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Southern Illinois University 


May Hand 15, 1999 

Digitized by the Internet Archive 

in 2012 with funding from 

CARLI: Consortium of Academic and Research Libraries in Illinois 


May 14 and 15, 1999 

The commencement ceremony is an important occasion not only for you but for other 
graduates, families, and friends. Although it is a happy time, it should not be a time of 
revelry. Your conduct at the ceremony should be dignified. Alcoholic beverages may not 
be brought into either the SIU Arena or Shryock Auditorium either by degree candidates 
or guests. Security personnel will be on hand to deal with alcohol or other distracting 

Professional photographers will be taking two photographs of each graduate as he or she 
crosses the stage. Each graduate will receive a proof print of each of those shots at no 
charge, and will have the opportunity to purchase additional copies or various 
photograph packages at a reasonable cost. 

Southern Illinois University Carbondale 

When its doors were first opened in 1874, Southern Illinois University Carbondale was a 
place where teachers and scholars believed that their graduates should be prepared to 
make useful contributions to the health and strength of society. This is still our intention. 
Outstanding departments, dedicated faculty, thorough and often inspired instruction, and 
a thoughtful blending of old wisdom with new knowledge have become the hallmarks of 
the University. 

Because this is true, we can point with pride to our alumni, many of whom are 
distinguished scholars, business leaders, artists, and public servants, and many more of 
whom are essential to organizations and communities throughout the nation. 
Knowing that classroom learning is only one facet of education, we help students learn to 
play through intramural sports, training in crafts, outdoor activities for individuals and 
groups, a variety of musical organizations; learn to help themselves through wellness 
education, physical fitness training, and counseling; learn to help others through 
fraternal, community service, political, and volunteer groups; learn to see and know their 
surroundings through hands-on projects, field trips, lectures, and excursions of their own. 
In encouraging students to explore the avenues and byways of knowledge and 
experience, our aim is to expand their view of the world in such a way that, while they 
focus on the particulars of their careers, they will be able to see their lives and their work 
in the broad context of the communities and the world. 

Board of Trustees 

Name Home Town Term Expiration 

A. D. Van Meter, Jr., Chair Springfield 2005 

Molly D'Esposito, Vice-Chair Winnetka 2001 

George T. Wilkins, Jr., Secretary Edwardsville 2003 

John Brewster Marion 2003 

William R. Norwood Carbondale 2001 

Harris Rowe Jacksonville 2001 

Celeste M. Stiehl Belleville 1999 

Phil Gersman, Student Trustee Edwardsville 1999 

Mike Ruta, Student Trustee Carbondale 1999 

Ted Sanders, President 
Southern Illinois University 

Jo Ann E. Argersinger, Chancellor 
Southern Illinois University Carbondale 



Southern Illinois University Carbondale iii College of Business and Administration 28 

Bachelor of Science 29 

Board of Trustees in 

College of Education 31 

Schedule of Commencement Ceremonies vi -»,,-«.. 

Bachelor of Science 32 

Distinguished Service Awards 1 College of Engineering 38 

MarciaL. Bullard 1 Bachelor of Science 39 

James W. Neckers 2 

College of Liberal Arts 41 

Honorary Degree 3 ^^ rf ^ 42 

Mark Victor Hansen 3 Bachelor of Fine Arts 45 

Candidates for Degrees 4 

Bachelor of Music 45 

Bachelor of Science 45 

Graduate School 5 College of Mass Communication and Media 

Arts 47 

Doctor of Philosophy 6 

Doctor of Rehabilitation 8 Bachelor of Arts 48 

Specialist 8 Bachelor of Science , 48 

Master of Accountancy 8 

Master of Arts 8 

Master of Business Administration 9 Bachelor of Arts 51 

Master of Fine Arts 10 Bachelor of Science 51 

College of Science 50 

Master of Music 10 

Master of Public Administration 10 

Master of Science 10 

Master of Science in Education 12 

Master of Social Work 14 

Faculty/Staff Service Awards 1998-1999 53 

Air Force and Army Reserve Officer 
Training Corps 56 

School of Law 15 Academic Regalia 57 

Juris Doctor 16 „. ,_ . ._ . 

Colors of Tassels and Hoods 58 

College of Agriculture 18 

_, , . .„ . tn Commencement Committee 1998-99 58 

Bachelor of Science 19 

College of Applied Sciences and Arts 21 The SIU Alumni Association 59 

Bachelor of Science 22 „ 

,. , _. . _ _ Southern Alma Mater 61 

Associate in Applied Science 26 

Schedule of Commencement Ceremonies 

Friday and Saturday, May 14 and 15, 1999 

Friday, SIU Arena 

5:00 P.M.College of Liberal Arts 

Saturday, SIU Arena 

8:30 A.M. College of Education 
1 1 :00 A.M. College of Applied Sciences and Arts 
1:30 P.M. College of Engineering 
4:00 P.M. College of Business and Administration 
7:00 P.M. Graduate School 

Saturday, Shryock Auditorium 

8:30 A.M. College of Science 
1 1 :00 A.M. College of Agriculture 
1:30 P.M. College of Mass Communication and Media Arts 
4:00 P.M. School of Law 


Distinguished Service Award 

Marcia L. Bullard 

Marcia L. Bullard (Journalism '74) is President, CEO and Editor of USA Weekend, 
America's second most widely circulated magazine. Ms. Bullard was a founding Editor 
of USA Today, and she has been employed by the Gannett organization most of her 
professional career. 

In 1998, she was recipient of the Revlon Business Woman of the Year Award. George 
Fellows, Revlon's President and Chief Executive Office stated "Marcia Bullard is surely 
an inspiration to young women who seek to make their mark in journalism, or any 
profession, and at the same time give back their knowledge and spirit to the community." 

Her memberships include the Newspaper Association of America, the American 
Society of Newspaper Editors, and she is a former board member of the Associated Press 
Managing Editors. Ms. Bullard has taught college journalism and regularly performs 
volunteer work. 

While Ms. Bullard has made a meteoric rise in the journalism world, she continues to 
support her alma mater. She serves on the Advisory Board of the College of Mass 
Communication and Media Arts, and returns to campus twice each year. In addition to 
being supportive of journalism students entering the profession, she endowed a 
scholarship in the School of Journalism. 

In recognition of her outstanding achievements, service, and dedication, Southern 
Illinois University Carbondale finds it fitting and proper to present the Distinguished 
Service Award to Marcia L. Bullard. 

Distinguished Service Award 

James W. Neckers 

James W. Neckers graduated from Hope College and earned a Ph.D. at the University of 
Illinois in 1927. Dr. Neckers joined the faculty at Southern Illinois University and 
became Chairman of the Department of Chemistry two years later. He served as 
Chairman of the Department of Chemistry for thirty-six years and retired from SIUC in 

During his tenure at SIUC, Dr. Neckers led the Department of Chemistry from a small 
department of four faculty to a department of twenty-four faculty. Dr. Neckers guided the 
department through its first American Chemical Society accreditation. Under Neckers' 
leadership, the department added the M.S. and Ph.D. degree programs. Additionally, he 
played the lead role in designing the Parkinson Laboratory. 

Dr. Neckers served as President of the Illinois Academy of Science and actively 
served as a member of the Illinois Teachers Association, National Teachers Association, 
and the American Chemical Society. 

He was a leader who constantly strove to better the welfare of the University, as was 
demonstrated by his support for faculty participation in University affairs and by his 
helping to establish the first Faculty Council. 

Awards received by Dr. Neckers included the Alumni Association's Great Teacher 
Award in 1966 and a Distinguished Alumni Award from Hope College in 1996. His 
former students remember him with great respect and admiration. Even after retirement, 
he continues to be an active participant in the Department of Chemistry and 
Biochemistry, attending weekly research seminars, and contributing to an endowment in 
his name which funds scholarships for students and speaker visits. 

In recognition of his contributions, outstanding achievements, service, and 
distinguished leadership record, Southern Illinois University Carbondale finds it fitting 
and proper to present the Distinguished Service Award to James W. Neckers. 

Honorary Degree 

Doctor of Humane Letters 

Mark Victor Hansen 

Mark Victor Hansen earned his undergraduate degree at Southern Illinois University 
Carbondale. He majored in Speech Communication and graduated in 1970. During his 
time in Carbondale, he worked as a research assistant for Buckminster Fuller, who taught 
him to think " comprehensively and anticipatorially" . Mr. Hansen also completed some 
graduate work in the College of Education and in the Design Department. The 
preparation Hansen received at SIUC enabled him to pursue graduate studies at Golden 
State University in California where some of his classmates were notables such as Gene 
Roddenbury, the creator of the Star Trek series, and Jess Stern, a best-selling author. 

Mr. Hansen founded his own company, Mark Victor Hansen & Associates, which has 
developed into one of the nation's premier speaking companies. Over the last twenty- 
four years in his career as a motivational speaker, Hansen has delivered over five 
thousand speeches to well over two million people in thirty-six nations. In addition, 
Hansen's company has created numerous motivational audio tapes and other specialty 

In 1990, Mr. Hansen and his partner Jack Canfield began a writing project that 
culminated in the first Chicken Soup for the Soul book. That single book, which was 
published in 1993, has since blossomed into an empire with seventeen different Chicken 
Soup titles currently in print and twenty-seven million copies sold. 

Mr. Hansen is a widely known inspirational speaker who has made a real difference in 
the lives of many thousands of people. He is also a living example of his teachings. in his 
book, The Miracle of Tithing, Hansen points out that giving to others has multiplying 
benefits, rewards, and joys. In keeping with this view, a portion of the royalties of all of 
his book sales is designated to support charities, such as the Arbor Foundation. One of 
Hansen's goals is to re-forest the planet through the planting of 18 billion additional 
trees. His challenge to the publishing industry is to plant as many trees as they use in the 
printing of their books, magazines, and newspapers. 

In recognition of his contributions, outstanding achievements, service, and 
distinguished leadership record, Southern Illinois University Carbondale finds it fitting 
and proper to present the honorary degree of Doctor of Humane Letters to Mark Victor 

Candidates for Degrees 

The following lists contain the names of candidates for degrees, the granting of which is 

contingent upon successful completion of all requirements for the degree. 

An asterisk (*) to the right of the name indicates membership in the University Honors 

program (undergraduate students only). 

University Academic Honors listed to the right of the name are as follows for 

undergraduate students: 

cum laude 3.500-3.749 

magna cum laude 3.750-3.899 

summa cum laude 3.900-^.000 
The averages above apply firstly to all work taken at Southern Illinois University 
Carbondale and in the case of transfer students then to the total work as an additional, but 
secondary qualification. 

Order of Exercises 

Graduate School 

7:00 P.M., Saturday, May 15, 1999, SIU Arena 

(Please stand for the Processional.) 


Pomp and Circumstance March No. 1, Sir Edward Elgar, Composer 
Marianne Webb, Professor of Music and University Organist 

Greetings and Introduction of Platform Party 

Jo Ann E. Argersinger, Chancellor, Southern Illinois University Carbondale 

Presentation of the 1999 Outstanding Scholar Award and 1998 Outstanding 
Dissertation Award 

Richard E. Falvo, Acting Dean, Graduate School 

Jo Ann E. Argersinger, Chancellor, Southern Illinois University Carbondale 

Eric P. Mandat, Professor, School of Music, Recipient, Outstanding Scholar Award 

Warren D. Anderson, Department of Anthropology, Recipient, Outstanding Dissertation 


Lesa Lockford, Department of Speech Communication, Finalist, Outstanding 

Dissertation Award 

Manoj Kumar Mohanty, Department of Mining Engineering, Finalist, Outstanding 

Dissertation Award 

Southern Illinois University Alumni Association Outstanding Thesis Award 

Christopher A. P. Nelson, Department of Philosophy, Recipient, Outstanding Thesis 


F. Joseph McClernon, Department of Psychology, Finalist, Outstanding Thesis Award 

Amit Patwardhan, Department of Mining Engineering, Finalist, Outstanding Thesis 


Presentation of Candidates and Conferring of Graduate School Degrees 

Jo Ann E. Argersinger, Chancellor, Southern Illinois University Carbondale 
Richard E. Falvo, Acting Dean, Graduate School 

Welcome from the Alumni Association 

Michael Carr, SIU Alumni Association 


■A Festive Recessional, Walter L. Pelz, Composer 
Marianne Webb 

Faculty Marshals 

Robert C. Radtke, Professor, Department of Psychology, Grand Marshal 
Du Wayne C. Englert, Professor, Department of Zoology, Faculty Marshal 
William Lee Sharp, Professor, Department of Educational Administration and Higher 
Education, Faculty Marshal 

(Please remain in your seat until the Recessional is completed.) 

Graduate School 

Richard E. Falvo, Acting Dean 
Jack McKillip, Marshal 
John S. Mead, Marshal 
Victoria Molfese, Marshal 
Pam Durso, Usher 
Barbara Meier, Usher 
Jim Novelli, Usher 

Doctor of Philosophy 

Masoud A. Abdulrahim 
Journalism, Dr. Dennis T. Lowry 

Newspaper Readership and Credibility in Kuwait: 
An Analysis of Uses and Gratifications Theory 

Bradley J. Best 

Political Science, Dr. Albert P. Melone 

Law Clerks, Support Personnel, and the Decline 
of Consensual Norms on the United States Supreme 
Court, 1935-1995 

H. Gene Biby 

Speech Communication, Dr. Sarah J. Blackstone 
Mae West 's Sex to Hallie Flanagan 's Politics: 
Censorship in the American Theater from 1925- 

Cynthia Margaret Bishop 

Speech Communication, Dr. Michael G. Parkinson 

Argumentativeness and Verbal Aggressiveness: 
Aspects of Speech Communication 's Raison D Eire 

Suganthi Chinnaswamy 
Physiology, Dr. Michael F. Shanahan 

Structural Analysis of the Human Erythrocyte 
Glucose Transporter 

Brian Keith Clardy 

Historical Studies, Dr. Robbie Lieberman 

The Management of Dissent: Responses to the 
Post Kent State Protests at Seven Public 
Universities in Illinois 

Kevin Bradley Clark 

Psychology, Dr. Robert A. Jensen, Dr. Douglas C. 


Studies Investigating the Role Played by Vagus 
Nerve Stimulation in the Modulation of Memory 

Darice A. DeLap 

Education- Workforce Education & Development, 
Dr. Ronald W. Stadt 
Cooperative Learning: A Delphi Study 

Laila A. Farah 

Speech Communication, Dr. Ronald J. Pelias 

Storying Our Daily Lives: Lebanese and 
Palestinian Women Narrate the Performance of 
Survival, Resistance, and Cultural Membership 

Janice Ray Finney 

Education-Health Education, Dr. Judy C. Drolet 

Registered Nurses ' Perceptions of Their Own 
Chemical Impairment and Diversion, and Re-Entry 
Into Practice: A Qualitative Study 

Charles Paschal Giedeman 

Plant Biology, Dr. Beth A. Middleton 

Restoration Potential of Farmed Bottomland in 
the American Bottom of the Mississippi River Near 
St. Louis, Missouri 

Kimberly C. Gleason 

Business Administration, Dr. Iqbal Mathur 

A Comprehensive Examination of the 
Determinants of Corporate Multinational Spanning 

Debra Kay Goddard 

Education-Workforce Education & Development, 

Dr. Ronald W. Stadt 

Occupational Stereotyping and Its Influence on 
Men in Nursing 

Lynnette L. Harris 

Psychology, Dr. James P. O'Donnell 

Neuropsychological Functioning Among School- 
Aged Children with Perinatally- Acquired HIV 

James Achilles Highland 

Philosophy, Dr. Thomas M. Alexander, Dr. Thomas 

E. Gaskill 

Alchemy: The Transformation of the Soul in the 
Conversion Narratives of Augustine and Ghazzali 

Kui Huang 

Chemistry, Dr. Lori A. Vermeulen 

Synthesis of Network Silicon and Germanium 
Polymers and Copolymers and Characterization of 
Their Optical Properties 

Jacqueline Marie Huff 
Psychology, Dr. Alan C. Vaux 

Factors Influencing Outreach Programming in 
College and University Counseling Centers 

Kungshang Lee 

Education-Curriculum and Instruction, Dr. Nancy 

L. Quisenberry 

A Descriptive Study of Writing Development in 
Chinese Speaking Young Children, Ages 3-6 

Jami S. Leichliter 

Psychology, Dr. John A. McKillip 

Effect of Social Ecological Variables on Binge 
Drinking and Associated Consequences and 

Harold Thompson Little, Jr. 

Business Administration, Dr. Robert B. Welker 

The Effects of Characteristics of a Formal 
Budgeting Process and Supervisors ' Budget-Related 
Behaviors on Managers ' Organizational Attitudes 
and Behaviors 

Tomoyuki Mashimo 

Molecular Biology, Microbiology, and 

Biochemistry, Dr. Kounosuke Watabe 

Tumor Metastasis Suppressor Genes in Prostate 

Cynthia S. Mester 

Education-Educational Psychology, Dr. Ronna F. 


Efficacy of a Curriculum on Dual Diagnosis for 
Direct Care Personnel: A Posttest-Only Control 
Group Design 

Rhett J. Michelson 

Physiology, Dr. Jodi I. Huggenvik 

The Cloning and Characterization ofNUDR, a 
Novel Transcription Factor with Implications in 
Development and Cancer 

Savita Padmanabhan 

Molecular Biology, Microbiology, and 

Biochemistry, Dr. Joseph C. Schmit 

Physical and Structural Characterization of 
Ribonuclease I from Escherichia Coli 

Steven Neil Poznic 

Education-Educational Administration, Dr. William 

E. Eaton, Dr. Randy J. Dunn 

Implications of Block Scheduling on Area 
Vocational Center Enrollments 

Althea E. Rhodes 

English, Dr. Lisa J. McClure 

Finding the Ties that Bind: Initiation Into 
Academic and Nonacademic Discourse 

Susan Elizabeth Riser 

Education-Educational Psychology, Dr. Richard W. 


Transition to Womanhood in Late Twentieth 
Century America: Implications for Counseling 

Salma K. Sadain 

Chemistry, Dr. John A. Koropchak 

Investigation of the Effects of Aerosol Flow on 
Discrete Sample Signals and Development of 
Condensation Nucleation Light Scattering 
Detection for Ion Chromatography 

Tanka Nath Sharma 

Education- Workforce Education & Development, 

Dr. John S. Washburn 

The Role of Technical Education and Vocational 
Training In the Broader Perspective of Nepal 's 
Employment and Training System 

Joyce L. Sheets 

Education-Workforce Education & Development, 

Dr. Marcia A. Anderson 

Perceptions of Certified Court Reporting 
Instructors Regarding Plateaus Encountered in Skill 

Lillian Roberta Shrake 
Education-Curriculum and Instruction, Dr. 
Lawrence Erickson 

Effecting Change in an Early Literacy Program: 
A Change Agent Focus 

Manohar Singh 

Business Administration, Dr. Iqbal Mathur 

An Agency Theoretic Perspective on Product and 
Global Spanning Strategies 

Leslie Darlene Strategier 
Psychology, Dr. Linda R. Gannon 

Effectiveness of Sexual Assault Workshops: A 
Behavioral Approach 

Margaret Miranda Sullivan 
Speech Communication, Dr. Mary Lou Higgerson 
"You 've Got to be a Person Too ": A Rhetorical 
Criticism of Student Essays Describing Favorite 
College Teachers 

Haining Wang 

Anthropology, Dr. Prudence M. Rice 

Early Pottery in China: A Review of 
Archaeological and Environmental Data from Eight 

Aaron Thomas Scott Whitney 
Psychology, Dr. Brenda O. Gilbert 

The Effect of Childhood Sexual Abuse and Family 
Environment on Present and Future Possible Selves 

Claudette Yvonne Williams-Myers 
Education-Workforce Education & Development, 
Dr. Marcia A. Anderson 

Employability Skills Required for the 21 s ' Century 
Jamaican Workforce: Implications for Education 
and Training 

Austin A. Winther 

Education-Curriculum and Instruction, Dr. Sharon 

A. Shrock, Dr. Gertrude L. Volk 

Teacher Decision-Making in Implementing a New 
Environmental Education Curriculum: A 
Qualitative Study 

Yaxiong Yang 

Molecular Biology, Microbiology, and 

Biochemistry, Dr. Gregory J. Brewer 

Regulation of Amyloid Precursor Protein Gene in 
Primary Neurons in Response to Extracellular 
Stimulation and during Synaptogenesis 

Jie Zhang 

Historical Studies, Dr. David L. Wilson, Dr. Jian 


Transplanting Identity: A Study of Chinese 
Immigrants and the Chinese Restaurant Business 

Doctor of Rehabilitation 

Dothel Wilson Edwards, Jr. 

Rehabilitation, Dr. Paula K. Davis, Dr. Paul E. 


Racial Affiliation of African Americans and 
Caucasian Americans with Mental Retardation in 
Group Home Placement: Implications for Program 


Keith Alan Oates 
Educational Administration 

Master of Accountancy 

Kathleen Blue 

Meri Devore 

Philbert Deane Golden 

Rachel Vernia Moore 

Stelios Prodromou 

Vanessa Lachelle Smith 

Harrys Tsiartas 


Master of Arts 

Maria Teresa Balogh 

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages 
and Foreign Languages and Literatures 
Nicholas Adam Barron 

Treva Simone Bogaerts 

Tak Shing Chan 

Brady Reid Darvin 

Jeremy Keith Dennis 

English and Higher Education 
Deanna Beth Doelitzsch 

Interactive Multimedia 
Pedro Antonio Dos Santos 

Edward Etepa 

Applied Linguistics 
Monte E. Evans II 

Administration of Justice 
Michael Everett Ferguson 

Administration of Justice 
Deborah Ann Gahr Trieu 

Darren William Haney 

Foreign Languages and Literatures 
Gary James Hart 

Jonathan Christopher Haupt 

Yasuhiro Imai 

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages 
Kyle Jamal Ismail 

Yumi Kakazu 

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages 

John O'Connor Kavanaugh 

Merlin Kong 

Stefanie Cordelia Kuhn 

Foreign Languages and Literatures 
Richard R. Lawler 

Chia-hsin Ellen Lee 

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages 
Shupeng Li 

Ming-Tzu Liao 

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages 
Tina Lucia Loche 

Foreign Languages and Literatures 
Luke Gibson McCarthy 

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages 
James Thomas Mcintosh 

Administration of Justice 
Erik Jonalbert Meade 

Mark Mechtenberg 

Taihei Mizukami 

Administration of Justice 
Bethanie Jo Morrissey 

Applied Linguistics 
Carol L. Nelson-Lucero 

Administration of Justice 
Anne-Marie R. Obilade 

Meghan Mary Pontbriand 

Colin Scott Robinson 

Applied Linguistics 
Valerie J. Ross 

Bradley Edward Schultz 

Daniel N. Seymour 

Brett Eric Smithson 

History and Higher Education 
Benjamin John Trunk 

Interactive Multimedia 
Hsin-Chun Jamie Tsai 

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages 
Shinsuke Watanabe 

Applied Linguistics 
Andrew Allen White 

Liliana R. Zerpa-Santana 

Teaching English to Speakers of Other 

Master of Business Administration 

Dominic Gerard Arulsamy 

Business Administration 
Amber Dawn Boester 

Business Administration 
Carol Annette Bouche 

Business Administration 
Suzanne Lee Builta 

Business Administration 
Peeyush Chaudhary 

Business Administration 
Ching-Yao Chen 

Business Administration 
Gregory Leroy Cottom 

Business Administration 
Fatoumata Coulibaly 

Business Administration 
Eugene Lee Cross 

Business Administration 
Brady Reid Darvin 

Business Administration 
Anthony Thomas Fleege 

Business Administration 
Jessica M. Greenwald 

Business Administration 
Corey Thomas Gunn 

Business Administration 
Jody Allen Johnson 

Business Administration 
Neophytos L. Kalogerou 

Business Administration 
Swaminathan L. Kalpathy 

Business Administration 
Mosaddeq Khan 

Business Administration 
Danielle A. La Chance-Yates 

Business Administration 
Bradley Allen Lieurance 

Business Administration 
Jamie John McNutt 

Business Administration 
Dwanna Ogles 

Business Administration 
Melanie Ongoa 

Business Administration 
Christopher J. Posey 

Business Administration 
Thomas Keith Riggs 

Business Administration 
Sharon Kay Sagel 

Business Administration 
Nicole Christine Smith 

Business Administration 
James Kirby Spalding III 

Business Administration 
Wei-Ping Tu 

Business Administration 

Shyh-Yun Wan 

Business Administration 
Chad M. Wick 

Business Administration 
Jin Li Zhao 

Business Administration 

Pei-Lin Ko 

Stanley Dean Willis 

Inara Zandmane 


Master of Fine Arts 

Master of Public Administration 

Petronella CM. Bannier-Van Vulht Tijssen 

Anthony Lawrence Beery 

Brandon Burton Belzer 

Brian James Coley 

Creative Writing 
John Edward Conway 

Creative Writing 
James Albert Deanes, Jr. 

