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«-.'a--vv »». 

"Dec. \^'\^ 


171st Commencement 
University of Maryland 
College Park Campus 
December 22, 1973 

Chaneellor's Mes^iage 

Excellence is measured by our commitment to discover knowledge. It is reflected in 
a spirit of inquiry, within a context of concern for humanity. It is our resolve that this 
Campus be a center where people come together for the common purpose of releasing 
their creative energies in the discovery of knowledge, a place where expectations are 
high and where expectations are matched by performance. 

Excerpt from Report to the Campus 

October, 1973 

Charles E. Bishop, Chancellor 

Order of 

December 22, 1973 


Cole Student Activities Building 


Dr. Charles E. Bishop 
Chancellor, College Park Campus 


Triumphal March, Hector Berlioz 
University Band and University Chorus 
Conductor, John Wakefield 


The Reverend L. James Downs 
Roman Catholic Chaplain 


Led by 

Dr. Paul Traver 


Dr. Wilson H. Elkins 
President of the University 

Dr. Louis L. Kaplan 
Chairman, Board of Regents 


The Battle Hymn of the Republic, 
William Steefe 

University Band and University Chorus 
Conductor, Dr. Paul Traver 


Mr. David R. Brower 


Dr. Elkins, Honorary Degree 
Dr. Bishop, College Park Campus 


Mr. Timothy John Brennan 
Graduating Senior 

Dr. Bishop 


Hail to thee, Maryland! 
Steadfast in loyalty 
For thee we stand. 
Love for the Black and Gold, 
Deep in our hearts we hold. 
Singing, thy praise forever. 
Throughout the land. 


The Reverend Elizabeth Platz 
Lutheran Chaplain 


University Band 
Conductor, John Wakefield 

The College 
Park Campus 
and The 

The Students 

College Park is dedicated to young 
people. The Campus gives all students the 
chance to encounter new persons, new 
ideas and new interests, all of which they 
could hardly find elsewhere in such varie- 
ty. Students may discover ancient Greece 
for the first time; they may try their hand 
at art; or they may use a computer to 
help design a better environment for man. 

But whatever they investigate, whether 
it is under a microscope, or out in space 
or within the human mind, their ex- 
periences sharpen their vision and im- 
prove their judgment. They learn in and 
out of class, by relating to many people 
of their own age and by dealing with a 
cultured faculty. They are able, in these 
many ways, to better define their direc- 
tions and their goals. 

The Faculty 

Men and women of varied personalities 
and interests instruct our students, schol- 
ars whose work ranges from the study of 
physical forces to the study of man in all 
his complexities. One professor studies 
properties more fundamental than the 
atom; another measures laser distances 
to the moon with an accuracy of inches; 
another simulates a computerized "elec- 
tric avalanche" to study the effects of 
lightning; another leads students to ex- 
cavate the ruins of Pompeii; while still an- 
other visits Maryland's marshes to better 
understand and ultimately preserve for all 
of us one of Maryland's particular treas- 
ures, the Chesapeake Bay. 

One way to describe this Campus is 
through the interaction of student and 
faculty, but other points of view are in- 
teresting too. 

The Campus 

Located in suburban Maryland just 
nine miles from the Nation's Capitol, the 
College Park Campus offers a diversity of 
cultural, political and scientific resources 
to its students. 

The Campus is a spacious one of 1 ,300 
acres. Some of its 228 Georgian-style 
buildings overlook playing fields, the 
tree-lined central mall, or rolling lawns, 
while one or two border the few remain- 

ing open fields of grazing land belonging 
to the University. 

In enrollment. College Park is among 
the largest Campuses in the country. Un- 
dergraduates enrolled in fall, 1973 num- 
bered 26,192 and graduate students 
7,107 for a total enrollment of 33,299. 
This year's College Park operating budget 
is over $1 15,000,000, and the University 
assisted over 6,000 College Park students 
with scholarship aid in 1972-73. 

Undergraduates may choose from 71 
programs for a major and graduate stu- 
dents from 61 graduate programs. In 
number of doctorates granted annually, 
the University ranks among the top thirty 
in the nation. 


The University had its beginnings in 
1807 with the establishment in Baltimore 
of the College of Medicine, an entirely 
faculty -owned institution granting the 
M.D. degree. When its name was changed 
to the University of Maryland five years 
later, it was given power to confer addi- 
tional degrees. The first dental school in 
America, the Baltimore College of Dental 
Surgery, became a part of the University 
in 1840. Subsequently, the University 
opened schools of pharmacy, law and 

Under a charter secured by a group of 
Maryland planters, the College Park 
Campus of the University, then called the 
Maryland Agricultural College, opened in 
1859 and became one of the original 
land-grant schools in 1865. After a dis- 
astrous fire in 1912, the State acquired 
control of the College and bore the cost 
of rebuilding. In 1920 the State took over 
the faculty-owned University in Balti- 
more, merging it with the State-owned in- 
stitution at College Park to form the pre- 
sent day University of Maryland. 

In 1886 the Delaware Conference 
Academy was founded by the Methodist 
Church in Princess Anne, Maryland. The 
State acquired this institution in 1926, 
making it a division of the University of 
Maryland in 1948. It was made a Campus 
of the University system in 1970 as the 
University of Maryland Eastern Shore 
(UMES). A new Campus known as Uni- 
versity of Maryland Baltimore County 
(UMBO was opened at Catonsville in 

Research Facilities 

Among the exceptional research facili- 
ties are: a 140 MeV cyclotron; a nuclear 
reactor; scanning electron microscopes; 
subsonic, supersonic and hypersonic wind 
tunnels; an electron ring accelerator; a 
precision encoder and pattern recognition 
device; a gravitational radiation detection 
system including a gravimeter on the 
moon; a quiescent plasma device (Q ma- 
chine); a psychopharmacology labora- 
tory; three retro-reflector arrays on the 
moon; rotating tanks for laboratory 
studies of meteorological phenomena; 
Van de Graaff accelerators; a laboratory 
for basic behavioral research; an assort- 
ment of computers; the Astronomy Ob- 
servatory, Center of Materials Research, 
Institute for Fluid Dynamics and Applied 
Mathematics, Institute for Molecular 
Physics, and the Water Resources Re- 
search Center. 

The College Park Campus also owns 
and operates one of the largest and most 
sophisticated long-wavelength radio tele- 
scopes (located in Clark Lake, Calif.) and 
a cosmic ray laboratory (located in New 

In addition to these research oppor- 
tunities in the biological, mathematical 
and physical sciences, research programs 
in the behavioral sciences, social sciences 
and education exist in many bureaus and 
institutes including: the Bureau of Busi- 
ness and Economic Research, Bureau of 
Educational Research and Field Services, 
Bureau of Governmental Research, Insti- 
tute for Child Study, Institute for Crimi- 
nal Justice and Criminology and the Insti- 
tute for Urban Studies. 


University libraries include approxi- 
mately 1,350,000 volumes on the College 
Park Campus, 15,000 subscriptions to 
periodicals and newspapers, plus nearly 
730,000 microform units, as well as many 
slides, film strips, prints, music scores, 
and recordings. The new Undergraduate 
Library has a seating capacity of 4,000 
students and is among the nation's 
largest. The library features a recreational 
reading collection of 5,000 paperbacks, 
and quadrophonic concert room, color 
video tape players and playback units, en- 
closed rooms equipped with instructor's 
consoles for the use of nonprint media 
materials, and wireless stereo headsets for 
tapes of lectures, plays, speeches, and 



i I. 




Academic Costume 

The black caps and gowns worn by the 
students and faculty in the academic pro- 
cession are of ancient origin. They have 
been the traditional costume of the schol- 
ar since medieval times and probably re- 
present an adaptation of the ecclesiastical 
dress since many of the scholars of that 
period were members of monastic orders. 

An intercollegiate commission in 1893 
drafted a uniform code for costumes 
which has since been adopted by the ma- 
jority of colleges and universities in the 
United States. 

Each of the three academic degrees- 
bachelor, master, and doctor— has its own 
distinctive gown and hood. The bache- 
lor's gown is distinguished by its long 
pointed sleeve. The master's gown has a 
longer, narrow, closed sleeve, extending 
below the knee; the arm is passed through 
a slit at the elbow. In contrast the doc- 
tor's gown has a full bell-shaped sleeve 
with three bars of velvet. The opening of 
this gown is faced with wide velvet bands. 
The velvet trim may be black or of a 
color indicating the general field of learn- 
ing of the wearer, for example, blue for 
philosophy, green for medicine, purple 
for law. 

The most colorful and distinctive item 
of the academic costume is the hood 
which passes around the neck and ex- 
tends down the back. The doctor's is the 
largest of the hoods and the bachelor's 
the smallest. The bachelor's hood is often 
omitted. The color of the velvet edging 
indicates the field of learning. Below is 
given a list of department or faculty 


Arts, Letters, Humanities/White 

Business Administration, Commercial 

Dentistry /Li lac 
Education, Pedagogy /Light Blue 
Fine Arts, Architecture/Brown 
Forestry /Russet 
Home Economics/Maroon 
Humanics/Dark Crimson 

Laws /Purple 

Library Science/Lemon 




Oratory /Silver Gray 

Pharmacy /Olive 


Philosophy /Blue 

Public Health/Salmon 

Physical Education/Sage Green 

Science/Golden Yellow 

Social Service/Citron 

Surgical Chiropody /Nile Green 

Theology and Divinity /Scarlet 

Veterinary Sciences/Gray 

The colors of the silk lining exposed in 
the center of the hood are those of the 
college or university which conferred the 

The cap or "mortar board" is uniform 
in design for all degrees. The tassel may 
be either black or the color of the field of 
learning. The tassel of the doctor's cap 
may be gold. 

Academic Degrees 

A degree is awarded for the successful 
completion of a course of study. There 
are more than 1 ,600 different academic 
degrees currently conferred by American 
colleges and universities. 

The first known degree was a doc- 
torate conferred by the University of 
Bologna in the middle of the 12th 
Century. Originally, the doctor's and 
master's degrees were used interchange- 
ably, each indicating that the holder was 
qualified to give instruction to students. 
The bachelor's or baccalaureate degree in- 
dicated only entrance upon a course of 
study preparatory to the doctorate or 
mastership. Gradually, however, the 
bachelor's degree came to mean success- 
ful completion of one level of study 
preparatory to the higher degrees. 

From Europe the use of academic de- 
grees spread to English universities. Har- 
vard University, William and Mary, and 
Yale followed the British pattern in the 
United States. 

The Doctor's Degree 

This is a term meaning teacher, or in- 
structor, applied by ancient Romans to 
those who delivered public lectures on 
philosophical subjects. In the Middle 
Ages, from the 12th century, it came into 
use as a title of honor borne by men of 
great learning. It was first made an aca- 
demic title at the University of Bologna, 
in Italy, which received from the Em- 
peror the right of appointing doctores 
legum (doctor of laws). The University of 
Paris followed in 1 145. Soon after, the 
popes granted the universities the right of 
appointing doctors canonum et decre- 
talium (teachers of the canon law); and 
when the study of civil law came to be 
combined with that of the canon law, the 
title was changed to doctor utriusque 
juris (teacher of both laws). The faculties 
of theology and medicine followed that 
of law in conferring this title. 

The doctorate in philosophy and sci- 
ence, and occasionally in theology and 
law, is given beyond the baccalaureate de- 
gree, and requires two to five years, the 
writing of a thesis, and the passing of 
written and oral examinations. 

The doctor's degree represents the 
most advanced earned degree conferred 
by American institutions. There are two 
distinct types: the professional or practi- 
tioner's degree, and the research degree. 
The first type represents advanced train- 
ing for the practice of various professions, 
principally; Doctor of Medicine, Doctor 
of Dental Surgery, Doctor of Veterinary 
Medicine, Juris Doctor and Doctor of 
Pharmacy. These degrees carry no impli- 
cation of original research and are classi- 
fied by the US. Office of Education, 
with bachelor's degrees, as the first pro- 
fessional degrees. The University of Mary- 
land awarded the first two dental degrees 
in history, on March 9, 1841, and in- 
vented the name of the degree, D.D.S. as 

The second type of doctor's degree is 
classified as research doctorates represent- 
ing prolonged periods of advanced study 
usually accompanied by a dissertation 
which is designed to be a substantial con- 
tribution to existing knowledge on the 
subject. The most important of these, the 
Doctor of Philosophy, no longer has an 
implication of Philosophy for its holder, 
but represents advanced research in any 
of the major fields of knowledge. It was 
first awarded in the United States by Yale 
University in 1861. 

The first Ph.D. was awarded at the 
University of Maryland in 1920. 

The Master's Degree 

The master's degree is an academic 
honor conferred upon students who have 
successfully completed work in advance 
of the baccalaureate. A thesis and an oral 
examination are usually required. The 
word magister connected with a qualify- 
ing phrase, was used among the Romans 
as a title of honor; but its present mean- 
ing must be traced to the time of the 
establishment of the oldest universities. 
Regularly organized faculties were not 
then known as they now exist in the uni- 
versities. The whole circle of academic ac- 
tivity was limited to seven liberal arts, 
and those who received public honors on 
the completion of their course of studies, 
for their diligence and knowledge, and 
had already received the degree of bac- 
calaureus (bachelor) were called magistri 
artium (master of the liberal arts). 

In 1920 the new University of Mary- 
land awarded its first M.A. and M.S. 
degrees in fields other than agriculture. 

The Bachelor's Degree 

The bachelor's degree represents com- 
pletion of a four-year course of study of 
collegiate grade and is the oldest aca- 
demic degree used by American institu- 
tions of higher learning. The degree 
Bachelor of Arts was first conferred in 
America in 1 642 on the first nine gradu- 
ates of Harvard College. 

Maryland Agricultural College, which 
was later to become the University of 
Maryland College Park, awarded the first 
Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science 
degrees in 1 862. 

College Park Campus 
Administration Officers 

Charles E. Bishop 

Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs 
George H. Callcott 

Vice Chancellor for Academic Planning 
and Policy 
Thomas B. Day 

Vice Chancellor for Administrative Af- 
John W. Dorsey 

Acting Vice Chancellor for Student Af- 
William L. Thomas 

Division Chairmen at 
College Park 

Division of Agricultural and Life Sciences 
Richard F. Davis 

Division of Arts and Humanities 
Thomas J. Aylward 

Division of Behavioral and Social Sciences 
Mary F. Berry 

Division of Human and Community Re- 
George J. Funaro 

Division of Mathematical and Physical 
Sciences and Engineering 
Joseph M. Marchello 

Deans at College Park 

School of Architecture 
John W.Hill 

College of Agriculture 
Gordon M. Cairns 

College of Business and Management 
Rudolph P. Lamone 

College of Education 
Donald Maley (Acting) 

College of Engineering 
Robert B. Beckmann 

College of Human Ecology 
Marjory Brooks 

College of Journalism 
Ray E. Hiebert 

College of Library and Information Serv- 
Margaret E. Chisholm 

College of Physical Education, Recreation 
and Health 
Marvin H. Eyier 

Administrative Dean for Academic Serv- 
ices and Facilities 

Administrative Dean for Graduate Studies 
David S. Sparks 

Administrative Dean for Summer Pro- 
Melvin N. Bernstein 

Administrative Dean for Undergraduate 


Robert E. Shoenberg 

University Central 
Administration Officers 

Wilson H. Elkins 

Vice President for General Administra- 
Donald W. O'Connell 

Vice President for Academic Affairs 
R. Lee Hornbake 

Vice President for Graduate Studies and 


Michael J. Pelczar, Jr. 

Vice President for Agricultural Affairs 
Frank L. Bentz, Jr. 

Board of Regents 


Dr. Louis L. Kaplan 

Vice Chairman 
Richard W. Case 


B. Herbert Brown 


F. Grove Miller, Jr. 

Assistant Secretary 
Mrs. Alice H. Morgan 

Assistant Treasurer 
L. Mercer Smith 

Mrs. Michael J. Deegan, Jr. 
George C. Fry 
Young D. Hance, ex officio 
Samuel H. Hoover, D.D.S. 
Edward V. Hurley 
Hugh A. McMullen 
Emerson C. Walden, M.D. 

Officers of Commencement 


Dr. Robert C. Wiley, Professor, Horticul- 

Associate Chairman 

Dr. Paul R. Poffenberger, Assoc. Dean, 

College of Agriculture 

University Marshal 

Dr. Richard H. Jaquith, Professor, 



Dr. Eugene Troth, Professor & Chairman, 


Committee Members 

Mr. Ulysses S. Glee 

Office of Student Aid, Ushering 

Mr. James R. Collier, Director University 
Relations (College Park), Administrative 

Mr. Robert J. Beiter, Asst. Professor, Agri- 
cultural & Resource Economics, Platform 

Mr. John T. Broadbelt, Supervisor Physi- 
cal Plant, General Physical Arrangements 

Dr. Gordon M. Cairns, Dean, College of 
Agriculture, Guests 

Mr. Jackson W. Wilson, Admissions & 
Registrations, Diplomas 

Mr. John A. Goecker, Director, Food 
Services, Food 

Ms. Joanne Janus, UMporium, Bookstore 

Dr. Conrad B. Link, Professor, Horticul- 
ture, Floral Arrangements 

Dr. George Marx, Professor, Counseling 
& Personnel Serv., Faculty 

Mr. Amos R. Myer, Assoc. Professor, 
Markets, Guests 

Mr. William Reith, Physical Plant, Plat- 
form and Physical Arrangements 

Mr. Doyle P. Royal, Coach, Athletic 
Dept., Parking Information, Lost & Found 

Mr. Charles Jantho, Director, Physical 
Plant, Physical Plant 

Ms. Carol C. Grain, R.N., Health Services, 
First Aid 

Mr. Jerrold Witsil, Director, Public 
Safety, Public Safety 

Mr. L.B. Jankowski, University Police, 
Traffic Control & Parking 

David R. 




of Hiiniano 


An unrelenting leader of the conserva- 
tion movement for thirty-seven years, 
David Brower has an immense reputation 
as a defeater of dams and defender of the 
wilderness. As first Executive Director of 
the Sierra Club for seventeen years, 
Brower fought many environmental bat- 
tles and became one of the most powerful 
voices in the nation's conservation move- 

In the early nineteen fifties in his fight 
to preserve Dinosaur National Monument, 
Brower gathered together sportsmen, 
ecologists, wilderness preservers, and park 
advocates into the first effective coalition 
of conservationists. This effort became 
the birth of the conservation movement. 

Since then he has continued to work 
as a conservationist, in 1 969 he founded 
Friends of the Earth, an international or- 
ganization, which he serves as President. 
He co-founded the John Muir Institute 
for Environmental Studies, serving as 
Director from 1969-71, and has also 
founded independent conservation organ- 
izations in England, France, Sweden, and 

Born in Berkeley, California on July 1, 
1912, Brower attended the University of 
California briefly. His career in the con- 
servation movement began in 1933 when 
he became a volunteer for the Sierra 
Club. He was elected to the Board of 
Sierra Club in 1952, and during his tenure 
as executive director from 1952 until his 
resignation in 1969, membership in the 
club expanded from 7,000 to 77,000 
members. A skilled skier and 
mountaineer, he expanded the club's 
Wilderness Outings Program, establishing 
knapsack, river and threshold trips, and 
personally leading some 4,000 people on 
prolonged trips into the remote wilder- 

During those years Brower also fought 
several major national park campaigns, 
helping to establish Kings Canyon Na- 
tional Park, preventing the loss of timber- 
lands from Olympic National Park, and 
establishing the Redwood National Park 
and the Point Reyes National Seashore. 

He played a vital role in the creation of 
North Cascades National Park and the Na- 
tional Wilderness Preservation System and 
was the originator of the Outdoor Recrea- 
tion Resources Review. 

Brower worked as an editor for the 
University of California Press from 1941 
until 1952. He spent the war years pre- 
paring manuals and instructing U.S. army 
troops at the Mountain Training Centers 
in Colorado and West Virginia and serving 
in combat in Italy. He was awarded the 
Combat Infantryman's Badge and the 
Bronze Star. 

He has had a prolific career as writer 
and award-winning editor of wilderness 
and mountaineering books. Among books 
edited by Brower are the Sierra Club's 
Exhibit Format Series, which includes 
777/s /s the American Earth; These We In- 
herit: The Parklands of America; and In 
Wildness Is the Preservation of the World. 
For the Friends of the Earth organization 
he has produced the series. The Earth's 
Wild Places. 

Brower has received certificates of 
merit from groups such as the National 
Parks Association in 1956 and the Audu- 
bon Naturalist Society of the Central At- 
lantic States in 1967. He has received 
honorary degrees from Hobart and Wil- 
liam Smith Colleges, 1967; Claremont 
College Graduate School, 1971 ; Starr 
King School for the Ministry, 1971; and 
the University of San Francisco, 1973. 

