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University of Maryland 

Conimenccmeiit Day 




Tuesday, June Ninth 
Eleven O'Clock, A. M. 



Order of Exercises 

"Marche au Flaumbeaux" - - - Clark 

University Orchestra 

Invocation - - Reverend Arlington A. McCallum 

Washington, D. C. 

Valedictory Address - - Edward F. Juska 

"Carmen" - . . _ Bizet 

University Orchestra 

Address - - Honorable T. Alan GoJdsborough 

Member of Congress from the First District, State of Maryland 

"Song Without Words" - - Tschaikowsky 

University Orchestra 

Presentation of Diplomas and Certificates 

President Albert F. Woods 

Presentation of Military Commissions 

Major George T, Everett 

Presentation of Phi Kappa Phi Certificates 

President Albert F. Woods 

Presentation of Medals and Prizes 

President Albert F, Woods 


Benedictoin ... Reverend B. A. Matzen 

Berwyn, Maryland 

"March Militant" - - - DuBois 

University Orchestra 

Candidates for Certificates in Agriculture 

Harry Hamlin Newark, New Jersey 

Archibald Douglas Parran Lusby, Maryland 

John Nelson Poleyette Westover, Maryland 

Charles Le-Keirtts Timmons Snow Hill, Maryland 

Caedldates for Cerdfilcates in Industrial Education 

Howard Downs Askew Baltimore, Maryland 

William F. Haef ner Baltimore, Maryland 

William George Healey Baltimore, Maryland 

Joseph Huber Letzer Baltimore, Maryland 

Melvin LeRoy Moritz Baltimore, Maryland 

Albert Gibson Packard Baltimore, Maryland 

Harold D. Peterson Baltimore, Maryland 

Hugh Wilson Baltimore, Maryland 

Cam^idates For Teachers' Diplomas 

Harold I\I. Bonnett East St. Johnsbury, Vermont 

Water Louis Bov/ers Hagerstown, Maryland 

Nellie Sarah Buckey Mt. Rainier, Maryland 

Roscoe Zacharias Coblentz Middletown, Maryland 

Alice Wadswcrth Cushman Takoma Park, Maryland 

Virgil O. Dolly Flintstonej Maryland 

Elizabeth Sedgwick Duvall Washington, D. C. 

George Page Gardner Middletown, Maryland 

Pau' Beatty Harlan Churchville, Maryland 

L. Lucile Hill Washington, D. C. 

John Winfield Magruder Gaithersburg, Maryland 

Elsie Louise Orme Barnesville, Maryland 

William Alvin Parlette Berwyn, Maryland 

At. Myron Price, Jr Queenstown, Maryland 

Edward Lawrence Piigh, Jr Chevy Chase, Maryland 

Hrrold Alf^ert Remsberg Middletown, Maryland 

V/ih-n O. Rigdon Cardiff, Maryland 

E'izabeth Roberta Swenk Washington, D. C. 

William Paul Walker Mt. Airy, Maryland 

Michael W. Whiteford Whiteford, Maryland 

Katherine Rebecca Willis Hyattsville, Maryland 

Mary Frances Wolfe Forest Glen, Maryland 

Candidates for the Baclielor's Degree 


Bachelor of Science 

Wilton Ambler Anderson Bristol, Tennessee 

John Harman Baker Winchester, Virginia 

Frank Washburn Banfield Takoma Park, Maryland 

J. Frank Barton Centreville, Maryland 

Harold M. Bonnett East St. Johnsbury, Vermont 

George E. Bouis Mt. Washington, Maryland 

Walter Davis Bromley Pocomoke, Maryland 

Horace Dilworth Buckman Washington, D. C. 

Fred Logan Bull Pocomoke City, Maryland 

Francis Powell Cluff Pocomoke City, Maryland 

Walker Myrick Dawson Silver Spring, Maryland 

Howard Abram England Rising Sun, Maryland 

Paul Beatty Harlan Churchville, Maryland 

George Reginald Heine Washington, D. C. 

Michael Hevessy Gloucester Point, Virginia 

Charles William Hohman Berwyn, Maryland 

Arthur Houston Holland Cartersville, Virginia 

John Efancis Hough Mt. Rainier, Maryland 

Leonaiid Bridwell Lincoln Takoma Park, Maryland 

Vittor S. Myers Washington, D. C. 

Knute William Nielson Washington, D. C. 

Wil'iam Alvin Parlette Berwyn, Maryland 

Vv''i!bnr Pearce Sparks, Maryland 

M. Myron Price, Jr Queenstown, Maryland 

Floyd Vivian Ritter Middletovvn, Virginia 

Charles Shoemaker Bethesda, Maryland 

Arthur Ross Sleasman Smithsburg, Maryland 

Edward James Smith Riverdale, Maryland 

ICdward A. Stanley Bluefield, West Virginia 

Leand^r S. Stuart Pepperell, Massachusetts 

Richard Layton Summerill Pennsgrove, New Jersey 

Leland Griffith Worthington Berwyn, Maryland 

Emanuel Francis Zalesak Washington, D. C. 