Marilyn Lynn Eaton 

Stefan Brent Forrester 

Creative Writing 
James Alan Gill 

Creative Writing 
Matthew Christopher Guenette 

Creative Writing 
Paul Guest 

Creative Writing 
Joey Dean Hale 

Creative Writing 
Joseph Costello Hamilton 

Mary Kathrine Krimendahl 

Julienne T. Lentczner 

Ian Patrick Mitchell 

Cinema and Photography 
Patrick Michael Morrissey 

Daniel D. Reagan-DuVau 

Edward Paul Rutkowski 

Creative Writing 
Pamela Jeanne Wallace 

Christopher Thomas Wilkerson 

Creative Writing 

Master of Music 

Patrick Jermaine Jenkins 

Elaine Middleton Bartlett 

Public Administration 
Jonathan Gobert 

Public Administration 
James Joseph Miller 

Public Administration 
Kristi L. Miller 

Public Administration 
Maria Kay Sweetin 

Public Administration 
Almaz Karim Tolymbek 

Public Administration 

Master of Science 

Muhammed Nabeel Abdel-Ghani 

Electrical Engineering 
Kiran Adhikary 

Civil Engineering 
Mahmoud F. Ahmed 

James Nelson Akers 

Manufacturing Systems 
Rebecca Ellen Alberson 

Food and Nutrition 
Matthew Lee Barnett 

Civil Engineering 
Jennifer Michelle Bates 

Rehabilitation Counseling 
Christy Ann Bethel 

Rehabilitation Administration and Services 
Daniel H.G. Botofs 

Civil Engineering 
Deborah E. Browne 

Communication Disorders & Sciences 
Larry Wallace Brunker 

Plant and Soil Science 
Thana Buranathananukij 

Civil Engineering 
Angela K. Calcaterra 

Rehabilitation Administration and Services 
Lisa Dills Caringer 

Rehabilitation Counseling 
Vasanth Sai Cattamanchi 

Mechanical Engineering 
Erin Suzanne Chadboume 

Plant and Soil Science 


How-Yue Chen 

Electrical Engineering 
Kerri Hans Cope 

Tammy J. Cox 

Rehabilitation Counseling 
Kehua Cui 

Computer Science 
Kelly Ann Cunagin 

Rehabilitation Counseling 
Stefan Phillip Czerwinski 

Jaylene Kay Dagnan 

Behavior Analysis and Therapy 
Errol B. Daniels 

Rehabilitation Counseling 
Indranil De 

Computer Science 
Jason Carl Del Gandio 

Speech Communication 
Jean DuPree 

Molecular Biology, Microbiology, and 

Ross Eugene Easterling, Jr. 

Scott Richard Elliott 

Computer Science 
Dawn Marie Etter 

Rehabilitation Counseling 
Thomas Howard Farris III 

Civil Engineering 
Kyle Edward Ferguson 

Behavior Analysis and Therapy 
Lisa Shannon Fisher 

Rehabilitation Counseling 
Nancy A. Fisk 

Communication Disorders & Sciences 
Stephanie C. Fitzjerrells 

Rehabilitation Counseling 
John Allen Fletcher 

Rehabilitation Counseling 
Nancy Catreece Foster 

Rehabilitation Counseling 
Tricia Lynn Fowler 

Rehabilitation Counseling 
Jan Fuhrmann 

Elaine Ruth Gower 

Food and Nutrition 
Trevor Neville Haas 

Civil Engineering 
Marcy Lee Claxton Hale 

Rehabilitation Counseling 
Kevin Dahl Hall 

Rehabilitation Administration and Services 
Peggy Hammond-Bixler 

Rehabilitation Counseling 

Kristann M. Harrigan 

Rehabilitation Counseling 
Stephanie Ann Hatchel 

Agribusiness Economics 
De Vona Antoinette Haywood 

Rehabilitation Counseling 
Anthony D. Heavin 

Donovan B. Henry 

Tara Lynette Hering 

Plant and Soil Science 
Camila Beth Hilderbrand 

Susanne Howard 

Plant and Soil Science 
Wenchuan Hu 

Computer Science 
Keith LeRoy Hurley 

Edward F. Jaramillo 

Civil Engineering 
Janet E. Johnson 

Biological Sciences 
Jewel L. Jones 

Rehabilitation Counseling 
Larry Cornelius Jones 

Rehabilitation Counseling 
Amy Karen Kilgard 

Speech Communication 
Rector N'Guessan Koffi 

Courtney A. Kohn 

Rehabilitation Counseling 
Jason Henry Kortte 

Communication Disorders & Sciences 
Christopher J. Krakowski 

Allen Louis Kross 

James Brian Ladonski 

Anthony James Lasley 

Communication Disorders & Sciences 
James A. Lively 

Patricia Maliro 

Agribusiness Economics 
Amy Nicole Mann 

Plant and Soil Science 
Leah Renee McAlister 

Agribusiness Economics 
Jeffrey Scott McDaniel 

Rehabilitation Administration and Services 
Molly Beth McElvain 

Rehabilitation Counseling 
Kristin Leigh McGuire 

Communication Disorders & Sciences 


Brian Detrick Mitchell 

Rehabilitation Counseling 
Joseph William Montgomery 

Food and Nutrition 
Jerry D. Mount 

Le'Tisha Antionette Murray 

Rehabilitation Administration and Services 
Joseph J. Myers 

Kimberly Newsome 

Rehabilitation Counseling 
Panagiotis Efstathiou Pantazopoulos 

Molecular Biology, Microbiology, and 

Courtenay Leon Park 

Graciela Perez 

Biological Sciences 
Paul Edward Pinnon 

Plant and Soil Science 
Brandon William Poiter 

Civil Engineering 
Sarah Jo Poole 

Rehabilitation Counseling 
Jackqulyn Joy Pratt 

Rehabilitation Administration and Services 
Sheila Rene Quails 

Rehabilitation Counseling 
Michael Redmer 

Vladimir V. Roganov 

Electrical Engineering 
Valerie J. Ross 

David Peter Ruffatto 

Edgar Salgado-Garcia 

Behavior Analysis and Therapy 
Douglas K. Scott 

Kelsi Michelle Scott 

Plant Biology 
Andrew T. Selle 

Kimberly Wogelius Smiley 

Communication Disorders & Sciences 
Christine Ann Smith 

Julie Anne Sowman-Roland 

Rehabilitation Counseling 
Jayanthi Srinivasan 

Electrical Engineering 
Robert Christian Steeples 

Rehabilitation Counseling 
Lucretia Aldridge Stoelzle 
Rehabilitation Counseling 

Michelle Marie Stokes 

Communication Disorders & Sciences 
Angela Marie Suttner 

Animal Science 
Geoffrey A. Swift 

Mechanical Engineering 
Tuan Eng Tan 

Computer Science 
Kevin Zhikai Tang 

Computer Science 
Nancy Byrd Taylor 

Rehabilitation Counseling 
Pedro Tomas 

Rehabilitation Counseling 
David Frank Torrence 

Rehabilitation Counseling 
Julian Iliev Vassilev 

Computer Science 
H. Todd Vaughn 

Rehabilitation Administration and Services 
Yi Wang 

Computer Science 
Michael P. Whitney 

Rehabilitation Administration and Services 
Christopher Jon Williamson 

Rehabilitation Administration and Services 
Shea L. Willis 

Rehabilitation Counseling 
Anthony Duane Wilson 

Rehabilitation Counseling 
Funeng Wu 

Computer Science 
Qiang Wu 

Computer Science 
Yuan Xiao 

Computer Science 
Hattie Yang 

Computer Science 
Amy Jeanne Ziemba 

Edward Henry Zwicker 


Master of Science in Education 

Aaron B. Armendariz 

Workforce Education and Development 
Michael Joe Armstrong 

Workforce Education and Development 
Teresa Burris Arnold 

Special Education 
Tuesday Lynn Ashner 

Workforce Education and Development 
Philip Bruce Bankester 

Curriculum and Instruction 
Tina Carol Barger 

Workforce Education and Development 
Laura Beth Barra 


Curriculum and Instruction 
William Raymond Bellecomo 

Curriculum and Instruction 
Robert A. Bilzing 

Special Education 
Susan Marie Bovinette 

Workforce Education and Development 
Carl Andrew Brewer, Jr. 

Workforce Education and Development 
Erica Je'Taun Carter 

Workforce Education and Development 
Pui-Yi Cheung 

Curriculum and Instruction 
Cynthia M. Ciganovich 

Curriculum and Instruction 
Michele Colson Clem 

Curriculum and Instruction 
Paula Jean Clendenen 

Workforce Education and Development 
Richard O'Neal Cole 

Workforce Education and Development 
Virginia Gabriela Coman 

Educational Administration 
John Raymond DeNosky 

Educational Administration 
Roberta Danielle Doyle 

Workforce Education and Development 
Marsha Jo Eubanks 

Workforce Education and Development 
Jessica Ann Smith 

Curriculum and Instruction 
Melissa Marie Fawcett 

Workforce Education and Development 
Conrad Antonio Fernander 

Workforce Education and Development 
Lila A. French 

Cynthia Michelle Gardner 

Workforce Education and Development 
Kevin Douglas Garthe 

Curriculum and Instruction 
Michelle B. Garthe 

Curriculum and Instruction 
Marcia Theresa Gibson 

Workforce Education and Development 
Susan Ann Godsey 

Curriculum and Instruction 
Cheryl R. McLaughlin Graff 

Curriculum and Instruction 
Rebecca Ann Grant 

Higher Education and Recreation 
Nicole Kay Gray 

Workforce Education and Development 
Deborah Jo Suh 

Curriculum and Instruction and Workforce 

Education and Development 
Casey Ann Hawkins 

Educational Psychology 

Thelma Marie Herschbach (Szymcek) 

Workforce Education and Development 
Beverly A. Hickam 

Workforce Education and Development 
Hui-ju Hsu 

Curriculum and Instruction 
Yusri Hussain 

Curriculum and Instruction 
Mike S. Hwang 

Curriculum and Instruction 
Kevin James Hytten 

Higher Education and Recreation 
Cedric M. Kenner 

Workforce Education and Development 
Matthew F. Kolcz 

Workforce Education and Development 
Tricia Ann Kujawa 

Educational Psychology 
Debra Ann Lundeberg 

Curriculum and Instruction 
Catherine A. Mabus 

Workforce Education and Development 
Laura Lynn Martin 

Workforce Education and Development 
Rowena Gayle McGehee 

Curriculum and Instruction 
Sylvia Farkas McGregor 

Workforce Education and Development 
Robert Andrew Morgan 

Workforce Education and Development 
Sarah Kiende Mwirigi 

Curriculum and Instruction 
Robynn Nawrot 

Workforce Education and Development 
Zanzi Kaitu LaShon Neblett 

Workforce Education and Development 
Michelle Elizabeth Novello 

Curriculum and Instruction 
Karen Sue Patyski 

Educational Administration 
Lynne J. Paul 

Workforce Education and Development 
Melanie Kay Pecord 

Workforce Education and Development 
Donald Lawrence Przygoda 

Workforce Education and Development 
David Luke Russo 

Educational Administration 
Jenny Lynn Samuelson 

Health Education 
Mei-Hu Lin Shiue 

Curriculum and Instruction 
Andree Dione Simmons 

Workforce Education and Development 
Jessica Ann Smith 

Curriculum and Instruction 
Pamela Ann Snow 

Workforce Education and Development 


Mary Alice Sprague 

Curriculum and Instruction 
Robert Benjamin Stephens 

Higher Education 
Jeannie Leigh Stevens 

Curriculum and Instruction 
Deborah Jo Suh 

Curriculum and Instruction and Workforce 

Education and Development 
Allison Rae Sutphin 

Educational Psychology 
Jamie Michelle Thomas 

Workforce Education and Development 
Melissa Renee Viernow 

Curriculum and Instruction 
Erma I. Waddy-Terry 

Workforce Education and Development 
Tiffany L. Walker 

Workforce Education and Development 
Catherine E. Wenthe 

Curriculum and Instruction 
Joy Kynyada Wheeler 

Workforce Education and Development 
Barbara Ann Yancey 

Special Education 
Kelley Kristen Yeager 

Educational Psychology 
Susan Jennifer Yearsley 

Higher Education 

Master of Social Work 

Donna Leigh Abeln 

Social Work 
Shelly Beth O'Neal Allen 

Social Work 
Jennifer Lee (Bond) Altig 

Social Work 
Pamela J. Altman 

Social Work 
Matthew Brayer Amble 

Social Work 
Sherri Kay Arthur 

Social Work 
Kimberly Kay Baskin 

Social Work 
Steven Harry Bookstaver 

Social Work 
Brenda Lou Carter 

Social Work 
Jennifer Lea Chester 

Social Work 
Jenna Michelle Collins 

Social Work 
Sharon Diane Corpening 

Social Work 
Barbara Ann Davis 

Social Work 

Carla Sue Donoho 

Social Work 
Wanda Ruth Evans 

Social Work 
Julie Diane Fritzler 

Social Work 
Susan Elizabeth Grace 

Social Work 
Marilyn R. Harper 

Social Work 
Amy Christine Hatcher 

Social Work 
Michelle Joy Irwin 

Social Work 
Becky McCamish Johnson 

Social Work 
Tracy Lynn Lambert 

Social Work 
Beverly June Martin 

Social Work 
Paul D. McKnight 

Social Work 
Cynthia Ann Miles 

Social Work 
Arletha Michelle Miller 

Social Work 
Leondra Alecia Moore 

Social Work 
Cari L. Piper 

Social Work 
Mark David Rasure 

Social Work 
Vivian Howell Robinson 

Social Work 
Betsy Dawn Scott 

Social Work 
Nichele Deanne Sechrest 

Social Work 
Amanda Suzanne Segers 

Social Work 
Thomitha Laden Simmons 

Social Work 
Norah Juliane St. James 

Social Work 
Kim LaKeisher Stansbury 

Social Work 
Anganetta Dunn Terry 

Social Work 
Cynthia Gail Tubbs 

Social Work 
Prisca Ngozi Ubah 

Social Work 
Jamie S. Wayer 

Social Work 
Joseph Anthony Williams 

Social Work 
Shanell Denise Williams 

Social Work 


Order of Exercises 

School of Law 

4:00 P.M., Saturday, May 15, 1999, Shryock Auditorium 

(Please stand for the Processional.) 


Trumpet Tune, Charles Callahan, Composer 
Mary Van Hoet-Miller, Organist 

Greetings and Introduction of Platform Party and Commencement Speakers 
Thomas F. Guernsey, Dean, School of Law 

Commencement Address 

The Honorable David R. Herndon, United States District Court, Southern District of 
Illinois, and The Honorable G. Patrick Murphy, United States District Court, Southern 
District of Illinois 

Presentation of Candidates, Hooding, and Conferring of Degrees 

John S. Jackson, III, Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Provost, 

Southern Illinois University Carbondale 

Thomas F. Guernsey, Dean 

Thomas C. Britton, Associate Dean 

Mary C. Rudasill, Associate Dean 

Michael P. Ruiz, Assistant Dean for Admissions and Student Affairs 

Josephine Koonce Evans, Registrar 

Class Speakers 

Madelyn J. Daley, Recipient, John S. Rendleman Outstanding Senior Award, Class of 
1999, SIU School of Law 

Christopher White, Recipient, John S. Rendleman Outstanding Senior Award, Class of 
1999, SIU School of Law 

Presentation of Alumni Achievement Award by the School of Law on behalf 
of the SIU Alumni Association 

The Honorable David R. Herndon, Recipient, Class of 1977, SIU School of Law 
The Honorable G. Patrick Murphy, Recipient, Class of 1978, SIU School of Law 

Welcome to Alumni 

Marie Tipsord, Class of 1985, SIU School of Law, Class Representative, SIU School of 
Law Alumni Association 

Concluding Remarks 

Dean Thomas F. Guernsey 


Psalm XIX, Benedetto Marcello, Composer 
Mary Van Hoet-Miller, Organist 

(Please remain in your seat until the Recessional is completed.) 


School of Law 

Thomas Guernsey, Dean 
Keith H. Beyler, Marshal 
Carmen Suarez, Marshal 
Mary C. Rudasill, Reader 

Juris Doctor 

Richard Joseph Albanese 

J. Scott Andresen 

Carrie Bechtold 

Robert Edward Berry 

Keleigh Lynn Biggins 

Rhonda Jean Boehne 

Joshua Mark Bradley 

K. Allen Brooks 

Marybeth J. Buttermore 

Amanda Y. Byassee-Gott 

Eric Craig Calhoun 

Theresa Marie Cameron 

Kelly Renee Choate 

Edwin D. Clontz 

Tanja Marion Cook 

Shane Richard Cox 

Madelyn J. Daley 

Timothy Eugene Daniels 

Larry D. Davie 

Christopher R. Davis 

Matthew John Davis 

Sarah Christine Day 

Allen Lee DeVary 

Joel Mason Diers 

Heidi Lynn Eckert 


Jonathan Parker Erickson 


Josephine Vita Evola 


Todd Robert Eyler 


Senait Fisseha 


Bert W. Gawthorp, Jr. 


David Anton Grabner, Jr. 


Kathleen Anne Graves 


Craig A. Griffith 


Jeffrey A. Grotevant 


Brian Donald Gulden 


Cassandra Jane Hansell 


Erik L. Hansell 


Christopher Bradley Hantla 


Mary Beth Higgins 


Heidi J. Hildebrand 


Michael Hoard 


R. Sean Hocking 


Frank Anthony Janello 


Melissa A. Jones 


Erik James Kanikula 


Lisa C. Kesting 


Kelly Towle Kirkbride 


Danielle A. La Chance-Yates 


Yvonne M. Lada 


Joseph Alexander Lao 


Christopher Robert Lashley 


Brandon Jerrard Lawrence 


Deanna Leigh Litzenburg 



Peter Lourgos 


Joel Edward Lueck 


Trent M. Marshall 


Christopher Warren Matoush 


Darrin Eugene McDonald 


Jeffrey F. Meade 


Marjorie Jane Miller 


William Todd Miller 


Percy David Mitchell III 


Shaundelle Y. Moore 


Julie Lynn Morgan 


William F. Murphy 


Maria Cecilia Lagmay Najera 


Eric James Neumann 


William Ray Norman 


Dwanna Ogles 


Vikrant Bhupen Panchal 


Suzanne L. Patton 


Patrick McMahon Pericak 


Christopher Vinh Phan 


Christopher Douglas Propst 


Lorri L. Quails 


Michael Eric Reid 


Peggy Lynn Reiman 


Darrin Keith Rice 


Monique Ann von Rothe 


Todd Joseph Rudloff 


Peter Brian Sanchez 


Benjamin Robert Schmickle 


Shekera Shahid 


Marie Edouardovna Shishov 


Sally K. Sorensen 


Michael Wayne Speck 


John Robert Springer 


David Christopher Steigmann 


Robert Charles Stelle 


John Morgan Stempniak 


Pamela J. Thoele 


Sitara Thomas 


Philip J. Tibbs 


Daren Keith Todd 


Veling W. Tsai 


Brandon Michael Vaughn 


Job Lubanga Wandallo 


Linda M. Warwick 


Christopher Coggins White 


Holly Wiegrefe 


Derrick R. Williams 


Stefanie Nicole Woolridge 


Olusola A. Younger 


Kelley V. Zuber 



Order of Exercises 

College of Agriculture 

1 1:00 A.M., Saturday, May 15, 1999, Shryock Auditorium 

(Please stand for the Processional.) 


Pomp and Circumstance March No. 1, Sir Edward Elgar, Composer 
Marianne Webb, Professor of Music and University Organist 

Greetings and Introductions of the Platform Party 

James M. McGuire, Dean, College of Agriculture 

Introduction of Commencement Speaker 
James M. McGuire, Dean, College of Agriculture 

Commencement Address 

Major General Rodney P. Kelly, Director of Operations, United States Space Command, 
headquartered at Peterson Air Force Base, Colorado Springs, Colorado 

Presentation of Alumni Achievement Award by the College of Agriculture on 
behalf of the SIU Alumni Association 

James M. McGuire, Dean, College of Agriculture 

Presentation of Candidates and Conferring of Baccalaureate Degrees 

Jo Ann Argersinger, Chancellor, Southern Illinois University Carbondale 

Dean James M. McGuire 

Trish Welch, Professor, Animal Science, Food and Nutrition 

Majors: Animal Science, Food and Nutrition 
Donald J. Stucky, Chair, Plant, Soil and General Agriculture 

Majors: General Agriculture, Plant and Soil Science 
Steven Kraft, Chair, Agribusiness Economics 

Major: Agribusiness Economics 
John E. Phelps, Chair, Forestry 

Major: Forestry 

Welcome to Alumni 

John Kabat, President, Agriculture Alumni Society 

Closing Remarks 

Dean James M. McGuire 


A Festive Recessional, Walter L. Pelz, Composer 
Marianne Webb 

(Please remain in your seat until the Recessional is completed.) 