He is awarded the Honorary Doctor of 
Humane Letters from the University of 

for Degrees 

The 1973 class roster is comprised of 
degree candidates from the undergraduate 
and graduate programs at the University's 
College Park Campus since August 1973. 
As final action cannot always be taken 
for candidates by the time this program is 
printed, the list of candidates here is ten- 
tative only. The University reserves the 
right to withdraw or add names. All 
diplomas will be mailed by the Registrar's 

Students who have completed teacher 
education programs and appropriate 
documents may obtain Maryland Teach- 
ing Certificates in the College of Educa- 
tion Records Office (Room 3201) be- 
tween 1 1 :00 a.m. and 1 :00 p.m. today, 
December 22, 1973. 



August 21. 1973 

Doctor of Philosophy 

Mary Inez Allen 

English: The Necessary Blankness: 
Women in American Fiction of the 

Nina Stromgren Allen 

Botany: Endoplasmic Filaments 
Generate the Motile Force for 
Rotational Streaming in Nitella 

Philip William Anderson 

Education-Counseling and Personnel 
Services: Rehabilitation Counselor 
Training and Experience As Function 
of Accurate Person Perception 

Eric Jonathan Artzt 

Psychology: The Learning of a 
Four-way Discrimination Task by 
Autonomically Labile and Stable 
Subjects As a Function of the 
Intensity of Auditory Stimuli and the 
Presence or Absence of Noncontingent 
Electric Shock 

Robert James Ashmore 

Education-Human Development: The 
Employment of an Auditory 
Perceptual Technique to Increase 
Ability to Predict Reading Success in 
Young Children 

Mohsen Ahmed Bangied 

Agricultural and Resource Economics: 
The Economic Impact of Public 
Health Regulations on the 
Development of the Fluid Milk 
Industry in the Northeast 

William Michael Bailey 

Economics: The Price Revolution, 
Population Growth, and Agricultural 
Change in Tudor England 

Jeffrey Delbert Benson 

Chemistry: Mechanisms of the 
Thermal Degradation of Poly (vinyl 

Barbara Elaine Bernstein 

Education-Human Development: The 
Relationship Between Menstruation 
and Academic Performance in High- 
and Low-Motivated Students 

Vutthi Bhanthumnavin 

Electrical Engineering: Nonlinear 
Optical Interactions in KDP Prisms 

Debajyoti Bhaumik 

Physics: Scaling, Light-Cone Structure 
and Parton Model in Deep Inelastic 
Electron-Proton Scattering 

Harley Joe Blankenbaker 

Physical Education: Relation of 
Interscholastic Athletic Participation 
to Social Class, Sex of Siblings, 
Ordinal Position, and Family Size 

Paul Sebastian Bodenman 

Education-Social Foundations: 
Academic Reforms in Selected 
Universities of the Federal Republic of 

Walter George Bolter 

Economics: The Theory, 
Development, and Application of 
National Economic Budgeting with 
Special Reference to England, Sweden, 
and the United States 

Mary Lee Bretz 

Spanish and Portuguese: Evolucion 
de la obra novel istica de Pio Baroja 

Albert William Briggs, Jr. 

Mathematics: A Classification of the 
Normal Congruence Subgroups of the 
Simplectic Modular Group 

Axel Ferdinand Brisken 

Physics: Proportional Counter 
Observations of Discrete Galactic 
X-Ray Sources 

Edward W. Cassidy 

Education-Counseling and Personnel 
Services: A Comparison of the Effects 
of Behavioral Rehearsal Under Group 
and Individual Treatments 

Vianney Kuochuan Cheng 

Physics: A Study of Deuteron Breakup 
Reactions by Protons at 65, 85 and 
100 MeV 

Paul Lawrence Chrzanowski 

Physics: Gravitational Synchrotron 

John Joseph Cistriano 
Recreation: A Follow-Up Study of 
Recreation Graduates in Community 
Colleges Offering Recreation Programs in 
the State of Maryland from 1967- 1972 

Richard Charles Clark 

Government and Politics: Wendell 
Phillips: Agitational Moralist 

Anne Marie Collins 

Education-Counseling and Personnel 
Services: The Attitudes Toward 
Women Scale: Validity, Reliability and 
Sub-score Differentiation 

Robert Gifford Davis 

Physical Education: The Effect of 
Perceptually Oriented Physical 
Education on Perceptual-Motor 
Ability and Academic Ability of 
Kindergarten and First Grade Children 

Triptesh De 

Physics: BetheSalpeter Equation and 
its Solutions in the 
Infinite-Momentum Limit; Radial 
Effects in the Symmetric Quark Model 

William Gittings Dorsey, Jr. 
Mechanical Engineering: The 
Hypersonic Turbulen t Drag of Sligh tly 
Blunted Slender Cones with Afterbody 

Karen Sue Drowns 

Education-Human Development: The 
Extent to Which Level of Verbal 
Ability, Authoritarian Tendencies, and 
the Use of Guidesheets Affect Amount 
Learned by a Viewer of a Training Film 

Barbara Ellen Duncan 

Education-Human Development: 
Imaginal, Verbal and Spatial Abilities in 
Children; A Developmental Study 

JuliusW. Enig 

Mechanical Engineering: 777e Unsteady 
Regular and Mach Reflections 
Resulting from the Interaction of 
Spherical Explosion Shock Waves in 


Lewis F. Flora 

Food Science: A Study of Sweet Corn 
Aroma Volatiles and Their Influence 
on Flavor 

John Carl Foster 

Physics: An Experimental Observation 
of Whistler Triggered 
Electron-Cyclotron Interactions in the 

Sebastiano Francaviglia 

Mathematics: Singular Integrals on 
Lipschitz Lines 


History: Bridge on the Rhine: 
American Diplomacy and the 
Rhineland, 1919-1923 

Edmond Constantin Gouaze 

Government & Politics: The Politics of 
Land Reform in Tunisia: The Unite 
Cooperative de Production (U. C.P.) 

Arthur Duval Grainger 

Mathematics: On Nonstandard 
Topological Vector Spaces and 
Invarian t Subspaces of Compact 

Christian EricGronbech 

Physical Education: Age and Sex 
Differences in the Generality of 

Michael David HaJs 

Government & Politics: Change and 
Stability of the American Party Voting 
Coalitions 1952-1968: Description and 

Jacquelyn Hogue Hall 

Education-Human Development: 
Compu terCon ten t A nalysis as a 
Technique for Studying College 
Student Characteristics: A 
Methodological Investigation 

Robert James Hearle 

Education-Secondary: The 
Identification and Measurement of 
High School Chemistry Laboratory 

Henry Wendell Heikkinen 
Education-Secondary: The 
Identification and Study of Factors 
Influencing Student AttitudesToward 
the Study of High School Chemistry 

Stephen Vincent Heim 

Psychology: The Effects of Concept 
Type and Stimulus Dimensionality on 
Use of Positive and Negative Information 

Leonard Michael Helfgott 

History: The Rise of the Qajar 

Gerald Melvin Henson 

Government & Politics: Democratic 
Forms and Goals of the Fifty States: An 
Analysis of the Reciprocal Influence of 
Environment, Structure, and Output 

Earl William Holtzscheiter, Jr. 

Chemical Engineering: The Study of 
the Radiation Induced Exchange of 
Oxygen- 18 in Inorganic Molecular Ions 

Mary Oliver Hudon 

Education-Administration, Supervision 
& Curriculum: /4n Investigation of the 
Effectiveness of Two Motivational 
Techniques tor Promoting Interest in 
Reading A mong Second Graders 

Elizabeth Mary Zawalick Hughes 

Education-Human Development: The 
Future Temporal Orientation and Time 
A ttitudes of Institutionalized Active 

Debra Phyllis Hymovich 

Education-Human Development: The 
Pediatric Nursing Role as Perceived by 
Nursing Personnel and Four- to 
Eigh t- Year-Old Hospitalized Children 

Ghobad Irani 

Government & Politics: The Azarbaijan 
Crisis, 1945-1946: An Options Analysis 
of United States Policy 

Sonya Rae Iverson 

Education-Human Development: Sex 
Education and Adolescent Attitudes 

Jeffrey Peter Jensen 

Psycho\ogy. Scientific Paradigms: The 
case of Discrimination and Reversibility 
in Conservation 

Joseph Augustus Jones 

Physical Education: TheEffectsof 
Subculture Upon the Aggressive 
Behavior of Black College A thietes 
Under Stress 

Marilyn Virginia Keilson 

Education-Counseling and Personnel 
Services: Time-Limited vs. 
Time-Unlimited Therapy in a 
University Counseling Center 

Charles David Kerns 

Education-Counseling and Personnel 
Services: Effects of Schedule and 
Amoun t of Observed Reinforcemen t on 
Response Persistence 

William Guthrie Kingsley 

Chemistry: Spiro Fused Cyclopropyl 

George Ralph Kinnear 

Physical Education: The Effect of 
Hypoxic Training on Serum Lactate 
Dehydrogenase and its Isoenzymes in 
Male Wistar Rats 

William Kokotis 

Chemistry: Metabolism of Nucleotides, 
Phospholipids, and Nucleic Acids in 
Acute Renal Failure Rat Kidneys 

Tor Laankan 

Physics: Asymptotic Level Realization 
ofSU(3) and General SU(3) Particle 
Mixing Among the Mesons 

Alice B. Lacy 

Sociology: Interaction in a Women's 

James Allen Landry 

Education-Counseling and Personnel 
Services: TheEffectsof Structured 
Experiences on the Relationship of Self 
Measured Cohesiveness and 
Interpersonal Relationship Skills to 
Behavior Change as Measured in Small 
Group Interaction 

Frederick Thornton Lauriat 

Education-Administration, Supervision 
& Curriculum : Identification and 
Analysis of Factors Related to Selective 
Class A ttendance in High Schools 

Mary Louise Leach 

Education-Secondary : Pr/macK Effects 
in Long Term Retention of 
Ma thema tical A Igorithm 

Robert Allen LeFande 

Astronomy: Atmospheric Absorption 
and Emission of Microwave Radiation 

Stephen Henry Leventhal 

Mathematics: The Method of Moments 
and Its Optimization in The Solution of 
Elliptic Partial Differential Equations 

Betty S. Levinson 

Education-Human Development: Color 
and Form Preference in Dyslexic 

James Joseph Linduska 

Entomology: 4/7 Evaluation of the 
Resistance of Commercial and 
Experimen tal L ines of Corn to the Corn 
Earworm, Heliothis zea (Boddie) 

Howard Franklin Long 

Education-Human Development: 
Relationships of Option-Choices to 
Cultural Backgrounds in a Group 
Mental Ability Test 

Raymond Cletus Luebbe 

Mathematics: Maximum Principles for 
the Neutron Transport Equation 

Virginia Lee Lussier 

Government & Politics: Political 
Performance, Political Conflict, and 
Government Response in Latin 

Robert Stephan Lustig 

Chem istry : The Photoisomerization of 
2,2-Dimethylphenylcyclopropane to 
4-Phenyl-2-methyl- 1-butene: The 
Mechanism of the Reaction; The Nature 
of the Hydrogen Migration Transient 

Robert Paul Martin 

Mathematics: On The Decomposition 
of Tensor Products of Principal Series 
Representations for Real-Rank One 
Semisimple Groups 

Paul Anthony Martino 

Chemical Engineering: The Roleof 
Polymer A dsorp tion a t Solid 
Boundaries in Hydrodynamic Friction 

Evelyn May McElroy 

Education-Human Development: An 
Investigation of the Relationship 
Between Aspects of Maturation and 
Cognitive Development Among New 
Born Infants 

Alice Marie McGill 

Education-Administration, Supervision 
SiCurriculum: The Effects of 
Knowledge and Experience Upon 
Source Credibility as Measured by 
A ttitude Change 

Michael William McKinney 

Government & Politics: Political 

A ttitude and Opinion Structures among 

Mass Publics: An Empirical Analysis 

JoanG. McMillan 

Psychology: TheEffectsof 
Desensitization Treatment, Rational 
Emotive Therapy, and a Combination 
Treatment Program for Text-Anxious 
Students with High and Low Levels of 
Generalized Anxiety 


Michael Lawrence Murdock 

Education-Administration, Supervision 
& Curriculum: Independent Study 
Versus Lecture-Discussion in Teaching 
Freshman Composition 

Philip J. Murphy 

Psychology : A Comparison of Different 
Forms of Media tion in the Cardiac 
Feedbacl< Procedure 

Christine Audrey Nelson 

Education-Human Development: The 
Influence of Touch-Pressure Cues on 
the Organization of Children's Figure 

Christopher Ng 

Mechanical Engineering: Optimization 
Techniques for a Mechanical Vibration 
Isolation Systems with 

Sally Winn Nicholson 

Education-Human Development: 
Relationship Between a Cartoon 
Measure of Humor and Certain 
Measures of Mental Health in Fifth 
Grade Students 

Mary Mel O'Dowd 

Education-Human Development: 
Family Supportiveness Related to Illicit 
Drug Use Immunity 

David Michael Orcutt 

Botany: Lipid and Elemental 
Composition of Diatoms with Special 
Reference to the Effects of Light 
Intensity on the Lipid Composition of 
Nitzschia closterium 

Marvin Ellsw/orth Ortet 

Mathematics: Approximation by 
Bounded Harmonic Functions 

Jospeh Thomas Piechocki 

Chemistry: The Determination of 
Plasticizers in Biological Materials 

Chester Francis Poranski, Jr. 

Chemistry : Proton and Deuteron 
Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Studies of 
Crystalline Iodic Acid 

Charles Wayne Puffinberger 

Botany: /( Chlorotic Ringspot Disease 
of Euonymus Caused by a Strain of 
Tomato Ringspot Virus 

Ross Everett Robson 

Government & Politics: The Policy 
Orientations of Municipal Councilmen 

Hinda Greenfader Sack 

Psychology: Semantic Factors in 
Children's Judgments of Active- Passive 

Stephen Sacks 

Mechanical Engineering: Interaction of 
a Three-dimensional Fluid Jet with a 
Nearby Wall Boundary 

Doris Smith Sewell 

Education-Administration, Supervision 
& Curriculum: The Relationship 
Between the Organizational Climate of 
Elemen tary Sch oolsand Paren t 
Attitudes Toward Education 

Joseph Albert Smith 

Education-Human Development: The 
Prediction of Academic Success from 
Self-Actualizing Values 

Carol Ann Stevenson 

Education-Administration, Supervision 
and Curriculum: The Development of 
an Instrument to Examine Teacher 
Influence on Decision Making 
Behaviors of Children Ages Three to 

Michael Richard Stone 

Government & Politics: Attitudes 
Toward Public Service Employment: A 
Research Survey and Empirical 
Analysis of Variance 

Paul Stanley Szczepanek 

Physics: The Measurement and Analysis 
of the Strain Op tic Spectra of Gold 

Augustine Anthony Tieri 

Education-Human Development: 
Inter-Age Perception: How Old and 
Young People View Themselves and 
Each Other with Regard to Evaluative 
Attitudes Toward Human Life 

Wen Feng Tseng 

Mechanical Engineering: Direct 
Observation of the Structure of Grain 
Boundaries in the FeCo A Hoy 

Walter Lyman Upson 1 1 

Physics: CNO Abundancies in the Sun 
andArcturusand the ^^C/^-^C Ratio in 

Muralidhara Rao Varanasi 

Electrical Engineering: Systematic 
Codesand Their Application to 
Compu ter Systems 

Jearl Dalton Walker, Jr. 
Physics: The Effects of 
Extra-terrestial Dust and Large Scale 
Pressure Systems in the Lower E and 
Upper D Regions on Nigh t Glows as 
Seen by OGO-4 

Vera Irmgard Wentworth 

German: Georg Hermann Und Das 

Arthur Kirkwood West 

Physics: Dynamics of a Stochastic 
Model for Vertebrate Striated Muscle 

Johanna Smith Wood 

Education-Administration, Supervision 
& Curricu lum : /4n Analysis of the 
Effect of the Instructional 
Development Institute Program on 
A ttitudes of a Selected Group of Public 
School Personnel Toward Utilization of 
the Systems Approach in Instructional 

Doctor of Education 

Peter Anthony Bielski 

Education-Administration, Supervision 
& Curriculum : An Investigation of the 
Effect of Simulation on Teacher 
Acceptance of Pupil Response 

Robert Charles Cooksey 

Education-Industrial Arts: The 
Development of an Achievement Test 
in Power Mechanics at the Teacher 
Education Level 

Joseph ExIine 

Education-Secondary: A Study of 
National Trends in Earth Science 
Education and the Status of Earth 
Science Education in Virginia 

Richard Logsdon Resurreccion 
Education-Industrial Arts: The 
Development of Building Construction 
Regulations for Single Family Detached 
Housing Systems, 1951 to 1971 

John Henry Werner 

Education-Administration, Supervision 
& Curriculum: The l/l/illingness of a 
Community College Faculty to Use 
Television as a Medium of Instruction as 
Related to Its Familiarity with Films 
and Its Years of Teaching Experience 

Doctor of Musical Arts 

Ada Julia Lasansky 
Music: Barcarola 

Sharon Guertin Shafer 

Music: A Survey of Igor Stravinsky's 



Master of Arts 

Mitchell Wayne Ackerman 

Suat Anar 

Thomas Dewitt Anderson 

Rivka Argaman 

John Edward Baker 

Sharon Elaine Baxter 

Cynthia E. Bell 

David Bruce Belzer 

Marilyn Ruth Berman 

Virginia Eaton Blair 

Margaret Ann Boles 

John Stanton Boteler 

Robert Curtis Brand, Jr. 

Richard Leroy Brown, Jr. 

Raymond Morris Bryant 

June D. Buteau 

Jose German Cardenas 

Michael Robert Carpenter 

Timothy Dale Carter 

Thomas Ray Chase 

Kathleen Chalfont Christensen 

Lauren Ann Cohen 

Judith Cairnes Compton 

Jacqueline Fribush Cooper 

Robert Irvin Curtis 

Eugene Aloysius Dannemiller, Jr. 

Lillian Rifkin Davis 

Thomas Norman Daymont 

Sandra Joyce Donnell 

Joyce Ann Dornburg 

Karen Ruth Dorsey 

Susan Rudolph Drachman 

Kenneth C. Drake 

Libbie Cline Dumaine 

Mohammad Shaaban El-Azhary 

Nissim Maxim Elbaz 

James Francis Faull 

Gail Linden Flanery 

Stephen Hawthorne Flesner 

Lynne Margaret Foure 

Ann B. Fowble 

Steven G. Futernick 

Carol A. Gallagher 

Edith Eckenroth Gates 

Janice Ann Geletka 

Michelle Gelkin 

Myrna Chandler Goldstein 

Robin Howard Grieves 

Thomas John Griffiths 

Edward Jon Guss 

Richard Melvin Hagerman 

David Paul Harrington 

Stuart M. Hartman 

James Bruce Hawley 

Byron Martin Heller 

Lee Richard Hessberg 

Edward Lawrence Holshey 

Richard Lee Howell 

Ghobad Irani 

Suraiya J. Islam 

Linda Carleen Jordan 

William Dennis Keeley 
Dona Lee Kerr 
Paul Timothy Kinder 
Denton M. King 
Susan Dorothy Kleimann 
Robert Drake Kline 
Vannie Kay Kline 
Gina Bari Kolata 
Steven Andrew Koyama 
Frank Leonard Krug 
Marjorie Maher Kulash 
Jacqueline A. Lake 
Barbara Steinberg Lawrence 
John James Leary, III 
Geraldine Gatten Lundstrom 
Jay Allen Mailer 
Marie Evalyn Mastin 
Thomas Richard McCarthy 
Lawrence Anthony McDermott 
John William McGinnis 
Sharon Marie Mclntire 
William Merriman McLin 
Stephen Davis Merrin 
Paul Norman Mullane 
Edward Joseph Murphy 
Paula Hope Nobleman 
Alan Norman 
Jafar Omidvar 
Joseph James Onufrak 
Jennifer Marks Peck 
Judith Elaine Phair 
Fern Vestal Piret 
Joyce Ann Porter 
Patrick Stephen Portway 
Mary Kay Quinlan 
Phillip W. Raines 
Ann Elizabeth Rayburn 
Harriet Ann Rothenberg 
Isabelle Simone Rovner 
Akbar Sadeghibarzani 
Linda Alberta Sanford 
James William Sauve, Jr. 
Thomas William Sawyer 
Mary Detwiler Scheltema 
David Linton Searles 
Margaret Wells Sharrer 
Lawrence Jay Shifreen 
Thomas H. Smail 
Heather Smith 
William George Smith 
Eric Simon Solomon 
Anne Webster Sorgatz 
Roger Davesne Spealman 
Mitchell Staude 
Ward Robert Stewart 
Peter Nicholas Stoliaroff 
Arlene Baylin Swerdloff 
Marilyn Eve Teppler 
Fred Bailey Thompson, III 
Terence Hastings Thorn 
Barbara Alison Timmermans 

Paula A. Tosini 
Richard Willis Trout 
Jean Louis Turlin 
Raymond John Uhalde 
Kathleen Urban 
Robert Francis Vit 
Terrance Patrick Walbert 
Linda Marie Wanner 
Judith A. Young 
Bette Paula Zabell 

