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Southern Illinois University 


December 16, 2000 

Digitized by the Internet Archive 

in 2012 with funding from 

CARLI: Consortium of Academic and Research Libraries in Illinois 


December 16, 2000 

The commencement ceremony is an important occasion not only for you but for 
other graduates, families, and friends. Although it is a happy time, it should not 
be a time of revelry. Your conduct at the ceremony should be dignified. Alcoholic 
beverages may not be brought into the SIU Arena either by degree candidates or 
guests. Security personnel will be on hand to deal with alcohol or other 
distracting objects. 

Professional photographers will be taking two photographs of each graduate as 
he or she crosses the stage. Each graduate will receive a proof print of each of 
those shots at no charge, and will have the opportunity to purchase additional 
copies or various photograph packages at a reasonable cost. 

Southern Illinois University Carbondale 

When its doors were first opened in 1874, Southern Illinois University Car- 
bondale was a place where teachers and scholars believed that their graduates 
should be prepared to make useful contributions to the health and strength of so- 
ciety. This is still our intention. Outstanding departments, dedicated faculty, 
thorough and often inspired instruction, and a thoughtful blending of old 
wisdom with new knowledge have become the hallmarks of the University. 

Because this is true, we can point with pride to our alumni, many of whom are 
distinguished scholars, business leaders, artists, and public servants, and many 
more of whom are essential to organizations and communities throughout the 

Knowing that classroom learning is only one facet of education, we help stu- 
dents learn to play through intramural sports, training in crafts, outdoor activi- 
ties for individuals and groups, a variety of musical organizations; learn to help 
themselves through wellness education, physical fitness training, and counseling; 
learn to help others through fraternal, community service, political, and volun- 
teer groups; learn to see and know their surroundings through hands-on projects, 
field trips, lectures, and excursions of their own. 

In encouraging students to explore the avenues and byways of knowledge and 
experience, our aim is to expand their view of the world in such a way that, while 
they focus on the particulars of their careers, they will be able to see their lives 
and their work in the broad context of the communities and the world. 

Board of Trustees 


A. D. Van Meter, Jr., Chair 
Molly D'Esposito, Vice-Chair 
John Brewster 
Gene Callahan 
William R. Norwood 
Harris Rowe 

Jason Holzum, Student Trustee 
Ben Syfert, Student Trustee 

Home Town 









Term Expiration 


James E. Walker, President 
Southern Illinois University 

John S. Jackson III, Interim Chancellor 
Southern Illinois University Carbondale 




Southern Illinois University Carbondale iii 

Board of Trustees iii 

Contents v 

Schedule of Commencement Ceremonies viii 

Saturday, 9:30 a.m., SIU Arena viii 

Saturday, 1:30 p.m., SIU Arena viii 

Candidates for Degrees 1 

University Academic Honors 1 

Order of Exercises Graduate School, School of Law, College of Liberal Arts, College of Mass 
Communication and Media Arts, College of Science 2 

Graduate School 3 

Doctor of Philosophy 3 

Doctor of Rehabilitation 4 

Master of Accountancy 5 

Master of Arts 5 

Master of Business Administration 5 

Master of Fine Arts 6 

Master of Music 6 

Master of Public Administration 6 

Master of Science 6 

Master of Science in Education 8 

School of Law 10 

Juris Doctor 10 

College of Liberal Arts 11 

Bachelor of Arts 11 

Bachelor of Fine Arts 12 

Bachelor of Music 12 

Bachelor of Science 12 

College of Mass Communication and Media Arts 14 

Bachelor of Arts 14 

Bachelor of Science 14 

College of Science 15 

Bachelor of Arts 15 

Bachelor of Science 15 

Order of Exercises College of Agriculture, College of Applied Sciences and Arts, College of 
Business and Administration, College of Education, College of Engineering 16 

College of Agriculture 17 

Bachelor of Science 17 

College of Applied Sciences and Arts 18 

Bachelor of Science 18 

Associate in Applied Science 21 

College of Business and Administration 22 

Bachelor of Science 22 

College of Education 24 

Bachelor of Science 24 

College of Engineering 29 

Bachelor of Science 29 

Academic Regalia 31 

Colors of Tassels and Hoods 32 

Commencement Committee 2000-2001 32 

The SIU Alumni Association 34 

Southern Alma Mater 35 


Schedule of Commencement Ceremonies 

Saturday, December 16, 2000 

Saturday, 9:30 A.M., SIU Arena 

Graduate School 

School of Law 

College of Liberal Arts 

College of Mass Communication and Media Arts 

College of Science 

Saturday, 1:30 P.M., SIU Arena 

College of Agriculture 

College of Applied Sciences and Arts 

College of Business and Administration 

College of Education 

College of Engineering 



Candidates for Degrees 

The following lists contain the names of candidates for degrees, the granting of 
which is contingent upon successful completion of all requirements for the 

An asterisk (*) to the right of the name indicates membership in the University 
Honors program (undergraduate students only). 

A double asterisk (**) to the right of the name indicates the person is a 
candidate for multiple degrees. 

University Academic Honors listed to the right of the name are as follows for 
undergraduate students: 
cum laude 3.500-3.749 
magna cum laude 3.750-3.899 
summa cum laude 3.900-4.000 
The grade point averages above apply firstly to all work taken at Southern 
Illinois University Carbondale and in the case of transfer students then to the 
total work as an additional, but secondary qualification. 

Order of Exercises 

Graduate School, School of Law, College of Liberal Arts, 

College of Mass Communication and Media Arts, College of Science 

9:30 A.M., Saturday, December 16, 2000, SIU Arena 

(Please stand for the Processional) 


Pomp and Circumstance March No. 1, Sir Edward Elgar, Composer 
Marianne Webb, Professor of Music and University Organist 

Greetings and Introduction of Platform Party 

John S. Jackson III, Interim Chancellor 

Presentation of Candidates and Conferring of Graduate School Degrees 

John A. Koropchak, Interim Dean, Graduate School 
John S. Jackson III, Interim Chancellor 

Presentation of Candidates and Conferring of Juris Doctor Degrees 

Thomas F. Guernsey, Dean, School of Law 
John S. Jackson III, Interim Chancellor 

Presentation of Candidates and Conferring of Baccalaureate Degrees 

John S. Jackson III, Interim Chancellor 

Margaret Winters, Interim Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs 

Shirley Clay Scott, Dean, College of Liberal Arts 

Jyotika Ramaprasad, Interim Dean, College of Mass Communication and 

Media Arts 
Jack Parker, Dean, College of Science 

Welcome from the Alumni Association 

Doris Rottschalk, SIU Alumni Association 

Closing Remarks 

John S. Jackson III, Interim Chancellor 

Alma Mater 

Southern Alma Mater, Clarke Morgan, Composer 


Trumpet Tune (from Suite in D), Charles Callahan, Composer 
Marianne Webb 

Faculty Marshals 

Gary Kolb, Grand Marshal, Graduate Faculty Representative, Professor, 

Cinema and Photography 
Gerald Stone, Faculty Marshal, Professor, School of Journalism 
Jan Peterson Roddy, Faculty Marshal, Associate Professor, Cinema and 


(Please remain in your seat until the Recessional is completed.) 


Graduate School 

John A. Koropchak, Interim Dean 
David L. Wilson, Marshal 
Prudence M. Rice, Marshal 
John Mead, Marshal 
Pam Durso, Usher 
Barbara Meier, Usher 
Nancy Vorhees, Usher 

Doctor of Philosophy 

Jamil Ahmad Abdo 

Engineering Science, Dr. Kambiz Farhang 

Contact Characteristics and Their Contribution to 
Dynamic Instability of Mechanical Systems with 

Paul Jayaprakash Ambrose 

Business Administration, Dr. Arkalgud 

Ramaprasad, Dr. Arun Rai 

Electronic Information Intermediation and 
Knozvledge Intensive Work Processes: An 
Exploratory Study in tlie Clinical Decision-Making 

Daniel E. Braswell 

Business Administration, Dr. Richard A. Rivers 

Readability of Financial Statement Footnote 
Disclosures: A Multidimensional Investigation and 

Vincent Carilli, Jr. 

Education-Educational Administration, Dr. 

Marybelle C. Keim 

Student Satisfaction at Soutliern Illinois 
University Carbondale 

Sarah J. Diel-Hunt 

Political Science, Dr. William S. Turley 

The Paradox of Confidence- and Security- 
Building Measures: Is Peace a Prerequisite for 
Peace ? 

David A. Elam 

Psychology, Dr. Brenda O. Gilbert 

An Exploration oftfie Relationship Between 
Spirituality and Emotional Well-Being 

Patricia Ann Gott 
English, Dr. Richard F. Peterson 
Jean Rhys and the Feminine Masks of Betrayal 

Danny J. Gustafson 

Plant Biology, Dr. David J. Gibson, Dr. Daniel 

L. Nickrent 

Genetic and Competition Studies of Andropogon 
Gerardii, Sorghastrum Nutans, and Dalea Purpurea 
from Remnant and Restored Tallgrass Prairies 

Cynthia Bond Hopson 
Journalism, Dr. Dennis T. Lowry 

"Times of Challenge and Controversy," Voter 
Registration in Haywood County, Tennessee, 1960- 
1961: Content Analysis of Local, Regional and 
National Newspaper Coverage 

Teddi Anne Joyce 

Speech Communication, Dr. Mary Lou 


Perceptions of Departmental Chairs and College 
and University Administrators Toward Issues and 
Activities of Shared Governance 

Myungae Lee 

Engineering Science, Dr. Dale E. Wittmer, Dr. 

Aldo D. Migone 

Residual Stresses in Particle-Reinforced Ceramic 
Composites Using Conventional X-ray and 
Synchrotron Radiation Source 

Donna L. Manering 

Education-Educational Administration, Dr. 
Randy J. Dunn 

Professional Development Schools: A Pilot Project 
Involving Teaching Fellows and Inservice Teachers 

Bradford Scott McCrary 
Chemistry, Dr. John W. Shriver 
Hyperthermophile Protein Folding Thermodynamics 

Patricia A. Orr 

Education Workforce Education and 

Development, Dr. Clora Mae Baker 

A Case Study: Performance Evaluation as a 
Cultural Change Tool 

Jennifer Soo Pugh 

Psychology, Dr. David L. DiLalla 

Help Seeking and Personality among College 

Krisrina Ohrtman Setzekorn 

Business Administration, Dr. Arlyn Melcher, 

Dr. Arun Rai 

IT Value: Contextual Effects of Business 
Complexity and Coordination Strategy 

Rhonda Kay Shook 

Speech Communication, Dr. David A. Rush 

All I Really Need to Know I Learned from a Drag 
Queen: A Matrix for Subversive Comedy 

Chang Soo Sohn 

Business Administration, Dr. Suresh K. 


Customer Evaluation of Internet-Based Service 
Quality and Intention to Re-Use Internet-Based 

Nita Tewari 

Psychology, Dr. Barbara J. Yanico 

Asian Indian American Clients Presenting at a 
University Counseling Center: An Exploration of 
Their Concerns and a Comparison to Other Groups 

Philip Carl Thompson 
Philosophy, Dr. Kenneth W. Stikkers 
Freedom, Affectivity, and Moral Value 

David A. Vance 

Business Administration, Dr. Arlyn J. Melcher 

Effects of Corporate Information Privacy Policy on 
Employment Opportunity Attractiveness 

Michelle Wilkes-Carilli 

Speech Communication, Dr. Mary Lou 


Student Motivation: An Assessment ofWIiat 
Motivates Today's College Students in the 

Roman Man-Chung Wong 

Business Administration, Dr. Arkalgud 


Towards a Component-Based Approach to 
Softxvare Engineering for Knowledge Intensive 
Systems: Applying tlie Task-Structure Approach to 
Develop a Knowledge-Based System for tlie 
Inlierent Risk Assessment Audit Task 

Doctor of Rehabilitation 

Wesley Scott Forbes 
Rehabilitation, Dr. Roger L. Poppen 

Cyber BRT: Relaxation for Computer Induced 

Siphan Sisakun 

Rehabilitation, Dr. Anthony Cuvo 

Detecting Vocal Fatigue in Student Singers Using 
Acoustic Measures of Mean Fundamental 
Frequency, Jitter, Shimmer, and Harmonics-To- 
Noise Ratio 

Xiaohua Zhang 

Chemistry, Dr. John A. Koropchak 

Speciation of Chromium Oxidation States Using 
Thermospray: Mechanisms and Applications to 