Bachelor of Science 

William A. Berger Bloomfield, New Jersey 

Houghton George Clapp Brentwood, Maryland 

Anna Helen Emily Dorsey Ellicott City, Maryland 

Henry Emerson Duke Durham, North Carolina 

Edwin Lawson Ford Washington, D. C. 

Oswald Herman Greager Baltimore, Maryland 

Millard Jacob Horn Washington, D. C. 

John Mace, Jr Cambridge, Maryland 

Housden Lane Marshall Washington, D. C. 

Marie Mildred Massicot Columbus, Georgia 

Mabel Marguerite Nash Mt. Rainier, Maryland 

Saul Charles Newman Hartford, Connecticut 

Loren Fletcber Schott Washinirton, U.C. 

James L. Swank Elk Lick, Pennsylvania 

I. Evans Wheaton Greenwich, New Jersey 

Bachelor of Arts 

George Carville Bowen Hyattsville, Maryland 

Joseph Charles Burger Washington, D. C. 

Grace Coe Berlin, Maryland 

James Leroy Dougall Garrett Park, Maryland 

Elizabeth Flenner Hyattsville, Maryland 

Wilfred Everette Froehlich Crisfield, Maryland 

Ralph McTier Graham Washington, D. C 

Minnie Mosher Hill Somerset, Maryland 

Joseph Wells Jones Washington, D. C. 

Edward Francis Juska Elberon, New Jersey 

George James Luckey College Park, Maryland 

Joseph Alphonse Macko Homestead, Pennsylvania 

Tilghman Brice Marden, Jr Baltimore, Maryland 

Marvin R. McClung Norrisville, Maryland 

Leston Curtis Parks Washington, D. C. 

Irvin Peebles Lonaconing, Maryland 

Selwyn Lawrence Powers Hyattsville, Maryland 

Joseph Louis Rivkin Hartford, Connecticut 

Edward Andrew Scott Bristol, Tennessee 

William Marshall Scott Princess Anne, Maryland 

Bruce Trimmer Stambaugh Woodsboro, Maryland 

Felix Hongle Tan Baltimore, Maryland 

Russell Bunton White Kittanning, Pennsylvania 

Bachelor of Science 

Nellie Sarah Buckey Mt. Rainier, Maryland 

Roscoe Zacharias Coblentz Middletown, Maryland 

Alice Wadsworth Cushman Takoma Park, Maryland 

Virgil O. Dolly Flintstone, Maryland 

L. Lucile Hill Washington, D. C 

John Winfield Magruder Gaithersburg, Maryland 

Elsie Louise Orme Barnesville, Maryland 

Edward Lawrence Pugh, Jr Chevy Chase, Maryland 

Wilson O. Rigdon Cardiff, Maryland 

Michael W. Whiteford Whiteford, Maryland 

Mary Frances Wolfe Forest Glen, Maryland 

Bachelor op Arts 

Walter Louis Bowers Hagerstown, Maryland 

Elizabeth Sedgwick Duvall Washington, D. < "• 

George Page Gardner Middletown, Maryland 

Elizabeth Roberta Swenk Washington, D. C. 

Katherine Rebecca Willis Hyattsville, Maryland 

Theodora Shelby Willis Hyattsville, Maryland 

Elmer Ambrose Wolfe Union Bridge, Maryland 

Bachelor of Science 

Howard Reford Aldridge Mount Savage, Maryland 

Wirt Draper Bartlett Centreville. Maryland 

Edwin Caleb Baum Washington, D. C. 

John Bowie Annapolis Junction, Maryland 

Merle LeRoy Bowser Kittanning, Pennsylvania 

Douglas Davis Burnside Washington, D. C. 

Charles C. Castella Riverdale, Marxland 

Stanton Joseph Collins Sparrows Point, Maryland 

Carlton M. Compher Doubs, Maryland 

Uipiano ( orKiie] Zpvallos GiiH.v nyuil, iOciuid"'- 

William Augustin DeCaindry Baltimore, Maryland 

James H. Foard Aberdeen, Maryland 

Watson I. Ford Baltimore, Maryland 

Addison Eastwick Hook Baltimore, Maryland 

Barnwell Rhett King Branchville, Maryland 

Howard L. Knox College Park, Maryland 

Lloyd T. Knox College Park, Maryland 

G 'mcr Lewis, Jr Washington, D. C. 

William Hughes Lewis Washington, D. C. 

Charles William Litchfield Washington, D. C. 

Kenneth Francis Matthews Washington, D. C. 

