, Government and Politics 

The Illusion of Independence: Narcissistic Aspects of Rousseau s 
Political Theory 

Jane E. West, Special Education 

The Handicapped Children's Protection Act: A Case Study of 
Policy Formation 

Mark Ford Westling, Computer Science 
Reasoning About What You Can and Can't See in Computer 

Jill Whitall, Physical Education 

Interlimb Coordination in Running and Galloping: A 
Developmental Study of Dynamic and Cognitive Factors 

Arlene F. White, Curriculum and instruction 

Characteristics and Qualifications of Immersion Teachers 

Bruce A. White, English Language and Literature 
Elbert Hubbard and the Philistine 

John Wesley Wisor, Counseling and Personnel Services 

Computer-based Jest Interpretation Software: Its Effect on School 
Psychologist Decision-Making 

Katherine Solomon Woodward, Public Communication 
The Comedy of Equality: Romantic Film Comedy in America, 

Stephen Edward Wright, Agricultural and Extension Education 
Present Job Status of Veterans as a Consequence of Black 
Educational Attitudes. Past Life Cycle Aspirations, and Military 

Jiann-Shiou Yang, Electrical Engineering 

An H°° Optimization-Based Method for Multivariable Linear 
Time Invariant Sampled-Date Control System Design 

Young Hee Yoon, Sociology 

Export-Led Growth and Women's Labour Force Participation in 
Manufacturing Industries in Korea, 1963-1983 

Peter A. Zaleski, Economics 

The Determinants and Effects of Campaign Contributions hrom 
Corporate PACs 

Joseph Louis Zelibor, Jr., Microbiology 

Studies of Microbial Interactions with Heavy Metals Associated 
with the Formation of Select Minerals 

Robert G. Ziegenfuss, Education Policy, Planning, and 

The Effect of Expenditure and Measurement Variable Selection on 

Slate Fund Equity Among Pupils 

Doctor of Education 

Karen K. Badros, Human Development 
Attribution. Affective Reactions, and Expectancies of 
Baccalaureate Nursing Students in the Clinical Setting: A Test of 
the Weiner Model 

Carl Roosevelt Bennett, Education Policy, Planning, 
and Administration 
Students' Concept of "Old Age" 

Sharon P. Brown, Curriculum and Instruction 

The Effects of a Story Organizer on the Quality of Fourth Grade 
Students' Narrative Writing 

David A. Daniel, Education Policy, Planning, and Administration 
An Assessment of Public Law 98-377— A Federal Program for 
Improving Science and Mathematics Education 

Karlie Everett, Education Policy, Planning, and Administration 
A Study of Public School Educators' Perceptions Concerning 

Nancy C. Feichtl, Curriculum and Instruction 

Using Proverbs to Increase Reading Comprehension and Recall 

Carter Lee Hammersla, Education Policy, Planning, 
and Administration 
Factors Influencing the Passage of House Bill 378 in 1967 

Ronald Lee Ingram, Education Policy, Planning, 

and Administration 
A Comparison of Differences Between Children Receiving Chapter 
One Services and Similar Children Not Receiving Chapter One 


Elizabeth A. Keenan, Education Policy, Planning, 

and Administration 
A Description of the Influence of ttie Learning Environment on the 
Cognitive Development of Registered Nurse Students in a 
Baccaleureate Nursing Program 

James E. Knable, Curriculum and Instruction 

The Effects of Signing for Teaching Sight Vocabulary to 
Incarcerated Adults 

Gail O. Mazzocco, Education Policy, Planning, and .Administration 
Changes in Perceived Self-Esteem and Measures of Professional 
Competence in Registered Nurse Graduates of a Baccalaureate 
Nursing Program 

Kay N. McElvey, Curriculum and Instruction 
We Did Too: A Black History of Dorchester County 

Susan Smith O'Connor, Education Policy, Planning, 

and Administration 
A Comparison of the Hidden Curriculum in Three Elementary- 
Reading Series Assigned According to Reading Ability Group 

Jose M. Ortiz, Education Policy, Planning, and Administration 
An .Assessment of Participation in the Job Training Partnership Act 

Paula R. Rivers, Curriculum and Instruction 

The Effects of a Cloze Training Procedure Upon Hearing-Impaired 
Students' Reading Comprehension 

Sharon Kelbaugh Schultz, Education Policy, Planning, 
and Administration 

The Development of an Instrument to Assess Leadership Skills of 

Public School Principals 

Mary E. Strong, Curriculum and Instruction 
Effects of First Grade Non-Promotion on the Achievement and 
Attitude of Students of the Third Grade Level 

Antoinette Cecelia Wells, Education Policy, Planning, and 

A Study of the Perceptions of Secondary School English Teachers 
Relative to the Effectiveness of In-Service Educational Programs 
in Schools 

Doctor of Musiceil Arts 

Linda J. Dusman, Music 
Becoming Becoming Gertrude 

Jeffrey Greiman, Music 
Egon H elles: Solo Piano Music 

Terence Kelly, Music 

The Songs of Nikolai Medtner 

Ming-Chung Sheu, Music 

Lantern Festival Overture 

David Armand Sprenkle, Music 

The Works of Niccolo da Perugia: A Recording Project 

Master of Applied 

Helen G. Hopps 
Linda Marie Kaljee 
Anthony Reeve Watkins 

Master of 

Gregory Rollin Andrews 
Laurie Jo Blinchikoff 
Beyhan Ayda Cagri 
Cheng-Ching Cheng 
Buford Lee Driskill 111 
Mark Daly Farber 
John Hamilton Petty 111 
Diana Gonzalez 
David Matthew Hawke 
John McBryde Hill 
Areetoon Jayanan 
Kuk-Ja Candice Kim 
Samuel Alexander Klatskin 
Stephen Cashman Lawlor 
Lynne Ann Lawson 
Louis Patrick Le Pelch 
Cindy Amada Lopez 
Anthony John Lucarelli 
Dennis William McGlynn 
Lee Gwynne Mestres, Jr. 
Michael Joseph Monaldo 
Steven Kiyasu Nose 
Istvan Laszlo Peteranecz 
Susan Johanna Presser 
Scott Philip Rosenberg 
Bita Salamat 
Emily Hiebert Townsend 
Wu-Pang Tseng 
Patricia Mary Williams 
Charles Lynn Wyrick 
Sura Leigh Yakowitz 

Master of Arts 

American Studies 

Laura Jo Barbeau 
Mary M. Ison 
Matthew Paul Kochanski 
Juanita Blanchette Kus 
Sandra Ann Mitchell 
Pamella Davis Pressman 
Walter Ludwig Schaefer 

Applied Mathematics 

Hediye Gun 
Eiko Kubo 
Robert Alan Paul 


Steven Scott Epstein 

Nina Wade-Dalton Gwatkin 

Sandra Elizabeth Smith 

Communication Arts and 

Dianne Marie Abruzzo 
Elisa Lynn Carbone 
Bradford S. Case 
Frances K. Gateward 
Gretchen Anne Gracey 
Laura Jean Hendricks 
Anfisa .Anna Kavalou 
Jeffrey Wayne Mace 
Jennifer Lynn .Monahan 
Sally Janine Montgomery 
Scott Alan Nisbet 
Gerard Alexander Selby 
Allan Martin Shapiro 
Mark Krick Stewart 
Kenneth DeWitt Thomas 
Ann Marie Tonner 
Laurie Wessely Wagner 
Joshua Walowitz 

Comparative Literature 

Rowena Luise Griem 
Parvine S. Windom 

Counseling and Personnel 

Kathleen Ann Angeletti 
Patricia Reed Cain 
M. Christian Durden 
Frank Victor Ferrugia 
Sandra Jane Galicki 
Teresa Marie George 
Mary Agnes Hennessey 
Cheryl Patricia Hiller 
Barbara Levitz 
Lisa Gayle Mace 
Molly Elizabeth Pettit 
Amy Ginty Ryan 
Cynthia Haley Simon 
Wendy Urban 
Kimberly Sprague Whiting 


Decorative bull's-eye windows adorn the east and west pediments of the Turner Building. 

Criminal Justice and 

Carol A. Bridgeforth 
Susan Ann Kline 
Todd Emner May 
Sherri Darlene Miller 

Curriculum and Instruction 

Kay Mandzak Baker 
Gregory Nicholas Dubac 
Deborah Ann Frey 
William Neil McDonald 
Charlene Sheets 
Theodore Elliot Stone 
Virginia DiAnna Sutula 
Tien-Chun Wang 


Stephanie Jean Battles 
Cynthia Lynn Clement 
Gunter Joseph Elert 
Steven Dean Furbush 
Mary Ann Hartzell 
Paul Semyano Kiingi 
Stephen F Knack 
John Charles Langer 
Jonathan Edward Lubick 
Udayan Panda 
Alison Martha Rose 
Kathleen Brady Stephens 
Thomas Stratman 
Patricia A. Wilson 

Education Policy, Planning, 
and Administration 

Kim Anne Borsavage 

Roberta M. Haines 

Carol Saile Jeffers 

Paulette Moore 

Francis Michael Joseph O'Brien 

Marjory Ann Small 

Idella Boone Thomas 

Elizabeth Ann Udris 

Kathleen Ventre 

English Language and 

Carlos Federico Acosta 
Elisabeth Cannon 
Robert Peter Carr 
Francis DeBernardo 
Robert Eugene Kibler, Jr. 
Tamarah Malley Kohanski 
George Malcolm Luker 
Alice Yang Moore 
Vincent Patrick Pollet 
Douglas Gordon Prouty 
Josie Siefken Sprowl 
Madeline Frances Suss 
Judith Smith Young 

French Language and 

Stephanie Jan Arthur 
Kathleen Michelle Fritz 
Chadia G. Naime 


Elizabeth Joan Agayoff 
Matthew Robert Bley 
Timothy Robert Goodspeed 
William Francis Henaghan 
Elizabeth Buddy James 
Vivre Alaine Koomanoff 
Eli Moshe Rutstein 

Germanic Languages and 

Hiltrudis Maria Arens 
Bettina Kammenhuber 
Bruce Alan Kibler 
Katrin Gatke Komm 
Mark Andrew Larsen 
Beatrix Marguerre Pollack 

Government and Politics 

Gaber Saied Awad 
James William Derleth 
William Robert Gallagher 
Maureen T Latimer 
Chyungly Lee 
Fu Tien Liu 

Sonetta Andrea Neufville 
Anthony Armen Pahigian 
Kieron Robert Swaine 

Health Education 

Joseph R. Adlesic 
Judith Anne Bowden 
Cheryl A. Buesking 
Coral Sue Carey 
Alan David Goldberg 
Susan Akwen Nkwenti 
Sally J. Walton 
Matthew Vincent Zanger 

Hearing and Speech 

Beverly Ann Angotti 
Lisa Denine Behrens 
Janice Eileen Creamer 
Jeanne Ellen Ingberman 
Karen Monique LaGrange 
Carol Ann Lavallee 
Tobi Beth Levenson 
Bethany Carol Miller 
Eileen Anne Smith 


Anne Karaline Apynys 
John Mannix Barry 
Helen Brennan 
Huei-Lin Chuang 
George Bache Du Bois, Jr. 


Man'ann Coyie 

Robert Lynn Fuller 

Robert S. Harding 

Christopher James Hodge 

John Christopher Kelly 

Robert S. Lange 

William Frederick Meinecke, Jr. 

Joseph Patrick Meko 

Betsy V. Parkin 

Eleanor Wersebe Prout 

Barbara Wells Sarudy 

Human Development 

Evan Anderson Byrne 
Donna Beth Fisher 
Joan White Quinlan 
Courtney Rachelle Ravkind 
Ellen Kirsten Sarin 
Steven Paul Schwartz 
Sekai Turner 
Crystal Faith Williams 

Occupational Education 

Harold Davis Craven 
Ronald Alan Mason 
Dennis C. Myers 
Ding Ming Wang 


Robert Arnold Bock 
Amy Beth Carroll 
John L. Cummins 
Alice Mayberr)' Ducq 
Barbara Ann Goodno 
Elizabeth Ann Kraft 
Karen Sue Kutz 
Christine Picarsic Martin 
Kathleen A. McDonald 
Martha Jean Phan 
Yasushi Sasaki 
Amy Beth Tucker-Carroll 
Andrea Browning Wagner 
Gaye D. Wagner 
Dana Lauren West 

Mathematical Statistics 

Karen Erica Wright 


Zineddine Mokhtar Boudhraa 
Michael John Caulfield 
Donald Paul Conroy 
Marianne Guerin 
Rodney Beaufils Kerby 
John Geoffrey Kontner 
Richard Andrew Rosengarten 


David Charles Casey 
George Stuart Garwood 

Physical Education 

Lisa Anne Amico-Federico 
Mitchell Alan Batkin 
Robert Paul Chiera. Jr. 
Christopher T. Duffy 
Jacqueline Marie French 
Donald A. Hasseltine 
Nelson Lee Kohn 
Valerie Lynne Mauck 
Margaret Latham Meharg 
Matthew Carl Nichols 
Linda K. O'Neil 
Susan Marie Sien 
Therese Anne Miller Smith 
Cheryl Lynn Stevenson 
Denise Lynn Terry 


Charles Barone 
Dina Birman 
Anita Yvonne Bryant 
Deborah V. Dolan 
Changming Duan 
John J. Echeverry 
Jeffrey Alan Hayes 
James Russell Mahalik 
Standish McClear\' 111 
Colleen Margaret McHale 
Carol N. Miller 
loanna Pantazi 
Tina Richardson 


Janice Lyn Atwood 
Cynthia Field Blythe 
Robin Tyler Bunting 
John Robert Byrd, Jr. 
Catherine L. Corona 
Debra Jeanne Gonder 
Cynthia Palmer Grove 
Laura Lynn Hersey 
Barbara Marshall Kirkconnell 
Steven Warren Mack 
Megan Catherine McMahon 
Scott Edwin Springer 
Michael Dennis Supko 
Derek Antoine Timourian 


Keith Douglas Emberton 
John Daniel Schubert 
Mary Carole Starke 

Spanish Language and 

Joaquin Gomez 

Special Education 

Patricia C. Hallinan 
Mary Eleanor Morningstar 
Donna Murray Preller 

Urban Studies 

Tod Chernikoff 
David Nathaniel Hunter 
Armen Barour Loosararian 
Colette Yvonne Mosley 
Michael Stephen Nagy 
Susan Marie Revallo 
Christopher H. Russell 
Kristin Leigh Sutherlin 
Loretta Hill Ware 

This bull's-eye window graces the front pediment 
of the Reckord Armory. Built in 1944, the "new" 
armory, as it was then called, was first used for 
commencement exercises on June 27, 1945. 


Master of Business 

Business and Management 

Sandra Dorothy Adams 

Carol M. Adoum 

Eloris Dannette Armstrong 

Jeffery Alan Arnie 

Ctiarlotte M. Baker 

David Wesley Blaine 

Tanya Renee Blakeman 

Julia Ann Brandenburg 

Margaret Sybil Oleda Casscells 

Robert Parlett Conrad III 

Thomas Joseph Cosgrove 

James Brian DAIbora 

Jeanette Irene Devine 

Mary Ann Edwards 

Lanta Linette Evans 

Linwood Michael Ferguson 

Amy Vera Finkelstein 

Debra Ann Fisher 

Cynthia Anne Flanders 

Martin Davis Fuller 

Michael Edward Galloway 

Zena Van Galloway 

Sanjay S. Gupta 

John Patrick Gwynn 

Kevin Patrick Hartman 

Ken Funada Hartwick 

Tilden Shawn Hedley 

David Sherwin Hill 

Frank Rodney Hoffmann, Jr. 

Michael Anthony Jones 

David Porter King 

Timothy Robert Kraemer 

Keshini Ladduwahetty 

Elizabeth Juanita Laumann 

Robert E. Ledman 

Christine Yuen Lee 

Corey L. Leung 

Stephen Frederick Levitt 

Kathleen S. Lippman 

Charles Franklin Littleton 

Jaime Eduardo Salinas LopezTorres 

Scott Ronald Lucke 

Bruce Taylor McWilliams 

M. Christina Mencia 

William Douglas Metz 

Vivian Lee Min 

Mark David Mulligan 

Thomas Ward Myers, Jr. 

Patricia Ann O'Malley 
Scott Ian Ornstein 
Hugh Joseph Paterson, Jr. 
Scott John Pinover 
David Marc Polinger 
Carolyn A. Salig 
James Francis Selvaggi 
Noah Slomowitz 
Lindsay Lou Smith 
Caroline Granum Sullivan 
Eric Charles Tanenholtz 
Kasia J. Taylor 
Alfred Joseph Trifiro 
Thomas Alan Troeschel 
Beatrice Vener 
Georges A. Verbruggen 
Charles Paul Wellard 
John Carl Whidden 
Christine L. Witherspoon 
Robert G. Yostpille 
Maria Mercedes Zaghi 

Joint Business 

Robert Allen Stockbridge, Jr. 

Master of Education 

Counseling and Personnel 

Linda Joyce Bart 
Susan Camille Brisson 
Robert M. Carlisle 
Nancy Naomi Carlson 
Barbara B. Currie 
Beverly Elaine Eanes 
Elizabeth Perkins Follin 
Lois Jean Harris 
Lisa Michelle Kenton 
Robert Gordon Nedwich 
Sheila Louise Proudman 
Geraldine Maria Rodriguez 
Gail Diane Smith 
Amy S. Viders 
Yuh-Yin Wu Wang 

Curriculum and Instruction 

Barbara Lynn Arnold 
Susane Camille Brisson 
Deborah Laurie Chertock 
William Orazio Gallerizzo 
Tillie Carol Garfinkel 

Manoel S. Gordo 
Kathleen Alice Grasso 
Ellen Arensmeyer Hulihan 
Dorothy Marie Johnson 
Paul James Lavin 
James Haig Menasian 
Eleanor True Minor 
Ellen Denning Oerter 
Leslie Carol Roper 
Diane Kay Ryan 
Terri Elaine Schiffer 
Dolores Mildred Schleifer 
Jean M. Waldman 

Education Policy, Planning 
and Administration 

Mary Agnes Houff 
Christopher J. Jadlos 
Fletcher Redden James III 
Barbara Stone Sadek 
Connie Drake Wilson 

Human Development 

Odell Travis Gibbs 
Joan E. Hall 

Sandra Jean Nee-Jackson 
Rose Marie Stewart-Fram 

Occupational Education 

Belinda Ann Mummert 
Thomas J. Roberson 

Special Education 

Susan Werts Agnolutto 
Phyllis Michelle Cohen 
Beth Avra Levine 
Debra Ann Litz 
Carlene Ruth Terlouw 

Master of Fine Arts 


Ann M. Kerry 
Theresa Knight McFadden 
James Mark Sherwood 
Guy Hannan Trevett 
Mary Celeste Vitek 


Jeannette Evelyn Rousseau 

Master of Library 

Library and Information 

Edward Adams, Jr. 

Judith Lynn Brubach 

Katherine A. Campbell 

Jui-Wen Chang 

Chin-Yin Chen 

Eunhwa Choe 

Hsiaoling Chou 

Shu-Fen Chu 

Huei-Lin Chuang 

Michael Edward Coursey 

Maryann Coyle 

Priscilla Eleanor Saxton De Long 

Michael Patrick Dowling 

Martha F Foster 

Zeli Silva Garcia 

Melanie Ann Gardner 

Abigail Mary Giedd 

Cynthia Wingate Gore 

Beth A. Guay 

Frances Holladay Wilhelm Hodges 

Fun-Fan Hsu 

Linda Jeffries-Summers 

Carol Marie Johnson 

Francine Rita Cohen Kaplan 

Beth Ann Kyle 

Larry Allan Lockway 

Peter A. Mac Hare 

Hollis Ann Mooney 

Anastasia Tabu Mukami 

Leslie C. O'Brien 

Lene Palmer 

Betsy V. Parkin 

Helen Lind Quane 

Frances McQuade Rickert 

Mary Conrad Rubino 

Linda Douglas Scherer 

Sylvia R. Scott 

Katherine Guinan Shells 

Marcia Bourn Spicer 

Christine Corea Talbert 

Dorothy Strohecker Tassone 

Deborah Ann Thomas 

Audrey Meville Thompson 

Ellen Mazur Thomson 

Jane Adams Van Nimmen 

Douglas Lee Varner 


Judith Lynne Wilhelm 
Keith A. Winseli 
Cathy Jo Womaci< 
Huey-Jen H. Wu 
Linda Sue Zintz 

Master of Music 

Elizabeth Ann Demeny 
Michael Darrell Faircloth 
Lisa Beth Friend 
Mary Ann Henneke 
Ronald Dean Johnson 
Jung Hyun Lee 
Linda Jane Simonson 
Robert Lamar Sims 
Kwang-I Ying 
Tuula Elisa Yrjo-Koskinen 

Master of Public 

Joint Public 

Charles Thomas Egan 

Public Management 

Robin Sue Funston 
Geoffrey Todd Gray 
Guy Joseph Guzzone 
Scott Emerson Hendrix 
Anne Dillon Herr 
Karl Eric Jenloft 
Thomas Joseph Judge 
Douglas Alan Knight 
Drew Brian Larson 
Jerry Carlton Lindh 
Alan Edward Link 
Charles Franklin Littleton 
Lori Ann Marshall 
Ellen Elizabeth McCarthy 
Charles Mark McGhee 
Lloyd Benjamin Rivers 
Cassandra Yvette Singletary 
Linda Anne Staheli 
Mark J. Vasoli 
Stuart G. Venzke 
David Duane Warner 
Elizabeth Barcroft Wharton 
Mario Zavala 

Master of Public Policy 

Michael F Audet 
Linda Bronsdon 
Peter Joseph Fronczek 
Doris E. Johnson 
Kwang Yun Lee 
Richard Charles Riffe 
Patricia Diane Sullivan 
Timothy Allen Triplet! 

Master of Science 

Aerospace Engineering 

James Matthew Baker 
Mark Gerard Benton, Sr. 
Steven Edmund Euerle 
Hung-Kang Jan 
Randy Michael Russell 
Brent Sherwood 
Michael Linwood Stickler 
Joseph Michael Stopper 
David Lee Van hoy 
Bernard A. Wunder 

Agricultural Engineering 

Maureen Ellen Guck 

Agricultural and 
Extension Education 

David Stuart Brown 
Curtis Franklin Henry 
Lucy Waldo High 

Agricultural and Resource 

Firuzeh Arsanjani 
Kathleen A. Frevert 
Li-Shu Ouyang 
Fritz Michael Roka 


Joelle Nicole Crahay 
Thomas Michael Griffin 
Maureen Elizabeth McConnell 
MaryEllen McFadden 
Anthony Stuart Nash 
Gerardo Alagar Pascual 
Terry Lyn Purkable 
Mark Edward Radecke 

Animal Sciences 

Dinakar Shankar Desai 
Patricia Ellen Korty 
Susan Seller 
Basavaraju Shankarappa 


Michael Marshall Briley, Jr. 
Zhengzhi Wang 


Kiran B. Sakhuja 

Kay Dunnavant Slonaker 

Lori Lydia Yuan 


Rebecca L. Horner 
Bertha Cecilia Ramirez 
Irem Yucel 

Business and Management 

Gustavo Alberto Calderon 
Chihping Chang 
Chingchih Chao 
Mary Behrenhoff Crissey 
Douglas Edwin Levy 
Daryl Joseph Salamone 
Michael Boris Silberholz 

Chemical Engineering 

Lance Allan Abbott 
Brian Kent Fisher 
Li-Hsiang Lin 
Cheng-Han Liu 
Fuh-Wei Tang 
Baechen Benson Wang 

Chemical Physics 

Zhiping Chu 

Terrence Henry Hemmer 

Tamara F Isaacs-Smith 


Thomas Hawkins Ayers 
Jeffrey A. Dodd 
Janet Joseph 
Tracie Anne Lango 
Lauren Elizabeth McCarthy 
Stephen Rex Meyer 

Civil Engineering 

Steven Donald Acenbrak 
Gita Amiri 
Nooshin Amirpour 
Charles Albert Babendreier 
Dewey Edwin Barlow, Jr. 
David Christopher Barry 
Nairn Lx)tfi Bentahar 
Diane Margaret Brawdy 
Sanjib Chaki 
Ru-Jen Chao 
Bin-Liang A. Chen 
Hong-Jer Chen 
Stewart Richard Comstock 
Henry Newton Doyle, Jr. 
Daniel R.G. Farrow 
Khalil Jeries Handal 
Yuping He 
Taisir Sabri Husein 
Michael David Kane 
James Eric Klinger 
Mark Joseph Lavin 
Ku T Lee 
Chi-Wen Liang 
Pang-Yen Lin 
Jeffrey Alan Lindley 
Eric E. Livingston 
Stephen Maurice Lucchesi 
Akhtar Ali Malik 
Joseph Gerard .McCarthy 
Muhammad Waseem Mirza 
Shyan-Yung Pan 
Jeffrey Francis Paniati 
Eduardo E. Perez-Reyes 
Peter Edward Perini 
Richard John Piluk 
Richard James Sansone 
Camille Fayez Shabshab 
Matthew Thomas Storck 
Amy Louise Tarleton 
Rahul Amritlal Trivedi 
Lila Krishan Vij 
Bryan William West 
Guoping Xu 
Carmen Christiane Zammit 


Computer Science 

Avinash Nagesh Athavale 

Joanne Marie Atlee 

Rene PS. Bane 

Ernest Samuel Baugher 

Robert Arnold Becker 

Jean Chrysostome Bolot 

Jerold Howard Brenner 

Joy Lee Bush 

Raphael Wing-Fai Chan 

De-Chih Chien 

Young M. Choi 

Tridib Roy Chowdhury 

Candace Streuli Culhane 

Alexios Delis 

Sven Josef Dickinson 

Susan Linda Flynn 

Ching-Ho Fung 

Theresa Gaasterland 

David Ginat 

Stephen Hamilton Hartman 

Nai-yu Hou 

Pauline Quek Hwang 

David Martin Kamishlian 

Raghu R. Karinthi 

Manju Katyal 

Glen Joel Kime 

Paul Konigsburg 

Chih-Cheng Kuo 

Mark A. Lasoff 

Chin-Kun Lay 

Kenneth Lorber 

Patricia Marie Marsland 

Thomas Melton 

Dimitrios Metaxas 

John Robert Meyer 

Michael J. Miller 

Stuart Ray Pearlman 

James Clark Sanborn 

Dean Saridakis 

Carolyn Scott 

Rameshkumar Sitaraman 

Millard Cranford Taylor 11 

Jui-Rze Too 

Bruce G. White 

Yu Chung Wong 

Lifu Wu 

Electric£tl Engineering 

Dean William Abrams 

Patrick Martin Antkowiak 

Mark Edward Bailey 

Li Bao 

David Eric Bengtson 

James Michael Bittman, Jr. 

