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University of Maryland 


DECEMBER 19 & 20, 2009 

Digitized by the Internet Archive 

in 2010 with funding from 

Lyrasis Members and Sloan Foundation 


January 24, 2010 


Dr. C. D. Mote, Jr. 

Master of Ceremonies 

Mr. James. N. Newton 


University of Maryland Concert Band 
Dr. L. Richmond Sparks, Conductor 

Moment of Reflection 

The Reverend Dr. Peter M. Antoci 
University Chaplain 

National Anthem 

Mr. Patrick Cook 
Mr. Rishabh Bajekal 


Mr. Thomas G. Slater 
University System of Maryland 
Board of Regents 

Cole Student Activities Building 

1:00 p.m. 

Introduction of Speaker 

Ms. Jessica Rindos 

Chair, Commencement Speaker 

Selection Committee 


Mr. James F. Pitts 

Corporate Vice President and President 

Electronic Systems 

Northrop Grumman Corp. 

University of Maryland Alumni 
Association Induction 

Mr. Marvin H. Rabovsky '8 1 

Past President 

Maryland Alumni Association Board of Governors 

Message to the Graduates 

Dr. Mote 

Presentation of Colleges and Schools 


All-Student Gift Presentation 

Mr. Shawn Malhotra 

Conferring of Degrees 

Dr. Mote 

Remarks to the Graduates 

Ms. Talia Lewis 
Graduating Senior 

Alma Mater 

Mr. Cook 
Mr. Bajekal 


University of Maryland Concert Band 




Behavioral & Social Sciences 


Chemical & Life Sciences 


Computer, Mathematical & Physical Sciences 

Ph.D. Candidates 


Agriculture & Resources 

A. James Clark School of Engineering 

Architecture, Planning & Preservation 

Information Studies 

Arts & Humanities 

Philip Merrill College of Journalism 

Robert H. Smith School of Business 

Public Health 

Public Policy 


m ongratulations on your graduation from the University of Maryland! This 

M milestone should bring great satisfaction to you, your family and friends. It is 

^^^^ mm0 ^f no small feat. I know that your feelings about your Maryland experience will 
blossom in the years ahead. 

Your time at the university has been filled with new ideas, challenges and opportunities. 
You have probably discovered that the greatest learning comes from asking the right 
questions. The hardest questions, of course, have no "right answers," but they are important 
steps toward understanding. You will find this realization important in your life ahead. 

The University of Maryland has offered you opportunities to expand your interests and 
horizons. I hope that you took hill advantage of them and that they have opened your eyes 
and many doors, too. You have made friends and found mentors who will continue to add 
value to your life in remarkable ways. 

As you leave us, I would like you to know how much the faculty and staff respect your 
accomplishments as scholars, artists, athletes and leaders. You have enriched our university's 
life and have helped Maryland climb to higher levels of distinction. We welcome you into the 
alumni family, a truly special group. 

I hope that you will stay connected to us and take full advantage of the benefits of being 
an alum. Stay involved with us and help new generations of students develop their futures. 
You can do this by returning to campus often, starting with Maryland Day 2010 on April 24. 

You have my very best wishes for all your future plans. We are proud of each and every 
one of you. Stay in touch. Go Terps! 

Yours sincerely, 

C. D. Mote, Jr. 



Dear Graduates, 

On behalf of the University of Maryland Alumni Association, I am thrilled to 
extend heartfelt congratulations to you upon achieving this academic milestone. 
Today, when you reach for your diploma, you will receive a torch — the legacy of 
excellence that Maryland alumni have carried for more than 150 years. Hold it high, displaying 
your Terrapin pride for all to see. 

It is my hope that in the years to come you will shine your light on your alma mater by 
sharing your newfound expertise and ideas. In turn, Maryland will continue to educate the 
country's brightest students, pursue cutting-edge research, explore the arts and defend our athletic 
titles — we will make you proud to be a Terp. 

Along with this commitment, the alumni association is pleased to give you a complimentary 
one-year association membership as a graduation gift. 

Alumni association membership provides instant access to: 

• social and professional networking events at the Samuel Riggs IV Alumni Center, your 
new home address at the university 

• health insurance and financial services — tangible benefits designed to ease your transition 
into life after college 

• access to TerpNation, an online social and career network exclusive to Maryland grads 

• Terp magazine, connecting alumni with the university 

Most importantly, it demonstrates your dedication to Maryland and those who will follow 
in your footsteps. 

Best of luck to you and thank you for displaying your Terp spirit as you take your place in 
our alumni family. We look forward to seeing you soon at the Riggs Alumni Center. 


Danita D. Nias 'SI 

Assistant Vice President, Alumni Relations and Development 



University of Maryland 

Commencement • December 19 & 20, 2009 

1 Congratulations from 
the President 

2 Message from the 
Alumni Association 

4 Alma Mater and Floor 
Seating Chart 

5 Order of Commencement 

6 Graduating Student Speaker 

7 Commencement Speaker 

8 Schedule of Events 

10 Map of Ceremony Locations 

11 Maryland's Momentum 

12 The University of Maryland 

16 August Graduate Degrees 

30 August Undergraduate 
1 )egrees 

36 Candidates for December 
Graduate Degrees 

53 Candidates for December 
Undergraduate Degrees 

67 Honors and Scholars 

72 Student Marshals 

73 University Officials 

74 Board of Trustees 

75 Commencement Officials 
and Staff 



Saturday, December 19, 2009 • Comcast Center • 7:00 p.m. 

Floor Seating Arrangement 
for Graduates in Comcast Center 








The Winter Graduates 

Candidates for degrees 

Most popular master's programs 

Business and Management 


For December 2009: 

E-Master's of Business 







Education, Curriculum 



and Instruction 




Library and Information 

For August 2009: 


1 16 







1 loi coral 


Most popular doctoral degrees 

Electrical Engineering 


I otal 




Most popular bachelor' 

5 degrees 



Criminal [ustice 


Mechanical Engineering 






1 in in. i 


Data Source: Warehouse data 

Government and Politics 


( )jjice of Institutional Research, 



Planning •mtl Assessment 
Nov II. 2009 










Alma Mater 

Hail! Alma Mater 

Hail to thee, Maryland! 

Steadfast in loyalty, 

For thee, we stand. 

Love for the Black and Gold 

Deep in our hearts we hold. 

Singing thy praise forever, 

Throughout the land. 



December 19, 2009 • Comcast Center • 7:00 p.m. 


Dr. C. D. Mote, Jr. 

Master of Ceremonies 

Mr. James N. Newton 


University of Maryland Concert Band 
Dr. L. Richmond Sparks, Conductor 


The Reverend Kim Capps 
United Methodist Chaplain 

National Anthem 

The Ten Tenors 


Mr. Clifford M. Kendall 

Chair, University System of Maryland 

Board of Regents 

All-Student Gift Presentation 

Mr. Shawn Malhotra 

Remarks to the Graduates 
Ms. Talia Lewis 
Graduating Senior 

Musical Selection 

"Here's to the Heroes" 
The Ten Tenors 

Introduction of Speaker 

Ms. Jessica Rindos 
Chair, Commencement 
Speaker Selection Committee 


Mr. James F. Pitts 

Corporate Vice President and President, Electronic Systems 

Northrop Grumman Corp. 

University of Maryland Alumni Association Induction 

Dr. Steven M. Rotter '82 


Maryland Alumni Association Board of Governors 

Message to the Graduates 

Dr. Mote 

Presentation of Colleges and Schools 


Conferring of Degrees 

Dr. Mote 

Alma Mater 

The Ten Tenors 


University of Maryland Concert Band 



Talia Lewis 

Talia Lewis came to Maryland planning to lay the foundation to become a pedi- 
atric oncologist. She leaves with an even more ambitious goal: tackling health- 
care inequities on a global scale. 
She wasn't interested in an undergraduate degree in science, so with help 
from the university's Individual Studies program, Lewis created a bachelor's in health, culture 
and inequality studies. The Philip Merrill Presidential Scholar and University Honors student 
also earned a reputation as a passionate voice for people who can't advocate for themselves. 

"The overarching theme of my experience at Maryland is that it really turned me on to 
social justice issues," she says. 

Lewis attended a private, Jewish day school in a quiet Philadelphia suburb. She was attracted 
to Maryland because of its diversity: "I found that I had so much to learn from others." 

In that spirit, she led an alternative spring break trip to Los Angeles. There, she and 15 peers 
volunteered at a homeless shelter and with an after-school program for at-risk youth. She also 
learned about family medicine and inner-city clinic work by shadowing a family doctor in Bal- 
timore. Her senior thesis is on organ trafficking. 

"I found out about it through an anthropology course," she says. "I am synthesizing the 
research I gathered in order to construct a public health approach ... to develop solutions." 

Her eclectic mix of courses, such as organic chemistry and gender and globalization, led 
Lewis to conduct research in a Department of Animal and Avian Science lab and round out her 
experience as a founder of the Women's Jewish Alliance at Maryland. The student group held 
a conversation with Muslim women this fall to foster understanding and connect around their 

Praised for her contagious energy, Lewis plans to study medicine somewhere that has a focus 
on international health and/or social justice. Her goal is to become a family doctor for under- 
served communities in America and abroad. 

"Talia has a genuine desire ... to find ways to make a difference in the world," says Joan Bur- 
ton, Individual Studies director. 



James F. Pitts knows the tactical and business sides of defense technology. As a successful 
engineer, he holds several patents for electronic warfare techniques. As corporate vice 
president and president of Electronic Systems at Northrop Grumman Corp., he works with 
the Department of Defense and other federal agencies to develop equipment and systems 
for airspace management, navigation and communications as well as precision weapons. 

He's spent his career at Northrop's Electronic Systems, which earns nearly $7 billion in annual 
sales and has 22,000 employees in the United States and 19 other countries. The sector recendy 
announced its funding of a fellowship for doctoral students in the A. James Clark School 
of Engineering. 

Pitts graduated from the Johns Hopkins University with his bachelor's in engineering science 
in 1973, when he joined Baltimore-based Northrop Grumman 's electronic warfare systems engi- 
neering sector, and returned four years later to earn his master's degree in electrical engineering. 

He moved up the ranks at the company and was promoted to deputy general manager for 
the systems development and engineering division in 1990 and vice president of avionics systems 
the following year, making him responsible for product development and production for control 
radars on the F-16, F-22, B-1B and C-130 aircraft. 

In 2001, Pitts was assigned to lead the Aerospace Division, where he dealt primarily with radar 
systems and most of the U.S. Army business within the sector. He was named to his current 
position in October 2005. 

Pitts was named the Engineer of the Year in 2002 by the University of Maryland, Baltimore 
County's College of Engineering and Information Technology, and he serves as chairman of the 
Maryland Business Roundtable for Education and the University of Maryland, Baltimore County 
Board of Directors. 

He previously served on the University of Maryland Board of Visitors and as vice chairman 
of the University of Maryland Medical System. Pitts has also sat on the Board of Trustees for the 
Maryland Science Center, the Governor's Workforce Investment Board and the Board of 
Directors for the United Way of Central Maryland. 

A native of Baltimore, Pitts and his wife, Kay, have three children and live in Pasadena, Md. 

James F. Pitts 



Campuswide Commencement 
Saturday, December 19 

7 p.m. Comcast Center 

Ceremonies held Sunday, December 20 

Individual ceremonies listed 
by time 

1 p.m. College of Agriculture and 
Natural Resources 

Memorial Chapel 

1 p.m. College of Architecture, Plan- 
ning, and Preservation 

Great Space, Architecture Building 

1 p.m. College of Computer, 
Mathematical and 
Physical Sciences 

Dekelboum Concert Hall, Glance 
Smith Performing Arts Center 

1 p in College of Education 
Cole Field House 

1 p.m. Department of Communication 

Ritchie Coliseum 

1 p.m. School of Languages, 

Literatures and Cultures 

Colony Ballroom, Stamp 
Student Union 

1 p.m. College of Information Studies 

Gildenhorn Hall, Clarice 
Smith Performing Arts Center 

1 p.m. Philip Merrill College 
of Journalism 

Hoft" Theater. Stamp Student Union 

1 p.m. Robert H. Smith School 

of Business 

Comcast Center 

2 p.m. Departments of Art History 

and Studio Art 

Grand Ballroom, Stamp 
Student Union 

2 p.m. Departments of Dance 
and Theatre 

Kogod Theatre, Clarice Smith 
Performing Arts Center 

4 p.m. A. James Clark School 
of Engineering 

Cole Field House 

4 p.m. College of Behavioral 
and Social Sciences 

Comcast Center 

4 p. in. Departments of English 
and American Studies 

Dekelboum Concert Hall, Clance 
Smith Performing Arts Center 

4 p. in. School of Music 

Gildenhorn Recital Hall, Clance 
Smith Performing Arts Center 

4 p.m. School of Public Health 

Ritchie Coliseum 

4 p.m. College of Chemical and 
Life Sciences 

Memorial Chapel 

4 p.m. Department of History 

Colony Ballroom. Stamp 
Student Union 


Individual ceremonies listed 


1 p.m. Agriculture and Natural 
Resources, College of 

Memorial Chapel 

1 p.m. Architecture, Planning, and 

Preservation, College of 

Great Space, Architecture Building 

2 p.m. Art History and Studio Art, 

Departments of 

Grand Ballroom, Stamp 
Student Union 

4 p.m. Behavioral and Social Sciences, 
College of 

Comcast Center 

1 p.m. Business, Robert H. Smith 
School of 

Comcast Center 

4 p.m. Chemical and Life Sciences, 
College of 

Memorial Chapel 

1 p.m. Communication, Department of 

Ritchie Coliseum 

1 p.m. Computer, Mathematical and 

Physical Sciences, College of 

Dekelboum Concert Hall, Clarice 
Smith Performing Arts Center 

2 p.m. Dance and Theatre, 

Departments of 

Kogod Theatre. Clarice Smith 
Performing Arts Center 

I p.m. Education, College of 
Cole Field House 

4 p.m. Engineering, A. James Clark 
School of 

Cole Field House 

4 p.m. English and American Studies, 
Departments of 

Dekelboum Concert Hall, Clarice 
Smith Performing Arts Center 

4 p.m. History, Department of 

Colony Ballroom. Stamp 
Student Union 

1 p.m. Information Studies, College of 

Gildenhorn Recital Hall, Clarice 
Smith Performing Arts Center 

1 p.m. Journalism, Philip Merrill 
College of 

Hoff Theater, Stamp Student Union 

I p.m. Languages, Literatures and 
Cultures, School of 

Colony Ballroom, Stamp 
Student Union 

4 p.m. Music, School of 

Gildenhorn Recital Hall, Clarice 
Smith Performing Arts Center 

4 p.m. Public Health, School of 

Ritchie Coliseum 

The campuswide commence- 
ment ceremony will be held 
on Saturday, Dec. 19 at 7 p.m. 
at the Comcast Center, with 
graduation exercises for indi- 
vidual colleges and schools tak- 
ing place on Sunday, Dec. 20. 

Shuttle bus service will pro- 
vide free transportation from 
the metro on Saturday evening 
and from the metro all day 
on Sunday. 

Guests are urged to be seated 
approximately one half-hour 
prior to the designated time for 
the ceremonies if they wish to 
observe the student and faculty 





Maryland's Momentum 

Expanding its reputation among the best 
universities in the nation, Maryland boasted 
29 programs in U.S. News & World Report's 
top 10 rankings in 2009. It was also No. 1 
that year among the top 25 public univer- 
sities m graduating African Americans, 
according to Diverse Issues in Higher Education 
Kiplinger's Personal Finance ranked Maryland 
No. 9 among best values in public 
higher education. 

We draw many of the best and brightest stu- 
dents from Maryland and across the country. 
Tins year, more than 28.000 students applied 
for 4,000 first-year seats. 

Our faculty regularly earns national and 
international recognition for its excellence. 
Maryland currently has three Nobel laure- 
ates, seven Pulitzer Prize recipients and 
more than 40 members of the most 
prestigious national academies. 

Maryland netted more than $518 million 
in external research grants in fiscal year 
2009, an all-time high. Among them was 
up to $93 million for a Cooperative Insti- 
tute for Climate and Satellites, a nationwide 
consortium led by Maryland and supported 
by the National Oceanic and Atmosphenc 

Great Expectations, The Campaign for 
Maryland has raised more than $671 million. 
A priority goal of the $1 billion campaign 
is to raise more than $250 million for 
student scholarships. 

The university, with its more than 7,501) 
trees, was designated an arboretum and 
botanical garden by the American Public 
Gardens Association and was the first cam- 
pus in Maryland to be recognized as a Tree 
( lampus USA by the Arbor Day Foundation. 
M Square Research Park continued to 

grow, with the dedication in April of the 
Intelligence Advanced Research Projects 
Activity, the U.S. government's intelligence 
research headquarters. Other agencies com- 
ing to M Square to work with university 
researchers include the National Oceanic and 
Atmospheric Administration's new National 
Weather and Environmental Prediction Cen- 
ter and the Food and Drug Administration. 

Construction is nearly complete at the 
John S. and James K. Knight Hall, the new 
home of the Philip Merrill College of Jour- 
nalism. It opens in January. The $30 million 
building will be the first "green" building 
on campus and will feature state-of-the-art 
classrooms, news laboratory spaces and 
professional training centers. 



A Continuing Commitment 
to Excellence 

From its pre-Civil War roots 
as the state's first agricultural 
college and one of America's 
original land-grant institutions, 
the University of Maryland has 
emerged as a public research 
university of national stature, 
highly regarded for its broad 
base of excellence in teaching 
and research. 

Maryland takes full advantage 
of the umque resources of the 
nation's capital, attracting top 
students and faculty, enriching 
the economic, social and cultural 
life of the state and engaging the 
global community to address 
some of the most critical issues 
of our day. 

Our student body of 26,500 
undergraduate students and 10,500 
graduate students comes to study 

with a faculty that ranks among 
the finest in the nation, with three 
Nobel laureates, seven Pulitzer 
Prize winners and scores of 
Fulbright scholars. 

The university also continues 
to move forward in the quality 
of our students and the support 
of our faithful alumni. Freshmen 
admission is increasingly com- 
petitive. We received more than 
28,000 applications for 4,000 first- 
year seats in Fall 2009. Accepted 
students who complete their 
academic journey join a rapidly 
increasing family of alumni who 
are proud to be called Terps. 
University of Maryland Alumni 
Association membership has 
grown to more than 37,000 
dues-paying members since its 
inception in 1989. 

There are 13 schools and 
colleges within the University 

of Maryland. Seven of these 
units — the Smith School of 
Business, the College of 
Education, the Clark School of 
Engineering, the Philip Merrill 
College of Journalism, the Col- 
lege of Computer, Mathematical 
and Physical Sciences, the College 
of Information Studies and the 
School of Public Policy — have 
been recognized by their peers 
and in various rankings as among 
the 25 best in the nation. The 
breadth of this excellence is a 
source of pride for students, fac- 
ulty and staff and is endorsement 
for the university's flagship status 
among the state's institutions of 
higher education. 

The university's location 
near the center of federal policy- 
making and international political 
and economic activity enables it 
to play an active role in research 
and analysis of public policy. 

Our academic community is 
addressing today's most pressing 
scientific and societal challenges, 
such as climate change, the econ- 
omy, energy, homeland security 
and public health. University 
research brought in more than 
$518 million in external grants 
and contracts in fiscal year 
2009, including support for 
a Cooperative Institute for 
Climate and Satellites and a 
brain imaging center. 

As a gateway to the world, 
the university has established more 
than 200 educational, research 
and economic relationships with 



people and institutions in countries 
such as China, India. Brazil. Israel 
and the United Arab Emirates. 

The Maryland Technology 
Enterprise Institute, or Mtech; 
the University of Maryland Small 
Business Development Network; 
and the Dingman Center for 
Entrepreneurship nurture a culture 
of thriving entrepreneurship at the 
university. They are leading efforts 
to educate and assist business start- 
ups, create technology ventures 
and connect Maryland companies 
with university resources to help 
them succeed. 

Through its Office of Tech- 
nology Commercialization, the 
university has secured more than 
300 U.S. patents, licensed more 
than 900 technologies and helped 
to create more than 50 high-tech 
start-up companies. Among them 
are award-winning firms that 
create alternative energy solutions, 
national security tools and data 
systems to protect against Inter- 
net viruses. Companies served by 
Mtech sold $19.7 billion in goods 
and services over the last 25 years, 
more than 201) times the state's 
financial support. 

Maryland is one ot the 
research universities in the presti- 
gious 61 -member Association of 
American Universities and the only 
public insntution in the Maryland- 
D.C. area with membership in the 
nation's most distinguished honor 
society. Phi Beta Kappa. 


The University of Maryland was 
founded in 1807 in Baltimore 
as a faculty-owned College ot 
Medicine. The medical school 
was considered one of the top 
schools in the country, attracting 
notable professors and lecturers 
from throughout the world. In 
its beginning, tuition cost $140, 
grades were sent home weekly to 
parents, and students could obtain 
room and board for $300 annually. 

Five years later, the growing 
institution was renamed the 
University of Maryland. Despite 
the name, the university was not 
considered a state institution, as 
it was still owned and operated 
by faculty. The Baltimore College 
of Dental Surgery, the first dental 
school in the world, became a 
part of the university in 1840, 
awarding the country's first 
Doctor of Dental Surgery 
degree in 1841. 

In 1859, the Maryland 
Agricultural College, which 
would evolve into the University 
of Maryland. College Park, was 
opened under a charter secured 
by a group of Maryland planters 
in 1856. In addition to spend- 
ing one hour each day hoeing 
or plowing on the college farm, 
students took a broad range of 
courses in ancient and modern 
languages, natural sciences, English 
and mathematics. After a disastrous 
fire on campus in 1912, the state 
acquired the college and rebuilt it. 

In 1920, the state legisla- 
ture combined the College Park 
institution with the professional 
schools in Baltimore to form an 
expanded University of Maryland. 
The entity eventually grew to 
include campuses in Baltimore 
County, on the Eastern Shore 
and at University College, a 
continuing education institution. 

The following decades 
saw the increasing growth of 
student population, excellence 
in programs and curricula and 
the burgeoning of the University 
of Maryland, College Park 
into a nationally recognized 
research institution. 

July 1, 1988, marked the 
dawn of a new era in higher 
education in the state of Maryland, 
as the five components of the 
university were merged with 
six other state universities and col- 
leges to form the University Sys- 
tem of Maryland and College Park 
secured its flagship status 
with a mandate to become one 
of the preeminent research 
universities in the nation. 

The Alumni Association 

With alumni clubs from Miami 
to Taipei, Taiwan, the alumni 
association strives to keep and 
strengthen ties between the 
university and its graduates. 

Member events such as pre- 
game parties, bull roasts, picnics, 
golf tournaments, dinner cruises 
and subscriptions to Terp 
magazine help keep alumni 

connected to the university and 
each other. All graduating seniors 
and successful master's and doc- 
toral candidates receive a one-year 
free membership in the Maryland 
Alumni Association. 

Hall of Fame 

The alumni association's Hall of 
Fame honors university graduates 
who have brought honor to their 
alma mater through distinguished 
careers in a variety of disciplines. 
The following 51 individuals have 
shown the world what it means to 
be a Terp. 

Carmen Balthrop '7 1 

World-class soprano 
Adisai Bodharamik 70 Ph.D. 

Telecommunications Irailblazer 
Waldo Burnside '49 

Retail king 
Harry Clifton "Curley" Byrd '08 

Legendary I University 

of Maryland president 
Robert F. Chandler '34 Ph.D. 

A founding father of the 

Green Revolution 
Connie Chung '69 

Prominent broadcast journalist 
A. James Clark '50 

Construction magnate, benefactor 
William P. Cole '10 

U.S. congressman 
Mary Stallings Coleman '35 

Fmt female Michigan 

Supreme Court chief justice 
Larry David '69, '70 

"Seinfeld" creator 
Raymond Davis '37, '40 M.S. 

Nobel laureate (physics) 



Ruth Davis '52 M.A., '55 Ph.D. 

Respected scientist 
Leonard Elmore '78 

All-star basketball player 

and scholar 
Geary Francis "Swede" Eppley 
'20, '26M.S. 

Administrator, coach and soldier 
Norman "Boomer" Esiason '84 

Football hero, CBS analyst 
John Faber '26, '28 M.S., 
'37 Ph.D. 

Legendary coach and 

distinguished professor 
Charles L. Fefferman '66 

Mathematician , professor, winner 

of Field's Medal 
Carly Fiorina '80 MBA. 

Trailblazing executive 
Robert E. FischeU '53, M.S., '96 
Honorary Doctorate 

Medical technology pioneer 
Jon Franklin '70 

Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist 
Herbert A. Hauptman '55 

Nobel laureate in chemistry 
Jim Henson (ill 

Mnppets creator 
Steny H. Hoyer '63 

U.S. congressman 
Harry R. Hughes '49 

Maryland governor 
Carlisle H. Humelsine '37 

Preservationist and statesman 
Hugh Newell Jacobsen '51, '93 
Honorary Doctorate 

World-renowned architect 
Albin O. Kuhn '38, '39 M.S., 
'48 Ph.D. 

Builder of Maryland's 

Baltimore campuses 

George J. Laurer '51 

Inventor of the I Universal 

Product Code 
Wilbur Monroe "Munro" 
Leaf '27 

"Ferdinand the Bull" authoi 
Samuel J. LeFrak '40 

Urban planning leader 
Liz Lerman '70 

American choreographer 
Kathleen Magee 72 MA. 

Nurse and philanthropist 
Manning Marable '76 Ph.D. 

Authority on African 

American history 
Russell Marker '23 

Pioneering chemist 
Tobin Marks '66 

World-renowned chemist 
Thomas V. "Mike" Miller '64 

Long-standing president of the 

Maryland Senate 
Parren J. Mitchell '52 

Maryland's first African American 

student, U.S. congressman 
Renaldo Nehemiah 8 I 

Track and field world 

record holder 
Tom Norris '67 

Congressional Medal q] 

Honor recipient 
Michael Olmert '80 Ph.D. 

Emmy Award-winning writer 
Jane Cahill Pfeiffer '54 

First woman chairman of the hoard 

at NBC 
Judith A. Resnik '77 

Challenger astronaut 
Chun-Shan Shen '61 Ph.D. 

President of Taiwan 's 

Tsing-Hua I University 

William Woolford Skinner 1895 

Research chemist 
Robert H. Smith '50 

Developer of Crystal City 
Adele Hagner Stamp '24 MA. 

Maryland's first dean qj women 
Reginald Van Trump Truitt 14 

Naturalist and Chesapeake 

Bay advocate 
Millard E. Ty dings '10 

U.S. senator 
Evelyn Pasteur Valentine '67 
M.S., '86 Ed.D. 

Educator and entrepreneur 
Gary Williams '68 

Championship-winning coach 
Morgan Wootten '56 

Basketball Hall of Fame member 

The Hall of Fame induction 
ceremony takes place once every 
five years. The last group of hon- 
orees was inducted in June 2005. 

Golden Terps 

The university has begun a new 
tradition to honor its 50-year 
alumni by creating a place for 
them in the spring commence- 
ment ceremony. Wearing gold 
robes trimmed in black and black 
tarns, they follow the student mar- 
shals in the processional and sit 
with them. 

Customs of Commencement 

Early commencement ceremonies 
at the University of Maryland 
were marked with great fanfare 
and celebration. The faculty gave 
huge banquets for the graduates 
the night before the event. The 

following morning, crowds 
gathered to watch the young grad- 
uates parade. It was a gala attracting 
not only friends and relatives, but 
also the fashionable elite of the day. 
At the ceremony, prayers were 
recited, speeches were made and 
honorary degrees were awarded to 
distinguished figures from across 
the country. Finally, as the audi- 
ence cheered and threw flowers, 
the graduates came forward to col- 
lect their Latin-inscribed degrees. 

Academic Costume 

The black caps and gowns worn 
by the students and faculty in 
the academic procession have 
been the traditional costume of 
scholars since the Middle Ages. 
The ordinary dress of the scholar, 
whether student or teacher, was 
similar to that of a cleric. Caps 
and gowns were probably worn to 
keep students warm in unheated 
buildings. Many medieval scholars 
were tonsured, like monks and 
hoods served to cover their shaved 
heads until the skullcap later took 
its place. 

Even after the Civil War, most 
students at American universities 
wore caps and gowns daily 
while in residence. These varied 
m design until the American 
Intercollegiate Commission 
standardized them in 1894. At 
that time it was decided that all 
robes would be black. Colors 
on the trim of the gown were 
also standardized to indicate the 
scholar's academic discipline. 



A list of department 
colors follows: 

Agriculture: Maize 
Arts, Letters, 

Humanities: White 
Business Administration. 

Commercial Science: Drab 
Dentistry: Lilac 
Economics: Copper 
Education: Light Blue 
Engineering: Orange 
Fine Arts, Architecture: Brown 
Forestry: Russet 
Home Economics: Maroon 
Journalism: Crimson 
Law: Purple 
Library Science: Lemon 
Medicine: Green 
Music: Pink 
Nursing: Apricot 
Oratory, Speech: Silver Gray 
Pharmacy: Olive 
Physical Education: Sage Green 
Philanthropy: Rose 
Philosophy: Dark Blue 
Public Administration, Foreign 

Service: Peacock Blue 
Public Health: Salmon 
Science: Golden Yellow 
Social Work: Citron 
Theology and Divinity: Scarlet 
Veterinary Sciences: Gray 

The tassel may also be colored 
to represent an academic discipline 
or it may be black. Officially, the 
tassel is permitted "to lie where 
it will" on the mortarboard. 
However, numerous institutions 
have adopted the practice of having 
degree candidates wear the tassel 
on the right front side at the start 
of the commencement ceremony 

and then shift them to the left side 
after degrees are awarded. 

Student Marshals 

Elected through a nomination 
process, student marshals are senior 
leaders who play an important 
role in the graduation ceremony. 
Student marshals assist in organizing 
the thousands of graduates, leading 
them smoothly through the 
commencement procession. They 
also supply extra caps and hoods 
and bobby pins to keep headwear 
secure. Fall 20119 marshals are listed 
on page 72 of this booklet. 

