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My colleagues and I congratulate you on the successful 
completion of your studies. We are confident that your years 
at College Park have prepared you to take full 
advantage of the opportunities and challenges that lie before 
you. But it is not just you who have benefitted from your 
time at College Park. You have given much to us and for 
that we are extremely grateful. Your intellect and curiosity 
have challenged and stimulated us, and helped us — the facul- 
ty — to gain new insight into our disciplines. Your idealism 
and commitment to the common good have inspired us. 
And, your efforts and support of countless campus projects, 
committees, and service programs, have helped to make this 
a better institution than the one you entered several years 
ago. This is the miraculous property of the marvelous entity 
known as the university. The very act of separating 
something from it simultaneously leaves it replenished and 
richer. So we thank you for your part in helping us to grow. 

Although we physically separate today, in a deeper sense our 
interdependence just takes a different form. Your success will 
be, in part, a measure of ours. And our success will be a 
source of pride for you and, perhaps, create new opportunities 
for you. We hope this interdependence will be reflected in 
your continuing interest and involvement in your alma mater. 

Best wishes, much appreciation, and godspeed to each and 
every one of you. 

^£ ICaamom* 

William E. Kirwan 

Dr. William E. Kirwan became president of 

the University of Maryland at College Park in 1989. 

Cole Student 
Activities Building 
'9:30 a.m. 


Dr. William E. Kirwan 


College Park Campus 

Master of Ceremonies 

Ms. Kate Ufema 
Communication Arts and 


Symphonic Wind Ensemble 


Mr. John E. Wakefield 

Musical Selection 

Members of The Maryland 


Conductor, Dr. Paul Traver 

The Reverend 
Elizabeth Platz 
Lutheran Chaplain 

The National Anthem 

Led by Dr. Traver 


Dr. James A. Norton 

Interim Chancellor 

The University of Maryland 


Board of Regents 


Ms. Marian Wright 



Children's Defense Fund 

Conferring of Honorary 

Dr. Norton 

Remarks to the 

Ms. Marie France Le 
Graduating Senior 

Dr. Kirwan 

Conferring of Doctoral, 
Master's and Bachelor's 
Dr. Kirwan 


The Reverend Elizabeth 


Lutheran Chaplain 

Alma Mater 


Hail to thee, Maryland! 

Steadfast in loyalty, 

For thee, we stand, 

Love for the Black and 


Deep in our hearts we 


Singing thy praise forever, 

Throughout the land. 


Symphonic Wind 


Conductor, Mr. Wakefield 


DECEMBER 22, 1989 


& ft W^4^Af *Mm$ £ 


* 1850 


The Great Seal of Maryland, first used by the 
university in 1922, bears the emblems of both the 
Calvert and Crossland family arms. 

Following the Commencement Convocation, individual 
commencement exercises for colleges and schools will be 
held at several campus locations. Ceremonies are 
scheduled to begin at 11:30 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. Guests are 
urged to be seated approximately one half hour prior to 
the designated time for the ceremonies if they wish to 
observe the student and faculty procession. 

Graduates, their families and friends, are cordially invited 
and encouraged to join with university officials and mem- 
bers of the faculty at the reception to be held in the 
Grand Ballroom of Stamp Student Union from 1 1 -.00 a.m. 
to 3:00 p.m. 

Shuttle bus service is available providing free 
transportation across the campus throughout the day. 

Cole Student Activities Building 

9:30 a.m. Campus-wide Commencement Convocation 
11:30 a.m. Business and Management Commencement 
2:00 p.m. Behavioral and Social Sciences 

Hombake Library Assembly Room 

11:30 a.m. Library and Information Services 
Memorial Chapel 

11:30 a.m. Computer, Mathematical and Physical 

Sciences Commencement 
2:00 p.m. Agriculture and Life Sciences 

Physical Education, Recreation and Health Building 

11:30 a.m. Physical Education, Recreation and Health 
Reckord Armory 

11:30 a.m. Education Commencement 
2:00 p.m. Engineering Commencement 

Stamp Student Union-Colony Ballroom 

11:30 a.m. General Studies Commencement 

Stamp Student Union-Hoff Theatre 

11:30 a.m. Human Ecology Commencement 
2:00 p.m. Journalism Commencement 

Tawes Theatre 

11:30 a.m. Arts and Humanities Commencement 


Lol 3 

Architecture Bldg.-Aui 

Awemblv Rib. 

The Campus 

College Park is the tenth largest university campus in the 
nation in enrollment. In Fall 1989, undergraduates num- 
bered 26,863 and graduate students 8,962 for a total en- 
rollment of 35,825. This year's College Park operating 
budget is about $518 million, including financial aid for 
some 13,800 students. 

Students can choose from more than 120 undergraduate 
and 85 graduate programs leading to degrees. In 1988-89, 
the campus awarded 5,586 bachelor's degrees, 1,284 
master's degrees, and 391 doctorates. 


The University of Maryland was founded in 1807 in Bal- 
timore as a faculty-owned College of Medicine. Five years 
later, the growing institution was renamed the University 
of Maryland. The Baltimore College of Dental Surgery, the 
first dental school in America, became a part of the 
university in 1840. Later, the university opened schools of 
pharmacy, law and nursing. 

In 1859, the Maryland Agricultural College, which would 
evolve into the College Park campus, was opened in 
Prince George's County under a charter secured in 1856 
by a group of Maryland planters. This institution became 
one of the nation's original land-grant schools in 1865. 
After a disastrous fire on the campus in 1912, the state 
acquired control of the college and rebuilt it. 

In 1920, the state legislature joined College Park with the 
professional schools in Baltimore to form an expanded 
University of Maryland. These schools were later grouped 
with the Baltimore County and Eastern Shore campuses 
and University College. 

July 1, 1988 marked the dawn of a new era in higher 
education in the State of Maryland when a reorganization 
of the state's public universities and colleges mandated by 
the Maryland legislature went into effect. As a result, the 
five campuses comprising the former University of Mary- 
land were merged with six institutions governed by the 
Maryland Board of Trustees of State Universities and 
Colleges to form the new University of Maryland System. 
The law that created the new system designated College 
Park as the state's flagship institution. 


Charles B. Calvert was one of the founders of the Maryland 
Agriculture College which later became the University of 
Maryland. Deciding that commercially sold bricks were too 
expensive, he set up a kiln to produce his own, and on August 
24, 1858, he laid the cornerstone for the first building on the 


The libraries at College Park include approximately 2 
million volumes, 22,526 subscriptions to periodicals and 
newspapers, and more than 4 million pieces of microform. 
College Park offers the largest university research library in 
the Washington area and is an important resource for the 
state and local community. 

Research Facilities 

College Park is the home of a variety of exceptional 
research facilities including a computer vision laboratory; a 
full-scale low velocity wind tunnel; a 500 liter computer- 
controlled fermentation system for research in bioprocess 
scale-up programs; the Center for Automation Research; 
and a quiescent plasma device (Q machine) for plasma 
research. Such major facilities as the Engineering Research 
Center, the Systems Research Center, and the new Center 
for Global Change conduct research that is especially 
significant to the state and nation. 

The Engineering Research Center is a major vehicle for 
extending the technical and research expertise of the 
University of Maryland to businesses and industries 
through Maryland. The center is both a catalyst for 
problem-solving and a clearinghouse for technical 
information resources. 

The Systems Research Center conducts research in systems 
engineering, artificial intelligence and computer-aided en- 
gineering. Supported by a 5-year, $21 million National 
Science Foundation grant, the center operates in conjunc- 
tion with a program at Harvard University and comple- 
ments a nationally recognized campus program of basic 
and applied research in computer science. 

In 1989, the Center for Global Change, funded with a 
$1.8 million Environmental Protection Agency grant, was 
created at College Park. Under the auspices of the center, 
researchers from a variety of fields conduct groundbreaking 
research related to such important issues as global warm- 
ing, ozone depletion, and sea-level rise. 

In the 1990s, College Park will be the home of one of the 
nation's most important research facilities — the 1.7 million 
square-foot, $205 million Second National Archives Build- 

ing. The building will house more than half the collection of 
the National Archives Records Administration, including 
some of the nation's most valuable historical documents, such 
as the entire State Department record, 1 1 million charts, 
maps and photos, and documents from World War II and 
the Vietnam War. The building is scheduled for completion 
by Fall 1993. 

The proximity of the campus to national research institutions 
such as the National Institutes of Health, the Smithsonian 
Institution, the USDA Beltsville National Agricultural 
Research Center and National Agricultural Library, and the 
Library of Congress ensures that prime research facilities are 
always available to the university's faculty and students. 

College Park Alumni Association 

Created July 1, 1989, the College Park Alumni Association 
is designed to strengthen ties between the university and its 
graduates and to foster support for the University of Mary- 
land at College Park. All graduating seniors and successful 
master's and Ph.D. candidates receive a 1-year free member- 
ship in the association. 

The Graduates 

Students graduating today from the University of Maryland at 
College Park follow in the footsteps of many notable alumni 
who have distinguished themselves in such fields as science, 
entertainment, arts, journalism, business, law, medicine, and 

As a graduate student in mathematics at College Park, 
Herbert A. Hauptman (Ph.D. '54) worked simultaneously at 
the Naval Research Laboratory to devise a method for 
mapping three-dimensional structures of molecules. Three 
decades later he and Jerome Karle, his long-time collab- 
orator at NRL, won the 1985 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for 
their pioneering research. Dr. Hauptman was awarded an 
honorary Doctor of Science degree by the university in 1985. 

CBS News' Connie Chung ('69) worked on the 
Diamondback, the university's student newspaper, and for 
WMUC, the campus radio station, during her student years. 
Another successful journalist who received his collegiate 
training at College Park is Pulitzer Prize-winning science 
writer Jon Franklin ('70). Franklin, who won two Pulitzer 

Prizes for his work as a Baltimore Evening Sun reporter, 
currently heads the journalism program at Oregon State 

One of the university's most devoted sons is A. James 
Clark ('50), president of the George Hyman Construction 
Co. and president and chairman of CEI Construction Inc., 
the umbrella organization for engineering and construction 
companies that include OMNI and Hyman. A former 
member of the university's Board of Regents, in 1983 
Clark made a major contribution to the College of En- 
gineering that led to the establishment of the A.J. Clark 
Chair in Construction Engineering and Management. 

Other notable alumni include Carmen Balthrop (71), a 
former Metropolitan Opera star and currently assistant 
professor of music at College Park; George V. McGowan 
('51), president of Baltimore Gas and Electric; Karl W. 
Meyer ('49), president of University of Wisconsin, Superior 
Campus; Rep. Tom McMillen (74), Maryland's Fourth 
District Congressman; Mary Stallings Coleman ('35), the 
first woman elected to the Supreme Court of Michigan; 
Fred O'Green ('49), retired Curator of Textiles, Smith- 
sonian Institution; James R. Buckler (70) current director 
of the Smithsonian's Office of Horticulture; Rep. Steny 
Hoyer ('63), Maryland's Fifth District Congressman; Anne 
Truax Darlington, creator of "Wall Street Week" and 
current director of the International Production Group for 
the Maryland Center of Public Broadcasting; and Allen J. 
Krowe ('54), senior vice president and chief financial 
officer of Texaco. 

Academic Costume 

The black caps and gowns worn by the students and 
faculty in the academic procession have been the 
traditional costume of scholars since medieval times. They 
probably represent a kind of ecclesiastical dress, since 
many of the scholars of that period were members of 
monastic orders. 

Most colleges and universities in the United States have 
adopted the uniform code for costumes drafted by an 
intercollegiate commission in 1893. Each of the three 
academic degrees — bachelor, master and doctor — has its 
own distinctive gown and hood. The bachelor's gown has 
a longer, more narrow, closed sleeve extending below the 

knee; the arm fits through a slit at the elbow. The doctor's 
gown has a full, bell-shaped sleeve trimmed with three bars 
of velvet. The velvet trim on the gown can be 
black or a color indicating the wearer's general field of 
learning — for example, green for medicine or purple for 
law. A list of department colors follows. 


Arts, Letters, Humanities/White 

Business Admin., Com. Sci./Drab 



Education/Light Blue 


Fine Arts, Architecture/Brown 

Forestry /Russet 

Home Economics/Maroon 

Journalism/Crimson * 


Library Science/Lemon 




Oratory, Speech/Silver Gray 


Philanthropy /Rose 

Philosophy/Dark Blue 

Pub. Admin., For. Ser./Peacock Blue 

Public Health/Salmon 

Physical Education/Sage Green 

Science/Golden Yellow 

Social Work/Citron 

Theology and Divinity/Scarlet 

Veterinary Sciences/Gray 

The most colorful and distinctive part of the academic 
costume is the hood extending down the back. The doctor's 
is the largest of the hoods and the bachelor's is the smallest. 
The bachelor's hood is often omitted. 

Silk lining of various colors in the center of the hood 
indicates the college or university which conferred the de- 
gree. Consistent for all degrees is the cap, or mortar board, 
which has a tassel of black or another color indicating the 
field of learning. The tassel of the doctor's cap can be gold. 

Academic Degrees 

A degree is awarded for the successful completion of a course 
of study. Nationwide, there are more than 1,600 different 
academic degrees conferred by colleges and universities. The 
first known degree was a doctorate bestowed by the 
University of Bologna, Italy, in the mid- 12th century. Origin- 
ally, the doctor's and master's degrees were used interchange- 
ably, each indicating that the holder was qualified to 

instruct students. The bachelor's or baccalaureate, degree 
only indicated entrance into a course of study preparatory 
to the doctorate or mastership. Gradually, though, the 
bachelor's degree came to mean successful completion of 
one level of study in advance of the higher degrees. 

The Doctor's Degree 

The term "doctor," meaning teacher or instructor, 
originated with the ancient Romans for those who 
lectured publicly on philosophical topics. During the 
Middle Ages, it was used as a title of honor for men of 
great learning. It was first made an academic title at the 
University of Bologna, which was allowed by the emperor 
to appoint doctores legum (doctors of laws). The University 
of Paris followed suit in the year 1145. Soon after, popes 
granted the universities the right to appoint doctors 
canonum et decretalium (teachers of the canon law) and, 
when the study of civil law was combined with that of the 
canon law, the title was changed to doctor utriusque juris 
(teacher of both laws). The faculties of theology and 
medicine followed that of law in conferring this title. 

A doctorate is given beyond the baccalaureate degree and 
requires several years of advanced study, the successful 
completion of a thesis or dissertation, and written and oral 
examinations. The doctor's degree represents the most ad- 
vanced earned degree conferred by American institu- 
tions. There are two distinct types: the practitioner's 
degree and the research degree. The first type represents 
advanced training for the practice of various professions, 
principally Doctor of Medicine, Juris Doctor and Doctor of 
Pharmacy. These degrees carry no implication of original 
research. The University of Maryland awarded the first 
two dental degrees in history on March 9, 1841, and 
invented the name of the degree, Doctor of Dental 
Surgery (D.D.S.). 

The second type is a research doctorate representing 
prolonged periods of advanced study. A dissertation which 
usually accompanies the study is intended to contribute 
substantially to existing knowledge on the subject. The 
most important of these, the Doctor of Philosophy, no 
longer has an implication of philosophy for its holder, but 
represents advanced research in any of the major fields of 
knowledge. It was first awarded in the United States in 

1861 by Yale University. The University of Maryland awarded 
a Ph.D. for the first time in 1920. 

The Master's Degree 

The master's degree is an academic honor bestowed upon 
students who have successfully completed work beyond the 
baccalaureate. A thesis and an oral examination are usually 
required. The word magister was used by the Romans as a 
title of honor, but its present meaning can be traced to the 
establishment of the oldest universities. Organized faculties as 
they now exist in universities were not known then; academ- 
ic activity was limited to seven liberal arts. Those who were 
honored for their diligence and knowledge upon completion 
of their studies and who had already received the bachelor's 
degree were called magistri artium (master of the liberal arts). 
In 1920, the University of Maryland awarded its first Master 
of Arts (M.A.) and Master of Science (M.S.) degrees in fields 
other than agriculture. 

The Bachelor's Degree 

The bachelor's degree represents completion of a four-year 
course of college-level study and is the oldest academic 
degree used by American institutions of higher learning. It 
was first conferred in America in 1642 on the first nine 
graduates of Harvard College. Maryland Agriculture College, 
which later became the University of Maryland at College 
Park, awarded its first Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) and Bachelor 
of Science (B.S.) degrees in 1862. 


Board of Regents 


George V McGowan 

Albert N. Whiting 

Ilona M. Hogan 
Assistant Secretary 

Constance M. Unseld 
Assistant Treasurer 

Roger Blunt 
Wayne A. Cawley, Jr. ex officio 
Margaret Alton 
Richard O. Berndt 
Benjamin L. Brown 
Earle Palmer Brown 
Charles W Cole, Jr. 
Frank A. Gunther, Jr. 
Ann Hull 
Henry R. Lord 
Rodney Lydell Tyson 
John W T Webb 

System Administration of the University 


James A. (Dolph) Norton (Interim) 
Deputy Chancellor 

Jean E. Spencer 
Vice Chancellor for Agricultural Affairs 

Raymond J. Miller 
Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs 

David S. Sparks 
Vice Chancellor for Genera/ Administration 

Donald L. Myers 
Vice Chancellor for Governmental Relations 

Patricia S. Florestano 
Vice Chancellor for Policy and Planning 

Edgar B. Schick 
Vice Chancellor for University Relations 

Robert G. Smith 

College Park Administration 


William E. Kirwan 
Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost 

J. Robert Dorfman 
Vice President for Administrative Affairs 

Charles F. Sturtz 
Vice President for Institutional Advancement 

Reese Cleghorn (Acting) 
Vice President for Student Affairs 

William L. Thomas, Jr. 


College of Agriculture 

Paul H. Mazzocchi 
College of Arts and Humanities 

Robert W. Griffith 
College of Behavioral and Social Sciences 

Murray E. Polakoff 
College of Business and Management 

Rudolph R Lamone 
College of Computer, Mathematical and Physical Sciences 

John E. Osborne (Acting) 
College of Education 

Dale R Scannell 
College of Engineering 

George R Dieter, Jr. 
College of Human Ecology 

Laura S. Sims 
College of JoumaUsm 

Reese Cleghorn 
College of Library and Information Services 

Claude E. Walston 
College of Life Sciences 

Paul H. Mazzocchi (Acting) 
College of Physical Education, Recreation and Health 

John J. Burt 
School of Architecture 

John W. Hill 
School of Public Affairs 

Michael Nacht 
Administrative Dean for Graduate Studies and Research 

Jacob K. Goldhaber (Acting) 
Administrative Dean for Summer Programs 

Melvin N. Bernstein 
Administrative Dean for Undergraduate Studies 

Kathryn J. Mohrman 

Officers of Commencement 


Charles J. Beatty, Industrial, Technological and Occupational Education 
University Marshal 

Don C. Piper, Government and Politics 

John E. Wakefield, Director of Bands 

Commencement Committee 

Frances R Cave, Health Center 

Reese Cleghom, Institutional Advancement 

Earle Connors, Physical Plant 

Lynn M. Danson, University Book Center 

Richard W. Doran, Police Department 

Carolyn A. Ent, Institutional Advancement 

Cornelia F. Goodwin, Diploma Office 

Leonard B. Jankowski, Campus Parking 

Gothard A. Lane, Intercollegiate Athletics 

Simone Legacy, Industrial, Technological and Occupational Education 

Paul Maloni, University Book Center 

Linda Martin, Institutional Advancement 

Elizabeth Pattison, Records and Registrations 

James N. Robinson, Environmental Safety 

Larry E. Schwartz, Dining Services 

Matthew W. Sheriff, Dining Services 

Barri Standish, Commuter Affairs 

Robert T. Stumpff, Physical Plant 

Janice E. Summons, Campus Parking 

Paul A. Tessicini, Police Department 

Kate F. Ufema, Communication Arts and Theatre 

Carole Wilde-Merman, Disabled Student Services 

Unit Representatives 
Katherine Pedro Beardsley, Behavioral and Social Sciences 
Jean Diepenbrock, Library and Information Services 
Donald Giffin, Arts and Humanities 
Albert J. Klavon, Life Sciences and Agriculture 
George F. Kramer, Physical Education, Recreation and Health 
John C. Loss, Architecture 
Joseph G. Mattingly, Business and Management 
James N. Newton, Engineering 
Bonnie Oh, Undergraduate Studies 
Jo Paoletti, Human Ecology 
David J. Rhoads, Education 
Greig Stewart, Journalism 

Thelma M. Williams, Computer, Mathematical and Physical Sciences 
Elisse Wright, Public Affairs 


Marian Wright Edelman, founder and president of the 
Children's Defense Fund, has been a passionate and sucess- 
ful advocate for disadvantaged Americans throughout her 
entire professional career. 

Under her skilled leadership, the Washington-based Children's 
Defense Fund has advanced vital causes on a wide range of 
children's and family issues, including adolescent pregnancy 
prevention, education, child care, youth employment, child 
welfare, and children's physical and mental health. 

Edelman first focused on the plight of children in the mid- 
1960s when, as the first black woman admitted to the Missis- 
sippi bar, she directed the Legal Defense and Education Fund 
of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored 
People in Jackson, Mississippi. In that role the attorney suc- 
cessfully defended the Child Development Group of Missis- 
sippi, the state's Head Start program, against political attacks. 

In 1968, Edelman took on the cause of children in direct 
fashion by founding the Washington Research Project, an or- 
ganization that in 1973 evolved into the Children's Defense 
Fund. Growing steadily in influence and stature since its crea- 
tion, the group today is one of the nation's leading advo- 
ocacy groups. Among its most visible initiatives is its national 
campaign, started in 1983, to prevent teenage pregnancy and 
provide positive life options for youths. 

In 1971, Time magazine named Edelman as one of 
America's 200 young leaders, and in 1985 she became a 
MacArthur Foundation Prize Fellow. 

Edelman serves on the prestigious Council of Foreign 
Relations and the boards of the NAACP Legal Defense 
and Education Fund, the Aetna Life and Casualty 
Foundation, the March of Dimes, and Spellman College 
Board of Trustees. 

Edelman was born in Bennettsville, S.C. and was grad- 
uated from Spellman College in 1960. She received her 
law degree from Yale University in 1963. She is married 
to Peter Edelman, a professor of law at Georgetown Univ- 
ersity and has three sons. 

Today, for her extraordinary commitment to the disad- 
vantaged members of society, her effectiveness in public- 
spirited causes, and her lasting contribution to the 
common good of the nation, Marian Wright Edelman 
receives the honorary degree of Doctor of Public Service 
from the University of Maryland at College Park. 





AUGUST 1989 

This corinthian style capital can be seen at the McKeldin 
library which was built in 1958 and named for then Governor 
Theodore R. McKeldin. 

Doctor of Philosophy 

Rose Marie Abler Psychology 
Shortterm Group Counseling for Depressed Elderly Adults 

Ouassima Akhrif Electrical Engineering 
Robust Stabilization of Uncertain Nonlinear Systems 

Terence Joseph Alexander Economics 
An Analysis of Some of the Determinants of Agricultural 
Productivity in Sub-Saharan Africa 

Kathleen Ann Colquitt Bands Education-Curriculum and 

The Effects of a Woman's Management Training Program on 
Female Retail Management and Interior Design Students 

James E. Bauer Marine-Estaurine-Environmental Science 
Organic and Carbon Isotope Geochemistry of Coastal California 

Siegfried Heinz Bleher Physics 
Chaotic Dynamics in Open Hamiltoman Systems 

Robert Edward Bray Animal Sciences 
Digestibility and Rate of Passage of Soybean Hull Diets in Gestating 

LawTence Carin Electrical Engineering 
Analysis of Multiconductor Microstrip with Applications in High- 
speed Integrated Circuits 

James L. Carr Physics 
Spin Structures and Superworldsheet Topology 

Kwang-Cheng Chen Electrical Engineering 

New Methods of Sychromzation 

Senhuei Chen Applied Mathematics 
A Discontinuous Solution to a Nonlinear Elliptic-Hyperbolic System 

John Patrick Chin Psychology 
Fixed and Dynamic Menu Systems: A Script-Based Approach to 

Clayton Roy Chinn Physics 
Comprehensive Study of Dirac Dynamics in Inclusive Quasielastic 
Electron Scattering 

The August 1989 class roster comprises degree graduates 
from the undergraduate and graduate programs at the 
Univetsity of Maryland at College Park. 


