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Universitj) of Maryland 


College Park and Baltimore Di\)isions 

FiftK Regiment Armor}? 

Saturday? Afternoon, June Second 




Overture - - Orpheus _ Offenbach 

Selection - - ...The Desert Song _ Romberg 

An Indian Love Song _ Waters of Minnetonka Lieurance 

Gems from the Opera - ...Cavalleria Eusticana _ Mascagni 

Selection My Maryland - - ...Romberg 

1. March of the Prophet. - - - Meyerbeer 

2. Invocation — Rev. Robert G. Leetch, D. D., Pastor Guilford Community Church 

3. Greetings — His Excellency, Hon. Albert C. Ritchie, Governor of Maryland 

4. Music 

5. Address to Graduates _ ...- ....- Hon. Theodore E. Burton, LL.D. 

Member of Congress from Ohio 

6. Music 

7. Conferring of Certificates and Degrees by the President of the University 

8. Presentation of Military Commissions 

9. Award of prizes 

10. Benediction _ Rev. Robert G. Leetch 

11. March Clark 

Orchestra under the direction of Robert Paul lula 

College of Education 

Canaiaates for Certificates in Industrial Education 

Douglas Allen Maryland 

Joseph Thomas Cromack Maryland 

Raymond Nelson Donelson Maryland 

Harry Kingsbury Gardner _ Maryland 

Melvin Daniel Hedrick Maryland 

William Henry Jolly Maryland 

Samuel Louis Krotee Maryland 

Clara Elizabeth Wholey..... Maryland 

Elgert LeRoy Wiegman Maryland 

Scnool of Business Administration 

Certificates of Proficienc}? 

