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Southern Illinois University 



December 17, 2005 

Digitized by the Internet Archive 

in 2012 with funding from 

CARLI: Consortium of Academic and Research Libraries in Illinois 


December 17, 2005 

Southern Illinois University Carbondale 

When its doors were first opened in 1874, Southern Illinois University Carbondale 
was a place where teachers and scholars believed that their graduates should be 
prepared to make useful contributions to the health and strength of society. This is 
still our intention. Outstanding departments, dedicated faculty, thorough and often 
inspired instruction, and a thoughtful blending of old wisdom with new knowledge 
have become the hallmarks of the University. 

Because this is true, we can point with pride to our alumni, many of whom are 
distinguished scholars, business leaders, artists, and public servants, and many more 
of whom are essential to organizations and communities throughout the nation. 
Knowing that classroom learning is only one facet of education, we help students 
learn to play through intramural sports, training in crafts, outdoor activities for 
individuals and groups, a variety of musical organizations; learn to help themselves 
through wellness education, physical fitness training, and counseling; learn to help 
others through fraternal, community service, political, and volunteer groups; learn to 
see and know their surroundings through hands-on projects, field trips, lectures, and 
excursions of their own. 

In encouraging students to explore the avenues and byways of knowledge and 
experience^ our aim is to expand their view of the world in such a way that, while 
they focus on the particulars of their careers, they will be able to see their lives and 
their work in the broad context of the communities and the world. 

Board of Trustees 


Roger Tedrick, Chair 

Ed Hightower, Vice Chair 

John Simmons, Secretary 

Marquita Wiley 

Samuel Goldman 

Keith R. Sanders 

Stephen Wigginton 

Tequia Hicks, Student Trustee 

Matthew Townsend, Student Trustee 

Home Town 

Term Expiration 

Mt Vernon 




East Alton 






Spring Grove 








James E. Walker, President 
Southern Illinois University 

Walter V. Wendler, Chancellor 
Southern Illinois University Carbondale 

Table of Contents 

Southern Illinois University Carbondale ii 

Board of Trustees ii 

Table of Contents 1 

Candidates for Degrees 2 

Morning Order of Exercises 3 

College of Agricultural Sciences, College of Applied Sciences and Arts, College of 
Business and Administration, College of Education and Human Services, College of 

Engineering 3 

College of Agricultural Sciences ,. 4 

Bachelor of Science 4 

College of Applied Sciences and Arts 5 

Bachelor of Science 5 

Associate in Applied Science 9 

College of Business and Administration 10 

Bachelor of Science 10 

College of Education and Human Services 12 

Bachelor of Science 12 

College of Engineering 18 

Bachelor of Science 18 

Afternoon Order of Exercises 20 

Graduate School, School of Law, College of Liberal Arts, College of Mass 

Communication and Media Arts, College of Science 20 

Graduate School 21 

Doctor of Philosophy 21 

Master of Accountancy 23 

Master of Arts 24 

Master of Arts in Teaching 24 

Master of Business Administration 25 

Master of Fine Arts 25 

Master of Music 25 

Master of Public Administration 26 

Master of Public Health 26 

Master of Science 26 

Master of Science in Education 28 

Master of Social Work 29 

School of Law 30 

Juris Doctor 30 

College of Liberal Arts 31 

Bachelor of Arts 31 

Bachelor of Fine Arts 33 

Bachelor of Music 33 

Bachelor of Science 33 

College of Mass Communication and Media Arts 35 

Bachelor of Arts 35 

Bachelor of Science 35 

College of Science 36 

Bachelor of Arts 36 

Bachelor of Science 36 

Air Force Reserve Officers Training Corp 37 

Army Reserve Officers Training Corps 37 

Academic Regalia 38 

The SIU Alumni Association 39 

Southern Alma Mater 41 

Candidates for Degrees 

The following lists contain the names of candidates for degrees, the granting of 
which is contingent upon successful completion of all requirements for the degree. 
An asterisk (*) to the right of the name indicates membership in the University 
Honors program (undergraduate students only). 

A double asterisk (**) to the right of the name indicates the person is a candidate 
for multiple degrees. 

University Academic Honors listed to the right of the name are as follows for 
undergraduate students: 

cumlaude 3.500-3.749 
magna cum laude 3.750-3.899 
summa cum laude 3.900-4.000 
The grade point averages above apply firstly to all work taken at Southern Illinois 
University Carbondale and than in the case of transfer students, to the total work as 
an additional, but secondary qualification. 

Morning Order of Exercises 

9:30 A.M., Saturday, December 17, 2005, SIU Arena 

College of Agricultural Sciences, College of Applied Sciences and Arts, College of Business 
and Administration, College of Education and Human Services, College of Engineering 

(Please stand for the Processional.) 


Pomp and Circumstance March No. 1, Sir Edward Elgar, Composer 
Mariane Webb, Distinguished University Organist 

Greetings and Introduction of Platform Party 

Walter V. Wendler, Chancellor 

Presentation of Candidates and Conferring of Baccalaureate and Associate 

Walter V. Wendler, Chancellor 

John M. Dunn, Provost and Vice Chancellor 

Gary L. Minish, Dean, College of Agricultural Sciences 

Paul Sarvela, Dean, College of Applied Sciences and Arts 

Gregory P. White, Interim Dean, College of Business and Administration 

Patricia B. Elmore, Interim Dean, College of Education and Human Services 

William P. Osborne, Dean, College of Engineering 

Welcome from the Alumni Association 

Sheri Hunter, SIU Alumni Association 

Closing Remarks 

Walter V. Wendler, Chancellor 

Alma Mater 

Southern Alma Mater, Clarke Morgan, Composer 

Led by Tiffany Kesler, Undergraduate Student in Music 


Improvisation on a Chorale Melody, by Johann Cruger, Sigfrid Karg-Elert, Composer 
Marianne Webb, Distinguished University Organist 

Faculty Marshals 

Sharon A. Shrock, Professor, Curriculum and Instruction, Grand Marshal 
Hussein Elsaid, Professor and Chair, Finance, Faculty Marshal 
John Summey, Associate Professor, Marketing, Faculty Marshal 

(Please remain in your seat until the Recessional is completed.) 

College of Agricultural Sciences 

Gary L. Minish, Dean 
John Phelps, Marshal 
Dexter Wakefield, Usher 
Charlotte Gibson, Reader 

Bachelor of Science 

Daniel Charles Austin 
Chad Evan Bartusevicius 
Kari Ann Beal 
Samuel Adam Beyer 
Ryan N. Binsbacher 
Brian Edward Bolser cum laude* 
Rustin Forest Cameron 
Brett Wayne Chesnek 
Kelly Anna Cody 
Justin Warren Crain 
Jennifer Ann Dierkes 
Marcus F. Doyle 
Ryan Matthew Ebbert 
Jason Eric Ewers 
Patrick Brian Finley 
Joshua Matthew Foster 
Katherine Elaine Graham 
Emily Anne Grigsby 
Mary Jane Hacker cum laude* 
Sarah Marie Hanna 
Wendy Sue Harper* 
Kevin Neal Helm 
Jason J. Higdon 
Nathan Joseph Hoegger 
Nathan Robert Johanning summa cum laude 
James Bradley Jones 
Kimberly Marie Karen 
Lemuel F. Karnes cum laude 
Nicholas Ryan Ken- 
Mark Alan King 
Jacob S. Lieb magna cum laude 
Lisa Marie Lithgow 
Andrew Edward Lotz 
Christina M. Magliano 
Kerry Lynn Martin 
Kimberly Jayne Meinhardt 
Kimberly Jean Miller 

Sabrina Mottola Lugo 

Karah Lynn Murdock 

Timothy William Nixon 

Samantha Rae Nowland 

Travis Kevin Paddock 

Kyle Wayne Page 

Michael Lee Petersen 

Michele Lee Peterson 

Stephanie M. Pfaff 

Eric Paul Pieszchalski cum laude* 

Jeremy Lyle Pruden 

Janice Ann Ralls 

Craig William Ratermann 

Joshua Lee Rippelmeyer 

Lynn Renae Rohrscheib 

Lauren Alexis Rubin summa cum laude* 

Emily Ross Schuneman cum laude 

Joseph Tobias Sickling 

Laura A. Smithenry 

Christopher Thomas Stringer 

Amber Ruth Strom 

Amber Lei Tarlton 

Diana Marcelle Johanna Thissen 

Dustin Wade Thurston 

Jacqueline Kay Tracy 

Jessica Rose Van Acker summa cum laude 

Steven L. Vandeventer 

John William Vaughan cum laude 

Grant L. Webb 

Matthew T. Wickey 

Tess Elizabeth Williams 

Andrew James Wilson 

Aaron James Winter 

Raymond Christopher Wojcikewych 

Tarah Brooke Woolard cum laude* 

Yi-Shan Yang* 

Marc Adrian Zucco 

College of Applied Sciences and Arts 

Paul D. Sarvela, Dean 
William Devenport, Marshal 
Stan Pearson, Usher 
Charla Lautar, Usher 
John Cotter, Usher 
Terry Owens, Usher 
Fred Isberner, Reader 

Bachelor of Science 

Jonathan Worden Abbott 

Comfort Eddie Akpan 

Amos Joseph Alexander cum laude 

Mikel Edward Alford cum laude 

David Edward Altier cum laude 

Lekeisha Marie Anderson-Lewis 

Ayeisha Mone' Anderson* 

Sharon Sue Anderson 

Paul Edward Armstrong 

William L. Ayers II 

DaKita Chanelle Bailey 

Isaac Samuel Baker cum laude 

Jesse F. Baker*,** 

David Lewis Baldwin, Jr 

Lorna Joanne Banks 

Thomas Joseph Barthel 

Ryan Michael Batchelor 

Ron Wayne Bedoya 

Christopher Frank Bell 

Matthew G. Berry 

Christopher Alan Bersin** 

Julie A. Bertrand 

Anthony Lamont Blackwell cum laude 

Felicia A. Booker 

Wyatt Ragland Bower 

Christopher Jeffrey Brackett 

David Mark Brackett 

Holly Ann Bradford 

Nadia Telemaque Brathwaite 

Adam McKenzie Breede 

David Oliver Bruskin 

Jamie Buchanan** 

Eric Paul Buchheim 

Tristan Budrys 

Bridgette Lavette Bulloch 

Thomas E. Bush 

Michael James Busse cum laude 

Hugo Bustamante 

Eric Michael Campbell magna cum laude 

Jeffrey Wayne Campbell cum laude 

Jacob M. Campione 

Charles Perry Cane, Jr 

Salvatore Joseph Carapazza 

Ashley Annmarie Carder 
Antonio Jose Cardoso cum laude 
Casey Edward Cames magna cum laude 
Christopher Cobar Wallace Carrera cum 

Luis D. Castillo 
Stefanie Dawn Cates 
Michael Joseph Chaisson 
Paula Jill Chambers 
Po hao Chiang 

Scott Lael Childs cum laude* 
Timothy Alan Cipolla 
Christian D. Clark 
LaTasha Lynn Clark 
Christopher David Classen 
Jason L. Clemons 
Travis Cisco Colby 
Cameron L. Cole 
Matthew Wade Collier* 
Stephen James Conley 
Keith Alan Cook 

Jonathan David Coultas cum laude 
Charles Brent Cox magna cum laude 
Dawn Michelle Cox 
Todd Ross Crawford 
Derrick Emery Cuenca cum laude 
Sidartha Gabriel Cuevas 
Steven Paul Cummings 
Purnell Joseph Curtis 
Vickie Jean Dagner 
Robert P. Darrow 
Charlie W. Darsey 
John Jay Dattilio cum laude 
Christopher Allen Davidson 
Allen Bernard Davis, Jr 
Graig Carlton Davis magna cum laude 
Holly d. Davis 
Lewis S. Davis 
Susan Lynn Davis 
Dennis Martin Deccio 
Christopher George Deininger 
Erik Patrick Delaney magna cum laude 
John Charles Delano 

Bachelor of Science (continued) 

