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of Maryland December 21, 1975 
• Park 


175th Commencement 
University of Maryland 
College Park Campus 
December 21, 1975 

Order of Exercises 

Message to the 

Today we honor those of you who 
have pursued your desire for 
knowledge in more than 200 
fields of intellectual study. Such 
learning is at the heart of the 
University's role in society. Our 
success has been due in large part 
to your aggressive participation in 
interpreting and challenging the 
ideas of the past. 

In order to further strengthen the 
high quality of our educational 
efforts, we now depend on you to 
maintain contact with your Univer- 
sity and to let us know how we can 
serve your successors even more 

Congratulations on your achieve- 
ments. We hope you will be as 
pleased with what we have tried to 
provide as we are proud of what 
you have accomplished 

Robert L. Gluckstern 

December 21, 1975 
2:00 p.m. 

Cole Student Activities Building 


Robert L Gluckstern 


College Park Campus 

Master of Ceremonies 

Dr. Thomas J Aylward 
Chairman. Department of 
Speech and Dramatic Art 


University Wind Ensemble and 

Chorus featuring Be Glad Then, 


Robert Russell Bennett 

(arr. Morden) 

Conductor. Jerry Gardner 


Rabbi Meyer Greenberg 
Jewish Chaplain 

The National Anthem 

University Chorus 
Led by Dr Paul Traver 


Dr. Wilson H Elkins 

President of the University 

Hugh A McMullen. Esq. 

Vice Chairman. Board of Regents 

Musical Selection 

Battle Hymn of the Republic 
Howe Steffe (arr. Ringwald) 
University Chorus and Wind 

Conductor. Dr. Traver 


Russell E Train 

Conferring of Degrees 

Dr Elkins. Honorary Degrees 
Dr Gluckstern. College Park 

Remarks To Graduates 

Susan Bette Zuckerman 
Graduating Senior 

Dr Gluckstern 

The Alma Mater 

Hail to thee. Maryland! 
Steadfast in loyalty 
For thee we stand 
Love for the Black and Gold. 
Deep in our hearts we hold. 
Singing, thy praise forever. 
Throughout the land. 

Led by 
Dr Traver 


The Reverend James Downs 
Roman Catholic Chaplain 


University Wind Ensemble 
Conductor. Mr Gardner 

The College Park Campus and the University 

The Students 

College Park is dedicated to young 
people. The Campus gives all 
students the chance to encounter 
new persons, new ideas and new 
interests, all of which they could 
hardly find elsewhere in such 
variety. Students may discover 
ancient Greece for the first time; 
they try their hand at art; or they 
may use a computer to help 
design a better environment for 

But whatever they investigate, 
whether it is under a microscope, 
or out in space or within the 
human mind, their experiences 
sharpen their vision and improve 
their judgment. They learn in 
and out of class, by relating to 
many people of their own age 
and by dealing with a cultured 
faculty. They are able, in these 
many ways, to better define their 
directions and their goals. 

The Faculty 

The men and women who in- 
struct our students at College 
Park are teachers and scholars 
who bring to the classroom a depth 
of knowledge, experience and 
learning that ranks among the 
finest of any university campus. 
Their work ranges from the study 
of physical forces to the study of 
man in all his complexities. 
Some scholars are searching for 
practical applications of solar 
energy, discovering new galaxies 
of stars or researching substitute 
processes for pasteurization to 
increase the shelf life of milk, while 
others are administering stress tests 
to study coronary artery disease, 
debating the philosophical beliefs 
of the founders of our nation, or 
studying the world of black 
Americans at the turn of the 
century. All of them are sharing 
the results of their learning with 
their students in the classroom. 

One way to describe this campus 
is through the interaction of stu- 
dents and faculty, but other points 
of view are interesting too. 

The Campus 

Located in suburban Maryland 
just nine miles from the Nation's 
Capital, the College Park Campus 
offers a diversity of cultural, pol- 
itical and scientific resources to 
its students. 

The campus is a spacious one of 
1,300 acres. Some of its 228 
Georgian-style buildings overlook 
playing fields, the tree-lined 
central mall, or rolling lawns, 
while one or two border the few 
remaining open fields of grazing 
land belonging to the University. 

In enrollment. College Park is 
among the 10 largest campuses 
in the country. Undergraduates 
enrolled in fall 1975 numbered 
over 28,500 and graduate students 
over 7,000 for a total enrollment 
of over 35,500. This year's College 
Park operating budget is $131. 
552,289. The University assisted 
over 7,000 College Park students 
with scholarship aid in 1974-75. 

Students may choose from 71 
undergraduate and 67 graduate 
programs leading to degrees. 

In 1974-75 a total of 5,251 under- 
graduate, 1,416 master's and 385 
doctorate degrees were awarded 
by the College Park Campus. In 
number of doctorates granted 
annually, the University ranks 
among the top thirty in the nation. 


The University had it beginnings in 
1807 with the establishment in 
Baltimore of the College of Med- 
icine, an entirely faculty-owned 
institution granting the M.D. de- 
gree. When its name was changed 
to the University of Maryland five 
years later, it was given power 
to confer additional degrees. 
The first dental school in America, 
the Baltimore College of Dental 
Surgery, became a part of the 
University in 1840. Subsequently, 
the University opened schools 
of pharmacy, law and nursing. 

Under a charter secured by a 
group of Maryland planters, 
the College Park Campus of the 
University, then called the Mary- 
land Agricultural College, opened 
in 1856 and became one of the 
original land-grant schools in 1865. 
After a disastrous fire in 1912. 
the State acquired control of the 
College and bore the cost of re- 
building. In 1920 the State took 
over the faculty-owned University 
in Baltimore, merging it with the 
State-owned institution at College 
Park to form the present day 
University of Maryland. 

In 1886 the Delaware Conference 
Academy was founded by the 
Methodist Church in Princess 
Anne, Maryland. The State ac- 
quired this institution in 1926, 
making it a division of the Univer- 
sity of Maryland in 1948. It was 
made a Campus of the University 
of Maryland Eastern Shore 
(UMES). A new campus known 
as University of Maryland Bal- 
timore County (UMBC) was open- 
ed at Catonsville in 1966. 


University libraries include ap- 
proximately 1,465,000 volumes on 
the College Park Campus, 11,000 
subscriptions to periodicals and 
newspapers, plus nearly 875,000 
microform units, as well as many 
slides, film strips, music scores, 
and recordings. The Under- 
graduate Library has a seating 
capacity of 4.000 students and is 
among the nation's largest. Fac- 
ilities include a quadraphonic 
concert room, color video tape 
players and playback units, en- 
closed rooms equipped with 
instructor's consoles for the use of 
nonprint media materials and 
wireless stereo headsets for tapes 
of lectures, plays, speeches, and 

Research Facilities 

Among the exceptional research 
facilities are: a 140 MeV cyclotron; 
a nuclear reactor; scanning electron 

microscopes; subsonic, supersonic 
and hypersonic wind tunnels; 
an electron ring accelerator; 
a precision encoder and pattern 
recognition device; a gravitational 
radiation detection system in- 
cluding a gravimeter on the moon; 
a quiescent plasma device (Q 
machine); a psychopharmacology 
laboratory; three retro-reflector 
arrays on the moon; rotating tanks 
for laboratory studies of 
meteorological phenomena: Van 
de Graaff accelerators; a laboratory 
for basic behavioral research; an 
assortment of computers; the 
Astronomy Observatory, Center of 
Materials Research, Institute for 
Fluid Dynamics and Applied 
Mathematics, Institute for Mole- 
cular Physics, and the Water 
Resources Research Center. 

The College Park Campus also 
owns and operates one of the 
largest and most sophisticated long- 
wavelength radio telescopes 
(located in Clark Lake, Calif.) and 
a cosmic ray laboratory (located in 
New Mexico). 

In addition to these research oppor- 
tunities in the biological, mathe- 
matical and physical sciences, re- 
search programs in the behavioral 
sciences, social sciences and ed- 
ucation exist in many bureaus 
and institutes including: the Bureau 
of Business and Economic Re- 
search. Bureau of Educational 
Research and Field Services, 
Bureau of Governmental Research, 
Institute for Child Study, Institute 
for Criminal Justice and Crim- 
inology and the Institute for Urban 

Academic Costume 

The black caps and gowns worn 
by the students and faculty in the 
academic procession are of 
ancient origin. They have been 
the traditional costume of the 
scholar since medieval times and 
probably represent an adaptation 
of the ecclesiastical dress, since 
many of the scholars of that period 
were members of monastic orders. 

An intercollegiate commission 
in 1893 drafted a uniform code 
for costumes which has since been 
adopted by the majority of colleges 
and universities in the United 

Each of the three academic degrees 
—bachelor, master, and doctor- 
has its own distinctive gown and 
hood. The bachelor's gown is 
distinguished by its long pointed 
sleeve. The master's gown has 
a longer, narrow, closed sleeve, 
extending below the knee; the arm 
is passed through a slit at the elbow 
In contrast, the doctor's gown has a 
full bell-shaped sleeve with three 
bars of velvet The opening of 

this gown is faced with wide velvet 
bands. The velvet trim may be 
black or of a color indicating the 
general field of learning of the 
wearer, for example, blue for 
philosophy, green for medicine, 
purple for law. 

The most colorful and distinctive 
item of the academic costume is the 
hood which passes around the neck 
and extends down the back. The 
doctor's is the largest of the hoods 
and the bachelor's the smallest. 
The bachelor's hood is often 
omitted. The color of the velvet 
edging indicates the field of learn- 
ing. Below is given a list of de- 
partment or faculty colors. 

Arts, Letters, Humanities/White 
Business Administration, Com- 
mercial Science/Drab 
Education, Pedagogy/Light Blue 
Fine Arts, Architecture/Brown 
Home Economics/Maroon 
Humanics/Dark Crimson 
Library Science/Lemon 
Oratory/Silver Gray 
Public Health/Salmon 
Physical Education/Sage Green 
Science/Golden Yellow 
Social Service/Citron 
Surgical Chiropody/Nile Green 
Theology and Divinity/Scarlet 
Veterinary Sciences/Gray 

The colors of the silk lining ex- 
posed in the center of the hood are 
those of the college or university 
which conferred the degree. 

The cap or "mortar board" is uni 
form in design for all degrees. The 
tassel may be either black or the 
color of the field of learning. The 
tassel of the doctor's cap may be 

From Europe the use of academic 
degrees spread to English univer- 
sities. Harvard University, William 
and Mary, and Yale followed 
the British pattern in the United 

Academic Degrees 

A degree is awarded for the suc- 
cessful completion of a course 
of study. There are more than 
1,600 different academic 
degrees currently conferred by 
American colleges and univer- 

The first known degree was a doc- 
torate conferred by the University 
of Bologna in the middle of the 
12th Century. Originally, the 
doctor's and master's degrees 
were used interchangeably, each 
indicating that the holder was 
qualified to give instruction to 
students. The bachelor's or bac- 
calaureate degree indicated only 
entrance upon a course of study 
preparatory to the doctorate or 
mastership. Gradually, however, 
the bachelor's degree came to 
mean successful completion of one 
level of study preparatory to the 
higher degrees. 