••Morris J. Caplan..... _.... Maryland 

,/Nathan Eisenberg _... Maryland 

/Clarence Jacobs Maryland 

'A. Theodore Rosenblum Maryland 

v^Max Trivas ...._ Maryland 

w<Harry Yankellow _ Maryland 

College of Agriculture 

Canaiaates for tKe Degree 
Bacnelor of Science 

Donald Haslup Adams Maryland 

Samuel Joseph Ady, Jr ...Maryland 

Joseph Harold Bafford „ Maryland 

Richard D'Arcy Bonnet, 

District of Columbia 

Henry Brown District of Columbia 

William Walter Chapman, Jr....Maryland 

Frederick Norval Dodge Maryland 

Daniel Cox Fahey, Jr ...Maryland 

James Gustavus Gray, Jr Maryland 

Burbage Harrison _ Maryland 

Joseph George Harrison Maryland 

Robert Parks Kapp „ Maryland 

Bernard Houck Miller _ Maryland 

Samuel Roscoe Molesworth ...Maryland 

Burwell B. Powell Missouri 

Geneva Elizabeth Reich, 

District of Columbia 

Marion A. Ross Maryland 

Charles Wightman Seabold .....Maryland 

Reese L, Sewell Maryland 

Florence Tucker Simonds ...Maryland 

Harvey Hasler Stanton _ Maryland 

Samuel Henry Winterberg Maryland 

John Franklin Witter Maryland 

John Rupert Woodward, 

District of Columbia 

College of Arts and Sciences 

Candidates for tKe Degree 
Bacnelor of Science 

Frank Yoder Brackbill Maryland 

Robert Henry Brubaker. Pennsylvania 

Frederick Hughes Evans, 

District of Columbia 

William Lawrence Faith Maryland 

Jack Fein New York 

Joseph Donald Galligan, 

District of Columbia 

Samuel Geller New Jersey 

John Oliver Hay ..Maryland 

( iibin Frank Knight Maryland 

onald Thomas Longenberger...Maryland 

Charles Monroe Merrill, 

District of Columbia 

Edith Kepplinger Myers Maryland 

William Hans Press, 

District of Columbia 

Solomon Reznek District of Columbia 

John Edward Savage, 

District of Columbia 

Herbert King Ward ...Maryland 

Glenn Statler Weiland Maryland 

Floyd Henry Wirsing Maryland 

College of Arts and Sciences — Continued 
BacKelor of Arts 

Clarence T, Blanz District of Columbia 

William Burleigh, Jr _ Maryland 

Francis Lyon Carpenter _ ...Maryland 

Omer Raymond Carrington New York 

William Roy Cheek...District of Columbia 

Constance Church - Maryland 

Rodney Powers Currier, 

District of Columbia 

Evelyn Virginia Eckert - Maryland 

Elizabeth Edmiston Maryland 

Thelma Alberta Elliott, 

District of Columbia 

Alma Frances Essex - Maryland 

Albert Fowler Martine Granger, 

New York 
Alden Wame Hoage, 

District of Columbia 

Raymond Bartlett Hodgeson Maryland 

Joseph Morris Jones ...Maryland 

Grace Elizabeth Laleger, 

District of Columbia 

Reuben Richard Louft Maryland 

Louise Marlow Maryland 

Henry Craven Matthews Maryland 

Howard Garret McEntee New Jersey 

Frederic Andrew Middleton, 

District of Columbia 

Elizabeth Miller Maryland 

John Alfred Myers...District of Columbia 

Edson Baldwin Olds, Jr Maryland 

Ralph Wilson PoWers ...Maryland 

John Edward Ryerson, 

District of Columbia 
Donald Elliott Shook, 

District of Columbia 
Martha Thompson Sims, 

District of Columbia 

Roger Van Leer Snouffer Maryland 

Henry Nelson Spottswood, 

District of Columbia 

Nova Orr Thompson _ ..Maryland 

Howard Gilbert Tippett Maryland 

Edward Lawrence Troth Maryland 

Adelyn Beatrice Venezky JVTaryland 

William Kennedy Waller Maryland 

Emily Thomas Wood Maryland 

Milly Loudon Woolman. New Jersey 

James Earle Zulick Pennsylvania 

Degrees Conferred Since Last Commencement 
Bachelor of Arts 

Karl Blackwell Frazier...... Maryland 

James Alton Miller Maryland 

Egbert Fuller Tingley Maryland 

College of Education 

Candidates for 

Samuel Joseph Ady, Jr Maryland 

Cornelia Lee Archer Maryland 

Elizabeth M. Beall Maryland 

Harry Wesley Beggs Maryland 

Verba Roselle Bishoff _ Maryland 

Luther Francis Bromley Maryland 

Christine Mary Brumfield, 

District of Columbia 

Alice Lucile Burdick _.„..Maryland 

Constance Church Maryland 

Paul Luckel Doerr District of Columbia 

Evelyn Virginia Eckert. Maryland 

Elizabeth Edmiston _ Maryland 

Alma Frances Essex Maryland 

Frederick Hughes Evans, 

District of Columbia 

Frances Fooks Freeny Maryland 

Frances Isabelle Gruver ...Maryland 

Louise Harbaugh ...District of Columbia 

Phyllis Marie Houser Maryland 

Margaret Louise Howard Maryland 

Stanleigh Edward Jenkins Maryland 

Joseph Morris Jones _ Maryland 

Grace Virginia Kemp _ Maryland 

Jane Kirk Maryland 

Margaret Evelyn Knapp ...Maryland 

Mary Evelyn Kuhnle ...Maryland 

Grace Elizabeth Laleger, 

District of Columbia 

Teachers Diploma 

John Daniel Leatherman Maryland 

Louise Marlow Maryland 

Buford W. Mauck ...Virginia 

Philemon Isabel McCoy. ...Maryland 

Nona Augusta Miliner Maryland 

Bernard Houck Miller _ Maryland 

Elizabeth Miller _ Maryland 

Frances Foster Morris Maiyland 

Edith Kepplinger Myers ...Maryland 

Ellwood Radmoor Nicholas...Pennsylvania 
Virginia Spence Price, 

District of Columbia 

Charles Francis Pugh Maryland 

Edith Catherine Ream Maryland 

Charles Wightman Seabold ...Maryland 

Gervis Gardner Shugart Maryland 

Harvey Hasler Stanton ...Maryland 