Master of Accountancy 

Alexis Tara DeWeese 

Cheol-Whan Kim 

Timothy Michael Raycraft 

Master of Arts 

Asma Eisa Aleisa 

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages 
Leiellen Michelle Atz 

Yuqiu Cheng 

Dana Leigh Cunningham 

Roger W. Ehler 

Administration of Justice 
Michelle Renee Ellefson 

Michael William Emerick 

Cynthia Joan Gandolfo 

Toioufik Houmadi 

Teaching English to Speakers ofOtlier Languages 

and Foreign Languages and Literatures 
Angela Aragon Jockers 

Sachiko Kanamaru 

Teaching English to Speakers ofOtlier Languages 
Jay Bradley Larson 

Jennifer M. Lesner 

Teaching English to Speakers ofOtlier Languages 
Jeanene Hitch Letcher 

Su-Ling Liao 

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages 
Elliot Lawrence Maker 

Mass Communication and Media Arts and 

Curriadum and Instruction 
Liliana Nicorescu 

Foreign Languages and Literatures 
Matthew John Olsen 

Angela Kay Palmer 

Trinka Pape 

Administration of Justice 
Delmy Xiomara Peraza 


Lindsay Stapleton Robertson 

Administration of Justice 
Wiliam Noe Rodriguez 

Teaching English to Speakers ofOtlier Languages 

and Curriadum and Instruction 
Yumiko Sagiri 

Administration of Justice 
Jung Hee Song 

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages 
Hideki Tanaka 

Administration of Justice 
Stephanie Uline Utley 

Courtney Ann Wind 

Latanya Renee Yarbrough 

Administration of Justice 

Master of Business Administration 

Jessica Lynn Alexander 

Business Administration 
Mohamad AH Mohamad Farouk Bazerbachi 

Business Administration 
Gregory W. Bouhl 

Business Administration 
Henry Kam Ling Cheung 

Business Administration 
Kylee Marie Curd 

Business Administration 
Sheree Shantel DuBose 

Business Administration 
Connie Pui Sim Hsu 

Business Administration 
Johnna Michelle Killmaster 

Business Administration 
Jing Lee 

Business Administration 
Sergio A.M. Leite 

Business Administration 
Hin Y. Leung 

Business Administration 
Rocky Kwunwah Li 

Business Administration 
Jenny Wai Sze Ling 

Business Administration 
Wai Ching Shirley Luk 

Business Administration 
Phillip Joseph McCarthy 

Business Administration 
Makala J. Munday 

Business Administration 
Fagueye Ndiaye 

Business Adtmnistration 
Wan Sze Sandra Ng 
Business Administration 

Luis Felipe Pineros 

Business Administration 
William Tirrell Robinson 

Business Administration 
Kevin King Hang She 

Business Administration 
Perry Ka Keung Sit 

Business Administration 
Brandon E. Swarms 

Business Administration 
Jane Elise Swoboda 

Business Administration 
Freddie Edward Taylor 

Business Administration 
Mike Li-Ter Tien 

Business Administration 
Mary J. Wallace 

Business Administration 
Audrey Sue Wah Wong 

Business Administration 
Yuk Lun Wong 

Business Administration 
Zuoyi Wu 

Business Administration 
Noriaki Yamaguchi 

Business Administration 
Wai Pei Yau 

Business Administration 
Tung Fat Yeung 

Business Administration 
Ian Young 

Business Administration 
Jacquelyn Hongshen Yu 

Business Administration 

Master of Fine Arts 

Joseph Costello Hamilton 

Roger Ashley Hart 

Cinema and Photography and Interactive 

Shannon Kay Heller 

Mary Kathrine Krimendahl 

Andrew Stewart Macdonald 

Farida Pacha 

Cinema and Photography 
Takae Shimizu 

Cinema and Photography 
Lawrence Lillard Vineyard, Jr. 

Jennifer Renee Williams 

Creative Writing 

Master of Music 

Yi-Jung(Nicky) Chen 

Rhonda Jean Jourdan 


Master of Public Administration 

RuthAnn Elizabeth Howard 

Public Administration 
Sarah Gale Potter 

Public Administration 
Bridget Yeisley-Banke 

Public Administration 
Xiwiao Xinjiao Tan 

Public Administration 

Master of Science 

Anwar Ibrahim Abdelrahman 

Computer Science 
Mohammad A.G. Abu Alhaj 

Electrical Engineering 
Nasseh Mohammed Akaaboune 

Electrical Engineering 
Jaafar Mohammad Alghazo 

Electrical Engineering 
Michelle Lee Anderson 

Rehabilitation Administration and Services 
Daniel Lee Atherton 

Computer Science 
Jacqueline Beatrice Ballard 

Communication Disorders & Sciences 
Sharon Lynn Barter 

Food and Nutrition 
Richard Boniak 

Plant and Soil Science 
Jennifer Lynne Brown 

Rehabilitation Counseling 
Jennifer Renee Carey 

Molecular Biology, Microbiology, and 

Tzung-Cheng Chen 

Jun Cheng 

Mechanical Engineering 
Cuong Dinh Chu 

Manufacturing Systems 
Christie Lynn Colstad 

Danielle Renae Creer 

Rehabilitation Counseling 

Kimberly Dawn Czerwinski 

Communication Disorders & Sciences 
Errol B. Daniels 

Rehabilitation Counseling 
Sharon Joann Davis 

Rehabilitation Counseling 
Ernesto Alejandro Valenzuela Dominguez 

Agribusiness Economics 
Maryann Jin-Jen Nee Dorn 

Computer Science 
Steven Lynn Duncan 

Rehabilitation Counseling 
Lina R. Ealy 

Behavior Analysis and Therapy 
Lallia Elizabeth Eldridge 

Rehabilitation Administration and Services 
Nancy Catreece Foster 

Rehabilitation Counseling 
Bradley Lawrence Friend 

Rehabilitation Administration and Services 
Tiffany Dawn Full 

Molecular Biology, Microbiology, and 

Melissa Lynn Goerlitz 

Renee Lynn Goff 

Civil Engineering 
Cynthia Lynn Gutierrez 

Communication Disorders & Sciences 
Jessica Lynn Hartke 

Animal Science 
Jason James Hedrick 

Speech Communication 
Daniel Harold Henroid, Jr. 

Food and Nutrition 
Mari Heybroek 

Anita Adama Jalo 

Agribusiness Economics 
Libuse Janecek 

Molecular Biology, Microbiology, and 

Jeffrey A. Jones 

Rehabilitation Administration and Services 
Motise Yvette Jones 

Rehabilitation Counseling 
John Edward Keller 

Christopher Charles Kendall 

Plant and Soil Science 
Aaron Richard Klemz 

Speech Communication 
Joyce A. Kramer 

Rehabilitation Administration and Services 
Ramasamy Krishnan 

Manufacturing Systems 
Sahap Kaan Kurtural 

Plant and Soil Science 

Latika S. Lalvani 

Civil Engineering 
Shupeng Li 

Computer Science 
Eric Anthony Linster 

Rehabilitation Counseling 
Yixin Liu 

Jinrong Ma 

Mining Engineering 
Pauline Ann Meagher 

Rehabilitation Administration and Services 
Andrew McQrade Minnis 

Molecular Biology, Microbiology, and 


Mechanical Engineering 
Fatin Talib Nahi 

Saravanan Padmanaban 

Electrical Engineering 
Pakorn Pan-Ajchariya 

Computer Science 
Athena Pastou 

Behavior Analysis and Tlierapy 
Jose Pecchio 

Mechanical Engineering 
TyLynne Marie Perry 

Rehabilitation Administration and Services 
Kristan Ann Poirot 

Speech Communication 
Stephanie Lynn Powers 

Rehabilitation Counseling 
Guanhao Qiu 

Computer Science 
Rohit Ramkumar 

Mechanical Engineering 
Derek Glenn Rovey 

Plant and Soil Science 
Natalie L. Rowe 

Speech Communication 
Clint David Samuel 

Jennifer L. Sanders 

Food and Nutrition 
Bret David Scott 

Plant and Soil Science 
Robert Lee Sherman, Jr. 

Devidian Vernard Smith 

Mechanical Engineering 
Stephanie Ann Speiser 

Animal Science 
Mrs. Papillon B. Spinks 

Manufacturing Systems 
Daniel R. Spivey 


David Lorden Stevenson 

Rehabilitation Counseling 
Lucretia Aldridge Stoelzle 

Rehabilitation Counseling 
Victoria Therese Stout 

Behavior Analysis and Therapy 
Jon Dennison Strait 

Meclianical Engineering 
Joyce Ann Swenson 

Plant and Soil Science 
Sachiko Tankei 

Speech Cormnunication 
Tammara Petrill Thomas 

Reliabilitation Administration and Services 
Khaled Turki 

Electrical Engineering 
Keith Eric Walston 

Rehabilitation Administration and Services 
Kaihong Wang 

Mechanical Engineering 
Whitney Lyn Weber 

Alfred Walter Weiss 

John Richard Wiehn 

Chi Yuen Kelvin Wong 

Civil Engineering 
Sheng-Min Yang 

Electrical Engineering 
Nicole Rae Ziarnek 

Communication Disorders & Sciences 

Master of Science in Education 

Tracy Ann Applebee 

Physical Education 
Celestin Cruz Babauta 

Workforce Education and Development 
Chung M. Baker 

Educational Psychology 
Cindy Lea Birkner 

Curriculum and Instruction 
Patricia Ann Bundren 

Curriculum and Instruction 
Dawn Michelle Burrows 

Curriculum and Instruction 
Gardell Sequoyah Chavis 

Physical Education 
Shu-Hsia Chen 

Workforce Education and Development 
Jonathan Stuart Clark 

Workforce Education and Development 
Paula J. Clark 

Health Education 

Ethel Louise Dixon 

Workforce Education and Development 
Scott A. Ewing 

Educational Administration 
Vincent E. Flango 

Workforce Education and Development 
Vilma Freeman 

Workforce Education and Development 
Michael Hayman Funk 

Workforce Education and Development 
Kathy J. Gibson 

Workforce Education and Development 
Donald Richard Grider 

Workforce Education and Development 
Carla G. Haas 

Workforce Education and Development 
Mary E. Haffey 

Workforce Education and Development 
Dietrich Leon Heyer 

Physical Education 
Carisa Ann Hubbard 

Workforce Education and Development 
Jennifer M. Irons 

Workforce Education and Development 
Angela Kristin Isom 

Educational Psychology 
Elaine A. James 

Special Education 
Sheri A. Jean 

Workforce Education and Development 
Chastity Kay Landrum 

Workforce Education and Development 
Deborah Sue Zalders Lippert 

Curriculum and Instruction 
Clarence E. Maise, Jr. 

Workforce Education and Development 
Stacie Marie Mayberry 

Curriculum and Instruction 
Michael Patrick McNally 

Curriculum and Instruction 
Tessicar Esther McQuilkin-Campell 

Workforce Education and Development 
Kristin Leslie Melton 

Educational Psychology 
Leo S. Michuda 

Workforce Education and Development 
Karen Arlene Mones 

Physical Education 
Marvin Ray Moore 

Workforce Education and Development 
Tammy Lee Nelson 

Workforce Education and Development 
Andrew K. Osika 

Physical Education 
Heather JoAnne Reynolds 

Curriculum and Instruction 
Jill Patrice Richardson 

Workforce Education and Development 

Michael Hugh Richardson 

Workforce Education and Development 
Norma D. Rochester 

Workforce Education and Development 
Sandra K. Schreier 

Curriculum and Instruction 
Shauna Ann Scribner 

Workforce Education and Development 
Dawn Vivienne Smith-Henry 

Workforce Education and Development 
Carolyn S. Snell 

Curriculum and Instruction 
Keri A. Snyder 

Physical Education 
Julie Kay Solomon 

Curriculum and Instruction 
Marjorie Elizabeth Solomon 

Workforce Education and Development 
Valsie Yvonne Sommerville 

Workforce Education and Development 
Jonathon Paul Sweetin 

Curriculum and Instruction 

Poorva Talapatra 

Educational Psychology 
Darrell Anthony Thibodeaux 

Workforce Education and Development 
Cynthia Thompson 

Workforce Education and Development 
Emmett Louis Vaughn, Jr. 

Eric Maurice Vinson 

Educational Psychology 
Shawn Dennis Wade 

Workforce Education and Development 
Nancy Riley Welborn 

Curriculum and Instruction 
Dione Renee Wells 

Special Education 
F. Michael White 

Curriculum and Instruction 
Julie Elizabeth Womick 

Curriculum and Instruction 
Janice Mae Young-Martin 

Workforce Education and Development 

School of Law 

Thomas F. Guernsey, Dean 
Michael Ruiz, Marshal 
Mary Rudasill, Reader 

Juris Doctor 

Lisa Anne Brannack 

Amy Harper-Hogancamp 

Robert Wayne Hockemeyer, Jr. 