College of 

James M. McGuire, 


Sara Long Anderson, 


Joshua T Haushahn, 

Student Marshal 

Trish Welch, Usher 

John Phelps, Usher 

Don Stucky, Usher 

Steven Kraft, Usher 

Robert D. Arthur, 


Bachelor of Science 

Jonathon W. Adams 
Joshua Michael Adams 
Joshua Terry Adams summa 

cum laude 
Gene Evan Anderson cum 

Tina Renae Anderson 
Gerrit Stanley Armstrong 
David James Atchison 
Dominick Simon Badal 
Justin Micheal Barker 
Susan Lee Batts* 
Jason Paul Bauwens 
Melissa Lynn Beasley 
Calvin R. Beckmann cum 

Devin William Behl 
Michael Lynn Belangee 

magna cum laude 
Jay Michael Bersche* 
Jessica Lynn Buck 
Jennifer Grace Cameron* 
Brian D. Carroll* 
Jim Chalil 
Melissa Jo Cherry 
Joseph Alan Clemens cum 

Matthew Stephen Colvis 
Jeremy Wade Conn 
Sarah Lee Cooper 
Eileen Mary Corcoran 
Eric Brandon Creek 
Carrie Jo Dagg* 
Matt Howard Davis 
Jeremy Michael Delost 
Shawn D. Dickerson* 
William E. Dienst 
Brian M. Dolwick 

Carrie Marie Draper 
Stephanie Ann Driscoll* 
Shawn Stuart Eldridge* 
Keigo Endo 
Kevin Todd Etheridge 
Kristina Marie Etienne 
David Eric Felix 
Stephanie Christine Finn 
Chance Marie Fisher 
Carrie Lynn Ford cum 

Jeffrey Michael Garrison 
Jeffrey David Gebke ** 
Magdalen Marie Gill 
Trenton Charles Girard 
Joseph Michael Girot 
Scott Thomas Good 
Wayne David Grantz cum 

Amelia Katherine Gregor 
Carrie Elizabeth Greninger 
Michael Josh Gross 
Benjamin Carl Grossman* 
Ronald James Hadaway 
Jennifer Lee Hale 
Margaret Ann Hallden 
Joshua Aaron Harris 
Joshua Tyler Haushahn 

summa cum laude 
Kyle Marcus Heimann 
Kevin Kenneth Heinzmann 
Bradley Dean Herzog 
Douglas E. Hinderliter 
Julie Kristen Hodanovac 
Jennifer Kristine Hoffman 

cum laude 
Aaron Jacob Hoskins 
Mitchell Christian Hughes 
Dennis Reimann Hutchison 
Patrina Arlana Jackson 
Paul Richard Jockisch III 
Leanna Lynn Johanning 
Ean Paul Jones 
Margaret Kiiza Kabahenda 

cum laude* 
Meredith Irene Kasowicz 
Robert E. Kennedy 
Robert John Kiefer magna 

cum laude 
Ryan C. King 
Andrew S. Klein 
Crystal Dawn Klingenberg 
Rebecca Leah Knight* 
Kent William Knodle 
Joseph Charles Kruchten 
Carey Ann Kuehl 
Matthew M. Kunz 
Mark Douglas Landreth 

Marsha Morlan Langdon 
Jennifer Tyler Leenig 
Ryan Christopher Leifheit 
Joshua Ian Lemke summa 

cum laude 
Kirk Diedrich Liefer 
Wei Lin* 
Ping Sing Ling 
Jonathan Robert Lintz 
Nichole Dawn Long 
Travis L. Mahr 
William Edward Manning 
Kirk Joseph Maroscher 
Donna Marie Maynard 
Michael P. McCauley 
Royce B. McConnell 
Jody Ray McDaniel 
Kristie Lea McDaniel 
Christopher Allen McMullen 
William Martin McNitt, Jr. 
Aaron Norman Meloan 
Gregory Alan Mitchell cum 

Natalie Jane Mitchell 
David Thomas Molloy* 
Brent Michael Moses 
Renee Lynn Myers* 
Christopher John Nava 
Jarrett Duane Nehring 
Patricia-Hodel Nichols cum 

Scott Allen Nolte cum laude 
Garry Thomas Norton 
Jason Michael O'Rourke 
Anthony Quinton Oesch cum 

Robert C. Ohnemus summa 

cum laude 
Eric Allen Opperman 
Melissa Rae Patton 
Robert Curtis Paulson II 
Morgan Nicole Pedigo 
William Lee Peters cum 

Jay Ryan Pettyjohn 
Sarah Elizabeth Plog cum 

Jason Roger Poole 
James Matthew Raben 
Christopher David Radloff 
Kurt T. Range* 
Ronald Allen Reitz cum 

Gregory David Repp 
Dawn Marie Reuter 
Harry Arnold Riddle III* 
Stacy Lee Rieck 
Derick Dean Roberts 


Andrew J. Robison 
Adriene Janine Rose 
Lance E. Russell 
Christopher Neil Saxe cum 

Paul Scanlan 
Sara Elizabeth Schneider 
Kevin Ray Schrader 
Celia Anne Shelton 
Brian Keith Sigrist 
David Michael Smith 
Patricia Anne Smith cum 

Todd Robert Smith 
Jacob Andrew Somerset 
Jesse Ryan Southern 
Karl a Ann Southern 
Michael Joseph Spangler 
Ryan Shane Stanford* 

Eric Ryan Stauffer 
Samuel Joseph Steffey* 
Gwen Christine Stewart cum 

Garrett James Stiegman 
Jared Wade Stine 
Tara Lynn Stoops* 
Chet Eugene Stuemke 
Jolan Carole Sulinski cum 

Pamela Sue Szwedo 
Lee Lian Tan 
Sarah Campbell Tansley 
Daniel Dean Thompson 
Scott J. Thornton 
Kathryn LeAnn Trader cum 

Michael Wayne Twenhafel 
Nathan Andrew Ulmer 

Billy Joe Voyles 
Kimberly Sue Wagner cum 

Natalie J. Walls cum laude 
Thomas Arthur Whalen 
Robert Neill Wheeler 
Eric Michael White cum 

Mykal P. White 
Kimberly Ann Widerski 
Holly Ann Williamson 
James Bradley Wilson* 
Chad Wayne Wiseman 
Michael C. Witkus 
DuWayne Alan Wolber 
Kent Edward York cum 

Kimberly Faye Zobrist 


Order of Exercises 

College of Applied Sciences and Arts 
1 1:00 A.M., Saturday, May 15, 1999, SIU Arena 

(Please stand for the Processional.) 


Pomp and Circumstance March No. 1, Sir Edward Elgar, Composer 
Keith Pierce, SIUC Alumnus, Organist 

Greetings and Introductions of the Platform Party 

Elaine M. Vitello, Dean, College of Applied Sciences and Arts 

Introduction of Commencement Speaker 

Howard Schlechte, President, ASA Alumni Constituency Society 

Commencement Address 

Clarence C. Copping, Flight Officer, United Airlines - A320 Captain 

Presentation of Alumni Achievement Award by the College of 
Applied Sciences and Arts on behalf of the SIU Alumni Association 

Howard Schlechte 

Clarence C. Copping, Recipient 

Presentation of Candidates and Conferring of Baccalaureate Degrees 

John S. Jackson III, Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Provost, Southern Illinois 

University Carbondale 

Dean Elaine M. Vitello 

Fred R. Isberner, Associate Dean, College of Applied Sciences and Arts 

Candy D. Evans, Associate Dean, College of Applied Sciences and Arts 

Terry S. Bowman, Acting Chair, Department of Technical and Resource Management 

Jack S. Greer, Acting Chair, Department of Applied Technology 

Janice Schoen Henry, Chair, Department of Information Management Systems 

Frederic L. Morgan, Chair, Department of Health Care Professions 

David A. NewMyer, Chair, Department of Aviation Management and Flight 

Terry Owens, Chair, Department of Applied Arts 

Laurence Staples, Chair, Department of Aviation Technologies 

Terry S. Bowman, Director, Off-Campus Academic Programs 

Alumni Welcome 

Howard Schlechte 


Marche Pontifwale, Ferdinand de la Tombelle, Composer 
Keith Pierce 

(Please remain in your seat until the Recessional is completed.) 


College of Applied 
Sciences and Arts 

Elaine M. Vitello, Dean 

Robert W. Kaps, Grand 


Fred R. Isberner, Marshal 

Michael B. Behrmann, 


John D. Cotter, Usher 

Joseph R. Graziano, Usher 

Mary Ann Novak, Usher 

Candy Duncan Evans, 


Bachelor of Science 

Steven Joseph Abba* 

David J. Abson 

Amy Eileen Adams magna cum 

Shane Michael Adams 
Justin A. Aden cum laude* 
Joseph Robert Aholt 
Lewis Eliot Akers 
Scott J. Albert 
Roselo Cabanting Alejo 
Denise Alexander 
Charles Alicea 
Anderson O'Brien Allamby 
Ali A. Almujadi 
Alecheia Lee Anderson 
Derek Joseph Anderson 
Joie Elizabeth Anderson cum 

Michael David Anderson 
Steven Richard Andrew* 
Anna Maria Andrews 
David Reverence Andrews cum 

Samuel Ernest Anthenat 
Arthur Aranda 
Timothy Douglas Arbulu cum 

Derrik Jude Arenal 
Ripley Kurtz Armstrong II 
Andrew Lee Arndt cum laude 
Jason Bartholomew Ash 
Emmett Dalton Ashley 
Marca P. Atencio 
Sandra Faye Sloan Bailey 
Lisa Ann Baker 
Rolf Fedder Baker 
Brendan Patrick Balmes 
Brian Stephen Barna 
Cecelia Suezette Barnes 

Terry Alan Barth 

Stanley Darnell Bartlett cum 

Nathan Alexander Bartnicki cum 

Sabrina Krystine Bartosh cum 

Deborah Lynn Bartsch 
Wade M. Bass 
Stephen Matthew Bathe cum 

Percival Mendoza Bautista 
Richard Francis Beardsley 
Todd Allen Bechtold 
Ronald Wayne Bedoya 
Andrew John Bejma 
Gerald Lee Bennett 
Richard Gene Berndt 
John Randolph Bethune 
Gerald Douglas Blackman 
J. Melvin Blade 
Darin Edward Blaise 
Dianne Blakely 
Adriana Martha Blevins 
Larry Wayne Blevins 
Terilyn Blockman 
Tracy Lynn Bockenfeld 
Jeffrey Michael Boetto 
Patrick M. Bogen 
Brett A. Bollmann 
Shawn Eric Bond 
Richard A. Borkowski 
David Robert Borst 
Kelly E. Bradley 
Quentin L. Bramble cum laude 
David Wayne Brasch 
Jason Wilton Bratzke 
Jeri Lynn Brinkley 
Jeffrey Marcus Brooks cum 

Jeremiah Brooks, Jr. 
Joshua Perry Broughton 
Dwayne Monte Brown 
Edward Lee Brown magna cum 

Jerry Brown III 
Aaron Dean Bryan 
Kevin John Buchli cum laude 
Christine Jette Buckentin 
Stephani Danielle Bullock* 
Joshua Martin Burger 
Katherine Elizabeth Burkhead 

cum laude* 
Barbara Lynn Burnette cum 

Richard Lee Burton 
Stephen Dwain Burzynski 
Hope Q. Bush 

Brett Wayne Butler 
Catherine Anne Butz 
Carolyn Denise Byers 
Kevin Lee Byron* 
Cyrus Terrell Callum 
Bryan P. Campbell* 
Ivan Alonzo Campbell 
John Henry Carey summa cum 

Lynn Vanessa Guzman Carmon 
Joneita H. Carroll 
Kaaba Jamone Carter 
Alfredo Coranz Castillo 
Cheryl Diann Castillo 
Whitney Lorene Cavanaugh 
Matthew R. Chadwick 
Gregory Warren Chapman 
Tiffany Marie Chapman 
Mark Enrique Ramas Chavez* 
Robyn Dewayne Cherry 
Joseph John Chervinko 
Mathew William Child 
Jeffrey L. Childress 
William Eugene Chitty, Jr. cum 

Heesung Choi* 
Kevin Andrew Christ 
Kevin John Christensen 
Glenroy O'Neil Christie summa 

cum laude 
Danielle C. Cichon cum laude 
John Madison Clair 
Jeremy Lawrence Clark 
Michael Edward Clark 
Bruce Edward Clarry 
Edgar H. Cluchey cum laude 
Jonathan Andrew Cluver 
Guy Edward Cooley 
Bambi Michelle Cooper* 
Jennifer Kay Cooper 
Jimmie Wayne Cooper 
Jason F. Cordes 
Jeremy Charles Cox* 
Dale T. Craine, Jr. 
Terence Andre Crook 
Stella Angelina Crow* 
Enrique Jose Cruz 
Calvin Jerome Cunningham, Sr. 
Ana Maria Cwu 
Francis John Dashnaw cum 

Cora Melinda Davis 
Melinda Kay Davis 
Kevin Dale Dawes 
Kelly Rose-Ann De Simone 
Eric Paul Dehn cum laude 
Brooke D. Dellow 


Teddy Noel Devine, Jr. cum 

Scott M. DePauw 
Heidi Christina DePue 
Prentice Lewis Dixon, Jr. 
Ronald Allan Dobbins 
Kenneth Dale Dorsey 
Freida Downer 

Richard Kirk Dryden cum laude 
Norma Jean Dufrane cum laude 
Matthew Paul Dunahee* 
Nancy Lorraine Durham 
Alfredo DuBois magna cum 

Jason Dee Eason 
Debra J. Eaton 
Jeremiah Edwards 
Lia R. Ehlers-Frels 
John Wesley Ellis II 
Richard John Emelo 
J. Mark Emerson 
Dane Dwight Enloe 
Roger James Epperson 
Vincent Verl Erno 
Michael Lee Erway summa cum 

Frank Perea Esparza 
Edgar Charles Evans 
Kevin Wallace Evers 
Jackie Glenn Farmer 
Michelle Lowe Felder 
Diana Renee Feldner 
Megan Beth Felgenhour* 
Nelson R. Ferrer 
James N. Fike magna cum 

Kirk Flanagan cum laude 
Veronica McKenzie Ford 
Ryan Andrew Frauli 
Douglas Wayne Frederick 
Ronald Anthony Gallagher 
Romulo Alfredo Garcia 
Renee L. Gastelum 
Arline A. Gause 
Lorena Martinez Geddes 
Michelle Ann George 
William Lee Getsy, Jr. magna 

cum laude 
Philip Raymond Gibbs 
Gabriel Aaron Gibson 
Christopher Nicholas Gidula 

magna cum laude 
Willie Gilbert 
Craig Alan Gjelsten summa cum 

Gary Layne Glacken 
Robert Wayne Glenn ** 

Kenneth Ray Godby, Jr. cum 

Chad Ashley Goins 
Stacie M. Goodwin 
Jason Matthew Gose 
Darrell D. Granahan cum laude 
Vincent Rodney Grant 
Roy Robert Gras III 
Jennifer Kim Gray 
Yvette Rene'e Gray 
Tyrone Lemond Green 
Rodney D. Grimes 
Pamela Beth Grob cum laude 
Jeffrey M. Gunther 
Kimberly Marie Guttillo 
Lora L. Haas summa cum laude* 
herry R. Haire 
Floyd L. Halsey 
Timothy S. Hanks 
Deborah Anne Hansbrough 
Cynthia Lou Hanson cum laude* 
Joseph John Hare magna cum 

Tanya LaShawn Harris 
Shannon Leigh Hartman cum 

Joseph Eugene Hatch III 
Benjamin M. Hayden 
Kimberly Jo Heath 
Ami Suzann Hecht cum laude 
Tobin Walker Hecht* 
Blaine Matthew Heisner 
Michael John Hemmer 
Cheryl Lynn Henderson 
Lanita Louise Henderson 
William Thomas Henderson 
Matthew James Hennessy 
Robert Jason Henning 
Calvin J. Henry 

Michael A. Henshaw cum laude 
Kathie A. Hensley 
Danette Jean Hernandez cum 

Casey Michael Herschler 
Cory Robert Hickman 
David Keith Higgs cum laude 
James Anthony Hill III 
Roy Justin Hill 
Barbara Davis Hinkley cum 

Gabriel David Hocking 
Ryan Wade Hodges 
Michele Sue Hogue 
Michael John Hohnecker 
Gregory Allen Holland 
Timothy James Holland 
Valerie Marie Holland 
Eric Michael Holloway 

Jennifer Marie Holt 

Carol L. Scott Howard 

Ralph Hoyte 

Ryan Joseph Hughes 

James Frederick Huisman 

Casey R. Hummer 

Jason John Hunger 

Winnie Suingan Hunter 

Tracey Denise Hurst-Foster 

Timothy Lee Imhoff magna cum 

David Francis Iwinski 
Lauren Kimberly Jackson cum 

Michael C. Jackson 
Scott R. Jackson 
Mary Darlene Jarvis 
Keith E. Jauch 
Walter Clarence Jenkins, Jr. 
Charles E. Jennings III 
Annie Christina Johnson 
Christopher Wendell Johnson 
Daniel Kenneth Johnson cum 

Jill Renee Johnson 
Malia Diana Johnson 
Mark St. Christopher Johnson 
Todd A. Johnson 
Cathryn Marie Jones 
Jerry Jones 
Joshua G. Jones 
Lucy Sharita Jones 
Samuel Eric Jones 
La Mia Patrice Keenan 
Richard John Kehrer 
Angela Rae Kelly 
Laura G. Kendall 
Susan Rene Kendrick 
Patrick Robert Kennedy 
Kristopher John Kerkman* 
Steven Kendall Keutzer 
Eldon John Kilburg cum laude 
Zoyeon Kim 
Cheryl E. King 
Devin Travon Kinney 
Joseph Daniel Kinsella 
Remiko Kitazawa 
Joel Lynn Klee 
Jarrod Cole Knapp 
John David Knoll 
Dale Andrew Knutson 
Gina Ann Koestner 
Ayako Koike magna cum laude 
Aaron Christopher Konen 

magna cum laude* 
Anson Konkel 
Mark Allen Krajeck 


Bernard Joseph Kress magna 

cum laude 
Victoria Lynn Krinke 
Christopher Gerhard Kruger 

summa cum laude 
John Lamboy, Jr. 
Matthew Todd Lamps 
James Karl Langley cum laude 
Wendy Doss Lanham 
Max Eugene Lash 
LaWella Lavender 
Gerard LaMorris LaGrone 
James LaPointe Lawrence 

Ray Trent LaStrape magna cum 

Renee Michelle Lee 
David R. Leggans 
Nicholas James Leistra 
Katrina Marie Lewis 
Thomas Michael Lewis cum 

Dean A. LeClaire cum laude 
Leigh Ann Lichtenberger 
Kirk Christian Lieder 
Cheng Ping Lin 
Jackson Wong Liong* 
Brian Christopher Loerzel 
Scott Alan Loeschner 
William Doyle Lonergan 
Pedro Austin Lopez 
Joseph Bradley Lowe 
Barry Michael Maas 
Hilary Marie Machovina* 
Thomas Carroll Maclntyre cum 

Dawn Marie Mahle* 
Stephen Robert Mahoney 
Angela Lee Majewski 
David Peter Mancuso 
John Joseph Manera 
David Richard Marchal 
Sheila LaVerne Marsh 
Barbara Ann Martin-Ayers 
Matthew Martin 
Anitra Anne Martina* 
Stephen Paul Martinez 
Nancy Marie Mason 
Daniel Joseph Robert Matzen 
Christopher Leo Mazurkiewicz 
Deanna Marie McAuliffe 
Carl Wallace McCloud 
Stephanie Renee McCray 
Louis Patrick McCrutchen 
Fitzgerald McDaniel 
Joseph Mark McDonagh 
Carla Elizabeth McElroy 
Katina Yvon McGregor 

Laren K. Mcintosh cum laude 
Lisa Rena McKinley 
Tasha Menell McKinney 
Mindy Bruck McMains 
Jennifer Anne McMillion 
John Garrett Meeting magna 

cum laude 
Mary Ruth Mejias 
Peter Michael Melone 
Thomas Manning Melton 
Patrick Michael Merriman 
John Michael Mielke 
Kristen Elizabeth Milazzo* 
Curtis Dion Miller 
Will Eric Miller 
Charles Ray Milton 
LaTrond Denise Mitchell 
Jeffery Franklin Moffett 
Hanita Mohd Kassim 
Russell Thomas Montante, Jr. 
Gregory Moody 
Benjamin S. Moore 
Edward Toledo Moran 
Larry M. Moran 
Martin Kelly Moran 
Sharanda F. Morehead 
Amy Marie Moret* 
Nathan Thomas Morrell 
Chad H. Morris 
Robert Earl Morris 
Shundra Latrice Mosby 
Charles Alton Mosely 
Dave Robert Mowell* 
Shawn Michael Mudd magna 

cum laude 
Fausto Patricio Munoz 
Steven Paul Murray 
Henry Walela Musangi 
Wilson Nazario 
Elizabeth Anne Nelson 
Teresa Evelyn Nicholas 
David A. Nichols 
Sophie Elisabeth Alixandra 

James Arthur Nicholson summa 

cum laude 
Gary Allen Noble 
Jeffery William Nolte 
Kimbra Lee Norman* 
Michelle Lynn Norman 
LaShawna Michelle Norris 
Ellen Ruge Northam 
Patrick Joseph Novak 
John B. Null 
Collin Lancelot Constantine 

O'Hara magna cum laude 
Nathan Louis O'Nora cum laude 
Joe B. O'Quinn, Jr. cum laude 

Megan Susan O'Rourke 
Anne Marie Obucina 
Mark Andrew Oglesby 
Arnetrice Denise Oliver 
Jeffrey Dean Ortega cum laude 
Anthony Warrick Paige 
Jan Villa Pastores 
Angela Marie Patterson 
David Edward Patterson, Jr. 
Kimberly Lin Paulish 
Jeddie Payne II 
Valerie Lynne Payne 
Jimmy Joseph Pendleton cum 

Jamie Allen Penkava 
Lawrence John Penn cum laude 
Nicholas Anthony Petrella cum 

Charlotte Pettis 
James R. Pickard magna cum 

Fred J. Pilot 
Jason Michael Pipkin 
Cynthia Joan Pippen 
Nellie M. Pope 
Amanda Sue Price 
Ricardo Somosot Pulvera cum 

Grover Lee Purnell 
Jeffrey Allen Quint 
Todd Michael Quist 
John Joseph Raben 
Robert Dimitri Ralston 
Jason James Ramaeker 
Alexander Robert Ramirez 
Charles Jeffery Rath cum laude 
Francis C. Rawles cum laude 
Jennifer Lynn Register 
William James Reidner 
Sean A. Reisdorf 
Jill Marie Reiss 
Judith Ann Reynolds 
Michael Dean Rhew cum laude 
Jeremy Scott Rhoades 
James Perry Richey 
Jenna LeeAnn Rickena 
George Joseph Rimbo 
Kimberly Lynn Ritze 
Wilson Rivera 
Ryan Christian Roberts 
Mark D. Robertson 
Alberto Rodriguez 
Alejandro Xaviex Rodriguez 
Catherine Ann Rodriguez 
Carla Angel ita Rolack , 
Baltazar Roman 
Cory Richard Romonosky 
Tatia L. Ronchetto cum laude 


Robert Philip Rook 
Efrain Rosario 
Joshua Adam Rose 
Joel Lee Rosson* 
Matthew Michael Runde 
Steven J. Rust 
Michael Anthony Ruta 
Alicia Mae Ruth 
Andrew Stephen Rymer cum 

Shahriar S. Saffari 
Timothy Edward Sanford 
Guy James Santelli II 
Brian Joseph Sarauer 
Joseph Damon Sassorossi 
Timothy M.E. Savage magna 

cum laude 
Brett T. Schmidt 
George Anthony Schmidt cum 

Brian P. Schroeder 
Sarah Jane Schwetman magna 

cum laude 
Christopher D. Scott 
Robert Parker Scott III 
Jeffrey A. Selvey 
Shahryar Setayesh 
Patti L. Shands 
Lee A. Shannon III 
Jolena Marie Shatzer 
Johncie Genetta Shaw 
Juan Michael Shields 
Katrina Elise Shields 
Ryan Wayne Shireman 
Kirk L. Shores 
Scott R. Sienkiewicz 
Leonard August Sierens* 
Robert Michael Siergiej 
Danny Lee Simmons 
Todd Howard Simon 
Matthew Paul Simonton 
Arthur J. Sims 
Joshua M. Singer 
Mark Herbert Sink* 
Banpot Siripakdi 
Marion Frank Siuta, Jr. 
Larry Darnell Sizer 
John Martin Skillman 
Aaron T. Smith 
Billi J. Smith 

