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U N I 



M \ \ 19. 1995 



MAY 19, 1 9 9 ■; 




President's Message 


Student Speaker, 

Juanita Russell 


Order of Commencement 


Schedule of Events 


Dear Graduates- 


Campus Map 


The University of 



Honorary Doctor of 


Carl T. Rowan, 

Commencement Speaker 


Honorary Doctor of Fine 

Arts, Martin Feinstein 

Honorary Doctor of Science, 16 
Armando Samper Gnecco 

Distinguished Alumnus, 
James McGroddy 


Graduate Degrees 18 

Undergraduate Degrees 48 

Officials 73 

Student Marshals 75 
Academic and Special Awards 76 

Athletic Awards 83 

Honor Societies 85 

Scholarship Honors 91 

O M M E N C E M E N T 


to the 

Congratulations on the successful com- 
pletion of your studies! It has been a 
privilege to have you on this campus 
and I want to thank each and every one 
of you for being a part of our community during 
this important phase of your life. 

As you take formal leave of your university, my col- 
leagues and I would like you to know how proud 
you have made us by your outstanding perfor- 
mance in so many different areas. The laurels you 
have won as scholars, athletes, and young leaders 
have given new lustre to this historic institution. 
Because of your contributions. University of 
Maryland College Park has become one of the finest 
public universities in the nation. 

On our part, we have endeavored to provide you 
with an ideal environment for nurturing your spe- 
cial interests and talents, and for developing the 
broad intellectual and cultural perspectives you will 

need to compete successfully in the professional 
world. We hope, therefore, that your College Park 
education will prove to be well worth the time and 
effort you invested in it, and that your experience 
here, both inside and outside of the classroom, wUl 
serve you well in the years to come. 

We hope, too, that you will always cherish the 
friendships you made here, and that College Park 
will always evoke the happiest of memories for you. 
Please continue to believe in us and our destiny as 
the flagship campus of Maryland. As you leave the 
university community to seek wider vistas and 
fresh challenges, we hope you will not wander too 
far — at least not in spirit — from your alma mater. 

Good luck and Godspeed to each and every 
one of you! 

Sincerely yours. 

6^^ IC^f^OAA^ 

William E. Kirwan 

Juanita Russell 

student Speaker 

Someday, Juanita Russell wants to run a major cor- 
poration. She wants to make decisions, set strategic 
plans and even hold a board meeting or two. 

Upon graduation, the 28-year-old accoxmting major 
will have the opportimity to begin her climb. 
Russell will join an accountant training program at 
Electronic Data Systems (EDS) in Dallas, Texas — a 
company known best by its former auspicious deci- 
sion-maker, Ross Perot. It was a tough choice since 
Russell was offered positions with all eight compa- 
nies she interviewed with — including the Big Six 
accounting firms. 

Russell credits her success with a knack for besting 
the challenges she faces. She earned a perfect 4.0 
grade point average while working part time as a 
teaching assistant. What's more, Russell accom- 
plished her goals with the additional challenge of 
rearing two children. Unable to study lintil after the 
children's bedtime at 10 p.m., Russell spent many 
nights up until 4 o'clock in the morning completing 
her assignments. She acknowledges her husband, 
Darryl, with helping her balance the difficult mix of 
family and school. 

Throughout her time at College Park, Russell has 
been "very proactive" regarding her education. She 
developed close relationships with many professors 
and aggressively sought any wisdom they could 
pass on to her. "I wanted to reach into their heads 
and put [their knowledge] into mine," she says. 
Once when she complained of a mediocre teaching 
assistant, her professor told her if she thought she 
could do a better job, she should. The following 
semester Russell assisted with teaching 

Introduction to Management Information Systems 
and was asked to continue for another term. 

Her ambition and abilities have not gone unnoticed. 
In addition to being named student speaker, Russell 
received the Shirley Chisholm Award for outstand- 
ing African American female student on campus, 
the Beta Alpha Psi Academic Excellence Award and 
the Office of Multi-Ethnic Student Education 
Academic Excellence Award. 

Throughout it all, her driving force has been a will 
to succeed — sometimes against the odds. "I don't 
like people to tell me I can't do something," she 
says. "It just makes me try harder." 

And judging from where Russell sits today, she has 
backed up those words with action. 

The May Graduates 

Applicants for degrees 

Total Doctoral Degrees: 422 

Total Master's Degrees: 1,177 

Total Bachelor's Degrees: 3,124 

Five most popular undergraduate 
majors of degree applicants 

1. Biological Sciences 186 

2. English Language and Literature 181 

3. Accounting 180 

4. Government and Politics 165 

5. Criminology and Criminal Justice 155 

Most popular master's degrees 

1. Master of Business 113 

2. Master of Science 65 
in Civil Engineering 

3. Master of Library Science 51 

Top colleges with the most 
degree applicants 

1. Behavioral and Social Sciences 764 

2. Arts and Humanities 627 

3. Business and Management 403 

4. Life Sciences 330 

5. Engineering 305 

Order of Commencement 

May 19, 1995 Cole Student Activities Building 9:30 a.m. 


[: Dr. William E. Kirwan 

President, Universit}' of Maryland 
at College Park 

Master of Ceremonies 

Mr. Mitchell P. Hebert 
I Department of Theatre 


! Symphonic Wind Ensemble 

I Conductor, Mr. John E. Wakefield 

Musical Selection 

"Hallelujah, Amen!" 
i by G. F. Handel 

Members of the Maryland Chorus 
i: Conductor, Dr. Paul Traver 



The Reverend Elizabeth Platz 

Lutheran Ministry 

The National Anthem 

Led by Dr. Paul Traver 
and the Maryland Chorus 


Mr. Earle Palmer Brown 


Board of Regents 

Senior Class Gift Presentation 

Ms. Jen Collins 
Mr. C. Teddy Li 
Co-Chairs, Senior Council 

President's Distinguished 
Alumnus Award Presentation 

Mr. David Raderman 


University of Maryland Alumni Association 

Remarks to the Graduates 

Ms. Juanita Russell 
Graduating Senior 

Musical Selection 

"America the Beautiful" by Samuel Ward 
Arr. Carmen Gragon 
Members of the Maryland Chorus 
Conductor, Dr. Paul Traver 


Mr. Carl T. Rowan 

Conferring of Honorary Degrees 

Dr. Kirwan 

Floor Seating Arrangement for Graduates, Cole Field House 




Library & 



Arts and 


Health and 







Business and 


uate Studies 


Life Sciences 



University of Maryland Alumni 
Association Induction 

Mr. David Raderman 

Message to the Graduates 

Dr. Kirwan 

Conferring of Doctoral, 
Master's and Bachelor's Degrees 

Dr. Kirwan 

Presentation of Colleges and Schools 



The Reverend Elizabeth Platz 

Alma Mater 

Hail to thee, Maryland! 
Steadfast in loyalty; 
For thee, we stand. 
Love for the Black and Gold 
Deep in oui hearts we hold. 
Singing thy praise forever. 
Throughout the land. 


Symphonic Wind Ensemble 
Conductor, Mr. Wakefield 

Schedule of Events 

Following the Commencement, individual graduation exercises for col- 
leges and schools will be held at several campus locations. 
Ceremonies are schediiled to begin at noon, 2:30 p.m. and 5:00 p.m.* 
Guests are urged to be seated approximately one half-hour prior to 
the designated time for the ceremonies if they wish to observe the student and 
faculty procession. 

Graduates, their families and friends, are cordially invited and 
encouraged to join with university officials and members of the 
faculty at the reception to be held on the Mall. The rain location: 
Grand Ballroom of Stamp Student Union. 

Shuttle bus service will provide free transportation across 
the campus throughout the day. 

Campus-Wide Commencement 

9:30 a.m. Cole Student Activities Bldg. 

Architecture Graduation Ceremony 

Noon Architecture Auditorium 

Arts and Humanities Graduation Ceremonies 


Art History: Art /Sociology Bldg., Room 2309 

Dance, Theatre, Radio, Television, and Film, 

Public/Speech Communication: Tawes Theatre 
History, jeioish Studies, Russian Area Studies: 

Physics Bldg., Room 1410 
Philosophy: Marie Mount Hall, Room 1400 
Music: Tawes Recital Hall 
Foreign Langtmges, Classics/Linguistics: 

Tydings Hall, Room 0130 
American Studies, Women's Studies: Skinner Hall, 

Room 0200 
Art Studio, Design: Art/Sociology Bldg., 

Room 2203 
2:30 p.m. 
English/Comparative Literature: Tawes Theatre 

Behavioral and Social Sciences 
Graduation Ceremony 

Noon Cole Student Activities Bldg. 

Business and Management 
Graduation Ceremony 

2:30 p.m. Cole Student Activities Bldg. 

Computer, Mathematical and Physical Sciences 
Graduation Ceremony 

2:30 p.m. Memorial Chapel 

Education Graduation Ceremony 

Noon Reckord Armory 

Engineering Graduation Ceremony 

2:30 p.m. Reckord Armory 

General and Individual Studies Graduation 

Noon Anne Arundel Hall 

Health and Human Performance 
Graduation Ceremony 

Noon Health and Human 

Performance Bldg., Room 2240 

Journalism Graduation Ceremony 

5:00 p.m. Tawes Theatre 

Library and Information Services 
Graduation Ceremony 

Noon Zoology-Psychology 

Bldg., Room 1240 

Life Sciences Graduation Ceremony 

Noon Memorial Chapel 

Public Affairs Graduation Ceremony 

Noon Van Munching Hall, 

Tyser Auditorium 

* May 18, 1995 

Agriculture Graduation Ceremony 

7:30 p.m. Memorial Chapel 


Congratulations on this wonderful 
accomplishment! As you leave the 
University of Maryland I hope you look 
back on your experiences with a smile 
on your face. Each student at the university has 
made a valuable contribution to the campus com- 
munity and we are forever in your debt. 

I have had the pleasure of working with so many of 
you inside and outside the classroom. 1 wiU sincere- 
ly miss your energy, drive and enthusiasm in the 
years to come. I hope that as you enter the "real 
world," you will continue to hold a special place in 
your heart for the University of Maryland. I encour- 
age you to become an active alumnus and continue 
to stay a part of the campus community. 

I hope that your academic experiences here have 
been fulfilling and that you are prepared for the 
future. I hope that your spirit and pride for 
Maryland continue to grow and flourish. And, I 
hope that you are successful in all your endeavors. 
Once again, good luck and thank you! 


Kerry Shagan, 
SGA President 

Today you complete the journey which 
was undertaken several years ago, arriv- 
ing proudly at the threshold of a new life. 
When you look back, can you see how 
this journey has changed you? As you sit here 
today, what events stand out in your mind as expe- 
riences that showed you which path to travel? 

As seniors, it is easier to list the ways in which we 
are different from each other than the ways we 
bond together. We are accustomed, by now, to 
describing students in groups — commuters, resi- 
dents, members of ethnic, religious, or professional 
organizations; students in particular departments 
and colleges. These descriptions should be not a 
means of separation but something for us to admire 
about each other. We have each followed a unique 
path but have reached a conunon destination. 

From this point, you can reflect on past journeys. 
Remember what you learned along the way about 
who you are and what you are capable of achieving. 
Know that your time spent at the University of 
Maryland at College Park will help you arrive at 
your next destination. Finally, always consider our 
campus to be another home, a stop on your life's 
journey to which you can always return. 


C. Teddy Li and Jennifer L. Collins 
Senior Council Overall Co-Chairs 

Campus Map 


Paint Branch Drtve 

Represents Metered Parting 
IB Represents BuikJing 

The University of 


at College Park 


Flagship campus of Maryland's 11-institution sys- 
tem of higher learning, the University of Maryland 
at College Park is the most comprehensive institu- 
tion of higher education, research, and service in 
the state. The university offers 98 undergraduate 
majors, 87 master's programs, and 68 doctoral pro- 
grams in 13 schools and colleges. 

The university is one of only 30 public research uni- 
versities that are members of the prestigious 58- 
member Association of American Universities and 
the only public institution in the Maryland-D.C. 
area with membership in the nation's most distin- 
guished honor society, Phi Beta Kappa. It is classi- 
fied as a Research-1 university by the Carnegie 
Foundation by virtue of the range of its baccalaure- 
ate programs, the amount of federal support 
received, and the number of doctoral degrees 
awarded each year, sharing that honor with the top 
research universities in the country. 

The spring 1995 College Park campus at a glance: 

Total enrollment: 30,371 

Graduate Students: 8,034 

Full-time: 3,958 

Part-time: 4,076 

Undergraduates; 22,337 

FuU-time: 18,813 

Part-time: 3,524 

Average age: 24.7 

States represented: 50 

Countries represented: 110 

Minorities: 27% 

Among public universities in the Association of 
American Universities, College Park ranks first in 
the percentage of African American undergraduate 
students. In addition, the university has the largest 
number of African American and other minority 
faculty members among its peers. 


The University of Maryland was founded in 1807 in 
Baltimore as a faculty-owned College of Medicine. 
The medical school 
was considered one 
of the top schools in 
the country, attract- 
ing notable profes- 
sors and lecturers 
from throughout the 
world. In its begin- 
ning, tuition cost 
$140, grades were 
sent home weekly to 
parents, and students 
could obtain room 
and board for $300 

Five years later, the growing institution was 
renamed the University of Maryland. Despite the 
name, the university was not considered a state 
institution as it was still owned and operated by 
faculty. Baltimore College of Dental Surgery, the 
first dental school in America, became a part of the 
university in 1840, awarding the first Doctor of 
Dental Surgery (D.D.S.) degree in 1841. 

In 1859, the Maryland Agricultural College, which 
would evolve into the University of Maryland at 
College Park, was opened under a charter secured by 
a group of Maryland planters in 1856. In addition to 
spending one hour each day hoeing or plowing on 
the college farm, students took a broad range of 


courses in ancient and modem languages, natu- 
ral sciences, English, and mathematics. The state 
acquired the college and rebuilt it after a disas- 
trous fire on campus in 1912. 

In 1920, the state legislature joined College Park 
with the professional schools in Baltimore to 
form an expanded University of Maryland. The 
entity eventually grew to include campuses in 
Baltimore County, the Eastern Shore, and 
University College, a continuing education insti- 

The following decades saw the increasing 
growth of student population, excellence in pro- 
grams and curricula, and the burgeoning of 
College Park into a nationally recognized 
research institution. 

July 1, 1988 marked the dawn of a new era in 
higher education in the state of Maryland, as the 
five campuses of the university were merged 
with six other state universities and colleges to 
form the University of Maryland System, and 
College Park secured its flagship status with a 
mandate to become one of the pre-eminent 
research universities in the nation. 


The imique role of American research universities 
in advancing science and technology has kept the 
United States in the forefront of innovation and 
product development. Research dollars from fed- 
eral and state agencies, corporations and founda- 
tions fuel much of the basic and applied research 
activity of the University of Maryland at College 
Park's faculty and graduate students. 

The stature and success of the university in fields 
like engineering, computer science, the physical 

sciences and chemistry, agriculture, and environ- 
mental studies, attracts an increasing amount of 
research funding each year. In 1994, contract and 
grant awards totaled $138.2 million. 

The university has unique facilities, research 
centers and institutes that attract new research 
projects and funding, as well as provide 
expanded knowledge in business, science and 
technology. The College of Engineering houses 
the Glenn L. Martin Wind Tunnel — the most 
advanced aerodynamic testing facility of its 
kind on any university campus — and the 
Neutral Buoyancy Facility, which simulates 
weightlessness for space research, the only 
such facility on a university campus. Other spe- 
cialized facilities include: 

Computer Vision Laboratory 
Bioprocess-scale up Laboratory 
Laboratory for Ion Beam Research 

and Application 
Superconductivity Research Center 
Laboratory for Plasma and Fusion Studies 
Psycholinguistics Laboratory 
Computer-assisted cartographic laboratories 
Developmental Psychology Laboratory 
Center on Aging 


Programs of public service are central to the over- 
all mission of College Park. This philosophy is 
reflected in the wide array of programs and initia- 
tives that benefit the state's business, agriculture, 
and education communities. 

With more than 900 high technology firms in the 
three-county area of Montgomery, Prince 
George's and Frederick, the university has found 
abundant opportunity to extend its business and 
technology outreach programs to the region. 
Many of these programs are part of the 
Engineering Research Center, which operates the 
Technology Extension Ser\'ice, the Technology 
Advancement Program, and Maryland Industrial 
Partnerships, all programs designed to provide 
Maryland entrepreneurs and small businesses 
viith research facilities, technical assistance, 
administrative support, and access to technology 
that will advance their economic base. 

The Institute for Systems Research has formed 
partnerships with major corporations, including 
Martin Marietta, Westinghouse, BFGoodrich, 
Hughes Aircraft, and Dupont to apply advanced 
systems research to solving industry problems in 
the fields of communications, manufacturing, 
controls and robotics. 

The Center for Renaissance and Baroque 
Studies works in conjunction with Maryland's 
high schools in using theater to explore person- 
al and social issues relevant to today's society. 
Team Maryland also works with area public 
schools by having student athletes serve as 
mentors to young students. Each semester stu- 
dent athletes act as role models to as many as 
5,200 students. 


The University of Maryland 
at College Park features a 
diversity of cultural and 
recreational activities. 
Through four art galleries, 
over 200 annual musical per- 
formances, and countless 
dance and theater produc- 
tions, audiences are exposed 
to the broadest range of pro- 
grams in the arts. And inter- 
collegiate, club, or intramu- 
ral sports provide athletes of all levels an 
opportunity to take part as spectators or partic- 


The seven libraries at College Park constitute 
the largest university research library system in 
the Washington metropolitan area, providing 
vital resources to researchers, visiting scholars, 
and businesses throughout the region. The 
libraries' holdings include over 2.2 million vol- 
umes, 19,309 subscriptions to periodicals, and 
nearly 4.8 million items available in microfilm 
format. College Park libraries also offer several 
nationally and internationally recognized spe- 
cial collections such as the International Piano 
Archives at Maryland, the Nahonal Trust for 
Historical Preservation, the Katherine Anne 
Porter literary archive and the National Public 
Broadcasting Archives. 


With alunrmi clubs from Miami, Fla. to Taipei, 
Taiwan, the Alumni Association strives to keep 
and strengthen ties between the university and 
its graduates. Member events such as pre-game 
parties, bull roasts, picnics, golf tournaments. 

dinner cruises and subscription to 
College Park magazine help keep 
alumni connected to the university 
and to each other. All graduating 
seniors and successful master's and 
Ph.D. candidates receive a six-month 
free membership in the association. 


M Graduates of the university go on to 
distinguished careers in a variety of 
fields. Choosen from thousands of qualified 
alurrmi, an inaugural class was inducted into 
the University of Maryland Alumni Association 
Hall of Fame last April. Included are 21 out- 
standing individuals who have brought, and 
continue to bring, great honor to their alma 
mater. Their achievements are as varied as their 
lives, but they all have one thing in common; a 
degree from the University of Maryland at 
College Park. 

Carmen Baithrop, B.A. '71 

World-class soprano and mentor to aspiring 

Harry Clifton "Curiey" Bird, B.S. 08 

Legendary university president for 18 years 
A. James Clark, B.S. '50 

Construction magnate and benefactor 
William P. Cole Jr., B.S. 10 

Congressman and member of UM Board of 

Regents for 25 years 
IMary Stallings Coleman, B.A. '35 

First woman elected as Chief Justice, Michigan 

Supreme Court 
Geary F. Eppley, B.S. '20, M.S. '26 

Devoted career to university as dean of men and 

athletic director 
Charles F. Fefferman, B.S. '66 

Youngest winner of Field's Medal, mathematics' 

esteemed award 

Herbert A. Hauptman, Ph.D. '55 

Co-recipient of 1985 Nobel Prize in Chemistry 
Jim Henson, B.A. '60 

Creator of the beloved Muppets 
Steny H. Hoyer, B.S. '63 

Public servant to Maryland for nearly 30 years 
Carlisle Humelsine, B.A. '37 

Leader of Colonial Williamsburg Foundation 
Wilbur Munro Leaf, B.A. '27 

Creator of "Ferdinand the Bull" story 
Samuel J. LeFrak, B.S. '40 

Internationally acclaimed urban planning leader 
Parren Mitchell, MA '52 

First African American student and Maryland 

Jane Cahill Pfeiffer, B.A. '54 

First woman to head a major network; named 

chair ofNBC in 1978 
Judith A. Resnik, Ph.D. '77 

Pioneering astronaut; died tragically in 

Challenger shuttle disaster 
Chun-Shan Shen, Ph D. '61 

President of Taiwan's National Tsmg-Hua 

William Woolford Skinner, B S. 1895 

Nationally prominent agricultural research 

Adele H. Stamp, MA. '24 

Dean of women at Maryland from 1922 to 1960 

U N I V E R S 1 1 V 



Reginald Van Trump Tniitt, B S. 14 

Leading naturalist and marine biologist: 
pioneered bay research 
Millard E. Tydings, B.S. 10 

Introduced legislation to create University of 
Maryland in 1920 

The University of Maryland Alumni 
Association Hall of Fame is located in the 
Commuter Lounge of the Stamp Strident 
Union. Periodically, the Alumni Association 
wUl induct other graduates in to the Hall of 
Fame — its highest honor. 


Early commencement ceremonies at the 
Uruversity of Maryland were marked with 
great fanfare and celebration. The faculty gave 
huge banquets for the graduates the night 
before the event. The following morning, 
crowds gathered to watch the young graduates 
parade. It was a gala social occasion, attracting 
not only friends and relatives, but the fashion- 
able elite of the day. At the ceremony, prayers 
were recited, speeches were made, and hon- 
orary degrees were awarded to distinguished 
figvires from across the country. Finally, as the 
audience cheered and threw flowers, the grad- 
uates came forward to collect their Latin- 
inscribed degrees. 

Academic Costume 

The black caps and gowns worn by the stu- 
dents and faculty in the academic procession 
have been the traditional costume of scholars 
since the Middle Ages. The ordinary dress of 
the scholar, whether student or teacher, was 
similar to that of a cleric. Caps and gowns were 
probably worn to keep students warm in 
unheated buildings. Many medieval scholars 

were tonsured, like monks, and hoods served 
to cover the shaved head until the skull cap 
later took its place. 

Even after the Civil War, most students at 
American universities wore caps and gowns 
daily while in residence. These varied in design 
until they were standardized by the American 
Intercollegiate Commission in 1894. At that 
time it was decided that all robes would be 
black. Colors on the tiim of the gown were also 
standardized to indicate the scholar's academic 
A list of department colors follows: 

Agriculture: Maize 

Arts, Letters, Humanities: White 

Business Administration, 
Commercial Science: Drab 

Dentistry: Lilac 

Economics: Copper 

Education: Light Blue 

Engineering: Orange 

Fine Arts, Architecture: Brown 

Forestry: Russet 

Home Economics: Maroon 

Journalism: Crimson 

Law: Purple 

Librarv' Science: Lemon 

Medicine: Green 

Music: Pink 

Nursing: Apricot 

Oratory, Speech: Silver Gray 

Pharmacy: Olive 

Philanthropy: Rose 

Philosophy: Dark Blue 

Public Administiation, Foreign 

Service: Peacock Blue 
Public Health: Salmon 
Physical Education: Sage Green 
Science: Golden Yellow 
Social Work: Citron 
Theology and Divinity: Scarlet 
Veterinary Sciences: Gray 

The tassel may also be colored to represent an 
academic discipline or it may be black. 
Officially, the tassel is permitted "to lie where it 
will" on the mortarboard. However, numerous 
institutions have adopted the practice of having 
degree candidates wear the tassel on the right 
front side at the start of the commencement cer- 
emony and then shift them to the left side after 
degrees are awarded. 

Student Marshals 

Elected through a nomination process, student 
marshals are senior leaders who play an impor- 
tant role in the graduation ceremony. Student 
marshals assist in organizing the thousands of 
graduates, leading them smoothly through the 
commencement procession. They also supply 
extra caps and hoods, and bobby pins to keep 
head wear secure. May 1995 marshals are listed 
on page 73 of this booklet. 

Senior Gift 

The senior gift is a university tradition dating 
back 84 years. The first senior gift, the iron gate 
entrance at the Rossborough Inn, was given by 
the class of 1910. As this year's gift from the 
graduating class, seniors have elected to donate 

funds for the continued renovation of the 
North Gate entrance to the university — includ- 
ing a 6-foot bronze seal, additional plantings 
and lights. 

The purpose of the senior gift is twofold. Each 
year the senior class leaves behind a memo- 
rable legacy for nev^' students and visitors, and 
provides the university wUh a gift that 
enhances the campus atmosphere. 

Past senior gifts have included: the Testudo 
statue (Class of 1933), the lights around the 
"M" in the traffic circle on Campus Drive 
(Class of 1986), and the restoration of the 
Chapel chimes and clock face (Class of 1992). 


A degree is awarded for the successful comple- 
tion of a course of study. There are more than 
1,600 different academic degrees currently con- 
ferred by colleges and universities nationwide. 
The University of Maryland at College Park 
offers degrees in 98 undergraduate majors, 87 
master's programs, and 68 doctoral programs. 

in history on March 9, 1841, and invented the 
name of the degree. Doctor of Dental Surgery 

The second type is the research doctorate repre- 
senting prolonged periods of advanced study. 
A dissertation which usually accompanies the 
study is intended to contribute substantially to 
the body of knowledge on the subject. The most 
important of these, the Doctor of Philosophy, 
no longer has an implicaHon of philosophy for 
its holder, but represents advanced research in 
any of the major fields of knowledge. It was 
first awarded in the United States in 1861 by 
Yale University. The University of Maryland 
awarded a Ph.D. for the first time in 1920. 

The Master's Degree 

The master's degree is an academic honor 
bestowed upon students who have successfully 
completed work beyond the baccalaureate. A 
thesis and an oral examination are usually 
required. In 1920, the University of Maryland 
awarded its first Master of Arts (M.A.) and 
Master of Science (M.S.) degrees in fields other 
than agriculture. 

Honoraiy Degree 

Each year the University of Maryland at 
College Park awards honorary degrees to per- 
sons approved by a campus comnuttee, the 
provost, the president, and the university's 
Board of Regents. Through the bestowal of 
these degrees, the university seeks to recognize 
outstanding achievement in government, busi- 
ness, education, science, and the arts. In recent 
years the committee has sought to recognize 
individuals in the greater Washington- 
Baltimore area who have made significant con- 
tributions to an improved quality of life in the 
region. Honorary degrees have also been 
awarded to graduates of College Park who 
have gone on to enjoy notably successful 
careers. Past honorary degree recipients 
include Isaac Asimov (1977), Eubie Blake 
(1978), Bill Cosby (1992), Hugh Downs (1988), 
Ralph Ellison (1974), Milton Eisenhower (1958), 
Jim Henson (1978), Hubert H. Humphrey 
(1965), Lyndon Baines Johnson (1963), and 
Andrew Wyeth (1964). 

The Doctor's Degree 

The doctor's degree represents the most 
advanced earned degree conferred by 
American institutions. There are two distinct 
types: the practitioner's degree and the 
research degree. The first type represents 
advanced training for the practice of various 
professions, principally Doctor of Medicine, 
Juris Doctor, and Doctor of Pharmacy. These 
degrees do not involve the completion of origi- 
nal research by the student. The University of 
Maryland, at the professional school in 
Baltimore, awarded the first two dental degrees 

The Bachelor's Degree 

The bachelor's degree represents the comple- 
tion of a four-year course of college-level study 
and is the oldest academic degree awarded by 
American institutions of higher learning. It was 
first conferred in America in 1642 on the first 
nine graduates of Harvard College. Maryland 
Agriculture College, which later became the 
University of Maryland at College Park, award- 
ed its first Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) and Bachelor 
of Science (B.S.) in 1862. 


Carl T. Rowan 

Honoraiy Doctor of Letters 

As the title of his 1991 memoir suggests, 
Carl T. Rowan has spent a lifetime 
"breaking barriers." From growing up 
in abject poverty in a small, segregated 
town in the South to becoming, at one time, the 
highest ranking African American in the United 
States government. Rowan has consistently over- 
come overt racism and challenged injustice in 
achieving his goals. 

Today Rowan is one of the nation's most respected 
journalists, known for his syndicated columns, his 
television appearances on "Irwide Washington" and 
his radio show, "The Rowan Hour." He is the only 
journalist in American history to win a coveted 
Sigma Delta Chi medallion for excellence in his 
field in three successive years. In addition to his 
best-selling autobiography. Breaking Barriers, he has 
written six other books. But Rowan's successes have 
not come easily. 

The poverty he grew up in was one of desperation. 
His family was always short on food and the Jim 
Crow laws of McMinnville, Term., did not often 
permit African Americans to improve their living 
conditions. But Rowan was smart. He became the 
valedictorian of his high school even though he was 
barred from entering the town library because of 
his race. After graduation, he aspired to attend col- 
lege and become a Naval officer — an unheard of 
career choice for blacks in the early 1940s. 

Scrubbing porches in a tuberculosis hospital paid 
tuition at Tennessee State College in Nashville and 
Rowan went on to earn good grades and pass a 

nationally competitive exam in 1943 for admission 
into a Naval training program. At age 19 he became 
one of the first 20 African Americans to win com- 
missioned rank in the U.S. Navy. 

After World War II, Rowan prepared for a career in 
journalism at Oberlin College and the University of 
Minnesota. Again, he broke another barrier by 
becoming one of the first black reporters for a major 
daily newspaper, the Minneapolis Tribune. He went 
on to cover the civU rights movement and became 
closely acquainted with Martin Luther King Jr. and 
other civil rights leaders. Still, Rowan believed he 
could do more to improve the country's racial cli- 

With his emergence as a leading national voice. 
Rowan was tapped by President Kennedy to serve 
as deputy assistant secretary of state and to help 
integrate the State Department. Kermedy then 
picked Rowan to serve as a delegate to the United 
Nations during the Cuban Missile Crisis, and, later, 
to break new ground as ambassador to Finland. 

After the assassination of President Kennedy, 
President Johnson made Rowan director of the U.S. 
Information Agency, replacing the ailing Edward R. 
Murrow. In that post. Rowan became the first 
African American in history to sit with the U.S. 
National Security Council and the President's 
Cabinet. Another barrier had been broken. 

In 1987, Rowan foimded Project Excellence, a schol- 
arship program designed to reward African 
American high school students who dare to excel in 
learning, writing and speaking. Due to his efforts 
and the work of others, hundreds of high-achieving 
black high school seniors have received aid for col- 
lege, helping them to break barriers of their ovm. 

Martin Feinstein 

Honoraiy Doctor of Fine Arts 

At 12-years-old Martin Feinstein 
announced to his mother one Saturday 
that he was going to the opera with 50 
cents he had saved from doing his 
chores. Of that money, he spent 35 cents on the hck- 
et, 10 cents on subway fare from Brooklyn to down- 
town Manhattan and 5 cents on a candy bar at 
intermission. All it took was that afternoon perfor- 
mance, and he was hooked. 

Decades later, as general director of the Washington 
Opera, Martin Feinstein would transform what was 
once a struggling opera company into one of the 
coimtry's most respected. He did it by attracting 
some of the world's most recognizable talents, by 
taking chances and by placing excellence in perfor- 
mance above all other attributes. "I've always 
believed in quality," he says. "Quality will win you 
a public." 

nize an armual ballet series that has brought a 
steady stream of internationally renowned ballet 
compaiues to Washington, delighting audiences. In 
the realm of opera, subscribers saw the New York 
City Opera, and the United States' premier perfor- 
mances of the Bolshoi, Paris, Berlin, La Scala and 
Vienna State opera companies. It was the exclusive 
appearances of the last three that led The New York 
Times to call the Washington Opera's progressive 
director, "the cultural powerhouse on the Potomac" 
and to wonder if New York would "lose its hege- 
mony as the country's cultural capital." 

Feinstein grew up in New York — in the 
Williamsburg section of Brooklyn — and worked his 
way through City College. One of his jobs was sell- 
ing libretti at the Metropolitan Opera which 
enabled him to gain exposure to a variety of operas. 
He translated his love of opera into a master's 
degree in music from Wayne State University in 
Detroit. After serving in the military, he began 
work for the famous impresario Sol Hurok in 1946; 
he rose to vice president of Hurok Concerts before 
being invited to work for the Kennedy Center. 

And win a public he did. The company has averaged 
98 percent attendance since the 1985-86 season and 
has operated in the black at a time when other opera 
companies are struggling to attract an audience. 

When Feinstein took the helm of the Washington 
Opera in 1980, the company performed only four 
different operas during its 16-performance season. 
By 1993, the company had grown to some 65 perfor- 
mances of seven operas in two different theaters at 
the Kennedy Center. 

This June, Feinstein wiU retire to the role of consul- 
tant. As he reflects on his many accomplishments 
before his retirement, Feinstein says he is most 
proud of the legacy he has left behind for the 
District. Washington has come from a city "barren 
of culture to one that is both a cultural and political 
capital," he says. Now it will be up to his already 
well-known successor, conductor and tenor Placido 
Domingo, to continue in the Feinstein tradition. 

Artistically, Feinstein helped to attract some of the 
world's most dynamic performers to Washington, 
DC. As executive director of the Kennedy Center 
from 1972 to 1980, one of his first acts was to orga- 


U N I V E R S 1 I 

Armando Samper 

Honorary Doctor of Science 



hen it comes to the business of 
keeping his native Colombia green, 
Armando Samper Gnecco has been 
advising presidents, establishing 
policy and educating students for 50 years. Samper 
is known as the "father of resource economics" in 
Colombia, and is credited with "inventing" the field 
of agricultural economics independently in that 
country. He has twice served as the Secretary of 
Agriculture for Colombia, and has been a member 
of the board of directors of virtually every impor- 
tant private and public agricultural institution in 

When Samper arrived as an undergraduate at the 
University of Maryland at College Park in 1939, he 
was greatly surprised to find that the field of agri- 
cultural economics already existed and that the uni- 
versity had a Department of Farm Management 
Economics. Studying under Arthur B. Hamilton, 
one of the university's earliest and most prominent 
faculty members in the field, Samper excelled in his 
schoolwork and eventually exhausted all the uni- 
versity could teach him. Hamilton suggested it 
would be in his best interest to move to Cornell 
University to complete his studies which he did 
in 1943. 

Samper returned to Colombia where he accepted a 
teaching position with the University of the Andes 
in Bogota and later became chair of the economics 
department. In 1949 he took a research position 
with the prestigious Institute for Inter-American 
Cooperation in Agriculture (UCA) in San Jose, 

Costa Rica. With IICA, Samper initiated a variety of 
programs that altered the way agricultural research 
and research management were conducted, influ- 
encing farming practices throughout Latin America. 
He was also responsible for beginning one of the 
first scientific journals on agricultural economics in 
Latin America, Terrialba. As a result of his pioneer- 
ing work, he was named director general of IICA in 
1960, and he continues to be involved with the orga- 
nization's acrivities as a director emeritus since 1980. 

Samper's involvement in Colombian politics and in 
establishing the agricultural policy of his home 
country has been just as significant. He first served 
as Secretary of Agriculture from 1966 to 1967 and 
again from 1969 to 1970. When he has not been offi- 
cially appointed in that capacity, Colombian presi- 
dents have sought his counsel on agricultural matters. 

Samper was a founding member of the Center for 
Intemafional Tropical Agriculture (CIAT), and 
served as its president from 1973 to 1976. Under his 
charge, CIAT sought to advise Latin American 
farmers on ways in which to grow profitable crops 
while maintaining the fragile environment of the 

Samper, who served as president of the University 
of Bogota during the early 1970s, has always been a 
produchve scholar. His numerous books and arti- 
cles have had a profound impact on the develop- 
ment of agricultural policy in Colombia and in sur- 
rounding countries where he remains, to this day, 
an authoritative voice. 

James McGroddy 

Class of 1965 
Distinguished Alumnus 


ames McGroddy, senior vice president of 
research at IBM, will forever be knovi'n as the 
man who bridged the "white space." 

When IBM's massive size and complexity became a 
liability during the early 1980s, as small, upstart 
computer companies began out-hustling Big Blue, 
McGroddy came up with the idea of the "joint pro- 
gram," a research and development structure which 
broke down walls between divisions in the compa- 
ny and improved technology transfer from concept 
to product. The result was an IBM with a greater 
ability to bring technology to the customer faster 
and more efficiently, and a renewed future as one 
of the largest companies in the world. 

Today, McGroddy returns to his alma mater as a 
distinguished alumnus, 30 years after he left the 
university with a Ph.D. in physics. Much has hap- 
pened in those 30 years to a man who is currently 
responsible for managing the work of 2,600 techni- 
cal professionals in five laboratories around the 

But then the computer industry changed. In 
stepped McGroddy and his concept of the joint pro- 
gram. "We brought the researchers, product devel- 
opers, and in some cases, manufacturers, together 
into teams, pooling resources to fuel the process," 
he says. "The first of those programs started in 
1980.. .and has led to a significant and quantifiable 
acceleration of pace in semiconductor technology 
which has given IBM a sustained position of leader- 
ship still in place today." 

His contribution led to seven years at IBM's corpo- 
rate headquarters as an executive in manufacturing 
and development organizations. In 1989 he was 
named to his current position as head of IBM's 
research division where he applied the joint pro- 
gram practice to include the company's marketing 
and service units. 

McGroddy is a member of the U.S. National 
Academy of Engineering, a fellow of the Institute of 
Electrical and Electronic Engineers and a fellow of 
the American Physical Society. He has dedicated 
his life to making sure that not only machines work 
better for humans, but that humans work more 
effectively with one another. 

After leaving the university in 1965 as a post-doc, 
McGroddy joined IBM in its infancy and focused 
his energies on solid state devices and condensed 
matter physics. It was during a period at IBM that 
saw the development of major inventions that 
would have a lasting impact on the field of comput- 
ing. Fortran, field effect transistor technology and 
dynamic RAM all emerged during this time. 
McGroddy himself garnered 10 patents for various 
electronic devices and lasers. 