The Doctor's Degree 

This is a term meaning teacher, or 
instructor, applied by ancient 
Romans to those who delivered 
public lectures on philosophical 
subjects. In the Middle Ages, from 
the 12th century, it came into use 
as a title of honor borne by men 
of great learning It was first made 
an academic title at the University 
of Bologna, in Italy, which received 

from the emperor the right of 
appointing doctores legum (doctor 
of laws). The University of Paris fol- 
lowed in 1 145. Soon after, the 
popes granted the universities 
the right of appointing doctors 
canonum et decretalium (teachers 
of the canon law): and when the 
study of civil law came to be com- 
bined with that of the canon law, 
the title was changed to doctor 
utriusque juris (teacher of both 
laws). The faculties of theology 
and medicine followed that of law 
in conferring this title. 

The doctorate in philosophy and 
science, and occasionally in 
theology and law, is given beyond 
the baccalaureate degree, and 
requires two to five years, the 
writing of a thesis, and the passing 
of written and oral examinations. 

The doctor's degree represents the 
most advanced earned degree 
conferred by American institutions. 
There are two distinct types: the 
professional or practitioner's 
degree, and the research degree. 
The first type represents advanced 
training for the practice of various 
professions, principally: Doctor of 
Medicine, Doctor of Dental Surgery, 
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, 
Juris Doctor and Doctor of Phar- 
macy. These degrees carry no 
implication of original research and 
are classified by the U.S. Office 
of Education, with bachelor's 
degrees, as the first professional 
degrees. The University of Mary- 
land awarded the first two dental 
degrees in history, on March 9, 
1841, and invented the name of 
the degree, D.D.S., as well. 

The second type of doctor's degree 
is classified as research doctorates 
representing prolonged periods of 
advanced study, usually accom- 
panied by a dissertation which is 
designed to be a substantial con- 
tribution to existing knowledge 
on the subject. The most impor- 
tant of these, the Doctor of Philos- 
ophy, no longer has an implication 
of philosopy for its holder, but 
represents advanced research in 
any of the major fields of know- 
ledge. It was first awarded in the 

United States by Yale University 
in 1861. 

The first Ph.D. was awarded at the 
University of Maryland in 1920. 

The Master's Degree 

The master's degree is an academic 
honor conferred upon students 
who have successfully completed 
work in advance of the baccalau- 
reate. A thesis and an oral exam- 
ination are usually required. The 
word magister. connected with a 
qualifying phrase, was used among 
the Romans as a title of honor; 
but its present meaning must be 
traced to the time of the establish- 
ment of the oldest universities. 
Regularly organized faculties were 
not then known as they now exist 
in the universities. The whole 
circle of academic activity was 
limited to seven liberal arts, and 
those who received public honors 
on the completion of their course 
of studies, for their diligence and 
knowledge, and had already re- 
ceived the degree of baccalaureate 
(bachelor) were called magistri 
artium (master of the liberal arts) . 

In 1920 the new University of 
Maryland awarded its first MA. 
and MS. degrees in fields other 
than agriculture. 

The Bachelor's Degree 

The bachelor's degree represents 
completion of a four-year course 
of study of collegiate grade and 
is the oldest academic degree used 
by American institutions of higher 
learning. The degree Bachelor of 
Arts was first conferred in America 
in 1642 on the first nine graduates 
of Harvard College. 

Maryland Agricultural College, 
which was later to become the 
University of Maryland College 
Park, awarded the first Bachelor 
of Arts and Bachelor of Science 
degrees in 1862. 

Central Administration 
of the University 

Wilson H. Elkins 

Vice President for General Ad- 
Donald W. O'Connell 

Vice President for Graduate Studies 

and Research 
Michael J. Pelczar, Jr. 

Vice President for Agricultural 

Affairs and Legislative Relations 
Frank L. Bentz, Jr. 

Board of Regents 


B. Herbert Brown 

Vice Chairman 
Hugh A McMullen 


Samuel H Hoover, D.D.S. 


L. Mercer Smith 

Assistant Secretary 
William G. Connelly 

Assistant Treasurer 

N. Thomas Whittington, Jr. 

Mrs. Mary H. Broadwater 
Young D Hance, ex officio 
Edward V. Hurley 
Dr. Louis L. Kaplan 
Peter F. O'Malley 
Miss Judith S. Sachwald 
John C. Scarbath 
Joseph D. Tydings 
(one vacancy) 

College Park Campus 


Robert L. Gluckstern 

Vice Chancellor for Academic 

George H. Callcort 

Vice Chancellor for Academic 

Planning and Policy 
Thomas B Day 

Vice Chancellor for Administrative 

John W. Dorsey 

Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs 
William L. Thomas, Jr. 

Provosts at 
College Park 

Division of Agricultural and Life 

Francis C. Stark 

Division of Arts and Humanities 

Robert A Corrigan 

Division of Behavioral and Social 

Mary F. Berry 

Division of Human and Community 

George J. Funaro 

Division of Mathematical and 
Physical Sciences and En- 

Joseph M. Marchello 

Deans at College Park 

School of Architecture 
John W.Hill 

College of Agriculture 
Gordon M. Cairns 

College of Business and 

Rudolph P. Lamone 

College of Education 
Robert L. Emans 

College of Engineering 
Robert B. Beckmann 

College of Human Ecology 
John R Beaton 

College of Journalism 
Ray E. Hiebert 

College of Library and Informa- 
tion Services 
Henry J. Dubester (Acting) 

College of Physical Education, 

Recreation and Health 
Marvin H. Eyler 

Administrative Dean for Graduate 

David S. Sparks 

Administrative Dean for Summer 

Melvin N. Bernstein 

Administrative Dean for Under- 
graduate Studies 
Robert E. Shoenberg 

Officers of Commencement 


Dr. Paul R. Poffenberger, Assoc. 

Dean, College of Agriculture 

Associate Chairman 

Dr Robert C. Wiley, Professor, 


University Marshal 

Dr. Richard H. Jaquith, Assistant 

Vice Chancellor for Academic 



Dr. Eugene Troth, Professor and 

Chairman, Music 

Committee Members 

Mr. Ulysses S. Glee 
Office of Student Aid 

Mr F Randall Blunk, Acting Dir- 
ector. University Relations (College 

Mr Robert J. Beiter, Assoc. Pro- 
fessor, Agricultural and Resource 

Mr. John T. Broadbelt, Supervisor, 
Physical Plant 

Dr. Gordon M. Cairns, Dean, 
College of Agriculture 

Mr. Jackson W. Wilson, Admissions 
and Registrations 

Mr. John A. Goecker, Director, 
Food Services 

Ms. Joanne Janus. Umporium 

Dr. Conrad B Link, Professor, 

Dr. George Marx, Professor, Coun- 
seling and Personnel Service 

Mr. Elwood Gross, Physical Plant 

Mr Doyle P. Royal. Coach. 
Athletic Dept. 

Mr. Charles Jantho, Director, 
Physical Plant 

Ms. Frances Cave. Nurse Chair- 
man, Health Center 

Mr. Alfred J. Hanlon. Assistant 
Director of Athletics 

Lt. R.C. Hedges, University Police 

Honorary Doctor of Laws 

Russell E. Train 

Soon after the Environmental Policy 
Act of 1969 was signed into law 
making the protection of our nat- 
ural resources a matter of national 
policy. Russell E. Train was chosen 
as the first chairman of the Council 
on Environmental Quality. The ap- 
pointment of Train was widely 
hailed by conservationists. An 
internationally esteemed conserva- 
tionist and leader in efforts to pro 
tect the nation's vulnerable natural 
resources. Train has continued in 
his current position as Administra- 
tor of the US Environmental Pro- 
tection Agency to dedicate himself 
toward the prevention of pollution 
and the creation of a cleaner 

Train was appointed Administrator 
of the Environmental Protection 
Agency in September, 1973. As 
head of the EPA. he oversees an 
agency created as a cabinet level 
executive branch regulatory agency 
which sets and enforces the nation's 
pollution control standards. 

He came to the EPA from the 
Council on Environmental Quality 
where he served as its first chairman 
from February 1970 until 1973. 
Prior to that appointment he served 
as Under Secretary of the Interior 

As head of the Council on Environ 
mental Quality. Train was chief 
advisor to the president on environ- 
mental policy, supervising the 
development of national policy on 
environmental, legislative and 
administrative programs. During 
that time the CEQ developed 
national land use policy, regulation 
of surface mining, ocean dumping 
controls, pesticide regulation, and 
toxic substances control. It also 
provided leadership in the imple- 
mentation of the National Environ- 
mental Policy Act by all Federal 

Russell Errol Train was born on 
June 4. 1920 in Jamestown. Rhode 
Island He graduated from Prince- 
ton University in 1941 with a B.A 
and served in the army from 1941 
to 1946. rising to the rank of major 
in the Field Artillery. After gradua- 
tion from Columbia University law 
school in 1948 with an LL.B., he 
became a tax lawyer. He joined the 
Joint Committee on Internal Reve- 
nue Taxation and from 1953 to 
1956 served as Clerk and then as 
Minority Advisor to the Committee 
on Ways and Means of the House 
of Representatives. In 1956 Train 
was named Assistant to the Secre- 
tary of the Treasury Department 
and Head of the Legal Advisory 
Staff. In 1957 President Eisenhower 
appointed him a judge of the Tax 
Court of the United States, and in 
1959 he was reappointed to a full 
12 year term 

Long fascinated with Africa. Train 
went on a big game hunting safari 
in 1956. That trip aroused his con- 
cern for conservation, and he grad- 
ually became interested in conser- 
vation organizations and activities. 
He founded and became president 
of the African Wildlife Leadership 
Foundation in 1959. and by 1965 
he had become so involved in con- 
servation causes that he decided to 
resign from the Tax Court and 
begin a new career in conservation. 
In August. 1965 he became presi- 
dent of the Conservation Founda- 
tion, a nonprofit research, educa- 
tion and information organization 
concerned with environmental 
problems in the U.S. 

He was appointed to the National 
Water Commission in 1968 and 
then became chairman of a special 
task force to advise the incoming 
administration on environmental 
matters In February. 1969 he be- 
came Under Secretary of the In- 
terior and served in that capacity 
until he became chairman of the 
Council on Environmental Quality. 

Train has received honorary de- 
grees from Bates College. St. Mary's 
College, Worcester Polytechnic 
Institute. Princeton University. 
Drexel University. Columbia Uni- 
versity. Clarkson College of Tech- 
nology, the University of the South. 

Southeastern University, and 
Salem College In 1972. he was 
awarded the Albert Schweitzer 
Medal by the Animal Welfare In- 
stitute In 1975. he received the 
Aldo Leopold Medal of the Wild 
life Society and the Conservationist 
of the Year (1974) Award of the 
National Wildlife Federation. 

He is awarded the Honorary Doc- 
tor of Laws from the University of 

Honorary Doctor of Science 

Robert F. 

At a time when the world popula 
tion is spiraling upward at the rate 
of ninety eight million people a 
year and mass starvation on a scale 
never before envisioned has be- 
come more than a remote possibil 
ity. the world has turned to the 
United States for leadership in 
solving the world food crisis. Robert 
Flint Chandler. Jr.. distinguished 
leader in world food production, 
has spent a lifetime trying to find 
new and better ways to improve 
and increase food production. 
Noted researcher, administrator, 
teacher, and international consul- 
tant in the field of agricultural 
sciences, Chandler has been at the 
forefront of multi-governmental 
research in rice and vegetables in 
attempts to find viable solutions to 
the mounting crisis of world-wide 
Chandler retired as Director Emeri- 
tus of the Asian Vegetable Research 
and Development Center on June 
30, 1975. The organization, which 
he founded in 1972. is a multi 
government research consortium 
located in Taiwan. Before founding 
the center, he directed the Inter- 
national Rice Research Institute in 
Manila. Philippines. 