Thomas H. Stephens, 

District of Columbia 

Nova Orr Thompson Maryland 

Perry Oliver Wilkinson Maryland 

Mildred Helen Wimer ...New Jersey 

Samuel Henry Winterberg Maryland 

Floyd Henry Wirsing Maryland 

John Franklin Witter Maryland 

Margaret Mary Wolf Maryland 

Emily Thomas Wood _ ...Maryk.nd 

May-Louise Wood .....Maryland 

College of Education — Continued 

Candidates for tne Degree 

Bacnelor of Science 

Elisabeth M. Beall _ Maryland John Daniel Leatherman Maryland 

Harry Wesley Beggs Maryland Virginia Spence Price, 

Verba Roselle Bishoff _ Maryland District of Columbia 

Alice Lucile Burdick _ Maryland Charles Francis Pugh ..Maryland 

Phyllis Marie Houser Maryland Thomas H. Stephens, 

Jane Kirk Maryland District of Columbia 

Margaret Evelyn Knapp ...Maryland 


Cornelia Lee Archer ..Maryland 

Christine Mai*y Brumfield, 

District of Columbia 

Paul Luckel Doerr District of Columbia 

Frances Fooks Freeny _ Maryland 

Frances Isabelle Gruver _ Maryland 

Louise Harbaugh District of Columbia 

Margaret Louise Howard Maryland 

Stanleigh Edward Jenkins Maryland 

Grace Virginia Kemp Maryland 

Mary Evelyn Kuhnle _ Maryland 

or of Arts 

Buford W. Mauck _ _ Virginia 

Philemon Isabel McCoy Maryland 

Nona Augusta Miliner _ Maryland 

Frances Foster Morris Maryland 

Ellwood Radmoor Nicholas...Pennsylvania 

Edith Catherine Ream _ Maryland 

Gervis Gardner Shugart Maryland 

Perry Oliver Wilkinson Maryland 

Mildred Helen Wimer New Jersey 

Margaret Mary Wolf Maryland 

May-Louise Wood Maryland 

Degrees Conferred Since Last Comn\encement 
BacKelor of Arts 

Daniel Edward Corkran Maryland 

Frank R. Davis ., Maryland 

Ai-vin Pary Jones _ Maryland 

John Francis McPartland Maryland 

James Benjamin Mills Maryland 

Marguerite Childress Reinmuth, 

Ruble Walker Youngblood, 

District of Columbia 

College of Engineering 

Candidates for tke Degree 

Bacnelor of Science 

Lester Plant Baird.District of Columbia Delbert B. Lowe Maryland 

Leslie Russell Brady Maryland Herndon Lawrence Maloney, 

William O'Neal Bruehl _ Maryland District of Columbia 

James Young Cleveland, Milton Marseglia District of Columbia 

District of Columbia John Allan Mathews Maryland 

John Kay Daly. District of Columbia Elick Edward Norris, 

James Slater Davidson, Jr. District of Columbia 

District of Columbia Edwin Carroll Paige Maryland 

Alfred Francis Diener, Robert Leonard Palmer Maryland 

District of Columbia Oris Lester Rader District of Columbia 

William Andrew Dynes Maryland George Ray Richard Maryland 

Robert Bruce Emerson, Jr., Alfred H. Schaefer Maryland 

District of Columbia Charles Latimer Shelton ..Maryland 

Edward Albert Foehl, Joseph W. Strohman, 

District of Columbia District of Columbia 

Arthur Ward Greenwood, Lewis Walter Thomas, Jr., 

District of Columbia District of Columbia 

Horace Richard Hampton Mai-yland Richard Gordon Warner Maryland 

William Hugh Iglehart, Harry Warren Wells ...Maryland 

District of Columbia Mallei-y Onthank Wooster Maryland 

John Hopkins Loux Maryland 

College of Home Economics 

Candidates for tKe Degree 
BacKelor of Science 

Mary Bourke _ District of Columbia 

Olive Speake Edmonds ...Maryland 

Josephine Godbold Maryland 

Frances Louise Gunby Maryland 

Mary Jane McCurdy ...Maryland 

Ruth Tefft Williams _ _ ..Maryland 

Mary Stewart York ...Maryland 

ScKool of Nursing 

Candidates for tKe Degree 
Graduate in Nursing 

Margaret E. Currens Maryland 

Hilda Louise Dugger Pennsylvania 

Edith Elizabeth Hall ...Maryland 

Irene Elizabeth Hamrick...North Carolina 

Martha Alice Hastings Delaware 

Anne Hoffman Maryland 

Goldie Iwilla Hough ...Maryland 

Thelma Lee Huddleston North Carolina 

Mary Lyndale Kelly Maryland 

Frances Mildred Leishear Maryland 

Martha Agnes Magruder Maryland 

Mildred May Marcus Pennsylvania 

Marie Clarkson Pearce Maryland 

Elizabeth S. Pennewell ..Maryland 

Elizabeth Augusta Priester Maryland 

Margaret Mary Riffle ...Maryland 

Katherine Landwehr Roth, 

West Virginia 

Emily Rose Slacum Delaware 

Vada Brunetta Smith Maryland 

Grace Bell Wagner Pennsylvania 

Emma Arline Winship Maryland 

R. Elizabeth Work Pennsylvania 


The University of Maryland Nurses' Alumnae Association scholarship to pursue 
a course in administration, supervisory, or public health work at Teachers 
College, Columbia, to the student having the highest record in scholar- 
ship - - Frances Mildred Leishear 

The Elizabeth Collins Lee prize of $50.00 to the student having the second highest 

average in scholarship Marie Clarkson Pearce of Maryland 

A prize of $25,00 for the highest average in executive ability 

Edith Elizabeth Hall of Maryland 

The Edwin and Leander M. Zimmerman prize for practical nursing and for display- 
ing the greatest interest and sympathy for the patients Frances Mildred Leishear 

The University of Maryland Nurses Alumnae Association pin, and membership 

in the Association, for practical nursing and executive ability Edith Elizabeth Hall 

