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Southern Illinois University 


May 11 and 12, 2001 


May 11 and 12,2001 

The commencement ceremony is an important occasion not only for you but for other 
graduates, families, and friends. Although it is a happy time, it should not be a time of 
revelry. Your conduct at the ceremony should be dignified. Alcoholic beverages may not 
be brought into either the SIU Arena or Shryock Auditorium either by degree candidates 
or guests. Security personnel will be on hand to deal with alcohol or other distracting 

Professional photographers will be taking two photographs of each graduate as he or she 
crosses the stage. Each graduate will receive a proof print of each of those shots at no 
charge, and will have the opportunity to purchase additional copies or various 
photograph packages at a reasonable cost. 

Southern Illinois University Carbondale 

When its doors were first opened in 1 874, Southern Illinois University Carbondale was a 
place where teachers and scholars believed that their graduates should be prepared to 
make useful contributions to the health and strength of society. This is still our intention. 
Outstanding departments, dedicated faculty, thorough and often inspired instruction, and 
a thoughtful blending of old wisdom with new knowledge have become the hallmarks of 
the University. 

Because this is true, we can point with pride to our alumni, many of whom are 
distinguished scholars, business leaders, artists, and public servants, and many more of 
whom are essential to organizations and communities throughout the nation. 
Knowing that classroom learning is only one facet of education, we help students learn to 
play through intramural sports, training in crafts, outdoor activities for individuals and 
groups, a variety of musical organizations; learn to help themselves through wellness 
education, physical fitness training, and counseling; learn to help others through 
fraternal, community service, political, and volunteer groups; learn to see and know their 
surroundings through hands-on projects, field trips, lectures, and excursions of their own. 
In encouraging students to explore the avenues and byways of knowledge and 
experience, our aim is to expand their view of the world in such a way that, while they 
focus on the particulars of their careers, they will be able to see their lives and their work 
in the broad context of the communities and the world. 

Board of Trustees 


Molly D'Esposito, Chair 

Gene Callahan, Vice Chair 

Harris Rowe, Secretary 

John Brewster 

Ed Hightower 

Mark Repking 

A. D. Van Meter, Jr. 

Jason Holzum, Student Trustee 

Ben Syfert, Student Trustee 

Home Town 










Term Expiration 


James E. Walker, President 
Southern Illinois University 

John S. Jackson, III, Interim Chancellor 
Southern Illinois University Carbondale 


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Southern Illinois University Carbondale... iii 

Board of Trustees iii 

Contents v 

Schedule of Commencement Ceremonies .. vi 

Distinguished Service Award .... 1 

Paul Simon 1 

Honorary Degree 3 

Oscar Arias 3 

Candidates for Degrees 5 

University Academic Honors 5 

Graduate School 6 

Doctor of Philosophy 7 

Doctor of Rehabilitation 9 

Master of Accountancy 9 

Master of Arts 9 

Master of Business Administration 10 

Master of Fine Arts 11 

Master of Music 12 

Master of Public Administration 12 

Master of Science 12 

Master of Science in Education 14 

Master of Social Work 15 

School of Law 17 

Juris Doctor 18 

College of Agriculture 20 

Bachelor of Science 21 

College of Applied Sciences and Arts 23 

Bachelor of Science 24 

Associate in Applied Science 28 

College of Business and Administration ....29 

Bachelor of Science 30 

College of Education and Human Services32 

Bachelor of Science 33 

College of Engineering 40 

Bachelor of Science 41 

College of Liberal Arts 44 

Bachelor of Arts 45 

Bachelor of Fine Arts 48 

Bachelor of Music 48 

Bachelor of Science 48 

College of Mass Communication and Media 
Arts 50 

Bachelor of Arts 51 

Bachelor of Science 52 

College of Science 53 

Bachelor of Arts 54 

Bachelor of Science 54 

Faculty/Staff Service Awards 2000-2001. ..56 

Air Force Reserve Officers Training 

Corps 59 

Army Reserve Officers Training Corps 59 

Academic Regalia 61 

Colors of Tassels and Hoods 63 

Commencement Committee 2000-2001 63 

The SIU Alumni Association 65 

Southern Alma Mater 66 

Schedule of Commencement Ceremonies 

Friday and Saturday, May 1 1 and 12, 2001 * 

Friday, SIU Arena 

5:00 P.M. College of Liberal Arts 

Saturday, SIU Arena 

8:30 A.M. College of Education and Human Services 
1 1 :00 A.M. College of Applied Sciences and Arts 
1 :30 P.M. College of Engineering 
4:00 P.M. College of Business and Administration 
7:00 P.M. Graduate School 

Saturday, Shryock Auditorium 

8:30 A.M. College of Science 
1 1:00 A.M. College of Agriculture 
1 :30 P.M. College of Mass Communication and Media Arts 
4:00 P.M. School of Law 


Distinguished Service Award 

Paul Simon 

Paul Simon was born November 29, 1928, in Eugene, Oregon. He attended the 
University of Oregon and Dana College in Blair, Nebraska. At the age of 19, Simon 
became the nation's youngest editor-publisher when he accepted a local Lion's Club 
challenge to save the Troy Tribune in Troy, Illinois, near St. Louis. He built a chain of 13 
newspapers in southern and central Illinois, which he sold in 1966 to devote full-time to 
public service and writing. 

Simon served two years, 1951-53, in the U.S. Army and was assigned to the Counter- 
intelligence Corps as a special agent along the Iron Curtain in Europe. 

He was elected to the Illinois House in 1954 and to the Illinois Senate in 1962. During 
his 14 years in the legislature, he won the Independent Voters of Illinois' "Best 
Legislator Award" every session. He was chief sponsor of the state's Open Meetings 
Law and of legislation creating the Illinois Arts Council, and he played a leading role in 
chartering the state's community college system. 

Simon was elected lieutenant governor in 1968 and was the first in the state's history 
to be elected to that post with a governor of another party. In that office he became the 
people's ombudsman and is widely credited with turning what had been a ceremonial 
position into one focused on making government better serve its citizens. 

After narrowly losing the 1972 Democratic gubernatorial primary to Dan Walker, 
Simon started the public affairs reporting program at Sangamon State University in 
Springfield, Illinois (now the University of Illinois at Springfield), and lectured during 
the 1972-73 school year at the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard 

Simon was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives in 1974 and served Illinois' 
22nd and 24th Congressional Districts for 10 years. During his service in the House, 
Simon played a leading role in drafting and enacting major legislation in a wide range of 
issue areas including education, disability policy and foreign affairs. He was chief 
sponsor of the Missing Children Act and of subsequent legislation that established the 
National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. He helped win passage of the bill 
that created both the Illinois-Michigan Canal National Heritage Corridor and the 
extension to Illinois of the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial, the national park 
associated with St. Louis' Gateway Arch. He was the chief House advocate for the 
nation's so-called "atomic veterans" and their families. Always known as an effective 
legislator, Simon, according to Time magazine, passed more amendments in 1983 than 
any other member of the House of Representatives. While in the House, he worked 
closely with former Speaker Newt Gingrich in establishing the office of house historian. 

In 1984, Simon upset three-term incumbent Charles Percy to win election to the U.S. 
Senate. In 1987-88, he sought the Democratic nomination for president. He won re- 
election to the U.S. Senate in 1990. Enacted education and job training laws Simon wrote 
include the National Literacy Act, the School-To- Work Opportunities Act, the Job 
Training Partnership Act amendments, several provisions of the Goals 2000 Act and the 
1994 reauthorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act. He was the 
leading Senate champion of the new direct college loan program. He was chief 
Democratic sponsor of the balanced budget amendment. The drive he spearheaded to 
curb television violence led to the first joint standards on violence by the broadcast 

networks, the Parental Advisory System and the new independent monitoring programs 
launched by the broadcast and cable networks in 1994. Legislation he initiated led to the 
designation of the first five federally chartered future, high-speed rail corridors, including 
the St. Louis-Chicago-Detroit/Milwaukee corridor. 

During his years as a public official, Paul Simon was known for exceptional 
constituent service. His office handled more cases each year than almost any other Senate 
office. He also was the Senate's pacesetter in convening town meetings. As a senator, 
Simon held more than 600 town meetings throughout the state, more than any U.S. 
senator from Illinois in the state's history. 

In November 1994, as Illinois' leading statewide Democratic officeholder and with 
the strongest political standing of his public service career, Paul Simon announced that 
he would retire from the Senate when his term expired January 3, 1997. 

Simon holds 52 honorary degrees and has written 19 books. He is currently a 
professor at Southern Illinois University, where he teaches classes in political science, 
history and journalism. Simon is also founder and director of the Public Policy Institute 
at the Carbondale campus. His service contributions are widespread and beneficiaries 
include academic departments, colleges, SIU, southern Illinois, the state, the nation, and 
the world. 

Senator Simon's most recent contributions to American society come through the 
action the Public Policy Institute has taken on major policy issues. The Institute's 
recommendations on addressing the proliferation of prison building in America without 
compromising public safety stirred interest in several states and at the national level. The 
Institute also convened religious leaders from throughout the nation, including Pat 
Robertson and the heads of the Unitarian-Universalist Congregations, to develop 
recommendations on how the religious community and individual churches could address 
poverty in America. Those recommendations have kindled interest throughout the nation 
and in the White House itself. The Institute has also focused on international issues such 
as the recent genocide in Rwanda and the evolving relationship between China and 
Taiwan. The Institute has gained a reputation for addressing tough issues and spurring 
action and is a direct link to a better future for the average American. 

In recognition of his outstanding achievements, service, and dedication, Southern 
Illinois University Carbondale finds it fitting and proper to present the Distinguished 
Service Award to Paul Simon. 

Honorary Degree 

Doctor of Humane Letters 

Oscar Arias 

Oscar Arias, former President of Costa Rica and 1987 Nobel Peace Laureate, holds 
international stature as a spokesperson for the Third World. Championing such issues as 
human development, democracy, and demilitarization, he has traveled the globe 
spreading a message of peace and applying the lessons garnered from the Central 
American Peace Process to topics of current global debate. The New York Times 
reported that Oscar Arias' "...positions on Central American issues have become the 
standards by which many people in Congress and elsewhere have come to judge United 
States policy." In a similar way, he has come to take a leading position in international 

Dr. Arias was born in Heredia, Costa Rica in 1940. He studied Law and Economics at 
the University of Costa Rica. His thesis, Grupos de Presion en Costa Rica (Pressure 
Groups in Costa Rica) earned him the 1971 National Essay Prize. In 1974, he received a 
doctoral degree in Political Science at the University of Essex, England. After serving as 
Professor of Political Science at the University of Costa Rica, Dr. Arias was appointed 
Costa Rican Minister of Planning and Economic Policy. He won a seat in Congress in 
1978 and was elected secretary-general of the National Liberation Party in 1981. In 1986, 
Oscar Arias was elected president of Costa Rica. 

Dr. Arias assumed office at a time of great regional discord. Despite the previous 
presidential administration's decision not to become embroiled in the growing conflict, 
Costa Rica's involvement seemed almost unavoidable. In the face of these threats, Arias 
intensified his efforts to promote peace. Before assuming the presidency, he traveled 
throughout Central and South America to personally invite the Latin American heads of 
state to visit Costa Rica for his presidential inauguration. On the day Arias took office, 
the presidents of nine Latin American countries met in San Jose. In this meeting Arias 
called for a continental alliance for the defense of democracy and liberty. He affirmed 
that all Central Americans were entitled to the same liberties and social and economic 
guarantees of democracy, that each nation had the right to select, through free and fair 
elections, the type of government that could best meet the needs and interests of its 
people, and that neither armies nor totalitarian regimes were entitled to make this 
decision. At that moment Costa Rica, led by Oscar Arias, assumed an active role in the 
search for democracy and peace for the countries of the region. 

In 1987, President Arias drafted a peace plan to end the regional crisis. Widely 
recognized as the Arias Peace Plan, his initiative culminated in the signing of the 
Esquipulas II Accords, or the Procedure to Establish a Firm and Lasting Peace in Central 
America, by all the Central American presidents on August 7, 1987. In that same year he 
was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. 

In 1988, Arias used the monetary award from the Nobel Peace Prize to establish the 
Arias Foundation for Peace and Human Progress. Under the auspices of the Foundation, 
three programs were established: The Center for Human Progress to promote equal 
opportunities for women and gender equality; the Center for Organized Participation to 
strengthen the participation and action of civil society in Central America; and the Center 
for Peace and Reconciliation to work for demilitarization and conflict resolution in the 
developing world. From these headquarters, Dr. Arias has continued his pursuit of global 
peace and human security. 

Dr. Arias has received honorary doctorates from universities such as Harvard, 
Washington, Illinois, Oviedo, Franklin and Marshall, and Southern Connecticut; the 

colleges of Dartmouth, Ithaca, and Quinnipiac; and several other prestigious educational 
institutions. He has also received numerous prizes, among them the Jackson Ralston 
Prize, the Prince of Asturias Award, the Martin Luther King Jr. Peace Award, the Albert 
Schweitzer Humanitarian Award, the Liberty Medal of Philadelphia, and the Americas 

Oscar Arias participates actively in several international organizations. He is the 
president of the International Press Service (IPS), and serves on the Board of Directors of 
the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI), the International Center 
for Human Rights and Democratic Development (ICHRDD), and the Institute for 
International Studies at Stanford University. Dr. Arias also serves on the Board for the 
Inter Action Council, the International Negotiation Network of the Carter Center, and 
Transparency International. In addition, he is an active member of the Commission on 
Global Governance, the Inter-American Dialogue, and the Society for International 

While Oscar Arias is best known for his international efforts, he was also lauded for 
his very capable management of the Costa Rican economy during his presidential term. 
Under his leadership, Costa Rica's economy thrived and served as a model for 
neighboring countries. The superior economic growth was balanced by a strong social 
welfare program which included, among other projects, an initiative to provide housing 
to the poor. 

Since the conclusion of his term of office in 1990, Dr. Arias has continued to be "a 
man of the people" promoting such innovative ideas as human security, human 
development, and global governance. By bringing human concerns to the forefront of the 
international agenda, he provides a crucial link between the impoverished South and the 
developed North, between the more politically stable West and a conflict-ridden East. To 
the people of industrialized countries, he carries a sincere message of solidarity and 
partnership, in order to initiate a new era of peace and prosperity for all human kind. 

An unequivocal example of this solidarity is shown in Dr. Arias' commitment to 
curtail the global arms trade. On May 29, he met with seven other Nobel Peace laureates 
to publicly unveil an International Code of Conduct on Arms Transfers. Dr. Arias' 
proposal stipulates that any country wishing to purchase arms must meet certain criteria, 
including the promotion of democracy, the protection of human rights, and transparency 
in military spending. It would also prohibit arms sales to nations that support terrorism 
and to states that are engaged in aggression against other nations or peoples. Current 
initiatives to restrict arms sales in the United States and the European Union represent a 
first step toward Dr. Arias' mission for peace. 

In addition to the Code, Dr. Arias encourages preventive diplomacy to avert regional 
arms races and conflict. He strongly advocates the Year 2000 Campaign to Redirect 
World Military Spending to Human Development, which calls upon the United Nations 
to send special envoys to different sites of potential international conflict. Furthermore, 
Dr. Arias recently proposed to all Heads of State in the hemisphere that they endorse a 
two-year moratorium on the purchase of high-tech weapons. To date, 24 leaders have 
agreed to this moratorium. This measure would further increase peace and human 
development in Latin America - already the world's first nuclear-free zone. 

In recognition of his contributions, outstanding achievements, service, and 
distinguished leadership record, Southern Illinois University Carbondale finds it fitting 
and proper to present the honorary degree of Doctor of Humane Letters to Oscar Arias. 

Candidates for Degrees 

The following lists contain the names of candidates for degrees, the granting of which is 
contingent upon successful completion of all requirements for the degree. 

An asterisk (*) to the right of the name indicates membership in the University Honors 
program (undergraduate students only). 

A double asterisk (**) to the right of the name indicates the person is a candidate for 
multiple degrees 

University Academic Honors listed to the right of the name are as follows for 
undergraduate students: 

cumlaude 3.500-3.749 
magna cum laude 3.750-3.899 
summa cum laude 3.900-4.000 
The grade point averages above apply firstly to all work taken at Southern Illinois 
University Carbondale and in the case of transfer students then to the total work as an 
additional, but secondary qualification. 

Order of Exercises 

Graduate School 

7:00 P.M., Saturday, May 12, 2001, SIU Arena 

(Please stand for the Processional.) 


Pomp and Circumstance March No. I, Sir Edward Elgar, Composer 
Marianne Webb, Professor of Music and University Organist 

Greetings and Introduction of Platform Party 

John S. Jackson, III, Interim Chancellor 

Introduction of Honorary Degree Recipient 

Chancellor John S. Jackson, III 

Presentation of the 2001 Outstanding Scholar Award and 2000 Richard and Donna 
Falvo Outstanding Dissertation Award 

John A. Koropchak, Interim Dean, Graduate School 

John S. Jackson, III, Interim Chancellor 

Michael T. Madigan, Professor, Department of Microbiology, Recipient, Outstanding 

Scholar Award 
Penelope A. McLorg, Department of Curriculum and Instruction, Recipient, Outstanding 

Dissertation Award 
Amy D. Broemmel, Department of Curriculum and Instruction, Finalist, Outstanding 

Dissertation Award 
Timothy T. Loftus, Department of Geography, Finalist, Outstanding Dissertation Award 

Southern Illinois University 2000 Alumni Association Outstanding Thesis Award 

Ernesto Valenzuela, Department of Agribusiness Economics, Recipient, Outstanding 

Thesis Award 
Erik A. Gerhard, Department of Plant, Soil and General Agriculture, Finalist, 

Outstanding Thesis Award 

Presentation of Candidates and Conferring of Graduate School Degrees 

John S. Jackson, III, Interim Chancellor 

Margaret E. Winters, Interim Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs 

John A. Koropchak, Interim Dean, Graduate School 

Welcome from the Alumni Association 

Sheri Hunter, SIU Alumni Association 


Recessional on a Theme by Haydn, Charles Callahan, Composer 
Marianne Webb 

Faculty Marshals 

Jon David Muller, Professor, Department of Anthropology, Grand Marshal 

Suri Rajan, Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering and Energy Processes, 

Faculty Marshal 

John Edward Dotson, Professor, Department of History, Faculty Marshal 

(Please remain in your seat until the Recessional is completed.) 

Graduate School 

John Koropchak, Interim Dean 
Jon Muller, Grand Marshal 
David L. Wilson, Marshal 
Prudence M. Rice, Marshal 
Pam Durso, Usher 
Barbara Meier, Usher 
Nancy Vorhees, Usher 

Dale Christine Cargill 

Plant Biology, Dr. Raymond E. Stotler, Dr. Barbara 

J. Crandall-Stotler 

A Taxonomic Revision of Fossombronia and 
Sewardiella, Suborder Fossombroniineae 
(Marchantiophyta, Metzgeriidae) Within the 
Continent of Africa, Southwest Asia and the Sub- 
continent of India 

Leslie Grace Cecil 

Anthropology, Dr. Prudence M. Rice 

Technological Styles of Late Postclassic Slipped 
Pottery from the Central Peten Lakes Region, El 
Peten, Guatemala 

Doctor of Philosophy 

Peter Nkrumah Amponsah 
Journalism, Dr. Robert L. Spellman 

Political Speech and Defamation of Public 
Figures: A Comparative Analysis of Prevailing 
Jurisprudence, in the United States, The European 
Court of Human Rights, The United Kingdom and 

Beverly J. Hawk Barham 

Microbiology, Biochemistry, and Molecular 

Biology, Dr. Morris D. Cooper 

The Characterization of Cell Surface 
Glycosaminoglycans on Primary Cells of Genital 
Origin Infected with Chlamydia trachomatis 

Valerie Ann Barko 

Zoology, Dr. George A. Feldhamer 

Landscape Ecology of Small Mammals, With 
Special Reference to the Cotton Mouse (Peromyscus 

Dennis W. Bowman 

Education- Workforce Education and Development, 

Dr. Richard F. Bortz 

The Commission on Accreditation for Law 
Enforcement Agencies: Its Origins, Purposes and 

Pamela Bracewell Bramlet 

Education-Workforce Education and Development, 

Dr. Marcia A. Anderson 

Tech Prep/School-To-Work Content as Reflected 
in Secondary School English Textbooks: A Content 

Dacia Charlesworth 

Speech Communication, Dr. Suzanne M. Daughton 

Taboo Bodies: A Rhetorical and Performative 
Analysis of the Entrance Into and Exit from the 
Culturally Constructed Role of 'Woman ' 

Yanling Cheng 

Education-Curriculum and Instruction, Dr. 

Lawrence Erickson 

The Effects of Formal Schemata on the Reading 
Comprehension of English Expository Texts by 
Chinese Students 

Alexander V. Danilovich 
Political Science, Dr. William S. Turley 
The Domestic Politics of International 
Integration: Russia and Belarus 

Brian Scot Deason 

Historical Studies, Dr. Howard W. Allen 

Eye of the Storm: A Political Biography of U.S. 
Senator Scott E. Lucas of Illinois 

Joseph Stanley Ely 

Plant Biology, Dr. David J. Gibson 

A Test of the Core-Satellite Species Hypothesis in 
Shale and Sandstone Glades, Illinois 

Terre Howie Eversden 

Education -Workforce Education and Development, 

Dr. Alvin R. Putnam 

Life Skills Knowledge of Rural and Urban High 
School Freshmen in Illinois 

Eric Ryan Gardner 
English, Dr. Lisa J. McClure 

Toward Ethnographic Reflexivity: Theories, 
Plans, and Practices of New Composition 

Alan Brice Goodwin 

Psychology, Dr. Margaret Stockdale 

The Development of a Measure to Assess 
Behavior-Based Interrole Conflict 

Joseph Taylor Harder 

Business Administration, Dr. Arlyn J. Melcher, Dr. 

Arkalgud Ramaprasad 

An Investigation of the Business Impact of 
Automated Underwriting Systems on Mortgage 

Sandra S. Lang 

Business Administration, Dr. Michael Masoner 

An Empirical Examination of the Practical 
Importance of Selected Information Systems Success 

Seongwon Lee 

Education-Curriculum and Instruction, Dr. 

Lawrence Erickson 

The Effect of Topic Interest on Dictionary Use 
and its Effect on Vocabulary Learning: The Case of 
Korean EFL Learners 

John Louis Mahalik 
Psychology, Dr. Jane L. Swanson 

An Exploration of the Relationship between 
Holland 's Personality Typology and Personality 
Disorder Traits: A Self-Concept Perspective 

Marilyn J. Mathis 

Plant Biology, Dr. Beth A. Middleton 
Deer Herbivory and Old Field Succession 

Clayton Kent Nielsen 
Zoology, Dr. Alan Woolf 

Habitat Use and Population Dynamics of Bobcats 
in Southern Illinois 

Antonia Thandi Nzama-Mahaye 

Geography, Dr. Benedykt Dziegielewski, Dr. John 

H. Burde III 

Perception of Ecological Impacts of Water-Based 
Recreation Activites among Recreators at St. Lucia 
Lake in South Africa 

Regina Joanne Paul 

Education-Curriculum and Instruction, Dr. Gertrude 

L. Volk 

Ten Years (1990-1999) of Teacher Workshops in 
Investigating and Evaluating Environmental Issues 
and Actions (IEEIA) Curriculum: Teachers' 
Implementation Practices and Perceptions 

Deborah Hindman Payne 

Education-Educational Administration, Dr. William 

E. Eaton 

Exemplary Middle School Principals: A 
Qualitative Case Study 

Linda Perry 

Anthropology, Dr. Izumi Shimada, Dr. Jonathan D. 