Tangela Charnissa Delano 

Howard Leon Dent 

Ryan Matthew Devine 

Jacqueline Noelle DeSouza magna cum 

Ashley Cecilia Dinan 
Shawn Richard Dominik 
Craig Joseph Drees* 
Sianatha LaTrale Easter 
Laura M. Ehueni 
Carol Ann Elam 
Terri Loraine Elftmann 
Emmanuel Bassey Essien-Ete 
Darin B. Evans cum laude 
Robert Anthony Eytalis cum laude 
Andrea L. Falcher 
Benjamin Carl Fellows 
Alan Eugene Alberto Fenson 
Leighton Allen Fetters cum laude 
Charles Philip Fisher 
Michael Patrick Flanagan 
Elzie David Flenard III* 
Ellis Lee Flenoid 
Tracee Lynn Fletcher 
Dustin Ryan Forest 
Paul Christopher Fortner** 
Frank William Fouts, V. 
Eric David Frederique 
Anthony Patrick Galvan 
Bernard Manaysay Garcia 
Kimberli Aurora Garcia 
John Garza magna cum laude 
Zemen Yemane Ghebreab 
Ryan Edward Gibson 
Misty Lynn Glasco magna cum laude 
Rashida Kiko Gofney 
Gary S. Golden* 
David Gonzalez 
Ryan Alexander Good 
Tomasz Gosciniak 
Peter Michael Goska 
Michael Duane Gouard 
Shelby Leigh Greaves* 
Jonathan David Greene 
Tonya Monique Greene 
Joe M. Greenwood 
Robert Tracy Greuling II 
Abhishek Satyaprakash Gupta 
Dawn Marie Gustafson magna cum laude 
Garrett Elliot Hackett 
David Allen Hager cum laude 
Nathan Alan Hale 
Rosita Hamilton 
Samantha Hamilton 
Wesley Lee Hardin 

Allen Anthony Harris 

Joseph Christopher Harris 

Ryan Lamont Harris 

Brian E. Hart 

Matthew Thomas Harter cum laude 

Deborah Jane Hawkinberry 

Shun Tarionto Haynes 

Jesse Ross Jordan Heiser 

Jenny Elizabeth Hendry cum laude 

Raul James Heredia 

Edward Enrique Herrera magna cum laude 

Sean Matthew Herriford* 

Wyman Harden Herring III 

Josefa Eneal Hightower 

Jennifer Marie Hodgson 

Tameka Nichole Holden 

Magnolia Hood 

Justin S. Hooks 

Nicholas Zachary Houser* 

Raymond Mark Howard cum laude 

Shawn Lee Howren 

Travis Eric Hubbard cum laude 

Rachel Irene Huff 

Angelee Michelle Hughes 

Philip Allen Humphrey 

Hal Marsh Hunt, Jr. 

Stephanie Sharese Hyde 

Cherry Domingo Ignacio cum laude 

Theresa Joyce Isom cum laude 

Karon J. Jack cum laude 

James Marshall Jennings 

Travis E. Jewell cum laude* 

Dadra Evette Jones 

Vernon B. Jones 

Penni M. Jordan 

Carlene Adassa Joseph 

Gary Christopher Joshua 

William Daniel Justiz 

Imran M. Kamiss 

John Luis Kapost 

Roberto Martin Karam 

Madjid Karimi E-Asl cum laude 

Michael Howard Kelley 

Danielle Alexandra Kerkhoff 

Romano Ernesto Kidd 

Patrick Allen Kieffer 

Rodney A. Killam 

Kevin Lee Kimmel 

Keith Rann King 

Robert Joseph Kocolowski magna cum laude 

Kanji Kotaki 

Kevin M. Lahey 

Fahd Lahrech 

Pohsin Lai 

Karan A. Lala 

Steven Harvey Landt 

Daniel Joseph Lang magna cum laude 

Christopher S. Lanier 

Laura P. Lawrence cum laude 

Taira Daney Lawrence 

Milton Ray LaBarr 

Douglas Sven Legg 

Patrick T. Leitch 

Alyssa Rae Lewis cum laude 

Terrence Paul Lipinski 

Louis Russell Lippitt 

Jamie Jo Littleford 

Oscar Reynaldo Lopez, Jr. 

Raymond N. Loveall cum laude 

Kristopher Eric Luke 

Edith P. Madsen 

Richard Courtney Mahario 

Alexandre Mendes Maia 

Sheronda M. Major 

Van Rowin Ferrer Manlambus 

Paul Arthur Mantha 

Bonnita Enisa Manuel 

Maria Ruth Marcello 

Brittany Marie Markovic 

Patrick Leon Marshall cum laude 

Richard E. Martin 

Rosario Martinez 

Shirley Lee Mason 

Marcus Allyn Massingale 

Samuel Herman Maxey 

Janice D. Mayo summa cum laude 

Crystal Elayna McClendon 

Kelly James McGan 

Melvin Lebron McGhee 

Ryan Christopher McGohon 

Shannon Leigh McGough 

Byron Conrad McKenzie 

Kiley Rae McManaway magna cum laude 

Carla Annette McNair 

James Durell Melton 

Dustin Lee Menezes 

Wanda D. Miller 

Derrick Dwayne Mills 

Richard Allen Mills 

Stacie Dawn Minor cum laude 

Zachary J. Modglin* 

Roger B. Molano 

Hermance Patricia Monette cum laude 

Thomas Michael More 

Lowell Christopher Morgan 

Clint A. Mosley cum laude 

Gloria Jean Mosley cum laude* 

Jamie LeAnn Neal 

Toninette Deshawn Neal 

Benjamin Ryan Nelson 

Jacqueline Denise Nelson 

Angie Nicole Nicholson 

Bryan Wayne Nicklow cum laude 

Andrew Joseph Gutierrez Nierras 

Jonathan Andrew Nolan 

Phillip Howard North cum laude* 

Zachary David Oakley 

Mopelola Olywatoyin Olaoye 

Jesus Cruz Orozco, Jr. summa cum laude 

Bradley J. Osterbur 

Jesse Karl Otto cum laude* 

Tina Dickens Owen cum laude 

Mario Palermo* 

John David Park IV cum laude 

Lisa Veronica Parker 

Frank Calvin Pearson 

Joe Penate 

Augustine Vincent Perales 

Andrea Kristina Perez 

Freddie Perez 

Melissa Ann Pinillo 

Christina Ann Piatt magna cum laude 

Pavan Kumar Polur 

Danny Powers cum laude 

Bruce Lee Price magna cum laude 

Patrick Joseph Prophet 

Anthony Kim Pruitt 

Andrew Lee Puel 

Edmund Ulanday Punzalan 

Damien Quezada 

Deandra Danielle Rahe cum laude** 

Marilyn Rainey* 

Angela Wilson Rainier 

Dan Lee Rankin magna cum laude 

Kathleen Anne Reilly 

Ralph Malana Repuyan 

Jeremy Keith Reynolds 

Mary Kate Reynolds 

Vondale Dayvon Reynolds 

Christopher A. Richrath 

Brent Everett Ricker 

Sherry Ann Rivera 

Sean Thomas Roarty 

Leah Cantolino Roberts 

Scott Steven Roberts 

Charles Edward Robinson 

Hector Jesus Rodriguez 

Miriam Leila Rodriguez cum laude 

Zachary William Rogers 

Jeffrey P. Roman 

Ricardo Roman, Jr. 

Elliott Rooks 

Christopher Wayne Ross 

Blaine Cody Rubenacker 

Idilla Vastile Ruffin 

Bachelor of Science (continued) 

Michael Roy Ruggirello 

Isis Ruiz 

Abraham Michael Rush 

Raul Jose Salazar 

Jose Alejandro Sanchez 

Vivian Ann Sanders 

Angel Antonio Santos, Jr. 

Monica Ivette Santos 

Robert William Satzger 

Michael Samuel Saville 

Aaron Mack Scarborough cum laude 

Richard Patrick Schaller 

Eric Christpher Scharf 

David Michael Schmitz 

Stacy L. Schomisch-Fellows cum laude 

Adam Van Wart Schulz 

Ray Darrell Sealey 

William Aristides Sekalias 

Daniel Jerome Senatus 

Tana Nashe Sierra 

Lee Autrey Small III 

Walter P. Smart 

Francisco Soltero 

Steven V. Sorano 

Ebonie Genene Sorrell 

Jacqueline Pauline Spencer 

Robert Joseph Stachnik 

Crystal Yvette Starnes Wright 

Jamie Beth Stewart 

Scott Allen Stratton 

David William Strebel 

Gabriel Morgan Strickland 

Justin Michael Stried cum laude 

Jeffrey David Swanson 

Steven W. Sypkens 

Kae Takeshita* 

Carl Lawrence Taylor 

Frank Fontainious Joseph Taylor 

Margaret M. Tenort 

Mark Alan Terrell 

Francine C. Tevis 

Ryne Murray Thomason cum laude 

Kimberly Renee Thompson 

Collette Skyers Thornton 

James Brian Tiberi 

Carlos Andres Toro cum laude 

Andy Minh Tran 

Serena Monique Trice 

Omar Chan Trinidad 

Allison Irene Turner 

Daron Jay Turner 

Rosemary Sye Turner 

Natasha Aretha Turrell 

Dennis Lynn Turtle 

Breannen Nancyn Van Dyke 

Marion Gean Vanzie 

Brandon John Varro 

Thomas Daniel Vaughan 

Ray Melle Wagner 

Bobby Walker, Jr. 

Joshua David Walter** 

Wei-Nung Charles Wan cum laude 

Robert Winfred Wannamaker 

Jamie Hugh Ward 

Branson William Werner 

Maria Palisbo Westphal 

Althea Williams 

Chad Williams* 

Cliffton Leonard Williams 

Myrtis Wynn Williams 

Scott Henry Williams cum laude 

Venisha Nichole Williams 

Dori Ellen Wilson cum laude 

Seth Stewart Wilson 

William Christopher Wilson 

Cathay Jean Windsor 

Eric John Winningham cum laude 

Nathan Daniel Wiskamp* 

Roger Clinton Wood 

Jason Earl Wright summa cum laude 

Natalie Eileen Wuertz 

Anthony Wyatt 

Brett Alan Yates 

David Roland Yost 

Kyle Joseph Yost 

Kathryn Ann Zak cum laude 

Robert J. Zdon 

Kelvin L. Zeigler 

Associate in Applied Science 

Zaidan N. Allaw 
Christopher Alan Bersin** 
Crystal Sue Billingsley 
Jonathan Patrick Bruington 
Jamie Buchanan** 
Tasha Maria Burnett 
Stephanie Rachelle Counce 
Zachary French DeGroot* 
Paul Christopher Former** 
Tianna Monique Hite 
Ashley Nicole Hodge 

Michael Patrick Huber 

Jamie M. Lustig 

Sarah Elizabeth Ochs 

Jill Marie Oser cum laude 

Jenny Lynn Patton 

Diana Elizabeth Poole 

Deandra Danielle Rahe cum laude** 

LaDonna Raye Rusinski 

Lisa Ann Spencer 

Rhonda K. Tynej 

Charitty Renee Yocum 

College of Business and Administration 

Gregory P. White, Interim Dean 
Richard Rivers, Marshal 
Cassie Bishop, Student Marshal 
Lynette Knowles, Usher 
Suzanne Nasco, Usher 
Linda Seibert, Reader 

Bachelor of Science 

Ramzi A.Thredeh 

Helena Marie Accettura 

Faris Abdullah Al Bassam 

Carina Alcantar 

Gbetondji Ulrich Elfego Amoussou 

Medode Ingrid Amoussou cum laude* 

Emeka Asika Anaza summa cum laude* 

Dottie Elaine Austin 

Amal M. Barre 

Anisa M. Barre 

Kyle Jacob Bendick 

Melody Joy Bigham 

Matthew A. Brooks 

Tivia Danyell Broughton 

Guadalupe Cahue 

Nick Cazadd 

Brian W. Chambers 

Yu-Shan Chiu 

Joseph Patrick Clark 

Christopher B. Coale 

Angelina Marie Dejacimo 

Leon Michael Edwards 

Paul Dylan Eicken 

Fathi Tagelsir Elshazali 

Samuel Aaron Farris 

Jerome LaShawn Faulkner 

Erin Brooke Feltmeyer 

Daniel Mike Fitzgerald 

Kristy Ann Flatt 

Christopher James Formhals 

Cindy Friend 

Andrew Philip Fritz 

Kelly Marie Frost 

Nina Marie Gleason 

Adrienne E. Griffin 

Antri G. Hadjiantoniou summa cum laude* 

Pamela Mary Hardwicke* 

Melony T. Harvey 

Zachary J. Heinz 

Nathan C. Henricks 

Tee S. Huot 

Chantelle Jean Hutchings cum laude 

David Michael Hutchison 

Ian Bradley Jones 

Jennifer Lynn Kabat 

Michelle Marie Klein 

Nathan David Kos 

Teresa Rae Kroeschen 

Joshua Francis Kruse 

Mitsuko Kurihara cum laude 

Jeong Seon Kwon* 

Robert Swift Laegeler** 

Jason Matthew Laning cum laude* 

Bethany Grace Larsen 

Shioban Monica Lawler 

Thomas F. Lazzarotto 

Mackenzie Rae Leek** 

Sucheta Lele 

Qin Li cum laude 

Blake Thomas Lotzer 

Jolequyn A. Lovell magna cum laude* 

Brian Robert Mack 

Agustin Magana 

Maria Yadira Magana 

Joseph G. Maitland 

Bryan Joseph Manis 

Brian E. Mason 

Dana Desiree Mattingly cum laude 

Michael Colin McCarthy 

Joshua Douglas McCree magna cum laude 

Matthew Glenn McCurdy 

Phillip Robert McGrath 

Paul A. Medeiros II 

Kristopher Robert Meyers 

Brad Edward Michels 

Timothy James Milano* 

Rory P. Monahan 

Alicia Lynniece Motley 

Tyler Moore Myers 


Mai Thi Bich Nguyen cum laude* 

Alexandru Filip Nomicos summa cum laude* 

Joshua Dean Norton 

Alyse Ayana Norwood 

Melinda Mary Page magna cum laude* 

Taylor Renee Palmer 

King Sang Alan Pang 

Renee Dawn Parrish magna cum laude* 

Michael William Pedraza 

Michael Anthony Pedroza 


Amy Marie Phillips 

Ashley Curtis Pierce 

Eric Adam Rahlfs magna cum laude* 

Shristi Rajkarnikar 

Richard Michael Ranachowski, Jr. 