Timothy Michael Raycraft 

Kevin E. Werner 

Crystal Y. Witte 

Heungsu Yang 



College of Liberal Arts 

Shirley Clay Scott, Dean 

Anita Hutton, Marshal 

K. K. Collins, Marshal 

Amanda Boyer, Student 


Diane Taub, Reader 

Bachelor of Arts 

Mark Andrew Agin 

Adrienne Marie Ahle 

Jenny N. Akins 

Ryan P. Aloffo 

Ryan William Amerson 

Akida B. Anderson 

Antoinette Rae Anderson* 

Dan Anderson 

Travis Enrique Angel cum 

Bradley M. Appelhans summa 

cum laude 
Masaki Arisaka 
Lynnette M. Arnold 
Thomas Ryan Austin 
Shelia Dian Cowan Shumaker 

Anne Marie Azevedo cum 

Kathleen Susan Balma cum 

Katherine Ann Barnhill cum 

Christopher Aaron Barr 
Julanne Renee Batterton 

magna cum laude* ** 
Jessica Amanda Becker 
Ruddyard Roy Binsbacher 
Michael Patrick Boland 
Amanda Beth Boyer summa 

cum laude* 
Laura Michelle Boyer* 
Julianne A. Britton 
Daysha Jo Buchanan 
Thomas Joe Bugos II* 
Sarah Ruth Burke 
Tammera Latress Butler 
Joseph W. Calvente 
Anthony M. Cano*" 
Laura Nicole Carlson 
Lilia Thi Carr 
Robert C. Chambers 
Chia-Ling Chang 
Stephanie Nicole Clapham 
Brian Lee Clem* 

Michael B. Comess 
Carrie A. Conforti 
Patricia Lynn Covey cum 

Jennifer Ann Dadich 
Reginald Armand Dale 
John Frederick Daly* 
Derrick Richard Danderson 
Lawrence O. Darko 
Craig Adam Darland 
Ryan Dasenbrock 
Tina M. Da vies 
Yelisa Delgado 
Jason Michael Dempsey 
Cameron Xavier DeCree 
Melissa S. Dejong cum laude* 
Stacy R. Dierks 
David N. Dorris 
Michael Dushon Draper* 
Cheryl Lynn Elko 
Lynnea Joy Ellis 
Tiana Shanae Ellis 
Rosemary Anne Faber 
Michelle Dee Fenske 
Lennart Paul Finstrom II 
Merlene Renea Flaugher-Goff 
Amy Elizabeth Flynn cum laude 
Stephen Michael Foster 
Danna Lynn Frantz* 
Susan E. Frease 
Kenneth J. Gass 
Jacob Warren Germann 
Kevin Andre Gettis 
Kimberly Allison Gill 
Michael Stewart Gilmore 
Pamela Lane Glover 
Michelle Harmon Goebel 
Jennifer Rebecca Gold 
Cietta Lynn Gower* 
Sylvia H. Graham 
Kevin Dwaniel Griffin 
Kerry J. Grunloh 
Zachariah Cole Gummert* 
Kevin Michael Gunnerson 
Stephanie Noelle Gutwein 

summa cum laude* 
David Wayne Hansell 
DedErick M. Harris 
Gregory Scott Harris 
Farah Liza Harun 
James Russell Hawkins 
Heather Ann Heaslett 
Andrew Charles 

Christopher Paul Herschbach 
Joshua B. Higgerson 
Nobuomi Hikishima 
Jason Christopher Hinds 

Masumi Hirokami aim laude 
Dale Alan Hojnacki 
Brian L. Holder 
Russell Ownes Holder 
Megan Eileen Hussey 
Hiroki I to* 
Michael James Ivy** 
Maurice Lucus Jackson 
Megan Marie Jallas* 
LaKesha Renee James 
Marty Robert Jansen 
Tracy Lynette Jeffries 
Timothy Michael Johnson 
Barry Thomas Jones 
Cecil Earl Jones, Jr. 
Monica L. Jones 
Erica Kristan Jury 
Hironobu Kakinuma 
Gabriel Joseph Keithley 
David Allen Kemp 
Melissa Anne Kemphues cum 

M. Lee Kersten 
Toya Marie Kilgore 
Kevin Ray Klink 
Shawn Michael Koch cum 

Christina Laumbattus* 
Eun-ha Lee 

Susan Gaskins Lehman 
Kimberly Lewis 
Loetitia Sarah Lilot cum laude 
Christian James Long 
James Andrew Lorton 
Nicole Marie Lundak* 
Daniel Lee Lynch 
Timothy K. Magill 
Lakendrea Levette Mallard 
John Edward Mandernach 
Leslie Robert Mandrell 
Jason J. Marcotte 
Tamekia Chevetta Marshall 
Lisa A. Mathews 
Troy Stephen Mathews 
John J. Matthews 
Sheree Alonda Mayfield 
Eleanor Elizabeth McCauley 
Alishia June McClain- Wilson 
John Patrick McClanahan 
Heather J. McDonald* 
Dan G. McGinn-Combs 
Noraihan Md Noh 
Jun Mikami 
Andrea Joy Miller 
Randall James Miller 
James Lyle Milner 
Sean A. Mocaby 
Andrew Duffy Moore 


Stacey Elizabeth Moore magna 

aim laude* 
Brian C. Morrill 
Keith Morris 

LaTonya Michele Morrison 
Michele Irene Moss 
Sarah Rose Murray 
Ina Sujahil Naar-Cedeno 
Charlene Renee Nash 
Jessica Glen Neff* 
Cheryl Ann Nelson 
Ryan Paul Nelson magna cum 

Michelle Kay Nitzsche 
Naoko Nomoto 
Andrew Bourke O'Reilly 
Steffanie Daun Owczarzak 
Kayode Gbola Oyedepo 
Kim Marie Palkovich 
Stelios Papapetrou* 
Robert Allen Paulus 
Christopher James Pavlovich 

cum laude* 
William Edward Peabody 
Brandi Lee Pennell* 
Sherri D. Perry 
Amy Lucille Petermichel 
Kevin J. Pierce 
Mario Lamar Brown Pierce 
David Lane Pierson 
Gail Ann Pingsterhaus 
Craig Aaron Piper 
Daniel Peter Joseph Pleasure 
Jeffrey E. Portman* 
Jessica Lynn Prinder 
Jamal Raickett 
Frank Lee Ramirez 
Curtis M. Reed 
William Robert Reinhard 
Sherri Serton Rencher 
Tina Louise Rice 
Jennifer Lynn Roberts 
Dominique Joseph Rocourt 
Neal Robert Rohlfing* 
Ellen Lee Rosengard 
Chad Wesley Rothrock 
Stephen Michael Ruggeri, Jr. 
Yuki Sakaguchi 
Stephen Robert Santner 
Hiroshi Sato* ** 
Robert James Scott 
Meghan Jo Shackleton 
Heather Colleen Shannon 
Brett Samuel Shemwell 
Cory Anne Slack 
Carolyn S. Smith 
Lauran Adell Smith 
Anna Maria Soloff 

George Allen Sparrow 
Dante Ramos Sta. Cruz 
Kevin John Stasiek 
Timothy Michael Stauner cum 

Holly Dawn Stewart 
Cory D. Strawn 
Kenneth George Stubblefield 
Shannon Kay Sutter 
Seiya Suzuki 
Yushi Suzuki 
Yasufumi Takato 
Yuki Takebayashi magna cum 

Justin Douglas Tallman 
Diane N. Tarr 
Chizuko Teraoka 
Kara Lynn Thomas 
Mary Bridget Timmel 
Yukari Tojo 
Tonia C. Turner 
Tetsuya Uchida 
Michael Raymond Wallat 
Shih-Chyi Wan 
Angela Annette Ward 
Jason Lee Watts 
Patricia Ann Welten 
Cobie Lee Welty cum laude* 
La Shauna D. White 
Chadwick James Whitmore* 
Donna Wierzbicki magna cum 

Samuel Thomas Wilkerson 
Gregory Louis Williams 
Lenny A. Williams 
Tony Williams 
Jalinda Wilson 
Kyle R. Wright 
Sayuri Yamazaki 
Cheol Ho Yang 
Kris ten Michelle Yazell cum 

Noriko Yoshida 
Jennifer Ann Young 
Rebecca A. Zimmerman 

Bachelor of Fine Arts 

K.Todd Bass magna cum laude 

Jayoon Choi 

Timothy Kyle Coffman aim 

Jennifer Lynne Edwards aim 

Lisa Jeane Fichtner* 
Kenneth J. Gass 
Jay Arthur Hatfield 

Winston H. Henley III 

Janel Nichole Homes 

Kelly Ann Hrenko aim laude* 

Steven C. Hughes 

Aaron John Jones magna cum 

Leslie Carol Meers 
Patricia Ann Myers 
Linus Edward Ogalsbee 
Amy Elaine Scott cum laude* 
Edward Franklin Wales 
Wesley James Ward* 

Bachelor of Music 

Andrew Charles Harmon 
Rebecca Leigh Juhl* 
Jarod Kyle Shumaker 

Bachelor of Science 

Ahmad Abdur-Rahman 
Jeffrey Dale Adkins 
Charles Ray Allen, Jr. cum 

Rachel A. Allen cum laude 
Sarah Jean Anderson 
Benjamin Lee Bakke 
Parrish Britton Banks 
Julie Ann Beiermann 
Adam Jonathan Boehmer 
Andre Hamilton Brown 
Susan Williams Camp 
Jamie Marie Campbell 
Brian Michael Capranica 
Judith M. Causey 
Jennifer Lynn Christy 
Leanne Wraye Conn 
Courtney Ellen Crippen* 
Edward Anthony Dantes 
Sarah Louise Davison 
Marissa Jenora Dew-Jones 
Johanna Elizabeth Doyle 
Jeffery LaMonte Evans 
Martha J. Evans 
Kenneth Dean Ferrari cum 

Jolene Ann Grifheth 
Jerie M. Griffin 
Jamie L. Haarmann 
Alison Ann Hankins 
Michael Patrick Hannell 
Sayaka Hanyu 
Stephanie G. Haqq 
Jaymie Rae Hauversburk 
Cara D. Hobin 


Rachel M. Johnson 
Alicia Jean Juarez 
Timothy Andrew Kudlik 
Stephanie Kaye Lester 
Jocelyn Ruth Lewis 
Joel Donn Livengood 
Trevor Lawrence Maxwell 
Calvin Da Shawn Mays 
Megan Carrie McKee 
Stacy Louise McNary 
Patrick E. Moan 
Jill Patricia O'Brien 
Freya Elizabeth Peele 

Donna Rose Perkins 

Jodi Kay Perryman-Boese 

David R. Phelps 

Tim A. Radtke 

David Emil Reed 

Tricia Lin Reffett 

Meagan Nicole Rich summa 

cum laude* 
Michelle LaShawanda Ringo 
Brian Scott Sauerhage magna 

cum laude 
Jennifer Lu Sellars 
Kristen Anne Sorensen 

Jason Lee Taylor 
Melissa Sue Tell 
Joseph L. Thebeau 
Jennifer Lela Thompson* 
Christine Marie Toberman 
Linda Michelle Vela 
Heather Nicole Vickers cum 

Christopher J. Warfield 
Aaron Christopher 

Timothy Michael Wolfe 
Jason John Wurtz 


College of Mass 
Communication and 
Media Arts 

Jyotika Ramaprasad, 

Interim Dean 

Dan Overturf, Usher 

Carol Westerman- Jones, 


Bachelor of Arts 

Jeremy Michael Beiermartn 
Joseph Frank Benso 
Jamie Lynn Biggs 
Benjamin T. Brammeier 
Brian Lee Calhoun 
Rachael Dukes Carlson 
Jeremy Lane DeWeese 
Judy Marie Ford 
Jeremy A. Gabor* 
Alan J. George 
Brian J. Gerval 
Douglas D. Gillespie 
Kelly Joann Goode cum laude 
Bradley Jason Gruetzmacher 

magna cum laude 
Andrew Bernard Hellige 
Andrew Vincent Holland 
Justin Ernest Hood cum laude 
David William Hren 
Amy Elizabeth Jackson 
Russell Leonard Jay 
Justin G. Johnson 
Kelvin James Jones 
Toru Kambara 
Katherine Anne Kemper 
Patricia M. Kerrigan 
Jake A. Krawiec 

Susannah Katherine 

Matthew LeCrone 
Rachel Diane Lieber 
Jennifer Lee Love 
Elizabeth Marie Malafa 
Lakeista Jenee Maxwell 
John C. Meadows 
Kyle Gareth Hayes Miller 
Jermaine German Morales 
Amanda Jane Morris 
Rachel R. Morris cum laude 
Sebastian Michael Musso 
Andrew Kenneth Nolan 
Pramoonchai Nopsuwanvong 
Justin James Nosek 
Nathan Eric Ogren 
Rachel Louis Owens 
Jason Paul Panczuk 
Minsook Park 
Alanna Shena Poore 
Andrew James Poulos 
Benjamin Lee Ramsey 
Kristin Colleen Rinden magna 

cum laude* 
Faustina Robinson 
Adam Craig Rosoho 
Jamie Lynn Ruckman 
Joshua David Sanseri 
Anita Noemi Santiago 
Steven Robert Schutter 
Pei-Shan Shih 
Paul S. Simons* 
Matthew James Slutz 
Larry S. Spencer 
Aaron William Stallone 
Anthony John Stark 
Jason V. Steponaitis 
Benjamin R. Stern 
Tamie Renee Stojan 
Paolo Nicola Storino 
Geoffrey Dale Trudeau 

Samuel A. Vallicelli 
Justin Cody Wilfon 
Steven Winkeler 
Shelly Lee Wittenborn 
Maki Yoshimatsu 
Tony Smith Youngblood 
Benjamin Wolfe Youther 

Bachelor of Science 

Vanessa Noel Bollmann 
John Michael Botta 
Cortney Valentine Brown* 
Herbert Gary Case, Jr. 
Ryan Leighton Deem 
Brian Thomas Denesia 
Douglas Ward Durso 
Ryan R. Duvall* 
John Russell Keagy 
Anthony Patrick Kluck 
Carla Laverne Laury 
Kimberly Anne Long 
Marie Antoinette Moyers cum 

Ryan Paul Nelson magna cum 

Mellissa Robyn Paniagua 
Toby J. Peecher 
Lloyd Porter 
Robert Lee Quaglia 
Shannon Elizabeth Reymann 

summa cum laude* 
Matthew Clinton Rosser 
Ted Schurter 
Shane Joseph Simmons 
Doiriinika Smereczynski 
Sangwook Son 
Michael Dieter Strama 
K. Bree Vetere 
Aaron Christian Williams 
Melanie Ruth Young 


College of Science 

Jack Parker, Dean 
Lori Vermeulen, Marshal 
Matthew McCarroll, Usher 
James Tyrrell, Reader 

Bachelor of Arts 

David T. Arnold 
Michael Robert Black, Jr. 
Yakita N. Broadnax 
Amber Rhea Browning 
William Sean Burke aim lande* 
Kelly Dawn Chullen 
Jennifer Lee Cooper 
Andrea Michelle Crofton 
Ryan Sean Diederich 
Johanna Doty 
Jessica Carlene Gay 
Gina Jo Goddard 
Alfonso Joe Gulley 
Shane Allen Hale 
Jeffrey Alan Hazelwood 
Jeremy Wayne Herzog 
Hirofumi Ishihara 
Brandy Victoria Jones 
Anne Marie Kartje 
Stephanie Ann Krawiecki 
Melissa Anne Laake 
Steven Wayne Long 
Kisa Trennette McCormick 
Jay Anna Lee Miller 
Terry Lee Miller 