Prehispanic Subsistence in the Middle Orinoco 
Basin: Starch Analysis Yield New Evidence 

Martha J. Price 

Education-Educational Administration, Dr. Randy J. 


Strategic Planning and the Link to 
Implementation in Selected Illinois School Districts 

Timothy Wayne Pugh 
Anthropology, Dr. Don S. Rice 

Architecture, Ritual and Social Identity at Late 
Postclassic Zacpeten, Peten, Guatemala: 
Identification of the Kowoj 

Kerry Lynn Purmensky 

Education-Curriculum and Instruction, Dr. Michael 

R. Jackson 

The Effectiveness of Web-Based Materials on 
International Student Adjustment to the United 
States University Environment 

Karlene J. Robinson 
Psychology, Dr. Brenda O. Gilbert 

Relationship Abuse among College Students as a 
Function of Attachment Styles and Object Relations 
Defense Styles 

Ourania Rotou 

Education-Educational Psychology, Dr. Patricia B. 


Number Correct Scoring: Comparison between 
Classical True-Score Theory and Multidimensional 
Item Response Theory 

Carolyn Rowley 

Psychology, Dr. Brenda O. Gilbert 

Breast Cancer in African American Women: 
Validation of a Quality of Life Instrument 

Larry E. Russell 

Speech Communication, Dr. Nathan P. Stucky 

Finding the Way Home: A Performance of Ritual 
Pilgrimage to a Shrine of Healing 

David E. Schultz 

Business Administration, Dr. Suresh K. Tadisina 

An Overall and Technical Efficiency Study of 25 
Electric Utilities in the Midwest U.S. Experiencing 
Deregulation and Competition 

Aimin Shen 

Philosophy, Dr. David S. Clarke, Dr. George E. 


Transcendental Philosophy in Taoism, Kant, and 

Brian Lee Sloss 
Zoology, Dr. Brooks M. Burr 
A Molecular Phytogeny ofPercidae 

Kay L. Wanke 

Psychology, Dr. Stephen J. Dollinger, Dr. Kimberly 

Andrews Espy 

The Extremely Low Birth Weight Infant: Relation 
between Intraventricular Hemorrhage and 
Cognitive Outcome 

John T. Warren 

Speech Communication, Dr. Elyse L. Pineau 

Maintaining Purity: A Critical Ethnography on 
the Performativity of Whiteness in an Introductory 
Performance Studies Classroom 

Sasmito Hadi Wibowo 
Economics, Dr. Subhash C. Sharma 

Growth Convergence in Southeast Asia and 
Underground Economy in Indonesia 

Doctor of Rehabilitation 

Shanna LaShawn Broussard 
Rehabilitation, Dr. William V. Crimando 

The Effects of Client Attributions of Disability and 
Race on Rehabilitation Trainees ' Predictions of 
Rehabilitation Outcomes 

Kimberly Joy Poole 

Rehabilitation, Dr. Stanford E. Rubin 

Preventive Health Services at the Shawnee Health 
Services and Development Corporation: Factors 
Associated with Mexican Migrant Farmworkers Use 
of Cervical Cancer Screenings 

Master of Accountancy 

Husain Yousef Alyousef 

William Elbert Bailey 

Henry Leon Beverly 

Tami Sue Colpitts-Knight 

Krissy A. Darnell 

Tracy Marie Grace Lake 

Martin Elute Penda 

Anthony Duane Skidmore 

Michael T. Varese 

Kimberly Nolen Walker 

Shaomin Zhang 


Master of Arts 

Hyun-A Bae 

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages 
Kelle Lyn Barrick 

Administration of Justice 
Gianne York-Eng Choo 

Interactive Multimedia 
Shauna Michele Clapp 

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages 
Kathryn Marie Conway 

Nelly Dawn Corbit 

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages 
Gregory John Czaczkowski 

Administration of Justice 
Samhita Deb 

Applied Linguistics 
Nikolina Ivantcheva Dobreva 

Foreign Languages and Literatures 
Craig Allan England 

Political Science 
Alicia Guinn 

David Heise 

Toioufik Houmadi 

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages 
and Foreign Languages and Literatures 
Anna Hreczuch 

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages 

Masanori Ichise 

Loren Jack Kabellar 

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages 
Tara M. Kachgal 

Sachiko Kanamaru 

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages 
Paul Edward Kane 

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages 
Jennifer Louise Kelley 

Administration of Justice 
Wade Carter Leuwerke 

Jeffrey Eldon Magelitz 

Administration of Justice 
Elliot Lawrence Maker 

Mass Communication and Media Arts and 
Curriculum and Instruction 
Deloris L. May 

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages 
Micky Adrian Mayes 

Applied Linguistics 
Patrick T. McDaniel 

Foreign Languages and Literatures 
Daniel Isaac Millis III 

Grace Zoloziyyah Muhammad 

Lisa Annette Newman 

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages 
Jason J. Nugent 

Karen E. O'Brien 

Political Science 
Tara Hope Perry 

Angela Marie Povolish 

Political Science 
Maria Georgieva Raicheva 

Colin Scott Robinson 

Foreign Languages and Literatures 
Brian Michael Rutzen 

Alicia Spiegel 

Applied Linguistics 
Lucian W. Stone, Jr 

Kasi J. Stunson 

Mass Communication and Media Arts 
Kantiya Sutthisangium 

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages 
Terri A. Thomas 

Shivnath Thukral 

Mass Communication and Media Arts 

Julie Katherine Tremmel 

Mass Communication and Media Arts 
Sarah Elizabeth Turley 

Ellen Diane Utsinger 

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages 
Chin-Jen Wang 

Kristi Ann Weaver 

Rie Yonahara 

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages 

Master of Business Administration 

Ramachandran Anand 

Business Administration 
Leonardo Guedes Avila 

Business Administration 
Randell Beamon 

Business Administration 
Robert Thomas Beverly 

Business Administration 
Vasile Bostan 

Business Administration 
Benjamin F. Bowne 

Business Administration 
Dzng Zheng Cai 

Business Administration 
Ellen Chuek Ming Chan 

Business Administration 
Paul Kin-Shing Chan 

Business Administration 
Seek Pong Chan 

Business Administration 
Shumin Chen 

Business Administration 
Eric Tat Wing Cheng 

Business Administration 
Chin Tai Cheong 

Business Administration 
Chew Mew Chye 

Business Administration 
Shawn Michael Dicus 

Business Administration 
Sumiati Djoko 

Business Administration 
Todd Jeremy Fendler 

Business Administration 
Bruce Warren Fisher 

Business Administration 
Fiona Sau Ling Fu 

Business Administration 
Albana Asllan Gjyrezi 

Business Administration 
Vernie Robert Goode 

Business Administration 


Tay Eng Guan 

Business Administration 
Pol Carp Soo Heng Ho 

Business Administration 
Fei Huang 

Business Administration 
Kwee Tjie Hui 

Business Administration 
Aditi Jamil 

Business Administration 
Sean Patrick Jermyn 

Business Administration 
Lance Richard Kirk 

Business Administration 
See Toh Kok Leong 

Business Administration 
Sau Han Donna Kong 

Business Administration 
Christopher Cheow Koon Lee 

Business Administration 

Business Administration 
Lim Kuang Lim 

Business Administration 
Chi Man Ling 

Business Administration 
Patrick Lowe 

Business Administration 
Jean A. Manka 

Business Administration 
Jayantanuj Mazumdar 

Business Administration 
Chung Hong Brucz Mui 

Business Administration 
Manickam Narayanan 

Business Administration 
Fatbardha Berhan Pirani 

Business Administration 
Kin Hor Puay 

Business Administration 
Elamparithi Rajaguru 

Business Administration 
Milind Sathe 

Business Administration 
Lisa Seow 

Business Administration 
Yannan Shen 

Business Administration 
Nicole Christine Smith 

Business Administration 
Jack Pun-Shek So 

Business Administration 
Blerta Ibrahim Spahia 

Business Administration 
Taylor Littleton Stooke 

Business Administration 
Dong Su 

Business Administration 

A. Swaminathan 

Business Administration 
Brandon E. Swarms 

Business Administration 
Siew Lian Tan 

Business Administration 
Freddie Stonewall Taylor 

Business Administration 
Kathleen Narttaya Ungamrung 

Business Administration 
Halina Sastry Vangala 

Business Administration 
Lae Chung Wah 

Business Administration 
Xiao-Jie Wang 

Business Administration 
Erin Ni shell Washington 

Business Administration 
Nelson Wai Hung Wong 

Business Administration 
Yamei Yang 

Business Administration 
Andy Siew Vui Yong 

Business Administration 
Wai Wai Sophia Yu 

Business Administration 
Michael Francis Zeman 

Business Administration 
Andy Yunlong Zhu 

Business Administration 

Master of Fine Arts 

Kent James Andel 

Bryan K. Carrigan 

Creative Writing 
Liz Castoldi 

Rachel Kathleen Green 

Joseph Costello Hamilton 

Connie Lynn Juranek 

Mary Kathrine Krimendahl 

David Christopher Lohman 

Andrew Stewart Macdonald 

Thomas A. Mogle 

Cinema and Photography 
Melanie Jordan Rack 

Creative Writing 
Cynthia Lynn Roth 

Creative Writing 


Takae Shimizu 

Cinema and Photography 
Alberta Jean Skaggs 

Creative Writing 
Yui Takamatsu 

Cinema and Photography 
Lawrence Lillard Vineyard, Jr. 

Marcia Anne Wiley 


Master of Music 

Kelli Suzanne Evans 

Scott William Gust 

Ramon Gustavo Flores Ortega 


Master of Public Administration 

Carey Ann Weekly 
Public Administration 

Master of Science 

Andreas L. Ahlqvist 

Electrical Engineering 
Meron Amanuel 

Computer Science 
Brandy Lynn Anglen 

Dana M. Barber 

Rehabilitation Counseling 
Kelly Dawn Barnett 

Rehabilitation Administration and Services 
Thomas Edwin Bamicle 

Plant and Soil Science 
Sharon Lynn Barter 

Food and Nutrition 
Jon T. Biermacher 

Agribusiness Economics 
Andrea Deanette Bragg 

Rehabilitation Administration and Services 
Mandy Lyn Brandenburg 

Plant and Soil Science 
Regina Lou Brown 

Rehabilitation Administration and Services 
Danielle Lewis Campbell 

Communication Disorders & Sciences 
Robert A. Carson 

Civil Engineering 
Ravi Kumar Chebolu 

Computer Science 

Ding Chen 

Computer Science 
Mei-Wen Chiang 

Rehabilitation Counseling 
Olumide Adebola Coker 

Robert Andrew Colter 

Plant and Soil Science 
Lisa Ann Courtney 

Rehabilitation Administration and Services 
Danielle Renae Creer 

Rehabilitation Counseling 
Diane M. Daniels 

Rehabilitation Counseling 
Chandrashekar Dasari 

Electrical Engineering 
Chandra Adjwoa Degia 

Francine K. Dittrich 

Rehabilitation Administration and Services and 
Rehabilitation Counseling 
Zhiyuan Dong 

Steven Lynn Duncan 

Rehabilitation Counseling 
John Robert Dvorak 

Civil Engineering 
Mahmut Ekenel 

Civil Engineering 
Kendra Lynn Elbert 

Rehabilitation Counseling 
Stefanie A. Ellis 

Animal Science 
Justine Marie Eversgerd 

Communication Disorders & Sciences 
Melissa A. Fay 

Food and Nutrition 
Jamie Christopher Feddersen 

Dena C. Fiacchino 

Plant and Soil Science 
Nancy Catreece Foster 

Rehabilitation Counseling 
Ayo Henry Gordon 

Rehabilitation Counseling 
Chad Michael Graham 

Computer Science 
Michelle Lynn Gray 

Christopher Matthew Griffin 

Plant and Soil Science 
Susan Lynn Harper 

Rehabilitation Counseling 
Gunnar Haugen 

Behavior Analysis and Therapy 
Martin R. Heidorn 

Rehabilitation Counseling 


Benny Nathaniel Howard 

Behavior Analysis and Therapy 
Jaclyn M. Howard 

Food and Nutrition 
Kathleen Ann Hucker 

Andrew Joseph Jankowski 

Civil Engineering 
Bradley Claire Johnson 

Plant and Soil Science 
LaTonya Johnson 

Rehabilitation Counseling 
LaMonica Jones 

Rehabilitation Administration and Services 
Jayawant Shridhar Kakade 

Electrical Engineering 
Julia R. Kalb 

Rehabilitation Administration and Services 
Kedar Arvind Karanjkar 

Electrical Engineering and Mathematics 
Murthy Karipeddi 

Electrical Engineering 
Kathryn Ann Keeley 

Plant and Soil Science 
David Eugene Keene 

Stephanie Lyn Kessler 

Rehabilitation Administration and Services 
Joseph Mark Kolowski 

Saikiran Kossireddy 

Manufacturing Systems and Mining Engineering 
Venkateswara Rao Kuramu 

Electrical Engineering 
Antyne Lester 

Rehabilitation Counseling 
John M. Lhotka 

Benxin Liu 

Computer Science 
Bjorn Niclas Ljunggren 

Mining Engineering 
Sibu K. Mathew 

Mechanical Engineering 
Orlan Keith Mays 

Rehabilitation Administration and Services 
Eric J. Minder 

Civil Engineering 
Sharra Londa Mings 

Plant and Soil Science 
Myra Harumi Miyoshi 

Anita Teresa Morzillo 

Khalid Mudawe Mudawe 

Computer Science 
Kahwai Gachago Muriithi 

Mechanical Engineering 

Say-Chong Ng 

Civil Engineering 
Scott Allen Nolte 

Plant and Soil Science 
Anthony Quinton Oesch 

Plant and Soil Science 
Kristen Rae Jakobsen Osenga 

Electrical Engineering 
Jung Won Park 

Electrical Engineering 
Michael J. Parsons 

Computer Science 
Stephanie Lynn Powers 

Rehabilitation Counseling 
Christina Ray 

Probir Kumar Ray 

Mechanical Engineering 
Ronald A. Reitz 

Melissa Rhea Rice 

Plant and Soil Science 
John Parker Richardson 

Civil Engineering 
Andrew David Rodgers 

Rehabilitation Administration and Services 
Samer Khalil Salem 

Sreeram Venkata Seethamsetty 

Electrical Engineering 
Ali Akhter Shams 

Sandra Kay Simmons 

Communication Disorders & Sciences 
Robert Lee Sims 

David Lorden Stevenson 

Rehabilitation Counseling 
Lucretia Aldredge Stoelzle 

Rehabilitation Counseling 

Computer Science 
Yufang Sun 

Computer Science 
Lalita Tawjareon 

Rehabilitation Counseling 
Kimberly Shannon Thier 

Behavior Analysis and Therapy 
Karen L. Titus 

Communication Disorders & Sciences 
Paula Leann Vineyard Most 

Food and Nutrition 
David Edward Volpe 

Mark Robert Wade 

Debra L. Wall 

Rehabilitation Administration and Services 


Yu Wang 

Zhiyuan (James) Wang 

Computer Science 
Krista Ann Wells 

Communication Disorders & Sciences 
Michael John Welsh 

Civil Engineering 
Eric Michael White 

Peter Alexander White 

Civil Engineering 
Alison Anne Wignall 

Communication Disorders & Sciences 
Aaron Charles Woods 

Mechanical Engineering 
Yangfei Xu 

Electrical Engineering 
Valbona Ylli 

Woi Leong Yong 

Civil Engineering 
Hui Zhang 

Computer Science 
Xuzheng Zhang 

Computer Science 
Jianping Zhuang 

Computer Science 

Master of Science in Education 

Tresha Dell Krebs Allen 

Special Education 
Ryan David Anderson 

Curriculum and Instruction 
Carrie M. Andrews 

Higher Education 
Lurline D. Bannister 

Workforce Education and Development 
Shana Ranae Bartell 

Physical Education 
Cindy Lea Birkner 

Curriculum and Instruction 
William E. Burnside, Jr. 

Physical Education 
Lee-Miin Chang 

Workforce Education and Development 
Gardell Sequoyah Chavis 

Physical Education 
Yien Yien Chew 

Workforce Education and Development 
Larry Wayne Clarke 

Workforce Education and Development 
Shaundeidra LaShelle Cleaves 

Workforce Education and Development 
Larry Gene Coblentz, Jr. 

Curriculum and Instruction 

Stephani Alexio Coleman 

Health Education 
Kevin Scott Collins 

Workforce Education and Development 
Janet K. Cramer 

Curriculum and Instruction 
Carla Renee Daniels 

Workforce Education and Development and 
Interactive Multimedia 
Tammy Louise Davis 

Curriculum and Instruction 
Robert Blake Dobraski 

Educational Administration 
Colleen Marie Doyle 

Educational Administration 
John Robert Duncan 

Workforce Education and Development 
Barbara Durosova 

Douglas Scott Edwards 

Educational Administration 
Barbara Ann Eubanks 

Curriculum and Instruction 
John Delbert Fletcher 

Educational Administration 
Daniel E. Fraley 

Recreation and Higher Education 
Nicole Dimitrieva Germany 

Workforce Education and Development 
Kimberly Lynn Guetersloh 

Workforce Education and Development 
Gena Haile 

Curriculum and Instruction 
Patricia Lynn Harder 

Workforce Education and Development 
Virginia Diane Healy 

Special Education 
Jason Matthew Henry 

Higher Education 
Christopher Wayne Herman 

Physical Education 
Marilyn Jane Holder-Heine 

Curriculum and Instruction 
Nicole Janae Hoyt 

Physical Education 
Natalie Lana Hurd 

Higher Education 
Michael C. Imboden 

Workforce Education and Development 
Rajashree P. Iyer 

Educational Psychology 
Angela Kay Kaye 

Workforce Education and Development 
Adam Kuhlmann 

Curriculum and Instruction 


Chastity Kay Landrum 

Workforce Education and Development 
Eric Jon Lichtenberger 

Workforce Education and Development 
Leslie Dawn Londowski 

Curriculum and Instruction 
Renee Michelle Lyell 

Higher Education 
Lindiwe Magaya 

Educational Psychology 
Richard E. Marlow 

Workforce Education and Development 
Stacie Marie Mayberry 

Curriculum and Instruction 
Danielle Michele McKinnis 

Workforce Education and Development 
Michael Patrick McNally 

Curriculum and Instruction 
Huijuan Meng 

Educational Administration 
Erica Marie Miller 

Physical Education 
Mary Jane Morris 

Curriculum and Instruction 
John Daniel Neace 

Workforce Education and Development 
Laura Anne Nicholas 

Higher Education 
Wanjiku Njuguna 

Workforce Education and Development 
Gayle Jean North 

Educational Psychology 
Chad Michael Palm 

Physical Education 
Stanley Carl Palmer 

Curriculum and Instruction 
Stuart L. Parks 

Educational Administration 
Jan W. Pearcy 

Special Education 
John Clayton Pfaff 

Health Education 
Lisa Garrett Pierce 

Workforce Education and Development 
Monica Porter-Lewis 

Workforce Education and Development 
Sharon Lee Reagan Kelley 

Curriculum and Instruction 
Bonnie April Rhea 

Curriculum and Instruction 
John Joseph Rivera 

Curriculum and Instruction 
Beverly Jean Robbins 

Workforce Education and Development 
Tracey Marie Rosenow 

Workforce Education and Development 
Daphne Joyce Samuels 

Workforce Education and Development 

Danyelle Dawn Simmons 

Workforce Education and Development 
Carolyn S. Snell 

Curriculum and Instruction 
Keri A. Snyder 

Physical Education 
Suzanne Ruth Stevens 

Curriculum and Instruction 
Julie Kay Tate 

Curriculum and Instruction 
Thomas William Turpin 

Tracy A. Waldhoff 

Higher Education 
Mary Kathleen Wallace 

Workforce Education and Development 
Cheryl Ann Ware 

Special Education 
Herman Williams II 

Workforce Education and Development 
Theresa Elizabeth Williams 

Workforce Education and Development 
Ryan M. Wittekiend 

Higher Education 
Julie Elizabeth Womick 

Curriculum and Instruction 
Tamora Loyd Workman 

Curriculum and Instruction 

Master of Social Work 

Jeanie Nakima Akamanti 

Social Work 
Sunshyne Melissa Albers 

Social Work 
Andrea Lynn Arthur 

Social Work 
Malinda Sue Barclay 

Social Work 
Jill Kawin Eckhouse Berube 

Social Work 
Emily I. Bollmann 

Social Work 
Angela Nicole Chatman 

Social Work 
Candace M. Clardy 

Social Work 
Adam Lee Coleman 

Social Work 
Shannon Marie Cook 

Social Work 
Lori K. Downen 

Social Work 
Gretchen Leann Estel 

Social Work 
Ginger Lee Goodman 

Social Work 


Kristin M. Grace 

Social Work 
Linda Shaw Greenspan 

Social Work 
Kimberly Anne Holder 

Social Work 
Robin Marie Insley 

Social Work 
LaDia Andria Jones-Singh 

Social Work 
Jill Elizabeth Kasser 

Social Work 
Jonathan Alfred Kuh 

Social Work 
Amy Kristine Langhoff 

Social Work 
Juanita Marie Mims-Drue 

Social Work 
Eric Mitchell 

Social Work 
Scott Michael Murray 

Social Work 
Kathleen lone Nesheim-Larson 

Social Work 

Jody LeAnn Owens 

Social Work 
Sherry Elizabeth Parks 

Social Work 
Bridget Jean Podkulski 

Social Work 
Nicole Rechsteiner 

Social Work 
Julie Joyce Roe 

Social Work 
Lindsay Jane Slomiany 

Social Work 
Patricia Jane Spicuzza 

Social Work 
Jennifer Anne Thomas 

Social Work 
Aaron Mathew Thompson 

Social Work 
Lori A. Tomlinson 

Social Work 
Kenneth Jacob Yordy 

Social Work 


Order of Exercises 

School of Law 

4:00 P.M., Saturday, May 12, 2001, Shryock Auditorium 

(Please stand for the Processional.) 


Pomp and Circumstance March No. 1, Sir Edward Elgar, Composer 
Gary Miller, Organist 

Greetings and Introduction of Platform Party and Commencement Speakers 

Thomas F. Guernsey, Dean, School of Law 

Commencement Address 

Howard A. Peters III, Senior Vice President of Advocacy and Governmental Relations, 
Illinois Hospital and Health Systems Association 

Presentation of Candidates, Hooding, and Conferring of Degrees 

Margaret E. Winters, Interim Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs 

Thomas F. Guernsey, Dean 

Mary C. Rudasill, Associate Dean 

Michael P. Ruiz, Assistant Dean for Admissions and Student Affairs 

Alice Noble-Allgire, Associate Professor of Law 

Lori Austin, Registrar 

Class Speaker 

Adam E. Stone, Recipient, John S. Rendleman Outstanding Senior Award, Class of 2001, 
SIU School of Law 

Presentation of Alumni Achievement Award by the School of Law on behalf of the 
SIU Alumni Association 

Mary C. Rudisill, Presenter, Associate Dean 

Jeffrey M. Plesko, Recipient, Class of 1977, SIU School of Law 

Welcome to Alumni 

N. Lee Beneze, Class of 1985, SIU School of Law, Board Member, SIU School of Law 
Alumni Association 

Concluding Remarks 

Dean Thomas F. Guernsey 


Trumpet Voluntary in D Major, John Stanley, Composer 
Gary Miller, Organist 

(Please remain in your seat until the Recessional is completed.) 