School of Medicine 

Canaidates for tKe Degree 
Doctor of Medicine 

v/A-dolph Baer _ New York 

»>Hugh Alvin Bailey, A. B., 

South Carolina 

*1V[arcel R. Bedri _ Palestine 

'AVilliam A. Berger, B. S New Jersey 

ylrving Ezra Blecher New Yoi'k 

-^Nicholas William Bonelli, B. A., 

New Jersey 

1/ Simon Brager Maryland 

/Ethel George Brandfield, B. S., 

West Virginia 

-J Herman Chor, A. B Maryland 

*/Earle Princeton Clemson Maryland 

/^Fred M. Duckwall West Virginia 

yCeorge Andrew Duncan, B. S., 

West Virginia 

/Bernard Friedman _ New York 

^Herbert William David Garred, B. S., 

West Virginia 

Jjacques Saul Gilbert Rhode Island 

''Victor Goldberg, Ph.G _ Maryland 

"^Jerome Edward Goodman, Ph.G., 

•Creed Collins Greer, B. S....West Virginia 

yAaron I. Grollman, A. B Maryland 

liick, B. S Denmark 

•Lewis Perkins Gundry, A. B Maryland 

•^Samuel J. Hankin Maryland 

w^aul Hayes Maryland 

^Lewis Jacob Harold, Ph.G ...New York 

(/Walter Brenaman Johnson, A. B., 


«^Henry Alvan Jones, Ph.G , Maryland 

^hilip Louis Kaye New York 

/Theodore Kohn, B. S South Carolina 

v'Nathan Hersh Kotch - New York 

•^lerbert H. Lampert _ New York 

w^Tacob I. Lamstein, B.S New York 

>^Joseph George Laukaitis - Maryland 

^ Morris Lemer New York 

^Maurice Levinsky. Connecticut 

/Louis J. Levinson, B. S New York 

•^arl Frederick Limbach, A, B Ohio 

/Edward A. Litsinger, B. S., 

West Virginia 
*^Luther Emanuel Little, Ph. G....Maryland 

»^Irving I. Littman _ ..Maryland 

•^sadore B. Lyon, A. B Maryland 

•^ohn Mace, Jr., B. S Maryland 

*^incent Michael Maddi, A, B....New York 

v/Alan John Maged, A. B New York 

/Robert Sadler McCeney, A. B....Maryland 
yWilliam Neal McFaul, Jr., A. B., 

^William B. McGee, B. S West Virginia 

V Robert Amos Mee, A. B., B. S., 

New Hampshire 

V Aaron Meister. New York 

i/David Merksamer, A. B New York 

v/ Frank Anthony Merlino New Jersey 

y Vincent M. Messina ...Maryland 

V Ralph Mostwill -.... New Jersey 

/ Pasquale A. Piacentine. ._ -New York 

/ Peter Pileggi - ...New Jersey 

^' Henry Morris Rascoff „ New York 

VBenjamin Sunderland Rich, A. B., 


•^arl Paul Roetling Maryland 

/Marks Julius Rosen New York 

"^Hyman Solomon Rubinstein, Ph. G., 


Joseph Howard Rutter Maryland 

"^ Morris Harold Saffron, A. B., 

New Jersey 

V Samuel Robert Sardo, B. S., 


/Cecil Curry Shaw, A. B Alabama 

^Abraham Alfred Silver Connecticut 

4 Jack Jerome Singer Maryland 

School of Medicine — Continued 

>/Aubrey C. Smoot, A, B ...Maryland 

^Merrill C. Smoot, B. S ...Maryland 

/Theodore Edwin Stacy, Jr., Ph.G. 