Master of Business 

John Henry Cronin, Jr. 
Daniel Eugene Fisher 
Gregory Wayne Fletcher 
Paul Ridgely Gehrmann 
Paul Edgar Gresham 
William Michael Guy 
Marcia S. Murdock 
Sefa Bahattin Ocak 
Susan Margaret Sherwood 
Cynthia Kathryn Travers 
Daniel K. Uyemura 

Master of Education 

Maria R. Ablon 
Emma Jean Ames 
Rebecca Wilburn Armstrong 
James Patrick Barry 
Beverly Rose Berkson 
Helen White Brice 
Rosemary A. Carlson 
Merry Catherine Casey 
Helena P. Chapin 
Ina Boggs Chapman 
Judith Rose Cohen 
Lorraine Lawrence Costella 
Allen Charles Cox 
Kathleen A. Coyne 
Alan Joseph Darion 
Gerald Francis Day 
Raymond Arthur Delwiche 
Michael J. Diaz 
Laura Ann Dubin 
Susan C. Emerson 
George Eugene Ewing 
Genevieve Gilchrist Farmer 
Katherine Pedrick Farrior 
Robert Hayes Feitz 
Bonnie Jean Feldman 
Judith Lynn Gienger Feser 
Carolyn Ann Filano 
Monica Faye Fleischmann 
Marie Kinney Fortune 
Alphonso Earl Franklin 
William David Freyman 
Mary Patricia Froelich 
Ruth Sylvia Garfield 
Lou Nora Gassett 

Sister Mary Patrice Geppi 
Linda Wolfe Gilardi 
Barbara S. Goldsteen 
Beulah K. Gorelick 
Carol Lynn Green 
David Allen Greenberg 
Carol Marie Grennon 
Robert Edmond Groveston 
Michael Robert Haney 
Mark Griffith Hanna 
Joni Jones Hayford 
Artha Lee Hoffarth 
Jerry Alonza Hubbard 
Curtis Ray Huff 
Beatrice Elizabeth Huston 
Geraldine S. Imbriale 
Macarthur Johns 
Joan B. Johnston 
Claudia Lavant Jones 
Fred Walter Jungblut 
Elaine Dorothy Kacmarik 
Patrick Edward Kennedy 
Susan Gies Keys 
Arlene Kolman 
Janis Lee Weintraub Krass 
Linda Raider Krauss 
Marlene Ellen Leaf 
Marie Ann Leibenguth 
Esther Marie Lovell 
John Anthony Lovera 
Valerie T. Low 
Harry Paul Mazur 
Garry Lee McClincey 
Delma Frances McGrath 
David Smeaton Meanor 
Joseph Thomas Melanson 
Mary Flanagan Michel 
Marion Davison Miller 
James William Moore, Jr. 
Patricia Ellen Moore 
Joseph Lichty Morgan 
Susan Alice Morse 
Cora Lee Neighbors 
Myra Jane Neviaser 
Jacqueline A. Nigro 
David Raymond Noonan 
Cecilia Orenberg 
Cheryl Kay Overy 
Mona Ruth Prane 
Ann Lloyd Ramey 
Loyal C. Reger 
Janis Wilson Resau 
John Alan Rickman 
Lynne F. Schaffer 
Janet Houck Scollick 
Esme Evans Scott 
Joan Elizabeth Scott 
Rebecca E. Silverstein 
Irene Vada Siska 
Allen Joseph Skierski 
Derath Reasoner Slocomb 


Herbert Beaman Smith 
Joseph F. Snee 
Janice Margaret Spotz 
Nancy Strlzver 
William Marshall Stukey 
Larry D. Swindell 
Marilyn L. Teichman 
Sylvia Dawson Thomas 
Joann Eleanor Thompson 
Gail K. Traxel 
Jasmine A. Turner 
Anne Marie Twigg 
Jack Dennis Vandermer 
Sharon Loraine Varnum 
Lucille V. Vass 
Daniel Allen Wade 
Carol Ann Walker 
Susan Louise Walters 
Linda Joyce Wechsler 
Elaine Kornblum Weiner 
Janet Mae White 
Peter Day Whiting 
Sharon Ruth Wiebking 
Paula Mae Wilcox 
Ann Hiniker Wilson 
Theodore Halbert Wilson, III 
Joseph George Wollenschlaeger 
Muriel Helen Zetter 
Patricia Ann Zimmerman 
Constance Zucker 

Master of Fine Arts 

Leiand Martin Aks 
Ralph R. Baney 
Thomas Earl Beck 
Barbara Ruth Frank 
Stephen David Kent 
Giulio Romeo Porta 
Michael Bruce Sassani 
Christina S. Webber 

Master of Library Science 

Rebecca Curry Anstine 
Thomas Calvin Brackeen 
Alice Witkowski Buchman 
Lynda Frances Byrd 
Aaron Abraham Darsa 
Paulette L. Diallo 
Pamela Jean Filers 
David Engelbert Falger 
Sara Fim Feddersen 
Gwendolyn S. Fields 
Irene Frances Glennon 
Doris M. Goldstein 
Kandace A. Gotwals 
Shelley Rae Grundy 
Armond Hayward, II 
Alison Dorgan Heartwell 
Irene Denise Hildebrandt 
Anthony Earl Hillary 
Kenneth Hodges 

John Francis Holland 
Charletta H. House 
Theresa Chiling Hung 
Eseroghene Janet Ideh 
Charlotte Lavonia Ingram 
Edward Jones 
Mary Ellen Kirk 
Irma Weiner Klein 
Ellen Mills Klotzbaugh 
Helenann Brown Kur 
Marion Y. Kwok 
Juline Lillian Larsen 
Peter Stanley Catton Lincoln 
Patricia Ruth Lipps 
Grace Fongjong Liu 
Mary Stuart Macnemar 
James Patrick McConnel 
Elizabeth Helen McDearmon 
Anne Elizabeth Miller 
Suzanne Laforge Morton 
Margaret Ann Mott 
Anne Clayton Mountcastle 
Richard William Murphy 
Thomas George Narbeth 
Anthony Francis Norcio 
Connelly Jean Quinton Nugent 
Helen MacDonald Perash 
Jerome Marion Rafats 
Rhonda Ann Ramos 
Jeffrey Howard Rice 
Martha Rooney 
Mary Louise Saulsbury 
Mary Elizabeth Sharer 
Marcia Ann Sincavage 
Pamela Gustafson Spencer 
Geraldine Anne Strong 
Eunice G. Tinsley 
Barbara Williamson Trenda 
Marcia Hohenstein Tyrrell 
Amy Freyda Valk 
Janice Freeman Ward 
Ellen I. Watson 
Joan Kay Weiss 
Sheila Ann Williams 

Master of Music 

Ronald James Barnett 
Thea B. Cooper 
Celina Lindsley Cornett 
Dawn Burton Henderson 
June Voraritskul Shuffett 

Master of Science 

James John Ahern 
Georgieanne Geyer Alef 
Ersan Arin 

Henry Frederick Arnold 
Nelda Katherine Badger 
William Charles Bauer 
John Charles Baxter 
Earl Sanford Branscomb 
Robert Howard Braunstein 

Russell Balvin Brinsfield 

Kevin Lee Bromberg 

John Thomas Burkley 

Virginia Charlotte Burnett 

John James Chino 

Matthew George Citron 

Chester Francis Clark 

Daniel Larry Coker 

Jacqueline Nina Crawley 

Jarrett Lee Cross 

George Harold D'addamio 

Dyann Anita Waugh Dash 

Victor K. Der 

Gregory William Diachenko 

Thomas Edward Dixon 

Ruth Marie Doherty 

Theodore Russell Dunn 

Thomas Carlos Elden 

Dianne Mary Elwell 

Robert John Englar 

Chin Fong Fang 

James Archie Fava, Jr. 

John Edward Flowers 

Loring Milliken Garrison, Jr. 

Mary Edwina Gilbart 

Barbara Pearman Gregory 

Elizabeth Anne Grim 

Leroy David Herman 

Barry Stephan Hillman 

Waymon Humphries 

John Christian Ingangi 

Mukund S. Joshi 

Din M. Karmand 

Harold George Klemcke 

Karl Heinz Krey 

Chengtzu Kurt Kuo 

Gloria Jean Lambert 

James Harold Lashomb 

Loren Wendell Linholm 

Amy Ys Liu 

Paul Anthony Marionni 

Kathleen Siebert Martin 

Robert Thomas McCann 

Lawrence Erwin Meeks 

Paul Melvin Meyer 

Ronald Pierce Milberg 

Ingmar E. Mittmeyer 

Patricia Ann Murphy 

Walter Jay Nixon 

James Charles Novaco 

Kenneth Yukiharu Nozaki 

Nichole Phillips O'Neill 

Joel Richard Page 

Nicolas Alexandrou Papanicolaou 

K. N. Parthasarathy 

Pete Nicholas Pavlos 

Tim L. Pay 

John Douglas Peck 

Karen M. Petersen 

Lawrence Patrick Purtell 

John Morgan Ramistella 

Wayne Sylvan Rasband 

Anthony James Reitano, Jr. 

Aziz Resat 

Nelson Simon Saks 

Charles Keltner Salter 

Robert Lee Schaufele 

William Randolph Schneider, Jr. 

Willi Walter Schur 

Walter Edwin Schwab 

William Henry Sell, Jr. 

Stephen Michael Seltzer 

Michael David Shalter 

Timothy Walter Sheen 

Matsuichiro Shimizu 

Kenneth Ronald Simpler 

Sarah Katharine Sites 

Errol Dennis Small 

Robert L. Smiley 

Ernst William Spannhake 

V. Srinivasan 

Frances Lynn Stokes 

John William Swann 

Toivo Tagamets 

William C. Tinklepaugh 

Christine Helen Turner 

Lee A. Twentyman 

Gregory A. Ubom 

HwanSup Uhm 

Donald R. Wamstad 

David M. Weiss 

Robert Trevor Williams 

1 Masters 

CoUege of 
August 24. 1973 

Bachelor of Science 

Laure Gwen Achhammer 

Kenneth Lynn Ball 

Raymond Victor Bosmans 
tCarlo Boulos 
'Thomas Dale Edmonds 

Richard Francis Griffin 

Arthur Lee Hathcock 

Wanda Lee Howell 

Vincent Francis Loduca, Jr. 
tKathleen Laura McDowell 

Kathern Hazel Ogle 

Joseph Patrick Smoot 

Kevin Michael Wagner 

Kim Arthur Walbe 

Sehciol of 

Bachelor of Architecture 

Michael Paul Shpur 

CoUege of 
Arts and 

Bachelor of Arts 

Alexander Spencer Abell, Jr. 

Lois Linn Adams 

Nancy Lee Albrecht 

Marie Davillier Alcorn 
'Homer Gerald Allen 
"Mark Giles Francis Angle 

Thomas Stanley Arnold 

Phyllis Ann Baker 
tPatricia Sue Bangert 

Mark Roger Baron 

Penelope Lynn Baynton 

Rory Dean Beck 
"Leon W. Berg 
"David Berman 

Carl Edward Beuchert, III 

William Zuckerberg Bickoff 

Drew Alan Bizzaro 

Phyllis Beach Blechman 

Diana Helen Bonhard 

Laurie Ann Boseck 

Kathleen Bowe 

Rose May Brea 

Linda Giffin Briggs 

Sharon A. Briley 

George Bartlett Brown, III 

Mary Caria Brown 

Michael Harry Brown 

Herbert Stephen Broyhill 

Mary E. Bull 
tStuart John Byczynski 

Janet Lee Bynum 

Katherine Elizabeth Calder 

Annie Mae Callaway 

Lauren Jean Carpenter 

James Edward Carr, IV 

Judith Ann Carr 

Michael Edward Chelotti 
t Rebecca Chernick 

Vincent Victor Ciccone 

Carol Anne Clawson 

Nelson Edward Coffin 

Merle Lee Colglazier, Jr. 

Bryna R. Coonin 

Paul Joseph Comely 

Linda Elwell Cowles 

Sharon Louise Crutchfield 

Alice M. Dais 
"John Augustine Daly 

Paul John Danna 

James Madison Davis, Jr. 

George Esteban Delgado 

Stanley Denis 

Claudia Anne Dennis 

Michael Harvey Dennis 

Catherine Dobson 

Robert Norton Drechsler 

Alan Donald Dudley 

Charles Tilden Eaton 

William Earl Eden, Jr. 

Nancy Iris Feldman 

Peter Biagio Ferrara, Jr. 

Michael Gary Fink 

Evelyn Virginia Flicop 

Theresa Christine Forbes 

David Joseph Fowler 

Robert Maurice Fox 
"Susan Freedman 

Mary Alice Freeland 

Roddy A. Freeman 
tAlan Richard Friedman 

Barbara L. Furbush 
"Sandra Faye Galloway 

Millard Emil Garbinsky, Jr. 

Sharon L. Gardner 

Wendy Garson 

Anthony Michael Garvey 

Gil Bruce Goldstein 
tCarmen Leonor Gonzalez 

Lamar Gowland 
tDonald Lee Graff 
Larry Fred Graubard 

Wilbur James Gunther, Jr. 

Stacy Ellen Harris 
tVerna Eileen Harrison 
Emily Bailey Hartnell 

Stanley G. Hash, Jr. 
Rose Antonia Hermine Haspadora 
Lois Rene Hendershott 
Bernard Martin Holland 
Douglas Kent Holland 

William Howard Hoyle 
Linda Kathleen Huber 

Tamara Valerie James 
Peter Alan Jorgensen 
Sherry M. Katz 
Cynthia Keenan 
Christine Anne Keller 
Elizabeth Sewell Keller 
Margaret Ann Kerwin 
Sherry Ann Kinikin 
Diana Marie Kirby 

"Paul Bailey Kluge 

tJudith Kathleen Knox 
Carl M. Koch, Jr. 

"Kathryn Elaine Koshel 
David William Krawiecki 

"John Henry Krumrein 
Martin Francis Kuest 
Rebecca Ann Kuligowski 
Roderick Andrew Kyanko 
Alyn H. Levin 
Joan Ann Levin 
Ronald Dale Lewis 
Deborah Ann Lomax 
Susan Ann Louis 
Randolph Francis Lufriu 
Sarah A. Madden 
Joshua Magidson 

tNancy Malina 

tJulia Kouis Mamani 

tHoward Margulies 
William Peter Marie 
David Wayne Martin 
John Giles Masin 

tAnita Elizabeth Mason 
Michael James Maurer 
Dorothy Patricia McGee 
Richard Jerald McKinney 
Dennis James McKnight 

"Cynthia Jeanne McRoskey 
Nancy Jane Meigs 
Robert Hernandez Mendoza 

"David Thomas Menefee 
Christopher Peter Messitt 

tBrian William Miller 
Wendy Dana Miller 
Menita Deutch Minkove 
Robert Simms Moyer 
Judith Lee Murray 
Kathleen Amy Noonan 

tSandra Kay Novick 
Thomas Bernard Nowak 
Wilkie Lee Nunn 
Esther Kathleen O'Brien 
Mary Cathleen O'Connor 
Donna Marie Olsen 

"Cindy Lou Orban 
Marsha Elizabeth Owens 
Pamela Joan Pagliochini 
Robert McGill Palmer 
Paul Harlan Parent 
Matthew Lee Patkus 
Richard Myers Peabody, Jr. 
Robert Michael Peca 
Barbara Elaine Petersen 

Michael Thomas Petruccelli 
William Lyndsai Pitts 
Lawrence Pokroy 
tBarbara Jo Porter 
tMary Gordon Prange 
"Kenneth Harland Pritchard 
tMargaret Lee Quinn 
"Susan Marilyn Rapoport 
Elizabeth Ellen Reamy 
Douglas Gordon Redding 
Michael Dorr Redman 
Susan Tamara Reed 
Russell Charles Reeves 
Joanne Renahan 
James Patrick Roan 
Lauri Sue Robertson 
Robert G. Rogers 
Eleanor Jean Rooney 
Dorothy Fay Rosenthal 
Joel Rosow 
Howard J. Ross 
Terry Clarke Rossen 
Hugh D. Ruegsegger 
Mary Virginia Ryan 
Robert Gene Samet 
tJoyanna L. Samson 
Joseph B. Sauder 
Steven Paul Schailon 
CarIa Jean Schultz 
Glenn Michael Scimonelli 
Joyce Harriett Seidman 
"Judy Ann Shafer 
M. Trevor Shanklin 
Richard Brennan Shea 
Ann Beth Shearer 
Ellen Shearer 
Ronald Lynn Shuey 
"Marianne Shuman 
Dorothy Louise Smith 
Robert Anthony Smith 
John Howard Snyder 
tMelanie Maria Soich 
Annabell Lisa Song 
Ellen Darlene Sorin 
Mark Charles Soulen 
Donald Winston Spencer 
Mary Joan Spontak 
"Michael Lewis Stanley 
Bernadette Male Starke 
Michelle Kristeen Stephan 
Jacquelyn Guinan Stevens 
John Edward Stevens 
tNancy Carroll Taber 
"Margaret Marie Tana 
"Charlotte Ann Taylor 
Andrew Lee Thibadeau 
"Louise Lucas Train 
Gertrude Johanna Trumpy 
David Lucas Turner 
Scott Stair Turner 
Edmund Valdes, Jr. 
William J. Vancamp 
John Anthony Vitarello, Jr. 
Nicholas William Vlachos 
John Elliott Walker 

•with honors; twith high honors 

Bachelors 1 1 

Susan Lynn Walker 
Barbara Elaine Watson 
Marilyn Flint Weaver 
"Carol Phyllis Weiner 
John Lawrence Wilk 
Gloria Jean Wilkinson 
Brian Douglas Willetts 
Judith Ann Williams 
Robin C.Wilson 
Alan Barry Winn 
Candace Worden 
Sandra Ruth York 
Rebecca Ann Zeligman 

Bachelor of Science 

Susan Carol Arapis 

Hugo Baby 
"Jane Louise Bannigan 

Anthony James Beasley 

Edward Victor Berard 
"Karen Marie Brennan 

Nathan Hochwald Brown, Jr. 

Diana Lynne Browning 

Ronald Lee Cannon 

Joseph Andrew Debenedictis 

Beverly Ann Dennison 

Michael Ciro Deperi 

Christopher Joseph Doerrer 

Michael James Flaherty 

Tracy Ralston Foust, Jr. 

Eric Jude Friedman 

Paul Edward Giza 

Caria Ann Goldbloom 

Gilda Casquite Hwang 

Paul Francis Jarosinski 
tRichard Allen Kaplan 

Richard Allen Keller 

Jerry Kozelsky 

Constance Lee Kregloh 

Carl Joseph Lanore, Jr. 

Sue Bailey Leonard 

Frank Joseph Letkiewicz 
tFredric Lipshultz 
tBruce Lockman 

Gary Robert Mandell 

Mark Wayne Martinson 
tJudith Ann Maslar 

Alan Judson McCarthy 
"Martin Louis Moody 

Constance Elizabeth Morris 

Brenda Lee Myers 

Paul Edward Norton 

Ward Frederick Odenwald, III 

Randy Mark Okins 
tCarl J. Oppenheim 

Hernando Louis Orduna 

Yvonne Michel Palumbo 

Robert Hebb Pembroke 

Charles Edward Rigby, Jr. 

Debra Ann Roane 
t Robert Jeffrey Shalowitz 

Caludia Lee Shaver 

Sofia Diana Siguel 

Ronald Umholtz 

Dennis Cooper Widman 
"William Robert Wilson 

Donna Jean Wire 

David C. Wyckoff 

William Richard Yount 
tMiriam Mimi Yudkoff 

Bachelor of Music 

Karen Joyce Shulman 




Bachelor of General Studies 

Dorothea Kay Adkins 
Rebecca Jane Bostic 
James William Evans 
Thomas Edward Goebeler 
Larry Steven Harper 
Wendy N. Kane 
George Loughlin McHugh 
David Lee Sauve 
Vickie Lynn Sloan 

CoUege of 
Business and 

Bachelor of Science 

Antonio F. Alvarez 
Eric Warren Arnold 
Henry M. Bahn 
James Alfred Bair, Jr. 
Brian Michael Bara 
Jacqueline Margaret Bechtoldt 
Lonnie Mack Belt 
John Edward Bird 
Gerald Joseph Blasenstein 
"Dennis Morgan Bogley 
Wilbur Wesley Bolton, III 
Salvadore Joseph Bonvegna 
Samuel John Boutselis 
Clyde Roland Bowman 
John Berend Bracht 
Patrick Kevin Brant 
Oliver Boone Bucher 
Gregorie Wayne Bujac 
Marvin Lee Clott 
Samuel Leroy Coffman 
Robert Daniel Collin 
Kevin Owen Curnyn 
Robert Earl Dahms 
Vincent D. Dallas 
James Richard Davis 
Charyl Lynn Dayton 
James Robert Deprey 

Monica Gabor Douglas 

Timothy Wendell Dunbar 

James F. Engelbert 

Thomas Douglas Faringer 

James Patrick Flaherty 
"Thomas Francis Foltz, Jr. 