David Wayne Calderone 

Ming Chen 

Minze Vincent Chien 

Shean-Yih Chiu 

Wen-Guang Chuu 

Mahmood Ellini 

Hadi Abdul-Hamid Fakhoury 

Michael John Farmelo 

John Vernon Garnett 

Christina Grot 

Tzyy-Wei Hwang 

Jeffrey R. Jacobson 

Ching Yuh Jan 

Roberto Jaime Kaliman 

Patricia Mahoney Kaufman 

Moon Bae Kim 

Keith Gerard Krasnansky 

Tai-Haur Kuo 

Lawrence Gordon Lebow 

Judy Chang Lee 

Yong Liu 

Michael Eugene Lynch 

Gregory Robert Lyons 

Dai-Lu Ma 

Rajan Chandru Mani 

Malika Ouzidane 

Scott R. Pettygrove 

Cornelia Popescu 

Houra Rais 

Santiago Romero 

Douglas Wayne Sauder 

Louiza Sellami 

Reza Shahidi 

Anita B. Shenoy 

Mohamed Ahmed Sherif 

Julie Ann Boswell Tarr 

Timothy T. Tran 

Dimitrios P. Tsakiris 

Suan-Wei Tsay 

Joe Wayne Turner, Jr. 

Ajaipal S. Virdy 

Svetlana Vranic 

Hsinshih Wang 

Jia-Chang Wang 

Shiuh-Luen Wang 

Wei-Yi Wu 
Xiaowei Yang 
Qing Zong 

Engineering Materials 

Michael Wilson Gust 
Marcia E. Weaver 


Jo-Ann Bentz 
Ruth Stanly Salvaggio 
Kathleen Lynn Staker 
Robert Bradley Trumbule 

Family and Community 

Denise Marie Ambrose 
Marilyn Gaye Frick 
Mary K. Hargadon 
Daphne M. Pinnock 
H. May Vechery 
Myra Anita Waters 

Food Science 

Shi-Wern Chien 
Shyuan Cho 
Shin-Jung Lin 

Food, Nutrition, and 
Institution Administration 

Alice C. Chai 
Paula R. Cook 
Teresa Thomas Dillon 
Leslie Jane Giddings 
Phyllis Brooks McCarron 
Ann Vanderheiden Munson 


Stephen Craig Bell 
John Joseph Fitzgerald 
Richard Eugene Miller 
Mark Andrew Symborski 
Robert Lee Virta 
Andrew Howard Wulff 

This filigree window cover was at one time on the old 
Bureau of Mines Building which was built in 1938. 
The building later became the Microbiology Building. 



Michael David Reinsel 
Catherine Michelle Ronning 

Environmental Sciences 

Ann Marie Barse 
Ai-Ling Chai 
Deborah Barger Connell 
Lori Hagberg Crocker 
Patricia Evelyn Koenig 
Danielle Therese Lucid 
Stephen Patrick Mclninch 
Edwin Carl Peters 
Gretchen Anne Roe 
Haluk Tuncer 
Claudia Proctor Walters 

Mechanical Engineering 

Richard Martin Bell 

Keith William Brendley 

Theresa Ann Butler 

Tien-Sheng Chang 

Sujen Chen 

Swo-Yan Chen 

Jenq-Dih Chyan 

Michael Joseph Courtright 

Hong Fang 

Elizabeth Upson Finlayson 

John Peter Fuchs 

Eugene David Guerrero-Martin 

Jul Hsu 

Tsu-Wei Hwang 

Raheem Iqbal 

Chaitanya Prasad Jayaraman 

Muthiah Jevaseelan 

Mark T. Kirk 

Jeong-Jang Lu 

William James McCutcheon 

Kenneth Yip Moy 

Yeong-jeong Ou 

Thomas O'Brian Perdue 

Richard Thomas Reed 

AH Saghafi 

Phanibhushan Y. Sharma 

Paula Allen Simenauer 

Debra Marie Stillo 

Yeun Tsun Wong 

Chun S. Yuen 


Maria Athanassiadou 
Brian Stephen Gockel 

Jon Eric Lundberg 
Donna Palmer McNamara 
William Randolph Moak 
Eleanor Lee Smith 


Nilofer Ahmed 

Nutritional Science 

Suzanne Marie Rosch 
Diane Adier Servetnick 


Farida Adimi 
Dimitris E. Alexandreas 
Paul Richard Boberg 
Robin James Cox 
Allen Tam Home 
Donna Lynne Kriebel 
Andrew Rubin 
George Jerome Shaw 111 
Yunong Yang 

Poultry Science 

John Timothy Allen 
Luz A. Cortes-Burgos 
Cindy Silver Rawlings 


Michael David Blair 
Daniel Fletcher Wallace 

Textiles and Consumer 

Bonnie Burcham Bedore 
Shiao-Mei Chen 
Laura Lee De Simone 
Jan E. Hatfield-Goldman 
Janet Lyn Moreland 
Jean M. Parrish 
Claudia Lucia Ramirez 


Kristi L. Burnell 
Mark A. Coggiano 
Maria Esclapes de Pereira 
Carol Lynne Falck 
Marianne Martha Krall 
Briana Jill Lorber 
Paul Anthony Manzo 
Laurie Beth Powers 
Gwen Maria White 


Master of Education 

May 30, 1988 
Jane Mickle Duckworth 
Bonnie M. Neely 

Advanced Graduate 
Specialist Certificate 

Patricia Reed Cain 
Mary L. T Handy 
Lisa Gayle Mace 

Certificate in Historic 

Barbara Marshall Kirkconnell 

Graduate Certificates 
in Gerontology 

Master's Level 

Carol Ann Shaw 
Ellen Kirsten Sarin 



Maryland's flag, bearing the arms of the Calvert and 
Crossland feunilies, was first flown in its present form at 
Gettysburg Battlefield in 1888 to dedicate monuments to 
Maryland civil war veterans. 

College of Agriculture 

Bachelor of Science 

Agricultural and 
Extension Education 

* Donna Kay Biggs 

Agricultural and Resource 

Roland Lambert Bocus 
Hiran Anthony Cabraal 
Narendran Chanmugam 
Edward Koubek, Jr. 

Agronomy-Crop Science 

Susanne Louise Chambers 
Hazel Avinell Joseph 
Genevieve Mukaperezida 

(2nd Major: French) 
Althea Patricia Skeete 

Animal Sciences 

Shaun Eddy 
Todd Robert Henderson 
Guy Stephen Hohenhaus 
Thomas Edward Larrimer 
Sarah Ann Link 
Donald Byrd Marston, Jr. 
Vicky Ellen Mayoral 
Mary Allison Neville 

* Tracy Ann Prudden 
Linda Gail Romas 
Kirsten Renee Vader 

t Kathryn Frances Valente 
Mark Andrew Watts 

Combined Agriculture 

Laura Jeanne Corrado 
t Bonnie Kay MacArthur 

* David Edward Vaughan 

Food Science 

Shawn Lee Goodspeed 
Dean Van Lier Mauro 
Stacey Fisk Vokrot 

General Agriculture 

Calvin Scott Brain 
Narendran Chanmugam 
Paul Donald Egolf 
t Michael Jonas Klein 
Patrick Michael Lloyd 


Jean Elizabeth DeMouy 
Robert C. Hagenbucher 
* Kristopher Todd Jensen 
Darrell Frank Majeres 
Michele A. Petro 
Linda Marie Robertson 
Rembert Baskin Shaw 
Brian Scott Wixom 

Natural Resources 

Bruce Bowden Bagley 

Wayne Chauncey Blake-Hedges, Jr. 

Barbara L. Chatham 

Marion Patricia Geremia 

Deborah Ann Gier 

Barbara Kern 

Joseph Michael Pendleton 

Candle E. Schwartz 

Edith Rozelle Thompson 

Ann Marie Womack 

§ Summa cum Laude 
t Magna cum Laude 
* cum Laude 


School of Architecture 
Bachelor of Science 

§ Magda Stuart Abou-Elhosn 

Melissa Jane Banks 

David H. Bird 
§ Adam Lee Bresnick 

Coy Eugene Burney 

Un Hui Chang 

Yan Ching Chu 
* Paul Jeffrey Corrigan 

Rictiard Preston [)ay 

William Detweiler 

Ronald Butler Dickey 

Ronald A. Di Pietro 

Kevin Joseph Driscoll 

Frank Gallart 

Amy Lynn Ciller 

Joseph P.M. Greenawalt 

Farokh Hejazi 

Sharon Kathleen Hughes 

David Lloyd Hymes 

Steven Glenn Johnson 

Mohammad Nasser Kazemi Nejad 

Stephen Francis Kenney 

Thomas Edward Klein 

Richard Andrew Kleponis 

Robert Andrew Kuge 

Fred Shufan Lau 

Stephen Eugene Leatherman 

Erika Lea Lehman 

Grace Josephine Lupo 

Bradley Scott Moning 

Beverly Ann Mowery 

Stephen Alan Mulholland 

Fardin Nematollahi 

Peter Vincent Noonan 

John Joseph Prokop 

David Gray Raley 

Andrew Joseph Rashid 
§ Karla Maria Sislian Rothstein 

Hernando Antonio Ruiz 
§ Pamela Lynn Schiemer 

Robert Oscar Schuetz 

Peter Brian Scull 

Helen Shueh 
§ Lisa Rene Smith 

Ronald Steven Stanford 

Margaret Ann Suit 

Charissa Y. Wang 

Kathleen Jeanette Weiss 
§ Lisa Frances Werbickas 
§ Francis Thompson Wheeler II 
* David Michael Wilson 

Isabel Chia-Yi Yang 

The floral "M" provides a colorful focal point for 
those who live and work on campus as well as for 
those who visit here. Located at the intersection of 
Campus and Regent Drives, the "M" was created 
in 1975. 

College of Arts and 

Bachelor of Arts 

American Studies 

Michael Robert Corbin 
§ Cecilia Carina Fex 
Michael John Kelly 
Melissa Anne Panico 
Joan Donovan Roach 
David Elliot Rosenwasser 
Melissa Anne Stack 

Art History 

Carol Lorraine Belisle 

Sara Sheilds Benninghoff 
§ Mark Robert Bombaugh 

Donna Stein Fernandez 

Amy Dorothy Freese 

Peter Tibor Gajary 

William G. Henney 

Eun K. Kim 

Rina Kundu 

Markella Constantine Magoulas 

Cheryl Anne Malter 

Amy Reynolds Masterman 

Mary Agnes McCarthy 

Melissa Lynne Richardson 

Devorah Katherine Romanek 

Leslie Patricia Rosenberg 

Sabine M. Rossi 
t David Regis Walsh 

Art Studio 

Carol Angela Alleyne 
Dawn Marie Barclift 
Deborah Anne Barclift 
Richard Earl Bednar 

§ Eric Eldon Bond 
Maria Bonta 
Laura Denise Branch 
Francis Marvin Chase 
Darryl Jacques Dardenne 
LaDedra Renee Drummond 
Bonnie Elizabeth Edwards 
William Haakon Ellison 

t Godfrey B. Frankel 

Carol Ann Jerosimich 
Rebecca Elizabeth Litwalk 
Mary Agnes McCarthy 
Maria de los Angeles Perez Arias 
Marilyn Catherine Reilly 

§ Michael William Roig 
Daniel Anthony Ryan 
Raquel Mireles Seydewitz 
Raissa Felicitas Snyder 

(2nci Major: Art History) 
Rose Marie Moreno Tenney 

t Roger Thomas Vorhauer 

* Diane Elaine Weaver 
Benita Myra Williams 


Cassandra Marie Baker 
Candace Anne Carriger 
Mabel Maria Ferragut 
Andrea Frances Gray 
Kristen Marion Kerr 
Michele Jeanne LeBoeuf 
Mirit Lifshitz 

* Adina Ruth Wachman 
Bruce Walter Wyman 

East Asian Languages and 

Ann Marie Behan 
Tyra Thomas Fujikura 
Scott Douglas Harper 
Todd Francis Havard 
Christine Lynn Miller 
Vincent Paul Nikopol 
Young Sook Pak 

English Language and 

Lisa Kirsten Antos 
Linda Sue Balon 
Jill Honey Berman 

* Barbara Eileen Berney 
Jeffrey Eric Biggs 

§ Jacob Maxim Blumenthal 

(2nd Major: Jewish Studies) 
§ Eric Eldon Bond 

Joseph William Bonomo 
§ Margaret Ann Bright 

Alanna Marie Brunson 

Keith Charles Burrell 

* Sharon Church Campbell 
Raquel G. Campos-Poussin 


,§ Summa cum Laude 
t Magna cum Laude 
• cum Luude 

Patricia Anne Costa 
Kimberly Anne Creighton 
Pauline Eiise DelMauro 
Maura Kathleen Donaghey 
Coleen Marie Dougherty 
Patrice Demetra Edwards 

* Jennifer Ann Etzel 
Dwayne Eugene Eutsey 
Nancy Joann Faass 
Chong Cha Feldmann 
Patricia Ann Fellona 
Donald Marcus Forno 
Dorothy Ruth Fox 
Amy Margaret Funke 
Carrie Elizabeth Garris 
Lori Sue Goldstein 
Stephen James Golightly 

* John Alan Goltz 
Alvaro J. Gonzalez 
Diane Marie Groff 
Ronald Louis Gutberlet, Jr. 
Martha Elizabeth Hadaway 
Susan Carol Hadley 
Ernest Edward Haffner 
Sharyl Jeanne Harris 
Julia Marie Hart 

Paul Vincent Haynos 
Jessica Elizabeth Helms 
Alison Victoria Henderson 
George Francis Hennrikus 11 
Kenneth Matthew Hicks 
Sherae Monique Hill 
Patricia Lucille Hogan 
Alicia Watts Hosmer 

* Ann Elizabeth Howard 
Sandra Jacobs Ivey 
Laura Denise Jarrell 
Lisa Sue Jenkins 
Robert Andrew Jewett 
Alberto Jova 

Keith Allen Kaider 

* Lauren Beth Kallins 
Susan Kay Kaplow 
Colleen Anne Kearns 
Deirdre Theresa Kelly 
Kenton Thomas Kilgore 
Susan Carolyn King 
Stacey Lynn Korsen 
Paul D. Kretkowski 
Kimberly Lane Kridler 

t Allen Robert Larson 

Shirley Ann Lehnert 
(2nd Major: Government 
and Politics) 

Gail Leithauser 

Julia Marie Leonard 

Robert Anthony LePore 

Astrida llze Levensteins 

William J. Lloyd 

Cheryl Ann Loane 

Ann-Marie Lombardi 

Lisa Jeanette Long 

Mary Ann C. Maloney 

Kimberly Cheronn Matthews 

Michael T McCarthy 

Mebane Lynne McCracken 

Katherine Menard 

Paul Daniel Menzer 

Julie Ann Metz 

Brenda Ann Mezick 

Matthew Dean Moore 

Cynthia Lynn Moul 

Antoinette N. Myers 

Beth Ann Nejadi 

Patricia Nolan 

Carl Erdman Ohike 

Christine Lynn Ortwein 

Alec Joseph Ott 

Lisa Pantuso 

Julia Forrest Payne-Funk 

Sheryl Anne Petkunas 

Karen Lynn Pierce 

Celeste Joan Posta 

Kathleen Suzanne Proctor 

Mary Ford Randleman 

Beth Rae Richardson 

Shawn C. Riley 

Ronna Cathryn Rosenberg 
§ Lynda Lx)rraine Rozas 

Andrea Marie Rucki 

Kathryn Elizabeth Schoch 

Laura Michelle Scileppi 

Patricia Renee Scully 

Karen Rae Shaffer 

Helen Susan Clair Smith 

Christine J. Stanford 

Georgia Elaine Stavrakas 

Mark Todd Stewart 

Karen Elizabeth Sugarman 
t Beatrice Denise Taylor 

Nathan Paul Townsend 
t Steven Bruce Vinick 

Lisa Leone Was 
Shaara Noel Watts 
Alison Gardiner Wheeler 

* Kimberly Estelle Wolod 
Mark Todd Wright 
Tamar Zur 

French Language and 

Maria Beatrice Balestri 
Celia Carrie Carter 
Leesa Lori Hickman 
Christine R. Lloyd 
Diana Lyn Noah 
Cathleen Bridget O'Rourke 
Jacqueline Dorcal Piou 

* Akia Margrethe Talbot 
Guech Nay Tech 

Chi Mai Tran-Luu 
Eric Keith Wichman 

Germanic Languages and 

Jennifer Wynne Arnold 
Sarah Helen Clark 
Ronald John Grandl 
James Nevin Lawrence 
Sara Louise McNally 
Dale Richard Seay 


Elizabeth Jane Bartley 
Jeremiah Williams Benjamin 
Marisa Isabella Boone 
Michael Walter Chakwin 
§ Jeffrey Peter Clagett 
Glen C. Cleveland 
Maria Christina Cote 
John Charles Duff 
Maureen Theresa Fanning 
Michael Zane Foster 
Peter Tibor Gajary 
Timothy Michael Gasser 
Karen Joyce Gesling 
Natalie Anne Goldfine 
David Allan Goldstein 
Eric John Golightly 
Stephen Anthony Gordon 
Timothy Michael Gray 
Brian Charles Hands 
Sanford David Horn 

Brian Glenn Hudson 
§ Richard William Johnston 
t Priti Joshi 

(2nd Major: English) 

Calanit Kedem 

Barry Steven Kishter 

Luis Alberto Labra 

Robert Wu Lee 

Sally Ann Lee 

* David Seth Leinwand 
Tina Lunson 

Adam Vincent Macaluso 
Kyriakos Peter Marudas 
Jerome Emmett McCann 
Stephen Patrick McCleary 
Michael Alan McDowell 
Alicia Renee McNerhany 

§ Melanie F Michaelson 
Dieter Kurt Miller 
Claudia E. Nami 
Laura Ann Neal 
Sonja Helen Nowack 
Kristin Marie Orlich 
Brian David Peterson 
Deborah Marie Polk 
Patrick Joseph Rael 

§ Anna Knapp Rollins 
Helen Diane Rutt 
Timothy Gerard Ryan 
Eric J. Schnur 
Roger Brian Shenkle 
Stacey Lisa Shorter 
Christine Jeanette Valenti 
Lori J. Wells 
Matthew Patrick Winter 


Patricia Allison Adler 


Phaedra Budman 
§ Lori Ellen Copperman 
t Melanie Lynn Erickson 

Susan Adele Fabisch 

* Julia Bordiga Grinstein 
Bethany Carol Miller 
Leon Gary Nisenfeld 
Daniel Morgan Reynolds 
Leslie Aline Stack 
VonZelyar Z. Vaughn 



t Kathleen Avis Crawford 

Tina Benita Fernandes 

Jonathan Scott Greene 

William Morris Inglis 

David Norman Kempster 

Margaret Kieffer 

Linda Karen Lebelle 
t Donna Briggs McNamara 

Winston Thomas Rego 

David Jeremy Rudel 

Christian Pierce Schreib 

Benjamin Schuchman 

Theresa Marie Witte 

Richard Blake Wood 

Radio, Television, and Film 

Risa Stephanie Abramson 
Bethany Adams 
Helen Ann Antonelle 
Bruce Jay Ashkinos 
Marci Naomi Atkin 
Tresa Melinda Ballard 
Vincent Beese 
Sandra Lee Bowie 
Pamela Kay Brannon 
Timothy R. Bresien 
Karen Marie Brinson 
Catherine P. Burns 
Keith Charles Burrell 
Maria Carolyn Canfield 
Michelle Denise Carpenter 
Jill Ellen Castelbaum 
Tracey Orlean Cohen 
David Wayne Cooper 
David Arthur Cox-Depelheuer 
Loyce Elaine Craft 
Lynn Dakis 
Barbara Ann Dandy 
Debra Sali Dodell 
Nancy Ellen Donovan 
Diane Carol Duff 
Pamela Ehrlich 
Patrick Henry Eibel 
John Michael Farber 

f2nd Major: Studio Art) 
Felicia Beth Feinstein 
Stephen James Fitzgerald 
Christopher Jordan Floor 
Robert Jude Fredette 
Richard Scott Freedman 
George Frederick Freeman 

David Lawrence Garrett 
Richard Scott Genlilo 
Robin Stacey Goldfarb 
Russell Evan Gordon 
Michael Dean Gordy 
Mark Howard Goron 
Gena Lynn Graham 
Deborah Lyn Greenberg 
Ellen Bari Gruskoff 
Susan Elizabeth Guss 
Paula Monica Gwynn 
Mark R. Herman 
Arthur Eric Lanier Hunter 
Randi Lynn Kalb 
Laura Jane Kaplow 
Jonathan David Katze 
Zina M. Kavalou 
Cory Ray Kessler 
Carol Lynne King 
Gary Jay Krakower 
Carmen Ernest Lamberto 
Thomas Joseph Landi 
Leigh Ellen Lawrence 
Myriam Louise Leger 
Barri Michelle Leiner 
Amy Mara Levitan 
Elizabeth Marie Levitch 
Jaime Lynn Levy 
Daniel Paul Lynch 
Keri Lynn Marder 
Michael Peter Markellos 
Alyson Marshall 
Robert John Mills 
Jenny Mittleman 
C. Verne Moir 
Lisa Beth Morgenstein 
Jennifer Marie Nance 
Maureen Ann Nemecek 
Kirk Anthony Nicholas 
John Philip O'Herron 
James Christopher O'Leary 
Maureen Ann O'Leary 
Gershon Bryant Peaks 
Julie Marie Pennini 
Christopher Stephen Plater 
John Raymond Pleisse 
Karla Yvette Powell 
Daphney Diahann Rice 
Isaac Y. Richman 
Annlouise Marie Roark 
Angela W. Resales 
Adam Craig Salem 
John Edward Schneider, Jr. 

Alyssa G. Schwartz 
Kimberly Ann Sheehan 
Kelly Jane Sheridan 
Mark Andrew Soldo 
Wendy Jill Starker 
Arvies Junius Staton 11 
Joan Valerie Steele 
Michael Paul Susa 
Amy Daisy Thayil 

* Valerie Anna Thomas 
Joseph Alan Tolleson 
Wei-Feng Tsai 

John Anthony Valente 
David Allen Varndell 

(2nd Major: English) 
Anthony Alexander Vecchio 
Sandra Marie Verrilli 
Deborah Ann Wallace 
Kristine Lisa Walsh 
Beth Sherry Weinstein 
Wendy Sue Young 
Brian Jay Zuck 

Romance Languages 

Mary F Hahn 

Amalia Mercedes Sobalvarro 

Russian Area Studies 

George Thomas Cassels 
Daiva Regina Chesonis 
Maria Pia De Robertis 
Marleena Holyfield 
Christopher David Morris 

Russian Language and 

Catherine Rose Ginter 
Piotr Antoni Kubiczek 

* Grace A. Thomas 

Spanish Languages and 

Annette Ayala 
Irene Maria Bascunana 
Jennifer Leigh Foster 
Wendy Ann Glover 
Allyson Renee Harris 
Patricia Marie Johnson 
Cari Marie Lance 
Mary Claire Mulford 
Anita Joanne Munroe 
Jacqueline Catrina Norris 

Ana Maria Ramos 
Angela W. Resales 
Karen Lee Stickell 

Speech Communication 

Peter Whittington Bentley 
John Russel Bonato 
Lisa Joyce Bond 
Holly A. Broyles 
Laurie Jane Cameron 
Courtenay Anne Carr 
Karen M. Chiccehitto 
Jean Jiwen Chee 
Scott Githens Christie 
Mary Claire Dwyer 
Kelley Jean Emmons 
Robin Janis Fingeret 
Beth Ellen Finver 
Michael Louis Gallucci 
t Jill Andrea Glasser 
Adam Seth Gold 
Thomas Michael Jacobs 
Susan Carole Kerr 
Jeffrey Nils Krohn 
Elaine Ladany 
Richard Michael Petitbon 
J. Kammer Powers 
Harry Lee Pritchett 
Mary Frances Rejevich 
Laura Annette Rickerson 
Amy Ruth Schwartz 
Eric Dale Strine 
Bradley Alan Weiss 


Tina Marie Casamento 
Paula J. Hubble 
Megan James 
Laura Kim Maurey 
Michael Robert Meredith 
Beverly Lavinya Nickersen 
§ David Benjamin Sislen 
Menique Kristina Trisko 
Shallah Anne Weiss 
Richard Earl Williams, Jr. 

