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Commencement ©aj> 




Order of Exercises 

p?i iffi ifi A 4* ^ 4* 'V 

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March— "The Thunderer" . . - . Sousa 

University Band 

Invocation - Rev. Ronalds Taylor, College Park, Maryland 

"Hark ! The Trumpet Calleth !" - - - Buck 

University Glee Club 

Address - - Sterling Ruffin Newell, Class of 1922 

Falls Church, Virginia 

"A Basket of Roses" .... Albers 

University Orchestra I 

Address — John J. Pershing, General of the Armies of the United States 

"Marching" ...... Trotere 

University Glee Club 

prbssntation of diplomas, certificates and honors 


Benediction - Rev. Ronalds Taylor, College Park, Maryland 

March — "Washington Post" - - Sousj 

University Band 

Candidates for Certificates in Agriculture 

Two-Year Course in Agriculture, 

Marshall Clagette Gray, Ironsides, Maryland 

Charles William Hohman, West, West Virginia . 

Julius Parcell Parran, Lusby, Maryland 

Veteran's Bureau Certificates 

John Bishop Washin^rton, D. C. 

John Wallace Coy fe East Syracuse, New York 

John Joseph Davis, Washington, D. C 

Clarence Lee Howell, Chase City, Virginia. 

Howard Van Jaoaes, Williamsburg, Virginia 

Wilton Gerald Kirby , Havre de Grace, Maryland 

David Lawrence Lint, Washington, D. C 

Robert Curtis Moler, Mount Rainier, Maryland 

George Oliver Russell, Norfolk, Virginia 

George Smith Tait Fairfax, Virginia 

Clifford Edwin Sullivan, Reistertown, Maryland 

Candidates for the Bachelor's Degree 

Bachelor of Science 

Helena Dodge Avery, Washington, D C 

Edward Leland Browne Chevy Chase, Maryland 

Bertha Brill Ezekiel, Berwyn, Maryland 

:Benry Saulisbury Fisher, Hillsboro, Maryland 

^illiam Presstman Fusselbaugh Baltimore. Maryland 

Senry Jacob Gurevich, Washington, D C 

rhomas Dail Holder, Vienna, Maryland 

resse Marion Huffington Eden, Maryland 

William Wallace Kirby, Berwyn, Maryland 

3eorge Wilbur Malcolm, Barton, Maryland 

3eorge Mahlon Merrill, Crisfield, Maryland 

rohn Austin Moran, Frederick, Maryland 

Sterling Ruffin Newel i, Falls Church, Virginia 

Ifohn Howe Painter, Washington, D C 

Clayton Reynolds Oxford, Pennsylvania 

^racob Edward Shillinger, Washington, D C 

frames Herbert Snyder, Lewiston, Maryland 

(-.aurence Janney Stabler Washington D C 

iloland Lee Sutton, Ballston, Virginii 

Bachelor of Science 

Ralph Henry Beachley Middletown, Maryland 

Edward Brooke Brewer, Colleg-e Park, Maryland 

Morrison MacDowell Clark Sliver Springs, Maryland 

Frederick Randolph Darkis, Frederick, Maryland 

James William Elder, Cumberland. Maryland 

Charles Herbert Dewey Gilbert Frederick, Maryland 

Walter Scott Graham, Hyattsville, Maryland 

Robert James Hodgins, College Park, Maryland 

Hyraan Edmund Levin, Baltimore, Maryland 

Alfred James Northam, Pocomoke, Maryland 

Romeo Joseph Paganucci Waterville, Maine 

Otto Philip Henry Reinmuth Frederick, Maryland 

John Dorsey Scheuch, College Park, Maryland 

George Nelson Schramm, Cumberland, Maryland 

Joseph Gunby Scott, Princess Anne, Maryland 

Harry Edwin Semler, Hagerstown, Maryland 

Bachelor of Arts 

Sidnia Butler New York City 

Robert Nicholas Young, Washington, D. C- 