Raymond Charles Foster 
tWilliam Kenneth Freienmuth 

Ellen Ann Gado 

Wayne Edward Galinat 

Michael Lenard Gansen 
"Gertrude Reeves Gautier 

John Thomas Gay 

Peter Raymond Gill 

Timothy James Gilmore 
"William Cummings Groves 
tKarl Theodore Haas 

Stanley Howard Haas 

T. Gary Hacker 

Ralph Edward Hall, Jr. 

Joseph Thomas Harbison 

David Hess 

Darrell Homer Hildreth 
tMichael Lewis Holtzapple 

Richard Smith Hylton 

Robert Danny Kalman 
tRobert Allen Kantor 

Leon Kaplan 

Arthur Ray Katz 

Keith E. Kennell 

James Bradley Kestler 

Lee Granville Kexel 

Steven Alan Kochel 

Lawrence Dale Koenig 

Dennis Max Lassiter 

Richard Carlton Laubach, Jr. 

William Lawrence Lazarus 

Lois Jane Lee 

Thomas Ross Legacy 

Patricia Diane Lindauer 

Thomas Christopher Littleford 

Frank Joseph Lopes 

Gerardo Lopezcastilla 

Thomas John Lydon, Jr. 

Kevin Lynch 

Joseph Michael Mann 

Arthur Walter Maynard 

John Francis McCloskey 
tJames Walter McConnaughey 
tWilliam Francis McDade 

Thomas D. McGann 

Dale Paul Middleton 

Michael Miller 

David Kent Mimm 

Ronald Jo Morris 
tCharles Muller, III 

Dorothea Emma Murrison 
tEugene Michael Olexa 

William Francis Patriarca 

Robert William Patterson 

Robert William Portch 

John Theodore Porter, Jr. 

Joseph B. Price 

John Randolph Pugh 
"Steven Mark Pully 

Stephen Lynn Quisenberry 

Carolyn Virginia Richards 

Christopher Edward Rightsell 

Steve L. Robins 

Henry Julian Roman 

Dale Leslie Ross 
tCraig Gordon Rovelstad 

Terry Michael Sachs 

Albert 0. Salazar 
tPaul Phillip Scheinberg 

Richard Harrison Smith, Jr. 

Joseph S. Spinicchia 
tCharles Alan Stark 

James Arthur Stoneman 

John Tyson Stuntz 

Walter Degges Sutton, III 

Harry Lee Sze 
tEvan C. Teter 
"Raymond Douglas Thomas, Jr. 

Anthony James Tomei 

John Albert Tucker 

Ronald R. Tucker 

Veraphat Tusakul 

Shiomo Weizman 
"John Luther Willey 

Daniel A. Yancoskie 

Anthony James Zagami 

College of 

Bachelor of Arts 

Jessica Beth Auerbach 
"Diane Kay Baclawski 
"Rosalyn Joyce Beroza 
tKristin Diane Damore 

Catherine Patricia Gaffney 

Janet Baltuch Goldhammer 
"Evelyn EIreen Johnson 
tJanis Marie Koscinski 

Sue Carol Laniado 

Darlene Carol Mann 

Linda Ann Marsh 

Jose Luis Martinez 

Josephine Frances McCarthy 

Marilyn Jean Miller 

Nancy Jane Moak 

Susan Ledyard Mock 
tCatherine Finlayson Morales 

Karen Lucille Myers 

Patricia Julia Paskowski 

Charles Arthur Phillips 

Martha Ann Sales 

Kathleen G. Salter 

Dagmar Eleanor Smith 

Yvonne Rose Soderstrum 

Stanley Martin Solodky 

Paula Michelle Wagner 

Roberta Sharon Wagner 

Lois Bonnie Weiland 

Tessell Julienne Williams 

12 Bachelors 

"with honors; twith high honors 

Bachelor of Science 

John Dana Aldridge 
Mary Louise Allen 

"Peter Edward Ames 

"John Robert Anderson, Jr. 
Gall Avrut 

Marianne Adrienne Barger 
Doris Adeline Barker 
Frederick Allen Barton 
Eileen Baylin 

"Jacquelyn Kay Behrendt 
James Randall Blumenschein 
Elizabeth E. Bryden 
James Allen Burns 
M. Murray Carney, Jr. 
Kathie Anne Carpenter 
Robert Thayer Cates 

tLouise Lawler Cavanaugh 
Kathleen Ellen Chapin 
Barbara Ann Cohen 
Barbara Spurgin Colacicco 
Carol Roseann Connelly 
Ellen L. Cooke 
Linda Anne Corbett 

"Sharron R. Craig 
Linda Anne Cuneo 
Donna Marie Decker 
Desiree "Wonne Deflorimonte 
John C. Dennstaedt 

tPaula Naomi Dinerstein 
Carol Ann Dodson 
Robert Forrest Durgin 
Victoria Frances Dutrow 
Bonnie Sue Epstein 
Rohna Ellen Farber 
Virginia Sue Fiero 
Debra Noreen Folberg 
Winifred Ramona Gallagher 

tCharles Kenneth Gantz, II 

t Linda Jean Gettle 
Frances L. Gill 
Milton Randall Gill 
Gregg Michael Gochnour 
Elizabeth Ann Goings 
Elizabeth Joanne Goldsmith 
Thomas Joseph Gorman 

"Eileen Ann Groce 
Henry C. Gurule 
Mark Gordon Harrison 
Margie Whitley Hayes 
Theresa Ruth Herring 

tMichael James Hersey 
Maxine D. Hocheder 
Jerome Joseph Hurley, II 
Paul Michael Jankowski 
Jacob Luther Johnson, III 
Paula Anne Jones 

"Martha Jean Keeler 
William Gait Keyworth 
Mary Theresa Klotz 

tSandra Mary Kovach 
Joseph John Kozik 
Susanne Mallon Krouse 
Winifred Miriam Kuebler 

Eileen T. Lancellotti 

Patrick Alan Lawrence 

Nancy Lee Loberg 

Joan Marie Manion 

John Joseph Marcario 
tJane Marilyn Martin 

Leonard Percy Massie, Jr. 

Karen Sue Mayville 

Virginia Ann McBride 

Susan Higgins McDonald 

Susan L. McElwain 

Geraldine Gill McKenna 

Kathryn Leslie Michalak 

Susan Phyllis Miles 

Raymond H. Moore 
"James Michael Moraz 

Melita Imelda Morgan 

Donald Arthur Munro 

Gail Theresa Murdock 
"Kevin Patric Murray 
"Barbara Evanston Taylor Nock 

Teresa Emma Oddo 

Sheila Ann Oliver 

Grady O'Rear 
"Elaine Lee Palmer 

Michael Arnold Parizer 

Stephanie Marie Parks 

Yvette Simone Pierluissi 

Laverne Pitts 

James Murray Prigel, Jr. 

Eyvind Larry Quist 

Marsha Kay Raiford 

Cynthia Talmadge Rice 

Elaine Frances Richman 

Donna Leslie Rinis 

Earl Rupert Roberts 

Margaret Hanns Robling 

Kyle Jerrold Roher 
tJanet Rottenberg 

Sharon Lynn Sappington 

Coriesue Schecht 

Susan Jane Schmidt 

Betty Clark Simpers 

Bonnie Lee Harris Slusser 

George J. Smith 
"Nelson Thomas Smith 

Linda Diane Snyder 

Mary Lou Stagg 

Saundra Victoria Stanback 

Steven Robert Steinberg 

Cynthia Anne Hargraves Tapman 

Robert John Thomas 

Thomas Marshall Turner 

Maria Susan Ugel 

Susan Lind Unkle 

Benjamin E. Wagner 

Michele Ann Weil 

John Joseph Wicker 
tMilton Stanley Wilson 

Wyman Murray Winn 

ToUege of 

Bachelor of Science 

tJames Julius Alter 

Raymond Christhilf Bryant, Jr. 

Stanley George Budzynski, Jr. 

James Nelson Caldwell 

Peter Y. Cheung 

Thomas Sau Shan Chow 
"Zvi Egozi 

Roger Warren Flynn 

James Richard Herndon 
tEdwin French Hiner 

Stephen Harry Hudson 

Donald James Kuester 

Mark Edwin Lindler 

Gerasimos Dionysios Marinakis 
tSewell Robins Marsh, Jr. 

Michael Aloysius Moran 

Richard Geter Rogers, III 

William Chester Rollins 

James Anthony Shannon 

Douglas Michael Shute 

Robert Taylor Smith "^", ^jNtaW 

Robert Webster Stone, Jr. 

John Raymond Sullivan, III 

Staporn Vuthiganond 

Dimitrios A. Zafiris 

Ralph Carlton Zeltman 

College of 



Bachelor of Science 

t Noreen Joyce Bradley 

Linda Olson Butler 

Susan Fry Clark 

Betty JaneCoghill 

Ronda Lee Dickman Cohen 

Mary Roberta Doloff 

Christine Lee Fisher 
tCarol Goodall Gewehr 

Shelley Anne Goldblum 

Nelda Louise Harris 

Lillian Jacobson 

Betty Lois Lerner 

Ann Joyce Levinstein 

Deborah Louise Linsley 

Kristine Ann McKellar 

Jean Marie Measell 

Sherrie Lynn Merwitz 

Myra Jean Moeller 

Elizabeth Louise Nevin 

Reba Yvonne Pittman 
"Susan Plaskowitz 

Elmer Joseph Seek 

Susan Frances Shevitz 




Joy Anne Thompson 
Janet Beverly Warren 
Maxine Inez Whitehead 
Annie Eades Wolfson 

College of 

Bachelor of Science 

"Alice Irene Bailey 
James Arthur Feister 
Leslie Carson Gitomer 
Dennis Alfred Hogan 
Joseph Chester Karpinski 
Kathleen Sue Mehrman Kelly 
Gregory Sax ton Rogers 
Stephen O. Rossetti 
Rita Saitta 

College of 
and Health 

Bachelor of Science 

Maxine Beth Durrett 
Deborah Ann Duvall 
Philip Charles Fisher 
Harriett Josephine Eraser 
Anthony E. Greene 
John Paul Hetrick 
Alexander Macnutt 
James Reaver Mitchell, Jr. 
Stephen Karl Norton 
Patricia Ann Polk 
Charles Christy Smith 
Robert Lee Smith 
David Michael Thomas 
Howard Lee White 

•with honors; twith high honors 

Bachelors 13 


De<*eiiilM*r 22. 

Candidates will be presented by 
Dr. David S. Sparks, 
Dean for Graduate Studies 

Doctor of Philosophy 

Nuha Haim Abudabbeh 

Rehabilitation Counseling: Offender 
Risk Taking and Stimulation Seeking 
Behavior: An Experimental Investiga- 
tion of Two Hypotheses 

Chung Hyun Ahn 

Chemical Engineering: The Effect of 
Coagulation on Particle Size Distribu- 
tion of Sub-Micron Aerosols 

Charles Alexander, Jr. 

Electrical Engineering: Linear Tuning 
of Variable Frequency Networks 

Thomas George Althen 

Animal Science: Growth Hormone In 
Genetically Obese and Lean Swine 

Douglas Lane Archer 

Microbiology: L-arginlne: Its Role in 
IVIaintenance of Epstein-Barr Virus and 
Control of Immune Product Systhesis 
in Burkitts Lymphoma-derived Cell 

Cary Bruce Barad 

Counseling and Personnel Services: 
Role Conflict Among Vocational 
Evaluators: Sources, Precursors, and 
Adjustive Correlates 

Nita Hale Barbour 

Early Childhood-Elementary Educa- 
tion: Relationship of Change in Child 
Language to Nursery School Climate 
as Determined by Teacher Verbal Be- 

Anthony Allen Bednarczyk 

Food Science: Identification and 
evaluation of the Flavor-Significant 
Components of Ginger Essential Oil 

Lawrence James Boyle 

Economics: Analysis of Hydro-electric 
Industry in Quebec 

Gail Susan Bradbard 

Counseling & Personnel Services: Min- 
imal Brain Dysfunction with Hyper- 
activity: A Comparison of the Be- 
havioral and Cognitive Effects of Phar- 
macological and Behavioral Treat- 

Robert Clayton Bradshaw 

Economics: A Theoretical and Empiri- 
cal Analysis of U.S. Bank Euro-dollar 
Borrowing, 1966-1971 

Steve Bravy 

Mathematics: Generalizing the 
Grothendieck Prime Spectrum 

Alice Sally Brew 

Counseling and Personnel Services: Ef- 
fects of a Counseling Workshop on 
Adult Women and Counselors 

William James Burns 

Secondary Education - Mathematics: 
A Study of Interaction Between Apti- 
tude and Treatment in the Learning of 
a Computer Programming Language 

B. G. Carter 

Government and Politics: Genes and 
Politics: A Constructive Critique of 
Paul Ramsey and Leon R. Kass 

Augustine Yim-Pan Cheung 

Electrical Engineering: Microwave 
Studies of Magnetically Induced Mo- 
mentum Coupling in Laser-Produced 

David William Coder 

Mechanical Engineering: Implicit Solu- 
tions of the Unsteady Navier-Stokes 
Equation for Laminar Flow Through 
an Orifice 

Michael Alan Cohen 

Horticulture: An Anatomical and 
Growth Regulator Study on Dwarf 
Shoot Apices of Pinus ponderosa 

Steven Charles Cohen 

Physics: Semiclassical S Matrix Theory 
of Vibrational Energy Transfer and 
Excitation in Collisions of Diatomic 

Craig Martin Cook 

Computer Science: Grammatical In- 
ference by Heuristic Search 

Marsha Zelia Cummins 

English: Antonin Artaud's The 
Theatre and Its Double. An Analysis 
of Its Genesis, Its Intention and Its In- 
fluence in Modern Theatre 

Joseph Kenneth Daugherty 

Physics: Measurement of Cosmic Ray 
Positron and Negatron Spectra Be- 
tween 50 and 800 Me V 

John Michael Davidson 

Physics and Astromony: Study of the 
Level Structure of ^^NE, Using the 
Reaction ^''0{3He.ny)^3Ne 

William Allan Donnelly, III 

Economics: An Econometric Model of 
Net Labor Migration in the United 
States, 1965 

Paul Francis Dvorak 

Germanic and Slavic Languages: Desire 
for Change and Individual Failure: An 
Attempt to Synthesize the Works of 
Wolfgang Koeppen by Means of the 
Antitheses of Positive Action and 
Personal Resignation 

Thomas Walton Eastman 

Science Education: The Development 
and Validation of an Environmental 
Attitude Measure with Predictive 

Kenneth Henry Eckels 

Microbiology: Virion and Soluble 
Antigens of Japanese Encephalitis, and 
Closely Related Arboviruses 

Mohammad Shaaban El-Azhary 

Government and Politics: Potential 
Groups in American Politics - The Case 
of American Jews 

Hosni Mohamed EInigoumi 

Agricultural and Resource Economics: 
Transportation Between Sudan and 
Libya as a Means For Socio-Economic 
Development: Beef and Oil 

Paul David Elstein 

Government and Politics: A Longi- 
tudinal Analysis of the Legislative Be- 
havior of Freshman United States 

Charles Joseph Errico 

History: Foreign Affairs and the Presi- 
dential Election of 1940 

Jacob Exier 

Biochemistry: Partial Purification and 
Properties of B-Glucuronidase from 
the American Oyster, Crassostrea vir- 
ginica (Gmelinj 

Daniel Herbert Fishman 

Computer Science: Experiments with 
a Resolution-Based Deductive Ques- 
tion - Answering System and a Pro- 
posed Clause Representation for Paral- 
lel Search 

Jerry Richard Fram 

Physics: The K*p Interaction at 473 
MeV /c and 590 MeV k 

Herbert Lundy Garris 

Government and Politics: Constitu- 
tional Revision in Virginia: An evolu- 
tion of the Democratic Process, 

Tove Helland Hammer 

Psychology: The Influence of Super- 
visory Behavior on Subordinates Moti- 
vation: A Model and a Measure of 

Ann Mcintosh Hoffelder 

Science Education: The Development 
and Evaluation of Three Types of In- 
structional Organizing Materials for In- 
troductory College Chemistry 

Robert Steen Hornady 

Plasma Physics: Analysis of Two 
Nonneutral Plasma Equilibria, Mea- 
surement of the Trapped Electron 
Energy Distribution 

Chih Ming Hu 

Physics: Rotational Stokes' Resistance 
of a Prolate Spheroid in an Incom- 
pressible Viscous Fluid under Perfect 

Anne Skone Jameson 

Elementary Education: An Analysis of 
Self-Esteem and Academic Achieve- 
ment of Tri-Racial Isolate, Negro and 
Caucasian Elementary and Middle 
School Boys and Girls 

Thomas Burton Kaiser 

Physics and Astronomy: The Behavior 
of Charged Particle Distributions in 
Time-Independent Stochastic Magnetic 

Ronald Lee Kimball 

Psychology: Effects of Pretherapy 
Manipulations on Measures of Group 

1 4 Doctors 

Gerald Lee Klingaman 

Horticulture: Reduction of Ambient 
Air Pollution Injury to Foliage of 
Chrysanthemum morifolium Ramat. 
Using Tolerant Cultivars and Chemical 

Elizabeth Janssen Koopman 

Institute for Child Study: Identity 
Formation Processes in Volunteer and 
Nonvolunteer University Students 

Robert J. Korbach 

Economics: A Regional Environmental 
Input-Output Model 

Brian Marc Krupp 

Astronomy: A Nevi/ Analysis of the 
A^A-X^II System of CH and the Car- 
bon Twelve/Carbon Thirteen Ratio in 

Allan Reid Kuhns 

Chemical Engineering: Thin Film For- 
mation by Photopolymerization of 1 , 

Pauline Sheplan Lerner 

Chemistry: Proteolipids in Brains of 
Normal Mice and Myelin Deficien t 
Mutants: Developmental Studies and 
Subcellular Localization 

William Henry LIcata 

Electrical Engineering: Dominant Pole 
Identification Applied to the Low Or- 
der Modeling Problem 

Pearl Caren Lipsie 

Counseling and Personnel Services: An 
Investigation of Effects of the Transi- 
tional Workshop Program on the Work 
Attitudes, Work Habits and Sensitivity 
Worker Role, Demand and Self Con- 
cepts of the Mentally III 

Ann Seymour Madison 

Institute for Child Study: Psycho- 
physiological Responses of Female 
Nursing Home Residents to Back- 

Swadesh Mitter Mahajan 

Physics and Astronomy: Equilibrium 
and Stability Properties of Relativistic 
E-layers and Electron Rings 

Raul Torino Mainardi 

Physics and Astronomy: A Measure- 
ment of the Cosmic Ray Be/B ratio at 
Energies > 1.5 Gev, using a Large Area 
Proportional-Scintillation Counter 

Luis J. Matienzo 

Chemistry: Part I. Applications of X- 
Ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy to 
the Study of Inorganic and Organo- 
metallic Complexes of Nickel, Pal- 
ladium, Platinum and Molybdenum. 
Part II. The Synthesis and Character- 
ization of Some Novel Polydentate 
Phosphorus-Nitrogen Ligands 

Ernest Charles Mauch 

Industrial Education: Using Placebos 
in Teaching Vocational Education 

Terrence Joseph McCreary 

Electrical Engineering: On Adaptive 

Charles David McGlothlin 

Chemistry: The Coulometric Deter- 
minations of Galactose Oxidase Ac- 
tivity, Galactose in Serum, and Copper 
in Aqueous Solution 

Charles Anthony Meegan 

Physics and Astronomy: A Measure- 
ment of the Primary Cosmic-Ray Elec- 
tron Spectrum from 6 GeV to WO 

Otho Ernest Michaelis IV 

Animal Science: Studies on the 
Mechanism of the Sucrose Effect in 
Rettus norvegicus albinus 

David Lee Milgram 

Computer Science: Web Automata 

Manuel Lopez Morales 

Counseling and Personnel Services- 
School of Psychology: Effects of 
Schedules of Observed Reinforcement 
and Observer's Deprivation Level on 
Persistance in Imitating 

Edward E. Morler 

Administration, Supervision, and Cur- 
riculum; A Study of the Effects of 
Transcendental Meditation on Selected 
Dimensions of Organization Dynamics 

Patrick Munley 

Psychology: An Exploratory Investiga- 
tion of the Relationship Between Erik 
Erikson's Theory of Psychosocial De 
velopment and Vocational Behavior 

James Jeremiah Nolan 

Counseling and Personnel Services: A 
Comparison of the Effects of the SDS 
versus Group Counseling on Occupa- 
tional Information Seeking Behavior 

Arnold Williams Orvedal 

Chemistry: Studies of Anions Contain- 
ing 4mrn-Electron Rings 

Joe Louis Padgett 

Secondary Education: A Study of the 
Influence of Synthetic Relevancy 
Teaching Methods on Student Atti- 
tudes Toward and Achievement in the 
Physics Portion of a Physical Science 
Course for Pre-Service Nursing Stu- 