Bachelor of Music 


(Liberal Arts Program) 

Carlos Manuel Cantu 
Kathryn Irene Evans 
Charles Joseph Johnson 


§ Summa cum Laude 
t Magna cum Laude 
' cum Laude 

William Alexander Lanxner 
John Keith Mettam 

Bachelor of Science 

Advertising Design 

Christopher John Bowden 

Maria Soledad Campos 

Lauren Joy Cohen 

Daniel John Coonley 

Joy Lynn Delaney 

Mary Ann Glennie 

Cynthia Rhea Herrick 

Michael Joseph James 

Paul Anthony King 

Lori Michelle Lamkin 

Michelle Kimberly Levine 

Michael T. Maloney 

Emily Sue Martin 

Julie Maria Mattson 

Kathleen Elizabeth McGlaughlin 

Dara M. McGuire 

Karen Amelia-Ann Minott 

Diane Carol Powell 

Lisa Paige Rephan 

Kelly Anna Scannell 

Amy Beth Serwer 

Lee Aaron Smith 

Steven Christopher Smith 

Robert James Walker 

Linda D. Whelihan 

Patricia Ann Wolfe 

Interior Design 

Edith Marie Colgan 
Margaret Ann Drennen 
Dewey Wolf Guthrie 111 
Andreas Hadjixenophontos 
Elizabeth Jane Hall 
Robert Eugene Jones, Jr. 
Eileen Liebman 
Tamara Diana Lopez 
Heather Ann MacDonald 
Laura Martin McDonald 
Holly Patricia Murchison 
Helen A. Saters-Lawrence 
Maria Teresa Zarabia 

College of Behavioral 
and Social Science 

Bachelor of Arts 

Afro-American Studies 

Traci Catherine Brown 


Ruta Aidis 

Thomas Patrick Barrett 

Karen Ruth Gustavson 

Teresa Dawn Harris 
' Chaitanya Surendra Mangaimurii 

Theresa Ann McDevitt 

Isabelle Marie Richard 

Ellen Claire Saint Onge 
* Etta M. Saunders 

Timothy John Sniezek 

Nancy Jean Yeager 

Criminal Justice 

Roger LeRoy Aarons 
Jeffrey Turner Adcock 
Patricia Anne Barr 
Christopher L. Battle 
Jeffrey Ross Bell 
Gina M. Benbow 
Michael Evan Bergman 
Deborah Ann Bernick 
Alvin Wilbert Blount, Jr. 
Karen Denise Boykin 
John Hamilton Brandt IV 
Edward Christopher Britton 
Stephanie Marie Burke 
Barbara Lee Cawood 
Jeffrey Michael Cherson 
Calvin John Chew 
Charles I. Colley 
Nicholas John Comaromi 
t Douglas Craig Cooley 
George Ellis Corson IV 
Stephen Malcolm Cromwell 
James Joseph Curry, Jr. 
Niles M. Davies 111 
Shirley E. Davis 
Lygia Marie Dentry 
Gregory DuHoski 
Kristin Lisel Dunn 
Steven Garofalo 
Christine Elizabeth Gelak 
James Edward Gotard 

Michael Joseph Gotard 
Robert John Hanlon, Jr. 
Kevin Michael Hartmann 
Frank Eugene Hinzman, Jr. 
Timothy Jerome Jacobs 
Kimberly Ann Keefer 
Kelly Ann Keeler 
John Fitzgerald Kennedy 

§ Christopher Sean Koper 
Gregory August Lambard 
Staci llayne Lavine 
Mark Perry Lawler 
Richard Alan Lewis 
Marc Evan Limansky 
Timothy Joseph Madden 
Shaun Thomas Mclnerney 
Darryl Waller McSwain 
Timothy James Moran 
Juan Carlos Munoz-Colberg 
John Kirby Nesky 
Kimiko Tai O'Neil 
Elise Alexandra Polydoroff 
Beth Melanie Price 
Yvette Monica Price 
Michael Patrick Reardon 
Paula Anita Reid 
Steven Douglas Saffield 
Ronald Fitzgerald Salmon 
Lewis Brendan Sarver 
Floyd Ivertha Spinner 
Anthony Edward Thomas 
Dennis Michael Tolland 
James Calvin Vechery 
John James Ventre 
Arnold Smith Vogel 111 
James William Walsh 
Mark Ellis Waring 

t Jeanne Elizabeth West 
Anthony Robert White 
Derick Anthony Wiggins 
Annette Gloria Zamora 


Joseph Keith Alston 
Nancie Bauman 
Cheryl Terese Benet 
Valerie Caren Berlin 
Lori Ann Brill 
Michael John Brown 
Philip George Brown 
Kimberly Ann Cash 
Karen Wendy Chernoff 

Bruce Kevin Clopein 
Steven David Cohen 
Michelle Marie Concannon 
Sheri Lee Corbin 
Eugene Allison Curtis, Jr. 
Duane Dunham 
Sheila Renee Finlayson 
Nicole Reimer Fortier 
Maria Beth Friedlander 
Elizabeth R. Friedman 
Kimberly Carol Gordon 
Laurie Sue Hardy 
John Stephen Hazelbaker 
Joseph Wellington Hess, Jr. 
Eric Walter Huber 
Michael Shannon Jackson 
Sandra Ruby Beatrice Jackson 
Stacy Jill Katz 
Elisabeth Hope Lambros 
Paul Anthony Larson 
Diane Janeane McDonald 
Susan Michelle McQuarrie 
James Stewart Mills, Jr. 
Richard John Moran 
Lawrence Edward Mortimer 
Pamela Anne Posch 
Anthony E. Preissig 
Rachelle Barbara Rand 
Michael Joseph Rickhoff 
Marchelle Ann Ruderman 
Trade Ann Simmons 
Shari Leigh Sussman 
Marcus Williams 


Andrew B Acton 
Oscar Rodolfo Aguilar 
Darrell Wayne Anthony 
Christopher John Argauer 
Robert G. Arnstein 111 
James G. Aronow 
David Richard Arsenault 
Mark J. Asch 

Benjamin Wayne Barbour 
Laura Marie Bartz 
Irene Maria Bascunana 
§ Susan Elizabeth Battles 
Richard Marc BenBassett 
Donald John Bernhardt 
Craig Adam Bernstein 
Philippe Albert Berry 
Thomas Michael Bielicki 


Decorative wrought iron sets off to 
good advantage a west window of 
Ritchie Coliseum. 

Thomas Glenn Birnbach 
Frederick Todd Blanton 
Erik Wolfgang Bohnenstengel 
Stephen Douglas Bott 
Stephen Arthur Brayman 
Lisa Cher\'l Broadwater 
Claudette Angella Broughton 
Philip Neal Brown 
William Robert Burchett 
Jennifer Anne Burns 
Rose Elese Burrell 
Alejandro Chacon 
Hisham George Chalhoub 
Juliana Hae Kyung Chang 
Randi Beth Chase 
Kenneth David Cieprisz 
Maria Elena Cimino 
Tracy Lee Cirafici 
Karl H. Clark 
Thomas Michael Clime 
Beth Helaine Cohen 
Michael E. Colgan 

* Dawn Elizabeth Connolly 
Mark Edward Considine 
Mark Joseph Coogan 
Carla Anne Cooley 

Lisa Renee Cooper 
Brian A. Corrigan 
Bryce Matthew Coughlin 
William Pleasant Cranford IV 
Michael James Creaghan 
Julie Arliss Crowell 
Stephen Raymond Curry 
Jennifer Lynn Czarnecki 
William Emil Danner, Jr. 
Thomas R. Davidson, Jr. 
Jeffrey Stephen Dearborn 
Lisa M. De Marco 
Gregory Joseph DeRosa 
Bruce Nicholas Desimone 
Katherine Rose DesJardins 
Susan Marie Develin 
Ross Allan Devine 
Kavir Dhar 
Daniel Dionisio 
Mona Latryce Dotson 
Edward .McCarthy Dunn 
Theresa Maryann Dunn 
Paul Thomas Durnien 

* David Harold Eaton 
Sheila Elizabeth Eckholm 
David Lance Edelman 

Julie Robin Eisenstein 

Scott Bryant Ekman 

Leslie Karyn Eisner 

James Francis Figlozzi 

Richard Thomas Fisher, Jr. 

Nelson Ricardo Farfan 

Seth Neil Fisher 

Daniel Michael Foley 

Brandon Keith Ford 

Paul Douglas Francisco 

Kellye Lynn Franklin 

Timothy Terrence Freeman 

Melinda Friedman 

Arthur Max Frischman 

Scott .Matthew Frosch 

Pedro H. Fuertes 

Andrew John Gaidurgis 

Daniel James Gallagher 

Vincent G. Ganley 

Steven Michael Geest 

Robert Michael Gehlken 

David Alan Gehn 

Bruce Jeffrey Ginsburg 

Michael L. Gonter 

Jose Luis Gonzalez, Jr. 

Gregor>' A. Greenberg 

Peter Grexa 

Sharon Ann Griffiths 

Michael Grant Grossman 
t Sujon Guha 

Terri Ann Gumula 

All Makarehchi Hamedani 

Michael Ray Hancock 

Michael David Hartnett 

Jamie Heath Heitner 

Alan Craig Helman 

Thomas Swepston Herbert VII 

Mark Steven Herink 

Lynda Anne Hmcke 

Glenn Emerson Holland 

Erika Janelle Holsten 

Mark Stewart Horn 

Gerard James Horner 

Thomas Warren Howes 

Letitia Frances Howland 

Julia E. Hughes 

Steven David Janel 

Benson Lee Jeffress 

Karen Ann Johnson 

Pamela Jeannette Jones 

Scott Evan Kaplan 
* Ki-Hong Ke 


§ Summa cum Laude 
t Magna cum Laude 
' cum Laude 

Christopher John Kelly 
Abdo Badih Keltaneh 
Abraham Kyo-Shin Kim 
Denise C. Kirlin 

* Hillary Gail Klapper 

(2nd Major: American Studies) 
Lee Eric Klinger 
Michelle Sharleen Kominsky 
Eric David Kreiger 
John Patrick Krisko 
Krishna Kundu 
Scott Jeffrey Kurland 
Brian David Lamont 
Donna Beth Laskin 
Matthew Anthony Lattin 
Laura Lynn Lee 
Marcelle Yvonne Lee 
§ David George Levasseur 
Priscilla Ann Lewis 
Betty Bikke Lim 
John Daniel Lockard 
Robin Elise Lowen 
James Francis Lubeck 
Nicola Moises Luciani 
Karolina Mathilde Maier 
Johanna Mansilla 
Allan Kenneth Manuel 
Karolyn Margaret Marshall 
Jan M. Master 
John Scott Masterman 
Timothy Howard McCabe 
Conor William McCarthy 
Martin Edward McCormick 
Raymond David McElfish 
Janet Lynne McQuilkin 
John George Merrill 111 
Dwayne Marcel Middleton 
Barry Austin Milton 

* David Phillip Miracle 

§ Suzanna Elizabeth Mora 
Melissa Anne Moran 
Larry P. Moskowitz 
Dan Murphy 
Eileen Marie Murtha 
Robert Joseph Niehoff 
James Stuart Nolan 
David O'Donohoe 
Pamela Marie Ondrish 
Larry Mark Packer 
Evans Pancoast 
Carl Francis Paroby 
(2nd Major: Government and 

Carolyn A. Patterson 
Scott Alan Penberg 

* Gary Douglas Perdue 
Suzanne Denise Perrotta 
Erick Kent Peters 
Sylvia Pflum 

Nathan Jeffrey Pierson 
Christopher John Planet 
Michael Howard Pollack 
Benjamin Lyon Pratt 
Joyce Diane Pryor 
Kevin Robert Pyle 
Alberto J. Quiroga 

* Sohrer Linda Rahnema 

(2nd Major: French) 

Michael Scott Richardson 
§ Morton Ronald Rinder 

Lisa Beth Robbins 

Judith Anne Roberts 

John Gerard Rogers 

Kenneth Edward Rollin 

Sabrina Miriam Rosenberg 

Deborah Jean Runner 

Jeffrey Stuart Sacks 

Margaret Anita Sains 

Amy Christine Salay 

Kenneth Blair Sanchez 

Linda Maria Scalzo 

Orin Theodore Schepps 

Stuart Evan Schwartz 
' Julie Michelle Scott 

Shalgit Shabi 

James John Sheppard 

Tina Ann Sheppard 

John Ken Shimabukuro 

David Allen Shuppert 

* Richard Dean Shure 
Joel Michael Shuster 

* Bijan R. Siahatgar 
Brad David Siegel 
Sharon Lerman Silberberg 
Brian Jay Skornick 

§ Victoria Kai Slough 
Michael Wayne Smith 
Peter Sorge 111 
R. Andrew Spencer 
Patrick Prescott Staines 

* Barbara Elizabeth St. Amand 

(2nd Major: Government and 
Elizabeth Susan Sterman 
Dale Russell Stevens 
Howard Odell Stevens 111 

Charles Scott Strickler 
John Joseph Syzdek 11 
James Thomas Taylor 
Thomas Terne 
Paul Anthony Terragno 
Margaret Ann Tesoriero 
Jeanne K. Thompson 
George Edward Thorogood 
Stephen Harris Tibbits 
Gregory Steven Tignor 
§ Yen Ting 
William Colquit Tinkler 
Chad Allen Tompkins 
Frank Jay Tremper 
Magdalena Trevino 
Johan Madison Trumpy 
Katherine Allison Turner 
Frank Lucien van Houten 
Jeffrey Derrick Vargas 
William Earle Vaughan, Jr. 
Patricia C. Villa 
Michael Robert Villarreal 
Jodi llene Walter 
Todd Michael Watkins 
Charles Francis Wedlock, Jr. 
Todd Andrew Weinstein 
Daryl Steven Weiszer 
James Glenn Whitt 
Andrew Joseph Williams 
Joel Peter Williams 
Deena Patricia Wilson 
James Winston Wilson 
Jordan Neil Wolfe 
Alissa Beth Wolinetz 
Tony Lee Wong 
George L. Wright, Jr. 
Lisa Renee Yant 
Jay Milton Zickerman 
William Joseph Zynel 

Government and Politics 

Michelle Lynn Adams 
John R. Almerino 
Kristin Rebecca Altman 
* Jared Mason Appel 
Aurangzeb Ashraf 
Ahmed Shawky Aziz 
Robert Lawrence Baker 
Gregory Paul Beaudoin 
Robert M. Beavers III 
Kirk Douglas Bell 
Todd Harris Bender 
Ridgely Christopher Bennett 

Daniel Alan Berger 
Alan Lawrence Billian 
Timothy Bohan 
David H. Bonnett 
Elissa Faith Borges 
Charles Randolph Boyce 
Basil B. Bradford, Jr. 
Mitchell Adam Brahin 
Lisa Jean Brodman 

* Lisa Michelle Brown 
Christine Mary Buyarski 
Domenic Antonio Calabro, Jr. 
Lily Maria Campos 
Stephanie M. Cantor 

David Alan Carrodine 
Laura Anne Carson 
Michael Andrew Cauley 
Walid George Chalhoub 
Patricia Nina Chandler 
Linda Pel Chen 
Patricia L. Chessman 
Julia Vesey Close 
Michael Scott Copeland 
Mary Ellen Corcoran 
Thomas Keefe Cosgrove 
Kevin Manning Crabtree 
Dwight Delano Davidson 
Paul DeGroot 
William Fyfe Delaney 
William John Delaney, Jr. 
Robert Alan Denton 
Dante A. Desiderio 

* Christopher M. DiLorenzo 
Gerard Joseph Donahue 
Donna Lee Doneski 

§ Martha Joan Dorward 
Kenneth Lubel Drexler 
Christopher William Dyer 
Edward Mark Feldman 
LaShelle Blair Ferguson 
Blake Minoru Fetrow 
Kevin Joseph Finnegan 
Paul Richard Fisher 

* Lynn R. Fitrell 
Maritza Elizabeth Flores 

t Beth Ann Frensilli 
t Daniel Alan Friedman 

Scott A. Friedman 

Melinda Ann Frostic 

Christina Mary Fulford 

Mesfin Gebeyehou 

Peter Newell Gilbert 


Jonathan Eric Goldberg 

Michael L. Gonter 

Paul Woodward Goodier 

Cherie Marie Goss 

Pedro Pablo Pemberton Govantes 

Lisa Victoria Graham 

Michael Anthony Graves 

Makelita Suiaunoa Gray 

Daniel F. Grayuski 

Andrew Thomas Greene 

Mary Jane Grindstaff 

Kathleen Grogan 

James Michael Herl 

Steven Philip Herman 

Adam Craig Hill 

Richard Eric Hilton 

Terri Hirschhorn 

Alan B. Hoffman 

Michele Lee Hopkins 

Marcie Ann Houk 

Maria Magdalena Izcue 

Suzanne Lori Jasper 

Jeffrey Thomas Joehl 

Alan David Johnson 

Kelly Maureen Jordan 

Angela Lynn Joseph 

Kimberly Ann Joyce 

John Albert Juanteguy 

Martin Joseph Kane 

Christine Lynn Kelly 

Barkev Garo Kibarian 

James Moon-Hwan Kim 

Jeffrey Scott Klinghoffer 
§ Alexis Marina Klish 

Keith Frederick Kuhnsman 

Ronald Allyn Labhart 

Elizabeth Marie Lang 
t Richard Keith Lapin 

Randy Gary Less 

Thomas Vincent LeMay 

Peter Douglas Levine 

Scott Robert Lipson 

George Manlansing Lorenzo 
(2nd Major: English) 

Jordan Brad Luber 

Purcell Shermont Luke 
* Lloyd David Lurie 

James Matthew Maclver, Jr. 

Michel Isaac Malek 

Sean Leo Patrick Malloy 

Leah Christine Bourgeois Mann 

Lynne S. Mapplebeck 

Steven Hadley Mark 
Steven David Maron 
Robin Noelle McDaniel 
Brian Keith McGahey 
Heather Ellen McGee 

* Guy Roland Meader 
Deniz Vedat Mehmed 
Mario Mejorado, Jr. 
Elizabeth Jazmin Miguele 
Matthew Craig Miller 
William Thomas Mills 111 

§ Steven M. Mohlhenrich 

Brian James Montgomery 

Howard Mortman 

Stephanie Karen Moss 

Thomas Joseph Mullaney 

Elisa Munoz 

Michael Munson 

Brian Patrick Murphy 
§ Afsoon Rebecca Namini 

Joseph Alix Nestor 

Caroline Ann O'Connell 

Patricia Grace Orkin 

Stephen Joseph O'Shea 

Michael Jordre Palmore 

Cindy Beth Pardes 
t Marshall N. Perkins 

Brian William Phillips 
§ David Richard Pimentel 

Kelly Ann Poetzman 

Patrick John Purcell, Jr. 

Luis Roberto Ranzolin 

Jodi 1. Rappaport 

Cara Jean Reimann 

Laura Annette Rickerson 

Christina Susan Rizer 

Brett Steven Robins 

Eric Allen Rogers 

Minas Roros 

Danielle Ita Rosenberg 
t Amy Lynne Rosenthal 

Kevin Michael Rothwell 

Lina Sylvia Sakalauskas 

Catherine Ann Sangster 

Mariatou Amina Sarr 

Napoleon Alexander Saunders 11 

Kristen Marie Scerbo 

Linda Schmid 

Konstantinos Serevetas 

Joe Freeman Shankle 

* Peter Foster Sherman 
Roger C. Sherwood 
Eric Bruce Silver 

Jeffrey Michael Sirody 
Melissa Felice Sklar 
Eric Howard Smith 
Kathleen Marie Smith 
Michael W. Smith 
Amanda Diane Stakem 
t Patricia M. Steele 
Joseph Charles Stewart 
Scott Edward Sudhalter 
Seena Gilda Sussman 
John Joseph Syzdek II 
Michael Edmond Taylor 
Gregory Cooper Tocco 
Lawrence Thomas Trifiletti 
Amy Jill Udwin 

* Aldoru Uluatam 

f2nd Major: History) 
William Ward Vail 
Steven Curtis Vickers 
Catherine Jean Vitale 
Michael Scott Waranch 
John Peddy Watson 
Elliot Weintrob 
Steven Patrick White 
William Edward Wilson, Jr. 
Donna Suzanne Wnek 
Suzanne Marie Wraga 
Lorri Lee Wright 
Monty Naftali Yolles 
Michael Ross Yormark 
Cheryl Pam Zitomer 
David Maximillian Zwick 

Hearing and Speech 

Suzanne Beth Berman 
Joy Ellen Beschner 
Mary Carolyn Carter 
Lynne Caton 

Laura Elizabeth Crawford 
Bonnie Patricia Dooley 
Teresa Louise Hodgkinson 
Donita Maria Johnson 
t Jennifer M. Jorgenson 
Debra Lynn Kahan 
Kelly Jane Kent 

* Kathleen Ann Lamonte 
Barbara Pezdirtz McLendon 
Rona P. Merwitz 

Stacy Diane Morrison 
Renee Marie Moyer 
Natalie Musick 
Jennifer Ann Reinhard 

* Bambi Hope Replane 
Lina Shukla 
Stephanie Dorise Taylor 
Marybeth Schied Tebo 
Angelika Ingrid Wagner 

Law Enforcement 

Sandra Rene Taylor 


Charles Nicholas Acquista 
Jodi Lynne Block 
Stacy Ann Bourque 
Anita Ramone Brooks 
Amy Beth Brown 
Katherine Alice Brown 
Virginia Ann Butterfield 
Maria Minerva Carrasquillo 
§ Mary Christine Cermak 
Denise Champagne 
Rebecca Haas Chapman 
Carole Elaine Childs 
Adam Scott Chill 

* Carolyn Jean Ciborowski 
Alisa Robin Cohen 
Nancy McCaffrey Conaway 
Bruce Randolph Craig 
John Dalto 

t Tracy Lynn DeFanti 
Jodi A. Diamond 
Cheryl Denise Dudley 
Odell Deborah Eldridge 
Thomas Manfred Erber 

* Laurie Suzanne Friedman 
Tracy Joanne Gable 

t Kareen Anne Gholl 

* Karen Elizabeth Good 
Judith D. Hanono 
Maureen Cathryn Harrigan 
Robert H. Hellebrand 
Rana J. Katsha 
Christina Clark Keene 
Diane Lynn Keister 
Tracey Lee LaFontaine 
Holly Waite Lanphear 
David Warren Lease 
Lindsay Byrd Leimbach 
Jill Tracey Leizman 

Laina Rene Levin 
t Leslie Hull Levyne 
Stacey Allison London 
Kristin Leigh McDonough 
Kim Michelle McHugh 


§ Summa cum Laude 
t Magna cum Laude 
* cum Laude 

This crest adorns the west pediment of Ritchie Coliseum. Completed in 1932, 
the building is named for former Governor Albert C. Ritchie. 

