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December 21, 1972 

8 pm 

Cole Student Activities Building 


Dr. Charles E. Bishop 

Chancellor, College Park Campus 

University Symphony Band 
Conductor, John Wakefield 


Father Paul Econimides 

Campus Orthodox Chaplain 


Led by 

Dr. Paul Traver 


Dr. Wilson H. Elkins 

President of the University 

Dr. Louis L. Kaplan 
Chairman, Board of Regents 


The finale to Song of Democracy 

by Howard Hanson (text by Walt Whitman) 

America the Beautiful 

by Samuel Ward (arranged by Carmen Dragon) 

University of Maryland Chamber Singers 

University of Maryland Symphony Band 

Dr. Traver, conducting 


Dr. Steven Muller 

President, The Johns Hopkins University 

Dr. Elkins, Honorary Degree 
Dr. Bishop, College Park Campus 

Joan Charlotte Hennessey 
Graduating Senior, Education 
Dr. Bishop 


Rabbi Moshe Silverman 
Campus Hillel Chaplain 

University Symphony Band 


The College Park Campus of the Uni- 
versity of Maryland was opened in 1859 
as the Maryland Agricultural College un- 
der a charter secured in 1856 by a group 
of Maryland planters. After a disastrous 
fire in 1912, the Stale acquired control 
of the College and bore the costs of re- 
building. In 1920 the State took over the 
faculty-ovk-ned University in Baltimore, 
merging it with the State-owned institu- 
tion at College Park to form the present- 
day University of Maryland. 

The University of Maryland is a land- 
grant institution of higher learning stress- 
ing programs of excellence in teaching, 
research and service. 

Now in its 166th year, the University 
Is one of the largest universities in the na- 
tion with more than 44,000 students en- 
rolled on its on-Campus daytime pro- 
grams. More than 25,500 are enrolled in 
the fiscally self-sustaining programs of 
University College, which maintains cen- 
ters for adult education throughout the 
State and in 21 foreign countries. The 
teaching and research staff includes more 
than 7,000 full-time and part-time per- 

Undergraduate curricula are offered in 
over 120 fields, master's degrees in 80 
areas and doctoral degrees in 70 academic 
areas. In the number of doctorates granted 
annually, the University ranks among the 
top 30 institutions in the nation. 

The University system had its begin- 
nings in 1807 with the establishment in 
Baltimore of the College of Medicine, an 
entirely faculty-owned institution grant- 
ing the M.D. degree. Five years later its 
name was changed to the University of 
Maryland, and it was given power to con- 
fer additional degrees. Subsequently, the 
University opened a School of Dentistry 
(1840), Law (1882) and Nursing (1889). 

In 1886 the Delaware Conference Aca- 
demy was founded by the Methodist 
Church in Princess Anne, Maryland. The 
institution was taken over by the State of 
Maryland in 1926. This unit was called 
Maryland State College, and operated au- 
tonomously under its own president un- 
til July 1, 1970, when it became a branch 
of the University, known as the University 
of Maryland, Eastern Shore. 

Another campus was opened in 1966 
just west of Baltimore City-the University 
of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC). 
At this Commencement, students on the 
College Park Campus will graduate from 
the Colleges of Agriculture, Arts and Sci- 
ences, Business and Public Administration, 
Education, Engineering, Human Ecology, 
and Physical Education, Recreation and 
Health; School of Architecture; School of 

Library and Information Services; and 
Undergraduate Studies; Summer 
Programs. There are also a number of insti- 
tutes, bureaus and service programs. 

The research programs at the Univer- 
sity derive their existence and vigor from 
a faculty comprised of internationally 
recognized scholars and scientists. Excep- 
tional research facilities include the Insti- 
tute for Child Study, the National Re- 
sources Institute, a laboratory for basic 
behavioral research, Van de Graaff ac- 
celerators, an assortment of modern com- 
puters, a nuclear reactor, wind tunnel, a 
psychopharmacology laboratory, labora- 
tory models for meteorological phenome- 
na, and collaborative arrangements with 
many nearby government installations. A 
new, pioneering spiral ridge cyclotron 
was completed in 1968. In addition, the 
University of Maryland is a member of 
the initial group of 34 universities incor- 
porated to manage a new 200 BeV high 
energy accelerator at Weston, Illinois. 

University libraries include more than 
a million volumes on the College Park 
Campus, plus nearly half a million micro- 
texts, slides, film strips, negatives, prints, 
music scores, and recordings. The Uni- 
versity is a regional depository for federal 
documents. Special collections include 
the Marylandia, Katherine Anne Porter, 
Rare Book, East Asian, and Health Sci- 
ences Historical Collections. 

In recent years the University of 
Maryland has received national recogni- 
tion in numerous areas. In 1964 it estab- 
lished a chapter of Phi Beta Kappa. In 
1969 the Association of American Uni- 
versities elected the University to its se- 
lective membership. 

In research, scholarship and in the 
number and quality of its graduates, the 
University is a productive member of the 
community of great state universities. 


The black caps and gowns worn by the 
students and faculty in the acadennlc pro- 
cession are of ancient origin. They have 
been the traditional costume of the 
scholar since medieval times and probably 
represent an adaptation of the ecclesiasti- 
cal dress since many of the scholars of 
that period were members of monastic 

An intercollegiate commission in 1893 
drafted a uniform code for costumes 
which has since been adopted by the ma- 
jority of colleges and universities in the 
United States. Each of the three aca- 
demic degrees— bachelor, master, and 
doctor-has its own distinctive gown 
and hood. The bachelor's gown is dis- 
tinguished by its long pointed sleeve. The 
master's gown has a longer, narrow, closed 

sleeve, extending below the knee; the arm 
is passed through a slit at the elbow. In 
contrast the doctor's gown has a full bell- 
shaped sleeve with three bars of velvet. 
The opening of this gown is faced with 
wide velvet bands. The velvet trim may be 
black or of a color indicating the general 
field of learning of the wearer, for example, 
blue for philosophy, green for medicine, 
purple for law. 

The most colorful and distinctive item 
of the academic costume is the hood which 
passes around the neck and extends down 
the back. The doctor's is the largest of the 
hoods and the bachelor's the smallest. The 
bachelor's hood is often omitted. The 
color of the velvet edging indicates the 
field of learning. Below is given a list of 
department or faculty colors. 
Agriculture Maize 

Arts, Letters, Humanities White 

Business Administration, 

Commercial Science Drab 

Dentistry Lilac 

Economics Copper 

Education, Pedagogy Light Blue 

Engineering Orange 

Fine Arts, Architecture Brown 

Forestry Russet 

Home Economics Maroon 

Humanics Dark Crimson 

Laws Purple 

Library Science Lemon 

Medicine Green 

Music Pink 

Nursing Apricot 

Oratory Silver Gray 

Pharmacy Olive 

Philanthropy Rose 

Philosophy Blue 

Public Health Salmon 

Physical Education Sage Green 

Science Golden Yellow 

Social Service Citron 

Surgical Chiropody Nile Green 

Theology and Divinity Scarlet 

Veterinary Sciences Gray 

The colors of the silk lining exposed in 
the center of the hood are those of the col- 
lege or university which conferred the 

The cap or "mortar board" is uniform 
in design for all degrees. The tassel may be 
either black or the color of the field of 
learning. The tassel of the doctor's cap 
may be gold. 

Certain institutions in this country and 
abroad have academic costumes of distinc- 
tive color and design. 

Reference: American Universities and 
Colleges, American Council on Education, 


A degree is awarded for the successful 

completion of a course of study. There 
are more than 1,600 different academic 
degrees currently conferred by American 
colleges and universities. 

The first known degree was a doctorate 
conferred by the University of Bologna in 
the middle of the 12th Century. Original- 
ly, the doctor's and master's degrees were 
used interchangeably, each indicating that 
the holder was qualified to give instruc- 
tion to students. The bachelor's or bac- 
calaureate degree indicated only entrance 
upon a course of study preparatory to the 
doctorate or mastership. Gradually, how- 
ever, the bachelor's degree came to mean 
successful completion of one level of 
study preparatory to the higher degrees. 

From Europe the use of academic de- 
grees spread to English universities. Har- 
vard University, William and Mary, and 
Yale followed the British pattern in the 
United States. 


This is a term meaning teacher, or in- 
structor, applied by ancient Romans to 
those who delivered public lectures on 
philosophical subjects. In the Middle Ages, 
from the 12th century, it came into use as 
a title of honor borne by men of great 
learning. It was first made an academic 
title at the University of Bologna, in Italy, 
which received from the Emperor the 
right of appointing c/ocfores legum(6oc- 
torof laws). The University of Paris fol- 
lowed in 1145. Soon after, the popes 
granted the universities the right of ap- 
pointing doctors canonum et decretalium 
(teachers of the canon law) ; and when the 
study of the civil law came to be com- 
bined with that of the canon law, the 
title was changed to doctor utriusque 
juris (teacher of both laws). The faculties 
of theology and medicine followed that 
of law in conferring this title. 

The doctorate in philosophy and sci- 
ence, and occasionally in theology and 
law, is given beyond the baccalaureate 
degree, and requires two to five years, the 
writing of a thesis, and the passing of writ- 
ten and oral examinations. 

The doctor's degree represents the 
most advanced earned degree conferred by 
American institutions. There are two dis- 
tinct types: the professional or practitioner's 
degree, and the research degree. The 
first type represents advanced training 
for the practice of various professions, 
principally: Doctor of Medicine, Doctor 
of Dental Surgery, Doctor of Veterinary 
Medicine, Juris Doctor and Doctor of 
Pharmacy. These degrees carry no impli- 
cation of original research and are clas- 
sified by the U.S. Office of Education, 
with bachelor's degrees, as the first pro- 
fessional degrees. 

The second type of doctor's degree 
is classified as research doctorates repre- 
senting prolonged periods of advanced 
study usually accompanied by a disserta- 
tion which is designed to be a substantial 
contribution to existing knowledge on 
the subject. The most important of these, 
the Doctor of Philosophy, no longer has 
an implication of philosophy for its holder, 
but represents advanced research in any 
of the major fields of knowledge. It was 
first awarded in the United States by Yale 
University in 1861. 

Reference: Academic Degrees, Office of 
Education, U.S. Department of Health, Edu- 
cation, and Welfare, 1960. 

fXhe Oxford English Dictionary defines a 
doctor, in the academic sense as, "One, who in 
any faculty or branch of learning, has attained 
to the highest degree conferred by a university." 

♦Sometimes designated as the baccalaureate 
degree, from the Latin baccolaureus from bac- 
calaris "under the influence of" and laurus 
"laurel" used as a designation of honor, distinc- 
tion, or fame. 


The master's degree is an academic 
honor conferred upon students who have 
successfully completed one or two years' 
work in advance of the baccalaureate. A 
thesis and an oral examination are usually 
required. The word magister connected 
with a qualifying phrase, was used among 
the Romans as a title of honor; but its 
present meaning must be traced to the 
time of the establishment of the oldest 
universities. Regularly organized faculties 
were not then known as they now exist in 
the universities. The whole circle of aca- 
demic activity was limited to seven liberal 
arts, and those who received public honors 
on the completion of their course of stud- 
ies, for their diligence and knowledge, and 
had already received the degree of bac- 
calaureus (bachelor) were called magistri 
artium (master of the liberal arts). 


The bachelor's degree represents com- 
pletion of a four-year course of study of 
collegiate grade and is the oldest academic 
degree used by American institutions of 
higher learning. The degree Bachelor of 
Arts was first conferred in America in 1642 
on the first nine graduates of Harvard Col- 
lege. Yale conferred its first Bachelor of 
Arts in 1 702; Princeton in 1 748; William 
and Mary in 1753; Pennsylvania in 1757; 
and Columbia in 1758. 

The degree Bachelor of Science, was 
awarded to the first four graduates of 
Harvard University in 1851. From 1851 to 
1905, the degree was conferred only upon 
students registered in the Lawrence Sci- 
entific School; after 1905, on students of 
Harvard, also. 



Dr. Louis L. Kaplan, Baltimore 
Vice Chairman 

Mr. Richard W. Case, Baltimore 

IVIr. B. Herbert Brown, Baltimore 

Mr. Harry H. Nutlle, Denton 
Assistant Secretary 

Mrs. Alice H. Morgan, Chevy Chase 
Assistant Treasurer 

Mr. F. Grove Miller, Jr., North East 
Mrs. Michael J. Deegan, Jr., Seabrook 
Mr. George C. Fry, Cecilton 
Dr. Samuel H. Hoover, Timonium 
Mr. Edward V. Hurley, Baltimore 
Mr. Hugh A. McMullen, Cumberland 
Mr. L. Mercer Smith, Baltimore 
Dr. Emerson C. Walden, Columbia 


Dr. Wilson H. Elkins, President of the 

Dr. R. Lee Hornbake, Vice President for 

Academic Affairs 
Dr. Michael J. Pelczar, Jr., Vice President 

for Graduate Studies and Research 
Dr. Frank L. Bentz, Jr., Vice President 

for Agricultural Affairs 
Dr. Charles E. Bishop, Chancellor of the 

College Park Campus 
Dr. Albin O. Kuhn, Chancellor of the 

Baltimore City Campus 
Dr. Calvin B. T. Lee, Chancellor of the 

Baltimore County Campus 
Dr. Archie L. Buffkins, Chancellor of the 

Eastern Shore Campus 
Dr. Ray Ehrensberger, Chancellor of 

University College 


Dr. Charles E. Bishop, Chancellor 

Dr. Daniel L. Bratton, Vice Chancellor 

for Student Affairs 
Dr. George H. Callcott, Vice Chancellor 

for Academic Affairs 
Dr. Thomas B. Day, Vice Chancellor for 

Academic Planning and Policy 
Dr. John W. Dorsey, Vice Chancellor for 

Administrative Affairs 
Dr. Thomas Aylward, Interim Dean of 

the College of Arts and Sciences 
Dr. Robert B. Beckmann, Dean of the 

College of Engineering 
Dr. Marjory Brooks, Dean of the College 

of Human Ecology 
Dr. Gordon M. Cairns, Dean of the 

College of Agriculture 
Dr. Robert F. Carbone, Dean of the 

College of Education 

Dr. Margaret Chisholm, Dean of the 
School of Library and Information 

Dr. Marvin EyIer, Dean of the College of 
Physical Education, Recreation and 

Prof. John William Hill, Dean of the 
School of Architecture 

Dr. Donald W. O'Connell, Dean of the 
College of Business and Public Admin- 

Dr. Robert E. Shoenberg, Dean for Un- 
dergraduate Studies 

Dr. Clodus Smith, Dean for Summer Pro- 

Dr. David Sparks, Dean of Graduate 
Studies and Research 



Dr. Robert D. Rappleye, Associate Pro- 
fessor, Botany 


Mr. John Wakefield, Director, Bands 

Commencement Committee on 



Dr. Paul R. Poffenberger, Associate Dean, 
College of Agriculture 

Dr. Robert C. Wiley, Professor, Horticul- 

Committee Members 

Mr. Ulysses S. Glee, 
Office of Student Aid Ushering 

Mr. James R. Collier, Director, University 
Relations (College Park) Publicity 

Mr. Robert J. Belter, Asst. Prof., Agricul- 
tural & Resource Economics .. Platform 

Mr. John T. Broadbelt, Supervisor, Physi- 
cal Plant . General Physical Arrangements 

Dr. G.M. Cairns, Dean, 
College of Agriculture Guests 

Mr. J.W.Wilson, 
Records and Registrations Program 

Mr. Laurence Donnelly, 
Food Services Food 

Mr. Ray Lewis, 
UMporium Bookstore 

Dr. Conrad Link, Professor, 
Horticulture Floral Arrangements 

Dr. George Marx, Professor, Counseling 
and Personnel Services Faculty 

Ms. Carol C. Grain, R.N., 
Health Services First Aid 

Mr. Amos R. Meyer, 
Associate Professor, Markets Guests 

Mr. William Reith, Physical 
Plant . . Platform, Physical Arrangements 

Mr. D.P. Royal, Motor Vehicle Administra- 
tion . Parking information. Lost & Fou nd 

Mr. G.O. Weber, Director, 
Physical Plant Physical Plant 

Mr. Jerrold Witsil, Director, 
Public Safety Public Safety 

Mr. L.B. Jankowski, University 
Police Traffic Control & Parking 


Dr. Steven Muller, the tenth president 
of The Johns Hopkins University, is also 
president of The Johns Hopkins Hospital. 
He is the first person in this century to 
fill both the university and hospital 

He is a lecturer in the Johns Hopkins 
School of Advanced International Studies 
as well as in political science in the Faculty 
of Arts and Sciences. Prior to being elected 
Johns Hopkins President in February, 1972, 
he had served as provost of Johns Hopkins 
University since April, 1971. 

Dr. Muller is a specialist in comparative 
government and international relations. 
The author of a textbook in comparative 
government and of a number of profes- 
sional articles in this field, he was a mem- 
ber of the American delegation to the 
International Conference on Science and 
World Affairs meetings for several years. 

From 1966 to 1971, Dr. Muller served 
as vice president for public affairs at Cor- 
nell University. And from 1961 to 1966 
he was director of the Cornell University 
Center for International Studies. 

After graduating from the University 
of California in 1948, he was a Rhodes 
Scholar at Oxford University in England 
where he received the B.Litt. degree in 
politics in 1951. 

Dr. Muller is a member of the Council 
on Foreign Relations, the Institute for 
Strategic Studies, the American Political 
Science Association, the American Associ- 
ation of Rhodes Scholars and Phi Beta 
Kappa. He has also served as consultant 
to: the Office of International Security 
Affairs in the Department of Defense; 
the U.S. Arms Control and Disarmament 
Agency; the Assistant Secretary for Edu- 
cation in the Department of Health, Edu- 
cation and Welfare; and the American 
Council on Education. 

He is awarded the Honorary Doctor of 
Laws from the University of Maryland. 


The 1972 class roster is comprised of 
degree candidates from the undergraduate 
and graduate programs at the University's 
College Park Campus since August 1972. 
As final action cannot always be taken for 
candidates by the time this program is 
printed, the list of candidates here is tenta- 
tive only. The University reserves the 
right to vk-ithdraw or add names. All diplo- 
mas will be mailed by the Registrar's Of- 


August 25, 1972 

Nazar Hussein Abdelaziz 

Francis Joseph Ahem 

Thomas J. Atkinson 

S.A. Babu 

Tyrone Randolph Baines 

Beverly Kobre Berger 

Richard Leo Berger 

Erick John Bergquist 

Keith Earl Bernard 
Emory Crockett Bogle 

Candidates will be presented by Dr. David Mary Carol Perrott Boren 
S. Sparks, Dean for Graduate Studies and 

Research. Harold Robert Boroson 

Maurice Wilson Bozman 

Marc Nichols Branch 

Isadore Brodsky 
Maria Zaies Caponi 
William Russell Case, Jr. 

Marvin Ronald Chelst 
Mary Hilary Christopher 

Kay Burke Clanton 
Roberta L. Clegg 

Charles Benjamin Coffman 

Gordon Michael Cook 

JoseM. Del Valle 

Peter William Dorfman 
Ines Durana 

Nazar Sadeldein El-lssa 

Hassan El-Sayed 

Leslie Gary Fishbone 

John Edward Fletcher 

Ronald Walter Ford 

John Wendell Fowler 
Larry Alan Friedman 
Wallace Turpin Garrett 

Edward William Gold 

John F. Green 

Mathematics; Spectral Properties of Some Positive Operators in a Banach Space 

with the Decomposition Property- 
Astronomy: A Polarization Fourier Spectrometer: Design, Construction and Astro- 
nomical Observations. 
Science Education: A Comparative Study of the Effect of Audio-Taped Instruction 

on Student Achievement and Retention in the Level II ISCS Program. 
Physics: Microscopic Investigations of the Intermediate State. 
Government and Politics: An Exploration of Eupsychian-Participatory Management 

in the Federal Government: The OEOCase. 
Physics: A Cosmological Model Illustrating Particle Creation Through Quantum 

Gravition Production. 
Physics: Equilibrium and Stability Theory of Spatially Periodic Large-Amplitude 

Electromagnetic Plasma Waves. 
Zoology: The Defense of Rats Against Infection with Trypanosoma Lewis/. (Kent 

Economics: A Long-Term Projection of the Black-White Income Gap. 
History: A Stand for Tradition: The Rejection of the Anglo-French Commercial 

Treaty of Utrecht. 
Psychology: Fixed Versus Variable Scheduling of Brief Stimuli in Second-order 

Schedules of Matching the Sample. 
Nuclear Engineering: Pulsed Neutron Experiments in D20 Water and Ice. 
Education: The Contribution of Selected Variables to the Diagnoses of Problem 

Readers by a Reading Specialist in the Areas of Phonics and Comprehension. 
Psychology: Observing Responses in Pigeons: Effects of Schedule-Component 

Duration and Schedule Value. 
Mathematics: Preservation of Closure in a Locally Convex Space. 
Physics: Anomalous Heating and Momentum Transfer in Weakly Turbulent Plasmas. 
Mechanical Engineering: Nondeterministic Thermal Deformation Analyses of 

Structures with Temperature Dependent Material Properties. 
Human Development: Changes in Adolescents' Self-Concepts, 
Zoology: Some Age-Related Changes in the Lysosomes of Brain, Liver, and Thymus 

of the Wistar Rat. 
Human Development: Stereotypic Behavior in Group-linked Personality Traits. 
Human Development: Effects of a Child Life Program upon the Anxiety Levels 

of Children Hospitalized for Major Elective Surgery. 
Agronomy: Characterization of Some Soils Developed From Chloritic Metabasalt 

Having High Contents of Vermiculite in the Sand and Silt Fractions. 
Administration, Supervision, and Curriculum: The Relationship Between Perceived 

Influence Measures and Member Attitudes of (A) Policy Agreement, (B) 

Superior-Subordinate Relations and (C) Peer Relations in Selected Community 

College Departments in Maryland- 
Rehabilitation Counseling: The Effects of Systematic Desensitization on the 

Classroom Verbal Behavior of Mildly retarded Children and Adolescents. 
Psychology: The Effects of Task Coherency and Perceptual-Motor Performance 
Industrial Education: A Study of Selected Factors Which Led to Federal Legis- 
lation and its Subsequent Influence on Public Education for the Health 

Economics: Urban Unemployment and Labor Market Structure in the Process of 

Meteorology: Regional and Time Variations in the Production of Global Available 

Potential Energy by Sensible Heating of the Oceans. 
Physics: The Relativistic Roche Problem: Bodies in Equatorial, Circular Orbit 

around Kerr Black Holes. 
Mathematics: On a Boundary Value Problem of the Second Kind with Differential 

Boundary Conditions. 
Speech and Hearing Science: Comparative Analysis of the Responses of Sensori- 

Neural Hypacusics to Four Speech Discrimination Tests. 
Astronomy: Line Blanketed Model Stellar Atmospheres Applied to Sirius. 
Psychology: An Experimental Investigation of Human Sequential Decision Making. 
Entomology: The Biosystematics of the Oystershall Scale, Lepidosaphes ulmi (L) 

(Homoptera: Diaspididae) in Maryland. 
Chemistry: A Study of Pyrophosphatase, Glucose-6-Phosphatase, and Pyrophosphate- 

Glucose Phosphotransferase from Aspergillus oryzae. 
Physics: I. Evaluation of Interplanar Potential Theory in Compressed Annealed 

Pyrolytic Graphite from Measurements of the Elastic Constants at High Pressure. 
II. Motions in a Two-layer Upper Mantel with a Visco-Elastic Lithosphere and a 
Viscouse Asthenosphere. 