Graduate Degrees 

May 1995 


Hossein Abbasi-Nejad Economics 

issues m Economics of Education: 1. College Quality: Does Catholic School 

Matter? 2, The Impact of Local Labor Markets on College Enrollment 

Deina A. Abdel-Kader Government and Politics 

Social Justice According to Islamic Law: A Comparative Study of Islamic 

Activism in Egypt, Algeria and Turkey 

Waleed A. Abdulla Civil Engineering 

Centrifuge Modeling of Sinkhole Deoelopment in Weakly Cemented Sand 

Dan T. Abell Physics 

Allyson D. Adrian Speech Communication 

The Relationships Among Communication Satisfaction, Job Satisfaction, and 

Organization Commitment: Linear and Fuzzy Models 

Shahrokh Ahmadi Electrical Engineering 

Voltage Adaptable Mos Universal Circuit 

Tomoko F. Akada Botany 

Organization and Expression of Phenylalanine Ammonia-lyase Gaies in 

Nicotiana Tabacum 

Oluwole 0. Akindahunsi Industrial, Technological and Occupational Education 
Accountmg Education in Nigerian Universities and Polytechnics 

Jawad Y. Al-Khal Mathematics 

The Construction ofS-Unimodal Maps that Admit a J-Finite Absolutely 
Continous Invariant Measure which is Infinite on Every Interval 

Abdulmalik A. Alghamdi Mechanical Engineering 


Glenn E. Allen Physics 

Top Management Teams ivithin Multinational Corporations: Effects of Culture 

and Diversity 

Lisa M. Anilo Psychology 

Erotophobia-Erotophilia, Health Beliefs, and AIDS Prevention in Heterosexual 

College Students 

Sunil Aiya Computer Science 

Nearest Neighbor Searching and Applications 

Walid A. Atia Electrical Engineering 

Frank A. Attard Poultry Science 

Analysis of In Vitro Binding ofAflatoxins to Avian Blood Proteins 

Susan T. Azrin Psychology 

Stephen A. Baba Economics 
Essays on Politics and Inefficiency 

Ashish Bagai Aerospace Engineering 

Contributions to the Mathematical Modeling of Rotor Flow-Fields Using a 

Psuedo-Implicit Free-Wake Analysis 

Kay M. Baker Curriculum and Instruction 

Gathering Supporting Evidence for a Hierarchy of Multiplication Word Problems 

from the Solution Strategies of Second and Third Graders 

Jonathan D. Ballou Zoology 

Inbreeding and Outbreeding Depression in Captive Populations 

Cathy W. Barks English Language and Literature 

American Autobiography and the Modems: Vie Workshop of Being 

John T. Bamett Applied Mathematics 

Zero-Crossings ofNon-Graussian Processes with Applications to Estimation and 


Mary J. Bamett English Language and Literature 

Erasmus and the Power of Linguistic Praxis in Sixteenth-Century England 

F () I< C. R A D U A T [L 

Joseph N. Beatus Human Development 

Body Image, SelfConcqyt, and Factors of Adjustment to Disability in Spinal 

Cord-Injured Persons 

Catherine M. Benedetto Curriculum and Instruction 

Children's Understanding of Fractions on Discrete Sets 

Fassil B. Beshah Civil Engineering 

Performance ofFRP Reinforced Concrete Beams and Slabs 

Phillis D. Betzer Human Development 

The Relation between Adolescent Perceptions of Attachment to Mother, 
Attachment to Father and Attachment to Closest Same-Gender Friend 

Elena Black Mathematics 
Arithmetic Lifting of Galois Extensions 

Charles H. Blair History 

The Fateful "]uly Days" of 1948: The Role of the Reunification Question in the 

Deliberation over tlie Creation of'Weststaat" From Provisorium to Weststaat 

Syeda S. Bokhari Education Policy, Planning and Administration 

Jonathan W. Bolton English Language and Literature 

Personal Landscape: British Poets in Egypt during the Second World War 

CaKin A. Bond Chemistry 

The Geochemistry of the Magothy Aquifer, Maryland, Using Chlorine-36 and 
Accelerator or Mass Spectrometry 

Kathy M. Boyer-Shick Special Education 

Douglas M. Brattebo Government and Politics 

Nancy C. Briganti Special Education 

Reintegration of Students with Learning Disabilities Using Reciprocal Teaching, 

Cooperative Learning, Peer Tutoring and Transenvironmental Programming 

Sue Briggs Education Policy, Planning and Administration 

How the Upper Half Lives: A Study of Public Upper-Level Higher Education 

Jerry G. Brown Chemical Engineering 

Michael D. Brown Kinesiology 

The Effect of Seven Days of Aerobic Exercise on Insulin Sensitivity, Plasma 

Insulin, and Ambulatory Blood Pressure in Hypertensive African-Americans 

Nathan A. Brown Physics 

Thermal Equilibrium ofCliarged Particle Beams 

Barbara A. Brunt Education Policy, Planning and Administration 

The Impact of College: How Graduates Describe the Consequences of Attendance 

Sarah E. Buikema Agricultural and Extension EducaHon 

Tlie Use of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Technology by State Urban 

Councils: Factors Influencing Deployment in the Northeastern Area 

Myra L. Burgee Counseling and Personnel Services 

An Investigation of the Use of Goal Attainment Scaling within the Instructional 

Consultation Model 

Arthur H. Burns Human Development 

Predictors of Sexual Functioning for Metliadon Maintenance Patients 

Donna D. Cameron Health Education 

Ines Canabal Psychology 

Latino Group Identity and Collective Self-Esteem 

Theresa P. Cappello Health Education 

Evaluation of the Human-Computer Interface of Empower, Dine, and Health 

Hazards Appraisal For User Satisfaction 

Ronald W. Carlton Education Policy, Planning and Administration 

Evaluating the Effectiveness of a Corporate Worksite Health Promotion Campaign 
in a Risk Rating Environment 

David A. Carr Computer Science 

The Formal Representation of User Interface biteraction Objects 


Lidia M. Carrera Botany 

Effect ofPlnnting Dates and Plant Density on the Development of Gray Leaf Spot 


Anthony L. Caviglia Electrical Engineering 

Development of Microwave Silicon MOS Soi Transistors 

Long-Bit Chai Electrical Engineering 

Performance of Playthrough Rings 

Joseph C. Chan Meteorology 

Florence F. Chanetsa Human Nutrition and Food Systems 

The Effect of the Size of tlie Abdominal Visceral Fat Mass on the Responses to 
Oral Glucose Tolerance. Plasma Lipids, and Blood Pressure in Premenopausal 
Black Women 

Chao-Hsi Chang Civil Engineering 

Growth Characteristic of Acinetobacter Species and Biological Phosphorus 

Removal in SBR Systems 

Lonkou Chang Electrical Engineering 

On Design Automation for VLSI Circuits 

Yi-Ying E. Chang Marine, Estuarine and Environmental Sciences 

Impact of Bacterial Biofilms on the Toxicity ofCu and Zn to Oyster Larvae and 

Yun-Hsi 0. Chang Reliability Engineering 

Fuzzy Linear Regression and Its Applications to Reliability Engineering 

Ru-Jen Chao Reliability Engineering 

Structural Analysis with Fuzzy and Random Variables 

David B. Chase Education Policy, Planning and Administration 

A Comparison of Sources of Support for Beginning Teachers in More and Less 
Effective Elementary Schools 

An-Tung Chen Mechanical Engineering 
Flexible Printed Circuit Design Guidelines 


Chen Chen Computer Science 

Configuration-Level Programming of Distributed Applications Using Implicit 


Chia-Mei Chen Computer Science 
Scheduling Issues in Real-Time Systems 

Dong Chen Physics 

Recurrent Neural Network and Its Application in Grammatical Inference 

Hanwen Chen Government and Politics 

Domestic Reform, Structural Change, and Foreign Policy Transformation 

Hungmo Chen Mechanical Engineering 

Naval Controller for Structures Under Strong Dynamic Loadings 

Jie Chen Mechanical Engineering 

Droelopment of the Diffusion Absorption Refrigerator 

Li-Wan Chen Measurement, Statistics and Evaluation 

Amlysis of Multitrail-Multimetliod Data: A Monte Carlo Simulation of a 
Multiplicative Model 

Mei-Chuan Chen Music 

Sheng-Tzong Cheng Computer Science 

SchcdiiUng and Allocation in Multiprocessor Systems 

Shiqiu Cheng Electrical Engineering 

Experimental Studies of a Wiggler-Focused Sheet Beam High Power Millimeter- 
Wave Free Electron Laser Amplifier 

Wen H. Cheng Physics 

Chwei-Po Chew Electrical Engineering 

BiCMOS Implementation of Counterpropagation Neural Networks with 


Kaiyuan Chin Business and Management 

Statistical Process Control of Multivariate Location and Dispersion: Revisited 

A N D 1 D 

D E c; U 

Eunjip Choi Physics 

FIR Magneto-Optics in Type U Superconductors 

Marilyn R. Christiano Government and Politics 

The Communitf/ Reinvestment Act: A Study of The Role of Community Groups 

in the Formuktion iind Implementation of a Public Policy 

Li-Ling Chuang Linguistics 

Eduardo Cifrian-Yague Animal Sciences 

Adherence of Staphylococcus Aureus to Cultured Bovine Mammary Epithelial 
Cells: Role of Capsule and Cytotoxic Effect of Hemolysins Means of Prevention 

Micliael J. Ciocci Biochemistry 

Cloning, Overexpression, and Identification of The Second Nuclephile in 
Phosphonatase in Bacillus Cereus 

Yvonne J. Class Chemistry 

Total Si/nthesis of (±)-Pseudonic Acid A 

Gina M. Coelh Marine, Estuarine and Environmental Sciences 

Christina M. Cohen Physics 

Measurements of Abundances and Cliarge States of Solar Wind Sulfur 

{Margaret A. Colgate Health Education 

A Secondary Analysis Confirming the Personal Resilience Profile Questionnaire 

and Exploring the Relationship Betzveen Resilience and Exercise 

Wendy L. Colquitt Sociology 

Gender Segregation Across Specialization Areas in Medicine: Patterns and 

Determinants of Specialty Choice Among Medical School Graduates 

William P. Conlogue English Language and Literature 

Industrializing the Garden: The Progressive Farmer in American Farm Literature. 

Ann G. Connell History 

Mary E. Corrigan History 

James A. Criswell Music 

The Horn in Mixed-Media Comp'ositions through 1991 

Timothy J. Crowley Chemical Engineering 

Kelly A. Cunningham Marine, Estuarine and Environmental Sciences 
Oxygen Toxicity and Antioxidant Protective Mechanisms in Nitrogen Fixing 

John J. Cuny Electrical Engineering 

Measurement of Fokker-Plauck Diffusion in a Gas-Disclwrge Using Non-Linear 

Laser-Induced Flourescence 

David M. Dancer Mechanical Engineering 

Natural Convection m Tanks Containing One or Two Fluid Pliases 

Regina G. Davis Psychology 

Pedro L. Del Valle Marine, Estuarine and Environmental Sciences 

Antoinette T. Delaney Germanic Language and Literature 

Hang Deng Physics 

Direct Observation of the Decay 

Sandor Z. Der Electrical Engineering 

Automatic Target Recognition of Passive Infrared and Laser Radar Sensors 

Madeline G. Derbyshire Public Communication 
Living, Energetic Beings 

Jon A. DeGraff Public Communication 

Pacifica Radio Comes to Washington: The Creation and Drvelopmcnt of Radio 

Station WPFM-FM 

Anne C. DeVries Zoology 

Proximate Regulation of Pair Bonding in Prairie Voles (Microtus Ochrogaster) 


Angel Diaz-Matalobos Business and Management 

Maureen P. Edwards Health Education 

Multi-Scheloii Inventory Models for Repairable Items 

A Sun'ey of Predisposing, Reinforcing and Enabling Facotrs Influencing the 

Intention to Utilize Alternative Medicine 

Patricia A. Dingle Curriculum and Instruction 

Tlie Effects of Computer-Assisted Instruction on Low-Achieving African- 

Leonard R. Dbon Engineering Materials 

American Males and Other Low Achievers in Art 

Efrat Elron Psychology 

Thomas E. Dissinger Mechanical Engineering 

Top Management Teams within Multinational Corporations: Effects of Culture 

A Fully Integrated Desig7i-for-Manufacture System for Powder Metallurgy 

and Diversity 

Hartmut G. Dobel Entomology 

Victoria L Emerick Chemistry 

Habitat Structure and the Suppressing Role of Spiders on the Population 

Identification of Folding Intermediates in a Group 1 Precursor RMA 

Dynamics of Salt Marsh-Inhabiting Planthoppers 

Carol J. Emerson Business and Management 

Kathleen T. Doherty Psychology 

Determinants of Business-to-Business Customer Satisfaction: Logistics and 

Effects of Need for Closure and Sterotype Expectancies on Status Allocation in 

Marketing Dimensions 


Julie Epelboim Psychology 

Franklin J. Dunmore Physics 

Head, Eye and Hand Coordination during the Performance of Looking and 

Far Infrared Transmission Spectroscopy of Superconducting YBa2Cu307 and 

Tapping Sequences 

Bal-xKxBi03 Thin Films 

Keith A. Erickson Psychology 

Doris B. Durand Sociology 

Effects of Didactic and Experiential Education on Conceptions of Persons with 

Vie Role of the Army Wife as Perceived by Male Officers and their Wives: /s It a 

Serious Mental Illness 

Commitmait to the "Two-for-One" Career Pattern? 

Kutluhan Erol Computer Science 

Zoran Duric Computer Science 

Geometrical Methods in Visual Motion Analysis 

Joseph S. Esmilla Music 

Jeanne A. Dussault Curriculum and Instruction 

Jillian Y. Evans Reliability Engineering 

Implementing NCTMs Professional Standards Using Non-Routine Problem 

Effects of Thermal and Humidity Cycling on 3-D Electronic Packaging 



Bryan L Dirtton Botany 

Rosalie C. Evans Curriculum and Instruction 

Monographic Studies in the Genus Anemone L. (Ranunculaceae) Section Sylvia 

The Asiayi Indian Immigrant Experience in a Quality-Oriented American 



Diane M. Everman History 


Tlie Aqueduct at Caesarea Maritima 

Majid A. Faani-Tabrizi Mechanical Engineering 

Electrohydrodymmk (EHD) Pool Boiling Heat Transfer Enhancement of Ozone- 
Safe Refrigerants 

Zhiqiang Fan Aerospace Engineering 

Site-Directed Mutagenesis of the Hwnan Insulin Receptor 

Hosseini-Seyed J. Farajallah Agricultural and Extension Education 

Effectiveness of the Nutrient Management Practices in Reducing the Nutrient 
Use by Livestock Farmers in Maryland 

Jane N. FeiUer Business and Management 

Mearuring Firm Strategic Change in the Regulated and Deregulated Motor 

Carrier Industry — A Sixteen Year Evaluation 

Angela D. Ferguson Counseling and Persormel Services 

Impact of African American Lesbians' Race, Gender, and Sexual Orientation on 


Maria L Fernandez Health Education 

Evaluation of an Interactive Videodisc on Breast and Cervical Cancer 
Prevention and Early Detection for Latino Women 

Michael A. Hdanza Agronomy 

Development of Integrated Disease Management Strategies for Controlling 
Rhizoctonia Blight (Rhizoctonia Solani Kuhn) through Environmental 
Monitoring and Cultural Management 

Teresa M. Rannery Counseling and Personnel Services 

The Effects of Differential Financial Aid Packages on Enrollment Belmvior 

David Fleming Aerospace Engineering 

Energy Absorption of Composite Materials under Multiaxial Loads 

Cher-Min Fong Business and Management 

The Effects of Organizational Characteristics on Entry Timing: A Multi- 
Industry Study 

Larry W. Forrester Kinesiology 

A Dynamical System Perspective on the Development of Running: Lower Limb 

Coordination in the Developmental Transition from Walking to Running 

Ronald G. Forsythe Chemical Engineering 

Marie H. Fredenburg Human Development 

Tlie Relationship between Pain and Self-Concept in Adults with Idiopathic 


Eric L Funk Electrical Engineering 

Photoconductive Ultra-Wide Bandwidth Phased Array Transmitter 

John H. Fyock Jr. Psychology 

Phyllis A. Gallagher Agronomy 

Nitrate Removal from Sliallow Groundwater Influenced by Vegetation of Riparian 

Zones: Abiotic Nitrate Reduction and Nitration 

Farhan S. Gandhi Aerospace Engineering 

An Analytical Model For Nonlinear Elastomeric Lag Dampers, and Its Effect on 
Bearingless Rotor Dynamics 

Antonio Garcia-Lozada Spanish Language and Literature 

Edmundo J. Garcia-Solls Chemical Physics 
Dynamical Aspects of Heavy Ion Collisions 

Jean A. Gibbs Curriculum and Instruction 

Perceptions of Teacher Participation in Decision- Making and Influences of 

Participation: Decision-Making on Aspects of the School Culture 

Lisa K. Gilbert Health Education 

Sexually Transmitted Disease Prevention: Stages and Processes of Change among 

Female College Students 

Maiy M. Goetbng Curriculum and Instruction 

The College Student's Understanding of Mathematical Proof 

□iazer B. Gotfeiz Reliability Engineering 

An Approach to Modeling Organizational Factors for Safety and Performance 

Assessment of Nuclear Power Plant 

Jose 0. Gonzalez Mathematics 



David J. Goiuol Curriculum and Instruction 

Zhuyan Guo Chemical Physics 

Otto Rudolph Ortmann's Jlieories of Musical Experience and Their Implications 

for Music Education 

Michael K. Gusmano Government and Politics 

Sivakumar Gopalnarayanan Mechanical Engineering 

John L. Guyton Government and Politics 

Preferettttal Energy Transport in a Complex Symmetrical Thermosyphon 

Sawas A. Hadjipanteli Electrical Engineering 

Carrie P. Grady Spanish Language and Literature 

A Novel, Multiple-Peak Silicon-Based Device: Design, VLSI Implementations, 

and Applications 

Bettye J. Graham-Patterson Industrial, Technological and Occupational 


Roberta M. Haines Education Policy, Planning and Administration 

Factors Influencing the Variance of Maryland Public School Library Media 

Wayne D. Graham Kinesiology 


Skeletal Muscle IGF-I and IGF-I Receptor MRNA Responses to Chronic Resistive 

Training in Post-Menopausal Women 

Laura J. Hainsworth Chemistry 

Spacial and Temporal Variations in Modern Chlorine-36 Deposition 

Todd A. Gravois Counseling and Personnel Services 

Relationship between Problem Solving Teams' Communication, Team Members' 

Rose E. Halper Human Development 

Professional Roles and Team Collaboration 

The Relations of Children's Perceptions, Goals and Self-Efficacy to 

Helping Behavior 

Christine R. Gray EngUsh Language and Literature 

Willis Richardson: "So Now Vm Called the Father of Black Drama" 

Yu L. Han Psychology 

Lewis Gray Human Development 

Richard M. Hanley Philosophy 

Truth Meets Fiction 

Mary A. Greely Counseling and Personnel Services 

David S. Hardin Geography 

Susan K. Gregurick Chemistry 

"Alterations They Have Made at this Day": Environment, Agriculture and 

Theoretical Study Into: (1) Surface Scattering of Open Shell Molecules and (2) 

Landscape Change in Colotiial Tidewater Virginia 

Van Der Waals Complexes 

Mark R. Hardin Entomology 

Preston W. Grounds III Electrical Engineering 

Tritrophic Level Interactions: The Ecological Consequences of Host Plant Choice 

Accurate Analysis and Computer-Aided Design ofMicrostrip Dual-Mode 

Resonators and Filters 

Michele A. Harmon Criminal Justice and Crinunology 

Reducing Drug Use among Pregnant and Parenting Teens: A Program 

Tao Gu Physics 

Evaluation and Theoretical Exatnimtion 

Measurements of the (,pl) and (,plx) Reactions on 2H and 3.4He at 200 MeV 

Susan T. Harrington English Language and Literature 

Luis Guijarro Mathematics 

British Writers in Tropical Africa: 1936-85 

Rigidity in Open Manifolds with Non-Negative Curvature 


A N D I D A 

R A D U 

David T. Harris Education Policy, Planning and Administration 

Brian P. Hoey Journalism 

Educators' Attitudes towards tite Appropriateness of Total Quality Mamgertient 

The Influence of Elite Newspaper Coverage on U.S. Foreign Policy: The Case of 

to Education 

Somalia, 1992-1994 

Jafrul A. Hasan Microbiology 

Lucy A. Hogan Speech Communication 

Deivlopment of Rapid Methods for Detection of Vibrio Cholerae 01 

The Overthrow of the Monopoly of the Pulpit: A Longitudinal Case Study of the 

Cultural Conversation Advocating the Preaching and Ordination of Women in 

D. P. Haspel Jr. English Language and Literature 

American Methodism, 1859-1924 

George Washington Cable's Civil War 

Lisa D. Holden-Pitt Measurement, Statistics and Evaluation 

Daniel L. Hatten Physics 

Listeners' Ratings of Response Confidence and Speech Quality in the 

Measurement of Consonant Perception 

Scott T. Hayes Physics 

Communicating with Cliaos 

Barbara A. Holland Education Policy, Planning and Administration 

Service as Scholarship: Case Studies of the Academic Characteristics of Three 

James E. Haynes Philosophy 

Urban Universities 

Cliuan He Engineering Materials 

Michelle Y. Holliday Psychology 

Microstructural Effect on Wear of Ceramics 

Cultural Fluency as Mediator of Campus Climate Effects on Academic 

Achievement among African American Undergraduates at a Predominantly 

Susan M. Hendriclts Curriculum and Instruction 

Anglo-American University 

Convergence of the Roles and Guidelines for Designing, Implementing, and 

Teaching a Multicultural Elementary Art Education Curriculum: A Delphi Study 

Tseh-Jen Hsieh Engineering Materials 

Growth, Microstructure and Superconducting Properties of High Tc 

Dane M. Hendrix Mechanical Engineering 

DyBa2Cu307-x Thin Films Prepared by Ozone-Assisted Molecular Beam 

Steady Potential Flow Due to a Ship Advancing at Constant Speed on a Calm Sea 


Thomas J. Henry Entomology 

Sheng-Fei Huang Mathematics 

Phytogeny of the Stilt Bug Genera of the World and Their Relationships within 

the Lygaeoidea 

Kari F. Huemmrich Geography 

Remote Sensing of the Fraction of Absorbed Photosynthetically Active Radiation 

J. J. Hewitt Government and Politics 

in Forests of North America 

Thomas Y. Hiter Education Policy, Planning and Admirustration 

Jeffrey D. Huffman Physics 

Teacher Participation in Managerial Decision-Making in Kentucky Elementary 

A Study of the Quasifree (p.2p) Reaction on 2H. 3He, and 4He 

School: The Role of School-Based Decision-Making 

Katherine Humber Psychology 

Ming-Tsang Ho Mechanical Engineering 

Multiple Input/Adoptive Controls of a Flexible Slewing Beam with 

Reginald K. Hutcherson Physics 

Known/Unknown Tip Payload 

Spectroscopic Investigation of a Cool, Dense Capillary Plume 

Ching-Chane Hwang Government and Politics 

Paul R. Jivoff Zoology 

Entrqjretwurial Theory of Opposition Movements in One Party-Dominant 

Mate Guarding and Individual Reproductive Success in the Blue Crab, 

Quasi-Democratic Countries: The Cases of Taiwan and Mexico 

Callinectes Sapidus 

Shyh-ln Hwang Computer Science 

Beverly A. Johnson Curriculum and Instruction 

Optimization in Scheduling Overloaded Hard Real-Time Systems 

Action Research in Restructuring Schools: Processes, Products and Perspectives 

Karen H. Hyllegard Textiles and Consumer Economics 

Valerie C. Johnson Government and Politics 

An Investigation of Ethnic Patterns of Gift Expenditure in Three Product 

Categories: Clothing, Toys and Money 

Warren E. Johnson Marine, Estuarine & Environmental Sciences 

Interaction and Photolysis of Selected Pesticides in Laboratory Solutions and 

Diane S. Illig Sociology 

Natural Surface Waters Containing Dissolved Organic Matter and Nitrate 

Instrument Development for Assessing the Dynamics of the Division of labor 

within Lesbian and Gay Households and Families 

Charles E. Jones Zoology 

Quantitative Aspects of Platelet Membrane Transfer and it Pathologic 

George loannou Mechanical Engineering 


Suci M. Isman Measurement, Statistics and Evaluation 

Katliy M. Jung Textiles and Consumer Economics 

Textiles Consumption in the Colonial Chesapeake Region, 1760-1775 

Raghavan J. Iyengar Business and Management 

The Role on Accounting Return on Investment(ROI) in Corporate Capital 

Laura G. Kafka Music 


Tlie Library of Congress Manuscript ML 96.S999(Case): The Compositional 

Process ofKarol Szymanmvski's Krol Roger 

Stephen C. Jameson Marine, Estuarine & Envirormiental Sciences 

Taxonomy of the Poritidae off Belize 

Gung-Won Kang Physics 

Black Hole Thermodynamics in Higher Curvature Gravity Theories 

Sirus Javadpour Engineering Materials 

Study of Plastic Anisotropy and fracturing Observations in Textured Al-Li 

Camilla J. Kari Speech Communication 

2090-T8E41 Alloy 

Andrew B. Keller Psychology 

Roy R. Jenkins Curriculum and Instruction 

Men with Serious Mental Illnesses and Their Gendered Experiences: The Role of 

Status, Training and Attitudes of School Orchestra Directors Who Come from a 

Masculine Beliefs 

Non-String Music Education Background 

Brenda C. Kelly Human Development 

Robert E. Jenner History 

A Qualitative Study of the Perceptions of Post-Divorce Functioning among 

FDR's Republicans: Congressioml Supporters of the President's Foreign Policy, 

African American Women 


Christine M. Kelly Curriculum and Instruction 

Yimin Ji Meteorology 

Daily Choices and Consequences as Seeti through an Environmental Lens: 

Simulations of Asian Summer Monsoon with a High Resolution Regional Model 


Examining Individuals' Environmental Responsiveness 

N I) 1 D A T E S FOR G 1< A D U 

Brian L. Kemp Aerospace Engineering 

Young-Rae Kim English Language and Literature 

Kinematic Modes and Assumed Strain in Finite Element Modeling 

A Thematic Study on Melville's The Piazza Tales 

Doiry M. Kenyon Measurement, Statistics and Evaluation 

Nancy L. Kimmeriy Human Development 

Brian P. Kettler Computer Science 

Peter E. Kinberg Government and Politics 

Case-Based Planning with a Massively Parallel Case Memory 

Maria K. Kiri( Curriculum and Instruction 

Margaret S. Key Music 

A Teaching Intervention for Reading Laboratory Experiments in Introductory 

College-Level Chemistry 

Henri G. Khariakian Poultry Science 

Madhav V. Komaragiri Animal Sciences 

Seock K. Khim Chemistry 

Factors Affecting Body Tissue Mobilization in Early Lactation Dairy Cows: Effect 

The Photochemical Cyclizations ofa-Silylamino a.b-Unsatnrated Enones and 

of Diet on Mobilization of Body Fat and Protein 


Christoplier S. Koper Criminal Justice and Criminology 

Jae-Hoon Kim Meteorology 

Gun Lethality and Homicide: Gun Types Used by Criminals and the Lethality of 

Diagnosis of the General Circulation Model Anomalies by tlie Tropical Sea 

Gun Violence in Kansas City, Mo., 1985-1993 

Surface Temperature 

Kathy P. Kretman Government and Politics 

Jae-Hwan Kim Meteorology 

The Impact of Women's Legislature Caucuses on Public Policy: A Case Study of 

Direct Measurements ofTropospheric Ozone Using TOMS Radiances and 

the Congressional Caucus for Women's Issues and the Women Legislators of 

Analysis ofTropospheric Ozone from South America to Africa 


Jongbae Kim Physics 

Ravi Kuchimanchi Physics 

Remormulization Effects in the Supersymmetric Preonic Approach to Unification 

Irmeli S. Kuehnel Germanic Language and Literature 

Jwa Y. Kim Engineering Materials 

Reinliart Fuchs: A Gendered Reading 

Structural Characterizations oflnAs Epilayers Grotvn on InP Substrates and 

LatiO.8 V0.2 03 Perovskite-Related Compounds 

Missale Kumelachew Education Policy, Planning and Admirustration 

An Analysis of the Retirement Readiness of Midlife University Employees 

Michael H. Kim Civil Engineering 

Acinetobacter Species: Classification and Cometabolism of Chlorophenols 

Li-Hsin Kuo Engineering Materials 

On the Generation of Degradation Defects, Stacking Faults, and Misfit 

Yanghee Kim Curriculum and Instruction 

Dislocations in Znse-based/GaAs Heterostructures 

Relationships with Peers and Play Beluivior of Children in Two Different Sized 

Classes: Teacher-Mediation or Peer-Mediation 

Chuhee Kwon Physics 

The Properties of Ultra-Thin Superconducting Films 0fREBa2Cu3O7-_ Based 

Young B. Kim Electrical Engineering 

Multilayers (RE=Y,Nd,Eu) 

Performance Evaluation on ATM Nonblocking Switches 

Bumsoo Kyung Physics 

Alan J. Laing Mathematics 

Xiaolin Li Sociology 

On Higher-Level Singular Moduli 

Chinese Women in the Military 

Katharine A. Larsen English Language and Literature 

Yuhmei B. Lin Biochemistry 

Thuy X. Le Chemistry 

Laraine C. Lindsay Human Development 

A Novel Approach for the Synthesis of C-glycosides Utilizing Organomanganese 

Factors of Self-Perception and Self-Worth and Their Relationship to Academic 

Pentacarbonyl Comptlexes 


Cheng-Chieh Lee Electrical Engineering 

Deborah D. Linnell Counseling and Personnel Services 

Design of Structured Quantizers Based on Coset Codes 

Anne W. Lipe Human Development 

Chyungly Lee Government and Politics 

The Use of Music Performance Tasks in the Assessment of Cognitive Functioning 

A Power Analysis of Asymmetrical Trade Negotiation: Cases in the Taiwan- U.S. 

among Older Adults with Dementia 

Agricultural Trade 

Hong-Che Liu Electrical Engineering 

Dae-Gyu Lee Physics 

So(lO) Grand Unification 

Ning Liu Mathematical Statistics 

Perturbation Theory and Decomposition of Markov Processes 

Hun Lee Business and Management 

Wealth Effects ofNeiv Product Rivalry 

Xiaodu Liu Engineering Materials 

Pliase Separation and Chain Conformation in Crosslinked Polymer Blends 

Sang Y. Lee Civil Engineering 

An Integrated Model of Land Use/Transportation System Performance: System 

Yuan Liu Computer Science 

Dynamics Approach 

Null Values in Logic Programs 

Damn Leonhardt Chemical Physics 

Zhijing Liu Mechanical Engineering 

Lozu-Pressure Ratio Refrigeration Cycle 

Nonna J. Lewis Education Policy, Planning and Administration 

An Analysis of the Relationship between School Work Culture and Selected 

Park A. Lockwood Kinesiology 

Academic Measures of School Achiroement in Urban Middle and Junior High 


Samuel E. Lofland Jr. Physics 

Interaction of AC Fields with Highly Ordered Spin Systems: Super Conductivity 

Terri L. LeMoyne Sociology 

and Ferromagnetism 

Dot's Hyperrationality Rezval Much about the Automobile Industry? An 

Empirical Investigation of a Theoretical Construct 

Toby M. Long Human Development 

Developmental Outcome at School Age of Children Born Prematurely 

Gang Li Botany 

Systenmtic and Pliylogenetic Studies on the Spiraeoideae Agardh (Rosaceae L) 

Shunting Lu Speech Communication 

Small Talk in Chinese Cultural Communication and Chinese-American 


IntercuUural Contacts 


Lewis A. Lyon Kinesiology 

Steve D. McCole Kinesiology 

A Comparative Amli/sis of Aerobic Conditioning, Resistance Training and a 

Cardiovascular Hemodynamics in Postmenopausal Women during Maximal 

Structured Stress Management Program in the Attenuation of the Adult 


Psycho-Physiological Response to Stress 

Charies A. McCormick Economics 

Deborah M. Lyons Business and Management 

Croundicater Contamination and Property Valves 

Performance Measurement in Urban Transit: A Comparative Analysis of Single 

and Partial Measures of Transit Performance 

Margaret M. McGowen Chemistry 

Karin A. Mack Sociology 

Mildred S. McKinney Human Development 

Life Course and Proximal Determinants of First Retirement of Women 

TIte Impact of Educational Enrichment Programs on Students' Sense of Academic 

FutUity from Elementary through High School 

Jian Mao Physics 

Study of the Electrodynamics ofCuprate Superconductor by a Novel Surface 

Martha E. Meadows Education Policy, Planning and Administration 

Impedance Measurement Technique 

A Prelinnnary Program Review of the Four-Period Day as Implemented in Four 

High Schools 

Jianping Mao Meteorology 

The Effects of Large Volcanic Eruption of Climate: Signal Detection in Surface 

Anshu Mehra Mechanical Engineering 

Temperature Observations 

A Design Methodology for Hierarchical Production Management Systems 

Sining Mao Physics 

Jens M. Melenk Applied Mathematics 

Fabrication and Properties ofNdCeCuO Oxide Superconducting Thin Films 

On Generalized Finite Element Methods 

and Heterostructures 

James R. Milan! Jr. Counseling and Personnel Services 

Lori N. Marits Health Education 

Health Beliefs and Health-Promoting Behaviors of Older Adults from the Former 

Susanne M. Miller Electrical Engineering 

Soviet Union 

Theoretical Modeling of Relativistic Bactavard Wave Oscillators 

Tracey A. Marks Curriculum and Instruction 

Maria E. Moll-Sureda Spanish Language and Literature 

Gender Differences in Elementaiy School Students' Oral Discourse during 

Transformaciones Sujetas a Reccidn en la Relacion Autobiogrdfica de Ursula 

Literature Discussion Groups 

Suarez, Texto Chileno Del S. XVII 

Mark C. Marvin Marine, Estuarine, & Environmental Sciences 

Kenneth A. Moore Marine, Estuarine & Environmental Sciences 

Temporal and Spatial Controls on Benthic Anaerobic Metabolism along the 

Chesapeake Bay Main-Axis 

Theresa Mulhem Geography 

Spectral Reflectance of Subarctic Vegetation: Significance For Mapping Lichen 

Paul J. Mazerolle Criminal Justice and Crinunology 

Land Cover in the Boreal Forest-Tundra Ecotone 

Toward a Theoretical and Empirical Understanding of Late Onset to Delinquent 


Ahsun H. Murad Electrical Engineering 

Bonita D. McClenny Human Development 

Keiko Muromatsu Linguistics 


Nathan T. Musick Economics 

Philip F. Oconnor Business and Management 

The Resolution of Financial Distress and the Firm's Claims Structure 

Stephen V. Myslinski English Language and Literature 

Richard Hughes: Novelist and Man of Letters 

Chukwuemeke A. Ohanwusi Industrial, Technological and Occupational 


Sara K. Naess Horticulture 

Ploidy Reduction in Black Berry 

Mark M. Opeka Engineering Materials 

Vijayshankar M. Narayanarao Engineering Materials 

Woei-Wu Pai Physics 

Fundamental Studies on High-Temperature Deformation Behavior of Alpha, 

Alplia-Beta and Beta Titanium Alloys 

Debabrata Pal Mecharvical Engineering 

Monica M. Neagoy Curriculvun and Instruction 

Michael S. Pambianchi Physics 

High Scliool Math Ed Teachers Pedagogical Content Knowledge of Recursion, 

Induction and Iteration 

San-Yih Pan Mechanical Engineering 

A New Neural Network Methodology to Solve Inverse Kinematics Problem 

Garret L. Nelson Psychology 

Wlmt IS a Job? A Role-Theory Perspective 

Chun J. Park Recreation 

Empirical Evidence of the Buffering Role of Leisure-Generated Self-Determination 

Linh P. Nguyen Physics 

Dispositions and Social Support against Life Stress 

_-p _ _)!_ Cross Sections in the Region of the J1232) Resonance 

Chun-Gil Park Mathematics 

Thuong X. Nguyen Aerospace Engineering 

The Bundle Structure of Non-Commutative Tori 

A Computational Study of Hypersonic Low-Density Flaws Using DSMC-MLG 

on Parallel Computers 

Young J. Park Economics 

James A. Nickerson Mathematics 

Jerald L Payne Industrial, Technological and Occupational Education 

Vie Homology of Non-Commutative Polynomial Algebras over Discrete 

An Examirmtion of Organizational, Training and Control Methods of 

Valuation Rings 

Sociotechnical Systetns Design Teams and Work Environment with Implications 

for Industrial Technology Programs 

Danuta N»ecki LBSC 

An Assessment of the Applicability ofSERVQUAL Dimensions as Customer- 

Pamela R. Pehrsson Human Nutrition and Food Systenr\s 

based Criteria for Evaluating Quality of Services in an Academic Library 

The Effect of WIC Participation on Iron Status and Weight Clianges in 

Nonlactating Postpartum Participants and Nonparticipants 

Katherine A. Noonan Psychology 

Intergration in the Culturally Differentiated Organization 

Peitao Peng Meteorology 

Dynamics of Enso-Related Climate Anomalies in a General Circulation Model 

Judith M. O'Neil Marine, Estuarine & Environmental Sciences 

Trophoynamic Interaction between the Bloom-Forming Cyanobacteria 

Dorrell Philip Human Development 

Trichodesmium and Pelagic Hadpacticoid Capepods 


Political Socialization of Adolescents in Trinidad 


1 9 9 T 

Bobbette P. Pippenger Economics 

The hitersection of Organizational Form, Regulation and Agency Theory: 

A Study of Executive Compensation in the Banking Industry 

Gaiy Popoli Human Development 

The Relationship between Social Skills and Academic Achievement in Former 
Head Start Children 

Richard L. Potter Computer Science 

Rostam Pouroushasb Civil Engineering 

Susan M. Powers Linguistics 

Phrase Markers, Pronouns, and Subjects in the Acquisition of English 

Keith G. Price Business and Management 

The Participation ofHedgers and Speculators in Futures Markets 

Suzanne E. Prickett Chemical Engineering 

Object-Oriented Generation of Complex Reaction Systems for Chemical Processes 

Tracey R. Pulliam Chemical Engineering 

Optimal Expressison and Separation of Recombinant HIV-Fusion Peptides 

Toby S. Rabbin Speech Commuiucation 

Stephen K. Radis Human Development 

Classroom Factors Influencing the Accuracy of Kindergarten Age Children's 
Perceptions of Their Cognitive Competence 

Kamala Rajamani Economics 

International Trade in Hazardous Wastes: An Empirical Analysis 

Jyotsna S. Ramachandran Chemical Physics 

Microwave Absorption in Granular Materials — Superconductors and 


Ravi Ramanathan Engineering Materials 

Determination of Fiber Orientation in Nonwovens Using Image Armlysis 

Delia M. Ramirez Chemical Engineering 

Patricia L. Randolph Hearing and Speech Sciences 

Effects of Noise Bandwidth, Frequency Resolution, Temporal Resolution and 

Speech Enhancement Techniques on Speech Perception in the Elderly 

Robert C. Ranzenbach Aerospace Engineering 
Adaptive Gridding Using the Analytic Source Technique 

Donna V. Redman Psychology 

Subjective Well-Being in Black American Elderly 

Marshall J. Reed Geology 

Distribution of Rare Earth Elements betzveen Aqueous Vapor and Granitic Melt 

Cory A. Reich Human Development 

Adolescent Family Concept and Esteem in Relation to Family Cohesion, 

Adaptability, Social Support, and Parental Marital Adjustment 

Charles B. Reilly Education Policy, Planning, and Administration 

The Deaf Way of Education: Interaction Among Children in a Thai Boarding 


John Reilly Electrical Engineering 

Development and Analysis of a Nonlinear Dynamic Inverse Control Strategy 

Michael S. Rhee Aerospace Engineering 

Numerical Simulation of Ion Thruster and Stationary Plasma Thruster Beam 

Exhaust Potential Field 

Beth S. Richie Psychology 

Healthy, Effective, Resilient Women in the Work Place 

Prabaddh R. Riddhagni Nuclear Engineering 

Numerical and Experimental Determination of Energy Deposited by Fast 

Electrons in Plastic Tubes and Wire Insulations 

Judith M. Riggin American Studies 
The Sexes, the Sixties, and Doris Day 

Kapseong Ro Aerospace Engineering 

Dynamic Analysis and Robust Control of Integrated Active Control Transport Jet 


Boyd B. Roberts Mathematics 
Q-Curves over Qiimiratic Fields 

Dougtas D. Robertson Economics 

Jennifer L. Robinson Curriculum and Instruction 

Language Learning in Context: An Interpretive-Ethnographic Study of an 

Academic Semester Abroad in Russia 

Thomas R. Rogers Civil Engineering 

A Conceptual Communicntion-System Model Applied to Construction 

German A. Romo Animal Sciences 

Energy Utilization and Endocrine Responses to Diet Supplementation With 

Isomeric Fatty Acids in Lactating Holstein Cows 

Robyn A. Russow Human Development 

The Effects of Graphing Calculator Experinices on Conceptual Understanding of 


Natasha Saje English Language and Literature 

(Artful Arttessness): Reading Vie Coquette in the American Novel, 1 797-1913 

William R. Saltzman Psychology 

The Effects of Adolescent Exposure to Community Violence 

Rebecca B. Sammons Curriculum and Instruction 

Parents' Interpretation of Reading Assessment Information about Second Grade 

Students Identified as Poor Readers 

Felbc C. Santos Applied Mathematics 

Numerical Analysis of Finite Element Solutions of Strongly Nonlinear 

Parametrized PDE's 

Girish P. Saraph Electrical Engineering 

Theory of Mode Interaction at the Cyclotron Harmonics in a Gyrotron Oscillator 

Naveen Sarna Economics 

Macroeconomic Policy Determinants of Growth: A Cross-Country , Time-Series 

Analysis for Developing Countries 


Eugene D. Sattler Zoology 

Radford L. Schantz Economics 
A Dynamic Regional Model 

Courtney A. Schlosser Meteorology 

Land-Surface Hydrology: Validation and Intercomparison of Model Simulations 
Using Midlatitude Russian Data 

Damon E. Schweitzer Geography 

Roger J. Segalla Counseling and Personnel Services 
Shame-Proneness: Its Relationship to Gender-Role Conflict and Male 
Expectations of, and Attitudes toward Professional Psychological Help 

Christos Seretis Chemical Engineering 

Nereida Serrano Human Development 

The Relationship between Acculturation and Parenting Styles: A Study of Latino 
Women of Central American Heritage in the U.S. 

