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mfad* tI&§<s 

Southern Illinois University 


August 4, 2001 


August 4, 2001 

The commencement ceremony is an important occasion not only for you 
but for other graduates, families, and friends. Although it is a happy 
time, it should not be a time of revelry. Your conduct at the ceremony 
should be dignified. Alcoholic beverages may not be brought into the SIU 
Arena either by degree candidates or guests. Security personnel will be 
on hand to deal with alcohol or other distracting objects. 

Professional photographers will be taking two photographs of each 
graduate as he or she crosses the stage. Each graduate will receive a 
proof print of each of those shots at no charge, and will have the 
opportunity to purchase additional copies or various photograph 
packages at a reasonable cost. 

Southern Illinois University Carbondale 

When its doors were first opened in 1874, Southern Illinois University 
Carbondale was a place where teachers and scholars believed that their 
graduates should be prepared to make useful contributions to the health 
and strength of society. This is still our intention. Outstanding 
departments, dedicated faculty, thorough and often inspired instruction, 
and a thoughtful blending of old wisdom with new knowledge have 
become the hallmarks of the University. 

Because this is true, we can point with pride to our alumni, many of 
whom are distinguished scholars, business leaders, artists, and public 
servants, and many more of whom are essential to organizations and 
communities throughout the nation. 

Knowing that classroom learning is only one facet of education, we 
help students learn to play through intramural sports, training in crafts, 
outdoor activities for individuals and groups, a variety of musical 
organizations; learn to help themselves through wellness education, 
physical fitness training, and counseling; learn to help others through 
fraternal, community service, political, and volunteer groups; learn to see 
and know their surroundings through hands-on projects, field trips, 
lectures, and excursions of their own. 

In encouraging students to explore the avenues and byways of 
knowledge and experience, our aim is to expand their view of the world in 
such a way that, while they focus on the particulars of their careers, they 
will be able to see their lives and their work in the broad context of the 
communities and the world. 

Board of Trustees 


Molly D'Esposito, Chair 

Gene Callahan, Vice Chair 

Harris Rowe, Secretary 

John Brewster 

Ed Hightower 

Mark Repking 

A. D. Van Meter, Jr. 

Jason Holzum, Student Trustee 

Nathan Stone, Student Trustee 

Home Town 

Term Expiration 









Edward sville 






Edward sville 




James E. Walker, President 
Southern Illinois University 

Walter V. Wendler, Chancellor 
Southern Illinois University Carbondale 


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CARLI: Consortium of Academic and Research Libraries in Illinois 



Southern Illinois University Carbondale Hi 

Board of Trustees iii 

Candidates for Degrees 1 

Candidates for the Doctoral Degrees 3 

Graduate School 3 

Doctor of Philosophy 3 

Doctor of Rehabilitation 5 

Candidates for the Master's Degrees 6 

Master of Accountancy 6 

Master of Arts 6 

Master of Business Administration 7 

Master of Fine Arts 7 

Master of Public Administration 8 

Master of Science . 8 

Master of Science in Education 9 

Candidates for the Bachelor's and Associate Degrees 12 

College of Agriculture..... 12 

Bachelor of Science 12 

College of Applied Sciences and Arts 13 

Bachelor of Science 13 

Associate in Applied Science 16 

College of Business and Administration 18 

Bachelor of Science 18 

College of Education and Human Services 19 

Bachelor of Science 19 

College of Engineering 23 

Bachelor of Science 23 

College of Liberal Arts 25 

Bachelor of Arts 25 

Bachelor of Fine Arts 26 

Bachelor of Music 26 

Bachelor of Science 26 

College of Mass Communication and Media Arts 27 

Bachelor of Arts 27 

Bachelor of Science 27 

College of Science 28 

Bachelor of Arts 28 

Bachelor of Science 28 

Necrology, 2000-2001 29 

Faculty and Administrative/Professional Staff Retiring 2000-2001 30 

Academic Regalia 32 

Colors of Tassels and Hoods 33 

Commencement Committee 2000-2001 33 

The SIU Alumni Association 34 

Southern Alma Mater 35 


Candidates for Degrees 

The following lists contain the names of candidates for degrees, the 
granting of which is contingent upon successful completion of all 
requirements for the degree. 

An asterisk (*) to the right of the name indicates membership in the 
University Honors program (undergraduate students only). 

A double asterisk (*.*) to the right of the name indicates the person is a 
candidate for multiple degrees. 

University Academic Honors listed to the right of the name are as 
follows for undergraduate students: 

cum laude 3.500-3.749 

magna cum laude 3.750-3.899 

summa cum laude 3.900-4.000 
The grade point averages above apply firstly to all work taken at 
Southern Illinois University Carbondale and in the case of transfer 
students then to the total work as an additional, but secondary 

Order of Exercises 

9:30 A.M., Saturday, August 4, 2001, SIU Arena 

(Please stand for the Processional.) 


Pomp and Circumstance March No. 1, Sir Edward Elgar, Composer 
Marianne Webb, Professor of Music and University Organist 

Greetings and Introduction of Platform Party 

Walter V. Wendler, Chancellor 

Presentation of Candidates and Conferring of Graduate School Degrees 

John A. Koropchak, Interim Dean, Graduate School 
Walter V. Wendler, Chancellor 

Presentation of Candidates and Conferring of Baccalaureate and 
Associate Degrees 

Walter V. Wendler, Chancellor 

Margaret E. Winters, Interim Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs 

W. David Shoup, Dean, College of Agriculture 

Elaine M. Vitello, Dean, College of Applied Sciences and Arts 

Dan Worrell, Dean, College of Business 

R. Keith Hillkirk, Dean, College of Education and Human Services 

Hasan Sevim, Associate Dean, College of Engineering 

Shirley Clay Scott, Dean, College of Liberal Arts 

Jyotika Ramaprasad, Interim Dean, College of Mass Communication and Media 

Jack Parker, Dean, College of Science 

Welcome from the Alumni Association 

Doris Rottschalk, SIU Alumni Association 

Closing Remarks 

Walter V. Wendler, Chancellor 

Alma Mater 

Southern Alma Mater, Clarke Morgan, Composer 
Led by Lauren Arnett, Graduate Student in Music 


Recessional on a Theme by Haydn, Charles Callahan, Composer 
Marianne Webb 

Faculty Marshals 

Arlyn J. Melcher, Professor, Management, Grand Marshal 

Stephen Dollinger, SIUC Outstanding Teacher and Professor, Department of 

Psychology, Faculty Marshal 
Ben Dziegielewski, College of Liberal Arts Outstanding Researcher and Professor, 

Department of Geography, Faculty Marshal 

(Please remain in your seat until the Recessional is completed.) 

Candidates for the Doctoral Degrees 

Graduate School 

John A. Koropchak, Interim Dean 
David L. Wilson, Marshal 
Prudence M. Rice, Marshal 
Pam Durso, Usher 
Ratna Sinha, Usher 
Nancy Vorhees, Usher 

Doctor of Philosophy 

Kristin Anne Adams 

Education — Health Education, Dr. Joyce 

V. Fetro 

Attitudes, Perceptions, Self-Efficacy and 
Risk Behaviors Related to HIV Infection 
Among Male Student-Athletes 

Mark Roger Arbuckle 

Journalism, Dr. Thomas J. Johnson 

Herbert Hoover's National Radio 
Conferences and the Origin of Public 
Interest Content Regulation of U.S. 
Broadcasting: 1 922-1 925 

Keli Anne Braitman 

Psychology, Dr. Nerella V. Ramanaiah 

Relationships among Body Satisfaction, 
Appearance Schemas, Early Maladaptive 
Schemas, and Sociocultural Attitudes 
Towards Appearance 

James Raymond Bray, Jr. 

Plant Biology, Dr. Raymond Stotler, Dr. 

Barbard J. Crandall- Stotler 

A Revision of the genus Fossombronia 
Raddi in North America, north of Mexico, 
and Europe 

William Robert Caldwell, Sr. 
Education — Workforce Education and 
Development, Dr. John S. Washburn 

The Nature of Small Business Training 
Practices in Southern Illinois 

Serena Po-Lan Chu 

Psychology, Dr. Barbara J. Yanico 

Internalization of the Model Minority 
Stereotype and its Relationship to 
Psychological Adjustment 

Michael A. Clump 

Psychology, Dr. Ronald R. Schmeck 

Do Teachers Know Their Own 
Teaching? Development and Validation of 
the TPI (Teaching Processes Inventory) 

Cretson Leo Dalmadge 

Business Administration, Dr. Arkalgud 


A Method for Measuring the Risk of 
eBusiness Discontinuity 

Sarojini Marietta D'Cruz-Sengupta 
Molecular Biology, Microbiology, and 
Biochemistry, Dr. Blaine Bartholomew 

Architecture of the TFIIIB-DNA and 
SWI/ SNF-nucleosome complexes 

Suneetha S. de Silva 

Education — Curriculum and Instruction, 

Dr. Susan Pearlman 

Cultural Differences and Attitudes 
Towards Parental Involvement: A Case 
Study of Preschool Parents 

Rebecca S. Donna 
Sociology, Dr. Marc P. Riedel 

The Effect of Organizational Change on 
Correctional Officers 

Gene E. Fusch 

Education — Workforce Education and 

Development, Dr. Clora Mae Baker 

Work/ Life and the Workplace-A 
Ethnographic Case Study of a High 
Performance Working Environment 

Suzanne M. Gill 

Psychology, Dr. Kathleen Chwalisz 

Life Beyond Survival: Relationship, 
Narrative and Healing from the Effects of 
Childhood Sexual Abuse 

Katherine Meliss Helm 

Psychology, Dr. Barbara J. Yanico, Dr. 

Kevin O. Cokley 

A Theoretical and Psychometric Analysis 
of the Revised Black Racial Identity 
Development Model and the 
Multidimensional Model of Racial Identity: 
Outcomes on the Revised African 
American Acculturation Scale-33 

Linda Lizut Helstern 

English, Dr. Robert E. Fox, Dr. Clarisse 


Trickster Chaos: Old Stories and New 
Science in the Postindian Novel 

Kendra Sue Humphreys 

Education — Curriculum and Instruction, 

Dr. James Edward Jackson 

A Descriptive Analysis of a Computer- 
Assisted Instruction Developmental 
English Program 

Othman Ismail 

Education — Curriculum and Instruction, 

Dr. Michael R. Jackson 

The Effectiveness of Using Internet 
Telecommunications Tools for the Purpose 
of Synchronous and Asynchronous 
Reflective Practice and Discussion 
Activities with an On-Line Problem Based 
Learning Model 

Rajesh Iyer 

Business Administration, Dr. Maryon F. 


Investigating the Antecedents of Pre- 
operative Expectations and Their Relation 
to Post-Operative Satisfaction in Elective 

Gyong Ho Kim 

Journalism, Dr. Robert L. Spellman 

Media Liability for Surreptitious and 
Other Intrusive Newsgathering Practices 

Jeri Kay Kinser 

Education — Curriculum and Instruction, 

Dr. Joyce E. Killian 

Decision-Oriented Evaluation of a 
Professional Development Plan for a 
Distance Migrant Education Program 

Glenn Allen Kuehn 

Philosophy, Dr. Thomas M. Alexander 
Tasting the World: An Aesthetics of 

Karl Lorence Larson 

Education — Health Education, Dr. Dale 

O. Ritzel 

Employee and Employer Perception of 
the Likelihood of Participation in Worksite 
Health Promotion Activities in Small 
Manufacturing Settings 

Michael Thomas Levan 

Speech Communication, Dr. Lenore 


Place and Movement: A Philosophy of 

Ellen Kuei-Ning Lin 

Psychology, Dr. Alan C. Vaux, Dr. Paul 

A. Gore 

A Cross-Cultural Examination of the 
Link Between Parenting and Adolescent 
Depression and Misconduct 

Francis Joseph McClernon 
Psychology, Dr. David G. Gilbert 

Electrocortical Correlates of Stimulus 
Evaluation: Effects of Content, Context, 
and Complexity 

Gail G. Mieling 

Education — Educational Psychology, Dr. 

Beverly M. Brown 

Development of Metacognition and 
Cognitive Complexity in Beginning Group 

Rajesh G. Mishra 

Pharmacology, Dr. Tony Jer-Fu Lee 

Mechanisms of Nitric Oxide Production 
in the Cerebral Vasculature in Septic 

Snigdha Mishra 

Pharmacology, Dr. Vickram Ramkumar 
Cisplatin Mediated Nephrotoxicity and 
Ai Adenosine Receptor (AiAR) 

Latonya Denise Mouzon 
Education — Health Education, Dr. 
Roberta J. Ogletree 

An Examination of Adolescent Cigarette 
and Alcohol Use as Related to Youth 

Anthony O. Obilade 

Speech Communication, Dr. Ronald J. 


Culture, Technology, and Multivocality 
in an Internet-Age Organization 

Mi-Young Oh 

Journalism, Dr. Jyotika Ramaprasad 

South Korean Attitudes Towards 
Foreign Subsidiaries of Multinational 
Corporations (MNCs): The Influence of 
Corporate Image and Country of Origin 
Image, and the Presence of Halo Effect 

Denis Joe Overturf 

Education — Curriculum and Instruction, 

Dr. Janet E. Waggoner, Dr. James S. 