Cheung M. Cho Sociology 
Study of Inheritance Practices of Korean Immigrants 

Sunggoo Cho Physics 
On Super Riemann Surfaces and Super Period Maps 

Jiang-Hsing Chu Computer Science 
A Study of Caching Algorithms 

Beverly Lynn Cohen-Hoy Counseling and Personnel Services 
Temperamental Characteristics of Popular, Average, Rejected and 
Neglected Preschoolers 

Barbara Stahl Collins Health Education 
A Behavioral Approach in Conjunction With Antihypertension Drug 
Therapy for Control of Hypertension: A Worksite Clinical Trial 

Leslie Denise Cook Cooper Health Education 
The Epidemiobgic Issue of Low Birth Weight and Smoking Behavior 
In A Black Urban Population 

Charles William Cross Curriculum and Instruction 
The Influence of a Positive Portrayal of Specific Elderly Individuals 
on the Cognitive, Affective, and Behavioral Components of 
Childrens' Attitudes Toward the Elderly 

Kevin William Dean Public Communication 
A Rhetorical Biography of Jonathan Edwards: Beyond the Firey Pits 
of Hell 

Carol Elizabeth Coonen Drungil Civil Engineering 
Calibration Based on Photogrammetnc Analysis for a Physically- 
Based Rangeland Erosion Model 

George Leonard Edwards Curriculum and Instruction 
A Study of Programs and Plans for the Black Performing Musician 
to Gain Employment in the Symphony Orchestras of the United 

Lionel Feigenbaum Zoology 
Molecular Biology and Pathogenesis of the Human ]C Virus 

Shangting Feng Electrical Engineering 
Photoconductivity in Diamond Under High Bias Field 

Ellen Judd Flint Music 

Structural and Formal Multiplicities in Iannis Xenakis' Psappha 

Deanna S. Forney Counseling and Personnel Services 
Master's Students in College Student Personnel: Characteristics and 
Attitudes Toward Professional Preparation and Their Relationships 
to Identified Learning Style Differences 

Michael Frazier Government and Politics 
Implementing State Government Export Trade Programs 

Patricia Ross French English 
Philip Larlcin: The Void and the Vision 

Gennady Friedman Electrical Engineering 
Computation of Magnetic Fields in Media with Hysteresis 

Mary Galligan Education Policy, Planning and Administration 
Factors Associated with Leadership Development at Women's 

Michael Genhart Psychology 
Light in an Elderly Population: Effects on Mood and Behavior 

Hatem Mohamed Ghafir Electrical Engineering 
Performance of a Class of Multiple Access Ring Local Area 

Madga Ghanima Government and Politics 
The Role of Egyptian Public Schools in the Political Socialization 

Patricia Keough Gladu Botany 
Sterol Composition of Some Unicellular Algae Relative to Their 
Suitability as Oyster Food 

David Goblirsch Electrical Engineering 
Quantization Systems for Hidden Markov Sources 

Alan Stanley Goodwin Curriculum and Instruction 
A Content Analysis of the Portrayal of Black Male Adolescent 
Protagonists in Four Novels for Adolescents 

Linda Greer Marine-Estuarine-Environmental Science 
Environmental and Physiological Factors Important to the Microbial 
Degradasion of 2.4-D in Soil in Culture 

Barbara Jackson Griffin English 
The Fragmented Vision of Claud McKay 

Levent Gun Electrical Engineering 
Queueing Systems with Synchronization Constraints 

Meihui Guo Statistics 
Inference for Nonlinear Time Series 

Margarete E. Hall Education Policy, Planning and Administration 
A Comparison of Decentralized and Centralized Systems for Manag- 
ing the Institutional Advancement Activities at Research Universities 

Brian Anthony Haugh Philosophy 
Non-Monotonic Formalisms for Commonsense Temporal-Causal 

Carole Jean Hickman Microbiology 
Production and Characterization of Murine T Cell Lines and 
Cloned T Cell Hybridomas Responding to Native and Recombinant 
Rickettsia Tsutsugamushi Antigens 

Mitchell Mark Holland Biochemistry 
A Study of the Catalytic Domain of Escherichia coll Adenylate Cyclase 


August /989 Graduates 

Franklin Robert Horstman Curriculum and Instruction 
The Effects of Instruction in Sentence Combining and Revision on 
Ninth Graders' Explanatory Writing 

Jo Gayle Howard Animal Science 
Influence of teratospermia on Oocyte Penetration in Domestic and 
Nondomestic Felids 

Wen Hwang Leo Hsie Chemical Engineering 
Modeling, Simulation and Control of Crude Tower 

William A. Huting Electrical Engineering 
Numerical Analysts of Tapered Waveguide Transitions 

Rodolfo Jalabert Physics 
Many Body Effects in Equilibrium and Nonequilibnum Electron- 
Lattice Systems 

Karel Susan James American Studies 
Chimera in the Congo: An Interdisciplinary Examination of the 
Myths and Realities of the Overthrow of Patrice Lumumba (July 
I960 - January 1961) 

Annmarie Kaxyaka Criminal Justice and Criminology 
Guarding the Gateway to Discnmination: Developing a 
Constitutional Model of Capital Sentencing 

Janet Marie Kerr Nutritional Sciences 
Studies in the Endocrine Regulation of Bone Cell Metabolism 

Ali Hassan Khalil Food Science 
Aquatic Biotoxins: Isolation and Identification of Algal Toxins 
Produced by Gonyaulax Morulata and Potential Biotransmission to 
Oysters (Crassostrea Viginica) 

Young Suk Kim Textile and Comsumer Economics 
Productivity and Input Substitution in the Textile Industry: An 
International Comparison 

Raphael Ominde Kollah Chemistry 
The Chemistry of Macrocyclic Trichothecenes 

Chinsan Lee Mathematical Statistics 
Parameter Estimation in Branching Process with Application to 
Tumor Growth 

Hue Yeom Lee Physics 

Neural Network and Letter Recognition 

Margaret Lewis Economics 

Denison Revisited: Education and Economic Growth Once Again 

Wulin Li Civil Engineering 
Fatigue Strength of Prestressed Composite Steel Girders 

Chan-Jane Lin Business and Management 
In/ormation Signaling and Valuation of Initial Public Offerings: An 
Empirical Investigation 

David Tsochung Lin Chemistry 
Enzymatic and Chemical Reactions of Halogenated Aromatic 
Substrate Analogs: Evidence for the Generation of p-Xylylene 

Christopher Lee Litten Curriculum and Instruction 
The Effects of Word Processing and Peer Review on the Revision 
Process of Freshman Composition Students 

Ira Jeffrey Love Government and Politics 
Language, Discourse and the justification of Political Authority 

Standish McCleary Psychology 
Confidential Communications in Counseling: Informing Clients of Limits 
to Confidentiality 

Michelle Carter McElvany Applied Mathematics 
Guaranteed Deadlines for Hard Real-Time Fault-Tolerant Distributed 

Peter Kerr McLarty Electrical Engineering 
Characterisation of Thin Siiicon-on-lnsulator Films 

Merrill Fowler Mead-Fox Psychology 
Multivariate Predictors of Symptom Severity in Bulimia Nervosa 

Vahid Aliabadi Motevalli Mechanical Engineering 
Transient Ceiling ]et Characteristics 

Michael Robert Moyer Physical Education 
An Interactive Model of Physical Activity Intervention and 
Controllable Risk Factors of Cardiovascular Heart Disease 

Joanne Maura Munoz Sociology 
The Adaptation of Catholic Women's Colleges to Changes in the 
Environment: 1970-1985 

Ahmad H. Namini Civil Engineering 
The Aerodynamic Stability of Cable-Stayed Bridges 

Robert Nelson Oerter Physics 
Superspace Techniques for String Theories 

Tim Richard Ohno Physics 
Silicon Vicinal Surfaces: Impact on Epitaxial Growth 

Helen Elizabeth Overton Human Development 
The Impact of Health Beliefs on Young Men's Decisions to Accept 
or Reject Safe Sex Practices to Avoid Contracting AIDS 

Gun-Sik Park Physics 
The Phase Characteristics of Klystrons and Gyroklystrons 

Richard Paul Profozich Education Policy, Planning and 

Relationship of Selected Community College Student and 
Institutional Characteristics and Retention, Transfer, and Completion of 
a BA Degree 


Linda Racioppi Government and Politics 
The Perception-Policy Interface in Foreign Policymaking: A Case 
Study of Soviet Policy Towards South Asia, J 970- 1 985 

Herbert E. Reed Agronomy 
Use of Chlorate as a Nitrate Analogue to Screen Eastern Wheal 
Cultivars for Differences in Nitrogen Accumulation 

Mary Forman Rice Education Policy, Planning and 

The Policy Aspects of Situating Magnet Schools in the School System 

and the Community: A Case Study 

Murray Neil Ross Economics 
Compensation Differences in the Union and Nonunion Sectors 

Sylvia Bond Sanders Curriculum and Instruction 
Effects of Strategy Training and Attribution Retraining on the Main- 
tenance of the Text Reinspection Strategy in an Urban Classroom 

Christoph Schwab Applied Mathematics 
Dimensional Reduction for Elliptic Boundary Value Problems 

Bruce Steven Sharkin Psychology 
The Influence of Counselor Trainee Gender, Anger Proneness and 
Anger Discomfort on Reactions to a Angry Client 

Chenliang Sheng English 
Nietzsche's Superman Americanized: On Dreiser's The Financier 

Susan L. Slyter Psychology 
Kohut's Psychology of the Self Measures of Healthy and Defensive 

Kent Lyle Smith Botany 
Epidemiology of Gray Leaf Spot of Field Com 

Kimberly Jo Smith Business and Management 
Choice of Investment Control System 

Michael A. Smutok Physical Education 
Comparison of the Effects of Aerobic versus Resistive Exercise 
Training on Glucose Tolerance and Insulin Sensitivity 

Banerjee Snehamay Business and Management 
Methodology for Solving Business Problems with Box Structures 

Sheila Stark Industrial, Techonological and Occupational 

A Phenomenoiogica/ Journey Towards Understanding the Lifeworld 

of the Beginning Teacher 

Alan Douglas Stemple Aerospace Engineering 
Non-Linear Static and Dynamic Modelling of Composite Rotor 
Blades Including Warping Effects 

Robert Swaine Government and Politics 
Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPS): A Democratic Fable 

Daniel Buckley Swearingen Mathematics 
Continuity of the Cauchy-Riemann Operator on Families of 
Degenerating Riemann Surfaces 

Helen Rholeen Thorsheim Chemistry 
Collision Dynamics at Cold and Ultracold Temperatures 

Vinay Anant Vaishampayan Electrical Engineering 
Combined Source -Channel Coding for Banklimited Waveform 

Edward Joseph VanBlargan Civil Engineering 
A Geographic Information System for Flood Forecasting 

George Vanecek, Jr. Computer Science 
Set Operations on Polyhedra Using Decomposition Methods 

Rand Waltzman Computer Science 
Geometric Problem Solving by Machine Visualisation 

Iven Eugene White Human Development 
Factors Related to the Morale of Faculty in Higher Education 

Shyh-Chyi Wong Electrical Engineering 
Modeling on Short Channel MOSFETS 

Ching Wah Woo Mathematics 
Nonlinear PO.Z. and Optimal Control with Integral Constraints 

Ronald Allen Wood Textiles and Consumer Economics 
The Role of Habit in Cigarette Consumption 

Wei-Hsiung Kitty Chow Wu English 
Cultural Ideology and Aesthetic Choices: A Study of Three Works 
try Chinese-American Women--Ciana Chang, Bette Bao Lord, and 
Maxine Hong Kingston 

Qiang Yang Computer Science 

Improving the Efficiency of Planning 

Xiaowei Yang Electrical Engineering 
Detection and Classification of Neural Signals and Identification of 
Neural Networks 

Young Hee Yoon Sociology 
Export- Led Growth and Women's Labour Force Participation in 
Manufacturing Industries in Korea, 1 963- 1 983 

Zohreh Yousefi Civil Engineering 
Transport of PCDDs, PCP and PAHs Through Soils in the 
Presence of Codisposed Materials 

Martha T. Zingo Government and Politics 
"Nameless Persons": Legal Discrimination Against Non-Marital Children 
in the United States 


August 1989 Graduates 

Doctor of Education 

Daniel L. Agley Curriculum and Instruction 
The Effects of Learning Environment on Wellness and 
Health Risk Scores 

Suzanne F. Erskine Curriculum and Instruction 
Establishing the Criterion Related Validity of a County Developed 
Readiness Test for Kindergarten Students 

Richard E. Paulman Education Policy, Planning and 

An Examination of the Relationship Between the Completion of the 
Tasks Specified in the Case Plans of Children Placed in Foster Care 
and the Achievement of Specified Permanency Outcomes 

Kathleen Diveley Steinly Curriculum and Instruction 
Story Dramatization as a Technique for Teaching Reading 
Comprehension and Enhancing Attitude Toward Reading 

Helen Stemler Curriculum and Instruction 
A Survey and Case Studies of Employee Wellness 
Programs in Maryland's Public School Systems 


Master of Education 

August 30,1989 

Lisa Ross Ackerman 
John William Chandler 
Linda Taron Finnegan 
Lowell Allen Haagenson 
Anne Heinrich Hairston 
Kim-Jae O. Kang 
Anita Penelope Wells Klube 
Louise Hoyle Moore 
Barbara J. Moroney 
Ann Laraine Schewbert 

Advanced Graduate Specialist Certificate 

Celia Brown Schuchman 
Gerry Ray Smith 

Graduate Certificate in Gerontology 
Doctoral Level 

Charles William Cross 

Master of Applied 

Gordon Patrick Karim 

Master of Architecture 

William Harlan Novak 
Shorieh M. Talaat 

Master of Arts 

American Studies 

Patricia McConnell Lawrence 
Beverly Frances Shuman 

Communication Arts and 

Wendy S. Zabava Ford 
Yao-Ling Shih 
Emily Karen Whitney 
Michael Patrick Zizzi 

Comparative Literature 

Kourosh Betsarkis 

Counseling and Personnel 

M. Elizabeth Flum 
Constance M. Martin 
Mary Ann Merz 
Karen Ellen Noll 
Gerry Ray Smith 
Marsha Burleson Somers 
Lynne Ticknor 
Lori Jean Vogelgesang 

Curriculum and Instruction 

Janice Louise Doherty 
Cynthia J. Hatheway 
Karen Marie Mills 
Victoria A. Romig 


Amy Friedheim 
Russell Lyle Lamb 
Liliana Maria Pazienza 
Shujin Zhang 

Education Policy, Planning, 
and Administration 

Julia Ruth Bates 

English Language and 

Kira Pratt Davis 
Anne Hamilton Detrick 
Holly Catherine Johnson 
Betsy Kulamer 
Kimberly Lynn Ports 
Shirley Ann Johnsen Rompf 
Jack Eugene Trotter, Jr. 
Kristin Elizabeth Vogt 
Claudette M. Walsh 
Susan Gail Wood 


Elizabeth Joan Agayoff 

Germanic Languages and 

Jyl Marie Hohenwarter 
John Douglas LeMaster 
George Carson Lennox III 

Government and Politics 

Michael John Cain 
William Robert Gallagher 
Rachel Hilary Goldberg 
Hitoshi Kudo 
Ronald Bruce Meyer 
Hedayatollah Tahbaz 
Yuan-Chia Wang 
Kori Schake Zavala 

Health Education 

Carolyn Goodman Iwrey 
Denise Pauline Ludwig 
Jane Dorien Shotkin 


Joseph Allen Cain 
Robert Lee Hafer III 
Eric David Kupferberg 
Amy Carolyn Plenefisch 
Robert Todd Witkin 


Human Development 

Xiomara Salgado 
Robert Kenneth Winegar 

Occupational Education 

Elinor Joyce Spieler 


Paul Scott Girsdansky 

Ichiro Shiraki 

Donald Thomas Zajackowski 

Mathematical Statistics 

Stefan David Leigh 


Nina I. Luft 
Amir Pirnazar 

Measurement, Statistics and 

Joseph Donald Allen 
Jacqueline Marie French 
Heidi Ann Huczel 
Sylvester Carl Mathis 


Mollie Lynn Jaschik 
James Howard Zahniser 


Julie Kay Freedheim 
Gregory Blaze Kearney 
Dennis William Moses 
Debra F. Schwartz 


Carola Mariana Alvarez 
John Daniel Schubert 

Urban Studies 

Marie A. Price 

Master of Business 

Brantley L. Alexander 
David Alan Baer 
George Daniel Bent 
Richard Elvis Blankenship 
Lawrence Chester Blash 
Donna Marie Bradley 

Jeanne M. Burke 
Daniel Montgomery Busby, Jr. 
Ronald L. Canada 
In-Bey Chao 
Avijit Chatterjee 
Michael Francis Chiaramonte 
Gail Ann Hill Costello 
Eva Lynn Curlee 
Nancy Jean Farkas 
J. Alexander Flick III 
Ruth Ann Fuqua 
Robert Roy Giraldi 
Elissa Susan Golin 
Madelyn Marabello Graves 
Christine Maria Harris 
Keturah Adamson Harris 
Patricia Hsiao 
John Joseph Kosch 
Charles Myles Kronsberg 
Richard Joseph Kwiatkowski 
Jeh-Chang Lee 
Thomas Stephen Marx 
Christine Faith Meehan 
Joseph Edward Merritt 
Elizabeth A. Mitchell 
Carla Ann Mosser 
Joanne Mozynski 
Diane Harriet Munro 
Whitney Vance Myers 
William Patrick Newman, Jr. 
Mary Ita O'Donnell 
Robert John Schadt 
Alan Guy Shimp 
Barry Keith Silvermetz 
Edward Thomas Smith 
Andrew M. Steinfeld 
Anthony Turner Washington 
Pauline Canute Wiltshire- 

Keith Eden Winchester 
Naomi Esther Yadin-Mendick 
Joseph Orlando Zuccaro 
Morris John Zwick 

Master of Education 

Counseling and Personnel 

Catherine May Anderson 
Kenneth Craig Baron 

Jennifer Anne Niggemeier 
Olive Deloris Reid 
Susan E. Ritzer 
Carole Christiana Warren 

Curriculum and Instruction 

Howard Thomas Baldwin 
Marie Rohner Barrett 
Michael Steven Bass 
Tammy Rae Bleck 
Marjorie May Brigham 
Gigi Bender Castle 
Ann Martha Eustis 
Vanessa D. Gilliam-Collier 
Deborah Hall Howie 
Jennifer Mary Jorgenson 
Keith Adam Kessler 
Michelle Suzanne Koopman 
Linda Karen Lebelle 
Carlyn Michelle Liberman 
Cecilia Montes Martinez 
Alan Fowler McLaine 
Nanette Renee Meo 
Anne Romeyn Pittman 
Linda Marie Ragland 
Marjorie Fox Rogers 
Jean Tamarin Rosenblatt 
Lauretta Rose Rudolph 
Jessica Sawyer 
Kathleen Ann Shannon 
Susan Dawn Slagter 
Darcy Ilene Sloe 
Charles Clayton Sweedler 
Jill Marie Turner 
Joseph Nelson VanDercook 
Grace Ming-Yee Wai 
David Faber Weisz 
Patricia Lynn Windle 
Jennifer Alice Yau 

Education Policy, Planning, 
and Administration 

Sarah Jane Raba 

Human Development 

Robin Draper 
Margaret Mary O'Brien 
Barbara Ann Murphy Warman 

Occupational Education 

Carol Ilene Newman 

Special Education 

Kathi Elizabeth Foley 
Gina Maria Palladin 
Carol B. Schwartz 

Master of Fine Arts 

Lisa Ranette Smith 

Master of Library Science 

Linda Caddell Aikin 
Susan Elizabeth Allan-Burnett 
David Roger Allen 
Peter Anderegg 
Lisa Mane Barker 
Paul Guerry Barnett III 
Matthew Leo Beacom 
Patricia Anne Benjamin 
Connie Dianne Binder 
Mary C. Blatchford 
Deborah Pulman Bullock 
Carroll A. Carter 
Show-Ching Chen 
Angela C. Chow 
Deborah C. Skinner Davis 
Willis Emmett Davis 
Karl Edward Debus 
Rosemary Elizabeth Eddy 

Roland Fagan 
Jade Lindquist Falkowski 
Michael Daniel Germroth 
Gwendolyn G Graham-Zanin 
Charlotte Louise Aston Grimes 
Stewart Irving Hill 
Carol Susan Hook 
Victoria Jenks 
John Gerard Keyes 
Qiutong Li 

Paul Kevin McCutcheon 
Ruth Emma McKeen 
Lesley Ann Milner 
Karen Lee O'Connor 
Drew Lynn Proctor 
Patricia Somers Redd 
Steven Brent Rhodes 
Alisa Beth Richard 
Angelo Z. Sanders 


August J 989 Graduates 

Rita Helene Sherman 
Kathleen Borsuk Sterner 
Ann Denise Sullivan 
Shirley M. Tabler 
Linda C. Van Den Akker- 

Bonnie K. Wicklund 
Lynette Adaire Williams 
Heather A. Wright 
Gretchen Knapp Youngerman 

Master of Music 

Ken-Ichi Watanahe 

Master of Public 

Annalisa Brooks 

Master of Public Policy 

Dorothy Ann Moore 

Master of Science 

Aerospace Engineering 

Christopher William Stuteville 

Scott Alan Gordon 
Joseph Brian Harris 
Antonio Santiago Llanos 
Nancy Leigh Mueller 

Agricultural and Extension 

Gary Wayne Bittner 
Dale Richard Miller 

Agricultural and Resource 

Firuzeh Arsanjani 

Jean Marie Meng-Lihinag 

Stephen Robert Milmoe 


Virginia Ann Hammond 
Stephen Edward Hart 

Animal Sciences 

Shashikumar Krishnaji Salgar 
Mulumebet Worku 


Alan David Brooks 


Business and Management 

Jeftery Yan Ping Chi 
Marilyn Frances Drattell 
Eugene Thomas Furey 
William Charles Gould 
Rita Herbst Hohenbrink 
Chia-Shu Margaret Liu 
Tracy Jane Saraduke 
Michael Boris Silberholz 
Shong-Iee Su 
Michael Joseph Waters 
Allen Winokur 

Civil Engineering 

Andreas Meletiou Chrysostomou 
Damian David Foti 
Eric Paul Roberts 
Enrique Alfredo Salvador 
James Christopher Zeller 

Computer Science 

Carolyn Elizabeth Brophy 

Suresh Gajulapalli 

Young Gyu Kang 

Pankaj Ravindranath Karnik 

Christian Turner Kemper 

Jacob Israel Lifshitz 

Shyang-Wen Lin 

John David Marsh 

Kiyoshi Matsuura 

R J. Narayanan 

Shengyu Qian 

Kannan Ramaswamy 

Dheeraj Sanghi 

Edward Harvey Schadler 

Electrical Engineering 

John Christopher Braune 
Armen Caroglanian 
Mathew Scott Corson 
Todd Alan Fine 
Lester Daniel Leonard 
Chuan-Qi Miao 
Eytan Hillel Modiano 
Gam D. Nguyen 
Kimberly Maroe Potter 
Vidya Rajagopalan 
John Reilly III 
Sachidanandan Sambandan 
Malathy Sethuraman 
George William Slade 
Leandros Tassiulas 
Anthony Y. Tse 
Rani P. Vadlamudi 


Brian Michael Wiegmann 

Family and Community 

Marie Joann Corey 
Daphne M. Pinnock 
Karen Sadlier 

Food Science 

Fang Chou 

Leslie Marie DePoy-Norris 


James D. Gage 

Human Nutrition and Food 

Karen D. Johnson 
Yoni Siegel 

mental Sciences 

James Michael Brittsan 
Lori Hagberg Crocker 
Karen Sue Knotts 
Danielle Therese Lucid 
Kevin Michael Morrissey 

Mechanical Engineering 

Yung-Mien Chen 

Philip Dale Collison 

Majid Ali Faani-Tabrizi 

James Alexander Herndon 

Eric Lionel Johnson 

Wing Cheong Ko 

Reid Matthews McKeown 

Nassy Srour 

Tak Foo Wong 

Michael Aaron Woytowitz 


Bruce Thomas Whistler 

Nuclear Engineering 

Gillian Anne Chen 
Eliazer Behrooz Golfeiz 
Leonard Joseph Stascavage 

Nutritional Sciences 

Camille Irene McQuillan 


Dan Tyler Abell 
Richard Paul Barber Jr. 
Timothy Michael Jung 
John Michael Lorah 

Douglas Milton Norman 
Gun-Sik Park 
Yoonho Seo 
Yi-Quan Zhang 

Textiles and Consumer 

Jean Louise Parsons 
Roohi Prem 


Lorraine Barefield 

Songzhi Peng 

Jonathan Turnbull Phinney 


AUGUST 1989 

WWU ' ■'' 

^m^^-r.. . 