All-Student Gift 

In recognition of the philanthropic 
spirit of Maryland students, the 
former Senior Class Gift effort has 
evolved to an All-Student Giving 
effort at the university. Tradi- 
tionally, class gifts have included 
items, such as the bronze Testudo 
now sitting in front of McKeldm 
Library (Class of '33), sundial on 
McKeldm Mall (Class of '65) or 
the Henson Garden outside of 
the Stamp Student Union (Classes 
of '94 and '99). The new All-Stu- 
dent initiative encourages Terps to 
financially support the causes 
they believe in most — from the 
university's community outreach 
and partnerships to student groups 
conducting discovery and research 
to solve tomorrow's complex 
global issues. 

If you would like to be a 
part of this tradition of philan- 
thropy, visit www.mdexcellence. or call 301.315.7749 
for more information. 

Academic Degrees 

A degree is awarded for the 
successful completion of a 
course of study. The University 
of Maryland offers 99 bachelor's 
degrees, 108 master's degrees and 
85 doctoral degrees. 

The Doctoral Degree 

The doctoral degree represents 
the most advanced earned degree 
conferred by American institu- 
tions. There are two distinct 
types: the practitioner's degree 
and the research degree. The 
first type represents advanced 
training for the practice of 
various professions, principally 
Doctor of Medicine, Juris Doctor, 
Doctor of Pharmacy and Doctor 
of Veterinary Medicine. These 
degrees do not involve the com- 
pletion of original research by 
the student. The University of 
Maryland, at the professional 
school in Baltimore, awarded 
the first two dental degrees on 
March 9, 1841. 

The University of Maryland 
conveys the Doctor of Veterinary 
Medicine to approximately 90 
students each year in a program 
that was instituted in 1980. 
Graduates receive a diploma 
containing the seals of both the 
University of Maryland and its 
partner institution, the Virginia 
Polytechnic Institute and 
State University. 

The second type is the 
research doctorate representing 
prolonged periods of advanced 
study. A dissertation that usually 

ai i ompanies the study is intended 
to contribute substantially to the 
body of knowledge on the subject. 
The most important of these, the 
Doctor of Philosophy, no longer 
has .m implication of philosophy 
for its holder, but represents 
advanced research in any of the 
major fields of knowledge. It was 
first awarded in the United States 
in 1861 by Yale University. The 
University of Maryland awarded 
a Ph.D. for the first time in 1920. 

The Master's Degree 

The master's degree is an academic 
honor bestowed upon students 
who have successfully completed 
work beyond the baccalaureate. 
A thesis and an oral exami- 
nation are usually required. In 
1920, the University of Maryland 
awarded its first Master of Arts and 
Master of Science degrees in fields 
other than agriculture. 

The Bachelor's Degree 

The bachelor's degree represents 
the completion of a four-year 
course of college-level study 
and is the oldest academic degree 
awarded by American institutions 
of higher learning. It was first 
conferred in America in 1642 
on the first nine graduates of 
Harvard College. Maryland 
Agriculture College, which 
later became the University of 
Maryland, College Park, awarded 
its first Bachelor of Arts and 
Bachelor of Science degrees 
in 1862. 



Doctor of Education 

Doctor of Philosophy 

Ocheze Joseph • Education Leadership and Policy Studies 

A Sliuiy of the Effectiveness of Manor Roles in a Rural School District 

John R. Quinn • Education Policy, Planning 
and Administration 

Teacher Sense-Making and Policy Implementation: A Qualitative Case 
Study of a School District's Reading Initiative in Science 

Myra J. Smith • Education Leadership and Policy Studies 

An Analysis oj One School District's Implementation oj Professional Learning 
Communities in Its Elementary Schools 

Doctor of Musical Arts 

Kimberly A. Buschek 

Lionel Tertis ami the Flowering of Early Twentieth-Century English 
\ 'iola Repertoire 

Shin-Peng Chang 

The Beethoven Sonatas for Piano and I iolin 

Kotnim Chung 

Musical Theater and the Classical I 'oicc: Crossover Singing in the 
Twentieth Century 

Ann R. DiClemente 

Brahms Performance Practice in a Sew Context: The Bruce Hungerford 
Recorded Lessons with Carl Friedberg 

Yu J. Lee 

( 'iiiler-Appreciiiteil Violin Repertoire oj the Twentieth Century 

Takuya Nishiwaki 

Anton Bruckner's First Symphony: Its Two Versions and Their Reception 

Ilya Sinaisky 

Musical Witnesses: Music of Prokofiev ami Shostakovich During the Soviet Era: 
Solo Piano, Duos ami I ocal < Chamber Music 

Karl A. Wiederwohl 

Effect of Music on the Soul: Intent or Indifference in the Composition oj 
Ewazen, Fetter, Hidas, Hovhaness, Pederson ami Wilder 

Omar A. Abd Elaziz • Mechanical Engineering 

Development oj Multi-Scale, Multi-Physics Analysis Capability and Its 
Application to Novel Heat Exchanger Design and Optimization 

Hisham A. Abdalla • Electrical Engineering 

Estimation oj Elevation ami Azimuth in a Neuromorphic I LSI Bat 
Echolocation System 

Sarah W. Adelman • Agricultural Economics 

Early Childhood Nutritional Responses to Targeted Food Aid and Social 
Disruption in I 'gandian Internally Displaced Persons 

Gulsah Akar • Civil Engineering 

Analysis of Activity Choice: The Role of Activity Attributes and 
Individual Schedules 

Mohamed A. Alseyabi • Mechanical Engineering 

Structuring a Probabilistic Model for Reliability Evaluation oj Piping Subject to 
Corrosion- Fatigue Degradation 

Christopher K. Andrews • Sociology 

"Do-It-Yourself : SelfCheckouts, Supermarkets and the Sell-Service Trend in 
American Business 

David A. Armstrong • Government and Politics 

Democracy and State Repression: What We Don't Know Can Kill Us 

Prashant V. Athavale • Applied Mathematics and 
Scientific Computation 

Novel Integra-Differential Schemes for Multiscale Image Representation 

Dwijavanti Athreya • Applied Mathematics and 
Scientific Computation 

Metastahiluy in Nearly-Hamiltonian Systems 

Janet T. Awokoya • Curriculum and Instruction 

"I'm Not Enough of Anything!": The Racial and Ethnic Identity Constructions 
ami Negotiations of One-Point-Five and Second-Generation Nigerians 

Ashis G. Banerjee • Mechanical Engineering 

Real-Time Path Planning for Automating ( >ptical Tweezers-Based Particle 
Transport Operations 

Ariel Benyishay • Economics 

Civil Liberties, Mobility ami Economic Development 



Keith D. Bergstresser • Economics 

Effects of Iii-Group Bias in a Gift-Exchange Transaction: A Theory and 
Evidence from a Laboratory Experiment 

Michael R. Brindza • Chemistry 

Solvation, Structure and Organization at Liquid Surfaces 

David J. Brookshire • English Language and Literature 
Percy Bysshe Shelley and the Gothic 

Stephen M. Brown • Reliability Engineering 

Development and I 'alidation of Methodology for Fix Effectiveness 
Projection During Product Development 

Minh Bui • Biology 

Letting, D'untg Homolog and Seuss are Transcriptional Co-Repressers that 
Regulate Flower Development, Mucilage Secretion and Pathogen Resistance 

Giulia C. Cangiano • Economics 

Friends and Partners: The Impact of Network Ties and Collaboration Networks 

Zheng Cao • Biochemistry 

Biochemical and Biological Characterization oj Three DNA Repair Enzymes in 
Ddnococcus Radiodurans 

James N. Carleton • Biological Resources Engineering 
Modeling Approaches fot Treatment Wetlands 

Zahra Chaudhry • Atmospheric and Oceanic Science 

A Study of Optical, Physical and Chemical Properties of Aerosols Using In 

Situ Measurements 

Haihong Che • Physics 

Non-Linear Development oj Streaming Instabilities in Magnetic Reconnection 

with a Strong Guide Field 

Gang Chen • Behavior, Ecology, Evolution and Systematics 

Cryptic Diversity, Ecological Differentiation ami Population Genetics oj an 
Estuarine Copepod, Acartia Tonsa Dana 1849 (Copepoda:Calanoida) 

Guihua Chen • Natural Resource Sciences 

Alleviation of Soil Compaction by Brassica Covet Crops 

I-Kun Chen • Mathematics 

Spherical Averaged Endpoint Strichartz Estimates fot the Two-Dimensional 
Schrodinger Equations with Inverse Square Potential 

Jianhao Chen • Physics 

Diffusive Charge Transport in Graphene 

Matthew W. Chesnes • Economics 

Essays in Empirical Industrial Organization 

Michael C. Cifone • Philosophy 

Structuralism and Natural Philosophy: Method, Metaphysics and Explanation 

Tana L. Clarke • Psychology 

Executive Functions and Oven/Covert Patterns oj Conduct Disorder Symptoms 
in Children with ADHD 

Dena A. Crosson • Art History 

Ignacio Zuloaga and the Problem oj Spam 

Timothy D. Crowley • English Language and Literature 

Feigned Histories: Philip Sidney and the Poetics of Spanish Chivalric Romance 

Nezahat M. Daysal Trandafir • Economics 

The Effects of iiiiusurance on Hospitals and Patient Health 

Xiaohong Deng • Neurosciences and Cognitive Sciences 

Comparative Studies on the Structure of the Ears of Deep-Sea Fishes 

Justin C. Domke • Computer Science 

Tractable Learning and Inference in High-Twentieth Graphical Models 

Ryan D. Duffy • Counseling and Personnel Services 

Testing a Social Cognitive Model oj lob Satisfaction Among Teachers 

Anthony G. Dylla • Chemistry 

Synthesis, Characterization and Catalytic Studies of Biometallic Nanopartides 

Amr A. El Sherif • Electrical Engineering 

Cognitive Multiple Access for Cooperative Communications and Networking 

Hazem M. El-Alfy • Computer Science 

Techniques foi 1 'idea Surveillance: Automatic I 'ideo Editing and Target Tracking 

Tamer M. Elsayed • Computer Science 

Identity Resolution in Email Collections 

Eric A. Engelson • Physics 

Excited Nucleon and Delta Spectra from Lattice QCD 

Michael C. Evans • Government and Politics 

The Republic and Its Problems: Alexandet Hamilton and lames Madison on the 
18th-Cetitury Critique of Republics 



Jerry A. Fails • Computer Science 

Mobile Collaboration for Young Children: Reading and Creating Stories 

Xiaojun Feng • Marine, Estuarine and Environmental Sciences 

The Mitochondrial Genome of the Blue Crab (Callinectes sapidus,): An 
Informativt Genetit Market foi the Evolutionary Biology and Population 
( hiii tics oj the Species 

Monica I. Garcia-Perez • Economics 

Firm ( Hvners and Workers: An Analysis oj Immigrants and Ethnic Concentration 

Azi Gera • Business and Management 

Do Investor Capabilities Influence the Interpretation of Entrepreneur Signals? 
Theory and Testing in the Private-Equity Setting 

Alan L. Gershon • Mechanical Engineering 

Multi-Scale Mechanical Characterization and Modeling oj Hierarchically 
Structured Materials: Synthetic Nano-Enhanced Polynias and Natural 
Palmetto Wood 

Antoine Gervais • Economics 

Product Differentiation in International Trade 

Radha V. Gholkar • Psychology 

Tlie Cardiovascular and Psychological Effects oj ('oping with Perceived Ethii 

Racial Discrimination 

Evan H. Grant • Marine, Estuarine and Environmental Sciences 
Hoir Dendritic Ecological Networks Structure the Distribution and Movement 
oj Stream Salamanders 

Daniel S. Gressang IV • Government and Politics 
Terrorism's Communicative Dynamic: Leveraging the Terrorist-Audience 
Relationship to Assess Evolutionary Trajectories 

Abhinav Gupta • Computer Science 

Beyond Nouns and I 'erbs 

James T. Halbert • Mathematics 

A Modified Zivauzig-Mon Formalism 

Jennifer A. Hamilton • Measurement, Statistics and Evaluation 

An Investigation of Growth Mixture Models When Data are Collected with 

I 'ncqual Selection Probabilities: A Monte Carlo Study 

Chaodong Han • Business and Management 

The Impact of Globalization on Inventory and Financial Performance: 
A Finn-Level and Industry-Level Analysis 

Paul C. Harris • Counseling and Personnel Services 

Tlie Relationships Between High School Spoils Participation, High School 
Completion and College Enrollment for African-American Males 

James A. Hart • Physics 

Scattering from Chaotic Cavities; Exploring the Random Coupling Model 
in the Time and Frequency Domains 



Anthony R. Hatch • Sociology 

Tlie Politics of Metabolism: The Metabolic Syndrome and the Reproduction 

of Race and Racism 

Tamara B. Hayford • Economics 
Essays in Health Economics 

Jessica L. Hennessey • Economics 

Endogenous Institutional Change: The Transformation oj the Suite-Local 

Relationship in the I United States 

Marias Herrera Dappe • Economics 

Essays on Uniform Price Auctions 

Joshua C. Hinkle • Criminology and Criminal Justice 
Making Sense of Broken Windows: The Relationship Between Perceptions 
of Disorder, Fear of Crime, Collective Efficacy and Perceptions oj Crime 

Matthew J. Hirn • Mathematics 

Enumeration of Harmonic Frames and Frame-Based Dimension Reduction 

Matthew J. Hoffman • Applied Mathematics and 
Scientific Computation 

Ensemble Data Assimilation and Breeding in the Ocean, Chesapeake Bay, 
and Mais 

Richard Hollenbeck • Curriculum and Instruction 

landing the Challenges oj Implementing a Multiple-Solution Norm 

Allison K. Holmes • Human Development 

Low-Income Teen Fathers' Trajectory oj Involvement: The Influence 

of Individual, Contextual and Co-parental Factors 

Binhui Hu • Electrical Engineering 

Single Electron Transistor in Pim Silicon 

Xiaoli Huang • Information Studies 

Relevance, Rhetoric and Argumentation: A Cross-Disciplinary Inquiry into 
Patterns of Thinking and Information Structuring 

Ryan L. Janicki • Mathematical Statistics 

Statistical Inference Based on Estimating inactions in Exact and 
Misspecijied Models 

Margaret H. Jenkins • Curriculum and Instruction 

The Effects of Using Mental Imager)' as a Comprehension Strategy foi Middle- 
School Students Reading Science Expository Texts 

Krishna V. Kaipa • Applied Mathematics and 
Scientific Computation 

Topological Charge of Real Finite-Gap Sine-Gordon Solutions 

Ji S. Kang • Atmospheric and Oceanic Science 

Carbon-Cycle Data Assimilation I 'sing a Coupled Atmosphere- 1 egetation 
Model and the Local Ensemble Transform Kalman Filter 

Michael J. Kasser • Engineering Materials 

The Photochemistry ofPolyenyl Radicals and Its Application to I 'HMWPE 
/iii t be in Artificial Cartilage 

John E. Kille • American Studies 

The Cultural Landscape of Baltimore's 19th-century Working-Class 
Stoneware Potters 

Emily J. King • Mathematics 

Wavelet and liame Theory: Frame Bound Gaps, Generalized Shearlets, 
Grassmannian Fusion Frames and P-Adic Wavelets 

Kateryna Klochko • Geology 

An Empirical Re- Evaluation of the Boron Isotope, pH Proxy in Marine Carbonates 

Stefan T. Koev • Electrical Engineering 

Design Fabrication and Testing of a Microsystem for Monitoring Boicterial 
Quorum Si rising 

Jennifer M. Koran • Measurement, Statistics and Evaluation 

.-In Integrated Item Response Model fo\ Evaluating Individual Students' Growth 
in Educational Achievement 

Rakesh Kumar • Chemical Engineering 

Self-Assembled Photoresponsive and Thermoresponsive Fluids with 
Tunable Rheology 

Joann Kuo • Kinesiology 

Development and Evaluation oj New Accelerometet Cut Points for 
Adolescent Girls 

Dae H. Kwak • Kinesiology 

Influence of Audience Characteristics on Then Behaviors Across Different 
Sport-Media Platforms 

Yingjie Lan • Business and Management 

Robust Revenue Management with Limned Information: Theory and Experiments 



Ellen F. Lau • Linguistics 

Tfie Predictive Nature of Language Comprehension 

Keir C. Lauritzen • Electrical Engineering 

Correlation of Signals, Noise and Harmonics in Parallel Analog to Digital 
Converter Arrays 

Jung-Sil Lee • Art History 

The Intersection Between Nationalism and Religion: The Burghers q) Calais q) 

Augttsic Rodin in the French Third Republic 

Michael Letnay • Survey Methodology 

( Understanding the Mechanism of Panel Amnion 

Huiqing Li • Marine, Estuarine and Environmental Sciences 

Deciphering the Secret oj Sarcomere Assembly and Diseases I 'sing the Zebrafish 
Model System: Regulation of Myqfibrillogenesis by Smydlb and Its Partners 

Linjie Li • Chemistry 

Multiphoton Absorption: Fabrication, Functionalization and Applications 

Wan-Yi Lin • Electrical Engineering 

Behavior Modeling and Forensics for Multimedia Social Networks 

Thomson J. Ling • Psychology 

Connecting the Forgotten Half The School-to-Work Transition oj Non-College- 
Bound Youth 

Ran Liu • Chemistry 

Template Synthesized Nanotubes, Nanowires and Heterogeneous Coaxial 
Nanowires for Electrochemical Energy Storage 

Yue Liu • Civil Engineering 

An Integrated Traffii Control System foi Freeway Corridors Under 
Non-Recurrent Congestion 

Jessica J. Luke • Human Development 

Refraining Patent Involvement: The Role of a Museum Program in Connecting 

Parents and Schools 

Yi Luo • Communication 

Public Relations ami Sensemaking During Organizational Change in 
Multinational Organizations in China 

David L. Major • Business and Management 

How Firm Resources and Behavior Impact Firm Performance: An Examination 
oj Finn Resources, Competitive Actions and Performance 

Monica C. Mann-Wrobel • Psychology 

Error Observation in Schizophrenia 

Miriam L. Matteson • Information Studies 

The Impact oj Group Interaction on Sinned Cognition: An Analysis of 

Small-Croup Communication 

Eric A. Maxeiner • Mechanical Engineering 

Physics of Breaking Bow Waves: A Parametric Investigation I 'sing a 2D+T 
Wave Make, 

Christopher A. McClellan • Cell Biology and Molecular Genetics 

Suppressors ofetrl-2: I. etrl-ll is a Loss-of-Function Mutation of the ETR1 
Ethylene Receptor. IF Reversion to Ethylene-Sensitivity3 Is a Regulator of 
Seedling Growth 

Alfonso I. Mejia • Civil Engineering 

The Spatial Distribution oj Imperviousness in Watershed Hydrology 

Kristen A. Messer • Theatre and Performance Studies 

Christian Community-Based Performance Practices in Comtemporary 

North America 

Sepehr Morshed • Electrical Engineering 

Efficient Simulation of Electron Trapping in Laser and Plasma 
1 1 akefield Acceleration 

Mohamed O. Nagem • Applied Mathematics and 
Scientific Computation 

Diagnostics foi Nonlineat Mixed-Effects Models 

Chizuru Nakao • Linguistics 

Island Repair and Nou-Rcpan by PF Strategies 

Regan C. Nally • Chemistry 

Discrete and Polymeric Complexes Comprising Bis-Nor-Seco-CB[10] and 

( Ihgoiiumiomuni Ions 

Allison J. Nebbergall • Counseling and Personnel Services 

An Experimental Evaluation of the Effects of a School- Based, I Universal 
Prevention Program on Parent and Teacher Ratings oj Student Behavior 

Kyle A. Nelson • Sociology 

Presidential Segregation: Hurting or Helping i ! .S. Hispanic Health? 



Joseph F. Nese • Counseling and Personnel Services 

The Effects of School -Based Social Skills Programming on Academic Instruction 
Tune and Student Achievement 

Daniel S. Newman • Counseling and Personnel Services 

A Grounded Theory of Supervision During Pie-Service Level School-Based 
Consultation Training 

Ha M. Nguyen • Economics 
Valuation Effects and External Adjustment 

Oluyomi A. Okunola • Chemistry 

"Small" Molecules as Transmembrane Anion Transporters 

Chyann L. Oliver • American Studies 

"Don't Believe the Hype": The Polemics of Hip-Hop and the Poetics of 
Resistance and Resilience in Black Girlhood 

Enver Ozdemir • Mathematics 

Curves and Then Applications to Factoring Polynomials 

Christos F. Papadopoulos • Physics 

Beam Halo Creation and Propagation in the University of Maryland 

Electron Ring 

Bijan J. Parsia • Philosophy 

Topic Sensitive Belief Revision 

Rachel E. Pearson • Entomology 

Nutrient Regulation by an Omnivore and the Effects on Performance 
and Distribution 

Delores B. Phillips • English Language and Literature 

In Questionable Taste: Eating Culture, Cooking Culture in Anglophone 
Postcolonial Texts 

Andrew J. Pomerance • Physics 

Nonlineat Dynamics in Biological Systems: Actin Networks and Gene Networks 

Peggy L. Preusch • Curriculum and Instruction 

A Case Study of I ihau Student and Teacher Experiences Surrounding an 
Outdoor Environmental Science Field Trip 

Lashale D. Pugh • Geography 

Sotio-Demographic I 'ariables as Risk Factors lor Neurologic Disease Due to 
Infection by West Nile I "irus 

John T. Quah • Applied Mathematics and Scientific Computation 

A Macroscale Perspective ol Near-Equilibrium Relaxation of Stepped 
( 'rystal Surfaces 

Matthew L. Reames • Physics 

Transport in Polygonal Billiard Systems 

Matthew J. Reindorp • Business and Management 

Industrial Flexibility in Theory and Practice 

Jose J. Reyes • Marine, Estuarine and Environmental Sciences 

Behavioral and Neuroendocrine Correlates of Sex Change in the Gilthead 
Seabream (Spams aurata) 

Samantha A. Rodman • Psychology 

Mechanisms I Underlying Difficulties in Intimate Relationships in Borderline 
Personality Disorder: The Roles of Fear of Positive Evaluation and Fear 
of Abandonment 

Tilman J. Rosales • Chemical Physics 

Applications of Miiliiphoion Imaging Techniques to the Study of Protein Interactions 

Andrew P. Roth Jr. • Physics 

A Search for Muon Neutrinos from Gamma-Ray Bursts with the IceCube 
22-String Detector 

Richard A. Russo • Geography 

/ 'sing ,i Socio-Cultural Framework to Evaluate Farmland Preservation Policy 
Success in Maryland 



Tammy L. Sanders • American Studies 

The Long Tradition: Black Women and Mothers in Popular Discourses 

Alice M. Saperstein • Psychology 

Susceptibility to Smoking and Nicotine Dependence in Schizophrenia 

Joyleen V. Sapinoso • Women's Studies 

From "Quare" to "Kweer": Towards a Queet Asian-American Critique 

Neda Isfahani Sarafrazi • Nutrition 

Appropriate Waist Circumference Cutoff Values foi the Diagnosis oj Metabolic 
Syndrome in Mexican American Adults 

Richard T. Satterlee • Education Policy, Planning 
and Administration 

A Case Study of Undergraduate Student Employment at a Private University: 
Exploring the Effects of Social Class and Institutional Context 

Andrew T. Sensenig • Entomology 

Kinematics of the Mayfly Nymph Gill Array: An Intermediate Reynolds 
Numbet I entilation Pump 

Shelby A. Shapiro • American Studies 

Words to the Wives, The Jewish Press, Immigrant Women and Identity 
Construction 1895-1925 

Peter J. Sharpe • Marine, Estuarine and Environmental Sciences 

Patterns oj Wetland Plant Species Richness Across Estuarine River Gradients 

Hongmei Shen • Communication 

Organization-Employee Relationships Model: A Two-Sided Story 

Yookyoung Shin • Government and Politics 

Tlic Power of Information: The Internet and the Rise oj Soft Power 

Jennifer M. Siani • Behavior, Ecology, Evolution 
and Systematics 

Costs and Benefits of Cooperative Infant ('are in Wild Golden Lion Tamanns 
(Leontopithecus rosalu) 

James M. Sikes III • Behavior, Ecology, Evolution 
and Systematics 

Breaking the A-P Axis: Evolution oj Diverse Asexual Reproduction Strategies 
in Convolutriloba Acoels 

Wonjin Sim • Psychology 

Problems, Insights and Gopmg Strategies oj Second-Generation Female 
Americans vs. First-Generation Female Asians as Manifested in Sessions 
Working with Dreams 

Katherine A. Singer • English Language and Literature 

Romantic Vacancy: British Women's Poetry, Skepticism and Epistemology 

Brian G. Smith • Communication 

Integrating Strategit Relationship Management: Evaluating Public Relations as 
Relationship Management in Integrated Communication 

Donald I. Snyder • American Studies 

Building the I 'irtual World: Software, Beta Testing and the Birth and Death of 
the Sims t inline 



Heather J. St. Pierre • Chetnical Engineering 
Mesoscopic Thermodynamics in Smooth and Curved Interfaces in 
Asymmetric Fluids 

Andrew J. Stocking • Agricultural Economics 
Three Empirical Studies in Market Design 

Jaymie L. Strecker • Computer Science 

Accounting for Defect Characteristics in Empirical Studies oj Software Testing 

Ravissa Suchato • Agricultural Economics 

Antidumping Effects in the Presence oj Collusion in an I pstream Market: 

Tin- Case of U.S. Frozen Shrimp Imports from Thailand 

Rui Sun • Policy Studies 

R£Storing Local Autonomy: Municipal I her Charges in the Era of Tax and 

Expenditure Limitations 

Yun Tang • Chemical Physics 

Structure Tailored Properties and Functionalities of Zero-Dimensional Nanostructures 

Jayakar C. Thangaraj • Electrical Engineering 

Stiitly ol longitudinal Space Charge Waves in Space-Charge Dominated Beams 

Wendy M. Thompson • American Studies 

Beyond the Railroad People: Ran and the ( '.oloi ol History in Chinese America 

Hsuchi Ting • Psychology 

77k- Effect of Goal Distance on Goal 1 alue ami Escalation ol Commitment 

Tracy D. Tomlinson • Psychology 

Learning to Forget: An Interference Theory of Cue-Independent Forgetting 

Rochelle E. Tractenberg • Measurement, Statistics 
and Evaluation 

Accuracy and Consistency in Discovering Dimensionality by Correlation 

Constraint Analysis ami Common Factor Analysis 

Mircea S. Trandafir • Economics 

Tlie Effect of Same-Sex Marriage Laws on Different-Sex Marriage: Evidence 
from the Netherlands 

Elizabeth A. Tsakiris • Counseling and Personnel Services 
Treatment Effectiveness in Preschool Autism: A Look at Affective I 'ariables 

Hui-Hsing Tseng • Business and Management 
Performance Schedules and Then Impact on Event Ticket Sales 

Ananthanarayanan Veeraragavan • Aerospace Engineering 

( Understanding the Role oj Heat Recirculation in Enhancing the Speed oj 
Premixed Laminat Flames in a Parallel Plate Micro-Combustot 

Hoa T. Vo • Psychology 

Caffeine [bstinence I hiring the Menstrual Cycle: An Evaluation oj Mood 
Cognitive and Psychomotor Effects of Withdrawal 

Amanda L. Wagner Hoa • Human Development 

Tlte Nature of Bi-Ethuic Identity in Young Adults of Asian and European 
Descent and Their Perceptions of Familial Influences on Its Development 

Beibei Wang • Electrical Engineering 

Dynamic Spectrum Allocation and Slurring in Cognitive Cooperative Networks 

Hui Wang • Physics 

Low-Temperature Scanning Tunneling Microscopy and Spectroscopy: A Study on 
Charge Density Waves and Vortex Dynamics 

Philip Y. Wang • Neurosciences and Cognitive Sciences 

Molecular Mechanisms oj Neuronal Development 

John A. Wasko • Measurement, Statistics and Evaluation 

Finite Mixture Model Specifications Accommodating Treatment Nonresponse in 
Experimental Research 

Anne C. Welsh • Counseling and Personnel Services 

A Biopsychosocial Model of Body Image in New Mothers 

Jonathan M. Winkler • Mechanical Engineering 

Development oj an Integrated Component-Based Simulation Fool for the Steady 
State and Transient Analysis of Vapor Compassion Systems 

Kelly E. Wisecup • English Language and Literature 

Communicating Disease: Medical Knowledge and Literary Forms in Colonial 
British America 

Yao Wu • Computer Science 

( Computing Approximate Customized Ranking 

Fei Xue • Applied Mathematics and Scientific Computation 

Numerical Solutions of Eigenvalue Problems with Spectral Transformations 

Mark S. Zablocki • Special Education 

Predicting School Dropout Among Youth with Disabilities: The Role of Youth 
Characteristics, Academic Experiences and Emotional Engagement Factors 



Shu Zhang • Applied Mathematics and Scientific Computation Xihe Zhu • Kinesiology 

Mining of Business Data 

Qin Zhong • Chemistry 

Optical Ken Effect Spectroscopy oj Simple Liquids 

Enlu Zhou • Electrical Engineering 

Particle Filtering for Stochastic Control and Global Optimization 

Examining the Relation Between Student Expectancy-Value Motivation 
. I, Increment in Middle School Physical Education and After-School Physical 
Activity Participation 

Paul B. Zwiers • Biology 

Use of Molecular Techniques to Address the Evolution oj Display Traits in the 
Ptilonorhynchidae and Other Passeriform Species 



Master of Applied 

Zoe W.V. Bendixen 
Lillian Mirella Pena 
Elizabeth Anne Zinar 

Master of Arts 

Art History 

Marie Jacquelin Ladino 

Counseling and 
Personnel Services 

Nicole Antoinette Bryan 
Sarah Mei-Yen Hui 
Melissa Ann Kamin 
Samantha Lynn Sedlik 
Meredith Ann Smith 
Samantha Courtney Sweeney 
Isaiah Jerome Thomas 