IManju K. Shah Economics 

Exanuning the Efficiency of the Corporate Market: Evidence from 

Acquired Targets 

Mohammad S. Shaikh Mechanical Engineering 
Integrated Featured-Based Solid Modifier for Milling 

Fong-Chih Shao Electrical Engineering 
Efficient Nonblocking Switching Network 

Amelia K. Sharar Food Science 

The Effect of Heat Treatment at Different Levels ofNaCl and pH on Listeria 

Monocytogenes Cells and Its Components 

Douglas M. Sherry American Studies 

Anti-War Vietnam Veterans and American Mass Media: The Politics of 

Accommodation and Dissent 

Zhengfu Shi Sociology 

Dynamics of Institutional Change: China in Comparative Perspective 

N D 1 D A T E S F () R C. K A 1) U A T E D E C. K E E S , MAY 1 9 9 

JaeSung Shin Textiles and Consumer Economics 

Wei Sliu Economics 

Essays on Market Imperfections and Corporate Investment 

Tariq IM. Sliukri Nuclear Engineering 

Methodology and Tools for Performing a Full-Scale Dynamic PRA of 
Nuclear Plants 

IHicliael S. Shull Public Commurucation 

Tinted Shades of Red: Cinematic Treatments of Radicalism in American Film, 

S. Sidliarth Mechanical Engineering 

Al>tar Singh Mechanical Engineering 

EHD-Enhancement ofln-Tube Boiling and Condensation of Alternate 


Hanneet Singh Mechanical Engineering 

Prediction of the Fatigue Life of a Laminated Composite Using Optical 

Fiber Sensors 

Sarah E. Sinopoli English Language and Literature 

Ron Sivan Computer Science 
Surface Modeling Using Quadtrees 

Edward IM. Smith-Rowland Physics 

Electromagnetic Production of the Neutral Pion: Probing Finite Density Effects in 
the Vector Meson Propagator 

H. L. Smith Sociology 

Union Mobilization and the State: An Examination of the Political Impact of 

Social Insurance Legislation on Union Growth in Britain and France, 1885-1975 

Steven G. Smith Marine, Estuarine and Environmental Sciences 

A Length-Cohort Approach to Crustacean Stock-Assessment Incorporating 
Discontinuous Growth 

IMichael I. Smoliar Geology 

Robyn Snyder Bauer Kinesiology 

The Effect of Exercise-Induced Hypoglycemia on Selective Measures of Central 
Nervous System Functioning m Elite Cyclists 

Paul T. So Physics 

Observing and Controlling Cliaotic Systems and Wave Chaos Statistics 

Debra L. Stanley Criminal Justice and Criminology 

A Comparison of Multiple-Level Risk Factors Between Child Homicide and Child 

Abuse and Neglect 

Howard M. Stanton-Rich Recreation 

The Interrelationships of Leisure Attitude, Satisfaction, Behavior, Intrinsic 
Motivation and Burnout among Clergy 

Cherie K. Stellaccio Curriculum and Instruction 

Theory to Practice: An Ethnographic Analysis of Multicultural Education in Turn 

Music Classrooms 

Mary E. Stewart English Language and Literature 
William Alexander Percy: His Poetic Heritage and Legacy 

Thomas J. Stone Applied Mathematics 

Jason A. Taylor Physics 

The Contribution of Continuum Reprocessing by Stellar Winds to AGN Specta 

Dorothy P. Strohecker English Language and Literature 

Patricia Tllghman Human Development 

Louann W. Stylianopoulos Art History 

Black Families' Perceptions of the School Climate in Relation to the Education and 

Choice and Function: The Ancient Audience and Mosaic Decoration in the 

Reported School Achievement of Their Children 

Churches of Macedonia Prima, 400 A.D. to 600 A.D. 

Linda J. Titlar Government and Politics 

Uma Subramanian Economics 

Shadows on the Cave Wall: The Role of Images in Soviet and Russian Foreign 

Policy in the Periphery from Brezhtiei> to Yeltsin 

Robert 0. Sullrean Jr. Sociology 

Religiosity, Social Support, and Coping Abilities as Intervening Variables in the 

Ayse S. Tokar Civil Engineering 

Relationship between Unemployment and Mental Health Outcomes: The CM 

Rainfall-Runoff Modeling in an Uncertain Environment 

Plant Closing Study 

Paul B. Tomascak Geology 

Ray-Long Sun Chemical Engineering 

Evoh'ing Population-Based Search Algorithms through Thermodynamic 

Carolyn D. Tozier Journalism 

Operation on Dynamic System Design and Integration 

Fifteen Years in the Life of Pauline Frederick: An Historical Study 

Xiaoyun Sun Business and Management 

Tung-Duong Tran-Luu Electrical Engineering 

Neural Network Models for the Wire Bonding Process 

Soledad Traverso-Rueda Spanish Language and Literature 

Donna L. Swartwout Counseling and Personnel Services 

Increasing Visibility: Clmracteristics and Developmental Issues of Lesbian 

Kwang-Homg Tsai Mechanical Engineering 

Undergraduate Women 

Partitioned Hierarchical Learning Control System for Industry Autonomous 


Samuel R. Swift Music 

Dimitrios P. Tsakiris Electrical Engineering 

Sayuri Takahira Human Development 

Motion Planning for Parallel Manipulator Systems 

A Cross-Cultural Study on Variables Influencing Gender Differences in 

Mathematics Performance 

Jean E. Tucker Journalism 

Foreign News Correspondent's Report on the United States 

Shigeru Takamuia Mathematics 

Tamelyn N. Tucker Government and Politics 

Bonnie 0. Tanner Agricultural and Extension Education 

Women Agricultural Leaders: A Study of Their Involvement and Potential for 

Mark D. Turner Economics 

Involvment in Entrepreneurial Activity 

The Effects of Part-Time Work on High School Students' Academic Achievement 

Christopher Tarpley Aerospace Engineering 

Stephen R. Tumour Aerospace Engineering 

The Optimization of Engine-Integrated Hypersonic Waveriders with Steady State 

Helicopter Flight Dynamics Simulation with Advanced Aerodynamics and 

Flight and Static Margin Constraints 


Structural Modeling 


I 9 9 

Andrew 1. Vakhutinsky Business and Management 

Sarah V. Wayland Government and Politics 

Immigrants into Citizens: Integration and Political Mobilization in France and 

Sebastian Valdes Agricultural and Resource Economics 


Non-Market Valuation of Recreational Resources: Temporal Reliability in 

Contingent Valuation Studies and an Examination of Benefit Transfers 

Qifeng Wei Electrical Engineering 

Procedures with Random Utility Models of Discrete Choice 

Modeling and Control of Dynamical Effects Due to Impact on Flexible Structures 

Ann C. Van Orden Engineering Materials 

Daniel J. Weidman Electrical Engineering 

Dcalloying of Silver-Gold in Perchloric Acid — A Mechanistic Study 

Measurements of an Intense Relativistic Electron Beam: Expansion during 

Propagation in Air and Generation of a Radius-Tailored Beam 

Dana E. VandematI Biochemistry 

Molecular Modeling of Bleomycin and DNA: Implications of Strand Selectivity 

Jean E. Welker History 

and Sequence Specificity 

The Grain Crisis of 1928 

Philippe J. Variet Music 

Joan M. Welker History 

Ceol; A Data Base System for the Study of Irish Traditional Dance Music 

Winegrowers in the Gironde, I870-I914 

Mahipal S. Virdy Mechanical Engineering 

1 V. Wheatley Curriculum and Instruction 

Mathematical Modeling of Pulse Combustion 

Science and Technology Program Students: The Effects of the "First Step to 

Success" Summer Bridge Program on Initial Academic Achievement of Incoming 

Junichiro Wada Economics 

Nineth-Grade Students 

The Japanese Election System: Three Analytical Perspectives 

Robert H. Wheelock Zoology 

Sara IVI. Wages Art History 

Identification of Keratinocyte Growth Factor-Modulated Phosphosigrmling 

Gardens in Uth-Century Dutch Paintings 


Shengjun Wang Chemistry 

Edward B. Whereat Botany 

Stereochemistry and Biosynthesis of Macrocyclic Trichothecenes: Trichothecenes 

The Ecological Significance of Evergreen Leaves or Stems to Two Temperate 

from Brazilian Plants 

Woody Vines 

Weiming Wang Reliability Engineering 

Johnette L. Whitaker Recreation 

The Use of Activity Analysis among Therapeutic Recreation Practitioners in 

Xiang J. Wang Mechanical Engineering 

Selected Settings 

Interface Effects on Wave Propagation 

Dizabeth L. White Computer Science 

Zhou Wang Physics 

Control Integration in Heterogeneous Distributed Systems 

Riometer Absorption Associated with F-Region Plasma Structures 

Janice W. WhHe Education Policy, Planning and Adnunistration 

Jeffeiy A. Watson Music 

Increasing the Flow of Black Ph.D.s: A Comparison of Black Doctoral Fellows in a 

The Contemporary Dilemma (Performance Project Option) 

Comprehensive Support Program with Black Doctoral Students without a 

Comprehensive Support Program 


Barbara J. Wiencek Curriculum and Instruction 

Linda K. Yanlde Biochemistry 

The Evolution of Social Literacy Activih/ in One Elementary Classroom 

Analysis of Substrate Binding Sites ofC. Symbiosum Pyruvate Phosphate 

Dikinase by Site-Directed Mutagenesis 

Martha W. Williams Curriculum and Instruction 

Dimensions of Leadership: The Desigti, Implementation and Evaluation of a 

Ping-Hui Yeh Electrical Engineering 

Leadership Training Program Model for African Amerian Women 

High-Power , High-Gain, Diffraction-Limited Emission from Single-Mode- 

Tapered Semiconductor Optical Amplifiers 

Reginald G. Williams Aerospace Engineering 

The Computational Investigation of Leading Edge Vortex Breakdown over a 

Wei Yi Mechanical Engineering 

Double Delta Wing Configuration 

On a Circular Inclusion with Imperfect Interface Embedded in an Infinite 

Media under Tliermomechanical Loading 

Thomas J. Williams Geology 

An Experimental Investigation ofHCIand Copper in Magma-Volatile Systetns 

Jennifer A. Yoder Government and Politics 

Elite-Butldmg and the Consolidation of Democracy in the Former German 

Amanda M. Wolf Policy Studies 

Democratic Republic 

Choosing Rules: Quotas in International Environmental Negotiations 

Shih-Tsung Yu Chemical Engineering 

Jong-Kuk Won Chemical Engineering 

Microbial Production of Dorosahexaenoic Acid (DHA) 

Modeling and Diagnosis of Equipment Partuil Failures in Process Plants 

Yongsik Yu Engineering Materials 

David G. Wonnacott Computer Science 

Adaptive Materials with Polydomain Structure 

Boping Xie Mechanical Engineering 

Sung L. Yun Economics 

A Life Cycle Theory of the Firm 

Chi-Tai Yang Chemical Engineering 

A Study of Trace Devolatilization of Polymers 

Nian-Ning Zeng Mechanical Engineering 

Thermo-elastic Constitutive Model for Rubberlike Materials 

Guang Yang Biochemistry 

Mechanism of Action of 4-Chlorobezoate-Coenzyme A Dehalogenase 

Mohammad S. Zerafati-Jahromi Mechanical Engineering 

Local and Global Mixing Analysis of Complex Flow Fields: A Continuum 

Jingli Yang Geography 

Kinematics Aftproach to the Mixing in Numerically Simulated Wavy Channel 

Remote Sensing of Savanna Vegetation Structure and Its Change over 17 Years in 


Eastern Zambia 

Xiaodong Zhang Chemistry 

Man-Miao Yan Entomology 

Meclianistic Studies ofDNA Degradation by Anti-tumor Atitibiotics with 

Biosyslematics and the Evolution of Gall Formation in Hackberry Psyllids 

Synthetical Nucleotides Probes 

Pachypsylla (Homoptera: Psylloidea) 

Yan Zhao Botany 

Tonghai Yang Mathematics 

Structure and Regulation of 4-Coumarate: COA Ligase Gene in Rice 

Theta Liftings and L-Function of Elliptic Curves 


Shaoyun Zhu Textiles and Consumer Economics 

Charles E. Ridgell III Education Policy, Planning and Administration 

A Stuiiy on the In-Situ Polymerization and Crossliiiking of Cotton Fibers 

Student Perceptions before and after Student Service Learning 

Arie S. Zmora History 

Pia Casa di Sapienza ofPistoia: A Charitable Foundation and the Promise of 


Education in a Late-Renaissance Community 

Joshua C. Bayer Music 

Off the Ground 


Cheryl A. Branham Music 

Patricia A. Buckner-Thompson Curriculum and Instruction 

Piano/Forte: Women as Professional Pianists in the Late 20th-century 

OD Interventions in Sclioot Psychologi/ Services: Survey Research to Investigate 

Parameters of Organizational Consultation 

Murray L. Decock Music 

The Piano Sonatas ofS.C. Eckhardt-Gramatte 

Pierre A. Colombel Curriculum and Instruction 

An Evaluation of a Leadership Development Program For African Americans 

Susan J. Doering Music 

Selected Chamber Works of Stephen Dankner 

Jackie W. Emberiand Education Policy, Planning and Administration 

Characteristics of Impasse and Non-Impasse School Districts 

John M. Fadial Music 

Tiventieth Century Duos For Violin and Cello 

Larry D. Coins Industrial, Technological and Occupational Education 

Jessica A. Krash Music 

Mary J. Grabis-Bunker Curriculum and Instruction 

"Creation Myth" for Orchestra 

An Etiniograpliic Study of the Cooperating Teacher-Student Teacher Relationship: 

Pou'er and Status Roles 

John J. Mortensen Music 

Thirti/-Four Piano Transcriptions of Organ Works ofj.S. Bach 

Emma B. James Education Policy, Planning and Administration 

Facilitating School Reform: A Formative Review of a School System's 

Sterling E. Scroggins Music 

Implementation of School-Based Management 

The Songs of Horatio Parker: A History, Anthology, and Recording 

IMargie H. Herman Curriculum and Instruction 

Carolyn D. Smith Musict 

An Ethnographic Description of Verbal and Nonverbal Communication of 

Three ZOth-Centim/ Russian Composers of Vocal Music: Stravinsky, Prokofiev 

Teachers and Black Male and Wliite Male Students during the Reading Bloc 

and Shostakovich 

Norma M. lUartof Education Policy, Planning and Administration 

James L. Turk Music 

What are the Effects of Experience on Teachers' Beliefs? 

"Ail-Night Vigil," Op. 59 by A. Gretchaninoff: A New Edition and Critical 


Irene S. McComiick Education Policy, Planning and Administration 

Factors Related to the Endowment Fund-Fiaising Outcomes of Man/land Public 

Beth D. Vanderborgh Music 

Community Colleges 

Tiventieth Centruy Duos For Violin & Cello 

Linda J. Musial Curriculum and Instruction 


J Deceased 


C O 1. L E G 





Counseling and Personnel 





American Studies 

Daniello Germa Balon 



Carroll Juanita Campbell 
Susan Currell 
Laura Ann Gaither 

Nancy Nicholson Branch 
Helena Elizabeth Cole 
Melanie B. Dankowicz 


■ ~'^^^^^i 


Beth Eileen GraybUl 

Arline Patricia Duffy 



Eric Conrad Olson 

John Walter Fox 



Colby Allan Child Jr. 

Jane C. Opera 

Janice Dianne Hauschild 



Robin Valerie Delany-Shabazz 

Katherine Scott-Childress 

Mary Darlene Hill 


• ^^i^^^^^l 

Lori Michelle du Trieuille- 

Barbara Lorraine Shaw 

Bruce Christopher Howard 

^^^^^P^ ' 

—- — ~— ~-— x.;^^^^^^M 

Wenonah L. Hauter 

Applied Mathematics 

Mark San-Chih Lee 



William Ming Liu 


^1 ' IWi^^^^^^^^^^^H 

Michael Thomas Lucas 

Sassan Dehghan 

Matthew Joseph Long 


Kirsti Emilia Uunila 

Emmanuel K. Erskine 

Brittany LaSandra Matthews 




Kevin Asbacher 
Moira E. Breen 

Annette Michele Evangelisti 

Tamara Lynn Gibson 

Keith Benjamin Hermiz 

Chung- Yeung Lee 

Rebecca Jean Hodder Stephens 

Eugenia LeClair Pitrof 
Robin Leslie Tepper 

Nancy Vesey 
Jacqueline Ann Wheeler 

Mark E. Burlinson 

Theodore Zeller Willard 

Criminal Justice and 

Vivian Chi 


Dina Marie Chin 

Art Histoiy 

Bonney Lee Adams 

Christine S. Cho 
Constantine J. Drakakis 

Jennifer Bradshaw Bergman 
Kathleen Crowe 

Melissa Inez Bamba 
Miriam Deborah Bernstein 

Francis Xavier Durkin II 

Catherine Lyn Whitney 

Richard A Florence 

Ramsay Pier Fairburn 

James Vincent Bourget 

Catherine A. Gallagher 

Joanne S. Joe 

Susan Fields Joseph 

Bruce Eric Kubu 

Monika Kucharska 

Wanda Jean Lauer 

Joanne Ya-Wen Kuo 


Ross Levitsky 

Moshe Benjamin Levi 
Daniel Mark McDougal 
Omayra Del C. Medina-Cortes 

James Bourget 

Susan Joseph 

Paul A. Lofgren 
Jeffrey Alan Rank II 
Marcia Elizabeth Scott 

Ronald Malcolm Moore 

Comparative Literature 

Stacy Brooke Skroban 

Serge Plishevsky 

Sheila Faye Frost 

Leslie Tilghman Steele 

Pablo Jose Quintana 

Timothy Andrew Milton 

Scott Lawrence Sussman 

Muhammadali Sami 

Julijana Milutinovic 

Lois L. LaChance Trader 

Irena Gueorguieva Savakova 
James Brian Sichelman 

Seth Clark Silberman 

Beverly Jean Ward 


Kyra TaUon 

Stefan Leon Zastawski 



Curriculum and Instruction 

Lisa Anne Dejournette 
Nadine Natalie Hinds 
Susan Kathleen Schulz 


Steven Alan Bamett 

Suzanne Maureen Diane Buckley 

Matthew Jude Cannon 

Qi Chen 

Jeffrey Phillip Cohen 

Bethany Jean Crouse 

Vesselina Kirkova Hekimova 

Xiaolan Huang 

Max Ross Denis Lyons 

Janet Gay McCubbin 

Jennifer M. Mellor 

Kiran Dev Pandey 

Stephen Bruce Reed 

Geeta Sethi 

Manisha Gupta Singh 

Avery Grace Tillett 

Qisheng Yu 

Shang-Jen Yu 

Education Policy, Planing and 

Marl Fujiwara 

Daryl Lee Jones 

Bridget Elizabeth McLeman 

English Language and Literature 

Esther B. Abzug 
Franz Karl Adler 
Elizabeth Anne Armstrong 
Carole Diane Breakstone 
Steven Brian Canaday 
Joseph Aloysius Caulfield 
Andrew Lewis Coale 
Grace Ann Coleman 
Christopher Conlon 

Heather Leigh Cooney 

Norlisha Francine Crawford 

Miranda Paine Crowl 

Lori Elise Dahm 

M, Iris Davenport 

Karen Denise Dickerson-Fortson 

Lori Dinkins 

Kathryn Elder Dobson 

Mark Timothy EUer 

Ann Marie Gogniat 

Soyini Janice Harden 

Gia Lyn Harewood 

Jennifer Marie Harrison 

Toby Carl Heman 

Melissa Sue Hill 

Mary Katherine Holland 

James Walker Jung 

Robert C. Kenamond 

Yung Min Kim 

Renata Isabelle Lana 

Elaine M. Mack 

Alan Keir Martinson 

Amy Lianne Mazziotta 

Ellen Theresa McAuliffe 

Keely Elizabeth McCarthy 

John Christopher McConnell 

Levita Diane Mondie 

Jaime Osterman 

Crystal Awanish Parikh 

Rachel Ann Portnoy 

Joseph Patrick Redington 

Margaret Ann Roddy 

Jennifer Lynne Rush 

Rebecca Lyn Scheirer 

Michael Robert Schoop 

Madhurina Shah 

Juliet Diane Sloger 

Jeffrey Michael Soares 

Juha Ann Sutliff 

Deborah Taylor 

Daniel Kurt Virgilio 

Mark R. Vogel 
Anne Tiemey Walsh 
Leslie Elizabeth Waters 
Denise Kendall Wolitz 

French Language and Literature 

R. Christopher Coski 
Lisa A. Ingegneri 
John Salvatore Marani Jr. 
Shelley Marie Michel 


Ronald Lee Allen 

Tucker Anderson Barnes 

Baron Jamal Bell 

Gail Carmichael 

Kate R. Eldred 

Christopher Lee Haga 

Christopher Richard Havlicek 

Michael Eric Howard 

Keith Zane Kaminsky 

Sara Elizabeth Loechel 

Freya Morag Margand 

Stephen Mulherin 

Holly Ljnnn Offerman 

Eric David Rizzo 

M. Jasper Rubin 

David Christopher VanWie 

Petra Wagner 

Brenda H. Yoo 

German Language and Literature 

Beth Ann Muellner 
Claudia Ingrid Saldi 
Swati D. Samak 
Heidi H. Shiver 

Government and Politics 

Chong Su Cho 
Greg Gemerer 
Diane Marie HoUem 

Janet HoU Madigan 
Clark Addison Merrill 
Thomas Patrick Moninger 
James Douglas Morgan Jr. 
Linda J. Piccirilli 
Serap Deniz Rada 
Russel Trenton Ross 
Holly Lynn Soderquist 
Karen Elizabeth Stemm 
Trevor Lewis Wysong 
Diana G. Zoelle 

Health Education 

Laurie Ellen Barshay 
Margaret McCoy Dovi 
Christiana Anglin Gresham 
Lisa Helene Helfman 
Kayoko Iwasaki 
Jermif er Kovacs Jessell 
Christine Rozanski Kienas 
Holly P. Van Goor 

Hearing and Speech Sciences 

Kimberly F. Blair 
Katherine Bozman 
Patricia Fenwick Carruth 
Ellen Christine Fye 
Gail Sara Solgaruk Kastner 
Elizabeth Robinson Kindig 
Heather Denise Langford 
Kim Michelle Reese 
Elizabeth Hope Romano 
Dorothy Eileen Shiffler 
Rebecca Diane Tew 
Nicole Kristina Tracewski 
Elizabeth Leonhne Vosseller 


Brian Christopher Bass 
David Cameron Brandt 
Susan Lee Bryant 


Paul James Burton 
Michael Walter Dravis 
William Thomas Frisch 
Christopher Bernard Havem Sr. 
Kylan Alexander Huffman 
John Daniel Kinney 
Rae Ann Klosterman 
Amy Blachowicz Rossmark 
Edwin Thomas Schock 
Kimberley Anne Theobald 

History/Library and Information 
Services, Combined 

Holland Holcomb Goss 
Linda D. Weaver 

Human Development Education 

Eric Sindre Anschutz 

Joyce Liddell Boyd 

Shannon M. Clancy 

Barbara Anne Duca 

Karen Lynne Duffy 

Tamaira Coleen Feehan 

Ten Ginther 

David Christopher Miller 

Wilfridah Mmbone Mucherah 

Janice Camelia Paige-Stallworth 

Linda Ann Walters 

Jennifer Gayle Watson 


Susan Adelman 
Deborah J. Ali 
b j Altschul 

Daniel Herschel Barkin 
Robert Joseph Borella 
Nancy Micada Bracamonte 
liana Suzanne Brilliant 
Peter Norman Brush Jr. 
Jermifer Arm Castelli 
Adrian V. Charley 
Trisha A. Collopy 


Shena L. Crittendon 
Mary Catherine Dewitt 
Stacey Erin Gilmartin 
Peter Jones Gunas HI 
Kelly Renee Harvey 
Frederic Allison Henney Jr. 
Gordon James Hume 
Christopher Drew Kirkpatrick 
Alan M. Kline 
Daniel Jay Kraut 
Min-ni Liu 
Wesley A. Mallette 
Carol Hooper McKelvie 
Danielle Alyssa Nicholson 
Ben H. Owens 
Natalie Pompilio 
Cynthia Merrill Revelle 
Brenda Jennifer Rios 
Cheryl Ann Roberts 
Bey-Ling Sha 
Virginia Weichin Sheng 
Leah Eve Silberstein 
Martha Karyn Silver 
Roger Chris Smith 
Victoria Lynn Sneed 
Rose Stephanie Talbot 
Rochelle Lynn Tillery 
Catherine Ann Walsh 
Kristin Icken Wedemeyer 
Nicole Michelle Wise 
Lori Anne Wolfgang 


Daniel C. Blackman 
Susan Jayne Bums 
Patricia Carroll 
Christopher Lee Cucuzzella 
Krishna Marie Dhondt 
Derek Robert Donofrio 
Ann Marie Fuentes 
Christine Elizabeth Jordan 
Kelley Marie Kirkpatrick 

Anne-Marie Yvonne Koenders 
Fong-Yi Lai 
Erika Elissa Lewis 
Susan J. Loftus 

Christopher William Mathews 
Catherine Teresa McCarthy 
Joshua Lambeth Montfort 
Rovenia Louise Mutcherson 
Mark Heath Orrell 
Patricia Lois Rhea 
Margaret A. Ridgely 
Yves Riedrich 
Kellie Ann Schindel 
Steven W. Smith 
Megan Maureen Steed 
Ruth Mary Stuart 
Michael L. Travis 
Linda Carol Watts 
Melinda Renee Whetstone 


Jeffery D. Martin 
Ellen Thompson 

Mathematical Statistics 

John Cecil Bowers 
Chun-Kuo Li 
Mamadou Thiam 
Zhenshao Zhong 


Rhonda Laveme Datcher 
Paul Robert Harris 
Damon D. Levine 
Amanda J. Lubell 
Stephane Moreau 
Joseph Peter Previte 
William Konrad Vesey 

Measurement, Statistics and 

Rebecca Jean Grisham-Whitehouse 
Gary Scott Kaskowitz 
Denise Devandree Nadasen 
Jonathan Nevitt 


Thomas Henry Eigelsbach 


Alexis Jean Adams 
Catherine Melanie Bergmann 
Gregorv Brian Bodzioch 
Christopher Sean Brittan 
Christine Haddad Can- 
Marcus Wren Dickson 
Pamela Jeanne Degracia Flores 
Byron Kelly Hargrove 
Stacey Lajune Jackson 
Lisa Susan Kretz 
Eliot Bernard Levine 
Janna Pennington McCeirgo 
Ly Uyen Nguyen 
Rajinder K. Pannu 
Jennifer McCain Thomas 

Radio, Television and Film 

Aldo Ivan Bello 
Deborah L. Holt 


Thomas Edward Brownscombe 
Patricia D. Franckewitz 
Ann Glascock Ketterer 
Leslie Ann Lefer 
Timothy Scott MoUica 
Valerie Jean 01i\'er 
Christine D. Pistoia 
Carole Wellman Purves 
Kellv Ann Schultz 
Christina Marie Shriver 

N D 1 D A 1 

OR G U A 1) II A T E 

Russian Language and Literature 

Joseph Nelson Embler 
Stuart Page Lay 
Anastasia R. Mensah 
Igor A. Ponomarenko 
David R. Selover 
Yelena Volovich 


Sylvia Ann Ellison 
Amanda Loreta Foster 
Felicia Gray 

Julie Nathanson Jakopic 
Joseph Carlton Jones 
Yun-Chiao Kang 
Ralph Dieter Kuhn 
Sue J. Melone 
Katherine Mary Reid 
Ronica Nicole Rooks 
Mark David Sloan 
Jonathan I. Stacker 
Robert Lee Wagmiller 
Lawrence Edward Wood 

Spanish Language and Literature 

Jesiis Diaz-Caballero 
Monica Susan Giarmone 
Michele Ann Lowers 

Speech Communication 

Halelly BarSever 
Wendy Bodenschatz-Mack 
Mary Elizabeth Knish 
Simon James Lewthwaite 
Karen Marie Marks 
Robert Louis Perry 
Stacy Lynn Smith 
Naomi Margaret Stevens 
Pamela J. Stone 
Melissa Kraus Taylor 


Denise Maria Corte 
Timothy Graves Gillaspie 
Fen-Ying Shieh 

Urban Studies 

Erik Asher Dermes 


Deborah Sue Adler 

Robert Randolph Angell 

Kennon Anthony Artis 

Roslyn R. Ashford 

Dawm Yvette Austin 

Jacqueline Gail Band 

Robert Vance Barham 

Mark C. Bell 

Mark Douglas Bernstein 

Roger Alberto Betancourt 

Michael Robert Birgeneau 

Murat Adil Biricik 

Terry L. Boyle 

Scott E. Bradley 

Robin Sue Breese 

Robert Byron Burke 

Nancy C. Butler 

Christopher Lee Campbell 

Jeffrey Larkin Caples 

David Bradley Carioti 

Kimberly Ann Ciconte 

Thomas Connerty 

Charles Peter Philip Costas 

Jeannette Lynn Craddock-Melin 

David S. Dannenbaum 

Hazem Bachir Daouk 

Alexander Johnston Davidson 

Scott Howard Delo 

Tanya Lee Emmert 

Kevin Eugene Endlich 

Michael Edward Farrell 

Marc A. Feuerberg 
Kurt William Fisher 
Brian Harris Framson 
Christine Marie Frank 
Geoffrey Dodson Fuller 
Christopher Edward Ganley 
Stefanie Joy Ganz 
Feng Gao 

Robert Francis Gilmartin 
Martin Arthur Gottschalk 
Leah Nicole Grannison 
Donald Lamar Griffin 11 
Jeffrey Scott Grinspoon 
Todd Christopher Hartman 
Kathleen Karavitis Hedge 
Timothy Edmund Heleniak 
Karen Gail Henwood 
George Roger Houston 
Yuan-Hung Hsu 
Chih-Cheng Huang 
Robin Camille Hurley 
Bhupinder K. Khattri 
Nathaniel R. Kidder Jr. 

Kathryn Dodge Kneessi 
Crystal G. Konny 
John Frances Kotek 
Zydre Kupetyte 
Ann Marie Leef 
Elizabeth Ann Leser 
Gregg Andrew Levin 
Tracy E. Lewis 
Peiken Lien 
Robert Eugene Magin 
Paul E. Mason 
Christopher P. McPhee 
Michael G. Mullane 
John Hyde Murcott 
Rachelle Beth Nock 
Michael Madrideo Ocampo 
Karin Elizabeth Otte 
Rajani Padmanabhan 
Michael Stuart Panzeri 
Arthur Douglas Peardon Jr. 
Russell Anthony Phelps 
Karen Anne Pompanella 
Juan Colbert Ponder 

James M. Rallo 

Daniel Andres Reichmann 

Heiko Alexander Rettich 

Christopher Edmond Roesser 

Ruth Anne Rosenberg 

Jodi Deborah Rubin 

Sulejfinan Muanxmer Sagiroglu 

Bret Jay Savit 

Paul Robert Scheerer 

Scott Brandon Schluederberg 

Lawrence Paul Schrenk 

Fadi Samuel Shadid 

Shin-Hui Shih 

Dohi K. Shin 

Wendy Michelle Skidmore 

John William Sleeting 

Alan D. Smith 

Jeffrey Earl Smith 

Sean Eric Spann 

Claudia Rae Stallings 

Andrea Karen Stem 

Kristen Leigh Strahl 

Christopher Michael Strickland 

Katherine Gilbert Stromberg 

Bradley Allan Swope 

Michael Anthony Timmick 

Jeffrey Michael Tomaso 

David Melvin Trone 

Olga V. Tsaregradsky 

Fujio Tsukada 

Kimberley Ann Walker 

Haiyan Wang 

Yi-ting Wang 

James H. Whitehead m 

Thomas Patrick WUson 

Branch R. Yules 


Ya-wen Ko 

Donal Robert Parks 

Paul Scott Intlekofer 


Robin Valerie Blasberg 
Douglas Hojin Chung 
Christopher Gavin Harding 
Girija Sachidananda Harikar 
Jesper Mikael Johansson 
Thomas Joseph McKeon 
Wendy Kwang Rae Moomaw 
Joseph Bang Nguyen 
David Joseph Seybold 
Theodore K. Woods 


John Joseph Mitchell 
Theresa Fiscus Moriarty 
Robert J Paul 
Michael John Simon 


Counseling and Personnel Service 

Carol Ellen Abold 
Cassondra Ayers 
Nancy Corinne Barash 
Roy F. Blakebum 
Lara Dawn Blanton 
Dorma L. Bush 
Michael Ryan Chisholm 

Suzanne M. Coleman 
Julie Andrews Correll 
Karl Richard Detrich 
Charles S. Dittell 
Artemas Marco Dowell 
Margaret Elizabeth Franklin 
Audrey Louise French 
Joanne Ariella Gilbert 
Deborah Jill Colder 
Latitia Anne Greene 
Duane Lee Grooms 
Anita Traigle Gros 
Christine Lee Hedegaard 
Andrew Joseph Hedges 
Tonya Jackson 
Heidi Brahmer Johnson 
Karen P. Johnson 
Jennifer LjTin Kaye 
Debra Jo Kelley 
Kristine Lynn Kenney 
Dawn Ann Kerns 
Donna Ruth Lee 
Julie Norma Love 
Laura Vivion Marzougui 
Kazue Matsuoka 
Laurie Ramsay Maynard 
Ann Marie McGlauflin 
Thomas OdeU Moore 
Davi-Ann Nabors 
Nami Nakahodo 
Jermifer L. Nesbitt 
Anna Williams Roberts 
Kevin Allen Shanley 
Steven Douglas Smith 
Janina Beth Thilges 
Tara Lashawn Thompson 
Anne Elizabeth Thrush 
Kimberly Keaton Turpin 
Kimberly C. Wame 
Amy S. Wells 
Millicent Elaine West 

Donna Lynn Williams 
Amy Marie Wilms 
Karen Beth Zuckerman 

Curriculum and Instruction 

Elizabeth E. Baker 
Shu-Chen Chen 
Marlene Nordeen Cobum 
Lvom Dietrich Darling 
Theodora Joanne Fitzsimmons 
Kirsten Charles LoUis 
Julie Amy MarsteUer 
Celia Rae Martyn 
Alison Laurie Milofsky 
Mary Natasha Suhanthie Motha 
Richelle Antoinette Patterson 
Carrie D. Shaw 
Karen Frances Spezio 
Deborah Sue Symons 
Li-ching Wang 
Theresa Ann Wood 
Marie Zito 

Education Policy, Planning and 

David Powell Brown 
Nancy Lee DaPonte 
James Duvall Kenkel 
John David Lamerd Jr. 
Dianne Majzoub 
Janice Ellen Stewart 
James Matthew Walsh 

Human Development Education 

PhvUis Yeager Atzinger 
Brenda Everett Barbato 
Patricia Susan Bashar 
Alma Jean Bell 
Melissa Duncan Berrell 
Brenda Sue CampbeU 
Rosa W. Carrington 


C A N 1) 1 D A T E S F C) R (i K A D U A T 

I) E C, R 

Kimberly Ann Chell 
Rebecca Hall Gardner 
Regina Goss Grabowski 
Alice Ann Jolly-Smith 
Ronald Albert McNemar 
Janet Marie Moore 
Lucinda M. W. Pierce 
Erin Marie Raynor 
Rebecca Roberts Rommelman 
Eileen Patricia Ruby 
Gayle Patricia Sweeney 
Valerie Lyn Vargas 

Industrial-Technological and 
Occupational Education 

Stephen Arthur Brayman 
Blondell K. Taylor 

Special Education 

Joann I. Bailey 
Laurie Ann Baumbusch 
Brian Edward Coughlan 
Frances Vanessa Diggs 
Sharon Anne Dillon 
Maura Patricia Farley 
Dawn Marie Chaney Fletcher 
Margaret Effie Virkus Graham 
Barbara Ann Hendrick 
Elizabeth Brenner Mader 
Sheila Y. Maness 
Marie Virginia McCarragher 
Nadya Marie Molina 
Maria Pia Palavecino 
Hilary Ann Pelle 
Gerald Richard Piatt 
Jill Beth Portugal 
Deborah Miriam Smith 
Frances Dorothea Spiegler 
Christine Terry 
Elisabeth Ann Vadnais 

Margaret Jane Wells-Newnham 
Caroline Anne Wilkinson 
Keery Lynn Wolf 
Yeong-Chan Wu 


Khursheed A. Bilgrami 
David Victor Marks 
Scott Richard Rosenfeld 
Junaid Mukrram Syed 
Mark Curtis Wellman 
Steven E. Younis 


Creative Writing 

Vickie Lynn Baily 
Nora J. Bellows 
Rachel West Carpenter 
Adam Philip Conn 
Omari CoUey Daniel 
Neal Thomas Donnelly 
Lennard Gideon Kruger 
Ann Loring Lavigne 
Patrick G. Phillips 
Elizabeth Ann Prodey 
Robert M. Remy 
Elise Boyce Russo 
Adele L. Sterner 

Fine Arts 

Cjmthia Lauraine Baush 
John Charles Clift 
Nancy Ellen Dillon 
Hiroyuki Hamada 
Kenneth Gilbert Martin II 
Christine Denise Medley 
Samuel Richard Nolo 
Guita Vafai 


Natasa Djukic 

Deborah Elaine Serbousek 


Library and information Services 

Vernon Shelby Archer Jr. 
Sonia V. Bernardo 
Vincent Gerard Boisselle 
Christine Jane Bowers 
Alan Christopher Braddock 
Linda Ross Bradley 
Allen Eddy Brewer 
John Charles Clayton 
Barbara Ann Cleaver 
Elizabeth Maria Clough 
Annette Kaatchteya Colbert 
Margaret Elizabeth Collins 
Jacqueline Fourman Curro 
Laura Elizabeth Drake 
Laura A. Duarte-Hazan 
Maura Louise Dunn 
Mary EUzabeth EdsaU 
Wanda J. Finney 
Martha Ann Fry 
Kimberly Lynn Guenther 
Valerie Lynn Haas 
Juliet Katherine Habjan 
Betty L. Hughes 
Linda Anne Hutchinson 
Sandra Kay Johnson 
Marisa Bourgoin Keller 
Joseph R. Kraus 
Douglas Kenneth Lay 
Elizabeth A. Lindsay 
Anne Audrey Masciuch 
Dorota Teresa Munoz 
Lisa J. Nachman 

Thomas Arvid Nielsen 
SheUy Olim 
Susan Emdin Osmun 
Shaochun Chjyang 
Raphael Isaac Panitz 
Carol Ann Piatt 
Lisa A. Reninger 
Pamela McKeta Rockwell 
Christine Irene Romboletti 
Sara Elizabeth Schoo 
Alexander Schwarzmann 
Sonya Ellen Shooshan 
Jennifer Sarah Somerwitz 
Karen M. Spicher 
Heather Lynn Tapager 
Aleksandra M. Zajackowski 
Pamela Diane Zehnder 

Library and Information 
Services/Histoiy, Combined 

Holland Holcomb Goss 
Linda D. Weaver 


Peter Joshua Burroughs 
Juliarma Catherine Chitwood 
Lisa Maria Corbett 
Paul W. Douglass U 
Adalsteinn Olafur Einarsson 
Mary Eileen Logan Hastings 
Janice Renae Jackson 
Dennis D. Jones 
Linda Coleen Mayes 
Delene Laubenheim McClure 
Siobhan Maria McGuire 
Kelly Elizabeth McKay 
Sharon Patricia O'Rourke 
Casey Erricson Olney 
Juan-Paolo Perre 


U N 1 V E R S 1 I \ 

M A R ^ I. A N D 

(; O L 1. E C. 1: 


Elizabeth Dawson Pontiff 
Angela Powell 
Jeffrey Martin Roach 
Lilach Rochell 
Kristin Mary Runge 
Jozef Surowiec 
Eugene Thome 
Ronald V. Vazquez 
Lisa Marie Walhout 
Robert Francis Waters 
Wayne Wendell Wells 
David Alexander Whitla 
Qing Zhang 
Xiao-Jun Zong 


Business and Management 

Aleksei Mikhailovich Aleinikov 

Crystal Lynn Banks 

Sharon Thams Carter 

Craig Cemiello 

Bryan Bumham Clark 

Julie Ann ConsUvio 

Joseph Charles Crozier 

Peter Odell Davis 

Jacob William Dembosky 

Howard Efram Diamond 

Elizabeth Jean Friedman 

Debra Jean Gonski 

Raymond Franklin Greene HI 

Tracy Anne Hamblet 

Brendan Michael Harris 

Gina Lee Hilger 

Thomas R. Kennedy 

Jennifer Fay Kimball 

Sergei Vasilyevich Kuzmenchuk 

Amon Achilles Martin III 

Kieran Eugene McCarthy 

Jessica Kaufman Heath Moore 
Howard Allen Moyes 
Garrett Johnson Ogden 
Kristina HeUikki Peterson 
Scott Kenneth Reid 
Angela Patricia Rodriguez 
Collin M. Ross 
Steven Robert Schoeny 
Jennifer Moss Suttle 
Aaron Bernard Watkins Sr. 
Zabrina Catherine Wright 
Changhua Wu 


Charles Gilbert Burg 

Faith L. Corson 

Linda Kennedy Currier 

Charles Mitchell Curtis Jr. 