Edward Francis Haas, Jr. 

Roger H. Hackman 
Genevieve Marie Haddad 
Mildred M. Haipt 

Basil Leon Hamilton Jr. 
Richard Stephen Hammerschlag 

George H. Harrison 

William Byrd Harrison, III 

Alan James Hart 
Douglas Tilton Hawes 

Thomas Clair Healy 

Robert Elliott Huie, III 

John Rogers Hutcherson 
George Robert Kent 
Paul Holt Keyes 

Bernard Victor Khoury 

Myong Chul Kim 

Charles Vernon Kincaid 

Anne Elizabeth Mills King 

Herman Henry Klein Jr. 

Koji Kurimoto 

Gary Paul Kutcher 

Randolph Kenneth Larsen, Jr. 
Ching-Tai Lin 
Sou-Yong Liu 
John George Lyon 
Roger Vernon Massey, Jr. 

Felice Elias Miller 

James Royer Miller 

Nancy Ann Muckenhirn 

Russell Howard Neubauer 
Olga van Hartz Owens 

Robert Perl 
George Wilson Rambo 
Sritrivikrama Yaddanapudi Rao 
Mary Elizabeth Reinecke 

Barrett Nelson Rock 
Timothy Joseph Rohm 

History: The Illusion of Reform: De Lesseps S. Morrison and New Orleans Politics, 

Physics: Low Energy Pion-Nucleon Scattering. 

Psychology: The Smallets Voluntary Saccade: Implications for Fixation 
Administration, Supervision, and Curriculum: A Study of the Relationships Among 

Perceptions of School Environment, Bureaucratic Orientation Level, and Satis- 
Measurement and Statistics: A Monte Carlo Comparison of Parametric and Nonpara- 

metric Uses of a Concomitant Variable. 
Botany: Benomyl and Methyl-2-benzimidazolecarbamate (MBC): biochemical, 

cytological and chemical aspects of toxicity to Ustihgo maydis and Saccharomyces 

cereviseae . 
Physics: Deuteron Elastic and Inelastic Scattering and a Determination of Neutron 

Detector Efficiencies. 
Economics: Institutional and Cash Flow Variability Effects on Commercial Bank 

Spot Accounts. 
Chemistry: Synthesis and Physical Properties of some (HaloalkyI) silanes. 
Agronomy: Growth Characteristics of Pencross Creeping Bentgrass [Agrostis 

paulstrus) at Four Soil Temperatures and Five Fertility Regimes. 
Administration, Supervision, and Curriculum: The Development of an Instrument 

to Measure Perceptions Relative to the Effectiveness of Elementary Schools. 
Chemistry: A Flash Photolysis-Resonance Fluorescence Study of the Reactions of 

Ground State Atomic Oxygen with Several Cj-Cg Olefins, Molecular Oxygen 

and Nitrogen Dioxide. „ 

Institute for Child Study: The Self Concept of Women at the Time of Elective 

Secondary Education: A Survey of Integrated and Separate Black Studies in 

Maryland Secondary Schools, Grades 10-12. 
Physics: Concentration Fluctuations in the Critical Region of the Binary Liquid 

SMethylpentane Nitroethane. 
Physics: A Study of the if pK° tT n -t-nK" ^nd if p 7r°l<° final states from K p 

interactions at 2.9 GeV/c. 
Electrical Engineering: Quantum Detection and Estimation in Optical Communication 

Nuclear Engineering-Chemical Engineering: The response of Bismuth Loaded Liquid 

Scintillators to Gamma Radiation. 
English: Some Aspects of Style in the Fiction of George Morre: Naturalist, Irishman, 

Physics: A Study of Fluctuation and Collisional Phenomena in Real and Simulation 

Electrical Engineering: Optimum Filtering and Detection of Doubly Stochastic 

Shot Noise Processes in White Gaussian Noise. 
Economics: Agricultural Planning at the Regional Level: A Programming Model of 

Mexico's Pacific Northwest. 
Animal Science: Levels of Various Blood Constituents in the Gnotobiotic Lamb 
Electrical Engineering: Structural Controllability. 
Astronomy: Fine Structures in the Solar Chromosphere- 
Astronomy: Thermal Stability in Planetary Nebulae. 
Botany: Growth, Yields, and Composition of Soybeans as Affected by Nutrient 

Levels of Potassium, Calcium and Magnesium. 
Counseling and Personnel Services: The Effect of Pretraining in Openness on Depth 

of Interaction and Behavioral Change in Group Therapy. 
Mathematics: Theoretical Study of the Prandt Number Dependence of the 

Stability of Unbounded Stratified Flows. 
Zoology: Ecological Roles of Gray Langure, Presbytis entillus, and Leopards in 

the Dry Zone of Ceylon. 
Microbiology: Bacteriophage ST-1 : Some Properties of a Host Range Mutant. 
Botany: The Kinetics and Quantum Yield of Photophosphorylation in Anacystis 

nidulans (Richt.) Drouet. 
Physics: Critical Transport Properties in the Binary-Liquid Phase Transition. 
Botany: Studies on Aflatoxin and Lipid Synthesis by Aspergillus flavus. 
Physics: Renormalized Brueckner Calculations for Closed Shell Nuclei 
Human Development: An Analysis of the Intellectual Characteristics of Down's 

Syndrome and Non-Down's Syndrome Retarded Children. 
Botany: Comparative Anatomy of Espeletia (Compositae). 
Chemistry: Determination of Mercury in Biological Samples by the Coulometric- 

lodimetric Titration of the Cyanide Produced in a Ligand-Exchange Reaction. 



December 21 , 1972 

Richard Ullman Roscnfield 

Frank Stanley Russek Jr. 

James Carl Sandusky 
James William Sari 
Larry Charles Satek 

John Charles Saukailis 

Andrea Weller Schwartz 

Marilyn Beverly Semmes 

Walter Frederick K. Seymour 
Peter Jay Silverman 

Sara Dawn Smith 

William Donald Smith 

Robert Browning South 
Gerald Edward Stafford 

Larry Edwin Stewart 

Thomas Alan Stoner 
Patrick Tak-Ki Sung 

Trinidad Santos Talag 

Marvin Julius Taub 

QuangChinh Tham 

Tommy Robert Thompson 
Michael Paul Toman 

Tatsuo Robert Tsuchigane 
Abderrahman Ulfat 

Parma Nand Vashist 

George V. Waldo J r. 

Patricia C. Wang 
Corinda Stewart Waters 
Christen Elmo Wemmer 

Tommie A. West 

Edwin Earl Whitaker 

Diane Wyman 

Jamil Ahmed Abbasi 
Nuha Abudabbeh 

Thomas Leach Adams 

James Sacra Albus 

John A. Alic 

John Russell Ambrose 

Psychology: The Relationship of Ego Identity to Similarity Among Self, Ideal 

Self and Probable Occupational Role Concepts Among College Males. 
Economics: The Tax Reform Act of 1969: A Study of its Relative Impact on 

Housing Investment 
Physics: Finite Energy Sum Rules on Hyperbolas. 
Physics: The Modulation of Low Energy Cosmic Rays. 
Chemistry: Synthesis and Phosphorus Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Studies of some 

Organophosphines and Phosphine Oxide Coordination Compounds. 
Chemistry: NucleophilicDDisplacements on Halogen Atoms by Triphenylphosphine 

Leading to -Sufonyl Carbanions. 
Institute for Child Study: A Comparison of Congenitally Blind and Sighted 

Elementary School Children. 
Human Development: An Investigation of the Effectiveness of Programs for 

Parents of Language Handicapped Preschool Children. 
Microbiology: A Critical Analysis of Chemotatic Responses in Bacteria. 
Physics; Fluctuation Effects in the Mean Field Region of the Super-conducting 

Transition of Amorphous Bismuth Films. 
Human Development: An Analysis of Self-Developmental Behavior Patterns of 

Preschool Children in Planned Variation in Head Start. 
Secondary Education-Mathematics: An Investigation of the Ability of Students in 

Secondary School Mathematics Curriculum Improvement Study (SSMCIS) to 

Generalize Their Knowledge of Function Concepts to Other Stimulus Settings. 
Geography: An Analysis of the Spatial Structure of the Bolivian Economy. 
Early Childhood-Elementary Education: An Examination of the Effects of Three 

Testing Techniques on Oral Reading Word Accuracy, Comprehension, Rate and 

the Percentages of Semantic Substitutions. 
Agricultural Engineering: Horizontal Pneumatic Conveying of Mixed Granular 

Music: Mendelssohn's Songs. 
Chemical Engineering: Effect of Particle Concentrations on Mass Transfer in Stirred 

Physical Education: The Differences and Relationships Between Degrees of Induced 

Residual Muscle Soreness and Concentric, Ecdentric, and Statis Contractions, 

Limb Volume, and Muscular Strength. 
Human Development: An Investigation of the Relationship between Parent and 

Child Self-Concept Measurements. 
Electrical Engineering: Optimal Output-Feedback Controllers Containing Linear 

History: Marylanders, Personal Indebtedness, and the American Revolution. 
Electrical Engineering: Beam Quality Measurements for Hydrogen and Nitrogen 

Ions From a Cyclotron Ion Source. 
Economics: Discrimination Against Women in the United States. 
Agricultural and Resource Economics: A Calculus of Efficiency for Public Goods: 

The Case of Public Outdoor Recreation. 
Chemical Engineering: Hydrodyanamics of Multiple Drops in Liquid-Liquid 

Physics: Critical Phenomena: Perturbations, Founds, and a Field-Theoretical 

Chemistry: Alkylation of Cyclohexadienyl Anions. 
Health Education: A Century of Health Education in Maryland. 
Zoology: Behavior and Communication of the Large-Spotted Genet, Genetta 

tigrina, and Comparisons with Related Viverrid Genera. 
Secondary Education: The Construction and Testing of a Model for Prescriptive 

Remediation of Arithmetic Deficiencies at the College Level . 
Mathematics: A Determination of the Imaginary Quadratic Number Fields with the 

Klein Four Group as Class Group. 
Psychology: Small Step Tracking Characteristics: Implications for the Oculomotor 

Daed Zone- 
Civil Engineering: Reinforced Concrete— A Finite Element Formulation. 
Rehabilitation Counseling: Offender Risk Taking and Stimulation Seeking Be- 
havior: An Experimental Investigation of Two Hypotheses. 
Electrical Engineering: Suboptimal Control of the Continuous-Time Linear Regu- 
lator with Unknown Gain Dynamics. 
Electrical Engineering: Theoretical and Experimental Aspects of a Cerebellar Model. 
Mechanical Engineering: Plain Stress Fatigue Crack Propagation. 
Chemistry: Tribo-ellipsometry: A Technique for the Study of the Relationship be- 
tween Repassivation Kinetics and Stress Corrosion Cracking Susceptibility. 

David S. Ameen 

Pierre Amiot 

Belisario Marques Andrade 

William Albert Tad Archambualt, Jr. 

Loy Orn Bascue 

Evelyn Joan Bata 

Duangduen Lekhyananda 

Eric Davis Blom 

Eleanor Weddle Bobbitt 

Martha Moore Bradley 
Norton Lee Bretz 
Carol Abatemarco Brignoli 
Joan Lee Bryniarski 
John Joseph Campbell 

Thomas Perry Carter 
Norman Dean Cartledge 
Brewster Searing Chamberlin 
Chester Gilbert Chen 

Jarvis Tso-Yu Chan 
Ming Kang Chien 
Janice Ellen Clements 
Sidney Alan Coon 
Alfred Bryant Counts 

Roger Craine 
Janice Gail Davidson 

Evelyn Helen Johnson Davis 
Francis Patrick Dooley 
John Barry DuVall 

Harold Fred Earle 

Carlos Alberto Lombardi Filgueiras 

William Patrick Fjtzpatrick 
Peter E. Frisbee 
Lawrence Stanley Gaines 

Ralph W. Gcuder 

loci Harvey Goldman 

Economics: Welfare Economic Analysis of Forced Busing. 

Physics & Astronomy: Kinetic Constraints and Collective Motions. 

Counseling & Personnel Services: An Experimental Investigation of the Feasibility 
of Training High School Students to Conduct Facilitating Interviews with Their 

Mathematics: On Bounds for the Asympototic Power and on Pitman Efficiencies 
for the Cramer-von Mises Tests. 

Counseling & Personnel Services: A Study of the Relationship of Time Orientation 
and Time Attitudes to Death Anxiety in Elderly People. 

Secondary Education: A Study of the Relative Effectiveness of Marking Techni- 
ques on Junior College Freshman English Composition. 

Psychology: Information Satiation and Preference for Messages. 

Speech and Hearing Science: A Comparative Investigation of Perceptual and Acous- 
tical Features of Esophageal Speech and Speech with the Taub Voice Prothesis. 

Physical Education: A Comparison of the Use of a Reading Readiness Workbook 
Approach and the Active Game Learning Medium in the Development of Se- 
lected Reading Readiness Skills and Concepts. 

Human Development Education: An Exploratory Study of Children's responses 
to Humorous Stimuli as Related to Health Indices. 

Physics: A Study of Turbulent Spectra in a Collisionless plasma by CO2 Laser 

Chemistry: The Self-Association of the Acridine Orange Monovalent Cation in 
Aqueous Solution. 

History: AGAINST THE TIDE: Senate Opposition to the Internationalist Foreign 
Policy of Presidents Franklin Roosevelt and Harry Truman. 

Secondary Education: The Effectiveness of Pre reading Exercises on the Compre- 
hension of Written Instructional Material: Recommendations for Form and 

Chemistry (Biochemistry): Characterization of Gangliosides in Subcellular Fractions 
and Total Mouse Brain. 

Psychology: An Experimental Study of the Relationship Between Expectancies, 
Goal Utility, Goals and Task Performance. 

History: The Enemy on the Right, The A/ldeutsche Verband in the Weimar Re- 
public 1918-1926. 

Chemistry: Part 1. Synthesis and Photolysis of 1, 4-Thiazepines Related to "Pe- 
nam", the Penicillin Nucleus. Part II. Total Synthesis of Some Oxygen Side- 
Chain Analogs of the Penicillins. 

Botany: Effect of Triparanol on Sterol Biosynthesis in Chlorella ellipsoidea and 
Chlorella sorokiniana. 

Physics and Astronomy: "Critical Fluctuation Behavior in Superconducting Amor- 
phous Bismuth Films". 

Biochemistry (Chemistry): Characterization of Lipids in Subcellular Fractions 
and Total Mouse Brain. 

Physics & Astronomy: A Brueckner Calculation of O' ^ Using a Variational Ap- 

Human Development Education: An Evaluation of Graves' Developmental Levels 
System in Terms of Psychiatric Nurses' Preferences for Patients and Specified 
Patient Behavior. 

Economics: Forecasting, Adjustment Costs and Factor Demands. 

Program in American Studies: A Comparative Investigation of the Journalism and 
Lectures of Charles F. Browne. 

Music Education: The Significance of Arthur Farwell as an American Music Educator 

History: Mexico's Cristero Religious Rebellion 1926-1929. 

Industrial Education: An Analysis of Synergized Learning Experiences with Impli- 
cations for Curriculum Development in Industrial Arts Education. 

Ed. Admin., Supervision &. Curriculum: Student Attitudes Toward Geometry. 

Chemistry: The Basicity of Some Cyclic Carbonyl Donors and Related Compounds- 
A Spectroscopic Study. 

English: Myth and Maternity: A Study of James Joyce's Mythopoeia. 

Physics and Astronomy: +He'' and Hc^ Elastic Scattering at 140 MeV. 

Psychology: Cognitive Style, Cognitive Appraisal of a Stressor, and Psycho- 
physiological Reaction to Stress. 

Human Development Education: Sex as a Factor in the Prediction of Academic 

Physics: K+p Elastic Scattering Between 0.865 and 2.125 GeV/c 



Dorothy Mae Gordon 

Joseph W. Grant 

Joseph Michael Grzybowski 

John Thomas Haas 

David Fredericl< Hamnnond 
Robert Joseph Harford 
Mary Virginia F. Harich 

Lloyd O. Henderson 
Sherman Samuel Hendrix 

Gerald George Herdman 
Edward Matthew Herrmann 

Phyllis F. Herson 

Fred Michael Ipavich 
Raymond Frederick Jabara 

Subramani A. Jayaraman 

Dorothy S. Jones 

Ernest Michael Kahn 

Avid Kamgar 

Jay T. Kearney 

YingC. Kiang 

Robert William Kiger 
In Kie Kim 

Robert Bruce Klemm 

William Aaron Kuperman 
Hyderali Gulamhusein Lakhani 

Thomas Robert LaSalle 
Abraham Donald Lavender 

Joseph Ya-Min Lee 

Pamela Reynolds Lee 

Aaron Lee Leibel 

Danai Lekhyananda 
Adam James Lewis, Jr. 

KarlG. Li 

Robert Neil Lieberman 
Pauleh Creyke Liewer 

Early Childhood-Elementary Education: A Study of Differences Existing in the 

Open-Space Schools and Schools of Traditional Design of Anne Arundel County 

Based Upon a Survey of Selected Characteristics of Sixth Grade Social Studies 

Programs and the Morale of Students in those Programs. 
Ed. Administration, Supervision and Curriculum: The Relationship between the 

Organizational Climate of Elementary Schools and Teachers' Morale. 
Chemistry: Infrared and Raman Spectroscopic Studies of Some Divalent Tetra- 

hedral Anions in Solid Solution. 
Agricultural and Resource Economics: An Economic Analysis of the Effects of 

Optimizing Hog Shipment Patterns and Market Structure on the Efficiency of 

a Country Hog Marketing System. 
Botany: Partial reconstitution of a flexuous rod plant virus. 
Psychology: A Social Penetration Model for Obscene Language. 
Health Education: Life Histories of School-Age Pregnant Students as a Basis for 

the Health Educator's Role in Prevention of Pregnancy and Its Attendant 

Zoology: TheRole of Choline and Carnitine in Corticosteroidogenesis in the male 

albino rat. 
Zoology: Plagioporus hypentelii (Trematoda; Opecoelldae) a parasite of the hog 

sucker, Hypentelium nigricans in the Monocacy River basin in Maryland and 

History: The impact of the Civil War on Calhoun County, Michigan. 
Mechanical Engineering: The Effect of Low Surface Energy on the Boiling Water 

Heat Transfer from Submerged, Horizontal Tubes. 
Counseling & Personnel Services: The Biasing Effects of Diagnostic Labels and Sex 

of Pupil Upon Teacher's Views of Pupils' Mental Health. 
Physics and Astronomy: Galactic Winds Driven by Cosmic Rays. 
Psychology: Differential Effects of Manipulated Experimenter Anxiety on Learned 

Verbal Performance in High Anxiety and Low Anxiety Subjects. 
Electrical Engineering: Multi-Photon CondiKtivity in Semiconductors and Measure- 
ment of Picosecond Pulsewidth. 
Counseling & Personnel Services: Self-Actualizing Effects of Marathon Growth 

Education (Social Foundations) : Universities and Urban Affairs: A Study of the 

Extent to which Colleges and Universities in the Baltimore Area Have confronted 

the Urban Crisis in the 1960's. 
Physics and Astronomy: Electrodynamics of Cyclotron Resonance at Microwave 

and Far Infrared Frequencies. 
Physical Education: "Fatigue and Recovery during Double Bouts of Rhythmic and 

Sustained Grip Flexion". 
Electrical Engineering: Efficient Optically coupled GA A! As Diode dumped Nd: 

YAG Laser. 
Botany: The Genui Samyda (Flacourtiaceae) 
Economics: The Sources and Changes in the Stock of Money in the Case of Korea 

1954 to 1969. 
Chemistry: A Flash Photolysis-Resonance Fluorescence Study of the Reactions of 

Ground State Atomic Sulfur . 
Physics: Aerodynamic Forces on Objects in the nearly free molecular Flow Regime. 
Economics: Static and Dynamic Relationships Between Economic Development 

and Environmental Quality. 
Physics & Astronomy: Stark Broadening of High n-d Lines of Hydrogen 
Sociology: Dimensions of Pluralism: An Examination of the Generational Hy- 
Physics: The de Mass-van Alphen Effect in Dilute Alloys of Thallium and Thallium- 
Bismuth in Lead. 
Government and Politics: An Analysis of the Influence of Tribalism on the Political 

Development of Southern Africa. 
Government and Politics: Political Opposition in the Soviet Union: The Case of 

the Writers. 
Electrical Engineering: Propagation of Random Electromagnetic Waves. 
Physics and Astronomy: A Study of the Optical and Electrical Properties of 

Amorphous Si and Their Dependence Upon Thermal History. 
Government and Politics: "The Commune System: A Study of the Chinese Politi- 
cal System". 
Mathematics: Topologies on Directed Graphs. 
Physics and Astronomy: Theoretical and Numerical Approaches to Turbulence 

Dominated Theta Pinches. 


Ruth Miller Lucier 

Neville Clinton Luhmann, |r. 