A spired cupola sits atop the roof of the recently 
renovated Microbiology Building. Built in 1938, the 
building originally served as a U.S. Bureau 
of Mines research center for non-metalic minerals. 

College of Agriculture 
Bachelor of Science 

Agricultural and Resource 

Donald Edgar Thrower 

Animal Sciences 

Diana Lee Vogel 

Combined Agriculture 

Michael Leonard Hepnert 
William Leroy Singleton 

Food Science 

Dilip Kumar Nakhasi 

General Agriculture 

Maureen Theresa Dimond 


Janet Bell Harris 

Pamela McQueen McGrath 

School of Architecture 
Bachelor of Science 

Ian Collishaw Bird 
David Brent Cataldi 
John Edward Charitonuk 
Lee Colin McAllister 
Aji Sara Parakamannil 

College of Arts and 

Bachelor of Arts 

American Studies 

Joan Seesholtz Hodges 
Kathryn A. Mueller 
Jennifer Zimmerman 

Art History 

John Widman Appleford, Jr. 
Denise Anne Cople 
Sharon S. Freedman 
B. Louise Rumbold 
Thomas Jason Spiegelberg 

Art Studio 

Marci Dana Burke 
Willie Ray Caughron, Jr. 
LaDedra Renee Drummond 
Marcella Ference 
Phyllis Eileen Gruber 


Michelle S. McDonald 

East Asian Languages and 

Chris Takazato Bysura 

English Language and 

Deborah E. Ackerman 
Denise Dale Allen 
John Cameron Barkley 
Arianne Jill Barrett 
Christine Elizabeth Basham 
Steven Gerard Bellin 
Lara Elizabeth Brown 
Janet Irene Callies 
Jesse Colin Conn 
Kimberly Gillis Coroneos 
Kristine Helaine Coughlan 
Charles Casey Daley 
Edith Kimberly Dawson 
Richard Cooper Dirks 
Patrice Demetra Edwards 
Mark Benjamin Epstein 
Traci Leigh Gross 
Lisa Michelle Heitt 
Jodi Lee Israel 
Carol Anderson Kanga 
Nancy Tae Un Kim 
Barbara Mae Lilly 
Tracy McDonnell Jose 
Kristen Elin McElhiney* 
Antoinette N. Myers 
Ann Louise Maria Oriole 

Edwin Curtis Oliver 
Jean Wright Papastamou 
Mary Alice Patten 

§ Summa cum Laude 
t Magna cum Laude 
* cum Laude 


August 1989 Graduate 

Velester Lenea Phifer 
Paul Anton Schaefer 
Bruce Matthew Schonfeld 
Patricia Marie Schwartz 
Stephen Ellis Schwartz 
Stacy Ellen Schwarz 
Donald Stuart Smith, Jr. 
Jay G. Sobel 
James Steven Tallbott 
John R. Weiss 
Jonathan Bruce Wynn 

Germanic Languages and 

Peter Damien LeMaster 
Rita Johanna Schoemburg§ 


Robert Victor Alberti 
Robert Taylor Bartley III 
James Randall Clark 
Van Earl Davis 
Dana Suzann Fortwengler 
Kumar Vaswani 


Jessica Ann Ohle 


Shannon Marie Miller 

Heijung Shin 

Tanya Sophia Thielke 


Allan Benjamin Johnson- 

Radio, Television, and Film 

Steven Timothy Abbott 
Leslie Mitchell Baker 
Russell Carl Bogdan 
Peter Rubin Colon, Jr. 
Thomas Richard Conte 
Alicia Marie Eaton 
Ricardo S. Esquivel 
Michael Patrick Flynn 
Robert Ethan Goodman 
Lisa Maria Johnson 
R. Curt Lukowski 
Kimberly Denise Mayfield 
Joanna Marie Mayo 
Brian Martin McCloskey 
Megan Staley Pallone 
James Harvey Poole 

Zorana Radovic 
John Francis Reardon 
Tonya Renee Richardson 
Scott Mitchell Roth 
Michele Ilene Rudick 
Matthew Alexander Ryf 
Philip Albert Shane* 
Andrew Donnally Shaw 
Teri Lejune Whitelow 
Rebecca Jean Word 
Martin T Yaney 
Jay Keith Yospa 

Romance Languages 

Tracey Colleen Andrews 

Russian Area Studies 

Mary Ellen Monahan 
Thomas Anthony Wollard 

Spanish Languages and 

Ernest Andy Blasher 
Christina Louise Fonden 
Vilma Marie Gunn 
Leigh Monell Ramsey 

Speech Communication 

Michelle Beth Burch 
Jennifer Jacobs Elstein 
Lisa Suzanne Marks 
Deborah Joy Metzdorf 
Margaret Adele Robb 
Anthony Peter Sciano, Jr. 
Julia Beth Shapiro 
Tamara Elizabeth Ward 

Bachelor of Science 

Advertising Design 

Elise Joy Becker 
Laura Jean Layman 
Martha Ann McGill 
DeAnna Grace Weeks 

Interior Design 

Patricia Bailey Roberge 
Bruce Duane Weseleskey 

College of Behavioral 
and Social Sciences 

Bachelor of Arts 


Janice Therese BaileyJ 
Robert Edward Fernandez 
Cameron Jason Haires 
Lisa Jill Kingham 
Manuel Antonio Serrano 

Criminal Justice 

Robyn Dawn Black 
Leigh J. Bodnar 
Edward Christopher Britton 
Carmen Regina Costen 
David Scott Fink 
Timothy Allen Forbes 
Samuel E. Franco 
Rachael A. Goodman 
Regina Marie Grubar 
Todd Sevier Hurt 
Caroline Janice Jaskulski 
Sandra Lee Jorgensen 
Thomas Edward Kennedy 
Miles Matthew Kobin 
Jeffrey Paul Leary 
Michael Conrad Nieskens 
Aaron R. Pam 
William Herbert Rahn 
Leslie Tilghman Steele 
Karl Michael Stephens 
Frank Wayne Stone 
Steven Scott Taylor 
Gregory Paul Terry- 
Donald Ray Wyatt, Jr. 
Lynette Theresa Zwier 


Richard Fumihiko Ellis 
Staci Lynn Fliegler 
Joseph Wellington Hess, Jr. 
Eve Gabriel Janney 
Krista Ann Mellinger 
James Leonard Newman 
Christopher Robert Pettit 
Dawn Marie Radanovitz 
Julia Ann Saunderst 
Michael Matthew Smelser 
Christopher Scott Smith 


Kourosh K. Abadian 
Eduardo Enrique Accame 
Cary Adam Adler 
Mary Margaret Ahem 
Bradley David Andrukitis 
Christopher Mark Arabia 
Ricardo Ernesto Arriazu 
Sharon Lee Berlinsky 
Craig Adam Bernstein 
John Steve Better 
Jeffrey Michael Bridges 
William R. Brown 
Seon Hyung Chung 
Jennifer Elizabeth Clark 
Robert James Dempsey, Jr. 
Susan Marie Develin 
James Nicholas Dimino 
Ismail Elmas 
Bnan David Fagin 
Amer Ali Farooq 
Oleg L. Fastovsky 
Donald Craig Federroll 
Geoffrey Alan Harrison Fenner 
Jose Carlos Fernandes 
Noel David Flamm 
Gila Sharon Ginsberg 
Robert Ian Glass 
Katja Ingrid Carolin Harder 
Joon Ho 
Adriane C. Jemmott 
David J. Jones 
Hakam Marwan Kanafani 
Enrique Edmundo LaMotta 
Diane Mary Lansinger 
Joseph Maxwell Lodmell 
Marlow Bouvia Martin 
James Paul Mazzoni 
Jocelyn Lynette Moore 
Thomas Andrew Morgan 
Kenneth Paul Ortman 
Susan Marie Petrie 
Karen Elizabeth Poffel* 
Carolyn Cathleen Pool 
Edward Cornell Powers 
Thomas Anthony Racine 
Richard Eugene Ramirez 
Jose Luis Rodriguez 
Maro A. Rogers 


§ Summa aim Laude 
t Magna cum Laude 
* aim Laude 

Leslie Anne Schelz 
Brad David Siegel 
Thomas Abraham Sporkin 
Vasiliki I. Stathes 
Randolph J. Taylor 
Nikhail Devidas Tejuja 
Gerald Pittman Thurmond, Jr. 
Johannes Laurens Van Houten 
Debra Lynn Wargo 
Joseph Robert Weigle 

Government and Politics 

Nicole Monique Amyot 
John Patrick Baker 
Luke James Bergstrom 
Domenic Antonio Calabro, Jr. 
Michael Andrew Cauley 
Ernestine Elizabeth Coll 
John Charles Collins 
Rebecca Catherine Couch 
Michael Joseph Dellamura 
Darren Jay Epstein 
John Phillip Evans 
Peter Jason Fine, Jr. 
Wendy Susan Fishman 
Myles Fredric Fleischer 
Timothy Paul Gallagher 
David Michael Gattuso 
Sean J. Gleason 
Alejandro G Gomez 
John C. Greene 
Jamie Mane Haerer 
Joseph W. Hess, Jr. 
Robert Wayne Jackson 
Alexander Karas 
Christina Kentrotas 
Steven Gary Koren 
David William Lemmon 
John James Mangelli 
Catherine Jeanne Martin 
Darryl Adrian Mills 
John Jay Nelson 
Wafaa A.L. Nosseir 
Michael Nicholas Patmios 
Claudia Renata da Mota Pinto 
Afshin Pishevar 
Ivan I. Rahman 
Shelby Allison Waldo Remick 
Nancy Lee Robinson 
Douglas R Rodgers 

Audrey Jean Sadler 

Mounir Mickael Sellami 

Leah Siegel 

Sharyn Amy Silverberg 

Joan Rosalyn Simmons 

Jimmy Charles Smith 

Hyon Sok So 

Michael Richard Steinberg 

David Tiger 

Juan Manuel Tijerino 

Daniel Villar* 

Michael Scott Wilson 

Michael Ross Yormark 

Law Enforcement 

Warren Gordon LaHeist, Jr.$ 


Camilla Lynn Acquista§ 

Teresa Kay Bruno 

Erin Marie Dillenbeck 

Sharon Laura Eisen 

Michelle Louise Franquet 

Stacy Yvette Fuller 

Susan Elizabeth Gallagher* 

Barry Edward Gerber 

Bonnie Jean Givens* 

Jay Warren Gordon 

Deidra Elaine Gray 

Haley LeAnn Grise 

Alison Marie Harris 

Cary Edward Leventhal 

Lauren B. Liebowitz 

Kim Michelle McHugh 

Evelyn Sinclair Phillips 

Paul John Pykosh 

Diane Elizabeth Quartermain 

Sheryl Ann Raskin 

Robin Anne Rynn 

Stacy Seidman 

Carolyn Marie Sheahin 

Lori Lynn Sieber 

Jeffrey Michael Spitz 

Tammy Robin Turkisher 

Anthony Robert White 


Tosha Camille Blissett 
Katherine Elizabeth Bugbee 
James Edward Crowell III 
Mary Elizabeth Guevara 

Michael Ward Helvey 
Noel I. Kellert 
Jennifer Chambers Lamb 
Julia Anne Marton 
Elizabeth Murray 
Lisa Helen Rich 
Deborah Ann Rock 
Jane V. Russo 
Lisa EUyn Slobin 
Stacy Smilen 

Urban Studies 

Gary Roy Broom, Jr. 
Chester Tolbert Dickerson III 
Christopher Dean Finkle 
Steven David Gatto 
Deborah Lynn Gutierrez 
Jared Teddlie Jordan 
Ron Kim Le 
Evans Calvin Malyi 
Adam R. Nachlas 
Richard Alan Seidenfrau 
Joseph Aloysius Werning 

Bachelor of Science 


Lynda Lee Downs 
Mark Joseph Gubisch 
John Joseph McDonough III§ 
Stuart William Simms 
John Antony Stevens 


Maritzah Elizabeth Cayemitte 
Margaret Lynn Hardy* 
Daniel Scott Lieberman 
Philip B. Reed 
Leonard Seymour Rosenbaum 

College of Business and 
Bachelor of Science 


Khodarahm Abadian 
Michal Avidan 
Yancey Clay Ayers 
Caryl Jill Baron 

Daralyn Susan Bedia§ 
Mark David Biegel* 
Timothy Neil Coakleyt 
Domenico E Conti 
Cassondra LaShea Crawford 
Maria Francia V Dalinsky 
Timothy David Day 
Thomas Michael Dushney, Jr. 
Chun Kit Michael Gin* 

2nd Major: Economics 
Stephen Thaddeus Hall 
Craig Ross Kushner 
Glenn Ira Lipman 
Stephen C. Matulonis 
Sean Daniel McMahon 
G. R. Mullins 
James Reilly Nolan 
James Patrick O'Brien* 
Kim Leigh Oliver 
Christopher Francis ParrottaJ 
Joanne Pearl Powell 
Joan Rotoloni 
Aaron Bruce Ruderman 
Zewdneh Shiferaw 
Christine Bing Shum 
Stephanie Ann Siegel 
Inder Jit Singh 
Kelli Marie Spangler 
Lee E. Wasserman 

2nd Major: Gen. Business 
Christopher Thomas Willst 
John Lindsey Yeatman 
Kari Kay Zingler 


Joel David Alpert 
Richard F. Ball 
Michael David Bowling 
Patricia M. Burke Bratchie 
Amy SyTe Brodell 
Christopher Alan Chick 
Chi Ping Chow 
Eric Andrew Clem 
Tonia Patricia Clinkscale 
Sandra B. Crouch 
Matthew Devin Gettman 
Blake Robert Gronich 
Patricia Ann Hahn 
Mohammad Javaid 
Paul Martin Johnston 


August 1989 Graduates 

Michelle Andrea Jordan 
Martin Edward Karmann 
Andrew Scott Klick 
Daniel Garrett Knoeppel 
Anthony Paul Kostreski III 

2nd Major: Transportation 
Ann Marie Lewis 
Mark Steven Licsko 
Eugene Irvin Maddred, Jr. 
W. Scott Murphy 
Mark David Paxton 
Daniel Pelosi 
Margaret Lee Schilling 
James T. Serinese 
Erol Brent Sevin 
Angela Carol Shewbridge 
David Edward Snyder 
Hong Ku So 
Roar Sollie 

2nd Major: Marketing 
Robert Edward Stup, Jr4 

2nd Major: Accounting 
Gregory Alonzo Tolson 
Laura Ann Tom 
David James Touchette 
Canh Xuan Tran* 
Thomas E. Walters 
Jean Sylvia Wang 
Robert Anthony Wells 

General Business 

Anthony Charles Ambrosi, Jr. 
Sharon Rose Bors 
Bryan Linn Carney 
Richard Hao-Chih Chao 
Matthew Jerome Conway 
Dawn Renee Damico 
Erik Richard Dietzel 
D. Bradford Fiery 
John James Foster III 
Stephen Jennings Fry 
Wayde Lance Gilston 
Nilam Kumari Gupta 
Patricia Ann Marcet 
John Robert Maurer 
Tricia Hincken McCourt 
Samantha Lynn Miller 
Kathleen Ann Osborne 
John Rija Randrianarivelo 

Steven Thomas Ratino 
Susan Marie Sandoe 
Ronald Wayne Shockley 
Matthew James Tarry 
Alexander Cocos Teneza 

Management Science/ 

Natalie Albrecht 
Donna Joyce Almond 
Thomas John Caro 
Lisa Michelle Hamel 
Thomas Friederich Mueller 


Ruth Hutchinson Barlow 
Beth Stefanik Berger 
Lisa Leigh Bjork* 
Katrina Marie Briscoe 
Julie Lynn Bukatman 
John Robert Carnahan 
Thomas Stephen Catania 
Damn Lawrence Chase 
Richard Herschel Doctrow 
Larra Lee Elbert 
Rosa Elvira Garcia 
Steven Paul Gjurich 
Jonathan Lawrence Gold 
Stacy Michelle Green 
Rita Marie Hoagland* 
Bonnie Phyllis Miller 
Robert Joseph Montag II 
John Michael Mueller 
Susan M. Murray 
Melissa Jane Nickell 
Ira S. Rainess 
Michael Sakin 
Diane J. Schmidt 
Jory Landay Schunick 
Catherine Andrea Scott 
Deborah Ann Smith 

2nd Major: Finance 
Jay G. Sobel 
Gregory Louis Weimann 
Richard Allen Weiner 

Personnel and Labor 

Robin Diane Conner 
Donald Lee Knode II 
Cathleen Jill Stec 


Heather Lynn Bjork 
Warren Edmond Moore 
Jeffrey Allen Turner 

College of Computer, 
Mathematical and 
Physical Sciences 

Bachelor of Science 


Courtney Jean Scott 

2nd Major: Physics 
Lyla L. Taylor 

Computer Science 

Ghada Fehmy Ashy 

Sheri Rose Beauregard 

Anita Chandran 

Tracy Erin Chatlin 

David Richard Cleary 

David Lee Cohen 

Michael Aloysius Collins, Jr. 

Christine Dilennot 

Dat H. Duong 

Hamid Reza Haririsoud 

Andrew Norman Hartness* 

Andrew Vincent Kispert, Jr. 

Andreas Kolouas 

Han Joon Kouh 

Heung Ling Flora Lam 

Jasmin Naraine 

Maria de los A. Negron 

Robert S. Nipp 
Todd Michael Nunno 
William Leonard Pataky 
William Russell Perry III 
Stephani Lin Rizer 
Farid S. Shirojan 
Namita Singh 
George Joseph Wilkinson 
David Joseph Zorn 


Persaram O. Batra 


Steven Vincent Arslanian 
Scot Theras Bean 

Michael Timothy Bird 
Vickie Jean Eakin 
Markos Gryparis 
Jeffrey Steven Katz 
Murray J. Kolander 
Anuja Mehrotra 
David Edmund Nichols 
John Thomas Placanica 
Kee Yiu Yu 

Physical Sciences 

Pan Gueng Choy 
Norman James Farquhar, Jr. 
Martha Fikru 
Lisa K. Hanson 
Christopher Mark Holcomb 


Daniel Xavier Gilroy 

2nd Major: Mathematics 
Audrey Thomas Leath 
Alberto Adolfo Pinkas 
Madhukesh Siddalingaiah 

College of Education 
Bachelor of Arts 

English Education 

Gregory Joseph Bricca 
Anne Marie Collins! 
Marie-France Le Bouder§ 
Melinda Mary Tippett 

Mathematics Education 

Thomas Kurt Brownscombe 

Bachelor of Science 

Early Childhood Education 

Katherine Cockey Davitt 

Elementary Education 

Lacey Lorraine Beach 
Janet Eleanor Corrigan 
Diana Lynn Dean 
Paige Allyson Diez 
Julie Alice Flood 
Kerry Ann Greenspun 
Robert Wayne Nagel 

General Business Education 

Beth Ann O'Connell 


§ Summa cum Laude 
$ Magna cum Laude 
* aim Laude 

Home Economics Education 

Susan B. Knott 

Industrial Technology 

Jei Wuk Bae 

Mitchell Jay Billian 
John Jet Mon Gee 
Donald Edward Haller, Jr. 
John Charles O'Brien 
Russell Eugene Strine 
Rozita Beatrice Washington 

Science Education 

Brian Keith GassJ 
Richard Thomas Mallardin 

Social Studies Education 

Joseph Philip Gannon, Jr. 
Stephen Daniel Sullivan 

College of Engineering 
Bachelor of Science 

Aerospace Engineering 

Erik Carl Berger 

James Edward Cummings 

Edward Orr Devlin 

George Frederick Fink 

Carroll Daniel Graham 

Frederick Ernest May 

Christopher Thomas Muffoletto 

Thomas Petsopoulos* 

Steven James Pujia 

Eric Simpson 

Todd Michael Stock 

Naruhisa Takashimat 

Chemical Engineering 

Hiten Purshottam Padhiar 
Tod Ford Ricks 
Martin Olov Vidaeus 
Teresa Elaine Wise 

Civil Engineering 

John Ambrose Blondell 

Holly Marie Chu 

Laura Ellen Dias 

Lauro Florencio Makabenta 

Jonathan Lawrence Groeger 

William T Hamel 
Richard Sean Meehan 
Ruth Kathryn Scannell 
Henry Farrar Taylor III§ 
Charles Henry Wallis 
Gregg Michael Wollard 

Electrical Engineering 

Michael William Akers 

Robert Louis Blondell 

Stephen Boyd Brown 

Nam Shon Chia 

Chide Shiuru Chien 

Anthony John DiVenti 

Thomas Andrew Dobridge 

Michael Jerome Evans 

Manfai Fong 

Shing Fung 

Wendy Elisabeth Fuster 

Christopher Raymond Hutter 

Bernardo Jose Ibanez Moscoso 

Douglas Alan Jakubowski 

Thomas Duane Jewel 

Manojkumar Rao Kalavar 

Victor Ka-Fai Kan 

Kevin Y. Kim 

Mary Man Lin 

Joseph Lawrence McGovern 

David Royal Mumford 

Siu Ki Karlson Poon 

George Ara Prokop 

Derek Youty Roeum 

Philip Tan Chen Chong 

Adrian Tan Chen Yang 

Jacob C. Thomas 

Anh Cong Tran 

Pamela Moore Waters 

Peng Chung Yuan* 

Fire Protection Engineering 

Angela Michele Smith 

Mechanical Engineering 

Jeri Alice Balmer 
Arjan Singh Bhathal 
John Louis Bohorfoush 
Christopher J. Burke 
Louise Dawn Compton 
Matthew Czecha 
David John Eisenhauer 
Carmella Ferouz 

Javier A. Garcia Angeli 
Laura Ann Greenan§ 
John Edward Hamm 
James Parker Hanson 
Paul K. Liu 

Nicole Lynn Maisonneuve* 
Niraj Vinu Patel 
Frederick Scott Reyes 
Osman A. Sharif 
James Daniel Simpson 
Philip William Stultz 
Kui-Sun Yim 

Undesignated Engineering 

Edward Anthony St. John III 
Patricia Marie Zach 

College of Human 

Bachelor of Science 

Apparel Design 

Tanya Feld 

Consumer Economics 

Elizabeth Ann Agre 
Alain Bissainthe 
Richard Paul Colvin, Jr. 
Lisa A. Elster 
Leonard George Escanilla 
Tracy Nan Falk 
Theresa Marie Gaegler 
James Pinkham Gilfix 
David Michael Gordon 
Craig Gilbert Harris 
Barry Jones 
Wendy Helen Katz 
Tae Kyun Kim 
Jorge Luis Martinez 
Lyn Flanders O'Neal 
Thomas Edward O'Neill 
Francis Alexander Purcell 
Joscel Lloyd Quinto 
Agustin Rawat 
Kirsten Reese 
Karen Naomi Rosenfeld 
Dani Widyotomo Sarwono 
Brian Stuart Schuster 

Ruben Fernando Serafini 
Cinde Anne Southcomb 
Youlivia A. Meneses Tan II 
Chad Bryan Thompson 
Thomas William Venezia 
David Ignatius Walsh 
Scott David Weber 


Yun C. Kim 

Family Studies 

Lisa R Carmiris 
Rachel Lynne Fisch 
Kimberlie JoAnne Ford 
Ylia Frazer 

Cameron Jason Haires 
Mary Beth Hoover 
Steven Lance Jacob 
MaryBeth Klick 
Bonnie Heather Littman 
Paula Ann Miles 
Abbey Lynn Posman 
Beth Robin Schwaber 

Human Nutrition and 

Barbara Virginia Smythe 

Institution Administration 

Kelley Jean Kiel 

Management and Consumer 

Rebecca Brown Danneman 
Kathleen Ann Denk 
Debra Lee Duvall 
Diedre Ayn Fields 
Scott Goldstein 
Beverly Denise Jenkins 
James Edward Jermyn 
Angela Lisa McDaniel 
Gary Ross Milwit 
Tia Kathlyn Plunkett 


August 1989 Graduates 

Textile Marketing/Fashion 

Kimberly Irene Bean 
Tina Michelle Burnette 
Claire Elizabeth Crawford 
Joey Merryl Galpern 
Helene Marci Hoffman 
Dorothy Lynn Kranzel 
Sheiri Michelle Marsh 
Susan Lisa Rachlin 
Deborah Louise Richardson 
Sybil Rene Smith 