School of Law 

Thomas Guernsey, Dean 
Keith H. Beyler, Marshal 
Carmen Suarez, Marshal 

Juris Doctor 

Shane Michael Aden 

Deborah Jeanne Anderson 

Dennis Roy Atteberry 

William Elbert Bailey 

Rhett Tyler Barke 

Donald L. Bamett 

Susan M. Basko 

Jarrod Patrick Beasley 

Laura Kristin Beasley 

Dominique Noelle Beggs 

Martin McClean Beltz 

Candice D. Bennett 

Christian D. Biswell 

Bob F. Boy kin 

Jeffrey Mark Bradley 

Amber Lea Branstetter 

Mark Edwin Brown 

Michelle Lynn Brown 

Jennifer Anne Browning 

Daryl T. Cary 

Brett Anthony Clancy 

Louise Jeanette McGee Cook 

Diana Kay Chambers Douglas 

Blake Eric Dunlap 

Paul Andrew Fassbender 

Berin A. Fite 

Timothy Michael Flaherty 


Christelle Antwinette Fullwood 

Scott Andrew Funkhouser 

Aaron K. Garms 

Rebecca Lynn Gibson 

Roy Allen Gilbert, Sr. 

Jennifer Rae Gill 

Todd Michael Goebel 

James R. Grabowski 

Jeffrey Alan Green 

Natalie Marie Grosso 

Felice Franco Guerrieri 

Eric Preston Hall 

H. Todd Hammons 

Shane F. Hampton 

Ronald Len Hanna 

Lori Lynn Harris 

Andrew J. Hatch 

David Michael Hicks 

Ryan Lee Hoak 

Jeffrey Martin Hoecker 

Carey Carrier Hooper 

Colby P. House 

Brian Joseph Huelsmann 

Tammi Noreen Jackson 

Mathew Brian Jeffries 

Patrick John Jennetten 

Jayme Frey Jung 

Brian R. Kalb 

Tamara Ronette Keilholtz 

Scott James Kelemetc 

Nick Oliver Kellem 

Justin A. Kuehn 



Jennifer Renee Kuntz 

John Jeremy Lloyd 

Rabeeh A. Lutfiyya 

Scott S. Matteson 

Leroy Christopher Maye, Jr. 

Billee Susann Elliott McAuliffe 

Ericka Denise McCaskill 

Jeffrey Don McCormick 

Stuart Emling Morgenstern 

Amy Lynn Newlin 

James Lee Nichelson 

Bryan Dennis Nicholson 

Kimberly D. Nordstrom 

Kevin Michael Olsen 

Vihar Rashmikant Patel 

Lyn T. PatyskiWhite 

Alexander Emil Peppers 

Martin Perez 

Howard Anthony Peters IV 

Kelly Otto Phelps 

J. W. Pierceall 

Alyssa Irene Popov 

Michael S. Prater 

Jason Michael Price 

Rodney A. Quesenberry 

Ryan Ray Rice 

Scott Edward Rice 

M. Gene Richter, Jr. 

Joseph W. Rose 


Steven Douglas Rothert 

Michael Joseph Rousseau 

Brandon Michael Sarff 

John R. Schneider 

David Howard Searby, Jr. 

Linda Rose Self 

Shawn Jason Seliger 

Judith Ann Serritella 

Brian Keith Sides 

Anthony Duane Skidmore 

Krea Jean Sledge 

Erica Breen Smith 

Matthew James Smith 

Noel Lee Smith, Jr. 

Elizabeth Eberspacher Sobek 

Adam Edward Stone 

Stephanie Elizabeth Straughn 

Kimberly Anne Sutton 

Andrew R. Tarry 

Jason Andrew Tilley 

Michael T. Varese 

Jason Richard Michael Vincent 

Christina Marie Weiss 

Michele Lee Franklin Whetstone 

Jahyun Wie 

Sarah Mallory Williamson 

Wendy D. Woolery 

Melissa D. Yates 



Order of Exercises 

College of Agriculture 

1 1:00 A.M., Saturday, May 12, 2001, Shryock Auditorium 

(Please stand for the Processional.) 


Pomp and Circumstance March No. 1, Sir Edward Elgar, Composer 
Marianne Webb, Professor of Music and University Organist 

Greetings and Introductions of the Platform Party 

W. David Shoup, Dean, College of Agriculture 

Introduction of Commencement Speaker 

W. David Shoup, Dean, College of Agriculture 

Commencement Address 

John E. Moody, retired Manager of Distribution Planning, Dow AgroSciences, 
Indianapolis, Indiana 

Presentation of Alumni Achievement Award by the College of Agriculture 
on behalf of the SIU Alumni Association 

W. David Shoup, Dean, College of Agriculture 

Presentation of Candidates and Conferring of Baccalaureate Degrees 

Margaret Winters, Interim Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs 

Dean W. David Shoup 

Richard A. Roeder, Chair, Animal Science, Food and Nutrition 

Majors: Animal Science, Food and Nutrition 
Donald J. Stucky, Chair, Plant, Soil and General Agriculture 

Majors: General Agriculture, Plant and Soil Science 
Steven Kraft, Chair, Agribusiness Economics 

Major: Agribusiness Economics 
John E. Phelps, Chair, Forestry 

Major: Forestry 

Welcome to Alumni 

John Kabat, President, Agriculture Alumni Society 

Closing Remarks 

Dean W. David Shoup 


Recessional on a Theme by Haydn, Charles Callahan, Composer 
Marianne Webb 

(Please remain in your seat until the Recessional is completed.) 


College of 

W. David Shoup, Dean 
Gary A. Apgar, Marshal 
Melissa D. Pryer, Student 

Richard A. Roeder, Usher 
John E. Phelps, Usher 
Donald J. Stucky, Usher 
Steven E. Kraft, Usher 
Robert D. Arthur, Reader 

Bachelor of Science 

Don Scott Aldrich 
Kimberly Anne Altstadt 
Robert Newton Ames 
Anthony David Arend 
Michael Welby Barringer 
Ryan Glen Bartens* 
Christopher Robert Baxter 
Richard H. Beatz 
Cassidy J. Becker 
Keith David Becker 
Kent John Beckmann 
Joshua James Behounek 
Bernard P. Bierman 
Amy Julia Bligh 
Jacob Adam Bloome 
Randy Joseph Bockhold 
Leonard E. Boltz III 
Kimicoe M. Bosley 
Erin L. Bouck* 
Amy Marie Brandt magna 

cum laude 
Sarah Elizabeth Broughton 
Zachary Knight Buchanan 

magna cum laude 
Bethany Buhrmester 
James Ryan Bums 
Clinton Wade Carter 
Ryan Melissa Casteel summa 

cum laude 
Jeremy S. Cawn 
Brian Dale Clough 
Elizabeth Leanne Collier 

cum laude 
Alissa Lynn Corrington 
Benjamin L. Cox 
Heather A. Cropper 
Andrew Thomas Datti cum 

laude* ** 
Christopher E. Devine 
Brian J. DeCrane 

Brandy Lynn Dicks 
Kelly Ann Donnigan 
Joseph Brian Edidin 
John David Eyman 
Kimberly N. Farmer 
John Frederick Wayne 

Fietsam summa cum laude 
Allison Elizabeth Fifarek 
Stephen Douglas Fillmore 
Timothy John Fisher 
Gary Edwin Forsee, Jr. cum 

Elizabeth Louisa Foster 
Melanie Jo Foster 
Luke Allen Fraley 
Jason Thomas Fritz 
Tamara Lynn Full 
Donnie Dean Gaddis 
Benjamin Joseph Gardner 
Todd William Gautier 
Robert S. Gerbitz 
Brian Dee Gidcumb 
Erik D. Goldman 
Gregory Wayne Gordon 
Dana Leah Greear 
Jason Donald Green 
Gennifer K. Greer 
Kevin Scott Guebert cum 

Thomas Allen Guthrie 
Matthew S. Haarmann 
Kent Edward Hamm 
Jason W. Harris 
Steven D. Harris 
Jason Alan Hartline 
Cody Warren Hawkins 
William M. Heyen 
Daniel Lowell Hiestand cum 

Thomas James Hill 
Neng Suznie Bte Hj Mohd 

Mark Alan Hobrock 
Christopher Jon Hopfinger 
Brett J. Hulmes 
Jessica Lynn Hutchison 
Justin Michael Ingle 
Matthew Patrick Jenne 
Phillip Matthew Jones 
Meah Marie Kincaid cum 

Cheryl Ann Kirby 
Mary Beth Klaus 
Leslie Anissa Knapp 
Joshua Lee Kocher 
Jennifer Dawn Krebel 
Chad Joshua Kuhlmann 
Jarrett Steven Kuhn 

Seiji Kuroso 
Dallas W. Lane 
Monika Beth Littnan 
Mindy Marie Lohman 

magna cum laude 
Amanda J. Lopes 
Michael Bartolo Maddalozzo 
Angela Kay Mason 
Michelle Matkovich 
Lucas Dee Maxwell 
Matthew Eric McClelland 
Clete Matthew McLeod 
Chadd Russell Meadows 
Mark Alan Mette 
Nikoleta C. Michaelidou 

cum laude* 
Debbie L. Miller 
Gregory Thomas Miller 
Kyra Alayne Mills 
Scott A. Montgomery cum 

Melinda Beth Moore 
Natalie Marie Moore magna 

cum laude* 
Beau Russell Morris 
Maria Ann Niebrugge 
Julie Ann Oedzes 
Chad L. Oester 
Jeanine Marie Patton 
Jeffrey William Paullin 
James Clifford Pawlak 
Lisa Jennifer Perveneckis* 
Ryan Alden Peter 
Timothy R. Pfau 
James S. Pratt 
Melissa Dianne Pryer summa 

cum laude 
Christopher T. Quaka 
Amanda Jo Quick 
Charles Keith Rahmoeller 
Jarret Dean Randoll 
Joseph David Reese 
Courtney Elizabeth Rehmer 
Patrick Thomas Righter 
Rebecca A. Robbins-Nation 
Christopher Omar Robinson 
Amy Susan Rogier ** 
Bradley Wayne Russell 
Becky A. Sargis 
Natalie Christina Scarpaci 
David M. Schenck 
Matthew G. Schramm 
Stephanie Dawn Schuler 
Debra L. Scorza magna cum 

Jason Martin Selle 
Elizabeth Ann Serven 


Rebecca Lynn Sexton magna 

cum laude* 
Debra Jo Shamhart 
Darren Lee Sims 
Mark W. Simundic 
Tammi Marie Skalitzky 

summa cum laude* 
Kristy Lucille Skillrud 
Adam D. Smith 
Ethan Marshall Smith 
Matthew Aaron Smith 
Steven Dale Smith 
Timothy R. Smith 
Heather Ann Smogorzewski 

cum laude* 
Sarah Renae Spann cum 

Matthew Stephen Stark 
Valerie Kate Steger 
Amy Elizabeth Steinmann 
Jeremie Leon Stout 

William Aaron Stover 
Jason Michael Stroehlein 
Nicholas T. Strohl 
Justin Glenn Swanson 
Keesha Ray Swinford magna 

cum laude 
Michelle Marie Talbert 
Justin Beryl Talley magna 

cum laude* 
Mizuho Tanaka cum laude 
Kevin Thomas Tan- 
Michael Eugene Taylor 
Shane Allen Thacker 
Richard Glen Kruger Thurau 
Joe W. Tidwell 
Paul M. Trainor 
John Philip Trammell 
Jacob William Trom 
Scott Alan Truho 
Gabriella Unger cum laude 
Nathan Aaron Unger 

Ryan Karl Unverfehrt 
Elizabeth J. Uthoff 
Mark Joseph Van De Walle 
John William Vana 
Michael G. Vitell 
Brock A. Wackerlin 
Kevin Thomas Wall 
Jonathan Gayle Wallace 
Andrew Chad Weaver 
Craig Michael Weber 
Norman Charles Weimken 
Angela Marie Weissert 
Arley Bernard Wellinghoff 
Patrick Gerard Wienstroer 
Matthew S. Willard 
Dustin Lee Woolley 
Shawna Leigh Wright 
Shawn Michael Yadloski 
Jonathan Michael Yeater 
Chien Yu-Cheng 
Thomas Steven Zust 


Order of Exercises 

College of Applied Sciences and Arts 

1 1:00 A.M., Saturday, May 12, 2001, SIU Arena 

(Please stand for the Processional.) 


Pomp and Circumstance March No. 1, Sir Edward Elgar, Composer 
Keith Pierce, SIUC Alumnus, Organist 

Greetings and Introductions of the Platform Party 

Elaine M. Vitello, Dean, College of Applied Sciences and Arts 

Introduction of Commencement Speaker 

Howard Schlechte, President, ASA Alumni Constituency Society 

Commencement Address 

William A. Szelag, Manager, Regional Service Engineering and OnStar Technical 
Assistance, General Motors Service Operations, Pontiac, Michigan 

Presentation of Alumni Achievement Award by the College of Applied 
Sciences and Arts on Behalf of the SIU Alumni Association 

Howard Schlechte 

William A. Szelag, Recipient 

Presentation of Candidates and Conferring of Baccalaureate Degrees 

James E. Walker, President 

John S. Jackson III, Interim Chancellor 

Elaine M. Vitello, Dean 

Fred R. Isberner, Associate Dean, College of Applied Sciences and Arts 

Candy D. Evans, Associate Dean, College of Applied Sciences and Arts 

Jack S. Greer, Chair, Department of Automotive Technology, and 

Acting Chair, Department of Technical and Resource Management 
Janice S. Henry, Chair, Department of Information Management Systems 
David A. NewMyer, Chair, Department of Aviation Management and Flight 
Terry A. Owens, Chair, Department of Architecture and Interior Design 
Paul D. Sarvela, Chair, Department of Health Care Professions 
Laurence C. Staples, Chair, Department of Aviation Technologies 
Terry S. Bowman, Director, Off-Campus Academic Programs 

Alumni Welcome 

Howard Schlechte 


Rigaudon, Andre Campra, Composer 
Keith Pierce 

(Please remain in your seat until the Recessional is completed.) 


College of Applied 
Sciences and Arts 

Elaine M. Vitello, Dean 
Susan S. Rehwaldt, Grand 

Candy D. Evans, Marshal 
Diane C. Davis, Usher 
Larry D. Head, Usher 
Stanley M. Pearson, Usher 
David W. Gilbert, Usher 
Fred R. Isberner, Reader 

Bachelor of Science 

Marc D. Abbatacola 
George Ryan Abel 
Joshua A. Abrams 
Rhamunda Patrice Abrams 
Gilbert Acevedo 
Daniel R. Adams II 
John Raymond Adams 
Norris Lee Adams 
Danny Lee Admonis 
Jocelyn deGuzman Aguinaldo* 
Shahzad Alam 
Brian Keith Alexander 
Mark Robert Aljets 
Nicholas Anthony Allegretti 
Peter Nicholas Allegretti 
Larry David Allen, Jr. 
Julie R. Alvarez cum laude 
Paul Roger Amos 
William John Anaszewicz 
Charles J. Andel* 
Brad C. Anders 
Cheryl Neely Anderson 
Gavin M. Anderson 
James Ryan Anderson 
Joshua Randall Anderson cum 

Robert Norris Anderson 
Terrell Anderson 
Yuya Ando* 
Curtis G. Andrews 
Julia LaFrancis Andrews 
Ean Scott Aranza 
David Andrew Augustine cum 

Zafar Iqbal Awan 
Travis Jerard Baisden 
Rene Allen Baker 
Kevin Dean Baldwin 
Victoria Diane Ballard 
Jason Aaron Balzer 

Brian Christopher Bandyk 

Michael Antwan Banks 

Stephen Philip Barbeau 

Timothy James Barger 

Eric Hewitt Basile cum laude 

Deanna Gay Battagiia* 

Susan Bausch magna cum laude 

Brooke Michelle Beggs* 

Stewart Justin Behymer 

Sarah Louise Beiderwieden 

Mitzie D. Benns 

Mark Douglas Bergmeier summa 

cum laude 
Ryan Allen Berry 
Samuel Alexander Beverley III 
Lisa Ann Bickel 
Elizabeth Sharon Bilik 
Michael Robert Binkowski cum 

Nathan Edward Black 
Larry Jeff Blankenship 
Robert Lee Antonio Blount 
Ronald A. Bodine 
Regan William Boll 
Paul Eric Bond 
Jody Faye Booth magna cum 

Robert Frank Bott 
Lori LaDonna Bradford 
Kevin Thomas Bradley 
Blaire Renee Branker 
Jeffrey A. Branson cum laude 
Jacy R. Breen 
Bonnie Jean Brooks 
Chad Mitchel Brown 
Charles Eston Brown 
Douglas Bryan Brown cum 

Janet Lee Brown 
Martin Eldred Brown 
Michelle Denice Brown 
Steven Walter Brown 
Tonia Marie Brown 
Jon Keith Bruenning 
Jennifer Nicole Bruns 
Richard Allen Buck* 
Maurice Mirko Budurin 
Bradley Jason Buntrock 
Amber Marie Burgener 
Astrid Gretta Burkart cum laude 
Bobby Gene Bums 
Kevin Alan Bushor magna cum 

Carolyn Denise Byers 
Nicholas John Calcagni cum 

Sean David Callahan 
Lloyd E. Callaway 

Dustan Noel Calvert 

Richard Caraballo 

John Benjamin Carpenter 

Mark Wayne Carr* 

Tekesha Bartryal Carter* 

Anthony Dean Castelo 

Geano C. Chambers 

Brian David Chase 

Cianetta Chen 

Micah Kelley Chitwood 

Tien-Hsi Chiu* 

Jason Robert Chor 

Christopher Anthony Chuck 

David Alan Clark 

Tilford L. Clark 

Clifford Clarke 

Luther Boyce Claxton 

Todd Steven demons summa 

cum laude* 
Kenneth Anthony Coakley 
Ella Mack Cobb 
Gary L. Coffey cum laude 
Barbara A. Coleman 
John Michael Collier summa 

cum laude 
Shannon Renee Colligan cum 

Jeffrey M. Collins 
Brian Lee Cook 
Todd Jeffrey Cook 
Benjamin Jermaine Cooper 
Bernard William Cooper 
Robert Arthur Cooter cum laude 
Alexzine Roberta Cox 
Keri Lynn Crandall cum laude 
Michael Stephen Cromika, Sr. 

cum laude 
Dorothea A. Crosby magna cum 

Sonia Cruz 

Brandon Matthew Cullen 
Amanda Rose Cundiff 
Amber (Niki) Nicole Cutchin 
Michael Andrew Czigler 
Michael Dennis Darling 
Gregory Allen Davis 
Holly deLynne Davis 
Kevin Lamont Davis 
Jeanette Mellodie Dawes 
Anthony Joseph Day 
Lonis E. Deaton cum laude 
Edmundo Del Castillo 
Arlene Flores Dela Pena 
Eric Lynn Delawder 
David Wayne Deppe 
Shawna Leigh DeMarie 
Mario Joseph DeMello 
Scott M. DePauw 


Rebecca DeShazor 

Judith Anne Dias magna cum 

Edwin Bradford Dillard, Jr. 

magna cum laude 
Laura Lenee Diss cum laude* 
Sara Katheryn DiSantis* 
Steven Patrick Doyle 
Alecia Michelle Drake* 
Christopher Allen Dukes 
James Howard East magna cum 

Tracy Lynn Ebersohl 
Kimberley Beth Echtenacher 
Valerie Leigh Eckert 
Christopher Paul Edler cum 

Colette W. Edmisten 
Erin Lynn Edmiston* 
Barry Lee Edwards 
Teresa Lynn Edwards 
Vanessa Brooke Edwards* 
Jeremy Michael Egert 
Jeremy David Eisenhart 
Robert George Eiszler 
Nathan Philip Elliot* 
Edward Charles Ellis 
Jay Matthew Emery 
Ruth Louise England 
Timothy Robert Ervin 
Robert Boyce Evans cum laude 
Sean Micheal Evans 
Malinda Ann Falardeau 
Sheria Renee Fant-Hall 
Brandon Kyle Fawley 
Benjamin L. Fehsenfeld 
Jason A. Feldman 
Adam Martin Femmel cum 

Kelly Marie Fennema magna 

cum laude* 
Thomas Courtenay Ferguson 
Michael Benjamin Fessler 
Maurice Orlando Finley cum 

Gregory Dale Finn 
James M. Fitzgerald summa cum 

Cynthia M. Flamm cum laude 
Michael J. Fletcher* 
Kenneth Alvis Florence 
Chris M. Fonger 

Michael Thomas Ford cum laude 
Scott F. Ford 
Darrell Anthony Foster 
Jason McMillan Fox 
Randall James Franks 
Ryan Andrew Frauli 

Michael Joseph Freitag 
Michael R. French 
Michael Jonathan Friend 
Jeffrey Lee Friese magna cum 

Andrew Dean Fuller 
Donald Robert Fuller cum laude 
Jon William Gadbois 
Suzanne Maria Gallus summa 

cum laude* 
Bradley James Galvin* 
Gregorio Antonio Araujo Garcia 
Roland Michael Garcia cum 

Anna Nell Garrigan 
Tina L. Garrison summa cum 

Glen F. Garth 
Kristen Marie George 
Raymond Miller Gering 
Katherine Anne Gettings 
Sharon Ann Gibson 
Christopher Eugene Gillaspie 
Jeffrey John Glaszer 
Arnold Calvin Godwin 
Judd Joseph Goldberg 
Michael Anthony Gomez 
Roberto Luis Gomez 
Christopher James Gondran 

magna cum laude 
Walter Gonzalez 
Leslie Rae Good 
Jeffrey Leonard Gorney 
Jill Renee Green 
Ryan Michael Gregorio cum 

Kendall Jonathan Griffin 
Heather Melsadis Grosvenor- 

Tobias Gruchot 
Cynthia Ann Grzesek 
Barbara V. Grzywa 
Elizabeth Gamett Hagensick 
Garry David Hall 
Karen Marie Hall cum laude 
Lori Lynn Hall 
Brandy Lynn Haman 
Yousef Ibrahim Handal 
Loren Wesley Haraldsen 
George E. Hargraves, Jr. 
Rhonda Ann Harnish cum laude 
Lisa Renee Harper 
Kiesha D. Harrell* 
Kevin Jon Harrison 
Michael John Harrold 
Emily Louise Hartman cum 

Jonathan Wade Harvey 

Tiffany Nicole Hawkins* 
Wayne King Haymes III 
Dawn Marie Hayunga 
David Gary Heck* 
Paul Timothy Heenan 
Richard Geoffrey Helfin 
Misty Michelle Henning 
Mary Ellen Henry* 
Robert Kevin Higgins 
James Anthony Hill III 
Jeffrey Scott Hinderer magna 

cum laude 
John Gilliam Hobbs 
Sherri Taylor Hodges summa 

cum laude 
Geoffrey Rian Hodgson 
Gail Denise Hogg 
James Steven Holcomb, Sr. 
Ericka Untreal Holman 
Valarie Garrett Holmon 
Brian F. Homiller 
Philip M. Horton 
Laura Anne Houston* 
Steven Dennis Howard 
Caleb Jon Howe cum laude 
Brian Michael Hower cum laude 
Matthew David Howes cum 

James John Huch 
Arlinda M. Hudson 
Jeffrey M. Hughes 
Billy Joe Hummel 
Mildred Irene Hurley magna 

cum laude 
Jannell Gail Ide 
Ivan Warren Jackson 
Ryan Edward Jacobs cum laude 
Jeffrey D. James 
David Jaramillo 
Kevin Dwayne Jefferson summa 

cum laude 
Marissa Caryn Jelks cum laude 
Bryan McLean Jenkins cum 

Jason Wayne Johns 
David Robert Johnsen 
Daniel Paul Johnson 
Dominic Johnson 
Gregory Scott Johnson, Jr. 
Kevin Christopher Johnson 

magna cum laude 
Mark Philip Johnson 
Philip Andrew Johnson cum 

Roscoe William Johnson 
Terrell Johnson 
Timothy Mark Johnson 
Darryl Darnell Jones 


Jeremy Drew Jones 

Jerry Jones 

John Harold Jones II 

Wayne R. Jorns, Jr. 