Criminal Justice 

Congcong Gao 
Lin Gong 
Jingpei Li 
Zhaoying Li 
Feng Lu 
Yu Qian 
Jing Shen 
Duguo Tian 
Yuandong Tu 
Dong Wang 
Mengmeng Wang 
Bingxin Xiao 
Yunfeng Yang 
Dongjie Ye 
Kaigang Zhen 

Criminology and 
Criminal Justice 

Megan Ann Bears 
Noah Patrick Miller 
Manbeth L. Rezey 


Mi Wu 

Education Leadership and 
Policy Studies 

Rodrick Siwelton Hobbs 
Kathenne Davis Regan 

English Language 
and Literature 

Yildiz Nuredmoski 

French Language 
and Literature 

Gena R. Chattm 


Christian Felix Castro 
Taylor L. Keen 
Brandon George Nero 

Government and Politics 

Matthew Peter Spino 

Hearing and Speech Sciences 

Jessica Aubrey Bauman 
Sarah Elizabeth Michael 


Jeremy Best 
Mandy M. Izadi 
Nancy Su Nalezyty 
Kimberly Michelle Nath 
David Reid Nesbitt 


Katharine E. Amenabar 
David Michael Logan 

Mathematical Statistics 

Mathewos Solomon Demissie 
Mmgyu Xi 

Second Language Acquisition 
and Application 
Robert S. Bird 
Jasmine Winola Brann 
Joseph Matthew Jones III 


•Stephanie I. Burres 

Spanish Language 
and Literature 

Christine Mane Willie 

Master of Business 

Christine Dona Agbuva 

Andrea Suzanne Ahrens 

Karuna Prasad Reddy Ammireddy 

Daniel Auriel 

Fatou Ba 

Hairning Bai 

Ram Balasubramaniam 

Bhalachandra Gurudas Banavalikar 

Heather Ann Bennett 

Stefan Blobelt 

Andrew Ely Cadmus 

Chnstopher A. Calenda 

Wei Cao 

Joseph Nicholas Condino 

Regine Darisse de la Cruz 

Daniel J. DeBord 

Oliver Defining 

Anthony Michael Diaz 

Jonathan Enc Dornblaser 

Frank Worth Elliott III 

fohn |ames Ellison 

Alain Fabian 

Matteo Faggm 

Thomas Flueckiger 

Aaron John Garnett 

Amnta Kaur Gill 

Brian Jeffrey Goode 

Sergei ( ioumilevski 

Jeanine Marie Graham 

Paul Thomas Gross III 

Rainer Holler 

Tobias Huttl 

Meng |i 

Lu Jiang 

Dmitry Kachaev 

Sandeep Kale 

Andrew Edward Kates 

Aaron Douglas Kemp 

Praphul Kumar 

Sunny Chun Yik Kwok 

Brian Robert Lawton 

Lixin Li 

Hsiao- Wen Liu 

Jeremy Hugh Lloyd 

We. Ma 

Michael Allan L. Mallan 

Joseph Proia McGuirk 

Vijay Anand Na\.ik 

Mark Kingdon Neely 

Matthew Anthony Pappano 

Sheetal Parade 

Bradford Jonathan Parker 

Robert Philip Quigley 

Arne Raedke 

Yaw Sam 

Paul D. Sanin 

Nirmal Narendra Shah 

Narendra Karkal Shenoy 



Ann Shprukhnun 

Sanjay Singh 

Jonathan Holbrook Smith 

James Suh 

Kevin Thomas Sullivan 

Federico Luciano Taborda 

Justin James Tague 

[oachim Theile-Ochel 

David John Todd 

Andreas Waelti 

Benjamin Reed Walden 

Friedbert Wall 

Linda Wang 

Brendon James Weiss 

Patrick Edward Winemiller 

Patnk Wismer 

ChaQunn Wu 

Han Xu 

Wei Zeng 

Tieyan Zhang 

Zhenjun Zhu 

Master of Business 
of Public Policy 



Master of Business 
of Science 

Gayle Marie Bowerman 
Matthew Warren Dosberg 
Christina Ruth Fines 
Andrew Stephen Guise 
Trevor Hogan 
Jerome Wesley Jackson 
Brian Patrick Makes 
Justin Daniel Reilly 
Mareisha Nicolle Winters 

Master of Chemical 
and Life Sciences 

Megan Joan Bishop 
Nathan B. Blackner 
Robin McGowan Carey 
Susan Rose Cosgrove 
Carlos Alberto de la 

Barra Gonzalez 
Jessica Ruth Engle 
Margaret Anne Gentili 
Timothy [ames Hale 
Todd M. Kennedy 
Jennifer Lynn Kneafsey 
Ivy Nicole Lyvers 
Michelle Ann McDonald 
Ruth Brown McMichens 
David Alan Nelson 
Kirstin Kay Purcell 
Wendy Bonner Spicer 
Enna Elise Van Horn 

Master of Community 

Edward F. Bates 
Nkechi M. Hislop 
Sean Thomas O'Neill 
Maixent Isidore Ralamgita 

Master of Education 

Counseling and 
Personnel Services 

Megan Michelle Forbes 

Curriculum and Instruction 

Jillian Kathleen De Seve 
Samantha Nell Ferree Ahmed 
Chnsoula Anagnostopoulos 
Laurie Anne Anello 

Monica Renee Anthony 
Erica Lynn Apatov 
Joy Danielle Beatty 
Amy Christina Boone 
Phaedra Danielle Boyd 
Laura Ann Butler 
Abbey Rachele Cantor 
Melanie Lynn Cathey 
Emily Elizabeth Compton 
Justin Robert Costantino 
Elena M. Crawford 
Andrew Scott Cuming 
Benjamin Joseph Currano 
Rachael Elizabeth Curtis 
Sonia D'Agnese 
Java Suneja Das 
Ransom Peterson Denhard 
Karma Dos Santos 
Avery Allison Ladd Downing 
Candice Bnece Doyle 
Adnenne Mane Dukes 
Kimberly Elizabeth Eddy 
Michael Keith Egan 
Michelle Eng 

Thomas Terrance Evans Jr. 
Florence Falloux 
Laura Maria Fess 
Claudia Rachel Frank 
Sean Michael Franklin 
Hannah Bess Freeman 
Leayne Christie Freeman 
Maria Dolores Frontanes 
Jennifer Nicole Gannon 
Alana Garritano 
Jillian Talley Mane Gaul 
Lauren Holden Gautier 
Noah Grosfeld-Katz 
Susan C. Gross 
Gloria Eunkyung Han 
Susan Katharine Hannj 
Sarah Beth Hansen 

Sinead O. Harte 

Harnotte Winchester Heinzen 

Cathryn lgnacio Herrfurth 

Matthew Luke Holmes 

Chrissy Haley Holt 

Jennifer Marenjean Howe 

Sarah Josephine Hunt 

Stacey Annmane Tamar Johnson 

Irena Jones 

Julia Lee Joseph 

Knstelle Rowe Harris Kambanis 

Annie Kang 

Ohvia Grace Kelly 

Faith Soojin Kim 

Elynn Avis Lewis 

Linda Mane Litwinovich 

Kulsum Malik 

Shaina Mane Mattei 

Jessica May 

Valayne Biggs May 

Mary Ellen McCord 

Erin Lynn McCormick 

Ashhe R. McGinnis 

Krista Louise McKim 

Jessica Ellen Mealey 

Elama Terese Glennda Merritt Pfaft 

Zaccary Ryan Mills 

Carlos Miguel Molma Rosales 

Scott Justin Murphy 

Knstm Danielle Newman 

JuUa Teal Novakowski 

Carla P. Onate 

Rosana Mane Pagan Motta 

Jennifer Ann Parrott 

Sneha Anish Patel 

Yianna Patronas 

Lauren Elizabeth Patton 

Samuel Joakim Pinkava 

Michelle Christine Pinto 

Kara Elizabeth Matteson Pleasants 

Tenta Louise Pottinger 



[Mian Leigh Povall 

Pinky S. Punater 

Shannon Christine Reed 

Lashunda Da'Lynn Reynolds 

Ravi Saini 

Nicole Mane Santiago 

Sarah Ann Schulman 

Elizabeth Collens Shaw 

Talia Dina Shnider 

Stanley Edward Snienn 

Natacha D. Stenner 

Todd Evan Stillman 

Slaviana Petkova Stoyanova-Roberts 

Connne Supowit 

Anelle Farrah Sutton 

Tracy Danielle Syetta 

Maxine Tang 

Kelly Mane Terrell 

Kevin Michael Tom 

Kathryn Mana Ugolini 

Shaheena Uzzaman 

Angela Yuan Wang 

Lindsey Rebecca Ward 

Mary Wilhelm 

Human Development 

Annette C. Hams 

Special Education 

Mehnne Ahmed 
Meghan Nancy Ban 
Lauren Elizabeth Bixby 
James Brittm Boice 
Laura Ellyn Campbell 
Domenick Michael Fabii 
Karen Lynne Pearis Larenas 
James Harold Lewis 
Eileen Magan 
Ashley Paige Zungali 

Master of Engineering Master of Journalism 

Sylvester Codjoe Adamah 

Seth Philip Adams 

Wayne Aaron Appenzellar 

Simon Kwesi Baidoo 

Kevin S. Bailey 

Scott Michael Noack Bryant 

Parin K. Choganwala 

Timothy James Eller 

Rachana A. Gandhi 

Simplice Zadi Gbedie 

Agustin Hector Majdalani 

Kelly Glanding Mansfield 

Sheila Latrice McPherson 

Holly Lynn Nestle 

Olusola Olatunbosun Ogunbode 

Ronald A. Parungao 

Minhas Mohammad Siddiqui 

Michael Hansun Wei 

Master of Engineering 
and Public Policy 

Colleen Angela Honn 
Roger Alan Lueken 

Master of Information 

Jithesh Balaknshnan 
Mohit Kumar Chand 
Sumit Gupta 
Maitreyi Jha 

Manasee Piakash Mahajan 
Vrushank Vinayak Salaskar 
Wei-Hsuan Shieh 
Arunachalam M. Snmvasan 
Rishabh Harnish Vyas 

Michael Parsons Frost 
Nathasha Lim 

Master of 
Library Science 

Kristen Anne Wenger Albnttam 

Michele Eileen Astor 

Joseph Arthur Burcham 

Steven William Chase 

Dagnachew Dagne Gizaw 

Kirsten Claire Hefty 

Sarah Anne Herman 

John R. F. Jewitt 

Jennifer Terrill Jones 

Michael Anthony Kardos 

Lisa Kay Kreps 

Jing Liu 

Sara Franklin Mathis 

Ahstair Mornson 

Meredith Elaine Peck 

David Russell Piper 

Michele R. Ramsey 

Susan Nina Rosenbaum 

Mary Taylor Saulsgiver 

Robert William Shindle 

Lauren Lynn Stoop 

Pamela Jeanne Thompson 

Josephine Elizabeth Wilson 

Sydney Bartlett Wilson 

Yani L. Yancey 

Master of Music 

Aaron Dante 
Michael Steven Spanowjr. 

Master of 
Professional Studies 

Donald L. Barker Jr. 
Audelino Contreras 
Bryan Matthew Costa 
Hasan Jackson 
Riva Javier San Juan 
Ted O. Smith 

Master of 
Public Health 

Stefan Lensworth Livingston 
Sonja Natasha Williams 

Master of 

Public Management 

Enk Paul DuMont 
Calvin D. Fan Jr. 
Kelleyjean Gallagher 
Jody Elizabeth Morgan Kent 
Heather Laune Lee 
Maureen Shields Lorenzetti 
Gregory Scott Muehl 
Timothy Michael Nelson 
|ames Antome Tyer 

Master of 
Public Policy 

Fernando Alcibiades De 
Villena Saenz 



Master of Public 
of Sustainable 
Development and 
Conservation Biology 

Ivan Dario Valencia Rodriguez 

Master of Real Estate 

Matthew James Bonifant 
Jason Matthew Braga 
Jonathan D. Florin 
Daniel Scott Irvin 
Peter Gustav Laver 
Jonathan Deshler Schenck 
Sarina Sethi 

Master of Science 

Aerospace Engineering 

Sonia Hernandez-Doran 
Bradley Stephen Curtis Johnson 

Agricultural and 
Resource Economics 

Soma L. Jarvis 
Manbar Singh Khadka 
Ling Yee Khor 

Animal Sciences 

Sarah Lee Ann Benoit 
Kathryn Michelle Dorsey 
Xuan Liu 

Atmospheric and 
Oceanic Science 

James P. Cipriani 
Hve Lim Yoo 

Behavior, Ecology, Evolution 
and Systematics 

Linda Mane Cendes 

Biological Resources 

Stephen Victor Strano 


Vijayakala Vydeeswaran 

Chemical Engineering 

David Leonardo Ramos Sanchez 
Negm Shahshahan 
Deepa Subramanian 

Civil Engineering 

Bora Cetin 

Christopher Steven Clarke 

Sahand Sasha Karinn 
Robert Julian Warren 

Computer Science 
Chaudhry Hassan Afzal 
Ryan David Blue 
1 lassan Sayyadi-Harikandehei 

Ananta Nath Tiwari 
Maya Zuhl 

Couple and Family Therapy 

Leidy Magdalena Mena 
Kenneth Joel Pamell 
Tiffani Debra Stevenson 
Kyle Dallin Tew 

Electrical Engineering 

Xiao Zhu Fan 
Kaushik Mitra 

Deepak Sndharan 
Harita Tenneti 
Chenjie Yu 


Susan Elaine Johnson 

Fire Protection Engineering 

Chi Tran Do 
Puneet Sharma 

Food Science 

Avani Mukesh Sanghvi 


Erik Ravnholt Hankin 
Noah Andrew Miller 
Lisa Schleicher Walsh 



Marine, Estuarine and 
Environmental Sciences 

Leah Hope Menzies Beckett 
Katie Maureen Delaney 
Jason Lee Edwards 
Kan Hammarsten Fenske 
Desmond Justine Johns 
Susan Elizabeth Lombardi 
Emily Dawn Seldomridge 
Karen Ann Taylor 
Daohong Yao 

Mechanical Engineering 

Farhan Choudhary 
Payam Delgoshaei 
Timothy M. Fitzgerald 
Nicholas James Garcia 
Jennifer Ezu Hu 
Yasir Majeed 

Gngonos loannis Panagakos 
Rishi Raj 

Nuclear Engineering 

Randall Jaroy Leslie 


Junhao Ma 


Barbara Ellen Brawn-Cinani 
Daniel Molson Chapman 
Sergey S. Kurennoy 
Rebecca Olson 
Rajesh Sathiyanarayanan 


Andrew Neal Herst 
Laura Jernigan Sherman 
Brandi Shawn Stupica 

Reliability Engineering 

Sachin Kumar 

Sustainable Development and 
Conservation Biology 

Alexis Louise Hollinger 
Varada Sanjeev Shevade 


Varun Vishwanath Agm 

Deepti Jagdish Chandra 

Neha Sanjay Gadkari 

Vinay Gangadhar 

Akshay Vineshwar Kashyapa 

Ramgautham Knshnamurthy 

Saurabh Vilas Kulkarni 

Sarah Kunan 

Srilakshrm Narasipur Ananthakumar 

Subodh Pandey 

Karthik Ramkumar 

Rakesh Mohan Sapre 

Graduate Certificates 

Advanced Graduate Specialist 

Nayoung Kim 
Allison Joan Nebbergall 
Daniel Seth Newman 
Samantha Lynn Sedlik 


Maria Perez 

Intelligence Analysis 

Andrea Lynnette Barnes 

Brent Claffey 

Nicholas Timothy Daniels 

Damian Dantinne 

Michael Gilmore Gregory 

Jason Harris 

Vincent Tyrone Haslem 

Allison Beth McCoy 

Ashley Danielle Vaughan 

Literacy Coaching 

Traci Belton 

KhaishaJ. Charles 

Felicia A. Colbert 

Kimberli Harrison 

Cama-Kalee Jones 

Erika Michelle Jones 

Michelle Antoinette Lewis 

Deborah Love 

Michelle Contee Miltenberger 

Yvette Sanan Rivers 

Margot P. Savoy 

Rochelle Lavon Savoy 

Andrea Margaret Thomas-Munson 

Uju Joy Udejiofor 

Jonathan Barent Wemple 

Bnan Kenneth Wenk 

Latonya Patric Wright-Trader 

Adilah Wutoh-Baylor 

Tara Lynn Young 

Neuroscience and 
Cognitive Sciences 

Ellen Frances Lau 

Professional Studies 

Meseret Bezuneh 
Larry Anthony Dupre 
Mary Guth Haselton 
Andrew J. Inselmann 
Laura Ann Mcjilton 
Michelle Salome Pichardo 
Mary Kate Schneider 
Seth Solomon Sobel 
Stephen John Sponk 
Dondra Lashay Ward 

Terrorism Analysis 

Maureen Ann Casey 
Richard Ernest Henrichsen 
Nicholas Edward Webster 
Reginald Shawn West 

Urban Design 

Shawna Christine Grant 

Women's Studies 

Tammy Lynette Sanders 



Agriculture and 
Natural Resources, 
College of 

Bachelor of Science 

Agricultural and 
Resource Economics 

Benjamin B. Appel 
Tyler Craig Herrick 
Mariah Sim Muffley 
Yvonne Chinyere Nwoke 

Animal Sciences 

Elizabeth Faye Bartlett 
Rachel Esther Fishman 

2nd Degree: Studio Art 
Tamara LoefBer 
Maureen F. Sigmund 


Rhonda Gayle Cohen 
Joanna Mary Herman 

Food Science 

Caitlin Rose Hickey 

Natural Resource Sciences 

Joshua Keith Lowman 

Nutritional Science 

Rick Sheng Chun Lin 

Plant Sciences 

Geness Meeyoung Kim 

Architecture, Planning, 
and Preservation, 
School of 

Bachelor of Science 


Daniel Armando Lucenti 

Arts and Humanities, 
College of 

Bachelor of Arts 

American Studies 

Nneka Adeola Brewster 
Aurora Althea Caskey 
John Matthew Decker 
Allison Jamie Dietzek 
John Winter Eckert 
Kaitlyn Anne Kelleher 
Lauren Christine Leister 
Elliot Solomon Lief 
Gary John Pezza 
Stephen Michael Sciannella 

Art History 

Melvm Jose Aguilar 
Neda Khalili 


Philip Thomas Caldarella 
Maria Veronica Cevallos 
Zoe Nicole Christodoulou 
Holly Marie Elder 
Courtney Robin Fallon 
Angela Gardner 
Jacqueline Anne Geary 
Evyatar Netanel Hakakian 

2nd Major: Jewish Studies 
Courtney Heather Hopkins 
Jennifer Younmc Jin 

*Steven Anthony Klein 
2nd Major: Economics 
lima Milbert 
Kelly Aileen O'Donnell 
Enca Nicole Robinson 
Kristin Carol Rodngues 
Cheryl Mercedes Romero 
Michelle Lois Scholtes 
Loren Elizabeth Snoddy 
Sarah ( 'arvalho Sommaripa 
Elizabeth Ann Spencer 
Kimbcrly Natasha Wilson 


Shannon Donahue Seeger 

2nd Device: English Language 
and Literature 

English Language 
and Literature 

Shayma Mohammed Al-Hanooti 
Julian Aldana 
Heather Mae Bennett 
Amy Elizabeth Benson 
Christina Elizabeth Cobb 

2nd Degree: Government 

and Politics 
A.J. Cooke 

Derek A. Ferramosca Scarzella 
Lauren E. Gonzalez 
Aaron Michael Graham 
Jarrid Leevan Green 
Michael Joseph Greenwalt 
Kata deHaven Hall 
Rachel Octavia Keeys 
George Fuad Khouri 
Kyera L. Lamoureux 
Kaitlyn Lavm 
Bridget Kathleen Page 
David Jan Pfeferman 
Kristina Michelle Reznikov 
I >\ James Roche 

Shannon Donahue Seeger 

2nd Degree: Dance 
.Walter Andrew Shephard 
Brian Slamnka 
Kati Melissa Supsic 
Genesis M. Thistle 
Geoffrey Millard Thompson 
Maxwell Michael Towson 
Emily Elizabeth Wahl 

2nd Degree: German Language 

and Literature 
Jasmin Monique Ward 
Paul Preston Wege 

French Language 
and Literature 

Chaeli Jean Cantwell 

German Language 
and Literature 

Emily Elizabeth Wahl 

2nd Degree: English Language 

and Literature 


Owen Silverman Andrews 
2nd Degree: Government 
and Politics 

Michael J. Baranoski 

Charles Patrick Barclay 

Michael Ross Bobbick 

Patrick E. Brady 

David Andrew Buckler 

Kip Scott Canavan 

William Matthew Dalton 

Brianne M. Dempsey 

Kathleen Larae Dempsey 

John William Deoudes 

Emily Elizabeth Duck 

Reyyan Erdogan 

Daniel J. Espinoza 
2nd Major: Sociology 


Laude f Magna aim Laude * cum Laude 


Vanessa Anne Geddings 

2nd Major: Secondary Education- 
Social Studies 

Peter William Glaros 
2nd Major: Studio Art 

Jonathon Maxwell Gordon 

Daniel Jeremy Harbison 

Kathryn McKee Hams 

Joshua Christopher Home 

Grace Eunhae Kim 

Christopher Jon Kroeker 

Ram Bern- Mosher 

Paul Neilson Nash 

Krista M. Neat 

David Leo Oliner 

James Samuel Sandlin 

♦Abby Sexton 

Guy Y. Shem-Tov 

Laurence Rylan Smith 

Jeremy Aaron Taubnian 

Peter Roland Nathaniel Whitlock 

Edward Cardwell Yegen 111 

Italian Language 
and Literature 

Liana Rosa Moris 

Jewish Studies 

Joshua Harry Solomon 


Lauren Rose Hoffman 

Music-Liberal Arts Program 

Claire Lorainne Linville 


Matthew Harrison Bakalar 
Jeremy David Hicks 
Emily Susan Peterson 
Daniel Paul Temphn 

Romance Languages 

Sara Sa Barreto Cabral 

Spanish Language 
and Literature 

loshua Paul Baker 

2nd Mnor: American Studies 
Adnana Isabel Rego 
Daniel Edward Rosas 

Studio Art 

Glenn Mathieu Bryce 
Rachel Esther Fishman 

2nd Degree: Animal Sciences 
Rosa Bianca Flaim 

2nd Degree: Art Education 
Tyre Matthew Jones 
Christina Kim 
Sarah Elizabeth Martin 

2nd Major: Art History 
Leah Marie Ortanez 
Ashley Marie Panuska 
Grace Young Park 

2nd Major: Art History 
Esfandyar Poozesh 
Chris J. Rohrs 


Bridget Mary Cummiskey 
Joseph Paul Eugene 
Eternanda Elizabeth Fudge 
Stephanie Rene Finn Taylor 

Bachelor of Music 

Music-Professional Program 

Aaron Patrick McNeil 

Behavioral and Social 
Sciences, College of 

Bachelor of Arts 

African American Studies 

Altmann Rushin Pannell 


fKara Elizabeth Gibbons 
Sarah Elizabeth Leslie 
Shawn Sterling Magnuson 
Olanrewaju Amos Ogunsola 
Elisabeth Theresa Pascal 
Knstie Lynne Stultz 

Criminology and 
Criminal Justice 

Josean Antonio Acevedo-Soto 
Khawaja M. Anwar 
William Alexander Argueta 
Aaron Taylor Bass 
|ohn Trahey Beamer III 
Mena K.S. Boutross 
Kevin Nicholas Brown 
Brendan James Byrne 
Alison Andrea Caballero 
Tiftany Nicole Caldwell 
Raven Danielle Canty 
Jeremy James Carpenter 
Alexandra Mane Chagouris 
Bamelia La'Vonne Clarke 
Chelsea Liane Collins 
Jenna Marie Cooksey 
Daniel Robert Cordes 
James Carroll Dammeyer 
James Samuel David Jr. 

2nd Major: Psychology 
Jason Andrew Dearborn 
Maria Alejandra Espinoza 
William Joseph French IV 
Ryan Marc Gardner 

Robert Alan Garza 
Alexander S. Goldenthal 
Jason Elliot Goldwasser 
Mark Patnck Grant 
Paula Maria Henson 
Timothy Hooten Jr. 
Asher Hershel Hopp 
Edward Kao 
Gary An-Chung Ku 
Michael Lee 

2nd Major: ( H>vemmenl 

and Politics 
Serah Lee 

San Rebecca Lerner 
Megan Ann McAleer 
Danielle Elizabeth McNeill 
Natalie Ann Mitcham 
Mary E. Morgan 
Gregory Eugene Moss 
Christopher Lawrence O 
Christopher Steven Parkerson 
Michael Andrew Peitzmeier 

2nd Major: History 
Laura Kathleen Perret 
Jensen Daniel Pupa 
Caitlin Marie Quirk 
Samuel Matthew Rankin 
Donald William Reed II 
Lauren Beth Rossnan 
Neil Joseph Russell 
Morgan Marie Simmons 
Andrew Ryan Simpson 

2nd Major: Spanish Language 

and Literature 
Parisa Talebzadeh Tabnzi 
Anatoliy Tsytsikov 
Ashley Hayden Vitielliss 
William H. Westly 
Donald Lee Whitaker Jr. 
Cary St. Patrick Williams 
Sandra Elaine Wilson 
Lorrell Elaine Woods 

<m I , utile f Magti, 




Cyrus Aghamolla 
Said Eniin AJiyev 
Patrick Reynald Altema 
Omri Arens 

2nd Major. ( Government 

and Politic* 
Jordan Darnel Blaker 
Tiffany Lee Boulden 
Crystal M. Chang 
James Patnck Chase Jr. 
Yitong Chen 
Matthew Paul DiFusco 
Drew Emsellem 
Nicholas L. Evangelist 
Andrew Michael Flanagan 
Joseph Aurelio Flores 
Kyle Brendan Fraser 
Patrick Robert Friel 
Maria Frolovina 
Flora Julliet Gomes 

2nd Major: Sociology 
Denis V. Goncharuk 
Michael Nicholas Greenbaum 
Victoria Lynn Guido 
Kahleb Andrew Theophilus Gumbs 
Ana Gustchina Rubio 

2nd Major: Communication 
Paul Hwang 
Victor Aaron Jackson 
Sojeong Kim 
Joon-Ha Lee 
Cathy Sue Li 
Diana Lieu 
Young Kun Lim 
Paul J. Madden Jr. 
Sania Mahmood 
Gabriel Robert Maier 
Sahil Manocha 
Sona Martirosyan 
1 dward J. McCartyJr. 
Sean Anthony McKenzie 

Geoffrey Daniel McNeil 
Erik Knstoffer Nilsson 
Edwin Essien-Ita Offiong 
Robert Peng 
Steven Jason Preston 
Carlos Alberto Proano 
|ennifer Leigh Richardson 
Justin Louis Robillard 
Mohammed Dean Roshan 
Mwigamsa Rwegasira 
Sean Hashem Seymour 
Gennadiy L. Shoykhedbrod 

2nd Major: Anthropology 
Igor Campello Simas 
Eugene Albert Knight Sininis 
Michael Ryan Smdall 
Joshua Michael Sloane 
Marcus Straughter Jr. 
Michael Thomas Trexler 
Matthew Hayes Voltz 
Ryann L. Watkim 

2nd Major: < Government 

and Politics 
Jesse Ryan Weatherston 
Wenyan Yin 

Edward Alexander Zhang 
Yijun Zhou 

Government and Politics 

Owen Silverman Andrews 
2nd Degree: History 

•Bethany Devi Bengfort 

Robert Joshua Birk 

2nd Degree: Secondary Education- 
Social Studies 

Summer Ciara Butler 

Christina Elizabeth Cobb 

2nd Degree: English Language 
and Literature 

Bret Michael Cullman 

Erin Elizabeth Dawson 

Amy Rekha Dewan 

Kathleen Patricia Gipprich 
William Aaron Goldberg 
Yibo Gong 

Craig Daniel Grohowski 
Emily Erin Hamner 
Patrick Scott Horner 
Erm Elizabeth Hutson 
Mara Youngbok Jenkins 
fAshley Gertrud Junnka 
Tammy L. Malinich 
Matthew Douglas McKenzie 
Alex Jason Miller 
Brett Peter Alexander Moore 
Kevin Patrick Peters 
Allison Paige Poullard 
Caroline Judith Reder 

2nd Major: Economics 
Scott Mitchell Shamrock 
Nathan Ryan Trail 
Christopher Evenson Turner 
Paul Anthony Van Cleef 
Kathleen Elizabeth Wilson 
Andrew Harrison Wood 


Noah Jordan Abelson 

Leila D. Abraham 

Calei Chan 

Punita Chhabra 

I Janielle Nicole Dubois Coburn 

Erica Rae Comu 

Lindsey Larae Crumling 

Catherine Nga Thien Doan 

Kelsey Ann Fisher 

Khalifah Jaylynn Hawkins 

Kathenne Anne Hayes 

Blake Michael I lellei 

Allegra Alba Hild 

Rachael Muriel Murphy Ryan 

Daniel Alan Nevitt 

2nd Major: ( Criminology and 

Criminal /ilwih 

Me Me Oh 

Margaret Annette F. Pond 

Alisha Cimone Snead 

Lauren Emily Spicer 

Joyce Teng 

Tifiany Yan 

2nd Degree: Marketing 


Raven Nicole Baker 

Elysabeth Mane Denise Benjamin 

Adegorioye Shobowale Benson 

Nicole Mane Carver 

Eboni Barbara Francis 

Sterling Taft Hardy 

Melony Patnce Hawkins 

Jinah Kang 

LaNita Lee McWilliams 

Eric Skyler Pons 

Aaron Joseph Shields 

Kellie Sara Tyson 

Anthony Brian Walker Jr. 