From 1954 to 1957 Chandler 
served as assistant director of the 
Division of Natural Sciences and 
Agriculture for the Rockefeller 
Foundation in New York City and 
then as associate director of the 
Division of Agricultural Sciences at 
the foundation. 

Before that time he was a univer- 
sity professor and administrator. 

He served as president of the Uni 
versity of New Hampshire from 
1950 to 1954. where he had been 
dean of the College of Agriculture 
and director of the Experimental 
Station from 1947 to 1950. He was 
professor of forest soils at Cornell 
University from 1935 to 1947 and 
in the summer of 1940 was visiting 
professor of agronomy at Texas 
A & M University. 

Born on June 22. 1907 in Colum- 
bus. Ohio. Chandler received his 
Ph.D. from the University of Mary 
land in 1934 following research in 
the field of mineral nutrition of 
vegetable crops. 

Postgraduate degrees and honors 
include: NCR Fellow, University of 
California, 1935; LL.D . Notre 
Dame University. 1971; Lift D . 
University of Singapore, 1971; 
L.H.D., Central Luzon State Uni 
versity. Philippines. 1971; Sc.D.. 
Punjab Agriculture University. 
India. 1971; Sc.D., University of 
the Philippines. 1972; Sc.D. Uni 
versity of New Hampshire. 1972. 

He is co-author of Forest Soils with 
Harold J. Lutz. 1946. 

He is a trustee for the China Foun- 
dation for Promotion. Education 
and Culture in Taiwan and is a 
member of the American Society of 
Agronomists. Crop Scientists 
Society of America. Society for 
International Development, Amer- 
ican Association for the Advance- 
ment of Science. Newcomen 
Society, and the S.A.R. Club He is 
a Fellow of the American Academy 
of Arts and Sciences. 

Chandler has received many 
awards during his long research 
and administrative career including 
the Gold Medal Award from the 
government of India in 1966, the 
Sitara I-Imatiaz Award from the 
government of Pakistan in 1968; 
the Golden Heart Award from the 
government of Philippines, and the 
International Agronomy Award in 

He is awarded the Honorary Doctor 
of Science from the University of 

Candidates for Degrees 

August 31. 1975 
Graduate School 

Doctor of Philosophy 

Billie L. Ackerman 

Hearing and Speech Science: 
Measuring Gestural Com- 
munication in Children: A 
Developmental Study 

George Francis Arnold 
Secondary Education: An 
Investigation of the Pre-Service 
Professional and Academic 
Preparation of Two-Year College 
Social Science Faculties 

Eugene Loub Aronin 

Elementary Education: Com- 
parison of Three Methods of 
Increasing the Self-Concepts of 
First and Second Grade Chil- 
dren Using Audiotaped Anec- 

Alfred Victor Bacotti 
Psychology: Concurrent Fixed- 
ratio Variable-interval Schedules 
of Reinforcement: Effects of 
Ratio-requirement and Change- 
over Delay 

Mark Robeson Bailey 

Agricultural and Resource 
Economics: The Economic 
Impact of Selected Watershed 
Programs on the Eastern Shore 
of Maryland 

Gerald Adam Bange 

Agricultural and Resource 
Economics: Internal Rate of 
Return as a Decision Making 
Tool in Economic and Financial 
Analyses-A Case Study: The Los 
Angeles Wholesale Flower 

Richard Carl Barth 

Chemistry: A Nuclear Magnetic 
Resonance Study of Phos- 
phorus Derivatives of the Group 
VI Metal Carbonyls 

John Joseph Baum 

Physics: A Study of Kummer- 
Segre Type Models of the Weak 

John Andrew Beno 

Health Education: A Test to 
Measure Driver Use of Lateral 
Distance when Encountering 
Roadside Hazards 

Lloyd Edward Bills 

Human Development: The 
Development and Validation 
of an Instrument to Measure 
the Attitudes of Women toward 
Joining a Consciousness-Raising 

Lester Harold Birchall, Jr. 
Elementary Education: An 
Investigation of the Main and 
Interaction Effects of Three 
Dimensions of Adjunct Questions 
upon the Performance of Sixth 
Grade Students on a Criterion 
Measure Consisting of Two 
Criteria-Literal Level and Inter- 
pretation Level Questions 

Brent Francis Blackwelder 

Philosophy: A Refutation of the 
Major Arguments Against 
Ascribing Rights to Animals 

David John Bowering 

Administration, Supervision 
and Curriculum: An Application 
of the Rokeach Belief Con- 
gruence Principle: The Role 
of Values and Attitudes as 
Determinants of the Behavior 
of Nonpublic School Principals 

Dennis Neil Breiter 

Physics: Parameter Optimi- 
zation in the Trace Element 
Analysis of Biological Samples 
by Proton-Induced X-ray 

Alice Perrin Brew 

Counseling and Personnel Ser- 
vices: Effects of a Counseling 
Workshop on Adult Women and 

Benson Robert Brown 

Human Development: A Study 
of the Relationship between 
Personal Growth in the Aged 
and Different Types of Group 
Dynamics Treatments in Private 
Nursing Homes 

Robert Shih-Liang Chao 

Chemistry: Frequency Depen- 
dence of Relative Intensity for 
Resonance Raman Scattering 

Kathleen Chalfont Christensen 
Counseling and Personnel Ser- 
vices: A Comparison of Several 
Methods of Refusal-Assertion 

Mildred Porter Cleaves 
Administration, Supervision, 
and Curriculum: A Research 
Study Designed to Factor out 
the Several Effects of Audio- 
visual Presentations and In- 
structional Programming 

William David Clewell 

Secondary Education: Math- 
ematical Maturity: An Ex- 
ploratory Study on Its Nature 
in College Students 

Ronald Harvey Cole 

History: "Forward with the 
Bayonet!": The French Army 
Prepares for Offensive War- 
fare, 19111914 

Stephanie Heatwole Cooney 
Secondary Education: The 
Development and Validation of 
an Instrument Designed to 
Measure Satisfaction of Seventh 
Grade Students with Family 

Joseph Nelson Craig 

Physics: Study of the Reaction 
51 V(d,3He) 50Ti. Energy 
Dependence and Rearrange- 

Joyce Cummings 

Physical Education: Schema 
Learning of Rapid Movements 

Adrian Lorenza DeWitt 
Administration, Super- 
vision and Curriculum: A Study 
of the Differences Between 
Teachers' Attitudes toward 
Education. Their Perception 
of Their Principal's Attitudes 
toward Education and the 
School Climate 

Dolores Pawley Dickerson 

Elementary Education: A Com- 
parison of the Use of the Active 
Games Learning Medium with 
Passive Games and Traditional 
Activities as a Means of Rein- 
forcing Recognition of Selected 
Sight Vocabulary Words with 
Mid-Year First-Grade Children 
with Limited Sight Vocabularies 

James Alan Dickerson 
Counseling and Personnel 
Services: Group Vocational 
Counseling: Its Effectiveness 
in Changing Work Attitudes 
and Work Performance for 
Emotionally Disturbed and 
Educable Retarded Adolescents 

George Edward Digel 

Human Development: The 
Effects of Videotape Feed- 
back on Anxiety in Role-play 

Alan Lewis Dragoo 

Physics: Empirical Models of 
the Alkaline-Earth Oxides and 
the Elastic Moduli and Their 
Pressure Derivatives of Calcium 

Robert Joseph Edwards 
Mechanical Engineering: A 
Generalized Finite Difference 
Element for the Thermoelastic 
Structural Response of Aniso- 
tropic Thin Shells 

R Michael Erwin 

Zoology: Comparative Foraging 
and Breeding Strategies Among 
Three Seabirds: The Royal 
Tern. Sterna maxima . Comon 
Tern. S hirundo . and Black 
Skimmer. Rynchops niger 

James Archie Fava. Jr. 

Dairy Science: The Avoidance 
Reaction of Blacknose Dace. 
Rhinichthvs Atatulus (Her- 
mann), to Domestic Sewage 
Effluents and Their Toxic Con- 

Cecelia H. Fink 

Secondary Education: The 
Impact of Student Teaching on 
Attitudes and Behaviors Relating 
to Pupil Control and Teacher 
Authority for a Group of Sec- 
ondary Social Studies Student 

Ronald Earl Foust 

English: The Place of Spatial 
Form in Modern Literary Crit- 

Giuliana Gigante 

Mathematics: Laplace-Beltrami 
Operator on Complete Man- 

Raymond G. Hebert 

History: Syndicalism and Indus- 
trial Strife. 19101912 

Samuel Thomas Helms. Ill 

Counseling and Personnel Ser- 
vices: Perceived Person-Environ- 
ment Congruency: A Test of 
Holland's Interaction Hy- 

August Doctors 7 

Marjorie Evans Hoachlander 
Administration, Supervision 
and Curriculum: Boo/c-/n-Prinf/ 

William Fritz Hug 

Human Development: A Com- 
parison of Two Psychiatric 
Consultation Processes Involving 
the Participation or Nonpart- 
icipation of the Female Client 

Sydney Vern Jackson 

Chemistry: Nuclear Decay 
Scheme Studies of 30h ,3 'Te m . 
25-min ,3 'Te 3 ,and 

Charles William Jameson 

Chemistry: Study of Lanthanide 
Shift Reagent-Substrate Inter- 
action in Solution. Competitive 
Photo-Chemical Type I and 
Type II Reactions of Amides and 

Carol B. Jenner 

Geography: Simulation of Land- 
Use Effects on the Urban Temp- 
erature Field 

Kit-Keung Kan 

Physics: The Single Particle 
Shrodinger Fluid and its Ap- 
plications to Nuclear Collective 

Yuen-Han Kan 

Physics: Logarithmic Divergence 
in Kinetic Theory 

Khaled M. Kayali 

Government and Politics: 
Politics vs. Science-. Organiza- 
tional Resistance to Political 
Environmental Pressure. NIH 
Case Study 

Martha Peyton Kazlo 

Counseling and Personnel 
Services: The Effects of Self- 
monitoring on the Frequency 
of Aspects of Study Behavior 

Barbara Drummond Kerlin 

Human Development: A Study 
of John L. Holland's Theory 
of Careers as it Applies to 
Employed Adults 

Sehwan Kim 

Government and Politics: A 
Synthetic Theory of Actor 
Objectives for the Comparative 
Study of Foreign Policy 

Eugene James Kinerney 
Secondary Education: The 
High School Geography Project 
in Relation to Instructional 
Practices in Introductory College 
Geography: An Upward Dis- 
semination of Educational 

Duane Richard Kirklin 

Chemistry: Spectroscopic Inves- 
tigations of Hydrogen Bonded 

Joan Basser Klagsbrun 
Counseling and Personnel 
Services: The Effect of Model 
Age Status on the Imitation of 
Sex-typed Play Behaviors in 
Pre-School Boys 

Peter A. Kolmus 

Mathematics: Extension Th- 
eorems for Choquet Capa- 
cities with Applications in Pro- 
bability Theory 

Ronald Gene Koontz 

Secondard Education: The 
Influence of Supervised Ex- 
periences in Career Exploration 
on Certainty of Career Choice. 
Expressed Career Choice. 
Measured Career Interest and 
Similarity Between Expressed 
Career Choice to Measured 
Career Interest 