Whiton Stewart Paine 

Institute for Child Study: Effects of 
Two Sequences of Group Dynamics 
Models on Studen t Performance in a 
Discussion Course 

Sulur Pachayana Thever Palaniswamy 
Civil Engineering: Optimization of 
Traffic Flow on a Restricted Facility - 
A Conceptual Framework 

Neil Jeffrey Pearl 

Chemistry: Reactions of Bicy- 
clol5. 1.0.1 octadienes and Cyclo- 
heptatrienes with Potassium Amide in 
Liquid Ammonia; NMR Studies of the 
8, 8-Dimethylcyclooctatrienyl Anion; 
NMR Studies of Cyclononatrieyl 

Eulah Blue Peters 

Secondary Education: A Study of Stu- 
dent Attitudes relating to Certain In- 
structional and Socio-Economic 
Factors in Junior High School General 
Music Classes in Eigh t Baltimore City 
Public Schools 

John H. Pflaum 

Institute for Child Study: Develop- 
ment of a Life Quality Inventory 

Wallace Kimball Pond 

Administration, Supervision, and Cur- 
riculum: Interrelationships Between 
The Organizational Climates of 
Secondary Classrooms as Perceived by 
Both the Teachers and Students of 
Those Classrooms 

Karen Logozzo Rancourt 

Elementary Education: The Modera- 
tion of Comprehension in Reading by 
Three Perception Formats and Three 
Fatigue Levels 

Patricia Sinclair Reichelderfer 

Microbiology: Studies on the Replica- 
tion of HI Virus 

Branimir Marian Rieger 

English: The Development of the 
English Literary Letter, 1500-1640 

Curtis Robinson 

Botany: Mineral and Hormonal Effects 
on Growth and Morphogenesis of 
Mungbean fPhaseolus aureus L.) Seed- 

Norman Phillip Ross 

Measurement and Statistics: Power Com- 
parisions of Fixed Effects Randomized 
Block and Analysis of Covariance Using 
Qualitative Concomitant Variables 

David Parry Rubincam 

Physics and Astronomy: The Early 
History of the Lunar Inclination 

Sarah Leff Schmidt 

American Studies: Horace M. Kallen 
and the Americanization of Zionism 

Richard Eric Sheads 

Chemistry: Synthesis and Reactions of 


2, 1-Benzisoxazolium Salts, and Benzo- 

azetinones: Formation of a Benzo- 

azacyclobutadiene Derivative 

Joyce Lee Shields 

Measurement and Statistics: An Em- 
pirical Investigation of the Effect of 
Heteroscedasticity and Heterogeneity 
of Variance on the Analysis of Con- 
variance and the Johnson-Neyman 

Jay Richard Simon 

Chemistry: Membrane Transport of 
Gamma-aminobutyric Acid in a 
Synaptosomal Fraction Isolated from 
Rat Brain 

Elaine Frank Sloan 

Library and Information Services: The 
Organization of Collection Develop- 
ment in Large University Research 

Robert Alan Smith 
Physics: On the lo-modulated Jovian 
Decametric Radiation 

Robert Gordon Smith 

Educational Administration: The Ef- 
fects of Leadership Style, Leader Posi- 
tion Power, and Problem Solving 
Method on Group Performance 

Doctors 1 5 

Leivy Smolar 

History: Ernest Renan and the Civi- 
lization of Ancient Israel 

Maria Elisabeth Sommer 

Institute for Child Study: An Experi- 
mental Study oi Attitude Modification 
Through! Role-Playing in Authoritarian 
and Democratic Orientations 

Norman Crawford Steele 

Dairy Science: Lipogenesis and Cel- 
lularity of Adipose Tissue from Lean 
and Obese Swine 

Alan John Theiss 

Physics and Astronomy: An Investiga- 
tion of the Equilibrium and Sym- 
metric Wave Propagation Properties of 
Rigid Rotor Nonneutral Plasmas 

Clair Brown Vickery 

Economics: Why Unemployment 
Rates Differ by Race and Sex 

Melvyn Roger Viner 

Astronomy: A 26.3 IVIHz Radio 
Source Survey with an Absolute Flux 

James Stanley Ward 

Geography: Geographic Dynamics of 
Skid Rows in North America 

Elbert Kelsey Weaver 

Engineering Materials: The Influence 
of Grain Size on the Mechanical Pro- 
perties of the Powder Metal lurgically 
Processed Nickel Base Alloys-Monel 
and Astroloy 

Doctor of Education 

Frank Norman Ellis 

Administration, Supervision, and Cur- 
riculum: The Production, Develop- 
ment, and Validation of an Original 
Self-Instructional Program and Supple- 
ment on Musical Note and Rest Values 
in Common Time 

Doctor of Business 

Ronald James Webb 

Business and Management: Organi- 
zational Effectiveness in Voluntary 
Organizations: A Study of the Institu- 
tional Church 

Richard Paul O'Neill 

Business and Management: Transfor- 
mation Methods For Column Genera- 
tion Procedures in Nonlinear Pro- 

W ^^ 

■* ^. 


De€*einber 22« 

Master of Arts 

Sandra L. Ainsfield 
Elizabeth Josephine Anderson 
Ingeborg U. Angiletta 
Margaret Elaine Arenas 
Abdolhi Armand 
Correan Marrie Baker 
Paul Stephen Barnett 
Charles Michael Bartholomew 
Uzi Imanuel Ben-Ami 
June Doris Oliver! Bond 
Amy Sandra Bookman 
Marina Demos Brand 
Robert Charles Brooks 
Rose W. Butler 
Lila de Lesseline Caffery 
John Wakeman Carlo 
Everett Bacon Chamberlain, II 
Anju G. Chaudhary 
Carolyn Jeanne Coakley 
Penelope Anne Cole 
Barbara Graham Cooper 
Mark Neil Cooper 
Patricia Ann Cooper 
Diane Wilson Cormicle 
Christine Ann Courtois 
Glenn E. Crellin 
Robert Baldwin Crocker 
Neiton Machado de Oliveira 
John Thomas Dorsett 
Richard Alfred Drozd 
Stephen J. Duckworth 
Robert Allen Duffy 
Alice J. Dunlap 
Elizabeth T. Duskin 
Joel Duane Ellermeier 
David Paul Fago 
Charles Keith Fennell 
Kenneth Howard Ferguson 
Lydia Eugyma Fontaine 
Richard Neil Friedman 
Irene Baer Friendly 
Robert Allan Gaddie 
Nancy Ellen Gadzuk 
Steven Gibson 
Joanne Giza 

James Joseph Gorman, Jr. 
Linda Anne Grassie 
Guven Guloksuz 
Robert Walter Haddon 
Ronald E. Hagen 
Mary B. Halsdorf 
Barbara Cohen Hammack 
Carol Elaine Hart 

Janet Louise Hartley 
Eugenia Louise Hathorn 
William Larry Hawkins 
Bruno Heidik 

Judith Harper Hendrickson 
Steele Waychoff Hill 
Nancy Mary Horstmann 
William Edward Hrezo 
Leonard Harold Hughes 
Edwin Carlton Jones 
Robert Juarez 
Kevin W. J. Kadell 
Joel Howard Kaye 
Margaret Saxon Keller 
Elizabeth Marcia Kimen 
Joanne Marie Kirkey 
Bruce Robert Kleinhans 
William H. Knox 
Gail Schuier Koenig 
Frank John Korpusik 
John Francis Lacny 
David Charles Larkin 
Pamela Lorna Lee 
Wesley Walton Lee 
Evelyn Frances Levsky 
Joan Adele Lewis 
Robert Wayne Liming 
Callie Annette Looper 
Rolando Emelio Loret-de-Mola 
Charles William Lowrance 
Nancy Lyons 
Cynthia Mahabir 
Patrick Michael Mahady 
Adrian J. Martinez 
Garry J. May 
Isadora P. Mayer 
Donald John McCauley 
Marilyn Jean McGilvrey 
Janice J. Mills 
Gretchen Molitor Mirrielees 
Thomas Francis Monteleone 
Alma Nugent Moriconi 
Robert Joseph Mullin, Jr. 
Donald Gary Mullins 
Joseph Loren O'Connor 
William Martin Orr 
Lou Lung Pai 
Kenneth Henry Patton 
William Harold Perry, Jr. 
David Paul Peters 
Herbert Austin Phillips 
Frank William Porter, III 
Karen Worthington Posey 
Lois H. Pottorff 
Edward Charles Pytlik 
Robin Lynn Raphel 
Clement L. Richmond 
Karen Lemoyne Roberts 
Steven E. Sabloff 
Kooros Sadighi 
Monwadee Samakoses 
Robert Marc Schnapp 
Joy Green Schwab 
Ruth E. Scott 
Beverly Segina 


Doctors - Masters 

Frederick Sherman Seidenberg 
Phyllis K.Sharlin 
Lynn J. Sherman 
Steven Bruce Silvern 
Robert A. Skylar 
Elizabeth Sewell Smith 
Joseph H. Smith, II 
Mary Conway Smith 
Timothy James Smith 
Nancy OIness Snyder 
Penelope Tarasuk Spaldo 
Cynthia Hoff Stewart 
Patricia J. Stine 
Nancy H. Stokes 
Helen S. Stolker 
Kimberly Cowan Stone 
Eileen Langan Sullivan 
Gerald Vance league 
Juanita Lee Bethea Thompson 
Ann R. Tickamyer 
Franklin Albert Tinney 
Mitra Toossi 

Marjorie Barbara Tribendis 
Andy L. Trohanis 
Alfred Thomas Tudor 
Linda Carole Valcik 
Carmine Michael Valente 
Stanley Dubois Vernooy, III 
Lynn Yarrington Vince 
John G. Volonts 
Harvey Walden 
Suzanne Warrick 
Marilyn Essex Weirath 
Jack Noel Willett 
James Otis Williams 
Michael Victor Wurm 
Mhen Tcheng Yee 
Ruthellen Seller Yoshpe 
Gladys Bertila Zaidivar 
Adam Henryk Zynger 

Master of Business 

S. A. Babu 
Philip M. Barnes, Jr. 
Daniel Charles Barnett 
Jill Marie Beierlein 
Stanley M. Beitsch 
Thomas Michael Calandra 
John Marc Chittum 
Robert Benjamin Clarke, Jr. 
Michael John Collison 
Robert Morris DeGarmo, Jr. 
William BIythe Ebersold 
Lutz Rainer Filipowsky 
Charles Patrick Foreman 
Frederick Knapp Ganjon 
Mark Handelman 
Burton J. Haynes 
James Emmanuel Hondroulis 
Leonard I. Jacobs 
Thomas Stephen Keefe 
Stuart Allen Klein 
Paul Gerald Leconte 

Jack Newton Lewis 
Jerome Montgomery Li 
Wesley George Lyvers 
Eric Alan Marts 
Emil Craig Milacek 
Clifford Kenneth Otto 
Kenneth Ratkovich 
James Charles Ronning 
Joe Allan Stamm 
Peter Auldan Sutton 
John Gustave Vogelmann 
Peter Ellis Youngs 

Master of Education 

Gayle V. Amos 
Ralph E. Appreti 
Marcia Mathias Barnes 
Marlene D. Beckman 
Roger Brian Beechener 
Swarup Bhatnagar 
Barbara Beth Blacksberg 
Linda Marie Blauth 
Bernice Bloom 
Henry Fred Bohne 
Bonnie Louise Boone 
Nancy Rader Booth 
Marcia Melby Boyd 
Thomas Daniel Bradley 
Drina Brown 
Fredericia Ann Bunting 
Michael Raymond Cady 
Milagros H. Carrero 
Mary Joanne Carroccio 
Aleen Carol Chabot 
Elaine K. Chan 
Sandy Leslie Charyn 
Kohl D. Coffman 
Ann Marie Collier 
Eleanor Elizabeth Collins 
Pamela Ellen Cope 
Elizabeth Stanford Cornelius 
Joyce R. Dannecker 
Jean Fairchlld deTarnowsky 
Alexander Colclough Dick, Jr. 
Dolores Pawley Dickerson 
Dorothy Frantz Dix 
Ogden H. Donellan 
Susan S. Dranitzke 
Jacqueline Earlene Dutton 
Elma Ann Edwards 
Jane Ann Eiden 
Margarita Sotolongo Escatell 
Nicholas W. Fanatico 
Jane Irina Fidler 
Patricia Maureen Finnerty 
Sharon Lee Fones 
Dorothy Gisella French 
Deeva Wolfbein Garel 
Marcia Ann Geiger 
Frank Warner Hale 
Lana Winifred Harding 
Stanley Glenn Harger 
Timothy Lehn Henderson 
Barnelle Herring 

Helen Elizabeth Holwick 
John David Horman 
Estelle Kessler Horowitz 
Thomas Joseph Hunt 
Ann Wagner Inderbitzin 
Barbara Esterman Jacobowit 
Lee D. Johnson 
Judy Ramoy Johnstone 
Miriam Kaplan 
Linda S. Karr 
John Knapp Killiam 
Cheryl Helene Kirschner 
Rosemary Louise Kozura 
Thomas Joseph Labonte 
James Julius Larkin 
James H. Layton 
Joan Lipnick 
Sheldon J. Lloyd 
Patricia C. Long 
Fred H. Lowenbach 
Francis Joseph Luther, III 
Linda Marcks 
Charles Henry Marcus 
Gail Maureen Makferding 
Michael Graham Marsh 
Frank Mastroianni 
Anthony Paul Mazzucco 
Floryne Marie Owens McLean 
Dorothy Jean Medert 
Constance M. Meyerle 
Joyce Aileen Miller 
Michael Archie Moore 
Alice Barnes Moreland 
Bonnie Lee Muller 
Diana Evelyn Musick 
Betty Seibert Myers 
Leonard Edward Neels 
Gretchen Louise Nethken 
Gladys Biosca Ortega 
Joyce Marie Perrie 
Londa Jean Peters 
Branda Harriet Peterson 
Phyllis Pitt 

Phyllis Southworth Preston 
Barbara Jean Puri 
Phyllis Jean Ramsey 
Barbara Lucille Reinhard 
Larry A. Reitz 
Paul Stephen Ressler 
Margaret Katherine Rightnour 
IsabelleG. Ruth 
Henry John Sadler 
Erma E. Sarahan 
Wallace Thomas Schindler, Jr. 
Jessica Posch Servis 
Mary Ellen Sessa 
Jean Ellen Seubert 
Nadia R. Shuman 
Abbey Paula Siciliano 
Lewis Wilson Smith, Jr. 
Michael Solonevich 
Barbara Conant Spada 
Wendy Lucille Squiers 
Paula Jill Stokes 
John Sushinsky 

Edith S. Sussman 
Marie Mayor Tarbell 
Delbert Woodrow Tweit 
Ronald Albert Valenti 
Regina Mary Wallace 
Janice Paula Ware 
Martin Wehrle 
Bernadette E. Welch 
Ruth-Ellen Whitman 
Lynda Carrol Whittaker 
Robert L. Wistort 
Susan Carey Wright 

Master of Fine Arts 

Leif Aelfric Olson Beachley Erickson 
Carl Elliot Goldhagen 
lleen Inyoung Lee 
Rosemary Rejszel 
Mary Maggie Stres 

Master of Library Science 

Rochelle Linda Bader 

Carol Ann Becker 

Rochelle Goldstein Braunstein 

Sherie Lee Brook 

Janet Helen Cherchuck 

Alice Chin 

Jane Elisabeth Coleman 

Mary Therese Conte 

James Bradford Cordes 

Mary Susan Crickman 

Nancy H. Cummings 

Joan Anne Deacon 

Kathleen Ann Dolan 

Linda Ann Fair 

Janice Marie Foster 

Terry S. Freeman 

Ruth M. Friedman 

Joan Ruth Giesecke 

Kathryn Alexander Giesey 

Bonita Sherl Glatstein 

Mary Jane Gruber 

Carol Elizabeth Jacobson 

Caria Harris Johnson 

Cecilia Lavonne Keller 

Diane Corinne Kemmerling 

Janet Gromfine King 

Edward Earl Leslie 

Thomas Henry Lester 

Alix Carol Levy 

Jane Ann Lindley 

Dorothy E. Marvel 

Lynn McCloud 

Judith Corbett Mero 

Judith A. Morris 

Louise Alberta Mortimer 

Robert Francis Neville 

Marianne Selly Newman 

Betty J. Ng 

Nancy Etkind Parsons 

Daniel Alan Peed 

Lynn Riedel Puccinelli 

Mary M. Putnam 

Robert C. Robinson 

Masters 1 7 

Paul Martin Rosenberg 
Barbara Rush 
Kennetta Peters Russ 
Diane Pope Schule 
Daniel Thomas Seldin 
Anne Lane Sheldon 
Sam Steinberg 
Anne M. Tzaruas 
Beth Wl. Wescott 
Linda F. Williams 
Lynda M. Wiseman 

Master of Music 

Donna K. Eastman 
Robert Vernon Shuffett 

Master of Science 

David Lewis Almquist 

Walter William Arbogast, Jr. 

Frederick K. Arzt, Jr. 

William Gleason Bail 

David Charles Bailey 

Philip Alan Bender 

Wayne Berman 

Warren Lange Besore 

Marcia Anne Blackman 

Thomas Michael Blessington, Jr. 

Ellen Linda Bouwkamp 

Robert Kenneth Brooke, Jr. 

Charles H. Brown 

James Edgar Buchanan 

Eileen G. Buckoltz 

A. Michael Budjako 

Dennis Rudolf Bunty 

James Vincent Case, Jr. 

Pao Ling Chiu 

Monica Marie Cimino 

Roger Brian Clark 

Sharron Ann Clark 

Larry Roy Collins 

Calvin Carl Coulbourne 

George Richard Curran 

John Thomas Dalton 

Ronald Harry Davis 

Suzanne Knorr Diachenko 

Lewis A. Dokmo 

Stephanie Doores 

Edward Martin Dougherty 

Robert Gary Dubois 

Kenneth Myer Epstein 

Martin N. Epstein 

Audrey Merle Evans 

John Raymond Fair 

Richard Frank Fernsler 

Jody Eleanor Fischer 

Ralph Leroy Fogwell 

Arnold Norman Forman 

Stephen Royal Frary 

Anne Marie Eraser 

William Ronald Gluck 

Edgar Arturo Gonzalez 

Robert Paul Harnack 

Philip J. Hatchard 

Peter A. Heimann 

Gregory David Heuston 

VietDung Hoang 

Carvel Edward Holton 

James Clifton Home 

Edward Lawrence Hultgren, Jr. 

Laura Katherine Hutton 

Richard L. Irvine 

Thomas Joseph Jackson 

Kathryn Angela Jakes 

Gail Robertson Janes 

William C. Jenkins 

Edward Peter Johnson 

Michael Leroy Kaiser 

Howard T. Kaplan 

Richard Alan Kehs 

Wendell Wallace Kelley 

Ronnie L. Kinsley 

Miroslav Z. Knezevic 

Ronald Frank Korcak 

Madeleine M. Kreitzer 

James Max Krell 

Ravi Chandar Krishnan 

Chhaya R. Kulkarni 

Kerry Lee Lake 

Darryl Alexis Lang 

David Carl Langjahr 

Yuet Alfred Lau 

Kun Jai Lee 

San Myung Lee 

Hsin-Fu Liu 

Michael Lee Lowry 

Wei-Lan Lu 

Norma Moore Martof 

Geoffrey Toya Masaki 

Theodore Terry Miller 

Carol Bergfeld Mills 

Faren Williams Mitman 

David Gail Mongan 

Mir Massoud Mortazavi 

Carlos Mendonca E. Moura 

Barbara A. Muller 

Jan Moller Nielsen 

Robert Miller Nielsen 

Herbert Lewis Novitsky 

William Thomas Ofenstein 

Jerry L. Orser 

Dennis Blair Osika 

Mary Ann Ottinger 

Anh Le Phung 

Rita Ann Poretsky 

James Thomas Pritchard 

Richard Quintero 

Janice Arlene Rambo 

Kee Woo Rhee 

John Calhoun Richardson, Jr. 

Marvin Charles Roscoe 

Louis Paul Rose, Jr. 

Marianne Emerson Russek 

Vincent Michael Russo 

Wesley Delmar Sage 

Alfredo Sanchez 

Johnson R. Saunders, Jr. 

Douglas Charles Seeley, Jr. 