John Ryan Rathjen 

Annemarie Angella Richards 

JoDawn Michelle Ridgeway magna cum 

Joel Eugene Ross 
Jake Lawrence Schmitz 
Christina Denise Schumacher 
Aaron Dale Schutt 
James Joseph Semanski 
Robert James Siegelman magna cum laude 
Sarah Michelle Simek 
Ken H. Smail* 

Rachel Renee Smith cum laude* 
Elizabeth Renee Speckman 

Catherine Brooke Strothmann cum laude* 

Elena Hope Sudduth 

Chad Allen Sussen 

Laurie Lynn Swan* 

Victoria Toussaint 

Tyler Nicholas Tschopp magna cum laude 

Robert S. Tuman 

Rhonda Sue Vaughn 

Dora A. Villarreal 

James Daniel Vogel 

Shannon Joseph Waldron 

Joshua David Walter** 

Michelle Anne Weatherspoon 

Robert Dean Weatherspoon 

Jason Allen Werner 

Lisa Beth Willmore 

David A. Wilson 

Brian Michael Wysocki 

Hiroko Yamamoto 


College of Education and Human Services 

Patricia B. Elmore, Interim Dean 
Barbara Bambino, Marshal 
Edward Little, Usher 
Lynn C. Smith, Reader 

Bachelor of Science 

Christina Denise Abbott 

Rachel Marie Abbott 

Sean William Acker 

Michael Allen Ackermann 

Nathan W. Addison 

Christopher William Albers 

Julia Kay Albers 

Ruth Alcantara 

Nina Ruth Anderson 

Paula J. Andrus 

Manuel Alfred Armijo cum laude 

Teresa Ann Armit 

Penelope R. Ashford 

Brian Lynn Ashpole cum laude 

Shelly Diane Avery 

Reagan J. Bacon 

Erin Diane Baggett 

Yolanda Bailey-Anderson 

James Richard Baker summa cum laude 

Heidi Ann Balch 

Eddie Lee Bankston 

David Lee Bannister magna cum laude 

Sherry Lynette Barfield 

Timothy Earl Barfield 

Roy Glenn Barker 

Antoinette Andrews Barnes 

Mary Teresa Barnett 

Amber Renee' Bartling 

Stephanie Lynn Bartuch 

Denise Marie Bechard magna cum laude 

Christie Marie Bechtel 

Gail Elaine Behm 

Anthony T. Belcastro 

Eric Lamont Bell 

Courtney Lynn Benda 

Christopher George Benhardus 

Andrew Steven Benner 

Frank J. Bennett 

Lionel Paul Benoit, Jr cum laude 

Randy Lane Benoit magna cum laude 

Terri K. Bernatzke 

Andrew Douglas Bigler 

Janelle Lynn Biver 

Ashley Maria Blades* 

Howard Lynn Blakes 

Kathryn M. Bold* 

Courtney Jo Bourland 
William Sanders Bowling 
Jeannette Catherine Boyd 
Michael Jerome Boykin 
Randall Lee Brazelton cum laude 
Tony Briant 
Jason Lamont Broadus 
Dalan J. Brokaw 
Ebony M. Brooks 
Linda Ruth Brooks 
Terri Lynn Brooks magna cum laude 
Rachel Afton Adele Brown 
Stacia Mae Bruce 
Connie Sue Bryant 
Philip E. Bryson magna cum laude 
John F. Buckley III summa cum laude 
Anthony Louis Buggage 
Kelly Noel Bunch cum laude 
Sandra LaDawn Bun- 
Ashley Ann Burrell 
Steven R. Butler 
Charles Everett Byles 
Gregory Allen Cannon magna cum laude 
Anthony Joseph Capobianco cum laude 
Whitney Spigener Carey 
Rudy Cartagena 
Deborah Jacqueline Carter 
Enrico B. Catubo 
Robyn Livingston Cenizal 
Eduardo Cervantes 
Steven Lavoy Childress 
Anjenelle Maree Christensen cum laude 
Nathaniel Brian Christy 
Jana Renee Cicardi 
Lindsey Kay Clarida* 
Bradley Ray Clark magna cum laude 
John Fitzgerald Cofield 
Ricky Dale Conklin 
John Wallace Cook 
Kurtis Theodore Coroneos 
Gerard Charles Coss 
Janice Cotton 

Brandon Thomas Council cum laude 
Chiane Kristal Creamer 
Kelly Lynn Creek* 
Phyllis M. Crist magna cum laude 


Lillian Marie Crocker 

Sidartha Gabriel Cuevas 

David Cummins 

Tonya Lee Dahlstrom summa cum laude 

Sandra Jeanine Daily Aydt 

Theresa Ann Damian* 

Gerry Olaf Joel Danielson summa cum laude 

Emmanuel Daux 

Andrea C. Davis 

James Antonio Davis cum laude 

Waco P. Davis 

Sanford Louis Dawkins III 

Timothy James Deal 

Donellyn Rae Dean* 

Nicole Lynn Deckert 

Ernest G. Delao 

Marian Lynn Dennison cum laude 

Richard D. Dickson magna cum laude 

Phillip R. Dieble 

Maria Elena Diegelman 

Kimberly Dawn Dillow 

Kevin Travis Dingman cum laude 

Christopher Allen Dobyns 

Annon Beck Dorton 

Jodie R. Douglas 

Cody James Drescher 

Christopher Dean Dreyer 

Joseph J. L. Duarte cum laude 

Ricardo Bautista Dumangas 

Daniel F. Duryea, Jr 

William F. Dusek 

Troy Dean DuRoucher cum laude 

Stanley O'neal Dye 

Jaime Erin Eaves summa cum laude* 

Michelle Lynn Edens 

Mallory J. Egert 

Jeffrey S. Eidenderger 

Suzette Joyce Ennis 

Brittany Autumn Epplin 

Rashaad Jibri Essex, Sr 

Adam Jon Evans 

Michael Andre Evans cum laude 

Eli Tafaoa Fale magna cum laude 

Amy Lynn Feigel 

Debra Ann Fietsam 

Kathryn A. Finger 

Kaela Gayle Fischer 

Carnita Latrice Flie 

Denise Berecia Flores cum laude 

Loni Suzanne Ford 

Dana Marie Former 

Steven D. Foster cum laude 

Christopher Michael Foulks cum laude 

Andrew Franklin 

Stephanie Renee Franklin 

Edward Lewis Frazier 

Antonio Manlulu Frias 

M. Nicole Frick 

Rosalind Renee Friday 

Mark E. Fuchs magna cum laude 

Jay Asher Fury 

Timothy Sean Gallihugh magna cum laude 

Jesse Ray Garland 

Sonia Shante Garrett** 

Dianna K. Garris cum laude 

Philip Martin Gaudette 

Jamie Lauren Gay 

Lori Ann Gettinger 

Warren Thomas Getz 

Vanilynmae Geulen magna cum laude 

Albert Kenneth Gibbs 

Deane M. Gidlund summa cum laude 

Loydeen A. Gilliard 

Paul Herman Gipson, Jr. 

Randall Glover cum laude 

Jennifer Goeckner 

Raetta Goins cum laude* 

Susan Elizabeth Gonnerman 

Timothy Alfred Gonsalves cum laude 

Wendy Michelle Goodman cum laude* 

Joseph Edward Grace magna cum laude 

Sherlock Anthony Grant 

Candyce Star Gratton 

Amy Lynn Gray 

Marsha Sue Griffin cum laude* 

Susan Leslie Guarna magna cum laude 

Valentin Antonio Guerra 

Donna Marie Gullickson 

Samuel Seferino Gutierrez cum laude 

Glen Andrew Haas 

Annessa Dawn Hagler 

Matthew E. Halter cum laude 

William Bryan Hamlin 

Nicole Marie Hanna 

Justin William Hanninen 

Elliott Harrison Hardy II 

Shirley V. Harmon 

Samuel Sims Harris, Jr. 

Tsoetsy Harris 

David C. Haun 

Nefertiti Taheerah Haywood 

Catherine Griffin Hebert magna cum laude 

Sarah Marie Heckman* 

Cynthia Marie Heisner 

Duane Lee Hendrickson 

Michael Dale Henry 

John M. Hermoian 

Daniel Hernandez 

Joanne M. Herring 


Bachelor of Science (continued) 

Robert Edward Hess III 

Delicia Danette Hestle 

Paul Edward Hibbs, Jr. 

Tanya Renee Hillman magna cum laude 

Czersale Jaquise Hilton cum laude 

Nicole Lee Hines-Randolph 

Sherry Lee Hoff 

Katherine Mary Hohnsbehn 

Kavanzo J. Holland 

Leland Arnon Holmes 

Kristina M. Honomichl summa cum laude 

Chester Hood 

Lori Ann Hosmon 

Jon Matthew Houseman 

Shawanna Sheree Houston 

Belinda Lee Hudson summa cum laude 

Keith Wayne Hudson 

Jeffrey Wayne Ice cum laude 

Denoise Ingram cum laude 

Nicole Stephanie Isenberg 

Antione L. Jackson 

Nikita Jenel Jackson 

Rodney Jackson 

Riley Douglas Jacobs 

Shannon Leigh Jacobs 

Sophia Denise Jeffrie 

Donna T. Jeffries summa cum laude 

Michelle Lynn Jenkins cum laude* 

Kristen Kay Jerkins 

William R. Jernigan 

Nathan Blake Jesser 

Alan R. Johnson 

Andrea Jean Johnson summa cum laude* 

Clarise Lynette Johnson 

Franklin D. Johnson III 

Gregg Wayne Johnson 

Henry Johnson III 

Jessica Ruth Johnson 

Joshua Robert Johnson 

Karen Denise Johnson 

Kimberly Diane Johnson cum laude 

Lily Jane Johnson 

Sherry Lynn Johnson 

Syreeta Juanita Johnson 

Yvonne Rose Johnstone 

Danette BreAnn Jones magna cum laude* 

James Wade Jones 

Jeff Lamond Jones, Jr. 

Jennifer Ann Jones 

John Scott Jones 

Kendra Lee Jones* 

Kenneth E. Jones 

Marlinda Marie Jones 

Marlon Grandell Jones 

Sarah D. Jones 

Katherine Lynn Jordan* 

Arnold Harris Karp 

Allen Lee Keck magna cum laude 

Michael Joseph Keith 

Nicole Monique Kelley 

Michael W. Kelly cum laude 

Claudine L. Kelsey 

Mark LeMoyne Kemp summa cum laude 

Dionne Shaloon Kern 

Jeffrey Broderick Kess magna cum laude 

Barbara Lynn Kidd 

Diana Catherine Kienzler cum laude 

Michael Richard Kilcullen 

Karl Alexander Kilthau cum laude 

Peter Sungwu Kim cum laude 

John Konkolics cum laude 

Renee Ann Kooi 

Courtney L. Kramer 

Richard James Kulich summa cum laude* 

Renee' M. Lafreniere 

Natalie Ryan Lamke 

Joseph Anthony Langbeen 

Sarah Elizabeth Larson magna cum laude 

Tara Leigh Larson magna cum laude 

Wesley Charles Lassiter 

Amanda Diane Law* 

David R. LaRowe, Jr. 