Marguerite Marie Moloney 
Jenna Kristann Morgan 
Douglas William Neps* 
Irfan Taj Pathan 
Scot Dale Peterson 
Jennifer Lynn Pickett 
Frederick L. Richter 
Kyle Michael Rutledge 
Angela Sue Schmidt 
Curtis Brian Schossler 
Scott W. Schuette cum laude* 
Mary Ann Cecilia Katherine 

Tryggestad cum laude* 
Jonathan Steven Varnell 
Mbaire Mary Rachel Waireri 
James Corey Walker 

Bachelor of Science 

Keith Anthony Alcox 
Syed Mohammed Ameeruddin 
Stephen M. Banke 
Matthew G. Bell magna cum 

Erin L. Erickson 
Velvet Lynn Evans 
Jeremy Daniel Fuller 
Misty Dawn German 
William Paulda Groppel 
Jill Ann Hettinger 
Kristi Lyn Hogan 
Jonathan Andreas Hoppesch 
Samuel Befkadu Kassa** 
Richard William Kenna 

Kaoru Kubota cum laude 

Dinesh Kunder 

Nathan Edward Lenz cum 

Devyn Lynn Lewis 
Alison Lee Buckman Mawdsley 
Scott Alan McManus 
Jackie Leon McNeese, Jr.* 
Michael William Nordeen 
Ashley James Noto 
Jennifer Dawn Ray 
Andrew Duncan Robertson 
Edith Marie Ruez 
Peter M. Saele 
Amy Marie Sanders 
Christopher Matthew 

Carrie Lynn Sherwood* 
Michael Wayne Shurtz 
Rachel Ann Shurtz 
Jennifer Ann Songer* 
Janice Marie Stewart cum 

Shannon Cathleen Voss 
Richard Daniel West* 
Eric Glendon Wildermuth* 
Denyse Marie Willman 
Carie Marie Wingert 
Jeremy Ryan Wolf summa cum 

Kate Andrea Woods 
Hui-Wen Yap* 
Jarrod Matthew Yearwood 
Linlin Julia Zhang 


Order of Exercises 

College of Agriculture, College of Applied Sciences and Arts, 
College of Business and Administration, College of Education, 
College of Engineering 

1:30 P.M., Saturday, December 16, 2000, SIU Arena 

(Please stand for the Processional) 


Pomp and Circumstance March No. 1, Sir Edward Elgar, Composer 
Marianne Webb, Professor of Music and University Organist 

Greetings and Introduction of Platform Party 

John S. Jackson III, Interim Chancellor 

Presentation of Candidates and Conferring of Baccalaureate and Associate Degrees 

John S. Jackson III, Interim Chancellor 

Margaret Winters, Interim Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs 

David Shoup, Dean, College of Agriculture 

Elaine M. Vitello, Dean, College of Applied Sciences and Arts 

Dan L. Worrell, Dean, College of Business and Administration 

R. Keith Hillkirk, Dean, College of Education 

George M. Swisher, Dean, College of Engineering 

Welcome from the Alumni Association 

Cleveland Hammonds, SIU Alumni Association 

Closing Remarks 

John S. Jackson III, Interim Chancellor 

Alma Mater 

Southern Alma Mater, Clarke Morgan, Composer 


Trumpet Tune (from Suite in D), Charles Callahan, Composer 

Marianne Webb 

Faculty Marshals 

Jon Muller, Grand Marshal, Graduate Faculty Representative, Professor, 

Richard Bortz, Faculty Marshal, Professor, Workforce Education and 

Brian Rice, Faculty Marshal, Instructor, Health Education and Recreation 

(Please remain in your seat until the Recessional is completed.) 


College of Agriculture 

W. David Shoup, Dean 
John E. Phelps, Usher 
Robert D. Arthur, Reader 

Bachelor of Science 

Jeremy M. Adams 
Christina Lynne Anderson** 
Marissa Michelle Benson 
Amanda Leigh Blechle 
Jacob Adam Bloome 
Justin Wade Borrenpohl 

cum laude 
Erica A. Bruzetti* 
Erica Christine Carter 
Kathryn Anne Cash 
Carrie Elizabeth Cassaro 
Melissa Mary Chrisman 
Vanessa Jo Chrisman cum 

Jonathan Thomas Cotter 
Carl D. Dillow 
Corey Heath Douglass 
Ronald Earl Estes 
Chris Michael Gray 
Lee Kevin Gregg* 
Jason Lee Grissom 
Daniel Gene Hagemann 
Tenskaw R. Harding 
Michael Karl Harriss 
Jason Andrew Hill cum laude 

Justin M. Hill aim laude 
Neng Suznie Bte Hj Mohd 

James Bradley Hooten 
Shawn Alan Jared 
Phillip Matthew Jones 
Jeffrey Scott Kehrer 
Daniel M. Kittner 
Vickie G. Klubek 
Caroline Krolikowski 
Chad Joshua Kuhlmann 
Joseph Franklin Kuykendall 
Dallas W. Lane 
Joseph Michael Leckie 
Janette Christine Linden 

magna cum laude 
Monika Beth Littnan 
Martin Howard Loucks 
Melinda Lund* 
Robert Dean Maulding 

magna cum laude 
Kristine Anna Marie Mayer 

cum laude 
Ryan Patrick McCavitt 
Kevin Micheal McCune 
Jason Wayne McDonald 
Amanda B. Miller 
Kenneth Bryan Miller 
Kevin Matthew Monke 
Susan Ann Montgomery 
Tracy Michelle Munge 
Colin Hill Murphy 
Amanda Kay Myers 
Eric Ryan Olson 

Cynthia Dawn Organ 

summa cum laude 
Bethany Louise Panepinto 
Stephen C. Perreault cum 

Matthew Paul Riffey 
Amy Susan Rogier** 
Sarah K. Rose 
Christine M. Ross 
Kazuki Sakurai 
Nadem Ibrahim Sam 
Becky A. Sargis 
Holly Marie Schwieters 
Sean Patrick Sheehan 
Trisha Jo Singley 
Kristy Lucille Skillrud 
Ethan Marshall Smith** 
Benjamin Michael Snyder 
Sarah Renae Spann 
Chelsea Elizabeth Stauffer 
Eric J. Strine 
Jeremie Leon Stout 
Jon D. Summers 
Justin Beryl Talley summa 

cum laude* 
Adam Lee Tebbe 
Louis Edward Wagner II 
Angela C. Wendell cum 

Dennis Burnell Wilson 
Laurie A. Wolff 
Cherie Reeves Wright 
Chien Yu-Cheng 


College of Applied 
Sciences and Arts 

Elaine M. Vitello, Dean 
Fred R. Isberner, Marshal 
Jack S. Greer, Usher 
Laurence C. Staples, Usher 
Candy D. Evans, Reader 

Bachelor of Science 

Rhamunda Patrice Abrams 
Gilberto Acevedo 
Steven Edward Adamczyk 
Joseph Robert Aholt 
Abdulrahman Ibrahim 

Roselo Cabanting Alejo 
Daniel W. Alexander cum 

Bandar Awad Alshehri 
Wendy Ann Alvanos cum 

William John Anaszewicz 
Michael Carl Andersen 
Alecheia Lee Anderson 
Cheryl Neely Anderson 
Craig William Anderson 
Kenneth W. Anderson 
Jewell Elizabeth Anthony 
Josephine Appiah 
Gregory S. Archambault cum 

Jonathan E. Arrington 
Charles Howard Arterson 
Randy Lynn Aubel sutnma 

cum laude 
Ericka U. Austin 
Rene Allen Baker 
Kevin Dean Baldwin 
Jason Aaron Balzer 
Michael Antwan Banks 
Robert Lawrence Barton cum 

Brooke Michelle Beggs 
Michael Ryan Beglinger 
John Richard Belcher, Jr. 

magna cum laude 
Mark Matare Benston 
Raymond A. Bernadisius cum 

Donald Robert Bettenhausen 
Samuel Alexander Beverley III 
Bliss O. Bignall cum laude 
Larry Jeff Blankenship 
Eric Matthew Bleim cum laude 

Robert Lee Antonio Blount 
David M. Blue 
Jason Ryan Borsdorf 
Robert Frank Bott 
Arthur Taylor Boyd 
Richard J. Bozelli 
Chanda Ann Bozman 
Michael Edward Brache 
Kevin Lee Bradke 
Alywin Miles Bristol 
Andrew Allen Brophy III 
Charles Eston Brown 
Douglas Bryan Brown cum 

Janet Lee Brown 
Michelle Denice Brown 
Paul R. Brown 
Kathryn Ann Brucks magna 

cum laude 
Thomas Michael Brugger 
Cary Michael Brumley 
Aaron John Bruns 
Chelsea Jenee Bryant 
Donald Louis Bryant, Jr. 
Maurice Mirko Budurin 
Sharon Ann Williamson 

Cale Charles Bullock 
Gregory Andre Bullock 
Bobby Gene Burns 
Brett Wayne Butler 
Thomas Frederick Bye cum 

Frank Cabrera 
John Paul Cadagin 
Manuel Cadaval cum laude 
Harry McDonald Caleb 
Lloyd E. Callaway 
Sherman M. Cannon 
Richard Caraballo 
Galo Calleja Centenera cum 

April B. Chambers 
Geano C Chambers 
Cianetta Chen 
Kavita P. Choksi 
Armando Chong 
Christopher Anthony Chuck 
Courtney L. Cione 
Barbara Ann Clemens cum 

Edgar H. Cluchey cum laude 
Kenneth Anthony Coakley 
Chuck Cobb 
Ella Mack Cobb 
Dusan Colic 
Shannon Renee Colligan cum 


Carl LaVert Collins 
LaShon Cressette Cooper 
Scott Brandon Cragen 
Stacy Ann Cramm 
Clint Jeffrey Crawford 
Zachary Aaron Crothers 

magna cum laude 
Michael Todd Culley 
David A. Culp cum laude 
Julie Anne Curry 
Richard Scott Danielson cum 

Holly deLynne Davis 
Michael James Davis cum 

Edmundo Del Castillo 
Teddy Noel Devine, Jr. cum 

Benjamin Viloria DeGuzman, 

Joel Patrick Dejong 
Jorge DeLaCruz 
Roderick F. DeLaPena 
Dan Frederick Dietz, Jr.* 
Ronald G. Dilback summa cum 

Christopher Allen Dukes 
Anthony A. Durante 
Jason Dee Eason 
Christopher Patrick Edmonds 

cum laude 
Robert Ekstrom magna aim 

Edward Charles Ellis 
Annette Epinger 
Eric M. Epplin 
Phillip Ray Erthall, Jr. 
Gregory R. Espinoza 
Amanda Marie Evans 
Greg Clifford Evans 
Sara Rae Evans* 
Malinda Ann Falardeau 
Joseph Mario Fallica cum 

Sheria Renee Fant-Hall 
Benjamin L. Fehsenfeld 
Adam Martin Femmel cum 

Thomas Courtenay Ferguson 
Lucas Joshua Fifer 
Michael J. Fletcher* 
Kenneth Alvis Florence 
Michael Thomas Ford magna 

cum laude 
Darrell Anthony Foster 
Jon Brandon Foster 
Robert O'Neil Francis 
Randall James Franks 


Ryan Andrew Frauli 
Michael Joseph Freitag 
Fabricio Gamboa 
Chequita Darcelle Garrett- 
Michael Anthony Garrovillo 
Glen F. Garth 
Katherine Anne Gettings 
Christopher Lee Gibson 
Ivy Jo Gibson 
Troy Glover 

Geoffrey William Godshall 
Arnold Calvin Godwin 
Michael Joseph Gomez 
Sharon K. Greaves summa cum 

Shauntay Nicole Gregg 
Lori B. Greiner cum laude* 
Zachary Paul Gremillion 
Matthew Grizely, Jr. 
Stephen F. Groszek 
Wesley Virgil Groves 
Russ Ann Haas 
Elizabeth MeLee Hagopian 
Kathleen Jennifer Hall 
Matthew Hall cum laude 
Charles S. Hamilton 
Michael Arthur Hampton 
Loren Wesley Haraldsen 
Dennis Eugene Harnisch 
Kelly Harrigan 
Tiffany Monique Harston 
Jonathan Wade Harvey 
Brett Larry Hawk cum laude 
Raymond Scott Hawkins 
Constance Kay Headline 

magna cum laude 
Mattie B. Heags 
Risa Lyn Heeren* 
Richard Geoffrey Helfin 
Jonathan Pierce Henkes 
Calvin Henry 
Daniel James Hermes 
Jeremie Nathaniel Hester 
Brian Keith Hick cum laude 
Robert Maxim Hicks 
James Anthony Hill III 
Abel Chuong Ho 
John Gilliam Hobbs 
James Steven Holcomb, Sr. 
Kendall M. Holt 
Chip L. Holway 
Reginald Otis Hope 
David Jason Scott Hoppe 
David Michael Hoppesch cum 