John Louis Maryak 
Sharon L, Williams McClean 
Donald Charles McFeeley 

David Laird McNeill 

Jay Stuart Miller 

Phyllis R. Miller 

Priti M, Monteiro 

Karel Montor 

John Allan Morrison 
George Michael Moskovi'itz 
Philip |. Murphy 
James Richard Nestor 
Dorothy Ruth Nowack 
Charles Albert O'Dell 

Takeru Ohe 

Charles Michael Pfeifer, Jr. 
Joseph Ralph Pisani 

George V. Podeico 

Ronald Eugene Redmond 

Carl Thomas Richards 

Rodney Kip Riddle 
Eleanor Reiff-Ross 

Jane Borsch Robbins 

Mark S. Rothstein 
Richard Allen Roughtoll 

Thomas Andrew Rygg 
Richard Guy Sedlack 

Bijay Kumar Sharma 

Ronald Kent Shepler 
Allan Kimbrough Sherman 

George Robert Shivers 

Lois Moses Shofer 

Kern Edward Sibbald 
Frederick Otto Simon 

Philosophy: Critical Realism And The Appearance Problem: A Commentary on the 

Critical Realism of G. Dawes Hicks and on options for Its Further Development 

in the Views of D.M. Armstrong and Roderick Chisholm. 
Physics and Astronomy: Investigation of RF Produced Nonneutral Hot Electron 

Mathematics: Matrix Commutativity and Matrix Commutators. 
Chemistry: The Determination of Iron in Serum. 
Early Childhood Elementary Education: Utility of Syllabication Generalizations in 

Third, Fourth, and Sixth Grade Materials. 
Mathematics: On the Self-equivalences of n-dimensional Polyhedra with (n-1) 

connected Covering Space. 
Psychology: Concurrent schedules of reinforcing brain stimulation effects of 

stimulation intensity and duration. 
Education (Social Foundations): Preretirement Education: A Factor in Retirement 

Adjustment. ^ 

Electrical Engineering: Theory and I mplementation of AN codes with A= " 

{2'^"''-^). i = i 

Administration, Supervision and Curriculum: An Experimental Study to Determine 

whether High Grade Point Average Students Produce Significantly Different 

Brain Wave Patterns than do Low Grade Point Average Students. 
Chemistry: Synthesis and Properties of Some (Halomethyl) disilanes and (Halosilyl) 

Speech & Hearing Science: Oral Vibrotactile Perception: A Comparison of Three 

Psychology: A Comparison of Different Forms of Meditation in the Cardiac 

Feedback Procedure. 
Chemistry: The Local Field Effect and Its Relation to the Absolute Intensity of 

Raman Scattered Radiation. 
Health Education: Evaluation of Health Program in Prince George's County, 

Agricultural & Resource Economics: A Simulation of Long-Run Adjustment Pat- 
terns in Capital Formation in the Grain Handling andStorage Industry, 1968-1975. 
Physics: Parametric Excitation of Ion-Acoustic Waves in a Fully Ionized Plasma. 
Psychology: Academic Ability and University Climate in Biracial Academic Prediction. 
Economics: "Automotive Repair, A Study of Consumer and Repair Shop Attitudes 

Toward the Industry, performance of Repairwork, and Regulation" 
Government and Politics: The Ideological Justification of Foreign Aid from a 

Communist Nation, Primarily The Soviet Union, to a Developing Nation. 
Counseling & Personnel Services: Increasing Vocational Information Seeking Be- 
haviors of High School Students. 
Government and Politics: Maryland Administrative Reorganization: A Study of 

Politics, Pressures and Decision-Making. 
Astronomy Program: "A Study of a Region in Monoceros" 
Human Development Education: Male Attitudes to Females as Expressed in the 

Longest-Running Broadway Play of Each Decade from the 1920's Through the 

Library and Information Services: Policy Formation in American Public Libraries: 

Effects of Citizen Participation. 
Physics: Ferromagnetic Resonance in Nickel and Iron at High Temperatures. 
History: French Colonialism and the Resistance in Central and Western Algeria, 

Physics and Astronoiny: Cosmic Rays Over the Upper Midwest. 
Sociology: Riots as Disasters: An Exploratory Case Study of Selected Aspects of 

the Civil Disturbances in Washington, D.C. April, 1968. 
Electrical Engineering: Usefulness of Bioelectronics in studies of Neurophysiological 

Systems, with an investigation of the Stepping System. 
Mathematics: On Lemmas of Friedrichs and Gohberg. 
Economics: The Effects of the Configuration of Rural Health Care Systems on 

Elective Utilization. 
Spanish and Portugese: Valores sicologicos en las novelas de Pedro Antonio de 

Health Education: The Relationship Between Coursework In Sex Education, 

Students' Reasons For Enrolling In The Course, Students' Reactions to Course 

Components and Changes In Self Concept of College Students. 
Physics and Astronomy: The Radio Frequency Surface Impedance of Copper in 

Weak Magnetic Fields. 
Chemistry: The Distribution of Chromium and Tungsten in the Rocks and Minerals 

from the Southern California Batholeth. 





August 25, 1972 

December 21, 1972 


August 25, 1972 

December 21, 1972 

Robert Kent Smith, Jr. 
Manya Brooke Stoetzel 

Robert William Swezey 

I Ian Tamches 
Juris Terauds 

Kenneth Warren Theii 

Yueh-chu Liu Tseng 

John J. Turechek 

Mary Matthew Twardowski 

Delia Silverman Whittaker 

David Joseph Wilburn 

Lilian Rosenbaum Winer 
John Louis Wisthoff 

Kathryn E. Wolff 

Harold Kent Baker 
Robert Frederick Dyer 
Ralph WylieFrey, 111 
Jay Aubra Smith, Jr. 

Jan Piotr Muczyk 
William Leslie Shanklin 
Jean Margaret Andrews 

Russell Glenn Layden 

EldaOcea Maase 
Gordon Eugene Martin 

Norris J. McHeffey 

Jodellano Johnson Statom 
Richard Earl Wagner 

Cheppanalil Thomas Abraham 
Edward Patrick Doyle 
Susan M. Warrell 


Physics and Astronomy: A Dispersion Relation Approach to n-a Elastic Scattering. 
Entomology: Biosystematics of the immature stages of 9 species in the tribe 

Aspidiotini in Maryland (Homoptera; Diaspididae). 
Psychology: An investigation of stimulus-surround brightness contrast: Effects on 

recall Of projected material. 
Electrical Engineering: A Model of Image Processing in the Human Visual System. 
Physical Education: A Comparative Analysis of the Aerodynamic and Ballistic 

Characteristics of Competition Javelins. 
Microbiology: The effect of polyriboinosinic: polyribocytidylic acid on infectious 

bovein rhinotracheitis virus in calves. 
Entomology: Effects of Phenobarbital and Dieldrin Treatment on Biochemical 

Changes in Liver and Metabolism of Dictotophos, Dimethoate, and Phosphamidon 

Insecticides In Mice. 
Physics & Astronomy: Time-Resolved Spectroscopy of a High-Density Plasma in a 

Vacuum Spark. 
Secondary Education-Mathematics: An Investigation of the Serioa Position Effect 

and the Effect of List Length on the Immediate Recall of Classroom Instructional 

Material Presented in Lecture Form. 
Secondary Education-English: A content Analysis of Black English Markers in Com- 
positions of Community College Freshmen. 
Human Development Education: First Grade Entrance Age as a Factor in Sixth 

Grade Achievement across Readiness Levels 
Social Foundations Education: "Federal Legislation on Indian Education 1819-1970" 
Secondary Education-Mathematics: Primacy Effects Associated with the Immediate 

Recall of Serialized Algorithms 
Secondary Education: The Characteristics and Uses of "CHIMP", A Computer 

Assisted Instruction Language 

Business Administration: Investment Decision Criteria: An Empirical Analysis 

of Common Stock Investors in Metropolitan Washington, D.C. 
Business Administration: An Experimental Evaluation of the Federal Trade 

Commission's Corrective Advertising Remedy 
Business Administration: The Public Accounting Profession: The Impact of 

External Factors 
Business Administration: An Examination of the Interstate Commerce 

Commission's Policy Concerning Merger and Acquisitions in the Regulated 

Intercity Motor Carrier Industry as Providedfor Under Sections 5 (2) and 212 

(b) of the Interstate Commerce Act. 
Business Administration: "A Controlled Field Experiment Comparing Management 

by Objectives to Existing Practices in Two Organizations" 
Business Administration: A Marketing Study of an Underutilized Social Resource: 

The Educational Resources Information Center 
Counseling & Personnel Services: A Study of the Effects of a Filmed, Vicarious, 

Desensitization Procedure in the Treatment of Manifest Anxiety and Text 

Anxiety in Community College Students 
Institute for Child Study: The Relationship Between the Language of Instruction 

and the Development of Self-Concept, Classroom Climate and Achievement of 

Spanish Speaking Puerto Rican Children 
Secondary Education: A Model for the Instruction of Poetry Designed for Attitude 

Industrial Education: An Experimental Study Comparing the Relative Effectiveness 

of a Distributed Versus a Massed Practice Session on the Learning and Retention 

of a Selected Psychomotor Task 
Human Development: An Investigation of the Relationship Between an Investigator's 

Use of Nonverbal Reinforcement and Fourth Grade Children's Performance on 

Subtests One and Five of the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children 
Administration, Supervision, and Curriculum: Self-Instructional Model for Personalizing 

Instruction Through the Use of Learning Centers: A Doctoral Project 
Administration, Supervision, and Curriculum: The Secondary Instructional Super- 
visor in the Montgomery County, Maryland, Public Schools, 1945-1970. 
Secondary Education: A Study of the Evolution, Organization, Nature and Use of 

the National Science Teachers Association Book Review Program 
Secondary Education: An Evaluation of the Prince George's County, Maryland 

Diversified Occupations Program 
Human Development Education: An Investigation of Self-Enhancing Evaluation 

Practices for Sixth Grade Students in an Elementary School of Montgomery 

County, Maryland 


Irene Miriam Grossman 


August 24, 1972 
Philip Benjamin Aaronson, MD. 
Margaret Diane Abbott, MD. 
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Music: A Methodological Guide to the Piano Music of Israel 

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Edwin Carlton Jones, MD. 
Howard Theodore Jones, MD. 
Richard Martin Jones, MD. 
Susan Louise Jones, VA. 
Rosalind Toporek Kaplan, NJ. 
Susan Gail Kaplan, MD. 
Milton Kelenson, MD. 
Donald Ray Kennon, MD. 
Charlotte Anne Knott, MD. 
Michael Geoffry Krause, MD. 
Deborah Joan Kroll, MD. 
Stephanie K. Krumrein, MD. 
Lynne Jane Labare, MD. 
George Gregory Each, MD. 
Joseph Franklin Lackey, Jr., MD. 
Albert Leroy Lang, Jr., MD. 
David Lavine, MD. 
Zandra Leibowitz, MD. 
Ann Shields Leighton, Wl. 
Robert James Leonard, MD. 



Claudia Louise Lewis, MD. 
Kathleen Kearney Lewis, MD. 
Patrick ChiPingLiao, IV1D. 
Robert Wayne Liming, MD. 
James Raymond Link, MD. 
Lillian Li-Ning Liu, MD. 
James Joseph Loftus, MD. 
Madonna Beatrice Loosbrock, MD. 
Renee Lopez, Puerto Rico 
Geraldine Gatten Lundstrom, MD. 
Kathleen T. Madigan, MD. 
Phineas Paxton Marshall, WV. 
Eugene Francis McCarthy, Jr., MD. 
Donald John McCauley, MD. 
Garry Lee McClincey, VA. 
Arthur William McMaster, III, VA. 
Gary Leon Mendelson, MD. 
David Walter Moore, MD. 
Jule Dewane Moravec, MD. 
Eleanor Anne Myers, MD. 
Thomas Joseph Nawrocki, MD. 
Nancy Ann Nerbonne, VA. 
Robert Francis Neville, CT. 
Godfred NdikaNgoh, MD. 
Joseph Anthony Niski, CT. 
Evelyn Marie Nordsiek, DE. 
Lois Carol Northrop, MD. 
Douglas Eugene Nyhus, WA. 
Timothy Andrew O'Brien, III, LA. 
Stephen Joseph Ochs, IL. 
Richard Paul O'Connor, MD. 
Christopher Allen Ogilby, IN. 
Joseph J.Onufrak, NY. 
Mohammad Hassan Ordoubadi, Iran 
Elizabeth Humphreys Ortiz, MD. 
Thomas Randall Park, MD. 
James Lanier Perine, PA. 
Ronald Clifford Peterman, MD. 
TamarG. Plitt, NY. 
Lois H. Pottorff, MD. 
Daniel Lucien Powroznik, PA. 
Linda Elaine Putnam, DC. 
John Stephen Rach, MD. 
Georgine S. Reed, DC. 
Susan Claudia Reinsch, MD. 
John i. Reynolds, VA. 
Tarpley Mann Richards, MD. 
Roberta Lynn Robinson, Nutt, MD. 
Laurence Andrew Rogers, Jr., MD. 
Barry David Rosenberg, MD. 
Irene Vera Rosenberg, MD. 
Jacob Braun Roth, MD. 
Isabelle Simone Rovner, MD. 
Diana Lee Rowe, MD. 
Eugene Bernard Ruane, DE. 
Charles Arthur Rudy, MD. 
Linda Ruth Runion, MD. 
Kooros Sadighi, MD. 
Richard Saul Sadowsky, NY. 
William Gordon Salmond, MD. 
Adriane Hope Sayles, VA. 
Edward Ray Schenker, MD. 
Robert Francois Schepers, MD. 
Thomas J. Schleicher, MD. 
Hans-Aflred Schneider, MD. 

Leonard Charles Schneider, NJ. 
Caludia Pinckney Schroder, MD. 
Joy Green Schwab, MD. 
Beverly Ann Segina, PA. 
Barbara D. Selinger, MD. 
Margaret Wells Sharrer, MD. 
Katherine Grace Simpson, DC. 
Raymond Philip Singer, IL. 
Mary Eleanor Slayton, MD. 
Gary Brent Smith, MD. 
Karen Lynn Smith, MD. 
David Ira Sommers, NY. 
Patricia Anne Sorgatz, Webster, VA. 
Eugene Merrill Sprague, CO. 
Mitchell Staude.MD. 
Robert Alan Stewart, MD. 
Nancy H. Stokes, MD. 
Carolyn J. Suber, MD. 
Arlene Baylin Swerdloff, MD. 
Winston Howarth Taylor, MD. 
Lynne Susan Tellis, MD. 
Robert Richardson Thompson, MD. 
James Alexander Tomasetti, MD. 
Thomas Anthony Trudeau, VA. 
Shirley Ruth Tucker, MD. 
Alfred Thomas Tudor, VA. 
James F. Turk, NJ. 
Diane Louise Twomey, MD. 
Wallace Edward Tyner, DC. 
Carmine Michael Valente, NY. 
Eric Piet Vanswol, VA. 
Lois Teresa Vietri, PA. 
John G. Volonts, MD. 
Harvey Walden, MD. 
Ronald William Wall, CO. 
Hugh St. Clair, Warner, jr., DC. 
Marsha Lynn Watkins, NY. 
Margaret Peyton Watts, VA. 
Stephen Harold Weller, MD. 
Michael John Wigglesworth, MD. 
PhilippusWillems, MD. 
Dorothy Ann Williams, MD. 
Diane Elizabeth Wilson, MD. 
James John Wiltshire, MD. 
Gerald Sidney Wood, DC. 
Francis Albert Young, DC. 
Douglas I. Zlatin, MD. 


August 25, 1972 
Ronald Ford Abercrombie, MD. 
Julio Bode Alcantara, PERU 
Richard Thomas Antony, MD. 
Robert Edward Baltz, NY. 
Milton Escossia Barbosa, jr., BRAZIL 
Johanna Mary Bawduniak, PA. 
Roland Thomas Bowman, MD. 
Ellen Diagh Brown, MD. 
Pearson Cash Caldwell, Jr., TX. 
Dwight George Campbell, MD. 
Travis Austin Campbell, MD. 
Ching-Yi Michael Cheng, MD. 
Charles Michael Chernick, MD. 
John Philip Coughlin, CT. 
Alan Bronson Crockett, MD. 
Angel Cruz, MD. 

George Thomas Daniello, MD. 

Larry Steven Davis, MD. 

Robert Louis Denningham, MD. 

Patricia McKinney Dinkelacker, DC. 

Keith Paul DraxI, MD. 

Willa Garner Duff, MD. 

Richard William Dunning, MD. 

Kenneth Richardson Evans, NY. 

Steven Jay Fischer, NY. 

Charles Raymond Fox, WV. 

Elsie Harrison Fox, WV. 

Richard Emery Freudenberger, Jr., MD. 

Young Ja Garrison, MD. 

Charles Joseph Glinka, MD. 

Neelam Gupta, VT. 

Heino Habeck, NJ. 

Albert Jerome Hayes, jr., MD. 

Stephanie Preston Heatwole, VA. 

Robert Kohler Heritage, MD. 

Carol Jean Hostetter, PA. 

Hwai-Chyi Kuei Hsung, Ml. 

Claude King Jackson, MD. 

Grady Earl Jamison, DC. 

Leslye Doreen Johnson, MD. 

Robert Emile Joseph, MD. 

Daniel Edward Kelleher, MD. 

Willie Otto Kent, MD. 

Nancy Elizabeth Kressler, MD. 

Robert Earl Lawson, TX. 

Peter Freeman Lemkin, MD. 

Lawrence James Maga, MD. 

Stephen Stafford Mann III, GA. 

Donald William Mantay, MD. 

Thomas Edward Mapp, MD. 

James Wallace Marvin III, MD. 

Thomas Kent Micali, IL. 

David Arthur Miller, MD. 

Janet Kathleen Moyer, MD. 

Gerald Alan Muckel, MD. 

James M. Nester, MD. 

Michio Nishimura, JAPAN 

Francis Xavier Parr, NJ. 

Andrew James Pollak, NJ. 

Milton Fayette Potter, Jr., MD. 

Gordon Powell, MD. 

William Elbert Randall, NY. 

John Leslie Redding, MD. 

Carolyn Dutky Romano, MD. 

Harvey L. Rowland, TE. 

David Parry Rubincam, MD. 

Anton Kamel Saba, MD. 

Jack L.Saba, MD. 

August Joseph Saccoccio, MD. 

Peter Arthur Schade, MD. 

Vera Mae Ernst Schultz, MD. 

Stephen Barrett Segall, Ml. 

Thomas James Stoodley, MA. 

Joesph Albert Strahl, MD. 

Scott Logan Thompson, MD. 

Albert Joseph Turner, Jr., MD. 

Yuh-jong Ueng, MD. 

John William Warner, MD. 

Raymond Virgil Welch, MD. 

Jonathan Freda Wells, MD. 


December 21, 1972 
Grayson Lance Abbott, Jr., MD. 
Stephen Peck Adamson, MD. 
Charles Lamar Aderholdt, MD. 
Georgieanne Geyer Alef, VA. 
DaleHolloway Allen, MD. 
Joseph Peter Anthony, jr., MD. 
Mark Robeson Bailey, MD. 
Stephen Jerome Baluch, MD. 
Donald Byron Batchelor, MD. 
John Charles Baxter, MD. 
Nathaniel John Belknap, MD. 
Charles Victor Benton, MD. 
Khodadad Betaharon, MD. 
Donald Louis Bini, MD. 
John William Bolland, NJ. 
Nantakorn Boonkerd, Thailand 
Arthur Lewis Booth, MD. 
Shelesa Allison Brew, MD. 
William L. Briggs, PA. 
Francis G. Brignoli, MD. 
Charles H. Brown, MD. 
Jean-Francis Brun, DC. 
Robert Charles Budd, NJ. 
Catherine Ann Budziak, DC. 
Bonita Marie Bundy, DC. 
Victor David Burns, MD. 
Robert William Calder, MD. 
Thomas James Calomiris, MD. 
Edmund D. Cappuccilli, MD. 
Dawn Eileen Carlson, Wl. 
Kenneth Charles Carr, MD. 
Douglas Edwin Chamberlain, MD. 
Laurence Davis Chitlik, MD. 
John LaurisChristensen, MD. 
Clarence Odell Clark, MD. 
Linda Elizabeth Cleveland, MD. 
David Webster Coffey, MD. 
Robetr John Coladonato, MD. 
Michael Robert Cosgrove, MD. 
Roger Charles Covey, MD. 
Catherine Criticos, MD. 
Charles Titus Croney, MD. 
James Preston Gulp, MD. 
Charles Howard Darrah, III, DE. 
Francis Mary Deane, MD. 
Robert William Dellinger, VA. 
Lemoine Vinton Dickinson, Jr., MD. 
Carolyn Jo Diesing, NY. 
James Elmer Dinger, MD. 
Thomas Edward Dixon, MD. 
James Terry Dollens, MD. 
Tamas E. Doszkocs, MD. 
James Walter Dumas, MD. 
Wayne Lamar Elban, MD. 
Robert Milton Ekow, Nj. 
Honey Sue Elovitz, MD. 
Harvey Stuart Epstein, MD. 
Kenneth Myer Epstein, MD. 
Martin N. Epstein, MD. 
Huseyin Erdogan, Turkey 
William Gerald Ettenger, Jr., PA. 
Audrey Merle Evans, MD. 


Chin Fong Fang, MD. 

Salah Eldin Fateen, DC. 

Meredith Lee Mitchum Fernstrom, MD. 

John Joseph Fiedler, MD. 

Mary Lynn Fitzgerald, NY. 

Richard Reidi Forbes, MD. 

Walter Maddox Fountain, IIJ, TX. 

Edward J. Fox, MD. 

Louis Allan Ganna, MD. 

Michael Clement Gariazzo, MD. 

Elmer G.GIeskc, MD. 

Elizabeth Rouse Gold, MD. 

John David Grier, MD. 

Cha'les Stanley Hakkarinen, MD. 

Gary Kent Harding, MD. 

Elizabeth K. Hedges, MD. 

Murray Wayne Hefley, MD. 

Thomas Lee Hershey, MD. 

Carvel Edward Hollon, MD. 

Laura Lynne Hottle, OH. 

Edward Lawrence Hultgren, Jr., MD. 