William Todd McCune Elkton, Maryland 

Nelson Tindall Meeds Silver Spring, Maryland 

Lr-ijs Francis Melchior Washington, D. C. 

Edward Roane Melton, Jr Washington, D. C. 

John Wayne Mills Washington Grove, Maryland 

Paul Morris St. Michaels, Maryland 

R. Wendell Powell College Park, Maryland 

Arthur G. Prangley, Jr Washington, D. C. 

Frederick Helme Rogers Washington, D. C. 

Warrington Raphael Sanders Washington, D. C. 

William B. R. Faber Troxell Gaithersburg, Maryland 

Theodore John Vandoren, Jr Hyattsville, Maryland 

John S. Warren, Jr Pomonkey, Maryland 

Benjamin Watkins, III Davidsonville, Maryland 


Bachelor op Science 
Mary Harbaugh Washington, D. C. 

Candidates for Advanced Professional Degrees 

CrvTL Engineer 

Caesar Solari Revoredo Peru, South America 

Clyde Cooper Tarbutton Wilmington, Delaware 

Electrical Engineer 
Robert Wilhelm Heller Wilkinsburg, Pennsylvania 

Candidates for tlie Master's Degree 

Master of Science 

Robert Carlton Burdette Washington, D. C. 

Albert E. Hitchcock Washington, D. C. 

Martin Leatherman Lodi, Ohio 

Malcolm Bartler Melroy Washington, New Jersey 

John Wesley Mumf ord Mt. Rainier, Maryland 

Otto Philip Henry Reinmuth Baltimore, Maryland 

Harold Albert Remsberg Middletown, Maryland 

Francis Curie Skilling Baltimore, Maryland 

Winifred Rebecca Weimer Alliance, Ohio 

Master of Arts 

Eston Everett Ericson Baltimore, Maryland 

Margaret Marie Preinkert Washington, D. C. 

Robert Malcolm Watkins College Park, Maryland 

Claribel Pratt Welsh College Park, Maryland 

Candidates for the Degree of Doctor of Pliilosophy 

Carl Marcus Conrad Burlington, Kansas 

William Duke Kimbrough Summerdale, Alabama 

Ho Liu Peking, China 

Albert Lee Schrader Washington, D. C. 

Arthur Matthias Smith College Park, Maryland 

Honorary Degrees 

Doctor of Letters 
Swepson Earle Baltimore, Maryland 

War Departmeef Awards of ComsnlssioEiis as Second 
Lieutenants in tl^e Infantry Reserve Corps 

John Harman Baker 
George E. Bonis 
Merle LeRoy Bowser 
Joseph Charles Burger 
Douglas Davis Burnside 
Charles C. Castella 
Houghton George Clapp 
James Leroy Dougall 
Edwin Lawson Ford 
George Page Gardner 
Paul Beatty Harlan 
George Reginald Heine 
John Francis Hough 

James H. Hubbard 
Barnwell Rhett King 
Joseph Wells Jones 
William Harrison Merrill, 
Paul Morris 
Wilbur Pearce 
Sehvyn Lawrence Powers 
Arthur C. Prangley, Jr. 
Frederick Helme Rogers 
Daniel R. Staley 
John Francis Sullivan 
Emanuel Francis Zalesak 


Avirard of Cadet Military CoHamissions 

Joseph Charles Burger, Lieutenant Colonel 

Emanuel Francis Zalesak, Major 

George Reginald Heine, First Lieutenant Adjutant 

John Francis Hough, First Lieutenant Supply Officer 

John Harman Baker, Captain 

Douglas Davis Burnside, Captain 

George Page Gardner, Captain 

John Francis Sullivan, Captain 

George E. Bonis, First Lieutenant 

Charles C. Castella, First Lieutenant 

Houghton George Clapp, First Lieutenant 

James Leroy Dougall, First Lieutenant 

Paul Beatty Harlan, First Lieutenant 

Barnwell Rhett King. First Lieutenant 

Joseph Wells Jones, First Lieutenant 

William Harrison Merrill, Jr., First Lieutenant 

Paul Morris, First Lieutenant 

Wilbur Pearce, First Lieutenant 

Sehvyn Lawrence Powers, First Lieutenant 

Arthur G. Prangley, Jr., First Lieutenant 

Frederick Helme Rogers, First Lieutenant 

Merle LeRoy Bowser, Second Lieutenant 

Edwin Lawson Ford, Second Lieutenant 

James H. Hubbard, Second Lieutenant 

Daniel R. Staley, Second Lieutenant 

Avi'arfiSs of I*!?! liappa P.3ii Certificates 

Howard Reford Aldridge Minnie Mosher Hill ' 

Harold M. Bonnett Millard Jacob Horn 

George Carville Bowen l!.:rnwen Rhett Kint; 