Steven Louis Monaco 

Lauren Jill Morris 
§ Jennifer Morrone 

Demetria Rose Mozian 
t Kattiryn Mary O'Brien 

Eiysia Oudemans 

Jacqueline Overton 

Linda A. Pacilio 

Darrin Christopher Palmer 

Jason Bennett Peregoff 

Susan Heidi Pogach 

David Eric Politzer 

Wendy Lynn Pressman 

Raina Monika Rath 

Pamela Anita Reid 

Richard Adam Reinstein 

Jeffrey Allen Rinde 

Bernadette Christine Robertson 

Margaret Harris Rogers 

Keith Brian Rosenthal 

Christine Marie Rozanski 

Y. Annette Ryan 
* Melissa Jean Salman 

Gayle K. Samuels 

Miriam Schick 

Caryn Beth Schulman 

Amy Louise Schwinn 

Deborah Anne Scott 

Shalini Jawahar Shahani 

Jonathan Beatty Shearer 

Adam Haym Sicker 

Maxine Beth Siegel 

Beth Sue Silverberg 

William Albert Small 
t Lisa E. Smilan 

Young Jae Song 

Judy Leigh Stillwell 

Karen Jane Tavani 

Brian Michael Thaden 

John Michael Tsapos 
Carlos Alberto Vargas, Jr. 
Derric Douglas Ward 
Erik Jordan Weisskopf 
Colleen Marie Williams 
Kimberly Ann Williams 
Ronda Lee Williams 
Christina N. Womack 
Tracy Ann Zanato 


Karen J. Bejma 
Clara Jean Bennett 
Paul Y Chun 
Jennifer Lynn Cole 
§ Elaine Marie Cranford 
Islyn Isola Crosse 
Caroline Louise Cutis 
Tanya Tamara DeKona 
Carolyn Mae Evey 
Jinx Ann Farley 
Brigitte Fortin 
Andrea Leonette Gill 
Pamela Gindoff 
Michael John Gronsky 

* Michelle Genevieve Hammett 
Henry Vurdell Jenkins 
Michele Joy Koppel 

* Julie Lynn Maier 

* Lisa Joy Novak 
Maria Pia Paolucci 
Arlene B. Pastor 

Karen Melissa Pitchersky 
Robin Sara Pollock 
Phyllis Marie Robertson 
Wendy Lynn Sann 
Lisa Sharon Schneider 

* Elaine Marie Schuler 

Susan Rachel Skyer 
Eman Nizar Sleem 
Veronica Helen Smith 
Beth Ann Spector 
Lori Margaret Stallings 
Karia Anne Swenson 
Hannah Tashlick 
Debra Lee Thompson 
Amy Lynn Vander Velden 
George Joseph Weinstein 
Joseph Roy Wolowitz 
Laura Lee Yeager 
Geri Barbra Yorke 

Urban Studies 

Stephen Matthew Clark 
Milton Dean Davenport 
Django Antoine De Gree 
Stephen Mark Dorsey 
Abra Elise Dow 
Mitchell Francis Foley 
Brian Scott Harmon 
Heidi Elizabeth Hartmann 
Douglas Alan Hayes 
Debra Ellen Hettleman 
Vicki Manessa Kane 
John Carroll Kidwiler 
Carolyn Anne Knowles 
Aaron Joseph Lewis, Jr. 
Gabrielle Lye 
Carlos Robert Menendez 
Darryl Francis Nelson 
William Edwin Olen 
John Scott Plank 
David Smarrelli 
James Marshall Symmers 
Chester Delon Thompson 
Andrew Thomas Zagone 

Bachelor of Science 


Carlos Augusto Alvarado 
Dennis Matthew Atkins 
Thomas Eugene Benassi 
Gerson Samuel Bers 
David H. Bonnett 
Mary Beth Hilditch 
John Dorrance Hogan 
Virginia Kotter Martin 
Jimmy Nerantzis 
Patrick Christopher Pioli 
Patricia A. Polanco 
John Raymond Sawicki 
Thomas Richard Stephan 
Gregory A. Yapundich 


Kimberly Ann Acree 

Marc Nicholas Adams 

Yvonne Carole Amey 

Sandra Joan Antoniak 

Prashant Balwant Bagalkotkar 

Sarah Ellen Burrous 

Jocelyn Gayle Flores 

Christopher Charles Garrett 

Wayne Michael Goldstein 

Jody Scott Grodnitzky 

Mary V. Harding 
§ Nancy Beth Hertzog 
t Margaret S. Hyatt 
* Alan Mason Keating 

Lisa Ruthanna King 

Ann Marie Kodak 

John G. Lee 

Danielle Marie Meininger 

Kirstin Marie Mikalauskas 

Angela Fay Mulligan 


Jorge Arturo Parodi 

Sunanda Kumari Ray 

Dionne Jeanette Robinson 
t Ellis Robert Rosenberg 

Roy Howard Sexton III 

Lauren Teresa Shoop 

Cynthia Jane Simon 
* Douglas A. Smith 

Dianemarie Margaret St. George 

Alison Darlene Thomas 

Stanton David Weiner 

College of Business 
and Management 

Bachelor of Science 


Susan Ann Abell 
Thomas Albero 
Robin Kimberly Andrews 
Vasiliki Georgia Anton 
Arceli Bacsinila 
Loretta Lynn Bain 
Tony Bazuzi 
Craig Mitchell Berger 
John Charles Berry 
Robert Henry Billig 
Debra Sue Blake 
David Charles Blessing 
Kimberly Sue Boyll 
Patricia Ann Campbell 
Glen Carl Carby 
Joseph Gerard Carr 
§ Caroline Suzanne Carrick 
Jochebed Isriel Carter 
Mary-Elizabeth Castelli 

* Somsak Chivavibul 

t Robert James Cocchiaro 
Maria D. Codina 

* Sharon Lynn Coffren 
Christopher Michael Cooper 

(2nd Major: Finance) 
Timothy David Day 

* Virginia Anne DeCroes 
Angela C. Der 

Jeffery James Dickerson 
Karen Ann Dillon 
Nina Di Sandro 
Sharon Dacey Doherty 
Rafael Jesus Dominguez 
Elizabeth Anne Dove 
Michele Ann Duer 
Robert Vincent Eisinger 
Randall Blake Ellis 
Raymond Joseph Estep 
Pedro H. Fuertes 
Jeffrey Adam Gagliardi 
Julie Lynn Gallagher 
David Bishop Gardiner 
Joanne Georgiou 
John Andrew Gibbons 
Debra Elyse Glickman 
Julia Katherine Gluck 

Frederick Gordon 
Danny Lee Guessford 

* Jeffrey David Hamet 
Anthony George Haramis 
Christopher James Hart 
Thomas J. Hoberman 
Chontelle Marie Hrapchak 
Carol Yu Huang 

Joyce Ellen Hurtt 

John M. Johnston 

Richard LeRoy Jones, Jr. 

Angela Christine Juvelis 

Michele Denise Kaplan 

Sharon Elyse Keller 

Beth Anne Kilborn 
t Eric C. Knachel 

David Hal Kronthal 

Robert Lee Land III 

Suk Ku Lee 

Maria Gloria Leonin 

Sheila Kay Levine 

LeeAnn Losaw 

Lalrintluanga Hmar Malsawma 

Stephen John Manos 

Diane Rose Maslousky 

Kevin Wendall Miller 

Scott Nathan Miller 
t Deborah June Myers 

Kenneth Andrew Ney 

Teresa A. Oliveto 
(2nd Major: Finance) 

* Margaret Elaine Olson 
Kent Patrick Omer 
Robert Edison Osborne, Jr. 
Richard Anthony Parker 
John Michael Patarini 
Craig Michael Perlman 

N. Nelson Phelps 
Beatrice Philogene 
Lisa Lynn Piperberg 
Timothy John Pursel 
Young Tae Pyon 
Samboornam Ramaswamy 
Barbra Ann Riley 
Janice Lynn Rosen 
Richard Brian Rosoff 
Sandeep Saggar 

* Lisa Beth Schejbal 
Raymond Donald Scheren 
Brett Harold Schneider 
Helene Stacey Schwartz 

Jay Michael Schwartz 
Donnell K. Schweitzer, Jr. 
Anthony John Segreti, Jr. 
t Jacqueline Ann Seitz 
Carissa Lynn Selby 
Maureen Helen Sexton 
Steven Michael Shaffer 
Julie Anne Share 
May Shraim 
Jason Evan Sklar 
Mattie Marie Smith 

* Marc Allen Solomon 
Joseph Elliott Statter 
Ann V. Stewart 

Tai J. Sung 

Kotora DeNeen Swain 
(2nd Major: Finance) 

Patricia Tereniak 

Andrea Marice Terrell 

John Howard Tolley 
§ Kenneth Andrew Troshinsky 
§ Jeffrey Lee Unkle 

Robert David Vielhaber 

Karen Margaret Walton 

Alisa Joy Wang 
§ Robert Alexander Warren 
t Nile Jay Webb 

* Rose Liebl Werner 
Doris Virginia Wilson 
Judy Wong 

Jung Sook Woo 
John Melvin Wright 
Jeanette Wajih Zarou 


Stacy Abramowitz 
David Anthony Acciani 
Christine Sue Adams 
Calvin Servetus Aguilar 
David Steven Ascher 
t Frederick Wayne Atzrodt 

(2nd Major: Economics) 
Tibor Joszef Baksy, Jr. 
Michael Bannon 

(2nd Major: Transportation) 

* Eric Leon Barnabas 
John Francis Bell 
Stacy G. Herman 
Marta M. Bertola 
Dina Block 

Terry Lynn Blosser 
Mary Kathleen Bohan 


§ Summa cum Laude 
t Magna cum Laude 
' cum Laude 

Cynthia Lynn Booth 
Mark Alan Boring 
Stephen Douglas Bott 
Andree Marie Boudreaux 
Stephen William Bradford 

t Caroline Joy Branson 
Richard Joseph Briscoe 
Vikki Buchner 
Joseph Patrick Burdett 
Winslow Forthman Burhans 
Janice L. Canning 

* Lee Howard Caplan 
David Yinkai Chao 
Jacklyn Inhee Cho 
Carole Suzanne Clarke 

(2nd Major: Personnel & 
Labor Relations) 
Jennifer Ann Coffman 
Christine Elizabeth Cogan 
Emily Dianne Conner 
Kyle Stuart Cornwell 
James Robert Cover 
Sherry A. Crawford 
Katherine Suzanne Crosby 
Gonzalo de la Pezuela 
Richard Adam Diamond 
Claude T. Dickinson III 
Lee Anderson Dix 

Crowned with the 
numeral 10, the gateway 
next to the Rossborough 
Inn was a gift to the 
University from the 
Class of 1910. It was 
dedicated in 1941. 

Martha Boeri Donoghue 
Kevin E. Donovan 
Cecelia Dawn Dowdy 
Hatem Mostafa Fahmy 
Gregory Alan Farah 
Mary Dorothy Ferketic 
Lori Ann Ferment 
James Francis Figlozzi 
Michael Patrick Filippone 
Yvette Antoinette Fisher 
Eric Daniel Flores 
Cheryl Ann Folz 
Matthew Caleb Forman 
David A. Fratangelo 
Richard William Fuchs 
Wadzanai Valerie Garwe 
Paul Jason Glashofer 
Richard Marc Goldberg 
Saul Kenneth Goldberg 
Bruce Michael Goldstein 
Kathleen Ethel Gooch 
Michael D. Gordon 
Burnadette Joan Maureen Greaves 
Thomas Scott Greeves 
(2nd Major: General Business) 

John Charles Grund, Jr. 

(2nd Major: Economics) 
Todd Francis Havard 
Randall Allen Hayden 
Joseph Lorenzo Herbert III 
Mary Carmen Hillgren 
Benjamin Downing Hoen 

(2nd Major: General Business) 
Chee Ngung Huan 
Leslie Kathryne Hummel 
Matthew Alan Hunter 
Nancy Ann Jensen 
Violet Catherine John 
Bernard A. Joseph 
David Michael Karczeski 
Suzanne Alise Katz 
Stuart Jay Kipnes 
Alexander Krakovsky 
Timothy Michael LaPorta 
Rose June Lee 
Cynthia Elise Linden 
Michael Ira Lipiner 
Jane Ellen Litzenberger 

Keith Henry Lobo 
Nicola Moises Luciani 
Dorinda Kay Magill 
Sanford Marks 
Ellen Sue Mazer 
Joan E. Mazzu 
Hugh Martin McCaskill 
Gary William McCoy 
Anthony Quinn McCray 
James Thomas McCubbin 
Steven Phillip McNult 
James Allen Michael, Jr. 
Bryan Lee Miller 
Nathan Lane Miller 
Elaine Grace Montgomery 
Timothy James Moran 
Constance Cecilia Moses 
John Moughan 
Mitchell Scott Naidrich 
Rebecca Lynn Nathan 
Robert Seth Natkin 
Michael Nemeroff 
John Giles Nolan 
Lorraine Majella O'Donnell 
Michael Lawrence Parker 
Elaine Alexander Paterson 
Jill Marie Paterson 
Joseph Wythe Pearson 
Stephen Patrick Peperak 



Darin David Pinto 

Vivian Ximena Pupkin 

Michael Seth Rabinowitz 

Hina Razvi 

Michael W. Ricci 

Earle Edward Richardson 

Eric Dale Rogers 

Jeffrey Jon Ronaldi 

John Christopher Ross 

David Louis Ruben 

Michael Jay Rubenstein 

Linda Marie Sager 

Wendy Lynn Sann 

Lila Lakshmi Sarma 

Lisa Marie Saylor 

Brian Bruce Schimming 

Gail Ann Schlentz 

Amy Lynn Schneider 

Susan Marie ScotI 

John David Shaffer 
t Richard Hugh Seigel 

Paul Nicholas Silvestri 

Lee Ann Smith 

Augustine John Smyth 

Lori Lynn Soodak 
t Stacy Lynn Soskel 

Kevin Craig Spittle 

Brett Christopher Stahl 

Kenneth James Thiele 

Robert William Thompson 

Christina Maria Toth 

Janet Angela Traettino 

Wendy Ann Tuss 
§ Jeffrey Ljee Unkle 

Richard Paul Urian 

Mary Elizabeth Waterworth 

Matthew W. Watson 

Celia Weill 

Noel Evan Weintraub 

Jeffrey Lee Weiss 
(2nd Major Economics) 

John Bogardus Werth 

Edward Murray Whelan 
(2nd Major: Economics) 

Jon David Wilson, Jr. 

Tamara Dawn Wodiska 

Kim Ping Wong 
(2nd Major: Marketing) 

Richard Gary Woo 

Daphne Anitra Wright 

Eric John Wright 

Yunsin Christie Yoon 

Wendy Jennifer Zeitlin 
Kenneth Scott Zepp 
Robert Abraham Zuritsky 

General Business 

Eric Paul Baronfeld 

* Mar-Jeau Anne Barrett 

(2nd Major: Transportation) 
Gregory R. Burkhart 
John Stephen Bush 
Mary Grace Callahan 
Lori E. Cherwin 
t Donna Jean Coyle 
Deborrah Elizabeth Czupryna 
Bruce Michael Dunlavy 

* William Eric Erskine 
Jon Erik Falknor 
Diana Quinene Flores 
Elizabeth Ann Folta 
Laura S. Geaslen 
Molly Ann Greynolds 
Paul Gupta 

Amy Patricia Healey 
Rembert Richard Hoffmann 
Keith Anthony Johnson 
Thomas Michael Jones 
Zina M. Kavalou 
Hyung Muk Kim 
Vinita Kirplani 
Nikolaos Theodore Kopsidas 
Laura Mary Krajewski 
Angela Kwon 
John Tcheng Lin 
Brian E Lingenfelter 

(2nd Major: Finance) 
Jeffrey Neal Linn 
Cheryl Lynn Loughrey 
Gil Isaac Mandel 
Jeffrey Michael Martini 
Donna Jane McGowan 
Monica Suzanne Mielenz 
Maria Mercedes Munoz 
Susan Kathleen Murphy 
Daniel John Oakes 
Lawrence David Opack 
Terence Joseph Redmond 
William Lee Russo, Jr. 

* Barry Lawrence Saffer 

(2nd Major: Transportation) 
Fadia Sayegh 
Michael Allen Schweich 

Trina Marie Shenberger 
Peter Evan Sherry 
Gregory Jerome Steis 
Claire Ellen Stover 
Noel J. Taylor 

Renee Michelle Thompkins 
Richard Edward Tomlinson 
Ann-Marie Vitale 
Stephen Girard Washington 
Veronica Joy Whitson 
Steven Lee Windsor 

Management Science and 

Neeru Arora 

John Edward Baltz. Jr. 

Brandt William Barretto 

Cynthia Dorothy Brandt 

Mark Justin Chambers 

Andrew Tuen-Jit Chan 

Mondale Conte Conley 
t Cheryl Anne Dottermusch 

Jaime Marcelo Estrada 
t Todd P. Harrison 

Davina May Hopper 

Susan Vera Jochum 

Kimberly Jane Johnson 

Lori Ann Johnson 

Annette Michele Kramer 

Tanya Maria Lehmann 

James Howard Lehnert 

Charles Richard Lemler 

Susan Rachel Levy 

Debra Miriam Panitz 
t Deena Rebecca Panitz 

Nicholas Ngoc Pham 

Lora Jean Roberts 

Clayton Warren Taylor 

Glenville Euclid Thomas 

Patricia Ann Trainor 

Karen Jean Walukonis 

Fikeru Zewdie 


Ross David Abrams 
Ellie Alavi 

Melissa Lani Aquino 
Faith Seton Bagnall 
Laurie Sharon Bard 
Debra Robin Bassman 
Michael Paul Bean 
Wayne Edward Beazley 

Thomas George Bedard 

Paul Lloyd Berger 

Elyse Berman 

Rachel Bobrow 

Steven Paul Bonell 

Alene Robin Bovelsky 

Brandt Allen Boyle 

Ellen iris Brightman 

Denise Mary Burke 

Allison Cammeyer 

Robert William Carpenter 

Jeffrey Drew Casner 

Cheruvari Deepa Chandran 
(2nd Major: Transportation) 
t Seung-Ho Choe 

Jennifer Ann Ciccone 

Michele Renee Claypool 

Stacey Helene Cohen 

Ellyn Elizabeth Conte 

Arthur Ellis Crofoot, Jr. 

Lynnee Denise Crowley 

Robin Michele Cummings 

Brian Keith Day 

Donna Lynne Derx 

Paul Ziver Dittmann 

John William Dixon 

Richard Herschel Doctrow 

Jonathan David Eigen 
(2nd Major: Finance) 

Tracey Finch 

Leslie Ellen Fingerhut 

Rodney Steven Finglass 

Stephen Martin Fiore 

Cheri Robedeau Firlit 

Denise Ann Fisher 

James Dale Fleck, Jr. 

Tracy llene Fox 

Barry Joel Gelfand 

Michael Louis Glasser 

Robert Glenn Gleeson 

Michael Steven Goldstein 

Alicia Greenwald 

Ruth Ann Hamman 
§ Allison Hand 

Adam Michael Herz 

Kevin Paul Hill 

Pamela Ann Hilton 

Janet Marie HIiva 

Mindy Hoffrichter 

Lori Denise Holland 

William Joseph Huber 

Lisa Ann Hutchinson 


5 Summa cum Laude 
t Magna cum Laude 
* cum Laude 

Neal Alexander lannone 
Mary Elizabeth Imbalzano 

* Kathleen E. Isaman 

t Patricia Mary Jones 
Bernard Arthur Joseph 
Thomas Jozef 
Sheryl Lynne Kabii< 
Lisa Marie Karateew 

t Karen Catherine Kayal 
Edward Joseph Keeler 
Stephanie Fran Kiotzman 
Andrew Steven Kohn 
Claire Marie Koob 
Susan H. Kornblit 

t James Neil Kramer 
Marilyn Ruth Lasman 
Dana T. Laykind 
Brian H. Leader 
Wendy Gail Leibowitz 
Judith Ann Levine 
Julie Elizabeth Levinson 
Jodi L. Levy 

§ Audrey S. Lew 
Frederick Alexander Limback 
Christopher Keith Lowe 
Elizabeth Ann Lucas 
Jhodory Lee Lundquist 
Michael James Lynagh 
Susan Lynn Mansdoerfer 
Stacey Jill March 
Maureen S. Markiewicz 
(2nd Major: Personnel and 
Labor Relations) 
Susan Lynn Marquardt 
Marvin Marcel Martin 
Susan McAndrews 
Susan Nicole McClain 
Karen Patricia McGarvey 
David Francis Melbourne 
Ricki Meschkow 
Deborah Karen Messerman 
Sarah Louise Momberger 
Christopher Thomas Nelson 
Amy Susan Noble 
Stacey Lynn dinger 
Marissa A. Perrone 
John Paul James Peterson 
Andrea Prochotsky 
Richard Samuel Quigg, Jr. 
James Evans Read 
Heidi Michele Salis 
Hilary Sarter 

Roger L. Saylor 
James Charles Schor 
Pamela Theresa Schumann 
Raymond P Sears 
Jane Keiko Selkirk 
Kathy Lynn Shaver 
Lisa Ellen Sherman 
Stacey Fran Sherman 
Jae B. Shim 

(2nd Major: Transportation) 
Brian Scott Shollenberger 

* Vicki Hope Silver 
Shane Randolph Smith 
Stephen Gregory Smith 
Carolyn Meredith Sneider 
Deanna Lynne Soares 

(2nd Major: Personnel and 
Labor Relations) 
Shari Faith Sobel 
Glenn David Southworth 
Schuyler Alexander M. Stewart 
Tracey Anne Stott 
Janet Gail Sultan 
Dan Barre Sussman 
Krista Lanette Thomas 
Jeffrey Sean Vituli 
Eileen Robin Wain 
Pamela Nanette Waller 
Jean Marie Walsh 
Marcy Michelle Weinstein 
Scott David White 
Kim Louise Wilensky 
Lisa Jean Wilkinson 
William Edward Wilson, Jr. 
Cheryl Lenore Winig 
Yung Chan Yoon 
Jodi Robin Young 
Maren Beth Yumkas 

Personnel and Labor 

Joseph Howard Becker 
Karel Lynne Blose 
Susan Marie Bozinko 
Patrick Campion 
Angela Leigh Carey 
Sandra Corvari 

* Donna Lynn Dorsey 
Taren Yvette Duckett 
Delores Everett 

(2nd Major: Economics) 
Britta Nora Glasoe 

Lawrence Alan Goldberg 
Yvonne Freeman Harris 
Thomas Daniel Jacobs 
Susan Ann Krezanosky 
* Bradley Richard Kuhn 
Michael Keen La Violette 
Deborah Lynn Lamb 
Ruth Elaine Lamdin 
Gary Lane Lewis 
Lily Loh 

(2nd Major: Finance) 
Irene Teresa Malusky 
Veronica Michele Manning 
Kathleen Leslie McLaughlin 
Angel Luis Perez 
Linda Nelle Popolaski 
Sandra Lynn Reno 
Bonnie L. Schrecongost 
Jennifer Elizabeth Scott 
Michael Vincent Shea 
Laurie Lynn Steiner 
Deborah Lynne Terry 
Steven Patrick Truffer 
Kathy Lynne Whitler 
Marilyn Maria Wood 
Kathryn Vaughn Woolridge 

Production Management 

Michael H. Comer 
Laura J. Jansma 
Craig B. Steinberg 


David James Bowlus 
Shu-Er Chuang 
Michael Alan Danick 

(2nd Major: Economics) 
§ Pamela Jeanne Hoffmann 
Russell Lawrence Krauss 
James Christopher Moe 
Cynthia Mauricette Pappagallo 

(2nd Major: General Business) 
William Walter Riggins 111 

(2nd Major: Marketing) 
Eric Michael Rosenfeld 
Douglas Alan Scepura 
Paul Michael Yarrish 

College of Computer, 
Mathematical and 
Physical Sciences 

Bachelor of Science 


James Young-Kyu Cho 
Rocco Michael DAmbrosi 
James Craig Doty 
Helena Irene Guertler 
John Brian McKirgan 

Computer Science 

Marc Aaron Apolito 
Polkrist Authachinda 
Adrianne Laurenne Bell 
Timothy Louis Bennett 
Mitchell Howard Berman 
Adam Mark Berusch 
Timothy Stephen Betts 
Scott Biggs 

Henry Lee Braddock III 
J. Newton Breese 
Julia R. Byon 
Liying Cai 

Jean Marie Chamberlain 
Phung Kim Chau 
Michelle Young-Hee Cho 
Yong Joon Cho 
Paul Alan Clarke 

(2nd Major: Mathematics) 
Sheri Lee Cummins 
t Robert James Densock 
Charlene Do 
Kathleen Doran 
Michele Doyle 
John G. Edinger 
Megan Danielle Ensor 
Thomas Andrew Felbinger, Jr. 
Jeffrey Michael Fischer 
Michael Keith Flemming 
David Robert Fortney 
Keith William Ganis 
Patrick Pattillo Garvin, Jr. 
Martin Frederick Geil 
Jeffrey A. Ghine 
Bruce Goldin 
David Anthony Grigg 
Charles Howard Gunn 
Denise Annette Hall 
Tammy Colleen Henderson 

Gnanasiri Hettiarachchi 

Cheuk Suen Heung 

Kevin Shui-Chang Ho 

Robert Gregory Hollingsworth 

Andrew William Holmes 
Mark Stewart Horn 
Pey-Yuh Hsu 
Claire Huibonhoa 
Brian Keith Jachimski 
Sharon Ward Jig 
Donald Bruce Johnson 

* Leslie Anastasia Johnson 

* Todd Aaron Johnson 
Joanna Ching-Han Kai 
Terry Wendell Kaufman II 

* Kathleen Marie Kershaw 
Wail Mohamed Khalil 

§ Vivek Khera 

Ae K. Kim 

David Kim 

Ki Ok Kim 

Richard Geong-Do Kim 
t Susan Lorraine Knott 

Jagath Prasanna Kodikara 

Gary E. Korzeniowski 

Neil Joseph Kram 

Allan August Krueger 

Chauthi Lam 

Huong V. Le 

William Joseph Ledford 

Kyung Ho Lee 

Terance Lee 

Linda Ru-Yee Liu 

Constance Kramer Loving 

* Roopa Mangalmurti 
Dawn Nicole Mann 
Richard Dale Martin 
Sundeep Bahadur Mathur 
Madjid Matinrazm 
Carole A. McCallum 
Kathleen Marie McCole 
Rakesh Chandrakant Mehta 
Eiki Mera 

Dana Lillian Miller 
Nancy Lee Musgrove 
Steven Michael Nelson 
Hock Aik Ng 
Huong Ngoc Nguyen 
Trung Tiet Nguyen 
John Marshall Niswander 
Danelle Delores Norris 

§ Carsten K. Oertel 
Steve Dzung Pham 
Alan David Polansky 
Linda Ruth Pozesky 
Martin Lee Propper 
Darren F. Provine 
John Russell Richardson 
Torrence Harlan Robinson 
Hollis L. Ross, Jr. 

t Richard William Sabourin 
Gene Santomartino 
Karen Elisabeth Schmidt 
Alan Gary Schofer 
Leonard Leroy Shell man 
China Samia Siddiqui 
Keith Richard Sinrod 
Gregory Scott Smith 
Steven Andrew Soong 
Keith Andrew Stevens 
Matthew Alan Taylor 
Guech Nay Tech 
Michael Joseph Tierney 
Lam Quoc Tran 
Minh Ngoc Tran 
Natalie Hao Hang Tran 
David Melvin Trone 
Nigel Tzeng 
Xuan-Dung Thi Vo 
Daniel Thomas Vogel 
Matthew Carlton Wallace 
Eric Ariel Wannon 
Robert Todd Weiser 
Anna Marie Williams 
Wai-Yee Wong 
Andrew Austin Wood 
Kristin Wunderlich 
Hwei Yin 


Dana Maurice D'Aria 
Thomas Ross Davis 
Richard W. Yan 


§ Kristi Ann Aho 
Quoc-Anh Arcomona 
Tonci Raul Bakovic 
Sandra Ann Banaszak 
Thomas Kurt Brownscombe 
Julia R. Byon 
Kang Sang Chiu 
Philip Warren Chu 

Linda Ann Coblentz 

Michael Thomas Curtis 

Michael Andrew Davis 

Victoria Marie Dick 

Charles Christopher Fafard 

Boris Goldfarb 

Gregory Robert Grant 

Peter Francis Hatfalvi 

David V. Hornick 

Jin Mi Kim 

Harold K. Knight, Jr. 