Shawn Michael Howell 
summa cum laude 

Roger Phillip Hower cum 

Billy Joe Hummel 
Kevin Irvin 
Andre Hyray James 
Richard Alan Jamrozy cum 

David Jaramillo 
LaTray Jovon Jeffers 
Kevin Dwayne Jefferson 

summa cum laude 
David Robert Johnsen 
Autumn Paige Johnson 
Dominic Johnson 
Gregory Scott Johnson, Jr. 
Joseph J. Johnson 
Lawrence Johnson 
Timothy Mark Johnson 
Roderick L. Joiner 
Jeremy Drew Jones 
John Harold Jones II 
Jeanette Ann Jungkans 
Douglas Charles Kampen 
Arthur Lee Karr cum laude 
Frederick Ralph Karsten 

magna cum laude* 
Deborah Shawn Katz 
Anthony Wayne Katzdorn 
John Wayne Keel 
Shawn David Kelley 
Johndale Raymone Kelly* 
Steven Richard Kendrick cum 

Paul L. Keske 
Lori Ann Kies 
Dana Janine Killman* 
HwangLim Kim 
Albertha Faye King 
Derek A. Kirk 
Wilfrid Aaron Kirkbride 
Pamela Marie Klepac- 

Tulensru cum laude 
Jason Bradley Koehler 
Kimberly Ann Kohler 
Bilikisu Tomiwa Koletowo 
John C. Kosinski magna cum 

Brian Anthony Koss 
Maria Kristodoulou cum laude 
Dean Norman Kroll cum laude 
Amanda Lee Kruse summa 

cum laude 
Todd Pierre Landry 
Zia Butler Lane 
Eric David Langosch 
Kristan Ida Lappe 
Jerome Alan Larsen 
Leroy Joseph Laughlin 

LaWella Lavender 
Craig H. Lawrence 
Donald Joseph Lentes 
Emir Haile Leslie 
Nathan James Lincoln cum 

Robert James Lockard* 
Sherry Lynn Long 
Hon Lung Ma* 
Bobbi Su Mabunay magna cum 

Paul Edward MacDonald, Jr. 
Rika Maeda 
John Joseph Manera 
Michele A. Manzardo 
Celeste Louise Marentis 
Donna Marie Martin 
James L. Martin 
Angel Sharice Mason 
James Wesley Mayfield 
Michael John McAlonan 

magna cum laude 
Lisa Richele McBride 
Betty Anne McCullough 
Richard McDarmont, Jr. cum 

Anthony J. McDonald 
Chauvette Quinette 

Shawn Michael McGrath 
Philip G. McKenzie cum laude 
Andy Lee McMillen 
Keith Peter Mentgen 
David Daniel Merlin 
Brandon Matthew Millburg 
Paul Robert Mistak 
Mark Antione Moman 
Thomas Martin Moran 
Daniel Joseph Moreno 
Wesley Taylor Moseley 
Renee Julianne Mueth 
Albert Edwin Mungin 
Le Sebra Jeanvett Murdock 
John Michael Murphy 
Chauncey Anthony Musarra 
Robert Musoiu 
Robert E. Muszynski magna 

cum laude 
Tracy Sam Natyshok 
Kevin Alan Nelson 
Michelle Nicoe Newman 
Steven Joseph Norvilas 
Richard Allan Norwood cum 

Michael Shawn Nystrand 

magna aim laude 
Susan Lynn Odum summa 

cum laude 


Osamu Okawa 
Angel Jeanette Owens 
Anthony D. Owens 
Anthony Padilla 
Anthony F. Palermo summa 

aim laude 
Maxx Edward Palmer II 

magna cum laude 

Jennifer Marie Panzeca 
Matthew Robbert Pardieck 
Carmen Lea Parrott 
Glenn Edward Paschall 
Felipe Patino, Jr. cum laude 
Brandon Wayne Patrick 
Anesia Michelle Patterson 
Martha June Paul* 
Paul M.D. Peart 
Dyami Ali Peebles 
Sean Rogers Peirick 
Alejandra Pena-Brunet 
Yusef Amier Penny 
Jyl Amanda Pepple summa 

cum laude 
Ruby Ramos Perey 
Eric Robert Peters 
Zachery Matthew Peters 
Paul Wayne Peynado 
Eric John Philips 
Bonnie Lolita Pickard 
Jerry Wade Pierce 
Anthony J. Pisculich summa 

cum laude 
Derek S. Poirier cum laude 
Jeffrey E. Portman* 
Paul Joseph Portman 
Raymond Allen Powell 
Shalen Prasad 
Travis R. Price 
Kevin Joseph Raap cum laude 
Kevin Michael Radic 
Theodore Joseph Rake III 
Myrna America Ramirez 
Nelda Ramirez 
Marty Allen Ransom 
Michael Gene Rath 
Steven Darryl Ready 
Steven Mark Redenbaugh 

magna cum laude 
Alberto Ferriols Redublo III 
Milton Douglas Reed, Jr. 
Timothy Allen Rehg, Jr. 
Darlene Yvette Reliford 
Carlito Lopez Reyes 
Mitchell Calvin Richards 

summa cum laude 
Mark David Riegel 
Tralynn Riego de Dios 

Jayson Paul Rishling 
Dana James Roberson 
Fred Arvel Robertson magna 

cum laude 
Gail M. Robinson- Antoine 
Danny Bernard Robinson 
Danny Joe Robinson 
Simone Cera Robinson 
Alberto Rodriguez 
Elmer R. Rogers III 
Tina Marie Rogers 
Carla Angelita Rolack 
Andrew Ronald Roszak 
William Frederick Russell, Jr. 
Maria Luisa Russo 
Christopher Micheal Rutledge 
Christopher John Saar 
Mark Phillip Sabino 
Kevin Michael Sandschafer 
Lawrence Mensah Sarpong 
Esther Marie Sauers aim laude 
Julie Ann Savage magna cum 

Kristopher Todd Saxsma cum 

Rachel Annette Schlenker 
Bradley Wayne Schoen 
Amanda Kathaleen 

Michael Lee Sell 
Purvi J. Shah 
Kirk Leon Shores 
Tamara Short 
Chad Matthew Simmons 
Gregory Simpson 
Brad Thomas Sisler 
Lars Michael Smit cum laude 
Angela Cherie Smith 
Edmond Shea Lee Smith 
Melvin Smkh 
Robin Smith 
Tamara A. Smith 
Michael Raymond Snape 

magna aim laude 
Jimmy Jaemung Song 
Russell R. Spahn 
Julie Maureen Spiers 
Perry Douglas Stafford, Jr. 
Eric Michael Starr 
Thomas John Stauber 
Valerie Lynn Stauch 
Aaron Edward Stawikowski 
Matthew Robert Steele 
Debbra K. Stevens 
Carla Latisse Stewart 
Ryan Mitchel Stewart 
Karen R. Stockwell 
Kenneth Allen Stone 

Dante Lamar Stovall 
Brennan Davis Stover 
Brian Clarence Strait 
James Gillis Streu 
Christopher Scott Stroup 

magna cum laude 
Jonathan Lee Studer magna 

cum laude 
John Philip Swinford cum 

Tracy Lynn Szczesniak 
Diana Allen Taylor 
James N. Taylor 
Robert Gregory Taylor, Jr. 
Todd Streepy Taylor 
Diane Lenor Teeter 
Dorothy Jean Thomas 
Jeffrey David Thomas 
Patricia Ann Thomas 
Robert Michael Thomas 
Wayne Thomas 
Nakia Mion Thompson 
David Edward Torkilsen 
Diane S. Travis cum laude 
Cynthia L. Turnbow 
Jason Anthony Vairin 
Philip W. Valdez 
James Vallillo aim laude 
Steven W. Van Vleet 
Margaret P. Veasley 
Richard Keith Venrick 
Lance Erwin Vickery magna 

aim laude 
David Matthew Vondriska 
Patrick J. Walker 
Paul Eric Walker 
Mark Alan Wall 
Cari Dannielle Wallace 
Dwayne Patrick Walsh 
Ryan Jeremy Ward 
Steven W. Ward 
Tito Ayo Nyhi Warner 
Christopher Douglas Warners 
Emily Irene Wayne-Lane 
Lisa Renee Weaver cum laude 
Keith Marion Weglarz 
James White 
Robert Lee White, Jr. cum 

Marc V. Whitley* 
Misty Dawn Whittington* 
Ronald Thomas Whittington 
Matthew Paul Wilkins 
Brian John Williams 
Elizabeth Marlene Williams 
Margaret A. Williams cum 

Matthew C. Williamson 


Matthew Wayne Williamson 

Howard E. Wilson, Jr. 

Glenn Allen Wise 

Paul Wojcik 

Gilbert Eugene Wood aim 

Mathis Sheradon Woods 
William Paul Woolard 
Shonda Deneise Wyatt 
Dock Yancey 
Randy Merle Yoder 
Samuel W. Zabrdac 
Paul Zagata magna aim laude 
Daniel Raymond Zahlman 

aim laude* 
Russell Robert Zander 
Joseph Perry Zirkle magna 

aim laude 

Associate in Applied 

Tad Lee Anglin 

Jeffrey Paul Aranyos summa 

aim laude 
Nathan Harrison Arnold aim 

Miranda Faith Hill Barnes* 
Omar Barraza 
Philippe N. Baumgart 
Adam A. Boukal 
Zachary William Briner aim 

Chelsea Jenee Bryant 
Michael Todd Culley 
Desi Lamont Dennis magna 

aim laude* 
Joel Patrick Dejong 
Michael Joseph Freitag 
Bradley James Garvin* 
Michael Andrew Grube 
Cory Matthew Hall 
Joel Lawrence Hanson 
Matthew William Harrison 
George Richard Harsey 
Raymond Scott Hawkins 
Chris Allen Heiden, Jr. 
Heather Dee Holbrook 
Matthew David Howes aim 

Christopher Michael Jones 
Timothy Scott Kemper 
Debby D. Kent cum laude 
Brent Matthew Koertge cum 

Amanda Lee Kruse summa 

cum laude 
Sarah Beth Leffelman summa 

aim laude 

Stephen Andrew Lewis magna 

cum laude 
Stacy Marie Linnemann 
Patrick Michael Malacarne 

magna cum laude 
Kenneth Martin Mattes 
Anthony J. McDonald 
Jennifer Lynne Mclntyre 
Richard Allan Norwood aim 

Scott Michael Palanos 
Eric Robert Peters 
Jared David Pryer cum laude 
Theodore Joseph Rake III 
Kevin Douglas Richardson 
MaLee Ann Ruth cum laude* 
Kristopher Todd Saxsma cum 

Thomas Patrick Scheu 
Joseph Paul Schmitt 
Mark V. Shah 
Cory Michael Smith cum 

Brian Richard Sommers 
Brian Richard Spears 
Anthony Paul Steffensen cum 

Scott William Vandeloo 
Lisa Therese Vodin aim laude* 
Kristie Lynn Rique 

Heather Anne Whitaker aim 

Matthew Paul Wilkins 
Maciej Marek Wiltowski 

magna cum laude 
Glenn Allen Wise 
Bryan Wright, Jr.* 
Daniel Raymond Zahlman 

cum laude* 


College of Business 
and Administration 

Dan Worrell, Dean 
Cathy Lumbattis, Marshal 
James King, Usher 
Julie Sobery, Usher 
Linda Seibert, Reader 

Bachelor of Science 

Mohd. Ardie bin Abd. Sallam 
Mahmmoud W. Abdel-Jabbar 
Kimmie Jo Acree 
Tomomi Akamine 
Ayanna Nailah Allen 
Christina Marie Allen 
Marlene L. Allen cum laude* 
Namy Hussein Alsharif 
Adam J. Alstott 
Rajae Amri 
Jeffrey W. Anderson 
Scott Becker Andrews 
Syaiful I. Baderi 
Matthew Robert Ballent 
Ahmed Mohammed Bashrahil 
Michael Joseph Beal 
Marc Edmund Bechler 
Jared Ray Beckman 
Nona V. Behnke 
Zineb Benbrahim 
Troy Berndt 
Barbara A. Berry 
Robert Thomas Beverly 
Mitchell Dale Boulier 
Scott M. Boyd 
Garett David Braun 
Melissa Lynn Broy 
Jani Fletcher Bryant 
Charles Gale Bushong cum 

Roberto Cera, Jr. 
Ming Wei Chai** 
Kevin M. Chenault 
Natalie Neshea Childs 
Torica S. Clegg 
William Edward Colstad 

summa cum laude* 
Connie Lynn Coniglio 
Jamie Lynn Cunningham cum 

Denise Latrice Davis 
Alex Jerome Deterding 
Ali Dibooglu 
Summer Dawn Dillow 
Jennifer Lynn Dixon 

Nadia Douch 
Matthew Richard Duffy 
Imad El Filali 
Edward Michael Feeley 
Brandon P. Ferris* 
Alice E. Foley cum laude 
Brian J. Foster 
Matthew James Friel 
Munirah Mandisa-Tabia Frye 
Takuma Fujii 
Jennifer Nicole Furlow 
Shana Kay Gleason 
Timothy E. Glover 
Cietta Lynn Gower* 
Vanessa Ashley Grimes 
Kristopher Raymond Guye 
Lance Edward Haas** 
Daniel William Hall 
Drew T. Hamilton 
Mahasin Jamillah Haqq 
Mark A. Harkert 
Campaniana Johnnie Harper 
Daniel Lee Harre 
Leo M. Hawkins 
Heather Elaine Hayes 
Michael J. Heckner 
Monique Cherise Hicks 
Jason David Highland 
David Andrew Hill 
Phenique Renee Hitchcock 
Micah Lynn Hoisington cum 