Christopher Michael Smith 
Cory William Smith 
Darlene D. Smith 
Darren P. Smith 
Darryl Joseph Smith 
Jeffrey Thomas Smith 
Jeremy Michael Smith 
Josh Amos Smith 

Julienne Grace Smith 

Kevin Lee Smith 

Latissha Terese Smith 

Sherri Helen Smith 

Vivian Simone Smith cum laude 

Jeremy Ryan Sneddon* 

Allan Derek Snyder cum laude 

Rudolph W. Soles 

Matthew Todd Sosnoski summa 

cum laude 
Jason L. Spanley 
John Joseph Spieker 
Lesli Dyan Spitzner 
Edward Anthony Spurlin magna 

cum laude 
Gregory Vincent Stack 
Eric Michael Starr 
Laura Ann Stasiowski cum laude 
Larry Dan Steele cum laude 
Patricia Ann Stephens-McCloud 
Arjui Fontaine Stephens 
Harold David Stevenson 
John Alvin Stile, Jr. 
William M. Stipp cum laude 
Jason David Stoots 
Dawn Marie Streicher-Mills 
John W. Stuart 
Yolanda Goyena Susanne magna 

cum laude 
Mark Daniel Swarringim summa 

cum laude 
Joseph Walter Sweitzer, Jr. 
David M. Sykes 
James Ronald Szczesniak 
Tiffany Hope Taft 
Stephen J. Tan- 
Audrey Jean Taylor magna cum 

Robert Gregory Taylor, Jr. 
Paul Dennis Tesch magna cum 

Stansbury Antone Themea, Jr. 
Brian Andrew Thomas cum 

Calvin Thomas, Jr. 
Lori Lee Thomas 
Vanessa Denise Thomas 
David Wayne Thompson 
Georgia J. Thompson 
Anthony Lee Tolliver 
John M. Tondelli 
Justin Charles Torbert* 
Kristene Jean Traub cum laude* 
Wesley Shawn Triplette cum 

Karla Denise Trunk* 
David Barrett Uhles* 

Deborah Middle Van Ostran cum 

Suzanne Van Wissen magna 

cum laude 
William Phillip Vaughn 
Michael Don Vogele summa 

cum laude 
Michael Reid Vogelzang* 
Amanda Sue Walk magna cum 

Natasha Nicole Wallace 
Rumeo Wayne Wallace 
Genesis D. Walters 
Lamel A. Washington 
Daniel Richard Watson cum 

Dennis Earl Watts cum laude 
Joan T. Webb 
Debra Jean Weber 
David R. Weiss 
Robert Michael Werneth 
Henry Robert White cum laude 
Tarnisha Raye White 
Lloyd "Sonny" Wiersema, Jr. 

cum laude 
Donald George Wilkinson cum 

Deena Joy Williams magna cum 

Jarod Lee Williams 
Maleka Kontestar Williams 
Mary J. Williams magna cum 

Peter John Williams 
Timothy John Williams 
Tony Gerard Williams 
Eugene L. Willis 
Gary Richard Willis cum laude 
Richard James Wingate 
James M. Winship 
Barbara Ann Wismar 
Alicia Darcell Witherspoon- 

Winston magna cum laude 
Daniel John Wolf 
Robert Glenn Wolff summa cum 

Christopher John Wolken* 
Eric J. Wolters* 
William Christopher Wolters 
Jung H. Woo 
Brian Glenn Wood 
Michael David Wood 
Wesley James Woodhall 
Clyde Anthoney Woods 
Barry M. Wright 
Douglas Edward Wright magna 

cum laude 
Melody Sena Wright 


William Andrew Yohman 

magna cum laude 
Won-Joon Yoon 
Oscar Alberto Zapien 
Scott Roman Ziegler 

Associate in Applied 

Charles Andrew Abas* 

David J. Abson 

Joseph Robert Aholt 

Sonia Renae Almasy 

Robert Norris Anderson 

Steven Richard Andrew* 

Lisa Louise Blackledge 

Ryan Lee Blank 

Jared M. Borrenpohl** 

Bobbi Jo Bowen 

Patrick Dale Bower 

Erin Michelle Bowling 

Eric Michael Bradley 

Joshua Perry Broughton 

Patrick T. Brown cum laude 

Tonia Marie Brown 

Sharon Ann Buford 

Cale Charles Bullock 

Stephen Mark Butler cum laude* 

Sean David Callahan 

Whitney Lorene Cavanaugh 

Casey W. Chin 

Daniel Sam Chripczuk 

John Michael Collier summa 

cum laude 
Michael Leo Collins cum laude 
Scott Brandon Cragen 
Marshell D. Crider 
Sonia Cruz 
Erikia Tate Davis* 
Gerald Ray Delgy 
Prentice Lewis Dixon, Jr. 
Connie J. Eldridge cum laude* 
Eric M. Epplin 
John Allan Fabian 
Nancy Lynn Fager cum laude 
Adam Martin Femmel cum 

Tia Laranja Fitzpatrick 
Rebecca Joanne Flannigan 
Jennifer Lynn Fleming 
Ronald Anthony Gallagher 
Angelo Geramanis* 
Robert Wayne Glenn 
April Diane Gross 
Oniver Guerrero cum laude 
Joanna Glynn Haralambidis 
Joseph Eugene Hatch III 


David Brent Hibbett cum laude 
Thomas Robert Hinckley, Jr. 
Gabriel David Hocking 
Kimberly Anne Hoeszle 
James Edward Hoogland 
Ryan Joseph Hughes 
Dianna Lynette Ingram 
Carlton Wren Johnson 
Janell Lee Johnson 
Daniel L. Jones 
Scott Norman Joseph summa 

cum laude 
Jennifer Renee Kasiar 
Taizo Kasuya 
Bradley S. Kelley 
Angela Rae Kelly 
Whanseun Kim* 
James Richard Kirby 
Jason Bradley Koehler 
Kyle C. Kraetzer cum laude 
Andrew William Landwer 
Nathan Fox Lawrence 
Tammy R. Lee 
Gary Andrew Leek 
Deronda N. Lemmon 
Katrina Marie Lewis 
Nathan James Lincoln cum 

Danielle Jolene Loy 
Rocky Shane Lynch 
Trisha Ann Madison 
Janice Kay Manis* 
Amber Dawn Martin cum laude 
Kelly Diane McComb* 
Aaron James McLean 
Rebecca Leigh McReynolds cum 

Keith P. Mentgen 
Ryan Keith Mercure magna cum 

Benjamin Beau Metcalf 
Todd Andrew Meznarsic 
Brandon Matthew Millburg 
Nathan Grant Montgomery cum 

Benjamin S. Moore 
Martin Kelly Moran 
Lossie Erin Morris 
Andrea Michelle Murphy magna 

cum laude 
Robert Musoiu 
Marissa C. Myslewiec 
Jeffrey Scott Neal 
Casey G. Nesbit 
Joseph Andrew Nyquist cum 

Diana West Oliver magna cum 


Timothy Alan Pace 
Matthew Robert Pardieck 
John Matthew Peters 
Nicole Diane Petreust cum laude 
Carrie Ann Pettus magna cum 

Anthony J. Pisculich summa cum 

Jill Suzanne Prince 
Keith Bradley Pritchett 
Rickey L. Pritchett 
Christopher Thomas Puschak 
Melissa Renee Radomski 
Brian Thomas Reinhart 
Jenna LeeAnn Rickena 
Debra Suzanne Rickord 
Jerry William Robb 
Trese Marie Roche 
Rachel R. Rodano 
Dave Roland Rolle 
Christopher Micheal Rutledge* 
Daniel C. Ruzicka 
Brent David Saffer 
Jarrod J. Schafer* 
Roxanne Lee Schilling 
Jennifer Lynn Schmitz 
Stephen Michael Schwartz 

summa cum laude 
Adam Karl Scobby 
Kelly Amber Seibold cum 

Jolena Marie Shatzer 
Chad Matthew Simmons 
Natalie Jo Simmons 
Radhika Singh 
Brad Thomas Sisler 
Bart Brandon Slaymaker 
Christine Dianne Smith 
Matthew Robert Smith 
Alan Kent Southard 
William Edward Spencer 
Richard M. Spiegel 
Gregory Vincent Stack 
Thomas John Stauber 
Aaron William Stone 
Jason David Stoots 
Jan Elaine Storto cum laude 
Marko Antonio Strbich 
Amy Christine Terwische 
Thomas A. Theobald 
Lia Marielle Thompson 
Eric Glenn Travelstead 
Mark Allen Turbeville 
Dana M. Ude 
Kathryn L. VanOosting* 
Tracy Michelle Vaughan 
Michael Reid Vogelzang* 
Steven Wayne Wagner 

Paul Eric Walker Deena Joy Williams magna cum Patrick Charles Wong 

Nathan A. Wambold laude* Jeffrey Otto Yourd 

Andrea Michelle Warren Matthew C. Williamson Michael J. Zak 

Jennay Marie Welling Elizabeth Dawn Wind cum laude Lawrence Mack Zorns 


Order of Exercises 

College of Business and Administration 
4:00 P.M., Saturday, May 15, 1999, SIU Arena 

(Please stand for the Processional.) 


Pomp and Circumstance March No. 1, Sir Edward Elgar, Composer 
Keith Pierce, SIUC Alumnus, Organist 

Greetings and Introductions of the Platform Party 

Siva Balasubramanian, Acting Dean, College of Business and Administration 

Presentation of Alumni Achievement Award by the College of 
Business and Administration on behalf of the SIU Alumni 

Acting Dean Siva Balasubramanian 

Herbert S. Shear, Recipient, Chairman and CEO, GENCO Distribution System, 

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 

Commencement Address 

Burnell D. Kraft, Senior Vice President, Archer Daniels Midland, Decatur, Illinois 

Presentation of Candidates and Conferring of Baccalaureate Degrees 

Jo Ann E. Argersinger, Chancellor, Southern Illinois University Carbondale 
Acting Dean Siva Balasubramanian 

Alumni Welcome 

Gola Waters, Class of 1 970, Professor Emeritus, Finance 


Marche Pontificate, Ferdinand de la Tombelle, Composer 
Keith Pierce 

(Please remain in your seat until the Recessional is completed.) 


College of Business 
and Administration 

Siva Balasubramanian, 
Acting Dean 
Marcus Odom, Marshal 
Ike Mathur, Usher 
Paula Keith, Usher 
Tracy Rone, Usher 
Tabitha Stone, Usher 
Samantha Meister, Student 

Elizabeth Scaglione, 
Student Marshal 
Linda Seibert, Reader 

Bachelor of Science 

Gregory Clark Akers 
Caleb Olusade Akintoye 
Folasade Jolaade Akisanya 
Daniel Arthur Alewel 
Jessica Lynn Alexander 
Dennis William Anderson 
Maidin Awang 
Taron Robert Bailey 
Rusty Lynn Ballard 
David J. Barger 
Jacquelyn Marie Barnes 
Douglas James Barto 
Randell Beamon 
Drew Clifford Bechler 
Marc Edmund Bechler 
Deborah Ellen Benn 
Gregory Kenneth Beno 
Suzanne Nora Bercier 
Jason Edward Berek 
Mark Louis Bertone 
Latasha Shantiel Black 
Brian S. Blunt 

Christopher Robert Bohnemeier 
Carla Rosanna Bonastia 
David Joseph Borman 
Kathleen Mary Brazzale* 
Melissa Ann Brown cum laude* 
Ryan L. Burkey ** 
Michael Robert Burley 
William L. Byrnes 
Todd J. Cash* 
William Howard Castlebery 
Deborah L. Catlin cum laude 
Dean Alan Caudle 
Jennifer Ann Chaffer 
Jerry S. Chavez 
Shelley Marie Cignetti 
Dean Bryon Cihak 

Geoffrey George Coleman 
Jason Allen Coward 
Michelle Lynn Cremeens cum 

Cara Marie Crews* 
Joseph Paul Crispen 
LaToya LaTica Cummings 
Daniel Mark Cummins 
Curtis R. Daesch 
Krissy Ann Darnell summa cum 

Mohn Ridzuan Bin Damn 
Truefelia Jinean Dickerson 
Nicole Elaine Doussard 
Kelly Suzanne Downs 
Melonie Denise Dulaney 
Sarah Marie Eastman 
Terrance Varshon Ellis 
Justin Anthony Eisner 
David L. Farmer 

Shirley J. Fearheiley cum laude* 


Catherine Renee Feitl 

Emmanuel Chong Ffrench 

Kara Frances Finnegan 

Jeffrey Bryant Foster 

Kristi Lee Francis 

Munirah Mandisa-Tabia Frye 

Mevelyn Maria Furness 

Rosanna Gallegos 

Olga Lucia Garcia Mora magna 

cum laude ** 
Rusty L. Gibson 
Amber Autumn Gladson 
Jason R. Green 
Joseph John Greguras 
Krista Genee Griffin 
Kurt Alfred Gunderson 
Shaily Gupta* ** 
William Shane Hall 
Jason Michael Halteman 
Ryan Dale Hammer cum laude 
Neal Hanson 
Michele Renee Hardaway cum 

Brian Steven Hardwick 
Brook Erin Hattermann cum 

Nicole Vantrece Hayes 
Tashia Marie Hayes 
Kevin Kenneth Heinzmann 
Andrew Michael Hickey 
Kristina J. Hirte 
Daryl Lamont Holland 
Carla Renee Hollaway 
Bryan A. Hopp 
Ryan Keith Hoskins 
Erin Joy Howard 

David Matthew Hughes* 
Kevin Whitney Hutcheson 
Teresa Marie Hypke* 
Steven Ikeda* 
Mason Eugene Jackson 
Melinda Sue Jackson* 
Christopher Andrew James 
Ethen C. Jefferson 
Andrew William Johnson 
Kyle M. Johnson 
J. Ryan Jokerst 
Melanie Ellise Jones 
Omar Sami Kamal 
Wojriech (Alex) Kaminski 
Brian Neil Kaminsky 
Scott R. Kee 
Catherine Anne Kennerk 
Robert Andrew Kin- 
Nancy Deneen Knight 
Linda Mason Koenig* 
Kenneth J. Koerber, Jr. 
Andrew D. Kopale 
Keri Lynn Kovanic 
Victoria Victorovna Kozlova 

magna cum laude* 
Jason D. Lauderback 
Erin M. Laurito magna cum 

Betsy E. Lee 
Wayne Anthony Lenox 
Hsin-Yi Liu 

Christopher Douglas Long 
Stephanie Lynn Lyles 
Ryan Louis Lynn 
William Toby Lyon 
Heather Christina Mager 
Irvin F. Maloney 
Dora Jane Mann 
Jason Michael Martens 
Koji Matsuo magna cum laude 
Jennifer Marie Mattingly cum 

Lori Brooke Mattingly 
James Timothy McGarry 
Theodore Robert McHugh 
Orlando Bryant McKee 
Samantha Annmarie Meister 
William Scholl Meiszner 
Alicia E. Mekki* 
Mark Anthony Melton 
Amanda K. Merli 
Kimberly Lynn Meyer 
Dustin Brice Miller 
Andrew Michael Mills 
Jesse Hugh Mitchell 
Zakaria Mohamad Zaini 
John Patrick Morgan 
David C. Morris 


Tom Paul Mott 
Carrie Lynn Mudd 
Azrael Najee-Ullah Bilaal 

Kathryn Suzanne Muller 
Steven James Munz 
Keely Arden Murphy 
Swati Kantilal Narola 
Chris Matthew Naumann 
Bryan Thomas Nolbertowicz 
Patrick Joseph O'Brien 
Jacqueline Michelle Odle 
Veronica Michelle Ohler 
Jennifer Denise Owen 
Matthew Alan Page 
Teresa E. Palmgren 
Paresh D. Patel 
Sunal P. Patel ** 
Kelly P. Penman 
Laura A. Perrin cum laude* 
Jason Alden Poling 
Bella Marie Polk 
Penney Sue Priebe magna cum 

Brandy Dawn Prudent cum 

Teresa D. Puntillo 
Jay Patrick Pursell 
Sadaf Qamar 
Jared A. Quint* 
Kevin Eric Reherman 
Michele Ann Reidelberger cum 

Kimberly Kaye Richardson 
Dane Michael Robbins 

William Tirrell Robinson 
Wendy L. Rohrback 
David Alan Roller ** 
Cherese Lynette Ruffin 
Ruth Marie Saborio magna cum 

Amy Lynn Sachtleben 
Takao Sakurai 
Susan R. Sanders 
Elizabeth Ann Scaglione summa 

cum laude* 
Karin Marie Schlei 
Elizabeth Ann Schneidewind 

cum laude* 
Amy Marie Schonauer 
Todd M. Scorza 
Nathan Ernest Scott 
Tyson Cooper Search 
Kita Cherese Sherrill 
Jessica Marie Shroyer 
Larry E. Sims 
Lily Sinha cum laude* 
Christine Sue Smith magna cum 

Justin Kirk Smith 
Kelly Skye Smith cum laude* 
Brian James Soldat 
Adam Mark Soline 
Scott Oran Sparks 
Andrew S. Sprague 
D. Shawn Spruill 
Steven P. Stecker 
James Harold Stelzer 
Brenda D. Stephens magna cum 


Annieszka Stolarczuk 

Robbi R. Stone 

Timothy Lee Stricklin magna 

cum laude 
Jesse Joseph Struckhoff 
Chanda Beatrice Sumrall 
Gloria Gabriela Tamez del Valle 

cum laude* ** 
Mei Mei Tan 
Freddie Stonewall Taylor 
Tiffany Nicole Thomas 
Dan G. Tibus 
Yenny Tjandra* 
Kawanna Nakia Toney 
Jessie R. Upperman cum laude 
Jerome Allen Vann, Jr. 
Arthur Vick Veal IV 
Matthew Thomas Waggoner 
Stefanie Rae Wall 
Amy Sue Walter 
Seth Thomas Walters 
Elizabeth Marie Watkins 
Kyre Donsell Webb 
Jodi Marie Week 
Amber Jo Wilkinson summa cum 

Kelly Michelle Williams 
Jeffrey D. Williamson* 
Joseph Brian Wojcikiewicz 
Jeffrey Steven Wolfe 
Chien-Yi Amy Wu* 
Allen Jay Young 
Christopher Rudolf Ziegler 


Order of Exercises 

College of Education 

8:30 A.M., Saturday, May 15, 1999, SIU Arena 

(Please stand for the Processional.) 


Pomp and Circumstance March No. 1, Sir Edward Elgar, Composer 
Keith Pierce, SIUC Alumnus, Organist 

Greetings, Introductions of the Platform Party, and Opening 

Keith Hillkirk, Dean, College of Education 

Introduction of the Commencement Speaker 

Norma J. Ewing, Acting Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, College of Education 

Commencement Address 

Dr. Cleveland Hammonds, Jr., Superintendent, St. Louis Public Schools 

Introduction of Class Message Speaker 
Class Message 

Presentation of Alumni Achievement Award by the College of 
Education on behalf of the SIU Alumni Association 

Introduction by Patricia B. Elmore, Associate Dean for Administrative Services 

Dr. Isadore Newman, Recipient, Distinguished Professor, Past Harrington Professor, 
University of Akron, Akron, Ohio 

Presentation of Candidates and Conferring of Baccalaureate Degrees 

John S. Jackson III, Vice Chancellor and Provost, Southern Illinois University Carbondale 

Billy G. Dixon, Chair, Department of Curriculum and Instruction 

John T. Pohlmann, Chair, Department of Educational Psychology and Special Education 

Regina Glover, Chair, Department of Health Education and Recreation 

Ronald G. Knowlton, Chair, Department of Physical Education 

Gary F. Austin, Director, Rehabilitation Institute 

Martin Tracy, Director, School of Social Work 

A. R. Putnam, Chair, Department of Workforce Education and Development 

Closing Remarks 

Dean Keith Hillkirk 

Alumni Welcome 

Doris Rottschalk, SIU Alumni Association 

Alma Mater 

Southern Alma Mater, Clarke Morgan, Composer 


Marche Pontificale, Ferdinand de la Tombelle, Composer 
Keith Pierce 

(Please remain in your seat until the Recessional is completed.) 