Candace T. Woods 

Bachelor of Science 

Environinental Science 
and Policy 

Andrew Thomas Kim 


Jason Lee Frantz 
Devin Andrew Johnson 
tjonathon Michael Loutsch 
Mark C. Manley 
Michael Darnell McCoy 
Peter Gerard B. Villaver 


Thu Anh Bui 
Jessica Cvinar 
Zachary Aaron Dembo 



Mary Catherine Foote 
Anne Mane Newman 
Lauren Sabrina Senkbeil 
tAllon Vishkan 
Ryan Wilby 

2nd Degree: Computer Science 

Business, Robert H. 
Smith School of 

Bachelor of Science 


George Amartey Adjaidoo 

Crystal Ai 

Jordan Atherholt Black 
•Robert Y. Boun 

2nd Degree: Finance 
Mary Katherine Budmck 
^Jeffrey David Dimon 

2nd Degree: Marketing 
Eliza ( lanvel Garcia-Castillo 
Gregory Jordan Goldberg 
Gena R. Heber 
Jaclynn Elizabeth Hilhgoss 
Jacquelyn Mane Kalish 
Joseph Dudley Kennedy 
Youn Joo Lee 

2nd Degree: Finance 
Clansse Ngendahimana 
John Warren Peters 

2nd Degree: Finance 
Daniel Adam Reiss 
Titilope Tierra Sawe 
Darren Robert Schryer 

2nd Degree: Finance 
Bnan Anthony Vargas 
Marc Vetere 
Chen Xu 
Daisy Dan Zhang 


Yasser Ahmad 

2nd Major: Accounting 
•Robert Y. Boun 

2nd Degree: Accounting 
Derek Edward Coleman 
Ryan Bradley Hall 
Zam Anwer Hasan 
Sarah Deanne Koman 
Youn Joo Lee 

2nd Degree: Accounting 
Lauren Alyssa McPherson 
Tapiwa Russell Mhute 
Nishant Pankaj Patel 

2nd Major: Operations 

Priya P. Patel 
John Warren Peters 

2nd Degree: Accounting 
Darren Robert Schryer 

2nd Degree: Accounting 
Jacqueline Mary Shields 

General Business 

David Joseph Allen 
Babak Martin Amini 
Ashley Lauren Sims 
Todd Alan Stup Jr. 

International Business 

Rebecca Rae Evans 
Elizabeth Clare Karp 
Monica Panya Kmgkeo 
Karen Susana Portillo 
Ewelina Marta Szafirska 


Erin Marie Conroy 
jjeffrey David Dimon 

2nd Degree: Accounting 
Samuel [an Marksheid 

2nd Major: International Business 

Viktoriya Plotkin 

2nd Major: Accounting 

Matthew Jason Shanker 
Nicole Elizabeth White 
Tiffany Yan 

2nd Degree: Psychology 

Operations Management 

Amelia Elizabeth Bresani 

Chemical and Life 
Sciences, College of 

Bachelor of Science 


Amanda Louise Blackmon 
Elhussain Mohamed All Soarkati 

Biological Sciences 

Mustafa Qassim Abdul- 

Jaleel Abdullah 
Kevin Joseph Anthony 
>Diana Lynne Bernstein 
Meghan Leigh Braffet 

2nd Degree: Secondary 

Cole Allen Breeding 
Gautham Jason Eddy 
Jeffrey Lynn Gair Jr. 
Lyubov Markovna Galperina 
Amir H. Hanudzadeh 
Christopher Joseph Isley 
Kurt William Lowery 
Stephanie Lynn MacCormack 
Kyle Brendan Miller 
Aleksandra Alekseyevna Ogurtsova 
Sheila Rezvam 
Navid Sadoughianzadeh 
Somya Shesadn 
Jason A. Siegel 
Salma Srour 

Hemanth Reddy Kumar Vanuku 
Shewit Gebregziabher Woldu 
Joshua Langley Wood 


Matthew Aaron Eisgrau 

2nd Major: Criminology and 
Criminal Justice 

Bryan Kung-Ying Hsu 

William James Laws 

Education, College of 

Bachelor of Arts 

Art Education 

Rosa Bianca Flaim 

2nd Degree: Studio Art 

Secondary Education-English 
Language Arts 

Marie Chris Umah 

2nd Major: English Language 
and Literature 

Secondary Education- 
Social Studies 

Robert Joshua Birk 

2nd Degree: Government 
and Politics 

Richard J. Hanna 
2nd Ma/or: History 

Bachelor of Science 

Elementary Education 

Erica Gihyun Chang 
Rena Cole 

Nicole Kristin Council 
Nicole Marie Greenfield 
jMona Tarek Hammad 

■; Summa i urn Laude t Magna cum Laude 



Mary Margaret Kobelja 
Kristen Marie Massabni 
Mariam Bano Tasleem 

Secondary Education- 

Dmitriy Anatolyevich Chukhin 
2nd Major: Mathematics 

Secondary Education-Science 

Meghan Leigh BratTet 

2nd Degree: Biological Sciences 

Special Education 

Rabiah N. Muhammad 

Engineering, A. James 
Clark School of 
Bachelor of Science 

Aerospace Engineering 

Michael Joseph Krall 
Pranay Seshadri 

Chemical Engineering 

Shivani Patnaik 

Civil Engineering 

Frances Elizabeth Dozier 
Jennifer Nicole Nichols 

Computer Engineering 

Paul Taylor Hobgood 

Electrical Engineering 

Sion Teshome Assfaw 
Wondmameh Hailu Girum 
Isaac Jhonnatan Moreyra 
Dominick K. Pham 
Hunum Mohamed Satti 
Jesse Barrett Singer 
Liangbi Zhu 

Fire Protection Engineering 

Andrew Kai Velasco 

Mechanical Engineering 

Iteolu Adekunle Adeboyejo 
Adam Christopher Beard 
Steven Lee Billingsley 
Erin Leah Deery 
Eric Taylor Jewett 
Rouen Shniuel Lautman 

Larry Bernard Murphy II 
Horacio C. Nochetto 
Eduardo Jose Rodriguez 
♦Andrew Zvi Roshwalb 
Sean Michael Springer 

Journalism, Philip 
Merrill College of 

Bachelor of Arts 


Allie Nicole Benjamin 
Ericka Paul Boston 
Sarah Catherine Brumfield 
Christopher Michael Carey 
Cory Garrett Galhher 
Timothy Joseph Herchenroeder 
Shane Eric Kirkman 
Douglas Jang Lee 
Joshua H. Loewenstein 

2nd Major: Government 

and Politics 
Kelley L. McCoy 
Ashley Elizabeth Nolan 
Dayna Lee Ryan 
Kendall Kathleen Spera 

2nd Major: Government 

and Politics 
Brooks Staley 
Adriane Lynn Watson 

Mathematical and 
Physical Sciences, 
College of 

Bachelor of Science 


Stacy Ann Bretzius 



Computer Science 

Purvish Girish Bhatt 
Samuel Michael Brin 
Ryan Eniest Buehl 
Tyler lames Cordrey 
Vin Fang 

Kevin Wesley Jenkins 
Chase Alexander Pollock 
Malcolm-Jamal Ray 
Jessica Kahle Roberts 
Sergey Shlykovich 
Anthony Tran 

2nd Major: Criminology and 

Criminal Justice 
Ryan Wilby 

2nd Degree: Psychology 
Robert James Zeender 


Achyut Dangol 
Jill Leann Gnbbm 

Marcie Elizabeth Occhi 
Darya Slobodyanik 


Temidayo Oluwayemisi Banjo 
2nd Major: Secondary 

Casey Maureen 1 >.im h 

Norville A. Hughes 

Matthew Mark Miller 
2nd Major: Secondary 

Amir Soofi 

Physical Sciences 

Kara Mane Chaprnka 

Stephanie Elia 

Enrique Abraham Monges 


Brandon Lee Crouse 

Stephen B. Kelley 
Ruben Bernard Polo-Sheik 
Alem Sahle 
Stephen Chou Yang 

Public Health, 
School of 

Bachelor of Science 

Community Health 

Leticia Akweley Addo 

Family Science 

Kelly Alicia Arroyo 
Shahla Ashrafi 
Alicia LaShawn Bobian 
Brittani Jenalyce Brisco 
Colleen Rachelle Cady 
Melissa Rachelle Permea Carry 
Ashley Elizabeth Christiansen 
Jeffery Clement Jr. 
Chnstopher Finley Gold 
Kathenne Leigh Greenberg 
Thuy T. Nguyen 
Nichole Jeanette Nicholson 
Emily Lynn Preisel 
Katie Lauren Reidy 
Bnttney O'Toole Renehan 
Lauren Ann Rothstem 
Lydia Rose Schauman 
Charles W. Shaffer Jr. 
Demetria Nicole Shamblee 
George Richard Small 
Nicolette Marietta Stampone 
April Pauline Welch 
Gabnelle Mane Wiley 
Ashley Nicole Wilt 

Kinesiological Science 

Tinh Bao Bui 

Richard Francois 

Marco Stefano Impeduglia 

Ryan Michael Jones 

Eric Liu 

Leigh Mee Soo Mahaney 

Leah Jean Maher 

Christine Nicole Norns 

Jose Amancio Amistad Pascaran 

Chadwick Justin Prima 

Rachel Ann Taylor 

Danielle Simone Thompson 

Kevin Tian Zhang 

Undergraduate Studies 

Bachelor of Arts 

Individual Studies 

jRachel Shaina Bergstein 

Bachelor of Science 

Individual Studies 

Adanze Sandra Okoroha 

Certificate Programs 

African American Studies 

Danielle Elizabeth McNeil] 
LaNita Lee McWilliams 


Willard Fraser Martin 

Laude j May/a 



Doctor of Audiology 
(dissertation not required) 

Marquitta Merkison 
Meggin J. Petronis 

Doctor of Education 

Susan F. Marks • Education Leadership and Policy Studies 

An Analysis oj the Elements oj the Professional Learning Communities Institute 
and its Relationship to the Sources of Collective Efficacy 

Doctor of Musical Arts 

Margarita Glebov 

Impromptu: From Publisher's Impulse to an Established Small-Scale Genre in 
Piano Literature 

Seyon Lee 

A Tribute to Robert Casadesus (1899-1972) 

Janine A. Leyser 

Text- Inspired Music for Trumpet 

Jin K. Park 

The Piano Music of Robert Schumann (1810-1856) and Johannes Brahms 
(1833-1897): A Survey ofConcerti, I 'ariations and Character Pieces 

Onyu J. Park 

Structure and Characterization in Tlnee Time Periods 

Soohyung Yoo 

I 'se oj I ariation and Fugue in Piano Music Siu,c the Classical Period 

Doctor of Philosophy 

Bijan Afsar • Applied Mathematics and Scientific Computation 

Means and Averaging on Riemannian Manifolds 

Eleni A. Agathocleous • Mathematics 

( 'lass Numbers of Real Cyclotomic Fields of Conductor pq 

Ebrahim S. Al Hajri • Mechanical Engineering 

Prediction of Heat Transfer and Pressure Drop of Condensing Refrigerant Flow 
in a High Aspect Ratio Micro-Channels 

Mohamed S. Alshehhi • Mechanical Engineering 

Electrostatic Gas Liquid Separation Application to Advanced On-Line/ 
On-Demand Separation Techniques 

Arun Ammayappan • Veterinary Medical Sciences 

Molecular Basis oj I 'iruleuce in Infectious Hematopoietic Necrosis I "ims (IHN] ') 
I 'sing a Reverse Genetics Approach 

Simon. i C. Andrei • Economics 

To Lohu or Not to Lohn - A Puzzle in Subcontracting Arrangements: Tlieory 

and Evidence 

Paveen Apiratikul • Electrical Engineering 

Semiconductor Waveguides for Nonhueai Optical Signal Processing 

Juliana D. Araujo • Economics 

Financial Market Access and International Risk Sharing 

Jennifer N. Bacon • Education, Curriculum and Instruction 
Culturally Responsive Poetry: Tlie Lived Experience of African American 
Adolescent Girl Poets 

Gregory M. Beachley • Chemistry 

An Improved Pseudo-Deterministic Receptor Model (iPDRAI) to Apportion 
Ambient PM Constituents to Sources in Tampa, FL 

Sofya Berezin • Chemistry 

Catechols as Membrane Anion Transporters 

Christopher D. Blakely • Applied Mathematics and Scientific 

Meshless Collocation Methods for the Numerical Solution of Elliptic Boundary 
I 'allied Problems and the Rotational Shallow Water Equations on the Sphere 



Rakesh B. Bobba • Electrical Engineering 

Secure, Policy-Based, Multi-Recipient Data Sharing 

Sandhya Bodapati • Modern French Studies 

Apologies in French: An Analysis qj Remedial Discourse Strategies I 'sed by 

LI Speakers 

Jamie L. Boehmer • Animal Science 

Proteomic Profiling and Label-Free Quantification oj Bonne Milk Proteins 

During Experimentally Induced Escherichia Coil Mastitis 

John B. Borak • Chemistry 

I isible Light Photorelease oj Carboxylate Anions by Mediated Photoinduced 
Electron Transfer to Pyridinium-based Protecting Groups 

John T. Bullock • Government and Politics 

BlULD to WIN: Community ' Organizing, Powei and Participation in 
Local Governance 

Ling Cai • Chemical Physics 

Density Functional Calculations oj Backbone N Chemical Shieldings m 
Peptides and Proteins 

Jaime T. Carreno • Psychology 

Film-Induced Emotional Experience and Expression in Social Anhedonia 

Caiyong Chen • Animal Science 

Delineting the Roles Of C. Elegans Heme Responsive Genes HRC-2 and 
HRG-i in Heme Homeostasis 

Rachael L. Bradley • Information Studies 

Understanding and Supporting Visual Communication Within Costume 
Design Practice 

Ruiyue Chen • Atmospheric and Oceanic Science 

Enhancement oj Atmospheric Liquid Watei Estimates I 'sing Space-home Remote 
Sensing Data 

Diane M. Braxton • Curriculum and Instruction 

Tlte Effects of Two Summarization Strategies I ting Expository Text on the 
Reading Comprehension and Summary Writing of Fourth- and Fifth-Grade 
Students in an Urban, Title I School 

Alaina F. Brenick • Human Development 

Tlie Influence of Cultural Identity and Intergroup Contact on Adolescents' 
Evaluations of Arab-Jewish Peer Relationships 

Wayne G. Breslyn • Curriculum and Instruction 

Influence of Subject Matter Discipline ami Science Content Knowledge on 
National Board Certified Science Teachers' Conceptions. Enactment ami 
Goals for Inquiry 

Penelope A. Brooks • Computer Science 

Defining and Evaluating Test Suite Consolidation for Event Sequence-Based 
Test Cases 

Susan L. Buckhout-White • Engineering Materials 

Characterization of Electrodeposited Chitosan: An luterfacial Layer Foi 
Bio-Assembly and Sensing 

Xiaoyan Chen • Psychology 

Cognitive and Motivational Parameters in Motivated Biases in Human Judgment 

Sungyeol Cho • Mechanical Engineering 

Micro Nana Mechanical Technical Challenges in the Current and Future 
Electronic Packaging Development 

Sung H. Chun • Electrical Engineering 

Spectrum Auctions for Dynamic Spectrum Access Networks 

Young Chun • Sociology 

Nonparticipation of the 12th Graders in the National Assessment of Educational 
Progress: I Understanding Determinants oj Nonresponse and Assessing the Impact 
on NAEP Estimates oj Nonresponse Bias According to Propensity Models 

Cassandra S. Coddington • Human Development 

The Effects of Constructs of Motivation that Affirm ami I iidermine Reading 
Achievement Inside and Outside of School on Middle School Students' 
Reading Achievement 

Nancy A. Comorau • English Language and Literature 

I'oslcoloiual Refasluoiuugs: Reading Forms, Reading Novels 



Kevin A. Coyne • Reliability Engineering 

A Predictive Model of Nuclear Power Plain Crew Decision-Making and 
Performance in a Dynamic Simulation Environment 

Evan A. Ellicott • Geography 

An Approach to Estimate Global Biomass Burning Emissions of Organic and 
Black Carbon from Modis Fire Radiative Poit'cr 

Amanda B. Cross • Criminology and Criminal Justice 

An Experimental Evaluation oj Afterschool Program Participation on Problem 
Behavior Outcomes: Does Pre-Existing Risk Moderate the Effects of Program 

Kelly A. Daggett • Chemistry 

Development and Applications of Codon Scanning Mutagenesis: A Novel 
Method that Facilitates In-Frame Codon Mutations 

Yunyun Dai • Measurement, Statistics and Evaluation 

A Mixture Rasclt Model with a Covariate: A Simulation Study via Bayesian 
Markov Chain Mottle Carlo Estimation 

Jacopo De Simoi • Mathematics 

Abundance of Escaping Orbits in a Family of Anti-Integrable Limits oj the 
Standard Map 

Michele A. Dean • Education Policy 

Illustrated Conversations: A Phenomenological Study oj Listening to the I oices 

of Kiiidergarluers 

Todd M. Firestone • Electrical Engineering 

Large Signal Characterization of CMOS Protection Circuits 

Elizabeth C. Fitts • Music 

Aspects oj American Musical Life as Reflected in the New Music Review and 
Church Music Review, 1901- 1915 

Michael F. Fitzsimmons • Policy Studies 

Governance, Identity and Counlciinsurgciicy Strategy 

Courtney B. Forbes • Psychology 

The Negative Symplon Rating Scale: Initial Evaluation of Reliability and 
I 'alidity 

Brian W. Frank • Physics 

The Dynamics of Variability in Introductory Physics Students' Thinking: 
Examples from Kinematics 

Michael B. Furr • Computer Science 

Combining Static and Dynamic Typing in Ruby 

Payam Delgoshaei • Mechanical Engineering 

Micioscalc Heal Transfer Measurements During Subcoolcd Pool Boiling: 
A Study of Fluid Properties and Bubble Dynamics 

Yamalis Diaz • Psychology 

Latino Parents' Perceptions of and Response to Child ADHD and ODD 
Behavior: An Ecological Perspective 

James D. Diorio • Mechanical Engineering 

Experimental Investigations of Capillary Effects on Nonlinear 
Free-Surface Waves 

Cagdas Dirik • Electrical Engineering 

Performance Analysts of NAND Flash Memory Solid Slate Disks 

Jing Gao • Measurement, Statistics and Evaluation 

The Impact of Model Selection on Loglinear Analysis of Contingency Tables 

Claire C. Goldstene • History 

"America Was Promises": The Ideology of Equal Opportunity, 1877-1905 

Pausides R. Gonzalez • Spanish Language and Literature 

Desglosar la Memorial La Sensibilidad del Tiempo en la Obra Poetica dejose 

Antonio Ramos Sucre 

Jay Gregg • Geography 

Spatial ami Seasonal Distribution of Carbon Dioxide Emissions from Fossil-Fuel 
Combustion: Global, Regional and National Potential for Sustainable Bioenergy 
from Residue Biomass and Municipal Solid 1 1 'aste 

Louis A. Eisenhauer • English Language and Literature 

"Something Sweetly Personal ami Sweetly Social": Modernism, Metadrama and 
the Avant Garde in the Plays of the Provincetown Players 



Ka trin a M. Groth • Reliability Engineering 

A Data-Informed Model of Performance Shaping Factors foi I 'se in Human 

Reliability Analysis 

Susan P. Hagood • Marine, Estuarine and Environmental 

Genetic Differentiation of Selected Eastern Box Turtle (Terrapene Carolina) 
Populations in Fragmented Habitats and a Comparison oj Road-Based 
Mortality Rote* to Population Size 

Donald E. Hall • Nuclear Engineering 

Modeling and I alidation oj Dosimetry Measurement Assumptions Within the 
Aimed Forces Radiobiology Research Institute TRIGA Mark F Reactor and 
Associated Exposure Facilities I king Monte Carlo Techniques 

Wendell D. Hall • Education Policy 

A Tale oj Two Groups: Differences between Minority Students and 
Sou-Minority Students in Tlieir Predisposition to and Engagement with 
Diverse Peers at a Predominately White Institution 

Sejin Han • Physics 

Type 1 Collagen Homotrimers: Their Role in Collagen Fibril Formation and 
Tissue Remodeling 

Timothy E. Heleniak • Geography 

Tlte Changing Spatial Distribution of the Population of the Former 
Soviet Union 

Jared B. Hertzberg • Physics 

Back-Action Evading Measurements oj Nanomechanical Motion Approaching 

Quantum Limits 

Erik M. Hines • Counseling and Personnel Services 

An Examination oj Parental Variables, Ecological Factors and the Academii 
Achievement of African American Male Students 

Gary A. Homana • Education Policy Studies 

Communities oj Practice foi the Development oj Adolescent Civi I ngagement: 

An Empirical Study of Their Correlates in Australia and the I 'nited States 

Mohamed E. Hussein • Computer Science 

Algorithmic Issues in I isual Object Recognition 

Atakan Ince • Linguistics 

Dimensions of Ellipsis: Investigations in Turkish 

Thomas J. Ireland • Geology 

Highly Siderophile Element and Tungsten Systcmatics of Hawaiian Picritcs 

Shane E. Jacobs • Aerospace Engineering 

Pressure-Constrained, Reduced-DOF, Interconnected Parallel Manipulators with 

Applications to Space Suit Design 

Jennifer L. Jadin • Behavior, Ecology, Evolution and Systematics 

Mating ("osts, Male Choice Displacement and the Effects on Hybridization and 
Spcciatiou in the Hawaiian ('ticket Laupala (Subfamily: Trigonidinae) 

Min Jia • Chemistry 

A Novel Prc-Fluorcsccut Nitroxide Probe for the Highly Sensitive Determination 
oj Peroxyl and Other Radical Oxidants 

Hua Jiang • Communication 

A Model of Work-Life Conflict and Quality of Employee-Organization 

Relationships: Transformational Leadership, Procedural Justice and Family- 
Supportive Workplace Initiatives 

Lu Jiang • Biological Resources Engineering 

Advanced Imaging and Data Mining Technologies for Medical and Food 
Safety Applications 

Carter R. Johnson • Government and Politics 

Partition as a Solution to Ethnic Civil War: Statehood, Demography and the 
Role of Post-War Balance of Power for Peace 

Leo H. Jones • Civil Engineering 

Efficient Specturum Management foi Mobile Ad Hoc Networks 

Katarina Keane • History 

Second-Wave Feminism in the American South, 1965-1980 

Leslie A. Kee • Education Policy 

A Portrait oj Parental Motivation for Participating in a Positive 
Discipline Workshop 



Christina M. Kennedy • Behavior, Ecology, Evolution and 

Matrix Effects on Individual and Community-Level Responses of Birds to Forest 
Fragmentation in Jamaica 

Vinh P. Khun • Mechanical Engineering 

Evaluation of Thermal Interface Materials, and the Laser Flash Method 

So-Hee Kim • Art History 

Jacques Le Moyne De Morgues (c. 1 533- 1588) and the Origins of Seventeenth- 
Century Netherlandish Flower Still Lifes 

James L. Kohl • Education Policy 

Tlie Association of Critical Thinking and Participation in Living and Learning 
Programs: Residential Honors Compared to Civic/Social Leadership Programs 
and Non-participation in Living and Learning Programs 

David D. Kuhl • Atmospheric and Oceanic Science 

Assimiliation of Trace Gas Retrievals with the Local Ensemble Transform 
Kalman Filter 

Vivien R. Lecoustre • Mechanical Engineering 

Numerical Investigations of Caseous Spherical Diffusion Flames 

Hui-Wen Lee • Chemistry 

Fluorescence and NMR Studies of the Role of Metal Ions in HIV-1 Genomic 
RNA Dimerization and Maturation 

Soo B. Lee • Electrical Engineering 

Localizing the Effects of Link Flooding Attacks in the Internet 

Won J. Lee • Engineering Materials 

Nanostructurc Investigation of Polymer Solutions, Polymer Gels and Polymer 
Thin Films 

Mary F. Leibolt • Mechanical Engineering 

Noise Control of an Acoustic Cavity Coupled with a I 'ihrating Plate Treated 
with a Spatially Vaying Constrained Viscoealstic Layer 

Miles D. Lepping • Entomology 

Ground-Dwelling Beetles as Bioiudicalors in Transgenic Com 

Sachin Kumar • Reliability Engineering 

Development oj Diagnostic and Prognostic Methodologies foi Electronic Systems 
Based on Maliidauobis Distance 

Feifei Li • Measurement, Statistics and Evaluation 

An Information Correction Method for Testlet-Based Test Analysis: From the 
Perspectives oj Item Response Theory and Geueralizability Tlteory 

Erica J. Lamm • Communication 

Civic Engagement Among Students in a Communication Course: A Case Study 

Qiaoluan Li • Mathematics 

( tptimal Approximation Spaces for Solving Problems with Rough Coefficients 

Grecia D. Lapizco Encinas • Computer Science 

Cooperative Particle Swarm Optimization for Combinatorial Problems 

Koranan Limpaphayom • Electrical Engineering 

Microelectronic Circuits for Noninvasive Ear Type Assistive Devices 

Vanessa M. Lauburg • Astronomy 

Black Hole Dynamics and Gravitational Radiation in Galactic Nuclei 

Chad D. Lawley • Agricultural Economics 

Protectionism Versus Ri<k in Screening for Invasive Species 

Laurent C. Lecordier • Engineering Materials 

Wafer-Scale Process and Materials Optimization in Cross-Flow Atomii 

Layer Deposition 

Sara B. Lioi • Chemistry 

Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy Studies of DNA Binding to Catamoiin 
Surfactant I 'esicles 

Ke Liu • Civil Engineering 

Modeling of Consolidation by Household for Emergency Evacuation Events 

Edra C. London • Nutrition 

High-Frucrose, Fructose and Glucose Diets and Glucocorticoid Dysregulatioii 
in Rats 



Thomas H. Lotze • Applied Mathematics and 

Scientific Computation 

Anomaly Detection in Time Sena: Theoretical and Practical Improvements foi 

Disease Outbreak Detection 

H.M. Lueke • Curriculum and Instruction 

Pre-Scivice Teachers' Mathematical Knowledge for Teaching: A Comparison of 

Two University Mathematics Courses 

Cristian Lumezanu • Computer Science 

I 'sing Internet Geometry 10 Improve End-to-End Communication Performance 

Azarakhsh Malekian • Computer Science 

Combinatorial Problems in Online Advertising 

Ciqi Mei • Government and Politics 

Brings the Politics Back In: Political Incentive and Policy Distortion in China 

Xue Mei • Electrical Engineering 

Visual Tracking and Illumination Recovery Via Sparse Representation 

William K. Mennell • Business and Management 

Heuristics lor Solving Three Routing Problems: Close-Enough Traveling Sales- 
man Problem, Close-Enough Vehicle Routing Problem and Sequence-Dependent 
Team ( Wenteering Problem 

Raymond C. Merritt • Neurosciences and Cognitive Sciences 

Myosins IIIA and MB Regulate Stereocilia Length by Transporting Espin I to 
the Polymerizing End oj Actin Filaments 

Holly M. Martinson • Behavior, Ecology, Evolution and 


Critical Patch Sizes and the Spatial Structure oj Salt .Marsh Communities 

Jessica L. Miller • Molecular and Cell Biology 

Moleculai Mechanisms of the Inhibition of Host Cell Apoptosis by 
Mycobacterium Tuberculosis 

Yuval Y. Marton • Linguistics 

Fine-Grained Linguistic Soft Constraints on Statistical Natural Language 
Processing Model- 

Jonathan A. Miller • Physics 

Measurement of the Electric Form Factor of the Neutron at High 
Momentum Transfei 

Gregory A. McBrayer • Government and Politics 

Aristotle's Treatment oj the Socratic Paradox in the Nicomachean Ethics 

Johonna R. McCants • American Studies 

Rc-\ isioning I 'iolence: How Black Youth Advance Critical I Understandings of 
Violence in Climates oj Criminalization 

Timothy L. McCaskey • Physics 

Comparing and Contrasting Different Methods for Probing Student Epistemology 
and Epislemological Development m Introductory Physics 

Nicolas A. McMorris • Civil Engineering 

Linear and Non-Linear Frequency Domain Techniques for Processing Unpad 
Echo Signals to Evaluate Distributed Damage in Concrete 

Patrick M. McTamney • Biochemistry 

Catalytic Features of the Iodine Salvaging Enzyme lodotyrosine Deiodinase 

Ali Mohamed • Nuclear Engineering 

Uncertainty in Fux Maps Obtained from Core Geometry Approximations: 
Monte Carlo Simulations and Benchmark Measurements for a 250 K\V 
TRIGA Reactor 

Jyoti Mohan • History 

The Construction oj India in the 19th French Academy 

Philip J. Monahan • Linguistics 

( >u the Way to Linguistic Representation: Ncuromagnctic Evidence of Early 
Auditor)' Abstraction m the Perception oj Speech and Pitch 

Lucija A. Muehlenbachs • Agricultural Economics 

Internalizing Production Externalities: A Structural Estimation of Real Options 
in the I pstream Oil and Gas Industry 



Sylvia Naylor • Germanic Language and Literature 

Die Row Armee Fraktion (R-M-) Als Kulturelles Phanomen: Reprasentationen 

in Literarischen Texten and Anderen Kulturellen Produkten 

Elizabeth E. O'Hanlon • Special Education 

Spiritual Community Experiences of Families oj Children with Disabilities 

Edward M. Pacchetti • Education Policy 

.-1 Benefit-Cost Analysis oj the Simian Support Services Program 

Jaebum Park • Kinesiology 

Multi-Digit Human Prehension 

Gwendolyn S. Roberts Francavillo • Public and 
Community Health 

Sexuality Education, Sexual Communication, Rope Myth Acceptance ami 
Sexual Assault Experience Among Deal ami Hard-of-Hearing College Students 

Jonathan K. Roman • Policy Studies 

What Is the Price of Crime? New Estimates of the Cost of 
< Criminal I 'itemization 

Diana P. Romero • Spanish Language and Literature 

.-1 Place in the World: Literature, Knowledge ami Autonomy in Three 
End-of-20th-Century Colombian Novels 

Monica P. Pava-Ripoll • Entomology 

Genetic Diversification, Saprophytic Competence and Genetic Enhancement of 
the Entomopathogenic Fungus Metarhizium 

Lesa M. Ross • Reliability Engineering 

Methodology for Detection and Assessment of the Impact oj Informal Processes on 
< Organizational Output 