Dong Gil Ko 

Hyrum William Laney 

Howard Michael Kram 

Christine Jeanine Lodge 

Peter Howe Loevinger 

Sarika Manrai 

Mitchell C. Murphy 

Pete Ames Palmer 

Joelle Ohayon Quinn 
§ Michael John Raue 

Catherine Ann Ruseau 

Charles Andrew Russell 

Lynne Rogers Sener 

Stephen Carl Tosini 
§ Katherine Johanna Toussaint 

Kimball Leigh Warren 

Physical Sciences 

Caria Sandra Arrington 
Christine Marie Caruso 
Donald Mitchell Cornwell, Jr. 
Tung Thanh Do 
Dennis J. Donovan 
Donald Robert Garrett 
Diane Foster Hayes 
Stuart Gregory Holtz 
Rose Joan Levush 
Hugh Coleman Morrison 


Lawrence Karl Adelberg 

K.T Barkley 

Due Vu Bui 

John Robert Burgoyne 

James Young-Kyu Cho 
§ Michael Robert Collier 
§ Robert Glen Crittenden 
§ Reza Ghanadan 

Louis Giglio 
* Robert Anthony Gruendl 

Joanne Marie Hartman 

Craig Lee Hoffman 
Nam Soo Kim 

* Man Tun Lai 
Jeffrey Roger Lawson 
Richard Thomas Mallardin 
Douglas Todd Norkin 
Anna Judyta Wyczalkowski 

* All Mohammad Zolfaghari-Cichani 


§ Summa cum Laude 
t Magna cum Laude 
' cum Laude 

College of Education 
Bachelor of Arts 

Art Education 

Lisa Mary Austin 
Daniel J Griffith III 
Pamela Hayward Monson 

English Education 

Jennifer Young Andreasen 
Paula Lynn Bean 
James Lewis Berry, Jr. 
Betty Catherine Glisson 
Laura Anne Loreg 
Cathy S. Moeller 
Caitlin Owens 
Virginia Mae Smith 
Kathleen Elizabeth Stradley 

Foreign Language 

Susan Ruth Blum 
§ Clare A. Burns-Klein 
§ Silvia Kurz Theresia Byerly 

Robin Ann DeGarmo 

Donna Lee Engleman 

Allyson Renee Harris 

Joan Hursen 

Kristin Lynn Nieman 

Leigh Ann Perret 

Jacqueline Dorcal Piou 

Lisa Sophie Rhein 

Teresa Lynn Roche 

Jeanne Marie Touzeau 

Library Science Education 

Tracy Lee Fritz 
Laura Diane Weston 

Mathematics Education 

Timothy Bennett Butler 

Social Studies Education 

Frank M. Aita 
James R. Archer 
Emilea Wunze Ejedepang-Koge 
Frances McNeill Finlay 
§ Jane F Goldman 
Deborah Lynn Kopnisky 
Scott Duane Spear 
Michael Anthony Taylor 
Lori Eve Weiner 

Bachelor of Science 

Art Education 

§ Christine Taras Aaron 
Rebecca Florence Brown 

§ Pamela Lynn Cox 
Joan Theresa Keightley 
Charlene Berrett Sisson 

* June Marie Thwing 

Early Childhood Education 

Tammy Sue Allen 
Robbie Lynn Batwinis 
May Mei-Yi Chow 
Julie Beth Cohn 
Caren Michelle Crisp 
Kathryn Anne DeCoursy 
Abbe Dee Deutsch 
Susan Greene Dillon 
Dorinda Lee Eustace 
Jennifer Susan Finn 
Deborah Beth Greenwald 
Barbi Lynn Heller 
Joan Ethel Kleinknecht 
Stacy Mila Krellen 
Kathleen Ann Krouse 
Mary Ann Lindner 
Kathryn Donna Luther 
Deborah Lyn Mintz 
Carolyn Truntich Richardson 
Kimberly Ann Rodgers 
Allison Marie Shrader 
Dorian Lane Sibley 
Elizabeth Ann Skoglin 
Robin Lynn Wright 

Elementary Education 

* Elizabeth Marie Aitken 
Denise Mary Bankert 
Angela Gayle Baroff 
Jennelle Ruthanne Bearce 
Ellen Rae Blumberg 

* Evelyn J. Brewer 
Brooke Lisa Cell 
Elizabeth Ann Chatterton 
Amy Melissa Cohen 
Karen Bonistalli Cooley 
Suzanne Ellen Cunningham 
Jodi Lynn Deitz 

Karen Sue Delfosse 
Brenda Kaye Elliott 

Rena Marie Ellis 
Kirk David Fitch 
Joan Ellen Freniere 
Shirley Eileen Geiss 
Maria Lynn Geldzahler 
Joanne Marie Glinski 
Allison Gail Gratch 
Angela Denise Hanks 
Lori Ellen Hirschberg 
Susan W. Jervis 
§ Janet Logan Johnson 
Cheryl Ann Jones 
Laith Ann Keane 
Alyssa Klein 
Tracey Lynne Land 
Robyn Hope Levenstein 
Patricia Ann Lucca 
Lisa Mannarino 
Rebecca Ann Manning 
Surah Reva Mehlman 
Kimberly Eugenia Miller 
Karen Lynne Moffat 
Anne Marie Monte 
Regina Marie Mussari 
Ellen Elizabeth Paxton 
Deborah Lynn Peter 
Diane Carol Petersen 
Andrea Hope Pincus 
Amy Patricia Pohutsky 
Angela Marie Poole 
Dana Melissa Pope 
Kim Louise Prebish 
Ellen Gloria Rein 
Jill Bari Rintel 
Laurie Ann Rodrigues 

* Lisa Beth Rubin 
Abby Caryn Scharf 
Karen Gail Schramm 

t Mary Catherine Sheehan 

* Margaret Regina Simpson 
Michelle Marie Smith 

* Rosemary Ingrid Smith 
Susan Walker Smith 
Diane Ryan Sterkx 
Judith Marie Strine 

Maria Josefa Portu Timpanaro 
Michele Anne Trifiro 
Wendy Ann Wallace 
Donna Lynn Warner 
Tina Jeanne White 
Diane Amy Zutz 

General Business 

Cindy Sue Henning 
t Dallas Arthur Shaw 

* Susan N. Virts 

Special Education 

Jennifer llene Alexander 
Lauren Sue Baron 
Elisabeth Anne Brown 
Susan Butts 
§ Jennifer Chambers 
Ann Elizabeth Clark 
Agnes Catherine Crisba 
Deborah Nechama Feinberg 
Kellie Ann Gearinger 
Robin Dale Goldman 

* Marissa Paula Gonsalves 
Stephanie Lynn Hirsch 
Andrea Miller 

Nina Sura Ross 
Iris Robin Rubin 
Jan Shapiro 
Lisa Michelle Sikes 

* Cheryl Ann Smith 
Mary Virginia Whelan 

Industrial Arts Education 

David Jeremiah Crabill III 

Industrial Technology 

Steven Hall Bernheisel 
Stephen Thomas Bieling 
Kenneth Alan Delaney 
John Theodore Faller 
Thomas Edward Horeff 
Joseph Raymond Inzana 
Douglas Paul Johnson 
Thomas Michael Kaub 
Eric Roger Lynch 
Guy Mark McCulley 
Jason David Newman 
Thomas Michael Peterson 
Errol Paul Schendeler 
Christopher Lee Thompson 
Delia Maria Tompkins 
David Joseph Trout 


Library Science Education 

Meenakshi Mohan 
Donald Evan Woodard 

Marketing and 
Distributive Education 

* Adaline Valentine Glazer 

Mathematics Education 

Stacy Ann Dixon 
Virginia Marie Garvey 
Linda Marie Goon 

* Roberta Margaret Leopold 
Suzanne Wendy Levin 
Kimberly Ann Lowr\- 
Paula Maccini 

Mary Anne Morrison 
Hae Jung Paik 
Linda Marie Pellegrino 
t Paula Marie Roberts 
Carline Anderson Small 
Cynthia Ann-Davidson Vaughn 
Monica Ann Wagner 
Marci Joan Yerman 

Music Education 

Julie Antezana 
Leslie Ann Barr 
Elizabeth Gale Donnellan 
Marcy Mirkin 

Science Education 

Patrice Giselle Bernstein 

Deonna Kay Emerson 

Ellen M. Estevez 

Marilyn Regina Garcia 

Kenneth R. Hankin 

Wanda Janet Hicks 

Pamela Smith Leffler 

Shelley Ann Marando 

Rebecca Justine Mason Simmons 

Laura Marie Moeller 

Patrick Kevin O'Connor 

Joseph Orgovan 

Scott Clifford Rand 

Joanna M. Ruffa 

Rosemary Sweeney 

Richard Allen Wilson, Jr. 

Secretarial Education 

Diane Marie Funke 
Charlene Denise McCasline 
Kristin Elizabeth McHugh 
Laura Helen Stavola 

Social Studies Education 

Melanie Denise Caldwell 

Penelope Cokinos 

Amy Beth Davis 
* Bonnie Lynn Frederick 

Robert Lynn Gibb 
§ Susan ina McCloskey 

Suzanne Nora Putney 

College of Engineering 
Bachelor of Science 

Aerospace Engineering 

Michael Robert Adams 
Yem-Sheng An 
§ Alicia Kim Birky 
Johnny W. Brooks, Jr. 
Brian Edward Cable 
David Scott Cadman 
Kenneth Alexander Canaday 

* Camille Rosemarie Ceraolo 
t Wai Yip Chan 

Jeanne Steele Coughlin 

Terry M. Crews 

Alexander Clark Drohat 

Scott Merriman Elliott 

David Stephen Esposito 

Steven Leonard Fischer 

Gerard Amador Garay 

Richard W. Garman 

Ralph Escudero Getz 

Aaditya Goswami 

Paul Dale Johnson 

Gregorv' John Kilchenstein 

Nicholas Hahn Kim 

Patrick LeMoine King 
t Jay-Yuan Lee 

Robert Andrew Lurz 

William Marvin Martin 

John Frederick Mauser 

Michael Miltenberger 

Hung Ngoc Nguyen 

Michael George Nishizaki 
§ Jeffrey Lee Payne 

* Patrick Robert Perusse 
Eric Yves Pillet 
Lloyd Albert Pusey, Jr. 
Kevin Patrick Roach 
Michael Paul Schwegmann 
William John Signorelli, Jr. 
Lynn Christine Sodetz 

* Nimfa Consolacion Cocos Teneza 
Tuan Quoc Tram 

Agricultural Engineering 

Andrew Gary Wong 

Chemical Engineering 

Nahid B.G, Araghi 

Diane Susan Bodner 

Sharon Patrice Briscoe 

Thorl Chea 

Yen-Ju Chen 

Judith F. Cortez 

Brian Christopher Gulp 

Abeer Issa Daoud 

Jose Ignacio Domfnguez 

Erik Harold Ebersole 

Alan Russell Clock 

Ahmad Heshmatipour 

Keith Edward Holly 

Robert Joseph Kemp 

Edward Alan King 

Walter Kushnir 

Kwame Kw^akye 

John J. Medico 

Catherine Anne Miller 

Kimberly Ann Murphy 

Jack Patrick Noonan 

Geoffrey Garrison Pass 

Christine Louise Pearson 

Minh-Chau Thi Pham 
t Sean Drummond Plunkett 

Margaret Ann Pullen 

Diana Lynn Rose 
§ Maria Rhea Runyan 

Howard Barr\' Savat 

Robert William Tkatch 

Todd Alan Twigg 

Civil Engineering 

Jeffrey Bruce Amateau 

Eric Bruce Austensen 

Scott Douglas Austin 

Marcello Barone 

John Custer Buffett 

Dawn Michele Campbell 

Mary Ellen Caves 

Kai-Xuan Li Chang 

Andreas Meletiou Chrysostomou 

Theresa Marie Coffman 

Brian Keith Davila 

James Paul Day 

Giordano Joseph De Candia 

David John Elberti 

Christine Susan Garabadian 

David Jennings Gordon 

Marco Antonio Gravina 


§ Summa cum Laude 
t Magna cum Laude 
' cum Laude 

Gary Wayne Hessong 
Daniel Jackson 
Frank Henry Kaul 
Lisa Marie Keser 
Jessica l^Verne Kinard 
James Clifton Lakey 
Garvin Douglas Masengale 
Terry Ray Mazer 
Anthony Edward Muzereus ill 
Paul Anthony Naranjo 
Stephen Keith Nolan 
Allan Ame Panganiban 
Atiquallah Panjshiri 
§ Michael Joseph Schmidt 
Jeffrey J. Seidleck 
Steven Samuel Shriver 

* Stephanie Soley 
Helen Grace Stein 
Gregory John Stewart 
Paul Dent Sutton 
Eskinder Teklu 

Eniolade Olatundun Williams 

* Laura Kathryn Zuke 

Electrical Engineering 

James Stephen Abell 

John David Abromavage 

James Sang-Sul An 

Shahbaz Afzal Aulakh 

Khaled Mouayd Azem 

Theodore Edward Herman 

John Anthony Bielec 

Leontyne Brooks 

James Andrew Brunetti 
T TamThanh Camille Buu 

John Francis Cavanaugh 

Tommie Joe Gavin, Jr. 

Keith Alan Chamberlin 

Leon R. Chan 

Kwang II Chang 

Vichai Chanthashivakul 
t Geeth Manikam Chettiar 

Nguyenanh Ngoc Chu 

* Philip Warren Chu 
Camel Odeon Clarke 
Brian Lee Clemons 
Stephen Gerald Cole 
Shirley Ann Collins 
Susan Ann Cox 

* Li-chun Dai 
Konn Danley 

Roger Michael Dashevsky 

Rolando De Gracia 
Elisa Maria Theresa DeGuzman 
Daniel John Degutis 
Christopher William Devine 
Caroline Sue Devlin 
Lan Phuong Do 
Kenneth Lee Dorsey 
Ethel S. Dowuona 
Mary Theresa Dziduch 
Joseph Theodore Evans 
William Frederick Fields 
Karen Marie Fitzmaurice 
David Andrew Floam 
Karen Marie Fortin 
Michael Gerchikov 
§ Reza Ghanadan 

* Peter George Goetz 
Alfred Gooray 
Kevin William Grimm 
Michael Lawrence Gross 

* Wei L. Gu 

t Sujon Guha 

* Hien Thuc Ha 
Michael Andrew Harmon 
Kevin L. Hart 

Beth Ann Herman 
Christopher James Hildebrand 
Tammy Lynn Houtz 
§ Rene lannuzzi 
Jerome Joseph Jaworski, Jr. 
Toney Edward Jennings 
Alan D. Johnson 
Farbod Kamgar 
Devendra Kapoor 
Ki Seok Kim 
Steven Michael Knuuti 
Dong Gil Ko 
Gary Michael Koch 
Andrew David Koffman 
Carol Ann Kowalski 
Howard Michael Kram 
Allan August Krueger 
Glen Andrew Kruse 
Stephen Carl Kurtz 
William Wai Chi Kwok 
Huy Due Le 
Thuy Hoang Tuong Le 
Donna Marlene Lee 
Tommy D. Lee 
Anne Shao-Yi Lei 
Bonita Florence Lewis 

* Pun For Li 

Christopher Robert Linden 
Stacey Jean Longanecker 

* Patricia Chi-yin Lu 
Kimberly June Lyons 
Jason Matthew Malak 
James Francis McGuire 
Harriet Clarie McNee 
Kevin Shawn Meagher 

* Daniel Kennyth Mears 
Rakesh Chandrakant Mehta 
Dagnew Alemu Meshesha 
Matthew G. Meyer 

* Susanne Marie Miller 
t Steven Brooks Minarik 

David Wayne Morsberger 

(2nd Major: Mathematics) 
Sunita Munjal 

* Jeffrey Scott Murter 
T V. Natarajan 

* Thomas William Neilon 
David Alan Neiss 

* Phuong Mai Ngo 
Hong Anh Nguyen 
Thomas Tien Phat Nguyen 
Steven Jew On 

Michael Christopher O'Neill 

Diana Marta Orentas 

Marc Selman Ostrow 

Sangsoo Pak 

Jamie Young Hee Pai-k 

Norman B. Pereira 
t Tien Pham 
t Nam Chan Phamdo 

Hien Minh Phan 

Tien Ngoc Phan 

Mark Alan Priebe 

Glenn Parker Rakow 

Gregory Joseph Raley 

* Rukmini Rao 

* Edward Marc Rosenthal 
Edward Allen Roth 
Catherine Ann Ruseau 
Charles David Sampson 
Joshua David Schoenfeld 
David Michael Shockley 
Seth Eric Shulman 
Tharakesh Siddalingaiah 
Sangita Singh 

Dion Lee Smallwood 
Timothy John Smidt 
Christopher Patric Smolinski 
Mark Brent Stine 

Joseph Elliott Strieker, Jr. 
§ Lynn Strock 

Edmund Syed 

Tarn Duy Ta 
t Hamid tabatabai 

* Gerard B. Tall 111 
Rajiv Tayal 
Gary Can Thai 
Hoang Tuong Thai 
Nancy Thai 

Kevin Michael Thomas 

Dimitrios M. Topaltzas 

Dung Dinh Tran 

Kiet Quang Tran 

Patrick Hoan Tran 

Viet Q. Tran 

Kim Paul Twigg 

Mladen Josip Udbinac 

Dennis Lee Upton, Jr. 

Joseph A. Valdesuso 

Douglas D. Wasson 

Wynn Jay Watson 

Steven Matthew Weaver 

Mark Curtis Wellman 
§ Laura Graham West 

John Scott Wilcher 
§ Tracy Lee Wilhelm 
t James Robert Williams 

Reinhardt Tom Wing 

Donald Curtis Wong 

Shu-Liang Wu 

Hirad Yazdankhah 
(2nd Major: Physics) 

Shung-Chiang Yeh 

Sukij Yongpiyakul 

Sue Yu 

* John Karl Zahurak 
Ann Zaks 

Frank Ying Zhang 
Kimberly Ann Zwinklis 

Fire Protection 

Edward Abbott Connell III 

* Edward Leslie Fixen 
Marlon I. Harding 
Jeffrey Alan Harwell 
Keith Alan Heckler 
Michael Joseph Kilby 
Phillip Zachary Tapper 
Richard F. Twomey 

t Randy Lee Willard 


Mecheuiical Engineering 

t Robert Glenn Anderson 
Lewis Irvin Askew, Jr. 
Douglas Stephen Beale 
Mona Coleen Beegle 
Mustafa Hakan Beygo 
Kimberly Lynn Bitting 
Anthony Alan Brow^n 
Michael Douglas Brown 
Christopher J. Burke 
James Craig Burnham, Jr. 
Kim Elaine Carlson 
Antonio Casilla 
Charles Edward Cooley 
Edward John Danchik 
Paul Allen Dolinar 
Thomas James Drach 

* James Talmadge Eller. Jr. 
Alan Joseph Endres 
Matthew George Esmacher 
Jon Edward Evans 
Michael Frederick Evans 
Mitzi Ann Eyier 
Charles Bernard Falter 
Denise Lynne Ferensic 
Antonino Luigi Fieri 
Dean Lee Garner 
Joseph James Gazda 
Kenneth Patrick Gladu 
David Andrew Gloyd 
Nabilah Amani Haque 
Kathryn Renee Hetrick 

* Deborah May Heuckeroth 
Karen Bracken Higby 
Patrick Michael Hill 

Teri Lynn Hitch 
Gurnie Cole Hobbs 
Patrick Kevin Holub 
James Michael Homan 
Kerry Wayne Hoover 
Frederick Robert Hubach 
Taren Anne Minion Hubbard 
Kenneth Lane Hudson 
Lisa Marie Johnson 
Mohammed J.F Khan 
Raymond John Kiernan 
Christopher H. Kirkman 
Kelly Sue Klein 
Richard Louis Kouzel 
Douglas Andrew Kukucka 
t Christopher Michael Lashley 

* Timothy Edge Levine 
John Edward Lewis 

Yu-Chi Lin 

Daniel Madrzykowski 

David Victor Marks 

John Quinn Martin 

Thomas Edward Martin 

Timothy Lee Martin 

Joseph Daniel Mauser 

Scott Thomas McBroom 

Douglas Bruce McGregor 

John Brian McKirgan 

Scott Christian Mielke 

Aparna Rani Mishra 

John Alden Monk 

Brian Lunceford Moore 

Adel A. Nabhani 
§ Minh Van Ngo 

Ha Phuong Nguyen 

Jeffrey Edward Notarangelo 

Robert L. OIney 

Sebastiano Passaniti 

Hwei-Siu C. Payer 

Philip James Peregino II 

Dawn Marie Perry 

Glenn Alan Pettet 

James David Poulin 

Anthony Perez Quebral 

Douglas Mark Ries 

Mark R. L. Routson 

Laurence Mendel Rubin 

Sylvia A. Rutiser 

Malinda Marie Rye 

Peter Santiago 

David Frank Sauter 

Kenneth Neal Segal 
t Michael Scott Shemer 

James Jennings Shertzer 

* Michele Renee Stern 
Garvin Wayne Thomas 

* Christopher Krebs Tromley 
Karl Erich Walinskas 
Gregory Allan Weisenfeld 
Karl Winner 

Won Sup Yoon 
Thomas Edward Young 

Undesignated Major 

David Brian Anderson 
Nora Colleen Beck 
Christopher A. Burkland 
Maria Rosario Makabenta Garcia 
Charles Howard Gilford 
Cheryl Lynn Goldstein 

t Jeffrey David Karceski 
Stuart Randall Morgan 
Christopher Jon Schnick 
Douglas Howard Walcutt 
Bernard Hendrick White IV 

College of Human 

Bachelor of Science 

Apparel Design 

Lina Ashy 

Hamere Eleni Demissie 

William Elliott Dozier 

Consumer Economics 

t Kelley Jo Belz 

Danielle Ann Caponite 

Nina Norma Fenton 

Jeffrey Lawrence Green 

Linda Salamah Haddad 

Jonathan Ira Hamburger 

Randi C. Kaplan 

Stephen Paul Lipman 
t Mary Eileen Maybee 

Kim Leslie Muster 

Vernita Floretta Parker 

Nancy Ann Rhodes 

Yasemin Saracli 

Andrew Lawrence Solomon 

Barbara Lynne Stratton 

Linda Jill Sussman 

Patrick Joseph Turlik 

Mollena Gail Weinstein 


Beryl E. Gilmore 

t Cheryl Ann Harrop 

Lisa Beth Kessler 

* Cynthia Janis Looney 
Lisa Wood McCoy 
Lauren Beth Rosen 

Family Studies 

.Alyse Hillary Aronowitz 
' Viviana Azar 
Elanna Joy Binder 
Laurie W. Brunson 
Elizabeth Kay Burgee 
Richard Salvatore Stefano Casola 
Carl Leslie Chadwick 
Donna Kay Coffey 
Deborah Lynn Eason 
Dawn Susan Ehrlich 
Lisa Rachel Eisenman 
Nancy Lisa Goldstein 