College of Journalism 
Bachelor of Science 

Susan Marguerite Brown 
Lisa Leigh Bjork* 
John Patrick Callan, Jr. 
Richard Thomas Chizmar 
Angela Maria Duff 
Julie Carol Edwards 
Jennifer Lynn Fetrell 
James Franklin Fream, Jr. 
Sonya Gabay 
Sonya Lynette Goins 
Vivian B. Gorin 
Angelique Sabrina Gray 
Teresa Laurie Hayes 
Maureen Alice Heneberry 
Earl Woodrow Hicks 
Susan Elaine Humphrey 
Linda Alfreda Jones 
Beatrice O. Jordan 
Tanya Kater 
Ellen Langan Kobler 
Anil Kumar Kshepakaran 
Karen Elise Maros 
Lisa Michele Meyer 
Edwin Harlan Remsberg 
Martin Scott Roth 
Michael Anthony Seng 
Deena Corinne Spitzer 
James Steven Talbott 
Caroline Kai Wai Tham* 
Amy Veronica Trypus 

College of Life Sciences 

Bachelor of Science 


Debra Lynn Bensen 
Jennifer Thuy Trang Bui 
Henry Hankyeu Choi 
Michele A. Exum 
Steve Joe 

Julia Shi Wen Jong 
Thomas John O'Farrell 


Tomas Nelson Lattik 


Michael Robert Boyd 
Paresh Mulji Majethia 
Andrew Scott Murphy 
Andrea Lynn Ries 

General Biological Sciences 

Diane Bell 

Humberto Ramon Campos 

Andrea Claire Creswell 
Brian Paul Devine 
Katherine Anne Freeman 
Sumita Guntakatta 
Kurt Andrew Krupnick 
Marine Blan Newman 
Lina Nizar Sleem 
Stephen Thomas Wildberger 


Jonathan William Hirsch 
Michelle Lea Hixon 
Cheryl Cory Lubbert 
Laura A. McKeller 
Andrea Liria Nicolds 
Amita D. Patel 
Stacey Updegraff Vanik 


Kathleen Ellen Berg 
Rebecca Ann Kessler 
Patricia Frances Moody 
Adam David Sartwell 
Randi L. Swanson 
Naghmeh Tebyanian 

College of Physical 
Education, Recreation 
and Health 

Bachelor of Science 

Kinesiological Sciences 

Michael W. Brodsky 
John David Bussard 
Kirby Lynn Davis 
Theresa Ann Haught 
Patti Lynn Klyde 
Mary Lou Lyons 
Stephen Scott McCarty 
Daniel Robert Plocki 
William Taft Tyner, Jr. 
Robert Anthony Wells 

Physical Education 

Carin Mary Peterson 


Michelle Janette Andrews 
Brandon E. Aris 
William Michael Bailey 
Michelle Dunay Beares 
Stefanie Colleen Bliss 
Melissa Ann deVergie 
Vicki Wheeler Houck 
Douglas Henry Ludwig, Jr. 
Joseph Bernard McNeal 
Hernan Francisco Padilla- 

Melissa Ann Sachs 
Lee Paul Schapiro 
Roberta Lynn Sinopolit 
Stephanie Jo Zolet 

College of 
Undergraduate Studies 

Bachelor of Arts 

Laura Anne Collins 

Bachelor of General 

Margo Kress Bender 
Scott Richard Berman 
Kermelle Renee Boulware 
Regina Ellen Buchalter 
George Patrick Cargakos 
Michelle Rae Claery 
Christopher Mark Dellen 

Allison Ann Denson 
Mark Jefferson Doran 
Gregg Michael Dougherty 
Patricia Lynn Dougherty 
Audrey Lynne Feldbaum 
Jane Offen Fleury 
Jessica Fremson 
Jason L. Graham 
Karen M. Hamer 
Deirdre Hill 
Andrew Harris Kamiel 
Karen Klyman 
Jacqueline E. Korolevich 
Kathleen Ann Leonard 
Lisa Marie Long 
Pamela Lynn Love 
Josephine Lucia Mazzitti 
Ann M. Parker 
Pamela J. Parker 
Bruce Elliot Rich 
Raylene Rachelle Salthouse 
David Jon Scheinberg 
Jennifer Eden Sklar 
Eric David Solomon 
Denise Ann Taub 
Charles Patrick Teubner 
William Ragnar Thorsell 
Jane Billie Wehb 
Erin Claire Wille 
Courtney M. Williams 

Certificate Programs 

Applied Social Science 

Julia Ann Saunders 

East Asian Studies 

Chris Takazato Bysura 
James Harvey Edison** 

Women's Studies 

Audrey Lynne Feldbaum 


Second Lieutenants U.S. 

Air Force Reserves 

George Frederick Fink 
James Parker Hanson 
Michael Ward Helvey 
Stephen Scott McCarty 

♦♦Graduated May 1989 






This decorative bull's eye window graces the front 
pediment of the Reckord Armory. Built in 1944, the 
"New" Armory, as it was then called, was the first used 
for commencement exercises on June 27,1945. 

Doctor of Philosophy 

Mahmoud Ali Abdelnabi Poultry Science 
Neurochemical and Hormonal Determinant of Sexual Differentiation 

Mohamed Bassam Mahmoud Aboul-Nasr Botany 
Studies on Baccharis Coridifolia - Myrothecium Species Interaction 

Lawrence Paul Adamciyk History 
Italy at the Congress of Berlin 1878 

Jeannette Diane Adams Physics 
Time-Dependent Calculations in Quantum Hadrodynamics 

Marina A. Adler Sociology 
Gender, Income and Power in the Workplace 

Naji Mohamed Al-Mutairi Civil Engineering 
The Structural Feasibility of Using Welded Steel Mesh in Bridge Decks 

Lee Armus Astronomy 

An Optica/ Investigation of Powerful Far-Infrared Galaxies 

Steven Page Badrich English 
Secular Keats 

Jacqueline A. Bahn Curriculum and Instruction 

Linda Kaye Bass Entomology 
Some Pathophysiological Effects of the Microsporidian Nosema whitei 
(Weiser) on the Reproductive System in Tnnolium castaneum (Herbst) 

Mary Teresa Battenfeld American Studies 
Writing on a Battlefield: women and Documentary Discourse in the 
I930 l s 

Gabrielle Elias Bedewi Business Management 
Mu/tiattribute Acceptance Sampling Plans and Their Properties "A La 

Mary Louise Bellamy Curriculum and Instruction 
The Pedagogical Content Knowledge of High School Biology Teachers 
and It's Relationship with Student Understanding 

Irene Cheryl Berman-Levine Human Nutrition and Food Systems 
Food-Purchasing Patterns of Food Stamp Participants in Dauphin 
County, PA 

The December 1989 class roster comprises degree candidates 
from the undergraduate and graduate programs at the University 
of Maryland at College Park. As final action cannot always be 
taken for candidates by the time this program is printed, the list 
of candidates here is tentative only. The university reserves 
the right to withdraw or add names. Diplomas (for other 
than doctoral degrees) will be mailed by the Office of 
Records and Registrations. 


December 1989 Candidates 

Raj Krishna Bhatnagar Computer Science 
A Framework For Reasoning With Uncertain Knowledge 

Partha Pratim Bhattacharya Electrical Engineering 
Real Time Scheduling Problems With Applications To 
Communication Networks 

Walton Bun-ell Bishop Public Communications 
Cognitive Cybernetics and Human Communications: The Regulatory 
Effects of Prior Knowledge 

Martin T. Black Astronomy 
Analysis of Gravity and Topography on Earth and Venus: 
Comparisons of Lithospheric and Sublilhosphenc Processes 

Rosalind Ann Breslow Food, Nutrition and Institution 

The Effect of Calories and Protein on Healing of Pressure Sores in 

Nursing Home Patients 

Judith K. Broida Education Policy, Planning and Administration 
The Impact of State/University Initiatives in Economic Development 
on the Autonomy of Higher Education A Case Study Of the Ben 
Franklin Partnership 

Raymond Wayne Bryant Special Education 
Parental Preferences in Information Dissemination: Informing Parents 
of Disabled About Transition from School to Work 

Kathleen Michaela Burke English 
The Oxford Novel as Bildungsroman: An Analysis of the Works of 
Six Writers 

David William Bushman Entomology 
Diuresis and It's Regulation in Adult Heliothis Zea 

Jane Marie Caffrey Marine-Estuarine-Environmental Science and 

Effect of Submerged Aquatic Macrophytes on Nitrogen Cycling in 


David Edward Carr Zoology 
The Reproductive Ecology of a Dioeceous Understory Tree, Ilex 
opaca (American Holly) 

Gillian Rita Carty Roper Psychology 

Foreign Students: Coping With the Transition to a New Culture: 
The Impact of Age, Year in College, Sex and Major Field of Study 

Edith Cassatt Special Education 
Utilisation of Peer Facilitations to Improve the Interaction Skills of 
Children Who Use Communication Aids 

Sharat Chandran Computer Science 
Parallel Algorithms in Geometry 

Chu Rui Chang Electrical Engineering 
Design Studies of an Electrostatic Quadrupole Channel for Transport 
of High-Brightness H-Beams 

Chun-Shyong Chang Business and Management 

The Information Content of Taiwanese Financial Statements: The 
Case of Loan Default 

Jing-Chyi Chang Chemistry 
Measurement of Absorption Line Widths by Transmission Profile 
Modeling and Pressure Effect in Sensitivity for Continuum Atomic 
Absorption Spectrometry 

Ruey-Shan Chen Entomology 
Characterization of a Granulosis Virus of Heliothis armigera (Hubner) 
From Several Lepidopteran Hosts 

Jeffery Y. Chi Business and Management 
The Design of Partitioned Distributed Database Directories 

Pen-Tai Chiang Mechanical Engineering 
Development of An Intelligent Robotic System tn Construction 

Hwey-Ching Chien Electrical Engineering 
New Device Modeling Approaches and Monolithic Microwave Integrated 
Circuit Design Techniques for GaAs Mesfet's 

Chang Sup Choi Aerospace Engineering 
A Three Dimensional Assumed Stress Hybrid Element Formulation for 
Finite Strain Viscoplastic Deformation with Heat Generation 

Jung-Bum Choi Physics 
Donor Spectroscopy and Magnetic Field Induced Localization in 

Tsai-Chia Chou Computer Science 
Correspondenceless Techniques for Computer Vision 

Maura E. Clancey Public Communication 
The Effects of Televised Sessions of Congress on the C-Span Audience 

Mary Ann Camardella Corley Agriculture and Extension Education 

The Relationship of Field Dependent/Field Independent Cognitive Styles 
to Dropout in GED Instructional Programs 

Mary Lora Nossinger Crowley Curriculum and Instruction 
The Design and Evaluation of an Instrument for Assessing Predominant 
van Hiele Levels of Thinking about Quadrilaterals 

Agnes E. Cuddihy Bio-Chemistry 
The Evolution of Immunoglobin Kappa Genes in Wild Mice 

Severino Endaya Cuevas Agricultural and Resource Economics 
Occupational Aspirations, Plans Beyond High School and Changes in 
Sophomore VOAG Students of 1980 - A Time Series Study 

Qian Cui Computer Science 
Data-Oriented Exception Handling 

Steven W Daniels Physics 
Rapid Ionization in Argon Plasmas 


Katherine Murphy Dickson American Studies 
Women Librarians Re-Entering the Work Force 

Dimitrios Alexandras Dimitroyannis Physics 
Measurement of the Proton-Antiproton Total Cross Section at the 
Tevatron Collider 

Jane A. Doussard-Roosevelt Psychology 
Feature Integration Theory and Perceptual Development 

Frieda Sue Dowden Sociology 
An American Dilemma Revisited: Racial Attitudes of Young Adults 

Patricia J. Draper Mathematics 
Pick-Nevanlinna Interpolation on an Annulus 

Paul Douglas Drew Zoology 
Regulation of Biogenesis of Chicken Embryo Liver by Heme 

Robert Cameron Duncan Zoology 
Genes That Modify the Expression of the Major Urinary Proteins in 

Jeffrey W. Durachta Physics 
D=4,N = 4 Supergravity Coupled to Super-Yang-Mills as the Low 
Energy Limit of the Heterotic String 

Roger Diack Eastman Computer Science 
Using Disparity Functional for Stereo Correspondence and 

Teresa Jo EUer Economics 
Child Care Expenditure and Mother's Labor Supply: Evidence from 
the National Longitudinal Survey of Youth 

Katherine Susan Epler Chemistry 
Liquid Chromatography -Laser-Enhanced Ionization Spectrometry: A 
Synergistic Technique 

Hassan Farhangi Engineering 
Materials Fatigue Cracking of Hot Isostatically Pressed, Porous- 
Coated, F-75 Prosthetic Device Material 

Tamara Felden Germanic and Slavic Languages 
Reiseliterature Von Vormar^lerinnen: Zur Literarischen 
Representation Der Geschlechterroilener-Fahrung 

Sharon Hartridge Fettus Business and Management 
Information and Congressional Decisionmaking for Infrastructure 

Scott Fish Mechanical Engineering 

Ambient Free Surface Wave Modification by a Submerged Vortex 

John E. Forster Health Education 
The Effects of Self-efficacy, Social Support, and Smoking Habits on 
Participant Success in Smoking Cessation Programs 

Kikuo Fujimura Computer Science 
Dynamic Motion Planning 

Steven Dean Furbush Economics 

The Effect of Portfolio Trading and Block Trading on Stock Market 

Gregory John Gadbois Physics 
Bose Gas Boltzmann Equations 

Judith A. Garber Government 
Land, Law, and One Political Economy of One American City 

Patrick R. Gartin Criminal Justice and Criminology 
A Reanalysis and Critical Evaluation of the Minneapolis Domestic 
Violence Experiment 

Mary Ellen Gaske Economics 
Sources of Fluctuation in Long-term Expected Real Rates of Interest; 
Evidence From the UK Indexed Bond Market 

Gerald R. Gems Physical Education 
Sport and Culture Formation in Chicago, 1890-1940 

David Ginat Computer Science 
Decentralized Ordering of Contending Processes in Distributed Systems 

Mohamed Nasr Gomaa Marine-Estaurine-Environmental Sciences 
Toxins and Toxicity of Aphanijomenon Flos-Aquae 

Patrice L. Gordon Economics 
An Examination of Wasteful Commuting Using a Discrete Residential 
Location Choice Model 

Rachel Ann Grant Curriculum and Instruction 
The Effects of Headings on Text Processing Behaviors 

David Fred Graper Horticulture 
Supplemental Irradience Effects on Petunia Development and 
Carbohydrate Partitioning 

Michael McCeney Hagan Economics 
The Economic Impact of Activity -Limiting Health Conditions on 

Christine Nanine Hall Marine-Estaurine-Environmental Sciences 
Using Impact Indices and Baseline Vegetation Data to Assess the 
Condition of a Wilderness 

Karen Lucille Hanscom Counseling and Personnel Services 
The Relationship Between Counselor Conceptual Level and Supervisory 
Style in Brief Psychotherapy 

Ray Hariri Civil Engineering 
Acoustic Emission Investigation and Signal Discrimination in Steel 
Highway Bridge Application 

C.irl.i Ann Hass Zoology 
Evolution and Biogeography of West Indian Sphaerodactylus (Sauria 
Gekkonidae): A Molecular Approach 


December 1989 Candidate 

Harold Angelo Hayden Curriculum and Instruction 
A Study of Maryland Public School Principals' Perception of Their 
Special Education Inservice Needs 

Leonard Arthur Hickman Counseling and Personnel Services 
Assessment and Identification of Alcohol Problems at Intake 

Dabney Melissa Hilbish American Studies 
Relax, It's Only a Movie: Representations of War in the Vietnam 
Combat Film 

Terry Allen Hinch Public Communication 

Viewing Religious Programs: A Comparative Study of Two 

Don Carroll Hindman Education Policy, Planning, and 

An Analysis of Leadership/Managerial Behaviors of High School 

Department Chairs 

Peng-Kuan Ho Civil Engineering 
A Model for Warehouse Location with Service-Sensitive Demand 

Craig William Hofford Health Education 
Adult Children of Alcoholics as Public High School Teachers: 
Comparable Risks for Occupational Burnout 

Koren Alayne Holland Chemistry 

Mechanistic Studies on ESCHERICHIA COLI Pyruvate Formate- 
Lyase: The Key Enzyme in Anaerobic Glucose Metabolism 

Yu-Tai Hou Meteorology 
Cloud-Radiation-Dynamics Interaction 

Jun Ming Hu Civil Engineering 
Analysis of Ductile Crack Extension in Plastic Fracture 

Di-Hui Huang Electrical Engineering 
Modeling GoAs Field Effect Transistors 

Shie-rei Huang Computer Science 
High Performance Heuristic Search Algorithms 

Yennun Huang Computer Science 
Resource Allocation u'ith Fault Tolerance 

Yuangeng Huang Computer Science 
Scheduling Problem Solving 

Scott David Hyman Physics and Astronomy 
Inclusive and Exclusive Measurements of Positive Pion Absorption on 
Oxygen -16 at 165 MeV 

Paula Brooks Jawitz Curriculum and Instruction 

The Effects of Mental Imagery and Text Relevant Illustrations on 
Fourth Grade Reading Comprehension 

Andrew M. Jennings Physical Education 
The Effect of Perception of Performance Outcomes on Mood 
Following Exercise 

Garry E. Jennings Government and Politics 

Kyungsook Jeon Textiles and Consumer Economics 
Photodegradation of Cellulose 

Yoon-Tag Jeon Chemistry 
Development and Synthetic Application of Electron Transfer Initiated 
Radical Cyclization of 2-Silyl Amine 2, -Unsaturated Enone Systems 

Glen Henry Johnson Government and Politics 
Limited Nuclear Options 

Judith Ann Johnson Microbiology 
Leucine Biosynthesis in Vibno parahemolyticus 

Bruce Evan Jones Industrial, Technological and Occupational 

An Analysis of the Percieved Effectiveness of the Maryland State 

Commercial Vehicle Inspector's Training Program 

Bok G. Joo Computer Science 
Adaptation and Integration of Program Components 

Wern-Shiarng Jou Chemical Engineering 
Influence of Molding Conditions Upon the Morphology and Properties of 
Semicrystalline Thermoplastics 

Subbarao Kambhampati Computer Science 
Flexible Reuse and Modification in Hierarchical Planning: A Validation 
Structure Based Approach 

Robert William Kavash Chemistry 
Application of Electron Transfer Initiated Photocyclization Reactions of 
Allylsilarie-lmimum Salt Systems to a Natural Product Synthesis 

Walter Lawrence Kehoe Chemistry 
The Origin of Complex Fragment Emission from 47 MeV/nucleon 
Lanthanum Induced Reactions 

Michael Patrick Kelley Psychology 
Neuropychological Correlates of Schizotypy 

Kathleen S. Mehrman Kelly Public Communications 
A Critical Analysis of Fund Raising and It's Effect on Institutional 

Miriam Anne Kelly Health Education 
An Evaluation of Impact of Three International Studies 

Pamela Jean Kidder Psychology 
The Effects of Participative Leadership on The Core Dimensions of 

Duck Joong Kim Government and Politics 
Sino- Soviet Rapprochement in the 1980's: U.S. Perceptions and Policies 
Toward China 

Jong Kee Kim Horticulture 
Cell Wall Carbohydrate Metabolism During the Ripening of Tomato 
Fruit (Lycoperisicon esculentum Mill) 


Ki-Chung Kim Mechanical Engineering 
Aeroelastic Analysis of Rotor Blade with Advanced Top Shapes 

Yong Hyup Kim Aerospace Engineering 
Formation of Wrinkles in Thick-Section Composite Structures 

Judith J. Kirchhoff Government and Politics 
Improving Political and Public Management Decisions Through 
Consumer-Centered Measurement of Human Service Systems 
Performance: An Approach and Application 

Susan Dorothy Kleimann English 
Vertical Collaboration in Review at the General Accounting Office 

James Arvid Kling Business and Management 
Competition at Airports Dominated by One Airline: An Empirical 
Analysis of Challenging Airlines' Strategies 

Randall Edward Knack Measurement, Statistics and Evaluation 
Error Estimation Methods for Latent Class Models 

John Frederick Kuehls Electrical Engineering 
Detection of Phase-Shif-Keyed and Direct-Sequence Spread-Spectrum 

Vijaya Kumar Kuruganti Chemistry 
Bio-Degradable Copolumers of Styrene and Polumers of Cuclic 
Acrylates and Substituted Ketene Acetals 

Patricia Ann Nadolny Kusik Curriculum and Instruction 
The Effects of Vocabuladder, A Word Strategies Game, on the 
Retention of Meaning Vocabulary 

Cecile Ellen Fleurette La Grenade Food Science 
Studies on Fusarium Monili/orme: Causal Agent oj Equine 

Michael Paul Labare Marine-Estuarine-Erivironmental Sciences 
Interactions Between Biofilms, Focusing on the Marine Bacterium, 
Alteromonas Colu'elliana-D , and Toxic Compounds, Focusing on 
Abate: Effects on Oyster Larval Settlement 

Byron James Lambert Chemical Engineering 
The Effect of Morphology and End Groups on the Radiation 
Chemistry of Chain-Folded Polymers 

Mary Ellen Lashley Policy, Planning, and Administration 
Being with the Elderly in Community Health Nursing: Exploring 
Lived Experience Through Reflective Dialogue 

Anthony LaVigna Electrical Engineering 
Nonparametric Detection using Learning Vector Quantizatum 

Thomas Bartlett Lavoie Zoology 
The Role of Immunoglobulin Diversity Mechanisms in the Function 
of Lyso^yme and DNP Binding Antibodies 

Richard Wendel Leeman Public Communication 
The Rhetoric of Counter -Terrorism: A Strategy of Response 

Susan Eleanor Lenk Zoology 
Examination of the Mechanism of Ingestion in the Interstitial Ciliate, 
Tracheloraphis and Possible Implications of Feeding Structures in Ciliate 
Evolution and Systematica 

Wei-Chu Li Mechanical Engineering 
Monotonicity and Sensitivity Analysis in Multi-Level Decomposition- 
Based Design Optimization 

Der-Cherng Liaw Electrical Engineering 
Asymptotic and Geometric Methods for Stabilization with Application to 
Tethered Satellites 

Nanchang Lin Electrical Engineering 
Reliability of Fault-Tolerant Ring Networks 

James Charles Lochner Physics 
Chaos and Stochastic Analyses of Cygnus X- 1 

Laraine Virginia Lomax Economics 
An Analysis of the Divergence between Social and Private Costs of 
Wheat Production in the United States 

Chien-Rong Lu Physics 
Study of Modulated Reflectance Spectra of Hgi-x-y Mnx Cdyte and 

Winston Thomas Luke Chemistry 
Reactive Nitrogen Compounds in the Troposphere: Observations, 
Trarisport, and Photochemistry 

Robert Joseph Lutz Geography 
Interactions Between Climatic Centers of Action 

Howard Bradford Lyman Sociology 
Urban Pnmaey: A Cross National Study 

David Charles MacEnany Electrical Engineering 

Optimal Stopping Problems Based on Partial Observations of a Markov 
Jump Process 

Ingham Arthur Gerald Mack Electrical Engineering 
Characterization of Short Channel Mosfet's in Subthreshold 

Marisa Maiero Horticulture 
Genetic and Mycotoxin Studies of Altemaria solani Resistance in 

Theresa V. Majewski Human Development 
A Study of Relationships between Personal Characteristics, Generalized 
Assertive Behavior and Perceived Competence on Assertive Responses m 
a Nursing Context 


December 1989 Candidates 

Joseph Gerard Mannard History 

"Maternity of the Spirit": Women Religious in the Archdioeese of 
Baltimore, I 790- I860 

Joseph Ralph Manno Government and Politics 
The Peace Corps: A Study of the Transition to Bureaucracy 

Kathi Denise Martell Business and Management 
Aligning EHRM with Competitive Strategy: A Study of the Fortune 500 

Eric Anthony Martin Electrical Engineering 
High Performance Undoped IuP/IuGoAs Heterojunction Insulated 
Gate Field Effect Transistors 

William F. Martin Entomology 
Persistence and Movement of Bacillus thunngiensis Applied to 
Agricultural Field Plots 

Ann Marie Martino Government and Politics 

The Deregulation of the OSHA-State Programs: The Role of 
Administrationimstrative Subcultures m the Implementation Process 

Christine Morris Matthews Human Development 
An Exploratory Factor Analysis of the Collins Locus of Control 
Scale in Black and White Graduate and Undergraduate Students in 
a Predominantly WhitD&puhlic of Germany: Political Aspects 

John Gary Waclawsky Computer Science 
Window Dynamics 

Robert Eugene Waltermire Chemistry 

Stereoselective Synthesis via Furfurly Alcohol Oxidation 

Jinrong Wang Civil Engineering 
Structural Behavior of Modular, Two-Way Prestressed Concrete 
Bridge Deck 