Enrique Pazos • Physics 

Numerical Studies on New Techniques for Gravitational Ware Extraction and 
Binary Black Hole Simulations 

Michael P. Russo • Philosophy 

Action, Perception and the Living Body: Aristotle on the Physiological 
Foundations oj Moral Psychology 

Israel Perez • Engineering Materials 

Nanoporous AAO: A Platform for Regular Heterogeneous Naiiostructures and 
Energy Storage Devices 

Jennifer A. Phillips • Kinesiology 

Time Trends in ( Overall Daily Physical Activity and Cardiovascular Disease 
Risk Factors by Organized Physical Activity Participation in Adolescent Girls 

Tracey M. Potter • Counseling and Personnel Services 

The Assessment of the Forms and Functions oj Childhood 
Aggression Reconsidered 

Zhikun Qi • Economics 

/ ssays on Housing Investments in Emerging Markets 

Alejandro G. Rasteletti • Economics 

Essays on Self-Employment am! Entrepreneurship 

Shenqiang Ren • Engineering Materials 

Bottom-l p Multiferroic Xanostructurcs 

Vinod K. Sangwan • Physics 

Carbon Nanotube Tltin Film as an Electronic Material 

Aswin C. Sankaranarayanan • Electrical Engineering 

Robust and Efficient Inference of Scene and Object Motion in 
Multi-Camera Systems 

Anita C. Sanyal • Education Policy 

Teachers and 'Penciling: Conceptualizing Quality Education in Rural Nicaragua 

Rajesh Sathiyanarayanan • Physics 

Steps on Vicinal Surfaces: Density-Functional Theory Calculations and 
Dans, ending Minimal Statistical-Mechanical Models 

Stephen J. Scala • History 

[ Understanding the Class Enemy: Foreign Policy Expertise in East Germany 

Melissa N. Scopilliti • Sociology 

Locntionnl Attainment ami Residential Segregation in I ' S. Metropolitan Areas 



Prithviraj Sen • Computer Science 
Representing and Querying I Uncertain Data 

William R. Shadrick • Biochemistry 

Kinetic Characterization and Domain Analysis oj the Helicase RecD jroui 
Deinococcus radiodurans 

Fortune Shaw • Counseling and Personnel Services 
School Climate and Public High School Simian Achievement 

Hae J. Shin • Counseling and Personnel Services 

Parental Involvement of Asian American Immigrant Mothers: Investigating Social 
Capital, English Proficiency, Length oj I IS. Residency and Social Class 

Calvin H. Shirazi • Reliability Engineering 

Data-Informed Calibration and Aggregation oj Expert Judgment in a 
Bayesian Framework 

Yaron Shlomi • Psychology 

Subjective Integration of Probabilistic Information from Description and 
from Experience 

Adrian E. Southard • Chemical Physics 

Exploration of Novel Methods for the Fabrication and Characterization oj 
Organic Field-Effect Transistors ami Examination oj Factors Influencing 
OFET Performance 

Bjorn F. Southard • Communication 

Tlie Rhetorical Origins of the African Colonization .Movement in the 
I 'mred States 

Thomas T. Stanley • Ethnomusicology 

Butch Moms and the Art oj Conduction 

Tyrone A. Stewart • American Studies 

Uliat is a Black Man Without His Paranoia?: Clinical Depression and the 
Politics of African Americans' Anxieties Towards Emotional Vulnerability 

Kunshan Sun • Chemical Engineering 

Self-Assembled Photoresponsive and Thermoresponsive Nanostructures 

Eri Takahashi • Linguistics 

Beyond Statistical Darning in the Acquisition of Phrase Structure 

Sean A. Simone • Education Policy 

Examining the Influence of Selectivity on Alumni Giving at Publit I Universities 
A Dynamic Panel Modeling Approach 

Varun Singh • Mechanical Engineering 

Development of an Advanced Heat Exchanger Model for Steady State and 
Frosting Conditions 

Abraham Thomas • Electrical Engineering 

Learning Algorithms for Markov Decision Processes 

Tommy L. Totten • Curriculum and Instruction 

African American Secondary Mathematics 'Poachers' Thinking: Developing 
Mathematical Tasks Centered on the Lived Experiences and Interests of African 
American Students 

Laura J. Smith • Curriculum and Instruction 

Motivation and Long-Term Language Achievement: I Understanding Motivation 
to Persist in Foreign Language Learning 

Hsiao-Wei Tu • Psychology 

The Structure and Perception of Budgerigar (Melopsittacus undulatuss) 
[ I arble Songs 

Mary G. Snyder • Education Policy 

Attending to Stories of High School Displacement: The Lived High School 
Experience of (JED College Graduates 

Angela L. Tudico • History 

"They're Bringing Home Japanese Wives": Japanese War Brides in the 
Postwar Era 

Yatnile R. Someillan • History 

The Cartooned Revolution: Images and the Revolutionary Citizen in Cube 

Pavan K. Turaga • Electrical Engineering 

Statistical and Geometric Modeling of Spatio-Temporal for Video Understanding 



Nasim Vakili Pourtaklo • Electrical Engineering 
Preference-Based Fair Allocation of Limited Resources 

Stephen E. Vance • Criminology and Criminal Justice 

Displaced Discretion? An Empirical Test of Prosecutorial Charge Bargaining 
Be/ore and After the District of Columbia Sentencing Guidelines 

Karen L. Vatz • Second Language Acquisition 

Grammatical Gender Representation and Processing in Advanced Second 
Language Learners oj French 

Dongdong Wang • Geography 

Improving Satellite Leaf Area Index Estimation Based on Various 
Integration Methods 

Huan Wang • Chemistry 

Reversible Quinone Methide Alkylation of DNA 

Jun Wang • Applied Mathematics and Scientific Computation 

The Multivariate Variance Gamma Process and Its Applications in Multi-Asset 
Option Pricing 

Wen-Chyi Wang • Mathematical Statistics 

Regularized Variable Selection in Proportional Hazards Model I 'sing Area 
Under Receive) Operating Characteristic Curve Criterion 

Damian M. Waters • Family Science 

Psychosocial Dimensions oj Fatherhood Readinesi in Low-Income Young Men 

Cynthia H. Whitesel • Education Policy, Planning and 

Virtualizing the Teacher: The Lived Experience of Teaching Within Technology 

Juliet B. Wiersema • Art History 

The Architectural I 'essels of the Moche of Peru: Architecture for the Afterlife 

Bryan J. Wilkins • Biochemistry 

The Development of New Tools for the Investigation of Protein Function I 'sine 
Photo-Reactive ( huiatiual Amino Acids 

Richard T. Willis • Physics 

Photon Pair Production from a Hot Atomic Ensemble in the 
Diamond Configuration 

Marcy K. Wilson • History 

"Dear Little Living Arguments": Orphans and Other Poor Children, Their 

Families and Orphanages, Baltimore and Liverpool, 1X40-1910 

Shannon L. Wilson • Agricultural Economics 

Determinants oj Childhood Morbidity and the Role of Malnutrition: Evidence 
from Indonesia 

Hao Wu • Electrical Engineering 

Robust Methods for [ 'isual Tracking and Model Alignment 



Wenjing Xie • Journalism and Public Communication 

Communication Interface Proximity and User Anxiety: Comparing Desktop, 

Laptop iind Hand-Held Devices as Media Platforms for Emergency Alerts 

Bo Yang • Electrical Engineering 

Ultra Small Antenna and Low-Power Receiver for Smart Dust II ireless 
Sensot Networks 

Ziyan Yang • Cell Biology and Molecular Genetics 
Characterization of the Role of MARKS in Leishmania-Infected Macrophages 

Lilin Ye • Veterinary Medical Sciences 

FCRN Mediated Mucosal Immunity and Subunit I 'accine Delivery 

Toyia Younger • Education Policy 

77ie Case for Degree Completion: African American Transfer Students at a 
Traditionally White Institution 

Linbao Zhang • Applied Mathematics and Scientific 

Multi-Scale Modeling and Computations 

Yabei Zhang • Agricultural Economics 

Household Energy Use, Indoor Air Pollution and Health Impacts in India: 
A Welfare Analysis 

Lei Zhou • Atmospheric and Oceanic Science 

Madden-fulian Oscillation and Sea Surface Temperature Interactions in a 
Multi-Scale Tramcivork 

Xiaoqing Zhu • Art History 

Pang Xunqin (1906-1985) — A Chinese Avant-Gardc's Metamorphosis, 

1925-1946 and Questions of "Authenticity" 

Lisa D. Zimmerelli • English Language and Literature 

A Genre of Defense: Hyhridity in Nineteenth-Century Women's Defenses oj 
1 1 'omen 's Preaching 



Master of Architecture 

Ray Allen Cho 

Justin Michael Donnelly 

Artur Marques Kalil 

Kimberly Albright Kramer 

Joseph F. Kunkel 

Sara Goldfarb Langmead 

Chaya Rachel Simon 

Katherine Courtney Solether 

Master of Arts 

American Studies 
Lisa l.yne Cunningham 
Elizabeth Mane Hagovsky 

Art History 
Lyndsay DolfBratton 


Michael Aaron Patterson 

Counseling and 
Personnel Services 

Katherine Janie Bruckman 
Katie Lynn Sutton Burkhouse 
Juliana Unis Castan 
Bingqing Cui 
Cristina Marie Homa 
Benjamin Layne Schwinke 
Phuong Anna Vu 

Criminal Justice 

Zhen Du 
Jiankun Fan 
Yanan Gai 
Fang Gao 
Yueyi Li 
Qian Liu 
Mingming Ma 
Miao Mei 

Jin Qian 

Ying Sun 
Qing Xu 
Lu Yuan 
Yu Zhang 
Qian Zhao 
Zhen Zhong 
Jia Zhu 

Criminology and 
Criminal Justice 

Jesse Bryan Clark 
David Lomax Cook 
Patricia Joseph 
Maun Matsuda 
Nicola Demse Snuth-Kea 
Daniel Son 
Amber Lee Stoesser 
James Scott Stover 
Ellen Ann 

Curriculum and Instruction 
Andrew Henry Callard 
Jeffrey Thomas Olimpo Jr. 
G. Patrick Vennebush 


Armando Jose Amienta Reales 

Oleg V. Baranov 

|ulien Yonathan Bengui 

Salih Fendoglu 

Kyle L. Handley 

I erence Robert Johnson 

David Christopher McArthur 

Yasin Minnr 

Timothy John Moore 

Juan Cristobal Ruiz-Tagle 

Dong Wu 

Education Leadership and 
Policy Studies 

David Joshua Beeson 
Amy Beth Bernian 
Aimee Elizabeth Donnre 
Amy Jolene Dougherty 
Jacqueline Zuoke Itohan Iloh 
Brittney Michelle Majka 
Jill Michele Manske 
Clarissa McKithen 
Alteia L. Robinson 
Rahul Sampat 
Hilary Rachel Shpeen 
Courtney Michelle Sterkel 
Jenny Im Yoo 

English Language 
and Literature 

Charles Loving Carr 
Jennifer Sue Cihonski 
Daniel Paul C lollinge 
Paul James Cote 
Kyle Garton 
Maria Elena Gigante 
Lewis Samuel Gleich 
Janet Mary Hearn 
Sherea Andrea Spinner 
Gregory Marshall Wilson 


Lauren Rebecca Ash-Morgan Chung 

French Language 
and Literature 

Nadine Sara Ahmed 
Annmane Daly Ruppert 


Donnise R. Hurley 
John Kenneth Mills 
Alexander Joseph Schmid 
Apaar Singh 

German Language 
and Literature 

C'luis Tnmble 

Government and Politics 

Todd Vincent Arnts 
Daniel Ryan Biggers 
Brittany Houtz Bramlett 
Heather Michella Creek 
Maegen Lorraine Gandy 
Susan Sohyun Lee 
Sanaz Sayfi Mirzaei 
Yousef E. Munayyer 
Benjamin Patrick Newton 
Summer Dawn Newton 
Blessing Ozioma Okoroafor 
Patrick Daniel Wilson 
Sarah G. Wilton 
Stephen C. Yoder 

Hearing and Speech Sciences 

Heather Muir Wikle 


Robert Elliot Chiles 

Christopher Richard Donohue 

Paul Edward Gibson 

M. Gynell McGee 

Sherry Myers 

Rebecca Ree O'Connor 

Emily Rebecca Price 

Human Development 

Wei Cm 

Joshua Paul Magda 




Karisse Apryl Carmack 
Stanley Harrar Heist III 


Caitlm Christine Brauer 
Alexander John Elahi 
Ashley Patricia Gollmann 
Jeffrey Hsu 
Virginia Anne Scott 


Timothy Wayne Hawes 

Mathematical Statistics 

Kijoeng Nam 
Jiraphan Suntornchost 


David Daniel Aulicino 
John Bynum Kuykendall 
Benjamin John Lauser 
Alexandre Grigorievich Rostovtsev 
Rodrigo Trevino 


Jessica Mane Abbazio 
Katherine |une Curtis 


Mark Engelbert 
Christine Wing-Si Ng 
Chris David Pyne 


Jessica F. Magidson 
Julia Diane O'Brien 

Second Language Acquisition 
and Application 

Megan Maguire Gilmore 


Kendra Hadiya Barber 
Ann-Catherine Ventura Barnes 
Kimberly Bndget Bonner 
Mary Katherine Kniskern 
Nanae Nakamoto 
Stephen C. Sobotta 
Gheda Khodr Temsah 

Spanish Language 
and Literature 

Diego Sebastian Panasiti 
Melanie Rivera-Rivera 
Mantza Solano 

Master of Arts/Master 
of Library Science 

History/Library and 
Information Services 

Cory Anne Bemat 

Master of Business 

Nazia Ahmed 
Laura Jane Albntton 
Christopher Edmond Allnian 
Ahmadah Arabshahi 
Albert Joseph Bachmann III 
Nicholas Jason Bagwell 
Donald Gene Barber III 
Kevin J. Barker 
David M. Beyhn 
Sanjay Arunkunur Bhal 
Alison Elizabeth Brill 
James Thompson Brown 
Glen Warner Burnett 
Benjamin David Caffee 
Seth John Charde 
Chi Kee Cheung 
Jeff Chilcote 

Luke Leung-Jun Chong 
Matthew James Coleman 
Eha Pimitrios Cossis 
Patrick Benjamin Creighton 
James Preston Curtis 
Zhengjuan Dai 
Eric L. Davis 

Valerie Marie Leon Deloney 
Jennifer Jyh-Feng Deng-Pickett 
Joshua Michael Dickinson 
Craig Bnstol Dixon 
Jennifer N. Dos Santos 
Katherine Elizabeth Dugan 
Nathan Ray Dunn 
Arif Dino Faruque 
Marc William Finsterlin 
Daryl William Fothergill 
Stacy Elizabeth Frances 
Jill Nicole Fraunhoffer 
Susan H. Frost 
Nelda Annette Garcia 
Bruce Thomas Geary 
Monique M. Heavens 
Michael Walter Heise 
Jesse William Hensley 
Noam Herzenstein 
Noah Isaac Himberger 
Michael Powers Hulsev 
Zeeshan Huque 
Edward Harold Inlow 
Asma Qayyumjafir 
Manjin Ganesh Kaundinya 
Anshu Kayastha 
Dipendra Bhimsen 
Kamarin Michelle Knopf 
Nanda K. Kodimyala 
Chad William Konchak 
Narayanan Krishnaswamv 
David Richard Kuhla 
Jason Young Lee 
Simon M. Lee 
Feng Li 

Justin Desmond Liles 

Chien-Ting Lin 

Elaine Man Ying Liu 

Michael William Louis 

Michael Thomas Mansfield 

David R. Masters 

Allyson McMahan 

Michael Henry Mead 

Dana DeMilio Monroig 

Russell Alexander Morton 

Ahmed Nizvan Niyas 

Fabnzio Palombi 

Adam Burch Parr 

Ralf Paschnik 

Kavita Kiran Patel 

Aaron Emmanuel Pennell 

Khalilullah Qasimi 

Anuja Rathi 

Bangalore Subbanna Ravmdra 

Paul Joseph Roller 

Shalin Saini 

Paul Schnetlage 

Jason Michael Seabrease 

Cham Sharma 

Derek Daniel Shewmon 

Ajay Kumar Shukla 

Adam Jordan Siegel 

Jonathan Todd Slasinski 

Bradley Joseph Smith 

Jeremy Andrew Smith 

Stephen Suh 

Rajesh K. Thimmappayya 

Joseph Michael Tiburzi 

Gunnar Frederik Toedt 

Amy Hsiang-Chi Tong 

Enk Olat Traynham 

Paula Marcela Urbano 

Salima P. Usman 

Bavan Vargese 

Senthil Kumar Venkatachalam 

Daniel Jay Walters 

Michael David Warner 



Suzanne Alicia Welch 
Robert Cambpell Whitener III 
Bradley Edouard Williamson 
William Bradley Wilson 
Amber L. Wurz 
Shaohua Ye 

Master of Business 
and Management and 
Public Policy 

Rebecca Ann Sawyer 

Master of Business 
of Science 

Ahmadali Arabshahi 
Patrick Kenyon Crowley 
Joseph R. Mknac 
Khalilullah Qasimi 
Paige Vincent Washington 

Master of Chemical 
and Life Sciences 

Angela Renee Burnop 
Angela D. Feather 
Lauren Lucienne Foley 
Timothy James Hale 
Jennifer Lynn Kneafsey 
Lon Ann Maxwell 
Terra Anna Merry 
Kurt William Payne 
Janel Kathleen Powers 
Eric Robert Prange 
Joel Andrew Smith 
Stefanie B. Tietz 

Master of 
Community Planning 

Danielle Antoinette V. Felix 

Master of Education 

Counseling and 
Personnel Services 

Michael Kane Doyle 
Ashlee Marie Kerkhoff 
Elizabeth Diana Kraszewski 

Curriculum and Instruction 

Sandra Acevedo-Harper 
Carolyn Jennifer Baker 
Paige Dianne Bell 
Abigail Ruth Burkhart 
Soma Fisher Cauthen 
Cortney Elizabeth Chao 
Haniyyah Richardson Cooper 
Susan Joyce Cottone 
Lmdsey M. DaSilva 
Ziyun Deng 
Joanne Michele Dennie 
Anna Mariola Desimon 
Jeffrey Riggs Dubel 
Deborah Lynn Eskenazi 
Rebecca Mane Ford 
Elizabeth Kathryn Gall 
Cecilia Ayodele Grey-Coker 
Pichu W. Herz 
Jennifer J. Hsu 
Kathryn Mary Iannicelli 
Ingrid Isola Jacob 
Kerry Michelle Jenkins 
Maureen A. Kellerman 
Maureen Carney Knesel 
Ruei-Ping Kuo 
I-En Lee 
Ellen Lynn Levin 

Kelly Aaron Madarang 
Patti Miller 
Poupak Moallem 
Lindsay Lee Morrill 
Karen Rodriguez Mosby 
Jamie Dieu-Tram Nguyen 
Sophia Martins Oliveira 
Pamela Jane Opeka 
Anar K. Patel 
Aicha N. Robinson 
Maria Carol Salehi 
Kathleen Leonette Sayers 
Jennifer Leigh Schneider 
Michael Paul Schweizer 
Katie Beth Shah 
Somer Lyn Snider 
Justin Michael Stephens 
Jennifer Alayne Stumpf 
Leigh Nicole Syphax 
Chrissy Ann Villavicencio 
Jacqueline Susan Walpole 
Christina Ann Weaver 
Erin Clasper Williams 
Elsa Giovanna Wood- 
Amy Yim 

Special Education 

Alexandra Sage Fuchs 
Michelle Kim Huynh 
Kristy Anne Kaiser 
Lisette A. LeCompte 
Shayla Momque Proctor 

Master of Engineering 

Rajat Ahuja 

Kamran Azanuan 

Aysha All Al Junaibi 

Matthew Benjamin Baer 

Niraj Bajpai 

Adam Johann Brand 

Rodney Wayne Carpenter 

Joseph E. Chacon 

Kenneth Cohen 

Reagan Savio Colaco 

Jake F. Cooper 

Oliver Bruce Daley 

Peter J. Dell 

John Benjamin Fogle 

Matthew Ryan Haberle 

Elkin R. Hernandez 

Myat Htet Hla 

Paul Scott Hlavinka 

David Wayne Holden 

Jeffery Walter Jurand 

Wonwoo Kang 

Kurt R. Kesselman 

Kevin Joseph King 

Joshua Aaron Levi 

Sang Tae Lim 

Michael Joseph Lizbinski 

Jason Maltese 

Rachel Claire McFadden 

Yohannes Abreham Mebrahtu 

Daniel Williams Medeiros 

Abraham Tomy Micheal 

Gregory J. Monica 

Thin Yadana Myat Thynn 

Neftalem Negussie 

Scott Austin Nesvold 

Godson Okechukwu Ogbuneke 

Arvind Kumar Padma 

Alayna N. Pearson 

Miguel Angel Polanco III 

Nithi Prasertvit 

Waqar AH Rajab 

Karthik Ravirajan 

Axel Rodnguez 

Kimberly Mone Sampson 

Adam Joseph Senk 

Michael George Tinnirello 

Enc Michael Traenkner 


Naram Vacharakhja 
Sean Sullivan Wallace 

Master of Engineering 
and Public Policy 

Roger Alan Lueken 
David Howard Manowitz 
Andrea Marie Robitaille 
Cathenne Buxton Stewart 

Master of Fine Arts 

Creative Writing 

Rashada Nawaz Chaudhary 
Sarah Jane Wylder 


Vannia Ibarguen 
Tzveta Kassabova 


lvama Maria Stack 
Deborah Marie Wheatley 

Master of Health 

Paiker S. Sayed 

Master of Historic 

Blaise Elizabeth Odle 

Master of Information 

Srinivas 1 >eshraju 

Rachel S. Elwell 
Michael Neil Galante 
Shradha Gulati 

Manan Hiren Kothari 
Taotao Liu 
Yinuo Mu 

Savita P. Narsinghani 
Rizwan Mahmoodi Oskoui 
Neha Parnandi 
Saloni Patni 
Srikanth Polapragada 
Trenton Rampton Rockwood 
Ashwin Mohanlal Saboo 
Jason Adam Schwartz 
Rajinder Singh Sehinsra 
Falguni Dinesh Shah 
Monica Pramod Shitut 
Ryan Michael Sydlik 
Rajan Kuruvilla Zachariah 

Master of Journalism 

Karen Alyce Anderson 

Kelly Marie Brooks 

India S. Diaz 

Lindsay Ellen Gsell 

Megan Elizabeth Gustafson 

David Michael Johnson 

Emily Donna Kimball 

Cathenne Conner Knkstan 

Sharmina Manandhar 

Robert Francis Patnck McMahon 

Aleksandra Mana Robinson 

Jonathan Aaron Sham 

Shaleem Ayana Thompson 

Maren Wnght Voss 

Master of 
Library Science 

Laura Cathenne Bang 
Christopher William Belter 
Enc Gardner Brownell 
Theresa Nicole Burlas 
Christopher David Case 

Ann Jennifer Marland 1 )ash 

Ashley Marie Davies 

Beth Anne DeFrancis Sun 

Gwendolyn Teresa Dygert 

Arlene I. Fletcher 

Joella Lee Gibbs 

Gail Riseberg Gleeson 

Sean Patrick Glynn 

Jack Gregory 

Jaime L. Hathaway 

Heidi Rebecca Herr 

Jodi Marie Hoover 

Sarah Allen Mengers 

Jenette Allyn Parish 

Patricia Ruthanne Reeber 

Kathenne Michelle Regeimbal 

Clifton Lamont Smith 

Jill Anne Stone 

Holly Melissa Surbaugh 

James Marshall Sutton 

Neva Chnstine Sypniewski 

Jennifer Enn Townsend 

Roseanne Leigh Trout 

Danielle Dawn WiUgruber 

Kathryn Megan Wright 

Susan M. Zwicker 

Master of Mathematics 
of Advanced Industrial 

David Ugo Gervasio 

Master of Music 

Matthew C. Johnston 
Carrie Jean M. Rathmell 
Patricia Lynn Wyatt 

Master of 
Professional Studies 

Elizabeth Antonia Broadwin 

Errol Charles Dufour 

Joseph Ryan Essex 

Robert Piotr Galecki 

Michael John Mitchell 

John O. Sateri 

Husain Hakimuddin Suterwala 

Master of 
Public Health 

Anastasia Buyanova 
Kyiah Danelle Gill 
Hoda Tarek Hammad 
Sherri Regina Johnson 
Anname Phann 
Rajiv Ravishankar Ulpe 
David Andrew Woodwell 

Master of Public 

Hector Marcelo Cima 
Kathleen Kuster Donahue 
Cathenne Ellen Howard 
Andrew Colin Kelson 
Barbara Ann Parker 
James Antoine Tyer 

Master of 
Public Policy 

Rebecca Ann Sawyer 

Seracia Michelle Arter 

John Dos Passos Coggin 

Jee-woo Kim 

Li Liu 

Roberto Daniel Minister 

Mana Nisha Peris 




Mana Ann Roeper 
Jeananne Thoreson Sciabarra 
Jorge Antonio Sere Ponce de Leon 
Bhuwan Thapa 

Master of Public 
of Sustainable 
Development and 
Conservation Biology 

[ennifer Ann Kane 
Mary Ellen M. Kustin 
Makeda Mawusi Okolo 

Master of Real 
Estate Development 

James Louis Alfandre 
Jung Mi An 
Patrick Barron Clifford 
Christina Elizabeth Collins 
Jacob Robert Feight 
Franco Maunzio Fiorio 
Chris Wells Grubic 
Malcolm Newman Haith 
Cheyenne Thomas Irby 
Jessica Nicole Jones 
Samuel Victor Jones III 
Christopher Thomas Murray 
Khary Reynolds 
Sebastian Sergi 
Tayler Robert Simpson 
Gerald Wayne Spessard II 
Keattisak Tangrungruengyoo 
Ilya Zusin 

Master of Science 

Aerospace Engineering 

Patrick Lewis Betoney 
David Daniel Billingsley 

Gillian Mary Harding Bussey 
Michael William Chinn 
Samuel Carlos Antonio Christen 
Michael Frank DeMaioJr. 
Mark Infante 
Timothy Edward Lee 
James Moore Licata 
Kumar Ravichandran 
Cory James Ridge 
Neerav Shah 
Sebastian Thomas 
Evan Robert Ulrich 

Agricultural and 
Resource Economics 

Dennis Brian Guignet Jr. 
Qing Li 

Craig Michael Meisner 
Dimitrios Reppas 
Dongquan Shen 
Elisabeth Newcomb Sinha 

Applied Mathematics and 
Scientific Computation 

Avner Halevy 
Meiyun He 
Kathryn Joyce Linehan 
Charles Eugene Martin 
Christopher William Miller 
Safa Motesharrei 
Asa Benjamin Palley 
Stuart Patrick Price 
Sabrina Baccus Rainwater 
Pooram Subramanian 


Jithin Varghese George 
Hannah Bowen Krug 

Atmospheric and 
Oceanic Science 

Scott Daniel Rabenhorst 

Martina Ricko 


Qian Li 

Biological Resources 

Diana Maimone 
Preston Robert Postl 


Justin Lewis Malin 
Sarah Mary Rockwell 

Business and Management 

Tarsha Christine Bowers 

Crystol A. Callender 

Amanda Marie Cavallo 

Zacoyia Lashae Clark 

ZeinabJ. Darwish 

Adenike Odumosu Famuyide 

Kimberly Anne Fanok 

Daega S. Fatah 

Olajide Samuel Fowler 

Bonny Fung 

Chad Richard Gorski 

Andrew J. Grant 

Martin Ezequiel Guozden 

Benjamin Alan Horwitz 

Alejandra Hoyos 

Salamatu Jalloh Jah 

Akinyemi Taiwo Jelenke 

Kanika Kals 

Neetha Knshnan 

James Munio Kyalo 

Oliver Lin 

Luciana Long 

Alexander Barrett Moore 

Joyce Nangah Ndeh 

Felicite Nkonabang Nyame 

Kolawole Oyekan Olagbenuro 

Derek Matthew Olechiw 

George Ossie Kunta Stephenson 
Besem Ebangha Tambenkongho 
Sharon Sophia Tharkur 
Glenn Thomas 
Rushanthi Dinusha Wadunambu 

Garrett Thomas Wells 
FangFang Xu 
Lin Zhan 

Cell Biology and 
Molecular Genetics 

Zenas Chang 

Courtney Kathryn Robinson 

Chemical Engineering 

Joyce Catherine Breger 
Moon Soo Lee 
Sai Kishore Reddy Mamidi 
Weng Ian Ng 


Nicole Jean Carbonaro 
Gregory T. Downs 
Darryl Vernon French 
Charles Edward Luckett 
Yang Zhao 

Civil Engineering 

Lenis Coromoto Amaya Gonzalez 

Zakia Begum 

Kennis Yuen-Man Chan 

David F. Choy 

Tuan Hoang Anh Due 

Morteza Farajian 

Melissa Ann Gagnier 

Kyla Patricia Gregoire 

Virginia Mana Henriquez 

Yuanyuan Hon 
Sungki Jeong 
Aishwarya Madangopal 



Ninn Ramesh R.madive 

Stephanie Nicole Rew 

Sosena Teklemariam 

Abadir Hassen Yimam 

Computer Science 

Saeed Alaei 

Adam Lee Bazinet 

Dan George Bucatanschi 

Daozheng Chen 

Kan Leung Cheng 

Jacob D. Devlin 

Eylul Dogruel 

Darya Filippova 

Peter C. Fontana 

Christopher Michael Hayden 

Phil Huynh 

Liping Liu 

Jaehwan Lee 

Bao Ngoc Nguyen 

Sungwoo Park 

Asad Basheer Sayeed 

Rachel Schwartz 

Paulo A. Shakarian 

Bradley Alan Skaggs 

Jeffrey Charles Stuckman 

Electrical Engineering 
Mohammed Wael Baidas 
Chetan Bansal 
Todd Bennett FinkJer 
Muhammad Umer Ikram 
Vladimir lankov Ivanov 
John George Karvounis 
Hojm Kee 
Gabriel-Mihai Lipsa 
Youngran Mary Kiemb Ma 
Bipin Mathew 
Golbarg Mehraei 
Senni Perumal 
Nimish Sane 