Waymon Humphries, MD. 

John Christian Ingangi, MD. 

Edgar Gehr Jacques, II, MD. 

Gail Robertson Janes, MD. 

Jeanette Bren Jerabek, MD. 

Willie Lee Johnson, DC. 

William Robert Jones, MD. 

Victor Kamantauskas, MD. 

Wendell Wallace Kelley, MD. 

Ernest Eugene Kempe, MD. 

Bernard Francis Kennedy, MD. 

Ruth Ellen Kershner, MD. 

Florence Jacquelyn Keyser, MD. 

Albert James Klavon, MD. 

Ronald Roy Knipling, MD. 

Stephen Alan Kramer, MD. 

Ravi Chandar Krishnan, MD. 

Gloria Jean Lambert, MD. 

William Edwin Leverage, Jr., MD. 

John Mott Lindsay, MD. 

Loren Wendell Linholm, MD. 

Fred J. Link, MD. 

Robert E. Lohfeld, MD. 

James Stanton Main, Jr., MD. 

James Bernard Mandel, MD. 

Geoffrey Toya Masaki, MD. 

George P. Matagos, MD. 

Robert Joseph McDermott, DC. 

Patricia Ann McGowan, MD. 

Janice Houseman Meadows, VA. 

Lawrence Erwin Meeks, MD. 

Mark Joseph Mello, MA. 

William Henry Merigan, MA. 

Aristophanes Metropoulos, DC. 

William Ransom Miller, MD. 

David Gail Mongan, MD. 

Richard A. Moore, NJ. 

Mehrangiz Zabolestani Moradi, MD. 

Francis Marion Morris, FL. 

Laurence Scott Morrison, PA. 

Mir Massoud Mortazavi, MD. 

Phylis Ann Moser, MD. 

Dale Clare Mosher, ME. 

Thomas J. Moynahan, Jr., MD. 

Earl Joseph Mummert, II, FL. 
Emmett L. Murphy, MD. 
Steven E. Naron, MD. 
Michael Sidney Nash, MD 
Richard Burton Newton, MD. 
Nicholas Cromwell Orrick, MD. 
Don J.Orser, MD. 
Dennis Blair Osika, MD. 
Douglas Lee Park, MD. 
Karungulam N. Parthasarathy, MD. 
Charles A. Partridge, NJ. 
Loreto Relova Pascual, MD. 
Michael Sharp Patterson, MD. 
Pete Nicholas Pavlos, VA. 
Jeffrey Tobey Pearl, MD. 
Eric Andrew Peterson, DC. 
Raymond Guy Pierce, IL. 
Rita Poretsky, MD. 
Marshall Richard Potter, MD. 
Francis Marion Putnam, Jr., PA. 
John Morgan Ramistella, MD. 
Richard Cline Ramseur, MD. 
Marie Josephine Reynolds, MD. 
Helen W. Reznick, MD. 
William L. Rice, MD. 
Gregory Alan Richards, MD. 
Clinton Thomas Richmond, MD. 
Donald Alan Riedlinger, MD. 
Marvin Charles Roscoe, MD. 
James R. Sais, NM. 
William Joseph Schaefer, Jr., MD. 
William Randolph Schneider, jr., MD. 
William Henry Sell, Jr., MD. 
Linda Dauberman Sheads, MD. 
Kenneth Ronald Simpler, MD. 
Eric Sigurd Sjoberg, MD. 
Connie L. Skwiertz, NC. 
Robert Cresap Sleeman, MD. 
Charley Mae Smalls, MD. 
Norman Gary Smith, MD. 
Roger Thomas Smith, MD. 
Scott Murray Smith, MD. 
Robert John Staehling, MD. 
Greg W.Starr, MD. 
Bruce L. Steger, MD. 
Janet Magee Steiner, MD. 
William Lynn Summers, MD. 
Martha Jean Loeb Taylor, DE. 
Paul Bissell Thomson, MD. 
Immanuel l-MingTung, MD. 
William Samuel Turetsky, MD. 
Hwan-Sup Uhm, MD. 
Gerrit Vanommering, MD. 
Joan Ruth Fowler Vigil, FL. 
James Richard Wardell, MD. 
Joseph Abner Ware, Jr., WV. 
Robert Anthory Weber, MD. 
Dan Kent Williams, IL. 
Janet K. Williams, MD. 
George Linn Wilson, MD. 
Daniel George Wolf, MD. 
Chung-Wah Wilson Wong, NY. 
Joseph Chih Ching Yeh, MD. 
Milton Joseph Zmigewski, Jr., MD. 
Dov Zohar. MD. 

John William Zondio, PA. 


August 25, 1972 

Caryn Beth Abramowilz, MD. 
Coy Wayne Adams, VA. 
Joan Lee Alcock, MD. 
Rebecca Blundell Allen, MD. 
Jean Marie Anderson, MD. 
Sally Marina Baideme, DC. 
Mary Ann Barone, MD. 
Mildred Louise Beall, MD. 
Nancy Hall Beams, MD. 
Carol-jean Bickart, MD. 
William Blount, MD. 
Susan Bologna, NY. 
Lesley Llewellyn Bond, NY. 
Elizabeth Boone, MD. 
Mary Catherine Brake, MD. 
Rita Joan Brill, MD. 
Nancy Carolyn Britton, TX. 
George Julius Brown, MD. 
Ruben Buggs, MD. 
Judy Ann Bunker, MD. 
Thomas E. Burton, MD. 
Irene C. Bush, DC. 
Mario Carrion, MD. 
Katherne Houlihan Clark, MD. 
Marilyn Samma Cohen, DC. 
Shirley Cohen, MD. 
Roberta Balich Commisso, MD. 
Victoria Greco Conroy, MD. 
James Tyson Cottle, MD. 
Sister Catherine Dolores Cress, VA. 
Robert Nolan Crowe 
David John Dadds, MD. 
Martha Luttrell Dean, MD. 
Carolyn Forbes DeCamp, NJ. 
John De Labio, MD. 
jean D. duBell, MD. 
Lynn Rae Dubois, MD. 
Laura Baxter Etzler, MD. 
Kathleen joy Ewing, MD. 
Robert Lee Ferrell, jr., GA. 
James Delp Fielder, Jr. MD. 
Maureen Ann Fitzgerald, lA. 
Thomas Ray Flynn, CA. 
Karen Leppert Fondessy, MD. 
Leona H. Fox, MD. 
Elisabeth Broder Friedman, DC. 
Janice Willnette Friend, DC. 
Mary jane Fuller, MD. 
Anne E. Gallagher, MD. 
Doris H. Gannon, MD. 
Keith Olson Gary, MD. 
Donna Ellep Gertler, MD. , 
Roger Charles Goupil, MD. 
Marjorie Lee Gray, MD. 
William Gray, MD. 
Darius Sherman Gross, MD. 
Gail W. Gunstafson, MD. 
Michael Allan Hameroff, MD. 
Carroll William Harrison, MD. 
Marvin Lee Harry, MD. 


Miriam F. Hecht, MD. 
Leonard judah Heller, MD. 
Donna Dean Hess, MD. 
M. Rosalyn Hirsch, MD. 
Emily Talbott Holdenried, DC. 
Linda Beth Hunt, MD. 
Constance Mary Jensen, MD. 
Louis S. Kilmon, MD. 
Phyllis Broeseker King, VA. 
jean Sandra Klein, NY. 
Virginia Phelps Klute, MD. 
Michael Allen Kulansky, MD. 
jane Wright Landrum, MD. 
Faith Margaret Leahy, MD. 
Lawrence Leahy, MD. 
Gwendolyn Wanda Lefcourt, MD. 
jay Alan Leshinsky, MD. 
Sharon P. Levin, VA. 
Sarah Liebowitz, MD. 
Gail Sandra Linville, MD. 
Cornelius Richard Maas, MD. 
Donald Robert MacLean, MD. 
Marsha Copeland Manekin, MD. 
Ronald Gene Marlar, MD. 
Dorothy Louise May, MD. 
Veronica Lee McDonough, MD. 
Judith McGinnis, VA. 
Maureen Katherine Meehan, MD. 
Edward Ramsey Meredith, MD. 
Norma jean Merricks, MD. 
Ernest W. Messina, MD. 
Robert Joseph Mier, MD. 
Bertram Michael Miller, MD. 
Donna M. Miller, MD. 
Kathleen Price Nawrocki, MD. 
Wilhelmina Louise Nutter, MD. 
Ned Herman Oakley, MD. 
Michael Edward O'Leary, MD. 
Mervil Lafoy Patterson, MD. 
Janet Booher Phillips, MD. 
Wendy Ann Plotkin, MD. 
Darrell David Presnell,CA. 
Linden H. Price III, MD. 
Elizabeth Louise Principe, MA. 
John Paul Randall II, MD. 
Mayetta Lynn Riner, MA. 
Adelaide Suzanne Riskin, MD. 
Raul N. Rizik, MD. 
Edith R. Robin, MD. 
Doris A. Rollins, MD. 
Stanley Arnold Sack, MD. 
Matthew P. Santer, WV. 
Robert Crosby Seibert, NY. 
Hannah M. Senft, VA. 
Barbara Russell Shaw, MD. 
Genevieve Canepa Sheridan, MD. 
Beverly Williams Simms, MD. 
Ruth Helen Smith MD. 
jane Chewning Starke, VA. 
Margaret Frances Stephenson, VA. 
Thomas Larry Stickles, MD. 
Nedenia Lee Johnson Stukey, MD. 
Carole S. Swisdak, MO. 
Gladys Lucille Tankard, MD. 



Mary McEachin Thompson, MD. 
Carl Lewis Tishler.MD. 
Ellen BethTomchIn, WV. 
Ann Elena Vitiello, NY. 
Christine Lewis Walters, NJ. 
Dorene Rae Weil, DC. 
Susan Lee Weiss, MD. 
Joseph Vincent Wheatley, MD. 
Deborah Ann Whittington, NY. 
Karen Ann Wilkens, MD. 
Ann Marie Winston, MD. 
Betty lean Young, MD. 


December 21, 1972 

Joy Holtzman Adier, MD. 
Myrna Bock Alexander, MD. 
Helen Lee Aulisio, MD. 
Katharine Fredericks Baker, MD. 
Willie Lee Banks, MD. 
Thomas Gordon Barber, NC. 
Richard Wayne Barbone, MD. 
Gertina Keyes Batson, MD. 
Carolyn Louise Beach, MD. 
Gretchen Horvath Beckman, MD. 
Sharon Helene Bob, NY. 
Suzanne Tawes Boggs, MD. 
David Clarke Bowen, MD. 
Jean M. Boyd, MD. 
Phyllis K. Braun, MD. 
Anna Marie Brock, MD. 
Pamela Steenerson Burcham, MD. 
Carole Christine Carter, MD. 
Susan Summers Clopper, MD. 
Elliott Steven Cohen, MD. 
Susan Ballantyne Collins, VA. 
Rachel Lavonne Dalrymple, MD. 
Robert Joseph Deangelis, MD. 
Caroline Justice Dessouky, MD. 
John Irvin Ditty, MD. 
Franklin Phelps Dunlap, MD. 
Lucy Marie Dyckman, MD. 
George Eugene Ewing, MD. 
Bonnie Jean Feldman, NJ. 
Marion B. Field, MD. 
Richard Sydney Field, MD. 
Meriam B. Flam, MD. 
Rosemarie H. Fleming, MD. 
Carolyn Cone Foster, MD. 
William Thomas Fowler, MD. 
Dorothy M. Fox, MD. 
Dorothy Ann Frantz, MD. 
Alice R. Galper, DC. 
Judith Lenore Garcia, MD. 
Dorit M. Geurtsen, MD. 
Joan Lynn Gilbert, MD. 
Jeffrey B. Gill, NY. 
Leslie Brass Glickman, MD. 
Mariano Avelino Gonzalez, MD. 
Elaine Gorman, MD. 
Carolyn Taylor Green, DC. 
Barbara Jean Greig, DC. 
Virginia Ellen Groetecke, MD. 
Mary Jo Hall, NC. 

Lana Winifred Harding, MD. 

James T. Hargest, MD. 

Robert William Haroth, MD. 

Harold Angelo Hayden, VA. 

Janice Herold, MD. 

Sarah K. Hilderbrand, MD. 

Carol Jean Hinton, MD. 

Lester Henry Hohlbein, MD. 

William Frederick Holmead, Jr., MD. 

Victoria Elizabeth Jennings, MD. 

Elaine Dorothy Kacmarik, MD. 

Barbara Ann Karpf, MD. 

Margaret Elizabeth Keller, MD. 

Margaret Anne Kingdon, MD. 

Charlotte Pearl Kowitch, DC. 

Richard John Kupreanik, MD. 

Deborah King Kurz, MD. 

Elizabeth Ann Lewis, MD. 

Jo Anne Linhart, MD. 

Ruth Lisansky, MD. 

Angela Jeanne Littleford, MD. 

George Charles Malless, Jr., MD. 

Jerold Dean Marvel, MD. 

Margaret Mary McCarthy, S.N.D., MD. 

Robert Hugh McCaskill, MD. 

Nancy Corkran McCulley, MD. 

Maxine Kinght McLean, MD. 

Grace Ellen Mitchell, MD. 

Helen Fugitt Moore, MD. 

Patricia Ellen Moore, MD. 

Edward Paul Nawrocki, MD. 

Gretchen Louise Nethken, MD. 

Ruth Patt Newman, MD. 

Anne Berman Nissen, MD. 

Charles John O'Connor, MD. 

Harold Herbert George Oliver, NC. 

Frank Shugart O'Rourke, MD. 

Brenda Harriet Peterson, NJ. 

Paula Rae Phillips, MD. 

Lydia Ruth Pietz, MD. 

Priscilla J. Pilson, MD. 

Rebecca Y. Randolph, MD, 

Dorothy Wilson Rembold, MD, 

Mary Catherine Ribar, MD. 

John Alan Rickman, MD. 

Bonnie Lee Ridgely, MD. 

Mary Ellen Riesett, MD. 

Matthew Levern Robinson, MD. 

Deborah B. Roesch, MD. 

William H. Romack, lll,MD. 

Mary E. Schaefer, MD, 

Clifford Schein,MD, 

Kenneth Schwartz, MD, 

William Edward Scott, MD. 

Cynthia Eileen Settle, DC. 

Roslyn B. Sherman, MD. 

Katherine M. Shorb, DC. 

Nadia Ruth Shuman, MD. 

Mary Waid Simon, MD. 

Loyal David Sipe, MD, 

Laren Silverman Speigel, FL. 

Nancy Lee Straight, MD, 

Ronnie Martha Strum, MD, 

Helen Louise Swanson, DC. 

Janet F. Tannenbaum, MD. 

Adele Marie Taylor, MD. 
Lloyd Warren Taylor, MD. 
Carolyn Ann Thompson, MD. 
Carmen Samuel Tiberio, FL. 
Rosalie Headley Triplett, MD. 
Donald Ray Tripp, MD. 
Barbara Graham Tucker, DC. 
Ronald Albert Valenti, MD. 
Charles Philip Wachsmuth, MD. 
Regina Mary Wallace, MD. 
George Ronald Wayte, NJ. 
Helen Baker Weaver, MD, 
Linda Joyce Wechsler, MD, 
Fern Weiland, MD, 
Bernadette Elizabeth Welch, MD. 
Judith Claire Wilson, MD. 
Gerard Robert Winalski, VA. 
EricWissel, MD. 
Jacquelyn D. Wright, MD. 
Loretta Jane Zakzewski, IN. 
Donald Eugene Zimmerman, MD. 



August 25, 1972 
George Franklin Allen, MD. 
Richard Leslie Alsager, OH, 
Robert Babiskin, MD, 
Gregory Dale Carmack Barnes, PA. 
Maureen Anne Breitenberg, MD. 
John Francis Carlin, Jr., VA. 
Douglas Matthew Ford, MD. 
Manuel Greenfield, MD. 
Mark Franklin Haisfield, MD. 
David Hund Hendrickson, MD. 
Robert Paul Lilly, MD. 
William James Musick, MD. 
Clair L. Myers, MD. 
Thomas Deason Newby, MD. 
Victor Warren Schmitt, MD. 
Francis George Stokes, MD. 
Edwin C. Van Allen, MD. 
James Robert Wrocklage, Wl. 
Edward Erwin Young, Jr., NJ. 
December 21, 1972 
Martin Herbert Aronson, MD. 
Larry Albert Baum, MD. 
John Theodore Campbell, Jr., MD, 
John Davis Clark, Jr., NJ. 
Joseph J. Cortese, MD. 
Thomas Bradford Demoss, MD. 
Thomas Allen Dow, MD. 
John A. Elliott, NY. 
Michael Edwin Gaugel, MD. 
Dennis Michael Gurtz, MD. 
Ronald Harrison Hinson, MD. 
Sandra Kay Holt, MD. 
Edward Joseph Holton, MD. 
Kirk Edel Lehneis, MD. 
George Levine, MD. 
Jack Barton Moody, PA, 
Allan Hirsch Paul, MD. 
John Michael Pisani, MD. 
Bernard K. Reece, MD. 
Lawrence Guy Robinson, DE. 
Helmut Sieg.MD. 

David Eugene Smith, MD. 
Glenn Arthur Wellman, MD. 

August 25, 1972 

Sally L. Appenzellar, NJ. 
lone Cherry Auston, GA. 
Peggy Ann Barber, MD. 
Catherine Ann Belter, VA. 
Robert Laurence Boyce III, MD. 
Barbara Eleanor Brown, MD. 
Judy Katherine Burnam, VA. 
Carol Clausen, MD. 
Patsy J. Croft, MD. 
Marian B. Crouse, PA. 
Bettifae E. Dvorkin, MD. 
Richard T. Ezell, PA. 
DeVonne Draughn Foutz, DC. 
Gary Neal Graham, MD. 
Karen Kinney Harris, VA. 
Mary Jane Heinbach, MD. 
David Lewis Hillman, VA. 
Carstine Horner, DC. 
Barbara Lynn Horowitz, NY. 
Paul Francis Houston, MD. 
Janet Atkinson Kestell, MD. 
Jocelyn Ann Konigsmark, MD. 
Sheryl Roberta Kunitz, ME. 
Jane W. Lange, MD. 
Dorothy Bell Langdon, MD. 
Anna Limar 
Barbara Lipton, MD. 
Martha Pauline Lyons, CA. 
Judith Welsch Makaravitz, MD. 
Shevra Light Martin, MD. 
Milton Handy MeGee, MD. 
Margarita Metaxatos, DC. 
Teresa Lucia Migliaccio, MD. 
Sandra Lee Milam, VA. 
Barbara Jean Miller, MD. 
James C. Miller II, MD. 
Lynne Darby Morris, VA. 
Abby Elegant Owen, DC. 
Kathleen Ann Padgen, IL. 
Rosa Papist, DC. 
Tiidu Peter Park, NY. 
Barbara J. Pfeifer, MD. 
Amelia Ruth Hummel Rarick, DC. 
Bonnie Gail Richards, NJ. 
Marian Elizabeth Sandsberry, MD. 
Peter Carr Schanck, MD. 
Janet L. Sims, DC. 
Shelley Ann Soich, NJ. 
Geraldine K. Solomon, MD. 
Mary Ann Stewert, NY. 
William Edward Sundwick, FA. 
Johanna Bellows Swart, DC. 
Elodie Kay Taylor, VA. 
Calvin Claudius Tildon, VA. 
Fannie Clyrice Tucker, MD. 
Jean Somers Walter, VA. 
Anna-Lisa Kristina Warga, MD. 
Judith Pulley Wigglesworth, VA. 
Faye Marie Williamson, MD. 
Guy Wodrow Wilson, MD. 
Linda Ann Wilson, VA. 



December 21, 1972 
Robyn Gingcrich Baugham, MD. 
Peggy Louise Bieber, MD. 
Bonnie L. Brant, PA. 
)ane Elizabeth Brown, NY. 
Patricia Taggart Burt, MD. 
Margaret Mobley Carter, VA. 
Richard Alden Cooper, MD. 
Brenda Gloves Corbin, MD. 
Rosanne D'Aprile, MD. 
Jeffrey Lee Davidson, MD. 
Martha Shackford Deulsch, MD. 
Muriel Matthews Diaz, MD. 
Jean Donham, MD. 
Charles Philip Dove, MD. 
Verdie Vero Farmer, DC. 
William Richard Gigax, DC. 
Carolyn McCants Goering, VA. 
Linda )oan Goldstein, MD. 
Richard W.Grefrath,N). 
Marguerite E. Grier, MD. 
Janet Susan Grimes, MD. 
Gail Garvin Hall, DC. 
James R. Heintze, MD. 
Vicki Ream Herrmann, VA. 
Virginia Bendt Hillyard, MD, 
Melissa Margaret Howard, DC. 

Judy Carol Huffman, PA. 
Betsy Lamson Humphreys, MD. 
William ShingChi Hwang, MD, 
Grace M. Jonke, MD. 

Margaret Sullivan Kalil, VA. 
Sandra Emme Kayser, MD. 

Richard Irving Korman, MD, 

Deborah Krell, MD. 

Alan M. Lewis, VA. 

George Washington Ting Yuan Liao, MD. 

Clara Lindmayer, MD. 

Diana Eve Mathes, MD. 

Susan Kathleen McCarthy, OH. 

Everlyne K. Murdock, DC. 

Jeane Kathryn Patrick, MD. 

Sharon Shields Peterson, MD. 

Katharine Land Picard, DC. 

Brenda Pettis Pringle, MD. 

Lut A. Rahim, MD. 

Mary Brigid Rapp, VA. 

Benjamin Frazier Reed, DC. 

Edna F, Reid, DC. 

Donna B. Rhodes, SC. 

Sandra Lee Ricker, MD. 

Evelyn Keltz Rubel, MD, 

Michele Miller Sansbury, MD, 

Marjorie Russell Schoenberg, MD. 

Anna Katarzyna Schuitz, MD, 

Ellen Lee Spottswood, MD. 

Dorothy A. Stroup, DC. 

Roll A.Sullivan, MD. 

Jerome Stephen Szpila, PA. 

David Arthur Wolf, MD. 