Rimma Nickolaevna Dankova 

Nalini Kumar 

Karen A. Milgate 

Diana Lee Ramsay 

Robert Eric Reichardt 

Mary Breeda ReUly 

James R. Sebastian 

Tracy Louise Stanton 

Carlos A. Torielli 

Karen Ann Toriello 

Thomas Dale Vogler 

Mairgaret Fitzgerald Vyas 

David Thatcher Wilson 


Aerospace Engineering 

Mohammed N. Alharbi 
Lazar Alon 
Andrew Mark Baker 
Oren Henry Ben-Zeev 

Andreas Paul Friedrich Bemhard 

Ying-Lin Chen 

Ajay Ashok Divekar 

Michael Joseph GUlum 

Nagarajan Hariharan 

Brian Robert Hester 

Mei-yu Hsu 

Sowmyalatha Jayaraman 

Jennifer Lynn Knack 

Scott Karol Kuczma 

Harry Kevin Magazu 

Gerard Francis Marks 

Ian KeUy Matlick 

Megan S. McCluer 

Subhobroto Nath 

Jan Michael Niemiec 

Vasudev Parameswaran 

Keith Wayne Robinson 

Joseph Hugh Ruddy 

Eric Todd Sherrock 

Ih-Cheng Shih 

Bvuiis T. Spencer 

Tzu-liang Sung 

AgricuKural Engineering 

Kevin Joseph Coyne 
Eric John Powell 
Mary Lynn Searing 
Catherine Angela Wells 

Agricuttural and Extension 

Alexander Rado Kinzhuber 
Robert James Wheeler 

AgricuKural and Resource 

Jin Qian 


Janine Baratta 
Susan Lamb Da\'is 
Mark C. Magness 
Monica Bittner MarceUi 
Ronald David Myers 
Sanju Raturi 
Ana Maria Sanchez 

Animal Sciences 

Stephanie Ann Mengel 
Cassandra Marie Moore 
Xu-Shen Zhou 


James A. Braatz III 
Robert Michael Cavallo 


Soung In Cho 
James Robert Jenssen 


Shoba Halan 
Holly Le WiUiams 

Business and Management 

Andreas N. Anastassopoulos 

Ravikumar Balasubramanian 

Steven Paul Coy 

Juan T. Del Calvo 

Bin Jiang 

Harold Weaver Johnson Jr. 

Hui-Hsin Chuang Lin 

Mattias Trolle Oster 

P. Harshavardhan Raghunath 

Solomon Tadesse 

Tsai-Ting Tang 

James Allen Wilkey 

Ji-Tsung Wu 


C: A N D I D A T E S F O 1 

i G R A D LI A 

,TE DEGREES. MAY 19 9 5 

Shoekai Yeh 
Roger Allen Young 

Chemical Engineering 

Justin Monroe Blount 
Cur Saran Das 
Alok Jain 
John Kang 
Jui-Chen Lin 
Yi-hung Lin 


Rajesh Jha 

Samar George Khoury 

Yuhui Li 

Eddie Oliver 

Isabella Theresa Smalera 

Sampath K. Tirumala 

Annette L^Tin Troy 

Civil Engineering 

Rachid Joseph Abouchacra 
Carlos Roberto Adorisio 
James Augustus Afful 
Manuel Junior Ayres 
Ravi Bhaktha\atchalam 
Pavani M. Bhanu 
David Alan Carlisle 
Ashok S. Chatra 
Chien-Yu Chen 
Min-Ching Chen 
Paul Christophilos 
Jeffrey Stuart Cooper 
Nicholas L. Desport 
Anil Kumar Dhondi 
Kevin Lewis Dill 
MinYi Du 

Philippe Jean Luc Espitallier 
Frances Steinacker FaduUon 
Kimberly Marie Fisher 
Evelyn Sandra Gebauer 

Joseph Lawrence Hartmann 
Thomas Martin Heil 
Ping-Hsiu Ho 
Samantha Anne Hopkins 
Bhaumik V. Hotha 
Lanheng Jin 
Hope Katcharian 
Anawat Kitjalaksana 
Muralidhar R. Kontham 
Delayne Robert Lange 
Jacob Chia-Chun Liu 
Yan Liu 

Aaron Ray Love 
Tristram Edward Madden 
Marc Elliot Mandel 
Robert Martinazzi 11 

Prakash Mathew 
Jeffrey Yates McCarry 
Kamran Ahsan Nagi 
Ravi Kiran Nangunoori 
Bhagavan Neelakantachar 
Marwan Peter Noursi 
Andrew Francis O'Brien 
Joseph Leo O'Neil 
Joan Carroll Peyrebrune 
Anthony Charles Pierpoint 
David Paul Preusch 
Qun Qian 

Jasenka Milan Rakas 
Carol Lynn Rogers 
Brian Michael Rustia 
Naresh Prasad Sakha 

Kasemchart Sriwalai 
Alan Wayne Staggs 
Virgil V. Stanley 
Glenn Howard Telfer 
Aklile Tesfaye 
Andrew Phillip Travaglini 
Hsin-chung Tseng 
Jeh-Chong Tseng 
Meenakshy Vasudevan 
Ernesto VUlalba 
Karen Arm Voglezon 
Daili Yang 
Dawit Zena 

Computer Science 

Vivek Arora 

Ardas Cilingiroglu 

Cynthia Lynn Davis 

James William Duff 

Kutluhan Erol 

Charles S. Falkenberg 

Evan Golub 

Jaroslaw Gryz 

Jochen Heyland 

Jack Shangji Hsu 

Shi-Hung Hsueh 

Byunghoon Kang 

Sung Youn Lee 

Silviu Cristian Marghescu 

Fan-Tao Pu 

David Earl Rager 

Jan Marie Rizzuto 

Yik Chuan Tan 

Kritchalach Thitikamol 

Reiko Tsuneto 

David Michael Zajic 

Xiaopeng Zhang 

Zhijun Zhang 

Electrical Engineering 

Scott B. Abbott 

Ramakrishna Siva Akella 

Damodar R. Anandampillai 

Stephen Bruce Balakirsky 

Jay Paul Chawla 

Chao-Hwa Chen 

Yook Khai Cheok 

Cheng- Yi Chiang 

Si Hyung Cho 

Fernando Alexandre De Almeida 

Kaustabh Duorah 

Steven Alexander Goldstein 

Karen Eileen Grant 

Sonjai Gupta 

Maad Majeed Hameed 

Chang- An Ho Ho 

Pohsiang Hsu 

Sofiene Jegham 

Ninad Krishna Jog 

George Anthony Kantor 

Tharmarajah Kugarajah 

Shang-Chien Liu 

Nazi Maleki 

Ana Leonor Martin 

Rahul Ashok Parulekar 

Patrick James Potter 

Arun Raghupathy 

Jeffrey Alan Seibert 

Weidong Shao 

Murari Srinivasan 

Dimitrios Stamatelos 

Kisha Dyneen Street 

Vitaly Talyansky 

Sean Christian Tippett 

WUliam Djaja Tjokroaminata 

Tung-Phong Tran-Luu 

Ramakrishnan Venkataraman 

Stewart Wayne Wilson 

Kam Lee Yap 

Chuanguo Zhang 


Christine Ann Casey 
William Mutch Curtis IV 

Family and Community 

Jennifer Ann Becker 
Carolyn Therese Biggs 
Kathryn Ducat Brown-Huamani 
Pao-Yun Chen 
Anne Little DeVaughn 
Jeanne Ellen Dosky 
Victoria S. ELkins 
Thelma Lorraine Harley 
Anna Catherine Kolesar 
Erica Lynn Larson 
Bethany L. Letiecq 
Judy Kay Marblestone 
Judith Virginia Moore 
Wendy Pilcher Penry 
Wendy J. Wilcox 
Mary Garrett Wilson 

Family Studies 

Ji-Young Cho 

Fire Protection Engineering 

Nelson CoUins Dunston 

Robert M. Gagnon 

Gerald Augustus Haynes 

Donald Hopkins Jr. 

Gubby Ramaswamy Umashankar 

Food Science 

Reem Kassatly Raji 


Nancy L. Katyl 
Michael Edward O'Connell 
Kent Ratajeski 
Anne-Marie Reidy 


Kimberly H. Brown 
Jayashree Cummaragunta 
Cristina Clara Gouin-Behe 
Katherine Kelly Stephenson 
Christopher Jon Worden 

Human Nutrition and 
Food Systems 

Seema Agrawal 
Allison Miner 

Marine, Estuarine and 
Environmental Sciences 

Christine Teresa Baier 
Mary Elizabeth Beetham 
Alison Lee Bryant 
Melissa Carol Ederington 
Michael Andrew Ewell 
Benjamin D. Haskell 
Mi Ae Kim 
Josie Klapper 
Nina Bums Kwartin 
Nicholas Jacob Landau 
Leyla Emine Lange 
Andrew S. Rogers 
Katherine Keith Ruffin 
Robert Brian Sturgis 
Jacqueline Urban Takacs 
Patricia M. Zerfas 

Materials Engineering 

Christopher L. Brown 
Frederick Hyowon Lee 
John Philip Roth 
Edgar Robert Seydel 
Yun Zheng 

Mechanical Engineering 

Richard Andrew Bauemschub 
Michael David Blanford 


Donna Carol Buckley 

Venkata Ajay Chavali 

Kan Deng 

Ranjit Gannamani 

John Eugene Hendershot 

Ramakrishnan Jayant 

Richard Todd Jones 

Lori Louise Keenan 

Mark E. Kumagai 

Arun Kunchithapatham 

Richard Michael McMahon Jr. 

Azhar Hussain Mirza 

David Gerald Morgan 

Steven J. Nabinger 

Vijay Nathan 

Mark Alan O'Clair 

James Bohling Pfeiffer 

Gurdeep Singh Sayal 

Kevin Eric Sinunons 

George Max Voellmer 

Kung-Hsu Yeh 

Yong Zhao 


Myoung-Hwan Ahn 
Mathew Anthony Barlow 
Robert Charles Black 
Hsun-Kai Cheng 
Austin Leo Conaty 
Matthew Todd DeLand 
Jared Keith Entin 
Ching-i Lin 
Bruce Zoffin Segal 
Mary Teresa Simms 
Jianjun Zhang 


Anjali Ar\'ind Desai 
Diane Juliette Holder 
Brandt Eric Rice 

Nuclear Engineering 

June-Ho Chang 
Mohammad Ahsan Farooqi 
Richard J. Goffi 
Dennis Rothenberger 


Kancham Chotoo 
Zhencan Fan 
Joseph Rudolph Gerber 
David Louis Gershon 
George C. Ho 
John Mastin Lafferty Jr. 
James Maxwell Repaci 
Patricia A. Tyler 


Diane Lindwarm Alonso 
Ben Dale Harper 

Reliability Engineering 

Thomas Paul Carty 
Qing Yan Chen 
Anthony John DiVenti Jr. 
Murray J. Kolander 
Sanjay Kumar 
Renato Fernando Mendes 
Ricardo Yoshinori Okada 
Donald William Sova 
Harry Hai Tu 

Survey Methodology 

Joseph Leif Parsons 

Sustainable Development and 
Conservation Biology 

Norman Alan Bourg 

John Ross Cannon 

Xu Duan 

Andrew P. Martin 

Patricia Murer 

Deborah Winslow Rowan 

Systems Engineering 

Delores Helen Gardner 

Wing Fu Ko 

Mark Daiuel Melgaard 

Raj an Mittu 

Gary Yip Moy 

Jasmine K. Narula 

David W. Rush 

Lisa Patrice Summers 


Tung Lam 

Textiles and Consumer 

Ravi Ramanathan 


Leily Farhat-Sepahi 
Ladan Golestaneh 
Theresa A. Hodge 
Donald Joseph Sejkora 
Michele Marie Urban 
Agnes De Lemos Velloso 
Timothy Bowen Werner 
Kevin Lee Willison 


Advanced Graduate Specialist 

Carmen Alina Dearmas-Valdes 
Janice Diarme Hauschild 
Israel David Oler 
Debra Mary Moniodis 

Environmental Policy 

Margaret Mary Lord 


Thomas Edward Brownscombe 
Rochelle Lyn Tillery 

Historic Preservation 

Robert Ray Kifer 

Liam Francis O'Sullivan 

Stefan Leon Zastawski 



Bachelor of Landscape 

Allison June Akehurst 

2iid Degree: Anthropology 

Victoria Susan Bryant 

Marie Francette Stephanie 

Susan Marie DeMarino 

Thomas Damian Facchina 

Marilynn Lewis 

Andrew Jay Pecora 

Marcus Rodney Richardson 

Nathan Schofer 

Adam John Steiner 

George Richard Warholic Jr. 

Karen Treadway Zachary 

Bachelor of Science 

Agricuttural and 
Resource Economics 

Firoze Ahmed 
Arm-Casey Campagnolo 
Diane Xiaohua Chen 
Steven Aaron Covey 
Abitaile Fofana 
Kimberly Melissa Glover 
James Gordineer 
Eugene Lee Green 
Chenarith Kouch 
Brian Edward McCarthy 
Drew Garrell Miller 

Marie Mbwenze Nkumbe 
Christopher Michael Reisinger 
Sharon Roseanne Sowers 
Geoffrey Aaron Turner 
Charles Trent Walter 
Earon Ronell Williams 
Laurie Diann Zimmerman 

Animal Sciences 

O'Niel O. Albino 
Patricia Alcazar 
Stacia Leigh Conroy 
Allison Marie Davis 
Marlon John Dillon 
Suzanne Michelle Driver 
Lawrence David Eaton Jr. 
Kristin Fuehrer 
Sheri Lyn Jardine-Clancy 
Karen M. Jenkins 

2nd Degree: General 

Biological Sciences 
Rivka Yael Kane 
Patrick Edward Miles 

2nd Degree: Biological 

Lucille Janet Otero 
Anthony Paul Pease 
Joseph David Quill 
Jenell Renee Rinehart 
Michelle Von Eggers Rudd 
Jennifer Marie Setser 
Michelle Audra Tobin 
Eling Wong 

Conservation of Soil, Water 
and Environment 

Laf Patterson Erickson 
Judith Cruz Padilla 

Crop Science 

Anne Marie Grunberg* 


Jyoti Chawla 
Tarda Aracely Downing 
Amy Michele Edelman 
Stacey Michelle Freimauer 
Jamie Michele Greenberg 
Arme Lelia Jonke* 
James William Lewis 
Christopher Henry Lockwood 
Leah Ann McGrath 
Theresa Anne Muzzy 
Kendra Leigh Myse 
Kerry Michelle Panich 
Meredith Ayn Sandberg 
Wendy Ann Schroeder 
Kristin Deborah Stafford 
Myma Auer Tarrant 
Patricia Annette Tarry 
Suzaime Marie WUlis''' 

Food Science 

Gary Meyer Solomon 
Stacy Pam Wasserman 
Tina Yau 

General Agriculture 

Morrandas Neves Bomfim 


Leigh Richard Barnes* 
John Stephen Budzinski 
Diane Lorraine Craver 
Heidi Marie Hartman 
James Richard Hogan ' 
Kathryn Louise Kimble-Day 
Mary Frances Layman 
Chris John Machold 
Christopher Lawrence Owens 
Alan Heath Skelton 


§ Summa cum Laude f Magna cum Laude * cum Laude 


Human Nutrition and Foods 

Elizabeth Anne Caruthers 
James Y. P. Wang 

Natural Resources Management 

Kerry Jill Allen 
Peter Anton Cada 
Brenda Sue Cruz 
Paul Andrew Davis 
Michael Grant Frazee 
Sean Patrick Hanagan 
Denise Lynne Haworth 
Robert Henry Helverson 
Christi Noelle Jennings 
Sally J. Kishter 
Leisel Ann Lashley 
Tina Diane Lewis 
Carolyn Hope Lieberman 
Craig Elias Pell 
Richard Charles Raffa 
Matthew Carl Ritter 
Amy Michele Roll 
Michael Leroy Schauer 
Teresa Ann Watson 

Turf and Urban Agronomy 

Jeffrey Dale Davis 
Stephen Andrew Rosewag 
David Albert Smith 


Bachelor of Science 


William Aaron Andalora 
In Ki Chang 

Meredith Samantha Colon 
Brian Scott Dayhoff 
Alexander Christian Dzurec 
Margaret A. Faustino 

Brian Joseph Feldmann 

William Edmund Scripps Gardner 

Christopher Allen Gray 

Adam Todd Hall 

Yuan Horiig Hsieh 

Ran llkovitch 

J. Alexander Kacur 

Beom Joe Kay 

Yoo Jin Kim 

Adam Scott Koffler 

Daniel Mone Lashmore 

Meghan S. Lee 

Tania Ingrid Martin 

Robert B. McPheeters 

Ruben Melendez Jr. 

Claudia Rosa Mendoza 

Michael Wayne Miskimon 

Eugene Jesse Nash III 

Adel Nur 

Michael J. Parker 

John Charles Richards III 

Roxanne Richardson 

Christy Anna Schlesinger 

William Gregory Shipley Jr. 

Stephen Matthew Simpson 

Tummasak Suphanochakul 

Aaron Thaddeus Venn 

Gerrod Victor Winston 

Stephen Walter Zielke 

2nd Degree: German Language 

and Literature 


Bachelor of Arts 

Advertising Design 

Farzad Besharatian 
Lisa Ann Pate 

American Studies 

Jessica Alice Abeshouse 
Ivy Melissa Baron 
Tamisha Sabrina Brown 

2)id Major: General Business 

and Management 
Sarah Ralston Engels 
William Jackson Faught 
Rita M. Flaim 
Emily Elizabeth Giebel 
Tracy Marie Kinnahan 
Jason Page Lambros 
Cyndi S. LaSalle 
Jodi Michelle Lyons 
Michael Christopher Osborn 
Alex Antonio Cadigal Pacheco 
Jennifer Amy Paul 
Nicole Lane Ravenscroft 
Ashley Elissa Reis 
Heather Elyse Rollins 
Michael Joseph Schultz 
Jennifer Lauren Schwed 
Donald George Smith 
Andrew Francis Smrz 
Jennifer Joan Wilner 
Mark Randolph Yarbrough 

Art History 

Julianne Berkowitz 
Christine Mary Clark 
Carolyn Elaine Conner 
Paul Dea 

Miriam Parris Fagan 
Avigayl Orah Feinberg 
Rhonda Lynn Fish 
Ellen Marsha Fogel 
Jodi Lynn Giannini 
Jennifer Ann Hendricks 
Rose Allison Irvine 
Cynthia Anne Johnson 
Jennifer Beth Kass 
Ruth Evelyn Kensinger 
Jung Eun Kim 
Lisa Ann Kinter 
Jennifer Ward Lee 
Catherine Verena Letteney 
Nicole Suzanne Levine 
Viktoria Magnis 
Michelle Ann McDermott 
Michelle Martin Moore 
Fabienne L. Noble 
Ifeanyi Dionne Pole 
Candace Evonne Rines 
Mary Sheridan Rutherford 
Sarah Kathryn Shirey 
Catherine E. Smyrski 

2nd Degree: Anthropology 
Joo Yeun Song 
Gabriel Andres Thoumi* 

2nd Degree: Art Studio 
Kristin Lee Walker 
Debra Ann Willis 

Art Studio 

Christine Elizabeth Anderson 
Leo David Herman 
Myra Maslowsky Binnix 
Allison Grace Chang 

2nd Degree: History 
Edward Seung Chang 
Kanika Sharifa Clay 
John Hinton Corley Jr. 
Eileen F. Costa 


§ Summa cum Laude f Magtm cum Laude * cum Laude 

2nd Degree: Journalism 
Valeria Andrea DiFranco 
Shahn Cho Donaldson 
Derek Charles Eggleston 
Jennifer Elizabeth Fairman 

2nd Degree: General 

Biological Sciences 
Claudia Marcella Fenning 
Stuart Kyle Greenwell 
Joseph Costello Hamilton 
Christopher Duane Holmes 
Bradley Paul Hudson* 
Keven Lee Johnson 
Sangeeta Kaul 
Rebecca Lynne Kern 
Lorita Marie Kimble 
Rachel Lee Kopelman 
Jeffrey Mercer McArthur n 
Julie Elizabeth Nelson ' 
Jerry J. Nestor 
Angela W. C. Niyi 
Mark Grandea Ocampo 
Ketan Suryakant Pancholi 
Eduardo M. Paredes 
Scott Alan Parks 
Beverly Denise Woolard Paul* 
Katheryn Maurine Pleak 
Scott Sumner Powell 
Stephen Kenneth Rhoades 
Jaehui Rim 
Roger Thor Roop 
Maria Loida Saldana 
GLna Marie Sambolin 
Carrie Ellen Schreiber* 
H. Michael SoUoa Jr. 
John H. Staton 
Gabriel Andres Thoumi* 

2nd Degree: Art History 
Joshua David Tiktin 
Chwen Wen Tsay 
Tara Elizabeth Wadas 

Amy Frances Wildman 
Mark Edward Wisniewski 
Ernestine Lorraine VVyatt 
Mira Yae 
Jill Meredith Zwerin 


Jessica C. Chi 
Jonathan Edward Keller 

Classical Languages 
and Literature 

Richard Yong Su Mun 
Jonathan Brady Spiegel 
Thomas Wat Tyler 


Jennifer Maxine Byrd 
Tara Michelle Gilyard 
Sydne Carrigan Hamilton 
Abdul Karim Mustapha 

East Asian Languages 
and Literature 

Joyce Marie DeverinS 
Catherine Vail HigbeeS 
Min Kyung Kim 
Shin J. Kim 

2nd Degree: Accounting 
Soul Lee 
Mark W. Miller 
Robert Stephen Rodgers 
David Wayne Talbott 
Shirley Hsiao-I Wang* 

English Language and Literature 

William Harry Arnold 
Robert A. Attardi 
Daniel Alexander Avery 
2nd Major: Art History 
Ann Christine Ayre 

Mark Aziz 
Sari A. Bailer 
Bernard Warren Bass 
Ana Maria Bernardo 
Michelle Kristina Black 
Virginia L. Borelli 
Kirk William Bridygham 
Jeffrey William Brown 
Theresa Lorraine Brown 
Staci Renee Bumpus 

2nd Major: East Asian 

Languages and Literature 
Lane Joseph Buschel 
Jason Edward Butler 
Jennifer Arm Campbell 
Alexander S. Castle 
Alison Kathleen Clancy 
Michael R Clark 
Tracey Helene Cohen ' 
Margaret Esther Cooper 
Adrian Bruno Copiz 
Michael Christopher Cowles 
Galeet June Dardashti ' 

2nd Degree: Jeivish Studies 
Matthew Vincent DeClementi 
Patricia Alice Donoghue 
Martha Irene Dorak 
Allan Jacob Dorr 
Denise Ann Doyle 
John Nicholas Dvorak 
Patricia Joan Echols 
Francesca E. Ekanem 
Paul Samuel Epstein 
Laleh Eshkevari 
Michele Irene Esser S 
Julie Nicole Ezell 
Judith Ilene Feinberg' 

2nd Degree: Journalism 
Cary Gordon Feuer 
Lemaine S. Fisher 
Michael Shea Flynn 

Michelle Monique Foster 
Carol Ann Eraser* 
Heather Jean Friedland 
Maria Veronica Gallagher 
Hillary Ganz 
Daniel John Gilday 
Leilah T. GUligan 

2nd Degree: Criminology and 

Criminal justice 
Laura Susan Grand 
Vicki UrseU Grimsley 
David Grossman 
Timothy Joseph Haering 
Elizabeth Fitzgerald Harris 
Sharon Denise Holley 
Amie Te-mei Hsu 
Susan Sook-Hyun Hwang 
Tracey Ljmne laleggio 
Khrista Bemadette Isaacs 
Amy Elizabeth Ives 
Michelle Leatha Jackson 
William Todd Jones 
Gene Jung 

2nd Degree: Fitiance 
Matthew William Kapinus 
Julie Alexandra Kaplan 
Nicholas Paul Karr 
James Declan Keane 
Jacqueline Elizabeth Keeling 
Shelley A. Kilmer 
Hyxm Hee Kim 
Maria Katherine Kopsidas 
Timothy Kenneth Kovac 
Nancy Cassandra Krause 
Amy Sarah Kushner 
James Douglas Larson 
Paula Ann LaVorgna 
Darin Spencer Levine 
Sharon Lynn Lichtenstein 
Leslie Ann Lloyd 

2nd Major: Psychology 


§ Summa cum Laude f Magna cum Laude * cum Laude 


F C) U 

II N D li R (. U A D H A T E 

D K C. R E E S 

1 9 9 S 

Maurice G. London 
Suzanne Elizabeth Lucido 
Lori J. Main 
Darlene Denise Manley 
Christine Marie Massignani 
Stacey Reagan McMahon 
Nivedita Mehra 
Marion Parker Miller 
Melinda Lee Miller 
Afsaneh Afie Mirshah 
Hasti Mirshah 

2iid Major: Philosophy 
Lajuan Mitchell 
Melora Ann Moreland 

2nd Degree: Psychology 
Michael Eric Natkin 
Catherine Beatrice Nevers 
Viseth Ngauy* 

2nd Degree: Biochemistry 
Jason Mark Novak* 
Lorraine Parkerson 
Daniel S. Pames 
Christopher Joseph Patt 
Yvette Melissa Pena 

2nd Major: Spanish Language 

and Literature 
Christina N. Perantonakis 

2nd Degree: English Education 
Jervnifer Cathleen Peters 
Loan Kim Phan 
Elisabeth Danielle Pinsker 
Jennifer Beth Platnik 
Malcolm Plum Poindexter III 
Shad Cameron Poole 
Christine Ellen Power 
Lisa Rene Preiato 
Kimberly Ann Proby 
Rhon Carl Reid II 
Brian Robert Reynolds 
Marianne Kathleen Rivers 
Melinda McCaffray Rose 

Scott Donato Saccenti 

2nd Degree: Radio, Television 

and Film 
Patrick Joseph Sacco 
Sheree Lynn Sacco 
Carolyn Rebecca Scearce 
Jeffrey D. Schmid 
Carrie Roth Schneider 
Duane Paul Schroeder ' 
Ryan G. Sebring 
Marina Elizabeth Segel 
Melissa O'Donnell Sheldon 
Henry Louis Shifrin 
Samantha Lee Silverstein 
Melissa Lee Simmons 
Kelly Rae Small 
Kelly Eugene Smith 
Shelley Louise Smith 
Stephen Woodvi^ard Smith 
Donald Ira Snyder 
Margaret Ann Soladay 
Elena Vladislavovna Spivak 

2nd Degree: German Language 

and Literature 
Michelle Lynne Stachura 
Jane H. Steel 
Justin Charles Stockdale 
Dustin Marshall Stream 
John Scott Szurek 
Jeffrey Lee Tanck 
Jesse J Terrill* 
Catherine M. Trevithick 
Elif Cemile Tuvalo 
Gerald Peter Umlauf Jr. 
Terry Anne van den Heuvel 
Nina Vucenik 

2nd Major: Art History 
Melanie Lee Wagoner 
Lisa S. Wamick 
Kevin Andrew Wasik 
Andrew Jeremiah Weisner 

Steven Maxwell Weitzman* 
Patrick CuUen Wescott 
Monica Marcella Whiten 
Michael Murphy Wiley 
Algie Vincent Williams III 
Leon Grant Williams Jr. 
Keshia Lavetta Wilson 
George Thomas Wines 
Brian Setterstrom Witte 

2nd Degree: Journalism 
William Wright 
Karen Dawn Zachary 

French Language and Literature 

Melissa Ann Barchi 
Megan Carrier 
Niki Ifigenia Carson 

2nd Major: English Language 

and Literature 
Sudhir Chand 

2nd Degree: Finance 
Sophie Hotze Fleck 
Jeannine Ann Johnson 

2nd Degree: Government and 

Suzanne Jeanette Proujan 
Jason Vito Stagliano 
Magali Pascale Theodore 

2nd Degree: Philosophy 

German Language and Literature 

Maria Ursula Chandler^ 
Hee Jin Choi 
Nancy L. Fedorowicz 

2nd Degree: Economics 
Mary Ann Frances George ' 

2nd Major: Anthropology 
Nancy Yoon Jin Lee 
Steven Douglas Long 

2nd Degree: Government and 


Michael Todd Madonna 

Daniel Seth Meisner 

Elena Vladislavovna Spivak 

2nd Degree: English Language 

and Literature 
Richard Scott Vitale 
Karin Frieda Voellmer 

2nd Degree: Government and 

AngeUa Marie Weber 
David Conrad Zahrobsky 

2nd Degree: Finance 
Stephen Walter Zielke^ 

2nd Degree: Architecture 


Suzanne Patricia Adamko 
Jodie Lynn Alleva 
Carolyn Suzanne Bacon 
Tanisha Satera Battle 

2nd Major: English Language 

and Literature 
Dennis B. Baylor 
John Bee 

Padraic Philbin Benson 
Michael Craig Berman' 

2nd Major: English Language 

and Literature 
Peter Jonathan Both 

2nd Degree: Economics 
Herbert Richard Wright Brewer 
Lamont Alexander Brock 
Patricia Lynn Cain 

2nd Major: Government and 

James Edward Campos 
Shannon Nissa Carlson 
Landon Jacob Carter 
Allison Grace Chang 

2nd Degree: Art Studio 
Amy Jo Davis 

§ Summa cum Laude t Magna cum Laude * cum Laude 


Joseph Otis Denson Jr. 