College of Education 

Keith HillKirk, Dean 

Andrew Lumpe, Grand 


Cecil Fore, Grand Student 


Ken Simpson, Marshal 

Sally Perkins, Marshal 

Wayne Evens, Marshal 

Cathy Mogharreban, 


Sidney Miller, Marshal 

Elizabeth Lenz, Marshal 

Judy Drolet, Marshal 

Pricilla Presley, Usher 

Elaine Blinde, Usher 

William Crimando, 


Peter Carroll, Reader 

Elizabeth Gammon, 


Lynn Smith, Reader 

Regina Foley, Reader 

Richard Bortz, Reader 

Joseph Teaff, Reader 

Bachelor of Science 

Michael A. Abeto 
Cassandra C. Abraham 
Matilda Abu-Saba 
Kelly Renay Adams magna cum 

Kenneth John Adams 
Susan Monica Adams 
Jill Ann Alford* 
Karen L. Aliabadi 
Kristy Lynn Al lardy ce 
Gerald Lee Allen 
Lana Rea Allen cum laude 
Michael James Allen cum laude 
Wajad Alii 
Michael R. Allred magna cum 

Angela Joy Alsip 
Kevin Daniel Antonovich 
Candelaria G. Aragon 
Adam Aranda 
Patrick Anthony Archuleta cum 

Alexander A. Armenta cum 


Jennifer Sinclair Arnold cum 

Erin Leigh Arras 
Sharon Kay Arvai cum laude* 
Lesley J. Attanese summa cum 

Jason Charles Baccadutre 
Leigh Anne Bailey 
Marina Ree Baine 
Clarence W. Ballard III 
Sarah B. Ballard 
Phillip B. Banks 
Felicia Nichelle Barbour 
Laurie McDougall Barckley 
Vickie S. Barnard summa cum 

Jason Eugene Ban- 
Joyce Ferrell Basden 
Ty James Baxter summa cum 

Michael John Bayer magna cum 

Carrie Jo Beam 
Daryl Anthony Bean 
Robert Curtis Bean 
Stephanie L. Beard magna cum 

Jessica Renay Beasley 
Heather D. Beatty 
William Clifford Beaty 
Jeff James Beaurain 
John Arther Beaver 
Therese Ann Beavers cum laude 
Tami Sue Beck 
Gregory Martin Begley 
Kristen J. Bein 
Heather Renee Benac cum 

Maria L. Benavides 
Carren Christine Bender 
Erica L. Benton 
Madloume Benzineb 
Valerie Ann Berry 
Robert Anthony Bertolani 
Kiersten Anne Best* 
Patrick Andrew Bever 
Patricia Maureen Bickoff cum 

Alan Lindsey Billups 
Ann Kristen Bivens 
Christa Lee Black* 
Kris Blankenship 
Cortney Sue Blaudow summa 

cum laude* 
Heath Andrew Blumenstock 
Jill Nicole Bolin 
Jerry Matthew Bonilla 
John Casey Bonk cum laude 

Brett Evan Bottorff 

Kevin Michael Boyd 

Jimmy W. Bradburn 

David C. Bradford 

Joseph A. Brady, Jr. cum laude 

Andrea Deanette Bragg 

Michael D. Bratten 

Patricia Ann Brazier 

Colleen Marie Brazzale 

Karen Kristine Brining 

Gary Robert Briscoe 

Kendall D. Brooks 

Linda L. Brooks 

Dionne Samone Broughton 

George Allen Brown 

Gregory S. Brown cum laude 

Leonard Jr. Brown 

Lesia Levon Brown 

Sheila Jean Brown* 

Kari Lea Bruce 

Emily Noel Bucholz 

Patricia Dionne Buckley 

Adrienne Lynne Bunker* 

Nicole J. Burch 

Sandra K. Burcham cum laude* 

Katherine Clara Burcio-Marple 

cum laude 
Todd Daniel Burd cum laude 
Kimberly J. Burda 
Leonard Gerard Burger 
Earl LeRoy Burgess, Jr. 
Brenda Jean Burke 
James Michael Burke 
Mandie Jane Burke 
Wava Marie Burkhart-Bretz 

summa cum laude 
Robert J. Burns 
Lynda F. Burton 
Richard Vaughn Burton 
Brook Robert Byerley 
Angela C. Cagney 
Manuel A. Cajuguiran 
Lisa Anne Callas magna cum 

Madlynn Renee Campbell 
John Philip Cardin 
Ceyolonja Dionne Carr 
Thomas Kent Carr 
Julie Lynn Carrasca 
Terri Lynn Carroll 
Michele Renee Carter-Colbert 
Christopher Patrick Casey 
Pamela Sue Casper 
Isabel Castillon 
Catherine Jeanne Cerny 
Lori Ann Chamness* 
Diane Elizabeth Chancey magna 

cum laude 


James Walton Cheesborough II 
Donald Allen Chester 
Vannak Choup Chin 
Louisa V. Cintron 
Zachara Lynne Clark 
Sheila Marie Clay 
Thomas Clay cum laude 
Michael Corodon Cleveland 
Denise Leigh Clover 
Kisha Leigh Clutts 
Timothy Austin Cochran 
Trent James Cockburn 
James E. Collett III 
Cynthia Ellen Collins 
Mario Jermaine Collins 
Angela Lynn Compton 
Cecelia I. Cook cum laude* 
Leslie Anntoinette Cornelious- 

Dylan James Crawford 
Alfredo Crespo 
Randal Bruce Crist summa cum 

Julia Kay Croslow 
Doreen Cramer Cross cum laude 
V. David Cross 
Wendy Ann Crouch 
Herbert Wayne Crow 
Paul Allison Csapo cum laude 
Barbara J. Currie-Webb 
Margaret Anne Currin 
Edward Abon Dabalos 
Nancy Carol Dalle 
Amanda Rene Daugherty 
Sarah Elizabeth Davenport 
Stephen Thomas Davidson, Jr. 

summa cum laude 
Stephanie Lynn Davis-Carruth 
Amanda Michele Davis* 
Jessica Lynn Davis 
Kourtney Ann Davis 
Tammy L. Davis* 
Andrea A. Deming 
Lora J. DeLapp 
Melinda Sue DeLong 
Tony Richard DeMarini 
Sarah Louise DePew 
Naseer K. Dhaamin 
Christopher Eric Dibble cum 

Teresa Louise Dickerson 
Scott Philip Dickson magna cum 

David Bishop Dieterle 
Sarah J. Disharoon magna cum 

Robert Blake Dobraski summa 

cum laude* 

Karon Marie Donahue-Finke 
Ryan Wade Dover 
Brian Louis Dowdy 
Herbert James Downer 
Janelle Lynn Dowson cum 

Brian G. Drew 
Lloyd Glenn Dropps, Jr. 
David J. Dryden 
Shirlene Shahira Ducker 
Amy Jo Duckworth magna cum 

Allison Elizabeth Dugan 
Farrah Leigh Dunkel Garrison 

cum laude* 
Elizabeth A. Durako magna cum 

Julie Anne Durso magna cum 

Amy Lynn Earl cum laude* 
Shirley Ann Eaves cum laude 
Gregory Thomas Eckert summa 

cum laude 
Eilene Janet Edwards 
Deborah A. Elem 
Scott David Elliott cum laude 
Akiba E. Elzy 
William Winslow Enoch 
Susanne Marie Ent 
Dana Lynn Esmon 
Steve Anthony Everett 
Justine Marie Eversgerd magna 

cum laude* 
Maureen Susan Eversgerd 
Staci Lyn Eversman 
Christian James Falconer cum 

Dorothy L. Feira 
Ellen Christine Feltovich summa 

cum laude* 
Norman Allen Ferrell cum laude 
Jeffery E. Fetcho magna cum 

Sophia Yvette Fields 
J. Michelle Filebark 
Cortney Anne Fisher summa 

cum laude* 
Meagan Kathleen Fisher* 
Kelly Lyn Fitzgerald 
Erin D. Fitzpatrick 
Lisa Jo Fletcher 
Adalberto Davalos Flores cum 

James L. Floyd 
Ryan Michael Followell 
Gary Thomas Ford 
Stephanie Lynn Forthmann 
John C. Foster 

Stephen Jude Fowler 
Ronda Renee Fox 
Misti Dawn Fradelos 
Beverly Ann Francis 
Andrew Loran Franklin 
Marcus Garvey Franklin 
Sarah Anne Franklin* 
Theresa J. Fremont cum laude 
David S. Fritz 
Carolyn Faye Fulgham 
Mack Authur Gadsden, Jr. 
Heather Marie Ganslein 
Craig A. Gardner 
Peggy J. Garrett cum laude 
Dennis Keich Garrison 
Tundra Terret Gatewood magna 

cum laude 
Matthew Shane Geske 
Stephanie Babatunde Gibson 
Versie Carol Gilchrist 
Victoria Ann Gilley 
Katie Jo Glenn* 
Frederick W. Glover 
Tanya Dionne Glover 
Loretta Catherine Golden cum 

Amy Martin Gonzenbach cum 

Rhonda Marie Gore cum laude* 
David E. Grabowski 
Allen Grant 
Michael J. Greaves 
Cherie May Green 
John Fredric Green 
Jonathan Richard Green 
Richard Roy Green 
Sparkle Denee Green 
Donna Michelle Greene 
Elizabeth Ann Greenhill 
Kefren Anne Greenstreet magna 

cum laude 
Amanda Renee Gregory 
James William Griffith cum 

Terri L. Guerrazzi magna cum 

Roderick Zane Guile 
Aaron Jason Gulley 
William Howard Gunning, Jr. 

summa cum laude 
Audrea Anne Gunter 
Lisa Beth Gunzel magna cum 

Yolanda Yvonne Gunzel 
Aaron Daniel Hagele 
Erik Russell Hager 
Joseph E. Hair 
Michael Eric Haithcoat 


Curtis Wayne Hall magna cum 

Douglas Kent Hall cum laude 
Stacey Marie Halteman 
Michelle Dawn Hamilton 
Anne Renee Hammett cum laude 
Beverly Ann Hanno 
Anthony Jean Hardenbrook 

magna cum laude 
Harvey Lee Hardwick, Sr. 
Mary E. Hargett 
Geraldine Elaine Hargraves 
Jacob Joseph Haro 
Christopher C. Harper 
Julie Weaver Harrelson 
Virgil Isiah Harris 
Jeffrey D. Hartford magna cum 

Mamie Sharon Hatley 
Rachel Anne Haught 
Carrie Jo Hawkins 
Shane Allen Hawkins* 
Yolanda Marie Hayes 
William Ray Hedden magna 

cum laude 
Victoria Patrice Heether* 
Traci Lea Heiden 
Sarah Lynn Helfrich 
Linda Sue Helmbrecht* 
Trent Mathew Helms 
Harry Alexander Henderson 
Sandra Cristina Heppenstall-Hall 
William Lavastilla Herrera 
Brenda K. Hewlett 
David L. Hicks 
Billy J. Hill 
James Frank Hilton 
William Whitney Hoffman 
Victoria Rae Hohman magna 

cum laude* 
Erika L. Holladay cum laude 
Christa R. Holland cum laude 
Timothy Dale Holt 
Stephen Philip Homic 
Connie M. Hooper 
Anthony Hale Hopkinson 
Robyn Lyn Houghlan summa 

cum laude 
Amy Lynn Howe 
Jennifer Christine Howsare 
Theia Elizabeth Hudson 
Susan Diane Huebert 
Thomas P. Hughes III 
Timothy Lamar Hughes 
Ralph L. Huns ley magna cum 

DaShawn B. Hunter 
Robert C. Hunter cum laude 

Sean Thomas Hurst 
Tasha Louise Ivy 
Marcus Irving Jackson 
Jane James cum laude* 
Sheila Mae James 
Nicole Tawana Jarnagin 
James Christopher Jaworski 
Christel Ames Jefferson 
Charles Anthony Jenkins 
Michael Paul Jenkins 
Catherine Lynn Jerrells cum 

Cecil Edward Johnson 
Thomas Alan Johnson 
Agnes Jones-Lee 
Lisa Renee Jones 
Margaret Jones 
Rachel Baygboe Jones 
Wendy Lynn Jones magna cum 

Willie Jones, Jr. 
Vicky Lynn Joseph 
Peter Juszczyk 
William Matthew Kaiser 
Steven James Kamperschroer 
Leroy Hamilton Kane 
Deitt Marie Kania 
Angela Kay Kaye 
Robert Edward Keating summa 

cum laude 
Sandra L. Keener 
Marisa Jean Keim 
Amber S. Kelly cum laude 
Kevin James Kennedy 
Christine Maye Keppler 
Chastity Lee Kieffer 
Ingrid Elaine Kiehle 
Patrick James Kiley 
Alexandra Marie Kish 
Darcy Ann Kleingartner 
Elizabeth Erin Kline magna cum 

Charles Michael Knichel 
April Lynn Knopp 
Robert Barton Knuth 
Carl Thomas Kochan 
Lauren Elizabeth Koebel magna 

cum laude* 
Hideo Kondo 

Angela Kay Kosko cum laude 
Mark S. Kowaleski 
Robyn S. Krautkramer cum 

Linda Maria Lampert magna 

cum laude 
Matthew Lewis Landers 
Barry E. Landgraver cum laude 
Daniel W. Langfeldt 

Desiray Dionada Langston 
Allen Phillip Lapkovitch 
Jamie Demitria Laris 
Niki Nikia Lathan 
Johnson Howard Lathrop 
Michael Allen Lawrence 
Michael T. Lawrence 
David Jeffrey Lay 
Howard William Layman 
Cheryle LaForey 
Julie Marie Leahy 
Jennifer L. Leavell-Myers* 
Linzie J. Ledbetter 
Sweetie Pauline Lee-Jones 
Carl E. Lee 
Delmar I. Lee 
Jasper Ward Lee, Jr. 
Kenneth B. Lee summa cum 

John T. Legier, Jr. cum laude 
Gregory Paul Lente 
Brandy Lee Lepore 
James Richard Leuenberger 
Robert E. Lewis 
James Patrick LeBel, Jr. 
Barbara Marie LeRoy 
Donna K. Lietzau* 
Jennifer Lynn Lindeman 
Tori Shannon Lindeman cum 

Jason Scott Lipe 
Dawna J. Locke 
David Locklear, Jr. 
John Arthur Logan* 
Casey Renee Loman summa cum 

David Allen Long 
Ramon Alfredo Lopez 
Jeffrey J. Love 
Hutchinson C. Lovering 
Ronnell T. Lovings, Jr. 
Scott Allen Loyd 
Paul Allen Lynch 
Vanessa Renee' Lynch 
Daryl Stanley Lytle 
Gerald Allen Macke magna cum 

Mollie Megan MacDonald 
Bethany Anne Mallow 
Twana Cheyenne Malone 
Lisa Nicole Manis 
Richard Warren Manning 
Wade Allen Mannino 
Heather Ann Marchal 
Ruth Ann Marchini 
Jequita Ann Marl in 
Robert Paul Marl in 
Jeffrey Keith Martin cum laude 


Maria M. Martin 

Mariah Martin 

Stephanie R. Martin 

David A. Martinez 

Joanna Lynn Marxmann swnma 

cum laude* 
Wendy Michelle Matlock cum 

Loren Kendrick Maxwell summa 

cum laude 
Dwayne Joseph May cum laude 
Angenette M. Mclean 
John B. McAllister 
Deborah F. McClerklin 
Janet L. McConnell 
Cha-Vonne Renee McCormick 
Heather Renee McCormick 
Page McCroskey 
David Charles McDaniel* 
Teresa Janie (Patton) McDonald 
Kimberly Allyson McEvers* 
Donny Mclver 
Andre' J. McMullen, Sr. 
Tryis Renel McPike 
Marissa Joy McVicar cum laude 
Denise Lynn Meadows* 
Michelle Jean Mecum 
Bruce Phillip Medeiros 
Jodi Lynn Melzer 
Lora Anna Melzer 
Michael Patrick Mendyk 
Raymond Pierre Mensah 
Melvin Erving Messer cum 

Paula J. Metcalf* 
Jamie Marie Meyer cum laude* 
Darryl Terrence Middleton 
Dona L. Middleton* 
Renee Michelle Millage 
Dana Marie Miller summa cum 

Jay Dee Miller 
Katherine Susan Miller 
Megan Kathleen Miller cum 

Michael David Miller 
Michael Leroy Miller 
Rodger A. Miller 
Steven Bryan Miller cum laude 
WindDee M. Miller 
Andre Mills 
Mark Edwin Minard 
Nora Lisamarie Minarik 
Dianna Shonte Minefee 
Harry Minnick 
Jennifer Lynn Mishka 
Amy Marie Mitchell cum laude 
Miho Mochida 

Ernest W. Montgomery summa 

cum laude 
Robert Ray Montgomery 
Dorothy Moore 
Justin Patrick Moore 
Lori Danielle Moore* 
Tommy W. Moore cum laude 
Tracy Loree Moore 
Antonio J. Morales 
Mario LaShawn Moreland 
Clifton Doyle Morris 
Sonja Evone Morrison 
Kimberly Gale Morrow 
Julie Anne Most 
Nicole Denise Muhammad 
Penny Lynn Murphy 
Donald Lee Murray 
Vincent Rydal Murray 
Sharon Ann Netter 
Vickie Lynn Neunlist 
Linley Newbold 
Michelle Ann Nichols 
Sara Renee Niemeyer cum 

Tasha Marie Nurczyk 
Kevin James O'Brien 
Terrence Allen O'Leary 
Joseph Patrick O'Neil 
Kristie Ann Ochs 
Tsukasa Okino 
Courtney Leanne Oldham 
Quinton Craig Oliver 
Steven D. Oliver 
Lyndsay Rae Ori* 
Jennifer Ann Orlando 
Allison Colleen Owen summa 

cum laude* 
Jamison L. Ozbun 
Rhonda J. Padavic* 
Steve Padron 
John Samuel Pagani, Jr. 
Tammy L. Palmer 
Rebecca Suzanne Park 
Keith Gregory Parkman 
Dana D. Parson 
MaryClare Patek 
Nancy Ann Patton summa cum 

John Kevin Payette cum laude 
Buff Christine Perez cum laude 
Ethan A. Peterson 
James Alan Peterson, Jr. summa 

cum laude 
Lisa Rae Peterson 
Ross Norman Peterson 
Tuyet-Phuong Kristen Pham 

cum laude 
Kelly Lynn Phillips 

Trisha Dawn Phillips cum laude 

April Berry Pickett 

Lisa Garrett Pierce 

Barry Wayne Pifer 

Danette Fern Pine cum laude* 

David K. Pittman 

Bridget Jean Podkulski* 

Sara Renae Pollock magna cum 

Shane Philip Pool 
Larry Paul Porter 
Ramona Yolanda Prado 
Kelly A. Prewitt 
Robert Randolph Price 
Sherrie Montgomery Prince 
Leanne Prisley 
Michelle Marie Pritchard* 
Anthony Prysock 
Mario Elliott Pugh 
George Elwood Pusey summa 

cum laude 
Virginia Gail Pyle-Walker 

magna cum laude 
Marisol Quiles 
Kimberly Ann Rainwater summa 

cum laude* 
Richard David Ramirez, Jr. 
Kelli Evonne Rander 
Richard Wade Randolph 
Bree Danielle Rankin 
Steven Todd Rannells 
Angela Sue Rathjen cum laude 
Lee Allen Ray 
Jennifer J. Reams cum laude 
Craig Alan Recchia 
James Patrick Regione magna 

cum laude 
Donald G. Reichard magna cum 

Gretchen Marie Reichert 
Lisa Michelle Remesch 
Michele Ann Renspurger 
Devyn Wayne Resmer 
Andrew James Reuter 
Eva L. Reynolds 
Scott Alan Rice cum laude* 
Alphaeus Levon Richburg 
Eric Wesley Richesin cum laude 
Sarah Dianne Richey 
Gregg D. Richie summa cum 

James David Rickel 
Phillip Douglass Ridgway cum 

Dana Hicks Rigdon 
Doretta M. Riggs 
Beverly K. Rightnowar 
Chandra Lee Ritter cum laude* 


Natalie Anne Robbins 
Shannon Amy Robinson 
Theresa Yvette Robinson 
Timothy Alexander Rochman 
Jesus S. Rodriguez 
Julie Joyce Roe* 
Amber Renee Rogers 
Dwight M. Rogers cum laude 
June Marie Rogers 
Jennifer Lynne Rolf 
Jason Fredrick Roper 
Chantelle L. Rose* 
Ronnie L. Rosenberg magna 

cum laude 
Mary H. Rosinski 
Kelly Ann Ross* 
Elsa Holguin Roth 
LaToya Katrice Rowe 
Carrie Rene Rubenacker magna 

cum laude* 
Jacqueline Marie Rubin 
Matthew Edward Rubin 
John Eugene Runnion 
Rose M. Russell 
LaRita Cheryl Rutherford 
Mary F. Saavedra cum laude 
Neal L. Sachs 
Jack N. Sadler 
Maisha Marche Safford 
Takako Saito magna cum laude 
Alexander Salogub 
Henry Saucedo 
Kimberly June Saucedo 
Nicholas Anthony Sawyer 
Jessica Julie Schall-Svanda 
Brandi Lynn Schmitt 
Casey Leigh Schmitt 
Kenneth Brian Schnapp 
Jeffrey Paul Schoenrock cum 

Mark Allen Schofield 
Cory Robert Schrank 
Laurie Ann Scott 
Michelle LaVette Scott 
Katherine Ann Seifert 
Michael A. Sell cum laude 
Justine Marie Selock 
Dominic Myran Sepich* 
Michael Wayne Shaffer 
David Michael Sharpe 
Amber Dawn Sherman magna 

cum laude 
Robert J. Shipp, Jr. magna cum 

Thomas H. Sholler 
Gilbert G. Shrieves 
Tom L. Shutt 

Danyelle Dawn Simmons magna 

cum laude* 
Patricia Wright Simms* 
Walter Robert Skeate III 
Steven Donald Skelton cum 

Craig R. Smith summa cum 

Holly Halstead Smith 
Joseph Lee Smith 
Katina Rose Smith* 
Lori Lee Smith 
Lucas Peter Smith 
Miriam Louise Smith magna 

cum laude 
John Dennis Sobeck 
Robert Steven Southard magna 

cum laude 
Laneda Gail Spader 
Joan L. Sparks 
Gregory Owen Spees magna 

cum laude 
Sundress G. Spencer 
Shaney Lee Spitz 
Tanya J. Spotanski* 
Jill Elizabeth St. Julien 
Robert James Stadel summa cum 

Pamela Joanne Standerfer 

magna cum laude* 
Kristen Lynn Stanley 
William Richard Stanley 
Nancy Starr 
David Paul Stead 
Deidra Marie Steed* 
Lawrence Paul Steele cum laude 
Evelyn Virginia Stefula cum 

Connie Luise Stiverson 
Jennifer Helen Stoelzle 
Sandra Danithia Stowes 
Jo-Anne Marie Studet 
Linda Janine Sturgeon 
Regina Lynette Suggs 
Jenny Lee Sunnquist 
Benjamin J.'Sutton 
Jo Ann Sutton 
Tony R. Talley 
Jodi Ann Tanner cum laude 
Alfred George Taus magna cum 

Rebecca Lynn Taylor Files 
Dwight Jerome Taylor 
Stephanie S. Teasley 
Hilary Ann Thomas 
Tamika Nicole Thomas 
Scott Thomason 
Charles Thompson, Jr. 

Ernest Alfred Thompson 
Jonathan L. Thompson 
Kathy Louise Thomson-Stewart 
Michael Paul Thonnerieux cum 

Jill Renea Thrapp* 
Fred Threats 
Christina Renate Thrower 

magna cum laude 
Michelle Lee Tilsk 
Randall Earl Tinsley 
Erik W. Toews magna cum 

Edward S. Tokarski 
Robin Kimberlin Tolbert* 
Mark Anthony Tozer 
Christine Catherine Tracey 

magna cum laude 
Chad Zachiriah Traub 
Alicia Yau True* 
LaTanya LeAnn Turner- 
Tineka Nishelle Turner 
Jeffrey James Turney cum laude 
Dana Christine Tyree 
Verna Genice TM-Trice magna 

cum laude 
Jun Ueki 

Robert John Valenti 
Richard C. Valentine 
Walter Thomas Van Dyke cum 

Connie E. Van Tassel 
Alan S. Vander Sys 
Marjorie Sue Vaughn 
Angel S. Viloria III summa cum 

Kirsty Shannon Vines magna 

cum laude 
George Spiros Vlahopoulos 
Melanie A. Vogel* 
Eric Andrea Waddell 
Krystyna Wagner 
Melissa A. Wainman 
Gail Whittaker Walden 
Willie Anthony Walden, Sr. 
Mose Richard Walker 
Alan W. Walters cum laude 
Gina Marie Walton 
Whitney Allyson Warner 
Jane H. Warriner summa cum 

Rodney L. Washam 
Lisa A. Washburn 
H. Mark Watkins cum laude 
Gerard Louis Watson 
Michael Eric Watson 
Veronica Rochelle Watson 


Curtis A. Watts cum laude 
Albert Vance Webb summa cum 

Trisha Lynn Wehrheim* 
Erin M. Weis 

Velda E. Welch cum laude 
Adrienne Elizabeth Werth* 
Liam S.M. Weseloh 
Quincie Fae Whitaker 
Carol L. White 
Dee Ann Whittington 
Angelia Michelle Wielt cum 

Sue E. Wilburn magna cum 

Amy Dawn Wildermuth 
Clarissa Lynn Wiley-Cavitt 
Harold Loren Wilkinson magna 

cum laude 
Seth Richard Willenborg 

Letitia Ann Willhite 
Chantay Lyniece Williams 
Christopher L. Williams 
Geraldine Williams cum laude 
Janette Williams 
Philip January Williams 
Ricardo Antoine Williams 
Sean Patrick Williams summa 

cum laude 
Shannon Lorene Williams* 
Toni Anita Williams 
Clyde V. Williamson 
Ali C. Willis magna cum laude 
Megan Elizabeth Willy* 
Calvin Herbert Wilson 
JoAnna Kathleen Wilson cum 

Laurel Lorenzo Wilson 
Michael DeAndre Wilson 
Rodney Wilson 

Sarah Lynn Wilson 
Christopher William Winfrey 
Christopher Shane Wingate 
Laura Elizabeth Winter magna 

cum laude* 
Jackie Lucille Witt 
Laura Eve Wolfe 
Cynthia Lynn Wood cum laude* 
Robert E. Woolridge cum laude 
James Allen Wrigley magna cum 

William Yadron, Jr.* 
L. Elliott Young 
Timeka L. Young 
Susan Boone Youngblood cum 

Katherine Marie Zaitz-Fink 
Clarence G. Zimbro magna cum 



Order of Exercises 

College of Engineering 

1:30 P.M., Saturday, May 15, 1999, SIU Arena 

(Please stand for the Processional.) 