* Beth Alison Grabine 


§ Summa cum Laude 
t Magna cum Laude 
' cum Laude 

Diana Elisabeth Jason 
Dina S. Kaplan 
Jeffrey Haru Kodama 
Elaina Lynn MacKenzie 
Ericka Lyn Martin 
Ronna Jae Mellner 
Donna Lynette Mercilliott 
Mindy S. Miller 
MaryAlice Puga Morgan 
Timothy Allen Morgan 
Stacey Beth Reamer 
Lisa Beth Strieker 
§ Gale Miyuki Umemoto 
Peter Van Houten 
Amos White V 

Institution Administration 

David Michael Bullock 
Connie S. Durshaw 

* Rosemary Haughey 

Management and 
Consumer Studies 

t Joanne Veronica Kennedy 
Philip Wesley Koons 
David Leon 

Cheryl Andrea Mcintosh 
Shari L. Mitzner 
Ruby Victoria Neville 
Elise Lx)ren Newman 
Scott David Edward Paterson 
Jodi Schulson 
Debra llene Strassberg 

* Donna Maria Webster 

Nutrition Research 

JoAnn Esposito Campagnuolo 
Katherine Elizabeth Nolan 
Kathleen Anne Toepfer 

Textile Marketing/ Fashion 

Lisa Anne Bell 
Michele Block 
Bari Lynn Brown 
Amy Sue Casavant 

* Candace Kay Cauffman 
Cherylann Crisp Conte 

t Lisa Marie Conwell 
Debra Ann Corcoran 
Loisa Eva DePass 

Francine Ennis 
Angela Lynn Farrell 
Terri Ann Ferraro 
Anne Marie Fulmer 
Mary Eileen Gatti 
Amy Deborah Goldring 
Staci Paige Goldstein 
Marie Louise Gordon 
Todd Tyler Gunther 
Toby Marie Harrell 
Susan Felicia Haszard 
Renee Michele Helverson 
Shara A. Humphries 
Joanne S. Jackowitz 
Quintin T Jones 
Elizabeth Amy Kaplan 
Karen Lynn Keys 
Cindy E. Kirch 
Stacey Madeline Koren 
Karl Alexandra Lambrinos 
Chung Won Lee 
Dina Beth Levine 
Clarice Tina Levy 
Susan Ann Loker 
Leslie A. Maltagliati 
Nancy A. Maher 
Lesley Jill Marcus 
Cathy Michele Martin 
Mylinda Anne McAllister 
Jill Ruth Meltz 
Denise Carol Michaelides 
Oscar Segundo Moreno 
Alan Brett Nadelbach 
Monica Beth Nenner 
Sharon Lee Perkins 
Jacqueline Betsy Porter 
Susan Lisa Rachlin 
Lisa Audrey Richter 
Laura Ellen Riggs 
Janet Lynn Robinson 
Susan Ann Samiljan 
Sharon Lee Shapiro 
Joy Lori Shinbaum 
Francine Michele Taylor 
Stacy Lynn Turchin 
Mary Teresa Veirs 
Amy Ilyse Weiss 
Erica Lynn Willis 
Rachel Sharon Yuffee 

Textile Science 

Jennifer Lvnn Mines 

College of Journalism 
Bachelor of Science 

Christopher Edward Allen 
Amy Laura Aycock 
Maile Ruth Beers 
Fontella Dianna Bell 

* April Patrice Bernard 
Sally Elizabeth Blackford 
Robin S. Blatt 

Michael L. Boone 
Anthony S. Brookshire 
Michelle Ann Brosco 
Raquel G. Campos-Poussin 
Patricia Ellen Cece 
Margaret Elizabeth Cherrix 
Jean Jiwon Choe 
Christine Marie Cimino 
Sharon Diane Cline 
David Stanley Coates 
Laura Gina Cocozzella 
Brian Edwin Coss 
Christine Cuccolo 
Mishelle Ann Dean 
Sharon Denny 
Michelle Denise Disney 
Laura Ann Eger 
Andrea Stephanie Ellen 
Michael Curtis Epps 
Melissa Hope Feidelman 
Lisa Beth Feinsilver 
Cheryl Lynn Fisher 
Jill Lee Fleming 
Linda Ann Gatti 

* Edward T Glascock 
Mara Alene Goldman 
Samuel Bram Goldreich 
Chester M. Goodwin IV 
Gary Bernard Graves 
Randi Greenwald 
David Marc Grening 
Donna Marie Haegele 

* Holly Grace Hansen 
Danita Renee Harris 
David Patrick Henry 
Martin Porter Hobbs 
Sherrie Eileen Holtzman 
Vanessa Lee Howatt 

John Christopher Hubbard 
Audrey Ann Ingrao 
Lori Anne Jacobs 
Stanley Kenneth Johnson 

Lisa D'Sonya Jones 

Mary Shannon Kadow 

Harpreet Kang 

Jonathan Jay Karron 

Lesley Lynn Kerner 

Paul Steven Kirby 

Michele Ann Kosineski 

Estelle M. Krieger 

Ellen M. Langan 

Kara K. Larson 

Alicia B. Lavay 

Katherine Margaret Leszczynski 

Susan Jo Levin 

Suzanne Clementine McAndrew 

Maureen Elizabeth McKay 

Tamera Lynn Mele 

Dawana Denean Merritt 

Nancy Gates Milliken 

Kevin Alan Minnick 

Adam Jack Morell 

Michelle Denise Nachison 

Lisa Leigh Nerangis 

Kashu Ngan 

Roberta Hope Offenhutter 

Tonya Elzenia Simpkins Poole 

Cheri Lynn Privor 

Rudolph Augustin Pyatt 

Steven Craig Rappaport 

Gregor,' M. Ring 

* Adina Rishe 

Andrea Sherne Ritmiller 
Orii E. Robinson 
Janet Ellen Rockmore 
Andrew Rondepierre 

* Julie Lynn Rosenthal 
Debra Joy Rosman 

* Christine Marie Roth 
Gary Rothschild 
Geraldine Yvette Royale 
Hen Rachael Ruby 
Allison Barbara Russell 
Henry D. Sacks, Jr. 
Mermaide Maria Sague 
Robyn Lee Sandler 
Vanessa Kay Scherzer 
Joanne Schwartz 
Richard Max Seidlitz, Jr. 

* Marcie Jill Shapiro 
Jodi Lynn Silverstein 
Paula Marv Simonini 


Michael Francis Sinei< 

* Donna Edelin Siingiuff 
Andrea Jean Smitln 
Sharon Hope Snyder 

* Kathryn Mary Stephan 
Sandra Dawn Stevens 
Letha Elizabeth Strothers 
Vilecia Cheriece Summers 
Lauren Beth Surosky 
Kerry Elizabeth Sweeney 
Megan Anne Sweeney 
Rivka 0. Tadjer 
Catherine Kara Tatsios 
Anne Carolyn Tew 
Tracy J. Theodore 

Sarah E. Tippit 
Ginger Arve Tracy 
t Jean Elizabeth Van Ryzin 
Stacey Raye Veazey 
Lisa Jean Voss 
Charles Michael Walsh 
Eden Wang 
Stephen A. Weisgal 
Laura Ellen Whitmore 
Min Sun Woo 
Jeffrey Brian Yelton 
Terri Ziskind 

College of Life 

Bachelor of Science 


Glenn Karl Arzadon 
Peter Nash Brugger 
Kirk Edward Davis 
Alan John Delhomme 
Jose Ignacio Dominguez 
Wesley Alan Eans 

(2nd Major: Microbiology) 
Alan Russell Clock 
t Elizabeth Charlotte Greig 
Michael Kevin Helms 
Dennis Anthony Armstrong Huie 
Steven Craig Karceski 
Ki Jeong Kim 

* Sean Jochai Lev-Tov 

* Nathaniel Arthur Lowen 
Azita Moalem 

Ali Niak 

David Neal Orloff 
Belur Janakray Patel 
Jennifer Ann Raub 
t Daniel Burton Reese 

Samer Saiedy 
Joseph James Stashick 
§ Lynn Carol Sullivan 
Anne Min Tom 

* Giridhar Venkatraman 
Toan Robert Vu 


Kevin Gray Donnelly 


Diana Opal Butler 
Shirley H. Chang 
Shirley Shwu-Shiow Chang 
Jacob Cherian 

* Suet M. Chong 

(2nd Major: Economics) 
Ann Marie Devoles 
Kian Djawdan 

Jonathan Chungyeop Hahm 
Carlton R. Hall 
Jenny Tenicela Inga 
Gu Jun 

Robert John Mennie 
Jong Won Park 
Corinne M. Pouliquen 


Samuel Jayakara Rao 
Mack C. Rhoden II 

* Bahram Sarfaraz 
Loren Wayne Ward 


Eve Mary Reitz 

General Biological Sciences 

Ender Ali Adam 
Eliana Assimakopoulos 
Craig Merrell Berchtold 
Anne Enanga Burnley 
Barbara Ann Campbell 
Christine Rose Claude 
Cecelia Mary Costley 
Dennis Michael CuUinane 
Roy Steven Dansky 
Catherine Frances Dougherty 
Brenda Kay Drew 

* Janice April Eisen 
Lisa Christine Esser 
Sonja Viveka Fordham 
Robin Freeman 
Dorinda Deane Fuller 
Anita Ganeshan 
Daniel Thomas Garber 
Yvette Andree George 

* Tom Fouad Adly Ghobrial 
Robyn Beth Glass 

"A Meeting Place: Night and Day" is a monument created by the late UMCP art 
Professor Kenneth Campbell. The 15-ton structure, which consists of two 18-foot- 
high pieces, is sited on a cobblestone court surrounded by dwarf pine trees just east 
of the H.J. Patterson Building. 


S Summa cum Laude 
t Magna cum Laude 
' cum Laude 

Cheryl Ann Goldberg 

John Mark Gooch 

Valerie Lynn Gross 

Dawn Elise Gundersen 

Gary Andrew Herring 

Lx)ri Lynn Hutter 

Kenneth James Janowski 

Julie Anne Keeler 

Laura Anne Kirby 

Deborah ianthe Lambie 
§ Sarah Rose-Anne Linde 

Glenn Russell Longenecker 
§ Noreen Marie McAllister 

Wendell Harris McKay 

Janelle Marie Merski 

Azita Moalem 

John Kadri Mutlu 

Joy Arlene Oliver 

Katherine Papaspyrou 

Michael David Parsons 

Kimberly Ann Peifley 

Merrily Pensell 

Danielle Elise Reid 

Jay Lewis Rosenberg 
§ Suzette Jacqueline Saatman 

John Joseph Saint Onge 

Terri Lee Sale 

Irim Nasim Sarwar 

Teresa Shawndel Scripture 

Michael Bernd Seipel 

Donna Jo Shankle 

* Evette Nehama Sobel 
Michael Zev Sobel 
Mary Elizabeth St. Denis 
Benjamin Wamsley Straight 

§ Holly Susan Symonds 
Becky Lynn Terjung 
Michael H. Watins 
H. Marc Watzman 
John Alfonso Wega 
Bonnie Dorette Weiss 
Cynthia Ann Wendling 
John Jeffrey Willey 

* Sandra Yu Yang 
Mary Catherine Zink 


Rachel Jigy Abraham 
Grammenos Achilles 

Lisa Marie Baca 
Mageli Gumabon Canlas 

Hsin-Chi Chen 
Caterina Lucy Ciccarello 
Ronaldo Cruz De Guzman 

* Monisha Suresh Deodhar 
Jodie Gloria Donohue 
Patrick Eugene Elia 
Peter Andrew Emanuel 

* Saeed Feizi 

Dallam Goss Ferneyhough 111 
B. Eileen Floyd 
Douglas James Frazier 
John Edward Hall 
Robert Steven Hom 
§ Reema Jalali 
Shideh Jalali 
Peggy Jane Jancuk 
Sorenna Marie Kirkegaard 

(2nd Major: Biochemistry) 
James Jong Lee 

* Martin Thomas Liss 
Kiel Anh Ly 

Lawrence Gregory Meyers 
Thanhdao Thi Nguyen 
James Merle Palangdao 
Belur Janakray Patel 
Fatemah Farzaneh Pirnia 

Rahim Z 
Liliana Isabel Riva 
Michael Henry Smyth 
Susan Marie Turcovski 
Divya Verma 
Edith Ngwanke Yakum 
James Douglas Yeargain 


Mahajabin Saira Ali 
Nancy Redmond Beard 
Leigh Amy Bull 
Julia Jane Bye 
Alissandro Roque Castillo 
Shirley Shwu-Shiow Chang 
Dorothy Marie Cimino 
William Christopher Davis 
Karen Marie DeCamp 
Michael Adams Doherty 
Peter Kevin D'Orazio 
Joyce M. Gearhart 
t Elizabeth Charlotte Greig 
Lynda Louise Herring 
Peggy Jane Jancuk 

Scott Lawrance Klasman 

Kristi Lynn Kotz 

Kathleen Elizabeth Lanks 
§ Melissa Wei-Yee Lee 

David Stewart Liebow 

Anthony Francis Lorenzo 

Karen Marie Moody 

James Kevin Morrisey 
§ Majid Moshirfar 

Ali Niak 

Mary Antonette Norris 

Brunilda Rosa Santiago 

Sandhya Shardanand 

DianeMarie Margaret St. George 
§ Kenneth Bruce Stoller 

Manoranjan Tayal 

Barbra B. Vogel 

Trumer James Wagner, Jr. 

Lisa Michelle Weaver 

Paula Jean Yates 

College of Physical 
Education, Recreation, 
and Health 

Bachelor of Science 

Health Education 

* Margaret M. Gourd-Barrett 
Michelle Lorena LaBrec 
Joseph Albert Middleton 

* Francia Patricia Parham 
Jennifer Catherine Potocnak 
Deborah Lynn Rawicz 

§ Holly Pennington Van Goor 
Margaret Marie Wolfe 

Kinesiological Sciences 

t Sibley Potter Bacon 

Paula Anne Bagnardi 

Mary Elizabeth Carroll 

Danielle Patrese Cartwright 

Beatriz Causilla 

Lauren Brett Claire 

Michael Anthony Cortese 

Alfred Wayne Daniels 
t Linda Susan Fox 

Laura Beth Fraidin 

Robert Leonard Gole 

Michelle C. Hesen 
t Michael Scott Hess 

Amy D. Holzman 

Sybille Jude Izmery 

Eileen Marcie Kahn 

Holly Gabrielle Kamlet 

Maureen McGowan 

James Michael McKee 

Matthew Messina 
t Claudia Cathleen Montgomery 

Denise Mindy Moskowitz 

Patricia Lee Osika 

Michael Alexander Palmer 

Christine Rae Pearson 

Lisa Marie Riddell 

Edmund Francis Ryan 

Ellen Jean Ryan 

Karen Anne Scaffidi 

Cathleen Mary Schulien 

Binaben C. Shah 

Meryl Sue Silverman 

Tracy Lynn Sopchick 

Kerri Lvnn Stern 


Christopher Lee Straaten 
William Taft Tyner, Jr. 
Pamela Jo Varlotta 
Kelli A. Visco 
Lynne Jeanice Walker 
Kristin Kay Watson 
Robert Anthony Wells 
Karen Faye White 

Physical Education 

Darlene Marie Barton 
Patricia Strang Corson 
Lisa Rose Festa 
Lisa Michele Fox 
Elizabeth Ann Freeman 
Christy Leigh McEldowney 
Amy Patton 


Todd Jeffrey Archibald 
Jennifer Lynn Dahl 
Lauryn Jean McNeill 
t Susan Diane Meyer 
Terri Kimberly Moore 
Patricia Ann Salvesen 

Undergraduate Studies 
Bachelor of Arts 

Individual Studies 

t Beverly Glover Cariisle 

Lori Ann Farber 
§ Scott Lawrence Gainsburg 

Stephen Douglas Harmon 

Jodie Sue Horowitz 

Isabella Lyman Jackson 
* Phyllis Smith Jensen 

Douglas Niemela 

Bachelor of 
Generfd Studies 

William Raymond Andahazy 
Daniel Michael Aurigemma 
Tannaz Bagherzadeh 
Pamela Lorraine Bailey 
Karen J. Bale 
Eve Noel Ball 
Kurt Richard Ball 
Stephen Keith Beardmore 
Eric Bernstein 
Charies Joseph Billerbeck 
Stacy Lynn Boff 
Pamela Hope Book 
Richard Anthony Borowski 
Thomas Joseph Bottenhorn 
Deborah Lynn Bowen 
James Patrick Boyle 
Deborah Rose Brady 
Stacy Lynn Brasner 
Monique Mary Bresnie 
Danny Francis Bresson 
Terry Alfred Burke 
Daniel Kenyon Byrnes 
John Joseph Cabala 
Jennifer Lynn Carney 
Alyson Beth Casten 
Andres Oswaldo Castro 
Jeffrey Craig Chaplin 
James Andrew Chatham 
Sydel Judith Cherdak 
Adam C. Cherry 
Bettina Marguerite Cherry 
Stacey Meredith Chinitz 
Christopher Royle Chitterling 
Lee Ann Chmielewski 
Lisa Jill Cochin 
Paul Frederick Conte 

Laura May Corpus 

Ann Elizabeth Cronin 

Victor J. Daidone 

Jay Patrick DeVore 

Arlene Robin Draiman 

Michelle Beth Edelman 

Ferrell Edmunds, Jr. 

Jean Louise Ellison 

Shari Lynn Fain 

David Edward Farrell 

Audrey Lynne Feldbaum 

Robin Beth Feldman 

Tammi Hope Feldman 

Christopher Michael Ferrone 

Rachel Beth Fiebach 

Robert Mellor Fielding 

Michael Joseph FitzGerald 

Susan Elizabeth Fitzpatrick 

Mary Elizabeth Fowler 

Lisa Beth Fox 

Susan Leslie Frank 

Hillary Elyse Friedler 

Jill Susan Friedman 

Sharon Beth Friedman 

Mechelle Fuller 

Timothy Richard Gaarn 

Keith Steven Geismar 

Knar Nyssa Gelenian 

Deborah Lynn Gerson 

Mark Kevin Click 

Eric D. Glickstein 

Adam Philip Gold 

Shereen Ruth Gordon 

Tara Kathleen Elizabeth Gorman 

Beth Susan Gottlieb 

Randi Gail Green 

Laura J. Greene 

Jay Steven Greenstein 

Todd M. Grinspoon 

Shawn Robin Guss 

Adam Guthrie 

Wynn M. Helms 

Kristin Lee Higgins 

Michael Gregg Hoge 

Kathleen Judith Huffman 

William Hughes 

Geoffrey Merkle Irwin 

Phyllis Sue Jaffee 

Joan Carole Jordan 

Mi Yong Kang 

Lisa Beth Kaplan 

Lisa Dawn Kaplan 

* Stefanie A. Katz 
Christine Portia Keefer 
Lucy Kidder Kelly 
Alexander E. Kivimae 
Judi Marie Knight 
Michele Hedi Kofsky 
Suzanne Robin Koniak 
Lisa Koo 

Renae Sophia Kosmides 
Dayna Kula 
Debbie Lynne Kurley 
t Jennifer Starr Lamb 
Dianne Helen Lambert 
Patricia F Landy 
Brenda CoUison Lang 
Elizabeth Rawlins Law 
Sharyn Eileen Lazear 
Spencer Jennings Leech 111 
Kelly Dee Lehman 
Susan Jennings Leith 
Jolene Dawn Leuckel 
Donald E. Lichterman 
Judy Dianne Lopez 
Shari Beth Ludwig 
Jennifer Fong Lui 
Gary L. Lustberg 
Cindy Jo Luxemberg 
Cynthia Suzanne Malin 
Lee Michelle Manasseri 
Keith Michael Manning 

* Leslie Anne Marcarelli 
Jean A. Marchowsky 
Barbara Mark 

Maria Aurora Martinez 
Jeanine Terese McCall 
Mollie Millington McEvoy 
Jeanne McGuinness 
Richard Alan Meilman 
Stephanie Ann Mellone 
Lisa Jill Menowitz 
Diane H. Miller 
Leanne Gail Miller 
Anne Catherine Mirante 
Henry Robert Mohlhenrich 
Paul Bettencourt Moniz 
Brooke Anne Moore 
Cecile Antoinette Morch 
Eileen Maria Morrissey 
Jill Susan Moss 
Kimberly Irene Moulthrop 

* Debra Lynn Munford 
Francine Nadler 


§ Summu cum Laude 
t Magna cum Laude 
' cum Laude 

Joelle S. Noren 

Kristina Lynn Norris 

Paul John O'Connor 

Mona O'Kane 

Kristin Pamela Olafson 

Christine Fraught O'Malley 

Rebecca A. Patton 

Traci Lynne Perkins 

John Perry 

Douglas Vincent Poindexter 

Michelle Robin Polansky 

Debra Lee Powell 

Kevin John Prus 

Orazio I. Puglisi, jr. 

MaryBeth Ratner 

Peter J. Reingold 

Randi Michele Rentz 

Guy Thomas Riccardi 

Kristin Gayle Richards 

Robert Nicholas Rizzo 

Megan Mouneen Roddy 

William Edward Rollyson 

* Donna Cecelia Rose 
t Suzanne Ellen Rose 

Steven Jay Rosen 
Kara Lynn Ross 
John Robert Rover 
Margaret Hundley Rowand 
Rene Beth Rubinstein 
Bruce Seth Salik 
Lisa Margaret Satterfield-Salins 
Paul Robert Schain 
Neil Robert Schleifer 
Michael Steven Schlesinger 
Howard Alan Schloss 
Tracy Lynn Schneider 
Tracy Michele Schneider 
Catherine Ann Schombert 

* Rhonda Dawn Schwartz 
Lisa Kaye Sebasco 

Samuel Ralph Heath Seymour 
Mark S. Shapiro 
Kathleen Ann Sheedy 
Mary Teresa Sheehan 
Eric Howell Sheitelman 
Lana Shekhtman 
Michael A. Shreiber 
Allison Siegel 
Denise Ellen Siegel 
Samuel Joel Silverman 
Stephen Hall Simpson 
Stacey Slovin 

D'Ann Evelyn Spangler 
Amy Beth Spindel 
Susan Beth Stark 
Mark Bruce Steele 
Richard Lee Stein 
Patricia Susanne Sfeinbaum 
Kathie Lyn Stoehr 
James Barry Stone 
Eric William Strub 
Gregg Steven Supinsky 
Jerome Joseph Sweeney 
Robin Alane Swick 
Christina Ava Tatsios 
llene Tepperman 
Michele Amie Terner 
John Robert Terrell 
Andrew Endicott Thibault 
Kimberly Gayle Thompson 
Lisa Hope Valenta 
Julie llene Venick 
Vicki J. Weiler 
Hilary Ann Weinstein 
Mindy Robin Wiener 
Jeffrey Thomas Winans 
Howard Bradley Wolffs 
Randi Joy Woolf 
Charles John Wray 
Darryl Edward Wright 
Jennifer Nicole Wright 
Margo Wurtzel 
Howard G. Yeager 
Gary Jay Yerman 
Diana Victoria Zangla 

Bachelor of Science 

Individual Studies 

Judi Beth Abramson 

Elyse Gayle Adler 

Richard Scott Bonchick 

Diane A. Corrao 

Carol llene Dinner 
* Elizabeth J. Donovan 

Gene Mitchell Fatula 
t Sheila Erica Fox 

David Myers 

Tyrone Maurice Pettiford 

AnnMarie Schuiz 
t Tomi Clair Tucker 

Programs in: 

Afro-American Studies 

Nina Norma Fenton 
Stacey Lisa Shorter 

East Asian Studies 

Coy Eugene Burney 
Alicia Renee McNerhany 

Liberal Arts 
in Business 

Linda Sue Balon 
Glen C. Cleveland 
Jennifer Ann Etzel 
Jill Andrea Glasser 
Lauren Beth Kallins 
Kenton Thomas Kilgore 
Christine R. Lloyd 
Jenny Mittleman 
Mary Frances Rejevich 
Eric J. Schnur 
Marcie Jill Shapiro 
Helen Susan Clair Smith 

Women's Studies 

Raquel G. Campos-Poussin 
Katherine Rose DesJardins 
Deborah Lynn Eason 
Audrey Lynne Feldbaum 
Laurie Suzanne Friedman 
Gail Leithauser 
Julia Marie Leonard 
Linda Nelle Popolski 
Lisa Kaye Sebasco 


Second Lieutenants 
U.S. Air Force Reserves 

John Joseph Cabala 
Lygia Marie Dentry 
Karen Marie Fitzmaurice 
Andrea Leonette Gill 
John Mark Gooch 
Michael Shannon Jackson 
Paul Dale Johnson 
Robert Andrew Lurz 
Timothy Joseph Madden 
James Stewart Mills Jr. 
Anthony Edward Muzereus 1 
Kimberly Gayle Thompson 
James Calvin Vechery 
Mark Andrew Watts 



A spired cupola sits atop the roof of the newly- 
renovated Microbiology Building. Built in 1938, the 
building originally served as a U.S. Bureau of Mines 
research center for non-metalic minerals. 