Algie G. Hollie 
Ryan Matthew Horsley 
Frank Joseph Hoyner 
Tajiddin I. Jabbar 
Thabiti Z. Jacobs 
Kenneth James Johnson 
Kawanya L. Jones 
Margaret Susan June 
Krista Marie Karcher summa 

aim laude* 
Chikage Kato 
Trisha Denise Kays summa 

cum laude 
Ryan P. Kelsey 
Lillian Aleen Kenton 
Jay Christopher Keppler 
Brian E. Kerley 
Jared Robert Kitchene 
Stephen C. Koenig 
Christopher John Kohlrus 
Carla Patricia Kuester 
Andre Langston 
Sumrall Yomeko Latrice 
Branden Lee 
Douglas Ryan Lewis 
Rachel Renee Logan 

Justin Michael Long 
Andre Kwamane Marshall 
Steven W. Mathis 
Renee Ann Medlen 
Matthew Scott Melton 
David Gerardo Mercado** 
Alicia Catherine Mestling 
Matthew Antwaun Milam 
Richard Dale Minick, Jr. 
Tanna Jo Morgan 
Geoffrey William Murray 
Lincoln Andrew Nation 
Tori Lind Niemann 
Tracy LaNette Odeneal 
Juan Antonio Ortiz, Jr. 
Jennifer Denise Owen 
Laura Anne Owens cum laude 
Keith M. Paprocki 
Min-Jin Park 
Scott J. Pate 
Vishal Maganlal Patel 
Gabrielle Patrick 
John M. Petrucha 
Elizabeth Lily Pilcher 
Mary G. Pinnon 
Jason Miguel Powell 
Jin Seung Ra* 
Ryan Jameson Ray 
Kimberly Kaye Richardson 
Shenetha Nicole Roberson 
Kirsten J. Saari* 
Martin Phillip Saso III 
Jennifer Ann Schober 
Yeok Chee Seah 
Jake Dean Seaman 
John Richard Seremak 
Purvi J. Shah 
Rosalyn Ann Shannon 
Jason Lee Shaw 
Michele Lynn Sheets 
Leslie Ann Simmons* 
Tiffany Monique Smith 
Heather Dawn Smithpeters 
Kimberly KaTrice Spears 
Cody Ray Stacey 
Jami Sue Steckenrider 
Ryan Lewis Stookey 
Andrea L. Suwalski 
Toni Lynn Tabor 
Kong Long Tan* 
LaQuisha Shante Thomas 
Curt Michael Thompson 
Ben Dale Timmermann 
Kevin Lee Tuthill 
Angeline Rose Vaughan 
Danielle Lynn Vercruysse* 
Mark Charles Waits 
Aza Omar Walker 


Christopher L. Walker Lisa Ann Weyer Shari D. Wright 

Kyre Donsell Webb David Edward Williams Karli E. Zerrusen cum laude* 

Marvin Bradley Webb Jason Curry Williams 

Jeremy Ryan Welch Wayne Russell Wozniak* 


College of Education 

Keith HillKirk, Dean 
Kathleen Welshimer, Usher 
Elaine Jurkowski, Reader 

Bachelor of Science 

Amy Sue Adams 
Agustin Aguirre 
DeAaron L. Alexander, Sr. 
Michael James Allen cum 

Myra C. Allen 
Pamela Renee Allen 
Edward Keith Alsip 
Hector Alvarez cum laude 
Mark E. Alverson summa cum 

Kenneth Ray Ambrose 
Robert C. Amburgey 
Raymond H. Andel 
Clemia Anderson, Jr. 
William Anderson 
William Alan Anderson* 
Todd Deveral Annett 
Patrick Anthony Archuleta, Sr. 

cum laude 
Christie Huffman Arehart 
Ariel Arenado 
Samuel Arredondo, Jr. cum 

John Edgar Artz, Jr. 
Rick David Arvidson 
Loretta Ann Woods Ashworth 
Nadene Louise Austin 
Nia Nicole Austin 
Arcadio Avalos, Jr. 
Aninze Awanna 
Stevia Wayne Babers, Jr. 
Christopher Lee Bachochin 

cum laude 
Rhonda Marie Bair cum laude 
Donald Louis Baker cum laude 
Terry Joe Ball 
Ted Banks 
Angela D. Banner 
Brian D. Bansemer summa 

cum laude 
Linda Wiles Barclay 
Michelle Kay Barnes 
Tabitha May Barsky cum laude* 
Denise Basler 
Devona A. Bass 
Kent Harris Bastian cum laude 
LaNette T. Battle 
Dawn Marie Bauer 

Denise Anna Bauer summa 

cum. laude 
Timothy Lane Bazzle magna 

cum laude 
Robert Keith Beauregard 

summa cum laude 
Tiffany Raye Beechem 
Melissa Rose Beer 
Edwina K. Bellamy 
Megan Colleen Beller 
Larry Allen Bernardoni 
Leah Christine Besse 
Lester James Bethel aim laude 
Montgomery Scott Bishop 
Kimberly A. Bivins 
David Calvin Blackford 
Ernesto Tanellie Sunny 

Jennifer Rachel Blackman 
Danny Lee Blakely 
Angela Kay Blanchard magna 

cum laude 
Jessica B. Blanchard* 
Karen Margaret Bligh magna 

cum laude 
Lori Anne Blythe 
Scott Wilhelm Boesenhofer 
Frankie Ann Borden cum laude 
Amy Lynn Borders 
Michael Alden Boughton 

summa cum laude 
Kevin L. Boyd 
Tammy Lou Brandon 
Marie A. Brasher cum laude 
Scott Allen Breeding summa 

cum laude 
Jon Douglas Brenegan 
Eloise Bridges 
Troy Lee Bridges 
Sandra Gail Bright 
Lisa Brittain 
Christina Jean Brody 
Thor Hollis Brooks cum laude 
Christian Robert Brown 
Craig Alan Brown* 
Michael Stanley Bruzan 

magna cum laude 
Brandon Luther Buckley 

magna cum laude 
Earl L. Burgess, Jr. 
Donald Slade Burke cum laude 
Luanne Dunn Burkett 
Damien Lamar Butler 
Delta Lashon Butler 
Christopher J. Byrne 
Michael Lee Cain 
Bernadette Nina Campbell 
Jimmy Marvin Campbell 

Jamie Renee Canada cum 

Andrew R. Capps 
Gregory Kevin Carlson cum 

Nancy Grayce Carnall 
Eddie F. Carr 
Irvin Carter, Jr. 
Jonas Doyle Carter aim laude 
Douglas A. Carwile 
Rodney W. Cast 
Joseph Catalino, Jr. 
John Carl Cathey 
Angel Laplana Catindig 
Roberto M. Causey aim laude 
Gerson Anthony Cedeno, Jr. 

magna aim laude 
William C. Chambers 
Amy Leigh Chancey 
Roger Lewis Chaney 
James Francis Chapman 
Carl A. Chisolm 
Carly Elizabeth Clark cum 

Melissa Kay Clark 
Jerry Cliff 

Ronald Eric Cline cum laude 
Kelli Michelle Cluster- 

Thelma Latrice Cohen 
Sandra K. Collins 
Sonia C. Collins 
Jose A. Colon-Santiago 
Amy Marie Connor* 
Sean Patrick Conway 
Terri LeAnn Cook 
Tiffany L. Cooksey 
Kenneth Augustus Cooper 
Barry Wright Cordwell 
Schinova Cory 
Carla Culp Coury magna cum 

Brandy Ann Cox* 
Charles Shain Crank 
Mary Elizabeth Crawford 
Annie G. Croft cum laude 
Allen J. Crombar 
Megan Leigh Cunningham 
Heather Frances Curry 
Tonya Lee Dahlstrom summa 

cum laude 
James Dallas cum laude 
Eugene S. Dairy mple cum 

Paul James Dasilva magna 

aim laude 
Kammy Kae Davis 
Kara Sue Davis 


Paul Everett Davisson cum 

Arthur G. De Luna cum laude 
Donna B. Dean magna cum 

Lisa Dechy 
Michael John Dehnert aim 

Kelley Sue Deichman 
Mark Allen Denzer 
Brian S. Devlin 
Paul Barry DeLong cum laude 
Cara Christina DeMarco 
Thomas Joseph DeVany 
Jacqueline Dickens 
Elizabeth Anne Diebolt 
Mary A. Dierker 
Angela Doerge 
Cassandra Ann Dollard 
Keri Lynn Donaldson 
Timothy Mark Dow 
Arthur D. Dread 
Jennifer Nicole Duckworth 
George Michael Dudley 
Joshua D. Dunbar 
Charles Brian Dunkle 
Robert Dunning summa cum 

Natia I. Durms 
David L. Dyson summa cum 

Sunshine Alena Dzierzynski 
Michael John Dzingleski 
Lonnie Alexander Easter 

magna cum laude 
Glenn Clark Easterling magna 

cum laude 
Amanda Lynn Eddington 
Robert A. Edgar aim laude 
Michael Joseph Edwards 
Thomas Robert Eichelkraut 
Harold Ray Eisner 
Steven Clark Elkins 
Lisa Gayle Ellet 
Cindy Jo Elliott magna aim 

Tammy Kay Elliott 
Catherine Leigh Elson 
Audra Epperheimer* 
Anthony Lee Epps summa cum 

Christopher James Erickson 

magna cum laude 
Corazon V. Espanol 
Franklin Delano Everett, Jr. 
John A. Fair cum laude 
Tyrie Lavyal Fant 
Louise Farias 

Deidre Nicole Feeny 
Luzvirninda Felizardo 
Kris S. Fenton magna cum 

Elaine Marie Ferguson cum 

Quiana LaDosha Ferguson 
Elizabeth Ann Fields 
Alison Elaine Fischer 
Valerie Rose Fisher 
Anthony Louis Fitts 
Richard Blair Fitzgerald cum 

Gail Marie Fitzsimmons cum 

Thomas Paul Flaws 
Joseph Carl Flegel 
Felicia Flippen 
John Jermain Florence 
Crystal Latoy Flowers* 
Bryan Jay Folk cum laude 
Kamilah D. Fonza 
Andrew James Forbes magna 

cum laude 
Gary Thomas Ford 
Joyce P. Forest 
Wilma Lawana Fortune 
Christopher Charles Foshay 
Kristie Ann Foster 
Anne Nicole Fowler 
Robert Lee Freeman 
Natalie Fridy-Amenhauser 
James Bret Fruge 
Rodrigo Nicolas Fulgencio 

cum laude 
Demita Rena Furnner 
Guy Raymond Gagnon cum 

Darryll A. Galloway cum laude 
Bonnie Garcia 
Jose Javier Garcia 
David Rafael Garza cum laude 
Gregory S. Garza 
Debra Marie Gates 
Janice Lynn Gaubatz* 
Christopher John Geis 
Amber Linn Geiselman 
Matthew S. Geske 
Alice B. Gibbs 
Bryan James Gilbreath aim 

Stephen Herschal 

William Andrew Goethe cum 

Charisse Sarita Goins 
Kristina M. Golichowski 
Guido Anibal Gonzalez 

Shandra C. Gosha 
Cheryl Lynne Graber 
Ericka L. Graham 
Mark A. Graham summa cum 

Leo Michel Grassi 
Rhodetta Cynthia Grasty cum 

Edward Christopher Graves 
Michael Joseph Greaves 
Andrew James Green magna 

cum laude 
Anne Christine Green 
Richard Roy Green 
Sharla R. Greiner cum laude 
Andrew Jeremy Grimes 
Julie Kristine Grumbach 
Edward Allen Gudas 
Terri Lynn Guerrazzi summa 

cum laude 
Grant W. Hagedorn magna 

cum laude 
Victoria L. Haines 
Polly Ann Hake 
Jurgen Hakert magna cum 

Amy Hall 
Cliff Antoine Hall 
Jennifer Lynn Hall 
Lisa Michelle Hankins 
Heather L. Hanson 
Tami Kay Hardesty 
Ashley Rae Harlan 
Clifton D. Harmon 
Lance Allen Harpel summa 

aim laude 
Edward Banks Harrell, Jr. 
Octavius Pierre Harris 
Thomas Lee Harris 
Toni Jane Harris 
Gail Allison Harry-Brantley 
Tracey Lynn Hartley 
James Dylan Hassert 
Jimmy Lee Hathaway 
Robert Hayeck 
Vevke Anthony Headd 
Andrew Robert Heck 
Teresa Michelle Heck 
Pamela Jean Helm 
Gordon Conrad Henderson 
Lillie Mae Henderson 
Jana Lynn Henne* 
Constance Jean Hernandez 
Jerad Michael Hernandez 
Melissa Kay Herr 
Carlos L. Herrera 
Casey Jake Heser 
Sean Colleen Heup aim laude 


Dan William Hiers, Jr. 
Michael Owen Higdon cum 

Eugene Oscar Hill 
Troy A. Hlad 
Elizabeth Hobbs 
Jason L. Hobbs* 
Christina Lynn Hoerchler 
Melanie Jean Holman cum 

Hattie Lorraine Holmes 
Sharon K. Horn cum laude 
Kirby D. Horrell 
George Albert Householder III 
Cameron Mitchell Hovenga 
Melissa Lynn Hubka 
Brian A. Hucker 
Charles Layfield Hudson, Jr. 
John Kennedy Hudson 
Barry Hastings Hurst 
Darryl L. Hurt 
Tammy R. Huskey-Torbett 
John F. Inman magna cum 

Darren Brooks Irwin cum 

Gladys Wanjeri Itotia 
Safiyyah Rahman Ivory 
Brian Keith Jackson 
Deidre Dale Jahraus cum laude 
Andres S. Jaime 
Nina Jairam 
Tricia Gray James 
David Lawrence Jarmoluk 
Douglas Brian Jauch 
Gregory P. Jeanty 
Kedra J. Jeralds 
Jennifer Jetter magna cum 