William Thomas Doesburg 

Liam Michael Doherty 

Todd Gerard Donnelly 

Andrew Thomas Farrell 

Dana Suzanne Finkelstein 

Sean Patrick Flanagan 

Jason Aaron Friedman 

Paul Vincent Gannon 

Eric Burke Garvey 

Arthur Gentile 

Ellen Lisa Gerstein* 

Adam Michael Goldman 

Steven Christopher Graybill 

Nancy Marie Harp 

Cassandra Yvonne Harper 

Andrew Quine Hayleck 

Sudafi Saleem Henry 

Earl Clifford Hoagland II 

Deirdre L. Hollingshed 

Mark Roy Hursen 

Robert Joseph Jacobs 

Catherine Elizabeth JellisonS 

Christine Elizabeth Kelly 

Jill Deann Klaus Kitzman 

Garry J. A. Knox 

Brian Wit Kochan 

Lynne Rochelle Koshar 

Alan Paul Kuppers 

John Flemming Lazarus ' 

Yeong Ha Lee 

2nd Major: English Language 

and Literature 
Martin Eric Beauregard Legeer 
Brian Lee Leslie 
Keith Douglas Lombardo 
James Matthew Lott 
Kasey Elaine Lykes 
Melita Ekaterini Lykiardopoulou 
Andrea L. Massignani 
Scott Alan McCabe 

Gary Clark Miller 

Mark Huu-Hoang Moffatt 

Jose D. Morales 

Jonathan Edward Murry 

Yumee Carrol Nam 

Michael WiUiam Nattel 

Christopher Wa)me Norman 

Chanel Leigh Norton 

Colin Thomas Jefferson O'Brien 

Ashley Owen 

James David Pfister 

Carol Elaine Pollak 

Gonzalo M. Quiroga 

Brittney Gable Rife+ 

Brian Mark Ross 

Kimberly Dee Sachs 

Travis Jonathon Sanchez 

Kelsey Jo Scouten 

Anthony Segaria 

Stephen Christopher Sheedy 

Eric P. Shen 

Daniel Hyung-Sub Shin 

Scott Robert Shinskie 

Todd Richard Slosek 

Marcus Ricardo Smallwood 

Jeffrey William Smith 

Suzanne Lee Smith 

David Judah Smolar 

Irene Leah Sungenis^ 

Christopher Ross Sutton 

Robert W. Two Bulls 

Drew Joseph Verdecchia 

William Robert Voshell 

Evelyn Cartwright Wagner 

Jodi Michelle Wayner 

Michael Philip Wilson 

Sandy C. Wu 

Interior Design 

Joanna Kafouri 
Soo Jeong Kim 

Michael Joseph O'Neill 
Josefina Marie Patterson 
Katherine Louise Stalmann 
2nd Major: Art History 
Angela Park Takkesh 


Shaw I. Feng 

Diane Alexandra Rowe 

Jewish Studies 

Galeet June Dardashti 

2nd Degree: English Language 

and Literature 
Aron J. Hollander 
Shelly Rebekah Hsia 
Jeffrey S. Teles 
Alia Zilberman* 


Allen William Currano Jr. 
John Edward Drury 
John Kroth Hoover 

2nd Degree: Philosophy 
Trishna Mary Schurter 
Carol Ann Sniegoski 


Paul Alden Bachmann 
Jonathan Dunham Davis 
Deborah Koenig 
Winona Frances Stanback 
Maria Yuin 

2nd Major: Computer Science 


Frank Rhodes Cappiello* 
InBum Chung 

2nd Major: English Language 

and Literature 
Courtenay Dahkota Fought 

Dan Gabayzadeh 
Tanya Maria Golash 
Terri Denise Granison 
Elisabeth Mary Herschbach' 
John Kroth Hoover 

2nd Degree: Linguistics 
Gerald Kaht 
Dennis Henri Kapoyos 
Suzanne Carol Moore 
Marc David Nadel 
Richard Douglas North 
Laureen Ann Park 
Matthew WiUiam Ready* 
Daniel Dominic Rosendale 

2nd Degree: Goiiernment and 

Julie Elaine Sieracki 
Brian D. Slosman 
Jonathan Holbrook Smith 
Erika Allison Sperling 
Rowan Emerson Spies 
David M. Sullivan 
Magali Pascale Theodore 

2nd Degree: French Language 

and Literature 
Tadayuki Wakabayashi 
Loren Alphonz Zech 

Radio, Television and Film 

Sara Heather Bernstein 
Christina Lynne Cheatham 
Shannon Mignon Emamali 
David Eric Kassel 
Jong S. Nam 
John Douglas O'Neal 
Pamela Jean Ortiz 
Dwight J. Paris 
Audrey G. Portman 
Michael A Rabinowitz 
Kathalene Ava Razzano* 

§ Summa cum Laude f Magna cum Laude * cum Laude 

N D 1 D A T E S 

F C) R 

U N D E R C; R A D U A T E 



1 9 9 S 

Scott Donate Saccenti 

2nd Degree: English Language 

and Literature 
Erika Hope Shein 
Jennifer Michelle Trevor 
James Edward Turner 

Romance Languages 

Chiquita Denise Barnes 
Joseline Carmen Castanos 

2nd Degree: Foreigti Language 

Patrick George Francis 

Russian Area Studies 

Kathrj'n Eleanor Haspel 
Joseph Michael Huculak 

Russian Language and Literature 

Julie Anne Hughes 

2nd Degree: Finance 
Timothy Joseph Jent 
Philip Arthur Kahatt 
Kara Lynette Madison 
Sherry Marie Sullivan 

Spanish Language 
and Literature 

Michele Ann Abadia 
Deborah Elizabeth Alfaro 
Wendi Leigh Barradale 
Marilyn Lopez Brown 
Ariane Pui Cheung 
Kateri Marie Cordova 
Maureen Patricia Fallon 
Alexis Michelle Flanagan 

2nd Major: Government and 

Andrew Joseph Flood 
Laura Jane Gamer 

Pedro Maynor Godinez 

2nd Degree: General Business 

and Management 
Bernard Larry Jones Jr. 
Moira Kathleen Kenyon 

2nd Major: Economics 
Heather Marie Lewis 
Debra Dee Lopez 
David Adams Miguez 
Elizabeth Ann Norton 
Song E. Park 
Mariela Perez 
Jessica Michelle Pilco 
Diana Isabel Pola 
Nelson Ray Sanchez 

2nd Degree: General Business 

and Management 
Belinda Lee Sawyer 
Deborah R. Schoenfeld 
Tara Lee Shugarts 

2nd Degree: General Business 

and Management 
Sondra Gean Silver 
John Christopher Stiller 
Anna Brigetta Von Schwerdtner 
Judith Rachel Zawatsky 

Speecli Communication 

Eric Lawrence Bamberger 
Nicole Marie Bordogna 
Chantel Nicole Brathwaite 
Kwame Omar Bryan 
Rachael Beth Cohn 
Kelly Christine Collinson 
Marion Angelique Cowell 
Jonathan David Dosik 
Neal Edward Dupcak 
Brent Harold EUwood 
John Gilbert Espinosa 
Anthoula Korina Favatas 
Daniel Joseph Finnegan 

Timothy E. Fosque 
Allison Renee Goozh 
Elena Guerrero 
Peter William Haber 
Jennifer Lynn Hauber 
Mary Megan Hoegy 
Kimberly Renae House 
Heidi Ann Jarman 
Jason Scott Kutz 
William Joseph LaCosta 
Jill Marie Luksic 
Lisa Maria Maldonado 
Curt Melanson 
Johanna Beth Merryman 
Kobie Blair Morgan 
Brian John O'Shenska 
Kimberly Molly O'Sullivan 
Eve Victoria Oliva 
Aashish J. Parekh 
Andrea Patti 
David Anthony Payne 
Brad Alan Quint 
Mercedes Sanchez Casado 
Leslie Lynne Santangelo 
Jay L. Schumer 
Kenneth David Shapiro 
Gena Marie Sikorsky 
Adrienne Spisso 
Adam A. Stettner 
Christopher Ernest Streight 
Erica Fern Tanenbaum 
Terence D Thomas 
Douglas M. Warner Jr. 
Alisha Lynn Weiner 
Rodger James Weinfeld 
Leslie J. Weiss 
Nychelle Renee WJute 
David Anthony Witkin 
Staci Lisabeth Zemechman 


Robert Michael Crites 
Christopher David Ellison 
Mark David Fink 
Neil Harris Fleitell» 
Bruce Jonathan Gholston 
Scott Anthony Hartsock 
Nathen Edward Harvey 
David Lawrence Marcus 
Melissa Christine Mascara 
Alan Mingo Jr 
Douglas Wayne Montequin 
Meghan Marie Murphy 
Lisa Belen Ramos 
Ashok V. Sinha 
Christina Ann Swatton 
Eric C. Waldemar Jr. 
Douglas Roland Wilson 
Deborah Renee Wirth 

Women's Studies 

Karen Ann Buffington 
Bryan Hantman 
Ellen Elizabeth Harris 
Susan Bailey Richards 

Bachelor of Music 


Cathryn Louise Greigg 
Alexandra Lynn Smith 

IVIusic — Instrument 

Martin William Long 
Jaime Albert Tauler 

Music — Piano 

Eun Ha Chung* 

§ Suttwia citm Laudc f Ma^im cutn Ijiude *.cum Ijiude 


Bachelor of Science 

Advertising Design 

Fernando Augusto Urrea 

Interior Design 

Victoria Tiemey Davis 


Bachelor of Arts 

Afro-American Studies 

Kathv L. Ferguson 
Renee Raquel Hanson 
Danielle T. La Roche 
Mar\'in Steven Reese 
William Matthew Ross IV 
James Adolphus Rotan II 
William Henderson Vaughan FV 
Lora Lee Williams 
Enrique John Young 


Allison June Akehurst 
2nd Degree: Landscape 

Luke Adam Bertorelli 

Anna-Marie Burlaga 

Bridget Elizabeth Butler* 

Michael CuUen Casady 

Brian McCaffrey Clancy 

Brian E. CoUioff 

Aaron Eva Dabbah* 

Caryn Rosalie DiStefano 

Andre Earl-Anthony Emden 

Joanne Giaquinta 

Shari Lynn Haldeman 

Brian David Hardy 

Paulina Harwood 

Kathleen Mary Lindsay 
George Lamont Mitchell 
Karl Anil Poonai 
Maxine Kay Rheingold 
Jason Bert Rust 
Suzi E. Schmidt 
Michele Nicole Schwartz 
Nadin George Shamounki 

2nd Major: Art Studio 
Sandra Ann Snuth 
Catherine E. Smyrski 

2nd Degree: Art History 
Simone Fereira Do Vale 

2nd Major: French Language 

and Literature 
Dianne KeUy Wheeler 

Criminal Justice 

Christopher Jay Anglim 
Matthew Michael Beccio 
Angel Agnes Braveboy 
AngeUa Agnes Braveboy 
Douglas Burnett 
Ericka Sabrina Burwell 

2nd Major: Afro-American 

Loritz Kurt Clark 
Gerald Asim Akida Collins 
Michael Matthew Condo 
John James Crispeno 
Adam Edgar Currie 
Jennifer Sarah Dowling 
Kurt Joseph ElUnger 
Matthew Christian Evcms 
Dana Michelle Fine 
Donald Joseph Greulich 
John Curtis Hoagland 
Timothy Alfred Hughes 
Stephen Anthony Ingram 
William Rhoades Johnson IV 
John KeUy Kilboume Jr. 

Gregory Henry Koger 
Kenneth Roger Leclercq 
Chi Man Lee 
Kirk Steven Litton 
Bobby Leron Mills, Jr. 
Michael George Padar 
Sandra Lee Repp 
Donique Angelita Rogers 
Benjamin Michael Scholes 
James Ernest Smith 
Chad Beynon Thomas 
Mark Thomas Walsh 
Daniel Prescott Ward 
Jessica Lynn Waters 
Kameron R. Williams 


FrancLne Burbridge 
Dermis James Handel 
Shawn A. Long 
Leslie D. Martin 
George Petrou 
Brian Matthew Walton 

Criminology and Criminal Justice 

Armstrong MacDonor Adams 
David Albert Alexander 
Lance Carney Andriani 
Pierre EUiot Anthony 
Adamma Chinaku Anyaehie 
Ursula F. Barnes 
Michele Lee Beach 
Matthew Louis Berger 
Stacey Elizabeth Berger 
Gene\'ieve Blackwell 
Craig A. Bluhm 
David WiUiam Boccino 
Robert Brian Booker 
Vernon Roscell Boyd 
Robert John Braun 
James Michael Bridgeman 

Jodi Melissa Brown 
Steven Nelson Carpenter 
Andrew James Cencarik 
Jermifer Marie Chase 
Martin John Cheman 
Ronald Chow 
JuUe Ann Cole 
Aliya S. Cooperman 
Daniel James Copeland 
Allen Bradley Creek 
Thomas Michael Curmingham 
HaUemariam DeBass* 
Heather Denise Dick 
Stacey Constance Doescher 
Christopher William Duffy 
Amy Jeanne Dusold 
Daniel Edward Elias 
Lindy Jo Emert 
Curtis Ahlroth Eskew 
Sougol Ezzati 
Jason Russell Fajardo 
Steven H. Falcone 
Kenneth Steven Feher 
Arthur Joseph Fernandez 
Anthony Michael Fiorita 
Colin John Flanagan 
Juan J. Franzetti 
Dana Elaine Friend 
Lily J. Giannini 

2nd Degree: Finance 
Leilah T. Gilligan 

2nd Degree: English Language 

and Literature 
Thomas Howard Gimer 
Kristin Denise Glencer 
Jennifer Amy Ghckman 
Ericka Dawn Gordon 
Dawn Renee Gould 
Sharmon Xaverie Edna Gragg 
Robert Todd Grolnick 
Michael James Grunwell 


§ Summa cum Laude f Magna cum Laude * cum Laude 


MAY 199 

Jason Shane Hagerty 
Teresa Michelle Hall 
Michael Thomas Healey 
Jonathan Marc Helfman 
Gladys Linda Hewick 
Daha Ahmed Hidayat 
Carolyn Jeanne Hill 
Michael David Holmes 
Dean I. Holzer 
Sharon Ann Huber 
Shannon Rei Impett 
Ricardo Nigel Jackman 
Ross Michael Jackman 
Amy Christine Jenkins 
Kristie Marie Jenkins 
Jennifer Leigh Jordan 
Andrew Michael Joseph 
Donny R. Judd 
Craig R. Keffer 
Gail Anastasia Kindya 
Alyse Marie Jones King 

2nd Major: Psychology 
Shari Lynn Klevens* 

2nd Degree: General Business 

and Management 
Jae Ho Ko 

Michael Seamus Kolb 
Jennifer Sheryl Kolodny 
Christine Marie Krider 
Eric Scott Lasky 
Jordan Scott Leber 
Kimberly Beth Lee 
Anthony Brian Lewis 
Jeffrey Allan Lively 
David Adam Locker 
Kiabi Dara Long 
Conrad Aprecio Manlapaz 
Mayra Eugenia Martinez 
Kari Ann Matthiesen* 
Constance Bateman Mattingly 
Kelly Jean Meister 

Eric Scott Mensh 

Mindy Suzanne Mesnick 

John Steven Meyer 

Caitlyn Alice Mingola 

Kevin Shawn Moran 

Jill Janet Morris 

Robert Troy Mowery 

Michael Wayne Mui 

Keith Erik Nalepka 

Brett D. Natt 

Michael John Nebel 

Sherry Lynn Neher 

Scott David Novik 

Vickie Vanice Paramore 

Vishwas Mahendra Parekh 

Basil Lynn Parker 

Linda N. Pinnis 

Lateba Shaco Ponder 

Garrett David Post 

Tamatha Amette Proctor 

Anusha Nayanthara Rajapatirana 

2nd Degree: Psychology 
Sheri Recenello 
Catherine Mary Reese 
Courtney Michele Richards 
Michael William Russo 
Lawrence Edward Rust 
Tracy Karen Saff^ 
Brad Scott Sahl 
Camille Elizabeth Sallee 
Kimberly Arm Savtno 
Brett Matthew Schulman 
Cara J. Sclafani 
Tonya Lyn Serfass 
Robina Lenore Shaw 
Linn Ann Shepard ' 
Michelle Dawn Sholtz 
Thomas Edward Simmons 

2nd Degree: Accounting 
Jennifer Louise Simpson 
Jennifer Abby Snyder 

Grace Young Sohn 
Reginald Lorenzo Spears 
Alfred Staker 
Amy Eden Sternberg 
Jonathan George Sushinsky 
nissa Meredith Suss 
Anthony James Tacka 
Cecelia Marie Taylor 
DaShawn Chiara Taylor 
Manda Nicolt Tayman 
Darrin Mark TeSelle 
Terry Mondell Thomas 
Rodney Publico Villorante 
Michael Anthony Walker 

2nd Major: Afro-American 

Jason Lee Walpert 
Keijon Waters 
Damon Martise Wellington 
Chad Eric Wiestling 
William Norman Sacks Wimmer 
Heather Anne Wolfe 
Derrin Woodhouse 
Jason Michael Woodward 
Jonathan Michael Zemlak 
Michelle Audrey Zippert 


Mohamad Nazim A Samad 
Yossi Joseph Amuial 
Richard George Anderson 
Gregory Nathan Andrew 
Michael Anthony AnseLmi Jr. 
Robert H. Arrindell 
Gregory S. Ayre 
Joon Ho Bae 
Michael James Battaglia 
Shelley A. Black 
Jason Alan Bogdan 
Peter Jonathan Both 
2nd Degree: History 

Jeffrey L. Brown 
Matthew A. Calderone 
Christian J. Castillo 
Aaron Christopher Catlin 
Noelle Dawn Cavalancia 
Raj Tilak Chakrabarty 
Thomas Zoltan Cheplo 
Edgar Choi 

2nd Major: Geography 
William W. Choi 

2nd Degree: Accounting 
Alicia Christine Clark 
Joshua Jackson Cohen 
Walter Thomas Fredrick 

Coryell Jr. 
Chad Edward Cos 

2nd Degree: Government 

and Politics 
Anja Decressin 
Daniel Doischen 
Jason Howard Dorf 
Aaron William Durst 
AhUan Zephyrinus 
Robert John Elder 
Michael Zaid Fandey 
Nancy L. Fedorowicz 

2nd Degree: Gemuin Language 

and Literature 
Phillip Wayne Ferguson 
Michael William Frevert 
Christopher Daniel Gamer 
Jay Bradley Gibbon 
Nadia Gizabi 
Brian Tremayne Graham 
Ronald Jay Griffith 
Simon W. Haile 
PhiUppe Henri Heiche 
Fadi Adel Hijjawi 
Otway Berryman Hill 
Lawson Lucas Hockman HI 


§ Summa cum iMude f Magna cum Laude ^cumLaude 


Jeeyoum Hugh 
Nasser Marwan Kanafani 
Jason Daniel Kesten 
Charlie Cheol Kim 
Kun Tae Kim 
Cheryl Tracey Klaff 
Steven Andrew Klapper 
Penny M. Klein '^ 

2nd Degree: Accounting 
David Noam Knapp 
Jason Vincent Koenig 
John Walter Kozikowski 
Lea Bun Lim 
Ting Lin 

Tiffany Kiowa D. Lucas 
Adelmo Lugones Jr. 
Steven Robert Marcus 
Todd Andrew Marr 
John Michael Martin 
M. Gregory McCreightS 

2nd Degree: Finance 
Carleen B. McElroy 
William Thomas Meiklejohn III 
David Michael Mendelsohn 
Jamie Matthew Mood 
Samuel Sudhaker Nalli 
Kyung Nam 

Ilia Andreevich Nazarov 
Hyun Soo O 

Kwame Nkrumah Ohene- 
Cynthia Okafor 
Sylvia Okafor 
Joy Marie PinchbackS 
Hamoon Piroozmand 
David Nicholas Popovitch 
Derrick Anton Prigmore 
Heather Arm Quinones 
Mariangela Redoschi 
Sergio Arnold Roach 
Mauro Rosenberg 

Dana Clark Royall 
Erik David Rushing 
Juliet Lenore Sarau 
Rewital Dorine Schneider 
Benjamin Dov Schultz* 
Rakesh Paul Sharma 
Frank Anthony Sindoni 
John Albert Small 

2nd Degree: Govenunent 

and Politics 
William Nelson Smith 
Makini Olabisi Street 
Veronica Maria Sturla 
Jen Tao 

2nd Major: East Asian 

Language and Literature 
Christopher Michael Timmer 
Matthew Green Trone 
Sara Elizabeth Uehling 
David Craig Vincent 
Huy-Khanh L. Vo 
Stefan Andrew White 
Olawale O. Williams 
Charles Watkins WilUams Wise 
Brian Joseph Wojtasiak 
Helene Yilin Yan§ 
Esther Hyun Yang 
Tahir Yaqub 
Betelhem Yoseph 

Government and Politics 

John Michael Aiken 11 
Susan Diane Allen 
Cari Lynn Anders 
Mark Paul Andersons 
Hilary Ann Aslaksen 
Zelalem Sissay Awoke 
Stephanie Arm Barkin' 
Ian Patrick Bartman 
Sheron Andrea Barton 
Bersabeh Sabi Behzadi 

Wennesa Gaynell Bell 
Joanne K. Berry 
MicheUe Ann Bimson 
Karen Michele Bradshaw 
Clairee Patricia Britt 
Laurin Kisha Brown 
Nathan Allen BrownS 
Paul Eric Brown 
Natalie Sanoi Burke 
James Patrick BumsS 
Beth Anne Carney^ 
Gregory Harker Casey 
Sanda Lay Chao 
Melanie Kaye Chaump 
Melissa Rae Chaump 
Diana Marie Cielecy 
John Tyler Clark 
Todd Christopher Coen 
Sefh Aaron Cohen 
Alfred Robert Collie 
Chad Edward Cos 

2nd Degree: Economics 
Brian Trevor Crane''^ 
James William Crate Jr 
Sabina A-M Crisen* 
Antony Somerset CruitS 
Cathleen Jane Dauenhauer 
Erik William Davis 
Melissa Beth Derwart 
John Edward Dewey 
Miguel A. Downs 
Jason Coy Doyle 
Rebecca Lyrme Dubin 
Gary Steven Duvall 
Sean Casey Egan 
Lisa Stephanie Eisenman 
Jonathan William England 

2nd Major: Afro-American 

Elizabeth Lynne Englert 
Matthew Phillip English 

Aaron Lindstrum Fabry 
Lauren Kay Fairley-Wright 
WilUam Fiallos H 
Jennifer Lyrvne Fitzgerald 

2nd Major: Spanish Language 

and Literature 
Mary Kristen Flanagan 
Ronny Howard Flanders 
Steven I. Fox 
Patrice Nicole Frasier 
James Nathan Freiberger 
Eric H. Friedman 
Geoffrey David Friedman 
Jon Stephen Fuller 
Christine Ann Gallucci 
Joan Marie Geiger 
John Albert Gibbons 
Christopher Allan Glaser 
Lynda Ilene Goldberg 
Michelle Tracy Goldstein 
Alan Philip Goodwich 
Theodora Gounaris 
Julie Marie Goupil 

2nd Major: French Language 

and Literature 
Scott Adam Greenbaum 
Nathaniel J. Greene 
Jeffrey Scott Heineken 
Thomas Michael Henry III 
Michael Eugene Hess 

2nd Major: Economics 
Scott Thomas Howard 
Edgar Cesaire Ikombo 
Amir Demian Jahansir 
Wendy Dawn Japal 
Tejal Mahesh Jhaveri 
Jeannine Ann Johnson 

2nd Degree: French Language 

and Literature 
Hena Nawaz KhanS 
Edward Young Duk Kim 


§ Summa cum Laude f Magna cum Laude * cum Ijiude 

V N D I; R (i R A D U A T E 

D E c; R E E S 

19 9 5 

Christina Marie Koch 
Robert Mozes Kovacs 
Marianne Kretsis 
Gustavus Lankai Lawson Jr. 
Kenneth Paul LaSala Jr* 
Nicole Lefcourt 
Nicole Wynn Lipschutz 
Steven Douglas Long 

2iid Degree: German Language 

and Literature 
Matthew Benjamin Maggitti 
Ryan Lee Malone 
Paul Samuel MandellS 
Mark Roy Manges 
James Edward Mangold 
David Scott Marks' 
Scott Edward Massengill 
Robert Bruce McCausland 
Jonathan Sinclair McDougald 
Brian James McHugh 
Shana Ori Miner 
Christopher Martin Murray 
Nigel Kenyatta Murray 
Desiree R. Myrie 
Berthe K. Najjar 
Melanie Jeanne Nasoff 
Caryn Alexandra Nesmith 
Donna Noel NicoU 
Julie O'Donnell 

Ziid Major: Spanish Language 

and Literature 
Matthew Karl Olson 
Marc Christopher Papa 
Jong Soo Park 
Alan Harden Patterson 
Joseph Andre PelletierS 
Shannon Marie Petersen 
Meredith Gayle Polsky 
Melissa Ann Provost 
Haida Raad 
Colette E. Rampersaud 

Christine Ann Razzano 
Colleen Rachele Reads 
Christopher Allan Reynolds 
Sara Ann Rice 
Allison Elizabeth Riley 
Matthew Richard Ritter 
Harlande Lenore Roberson 
Monique Lizette Rodriquez 
Daniel Dominic Rosendale 

2nd Degree: Philosophy 
Kelli Ann Rothman 
Vivian Ellen Roza ' 

2nd Major: History 
Timothy Roth Ryan 
Scott Darrell Sadler 
Kara Lyrm Schmidt 
Gonzalo Jose Serrano 
Michael Serrano 
Joshua S. Shapiro 
Kevin Keith Shipe 
Kelly Lee Simpson 
John Albert Small 

2nd Degree: Economics 
Lincoln Young Sohn 
Mark Allan Spencer 
Jeffrey Raymond Stier 
Stephanie NoeUe Suerth 
Pauline Jean Suley 
Robert Christopher Swain 
Amy Louise Sweeney* 
Stacey Aline Thurman 
Michael K. Tracton 
Jerry Dominic Truman 
David Noone Trybus 
Victor Shabazz Valentine 
Karin Frieda Voellmer 

2nd Degree: German Language 

and Literature 
Gregory Phillip Waks 
Terry Alan Walsh 
Allison Ann Ward 

Christopher Tolan Weir 
Adam Wayne Weisblatt 
Elaine Rebecca Weiss* 
Raymond Douglas Westcott III 
Meredith Moria Whiteside 
Kristoffer Walker Winemiller 
Jaeyol Woo 

Gregory David Yancey 
Mahlet Yared 
Matthew Seth Zucker 

Hearing and Speech Sciences 

Wendy Jill Berger 
Jennifer Allison Berry 
Meryl Gwen Bolton 
Melissa Ann Brown 
Debra Ann Butkiewicz 
Shawna Lynn Carter 
Angela Carol Clark 
Tasha DeWaters 
Shari Joy Friedman 
David A. Gothelf 
Jodi Paige Jakob 
Jennifer Robin Kelly 
Michelle Jeanne Levi 
Robin Michelle Levy 
Maria Chang Lundquist 
Brian Michael Moore 
Ingrid Liliana Ortega 
Jennifer Joy Panico 
Michele H. Pierro 
Michelle Dawn Rill 
Shira Michelle Rosenthal 
Samantha Heather Schwartz 
Christine Lynn Terry 
Kim Janice Trattner 
Rebecca Ann Wilcoxen 
Jennifer Marian Yeager 
Kelly Zecker 


Jamie Lynn Baraff 
Jennifer Lynn Bates 
Meridith Lyn Berger 
Eric Michael Bernstein 
Cynthia L. Bienick 
David Russell Blackburn 
Christine Michele Bridgman 
Stacey Nicole Carmack 
Luis Javier Checa 
Jill Dana Cieri 
Carmille Renee Clark 
Jaimee Allison Cohen 
Christine Gavin Cole 
Dawn April Cooper 
Suzy L. Cox 

Michael Anthony Crisafi 
Kelly Renee Crisp 
Jennifer Ann Croft 
Michelle Lynne Csajka 
Jacinda Anne Davis 
Corey Lester Dickerson 
Cheryl Denise Diggs 
Jennifer Michele Dillingham 
Tina Lynn Dippel 

2nd Major: Criminologt/ and 

Criminal Justice 
Tri Dien Do ' 

2nd Degree: General Business 

and Management 
Bryan Sherwood Dorsey 
Cheryl Denise Dudley 
Bethel Ruth Dudt 
Lauren Ami Edelstein 
Deborah Ann Engerran 
Lisa Marie FarleyS 
Nicole J. Flores 
Elizabeth Jean Freeland 
Nicole Nancine Frush 
Alissa Joy GarberS 
Aida Garcia 


§ Summa cum Laude f Magna cum Laude * cum Laude 

E>ina Ellen Gold 
Heather Mara Goldstein 
Kevin Howard Greenberg* 
Susan Beth Greenhut 
Amy Michele Grossman 
Mark Sirius Harper 
Tina Marie Harris 
Juha Ann Harrison 
Wendy Noel Hess§ 

2nd Major: Government 

and Politics 
Ardine Hockaday 
Arezou Javan 
Gregory Edward Jenkins 
Gina Jun 

2nd Degree: fournalism 
JocelLn Alicia Krasner 
Wendy Sue Kurtz 
Richard Lawrence Landsman 
Amy R. Ledwell 
Michelle Seung-Hee Lee 
Peter Eric Lynch 
Jeffrey Robert Maass 
Melora Ann Moreland 

2nd Degree: English Language 

and Literature 
Julie Ann Murphy 
Yalda Nikoomanesh 
Stacey Padva 

2nd Major: Criminology and 

Criminal Justice 
Cassandra Parra 
Sara Maria Pazos 
Michael Allen Pearson 
Francesca M. Pinkston 
Jennifer Ann Plumer 

2nd Major: Spanish Language 

and Literature 
Stacey Jennifer Pollack 
Leo Dismas Prahinski 
Camie Cooperman Pratt 

Anusha Nayanthara Rajapatirana 

2nd Degree: Criminology and 

Criminal Justice 
Alexandra Ranieri 
Lisa Deann Renick 
Sue Jean Rheem 
Daniel Edison Rimerman 
Rhonda Nicole Rose 
Daniel Scott Rosenzweig 
Anne Sachs§ 
Tracy Alaine Saltarelli 
Samantha Ann Sauer 
David Jo Scaffidi-Domianello 
Tracy Rebecca Schrum 

2nd Major: Criminology arui 

Criminal Justice 
Victoria Scott 
Jessica Dawn Shapiro 
Stephen David Shea* 
Diana Alexandra SheUmer 
Miri Zena Sher 
Amy Yueh I Shih 
Khristine Marie Shipley 
Julie Wynne Spikloser 
Dawn Michelle St. Clair 
Robyn Alyse Strauss 

2nd Major: family Studies 
Joann Suchinsky 
Michael Jay Sugarman 
Liana Waigee Tang 
Yinglak Tapasanantana 
Kenneth C. Tola Jr 
Ilene Stacey Tolhurst 
Michele Jacqueline Vaise 
Andrey Vinokurov* 
Jennifer Lynn Wallace 
Maria Karen Weinstein 
Heidi Beatrix Weiss 

2nd Major: Spanish Language 

arui Literature 
Matthew Douglas WiUs 

Kimberley Jean Wilson 
Patricia Page Womack 
William Mitchell Wynne 
Tamara Skye Yaffe 


Claude deVastey 
Catherine Elizabeth Adams 
Becky Lynn Anderson 
Ha Sock Bahk 
Chelsa Shaely Brown 
Amy Jean Buchanan 
Steve John Byun 
Kevin C. Chen 
Susanna Chemyakhovsky 
Robin Michele Contino 
Bernard D. Deane 
Julia Renee Eustice 
Jessica Lombard Ewen 
Susan Elizabeth Ferris 
Denise Melanie Fisher 
Timothy R. Fitzgerald 
Jeffrey Michael Glasser 
Karen EUen Hantman 
Jill Claire Harrison 
Robin E. Hari 
Jermifer Denise Jones 
Stephanie Paige Josephson 
Ginger R. King 
Jennifer B. Krangle 

2nd Major: Hearing and 

Speech Sciences 
Christine Lee 
Lisa Lieberman 
Jennifer Michelle Long 
Lynnea Ann Malouff 
Aimee Nicole ManoueUan 
Michelle Lee McKenzie 
Diahanna Yvonne McLaughlin 
Jennifer Gayle Mildworm 
Brian Huu-Bang Moffatt 

Kevin Lewis Mungin 
Lisa Beth Muscara 
Stephanie V. Neumaim 
Mehrtash Curtis Olson 
Tana Paddock ' 
Majorie Elaine Palmer 
Elizabeth Soyan Park 
Rebecca Lynn Perry 
Cynthia MeUnda Peterson* 
Wendy Diane Pittman 
Kirsten Marie Rettig 
Penina Dene Riebman* 
Tasha Janine Robinson 
Jotin Martin Roden 
Angela Diane Romano 
Laura Sue Rubinstein 
Eric B. Ruffner 
Scott Steeple Rupprecht 
SyKia Lorena Sandoval 
John Peter Senesi Sandy 
Nicole Raquel Saunders 
Adam Michael Schaeffer 
Andrea L\Tin Schoeffler 
Hayward Ryan Scott 
Fadia Shadid 
Deborah HiUary Shaffir 
Nikki Keir Simpson 
Linda Ann Somuah 
So Young Song 
Elizabeth R. Spinney* 
Beth Wynne Sfeine 
Mary E Stockman 
Fara Kim Tennenbaum 
Lisa A. Thompson* 
Jean-Francis Emile Varre 
Marc Adam Weiss 
Steven Andrew Yeager 


§ Summa cum Laude i Magna cum Laude 'cumLaude 

A N D 1 D A T E S 

N D E U c; R A O U A T E 

D E C. R E E S 

M A ^ 

I 9 9 S 

Urban Studies 

Marc Douglas Granahan 
Michael John Henry 
Sheila Clark Humphries 

Bachelor of Science 


Steven Michael Bellows 
Jennifer Lynn Erickson 
Brian John Guzzone 
Andrew Winn Horman 
Michael Joseph Kitchin 
Madaleine A. Lamb 
Timothy Brian Lightbody 
Leonard Donell Martin 
Benjamin E. Myrick 
Richard Leo Olson 
Michael James Pesteridge 
Birgit Ellen Petersons 

2nd Degree: Social Studies 

Stephen Gregory Pierce 
Julian Leigh Richardson III 
Christopher William Weaver 
Valerie Ann Young 


Eleanor Elizabeth Alderson 
Randy Michael Applefeld 
Alix GabrieUe Braunstein 
Renee Suzanne Deninger 
Peter George Eppeldauer 
2nd Degree: Accounting 
Amy Florence Feldman 
Michael Adam Friedman 
Adam Jonas Goldstein* 
Desiree Jacqueline Guerzon 
Janine Heller 
Maria Frances Hoffman 
Jodi Lynn Holmes 

Victor McLean Kaitell 
Lisa Beth Kerker 
Vassanthi Immanuel Kolluri 
Lesley Beth Krellen 
Anastasia Eunha Lee 
Carol Ruth Leotta* 
Catherine Jane Lomonaco 
Marcy Jan Lukaszewicz 
Delbert Ulises Morales 
Joshua Chaim Morganstein 
Linh T. Nguyent 
Russell Edward Parker II 
Kevin Edward PlamondonS 
Gregory Chia-Hua Robison* 
Ehsaneh Ian Sadr* 
Leyla Deruse Sarigol 
Michael Jonathan Scheinberg 
Michelle Mitra Shariat 
Robin Michele Skrutski 
Pegah Touradji 
Denice Natalie Valent 
Hope Amy Waxman 
Hye Jong Woo 


Bachelor of Science 


Deena Marie Aboyoun '^ 
Kristi Lynn Adkins 
David Andrew Afshar^" 
Andreas Alexandres Alexandrou 

2nd Major: General Business 

and Management 
Anne Marie Baehr 
Derek Rodney Bahret 
Ji Won Baick'*' 
David Samuel Bailey 
Jeffrey Marshall Balfour 

Deepak Bansal 
Pearlyne Ann Barkley 
Staci Loren Beck 
Tawakalitu Tiwalade Bello* 
PhyUis Lynn Belsky"*" 
Lydia Burgess Benna 
Joyce Bentzman 
Debora L. Bobo 
Joseph Patrick Brennan 
Caren Rachel Bromberg 
Eric Ting-Yue Chan 
Perry Chan 
Linda Chial Chang 

2nd Major: General Business 

and Management 
Scott Jason Chidakel ' 
WilUam W. Choi 

2nd Degree: Economics 
Heather Maire Christopher 
Pei-Hsien Chu 

2nd Major: Finance 
Deborah Joan Ng Chun 
Christopher Charles DeCesaris 
Harry Stinson Dennis, Jr 
Trang L Dinh 
Brian Anthony Dunne 
HoUis Anne Earlewine 
Peter George Eppeldauer 

2nd Degree: Psi/chology 
Heidi A Errichetto 
Shih Show Feng 
David Paul Fisher 
Nicole Elyse Friedman 
Catherine Louise Frohlich 
Brian S. Garnets 

2nd Major: Finance 
Susan Lynne Gibson 
Matthew Warren Glyder 
Vivian T. Go 
Karen Alisha Goldstein 
Michael Carroll Groft 

Sharon Louise Gross 
Radilyn B. Guansing 
Scott A. Heppe 
Joshua Meyer Herbst 
Keith Lee Hiller+ 

2nd Major: Finance 
Brett Jason Hoffman 
John Lowndes Hooley 
Seung W. Kim 
Shin J. Kim 

2nd Degree: East Asian 

Language and Literature 
Permy M. Klein^ 

2nd Degree: Economics 
Cary Lee Krefetz 
Jeffrey H. Kreshtool 
Teh-Lun Ku+ 

2nd Major: Finance 
Eva Lam 
Heather A. Lee 
Jeng-Sheng Lee 
Michelle Sunmin Lee 
Seung Jae Lee 
Wai-Ting Patrick Lee 
Jeffrey Howard Lewis 
Torance Lamont LeSane 
Chang Ted Li 
Alvi Wei-Meng Lim 
Lihua Liu 
Jared Scott Luria* 
Gerald Daniel MahoneyS 
Elizabeth E. Marciani 
Justin Stuart McCabe 
Kaye Louise McCally 
Andrew John McDowell 
Andrea Mcintosh 
Robert Stephen Medlock 
Kent David Miller 
Kyle Louis Moffatt 
Sharon Michele MonteUaro 
Erin Michelle Murphy 


§ Summa cum Laude f Magna cum Laude ' cum Laude 

Sri Latha Nair''' 
Robin Eileen Nearman 
Sui Po Ng 

2nd Major: Finance 
Van Nhi Thi Nguyen 
Kevin E Okim 
Dan H. Park 

Michelle Jeanette Parsons 
Kervneth Noel Plasse* 
Stephanie Lauren Port 
Michael Scott Preston 
Maria Theresa Puyot 
Brenda G. Ramos Soegaard 
Seoung Tae Rhim 

2ud Major: Finance 
Rebecca Dawn Rodgers 
Melissa Lee Rooney 
Timothy R. Rose Jr. 
Brian M. Rosenfelt 
Elizabeth Arvne Rostant ' 
Michael Wayne Roy 
Juaruta Walker Russell§ 
John Issa Sakhle ' 
Jennifer Denise Sarajian 
Elizabeth Sophie Sarate 

2nd Major: Finance 
Kimberly A Scholle 
Tracie Lynn Schwartz 
Phally Sem 
Jarma Elise Short 
Bindi Oodaye Shukia* 
Thomas Edward Simmons 

2nd Degree: Criminology and 

Criminal Justice 
John Coleman Skinner 
Barbara G. Slipakoff 
Pauline So 
Lisa Nicole Stark 
Chang Woo Suh 
Eric Richard Tremont 
Christina Marie VanSlycke 

Felino Andra Vaughn 
Alexander Veizis 
Pietro Antonio ViH 
Bess Vicki Vouzikas 
Linda Joy Walsh 
Gerald Frederick Warga II 
Anthony Wade Watson 
Twaligh Yolonda Watson 

2nd Major: Production 

Joseph Phillip Widmar 
LeRoy Thurston Wilcox III 
Kimberly Elizabeth Wilkinson 
Mary Lee Wong 
Ru Yang 
Suzanne Znamirowskis 


Jason Marc Abrams 

2nd Major: Accounting 
Aderinola Olugbeminiy Adeoye 
Michael Eugene Allen 
Lawrence Noe Almengor 

2nd Major: General Business 

and Management 
Joseph Michael Battagliese 
Scott Nicholas Beatty 
Marcy Suzanne Beloff 
Amy Bernard 
Eric Jerold Buhrman 
Mei Bo Chan 
Sudhir Chand 

2nd Degree: French Language 

and Literature 
Ross Phillip Charkatz 
Sean Patrick Corridon 
Lina S. Criales 
Michael M. Davidov 
Todd Avery Drumgoole 
Ertugrul Durdag* 
Brian James Dyke 

Jennifer Lynn Feddor 

2nd Major: Marketing 
Michael Justin Feltz 
Ryan Maughan Fleming 
Amy Marie Frederick 
Steffen Frey 
Sergio Xavier Galindo 
Sonal N. Gandhi" 
Lily J. Giannini 

2nd Degree: Criminology and 

Criminal Justice 
Jerome Frank Giganti 

2nd Major: Logistics and 

Malcolm Scott Gillian 
Dana Beth Goldman 
Darren Marc Graff 
Corey Vaughan Green 
Toni Denise Green 
Matthew Luis Harding 
David Paul Heckman 
Valerie Clair Hickok 
Evan David Hoffrichter 
Julie Anne HughesS 

2nd Degree: Russian Language 

and Literature 
Neeta Hukmani 
Keith Anthony Jones 
William Joseph Julian 

2nd Major: Marketing 
Gene Jung 

2nd Degree: English Language 

and Literature 
Kristen Rebeca Kaczmark 
Bryna Gail Kaplan 
loannis N Karagiannis 
Mony Keo 
Eun Young Kim 
James Raymond King 
Matthew H. Klein 
Sumanfh Chepur Krishnamurthy 

Victoria G. La Rock 
Jeffrey Scott Langbaum 
Michael John Lau 
Grace H. Lee 
Giovanni Levato 

2nd Major: General Business 

and Management 
June Huang Lin 
Jason Alexander Lipka 
Kuang Lin Liu 
Tomiko Marshall 
M. Gregory McCreight' 

2nd Degree: Economics 
Heather Jean McGlone 
Theodore Joseph Merkle III 
Richard Jeremy Miller 

2nd Major: Management 

Science and Statistics 
Diane Jeanne Mizell' 
Christopher Patrick Moyer 
Pablo Javier Musalem 

2nd Major: Economics 
Julie Barbara Norton 

2nd Major: Marketing 
Lori Marie Owens 
Kristina Yongju Park 
Mark David Pesanelli 
Ali Poumader 
Laurie Elizabeth Pozruak 

2nd Major: General Business 

and Management 
Jason Matthew Pressman'' 
Christopher Milton Pugh 
Sarah Adjoa Quaynor 

2nd Degree: Management 

Science and Statistics 
Lenore Marie Racanelli 
Richard Andrew Ripa 
Marc R. Rosenthal 
John Munier Saad 
Lorel Angela Sanchez 


§ Summa cum iMude t Magna cum Laude *cumlMude 



N D E R G R A D V 

D E C". R E E S 

1 9 9 S 

Marc Benjamin Schulder 

2nd Major: Marketing 
Karen Cummings Snyder 

2nd Major: General Business 

and Management 
Kathleen A Sorbie 
Shara Ileen StaUer* 
David James Staudt 
Yolonda Yvette Stradford 
Eric Joseph Struntz 
Patty Thoedkiert 

2nd Major: Logistics and 

Michael James Van Oss 
Troy Rawlin Vickerie 
Paul Waclawsky 
Ming-Tsung Wang 
Cherice Anjanette White 
Jason Paul White 
Harry Karsa Witjaksana 
Kevin Michael Wolohan 

2nd Major: Accounting 
Michael Richard Wright* 
Jennifer C. Yaen 

2nd Major: Marketing 
Midori Yagi 
David Conrad Zahrobsky 

2nd Degree: German Language 

and Literature 

General Business and 

Douglas Winston Alion Jr. 
Roz Christina Anderson ' 

2nd Major: French Language 

and Literature 
Marianne Hyang Nam Brackney 
Laura Lee Brode 
Suzanne Bums 

2nd Degree: Marketing 
Young Sam Chin 

Susanna Sum Sum Choy 

2nd Major: Afro-American 

Lora Jeanne Cottrell 

2nd Major: Spanisli language 

and Literature 
Ali Dastouri 
Tri Dien Do ' 

2nd Degree: Psychology 
Mark Timothy Flaherty 
Pedro Maynor Godinez 

2nd Degree: Spanish Language 

and Literature 
Seung Soo Ha 
Natasha Inga Hartmann 

2nd Major: French Language 

and Literature 
Gary Eric Herman 
Sandra X. Herrera 

2nd Major: Spanish Language 

and Literature 
Maisha Kai Herron* 
Christopher Heuvel 

2nd Degree: Logistics and 

Corey Matthew Holobetz 

2nd Major: Logistics and 

Charles Joseph Ippolito III 
Lara Hughes Jaklitsch 
Lesley Kay Johnson 
June Maureen Jones 
Brooke Preston Kakas 
Kara S. Keller 

2nd Major: Logistics and 

Stephen David Keyfauver 

2nd Degree: Logistics and 


Shari Lynn Klevens* 

2nd Degree: Criminology and 

Criminal justice 
Eric Jeffrey Komblit 

2nd Major: Logistics and 

Eric Lee 

Wai-Kin Jonas Lee 
Amy Beth Little 
Pamela Cheryl Lokeman 
Natalia Maria Domingues Luis 

2nd Degree: Marketing 
Iris Su-Chin Ma 

2nd Major: Marketing 
Dante Salvadore Marinari 111 
Jennifer Lynn Monie* 

2nd Major: Spanish Language 

and Literature 
Hang Nguyen 

2nd Major: French Language 

and Literature 
Michael Craig Nolan 
Cheryl Lynn O'Brien 

2nd Major: Human Resource 

Miriam Perez 

2nd Major: Spmnish Language 

and Literature 
Joel Larkin Perrell Jr. 