Jacob Stuart Stiffler 
Filiz Yesilkoy 


Laura Catherine Moore 
LieAnn Tru Van-Tull 

Environmental Science 
and Technology 
Christopher Forsythe Brosch 

Family Science 

Damian Michael Waters 

Fire Protection Engineering 

H.nwcn Ding 
Keenan Thomas Dotson 
Lee Kevin McCarthy 
Robert Dale Webster Jr. 
Andrew John Wolfe 

Food Science 

Ansu Elizabeth Cherian 


Zachary David Blanchet 
Tracey Lynn Centorbi 
Xiaoming Liu 

Brian James Mumaw 

Marine, Estuarine and 
Environmental Sciences 

Jennifer Emilienne Brundage 

Christopher Roberts Chick 
Melissa North Grant 
Renee Kirstin Gruber 
Ginger Lee Jahn 
Michael Andrew Malpe//i 
Emily Ann Vlahovich 

Materials Science 
and Engineering 

Brendan Michael H.inr.ihan 

Adam Paul Karcz 

Brian James Watson 

Mechanical Engineering 

Herwin Singh Ahuja 

Andrew Charles Chaloupka 

Kaushik Chatterjee 

Gaurav Chawla 

Elviz George 

Rubyca Jaai 

Daeil Kwon 

Alexander Blacque Meissner 

Andrew Cameron Mueller 

Lyudmyla Panashchenko 

Siddharth Patel 

Greg Douglas Ramsey 

Matthew Brody Tucker 

Yinghui Zheng 

Natural Resource Sciences 

FeHx Ruben Arguedas Rodriguez 

Allen Lee Dawson 

Karen Lyn Grubb 

Jing Kang 

Joshua Daniel Nadler 


Regina Mane Gill 
Tova Gabrielle Jacobovits 
Caroline Rebecca Burnett Rocourt 
Shu Zhang 


Prabin Adhikan 
Brian John Christy 
Joseph Richard Grochowski 
Brian James Grooman 
Brian Keith Hamilton 
Jennifer Elizabeth Johnson 

Konstantinos Koutrohkos 
Thomas Jonathan Langford 
Ted Thorbeck 


Sara Kate Ericson 
Emily Greene Feinberg 
Jingqing Liu 
Mary Eileen Rooney 
Anna Cecile Sheveland 

Reliability Engineering 

Steven Andrew Amdt 
Mark Alan Levin 

Survey Methodology 

Michael James Springer 

Sustainable Development and 
Conservation Biology 

Suchitra Cadambi Balachandran 

Matthew Nye Erdman 
Qiongyu Huang 
Amber Lynne Lefstead 
Tonya Renee McLean 
Kame K. Westerman 
Danielle Nicole Wright 


Kevin Keith Brooks 

Karthick Annamalai Kasiviswanathan 

Monica Laishram 
Amogh Ravindra Mudgal 
Madhuvanthi Mundur 

Usman A. Qureshi 
R.imachandramurti Rajarajacholan 
[ayasree Tummalapalli 
Shubhra Vatsal 



Graduate Certificates Freddy Torres 

Narain Vacharakijja 
Advanced Graduate Specialist 
Sara Buhl Gerontology 

Saniantha Sedlik Deneen Hamlin 


Heidi Mane Anderson 

Deeder Aurongzeb 

Matthew Benjamin Baer 

Brian Coombe 

Omosemwengie Uyiosa Esemuede 

Bnan Lane Howard 

Lee David Koehler 

Timothy Jay Sprowls 

Intelligence Analysis 

Brent Claffey 

Literacy Coaching 

Annette Smith 

Mathematics of Advanced 
Industrial Technology 

Ibrahim Badereldin Oweis 

Museum Scholarship and 
Material Culture 

Robert L. Hernandez 
Teresa Sarah Moyer 
Amelia Selene Wong 

Neuroscience and 
Cognitive Sciences 

Yuval Yehezkel Marton 

Population Studies 

Kathryn Nadine Vasilaky 

Professional Studies 

Laura Ann Mcjilton 

Terrorism Analysis 

Maureen Ann Casey 
Jack Ross Ramey II 

Urban Design 

Mahmoud M. Riad 



Agriculture and 
Natural Resources, 
College of 

Bachelor of Science 

Agricultural and 
Resource Economics 

Christian Felipe Arias 
Dean Richard Babiar 
Justin Scott Bzura 
Pete C. Charlerie 
Aminata Cisse 
Virag Desai 
Matthew Tyler Fox 
Ashok Samuel GopaJa-Rao 
Eric Si Kim Kukreja 
Kimberly Anne Lechlider 
Michael J. Martorella 
Mary Ruth McMullen 
Christina Mane Moczydlowski 
Justin Ikenna Onuoha 
Jaime I. Torres 

Animal Sciences 

Allison Mane Bledsoe 
Vaneesha Mane Bradford 
*Jessi( a Leigh Brown 

2nd Degree: History 
Kristina Alicia Carter 
Gabrielle Nicole Davis 
Katie Jo Ernest 
Sara Danielle Greenbaum 
Lara Elizabeth Martin 


Gisica Nasim Abdallah 
Melissa Tien Brooks 
Pamela Wanna Wachrathit 

Environmental Science 
and Policy 

Travis Lee Anthony 
Curtis Hurbert Bennett III 
Chen Amanda Bermudez 
Hasani N. Martm 
Marko Maver 
Andrew Nicholas Moore 
Rachel Marie Moore 
Margaret Kathenne Pletta 
EhsanulJah Khan Roshan 
Kathleen Helen Smith 
Anastasia Vinnikova 

2nd Degree: Russian Language 

ami Literature 
Colleen Anne Williams 

Food Science 

Isaac Pillar Lee 

Natural Resources 

Austin Weiss Harmdi 
Joshua Nicholas Hopkins 
Gilbert Floyd Shuts 111 
Devon Lee Welsh 

Nutritional Science 
Jenifer Elise Brown 
Linda Camille Garner 
Safiya Akanke Ransome 
Andrew Ross Scholl 

Plant Sciences 

Carol Dianne Allen 
Robin Alan Choudhury 
Todd Jeffrey Colvin 
James Edward Doukas 
Nancy Mane Harding 
Julia Mae Harshman 
Wenjie Li 

Arts and Humanities, 
College of 

Bachelor of Arts 

American Studies 

Nicholas James Athans 
Jamie Candyce Burch 
Crystal Dawn Callaghan 
Molly Frances Doyle 
Janet Ephraim 
♦Caroline Anne Fields 
Fiona Claire Forcey 
Jennifer Mane Hagan 
David Lawrence Hinton 
Jeffrey D. Liu 
Heather Ann Norberg 
Erika Plata 

Hakeem Oladapo Sulejr. 
Alexandra Franses Walker 
Jeffrey Ryan Wollentin 

Art History 

Daniel Vieira Albuquerque 
Caroline Rachelle Battle 

2nd Degree: Studio Art 
Mana V. Grenchik 

2nd Major. Anthropology 
Maria Dimitnos Makns 
Laura Eileen Newby 
Rang Yi Oh 
Angelica Rengifo 
Jesse Hart Seitel-Mellencamp 
Siafa Alvin Sherman 
Lauren Anne Winter 

Central European, Russian 
and Eurasian Studies 

Courtney Caryn Russell 
2nd Degree: Psychology 


Mananne Denise Baesa 
*YiJing Ou-Yang 

2nd Degree: International 

Adam Jacob Steffes 

Classical Languages 
and Literatures 

Jessica Mae Rindos 

2nd Degree: Biological Sciences 
Charles Harding Shell 


Kiandra D. Bair 

2nd Major: Criminology and 

Criminal Justice 
Alexander Jay Baron 
Kyle Eugene Bausch 
Orari Ben-Hanan 
Julia Lynn Breihof 
♦Michelle Marie Cardoso 
Jahira Nichole Chambers 
Romina Cialdella 
fShawnee Jordan Cohn 
Justin Louis Dailey 
Braden Nicholas Dauer 

2nd Degree: Government 

and Politics 
Giulia Mana Di Marzo 
Peter Thomas Doidge 
Hilary Cara Eckert 
Samantha Lynn Fass 

2nd Major: Art History 
Nathalia J. Gianella 
Alexia Brooke Gonzalez 
Mary Elizabeth Green 
Elissa Beth Greenfield 
Catherine Taney Haniill 
Stephanie N. Hirata 
Stefanie Lauren Hoffman 
Irene Huo 

i Laude | Magna cum Laude 



Zamab M. Jawad 
Amanda Mane Kem 
Paige Elizabeth Kline 
Kelly Lynn Knick 
Alex B. Lee 

Kristen Elizabeth Machcinski 
Katelyn Rose Mauriello 
Chris Anstidis Mereos 
Ei T. Mon 

Sainantha A. Morrow 
Ryan Joseph Nolan 
Lauren Elizabeth Noland 
Kevin Robert Oelschlaeget 

2nd Degree: Criminology and 

Criminal Justice 
Anna Lizzet Ortuno 

2m! Major: Spanish Language 

and Literature 
Martinique Leron Person 
Alexandra Jeanne Rainey 
Henry P. Rawlerson III 
John Elliott Redeker Jr. 
Jamie Paige Richter 
James K. Rosell 
Isaac Sanford Savitz III 
Stephanie L. Scheiner 
Milena Alexandra Schwager 
Tanya Shaudi Semsarzadeh 
Heidiane Michelle Shaffer 
Sarah Alden Shenk 

2nd Degree: Marketing 
Jenna Michelle Silverman 

2nd Major: Jewish Studies 
Bradford Roger Singley 

2nd Major: Sociology 
Kevin James Slafkosky 
Andrea Beverly Starkey 
Allison Blair Starks 
Ariana Ruth Statham 
Charles Andrew Visconage 
Jennifer Lynn Williams 
Nyjiyyah O. Williams 

Santa Williams 
Dominique Renee Young 
Jin Zheng 


Lee-Ann Michelle Doncevic 
2nd Degree: Criminology and 
Criminal Justice 

Lanikah Quezia Jordan 

♦Jenna Mane Kiefer 
2nd Major: Psychology 

English Language 
and Literature 

Waqia T. Abdul-Karecni 
Polina Advolodkina 

2nd Degree: Biological Sciences 
Allen A. Amanna 
William John Armstrong IV 
Lekia Shanelle Bowman 
Knstin Marie Bumeston 
Frank Raymond Cervarich III 

2nd Major: Theatre 
Auvijit K. Chakder 
Karan Singh Chandel 
Carolyn Whitney Crews 
Margaret R. Cybulski 
Phillip Neal Durkos 
-j-Katanna Ann Eisenbeiser 
Cecilia Epiphany Ferrara 
Benjamin Max Fogelman 
Colin Lawrence Frattura 
Ashley Michele Freeman 
Fauna Shewit Gebreyesus 

2nd Major: Art History 
Allison Lee Gershon 
James Patnck Graves Jr. 
Stephanie Marie Handy 

2nd Major: Linguistics 
Avene Harding 
Andrew J. Hong 

2nd Degree: Finance 

Andrew Fredenck Hooson 
Francis Joseph Interlandi 
David Ben Israel 
Chnstopher Frederick Kopp 
Kandace Leah Levy 
Lindsey Elizabeth Lloyd 
Michael Andrew Matins 
Tiauna Toni Miller 
Patricia Ann Morrow 
Lizabeth Kellie O'Dell 
Wahidullah Osman 

2nd Major: Philosophy 
Mana Demce Proctor 
Dacier Adriana Randolph 
Susan Ouida Rencher 
Ashley Rebekah Renko 
Robert Allen Ripley Jr. 
Jessica Elizabeth Robertson 
Jordan Seth Ruby 
James Christopher Ruhl 
Elizaveta Savranskaya 
Hannah Lea Shuster 
Enka Ingnd Smith 
Lamont Bene Smith 
Nakeeta Junette Dennisea Sorzano 
Sumayyah Saadia Taufique 

2nd Major: Psychology 
Travis G. Thomas 
Kelly Theresa Turner 
Benjamin Meding Voigt 
Chnstopher M. Wack 
Patricia Esther Wallace 
Erin Elizabeth Walpole 
Stefanie Victona Williams 
John Chi-Tuk Ying 

2nd Degree: Accounting 

French Language 
and Literature 

Navarone Bryant Frank 

•Sara Elizabeth Mason 

2nd Major: English Language 

and Literature 
Morgan Elizabeth McMahon 
Yelizaveta Olegovna Yanovich 

2nd Major: Economies 

German Language 
and Literature 

Andrew Joseph Kem 

2nd Degree: Mechanical 

Kenneth Anthony Lull 

2nd Major: Communication 


Cristina Ann Adams 
Zimare Solomon Bekele 
Melissa Ryan Blum 
Allison Clare Bogsted 
•Jessica Leigh Brown 

2nd Degree: Animal Sciences 
Peter Huston Brown 
Grant Peter Burke 
D. Maxwell Clark 
Seth Weinman Clute 
Tiffany Lynn Coles 
Megan Ashley Coloe 
Charles Moody Crandell III 
Kimberly Gwynn Dabbondanza 
Emma Di Sciullo 

2nd Major: Criminology and 

Criminal Justice 
Gregory Turner Dolan 
Adam Michael Fried 
Andreas Paul Gelner 
Chnstian Krempasky Hasser 
Michael Joseph Henderson 
Hasam Akil Isreal 
Zachary Alexandar Jones 
Catharine Theresa Kump 

2nd Degree: Philosophy 


LmJc f Magn 


Brittany Joy Mathews 
David Samuel May 
Emica Nena Melirer 
Lauren Knsta Menghraj 
Christopher G. Moschkin 
Robert Brandon Moss 
Gregory Thomas Mullen 

2nd Degree: Secondary Education 

English Language 
Obinna Chigozie Onungwa 
Daniel Park 

Jhi/ Major: Chinese 
Riley Andrew Paterson 
Michael James Peck 
David William Pleasants 
Charles Michael Rodgers 
Susan Marie Rush 
Steven German Salas 
Daryl Cheng Chih Sing 
Matthew Emanuel Sinkaat 
George Ryan Srilson 
Stephanie P. Taylor 
Daniel Joseph Timtishin 
Marco Antonio Troiano 
Joseph Michael Wheeler 
Drew N. Yates 
Gemma Mane Youngerman 
Han Oo Zaw 

Italian Language 
and Literature 

Amalia Cassandra Apostol 

2nd Degree: Romance Languages 

Youmidoan Kim 

Ens Mei 

2nd Degree: Economics 
Gabnel Cervantes Silex 
Michael Xiaobo Tang 

2nd Degree: Biological Sciences 

Jewish Studies 

Brian Michael Rothstem 
2nd Degree: Finance 


Erica Ann Anderson 
David Armen Arabian 
Kassandra Blondine Gynther 
•Claire Elizabeth Jaja 
Grace Miyano Lavigne 
Sarah Anne Slavm 

Music-Liberal Arts Program 

Christine Renee Castillo 
Eink Sigurd Cooper 
Catherine Louise Hooper 

2nd Major: Communication 
Enoch Martin Rowe 
Yee-Ning Soong 
Andrew LeRoy Webb 


Michael Jordan Bullock 
Natalie Rebecca Cohen 

2nd Major: Criminology and 

Criminal Justice 
David A. Engelman 

2nd Degree: Psychology 
Michael Andrew Henry 
Thomas Christopher Holt 

2nd Degree: Economics 
Robert Louis Kclsey 
John Duyoung Kim 

2nd Degree: Economics 
Catharine Theresa Kump 

2nd Degree: History 
Megan Alls Maizel 
Benjamin C. Petersen 

2nd Major: History 

Romance Languages 

Amalia Cassandra Apostol 

2nd Degree: Italian Language 
and Literature 

fSarahJ. Kannanaikkel 

"Kelly Sullivan Kylis 

Russian Language 
and Literature 

Brian Mark Cowley 
Alexander Pavlovich Krapiva 
Laurel Linda Schmuck 
Anastasia Vinnikova 

2nd Degree: Environmental 

Science and Policy 

Spanish Language 
and Literature 

Jacquelyn Alicia Alvarez 
Jodi Ben-Meir 

2nd Degree: Kinesiological Science 
Whitney Cabrera 

2nd Degree: Biological Sciences 
Claudia Melissa Cadavid 
Matthew Scott Deadnck 
Sana Javed 

2nd Degree: Government 

and Politics 
Cristina Lee 

Stephanie Anneniane McCully 
Michelle Lauren Miller 
Tiffany Demse Mosley 
•Katherine Joanna O'Hare 

2nd Degree: Marketing 
Rachael Anne I Hup 
Christopher Pavon 
Maria Katarzyna Tunajek 
Rachel Elyse Weissman 
Mana del Mar E.M. Wikkeling 

Studio Art 

Babatunde Ademran Adedayo 
Dolly Antayhua 

2nd Major: An Education 
( christian Abraham Bartra 
Caroline Rachelle Battle 

2nd Degree: Art History 
Monica Rocio Bedon 
Rachel Katherine Bender 
James Morgan Blount 
Nicole Marie Daly 
Tina Zahra Dantrass} 
Christopher Dennis Diller 
Kathryn Dean Dykstra 
Came Singer Gelula 
Danielle Tenique Johnson 
Daniel Jacob Kashtan 

2nd Degree: Compute) Sciena 

2nd Major: Art History 
Natasha McFarlane 
Emily Crystal Michael 
Mallory Kathleen Murray 
Wenxiao Qin 

Patricia Carolina Rodnguez 
Joel D. Rosado 
Elizabeth Ashlee Sasscer 
Bret Vincent Shendan 
Ahmed Oluwaseye Ishola Sholola 
Sarah Magdalene Soule 

2nd Degree: Art Education 
Ashley Chansse Stanfield 
Emoni Viruet-Molina 

2nd Major: Italian Language 

and Literature 
•Leah Rachel WhitehiU 
Ko-Hui Wu 


Kathleen Mane Brown 
Angela Christine Campbell 
Joanna Mana Fortuna 
Kathnne Elaine Jeffries 

g Summa cum Laude f Mt^gna .<"" Laudt 



|i Hwan Kim 
Stephanie Diane Phoebus 
Carmen Marquise Samuel 
Brooke LaMar Shoemaker 
Anastasia Lauren Stewart 
Gregory Joseph Twomey 
Allison Rachel Weaver 

Women's Studies 

Lauren Elizabeth Sands 
Michelle Lynn Stalnaker 

Bachelor of Music 

Music-Professional Program 

Matthew Kieran DeBeal 

2nd Degree: Music Education 
Rachel Monique Genevieve Israel 

2nd Degree: Music Education 
Stephanie Jolene Lane- 
Mark Ellis Lee Jr. 

2nd Degree: Music Education 
*Tricia Marie Melka 

2nd Degree: Music Education 
Daniel Walter Musacchio 

2nd Degree: Music Education 

Bachelor of Music Education 

Music Education 

Matthew Kieran DeBeal 
2nd Degree: Music- 
Professional Program 

Michael Shamir Hopkins-Gross 

Rachel Monique Genevieve Israel 
2nd Degree: Music- 
Professional Program 

Mark Ellis Lee Jr. 
2nd Degree: Music- 
Professional Program 

"Tricia Marie Melka 
2nd Degree: Music- 
Professional Program 

Daniel Walter Musacchio 
2nd Degree: Music- 
Professional Program 

Behavioral and Social 
Sciences, College of 

Bachelor of Arts 

African American Studies 

Michael Dominic Di Pietro 
Jared Howard Harrell 
Akeeba Ivana Maze 
Crystel Corinne Stewart 


Christian Bethel Baei 
Neha Kiran Chopra 
Mallory Rebecca Gill 
Robert James Lorens 
Panni M. Shah 
David Anand Singh 

Criminology and 
Criminal Justice 

Pegah Afshar 
Samuel A. Ajayi 
Olufemi O. Akinwande 
fAdnan Raymond Alvarado 
Peter Lorenz Ashtiame 
Kwaku Amponsah Attakora 
Ashleigh LaRen Averett 
Bilal Baisa 

Joseph Michael Ballenger 
Christopher Jory Barnes 
Samira Hassan Basma 
Pamela S. Bhatia 
Matthew Gilroy Bloom 
Jessica Nicole Bourquin 
Amanda Kay Brown 
Hong Anh Bui 
Seth C. Burroughs 

Benjamin William Cannon 
Michael Bret Canterbury 
Chun-Kai Chang 
Daisy Cassandra Chicas 
*Samantha Lee Cicchetto 
Michael Patrick Civetti 
Corinne Mae Conrad 
Meagan O'Brien Cooper 
Michael Bryan Copeland 
Frank Thomas Costello III 
Betsy Rhianna Cunnane 
Christopher Thomas Cunneen 
Crystal Ramesh Dalsania 
Hung Hoan Dang 
Natasha L. Desjardins 
Houran Dezfoli 
Gregory Edward DeForge 
Benjamin Raphael Donati 
Lee-Ann Michelle Doncevic 

2nd Degree: Dance 
Robert Lewis Dulling 
Casper Dagdag Edora 
Andrew Clydesdale Evans 
•Zachary Paul Evans 
Michelle Elizabeth Ewing 

2nd Major: Psychology 
Brooks Louis Feldman 
Stacey Mane Fleinet 
Awnya Awneece Frazier 
Daniel Michael Gallagher 
Eduardo Alexander Gamero 
Kathenne Emperatriz Garcia 
Ross James Gent 
Heather Mane Gilbert 
Brian Scott Goldteder 
Christina Marie Gosweiler 
Knshawn Danielle Graham 
Claudia LaRay Grier 
Yevhen B. Grinman 
Teresa Marie Gutierrez 
Jonathan Adam Hager 
Peter Nicholas Hallman 

Constance Rae Ham 
Michael Enc Hampden-Carter 
Edmond Boyd Hardesty III 
Charles foseph Harting 
Gretchen Elise Hasfurter 
Kanm Zahir Henry 
Paola Maria Hernandez Baron 

2nd Degree: Psychology 
Michael Stephen Higdon 
Dayna Marie Hinton 
Matthew Brendan Holford 
Thomas J. Hool 
Ciara Monique Huff 
Kyle Ross Hughes 
Tanveer Huq 
Landry Y. Hyousseu 
Kathleen Chmenye Ibeh 
Brian Joseph Isaksen 
Carolyn Miriam Jacques 
Emily Marie James 
Edward Jean 

2nd Major: Sociology 
Brian Mark Jester 
Ioana Kastellonzios 
Lauren Sarah Kensky 
Andrew Kim 
William Earl Knight 
Robert Zachary Knoll 
Naveen Kundhi 
Dov Elliot Landau 
Adrienne Marie Lanzi 
Taylor Earle Leeson 
Brian Matthew Lenhart 
Elizabeth Caralena Lerie 
Ken Kuen-Ruei Lin 
Jermane Wayne Matins 
Enc Morr Maudhn-Jeronimo 
Matthew Christopher McGowan 
Evan Nicholas Milano 
Chad Ryan Miller 
Jennifer Kathleen Miller 

2nd Degree: Economics 



Kathrvn Mane Miller 
Ryan Alan Minnich 
Luis E. Morales III 
Aysha I. Mufti 
Caitlin Elizabeth O'Dell 
Cassie Mane O'Donnell 
Kevin Robert Oelschlaeger 

2nd Degree: Communication 
Obafemi Oluseun Opesannn Jr. 
fLaura Nicole Pet. rsen 

2nd Major: Psychology 
Samuel Anthonv Peyton 
Jared Scott Pinchasick 
Ismail Adeola Pio 
Alyssa Mane Post 
Manoue Press 
Oneg Levy Pnntt 
Ridwanur Rahman 
Jason Matthew Rinn 
[unyoung Ro 
Rebecca AJyson Romm 
Veronica Ros 
Ashley Elise Ryder 
Luke Louis Sabatini 
Pnscilla Sanjines 
Sivan Saravanapavan 
Sasha Serpa 
[esang Dhirendra Shah 
Rashi Shanna 
Sheena Alexandna Shields 
Enn Patricia Shine 
Denise Rachel Solomon 
( feline Wei-Ming Soo Hoo 
Richard Anthony Steer Jr. 
Timothy Bryan Stem 
Lance Norman Stuckey 
Sara Tavakoli 
Courtney Lesesne Towles 
Megan Elizabeth Viering 
Kyle Lucas Wells 
Laurynn (ustina Wesley 

Matthew [oseph Westerbeck 

Lee Ann Wright 


Mohammed H.idi Abiola 
Inessa Ach 

Kehinde Kazeem Adesina 
Jeffrey Koon Ahn 
Namita Akolkar 

2nd Degree: Biological Sciences 
Tammie An 

Savanthi Andradige Silva 
Monica Alejandra Argoti 
Omar Almoualem 
Perlyn Saguban Balasabas 
Joseph R. Batista 
Olver Andres Bemal-Ostos 
Taris Adam Besse 
Ryan Chase Blumstein 
Georgina Serwaa Bonsu 
Rebecca Konadu Bonsu 
Mario Belford Cabrera 
Nicholas Philip Candela 
Si in Patrick Carrol] 
•Thomas Calogero Cascio 

2nd Degree: Computet Science 
John Curry Chambers III 
Jonathan Edward Clumbers 
Shu-Lin Cheng 
Kevin Kai-Wen Chiu 
Eugene Choe 
Andrew Young Choi 
Deborah Bora Choi 
Woong-Shik Choi 
Kara Maria Daly 
Kwame Opokuware 1 )arko 
Pallavi Das 
Abhisek Devkota 
David Aaron DeVries 
Amsh Kumar Dhingra 
Manssa Nicole Diaz 

Andrew Louis Dilz 
Vincent Kinh Kha Doan 
Justin Roger Encarnacion 
Enc Fredenck Eudy 
Helen Carroll Fenimore 
Megan Emily Florenzo 
Joseph Aurelio Flores 
Robert Walter Forsyth 
Sachin Gyawali 
Brooks Bergmann Harrington 
Timothy James Hart Jr. 
Jason Archer Harvill 
Ahmed Omokolade Hassan 
Sean Karl Hauser 
♦Chen He 

2nd Degree: Mathematics 
Kaitlynn Mane Hendncks 
Fernando Herrera 
Austin McEachern Hicks 
Thomas Christopher Holt 

2nd Degree: Philosophy 
Robert Lee Hopkins Jr. 
Joshua Louis Horton 
Charles Tae Hwang 
Ah Moosa Ibrahim 
Alexandra Emilia Ivanova 
Guillermo Tomasjaen Carnzo 
Aminda Yashmm Kadir 
Aaron Simcha Kaiser 
Liliane K. Kamgang 
Bryan Adam Kerner 
John Duyoung Kim 

2nd Degree: Philosophy 
Paul Kim 

2nd Major: Criminology and 

Criminal Justice 
Michael David Klem Jr. 
Agbessi KofE Kotoklo 
David Michael Kraus 
Andrew Charles Kroll 
Howard Kuan 

•Naissem Le Nodjinam 
John J. Lee 
Wontaek Lee 
Woolim Lee 
Yongje Lee 
Florence Li 
Janice Julia Lim 
Alvaro Augusto Llosa 

2nd Major: Spanish Language 

and Literature 
Richard Ogwang Magomu-Wacha 
Shawn B. Malhotra 
Aamir Shafiq Malik 
Laura Lee Mammen 
Wengang Man 
Daniel Areg Mangasarian 
Maryah Mehdi Manji 
Joshua Matthew Marine 
Abe Dean Martin 

2nd Degree: Mathematics 
Matthew Charles Mayronne 
Ens Mei 

2nd Degree: Japanese 
Anna Aleksandrovna Mikhaylova 
Jennifer Kathleen Miller 

2nd Degree: Criminology and 

Criminal Justice 
Pedro Manuel Naranjo Silva 
Tam The Nguyen 
|ames Michael O'Connor 
Michael James Oporto 
♦Daniella Lee Pena 
Christina Kimberly Pereira 
Jeffrey Albert Pham 
Enc |. Przybylski 

Yekaterina Vadimovna Radchenko 
Ran Rao 

Sabine Lorna Raphael 
Lionel Anthony Rodgers 
Matthew Lewis Sanchez 
Anirudh Sama 

i Ijiude f Magna cum Laudc 



James Ian Scroggs 
Chanel Shapiro 
Ohunene Zainab Sheidu 
Chun- Wei Shih 
Sameem Zaman Siddiqui 
Ratal Patryk Siemion 
David Teferi Sileshi 
Daniien Alexander Singh 
Harry H. Smythe 
Zachary Ernst Sorenson 
Amine Stambouli 
Gabnel M. Strauss 
Kevin Kai Peng Suen 
David L. Sun 
Jiu Tao 

Yonnas Bekuma Terefe 
Nicky Jay Trageser 
Tasha R. Weathers 
Harvey C. Zemaitis III 

Government and Politics 

Natasha Basu 
Robert Matthew Bott 
Marianne Mane Alida Call 

2nd Degree: International 

James Stanley Cebula 
Lourdes Elena Chavarna 
Gavin Thurman Cunningham 
Braden Nicholas Dauer 

2nd Degree: Communication 
Brian Nelson Davis Jr. 
Jeremy Michael Doberman 
Pamela Nkechi 1 >ogbe 
^Amanda Colleen Eddy 
Gleb B. Feldman 
Brittany Mane Galanis 
Stephanie L. Gonias 
Kelly Marie Gough 
Galen O'Neil Hall 
Faraz Haqqi 
Joi Dominique Hosley 

Batoul Syeda Alnisa Husain 

2nd Major: Criminology and 

Criminal Justice 
Sana Javed 

2nd Degree: Spanish Language 

and Literature 
*Angie Mirka Jean-Marie 
Mark Craig Jubar 
Momka Joanna Kalinski 

2nd Major: Criminology and 

Criminal Justice 
♦Matthew Seth Katz 
Ji Yun Kim 
Evan Ross Kirsch 

2nd Major: Economics 
Ellen Mara Kobak 
David Samuel Lerner 
Lawrence J. H. Liu 
•Xheni Llaguri 