The Adoption of the Four-block 
Schedule at Murphysboro High School: A 
Case Study of Change 

James Wayne Phegley 
Engineering Science, Dr. Lalit Gupta 
Design of Parameteric Fusion Classifiers 

James Todd Pogge 
Mathematics, Dr. Henry H. Kim 

Residual Automorphic Representations 
of Symplectic Groups 

Rey Gervacio Rosales 

Journalism, Dr. Thomas J. Johnson 

Expectancy-Value Theory: Explaining 
Motivations for Internet Use Among 
College Students 

Charles Amachi Ubah 
Sociology, Dr. Thomas Burger 

Correctional Education and Recidivism: 
A Study of the Effects of the Elimination 
of Pell Grants for Correctional Education 

Te-Wei Wang 

Business Administration, Dr. Suresh K. 


Internet Facilitated Coordination for 
Global Supply Chain Partners: A Multi- 
Agent Simulation Model 

Janice E. Ward 

Education — Educational Psychology, Dr. 

Karen K. Prichard, Dr. Jane A. Cox 

An Exploration of the Development of 
Counseling Self-Efficacy During the 
Supervision Process; Including the 
Dynamics of Counselor Development, the 
Supervisory Relationship, Satisfaction 
with Supervision, and Experience 

Aimao Zhang 

Business Administration, Dr. Arlyn J. 

Melcher, Dr. Ling Li 

Product Complexity and Information 
Technology in Influencing Shifts in 
Transaction Governance Structure 

Ourania Rotou 

Education — Educational Psychology, Dr. 

Patricia B. Elmore 

Number Correct Scoring: Comparison 
Between Classical True-Score Theory and 
Multidimensional Item Response Theory 

Theresa Maire Sharpe 
Psychology, Dr. John A. McKillip 

A Needs Assessment of Non-Traditional 

Ying Tang 

Chemistry, Dr. Bakulkumar C. Dave 
Novel Electroactive Sol-Gels for the 
Design of Electrochromic Materials and 

John Kwame Tawiah-Boateng 
English, Dr. Robert E. Fox 

Africa's Male Feminists: Recognizing 
Feminism in the Male-Authored African 

Doctor of Rehabilitation 

Bridget Allegra Hollis 
Rehabilitation, Dr. Stanford E. Rubin 

A Comparison of the Career Decision- 
Making Skills of College Students with 
and without Learning Disabilities: 
Implications for College to Work Transition 

Candidates for the Master's Degrees 

Master of Accountancy 

Xuemei Chen 

Anna Marie Green 

Sarah Elizabeth Jones 

Julie R. Mahathath 

Heather Renee Reeser 


Master of Arts 

Monica Albuixech 

Foreign Languages and Literatures 
Khaled Hamad Alsaigh 

Teaching English to Speakers of Other 

Raquel Arias 

Teaching English to Speakers of Other 

Veronica Suzanne Ayesh 

Teaching English to Speakers of Other 

Christopher Wade Beal 

Chad Stephen Briggs 

Myong-Hee Choi 

Teaching English to Speakers of Other 

York Fang Choo 

Mass Communication and Media Arts 
Arline Elizabeth Cravens 

Foreign Languages and Literatures 
Patricia Lyn Curtis 

Karon Marie Donahue 

Administration of Justice 
Cassandra Anita Downs 

David Christopher Falgout 

Mik P. Fanguy 

English and Teaching English to 

Speakers of Other Languages 
Monica Fortune Hatch 

Sandra Isaak-Miura 

Teaching English to Speakers of Other 

Peter Edward Jaberg 


Verna Kay James-McCrimon 

Mass Communication and Media Arts 
Se-Shiun Jeng 

Mass Communication and Media Arts 
Paul Edward Kane 

Teaching English to Speakers of Other 

Joungsoon Kim 

Flor lima Leon-Cobarrubias 

Teaching English to Speakers of Other 

Elliott Lawrence Maker 

Mass Communication and Media Arts 

and Curriculum and Instruction 
Tejai Janara Maxwell 

Mass Communication and Media Arts 
Dana Noelle McDonald 

Jon Manning Musgrave 

Chris Owens 

Political Science 
Matthew Walker Paproth 

Jodi Lynn Pearson 

Tar a Hope Perry 

Manassah M. Peterson 

Teaching English to Speakers of Other 

Mary Jo Koclanes Peterson 

Teaching English to Speakers of Other 

Malinee Prapinwong 

Teaching English to Speakers of Other 

Megan Elisabeth Reed 

Jessica L. Reyman 

Lauren Justine Roscoe 

Kirsten L. Schaper 

Applied Linguistics 
Sumiko Seki 

Brian Keith Shotton 

David Earl Slusher 

Foreign Languages and Literatures 
Clint Casey Stevens 


Rebecca Stroetzel 

Yumi Suzuki 

Administration of Justice 
Jennifer J. Swartout 

Kristin Patricia Tracy 

Lori Ann Trumbo 

Speech Communication 
Ellen Diane Utsinger 

Teaching English to Speakers of Other 

Elonda Marie Wallace 

Teaching English to Speakers of Other 

Hui Zhang 


Master of Business Administration 

Elaine Huffman Atwood 

Business Administration 
Taron Robert Bailey 

Business Administration 
William Ronald Bauman 

Business Administration 
Bradley Warren Benson 

Business Administration 
Robert Jan Buda 

Business Administration 
Brian Edward Calonne 

Business Administration 
Krystal T. Clark 

Business Administration 
Marcelo Pettersen Coelho 

Business Administration 
Bruce Warren Fisher 

Business Administration 
Francisco Eladio Gomez 

Business Administration 
Amjad A. Hidmi 

Business Administration 
Chloe Jeanne Lechat-Thomas 

Business Administration 
Jooi Kok Low 

Business Administration 
Luz Maria Merino 

Business Administration 
Kimberly Lynn Meyer 

Business Administration 
Darryn Jay Niebrugge 

Business Administration 
Hanwoong Park 

Business Administration 
Laurent Noel Passy 

Business Administration 

Tan Gim Peng 

Business Administration 
Stephen Burdett Phillips 

Business Administration 
Julien Pujol-Rey 

Business Administration 
Ruth Marie Saborio 

Business Administration 
Jaruvipa Tantisaswat 

Business Administration 

Master of Fine Arts 

Bradley Thomas Bullock 

Tom Burtonwood 

Rachel E. Clarke 

Emily Marie Dixon 

Terri E. Fletcher 

Creative Writing 
Michael M. Geno 

Raymond Lester Gifford, Jr. 

Sheena Graham-George 

Joseph Costello Hamilton 

Sun Hong 

Mary Kathrine Krimendahl 

Amy Leigh Kucharik 

Creative Writing 
David Christopher Lohman 

Andrew Stewart Macdonald 

Adrian Cornelius Matejka 

Creative Writing 
Graham James McDougal 

Jennifer Kelley Neely 

Creative Writing 
Jennifer Lynanne Page 

Creative Writing 
Louis Joseph Pierozzi 

Jason Daniel Roberts 

Lawrence Lillard Vineyard, Jr. 

Jeremy Lee Waak 


Sophie I. Woods 

Bradley Kent Younkin 

Creative Writing 

Master of Public Administration 

Robin L. Mullen 

Public Administration 
Brett Ashley Wise 

Public Administration 

Master of Science 

Rajsekhar Adapa 

Electrical Engineering 
Ramesh S. Akula 

Electrical Engineering 
Gail Louise Behrends 

Food and Nutrition 
Tyra Allison Bernard 

Rehabilitation Administration and 

Christina Anne Bezdek 

Behavior Analysis and Therapy 
Michael Joseph Bietsch 

Computer Science 
Leslie Christine Black 

Communication Disorders & Sciences 
Erin Gaylon Bordis 

Behavior Analysis and Therapy 
Brent Edward Boren 

Plant and Soil Science 
Daniel Edward Bray 

Van Alan Brentlinger 

Plant and Soil Science 
Brenda Brown 

Rehabilitation Administration and 

Steven Kirby Carroll 

Supoj Chaiwilai 

Electrical Engineering 
Andrew Thomas Clark 

Molecular Biology, Microbiology, and 

Gina Vonyea Coleman 

Rehabilitation Administration and 

Danielle Renae Creer 

Rehabilitation Counseling 
Jill Nicole Crespi 

Molecular Biology, Microbiology, and 

Jason Andrew Crist 

Electrical Engineering 

Scott D. Dan skin 

Chandrashekar Dasari 

Electrical Engineering 
Teresa Renee Davis 

Rehabilitation Administration and 

Shawn David Dickerson 

Rui Ding 

Francine K. Dittrich 

Rehabilitation Administration and 

Services and Rehabilitation Counseling 
Anthony Michael DiGregorio 

Mechanical Engineering 
Lisa Mary Doyle 

Plant and Soil Science 
Steven Lynn Duncan 

Rehabilitation Counseling 
Richard Lindle Dunston 

Manufacturing Systems and Workforce 

Education and Development 
Muhammad Dur-E-Ahmad 

Cortney Anne Durrett 

Communication Disorders & Sciences 
Kendra Lynn Elbert 

Rehabilitation Counseling 
Ahmed Abdallah Elhajmusa 

Electrical Engineering 
Mike S. Flahardy 

Plant and Soil Science 
Latanya Monique Foster 

Speech Communication 
Nancy Catreece Foster 

Rehabilitation Counseling 
Ayo Henry Gordon 

Rehabilitation Counseling 
Amelia K. Gregor 

Plant and Soil Science 
Amanda Nicole Planthaber Grove 

Speech Communication 
Abhijeet Singh Gulati 

Electrical Engineering 
Desale Hadera Habtzghi 

Susan Lynn Harper 

Rehabilitation Counseling 
Wei He 

Computer Science 
Martin R. Heidorn 

Rehabilitation Counseling 
Reuben Allen Heine 

Thomas Carson Hensold 

Rehabilitation Counseling 


:ole Annette Hoefling 
eresa Ann Hogan 
Rehabilitation Counseling 
^ass Azzat Hosin 
Civil Engineering 
I Fhokrul Islam 
am Izetelny 
adija Jirari 
Electrical Engineering 
ronya Johnson 
Rehabilitation Counseling 
g-Keng Khor 
Mechanical Engineering 
ri Lynn Kirkham 

erry Ann Kirkman 

Communication Disorders & Sciences 
khail V. Komlatski 
[gribusiness Economics 
ristopher William Landorf 
»o-Hyeong Lee 
Manufacturing Systems 
:hael Grant Lovett 
Rehabilitation Administration and 
eng Luo 

xk Christopher Lyons 
mifer Lynn McCoy 
Rehabilitation Counseling 
iy Ray McDaniel 
[gribusiness Economics 
:helle Diane McGraw 
Rehabilitation Counseling 
ison Marie Mclntyre 
Communication Disorders & Sciences 
le Ivan Miller 
^lant and Soil Science 
Rene Mitchell 

Communication Disorders & Sciences 
inifer Leavell Myers 
Communication Disorders & Sciences 
igail Eki Odior 

Rehabilitation Administration and 
eodora Perseli 
? ood and Nutrition 
:ty Poppe Polster 
behavior Analysis and Therapy 
:phanie Lynn Powers 
Rehabilitation Counseling 
:xis Roberta Priest 
Communication Disorders & Sciences 

Cesar Humberto Proano 

Electrical Engineering 
Sheila Rene Quails 

Rehabilitation Counseling 
Evelyn Fabiola Ramos 

Biological Sciences 
Harry Arnold Riddle III 

Plant and Soil Science 
Natalie Anne Robbins 

Communication Disorders & Sciences 
Stephanie Jean Roeske 

Communication Disorders & Sciences 
David Herman Rothert 

Plant and Soil Science 
Anne Marie Ryder 

Communication Disorders & Sciences 
Lisa Kay Scherer 

Rehabilitation Counseling 
Erica Lynn Shepard 

Communication Disorders & Sciences 
Kaleem Muhammad Sheriff 

Electrical Engineering 
Sandra Kay Simmons 

Communication Disorders & Sciences 
Bala Sreenivasan 

Electrical Engineering 
David Lorden Stevenson 

Rehabilitation Counseling 
Lucretia Aldridge Stoelzle 

Rehabilitation Counseling 
Paula Anne Thonney 

Lorrie A. Triplett 

Rehabilitation Counseling 
Jamie L. VanDyke 

Plant and Soil Science 
John Thomas Vigil 

Civil Engineering 
Damali Ayanna Watson 

Rehabilitation Counseling and 

Rehabilitation Administration and 

Joyce Marie Whitaker- Littleton 

Rehabilitation Administration and 

Christopher Michael Whiting 

Civil Engineering 
Allan Kent Wilson 


Master of Science in Education 

Carol Ann Ackerman 

Health Education 
Sherri Ann Ahliield 

Curriculum and Instruction 
Tim E. Azwell 

Special Education 

Julie Anne Baker 

Curriculum and Instruction 
Barbra Jean Barnett 

Special Education 
Erin Michelle Basso 

Educational Psychology 
Craig Alan Beals 

Curriculum and Instruction 
Judith Faye Biggerstaff 

Curriculum and Instruction 
Natalie Jo Branca 

Higher Education 
Betsy Steffen Brown 

Curriculum and Instruction 
Nicole Janet Burch 

Curriculum and Instruction 
William E. Burnside, Jr. 