2nd Major: German Language 

and Literature 
Hooman John Piroozmand 

2nd Major: Economics 
Darlese R. Robinson 
Linda Ellen Rubin 
Nelson Ray Sanchez 

2nd Degree: Spanish Language 

& Literature 

3rd Major: Logistics and 

Michael Anthony Scalio 

Lisa R. Selleh 

2nd Major: Human Resource 

Tara Lee Shugarts 

2nd Degree: Spanish Language 

and Literature 
Sheila Rae Strain 
Dionne Ann Thomas 
Matthevif Alan Tomlinson 
Alain Shahin Vails 
Brad Ryan Weinstein 
Matthew Allison Yockman 

Human Resource Management 

Amy Lynn Bruns 
Jennifer Lynn Donnelly 
Brian David Epstein 
Pamela Ching-Yu Ho* 
Amalia Regina Kandou 

2nd Major: General Business 

and Management 
Christopher Mark Kugler 
Cheryl Lynn Laudet 
James Finley McMurry III 

2nd Major: Production 

Joseph Forrest MuUineaux 
Thais Vianna Moreira Pequefio 
Suzana Maria Pereira 
James Evan Rafel 
Carole J. Sbarra 
Gabrielle Elizabeth Smith 
EUssa Sonya Wasserman 
Judy Wing Mee Yuen 

Logistics and Transportation 

Robert John Beachley 111 
Christopher K. Chisholm 
Kevin Patrick Daly* 

2nd Major: Marketing 
Aditi T. Dorawala 

§ Summa cum Laudc t Magna cum Laude * cum iMude 


Christopher Heuvel 

2nd Degree: General Business 

and Management 
Carl Mercer Hobbs 
Stephen David Keyfauver 

2nd Degree: General Business 

and Management 
Bona Kim 
Lisa Jeayon Kim 

2nd Major: Marketing 
Daniel Alan Natkin 

2nd Major: General Business 

and Management 
Pascal Arnold Pairel 
Kathleen Marie Rhoads 

2nd Degree: Marketing 
Lori Ann Senft 

2nd Major: Human Resource 

Lee Theresa Smith 

2nd Degree: Marketing 
Stephen Christopher Van Vreede 

2nd Major: Finance 
Mark Joseph Vendittis 
Adam Joseph Walters 
Kenneth Richard Wardell 
Alan S. Weiland 
Adam Stuart Zaranski 

Management Science and 

Bradley Robb Cohen 
Michael D. Dean 
Workeneh Getachew 
Dennis Richard Grant* 
Jermifer McCafferty 
Sarah Adjoa Quaynor 

2nd Degree: Finance 
Dezi Ernesto Siliezar 

2nd Major: Finance 
Antonia Denise Smith 

2nd Major: Management 

Science & Statistics 
Patrick Edward Volpe 
Kevin Reginald Wallace 

2nd Major: Finance 
Albert Emos Whitlock 
Lai Ha Woo 
Carol Yuchi Wu 


Tiffany Geneve Allen 

2nd Major: General Business 

and Maiiagement 
Robert Morris Axenrod 

2nd Major: Logistics and 
Richard Joseph Biava 
Lisa Erica Bonneau 
Erica Sandra Brush 
Suzanne Bums 

2nd Degree: General Business 

and Management 
Connie Liao Chang 
Maureen Cunningham 
Marianne Lee Depp 
Lorena Maria Devia 
Ryan Christopher Diez 
Sassan Joshua Emral Shaool 
Joseph Albert Firetti 
Ernest P. Freeland ni 
Michele Beth Goldman 

2nd Major: General Business 

and Management 
Sara Louise Granet 

2nd Major: General Business 

and Management 
Melissa Noel Green 
Sheri Nicole Green 
Michael Patrick Guerra 
Devon Suzanne HiU 
Tamika Lucretia Hinton 

Jason Christopher Howlin 
Ursula Therese Hubschman 
Athyl Jumaine Jones 
Marianne Elizabeth Jordan 
Christine G. Kathenes* 
Todd Brandon Kilmer§ 

2nd Major: General Business 
and Management 
Stephen H. Kim 
Jason A. Langis 

2nd Major: Logistics and 
Trina Marie Lawrence* 
MicheUe D Leonard 
J. Carey Loomis 
NataUa Maria Domingues Luis 

2nd Degree: General Business 

and Management 
Carolyn Marie Martin 
Deborah Elaine May 
Raymond John McFaul Jr. 

2nd Major: Economics 
Jason Marc Meklinsky 
Albert Michael Murad 
Kristin Anne Owsiany 
Randi Marie Pannick 
Rupal Upendra Patel 
Michael Brooks Petersen 
Peter Polow Jr. 
Ariel Popel 

2nd Major: Finance 
Jodi AUssa Radzely 
Kathleen Marie Rhoads 

2nd Degree: Logistics and 

Timothy Aaron Richards 
Charanjit Singh Rivait 

2nd Major: Logistics and 

Lori Jill Schechter 
Paul Howard Sendik 

Kevin Michael Shipler 

2nd Major: Logistics and 

Larry Martin Shlachter 
Daniel George Sills^ 

2nd Major: General Business 

and Management 
Ronald WiUiam Sklamm 
Lee Theresa Smith 

2nd Degree: Logistics and 

Brett Alan Solomon 
Jimmy Rodger Tanious* 

2nd Major: General Business 

and Management 
Traci JaqueUe Tillman 

2nd Major: Logistics and 

Xina Sin-Kwan Tsui 

2nd Major: General Business 

and Management 
Brjant Lamont Turner 
Brian Kenneth Waldman 
Daniel Victor Weiss 
Shari Hope Werner 
Dawn Marie Wilson 
Nancy Ellen Wood 
Joseph Michael Yankle 
Jacob Y. ZUberbaum 

Production IManagement 

Margretha Jimenez Mata 
2nd Major: Marketing 
Jeffrey Christopher Walter 


§ Summa cum Laude f Magna cum Laude ' cum Ijtude 


U N D E R Ci R A D U A T E 


M A Y 


Bachelor of Science 


Ever Amoldo Aguilar 

David Edward Moon 
Christopher Michae Westbrook 

Compirter Science 

Scott E. Andrews 

Sanaz Arshadi 

Vimarsh Sidhartha Bakaya 

Junyan Bei 

Joy Kumar Bhattacharyya 

Richard Vincent Bradley 

Phuong My Bui 

2iid Degree: Aerospace 

Kyle Eric Campbell 
Bin C. Chen 
Eun-Mi Choi 
Saulo Lucena Coelho 
Bruce Eric Crabill 
Joel Huson Davis 
Buer Deng 
Tianshu Deng 
Yacine E)ieng 
Tejas Kanaiyalal Doshi 
Charlene Nieda Dougall 
Jeein-Marc A. Edier 
Sean Michael Egan 
Kenneth Lynn Ehresman 
Jason Benjamin ElUs 
Ori Eyal* 
Ching-Yin Fang 
Marat Fayzullin 
Sageev Thycodam George 

Hui-Fen Goh 
Peter Gordon 
Mostafa Ismaiel Hajjar 
Robert Nelson Hershey 

2nd Degree: Mathematics 
Teguh Hinanto 
Li-Ching L. Ho§ 
Sze Yuen Hong 
Geoffrey Christopher Hruska 

2nd Degree: Mathematics 
Ying-Po Hsiao 
Ming-Hsin Ramsey Hsieh 
Daniel Norman Huffman 
Gordon Edward Johnson 
Roopa Rajashekar Kailar 
Jean Sun Kim 
Sung Min Kim 
David James Kocur 
Todd Michael Kover 
Hala H. Labadi 
David Marc Lakein 
Heung-Man Lam5 
Khang Quang Le 
Nguyen Trung Le 
Wei Liu 
Ali Asad Mala 
Veronica Yvette Marshall 
Sheba Mathew 
Patricia Anne Mc Carthy 
Assaf Mendelson 
Joseph Stephen Miller 

2nd Degree: Mathematics 
Roya Mohseni 
Robert F-L Morton 
Teresa A. Narvaez 
David Michael Newbem 
Hanh Xuan Nguyen 
Haluk Mehmet Oruncak 
Ellen Trina Paik§ 
Joseph Michael Pencak 
Thanh-Tuyen Thi Phan 

Arkady Pogostkin 
Jesus Miguel Rodriguez 
Sivan Rottenstreich^ 

2nd Major: Mathematics 
Mema Demeter RoussopoulosS 
Jake Min Ryoo 
Brian P. Schmidt 
Patrick Sven Seeliger 

2nd Major: German Language 

and Literature 
David Wayne Stone 
Kashif Shahzad Tajammul 
Deepa R. Tawney 

Joong Sung Uhm 

2nd Degree: Electrical 

Vanitha Elvi Vedamuthu 
Brian Eugene Whooley 
Thomas L. Wigginton 
Penelope Kay Wong-Clayton 

2nd Degree: Electrical 

Benjamin S. Wulfe 
Huazhang Xu 
Erkan Akif Yetiskul 
Anya E. Zajaczkowska 
Hua Zhang 

2nd Major: Economics 

§ Summa cum Laude f Magna cum Laude * cum Laude 


Allan Peter de Jesus Jackson- 

Andrew John Kulp 
Jeffrey Glenn Leach 
Mee S. Lim 
Adam Charles Simon 
Meng-Wan Yeh 

2nd Degree:General 

Biological Sciences 


Keith Joseph Anderson 
Paul Benenson 
Anna Yuryevna Borovikov 
Kenneth WLUiam Brammer 
Paul Howard Brown 
Christina Lynn Burch 

2nd Degree: Biological Sciences 
John Jefferson Burch IH 
Anthony H. Chan 
Guey-Yuan Chang 
Lisa Kim D'Archangelo 
Lea Jean Gerales 
Robert Nelson Hershey 

2nd Degree: Computer Science 
Geoffrey Christopher Hruska 

2nd Degree: Computer Science 
Shannon Kathleen Keehn 
Michael William Mahoney 
Joseph Stephen Miller 

2nd Degree: Cotnputer Science 
Uri David Nobelman* 
Yaron Oren-Pines 
Ervrique Parra 

2nd Degree: Physics 
Nicole Alicia Peart 
Devin FarreU Rushing-Schurr 
Mohammad Faisal Abbas 

Michael Denton Starsinic 

Seth Benjamin Sternberg 

2nd Degree: Physics 
Karen A Thurber* 
Lonn C. Vo 

Physical Sciences 

Jawad Ahmed 

Romanus R. Berg 

Kulwinder K. Kamboj 

David James King 

Stephen Paul Klueter 

Keith Raymond Marler 

Steven Nicolosi 

Michael Alan Pierce II 

Dean PhUip Pinson 

Angela Nalini Ramroop 

Fernando Augusto Rodriguez II 

Shaju Samuel 

Bhupinder Singh Wadhwa 


Amanda L\Tin Babcock 
Manisha Harikisan Heda 
Bruce Edward Hubbard 
Michael Edward James 

2nd Major: Astronomy 
Aiul Jayanna 
Christina L\Tme Kirk 
Jeanette Gertrude Lee-Smith 
Chongsok Lee 
Robert James Moore 
Enrique Parra 

2nd Degree: Mathematics 

2nd Major: Astronomy 
Hugh Taylor Philipp 
Brinda Coorg Prasad 

2nd Major: Microbiology 
Daniel Patrick Quinlan 
Chad Stephen Riland 
James Sheu 

Seth Benjamin Sternberg 

2nd Degree: Mathematics 
Marc Jason Weatherhogg 


Bachelor of Arts 

Art Education 

Ellen Caparosa-Hanson 
Sandra J. McVicker 

Education — Music K-12 — 

Kenneth AUen Goldsborough 
Nicholas Eric Mazziott 

English Education 

Mona Jahanaz Ameen 
Vanessa A. Barone 
Amy Young Dickerson 
Andrew Patrick Finch 
J. Karen Helfrich 
Ahmed Shabeen Jafri 
Anita Michelle Jones 

2nd Major: English Language 

and Literature 
Cindy A. Millison 
Christina N. Perantonakis 

2nd Degree: English Language 

and Literature 
Mary Elizabeth SuUivanS 
EUen Susan Suls 
Joanne Gail Zemil* 

Foreign Language Education 

Sharon Elaine Burkhead 
Bridget Eileen Careyv- 
Joseline Carmen Castanos 

2nd Degree: Romance Languages 
Kathr)Ti Mary Gonter 

J. Michelle Goyert 
Monica Pacheco 

Secondaiy Education — English 
(Language Arts) — Professional 

Michelle .Antoinette Anderson 
Man,' Barbara DelRisco 
Kimberly Claire DimiceU 
Jermifer Anne Pomerance 
Jocelyn Amy Sides 

Secondary Education — Foreign 
Language — Professional 

Janis Louise Comell-DeMoss 
Melissa Rose Cramer'^ 
Robert Lewis Gensler Jr. 
Heather Anne Jakniunas 
Paola Roberta ScazzoU* 

Secondary Education — Social 
Stud ies — Prof essiona I 

Kristin Erin Barrett 

Robert Dominic Ferrante 

William Todd Hawkins 

Brian Charles Raab 

Laura Ann Sarantis 

Kevin Matthew O'Neill Shindel 

Jennifer Jane West 

Secondary Education — Speech 
Education — Professional 

Melissa Brooke Luroe 

Secondary Education — Theatre 
and English — Professional 

Maurev Jean Lancaster 

Secondary Education — Art — 

Kristen Rae Humelsine 
Elizabeth Ann Johnson 

§ Summacum Laude t Magna cum Lawk * cum Laude 

N D 1 D A T E S 




M A Y 

1 9 9 '. 

Jill Stacy Kamenetz 
Nicole Alexandra Motruk 

Social Studies Education 

Richard Allen Baker 
Elizabeth Kristine Rea 

Speech and English Education 

Elizabeth Arm King 

Bachelor of Science 

Art Education 

Cynthia Ann Jones 
Kevin Michael Richter 

Business Education 

Gina L. Roebuck-Lamar 

Early Childhood Education — 

Amy Jo Goodman 
Ashley Marie Hutchins 
Laurie Anne Lynn 
Sara Bruce McCraw 

Earty Childhood Education 

Kimberly Lynn Aldridge 
Ann-Marie Alvino 
Haeshin Choi 
Judith Aime Fanuele 

2nd Major: Psychology 
Lucia Mei-Man Hsen 
Erin Marie Robinson 

Elementary Education 

Kathleen Kay Anderson 
Margaret Aline Barrett 
Raylene Bastacky 
Dena Michelle Bimberg 
Valerie Denise Bussey 
Caroline EunKyung Cho 

Amy Elizabeth Coe 
Charleen Marie Corrado^ 
Susan Lynn Dilley 
Maureen Anne Donnelly 
Kimberly Lynn Eagan 
Candice Sue Earp 
Andrea Renee EUison 
Keir Feldman 
Andra Joy Gluck 
Andrew Edson Gottlieb 
JoJin Phillip Green 
Erin Melanie Haber 
Katherine Alene Hill 
LeAnn Joy Howard 
Sharon Sarah Kende 
Karin Renee Kling* 
Lori Jane Langley 
Sharon Louise Lawrence 
Rebecca Toby Lieb 
Karen Irene Muffley 
Michelle Diane Murphy 
Linda Frances Murray 
Jessica Lynn Neufeld 
Stacey Lynn Packman 
Matthew Lee Ritter 
Steffi B. Schopick 
Allison Schupak 
Michelle Beth Smith 
Michelle Leigh Smith 
Theresa Anne Terhorst 
Tracy Lyime Tucker 
Daphne Geraldine Vasquez 
Lori Elise Wilen 

Elementary Education — 

Karen Joan Allen 
Veronica Pilar Amaguana 
Margaret Berkery Amedeo* 
Kirsten Hayes Aubinoe 
Kenneth Collin Bell''' 

Kimberly Anne Bolinger 
Rochelle Renae Briggs 
Deborah Marie Burtnick 
Jenifer Sue Chesnek 
Iris Hope Cohen 
Lori Leigh Coleman 
Christine Renee Deskevich 
Thelma Lenora Drummond 
Jeanine Marie Fawcett 
Jill Michele Fishman 
Robert Cole Fleming 
Jennifer Sue Gilson 
Sherry Lynne Greve 
Tamara Marie Hilton 
Sheila Marie Hines 
Helen Hong 
Clinton Joseph Howard 
Jennifer Lynn HoweS 
Heather Ann Hunsicker 
Sharon Lindsay Julien 
Sharleen Renee Klein 
Nicole Lyrm Koenig 
Jeanne Marie McAleavey 
Brenda Lynn McDonald 
Heather Ann McKeown 
Ross Harlow Mills 
Kathleen Theresa Phillips 
Jennifer Lynn Rottmund 
Franni Lynn Saval 
Paul Albert Schaefer Jr. 
Karen Rachel Shub 
Cynthia May Stopak 
Shanyn Lee Straub 
Jennifer Lynn Traggorth 
Audra Marie Weber 
Olive Augusta White 
Pamela M. Wilhelm 
Kelly Lane Willcockson 
Angelina Lopez Woods 

Industrial Technology 

Rita Kemacs 

Anthony Temujin Krikoriantz 
Matthew John Plumer 
Clifford Hubert Rodell 

Mathematics Education 

Jennifer Arme Baker 
Renee Lyrm DeBalso 
Karl Frederick Kraus 

Music Education 

Lincoln Cobbins III 
Michelle Ann Reckeweg 
Judith Elaine Templeton'' 

Science Education 

Lisa R. Davis 
Matthew James Lane 
Kimberly Marie Libby 
Amy Joy Robertson 

2nd Degree: Biological Sciences 
Robin Michelle Solomon 
Jay Marc Towsend 

Secondary Education — 
Science — Professional 

Mary E. Acholonu 

John Christopher Lysinger 

Donna Lyrm Obermeier 

Secondary Education — 
Social Studies — Professional 

Nicole Leigh Duffy 
Kevin Gregory Horkan 
Ryan Mitchell McCray 

Secondary Education — 
Art — Professional 

Christine Marie DiMisa 
Barbara Lemke Jaap 
Deborah Sue Kravitz Yanoff 

§ Summa cum Laude f Magna cum Laude * cum Laude 




I' A R K 

Secondary Education — 
Mathematics — Professional 

Ellen Ann Marinow 
Kerri Saunders Teal! 

Social Studies Education 

Rvan James Imbriale 
Patricia Lee Marsden* 
Birgit Ellen Peterson^ 

2nd Degree: Geography 
Merritt Anne Waske)'* 

Special Education 

Kimberly Ann Ameson 

Patricia Julia Bakunas* 

Lisa Carol Herman 

Jacqueline Maryse CaldweU 

Michelle Suzanne Chapin 

Amy Smith Farrell 

Elisa Wendy Glickman 

Michele Lee Gray 

Bonnie Marie Keller 

Kristie Ann Kime 

Belle Shime Kuboyama 

Kara Michelle Lando 

Jennifer Marie Leopard 

Meredith Ann Lowman* 

Ann Kristen Masengarb* 

Michelle Lee Price 

Carol\Tm Anne Prout 

Joan Marie Lecompte Robertson 

Pamela Arm White ' 

Vocational-Technical Education 

Aaron Eugene Schmidt 


Bachelor of Science 

Undesignated Engineering 

Marcus Arnold BurreU 

Wilson Lau 
Virginia Lynn Smith 
John Albert White 

Aerospace Engineering 

Carl William Blake 
Phuong My Bui 

2nd Degree: Computer Scietice 
Jennifer Ayn Curran 
Garland Lee Dixon Jr. 
Pete Michael Ferraro 
Eric Bruce Herget 
John D. Koch 
Christopher Noel Lash 
Erwin D. Mascardo 
Michael Lynn Miner 
Long Ngoc Nguyen 
Alan Carter Pentz 

2nd Degree: Mechanical 

John Stephen Pope 
Scott Edward Reedy 
Michael Ramon Savoy 
Andrea Dwadash Shreni 
Mark Vaclav Solfronk 
Daniel Vincent Stasulli 
Jon Robert Velapoldi 
Andrew Scott Zumbrum 

Agricultural Engineering — 
Biological Resources 

Jacqueline Marie Fiehler* 
Douglas John Alan White 

Chemical Engineering 

Chris Wayne Area 

Himadri Bhattacharya 

Monica Chopra 

Michael Philip Colaianni^ 

Jermifer Lynn Collins 

Chad Joseph Dally 

Gail Louise Dempsey 

Olugbenga Olawale Famodu 

Kirill Feldman 

Russell Wilbur Foulke 

Jose R. Garcia 

Ronald Edward Gill 

Nisha Gilra* 

Rebecca Lvti Graybill 

Jennifer Lvnn Helstowski 

Merance A. Jacaruso 

Charles Alan Jett 

Andrew Quiachon Jumento 

Harrison Q. Le '^ 

Catherine Piper LesesneS 

Shruti Mantri 

Colleen Diane Merritt 

Ann Monis* 

Nadeem Saeed 

Vincent Christian Samek 

Thomas Edward Schelling 

Heather Schmidt 

Eric Charles Schrader 

Alice Y. Sesay 

Anthony Albert White* 

2nd Degree: Chemistry 
Keisha Michele Wilson 
Suna Yi 
Mitri Habib Zaidan 

Cm\ Engineering 

Christina Tadle Contreras 
Eileen Theresa Coyle 
Kemal Francis Eralp 
Steven Neal Gabriszeski 

Kathleen Ann Hall 
Loraine Michelle Hirz 
Humberto Ho 
Stephen Patrick Hoffman 
Jeremy D. Holder* 
A. K. Rashedul Hoq 
Projjwal Khadka 
Niki Marina Kopsidas 
William Kruzel 
Ryan Jay Lampel 
Mark Henr)' Liau 
William Anthony Lopez 
Michael Salvatore Marsala 
Katherine Irene McMahon 
Robert Stephen MeUo 
Robert Anthony O'Berry 
Kelvin Eugene Robinson 
Neil Courtney Robinson 
Dennis James Sanschagrin 
Tanvinder Kaur Skiba* 
Barr\' Conley Smith 
Scott Edward Szympruch 
Ross Mitchell Tabachow 
Gustavo Adolfo Taborda 
Vien Minh Thai 
Christopher David Wells 
Gregory Allan Wfhite 
Car)'n Gae Williams 
Mikhail Yelovich 

Electrical Engineering 

Charles Lenier Alley 

Kiran Radhakrishna Armavarapu 

Hammad Ahmad Awan ' 

Julia Banh 

Ian Paul Barber* 

Da\id K. Bearden 

Marcel Oscar Bell 

Elizabeth Dawn Bosshard 

Kvle Loren Bostian 

Robert Dale Bourque 


§ Summa cum Laude f Magna cum Jjiude 'cumLaude 






19 9 5 

John Matthew Carstens 

Juliet Magnaye Casanova 

Kai Chu Chan 

Abhay Kumar Chaudhari 

Duo Chen 

Michelle Sien-Yee Chen 

Calvin Yoonsang Choi 

Paul Christopher Curto* 

Chris Blaine Daniel 

Timothy Paul Doyle 

Alexander Isidro Escobedo 

Wei-Xuan Feng 

Nilanthi Immacula Fernando 

Glenn George Flick 

Joseph Angelo Foschetti 

John Steven Godfrey 

Judy GoldmanS 

Samuel Alfred Gray 111 

Richard Simon Green 

Ruth Gar\' Gresser 

Omar Ayed Haddad ' 

Steve Wayne Haga 

Peter Haloftis 

Steven Lindh Hamilton 

Peeraboon Hongladarom 

XiJ. Huang 

Colin Ashton Husbands 

Asaf Inbar 

James Newton Jenkins* 

Russell Andrew Johnson 

Thomas Michael Johnston 

Ellen Eunjoo Kang 

Dae Song Kim 

Joanne Heejeong Kim 

Juliana Seungyeol Kim 

Julie Ann Kizer 

John S. Kwon 

Cathelene P. Laguerre 

Kevin Martin Lascola* 

Mai Phuong Le 

Kin Yeung Lee 

2tid Major: Computer Science 
Robert H. Lee 
Quan Cat Luu 
Khalid Mansoor 
Nay Aimg Maung 
Roland Frederick McCullough 
Angela Patria Miller 
Darren Todd Mock 
Kevin Patrick Newgent 
Ductho Dinh Ngo 
Jeffrey Minh Tri Nguyen 
Tina V. Nguyen 
Aung Maw Oo 
Loay Salah Oweis 
Jigar Kirtikumar Pancholi 
Jonathan Anthony Papillo 
Martin D. Paredes 
Nirmalshyam Parikh 
Kanisha Kanu Patel 
Vikas Navinchandra Patel 
Chamchai Pluempitiwiriyawejs 
Sridhar P. Rao 
Theresa Lyn Richter 
Ah T. Saleh 

Paramjeet Singh Sammi 
Anurag Saran' 

2nd Major: Computer Science 
Soma Sau* 

Robert Wayne Schaeffer 
Terry Lynn Shampoe 
James Lee Shands 
Stephen M. Sing 
Brian Kelly Smith 
Michele Anne Smith 
Amy Elizabeth C. Stewart 
Michael Louis Straub 
Gregory David Surbeck* 
Jed Andrew Sutton 
Lamar Soul Taylor 
HaUe Abaye Tekle 

Samuel Steven Thompson 

Kim Ngoc Tran 

Paul Tran 

Rung-Kai Ronald Tsay 

Joong Svmg Uhm 

2nd Degree: Computer Science 
William Ray Upton Jr 
Michael Keith van den Berg 
Steven Robert Weisman 
Scott Wayne Wettengel 
James William Willis 
Richard Brock Witmer 
Lucas Aaron Womackt 
Penelope Kay Wong-Clayton 

2nd Degree: Computer Science 
Sze-Hong Yau 

2nd Major: Computer Science 
Drake C. Yi 

Jeffrey Joonnyong Yoon* 
Gary Arthur Young 
Panayiotis Georgiou Zaphiris 

Fire Protection Engineering 

Bruce Lee Abell 
Koyeli De 

Richard Matthew DiMisa 
Christian Dubay 
Christopher Alan Fiedler 
Charles Edwin Gerschefski 
Anthony Jude Militello 
Sau-Man Lily Shen 
Douglas Davis Snyder 

Mechanical Engineering 

Jolm Leslie Adelsberger 
Anas Benkirane 
Joseph Clifton Best III 
John Michael Bird 
Deborah Beth Blyveis 
Michael Patrick Boyle 
Michael John Brennan 

Andrew Douglas Bulgin* 

Joseph Noel Alvarez Cabrera 

Robert A. Cerbone 

John Michael Chaplin 

Ryan Andre Chenevert 

Peggy K. Chiu 

Martin Brokner Christiansen 

David Michael Comfort 

Jonathan Damon Crill 

Kirk Gordon Davis 

Robin Octavia Evans 

Pejman Fakhri-Yazdi 

Pierre Habib Fayad 

Aaron Stefan Frazier 

Christopher Hans Fromherz 

Douglas Paul Giancoli 

Philip McAllester Goodwin 111 

Scott Alexander Gorin 

Marcus Brian Howell 

Huger Manuel Huamani 

Stefanie Ann Jago 

Amita Jain 

Mark Edward Johnson 

Anthony Joseph Josephson Jr. 

Melissa Lynn Judd 

Jason Scott Kiddy 

Baek Soo Kim 

Christian I. Kim 

Sung Jin Kim 

Wendy Ellen Krieg 

Lin Zhong Lee 

Sheri Lynn Lester 

Han Suk Lim 

Yu-Lun Lin 

Aric Landon Line 

Glenn Philip Livingston 

David Jesse Warren Lovinger 

Dunstan Laurence Daniel 

Macauley III 
Huong Quynh Mai 
Amir A. Manuar 

§ Summa cum iMude t Magna cum iMude * cum iMude 


James Mathew Marsh 
Timothy Meeks 
William Lee Miller 
Sheila Mortazavi* 
Kevin Michael Mulcahy 
Angus Daniel Murphy 
Calvin T. Mylnt 
Trung Tan Nguyen 
Derek Joseph Noppenberger 
Michael John Papadopoulos ' 
James Edvi'ard Paul 
Richard Christian Pelle Jr. 
Alan Carter Pentz 

2iid Degree: Aerospace 

Jack Parker Pereschuk 
Michael Joseph Perkins 
Desmond Christopher Peyton 
William Calhoun Phelps 
Joseph Chester Poindexter 
Dawn Marie Poole 
Jacob Ravi Poulose* 
Etty Aura Ratzker 
Robert Allen Read II 
Rafael-Omar Reid 
Richard Andrew Renich 
Johnathan Andrew Reno 
Jay Scott Ross 
Roberto Jose Rubi 
George Michael Saunders Jr. 
Kenneth E. Savisaar 
Cecily Ann Scarpelli 
James Richard Schmidt Jr. ' 
Daniel S. Shapiro 
Rashmi K. Sharma 
Surendra Kumar Shrestha 
Wing Yin Siu 
Travis Peter Steinmetz 
Rena Surana 

Christopher Przemyslav Sychlovy 
Charles Walter Thomas Jr. 

Tai-Chia Tuan* 
Alan Kendrick Walker 
Adam Michael Ward 
Jordan Thomas Wilkerson 
HalUe Russell Williams 
Craig Alan Wilson 
Mekonen B. Woldearagaye 
James Michael Womick 
Calvin C. Yeung 
Alex Chilap Yuen 


Bachelor of Science 

Family Studies 

Nisa Karen Bazensky 
Rachel Donelson Bums 
Michelle Lynn Bussink 
Tracy Lynn Cherry 
Jennifer Lynn Gilmore 
Sarina Yael Godin 
Susan Jayne Goldstein 
Randi Beth Hershkowitz 
Marci Leigh Honsfead* 
Stephanie Katz 
Tamara S. Katz 
Keri Rene Kessler 
Leslie Tara Leon 
Cecelia Julianna Norman 
Anastasia Lee Pottinger 
Melissa Robyn Stemlieb 
Carrie Leigh Swantkowski 
Eileen Cheryl Trop 
Parrish Lefon Wiggins 
Nicole Trene Wilson 
Deborah Anne Woodend 

Health Education 

D. Brooks Barlow* 
Stephanie Marie Ennulat 
Candis Rosalind Fratkin^ 
Lela Beth Gould 
Melissa Gail Mitchell 
Lisa Beth Nissman 
Charlene Kay Strege 
Billie Jo Thompson 
Roshanthi Kumari 

Kinesiological Sciences 

Ted D. Abramson 
Lydia Mofid Badra 
Jeffrey Douglas Brown 
Kevin C. Brown 
Todd A. Daniel 
Chad Duchon 
Elizabeth Kara Elder 
Stefanie Jo Fichthom 
Jermifer Helen Fisher 
Debra A. French 
Alberto Antonio Fuentes 11* 
Erin Rosaire Gallagher 
Dana Lea GoldanS 
David Michael Hack 
Teresa Dawn Hammond 
Jeffrey Wilson Kirby 
Shayne Gara Kohn 
Trish P. Kosloff* 
Jennifer Beth Kracower 
Charles Nicholas Krome 
Emily Fran LaBathe* 
Jennifer Ann Lebsock ' 
Tara Kim Moshe 
Kelvin Shigeyuki Oie 
Patricia Joy Parichy 
David Raymond Peterson 
David Christopher Pritzlaff 
Gauri Raheja 

Jason Barry Rodenhaver 
Tanya Y. Rudziak 
Suzie M. Salem 
Scott Michael Saveleski 
Scott Alexander Seelman 
Bryan H. Sherman 
Adam Henry Silver 
Elissa Linda Thompson 
Kimberley J. Thompson 
Robin Lynn Truiett 
Patricia May Veitch 
Michael Edward Vollmer Jr. 
Angela Lynn Wakefield* 
Jahmal Louis Webster 
Brian Justin Wechter 
Adam Lee Werdenschlag 
Kori Jean Wyngaard 

Physical Education 

John Joseph Angelotti' 
Denise Del Vecchio Collins* 
David Joseph Crimmins 
Linda Maria Henson 
Richard Gallant House 
Jodi Lynn Trupo 


Michael Aubrey Cain 
Matthew Warren Corley 
Adam Pratt 
Heidi Zeva Joy Vexler 


Bachelor of Science 

Consumer Economics 

Scott Nathan Levy 
Lisa Patrice Proctor 


§ Summa cum Laude t Magna cum Laude 'cumLaude 



M A Y 

19 9 5 


Quintina Beth Georg 
Consuella Renee Matthews 
Lisa Jae Storch 

Family Studies 

Charles Matthew Auburger 
Stefanie Faith Bloom 
Lisa Marie Brown 
Charles Worthington BuUen 
Karen Teresa Crisafulli 
Lara Nina Escott 
Susan Rachel Franco 
Martha Ann Gover 
Lisa Beth Greenberg 
Julie Ann Greenstein 
Karen E. Katrinic-Gardner 
Kelly Robin Kishter 
Kathleen Ruth Looney 
Beth Mallow* 
Jennifer Fran Meyer 
Erica Nicole Mitchell 
Doris Parent 
Denise Ann Perry 
Jonathan Daniel Reader 
Alan Parungao Santos 
Amy L. Schubert 
Amie P. Singer 
Jodi Lynn Snyder 
Shahin R. Vafai 
Melissa Weinert 
Stacy L. Yorkes 

Human Nutrition and Foods 

Douglas Alan Hosack 

2nd Degree: Biological Sciences 
Sonal Sapra 

Management and Consumer 

Kimberly Louise Augustine 

Textile Marketing/Fashion 

Annora Kathleen Borden 
Linda Eileen Broadway 
Linda Maria Cameiro-Mark 
Elizabeth Jeanne Frederick 
Marsha Guppy 
Judy M. Kim 
Heather Anne Knight^ 
Tamiko White 


Bachelor of Arts 


Keith Stanton Abemethy 
Alex David Aboud 
Ashley Arm Adams 
Karen La Von Bonner 
Katherine Joann Bonner 
Meredith Aimee Boylan 
Ana Maria Breton 
Marcy Suzarvne Brown 
Jill Pamela Bussin 
Mathina Ruth Carkci 
Robert Kriegel Carlin 
Maribeth Tobin Carroll 
Susan Gallup Cartier 
Amy Marie Castleberry 
Amit Dilip Chitre 
Allyson Hope Chmar 
Jennifer Marie Christman 
Shana Diane Cochrane§ 
Lisa Marie Corriggio 
Eileen F. Costa 

2nd Degree: Art Studio 
Lynette Stacey Cox 
Kathryn Cunningham 
Heather Lynn Davis 
Anita Louise Denning 

Aileen Yap Evangelista 
Judith Ilene Feinberg* 

2nd Degree: English Language 

and Literature 
Jessica Ann Feldman 
Joyann Natasha Forde 
Heather Jeanne Frederick 
Donna Freydkin 
Jennifer Shana Gerstein 
Geivna Dawn Goldberg 

2nd Major: Women's Studies 
Michael Stephen Goldsmith 
Neil Louis Goldstein 
Kimberly Robyn Green 
Laura Rachel Green 
Lara Elizabeth Grubich 
Glen Christopher Hardesty 
Jennifer Lee Harrell 
Lorelei K. Harris 
Jamison Lee Hensley 
Kelly Heyboer" 
Susan Marjorie Hidalgo 
Alexander George Hobson 
Christina Marie Huston 
Kimberly Ann Hynes 
Lindsey Jacobs 
Evan Matthew Jaffe 
Jeneba Jalloh 
Trena Nicole Johnson 
Gina Jun 

2nd Degree: Psychology 
Catherine Margaret Kerley 

2nd Major: Spanish Language 

and Literature 
Michael Scott Klein 
Niki Aristidis Kopsidas 
Philip D. Komreich 
Holly Rebecca Laser 
Edward K. Lee 
Lori Carole Levy 
Patricia Eileen Logue 

Hong-Loan Thi Luu 
Sharon Anne Lyons 
Tanisha Elon Mallett 
Anthony Robert Mattia n 
Yvonne J. Medley 
Jaymee Kim Messier 
Christopher Michael Meyers 
Gerald Jude Mizejewski Jr. 
Christopher Allan Moline 
Shanon Denetra Murray 
Shana Elyse Myers 
Chizuko Nakamura 
Kelly Denise Nolan 
Katie Bridget O'Brien 
Ezra Olman 
Matilde L. Ott 
Lisa Marie Payne 
Monica Renee' Payne 
David Michael Petrick 
Carrie Lynn Podles 
Jermifer Lynn Randall 
Michele Lynn Rest 
Hulda Toque Romero 
Lisa Michelle Rosenburg 
Joetta Lynn Sack 
Guillermo Sanchez 
Dawn Erin Schiffman 
Lara Lynne Schneider 
Jermifer Anne Schorr 
Karen Lyn Sedley 
Patrick James Sharmon 
Rebecca Dee Sher 
Cynthia S. Smith 
Laurie Beth Solomon 
Katina Rae Stapleton* 
Dana Eve Steinberg 
Laura Jean Steinbruckner 
April Lin Stevenson 
Robin Leslie Tallant 
Lainie Michele Tanner 
Sarah Jean Thomas 