Pomp and Circumstance March No. 1, Sir Edward Elgar, Composer 
Keith Pierce, SIUC Alumnus, Organist 

Greetings and Introductions of the Platform Party 

John S. Jackson III, Vice Chancellor and Provost, Southern Illinois University 

Introduction of Commencement Speaker and Presentation of the 
Alumni Achievement Award by the College of Engineering on behalf 
of the SIU Alumni Association 

Sedat Sami, Acting Dean, College of Engineering 

Mohamad S. El-Zein, Recipient, Senior Engineer, Deere and Company Technical Center 

Commencement Address 

Mohamad S. El-Zein 

Presentation of Candidates and Conferring of Degrees 

John S. Jackson III, Vice Chancellor and Provost, Southern Illinois University Carbondale 

Sedat Sami, Chair, Department of Civil Engineering 

Glafkos D. Galanos, Chair, Department of Electrical Engineering 

Chair, Department of Mechanical Engineering and Energy Processes 

Y. Paul Chugh, Chair, Department of Mining Technology 

Feng-Chang " Roger" Chang, Associate Professor, Department of Technology 

(Representing Gary Butson, Chair) 

Student Response 

Alumni Welcome 

Aaron Craycroft, Class of 1997, Bachelor of Science, Industrial Technology 


Marche Pontificale, Ferdinand de la Tombelle, Composer 
Keith Pierce 

(Please remain in your seat until the Recessional is completed.) 


College of 

Sedat Sami, Acting Dean 
William Eichfeld, Grand 

Shing-Chung"Max" Yen, 

Edwin J. Hippo, Marshal 
Bruce DeRuntz, Usher 
Debasis Deb, Usher 
Bruce DeVantier, Reader 

Bachelor of Science 

Michael Arden Acton 
Joseph Dean Adams 
Richard Robert Allen 
John Bradley Andersen 
Jason Arthur Anderson 
Robert Thomas Anderson 
Kent Anthony 
Robert Randa Asinjo 
Serdar Aytemiz 
Tracey Lynn Babcock 
Barbara Bagby-Zimmerman 
Robert J. Bainsky cum laude 
James David Baker 
Stanley John Barras, Jr. 
Chad Allen Barbee 
Kirk Shannon Barnard 
William Andrew Beisner 
Steven Lee Billeter 
Andrew William Thomas Billing 
Tanya Sue Bird 
Robert Frank Birmingham 
Darin Patrick Bohm cum laude 
William Louis Bohne 
Russell Lawrence Bolstad* 
Chee Wah Boo 
William F. Boyd 
Todd Alan Bradshaw 
Colin Thomas Brinkoetter** 
Dennis Maurice Britten 
Albert F. Brosseau cum laude 
Martin Odale Brumett cum laude 
Darren L. Brumfield cum laude 
Kenneth Dale Bullard cum laude 
Larry Dean Burns magna cum 

Sandra Jean Burton 
Brandi A. Bush 

Richard John Busse cum laude* 
Michael Larry Butts 
Hydric Cameron 
Anthony Wayne Campbell 

Thomas Allen Carder 

Louis Michael Caron 

Bill Gene Carson 

John Bradley Cash 

Michael Cavaliere 

Gabriel Anthony Cerda 

Hiromitsu Chomon 

Ryan Wayne Cook 

Todd Lawrence Corriveau 

Richard Anderson Crandell 

Sheldon D. Dale 

James Anthony Danik 

Dana L. Dawson 

Stanley L. Deatherage magna 

cum laude 
William Thomas Devries 
Anthony Carl DeLeon 
Cara Jo Dolly 
Crystal Latoi Dossie 
Nathan Thomas Dozier 
John J. Dun lap cum laude 
John Robert Dvorak cum laude* 
Nathan Robert Eatman 
Glenn M. Eberhart 
Jason Allen Eckman 
Richard Michael Elersich 
Pius Alex Elizaga 
Anthony Don Ellis 
Lawrence Scott Epplin 
Robert Christian Estes 
Patrick E. Ewing 
Salvatore N. Fadala cum laude 
Matthew D. Feist 
Vashon Warren Ferguson 
Woodford Leon Fitzjarrald II 
James Mark Flatt 
Samuel Footman, Jr. 
Matthew B. Foster 
Matthew W. Foutch 
Bradley G. Fruend 
Gary Charles Gallet 
Shawn Eugene Gleason 
Eric M. Gray summa cum laude 
Jeffrey A. Gray 
Zach M. Green 
James R. Grote 
Charles R. Gunter, Jr. 
Brice Owen Gustin 
Brian A. Hahn cum laude* 
Diana Lynn Hallenbeck 
Steven Douglas Hamann 
Song Kok Hang* 
Robert Leslie Hardin 
Bruce LaVictor Harris cum 

Milton Burnette Harris, Sr. 
David Neal Hart 
Theodore Phillip Hartke 

Timothy R. Hawes 
James Christopher Helfrich 
Joshua Max Hellmer 
Jeffrey J. Hempstead 
Alfred Andrew Herring 
Belinda Ilona Hill 
Scott D. Hines 
Jack Robert Hoffmann cum 

Masatomo Homma cum laude 
Brian Armic Hoover 
Kimberly Jacquette Hopkins 
Peter Jeremiah Horine 
Robert Mathew Houge 
Jason Wesley Hudgens cum 

Torian J. Humble 
Kenneth S. Hurd 
Matthew Edward Huslig 
Jon Nathaniel Husser cum laude 
Christopher Alan Johnson 
Christopher Scott Johnson 
Jeff R. Johnson 
Jeffrey Alan Joniak 
Richard Lee Jurinjak cum laude 
Jason M. Kahn 
Jimmy Louis Kalert 
Robert M. Kaminski 
Poh Chai Kang* 
Gregory Alan Kerby 
Eng-Keng Khor 
Aziz Najaf Khoshnood 
John Edward Kieras 
Jason Scot King 
Patrick Christopher King 
Richard Dwayne Kreit summa 

cum laude 
Modadugu Venkata Sailesh 

Benjamin John Kvernes 
Rico Donato Lalli 
David Joseph Lane 
Daniel John Lattz* 
Marcus L. LaBranche 
Poh Wah Lee* 
Aik-Liang Lim* 
George Kawaihoolana Lincoln 
Lenard Lindsey 
Joshua Gene Linnemann 
Bryce Daniel Littlejohn 
Andy Glynn Lum cum laude 
David Michael Lusignolo magna 

cum laude 
Roddy Norman Lyles 
Richard A. Magee 
Mark William Mammosser 
Charles Louis Martin 
Patrick Easley Martin 


Derek Duane Mathews 
Leslie W. Mayhan 
Timothy Farrell McKenzie 
Micah John McKinney 
Douglas James McNary 
Thaddeus Alan Meizelis 
Larry E. Miller 
Michael Edward Mizeur 
Aaron Alexander Moore 
Joseph James Morris 
Larry Thomas Morrison 
Colleen Ann Moss 
Robert Mudiyappan 
Kahwai Gachago Muriithi 

magna cum laude* 
Francis J. Murphy, Jr. 
Carlos Givenchy Naylor 
Erin Timothy Needham 
Brice Alvin Nelson 
Noah J. Nemmers 
Kurtis B. Newlin 
Say Chong Ng magna cum 

Jamie Dale Nickel* 
Mark M. Noel 
John Stinson Nolan, Jr. 
Yoshiko Ogata 
Yasushi Okamoto 
Adam David Parker 
William David Pendergrass, Jr. 

cum laude 
Scott Eugene Penner 
David Michael Pentecost 
Robert Norman Petty 
Timothy Christopher Pickett 
Lona D. Pointer 
Anjanette Polk 
Kenneth Wayne Pulley 
Steven Nathaniel Purvis 
Alberto E. Quadreny 

Derak Rash* 

Steven Andrew Rausch 

Mark Allan Reatherford 

Anthony Lonard Reed 

Kevin Wayne Reetz 

Brian T. Rice 

Eric D. Riggan 

Aaron Mathew Ritter cum 

Jay Orton Robinson 
Joseph R. Robinson 
Gregory Kieth Rouse 
Jill Lynn Runde 
Kristi Russell 
Lonnell Salone 
Eugene Thomas Sands 
Gerry J. Schleiff 
Chad Stuart Schnepper 
Ryan Layne Schwieger 
Sakiko Sekikawa cum laude* 
Chester Ray Sergent 
Harrison E. Shelton 
Thomas J. Shourd 
Harvey Lamar Siddon 
Mary Ann Simonton cum laude 
Frederick Christian Small* 
Tyrone William Smiley 
Darren P. Smith 
Donald Ray Smith 
Michael Allen Smith 
Michael J. Smith 
Ronald Edwin Smith 
Scott Michael Spayer* 
Edward Earl Spotts, Jr. 
Ricky Charles Stanberry magna 

cum laude 
Timothy Wayne Stevens 
Dana Lynn Stewart magna cum 

Joshua Dean Stuart 

Praveen Sunny 
Sandip Sura 
Melissa Dawn Sydnor 
Choong Fong Tang* 
Eric David Tempel 
Choo Khiam Teoh 
Itti Tewinpagti cum laude* 
David Thatcher 
Randal Lynn Thomas 
Victor S. Thompson 
Jay son Randall Thorp 
Jeremy Leroy VanScyoc 
Kevin Michael Vogel 
Blake Michael Vogt* 
Jason Edward Vonderheide 
Dana Thomas Wainwright 
Bryan Edward Walin 
Randall Alan Walls 
Courtney Jermaine Watson 
Steven A. Waymire 
Charles Cordell Weathers, Sr. 
Keith Douglas Weber 
Brian L. Weiss 
Michael Vincent Wetzel 
Christopher Michael Whiting 

cum laude 
David Thomas Williams 
Sandor Dillion Williams 
Donald Avery Wilson 
Terry L. Wo 11 summa cum laude 
Aaron Charles Woods 
Daniel James Woodward, Jr. 
George H. Wyatt 
Earl T. Wynn III 
Joshua P. Yaskoff 
Reginald E. Young magna cum 

Joel Royce Youngblood 
Mike J. Zdenek cum laude 


Order of Exercises 

College of Liberal Arts 

5:00 P.M., Friday, May 14, 1999, SIU Arena 

(Please stand for the Processional.) 


Pomp and Circumstance March No. 1, Sir Edward Elgar, Composer 
Southern Illinois University Band, Dan Phillips, Conductor 

Greetings and Introduction of Platform Party 

Robert A. Jensen, Acting Dean, College of Liberal Arts 

Valedictory Address 

Blaine D. Ray, Graduating Senior, Department of Geography 

Presentation of Alumni Achievement Award by the College of Liberal 
Arts on behalf of the SIU Alumni Association 

Robert A. Jensen, Acting Dean, College of Liberal Arts 
James L. Moody, Recipient 

Presentation of Honorary Degree and Introduction of 
Commencement Speaker 

Robert A. Jensen, Acting Dean, College of Liberal Arts 

Jo Ann E. Argersinger, Chancellor, Southern Illinois University Carbondale 

Mark Victor Hansen, Recipient 

Commencement Address 

Mark Victor Hansen, Author and Inspirational Speaker 

Alumni Welcome 

Doris Rottschalk, President, Board of Directors, Southern Illinois University Alumni 

Presentation of Candidates and Conferring of Baccalaureate Degrees 

Robert A. Jensen, Acting Dean 
Jo Ann E. Argersinger, Chancellor 

Alma Mater 

Southern Alma Mater, Clarke Morgan, Composer 

Patrick Jenkins, Soloist 

Southern Illinois University Band, Dan Phillips, Conductor 


Music for a Ceremony, John J. Morrissey, Composer 
Southern Illinois University Band, Dan Phillips, Conductor 

(Please remain in your seat until the Recessional is completed.) 


College of Liberal 

Robert A. Jensen, Acting 

Eric Mandat, Grand 

Mary Hinchcliff-Pelias, 
Grand Marshal 
Stephanie Clancy 
Dollinger, Grand Marshal 
Jon Muller, Marshal 
Diane Taub, Marshal 
K. K. Collins, Marshal 
Sheila Brutten, Usher 
Maria Casapini, Usher 
Toyin Fox, Usher 
Anita Hutton, Usher 
Jay Lewis, Usher 
Kay Tippy, Usher 
Melinda Yeomans, Usher 
Michael Moberly, Reader 
Brenda Benefit, Reader 
Joyce Jolliff, Reader 
Richard Grabowski, 

Hans Rudnick, Reader 
Anne Winston-Allen, 

Leslie Duram, Reader 
Majorie Morgan, Reader 
Ruth Johnson, Reader 
Diane Taub, Reader 
Daniel Mellado, Reader 
Howard Hood, Reader 
Pat Manfredi, Reader 
John Hamman, Reader 
Brenda Gilbert, Reader 
Mark Schneider, Reader 
Bryan Crow, Reader 
Ronald Naverson, Reader 
Diane Taub, Reader 
Lois Naegele, Interpreter 
Wanda Oakey, Interpreter 

Bachelor of Arts 

Kimberly S. Alexander* 
Blaine Robert Allen 

Jeanne Marie Ancer cum laude* 


Dan Anderson III 
Carrie Marie Andrews 
Antoinette Dzatugbui Annani- 

Daniel John Mijares Ardiente 
Ravyn Latroit Ash 
Brian Christopher Axelson cum 

Jason T. Ayala 
Carita Bailey 
Tracy Lynn Baird 
Damon Loren Baker 
Gretchen LeeAnne Baker 
Timothy James Baker 
Philip W.Balma** 
Bridget Banke 
Linwood Ray Barnes, Jr. 
Julie Elizabeth Baumgart 
Christopher Wade Beal 
Julia Audrey Bickler 
Gail R. Black 
Verna Lisa Boehm-Wood 
Robert Thomas Boehm 
Vanessa Noel Bollmann 
Courtney Lane Bonelli 
James John Boness 
Billy J. Boomer 
Mark Thomas Borrelli 
Oren Ronald Boxer 
James Aaron Bracey II 
Darron Calarence Brandon 
Charles Robert Bremer cum 

Amy Alison Brenner magna cum 

Brad Paul Brewer 
Robert Otto Briick 
John Glen Briley 
Matthew James Brinkoetter 
Mikah Noell Brookman 
George Allen Brown 
Robert Dennis Brown 
Tracy L. Burgess 
Joshua Morgan Caddell 
Benjamin Hugh Campbell cum 

Antoinette McDonald Canady 
David Arzin Carter 
Adam Mitchell Cassuto 
Jennifer Marie Casten-Juhl 
Mark Richard Chambers* 
Eric David Charles 
John Ryan Chwarzinski 
Makela Lakee Clay 
Paul Richard Clayton 
Jennifer Renee Cofield 

Susan Michelle Coggin 
April Louise Cole* 
Joli Lynn Cole 
Brandie Renee Coleman 
Gina Vonyea Coleman 
Lori Marie Coleman 
Marcus Dwayne Coleman 
Del Marcus Lamont Collins 
Terry Lee Conrad 
NaCherrie LaCole Cooper 
Annette Marie Cottle 
Coto Alexis Coulibaly 
Jennifer Leigh Cozart 
Stanley Ricardo Crawford 
Margaret E. Curiel 
Jewelline Cleona Daniels 
Jason Vernon Dansby 
Cim Ciarran Davies* 
Janelle Lynn Davies ** 
Daniel G. Davis cum laude 
Matthew Paul Davis 
Allen Dale Davison III 
Joseph Aaron Dean 
William David Deitch* 
Nicholas Deka 
Matthew Stewart Dettman 
Shem Meshawn DeBerry 
Cameron Xavier DeCree 
Douglas Jerome Diedrich 
Bobby R. Dismore ** 
Karon Marie Donahue-Finke 
Janet Elizebeth Donoghue 
Michael J. Donovan 
Aaron Michael Doubet 
Amy Elizabeth Downing 
Daniel Patrick Dressel 
Alton S. Dueks 

Karla Elaine DunhamWilliams 
Eric David Dunn 
Jill Marie Dusenberry 
Tamara Kay Early-Caraker 
Jane Ellen Eastwood* 
Ryan P. Eastwood cum laude* 
John Robert Eaton 
Richard A. Ebner cum laude 
Jerry Mitchell Eddington 
Malinda Anne Edwards cum 

Robert Chukudi Egwele 
Edward James Ehrhardt 
Steven John Eisenbarth II 
Judson H. Eldredge 
Amy Kay Elkin 
Stacey Beth Elkins* 
Margaret Ann Errea*>** 
Adrienne Camille Farmby- 

Joseph D. Fattori 


Trena Denan Faulk 
Jay R. Feldmann 
Phernya Shanti Fitzgerald 
Kathleen Michelle Flannery cum 

David Louis Fletcher ** 
Valarie S. Fraase 
Sokrates Stavros Frantzis 
Jason Aaron Freeman* ** 
Jason Michael Frerichs 
Thomas Edward Fries 
Brett E. Froeliger 
Shoshanna Fuentes* 
Bunsu Gaga 
Angela R. Galbraith* 
Trent Aaron Galetti 
Latosha Deneen Gardner 
Patrick S. Garner 
Jill Christine Garrison magna 

cum laude* 
Caitriona Marie Garza 
Rafael Gaspar ** 
Krissi J. Geary magna cum 

Tim B. Gebhardt 
John Paul Gesty 
LisaD. Gilliam 
Pamela Lane Glover 
Darian R. Godwin cum laude 
Kelly Marie Goodman cum 

Samuel Matthew Gordon 
Melissa Marie Grady 
Kenisha Grant 
Frederick L. Gray 
Cherie May Green 
Linda Shaw Greenspan cum 

Aaron Wayne Gremmels 
Danette Lyane Griffith 
Thomas Earl Sebastian Hall cum 

Carmen K. Ham 
Marvin Jewell Hamilton 
Robyn Leigh Hapner 
Amy M. Hardesty 
Travaris D'Wan Harris 
Greggory Jamile Harrison 
Richard C. Harrison 
Jason B. Hartrich 
Valerie Ann Hatton-Miller 
Rebecca J. Haub* 
Christopher John Heck 
Matthew Todd Heifer 
Amanda Marie Hellrung 
Bradley David Hergott* 
Kyle Dean Hess 
Nathaniel Evan Higgins 

Felicia Nita Hill 
Julie Ann Hill 
Louis Hill III 
Tony Adrian Hoegl 
Justin Aaron Holland cum 

Jason Wade Holstine 
James Alan Hopkins 
Erika Amber Horn* 
Melissa D. Horn 
Philip Shreve Home 
David Alan Hootman 
Connie Christine Howard ** 
Marya Jane Hudson 
Michael Joseph Hughes 
Ann M. Hunter 
Paul Thomas Hurley 
Megan Eileen Hussey 
Jauji Bin Hussin 
Christopher Kent Huth cum 

Motoi Ibaraki 
Steven Ikeda* 
J.D. Michael Irons 
Chika Ito cum laude* 
Daisy L. Jefferson 
Se-Shiun Jeng 
Dia Joshua Jennings 
Dennis Reginald Jerrell* 
Christopher Hal Jerrells ** 
Justin G. Jochums* 
Danjwan Johnson 
Eric Vaughn Johnson 
Wayne R. Johnson 
Yoshida Joji 
Monica L. Jones 
Rashida T. Jones 
Sherard Anthony Jones 
Darrel Jason Juenger 
Regina-Mae Tinio Kabatay* 
Daniel Allan Kakareka 
Martha Jean Kallal 
Koichi Kato cum laude 
David Christian Keim* 
Aaron P. Kellerstrass 
Jennifer Louise Kelley cum 

Nellie J. Kelley cum laude 
Jennifer Laureen Kelly 
Dan'iel Tamirra Kendricks 
Myung Soon Kim 
Nobutaka Kimoto cum laude* 
Nathan Wayne Kinney 
Michael John Kizaric 
Jason Daniel Kline 
Michael Thomas Knick ** 
Javelle Jermaine Knox 
Koichi Kobayashi 

Austin Konkel 

Krista Marie Krauklis cum laude 
Cheryl Ann Kuczynski 
Stephanie Helen Kuhn cum 

laude* ** 
Rachel Jean Kunkel-Bodziak 
Rachelle Janene Labbe 
Beth Ann Lair 
Kristine M. Landry 
Catherine Ann Larry 
Amelia M. Larsen 
Bonnie Marie Laurencell 
Staci M. LaRock 
Gina R. LaVanchy* 
Stephanie Beth Lebo 
Ivan Bon-ren Lee 
Martha Faye Lee 
Edgar Heinrich Lenze 
Robert M. Levine* 
John Lucien LeChien 
Erica Ann Liggett 
Nancy Jo Lindsey 
Jessica L. Linford 
Sean Todd Lipham* 
Matthew Richard Lipke 
Jedediah Ray Livingston magna 

cum laude* 
Douglas Manny Livingstone 
Sylshina Shiree London 
Christian James Long 
Jerry Long 

Bernadette A. Longshore 
Liza L. Lopez 
Hutchinson C. Lovering 
Lynn Denise Lowe* 
Mathew Charles Lowrey 
Christopher J. Lund 
Jon Ryan Lutz 
Rex W. Lutz 
Brian David Lyons* 
Jonathan E. Lyons 
Robert Anthony Majors 
Dora Jane Mann 
Aaron G. Manthei 
Tania Manzanares 
Stephanie Erin Martin 
Tricia Jo Martin* 
Samuel Martinez 
Dionne Emiko Mason 
Orlando Tremaine Matthews 
Orlan Keith Mays 
Rebecca Lynn McAllister 
Courtney Jo McBride 
Douglas James McCarty summa 

cum laude 
Margaret Elizabeth McCarty 
Marcus E. McDonnough 
Sean Stephen McKasson 


Rita Anne McLoughlin 

Jeffrey Wayne McMurray 

Andrew W. McPeak 

Casee Rae Mechling 

Adam H. Meier 

Ty Mendro 

Robin Candice Merriman 

Andrea Lynne Middleton 

Jun Mikami 

Bridget Dorcene Miller 

Gregory J. Miller 

Irwin Todd Miller 

Theresa L. Miller 

Suguru Miyazaki 

William David Mogensen 

Ryan Eugene Mohr 

Jennifer Lynn Moran 

Charles Gardner Morrill 

Philip Andrew Moutardier 

Paula Muhammad 

Nathan Winter Munson magna 

cum laude 
Paul J. Munson 
Annie Marie Murdach 
Jared Luke Murley 
Kudzai A. Musumhi 
Amanda Myron-Clawiter 
Maurice Duane Neely II 
Todd Alex Neilson magna cum 