/Levi Wade Temple, Jr., B. S., 

South Carolina 

/ David Tenner, Ph.G _ Maryland 

^William Henry Varney, Ph. G., 

yAntonio Paul Vernaglia New York 

J Carroll Gardner Warner, A. B., 


yPred. Siegfried Weintraub, B. S., 


jNathan Weisenfeld, B. S Connecticut 

/Samuel Robert Wells, B. S., 

West Virginia 


** Frederick Samuel Wolf Maryland 

^^ Milton Wurzel New Jersey 

v/Oscar DeMelle Yarbrough ...Alabama 

^Frederick T. Zimmerman, A. B., 




University Prize Gold Medal David Tenner 

Adolph Baer 
Ralph Mostwill 

Certificates of Honor 

Jacob Irving Lamstein 
Aaron Isaac Grollman 
Bernard Friedman 



The Dr. Jose L. Hirsch memorial prize of $50.00 for the best work in pathology 

during the second and third years David Tenner 

The Dr. Leo Karlinsky memorial scholarship for the highest standing in the 

Freshman Class , _ Samuel Feldman 

School of Law 

Candidates for the Degree 
Bachelor of Lav?s 

'^Harold E. Blickenstaff Maryland 

ix-rteharles Carroll, Jr., A. B Maryland 

-/Moses Cohen, A. B _ „ Maryland 

Edwin Charles Coogan _ _ Virginia 

'/Hewlett B, Cox ..Maryland 

/Albert Alvin Doub, Jr Maryland 

>^James Doyle, 3rd Maryland 

yOden Bowie Duckett, Jr ..Maryland 

^John W, Everett, B. S ...Maryland 

^Frank W. Forestell Maryland 

V Abe Fribush _ Maryland 

V Max Friedman _ Maryland 

yC. Ellis Goldstein ...Maryland 

V Aaron Irving Goldstein _ Maryland 

^Stewart Eccleston Gordon Maryland 

vRosalind Greenberg _ Maryland 

/Milton M. Hackerman ...Maryland 

''''^Joseph R. Hirschmann, A. B Maryland 

^ Isidore David Hurwitz ...Maryland 

if 'David Klein Maryland 

>^ James Walter Leyko Maryland 

i/' Abraham Mahr Maryland 

-^ Edwin Gill Martin ...Maryland 

•^Daniel Alan McMahon Maryland 

' S. Alfred Mund Maryland 

l/Flmer Lewis Mylander, A. B Maryland 

yMvm Neuberger Maryland 

JEverett Nuttle, A. B ..Maryland 

J Edwin S. Panetti ..Maryland 

>^Wilbur Jackson Preston, B. S...Maryland 

•^Donald Philip Roman Maryland 

•^Philip Heller Sachs, A. B Maryland 

Joseph Sacks ...Maryland 

lyPercy Scherr ...Maryland 

v/Edward Holloway Schmidt Maryland 

/Louis Schwartzman Maryland 

■/Sidney Seligman West Virginia 

/Lester Thomas Daniel Shafer Maryland 

yilaymond Milton Shea Maryland 

</Harry Richard Smalkin ...Maryland 

V M. Leo Storch _ Maryland 

^Charles Edwin Vogel, A. B ...Maryland 

•i Alva Palmer Weaver, Jr Maryland 


Prize of $100.00 for the highest average grade for the entire course 

Isidore David Hurwitz 

Prize of $100.00 for the most meritorious thesis 

Alumni prize of $50.00 for winning Honor Case in the Practice Court 

Stewart Eccleston Gordon 

ScKool of Dentistry 

Candidates for the Degree 
Doctor of Dental Surgerj) 