§ Summa cum Laude t Magna cum iMude * cum tjiude 



I' A R K 

Travis James Thurston 

Sherry P. Trust 

Alisa Amy Tryson 

Cari Lynn Ugent 

Ann Marie Vallandingham 

Lori Anne Van Lonkhuyzen 

Joshua David Voluck 

2nd Major: Psychology 
Edward A. Walls 
Andrew Creighton Weaver 
Cathy Marie Wiley 
Brian Setterstrom Witte 

2rid Degree: English Language 

and Literature 
Eun Yang 
Lisa Robin Zitomer 
Julie M. Zuber 
Vicki Zwiebel 

Bachelor of Science 


Patrissa Faith Carmichael 
Kerri Denise Howard 
Christopher Jeffrey Lawrence 
Angela Ranaudo 
Margaret Noonan Reed 
Raymond Michael Smith 
Edgar Francis Salud Villongco 


Bachelor of Science 


Laura lyahen Bailey 
Michael Wayne Barwick 
Kevin Weiche Chang 

2nd Degree: Biological Sciences 
Betty Chou* 

2nd Degree: Biological Sciences 

Thomas Jason DruzgalS 

2nd Degree: Biological Sciences 
Christopher David Durachka 
Shabnam Foroughi 
Mark Hong Forrester 
Charles Andrew Fox* 
John Dimas Guzman 
George Smoot Harris II 

2iid Degree: Biological Sciences 
Dennis Anthony Huie 
Ibtihal O. Ibrahim 
Zena Kadija JaUoh 
Allison Marsha JoJmson 
Dana Yolanda Johnson 
Shannon Ann Keller 
Nam Kwon Kim 
Vincent T. Lee* 
Wendy Lee 
Imad T. Madanat 
Steven Todd McGlynn 
Viseth Ngauy 

2nd Degree: English Language 

and Literature 
Linda Thao Nguyen 
Ijeoma Obilo Nwaeze 
John D. Pierce III 
Milad Lali Pooran 
Eric Brett Radler* 
Bhupinder Singh* 
Matthew Jay Soltis 

2nd Degree: Biological Sciences 
Catherine Rachel Steerman* 
Vathana Edvi Vedamuthu 
Erik Christian Von Rosenvinge 
Tricia Renee Welsh 
Marshalee Ana-Kay Williams 
Thomas Michael Williams 

Biological Sciences 

Shalini Ahuja 

Mark Gregory Anzalone 

Rebecca Lynn Appel 
Dan Eytan Arking 
Humphrey Odei Atiemo 
Mirza NusrutuUah Baig 
Katherine Balk 
Megan Day Barnes 
David Gregory Belloso 
Carlen Louise Bird 
James M. Brock 

2nd Degree: Zoology 
Lynn Sharron Brooks 
Steven James Bumgamer 
Christina Lynn Burch* 

2nd Degree: Mathematics 
Bridget Renee Byers 
Ronald Keith Byrd Jr. 
Guy Joseph Caiafa 
Deana Louise Cairo 
Sean Michael Carhart 
Gaylen LaDrexale Carpenter 
Thomas West Chambers 
Kevin Weiche Chang 

2nd Degree: Biochemistry 
Alok Chawla 
PhyUs Maria Chedester 
Melody Angela Chen 
Mary Cho 
Jyoti Chopra 
Betty Chou* 

2nd Degree: Biochemistry 
Angela Chu 
Holly Marie Clifton 
Gregory Stephen Clune 
Gregory Shawn Coakley 
Marsha Danhira Criscio 
Stephen Tyler Crowe 
Lili Vivian Crymes 
Katherine Elizabeth CuUison 
Robert Todd Davis 
Kimberly Ann De Ore 
Javier F. Descalzi 

Ruby Dey 

Kimberly Anne DeMarco 

Alexandre Jose Jorge DeSeabra III 

Inna Dijour 

Mara Yefim Dinits 

Lynn A. Doolan 

Thomas Jason DruzgalS 

2nd Degree: Biochemistry 
Theresa Dawn Duley 
Marianne Elizabeth Dutton 
Michael Allen Elms 
Jeffrey James Eubinag 
Frederick Guy Farah 
Michael Darren Ferguson 
Sean Adam Fischer 
Sean Jarrod Fleming 
Sean C. Fuerst 
Sanjay Pankaj Gandhi 
Michael Brandt Gam 
Allison Loma George 
Ali Ghorhani 
Aneerban Ari Ghosal 
Cyril Eustace Gillman 
Randi Pamela Goldblatt 
Matthew David Goodman 
Laura Anne Govemale 
Sean Patrick Grady 
Lauren Ann Grasso* 
Sonia Maria Grebogi 
Poonam Lata Gutt* 
Tueho Han 

Christopher Ross Hardy* 
George Smoot Harris II 

2nd Degree: Biochemistry 
Gregory John Herman 
Stephanie Ruth Hervert 
Douglas Alan Hosack 

2nd Degree: Human Nutrition 

and Foods 
Steven William Hunt 
Sung Won Hwang 


§ Summa cum Laude f Magna cum Laude 'cumLaude 

N D I D 



Terri LaShawn Ivory 
Rashad Malik Jefferson 
Deepa Jhaveri 
Allen Jayakumar Job 
Kory Russel Johnson 
Erin O. Jones 
Balvinder Kaur Kainth 
Nnenna Nwocha Kalu 
Padmini Kaushal 
William Joseph Keating III 
Jin H. Kim 
Joon H. Kim 
Alexandra Kirtinitis 
James Allen Kodak 
Mikhail V. Krasnokutsky 
Michelle A. Kratz-Zimmerman 
Loic 01i\'ier Kreitmann 
Hye Yeong Kwon 
Phuoc Le 
Chinha Lee* 
Brian M. Levin 
Yingqi Liang 
Chung Hsian Lin 
Nancy Lin 

Maritsa Christina Lohere 
William Otis Love III 
Richard Vu-Anh Ly 
Lisa Mackowiak 
Lynn Allison Mahaffy 
Yohannes Mahtemework 
Mark Ammaan Major 
Susan Rotz MamakosS 
Michele Leigh Martin 
Dino Peter Massoglia 
Edacheril Paul Mathew 
Marie-France Morton Mclntee 
Patrick Edvifard Miles 

2nd Degree: Animal Sciences 
Barbara Elaine Mistier 
Kevin Ye Myint 
Sarjita Dolatrai Naik 

Rafael Nasabitabari 
Lori Ann Niekrewicz 
Kelechi Adaku Nnaji 
Ekta Ohri 
Michael G. Panah 
Sonia Sharmila Pandit 
John H. Park 
Neha Ratilal Patel 
Rutvi Suresh Patel 
Karen Lyrine Powers 
Saleen Marie Price* 
Kevin M. Quinlan 
Kimberly Ann Raff 
Maryam Rajabtavosi 
Satesh Kumar Raju 
Kathryn Mary Ratanavanich 
Kim Marie Redfeam 
Stephanie A. Rhein 
Amy Joy Robertson 

2nd Degree: Scietjce Education 
Christopher Allen Rowe 
Gary Stuart Rubin 
Dale Scott Ruby 
Phillip Andrew Russell 
Mara Irene Sanchez 
Christopher R. Sapper 
Tara Jolene Scheufler 
Adam Avi Schwartz 
Kamran Shayesteh 
Aasma Manzoor Sheikh 
LUlian Shin-Yuen Shen 
Jennifer Lynn Shoup 
Aamar Rashid Sleemi 
Gabriela Wiederkehr SmalleyS 
Robert Christopher Smiles 
Jonathan David Solomon 
Matthew Jay Soltis 

2nd Degree: Biochemistry 
David Lewis Steinberg 
Chad William Stivers 
Rolf Walter Stothnann 

David Hammon Sundwall 

Judy Hwa Tan 

Rohit D. Tejuja 

Upton Haskin Thomas III 

Loc Xuan Tran 

Sukyee Tse 

Mark Conrad Urbanowicz 

Ricaele Eileen Van Bruggen 

Vyacheslav Viktorovich Vasilyev 

DeEtte Ray Vasques 

Michael Astley Vaughan 

Alicia Koyun Wang 

Jennifer Ward* 

Michael Hanlon Welch 

Margaret Estelle Welk 

Saminda Wijegunawardena 

Michelle Diane Wilson 

Rebecca Lynne Woltman 

Arilma Milagros Wong 

Harold Rahsaan Woodall 

Linda Chui-Lin Wu 

Rahel Zubairi 


Booru-aksa Boonnooch 
Allen Wayne Burton 
Lawrence Mackey Butler II 
Kawai Jennifer Cho 
Thomas Jason DruzgalS 

2nd Degree: Biological Sciences 
Eric Jeffrey Foreman 
David Charles Green 
Deborah Bess Greer 
Soo-Kyung Kim 
Mazen Issa Masoud 
Thomas Michael Nussear 
Matthew William Oliver 
Tejpaul Singh Pannu 
Theron Spencer Quarles n 
Melanie Louise Rock ' 
Jennifer Ann Weiland 

Anthony Albert White 
2nd Degree: Chemical 


Gregory Alfred Ose 

General Biological Sciences 

Kevin Troy Bernian 
Donald Kent Booth 
Rafael Carlos Caniza 
Melissa Arm Coppadge 
Valerie E. Cothran 
Dana M. DeRoche 
Jennifer Elizabeth Fairman 

2nd Degree: Art Studio 
Shahin Fazilat 
Christine Susan FeUowsS 
Tonya LaTeefah Flanagan 
Lauren Kara Freedman 
Troy Nolan Green 
Althea A. Grey 
Jonathan Hersh Griner* 
Michelle Lee Hahner 
Linda Sue Hanna 
Tamar Huber 
Karen M. Jenkins 

2nd Degree: Animal Sciences 
Tyrone Gerrell Jordan 
Monique Aliscia Lewis 
Laura Mae Litz 
Gina Marie Meawad 
Daniel Jeffrey Millen 
Caroline Veronica Molivadas 
Catherine Anne Mueller 
John Thomas Opdahl 
Steven Young Park 
James L. Petersen 
Deimle Thi Phan 
Misty-Anne Ralston 
Angela Shanfhini Ratnam 

§ Summa cum Laude f Magna cum Laude * cum Laude 


Gregory Robert Robbins 
Harry Phillip Schneider 
Scot Thomas Selbo 
Rhonique T. Shields 
Koo Bong Shin 
Rochelle B. Steiner 
Kristine Reneta Stillwell 
Elizabeth Marie Sullivan 
Regina Loraine Tan 
Rika Tanda 
Nirmala Tenali 
Peter John Thomberg 
Derek Austin Thorpe 
Kenneth Robert Voorhees 
April Victoria Wilkerson 
Meng-Wan Yeh 

2nd Degree: Geology 


Seung Hak Baick 
James KeUy Bottoms 
Dawn Marie Drury 
Sang Jung Han 
Joel Christopher Harder 
Kurt Roger Horst 
Hamid Reza Isfahanizadeh 
Naureen Shahid Jaffery 
Femande Joseph 
Aamena Haque Khan 
Colette Leah Kluckhuhn 
Eun Mi Lee 
John Chu Hyun Lee 
Anna Mae Mcarthy 
Valerie Renee Moore 
Hae Cho Pak 
Stephanie Lynn Scoville* 
Jyoti Umesha Shetty 
James Yao-Ming Shih 
Daniel Nathan ShrinerS 
Subashri Sundararajan 
Sonia Ester Terian Sangita 
Indravadan Thakkar 

Binh Viet Vo 
Sri-Anant Wanasen 


James M. Brock 

2nd Degree: Biological Sciences 
James Anthony Higgins 
MaUk LaMont Menefee 
Paul Sunghee Ro 


Bachelor of Arts 

Combined Arts-Law 

Adrienne Raquel Moss 

Individual Studies 

Kelly Lynn Bassett'*' 
Basil Johnathan Carter 
Alison Stephaiue Geare 
George-Michael Brandaen Jones 
Edith Laszlo§ 

Carlos Da Conceicao Nufies 
Mindi Ann Seidel 
Marlowe Simone Sidney 
Jeanne Mary Walls 

Bachelor of Science 

Individual Studies 

Alissa Robin Aroesty 
Tiffany Victoria Granberg 
Ian Christopher Kozelsky 
Daniel L. Landberg 
Tarda Lynn Sheremeta 
Alexander Cyril Spiro 
Lawrence M. Stanley 
Steven A. Stefanowicz 
Marc I. Tobias 
Christopher Todd Tomlinson 

Candidates for Certificate 

Afro-American Studies Certificate 

Ivy Melissa Baron 
Patrice Nicole Frasier 
Shanon Denetra Murray 
Maoneyi Mariyawanda Nzuwah 
Harlande Lenore Roberson 
Timothy Roth Ryan 

East Asian Studies Certificate 

Joyce Marie Deverin 

Catherine Vail Higbee 

Jung Eun Kim 


Diane Alexandra Rowe 

David Saeyoung Yoon 

Women's Studies Certificate 

Yeong Ha Lee 
Lisa Marie Payne 


§ Summa cum Laude f Magna cum Laude ' cum Laude 




George V. McGowan 

Vice CItair 

Roger Blunt 


Albert N. Whiting 


Ilona M. Hogan 

Assistant Secretary 

Constance M. Unseld 

Lewis R. Riley, ex officio 
Margaret Alton 
Mary Arabian 
Richard O. Berndt 
Benjamin L. Brown 
Earle Palmer Brown 
Charles W.Cole Jr. 
Frank A. Gunther Jr. 
Ann Hull 
Henry R. Lord 
Franklin Perdue 

Student Regent 
Mark Israel 



Donald N. Langenberg 

Vice Clmncellor for 

Academic Affairs 

George L. Marx 

Vice Clmncellor for 

Administration and Finance 

Brenda N. Albright 

Vice Chancellor for Advancetnent 

John K. Martin 



William E. Kirwan 

Vice President for Academic 

Affairs and Provost 

Daniel Fallon 

Vice President for 

Administrative Affairs 

Charles F. Sturtz 

Acting Vice President for 

Institutional Advancement 

Leonard R. Raley 

Vice President for Student Affairs 

William L. Thomas Jr. 


College of Agriculture 

Thomas Fretz 

College of Arts and Humanities 

Robert W. Griffith 

College of Behavioral and Social 


Irwin Goldstein 

College of Business and 


William Mayer 

College of Computer, 

Mathematical and Physical 


Richard H. Herman 

College of Education 

WUIis D. Hawley 

College of Engineering 

William W. Destler 

College of Journalism 

Reese Cleghom 

College of Library and Information 


Ann E. Prentice 

College of Life Sciences 

Paul H. Mazzocchi 

College of Health and Human 


John J. Burt 

School of Architecture 

Steven Hurtt 

School of Public Affairs 

I. M. Destler (Acting) 

Dean for the Graduate School 

Ilene Nagel 

Dean for Continuing Education, 

Summer and Special Programs 

Melvin Hall 

Dean for Undergraduate Studies 

Robert Hampton 



Charles J. Beatty 

Dean's Office 

College of Education 
University Marshal 
Don C. Piper 

Government and Politics 
Faculty Marshal 
Alfred C. Boyd 

Chemistry and Biochemistry 
Student Marshal 
James L. Reveal 

John E. Wakefield 

Director of Bands 


Campus Parking 
Janice E. Summons 
Commuter Affairs 
Barri Standish Sanders 



Dining Services 
Nancy Loomis 
Patrick Wadsworth 
Diploma Office 
Alicia Arkell-Kleis 
Disability Support Service 
Richelle Hammett 
Bill Scales 
Simone Legacy 
Environmental Safety 
Alan Sactor 

Institutional Adzmncement 
Mahnaz Bahrami 
Carolyn Ent 
Linda Martin 
Intercollegiate Athletics 
Gary Parker 
Physical Plant 
J. Frank Brewer 
Earle Connors 
Police Department 
Michael McNair 
Lester Rice 
Larry Volz 

Records and Registrations 
Lori King 

University Book Center 
Cynthia Walker Reed 
Pam Viands 



Carl Bovill 

Ann Petrone 

Arts and Humanities 

Thomas Moore 

Steven Alues 

Belmvioral and Social Sciences 

Katherine Beardsley 

Business and Management 

Donna King 

Joe Mattingly 

Computer, Mathematical and 

Physical Sciences 

Ritzie Coleman 

Thelma M. Williams 


Charles Flatter 


Jane Fines 

Health and Human Performance 

Joe Murray 


Greig Stewart 

Library and Information Services 

Diane Barlow 

Albert Klaven 

Life Sciences and Agriculture 

Albert Klavon 

Public Affairs 

Elisse Wright-Briscoe 

Undergraduate Studies 

Betty Beckley 

Delores Mulligan 






Marcellous Anderson 

Robert Armstrong 

Leroy Blackwell 

Earl Blake 

John Brady 

Mordecai Brower 

Eric Bullock 

Tom Farrell 

Ronald Fenwick 

Larry Gamer 

Elwood Gross 

Larry Jefferson 
Marvin Johnson 
Theresa Mullen 
Keith Neal 
Susan Radisch 
George Saunders 
Thomas Saunders 
Johnny Sellers 

Rayfield Sellers 
Carolyn Shreeve 
Charles Stubbs 
Danny Thompson 
Ronny Yee 


student Marshals 

The Senior Marshal Program, which began in 1991, is an 
opporhinity for the campus community to acknowledge 
outstanding seniors at their commencement. The students 
selected to be marshals were nominated by faculty, adminis- 
trators and staff for their outstanding accomplishments and contribu- 
tions to the university. We are proud to recognize these truly remark- 
able students. 

Roz Christina Anderson 

John Angelotti 

Patricia Julia Bakunas 

Katherine Balk 

Stephanie Barkin 

Kelly Lynn Bassett 

Michael C. Berman 

Marianne Hyang Nam 


Jacqueline M. Caldwell 

Rafael Caniza 

Melanie Chaump 

Melissa Chaump 

Jyoti Chawla 

Betty Chou 

Susanna Choy 

Shana Diane Cochrane 

Jennifer Collins 

Janis L. Comell-DeMoss 

Michelle Csjaka 

Galeef Dardashti 

Denise Del Vecchio Collins 

Renee Deninger 

Thomas Jason Druzgal 

Rebecca Lynne Dubin 

Andrea Renee Ellison 

Laf Erickson 

Heidi Errichetto 

Lisa Farley 

Christine Fellows 

Jacqueline Fiehler 
Charles Andrew Fox 
Nicole Elyse Friedman 
Sonal Gandhi 
Alissa Joy Garber 
Allison George 
Cyril Gillman 
Dana Lea Goldan 
Judy Goldman 
Dennis Grant 
Laura Green 
Amy Michele Grossman 
Maisha Herron 
Michael E. Hess 
Kelly Heyboer 
Evan D. Hoffrichter 
A. Shabeen Jafri 
Anita Michelle Jones 
Karen Katrinic-Gardner 
Nicole L. Koenig 
Meghan S. Lee 
Carol R. Leotta 
C. Piper Lesesne 
Chang Ted Li 
Meredith Lowman 
Sharon Lyons 
Paul S. Mandell 
David Marks 
Keith Marler 
Ann Masengarb 

Shana Miner 

Doug Mintz 

Donna Lynn Obermeier 

Eve Oliva 

Andrea Patti 

Monica Renee Payne 

Joseph Andre Pelletier 

Kevin Plamondon 

Kenneth N. Plasse 

Jervnifer Plumer 

Brinda Prasad 

Colleen Read 

Penina Riebman 

Joan Robertson 

Mema Demeter Roussopoulos 

Laura Rubinstein 

Paola Scazzoli 

Bindi O. Shukia 

Jeffrey Smith 

Katina Stapleton 

Michael Starsinic 

Shanyn Straub 

Amy Sweeney 

Myma Auer Tarrant 

Peter Thomberg 

Michael Tracton 

Anthony White 

Pamela Ann White 


Helene Yan 
Joanne Zemil 
Stephen W. Zielke 


Academic and 
Special Awards 

Academic Excellence Awards 
presented to students graduating 
in English with the most out- 
standing academic records in 
their major. 
Tracey H. Cohen 
Margaret E. Cooper 
Galeet J. Dardashti 
Michele I. Esser 
Jacqueline Keeling 
Duane P. Schroeder 
Steven M. Weitzman 

Adams Group Award to the out- 
standing journalism senior in 
Lisa Robin Zitomer 

Administering Council for 

Theatre Award (Dept. of Theatre) 

Barbara Addis 

Damian Bass 

Dan Eliott 

Nica Graham 

Michelle Haber 

William Harrison 

Ben Hill 

William Knepper 

Kanchan Matto 

Alan Mingo Jr. 

Jerry Richardson 

Melissa Rowell 

Jaqueline Stone 

Justin Via 

Sheilynn Wactor 

Jonathan Willen 

Devron Young 

Advertising Sequence Award to 
the outstanding journalism senior 
in advertising. 
December 1994 
Christy Lynn Holt 

Agr-Evo Turfgrass Scholarship 
(Dept. of Agronomy) 
Brian Grace 

Agricultural Alumni Chapter 
Award presented to seniors 
whose leadership and service 
have contributed most towards 
the advancement of the College of 
Gaiy E. Seibel 
Jennifer Woodward-Greene 

Agricultural Engineering 
Department's Outstanding Senior 
Jacqueline Fiehler 

Alpha Rho Chi Medal to a gradu- 
ating student of architecture who 
has made a distinctive contribu- 
tion to school, life, embodying the 
ideals of professional service and 
Dina Marie Chen 

Alpha Zeta Freshman Award to a 
full-time student in the College of 
Agriculture in recognition of 
scholastic excellence during his or 
her freshman year. 
Margaret A. Joyce 

AlCPA Scholarships for Minority 
Accounting Students 
Jimmy Parlter 
Juanita Walker Russell 

American Association of 
University Women, College Park 
Branch Awards 
Mary G. Fryer, Ph.D. Award 
Tamara Gibson, M.A. Award 

The American Institute of 
Architects ALA Certificate to a 
graduating student of architec- 
ture for academic achievement. 
Benjamin Hooper Ames 

The American Institute of 
Architects ALA Medal to a gradu- 
ating student of architecture for 
outstanding overall academic 
Kevin Paul Bergeron 

American Institute of Chemical 
Engineers' Student Chapter 
Award to the junior member who 
attained the highest scholastic 
average during the freshman and 
sophomore years. 
Jacinta Kadoma 

American Institute of Chenusts 
Award to an outstanding senior 
for scholarship in chemistry and 
Anthony A. White 

American Society of Mechanical 
Engineers' Senior Award 
Dawn G. McLeod 

Maya Angelou Award for 
Creative Written Expression 
Maisha Kai Herron 

James R. Anderson Award (Dept. 
of Geography) 
Birgit Ellen Peterson 

Angel Award (Dept. of English) 
Christine Gray 
Benjamin Hoffman 

School of Architecture Alumni 
Chapter Award — Masters 
Ramsay Pier Fairbum 

School of Architecture Alumni 
Chapter Award — Senior 
Michael J. Parker 

School of Architecture Alumni 
Scholarship Award 
Jeanie Lai 

School of Architecture Dean's 

Thesis Award 

December 1994 

Mustafa Ali 

Benjamin Hooper Ames 

Kevin Paul Bergeron 

School of Architecture Faculty 
Award for Academic Excellence 
at the Baccalurate Level 
Stephen Walter Zieike 

School of Architecture Faculty 
Award for Academic Excellence 
at the Master's Level 
Ramsay Pier Fairbum 


School of Architecture faculty 
award for citizenship and 
unselfish contribution to his fel- 
low classmates and the school 
Daniel Mark McDougal 

School of Architecture Faculty 

Award for Excellence in Design — 


Constantine John Drakakis 

School of Architecture Faculty 

Award for Excellence in Design — 


William Aaron Andalora 

Asian American Academic 
Excellence Award 
Helene Y. Van 
Hammad Awan 

Baltimore Sun Journalism 
Scholarships for Minority 
Students (College of Journalism) 
Shanon Murray 
Edward Lee 
Dana Hedgpath 

Paul Berg Scholarship Award 
(College of Journalism) 
Mara Stanley 

The David Arthur Berman 
Memorial Award presented to a 
student majoring in chemical 
Engineering with the highest 
cumulative scholastic average at 
the end of the first semester of the 
junior year and who has been 
elected to Tau Beta Pi. 
Silvia M. Leong 

Mary McCleod Bethune Award 
presented annually to the black 
junior or senior student who has 
displayed outstanding involve- 
ment and leadership in campus 
activities and who has contribut- 
ed most to the advancement of 
black student concerns at the 
University of Maryland at 
College Park. 
Roz Anderson 

B'nai Zion Award for Excellence 
in Hebrew 
Eleise Beth LaPorta 
Robert Thomas Levine 

Broadcast News Award to the 

outstanding journalism senior in 

broadcast news (College of 


May 1995 

Amit Chitre 

Monica Renee Payne 

December 1994 

Meg Crosby 

J. Y. Bryan Prize for Investigative 
Reporting (College of Journalism) 
Kathy Burdette 
Michael Koster 

S I T V 

Harry C. Byrd Award presented 
annually as a memorial to the late 
President Emeritus H.C. Byrd to 
the male student of the senior 
class who during his collegiate 
career has most nearly typified 
the model citizen and has con- 
tributed significantly to the gen- 
eral advancement of the interest 
of the university. 
David Marlts 

Sally S. Sterling Byrd Award pre- 
sented annually as a memorial to 
Sally Sterling Byrd to the female 
student of the senior class who 
during her collegiate career has 
most nearly t\'pified the model 
citizen and has contributed signif- 
icantly to the general advancement 
of the interests of the university. 
Penina Riebman 

James Edward Miller Chapman 
Education Foundation 
Scholarship (College of Business 
and Management) 
Joyce Beirtzman 
Christina Maria Coirti 

Chemical Engineering 
Department Chairman's 
Outstanding Junior Award for 
academic achievement and contri- 
butions to the profession and the 
Jason P. Bartraur 
Kavita D. Butani 

Chemical Engineering 
Department Chairman's 
Outstanding Senior Award for 
scholastic achievement and 
demonstrated service and 
Catlierine P. Lesesne 

Shirley Chishohn Academic 
Excellence Award 
Juanita Russell 

Charles Connor Scholarship 
Award from the Baltimore 
Propeller Club (College of Business 
and Management) 
Kevin Patrick Daly 
Kathleen Marie Rhoads 

Ms. Tipton Stringer Conrad 
Award (Dept. of Theatre) 
Jerry Richardson 

Margaret Cook Award by Prince 
George's County Heritage Inc., 
and presented by the Prince 
George's County Historical and 
Cultural Trust to a graduate stu- 
dent in recognition of excellence 
in the field of historic preservation. 
(School of Architecture) 
Allen T. Beall 

Carroll E. Cox Scholarship Award 
to the outstanding research grad- 
uate students in the Department 
of Plant Biology during the last 

Yijun Ruan 
Van Zhao 

Susan Daugherty Scholarship 
Award (College of Journalism) 
Alex Pikas 

Dean's Scholarship (College of 


Elaine Rae Rubin 

Philip L. DeCamara Jr. Memorial 
Scholarship Award sponsored by 
the American Fire Sprinkler 
Association to an outstanding 
senior (Dept. of Fire Protection 
Anthony Jude Militello 

Delta Sigma Pi Scholarship Key 
(College of Business and 
Todd Brandon Kilmer 

The Frank DiFederico Book 
Award to the outstanding gradu- 
ating undergraduate major in the 
Department of Art Histor\' and 
Jodi Giannini 

EXidley and Louisa Dillard Prize 
in Economics to the outstanding 
senior majoring in economics. 
Dillard Senior 
Helene Van 
Dillard lunior 
Sean C. Burke 

Terry Margulis Dunlap 
Scholarship (Dept. of Theatre) 
Anna Drum 

1995 Charles B. Edelson 

Outstanding Accounting Student 


Gerald Daniel Mahoney 

Education Alumni Award pre- 
sented annually to a high aca- 
demic achieving undergraduate 
or graduate student in the College 
of Education. 
Monique Better 
Jill Stastny 

Wilson H. Elkins Citizenship 
Award presented annually to a 
senior who displays outstanding 
involvement and leadership on 
campus activities and who has 
contributed significantly to the 
general advancement of student 
Paul Mandell 

A. James Clark School of 
Engineering Alumni Service 
Angela Choy 

A. James Clark School of 
Engineering Alumni Student 
Achievement Award 
Shiriey Hsiao-I Wang 

A. James Clark School of 
Engineering Dean's Award 

A. James Clark School of 

Engineering ECSEL Teaching 


Huzefa Feroz Bahrain 

James Newton Jenkins 


Jeffrey Paul Schein 
Thomas Edmund Stachura 
David Alan Steury 
Lawrence Scott Taxson 
Rung-Kai Ronald Tsay 
Shirley Hsiao-I Wang 

A. James Clark School of 
Engineering Leadership Award 
Heather Schmidt 

A. James Clark School of 
Engineering Women in 
Engineering Teaching Fellows 
Jennifer Lynn Collins 
Eileen Theresa Coyle 
Gail Louise Dempsey 
Kanisha Kanu Patel 

A. James Clark School of 

Engineering Women in 

Engineering Research Fellows 

Koyeli De 

Gail Louise Dempsey 

Donya Michelle Douglas 

Catherine Piper Lesesne 

Kanisha Kanu Patel 

Cheiyl Rochelle Seff 

Rena Surana 

Eta Kappa Nu Outstanding 
Electee Award to a new member 
for outstanding performance in 
the electee program and for par- 
ticipation in strident activities. 
Christopher J. Buehler 
Andrew Huo 
Michael W. Pagen 

Eta Kappa Nu Outstanding 
Senior Award to a senior in elec- 

trical engineering for outstanding 
scholarship achievement and ser- 
vice to the society and department. 
Cheng-Shien Chang 
Heather M. Kovarik 

The William L. Everitt Student 
Awards of Excellence presented 
by the National Engineering 
Consortium to outstanding stu- 
dents majoring in electrical and 
computer engineering who have 
demonstrated leadership and 
professional interest in communi- 
cations and computers (Dept. of 
Electrical Engineering) 
Christopher J. Buehler 
Judy Goldman 

Financial Executives Institute 
Academic Achie\ement Award 
Julie Anne Hughes 

Fire Protection Engineering 
Faculty Award 
Anthony Jude Militello 

The Morris Frankel Scholarship 
given to a graduate student pur- 
suing a career working with dis- 
abled adults. 
Dawn Molloy 

John Hope Franklin Academic 
Excellence Award 
Anthony A. White 

Friends of the College awards 
presented annually to high aca- 
demic achieving undergraduate 
or graduate students (College of 
Sherrie Borowsky 
Denise Bums 
Jacqueline Caldwell 
Sharon Dennis 
Zina Evans 
Rosalind M. Flynn 
Jairo Fuentes 
Maria J. Gomez 
Anita Jones 
Susan Jones 
Christine Kelly 
Sue Kim 
Jacqueline King 
Sara McCraw 
Alice Mitchell 
Barbara Pedevillano 
Lauren Proctor 
Kathleen Rice 
Authrine Rullow 

Gagnon Engineering Award 
(Dept. of Fire Protection) 
Anthony Jude Militello 

Enunet Gary Scholarship of the 
Maryland State Golf Association 
to students in agronomy display- 
ing academic proficiency, partici- 
pation in extracurricular activi- 
ties, and who have an active 
interest in golf turf work (Dept. of 
Britton Dudley 
Annette Para 
Alfred Steppich 

GEICO Achievement Awards 
Scholarship (College of Business 
and Management) 
Donald Joseph Balcer 

James Douglas Goddard 
Memorial Medal awarded by the 
Prince George's County Alumni 
Club to the outstanding graduat- 
ing seniors from Prince George's 

Elisabeth Herschbach 
Milad L. Pooran 

Charles B. Hale Dramatic Award. 
(Dept. of Theatre) 
Mark D. Fink 
Allen Mingo, Jr. 

Ted S. Halpem Scholarship 
Mary Clark Rouse 

Amie Hanson Memorial Award 
for Outstanding Department 
Honors student 
Daniel Shriner 

The Donald B. Hirsch Prize by the 
Language Center for outstanding 
work in foreign language study 
with revelance to international 
culture, commerce, and diplomacy 
French: Helen R. Brown 
German: Amini Aminullah 
Hebrew: Carolyn R. Isaacs 
Italian: Giuseppe Gentile 
Portuguese: Kelly Lynn Bassett 
Russian: Yong Cho 
Spanish: Thomas David King 


II N I V E R S 1 T \ 

M A R ^ I. A N D 

c; O I. I. 

Hispanic American Academic 
Excellence Award 
Julieta Perez 
Antony S. Cruit 

Walter V. HohensteLn Fellowship 
Award (Phi Kappa Phi) 
Nicholas F. Evagetiou 

The Joyce Tayloe Horrell Award 
to the graduating undergraduate 
English major with the highest 
overall GPA (Dept. of English) 
Galeet J. Dardashti 

Joseph Houppert Memorial 
Shakespeare Prize to the under- 
graduate student for the best 
essay on Shakespeare during the 
academic year (Dept. of EngUsh) 
Paula Morehouse 
Honorable Mention 
Catherine Thomas 

Howard Perm Hudson 
Scholarship Award (College of 
Hulda Romero 

The Homeland Garden Club of 
Baltimore Award (Dept of 
Peter Mazzocchi 

The Institute of Electrical and 
Electronics Engineers 
Outstanding Student Award to a 
member who has shown out- 
standing commitment to the orga- 
nization and to the electrical engi- 
neering department. 
Samuel Thompson 

Jay Jackson Scholarship Award 
(College of Journalism) 
Lori Van Lonkhuyzen 

The Joe Elbert James Memorial 
Award (Dept. of Horticulture) 
John Budzinsid 

Kappa Tau Alpha Graduating 

Senior Award to the graduating 

journalism senior with the highest 

academic average (College of 


December 1994 

Caryn Reisa Sagal 

May 1995 

Shana Diane Cochrane 

The Jack Smith Kerxton Memorial 
Scholarship awarded to develop 
and support those architecture 
students who best demonstrate 
the skills and ideals embodied in 
Jack Smith Kerxton's talented life 
and career (School of Architecture) 
Lester Escobal 

Martin Luther King Jr. 
Community Service Award 
Alice Y. Sesay 
Brian K. Smith 

The George I^vitine Book Award 
to an outstanding graduating 
undergraduate major in the 
Department of Art History and 
Ruth Kensinger 

Link-Shanks Award (Dept. of 


Deborah L. Burton 

Isabel R. MacDonald Memorial 
Award to an outstanding gradu- 
ate student. (Dept. of 
Jan B. DeJamette 

The Sandy Mack Award for the 
outstanding English student 
graduating with honors. 
Jennifer Cunningham 

The Donald Maley Scholarship 
awarded annually to a high aca- 
demic undergraduate student. 
(Dept. of Industrial, 
Technological and Vocational 
Naghma Husain 

Dean and Mrs. Charles Manning 


Cherie Davis 

Maryland-Delaware-D.C. Press 
Association Award (College of 
Scott Silverstein 
Patricia Logue 

Mechanical Engineering 
Department Academic 
Achievement Award 
Andrew W. Lotz 
llene L. Sokolsky 

Mechanical Engineering 
Department Chairman's Award 
Jason S. Kiddy 
Michael J. Papadopoulos 

Mid-Atlantic Association of 
Professional Soil Scientists Award 
Scott Paul Kaier 

Montgomery County Press 
Association Scholarship Award 
(College of Journalism) 
Melanie Lasoff 
Mark Russell 

Andrew J. Moyer Memorial 
Award to a deser\'ing graduate 
student (Dept. of Microbiology) 
Stephen E. Langille 

National Defense Transportation 
Association Scholarship (College 
of Business and Management) 
Kevin Patrick Daly 
Rui Sousa Lourenco 
Kathleen Marie Rhoads 

National Defense Transportation 
Association Scholarship, 
Washington, D.C. Chapter 
(College of Business and 
Donald Joseph Balcer 
Patricia Ann Mannetti 
Kathleen Marie Rhoads 


Native American Academic 
Excellence Award 
Catherine A. Howard 
Joel C. Harder 

News Editorial Sequence Award 
to the outstanding journalism 
senior in news editorial (College of 
December 1994 
Margaret Ellen Talev 
May 199!^ 
Andrew Weaver 

N.S.F. Fellowship 
Catherine P. Lesesne 

Omicron Delta Kappa 
Outstanding First- Year Student 
Jennifer Norkin 

Outstanding Academic 
Performance Award (Dept. of 
Electrical Engineering) 
Cari Nuzman 

Outstanding Senior Award (Dept. 
of Agronomy) 
Anne Marie Grunberg 

Michael J. Pelczar Award 

for Excellence in Graduate 


Randall C. Black, Physics 

The Hugh Perkins Fellowship 
presented annually to an out- 
standing student in the Institute 
for Child Study 
Cindy Shaw 

Phi Kappa Phi Chapter 
Fellowship Award (Phi Kappa Phi) 
Sally A. Shrenan 
Judy Goldman 

Pi Tau Sigma Memorial Award 
(Dept. of Mechanical 
Jordan T. Wilkerson 

Pi Tau Sigma Outstanding 
Service Award (Dept. of 
Mechanical Engineering) 
Alan S. Romack 

Pi Tau Sigma Outstanding 
Sophomore Award (Dept. of 
Mechanical Engineering) 
Joseph D. Newhouse 
Jeremy Ou 

Gertrude Poe Scholar (College of 


Andrea Walker 

The Dr. John T. Portz Honors 


Christina Addabbo 

Prince George's Heritage 

Fellowship Award — Historic 

Preservation (School of 



Robert R. Kifer II 


Matthew Gerald Neumann 

Jane M. Prichard Scholarship 
Award to the outstanding teach- 
ing graduate student in the 
Department of Plant Biology dur- 
ing the last year 
David M. Ribnickey 

Public Relations Sequence Award 
awarded to the outstanding jour- 
nalism senior in public relations 
(College of Journalism) 
December 1994 
Caryn Reisa Sagal 
Mm/ 1995 
Shana Diane Cochran 

The Judith K. Reed Scholarship to 
an outstanding graduating major 
in the Department of Art History 
and Archaeology 
Gabriel Thoumi 

Warren K. Reed Scholarship 
(College of Business and 
Gerald Daniel Mahoney 

Jack B. Sacks Foundation Tuition 
Scholarship (College of Business 
and Management) 
Christine Gail Kathenes 
Kevin Michael Shipler 

Sigma Alpha Omicron Award to 
the outstanding senior in 
Stephanie Lynn Scoville 

The Sigma Circle of Omicron 
Delta Kappa Leader of the Year 
awarded to members who have 

demonstrated the most outstand- 
ing leadership within the circle 
and on the campus 
Paul S. Mandell 

Society of Automotive Engineers' 
Achievement Award (Dept. of 
Mechanical Engineering) 
Russell D. Hester 

Society of Fire Protection 
Engineers' Student Chapter 
Award for distinguished and out- 
standing service to the chapter 
Christian DuBay 

SORSA Award fimded by the 
international organization. 
Spatially Oriented Referencing 
Systems Association (SORSA), is 
given occasionally to either an 
undergraduate or graduate stu- 
dent specializing in geography. It 
is awarded for an original 
methodological contribution to 
the field of geographical informa- 
tion systems. 
Donald A. Jarvinen 

Dr. Mabel S. Spencer Scholarship 
awarded in honor of Dr. Spencer, 
distinguished former professor in 
the College of Education. A pref- 
erence is given to students in 
home economics education. 
Pamela Sikowitz 


Henrietta Spiegel Creative 
Writing Award granted to the 
outstanding graduating senior 
whose creative writing efforts 
were judged by the creative writ- 
ing staff to be superior. (Dept. of 
Michael Clark 
Jason Novak 

Spirit of Maryland Award pre- 
sented annually during 
Homecoming in lieu of the tradi- 
tional Homecoming King/Queen 
honorees. The award is presented 
to a male and female member of 
the senior class, who during their 
collegiate career, most nearly typ- 
ified the "spirit" of Maryland. The 
award is presented during half- 
time of the Homecoming football 
Paul Mandell 
Shana Cochrane 

Rueben G. Steinmeyer Award (Dept 
of Government and Politics) 
Michael K. Tracton 

State Farm Exceptional Student 
Fellowship Award (College of 
Business and Management) 
Maisha Kai Herron 

Student Commencement Speaker 
for the Journalism ceremony. 
December 1994: 
Margaret Ellen Talev 
Ma\i 1995: 
Yvonne Medley 

Charles A. Taff Scholarship 

(College of Business and 


Kunsoo Philip Bae 

Sylvia Taur Chen 

Carl Mercer Hobbs 

Lisa Jeayon Kim 

Jason Aaron Langis 

University Honors Best Scholarly 
Project Award 
Catherine Thomas 

The Wrong's of Woman; or Mark: 
Constructing the "Fetninist 
Ayn Ducao 

Code of Silence: Vie Clarence 
Thomas Hearings as a Paradigm of 
the Dilemma oflntraracial Abuse 

University Honors Best Thesis 


David Mari(S 

Con^iessional Realignment: The 
Western/ v. Sanders Decision and 
the Rise of the Suburban South 

Washington Press Club 

Foundation Award (College of 


Naveen Choudhury 

Autumn Barbosa 

Karen LaVon Bonner 

Theatre Patrons Association 

Scholarship Awards (Dept. of 


Michelle Haber 

Kanchan Mattoo 

Alan Mingo Jr. 