Barbara Joan Yarbrough, MD, 


August 25, 1972 

Carol Sue Cannon, MD, 

December 21, 1972 

Dawn McCoy Burton, VA. 
Huan Helen Chang, Taiwan 
M. Christine Wasser, MD. 




August 25, 1972 
Candidates will be presented by 
Dr. Gordon M. Cairns, 
Dean of the College. 

Alison Mary Clarke, MD. 

David Monroe Hughes, MD. 

Howard Wayne Jones, MD. 
tRichard Clyde Pollin, MD. 
*Neal Kenneth Weiner, VA. 

William Bruce Yeaman, MD. 

Harvey Leon Yenkinson, MD. 

December 21, 1972 

John Parker Allen, Jr., MD. 

Dennis Eugene Barnard, MD. 

Glenn H. Benedict, Jr., MD. 

Loring I. Benedict, Jr., MD. 

Michael Jerre BIymyer, MD. 

James Richard Bordick, PA. 

Charles Edward Bowling, MD. 

Parker BIynn Bratten, MD. 
*Colleen Ann Bugler, MD. 

Paul Milton Butman, MD. 
fSharon Lee Carder, MD. 

Herschell Bobo Claggett, MD. 

Alan Rook Clark, MD. 

David Warren Cooksey, MD. 
*Cheryl Yvonne Cooledge, NJ. 

Patrick William Cullen, MD. 

Marc Eugene Daniel, MD. 

Donald James Danneman, MD. 

Dennis Michael Dignan, VA. 

David Kendall Eyster, MD. 

Rebecca Gail Feldberg, MD. 

Thomas Michael Franklin, MD. 

Charles Francis Gallagher, MD. 

Theodore Jefferson Godfrey, MD. 

Richard Francis Griffin, MD. 

Judith Dale Harvey, MD. 

Stephen Baker Haught, MD. 

David Frederick Holtschneider, MD. 

Bruce Baymond Kenny, MD. 

William Ryan Kirtland, MD. 

Michael Eric Lanier, MD. 

Brian David Law, MD. 

Byron Whitney Leeson, MD. 

William Andrew Levitt, MD. 

Gordon Bruce Low, MD. 

Ronald Maxemchuk, MD. 

Kathleen Weeks Nicodemus, MD. 

Michael A. Parish, PA. 
fDoris Kathleen Patten, MD. 
jcharles Wayne Pratt, MD. 

James Robert Preftakes, MD. 

James Joseph Puglisi, MD. 

Franklin Alan Rosenstein, MD. 

Theodore Ryder Sadler, Jr., MD. 

David William Saul, MD. 

Elizabeth Ann Schurman, NY. 

Michael Paul Sigrist, MD. 

Paul Kurt Smith, MD. 

Thomas John Sweetman, MD. 

Gerald Clyde Terhune, MD. 

Gregory Patrick Thomas, MD. 

Francis DesalesTolson, MD. 

Thomas Noah Toms, FL. 


Jean Ellen Toula, MD. 

Frederic Keith Underwood, MD. 

Leo John Vollmer, MD. 

December 21, 1972 
Candidate will be presented by 
Mr. John W. Hill, Dean of the School. 

Ronald Pales, MD. 

August 25, 1972 
Candidates will be presented by 
Dr. Thomas Aylward, 
Interim Dean of the College. 

Elisa Louise Adams, VA. 

Robert Walker Adams, MD. 

Anna Lenore Agnew, MD. 

EdnaL. Alsop, MD. 

Patricia Ann Amos, MD. 

Barbara Anne Angle, MD. 
fGisela Mueller Asher, MD. 

Carmella Baccari, MD. 
♦Elizabeth Rath Ball, MD. 

Kathleen Marie Beltz, MD. 

Daniel Cardwell Blair, MD. 

Nancy S. Bowser, MD. 

Eddie Jean Breazeale, MD. 
tjanet Anne Brewer, MD. 

Francine May Brown, MD. 

Philip Martin Brown, MD. 

Paul William Burch, MD. 

Michaela Maria Purgnon, MD. 

Jaime Javier Cagigas, MD. 

James G. Casey, DC. 

David O. Compton, MD. 

Richard Christopher Condon, Germany 

Terrence Keith Cooper, MD. 

Jared Frank Cornfeld, MD. 

Michael Thomas Cosgrove, MD, 

Anthony John D'Avino, MD. 

Deborah Booth Davis, MD. 

Joan A. Deacon, MD. 

Jane Rita Dittenhofer, MD. 

Stephen D. Doe, VA. 

Madeleine Ann DuPree, NJ. 

Hannah Marie Ehrensberger, MD. 

John H. Eicks, Jr., NJ. 

Gary Dennis Eisenberg, MD. 

Robin M. Epstein, MD. 

Robin Georges Fegeas, MD. 

Peter Allan Fehrenbach, NJ. 
jMark Tirrell Frrenz, MD. 

Myron Bruce Fitch, MD. 

Robert William Foley, MD. 

John Robert Folk, MD. 

Stephen Andrews Flotz, MD. 

Richard Jay Fox, PA. 

Alvin Lee Frager, MD. 

Harold Elliot Frank, MD. 

*Joanne Freimuth, MD. 

Edward John Fulginiti, MD. 

Gregory Paul Garrison, MD. 

Georgina Leslie Geiger, MD. 

Jennifer Shelton Geiger, MD. 

•with honors; fwith high honors 

James Arnold Gibney, MD. 

Paul Terryl Gilbert, MD. 

Agnes M. Gioffre, MD. 

Susan Girard, MD. 

Martha Elizabeth Girton, MD. 

Margaret C.S.GIotfelty, MD. 

David Ellis Goldstein, MD. 
*Susan McNayr Gonzales, MD. 

Gary Leslie Goodman, MD. 

Pascal John Grimaldi, MD. 

Margaret Elizabeth Grossman, MD. 

Bonita Kalhryn Gula, MD. 

Jutta Nahrgang Hagner, MD. 

Andrea Sue Farley Hammer, MD. 

Elizabeth Jeanne Hanson, MD. 
t Frances J. Hastings, DC. 

Anita Claire Hauf, MD. 

John Grayson Hedgman, MD. 

Mark Christopher Helwig, MD. 

James Michael Hennessy, MD. 
*Terence Allan Hoagwood, MD. 

Susan Diane Horn, MD. 

George Francis Howell, NJ. 

Rebecca Lou Idol, MD. 

Cassandra Alfrieda Isom, DC. 

Frederick Michael Jabara, NY. 

Barbara Lynn Jacobs, MD. 

Lee Richard Jacobson, MD. 

Jesse Roland James III, PA. 

Louis Kervin Jarvis, MD. 
tRita Valencia Jason, MD. 

Henry Clay Jeffries, NJ. 

Valerie Joanna Jensen, MD. 

Laura Stephanie Kadin, MD. 

Eugene Francis Kallman, MD. 

Mary Lynne Kane, MD. 

Catharine Holt Kaufman, MD. 

Barbara Ann Kawecki, MD. 

Susan Roberta Kerdash, MD. 

Patricia Marie Klapac, MD. 

Marylou Michele Kogstad, VA. 

Alan Mark Korobkin, MD. 

Beverly Irene Kozman, VA. 
*Scott Alexander Kresan, MD. 

Carolyn Mintz Lantz, KY. 

Ignacio Nicholas Lasaga 
*Sherrie Lynn Lavine, MD. 
*Karen Ann Leavitt, MD. 

Elissa Yee-Tak Lee, MD. 

Eugene Conwell Lee, MD. 

Raymond Ashford Lee, Jr., MD. 
tjill Diane Lcvine, MD. 

Stuart Henry Levine, MD. 

Wilbert Charles Lewis, Jr., MD. 

Gary Wayne Lipsitz, MD. 

Margaret Elizabeth Lloyd, MD. 

Christine Mary Lortie, MD. 

Jerome Halston Ludder, Jr., MD. 

Sandra Alison Ludwig, VA. 

Dyanne Marie Stricklin Lyon, MD. 

Carl L. Mainen, MD. 

Charles Edward Maling, MD. 
♦Leslie J. Mandelstamm, MD. 
fThomas Louis Marker, MD. 

Louis John Marmo, MD. 

Susan Russell Marsh, VA. 

Michael Victor Marx, MD. 

fEllen Marie McCarthy, MD. 

Timothy Francis McGinn. Mo. 

Ruth Maija Mickelson, MD. 

Paul Albert Mider, MD. 

Gary Bruce Moore, MD. 

Margaret Leyser Morris, MD. 

Patricia Elaine Nagy. MD. 

Barbara Frances Nash, MD. 

Constance Catherine Nucker, MC. 

Norman Stanley Nusinov, MD. 

Susan Frances Ogden, MD. 

Guy Patrick Olmsted, CO. 
fLynn Ann Ostrinsky, MD. 

Rosemary Patrice Pappalardo, DC. 

♦Carolyn Ruth Parsons, MD. 
Starr Pavis, MD. 

Elizabeth Shaw Plummet, MA. 


Janice Porlney, MD. 

Micheal Vernon Raedy, MD. 

Pablo Leonardo Ramirez, MD. 

Doris Marie Ray, MD. 

Joseph Stafford Redding, Jr. MD. 

Raymond Moseley Richardson, MD. 

Benjamin Pickney Robertson III, MD. 

Warren Clark Robinson, MD. 

Carolyn Nora Rourke, PA. 

Annette Loraine Rowe, MD. 

Laurence Conroy Sarkozy, MD. 

Chnetta Leontine Saunders, DC. 

James David Scherlis, MD. 

Walter Charles Schmick, MD. 

Stephen Richard Schuler, MD. 

Esther June Segraves, MD. 

William PaulSelig, MD. 

William Edward Sexton, VA. 

Edward E. Sheehy, MD. 

Michael SladeShull,MD. 
♦Suzanne K. Sievers, MD. 

Robert Lee Sithens, Jr.; MD. 

Alan Lewis Skinner, MD, 

Alan Alexander Smith, Jr., MD. 

George Eugene Smith, Jr., MD. 

Deborah Sara Snyder, MD. 

Sarah Gerdine Southerland, MD. 

Margery E. Sprague, MD. 

Glenn Robert Stasse, MD. 

Angela Rose Stavrou, MD. 

Barry Charles Steel, MD. 

Susan Lynn Stevens, MD. 

Harry Douglas Stoker, MD. 
♦Fay Elixabeth Stouffer, PA. 
jNancy Lynn Stup, MD. 
jEdward Eugene Suarez, Jr., MD, 

Mervina Anne Szuba, MD. 

Ewing Bevard Taylor, MD. 

Janet Catharine Templeton, MD. 

Barbara Rae Theobald, MD. 

Wayne Kenneth Thiel, MD. 
t J ilia Diane Tolbert, MD. 
tM. Glenn Tuttle, FL. 
tNancy Schemer Tuttle, FL. 

Anthony James Valis, Jr., MD. 

Betty Jo Van Brunt, NJ. 

William Roelandt Vander Meer, MD. 

Deborah Moore Vincill, MD. 
♦Edwin Clinton Wadsworth, Jr., MD. 

Donald Charles Walker, MD. 
♦Deborah A. Walsh, MD. 

Martha jane Wampler, OR. 
tGerald Robert Weeks, MD. 

Jcffery Allen Weinberg, NY. 

Michael Weinraub, NJ. 

James Llewellyn Welsh, MD. 

Noyes Weltmer III, AZ. 

Jan Joseph Wessling, MD. 

Anthony Lane Woodward, MD. 

John Henry Wybenga, MD. 

December 21, 1972 

*Sheila Anne Albin, MD. 

Nancy Lee Aldrich, MD. 

Dean Kenneth Allnult, MD. 

Genevieve R. Almeida, DC. 

Ellen Ambrose, M.D. 

Gay Lee Anderson, MD. 

Sally Lynn Anthis, OK. 

Ted Carl Applestein, MD. 

Carlos Aranguren, MD. 

Fleta Leslie Argintar, MD. 

William John Armstrong, III, MD. 

Alain Arsenault, MD. 
fDennis Moore Atwood, MD. 

Carolyn Austin, D.C. 

Cornelius Percival Awkard, MD. 

Louis George Babnigg, MD. 
fCarolynS. Bailey, MD. 

Pramilla Balaram, India 
fKaren Spear Ballestcros, MD. 

Marvin W. Bascomb, MD. 

Carolyn Gaede Bauer, MD. 

Phyllis Rowland Bauer, MD. 

Hale F. Baycu, MD. 

Patricia Arlene Beam, MD. 

Gordon Earl Beaman, MD. 
*Andrew Nachlas Becker, MD. 

Edward William Beckman, MD. 

Irving Louis Beitler, MD. 

Sherrie E. Belack, Israel 

Loretta Jean Berg, MD. 

Debra Joyce Berger, MD. 

Warren Henri Berkle, Jr., MD. 

Brent Moss Berman, NY. 

Janet Rebecca Berry, VT. 

Bruce Edward Blackistone, MD. 

Robert Douglas Blackman, MD. 

Martin Clark Blum, MD. 

Jan Maria Bobinger, MD. 

Jeanne Margaret Bone, MD. 
*Kyril Borissow, Jr., MD. 

Joan Stewart Botts, MD. 

Kathryn Ann Boyne, CA. 

Valentino Bozzelli, MD. 

Richard Jacob Brand, MD. 

Mitchell John Braumbart, MD. 

Douglas Gary Brener, NJ. 

Thomas Bowden Broadwater, MD. 
*Jack Edward Brodsky, MD. 

Marilyn Marino Brook, MD. 

Kathleen Louise Brooks, MD. 

Franklin Charles Brubaker, Jr., MD. 

Catherine Stearns Bruns, MD. 
tGeorge D. Buehler, MD. 

Yvonne Denise Buford, DC. 

Brain Robert Bunt, MD. 

Guy M. Burdettc, MD. 

Charles Herbert Bury, Jr., MD. 

Marlene Butler, MD. 

John R. Butters, MD, 
♦Penelope J. Caminis, MD. 

Vincent Lamonte Campbell, MD. 

Robert Joseph Carona, MD. 

Coral Corrinne Cedrone, MD. 

Susan Centers, MD. 

Ted Peter Chaconas, MD. 
*Leesa Anne Chais, MD. 

Sheldon B. Cheney, MD. 

Crescent Leigh Christiansen, MD. 

Jon Ed Christopher, MD. 

Barbara Ann Christy, MD. 

Vincent Victor Ciccone, NY. 

Stanley Marion Cieplak, MD. 

Jeanne Mathias Clements, MD. 

Karen Jo Clifton, MD. 

James Eldridge Coddington, MD. 

Alan L.Cohen, MD. 

Ellen Theda Cohen, MD. 
♦Jacqueline Simone Cohen, MD. 

Jeffrey Todd Cohen, NY. 

Ruth Cecilia Colglazier, MD. 
*John Francis Commander, MD. 

Deborah Poff Condray, MD. 

Denise E. Conner, MD. 
fFrancine Cheryl Conner, MD. 

Ruth Ellen Conrad, MD. 

Susan Diane Contreras, MD. 

Donald Notley Cook, MD. 

Wayne Sterling Cooper, MD. 

Lavonne L. Cornett, MD. 

James Joseph Cox, Jr., MD. 

David Partington Crosslcy, Rl. 

Robert Emmett Crowe, Jr., VA. 

Randy Herbert Crumbacker, MD. 

Kurt R.D. Cullmann, MD. 
♦Patricia Long Cummings, MD. 
fBarbara Rofe Cummins, MD. 

James Lawrence Curran 

Barbara Ellen Czerw, MD. 

Michael Stephen Dale, MD. 

Glen Wayne Dameron, MD. 

Richard Patrick Daniels, VA. 

Demetra Spofford Day, MD. 

Paula Anne Delve, MD. 
♦Genevieve R. Dealmeida, 
♦Mary Anne Justina Dempsey, MD. 

Charles William Dick, Jr., MD. 

Robert Lewis Dickey, Jr., MD. 

Anita Kathleen Dickman, MD. 

Richard John Dicola, VA. 

Cher Marie Diliberti, MD. 

Anthony Gabriel Dimarco, MD. 

Daniel Ira Dinnin, MD. 

Christopher Joseph Doerrer, MD. 

Rebecca Donaldson, MD. 

Janis Susan Donner, MD. 

Susan Miller, D'Orazio, MD. 

Jeanne M. Dougherty, MD. 

Dorothy K. Downey, MD. 

Lou Ann Downing, MD. 
♦Claire L. Doyle, MD. 

Richard Wentworth Dudley, Jr., MD. 

Rachel Dumont, MD. 

Bill Eby, MD. 
tMary O'Neill Eckels, MD. 

Marilyn Judy Edelhoch, MD. 

Patricia Louise Clements Emme, MD. 
♦Joseph Grillo Empsucha, MD. 

Nancy Susan Enikeieff, MD. 

David Clyde Estes, MD. 

Joseph Emilio Falconi, III, MD. 

Steven Craig Farren, MD. 

Martin Feldman, MD. 

Richard F. Feser, MD. 

Robert Stephen Fetrow, MD. 

Carrie Feuer, MD. 

Paulette Corinne Fine, MD. 
tGary Steven Fink, MD. 

Kenneth Michael Fisher, NY. 

Carol Keane Flavin, MD. 

Robert Townsend Fleetwood, MD. 
♦Anne Clague Fleming, MD. 
♦Laurence W. Ford, MD. 
fLucille Kimble Foster, MD. 

Martin Val Franks, MD. 
♦Alvin Ira Frederick, MD. 

Sherry Lynn Fullerton, MD. 

Nancy Marie Fusillo, MD. 

Coleton Gaylord Galambos, MD. 

Gary Lee Galemore, MD. 

James J. Gallagher, MD. 

Randy Martin Gallun, MD. 

Arthur C. Gardner, Jr., NJ. 
♦Wendy Carin Garson 
♦Jill Louise Gehman, PA. 

Eddie Gelin, MD. 
tjeffrey C. Gerrish, MD. 

Thomas John Gery, MD. 

David Edward Gest, MD. 

Carey Christopher Gewehr, DC. 

Alan Bruce Golacinski, MD. 
tJan Susan Goldberg, MD. 

Rona L. Goldstein, MD. 

Mary Jane Goshaney, MD. 

David Ottavio Gotwals, MD. 

David Marc Gould, MD. 

Nancy Margaret Grande, MD. 
fEdward Clark Greelegs, MD. 

Beverley Byrd Greenhaigh, VA. 
♦Ira Robert Greenstein, NY. 

William Henry Carr Griffith, MD. 

Walter A. Grissett, Jr.,MD. 

Jill Sherry Gross, NJ. 

Shelley Anne Grossman, MD. 

Charlotte Anne Groves, MD. 
♦Jeffrey Elliot Halper, NJ. 

Robert Lee Hancock, III, MD. 

James Michael Hanna, MA. 

Gregory Lynn Hard, MD. 

Diana Lynn Crosbie Harper, MD. 

Kathryn Jeanne Harrington, MD. 

Elizabeth Ann Harrison, MD. 
tJohn Richard Harwell, MD. 

Larry Gerard Hastings, Jr., MD 


fLinda Maury Lynch Havlicck, MD. 

Nancy Irene Hedberg, MD. 

Joseph Michael Heibel, MD. 

Michael Joseph Heibergcr, Jr., MD. 

David Michael Helms, MD. 

Richard Joseph Heming, MD. 

Patricia Jane Hennessey, MD. 

Susan Aileen Hennessy, MD. 

Eileen Theresa Henry, MD. 

Linda Ellen Herson, MD. 

Arthur James Higgins, MD. 

Jane Elizabeth Higgins, MD. 

Cecil Calvert Hines, III, MD. 

Timothy Scott Hinton, MD. 

John Apalategui Holte, MD. 

Gary Chen Hong, MD. 

Stephanie Marie Houidobre, MD. 
♦Maria Andre Moving, MD. 

Karen Huminik, MD. 
♦Jean Kathryn Inman, MD. 

Robert Steven Jacobs, MD. 

James Ritchie Jacocks, MD. 

Candace Karen Jaeger, NJ. 

Dennis Charles James, MD. 

JohnL. Jarrell, VA. 

David Hunt Jernigan, MD. 

Barbara Lee Johnson, MD. 

Erastus Johnson, Jr., MD. 

Joe Frederick Johnson, MD. 
♦Mary Elizabeth Kaigler, MD. 

Susan Ellen Kamerow, MD. 

Joseph M. Kasper, Jr., MD. 

Barbara Sue Kaufman, NJ. 
♦Julia Marie Kayafas, MD. 

Philip Frederick Kaylor, MD. 

Irene Mary Kearney, Ml. 
fVictoria Maureen Keil, FL. 

Christine Ann Kelly, MD. 
♦Laine Louise Kelly, MD. 
♦Michael King Kelly, MD. 
tJoan B. Kemp, MD. 
♦John Matthias Kennedy, MD. 
♦Richard L. Kerr, MD. 

Olivia Farrow Kershaw, MD. 

Michael Eugene King, MD. 

Jocelyn Hope Kipnis, SC. 

Marc Steven Klein, MD. 

Linda Anne Kluge, MD. 

Kenneth Thomas Knechtel, CT. 

Christina Mabel Koch, MD. 

Janice Elizabeth Kochan, MD. 
♦Patricia Leslie Kolmer, MD. 

Ryna P. Komitzsky, MD. 

Georgiana Koonce, MD. 

Kyle J. Kramer, NJ. 

Michael William Kramer, MD. 
♦Jeffrey Alan Krew, MD. 

Sally Mays KuUer, MD. 

Christopher Frank Lampton, MD. 

James L. Lande, MD. 

Allene Barbara Azralon Landsberg, MD. 

Patricia Ann Lansdale, MD. 
♦Joyce Susan Latter, MD. 

Leslie Earl Lauziere, MD. 

Eugene Hunton Leache, MD. 

Barbara Joan Leap, NJ. 

Michael Christian Lebkicher, MD. 



fFaith Fei-Mei Lee, MD. 
James Elwood Lee, Jr., NY. 

*Sharyn Tamara Lee, MD. 

John Joseph Lefebure, MD. 

*Nancy Elizabeth Leighton, MD. 

Harvey Robert Levy, MD. 

Marjorie B. Lewis, MD. 
*Anne Elizabeth Light, PA, 

Anthony Charles Lipuma, MD. 

Laurence Mark Loew, MD. 

Glynis Diane Long, MD. 
tjames G. Lovelace, MD. 