Bachelor's degree candidates who have qualified for scholarship 
honors upon graduation are designated by appropriate symbols 
adjacent to their names within the alphabetical listings of colleges 
or schools. 

To be eligible for consideration for such honors a candidate must 
meet the following general criteria: (1) have completed at least two 
years of work at The University of Maryland (60 semester hours, 30 
of which were earned at the College Park Campus) and (2) have a 
scholastic average of B (grade point average of 3.000) or higher in 
University of Maryland work prior to the last semester of registration 
before award of degree. 

May 1988 candidates who have met these criteria are shown in the 
listings as qualifying, upon graduation, for the designations Summa 
Cum Laude (if they ranked in the top two percent of the candidates 
in their respective colleges or schools). Magna cum Laude (if in the 
next three percent), or cum Laude (if in the next five percent), based 
on the grade point averages of students in the preceding three 
graduating classes of their degree-granting unit. 

General Honors 

With General Honors 

Irene Maria Bascunana 
Philip Warren Chu 
Martin Frederick Geil 
Valerie Lynn Gross 
Sujon Guha 

Alison Victoria Henderson 
Deborah May Heuckeroth 
Scott Lawrance Klasman 
Howard Michael Kram 
Holly Waite Lanphear 
Catherine Anne Miller 
Azita Moalem 
Steven M. Mohlhenrich 
Rukmini Rao 
Ellis Robert Rosenberg 
Amy Lynne Rosenthal 
Lynne Rogers Sener 
Bijan R. Siahatgar 
Donna Edelin Slingluff 
Deanna Lynne Soares 


With High Honors 
in Economics 

David Harold Eaton 
Gregory A. Greenberg 

With High Honors in English 

Allen Robert Larson 
Lynda Lorraine Rozas 

With High Honors in General 
Biological Sciences 

Holly Susan Symonds 

With High Honors in 

Harold K. Knight, .)r. 

With High Honors in Physics 

Michael Robert Collier 
Robert Glen Crittenden 

With Honors in Economics 

Eric Leon Barnabas 
Sujon Guha 
Allan Kenneth Manuel 
David Phillip Miracle 


With Honors in Engineering 

Anthony Alan Brown 
Geeth Manikam Chettiar 
Philip Warren Chu 
Ricardo Heinrich Diaz'* 
Reza Ghanadan 
Sujon Guha 

Glenn Emery Moglen** 
Hamid Tabatabai 

With Honors in English 

Sharon Church Campbell 
Nancy Joann Faass 
Kenneth Matthew Hicks 
Alicia Watts Hosmer 
Priti Joshi 
Julie Ann Metz 
Sheryl Anne Petkunas 

With Honors in General 
Biological Sciences 

Robin Freeman 
Danielle Elise Reid 
Michael Bernd Seipel 
Terri Lee Sale 

With Honors in History 

Deborah Marie Polk 

With Honors in Mathematics 

Boris Goldfarb 

With Honors in Microbiology 

Reema Jalali 

With Honors in Physics 

Man Tun Lai 

Ali Mohammad Zolfagheri-Cichani 

With Honors in Psychology 

Nancy Beth Hertzog 
Alan Mason Keating 

With Honors in Textiles and 
Consumer Economics 

Lisa Marie Conwell 

** Graduated December 1987 


(Agricultural Engineering) 

Julianne Cotton 
Dana Parsons 
W. Lamar Harris 

(Social Research For Service) 

Julie Lynn Maier 

(Law Enforcement and 
Criminology National Honor 

Lori Ann Brill 
George Ellis Corson IV 
Michael Shannon Jackson 
Christopher Sean Koper 
Marchelle Ann Ruderman 
Floyd Ivertha Spinner 
Shari Leigh Sussman 
James Calvin Vechery 


Sharon Ashburn 
Cynthia Bailor 
Janice Baxter 
Donna Biggs 
Guy Brauning 
Kathleen El Said 
Jeanette Glew 
Mildred Hayman 
Christine Kepple 
Kurt Knower 
Sarah Link 
Mary Neville 
Cynthia Schwarz 
Gary Seibel 
Joyce Sweeney 
Kathryn Valente 


Undergraduate Students 
December 1987 

Jacqueline Grubar 

May 1988 

Craig Berger 

Joseph Carr 

Caroline Carrick 

Somsak Chivavibul 

Robert Cocchiaro 

Ginny DeCroes 

Nina Di Sandro 

Sharon Doherty 

Dan Guessford 

Jeff Hamet 

Christopher Hart 

John Johnston 

Sharon Keller 

Eric Knachel 

Robert Land 

Steve Manos 

Debbie Myers 

Teresa Oliveto 

Margaret Olson 

Young Pyon 

Samboornam Ramaswamy 

Sandeep Saggar 

Lisa Schejbal 

Jackie Seitz 

Jason Sklar 

Marc Solomon 

Tai Sung 

Jeff Unkle 

Nile Webb 

(Business Administration 

Undergraduate Students 
August 1987 

M. Kathryn Gray 
Terrence Anthony Waak 

December 1987 

Martin J. Archambeault 
Helen K. Busch 
Katherine Campbell 
Katherine L. Gray 
Lisa Marie Lindley 
Serena P. Olson 
Ana-Luisa Paraud 
Regina M. Potyraj 
Lynn Marie Rothermel 


May 1988 

Eric Leon Barnabas 
Mar-Jeau Anne Barrett 
Martha D. Boeri 
Caroline Joy Branson 
Caroline S. Carrick 
Somsak Chivavibul 
Seung-ho Choe 
Robert James Cocchiaro 
Sharon Lynn Coffren 
Donna Jean Coyle 
Virginia Anne DeCroes 
Donna Lynn Dorsey 
William Eric Erskine 
Eric Daniel Flores 
Mathew C. Forman 
John C. Grund 
Jeffrey David Hamet 
Todd P. Harrison 
Kathleen E. Isaman 
Sheryl Lynne Kabik 
James N. Kramer 
Rose June Lee 
Audrey S. Lew 
Margaret E. Olson 
Norman Nelson Phelps 
David Louis Ruben 
Lisa Beth Schejbal 
Richard H. Siegel 
Stacy L. Soskel 
Vicki Hope Silver 
Kenneth A. Troshinsky 
Robert A. Warren 
Nile J. Webb 

(Financial Management 

Undergraduate Students 
December 1987 

Paul D. Elliott 
Maria E. Glooch 
Katherine L. Gray 
Thomas W. Wetterer 

May 1988 

Frederick W. Atzrodt 
Carolyn J. Branson 
Martha B. Donoghue 
Mary D. Ferketic 
Eric D. Flores 
John C. Grund 
Matthew A. Hunter 
Rose J. Lee 
Allison C. Mills 
Jill M. Paterson 
David L. Ruben 
Stacy L. Soskel 

Graduate Students 

August 1987 

Norman B. Starkey 

December 1987 

Michael J. Balhoff 

May 1988 

Jeffery A. Arnie 
Robert P Conrad 

(International Honorary 
Geographical Society) 

May 1988 Graduating Initiates: 

Mary B. Hilditch 
John R. Sawicki 

(Mortar Board is a national 
honor society For college 
seniors. It recognizes 
outstanding scholarship, 
leadership, and service. 
Initiated in their second 
semester of their junior year, 
Mortar Board members are 
expected to participate in 
service projects for the 
campus community.) 

Richard E. Bednar 
Drew T Bewick 
Gregory W. Bokman 
Caroline S. Carrick 
Joanne P. Cavanaugh 
Geeth M. Chettiar 
Seung-Ho Choe 
Suzanne A. Conley 
Colleen F Dumais 
Jennifer A. Etzel 
Michael R. Pagan 
Denise M. Goode 
Jean H. Hammer 
Todd S. Harper 
Eric R. Hirtle 
Pamela J. Hoffmann 
Janet M. Johnson 
Karen C. Kayal 
Jennifer S. Lamb 
Gregory' Lambard 
Michele A. Lang 
Jane R. Lewis 
Nicole R. Lloyd 
Nancy J. Meyer 
Jill M. Paterson 
Danielle E. Reid 
Ljorraine A. Rodgers 
Christine M. Roth 
Karen Samsock 
Dawn M. Scarzella 
Marcie J. Shapiro 
Patricia M Steele 
Judy L. Stillwell 
Steven B. Vinick 
Mary C. Zink 

(An academic honor society 
that honors more promising 
students, encourages 
scholarship, and establishes 
a closer academic and social 
relationship between students 
and faculty in economics in 
the U.S. and abroad.) 

Mark Edward Considine 
Hillary Klapper 
Barbara E. St. Amand 

(National student /faculty 
society for outstanding 
leadership in scholarship; 
athletics; social, service, and 
religious activities; mass 
media; and the creative and 
performing arts.) 

Undergraduate Students 

Marcello Barone 
Jacob Blumenthal 
Laurie Jane Cameron 
Caroline Suzanne Carrick 
Alissandro Roque Castillo 
Philip Warren Chu 
Douglas C. Cooley 
Lawrence Alan Goldberg 
Jonathan Eric Goldberg 
Tara K.E. Gorman 
Andrea F Gray 
Sujon Guha 
Paula M. Gvi^nn 
David R Henry 
Pamela Jeanne Hoffmann 
Jennifer Ann Hussey 
Paul D. Johnson 
Jeffrey David Karceski 
James Edward Kerich 
Hillary G. Klapper 
Debbie Lynne Kurley 
Jennifer S. Lamb 
Gregory A. Lambard 
Brian Edward Le Gette 
Myriam L. Leger 
Sarah Rose-Anne Linde 
Stacey J. March 


Marvin Marcel Martin 

Melanie F, Michaelson 

Catherine A. Miller 

Steven M. Mohlhenrich 

Jill M. Paterson 

Amy Ruth Patton 

Linda Pellegrino 

Ellis Robert Rosenberg 

Julie Lynn Rosenthal 

Christine Roth 

Suzanne Jacqueline Saatman 

Marcie J. Shapiro 

Richard D. Shure 

Bijan Siahatgar 

Helen Smith 

Carolyn M. Sneider 

Stephanie Soley 

Patricia M. Steele 

Holly Symonds 

Kathryn F. Valente 

Steven Bruce Vinick 

Eric John Wright 

Monty N. Yolles 

Graduate Students 

Sandra Dwiggins 

J. Michael A. Matthews 


Undergraduate Student 

December 1987 

Joseph Edward Stout 

(Human Ecology) 

December 1987 Graduates 

Michelle M. Buckingham 
Sharron Diane Carroll 
Tina Chen 
Laura Marie Dawson 
Sally Jacob 
Martha Beth Jones 
Joanne Veronica Kennedy 
Leslie Jene Painter 
Robin Lauren Swanson 
Kelly Kathryn Walter 

May 1988 Graduates 

Lisa Marie Conwell 
Francine Ennis 
Mary Eileen Gatti 
Rosemary Haughey 
Mary Eileen Maybee 
Stacey Beth Reamer 

Graduate Student 

Jean M. Parrish 


Undergraduate Students 

Calanit Kedem 
Carl Francis Paroby 
Patrick J. Rael 

Graduate Students 

William Meinecke 
Joseph Meko 

(Gamma of Maryland) 

Elected as Juniors: 

Cara Bergess 
Karen Gardner 
Douglas Hernan 
Catherine Kascak 
Stacey Levin 
Christine Mahoney 
Nihar Mohanty 
Tonia Pankoff 
Jennifer Ridgely 
Stephanie Soulen 
Timothy Thurtle 
Devender Verma 
Joanne Zimolzak 

Elected as Seniors: 

Elizabeth Aitken 
Toni Anthony 
Susan Battles 
Nancy Beard 

Stephanie Bloom 
Antulio Bonfim 
Deborah Breen 
Sharon Campbell 
Deborah Che 
Lori Copperman 
Elaine Cranford 
Elizabeth Darrow 
Michael Eng 
Alisa Everts 
Benjamin Ginsburg 
Richard Glass 
Sujon Guha 
Susan Hardimann 
Nancy Hertzog 
Leslie Johnson 
Calamit Kedem 
Kathleen Kershaw 
Alexis Klish 
Andrew Kramer 
Peter Krask 
Robin Kurtz 
Andrew Leung 
Anne Levy 
Jane Lewis 
Elliot Linzer 
Roopa Mangalmurti 
Susan McCloskey 
Kathleen McGill 
Donna McNamara 
Nathalie Meillier 
Joan Meixner 
Brenda Mezick 
Melanie Michaelson 
Suzanna Mora 
Afsoon Namini 
Sonja Nowack 
Stephan O'Neill 
Gary Perdue 
Marshall Perkins 
Sheryl Petkunas 
David Pimentel 
Lin Yee Poon 
Michael Raue 
Gregory Rosenthal 
Suzette Saatman 
Molly Sasscer 
Etta Saunders 
Douglas Schuhardt 
Julie Scott 
Michael Seipel 
Michael Severino 

Cynthia Simon 
Lisa Smilan 
Evette Sobel 
Eleanor Song 
Barbara St. Amand 
Patricia Steele 
Martha Strandquist 
Kenneth Stroller 
Octavio Suarez-Munis 
Yen Ting 

Katherine Toussaint 
Eric Wichman 
Craig Yokum 

(National Honor Society) 

Rita Ahearn 
Christopher Allanach 
Melinda Ankerman 
Amy Applebaum 
Alison Appleyard 
Susan Auman 
Mar-jeau Barrett 
Roberta Beadles 
Wayne Beitler 
Amy Berlin 
Joan Bisset 
Robert Blondell 
Les Bookoff 
Sarah Bradley 
Molly Brennan 
Shawn Brennan 
Margaret Bright 
Brian Brooks 
Clare Burns-Klein 
Silvia Byerly 
Jeanne Carlson-Mintz 
Robert Carr 
Berta Casanove 
Mary Cermak 
Sze-Ying Chang 
Jeffrey Clagett 
Robert Cocchiaro 
Sharon Coffren 
Chau Cong 
Erin Connor 
Robert Crittenden 
Ngoc-Duyen Dang 
Susan Darley 
James DeGrange 
Mark DellAcqua 


Rosanne Demay 
Monisha Deodhar 
Christopher DiLorenzo 
Tram Do 
Susan Donovan 
Martha Doward 
Colleen Dumais 
Casey Duncan 
Christopher Ellison 
Andrew Farabow 
Sheila Fox 
Daniel Friedman 
Alessandra Gadsby 
Judith Gaskin 
Aaron Ghais 
John Goltz 
Todd Goodrich 
Linda Gross 
Sujon Guha 
Nina Gwatkin 
Janene Hall 
Angela Herron 
Michael Hess 
Patrick Hickerson 
Sherita Hill 
Mary Hillgren 
Deborah Holmes 
Noreen Honeycutt 
Amy Hooper 
Magdalena Huffer 
Francine Ikley 
Julia Jacobson 
Donald Jacoby 
Reema Jalali 
James Jarboe, Jr. 
Janet Johnson 
Joanna Kai 
Randi Karmel 
Robert Kazden 
Ann Kerry 
Catherine Klein 
Eric Knachel 
Patricia Knapp 
Susan Knott 
Deborah Kopnisky 
Daniel Kuespert 
Stacy Kurtz 
Alyson Lamb 
Jennifer Lamb 
Michele Lang 
Susan Lantzy 
Richard Lapin 

Allen Larson 
Dong Lee 
David Leinwand 
Patricia Levine 
Leslie Levyne 
Deborah Lewis 
Joseph Liberatore 
Susan Lin 
Debra Litz 
Lloyd Lurie 
Julie Maier 
Roopa Mangalmurti 
Mary Eile Maybee 
Roberta Mayes 
Noreen McAllister 
Barbara McCombie 
Duncan McTaggart 
David Miracle 
Peter Moffett 
Pamela Monson 
Mary Morningstar 
Jennifer Morrone 
Ann Louise Nagy 
Hatsumi Nielsen 
Bryan OConnor 
Richard Owens 
Thomas Pedersen 
Jennifer Petzen 
Warren Phillips 111 
Andrea Pincus 
Paula Plutschak 
Doreen Revis 
Diane Riley 
Paula Roberts 
Suzanne Rose 
Cynthia Russell 
Barbara Sadek 
Barry Saffer 
Edward Salmon 
Dawn Scarzella 
Kimberly Sheff 
Esther Siegel 
Roberta Sinopoli 
Steven Slaughter 
Debra Smith 
Rosemary Smith 
Raissa Snyder 
JoAnn Speer 
Barbara St. Amand 
Angela Sugg 
Mary Sullivan 
June Thwing 



Patricia Tomsko 


Thutrang Tran 

(Fire Protection Engineering) 

Dubravka Trklja 

T Clair Tucker 

Lisa M. Bossert 

Jean Van Ryzin 

Eddie L. Fixen 

Douglas Varner 

Steven J. Ganey 

Susan Virts 

Robert M. Gagnon 

Christel Voelske 

Jeffrey E. Harper 

Lawrence Warman III 

David M. Jatczak 

David Wendt 

Michael J. Kilby 

Stuart Wolfenstein 

Peter S. Lee 

Juliana Zinger 

Troy E. Lipp 

Sandra L. Matthews 


Jeffrey J. Sobel 

(Slavic Languages Dept.) 


Petr Kubiczek 


Catherine Ginter 

* Becky Reed 


Dawn Maria Scarzella, President 

(Mechanical Engineering) 

*Divya Verma 

Eun Ah Cho 

Mona C. Beegle 

* Monisha Deodhar 

Steven A. Berkowitz 

*Muluye Mesfin 

Kimberly L. Bitting 

*Peggy J. Jancuk, Vice President 

Keith A. Blair 

*Peter Emanuel 

Charles L. Brodell 

* Reema Jalali 

Christopher J. Burke 

'Serenna Kirkegaard 

Charles E. Cooley 

Chaya Sadashin 

Maria A. Dallemura 

*Ann Bornley 

James T. Eller 

Alan J. Endres 

*Graduating seniors 

Francis J. Guerrero Martin 

Philip A. Harmon 


Kathryn R. Hetrick 

(National Aerospace 

Mark A. Higgins 

Engineering Honor Society) 

Richard L. Kouzel 

Charles H. Majane 

Kim Birky, President 

Joseph D. Mauser 

Mike An 

Scott T. McBroom 

Russell Beall 

Jeffrey J. Morgan 

Brian Cable 

Jonathan M. Peritt 

Jon Calure 

Scott A. Raines 

Camille Ceraolo 

John P Roberts 

Wai-Yip Chan 

Robert A. Robinson 

Clare Ewald 

Mark R. Routson 

Steve Fischer 

Laurence M. Rubin 

Richard Carman 

Steven M. Stein 

Kevin Hughes 

Michele R. Stern 

Paul Johnson 

Jay Lee 

John Mauser 

William Signorelli 


Naru Takashima 
Nimta Teneza 
Susan Tokarcik 
Anita Tracy 
Jay Wagner 
Mark Zalubas 

(National English Honor 

Lisa Kirsten Antos 

Linda Sue Balon 

Eric Eldon Bond 

Joseph William Bonomo 

Margaret Ann Bright 

Sharon Church Campbell 

Pauline Elise DelMauro 

Maura Kathleen Donaghey 

Jennifer Ann Etzel 

Nancy Joann Faass 

Chong Cha Feldmann 

Patricia Ann Fellona 

Alvaro J. Gonzalez 

Julia Marie Hart 

Alison Victoria Henderson 

Kenneth Matthew Hicks 

Sherae Monique Hill 

Alicia Watts Hosmer 

Lisa Sue Jenkins 

Robert Andrew Jewett 

Alberto Jova 

Lauren Beth Kallins 

Kimberly Cheronn Matthews 

Paul Daniel Menzer 

Julie Ann Metz 

Brenda Ann Mezick 

Cynthia Lynn Moul 

Beth Ann Nejadi 

Alec Joseph Ott 

Mary Ford Randleman 

Shawn C. Riley 

Lynda Lorraine Rozas 

Laura Michelle Scileppi, President 

Helen Susan Clair Smith 

Beatrice Denise Taylor 

Steven Bruce Vinick 

Tamar Zur 

Maryland Beta Chapter 
(National Engineering Honor 

Glenn Anderson 
Marc Barone 
Alicia Birky 
Diane Bodner 
Anthony Brown 
Camille Ceraolo 
Wai-Yip Chan 
Kwang Chang 
Yen-Ju Chen 
Geeth Chettiar 
Philip Chu 
Dan Degutis 
Li-Chun Dai 
Elisa DeGuzman 
James Eller 
Reza Ghanadan 
Peter Goetz 
Wei Gu 
Sujon Guha 
Kathryn Hetrick 
Debbie Heuckeroth 
Gurnie Hobbs 
Patrick Holub 
Fred Hubach 
Devendra Kapoor 
Jeff Karceski 
Jyh Yuan Lee 
Patricia Lu 
John Mauser 
Catherine Miller 
Susanne Miller 
Steve Minarik 
Sunita Munjal 
Minh Ngo 
Christine Pearson 
Tien Pham 
Rukki Rao 
Maria Runyan 
Michael Shemer 
Bill Signorelli 
Stephanie Soley 
Michelle Stern 
Hamid Tabatabai 
Nimfa Teneza 
Dennis Upton, Jr. 
Laura West 
James Williams 
Sue Yu 
Laura Zuke 


Milton Abramowitz Memorial 
Prize in Mathematics awarded 
annually to a junior or senior 
student majoring in mathematics 
who has demonstrated superior 
competence and promise for 
future development in the field of 
mathematics and its applications. 
Awarded to: 
Harold K. Knight 

Aerospace Engineering 
Department's Academic 
Achievement Award presented to 
the graduating senior in the 
Department who has attained the 
highest overall academic average. 
Awarded to: 
Alicia K. Birky 

The Agricultural Alumni Award is 
presented to a senior who during 
his or her college career 
contributed most toward the 
advancement of the College of 
Awarded to: 
Barbara L. Chatham 

Agricultural Engineering 
Department's Outstanding Junior 
Award is presented to a junior in 
agricultural engineering on the 
basis of scholastic performance, 
participation in the ASAE Student 
Brancfi and other extracurricular 
Awarded to: 
Gary Seibel 

Agricultural Engineering 
Department's Outstanding Senior 
Award presented to a senior in 
agricultural engineering on the 
basis of scholastic performance, 
participation in the ASAE National 
Student Branch and other 
extracurricular activities. 
Awarded to: 
Christopher Jarboe 


Alcoa Foundation Scholarship 
Awards to outstanding students in 
Fire Protection Engineering. 
Awarded to: 

Eric H. Cote 

Paul J. Richards 

The Alcoa Foundation Traffic 
Scholarship is an award of $750 to 
an outstanding junior student 
majoring in transportation in the 
College of Business and 
Awarded to: 
Barry L. Saffer 

Alpha Rho Chi Medal awarded 
annually by Alpha Rho Chi 
fraternity for architecture and the 
allied professions to a graduating 
student of architecture who has 
made a distinctive contribution to 
school life, embodying the ideals 
of professional service and 
Awarded to: 
Anthony John Lucftrelli 

Alpha Zeta Award to the student 
in the College of Agriculture with 
the highest scholastic average at 
the end of his/her freshman year. 
Awarded to: 
Sue Schaefer 

American Association of 
University Women, College Park 
Maryland Branch, in recognition 
of two outstanding women 
receiving advanced degrees. 
Awarded to: 

Joyce Middleton 

Doctor of Philosophy 

English Program 

Briana Ijorber 

Master of Science 

Zoology Program 

American Helicopter Society 
Outstanding Achievement Award 
presented to the student who has 

made the most outstanding 
contribution through service to 
the student branch. 
Awarded to: 
Laurence P. Long 

American institute of Aeronautics 
and Astronautics Outstanding 
Achievement Award presented to 
the student who has made the 
most outstanding contribution 
through scholarship and service 
to the student branch. 
Awarded to: 
Camille R. Ceraoia 

American Institute of Architects 
annually awards the AIA 
Certificate to a graduating student 
of architecture for academic 
Awarded to: 
Lee Gwynne Mestres 

American Institute of Architects 
annually awards the AIA Medal to 
a graduating student of 
architecture for outstanding 
overall academic achievement. 
Awarded to: 
Gregory RoIIin Andrews 

American Institute of Chemists 
Award to an outstanding senior 
for scholarship in chemistry. 
Awarded to: 
Brian K. Gass 

American Society of Agricultural 
Engineers Scholarship Award, 
provided by the Washington, D.C.- 
Maryland ASAE Section to an 
agricultural engineering student 
on the basis of achievement and 

Awarded to: 
Michael Lucci 

American Society of Agricultural 
Engineers Student Honor Award 
presented by the national society 

in recognition of outstanding 
student activity. 
Awarded to: 
Gary Seibel 

American Society of Civil 
Engineers Maryland Section 
Award presented to a student 
member for outstanding service to 
the chapter and for demonstrated 
interest in extracurricular 
Awarded to: 
Frank H. Kaul 

American Society of Civil 
Engineers Outstanding Senior 
Awarded to: 
Marcello Barone 

American Society of Mechanical 
Engineer's Senior Award 
presented to the senior member 
who has contributed most to the 
local chapter. 
Awarded to: 
Cheryl M. Rogers 

The Appleman-Norton 
Scholarship Award to a senior 
major in recognition of excellence 
in botany. 
Awarded to: 
Kevin Donnelly 

School of Architecture Alumni 
Chapter Award to a graduating 
senior in recognition of exemplary 
service rendered to the School of 
Architecture and its student body. 
Awarded to: 
Peter Vincent Noonan 

School of Architecture Alumni 
Chapter Award to a Masters 
Degree recipient in recognition of 
exemplary service rendered to the 
School of Architecture and its 
student body. 
Awarded to: 
Christena Marquette McCabe 

School of Architecture Dean's 
Thesis Award for Fall semester 

Awarded to: 
Christena Marquette McCabe 

School of .Architecture Faculty 
Award to a Masters Degree 
recipient in recognition of 
excellence in design. 
Awarded to: 
William English Kirwan 111 

School of Architecture Faculty 
Award to a graduating senior in 
recognition of excellence in 
Awarded to: 
Karia Maria SislicUi Rothstein 

Baltimore County Volunteer 
Firemen's Association Grant for 
tuition and fees to a student who 
will enroll in fire protection 
engineering. This avrard is 
normally for four years. 
Awarded to: 
Pamela A. Cross 

Bechtel Award presented to a civil 
engineering student for 
demonstrated leadership and 
service to the student engineering 
Awarded to: 
Mary Ellen Caves 

College of Behavioral and Social 

Sciences Dean's Scholars. 