Ashlee Justine Leake 

Rebecca A. Lee 

Kortni Joi Leifheit 

Armando Leija 

Danielle R. Lewis 

Rosalind Willene Lewis cum laude 

Stephen Daniel Lewis cum laude 

Nicholas Kent LeMay cum laude* 

David Warren Likar 

Philip David Lilly cum laude 

Daniel Edward Lindsey 

Vivian June Lloyd cum laude 

Malinda Locke 

Charles Pernell Loftland 

Jean Marie Loomis 

Terry Luckett 

Melissa Ann Maborn 

Scott Vincent MacDonald 

Brenda Lee Malone cum laude 

Erika Leigh Marcum 

Jeffrey Lee Mario magna cum laude* 

Beau Neil Marlow 

Antionette Marra 

Bonnie B. Marron 

Lindsay Rae Marshall 

Rebecca A. Marshall cum laude 

Marie A. Martin-Poe 

Brandon Earl Martin 


Vauntell Lee Mathis cum laude 

Justin Kirts Maxson* 

Traci Leigh May field* 

Walter James Mays, Jr. 

Charles Robert McCollum II * 

Kacie Rene McConachie 

Elmer McDaniel III 

Shelley McEwan 

Anna Charlene McGinty* 

David William McKisick 

Steven Bryant McLane 

Ashley A. McMahan* 

Trishonya Latrease McMihelk 

Wendy S. McNamee cum laude 

David Edwin McVadon cum laude 

Shauna Leigh Meade 

Karen Annette Medina 

Kenneth Wayne Mehus magna cum laude 

Fabian Mejia 

Amanda Kristine Menckowski 

Gerard Metoyer magna cum laude 

Andrea Kim Meyer 

Chad Michael Miller summa cum laude 

Larissa E. Miller 

Susan Gail Millman 

Daniel Durst Miner 

Robert Lewis Minott 

Franky James Miranda 

David Patrick Mitchell 

Robert Lee Mitchem 

Valerie Diane Mizeur 

Thearsa Ann Moore 

Thomas R. Moore 

Josefma Moreno cum laude 

Jason M. Morgan cum laude 

Dennis Lee Morrison cum laude 

Susan Renee Morss 

Holly Diane Mortimer 

Carnel Ladel Moses 

Angelo Albert Munn 

Timothy Lawrence Munns 

Robert John Munoz 

Heather Nicole Murphy cum laude 

Mark Val Murphy 

Leon Quintin Murray cum laude 

Shawn Kevin Mutschler 

Jeremy Wayne Navarre 

Reginald Lewis Nettles magna cum laude 

Valerie K. Newman- Westbrooks cum laude 

Lauren Beth Nickelson 

Jhan Michael Nixon cum laude 

Sharina Ruth Nixon 

Kenneth Edward Novick cum laude 

Glennis K. O'Brien 

MeLissa Lee Obermiller 

Reese Elray Olger, Jr. 

Jenny May Rebecca Olson cum laude 

Tiwana Katina Orozco 

Summer Lynn Overturf 

Andrew Beam Owen 

Virginia Kathleen Owen 

Sara Marie Pace 

Lawrence John Thomas Page 

Loni Sue Page 

Benji Lee Pakter 

Bernard Palmer cum laude 

Rochelle Ladeel Parker 

Susan Jo Parks 

Stefanie Marie Pasquino summa cum laude 

Alexis Devonne Patrick 

Carolyn A. Patterson 

Anita V. Pena cum laude 

Wilfred Don Pennington cum laude* 

Joyce Denise Pennywell 

Natalie Erin Pereles magna cum laude* 

Dora Lorraine Perez cum laude 

Rosa Iris Perez 

Candace Monique Perkins 

Earl William Persing cum laude 

Darlene Hardy Peterkin 

Angela R. Peterson cum laude 

Felicia M. Pettiford 

Adonis Theodore Phillips 

Bobby Scott Phipps magna cum laude 

Mary Ann Piccerello 

Nikia S. Pickett 

Amy Lynn Pierce 

Jessica Helen Piper 

Kerry Lynn Pitchford 

Carrie Lynne Porras cum laude 

Michael David Post 

LaDonna Sharmaine Powell 

Tramphis Wayne Powell 

Robbie Shrum Prager magna cum laude 

Clifford Underwood Price, Jr. cum laude 

Cynthia Holly Prince 

Lisa M. Pugh 

Lori Lee Pullen 

Jose Quilit, Jr. 

William Vincent Quintana magna cum laude 

Ronda R. Racic summa cum laude 

Elizabeth Ramos-Lopez 

Cassandra Renay Randolph 

Thomas Wilbert Range 

William Howard Rappaport summa cum 

Emily Marie Rawls cum laude* 
James Michael Reames 
David Michael Reavis 


Bachelor of Science (continued) 

Jessica Nicole Redden 

Travis Shane Redden cum laude 

Margaret Kirsten Reed cum laude 

Vincent Thomas Reed 

Courtney Lynn Reeder 

Annette Mateo Reeves 

Rindi Michelle Reeves magna cum laude 

Thomas Earl Reeves, Jr. 

Peter Michael Reilley 

Gina Marie Reinburg magna cum laude 

Mary Elizabeth Reynolds 

Amy Michele Rice 

Jeanie Marie Rieckenberg 

Rodger Lynn Riley, Jr. 

Fernando Rivera 

Reginald Jerrod Rivers 

Cleo Dwayne Robbins summa cum laude 

Shantia Brionne Robinson 

Maurice Edward Rogers 

Victor Rojas cum laude 

Kristen Lynn Rollie 

Brian Scott Rosen cum laude 

Michael Jay Rosenthal 

Melvin Roundtree cum laude 

James Wesley Rowan 

Thomas Albert Rudy 

Terry James Russell 

Frantz Saintgeorges cum laude 

Scott Michael Samples 

Darrell Dana Sanderson 

Aubrey Sequoya Saunders magna cum 

Michael Samuel Saville 
Charles Philip Saxer 
Laura Ann Schill 
Ryan Gutman Schill cum laude* 
Blake Schimmel 
Mitchell Peter Schreiber 
Deviene Camille Scott 
Timothy Winfred Sewell cum laude 
Joseph Christopher Shaffer*** 
Elissa Hunter Shavers 
Cheryl Romaine Shaw 
Brian Todd Shearer magna cum laude 
Randy Lee Sherman 
Brenda Andrews Sherrill 
Elizabeth Ann Shew 
Kamau Shomari 
Paul Andrew Sikora 
Janet Lynn Simpson 
Maria Ann Simpson 
Matthew Christian Sisco magna cum 

Jerry Dean Skirvin, Jr. cum laude 
Jonathan Allen Sloan 

Heather Jana Small magna cum laude* 

Micah John Small 

Alfred Gene Smith 

Eduardo Luis Smith 

Lonnie E. Smith 

Dawn Ann Smolley 

Jon E. Snapp 

Joseph Michael Sorensen 

Suzanne Michelle Souders 

Liza Dawn Soza 

Willie Lee Spears, Jr. 

Kathleen W. Spicuzza 

April Dawn Srna cum laude 

Joshua P. Staples** 

Steven Orville Stephens 

Scott Raymond Stevens 

Suzanne Elaine Stevens cum laude 

Megan Lee Steward 

Cassie Jo Still 

Winfred F. Stinespring, Jr. 

Christopher L. Stockdale summa cum 

Donald Todd Stoller 
Melissa Kathleen Stopka 
Christina Marie Stubbe 
Ernest O Dell. Suggs, Jr. 
Evelyn Joy Suggs 
Raymond David Suhr 
Helene Sullivan magna cum laude 
John Donaldson Summers 
Marti M. Sutton 
Melissa J. Sutton 
Thomas Jay Swanson cum laude 
Gary Curtis Swibold 
Michael E. Talley 

Jeffrey Lee Tarlton magna cum laude 
Erin Rosemarie Tarrants summa cum 

Felicia Ann Taylor-Nixon 
Maria Lourdes Taylor cum laude* 
Kasey Lynn Tays cum laude* 
Melissa Marie Tennyson magna cum 

William Paul Thelen 
Robin Lynn Thomas cum laude 
Amanda Kaye Thompson cum laude 
Robert Dale Thompson II 
Todd Anthony Thompson 
Walter Robert Thompson 
Roger Blake Tipton summa cum laude 
Ebony La'Roya Tolbert 
Carrie Lynne Torres 
Cedrina Taneice Torry cum laude 
Jessica Michele Townsend 
Harry H. Truscott, Jr. 


Michael Tsikouris 

Tauvao Tuala 

Shane Michael Tuck cum laude 

Ida Ruth Turner-McKinon 

Damien Turrell Tymes 

Rebekah Mae Underwood 

Keisha Lynette Unger 

Terry Stephen Van Keuren cum laude 

Brian K. Vest 

Robin S. Vitale cum laude 

Daniel Leo Vogel 

Warrington Anthony Walters 

Ivy Janell Washington-Meachum 

Michael A. Waters 

Amanda S. Watkins cum laude 

Cheryl Ann Watters cum laude 

Kimberly Marie Watters** 

Marc Andrew Webel magna cum laude 

Karen Myers Weber cum laude 

Christopher Lyles Wells 

Brian Christopher Wemmerus cum laude 

Nancy E. West 

Gerald Andrew Wexstten 

Malika Latesha Wheeler 

John Michael White 

Marcia Ann Whitehead 

Eric Thomas Whitney cum laude 

Amy Joy Wilken 

Kristine Lynn Willeford cum laude 

Alisha Nicole Williams cum laude* 

Brian Kenneth Williams, Sr. 

David L. Wohllaib 

Carl Lee Wolford 

Jared Lee Woolever 

Richard K. y/right 

Amanda Roi Wyatt cum laude 

Rebecca Mae Yates cum laude 

Darren Lamarr Young cum laude 

Joseph Clinton Young cum laude 

Leslie Dian Young 

Lizeth Merary Zataray 

Jeffrey Lee Zins cum laude 


College of Engineering 

William P. Osborne, Dean 
Marek Szary, Marshal 
William Eichfeld, Usher 
Haibo Wang, Usher 
Bruce DeRuntz, Reader 

Bachelor of Science 

Abdelelah Ahmed Abdelatif 

Will C. Alberts magna cum laude 

Aaron W. Anderson summa cum laude 

Ryan Thomas Anderson 

Mark David Andrews 

Gregory Scott Arnold 

George M. Ashcraft 

Bryan Mark Bailiff 

Steven Ray Barnes 

Nicholas Robert Barnett 

Richard Dean Bauer cum laude 

Earl Bedell 

Kyle E. Bennett 

Michael Wayne Bergmann 

Brett W. Berry cum laude 

John Joseph Blauvelt 

Adam D. Bohnhoff 

Joshua L. Bokish 

Dawn Michelle Brady cum laude 

John Francis Brewer, Jr 

Isaac B. Broussard 

Andy Scott Buchanan 

Carlton Maurice Carter 

Clint H. Cary cum laude 

Paul Eugene Caswell 

Justin Edward Chapman 

Cedric Joseph Charles 

Tzu-Fu Chen 

Jason Scott C launch 

Morgan B. Collier 

Gregory Martin Conrad 

Keith Alan Conrad 

Gary Gerard Conway 

Justin Lowell Cook 

Travis Murrel Coombe 

Neil H. Cooper 

Donald J. Cox cum laude 

Adam F. Cushman 

Elizabeth Ann Dewees 

Kevin Wayne DeBolt 

Matthew Harold Dickson 

Rudy Phillip Dixon 

Thomas William DiCuirci 

David J. Donnerstag 

Melina Somone Drake 

Timothy Anthony Ebert 

Edward Dean Eller 

Michael Dean Elliott 

Bruce Randolph Etheredge 

Bradley Thomas Eversgerd 

Neil Douglas Fernandez 

Christopher T. Firof 

Christopher Michael Fish 

Scott Eric Fitzwater 

Hobson Hagar Fizette 

Jason C. Gilliam 

Sarah Marie Gilomen 

Arthur Paul Gritmacker 

Glenard Clayton Guyor, Jr. 

William D. Hail cum laude 

Alicia Ann Hamilton 

John David Hassel magna cum laude 

Joab Daniel Henderson summa cum laude* 

Michael D. Henson 

John Paul Hentis 

Craig Lloyd Hicks, Sr. 

Carol J. Holloway 

Adel Ali Husain 

McJemayel J. Imbayan 

David Keith Jackson 

George Allen Jarvis 

Rami Mohamed Jibreel 

Greg Jones 

Treg Everette Jones cum laude 

Christopher Wayne Joyce 

Thomas William Keller 

Jason Wayne Kelton 

Sherwin Kiannejad 

Nathan Alan Kleinschmidt cum laude* 

Andrew E. Korchmaros, Jr. 