Physical Education 
Marie Eloise Burton 

Curriculum and Instruction 
Amy Beth Carr 

Curriculum and Instruction 
Andrew R. Chambers 

Curriculum and Instruction 
Tammetra Chevelle Chapman 

Curriculum and Instruction 
Gardell Sequoyah Chavis 

Physical Education 
Michael Ryan Childers 

Workforce Education and Development 
Kevin Patrick Clark 

Health Education 
Lenny E. Clark 

Curriculum and Instruction 
Nathan Andrew Clark 

Workforce Education and Development 
Ryan Nicholas Clark 

Physical Education 
Trevor Len Clark 

Curriculum and Instruction 
Joan Shelton Clayton 

Workforce Education and Development 
Karen G. Crank 

Educational Administration 
Robert L. Culp 

Workforce Education and Development 
Carlos Martin Del Rio 

Educational Psychology and Higher 

Sheryl Jo Duncan 

Curriculum and Instruction 
Sheila Barczewski Eaton 

Educational Psychology 
Amy Leigh Eggemeyer 

Health Education 
Michelle Marie Englund 

Curriculum and Instruction 

Pamera Lee Fleming 

Curriculum and Instruction 
Melondia Louise Franklin Corpus 

Workforce Education and Development 
Marcus G. Franklin 

Workforce Education and Development 
Joseph Edward Frick 

Workforce Education and Development 
Maureen Ann Friese 

Curriculum and Instruction 
Stephen Paul Garren 

Curriculum and Instruction 
Loen M. Graceson-Martin 

Workforce Education and Development 
Rene Yvonne Green 

Curriculum and Instruction 
Julie Sue Griffith 

Educational Administration 
Brian Wayne Guinn 

Deborah Carlene Gurley 

Curriculum and Instruction 
Andrea Shealee Harris 

Curriculum and Instruction 
Jason Troy Hayes 

Curriculum and Instruction 
Barbara E. Heleine 

Curriculum and Instruction 
Tyrone J. Henderson, Jr. 

Higher Education 
Eva Jo Hester 

Curriculum and Instruction 
Steven Lee Holman 

Curriculum and Instruction 
Matthew Dale Hutchins 

Physical Education 
James Alan Braziel Jackson 

Physical Education 
Jane James 

Workforce Education and Development 
Linda L. Jent 

Curriculum and Instruction 
Jamie Yvette Johnson 

Curriculum and Instruction 
Jeffrey Lynn Johnston 

Health Education 
Sharon Lee Reagan Kelley 

Curriculum and Instruction 
Joan Marie Kern 

Curriculum and Instruction 
Terrea Sue Kirsch 

Curriculum and Instruction 
Michael B. Knight 

Curriculum and Instruction and Public 

Chastity Kay Landrum 

Workforce Education and Development 


Lynn Christian Leach 

Workforce Education and Development 
Jennifer Anne Liss 

Curriculum and Instruction 
Grace Johanson Lively 

Curriculum and Instruction 
Nicolette D. Mackey 

Curriculum and Instruction 
Richard E. Marlow 

Workforce Education and Development 
Douglas Eric McCausland 

Curriculum and Instruction 
Stephen Ray McCommons 

Curriculum and Instruction 
Ana Lucia Mendonca 

Curriculum and Instruction 
Erica Marie Miller 

Physical Education 
Cinda L. Moffett 

Curriculum and Instruction 
Christi L. Morenz 

Curriculum and Instruction 
Linda K. Myers 

Curriculum and Instruction 
Mark Alan Neal 

Physical Education 
Sara Renee Niemeyer 

Curriculum and Instruction 
Mitsuko Ohashi 

Educational Psychology 
Rebecca Suzanne Park 

Curriculum and Instruction 
Laura Jane Pfaff 

Physical Education 
Jessica Marie Phillips 

Physical Education 
Kenneth John Potthoff 

Curriculum and Instruction 
Karen L. Powell 

Curriculum and Instruction 
Jeffrey Ronald Puster 

Elaine Kay Rapp 

Health Education 
Saleem Azzaam Rasheed 

Special Education 
Robin Annette Renfroe 

Curriculum and Instruction 
Danyne Blank Ring 

Special Education 
Melissa Marie Ritter 

Workforce Education and Development 
John Joseph Rivera 

Curriculum and Instruction 
Theresa Yvette Robinson 

Curriculum and Instruction 

JoAnn Keith Franklin Rogers 

Curriculum and Instruction 
Vivian Inez Roman 

Workforce Education and Development 
Nathan Adam Schaumleffel 

Yuichi Sekino 

Physical Education 
Jennifer Kay Shafer 

Educational Psychology 
Elizabeth Lynn Shelton 

Curriculum and Instruction 
Sandra Jean Stanhouse 

Curriculum and Instruction 
Elizabeth F. Stearns 

Curriculum and Instruction 
Robyn Jean Stevens 

Curriculum and Instruction 
Katherine Christianson Swan 

Workforce Education and Development 
Susan Marie Syljebeck 

Physical Education 
Debra Lynne Thompson-Cundiff 

Physical Education 
Elizabeth Ann Tierney 

Educational Administration 
Rita M. Hingson Toops 

Curriculum and Instruction 
Bruce L. Vander Wilt 

Workforce Education and Development 
Lynelle Elaine Wachtel 

Curriculum and Instruction 
Jeanne Nicole Walker 

Dominick John Weigel, Jr. 

Workforce Education and Development 
Kyle Patrick Allen Westbrook 

Curriculum and Instruction 
Angela Doreen Wilson 

Curriculum and Instruction 
Christine Lynn Wisniewski 

Timothy Michael Withee 

Curriculum and Instruction 
Julie Elizabeth Womick 

Curriculum and Instruction 
Kristin Keturah Wright 

Paul Alan York 

Workforce Education and Development 
Ming-Szu Yu 

Workforce Education and Development 
Haznida Zainal Abidin 

Workforce Education and Development 
Matthew John Zipfel 

Special Education 


Candidates for the Bachelor's and Associate Degrees 

College of 

W. David Shoup, Dean 
John E. Phelps, Marshal 
Robert D. Arthur, Reader 

Bachelor of Science 

Don Scott Aldrich 
Kimberly Anne Altstadt 
Robert Newton Ames 
Michael Welby Barringer 
Clinton Joe Behrman 

magna cum laude 
Bernard P. Bierman 
Leonard E. Boltz III 
Keri D. Bryson -Young 
Craig Edward Buchanan 

summa cum laude 
Hans Jared Buchanan 

summa cum laude 

Alissa Lynn Corrington 
Benjamin Lloyd Cox 
Andrew Thomas Datti cum 

Lisa Ann Davison 
Dianna Lynn Elliott 
Joshua Lawrence Evans 
Justin Carl Ferry 
Jason Alan Hartline 
William M. Heyen 
John Adam Jacobs 
Susan Joann Kerkemeyer 
Seiji Kuroso 
Michael Anthony Long 
Michael Bartolo 

Jonathon Lee Manuel 
Chadd Russell Meadows 
Kyra Alayne Mills 
John Anthony Nicholas 

Chad L. Oester 
Jeanine Marie Patton 

Jason William Pauley 
Timothy R. Pfau 
James S. Pratt 
Jarret Dean Randoll 
Patrick Thomas Righter 
Christopher Omar 

Kirk J. Ruter 
Crystal Nicole Scott 
Mark W. Simundic 
Erin Nicole Smith 
Matthew Aaron Smith 
Nicholas T. Strohl 
Mizuho Tanaka cum laude 
Joe W. Tidwell 
Mark Joseph Van De Walle 
Michael G. Vitell 
Arley Bernard Wellinghoff 
Pierre M. Worsham 
Shawna Leigh Wright 
Thomas Steven Zust 


College of Applied 
Sciences and Arts 

Elaine M. Vitello, Dean 
Fred R. Isberner, Marshal 
Paul D. Sarvela, Usher 
Laurence C. Staples, Usher 
Candy D. Evans, Reader 

Bachelor of Science 

Marc D. Abbatacola 
Daniel E. Abbott 
John Raymond Adams 
Danny Lee Admonis 
Monica Elaine Akins cum 

Brad Charles Albertini* 
Christopher Martinez 

Peter Nicholas Allegretti 
John Almy cum laude* 
Julie R. Alvarez cum laude 
Charles J. Andel* 
Meredi A. Anders 
Robert Norris Anderson 
Gabriel Andino 
Curtis G. Andrews 
Patricia M. Apostolopoulos 
Ryan Christian Apt 
Kyle Erin Austin 
Samuel Allen Bailey 
Travis Jerard Baisden 
Victoria Diane Ballard 
Mindy Jo Balsano 
Brian Christopher Bandyk 
Arnold Thomas Banks 

magna cum laude* 
Stephen Philip Barbeau 
Jason Micheal Barrett 
Eric Hewitt Basile cum 

Andrew John Bejma 
Victoria Annmarie 

Catherine Benjamin 
William CNeail Bennett 

magna cum laude 
Lynda Gaylene Bennick 
Ninos Youel Behyamin* 
Frank Bernhardt Meier 

Mark William Bierly 
Elizabeth Sharon Bilik 
Daniel Lee Bishop cum 

Jeffrey A. Blackmon 
Joel D. Blasey 

Keith L. Boehm summa 

cum laude 
Regina Lynne Bohatila 
Paul Eric Bond 
Erica J. Bootman cum 

Brian Wayne Brammeier 
Blaire Renee Branker 
Jeffrey A. Branson cum 

Michael Anthony Braswell 
Peter Michael Breen 

magna cum laude* 
Melvin Earl Brock 
Valerie Lynne Brockman 
Chad Mitchel Brown 
John Taylor Brown 
Martin Eldred Brown 
Steven Walter Brown 
Tonia Marie Brown 
Jon Keith Bruenning 
Hueston Edward Bryant 
Richard Allen Buck* 
Gregory Andre Bullock 
Bradley Jason Buntrock 
Jannine Michele Burgess 
Edward Lee Burns 
Jamaine Octavius Burrus 
Stephen Dwain Burzynski 
Carolyn Denise Byers 
Manuel Cadaval cum laude 
Nicholas John Calcagni 

cum laude 
Ms. Teryn Kiarna Campbell 
Jonathan Jay Carley 
Mark Wayne Carr* 
Joneita H. Carroll 
Ordine Loretta Carter 
Albert D. Cary 
Anthony Dean Castelo 
Andre Pierre Chaney 
Brian David Chase 
Micah Kelley Chitwood 
Tien-Hsi Chiu* 
Jason Robert Chor 
Bryan Stanley Clark 
David Alan Clark 
Jenise Ann Clark cum 

Tilford L. Clark 
Clifford Clarke 
Luther Boyce Claxton 
Todd Steven Clemens 

magna cum laude* 
Almira Robertson Cobbins 
Gary L. Coffey cum laude 
Matthew Collier 
Bernard William Cooper 

Robert Arthur Cooter 
Sylvia E. Cossley 
Russell John Couchman 
Alexzine Roberta Cox 
Jessica A. Cramer 
John Simmerson Cramm 
Keri Lynn Crandall magna 

cum laude 
Desiree Yolanda Cravens 
Michael Stephen Cromika, 

Sr. cum laude 
Brandon Matthew Cullen 
Amanda Rose Cundiff 
Michelle Marie Darmanie 
Francis J. Dashnaw cum 

Kevin Lamont Davis 
Anthony Joseph Day 
Arlene Flores Dela Pena 
Eric Lynn Delawder 
Christy Leigh Demetrio 
Karenza Retinella 

Daniel C. DeGryse 
Mario Joseph DeMello 
Rebecca DeShazor 
Louis David DeSorbo, Jr. 
Jeffery David Diffy 
Sara Katheryn DiSantis* 
Lois Katherine Dohmen 
Kevin Patrick Donahue 
David Keith Dukes 
Dionne Cleopatra Duncan 
Lawrence Harvey Dunn 
Joey Dean Easton 
Tracy Lynn Ebersohl 
Valerie Leigh Eckert 
Barry Lee Edwards 
Vanessa Brooke Edwards* 
Bryan Edward Ellis 
Mohamed M. Elsamahi 

cum laude* 
Jay Matthew Emery 
Joseph Scott Eppolito cum 

Malinda Ann Falardeau 
Courtney Jennifer Feely 
Jason A. Feldman 
Broderick M. Fields 
Maurice Orlando Finley 

cum laude 
Mark Faine Fioravanti cum 

Carey Joseph Fitzpatrick 
Chris M. Fonger 
Jason McMillan Fox 
Robert OTNfeil Francis 
Randall James Franks 


Eric Bernd Franz 
Michael Gerard Frayder 
Michael Jonathan Friend 
Jon William Gadbois 
Grealon Timothy Gainey 
David Ernesto Gallegos 
Bradley James Galvin cum 

Gregorio Antonio Araujo 

Kristen Marie George* 
Raymond Miller Gering 

cum laude 
Travis Scott Gibson 
Brad J. Gieseke cum laude 
Montee Gillespie 
Yolanda Glenn 
Lois Marlene Goines cum 

Richard Neal Goins 
Gary Joseph Golubski cum 

Rogers Anthony Gomez 
Rodney Ferguson Gordon 
Mark Andrew Gray 
Richard Jonathan Greene 
Ryan Michael Gregorio cum 