2nd Major: Anthropology 
Kenneth Gregory Lyle 
Asenath Angum Mba 
Bnttany Catherine McGrath 
Joanne Melendez 
Enk Robert Naimoli 
William Albert O'Brien 

2nd Major: Economics 
Morgan Mayan Opie 
Chong Bin Park 
Christine Marie Peterson 
Deni Popovski 

2nd Major: Economics 
Douglas Scott Rodkey 

2nd Major: Criminology and 

Criminal Justice 
*An Rosner 
Sara Jennifer Rothman 
Matthew Craig Ryan 
David Schneider 
Sun Y. Shin 
♦Alexander Slutsker 

2nd Degree: Computer Science 

Vinod Krish Srimvasaraghavan 

2nd I Icgrce: Finance 
Aida B. Stuk 
Robin Melissa Wilson 
Benjamin Matthew Wolff 

Hearing and Speech Sciences 

Karla Melissa Escoto 
Angelina Grace Halpin 
Laura Ann Repetto 


Michal Amir 
Irvin Alexander Barkley 
Mandie Elise Biron 
John Edward Boden 
Chnstine Marie Bradley 
Daniel Nicholas Camso 
Scott Djair Chin 
Michael Vanture Davis 

2nd Major: Criminology and 

Criminal Justice 
Sarah Elizabeth Dooley 
fUdi Farber 

2nd Major: Philosophy 
Mary Ni Feng 

2nd Degree: Marketing 
Natasha Franklin 

2nd Major Sociology 
Joshua Caplan Gottlieb 
Aaron Michael Greengard 

2nd Major: Jewish Studies 
Daniel Aaron Greenwald 
Aleksandra Borysovna Grinman 
Sadia A. Hafiz 
Paola Maria Hernandez Baron 

2nd Degree: Criminology and 

Criminal Justice 
Stephanie M. Hoffmaister 

2nd Major: Criminology and 

Criminal justice 
Kathlynn Joanne Hylton 

Justin Thomas Jenkins 
Ashleigh Eileen Jobson 

2nd Major: Family Science 
Avita T. Jones 
Ryan Carey Kind 
Gloria Deneise Lawrence 

2nd Major: Criminology and 

Criminal Justice 
Manssa Brooke Lewis 
Eduardo Lopez 
Kojo Nyarko 

Michelle Fernandez Pereira 
♦Daniel A. Perel 
Scott Michael Phillips 
Katheryn Elizabeth Reinstein 

2nd Major: Criminology and 

Criminal Justice 
Saundra W. Rhode 
Courtney Caryn Russell 

2nd Degree: Central European 

Russian and Eurasian Studies 
Alyson Kimberly Sandul 
Alexander Suter-Lowe 

2nd Major: Linguistics 
Lindsey Marie Van Wagner 
fShaina Dionne Wamsley 
Andrew S. Wehmann 
Esther Weitzner 
Daniel Kenneth Wood 
Kevin Christopher Young 
Garry Zeltser 
Alexis Cheng Zhao 


Edith Ngozi Agbanyim 
Alexander Samuel Allen 
Sunaina Arora 
Matthew Jay Asman 
jAdnenne Melissa Beaudoin 
Bnan Peter Carman 
Lindsay M. Church 
Tamara Nichole Clairmont 



Nathaniel Michael Cole 
2nd Major: Communication 

Kathleen Elizabeth Curran 

John Owen Wakefield Dickson 

Shannon Louise Eaton 

Jason Seth Epstein 

Yamila Francesca Evertz 

Monnsola Oladiwura Fifo 

Joann Francis 

Jesse Charles Frank 

Max Alan Geller 

Kaustav Ghose 

Jacqueline M. Goebeler 

Aaron Arthur Gray 

Eric Matthew Grida 

Samantha Jane Grzeskiewicz 

Christina Mane Gutierrez 

Richard George Hams 

Lauren Noelle Haw-thome 

Erika Rene Jackson-Stokes 

Brittany Chanel Kelly 

Charlene Sun Kim 

Aaron Yisrael Kutnick 

Patrick James Maskew 

Sara Elizabeth Mullen 

Kathleen Napoda 

2nd Degree: General Business 

Eric Phong Nguyen 

Mohammad Ismail Nooraddmi 

Edward Vahram Ohanian II 

Henry Orlando Ramirez 

Margaret Geoghegan Reilly 

Stefany Hilda Salas 

Matthew Henry Sanchez 

Claudio Martin Sayan Lazarte 

Laura Rachel Inez Schneider 

Gregory Matthew Siro 

Darren Jamal Smothers 

Brent Allen Sokolosky 

Ashley E. Steel 

Nathan John Sullivan 

Steven Earl Swann 

Ngoc-anh Sarah Nguyen Trail 
Melissa R. Valladares 
Abraham Raviv Walter 
Tyana La'Shae Wilson 

Bachelor of Science 

Environmental Science 
and Policy 

Scott Thomas Allen 
Conrad Willis Bolston 
Douglas Joseph Gazzale 
•Elizabeth Corinne Gillan 
Ajay N. Iyer 
§Michele Wilt Miller 
Kimberly C.W. Taylor 
Alana Sarah Tenzer 
Kaitlin Mary Unsworth 
JefBrey Leighton Williford 


Sarah Charlotte Brownlee 
Patrick Joseph Bubeck 
Sarah Elisabeth Cavas 
Robert Keith Freeman Jr. 
Gregory John Hunter 
Melissa Ikea Hurley 
Joseph Michael Levesque 
Krischelle Mane Atkins Qua 
Emily Kate Sadowski 
Michael E. Stem 
Joseph Scott Valdez 

2nd Major: Government 

and Politics 
Ibrahim Yilla 

2nd Major: Economics 


Timothy Sungjun Ahn 
Christina Mane Bowman 
Sheila Johanna Carrette 

2nd Degree: Biological Sciences 

Paul Cheung 
Christopher Joseph Dudek 

2nd I degree Biological Sciences 
Solmaz Elmi-Sarabi 
David A. Engelman 

2nd Degree: Philosophy 
Alexandra M. Gonzalez 
Brittany Ray Harris 
Rizwan Ahmed Khan 
Cindy Kwan 
Casey Elisabeth Miller 
John Salvador Miranda III 
•Stephanie B. Noronha 

2nd Major: Spanish Language 

ami Literature 
Shin Ock 

Amarachukwu Queensly Onyekwere 
Clinton Troy Rebello 
Caitlin Alicia Reichbach 
•Melissa Deanna Monaghan Shepard 

2nd Major: Art History 
Marlena Constance Simpson 
Jamie Dorothy Stotz 
Jaime Allen Strickland 
Rachelle Jordan Sumrall 
Jennifer Ellen Tchai 
Menanne Rose Tiglao 

2nd Degree: Biological Sciences 

Business, Robert H. 
Smith School of 

Bachelor of Science 


Carolyn Z. Anderson 
Aim Pravin Bhalodia 

2nd Degree: Finance 
Matthew Anthony Brooks 

2nd Degree: Finance 
Genicia Lisbeth Broughton 
Hadia M. Damtew 

Kevin Elliot Daniel 
Jennifer Ann I Hetrick 
Manish K. Dureja 
Chivon A. Fahie 

2nd Degree: Information Systems 
Megan Elizabeth Farrell 

2nd Degree: Finance 
Molly Bradford Goldman 
Brenna Marie Gonzalvez 
fRashi Goyal 

2nd Degree: Finance 
Jiarong Guo 
Gaurav Gupta 

2nd Degree: Finance 
Alex Michael Helfand 
June JongKyu Hong 
Angie Yihsien Huang 

2nd Degree: Finance 
Daniel Joseph Kenny 

2nd Degree: Finance 
Sean Wesley Laverty 
fPhilip Shao Hui Lee 

2nd Degree: Finance 
Hoa Dieu Luu 

2nd Degree: Finance 
Christopher James McGrath 

2nd Degree: Marketing 
Alisha A. Mehta 

2nd Degree: Finance 
Michael Francis Mergler 

2nd Degree: Finance 
Hiwot T. Mesgina 
fNancy Van Nguyen 

2nd Degree Finana 
Shih-Hao Ni 
Lauren Dawn Niffenegger 
Pearl Nneka Okam 
fClifton James Petenbrink 

2nd Degree: Finance 
Spenser Charles Peterson 
Shernka Renea Robinson 

2nd Degree: Information Systems 

': Summa cum Laude t ^ta^na aim Lnuiic 




Anthony Michael Schulz 

2nd Degree: Finance 
Thomas John Sebring 

2nd Degree: Finance 
Young Seok Seo 

2nd Degree: Finance 
Umang Shah 

2nd Degree: Information System* 
Fikirte W. Shewakena 
Aman Deep Singh 
Sarah M. Speirs 

2nd Degree: Finance 
Justin A. Stappler 
Jonathan D. Thomas 
Bethany Patricia Titus 
Lauren Elizabeth Valente 
Carey Ann Wolcott 

2nd Degree: Finance 
John Chi-Tuk Ying 

2nd Degree: English Language 

and Literature 

2nd Major: Information Systems 
Sherne Ting Yu 
Kun Zhang 


•Elyas Jackson Abi-Antoun 
Michael Burnside Bauer 
Ann Pravin Bhalodia 

2nd Degree: Accounting 
Matthew Anthony Brooks 

2nd Degree: Accounting 
Bradley Todd Canter 

2nd Major: Supply 

Chain Management 
Rachanda Jene Carter 
Anthony Edward Coia III 
•Scott Hillman DeMuth 

2nd Major: Economic-. 
Aakash Dheer 

2nd Degree: Mathematics 
Elliot Darnell Dixon 

Teresa Nicole Dorsey 

Juliet Falsafi 

Megan Elizabeth Farrell 

2nd Degree: Accounting 
fRashi Goyal 

2nd Degree: Accounting 
Gaurav Gupta 

2nd Degree: Accounting 
Hailey Paige Harris 
Andrew J. Hong 

2nd Degree: English Language 

and Literature 
Angie Yihsien Huang 

2nd Degree: Accounting 
Daniel Joseph Kenny 

2nd Degree: Accounting 
fPhilip Shao Hui Lee 

2nd Degree: Accounting 
Kevin Lin 

2nd Degree: Biological Sciences 
Hoa Dieu Luu 

2nd Degree: Accounting 
James William Lyons 

2ml Major: Marketing 
Karan Malhotra 
Karan Ashok Malhotra 
Alisha A. Mehta 

2ml Degree: Accounting 
Michael Francis Mergler 

2nd Degree: Accounting 
Daniel Patrick Miltner 
fNancy Van Nguyen 

2nd Degree: Accounting 
Kush Shaileshkumar Patel 

2nd Major: International Business 
fClitton James Petenbrink 

2ml Degree: Accounting 
Christina Mae Petrow 
Justin Michael Pitt 
Ameliet Rosalie Rischen 
Francihen Romain 

Bnan Michael Rothstein 

2nd Degree: Jewish Studies 
Anthony Michael Schulz 

2nd Degree: Accounting 
Evan David Schweiger 

2nd Major: International Business 
Thomas John Sebring 

2nd Degree: Accounting 
Dimuthu Wathsala Senevirathna 
Young Seok Seo 

2nd Degree: Accounting 
Him Shamim 
Tatiana Shein 

2nd Degree: International 

Sarah M. Speirs 

2nd Degree: Accounting 
Vinod Knsh Snmvasaraghavan 

2nd Degree: Government 

ami Politics 
Colin C. Sullivan 

2nd Major: Supply 

Chain Management 
Frederick Weimon Tang 

2nd Major: Economics 
Louise Amy Wingfield 
Carey Ann Wolcott 

2nd Degree: Accounting 
Ritta Joseph Zeilah 
Zachary Walker Zimmerman 

General Business 

Scott Stephen Anderson 

Jordan Reid Cohen 

Edwin Antonio Deras 

Anna Hochstein 

Michele Bora Kim 

Jonathan Marx 

Samuel Payton Harwell Mcjonathan 

Kathleen Napoda 

2nd Degree: Sociology 

Brandon Christopher Owens 
Phuong Candy Phong 
Evan Ahlers Schluederberg 
Nick Louis Skeparnias 
Kevin Anthony Tangney 
Nicole Louise Taylor 

Information Systems 

Anna Abrosimova 

2nd Major: Supply 

( '.haul Management 
Lisa Sue Ngin Ching 
Chivon A. Fahie 

2nd Degree: Accounting 
Sherrika Renea Robinson 

2nd Degree: Accounting 
Umang Shah 

2nd Degree: Accounting 
Jacob Zev Silvermetz 

2nd Major: Marketing 

International Business 

Chena LaVonne Blomme 
Robert Andrew Buss 
Marianne Mane Alida Call 

2nd Degree: Government 

and Politics 
Amir Cheloei 
Mojan B. Foroutan 
Amanda Sun Kim 

2nd Major: Marketing 
Yvette Markanan 
tjoseph Cole McCord 

2nd Degree: Supply 

Chain Management 
Adriana L. Munoz 
Yi]mg Ou-Yang 

2nd Degree: Chinese 
Lakeisha Nicole Prather 
Hilary Bissett Radolec 

2nd Major: Marketing 


Laude f Magna 


Mollie Sarah Shapiro 
Tatiana Shein 

2nd Degree: Finance 
Ernest Lee Wagner 

2nd Major: Information Systems 


Jessica Rachel Augarten 
John Michael Churchw ell 
Brandon B. Dunn 
Man' Ni Feng 

2nd Degree: Psychology 
Daniel James Finnegan 
Enn Cathenne Geraghty 
James William Goldwasser 
Jesse Alexander Haydon 

2nd Major: International Business 
Karen T. Kepner 
Shan Lin 

2nd Degree: Supply 

Chain Management 
Sonia Malik 
Christopher James McGrath 

2nd Degree: Accounting 
Meaghan Diana McKissic 
Anut Mohanlal Mistry 
Jordan Scott Molhns 
Michael Holland Moss 
§Lylan Tran Nguyen 

2nd Major: Supply 

Chain Management 
•Kathenne Joanna O'Hare 

2nd Degrei Spanish Language 

and Literature 
Vaibhav Pachauri 

2nd Major: Information Systems 
fulie Pak 

2nd Major: < Operations 

Melinda Lee Park 
Jocelyn Michele Redmond 

Margaret Whitney Schmelzle 
2nd Major: Information Systems 

Sarah Alden Shenk 

2nd Degree: ' Communication 

Lindsay Darlene Verville 

Vanessa Alexandra Vichayakul 

Anh Duong Vo 

Operations Management 

Mahmoud A. Abuelroos 

2nd Major: Information Systems 
Ubaid Usman Bandukra 

2nd Major: Information Systems 
Michael Howard Griswold 
Vladimir Lokshin 

2nd Degree: Mechanical 

Christopher Edward Rhine 

Supply Chain Management 

Isaac Woosang Lee 

2nd Motor: Information Systems 
Shan Lin 

2nd Degree: Marketing 
tjoseph Cole McCord 

2nd Degree: International 

Yelena Skalmskaya 

2nd Major: International Business 
Marc David Williams 

Chemical and Life 
Sciences, College of 

Bachelor of Science 


AfFi Allado-anka 
Arun Venkat Amble 
Benedict Tabe Awo 
Nicholas Crane Corsepius 

Matthew Dennis Creegan 
Aristoteles Alexander Duron-Alema 
Jordan Seth Goldstein 
Ibtihal O. Ibrahim 

2nd Major: Biological Sciencei 
Jung W. Kim 
Christina Denisse Oliveras 
•Jernilat A. Salami 
Matthew Edward Shacka 
Anokhi Yogesh Shah 
Sungmi Shin 
Alexa Rae Suiter 

2nd Degree: Biological Sciences 
Kathenne Rose Tech 
Nguyen Dao Vu 

Biological Sciences 

Elsa Anna Abraham 
Polina Advolodkina 

2nd Degree: English Language 

and Literature 
Komi Blewussi Aheto 
Namita Akolkar 

2nd Degree: Economics 
Andrea Nana Ohenewa 

Sn S. Alluri 
Emily Cathenne Baker 
Raksha Bangalore 
Naby Moussa Bangoura 
Chun Bao 

Christopher Charles Beresford 
Christopher A. Burnette 
Whitney Cabrera 

2nd Degree: Spanish Language 

and Literature 
Samantha [asmine Caesar 
Sheila Johanna Canette 

2nd Degree Psychology 
fZanetta Chang 
I )eepa Muthuvel Chelliah 

Naveed Choudry 
Laurene Dampare A. Dampare 
Rebecca feannette Disney 
Claude Alexandra Bifouma Dongala 
Bndgett Ann Duarte 
Christopher Joseph Dudek 

2nd Degree: Psychology 
Wei Fan 

Kristin Mane Feelemyer 
Stacey Nicole Fredenck 
Durga Sivacharan Gaddam 
Kumba Yanjah Gbakima 
Roberto Santiago Gutierrez 
fessica Young Won Hahm 
Ian John Henderson 
Caitlin Anne Hester 
Rossana Del Pilar Hilario 
Michael Olugberruga Idowu Jr. 
*Iftekharul Islam 
Clement N. Jaidzeka 
Omair Janjua 
Yelim Jo 

Alexander Robert Josephs 
iiSoo Yongjung 
Adwoa Gyamfua Kaakyire 
Amy Jacob Kallarackal 
Janani Kananaratne 
Dure Kim 
John Leo Koster Jr. 
Michelle Lynn Lazzaro 
Daniel Lee 
I )avid Lin 
Kevin Lin 

2nd Degree: Finance 
Tatianna Chnstiadora Luck 
[onathan B. Lui 
Kathenne Kyoung-Ae Ma 
1 )ane William Madsen 
Tyler Hayes Magowitz 
Nisha Maheswaran 
Yajna Maheswaran 

i Laude f Marina cum Laude * liiiii LjihIc 



Ruchi Malik 

Meskerem Abebe Mamo 

Amanda Elizabeth Mardiney 

•Paula Rambar Marincola 

Mahir Maruf 

Manja Maver 

Christine Angela McLellan 

James Duncan McNabb 

Oluwaseyi Oludayo Motajo 

Raymond Severino Mullen 

Christopher Michael MuiTay 

Ricta Aben Ngay 

Huy Nguyen 

Cynthia Obioma OtTbha 

Zeynep Ozer 

Ashmam Umakant Patel 

Saagar Vinod Patel 

Thu Anh Phan 

Tuyen Ngoc Phan 

flan Michael Vailoces Porter 

Sujina Pradhan 

Sumaira Qureshi 

Gelareh Rahban 

Elham Rahgozar 

Sabika Raza 

Nadia Rezaeian 

Neda Rezaeian 

Jessica Mae Rindos 

2nd Degree: Clinical Languages 

tiuJ literatures 
Voltaire Cruz Ronqiullo Jr. 
Craig Furnio Sako 
Miluska Katherine Sanchez 
Charles Gaither Scott III 
Karen Elizabeth Shanahan 
Animali Sheikh 
Mahima Sikand 
Robin Michelle Siskind 
Shenise Natara Small 
Valerie Anne Snodgrass 
Ins Speigel 

Christopher Edward Spence 
Jessica Marie Stevens 
Alexa Rae Suiter 

2nd Degree: Biochemistry 
Michael Xiaobo Tang 

2nd Degree: Japanese 
Eleanor Azah-Ngwe Tantoh 
Hussam S. Tayel 
Emma Louise Thomas 
Menanne Rose Tiglao 

2nd Degree: Psychology 
Steven Andrew Towers 
Dena Hoa Tran 
Quyen Bao Tran 
Lyubov V. Tsytsikova 
Rebecca K. Vanselow 
Nhi Phuong Vo 
Sohan Warusha Hennadige 
Madeleine Pauline Watkins 
Candice Lauren Welkre 
Mojgan Yazdankhah Ms 
Hye Chin Yi 
Jin Hyung Yoo 
Imran Shaheet Yousaf 
Xiao-Chao "Charles" Yu 
Emily Suzanne Zobel 


Sahma Byanjankar 
Byron Lamar Cole 
Zachary Lloyd Fields 
Jennifer Chelsea Leffel 
Momsha Ann Paris 
Jordan Ross Petit 
Erin Mane Webster 
Philip A. Young 

Environmental Science 
and Policy 

Jennie Margaret Howland 
Boris Vladimirovich Senatorov 

Mathematical and 
Physical Sciences, 
College of 

Bachelor of Science 


Michael Kelly 
Jesse Tyler Wimert 

Computer Science 

Vikas Bector 

Dane Spencer Boucher 

Ksenia Vladimirovna Bukina 

2nd Major: Mathematics 
Thomas Calogero Cascio 

2nd Degree: Economics 
Robert Lee Coftinan 
Antoni Szymon Gmurczyk 
David Gonzales 
fAllison Elizabeth Hoch 
Knstian N. Holdhus 
Daniel Jacob Kashtan 

2nd Degree: Studio Art 
Jonathan David Lent 
Avishkar Luthra 
Quang Dieu Luu 
Polymnia Manessis 
Anthony Steven McCulley 
Brian Timothy Morns 
Rishi Saraiya Muchhala 
Ramzi Mukhar 
John Thomas Murray 

2nd Degree: Individual Studies 
Edward Makoto Nishihama 
Ryan Michael Oaks 
Vivek Pachauri 
Atiqullah Joseph Rafiq 
Juan Randulfo Ramirez Jr. 

2nd Major: Spanish Language 

and Literature 

Andrey Valer'yevich Safronov 
Joshua Richard Samuel 
Eric Thomas Satterfield 
Vladimir Shlosberg 
•Alexander Slutsker 

2nd Degree: Government 

and Politics 
Nathan Stephen Smoot 
Mostafa P. Tafaghodi 
Kenny Khang Tang 
Tama Marie Thawley 

2nd Major: Mathematics 
Alexander Vanadio 
Jared Michael Wolinsky 
Yao Yao 

2nd Degree: Civil Engineering 
Kenneth John Yuhas Jr. 


Susan M. Drymala 
Andrew Joseph Kosiba 
Jessica Elisabeth Little 


Meghan Layne Baker 
Se Eun Sunny Choi 
Aakash Dheer 

2nd Degree: Finance 
Hannah Lee Gerlach 
Kraig Eric Halfpap 
•Chen He 

2nd Degree: Economics 
Amy Rebecca Hudson 
Ethan Yisung Kang 

2ml Major: Economics 
Ju-Hee Kim 

2nd Major: Secondary 

Shawn Jonathan Klement 
SPbilip Kam Lee 

2nd Major: Economics 


i Laude t Vfigna 


Stephanie Leung 
Abe Dean Martin 

2nd Degree: Economics 
Willard Fraser Martin III 
Scott Michael Maxwell 
Lukas Mesik 
Phong Viet Pham 
Chaitanya Prakash 
Perry Vincent Pugliese 
Andrew Robert Reeves 
Narcisse Bnce Tedonzong Djiogap 
Neema Almas Tembele 
Shondra Danielle Washington 

Physical Sciences 

Olawale Adekoye Akintayo 
Courtney Brooke Bonneville 
Jeffrey Paul Chabot 
Brian Boyd Drewry 
Adam Neal Friedman 
Ryan Lee Heini 
Andrew Dean Hess 
Stanley Bernard Jones 
Christopher Darnell Miller 
Oscar Armando Morales 
Khaled Mohamed Riad 
Philip Minh Tran 
Christopher Adam Weir 
Jade Launn Williams 


John Halleck Carnker 
Jonathan David Hood 
Khalid M. Ismail 
Devin Patrick Poland 
Jaime Lauren Ratkoff 
Benet Lee Tnbble 
Darryl James Waddy 

Education, College of 

Bachelor of Arts 

Art Education 

Sarah Magdalene Soule 
2nd Degree: Studio Art 

Secondary Education- 
Foreign Languages 
Arquimen Giovanni Chkas-Navarro 

2nd Major. Spanish Language 

and Literature 
Gregory Thomas Mullen 

2nd Degree: History 

Secondary Education- 
Social Studies 

Michael Jacob Donehower 

Robert Marc Goldberg 
2nd Major: History 

Cyrus Theodore Jaghoory 

2nd Major: Secondary Education- 
Social Studies 

Llisa Sun Kim 

Hannah Lynn Delicana Maza 
2nd Major: History 

Bachelor of Science 

Elementary Education 

Alejandra Francesca Ginocchio 
Suzanne Catherine Jensen 
Ian Andrew Keener 
Ciara Michelle Saylor 
Susan Terry Wisor 

Secondary Education-Science 

Meghan Leigh Braffet 

Engineering, A. James 
Clark School of 

Bachelor of Science 

Aerospace Engineering 

Fiza Shaukat Chaudhry 
Edward Eric Roberts 
Jolyon Zook 

2nd Degree: Electrical Engineering 


Matthew Z. Dempsey 
Jordan Miles Rustad 
Tanya Saleh 

Biological Resources 

Jeffrey Tong 

Chemical Engineering 

Tristan Coyt Dillard 

Civil Engineering 

Oluwaseun Opeyemi Ajide 
Abdul Basit Akbari 
Andrew William Breeding 
Carole Mane Dehon 
John Patnck Ermer 
Elhadji Babacar Faye 
Christopher William Fike 
Ianina Jmourko 
Katherine Marie Lambertson 
Wyatt Daniel Lee 
Jennifer Mane Limpert 
Rebecca Lynn McAfoos 
Richard Jacob Moss 
fKatherine Jean O'Mara 
Neil Suml Patel 
Anthony Wayne Patrick 
Essa Sahm Rizkallah 
Dilson O. Rodngues Jr. 

Andrew Neil Roseman-Hanauer 
Leiul Solomon 
Cassandra S. Vose 
fDavid Harry Webb 
Yao Yao 

2nd Degree: Computer Science 

Computer Engineering 

Oluwatosin Elijah Aduroja 
Matthew Harrison Bakalar 
*Avi Roitman Bardack 
Jason Christopher Borrero 
Brian J. Buxton 
Jaryn Colbert 
Jaydip Dalai 
Bnan David Harrison 
Arvind Subramanian 
Percival Ross Tiglao 

Electrical Engineering 

Yoav Achiam 

Blerta Bajramaj 

Robin Mane Beyak 

Rohit Kumar Chaudhari 

Tuan Manh Dang 

Areade Oreva Dare 

Nathan Walter Davidge 

Brook Gizaw Degef 

Moustapha Diaby 

Bipin Gyawali 

Navjot Kaur 

Naresh Chandra Kosgi 

Matthew Lee 

Edward Sio Kei Leong 

Jennifer Lourdes Leung 

Kin-Lok Leung 

Adam Carl Lindley 

Chnstopher Edward Monaghan 

Ankur Oberoi 

Amit Rajesh Pankh 

Soheil Shahami 

Sani Sheikh 

t Laude t Mqgiw 



Kishan Palintha Sudusinghe 
Aran John Varghese 
Pedram Vaziri 
Austin William Vesper 
Sean Kwok Vithidkul 
Jolyon Zook 

2nd Degree: Aerospace 


Fire Protection Engineering 

James Arthur Landmesser Jr. 
Sean Jeffrey McCready 
Parker Joseph Miracle 

Materials Science 
and Engineering 

Jeremy Pour-Hsu Cheng 
Sara Marie Clementson 
Hilary Marie Lane 
Swezin Than Tun 

Mechanical Engineering 

Benjamin Brian Alvarez 
Marc Harel Antelman 
Joshua Michael Balsam 
Andrew John Billerbeck 
Damela Maria Bilmanis 

Russell Alan Bowie Jr. 
•Heather Nicole Bradshaw 
Matthew Thomas Buckler 
Joshua Lee Cantor 
fChnstopher Daniel Caruso 
Luke Holbrook Cox 
Samuel Allen Davies 
William Ronald Gagnon 
John Phillip Goldbach 
Jessica Rose Golladay 
Evan Matthew Hartranft 
Colin Brian Heidtman 
Brandon Tyler Hepner 
Andrew Robert Hertzka 
Andrew Joseph Kern 

2nd Degree: German Language 

and Literature 
Melissa A. Khan 
Brett Neal Kuklewicz 
Simon Lai 

Daniel Thomas Leighton 
Andrew Paul Lisiewski 
Vladimir Lokshin 

2nd Degree: Operations 

Thomas Edward Lubawski 
Greg H. Martin-Rolsky 
Garret Alexander Ma.xson 
Nicholas Joshua Merrill 
•Thomas James Miller 
Kyle Richard Moseson 
Sergeaime Tommo Nameni 
Ishaan Singh Narain 
Robert Newby 

Sidney Nkongho Ngochi-Nkeh 
Oguwike Victor Nwaneri 
Sarah Oluwapelunu Obadina 
Jacob M. Osman 
Vishal J. Pancholi 
Tenaya Corae Prince 
Curtis Alan Ruble 

Zachary R. Salzberg 
Joseph Robert Schindler 
Felix Stief 
Jonas Paul Tavela 
David Jerome Taylor 
Nicholas Xavier Villar 
Patrick McClain Ward 
Antonio Alexander Witt 
Eugene Myungho Yi 
Kyle Addison Zearing 

Journalism, Philip 
Merrill College of 

Bachelor of Arts 


Jeffrey Robert Amoros 
Jordan Lindsay Attebury 
Matthew William Buttner 
Sharon S. Choi 
Meghan Elizabeth Clarke 
Lauren Rachel Cohen 
Nathan A. Cohen 
MacKenzie Jean Cotters 
Harold J. DeCoursey 
Rachael DeNale 
Maura Elizabeth Dieringer 
Kathryn Michelle Ireland 
Seyed Ahreza Jazayeri 
Aditya Christopher Joseph 
Lindsay L. Kalter 
Jessica Erin Lane 
Monica Rae Lara 
Andreus Domenic Narain 
Aaron Warwick Oster 
Hafiz Ah Rashid 
Corley Christine Sims 
Erich Swift Wagner 
Ahx R. Watson 