Eric Theron Nelson 
Ronald J. Nesler II cum laude* 
Catherine Anne Newell* 
Gregg Alan Newsom II* 
Matthew Terry Newton magna 

cum laude* 
Faisal Syed Niaz 
Marcus D. Nicholson 
James Daniel Niermann 
Andrew John Noga 
Michele Lee Nolan 
William Charles Nolan HI 
Michael Dean Nolen* 
Kozue Nomura 
MartaRae Laney Northcutt cum 

Paul R. Obermiller* 
Jeffrey Wayne Odom 
Jeanine F. Olsen 
James William Olsick* 
Jeffrey Craig Olson 
Thomas Eric Olson cum laude 
Patricia Aanyu Oonyu 
Christopher Todd Owens cum 

Yi-Hui Pan 

Hyo Sun Park cum laude* 
Soyun Park* 

Cheron D. Patterson-Dowell 
Shanyon Kristine Patterson 
Anasari Paulus Rinsa 
Michele R. Pavy 
Heidi Kay Pearson 
Eduardo I. Perez 
Mark Andrew Phillips 
Kimberly Catherine Pietrucha 
Cori Nicole Pillows* 
Brian A. Piper 
Bridget Jean Podkulski* 
Joshua Caleb Polite 
Bella Marie Polk 
Patrick William Postlewait* 
Kevin Jarrett Price 
Joshua Benjamin Pugh 
Michelle Lynn Quertermous 
Angela Lynn Rains 
Janet Lee Ralls cum laude 
Timothy Paul Ramey 
Calvin Maurice Rash 
Jeffrey M. Ratajczak 
Shirley Jean Ray-Parrish 
Blaine Douglas Ray summa cum 

Martina A. Reeves-Hyler 
Nathan Charles Regenold 
Alison Candance Richars 
Byron David Robbins 
Dale E. Roberts 
Richard Edward Robinson 
Timothy Robinson cum laude 
Jennifer Ellen Robison 
Nathan Benjamin Rockholm 
Nashena Lynn Rogers 
Donna Marie Romine 
Jeffrey Clark Roney magna cum 

Jenifer J. Roosevelt cum laude 
Ivan Mora Rottmann 
Patricia Ann Rutter cum laude* 
Andy Dent Sabens 
Michael P. Sandusky 
Amy Diane Schafer* 
Dyson Eugene Schaible 
Melody Ann Paulina Scheriger* 
Gary Anthony Schiff 
Shawn Dean Schollenbruch 
Ryan David Schramka 
Jason M. Schultz 
Scott E. Schultz 
Stacy Lynn Sensel 
Lori Ann Sexton 
Bobbi Beth Shamhart 
Joseph Michael Shapiro 
Jennifer R. Short 
JoAnna Renee Simpson 
Nicole Christiane Sims 

Carolyn Jean Skaggs 
Steven Lee Skelly 
Kent Scott Skornia 
Dion Lamar Sledge 
Ayanna Kai Smith 
Edwin McClure Smith 
Jeffrey Brian Smith 
Jennifer L. Smith 
Jennifer R. Smith 
Steven Michael Smith 
George Andrew Sole* 
Britt Ellyn Sorenson 
Jennifer Marie Southard 
Sara Ann Sowers summa cum 

laude* ** 
Anne Marie Spalding* 
Bomani Hashim Spell 
Sean Christopher Spicer 
Brian Wesley Springmeyer 
Russ M. Stal lings 
Jane Elizabeth Starkweather cum 

Barma Staten 
Judy K. Steele magna cum 

laude* ** 
Leah Nicol Steele 
Mike Dwight Steinmann 
Derek T. Stevens 
Benjamin Steward 
James William Steward, Jr. 
Alonna K. Still 
Jennifer Lynn Stombaugh* 
Salena Rachel le Strobel 
Yasuko Sugiyama 
Samuel L. Sykes 
Osamu Takano 

Christopher Brian Tamburrino 
Atsuhiko Tamura 
Diane N. Tarr 
Christina Diane Taylor 
Chettha Paul Techo* 
Narobi La-Shander Thomas 
Kelly Jean Throw magna cum 

Raymond Tien* 
Michael Deane Tipsword 
John M. Tober 
Yukikazu Toishi 
Kristin L. Topel magna cum 

LeShawn Kyle Townsend 
David Kelly Trimmell 
Hal W. Trovillion 
Danielle Jesep Tyler 
Rosanna D. Valladares 
John Michael Van Fleet 
Angela Kay Van Hyfte 
Neil Jerome Vanderlee ** 


Gabriela J. Varela 
Angela C. Varnadoe 
Corinne D. Vinson cum laude 
Sean David Visintainer 
Laura Ruth Wagner* 
Christopher Walker 
Wakita Patrice Walker 
Tara Rene Wallace* 
Valerie Elizabeth Wallace 
Michael Raymond Wallat 
Wan Arida Azreyahti Wan Azmi 
Ronald Todd Ward* ** 
Melinda Renee Wargel* 
Scott David Wattelet 
Peter David Wehner 
Jeffrey Lynn Wheeler 
Latricia Renee White 
Rachel Ann Whitman 
Jason James Wilcox 
Samuel Thomas Wilkerson 
Jacqlyn Williams magna cum 

Jessica Marie Williams summa 

cum laude* 
Mary Ruth Williams 
Sara E. Willman 
Kyle James Wills magna cum 

Nikki Lynae Wilson 
Rochelle La'Shawne Wilson 
Leslie Diane Winn 
Melinda Kay Woker cum laude* 
Patrick Michael Wooden 
Kevin J. Woods 
Jamin Michelle Wright 
Earl T. Wynn III 
Scott Samuel Yagow 
Hiroshi Yonemitsu 
Kou Yoshida 
Joel Matthew Zimmerman 
Faraz M. Zobairi cum laude* 

Bachelor of Fine Arts 

David Michael Bigler 
Lisa Maria Brighton 
Margaret Elizabeth Castoldi 
Bryan Justus Chaix magna cum 

Eric Konstanty Cuper cum laude 
Barbara Jean Elimon magna cum 

Steven Michael Eyer 
Alexis Elizabeth Holle magna 

cum laude* 
Matt B. Johnson 
Ronald Albert Karl 
Bonnie Jeanne Klotz 

Michael Thomas Knick 

Michael Thomas Kozien 

Kerney Dante Labbe 

Amy Beth Leidig cum laude 

Ryan Wade Lewis 

Jody Paul Markovich cum 

Michael Christopher Migala cum 

Sherri L. Newell 

Stephen Binh Nguyen cum laude 
Jason M. Ratka 
Ryan David Redenbaugh cum 

Debra Alexander Robinson* 
Lisa Marie Sharp cum laude* 
Dale Kendall Wagler cum 

William H. Weare, Jr. cum laude 
Daniel Elmer Weiler 

Bachelor of Music 

Karen Jo Auxier summa cum 

Jeffrey W. Cox 
Lori Ann Crain cum laude 
Todd Heston Graham 
James Todd Lewis* 

Bachelor of Science 

Tiffiny Ann Aasen cum laude* 
Julie Lynn Albert cum laude 
Andrea Suzanne Amato 
John M. Amitrano 
Phillip Michael Anderson 
Sabrina Denise Beavers 
Terrence Maurice Blake 
Anthony Vincent Blood 
Ron Anthony Bohm 
Micki L. Bond 
Jamie Lynn Bracewell cum 

Jill M. Bratland 
Christopher Jan Brechnitz 
Burgundy Brown 
Dama Catherine Brown 
Lewis Vinson Burns 
Alicia Rachel Gustava Burtley 
Catherine Regina Caifano 
Jon Wayne Christensen 
Steven M. Ciaccio 
Debra Ann Cleveland 
Steve Todd Corin 
James L. Cothrine III 
Courtney Ellen Crippen* 
Edward Anthony Dantes 

Kevin Michael Delaney 
Joseph Patrick Doolin 
Danielle Jeanne Dunn 
David Matthew Dunn 
Sara Diane Durbin 
Todd Jeremy Fendler 
Katie Elizabeth Flowers 
Rebecca L. Fox 
Jennifer Kay Giacone 
Michael Alan Gilliland 
Nealy R. Glenn 
Laura Marcella Gonzalez 
Beth Nicole Goodwin 
Nicol Marie Granados 
Amanda Nicole Grove 
Daniel Lee Hatchel II 
Marilyn Ann Haworth summa 

cum laude* 
Ricardo A. Haynes 
William Christopher Heine 
Francis R. Hickey 
Masahiro Ishikawa 
James Jackson 
Christopher Hal Jerrells 
Janell Lee Johnson 
Ramon Edvardo Jones 
Tasha Monique Jones 
Robert Allen Kalusa 
Kevin James Kerr 
Aaron Richard Klemz 
Frank Joseph Klimas* 
Bart R. Knight 
Charles B. Koehler 
Azusa Kuwahara* 
Jessi N. Lawhead 
Timothy Lee LaFaver 
Antoine DeEdward Leake 
Tammy Michelle Leathern 
Kristie Marie Loven 
Jean A. Manka 
Stephanie A. Mayberry 
Stephen Joseph McCormick 

magna cum laude 
Danielle Michele McKinnis 
Michael Clayton McQuinley 
Atsushi Miki 
Aaron Tracy Milewski 
Peter Justin Miller 
Michael Edmund Mittage 
Gretchen Cecilia Morgan 
Enoch Muhammad 
Traci Marie Murphy cum laude* 
Young-Ju Nam 
John Daniel Neace 
Kory Michael Neisen 
Russell Charles Nelson 
Jacqueline Lee Noll 
William P. O'Connor 


William Hobart Olney III 
Frank M. Palazzolo 

Sarah Katherine Pauley 
John Robert Perko 
Nicole Marie Petersen 
David Ray Phelps 
Angela R. Plaster 
Kristan Ann Poirot 
Jennifer Lynn Pope 
Alexander Scott Putnam 
Lindsey Ragans 
Judy Elaine Rainwater 
Mary E. Reeves 
Leslie Kevona Banyal Rene 
LaTonia Marie Richmond 
Melanie Anne Roffol 

James Rayphael Roland* 
Rodney Wayne Roosevelt 
Natalie Lauren Rowe 
Zachary Aaron Sapienza 
Anastasia Savvopoulou 
Jennifer Lee Schildknecht 
Daniel A. Schwab 
David S. Schwartz 
Sherry Lynn Sellars 
Radhika Singh 
Elizabeth Anne Sluga 
Steven A. Smith 
Andrea Lynn Srogus 
Dennis John Stapleton 
Travis Lee Stewart 
Julie Lynette Sturgill* 
Brian Lawerence Szaks 

Brian Robert Taylor 
Amanda Kathleen Vanderhoof 
April Dawn Vanzant 
Kari Dawn Voight 
Richard Thomas Wallich, Jr. 
Marisa Bernadette Warren 
Niki T. Washington 
Takashi Washizu 
Bradford G. Wilks 
Sharon Kay Williams cum 

Christopher Marshall Wing 
L. Marques Worrell, Jr. 
Jerie M. Wright 
William Roy Yates 
Jason C. Zib 


Order of Exercises 

College of Mass Communication and Media Arts 
1:30 P.M., Saturday, May 15, 1999, Shryock Auditorium 

(Please stand for the Processional.) 


Pomp and Circumstance March No. 1, Sir Edward Elgar, Composer 
Mary Van Hoet-Miller, Organist 

Greetings and Introduction of the Platform Party 

Joe S. Foote, Dean, College of Mass Communication and Media Arts 

Presentation of Alumni Achievement Award by the College of Mass 
Communication and Media Arts on behalf of the SIU Alumni 


Marcia Bullard, Presenter, President, Chief Executive Officer and Editor of USA 
WEEKEND magazine, Arlington, Virginia 

F. Lwanyantika Masha (Class of '65, '70, '72, Journalism), Recipient, Secretary-General 
of Tanzania, Mwanza, Tanzania, Africa 

Introduction of Commencement Speaker 

Dean Joe S. Foote 

Commencement Address 

Marcia Bullard, President, Chief Executive Officer and Editor of USA WEEKEND 
magazine, Arlington, Virginia 

Presentation of the Distinguished Service Award 

Dean Joe S. Foote 

Jo Ann E. Argersinger, Chancellor, Southern Illinois University Carbondale 

Marcia Bullard (Class of '74, Journalism), Recipient 

Presentation of Posthumous Degrees 

Michael Murrie, Acting Chair, Department of Radio-Television 

Dean Joe S. Foote, Presenter 

Family of Alpa Suvagia, Recipients, for Alpa 

Family of Laura Graham, Recipients, for Laura 

Presentation of Candidates and Conferring of Degrees 

Dean Joe S. Foote 

Chancellor Jo Ann E. Argersinger 

Welcome to New Alumni 

F. Lwanyantika Masha 

Closing Remarks 

Chancellor Jo Ann E. Argersinger 
Dean Joe S. Foote 


Trumpet Voluntary in D Major, John Stanley, Composer 
Mary Van Hoet-Miller 

(Please remain in your seat until the Recessional is completed.) 


College of Mass 
Communication and 
Media Arts 

Joe Foote, Dean 

Lilly Boruszkowski, 


Dennis Ganahl, Marshal 

Ken Keller, Marshal 

Douglas Smart, Usher 

Jean Stawarz, Usher 

Michael Thurwanger, 


Jean Kelley, Reader 

Judith Rossiter, Reader 

Carol Westerman- Jones, 


Bachelor of Arts 

James David Alwood 
Romante Archer 
Daniel Clare Barker 
Byron Basler summa cum laude 
Michael James Beaumont 
Jason Paul Beckham 
Leigh Ann Bedokis 
Brett Ronald Bennett 
Anna Lisetta Bolek 
William D. Brandstatter 
Mike Brightly cum laude 
Christine Kay Brooks 
Alicia Lynn Bumpus 
Scott Martin Clemenson 
Jason Ian Cole 
Karen Linnea Cooper* 
Jeremy Lee Corray 
Reginald LaKeith Cosey 
John Patrick Costello 
Daniel Thomas DeBartolo 
Christopher Roy Dietz 
David D. Edgar 
Christopher Eugene Engler* 
Elizabeth Karel Feuer* 
Richard John Fiore 
Melissa Ann Fleming* 
Kevin Scott Forke 
Kelley Rashawn Foxx 
Thomas Joeseph Gajda 
Geoffrey Vernard Gilliams 
Suzanne Elizabeth Gollan cum 

Charity Elizabeth Goodman 
Laura Nicole Graham 
Andrew Brian Gray 

Keithin Anton Green 

Michael R.F. Greene cum laude 

Anne Helene Haug 

Bradly L. Henry 

Andrew Jack Herbon 

Patrick D. Hertel 

Sarah J. Hill 

Trevor Patrick Hoban 

Jennifer Dee Hogan 

Shin Ishiyama 

Brian C. Jack 

Gilwon Jeon 

Alisha Darlene Jobin 

Alphonso L. Johnson 

Steven Patrick Jones 

Ayako Kanda 

Charity Ann Kaner 

Jennifer Kristin Karre* 

Lisa Kenseth cum laude 

Christopher Robert Kepka 

Neil Dean Kissack 

Michael Thomas Knick 

Seth William Kozak 

Luiz F. Kumpel 

Hui-Min Lee 

Jason Everett Lettow 

Ian Lim 

Michail Loizidis 

Melissa Jo Lundberg 

Kent Paul Mallory 

Richard Martin Marincic 

Karra Linn McDonald 

Jay Scott McPherson 

Tiffany Nicole Merrell 

Shelley Ann Meyer 

Donte Rae Miller 

Jeffrey L. Miller 

Shumichi Miyashita 

Kenjiro Mori 

Ryan Douglas Muskopf 

Chad W. Mygrs 

Benjamin Scott Nemenoff 

Shawn Michael Newingham 

Sara F. Ober 

John Michael Palm, Jr. 

Daphne Marie Paras 

Nelson M. Perez cum laude 

JaysaErin Pfaff ** 

Spyros Andrea Plati 

Michael Joseph Plocinik 

Jon L. Prevett 

Gina Carmella Provenzale 

Adam Joseph Rak 

Timothy Paul Ramey 

Brian Andrew Rapp 

Allyson T. Ray 

Dean Michael Ray 

Amy Bernice Reathaford 

Erica Chantal Reeves 
Joshua Bryan Rodman 
Dennis Dwaine Rosenberger 
William M. Russell 
Kristen Marie Schici 
Eric Christopher Sluga 
Keith John Soya 
Michelle Otinia Stephens 
Ryan Howard Stevenson* 
Hay ley Elizabeth Stewart* 
Alpa P. Suvagia magna cum 

Brian Andrew Svec 
Mark Steven Swanson 
Cynthia Yvette Thomas 
Matthew Van Someren 
Jacob Thomas VanVooren 
Carolyn Christine Vyborny 
Ippei Watanabe cum laude 
Amy Elizabeth Wilhoit 
Eric Matthew Wilkinson 
Shari Lynn Williams 
Jennifer D. Windemuth 
Kenneth Michael Winke cum 

Monica Bridgette Woodard 
Matthew Boylan Woolley 
Andrew John Youssi 

Bachelor of Science 

Ahmad Ali Abu-asi 
Cornelia N. Annorh 
Stephanie Lovae Baer 
Shannon Marie Biby* 
Jennifer Lynn Camden cum 

Nicole Amanda Cashaw* 
Leon Eugene Devance 
Dana Marie Dubriwny 
Andrea Marie Dunican 
Krissi J. Geary magna cum 

Kelly Shannon Hake 
Mikal Jeanette Harris 
William L. Hatfield 
Tameka Lashan Hicks 
Stephanie Nicole Ingram 
Ryan Dale Keith magna cum 

Kwangok Kim 
Jannie Marie Kirby* 
Candice Dawn Kollar 
Linda A. Krutsinger 
Lisa Ann Maginel 
Santiago M. Martinez 
Mekisha Qiana Neal 


Anne Elizabeth Nickel magna Shandel D. Richardson Christopher Michael Tangora 

cum laude* Kelley Anne Rutherford Melissa Michelle Vaughn 

Ellen Ruge Northam Mary Elizabeth Rutkowski* Stephen Anthony Vitello 

Lori Marie Nowakowski Carrie Meredith Schwarz Dawn Nyree Ward 

Ryan M. Oester Timothy Dean Shawver Brandi Suzanne Watson magna 

Nancy Louise Oliveri Carolyn Jean Skaggs cum laude 

J.T. Pedelty III Signe Kathryn Skinion Eric Harold Wiecek 

Tara Marie Pieronek Joshua Edward Stechschulte* Jennifer Nicole Wolff* 

Thorrie Theresa Rainey Eric John Stein 


Order of Exercises 

College of Science 

8:30 A.M., Saturday, May 15, 1999, Shryock Auditorium 

(Please stand for the Processional.) 


Pomp and Circumstance March No. 1, Sir Edward Elgar, Composer 
Marianne Webb, Professor of Music and University Organist 

Greetings and Introductions of the Platform Party 

Jo Ann E. Argersinger, Chancellor, Southern Illinois University Carbondale 

William R. Norwood, Member, Board of Trustees, Southern Illinois University 

Jack Parker, Dean, College of Science 

William G. Dyer, Associate Dean for Instruction, College of Science 

Worthen N. Hunsaker, Associate Dean for Personnel and Budget, College of Science 

Du Wayne C. Englert, Director, Biological Sciences Program 

John B. Phillips, Chair, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry 

Medhi Zargham, Chair, Department of Computer Science 

Jay Zimmerman, Chair, Department of Geology 

Andrew Earnest, Chair, Department of Mathematics 

John Martinko, Chair, Department of Microbiology 

Rongjia Tao, Chair, Department of Physics 

Andrzej Bartke, Chair, Department of Physiology 

Donald Tindall, Chair, Department of Plant Biology 

William Muhlach, Chair, Department of Zoology 

Introduction of Alumni Achievement Award Recipient 

John Phillips 

Presentation of Alumni Achievement Award by the College of 

Science on behalf of the SIU Alumni Association 

Chancellor Jo Ann E. Argersinger 

Dean Jack Parker 

Joseph P. Hoppesch, Recipient, Vice President, Center for Physical and Chemical 

Sciences, Baxter Healthcare Corporation 

Commencement Address 

Joseph P. Hoppesch 

Presentation of Distinguished Service Award 

Chancellor Jo Ann E. Argersinger 

William R. Norwood 

Dean Jack Parker 

James W. Neckers, Recipient, Professor Emeritus, Chemistry 

Presentation of Candidates and Conferring of Baccalaureate Degrees 

Chancellor Jo Ann E. Argersinger 
Dean Jack Parker 

Alumni Welcome 

Robert McGlinn 


A Festive Recessional, Walter L. Pelz, Composer 
Marianne Webb 

(Please remain in your seat until the Recessional is completed.) 