Stacy Ann Joseph magna cum 

Lisa Marie Jumper 
Mario Jurado 
Ms. Tiffoney Ginel Kadiri 
Frederick Ralph Karsten cum 

Deborah Shawn Katz 
John Wayne Keel 
Heidi Michelle Kelley 
Paul L. Keske 
Allen Tervon Keys 
Lori Ann Kies 

Jeana Marie Kilday cum laude 
Baik Pyung Kim 
Amy Elizabeth King* 
Dana M. King 
James Richard Kirby 
Wilfrid Aaron Kirkbride 
Luke William Klenke cum laude 
Pamela Marie Klepac-Tulensru 

cum laude 
Nicholas Lee Knapp 
Kimberly Ann Kohler 
Cara Lee Kohlmeier 
Robert Otto Kolkmeyer, Jr. 
Nicholas G. Kreiser magna cum 

Adrian Kourad Krupa 
Amanda Lee Kruse summa cum 

Melissa Ann Kublick magna 

cum laude 
Steven Dale Kuchenbrod 
Brian A. Kujawa 
Marc Andrew Kuntz 
Gregory Michael Kurcab 
Jaclyn Ann Kusay 
Zia Butler Lane 
Kristan Ida Lappe 
Ted Robert Larkin 
Kirk Andrew Larsen cum laude* 
Christopher Clayton Lassiter 
Daniel A. LaVette 
Mark A. LaFramboise cum laude 
Robert Michael LaMontagna 
Nicole L. Lechowicz 
LaTonya Renee Lee 
Jeanine Marie Lemke 
Javier Rachid Levy 
Katrina Marie Lewis 
Matthew Edward Lewis cum 

Eric John Long cum laude 

Douglas S. Lopinot 
Ryan Andrew Loudermilk 
Dayton Anthony Loyd 
Emily Marie Luechtefeld 
Eric Josen Mach 
Charlie Mackey 
Allan John MacDonald 
Paul Edward MacDonald, Jr. 
Yolanda Yvonne Madden 
Philipmarc Bareng Madriaga 
Anthony Shane Maggert 
Michael H. Majercik 
Manuel Alberto Maldonado 
Matthew Aaron Malmkar magna 

cum laude 
Nicholas Paul Manheim 
Justin Patrick Manker 
Jared Charles Manning cum 

Aaron Leroy Marcott 
Celeste Louise Marentis 
Todd Michael Marquardt 
Geoffrey D. Marshall 
Kerensa Bree Marshall 
Gabriel Yong Sun Martin 
James L. Martin 
Jamie Nicole Mathisen 
Lisa Michelle Matthews-Yost 
Lynn Allison Maulding magna 

cum laude* 
Mary Elizabeth May* 
James Wesley Mayfield 
Michael John McAlonan magna 

cum laude 
Alison Leigh McCammack 
Daniel T. McClure cum laude 
Stephanie Renee McCray 
Paul Nicholas McCubbins 
Julie Ann McCullough 
Anthony J. McDonald 
Thomas M. McDonough cum 

Tracy Antonio McFarland cum 

Charles Marion Boulden 

Mclntire III 
Philip G. McKenzie cum laude 
Aaron James McLean 
Jacob Ryan McNeff 
Michael Robert McNulty 
Rio C. McWilliams 
Sheroy Mehta 
Thomas Manning Melton 
Benjamin B. Metcalf 
David Michael Meyer 
Todd Andrew Meznarsic 
Dan L. Michaels 

Kathyrn Ann Milbum magna 

cum laude 
Kenyetta Stephanie Miller 
Frances Irene Mings 
Sandra Miranda* 
Keith Terry Mitchell 
Willie Patrick Mitchell 
Randall Todd Mize 
Thomas Earl Mize 
Kevin Ronald Moddes 
Stanley Nelson Moore 
Wesley Taylor Moseley 
Charles Alton Mosely 
Trudy Diane Mullins 
Nancy Marie Mulvihill 
Albert Edwin Mungin 
Wendy Deborah Muskopf 
Phillip Lee Myers 
Curtis Carl Nash 
Kaamilya Nash 

Cynthia Nicole Neal cum laude 
Michelle Nicoe Newman 
Timothy Joseph Newman cum 

John Van Nguyen 
Abram David Nichols 
Edward David Nichols 
Jason Michael Nicks 
Mark Joseph Niemczewski 
Sherry L. Norton 
Sanchito Cruzada Noveno 
Ernie J. O'Connor 
Latonga Deundra O'Neal-Coney 
Osamu Okawa 
Jennifer Ann Orrick 
Angel Jeanette Owens 
Anthony D. Owens 
Martha A. Owens 
Sheryl Lynn Owens 
Tricia Renee Paff 
Patricia Jo Pafford 
Brian Westbrook Page 
Lacey Rachelle Pagett* 
Anthony F. Palermo summa cum 

Nikolaos Pantazis ** 
Jennifer Marie Panzeca 
Donald Lamar Parker 
Bronson Kyle Parrish 
Charles Thomas Parton magna 

cum laude 
John Edwin Paschall 
Bobbie Lee Patterson 
Martha June Paul* 
Kimberly Lynn Pearse 
Dyami Ali Peebles 
Armando Rangel Pena magna 

cum laude 


Matthew David Perrine 
Eric Robert Peters 
Andrew B. Peterson 
Robert Keith Peterson 
Howard Francis Pfeifer cum 

Bonnie Lolita Pickard 
Jason Michael Pipkin 
Arthur Richard Podniestrzanski 
Christian Curtis Pohlson 
April Christine Poole 
Michel Arlene Poole 
Shalen Prasad 
Ryan Allan Price 
Shauna Lynn Price 
Richard S. Prochaska IV 
Joseph Henry Proudfoot V 
Scott Pruett 
Steven Craig Purdy 
Michael Richard Radeke 
Kevin Michael Radic 
Jennifer Lynn Radke magna cum 

Barbara Maritza Ramirez 
Noel Thomas Randolph III 
Marty Allen Ransom 
Mark O'Neal Ray 
Alberto Ferriols Redublo III 
Carrie Leann Rice* 
Craig Patrick Richardson 
Michael James Richardson 
Crystal Ann Rider cum laude* 
Jason William Rinehart 
Jason Douglas Riopell 
Ryan Kent Roark 
Dana James Roberson 
Fred Arvel Robertson magna 

cum laude 
Heather Lynette Robins 
Gail M. Robinson-Antoine 
Carlisa Lashawn Robinson cum 

Dana Robinson 
Danny Joe Robinson 
Sheila Yvonne Robinson* 
Simone Cera Robinson 
Alberto Rodriguez 
Jude Michael Rodriguez 
Carrie Elizabeth Roets 
Travis William Rohde* 
Michael Gerald Rolves 
Jill Marie Rosen magna cum 

Daniel J. Rosenberg 
Alicia Ann Rosendohl 
Andrew Ronald Roszak 
Gary Bruce Rowton 
Leigh Ann Ruffner 

Kenneth J. Ruggiero cum laude 
Michael L. Runnoe cum laude 
William Frederick Russell, Jr. 
Jason Robert Rust 
Mark Phillip Sabino 
Mychael David Salzer 
Gloria J. Samples 
Heather Lynn Sanko 
William Dennis Schablowsky* 
Rachel Annette Schlenker 
Jennifer A. Schneider 
Jennifer Lynn Schniers 
Adam Aaron Schoonover 
Heather Lynn Schreck 
Robert Thomas Schubert 
Damon W. Schuldt 
Courtney Brooke Search cum 

Dale Allen Seidenstricker 
Michael Lee Sell 
Christopher L. Sewell 
Richard Edward Shamp 
Corrine R. Sharp cum laude* 
Stephanie Nicholle Shaw 
Carla Denise Shepard 
Jeffrey Alexander Sherbrook 
Joseph Franklin Shiver II 
Matthew J. Shook 
Kirk Leon Shores 
Tamara Short 
Louvenia Shirleen Shorter 
Chad Matthew Simmons 
Gregory Simpson 
Lesleigh Ann Simpson cum 

Eric Anthony Sirvent 
Stephen Robert Skoda 
Katherine Ann Slattery 
Phillip Small 
Carl Bernal Smiley 
Lars Michael Smit 
Ann Denise Smith 
Avery Eugene Smith 
Cory Michael Smith cum laude* 
Darlene D. Smith 
Edmond Shea Lee Smith 
Jeremy Michael Smith 
Laura A. Smith 
Orvell Leon Smith* 
Pandora Smith 
Robert Lee Smith 
Robin Smith 
Sandra Patricia Soco 
Gerald Jesus Solis magna cum 

Jimmy Jaemung Song 
Russell R. Spahn 
Brad Andrew Spokas cum laude 

Marie Christine Stajszczak* 
Renee M. Stangl cum laude 
David A. Stark 
Eric Michael Stan- 
Matthew Robert Steele 
Aaron Richard Steiner summa 

cum laude 
Christine Lee Sternjacob cum 

Debbra K. Stevens 
John K. Stevens 
Douglas Scott Steward cum 

Jennifer M. Stitzel magna cum 

Karen R. Stockwell 
Barry K. Stolle 
Dante Lamar Stovall 
Terri Lee-Gunn Street 
Virgil Ricardo Strobridge 
Kendra Eden Sweezey* 
Tracy Lynn Szczesniak 
Olubunmi Akinsola Taiwo 
David Alan Talbert 
Diana Allen Taylor 
Timothy Thomas Taylor 
Chella S. Terrell 
Teresa F. Terry 
Takayuki Teshigahara 
Christo Thanopoulos 
Amanda Jean Thetford 
Charles Arthur Thilman 
Dorothy Jean Thomas 
Glenn Lanier Thomas 
Lori Lee Thomas 
Patricia Ann Thomas 
Robert Michael Thomas 
Rodrick Thomas 
Jamie Lynn Thompson 
Nakia Mion Thompson 
Stephen John Thompson magna 

cum laude 
Darnell Thorns 
Jarod Lynn Todd 
Roman Torres III cum laude* 
Long Van Tran 
Kimberly Ann Travelstead* 
Jason Edward Triyonis 
Cynthia L. Tumbow 
Ginger Sue Turner 
Richard Maurice Turner, Jr. 
Heather Marie Uhrin 
Stephen Christopher Unverzagt 
Steven W. Van Vleet 
Margaret P. Veasley 
William James Veeder 
Robert Paul Venema cum laude 
Richard Keith Venrick 


Mark Anthony Vereneau cum 

Todd Michael Vick 
Vance Troy Vogel cum laude 
Lacy Finley Wagner summa cum 

Angeline Walker 
Edward Russell Walker IV 
Susan Elaine Walker 
Brian David Waller 
Michael N. Ward 
Tenekia A. Ward 
Eric Matthew Warhausen 
Tito Ayo Nyhi Warner 
Kristie Lynn Rique Washington 
Lisa Renee Weaver 
Keith Marion Weglarz 
James Alan Weidman 
Ching Chi Weng 
Connie Lynn Wheeler 
Yvonne Rose Wheeler 
Brian Edward White 
Paul Benjamin Whitlock 
Lawrence Michael Wieland cum 

Brian John Williams 
Dwight David Williams 
Jason Edwin Williams 
Katina Denise Williams 
Margaret A. Williams cum laude 
Nicholas Charles Williams 
Shaneka Dezarae Williams 
Triano Adrian Williams 
Matthew C. Williamson 
Matthew Wayne Williamson 
Tyrone Willis 
Jodi Ann Wilson magna cum 

Zachary Phillip Winstead magna 

cum laude* 
Tanisha Mae Witsman 
Arnold James Witzke 
Lance Gregory Woelfel 
Gilbert Eugene Wood cum laude 
Jeremy Aaron Wood 
Amber Renee Woods* 
Mathis Sheradon Woods 
Carl Woodson 
Michael Edward Wragg 
Rachel Michele Wysocki ** 
Zulfiqar Ali Zafar 

Mark Paul Zameda 

Timothy W. Ziegler cum laude 

Jared Robert Zurliene 

Associate in Applied 

Tad Lee Anglin 

Nathan Harrison Arnold cum 

Kenneth Joseph Aud 
Ryan Gregory Baker 
Miranda Faith Hill Barnes* 
Omar Barraza 
Philippe N. Baumgart 
Elizabeth Sharon Bilik 
Jeffrey A. Branson cum laude 
Peter Michael Breen magna cum 

Zachary William Briner cum 

Tonia Marie Brown 
Brian David Chase 
Todd Steven Clemons summa 

cum laude* 
Shawna JoLynn Cox cum laude 
Jon Drew Deckard cum laude 
Andrew Desiniotes 
Courtney LeeAnne DeClerck 

cum laude 
Ryan Marie DeClerck cum laude 
Bryan E. Ellis 
E. Tison Englehardt 
Monica Lynn Felts 
Laura Ann Foltz 
Bradley James Galvin* 
Judd Joseph Goldberg 
Jeffrey Leonard Gorney 
Devon H. Green* 
Miranda Jo Groves 
Christopher Wayne Gumm 
Robert B. Hackett II 
Cory Matthew Hall 
Nicholas James Hartman 
Donna Jean Heilig 
David Wei-Hua Ho* 
Matthew David Howes cum 

Brent Matthew Koertge cum 


Amanda Lee Kruse summa cum 

L. Chilang A. Lawless 
Sarah Beth Leffelman summa 

cum laude 
Stacy Marie Linnemann 
Steven Arthur Machala 
Gabriel Yong Sun Martin 
Nicole Danielle Martin 
Kenneth Martin Mattes 
Anthony J. McDonald 
Helene W. Merri weather 
Jennifer D. Miller 
Thomas Earl Mize 
Nakhle Afif Morcos summa cum 

Meridy Rae Morris 
Ryan Kirby Muety 
Kelly Jo Murphy cum laude* 
Scott Michael Palanos 
Eric Robert Peters 
Anthony Leo Peterson 
Arthur Richard Podniestrzanski 
Kevin Douglas Richardson 
Jason William Rinehart 
Jennifer Lynn Rowland 
David Chane Rowlett 
Isidoro Ruiz* 
MaLee Ann Ruth* 
Mark V. Shah 
Sarosh Ahmed Shamsi 
Joseph Harold Sharpe 
Carl Bemal Smiley 
Cory Michael Smith cum laude* 
Brian Richard Spears 
Anthony Paul Steffensen cum 

Scott Christopher Stewart 
Seth Andrew Tambrini* 
Ryan Keith Towle 
Kitty M. Triplett 
Scott William Vandeloo 
William James Veeder 
Lisa Therese Vodin cum laude* 
Michael N. Ward 
Kristie Lynn Rique Washington 
Katie Ann Wetteland 
Joshua Aaron Williamson 

summa cum laude 


Order of Exercises 

College of Business and Administration 

4:00 P.M., Saturday, May 12, 2001, SIU Arena 

(Please stand for the Processional.) 


Pomp and Circumstance March No. 1, Sir Edward Elgar, Composer 
Keith Pierce, SIUC Alumnus, Organist 

Greetings and Introductions of the Platform Party 

Dan Worrell, Dean, College of Business and Administration 

Alumni Welcome 

Tracy Rone, B.S. Finance, 1996, MAcc, 1999 

Presentation of Alumni Achievement Award by the College of Business and 
Administration on behalf of the SIU Alumni Association 

Dean Dan Worrell 

Rox Bailey, Recipient, B.S. Marketing and General Management, 1970 

Commencement Address 

Rox Bailey, Chairman and CEO, Mr. Coffee Concepts, Inc., Charlotte, North Carolina 

Presentation of Candidates and Conferring of Baccalaureate Degrees 

John S. Jackson III, Interim Chancellor 
Dean Dan Worrell 


Rigaudon, Andre Campra, Composer 
Keith Pierce 

(Please remain in your seat until the Recessional is completed.) 


College of Business 
and Administration 

Dan Worrell, Dean 
Dave Davidson, Marshal 
Kathleen Helleny, Student 

Tabitha Stone, Usher 
Donna Margolis, Usher 
Linda Seibert, Reader 

Bachelor of Science 

Kimmie Jo Acree 
Ayanna Nailah Allen 
Jeffrey W. Anderson 
Jennifer Louise Anderson 
Stephanie Ann Anderson 
Jonathon Robert Ashley magna 

cum laude 
Brent Hume Babin magna cum 

Syaiful I. Baderi 
Jennifer Margaret Baines 
Todd William Bandy 
Catherine N. Barfield 
William A. Barlock 
Lindsey Anne Barr 
Ryan Patrick Bartlett 
Jerret Michael Batson 
Jonathon Robert Bayler 
Kizzie Monique Beck 
Veronica Monique Bell 
Troy Berndt 
Danielle Lynn Bertuca 
Jovan L. Blacknell 
Derrick Carl Braun ** 
LaTonia Lydia Brooks 
Carissa Diane Brownback 
Cara L. Broy cum laude* ** 
Sara Dianne Brush 
Jason F. Bryant* 
William A. Buckentin 
Bobbie Jean Bums 
Mark Ryan Buttrum cum laude 
Segdrick Pierre Byrd* 
Cathy Ann Carmichael 
Steven William Carroll 
Ming Wei Chai ** 
Shanelle Rae Chesnut 
Yueh-Feng Chiang 
Britton Anna Christiansen ** 
Joshua Michael Clark 
Jeffrey Howard Cole 
Thomas Wilson Coleman III 
Joshua Dale Combs 

Katherine Ann Cooper 

Thomas E. Crosby, Jr. 

John Thomas Cross 

Joshua Lynn Curtis 

Ali Dibooglu 

Sara Elizabeth Dickey ** 

Sara F. Dietz 

Troy Gerald Diskin 

Michael William Doran 

Jerome William Dorsey 

Nadia Douch 

Kimberly S. Downing 

Ronald Doyle II 

Brandy Dawn Ebers summa cum 

Michael Lee Ebers 
Jessica Estrada 
Andreas S. Evgeniou ** 
Angela Falaster 
Elizabeth Kimberly Faulkner 
Edward Michael Feeley 
Joshua S. Feger 
Robert Earl Feinholz 
Athos Fessas 
James Lewis Fillinger IV 
Mandy Lynn Flahardy magna 

cum laude 
Athos Kyriacou Florides 
Sokrat Foto 

Melissa Anne Frederick* 
Jaclyn Dee Fritz* 
Jennifer Nicole Furlow 
Aaron J. Gerding cum laude* 
Bradley Douglas Gilbert 
Christina M. Gilbert magna cum 

Dana Michelle Glass 
Neeley Elizabeth Goeckner 
Shawn Demond Goins 
Chad Mitchel Graefen 
Lisa Renee Graff 
Vanessa Ashley Grimes 
Cory Michael Haberkom 
Kirk Chase Hanson 
Mahasin Jamillah Haqq 
Twishon Tanye Hardy 
Mark A. Harkert 
Andrew Howard Hayes 
Heather Elaine Hayes 
Tracy Jeanne Hayes 
James J. Helleny, Jr. 
Kathleen Ann Helleny 
Christopher Lee Herget 
Thomas Stanley Hess magna 

cum laude* 
Charles H. Hickey 
Monique Cherise Hicks 
Phenique Renee Hitchcock 

Kendra Jo Hood cum laude 
Ryan Matthew Horsley 
Nicholas Adam Hoskins 
Marc William Hultgren 
Traci Lynn Hummer 
Angela Marie Husmann 
George Ch. Ierides cum laude 
Michael C. He 
Louis Kevin Jeffries 
Dana Shavon Jenkins 
Jefferson Travous Jewett 
Adam Shane Jones 
Kristen Janelle Jordan 
Mieko Kaburaya 
Ryan Christopher Kaminski 
Darcee Joy Karmanian 
Dena Hope Keanini ** magna 

cum laude 
Joseph Michael Kelly 
Jami Christine Kerkstra* 
Ashe King Khesi 
MinSang Kim 
Khesi Ashe King 
Tara Gray King* 
Alan Wayne Kirgan ** 
Douglas James Kloeppel 
Lisa Danielle Koltun 
Christian Nicholas Kourlesis 
Michael L. Krake 
Keith Christopher Kraynak 
Michael Douglas Kroeschen 
Adam Barrett Lawler* ** 
Gustavo Schalch Leal 
Branden Lee 
Chang Hoon Lee 
Robert M. Lelo 
Colleen Ann Lenihan 
Nick Anthony Leonetti 
Patrice Lumumba 
Lisa Ann Maas 
LaTanya Lorraine V. Mack 
Philip Anthony Maggio 
Molly Ann Maguire 
Sarah Jane Malacarne 
Lana Nicole Mandrell 
Timothy Michael Mario summa 

cum laude* ** 
Timothy Louis Mattingly 
Jennifer Jo Ann Mayer cum 

Colleen Shannon McDonald 
Fie Boesen McWilliams magna 

cum laude* 
Molly Joy Meeker magna cum 

David Paul Meier 
Benjamin David Melby 
Courtney Rachelle Miller 


Robert Vinson Morris 

Rizky Muhammad 

Sarah R. Nungesser 

Matthew Gene Odle 

Kathryn Helen Olson 

Juan Antonio Ortiz, Jr. 

Christopher James Passero 

Alpesh N. Patel 

Jeremy Alan Peacock 

Jeremie Anthony Pechmann 

Ryan Joseph Petersen 

Walden Ash Peterson 

Stacy Lynn Pflueger summa cum 

Melissa K. Phelps 
Erinn Dianne Pickford 
Brian Christopher Placek 
Jamila Seaneece Pryor 
Casey Deanne Quandt summa 

cum laude 
Raven Nicole Ransom 
Christine Marie Ratajczyk 
Lisa Jane Reed* 
Airenicque Bianca Richardson 
Mark S. Richey 

Rachel Diane Richey cum laude 
Shenetha Nicole Roberson 
Gregory Robert Roth 
Adam Seth Rothschild 
Christa Marie Rundle 
Matthew William Rush 
John Joseph Russell 
Malik Germaine Samuel 
Aimee M. Sanders cum laude* 

Mitsuaki Sato 
Kimberly A. Schack 
Jason Morgan Schaefer 
Jason Alan Schroeder 
Erick Robert Schwartz 
Kristina M. Scott summa cum 

Jake Dean Seaman 
Steven James Sears 
Sandy S. Shah wan 
Eric Joseph Sherer 
Annita S. Shiakalli cum laude* 
Mari Shibata 
Joseph Andrew Skiles 
Jared John Slater 
Brandy Jan Smith 
Courtney Jean Smith cum laude 
Tiffany Monique Smith 
Yvonne Marie Smith 
Kimberly KaTrice Spears 
Brett C. Stevens 
Bryan Patrick Donald Stewart 
Jason Lee Stiff 
Andrew Paul Stoeberl 
Kassie E. Strebin 
Tara Leigh Swan 
Rachel Mae Sweitzer 
Ryuichi Takahashi 
Nicole Marie Tarro* 
Amy Kembra Taylor 
Cornel Taylor 
Raymond Thompkins III 
Lisa Carol Thompson cum laude 
Bryan Richard Tompkins 

William Lloyd Tucker 
Torree GeRae Tyes 
Brian T. Urban 
Marvin J. Vance 
Lenika Miosol Vazquez 
Jennifer Ardath Vinikdur cum 

Jeffrey F. Vivacqua 
Rachel Elaine Wagner cum 

Mark Charles Waits 
Dornetta Netricia Walker 
David Joseph Walls 
Carolyn Kay Verble Wampler 
Kyre Donsell Webb 
James E. West II 
Keith Alan Wetendorf cum laude 
Lisa A. Weyer 
Jacob Russel Williams 
Jason Curry Williams 
Keshaun Jamar Williams 
Matthew Garrett Willis 
Jesse Andrew Wilson II 
Teresa Cheryl Winters 
Martin McRaven Worsley 
Wayne Russell Wozniak* 
Tekoa Rozia Wright 
Michael Douglas Yedla 
Kyong Seob Yeom 
Ioannis Constantinos Yiannouris 
Sarah Marie Zmudzinski summa 

cum laude 


Order of Exercises 

College of Education and Human Services 

8:30 A.M., Saturday, May 12, 2001, SIU Arena 

(Please stand for the Processional.) 