Wenyu Wang Mathematics 
Statistical Inference of the Aggregated Markov Processes with 
Application to Modelling in Neurophysiology 

Marian Lorna White-Hood Industrial, Technological and 
Occupational Education 
An Adolescent Perspective of Everyday Living: Emergent Voices 

Charles Joseph Whittaker Industrial, Technological and 
Occupational Education 

Maryland High Technology Electronic Industry's Approach to 

Engineers' Professional Development 

Wendy L. Whittemore Counseling and Personnel Services 
Facilitating Student-Environment Congruence During Orientation 
Advisement: Its Association with the Achievement and Retention of 
Undecided Freshmen 

Kelly Wilhelm Recreation 
Journeys: The Dynamics of Small Group Specialty Travel 

George Henry Williams Education Policy, Planning and 

A Study of the Career Patterns, Job Tasks, and )ob Satisfaction of 

Maryland's Public High School Principals 

Raymond John Wilson Psychology 
The Interactive Effects of Caffeine and Personality on Autonomic 
Responses and Vigilance Performance 

Marilyn Link Winkelstein Health Education 
Psychosocial Predictors of Smoking Cessation and Consumption of 

Diane M. Witt Zoology 
Oxytocin Mediation of Sexual and Social Behavior in Female Prairie 
Voles (Microtus Ochragaster) 

Chao Wu Chemistry 
Investigation into the Electrophilic Reactivity of 2, B-Unsaturated 
Acyliron Complexes 

Chan Hong Yeom Aerospace Engineering 
An Assumed Strain Finite Element Model for Large Deflection 
Composite Shells 

Shyan-Ming Yuan Computer Science 
An Efficient Communication Structure for Decentralized Algorithms 
with Fault-Tolerance 

Ming Zeng Chemistry 
Studies in Chemical and Biological Activity of Macrocyclic 


Da-Wei Zhang Zoology 
Inhibition by Hydrated Metal Ions of the Voltage-Dependent Closure 
of the Mitochondrial Channel, VDAC: Determination of the Active 
Species and Indication of its Mode of Action 

Yiquan Zhang Physics 
Ion Acoustic and Entropy Fluctuations in Collisional Plasmas 
Measured by Laser Light Scattering 

Lin-Lin Zhou Chemistry 
Preparation of Novel Biodegradable Polymerized Vesicles and Some 
Studies on Free Radical Ring-Opening Polymerization 

Edwin Lawrence Zivi, Jr. Mechanical Engineering 
Robust Control of Magnetic Bearing Spindle for Tool Path Error 

Doctor of Education 

William James AuMiller, Jr. Curriculum and Instruction 
An Investigation of the Relationship of Psychological Type to 
Achievement on the Maryland Writing Test 

Margaret French Bartow Education Policy, Planning and 

A Study of Faculty Institutional Knowledge for Participative Decision 

Making: The Maryland Community Colleges 

Carolyn Diane Garner Blue Policy, Planning and Administration 
An Evaluation of a Beginning Teacher Assistance Program in a 
Large Suburban School System in Providing Support and Assistance 
To New Teachers 

Steven Paul Chasen Curriculum and Instruction 
The Effects of Story Structure Instruction on Less Proficient Fifth 
Grade Readers' Narrative Writing 

Patricia Hubbard Emory Curriculum and Instruction 
A Description of the Difference Between Oral and Written Retelling 
and Their Effects on Reading Comprehension 

Rita Lorraine Fulton Curriculum and Instruction 
The Effects of Matching Teaching Style Cognitive Learning Style in 
Gifted Students 

Delia Dameron Johnson Curriculum and Instruction 
Creative Dramatics and Ancillary Techniques as Instructional 
Strategies in Raising Teacher Trainers' Awareness of Gender Bias 
and Gender Role Stereotyping 

Carolyn S. Johnston Curriculum and Instruction 
Preparing Intermediate-gTade Students for Reading: Basal Reading 
Manuals and Teachers' Reported Practices 

Clarence Edward Miller, Jr. Curriculum and Instruction 
Effective Secondary School Characteristics as Perceived by School 
Superintendents and Selected School-Based Personnel in Large Size 
Local Education Agencies 

James T. Orr Curriculum and Instruction 
The Perceived Usefulness of a New Teacher Handbook on Becoming 
Acclimated to the Caroline County Public School System 

Gary Michael Pryseski Curriculum and Instruction 
Effective Secondary School Characteristics as Perceived by School 
Superintendents and Selected School-Based Personnel in Medium Size 
Local Education Agencies 

Mary Evelyn Stong Curriculum and Instruction 

Effects of First Grade Nonpromotion on the Achievement and Attitude 
of Students at the Third Grade Level 

Barbara Jean Peacher Stouffer Curriculum and Instruction 
A Comparison of Beginner and Experienced Teachers in Their 
Management of Classroom Transition 

John Barber Witty Curriculum and Instruction 
Effective Secondary School Characteristics as Perceived by School 

Superintendents and Selected School-Based Personnel in Small Local 
Education Agencies 

Doctor of Musical Arts 

Kevin Bradley Ayesh Music 
The Solo Piano Works of Robert Starer 

Aeun Jhin Music 
The Early, Unpublished Songs of Arnold Schoenberg 

Randy Wayne Navarre Music 
Polyphony for Band 

Gary Miles Stegall Music 
"Solo Piano Music of Joseph Jongen" 


Master of Education 

Lynn Dee Baker 

Advanced Graduate Specialist Certificate 

Manning Lee Smith 
Nancy Demmer Tarvin 

Graduate Certificates in Gerontology 

Doctoral Level 

Linda C. Campanelli 

Master's Level 

Donna Marie Cookson 
Margaret Katherine Rightnour 
Celia Shapiro 


December 1989 Candidates 

Master of Applied 

Stephen Paul Austin 
Donald K. Creveling 
Jennifer K. Stabler 

Master of Architecture 

Thomas John Bucci 
Beyhan A. Cagri 
Dowoong Lee 
Cindy Kay Linkins 
Gregory Stephen Packham 
Suzanne Avery Patton 
Worthington Peter Pearre 
Charles David Piper 
Joy Elise Munkacsi St. Landau 
Thomas G. Vincent 
Scott Edward Wilets 
Sura Leigh Yakowitz 

Master of Arts 

American Studies 

Frank W. Johnson IV 
Andrea E. Koder 
Juanita Blanchette Kus 
Hong Mei 
Sheila K. Webster 

Applied Mathematics 

Kelley Ann Conneran 
Adel Ahmed Ghanb 
Barry Warren Summers 
Allan David Williams 

Art History 

Marietherese Juliette Barrett 
Kimberly Ann Jones 
Judith K. Lyon 
Louise Elizabeth Martinez 
Claire Carlisle Patterson 


Carine Julia Bamps 
Phillips Windsor Peters, Jr. 
Barbara Ethlyn Terry 

Communication Arts and 

Richard A. Austin 
Bradley Stephen Boeke 

Hsiao-Hui Ho 
Gary Stephen Howard 
Mary Frances Kiley 
James Milton Lent III 
Stephen Barnet Meyer 
Gay S. Plungas 
Marvin Lee Pyles 
Robert Allen Rotenberry 
Gerard Alexander Selby 

Comparative Literature 

Priscilla Mills Finkenstaedt 
Barmak Nassirian 
Pamela A. Solomos 

Counseling and Personnel 

Amy Ginty-Ryan Alexander 
Betsy Alison Alperin 
Janice H. Altman 
Kathleen Ann Angeletti 
Linda Gail Brenner 
Barbara Mae Dantzler 
Michael Eugene Ellis 
Deborah Ann Gerrity 
Barbara Ann Gill 
Patricia Ann Lewis 
Beverly Rogers Smith 
Nancy Demmer Tarvin 
Deborah Jean Taub 
Matthew Joseph Torres 
Danielle Marie Wilkshire 
Debra Ellen Wolff 
Daniel Mark Woods 

Criminal Justice and 

Lisa D. Bastian 
Sherri Darlene Miller Hull 
Louis William Jankowski 
Elizabeth Marie Marciniak 

Curriculum and Instruction 

Elaine Pierrel Robey 


Antiilio Neves Bomfim 
Christine Anne de Voest 
Susan Beth Gantz 
Cheryl B. Hansen 
Chia-Shan Ho 
Stephen F. Knack 

David Phillip Miracle 
Benyam Tsehaye 
Kevin Paul Whorton 

Education Policy, Planning 
and Administration 

Rosel Faith Halle 

English Language and 

Carlos Federico Acosta 
Christopher L. Bohaska 
Dawn Colleen Byrne 
J. Cassidy Chesnut, Jr. 
Kelly S. Ferguson 
Jeremy Charles Fisher 
Brianne Walsh Friel 
John Lance Fritz 
Alvina De Lazzari Long 
Sandra Leach Molyneaux 
Hanfried F. Nave 
Joonna Smitherman Trapp 

French Language and 

MaryRuth S. Reise 


Pauline Ann Crombie 
Cary Hauptman Gaunt 
M. Roselle Mullins George 
Brian Rimar 
Eli Moshe Rutstein 
Joseph Brown Thomas, Jr. 

Germanic Languages and 

Mary Ellen W Atkinson 
Anja Erdmann 
Kate Hammerstein 

Government and Politics 

Katanawadee Bhuyatorn 
James Brochin 
Stacey Lynn Campbell 
Robert Fouad Haddad 
David Lawxence Imbroscio 
Darrell John Kaeding 
Styliani Simoneti 
Linda Joy Titlar 
Dale Lee Tuttle 
John Lewis Whaley 

V Ann Crusa Wyman 
Larry Edwin Yungk 

Health Education 

Anne Anderson Sawyer 
Linda Joan Brafford 
Coral Sue Carey 
Alan David Goldberg 
John Frederic Kunz 
Jeanne H. Randall 
Masami Shimomoto 
Laura Jean Thompson 

Hearing and Speech 

Christine Ann Cooper 
Janice Eileen Creamer 
Lisa Ann Stasik 


Donald Steven Brown 
David Michael Contessa 
Susan Mary Fitch 
David I. Goldman 
Gregory Clark Huffman 
William Shawn Nelligan 
Steven Kirk Ross 
Mark J. Shmueli 
Curtis Alan Utz 

Human Development 

Suja Elizabeth Ali 
Deirdre A. Fitzpatrick 

Occupational Education 

Robert J. Butrico, Jr. 
Peter George Kreysa 
Richard Anthony Munly 
Stephen Petrina 


Margaret Louise DeBona 
Chang-yu Hsiao 
Ann Margaret Jenkins 
Raymond Augustus 

Anne Patricia Martens 
Deidre Nerreau McCabe 
Martha Jean Phan 
Daniel Mitchell Portwood 
Laura A. Schaufert 



Lauretta C. Clough 
Rebecca M. Reese 

Mathematical Statistics 

Jian-Lun Xu 


Erica G. Bernstein 
Daniel Thomas Flatow 
James Ernst Helmreich 

Measurement, Statistics and 

Melody Ann Hertzog 

Physical Education 

Linda Cook Clarke 
Paul Kevin Dawson 
Carol France Haller 
Thomas Michael Kepple 
Rosemary Schaffner Lindle 
Sharon Kay Morris 
Cheryl Stevenson 


Bethany Lynne Brand 
Ines Canabal 
Laurie Christine Dietzel 
Lee Andrew Edwards 
Beth Elayna Glass 
Sarah Kerney Gunnarson 
Ellen R. Iscoe 
Corinne Ellen Meijer 
William James Nordling 
Carol Joan Schatz 
Kathleen Elizabeth Wallner 

Master of Music 

Timothy Edward Barnes 
Robert Scott Beard 
Youngkwon Choi 
Thomas Vincent Licata 
Gayle Diane Shay 

Master of Public 

Mitchell Reagan Coffey 
Shawn Coughlin 

Joint Business Manage- 
ment/Public Management 

Maurice Anthony Mansion 

Master of Public Policy 

Reginald Anthony Parks 

Dennis C. Smith 

David Martin Wennergren 

Master of Science 
Aerospace Engineering 

James Ellis Batt 
James Eugene Demott 
Dwayne Allan Drake 
Manoj Gupta 
Peter Hickok Johnson 
Frederick D. Kim 
Jang-Yeon Lee 
Julio Cesar Montoya 
Chul-Won Park 
Agnes C. Todorov 

Agricultural Engineering 

Navraj Guptag 
Ted Holly 

Agricultural and Extension 

Phillip Ndi Azah 
Susan L. Corning 

Agricultural and Resource 

Katharina Katterbach 
An Xiao 


Mark E. Radecke 
Paul Richard Shipley 

Animal Sciences 

Kevin Avner Bernstein 
Biswajit Biswas 
Lisa Ann Holden 
Patricia J. Madara 
Sanjay Kumar Mallipeddi 
Susan Mary Wogan Reiziss 
Karen Elaine Squiggins 


Be-Young Gir 


William Paul Clark 11 
Laura Ann Dickert 
Marco Anthony Scarpetta 


Nereide Gillmore Ellis 

Charles E. Orth 

Edward Benjamin Whereat 

Business and Management 

Ana Lorena Delucio 
Sarita Femandes 
Wesley Kirk Harralson 
Myung-Sub Lee 
Douglas Edwin Levy 
William Paul Murnane 
Ju-Pan Tang 
Margo T Thomas 
Marc Laurence Wangel 
Jean L. Wolf 
Jan-Ru Wu 

Chemical Engineering 

William Eugene Daniel, Jr. 
John Waring Gunter 


Fatima Abugideiri 
Michele Maria Condon 
Jeffrey Alan Dodd 
Biyun Jin 

Irvine Dickey Swahn 
Khin Cho Thaung 
Scott Allen Wight 

Civil Engineering 

Ana Cristina Medeiros Assis 

Rodney A. Brown 

Yazdan Tabarestani Emrani 

Dimitrios Constantinos Frantzis 

Irian Hameed 

M. Andrew Ishee II 

Gary Eugene Johnston 

Michael H. Kim 

Kwan-Ling Lai 

Ku T Lee 

Lori Pagnanelli Lehnerd 

Richard Alan Lewis 

Mohammed Raza Mehdi 

Mark Leon Miller 

Ramesh R. Mullangi 
Ivan Christopher Noel 
Jaykant Dhirajlal Parekh 
Eduardo E. Perez-Reyes 
Mohammad Ali Porbahaie 
Carl G. Reitenbach, Jr. 
Stephen Matthew Simi 
Koreissi Maki Tall 
Natacha Blanche Elisabeth 

John Francis Treseler 
Harald W Van Aller 
Deborah Harney Verderame 
Daniel Stovall Walsh 
Michael Ray Weaver 
Michelle Heather-Mae Webb 
Mansoor I. Zakai 

Computer Science 

David Scott Doermann 
Naresh Chand Gupta 
Steven Andrew Heimlich 
Laurence Alan Herman 
Sze Nam Hong 
Anurag Khaitan 
Adrienne Helen Paiewonsky 
Kathleen Ann Romanik 
Ahmet Sayar 
Carolyn Scott 
Rajeev Sharma 
Robert Alan Spangler 
H.V Srinivasan 
Yu Chung Wong 

Electrical Engineering 

Dean William Abrams 
Kevin LeRoy Anderson 
John David Bartusek 
Douglas Llewellyn Butler 
Tarn-Thanh Camille Buu 
Stephen Sai-Lun Chan 
Hsiang-ti Chang 
Chao-Jung Chen 
Ta-Ming Chen 
Dong Kil Choi 
Wei-Hsin Chou 
Zafa Ullah Choudhry 
Wei-Tong Chuang 
David Frank Everett 
Jeremiah Vincent Finnigan 


December 1989 Candidate 

John Vernon Garnett 

Michael Philip Gordon 

Hien Thuc Ha 

Yen-Ping Ho 

Yih-Ling Hong 

Sheng-Lung Huang 

Wan-Jee Huang 

Tzyy-Wei Hwang 

William Allen Jones 

Suryakumar Venkata Josyula 

Christopher Raymond Karabin 

Gregory J. Klein 

Andrew Steven Kopser 

Jenn-Sen Leu 

Li Dan Li 

Minmin Li 

Ming Liu 

Jason D. Lohn 

Allen Gregory Lukowitz 

Chris A. Mack 

Richard Eugene Maltagliati 

Baquer Mazhari 

Robert J. McCarthy, Jr. 

Karl Benjamin Middour 

Mbuomda Namondo Nasah 

Larry William Nemsick 

Scott Shannon Patrick 

Nam Chan Phamdo 

Perry Russell Rapp 

Serafin P Rodriguez 

Michael J. Rudolph 

Carole Ann Salter 

Hasan Erdal Sarper 

Tariq Shabbir 

Ying Lian Shi 

Nicholaos D. Sidiropoulos 

Marlene Skopec 

Peter Su 

Anthony Teolis 

Katherine Anne Vavrina 

Kuansan Wang 

Keith Jake Williams 

Michael James Winings 

Xiaowen Xu 

Guu Chang Yang 

Gang Ye 

Chung-i Yeh 

Ping-Hui Yeh 

Long Yu 

Xiaodong Zhong 

Engineering Materials 

Junhui Li 

George Yousinger Richardson 


Frank Washington Ellis, Jr. 

Family and Community 

Deborah Lynn Carter 

Colleen Frances Dumais 

Timothy Lewis Francis 

Regina Uliss Frank 

Lisa Zelazny Goatley 

Beverly Jean Lucas 

Jacquelyn Nasca 

Ana Lourdes Portales 

Margaret L. Rollins 

Celia Shapiro 

Elizabeth Kelsey Vanden Heuvel 

Food Science 

Ivette AguirTe-Flores 

Sonia Judith Can-era Rodriguez 

Chen-Jang Liu 

Rodney Dale Morton 

Amy Susan Stellato 

Debbie Ann Taylor 


Susan Elizabeth Harrington 


Scott Merlyn Aker 
Karen Ann Klozenbucher 
Michael Joseph Newell 
Jan Marie Principe 
Michael David Reinsel 
Brooks Kenneth Whitton 
Dingbo Zhou 

Human Nutrition and Food 

Naomi M. Benell 

Environmental Sciences 

James Tyler Bell 
Harry Thomas Hornick 
Linda Marie Hurley 
Charles Duval Lawrie 
Deborah Jean Morrin 
Timothy Allen Newberger 

Sharon K. Robers 
Ana Victoria Vazquez 
Nimish Bhanu Vyas 
Claudia Proctor Walters 
Su-Zan Yeh 

Mechanical Engineering 

Gregory Carey Braunberg 

Hungmo Chen 

Yen-Hsi Chen 

Jeffrey Joseph Dickstein 

Pedro Ivan Espina 

Steven Mark Hilgendorf 

Lewis Cheatham Hudson III 

Ten-Ken Hwang 

Un-Sang Ip 

Anshuman Johri 

Wen-Chang Kang 

Jih-Forg Kao 

Sohail Ahmad Khan 

John Emanuel Konstantinou 

Anthony Joseph Kress 

Pradeep Lall 

Robert Edward Lotkowictz 

Mark Mitsuo Matsumura 

Salman Mohammad 

Robert Lawrence Munach 

Madu Sudan Ramavajjala 

Prathviraj Rao 

Rakesh Sehgal 

Win -bin Shieh 

Richard Larry Summers 

Gregory Scott Toms 

John Vodzak 

Jonathon David Watts 

Hsihsun Yeh 

Qin Zou 


John Montgomery Cart, Jr. 
Jianhua Chen 
Paul Alan Frederickson 
Jianjun Zhang 


Heather Lea Hall 

Nuclear Engineering 

Yue Guan 

Katherine Elizabeth Lamanna 

Stephen M. Mario 

Nutritional Sciences 

Ela Shailu Saxena 
Jeanne D. Worme 


Jill Lynne Goldberg 
James F. Grahl 
Hong Hao 
Li-Feng Jiang 
Thomas Edward Kiess 
Ying-Cheng Lai 
Rui Li 

Cornelius A. Morgan 
Donna Lynne Naples 
Mark Andrew Ormsby 
Yeong-Ah Soh 
Hidetsugu Tanaka 
Randolph Frear Wild 
Dahai Zhang 

Poultry Science 

Frank Anthony Attard 


Timothy Joseph Pavlick 
Jennifer Leigh Wilkinson 

Textiles and Consumer 

Lisa Carpenter Baldwin 
Catherine Maureen Beeker 
Jessica G. Chiu 
Katharine Sunder Parparian 
Devki N. Sharma 


Maria Ines Castro 
Peter Thomas Fauth 
Karen Beth Firestone 
Elizabeth Ourania Johnson 
Cynthia Baldwin Smith 










Ionic style columns like this one appear on several 
buildings around the College Park campus, including 
the Physics Building, Main Administration, and 
several dormitories. 

College of Agriculture 

Bachelor of Science 

Agricultural and Resource 

Stephan Andrew Campanelli 
Kenneth James Colaianne 
Jerry Crute, Jr. 
Olivier Jean de Raet 
Joel I. Flambaum 
Jeffrey Lee Goldman 
Adam Arthur Gossett 
Ricardo Manuel Hernandez- 

Kan Elizabeth Hotchkiss 
Catherine Ann KascakJ 
Cristine Ada Kepple 
Jeffrey Ward Peterson 
Joanne Pierdon 
Michael Prospero 
Ali Abukar Omar Scego 
John Stephen Spicer 
Yves Thomas 

Animal Sciences 

Guy Robert Brauning* 
Erin Elaine Connor§ 
Kayce A. Cover 
Paul Neal Dlx 
Kristine Marie Eckard 
Elizabeth Ruth Fredericks 
Timothy John Hunt 
Renee Michelle Ovelgone 
Sue Ann Schaefer$ 
Donna Maria Stivers 
Christine Marie Weickert 

Crop Science 

Lisa Marlene Kaufman 
James William Lewis, Jr. 

Food Science 

Elizabeth Louise Mello 


Kathryn Sarah Ackers 
David K. Daley 
James Edgar Middleton, Jr. 
Anthony Don Radmer 
Gertrude Holman Riedel 

Donna Lynn Sanders 
Gavin Morton Stannard 
Cyrus Victor Swett, Jr. 
Lorna Carolyn Wilkins 

Natural Resources 

Jeffrey Russell Bryer 
Patrick Dennis Carroll 
Jennifer Elizabeth Cassells 
Ralph Lee Dingess, Jr. 
Paul Vincent Genovese 
Laura Jean Howard 
Elizabeth Ann McClunin 
Scott Guyon McGill 
Debra Morris Sullivan§ 

Soil Science 

Norbert Vidamo Novicio 
Christopher Charles Sledjeski 

Turf and Urban Agronomy 

Vincent Ronald Lawrence 

David Gordon Burkhart 
James Daren Fisher 
Kenneth Bobby Ingram 
Bruce Gordon Zickafoose 

School of Architecture 

Bachelor of Science 

Theodore Tucker Amos 
Jack Hilberth Hettchen 
Peter Briggs Hoffmann 
Lee M. Kim 
Jordan James Levin 
Joelle Christine Masse 
Agnes A. Panganiban 
Ling Chee Poon 
Brian Anthony Stone 
Christopher Thomas Williams 

College of Arts and 

Bachelor of Arts 

American Studies 

Michelle Lynn Block 
C. Kathleen Connelly 
Maria Luisa Hegedus 


December 1989 Candidates 

Susan Veronica 

Jill Lynn Minsky 
John Anthony Moody 
Rose Helen Rosin* 
Eric M. Schwelling 

Art History 

Christi Michele Barnes 
Maeve Brophy 
Sandra Ricker Bruner 
Valerie Elizabeth Clark 
Robert Jackson Dean, Jr. 
Susan Melissa Epstein 
Lori Louise Green 
Rebecca James Hamilton 
JoAnn Katzenstein 
{Catherine Marie Kelley 
Abigail Brynd Mitola 
Julia Heather Wadlin 
Dara Lynn Wallace 
Elizabeth Linley Widmannt 
2nd Major: Interior Design 

Art Studio 

Hassan Mustafa Al Atrash 
Joyce Ann Burroughs 
John Ryder Clark 
Karen Yvette Colbert 
Donna Marie Corley 
Terri Dawn Friedman 
Mary Beth Gigstad 
Maria Luisa Giorla 
Helen Shenk Good* 
Patricia Ann Gura 
Stephen Dean Hill 
Stacee Lynn Kramer 

2nd Major: Art History 
Kathryn Mary Maloney 
David Joseph Mathews 
Teresa Ann Mossi§ 
Victoria J. Phillips 
Patrick Kennedy Regan 
Thomas Lee Scott 
Thomas Goodin Sudbrink 
Narvia Michelle Summers 
Eugene Rushford Walker 
Rodney Eugene Warren 
Sharon Anne Wozniak 
David Leslie Wright 

Classical Languages and 

Eun Mi Kim 


Todd Eugene Ford 
Tyler Martin Packwood 
Dana Michelle Rubin 

East Asian Languages 
and Literatures 

Mark Stanley Bykoski 
William Lee Howell 
Hyong Kon Kim 
Suzanne Andrea Macuk 

English Language and 

Atilla Akgun 
Kenneth Mark Baron 
Teresa Elaine Beck 
Kimberly Dawn Bell 
Laura Jane Bellows- AncasiJ 
Jeffrey Eric Biggs 
Jonathan Allen Blake 
Elizabeth Ann Borda 
Susan Mary Brocato 
Vincent Mark Brown 
Jeffrey Craig Capley 
Adamandia Pandora Carson 
Vincent Anthony Colianni 
Carolyn Marie Colley 
Laura Kathryn Congleton 
Mary Ellen Cox 
Stephen Miahcel Cranford 
Kristin Elizabeth DeYoung 
Christopher James Dunphy 
S. Caitlin Evans 
Natalie Frances Fielman 
Kathryn L. Fischer 
Kimberly Marlyn Flax 
Michael Shea Flynn 
Darryl Christopher Freeman 
Sandra Michelle Friedrick* 
Colum Jude Gatens 
Jennifer Marci Gobel 
Warren Lee Greenberg 
James Anthony Guerrat 
Wendy Sue Hardegen 
Bridget Martha Harkins 
Julie Ann Hoffman 

Patrice Lynn Householder 

Tamera Lynne Ireland 

Jacqueline Bouvier James 

Gregg S. Khedouri 

Amy Lane Krause 

Kimberly Lane Kridler 

Richard Thomas Labonski, Jr. 