Dennis William Leitner 

Measurement and Statistics: 
A Rank Test of Two Group 
Concordance with an A Priori 

James Richard Lewis 

Secondary Education. The 
Effectiveness of Certain Non- 
simulation Academic Games in 
Teaching Language Usage 
Skills to Junior High School 

Kira Kalvik Lueders 

Chemistry: Synthesis and 
Turnover of the Structural 
Protein of Intracisternal A- 

Louis Bernard Lynn 

Horticulture: Influence of Sel- 
ected Dinitroaniline Herbicides 
on Tomatoes (Lycopersicon 
Esculentum . Mill.) and Other 

Dilip B. Madan 

Mathematics: Simplicity Notions 
in Recursion Theory 

Gerald Lewis Mader 

Astronomy: The Relative Pos- 
itions of the OH and H 2 
Astrophysical Masers 

Bruce Arthur Marien 

Chemistry: Nucleophilic Dis- 
placements on Halogen Atoms 
by Tertiary Phosphorus Com- 

Francis Joseph Masci 

Administration, Supervision 
and Curriculum: Relationships 
between Staff Interpersonal 
Relationships and Com- 
patibility and Selected Variables 
Associated with School Func- 

Donald Edward McBrien 
Counseling and Personnel 
Services: The Effects of Group 
and Individual Treatment in 
the Presentation of a Systematic 
Career Decision-making Pro- 
gram on Consistency of Occupa- 
tional Choices of High School 

Donald I. McGee 

Special Education: An Appli- 
cation of Developmental Sen- 
tence Scoring to the Measure- 
ment of Syntax Acquisition 
in the Written Language of 
Severely and Profoundly Hear- 
ing Impaired Adolescents 

Blanche Garner Meier 
Psychology: The Effect of 
Factors at the Phonetic Level 
on the Processing of Higher 
Level Factors in Sentences 

William Henry Merigan, Jr. 
Psychology: The Contrast 
Sensitivity of the Squirrel Mon- 
key (Saimiri sciureus) 

William George Meyer 

Chemistry: Reaction Mechanism 
Studies with 'He Ions and 
Heavy Target Nuclei 

Prafulla Kumar Misra 

Electrical Engineering: Exper- 
imental and Theoretical Studies 
of Intense. Relativistic. Hollow 
Electron Beam Dynamics in 
the Cusped Magnetic Field of 
Maryland Era 

Robert L. Montgomery 
Secondary Education: An 
Application of the Analog 
Computer to Secondary Math- 
ematics Instruction 

Tsu-Jye Abraham Nee 
Physics: Measurement of 
Hydrogen n- Stark Profiles 
in a Turbulent Plasma 

James David Newell 

Philosophy: The Philosophy 
of Henry Sidgwick 

John Thomas Norris 

Secondary Education: Effects 
of Individualizing the Instruction 
of Science Curriculum Improve- 
ment Study's Interaction and 
Systems Unit on Third Grade 
Students Achievement of 
Instructional Objectives and 
Attitudes Toward School and 

Douglas Eugene Nyhus 

Economics: The Trade Model 
of a Dynamic World Input- 
Output Forecasting System 

Nancy Lou Oberseider 

History: A Socio-demographic 
Study of the Family as a Social 
Unit in Tidewater Virginia 

Martin Eze Obi 

Agronomy: The Effect of 
Puddling. Bluegrass Sod. Blue- 
grass Seed, and Bare Fallow 
Treatments on Soil Aggregate 
Stability and Soil Organic 
Matter Fractions of Beltsville 
Silt Loam Soil 

James Martin O'Neil 

Counseling and Personnel 
Services: Predicf/ueness of 
Holland's Investigative Per- 
sonality Type and Levels 
of Consistency Using the Self 
Directed Search 

Frederick Barton Orth 

Chemistry: Characterization of 
the {la 9 f(lo u )npo 3 zl (n=4.5. 
6)and(lo g )*(lo u )npn 3n s 
(n = 4.5) States of He 2 and Dis- 
cussion of the Properties of the 
Triplet npu and npT Rydberg 

Kenneth Henry Patton 

Psychology: A Cognitive-Per- 
ceptual Game Approach to 
Retardate Visual Discrimination 

8 August/Doctors 

Steven Marc Pine 

Psychology: Monte Carlo Sim- 
ulation on the Fairness of 
Several Testing Models 

Allan Robert Rabinoff 

Counseling and Personnel Ser- 
vices: The Effect of Modeling 
and Instructional Techniques 
and Their Information Content 
on the Acquisition of Work 
Appropriate Behavior in Dis- 
advantaged Populations 

Robert Owen Ray 

Recreation: An Analysis of Fac- 
tors Affecting Life Satisfaction 
and Activity Levels of Senior 
Citizens at Selected Locations 
in Maryland 

Birge Douthitt Reichard, Jr. 
Counseling and Personnel Ser- 
vices: The Effects of a Manage- 
ment Training Workshop on 
Altering Locus of Control 

Robert D. Resau 

Zoology: The Regenerative 
Response of the Sympathetic 
Nervous System to Hypobaric 

Sally Scott Rogers 

Sociology: Community Plan- 
ning and Residential Satisfaction 
in Greenbelt, Maryland: A 
Case Analysis of Architectural 

Carl Alfred Rose 

Administration, Supervision 
and Curriculum: An Analysis 
of the Relationship Between 
Perceived Conflict and Or- 
ganization Performance 

Naseem Alamzeb Sahibzada 
English: The Image of 
Ypocresy: An Edition 

Susumu Sakakibara 

Physics: Renormalizability Con- 
straints for Massive Vector- 
Meson Field Theories and the 
Uniqueness Question for Spon- 
taneously Broken Gauge 

Elizabeth Burke Sherwood 
Human Development: The 
Antecedents of Career Choice 
for Women in Two Professions 

Howard David Silverman 
Counseling and Personnel 
Services: The Differential Effect- 
iveness of Two Self Manage- 
ment Procedures on Weight 

Ronald Kelly Sizemore 
Microbiology: A Study of 
Plasmids Isolated from An- 
tibiotic-Resistant Marine Bac- 

Oral Eugene Smith 

Elementary Education: An 
Examination of Decision Making 
Behaviors of Children Ages 
Three to Five Using the Code 
System-A Reciprocal Interaction 
Analysis System Instrument 

Ernst William Spannhake 
Zoology: Mechanism of Dep- 
letion of Cardiac Norepine- 
phrine Store During Immuno- 
logically-Induced Hemolytic 
Anemia in the Rat 

Roger d'Avesne Spealman 
Psychology: Interactions in 
Multiple Schedules: The Role 
of the Stimulus-Reinforcer 

Kendall Neville Starkweather 
Industrial Education: A Study 
of Potential Directions for 
Industrial Arts Toward the 
Year 2000 A.D. 

Gertrude Ann Steuernagel 

Government and Politics: Politi- 
cal Philosophy as Therapy: A 
Study of Marcuse 

Robert Eugene Stroble 

Administration, Supervision 
and Curriculum: An Analysis 
of the Attitudes of Selected 
Educational and Political 
Leaders in the State of Maryland 
Concerning Key Contemporary 
Public Elementary and Second- 
ary Education Issues 

Carolyn Jackson Suber 

Psychology: The Effect of Social 
Variables on Sex-Role Pre- 
ference and Gender Identifica- 
tion in Preschool Age Girls 

Molly BestTinsley 

English: The Prose Style of 
EM. Forster 

Carl Lewis Tishler 

Counseling and Personnel 
Services: Pretherapy Social- 
ization for Psychotherapy 

Roberta Wells Trainor 

Elementary Education: The 
Decision Making Behavior of 
Second and Fifth Grade 
Children in Constrained and 
Non-Constrained Problem 

S. Goldsborough Tyler 
Secondary Education: An 
Analysis of the Secondary 
Education Graduate at Salisbury 
State College 

Horacio Ramon Verdun 

Physics: Far Infrared Magneto- 
Optical Study of the Hole 
Pocket of Bismuth Band 
Structure and Electron-In- 
teraction Effects 

Henry Fritz Vollmer 

German: The Non-Political 
Aspects of the Journal Der 
Monat as Viewed through a 
Study of the Prose. Poetry. 
Drama. Music, and Fine Arts 
Contributions to it in Respect to 
Education, Reeducation, and 

Dale Earl Wagner 

Government and Politics: Public 
Financing of Federal Elections: 
Enactment and Recision of the 
1966 Long Act 

Jeffrey Marvin Walder 

Counseling and Personnel Ser- 
vices: The Effects on a Measure 
of Self-Actualization of Adding a 
Sensitivity Group — Group 
Facilitator Training Program 

Glenn Kenneth Walker 

Zoology: A Fine Structural Anal- 
ysis of Selected Events in the 
Life Cycle of Hypotrich Ciliate 

William Thomas Weinberg 
Physical Education: Perceived 
Instrumentality as a Determinant 
of Achievement-Related Per- 
formance for Groups of Athletes 
and Nonathletes 

John Hamilton West 

Counseling and Personnel Ser- 
vices: An Experimental Study of 
the "Helper" Therapy Principle 
in Relationship to Self Concept 
Change in Commuter Peer 

Richard Hall Wilson 

Secondary Education: A Pro- 
cedural Model for Curriculum 
Development Based upon the 
Experiences of Project Social 

George Kipling Wood 

Physical Education: Academic 
Achievement and Athletic Parti- 
cipation Among College Women 

Kentaro Yamada 

Civil Engineering: Fatigue Be- 
havior of Structural Components 
Subjected to Variable Ampli- 
tude Loading 

Jeffry Wen-Hu Yeh 

Computer Science: Modelling of 
Concurrent Control Structures 
and Parallel Processing 

Doctor of Education 

Edna D. Mayronne 

Secondary Education: A Proto- 
type Conceptual Framework for 
Career Education in the Elemen- 
tary School (Monolingual and 

Gloria Helen Terwilliger 

Administration, Supervision and 
Curriculum: A Study of Library- 
College: A Movement for Exper- 
imental and Innovative Learning 
Concepts; Applications and 
Implications for Higher Edu- 

Doctor of Business 

Kenneth Andrew Kovach 

Business and Management: Or- 
ganization Size as Related to Job 
Satisfaction. Absenteeism, and 

Henry Anthony Tombari 
Business and Management: 
Automatic Interaction Detection 
(AID): An Analysis of the Per- 
ceptions of Equity of Rewards in 
the Federal Work Force 

Doctor of Musical Arts 

Thomas Allan Korth 

Music: String Quartet (1975) 

August/Doctors 9 

Master of Arts 

Carolyn Temple Adger 
Gerald Feiner Adler 
Deborah Ann Johnson Ahalt 
Ann Marie Ahrens 
Patricia Sue Atkins 
Judith Hiltner Bair 
Michael James Barron 
Suzanne Michele Beaudet 
Lee Elizabeth Britton 
Marita Bisceglia Brown 
David Lee Carter 
Abel Dexter Chapin 
Rosalyn Davida Clark 
Geraldine Raling Connolly 
Nancy Dawn Cosgray 
David Richard Croyle 
James Gregory Dalton 
Linda J- Dalton 
Leo Babarinde Dasilva 
Ronald Earl Davis 
Carol Perruso DiJulio 
Margaret Loomis Dooling 
Charles Floyd Downs, II 
Donald Alan Dresner 
Leona Sokash Dufour 
Ray Longstaff Earnest 
Marilyn Jidy Edelhoch 
Linda Ann Fabrizio 
Victor Leslie Farkas 
Janice Lee Flanagan 
Doris Jean Frey 
Richard Neil Friedman 
Jean Chace Fulton 
Natale Joseph Gagliardi 
James Austin Gates 
Diane Mary Lisa Gayeski 
Kenneth Robert Granata, Jr. 
Charles Albert Griffin 
Stephen L. Hagenbuch 
Georgia McKaig Hagerty 
Edward Louis Hamburg 
Sheila Rockwood Hanson 
Craig Dean Hayward 
Lynne Marie Hildebrand 
Daniel Joseph Hurley, Jr. 