Bachelor of Science 

John Armistead Burroughs, Clinton, Maryland 

Francis DeSales Canter, Aquasco, Maryland 

Huldah Elizabeth Ensor, Sparks, Maryland 

William Fleming McDonald, Barton, Maryland 

Paul Tyler Morgan, Baltimore, Maryland 

Gordon Vernon Nelson, Newport News. Virginia 

Walter William Peterman, Clearspring, Maryland 

Mildred Pauline Smith, Washington, D. C 

Bachelor of Science 

Mfred Sellnian Best, Harwood. Maryland 

"rCeator Thompson Broach, Colleg-e Park, Maryland 

r^oul Gunnl Busck Washington, D. C. 

lohn Albert Butts Loysburg, Pennsylvania 

Dharles Eugene Darnall Hy attsville, Maryland 

3dwin Foltz Darner, .Hagerstown, Maryland 

Francis George Ewald, M ount Savage, Maryland 

Augustus Webster Hines, Washington, D. C. 

Dharles Edgar Moore, Jr. , Baltimore, Maryland 

Herbert Eutaw Neighbours, Lewistown, Maryland 

Frederick James Norwood Washington, D. C. 

Merwyn Leon Pusey, Cape CharlBS, Vii'ginia 

i]dgar Farr Russell, Washington, D. C. 

Illarence DeSales Sasscer Groom, Maryland 

Candidate For the Degree of Civil Engineer 

i3erschel Heathcote Allen, Baltimore, Maryland 

Candidates for the Degree of Master of Science 

iidraund Calvin Donaldson, Laurel, Maryland 

ildgar Bennett Starkey, Sudlersville, Maryland 

ileginald Van Trump Truitt Snow Hill, Maryland 

ilaymond Clifford Wiley, College Park, Maryland 

vharles Philip Wilhelm, Baltimore, Maryland 

^alcolm Russell Young, ieesleys Point, New Jersey 

Honorary Testimonials of Merit 

kichard Smith Snader, , New Windsor, Maryland 

(saac Henry Moss, Govans, Maryland 

fohn Cook, Baltimore, Maryland 

Honorary Degrees 

Doctor of Laws 

ohn Joseph Pershing, Washington, D. C. 

Doctor of Engineering 

Arthur Roscoe Hirst, Madison, Wisconsin 

ohn Nathaniel Mackall, Baltimore, Maryland 

Doctor of Science 

3ugene Amandus Schwarz, Washington, D. C. 

Candidates for Special Teacher's Dipfomas 

John Armistead Burroughs Clinton, Maryland 

Francis DeSales Canter , Aquasco, Maryland 

Henry Deussen Baltimore, Maryland 

Frank J. Deitz ^ Baltimore, Maryland 

Huldah Elizabeth Ensor .Sparks, Maryland 

Paul C. Edwards ; Baltimore, Maryland 

William Fleming McDonald Barton, Maryland 

Paul Tyler Morgan Baltimore, Maryland 

Gordon Vernon Nelson , ...Newport News, Virginia 

Walter Will iam Petennan Clearspring, Maryland 

Kurt A. Schneider , - Baltimore, Maryland 

Mildred Pauline Smith ....Washington, D. C. 

Anthony R. Spartana Baltimore, Maryland^ 

Candidates for Military Commissions 

Morrison MacDowell Clark, Major 

Robert Nicholas Young, Captain- 

Augustus Webster Hines, Captain 

Edwin Bennett Filbert, Captain 

Paul Sardo Frank, Captain 

George Francis Smith, Captaio 

Hughes Adams Shank, Captaio 

Edgar Farr ftussell, Captain 

John Austin Moran, Captain 

James Atlee Ridout, Captain 

Gerald Grosb Rem»berg, Captain 

Otto Philip Henry Reinmuth, CaptaiD 

Jesse Marion Huffington, Captain 

George Findlay Pollock, First Lieutenant 

Kenneth Baldwin Chappell, First LieutenaBJ 

Charles Edward White, First Lieutenant 

Jackson Ward Wisner, First Lieutenant 

Albert Grafton Wallis, First Lieutenant 

John Philip Schaefer, First Lieutenant ■ .' :'.: 