William Charles Sherbin 

Christine Marie Simon 

James Michael Sinton 
Steven Avery Smith 
Wayne Elton Smith, Jr. 
Norman Scott Spencer 
John Francis Stasiewicz, Jr. 
Joel Samuel Steel, Jr. 
Priscilla deJesus Steele 
Preston Skinner Stoughton 
Eleonore Luzia Swim 
Hugh V. Tamassia 
Seshagiri Rao Tammara 
John Woodrull Thompson 
Oliver Howie Thompson 
James Stanley Tobin 
Immanuel l-MingTung 

Richard Martin Venable 
Robert vonHusen 
Joseph Robert Wagenhofer 
Alan Bruce Wang 
James Richard Wardell 
Walter Allen Webster, III 
Robert John Went 
Samuel Clement Whelan 
Adrienne Marron Winters 
Daniel George Wolf 
David Michael Word 
Shou Sung Yang 
John Tsu-Chih Yeh 
Robyn Sue Zeiger 
Amanda Day Zeltman 



College of 

Candidates will be presented by 
Dr. Gordon Cairns, Dean of the 

Bachelor of Science 

William Henry Allenberg 
"Martha Christine Anderson 
Rex Carlton Anderson 
Susanne Lee Bohrer 
Jerome Cullen Burdick 
William Sidney Burgess 
Maurice F. Casey, III 
Andrew Bruce Celmer 
Neville Joseph Chang 
Wayne Leiand Chubb 
Bonita Ellen Conard 
George Edward Costantino 
Stephen Gerard Femiano 
Herbert Spry Ford, ill 
Meredith Lee Fouche 
Philip James Geraci 
William Andrew Gill 
Joan Carol Gotthardt 
Frederick Charles Harrison 
'Oliver Megs Hepler, III 
David Stephen Hill 
Timothy Michael Human 
Guy Ryland Hylton, Jr. 
David Allan Jaquith 
Stephen Paul Johnson 
George Washington Jones, III 
Michael Russell Kim 
Donald Stephen King 
Stephen T. Kirk 
James E. Kirkley 
"Michael Walter Lloyd 

David Alexander McKelway 
'Elbert Lawrence Merrill, Jr. 
Mark Randolph Millikin 
Daniel M, Muller 
George A. Nepert 
Susan P. O'hara 
August James Olszewski 
Charles Richard Phillips 
Timothy F. Ray 
Howard W. Reel, Jr. 
Lynn Ann Rucker 
Linda Meredith Scheer 
John Kenneth Schoolmeester 
Amado G. Soler 
Enrique A, G. Soler 
t Theodore P. Streett 
Daniel Joseph Sweeney 
Kenneth Marc Teffeau 
John Kenneth Umbarger 
t Edgar Anthony White, Jr. 
Lawrence Scott Wilkinson 

•with honors; twith high honors 

^4*llOOl of 


Candidates will be presented by Prof. 
John Hill, Dean of the School 

Bachelor of Architecture 

Lu Mai Seto 

College of 
Arts and 

Bachelor of Arts 

Jacob Abramowitz 

Fernando Ferruccio Accame 

Randolph Alan Albright 

Steven L. Alkire 

Rudolph Albert Herman Allendorf, III 
t Karen Lee Ashlin 

Christine Walker Bailey 

Anthony Baird 

Kenneth Baldwin 

Randall Lee Balin 
tMichael Dean Barker 

Hugh Vaden Barnes 

Mark David Baron 

John Foster Batka 

Eric Joseph Bechtel 

Mark Bradford Benson 

Linda Barbara Berger 

Robert Leonard Berry 

John Michael Bigley 

Ralph Bland, Jr. 

John Michael Board 
"Kathleen Patricia Boicourt 

Penelope Ball Boyter 

James Aloysius Brew, Jr. 

Alfred Bruce Brizendine 
tArthur Richard Brodsky 

Arnold John Brogan 

Mary Ann Brown 
'Monica Anne Brown 

Deborah Reed Bryan 

Joan Caroline Burton 

William Joseph Bushwaller 

Lawrence Michael Byron, Jr. 
t Louise E. Luhring Cabeen 

Carol J. Caramagno 

Beverly Anne Garden 

Janis K. Carson 

David Lee Carter 

Eric Dean Carter 

Marvin Lee Carter, Jr. 

Gwendolyn Lee Caterina 

Wayne Archie Cawley, III 

Jerry Burtis Cesak, Jr. 

tSarah Marie Chapelle 
Thomas Wesley Chenowith 
Susan Louise Chiang 

t Catherine Christovich 
Themi Chumley 
Ronald William Cicchini 

'Dolores Marie Close 
Stephen Harris Cole 
William Francis Cole 
Vicki Windsor Conner 
Donald Robert Cook 
Christian Briand Cowdrey 
Valerie Ann Crandall 
Patricia Jean Crescenzi 
Bruce Lauren Custis 
Alfred Cook Daiger 
Carol Ann Davis 
George Gaines Davis 
Larissa Maryann Diachok 
Dario Steven Dibattista 

tHonorine Donnelly 
Margaret Jeanne Donovan 
Adele Miriam Draiman 
James Hugh Easter 
Barbara R. Eckman 
David Philip Eisele 
Kipp Leslie Eisenberg 
Sheila Kay Eisenstadt 
Jill Louise Elkins 

tCarol Lowry Elks 
Jean Martha Engel 
Jeanine Engelen 
David Clyde Estes 
John Harvey Estes 
Peter Dennis Evanosky 
George Michael Evans 
Stephen Andrew Fairbairn 

'Patricia Rose Farrow 

'John Dickinson Ferry, Jr. 

'Carol Elaine Filman 
Patricia Therese Fitzgerald 
Franklin Eric Florin 
Michael Barry Flynn 
Julie Ann Fortin 
Deborah Joy Foster 
Gary Neil Frager 
Donald L. Frost 

t Robert Leonard Furst 
Sharon Elizabeth Gaffney 
Gary Lee Galemore 

tSandra Cay Gevantman 
Linda S. Gilday 

'Dianne Marie Goad 

'Debra Lee Goldfarb 
Caria Beth Goldman 
Anne Doreen Goldstein 
Cathy Lynn Goldstein 
William Barnett Goodwin 

tJacqueline L. Grant 
Larry Fred Graubard 
Judith M. Gray 
Judith Kay Grodowltz 
David Warner Guth 
Don Clay Hall, II 
Dorothy Kay Hall 

t Andrew Jeffrey Hallen 

Kathrine Lea Hammersley 
t Jeanne Sullivan Hammond 

Judith Ann Harrell 

Nancy Lee Heintz 

Steven E. Hercenberg 

Jeffrey Isaac Hershey 

Robert Burns Hess 

Robert Stephen Hickman 

Robert Merlin Hinz, Jr. 

Frances Eugenia Holland 

Steven James Houghton 

Douglas Robert Housel 
"Sharyn Huriaux 

Eliana Patricia Ibanez 

Leo Charles Inglesby, Jr. 

Dale M. Iserson 

Sharon Eta Isralow 

William Lennard Jacocks 

Richard A. Jenkins 

Bart Douglas Johnson 

Thomas H. Johnson 

George Douglas Jones 

William Matthew Katcef 

Louis Michael Katz 
"Edith Willis Kauffmann 

Frank Martin Kaufman 

Virginia Ann Keany 

Kevin P. Keenan 

Curtis J. Kelly, Jr. 

Robert Stephen Kelly 

Rodhan Clay Kenner 

Padma Chhaganlal Khatri 
"Norman F. Kigef 

Thomas Charles Kimmell, Jr. 

Margo King 

Albert C. Kitlas, Jr. 

Gary Hamilton Kitzmiller 
"Robert Marc Klein 

John James Komar 

Janis Ann Kopit 

Christy Dale Kramer 

George John Kressley, Jr. 

Edwin Moore Krintz, Jr. 

Lynn Carol Kristianson 

8. H. Kroll 

Daniel Francis Kuhn, Jr. 

Keren Kuo 

Lionel Dana Kupersmith 

Charles Gregory Lampe 

Robert George Landolt 

Paul Arthur Leddy 

Ronald Eduard Leefland 

Sherry Myra Levine 
tChristopher James Linstrom 

Christine Louise Litwak 
"Constance A. Locraft 

Lawrence Michael Lomax 

Anne Marie Lucian 

James E. Luensman 

Mary Lou Luttrell 
tGeorge William Lytle 

Sean Patrice MacDonald 

Susan Ann MacMillan 

Christine Lee Mahoney 



Saundra Rose Maley 

Santa Lee Manfre 

Marcy Ann Masters 
tDonald Lee Mathis 
tKatherine Paradowski Matthews 

Lucia Claire Maxwell 

Raymond Francis Maxwell, Jr. 

John Anthony Mayer 

Dennis Michael McAlinden 

James Edward McFadden 

Dennis C. McGrath 

Nancy Delorls McKean 

Patricia Anne McKinlay 

Mary Elizabeth Meehan 

Alan David Meiselman 

Kathleen Anne Miller 

Christopher James Minovich 

Harry Martin Modance 

Michael Eldridge Mohler 

Thomas Joseph Mongello 

Charles Raymond Monroe 
tSarah Alison Moseley 

Jacqueline Bonita Moulton 
tJan Marie Brodmall Mulligan 
tValerie Mullin 
TGIenn Alan Nadell 

Neil Joseph Napora 
"Marilyn Rae Neal 

Delia Marie Newlin 

David James Newson 

Marlene Nochumowitz 

Russell Caius Norris 
*lvana Oblonsky 

Bruce William Orenstein 

Laura Christine Osing 

David Vincent Pabst 

Kathleen Ann Pacotti 
tRita Pando 

Sabatino Vincent Panetta 

Charles Ross Patterson 

Susan Therese Pellant 
"Robert Paul Petitclerc 

Cynthia Louise Petrick 
'Madeleine Elaine Petrillo 

Carol Jean Phelps 

Pamela Joan Phillips 

Joseph Clare Pica 

Lola Joy Pinczuk 

Howard George Politzer 

Sheryl Lynn Potter 

Janice Kathleen Powell 

Craig S. Price 
"Frank Robert Principato 

Robin Toni Pustilnik 

Victoria Shirle Quinan 
Ronald Kevin Quinn 

Janice B. Radeloff 

Dan Radovsky 

James Polk Randle 

Charles Garrett Godfrey Ratcliff 

Sharon Ann McCarthy Reinckens 
Philip Janney Richmond 

John MacDonald Robb, Jr. 
Russell Paul Roeth 

tDavid Charles Romm 

Michael Allen Rosenberg 

Elaine Marytheresa Rosetti 

Becky Ann Ross 

Fernando Javier Rossel 

Philip Mark Rothman 

Richard Erie Rudisill, III 

Jonathan Mills Ruhe 

Carol Susan Ruskin 

Patrick Edward Ryan 

John James Sadler 

Carol Barnes Sands 

Katherine Odonoghue Satinover 

Anthony Joseph Scalzone 

Robert William Schaffner 

Marilyn Harriet Schnider 
"Christina A. Schoenberger 
"Cynthia Anne Schraf 

Stephen Randall Seaquist 

John Michael Sery 

Basil Gerrald Sevast 

Susan Helen Shank 
t Leonard Eugene Shanks 

Thomas John Shaughnessy 

Kathleen Anne Sheehan 

Judy Rebecca Sheintal 

Deborah Macleod Shepard 

Susan Marlene Sherr 

Harry Edwards Simmons 

Joseph David Simpson 

Brian Thomas Sixt 

Gerald Joseph Slagle 

Patricia Rae Smiley 

Deborah Anne Smith 
"Kathleen Teresa Soden 

John Edwin Solloway, III 

Barbara H. Solomon 

Anne Lindsey Spangler 

David Lyons Sparkman 

Gregory Bryan Stanley 

Farron B. Steel 
" Leslie Anne Stewart 

Steve John Stoll 

Joseph Paul Sturiale 

Nancy J. Sushinsky 

Robert Alan Sykes 

Patricia Diana Talley 

Margaret Louise Tevis 

V. Joan Thomas 
"Cornelia Thayer Thompson 

William Duane Thompson, Jr. 

Virginia Sue Tibbs 

Donald R. Tiedemann 

Marilyn Ruth Torchinsky 

Mariadel Carmen Torres 

"Jean Elizabeth Travers 
Mell Randolph Traylor 

Joanne Marie Trostle 
Diana A. Urbanas 
Mary Lou Ursic 
James Roland Usher 
Charles Nelson Vance 
James Harry Vause 
Manuel Alfonso Vera 
Donald Allen Wallace 
George W. Wanner, III 

John Robert Ward, Jr. 

Pamela Ann Ward 
tDebra Joy Wexler 

Michael Joseph White 

Slaton Longhurst White 
"Gail Marie Whitt 

Jim W. Whittemore 

Paul G. Wiegmann 

Robert Fletcher Willey 

Cheryl Faye Williams 

Jennifer Leigh Williams 

James Louis Wurth 

Maureen Patricia Yannuzzi 

Hannah Virginia Yost 

Clifford Eugene Young 
tElyse June Zaharia 

Barbara Lynn Zucker 

Bachelor of Music 

"Steven R. Conrad 

Donna Sue Gleason 
t Margaret M. Lacey 

Bachelor of Science 

Robert Lochridge Anderson, III 
Mark Wayne Andrews 
Alan Frank Astalos 
Alexandra Backus 
Valerie Susan Bain 
Charles Edward Bennett, Jr. 
James Ellsworth Stiffen 
'Raymond Anthony Blocknia 
tRobby Steven Bloom 
Bruce Matthew Bort 
Vincent Joseph Branson 
tTimothy John Brennan 
"Bonnie Jean Brinkman 
Patricia Ann Brocato 
Stephen Craig Brooks 
Judith Louise Brown 
Margaret E. Brown 
David Carl Brownlee 
Barbara Ann Buckingham 
Daniel Patrick Byrd 
Judith Cannava 
John Gregory Carroll 
James A. Chwirut 
James B. Clarke 
Martha Ann Conger 
Deidre H. Cosgrove 
William Allen Crompton 
Thomas Wayne Curtis 
Kenneth Jerome Deacon, Jr. 
Myra Ann Diamond 
Shinichi Doi 
"Kathleen Joanne Donegan 
tMary Susan Dugger 
tDavid Michael Dyer 
Sandra Edelman 
"Joseph Paul Eder, Jr. 
Boladale Qudus Erogbogbo 
Roger John Flaherty 
Robert Lowry Foor 
"Paul Henry Franz 

"Andrew Paul Fridberg 
"Melodye A. Garner 
"Mark Eric Goddard 
t Robert Louis Gold 
t Edward Jay Goldman 

Nancy Lee Goodman 

Laura Louise Grady 

Erick Alan Gray 

Barbara Susan Greenspan 

Amos Andrew Ham 

Hope Coppage Hendrickson 

Wency Joy Hill 

Kent Richard Hirsch 

Larry G. Hoffman 

Patricia Ann Huhn 

Eugene David Jackson, Jr. 
t Stuart Leslie Jacobs 

Charles Alan Jeffrey 

Alan Robert Jenkins 

Linda E. Karner 

Wava D. Kearns 

Joseph Henry Frederick Kelly 

Francis Xavier Kemp 

Dale Matthew Knain 

Jeanne Louise Kofroth 

Harold Samuel Koplewicz 
"Dizza Joy Korat 
tHoward Evan Kweller 

Glenn Joe Lieu 
"Barry Randall Marts 

Robert Livingston McKeever, III 

Joseph Lawrence McMichael 

Robert Earl Means, Jr. 

Mark William Melchi 

Richard Miller 

Marc Steven Nasoff 

Paul Victor Nowacek 

Cheryl Darlene Patterson 

Michael Craig Peterson 

William David Plies 

Andrew MacPherson Pope 

William J. B. Pringle 

Amanda Susan Ralph 

Alvin Mark Rehert 

Larry Charles Reynolds 

John George Robinson 

Christopher Scott Roman 
t Ronald Joseph Ross, Jr. 

Gary Alan Roy 

Gary Sajko 

Richard Stephen Schechter 
tDenise Gayle Simons Schiff 
"Simon V. Sclia 
"Charles David Seidman 

D. Winn Sherwood, Jr. 

Patrick Arthur Sidwell 
"Stephen Smiley 
tAndrew Donovan Smith 

Jeffrey Coleman Smith 

Don Wayne Stallone 
tMaurice Ira Stein 

William Francis Stein 
"John H. Stull 

Charles D. Sullivan, Jr. 

F, Lynn Tidwell 

20 Bachelors 

*with honors; twith high honors 

James W. Tweedy 
David Henry Vandaalen 
Cathy Sue Wartella 
Robert Travis Weston 
'Robert Allen Wright 
Anthony B. Yazek 
Sidney F. Yoho 
Robert Wayne Young 
Pinchas ZIotnicki 

Colloge of 
Buj<iness and 

Candidates will be presented by 
Dr. Rudolph Lamone, Dean of the 

Bachelor of Science 

Jeffrey John Alexopulos 

Alan Edward Aronoff 

Tarik N. Ayasun 

Eric Leonard Bach 

David Allen Beckner 

Joseph Thomas Biancaniello 

Steven Mark Binder 

Jay R. Boyd 

Dana Lynn Brewington 

Kurt Hall Brient 

John Edward Buckler 

John Edward Burdett 

William Merrick Calandra 

Steven Ellis Calvery 

James Robert Carl in, Jr. 
tPaul E. Chistolini 

Jack Charles Chomko 

David Thai-Wei Chow 

Irene Paula Yang Chu 

George Riess Clark, Jr. 

Edmund Starr Coale, III 

David A. Covington 

Steven Michael Denenberg 

Charles F. Dennison 

Leonard William Derrow, Jr. 

Charles B. Digby 

Eugene James Diou 

Jerry Deane Dube 

James Joseph Duffy, Jr. 
tCorIn Lois Eisenstein 

Stephen Ranee Emme 

Daniel Ercolani 

Lyndon M. Eveland 

Robert Burce Ferguson 

John Karl Fisher 

Richard Arnold Fox, Jr 

Thomas Dominick Genovese, Jr. 

Elizabeth Wihelmenia Gholston 

David Edward Gill 

Frank Robert Gittleson 

William Zevi Goldstein 

Douglas Lynn Gordon 

*James Neal Haddow 

Steven Raymond Halt 

Alexander P. Hamilton 

John Mullen Hannan, Jr. 

Robert Roland Harris 

Dana Lee Hartle 

Thomas James Hennigan, Jr. 

Kenneth Lee Honeycutt 

James Brent Hooper 

James Edward Hopkins 

Thomas Edward Hughes 
t Raymond A. Imp 

Joseph William Jackson 

Craig Howard Johnson 

Richard Spalding Johnstone 

Stephen A. Jones 

Manuel Kajanghi, Jr. 

Robert Alan Katzen 

Robert Gerard Keefe 

Nelson Warner Kimmey, Jr. 

Bucky Abe Koo 
tGrace E. Krumrine 

Thomas Steven Lamone 

Patrick A. Larson 

Howard Burton Laskau 

Anita Marie Lembo 

Charles Joseph Levin 

Joel Samuel Levitt 
tJames Edwin Lewin, Jr. 
*Thomas R. Link 

Thomas Crawford Locke 

Walter Edwin Lorcheim 

Spyros Anastasios Loukas 

Chris Hugh Lowery 

Roland Paul Lucian 

Leslie Joseph Mandel 

Randy Ferdinand Martin 

David Ramsey Mathes 
tWalter Whitman Mathieson, III 

Richard Prosser Maynard 

James Fulton McCullough 

Eugene Raymond McGill, II 

Lawrence William Melocik 

Gregory Laird Mercer 

Howard William Mierau 

Michael Chuck Moy 
t Alois Bernard Muench, Jr. 

Joseph Normand Mullan 
tCynthia Debra Nachamkin 

Joseph Dennis Niemann 

Charles H. Nobs 

Kenneth MacGray Norton, Jr. 

Joseph T. Novalis 

Charles Marshall Dates 
tArthur E. O'Brien 

Ian Marc Ories 
"Elchanan Peres 

William John Perrick 
tThomas A. Phelps 

Steven Eugene Plyler 

Thomas Leard Pugh 

Larry Allen Ratliff 

Richard Barr Reed 

Charles Howard Rice 

Keith Edward Riley 

Edward Mahlon Rowland, Jr. 

Gary Ronald Ruddell 
"James D. Russo 

Donald Wayne Schaeffer 

David Millett Schelle 

Patricia Lacey Sedicum 

Robert Edwin Shreeve, Jr. 

Philip Steven Sindler 

Craige Leroy Smith, Jr. 