Mava Marilyn Griffin 
Pamela A. Griffin cum 

Cynthia Ann Grzesek 
Barbara V. Grzywa 
Vamsi Krishna Gundluru 

magna cum laude* 
Boris Gunjevic 
Christine Lynn Guzman 
Steven Norman Haidinger 
Clarence Hale, Jr. 
Karen Marie Hall cum 

Lori Lynn Hall 
Rebecca Sue Halvachs 
Kristie LeAnn Hamby 
John Steven Hampel 

magna cum laude 
David I. Hansen 
Joel Lawrence Hanson cum 

George E. Hargraves, Jr. 
Tiffany Nicole Hawkins* 
George L. Hawley 
John Arthur Hebert 
David Gary Heck cum 

Bernadette Denise 


Luis Hernandez, Jr. cum 

Gary Wayne Hill 
Sarena F. Hill 
Travis Warner Hill magna 

cum laude 
Jeffrey Scott Hinderer 

magna cum laude 
Sherri Taylor Hodges cum 

Daniel John Holehouse 
Brian Matthew 

Valarie Garrett Holmon 
Laura Anne Houston* 
Caleb Jon Howe cum laude 
Shih-Hua Huang 
Arlinda M. Hudson 
Billy Joe Hummel 
Raymond Monroe Hunt III 

cum laude 
Mohammad Saiful Islam 
Darren Lemar Jackson 
Mr. James L. Jackson* 
Natosha Ann Jackson 
Andre Hyray James 
Jeffrey D. James 
Michael M. Janssens 
Charmaine McFadden 

Aretha Johnson 
Bartley James Johnson 

cum laude 
Philip Andrew Johnson 

cum laude 
Terrell Johnson 
Jamie A. Jones-Ferguson 

magna cum laude* 
David Roy Jones cum laude 
Robert Joseph Jones 
Stephen Christopher Jones 
Wayne R. Jorns, Jr. 
Lisa Marie Jumper 
Jeanette Ann Jungkans 
Ms. Tiffoney Ginel Kadiri 
Michael James Kanzia cum 

Paul Nicholas Karatzas, Jr. 
Jason Adam Kelley 
Aaron Wesley Kenney 
Richard Brian Kent 
Allen Tervon Keys 
Suwaid Ahmed Khan 
Baik Pyung Kim 
Dana M. King 
James Richard Kirby 
Jackie Delano Knick, Jr. 

cum laude 

Peggy Sue Knightly 
Brent Matthew Koertge 

cum laude* 
Kelly Edward Kohl 
Kimberly A. Kohler 
Bilikisu Tomiwa Koletowo 
Joseph Thomas Kubik 
Melissa Ann Kublick 

magna cum laude 
Steven Dale Kuchenbrod 
Brian A. Kujawa 
Marc Andrew Kuntz 
Linda Marie Kunz cum 

Scott Anthony Lamberson 
Stephanie Tanya Landen 

cum laude 
Robert Kennedy Larsen 
Jessica Ann Larson 
Christopher Clayton 

LeRoy Joseph Laughlin 
Conrad Michael Lawrence 
Milton Ray LaBarr 
Courtney Yvonne Ledbetter 

cum laude* 
David Glen Leduc cum 

Donald Joseph Lentes 
Matthew Louis Lesch 
Javier Rachid Levy 
Sherelle S. Lewis 
Joseph Linton, Jr. 
Eric John Long cum laude 
Sherry L. Long 
Ryan Andrew Loudermilk 
Sue Ella Lueck 
Richard E. Lundgren 
Allan John MacDonald 
Paul E. MacDonald, Jr. 
Yolanda Yvonne Madden 
John P. Mahony 
Manuel Alberto Maldonado 
Amanda Rae Malin 
George David Malner 
Seth William Maniscalco 
Thomas Joseph Mannino 
Geoffrey D. Marshall 
Lisa Michelle Matthews- 
Tracey Shawn Matthews 

summa cum laude 
Steven Dean May 
James Wesley Mayfield 
Paul Anthony McCarthy 
Bryan Thomas McConnell 
Stephanie Renee McCray 
Julie Ann McCullough 


Charrales Marquee 

McElveen cum laude 
Jeffrey Alan McGuire 

magna cum laude 
Kimberley Renee McGurk 
Charles Marion Boulden 

Mclntire III 
Alana Cassandra Mdntyre 
Aaron James McLean 
Connie LaShawn McMiller 
Jacob Ryan McNeff 
Reiko Lamont Meeks 

summa cum laude 
Benjamin B. Metcalf 
Kantin Karlee Miller 
Kenyetta Stephanie Miller 
Frances Irene Mings 
Cary Matthew Minnis 
Keith Terry Mitchell 
Regina Renee Mitchell 
Willie Patrick Mitchell 
Philip Monti, Jr. 
Gayle Montisano 
Dolores E. Moore magna 

cum laude 
Mark Robin Morgan 
Dionne Marie Moya 
Franklin Earnest 

Trudy Diane Mullins 
Phillip Lee Myers 
Curtis Carl Nash 
Cynthia Nicole Neal cum 

John Van Nguyen 
Edward David Nichols 
Karen P. Nolen 
Sonya Faye Norris 
Karen Celine Norton 
Sanchito Cruzada Noveno 
John J. O'Connor 
Latonga Deundra O'Neal- 
Lindsay Marie Oliver 
William Rodney Olson 
Andrew Thomas Otto cum 

Russell TC Owen 
Martha A. Owens 
Vincent Andrew Pacchiana 

magna cum laude 
Tricia Renee Paff 
Bryan Knox Page 
Gregory James Pantos 

magna cum laude 
Donald Lamar Parker 
Tywanna Victoria Parrish- 


John Edwin Paschall 
Mark Stewart Patience, Jr. 
Felipe Patino 
Bobbie Lee Patterson 
Marshel E. Patterson 
Kimberly Lynn Pearse 
Dyami Ali Peebles 
Dexter Jerome Peggins 
Joseph J. Peloquin 
Jason Thaddeus Pence 
Rachel L. Pergram 
Eric Robert Peters 
Anthony Leo Petersen 
Joseph John Peterson 

magna cum laude 
Robert Keith Peterson 
Gregory Todd Phillips 
Jerry Wade Pierce 
Dennis Pinkston magna 

cum laude 
Sharon Felicia Pinkston 
Nellie M. Pope 
Ryan L. Powers* 
Shalen Prasad 
Elizabeth R. Price 
Shauna Lynn Price 
Joseph Henry Proudfoot V 
Steven Craig Purdy 
Robert John Racette 
Fairoz M. Radtke 
Yasha Ursina Ratajczak 
Milton Douglas Reed, Jr. 
Mark Todd Rich 
Wade Allen Richards 
Craig Patrick Richardson 
Raymond Errol Rinaldo 
Jason William Rinehart 
Jason Douglas Riopell 
Lora Ann Roach magna 

cum laude 
Carlisa Lashawn Robinson 

cum laude 
Dana Robinson 
Frederick Robinson cum 

Vanessa Stafford Robinson 
Werner Fernando Robles 
J. Ruben Rodriguez 
Dennis Lee Rogers 
Marcos Manuel Romero 

cum laude 
Valmar Romero magna 

cum laude 
Alicia Ann Rosendohl 
Mary Kathryn Rosenhauer 

cum laude 
Carmen Felishia Rowe 

Michael L. Runnoe magna 

cum laude 
Maria Luisa Montoya 

Jonathon Francis Ryan 
Iker Robin Saldivar 
Gregory Bryan Saling 
Robert Alan Sams* 
Ceferino Alfred Sanchez II 
Jeffrey Ralph Schaller 

magna cum laude 
George Anthony Schmidt 

cum laude 
Joseph Paul Schmitt 
Jennifer A. Schneider 
Jennifer Lynn Schniers 
Jennifer Gene Schober 
Adam Aaron Schoonover 
Kristi Nichole 

Michael Lee Sell 
Arthur James Serna 
Joseph Doral Serrano 
Guy B. Sery 

Joseph Franklin Shiver II 
Kirk Leon Shores 
Louvenia Shirleen Shorter 
Mark Steven Simmons 
Eric Anthony Sirvent 
Katherine Ann Slattery 
Carl Bernal Smiley 
Angela Cherie Smith 
Ann Denise Smith 
Avery Eugene Smith 
Cory Michael Smith cum 

Jason Wayne Smith 
Joseph Edward Smith 

summa cum laude 
Kevin LaVerne Smith cum 

Melvin Smith 
Roger L. Smith III 
Ryan David Smith 
Sandra Patricia Soco 
Gerald Jesus Solis cum 

John W. Spartz 
Andre Grant Speller 
Eric Michael Starr 
Matthew Robert Steele 
Nathan John Steele 
Anthony Paul Steffensen 

cum laude* 
Yvette Elnora Stephens 
John K. Stevens 
Jennifer M. Stitzel magna 

cum laude 


Ervin Ray Stone cum laude 
Virgil Ricardo Strobridge 
Eric C. Strong 
Richard Alan Struble 
Jay Patrick Susie 
Gretchen Phelps Sutton 

magna cum laude 
Jeffrey L. Tadder 
Donald Gilson Taft III 
James Linwood Taft 
Diana Allen Taylor 
Francis Louis Tebbe 
Amanda Jean Thetford 
Lori Lee Thomas 
Robert Wayne Thomas, Jr. 
Rodrick Thomas 
Jamila R. Thompson 
Ronnie Lee Thompson 
Stephen John Thompson 

magna cum laude 
James Michael Gerard 

Jeffrey S. Toepper cum 

Long Van Tran 
Kimberly Ann Travelstead* 
Kevin George Treese 

summa cum laude 
Bruno Donald Trepanier 
Jonathan Dcampo Tuason 
Theodore E. Uchiek, Jr. 
Heather Marie Uhrin 
Stephen Christopher 

Terri C. Valentine 
Todd Michael Vick 
John W. Vickers 
Jack William Vinson 

summa cum laude 
Vishal Manoj Vithlani 
Angeline Walker 
Kathy A. Walsh 
Michael N. Ward 
Tenekia A. Ward 
Kristie Lynn Rique 

David R. Weiss 
Ching Chi Weng 
Cheryl Ann White 
Jacquetta Odessa White 
Paul Benjamin Whitlock 
Lawrence Michael Wieland 

cum laude 
Eric Jacob Wilhelm cum 

Ryan Russell Wilhoit 
Shaneka Dezarae Williams 
Triano Adrian Williams 

Tyrone Willis 
Charlie Lee Wilson 
Dennis E. Wilson magna 

cum laude 
Fredrick Allen Wilson 

magna cum laude 
Jodi Ann Wilson magna 

cum laude 
Weston Dorsey Wilson, Jr. 
Maciej Marek Wiltowski 

cum laude 
Tanisha Mae Witsman cum 

Lance Gregory Woelfel 
Gilbert Eugene Wood cum 

Amber Renee Woods cum 

Carl Woodson 
Michael Edward Wragg 
Tanaya N. Wright 
Robert Michael Zannelli 
Timothy W. Ziegler cum 


Associate in Applied 

Rebecca Lynn Adams cum 

Danny Lee Admonis 
Audra Renee Allen 
Kenneth Joseph Aud 
Mindy Jo Balsano 
Arianna Kristine Barcus* 
Lacresia Rae Barnett 
Ninos Youel Benyamin* 
Krista Spring Best 
Jeffrey A. Blackmon 
Brian David Chase 
Todd Steven Clemens 

magna cum laude* 
Shawna JoLynn Cox cum 

Courtney LeeAnne 

DeClerck cum laude 
Ryan Marie DeClerck cum 

Daniel Joseph Dhom 
Ryan Michael Dillon 
Kevin Patrick Donahue 
Beth A. Fisher 
Krista L. Floriant 
Miranda Jo Groves cum 

Christopher Wayne Gumm 
Cory Matthew Hall 
Bryan Todd Harrison 

summa cum laude* 
Jamie Marie Hart 
Nicholas James Hartman 
Donna Jean Heilig 
David Wei-Hua Ho* 
Stacie E. Houston 
Matthew David Howes cum 

Steven Arthur Machala 
Gabriel Yong Sun Martin 
Jessica Ann McDonald 
Helene W. Merriweather 
Denise Michelle Millar 

magna cum laude 
Jennifer D. Miller 
Nakhle Aflf Morcos summa 

cum laude 
Meridy Rae Morris 
Ryan Kir by Muety 
Autumn Kate Osborn cum 

Michael S. Perry summa 

cum laude 
Eric Robert Peters 
Anthony Leo Petersen 


Gregory Todd Phillips 
Arthur Richard 

Robert John Racette 
Kevin Douglas Richardson 
Sarosh Ahmed Shamsi 
Joseph Harold Sharpe 
Amy B. Shelton 
Ricky Ray Sherron 

Joni Rae Sisky 
Marcia Jean Skinner 
Carl Bernal Smiley 
Jamal Michael Smith 

magna cum laude 
Nathan John Steele 
Ryan Keith Towle 
Kitty M. Triplett 

Renee Ann Weber summa 

cum laude 
Jeremy Alan Williamson 

summa cum laude* 
Joshua Aaron Williamson 

summa cum laude 
Mary E. York 


College of Business 
and Administration 

Dan Worrell, Dean 
Michael Michalisin, Usher 
Jim Musumeci, Usher 
Linda Seibert, Reader 