Laude f Magna 


Public Health, 
School of 

Bachelor of Science 

Community Health 

Omonye Tamsha Abumere 

(Catherine Marie Ackerman 

Diahann Ycjide Adeniji 

Funnulayo Omolara Akingbade 

Andrew Christopher Anderson 

•Shadi Arbabian 

Ashlee Elisha Burks 

fHaddiJatou Cham 

Laura Rachel Cluster 

Tanisha Rene Fuller 

Yohanna Habtom 

Michelle Renee Harnson 

Ashley Nicole Holden 

Rodrigo Ignacio Ibacache 

fAnna M. Johnson 

Kate Mane Kecman 

Aiza Khan 

Katherine Michelle Layton 

Yang Lee 

Jessica Michelle Lewis 

Angela Li 

Knstine Elizabeth Mayer 

Rebecca Lee Mercanti 

Asma A. Mohamoud 

Nichelle Diane Newton 

Apal T. Parek 

Enn Saejung Park 

Christina Yolanda Ricco 

Bons Nugzar Ruhadze 

Niyousha Saberi 

Fanta H. Samoura 

Laune-Annc Pnscilla Sayles 

Shannon Janay Jones Snyder 

fessica Elizabeth Spangler 

Julius T. Suku 

Brittany Alexandra Wellington 

Family Science 

Amnia Konadu Appiah 
Sequoia Monique Bacon 
Erik Aleksi Booker 
Gene Michael Bowles 
Shanua Brightful 
Kimberly Ann Bunting 
Claudia Gabriela Camargo 
Nolan Alexander Carroll 
Jean Elizabeth Chung 
Brenda Elizabeth Delgado 
Sarah Jeanne Dennison 
Isatu Georgiana Ferguson 
Luz Marie Figueroa 
Dwight Beebe Gait 
Thomas Morris Gait 
Ashley Brianne Garner 
Angela Rebekah Glover 
Thalia Guitele Grant-Wisdom 
Sharlane Greaves 
Robert Michael Harnson 
Lauren Mane Hoatson 
Candace Ann Mae Howden 
Sameena Naz Hussain 
Kristen Nicole Jackson 
Melinda Carolyn Jones 
Robel Kasshaun 
tShira Zehava Klayman 
|ulie Melina Lambis 
Rosa Emilia Lozano 
Arshpreet Kaur Mann 
*Kirsten Wright Martin 
Olga Eleni Matthews 
Clare Mane McCann 
|essica Menjivar 
Sylvia Raelynn Mervis 
fRenee Kaylene Noel 
Bnan Takayidi Nzuwah 
Anthony Abayomi Okanlawon 
Korede Comfort Oladapo 
Jamellah Amanda Reid 
1 )rcw Anthony Robinson 

Tanisha C. Robinson 
Sarah Elizabeth Roosa 
Kimberly Darnice Russell 
Erika Maria Rynarzewska 
Brenda Lee Santana 
Demetria Nicole Shamblee 
Breanna Dachelle Shaw 
Derric Jerome Stotts 
Bianca Umque-Simone Strachan 
Breanne Marie Thompson 
Enn Kathleen-Suzanne Vasaio 
Monique Angella Watson 
Rachael Webber 
Shauntia Deborah White 
Kimberly L. Wiltshire 
Apnl Nichole Wood 

Kinesiological Science 

Nikolay Advolodkin 

Hanif Ahmad 

Okanlawon Krystal Alegbeleye 

|ordan Willis Andrew", 

Gabnel Housep Apkarian 

Randi Leigh Baker 

*Jodi Ben-Meir 

2nd Degree: Spanish Language 

and Literatim 1 
Rebecca Irene Bethea 
Jason Van Brody 
Leslie Ann Brown 
§Mary Kathleen Casey 
Timothy Joseph Cesa 
Abel Desalegn 
Christopher DiBartolomeo 
Stephen David Eberhardt 
Irfan Mohammed Elaln 
Adam Hunter Elboni 
Kesena Pius Eroraha 
Danilo Gabnel Goris 
Blaine Sarah Gray 
Anna Elizabeth Gregory 
Tainika Qyana Hall 

Brandon Thomas Llavas 

Julia Christine Hayden 

•Robert Adam Heifetz 

Gia Frances Ingenito 

Yik Wing Ip 

Rodney Meus Jean 

Whitney Latrice Jones 

Christopher Hayden Kirby-Smith 

Sean Michael Lanehart 

Sahr M. Lebbie 

|ames Legaspi 

Daniel Lopez-Mendez 

Daniel James McGrew 

Erica Elizabeth Miller 

Jessica Leah Milliken 

Kelly Lynne Moriarty 

Francesca Angwi Musaga 

tErica Lauren Nowak 

Ugochi Monique Nwakibu 

Matthew C. Ortel 

Nicole Suzanne Peterson 

Paul Jacob Pfister 

Lorena Patncia Rodriguez 

Max Joseph Rosenberg 

Ashley Chnstine Schuster 

Saheed Kelvin Shittu 

Terrell L. Skinner 

Nikia Nicole Stevenson 

Aimee Janel Swann 

Matthew Joseph Taylor 

Ariana Rianey Thomas-Velarde 

Emeka Richard Uzomah 

Natasha Mandel Wiscombe 

2nd Major: Criminology and 

Criminal Justice 
Natascha Wlotzka 
Rosanna Wong 

Physical Education 

William Clement Martin III 

Laudt t Wagnacum Laud, 



Public Health Science 

Glona Hanne Chu 

Undergraduate Studies 

Bachelor of Arts 

Individual Studies 

Jonathan Adam Joffe 
Kathenne Lynn Garvin Kelly 
Megan Taylor Lahman 
Talia Lewis 
John Thomas Murray 

2nd Degree: Computer Siimce 
fKurt Jonathan Pfund 

Bachelor of Science 

Individual Studies 

Stephanie Michelle Fritch 

Certificate Programs 

Institute of 
Applied Agriculture 

Christie Mane Baker 
Laura Elizabeth Feldt 
Patrick Michael Forrester 
Kelley Marie Fitzgerald 
Andrew Charles Kamyzek 
Kenneth Leroy Meyers 
Andrew Joseph Prosa 
Maria Mitsis Redden 
John Patrick Weigand 

African American Studies 

Vivian Patrice Esquerre 
Joshua Caleb Garner 
Averie Harding 
Kelly Nicole Wallace- 

East Asian Studies 
Kimberly Gwynn Dabbondanza 
Ju-Hyungjosh Lim 
Daryl Cheng Chih Sing 

Historic Preservation 

Kimberly Kramer 
Rachelh Simon 
Sara Langinead 
Kathenne Solether 

Latin American Studies 

Rosa Emilia Lozano 
Stephanie Annemarie McCully 
Lamont Bene Smith 

Women's Studies 

Jamie Candyce Burch 
Margaret Lynn Dempsey 
Amanda Colleen Eddy 
Johonna Rachelle McCants 
Saman Saba 

The December 2009 class roster compnses degree candidates trom the 
graduate and undergraduate programs at the University of Maryland, 
College Park. As tinal action cannot always be taken for candidates by 
the time this program is printed, the list of candidates here is tentative. 
The university reserves the right to withdraw or add names. Diplo- 
mas (for other than doctoral degrees) will be mailed by the Office of 
Records and Registration. 



The University 
of Maryland 
strives to pro- 
vide students 
with the best educational 
experience imaginable. 
Providing a wide range of 
enrichment and living and 
learning programs that culti- 
vate intellectual excellence, 
it helps students realize their 
greatest dreams and their 
full potential. By working 
with renowned scholars and 
learning about the world in 
which they live, students are 
equipped with the tools to 
make them influential addi- 
tions to the community. 


College Park Scholars 


An academic citation pro- 

A community of 12 special 

( iemstoue, within the 

gram within the Collide oj 

living and learning programs 

A . James Clark School of 

Behavioral and Social Sciences, 

for academically talented first- 

Engineering, is a multidisci- 

centered on citizenship, 

and second-year students. 

plinary four-year research cita- 

leadership and community 

Graduating seniors receive 

tion program for undergraduate 

building in a diverse society, 

an academic citation. Scholars 

honors students. Faculty and 

scholarship and community 

will be recognized with a 

staff guide teams in conducting 

service learning. Scholars will 

medallion on a gold ribbon. 

significant research. Graduates 

he wearing a silver medallion 

will be wearing a bronze 

on a blue ribbon. 

medallion on a red ribbon. 

Global Communities 


Language House 

Under the Office of 

Writers' House 

The Language House 

International Programs, stu- 

The Jimenez-Porter Writers ' 

Immersion Program, created 

dents earn a transcript notation 

House is a living and learning 

in 1989, gives students who 

of Global Competency through 

program dedicated to excellence 

are serious about language 

scholarship in the areas of inter- 

in creative writing. Students 

learning the opportunity for 

cultural communication, global 

who have received notation in 

daily language and cultural 

issues and international research 

this program will be wearing a 

immersion in an organized 

or service learning. Scholars 

bronze medallion with a black 

study environment. Graduates 

will be wearing a symbolic 

and gold ribbon. 

will be wearing a bronze 

globe medallion on a light- 

medallion on a red ribbon. 

blue ribbon. 

Philip Merrill 

Presidential Scholars 

Scholars were nominated by the 

colleges and represent the uni- 

versity's most successful seniors. 

Hie program also honors the 

university faculty member and 

K- 12 teacher named by each 

student for their meutorship. 

Scholars will be wearing red 

braids on their robes. 



Bachelor's degree candidates who have quali- 
fied for scholarship honors upon graduation are 
designated by appropriate symbols adjacent to 
their names within the alphabetical listing of 
colleges or schools, pages 30—35 and 53—56. 

To be eligible for consideration for such honors a can- 
didate must meet the following general criteria: (1) have 
completed at least two years of work at the University of 
Maryland (60 semester hours, 30 ot which were earned at the 
College Park campus) and (2) have a scholastic average of a 
"B" (grade point average of 3.0) or higher in the University 
ot Maryland work prior to the last semester of registration 
before the awarding of a degree. 

Degree candidates who have met these criteria are shown 
in the listings as qualifying, upon graduation, for the designa- 
tors Sumnia cum Laude (if they ranked in the top 2 percent of 
the candidates in their respective colleges or schools), Magna 
cum Laude (if in the next 3 percent), or cum Laude (if in the 
next 5 percent) based on the grade point averages of students 
in the preceding three graduating classes of their degree- 
granting unit. 

Departmental Honors 


With Honors in 

Aerospace Engineering 

Pranay Seshadn 


Jeffrey David Dimon 
Sarah Deanne Roman 


Cyrus Aghamolla 


Jill Leann Gribbin 

Government and Politics 

Bethany Devi Bengfort 

Mechanical Engineering 

Horacio C. Nochetto 
Andrew Zvi Roshwalb 


With High Honors in 

Government and Politics 

David Samuel Lerner 

With Honors in 


Mallory Rebecca Gill 

Cell Biology and 
Molecular Genetics 

Durga Sivacharan Gaddam 

Computer Engineering 

Matthew Harrison Bakalar 


Abe Dean Martin 


Ian Andrew Keener 

Electrical Engineering 

Matthew Harrison Bakalar 


Heather Bradshaw 
Daniel Thomas Leighton 


Robert Adam Heifetz 
Erica Lauren Nowak 

Mechanical Engineering 

Benjamin Brian Alvarez 
Heather Bradshaw 
Russell Alan Bowie 
Christopher Daniel Caruso 
Jessica Rose Golladay 
Andrew Robert Hertzka 
Andrew Joseph Kern 
Daniel Thomas Leighton 
Andrew P. Lisiewski 
Thomas James Miller 
Joseph Robert Schindler 


Aakash Dheer 

Clifton James Petenbrink 



University Honors 

Students who have earned tlic 
I University Honor, citation tn-iy 
wear red and gold braided cords 
over ilieir academic gowns. 

August and December 

Scott Thomas Allen 
Benjamin Brian Alvarez 
Arun V. Amble 
Matthew Harrison Bakalai 
Avi Roitman Bardack 
Curtis Hurbert Bennett 
Christina Mane Bowman 
Heather Bradshaw 
Michelle Marie Cardoso 
Rohit Kumar Chaudhan 
Romma Cialdella 
Brian Nelson Davis 
Scott Hillman Demuth 
Aakash Dheer 
Bndgett A. Duarte 
Laura |ulisa Espinoza 
Elizabeth Connne Gillan 
Molly Bradford Goldman 
Stephanie M. Handy 
[an J. Henderson 
Andrew Jin Hong 
Jonathan David Hood 
Matthew Seth Katz 
Daniel Joseph Kenny 
Amanda Sun Kim 
Ju-Hee Kim 
Sean Laverty 
Philip Shao Hui Lee 
I Xinicl Thomas Leighton 
David Samuel Lerner 
Talia Ahuva Lewis 
( -liclsea Johanna Leyden 

Kevin Lin 
Vladimir Lokshin 
Abe D. Martin 
Sara Elizabeth Mason 
Meaghan Diana McKissic 
Tricia Marie Melka 
Michael Francis Mergler 
Daniel Patrick Miltner 
Lylan Tran Nguyen 
Lauren Dawn NitYenegger 
Kathenne Joanna O'Hare 
Kathenne Jean O'Mara 
Daniella Lee Pena 
Clifton James Petenbrink 
Spenser C. Peterson 
Phong Viet Pham 
Clinton Troy Rebello 
Joseph Ari Rosner 
Sara Jennifer Rothman 
Marlena Constance Simpson 
Sarah Monica Speirs 
Jessica Marie Stevens 
Gabriel Martin Strauss 
Aida B. Stuk 
Hussam Samy Tayel 
Kathenne R. Tech 
Vanessa Alexandra Vichayakul 
Shaina Dionne Wamsley 
Patnck McClam Ward 


August and December 

Megan Farrell 
Teresa Gutierrez 
Catherine Hooper 
William O'Brien 
( Ailm Sullivan 

College Park Scholars 

August and December 

Anna Abrosimova 
Namita Akolkar 
Jeffrey Robert Amoros 
Adrienne Melissa Beaudoin 
Allison Clare Bogsted 
Tiffany Lee Boulden 
Robert Yin Boun 
David Andrew Buckler 
Seth C. Burroughs 
Robert Andrew Buss 
Bradley Todd Canter 
Christopher Daniel Caruso 
[ahira Nichole Chambers 
Punita Chhabra 
Sharon Choi 
Robin Alan Choudhury 
Shawnee Jordan Cohn 
MacKenzie Jean Cotters 
Matthew Dennis Creegan 
Gavin Thurman Cunningham 
Matthew Kieran DeBeal 
Harold J. Decoursey 
Amy R. Dew an 
Manssa Nicole Diaz 
Giulia Maria Dimarzo 
Jeffrey David Dimon 
Susan Mane Drymala 
Hilary Cara Eckert 
Daniel Joseph Espinoza 
Wei Fan 
Mary Ni Feng 
Christopher William Fike 
Mary Catherine Foote 
Mojan B. Foroutan 
Carrie Singer Gelula 
Hannah Lee Gerlach 

Peter William Glaros 
Jordan Seth Goldstein 
Thalia Guitele Grant- Wisdom 
Roberto Santiago Gutierrez 
Brittany Ray Harris 
Zain Anwer Hasan 
Caitlin Anne Hester 
Stephanie M. HofTmaister 
Stefame Lauren Hoffman 
Amy Rebecca Hudson 
Batoul Syeda Husain 
Christopher Joseph Isley 
Claire E. Jaja 
Omair Ahmed Janjua 
Kevin Wesley Jenkins 
Ellen Mara Kobak 
Michael Joseph Krall 
Brett Neal Kuklewicz 
Aaron Y. Kutmck 
Ronen Shmuel Lautman 
Elizabeth Caralena Lerie 
Shan Lin 

Andrew P. Lisiewski 
Leigh Mee Soo Mahaney 
Mark Conlen Manley 
David Samuel May 
Edward J. McCarty 
Christine Angela McLellan 
Alisha Mehta 
Evan N. Milano 
Alex Jason Miller 
Casey Elisabeth Miller 
Christopher Darnell Miller 
Jennifer Kathleen Miller 
Michelle Lauren Miller 
Thomas James Miller 
Patricia Ann Morrow 
Samantha A. Morrow 
Richard Jacob Moss 
Larry Bernard Murphy 



Heather Ann Norberg 

Shin Ock 

Morgan Mayan Opie 

Yijing Ou-Yang 

Julie Pak 

Rush Shailesh Pate] 

Michael Andrew Peitzmeier 

Daniel Avram Perel 

Tuyen Ngoc Phan 

Viktoriya Plotkin 

Hilary Bissett Radolec 

Caroline Reder 

Caitlin Alicia Reichbach 

Daniel Adam Reiss 

Andrew Neil Roseman-Hanauer 

Jordan Miles Rnstad 

Tanya Saleh 

Miluska Katherine Sanchez 

Anirudh Sarna 

Andrew Ross Scholl 

Darren Robert Schryer 

Evan David Schweiger 

Mollie Sarah Shapiro 

Jason Siegel 

Alexander Slutsker 

Harry H.H. Smythe 

Kendall Kathleen Spera 

Vinod Krish Srinivasaraghavan 

Arvmd Subramanian 

Aimce Janel Swann 

Alana Sarah Tenzer 

Menanne Rose Tiglao 

Quyen B. Tran 

Lyubov Vyacheslavovna Tsytsikova 

Rebecca Kathleen Vanselow 

Anastasia Vinnikova 

Cassandra Vose 

Erin Mane Webster 

Rachel Elyse Weissman 

Nicole Elizabeth White 

Leah R. Whitehill 

Ryan Wilby 

Benjamin Matthew Wolff 

Tiffany Yan 

Yao Yao 

Han Oo Zaw 


Jessica Stevens 

Global Communities 

Xheni Llagun 

Golden Key 

Amanda Aaron 
Jeffrey Adijanto 
Namita Akolkar 
Arnn Ammayappan 
Alexander Astudillo 
Victoria Aunch 
Raksha Bangalore 
Donald Barber 
Sarah Baxter 
Christopher Belter 
Jamie Boehmer 
Terrence Bond 
Heather Bradshaw 
Kristin Bnrneston 
Laura Butler 
Tonya Cain 
Gwendolyn Camp 
Young Chun 
Kfirah Covel 
Jennifer Lynn Czaplicki 
Gabriel da Graca 

Amanda Eddy 
Megan Elizabeth Farrell 
Andreas Paul Gelner 
Jelena Goldoni 
fessica Golladay 
Johnny Graham 
Jiarong Guo 
Sadia Abbas Hafiz 
Mona Hammad 
Noam Herzenstein 
Erik Hoffman 
Anna Hochstein 
Matthew Holt 
Daniel Irvin 
Anna Johnson 
Monika Kalmski 
Karen Kester 
Rachel Kopp 
Christina Lau 
Philip Lee 
Alexis Lubar 
Sara Mason 
David Masters 
Andria Matrone 
Chelsea Mauriello 
Christina McPhee 
Lindsay Morrill 
David Muncy 
Terita Pottinger 
Sandra Martmka Preaux 
Ryan Prince 
Shalin Saini 
Benjamin Samson 
Shannon Seeger 
Tomoyuki Sho 
Jennifer Sims 
Lance Stockett 
Jaime Strickland 
Fredenck 1 ang 

Roseanne Trout 
Anastasia Vinnikova 
Ernesto Vega 

Madeleine Pauline Watkins 
Bethany White 
Olubunmi Yinka-Jaiye 
Shulin Zheng 

Writers' House 

Patricia Mane Smith 

Language House 

Gisica Abdallah 
Adam Steffes 
Sara Mason 
Emoni Viruet 

Omicron Delta Kappa 

Heather Bradshaw 

Man Kathleen Casey 

Paola Maria Hernandez Baron 

Anirudh Sarna 

Yelena Skalinskaya 

Phi Beta Kappa 

August and December 
Natasha Basu 

Adrienne Melissa Beaudoin 
Jodi Jae Ben-Meir 
Michelle Mane Cardoso 
Thomas Cascio 
Zanetta Chang 
Romina Cialdella 
Irene Huo 



Claire E. Jaja 

Angie Mirka Jean-Marie 

Steven Anthony Klein 

Kelly Sullivan Kylis 

Xhem Llaguri 

Paula Rambar Manncola 

David Samuel May 

Michele Wilt Miller 

Stephanie Noronha 

Erica Lauren Nowak 

Katherine Joanna O'Hare 

Yijing Ou-Yang 

Daniella Lee Pena 

Kurt Jonathan Michael Pfund 

Philip Merrill 
Presidential Scholars 

Adrienne Beaudoin 
Heather Bradshaw 
Taha Lewis 



The Senior Marshal Program began in 1991 as 
an opportunity to acknowledge outstanding 
seniors at their commencement. The students 
selected to be marshals were nominated by 
faculty, administration and staff for their outstanding accom- 
plishments and contributions to the University of Maryland. 
We are proud to recognize these truly remarkable students. 

Edith Agbanyim 
Avi Bardack 
Caroline Battle 
Adnenne Beaudoin 
Jessica Brown 
Thomas Cascio 
Mary Casey 
Rohit Chaudhari 
Shawnee Cohn 
Nathaniel Cole 
Peter Doidge 
Mary Feng 
Caroline Fields 
Yevhen Grinman 
Teresa Gutierrez 
Stephanie Hanlon 
Julia Harshman 
Ian Henderson 
Andrew Kern 
Hilary Lane 

Cristina Lee 
Philip Lee 
Jennifer Leung 
Wenjie Li 
Shawn Malhotra 
Abe Martin 
Stephanie McCully 
Stephanie Noronha 
Ian Porter 
Laura Petersen 
Jessica Rindos 
Tanya SaJeh 
Yelena Skahnskaya 
Alexander Slutsker 
Allison Starks 
Lvubov Tsytsikova 
Leah Whitehill 




Board of Regents 

Clifford M. Kendall. Chair 

Orlan M. Johnson, Vice Chairman 

Patricia S. Florestano, Treasurer 

Barn P. Gossett, Assistant Treasurer 

The Honorable C. Thomas McMillen, Secretary 

lames L. Shea, Assistant Secretary 


Gary L. Attnian 

Norman R. Augustine 

Linda R. Gooden 

The Honorable Francis X. Kelly Jr. 

David H. Nevins 

A. Dwight Pettit 

Frank M. Reid III 

Thomas G. Slater 

John L. Young, M.D. Elfreth, Student Herein 

The Honorable Earl F. Hance, E.v Officio 


Norma M. Allewell, College oj < Chemical and Life Sciences 

G. Anand Anandahngam, Robert II. Smith School of Business 

Charles A. Caramello, Associate Provost and Dean, Graduate School 

Robert S. Gold. School of Public Health 

Stephen Halperin, College of Computer, Mathematical and Physical Sciences 

Donna 13. Hamilton. Associate Provost and Dean, I 'ndergraduate Studies 

James F. Harris, College of Arts and Humanities 

Donald F. Ketd, School of Public Policy 

Kevin Klose, Philip Merrill College oj Journalism 

Darryll J. Pines, A.James Clark School oj Engineering 

JenniferJ. Preece, College of Information Studies 

Garth Rockcastle. School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation 

John R.G. Townshend, College of Behavioral and Social Sciences 

Patricia A. Steele, Libraries 

Cheng-i Wei. College of Agriculture and Natural Resources 

Donna L. Wiseman. College of Education 

Officers of Commencement 

I University Marshal 

Bruce R. James 

College of Agriculture and Natural Resources 

University System Administration 

William E. Kirvvan, Chancellor 
Leonard R. Raley. Vice Chancellor for Advancement 
Irwin Goldstein, Senior I ice Chancellor for Academic Affairs 
Joseph F. Vivona, COO/ Vice Chancellor for Administration 
and Finance 

Faculty Marshals 
Ellin K. Scholnick 
Academic Affairs 

Leon H. Slaughter 

College of Agriculture and Natural Resources 

University of Maryland Administration 

C. I). Mote, Jr., President 

Nanm.m Farvardin, Senior I ice President for Academic Affairs 

aid Provost 

Melvin Bernstein, Vice President lor Research 

Linda M. Clement. I 'ice President for Student Affairs 

Jeffrey C. Huskamp, Vice President and Chief Information Officer 

Brodie Remington. I ice President for I 'ntversity Relations 

Ann G. Wylie. I ice President tor Administrative Affairs 

Simian Marshals 
Kathleen A. Angeletti 
College of Education 

William J. Higgins 

College of Chemical and Life S< iences 

( 'Diversity Senate 

Ehse Miller-Hooks, Chair 



University of Maryland 

College Park Foundation Board of Trustees 

The Honorable Joseph B. Gildenhorn, Chair 

Executive Committee 

H.irvey L. Sanders, Chair 

John N. Lauer 

The Honorable Timothy F. Maloney 

William E. Mayer 

Margaret Scott Schiff 

Craig A. Thompson 


Carlton M. Arrendell 

David M. Baggett 

Robert A. Bedingfield 

Harold M. Bnerley 

John M. Brophy 

Richard C. Brustein 

Albert P. Carey 

Alan C. Cason 

Connie Chung 

G. Pat Clancy 

Hugh F. Cole Jr. 

Ralph W. Crosby 

John P. Cullen 

Michael S. Dana 

Christopher M. Darnell 

Ryan L. Dearborn 

P. Douglas Dollenberg 

The Honorable Gordon R. England 

Robert Facchina 

Emiho A. Fernandez Jr. 

V. Raymond Ferrara 

Richard M. Finkelstein 

Robert E. Fischell 

Eric S. Francis 

Winston H. Gandyjr. 

Michael C. Gelman 

A. Jody Gessow 

Alma G. Gildenhorn 

Lowell R. Glazer 
Dave Goldtarb 
Phillip H. Horvitz 
S. Bruce Jaffe 
Christopher E. Kubasik 
Deborah B. Lawrence 
Paul S. Mandell 
Singleton B. McAllister 
Jean Mullan 
John R. Nyland 
Y. Buno C. Pati 
Jane Cahill Pfeiffer 
Robert P. Pincus 
Kevin A. Plank 
Marilyn Berman Pollans 
Deborah L. Potter 
Marvin H. Rabovsky 
Nicholas A. Samios 
Thomas H. Scholl 
Michelle Smith 
Charles D. Sollins 
Mark G. Turner 
Pedro E. Wasmer 
Robert A. Yellowlees 
Dr. Enk B. Young 

Emeritus Trustees 

Waldo H. Burnside 

Ruth M. Davis 

Raymond G. LaPlaca 

Shirley Phillips 

The Honorable Joseph D. Tydmgs 

Hotwrar)' Trustees 
A. James Clark 
David G. Dnskell 
Jack Kay 
Jehan Sadat 
Robert H. Smith 
Leo Van Munching )r. 



Commencement Committee 

Nariman Farvardm, Chair 

Kathy Angeletn, College of Education 

Jennifer Ashlock, English 

Monette Austin Bailey, University Publications 

Amanda Baker, Robert H. Smith School oj Business 

Andy Baker. Transportation Services 

Carlotta Botvm. Catering 

Carl Bovill, School of Architecture, Planning ami Preservation 

Lisa Bradley, College oj Chemical and Life Sciences 

Lauren Brown. University Publications 

Kirsten Budd, Shuttle-UM 

Joan Burton, Individual Studio 

Curt Callahan. Cole Field House 

Ernest Cartledge, Diploma Office 

Ritzie Coleman, College of Computer, Mathematical and 

Physical Sciences 

Maureen David, Special Events 

Ternll Drake, Robert H. Smith School oj Business 

Laura Dyer, Public Safety 

Sandra Dykes, Facilities Management 

Luisa Ferreira, Environmental Safety 

Khadish Franklin, Senior Council 

Lisa Geraghty, Facilities Management 

Mike Gore, Bookstore 

Jamesia Green, School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation 

Allie Hall, Comcast Center 

William J. Higgins, Student Marshal 

Sonia Huntley, Alumni Association /All-Student Gift 

Bruce James. University Marshal 

Cassandra Jones. College oj Information Studies 

Karen Logan, School oj Public Policy 

Laura Madison Library and Information Services 

Jessica Marchant, Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center 

Amy Meyers, Individual Studies 

Megan Dillard Miller. Memorial Chapel 

Lawrence Moody, Ritchie ' 'oliseum 

Dona Morgan. College oj Behavioral and Social Sciences 

Tina Murphy, Special Events 

Krystal Norman, College oj Behavioral and Social Sciences 

Carlos Perea, Criminal Justice 

Patrick Perfetto. Conference and 1 isitor Services 



Teresa Prince, A, James Clark School oj Engineering 

Nicholas Roberts, Clarice Smitli Performing Arts Centei 

Alan Sactor, Environmental Safety 

Ellin Scholnick, Faculty Marshal 

Adam Shervanian, School of Public Health 

Leon Slaughter, faculty Marshal 

Ray Stricklin, College of Agriculture auJ Natural Resources 

Charles Stubbs, Facilities Management 

Brooke Supple, Student Affairs 

Anita Taylor. Department of Transportation Services 

Caryn Taylor, Philip Merrill ( lollege oj journalism 

Alex Teh, Campus Recreation Services 

Kelly Terrill, Stamp Student I inon 

Tina Thorburn, Health Center 

Donna Walther, College oj Agriculture and Natural Resources 

Jessica White, College of Arts and Humanities 

Sheron Williams, A.James Clark School oj Engineering 

Beth Workman, College oj Behavioral and Social Sciences 

Department of Facilities Management's Building and 

Landscape Services 

Office of General Services/ Special Services Staff" 

Responsible for Setting I /> 
Commencement Sites 
Danny Barnes 
Sandra Dykes 
Larry Garner 
Lisa Geraghty 

Larry Jefferson 
Sherrell I'urnell 
Charles Stubbs 

Other Facilities Management units responsible for commencement preparations 

Athletic Facilities 
Area Maintenance 
Carpentry Shop 
Electric Shop 
Floor Shop 

Housekeeping Services 
Landscape Services 
Paint Shop 
Sign Shop 

Cover Design: Brian Payne 
Managing Editor. Monette Austin Bailey 
Photography: John T. Consoli, Anne McDonough 
Production: Rhonda Fonte and Stacy Jones 

With heartfelt thanks to Tern Maros and Helen Simpson, Diploma 
Office; and Dianne Barrett, Ernest Cartledge and Debbie Pruett, 
Office of the Registrar. 

Commencement produced by the Office oj Special Events 
Book produced by I University Publications 
Division of University Relations 
December 2009