Patricia Ann Smith 
'Holly Jeannette Stagmer 

Deborah Lynn Steele 
tMichael R. Sullivan 

Ronald Charles Summerville 

Rory Mower Sweeney 

Nancy Ann Taylor 

Gregory John Tebeau 

Dennis Randolph Thomas 

Marcello A. Vache 

Joseph Peter Wagner 

David H.Walter 

Byron Carl Walters 

Kevin Arthur Ward 
tAllen R. Webber 

Stephen David Weiss 
t Laura Lynn Whitworth 

Donald Charles Wickham 

George C. Woodall 

Michael Joseph Wynn 

CoUege of 
Business and 

Bachelor of Science 

Charles Anthony Aiken 
David Allen Alvarez 
Steven Reede Ames 
David Lee Auguste 

tDavid Mark Baker 
Richard Louis Balaban 
Joseph T. Bell, Jr. 
Marion Walter Bellamy 
Clifford Eugene Bennett 
Rudolph E. Bohmann 
Thomas Allen Bonorden 
Sharon Lee Booye 
Ward Coleman Brincef ield 
Robert Francis Burns 
Michelee Camer 
Benjamin Kyle Cason 
David Lee Chambers 

t Reginald Andrew Cohen 
Laurence Alan Cole 
Connie Lee Cooper 
Jacob David Cranor 
Robert Alan Curtis 
Richard S. Dalgewicz 

John Joseph Dawson 

William Nelson Devins 

Steven Griffith Dick 

John Stephen Dorazio 

George M. Earnshaw 

Arthur R. Eberhart 

Bruce Vern Ensor 

William Bruce Fettweis 

Paul David Fitzgerald 

Martin Patrick Fletcher 

Thomas Michael Formhals 

Robert Thayer Futrell 

Arthur Joseph Gallow 

Milan Ganik 

Roger Allen Gardner 

Chad Michie Gillehwater 

Richard Vaughn Goines 

Golden zweig 

John Stilson Goodwin 

James Joseph Gray 

Charles Raymond Green 

Monte David Greenbaum 

Thomas Richard Hager 

James Edward Hardy 
tMichael Richard Harrison 

Warren William Hausman 

Raymond T. Hawkins 

Stephen Paul Haynes 

Alan Scott Jacobs 

Wayne Janczewski 
tKenneth Edward Janney 

John William Johnston 

Robert Elliot Kaplan 

Thomas Ashby Kelley 

Caroline Jane Headland Ketler 

Charles William Kirsch 
tCharlotte Louise Kohler 

James Grant Kohler 

Christopher James Kolb 

John Alfred Kozarski, Jr. 

Michael Vance Leake 

Walter Lee Lecompte 

Bruce Lawrence Levin 

Amos Enlee Liao 

Stewart Wesley Lloyd 

Mark Stephen Lobel 

Dirk K. Lust 

Clark Coleman Martin 

William Paul Martin 

John Martin Mathieson, Jr. 
t Robert Alan Mazer 

Thomas Matthew McCann 

Salley Ann McDaniel 

Stanton Presley McHenry 

Ruby Laverne McLaughlin 

Russell D. McNish 
tGary Neal Michelson 

James Frederick Miller 

Gary Philip Moeller 

Paul Wesley Moores, Jr. 

Denise Marie Mosimann 

Jerry Neumaier 

Frederick Charles Nordhoff , Jr. 

Frank Clift Oday, Jr. 

Meltem F. Orer 

•with honors; Twtth high honors 

Bachelors 21 

Anthony Michael Pappano 
Michael Jay Pearlstein 
James Dale Pennington 
James Russell Peterson 
William A. Placek 

tStephen Barry Plitman 
Jack McKee Queen 
Michael Wayne Quillen 

tRobert Dale Rakes 
Everett Eugene Rinker 
Gwendolyn Risinger 
Juan Manuel Rivera 
Steven Edward Rock 

tWilliam Ambrose Roeder 
Charles Marcus Rosenblatt 
Donald Lee Rothschild 
William Kirk Russ 
John William Samuels 

tBrenda Harvey Sanderson 
James Joseph Sarnowski 
James Joseph Scully 
Arthur Lawrence Seymore 
Joong Ho Shin 
Ronald Dennis Shorts 
Dennis L. Smith 

tDon Kenneth Sowers 
John Ashton Stokes, III 
Gregory Scot Stuart 

tCharles Arthur Taylor 
Charles L. Thompson, III 
Dana Andrew Thompson 

tPatricia Helen Tokar 
Daniel Richard Unger 
Dennis P. Vermillion 
Gerald Lewis Wacks 
Karen Florence Wantuch 
Frank P. Ward 
Michael Robert Warner 
Richard Blaine Webster 
Nathaniel Wells 
Richard L. Wells 
Meredith Jerome Wiles 
George Daniel Williams, Jr. 
Claudia Jean Winkelman 
Allen L. Yurek 
Robert Eugene Zweig 

CoUege of 

Candidates will be presented by 
Dr. Donald Maley, Acting Dean of 
the College 

Bachelor of Arts 

tDebra K. Artino 

Jo Ann Baumgardner 

Mary Ann Bittner 
'Ann Catherine Briddell 

Francis Lorin Brown, Jr. 

Mary Kathleen Cassidy 

Kimberly Ann Cavender 

Christine Joy Chickillo 
Kaye Beth Ogan Coffman 
Susan Elizabeth Cornwall 

tCloria M. Dillon 
Stephen Allan Duley 
Melanie Dail Gerber 
Marietta Glazer 
Diane Linda Gottschalk 

tMary Catherine Graeff 

*Carole Ann Young Hankey 
Michael James Hawkins 
Carol Ann Heacock 
Robert Dale Henry, Jr. 
Mary Ann Higgins 
Cecelia Kathleen Hughes 
Stephen Lynn Hunt 
Barbara Ann Hyman 
Katherine Anne Hyman 
Kathleen Ann Kane 

*Brenda Carroll Karnes 
Barbara Miriam Katz 
Paula Carol Kessler 
Rochelle Helene Lahn 
Patricia Ann Lanen 
Phyllis Ann Levy 

tJanet Logan 
Helen St. John Magin 
Grace Loving Mahanes 

"Stephanie Lynn Malove 
Dominique March 
Maureen McKay 

tCatherine Dabney Munster 
Mary Anne Nelson 
Teresa Ann Parker 
Craig Albert Reynolds 
Delria Richardson 
Michael Leopold Ross 
Randie Sue Rudowitz 
Karen Elaine Shaw 

*Judith Ann Shoemaker 
Mark Alan Shulman 
L. Terri Singer 
Linda Mae Smith 
Arlene Yehudas Snyder 

t Arlene Karen Suchman 
Johanna Marie Tai 
Maria Magdalena Todd 
Russell Dean Torwelle 
Jane Dorothea Vansant 
Rosemary Howlett Venable 
llene Weissman 
Mark Douglas Wiesner 
David Shailer Woodward 
Philip Townsend Ziegler 

Bachelor of Science 

Patrick Henry Aaron 
Nancy Theresa Abramowicz 
Teresa A. Ahern 
Elena Maria Albacete 
Stephan David Alterman 

*Mary Jane Ankner 

t Linda Sue Anthony 
Carmen C. Aragon 

Maryterese Lucille Arnett 

Richard Barton Ashmen 

Alison Virginia Bailey 

Linda-Marie Bara 

Celestine Barner 

Denise Anne Bartholomy 

Jane Ann Beard 

Janet Lynn Beetham 

Linda Carol Benedict 

Irene Ruth Benner 

Milton Carl Berger 

Caria Ann Bergwall 

Susan Mara Berlin 
tRosalie D'Agostino Bertoni 

Deanna Marie Beuchert 
'Bonnie H. Blum 
tElviann Boothman 

Sarah Elizabeth Borsch 

Audrey Lee Brammer 

Matthew Thomas Branock 

Linda Kaiser Brant 

Brian Lee Brooks 
'Martha Virginia Brown 

Paul Bucca 

Steven Bucca 
'Josephine Dellinger Buck 

Julia M. Burger 

Mary Ann Burke 
tDeborah Jane Burns 

Edward George Burroughs 

Deborah Lee Carriere 

Roger Markham H. Chan 

Marleen B. Clar 
'Nancy Ellis Clark 

Jane Ellen Cleveland 

Barbara Ellen Clowser 

Arlene Cohen 

Patricia Irene Coleman 

Thomas Mitchell Conlon 

Andrea Nanci Conway 

Kathleen Anne Costello 

Abigail B. Coulter 

Janet Eileen Covell 

Dolores C. Cowherd 

Sarah Cruikshank Cox 
'Linda C. Creighton 

Judith Ellen Culp 
'llene J. Danziger 

Nancy Ellen Daughton 
'Dennis Waite Davidson 

Mary Lou Davis 

Helaine Susan Defrin 

Sandra S. Doane 

Vincent Everett Dobson 

Sybil Faye Donald 

Judith Ann Dudley 

Charles James Eugene Dusek 
tJane Mary Egan 
tSara G. Egorin 

Karen H. Ehlerman 

Roslyn Wolman Eisner 

Christine Elliott 

Thomas H. Evans, Jr. 

Jerome David Evrard 

Diane Susan Fee 

Barbara C. Ferguson 

tEllen M. Fischler 

tLinda Elise Fletcher 

tLois Fox 
Kathleen Ann Fullem 
Mary Lynne Fulton 
Stephen Gregory Galvan 
Janet Ann Garber 
Barbara Suzanne Garrett 
Joseph Edward Geatz, Jr. 
Mariellen Paula Gerrity 
Christine Dolores Getek 

tjune Marie Gladney 

tMarilyn Jane Glass 
Zelda Sarah Gold 
David M. Gran 
James Michael Greco 

t Katherine Esher Greene 
John Carroll Grimes 
Judith Virginia Grogg 
Frances Arlene Grosskurth 

'Mary Agnes Hagan 
Gary DeSha Hale 
Frances Catherine Hayward 
Linwood Joseph Heath, Jr. 
Neila Hecht 
Ethel Joyce Hecker 

'Dorothy Lilian Henry 
JoAnn Patricia Henry 
Frances Napoli Herrell 
Patrick James Higgins 
Cheryl Lynne Hirschhorn 
Marilyn Hoexter 
Vivienne Hoffman 
Stephan Everett Hollens 
Deborah Elizabeth Holley 
Susan Carol Hosterman 
Jackie Male Howard 
Ingrid Mary Insani 
Philip Francis Jehle, Jr. 

'William Elliott Jewell 
Jacquelyn Jones 
Kathleen Anne Jones 
Karl H. Kalb 
Robert K. Kammann 
Rita Kaplan 
Sharon Ida Kaye 

tKaren G. Kaylor 
Kathleen Susan Keith 

'Mark Jonathan Keller 
Deborah Victoria Kenney 
Pamela Patricia Kernisky 
Paul Christopher King 

'Suzanne Klein 
Ronald Walter Klingner 

TSusan Rae Kolste 
Kristin Chandler Koolage 
Chester Francis Kopicki, Jr. 
Antonette Kruzic 
Pamela Elaine Kunkleman 
Carol Lee Langford 

'Richard Wayne Lantz 
James G. La Rock 
Ruth E. Lauer 
Nancy Harville Lazarus 

22 Bachelors 

•with honors; twith high honors 

Jerry C. Lefever 

Judith A. Leibowitz 

Linda Sue Levy 

Barbara Leslie Light 

Enid Linda Linden 

Susanne Lodge 

Janis London 

Diane Joy Long 

Joy A. Love 

Janice Lupu 

Ronald Peter Mack 

Nancy Magruder 

Caria Majora Mahan 

Roseanne M. Martin 

Dagmar Maria Maszun 

Karen Louise May 
tElaine Halesky McArdle 

Anita Lynn McQuovsin 
"Kimberii Melvin 

Golda Jane Mendelson 

Marilyn Marguerite Mertz 

Karen Annette Meyers 

Glenn L. Miller 
t Linda Fay Miller 

Karen Beth Millman 

Allison L. MIsdom 
tMitsn Bartlett Mitchell 

Christian Leroy Mogensen 

Patricia Diane Monaghan 

Patricia Ann Montanye 

Mary Margaret Mulhern 

Karen Anne Murphy 
tCynthia Shireman Mutryn 

Suzanne Natalie Neubert 

Nickie Angelyn Noble 

Merle Anne Obrecht 

Kathleen Marie Obrien 

Patrick Joseph O'Neill 

Harriet Dale Orlove 

Deena Ortman 

Mercedes M. Pascual 

Craig Alan Patterson 

Karen Ann Pergal 

Rosaria M. Piazza 

Gilda Maresca Pinkerton 

Norma H. Pottash 

David John Price 

Mary Ellen Purdy 

Peter Clarke Rasmussen 

Candice Carleen Ratliff 

Donald Eugene Ratliff 
"Walter Andrew Rau 

Dianne L. Rhoten 
tDorothy Carolyn Rich 

James Ronald Richter 

Deborah J. Rightley 

Dale Elaine Rill 

Donald Joseph Robinson, Jr. 

Suzanne Marie Roland 

Elaine Helen Rosen 

tSharon Palder Rosenblatt 

Nancy Marcia Rosofsky 

Joanne Royer 

Ann Christine Sacclaris 

t Helen Marian Sakosky 

'Virginia Elaine Scarano 

Robin Carole Schatz 
•Robin Ellen Schiff 
t Barbara Ann Schoenfeld 

Ellen Ann Schoengold 

Sally Beth Schultz 
*Jean Baynard Scott 

Rebecca Sara Segal 

Marcia Jane Seigel 
"Robert Van Lear Sharp 

Kathryn Futrelle Shaver 

Richard Clayton Shaver 

Donna Louise Shields 

Terry Lynne Shriver 
"Toni Karen Singer 
"Lee Terry Sirkis 

Roberta Beth Slater 

Sally Evans Smead 

Warren Edward Smith 

Maxine Snyder 

Lynn Soroka 

Arthur E. Speiser 

Hanna Spencer 

Linda Rae Spicer 

Lois Ruth Spotila 

Marilyn Anne Stack 

Janice Leigh Stalfort 

Lee Kitchener Stamford 

Phyllis Ann Stathopoulos 

Deloris Marie Sterling 

Judith Sharon Stern 

Gerald Edgar Stone 
"Jill Ann Stone 

Laura Lee Stransky 

Alice Ward Sullivan 

Judy Jonucz Sutton 

Mary Sharon Sweeney 

Cecilia Elizabeth Sydorko 

Michael Clark Taliaferro 

Deborah Mallory Tarbutton 

Michael R. Taylor 
"Dorothy Helen Tepper 
tMary Inez Thomas 

Veeda Diane Thomas 

William Franklin Thomas 

Julia Anne Thompson 

Martin William Thompson 

Theodore Edward Thormann, Jr. 
tJoseph Paul Tillman 

Eugene Tom 

Thomas Joseph Tucker 

Alyce G. Turner 

Michael Richard Twomey 
"Carol Lenore VanWinkle 

Susan Roberta Wainer 

Barbara Ann Walker 

Joan T. Walsh 

Richard D. Weir 
tMichael Ann Wells 

Janice Clare Wenzler 

David Keith West 

Ray William Wethington 

Peggy Lee White 

John Wallace Williams, Jr. 

Kendall Wilson 

Howard Gary Wohl 
Marian Annette Woodfark 
Kathryn Anne Zeniak 
"Leslie Roberts Zimmerman 

CoUege of 

Candidates will be presented by 
Dr. Robert Beckmann, Dean of 
the College 

Bachelor of Science 

tMichael Ross Adelman 

Frederick Henry Altland 

Yodhin Anavil 

Fred Walter Arbogast 

Thomas Gilbert Barton 

Edward W. Beran 

Douglas John Binks 

Frederick Charles Bradley 

Robert Allen Bryan, Jr. 

John Theodore Budzynski 

John Kenneth Burch, Jr. 
tDonald Wayne Caldwell 

Timothy Callahan 

Lorr y M i c h ae l G li a iie y 
t Robert Steven Chelemer 

Thomas Michael Chicca 

Allen Henry Cohey, Jr. 

Robert W. Cotton, Jr. 

Edward Gregory Cox, Jr. 
- John I l a r ry C i'Biiie r 
"Scott Stuart Cunningham 

Edward Harvey Dalton 

Daniel Wesley Dawson 

Robert Diangelo 

Henry Newton Doyle, Jr. 

Katsumasa Egawa 

Robert Adams Filbert 
"Frank Thomas Fawcett 
— Praft c i i M i e lia e l F e uM l e ' 
"William Joseph Friedrich, Jr. 

Michael Neil Fritz 

Timothy B. Fritz 
■•-Otfwtopher John Garner 

A rth u r Ph ili p G ile 

John Arthur Glaab 

Paul Stephen Grasso 
tWilliam John Guit 

John Royston Hanna 

Steven Wayne Harmon 

Clarke Bruce Harper 

Philip J. Hebrank, Jr. 

James Peter Hersey 

Robert Edward Honeycutt 
"Joseph Arlie Hopkins, Jr. 

Thomas James Horsey 

Richard Dana Huriaux 
^toWBTO rnitip 1 lui icy 

(X, "- 


James Cleveland Hyatt 

Jose J. Ulan 

Bradley Martin James 

William Daiser Jewish, III 

Ralph Glenton Jenkins, Jr 

Ronald Wayde Kaese 

Joseph Paul Kalivoda 

David Gerald Katz 

Kenneth Thomas Kelley 

John Kevin Kesler 

James Leslie Kistle 

Barry Edward Kleiman 

Geoffrey Vernon Kolberg 

n. Dodd tawtoTT 

David Wing Jung Lee 

Richard Lee Lockhart 
"David Alan Lowry 

Bob YunMin Lu 

Ronald Michael Marth 

Edward James McEvoy 

Bart Lowell McGonnigal 

Thomas Norton McKnight, Jr 
— Mafc Carl Menzie 

William Daniel Morice 

Howard Sun Moy 

OIlie Keller Mumpower, Jr. 

Donald Lovine Muschlitz 
t Charles Frederick Myers 

Henry Hudson Myers, III 

Hugh B. O'Donnell 

Patrick Joseph O'Neill 

Robert Conrad Otte 

Allie Curtis Peek 

Thomas A. Phillips 
t Robert Leslie Powell 

Albert William Price, Jr. 

Kenneth Joseph Prosen 

■ Gt enl e y C. P ro u t 
t Darn el Owen Purvear 
(tjia ssa Rassai^ Lvj c • »>A. 'a "Y\ 
'^bert David Rauch 

Chris William Rhyne 

Gary Thomas Rich 

Harold Henry Richards 

Robert Lee Richmond 
tThomas Edward Richtmyer 

William C. Ritzel 

Steven Jeffrey Rome 

Paul Edward Rudell 

Donald S. Ruhl 
— J ohn G. Hu ppert 

James Alan Ryan 

Albert August Scheller, Jr. 

Paul Melvyn Schweidel 

Ralph Alan Secoura 

Georg Andreas Shultz 

William Byron Sigafoose 

Howard Nelson Simon 
t Frederick Michael Slay 

Brandon Raymond Smith 
"Thomas William Smith 

Wayne Ashton Smith 

Douglas Raymond Spalt 

John F. Stasik 

John Ambrose Stein 

\--. ^^ 

•with honors; twith high honors 

Bachelors 23 

*John Emory Sturtevant 

Douglas F. Suess 

John Michael Talbott 

Alexander Stuart Thomas 
tSteven Bennett Todd 

William Michael Troskoski 

Jaime Alfonso Valencia 

James Edward Viney 

Daniel Louis Walsh 
"Maurice Edwin White 

Ronald Arthur Drake Williams 
'Howard Oliver Wilson 

Richard Wayne Yaste 

John Charles Yates 
t Ronald Joseph Zaczek 
— ehar)es-H. Hierdt 

College of 



Candidates will be presented by 
Dr. Marjory Brooks, Dean of the 

Bachelor of Science 

t Ellen Lucile Alderson 

Charlotte Ann Altman 
* Linda Elaine Anderson 
tNorma Lee Arciles 

Mitchell Dennis Baker 

Charles W. Becker, Jr. 

Sherry Lee Berman 

Carol Terri Block 
tChristine Elizabeth Seeholzer Bohner 

Elizabeth Jean Braithwaite 
"Barbara Jeanne Breslin 

Marilyn Sherry Britt 

Jeanne Worth Clark 

Kathleen Marie Cleary 

Vonzella Grace Comegys 

Lea Ann Cunningham 

Mary Denise Dalto 

Linda Rose Dean 

Mary Katherine Dent 

Marlene Derven DiBenedetto 

Diane Elaine DiCarlo 

Linda Louise Dougherty 

John Alfred Downing 
tCamille Virginia Eheart 

John Vincent Esposito 
tSharon Louise Faulk 

Lynn Carol Ferguson 

Robin Whitney Francis 

Dana Mae Gath 

Janice D. Gaweiko 

Sandra Toby Goldschmidt 

Patricia Anne Hackett 

Margaret A. Hall 

Bonnie Lamb Hancock 

Robert Lee Hancock, III 

Holly Eve Harmon 

Kenneth Clifford Harwood, Jr. 

Deborah Lynn Higgs 

Susan Porter Hitz 

Debra S. Holloway 
"Laurie Jean Hundley 

April L. Jacobs 

D. Maureen Jones 

Emma Arlene Kelly 

Judith Louise Kirsch 

Judith Anne Leaman 

Brenda Faye Levin 

Patsy Ann Mabe 
"Susan Jane Mastellone 

Jaclyn Elizabeth Meurer 

Lura Lee Myers 

Linda Lee Nowell 
"Donna Lynn Parsell 

Elizabeth Lee Preston 

Howard Augustus Pumphrey, Jr. 