Charles Johnson 
Klynton Kyle Johnson 
Rebecca Susan Johnson 
Ruth Johnson 
Linda Davis Joiner 
Latressa Michell Jollevet 
Donna Michelle Jones-Lewis 
Stanley C. Jones 
Stephanie Lee Jones 
Lydia C. Joshway 
Larry Arnold Joslyn 
Roy Edward Judon 
Jennifer Ann Kabat 
Teresa O. Karsten 
Cynthia Marie Kavanagh 
John Patrick Keenan 
Christopher Patrick Kelly 
Johndale Raymone Kelly* 

Steven Wesley Kennedy 

summa cum laude 
Daniel Lewis Keplinger cum 

Kris tine Ann Kessler summa 

cum laude 
David L. Kester 
John Alexander King 
Kristy Lynn King 
Sherry Ann King cum laude 
Obediah Kirven Junior 
Michael Thomas Klimek 
Rachel Teresa Klus magna cum 

Kevin Michael Knight 
Ronald E. Knowles magna 

cum laude 
Kimberly Ann Kostecki 
Joseph David Krause 
Stephanie Beth Krauss cum 

Donald Sherwood Kreig 
Sean Wesley Kroll* 
John Garcia Kupo 
Cynthia Rae Kvamme 
Carl Renier Kyle magna cum 

Jennifer Renee La Berge cum 

Richard Laffin 
Kimberly Dawn Langa* 
Ramune Zita Lange 
Courtney Rae Langrehr 
Eric Wright Larson 
Richard W. Lascelles cum 

Droso A. Lauithi cum laude* 
Sonja Renae LaCaze 
Anthony Dondell Lee cum 

Barbara Anderson Lee 
David William Levy cum laude 
Bradley Lloyd Lewis 
Larry Tyrone Lewis 
Manuel Clarence Leyva 
Carrie W. Liles 
Sarah Marie Lindsay cum 

Gary Allen Lipscomb magna 

cum laude 
John Thomas Little 
Emily Rosa Locke 
Susan Elisabeth Logan- 
Carol Denise Long summa 

cum laude 
Katherine Lopez 

Sandra Christine Lopez 

magna cum laude 
Cynthia A. Lovins 
William Keith Lowry 
Page Elaine Johson Lutchman 
Michael John Luzzo 
Michael Patrick Mahoney 
Karen Latosia Malone 
Thomas Malone 
Twana Malone 
Robert Carl Maloy 
William David Mamer* 
David Anthony Marchini 
Allison Diane Marler 
Bruce Orlando Martin 
James Arthur Martin 
John Anthony Martin 
Paul Wade Martin 
Joseph Matthew Mason 
Sheilla Ellen Mason 
Ryan Scott Masters 
Cynthia O. Matthews 
Sharon Ann Matthews 
Amber Aliese Mayfield 
Merrill Ray Maynard 
Stephen Peter Mazzola 
Ashley Dawn McAdow 
Bobby L. McAlister 
Salee W. McCalla 
Margaret Anne Sheehy 

Curtis T.G. McCrimmon 
Amy Christine McDaniel 
Kristal Lynn McElravy 
Rosaline McFadden-Swann 
Amber Lynn McFadden** 
Maria Dejesus McGee cum 

Jerry D. McGowan aim laude 
Katherine Elizabeth McKillip 

cum laude 
Linda Joy McKinley 
Katherine Constance McLeod 

summa cum laude 
Charlene Loretta McMillan 
Michael Anthony McPherson 
Julie Anne McRoy* 
Patrick K. Meek* 
Tara Lee Metternich 
Ceason Ann Middleton* 
Jessica Grace Mieling 
Barbara Jeanette Milo 
Jeffery Sheldon Miner magna 

cum laude 
Susan Kay Mizeur 
Shannon Marie Mogolis 
Tulla Mollas cum laude 
Jennifer L. Monaco 


Jason Aaron Moore 
Michele Lee Moore 
Pedro Lamont Moore 
Jasmine C. Morales 
Matthew Jon Moran cum laude 
Charles William Morgan aim 

Cynthia Marie Morgan magna 

aim laude 
Patricia B. Morgan 
Natasha Stefanie Mosley 
Rodney R. Moss, Jr. 
Kim Lorraine Motta 
Curt D. Mowrer 
Deborah Muhammad 
Debra Deneice Muhammad 
Stacia Renee Munson 
Kent Wayne Munz magna aim 

Duane Marvell Murdock 
Samuel Avery Murphy 
Thomas Joseph Murphy 
David L. Myers summa aim 

Tammy S. Myers aim laude 
Patrick Sean Nash magna aim 

Amanda Gail Neathery aim 

John Garland Nevitt 
Edward Paul Nickel 
Jeffrey Robert Nix 
Robyn J. Norris 
William Edward Nugent 
Kyle Andrew Nyseth 
Elizabeth Joan O'Brien magna 

aim laude 
Dylitchrous A. Odom 
Elizabeth Leah Victoria Ogle 
Leslie Howard Ortiz cum 

Lyle L. Ostrander cum laude 
Zowadi Renee Owens 
Steven Christopher Pace 
David Andrew Palecek 
James Trey Palmer 
Danny J. Paredes 
Richard Kevin Parker 
Jill Monique Parkey 
Melanie D. Parks 
Mikel Lee Parrish magna cum 

Kenneth Joseph Parte 
Joseph G. Paulino 
Nelson Edward Payne 
Tara Renee Peas cum laude 
Lori Michelle Pemberton cum 


Paul J. Pena 

Carlos Edwin Perezcastro 

Dwayne Perry 

Jack Michael Peters cum laude 

Michael Anthony Petersen 

summa cum laude 
Codie A. Peterson* 
Steve George Pfohl 
Donna Marie Phillips* 
Maxine M. Phillips 
Yvonne Renee Phillips 
Ruon Phlong 
Barry W. Pifer 
Debra Lynn Pisauro 
Clint D. Poole 
Brooke Marie Powell 
Bruce Kurtis Powers magna 

cum laude 
Bridgette Denise Pratt 
Thomas Michael Price 
Juan F. Prieto 
Addie Danielle Pumphrey 
Sandra Lynn Puntney 
Donnie James Rabon cum 

Terra Lynn Razo 
James Dean Reeder aim laude 
Karen Jeanne Reese 
William D. Reinburg, Jr. 
Sherri Serton Rencher 
Robert John Residori 
Jennifer Lynn Reuss 
Manuel Rogelio Reyes, Jr. 
Thomas Charles Reynolds 

cum laude 
Robert Ribeiro 
Claudia J. Richard magna cum 

Marsha Ann Richards 
Pamela Compton Ridgway 

aim laude 
Daniel Leonard Rightnour 

magna cum laude 
Richard I. Rivera 
Charles James Roberts, Jr.* 
Donald Eugene Roberts aim 

Misty Michele Roberts 
Ron Christopher Roberts 
Toni Dayle Roberts* 
Calvin L. Rockward, Jr. 
Jeffrey Alan Rodeffer 
Luis Francisco Rodriguez cum 

Stephanie Leigh Rodriguez 
Alicia Marie Roesch* 
June Marie Rogers 
Thomas James Roman 

Sheri Erin Rosen 

Wayne Eugene Ross magna 

cum laude 
Cipriano A. Rougemont 
Jeffrey Paul Roy 
Cindy Lea Rubenacker 
Jacqueline Rubin 
Arden Joy Rudolf 
Joseph J. Sabia, Jr. cum laude 
Emma C. Salas cum laude 
Michael H. Sanders 
Suzanne Lynn Sanders 
Nicole Jessica Sanford 
Danette Elizabeth Saunders 
Phillipe F. Savereux 
Curt August Schermerhorn 
Kevin James Schirm 
Paula A. Schlenker aim laude 
Judith Ann Schneider 
Miranda Leigh Schneider 
Traci Lynn Schneider 
Dale Eugene Schneidt aim 

Jaime Leah Schrader 
Mitchell Peter Schreiber 
Katherine M. Schull 
Dean E. Schulmeister, Jr. 
Steven R. Schutrum summa 

aim laude 
Lynn Harrison Scott 
Robert Lowell Scott, Jr. 
Shaun V. Scott 
Audrey Autumn Semrau 
Neil Rehm Seufert 
Sondra Shackelford 
Morgan Lee Shannon 
Wendy Lynn Sharp-Becker 

magna cum laude 
Bruce H. Shaw 
David Andrew Shearer 
Catherine Colleen Shurtleff 
Gina M. Simoncelli 
Emily Jo Simpson 
Michael William Sistek 
Charles Joseph Skorczewski 
James Ellis Slade 
Marcus Trent Slade 
Kelvin W. Slaton 
Jessie Quillen Slaughenhaupt 

magna aim laude 
Andre Lamar Smith 
Darlene Faye Smith magna 

aim laude 
Dina Jo Smith 
Donna Jo Smith* 
Jeffrey Wallace Smith 
Kendra S. Smith magna cum 



Michelle Lynn Smith aim 

Patrick Darrell Smith cum 

Richard Alan Smith 
Shanda Lenneka Smith 
Debra White Solomon 
Erik Roger Solomon 
Jason Gregory Spannagel aim 

Korvetta Elise Spencer* 
Winston George Spencer 

magna cum laude 
Stacey Lynn Sperry 
Royal Joseph Spragio III 

summa cum laude 
Shayna Alison Staggs 
Elizabeth A. Stanford 
Amanda J. Stanley 
Jennifer Joann Stearns magna 

cum laude 
Eugene R. Steiman 
Lisa Ann Stein 
Brian J. Stephens magna cum 

Rollins Willard Stewart III 
John William Stillman, Jr. cum 

Nancy M. Straight 
Bradley Kevin Strayer 
Patricia Annette Streeter 
Jeffery L. Strong magna cum 

Stephaney Shaye Stroud cum 

Adam Lee Stuhr 
Catherine V. Suggs 
Danell Lyn Sumila 
Tara Lea Talley 
Melissa Anne Taylor summa 

cum laude 
Norris Randell Taylor 
Stanley Taylor 
Teresa M. Taylor 
Teresa Sue Taylor 
Christina Melinda Terbrak 
Arlene E. Terry cum laude 
Jayde Anita Theobald cum 

Rebecca Corliss Thies cum 

Char la J. Thomas 
Jacqueline Rene Thomas 

Scott Duane Thomas 
Jared Lee Thompson 
Justin Mark Thorlton 
Cheryl L. Thormahlen 
Michele Tinault 
Ebonie Dione Tolbert 
Kimberly K. Tolcou 
Marlon Tolentino 
Cheryl Olivia Tomlinson 
Walter Toney cum laude 
Matthew (Eric) Totten magna 

cum laude 
Gregory DeVon Turner 
Brian Scott Tyler 
Amy Urch 
Kate Tullock Utter 
Cindy Lynn Van Hoesen 
Donna Faye Van Middendorp* 
Robert Joseph Van Oss cum 

Tina S. Vancil* 
Candice Y. Vanderford cum 

William J. Vankuik cum laude 
Michelle R. Varvil 
Zeppelyn Dawn Venable* 
Frank Vincent Vicari* 
Jose Manuel Vidrio 
Andrea Felice Vigil 
Fritz Von Rettberg 
Timothy Scott Waites 
Erica Nicole Walden 
Christina Marie Wall 
Kelli Lyn Walters 
Todd Philip Wangenheim 
Russell Edward Ward 
Michelle Nicole Ware 
Francisco Roland Warner cum 

Tameeka L. Washington 
Daniel Lennie Watson summa 

aim laude 
William Randall Wayman 
Bryan Charles Wayne aim 

Wendy L. Wear 
James Ephraim Weaver 
Barbara Jean Webb 
James Paul Webb, Jr. 
Thomas John Webb* 
Sarah Beth Weeks* 
Lynn Marie Weimer* 
LaSonda Wells 

Angela Jean West 
Carlene A. West 
Melvin Leon West cum laude 
Elisa W. Westberry cum laude 
James William Westhead, Jr. 

cum laude 
Terrence Edward Weston 
Michael Lynn Wetzel 
L. Elizabeth Wheeler 
Angela Fulcher White 
Robert C. White magna cum 

Jennifer Leigh Whitehead 
Alphonso Kenneth Whitener 
Bart Joseph Wiedman 
Anthony Lee Williams 
Anton Maurice Williams 

magna cum laude 
Carey J. Williams aim laude 
Edward Bernard Williams 
Gather Williams II 
Karla J. Williams 
Kylie Kae Williams 
Nikita LaShawn Williams 
Troy Williams aim laude 
Clyde V. Williamson 
Rebecca Eve Williamson 
Andrew Wayne Willis cum 

William Anthony Wilson 
Steven Andrew Wimmer 
Beth Ann Windier magna cum 

Libbye J. Windom 
Micki M. Winskill 
Tammy Renae Winters 
Beth Ann Wise cum laude 
Brian Wayne Wiseman 
Steven Todd Wisnoski aim 

Kimberly Jane Witt 
Amy Kathleen Wittmeyer 
Joel Gregory Wolfe summa 

cum laude 
Joyce Marie Smith Woodbury 
Janet K. Woolsey 
Tina Danette Wright 
Earl D. Wyatt, Jr. aim laude 
Bobby Lee Young 
Ronald David Young, Jr. 
Stephanie Lynn Young 
Gregory August Zmudzinski 
Clayton Omar Zook 


College of Engineering 

George Swisher, Dean 
Nazeih Botros, Marshal 
Bruce DeRuntz, Usher 
Bruce DeVantier, Reader 