Awarded to: 
Susan Elizabeth Battles 
Mary Christine Cermak 
Douglas Creug Cooley 
Nancy Beth Hertzog 
Christopher Sean Koper 
David George Levasseur 
Steven M. Mohlhenrich 
Suzanna Elizabeth Mora 
David Richard Pimentel 
Amy L. Rosenthal 
Yen Ting 


The Mary McCleod Bethune 
Citizenship Award is presented 
annually to the Black junior or 
senior student who has displayed 
outstanding involvement and 
leadership in campus activities 
and who has contributed most to 
the advancement of Black student 
concerns at the University of 
Maryland College Park. 
Awarded to: 
Cameron Haires 

B'Nai Zion Award. (For excellence 
in Hebrew Studies) 
Awarded to: 
Courtney Jill Schecter 

A.L. Brown Scholarship Award 
sponsored by the New England 
Chapter of the Society of Fire 
Protection Engineers to an 
outstanding junior or senior. 
Awarded to: 
Eric H. Cote 

Harr\' C. Byrd Award presented 
annually to the outstanding senior 
male who has typified the model 
student and contributed 
significantly to student interests 
and concerns. 
Awarded to 
George Br2ixton 

Sally S. Byrd Award presented 
annually to the outstanding 
female who has typified the 
model student and who has 
contributed significantly to 
student interests and concerns. 
Awarded to: 
Sally Jacob 

Chemical Society of Washington 
Award to the outstanding senior 
in the Department of Chemistry. 
Awarded to 
Steven M. Strong 

Chicago Chapter Society of Fire 
Protection Engineers Scholarship 
Award presented to an 
outstanding student from the 
Chicago metropolitan area. 
Awarded to: 
Jeffrey E. Harper 

The Carroll E, Cox Scholarship 
Award to the outstanding research 
graduate student in the 
Department of Botany during the 
last year. 
Awarded to: 
Tung-ling L. Chen 

Chi Epsilon Outstanding Senior 
Award presented to a senior in 
civil engineering exhibiting high 
scholarship, character, and 
congeniality, together with 
practical engineering adaptability. 
Awarded to: 
Barry L. Brandt 

Civil Engineering Department 
Outstanding Senior Award. 
Awarded to: 
Michael J. Schmidt 

The Margaret Cook Award 
endowed by Prince Georges 
County Heritage, Inc., and 
presented annually by the Prince 
George's County Historical and 
Cultural Trust to a graduate 
student in recognition of 
excellence in the field of historic 
Awarded to: 
Joy Elise St. Landau 

Creative and Performing Arts 
Scholarships in Theatre. 
Awarded to: 

Tina Marie Casamento 

Shallah Weiss 

Philip L. DeCamara, .Ir. 
Memorial Scholarship Award. 
Sponsored by the American Fire 
Sprinkler Association with a 

scholarship award to an 
outstanding junior or senior. 
Awarded to: 

Lisa M. Bossert 

Randy L. Willard 

Delta Nu Alpha, Washington 
Chapter No. 84 Scholarship. An 
award of $500 to an outstanding 
member of the University of 
Maryland chapter majoring in 
transportation in the College of 
Business and Management. 
Awarded to: 
James Christopher Moe 

Delta Sigma Pi Scholarship Key. 
Awarded to: 
Martha Boeri Donoghue 

David C. Denowitz Award of $200 
given annually to the graduate 
student in Textiles and Consumer 
Economics who completes the 
M. S. degree in the shortest time. 
Awarded to: 
Gail Hutchinson Kirby 

Terry Margulis Dunlap Scholarship 
Awarded to: 
Howard N. Pippin 

Dean's Award is presented to a 
student chosen by the Dean of the 
College of Engineering. The 
criteria for the selection are at the 
Dean's discretion and may vary 
from year to year. 
Awarded to: 
Philip W. Chu 

E.l. du Pont de Nemours and 
Company scholarship awarded to 
an undergraduate student in 
Electrical Engineering. 
Awarded to: 

Laurel T. Ansel 

Anirma Rakshpal 

Electrical Engineering 
Department's Outstanding 
Academic Performance Award 

presented to a junior for 
outstanding scholastic 
Awarded to: 

Robert M. Kazden 

Thomas G. Mason 

Larry J. Trent 

Electrical Engineering 
Department's Outstanding Service 
Award presented on the basis of 
demonstrated service and 
Awarded to: 
Kevin H. Berthoud 

Wilson H. Elkins Leadership 
Award presented annually to the 
senior who displayed outstanding 
leadership and involvement and 
promoted student interests and 
Awarded to: 

Steven Vinick 

Laurie Cameron 

College of Engineering Award 
presented for outstanding student 
Awarded to: 
Astrid B. Lopez 

Engineering Alumni College 
Service Award presented to a 
senior in the College of 
Engineering for outstanding 
scholarship and service to the 
College of Engineering. 
Awarded to: 

Kevin H. Berthoud 

Mary Ellen Caves 

Engineering Alumni Student 
Achievement Award presented by 
the Engineering Alumni to the 
graduating senior who has most 
successfully combined proficiency 
in his/her major field of study 
with achievements in the social 
sciences and humanities. 
Awarded to: 
Minh V. Ngo 


Engineering Society of Baltimore 
Student Aciiievement Award for 
demonstrated scfiolastic 
excellence, extracurricular service 
and outstanding potential for a 
successful engineering career. 
Awarded to: 
Jeffrey D. Karceski 

Eta Kappa Nu Outstanding Electee 

Award presented to a new 

member for outstanding 

performance in the electee 

program and for participation in 

student activities. 

Awarded to: 
Spring /9<S7— Sangita Singh 
Fall 1987—flknton D. Fitzpatrick 

Eta Kappa Nu Outstanding Senior 
Award presented to a senior in 
electrical engineering for 
outstanding scholastic 
achievement and service to the 
society and department. 
Awarded to: 

Spring 1987- 
Walter M. Dirndorfer 

Fall 1987- 
Stephen B. Balakirsky 

The Frank J. Fee, Jr. Memorial 
Award. Sponsored by the National 
Fire Protection Association with a 
full scholarship to an outstanding 
student selected by the faculty of 
the Department of Fire Protection 
Awarded to: 

Lisa IM. Bossert 

Deidre A. LeMaster 

Fire Protection Engineering 
Department Chairman's Award to 
a student in the Department of 
Fire Protection Engineering with 
the most significant contribution 
to the department and the 
Awarded to: 
Sandra L. Matthews 

GEICO Achievement Awards 
Scholarship to an outstanding 
undergraduate finance major in 
the College of Business and 
Awarded to: 
Martha Boeri Donoghue 

Fire Protection Engineering 
Faculty Award to a senior in the 
Department of Fire Protection 
Engineering with the most 
significant improvement in 
academic achievement. 
Awarded to: 
Jeffrey A. Harwell 

General Electric Information 
Services Co. (GEISCO) presented 
to a junior or senior in electrical 
engineering in the amount of 
Awarded to: 
Geeth M. Chettair 
Eliza M.T. DeGuzman 

James Douglas Goddard Memorial 
Medal. Awarded annually by the 
Prince George's County Alumni 
Club to the outstanding male and 
female graduating seniors from 
Prince George's County. 
Awarded to: 
Claudia C. Montgomery 
William Marvin Martin 

Charles B. Hale Dramatic Award. 
Awarded to: 

Tonya Fogarty 

Ann Grunberg 

Robert M. Higginbotham 
Memorial Award to an 
outstanding junior student 
majoring in mathematics. 
Awarded to: 

Michael J. Raue 

(May. 1987) 

Undergraduate Award for 
Excellence in Historv'. 
Awarded to: 
Richard William Johnston 



William F Holin scholarship 

Lisa Conwell 

designed to encourage and assist 

Textiles and Consumer 

undergraduate students interested 


in careers in business public 


Human Ecology Alumni Awards 

Awarded to: 

to Outstanding Juniors. 

Kimberly Dawn Murphy 

Awarded to: 

Joseph W. Houppert Memorial 
Prize of $100 awarded to the 
undergraduate student for the best 
essay on Shakespeare during the 
academic year. 
Awarded to: 
Betty Bernard 

Human Ecology Alumni Awards 
to Graduate Students. 
Awarded to: 
Mfu-ilyn Frick 
Family and Community 
Ann Reed Mangels 
Food, Nutrition and 
Institution Administration 
Ann Wass 
Textiles and Consumer 

Human Ecology Alumni Awards 
to Outstanding Returning 
Awarded to: 
Paul Toth 
Family and Community 
Carol Schiewe 
Food, Nutrition and 
Institution Administration 
Mary Eileen Maybee 
Textiles and Consumer 

Human Ecolog\' Alumni Awards 
to Outstanding Seniors. 
Awarded to: 
Joanne Kennedy 
Family and Community 
Jeanine Cox 
Catherine Klein 
Food, Nutrition and 
Institution Administration 

Terry Kallas 

Food, Nutrition and 
Dawn Vicknair-Hackett 

Textiles and Consumer 

Human Ecology Alumni Awards 
to Outstanding Sophomores. 
Awarded to: 
Stacy Relkin 
Family and Community 
Tim Vizioli 

Food, Nutrition and 
Hyun Sook Kang 
Textiles and Consumer 

Human Ecolog\' Alumni Special 
Departmental Award. 
Awarded to: 
Jeff Reibman 
Family and Community 
Elizabeth Morrow 
Food, Nutrition and 
Tonya Robinson 
Textiles and Consumer 

College of Human Ecology Dean's 


Awarded to: 

Amy Hooper 

Dawn Vicknair-Hackett 

Christina Schuchter 

May. 1988 Graduate 
Lisa Conwell 

The Institute of Electrical and 
Electronics Engineers Outstanding 
Student Award presented to a 


member who has shown 
outstanding commitment to the 
organization and to the Electrical 
Engineering Department. 
Awarded to: 
Denise G. Brown 

Rolf Jensen & Associates 
Scholarship Award to an 
outstanding junior or senior with 
a demonstrated interest in Fire 
Protection Engineering 
Awarded to: 
Scott W. Adams 

Professor C. R. Karp Award in 
memory of Carol R. Karp. 
Awarded to an undergraduate 
student who has shown 
excellence in mathematics and 
the philosophy of mathematics. 
Awarded to: 
Terri G. Marquiss 

James H. Kehoe Award presented 
by Campus Recreation Services to 
the male volunteer who has 
contributed significantly to the 
recreational opportunities of the 
University community. 
Awarded to: 
Jiunes Scott Koehler 

Ethel Kesler Award presented by 
Campus Recreation Services to 
the female volunteer who has 
contributed significantly to the 
recreational opportunities of the 
University community. 
Awarded to: 
Maura K. Donaghey 

Leidy Foundation Scholarships to 
outstanding juniors in the 
Department of Chemistry. 
Awarded to: 

Meena Bansal 

Shauna M. Paylor 

Peter R Lejins Memorial Fund 
Academic E.xcellence Awards to 
outstanding seniors in the 
Institute of Criminal Justice and 
Awarded to: 
Christopher Sean Koper 
James C. Glendinning 
(graduated December 1987) 

Dean and Mrs. Charles Manning 
Awarded to: 
Shallah Weiss 

Marie Mount Scholarship 
(Human Ecology) 
Awarded to: 

Charles Joynes 

Peter Putnam 

Marsh & McLennan Scholarship 
Award is given to an outstanding 
student majoring in fire protection 
Awarded to: 
Sandra L. Matthews 

Maryland State Firemen's 
Association Grant. This tuition 
and fees grant is awarded to a 
student who will enroll in the 
Department of Fire Protection 
Engineering. This award is 
normally for four years. 
Awarded to: 
Michael V. Kilmon 

Isabel R. McDonald Memorial 
Award to an outstanding graduate 
student in the Department of 
Awarded to: 
Christine M. Paszl(o-Kolva 

Mechanical Engineering 
Department Academic 
Achievement Award to the junior 
in mechanical engineering who 
has the highest scholastic average. 
Awarded to: 
Laura A. Greenan 

Mechanical Engineering 
Department Chairman's Award 
presented to the senior in 
mechanical engineering who has 
the highest scholastic average. 
Awarded to: 
Minh V. Ngo 

Merck Index Awards 
Awarded to: 

Brian P. Brooks 

Mark L. Dell'Acqua 

Daniel B. Reese 

Andrew J. Moyer Memorial Award 
for a deserving graduate student 
in microbiology. 
Awarded to: 
Judith A. Johnson 

National Defense Transportation 
Association. Washington Chapter 
Scholarship Award of $500 to an 
outstanding member of the 
University of Maryland chapter 
majoring in transportation in the 
College of Business and 
Awarded to: 
Mindy Marchbanks 

National Defense Transportation 
Association Scholarship awarded 
to an outstanding transportation 
major in -the United States. 
Awarded to: 
Pamela Jeanne Hoffmann 
William Walter Riggins 

James R. O'Neil Scholarship 
Award sponsored by the New 
York-New Jersey Chapter of the 
Society of Fire Protection 
Engineers to outstanding juniors 
or seniors. 
Awarded to: 
Richard F. Twomey 
Glenn S. Berger 
Kathleen M. Ramshorn 

Pelczar Graduate Award for 
Excellence in Graduate Education. 
Awarded to: 
Xincheng C. Xie 

The Honor Society of Phi Kappa 
Phi recognizes outstanding 
seniors for academic excellence 
and community involvement. 
Stipends for the fellowships must 
be used in support of post- 
baccalaureate education. 

The $6,000 Phi Kappa Phi 
Foundation Graduate Fellowship. 
Awarded to: 
Michael John Raue 

The $3,000 Walter V. Hohenstein 
Awarded to: 
Lynda Lorraine Rozas 

The $1,000 Walter V. Hohenstein 
Awarded to: 
Sarah Rose-Anne Linde 

Pi Tau Sigma Memorial Award 
presented to the senior in 
mechanical engineering who has 
made the most outstanding 
contribution to the University. 
Awarded to: 
Lewis I. Askew 

Pi Tau Sigma Outstanding 
Sophomore Award to the 
sophomore in mechanical 
engineering who has the highest 
scholastic average. 
Awarded to: 
Leslie I. Bookoff 

Pi Tau Sigma Outstanding Service 
Award presented to a student for 
outstanding services and 
contributions to the chapter. 
Awarded to: 
Mona C. Beegle 


The Augustus J. Prahl Fellowship 
in German is awarded for 
scholarly achievement to the 
outstanding graduate student in 
German during the current year. 
Awarded to 
Birgit Ebert 

The Jane M. Prichard Scholarship 
Award to the outstanding teaching 
graduate student in the 
Department of Botany during the 
last year. 
Awarded to: 

Hema Bandaranayake 

Bryan E. Dutton 

Prince George's County Volunteer 
Firemen's Association Grant. This 
tuition and fees grant is awarded 
to a student who will enroll in the 
Department of Fire Protection 
Engineering. This award is 
normally for four years. 
Awarded to: 
Stanley W. Gregory 

The Robert M. Rivello Award 
presented to the junior in the 
Department of Aerospace 
Engineering who has attained the 
highest overall academic average. 
Awarded to: 
Naruhisa Takashima 

Sacks Foundation Tuition 
Scholarship of $500. 
Awarded to: 

Patricia M. Jones 

Kathy L. Shaver 

Leland E. and Catherine B. Scott 
Award to the outstanding graduate 
student in horticulture. 
Awarded to: 
Keith Charles Furman 

The Shipley's of Maryland Award 
to the graduating history major 
with the best academic record. 
Awarded to: 
Melanie F. Michaelson 

Sigma Alpha Omicron Award for 
the outstanding senior in 
Awarded to: 
Reema Jalali 

The Sigma Circle of Omicron 
Delta Kappa Leader of the Year 
awarded to one member who has 
demonstrated the most 
outstanding leadership within the 
circle and on the campus. 
Awarded to: 
Steven Bruce Vinick 

The Sigma Gamma Tau 
Outstanding Achievement Award 
to the student who has made the 
most outstanding contribution 
through scholarship and service 
to the student chapter. 
Awarded to: 
Alicia K. Birky 

C. Henry Smith, Jr./Engineering 
Society of Baltimore Award for 
demonstrated scholastic 
e.xcellence, extracurricular service 
and outstanding potential for a 
successful engineering career. 
Awarded to: 
Troy E. Lipp 

Society of Automotive Engineer's 
Senior Award presented to the 
senior member who has 
contributed most to the local 
Awarded to: 
Thomas J. Drach 

Society of Fire Protection 
Engineers' Outstanding Senior 
Award is presented to the most 
outstanding senior in fire 
protection engineering. 
Awarded to: 
Randy L. Willard 

Society of Fire Protection 
Engineer's Outstanding 
Sophomore Award to the most 
outstanding sophomore in fire 
protection engineering. 
Awarded to: 
Edouard M. LaRocque 

Society of Fire Protection 
Engineer's Student Chapter Award 
for distinguished and outstanding 
service to the chapter. 
Awarded to: 
Michael J. Klemenz 

Charles A. Taff Scholarship Fund 
of $500 to an outstanding student 
majoring in transportation in the 
College of Business and 
Awarded to: 

Eric Rosenfeld 

Paul M. 'Varrish 

Robert J. Taylor Academic 
Achievement Award presented to 
the outstanding junior in fire 
protection engineering by the 
Salamander Honor Society. 
Awarded to: 
Lisa M. Bossert 

Theatre Patrons Association 
Scholarship Awards. 
Awarded to: 

Lisa DeAngelis 

Claire Cherry 

Rochelle Heath 

Simone Key 

Brian Rudolph 

Thomas W. Musser 111 

Brad C. Rhoads 

Alexander C. Totz 

The Morton Thiokol Award to the 
junior who has attained the 
highest GPA in the Department of 
Aerospace Engineering. 
Awarded to: 
Katharine P. Matthews 

Wall Street Journal Student 
Achievement Award to the 
outstanding student in 
investments and security analysis 
in the College of Business and 
Awarded to: 
John C. Grund 



This frieze is one of several tfiat appear on the front 
of Cole Field House. Also known as the activities 
building, Cole has been the scene of commencement 
exercises every year since it was built in 1955. 

The Alvin L. Aubinoe Football 
Trophy for the unsung hero of the 
current season. 
Awarded to: 

Robert Klein 

Sean Scott 

Atlantic Coast Conference Plaque 
to a male and female senior for 
excellence in scholarship and 
Awarded to: 
Michael Collins 

Patricia Corson 

Bob BeallTommy Marcos Trophy 
to the outstanding offensive 
lineman of the year. 
Awarded to: 
William Hughes 

The Charles T Beebe, Jr. Award 
to a woman athlete for excellence 
in scholarship and athletics. 
Awarded to: 
Kathryn Hudson 

The George C. Cook Memorial 
Scholarship Trophy to a member 
of the football team with the 
highest scholastic average. 
Awarded to: 
Richard Shure 

The Bosey Berger Trophy, 1987, 
annually awarded to the 
outstanding senior baseball 
Awarded to: 
Paul Schager 

The Geary F. Eppley Award to the 
graduating male senior athlete, 
who during his four years of 
varsity competition, lettered at 
least once and attained the 
highest over-all scholastic average. 
Awarded to: 
Paul Schimmel 

The Herbert H. Goodman 
Wrestling Trophy to the most 
outstanding wrestler of the year. 
Awarded to: 
Thomas Reese 

The John W, Guckeyson Award for 
scholarship, leadership, and 
athletic ability. 
Awarded to: 
Todd Ensor 

The James H. Kehoe Award 
presented to the senior female 
athlete who symbolized the 
commitment, dedication, spirit 
and will to win and excel in 
Awarded to: 
Judith Turnbaugh 
Field Hockey and Lacrosse 

The Ray Krouse Senior Award to 
the most valuable football player. 
Awarded to: 

Kevin Walker 

The M Club's Founders Award to a 
senior athlete for outstanding 
athletic ability, academic 
excellence, upright character, and 
distinguished citizenship. 
Awarded to: 
Michael Mosko 

The Charles Leroy Mackert Trophy 
offered by William E. Krouse to 
the Maryland student who has 
contributed most to wrestling 
while at the University of 
Awarded to: 
Phillip Brown 


The Maryland Ring to the senior 
resident of Maryland who is 
adjudged the best athlete of the 

Awarded to: 
William Skinner 

The Charles P. McCormick, Sr. 
Award to the senior Baltimore 
area resident who has contributed 
the most to his sport. 
Awarded to: 
James Beardmore 

The Silvester Watch typifying the 
best in athletics. 
Awarded to: 
Ted Chapman 


The Talbot T. Speer Award for 
excellence in leadership, 
scholarship, and general all- 
around ability. 
Awarded to: 
Michael Collins 

The James M. Tatum Award to the 
outstanding tackle on the football 

Awarded to: 
Robert Klein 

The A. V. Williams Award for the 
Maryland football player who has 
exhibited outstanding and 
conspicuous sportsmanship 
during the year. 
Awarded to: 
Robert Arnold 


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Cover Design: John Consoti 
Ittustmlions: Stephen A. Darrou 
Production Coordinator: Linda Martin 

The American Legion ROTC 
Scholastic Award. Presented each 
year to an outstanding Senior 
(Gold Award) who is in the upper 
10 percent of the class in the 
University and the upper 25 
percent of the ROTC class, and 
who has demonstrated high 
qualities in military leadership. 
Awarded to: 

James C. Vechery 
The American Legion 
"Outstanding Senior" Award. 
Presented to the cadet best 
described as the Outstanding 
ROTC Senior. 
Awarded to: 

Paul D. Johnson 
Daughters of .American 
Revolution. Presented to a Senior 
Cadet who is in the upper 25 
percent of both the ROTC class 
and the University, and who 
demonstrates high qualities of 
dependability, good character, 
adherence to military discipline, 
and leadership. Also demonstrates 
a fundamental and patriotic 
understanding of the importance 
of ROTC training. 
Awarded to: 

John M. Gooch 

George M. Reiley Award. 
Presented to the member of the 
flight instruction program who 
shows the highest aptitude for 
flying, as demonstrated by his or 
her performance in the program. 
Awarded to: 

John M. Wilkens 
The Reserve Officers .Association 
Award. Presented to the Senior 
Cadet (Gold Award) who 
demonstrates outstanding 
academic achievement in 
AFROTC subject matter and 
highest officer potential. 
Awarded to: 

Michael A. Jackson 

AFROTC Leadership Ribbon. 
Presented for outstanding 
performance in a position of 
leadership as a cadet officer. 
Recognizes cadet officers who 
display leadership ability above 
and beyond normal expected 
Awarded to: 

Gerald A. Boone 

Michael A. Jackson 

Kimberly D. Perkins 

John A. Warzinski 
AFROTC Superior Performance 
Ribbon. Presented to a cadet for a 
single or sustained performance 
of a superior nature. Recognizes 
achievements which are clearly 
Awarded to: 

Matthew A. German 

Anthony B. Tortona 
AFROTC Veterans of Foreign Wars 
Award presented to the cadet who 
is actively engaged in the 
AFROTC program and possesses 
outstanding leadership qualities. 
Awarded to: 

Kimberly D. Perkins 
American Defense Preparedness 
Association Award. Presented to 
the outstanding Senior Cadet who 
has received no grade in the 
advanced ROTC courses less than 
B. is in the upper half of total 
senior enrollment at the 
University of Maryland, has 
participated actively in athletics 
and/or campus activities, and has 
demonstrated outstanding 
leadership qualities. 
Awarded to: 

Lygia M. Dentry 
The American Legion ROTC 
General Military Excellence 
Awards. Presented each year to a 
Senior (Gold Award) in the upper 
25 percent of the ROTC class, and 
who has demonstrated outstanding 
qualities in militar>' leadership, 
discipline and character. 
Awarded to: 

John A. Warzinski