Beverly Ann Roberts 

Michael John Ryan 

Karen Nani Sandell 

Carolyn R. Satterfield 

Mary M. Saylor 
tida Rose Scherr 
"Carol Lee Schulte 

Joan Linda Sharpe 

Eileen Rae Shaw 

Joan E. Snavely 

Jerry Lyie Spitz 

Sherri Yvette Stein 
"Jennifer Tahtinen 

Susan Kathryn Taylor 

Robert Allen Todd 
t Vivian Moyer Troutman 

Jill Anne Valente 

Dominic Anthony Venuto 

Mary Loretta Wildensteiner 

Nancy Diane Wolfe 
tAmelia Keith Wood 

Joyce Ann Yurek 

Shirley F. Zuckerman 

CoUege of 

Candidates will be presented by 
Dr. Ray E. Hiebert, Dean of the 

Bachelor of Science 

Eileen Anne Alexander 
Jeffrey Bernard Christy 
Dennis Craig DeShields 
Craig P. Edwards 
Carl Wayman Fowler, III 
Howard Elias Garfinkle 
David Edward Garlock 
Robert Gilbert 
Arlene Yvonne Goldberg 

Catherine Anne Hartz 

Stephen L. Heard 

Phyllis Susan Hecht 

Robert E. D. Hobby, Jr. 

Hugh Jerry Holloman 

Paul Andrew laderosa 

Stephen Samuel Kremer 

Peter Turnbull Monroe 

Kenneth Paul Norkin 

John Michael O'Connell 
tOon Prohaska 
tDonald C. Roderick 

Owen Mark Schwartz 

Judith Blanche Summers 
tLou Gehrig Swerda 

Barry Pollard Thompson 

College of 
and Health 

Candidates will be presented by 
Dr. Marvin Eyier, Dean of the 

Bachelor of Science 

Daniel Howard Bauman 

Robert William Belbot 

Linda Marie Benesch 

Michael Patrick Boyle 

Richard John Braden 

Judy R. Brown 
tTina P. Cernugel 
tHugh James Cottington 

Linda Inez Crump 

Robin Lee Finch 

Jeffrey Louis Finkel 

Richard Michael Gialanella 

Marian Meldrum Greendale 

William Harold Hickey 

Sharon Elizabeth Janicki 

John P. Johnston 

Christopher Robert Klau 

Ellen Janis Klein 

Daniel William Koczur 

Cynthia Susan Law 

Kirk Eugene Lee 
t Glenn Reiff Lesher 

Juanita Gallagher McCaig 

Patrick Joseph McCall 

Patricia Anne McGuire 

Elizabeth Bligh Mead 

George Sammuel Myers 

John D. Neal 

Howard David Niad 

Joseph John Opalski 

James Mark Palese 

John Patrick Parker 

Sandra Jean Peters 
tEllen France Piner 

Josette N. Poole 

John Christopher Quail 
"Darlene Patricia Richeson 

Hilda Christine Ruppert 

Barbara Gale Russell 

Martin Raymond Secula 
"Lorrie Rae Semler 
tPatricia Mae Shepard 
"Robert Raymond Shourds, Jr. 

Nicholas Skirka 

Joanne Adiington Smith 

James Sinsel Stafford, Jr. 

Gary George Thompson 

Donna K. Toft 

Nicholas Francis Tucci, Jr. 

Robert S. Tucker 
tHeda Manette Vandeventer 

Warren John Vaughan 

Steven Gaylord Walton 

Lynda Lee Weaver 

Gary Thomas Weber 

Elizabeth Sears Wolf 

Wanda Denise Zaal 

24 Bachelors 

*with honors; twith high honors 

Division of 
and Life 

Candidates will be presented by 
Dr. Richard F. Davis, Chairman of 
the Division 

Bachelor of Science 

"Steven Billet 

John Stanley Bogdon, Jr. 

Ernest Leroy Burge, III 

Alex Butt 

Peter Louis Calomeris 

Neville Joseph Chang 

David Lawrence Cooper 

Gary Patrick Costenbader 

Jude Elaine Stoltz Dodge 
"Mitchell Finkel 

Thomas B. Fioretti 

John Lee Folk 
"Barry Allan Francis 

Katherine Elizabeth Gillen 

Daniel Francis Gogolski 

James Bennett Kaper 

Jo A. Kirst 

Richard Paul Koller 
tWanda Elizabeth Kotvan 

Barbara Ann Kummel 

Eugene Norval Kyle 
"Henry You Chee Lee 
"Nancy Theresa Lord 

Curtis Richard Mann, Jr. 

Sharon Gilmore Oberlin 

Thomas Joseph O'Mara 

Carrie L. Prather 

David Coblenz Scher 

Benjamin Joseph Selzer 

Dennis Ray Smith 

George Edward Thomas 
tStephen Anthony Valenti 

James Russell Walker 

David Evans Walter 

Daniel Yeeles, Jr. 

Division of 
Arts and 

Candidates will be presented by 
Dr. Thomas J. Aylward, Chairman 
of the Division 

Bachelor of Arts 

Laurence Donald Anderson 

Janifer L. Baker 
Mary Jane Baniewicz 
Catherine Gail Barnes 
Stephen William Battin 
Marilyn Biery 
Stephen Nickolas Boliek 
tEric Luke Bolton 
Marjorie Ann Cahn 
John E. Cannon 
Maureen Anne Carroll 
Susan Joan Catch ings 
Allen Lee Chambers 
tMaite Chaves 
"Candice Christakos 
Joanne Bridgett Ciulla 
Ellen Rena Clark 
Thomas Joseph Clark, Jr. 
Barbara Lewis Clements 
Ralph John Colleli, Jr. 
t Patricia Reedy Corbett 
John George DeMare' 
Geraldine Mary DePaoli 
Roderick Joseph Desmond 
"Bruce Michael Duffy 
Malvin Nolen Duncan 
Kenneth Alan Fones 
Ellen Joyce Gelfeld 
Susan Gail Gilbert 
Richard James Gilman 
J. Peter G laws, III 
* Louis Sheldon Glover, II 
Mario Sebastian Gonzalez del Solar 
Thomas Patrick Goucher 
Merlyn Mays Greenwood 
Robert Dale Griffin 
Robert Patrick Grote 
Carlton Gregory Hamm 
Gene Viktor Hartsell 
Patricia Marian Hays 
Judith E. Herbert 
Marlene Karen Home 
"Lisa Margaret Johnson 
"Deborah Lucille Jones 
Timothy deForest Junkin 
"Margo R. Kaestner 
tMichael E. Kanter 
Kathleen Joan Kelly 
Mary Frances Kiley 
"Stephen Jay Kleeman 
Pamela Ann Kramer 
Joseph Lewis Kraut 

Christopher Frank Lampton 

Marlene Dawn Lesson 
Jay Bruce Levine 

Barbara Anne MacDonald 

Elizabeth Louise Mackie 

Nina Lynn Finley March 

Debra Faith Markowitz 

Dian Noonan Martin 

Maurice Edward May 

Nwibe Donovan Menakaya 

Peggy Ann Mickanis 
"Carol Laureen Minor 

Thomas Fred Morris 

Ernest Lee Moye 

Susan Rebecca Pollard Myers 

Jean Teresa Nelson 

James William Olson 
"Karen Patricia O'Mara 

James Ashton Packett 

Janis Denise Panico 
"Patricia Marshall Crow Parks 

Michael Dennis Paxson 
"Debra Fran Pinto 

Deborah Ann Pumphrey 

Genevieve Celeste Putnam 

Karin Toby Schach 

Naomi R. Segal 

Debra Robin Selinger 

John David Sickles 

Estelle R. Sobol 

David Robert Solomon 
tJohn Edward Stevens 

Leonard Joseph Streckfus, Jr. 

John Michael Sweet 

Gael Elaine Thompson 
"Randi Eileen Thompson 
*G. Michael Tuerk 
t Donald Joseph Waters 

Gracie Lee Webb 
tMichael Jeffrey Weiss 

Karen Marie Wheatley 

Christina Leigh Wilkins 

Martha Mary Winter 

Sandra Louise Wipf 
"Mary Ellen Wolf 
"Mathilde Espinoza Zuniga 

Bachelor of Music 

Keith Allan Fleming 

Division of 
and Soc^ial 

Candidates will be presented by Dr. 
Mary Berry, Chairman of the 

Bachelor of Arts 

Linda Marie Abell 
"Charlotte Marsha Ackerman 
tDarby Anne Ames 
"Roberta Jean Arkin 

Russell Robert Ashburner 

Colleen Alice Balge 

Judy Kathleen Banvard 
"Richard Stephen Basile 

Robert Bauer 

Richard Edward Beall 

Barbara Jean Beard 

Walter J. Benavent, Jr. 
'Philip Earl Bennett 

Barbara Elizabeth Bird 

Lisa Anne Blake 

Beverly Ann Bopp 

Beatrice Ann Brown 
"Deborah Marian Brown 

Howard Carter Brown, III 

Robert Wayne Brown 

Darnell W. Burfoot 

Elisabeth Anne Busse 

Cathy L. Caulfield 

John Alan Chinnock 

Michael Bruce Clancy 

Robert C. Clapp 

Lisa Gale Coffman 
tJames Reno Continetti 

Craig Irwin Cronin 

Thomas Ramon Daigle 

Dianne Marie Dare 

Sharon Kay Darnell 
"William McDonald Davis 

Daniel Ira Dinnin 

Derrick Jerome Dudley 

Mary Ann Fenton 

Michael Joseph Foster 

Barbara Susan Frankel 

Joseph Larry Frere 

Judith Ann Gambill 

George M. Gennett 

John Marshall Gibson, Jr. 

Natalie Jean Gindes 

Stanley Daniel Goldberg 

Paul Rusk Greenhall 
"Margaret Marie Gresock 

Charles Marion Guernieri 

Michael Gulino 

Michael William Hanley 

John Joseph Harrington, Jr. 

Deborah Elizabeth Harris 

David Edwin Hartka 

Michael Lewis Heup 

Wendy Than HIaing 

Helen Hong-Hen Hsing 
tDianna Burke Johnston 

James J. Kaney 

Larry Wayne Knox 

Marianne Tureki Kowal 

Lionel Dana Kupersmith 

Ava Sherry Laub 

Sally Ann Lemberg 

Gerald Maurice Lewis 

John Edward Mclnerney 

John Thomson McLaughlin 

Andrew Meckler 

Raymond Bryon Moorhouse 

Mary Moses 
"Thomas L. Moskitis 

Gloria J. Moyd 

John Vincent dePaul Munley, Jr. 

Sara Munson 

Brian Ronald Needel 

Louis John Oertly 

Michael Waidner O'Neill 

Jesus E. Perez 

John Michael Petronaci 

Carol Ann Petruccelli 

"with honors; twith high honors 

Bachelors 25 

*Paul J. Petruccelli 

Dennis Floyd Prather 

Michael R. Pugh 

Robin Toni Pustilnik 

Henry Joseph Raphel 

Richard Andrew Reges 

Ellen Miller Reynolds 

Valerie Ann Riddick 

Nancy Sue Rodman 

Dorothy Ann Rorabaugh 
"Rebecca Karen Rosenbloom 

Steven Michael Roth 

Edward Buxton Ryan 

Myron Richard Schwartz 

Theodor Schwartz 
tPaula Selgrade 
"Richard B. Setton 

Rosemary Titrington Simonsen 

Sally Bruce Supplee 

Bettsy Susan Tidier 

Karen Elizabeth Walsh 

Lorryn Anne Weinman 

Steven Joseph Weinstein 

Michael Kirby Wheeler 

Jeanne Frances White 

Helen Hunt Wilber 

Neil Alistair Winterbottom 

Janette Elizabeth Young 

Leslie B. Zimmer 

Bachelor of Science 

Allen Kent Anders 

Richard Moreland Baily 
tWilliam Arthur Becraft 

Charles Edward Bennett, Jr. 
tDarrell Anthony Beschen, Jr. 

Mary Jane Burger 

Anthony Joseph Buscemi 

Anthony D. Cina 

Suzanne Durling Cook 

Margaret Anne Covello 

John E. Davis, Jr. 
tMary Anne Eckert 

Gary Stanley Farr 

Henry P. Fierst, Jr. 

Sandra Lee Fleshman 
tLynda L. Flynn 

Raymond Werner Gnall 

Arthur Columbus Green, Jr. 

Paul Earlston Greenslade 

Stephen Arthur Heffernan 

Thomas Robert Hewitt, Jr. 

Patricia Higgins 

Argin McKay Hutchins 

Edwin Dodson Kansler, Jr. 
"Jonathan Louis Katz 

Rush West Kester 

Stuart Warren Kushel 

James Chan-Hsin Lee 

Robert James Leffler 

Craig Alan Lickner 

Steven Dane Lopez 
t Karen Bergum Lovern 

Dennis Geoffrey Marquise 

Louis Angelo Masciocchi 
John Howard Maslin 

*Kay Iris Mason 

tBruce Allison iVIcMillan 
Rebecca Jane Michael 
John G. Moody 
Charles Francis Mulrooney 
Nolen Leroy Null 

"Michael P. O'Brien 
Joanne Offenbacher 
James Innes Randolph. Ill 
Steven Lee Ruiz 
Holly llene Schick 
James Ronald Smale 
Carole Collesian Straszheim 
Dawn Darwyn Tucker 
Wilmer Joyce Waller, III 
Charlotte R. Weiner 
John Samuel Weiner 
Ellen Louise Wolff 
Robert Alan Wolin 
William Dale Young, Jr. 

Division of 
and Physical 
Sciences and 

Candidates will be presented by 
Dr. Joseph Marchello, Chairman 
of the Division 

Bachelor of Science 

Robert Barber 
Richard Lynn Barnes 
David Warren Berning 
Linda Anne Biddison 
Wayne Marc Coppel 
Jeanne Roberta Corrinne 
Steven Curtis Densmore 
Robert Michael Fitzgerald 
John Joseph Fitzpatrick 
Paul Norman Garner, Jr. 
Terry Mitchell Klein 
Andrew Emanuel Krivonak, III 
Stephen D. Lee 
Douglas Glasgow MacKenzie 
tMichael B. Rankin 
William Paul Sawicki, Jr. 
Bruce James Smith 




Candidates will be presented by 
Dr. Robert Shoenberg, Admin- 
istrative Dean, Undergraduate 

Bachelor of General Studies 

tChristine Dorothy Andersen 

Don Ward Badger 
tHolly Beardsley 

Michael Lewis Beatley 
tEdward White Bernton 

George Richard Buzzard 

John William Carney, Jr. 

Howard Terence Carolan, Jr. 

Velma Dolores Davis 

Donald Rich Fox 

Judy Lynne Geraci 
Gerald Edward Hayes 
Walter Ernest Hodges 
John Michael Imhoff 
Robert Jackson, Jr. 
Nancy Helen Janios 
Christopher Alexander Kougias 
Barbara MacNemar 
Roger Wesley Martina Malik 
tBonnie Ruth Martin 
Lynette Elizabeth Martin 
Patricia McCarthy 
Michael Thomas Moore 
Ann Clare Noon 
Nancy Carroll Prescott 
David Musser Rhoads 
Louis Mark Schechter 
Shelley Hope Schnaper 
Roslyn Diane Silver 
Eric Joe Stevenson 
Janet Tuchtan 
Gerald Ungar 
David Miles Wilson 
Elena Rosemarie Yon 




1 i* 
; 1 1 



26 Bachelors 

'with honors; twith high honors 


Candidates for bachelors' degree eli- 
gible to graduate "With Honors" or "With 
High Honors" are so indicated in the 
alphabetical listings by college. These per- 
sons are eligible for the appropriate desig- 
nation if they have completed at least 
two years of resident work (60 semester 
hours) at the time of graduation with a 
scholastic average of B or higher. (Com- 
putation does not include grades for 
courses taken during the last semester of 
registration before graduation.) The can- 
didates must also rank in the upper fifth 
of the graduating class in their respective 
colleges. "With High Honors" is awarded 
to the upper tenth of those in each col- 
lege, if they qualify, and "With Honors" 
is awarded to the second tenth of those in 
each college, if they qualify. 

General Honors Program 

Joyanna L. Samson* 
Donald Joseph Waters 
Michael Jeffrey Weiss 

Departmental Honors 

With High Honors in English 

Rita Weitz Pando 
With High Honors in History 

G. Michael Tuerk 
With High Honors in Music 

Margaret M. Lacey 
With High Honors in Physics 

Andrew Donovan Smith 
With Honors in Agricultural and Resource 

James E. Kirkley 
With Honors in Economics 

Richard Stephen Basils 
With Honors in English 

Madeleine Elaine Petrillo, Michael Jef- 
frey Weiss 
With Honors in Mathematics 

Timothy John Brennan 
With Honors in Physics 

Michael B. Rankin 
With Honors in Psychology 

Stuart Leslie Jacobs, Jonathan Louis 

With Honors in Speech and Dramatic Art 

Timothy de Forest Junkin 
•Graduated August 24, 1973 

Com nii$$$i»ions 

Second Lieutenants, U.S. 
Air Force Reserve 

Randolph Alan Albright 
Mark Wayne Andrews 
Richard Lynn Barnes 
David Lawrence Cooper 
Andrew Jeffrey Hallen 
Thomas Norton McKnight, Jr. 
Richard Miller 
Maurice Edwin White 

Honors - Commissions 27 

A \V2ilkiii^ Tour Through ilw^ liiivf^rsiiv 
of Maryland*s College Park Campus 

There are many interesting educational 
and research facilities on the College Park 
Campus. We have selected some of these 
that you may wish to visit along a walk- 
ing tour. These facilities are open on 
weekdays from 8:30 a.m. to 4;30 p.m. 
You are welcome to tour them at your 
leisure. Other points of interest on 
Campus may be toured by appointment 
through the phone extension listed after 
each facility. For general information call 
the Student Union Information Center 


Regents Drive 

Open to visitors weekdays 8:30 a.m. to 
4:30 p.m. A schedule of multidenomina- 
tional services can be obtained in the 
North Administration BIdg. 

BUILDING-(BLDG. 83) Regents Drive 
This facility houses the Admissions Office 
of the University; Office of the Registrar 
for grade transcripts and commencement 
information; and offices for student fi- 
nancial aid, housing, and campus employ- 

LIBRARY-(BLDG. 120) Corner of Re- 
gents and Campus Drives 
Completed in 1972, this library is one of 
the finest in the nation. In addition to 
serving undergraduate students, it also 
houses at the graduate level the College of 
Library and Information Services. Stop at 
the information desk if you would like a 
guide to point out the highlights of the li- 

Campus Drive 

A new addition to the Student Union was 
completed in 1972. You can obtain a 
building directory and schedules of events 
and activities at the information desk in 
the front lobby. Guided tours are avail- 
able to the bowling alleys, billiard room, 
ballroom, cafeterias, motion picture 
theatre, and exhibits. 

Campus Drive 

With a permanent seating capacity of 
12,500, the Main Auditorium of Cole 
Fieldhouse Is used for basketball games, 
classes in physical education, commence- 
ments, concerts, academic testing, track, 
and many other Indoor activities. Other 
areas of the building contain small gym- 
nasiums, a swimming pool, classrooms, 
faculty offices, a ticket booth for athletic 
events, and the Department of Intercol- 
legiate Athletics. 

(BLDG. 115) Campus Drive 

You are welcome to visit the Art Gallery 
on the first floor. Offices of the depart- 
ments of art, music, speech and dramatic 
art, and hearing and speech sciences are 
housed in this building. University 
Theatre is also located here, adjacent to 
Parking Lot #1. 

BUILDING-(BLDG. 8) Campus Drive 
You are invited to walk through this 
facility and view displays of student 
architectural designs and the faculty- 
designed sculpture pyramid in the West 

Tours by Appointment 

CYCLOTRON, Department of Physics 
and Astronomy. The Cyclotron Is avail- 
able for touring on Mondays from 10-4 
p.m. by prior arrangement. (Ext. 3521) 
Center of Adult Education is a residential 
conference facility for continuing educa- 
tion for adults. Tours can be arranged by 

PLEX. These new modular housing units 
are a unique innovation In student hous- 
ing. (Ext. 4148) 

BYRD STADIUM. Football games and 
track and field events are held In this 
stadium which holds 35,000 spectators. 
(Ext. 4705) 

McKELDIN LIBRARY. McKeldin con- 
tains materials for the use of graduate stu- 
dents and faculty. Tours can be arranged 
by appointment. (Ext. 4042) 
House Is held on the 5th and 20th of each 
month at 8:30 p.m. for the general pub- 
lic. Large groups may call for reservations 
at 454-3001. (For other information call 
Ext. 3460). 

ROSSBOROUGH INN. The oldest build- 
ing on the College Park Campus, Ross- 
borough Inn is open to the public for 
lunch from 1 1 :30 to 1 :30 p.m. (Ext. 


Ci^"^ ¥uM I k>iLso Seating 



Section 1 

Arts and Humanities 

Arts and Sciences, Arts and Hu- 



Agricultural and Life Sciences 

Arts and Sciences, Agricultural and 
Life Sciences 


Section 2 

Mathematical and Physical Sciences 
and Engineering 

Arts and Sciences, Mathematical 
and Physical Sciences and En- 


Graduate School 

Section 3 

Behavioral and Social Sciences 
Arts and Sciences, Behavioral and 

Social Sciences 
Business and Public Administration 
Business and Management 

Section 4 


Physical Education, Recreation and 

Human Ecology 
General Studies