Pomp and Circumstance March No. I, Sir Edward Elgar, Composer 
Keith Pierce, SIUC Alumnus, Organist 

Greetings, Introductions of the Platform Party, and Opening Remarks 

Keith Hillkirk, Dean, College of Education and Human Services 

Introduction of Honorary Degree Recipient 

Keith Hillkirk, Dean, College of Education and Human Services 

Presentation of Honorary Degree Recipient 

Keith Hillkirk, Dean, College of Education and Human Services 
Oscar Arias, Recipient 

Commencement Address 

Dr. Oscar Arias, Former President of Costa Rica and Nobel Peace Laureate 

Introduction of Class Message Speaker 

Norma Ewing, Associate Dean for Academic and Student Affairs, College of Education 
and Human Services 

Class Message 

Presentation of Alumni Achievement Award by the College of Education 
and Human Services on Behalf of the SIU Alumni Association 

Introduction by Patricia B. Elmore, Associate Dean for Administrative Services. College 

of Education and Human Services 
Valerie Boettle Ceckowski, Recipient, Associate Judge, 19 tn Judicial Circuit, Waukegan, 


Presentation of Candidates and Conferring of Baccalaureate Degrees 

John S. Jackson III, Interim Chancellor 

Billy G. Dixon, Chair, Department of Curriculum and Instruction 

John T. Pohlmann, Chair, Department of Educational Psychology and Special Education 

Regina Glover, Chair, Department of Health Education and Recreation 

Ronald G. Knowlton, Chair, Department of Physical Education 

James E. Bordieri, Interim Director, Rehabilitation Institute 

John T. Pohlman, Acting Director, School of Social Work 

Fred Reneau, Chair, Department of Workforce Education and Development 

Closing Remarks 

Dean Keith Hillkirk 

Introduction of Alumni Speaker 

John Mclntyre, Associate Dean for Teacher Education and School Partnerships, College 
of Education and Human Services 

Alumni Welcome 

Angie Bailey, Director of Health Education, Jackson County Health Department 

Alma Mater 

Southern Alma Mater, Clarke Morgan, Composer 


Rigaudon, Andre Campra, Composer 
Keith Pierce 

(Please remain in your seat until the Recessional is completed.) 


College of Education 
and Human Services 

Keith Hillkirk, Dean 
Lyle White, Grand 

LaTonya Mouzon, Student 

Nancy Mundschenk, 

Keith Waugh, Marshal 
Cathy Mogharreban, 

Paula Davis, Marshal 
Connie Baker, Marshal 
Marjorie Malkin, Marshal 
Claudia Blackman, 

Jacqueline Leonard, Usher 
Randy Gearhart, Usher 
Darrell Taylor, Usher 
Lynn Smith, Reader 
Marcia Anderson, Reader 
Ann Gammon, Reader 
Dan Becque, Reader 
Regina Foley, Reader 
Ken Simpson, Reader 
Joe Teaff, Reader 

Bachelor of Science 

Christopher Alonzo Adams 
Ulaunda Shuntay Adams* 
Todd Anthony Adkins cum 

Montrice Monae Aldridge 
T. Starr Alecci cum laude 
Mary E. Alfred 
David K. Allois 

Daniel Philip Altman cum laude 
Kenneth Ray Ambrose 
Robert C. Amburgey 
Dana M. Amos 
Cally Marie Anderson 
Gabriel L. Angelly 
Janaya Michele Ankenbrandt 

cum laude* 
William Ansel cum laude 
Christie Huffman Arehart 
Kevin Roy Arnold 
John Edgar Artz, Jr. 
Evangelist Ashley 

Michael Edward Aspen cum 

Rosalva Atilano 
Nia Nicole Austin 
Tomas B. Baca cum laude 
Mark Allen Baham 
Tammy Marie Bailey-Smith cum 

LeeAnn Bailey cum laude* 
Patrick Wm. Bailey 
Leora Catherine-Ninetta Baker 
Sarah Nichole Baker cum laude* 
Kevin Wayne Baldwin cum 

Joseph Aaron Balsamo 
Angela D. Banner 
Linda Wiles Barclay 
Dorjan Kinte Barker 
Samantha Jean Barnas 
Marvin E. Barnes 
Heather Lynn Barrett 
Walter Barrett cum laude 
Maria de los Angeles Bartolo 
Patrick R. Bass cum laude 
Kent Harris Bastian magna cum 

Anita Elizabeth Bates 
Michael Robert Batsie 
LaNette T. Battle 
Amy R. Bauer 
Jodi Lynn Baum 
Debra Ann Bauman cum laude 
LaTasha J. Baxter 
Hugo Stephen Bazzle 
David Daniel Beam cum laude 
Heather Anne Beckley 
Terrell Fletcher Beirne 
Derrick Belcer cum laude 
Megan Colleen Beller 
Evan C. Bernardo 
Lori Lynn Bero 
Valerie Ann Berry 
Michelle Tamara Bertinetti 
Wyatt Alan Bickett 
Julie Ann Bierman-Smith 
Jo Ann Bigler 
Cora Ashley Binkley 
Keri K. Bishop 
Todd A. Blackburn summa cum 

Ernesto Tanellie Sunny 

Steven Kelly Blair cum laude 
Lance Aaron Blevins 
Karen Margaret Bligh magna 

cum laude 
Donna Marie Bodkin 
Scott Wilhelm Boesenhofer 

Robert Lee Bogue 

Vivian J. Bogue 

Molly Jane Boma 

Frankie Ann Borden cum laude 

Dana Sue Bowman cum laude* 

John Burton Bowman cum laude 

Misty Dawn Boyd-Fritch cum 

Mark E. Boyd cum laude 
Sandra K. Boyle magna cum 

Christine Elizabeth Boysen 
Monica Lee Braddy magna cum 

Pamela Carol Bragg 
Daniel P. Brannick 
Rodney Victor Branton cum 

Marie Annette Brasher 
Donald L. Brass 
Julianne Ruth Brazeau 
Stephanie Dawn Bremer 
Emily J. Brian 

Jarrod Wayne Brian cum laude* 
Eloise Bridges 
Cari Christelle Briggs 
Lisa Brittain 
Suellen M. Broderick 
Shelly Lynn Brose 
Christian Robert Brown 
Christopher James Brown 
Clint David Brown cum laude 
Eric Murice Brown cum laude 
Gloria Jean Brown 
Jerlinda Joyce Brown 
Kenneth D. Brown cum laude 
Maddalina Thurmond Brown 
Steven D. Brown 
V. Jane Brown 
Willie M. Brown 
Robert William Brugger 
Gordon Bryant III 
Nikita Monique Bryant 
Brandon Luther Buckley magna 

cum laude 
Donald Scott Buhl 
Brian B. Bunfill magna cum 

Linwood Larry Burden 
Earl L. Burgess, Jr. 
Lori Ann Burgess 
Luanne Dunn Burkett 
Holly Burkhardt 
Melissa Dawn Burklow magna 

cum laude* 
Melissa Lynne Burnett 
Christina Marie Burris 


Michael D. Bush magna cum 

Delta Lashon Butler 
Ronald Earl Butts 
April Woodard Bynum cum 

James Marc Cain 
Michael Lee Cain 
Dawn Renee Calcaterra cum 

Ralph A. Calhoun II cum laude 
Franklin Borja Camacho 
Junior Anthony Cameron 
Kim Dean Campbell cum laude 
L. Grace Campbell cum laude 
Gary Thomas Campisi cum 

Joel Howard Canepa 
Gregory Kevin Carlson cum 

Deborah L. Carpenter 
Dana Marie Carter 
Irvin Carter, Jr. 
Douglas A. Carwile 
Sean Patrick Casey 
Rodney W. Cast 
Anthony J. Cataldo III cum 

Melissa Ann Cauthen 
Gerson Anthony Cedeno, Jr. cum 

Toni G. Cellucci 
Keith Emerson Chamberlain 

magna cum laude 
William C. Chambers 
Quintella Claretta Chaney- 

Lori Ann Chapman 
Stacie Anne Charles 
Courtney Yvette Cheatham 
Breanna Lynn Clark* 
Jennifer Ann Clark summa cum 

Kelli A. Clark summa cum laude 
Susan E. Clark 
Ronald Eric Cline cum laude 
Karen Marie Cloud cum laude 
Thelma Latrice Cohen 
Jill Laureen Coleman* 
Sandra K. Collins 
Jose Antonio Colon-Santiago 
Jeremy Allen Colvin 
Michael J. Contreras magna cum 

Bradley John Cook 
Eric James Corder magna cum 

Barry Wright Cordwell 

Schinova Cory 

Michael M. Coulter 

Roxanna Lynn Crain 

Joy Taylor Creel 

Cathy Ann Crockett-Douglas 

Scott Crouch 

Brent Alvin Cummins cum laude 

Nichelle Shalawn Cunningham 

Maureen Ann Curran summa 

cum laude 
Robert Emmett Currie 
Daniel E. Dahl cum laude 
Tonya Lee Dahlstrom summa 

cum laude 
Eugene S. Dalrymple cum laude 
Jason Rushmore Daniel 
Andrew Thomas Datti cum 

laude* ** 
Charles Randall Davis 
Creola Davis 
Richard Murray Davis, Jr. 
Robert Geoffrey Davis magna 

cum laude 
Samuel Louis Davis 
Richard Michael Day 
Arthur G. De Luna cum laude 
Michael Robert Dean summa 

cum laude 
Christian Price Dekker 
Alberto Bryan Del Valle 
Joel Edward Derocher 
Michael W. Derrios magna cum 

Randy Shayne DeBerry cum 

Lisa Ann DeSalvo 
Thomas Joseph DeVany 
Naseer K. Dhaamin 
Amber Eleain Dial cum laude* 
Melinda Kay Diaz summa cum 

Gary Allen Dillard cum laude 
Michelle Diane Dirden cum 

Cassandra Ann Dollard 
Steven Mark Dominguez 
David William Donnelly 
Donna A. Doten 
Candace Denise Dowell 
Mark Anthony Dozier 
Emilio Drakes 
Val David Drummond 
Jennifer Nicole Duckworth 
Kristi Lynn Duffett 
John L. Dull, Jr. cum laude 
Donald W. Duncan 
Jason Edward Dunning cum 


Edward Daniel Dyer 

Gladys Evelyn Dykes 

Shan Renaee Earle* 

Lonnie Alexander Easter magna 

cum laude 
Sheryel M. Eberwein cum laude 
Carina Marie Louisa Edler 
Amanda Kay Edmondson 
Angela Anna Edwards 
Carlynn Quincy Edwards* 
Mary Mercedes Edwards 
Michel Jennifer Edwards 
Marianna Efstathiadou 
Thomas James Egan 
Thomas Robert Eichelkraut 
Michael Clay Eisenhauer cum 

James Robert Ellenberg cum 

Michael R. Ellington cum laude 
Tammy Kay Elliott 
Jimmy Ellis 
Linda S. Ellis 
Catherine Leigh Elson 
William Malcolm England cum 

Robert Bruce English magna 

cum laude 
Kevin L. Ennis magna cum 

Shawn E. Entrikin 
Heather Clarisse Erickson-Davis 
Carol Ann Erickson* 
Stephanie Lynn Etters cum laude 
Cecil Randy Evans 
Andrea Lynn Falbe 
Daniel James Arthur Feldhaus 
Luzviminda Felizardo 
Lillian Liteese Felton 
Elaine Marie Ferguson cum 

Ryan Walker Feris 
Vanessa Adkins Ferrell 
Thomas R. Fiordelisi summa 

cum laude 
Kimberly D. Fisher 
Anthony Louis Fitts 
Kimberly Anne Fitzgerald* 
Damirra Starr Fitzpatrick cum 

Kathryn Marie Fitzpatrick 
Andrew Ryan McClellend Fleck 
James Richard Fleckenstein 
Quinn Andrew Flexsenhar 
John Jermain Florence 
Catherine P. Fogg cum laude* 
Bryan Jay Folk cum laude 
Gary Thomas Ford 


Robert Edward Forrest, Jr. 
Wilma Lawana Fortune 
Patrick Joseph Francis 
Ernesto Sahagun Franco 
Jill Maureen Franey 
Robert Lee Freeman 
Natalie Fridy-Amenhauser 
Paul Wayne Fultz magna cum 

Chad John Galioto 
Jerri LaTasha Gallahar 
Darryll A. Galloway cum laude 
Dianne E. Galloway 
Patrick A. Gant 
Henry Leon Gantt 
Robert Earl Garceau 
Danilo Oscar Garces 
Bonnie Garcia 
Jose Javier Garcia 
Gerald Lee Gargano 
Skipper Andre Gatlin cum laude 
Christopher John Geis 
Royden Paul Genthner 
Meredith Lee Gerardot 
Thomas Anthony Gil 
Bryan James Gilbreath magna 

cum laude 
Pamela Rena Gillespie 
Thomas Roger Godar magna 

cum laude 
Perry B. Goebel cum laude 
Charisse Sarita Goins 
Katrina D. Golden 
Kristina M. Golichowski 
Guido Anibal Gonzalez 
Susan Elizabeth Gordon 
Alia Louise Gorsuch 
William Vernon Gorsuch 
Mark A. Graham summa cum 

Dominic Charles Granno 
Robin LaKedra Grant 
Ann Christine Green 
Richard Roy Green 
Tiffany Marie Green 
Gail A. Gribac 
Trent Wayne Griffith 
Megan Ann Grossbauer magna 

cum laude* 
Joseph Gregory Gudger 
Gary Helmut Guenther 
Alton Joseph Guidry, Jr. 
Timothy E. Gunter 
Orlandis Gwin 

Patricia Oylan Dorinne Ha Sun* 
Courtney Lynn Hack 
Grant W. Hagedorn magna cum 


Cassandra Elaine Hagood 

Victoria L. Haines 

Kathy P. Hale cum laude* 

Amy Hall 

Christie Leigh Hall 

Cliff Antoine Hall 

Shanuta LuMarie Hall 

Phillip Robert Hamil cum laude 

Jennifer Charlotte Hammonds 

magna cum laude* 
Amy Leigh Hancock 
Stacy Jo Hancock 
Richard Douglas Hanke, Jr. cum 

Brenda Lee Hanson 
Heather L. Hanson 
Dana Leigh Harlan 
Lada Patricia Harland 
Michael R. Harmon, Jr. 
Thomas James Harness 
Dwain E. Harrell 
Edward Banks Harrell, Jr. 
Octavius Pierre Harris 
Steven L. Harrison 
Gail Allison Harry-Brantley 
Michael Travis Harston 
Kathleen A. Hatch 
Jimmy Lee Hathaway 
Terica Sherell Hathaway 
Elizabeth P. Hawks 
Nanacy Jean Kahrs Hawtin 
Melissa Ann Hayes 
Rachael Jane Hayes 
Wyatt E. Haynes cum laude 
Henry Herman Hays 
Lawrence Kelly Hays 
Molly Christine Healey* 
Andrew Robert Heck 
Teresa Michelle Heck 
Kiit William Heider 
Pamela Jean Helm 
Lillie Mae Henderson 
Reginald Bernard Henderson 
Gussie Hayes Hendrix 
James Bryant Hendrix, Jr. 
Eric Blake Hendry 
Margaret Kimberly Henry 
Owen Delbert Herbert III 
Susan Lynne Herbert* 
Juan Jose Hermosillo 
Stuart Michael Hesley magna 

cum laude 
Phillip Rollando Hess 
Steven Allan Hesselink 
Rosetta Marie Hicks 
Dan William Hiers, Jr. 
Eugene Oscar Hill 

Cherie Clare Hinds summa cum 

Jeffrey David Hinton 
Troy A. Hlad 
Elizabeth Hobbs 
Emily Jane Hobbs 
Jacqueline L. Hodge magna cum 

Wynton Eugene Hodges 
Gerald B. Hoenicke 
Ryan Patrick Hofman 
Larry Floyd Holcombe cum 

Deborah Lynne Holeman cum 

John Clarence Hood, Jr. 
Tara Kathleen Hooton 
Alan David Hoover cum laude 
Colleen Bree Horgan 
Sharon K. Horn 
Steve M. Horvath 
George Albert Householder III 
Brian James Howard cum laude 
Lon G. Howard 
Shawn Cameron Howry 
Robert F. Hubbard 
William Francis Huber III 
John Kennedy Hudson 
Vickey Lynn Hudson 
Erin Elizabeth Huffman cum 

Christine Marie Humphreys 
Timothy Scott Hunt summa cum 

Oscar Lee Huntley magna cum 

Floyd A. Husk cum laude 
Sandrarae Venita Hyatt 
John F. Inman magna cum laude 
Christine Alice Innes* 
Safiyyah Rahman Ivory 
Ernest Scott Jackson 
Joseph Daniel Jackson 
Yvette Jackson 
Artricia Arlene James 
Jorja Jankowski 
Kristine Lynn Jansen 
Aimee S. Janssen 
Gregory P. Jeanty 
Pamela Christine Jefferson 
Angela Marie Johnson 
George B. Johnson 
Jennifer Nicole Johnson 
Klynton Kyle Johnson 
Rebecca Susan Johnson 
Stephanie Margaret Johnson 
Tomita LaShea Johnson 
Alice M. Jones cum laude 


Brenda C. Jones 

Cheryl Lynn Jones 

DeVon Renee Jones 

Jenny Lyn Jones 

Landon Ray Jones 

Paula Elaine Jones 

Ronald Craig Jones cum laude 

Tammy Sue Jones cum laude* 

Trina Yolanda Jones 

Donna Michelle Jones-Lewis 

Sandra Christine Jordan 

Lydia C. Joshway 

Larry Arnold Joslyn 

Roy Edward Judon 

Lora Ann Justice 

Sarah J. Kane 

Tammy Rose Kasperzick* 

Mark Stuart Kattenbraker summa 

cum laude 
Patrick Anthony Keeney 
Christopher Patrick Kelly 
Cindy L. Kendrick 
Steven Wesley Kennedy summa 

cum laude 
Bradley R. Kesterson magna 

cum laude 
Morris Blackburn Kille, Jr. 

summa cum laude 
Sharon L. Kimble magna cum 

John Alexander King 
Sherry Ann King 
Timothy Bryan King 
Abel J. Kinser cum laude 
Obediah Kirven Junior 
Brandy June Klausing 
Anna Marie Kleen 
Jennifer Lynn Knade magna cum 

Richard Dwight Knepper 
Kevin Michael Knight 
William Howard Knoble 
Moshiu T. Knox 
Victor Louis Koch 
Rosie Koehler 
Lyle Henry Koller 
Scott Arnold Konieczka cum 

Natalie J. Kortte cum laude* 
Kimberly Ann Kostecki 
Christopher Anthony Kovach 
Brian Alexander Kozlowski 
Trisha Lee Kramer 
Jessica Dawn Kranawetter cum 

Samuel Concepcion Kullens 
David I. Kulp 
Adam Carl Lach 

Richard Laffin 

Daniel Joseph Lainhart 

Kimberly Jo Lamb 

Rodney Wayne Lammert magna 

cum laude 
Brian Michael Land 
Ramune Zita Lange 
Courtney Rae Langrehr 
Janell Elaine Laporte magna 

cum laude 
Eric Wright Larson 
Peter Duane Laurin 
Michelle D. Lawson 
Ronald Lawson 
Sarah M. Lawson 
Elaina Marie Ledbetter 
Anthony Dondell Lee cum laude 
David A. Lee 
Matthew Justin Leitzen magna 

cum laude* 
Keith Donald Lekse 
Kathleen T. Lennon 
William C. Lentz III summa cum 

Eric Christian Lescarbeau 
Lettice Noel Lewis-Bryant 
Bradley Lloyd Lewis 
Larry Tyrone Lewis 
Michelle Antwionette Lewis 
Peggy Sue Lewis cum laude 
Telithia Renee Lewis 
Thomas Charles Leyen 
Rebecca Lynne Lind magna cum 

Kenisha Nicole Lindsay 
Amanda Mae Lindsey 
Eugene Lindsey 
Pamela Jean Lish 
Amanda Leigh Livingston 
Jose G. Llanes, Jr. 
Emily Rosa Locke 
Margaret RoseAnne Lockwood 
Steven Long magna cum laude 
Frank Robert Longbottom 
Katherine Lopez 
Kathy-Marie Lopez 
Sandra Christine Lopez magna 

cum laude 
Kurt A. Lorenz 
Hermanus Josias Louw 
Susan M. Lowthian magna cum 

Ralph Lubbers 
Richard J. Luckner 
John Joseph Lurkins* 
Page Elaine Johson Lutchman 
Rachel Kara Lynch 
Virginia Leigh Mabrey* 

Deborah Jean Mackey 
Uroni Monika Macon 
Suzanne Christina Malawy 
Amy Marie Malinowski 
Cristy Renee Mandrell* ** 
Christopher Ross Mangun* 
Ira L. Manning, Sr. 
Anthony Michael Marcello* 
David Anthony Marchini 
Claudine Andrea Mardehow 
Janice Lynn Marley magna cum 

Robert Manuel Marquez II 
Melissa May Marshall cum 

Leo A. Martin, Jr. summa cum 

Nicole S. Martin 
Thomas G. Martin 
Sara Mil ly anna Martinez 
Sheilla Ellen Mason 
John D. Masters 
James Robert Mastin 
Kelly Jean Matteson cum laude 
Jazzika Nikole Matthews* 
Sharon Ann Matthews 
Leslie Anne Maulding 
Chalon Rynna Maybin 
Ashley Dawn McAdow 
Bobby L. McAlister, Jr. 
Susan Marie McCarthy 
Joi Tanaia McClendon 
James Robert McCrary cum 

Walter Oliver McCray 
Kerri Lynn McEvoy magna cum 

Rosaline McFadden-Swann 
David Joseph McGinley cum 

David Michael McKale cum 

Samantha D. McKinney 
Christina Rae McKinstry cum 

Clete Matthew McLeod 
Charlene Loretta McMillan 
Jonelle Maylene McPeak 
Paula J. Mecca 
Kristie Lynn Meritt* 
Omeaterance Lamore Mewborn 
Richard Allen Mickle, Jr. 
Anthony Bernard Miles 
Douglas Miles 
Joseph E. Miles 
Amanda Nichole Miller 
David L. Miller, Jr. 
Eric Scott Miller cum laude 