Sean Patrick Latham 

Leslie Sue Layton 

Daniel Robert Lewis 

David Alan Lidz 

Kelly Patricia MacKenzie 

Sarah Pierce Mansur 

Tracy Ann Martindill 

Jodi Lynn Masino 

Richard Andrew McClellan 

Carla Gail McKay 

Jane E. Metcalf 

Christopher Jay Minesinger 

Judith Lynn Mollen 

Susan Talbot Moynihan 

Heather Anne Nugent 

Catherine Suzanne Olds 

Philip Pearlman 

Luis Eduardo Peraza 

Jane Kammer Powers* 

Carl Joseph Quick III 

Steven Lee Railsback 

Kenneth Joseph Ramsey 

Thomas Matthew Reilly 

Andrew Joel Relkin 

Eric Scott Renkoff 

Kitty Katherine Royer 

Frederick John Scully 

Lisa Lynne Sedgwick 

Jessica Lynn Semones 

Colleen Ann Shaffrey 

Anish N. Shah 

Donna Ellen Shatzer 

Esther K. Sieged 

David B. Simms 

Donna Lynn Sovaiko 

Akio Joseph Stribling 

James Patrick Sullivan 

Susan Marie Thorsell 

Kirk Sulton Troy 

Christopher Joseph Ulep 

Daniel Kurt Virgilio 

Margaret Goodhue Whittemore 

Kathleen Elizabeth Wiley 

Catherine Jane Young 

French Language and 

Maria Cristina Barbosa 
Laura Alice Bodtke 
Lucy Michelle Delaney 
Caroline Marie-Aurore Lynch 
Carla Doerte Roberts 
Michael Dean Schank 
Akia Margrethe Talbot 
Nadege Lea Thadey 

Germanic Languages and 

Karen Elizabeth Burkett 
Melinda Peevy Locke 
Kathleen R. Noe 
Jeffrey Brian Stanton 


Richard R. Abate 
Julie Ann Archer 
Bndget Andrea Beaudoin 
Christopher Paul Becker 
Derrick Stacy Best 
Herbert Brewer 
Sallye Ann Clark 
Michael Austin Ferrando 
Peter Andrew Fitzpatrick 
Evelyn Miriam Freedenberg 
Steven Henry Gans 
Philip B. Gerhard 
Patrick Michael Hannon 
Valerie B. Hepner 
Mark Alexander Keefe IV 
Eun Hui Kim 
Alexander R. Komons 
Francis Patrick McKenna, Jr. 
Timothy Michael Nalley 
Kathryn Gail Norseth 
Carlos Rafael Osorio 
Elizabeth Garnett Ostdiek 
Ellen Margaret Owens 

2nd Major: Government and 

Raymond W. Rossomando, Jr. 
Jonathan R. Sennett* 
Tara Ann Spigai 
Jordan Michael Steinberg 
John Richard Stillwagon, Jr. 


§ Summa cum Laude 
$ Magna cum Laude 
* cum Laude 

Neil Scott Stulman 
Stephen Bernard Van Zutphen 
Sidney Lynn Wheeler 
Raymond Owen Winch 


Norma Bernice Belt:): 
Mark Stanley Bykoski 
Laurel Anne LaPorte-Grimest 
Naomi Leah Ruftt 
Martha Sears West 


Nicholas Bartolomeo 
Walter Spottwood Cosby 
David J. Hollender 
Jeanne Martin 
Thomas Gerald Partington 
Joseph Robert Russo 
Linda Ellen Walborn 
Glenn M. Wiser§ 


David Lloyd Boothe, Jr. 

Karl B. Celarier 

James Vincent Johnson, Jr. 

Thomas Brenden Laceyt 

Sung Yi Lee 

William Irvin Martin, Jr. 

Micheal Raymond Smith 

Jitendra T. Subramanyam 

Tamara Lee Wilson 

Radio, Television, and Film 

Donna Michele Anderson 
Kami Michelle Arbnot 
Jon Stuart Bass 
Pinar Mutlu Beygo 
Scott Robert Boettle 
Steven James Bramhall 
David Michael Brown 
Michael Preston Brown 
Cassandra Alecia Catignani 
Pamela M. Chinsky 
Lisa Louise Cooper 
George E. Damon 
Gina Lynn Dobson 
Evan Stuart Fleishman 
James Francis Geist 
Kimberly Ann Green 
Daniel Allen Gulick 

Andrew Morgan Hanks 
Roy Harris III 
Connie Lee Haugen 
Michael Alden Harvey 
Amanda Elizabeth Hayes 
Jodi Lynn Hough 
Tyrone John Hunter 
Kristi Lynn Hurd 
Muara Catherine Johnston 
William Lawrence Kalench 

Zenobia Maria Khan 
Julie Ann Lockett 
Daria Lovejoy 
Lisa Marie Maitland 
Kalle Makalou 
Daniel J. Marks 
Cassandra Renee McCree 
Lisa Lyn Morgan 
Ann Moriarty 
Sheri Lee Moser 
Diane Louise Norton 
Jill Evangeline Patton 
Clinton Thomas Richmond, 

Daniel James Rogers 
Michael Rene Routhier 
Michael Carter Rusk 
Stuart A. Sachs 
John Edward Schneider, Jr. 
Gerard Seabrooks 
Marc David Siden 
Stephen Todd Smallwood 
Gary Howard Stern 
Diana M. Stewart 
Thomas James Swales, IV 
Jeffery S. Tarbell 
Patrick Leo Thorpe 
Thomas Nicholas Togneri 
Nicholas Jason Voudouris 
Adam Walderman 
Matthew Earl Wattay 
Steven Robert Wellington 
Thomas Edward Wenz, II 
Ann Louise Wigginton 

Romance Languages 

Maritzah Elizabeth 

Irene Suhail Hishmeh 
Katherine Beatriz Ruiz 

Russian Area Studies 

Todd Charles Glass 

2nd Major: Government and 

Cary Francis Miller 
Lindsay R Orkand* 
Thomas Lavern Tanner, Jr. 

Russian Language and 

Natalie Astahoff 
James C. Dwyer 

Spanish Languages and 

Beverly A. Abreu 
Mark Alan Chalkley 
Mary Carmel Clemt 
Holli B. Glaser 
Cynthia Ann Greene 
Ji Un Lee 

Rachel Aimee Lewis 
Mary Elizabeth Mullaney 
Patricia Ann Murphy 
Andrea Ximena Sanchez 

Speech Communication 

Timothy King Baer 
William A. Bayer, Jr. 
Elizabeth Pearson Bouchard 
Gregory Jay Brod 
Michele Caprice 
Alleesha Marie Cougnet 
Leslie Marie Cunningham 
Christina Helen Myers 

Gale Elizabeth Fernow 
Gregory James Filippo 
Margaret H. Finley 
Benjamin James Flyr 
Laurence Jay Geller 
Claudia Tourinho Guimaraes 
Jennifer Faith Hechtman 
Natalie D. Klein 
Patricia Suzanne Leidig 
Mindy Sue Levine 
Kelly Ann Lincoln 
Heidi Lynn Lohrfink 

Kirstin Judith Morey 
Kelly M. Nugent 
Christine Ruth O'Donnell 
Jill Shannon Pretzer 
Jennifer Ann Ralston 
Ronald J. Robertson 
Jennifer Eve Rochkind 
Christine Carol Sahli 
Susan Lynn Schmidt 
Dorethea Ernell Smith 
Jane Allyson Swider 
Irene Marie Taylor 
Stephen David Truitt 
Craig Phillip Weiss 
Stephanie Jill Young 
Neil Joseph Zuckerman 


Tracie M. Ashby 
Ellen Betsy Ben-Ami 
Rochelle Heath 
Mary Lawrence Kuh 
Teresa Marie Mason 
Thomas William Musser, III 
Marlene Helen O'Haire 
Maria Anne Reeves 
Alexander C Totz 

Bachelor of Music 

Carolos Manuel Cantu 
John Rogel 
Yuh-Ching Sheu Yang 

Bachelor of Science 

Advertising Design 

Lisa A. Antonio 
Holly Kristin Copus 
Charles Crist Craver 
Kristine Marie Gillespie 
David Alan Knabel 
Pamela Lynn Krausman 
Diane Clark Kredensor 
Christina Anne Schuchter 
Eunjung Shin 


Michaela Jane Bilstad 

Interior Design 

Beverly Ann Alig 
Shai Anzilewitz 


December 1989 Candidates 

Limor Dekel Carrigant 
Nancy Ann Conway 
Shoshana Datlow 
Valentine M. Davies 
Charlotte Dumas 
Liza Feldman 
Sondra Lynn Kollander 
Kimberly Ann Norris 
Maria Raquel Pereira 
Marc David Pomerleau* 
Leslie Marie Redding 

College of Behavioral 
and Social Science 

Bachelor of Arts 

Afro-American Studies 

Carolyn Patrice Opher 


Peter Kline Cassel 
Judy R. Hankin 
Eugene Franklin Morris 
Carey Ann O'Reilly 
Dwayne Webster Pickett 
Dorothy Mc Vernon Ray 
Simon Barry Weavers 

Criminal Justice 

Michael L. Anzallo 
John Louis Bagileo 
Mark Cameron Brown 
Thomas Steven Bruce 
Albert Joachim Buckwalter 
Christopher George Byrnes 
Debra Ann Ceitlin 
Rhonda Gayle Cohen 
David John Crowther 
Kristen Dailey 
Tracy Lynn Deen 
John Andrew Di Camillo 
Jason Earl Edwards 
Michael Igor Fedor 
John Raymond Fitch, Jr. 
Dimitrios Fragoyannis 
Michelle Renee Fryr 
Kelly Ann Gang 
Timothy Glen Gillespie 
M. Scott Glasser 
William Gerard Glynn 

Yvockeea Kim Gray 
Scott David Grossman 
Matthew Peter Gustat IV 
Barbara Michelle Hanbury 
Sharon Michelle Herriman 
John Peter Himchak, Jr. 
Jeffrey T Hoffman 
Tracey Marie Hornsby 
Christopher Recardo 
Mark Leishear Julian 
Brian David Koelsch 
Kimberly Dawn Kunowsky 
Armand Eugene Lembo, Jr. 
James William Lomker, Jr. 
Edron Rufus Lonaberger, Jr. 
Daniel Franklin Luckabaugh 
Richard Andrew Leuders 
John Christopher Lutrario 
James Andrew Markey 
Carmen LaShaun Miller 
Martin Bernid Milwood 
Ricardo A. Morillas 
Michael Curry Moscoso 
Tod Matthew Muollo 
Geoffrey Charles Nathan 
Deanna Beth Perlmutter 
Gina Teresa Pignataro 
Tracey Lynn Pivik 
Jonathan Nison Pollock 
Wayne Richard Reisberg 
Regina Marie Ricciuti 
Annika Lisa Riegert 
Sonji Veniece Roach 
Curtis Blaine Rose 
Cynthia Marie Sayer 
Robert Louis Schap 
Dona Emilie Schmidt 
Scott D. Sheppard 
Valerie Montina Simpkins 
Cassandra Linda Smalls 
Peter Warren Spaulding 
Gregory Lee Stogo 
Sandra Leigh Suit 
Maria Patricia Tonrey 
Dianne M. Venit 
Denise Marie Vickers 


Paul John Boehme 

Richard Frank Bustillos 
Steven William Canty 
Lucian Maria Carter 
Susan Elaine Christ 
James Kenneth Davis 
Jenelle Annette Davis 
Michele Ann Guss 
Joseph Emil Hairston 
Kelley Lee Hardesty 
Thomas Lee Herman 
Scott Michael Hinckley 
Jennifer Lynn Olsen 
James Lawrence Perhach 
Jeffrey Scott Speck 
Edward Thomas Weiss 
Wendy Ann Williams 


Eden Castro Araquel 
Christopher William E. Baker 
Maria Cristina Barbosa 
Sandy Benjamin Becher 
Mary Elizabeth Begey 
Kevin Francis Bender 
Jay M. Berman 
Todd Michael Blakely 
Stephen Robert Bohse 
Alexander Bollman 
Arthur Colin Bonds 
Richard Evremonde Bourdeaux 
Bernadetter Braun 
Clarinda A. Capole 
David Louis Cesarini 
Jennifer Kris Collier 
David Creekmore 
Roiwena Racion Cruz 
Stephen Michael Darcy 
Dara Ailene Day! 
Margaret Del Castillo 
Brian Northrup Deppa 
Richard L. F. Diehl 
Robert Lee Dolan, Jr. 
Michael Dougherty 
Thomas Randall Dyer 
Craig Howard Effraint 

2nd Major: Government and 

Arthur Joseph Emerson 
John Joseph Farley 
Raul J. Fernandez 

Robert Joseph Fischer, Jr. 
John Joseph Fogarty 
2nd Major: Government and 
Mark Samuel Friedman 
Daniel James Gallagher 
Abhijit Ganguly 
Maurice D. Garland 
Rhea Varina Games 
Karl Howard Garrett 
Jeffrey Alan Geller 
Richard Joseph Gloekler 
William Matthew Goodwin 
Monique Marchelle Gregory 
Tracy Yolonda Hardy 
William Robert Haskin 
Maury M. Hodak 
Stephen Anthony Hoffman 
William Lee Howell 
Walter Wha-ta Hsu 
Jonathan I. Jones 
Kymberly Krystel Kelly 
Ashish Khosla 
Eric B. Klingel 
Donieta Jeni Kneessi 
Steven Paul Knott* 
Thomas Andrew Kolsun 
Krishna Kundu 
Michael Dale Lambert 
Christopher Michael Lamon 
Arvind Fredericks Lemuel 
Ronald Dela Cruz Lerum 
Nancy Suzanne Linton 
David Thomas Lisle 
Jeffrey Philip Lobel 
Catherine Gloria Logsdon 
Soterios George Louvis 
Qiang Ma$ 

James Edward Marshall II 
Gary Brian McKee 
Michael Curtis Merchant 
Andrew Geier Mortimer 
David Leahan Mortimer 
Paul J. Mraz, Jr. 
Suet Man Ng* 
Patrick Joseph O'Neill 


§ Summa cum Laude 
I Magna cum Laude 
* aim Laude 

Michael Frederick Pasco 
Arthur Douglas Peardon, Jr. 
Joseph Benson Perrie 
Michael Charles Peterson 
Marc Andrew Polansky 

2nd Major; Government and 

Teresa Catherine Poulos 
Michael Stuart Preis 
Joyce Diane Pryor 
Tania Vieira Romero 

2nd Major. Sociology 
David Allen Romoser 
Marcia Alves Rosado 
Patricia Brett Rose 
Ramsey Scott Ross 
Stephan Nagib Saba 
William Alexander Samples 
Michael Robert Schueler 
Matthew David Schuster 
Howard David Schwartz 
Bryan Kevin Sewell 
Lisa Marie Shrewsberry 

2nd Major: French 

Chi Ki Sit 
Sean Scott Smith 
Matthew Thomas Souter 
Zavier Daniel Stachura, Jr. 
Konstantinos Stavros Stathes 
Jean F. Steffen 
Robert Subrizi 
Joshua Ross Summers 
Dana Lynn Sutphin 
Christopher Douglas Tang 
Georgia S. Tsakos 
William Earle Vaughan, Jr. 
Michael Robert Villarreal 
Angus Alexander Watson, Jr. 
Michael Allen Wellens 
Scott Allan Wheeler 

Government and Politics 

Jaime Winthuysen Aparisi 
Alfonso Del Rosario Baes 
Robert Arthur Baird 
Christopher Allen Baker 
Julia Lynn Ballesteros 
David Amir Banisar 
Delia Marie Bankert 
Kenneth DeLane Banks 

Courtney Jo Barr 
Victor Jose Baselga 
Martha Patricia Bazurto 
Colleen Kelly Benbrook 
Geremy Bernstein 
Glenn Edward Blanchard 
Joseph Christopher Bowes 
Francine Louis Brady 
Alan Lee Brubaker 
Ian Scott Bruce 
Joseph C. Bryce$ 
Mariagrazia Caminiti 
Anthony Joseph Camitelli 
Stephen Paul Candelmo 
John Patrick Capotosto 
Clarence Catoe 
Michael Eliot Chapnick 
Valery R. Ciancio* 
Maria Elisabeth Coyaud* 
Victor Lawrence Crawford, 

David Victor Cristofano 
Tracey Lynn Culpepper 
Michael Fredrick Cyr 
Christopher S. Dade 
Joseph Ryan Daiger 
Richard S. Day 
Barry Isaac Dickman 
Natalija Slobodan 

Valerie Ann Ellerson 
Kurt David Emde 
Anthony Patrick Fahey 
Steven Thomas Fleming 
James Michael Forand 
Douglas Allen Gardner 
David Allen Gelenter 
Carol J. Gibson 
Stephen Glenelg 

James Lyle Gregory 
Jeff Samuel Gurman* 
Dawn Elizabeth Haas 
Derek Boyd Hankerson 
Jose Tutty Harris 
Kenneth Louis Heller 
John Down Heritage 
David Todd Herman 
John Cassidy Hines 
John Francis Holbrook 

Jeffrey Irwin House 
Lisa Lyn Jennings 
David Patrick Johannes 
Milton Aquirre Johnson 
Douglas Stuart Johnston 
Jennifer Jones Joulwan 
Georgina Christa Kassatly 
Frantz Emmanuel Kebreau 
Christopher James Kelley 
Patrick McAndrew Kelly 
Thomas Wesford Kinnane 
Douglas Leander Kirk 
Adam Benjamin Kleeman 
Beth Ellen Kohn 
Michael Ross Kopelman 
John Jay La Valle 
Erich H. Lee 
Sarae Tonya Leuckel 
Andrew John Lewis 
Jay Philip Lipner 
Peter Jordan Lipstein 
Kathy Emily Littleton 
John C. Manougian 
John Robert Marshall 
Nathaniel Varney Massaquoi II 
John Joseph McCloskey 
Arveece Territa McCorkle 
Lorena Lee McCracken 
George Terrell McCree 
Mary Wheeler McWhite 
David Gerald Miller* 
Christine Elaine Miskowski 
Freddy S. Moreno 
Matthew Sean Mulligan 
Marco Domenico Murari 
Edilson Santiago Muniz 
Edward Patrick Murphy 

2nd Major: Philosophy 
Sandra Michelle Nafis 
Nicholas James Nerangis, Jr. 
Scott Thomas Nixon 
William Christopher O'Brien 

Jonathan Anders Olson 
Thomas Pagonis 
Joseph Allen Peacock 
Craig Harold Piercy 
Michell R Pietz 
Annmarrie Pisciotta 
Mark Alan Polischeck 

Daniel Patrick Pomykala 
Pradeep Kuman Ponnuswamy 
Ty McDonald Poole 
Bruce Harrison Powell 
Matthew Shane Quick 
Sandra Carol Reaves 
Philip Lee Repass 
Jennifer Anne Rettig 
Byung Min Rim 
Manuel Joseph Rios 
Sean Tracy Rochee 
Jeffrey Lowell Rubin 
Byron Kevin Russell 
Joseph Anthony Scanlon 
Jason James Schon 
Jeffrey Xavier Schumacher 
Kimberley Sue Schuyler 
Onike Bendol Sherman 
Iris Brigitte Shetterly 
Jeffrey Leigh Shields 
Patricia Lynn Simpson 
Jennifer Lynn Smith§ 
John Leonard Smith 
Ralph Daniel Smith 
Mary Ellen Spaldingt 
Jeffrey Paul Sparhawk 
Anne Spiegelthal* 
Douglas Richard Stabile 
John Alexander Straus 
David Clayton Teague 
Octavia Thompson 
Lawrence Thomas Trifiletti 
Jane Marie Troy 
Donna Faye Vickers 
David Charles Vigilante 
Michael Dwyer Walsh 
John Peddy Watson 
Renee Theresa Wilson 
Hal L. Winter 
Edward Leo Wisenbaler 
Elizabeth Jane Wivel 
Scott Nam Woo 
Ruben E. Yui 
Alan Charles Zagier 

Hearing and Speech Science 

Karen Jane Carson 
Lisa Merle Craven 
Maureen Koopman§ 
Kelly Marie Reed 


December /989 Candidates 

Ellen Georgia Spiropoulos 
Tracey Lynn Williams 


Myriam V Abeni 
Linda Frances Adams 
Katherine Ann Adcock 
Mirlene Andre 
Kathleen Renne Arata 
Rebecca Jane Arena 
Karen Stacey Bank 
Robin Stacy Bankoff 
Everett Henry Bayliss, Jr. 
Jacqueline Ann Beaudoin 
Lisa Pauline Berkowitz* 

2nd Major: English 
Tobias Paul Bettin 
Aaron Shawn Bladen 
Beth D. Boyd 
Diana Louise Boyd 
Paul Martyn Bress 
Donald Lee Cooksey, Jr. 
Leonard F. Coy 
Michelle Marie deLorimier 
David Wilson Diggs 
Mary Kathrine Dudley 
Susan Eanes 
Carla Louise Edmonds 
James N. Edwards 
Yvonne Faith Evans§ 
Bernice Bing-Yian Fang 
John Fitzgerald Flannery 
Louis Lamont Fletcher 
Caroline Lovelace Frazer 
Rebecca Ellen Gaines 
Katherine Henri Goettelmann 
Mashid Hajir 
Todd Garrett Handelman 
Laura Colleen Harris 
Michael C. Heitt 
Gail Mellissa Henderson 
Marie Rene Hodges 
Rory Mark Holley 
Sonia Lisbeth Jarama 
David Michael Jastrab 
Charlette Jean Jefferson 
David Shawn Jessup 
Debra L. Jiles 
Theodore Thomas Kadala 
Michael Sean King 

Lori Ann Klein 
Razia Fathima Kosi 

2nd Major: Radio, 

Television, and Film 
Eleana Kubi 

Roslyn Ilene Lichtenberg 
Beverly Kay Liddel 
Stacey Faith Limansky 
Rebecca Middleton 

Shanaz Nacy Massoud-Judge 
Brigid Mary McAskill 
Melissa Kay McDowell 
Margaret Muraine Meyer 
Sherry Ann Minniti 
Amy Elizabeth Morgan 
Cynthia Anne Morgan 
Andrea Marie Morris 
Lynette Ann Nichols 
Candice Maureen Perez 
Patricia Maria Porro 
Raina Monika Rath 
Orli E. Robinson 
Catherine Rose Rondano 
Michael David Rosenfeld 
Yvonnne Annete Ryan 
Robert Michael Schaub 
Dana Robin Seeman 
Katherine Marie Sp[ratt 
Keith Johnson Statom 
Alicia Ann Stephany* 
Lucia R. Taboada 
Angela Marie Taft 
Valerie Kim Thigpen 
John Paul Thomas, Jr. 
Cheryl Marie Vance 
Catherine Rose Veazey 
Michelle Ann Wald 
Timothy Daniel 