J Philip Arkus New Jersey 

y Irving Jerome Aronson New Jersey 

/William C. Basehoar Pennsylvama 

^Arthur Barton Bishop -..- Connecticut 

s/Domingo Alejandro Blasini Maryland 

ySidney H. Blumberg New Jersey 

yHarry Joseph Bobinski Connecticut 

Abraham Ellis Bochenek _ New Jersey 

•Byron Russell Branch ...Canada 

J^oward George Bristol _..Connecticut 

v/Harold C. Britten _ - New York 

i Benjamin Alvin Brown New Jersey 

VLee Bucher - Maryland 

J Theodore Alonzo Chappelear Ohio 

/Melvin Hazen Colvin, 

District of Columbia 

^Thomas C. Conway - Massachusetts 

•^Elmer F. Corey - - New Jersey 

»/Emil L. Costanza - New Jersey 

/F, Nelson Crider Maryland 

'Edward J. Czajka Connecticut 

^/G. Howard Dana - ...New York 

•Paul Adam Deems Maryland 

w^omeo J. DeFlora New Jersey 

/John K. DeVan New Jersey 

Martin Louis Donatelli Pennsylvania 

vMeyer Eggnatz Maryland 

VJustus H. Eigenrauch ...New Jersey 

t/Joseph Fenichel - ...New Jersey 

/Oscar Fidel - - New Jersey 

l^alph Cookman Gale Pennsylvania 

/Lester Carrington Gallen ...New Jersey 

/William Milford Goldberg New Jersey 

I Irvin Bernard Golboro Maryland 

N/Daniel J. Gordon New Jersey 

•Charles Keith Gould ...South Carolina 

*4.ewis M. Haggerty New Jersey 

/Alfred Morris Hofferman .......Maryland 

^Clement Eric Huggins Trinidad 

>/Abraham Jacobs _ New Jersey 

%-^rvin Bert Kaplan New Jersey 

v'Julius J. Kelsey Pennsylvania 

N/oernard Kniberg New Jersey 

/Benjamin Mitchell Knight, Jr Virginia 

x/Ferdinand Carl Kohler New Jersey 

vWilliam Brydon Lauten Maryland 

v^enjamin Lavine New Jersey 

y^William Alexander McCluer Virginia 

/Tohn Simmons Machado, Jr., 


/Pius G. Machokas Maryland 

^Frederick Effinger Markley Virginia 

i/^ilbur Basehoar Mehring ..Maryland 

C. Paul Miller _ West Virginia 

uStanley Gray Moore Maryland 

-Mayo Bernard Mott West Virginia 

Richard Thomas Moxley, Jr Alabama 

-^Jerome J. Orange New Jersey 

yA. Harry Ostrow ...District of Columbia 

7 Joseph Anthony Pennino New Jersey 

./Jeffrey Basil Rizzolo New Jersey 

•^milio Ruiz Velez Porto Rico 

k^enjamin Sachner New Jersey 

w C. Herbert Schaedel New Jersey 

vli'rank C. Seemann New Jersey 

/Fred Shapiro ...New Jersey 

«^David B, Silverman ...Virginia 

/Irving Sofferman ...New Jersey 

> Horace Huyler Stagg ...New Jersey 

/Richard J, Stock..... Pennsylvania 

VHarry Teter West Virginia 

-Alfred Emerson Toye New Jersey 

wfceorge Albert Uihlein Connecticut 

/Ray A. Vawter Maryland 

>/Arthur William von Deilen New Jersey 

'Charles C. White North Carolina 

yS. Holt Wright Maryland 

y Clement A, Zerdesky Pennsylvania 


University Gold Medal for Scholarship 
Arthur Barton Bishop 

Paul Adam Deems 
Lester Carrington Gallen 

Honorable Mention 

Byron Russell Branch 
C. Paul Miller 
William Brydon Lauten 

Degrees Conferred Since Last Commencement 
Doctor of Dental Surgery 

William Paul Dailey .....Pennsylvania Elwood B, Rider New York 

Ralph L. Huth. West Virginia Walter E. Rohrabaugh. Maryland 

Leon Michael Mielcarek Pennsylvania George H. Trinkle Pennsylvania 

Joseph Everett Quillen..... Maryland 

School of Pnarmac)) 

Candiaates for (ke Degree 
Graduate in Pnarmac}? 

AVilbur Ford Barry Maryland 

^Joseph Belford -.... Maryland 

-^Joseph Cecil Bernstein „.... Maryland 

vSamuel Stanton Blumson. JMaryland 

•^Benjamin Bretzfelder, 

ip District of Columbia 

JVincent James Cannaliato Marylanu 

/Frank Picha Christ. Maryland 

'Nathaniel Tolbert Cohan New Jersey 

i^rving I. Cohen. ...Maryland 

•^sidore Cohen. Maryland 

*^Anthony Daniel Crecca New Jersey 

■'Walter Daniel Dembeck _ Maryland 

-/Hyman Dickman Maryland 

«^erbert Eichert Maryland 

■^ilton J. Fitzsimmons _ Maryland 

^Albert Julius Glass _ Maryland 

'/Samuel Leopold Greenbaum. Maryland 

'/William Gross _.... ...._ Maryland 

^rvin Hantman. _ Maryland 

/Aaron Hoffman _ JMaryland 

»/Harry Hoffman Maryland 

y/3ohn Joseph Kairis Maryland 

w^sador Karpa Maryland 

^'Milton B. Kress Maryland 

WWaxwell A, Krucoff Maryland 

t^arry Lebowitz _ Maryland 

•Abraham D. Lesser _ Maryland 

^^incent Charles Levine Maryland 

^L. Lavan Manchey ...Pennsylvania 

vA^incent Louis Matassa Maryland 

•George Charles Michel Maryland 

vfluth Millard ...Maryland 

•^llis Benjamin Myers Maryland 

•David Herman Rosenfeld..^ Maryland 

.'Marcus Satou „ _ JMarvland 

x^homas Sewell Saunders, Jr Maryland 

l^athan Schiff. Maryland 

Milton Schlachman Maryland 

«^avid I. Schwartz Maryland 

• Joseph Anton Senger Maryland 

ySamuel J. Sheselsky Maryland 

v/i^ndrew W. Silbert Maryland 

«/ Albert M. Silverman JMaryland 

(Jerome Snyder. Marylana 

'y^aron C. Sollod JMaryland 

-jL. Rex Springer. Maryland 

^ Solomon Stichman Marylana 

•James Nathan Trattner. Pennsylvania 

Pharmaceutical CKemist 
»<roseph Millett, Ph. G Maryland 

Bacnelor of Science in PKarmacj) 

/Marvin Jackson Andrews, Ph. G., Ph. C. 