Bachelor of Science 

Kimmie Jo Acree ** 
Jae Yong Ann 
Rubina Noor Akber 
Anthony James Alberti 
Leslie Marie Alexander 
Diana Rae Anderson 
Lindsey Renee Atchison 
Syaiful I. Baderi 
Jennifer Margaret Baines 
Lindsey Anne Barr 
Kizzie Monique Beck 
Bryan Michael Bever 
Eric Duke Boafo 
Kimberly R. Boyd 
Derrick Carl Braun 
William A. Buckentin 
Amy Elizabeth Buckley 
Segdrick Pierre Byrd 
Katherine Anne Campagna 
Cathy Ann Carmichael 
Saadia Cherqaoui 
Yueh-Feng Chiang 
Tiffany Janea Davis 
Sara Elizabeth Dickey 
Kyle Walker Doughty 
Kimberly S. Downing 
Michael H. Duke 
Justin William Epperson 
Bedi Erim 
Jessica Estrada 
James Lewis Fillinger IV 

Adam J. Gelatka 
Aaron J. Gerding cum 

Bradley Douglas Gilbert 
Neeley Elizabeth Goeckner 
Shaun Demond Goins 
Renada D. Greer 
James Joseph Gunther, Jr. 
Twishon Tanye Hardy 
Shannon Lynn Hellman 
Ryan Matthew Horsley 
Shana Lavin Hubbard 
Kylie Lynn Jaimet cum 

Louis Kevin Jeffries 
Ryan Christopher 

Thomas Whitney Keller 
Khesi Ashe King* 
Tara Gray King* 
Christian Nicholas 

Michael Douglas 

Robert M. Lelo 
Tamika N. Lewis 
Philip Anthony Maggio 
Lana Nicole Mandrell 
Yolanda Eleanor Mask 
Terrance Michael McCann ** 
Jerry Lee Menser, Jr. 
Robert Vinson Morris 
Yoshitaka Nakano cum 

Toshua Marie Neal* 
Lena Marie Pancake 
Alpesh N. Patel 
Ryan Joseph Petersen 
Amber Dawn Phelps ** 
Melissa K. Phelps 
Matthew Joseph Pluth 

Jyothi Prabhakar Prabhu* 
Jamila Seaneece Pryor 
Raven Nicole Ransom 
Donnie Ray Reeves 
Airenicque Bianca 

Rae Lynn Richardson 
Gregory Robert Roth 
Christa Marie Rundle 
Angel Marie Rushing 
Timothy Jon Ryter 
Aimee M. Sanders cum 

Eric Joseph Sherer 
Jared John Slater 
Kimberly Katrice Spears 
Robert Jacob Starr 
Charles Richard Stephens 
Jason Lee Stiff 
Alisa Erica Stimage 
Andrew Paul Stoeberl 
Rachel Mae Sweitzer 
Arnold Raymond Taylor 
Deon Andre Thompson 
William Lloyd Tucker 
Donald M. Turner 
Torree GeRae Tyes 
Marvin J. Vance 
Lenika Miosol Vazquez 
Jeffrey F. Vivacqua 
Jon Michael Wagner 
Michelle Lee Weinman 
D. Elaine Whitaker 
Hillary Brooke Williams 
Tekoa Rozia Wright 
Michael Douglas Chase 

Nathan Yedla 
Jill Suzanne Zueck 

College of Education 
and Human Services 

R. Keith Hillkirk, Dean 
Regina Foley, Marshal 
Sharon Gilbert, Usher 
Elaine Jurkowski, Reader 
Jeanie Akamanti, Student 

Bachelor of Science 

David Robert Adkins cum 

Michael Aaron Aldrich 
Montrice Monae Aldridge 
T. Starr Alecci cum laude 
Joshua Brent Allen 
Tom E. Allen, Jr. cum 

Joey Michael Alonso 
Daniel Philip Altaian cum 

Cally Marie Anderson 
Joel E. Anderson magna 

cum laude 
Richard Jay Apfel 
Ronnie Everett Arnold, Jr. 

cum laude 
Evangelist Ashley 
Michael Edward Aspen 

cum laude 
Tomas B. Baca cum laude 
John Robert Bagby 
Mark Allen Baham 
Patrick Wm. Bailey 
Kevin Wayne Baldwin cum 

Joseph Aaron Balsamo 
Angela D. Banner 
Walter Barrett cum laude 
James Gregory Barton II 

cum laude 
Patrick R. Bass cum laude 
Emily L. Bate 
Debra Ann Bauman cum 

David Daniel Beam magna 

cum laude 
David James Beasley cum 

Terrell Fletcher Beirne 
Derrick Belcer cum laude 
Stacy Alonzo Belden III 
Alfred Russell Bell magna 

cum laude 

Richard Glen Benedetto 

cum laude 
Richard A. Bennett summa 

cum laude 
Yolanda C. Bennett 
Evan C. Bernardo 
Lori Lynn Bero 
Michelle Tamara 

Brandon Scott Biddle 
Julie Ann Bierman- Smith 

cum laude 
Cora Ashley Binkley 
Lorna Leeshawn Black cum 

Todd A. Blackburn summa 

cum laude 
David Calvin Blackford 
Jennifer Ann Blaies cum 

Steven Michael Blanton 

summa cum laude 
Donna Marie Bodkin 
Robert Lee Bogue 
Vivian J. Bogue 
Anthony Gilbert Boswell 
Sandra K. Boyle magna 

cum laude 
Christine Elizabeth Boysen 
Lori Beth Bradley* 
Tammy Lou Brandon 
Rodney Victor Branton 

cum laude 
Marie Annette Brasher 
Donald L. Brass 
Kenneth Braylock cum 

Julianne Ruth Brazeau 
Cari Christelle Briggs 
Ronald Broussard cum 

Christian R. Brown 
James Arthur Brown, Jr. 
Jerlinda Joyce Brown 
Karin D. Brown 
Robert William Brugger 
Brandon Luther Buckley 

magna cum laude 
John Wesley Burden cum 

Holly Burkhardt 
Melissa Lynne Burnett 
Javonda C. Bush 
Randy Paul Butters cum 

April Woodard Bynum 
James Marc Cain 

Ralph A. Calhoun II cum 

Richard J. Calvert 
Junior Anthony Cameron 
Charles Douglas Campbell, Jr. 

cum laude 
Thearse Sasha Campbell 
Joel Howard Canepa 
Casey Jean Cardoza 
Lakisha Renee Carter 
Sean Patrick Casey 
Ella Marie Castile 
Lori Ann Cates 
Toni G. Cellucci 
Quintella Claretta Chaney- 

Pamela Rae Church 
Louisa V. Cintron 
Daniel Cecil Clark summa 

cum laude 
Kelli A. Clark summa cum 

Susan E. Clark 
Thomas David Clarke cum 

William J. Clayton III cum 

Suzanne Marie Cline 
Karen Marie Cloud cum 

Bernard Donald Coffey - 

magna cum laude 
David Keith Cole cum laude 
Donna Marie Coleman 
Dwight Randolph Coleman 

cum laude 
Jeremy Allen Colvin 
Joel Marc Connelly 
Michael J. Contreras 

magna cum laude 
Margaret L. Cook magna 

cum laude 
Delores Fitzgerald Cooper 
Raynard Elroy Cooper 
Gregory Troy Cormier 
Jeremy David Cornett 
Carla Lynn Coury magna 

cum laude 
Tungu Sheritha Craver 
Michael John Crawford 

cum laude 
Joy Taylor Creel 
Dick Wayne Crist cum 

David Wayne Crosby 
Scott Crouch 
Mark Allen Cunningham 

summa cum laude 


Nichelle S. Cunningham 
Robert Emmett Currie 
Mary Beth Davenport cum 

Creola Davis 

Richard Murray Davis, Jr. 
Richard Day cum laude 
Richard Michael Day 
Michael Robert Dean 

summa cum laude 
Keisha Monette Deas Lee 
Christian Price Dekker 
Alberto Del Valle 
Alberto Bryan Del Valle 
Joel Edward Derocher 
Michael W. Derrios magna 

cum laude 
Thomas Joseph DeVany 
Christopher Warren DeVille 
Naseer Kaazim Dhaamin 
Gary Allen Dillard cum 

Abel Dominguez, Jr. 
Steven Mark Dominguez 
Duane C. Donnally cum 

David William Donnelly 
Steven John Douglas 
John William Dowling 

summa cum laude 
Emilio Drakes 
R. J. Duff 
Donald W. Duncan 
Gladys Evelyn Dykes 
Lonnie Alexander Easter 

magna cum laude 
Sheryel M. Eberwein cum 

Kevin Scott Ehlers summa 

cum laude 
Michael Lee Eide summa 

cum laude 
Keith Raymond Endrijaitis 
Robert Bruce English 

magna cum laude 
Robert Karl Etteldorf 
Cecil Randy Evans 
Harold Dean Evans III 
Gregory Allan Fannon 
Delphine Ann Fant 
Patricia M. Feist magna 

cum laude 
Sharon K. Ferderer cum 

C. Michael Ferguson 
Mark George Ferguson 

summa cum laude 

Paul Arthur Fitzpatrick 

cum laude 
John Fitzgerald Fobish 
John Epps Follin III 

summa cum laude 
Robert Edward Forrest, Jr. 
Christopher Charles Foshay 
Douglas Alan Fowlkes cum 

Patrick Joseph Francis 
Ernesto Sahagun Franco 
Ana Franklin* 
Harold Bliss Friend magna 

cum laude 
Gary Brian Frost magna 

cum laude 
Guy Raymond Gagnon cum 

Jeanine Louise Gallagher 
Dianne E. Galloway 
Patrick A. Gant 
Robert Earl Garceau 
Michelle Garcia-Bautista 
Juanita Teresa Garcia 
Alicia Renae Gaston 
Skipper Andre Gatlin cum 

Shannon Deane George 
Katie Jo Glenn* 
Rebecca Marie Gocken 
Perry B. Goebel magna 

cum laude 
Todd Andrew Goostree 
Susan Elizabeth Gordon 
Alia Louise Gorsuch 
William Vernon Gorsuch 
Anthony John Gospodarek 
Dana A. Graham 
James Francis Patrick 

James Stephen Grant 
Robin LaKedra Grant 
Adrian D. Graves 
Nick Marc Grba 
Shannon Susan Green cum 

Alfred Leon Gregg 
Courtney Lynn Hack 
Benita I. Haith 
Carmellia Hall magna cum 

Richard Douglas Hanke, 

Jr. cum laude 
Brenda Lee Hanson 
Heather Lynn Hanson 
Julian E. Hardy, Jr. 
Lada Patricia Harland 
Edward Banks Harrell, Jr. 

Rhonda Lynn Harrell 

Tonya R. Harris 

Gary Blaine Hartley magna 

cum laude 
David Francis Hartman 
Katrina Renee Haslow 
Nancy Jean Kahrs Hawtin 
Melissa Ann Hayes 
Scot Craig Haynes 
Henry Herman Hays 
Lawrence Kelly Hays 
Bernard Leo Heffernan, Jr. 
Melissa S. Heiden 
Pamela Jean Helm 
Gerald Hembree 
Gussie Hayes Hendrix 
Eric Blake Hendry 
Lawrence Bond Henry cum 

Juan Jose Hermosillo 
Rosetta Marie Hicks 
Jason Walter Hill cum 

LaShelle Katherine Hill 
Jeffrey David Hinton cum 

Wynton Eugene Hodges 
Gerald B. Hoenicke 
Michael Thomas Hogan 
Larry Floyd Holcombe cum 

Deborah Lynne Holeman 

cum laude 
Marcus Antonio Holloway 

cum laude 
Elizabeth Pauline Holmes 

cum laude 
John Clarence Hood, Jr. 
Alan David Hoover cum 

Dorothy Louise Horn cum 

Cathy Houston 
Lon G. Howard 
Thomas John Hunt 
Timothy Scott Hunt 

summa cum laude 
Oscar Lee Huntley magna 

cum laude 
Floyd A. Husk cum laude 
Sandrarae Venita Hyatt 
John F. Inman magna cum 

Linda Lee Irvin cum laude 
Ernest Scott Jackson 
Joseph Daniel Jackson 
Yvette Jackson 
Artricia Arlene James 


Jorja Jankowski 
David Lawrence Jarmoluk 
Christel Ames Jefferson 
Robert Dwayne Johns 
Christopher Scott Johnson 
Dana Danielle Johnson 
George B. Johnson 
Robert Anthony Johnson 
Linda Davis Joiner 
Brenda C. Jones 
Landon Ray Jones 
Ronald Craig Jones cum 

Trina Yolanda Jones 
Vincent Paul Jordan 
Jose Joseph 
Barbara Elaine Jurina 
Daniel M. Katz cum laude 
Joseph E. Keller 
Shawn Andrew Kelley 
Michael G. Kelly 
Jamie Renee Kelsheimer 
Contrice R. Kendall 
Alvin Earl Kern 
Jennifer Lynn Knade 

magna cum laude* 
Michael Darnell Knight 
William Howard Knoble 

cum laude 
Moshiu T. Knox 
Robert Barton Knuth 
Rosie Koehler 
Lyle Henry Koller 
Scott Arnold Konieczka 

cum laude 
Brad Justin Kropp 
Samuel Concepcion 

David I. Kulp 
Melody A. Lancaster 

magna cum laude 
Steven Anthony Landers 
Russell A. Lang 
Janell Elaine Laporte 

magna cum laude 
Peter Duane Laurin 
Tyrone Jack Lawrence 
Michelle D. Lawson 
Sarah M. Lawson 
Steven W. Lebeda 
Keith Donald Lekse 
Jay Bernard Lentz 
Eric Christian Lescarbeau 
Peggy Sue Lewis cum laude 
Robert E. Lewis 
William Justin LeClair cum 