Barbara Awad Jabara 
Stephanie Jordan 
Janis Lynn Judson 
Betsy Louise Katz 
Robert Eugene Kauffman 
Khaled M Kayali 
Kathleen Harmon Kesler 
Myra Susan Kessler 
George Ihor Kiebuzinski 
Ronald A Komora 
Wen-Yen Pamela Kuo 
Gregory John Kuzbida 
John Steven Landefeld 
Joanne Leary 
Karen Ann Leibert 
Ann Shields Leighton 

Darald Gene Lofgren 

Jeffrey Jan Lowry 

Loren Leigh May 

Edward Joseph McCarter 

Arthur Duncan McKey 

William Kirk-Patrick McLaughlin 

Richard Frederick Measell 

Gerard Norris Murphy 

Gareth Eugene Murray 

Anthony Jlanyene Nimley 

Mary Virginia Nolting 

David Oberhettinger 

Marlene A. Palmer 

Philip Joseph Pauly 

T. Ellen Sollod Pierce 

Robert Pokras 

Joseph Breeden Potts 

Barbara Lynne Procopio 

Mary Ann Quarles 

Janice Claire Ricalzone 

Eugene Stanley Robinson 

Charles Roggero 

Jacob Braun Roth 

William Theodore Rusinko 

Armando Fomfei Pompei Saavedra 

Gloria Jean Sessums 

John Joseph Shay. Jr. 

Grace Janelle Sherfy 

Sheila Jean Silver 

Dolores Smith 

Stella Yamazaki Spear 

Cecille Joan Steinberg 

Edward Charles Stine 

Susan Marie Stoneman 

Bob L. Stover 

Richard Alan Striner 

Mary Elizabeth Tannhauser 

Claudia Hartley Thurber 

Vivian Leverne Timlic 

Henry Tom 

David A. Torgerson 

Sharon Frances Hunter Travers 

Wanda Sung Hwa Tseng 

Jennifer Chinetta Tucker 

Kiertisak Tulyadejanonth 

Carolynn Ann Washbon 

Marsha Irene Weber 

Charles Theodore White 

Gavin Richard White 

Annie Mathis Williams 

Susan Carole Wolf 

Joyce Elmore Woodruff 

Douglas Lynn Zier 

Master of Science 

Wayne Leonard Anderson 
Alan Roy Aronson 
Munther Musa Azar 
Rhonda Lee Bagley 
Carol A. Bartberger 
Robert Albert Billheimer 
Barbara Hill Breithaupt 

Gayle Anne Brenchley 

Burton Dennis Bricker 

Neville Joseph Chang 

Ronald John Chase 

TedT Chiang 

Thomas Neil Cooley 

Joseph John Copley 

Juan Manuel Corredor Duarte 

Robert George Darmody 

Marsha Sharyn Drogin 

Honey Sue Elovitz 

Elizabeth Jane Moran Fisher 

Henry Philip Freund 

Dorothy Louise Fry 

Sylviane J. Gafner 

Eluid Mugu Gathuru 

Gail S. Goldberg 

Linda Goldsholl 

Charles Herbert Gonnermann. Jr. 

Jordan A. Goodman 

Carlton W. Greve 

Robert David Hampton 

Richard Philip Healy 

Gerhard Chester Henricksen, Jr. 

Cynthia Hicks 

Philip Theodore Hundemann 

Leslie S. Isaki 

Hideaki Iwama 

Larry Leroy Jackson 

WalterS. Jaronski 

Robert Anthony Jelen 

John Ronald Julian 

Sreekumar Kittu Kadavil 

Gustav Adolf Kermish 

Thomas Gail Kinsey 

James Ellison Kirkley 

James Richard Klein 

Ajay Prasannajit Kothari 

William Russell Kowalyshyn 

David T. Kramer 

Robert Eugene Kuhns 

Joseph H Kwiatkowski 
Joanna Lehmann 
Peter S. Liapis 
James Bernard Mandel 
Aris Mardirossian 
Charley McCullough 
Margaret Kehrii Mclntyre 
Niall Bernard McNelis 
Patricia Diehl Millner 
Linda Dinse Mitchell 
Nancy Floyd Moneypenny 
Douglas Chester Moody 
Nancy Gibbs Morrison 
Terence Andrew Murphy 
Joanne Linda Murray 
Andrew Charles Myrup 
Poh Hua Ng 
Jerry L Orser 
Charles Alden Partridge 
Leonie Penney 
Mohan Prabhakaran Pillay 
Stanley Marvin Plunka 
Fernando Agustin Ponce 
Robert Morris Reel 
Dennis Orvan Rester 
Michael Roberto, Jr. 
David Caron Roberts 
Muljadi Santoso 
Robert Charles Sapinkopf 
Maury Schlossman 
Anita Louise Schmidt 
Zaki Uddin Sheikh 
James A. Shields 
John Willard Stort 
Mary Lynne Stracke 
Mohammed Qasim Taherian 
Henry M Thompson 
Russell L. Tobias 
Joseph Leonard Tracy. Jr. 
Russell Spencer Travers 
George Dimitrios Tsakiris 

10 August/Masters 

Auster Armando Valderrama- 

Kil J Valentine 
Deborah VanVechten 
Eric Straughn Walbeck 
David Jonathan Weinberg 
Joseph Benjamin Wilkerson 
Anne K Wilson 
Mark Edmund Wilson 
Bryan Wolf 
Juana Garcia Zyren 

Master of Education 

Colleen Consuela Adams 
Audrey Lee Allen 
Ralph E. Balliet 
Alice Jean Bandstra 
Barbara Kim Barnes 
Anne Kraft Barsky 
Charles Albert Belanger 
Linda Turtinen Benoit 
Grace Ann Bensimon 
Lois E Bernardi 
John Francis Berrent 
Cynthia Lovale Best 
Lesley Rae Bisgyer 
Drina Brown 
Marilyn Lamm Carter 
Kevin Charles Castner 
Charles C Chambers 
Angela Chang 
Willie Curtis Cooper 
Richard Ervin Cross 
Sanora Joan Cutler 
Karen Katherine Dahl 
Brian Thomas Dale 
Constance Marie Davis 
Jenny Lynn Davis 
Sharon Emerson Decker 
George Oteri Diejomaoh 
Sarah Jenkins Dorsey 
Roxane Budington DuBois 
Karen Howell Ehlerman 
Barbara Lee Ellis 
Maurice Charles Erly 
Elizabeth Mary Fanelli 
Brian Gergory Filano 
Karen Grigg Fleury 
Elinor Sandra Flyer 
Joan Lynn Gilbert 
Rosalind Leona Goldfarb 
Melanie Beris Goldstein 
Sherrill Harkins Griffin 
Diane La Penna Griffith 
Constance Spooler Hammond 
Theodore Robert Haynie 
Deborah Jo Heiberger 
Jeannette Rosalind Mahlberg 

Mary Suzanne Heller 
Lois N. Hoffman 
Phyllis Boyce Hyatt 
Doris Jean Jackson 

William Francis Jones 
Sylvia White Keene 
Rita L Kipper 
Roberta Cohn Lasken 
William Jeffrey LeFevre 
Melanie Wexley Lewis 
Rita Eileen Marshall 
Jeffrey Lawrence Mattingly 
Nancy D. Mayer 
Marian Jeanne McCain 
James Edward McNamara 
Theodore Charles McQuade 
Linda Susan Mieth 
Sharon Weiss Miniman 
David Ruby Myers 
John Joseph Neville 
Robert Benney Newton 
Mary Elaine Nichols 
Karen Marie Olsen 
Norma Sue Osborn 
Kenneth Raymond Oswald 
Rosetta C. Parker 
Paula Montague Pfeifer 
Judith Ann Polkabla 
Sarah Manvel Porter 
Sadie Irene Price 
Marie J. Raylinsky 
Carol Lynn Reiner 
Barbara Gilmore Roberts 
Frances Margaret Robertson 
Evelyn Claire Rosenfeld 
George William Sellers 
Diane Micklos Sheldon 
Joan Sue Shniderman 
Barbara G Steinberg 
Edward Robert Stofko 
Lena Annette Struglia 
Georgia Pappas Theodore 
Mary Irene Thomas 
Paula Margaret Tiberii 
Joanna H. Tolson 
Nanci Caskey Voss 
Martha C Walston 
Janice Wisse Ware 
Richard Joseph Wathen 
Donald MacLachlan Watson 
Phyllis Sue Weinstein 
Bonnie Jean Weiskittel 
Howard Jerome White 
Sylvia Santa-Anna Willoughby 
Joan Cobb Wilson 
Catherine Jo Helm Winter 
Ronnie Jean Wolkow 
Sandra H Wright 

Master of Business 

Thomas Vincent Costantino 
G Michael Fitzpatrick 
Daniel Lee Fulks 
Mark William Halter 
Herman Walter Heilemann 
Stanley Eric Kensky 

Kenneth Lavern Kraft 
Ralph Albert Kuebler 
Thomas Patrick Langham 
Robert Auborn Lewis 
Joseph Francis Malek 
Paul Baldwin Mentz 
E Barry Rice 
Thomas Uhrlaub Snyder 
James Wu. Jr. 

Master of Music 

Marsha Korth Barnes 
Margot Collins 
Margaret Otwell Craig 
Cheri Bowling Grizzard 
June Lilienstein 
Marva Camille Liston 
Patricia Jeane Owens 
David Keith Rose 
David Everett Wyche. Jr. 