Timothy James Lafave 

Christian Domonique Lange 

Ryan Nicholas Langkan* 

John Benjamin Langster 

Christopher Dale Larson 

Huy Quoc Le Nguyen 

Delano David Lewis magna cum laude 

Nicholas Adam Lowery 

Jared Carl Martin 

Michael Martinez 


Jason Michael Matuszak* 

Scott Robert Maurice magna cum laude 

Mark Allen McCormack 

Travis L. McGarvey 

Michael Gene Metzger 

John Scott Meyer 

Cain Michel 

Marcus N. Mighty 

John S. Miller, Jr. cum laude 

Mark Andrew Morgan II 

Terence Patrick Murphy 

Sara Nafari 

Fumio Nakamura 

Jason Pabelonia Nazareno 

Jimmie Michael Neel 

Maribel Neiman cum laude 

Ernesto Navarro Obando 

Christopher Wayne Oesch magna cum 

Kevin Michael Ormbrek 
Isaac B. Orr 
Jennifer Osei-Abebrese 
Toney Ray Owsley 
Ishan Paisal 

Joshua Michael Pearce cum laude 
Thomas Christopher Pecosky 
Scott David Perkins 
Roger Darnell Phillips 
Jeffrey Wade Poyner cum laude 
Brandon Lamar Pumphrey 
Nicholas J. Purfield 
Craig Lamont Quivers 
Benjamin Leon Rabacchi 

Curby Range 

Cleveland Eugene Rayford II 

John Renshaw 

Jennie Leigh Rivers 

Annka F. Robinson 

Jonathan Allan Rodriguez 

Matthew W. Schlueter 

Albert J. Schmidt magna cum laude 

Kimberly R. Schneider cum laude 

Ali Abdul Majid Shafiq* 

Clifford Aaron Simmons 

Calvin Miller Sims III 

Gabriel Charles Smith summa cum laude* 

Stephen R. Smith cum laude 

Mike Snodgrass 

Tad J. Spruell cum laude 

Chris Fritz Sutherlin 

Brent Eugene Swan 

Robert E. Sweeney, Jr. 

Andrew J. Tercha 

Jacob Michael Thiltgen 

Gary Jermaine Thompson 

Jason Michael Todd 

King J. Underwood 

Steven Patrick Valenta 

W. Tyson Vancil 


Dan P. Weakley 

John Owen Willard, Jr. 

Craig Arnell Wilson 

Jordan Woodward 

Richard Michael Worthington 

Imran Zaheer 


Afternoon Order of Exercises 

1:30 P.M., Saturday, December 17, 2005, SIU Arena 

Graduate School, School of Law, College of Liberal Arts, College of Mass Communication 
and Media Arts, College of Science 

(Please stand for the Processional.) 


Pomp and Circumstance March No. 1, Sir Edward Elgar, Composer 
Marianne Webb, Distinguished University Organist 

Greetings and Introduction of Platform Party 

Walter V. Wendler, Chancellor 

Presentation of Candidates and Conferring of Graduate School Degrees 

Walter V. Wendler, Chancellor 

John M. Dunn, Provost and Vice Chancellor 

David L. Wilson, Associate Dean and Director, Graduate School 

Presentation of Candidates and Conferring of Juris Doctor Degrees 

Walter V. Wendler, Chancellor 

Wenona Whitfield, Associate Dean, School of Law 

Presentation of Candidates and Conferring of Baccalaureate Degrees 

Walter V. Wendler, Chancellor 

John M. Dunn, Provost and Vice Chancellor 

Shirley Clay Scott, Dean, College of Liberal Arts 

Manjunath Pendakur, Dean, College of Mass Communication and Media Arts 

Jack Parker, Dean, College of Science 

Welcome from the Alumni Association 

Doris Rottschalk, SIU Alumni Association 

Closing Remarks 

Walter V. Wendler, Chancellor 

Alma Mater 

Southern Alma Mater, Clarke Morgan, Composer 

Led by Tiffany Kesler, Undergraduate Student in Music 


Improvisation on a Chorale Melody, by Johann Cruger, Sigfrid Karag-Elert, Composer 
Marianne Webb, Distinguished University Organist 

Faculty Marshals 

James Tyrrell, Associate Dean, College of Science, Grand Marshal 
Kitti Canepi, Associate Professor, Library Science, Faculty Marshal 
Jian Anna Xiong, Assistant Professor, Library Science, Faculty Marshal 

(Please remain in your seat until the Recessional is completed.) 


Graduate School 

David L. Wilson, Associate Dean and Director of the Graduate School 

John S. Mead, Marshal 

Pam Durso, Usher 

Ratna Sinha, Usher 

Nancy Vorhees, Usher 

David L. Wilson, Reader 

Doctor of Philosophy 

Gianetta Lynn Adams 

Dr. Brooks M. Burr 

Morphology, Genetics and Physiology of a 
Troglomorphic Sculpin, Cottus Carolinae 

Germine Helmy Awad 


Dr. Margaret S. Stockdale 

Psychological and Cultural Predictors of 

Test Performance for African American 

College Students 

Philip Andrew Burke 


Dr. Stephen J. Dollinger 

Expressing and Developing Emotion in the 
Service of Self-Understanding: Expressive 
Writing as an Adjuvant to a Psychotherapy 

Feng Cao 


Dr. Margaret S. Stockdale 

Exploring the Relations among Availability 
of Temporal Flexibility at Work, Work-To- 
Family Conflict, and Job Satisfaction 

Carolyn S. Cope 

Speech Communication 

Dr. Nathan P. Stucky 

The Woman 's Aesthetic in Selected Plays of 
Maria Irene Fornes, Holly Hughes, Wendy 
Wasserstein, Marsha Norman, and Suzan- 
Lori Parks 

Hayley Lynn Dawson-Owens 


Dr. Margaret S. Stockdale 

The Role of Consumer-Level Variables on 

Consumer Consideration Set Size and 


Abdel Moneim Mohamed Elsaid 
Business Administration 
Dr. Steven J. Karau 
The Effects of Group Beliefs and Task 
Meaningfulness on Social Loafing 

Jianxin Feng 


Dr. Daniel J. Dyer 

Synthesis and Characterization of Functional 

Organic Thin Films by Surface Initiated 


Priscilla Njeri Gitimu 

Education- Workforce Ed. and Development 

Dr. Marcia A. Anderson 

Dr. Jane E. Workman 

Spatial Task Performance in Apparel Design: 
Influences of Strategy, Strategical 
Information Processing Style, and Training 

David Thomas Green 
Business Administration 
Dr. John M. Pearson 

The Inclusion of Web Site Usability in an 
Electronic Commerce Acceptance Model 

Laura Jo Halliday 

Dr. Charles F. Fanning 
Such is Furphy: Half Bushman, Half 

Reuben Heine 

Environmental Resources and Policy 

Dr. Christopher L. Lant 

Dr. Nicholas Pinter 

Modeling Incision of Tributaries from 

Missouri River Degradation: Gavins Point 

Dam to Platte River Confluence 


Doctor of Philosophy (continued) 

William G. Hoon 

Mass Communication and Media Arts 

Dr. Jyotika Ramaprasad 

Effects of Model Race/ Ethnicity on 
Responses to Print Advertising: Do 
Popular Culture Identification and 
Prejudice Make A Difference? 

Zhongming Huang 


Dr. Sakthivel Jeyaratnam 

Multinomial Change Point Problems 

Gautham Balasubramaniam Jegadeesan 
Engineering Science 
Dr. Thomasz Wiltowski 
Environmental Catalysis Using Nano-Sized 
Bimetallic Particles-Selenium Remediation 

Kwang Ok Kim 

Mass Communication and Media Arts 
Dr. Dennis T. Lowry 
Developing a Stereotype Index of Gender 
Role Stereotypes in Television Advertising 

Michael B. Knight 
Business Administration 
Dr. John M. Pearson 

An Empirical Evaluation of Groups and the 
Use of Technology to Communicate 

Loran E. Lewis, Jr. 

Mass Communication and Media Arts 

Dr. Thomas J. Johnson 

The Center of the Storm: The Role of the San 

Jose Mercury Center in Online Newspaper 


Ningwei Liu 
Dr. Sajal Lahiri 

International Trade and Industrial Policy in 
Discrete Choice Models of Love of Variety 

Corey Randall McCall 


Dr. Stephen T. Tyman 

Indeterminacies of the Present: Heidegger 

and the Philosophical Significance of 


Mark Allen McKnight 

Education- Workforce Ed. and Development 

Dr. Richard F. Bortz 

Dr. Christopher Keith Waugh 

Organizational Support for Training: The 
Development and Validation of the 
Organizational Training Support Inventory 

Juan Meng 

Business Administration 

Dr. Terry Clark 

Understanding Cultural Influence on Price 

Perception: Empirical Insights from an 

SEM Application 

Joseph Sudeep Mollick 

Business Administration 

Dr. Peter P. Mykytyn, Jr. 

Privacy Policies, Fairness, Trustworthiness 

and Willingness to Transact with Firms 


Linda Greef Mullen 
Business Administration 
Dr. John P. Fraedrich 

An Examination of the Antecedents ofWhite- 
Collar Criminal Behavior in Marketing 

Trishena Ann Nieveen Phegley 

Dr. Lisa J. McClure 

Complicating Notions of Access: Class, 
Computers, and the Composition Student 

Ajay Kumar Ojha 

Speech Communication 

Dr. Craig Gingrich-Philbrook 

A Phenomenological Study of Unappreciated 

Humor Impacting Individuals ' Everyday 


Clifford Coy O'Neal 


Dr. Christopher C. Kohler 

Effect of Dietary Lipids on Fatty Acid 

Composition and Hematological 

Parameters of Channel Catfish/Ctalurus 

Punctatus Exposed to Different 

Temperature Challenges 


Mriduchhanda Paul 


Dr. Sajal Lahiri 

Dr. Subhash C. Sharma 

International Transmission of Monetary 

Policies: The Role of Foreign Investment 

and Currency Substitution 

Basanta Kumar Prusty 
Engineering Science 
Dr. Satya Harpalani 

Sorption Behavior of Coal for Enhanced Gas 
Recovery and Carbon Sequestration 

Julia Kay Reimer 
Speech Communication 
Dr. Nathan P. Stucky 
Community, Faith, and the Social 

Imagination: A Case Study of the Schloss 

Mittersill Community 

Porngarm Saengratwatchara 
Business Administration 
Dr. William A. McKinley 
The Threat of Future Downsizing and Its 
Ideological Consequences 

Renuka Panchanathan Sankaran 

Plant Biology 

Dr. Stephen D. Ebbs 

Cadmium and Zinc Transport and 
Accumulation in Two Plant Species and 
the Associated Risk of Dietary Exposure to 

Thomas Allen Shaw 

Education- Workforce Ed. and Development 

Dr. Larry J. Bailey 

Occupational Personality of Funeral Service 

Education Students: Congruence and 

Variable Interaction 

Kristrina Andrea Shuler 


Dr. Robert S. Corruccini 

Health, History, and Sugar: A 
Bioarchaeological Study of Enslaved 
Africans from Newton Plantation, 
Barbados, West Indies 

Lucian Walter Stone, Jr. 