Kathy Lynn Wells 
Jane Ellen Williams§ 
Denise Patricia Wray 
Holly Lorraine Wright 


Tracy Lynn Abbott 
Kathleen Mary Ballenger 
Diana Lynn Barbansi 
Jodi Lynn Blankenship 

Andrea Hope Bloom 
Eileen Marie Bresnahan 
Stephen Elliott Broadman 
Richard Michael Campana 
Janice Elizabeth Camapbell 
Lorraine Athena-Victoria 

Domini Helene Cassis 
Jennifer A. Clark 
Michelle Antionette Collins 
John Andrew Cook 
Norva D.W Countess 
Jeffrey William Cronise 
Christopher Samuel DAvanzo* 
Eric Spencer Diegel 
Thomas Henry Eigelsbach 
Eric Thomas Elder 
Deborah Ann Fonner 
Rebecca Hardin Getsinger 
Jeanne Theresa Handren 
Sarah Elizabeth Hardy 
Jessica Hay 

Penny Frances Haywood 
Michele Steirt Heilbrun 
Corinne Leslie Hersh 
Tabitha Kimberly Hill 
Cassandra E. Hodges 
Diana Patricia Hohl 
Leah Rose Hollander 
Venessa Marie Hymes 
Lateau Detiste Jones 
Jennifer Lauren Kay 
Elaine Mane Kirkley 
Rose Kitt Kling 
Douglas W Koehler 
Shahina Parvin Kureshi 
Cynthia Ann Lee 
Ju Yung Lee 
Lori Janee Madison 
Ellen Elizabeth Maillar* 
Lorena Lee McCracken 
Ellen Tracey Millstein 
Myrna Thea Mitchell 
Andrea Leonor Montoya 
Barbara E. Murphy 
Nikki Denise Penn 
Stephanie Nicole Phillips 
Vicki Y. Pigford 
Kathleen Ann Rahe 
Nancy Michelle Reinstein 

Douglas Wesley Robinson 
Christine L. Rohlfs 
Sheri Ellen Rosenberg 
Roxann Rochelle Russo 
Daniel Benjamin Sarubin 
Jeanette Schindel 
Rebecca Lyn Schuettet 
Robin Constance Shideler 
Paul J. Sholtis 
Lynn Harriette Shwaiko 
John Frederick Siegenthaler* 
Deidre Anne Silva 
Bradley Tarlow 
Wendy Beth Traub 
Paul Gerald Ullmann 
Penny Daniel Wallace 
Laurie Sue Weitzman 
Raymon L. Wener 
Joan Elizabeth Yaffe 
2nd Major: Psychology 

Urban Studies 

Cynthia Lynn Anderson 

2nd Major: Sociology 
Suzanne Min BermanJ 
Michele Suzanne Denault 
Ross Howard Epstein 
Beatrice Brown Evans 
Jean Bernard Gaudino 
Mitchell Jay Greenberg 
Ernest Gumbs 
Timothy Glenn Maddox 
Nathania Anna Branch Miles 
Seyedhamid Sahiholnasab 
Richard Schwartz 
Steven Bruce Schwartz 
Steven James Snyder 
Christine Lee Stewart 
Robert T Thomas 
Bryan J. Ward 
Michael Joseph Weigman 

Bachelor of Science 


William Hadley Adams 
Thomas Eugene Benassi 
Carolyn Victoria Bloom 
Deborah Helen Ford 
Kevin Gary Hosey 
Wesley Anthony Matheu 


§ Summti aim Laude 
t Magna cum Laude 
* aim Laudc 

Anthony Kenneth Mc Graw 
Kevin Michael O'Donnell 
Dana Henry Peters 
James Tyler Seabright 
Charles Harry Wolfe III 


Jin Ah Choi 
Angel Sandoval Daly 
Manisha S. Deshmukh 
Preety Kumar 
Timothy Guy Mefferd 
Jeffrey Allen Metzger* 
Keesha L. Powell 
Wendy Rae Rodano* 
Christian Hall Rose 
Josh H. Salmanson 
Sandra Faye Small 
Maria Elizabeth Vonakis 
Victoria Marie Wegener 
Joshua Tobin Wies 
Nancy Anne Yates 

College of Business 
and Management 
Bachelor of Science 


Barbara Dale Baney 
William Edward Barkdoll 
Roxanne S. Beaman 
Laurie A. Bernecki* 
Laura Jane Bezila 
Robert Kent Biggs 
Rosalind M. Bowen* 
Karen Elizabeth Bruff 
Susan Mary Buehler§ 
Laura Jeanne Camper 
Gary Dean Carswell 
Anna Michelle Chaney* 
Hui Ja Choi 

Joan Margaret Chroniger 
Elizabeth Joyce Cohen:): 
Michael H. Comer 
Matthew Nelson Davis 
Edgar Benedict De Leon 
Cynthia Carole DeLillo 
Lisa Ann Derkazarian 

Curtis Maurice Dillon 
Darryl Keith Dugan 
Kimberly Ann Dugas 
Giles Joseph Erwetowski 
Marco Antonio Estrada 
Bridget Frances Ferst 
Robert Manly Flake III 
Karen Michele Fugate 
T Keith Georget 
Eric Robert Gerstein 
Zane Marie Gray 
Scott Walter Haass 
Richard Thomas Harrington 
Kenneth Brian Hayman 
Rita Gwynette Hebb 
Carl Reed Hedrick 
Amy Chih-Chien Hsu* 
Vidya S. Kalavart 
Michele Denise Kaplan 
Brian Kelleher 
Sharon Irene Kent 
Anita Jo Kimberling 
Nora Jeanne Ridgell Kincaid 
Marc Patrick King 
Amelia Ann Kratz 
Kimberly Ching-Yim Kwok 
Le Xuan Lam 
Wai Ling Lee 
Theresa Noel Littlefield 
Kelly Anne Long 
Daniel Patrick Lynch 
Christopher Martin Mann 
Jennifer Ann Martinec 
Janine Delaine McGregor 
Trusha Chandrakant Mehta 
Daniel Christopher Milstead 
Kimberly Ann Nogrady 
Charles Edward Olson 
Metin Ferhat Omer 
Stanley Francis Palczewski, 

Sonal Pnyakant Pandya 
Andre Toran Parraway 
Hugh Christopher Patrick 
Jacqueline Ann Penman* 
Pamela Denise Pinckney 
Raquel Jamie Ponczak 
Michael Anthony Poole 
Stan F. Quinn* 

Luis R. Ranzolin 
Loretta Jane Rebert 
Joseph Aaron Reno 
Elisa Robin Ringenbach 
Tammey Sue Saffo 
Alfred Munda Sandy 
David Nolen Schrimsher§ 
Leisa Allison Schwed* 
Frank Paul Scopelliti 
Kimberly Ann Sheridan 
Christine Bing Shum 
Ronald Alan Silver 
Jodi Merriam Smith 
Sean Scott Smith 
David Ross Stern 
Edward L. Stollet 
Aklilu Abebe Teshale 
Kimberly Marie Tomena 
Sheila Anne Torano 
Robert Michael Turner 
Catherine Ouano Vailoces 
Victoria Ann Vickers 
Huei-Huei Lorraine Wang* 
William Randolph Wood, Jr. 
Kathleen Marie Yablonski 
Gee Han Yi 
Scott Brian Zimmerman 


Michael Dennis Ament, Jr. 
David John Andreadis 
Alexander Nicholas Aspiotis 
Alan C. Backman* 
Patrick Hilton Barstow 
Paul Martin Bateman 
Anita Batheja 
John E. Bragdon 
Catherine Anne Brogan 
Marcela Calderon 
Arlene Canter 
Ricardo German Castro 
Brendan John Geary 
Daniel Tull Corrigan 
Karen H. Davis 
Anthony Suck de la Paz, Jr. 
Ross Allan Devine 
Michael John DiProspero 
Walton Adam Egelanian 
2nd Major: Transportation 

Jill Suzanne Engel 
Mohamed A. Fath El Bab 
Patrick Edward Ferguson 
Paul Anthony Ferguson 
Michael Patrick Filippone 
Andrew Ari Gerber 

2nd Major: Economics 
Richard Louis Gergar 
Kevin Scott Giesecke 
Paul Jason Glashofer 
Stephen Anthony Granata 
Robin Michelle Griswold 
Paul Gary Guckenheimer 
Donald S. Han 
Eric Cornell Handy 
Charles Lloyd Henleyt 
Donald Lorenz Hoffman, Jr. 
James Russell Hoffmann, Jr. 
Arthur G. Hopkins* 
Daniel Edward Jarrell 
Sandra Eileen Jones 
Kevin Conrad Kadow 
Matthew Alan Kalb 
Ashish Khosla 
Michael Kwang Kim 

2nd Major: General Business 

Karen O'Connor Koback 
Yekaterina Koyfman 
Peter Stewart Krucoff 
Denise Marie Kundich 
Wilky Kurniawan§ 
Susan Lynn Leathery 
Thomas Michael Lebling 
Hsiao Hui Lim 
Amy Stover Lloyd 
Shu Chung Lo 
Connie S. Lowman 
Michael James Manimbo 
Anupama Vasant Marathe 
Robert G. McKibben III 
Fred A. McNeil 
Trusha Chandrakant Mehta 

2nd Major: Marketing 
Martin Joseph Mitchell 
James W. Moore 
Chuck C. Nam 


December 1989 Candidates 

Victoria Lynn Nelson 

2nd Major: Marketing 
Pamela Diane Noyes 
Edward Tamaratana Olsen 
Jennifer Marie Pedersen 
Maria Margarida S. Pinto da 

David Franklin Poole 
James Donovan Powell 

2nd Major: Accounting 
James Michael Prout 
Tahir A. Qureshi 
Jonathan E. Rajotte 
Mary Elizabeth Randell 
Jay Ashley Randolph 
Craig Darius Reed 
Robert Cesar Rizzoni 
Mahru Sabaii 
Fletcher David Santana 
Donald Jason Semonick 
Ramzi Michel Shammaa 
Koroush Vafa Shokouhi 
AH John Shoraka 
Karen Kelly Shrader 
Darryl E. Simms 
Lawrence Nathan Southall 
Elaine Gabrielle Sterrett 
Darren George Stores 
Michael Edward Tascher 
Puey Tee Betty Tay 
Joseph S. Taylor 
Caryl Anne Teaney 
Goitom Telahun 
Stephen A. Thyne 
Donnell Wilfred Turner 
Victoria G. Valentine 
Linda A. Wallerstein 
Pamela Marie Webber 
Wortaji K.M. Weefur 
Donald Ross White 
Jean Hee Yoo 
Marc Charles Zawatsky 

General Business 

Laura Christine Adams 
Lisa Maria Barnard 
Dawn E. Bartlett 
Jill Alexandra Blauvelt 
Quentin Edmond Branham 

Charles Phillip Bundy III* 
Karen Lynn Busweiler 
Marcia Ann Calarie 
Yuen Yee Chan 
Mark K. Choi 
Michael Louis DelNegro 
Bradly Evan Dubler 
Martha Garcia-Lopez 
Eloy Albert George 
Lora Giancola 
Lynn Renee Hennies 
Sandra Marie Horn 
Wayne Mitchell Hurlock* 
David S. Hurwitz 
Laura Sue Jarvis 
Timothy Alan Johnson 
Abigail Jenny Kelman 
Charles Robert Lynham 
Michelle Kathleen McGriff 
William James McPartland, 

Kim Kenneth Mills 
Mark E. Nylec 
Tondra J. Odom 
Lawrence D. Opack 
Christine A. Perrotti 
Monica Michaele Pittman 
Daniel Christopher Raby 
John Richard Salah 
Sharon Lisa Sellazzo 
Mireille Turpin 
Thomas Cooper Underwood 

Roy William Webb 

2nd Major: Production 

Charles Edward Webster 
Bennett Alden Werth 
William Joseph Willard 

2nd Major: Economics 
N. Ching Wong 

Management Science and 

Charles Thomas Adams 
Kofi Opoku Adusei 
James Duke Bond 
2nd Major: Finance 
James David Cantrell 
Karen H. Davis 

Anthony Suck de la Paz, Jr. 
Patton G. Demers 
Yohannes Fikre Demissie 
Peter Hans Feldhausen 
David Michael Keefe* 
Lucile Dorothy Malone 
Stephan Alexandre 

Terri Ellen Sewell 
Robert Nicholas Taylor 
Suet Ying Tsang 

2nd Major: Finance 


Haider Kazim Abbud 
Kevin Robert Allen 
William Alan Balshem 
Leslie M. Bauer 
Marie Therese Bernier 
David Moshe Bernstein 
Adrienne Lara Bridgers 
April Stacey Brody 
Susan Iris Charlop 
Marc Jason Cohen 
Judith Amy Cole 
Brian Patrick Costello 
Elaine House Custead 
Richard William Davies, Jr. 
Karen Marie Desiderio 
Christopher N. Garabedian 
Steven Ellis Garrett 
Brenda Lee Garriott 
Sabine S. Grewe 
Richard Thomas Joy 
Joanne Kaht 
Marc David Kantrowitz 
Brendan Kennedy 
James Jang Kim 
Steven Lee Klipstein 
Michelle Elise Kopf 
Kimberly A. Kreider 
Soon 11 Kwun 
Tiffany Anne Lopsonzski 
Mark Eliot Lovett 
Loreta Audrone Lukas 
Celestina Marsiglia 
Kelly Ann Matuscak 
Sylvia Maria McCallumt 
Jill Karen McLaughlin 

Michael Davis Merriweather, Jr. 
Karen Joy Nelson 

2nd Major: Transportation 
Denise Karen Nunan 
David Mark Oliver 
Stacey Marie Oursler 
Amie Elyse Packman 
Rodrigo Arturo Phillips 
Rui Tiago Figueiredo Mota 

Frank Leroy Powell 
Deanne Marie Primozic 
Brian Neal Raines 
Sandra Dawn Rayne 
Jennifer Kathleen Robey 
Gena Louise Scaggs 
Janette Shaffer 
Vicki Patrick Shores 
Teresa Ann Spizzuco 
Renee Mercer Stephens 
Schuyler A. M. Stewart 
James Braddock Suchoski 
Jennifer Lynne Suit 
Nora Pui Chun Szeto 
Carrie Lynne Taylor 
Kevin William Thomas 
David Edwin Tobin 
Sharon Marie Velky 
Souleye Wade 
Robert Michael Warmkessel, 

Adam Zipkin 

Personnel and Labor 

Adrienne Elizabeth Armour 
Kimisan Gay Deskins 
Jill Marie Garringer 
Laureen Bridget Garrity 
Karen Eugenie Hampton 
Judy Lynn Dutton Jupin 
Theresa Marie Morrison 
Jennifer Lynn Rich 
Wayne Wright Smith, Jr. 


§ Summa aim Laude 
t Magna aim Laude 
* aim Laude 


Christina Marie Borger 
Waip Chao 
Jay Michael Jurgens 
Emory John Under II 
Robert F. Newton 
David Alexander Parham 
Michelle Lynn Spillman 
Janet Lynne Tierney 

College of Computer, 
Mathematical and 
Physical Sciences 
Bachelor of Science 


Clare Ann Ewald 
Howard Alan Livingston 
John William Macule 
James Joseph Mallonee 
Kendall Ivan Tatum 

Computer Science 

Debora J. Adams 
John William Adams, Jr. 
Ismet Santosa Adnan 
Michael Morris Aein 
Rebecca Louise Alsop 
Andrew Arensburger 
Michael Joseph Barnes 
Timothy Louis Bennett 
James Duke Bond 
George Christopher Bonifant 
Timothy Renardo Booker 
David B. Bosko 
Sing Fui Chan 
Kimberly A. Chau 
James Christopher Chiles 
Shobna Chopra 
Jeff W Cohen 
Erin Michael Conley 
Donald Joseph Cook 
Robert Andrew Crisafulli 
Veronica Dailey 
Aldian Arief Djanin 
Mark Michael Drissel 
Joanne Paula D'Souza 
Michael Lawrence Dunn 
Tina T Egan 

Andrew Frederic Frank 
Brian Frank Freedman 
Konstantinos Panayiotis 

Amos J. Gingerich$ 
James Peter Goltz 
Linda Lord Green 
David Haydn Gwyn 
Frederick Paige Hayes 
Kenneth Brian Hayman 
James David Hobbs* 
Sarah Ketvan Huynh 
Vadim Kagan* 
Du Won Kang 
Marie Antionette Kelly 
Hai Kyung Kim 
Kent Bradford Kimball§ 
Richard Bela Kissh 
Douglas Timothy Kister 
Anne Marie Jude Koslosky 
Donald Anthony Kreinbnnk 
Lael Marie Lambe 
Phong Thanh Le 
Gwo-Roag Lee* 
Tat Fai Lee 
Bun Leung 
Ferial Majidit 
Mark David Marino 
Carolyn Diane MarlowJ 
Fuller Ming, Jr. 
Sylvia Anita Mirani 
Raymond Thomas Nash 
David Samuel Osier 
Howard Andrew Pach* 
Edward Jongwook Paik 
Helen Papadopoulos 
Marcial Augusto Peredo 
Erick Kent Peters 
Michael Edward Petty 
Tanya Cherie Pullen 
Peter T Quach 
James Richard Racheff 
Thomas Michael Reilly 
Alex Rosenbaum 
Hollis L. Ross, Jr. 
Kenneth Samuel Rubin 
Eric Matthew Scanlan 
Bonnie Kay Schulmeyer 
John Lynwood Scott 
Sumeeti Seth* 

Philip Austin Shafer 

Franciea Juliet Shaw 

Chi Ki Sit 

David John Slafkosky 

Sharon Sobol 

Lucia Louisiana Soebyantoro 

Sisa Sombat 

Renee Carla Somerville 

Hendra Sugianto 

Rina Ardianti Sumiantoro 

Robert Warren Thomas 

Anh Tuan Vu 

Matthew Carlton Wallace 

Synthai Arnette Wilson 

David Joseph Zorn 


Thomas R. Green 
Eric Richard Hirtle 
Vicki Marie Moldovan 
John Edward Nay 
John Dallas Whitler* 


Lina Arslanian 
Jorge Miguel Barrientos 
Douglas Craig Bonnar 
Joseph John Chnsty 
William Dill 
Nancy Ann Fitzgerald 
Donald Wayne Flohr 
Mark Joseph Grebowsky 
Allison Leigh Grimes 
Jennifer Dean Hale 
Kevin L. Hart 
Tracy Anne hams 
Jung Hyun Kim 
Jeffrey Allen Krause 
Mark David Latzko 
Ann Merchlinsky 
Paul Anthony Miletic 
Giles Delaney Mills III 
James Francis Moore, Jr. 
Caprice Anne Morrison 
Margaret Joyce Obert 
Brian Heath Perkins 
Randall Scott Phillips 
Sujita Basi Pierpoint 
David Herbert Rice 
Debra Lynn Senter 
Deborah Elaine Sissine 
Brian P. Turnquist 

Physical Sciences 

William Harold Berman 

Glen Edward Blair 

Tung Thanh Do 

Karl Dennis Leigh 

Russell Augustas Lombardy II 

Robin Lavern White 


Brent William Agnew 
Michael John Brewer 
Russell Everett Ekblad 
David Andrew Gent 
Brian David Martin 
Hann Nahmt 
Edith Louise Stahl 
Daniel Mark Swann 
2nd Major: Astronomy 

College of Education 
Bachelor of Arts 

Art Education 

David Paul Barber 
Alessandra Viviana Exposito 

English Education 

Robert Fredrick Clark 

Mathematics Education 

RuthAnn Gertrude O'Neill 

Social Studies Education 

James Pernell Davis 
Kathleen Anne Deery§ 
Christine Marie Grady 
Ruthanne Lee 
Jeffrey Patrick McDonald:): 
David Louis Peake 
Raymond W. Rossomando, Jr. 
Patrizia Zamora 

Speech and English 

Janet Lynn Amber 
Michelle U. Layton 

Bachelor of Science 

Art Education 

Sofia Teresa Catita 
Susan Carolyn McCurdy 


December 1989 Candidates 

Joyce Lynn Hildebrand 
Kimberly Carol Preis 
Robert Lewis Youngblood 

Early Childhood Education 

Theresa M. Amadeo 
Rena P. Appelbaum 
Mariangela Crowley 
Robin Beth Epstein 
Kristen Yvonne Glasgow 
Maxine Zena Guss 
Ann Barbara Heintz 
Torene Lynnette Howard 
Renee Marie Hudson 
Sarah Katherine Jeske 
Elizabeth Anne Marie Lakey 
Sharon Christine Lindahl 
Debra Baisey Lipp 
Randi Lynn London* 
Michelle Acosta Lynch 
Dorothy Louise Raleigh 
Jodi Lynn Reamsnyder 
Sharon E. Ridlon 
Jodi Michelle Sacki 
Kim Lori Schneider 
Lauren Betsy Sinrod 
Laurie Jane Stottlemyer 
Randi Paula Wachter 

Elementary Education 

Theresa Ann Aaron 
Ann Marie Atkinson 
Molly Ann Baker 
Barbara Marie Berned 
Bethanne Marie Bond 
Nancy C. C. Chen 
Jennifer A. Dorris 
Amy Meyer Ebker 
Patricia Ann Ferry 
Stephanie Anne Forbes 
Pamela Ann Fricke 
Julia Marie Garvey 
Susan Jill Gold 
David Martin Graham 
Elise Rae Greenspun 
Karen Sue Harhai* 
Joanna Marie Herb 
Jodi Beth Himmelfarb 
Caryn Debra Jacobs 

Susan Carol Jones 
Lesley Ann Karn 
Yvonneke Magteld Kennedy 
Hyun-Joo Kim 
Karen Lynne King! 
Nicole LaFleur 
Teresa Diane Lloyd 
Deborah Beckmann Lueben 
Yvonne Yee Mah 
Linda Jo McCormac* 
Holly Beth Mclntire 
Patricia Lynne Mundie 
Leslie Oken 
Jean Marie Philips 
Debra Ann Puhl 
Susan Elizabeth Pulliam 
Janine G. Radcliffe 
Grace Margaret Ring 
Kristine Joan Rose 
Robin Candice Rubain 
Carol Lynne Schmitz 
Gloria Jean Smith 
Katherine Elaine Smith 
Penny Mayhew Smith 
Kecia Rhea Snader 
Elaina Raquel Solomon 
Roberta Mary Steele 
Amy Howard Stewardson 
Sharon Lynne Vargo 
Pauline Frances Woo 
Sherri Ann Wood 
Laura Jo Zimmerman 

General Business 

Sandi J. Glickenhaus 
Sharon Ilene Hausman 
Amy Bernadette Kaufman 
Valerie Jean Klein 
Marianne Catherine 

Carol Jean Wilt 

Home Economics 

Priscilla Mae Rust 

Industrial Arts Education 

Martin E. Nelson, Jr. 