Dana Marie Lively 

Jose G. Llanes, Jr. 
Ronald Lee Loeser, Jr. cum 

Steven Long magna cum 

Frank Robert Longbottom 
Lance Eugene Loving cum 

Cherie Dawn Lovsey 
Susan M. Lowthian summa 

cum laude 
Robert F. Maca 
Deborah Jean Mackey 
Richard Rey Malicdem 
Ira L. Manning, Sr. 
Lisa Michelle Marlow 

magna cum laude 
Robert Manuel Marquez II 
Melissa May Marshall cum 

Annie Marie Martin 
Patricia L. Martin 
Shawnon Gabriel Martin 
Thomas G. Martin 
Sara Millyanna Martinez 
Michael Corey Massey 
James Robert Mastin 
Wendy Lee Mathieu cum 

Jazzika Nikole Matthews 
Suzanne May summa cum 

Mark Alan McCain cum 

Susan Marie McCarthy 
Catherine E. McClean 
Joi Tanaia McClendon 
David Michael McKale cum 

Andrea L. McLaughlin- 
Tiffany Shawn McQueen 
Charles Harold 

Martin Medina 
Omeaterance Lamore 

Richard Allen Mickle, Jr. 
Anthony Bernard Miles 
Douglas Miles 
Joseph E. Miles 
George P. Miller 
Leslie Ann Miller* 
William Edward Miller cum 

Jamie Lance Mitchell cum 


Andrew R. Monday magna 

cum laude 
Victor Alan Mooney 
Michelle Glynise Moore 
Thomas J. Moore cum laude 
Eduardo Enrique Morales 
Jasmine C. Morales 
Gary John Moroney 
Michael Edward Morrissey 
Lilly Belle Moss 
Debra Deneice Muhammad 
Paul J. Mullendore 
Dominic Anthony Musso 

summa cum laude 
William Micheal Myles III 
Ann M. Nadeau magna 

cum laude 
Amy N. Newcomb 
Huyen Bich Nguyen 
Kenneth Howard Niuman 
Robert H. Norman II cum 

Joseph Angelo Onessimo, Jr. 
Ingrid Ovalle 
Leonard Cassius Owens 
Elmer G. Pagaragan, Jr. 

magna cum laude 
Joseph Lane Palmer 
Kevin Parentin 
Jill Monique Parkey 
Michael Eric Pedersen - 
Shawnel Ilene Peecher 
Kara Lynn Perez 
Sandra Kay Phelps 
Patricia Ann Piazza 
Frederick Harrison Piatt, Jr. 

magna cum laude 
Michael Terance Plummer 

cum laude 
Thomas Jaudon Pomeroy 
Tina Elizabeth Porter 
Bradd Vetter Porto 
Michael David Post 
Donnie James Rabon cum 

Kevin Alfonzo Radcliff 
Rufino Frank Ramos 
Heather Nicole Randall 

cum laude 
Richard Samuel Randall 
Keshia Bee Raynor 
Jalal S. Razick 
Robert Stephen Redinger 
Kathleen Estelle Reed 
Louis Lockwood Reed IV 
Duane A. Restivo 
David Wayne Richards 


Richie Allen Richards 

magna cum laude 
Nathan James Rieger 
William Rivera 
Lanny Brent Roark 
Andrew John Robinson, Jr. 
Carolyn Diane Robinson 
Kevin Dean Rogers 
Heath Michael Rominger 
Rhonda Faye Rooney 
Allison Podoriscki Roper 
Gregory Kahn Ross cum 

Myki Marie Ross 
Sharon Lynn Ross 
Cipriano A. Rougemont 
Deborah A. Rowley magna 

cum laude 
John H. Sanders, Jr. 
Andrew DeWayne Sandifer 

cum laude 
Robert Thomas Sandoval 
Yolanda R. Sapp 
Larry Michael Saylor cum 

Maura Terese Scali- 

Sheahan cum laude 
Patrick Lee Scanlan 
Christopher Anthony 

Curt August Schermerhorn 
Alan Charles Schmidt cum 

Erica Ann Schmidt 
James Lance Schofield 
Abbie Jean Schoolcraft- 

Tammy Lynn Schultz 

summa cum laude 
Carrie Lynne Schweer 
Carrie A. Sebastian 
Thomas Vincent Sedlacek, 

Jr. cum laude 
Lisa Marie Senn cum laude 
James Daniel Sewell, Jr. 
James Patrick Shannon 
Kimberly Jean Sharkey 
David Kenneth Sharp cum 

Tamara Edith Shelby- 

Donyalde Lurice Sherrod 
Carl R. Simmons, Jr. 

LaVerne Kidd Simon 
Gina M. Simoncelli 
Andre Dwayne Singleton 
Charles Joseph Skorczewski 
Beatrice B. Sloan magna 

cum laude 
James Scott Smith 
Jonathan Michael Smith 
Richard C. Soto cum laude 
Elizabeth Ann Sousa cum 

Lucindy Lachell Span 
Sara M. Squires 
Jody Korinne St. Joseph* 
Benjamin Lowell Stauffer 

cum laude* 
Steven Wilson Stearns 
Brian J. Stephens magna 

cum laude 
Kasi J-anne Sternberg cum 

Sarah Elizabeth Stevens 
George Eric Stewart 
Tausha Regina Stone 
Lewis Corbin Strand IV 
Brekin LeAnn Strong 
Doris Stuart 
Nicole K. Sudberry 
Thomas Fremont Suit 

summa cum laude 
Esther Maria Sullivan 
Jimmy Kirk Summers 

magna cum laude 
Travis Tull Swink 
Jacqueline B. Tate 
Dion J. Taylor 
Ellen Kathleen Taylor cum 

John S. Taylor 
Maurine Alexandria Knox- 

Neale Taylor 
Michael Lee Teaman 

magna cum laude 
James David Tesso 
Regina Renee Theobald 
Steven Henry Thompson 

cum laude 
Ronald Carroll Thorns 
Karen M. Timmins cum 

Richard K. Tisdale 
Milton Dudley Tompkins III 
Ginger Crista Toth 

Julia Ellen Treat cum laude* 
John Alexander Trilivas 
Patrienna M. Triplett 
JoAnn Bernadine Tucker 
Jeffrey Turner 
Veronica A. Tyner 
Julio Vazquez 
Jennifer Rae Vargas 
David Vazquez 
Jennifer S. Vazquez 
Robert Samuel Ventrella 
F. Antonio Volante 
Paul Kenneth Voss 
Francis Joseph Wade, Jr. 

magna cum laude 
Glen B. Walkes cum laude 
Sandra Faye Wallace 
Michelle Nicole Ware 
Vincent Michiel Wareing 
Jodi Lynn Warrick 
Conrad Washington 
Sheila Marie Waters 
Lavar Jamaall Watkins 

summa cum laude 
Richard D. Webster 
Delora Delaney Wells 
Rebecca Ann West cum 

Sabrina Denise West 
Lanod Adrian Westmoreland 
Lisel D. White 
Tabata C. White 
Magda Evelyn Whiteley 

cum laude 
Emily Faye Wilberg 
Kody M. Willcut 
Billy J. Williams 
Brent Christopher Williams 
Corrine Williams 
Lawrence Williams, Jr. 
Andrew G. Wilson 
Thomas Antonio Witcher 

cum laude 
Joseph Patrick Witmer 
Derrick Anthony 

Woertman cum laude 
Jason Andrew Workman 
Kimberly Denise Wyatt 
Colleen A. Wyman 
Judith Irene Wynn 
Randy Allan Young 


College of Engineering 

Hasan Sevim, Associate 

Gary Butson, Marshal 
William Eichfeld, Usher 
Manohar Kulkarni, Usher 
Dale Wittmer, Reader 

Bachelor of Science 

Akin J. Akinduro 
Nayef Alhaddad 
Abdullah Alhusaini 
Scott Anthony Anderson 

cum laude 
Brian Ray Antonini cum 

Dallase Marcell Baker 
Tony Edgar Banke 
Charles Wayne Barner 

magna cum laude 
James P. Bell 
Kris Lewis Bezenek* 
Barry Jack Blevins 
Joshua E. Blythe 
Jason Daniel Boswell 
Brandon Wayne Bringer 
Alan Lee Bundschuh, Jr. 
Philip Windsor Burkhardt 
Brigette Jeanine Bush 
William Gerald Calvert II 
Loviel Everett Car dwell 
Harold Stephen Carr III 

cum laude 
Michael Ralph Cote 
Howard James Cozine, Jr. 
Jim L. Creager magna cum 

Ronald Allen Cross, Jr. 
Jackie L. Crum, Jr. 
Alfredo Enrique Cuenca 
Anthony Cullum cum laude 
Patrick Kyle Cunningham 
Christopher Thomas Dacar 
Anthony Dean Daubach 
Bhavin Navinchandra Dave 
Jeffery Allen Deprow 
Mohd Dita Dikin 
Nicholas William Doerr 
Phyllis Jean Duffy cum 

Stanley Edwin Elsasser, Jr. 
Eric F. Evans 
Roberta Linn Ford 
Bradley J. Francisco 
Jeffrey Todd Goble 
Ruben Herrera Gonzales 

Richard W. Griffin 
Christopher Lee Hall 
David W. Hall, Jr. 
Richard Eugene Hampton 
Tracy Leigh Hannan 
Bruce LaVictor Harris cum 

Thomas Scott Harrison 
Scott Chamberlain Hays 
Jason T. Herman 
Belinda Ilona Hill 
Khaled Hussein Hindi 
Stacey Lynn Hogue 
Nina Elizabeth Hollins 
Tony Hollins 

Douglas Christian Hooper 
Jon Gregory Hopper cum 

Charles David Huddleston 
John G. Hunt, Jr. 
Robert Lee Hunziker, Jr.* 
Pattie King Jackson 
Angela Lesley Jimdar 
Christopher Edward 

Richard Gene Johnson 
Carlton L. Jones 
Bertha Denice Judson 
Mario Kasperek 
James Virgil Keehner 
Kelly David Kendall cum 

Ame Baraka Kennedy 
Betty Arlene King 
Karmen Rene Kirkling 
Mark David Kleiboeker 
Karen Marie Koscinski 
Harris Mulbah Kpokai II 
Hershey Lee Langston 
Mark Philip V. Leal 
Philip Wesley Lewis 
Kori Lynn Logan 
Jimmy D. Long, Jr. 
Troy Alan Lowery 
John Clyde Lucas 
Michael Thomas Mack 
Antonio R. Magorno 
Bob S. Mallinger 
Frank Brett Malson 
D wight Phillip Marquis 
Todd Andrew Martchek 
John David Maue 
John Clark McAdams cum 

William Wayne McGee, Jr. 
Mark Patrick Mclnnis 

magna cum laude 

Jonathan Phillip Stevens 

Wilburn Edward Merritt, Jr. 
Robert Martin Mihalovits 
Brian J. Milligan 
Paul R. Minton 
Clifton W. Mitchell cum 

Jimmy Dan Mitchell, Jr. 
Kenneth Ray Moore 
Dayne Michael Morris 
Larry L. Moshier, Jr. 
Gregory James Mostyn 
Lane Barrett Moultrie 
Donna Dee Muehlenbein 
Michael H. Murphy 
Terence Patrick Murphy 
Hollan Reid Neal, Jr. 
Robert Conway O'Brien 
Sean Patrick O'Brien 
Leo Edward Ohms 
Daniel Edward Paul 
John M. Paynter magna 

cum laude 
Scott E. Penner 
Sandra LaNette Peoples- 

Robert Norman Petty 
Todd Charles Piazza 
Joseph C. Pulliam magna 

cum laude 
Justin Gary Raines 
Heather Dawn Redwine 
David Rivera 
James Thomas Rizzo cum 

Timothy J. Robeen 
Robert Roberts 
Adam Alexander Rodriguez 
Joseph D. Rosa, Jr. 
Adam W. Rose 
Pal Rugland 
Sheryl J. Rush 
Arnold Padilla Sarmiento 
William M. Sarocco cum 

Robert Ion Saylor 
Michael J. Scullion 
Ronald Paul Sheppard cum 

Jose Gaspar Silva-Gil 
Robert E. Simpson 
Ray Slaughter 
Kenneth Antonio Sleeter 
Richard E. Smith 
Michael L. Smoot 
Bryan Keith Snavely cum 



Jonathan L. Snider magna 

cum laude 
Douglas W. Soramer 
Jared Bradly Sorters 

magna cum laude 
Ayum Fodelaye Dominique 

Gerald L. Spehn 
Adam John Stallman 
William Girard Stalter cum 

Arrerk Dasaun Stewart 
Mark Philippe Taberner 
James Robert Tate III 

Bridgette Vernetta Terrell 
Manthan B. Thakkar 
Shervelle Demetria Thomas 
Morrell Kendall Townsen 
Steven Ervin Tugman 
Albert Merle Tyson 
Gene J. Van Noord, Jr. 
Juan H. Vasquez cum 

James Todd Waggoner 
Dana Thomas Wainwright 
Kenneth D. Waits 
Eddie Wayne Waldron 
Jane Ellen Walker 