Everett Vincent Miller, Sr. 
Tamara Marie Misker cum laude 
Shannon Marie Mogolis 
Kimberley S. Monday 
Catherine May Monteon cum 

Thomas J. Moore magna cum 

Jasmine C. Morales 
Ann Elizabeth Morgan cum 

Gary John Moroney 
Jenny Elizabeth Morris 
Keith Richard Morris magna 

cum laude 
Michael Edward Morrissey 
Jamie Hope Moses 
Kim Lorraine Motta 
Curt D. Mowrer 
Deborah Muhammad 
Debra Deneice Muhammad 
Paul J. Mullendore 
Kent Wayne Munz cum laude 
Duane Marvell Murdock 
Thomas Joseph Murphy 
Kevin Michael Murray 
Shawn Robert Murray 
Dominic Anthony Musso summa 

cum laude 
William Micheal Myles HI 
Tammy J. Needham 
Amanda Jane Neibch 
Robert Anthony Neve magna 

cum laude 
Amy N. Newcomb 
Huyen Bich Nguyen 
Edward Paul Nickel 
Robert H. Norman II cum laude 
Mary Alice Northington 
Kyle Andrew Nyseth 
Elizabeth Joan O'Brien magna 

cum laude 
Erin Lynn O'Brien 
Julie Ann O'Day cum laude 
Nancy Diana Oakes 
Dylitchrous A. Odom 
Jeremiah Niiamaa Ollennu 
Jocelynne Orr 

Leslie Howard Ortiz cum laude 
Melissa Lynn Ostmann 
Laila Beth Ouechani* 
Dawn A. Overby summa cum 

Zowadi Renee Owens 
Lora Rachael Ozier 
David Andrew Palecek 
James Trey Palmer 
Neal Devon Pankey 

Danny J. Paredes 
John Nelson Paris III cum laude 
Carrie Elaine Pan- 
Dennis Wilson Patterson 
Paul J. Pena 

Carlos Edwin Perezcastro 
Heather June Peterson 
Steve George Pfohl 
Sally Ann Phelps* 
Sandra Kay Phelps 
Yvonne Renee Phillips 
Ruon Phlong 
Suzanne Mae Pierson 
Jack Robert Pietenpol magna 

cum laude 
Frederick Harrison Piatt, Jr. 

summa cum laude 
Tina Elizabeth Porter 
Bradd Vetter Porto 
Adrianne Lee Pounders 
Bruce Kurtis Powers magna cum 

Mark John Powley 
Dwayne D. Price 
Melissa Dawn Price 
Thomas Michael Price 
Rolanda Flowers Proctor 
Terri Ann Puetz magna cum 

Addie Danielle Pumphrey 
Dale Crutus Queen 
Teresa Lanette Quinn 
Brian J. Quiroga 
Donnie James Rabon cum laude 
Kelly Marie Radcliffe 
Rebecca Arlene Rambach 

magna cum laude* 
Rufino Frank Ramos 
Richard Samuel Randall 
Jessica LaVem Ransome 
Lewis A. Ratcliff* 
Brendon Edward Raymond 
Keshia Bee Raynor 
Brenda S. Rebman 
Kathleen Estelle Reed 
Louis Lockwood Reed IV 
Sarah Morgan Reedy 
Karen Jeanne Reese 
Arthur Fletcher Reeves, Jr. cum 

Fritz von Rettberg 
Manuel Rogelio Reyes, Jr. 
Timothy L. Rice magna cum 

Claudia J. Richard magna cum 

David Wayne Richards 
Marsha Ann Richards 

Richie Allen Richards magna 

cum laude 
Pamela Compton Ridgway 
Daniel Leonard Rightnour 

magna cum laude 
William Rivera 
Lanny Brent Roark 
Donald Eugene Roberts 
Andrew John Robinson, Jr. 
Karen Renee Robinson 
Pamela Elaine McLaughlin 

Adrienne Rae Robison 
Calvin L. Rockward, Jr. 
Luis Francisco Rodriguez cum 

Regina Dean Rodriguez 
Stephanie Leigh Rodriguez 
Lori Lynn Roeder cum laude 
Donna Jo Rogers magna cum 

Kevin Dean Rogers 
Marchel Cleothas Rogers 
Heath Michael Rominger 
Rhonda Faye Rooney 
Marc Aaron Rosefsky 
Theoda Ross, Jr. 
Wayne Eugene Ross magna cum 

Donald Carl Rotermund 
Kraig Alan Roth cum laude* 
Deborah A. Rowley magna -cum 

Jacqueline Rubin 
Matthew Rubin 
Christina Marie Rushing* 
Joseph J. Sabia, Jr. cum laude 
Neal L. Sachs 
Emma C. Salas cum laude 
Maria C. Sanchez 
Phillipe F. Savereux 
Jamie Ann Schabbing 
Kathryn Louise Schaeffer 
Ryan Lee Schallenberg magna 

cum laude 
Christopher Anthony Schell 
Cristina Lynette Schenk 
Curt August Schermerhom 
Kevin James Schirm 
Joseph Daniel Schley 
Sara Nicole Schonauer magna 

cum laude* 
Abbie Jean Schoolcraft-Boots* 
Paul Alan Schranz 
Carrie Lynne Schweer 
Laurie D. Scott 
Lynn Harrison Scott 
Shana Donelle Scott 


Carrie A. Sebastian 

Thomas Vincent Sedlacek, Jr. 

cum laude 
Brandi Lyn Seei 
Lisa Marie Senn cum laude 
Steven Ray Senteney II 
Megan Katheryn Sepich 
James Daniel Sewell, Jr. 
Erin Kristen Shaban magna cum 

Penny Rae Shaffner summa cum 

Kimberly Jean Sharkey 
Deana Mardell Shaw 
Donyalde Lurice Sherrod 
Amy Irene Shubert* 
Beth Ann Sidener cum laude 
Sonia I. Sigl 

Bette Rene Simmons-Young 
Timothy Paul Simmons cum 

La Verne Kidd Simon 
Jessica Ann Simpson 
David L. Sims cum laude 
Justin H. Sincoff magna cum 

Elizabeth Anne Skiba 
Charles Joseph Skorczewski 
Amanda Louise Smith magna 

cum laude 
Andre Lamar Smith 
Brandi Leigh Smith 
Brien Keith Jose Smith magna 

cum laude 
Carolyn S. Smith 
Curtis Michael Smith 
Darrin Michael Smith 
James Scott Smith 
Lynne Anne Smith* 
Melissa Kaye Smith 
Scott Thomas Smith 
Michael L. Smothers 
Ralph Y. Soloman 
Debra White Solomon 
Juan Manuel Soto 
Laneda Gail Spader 
Lucindy Lachell Span 
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Jade Len Sperling 
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cum laude 
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Steven Wilson Steams 

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Mark Walden Stewart cum laude 
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Doris Stuart 
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Shannon Leah Summers 
Marcia Y. Sweet 
Rachel Renee Szabo 
Elizabeth Leigh Tambourine 
Timothy Tarafas cum laude 
Thomas J. Targaszewski 
Cedric Stroud Tate 
Jacqueline B. Tate 
Ellen Kathleen Taylor cum laude 
John S. Taylor 
Stanley Taylor 
Michael Lee Teaman magna 

cum laude 
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James David Tesso 
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Sabrina Denise West 
Benjamin Howard Wetherington 
Scott Matthew Wetmore summa 

cum laude 


Michael Lynn Wetzel 
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Lisel D. White 
Terrence Loren White 
Jennifer Leigh Whitehead 
Alphonso Kenneth Whitener 
Emily Faye Wilberg 
Nancy S. Wilkinson Allen 
Charity Summer Wilkinson cum 

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cum laude 
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Brent Christopher Williams 
Eunice Faye Williams magna 

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Karla J. Williams 

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Troy Williams cum laude 
Clyde V. Williamson 
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Kimberly K. Windeatt 
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cum laude 
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Amy Kathleen Wittmeyer 
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Patrick Michael Wolfe 

Buck Wood 

Joyce Marie Smith Woodbury 

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Jason Andrew Workman 

Steven Gregory Woytko 

Sheri Sue Wright 

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Kimberly Denise Wyatt 

Leah Marie Yaeger* 

Suzanna Marie Yonaka cum 

Brian Alexander Young 
Darqueshia Yvette Young 
Nicole Michelle Young magna 

cum laude* 
Toni M. Young* 
Clayton Omar Zook 


Order of Exercises 

College of Engineering 

1:30 P.M., Saturday, May 12, 2001, SIU Arena 

(Please stand for the Processional.) 


Pomp and Circumstance March No. 1, Sir Edward Elgar, Composer 
Keith Pierce, SIUC Alumnus, Organist 

Greetings and Introductions of the Platform Party 

Margaret E. Winters, Interim Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs 

Commencement Address 

Bruce Riter, Class of 1972, Bachelor of Science in Engineering 

Presentation of Candidates and Conferring of Degrees 

Margaret E. Winters, Interim Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs 

George M. Swisher, Dean, College of Engineering 

Bruce A. Devantier, Interim Chair, Department of Civil Engineering 

Glafkos D. Galanos, Chair, Department of Electrical Engineering 

Suri Rajan, Acting Chair, Department of Mechanical Engineering and Energy Processes 

E. Bane Kroeger, Assistant Professor, Department of Mining and Mineral Resources 

Gary J. Butson, Chair, Department of Technology 

Student Response 

Stephanie C. Crawley, Civil Engineering 

Alumni Welcome 

Bruce A. DeVantier, Class of 1975, Bachelor of Science in Engineering 


Rigaudon, Andre Campra, Composer 
Keith Pierce 

(Please remain in your seat until the Recessional is completed.) 


College of Engineering 

George M. Swisher, Dean 
Dale Wittmer, Grand 

Nazeih Botros, Marshal 
Manohar Kulkarni, 

Roy Frank, Usher 
Manoj Mohanty, Usher 
Lizette R. Chevalier, 


Bachelor of Science 

Akin J. Akinduro 
Stacey Raene Alaniz 
Abdullah Alhusaini 
Azhar Ali 
Kyle Owen Allred* 
Ahmad Qasem Alsarraf 
Nayef Alhaddad 
Robert S. Aranha 
Frank L. Baecht, Jr. 
Dallase Marcell Baker 
Jason Michael Baker 
Jill Louise Baker 
Tony Edgar Banke 
Karen Janette Barnett 
Gene Edward Baumert, Jr. 

summa cum laude 
James Raymond Becker 
Matthew William Becker 
William James Berry 
Brian M. Bevard 
Kyle Allen Biggs 
Micheal J. Blake 
Barry Jack Blevins 
Joshua E. Blythe 
Eugene Boan 
Jason Daniel Boswell 
Bryan Patrick Bourgeois 
Jeffrey Alan Bradham 
Toby Allen Breedlove cum 

Laura Elaine Brewer 
Frank Brooks 
Albert L. Brown 
Arthur Lee Bryant summa cum 

Philip Windsor Burkhardt 
Sonya Kathryn Burnett 
Brigette Jeanine Bush 
Nathaniel J. Butler 
Hanseok Byun 

David Lee Cannon magna cum 

Loviel Everett Card well 
Timothy Wayne Carlisle 
Harold Stephen Carr III cum 

Jeffrey H. Carrington 
Aric Clifton Carter cum laude 
Carlton Carter 
Sherlock Sylvester Carter 
Jarod Lee Castaneda 
Jung W. Cho 
Salvatore Charles Ciulla 
Lawrence O. Clark, Jr. cum 

Ruby Lee Clemens 
Ernest Jay Coffman 
Javier Cortez 
Michael Ralph Cote 
Stephanie Christine Crawley 

magna cum laude* 
Jackie L. Crum, Jr. 
Patrick Kyle Cunningham 
Christopher Thomas Dacar 
Anthony Dean Daubach 
Zachary Glenn Davidson 
Ryan Martin Dawes 
Jamie Alan Day 
Larry Andrew Day 
Jeffery William Deckard 
Gildardo Berrellez Delgado, Jr. 
John D. DeCillo 
Todd Raymond Dietrich 
Mohd Dita Dikin 
Antoine James Dixon 
Nicholas William Doerr 
Charles Anthony Donahue 
Benjamin Charles Downing 
Scott Michael Doyle 
John W. Drain 
Tadeusz Tomasz Dudek 
Janet Louise Easterday cum 

John A. Edwards 
Aaron L. Eggemeyer 
Mohamed Abdulla Elazab 
Stanley Edwin Elsasser, Jr. 
Anthony Evans 
Thomas Jacob Fehr 
Neil John Fisher 
Isaac John Fuhr* 
William A. Fuller, Jr. 
Michael Gajewski 
David James Garay cum laude 
Erica Leah Genovese cum 

Jeffrey Todd Goble 
Gerardo Gonzalez 

Aaron Gene Goodwin 
Jennifer Marie Gordon cum 

Mary E. Gorick 
Christopher Aaron Gorman 
Susan C. Green 
Johnnie Benjamin Griffin magna 

cum laude 
Richard W. Griffin 
Timothy David Griffin cum 

Antonio Joseph Grilli cum laude 
Douglas Charles Grunloh 
Ryan E. Guldenstein summa cum 

Donald W. Gulledge 
Steven Matthew Gunther 
Thomas E. Hall cum laude 
Jennifer Justine Hamson 
Robert Lee Hanfland 
Casey Daniel Hansen 
Richard James Hanson 
Shane Allen Harris 
David Christopher Hartmann 
Neal Colin Hartsock 
Duane Thomas Harwood 
Aaron W. Hayes magna cum 

Rebecca Lea Hazel 
Jamie L. Headen 
Charles Alester Headlam 
Matthew A. Heitkamp cum . 

Timothy R. Hejny 
David Eugene Hermes cum 

Scott Ray Hessenauer 
Lowell David Hicks 
Quinn Victor- Wright Hill 
Khaled Hussein Hindi 
David Ronald Hogan ** 
Brian Scott Holbrook 
Nina Elizabeth Hollins 
Tony Hollins 

Christopher Michael Holzner 
Douglas Christian Hooper 
Jon Gregory Hopper cum laude 
Leslie J. Howells 
Beverly Dawn Humphrey cum 

Steven A. Huntington cum laude 
Robert Lee Hunziker, Jr.* 
Robert Roy Imm 
Pattie King Jackson 
Larry Allan Jaques cum laude 
Christopher Edward Jimenez 
Jeremy Shawn Johnson 
Richard Gene Johnson 


Carlton L. Jones 

Clark Edward Jones 

John T. Aires Jones II 

Bertha Denice Judson 

Glenn D. Kailus 

Curtis Joseph Kallal 

Daniel David Kautzner 

James Virgil Keehner 

Zachary Allen Kemp 

Kelly David Kendall cum laude 

Ame Baraka Kennedy 

Anthony D. Kibling 

Betty Arlene King 

Karmen Rene Kirkling 

Mark David Kleiboeker 

Kurt Matthew Koenig 

Ryan Arthur Kristof 

Kelly L. Kuntzman 

Oh-Bok Kwon 

David Mark Lamme 

Kenny De Wayne Lawson 

Mark Philip V. Leal 

Ryan D. Ledbetter 

Garry William Lehmkuhl 

James E. Lerch 

Matthew Robert Levine 

Philip Wesley Lewis 

Alma Delia Leyte 

Douglas Jay Lindquist 

William Sherman Livingston, Jr. 

Jeremy M. Long 

Sean G. Ludwig 

Bradley Pynes Luttrell 

Michael Thomas Mack 

Antonio R. Magorno 

Bob S. Mallinger 

Blake Alexander Malpass 

Jason Frederick Marchert 

Nicholas Alexander Marino 

Gregory Alan Maro 

Todd Andrew Martchek 

Randall Eugene Martin 

Charles J. Mastan 

Matthew Gene Maynard 

Michael Thomas McBride 

Robert Edward McGough 

Mark Patrick Mclnnis magna 

cum laude 
Robert A. Mclntire, Jr. 
Archie Joseph McKay III 
Nick Lee McKinney 
Jody Marie McMullen 
Lucas James Megli 
Brian B. Melosci 
Wilburn Edward Merritt, Jr. 
Todd M. Meyer 
Phillip Shay Miles 
Lori Lynn Miller 

Brian J. Milligan 

Paul R. Minton 

Clifton W. Mitchell cum laude 

Jimmy Dan Mitchell, Jr. 

Christopher Magner Moore 

Lane Barrett Moultrie 

William Dominic Mucci, Jr. 

Donna Dee Muehlenbein 

C. Michael Munge 

Michael Dietmar Nau 

Hollan Reid Neal, Jr. 

Thomas Bao Nguyen 

Stacey Neil Nichols cum laude 

Christopher John Numi 

Sean Patrick O'Brien 

Brian Scott Orloski 

Eric Ralph Ortiz 

Christina Marie Osmoe summa 

cum laude 
Stephan Matthew Overton 
Daniel Patrick Owens 
Rodney Craig Ozanich 
Nikolaos Pantazis ** 
Mark Thomas Pariseau magna 

cum laude 
Daniel Edward Paul 
Robert G. Pavley 
Douglas Joseph Pawlik 
John M. Paynter magna cum 

Melissa Renee Pearson 
Valerie Sheryl Pegues 
Warren A. Pendergast 
Scott E. Penner 
Sandra LaNette Peoples- 

Julio E. Perez, Jr. 
Craig W. Peterson 
Robert Norman Petty 
Mitchell Scott Phelps 
Ann Christine Phillippe 
Tabitha Sue Poggenpohl cum 

Joshua David Porter 
Billie Marie Quam magna cum 

Justin Gary Raines 
Matthew Paul David Redeker* 
Denise Jaye Reynolds 
Brad Ashley Richey 
David Rivera 
Eric Dewayne Roberts* 
Robert Roberts 

Linda Lee Robillard cum laude 
Adam Alexander Rodriguez 
Moises Rodriguez 
Daniel J. Rotta 
Susan M. Ruff* 

Kenneth Preston Running Hawk 

magna cum laude 
Eric Brandon Rushing magna 

cum laude 
Steven James Sabo 
Daniel Wayne Savageau magna 

cum laude 
Lee Saylor 
George D. Scherff magna cum 

Angela M. Schmidt summa cum 

John Paul Schofield III cum 

Ryan Michael Schroeder 
Charles Taylor Schwinn 
David Charles Scott 
Tamir Monir Siam 
Jose Gaspar Silva-Gil 
Johnny Curtis Simkins 
David Joseph Simmons 
Robert E. Simpson 
Richard Lawrence Skerl 
Ray Slaughter 
Robert Clay Slayden 
Aaron G. Smith 
Bryan Gene Smith 
James Douglas Smith 
Douglas W. Sommer 
Robert A. Sonnenberg 
Ayum Fodelaye Dominique 

Luigi Joseph Spinillo 
Adam John Stallman 
James Dee Steele 
Arrerk Dasaun Stewart 
James Lawrence Stewart 
Derek Matthew Stowers 
Shannon Lee Sulser 
Mark Philippe Tabemer 
James Robert Tate III 
Man than B. Thakkar 
Keith E. Thomas 
Shervelle Demetria Thomas 
Tyler James Thomas 
Hector C. Torres 
Morrell Kendall Townsen 
Peter M. Trapani 
Dustin Robert Tredway 
Steven Ervin Tugman 
Albert Merle Tyson 
Seth Adam Unger cum laude* 
Peter Anthony VanderDrift 
Juan H. Vasquez cum laude 
Bianca R. Veasley 
Stephen Ray Wagenschutz 

magna cum laude 
Kenneth D. Waits 


Todd Matthew Wall 

David Eric Ward 

Moon S. Webster 

Jon J. Wedel magna cum laude 

Timothy D. Weidner 

Jared Freeman Wharry 

Suhendi Wijaya 

Raymond Luis Williams 

Michael Townsend Williamson, Jr. 

Benjaman R. Wills 

Joseph A. Wilson 

Joseph Wayne Wilson 

Kristi L. Wood cum laude 

Patrick J. Work 

Luke T. Wotruba 

James Eugene Wright summa 

cum laude 
Stephen Michael Wright 

Yi-Yih Wu 

Matthew Jay Youngman 
Jamil Nihad Zahran 
Eric Earl Zingre, Jr. 
Erich Frank Zwettler 


Order of Exercises 

College of Liberal Arts 

5:00 P.M., Friday, May 11, 2001, SIU Arena 

(Please stand for the Processional.) 


Pomp and Circumstance March No. 1, Sir Edward Elgar, Composer 
Southern Illinois University Band, Michael Hanes, Conductor 

Greetings and Introduction of Platform Party 

Shirley Clay Scott, Dean, College of Liberal Arts 

Co- Valedictory Address 

Brandon K. Wright, Graduating Senior, Speech Communication 
Sarah C. Kocher, Graduating Senior, Psychology and Sociology 

Presentation of Alumni Achievement Award by the College of Liberal Arts 
on Behalf of the SIU Alumni Association 

Shirley Clay Scott, Dean, College of Liberal Arts 
James Morton Smith, Recipient 

Alumni Welcome 

Doris Rottschalk, Past President, Board of Directors, Southern Illinois University 
Alumni Association 

Presentation of Candidates and Conferring of Baccalaureate Degrees 

Shirley Clay Scott, Dean, College of Liberal Arts 
John S. Jackson III, Interim Chancellor 

Alma Mater 

Southern Alma Mater, Clarke Morgan, Composer 

Jamie Adams, Soloist 

Southern Illinois University Band, Michael Hanes, Conductor 


Music for a Ceremony, John J. Morrissey, Composer 
Southern Illinois University Band, Michael Hanes, Conductor 

(Please remain seated until the Recessional is completed.) 