Master of Library Science 

Deborah Jean Abell 
Caren Adise 
Helene M Adler 
Deborah June Ardan 
Jacqueline Roberts Barch 
Sumner Fairfield Bell. Ill 
Jami Lynn Biles 
Aline Mercer Blackman 
Claudia Dudley Boycott 
Barbara A. Broady 
Gwendolyn S Buggs 
Linda Ann Burns 
Judith Grace Caratenuto 
Mary Jane S. Cochrane 
Eleanor Breidbord Cohen 
June M Cook 
Stephanie Jeanne Cormier 
Stephen Harry Davis 
William D. Dix 
Karen Hubert Dowling 
Gunilla Eckerstrom 
Eunice Latta Ellison 
Anna Spencer Finton 
Nancy Ellen Forgione 
Raymond Charles Foster 
William Joseph Frederick 
Linda Shelley French 
Halaine Maccabee Gary 
Teresa Katherine Gill 
Susanne Reim Glass 
Peggy Cairns Grantham 
Sandra B Guth 
Roger Kendall Haley 
Nancy Steed Harris 
Miriam Ruth Heilman 
Terry Marlin Heisey 
Johanna Hertz 
Sherry Lee Hessmann 
Beverly Ann Hilton 

Gail Schwartz Hollander 
Michael Philip Hunt 
Freda Marilyn Jaffe 
Karin Elisabeth Johns 
Elaine Brown Johnson 
Evelyn Elreen Johnson 
Deborah Ann Katz 
Leslie Diane Keiser 
Catherine Oi Ping Lee 
Lucille 0. LePage 
Virginia Lea David Lucey 
Lynn-Marie Lynn 
Lalla Griffis Mangin 
Louise Mattocks 
Adam Paul Mazurek. Jr. 
Helen Lee McMillion 
Raineyl Virginia Mitchell 
Armida Margarita Painter 
Donald Sweetland Pisani 
Barbara Parker Poe 
Julie Rose Quain 
Carolyn Brenneman Reiss 
Mary Karen Renninger 
Marjorie Regina Ring 
Karen Roessler 
Tamar H Rotem 
Victoria Elliott Sails 
Margaret Ann Sanders 
Leonard Henry Scott 
Frances T Sellers 
David Lee Shapiro 
Irene Carol Shapiro 
Ruth Lucille Sherrod 
Toba Leah Singer 
Stanley Edmund Skudneski 
Lyle Blake Smythers 
Virginia Augusta Soletti 
Robert Charles Stacy 
Linda Lee Stevens 
Sue Thornberry Stockton 
Ann Mulroy Stuart 
Beverly P. Tobin 
Margaret Brooks Torrey 
Melissa Durvin Trevvett 
Sarah Hoover Tullis 
Elaine Marie Varner 
Gary Thornton Vaughan 
Patricia Leigh Vaughan 
Diana Louise Vogelsong 
Elise Dorothy Walker 
Helen Walker 
Jean Hanson Wall 
Jean C Walters 
Gail Patricia Warren 
Ilene Jacobson Wieselthier 
Emilv Jane Williams 

Master of Fine Arts 

Ting-Chung Dick Chen 

August Masters 1 1 

Undergraduate Degrees 

College of Agriculture 

Bachelor of Science 

James Alan Balthazar 

Lavelette Elizabeth Denny 

Allan Arnold Frank 

Nancy Ann Hayes 

Ronald Lynn Jewell 
"Lynda Robertson Kennedy 

Charles Lynwood Miller 

Laurence C. Newcomb, Jr. 
tAnn Robinson Nienstedt 
t John Michael Peters 

Division of Agricultural 
and Life Sciences 

Bachelor of Science 

' Danny Lawrence Adams 
TGregory B. Barber 

Carol Lee Bassett 

Stephen John Bellis 

Dennis Michael Brady 

Stephen Louis DiVincenzo 

Francis Joseph Doran 
tRobert Michael Eisenberg 

Robert Jay Fensterheim 

Timothy Mark Frazier 

Douglas Rudy Gaum 

Richard Floyd Geoghegan. Jr. 

Aeryun Han 

Brenda Kay Hook 

Stephen Warren Hunt. Ill 

Jerome George Kosko 

Bradley Nathan Kulp/ 
tOwen Lee 

Debi Lee Lumpkins 

Becky Nalani Minton 

Howard Alan Mintz 
tMary Kathleen Newkirk 

Barry Stewart Rabner 

Gerald Gilbert Reese 

Terry Ray Reynolds 
tElizabeth Ann Riley 

Steven Todd Sauerhoff 

Howard Lee Siegel 

Denise Lee Tester 

Richard Paul Walters 

Alicia Tyler Watson 

Alan Jay Weiner 
"Jon Richard Weiner 

Steven Louis William Zannoni 
'Judith Ann Zidar 

School of Architecture 

Bachelor of Architecture 

David Hoagland Copley 
H Edward Goldberg 
Wiseman Khalepari 
Keith Leroy Rodgers 

College of Journalism 

Bachelor of Science 

David Eugene Bausch 

Paul Charles Bertorelli 

Bruce Alexander Bodine 

R David Bunoski 

Henry Franklin Duvall, Jr. 

David Richard Fieldhouse 
tMichael Sheldon Gold 

Brenton D Grimes 
"Kim Alan Keister 

Patricia Ann King 
tCarol Ostrinsky Krucoff 

Marianne Glaros Kyriacou 

Edward Brendan McGinn 
" Beverly Carter Michaux 

Eric Tonning Moseson 

Magdalene A. Papapostolou 

Marjorie Ellen Riordan 

Division of Arts 
and Humanities 

Bachelor of Arts 

Robert Dean Ainslie 
Steven W Allen 
Jane Elizabeth Allshouse 
John Gilbert Armstrong 
Gregory Wright Barrett 
Lisa Bilik 

Michel McKittrick Booz 
Charles Hudson Bryant. Jr, 
Philip Stephen Burns 
tStephen Crandall Butterfield 
Sharon Elizabeth Cefaly 
Rachel Ann Cherubin 
Walter Clark. Jr. 
Charles Andrew Coley 
Gregory Leo Countess 
Michael Pierre Daveiga 
Millicent Anne Deren 
George Lee Dillard 
Mark Lewis Donnelly 
Florence Trail Dowling 
Charles Richard Dutrow. Ill 
Ira Nathan Eichner 
Donna Lee Ellis 
Michael Raymond Feeley 
John Gregory Fellinger 

Nancy Grace Galetsky 
Cheryl Ann Gaspar 
William Bradley Goodman 
Helene Joan Greenberg 
James Edward Greene 
Ellen Beth Grodjesk 

tFrankie Nanette Harris 
William F.L. Harris 
Jack B Harrison 
Elizabeth A Heeney 
Gordon Howard Martin Heim 

tMaria Elena Heinrich 
Richard Alexander Hickmon 
Ronald Alan Hidey 

"Linda Joyce Horowitz 
Amy Carol Hurst 
Celia Ann Israeloff 
Beth Suzanne Kalman 
James Nicholas Kasson 
Mark Stephen Kingsley 
Craig Franklyn Kirkley 

'Peter Allan Kohn 
Oleg Kornetchuk 

tEleanor Goldberg Krell 
Gwen Louise Kuklewicz 
Caroline Macrae Lamb 

tJulia Lake Loughridge 
Bertha Hooks Martin 

tKathleen McCaig 
Noreen A. McGrath 
Neil Edward McNally 
Stefan Francis Monica 
Robert Emmett Murray 
Edward Charles Nardoza 
James Howard Nathanson 
James M O'Brien 
Thomas J. O'Hara 
Barry Howard Oring 
Mark Alison Ostertag 
Theresa Ann Pease 
Gilbert Edward Plumer 

tAnne Theresa Quinlan 
Barbara Anne Richards 
Linda Lyons Richardson 
Richard Louis Rindskopf 
Mitchel Philip Roth 

"Carol E Ruegamer 
Francis A. Ryan 
Robin Lynn Sapperstein 
John William Scram 
Israel David Sheinbein 
Christopher Lee Sherren 
Frederick John Sisson 
Marilynn Moody Spindler 

tPatrick Monroe Stambaugh 
Jeffrey Wayne Stathes 
Dana Stevenson 
Elizabeth Florence Stewart 
Christina C Tan 
Anne Marie Terek 
Margaret Elizabeth Thiele 
Leona Mary Upton 

Alice Wander 

' Victor Isaac Weiner 
Pamela Andrews Westcort 
Roy Michael Wickum 
James Steven Woods 

tPhillip Robert Zuber 

Division of Arts and 

Bachelor of Music 

Alfred James Clark 
Nardina T. Fleming 
Deborah Ann Lawrence 
Harlie Gene Sponaugle 

College of Business 
and Management 

Bachelor of Science 

David Frederick Bohn 
Dennis Earl Brinn 

tGregory Keith Brown 
Stephanie Smith Brown 
Raymond Leonard Caprio 
Jo Anne Cohen 
Joseph Charles Cohen 
Marcus Alan Cole 
Michael L Copenheaver 
Gregory Robert Cunliffe 

tRichard Lynn Cunningham 
Mark Anthony Dabkowski 
James Allen Daugherty 
June Constance Davis 
Ronald James DeMarines 
James Timothy Derry 
Gerard Anthony de Seve 
Stephen Doctolero. Jr 
Judson Cliff Dodson. Jr. 
Douglas Allan Dowling 
Neil James Dubey 
John Arthur Edwards 

tDavid William Egli 
Lawrence Ted Ellman 
Robert Josef Evans 
Joseph Patrick Fields 
Richard Charles Fleming 
James Michael Forinash 

tClifford S Gallia 
Jeffrey Allen Garland 

'Barry Eugene Garvin 
Nelita Day Griner 

' Robert S Hausman 

tAnne E. Helms 
Herman William Hickman. Jr 
Thomas Howard Hobbs 
Elaine Riffle Hockman 
Mitchell Earl Hollis 

12 August/Bachelors 

tHigh Honors: 'Honors 

"John David Jaynes 

Niel Brent Jefferson 

Joseph Anthony Jernigan 

J Guy Johnson 

William Lamar Kirkpatrick 

Joseph Carroll Klingenberger. Jr. 

Richard A Knapp 

Richard George Knapp. Jr 

Raymond Nelson Koppal. Jr. 

Michael John Lynch 

Richard Ellis Maggin 

Alan Nile Manford 

Gibson Lowell May 

Martha Helen Mayo 

Steven Mark Miller 

Richard Paul Minnick 

Michael Kenneth Monheit 

Stephen Gary Moonves 

Carl W Neubecker 

Donald Edward O'Connor. Jr 
'Steven Robert Porter 
' Irene Marie Quinn 
t Aparicio Ivan Ranghel 

Stephen Thomas Reeves 

Richard Paul Rehling 

Allan James Reid 

William Cornelius Richards. Jr. 

Peter Joseph Rieschick 

Robert Eugene Riley, Jr. 

Stanley G Rogers 

Mark Douglas Russell 

Colleen Gay Schell 

Christian Edward Schmidt 

Walter Carl George Schneider. Jr. 

Nancy Lee Seff 

John Michael Serruto 

John David Shytle. Ill 
'David Frank Siedel 

Eduardo Joaquin Smith 

Russell Francis Smith 

Lawrence F. Snapp 
tNorman Everett Snyder 

Mark William Spungin 

Robert Eugene Squillaro 
tThomas Joseph Stiller 

Gergory Powell Stone 

Ronald Lee Sulser 

Siuyuan K. Tai 

Michael Dean Taylor 
tWaichoi Vajanapornsand 

Carl Carmelo Vitaliti 

Martha Irma Volger 

'John S Volz 

William Patrick Wade 

' Christopher Stran Wagner 

John Carlisle Waters 

Michael Franklyn Whitman 

Richard Francis Wilhelm 

Philip Peter Wilner 

Ronald Lee Wilson 

Susan Wilson 
tMichael Ray Winters 

Wesley Alan Wong 

Thomas Joseph Wright 
'Jonathan Edward Wyatt 
William Kermit Wyatt 
Robert Douglas Yabroff 
Dimitrios A Zafiris 
Kent Bradford Zimmerman 

Division of Behavioral 
and Social Sciences 

Bachelor of Arts 

tKelsey Lennox Andrews 
tSusan Gitelle Baron 

Susan Loretta Barry 

Bradley Alan Bartlett 

Carol Rubel Berman 

Jenice Bigbee 

Peter Michael Braun 
' Mary Ann O'Rourke Capelle 

Herbert Francis Carlson 

Francis J. Carroll 

Michael John Casey 

Walda Lynne Ciafone 

Iris Shiela Commodore 

William E. Connelly 

John Churchill Cowell 

Barbara Olive Daughn 

Michael Timothy Devine 

Sondra Ann Edwards 

Robert Brian Emergy 

Michael Scott Emler 

Robert Jay Farber 
t James Miller Fensterwald 

Myles Barry Fink 
"Thomas Michael Foley 

Chauncey Edward Ford 

Sheila Marie Ford 

Jorge Enrique Forlang Burela 
tElaine Ruth Fors 

Jane Fortune 
tLaRita Jo Foshee 

Maurice Joseph Freedman 

Nancy Grace Galetsky 

Robert Guy Garrison. Jr. 