Michelle Powers 

Jonathan Ramsey 

Jesse Terrill 

Douglas Wilson 

University Honors Best Creative 
Project Award 
Jan Femheimer 


Wall Street Journal Student 
Achievement Award (College of 
Business and Management) 
John Robert Evans 

Richard W. Worthington 
Journalism Scholarship Award 
(College of Journalism) 
Jeneba Jalloh 


Athletic Awards 

Alvin L. Aubinoe Football Trophy 

for the unsung hero of the current 


David Michael Hack 

Athletic Director's Award pre- 
sented to a male and female 
athlete for academic and athletic 
achievement as well as commit- 
ted campus leadership. 
Todd Brandon Kilmer 
Nicole Lefcourt 

Bob Beall-Tommy Marcos 
Trophy to the outstanding offen- 
sive lineman of the year. 
Stephen Anthony Ingram 

The Charles H. Beebe Jr. Award 
to a female graduating senior ath- 
lete who attained the highest 
grade point average during her 
career and who lettered in her 

Laura Jane Harmon 
Field Hockey 

The John T. Bell Swimming 
Award to the outstanding swim- 
mer or diver. 
Scott Paul Grayson 

Louis W. Berger Trophy to the 

outstanding senior baseball 


Jeffrey Michael Wagner 

William P. Cole III Memorial 
Lacrosse Award to the outstand- 
ing midfielder. 
Kip Jay Fulks 
Gregory Martin Nelin 

The George C. Cook Memorial 
Scholarship Trophy to a member 
of the football team with the high- 
est scholastic average. 
Corey Matthew Holobetz 

Joe Deckman-Sam Silver Trophy 
to the most improved defensive 
lacrosse plaver. 
Daniel Matthew Radebaugh 

Geary F. Eppley Award to the 
graduating male senior athlete 
who during his four years of var- 
sity competition, lettered at least 
once and attained the highest 
scholastic average. 
Todd Brandon Kilmer 

Jack Faber-Al Heagy Unsung 
Hero Award to the lacrosse play- 
er best exemplifying determina- 
tion, will to win, and pride in 
Neal Edward Dupcak 
Thomas Alan Fichtner 

Dr. John E. Faber Jr. Silver Helmet 
Award to the football student- 
athlete for outstanding second 
effort this season. 
James Richard Bragg 

Herbert H. Goodman Wrestling 

Trophy to the most outstanding 
wrestler of the year. 
Patrick Michael Flynn 

John W. Guckeyson Award for 
scholarship, leadership, and ath- 
letic ability. 
Stephen Anthony Ingram 


James H. Kehoe Award to the 
senior female athlete who symbol- 
ized the commitment, dedication, 
spirit, and will to win in athletics. 
Nicole Lefcourt 

Ray Krouse Senior Award to the 
most valuable football player. 
James Richard Bragg 

Larry Levitt Memorial Award to 
the outstanding freshman men's 
lacrosse plaver. 
Peter Gerard Hilgartner 

M Club's Founders Award to a 
senior athlete for outstanding ath- 
letic abilitv, academic excellence, 
upright character, and distin- 
guished citizenship. 
Irene Horvat 
Field Hockey 

Charles Leroy Mackert Trophy 
offered by William E. Krouse to 
the Maryland student-athlete 
who has contributed most to 
wrestling while at the University 
of Maryland at College Park. 
Humphrey Odei Atiemo 

Maryland Award to the senior 

resident of Maryland who is 

adjudged the best athlete of the 


Jermaine Edward Lewis 


Charles P. McCormick Sr. Award 
to the senior Baltimore-area resi- 
dent who has contributed the 
most to his or her sport. 
James Richard Bragg 

Edwin E. Powell Trophy to the 
member of the men's lacrosse 
team rendering the greatest ser- 
vice during the year. 
Steven William Hayes 

Silver Watch typifying the best in 


James Richard Bragg 


Talbot T. Speer Award for excel- 
lence in leadership, scholarship, 
and general all-around ability. 
Todd Kilmer 


James M. Tatum Award to the 

outstanding tackle on the football 


Stephen Anthony Ingram 




University of Maryland Alumni 

Jeffrey Wagner 

Swimming Association Scholar- 

Athlete Award to the swimmer 


who has compiled the best combi- 

Donny Judd 

nation of academic and aquatic 



Ryan William Anderson 

Jade Dubis 

Cristina Lynn Burch 

Timothy Fosque 

Angel Guerra 

Dr. Reginald Van Trump Truitt 

David Hack 

Award to the senior attack-man 

Corey Holobetz 

in lacrosse for scholastic attain- 

Stephen Ingram 

ments and team performance. 

Russell Weaver 

Matthew David Parks 


A.V. Williams Award for the 

Pete Regala 

Maryland football player who has 

exJiibited outstanding sportsman- 


ship during the year. 

Jon Brothers 

Corey Matthew Holobetz 

Neal Dupcak 

The Terrapin Club Award for the 


greatest career contribution in the 

Malcolm Gillian 

sport of football. 

Paul Jacobs 

Stephen Anthony Ingram 

Shawn Long 

Sean Wray 

Hitachi Promise of Tomorrow 

scholarship award 


Jade Michael Dubis 

Rolf Stottman 



Jaime Elizondo 

Awarded to senior student-ath- 

letes who achieved a grade point 

Track and Field 

average of 3.0 or above. 

Edward Condon 

Jonathan Sushinsky 

Men's Athletics 



Daniel Goucher 

Humphrey Atiemo 

Todd Kilmer 

Brent Layman 

Scott Mogar 

Matthew Nagle 

Women's Athletics 

Karon Ferguson 

Field Hockey 

Laura Harmon 
Irene Horvat 

Amy Schubert 


Kara Klaus 
Nicole Lefcourt 
Jermifer Lorion 


Jaime Brodsky 
Laura Harmon 
Patricia Parichy 
Tami Riley 


Elizabeth Elder 
Randi Goldblatt 
Leslie Kerhin 
Cecily Scarpelli 
Audra Weber 


Jean Kapusnick 
Heather Schmidt 


Christina Burch 
Kimberly Hildebrandt 


Lisa Rosenberg 

Track and Field 

Melissa Bremian 
Valerie Cothran 
Paul LaVorgna 


Kelly Malins 




Catherine Adams 
Becky Anderson 
Jessica Austin 
Ha Sook Bahk 
Chelsa Brown 
Steve Bjrun 
Claude de Vastey 
Julia Eustice 
Jessica Ewen 
Jennifer Denise Jones 
Stephanie Neumann 
Tana Paddock 
Penina Riebman 
Angela Romano 
John Sandy 
Deborah Shaffir 
Andrea Shoeffler 
Rohini Singh 
Elizabeth Spinney 
Mary Stockman 
Andrea Zimmerman 



Patricia Alcazar 
Tracey F. Butler 
Lisa M. Carr 
Paul J. Eisenberg 
Laf P. Erickson 
Joharuia M. Froelich 
Douglas E. Greise 
Anne M. Grunberg 
Charles H. Guzman 
Heidi M. Hartman 
Kellv J. Holland 

Sonia Huang 

Heather S. Hull 

Kelly L. Hydoski 

Kelly L. Ireland 

Heidi Kahler 

Dawn M. Knill 

Peter C. Mazzocchi 

Kristina J.Measells 

Karen E. Mulford 

Kimberly A. Perkins 

Christopher L. Perrygo 

Marcus R. Richardson 

Jenell R. Rinehart 

Katherine A. Ross 

Mary C. Saathoff 

Brad J. Schott 

Duane A. Schulterbrandt 

Gary E. Seibel 

Alisha E. Smouse 

Marie L. Speak 

Lynn M. Sylvester 

Mary J. Woodward-Greene 

Laurie D. Zimmerman 



Deena Marie Aboyoun 
David Andrew Afshar 
Tawakalitu Tiwalade Belio 
Phyllis Lynn Belsky 
Lydia Burgess Berma 
Joseph Patrick Brennan 
William W. Choi 
Pei-Hsien Chu 
Hollis Anne Earlewine 
Peter George Eppeldauer 
Catherine Louise Frohlich 
Karen Alisha Goldstein 
Eva Lam 

Alvi Wei-Meng Lim 
Lihua Liu 

Jared Scott Luria 
Gerald Daniel Mahoney 
Kaye Louise McCally 
Kyle Louis Moffatt 
Sri Latha Nair 
Dan H. Park 

Michelle Jeanette Parsons 
Kervneth Noel Plasse 
Rebecca Dawn Rodgers 
Elizabeth Anne Rostant 
Juanita Walker Russell 
John Issa Sakhleh 
Elizabeth Sophie Sarate 
Kimberly A. Scholle 
Bindi Oodaye Shukla 
Barbara G. Slipakoff 
Chang Woo Suh 
Pietro Antonio Viti 
Gerald Frederick Warga II 
Anthony Wade Watson 
Kimberly Elizabeth Wilkinson 
Kevin Michael Wolohan 
Suzanne Znamirowski 


(Business Administration) 

Roz Cliristina Anderson 
Phyllis Lynn Belsky 
Lydia Burgess Benna 
Marianne Hyang Nam Brackney 
Joseph Patrick Brennan 
Scott Jason Chidakel 
Ertugrul Durdag 
Hollis Anne Earlewine 
Dennis Richard Grant 
Todd Brandon Kilmer 
Lisa Jeayon Kim 
June Huang Lin 
Jared Scott Luria 
Gerald Daniel Mahoney 
Kent David Miller 

Diane Jeaiuie Mizell 
Jennifer Lynn Monie 
Jason Matthew Pressman 
Juanita Walker Russell 
Lori Ann Senft 
Shara Ileen Staller 
Eric Joseph Struntz 
Pietro Antonio Viti 
Suzanne Znamirowski 


Robert L. Gensler 
John R. Gole 
Kara L. Madison 
Michael T. Madonna 
Paola R. Scazzoli 
Patrick Seeliger 
Elena V. Spivak 
Arnold B. Young 
David Zahrobsky 


(Hebrew Honor Society) 

Michael Jason Barrie 
Stacy Ann Berkman 
Galeet June Dardashti 
Daniel Steven Federman 
Mandy L)mn Goldstrich 
Carolyn Rachelle Isaacs 
Eleise Beth LaPorta 
Robert Thomas Levine 
Stanly Zelman Marder 
Adrienne Abby Rubin 


U N I V 


(Electrical Engineering) 
May 1995 Graduates 

Paul C. Curto 

Joseph A. Foschetti 

Judy Goldman 

Peeraboon Hongladarom 

Asaf Inbar 

Ellen E. Kang 

Kevin M. Lascola 

Agnela P. Miller 

Jonathan A. Papillo 

Vikas N. Patel 

Pah-ick J. Potter (MSEE) 

Chamchai Pluempitiwiriyawej 

Soma Sau 

Gregorv' D. Surbeck 

Lamar S. Taylor 

Joong S. Uhm 

James W. Willis 

Richard B. Witmer 

Lucas A. Womack 

Drake C. Yi 

Jeffrey J. Yoon 

December 1994 Graduates 

Geoffrey R- Boyers 

Steven Carin 

Chen Shien Chang 

Brett D. Gidge 

Michael L. Haywood 

Lance E. Hester 

James N. Jenkins 

Khursheedul A. Khan 

Sung I. Kim 

Panjak Kumar 

Quang Huu Le 

Pushkar Varma 

Chi-Wen Yu 


(Financial Management Association) 
Undergraduate Students 
May 1995 

Ertugal Durdag 
Gene Jung 
Richard J. Miller 
Diane J. Mizell 
Shara I. Staller 
David J. Staudt 
Eric J. Sttuntz 
Michael R. Wright 
December 1994 
Donald J. Baker 
Eric Greenshields 
Mary C. Rouse 
August 1994 
Barn,- E. Newton 
Matthew W. Ramsey 
Graduate Students 
December 1994 
Kimberly J. Parker 
August 1994 
Christopher F. Finley 


May 1995 Graduates 

Mona Jahanaz Ameen 
Michele L. Gray 
J. Karen Helfrich 
Katherine Alene Hill 
Anita M. Jones 
Bonnie Marie Keller 
Carissa A. LaBosco 
Lori J. Langley 
Laurie A. Lynn 
EUen Marinow 
Jeanne Marie McAleavey 
Sara Bruce McCraw 
Heather A. McKeown 
Sandra Jean McVicker 

Erin Marie Robinson 
Michelle Smith 
Robin M. Solomon 
Audra Marie Weber 
Lori Elise Wilen 
December 1994 Graduates 
Wendolyn Lane Adams 
A. Lynne Baiocchi 
Patricia J. Bakunas 
Jacqueline M. Caldwell 
Christina Beth Constantine 
Audra Fladung 
Jennifer Lynn Gikow 
Michelle D. Harper 
Donna G. Jensen 
Artemis D. KapsUis 
Sandra M. Laake 
Meredith A. Lovvman 
Nicole Marie Marasco 
Cynthia Marie Mashbum 
Susan McNulty 
Risa Faye Needleman 
Karen Patrice Ramsey 
Jennifer Lauren Saks 
JUlian H. Schonfeld 
Teresa Shirlen 
Jill Arm Stastny 
Pamela Ann White 


(Dedicated to the promotion of the 
highest ideals of scholarship in the 
field of journalism and mass commu- 

AUyson Chmar 
Shana Diane Cochrane 
Lynette Cox 
Jennifer Shana Gerstein 
Lara Elizabeth Grubich 
Kerri Howard 
KeUy Heyboer 

Gina Jun 
Holly R. Laser 
Christopher Allan MoUn 
Chizuko Nakamura 
Katie Bridget O'Brien 
Ezra Olman 
Monica Renee Payne 
Katina R. Stapleton 
AJisa Amy Tryson 
Ann Marie Vallandingham 
Edward Walls 
Andrew Weaver 
Lisa Robin Zitomer 


Roz Anderson 
Michael Berman 
Shana Cochrane 
Jennifer Collins 
Chad Cos 
GaUeet Dardashti 
Rebecca Dubin 
Lisa Farley 
Adam Feinberg 
Allison George 
Dennis Grant 
Jeneba Jalloh 
Chang Ted Li 
Paul MandeU 
David Marks 
Doug Mintz 
Suzana Perira 
Penina Riebman 
Charles Scott 
Michael Tracton 
Derrin Woodhouse 
Helene Yan 



Stephanie Barkin 
Jacqueline Caldwell 
Mary Cho 
Tracy Cohen 
Rebecca Dublin 
Bruce Falkinburg 
Lisa Farley 
Adam Feinberg 
Judy Goldman 
Jonathon Griner 
Michael Grunwell 
Catherine Howard 
Amy Jenldns 
Eric Komblit 
Eleise Laporta 
Kevin Liau 
David Marks 
Anil Phul 
Meredith Polsky 
Laurie Soloman 
JoAnn Suchinsky 
Angela Wakefield 
Merritt Anne Waskey 
Stephen Whiddon 
Pamela White 


(Chemical Engineering) 

Michael Colaianni 
Gail Dempsey 
Russell Foulke 
Ronald Gill 
Nisha Gilra 
Jan Helstowski 
Andrew Jumento 
Edward Kim 
Edward King 
Harrison Le 
Catherine P. Lesesne 
Colleen Merritt 

Ann Monis 
Adriana Schirokauer 
Heather Schmidt 
Duikaruna Soepangkat 
Anthony White 
Keisha Wilson 


llVlanagement Science and Statistics) 

Dennis Richard Grant 
Margretha Jimenez Mata 
Lai Ha Woo 
Carol Yuchi Wu 


Anja Fraundorf Decressin 
Mariangela Redoschi 
John Albert Small 


(National student/faculty society for 
outstanding leadership in scholar- 
ship, athletics, social service, reli- 
gious activities, mass media, and the 
creative and performing arts) 
Roz C. Anderson 
Humphrey O. Atiemo 
Patricia Bakunas 
Stephanie Barkin 
Kelly L. Bassett 
Michael C. Berman 
Karen M. Bradshaw 
Caren R. Bromberg 
Theresa L. Brown 
Jacqueline M. Caldwell 
Tracey H. Cohen 
Jennifer L. Collins 
Chad E. Cos 
Marsha D. Criscio 
Galeet J. Dardashti 
Rebecca L. Dubin 

Elizabeth K. Elder 
Aileen Y. Evangelista 
Lisa M. Farley 
Christine S. Fellows 
Heather J. Frederick 
Catherine L. Frohlich 
Alissa J. Garber 
Randi P. Goldblatt 
Judy Goldman 
Laura R. Green 
Amy M. Grossman 
Maisha K. Herron 
Michael E. Hess 
Jeneba Jalloh 
Gregory E. Jenkins 
Dana Y. Johnson 
Athyl J. Jones 
Padmini Kaushal 
Paula A. LaVorgna 
Ryan J. Lampel 
Carol R. Leotta 
Chang T. Li 
Meredith A. Lowman 
Paul S. Mandell 
David S. Marks 
Keith R. Marler 
Shanon D. Murray 
Donna L. Obermeier 
Patricia J. Parichy 
Andrea Patti 
Monica R. Payne 
Suzana M. Pereira 
Loan K. Phan 
Kermeth N. Plasse 
Brinda C. Prasad 
Kathalene A. Razzano 
Christine A. Razzano 
Colleen R. Read 
Peruna I. Riebman 
Laura S. Rubinstein 
Lawrence E. Rust 

Catherine E. Smyrski 
Laurie B. Solomon 
Katina R. Stapleton 
Rolf W. Stottmann 
Michael K. Tracton 
Helene Y. Yan 


Katherine Balk 
Padraic Benson 
Michael Berman 
Karen Bradshaw 
Theresa Brown 
Deana Cairo 
Melissa Chaump 
Brian Crane 
Sabina Crisen 
Galeet Dardashti 
Mary DelRisco 
Joyce Deverin 
Rebecca Dubin 
David Eisner 
Judith Feinberg 
Shabnam Foroughi 
Dan Gabayzadeh 
Mary George 
Ellen Gerstein 
Dennis Grant 
Michael Hess 
Catherine Higbee 
Julie Hughes 
Padmini Kaushal 
Hena Khan 
Amy Kushner 
Kenneth LaSala 
James Larson 
Holly Laser 
Edith Laszlo 
Chinha Lee 
Vincent Lee 
Carol Leotta 


David Marks 

Kari Matthiesen 

Scott McCabe 

Assaf Mendelson 

Caryn Nesmith 

Linh Nguyen 

Uri Nodelman 

Katie O'Brien 

Ezra Olman 

Enrique Parra 

Loan Phan 

Joy Pinchback 

Chamchai Pluempitiwiriya 

Milad Pooran 

Kathalene Razzano 

Matthew Ready 

Penina Riebman 

Marianne Rivers 

Amy Robertson 

Ehsanee Sadr 

Carrie Schneider 

Michele Schwartz 

Stephanie Scoville 

Daniel Shriner 

Gabriela Smalley 

Elizabeth Spinney 

Michael Starsinic 

Gregory Surbeck 

Amy Sweeney 

Gabriel Thoumi 

Jennifer Trevor 

Alisa Tryson 

Erik Von Rosenvinge 

Nina Vucenik 

Steven Weitzman 

Stephen Zielke 

Alia Zilberman 


Deborah Alfaro 
Christian Anderson 

Roz Anderson 
Rachel Bastos 
Grace Benigno 
Ruplu Bhattacharaya 
Thomas Biolsi 
EKvayne Bochnak 
Joel Brodie 
Bridget Carey 
Scott Chidakel 
Peter Choi 
Michelle Chuen 
Tracey Cohen 
Michael Colaianni 
Andrea Comiez 
Denise Desalvo 
Michelle Deslandes 
Heather Dorsey 
Tina Dippel 
Frederick Farah 
Heather Felson 
Alissa Garber 
Judy Goldman 
Michael Goldsmith 
Sheri Green 
Robert Grolnick 
Yuping Guo 
Michael Haddad 
Wendv Hess 
Jennifer Hester 
Stephen Hill 
Catherine Howard 
LeAnne Howard 
Sok Ha Hwang 
Dana Johnson 
Naresh Karamchetty 
Jeannette Kemerer 
Arthur Kramer 
Kenneth Lasala 
Michael Layton 
Harrison Le 
Nancy Lin 

Marcy Lukaszewicz 
Gina Meawad 
Michelle Murphy 
Seth Norrholm 
Monica Payne 
Suzana Pereira 
Jean-Pierre Pehitjean 
Kenneth Plasse 
Eric Radler 

Kathryn Ratanavanich 
Vipool Rathhod 
Suzanne Rev 
Penina Riebman 
Justin Roberts 
Andrew Rogers 
Amy Roll 
Vi\'an Roza 
Robert Runett 
Tracy Saff 
Caryn Sagal 
Jessica Shapiro 
Daphna Smith 
Therese Soma 
Jenny Span 
Shara Staller 
Katina Stapleton 
Leigh Stuart 
Amy Sweeney 
Liza Takiya 
Upton Thomas 
Michelle Tobin 
William Voshell 
Eric Waldemar 
Brad Weinstein 
Dorothy Zahringer 
Yilei Zhang 


Christina M. Addabbo 
Steven M. Alban 
William A. Andalora 

Jacqueline G. Band 
Mar)'am Beheshti 
Alma V. Bell 
Leslie M. Belloso 
Oren H. Ben-Zeev 
Robert D. Boyer 
Saralyn S. Brent 
Allen E. Brewer 
Joel D. Brodie 
Nathan A. Brown 
David J. Caldwell 
Steven B. Canaday 
Rosa W. Carrington 
Barry Y. Chen 
Natasha L. Chen 
Mike T. Cherry 
Scott J. Chidakel 
Christine G. Cole 
Mary T. Conway 
Anthony S. Cruit 
Theresa A. Currano 
Nancy Lee Da Ponte 
Angel A. Diaz 
Rebecca K. Dittmar 
Susan J. Doering 
Neal T. Donnelly 
Mafias Duarte 
Ayn B. Ducao 
Karen L. Duffy 
Lauren A. Edelstein 
Andrea R. Ellison 
Deborah E. Finch 
Jennifer L. Gentry 
Russell C. Glickman 
Ladan Golestaneh 
Ajay K. Gupta 
Juliet K. Habjan 
Stephanie E. Harris 
Janice D. Hauschild 
Garth R. Henning 
Susannah A. Hirsch 


Amir D. Jahansir 
Rivka Y. Kane 
Sandra M. Kao 
Kara E. Klaus 
Arthur H. Kramer 
Rishi Kurichh 
Terence P. Lee 
Dae-Gyu Lee 
Robert T. Levine 
Gregg F. Lipson 
Beatriz Lovejoy 
Suzanne L. Luft 
Dianne Majzob 
Tracey A. Marks 
Kari A. Matthiesen 
Linda C. Mayes 
Karen L. Milman 
Alison L. Milofsky 
Jesse M. Molesworth 
Kevin Moy 
Linda M. Musial 
Susanna Naggle 
Samuel R. Noto 
Joshua S. Osher 
Vickie V. Paramore 
Stephen M. Pepper 
Rebecca S. Politzer 
Steven T. Poole 
Luke M Pototschnik 
Jason M. Pressman 
Paula J. Redding 
Rachna Rikhye 
Alicia D. Roffman 
Diane A. Rowe 
Jodi D. Rubin 
Jill M. Salazar 
Linda M. Schneider 
Carrie E. Schreiber 
Cara J. Sclafani 
Lisa M. Selznick 
Iris Y Sevi 

Ming-Chen Shih 
Sonya E. Shooshan 
Karen M. Spicher 
Naomi M. Stevens 
Taryn J. Szerensits 
Catherine E. Thomas 
Stacey A. Thurman 
John R. Vu 
Tamela D. Wade 
Christina A. Way 
Andrew M. Weiner 
Kathy J. Weishaar 
Steven M. Weitzman 
Brian E. Wellington 
Jerry P. Wrenn 
Alison R. Young 
Yan Zhao 


(National French and Italian 
Honor Society) 

Marcy Suzanne Brown 
Elizabeth Jean Burke 
Bridget Eileen Carey 
Joseline Carmen Castanos 
Jennifer Marie Difazio 
Anita Elaraj 
Sabina Peri Fogle 
Joseph Gentile 
Jeannine Ann Johnson 
Sue June Kim 
Angela Sigrid Lambrecht 
Mariam Tekle-Haimanot 
John David Yoder 


(National Slavic Honor Society) 

Julie Anne Hughes 
Timothy Joseph Jent 
Philip Arthur Kabatt 
Sherry Marie Sullivan 


Stephanie Ann Barkin 
Karen Michele Bradshaw 
James Patrick Bums 
Melanie Kaye Chaump 
Melissa Rae Chaump 
Brian Trevor Crane 
Sabina A-M Crisen 
Miguel A. Downs 
Adam D. Feinberg 
Michael Eugene Hess 
Wendy N. Hess 
Amir Demian Jahansir 
Hena Nawaz Khan 
Kenneth Paul LaSala Jr. 
Nicole Lefcourt 
David Scott Marks 
Shana Ori Miner 
Caryn Alexandra Nesmith 
Meredith Gayle Polsky 
Christine Ann Razzano 
CoUeen Rochele Read 
Timothy Roth Ryan 
Amit Sen 
Amy L. Sweeney 
Stacy Aline Thurman 
Michael K. Tracton 
Allison Arm Ward 


(Mechanical Engineering) 

Joseph N. Cabrera 
Mengwei Chen 
Angela S. Choy 
Rebecca M. Currano 
David D. D'Souza 
William Dahl 
William C. Duvall 
Robert T. Floyd 
Brian P. Gearing 
Philip M. Goodwin 

Heshan P. Gunawardane 
Brian S. Haller 
Lisi R. Helmig 
Clyde Humphrey 
Won In 

Diana C. Johnson 
Michelle D. King 
David J. Krause 
Wendy E. Krieg 
Steven N. Kutchi 
Eric L. Luft 
Crystal R. Massey 
Dawn G. McLeod 
William L. Miller 
Shila Mortazavi 
Steven A. Mummey 
Steven C. Noe 
Nnaemeka H. Nwosu 
Michael J. Perkins 
Alan S. Romack 
Douglas G. Rowse 
Cheryl R. Seff 
Wing Y. Siu 
Michael A. Socha 
Thomas E. Sfachura 
Rena Surana 
Khuong H. Tang 
Tai-chia Tuan 
Donald J. Walker 
Jonathan W. White 
Jordan T. WUkerson 
Craig A. Wilson 
Robert A. Wolf 
Michael W. Wu 


(International English Honors Society 
for Outstanding English Majors) 

Michael Berman 
Ana Maria Bernardo 
Theresa Lorraine Brown 


S I T Y 


Staci Renee Bumpus 
Tracey Helene Cohen 
Margaret Esther Cooper 
Laleh Eshkevari 
Julie Nicole Ezell 
Carol Arm Eraser 
Gene Jung 

Jacqueline Elizabeth Keeling 
Hasti Mirshah 
Michael Eric Natkin 
MeUnda McCaffray Rose 
Patrick Joseph Sacco 
Duane Paul Schroeder 
Marina EUzabeth Segel 
Henr)' Louis Shifrin 
Kelly Rae Idonia Small 


(Engineering Honor Society) 

Kazi Ahmed 
Geoffrey Boyers 
Michael Boyle 
Andrew Bulgin 
Steven Carin 
Michael Colaiarmi 
Paul Curto 
Joseph Dahlstrom 
Gail Dempsey 
Brett Gidge 
Nisha GiLra 
Judy Goldman 
Michael Haywood 
Lance Hester 
Peeraboon Hongladarom 
James Jenkins 
Jill Jordan 
BOiursheedul Khan 
Quang Le 
Kristianto Lim 
David LovLnger 
ShUa Mortazavi 

Jonathan Papillo 
Taral Patel 
Michael Perkins 
Valentin Popescu 
Jacob Poulose 
Soma Sau 
Cecily Scarpelli 
James Schmidt Jr. 
Cheryl Seff 
Christopher Sychlovy 
Ross Tabachow 
Shirley Wang 
Anthony White 
Benedict Wible 
James Willis 
Craig Wilson 
Lucas Womack 
Michael Wu 


Thomas Clark Antisdel 
Daniello G. Balon 
Farzad Besharatian 
Nicole Marie Bordogna 
Jacqueline Maryse Caldwell 
Shana Diane Cochrane 
Jennifer Lynn Collins 
Gallet June Dardashd 
Thomas Jason Druzgal 
Lauren Ami Edelstein 
Jacqueline Marie Fiehler 
Catherine Louise Frolich 
Asok Kumar Ghosh 
Nisha Gilra 
Judy Goldman 
Karen Lynn Gordes 
Laura Rachel Green 
Amy Michele Grossman 
Lara Elizabeth Grubich 
Corey Matthew Holobetz 

Jeneba Jalloh 
Allen J. Job 

Kenneth Paul LaSala Jr. 
Nicole Marie Marasco 
Andrea Patti 
Katharine Ann Pawelko 
Anthony Paul Pease 
Suzana Maria Pereira 
Jodi Alissa Radezly 
Colleen Rachele Read 
Caryn Reisa Sagal 
Mary Lynn Searing 
Robin Leslie Tallant 

Stacey AUne Thurman 
Erick Drew Wood 
Chi-Tai Yang 
Lisa Robin Zitomer 


Scholarship Honors 

Bachelor's degree candidates who have 
quahfied for scholarship honors upon 
graduation are designated by appropriate 
symbols adjacent to their names within 
the alphabetical listings of colleges or schools. 

To be eligible for consideration for such honors a 
candidate must meet the following general criteria: 
(1) have completed at least two years of work at the 
University of Maryland (60 semester hours, 30 of 
which were earned at the College Park campus), 
and (2) have a scholastic average of a "B" (grade 
point average of 3.0) or higher in University of 
Maryland work prior to the last semester of regis- 
tration before the awarding of a degree. 

Degree candidates who have met these criteria are 
shown in the listings as qualifying, upon gradua- 
tion, for the designators Summa cum Laude (if they 
ranked in the top 2 percent of the candidates in 
their respecti\'e colleges or schools). Magna cum 
Lniiilc (if in the next 3 percent), or ctitn Laude (if in 
the next 5 percent) based on the grade point aver- 
ages of students in the preceding three graduating 
classes of their degree-granting unit. 


Assaf Mendelson 


Roz Christina Anderson 
Humphrey Odei Atiemo 
Amanda Lvnn Babcock 
Katherine Balk 
Stephanie Ann Barkin 
Michael Craig Berman 

Carlen Louise Btni 
Nathan Allen Brown 
Paul Howard Brown 
Theresa Lorraine Brown 
Bridget Eileen Carey 
Melanie Kaye Chaump 
Melissa Rae Chaump 
Duo Chen 

Michelle Sien-Yee Chen 
Melody Angela Chen 
Mary Cho 
Betty Chou 
Tracey Helene Cohen 
Jonathan Damon Crill 
Sabina Anne-Marie Crisen 
Kelly Renee Crisp 
Allen William Currano 
Paul Christopher Curto 
Galeet June Dardashti 
Gail Louise Dempsey 
Martha Irene Dorak 
Thomas Jason Druzgal 
Rebecca Lynne Dubin 


David Richard Eisner 
Julie Nicole Ezell 
Frederick Guy Farah 
Judith Ilene Feinberg 
Amy Florence Feldman 
Christine Susan Fellows 
Charles Andrew Fox 
Alissa Joy Garber 
Mary Ann F. George 
Allison Lorna George 
Nish Gilra 
Judy Goldman 
Kevin Howard Greenberg 
Jonathan Hersh Griner 
Robert Todd Grolnick 
Poonam Lata Gutt 
Steve Wayne Haga 
Paulina Harwood 
Janine Heller 
Maisha Kai Herron 
Robert Nelson Hershey 
Kelly Heyboer 
Catherine Vail Higbee 
Pamela Ching-Yu Ho 
Kerri Denise Howard 
Geoffrey Christopher Hruska 
Dana Yolanda Johnson 
S. Gina Jun 
Padmini Kaushal 
Hena Nawaz Khan 
Wendy Ellen Krieg 
Ryan Jay Lampel 
Jeffrey Scott Langbaum 
Kenneth Paul LaSala 
Kevin Martin Lascola 
Holly Rebecca Laser 
Edward K. Lee 
Carol Ruth Leotta 
Brian Michael Levin 
David Jesse Warren Lovinger 
Marcy Jan Lukaszewicz 

Paul Samuel Mandell 
David Scott Marks 
Keith Raymond Marler 
Kari Ann Matthiesen 
Colleen Diane Merritt 
Ann Monis 

Shanon Denetra Murray 
Michael Eric Natkin 
Viseth Ngauy 
Katie Bridget O'Brien 
Donna Lynn Obermeier 
Michael John Papadopoulos 
Enrique Parra 
Monica Renee' Payne 
Suzana Maria Pereira 
Birgit Ellen Peterson 
Loan Kim Phan 
Jacob Ravi Poulose 
Brinda Coorg Prasad 
Jason Matthew Pressman 
Kathryn Mary Ratanavanich 
Elizabeth Kristine Rea 
Colleen Rachele Read 
Matthew William Ready 
Penina Ilene Riebman 
Amy Joy Robertson 
Gregory Chia-Hua Robison 
Melinda Mccaffray Rose 
Ehsanee Ian Sadr 
Anurag Saran 
Elizabeth Sophie Sarate 
Carrie Roth Schneider 
Jennifer Anne Schorr 
Stephen David Shea 
Kelly Rae Idonia Small 
Suzanne Lee Smith 
Laurie Beth Solomon 
Elizabeth Ruth Spinney 
Shara Ileen Staller 
Katlna Rae Stapleton 
Michael Denton Starsinic 


Seth Benjamin Sternberg 

Rolf Walter Stottmann 

Gregory David Surbeck 

Amy Louise Sweeney 

Judy Hwa Tan 

Regina Loraine Tan 

Deepa R. Tawney 

Jesse John Terrill 

Alisa Amy Tryson 

Rung-Kai Ronald Tsay 

Erik Christian Von Rosenvinge 

Nina Vucenik 

Steven Maxwell Weitzman 

Christopher Michael Westbrook 

Raymond Douglas Westcott 

Saminda Wijegunawardena 

Lucas Aaron Womack 

Drake Chong-Hyong Yi 

Jeffrey Jooivnyong Yoon 


Kurt Roger Horst 
Brinda Coorg Prasad 
Daniel Nathan Shriner 

With homrs in: 
Art History 

Jodi Lynn Giannini 

Computer Science 

Vimarsh Sidhartha Bakaya 
Jason Benjamin Ellis 
Marat FayzuUin 
Heung-Man Lam 
Assaf Mendelson 
Ellen Trina Paik 
Dimitra-Isidora Mema 


Matthew A. Calderone 
Anja Decressin 
John Albert Small 

Willi high houorfi iii: 
Criminology and Criminal Justice 

Tracy Karen Saff 


Helene Yilin Yan 

Government and Politics 

Sabina A-M Crisen 
David Scott Marks 
Elaine Rebecca Weiss 


Anna Yuryevna Borovikov 
Joseph Stephen Miller 


Christina Lynn Burch 


Helen Hong 
Rebecca Toby Lieb 
Jessica Lynn Neufeld 
Donna Lynn Obermeier 
Jocelyn Amy Sides 
Robin Michelle Solomon 


Paul Christopher Curto 
Judy Goldman 
James Newton Jenkins 
Kevin Martin Lascola 
Michael Joseph Perkins 
Soma Sau 
Gregory David Surbeck 


Gene Jung 

Melora Ann Moreland 

Scott Donato Saccenti 

Carolyn Rebecca Scearce 

Nina Vucenik 

Monica Marcella Whiten 


Maria Ursula Chandler 
Elena Vladislavovna Spivak 

Government and Politics 

Kenneth Paul LaSala Jr. 
Michael K. Tracton 
Christopher Tolan Weir 
Gregory David Yancey 


Ellen Lisa Gerstein 
Scott Alan McCabe 
Christopher Ross Sutton 


Geoffrey Christopher Hruska 


Loren Alphons Zech 


Adam Jonas Goldstein 
Maria Frances Hoffman 
Marcy Jan Lukaszewicz 
Linh T. Nguyen 
Kevin Edvsfard Plamondon 
Gregory Chia-Hua Robison 
Ehsaneh Ian Sadr 
Stephen David Shea 
Pegah Touradji 
Andrey Vinokurov 


Angela Diane Romano 


Melody Angela Chen 
Deana Louise Cairo 
Allison Loma George 
Deepa Jhaveri 
Regina Loraine Tan 
Jennifer Ward 


Walter Thomas Frederick 
Coryell Jr. 


Produced by: Universihi Publications, 5/95 

Project Coordinator: Linda H. Martin 

Editor: Joe Sugarrnan 

Photography: Chan Chao, John T. Consoli, 

AI Danneger, David Froehlich, 

Rich Horchler, 

Scott Suchman, and Bill Weems 

Design and production: Jennifer Grogan 

and Kerstin Neteler 

Cover design: John T. Consoli 

Special thanks to Kay Riggleman 

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