Bachelor of Science 

Franklin Martin Adams cum 

Stewart C. Adams 
Paul Bryant Adkison II cum 

Gabriel Hernandez Alvarado 
Tad Lee Anglin 
Richard W. Archambeau 
Douglas H. Ashcraft 
Christopher Michael Bacon 

magna aim laude 
Dallase Marcell Baker 
William Walter Baker 
Christopher Wallace Baldwin 
Charles Wayne Barner magna 

cum laude 
William Gerard Barnes 
Donald Arthur Bauer 
Denise R. Berolatti 
Kevin James Berry 
William James Berry 
Brian M. Bevard 
Kyle Allen Biggs 
Barry J. Blevins 
Joshua E. Blythe 
Eugene Boan 
David W. Bond 
Raymond N. Bosek 
Cyrus Leon Bracey, Jr. 
Michael J. Brandon 
Frank Brooks 
Nevin S. Brown 
Michael Chad Buettner 
Billie Wayne Bunting magna 

aim laude* 
Nathaniel J. Butler 
Timothy Wayne Carlisle 
Matthew Peter Carlo 
Ian Christopher Carney cum 

Jeffrey H. Carrington 
Aric Clifton Carter aim laude 
Carlton Carter 
Douglas Gunnar Carter 
David Paul Castens aim laude 
John Charalambides 
David Lee Clark 

Lawrence O. Clark, Jr. cum 

Ruby Lee Clemens 
John Michael Cochran 
Ernest Jay Coffman 
Eric John Cook 
James Ray Cordell, Jr. 
Phillip L. Cony 
Dwight Stinson Cox 
Kenneth Wayne Cracco cum 

Joseph Frederick Cronauer 
Alfredo Enrique Cuenca 
Corey Allan Dagner 
Scott Allen Damewood 
Daniel Lee Dault 
Michael Vinod De Costa 
Gary Wayne Deering cum 

Gildardo Berrellez Delgado, Jr. 
Avramis Despotis 
William Thomas Devries 
John D. DeCillo 
Feroze Faroukh Dhunjisha 
Antoine James Dixon 
Benjamin Charles Downing 
Timothy Edward Drumm 
Janet Louise Easterday cum 

John A. Edwards 
Rex Lee Eisenhauer cum laude 
Mohamed Abdulla Elazab 
Denise Ann Elliott cum laude 
Bashar M. Elrefai 
Alan W. Ferguson 
Kenneth Alan Fields 
David Charles Steven Freeman 
William A. Fuller, Jr. 
Ronnie G. Galvan 
Frank Jude Garcia 
Gregory Gary 
Robert William Gates 
Miechelle Lee Gentzler 
Michael Wayne Gilder 
Mark C. Gray 
Darin L. Greeling 
Christopher A. Greer cum laude 
David Lonnie Gregory summa 

cum laude 
Nathan Robert Grodeon 
Kerry Michael Grooms 
Randall E. Gross 
Nathaniel Zadok Gustavson 

summa aim laude 
Steven William Haberman* ** 
Edward Hagood 
Carrie Ann Hahn 
Jennifer Justine Hamson 

Bryce Arthur Hart aim laude 

Brian Lloyd Harvill 

Charles Alester Headlam 

Quinn Victor- Wright Hill 

Tareq Yousef Hindi 

Byron J. Hinrichsen cum laude 

Zebadiah Dean Hoerbert 

David Ronald Hogan** 

Tony Hollins 

Stacey Lynn Hooks 

Tyna Jo Horn 

Jeffrey Carl Housmann 

Leslie J. Ho wells 

Steven A. Huntington aim 

Thang Due Huynh 
David Nelson Ibendahl aim 

Jill Amber Jackson cum laude* 
Haitham Jassem Jafar 
Larry Allan Jaques aim laude 
Brain Daniel Joachimsthaler 
David G. Jones 
Jeffrey Steven Jones 
Jason Vitug Julao 
Thomas S. Jun 
Yousef M.A. Khayyat 
Glenn D. Kailus 
Dan L. Kelley 
Matthew Douglas Kelsey 
Wenskus Kenneth 
Anthony Asher Kerr 
Mark Alan Kessler 
Robert Joseph Kinsella 
Bradford Kirk 
Dustin Joseph Krack 
Jay C. Kranz aim laude 
David Mark Lamme 
Kenny De Wayne Lawson 
Robert Allen Lee, Jr. 
Kristen May Little 
William Sherman Livingston, Jr. 
Kori Lynn Logan 
Jeremy M. Long 
Jimmy D. Long, Jr. 
Terrance Levell Lyles 
James Stephen Macier 
David Hermanuel Magnus 
Randy Edwin Malcolm 
Clayton Elijah Mallette 
Nicholas Alexander Marino 

cum laude 
Todd Andrew Martchek 
Randall Eugene Martin 
Charles J. Mastan 
Nathan David Mathews 
Andrew Dale McCallister aim 



Matthew Eugene McCormick 
Steven John McEvoy 
Robert Edward McGough 
Mark Patrick Mclnnis magna 

cum laude 
Robert A. Mclntire, Jr. 
Archie Joseph McKay III 
Nick Lee McKinney 
Heather Noel Meinert 
Nick Joseph Mersinger 
James L. Meyer cum laude 
Jimmy Dan Mitchell, Jr. 
Christopher Magner Moore 
Eve Marie Moyer cum laude 
Waheeda Taskeen 

Cary Alan Mundwiler 
Haitham K. Murad 
Dennis Patrick Naas 
Toan Bao Nguyen 
Stacey Neil Nichols cum laude 
Marc Alexander Nunn 
Timothy Shawen O'Brien 
Craig Dennison Osborne 
Brian Paul Otten cum laude 
Stephan Matthew Overton 
Daniel Patrick Owens 
Gezim Pani magna cum laude 
Mark Thomas Pariseau magna 

aim laude 
Valerie Sheryl Pegues 
Warren A. Pendergast 
Andrew James Peterson cum 

Craig W. Peterson 
Robert John Pew 
Mitchell Scott Phelps 
Robert C. Phillips 
Jules Edward Pienkos magna 

cum laude 
William C. Porter, Jr. 
Jason Ray Pranger 

Billie Marie Quam magna cum 

Glenn William Ray 
Bridget Michelle Reese 
Jeffrey C. Ribak 
Debra Ann Richerson 
Clint Edward Richter summa 

cum laude* 
Douglas Lee Robbins 
Robert M. Robertson 
Linda Lee Robillard cum laude 
John Alan Robinson 
Daniel Warren Rohrbach II 
William Anthony Rost 
Susan M. Ruff* 
Ryan Lee Rumler 
Patrick Michael Ryan 
Sara Beth Samson cum laude* 
Larry Maurice Savage, Jr. 
Lee Saylor 

William Gilbert Schefelbein 
Angela M. Schmidt summa 

cum laude 
Stephen Michael Schwartz 

magna cum laude 
David Charles Scott 
Wade David Hugh Scrivner 
George David Shepard magna 

cum laude* 
Richard Mark Simpson 
John L. Skinion 
Joseph N. Slater 
Robert Clay Slay den 
Kenneth Antonio Sleeter 
Koren Yumi Slone 
Aaron G. Smith 
Bryan Gene Smith 
James Douglas Smith 
Robert A. Sonnenberg 
Kevin Lamont Southward 
Luigi Joseph Spinillo 
Robert Milford Squires 

Adam John Stallman 
Gary Jason Stanley 
Edward Wayne Steele 
James Dee Steele 
Aaron Michael Steht 
Jesse Leroy Stevenson 
Trevor Larance Edward 

James Lawrence Stewart 
Ryan B. Stillman 
Scott Edward Strothmann 

cum laude 
Traci Lynn Sumner 
Jeffrey Robert Swearingen 

aim laude* 
James Robert Tate III 
Dean Andrew Taylor 
Jodi Lynn Taylor 
Timothy Charles Taylor 

magna cum laude* 
Ommar Beltran Then 
Lee Anne Thompson 
James A. Tippey 
Lee Henry Tolzdorf 
Hector C. Torres 
Keith Frederick Tousignant 

cum laude 
Peter M. Trapani 
Timothy De Wayne Turnage 
David Scott Van Middendorp 

cum laude* 
Brian J. VanMiddendorp 
Jamen Bruce V enable* 
Anthony Steven Vieu 
Stephen Ray Wagenschutz 

magna aim laude 
Christopher John Ward 
Jon J. Wedel magna cum laude 
Joseph Wayne Wilson 
Stephen Michael Wright 
Jamil Nihad Zahran 


Academic Regalia 

The academic regalia, consisting of cap, gown, and hood, originated about the 
twelfth century and was worn primarily for warmth. Later, the material of the 
gown and lining and shape of the hood represented the economic and social as 
well as the academic status of the wearer. 

In 1895, a commission of American educators established an inter-collegiate 
code for the academic regalia. This code, revised in 1932, 1969 and again in 1989, 
provides a comprehensive system of academic regalia for American colleges and 
universities. While the code specifies black gowns, foreign universities and a 
growing number of American universities have gowns of various colors. 

There are four types of gowns and hoods — the associate's, bachelor's, 
master's, and doctor's. The associate and bachelor's gowns are the same except 
for a slight difference in color, untrimmed and have a closed front and long 
pointed sleeves. Women may wear a white collar with the bachelor's gown when 
no hood is worn. 

The master's gown is untrimmed, may be worn open or closed, and has 
extremely long, closed sleeves with an opening at the wrist. The ends of the 
sleeves are square with an arc extending from the wrist opening to the square 
end. The doctor's gown may be worn open or closed and has round, bell-shaped 
sleeves. There are wide velvet borders down the front and three velvet bars on 
each sleeve; the borders and bars may be black or the color of the discipline of the 

The hood for each degree has a distinctive form. The master's hood is three 
and one-half feet in length with wider velvet edging and more of the lining 
exposed. The doctor's hood is four feet in length with the widest velvet edging 
and full exposure of the lining. Hoods are lined with the color(s) of the college or 
university conferring the degree. The color of the velvet edging identifies the 
discipline of the degree. 

The black mortarboard cap is standard in the United States, although soft tarns 
are worn at some universities. Tassels are usually black, except when no hood is 
worn, in which case the color of the tassel represents the field of study. Doctor's 
caps may have gold tassels. Upon conferral of the degree the tassel is worn on the 
left of the cap. Caps are considered part of the academic regalia and are 
customarily removed only during prayer, oath, or pledge, and then by men only. 


Colors of Tassels and Hoods 

In the United States the hood is edged with the color of the field of study and 
lined with the colors of the university conferring the degree. Southern Illinois 
University Carbondale's hoods are lined in maroon with a white chevron. Tassel 
and/ or velvet hood colors, representing the fields of study, worn by students and 
faculty in the academic processional are: 

Tassels (Undergraduate Colleges) 

Agriculture, Maize 

Applied Sciences and Arts, Orange 

Business and Administration, Drab 

Education, Light Blue 

Engineering, Orange 

Liberal Arts, White 

Mass Communication and Media Arts, Blue 

Science, Golden Yellow 

Hoods (Masters and Advanced Degrees) 

Agriculture, Maize 

Applied Sciences and Arts, Orange 

Arts, Letters and the Humanities, White 

Business and Administration, Drab 

Education, Light Blue 

Engineering, Orange 

Fine Arts, White 

Law, Purple 

Liberal Arts, White 

Mass Communication and Media Arts, Blue 

Music, Pink 

Philosophy, Dark Blue 

Public Administration, Peacock Blue 

Science, Golden Yellow 

Social Work, Citron Yellow 

Commencement Committee 2000-2001 

Serge Abrate 

Brian Atchison 

Terry Clark 

Ed Ford 

Diane Taub 

Jan Waggoner 

Walker Allen, Ex-Officio 

Published by the Office of Admissions and Records, Southern Illinois University Carbondale. 

Printed by Phillips Brothers Printers, Springfield, Illinois. 0012 7M 12/00 



The SIU Alumni Association 

The SIU Alumni Association is a worldwide organization dedicated to promoting 
Southern Illinois University, its students and alumni. The mission of the SIU 
Alumni Association is simple: to reveal to the world the excellence of Southern 
Illinois University Carbondale. The bond between you and your University lasts 
a lifetime, and the success of alumni and the institution can be enhanced when 
both take part in the relationship. 

Founded in 1896, the SIU Alumni Association now serves over 185,000 
alumni worldwide by publishing the quarterly magazine, Southern Alumni, and 
sponsoring alumni chapters, reunions, Homecoming and many other activities. 

Benefits you can receive with membership: 
Southern Alumni magazine (quarterly) 

Social and career networking opportunities through chapter and metro 
outreach programs and activities 
SIU Alumni Association decal 

Enjoy all of the benefits listed below. Services for which members are eligible: 
Help in locating SIU Friends 

Insurance Benefits at Group Rates Call 1-800-922-1245 for information 
Members' Long Distance Advantage Call 1-800-435-6832 for information 
SIU VISA Card (no annual fee) Call 1-800-FIRST USA for information 

Contact the Alumni Association to receive a membership application, and to 
tell them your news for consideration in the Southern Alumni magazine. 



SIU Alumni Association SIU Alumni Association 

Colyer Hall Mailcode 6809 Student Center 

Carbondale, IL 62901-6809 Southern Illinois University 

(618) 453-2408 Carbondale, IL 62901-6809 

Chicago Office: Phone (630) 574-7774 Ext. 2 
SIU Alumni Association 
100 Jorie Suite 351 
Oak Brook, IL 60521 


Southern Alma Mater 



jji 1 1 j j j 






Hail Al - ma 

Ma - ter 

South - em to 



mt r ^p 








Strong" thru the 

years you stand tri 





f p r r 














guide us 

ver life's 





p i i 



Lig-ht that can 




nev - er 

fail us 

Hail, hail to 







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