College of Science 

Jack Parker, Dean 
Marvin Zeman, Marshal 
Bill Patula, Marshal 
Thorn Porter, Usher 
George Parker, Reader 

Bachelor of Arts 

Yetunde Akintan 
Stephen Thomas Albrecht 
Farrah Lynn Anderson cum 

Henry Anderson, Jr. 
Nikya Cora Andrus 
Paul Michael Angleton summa 

cum laude* 
Karma T. Ashley 
Michael Jeffrey Bergondy 
Robert Donald Berry 
Tammie Rae Beyerl cum laude 
Kimberly Collette Bina 
Philip Allen Boeckmann 
John S. Brennan 
Anthony Rex Brown 
Janet Lee Brown 
Britta Ann Bruns 
Byron Kent Bryant cum laude ** 
Derrick Lavell Burgess 
Elizabeth Suzanne Bush 
Carrie Ann Buss 
Neil William Camp 
Gabrial S. Casey 
Amanda Catherine Child summa 

cum laude* 
Eunmi Chong* 
Andrew Thomas Clark magna 

cum laude* 
Travis Adam Clark 
Wesley Alan Colebar 
Michael Troy Compardo summa 

cum laude* 
Shannon Victoria Conley cum 

Jaime Marie Coykendall 
Vincent Anthony D'Aguanno 
Emily Beth Davenport cum 

Aileen Marie Davis cum laude 
Heather Joy Donath 
Adam Joseph Dulle 
Beau Michael Elam 
Gretchen Leann Estel 
Mitsu Jane Fink* 
Karrie Renee Finn 
Alison Susanne Fleming 

Stephen Lee Gehlbach 
Seth A. Gladson 
Evening Rose Glaser cum 

Nancy Victoria Graves* 
John R. Gregoric, Jr. 
Zachariah Charles Greten 
Thomas W. Gunderson 
Shelley Renee Hallman magna 

cum laude* 
Cherie Bessie Hawkins 
Christopher John Heck 
Amy Jo Heine 
Garrard Carl Hendrix 
Hristo Nikolov Iordanov 
Paul Howard Jones 
Michael T. Kaminski 
Bryan Lee Kautz 
Shana Beth Kays 
Kristina Jo Kelch 
Joshua Steven Kern 
Scott Anthony King 
Tracey Lyn Kisly 
Christopher Quentin Klaska 
Alex A. Kotesky 
Yoko Koyanagi 
Daniel Douglas Lambert 
Julie A. Lampley magna cum 

Tara Marie Langheim 
Duane Richard Lawrence 
Antonio Salvatore Leone cum 

Benjamin Burns Mackey 
Amber Marie Malan 
Collin A. Masoner cum laude* 
Jaime Lee Mclnerney 
Ashly Lynnette Miller 
Robert Michael Milton summa 

cum laude 
Belinda Renee Moore 
Teresa J. Morrell* 
Amanda Dawn Morris 
Jason George Mueller 
Amanda Dee Mulch magna cum 

Makiko Muraki 
Christine Marie Murphy 
Corbett Elizabeth Neal 
Shuk-Shin Lillian Ng 
Sonia L. Nikolova cum laude* 
Jack Douglas Oxler 
Pedro Oyarbide Valencia* 
Lorraine Amanda Parkinson 

magna cum laude 
Jarrod LeRoy Pollock 
Nathanael David Pruett ** 
Nader Zane Rabie cum laude 

Lindsay Leigh Resmer magna 

cum laude 
Patrick Joseph Roach cum 

Bradley Robert Ross 
Bernard Eugene Ryan 
Suzanne Lynn Sauer 
Christina Louise Schmidt 
Chad Howard Schou 
Eugene William Schuster 
Chad Michael Sloman 
Denice Noel Smith cum laude* 
Laurel J. Temmen cum laude* 
Laura LeeAnn Tippit 
Mark Donald Tonn cum laude 
LeShawn Kyle Townsend 
Curt Patrick Trame 
Joseph W. Tyrcha 
Wendy Lee Uhls 
PaDou Vang 
Jason Douglas Vest 
Maria Elena Villarreal 
Joi Dyanne Walker 
Toi Jesay Walker 
Clinton Ira Walters 
Jeffery John Warren cum laude* 
Richard K. Weaver 
Danyel Renee Wernsing cum 

Justin Kyle Whitt magna cum 

Leslie Michelle Winemiller 
Marci Jill Woodfin 
Jami Marie Zimmerman cum 


Bachelor of Science 

Reyadh A.T. Ahmad 

Jason Christopher Allen summa 

cum laude* 
Syed Mohammed Ameeruddin 
David Alan Beals summa cum 

Christopher Eric Benham 
Ryan Keith Bennett 
Brian Robert Birrell 
Jennifer Rae Bowles* 
Benjamin James Braeutigam 
Amy Alison Brenner magna cum 

Jeffery Karl Brown 
Matthew Wade Brown 
Patricia Lee Brown* 
LaTessa Denice Bryant 
Jason A. Burgess* 
Stephen M. Burrell 
Laura Jean Cotter* 


Julie Michele Cremeens Keith 

Jennifer Ann Davis 

Joseph A. Dell'Aquila 

Xavier Pascual Diokno 

Mark W. Donoho 

Aaron Mitchell Fay 

Matthew D. Feist 

Carl Dwight Fever 

Scott Anthony Fuller 

Ann Marie Galassi 

Chad Michael Graham cum 

Terra Lea Gray 
Ivan Anthony Greene 
Camiella Gale Harris* 
Amy Elizabeth Heinrich cum 

David Brian Heinz 
Christopher W. Hickey summa 

cum laude 
Susanne Marie Hicks magna 

cum laude 
Kelly Lynn Hoffmann 
Samantha Jo Howerton 

Shu Ishizuki 
Jennifer Ellen Jordan 
Karyn Lyn Kasprzak 
Scott S. Katzberger 
Mary Beth Kaufman 
Dustin James Kemp 
Rebecca Sue King* 
Robert Kurczewski 
Rachelle Janene Labbe 
Cynthia Ann Lee 
Binh Loi cum laude 
Jill Elaine Lozmack 
Stanley Thomas McTaggart 
Anthony Rudolph Mehok, Jr. 
Debra Jean Middleton 
Jeffrey L. Miller 
Anna Lynn Moore cum laude 
Royce Timothy Mulholland 
Bruce W. Neill, Jr. 
Padraic Owen Newport 
Elisabeth Marie Neyhart 
Robyn Marie Obert magna cum 

Ryan Anthony Oster cum laude 

Tiffany Lea Pawluk 

Samuel J. Phillippe 

Amy Lynn Phillips 

Valerie Powe 

Diana Jean Raper 

Paul B. Sandrock 

Elizabeth Ann Scaglione summa 

cum laude* 
Jennifer Erin Shaban 
Tonya Sue Shelton 
Pamela Gail Simon 
Keith Wayne Smith cum laude 
Milton Phillips Smith III 
Dongjin Son 

Christina Louise Sydlowski 
Joyce Ann Vandeveer* 
Dana Marie Varble summa cum 

Dustin Voss 
Bryant Pete Wade 
Carie Marie Wingert 


Faculty/Staff Service Awards 1998-1999 

Forty Years of Service 

Billy Gene Dixon 

Thirty Five Years of 

Loren D. Cocking 
Francis John Kelly 
Donald Leroy Perry 
Nancy Braun Pfaff 
Jerry D. Raney 
John Y. Simon 

Thirty Years of Service 

Larry J. Bailey 
Douglas Bedient 
Terence D. Buck 
Peter J. Carroll 
Darrell D. Clendenin 
John W. Deichmann 
W. Marcella Dillow 
William Gerald Dyer 
Mary R. Fal aster 
Bernard Gantenbein 
James W. Gentile 
Garth Jackson Gillan 
David Allen Gilmore 
Paul Henry 

Worthen N. Hunsaker 
John S. Jackson HI 
Lawrence James 
Richard J. Kalina 
Robert O. Kolkmeyer 
Dennis J. Laake 
Thomas E. McGinnis 
John E. McPherson, Jr. 
Warren Lee Meinhardt 
Marion B. Owen 
Jerry W. Parks 
Richard F. Peterson 
Josephine Beckwith Pharis 
John A. Richardson 
Virginia B. Rinella 
Frank C. Sanders, Jr. 
Ronald R. Schmeck 
Benjamin Arthur Shepherd 
Andrew Smith, Jr. 
Raymond Stotler 
Bernie L. Weithorn 
Teresa A. White 

Twenty Five Years of 

Lenna Jean Allen 
William Bruce Ashby 
Rose L. Bender 
Janice Mae Bilyeu 
Beverly M. Brown 
John Henry Burde III 
Barbara Ann Carney 
Patricia B. Covington 
Ronald E. Cremeens 
Donna Rae Curtis 
Evelyn J. Cutrell 
Stephen A. Daron 
Dolores W. Ellis 
Osbin L. Ervin 
Kenneth R. Forby 
Donald W. Garner 
Nancy S. Gillespie 
Randy Glisson 
Alice J. Hees 

Robert William Henderson 
Janice Schoen Henry 
Fred Hickem 
Ronald G. Hubbs 
Darryl R. Huppert 
Cathie Ann Hutcheson 
Evelyn W. Jackson 
Bruce N. Jacobson 
Ann H. Karmos 
Norman L. Lach 
Richard L. Lanigan, Jr. 
Dennis W. Leitner 
Jerry L. Looft 
Catherine A. Mabus 
Sandra J. Mason 
Terry M. Mason 
Dorothy Lynn McCombs 
Robert J. McGlinn 
John A. McKillip 
Patricia Ann McNeil 
Jack Randall Nawrot 
Thelma Lee Okafor 
Marianne Osberg 
Jean Paratore 
Bernice M. Prather 
Annie L. Pullen 
Wilma Ellen A. Reese 
Ronald D. Sims 
Paul M. Sutliff 

David R. Wade 
Larry B. Wade 
David L. Wilson 
Karen S. Zelten 

Twenty Years of Service 

Deloise Adams 
Rachael W. Barlett 
Joyce A. Basler 
John M. Batson 
Donald P. Beattie 
Jerry P. Becker 
Linda L. Benz 
Linz C. Brown 
Kenneth C. Carr 
Marion Virginia Cathey 
Mei-Hui Lee Chong 
She-Kong Chong 
Vernon J. Cornell 
Tom L. Counce 
Martha Joyce Craven 
Pamela J. Crawshaw 
Blossom Duncan 
Linda Dysart 
Patricia Sue Eckert 
Rosemary M. Farr 
Vera Ruth Felts 
Cynthia L. A. Filla 
Toni Flagg 
Susan M. Ford 
Lois Ann Gibbons 
Richard L. Grabowski 
Brandon F. Greene 
Leslie W. Grubbe 
Anita W. Hagen 
Richard W. Hall 
Gary Dale Hartline 
Karen S. Hayes 
Denny Maurice Hays 
Roger William Hines 
Jack D. Holderfield 
Norman G. Horwitz 
Lorilee C. Huffman 
Linda S. Hunter 
Antoinette Huppert 
Frances Elizabeth James 
Anne Kelso Johnson 
Mamie C. Kelly 
Gary Peter Kolb 
Donna L. Kunce 


Karin W. Lanchester 
Barbara Ann Lemons 
Sharon L. Leonard 
Dale A. Lipe 
Rose Mae Mack 
Michael T. Madigan 
Michael E. Marten 
Janice D. Mayo 
Joan H. Meinhardt 
Daniel Mellado, Jr. 
Albert P. Melone 
Michael A. Mibb 
Cynthia L. Miller 
William C. Milton 
Roger J. Missavage 
Ann J. Morey 
Michael David Morris 
Richard W. Oakey 
Stephen G. Ober 
James Patrick Orr 
Linda Leah Patrick 
Carol Phemister 
Ronald C. Reeder 
Fred W. Reneau 
Theodore F. Riggar 
Hugh Stanley Robbins 
Henry J. Romersa 
Jacqueline D. Scolari 
K. S. Sitaram 
Lisa D. Skiersch 
Douglas C. Smith 
Sharlet Rose Smith 
M. Stalls 
Harry M. Stearns 
Christine L. Svec 
Sharon Terry 
Edward B. Thompson 
Diane Roseman Tipton 
John M. Tweedy 
Deborah Ann Ward 
Maribeth Weaver 
Carole Jean Wexstten 
Carla Sue Williams 
Ava Jo Wills 
John Robert Winings 
Alan Woolf 
Marvin Zeman 

Fifteen Years of Service 

David R. Allabastro 
Richard Arbeiter 
Gary F. Austin 
Robert Lee Baker 
Nancy Lee Bandy 
Andrzej Bartke 
Roger J. Beck 
Gary S. Beer 
Bruce Benton 

Kimberly Bernardoni 
Richard W. Best 
Carol Jean Boucher 
Pamela A. Britton 
Gordon Carl Bruner II 
Jeanine Bulliner-Ross 
William S. Capie 
Laura Leigh Cates 
Harvey J. Chaloupka 
Jacquelyn Ann Chapman 
Karen Lee Cochran 
Kerry P. Cole 
Norma Jean Colyer 
Morris Hyland Connley 
William O. Cook 
Susan Kaye Coriasco 
John D. Cotter 
Patricia M. Dalton 
Maryanne H. Dalzell 
Morteza Daneshdoost 
Richard Davis 
Shirshak K. Dhali 
Jarlen Don 
Sherleta Dreux 
Shelia *May Echols 
Lawrence Erickson 
Lisa A. Falaster 
Cheryl Farabaugh-Dorkins 
George Feldhamer 
Maria Frankowska 
Deborah Ann Frey 
James Lynn Fricke 
Mary Stewart Garrick 
Charles D. Gibson 
Pamela Joan Gilley 
Ramesh Gupta 
Randall L. Hahn 
Kim Scott Harris 
John Wayne Hicks 
Shyann Hine 
Edwin J. Hippo 
Earl D. Hodges 
Jeff W. Holder 
William W. Huggett 
Anita Hutton 
Carolyn S. Ihle 
Manoranji Jeyaratnam 
Deirdre Jan Johnson 
Rodney Glenn Jones 
Kenneth R. Keller 
Jeannie Killian 
Deborah Kohlenberger 
John Andrew Koropchak 
Steven L. Kraus 
Ronald F. Krausz 
Alan Leroy Lasley 
Kathie A. Lorentz 
Vivak Mohan Malhotra 

Olise M. Mandat 
Judith M. Marshall 
Richard P. McClure 
Ivan Meador 
Janet Meadows 
Sharon K. Mendenhall 
John V. Mochnick 
Salah-Eldin A. Mohammed 
Carolyn Jean Montgomery 
Eva D. Murray 
Jack R. Musgrave 
Deanna Lynn Naumann 
Edward G. Neuman 
Emil Ray Nolan 
Linda Kay Odle 
Richard T. Parrish 
Charles A. Parrott 
Sandra F. Partridge 
Brent David Patton 
Stanley M. Pearson II 
Dorothy Perea 
Vicki Lynn Peyton 
Louis S. Pike 
Sandra N. Pincek 
Kathleen Plesko 
Christy J. Poggas 
Jerry R. Porter 
Farzad Pourboghrat 
Cheryl Ann Presley 
Jyotika Ramaprasad 
Pamela Kaye Reed 
Cathy L. Sanders 
Donna J. Sanders 
William A. Schroeder 
Robert J. Sheehan 
Robert Lee Simpson 
James M. Skiersch 
Vera L. Slankard 
Lynn C. Smith 
R. Keith Snavely 
Marek L. Szary 
Cynthia Lee Taylor 
Iray Tisdale 

Elizabeth Ann Tregoning 
Donna Faye Vance 
Lucinda Vinson 
Jeanine F. Wagner 
Mary J. Wallace 
Daryl L. Waller 
Cheryl D. Walton 
Bonnie L. Wilkerson 
Anthony John Williams 
Lynette Carol Wolff 
David Worthington 
Lynette R. Wright 
Maurice A. Wright 
Shing-Chung Yen 
Patricia A. Yewell 


Ten Years of Service 

Twyla D. Adkisson-Peak 
Jeffrey Leon Agne 
Cynthia Sue Alexander 
Beth Alongi 
Max A. Baier 
Clora Mae Baker 
Steven E. Banker 
Peggy Ann Barnes 
Thomas Harold Beebe 
Betty Lanice Black 
Doria M. Blackmon 
David E. Blakesley 
Billie D. Bowden 
Cheryl L. Broadie 
Ronald C. Brooks 
Janice Marie Brown 
Catherine Ann Bunselmeyer 
Susan P. Burke 
James Allen Campbell 
Kathryn Joyce Can- 
Mark A. Carwyle 
Maria C. Casapini 
Rebecca Elaine Cerven 
Jiang-Hsing Chu 
Dwain Cocke 
Catherine A. Coffman 
Donna Joyce Colwell 
Deborah L. Cordts 
Patricia A. Cosgrove 
Darla Cotton 
Joyce M. Cottonaro 
Scott R. Cralley 
Lisa G. David 
Wallace N. Davidson III 
Marta A. Davis 
Donna Louise Dial 
Kenneth L. Diesburg 
Brad Dillard 

Stephanie M. C. Dollinger 
Daniel E. Dusch 
Jolanta Ann Dziegielewska 
Ola Mary Enyart 
William C. Everly, Jr. 
Kambiz Farhang 
Christina C. Fark 
Marilyn S. Farthing 
E. Arthur Frailey 
Bruce W. Francis 
Larry Wesley Gardner 
Hilarie D. Gates 

Nader Ghafoori 
Phillip J. Glenn 
Joseph R. Graziano 
Karen Elizabeth Green 
Donald W. Gribbin 
Janice Darlene Griffith 
Herbert Jesse Hale 
John A. Hamman 
Jackie L. Hammer 
Frances J. Harackiewicz 
Michael F. Heath 
Harvey Henson, Jr. 
William Herring 
Larry Joe Hill 
Ken K. Ho 
Wen-Chi Hou 
Harry Randolph Hughes 
Michael L. Jarvis 
Robert L. Jones 
Brian J. Kearney 
Cynthia Kessler-Criswell 
Sherri Killion 
Jacquelyn King 
Mark J. Kittleson 
Richard Arthur Kuenneke 
Melinda Lagarce 
Lenore Langsdorf 
Raymond C. Lenzi 
Marilyn V. Lingle 
Sharon Sue Lipe 
Randall J. Lubbert 
Sherri M. Lukes 
Larry J. Magnotti 
Marjorie J. Malkin 
Julie Kay McDannel 
Claudia J. Mclntyre 
John S. Mead 
Arlyn J. Melcher 
Darryl Ray Mestel 
Brenda Joyce Morse 
Marie Antoinette Moyers 
Donald Dean Mullison 
Gaila J. Neathery 
James John Novelli 
Crystal Renee Null 
Robert L. Oetjen 
Richard A. Palmer 
Elbert Tim Penn 
Connie Jo Perschbacher 
Liming Poppen 
Mary Michele Rafferty 

Mary Angela Randolph 
Peter Rask III 
Conrad John Ratajczyk 
John G. Reimbold 
Anita R. Riedinger 
Rodger Riley 
Betty Rodgers 
Dee Rotolo 
Violet P. Russell 
Maryam B. Sanjabi 
Steven Jay Schmitt 
Mark Alan Scott 
Gary Kevin Shepherd 
Emma Katherine Smith 
Tambrala Jo Smith 
Diana L. St. Cin 
Louise Stearns 
Richard W. Steudel 
William Charles Stevens 
Brenda Jo Sullivan 
Kelly Thomas 
William P. Thorpe 
Mary Judith Tippy 
Harold G. Tucker 
Virginia H. Turnage 
Denise Adair Vance 
Dana J. Vinyard 
Kendall M. Wachter 
Raymond Francis Wacker 
Gregory Clinton Walker 
Alan James Weston 
Carl E. White 
Lyle James White 
Rhys Howard Williams 
Verlie D. Willis 
Mona E. Wilson 
Monica A. Wilson 
Marian L. Woodside 
Jane Evelyn Workman 
Andrew L. Wydeck 
Nillofur K. Zobairi 

Outstanding Teacher 

Mary Hinchliff Pelias, 
Associate Professor, 
College of Liberal Arts, 
Speech Communication 


Air Force and Army Reserve Officer Training Corps 

Listed below are those candidates who, subject to completion of all degree requirements, 
are being commissioned Second Lieutenants at ceremonies being held. 

Air Force Reserve Officers Training Corps 

4:00 P.M., Saturday, May 15, 1999 

Jessica L. Buck 
Katherine E. Burkhead 
Karen L. Cooper 
Ryan P. Eastwood 
Daniel L. Hatchel 
Peter J. Horine 
Christopher A. Johnson 
Rebecca S. King 
Frank J. Klimas 
Mathew C. Lowrey 
Rex W. Lutz 
Patrick M. Merriman 
Bryant P. Wade 
Matthew T. Waggoner 

Army Reserve Officers Training Corps 

7:00 P.M., Saturday, May 15, 1999 

Rolf F.Baker 
Eric D. Charles 
Christopher J. Heck 
William C. Heine 
Seth W. Kozak 
Brian G. Wood 


Academic Regalia 

The academic regalia, consisting of cap, gown, and hood, originated about the twelfth 
century and was worn primarily for warmth. Later, the material of the gown and lining 
and shape of the hood represented the economic and social as well as the academic status 
of the wearer. 

In 1895, a commission of American educators established an inter-collegiate code for the 
academic regalia. This code, revised in 1932 and again in 1960, provides a 
comprehensive system of academic regalia for American colleges and universities. While 
the code specifies black gowns, foreign universities and a growing number of American 
universities have gowns of various colors. 

There are three types of gowns and hoods — the bachelor's, master's, and doctor's. The 
bachelor's gown is untrimmed and has a closed front and long pointed sleeves. Women 
may wear a white collar with the bachelor's gown when no hood is worn. The master's 
gown is untrimmed, may be worn open or closed, and has extremely long, closed sleeves 
with an opening at the wrist. The end of the sleeves are square with an arc extending 
from the wrist opening to the square end. The doctor's gown may be worn open or closed 
and has round, bell-shaped sleeves. There are wide velvet borders down the front and 
three velvet bars on each sleeve; the borders and bars may be black or the color of the 
discipline of the degree. 

The hood for each degree has a distinctive form. The bachelor's hood is three feet in 
length and has a narrow velvet edging with little of the lining exposed. The master's 
hood is three and one-half feet in length with wider velvet edging and more of the lining 
exposed. The doctor's hood is four feet in length with the widest velvet edging and full 
exposure of the lining. Hoods are lined with the color(s) of the college or university 
conferring the degree. The color of the velvet edging identifies the discipline of the 

The black mortarboard cap is standard in the United States, although soft tarns are worn 
at some universities. Tassels are usually black, except when no hood is worn, in which 
case the color of the tassel represents the field of study. Doctor's caps may have gold 
tassels. Upon conferral of the degree the tassel is worn on the left of the cap. Caps are 
considered part of the academic regalia and are customarily removed only during prayer, 
oath, or pledge, and then by men only. 


Colors of Tassels and Hoods 

In the United States the hood is edged with the color of the field of study and lined with 

the colors of the university conferring the degree. Southern Illinois University 

Carbondale's hoods are lined in maroon with a white chevron. Tassel and/or velvet hood 

colors, representing the fields of study, worn by students and faculty in the academic 

processional are: 

Agriculture, Maize 

Applied Sciences and Arts, Orange 

Arts, Letters and the Humanities, White 

Business and Administration, Drab 

Education, Light Blue 

Engineering, Orange 

Fine Arts, White 

Law, Purple 

Liberal Arts, White 

Mass Communication and Media Arts, Blue 

Music, Pink 

Philosophy, Dark Blue 

Public Administration, Peacock Blue 

Science, Golden Yellow 

Social Work, Citron Yellow 

Commencement Committee 1998-99 

Jackie King, Chair 

Brian Atchison 

Danae Delgado 

David Rush 

Diane Taub 

Jan Waggoner 

Walker Allen, Ex-Officio 

Published by the Office of Admissions and Records, Southern Illinois University Carbondale. Printed by Phillips Brothers 
Printers, Springfield, Illinois. 9905 18 M 5/99 


The SIU Alumni Association 

The SIU Alumni Association is a worldwide organization dedicated to promoting 
Southern Illinois University, its students and alumni. The mission of the SIU Alumni 
Association is simple: To reveal to the world the excellence of Southern Illinois 
University at Carbondale. The bond between you and your University lasts a life time, 
and the success of alumni and the institution can be enhanced when both take part in the 

Founded in 1896, the SIU Alumni Association now serves over 175,000 alumni 
worldwide by publishing the quarterly magazine, Southern Alumni, and sponsoring 
alumni chapters, reunions, Homecoming and many other activities. 
Benefits you can receive with membership: 
Southern Alumni magazine (quarterly) 
Social and career networking opportunities through chapter and metro outreach programs 

and activities 
SIU Alumni Association decal 

Enjoy all of the benefits listed below. Services for which members are eligible: 

Help in locating SIU Friends 

Insurance Benefits at Group Rates Call 1-800-922-1245 for information 

Members' Long Distance Advantage Call 1-800-435-6832 for information 

SIU VISA Card (no annual fee) Call 1-800-FIRST USA for information 

Contact the Alumni Association to receive a membership application, and to tell them 

your news for consideration in the Southern Alumni magazine. 



SIU Alumni Association SIU Alumni Association 

Colyer Hall Mailcode 6809 Student Center 

Carbondale, IL 6290 1 -6809 Southern Illinois University 

(618)453-2408 Carbondale, IL 62901-6809 

Chicago Office: Phone (630) 574-7774 Ext. 2 
SIU Alumni Association 
100 Jorie Suite 351 
Oak Brook, IL 60521 




$M J J j 








Al - ma 

Ma - ter 

South - ern to 









Strong- thru the 

years you stand tri 



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g-uide us 


ver life's 







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nev - er 

-£ *- 

fail us 

Hail, hail to 






Copyri/rht 1957 by Board of Trustees, Southern Illinois University