College of Liberal Arts 

Shirley Clay Scott, Dean 
Paul Angelis, Grand 

Robbie Lieberman, Grand 

Don Rice, Marshal 
Diane Taub, Marshal 
K. K. Collins, Marshal 
Karen Clayton, Usher 
Valerie Enchelmayer, 

Toyin Fox, Usher 
Anita Hutton, Usher 
Jay Lewis, Usher 
Martha Taricone, Usher 
Michael Moberly, Reader 
Izumi Shimada, Reader 
Joyce Jolliff, Reader 
Petr Zemcik, Reader 
Beth Lordan, Reader 
Frederick Williams, 

Leslie Duram, Reader 
Jonathan Bean, Reader 
Geoffrey Nathan, Reader 
Diane Taub, Reader 
Jeanine Wagner, Reader 
Pam Lacey, Reader 
Pat Manfredi, Reader 
John Hamman, Reader 
Brenda Gilbert, Reader 
Lew Hendrix, Reader 
Bryan Crow, Reader 
Laura Thudium, Reader 
Diane Taub, Reader 

Bachelor of Arts 

Michael Joseph Adams 
Paul D'Anthony Adams 
Takaaki Ajioka 
Joshuah Michael Alemond cum 

Jynnah Michelle Ali-Sab'r 
Jacob Bryon Allen 
Matthew David Allen* 
Abigail A. Alms 

Sara Helen Alstat magna cum 

Ryan William Amerson 
Cory Steven Anderson* 
Robert A. Anderson ** 
Joshua Allen Anderton cum 

Nicole Cerise Andres 
Hironobu Arima 
Laura Ellen Armstrong cum 

Scott Thomas Baptist 
Takiisha Hadiya Barnett 
Bridget Irene Catherine Barth 
Lucy Ann Bartolo 
Ophelia Wynette Battle 
Paul C. Bayer 
Charles L. Becker 
Jessica Amanda Becker 
Kelly Valoris Bell* 
Anthony Eugene Bencomo 
Matthew Mark Benson 
David Anthony Bentley 
Laura Shayne Berman 
Sarah Ann Bertolozzi 
Christopher James Birdsong 
Teresa Marie Blessing magna 

cum laude 
Carolyn L. Blodgett magna cum 

Russell Richard Boersma 
Jenny Kristine Bohm 
Mollie Lynn Boliek ** 
Laura Michelle Boyer 
Jon Michael Bragg 
Alicia Renee Brandt 
Paul L. Brezina 
Christine Elizabeth Brinkmann 
Jason Patrick Bronke 
Erik Nathan Brown cum laude* ** 
Teniesha Louise Bryson 
Daysha Jo Buchanan 
Timothy Keith Bunfill magna 

cum laude* 
Ryan Patrick Burrus 
Tammera Latress Butler 
Christopher Thomas Carpenter 
Anne Elizabeth Carron 
Jason Lee Carter summa cum 

Daniel C. Burt Cassell 
Natasha Nicole Cavitt 
Chia-Ling Chang 
David L. Childers 
Marta J. Ciepiaszuk 
La Shauna D. Clanton 
Shane Ryan Clarke 
Jim Climer* 

Raymond J. Clodi, Jr. 
Michael Edward Clutts 
Nathan Duane Colboth 
Clinton Wesley Cole 
Curtis L. Coleman 
Kathleen Marilyn Coleman 
Angelica Crystal Rose Collet* 
David Alan Comrey 
Cori Ann Conway 
Rhiannon Amelia Corvin- 

Blackbum cum laude 
Catherine Kelly-Ann Cosimi 

summa cum laude* 
Nita Gail Cowan 
Audrey Kathleen Craddock cum 

Sarah L. Croy 

Lauren Susanne D'Agostino 
John Kevin Dabrowski 
Jennifer Ann Dadich 
Roberto Valentino Dailey 
Ryan Dasenbrock 
Jason Michael Dempsey 
Michael A. DeLathouwer 
David R. DeMik 
James Kenneth Dice II 
Kevin Scott Dickens 
Sara Elizabeth Dickey ** 
Kristen Katherine Dierkes* 
Zachary Charles Dilbeck 
Kristine Marie Donovan 
Ambrea Beth Douglas* 
Michael Dushon Draper* 
Christopher John Drew* 
Barry Girard Dukes 
Nicholas Lovelle Duncan 
Stephen Edward Duke 
Rebecca Evon Dunnell magna 

cum laude 
Drew Howard Dworkins* 
Michelle Lynn Dycus 
Alexis R. Dyszel cum laude 
Jared Douglas Eagle 
Marty Nichol Eason 
John R. Eaton 
Anton Daniel Eberhart 
Holly Jo Edwards 
Frankie Lucille Eggemeyer ** 
Kelly Ezekiel Eggers 
Erika Renee Eliason 
April D. Ellis 
Lynnea Joy Ellis 
Sarah Lee Ellsworth 
Brett Buston Essick 
Hilary Jean Estes* 
Hilary Jean Estes* 
Joseph W. Ethridge V 
John Kennth Evans 


Angela Marie Everts 
Gretchen Marie Fager summa 

cum laude* 
James J. Fares 

Kathryn E. Feazel cum laude* 
Michelle Dee Fenske 
Jill L. Fine cum laude* 
Michael Graham Finlay 
Lennart Paul Finstrom II 
Roger A. Flatt magna cum laude 
Merlene Renea Flaugher-Goff 
Lavolia Kaye Flemmings 
Adrienne Nicole Fletcher cum 

Nikita Monifa Floore cum 

Amy Elizabeth Flynn cum laude 
Thomas James Foley 
Michael Anthony Fontana* 
Sandy L. Fontana cum laude* 
Steven R. Fore 
Kelly Callen Foster 
Laura Lynn Franklin 
Shirese Sharon Renee Franklin* 
Gary Dow French 
Deborah L. Gabris cum laude* 
Julie LeeAnn Gallick 
Kristi Michelle Gardner magna 

cum laude* 
Michael Q. Garner 
Toni J. Garrison 
Karen M. Gaskins magna cum 

Kenneth J. Gass 
Jeffrey Wayne Gentry 
Adam Tyler Gerstenecker 
Sharla JoAnn Gillard 
Pamela Lane Glover 
Naomi Ziesa Goldberger 
Sylvia Helen Graham 
Angela Lynn Gramlick cum 

Shannon Marie Green* 
Ryan Michael Green 
Zazza Charice Green 
Michelle Claire Grieder 
James G. Grimaldi* 
Bethany Marie Gruenenfelder 

magna cum laude* 
Kevin Michael Gunnerson 
Ann Marie Haber cum laude* 
Benjamin Georg Habing 
Michael Allen Hale 
Heather Green Hall cum laude 
Holly Jane Hall 
Holly Tierney Hamilton 
Julie-Anne Hammontree 
David Marshall Hancock 

David Michael Hannan 

Justin Scott Hartley 

Sarah Lynn Harwerth magna 

cum laude* 
John Christian Hatch* 
James Russell Hawkins 
Lay la LeAnn Hayes 
Tracy Ann Hays magna cum 

Mark James Heidel cum laude 
Carrie Ann Heighway 
Bryan Dean Heine cum laude 
Terrence Joseph Henderson 
Eric L. Henry 
Michael Robert Hepner 
Christopher Paul Herschbach 
Keiko Higuchi 
Romel Clark Hines 
Jennifer Michelle Hobson 

magna cum laude* 
Brian L. Holder 
Tiffany Tayonda Holt cum 

David J. Horecker 
George W. Hornsby 
Itzel Indira Hosmon* 
Christina Ann Houseworth 
Jared William Howard 
Lisa Nicole Howard 
Shannon Michele Hoyt 
Timothy Jacob Hubbell 
Erin Lynn Huckstadt 
Mathew W. Hunt summa cum 

Wendy Nicole Hurst 
Michael Robert Hutchins 
Hiromichi Ishida 
Ami el Yahuda Jackson 
James Jackson 
Marcus Quinn Jackson 
Maurice Lucus Jackson 
Douglas Ronald Janota 
Kristin Amanda Jedlicka 
Matthew Aaron Johnson 
Nichole Dianne Johnson 
Samuel R. Johnson 
Sarah Elizabeth Johnson 
Michael C. Jones 
Tamara Nicole Jones 
Earl Warnell Jordan 
David Thomas Jourdan 
Nicole M. Kachiroubas magna 

cum laude 
Ragda Farid Kahil cum laude 
Daniel Mark Kaiser 
Naoko Kamio cum laude* 
Dena Hope Keanini magna cum 


Lauren Elizabeth Kelly* 
Edward Christian Kemp magna 

cum laude* 
John Henry Killmaster IV cum 

Alice Hadley Kinder 
Michael Damon King 
Junichi Kinoshita 
Daniel Thomas Kinsolving 
Nekeda Christina Kirkwood 
Jason Robert Klemm 
Nicole Marie Klinge* 
Kevin Ray Klink 
Sarah Christine Kocher summa 

cum laude* 
Daniel William Korbacher 
Ericka Lynn Koutiel cum laude* 
Kimihiko Kozu 

Maggie Francine Krause Reeves 
Mark Bradley Kunz 
Joseph S. Kurwicki ** 
Clarinda Lee Landeros 
Richard Langelan 
Jeffrey Joshua Latimer 
Christina Laumbattus* 
Thomas L. Lawson, Jr.* 
Cheng-Chang Lee 
Eun-ha Lee 
Taehyun Lee 
Daniel James Leek 
Danielle Marie Lescallett 
Chamelle Jean Lilley 
Theodore Eric Liszewski magna 

cum laude 
Kevin J. Lomas 
Brian A. Long 
Felicia Gail Long 
Celeste A. Longbucco 
Kathy-Marie Lopez 
Marcos Lopez 
James Andrew Lorton 
Aaron Kyle Louthan magna cum 

Willie B. Love, Jr. 
Hutchinson Clark Lovering 
Jabari Husani Loving 
Eric A. Lyle 
Scott Macey 
Thomas Richard Macho 
Jennifer Marie MacMurdo 
Tamencia Lattice Maddox 
Timothy K. Magill 
Lakendrea Levette Mallard 
Melinda Maye Manci 
John Edward Mandernach 
Sarah Rebecca Manning cum 

Fatima V. Mansour cum laude* 


Troy Stephen Mathews 
Ayumi Matsumoto 
Sheree Alonda Mayfield 
Lindsey Elizabeth Mays 
Jason L. McAdams 
Eleanor Elizabeth McCauley 
Alishia June McClain-Wilson 
Jason Philip McClain 
John Patrick McClanahan 
Ryan E. McConville* 
Chaquana La-Faye McCoy 
Matthew John McDonald cum 

Dan G. McGinn-Combs 
Kevin Marshall McGreer 
Joshua D. McKean 
Mark Allen McKinney 
Dale Burdette McNeal ** 
Jason Alan Medlock 
Robert H. Middendorf 
Jennifer Leah Mighell cum laude 
Jun Mikami 

Morgan Kimball Mikell* 
Jeffrey Robert Milam 
Chad Tristian Miller 
Vicenta Castillo Miller* 
Glenda Michelle Mills 
Jorge Mojarro 
Michael Nicolas Monje 
Kelly Duane Montgomery 
Rebecca Susan (Bunk) Mooney 
Andrew Duffy Moore 
James Patrick Morgan 
Chad Kristopher Morrill 
Jennifer Ann Morris* 
Michael John Moshenrose 

magna cum laude 
Michele I. Moss 
Melissa Marie Mrowiec 
Jason Ward Murphy 
Joel P. Murphy 
Sarah Rose Murray 
Sarah J. Myers 
Ryuta Nagai 

Sheena Renee Neely cum laude 
Cheryl Ann Nelson 
David Thomas Jerome 

Meghan Jean Nigra 
Ayesha Arlene Ollie 
Rene Madonna Ostberg magna 

cum laude* 
Heather Nicole Otte 
Steffanie Daun Owczarzak 
Christopher Eugene Owen 
Kayode Gbola Oyedepo 
Jennifer Kaye Pace* 
Nancy Rachel Palm* 

Heather Lynn Paluch 
Stelios Papapetrou* 
Tye E. Parks 
Valerie Leigh Passerini 
Robert Allen Paulus 
Jordan Ryan Pearce 
Whitney B. Pedigo 
Obed Perez 
Martin Carl Peterson 
Dustin Ray Phillips* 
Matthew C. Phillips 
Jennifer Lynn Piersol 
Michael J. Pietro 
Jeremy Shane Pinkston 
Christopher John Poshek 
Jennifer F. Potts 
Bridgette Denise Pratt 
Carl Pycha 
Alejandro Ramos 
Angela M. Rankin 
Mikole Kiam Rankins 
Erin Tiffany Redmond 
Curtis M. Reed 
Keri Lynn Reed 
Shane R. Richardson* 
Katherine A. Riddle 
Angela Jo Riley magna cum 

Denise Lynn Rishel 
Jamieson Ryan Robinett 
Dominique Joseph Rocourt 
Shana Rosenfeld 
Carl Brendt Rotermund 
Christa Marie Rundle 
Beonica Angelica Rupert 
Aaron Snowden Rush 
Richard Alfonso Saavedra III 
Bryan Michael Sacadat 
Willis Steven Salmon 
Phenesha Lytae Sanders 
Anastasia Savvopoulou 
Kelly R. Schenk cum laude 
Robert W. Schneider cum laude* 
Donald Charles Schroeder 
Scott Russell Schubert 
Jay Michael Schwerman 
Jason St. Matthew Scott 
Sherrina DeShaun Scott 
Jonathan B. Sears 
Adam Mathew Severit 
Heather Colleen Shannon 
Jeremiah J. Sidles* 
Shelley Renee Simpson 
Kyle Christopher Slankard 
Floyd Slaton, Jr. 
Keith Alan Sloan 
Stacey Lynn Small* 
Phillip Tyree Smith 

Anna Maria Soloff 

Tia Ann Speth 

Samantha Wells Stanford 

Michelle Lynn Steen 

Jonathan S. Stein 

Teri S. Stobbs 

Suzanne Marie Stoelting* 

Kyle G. Stokien* 

Charla R. Stone cum laude 

Daniel Lee Stone* 

Samantha Kristin Stotlar 

Patrick Thomas Sullivan 

Masaki Sumiyoshi 

Christina Michele Sutter 

Shannon Kay Sutter 

Douglas Paul Swanson 

Ryan David Sykes 

Adam Paul Tanis 

Mitsuyo Tatsuta magna cum 

Kristoffer Thomas Taylor 
Nancy Sue Thomas summa cum 

Jenny Lyn Thornton 
Sunni R. Thrasher 
Brian Allen Timm 
Mary Bridget Timmel 
Scott William Timmons 
LaDonna LaTrice Tolston 
Tavita A. Tovio 
Anthony Lusco Travelstead 
Amy Louise Trentz 
Bryan Christopher Trotter 
Nanako Tsujimoto 
LRae Unruh 
Sarah Elizabeth Utterback cum 

Eric William Velleca 
Heather Marie Voegeli 
Jessica Rae Votaw 
Jennifer Robin Waddell 
Melissa J. Wadzinski 
Jamie Lynn Walczak 
Clint Michael Walker 
Heather Elaine Walker 
Aaron Christopher Ward* 
Angela Annette Ward 
Daniel Wayne Ward summa cum 

Eric B. Ward ** 
Hope Catherine Warrener- 

Karl James Warwick 
Cobie Lee Welty cum laude* 
Brian C. Wennberg 
Jennifer Lynn Westfall 
Chad wick James Whitmore* 
Rebecca J. Wichmann* 


Gloria Wilkins 
Darren Neal Williams 
Gregory Louis Williams 
Tony Williams 
Julie Anne Willis 
Jalinda Wilson 
Kari Elizabeth Wilson 
Courtney Lyn Woodsides 
Kyle R. Wright 
Cheol Ho Yang 
Ya-Ting Yang 
Lawanda Lanette Young 
Jimmy Zepsa 
Hollie A. Zertuche 
Rebecca A. Zimmerman 

Bachelor of Fine Arts 

Brendan Gregory Bayless 
Ryan Bradley Cate* 
Michael Kenneth Cerekwicki 
Garvin Tsz Chung 
Lisa Jeane Fichtner* 
Kenneth J. Gass 
David John Hahn cum laude 
Scott A. Heine cum laude* 
Matthew Ian Holloway 
Janel Nichole Homes 
Christopher Wayne Hudgens* 
Kelly B. Jacobson summa cum 

Erick Don Kammerer 
Joseph S. Kurwicki ** 
Darius M. Lai as 
Teja L. Larsen 
Michael Anthony LaScola 
Juan Carlos Losada 
Mark A. Macdonald 
Edna Madera 
Marc Joseph Maiorana 
Emily Nalder* 
Hideyuki Ota 

Nicholas Raul Pena cum laude 
Daniel Joseph Rule* 
Elizabeth A. Schock* 
Courtney Ann Smith 
Nicholas Michael Thenhaus* 
Edward Franklin Wales 
Chad Eugene Westall 
Rebecca Anne Worthington 

Bachelor of Music 

Jamie Renee Adams cum laude* 
Jason Patrick Bronke 
Karen Beatrice Chontofalsky 

D. Tyson Deaton cum laude 
Neysa Kathleen Dix 
Jasmine Jannette Fennewald 
Christopher Michael Jones cum 

Larry Edward Robinson, Jr. 
Chi Yvonne Rogers 
Jarod Kyle Shumaker 

Bachelor of Science 

Anne Patricia Abney cum laude* 
Jeffrey Dale Adkins 
Kinesha Shirley Allen 
Misty Leigh Appleby 
Mechal Enina Arnold magna 

cum laude* 
Parrish Britton Banks 
Elizabeth Ann Barnett* 
Randy James Bell 
Melynda L. Benjamin cum laude 
Jessica Lynn Bertulis* 
Charlotte Louise Bradshaw 
Rochelle Chawnta Briggs 
Callie Lesta Brown 
Susan Williams Camp 
Christopher M. Cochran 
Timothy Michael Collins 
Daniel B. Cook 
Trelana Daneen Daniel 
Jeff Eric Dimberg 
Johanna Elizabeth Doyle 
Kristen Diane Duensing* 
Jamie Linnae Dutton 
Frankie Lucille Eggemeyer ** 
Nicole Marie Ehlers 
Ira Howard Fertel 
Kathryn Egan Foell 
James DeJuanis Franklin 
Terry Lee Fulk, Jr. 
Seth Joseph Gable 
Amanda D. Gajewski summa 

cum laude* 
Sandra Jean Gerke* 
Jodi Kay Golden cum laude* 
Randall O. Grubbs 
Kimberly A. Hall-Seagraves 
Michael Don Hall 
William Duane Hammer 
Stephanie G. Haqq 
DedErick M. Harris 
Laurie Ann Harrison 
Jaymie Rae Hauversburk 
Presches Ann Hedge 
Corinne Elizabeth Henyan 
Camille Joan Hickman 
Charles Lewis Highland 

Matt David Hoerbert* ** 

Michael J. Hudek 

Khalilah Yasmeen Jackson cum 

Lisa Colleen Jenkel 
Quinton L. Jenkins 
Veronica Nina Jenkins 
Alicia Jean Juarez 
Evan J. Kaufman 
Kristin Nell King 
Jon Michael Knott 
Sarah Elizabeth Krisko 
Holly Elizabeth Kruep 
Katherine Ann Kubica 
Chia-i Lai 
Donnell A. Langs 
Celeste A. Longbucco 
Cynthia Carolyn Loos cum laude 
Jennifer Lynn Maloney magna 

cum laude* 
Jeremy Michael Malson 
Christina Lynn Mathena 
Trevor Lawrence Maxwell 
Christy Ann Mclntyre cum 

Nora Dunne McLaughlin 
Michelle Renae McPherson 
Jeffrey Aaron Metz 
John Carl Miglin 
James Jeremiha Boothe 

Kimberly Ann Norris 
Jason C. dinger 
David L. Osborne 
Shannon Christine Parsons 

magna cum laude* 
Helena Marie Paschal* 
Jodi Kay Perryman-Boese 
Leah Ann Perschbacher 
Kasandra Michelle Pete 
David R. Phelps 
Jenny Kristine Price cum laude* 
Heather Dale Rhoades* magna 

cum laude 
Jayma Danielle Richrath* 
Shanti Freja Riise* 
Gregory Paul Settle 
Ethan Patrick Sivewright 
Jonathan Allan Spencer 
LaVonne Jerlyce Starks 
Erin Elizabeth Stremsterfer 
Mika Tada 
Mitsutoshi Takaya 
Mitsutoshi Tamura 
Kelly Cristin Taylor cum laude* 
Joseph L. Thebeau 
Heather Renee Thomas 
Jennifer Lela Thompson* 


Phyllis Marion Thompson II Terita Marketya Walker Brandon K. Wright summa cum 

Valicia DeAnna Timmons Amanda Kay Waller laude* 

Ryan Shawn Trueblood Deri Dennis Warren II Jennifer Marie Wright 

Jamison John Tryggestad Sarah H. Wende Jason John Wurtz 

April D. Vanzant Jason Kent Whipple Jennifer Kate Younker cum 

Erica Vasilj Diane Marilen Wild laude 

Marta Marie Viefhaus cum laude Andrea Niko Williams cum 

Marielyn Marie Vogel laude* 

Nicole Dianna Voruz Timothy Michael Wolfe 


Order of Exercises 

College of Mass Communication and Media Arts 

1:30 P.M., Saturday, May 12, 2001, Shryock Auditorium 

(Please stand for the Processional.) 


Pomp and Circumstance March No. 1, Sir Edward Elgar, Composer 
Gary Miller, Organist 

Greetings and Introduction of the Platform Party 

James D. Kelly, Acting Associate Dean, College of Mass Communication and Media Arts 

Presentation of Alumni Achievement Award by the College of Mass 
Communication and Media Arts on behalf of the SIU Alumni Association 

Scott Kane, Chief Operating Officer, Fred Kier Associates, Vernon Hills, Illinois 
Mike Leary, (Class of '74, Radio-Television), Recipient, Senior Vice President and 
Director of Broadcast Production, Evanston, Illinois 

Presentation of the Distinguished Service Award 

James D. Kelly 

John S. Jackson III, Interim Chancellor 

Paul Simon, Recipient, Director, SIUC Public Policy Institute and Professor of 

Introduction of Commencement Speaker 

James D. Kelly 

Commencement Address 

Paul Simon, Director, SIUC Public Policy Institute and Professor of Journalism 

Presentation of Candidates and Conferring of Degrees 

James D. Kelly 

Interim Chancellor John S. Jackson III 

Welcome to New Alumni 

Mike Leary 

Closing Remarks 

James D. Kelly 


Trumpet Voluntary in D Major, John Stanley, Composer 
Gary Miller 

(Please remain in your seat until the Recessional is completed.) 


College of Mass 
Communication and 
Media Arts 

James Kelly, Acting 

Associate Dean 
Lilly Boruszkowski, 

Robert Jaross, Marshal 
Joey Goodsell, Marshal 
Jyotsna Kapur, Usher 
Lance Speere, Usher 
Jan Thompson, Usher 
Jean Kelley, Reader 
Judith Rossiter, Reader 
Carol Westerman- Jones, 


Bachelor of Arts 

Anthony Eugene Adams magna 

cum laude* 
Christopher Scott Adams 
Jeffrey Thomas Alberts cum 

Maira Zahir Ansari 
David Ethan Belgrad 
Joseph Frank Benso 
Heather Lynn Biagi cum laude* 
Tanya Marie Borgmann cum 

Jaclynn Rose Boley 
Jacob Michael Borries 
Shona Kristine Bradbury 
Pamela Marie Brotko 
Erik Nathan Brown cum laude* ** 
Larry D. Brown 
Nathan Michael Buerkett 
Ryan Mitchell Cameron 
Rachael Dukes Carlson 
Megan Castleberry 
James Ferris Cheek 
Brian Joseph Chimino 
Michael Aaron Cioni 
Partick Allen Clark 
Virgil Alan Clark 
Jennifer Michelle Cliff 
Christopher Alden Clifford 
Jamie Renee Colboth 
Daniel V. Conrad magna cum 

Silvella W.E. Cook-Strain 
Raymond R. Cook* 
Susan Marie Czub 
Timothy O. Day* 
Keith E. DeWitt 

Michael Anthony DeKalb 
Robert Thomas Dial 
Bryan Kingsley Dunn 
John Tony Egley II 
Timothy Ron Ellis 
Michael Sean Fenske 
Nicole Denise Fitzgerald 
Robert Lawrence Flood 
Blair Mitchell Freeman magna 

cum laude 
Mercedes Jones Gallien 
Alan J. George 
Carrie Lynn Gieker 
Nathaniel Paul Gifford 
Douglas D. Gillespie 
Charles E. Gulick cum laude 
Amy Lynn Harlow 
Alyssa Lynne Harris 
Adam Walker Heck 
Clint Allen Hendricks summa 

cum laude 
Jason Arthur Hensley 
Scott R. Hoiby 
Mark Edward Hughes 
Marisa Kara Ievans 
Jermaine Demond Jackson 
Rita Jackson 
James Jay Jenkins 
Julie Lucy Jenkins 
Joseph Glenn Johnson 
Kelvin James Jones 
Patricia M. Kerrigan 
Jeremy K. Kirk 
James Vincent Krawczyk 
Jeffrey S. Kwiatek 
Grayce L. Lackland* 
Aimee Cathleen Laird 
Laura Paige Leese magna cum 

Brian J. Leonard 
Michael Craig Livingston, Jr. 
Jennifer Lee Love 
De Anthony Lamont Lucas 
Angela Marie Luna 
Zenele Jaha Malawa 
Matthew J. Marcinkowski 
Jacob Daniel Marsh cum laude* 
Jason Daniel Martin 
Marcus Tramaine Marvin 
Tetsuya Masaki* 
Michael Edward Matusek* 
Joseph Thomas McCracken 
Caryn Suzanne McDaniel 
Lisa Inez McLeod 
Hilla H. Medalia 
Devin Len Miller 
Amelia Suryana Mohd. 