Todd Earl Lovifeth, MD. 

James Lewis Lowther, MD. 

Janet Davidowicz Lyman, MD. 
fDiana Susan Lynn, DC. 
*Adam Eugene Maier, MD. 

Nancy Potash Marizan, MD. 

Nancy Diane Mathias, MD. 

Welford James McCaffrey, III, MD. 

Patricia Ann McCarthy, MD 

Frederick Timothy McClintock, MD. 

James Roger McConnell, Jr., MD. 

Karen Lee McConnell, MD. 

Michael Joseph McDonald, VA. 

Karen Patricia McFarland, MD. 

Karen Marie McNickle, MD. 

James Alfred McWhirter, MD. 

David Martin Meer, MD. 
tRonald Beriram Meier, MD. 

Michael Joseph Mellyn, MD. 

Robert Hernandez Mendoza, Jr., MD. 

Beverly Jean Merchant, MD. 

Susanne Marie Messing, MD. 
*James Stephen Metcalf, MD. 
*Weston Leslie Metz, MD. 
tCharles R. Michael, MD. 

Eugene Marvin Miller, MD. 
tNancy Ava Miller, MD. 

Terry Raymond Miller, MD. 

Jan Howard Mindess, MD. 

Patrick Everett Minogue, MD. 

Craig Anthony Mitchell, MD. 

Miriam M. Mizrachi, MD. 

Jeanne Marie Modesitt, MD. 

Sidney Harry Monen, MD. 

Bruce Alexander Moore, MD. 

Lynda Jean Moore, VA. 

Lizabeth Lillian Mosser, MD. 

Glenn David Moy, MD. 

Adriana Vila Mull, MD. 

Lynn Stewart Murphy, MD. 

Judith Lee Murray, MD. 
♦Judith A. Mutnick, MD. 

Julie Marie Nathanson, MD. 

Elissa Nemerofsky, MD. 
*Peggy Hammond Nickerson, MD. 

Constance Lee Norris, MD. 

Paul Lawrence Nusbaum, MD. 

Sean Patrick Oday, MD. 

Richard Joseph Oden, MD. 
*Nancy Joan Oleary, DC. 
*Kathleen Frances Olund, MD. 
tDeborah J.Oneill, MD. 

Donna Jean Orsini, VA. 

Patricia Ann Osti, MD. 

Donald Phillip O'Sullivan, MD. 


William A. Owens, MD. 

Richard Paul Page, MD. 

Richard Edwin Panosh, Wl. 

Mark Edward Passen, MD. 

John Frederick Payne, MD. 

Margaret Ann Payne, MD. 

Sandra Perlman, MD. 

Pamela J. Phillips, MD. 

David Joseph Pinchotti, PA. 

Sharon Pines, MD. 
jDeirdre Catherine Poe, MD. 

Barbara Jane Polcen, MD. 

Mary Ruth Pomeroy, MD. 

Cynthia L. Potter, MD. 

Margaret B. Potter, MD. 

Roland Edward Ramlow, Jr., MD. 

Frank Henry Rammes, MD. 

Seth John Ralliff, MD. 

Shawn Carolyn Rehm, MD. 

Robert Bruce Reppa, Jr., VA. 

Bonnie Hope Richardson, MD. 
*Kathryn Louise Riley, MD. 
tJohn Charles Roach, MD. 

Christine Roberts, MD. 

Stephen Joseph Roberts, MD. 

Cynthia C. Robertson, MD. 

Paula Elizabeth Robinson, MD. 

Joseph William Rogers, Jr., MD. 

Robert G. Rogers, MD. 

Vera Foster Rollo, MD. 

Michael Howard Rosenberg, MD. 

Miryam Rosenberg, NJ. 

Terri Marsha Rosenblatt, PA. 
jRobert Warren Rosenblum, NY. 

Jay Michael Rosengarden, MD. 
*Mary Frances Rubino, MD. 

Theodore Stephan Rubinstein, MD. 

Quinta Cleonice Sabatini, DC. 

Emilie Arlene Sadowsky, MD. 

George Wayne Sakers, PA. 
*Edmond Jan Salander, NY. 

Stephen Allan Salvo, NJ. 

Theodore Howard Sandler, MD. 

Edward Leonard Satinover, MD. 

Nancy Kelley Saul, MD. 

Jill A. Savitt, NJ. 

John Ralph Saxton, MD. 

Cheryl Ann Schaefer, MD. 

William H. Scheig, MD. 

Jerry M. Scheinberg, MD. 

Christopher Neil Scherf, MD. 
fSabine Kathe Schmidt, MD. 
fKaren Michele Schmukler, MD. 

Joseph Schwarz, MD. 
*Ruth E.Scott, MD. 

Morgan John Clift Scudi, MD. 

Paul Reynolds Serey, MD. 

Irene Luise Sevigny, MD. 

Philips. Shapiro, MD. 
fLeslie Jane Shear, MD. 

Stephen Mark Sheinbaum, NY. 

Calvert Byron Shelton, MD. 

Myrna Webster Shontere, MD. 

Katherine Theresa Short, MD. 

Ronald Lynn Shuey, MD. 

Ira Mark Siegel, MD. 

Franklin Duer Simeone, VA. 

Harry Edwards Simmons, MD. 

Mary Godfrey Skipp, MD. 
*Anne Pfefferkorn Small, MD. 

Edna Lynn Smith, MD. 

Judith W.Smith, MD. 

Walter Amos Smith, MD. 

Virgie Elizabeth Smoot, MD. 

Judith MyraSoffer, MD. 

Warren R. Sparrow, MD. 

J. Brooks Specter, MD. 
*Hija Speer, FL. 

Mary Mercer Speiden, MD. 

M. Eugene Speni, Jr., NJ. 

Brigid Maureen Spillane, MD. 

Stuart Lloyd Spingarn, MD. 

John Charles Phillip Spottswood, MD. 

Sue Ann Staake, MD. 
♦Judith LynnStahl, MD. 

John Philip Stainback, MD. 

Michael Buchan Stainbrook, MD. 

Gregory Bryan Stanley, MD. 

John Stephen Staren, MD. 

George Edward Steel, MD. 

John Edward Storms, Jr., MD. 

Charles Warren Summers, MD. 

Raymond Vincent Szmajda, MD. 

Jessica Jayne Tammenga, SC. 

Gary David Tangedahl, MD. 

James Ronald Teeters, MD. 

Darlene Lorraine Tester, MD. 

Margaret Louise Tevis, MD. 

Kay Frances Thomas, VA. 

Daniel Philip Tobin, MD. 

James Allan Tolliver, VA. 

Francine Jo Tomach, NJ. 

Diane Tompkins, PA. 

Kurt Russell Trent, MD. 

Ian David Turk, MD. 

Richard Kelly Turner, MD. 

Anna Mary Vancoutren, MD. 

James Harry Vause, MD. 

Gerald Anthony Villella, MD. 

William H. Viney, II, MD. 

Patricia Violante, VA. 

Dale Susan Walden, MD. 

Richard Willard Walker, MD. 

Peter Henry Walsh, MD. 

Richard George Walsh, MD. 
fPatrician S. Warren, MD. 

Michael Antony Watson, MD. 

Cecil Sylvester Wayson, Jr., MD. 

Lenn David Weldenhammer, MD. 

Arlene Ruth Weinberg, NJ. 

Michelle Welan, MD. 

Helen HunlWilber, MD. 

Diana Gail Wilkerson, VA. 

Christine Laura Willems, MD. 
tJohn Stephen Willett, MD. 

Donna Lee Williams, MD. 

Thomas Miller Willoughby, MD. 

Kathleen Mary Wilson, MD. 

Sheila Marie Wilson, MD. 

Deborah Lynne Winkler, MD. 

Karen Marie Wintermyer, MD. 

Charles Martin Winters, MD. 

Sandra L. Wipf, MD. 

Jacqueline Diane Wohl, MD. 

Donvan Eugene Wolford, MD. 

Lawrence Martin Wood, MD. 

Anne Clogher Woodriff, MD. 

Stephen E. Wright, MD. 

Henry Allen Youngbar, MD. 

Aubrey Stanislaus Yowaiski, Jr., MD. 

Sharon L. Zandman, NJ. 
*Steven Ernest Zimmerman, MD. 

Asher Ziskind, MD. 


August 25, 1972 

Iris Blanche Ailin, MD. 
tDennis Philip Akiyama, MD. 

Mary Denise Avery, MD. 

Dorothy Wynne Brewer, MD. 

Edward Robert Cohen, MD. 

Bruce Donald Davis, MD. 

Thomas Robert Decker, MD. 

Karen Ann Dorries, MD. 
t Janet Watson Fassett, MD. 

Thomas Mathew Faulconer, MD. 

Michael Douglas Goldstein, MD. 
*A. Gary Goodman, MD. 

Barry Ira Graubard, VA. 

Stanley Charles Howard, NY. 

Bejamin Thomas Hynson, Jr., MD. 

Steven E. Kantor, NY. 
tPhyllis Paula Kolmus, MD. 
tjeffery Stefan Landes, MD. 
fSandra Diane Lavoie, MD. 

Jesse Thomas Lee, Jr., MD. 

Robert Irwin Lightman, OR. 
tRicki Lila Lilly, MD. 

Barry Denis Lyon, MD. 

William Henry McDonald, DC. 
t Jeffrey Lee Metzner, MD. 

Robert John Miller, MD. 

Parry Alan Moore, MD. 

Henry Pierson Nelson, Jr., MD. 

Steve Thomas Rupard, MD. 

Richard Gordon Schreitz, MD. 

Klara Sitzamer, MD. 
fMartin Raymond Smith, lA. 

Barbara J. Steinberg, PA. 

Howard Robert Strauss, MD. 

Nazih John Yousif, MD. 

December 21, 1972 

Thomas Bernard Abrams, MD. 

Michael Leiand Addicott, MD. 
tjudith Clare Alpert, MD. 
*Sheila Marie Arkell, MD. 

Thomas Howard Artes, MD. 

Carroll Marie Arthur, MD. 

Barbara Ann Avellini, NY. 

Edward Lee Balaban, NY. 
*AliceS. Baluck, MD. 

Robin D. Bayles, MD. 

Charles Alfred Baynard, Jr., MD. 

Dorothy Cordelia Beavers, MD. 

Wendy Ann Bersbach, MD. 

Reno Michael Black, MD. 

Allen J. Brands, Jr., MD. 
fSandra L. Brauner, MD. 

Michael Wayne Brown, MD. 

Nathan Hochwald Brown, Jr., MD. 

Gerald Francis Burns, MD. 

Raymond Michael Cady, MD. 

Thomas Edward Callanan, MD. 
tSuzelte Ava Calsetta, MD. 

Caryn Canner, FL. 

Gary Dale Cavender, MD. 
tStuart Alan Chalew, MD. 
fKitty Kit-ChlngChan, MD. 

Paul Salvatore Ciotta, MD. 
* James Lee Clagett, MD. 

James Thomas Clements, MD. 

George Joseph Coyle, Jr., MD. 
fRaymond George Crafron, MD. 

Charles M. Cummins, NJ. 
*Owen Burt Dall, MD. 

Thomas John David, MD. 

Joseph Donald Debethizy, MD. 

Duncan Stuart Degraffenreid, Jr., MD. 

Salvador Peter Deperignat, MD. 

Alex Pedro Dumlao, MD. 

George Stotelmyer Everly, II, 

Walter Richardson Farrow, Jr., MD. 

Carmelo Frank Ferrigno, MD. 

John Edward Fowler, MD. 
♦Paul Jeffrey Freidlin, MD. 

Eric Jude Friedman, MD. 
tStephanie Lynn Gallarda, MD. 

Christopher Power Gaylor, MD. 

Peter Norman Gertson, MD. 
*Lyman Goon, MD. 

Dennis Brian Green, MD. 

Edward Michael Greene, MD. 

John Jesse Gretz, MD. 
*Barry Grosshandler, MD. 

Francis Warren Gubicza, MD. 
fHarold Louis Hallock, MD. 

Thomas William Hannum, MD. 

Gary Edward Hedges, MD. 
fKay Lynn Heintzelman, MD. 

Susan Pennington Hemperly, MD. 

Clifford Dale Hendrickson, MD. 

David Wayne Hopkins, MD. 

Richard L. Horowitz, MD. 

John Warren Hunt, Jr., MD. 

Diane K. Jewer, MD. 

Barbara Jane Johnson, MD. 

Robert Michael Joiner, MD. 
*Carol Elizabeth Jones, MD. 

Patricia Ann Kacala, MD. 

Edward Irvin Kelly, Jr., MD. 
fBarry Mark Kessler, NJ. 

Margaret Ellen Key, MD. 
fRobert Louis Kirby, MD. 

Gregory Joseph Kline, MD. 
*Howard Frederick Kravetz, MD. 
*Eva Nelida Rodriguez Kuiper, MD. 

Albert Richard Kurz, MD. 

Peggie Lam, Hong Kong 

Ann Oi Lee, MD. 

William Lee Lee, MD. 

Ronald Ira Lefton, MD. 

Fred Leise, MD. 
fMary Celine Leonard, MD. 

Steven Paul Leonti, MD. 

Brenda J. Leslie, MD. 

Lisbeth Levy, MD. 

William Aubrey Linton, Jr., MD. 
♦Kathleen Anne Luke, MD. 

Richard Virgil Lynas, MD. 

Margaret Hoad MacDonald, Ml. 

Robert Cheng-Nan Mao, OH. 

Barbara Darlene Matysek, MD. 

Darryl Franklin Metzler, MD. 

Robert Joseph Meyer, MD. 

Angelo Anthony Michielli, MD. 

Florence Nightingale Mills, MD. 

Gerald Wayne Momii, AZ. 

Paul Leon Myers, MD. 

Edward Francis O'Hara, MD. 

Phyllis LernerOlfky, MD. 
tj. David Owens, MD. 

Alan Dorroh Parker, MD. 

Thornton Tayloe Perry, IV, MD. 

Edward V.J. Putens, MD. 

Mary W. Rader, MD. 
fMichaeiC. Rey, MD. 

John Charles Rhines, MD. 

Marylou Ritter, MD. 

Joan Elizabeth Robinson, MD. 

Paul Lewis Rothlisberger, Jr., Md. 

Jan Rudnicki, MD. 

William Harrison Rush, MD. 

Anne Christine Santry, MD. 

Stephen Eric Schuster, MD. 

Patricia Anne Schwaninger, MD. 
jRosalind Woolbright Sefren, MD. 

Margaret Jan Seidin, NY. 
tSusan Eileen Shawver, MD. 

Michael Peter Shiaris, MD. 
*PeterChulShin, MD. 

Michael K. Shuck, PA. 
♦Gerald Charles Silverstein, NJ. 

Barry Marc Simon, MD. 

Gregory Wayne Smith, MD. 

Whasung Song, MD. 
fRichard Andrew Stafford, MD. 

Herbert A. Stevenson, MD. 
*Dianne Jean Stiles, MD. 

Robin CoeStoll, MD. 

Richard Edward Stotler, MD. 

David Joseph Stryker, MD. 
♦Russell Edward Talcott, MD. 

Peter Ross Taylor, NJ. 
♦Janet Leigh Tyner, MD. 

Ronald Umholtz, FL. 
fMark Clayton Vaccaro, MD. 

William Jeremiah Vancamp, MD. 

Joseph Clement Via, MD. 
tEvelyn B. Waldman, MD. 

James Russell Walker, MD. 

John Jay Ward, MD. 

Lancelot McArthur Warren, MD. 

Jay Harrison Wilbur, MD. 

Joshua Simon Wilkenfeld, MD. 

Bonnie Lee Williams, MD. 
♦Elizabeth Storm Williams, MD. 

Frank Eugene Wright, Jr., MD. 


December 21, 1972 

Maryann Theresa Ingorvate, MD. 

Georgia Lynn Jones, MD. 

Kathleen A. Shue, MD. 

Candidates will be presented by 
Dr. Robert E. Shoenberg, 
Dean for Undergraduate Studies 
December 21, 1972 
Phillip William Podgur, MD. 
Gary Wayne Scaggs, MD. 




August 25, 1972 

Candidates will be presented by Dr. Donald 

W. O'Connell, Dean of the College. 

John Carl Abbott, VA. 

Joseph Clifford Allen, MD. 

Steven Michael Angel, MD. 

Henry Elliott Baker, MD. 

Louis Morton Bechkes, MD. 

William George Becker, MD. 

Edward Eugene Beckman, MD. 

Robert Kennedy Bell, MD. 

Mary Diane Benkovic, PA. 

George Bilmanis, MD. 

James Stephen Binette, MD. 

Harold Francis Blewitl, Jr., MD. 

Joseph Bohm, MD. 

Robert Leo Boyle, MD. 

Kenneth David Brandt, NJ. 

Michael Edmund Bromley, MD. 

John Lawrence Carson, MD. 

Christopher Carroll Catledge, MD. 

David Robert Chamberlin, MD. 

Micah Philemon Chapman, MD. 

Dennis George Chekan, MD. 

James Madison Clark, DC. 

Patrick Al Dady, MD. 

Richard Alfred D'Ambrosio, MD. 

William Francis Davey, Jr. MD. 

Robert Scott Davis, MD. 

Dorothy Katherine Dennis, MD. 

Joseph Henry Downing III, VA. 

Horst Drewnick, MD. 

David Robert Duffey, MD. 

Thomas Paul Dunbar, MD. 

Lofton L. Durham, Jr., Md. 

Joseph Charles Facchina, MD. 

Dennis H. Fair, MD. 
fCarla Jean Flatequal, MD. 

Charles Stevens Fletcher, MD. 

Jean A. Foley, MD. 

James Hance Fooks, MD. 

David George Friend, MD. 

Daniel Andrew Furman, MD. 

Gary Reese Gamber, MD. 

Stuart Bruce Gerber, MD. 

Edwin Robert Gerhard, MD. 

Edward Erwin Glading, VA. 

William Flint Glidden, MD. 

Richard Roentgen Grauel, MD. 
tCharles Anson Gravely, MD 

Arlee Clayton Green, MD. 

Gary MacDougall Grimes, DC. 

Linscott Eldredge Hall, MD. 

Michael Joseph Hall, MD. 

Richard Dwight Hammond, MD. 

Robert Carlisle Hammond, MD. 

Kathleen Cecelia Harjess, MD. 

Michael John Hayes, MD. 
t Ronald Wayne Heagy, MD. 

Charles Martin Herboldsheimer, Jr., MD. 

Joseph Burroughs Higdon, MD. 

Richard Joseph Hoffberger, MD. 

Gary Lee Horner, MD. 

Jeremiah David Hospital, MD. 

Scott Raymond Imus, IL. 

Charles Robert Johnson, MD. 
fLawrence Elliott Johnston, MD. 

Wallace Ng Lee, MD. 

John Paul Logan, Jr., MD. 

Mac Pryor Mann, MD. 

Michael Conrad McKeller, WA. 

Daniel Stephen McKinney, MD. 

Frederick Marshall Mitchell, MD. 

Jerome Cosmas Murphy, MD. 

Leonard Wayne Myers, MD. 

Doris Jean Nicholson, MD. 

Carl Herbert Perlstein, DC. 

Wendell Grant Phillips, MD. 

Michael Pinsky, MD. 

IraL. Pollack, MD. 

Jorge Casa Pulupa, MD. 

Alfred Charles Quenneville, VA. 

Walter Quimby, MD. 

Joseph Gerald Rausa, MD. 

Susan Carol Rechen, MD. 
tSamuelT. R. Revell III, VA. 

John Gordon Rice, MD. 

Scott Wallace Ridenoure, MD. 

Charles Wesley Riner II, MD. 

William Henry Roache, MD. 
fLarry Joel Rosendorf, MD. 

Laurence Jay Rosenfeld, MD. 

David Martin Sanger, MD. 

Mary Mclinda Schlag, MD. 

Bruce William Sherbow, MD. 

Craig Michael Smith, MD. 
tJohn Payne Smith, MD. 

G. Douglas Stauffer, MD. 

William Henry Stinson, MD. 

William Warren Taylor, Jr., MD. 

Dwight Thomas Tayman, MD. 

Charles John Thomas, NJ. 

Kiertisak Tulyadejanonth, MD. 

Paul John Wagner, MD. 

Walter Stanley Wagner, MD. 

James Franklin Warner, MD. 

Richard Foulk Weigle, MD. 

Candance Leighton Weiss, MD. 

Kenneth Richard White, Jr., MD. 

Raymond Andrew Whitney, MD. 

Robert Lewis Wilcox, MD. 

Robert Norman Willis, MD. 

Wayne Waltz Wright, MD. 

Zachary I. Yolles, MD. 

Peter Ellis Youngs, MD. 

December 21, 1972 

tPalricia Lee Abell, MD. 

Barry Lee Accornero, MD. 

Michael Irvin Addison, MD. 

Rodney Lee Adelman, MD. 

Douglas Barry Ahearn, MD. 

Paul Peter Apostolidis, VA. 

James Rosario Arico, NJ. 

William Tracey Armacost, MD. 

William Shelby Arnoult, MD. 

WilliamK. Arps, MD. 
tBruce Patrick Ashby, MD. 

James Thomas Atkins, NJ. 

Paula Daryl Auerbach, MD. 



Sheri Doreen Auman, MD. 

Carroll Joseph Austin, MD. 

James George Averlll, MD. 

Robert Dannals Baker, MD. 

Roger Stewart Bander, MD. 

Robert Ouyle Barnhard, MD. 

Anthony Emmett Bass, MD. 
jEdward James Bassett, MD. 
jRosemary Elizabeth Beales, MD. 

Charles James Becker, MD. 

Robert Dennis Beckman, MD. 

Michael James Bender, MD. 

Basil Lee Beninghove, MD. 

Felix Thad Benn, MD. 

Nathan Bergstein, MD. 

David Jerome Berman, MD. 

Robert Edwin Berngartt, MD. 

William Michael Berry, MD. 

Albert Wallace Biggs, Jr., MD. 
tGlen Victor Bjorklund, MD. 

Richard Pinkney Blackistone, Jr., MD. 
tPhillip Alden Blanchard, MD. 

Bernard John Block, MD. 

Michael John Bollie, MD. 

Milton Clement Boyd, Jr., MD. 