J John Conrad Bauer, Ph. G Maryland 

•Arthur Storch, Ph. G ..JMaryland 


Gold Medal for General Excellence James Nathan Trattner 

The William Simon Memorial Prize for proficiency in Practical Chemistry 

L. Lavan Manchey 

The Charles Caspari, Jr. Memorial Prize ($50.00) _ ...Herbert Eichert 

Research Scholarship of the Alumni Association ($100.00) Joseph Anton Senger 

Degrees Conferred Since Last Commencement 
Graduate in Pharmacy 

Robert N. Abramowitz Maryland 

/Leavitt H. Binkley ...Maryland 

•Elmer C. Doty Maryland 

v/S. Alvin Etzler Maryland 

Wilbur C. Foose Maryland 

^Andrew Jerome Itzoe Pennsylvania 

•^Charles Ferguson Jarvis JMaryland 

*^anina Kaminska Maryland 

*^ouis Henry Kraus Maryland 

-AFrank Olsan „ Maryland 

JDavid Pugatsky _ Maryland 


ScKool of Business Administration 

Candidates for the Degree 
BacKelor of Science in Business 

uth M. Phillips - _.JV[aryland ^ Stuart Berryman Russell Maryland 

War Department 

Commissions in Infantr? Reserve Corps 
Second Lieutenant 

Lester Plant Baird 
Clarence Theodore Blanz 
Robert Henry Brubaker 
Francis Lyon Carpenter 
William Walter Chapman, Jr. 
William Roy Cheek 
James Phillips Dale 
John Kay Daly 
James Slater Davidson, Jr. 
James Arthur DeMarco 
Paul Luckel Doerr 
Daniel Cox Fahey, Jr. 
Arthur Ward Greenwood 
Horace Richard Hampton 

Albin Franlc Knight 
John Allan Mathews 
Buford William Mauck 
Frederic Andrew Middleton 
John Alfred Myers 
Charles Francis Pugh 
John Edward Ryerson 
Reese Lawrence Sewell 
Carl Frederick Slemmer 
Henry Nelson Spottswood 
Lewis Walter Thomas, Jr. 
Harold Ordell Thomen 
Edward Lawrence Troth 
Jack Vierkorn 

Graduate School 

Candidates for tKe Degree 
Master of Science 

Marian Helen McGill Conner, 

District of Columbia 
Norwood Augustus Eaton, 

District of Columbia 

Horace Blackmar Farley Michigan 

Elliot Fishbein _ JNew Jersey 

Romeo Ralph Legault Minnesota 

James Edward McMurtrey, Jr., 

District of Columbia 

James Zenus Miller - Georgia 

William Hempstone Moore Maryland 

Alton Everett Nock _ Maryland 

Paul X. Peltier _ Massachusetts 

Leo J. Poelma _ Maryland 

Burwell B. Powell - Missouri 

Sol Prussack New Jersey 

Hugh Ross - ...._ ...Maryland 

Leander S. Stuart - Massachusetts 

Norwood Charles Thornton .....Mai-yland 

Mark F. Welsh Maryland 

Wright Montgomery Welton ...Maryland 

Edgar Fahrney Wolf Maryland 

Roy C. Yoder ...Maryland 

Master of Arts 

Cameron Arthur Carter Maryland 

George W. Fogg Maine 

Gladys May Forsythe _ ...Ohio 

Arthur Charles Parsons ...Pennsylvania 

Gordon Sexton Patton Mississippi 

Alma Dorothy Shipley ..Maryland 

Robert Carleton Smith Illinois 

William Arthur Streett ..Maryland 

College of Engineering 

Candidates for Ad\)anced Degrees 

Ci\)il Engineer 

Frank Amos Bennett, Charles Eugene Darnall ......Maryland 

District of Columbia 

Electrical Engineer 

John Albert Butts Pennsylvania 

Mechanical Engineer 
Leo William Snyder...District of Columbia 

Graduate ScKool 

Candidates for tKe Degree 
Doctor of PnilosopKy 

Frederick Randolph Darkis Maryland Martin Leatherman _ Maryland 

Floyd H. Harper North Carolina Russell Grove Rothgeb Maryland 

Geoffrey V. C. Houghland Maryland William Edwin Whitehouse Maryland 

John Christian Krantz, Jr .-..Maryland 

Awards of Phi Kappa Phi Certificates 

Lester Plant Baird Mary Jane McCurdy 

Frank Yoder Brackbill Paul Vincent Mook 

Constance Church Elick Edward Norris 

Paul Luckel Doerr Buiwell B. Powell 

William Andrew Dynes Virginia Spence Price 

Frederick Hughes Evans Hugh Ross 

Gladys May Forsythe Mendes Herzl Sachs 

Frances Fooks Freeny Wright Montgomery Welton 

Frances Isabelle Gruver John Franklin Witter 

Mark Hughlin Haller Roy C. Yoder 

Mary Evelyn Kuhnle Mary Stewart York 
Grace Elizabeth Laleger 

Medals and Prizes 

College Park Di^)ision 

Citizenship Medal, offered by Mr. H. C. Byrd, Class of 1908, to the member of the senior 

class who, during his collegiate career, has nearest typified the model citizen and 

who has done most for the general advancement of the interests of the University. 