Moon S. Webster 
Matthew Kyle Wiggins 
Suhendi Wijaya 
Othell Torrence Williams 
Raymond Luis Williams 
Michael Townsend 

Williamson, Jr. 
Jimmie L. Witt 
Luke T. Wotruba 
James Eugene Wright 

summa cum laude 
Izwan Zainal Abidin 
John A. Zumbahlen 


College of Liberal Arts 

Shirley Clay Scott, Dean 
Don Rice, Marshal 
Marji Morgan, Marshal 
Valerie Enchelmayer, 

Diane Taub, Reader 

Bachelor of Arts 

Jynnah Michelle Ali-Sab'r 

Damans Allen 

Sara Helen Alstat magna 

cum laude 
Ray Lee Anderson 
Joshua Allen Anderton 
Loree Suzanne Armstrong 
Jonathan A. Barrett 
Ophelia Wynette Battle 
Antonio Dion Baxton 
Joshua James Beck 
Charles L. Becker 
Anthony Eugene Bencomo 
Jason Dee Billings 
Carolyn L. Blodgett magna 

cum laude* 
Mollie Lynn Boliek ** 
Jon Michael Bragg 
Tara L. Braman 
Alicia Renee Brandt 
Christine Elizabeth 

Teniesha Louise Bryson 
Daniel C. Burt Cassell 
James Michael 

Joseph Alan Cervantez 
Jee Hoon Chae 
David Michael Chambers 
Taryn Christine Clapper 
Raymond J. Clodi, Jr. 
Kathleen Marilyn Coleman 
Mary Tracy Conerton 
Shawn Patrick Connelly 

cum laude* 
Audrey Kathleen Craddock 

cum laude* 
Ken C. Crowell 
Faren D'Abell 
Daisy L. Delmore 
Zachary Charles Dilbeck 
Sommer Renee Dixon 
Katherine Lynn Dorley 
Ambrea Beth Douglas* 
Stephen Edward Duke 
Nicholas Lovelle Duncan 
Marty Nichol Eason 

John R. Eaton 
Anton Daniel Eberhart 
Michelle Kay Emery 
Samantha Dawn Esposito 
Joseph W. Ethridge V 
Tracey Lynn Evans 
Nathan Douglas Fann 
Melissa Meredith Fearn 
Michelle Dee Fenske 
Michael Graham Finlay 
Adrienne Nicole Fletcher 

cum laude* 
Thomas James Foley 
Jeffrey Scott Fullerton 
Kelly Michelle Gamble cum 

Michael Q. Garner 
Esmeralda R. Garza 
Jessica Leanne Gawron* 
Naomi Ziesa Goldberger 
Todd Andrew Goostree 
Gus Gregory Gotsis 
Benjamin Georg Habing 
Holly Tierney Hamilton 
David Michael Hannan 
Darryl Lapon Hardy 
Justin Scott Hartley 
Sarah Lynn Harwerth 

magna cum laude* 
Jodie Lynne Haugen 
Quinn Ronald Henson* 
Michael Robert Hepner 
Taylor Olias Herron* ** 
Christopher Paul 

Chad Erick Hickman 
Keiko Higuchi 
Joe Henry Hill, Jr. 
Keela Taneice Hill 
Romel Clark Hines 
Itzel Indira Hosmon* 
Anthony James Hughes 

cum laude 
Ann Marie Hunter 
Stephanie Izenstark 
James Jackson 
Rozie Hanna @ Mimi 

Fardhianna Bte Jemil 
Matthew Aaron Johnson 
Nichole Dianne Johnson 
Tamara Nicole Jones 
David Thomas Jourdan 
Dena Hope Keanini magna 

cum laude 
Matthew James Kelly 
Erinn Marie Keyes 
Daniel Thomas Kinsolving 

Sara A. Knight magna cum 

Frederic Koeffer 
Katherine May Kopta 
Ericka Lynn Koutiel cum 

Brian T. Kreisler cum laude* 
Gene J. Kucharski 
Bedsy Elena Lee 
Cheng-Chang Lee 
Eun-Ha Lee 
Taehyun Lee 
Charnelle Jean Lilley 
Ryan Christopher Lloyd 
Aaron Kyle Louthan magna 

cum laude 
Mandy Elizabeth Lowery- 

Scott Macey 
Penny Jill Malin 
Haven Andrew Matthews 
Alishia June McClain- 

Jason Philip McClain 
Mark Allen McKinney 
Megan Ann Michalowski 
Robert H. Middendorf 
Jeffrey Robert Milam 
Chad Tristian Miller 
Melissa Ann Moore 
James Patrick Morgan- 
Chad Kristopher Morrill 
Marc William Moxon 
Melissa Marie Mrowiec 
Sarah J. Myers 
Ryuta Nagai 
Katina M. Niebrugge 
Chukwuemeka Henry 

Nancy Rachel Palm cum 

Heather Lynn Paluch 
Shalin P. Patel 
Jordan Ryan Pearce 
Obed Perez 
Matthew C. Phillips 
Jennifer Lynn Piersol 
Jeremy Shane Pinkston 
Jason Eric Pritchett 
Carl Pycha 
L'Erin Cameron Ragon cum 

Alejandro Ramos 
Mikole Kiam Rankins 
Dan M. Rezendes 
Marcus Ronald Reznicek 

cum laude* 


Angela Jo Riley magna cum 

Dominique Joseph Rocourt 
Shana Rosenfeld 
Christa Marie Rundle 
Beonica Angelica Rupert 
Justin Gianmartino Sabetti 
Kelly R. Schenk 
Brandon Jay Schott 
Donald Charles Schroeder 
Gregory Carl Schwartz 

magna cum laude 
Jay Michael Schwerman 
Carissa Ann Semanski 
Jeremiah J. Sidles* 
Kyle Christopher Slankard 
Lynelle Tamar Smith 
Sarah Marie Smith magna 

cum laude* 
Tia Ann Speth 
Brandi Nichole Stanley 
Erik John Stocke 
Charla R. Stone 
Samantha Kristin Stotlar 
Chad Robert Streff 
Angenette Patrice Sumrall 
Douglas Paul Swanson 
Tammy L. Sweet cum laude 
Arnold Raymond Taylor 
Kristoffer Thomas Taylor 
Michelle Dawn Taylor 
Seferino Ramon Terronez 
Chad Allen Thompson 
Jenny Lyn Thornton 
Sunni R. Thrasher 
Ronald C. Timmons 
Nanako Tsujimoto 
Melissa J. Wadzinski 
Heather Elaine Walker 
Aaron Christopher Ward* 
Eric B. Ward 
J. Adrien Williams 
Willie C. Woodson, Jr. 
Lawanda Lanette Young 

Stacey Lee Young cum 

Joel Matthew Zimmerman 

Bachelor of Fine Arts 

John R. Almanza 
Tracy L. Beaver 
Scott A. Heine cum laude* 
Steven C. Hughes 
Darius M. Lalas 
Juan Carlos Losada 
Emily Nalder* 
Elizabeth A. Schock* 
Rebecca Anne Worthington 

Bachelor of Music 

Karen Beatrice Chontofalsky 

Neysa Kathleen Dix 

Larry Edward Robinson, Jr. 

Bachelor of Science 

Anne Patricia Abney cum 

Kelly Marie Baltas 
Melissa R. Baltas 
Randy James Bell 
Justin Wade Bilderback 
Amy Michelle Bryan 
Brian Chad Buckman 
Jay Phillip Caile 
Judith E. Catlin 
Christopher Shane Collins 
Lauren Susanne 

Marissa Jenora Dew-Jones 
Jessica JoAnn Dunaway 
Katherine Elizabeth 

Michele Dunbar 
Kathryn Egan Foell 
James DeJuanis Franklin 

Sandra Jean Gerke* 
Philip Matthew Graff 
Randall O. Grubbs 
Kimberly A. Hall-Seagraves 
Johnie Harris, Jr. 
Corinne Elizabeth Henyan 
Jessica Dee Horner 
Jeremy Todd Jackson 
Lisa Colleen Jenkel 
Caryn Lynnea Kehlet 
Caryn Marie Knowles 
Donnell A. Langs 
Jeremy Michael Malson 
Christina Lynn Mathena 
Nora Dunne McLaughlin 
Michelle Renae McPherson 
Ralph G. Mounts 
Marcia Alice Mulford 
Tanika Shantay Nelson 
Jeffrey G. Novak 
Mai Onozuka 
Jodi Perryman-Boese 
Angela Lynn Rains 
William Travis Reider 
Heather Dale Rhoades 

magna cum laude* 
Alainna Rae Rodgers 
Barbara Lynn Rodriguez 

magna cum laude 
Jonathan Allan Spencer 
Adrienne Nicole Spudich* 
Mitsutoshi Takaya 
Thomas G. Thompson 
Valicia DeAnna Timmons 
Ryan Shawn Trueblood 
Jamison John Tryggestad 
April D. Vanzant 
Marta Marie Viefhaus cum 

Marielyn Marie Vogel 
Nicole Dianna Voruz 
Vern Alan Wagner 
Aaron Christopher 

Qiana R. Wiley-Ruffrn 


College of Mass 
Communication and 
Media Arts 

Jyotika Ramaprasad, 

Interim Dean 
Judith Rossiter, Marshal 
Susan Felleman, Usher 
Jean Kelley, Reader 

Bachelor of Arts 

Jennifer Kay Allensworth 
Jason Matthew Asher 
Christopher Ellis Brooks 
Rachael Dukes Carlson 
Megan Castleberry 
Michael Aaron Cioni 
Partick Allen Clark 
Virgil Alan Clark 
Patrick Kevin Coffey 
Silvella W.E. Cook- Strain 
Gwendolynn Ann Daly 
Timothy O. Day* 
Terrance Michael Dee 
Michael Paul Deponai 
Nicholas John Dethlefsen 
Jonathan Jason DeBoe* 
Robert Thomas Dial 
Stephen Douglas Ennen 
Timothy Michael Fischer 
Kenjiro Fujita 

Kristopher M. Harms 
Jonathan Hoffenberg 
Michael William Holt* 
Rita Jackson 
Branda Elaine Keehn 
Frederic Koeffer 
Scott C. Kozel 
Grayce L. Lackland 
Douglas A. Larson 
Leah D. Logullo 
Danielle Lynn Lorton 
Angela Marie Luna 
Cedric Harold Malone 
Michael Edward Matusek* 
Adam Anthony May 
Caryn Suzanne McDaniel 
Lori Lynn McEvers 
Kevin Michael Metzinger* 
Douglas Robert Meyer 
Devin Len Miller 
Monte Alan Miller 
Marc William Moxon 
Dale Loyd Ramsey, Jr. 
Tony R. Rusniak 
Ernesto Pastrana Sandoval 
Lawrence A. Schutzenhofer 
Michael Robert Shaw 
Sarah A. Smith 
Shavan Renee Spears 
William G. Spindler 
Nathanial Christian Steffen 
Michael P. Stover 
Jessica Elizabeth Strackany 

Brian Andrew Svec 
Tim Tagaris 
Akira Tetsuka 
Karee A. Trapp 
Ian Patrick Vertovec 
Stephen Warren 
Thomas William Weber 

magna cum laude 
Erica Lynn Wells 
Victor B. Wheeler 
Avery L. Wilkening 
Timothy Robbert Willis 
Anthony Ryan Zook 

Bachelor of Science 

Jonathan A. Barrett 
Stephen Timothy Borchert 
Zackery Lon Browning 
Jesse R. Drury 
Brenna Claire Joyce 
Jessica Leigh Kolb* 
Grady Alan Kuhnline 
Julie Lynn Lay 
Jeannette Loree Nolen 
Lloyd Porter 
Collin Braxton Rhine 
Joshua M. Sazy 
Javier J. Serna 
Birgit Lyn Wheeler 


College of Science 

Jack Parker, Dean 
Ray Stotler, Marshal 
Stephen Ebbs, Usher 
Barbara Crandall- 
Stotler, Reader 

Bachelor of Arts 

Christina Lynn Adams 
Donna Lyn Barnes 
Roger Eugene Bernard 
Robert D. Berry 
Susan Marie Burns* 
Lacey Gail Campbell 
Gina Marie Carnaghi 
Heather Flarisse Ediger 
Dennis Wayne Fredrickson 

cum laude 
Luis Marc Velarde 

Robert M. Gerwig, Jr. 
Michelle Elizabeth Goodwin 

Corrie Jean Holbrook 
Kristina Michelle Holt 
Chivia Renita Horton 
Dehedgra Melissa Idowu 
Josiah Kelly 

La Teesha Chantrice Lilly 
Ellissa Anne Mette cum 

Robert Jay Mikesell 
Amber Renee Moreland 

cum laude* 
Ha Kim Le Nguyen 
Farhan Niaz 
Christina Renee Rowley 
Mbaire Rachel Waireri 
James Corey Walker 
Christie Annilene Woodard 
Shirley Darlene Woodard 
Marci Jill Woodfin 

Bachelor of Science 

Christy Azzarello 
Kevin M. Bires 

James Frank Campanella 
Jinwi Tapisi Ghogomu 
Corey Allen Gunnell 
Tiffany Cheriese Holder 
Roger Vernon Johnson 
Richard William Kenna 
Mahmud Uz-Zaman Khan 
Donna M. Laur 
Christopher J. 