Kimball Scranton Bridgford, MD. 
tMarthaJ. Brooks, MD. 

Michael Edward Brothers, MD. 

Thomas Lee Bruff, MD. 

Guy Donald Brunetto, MD. 

James Richard Burgdorf, MD. 

Kevin A. Burke, MD. 

Michael Robert Burkom, MD. 

Richard Earl Buterbaugh, II, MD. 

Raymond Joseph Byrne, MD. 

Stephen Vincent Callahan, MD. 

Robert Edward Caplon, MD. 

Mark Edward Cardwell, MD. 

Shelley Joan Caro, MD. 

Alexander Gordon Carson, NJ. 

Earl Nelson Chandler, Jr., MD. 

Joseph Vincent Charters, MD. 

David William Cherry, MD. 

Kenneth Michael Chin, MD. 

Alfredo Agustin Chiriboga, MD. 

Michael Blake Clampitt, MD. 

Donna Jeanette Clark, MD. 
tRobert Bruce Clark, MD. 

Bruce Edward Cohen, MD. 

Charles Raymond Colbert, MD. 

John Patrick Coleman, MD. 

Steven William Colford, VA. 

John Leonard Cooke, Jr., MD. 

Joseph William Cosgrove, MD. 

James Robert Coulter, MD. 

James Bennett Coulter, Jr., MD. 

Ronald Jerome Council, NC. 

Donald Ralph Crane, Jr., MD. 

Stephen Hancock Crane, MD. 

Richard Daniel Crawford, MD. 

Thomas Walter Crockett, MD. 

Robert Nelson Crumrine, Jr., MD. 

Kevin Owen Curnyn, VA. 
tWilliam Jackson Curtis, MD. 

Edward Joseph Daley, Jr., TX. 

Bertil Gunnar Danielson, MD. 

John Nicholas Darwent, deB., MD. 



David Eugene Dawson, VA. 

Gregory Charles Dawson, MD. 

James Craig Defibaugh, MD. 

James Robert Deprey, MD. 

Lorraine Constance Desalvo, MD. 
tHoward Ronald Dobson, MD. 

James William Down, III, MD. 

Gordon William Duchez, DC. 

Stanley Francis Duobinis, MD. 

Dudley Carter Dworken, MD. 

Anne M. Edwards, NJ. 

Steven Jay Eisman, MD. 

Robert Reid Ellis, Jr., MD. 

John Francis Ertter, MD. 

Charles Adrian Estep, MD. 

Stephen Michael Everett, MD. 

George Stotelmyer Everly, II, MD. 

David Henry Ewing, MD. 
tBruce Robert Falkenberg, MD. 

Fred Putney Fenstermaker, MD. 

Bruce Michael Fine, MD. 

Carl Bingham Fink, Jr., MD. 

Sanford Roy Fisher, MD. 

Steven Patrick Fitzgerald, MD. 

Rafael Ignacio Font, VA. 

Thomas Carl Foss, MD. 

Maureen Hogan Foster, MD. 

James Gregory France, MD. 

Howard Tyson French, MD. 

David Fridling, MD. 
fEllen Ann Gaffney, MD. 

Charles Paul Galloway, MD. 

Robert Anthony Garvey, Jr., MD. 

James McCrea Gaskill, MD. 

Arthur Henry Gehauf, MD. 
tjames H.Gill, Jr., MD. 

Ross Edward Giilan, MD. 

Harris Michael Goldstein, MD. 

Lee Bennett Goldstein, MD. 

Thomas Parks Gray, MD. 

Mark George Gruber, NJ. 

Hoang Thi Thanh Ha, VA. 

Charles Elwood Hager, MD. 

William Peter Haggerty, MD. 

Fred Lon Haines, MD. 

Fruce William Hamilton, MD. 

James Rice Hanscomb, MD. 

Gergory Kenneth Hanten, MD. 

David John Harbaugh, MD. 

Robert Antis Harnish, Jr., MD. 

George Steven Harris, NJ. 
tThomas Carleton Harris, MD. 

Michael John Hartnett, MD. 

Linda Patricia Hasert, MD. 

Warren M. Haslup, Jr., MD. 

Gains Benjamin Hawkins, MD. 

Jay Laurel Haworth, MD. 

Joseph Gordon Haynes, MD. 

David Howard Heggestad, MD. 
tPaula Ellen Hesselbarth, MD. 

Lawrence Eugene High, MD. 

Richard McCeney Hoffman, MD. 

Walter A. Hoffman, MD. 

Dennis Alfred Hogan, MD. 

Michael Richard Homan, MD. 

Robert George Hopkins, MD. 

Roger Grayson Horn, MD. 

John Jacob Hostetter, Jr., MD. 

Hubert Eugene Huffman, MD. 

Roy Methvin Hutchins, III, MD. 

John Thomas Emory Hyde, MD. 

Clifford Rhys James, MD. 
tJames Raymond Jennings, Jr., MD. 

Ira Johnson, Jr., DC. 

Timothy Lancaster Jones, MD. 

John Edward Kaminski, MD. 
fNancy Hope Kanas, NJ. 

Robert Mitchell Kaye, MD. 

Ronald Nicholas Kecman, PA. 

Robert Henry Kelley, Jr., MD. 

Ellen Cora Kelly, MD. 

John Mark Kingsolver, Jr., MD. 

Michael John Kinney, MD. 
tYehuda Kirchinboim, Israel 

Julie Ann Kirchner, VA. 

Gerald Franklin Koehl, MD. 

David Joseph Konopelski, MD. 

William Ernest Krebs, MD. 

William Elberth Kummel, MD. 

Elliott Seth Kushner, MD. 
tRose R. Kushner, MD. 

Gordon Allan Lake, NJ. 

HoaThi Lam, MD. 

Robert Thomas Lamb, MD. 

John Steven Landefeld, MD. 

Garland Boyd Laughter, MD. 

Robert Charles Lavoie, MD. 

Walter Lee Lecompte, MD. 

Allan James Lee, MD. 

Henry L. Lee, MD. 

Lois Jane Lee, MD. 

Mary W. Lee, MD. 

Paul Richard Leieck, MD. 

Phillip Ronald Lew, MD. 

Christopher Todd Li, MD. 

Larry Alan Linn, MD. 

Robert Louis Livingston, MD. 

George Michael Loutsch, MD. 

Bruce Charles Loveday, MD. 

Jay Charles Luber, MD. 

Stephen Alan Mackler, NJ. 

Henry Ronald MaClean, MD. 

Scott Bernard MaClennan, NJ. 

Dennis James Malatras, MD. 

Melvin Michael Malenski, MD. 

Dennis Robert Markferding, PA. 

Robert William Mars, PA. 

Joseph Richard Marsden, Jr., MD. 

Paul Richard Martin, MD. 

David Ramsey Mathes, MD. 
tRonald Andrew Matovick, MD. 

Michael John Mattozzi, NY. 

John Patrick McCarthy, MD. 

Paul Michael McDonald, MD. 

Thomas D. McGann, DC. 

Mark Page Mclnteer, MD. 

William Franklin McLean, MD. 

Peter Bruce Mechlin, MD. 

Luther Edgar Mellen, III.MD. 

Joseph Earl Meszaros, MD. 

David Allen Metzler, MD. 

Charles Gerald Meyers, MD. 

David Alan Miller, MD. 

Leslie Allen Miller, MD. 

Thomas C. Miller, MD. 

John David Mitchell, MD. 

Rita Ann Mitchell, NJ. 

Ronald Jo Morris, MD. 

Joseph A. Moschetto, MD. 

Leon Moy, DC. 

Andrew Roy Mullins, MD. 

Raymond Wells Murphy, Jr., MD. 
fDonald Lee Murray, MD. 

Keith Michael Myers, MD. 

James Walter Myrtle, MD. 
tjean Ann Nachman, MD. 

Norman Miller Nagel, Jr., MD. 

Edward A. Nash, MD. 

Robert Wesley Neff, MD. 

Joseph Ernest Newhouse, MD. 

James Thomas Noonan, MD. 

Terrence C. O'Brien, MD. 

Kevin Wagner O'Connell, MD. 

James Francis Oles, FL. 

Ronald Lee Olinger, MD. 

Thomas Earl Osborne, MD. 

Ali Osseiran, Lebanon 

Nicholas Francis Pace, MD. 

Rene Pacheco, MD. 
tAndrew Tartar Page, Jr., MD. 

Sharon Margaret Page, MD. 

Kathleen Marie Parker, MD. 

Bonnie Jean Parkes, MD. 

Theodore Pavlos, MD. 

Arthur Francis Payne, MD. 

David Marlin Payne, IN. 

Patricia Lynne Peowie, NJ. 

Michael Patrick Perry, MD. 

John Charles Pertino, MD. 

James Joseph Petronchak, NJ. 

William Richard Pickett, MD. 

William MossPlaut, MD. 
fRobert Joel Pomeranz, MD. 

Robert C. Poole, MD. 

Anne Elizabeth Powell, MD. 

Michael Stephen Powell, MD. 

Richard Michael Powell, MD. 

Richard Stephen Power, MD. 

Thomas Edward Powers, MD. 

Allen Lee Presswood, DC. 

David Andrew Ramsey, MD. 

Rikk Harrison Randel, MD. 

Rod B. Rawlings, MD. 

Frederick William Reamer, Jr., MD. 

Mark Joseph Reid, NJ. 

John Joseph Reilly, Jr., MD. 

Dennis Steven Reina, NJ. 

Isaac Reitberger, MD. 

Eric Winston Rellihan, MD. 

Patrick Michael Reynolds, Jr., MD. 

David Tanner Rhodes, MD. 

Gary William Richard, MD. 

John Michael Ring, MD. 

Ruben Erasto Rivera, MD. 

Gary Michael Rivers, MD. 

Darlene Gail Rodey, MD. 

Irvin Stuart Rosenstadt, MD. 

Julian Spencer Ross, MD. 

Dennis Dominick Rotella, NJ. 

Allan Paul Rothfeder, NJ. 

Dennis Henry Ruck, Jr., MD. 

Jeffrey Morton Russell, MD. 

William Kelly Ryan, MD. 

Robert J. Sabol, VA. 

Walter Frank Sacks, Jr., MD. 
tJoyce Evelyn Savage, MD. 

George Henry Schafer, MD. 

Andrew K. Gwynn Scrivener, Jr., MD. 

James Allen Shaffer, SC. 
tLeotaM.Shelkey, MD. 

Dennis Wayne Shoemaker, MD. 

Michael Lee Shomper, MD. 

James Edward Shriner, MD. 

Gordon Boyd Sickmund, Jr., MD. 

Samuel Morton Silbey, MD. 

Anna Lee Silverman, MD. 

Joseph Francis Skruch, MD. 

Renee Christine Slagle, MD. 

William Frederic Smart, MD. 

Richard Gannon Smith, MD. 

Brent Eugene Snodgrass, MD. 

Raymond Philip Soporowski, NJ. 

Paul Russell Soule, MD. 

Alfred Thomas Stamp, Jr., MD. 

Joseph E. Stanley, II, MD. 

Alan Stark, MD. 
tTheodore Morton Story, NJ. 

Douglas Angelo Strouse, MD. 

Vincent Ira Strubie, NC. 

Peter Oliver Struthers, MD. 

John Arthur Sumner, MD. 

Martin Hunt Sures, MD. 

Joseph E. Svestka, DC. 

Thomas Francis Swartz, MD. 

Ross Edward Swope, MD. 

Barbara Louise Taylor, MD. 

Lawrence William Taylor, MD. 

Thomas Alan Taylor, MD. 

John Samuel Templin, MD, 

John Cavanaugh Thayer, MD. 
fRichard Frederick Theis, MD. 

Michael Edward Thompson, MD. 

Patricia Anne Tillman, MD. 

Kuen Mun Tse, MD. 
fCurtis Turner, MD. 

Williams. Tyler, MD. 

Michael Harry Vansciver, MD. 

Douglas Cole Vivian, MD. 

Lloyd Howard Voight, II, MD. 

Stephen Paul Wade, MD. 

Robert Charles Wagner, MD. 

David Michael Walder, MD. 

Michael Wayne W&re, MD. 

Robert Alan Watkins, MD. 

Barry James Weiss, PA. 

Marshall Dean Weissman, MD. 

Gerald Louis Werking, MD. 
Henry Joseph White, MD. 
Douglas Harold Wilson, MD. 

George Andrew Xillas, MD. 

John Anthony Yannuzzi, NJ. 
William Dennis Yates, MD. 
Martin Irwin Yospa, MD. 
John Evan Zacepilo, MD. 
Mary Ann Zemyan, MD. 
John Sebastian Zerdy, PA. 


August 25, 1972 
Candidates will be presented by 
Dr. Robert F. Carbone, 
Dean of the College 

Mary Elizabeth Bell, MD. 

Eugene Rodger Brown, MD. 

Alphonso Davis, MD. 

Mary Kayc DeLuise, MD. 

Linda Ann Eddlns, MD. 

Carolyn Elizabeth Harris, MD. 

Janice Lee Houpe, MD. 

Theresa Louise Jordan, MD. 

Jean Berry Kaufman, MD. 

Miriam Lynn Klompus, MD. 

Virginia M. Layne, MD. 

Mary Eileen McNamara, MD. 

Glen Barrie Peltz, VA. 

George Edward Rossiter, MD. 

Virginia Ann Salis, MD. 

Anastasia Savvas Samaras, MD. 

Antonino Saraceno, MD. 

Catherine Anne Schemel, MD. 

Michele Maria Schiesser, MD. 

Philip Gardner Scott, MD. 

Janice Lynn Shafer, MD. 

Joan Zoe Shugarts, MD. 

Kathleen Louise Smith, MD. 

Juliana Marie Taymans, MD. 

Susan Marie Trice, MD. 

Betty A. Valltos, MD. 
*Judith Annell VanFosson, MD. 

Helene Elaine Westcott, MD. 

Mary Margaret White, MD. 

Nancy Lee Zimmerman, MD. 

December 21, 1972 
*Cheryl Burdette Adams, MD. 

Carol Louise Aragon, MD. 

Linda Kane Beck, MD. 

Elisabeth Banes Bell, MD. 

Edwin Jay Seller, Jr., MD. 

Jerome Julian Berkowitz, MD. 

Theresa Olinda Black, MD. 

Cassie Alice Bosley, MD. 

Alice Ruth Centers, MD. 

Deborah E. Cohen, NJ. 

Mona Barbara Coleman, NY. 
*Camilla Ann Day, MD. 

Christopher Colin Diekmann, MD. 
tShelley Sylvia Dreifuss, MD. 

Eddie M. Edwards, MD. 
*Renee D. Givner, MD. 

Louis Eric Griffith, MD. 

Louis Eric Hornstein, MD. 
Kevin Ray Inman, MD. 
tJune Gay Jacobs, MD. 

IngeborgSchaar Khan, MD. 
tCharlesG. Krips, 111, MD. 
*Dale Bernice Lazzari, MD. 
Robert H. Lydick, MD. 
Patrick Henry Malone, MD. 
Stephen R. Matters, MD. 
fGail Dee Mayner, MD. 
Lorraine Denise McAuliffe, MD. 
Kathleen Joyce McCabe, MD. 

James Edward McCartney, MD. 
Patricia Ann McHugh, NJ. 
Edward Matthew Morris, MD. 
Martha Diane Morris, MD. 
fKristi Serene Moseson, MD. 
Joanne Love Partee, MD. 
Mary Angela Peratino, MD. 
Colleen Allison Ripley, MD. 
Rebecca Ellen Saady, MD. 
Erika YolandaSchwarting, MD. 
flrene Carol Shapiro, MD. 
tWendyGailSurkis, NY. 
*Hoda Ellen Talaat,MD. 
Beverly Lynn Statler Thrift, MD. 
Ellen Louise Turner, MD. 
Donna Joyce Usher, MD. 
Gregory Jonathon Webb, MD. 
Thomas Michael Werner, MD. 
Christine Joann Willia, MD. 
tSusanne Braun Yokel, MD. 
tGretaD. Zink, MD. 

August 25, 1972 
Renee Adams, MD. 
Christopher Lee Ashmore, MD. 
Stephen Lawrence Athey, MD. 
Victoria Eugenia Avera, MD. 
Robert Joseph Baldwin, MD. 
Dennis Ballentine, MD. 
♦Richard Francis Benson, MD. 
Trudy )o Ann Benton, MD. 
Joyce Ellen Bergner, MD. 
George Nelson Brewer, MD. 
Ronnie Judith Brown, NJ. 
fDarleen Kay Browne, MD. 

Robert Oliver Busch, MD. 
Margaret F. Calderhead, MD. 

Robert Anthony Cecil, MD. 

Rosemarie Catherine Ciccone, MD. 

Nannie Bytha Coakley, MD. 
Gerard Frank Consuegra, MD. 

Elizabeth Ann Cooper, MD. 

Marilou Theresa Cooper, MD. 

Henry Norman Cypress, MD. 

Richard Leon Dalton, MD. 

Janet Fishack Davis, MD. 

Earl Norman Deickman, Jr., MD. 

Ira Eugene Doyle, Jr., MD. 

Gwenn M. Eisenberg, MD. 

Arlene Crown Elling, MD. 
tCindy Engel, MD. 

Deborah Lane Eschbacher, MD. 

Barbara Reidt Farra, MD. 

Mary Margaret Flowers, MD. 

Anne Allen Flynn, MD. 

Cynthia Ann Fudge, MD. 
fEllen Ann Gardiner, MD. 

Catherine N. Goldman, MD. 

Paulette Marie Gregoire, MD. 

Michael Saul Grossman, MD. 

Paulas. Hall,MD. 

Janet Gail Hardy, MD. 

Karen Ann Harvis, MD. 

Robert Edward Hausc, MD. 

Barbara Lynn Henning, MD. 

Kathleen Therese Hilton, DC. 


John Robert Ingersoll, MD. 
Ellen Anne Jesse, MD. 
Hillary Beth Kaye, MD. 
Jimmie David Kinder, MD. 
Rita Elvira Kinsella, MD. 
Linda M. Kline, MD. 
Nadine Marie Kniedler, MD. 
Fern Barbara Kogan, MD. 
Marysia L. Kwast, MD. 
James Lewis Lawrence, Jr., MD. 
Anthony S. Maggio, MD. 
Geoffrey L. Marcus, MD. 
Lydia Hathaway Marlow, DC. 
Marilyn Susan Marshall, MD. 
Arlin Weksler Martin, MD. 
John Charles Martin, MD. 
Douglas R. Mayer, NY. 
Ellen V. McEachern, MD. 
Neal Pardoe McKinney, MD. 
Ronald Dean Mock, MD. 
Margaret Mary Moroney, MD. 
Dorothy Scott Murray, DC. 
Barbara Ann Naugle, MD. 
Karen Patricia O'Brien, MD. 

Rosalind Stembridge O'Sheel, VA. 
Linda Marie Palmer, MD. 

Bryna Elaine Pariser 
■[^Verilette Ann Parker, MD. 

Rose Marie Pearson, MD. 

Donna Marie Policastro, NY. 

Margaret Jane Polm, MD. 

Stephen Donald Post, VA. 

Elizabeth Ann Pritchard, MD. 

Sally A. Pulver, MD. 

Edward Charles Pytlik,MD. 

William Edward Rodgers, MD. 

Kathleen M. Rosenbaum, MD. 

Steven John Roudebush, MD. 

Janet Michelle Schaffer, MD. 

Ilene Mae Schline, MD. 

John Hirschy Schwendy, NY. 

John Albert Scuderi, MD. 

James Floyd Shaffer, MD. 

Anne Blaine Shelton, MD. 

Sherril Ronni Singer, NJ. 
*Suzanne Speckel, MD. 

William Francis Spillane, MD. 

Marlene Wilma Stivers, MD. 

Sara Ely Titus, MD. 
*Kimon Stephanie Vassos, MD. 

Sarah Darlington Weidler, MD. 

Louise H. Whitney, DC. 

Vern Shelby Williams, DC. 

December 21, 1972 

Linda Joyce Abell, MD. 
fMyra Kate Abramovitz, MD. 
*Carol Jakubowski Albanese, MD. 
*Agnes Armstrong Alcott, MD. 
fTracy Lee Algrim, MD. 

Audrey Virginia Allen, MD. 

Sherrill Marie Allen, MD. 

Rosemary C. Andrews, MD. 

James Kent Ashcraft, MD. 

Wilma Lee Asquith, MD. 
tAnna Lucile Atwood, MD. 

Mary Stephanie Auld, MD. 



Verna Jeanne Bach, MD, 

■••Judith Bachenheimer, NY. 
James Graham Beck, MD. 

♦Nancy Claire Belkov, MD. 
Janet N. Bell, NY. 
Sandra Marie Bergeron, MD. 
Marsha Berkofsky, MD. 
Kathryn Louise Blackmon, MD. 
Paul Edward Blasewitz, MD. 
tSheri Lynn Bleakman, MD. 
*Terry Ellen Blessington, MD. 
*Connie Dehoff Boccia, MD. 
Frank William Boyd, MD. 

Thomas Patrick Brady, MD. 
*Ruth Carolyn Breunig, MD. 

Janet Marcia Brown, MD. 
•Barbara Gwyn Burton, MD. 

Barbara Heckman Buschek, MD. 

Jane Caiazzo, NJ. 
*John W.Carroll, MD. 

Constance Jean Carter, MD. 

Steven Ronald Chadwick, MD. 

RandiChalal, PA. 

Ray Edward Chapman, MD. 

Robert Murray Cheston, Jr., MD. 
tKathleen Ann Childs, MD. 

Mary Catherine Cohen, MD. 

Jennifer Ann Comer, MD. 

David Edward Craig, MD. 

Michael Crandus, MD. 

Sue Hirschman Daigle, MD. 

Patricia Ann Dales, MD. 

Sandra Lynn Dalrymple, MD. 

Elizabeth Ann Dausch, MD. 

Jean Brown Day, MD. 

Kathryn Jane Debruin, MD. 

James Alfonso Degaetano, PA. 

Teresa Lisbeth Denner, VA. 

Elizabeth Hardey Devereux, MD. 

James Edward Dietsch, MD. 

David Alexander Dixon, VA. 

Kathleen Counts Dixon, MD. 

John Howard Doak, MD. 