Awarded to _..... - - - - John Edward Savage 

Citizenship Prize, offered by Mrs. Albert F. Woods, to the woman member of the senior 
class who, during her collegiate career, has nearest typified the model citizen and 
has done most for the general advancement of the interests of the University. 
Awarded to _....- - ~ - - --- Frances Freeny 

Silvester Medal for Excellence in Athletics, offered by the class of 1908, to the man 
who typifies the best in college athletics. 
Awarded to - - - - - Lewis Walter Thomas 

Athletic Trophy for Women, offered by Dr. Albert F. Woods, to the senior woman stud- 
ent who typifies the best in college athletics. 
Awarded to - - - -....- - Mary Jane McCurdy 

Jamas Douglas Goddard Memorial Medal, offered by his sister, Mrs. Anna K. Goddard 
James, to a student from Prince George's County for excellence in scholarship and 
moral character. 
Awarded to - -..- Daniel Cox Fahey, Jr. 

Sigma Phi Sigma Medal, offered by the Delta Chapter, to the freshman who makes the 
highest scholastic average during the first semester. 
Awarded to - Felisa Jenkins 

The Dinah Berman Memorial Medal, offered by her son, Benjamin Berman, to that 
sophomore v>rho has attained the highest scholastic average of his class in the Col- 
lege of Engineering. 
Awarded to _ - - - Howard Hamilton Hine 

Public Speaking Prize, offered by W. D. Porter, to the student who shows the greatest 
advancement in Public Speaking. 
Awarded to - _ John Franklin Witter 

Woman's Senior Honor Society Cup, offered to the woman student of the three upper 
classes having the highest scholastic average during the two semesters preceding 
its award. 
Awarded to _ _ Mary Evelyn Kuhnle 

The Oratorical Association of Maryland Colleges offers each year gold medals for the 
first and second places in an oratorical contest. 

Medal for second place awarded to May-Louise Wood 

Alumni medal for excellence in debate 

Awarded to _ _ Edith Bumside 

The Diamondback Medals awarded for efficient and faithful service on the student 
weekly paper. 

Awarded to - - „ ...Mary Jane McCurdy, H. Ross Black, Jr., 

f John Allan Matthews, Herbert King Ward, 

Raymond C. Carrington. 

The Reveille Medals awarded for efficient and faithful service on the student year book. 
Awarded to - Edith Frances Burnside, Philip Asbury Ins- 
ley, Herbert Nelson Budlong, George Aman 

"President's Cup," offered by Dr. H. J. Patterson, for excellence in debate. 

Awarded to _ _ New Merger Literary Society 

"Governor's Cup," offered by His Excellency, Honorable Albert C. Ritchie, Governor of 
Maryland, to the best drilled company. 
Awarded on Drill Day to Company E, Commanded by Captain John E. Ryerson 

Faculty Award to the student who has done most for the Reserve Officers' Training 

Awarded on Drill Day to _ Lt. Col. Paul L. Doerr 

Medals and Prizes — Continued 

The Military Medal, offered by class of 1899, to the member of the battalion who proves 
himself the best drilled soldier. 

Awarded on Drill Day to Private Warren C. Mitchell 

The Military Faculty Award to the Cadet Major winning the batallion drill 

Awarded on Drill Day to - _ Major Horace Hampton 

Washington Chapter Alumni Cup, offered to the best drilled platoon. 

Awarded on Drill Day to 1st Platoon Company E. Commanded by Lt. Alden Hoage 

The Inter-Collegiate Third Corps Area Eifle Cup offered to the winnet of the rifle 

Awarded on Drill Day to - _ _ Norval H. Spicknall 

University of Maryland Prize (Sword), to the best company commander. 

Awarded on Drill Day to _ _ Capt, John E. Ryerson 

Honorable Mention 

College Park Division 

College of Agriculture 

First Honors — 

Burwell B. Powell 
John Franklin Witter 
Florence Tucker Simonds 

Second Honors — 

Richard D'Arcy Bonnet 
Daniel Cox Fahey, Jr. 

College of Arts and Sciences 

First Honors — 

Frederick Hughes Evans 
Frank Yoder Brackbill 
Herbert King Ward 
William Lawrence Faith 
Grace Elizabeth Laleger 
Evelyn Virginia Eckert 
Elizabeth Miller 

Second Honors — 

Edson Baldwin Olds, Jr. 
Constance Church 
Emily Thomas Wood 
Glenn Statler Weiland 
Milly Loudon Woolman 
Joseph Donald Galligan 

College of Education 

First Honors — 

Virginia Spence Price 
Frances Isabelle Graver 
Mary Evelyn Kuhnle 
Jane Kirk 

Second Honors — 

Grace Virginia Kemp 
Verba Roselle Bishoff 
Ellwood Radmoor Nicholas 

College of Engineering 

First Honors — 

Lester Plant Baird 
Elick Edward Norris 
William Andrew Dynes 

Second Honors — 

Arthur Ward Greenwood 
Delbert B. Lowe 
Robert Leonard Palmer 

College of Home Economics 

First Honors — 

Mary Jane McCurdy