Dr. Anthony J. Steinbock 
Blessed Perplexity: The Topos ofHayrat in 
Far id Al-Din Attar 's Mantiq Al-Tayr 

Shauna Elizabeth Summers 


Dr. Jane L. Swanson 

Students Readmitted Following Academic 

Dismissal: Using Noncognitive Factors to 

Develop a Success Typology 

Satoshi Toyosaly 
Speech Communication 
Dr. Nathan P. Stucky 
Teaching as an Inter subjective Identity 

Catherine N. Trampe 
Education-Educational Administration 
Dr. Randy J. Dunn 
A Longitudinal Study of Administrators ' 

Reactions to Decentralized Budgeting in 


Su Zhang 

Engineering Science 
Dr. Shing-Chung Max Yen 
Dr. Chih-Fang Wang 

Sensor Data Management in Bridge Health 
Monitoring Systems 

Ke Zhong 

Business Administration 

Dr. Donald W. Gribbin 

Method Shifting in Accruals Management: 

An Examination of Response of Software 

Firms to SOP 97-2 

Janice Elaine Zuke 

Education-Educational Administration 
Dr. Marybelle C. Keim 
The Teaching of Information Literacy by 

Public Community College Librarians in 

the United States 

Master of Accountancy 

Melissa Ann Butler 

Lan Ding 

Jamie Nichole Harris 


Natalie Brooke Haussef 

Joshua Paul Myers** 

Timothy Kyle Overstreet 



Jian Peng 

Lance Edward Roye 

Hicham Sahnoun 


Corey G. Tadlock 

Chaoming Wang 

Jing Wang 

Master of Arts 

Lynette Jean Adams 

Nadia Amin 

Joseph Frank Benso 

Mass Communication and Media Arts 
Katrina Sue Blasingame 

Robert Lee Booker 

Mass Communication and Media Arts 
Tamira Kathleen Brennan 

Nayeli Yesenia Chavez Dvenas 

Joseph Cobetto 

Political Science 
Charles Reginald Cook 

Carl Joseph Dull 

Amanda Lynn Joyce 

Administration of Justice 
Matthew Joseph Judkins 

Mass Communication and Media Arts 
Searyun Kang 

Teaching English to Speakers of Other 

Anjanette Lynn Kintzel 

Teaching English to Speakers of Other 

Guy Joseph Krueger 

Jesse Maurine Landstrom 

Mass Communication and Media Arts 
William J. Leathers 

Lingzi Liu** 

Mass Communication and Media Arts 

Master of Arts in Teaching 

Jessica Lynn Montgomerie 

Teaching English to Speakers of Other 

Jennifer Sarah Mrnak 

Troy William Mullineaux 

Political Science 
Patrick Charles Novak 

Teaching English to Speakers of Other 

Patricia Frances Nunley 

Michael Andrew Potts 

Administration of Justice 
Sarisa Denise Ransom 

Amy Beth Roberts 

Ellen E. Schart 

Mass Communication and Media Arts 
Jennifer Lee Sims 

Katherine Elizabeth South 

Mark Paul Stoffel 

Mass Communication and Media Arts 
Shannon Mariah Wald 

Yulei Wang 

Political Science 
Jaclyn Michelle Wells 

Lei Xie 

Mass Communication and Media Arts 
Hea Jung Yoon 

Teaching English to Speakers of Other 

Hwa-young Youn 

Mass Communication and Media Arts 
Karen B. Zambetta 


Bruce Richard Garibotti 

Curriculum and Instruction Secondary Education 


Master of Business Administration 

Rubina Islam Ahmed 

Business Administration 
Dhoha A. Alsaleh 

Business A dm in istration 
Bryan Murphy Carr 

Business Administration 
Li-Ping Chin 

Business Administration 
Peggy Lai Yung Chiu 

Business Administration 
Antonio Jose Faria Gomes DaSilva 

Business Administration 
Christopher Cody Fitzgerald 

Business Administration 
Jessica Lynn Hayes 

Business Administration 
Emily Shuk Ting Ho 

Business Administration 
Mun Sang Ho 

Business Administration 
Hui Chen Hsu 

Business Administration 
Jen-Te Huang 

Business Administration 
Kristen Janelle Jordan 

Business Administration 
Miho Kitagawa 

Business Administration 
Nai-Yu Kuo 

Business Administration 
Lit Tung Kwok 

Business Administration 
Pui Man Lai 

Business Administration 

Yuk-Lin Lam 

Business Administration 
Ian Phillip Lee 

Business Administration 
Man Yan Marian Leung 

Business Administration 
Lingzi Liu** 

Business Administration 
Anil Balakrishnan Manikkoth 

Business Administration 
Vaihundan Paramalingam 

Business Administration 
Caryn Jo Parli 

Business Administration 
Ann Michelle Pearson 

Business Administration 
Channasumudram Krishnamurthy Sowmithri 

Business Administration 
Chad Michael Toney 

Business Administration 
Carolyn Kay Verble 

Business Administration 
Shin-Yi Wang 

Business Administration 
Joseph Michael Webster 

Business Administration 
Stacee Lynn Wilhite 

Business Administration 
Elaine Yin-Ling Wong 

Business Administration 
Fung Yau 

Business Administration 
Hwa-young Youn 

Business Administration 

Master of Fine Arts 

Justin D. Hamm 
Creative Writing 

Daehyun Ryu 

Scot Sinclair 

Nathanniel Lee Steinbrink 


Master of Music 

Christopher Michael Keith 

Peifen Ko 


Michelle Dana Rewoldt 


Master of Public Administration 

Kelly M. Avery 

Public Administration 
Richard Anthony Rudnick 

Public Administration 

William Joshua Smith 
Public Administration 

Master of Public Health 

Lizel Alvarado 

Community Health Education 

Virginia Elizabeth Ward Dicken 
Community Health Education 

Master of Science 

Kaushik Adya 

Computer Science 
Sarthak Agasti 

Electrical & Computer Engineering 
Ahmad Zaki Albanna 

Electrical & Computer Engineering 
Veera Bramhanandha Rao Allu 

Electrical & Computer Engineering 
Mohan Babu Ande 

Mechanical Engineering 
Carisa Claudia Anderson 

Molecular Biology, Microbiology, and 

Naveen Kumar Arani 

Electrical & Computer Engineering 
Kathryn E. Asbury 

Behavior Analysis and Therapy 
Bradley Adam Beam 

Plant and Soil Science 
Alpaben M. Bhesania 

Electrical & Computer Engineering 
Michael Dean Bill 

Saurav Biswas 

Michael James Bollaert 

Food and Nutrition 
Sally Marie Boyer 

Communication Disorders & Sciences 
Jason Joseph Branch 

Speech Communication 
Jay Simon Brower 

Speech Communication 
Susan Jane Burnett 

Rehabilitation Administration and Services 
John Paul Bush 

Shaobiao Cai 

Mechanical Engineering 
Nicole Michelle Chickris 

Food and Nutrition 

Shih-Feng Chou 

Mechanical Engineering 
Michael Anthony Clark 

Mechanical Engineering 
Brandon Michael Clifton 

Electrical & Computer Engineering 
Kate Marie Clocksin 

Molecular Biology, Microbiology, and 

Emma Louise Conlin 

Matthew Jude Connors 

Christian Paul Coogan 

Molecular Biology, Microbiology, and 

Matthew Sean Coupar 

Civil Engineering 
Steven Duane Cunningham 

Rehabilitation Administration and Services 
Pradeep Vivian Daniel 

Electrical & Computer Engineering 
Debalina Dasgupta 

Mechanical Engineering 
Appala Renuka Datla 

Electrical & Computer Engineering 
John Marshall Dillard 

Computer Science 
Todd Allen Dinkelman 

Electrical & Computer Engineering 
Judson Christian Douglas 

Computer Science 
Jennifer Jane Dzimiela 

Nathan Thomas Eidem 

Geography and Environmental Resources 
Melissa Maurer Ellzy 

Behavior Analysis and Therapy 
Prathibha Pallavi Emany 

Electrical & Computer Engineering 
Edward Lawrence Flanigan 

Electrical & Computer Engineering 


Brent J. Ford 

Agribusiness Economics 
Shannon Rachelle Freeman 

Behavior Analysis and Therapy 
Latasha Deneen Gardner 

Rehabilitation Counseling and 

Rehabilitation Administration and Services 
Dipanjan Ghosh 

Manoj Kumar Goparaju 

Electrical & Computer Engineering 
Rajesh Goriparthi 

Electrical & Computer Engineering 
Gopi Krishna Gottam 

Electrical & Computer Engineering 
Edward J. Gruenwald 

Kalyana Chakravarthy Gundamaraju 

Computer Science 
Chia-Hua Ho 

Civil Engineering 
Melissa Kristine Hobbs 

Rehabilitation Counseling 
Saikiran Jandyala 

Electrical & Computer Engineering 
Chulsung Jeong 

Manufacturing Systems 
Jennifer Lee Jeter 

Kiran Kancham Reddy 

Computer Science 
Veera Raghavendra Sai Mallik Kandala 

Electrical & Computer Engineering 
Vinod Kantheti 

Computer Science 
Samreen Haseeb Kazi 

Molecular Biology, Microbiology, and 

Lisa Marie Keslin 

Behavior Analysis and Therapy 
Mallika Kodali " 

Electrical & Computer Engineering 
Praneeth Kumar Komalla 

Electrical & Computer Engineering 
Dylan Kane Kosma 

Plant Biology 
Jessica Lee Kufher 

Rehabilitation Counseling 
Amit Laknaur 

Electrical & Computer Engineering 
Yung-Chuan Lee 

Computer Science 
Giezi A. Licardie 

Civil Engineering 
Madhulika Madishetty Sureshwar 

Electrical & Computer Engineering 

Srinivas Mandalapu 

Computer Science 
Velayutham Mani 

Computer Science 
Kriparam Mannaraj 

Electrical & Computer Engineering 
Chatsupa Manopchantarote 

Computer Science 
Chaitanya Manthena 

Mechanical Engineering 
Helen Mary Martinko 

Rehabilitation Counseling 
Tanya Marie McCallister 

Rehabilitation Counseling 
John Mario McDermott 

Molecular Biology, Microbiology, and 

Dutch Henry Minott 

Mahesh Kumar Mokire 

Mechanical Engineering 
Jeffrey Stewart Mondy 

Rehabilitation Counseling 
Narayanan Muthu 

Manufacturing Systems 
Praveen Mutyala 

Electrical & Computer Engineering 
Venkata Naga Sandhya Mynampati 

Electrical & Computer Engineering 
Samir Nacer 

Civil Engineering 
Vinay Kumar Nagarajan 

Plant Biology 
Azita Namazi 

Bharath Krishnan Narayanan 

Electrical & Computer Engineering 
Cuong Phuc Nguyen 

Electrical & Computer Engineering 
Chandralekha Nidanakavi 

Electrical & Computer Engineering 
Joanne Lynn Numrich 

Animal Science 
Vinay Sankar Padisetty 

Electrical & Computer Engineering 
Jacob Anthony Panici 

Molecular Biology, Microbiology, and 

Archana Panikkar 

Molecular Biology, Microbiology, and 

Tiffany Lea Pawluk 

Jirayu Phiansawaengbun 

Manufacturing Systems 


Master of Science (continued) 