Horace Dilworth Buckman Kenneth Francis Matthews 

Charles C. Castella Louis Francis Melchior 

Houghton George Clapp Arthur G. Prangley. Jr. ' 

Ulpiano Coronel Zevallos Josepli Louis Rivkin 

Walker Myrick Dawson Charies Shcemaker 

Elizabeth Sedgwick Duvall Elizabeth Roberta Swcnk 

Elizabeth Flenner Lv'and Griffith Wvjrthington 

Georjre P-As:i! Gardner Alary Frances Wolfe 

Oswald Herman Gieatfei' 

Medals and Frizes 

Citizenship Medal offered by Mr. H. C. l>yid, class of 1908, to the member 
of the senior class who, durinj^ liis collegiate careef, l)as neuiest 
typilied the model citizen and who has done most for the general ad- 
vancement of the interests of ihe University. 

Awarded to Walter Uavis Bromley. 

Citizenship Prize offered by Mrs. Albert F. Woods to the woman member to the 
senior class who, during her collegiate career, has nearest typitied the m.ydel 
citizen and has done most for the general advancement of the interests of 
the University. 

Awarded to Minnie Mosher Hill 

Silvester Medal for Excellence in Athletics offered by the class of 1908, ot the 
man who typifies the best in college athletics. 

AwurdLd to osepli Charles Burner 

James Douglas Goddard Memorial Aled ils, oi'fered by his sister, Mrs. Anna K. 
Goddard James, to students"-- of Prince George's County for excellence in 
scholarship and moral character. 

Awarded to Georj^e Carville Bowen and i^^dward Ellesmere McKeifje 

Alumni Association Medal for excellence in debate. 

Awarded to J- Franklin Witter 

Sigma Phi Sigma Medal offered by the Delta Chapter to the freshman who makes 
the highest scholastic average during the first semester. 

Awarded to Virginia Spence Price. 

Alpha Zeta Medal offered by the Maryland Chapter to the member of the fresh- 
man class who has attained the highest scholastic average in the College of 

Awarded to Burwell Rritt Powell 

The Dinah Berman Memorial Medal, offered by her son. Benjamin Berman, to 
that sophomore who has attained the highest scholastic average of his class 
in the College of Engineering. 

Awarded to Kenneth Franklin Spence. 

Public Speaking Prize offered by W. D. Porter to the student who shows greatest 
advancement in Public Speaking. 

Awarded to John S. Warren 

The Oratorical Association of Maryland Colleges, consisting of Washington Col- 
lege, Western Maryland College, St. John's College, and the University of 
Maryland, offers each year gold medals for first and second places in an ora- 
torical contest that is held between representatives of the four institutions. 
Medal for first place awarded to Charles Clarke Beach. 

"President's Cup," offered by Dr. H. J. Patterson, for excellence in debate. 

Awarded to Poe Literary Society. 

"Governor's Cup," offered by His Excellency. Honorable Albert C. Ritchie, Gov- 
ernor of Maryland, to the best drilled company. 

Awarded on Military Day to Company C, Commanded by Captain Joha 

F. Sullivan- 

President's Prize, offered by Dr. Albert F. Woods, to the student who has done 

most for the Reserve Officers' Training Corps. 
Awarded on Military Day to. . Cadet LJeutenant-ColoneKlose))h C Burger. 
The Military Medal, offered by class of 1899, to the member of the battalion who 

proves himself the best drilled soldier. 
Awarded on Military Day to. .. .(Jadet Lieutenant George E. Melchior, Jr. 
Inspection Day Cup, offered by Saks & Company to the company doing the best 

work on Inspection Day. 
Awarded on Militarv Dyy to Company B, Commanded by Captain John H. 

Washington Chapter Alumni Cup offered to the best drilled platoon. 

Awarded on Military Day to First Platoon, Comtiany B, Commanded 
by First Lieutenant Arthur G. Prangley, Jr. 
Rifle Cup offered by Military Department. 

Awarded on Military Day to. . .Sophomore Class. Captained by George E. 

Honorable Mention 


First Honors — 

Second Honors- 

Walker Myrick Dawson 
Leland Griffith Worthington 
Harold M. Bonnett 

Charles Shoemaker 


First Honors — 

Houghton George Clapp 
Oswald Herman Greager 
Joseph Louis Rivkin 

Second Honors — 

Minnie Mosher Hill 
Millard Jacob Horn 
George Carville Bowen 
Elizabeth Flenner 

First Honors — 
Second Honors- 
First Honors — 


Elizabeth Roberta Swenk 

Elizabeth Sedgwick Duvall 
Mary Frances Wolfe 


Charles C. Castella 
Kenneth Francis Matthews 
Ulpiano Coronel Zevallos 
Second Honors — 

Arthur G. Prangley, Jr. 
Louis Francis Melchior 
Howard Reford Aldridge