Josephine Mary Dobbs, MD. 

Gloria Riner Dollarton, MD. 

Angela Rita Domanico, MD. 

Lloyditephen Donaldson, MD. 

Susan Reed Downey, MD. 
tBelty K. Drake, MD. 

Deborah Drake, MD. 

Peter Alan Dreifuss, MD. 

Doris Pong Dudley, MD. 

Lynn J. Duff, MD. 

Doreen E. Duncan, MD. 

Jane Barbara Dunie, MD. 

Terry Lynn Dutrow, MD. 

Linda Kay Dykstra, MD. 

Teresa L. Eagleson, MD. 

Bruce Glasgow Eberwein, MD. 

Richard H. Edwards, MD. 
♦Teri Ann Emig, MD. 

Edward Foster Everitt, MD. 

Linda Louise Ewing, MD. 

Robert Joel Feinberg, MD. 

Phyllis Sandra Feldman, MD. 

Debra Jean Fisher, MD. 

Jacqueline Marie Fitzgerald, MD. 


Stephen S. Fort, MD. 

Peggy Ann Foster, MD. 

Richard J. Fowler, MD. 

Ellen Mae Frank, MD. 

James Edward Frantz, MD. 

Loretta Ann Frederick, MD. 
tRichard Taylor Friedl,VA. 

Diane Louise Fritts, MD. 

James Carson Fritzinger, MD. 

Nicholas Funkhouser, MD. 

Victoria Lee Genovese, MD. 

Mary Anne Gillis, MD. 

Janet Anne Glorioso, MD. 

Winn Gibson Gobeil, DE. 

Edith Marie Gonzales, MD. 

Charles Mark Gordon, MD. 

Patricia Lee Graves, MD. 

Darlene Marie Greathouse, MD. 
*Judi Johns Green, MD. 
fBeth Lee Greenbaum, MD. 

Nanette Helen Greenbaum, MD. 

Sharon Lee Greer, MD. 

George Levon Hagopian, MD. 

Christine Marie Hanley, MD. 

Hilda W. Haransky, MD. 
♦Stanley Glenn Harger, MD. 

Heather Ayne Hart, MD. 

Dennis Paul Hartnett, MD. 

Harvey Allen Hash, MD. 
♦Sharon Hall Healy, MD. 

Frances Carolyn Vance Held, MD. 
tAlice Patricia Helms, MD. 
tjoan Charlotte Hennessey, MD. 

Theodore David Herman, MD. 

Dianne Herring, MD. 

John Philip Hilly, MD. 

Susan Marie Hite, MD. 
tAnn Hoffnar, MD. 

John Solomon Hoke, MD. 

Patricia Ann Holmes, NJ. 

Ida May Hornberger, MD. 

Kathryn Ann Housaman, MD. 

George W. Hyde, Jr., MD. 

Terry Minor Inman, MD. 

Ronnie Lynn Jacobs, VA. 

Glenn James Johnson, MD. 

Bruce Allan Jones, MD. 

Crystal B. Keast, MD. 

Catherine M Ronayne Kelly, MD. 

Barrie Lynn Keneman, MD. 

Richard Lloyd Kent, MD. 

Sharon Elaine Kline, MD. 

Ann L. Klukowski, MD. 

Ginette Geja Krantz, DC. 

Steven Ernest Kurz, MD. 
♦Susan Marlene Lapkoff, MD. 
♦Dale Pamela Laster, NJ. 

Molly Ann Leace, MD. 

Jennifer Ladonna Lee, MD. 

Jeddie Bristow Legoff, MD. 

Philip Edward Leiter, MD. 

Alice Jean Leonhardt, MD. 

Marvin Charles Levin, MD. 

Antonio Batistta Liberatore, MD. 
jBarbara Marie Lockhart, MD. 

Bonnie Suxanne Lockhart, MD. 

Bonnie Dell Logan, MD. 

David Anthony Lombardi, CT. 

•Maryann Lorey, NY. 

Susan Eileen McConnell Lushine, MD. 

Donald Calloway Lyies, DC. 

William Ronald Lynn, MD. 

Carolyn Lois Mack, MD. 

Thomas Anthony Maiorana, MD. 

Margaret Lynn Manley, MD. 

William Alfonso Marano, MD. 

Mary D. Marshall, MD. 

Hariet Touchberry Mason, MD. 

Irene Anne Matiukas, DC. 

Mary Marcia McKenney, MD. 
♦Michael Charles Metz, MD. 

Marjorie Elisabeth Michael, MD. 
♦Joan Susan Miller, PA. 

Richard Edward Miller, MD. 

Edward Joseph Molitano, MD. 

Donna Jean Montgomery, MD. 

Deborah Jane Moore, MD. 

Michael Boyd Moore, MD. 

Mary Catherine Muckelbauer, MD. 

Joan Winstead Muir, MD. 

Patricia Adelle Murphree, MD. 

Polly Ann Myers, MD. 

Philip Raymond Nixon, MD. 

Karen Joyce Nunamann, MD. 

Barbara Jo Oshinsky, MD. 
tKathryn Louise Ostberg, MD. 

Theresa Joan Owens, DC. 
tjo AnnOzer, MD. 

Pamela Susan Pace, CT. 

Linda Kay Palmer, NY. 

Joan B. Patchett, MD. 
♦Sharon Mae Pats, MD. 

George Earl Pedri, MD. 

Roberta M. Petersen, MD. 

Thomas Gary Pless, MD. 

Marian Gray Purtell, MD. 
♦Norma J. Raymond, MD. 
tJudith Karen Rib, MD. 

Ronald Louis Ricketts, MD. 
♦Suzanne Lee Ricklin, MD. 

Joan Esther i^ochkind, MD. 

Jean Ruby Roop, MD. 

Elliot Alan Rosenthal, MD. 

Thomas Stanely Roudebush, MD. 

Margaret Lynne Russell, MD. 

Pamela Ann Saunders, MD. 

Marlene Susan Schrier, MD. 

Gail Marshall Schwartz, MD. 

Hilton Stanford Sclawy, MD. 

Cathy Mary Sharp, NJ. 

Nancy Ellen Sherbow, MD. 

Darlene Ruth Shields, MD. 
♦Christy Frances Shipman, MD. 

Suzanne Shor, MD. 

Sheri Fern Silber, MD. 
tTina Rachelle Silbergleit, MD. 

Barbara Simon, NJ. 

Margaret Boesinger Sjoberg, MD. 

Nancy Louise Sleeman, MD. 

Cindy Meryl Slesinger, MD. 

Janet Smith, MD. 
♦Sharon Louise Smith, MD. 

Jewel Gillespie Solomon, MD. 

Isabell Marie Sperapani, MD. 

Linda Anne Sperapani, MD. 

Joseph Michael Spinola, MD. 

Joyce Ann Sprecher, MD. 

Roy Eugene Stambaugh, MD. 

Gail Marlene Stammer, MD. 

Vicki Ellen Stander, MD. 

Anna Christensen Staples, MD. 

Harry Alan Stephens, MD. 

Jane McKay Stephenson, MD. 

Barbara Ava Stettner, MD. 

John Christopher Stimac, MD. 
fConnie Dianne Stratton, MD. 
fMary Lou Slraughan, MD. 

Susanne Strunk, MD. 
♦Martin Edward Svrcek, MD. 

Patricia Lou Sweet, MD. 

Judith Bayle Taine, MD. 
♦Steven Alan Tarkington, MD. 

Richard Woodrow Taylor, MD. 
fAndrea Tokarcik, MD. 

Caria Beth Travaglini, MD. 

Kandace Lee Trettin, MD. 

Karen Lee Trout, MD. 
♦Patricia Anne Turner, MD. 

Katherine Elaine Vereb, MD. 

Nancy S. Virts, MD. 
♦Britta Maria Vonderlippe, MD. 

Linda Ann Vonharten, MD. 
fSharleen Nancy Wagner, MD. 

Michael Francis Walsh, MD. 

Joan Loraine Warner, MD. 
♦Sheila A. Warner, MD. 

Diana Lynne Watkins, MD. 

Teresa Richards Webber, MD. 

Susan Hayes Westenburger, MD. 

Patricia Lou Whitten, MD. 

Donna E. Wiegand, MD. 

Catherine Rinehart Wilde, MD. 

Pamela Jo Wilkerson, MD. 

Mary Margaret Wise, MD. 

Karen Louise Woodcock, MD. 

Donald Rigsby Wright, MD. 
fWendy E. Zimmerman, MD. 


August 27, 1972 

Candidates will be presented by Dr. Robert 

B. Beckmann, Dean of the College. 

^Ronald Lee Bass, MD. 
^Eric Lee Brandenburg, MD. 
'I.arry Arthur Carson, MD. 
■'Sahatep Duangudom, TN. 
vCharlesC. Franklin, MD. 
''Michael Louis Freitag, DC. 
- Wayne Thomas Hickerson, MD. 
■^Charles Michael King, MD. 
^ Rajit Kumar, DC. 
.' Richard Martin Norton, MD. 
■>Oscar E. Perez Delgado, MD. 
• Richard Wiley Prugh, MD. 
-^ David Saha, MD. 
•^Robbie L. Williams, MD. 
" Francis Irving Young, MD. 

December 21, 1972 
VLeif A. Aamot, VA. 
uConrad Scott Allman, Jr., VA. 
^ Harvey Mark Armstrong, MD. 


C iiii quL Ai i gt l Au l jL, MB. 
\/Callixtus John Aulisio, MD. 
v^George R. Bailey, MD. 
^ David IVIichael Banwarth, MD. 
.4Alfred T. Barnard, VA. 
u^Norman Lee Baumgarten, MD. 
vtLouis Allen Bennett, MD. 
v^ichael Metcalf Braun, MD. 
\^Richard J. Broderick, MD. 
\y Robert Walter Brown, MD. 
vf Alexander Bruner, MD. 
i/Edward Eugene Buffington, MD. 
^/fRichard Bruce Bunevitch, MD. 
^ George C. Cakoulidis, MD. 
'.^Kenneth Edward Carey, VA. 
•^ Eugene Paul Carlson, MD. 
\/Chin-Yuan Chiao, MD. 
yKasian Chongsrisdi, Thailand 
\/Sei Hoon Chun, MD. 
v/James Patrick Davey, MD. 
I/' Stephen Edward Davis, MD. 
i/*Hassan Aly Dayem, N|. 
v/BingNgork Der, MD. 
v^Robert James Divilio, MD. 
vAVarren Francis Dorsey, MD. 
-^*Michael George Edds, MD. 
»4Don Edward Ertel, MD. 
v/ David Brian Evans, MD, _ 
Pau l Duug l ai T I llK, MD. ' 
»/George Emil Friedrich, III, MD. 
i/Edward Thornton Fulford, MD. 
'^Nelson Earl Gardner, MD. 
■^ Robert Anthony Gleich, Jr., MD. 
" Robert James Golueke, MD. 
^ Robert Stephen Gorman, MD. 
/*Gil Yitzhak Graff, MD. 
WLuther Pearson Hampton, III. MD. 
>- Richard Carl Hansen, MD. 
V'David M. Harrah, MD. 

\/Richard Graham Hawes, MD. 
Vliobert John Hazleton, Jr. MD. 

" Ronald Wade Henning, MD. 
i/fjohn Edward Herring, Jr., MD. 
VThomas Edward Herron, MD. 
•/Gary Staley Hill, MD. 
A i id i cM. Ilo ule, NY. 
•^ David Arnold House, MD. 
^Arnold William Howard, MD. 
\/Bernard Icore, MD. 

l/Mark Stephen Ifshin, MD. 

>^Robert Leo Jann, MD. 

i^obert Steele Jeter, MD. 
^John Emanuel Johnson, MD. 

-' J o se p h Pau l Ka li tuda, MD. 

^ames R. Kitko, Jr., MD. 

'•'John Antony Koroulakis, DC. 
y Peter Francis Kratz, MD. 

l/'Robert Grant La/grange, MD. 

vThomas Patrick Lg^gham, MD. 

>^ Howard Drew Larson, Jr., MD. 

»y)ack Alan Lehman, MD. 

vRichard Colton Leitch, MD. 

^Fredric Willhard Lohnes, MD. 

l/Paul Homer Lortie, MD. 
Ju liii Ca ll Luwi i dcj, MD. - 

vRobert Lyie Lunsford, MD. 

/John Joseph Maholtz, III, MD. 
s/fVaclav Majer, MD. 

Da rt L o wel l M e Oann i ga l , MD. 
^*Franklin Willard Lee Meisel, Jr., MD. 
^Donald Peter Milanicz, MD. 
^^ David Alan Miller, MD. 
v^'David Roy Miller, MD. 
■/Benjamin Molayem, MD. 
^Robert Lee Nelson, MD. 
^-4'aul Anthony O'Brien, MD. 

Pau l ria ii LisO'DuMin- ll , MD. 
"^James Calvin Oleinik, MD. 

K i thu ii gPat, MD. 
i^Napoleon Edward Patino, MD. 
.^William Neff Patten. MD. 

vHarold Edward Powell, Jr., MD. 
Edward Lee Priestas, MD. 

V Lawrence Richard Pulio, MD. 
n/Charles Vincent Raubacher, Jr., MD. 

(/Joseph Anthony Reed, Jr., CT. 

\/William Mcallister Reed, PA. 

v/William George Regotti, MD. 

i^Jose Luis Rodriguez, MD. 

•\lario Edgar Salazar, MD. 
•/♦Richard Louis Sandler, MD. 

i/Gary Francis Scanlon, MD. 

/Robert Paul Schwartz, MD. 

i^ Ralph Alan Secoura, MD. 
v/ Thomas Hugh Seymour, MD. 
/fMark Whisler Shreeve, MD. 
v/jCarlton Walls Smith, jr., MD. 

\/ James Lex Smith, MD. 

V Robert Reece Smullen, Jr., MD. 
^ Alan Daniel Sobolewski, MD. 

John Robe r t Sof in owjk i , MD. — 
■ Be rn a rd o TomaaSo li a, MD. 
/William Albert Sommerwerck, MD. 
i/*Rajive Soni, MD. 
t/Gilbert Johnson Stiles, MD. 

v/Thomas William Stone, MD. 

x^harles Francis Style, MD. 
-^Roger Collin Sutherland, MD. 

Joitph Foua d Tahan, MB. ' 
" Robert Fulton Taylor, MD. 

•' William Jacob Teach, MD. 

^ Roger Lynn Thomas, MD. 
\yFranklin Wilford Thomason, MD. 

■•Charles E. Tittle, MD. 

v^ark George Twarowski, MD. 

^George Randall Verdier, MD. 

i^Carl Robert Voorhees, NJ. 
v/*William Douglas Walton, MD. 
Gl i L i' igTiUL ii Wang, MD. — 

/Edward Gerard Warfield, MD. 

■^ Craig Alan Weeks, MD. 
"fEdwin James Whitney, DC. 

■-' Randall Eugene Wiley, MD. 
■■^tRobert Phillip Willet, Jr., MD. 

i^ Thomas Edward Wilson, MD. 

^ Robert James Wolfgang, MD. 

^Mark Edward Yachmetz, MD. 
L^*George Herman Zinkgraf, MD. 


August 25, 1972 
Candidates will be presented by 
Dr. Marjory Brooks, 
Dean of the College. 
Diane Loleta Aldrich, MD. 
Debra Lee Bowman, MD. 
Julie Ann Jones, MD. 
Terry Lee Jones, MD. 
Patricia Ann LaMotte, MD. 
Karen Louise Lucas, MD. 
Melanie Sue McKinght, MD. 
fPauline Margaret Mitchell, MD. 
Patrick Michael Olmert, DC. 
Mary Elizabeth Soderstrum, MD. 
Dianne Coroso Spink, VA. 
Evelyn Maria Tillman, MD. 
Susan B. Traylor, MD. 
Patricia Keehn Wallace, MD. 

December 21, 1972 

Agnes Ann Adams, DC. 
fBonnie Wilcox Bauer, MD. 

Raymond Bednar, PA. 

Diane Marie Brainerd, CA. 

Robert Preston Brigance, Jr., MD. 

Ronald Delano Brown, MD. 

Sarah T. Cecil, MD. 
*Constance Ellen Citro, MD. 

John Gerald Cutler, MD. 

Doug Maynard Deboard, MD. 

Debra L. Dewitt, MD. 
tJoanne Johnson Doody, MD. 
tSheila Witmer Doyle, MD. 

Marsha Louise Faringer, MD. 

Mary Ellen Fields, MD. 

Kathryn Cross Finegan, MD. 

Suzanne Marie Flaherty, MD. 

Rebecca Louise Frank, MD. 

David Giulio Giancristoforo, MD. 

Benjamin T. Hardy Lenwood Jr., DC 

Cyma Rifka Heffter, MD. 

Margot Babette Helferd, MD. 

Mary Loretto Hemler, MD. 

Hazel R. Hennigan, MD. 

Linda Odessa Hunt, MD. 

Katherine Louise Huson, MD. 

Gail Jackson, MD. 

Anna Katherine Jacobs, PA. 

Donna Jeanne Jeffrey, MD. 

Gene Ellen Kleinknecht, MD. 

Sharon Louise Kogok, MD. 

Susan T. Kwash, MD. 

Sally O'Dell Lamb, MD. 

Mary Yee Lee, MD. 

Carol Reichel Leung, MD. 

Mary Cecilia Lodato, MD. 

Beverly Rawlyne Massey, MD. 

Marilyn Lee McGuire, MD. 

Patricia Lynn McGuire, MD. 

Patricia Foster McWilliams, MD. 

Pamela Jean Medd, VA. 

Margaret Ellen Miller, MD. 

Rita Marie Miller, MD. 

Linda Kay Minnich, MD. 

Fleur Shelty Neumann, MD. 
fLynn Frances Nyce, MD. 

Kathryn Marie Oakley, MD. 

Anne Marie O'Keefe, MD. 
*Margaret Valmai Pascoe, MD. 

Gerry Lynn Pfaff, MD. 

Linda Ann Puglisi, MD. 
*Rena Rodeman, NJ. 

Billie Jane Roogow, MD. 

Dianne Miller Russell, MD. 
tShirley Bette Sandhaus, MD. 
*Jacqueline R. Schmitt, MD. 

Patricia Ann Serino, MD. 

Eileen R. Shaw, MD. 

Anne Mordell Silbey, MD. 

Judith A.Smith, MD. 
*Jo Ann Snyder, MD. 

Debera Susan Solis, MD. 

Patricia Lynnc Sparks, MD. 

Alice Elizabeth Stegman, MD. 

Evelyn Ruth Stinchcomb, MD. 

Judith Rae Surosky, MD. 

Margaret Laine Tapman, MD. 

Evangeline G. Voluse, Wl. 

Adriene Diane Warner, MD. 

Christine Matilda Warnke, MD. 

Martha Ray Waters, MD. 

Rachel Elizabeth Webster, MD. 

Shirley Jean Wolf, Puerto Rico 

Patricia Eileen Zello, MD 

August 25, 1972 

Candidates will be presented by Dr. Marvin 
H. Eyler, Dean of the College. 
Hubert Daniel Belvin, Jr., MD. 
Les Bernard, MD. 
Linda Jean Carman, NJ. 
Kenneth Duvall Chapman, MD. 
fRobert Frank, Collins. MD. 
Jessica Ann Conrad, MD. 
Charles Bernard Crawford, MD. 
Harriet Ruth Feldman, MD. 
Diane Mary Karson, MD. 
Leonard Irvin Klein, MD. 
Sharon Marie MacKenzie, TX. 
Lucinda Jane McCafferty, MD. 
Shannon Patricia McKee, MD. 
James Curtis Mead, MD. 
Barbara Ann Meyerhoeffer, MD. 
tCarol Anne Peters, MD. 
Sheila Starks Piccone, MD. 
Joan RobbinsReilly, MD. 
Michael Kenneth Rodgers, MD. 
Donald O'Keefe Sears, MD. 
Mark Thomas Smoot, MD. 
Joseph Leo Superka, Jr., MD. 
Robert Warren Swanson, Jr., MD. 
Barbara Hurley Wood, VA. 
Juliet H.Wood, DC. 
December 21, 1972 
Donald Paul Atkinson, MD. 



Steven Raymond Berger, MD. 

Steven Jay Block, MD. 
tBarbara Ann Bloom, MD. 
* Roberta Boyle, MD. 

Charles Aloyslus Butler, MD. 

Dominick J. Camero, NJ. 

Colleen Theresa Cox, MD, 

Donald Lee Disney, MD. 

Lynne Ava Dreyer, MD. 

William King Elderbaum, MD. 

James William George, Jr., MD. 

Hilarie Anne Glasgow, MD. 

Elliott Haines, III, MD. 

Judith Hanson, MD. 

Deborah Ann Hauck, NJ. 

Peter Michael Henry, MD. 

Charles L. Hoffman, PA. 

Harvey Bayer Hoffman, MD. 
*Bernadette M. Humphrey, MD. 
jStephen Allen Kahn, MD. 

Robert George Manz, MD. 

Guy Edward Marino, MD. 

Janet Susan Maske, MD. 

Susan Vivian McMahon, MD. 

Timothy Alan Moore, MD. 

Donald Edward Moors, Jr., MD. 

Stephen Karl Norton, PA. 

Michael D. Ostinato, VA. 

Kenneth Roy Peifer, MD. 

Homer Leonard Richeson, MD. 

Louisa White Riggs, MD. 

Lucy Eileen Robinson, DC. 

Nathan Marc Ross, MD. 

Nancy Virginia Salmon, MD. 


James Warren Sample, MD. 

Alan Keith Scheidegger, VA. 

Jo Suzanne Schmidt, MD. 

Paul Booth Schutt,MD. 

Patricia Karen Shaw, MD. 

Jeffrey Earl Shugars, MD. 

Paul W. Smiley, MD. 

Theodore William Steiner, PA. 

Cynthia Merryman Steuart, MD. 
*Linda K. Stevenson, MD. 
tWilliam Allan Stever, MD. 

Jeffrey John Tessier, NY. 

Ann Larue Thomas, MD. 

Edmund Stanley Van Brunt, III, MD. 
fMarysusan Wanich, PA. 

Elaine Ryan Wigglesworth, MD. 

Gudrun Ursula Woehlbrandt, NY. 

Delmar Roy Wolfe, MD. 









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