Helen Gary German 
' Alfonsa Gilley 

Larry Mark Goodrich 

'Ralph Hays Grapperhaus 

Rosemary Grays 

Stuart Howard Greenberg 

John Joseph Gugliotta 

Madeline M Gunn 

Myra Lynn Gusson 
'Elaine G. Heifers 

Rachel Mary Helm 

Michael Patrick Hickey 

Taza Marlene Hogue 

Michael Hollis 

John Andrew Hosinski 

Debra Irene Johnson 

Lillian Chiffon Johnson 

Andrew Freeman Kagen 

Paul Anthony Karlin 

Stephen John Keating. Jr. 

Michael David Kitzinger 

Marilyn Nelson Klein 

Kristin Tia Larson 

Jeffrey Gaylon Lee 
' Elmo Joseph Leger. Jr 

Kuan Hsiung Li 

B. Eloise Liddell 

John Robert MacPherson. Jr 
'Mary H Marusiak 

Richard Joseph Mavr 

Dorothy Carol Miller 

Melvin Garland Moore 

William Howard Moore 
tRobin T. Myaing 

Maria Demopouiou Pikoulakis 

Gary Lee Pregi 

Deborah Kay Proutt 

Peter Louis Raykovich. Jr 
tReitman. R. J. 

Evelyn Delores Rice 

Charles Robert Richey. Jr 

Ronald Marshall Sachs 

Sara Reibman Sadowsky 

Douglas Marshall Saunders 
' Mary Annette Scheltema 
'Lois Irene Schoenbrun 

Peter Christian Schurr 

David Paul Semper 

Michael Lee Sheridan 
tAnn Regina Smith 
'Carol Ann St. Armand 

Rosetta Stewart Thompson 

Philip Henry Trapkin 
t Jennifer Trapp 

William Joseph Vanden Eynden 

Benjamin Horatio Wester. Ill 

Katherine Ann Vincent 

Brian McCormick Ward 

Barbara Goldie Weinstein 
Frank Michael Welsh 
Girard DiPaul Wright. Sr. 

Division of Behavioral 
and Social Sciences 

Bachelor of Science 

Edmund Gaston Adami 

Michael John Alexander 

Paul Weller Barrick 

Robert Alan Beever 

Gerald Ray Blose 

Martin Clark Blum 

Michael Scott Bolden 

Donna Lynn Brown 

Robert Wayne Davis 

Seija Koponen Detweiler 
' Paget Meryweather Donnelly 

James Allen Dubsky 

Thomas Dale Dunlap 

Richard Adrian Fox 
tGloria Marie Gomez 

Winfred Gary Leach 

Robert J Milloy 
tRosemary Neff 

Diana Griffith Ratliff 

Christopher Knight Scharling 

Benjamin Schneider 

J Yann Sheppard 
tKevin Brian St. John 
' Elizabeth Anne Teegarden 

Stanley Troy Thompson 

Juan Jose Valdes 

Boyd Carson Vandenberg 

John William Weddle. Jr 

Barbara Radcliff Wenzler 

Warren Arthur Woodward. Jr 

tHigh Honors; 'Honors 

August Bachelors 13 

College of Education 

Bachelor of Arts 

Donna Lee Martin Ascosi 
Jean Ann Balthazar 
Marjorie Martin Banks 
Helen Louise Bliss 
Michael Gregory Bunitsky 
Rebecca S Davison 

'Delizabeth Anne Day 
Judith Ellen Fisher 
Gail Hyetta Friedman 

'Kenneth Perry Galbraith 
Michael F. Gould 

tRobert Edward Hamlin 
Lilian Frank Haynes 
Bonita Marye Kellogg 

tJennie N Madden 

tBarbara Benjamin Marmon 
James Edwin Peterson 
Marsha Emma Pondfield 
Ronald Francis Priolo 
Erica Lyn Strause 
Megan Denise Weekley 

tlris Elaine Wernikoff 

Bachelor of Science 

Cecelia Claire Allman 
tNancy Lee Arllen 

Wallace Beal, Jr. 

Robin A. Bergert 

Marcia Emily Bowen 

Mark Francis Bowie 

Debra Phyliss Brodsky 

Patricia Lynn Brown 

Victoria Dalleta Bussey 

Philip Francis Catania 

Deborah Arlene Clark 

Leonard Arthur Clayton 

Laurie Antoinette Crosby 
tKatherine Virginia Curl 

Gale Denise D'Ambrosio 

Joseph Sunderland Davis. Jr. 

Michael Joseph DeGraba 

Mary Lee Elden 

Susan Ardelle Enty 

Mary Catherine Ferris 

Teresa Ann Fortney 
"Joseph B. Fournelle 
tMary Lee Geiger 
'Juanita Ann Gibbs 

Kenneth Eugene Green 

Robin Lynn Greiner 

Diane Adrian Hack 

William Dale Hahn 

Yvonne Marie Hauser 

Sarah Virginia Hayward 

Patricia Eileen Heisse 

Illiana Herreo 
"Laura Jo Hicks 

Margaret Anne Hildebrandt 

Eliana Patricia Ibanez-Samuels 

Diane Harton Keane 

Catherine Marie Kerley 

Kathy Elizabeth King 

John Joseph Lackovic. Jr 
' Louis Calvin Laird. Jr 

Joan Dolores Leleck 

Sherri A. Levy 

Douglas Edward Lort 

Michael David Luke 

Deborah Ann Mastromarino 

Patrick J McMahon 

Edith Noel Luce McPherson 
'Sharon Rae Merewitz 

Suzan Mergen 

David Walter Montgomery 

Mary Anne Morris 

Margaret Mell Morton 

Diane Virginia Murphy 

Clyde Terrence Nelson 
' Patricia Ann Neumann 

Lexie Elizabeth Patellis 

Carol Anne Phillips 

Nancy Lee Powell 

Dianne Joyce Preisser 

Patricia Val Richie 

Jeanne Louise Roper 

Jill Thompson Roth 

Thomas Joseph Roy 
'Rose Lee Russell 
tMary I Satterfield 
tBeverly Davis Sceery 

Donald Edward Scheetz 
'Judith Ann Scheinberg 

Sally J. Seaman 

Paula Laskey Snyder 

James R. Star 
t Judith Erickson Starks 

Sharon Lynn Starling 

Dennis Joseph Strauss 

Thomas William Stupica 

Lynn Margaret Torre 
' Gilbert Wilmer Toth 

Judy Lee Townsley 

Barbara Ellis Walker 

Marilyn Adele Walsky 

Kathryn Ellen Whittlesey 

Steven Samuel Wilkerson 

Donna Yvonne Williams 

Colette Marie Winnard 

College of 
Human Ecology 

Bachelor of Science 

Arlene Beth Alper 
Deborah Keys Babcock 
Suzanne Elizabeth Barth 
Lenora Larson Bennett 
Ethel Mary Binder 

Larry Wayne Blackwell 
'Joanne Marte Bordelon 

Cynthia Joan Bosler 

Mary Kathryn Buckley 

Joanne Marie Burrows 

Michele Ann Conte 

Katherine Nina Danyluk 

Patricia Diane Decker 
tOlga Kathryn Dobrostan 
tCarolyn Jean Earls 
'Lynne M. Ehrlich 

Helen Mary Theresa Everard 

Carole Elizabeth Hollis 

Diane Kathleen Iglehart 
'Beatrice Bartle Kasparek 

Anne Downes Kelly 

Doreen Yvette Koenigsberg 

Wendy C Kreimann 

Joel Andrew Levinson 
tEllen Carol Maslow 

Mary Barbara O'Brien 

Lawrence Price Paolantonio 

Diane Gingrich Reich 

Debra Lee Scout 

Norman Frank Seff 

Mary M. Stull 
tSharon Ann Weingarden 

College of Physical 
Education, Recreation, 
and Health 

Bachelor of Science 

Annette Marie Augustin 

Robert Eugene Baker 

Bridgett Denise Bassett 

John Raymond Blair 
tPerry Andrew Bowers 
tJan Bradshaw 

Sharon Lee Brannock 

Roger Martin Carlsen 

Eugene Warner Crocker 

Mary Nance Currie 

Martha Trumbauer Donnelly 

Debra Elaine Doubleday 

John Charles Ford 
tCatherine Louise Formwalt 

Robert Gibson Frederick 

Feme Joyce Gendason 

Marian Anne Glorioso 

Janet Ruth Goldberg 

Janet Lee Hood 

Aaron Frederick Johnson 

Mary Colleen Kendall 

Linda Ann Kilpatrick 

Thomas Anthony Laddbush. Jr 

Harry Alan Levine 
+ Linda Mary Loughrey 

Daniel Owen McCabe 

Ellen Kathleen McKee 

Elaine Katherine Monos 

Teresa Anne Mosko 
Robin A Perlmutter 

tAnne Poffenbarger 
Monica Therese Rogers 

'Ellen Rae Sarran 
Roderick W Sharpless 

' John Robert Spinnler 
Diana Louise Sullivan 
Kimberly Fernanda Tuero 
Nancy Louise Wagner 
Mary Katherine Woodbridge 

College of Engineering^) 

Bachelor of Science 


tDennis Ying-Cheung Chan-^ 
tWesley Stuart Foley./ 

Willis Dabney Holland. Jr-' 

William Thomas Leader- 

Leslie Lobelv/ 
'Francis Chinenyenwa Okereke^ 

James Behrend Rechen-/ 

Joseph Kenneth Saltarelli v 
"Herbert William Schlickenmaier.- - 

Richard Allen Vickrey. Jr.\y 

Division of Mathematical 
and Physical Sciences 
and Engineering 

Bachelor of Science 

Rafic M Bachir 

Patrick Tellier Cavanagh 

Jama Cheri Davis 

Kenneth Mark Fischer 
tLeon Wagner Gibble 

Mary Gibson Horpel 

Bruce Wayne Kostreski 

Ralph Elbert Pritts 

Eugene Jordan Rose 

Thomas Charles Ross 
' Maryann Frances Skrobacz 

Jeffrey Francis Stevenson 

Russell Charles Tess. Jr. 

Thomas Howard Yingling 


Bachelor of General Studies 

Mary Barbara Borrell 
Rosanne Loretta Brady 
Hershele Joyce Burke 

14 August/ Bachelors 

tHigh Honors; 'Honors 

Candidates for Degrees 

Patricia Mattia Burrell 

Richard Joseph DiCaprio 

Patrick Victor Dobbin 

Walter Timothy Graham 

Nancy Elyn Haber 


Clark M. Johnson 

Katherine Laurence Kesmodel 
' Deborah Keeler Kidwell 

James Kurt Kimball 

Patricia Ellen Kimball 
tDonald Maragni 

Richard Joseph Pelicano. Jr 

Alan Mark Porten 

Patrick Jerome Prangley 

Frank Joseph Romano. Jr. 