Fatima Elizabeth Pimentel 

Madhav Ponugoti 

Computer Science 
Aaron Kyle Poole 

Garuda Sekhar Reddy Rachamalla 

Computer Science 
Raghavendra Raj an 

Electrical & Computer Engineering 
Himanshu Dipak Ray 

Electrical & Computer Engineering 
Teryn Kiarna Richards 

Rehabilitation Administration and Services 

and Rehabilitation Counseling 
Timothy Carl Roberts 

Shalin Sebastian 

Computer Science 
Prakash Sethuraman 

Electrical & Computer Engineering 
Hussain Shabbir Bhai Unjawala 

Electrical & Computer Engineering 
Abdul Rahman Sheik Mohideen 

Electrical & Computer Engineering 
Radiya Mustan Sojitrawala 

Computer Science 
Srisathyapriya Srinivasan 

Electrical & Computer Engineering 
Mayank Srivastava 

Mining Engineering 
Nadia Stanojevic 

Molecular Biology, Microbiology, and 


Daniel Jay Storm 

Ihab Yasin Sultan 

Electrical & Computer Engineering 
Nicolette Swanson 

Rehabilitation Counseling 
Azeemuddin Syed 

Electrical & Computer Engineering 
Anupam Shrawanrao Thakre 

Computer Science 
Pamela Ann Tibbetts 

Behavior Analysis and Therapy 
Bupesh Kanna Velayutham 

Electrical & Computer Engineering 
Prathap Vellaiappan 

Computer Science 
Michael Patrick Venarsky 

Sashanka Vishnuvajhala 

Computer Science 
Chiu-Hui Wang 

Mechanical Engineering 
Ying Wang 

Molecular Biology, Microbiology, and 

Shona Elizabeth Wilson 

Etienne Michael Witte 

Manufacturing Systems 
Xiaoguang Yu 

Computer Science 
Megan Maria Ziomek 

Behavior Analysis and Therapy 
Ashwani Zutshi 

Mining Engineering and Civil Engineering 

Master of Science in Education 

Louis Joseph Abba 

Workforce Education and Development 
Kenneth Edward Benjamin, Jr 

Physical Education 
Lisa Louise Blackledge 

Workforce Education and Development 
Leah M. Boetger 

Workforce Education and Development 
Jennifer La'Shaun Boyles 

Workforce Education and Development 
Christi Lynn Brookhouse 

Curriculum and Instruction 
Erick Anthony Buitrago 

Physical Education 
LaShonda Renee Carter 

Workforce Education and Development 

Lisa Marie Clanton 

Physical Education 
Janet Sue Davinroy 

Workforce Education and Development 
Julie A. Eisenhauer 

Curriculum and Instruction 
Laura Lynn Franklin 

Workforce Education and Development 
Julie Rene' Gage 

Curriculum and Instruction 
John Charles Galik 

Educational Administration 
Christine Marie Garlichs 

Special Education 
Theodis Edward Garth 

Workforce Education and Development 


Tutrecia LaRonda Giles 

Workforce Education and Development 
Kathy Jean Grace 

Curriculum and Instruction 
Rick Dean Gravatt 

Special Education 
Jolene Ann Griffieth 

Karen S. Gurney 

Special Education 
Bradley Allen Heuring 

Educational Administration 
Cynthia Ann Hoffmann 

Workforce Education and Development 
Maureen A. Johnson 

Workforce Education and Development 
Renee J. Johnson 

Workforce Education and Development 
Phyllis Kay Jones 

Educational Psychology 
Mark Thomas Laster 

Educational Administration 
Hong Li 

Curriculum and Instruction 
Julie Ann Lovlin 

Workforce Education and Development 
Kelly Jay McBride 

Physical Education 
Rhonda Jo Melton 

Curriculum and Instruction 
Amanda Lynn Miller 

Workforce Education and Development 
Jeri Ann Miller 

Educational Administration 
Daniel Cable Mings 

Curriculum and Instruction 
Michael Scott Mohr 

Physical Education 
Derek Nolan Moran 

Educational Psychology 
Rene Antonio Noe Martinez 

Curriculum and Instruction 
John Stephan O'Keefe 

Workforce Education and Development 

Courtney Camille Overturf 

Educational Administration 
Christina Lee Owens 

Workforce Education and Development 
Steven Francis Perry 

Educational Psychology 
Karla Jean Rankin 

Workforce Education and Development 
Jennifer Joyce Roberson 

Curriculum and Instruction 
John Quinn Rogers 

Workforce Education and Development 
Myranda Dee Rogers 

Workforce Education and Development 
Christina Marie Pushing 

Curriculum and Instruction 
Roman Eduardo Sarmiento Porras 

Curriculum and Instruction 
Stanley Eugene Schwartz 

Workforce Education and Development 

and Manufacturing Systems 
Louis Perry Shaw 

Educational Administration 
Heather Leigh Sheffield 

Curriculum and Instruction 
Ji Eun Shin 

Special Education 
Anthony Daniel Spata 

Workforce Education and Development 
Mark Allen Stearns 

Workforce Education and Development 
Karen Rose Sweiger-Veil 

Workforce Education and Development 
Tyron Renee Tipton-Custer 

Workforce Education and Development 
Christina Okpo Umana 

Educational Psychology 
Thomas John Webb 

Educational Administration 
Joseph William Wuest 

Workforce Education and Development 
Wilda Ruth Young 

Educational Psychology 

Master of Social Work 

Mary Elizabeth Swanson 
Social Work 


School of Law 

Wenona Whitfield, Associate Dean 
Diane Murley, Marshal 
James Duggan, Reader 

Juris Doctor 

Steven Michael Joseph Bost 

Rebecca L. Boughton 

Stephen Wesley Brumley 

Christopher J. Campbell 

Sandra Cox Cook 

Roberto Hernandez 


Jared James Hunter 

Joshua Wendell Meisner 

Christopher Dennis Minix 

Joshua Paul Myers** 

David A. Schott 

Kevin J. Vacek 



College of Liberal Arts 

Shirley Clay Scott, Dean 
Alan Vaux, Marshal 
K. K. Collins, Marshal 
Wanda Oakey, Marshal 
Frederick Williams, Reader 

Bachelor of Arts 

Steven R. Abbott 

Grady Don Adams 

Brice Scott Allard 

Kellen Wesley Allen 

Beth Lynn Anderson 

Joel Glyn Aud** 

Tabitha Louise Austin 

Eliza Lynn Badua 

Gregory George Bagnall 

Kalli Cox Baker 

Brandon W. Beal 

Brian Andrew Bell 

Candice Catrice Bell 

Elysia Marie Blanchfield 

Steven Karl Bohn 

Steve L. Boles cum laude 

Amanda Lynn Bollmeier 

Natalie Marie-Rochelle Bonner 

Angela Nicole Boswell cum laude 

Vernetta Marie Bowens 

Promise Joy Bradley magna cum laude 

Morgan Ware Brandon 

Tiffiny JaVon Brown 

Sara Ann Buchholz 

John Raymond Buchmiller 

Joseph Adam Cecil 

Jeffrey Thomas Chemasko 

Candice Sherrice Chism-Foster 

Yun-pei Chiu 

Robert J. Christiansen 

Erin Lynette Clanton 

Matthew Ryan Clark 

Scott Douglas Clarkson 

Jamie Rene'e Colboth 

Bradley Travis Cook 

Jean M. Cook 

Camilla Naisha Crosby 

Anna Marie Daily* 

Kathy Diane Davis 

Natosha Dashawn Dawson 

Amber Dale Dillon summa cum laude* 

Michael Jonathan Dinn, Jr. 

Lauren Brooke Doctorman 

Marvin Slyvester Douglas III 

Daniel DaShaun Dumas 

Robert Alan Duncan 

Abby Beth Dunn 

Sani Zulkiflu El-^ufai 

Jessica Lynn Ellison 

Michael Joseph Enzenberger 

Nijma Aan El Esad 

Michael Blake Esparza 

Lucas James Field magna cum laude 

Tim R. Fox 

Jennifer A. Friend 

Joshua Thomas Fuchs 

Ryan Slater Gallagher 

Sonia Shante Garrett** 

David William Gaston 

Taryece Duan Gause 

Joseph William Geeseman 

Jeffrey Joseph Governale 

Aaron Marten Graham 

William Justin Gray 

Eric Christopher Gullett 

Alvynn David Haines 

Kandace Jeaninne Hall 

Matthew Gene Hallman 

Grant Elliot Hammer 

Jina Han 

Kosuke Harada 

Joshua S. Harris 

Cindy L. Haynes* 

Cory Ray Heath 

Robert D. Hicks, Jr. 

Jeffrey Alan Higgins cum laude 

Jason Ryan Hill 

Emily Marie Hillard 

Jeremy Ryan Hopkins Williams 

Nicole Marie Huffman summa cum laude* 

Katherine Susan Ital 

Julie M. Jacobsen 

Chadwick Daniel Jakel cum laude 

Gene Edgar Johnson 

Vanessa Lynn Johnson 

Brandon Joseph Jones 

Latoya Lanese Jones 

Jeannie C. Jordan 

Lora Ann Justice 

Robert P. Kamman 


Bachelor of Arts (continued) 

Amanda Kamradt 

Gabrielle Kang 

Scott Anthony Kellerman 

Zoraize AH Khan 

Megan Rochelle Kimmel 

Evan James King 

Jennifer Elizabeth Kirk 

Neil Douglas Kirk 

Tara Lee Kirk 

Melissa Mae Knowles 

Steven Andrew Krutsch* 

William Eric Kuhajda 

Jordan Niles Lawhead 

Dennis Peter LaHood, Jr. 

Andrew Addison Leonard 

Carrie Lewis 

Vincent Zachery Lewis, Jr. 

Randolph Alexander Baloco Lim 

Jessica Ellen Little 

Ashley Lauren Lockhart magna cum laude* 

Jeff Alan Major 

Raman Malebranche 

Kristin Michelle Markel cum laude 

Merit Goddard Martens cum laude 

James John McBride 

Carol Louise McCann cum laude 

Leslie N. McDonald** 

Nikeisha Nicole McDonald 

Laura Lea Meyer summa cum laude* 

Matthew Joseph Meyer 

Grady Arthur Misselhorn* 

Dennis J. Moseley 

Ibrahim Muhammad 

Jay D. Mukerji 

Emily Susan Mullen 

Deborah S. Mundell 

Stephen Nalder 

Chrystal Lea Nause magna cum laude 

John Kellis Neikirk 

Mandy Louise Nelson 

Keith R. Newberry* 

Barbara Niechciol 

Brian Thomas Noland 

Sara Elizabeth Nollman 

Theresa M. Nys 

Riley Eugene O'Brien 

Bradley Steven Otten 

Keith Anthony Parkinson 

Andre Leo Patrick 

Kimberly Jewel Patterson 

Shelby Lane Pepper* 

Kentaya Perry 

Heather L. Petty* 

Patricia Loraine Pfeiffer cum laude*'** 

Staci M. Poe 

Marie L. Poteete 

Daniel Ray Prater 

Timothy Allen Price 

Jolene Janea Maria Pritchard 

Margo Alyse Pulley 

Isaac W. Raabe* 

Lisa Renee Ramsey cum laude* 

Michael Ja-Juan Randell 

Robyn Jon Rees 

Timothy Mychael Reiman 

Justin Lee Rich 

Troy D. Rickman 

Natalie Rae Robbins 

Laura E. Robson 

Jennifer Ann Rodriguez 

Jerome Antone Rogers, Jr. 

Melissa M. Rojas 

Ryan Matthew Ruble 

Joshua J. Ruedin 

Jeffrey Robert Ryden* 

Kevin Matthew Samuel 

Erin Leigh Savage 

Alec Joseph Schingel 

Gary Thomas Schlechter, Jr. 

Nathan K. Schramka 

Joseph Christopher Shaffer*'** 

Cassandra Anne Sherman magna cum laude* 

Jason M. Simmons 

Katie Ann Small cum laude* 

Craig Michael Smelter 

Adam Jeffrey Stadel 

Joshua P. Staples** 

David Anthony Sukalec 

Jesse Ray Sullivan cum laude 

Amanda Renee Swingle 

Dimetrice LaKawn Taylor 

John Nathan Taylor 

Ryan William Taylor 

Melissa Sue Thompson 

James Daniel Thurman 

Andrew Joseph Tinich 

Thomas Dean Tracy 

Jimmi Lynn Travelstead 

Aaron Mark Tretter 

Latasha Ann Turtle 

Shena Lynn Van Etten 

Alayna Michelle Vicary cum laude 

John Vincent Walgamott 

Ashley Erin Walker magna cum laude 

Jonathan Merritt Waller magna cum laude 

Abbey L. Warnsing 

Wesley Alan Watson 

Quentin Adam Webb 

Andrew Garrett West 

Louis Arnold Wheat, Jr. 


Matthew William Whiteaker 
Lisa M. Will cum laude 
Carly Ann Williams 
Derrick Travon Williams 
Myriam Williams 
Deborah Jayne Wilson 
Rachel Anita Wilson 
Jonathan Christian Windish 
Jennifer Nicole Womack 
William E. Wood 

Lane Michael Woodside 

James Andrew Wynn 

Christopher Michael Wysocki magna cum 

Sean Matthew Yallaly 
Rachel L. Yates cum laude 
Tiffaney L. Young 
Bobbi Jo Younker 
Brent D. Zaring 

Bachelor of Fine Arts 

Andrew Michael Abbott 

Jesse F. Baker*** 

Jeffrey Allen Ballinger* 

Amy Jo Caulkins 

Nicholas Anthony Cimino 

Anthony J. Colby, Jr 

Jennifer Celie Dart* 

Timothy James Ditch 

Sara Anne Marie Fleischhacker cum 

Sean Hyunwook Han magna cum laude 
Natalie Ann Hermanek 
Christina Faye Kuhns 
John A. Litvinenko 

Shannon Marie Lunkes 
Elizabeth Claire Marz cum laude 
Stephanie Ann Milligan* 
Marion Lucas Page 
Joni Lyn Robbins* 
Brian Rowe* 

Laura Denise Scranton cum laude 
Brett Eugene Shores 
Bryan David Stuart 
Michael Paul Szarek 
Kimberly Marie Watters** 
Julie Kaye Weber cum laude* 
Amanda Christine White 
Tai-Ching Wu 

Bachelor of Music 

Anthony George Armstead 
Eric William Bandera 
Jamie J. Haner 
William Chris Leverenz 

Ashley Lynn Rennels* 
Janet Marie Slater* 
Andrew Forman Smith 

Bachelor of Science 

Todd Ryan Abbott 

Nathan Joseph Acheson 

Regina Michelle Almezen 

Layne Ashley Baiza 

Katie Danielle Sarah Boie 

Elizabeth K. Bollaert 

William Carl Bollinger III 

Frank William Bonan II 

Kelly Elaine Browning 

Jill Suzanne Bruce magna cum laude 

Jay Russell Burger 

Simyra Chanel Array Campbell 

Steven John Carroll 

Roxanne L. Carter 

Shih-Chi Chen 

Lisa K. Chittim 

David Richard Cobb 

Seth Ryan Cohn 

Venus L. Coley 

Caitlin Sue Connelley 
Lindsey Marie Cox 
Russell Mark Danielson 
Carrie Elizabeth Decker 
Shana Leah Dobovsky 
Kacey Lynn Eisenhauer 
Randy Scott Ellery 
Michelle Elizabeth Ericson 
James E. Fields 
Sarah Lee Frerichs* 
Adam Scot Gadberry 
Stetson Bradley Hairston 
Cole Eric Harmon 
Deidre Marie Harms 
Denise Marie Heidbreder 
Astarre Dawn Henderson 
Jamie Suzanne Hess 
Amy Lynn Howard 
Jina Dawn Hoyt 