Industrial Technology 

William Ruston Bazzarre, Jr. 
Kelley Janine Clark 
Richard Kennedy Covell, Jr. 
Michael R. Ehrlich 
Joseph Leo English 
Bruce David Griffin 
Michael Christopher Kams 
Paul David Koudry 
Dimitrios Jim Kretsis 
Paul David Miller 
John Richard Prout 
Amit Reizes 
Rust Eubank Scott 
John Merle Seaton II 
Hyeong Joon Son 
Edo A. TenagliaJ 
Neil Adrian Walter 
George Anthony Ward III 
Arie Prihutama Warman 
Timothy Wayne Wassell 
Steven Martin Wisel 

Mathematics Education 

Lisa Ann Ceccarelli 
Kathleen Paschal Chapman* 
Kathleen Ann Gale 
Genevieve Therese Dubernet 
Eileen Therese Moroney 
Susan Elizabeth Sain 
Karla J. Wychulis 

Music Education 

Kristin Olson Rao 
Lisa Mary Schniebolk 
George Allen Smith Hit 
Jennifer Stuart Taylor 
Michael Charles Tayman 
Yvonne Jeanette Zoetewey 

Science Education 

Regina Hutto Anderson 
Allen Burke Campbell 
Bridgette Christine Kemple 
Diane Lynn Lee 

Secretarial Education 

Lynne Anne Hull 
Sharon Theresa Johnson 

Social Studies Education 

Judy R. Hankin 
Elizabeth Robin Smith 
Douglas J. Steel 
Robert Karl Wagner 
Donna Lynn Wyatt 

Speech and English 

Michelle U. Layton 

College of Engineering 
Bachelor of Science 

Aerospace Engineering 

Harris Daniel Abramson 
Laurel Talcott Beckman 
Joseph Michael Bentrewicz 
Stephen John Brady 
Jonathan Andrew Calure* 
Tara Chhay Cameron 
Carlos Javier Delgado 
Patrick Lee Delozier 
Clare Anne Ewald 
Scott Robert Flood 
Kimberly Hope Friedland 
David Keith George 
Melinda Dee Godwin^ 
Taylor Meredith Hale 
Sarah Elizabeth Hall 
Thomas George Hamorsky, Jr. 
Thomas Keunsu Han 
David Joseph Hayes 
Steven Michael Hoyle 
Kevin Christopher Hughes 
Kevin Thomas Hurley 
Victor Kenny Hwang 
David Larry Johnson 
James Scott Koehler 
Volodya Michael Krul 
John William Leus 
Katherine Pilar MatthewsJ 
Timothy Wayne McDonald 
David Eugene Murphy 
William Stanley Muscovich, Jr. 
Antonio Erneido Oliva 
David Kee Hong Park 
Keith Allan Parrish 


§ Summa cum Laude 
t Magna aim Laude 
* cum Laude 

Stephen Allen Rast 
A. Kurt Schreiber 
Jeanine Ann Sorensen 
Stephen Andrew Thomas* 
Paul David Vieira 
Wayne Lawrence Wesler 

Chemical Engineering 
Jeffrey Christopher George 
Jonathan Mark Heslop 
Kevin T. Lydon 
Adrian McCardell Remsberg, 

Minoo Rouhanian 
Kenneth Harry Salen 
Karen Lynn Swecker 
Cynthia Marie Switzer 

Civil Engineering 

Steven Henry Abrams 
Joseph Francis Ailing 
Farrukh Babar Anwar 
John Custer Buffett 
William F. Cantwell 
Eric Allen Case 
Theodore Michael Coon 
Christopher Crilley 
Michael David Etherton 
Kermit Fawthrop, Jr. 
Gregory Bryan Fick 
Paul Green Berry Fuller 
Gerv Charles Griffin 
Mark William Hagemann 
Scott A. Herbert 
Reginald Harry Holt 
Charles Mark Hood 
James Myron KerneyJ 
Maher Mohamad Kiwan 
Steven Anthony Lagana 
Russell R. Lincoln 
Michael Edward McDonald 
Kevin Marc Merriman 
Mark Hastings Minkowski^ 
Joseph Randall Phillips 
Terence Edward Puis 
Scott Richard Rose 
Timothy Joseph Schneider 
Steven Allan Smith 
Brian A. Thompson 

Marni Denise Weller 
Christopher Hansen 

Electrical Engineering 

Laura Lynn Agee 
Aisha Ahmad 
Anthony Foronda Albano 
Kourosh Baghelait 
Patrick Walter Baranowsky 
Aref Rahman Bashir 
Richard Vincent Bennett, 

Todd Ronald Bireley 
Bryan Jaye Bloomer 
Mark William Bockelman 
Mark Edwin Bower 
Carlton Wrightson Bradshaw 
Bernard John Brandquist 
Anne Michele Brooks 
Jay Alan Brusse* 
Gerard Michael Callahan 
Sing Fui Chan 
Paul Richard Ciaravellat 
Thomas Charles Cincotta 
Stephen Crosby Conger 
Donald Eugene Copenhaver, 

Gene Michael Cumm 
Gary Paul Daelemans 
Kirk Allister Daley 
Lennie Michael Daniels 
Patrick Raymond De Ment 
Daniel Seth DeVito 
Ravi R. Dubey 
Jeffrey Thomas Dyas 
Shahrokh Ettehadieh 
Patricia Ann Evans 
Han-Qiang Feng 
J. Kevin Frick 
Alireza Ghassemian 
Felicia Michele Grice§ 
Douglas Shaw Grubbs 
Predrag Gudac 
Mark Joseph Haney 
Charles C. Herndon 
LaShawn Yvette Herndon 
Andrew James Hervert 
Andrew Mark Hill 

Dang Hai Hoang 
Saiful Huq 

Stephen Robert Jankevicius 
Daniel Christopher Judy 
Wojciech Kajetan Kasprzak 
Sunil Hiralal Khatri 
Hyun Woo Kim 
Kris K. Kim 
Steve Younju Kim 
Eric Andrew Larson 
MinhThu Thi Le 
Phong Thanh Le 
Brian Edward Le Gette 
Robert Lawrence Lease 
Betsy Pui Lee 
Richard June Lee 
Michael Henry Lennard 
Donald Wood Loomis 
William Matthew Love 
Paul Gerard Lyons 
Jeffrey Paul Lytle 
Nazi Maleki 
Scott Michael Malone* 
Amy Jo Marderness 
Paula Margida 
John Paul Marple* 
Brian David Martin 
Scott Vincent Mazza 
Mehran Mehrbakhsh 
Lawrence George Miller 
Mbuomda Namondo Nasah 
Hamid Reza Nassiri Motlagh 
Hai Van Nguyen 
Hung The Nguyen 
Quyen Van Nguyen 
Thuy-Trang Ly Nguyen 
Reza Okhravi 
Prashant Virendra Patel 
John Richard Pavlick 
Son Ngoc Pham 
Joel Fredric Plotkin 
Brian K. Price 
Vahid Reza Ramezani 
Patrick David Ring 
Stuart Lee Ritter 
Michael Taylor Roberts* 
Majid Roghanizad 
Oleg Roytburd 
Robert Paul Sagusti 

Feroz Sanaulla 

Moslemuddin Sawez 

Christopher Edwin Schaeffer 

Tharakesh Siddalingaiah 

Brian Sircus 

Lisa Ellen Sjodin 

Hugh St. George Lambart 

John G. Stahl 
Debra Ann Stascavage 
Malcolm Norman Stewart 
Elizabeth Ann Taylor 
Brian Joseph Thomas 
Duy N. Tran§ 
Oai Chanh Tran 
Tan Nh Tran§ 
Gena Vergules 
Seema R. Verma 
Angel Arturo Viladegut 
Rodney Frank Vitek 
Malick Maxime Wade 
Phillip Bryan Walter 
Eugene Howard Willison 
Ming Xu 

Fire Protection Engineering 

Frank J. Borrelli 
David Edward Connor 
John Francis Deubler 
Joseph Edgar Hauf 
Gerald Augustus Haynes 
Tsambikos Apostolos 

Bruce Van Swearingen 
Peabody Joseph Alan Pechacek 
Patrick Saad Saba 
Sheldon Joel Shapiro 
Barry Eugene Sprecher* 

Mechanical Engineering 

Ahmad Kathum Abbud 
Tye Louis Aldana 
Jose Luis Alfonso 
Bryan Paul Anderson 
Afshan Naheed Ayub 
Fitsum Bekele 
Gregory Steven Benedict 
James Russell Brown 
David Capparelli 
Denise Unelle Chambers 


December 1989 Candidates 

Spero John Courtis 
Cesar Padua Cube 
James Ryan Dickey 
Michael Patrick Dougherty 
James Edward Eason, Jr. 
Neil Marc Feldman 
Nathaniel Emit Frampton 
William Lawrence Freeman 
Fernando Jose Garcia 
Kamran Gohan 
Evan Keith Goldstein 
Vineet Gupta 
David Phillip Hammettt 
Patrick Allen Hancock 
Richard Martin Hauf 
Steven Eugene Hawbecker 
Paul Andrew Herman 
David A. Jacobson 
Kasen Harvey Jacobson 
Laleh Jalali 

Kirsten Frances Jorgensen 
Amy Jean Kinsey 
Fariborz Kolijehdouz 
Joseph Frank Korczynski* 
Epaminondas Minos Kotsis 
Chen Chee Kuo 
Jerry Alan Lakey 
Benjamin Alexander Lamb 
Huai Hsin Lee 
Robert Charles Loynds, Jr. 
James G. Mattern§ 
Linda Lucero Matteson§ 
Stephen Michael McCummings 
John Francis McGuigan 
Jeffrey Allen Metzger 
Jeffrey Scott Miley 
Jeffrey Joseph Morgan 
Mary Elizabeth Murphy 
Bradley Kirk Noll 
John Allen Oliver, Jr.§ 
Hyun Soo Park 
William Bela Penzes, Jr. 
Jonathan Mark Peritt 
Gregory Alan Reich 
Jeffrey Scott Robertson 
Matthew Wade Stavish 
Franklin Li-Chung Su 
David Stanton Sutherland 
Song Taesung 

Steven Andrew Tice 
Richard Clark Todaro, Jr. 
Thomas Edward Walsh, Jr. 
Bridget Susan Wenner 
Diane Irene Williams 
Lynne Marie Williams 
Kent Gordon Wilson 
Dana Maria Yates 
David E. Young 

Undesignated Major 

Kimberly Jane Barrett 
Veronica Anne Brooks 
Robert Fitzgerald Cavedo 
Anh Minh Duong Tran 
Elliott Charles Flick III 
Sean Francis Kilby 
James Francis Muse 
James Francis Skarbek III 
Bellcys Sosa 

Douglas Howard Walcutt 
Dirk Allen Young 

College of Human 


Bachelor of Science 

Apparel Design 

Dawn Vicknair-Hackett§ 

Community Nutrition 

Rachel Frances Johnson 
Mahan Taslim Tavakoli 

Consumer Economics 

Michelle E. Adams 
Juan Miguel Barnes 
David Thomas Besok 
Michael Tae-Hyung Cho 
Bryan Pom Choi 
Erik Michael Cohen 
Marc D. Cohen 
David Montgomery Cole 
Keith Orlando Conner 
Melane Arlene Conyers 
Tracy Anne Douglas 
John Hendrick Faasen III 
Sandra Joyce French 
Brian Friedman 
Keri Golden 

Jeanine Patrice Green 
Nina Kumari Gupta 
Hope Michele Hall 
Amy Halpem 
Mark Lawrence Haseley 
John Patrick Hoge 
David Carl Holdsworth 
Kimberlee Gene Hollowood 
Christina Michele Holtz 
Mark Christopher Johnson 
Peter Edwin Johnson 
Darryle Keith Jones 
Karen Lynn Karpewicz 
James R Kerner 
Eric Adam Kessler 
William Christian King 
Jeffrey Warren Ledford 
Debora Lynn Lewis 
James Eric Marsh 
Lisa Lynn Masucci 
Jeffrey Orval McNeil 
Carolyn Joy Miller 
Christine Leigh Modes 
Shelly Laverne Moran 
Robert Lawrence Moreno 
Julie Ann Patton 
Christopher Maurice Pirtle 
Alan Edward Pooner 
Mary Lynne Price 
Nalini Kodali Rao 
Christopher R Rieman 
Kevin C. Rourke 
John Edward Russell 
Thomas Rutherfoord Sampson 

Michael Lothar Schneider 
Francis Joseph Shannon III 
Dennis Philip Shields 
Richard James Smith 
Mary Louise Sobhani 
Teresa Marie Stillittano 
Christine Marie Tascher 
Douglas Leonard Terwilliger 
Elyse Danette Tossman 
Yen L. Tu 

Jeffrey Scott Walton 
Preston Kingsley Warner 
Joseph Henry Weller 
Kevin Miles West 

Donald Alexander Wilson 
Jill Patrice Zollars 


Anne M. Holness 
Kyrese Angela Johnson 

Family Studies 

Shari Lynn Ackerman 
Dolores Ann Acquista* 
Sonya Lynn Ambrose^ 
Lisa D. Breth 
Amy Glasser Croce 
Joanne L. Duymovic 
Dara Allyson Elkin 
Stacey Michelle Endelson 
Caren L. Goldberg 
Trena Yvonne Johnson 
Stephani Ann Leibowitz 
Marsha Lynn Lessley 
Kendra Denise Lindsay 
Stefanie Diane Loube 
Kimberly Lisa Rhodes 
Amy Beth Rothmel 
Laurie Beth Schussel 
Christie Lynn Sheppard 
Laura Yvette Stern 
Elizabeth Ross Wilhelm* 

Foodservice Administration 

Arezo Hariri 

Management and Consumer 

Daniel Thomas Burns 
Lyle E. Crews 
Joyce Mane Crowley 
Una Yvonne Daniels 
Adam M. Gilinson 
Jeffrey Scott Gottheld 
Marcia Dionne Hall 
Danielle Eve Herko 
Edward William Kallas 
Hyun Joo Kim 
Stephen Jackson Morton 
Benjamin Mutuku Mwania 
Glenda Soria Zaragoza 

Textile Marketing/Fashion 

Stephanie Ann Agnellini 


§ Srnnma aim Laude 
t Magna aim Laude 
* cum Laude 

Michelle Diane Bowen 
Sheri Faith Brodsky 
Melanie Richardson Cook§ 
Cynthia Lynn Copeland 
Cathleen M. Davitt 
Denise Maureen Dhanraj 
Kim Elizabeth Eckert 
Beth A. Foote 
Carl Vincent Frangione 
Irit Simone Gershoni 
Gary Bruce Greenfader 
Laura Anne Hilman 
Katherine Conde Jones 
Melissa Carmady Klein 
Terina Wendy Kuo 
Ilene Beth Laufer 
Karen Beth Lieb 
Elizabeth A. Long 
Victoria Ann Malloy 
Lisa Marfino 
Andrea Jo Masters 
Lauren Gail Matell 
Suzette Montagliani 
Lorie-Ann Olesen 
Catherine Renee Oliver 
Risa Podell 

Dawn Pauline Sanguiliano 
Sindee Silver 
Kristina Winifred Sison 
Janet B. Wainer 
Kimberly Dawn Weinberg 
Godelieve H. A. WertsJ 

College of Journalism 

Bachelor of Science 

Emilio Alvarado 
Annette Patricia Angeletti 
Monette Michelle Austin 
Christine Mofid Badra 
Debra Lynne Barracato 
Chad Loring Beeler 
Margaret Theresa Bourbon 
Michelle Lynn Burch 
Jennifer Lynn Cagan 
Steven Glen Cagle 
Lisa Rosina Carchedi* 
Nancy Jane Caruso 
Beth Ann Christ 

Matthew John Comlish 
Laura J. Danowski 
Patricia Ann Devine 
Christi Carolann Dill 
Kevin John Doyle 
Kyle Elizabeth Dyer 
Kimberly Ann Ferris 
Beth Renee Friedman 
Antonia Maria Gamboa 
Tracey Lee Good 
Aileen S. Grossmann 
Lorilee Diane Gubala 
Lynn M. Gurley 
William Thomas Halcisak, 

Virginia Elizabeth Hanlon 
Troy Matthew Hill 
Kimberly Ann Hughes 
Patricia Ruth Humphrey 
Bethany A. Jones 
Stacy L. Katz 
Vicki Lynn Keltz 
Sara Anne Klauber 
Marci Ann Kozichousky 
Kristen Marie Lemanski 
Elizabeth Jane Loebman 
Eugene I. Logan IV 
Barbara Dale Maier 
Eileen R McMahon 
Jennifer Lee Money 
Diane Marie Moser 
J. Christopher Pankow 
Kathryn Julia Papas 
Stephen Douglas Pazdan 
Diane Carol Powers 
Kathleen Ann Puckett* 
Brad Corey Rhoads 
Lynn Stella Roche* 
Kristie Ann Roeder 
Lynn Rosenbleeth 
Jodi Ellen Schwartz^ 
Debra Ann Shimanski* 
Deborah Anastasia Sieff* 
Mary Bernadette Smith 
Stephanie Lynn Snyder 
Wanda B. Soler 
Pamela Ann Straut 
Cheryl Wenda Stringfellow 
Dian Angriani Sujono* 

Catherine Jane Thevenot 
Barbara Ann Valenti* 
Bethany Elise Wallace 
Rickey Randall Washington 
Karen Weiner 
Knsten Jean West 
Reiko Mia Williams 
Kimberly Ann Wix 
Eileen Lynn Zilist 
Tammy Zukerman 

College of Life 

Bachelor of Science 


Emmanuel Victor Bertrand 
Joseph Michael David 
Christopher Scott Highfill 
Dennis Anthony Armstrong 

Paula Rochella Meadows 
Naomi Leah Ruff * 
Timothy John Shelton 
Karen Ann Voglezon 
Josette Renee Votipka* 


Theresa Anne Hata 


Lisa Lynn Beasman 
Hung Caohuy 
Hong Cheng 
Carlton Roderick Hall 
Mimi Nga Hoang 
Bibi Sharidan Majeed 
Shahyar Mizani 
Michael E. O'Connell 
Hiten Purshottam Padhiar 
Scott R Shaul 
Brian J. Smith 
Huan T Tran 
Michael H. Wilson* 

General Biological Sciences 

Kerin L. Ablashi 
Barry Earl Anderson 

Roberta Lynne Booth 
Darren Scott Brummel 
Mary Claire Callan 
Leslie Tull Corrigan 
Donald Joseph DeMember 
Patricia Jeffrey Durana 
Vickie Wei-Chi Fang 
Bernard Reza Farzin 
Reena Goel 

Rhondey Ian O'Brien Harford 
Katherine Anne Hatmaker 
Kevin Thomas Houck 
Dolores Ibarreta 
Renee Marie Krumenacker 
Keith Yoke Khee Lai 
Jamie Lynn Margolin 
Mehrdad Mazlumzadeh 
Deborah Lee Meeks 
Julia Marjorie Merry 
Alphonsa Ada Okibedi 
Lori Denise Simpson 
Maria Elise Tartaglia 
Rebecca Jean Taylor 
Nedelko Peter Todorov 
Hamid Tofighbakhsh 
Thutrang Thi Tran$ 
Lisa Michele Waltemeyer 
Wanda Renee Williams 
William Albert Yingst III 


Waleed Mahmoud Abul-Hawa 

Rene Miguel Amaguana 

Ghassan Antoun Asfour 

Kyle Elizabeth Cowan 

Brian Michael Handelman 

Edwin Painter Hill 

Vu Hoang 

Iris Judith Honeczy 

Taysir Muhammad Jaouni, Jr. 

Kwadwo A. Kwakye 

Melissa Saqui Mirasol 

Padmaja Nootheti 

Peter Paras, Jr. 

Mark Edward Richards 

Chhaya Sadashiv 

Kenneth Bacon Yeh 

Laura Ann Zembroski 


December J 989 Candidates 


Alkesh Pravin Brahmbhatt 
Thomas Gerard Carona 
Kathleen Patricia Connelly 
Alain Dabdoub 
Deepak Gupta 
Nigel Roger Isaacs 
Hao Anh Ly 
Christina Lynn Mahoney 
Susan Ellen Merchlinsky* 
Laurie Anne Patrick 
Renee Colby Pease 
Mark Edward Richards 
Suzanne Maria Sensabaugh 
Mary Elizabeth Snyder 
Ramona Faith Swaby 
Ngum-Zaz Tchung Teh 

College of Physical 
Education, Recreation 
and Health 

Bachelor of Science 

Health Education 

Pamela Nance Bowman 
Anna Maria Console 
Sherri A. Findley 
Elizabeth Anne Horwitz 
Maria V. Jimenez 
Paul Ross Mackell 
Karen Dalin Robinson 
Margaret Marie Wolfe 

Kinesiological Sciences 

Scott Lee Aiken 
April R Arnold 
Theresa Ann Beck 
Marc Christopher Branche 
Iona R. Brown 
James Aron Cope 
Sharon Lynn Cummings 
Katia S. Diaz Dacosta* 
Jeffrey Douglas Dickson 
Adele June Federico 
Jacquelyn Lee Ford 
Patricia Ann Gill 
Tamera Sue Gutt 
Mark Roy Hansen 
Sharon Monica Hawkes 
Judith Kimberle Heron 
Nancy Elizabeth Holmes 


Jay Scott Horowitz 
Eric Helmut Hruschka 
Shawn Anthony Jones 
Robert James Koch 
Michele Lynn Leasure 
Pamela Hilary Love 
Danielle Jean Miller 
Joan Joy Walker 

Richard Grover Nelson 
Robert Ian Nimetz 
Janine Dungan Nyce 
Nadine Susan Reist 
Dante Gacero Richardson 
Josh H. Salmanson 
Amy Katharine Schmitz 
Bernhard John Sengstock 
Paula Iolani Smith 
Lisa D. Vitale 
Kyle Lament Waters 
Robert John Watson 
Joseph E. Wega 

Physical Education 

JoAnn Marie Bugai 
Kimberly Dawn Crist 
Anthony Frank Mezzatesta 
Natalie Marie Peterson 
Teresa Susan Shelton* 


Belinda Dale Horton Bryant 
Jodi Beth Cohen 
Judith Irene Farrell 
Sandra J. Holte 
Stephen Edward Kennedy 
Margaret Ann Leffel 
Julie E. Roe 
Marlene Sara Singer 

College of 
Bachelor of Arts 

Individual Studies 

Kenneth Todd Holt 
Isabella Lyman Jackson* 
Scott Allan Webber§ 

Bachelor of General 

Lance Daniel Alexander 
Stephen M. Bache 
Catherine Marie Barron 
Lisa Jill Bernstein 
Steven Barry Burke 
Jacqueline Warrington Carr 
Linda Ann Carter 
Earl Scott Clark 
Matthew King Clark 
Robert Arnold DeMarco 
Craig Hampton Decker 
Anthony Carl Dorsey 
Christopher A. Frechette 
Marcine Alicia Friedman 
Tammy S. Green 
Caren Klarman Grim 
Eileen Marie Higgins 
Leslie Ann Ison 
Anna Maria Kerasiotes 
Mary Ann Kurz 
Kareen Graham Lackie 
Michele Victoria Le Gette 
Jodi Kim Leifer 
Marva Elizabeth Lewis 
Paige Lauren Libby 
Stanley B. Lindner 
Amy Maloney$ 
Clifford Eric Moskowitz 
Karen L. Neil 
Renee Marie Neri 
Linda Jean Norman 
Brad Frederick Pass 
Kimberly Ann Ploff 
Robin Sue Rosenfeld 
Sharon Ann Rosner 
Danny Thomas Ross 
Lawrence Charles Sander 
Courtney Jill Schecter 
Steven Andrew Spitz* 
Penney Lee Ogden Sutcliffe 
Pamela Joy Understein 
Scott Adam Weitz 

Bachelor of Science 

Thomas Frederick MattrasJ 
(Combined Arts-Medicine) 
Mary Meg Mather 
Mark Marlin Selva* 

Certificate Programs 

Applied Social Science 

Lorena Lee McCracken 
Renee Theresa Wilson 

East Asian Studies 

Milton Aquirre Johnson 

Liberal Arts in Business 
Rachell Aimee Lewis 
Colleen Ann shaffrey 
Debra Ann Shimanski 
Irene Marie Taylor 


Second Lieutenants 
U.S. Air Force Reserves 

David B. Bosko 
Marc Christopher Branche 
Louis Lamont Fletcher 
James Michael Forand 
Jennifer Dean Hale 
Michael Edward McDonald 
Anthony Kenneth Mc Graw 
Fred A. McNeil 
David Herbert Rice 


Bachelor's degree candiates who have qualified for 
scholarship honors upon graduation are designated by 
appropriate symbols adjacent to their names within the 
alphabetical listings of colleges or schools. 

To be eligible for consideration for such honors a 
candidate must meet the following general criteria: (1) 
have completed at least 2 years of work at the University 
of Maryland (60 semester hours, 30 of which were earned 
at the College Patrk Campus) and (2) have a scholastic 
average of B (grade point average of 3.000) or higher in 
University of Maryland work prior to the last semester of 
registration before award of degree. 

August and December 1989 candidates who have met 
these criteria are shown in the listings as qualifying, upon 
graduation, for the designators Summa cum Laude (if they 
ranked in the top two percent of the candidates in their 
respective colleges or schools), Magna cum Laude (if in the 
next three percent), or cum Laude if in the next five 
percent), based on the grade point averages of students in 
the preceding three graduating classes of their degree- 
granting unit. 

General Honors Program 

General Honors 

Joel Fredric Plotkin 

Departmental Honors 
With High Honors in: 


Mehrdad Mazlumzadeh 
Julia Marjorie Merry 

Criminal Justice 

Geoffrey Carroll Barnes** 


Laura Jane Bellows-Ancasi 


Alberto Adolfo Pinkas*** 


George Albert Wilkinson III** 

With Honors in: 


Dolores Ibarreta 

Computer Science 

Joanne Paula D'Souza 
James David Hobbs 


Robert Louis Blondell*** 
Alireza Ghassemian 
Melinda Dee Godwin 
James G. Mattern 


Patricia Marie Schwartz*** 


Melissa Meredith Saurman** 


Brian David Martin 


Alicia Ann Stephany 

Textiles and Consumer Economics 

Melanie Richardson Cook 


Brian Patrick Brooks** 
David Howard Plotkin** 
Naomi Leah Ruff 

** Graduated May 1989 
*** Graduated August 1989