Lechowicz II ** 
Seung-Won Lee 
Emily Erin Molander 
Steven William Pryor II 
Joseph Arthur Sumis 
Michele Nicole Trimm 
Eric Ryan Waltmire 
Junko Watanabe cum 

Rachel Gail Watson 
Jason L. Wyciskalla 
Jean Philippe Zufferey 


Necrology, 2000-2001 

David Gordon Arey 

Associate Professor, 


June 11, 2001 
R. E. Blackwelder 

Professor (Emeritus), 


January 17, 2001 
Anthony W. Blass 

Assistant to Director 

(Emeritus), Physical Plant 

September 2, 2000 
Lewis E. Davids 

Professor (Emeritus), 


February 7, 2001 
Elma V. Dey 

Staff Assistant (Emerita), 

University School 

January 22, 2001 
Mary Helen Gasser 

Director {Emerita), 

Affirmative Action Office 

April 21, 2001 
Joseph R. Graziano 

Assistant Professor, 

Applied Sciences and 


March 5, 2001 
Charles Marion Green 

Associate Professor 

(Emeritus), Radio - 


March 4, 2000 
Margaret H. Hildreth 

Assistant Professor 

(Emerita), Morris Library 

May 13, 2000 
Mark R. Hillegas 

Professor (Emeritus), 


August 22, 2000 
Lewis J. Hilliard 

Assistant Professor 

(Emeritus), English 

January 17, 2001 
David Lloyd Jones 

Professor (Emeritus), 


May 15, 2000 

John Keith Leasure 

Professor (Emeritus), 

Plant and Soil Science 

April 10, 2001 
Alfred Lit 

Professor (Emeritus), 


August 15, 2000 
Charles V. Matthews 

Assistant Professor 

(Emeritus), Crime Study 


April 2, 2000 
Charles A. McBride 

Associate Professor 

(Emeritus), Foreign 

Languages and 


October 19, 2000 
Betty Lou Mitchell 

Instructor (Emerita), 


July 8, 2000 
Charles D. Neal 

Professor (Emeritus), 

College of Education 

January 6, 2001 
Anna K. Neufeld 

Assistant Professor 

(Emerita), Foreign 

Languages and 


April 10, 2001 
Dinh-Hoa Nguyen 

Professor (Emeritus), 


December 10, 2000 
William E. Nickell 

Professor (Emeritus), 


September 11, 2000 
Ladislao V. Olah 

Professor (Emeritus), 


January 5, 2001 
Carlyle G. Ott 

Assistant Professor 

(Emeritus), Industrial 


February 4, 2001 

Cynthia Elaine Perkins 

Coordinator, University 


February 24, 2001 
Richard Poston 

Professor (Emeritus), 


September 8, 2000 
James Arthur Robb 

Associate Professor 

(Emeritus), Technical 


August 15, 2000 
Joseph A. Schafer 

Associate Professor 

(Emeritus), Aviation 


November 2, 2000 
Herbert H. Snyder 

Professor (Emeritus), 


May 18,2001 
Logan Neal Spilman 

Director (Emeritus), 


June 6, 2000 
Herbert L. Vogel 

Assistant Professor 

(Emeritus), Health 

Education and 


January 10, 2001 
Rachel Wendt 

Assistant Professor 

(Emeritus), Psychology 

December 27, 2000 
C. Michael Williams 

Assistant Director, 

Intercollegiate Athletics 

December 18, 2000 
Hensley C. Woodbridge 

Professor (Emeritus), 

Foreign Languages and 


January 10, 2001 


Faculty and Administrative/Professional Staff Retiring 

Forty Years of Service 

Ronald G. Knowlton 


Physical Education 
John Loren Roseberry 

Senior Scientist 

Cooperative Wildlife 

Research Lab 

Thirty-Seven Years of 

Donald LeRoy Perry 
Associate Professor 

Thirty-Six Years of 

Edgar Ivan Patterson 

Assistant Professor 

Marianne Webb 



Thirty-Five Years of 

Jon David Muller 


Donald R. Tindall 


Plant Biology 
Joseph C. Trobaugh, Jr. 



Thirty-Four Years of 

Aldon M. Addington 

Associate Professor 

Art and Design 
Julee Ann Illner 

Assistant Professor 

Physical Education 
David Franklin Koster 


Chemistry and 

Michael A. Solliday 

Associate Professor 

Curriculum and Instruction 

Thirty-Three Years of 

James A. Belt 

Associate Director 

Information Technology 
Claudia Blackman 

Assistant Professor 

Physical Education 
W. Edward Dirks 


Physical Education 
Norma R. McCulloch 

Job Development 


Rehabilitation Institute 
Thomas R. Stitt 


Military Programs - 

Workforce Education 

and Development 
Walter R. Stubbs 

Associate Professor 

Library Affairs 
Donald Ugent 


Plant Biology 

Thirty-Two Years of 

John W. Deichmann 
Associate Professor 
Educational Psychology 
and Special Education 

John S. Jackson III 
Interim Chancellor 
Chancellor's Office 

Dennis J. Laake 
Associate Professor 
Health Care Professions 

Warren Lee Meinhardt 
Associate Professor 
Foreign Languages and 

John A. Richardson 

Research Development 
and Administration 

Frank C. Sanders, Jr. 
Associate Professor 

Benjamin A. Shepherd 

Thirty-One Years of 

Larry W. Busch 

Associate Professor 

Art and Design 
John Francis Huck 

Associate Professor 

Workforce Education 

and Development 
Roger L. Poppen 


Rehabilitation Institute 

Thirty Years of Service 

Terence R. Anthoney 

Associate Professor 

Thomas C. Britton 

Associate Professor 

Steven Lee Hartman 

Associate Professor 

Foreign Languages and 

Donald John Stucky 


Plant and Soil Science 
Russell W. Wright 

Associate Professor 

Medical Education 

Twenty-Nine Years of 

John Henry Caster 

Assistant Professor 

Medical Education 
Paul A. Harre 

Associate Professor 

Information Management 

Barbara J. Meier 

Associate Director 

Graduate School 
Eugene F. Timpe 


Foreign Languages and 



Robert L. Wolff 
Plant and Soil Science 

Twenty-Eight Years of 

Lynn G. Nequin 

Associate Professor 

Paula Lee Woehlke 


Educational Psychology 

and Special Education 
William M. Yau 


Jay Zimmerman, Jr. 



Twenty-Seven Years of 

Osbin L. Ervin 
Associate Professor 
Political Science 

Twenty-Six Years of 

Catherine I. Brodland 

Computer Information 


Institutional Planning 

and Management 
Martha S. Ellert 

Associate Professor 

William S. Hunter 

Associate Professor 

Rita Moore 


Center for English as a 

Second Language 
Anne S. Sharpe 

Textual Editor 

Liberal Arts 

Twenty-Four Years of 

James Leming 
Curriculum and 

Twenty-Three Years of 

Pierre P. Barrette 

Associate Professor 

Curriculum and 

Walter R. Rehwaldt 

Associate Director 

Institutional Research 

and Studies 
John J. Whitlock 


University Museum 

Twenty Years of Service 

Keith Contor 

Associate Professor 

William C. Cornell 


Intercollegiate Athletics 
Rhonda Jo Vinson 

Assistant Dean for 



Nineteen Years of Service 

Terry S. Bowman 
Associate Professor 
Aviation Management 
and Flight 

Eighteen Years of Service 

William L. Rodgers 
Visiting Instructor 
Military Programs - 
Workforce Education and 

Laraine June Wright 
Publications Office 

Seventeen Years of 

Kenneth R. Keller 
Associate Professor 

Fifteen Years of Service 

Elsie J. Martin 
Visiting Assistant Professor 
Information Management 

Fourteen Years of Service 

Ellen Morse Bradley 


Disability Support Services 
Charles F. Eberle 

Professor of Clinical 



Thirteen Years of Service 

Laura M. Hardy 

Associate Director 

SIU Foundation 
James W. Hart 

Assistant to Vice 




Twelve Years of Service 

Mary Michele Rafferty 
Curriculum and 

Ten Years of Service 

Alan Kent Haruf 


Academic Regalia 

The academic regalia, consisting of cap, gown, and hood, originated 
about the twelfth century and was worn primarily for warmth. Later, the 
material of the gown and lining and shape of the hood represented the 
economic and social as well as the academic status of the wearer. 

In 1895, a commission of American educators established an inter- 
collegiate code for the academic regalia. This code, revised in 1932, 1969 
and again in 1989, provides a comprehensive system of academic regalia 
for American colleges and universities. While the code specifies black 
gowns, foreign universities and a growing number of American 
universities have gowns of various colors. 

There are four types of gowns and hoods-the associate's, bachelor's, 
master's, and doctor's. The associate and bachelor's gowns are the same 
except for a slight difference in color, untrimmed and have a closed front 
and long pointed sleeves. Women may wear a white collar with the 
bachelor's gown when no hood is worn. 

The master's gown is untrimmed, may be worn open or closed, and has 
extremely long, closed sleeves with an opening at the wrist. The ends of 
the sleeves are square with an arc extending from the wrist opening to 
the square end. The doctor's gown may be worn open or closed and has 
round, bell- shaped sleeves. There are wide velvet borders down the front 
and three velvet bars on each sleeve; the borders and bars may be black 
or the color of the discipline of the degree. 

The hood for each degree has a distinctive form. The master's hood is 
three and one-half feet in length with wider velvet edging and more of the 
lining exposed. The doctor's hood is four feet in length with the widest 
velvet edging and full exposure of the lining. Hoods are lined with the 
color (s) of the college or university conferring the degree. The color of the 
velvet edging identifies the discipline of the degree. 

The black mortarboard cap is standard in the United States, although 
soft tarns are worn at some universities. Tassels are usually black, except 
when no hood is worn, in which case the color of the tassel represents 
the field of study. Doctor's caps may have gold tassels. Upon conferral of 
the degree the tassel is worn on the left of the cap. Caps are considered 
part of the academic regalia and are customarily removed only during 
prayer, oath, or pledge, and then by men only. 


Colors of Tassels and Hoods 

In the United States the hood is edged with the color of the field of study 
and lined with the colors of the university conferring the degree. 
Southern Illinois University Carbondale's hoods are lined in maroon with 
a white chevron. Tassel and/ or velvet hood colors, representing the fields 
of study, worn by students and faculty in the academic processional are: 

Tassels (Undergraduate Colleges) 

Agriculture, Maize 

Applied Sciences and Arts, Orange 

Business and Administration, Drab 

Education and Human Services, Light Blue 

Engineering, Orange 

Liberal Arts, White 

Mass Communication and Media Arts, Blue 

Science, Golden Yellow 

Hoods (Masters and Advanced Degrees) 

Agriculture, Maize 

Applied Sciences and Arts, Orange 

Arts, Letters and the Humanities, White 

Business and Administration, Drab 

Education, Light Blue 

Engineering, Orange 

Fine Arts, White 

Law, Purple 

Liberal Arts, White 

Mass Communication and Media Arts, Blue 

Music, Pink 

Philosophy, Dark Blue 

Public Administration, Peacock Blue 

Science, Golden Yellow 

Social Work, Citron Yellow 

Commencement Committee 2000—2001 

Serge Abrate 

Brian Atchison 

Terry Clark 

Ed Ford 

Diane Taub 

Jan Waggoner 

Walker Allen, Ex-Officio 

Published by the Office of Admissions and Records, Southern Illinois University Carbondale. 

Printed by Phillips Brothers Printers, Springfield, Illinois. 0108 5M 07/01 


The SIU Alumni Association 

The SIU Alumni Association is a worldwide organization dedicated to 
promoting Southern Illinois University, its students and alumni. The 
mission of the SIU Alumni Association is simple: to reveal to the world 
the excellence of Southern Illinois University Carbondale. The bond 
between you and your University lasts a lifetime, and the success of 
alumni and the institution can be enhanced when both take part in the 

Founded in 1896, the SIU Alumni Association now serves over 
185,000 alumni worldwide by publishing the quarterly magazine, 
Southern Alumni, and sponsoring alumni chapters, reunions, 
Homecoming and many other activities. 

Benefits you can receive with membership: 
Southern Alumni magazine (quarterly) 
Saluki Pride newsletter 

Social and career networking opportunities through chapter and 
metro outreach programs and activities 
SIU Alumni Association decal 

Enjoy all of the benefits listed below. Services for which members are 

Help in locating SIU Friends 

Discount Travel Rates 

Skillsearch membership discount (career networking company.) 

Campus Privileges/ Discounts 

Insurance Benefits at Group Rates 

Discounts at Six Flags Amusement Parks 

Contact the Alumni Association to receive a membership application, 
and to tell them your news for consideration in the Southern Alumni 

E-mail: alumni(a)siu. edu 

SIU Alumni Association SIU Alumni Association 

Colyer Hall Mailcode 6809 Student Center 

Carbondale, IL 62901-6809 Southern Illinois University 

(618) 453-2408 Carbondale, IL 62901-6809 

Chicago Office: Phone (630) 574-7774 Ext. 2 
SIU Alumni Association 
100 Jorie Suite 351 
Oak Brook, IL 6052 1 


Southern Alma Mater 



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-A - 

Ma - ter 



em to 








Strong- thru the 

years you stand tri 



a F f 













guide us 


ver life's 





P r P 




Lig-ht that can 

nev - er fail us 

Hail, hail to 



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