Bachelor of Science (continued) 

Penni Michelle Jess* 

Jamarquis Undrea Jordan 

Yusuke Kakinuma* 

Jamie Todd Karales 

Jeremy Michael Kensler 

James Steven Lampley 

Anna Lynn Lichtenberg cum laude 

Nathan Frank Lindaman 

Maureen Catherine Lohre 

Karl MacKenbach 

Ryan Joseph Marzec 

Julie Ann Miller magna cum laude 

Laura Muriel Mora cum laude 

Tracy Lynn Mueller 

Nathan Lawrence Murry 

Seth Jordan Overturf 

Jason Jitendra Parikh 

Colby Bryan Patterson 

Lindsey Lee Presswood cum laude 

Karli Suzanne Richter 

Catherine Shiela Ryan cum laude 

Michael Robert Scott 

Carla Denise Seaberry 

Loren Jessica Slaughter 

Hamza Solim 

Katrina E. Stackhouse 

Laszlo Jozsef Uray 

Matthew Louis Villa 

Germaine Archie Walker 

Dorian Anwar Warner 

Yaisa Azizi Watts 

Kristen Beth Wells cum laude* 

Heather Renee West 

Jeremy James West 

Constance Renea White* 

Cilia D. Williams 

Lionel Simeon Williams 

Brandon Richard Wright 

Thomas Anthony Zaffiri 


College of Mass Communication and Media Arts 

Manjunath Pendakur, Dean 
John Downing, Marshal 
Clara Mitchell, Usher 
Jean Kelley, Reader 

Bachelor of Arts 

Mousa Essa Abouelgabin 

Stephen Andrew Armstrong 

Jason Daniel Austin 

Dawn Michelle Baker 

Joan Marie Baker 

Zachariah J. Baker 

Laura Diane Boysen summa cum laude 

Neal Robert Brockett 

James E. Bruketa 

Erin Kathleen Clements 

Amanda Lynn Cornett 

Jay Alexander Costa 

Kyle William Dare magna cum laude* 

Roger Mark Darrigrand 

Kathryn Marie Dooling 

Rachel Mary Downs 

Diana Susan Duy 

Simon Bradley Edelman 

Reka Jocelyn Ehrentreu 

Jamie A. Estes* 

Paul Edward Fox 

Ashleigh Marie Franks 

Roy Allen Gilbert, Jr. 

Harry Issei Hamamura 

Seth W. Henrikson 

Michael Kelly Hollister 

Derek Scott Johnson 

James Henry Johnson 

Brandi Michelle Jones 

Jared Christopher Kagel 

Andrew Joseph Kanosky 
Bryce Thomas Keigley 
Chad William Kent 
Keith James Kilcoyne 
Justin Michael Kramer 
Eunseon Kwon 
Mackenzie Rae Leek** 
Nicholas J. Love 
Charle L. Luckett 
Hallie Elizabeth Marshall 
Jonathan Michael McKean 
Drew Michael McKinley 
Joshua Michael Milus 
Thomas Sean Murphy 
Jatinder Singh Parmar 
Moses Silva Maciel Primo 
Renee Lynn Richardson 
Paul William Rusiniak 
Nicholas Christopher Shasserre 
Michael Andrew Shepski 
Sarah Nicole Spillman 
Ayumi Suzuki* 
Keith R. Sykora 
Jennifer Denise Thompson 
Adam Tyler Van Meter 
Nicole Marie Wallaert 
Jennifer E. Walsh 
Deborah A. Webster 
Timothy R. Willis 
Hideki Yamauchi cum laude* 

Bachelor of Science 

Justin Douglas Allsup 
Aria Jo Capel 
Timothy James Crosby 
Tara Corinn Desmond 
Rebecca Ann Di Lenge 
Darren Micah Engel 
David Hassan Evans 
Patrick Thomas Hein 
Bradley Kent Henderson 
John Paul Henry 
Gabriel Cooper House 
Soo-Jin Hwang 
Adam Thomas Levett 

Lindsey Janiece Mastis cum laude* 

Kristie Marie Mock 

Haley Elizabeth Murray magna cum laude 

Destiny Dawn Remezas 

Justin Alan Savage 

Crystal Ann Shevlin 

Bridgette Renee Simmons 

Adam Bernard Soebbing 

Joseph Leo Szynkowski 

Victoria Lynn Treptow 

Leah Nicole Williams 


College of Science 

Jack Parker, Dean 
John Sexton, Marshal 
Dhananjay Ravat, Marshal 
Nicholas Pinter, Usher 
Steven Esling, Reader 

Bachelor of Arts 

Angela J. Blessing 
Kevin Erik Brown 
Adam Nathan Carey 
Eric Daniel Chandler 
Joshua Wayne Durbin 
Megan Kathleen Gilliam 
Alycia Nicole Griffin 

Meagan Lynne Hatfield cum laude 

Christy Marie Jacinto 

Karen Kristan Jensen 

Viraj Asanka Perera 

Ross Alexander Stevens 

Amy Louise Thompson 

Xiaohong Zhu cum laude 

Bachelor of Science 

Waleed Ahmed Abbasi** 

Christopher D. Adams 

Jason Matthew Aken 

Jason Daniel Averbeck 

Jennifer Marie Becerra 

Johnathon Andrew Britz 

Stuart Adam Brown 

William Ellis Campbell 

Wyatt James Churillo 

Jill Elizabeth Clayton 

Marion F. Conlee III 

Laura Elizabeth Cortner 

Jonathan Patrick Craig cum laude 

Tracy Marie Crutchlow 

Jennifer Lynne Davis 

Raissa Elizabeth Espejo 

Crystal Joy Farrell 

Brandon Scott Ferguson* 

Joseph Alan Fessler* 

Robert L. Fulk, Jr 

Johann N. Gamoudi 

Robin M. Garcia cum laude 

Damian Russell Germscheid 

Kendra Rosalee Haslett 

Benjamin Scott Hatfield 

Loutfi Jirari 

Samer Kanjo 

Corey Nathaniel Kennedy 

Grace Wadih Kozal 

Dmitri Mikhail Krajec 

Andrea Meagan Larson 

Christopher Brandon Link 

Yousif M. Malik 

Kenton John McMahon 

Mark Vernon Meadows 

Wesley Tyler Mehler 

Canda Sue Musgrove 

Julie Heather Nance 

Randall Keith Oitker 

Olamide Opeyemi Oshodi* 

Krystle Tiffany Owens 

Sarah A. Porter 

Kevin W. Quon 

April Nicole Reiman 

Curtis Barney Rentfro cum laude* 

Matthew Steven Rogers 

Kenneth O. Schlobohm cum laude 

Ryan Keith Scroggins 

Richard Daniel Smith 

Levi Eric Solomon 

Lindsay Rickelle Solomon 

Jonathan Charles Steinhauer 

William John Stolz, Jr. 

Adam Johann Suchy* 

Jeremy Thomas Taylor 

Keisha Naquel Taylor 

Clinton Edward Theivagt 

Ryan Wallis 

Carrie Lynn Westphal 

Taekwan Yoon 

Daniel Wade York 

Erica Lynn Zurliene 


Air Force and Army Reserve Officer Training Corps 

Listed below are those candidates who, subject to completion of all degree 
requirements, are being commissioned Second Lieutenants. 

Air Force Reserve Officers Training Corp 

1:30 P.M., Saturday, December 17, 2005, Student Center Auditorium 

Alexander, Amos J. 

Busse, Michael J. * 

Ranachowski Jr., Richard M. 

Rush, Abraham M. 

Wilson, Seth S. 

Army Reserve Officers Training Corps 

4:30 P.M., Saturday, December 17, 2005, Wham Room 105 

Anderson, Ryan T. 
Gilbert, Roy A. 
Uray, Lazlo J. 


Academic Regalia 

The academic regalia, consisting of cap, gown, and hood, originated about the twelfth century and was worn 
primarily for warmth. Later, the material of the gown and lining and shape of the hood represented the 
economic and social as well as the academic status of the wearer. 

In 1895, a commission of American educators established an inter-collegiate code for the academic regalia. 
This code, revised in 1932, 1969 and again in 1989, provides a comprehensive system of academic regalia for 
American colleges and universities. While the code specifies black gowns, foreign universities and a growing 
number of American universities have gowns of various colors. 

There are four types of gowns and hoods-the associate's, bachelor's, master's, and doctor's. The associate 
and bachelor's gowns are the same except for a slight difference in color, untrimmed and have a closed front 
and long pointed sleeves. Women may wear a white collar with the bachelor's gown when no hood is worn. 

The master's gown is untrimmed, may be worn open or closed, and has extremely long, closed sleeves with 
an opening at the wrist. The ends of the sleeves are square with an arc extending from the wrist opening to the 
square end. The doctor's gown may be worn open or closed and has round, bell-shaped sleeves. There are 
wide velvet borders down the front and three velvet bars on each sleeve; the borders and bars may be black or 
the color of the discipline of the degree. 

The hood for each degree has a distinctive form. The master's hood is three and one-half feet in length with 
wider velvet edging and more of the lining exposed. The doctor's hood is four feet in length with the widest 
velvet edging and full exposure of the lining. Hoods are lined with the color(s) of the college or university 
conferring the degree. The color of the velvet edging identifies the discipline of the degree. 

The black mortarboard cap is standard in the United States, although soft tarns are worn at some 
universities. Tassels are usually black, except when no hood is worn, in which case the color of the tassel 
represents the field of study. Doctor's caps may have gold tassels. Upon conferral of the degree the tassel is 
worn on the left of the cap. Caps are considered part of the academic regalia and are customarily removed 
only during prayer, oath, or pledge, and then by men only. 

Colors of Tassels and Hoods 

In the United States the hood is edged with the color of the field of study and lined with the colors of the 
university conferring the degree. Southern Illinois University Carbondale's hoods are lined in maroon with a 
white chevron. Tassel and/or velvet hood colors, representing the fields of study, worn by students and 
faculty in the academic processional are: 

Tassels (Undergraduate Colleges) 

Agriculture, Maize 

Applied Sciences and Arts, Orange 

Business and Administration, Drab 

Education and Human Services, Light Blue 

Engineering, Orange 

Liberal Arts, White 

Mass Communication and Media Arts, Blue 

Science, Golden Yellow 

Hoods (Masters and Advanced Degrees) 

Agriculture, Maize 

Applied Sciences and Arts, Orange 

Arts, Letters and the Humanities, White 

Business and Administration, Drab 

Education, Light Blue 

Engineering, Orange 

Fine Arts, White 

Law, Purple 

Liberal Arts, White 

Mass Communication and Media Arts, Blue 

Music, Pink 

Philosophy, Dark Blue 

Public Administration, Peacock Blue 

Science, Golden Yellow 

Social Work, Citron Yellow 

Teaching, Light Blue 


Congratulations from Your SIU Alumni Association 

As a graduate of SIUC, keeping you connected to Southern Illinois University is very 
important. Your SIU Alumni Association is dedicated to keeping communication open 
between you and your alma mater, while promoting the University, its students, and alumni 
around the world. The Association's mission is to "reveal to the world the excellence of 
Southern Illinois University Carbondale." The success of alumni and the institution is enhanced 
when the Association and you share in that objective. 

Becoming a member of the SIU Alumni Association has never been easier. As a new graduate 
of Southern, you are eligible for a special $15 membership rate your first year. Founded in 
1 896, the SIU Alumni Association now serves over 207,000 alumni worldwide by publishing 
the quarterly Southern Alumni magazine, bi-annual Saluki Pride newsletter, and sponsoring 
alumni chapters, reunions, the Homecoming celebration, and countless other activities that 
keep you connected to Southern and other SIUC graduates. 

In addition to SIU Alumni Association publications, membership benefits include: 

*Help in locating SIU alumni and friends 

* Access to members-only section of Web site 

*Use of Online Community, where personal information and photos may be displayed 

^Social and career networking opportunities 

*Great savings from our large list of benefit partners nationwide 

* SIU Alumni Association decal 

* Alumni Travel packages 
*Campus privileges and discounts 
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slu Kssociation 



Southern Alma Mater 











Hail Al - ma 

Ma - ter 

South - em to 

■'«',. i j 1 f 









Strong- thru the 

years you stand tri 



if M 

f r i i 



p j j j 







§^ 5 



guide us 


ver life's 



I ' i i J 



Light that can 

nev - er fail us 

Hail, hail to 



t p r f 




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