Peter Thomas Knapp, First Lieutenant 

John Francis Clagett. First Lieutenant 

George Edmund Gifford, First Lieutenant 

Everett Clayton Embrey, Second Lieutenant ', 

Walter Hempstone Young, Second Lieutenant 

Henry Marvin Terry, Second Lieutenant 

Mason Carpenter Albrittain, Second Lieutenant 

Loren Fletcher Scholt, Second Lieutenant 

Ernest Alexander Graves, Second Lieutenant 

Edward Marshall Richardson, Second Lieutenant 

George Allen Wick, Second Lieutenant 

Russell Earl Marker. Second Lieutenant .', 

Charles Smallwood Cook, Second Lieutenant 

Milburne William Jones, Second Lieutenant 

John Wesley Mumford, Second Lieutenant 

Howard Ingham Stites, Second Lieutenant 

Medals and Prizes 

^rtizen^hip Medal offered by Mr. H. C. Byrd, class of 1908, to the member 
of the senior class who, during'his col legriate Career, has typified thejmode' 
citizen and has done most for ihe g-eneral advancement of the interests 
of the University. 

Awarded to .^.... '. ....Robert Nicholas Young 

Athletic Medal, offered by the class of 1908, to that member of tbe senior 

class who has done the most for athletics. 
Awarded to .v....... Harry Edwin Semler 

Corporation Law Priees offered by Mr. E. F. New for the best essays on 
"The Doctrine of Ultra Vires". 

First Prize— Ten dollars,.... .....James Edward Burroug-hs, Jr. 

Second Prize— Five dollars .v.., ...Paul Frederick Newland 

*' President's Cup", offered by Dr. H. J. Patterson, for excellence in debate 
Awarded to.. .......The Poe Literary Society 

Company Sword offered by the University to the captain of the best drilled 

Awarded to........ ^Captain Paul Sardo Frank, Company E 

Gold Medal offered by the class of 1899 to the member of the battalion wlio 

proves himself the best drilled soldier 
Awarded to ....Private Clyde Fairfax Wilmeth^ Company E 

Barnes Douglas Goddard Memorial, Medal, to student of Prince Georjje's 
county for excellence in scholarship and moral character, offered by his 
sister, Mrs. Anna K. Goddard James, Washington, D. C. 

Awarded to...............*............................... >..... ...John Francis Clagett 

Alumni Association Medal for excellence in debate. 
Awarded to........ George Edward Gifford 

The Oratorical Association of Maryland Colleges, consisting of Washing- 
ton College, Western Maryland College, St. John's College, and the 
University of Maryland, offers each year gold medals for first and sec- 
ond places in an oratorical contest that is held between representatives 
of the four institution. Medal for first place awarded to — 

Robert Malcolm Watkins Carroll County, Maryland 

Honorable Mention 

College of Agriculture 

First Honors— Bertha Brill Ezekiel, James Herbert Snyder 
Second Honors— Henry Jacob Gurevich 

College of Arts and Sciences 

First Honors— Otto Philip Henry Reinrauth, Hyman Edmund LevJn 
Second Honors— George Nelson Schramm 

College of Education 

First Honors— Huldah Elizabeth Ensor 

College of Engineering 

First Honors— Paul Gunni Busck 
Second Honors — Alfred Sellman Best 

Elected Members of Phi Kappa Phi, the Honorary Fraternity 

Alfred Sellman Best 
Poul Gunni Busck 
John Albert Butts 
Frances DeSales Canter 
Huldah Elizabeth Ensor 
Fi'ancis Geoi-ge Ewald 

Bertha Brill Ezekiel 
AufjfusLUs Webster Hines 
John Howe Painter 
Otto Philip Henry Reinmuth 
James Herbert Snyder 
Laurence Janney Stabler