David Joseph Morrow 
Daniela Muniz* 
Melissa Sue Neiderheide 
Angi Niemeyer* 
Andrew Kenneth Nolan 
Jeanette Lynn Nowak 
Nathan Eric Ogren 
Benjamin William Patterson 
Caryn Marie Poliquin 
Nikki Sue Preston 
Iseult Josepha Quirke 
Douglas S. Pyka 
Dale Loyd Ramsey, Jr. 
Kara Kristine Raymond 
Sean Peyton Reynolds 
Angela Dawn Riley 
Da won A. Riley 
Natalie Lynn Riley 
Tony R. Rusniak 
Eric Roger Schermerhorn 
Raymond J. Schiestel, Jr. 
Jessica Marie Schlak 
Travis Dean Severin 
Ross Dylan Shapton 
Michael Robert Shaw 
Pei-Shan Shih 
Sarah A. Smith 
Shavan Renee Spears 
Kristopher Craig Stallworth 
Benjamin R. Stem 
Akira Tetsuka 
Tyson Neal Thorp 
Ashley Ames Touchette " 
Jason Daniel Vaughn 
Ian Patrick Vertovec 
Ilsa Louise Walden 
Joseph Bunnell Walden 
Albert L. Walker 
John David Walski 
Stephen Warren 
Jennifer Louise Webber* 
Thomas William Weber magna 

cum laude* 
Benjamin Joel Weinberger cum 

Erica Lynn Wells 
Lindy Anne Wheatley* 
Victor B. Wheeler 
Jill Renee Wilderman 
Avery L. Wilkening 
Holly Rebecca Williams magna 

cum laude* 
Priestley Jerome Williams, Jr. 
Timothy Robbert Willis 
Megan Kathleen Wilson 
Patrick Wayne Wood 
Nana Yokoyama 
Anthony Ryan Zook 


Bachelor of Science 

Robin N. Allin III 
Jason R. Anciulis 
Metro Sky Armstrong 
Johathan A. Barrett 
William Rashad Bernel 
Karen M. Blatter 
Zackery Lon Browning 
Jason Brent Coker 
Rana Lee Connolly 
Erin E. Fafoglia 
Eulalie Elizabeth Frye cum 

Jennifer Carrie Lynn Gullette* 
Matt David Hoerbert* ** 
T. J. Hurckes 
Brenna Claire Joyce 
Meredith Deborah Kerr 
Jessica Leigh Kolb cum laude* 
Amy Lorraine Large cum laude* 
Carla Laverne Laury 
Deborah Early Marshall 
Laura Ann McGuire summa cum 

Sara Lynn McKay 
Timothy Alan Neuendorf 
Jeannette Loree Nolen 
Nicole Marie Ohrt 
Mellissa Robyn Paniagua 

Toby J. Peecher 

Lloyd Porter 

Nekia S. Price 

Collin Braxton Rhine* 

David Rodriguez 

Angela Jane Royer 

Javier J. Sema 

Meredith Sue Smith 

Jermaine Lonell Taylor 

Paul Kenneth Valker 

Birgit Lyn Wheeler 

Aaron Christian Williams 

Tiffany Ann Youther cum laude 


Order of Exercises 

College of Science 

8:30 A.M., Saturday, May 12, 2001, Shryock Auditorium 

(Please stand for the Processional.) 


Pomp and Circumstance March No. 1, Sir Edward Elgar, Composer 
Marianne Webb, Professor of Music and University Organist 

Greetings and Introductions of the Platform Party 

Margaret Winters, Interim Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs 

Jack Parker, Dean, College of Science 

William G. Dyer, Associate Dean for Instruction, College of Science 

James Staub, Associate Dean for Personnel and Budget, College of Science 

Philip Robertson, Director, Biological Sciences Program 

Gerard V. Smith, Chair, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry 

William Wright, Chair, Department of Computer Science 

Michael A. Kruge, Chair, Department of Geology 

Andrew Earnest, Chair, Department of Mathematics 

John Martinko, Chair, Department of Microbiology 

Aldo Migone, Chair, Department of Physics 

Andrzej Bartke, Chair, Department of Physiology 

Dale Vitt, Chair, Department of Plant Biology 

William Muhlach, Chair, Department of Zoology 

Introduction of Alumni Achievement Award Recipient 

Gerard V. Smith 

Presentation of Alumni Achievement Award by the College of Science on 
behalf of the SIU Alumni Association 

Margaret Winters, Interim Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs 

Jack Parker, Dean 

Leslie B. Sims, Recipient, Vice Provost, University of Iowa 

Commencement Address 

Leslie B. Sims 

Presentation of Candidates and Conferring of Baccalaureate Degrees 

Margaret Winters, Interim Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs 
Jack Parker, Dean 

Alumni Welcome 

David W. Kammler 


Recessional on a Theme by Haydn, Charles Callahan, Composer 
Marianne Webb 

(Please remain in your seat until the Recessional is completed.) 


College of Science 

Jack Parker, Dean 

J. E. McPherson, Grand 

Robert Sheehan, Marshal 
Carey Krajewski, Usher 
Du Wayne Englert, Reader 

Bachelor of Arts 

Christina Lynn Adams 
Ryan M. Aurand* 
Jennifer Renee Austin 
Brad A. Bailey 
Michael Richard Berry cum 

Robert D. Berry 
Michele Elizabeth Biring* 
Rebecca Ann Bishop* 
Yakita N. Broadnax 
Brian Keith Broussard 
Douglas C. Brown III 
Nate W. Brown 
Amber Rhea Browning 
Connie J. Bryant 
Kristen Renee Calvin cum 

Scott Wesley Cianick 
Ted Robert Clark summa cum 

Rachyl Elaine Clayton 
Jessica M. Combs 
Lance Tyler Conner 
Christian Paul Coogan* 
Jennifer Lee Cooper 
Anne Elizabeth Corbin 
Tara Kawn Counts magna cum 

Jeffrey Garret Cramblett* 
Kelly Ann Davidson 
Jamie Lynn Davison 
Robin Shane Dothager 
Johanna Doty 
Mary Frances Dykstra* 
Jessica Lee Dyszel 
Heather Flarisse Ediger 
Vaida Shiree Elam 
Justin Eugene Elmore 
Kathy J. Fink magna cum laude* 
Ralph Stephen Foreaker III 
Eunice Delores Fredrickson 
Allison Marie Gabris 
Jessica Carlene Gay 
Ryan Edward Gentry cum laude 
Robert M. Gerwig, Jr. 

Karl Tyler Gilpin 

Peter Robert Girardin 

Amy Marie Goodrich 

Michelle Elizabeth Goodwin 

Lori A. Haarmann 

Corrie Jean Holbrook 

Daniel Jacob Hutchinson 

Brandy Victoria Jones 

Julie Anna Kamp 

Josiah Kelly 

Jennifer Dawn Krick summa cum 

Brian Wayne Lawrence 
Daniel James Leek ** 
La Teesha Chantrice Lilly 
Marcella Anne Lopez-Horvath 
Steven Christopher Lowery 
James Christopher Mabry 
Michelle Lee McCaw 
Kisa Trennette McCormick 
Amanda Jeanne McFall 
Laura P. Meng cum laude* 
Ellissa Anne Mette cum laude* 
Robert Jay Mikesell 
Cynthia Ann Moline 
Marguerite Marie Moloney 
Amber Renee Moreland cum 

Brian Michael Nemmers* 
Ha Kim Le Nguyen 
Michael Ryan O'Shea 
My la C. Oliver 
David Graham Parkins summa 

cum laude* 
Sarah Anne Parrish* 
Amanda Marie Pillers 
Ewa D. Piotrowska 
Sarah Jean Pittman 
Brandon James Pohl 
Neil Meredith Ponder cum 

George Aaron Kyle Poole 
Sara Ellen Poole 
Jill Lynn Porter cum laude* 
Mark A. Radake 
Damn Michael Ray* 
Craig A. Roberts 
Robert W. Ronayne 
Christina Renee Rowley 
Jeannette Lenora Salazar 
Christina Helen Sanchez* 
Angela Sue Schmidt 
Robert Craig Schwabauer 
Justin De Wayne Settle cum 

Scott Alan Shurlow 
Stacey Renee Spradlin* 
Stephanie Lynn Suits* 

Crystal Ann Tucker 
Benjamin I. Waggoner 
Mbaire Mary Rachel Waireri 
James Corey Walker 
Kelly LeAnn Westall 
Mathew Webb Wheat 
Kenneth Edward Wheeler 
Diondrae Michael White 
Brian Lee Wilson 
Jennifer Rebekah Wisdom cum 

Christie Annilene Woodard 
Shirley Darlene Woodard 
Marci Jill Woodfin 

Bachelor of Science 

Joseph Lester Bartletti 
Daniel L. Bryant* 
Nicolae Cismigiu 
Ryan William Combs 
Nathanael James Dolan cum 

Tanya Dolgovsky 
Velvet Lynn Evans 
Michelle Ann Fabry 
Nicole Erin Flowers 
Misty Dawn German 
Jinwi Tapisi Ghogomu 
Corey Allen Gunnell 
Masayo Harata 
Heather Lynn Henderson 
Kate Patricia Hensel 
Aaron Michael Hoffman 
Tiffany Cheriese Holder 
Ponciana Elisa Jacinto 
Nailesh H. Jayswal 
Laura Carol Johnson* 
Tijuana Chantay Jones 
Constantinos N. Kalapodas 
Ava Adler Kamm* 
Darin A. Kelkhoff summa cum 

Brett Peterson Kocanda 
Yuka Kojima* 

Nathan Edward Lenz cum laude 
Christina M. Lienard 
James Christopher Mabry 
Alison Lee Buckman Mawdsley 
Matthew N. McCain* 
Weylin Lee McMillin 
April Dione Moore 
Shannon Lynne Newman 
Kevin Lloyd Nilson 
Michael Ryan O'Shea 
Thomas Louis Petroski summa 

cum laude* 


Andrew Thomas Plauck 
Lisa Marie Presley cum laude 
Steven William Pryor II 
Mark A. Radake 
Melissa Suzanne Ragains 
Andrew Duncan Robertson 
Christopher Matthew 

John W. Shaw 
Kelly Lynn Smith 

Jennifer Marie Sommers cum 

Stacey Renee Spradlin* 
Joseph Arthur Sumis 
Akira Takahashi 
Ryan Gabriel Tomka 
Michele Nicole Trimm 
Akihiro Uchiyama 
Eric Ryan Waltmire 
Laura A. Wasser cum laude* ** 
Rebecca Dawn Weight 

Laura Elizabeth Wells 
Richard Daniel West* 
Denyse Marie Willman 
Brian Bruno Wittenberg summa 

cum laude 
Jeremy C. Wombles 
Kate Andrea Woods 
Hui-Wen Yap* 
Jason Christian Young 
Jean Philippe Zufferey 


Faculty/Staff Service Awards 2000—2001 

Forty Years of Service 

Ronald G. Knowlton 
Aristotel Pappelis 
John Loren Roseberry 

Thirty Five Years of 

Bill H. Boysen 
Kay Brechtelsbauer 
Vemold Karl Feiste 
John Howie 
Fred A. Huff 
Jon David Muller 
Dale O. Ritzel 
David McCurry Sharpe 
Gerard Vinton Smith 
Donald R. Tindall 
George H. Waring 

Thirty Years of Service 

David Gordon Arey 
Sandra Lee Ballestro 
Stephen E. Blache 
Gary P. Drake 
William E. Eaton 
Steven Lee Hartman 
Lewellyn Hendrix 
Michael R. Jackson 
David W. Kammler 
James Hurley Myers 
Mary Ann Novak 
John T. Pohlmann 
Nerella V. Ramanaiah 
Heija B. Ryoo 
Gordon W. White 
Harry D. Wirth 

Twenty Five Years of 

Robert E. Beck 
David William Brewer 
K. K. Collins 
Diane Cherry Davis 
Darrell W. Dunham 
Susan C. Edgren 
Charles F. Fligel 
Jack S. Greer 
James Edward Jackson 
Stanley R. Lieber 

Catherine Lumbattis 
Ronald Milton Mason 
David A. Newmyer 
Sally A. Perkins 
Shari R. Rhode 
Terry Joe Rutherford 
Joseph C. Schmit 
Rhonda Seeber 
Leslie Paul Sheets 
Bruce Leroy Tetzlaff 
Eileen D. Troutt-Ervin 
Michael Lee Youther 
Kay M. Zivkovich 

Twenty Years of Service 

Lorie M. Allen 
Paul J. Angelis 
Daniel J. Chavez 
Joanne M. Chezem 
David P. Clark 
Bryan Kelso Crow 
Jean A. Cunningham 
Jon Davey 
Marilyn Ruth Davis 
Paula K. Davis 
Andrew G. Earnest 
William Eichfeld 
Roy Frank, Jr. 
Barbara Eaglen Grace 
Linda Marie Grace 
Catherine M. Grenfell 
Kathy A. Guilfoyle 
Lee Ellen Holland 
Chia-Lun John Hu 
Candis S. Isberner 
Robert A. Jensen 
Steven C. Jensen 
Allan L. Karnes 
Philip D. Kell 
Patrick J. Kelley 
Joyce E. Killian 
Vincent A. Lacey 
L. Andersen Lindberg 
Eric Paul Mandat 
Daniel Ray Mann 
Darcy J. K. Murphy 
Terry Allen Owens 
Earl L. Pan- 
Margaret B. Pan- 
Ronald James Pelias 

Kathleen Pericak-Spector 
Mary M. Pohlmann 
Karen K. Prichard 
Mary K. Rogers 
Robert Frank Sanders 
Lawrence Dale Shelton 
John William Shriver 
Scott J. Spector 
Lester E. Tichenor 
Michael John Zelten 

Fifteen Years of Service 

David Michael Adams 
Jane H. Adams 
Naushad Ali 
Kevin D. Bame 
David L. Bergerhouse 
James E. Bordieri 
Thomas C. Castellano 
Willie J. Cave-Dunkel 
Rodney B. Collard 
Diane K. Daugherty 
Brenda O. Gilbert 
Jerry L. Goddard 
Michael L. Grey 
Lalit Gupta 
Jonathan D. Hill 
Danny P. Jefferies 
Roy H. Joy 

Charlette Susan Kohler 
Elsie J. Martin 
Betty Joan McDowell 
Judith V. McFadden 
James M. McKinley 
Aldo D. Migone 
Keith F. Mortag 
Robynn Rosen Nawrot 
Christopher A. Novy 
Rita June Polston 
Linda Lou Preece 
Don Everett Prosser 
Vijay K. Puri 
Mary C. Rudasill 
Paul D. Sarvela 
Mohammad R. Say eh 
Constance M. Shanahan 
Sara June Starbuck 
Jane Laurel Swanson 
Suresh K. Tadisina 
John S. Washburn 


Robert B. Welker 
Donna Marie Wilson 
Bonnie H. Wininger 
Dale E. Wittmer 

Ten Years of Service 

Dawn A. Allen 

James Smith Allen 

Blaine Bartholomew 

Karen Sue Bollmann 

Rolando Bravo 

Scott E. Bridges 

Philip Brown 

Beverly A. Brownlee 

Edward J. Brunner 

David Eric Brussell 

Gregory Budzban 

Roger Feng-Chang Chang 

Lane H. Clark 

Charles William Clemens 

Lyle Cline 

Daniel Kevin Davie 

Greg Ferketich 

Gerald A. Fink 

Robert E. Fox 

Elizabeth Ann Gammon 
James Garofalo 
Darcy Cheri Gossett 
Marion E. Hall 
Michael L. Humphries 
Kathleen A. Jones 
Hui-Lin Ju 

Raymond Dean Kahler 
David Scott Kampe 
Robert William Kaps 
P. Michael Kimmel 
Elizabeth Theresa Klaver 
Carey Krajewski 
Richard Daniel Kuehl 
Robbie Lieberman 
David A. Lightfoot 
Beth Ellenora Lordan 
John R. Magney 
Rebecca J. Mandrell 
David Thomas Marx 
M. Joan McDermott 
Kathleen Kelly McKerrow 
Clare Helene Mitchell 
Nancy A. Mundschenk 
Jeffrey Keith Myers 

Reed Elliot Nelson 
Roberta J. Ogletree 
Rebecca Jane Oneill 
Dhananjay Ravat 
Don Stephen Rice 
Prudence M. Rice 
Carolyn A. Snyder 
Lidia Claus Stahl 
Gerald Cory Stone 
Charles I. Stubbart 
Darrell Wayne Taylor 
Spyros Tragoudas 
Dollean York-Anderson 

Outstanding Teacher 

Stephen J. Dollinger, 
Associate Professor, 
College of Liberal Arts, 
Department of Psychology 



Air Force and Army Reserve Officer Training Corps 

Listed below are those candidates who, subject to completion of all degree requirements, 
are being commissioned Second Lieutenants at ceremonies being held. 

Air Force Reserve Officers Training Corps 

7:30 P.M., Friday, May 1 1, 2001, Student Center Auditorium 

John M. Collier 
Zachary G. Davidson 
Michael B. Fessler 
Nicholas Gast Kreiser 
Ryan A. Kristof 
Anthony Shane Maggert 
Joshua Daniel McKern 
Carl B. Rotermund 
Ethan Patrick Sivewright 
Brian D. Waller 
David Joseph Walls 
Jeremy Aaron Wood 

Army Reserve Officers Training Corps 

7:30 P.M., Saturday, May 12, 2001, Student Center Auditorium 

Wyatt Alan Bickett 
Malik G. Samuel 
Gregory P. Settle 
Christopher A. Gifford 
James Gabriel Grimaldi 
Kelly D. Montgomery 



Academic Regalia 

The academic regalia, consisting of cap, gown, and hood, originated about the twelfth 
century and was worn primarily for warmth. Later, the material of the gown and lining 
and shape of the hood represented the economic and social as well as the academic status 
of the wearer. 

In 1895, a commission of American educators established an inter-collegiate code for 
the academic regalia. This code, revised in 1932, 1969 and again in 1989, provides a 
comprehensive system of academic regalia for American colleges and universities. While 
the code specifies black gowns, foreign universities and a growing number of American 
universities have gowns of various colors. 

There are four types of gowns and hoods — the associate's, bachelor's, master's, and 
doctor's. The associate and bachelor's gowns are the same except for a slight difference 
in color, untrimmed and have a closed front and long pointed sleeves. Women may wear 
a white collar with the bachelor's gown when no hood is worn. The master's gown is 
untrimmed, may be worn open or closed, and has extremely long, closed sleeves with an 
opening at the wrist. The ends of the sleeves are square with an arc extending from the 
wrist opening to the square end. The doctor's gown may be worn open or closed and has 
round, bell-shaped sleeves. There are wide velvet borders down the front and three velvet 
bars on each sleeve; the borders and bars may be black or the color of the discipline of 
the degree. 

The hood for each degree has a distinctive form. The master's hood is three and one- 
half feet in length with wider velvet edging and more of the lining exposed. The doctor's 
hood is four feet in length with the widest velvet edging and full exposure of the lining. 
Hoods are lined with the color(s) of the college or university conferring the degree. The 
color of the velvet edging identifies the discipline of the degree. 

The black mortarboard cap is standard in the United States, although soft tarns are 
worn at some universities. Tassels are usually black, except when no hood is worn, in 
which case the color of the tassel represents the field of study. Doctor's caps may have 
gold tassels. Upon conferral of the degree the tassel is worn on the left of the cap. Caps 
are considered part of the academic regalia and are customarily removed only during 
prayer, oath, or pledge, and then by men only. 



Colors of Tassels and Hoods 

In the United States the hood is edged with the color of the field of study and lined with 
the colors of the university conferring the degree. Southern Illinois University 
Carbondale's hoods are lined in maroon with a white chevron. Tassel and/or velvet hood 
colors, representing the fields of study, worn by students and faculty in the academic 
processional are: 

Tassels (Undergraduate Colleges) 

Agriculture, Maize 

Applied Sciences and Arts, Orange 

Business and Administration, Drab 

Education, Light Blue 

Engineering, Orange 

Liberal Arts, White 

Mass Communication and Media Arts, Blue 

Science, Golden Yellow 

Hoods (Masters and Advanced Degrees) 

Agriculture, Maize 

Applied Sciences and Arts, Orange 

Arts, Letters and the Humanities, White 

Business and Administration, Drab 

Education, Light Blue 

Engineering, Orange 

Fine Arts, White 

Law, Purple 

Liberal Arts, White 

Mass Communication and Media Arts, Blue 

Music, Pink 

Philosophy, Dark Blue 

Public Administration, Peacock Blue 

Science, Golden Yellow 

Social Work, Citron Yellow 

Commencement Committee 2000 — 2001 

Serge Abrate 

Brian Atchison 

Terry Clark 

Ed Ford 

Diane Taub 

Jan Waggoner 

Walker Allen, Ex-Officio 

Published by the Office of Admissions and Records, Southern Illinois University Carbondale. 

Printed by Phillips Brothers Printers, Springfield, Illinois. 0105 1 8 M 5/01 



The SIU Alumni Association 

The SIU Alumni Association is a worldwide organization dedicated to promoting 
Southern Illinois University, its students and alumni. The mission of the SIU Alumni 
Association is simple: to reveal to the world the excellence of Southern Illinois 
University Carbondale. The bond between you and your University lasts a lifetime, and 
the success of alumni and the institution can be enhanced when both take part in the re- 

Founded in 1896, the SIU Alumni Association now serves over 185,000 alumni 
worldwide by publishing the quarterly magazine, Southern Alumni, and sponsoring 
alumni chapters, reunions, Homecoming and many other activities. 

Benefits you can receive with membership: 
Southern Alumni magazine (quarterly) 
Saluki Pride newsletter 

Social and career networking opportunities through chapter and metro outreach 
programs and activities. 
SIU Alumni Association decal 

Enjoy all of the benefits listed below. Services for which members are eligible: 
Help in locating SIU Friends 
Discount Travel Rates 

Skillsearch membership discount (career networking company). 
Campus Privileges/Discounts 
Insurance Benefits at Group Rates 
Discounts at Six Flags Amusement Parks 

Contact the Alumni Association to receive a membership application, and to tell 
them your news for consideration in the Southern Alumni magazine. 

E-mail: alumni&siu. edu 


SIU Alumni Association SIU Alumni Association 

Colyer Hall Mailcode 6809 Student Center 

Carbondale, IL 6290 1 -6809 Southern Illinois University 

(618) 453-2408 Carbondale, IL 62901-6809 

Chicago Office: Phone (630) 574-7774 Ext. 2 
SIU Alumni Association 
100 Jorie Suite 351 
Oak Brook, IL 60521 


Southern Alma Mater 



p i J J j 







Hail Al - ma 

Ma - ter 

South - em to 

m F l p 





th ■ j 




St rong thru the 

years you stand tri 

urn - 



a I 1 f 

§= ■ r ij^ 


















guide us 



ver life's 





P | I 

.1 ,1 J I 


Lig-ht that can 

nev - er fail us 

Hail, hail to 




r r i i 




Copyright 1957 by Board of Trustees, Southern Illinois University