Mark David Sametz 

Debra Beth Shapiro 

Scott Runyon Shelley 

Carolyn Steiner 

Jerry Mason Swartz 

Rebecca Ohl Walter 

Rota Pearl Woo 

Steven Louis William Zannoni 

College of Arts and 

Bachelor of Arts 

Steven Michael Bennett 
Ross Malcolm Brooks 
Samuel R. Fales 
Linda Laycock Floyd 
Rufus Kramer Hendrick, III 
Frederick C Kallens 
'Carol Shiro McLaughlin 
Darrell Oberlin 
William Scott Osburn 
Ronald Marshall Sachs 
Richard Timothy Twomey 
Cynthia Hale Wilson 
Leesa Gail Woolfolk 

Bachelor of Science 

Tony Agapis 
tTeresa Ann Bilz 

Adrienne Cook Jenkins 
'Larry Alan Layton 
tPatrick George McMenamin 
tMeredith Velma Olds 
t Jay Gary Prensky 

Jack Leonard Stern 
'Joseph Campbell Walsh 

College of Business and 
Public Administration 

Bachelor of Science 

Douglas Grant Bamford 

Michael Mark Bartel 

Frantz-Robert Ernst Brea 

James Brent Folus 

Bruce Hultslander 
t John Bucher Isbister 

Michael Darnell Johnson 
'Eugene Mele. Jr. 

Nolen Leroy Null 

Davis John Tomasin 

December 21, 1975 
Graduate School 

The 1975 class roster is comprised 
of degree candidates from the 
undergraduate and graduate pro- 
grams at the University's College 
Park Campus. As final action can- 
not always be taken for candidates 
by the time this program is printed, 
the list of candidates here is tenta 
five only. The University reserves 
the right to withdraw or add names. 
All diplomas will be mailed by the 
Registrations Office. 

Students who have earned their 
degrees from the College of Educa 
tion may obtain a Statement of 
Certificate Eligibility in the College 
of Education Office of Student 
Services (Room 3201) until 4:30 
p in today. Other students who 
have completed teacher education 
programs will receive their state- 
ments in the mail (separate from the 
diploma) upon verification of re- 
quired coursework 

Candidates will be presented by 
Dr David S Sparks. Dean for 
Graduate Studies 

Doctor of Philosophy 

Ah Biian Abtahi 

Civil Engineering: Fatigue 
Strength of Overloaded Bridge 

Awetahegne Alemayehu 

Agricultural and Extension Edu- 
cation: Identification and De- 
scription of Opinion Leaders for 
the Diffusion of Agricultural In- 
novations in Two Northern 
Regions of Ethiopia 

Alan Aubrey Atchlev 

Botany The Genus Arrabidaea 

Kenneth Duane Bailey 

Government and Politics: Politi- 
cal Learning and Development: 
Continuity and Change in Child- 
hood Political Orientations. 

Charles William Bausell. Jr. 
Economics: The Decision to 
Migrate Under Uncertainty-. A 
Case Study of Rural-Urban 
Migration in Tropical Africa 

Richard Wayne Beckner 

Government and Politics: Admin- 
istration of Labor-Management 
Relations in the Commonwealth 
of Pennsylvania 

Alice Cecelia Behre 

Counseling and Personnel Ser- 
vices: Behavior Rehearsal Tech- 
niques Used with Groups of 
Elementary Children Identified 
as Disruptive 

Uzi Imanuel Ben-Ami 

Counseling and Personnel 
Services: Effects of Pretreatmenl 
Training on the Outcome of 
Intake Interviews with Families 

William Rohrman Belfield 

Electrical Engineering: Realiza- 
tion Theory Applied to the 
Design of Digital Filters 

Paul William Bergman 

Agricultural and Extension 
Education: The Development 
and Validation of a Standardized 
Achievement Test for Certifica- 
tion of Commercial Pesticide 

Philip Gilbert Berman 

Nuclear Engineering: Trace Ele- 
ment Analysis by Proton Induced 
X-Ray Fluorescence 

Vernon Clarence Bissell 

Civil Engineering: Accuracy Eval- 
uation of Airborne Snow Water 
Equivalent Measurements Using 
Terrestrial Gamma Radiation 
Spectral Peaks 

Clair Karl Blong 

Government and Politics: Ex- 
ternal Penetration and Foreign 
Policy Behavior 

James Dale Bowman 

Secondary Education: The 
Effects of a Cognitive Organizer 
on Reading Comprehension 

Norma Jean Boyd 

Administration. Supervision and 
Curriculum: Educational Level as 
a Predictor of Job Satisfaction 
for the Registered Nurse 

Elwood Lee Bridner. Jr 
Secondary Education: A Model 
for a Conceptual Social Studies 
Curriculum Formulated Upon 
Selected Interdisciplinary Social 
Science Concepts 

tHigh Honors. 'Honors 

December Doctors 15 

Patricia Hoffman Buhl 

Secondary Education: Diagnosis 
and Remediation by Elementary 
Teachers Using a Manual for the 
Remediation of a Subtraction 

Robert Gary Caruso 

Counseling and Personnel Ser- 
vices: The Relationship Between 
Selected Characteristics and the 
Decision-making Appropriate- 
ness of Student Judicial Board 
Members and a Comparison 
Croup in Simulated Undergrad- 
uate Discipline Cases 

Himmat Singh Chadda 

Civil Engineering: Development 
of a Methodology for Predicting 
Public Transportation Veeds for 
Small Cities 

Robin Edward Stevenson Clegg 
Astronomy: Carbon and Nitro- 
gen Abundances in F & G Type 

Kevin A DeMartino 

Electrical Engineering: An En- 
tropy Analysis of Track While 
Scan Radars 

Daniel Anthony D'Ippolito 

Physics: A Hybrid-Kinetic Model 
for Collisionless High-Beta 

Vernon Charles Donnelly 

History: Juan Vincente Gomez 
and the Venezuelan Worker. 

Yusef Sober El-Haj 

Government and Politics: An 
Exploratory Study in Participa- 
tory Management in the Libyan 
Arab Republic The Popular 
Committee System 

Frederic Franklin Endres 

American Studies: The Northern 
Press and the Civil War: A Study 
in Editorial Opinion and Govern- 
ment. Military and Public Reac- 

Daniel Martin Ennis 

Horticulture: Environmental 
Interaction of Polymers and Low 
Molecular Weight Models 

Stanley Melvin Finger 

Chemical Engineering: Aerobic 
Microbial Growth in Semi-Solid 

Carol Ann Ford 

Human Development: The Rela- 
tionship Between Dogmatism 
and Anxiety as a Predictor of 
Performance on Tasks of 

Timothy P. Foss 

Psychology: The Effectiveness of 
a Breathing Therapy Treatment 
Program on the Reduction and 
Management of Anxiety 

Frank Dominic Gianfrancesco 
Economics: Insurance and 
Medical Care Expenditure: A 
Theoretical Analysis of Market 

David Gilmartin 

Economics: Forecasting Prices in 
an Input-Output Framework 

Ulysses Simpson Glee, Jr. 

Agricultural and Extension Edu- 
cation: Similarities of Work 
Values Between College Stu- 
dents Applying for Financial Aid 
and Their Parents 

Charles Joseph Glinka 

Physics: Small-Angle Critical 
Magnetic Neutron Scattering 
from Cobalt 

Robert Joseph Gnidziejko 

Industrial Education: A Study of 
Three Work Ethics Adhered to by 
Senior High School Students and 
Teachers in One Maryland 

Susan Jeanne Grant 

Secondary Education: The Ef- 
fects of Three Kinds of Group 
Formation Using FIRO B Com- 
patibility. Sociometric Choice 
with Group Dynamics Exercises, 
and In-Class Choice on Mathe- 
matics Classes Taught by the 
Small-Group Discovery Method 

Alton Carl Greenwald 

Physics: Collective Effects in the 
Formation and Acceleration of 
Electron Rings 

Patricia Guerry 

Microbiology: The Ecology of 
Bacterial Plasmids m Chesa- 
peake Bay 

Amy Y. S. Liu Hagen 

Physics: Auger Processes in 

Theodore Halchak 

Chemistry: / Mechanistic Studies 
of a Photochemical Ring-Expan- 
sion Reaction in Polycyclic 
b-Lactams. II. Addition of Chlor- 
osulfonyl Isocyanate to Norborn- 
adienes-Rearrangement and 
Endo Addition 

Sudha K. Haley 

Administration. Supervision and 
Curriculum: An Analysis of 
Feedback and the Attendant 
Anxiety Factor Affecting Ele- 
mentary School Principals' 

Linda A. Harmon 

Chemistry: Selected Studies of 
Methylgermyl Pseudohalides 
and (Methoxyalkyl) Silanes 

John Leroy Hellman. Jr 
Entomology: A Taxonomic 
Revision of the Family Hydro- 
chidae of North America. Central 
America and the West Indies 

William LeGrand Helton 
Administration. Supervision 
and Curriculum: An Analysis of 
Selected Variables in Year- 
Round Schools 

Elton Warren Herbert. Jr. 

Entomology: Effectiveness of 
Artificial and Synthetic Diets in 
Initiating and Maintaining Brood 
Rearing in Confined Honey 
Bees. Apis mellifera L 

Frank Leaman Herr. Jr. 

Chemistry: Solution Thermo- 
dynamics of Aqueous Sodium 

Edward Walker Holmes 

Administration, Supervision and 
Curriculum: Differences on the 
Personal Orientation Inventory 
After Persons Preparing to Teach 
Participate in Simulated 

Eddy H. Huang 

Electrical Engineering: Laser 
Propagation in the Atmosphere 

Joseph D Huba 

Physics: Theoretical Studies of 
Selected Phenomena in Space 
and Laboratory Plasmas 

Garrett Rhodes Hyde 

Engineering Materials: Electronic 
Properties of B12 Ses Crystals 

Charles B Izard 

Electrical Engineering: A Study 
of the Performance of Computer 
Systems Using Advanced Sec- 
ondary Memories 

Agnes J. Janoscrat 

Administration. Supervision and 
Curriculum: An Experimental 
Study of the Relationship of 
Three Modes of Visual Informa- 
tion Presentation and Learner's 
Preference for Mode of Presenta- 
tion to the Learning of a Per- 
ceptual Motor Task 

Irma K Jeter 

Hearing and Speech Sciences: 
The Effect of Alcoholic Myopathy 
on Reflex and Voluntary Con- 
traction of the Middle Ear 
Ear Muscles 

Mary Corleen Kehoe 

History: Massachusetts Takes a 
Stand: The Growth of Republi- 
can Ideology of Politics. 1850- 

Gerald Leonard Kitay 

Human Development: A Study 
of the Relationship of Classroom 
Openness to Student Behavior 
and Self-Concept as a Learner 

Albert James Klavon 

Agricultural and Extension Edu- 
cation: The Time-Compressed 
Lecture: An Alternative for 
Increased Teacher-Learner 

Ronald R Knipling 

Psychology: Near-field Visual 
Acuity in Pigeons after Transec- 
tion of the Isthmo-optic Tract 

J Eugene Knott 

Counseling and Personnel Ser- 
vices: An Investigation of the Re- 
lationship Between Self-Actual- 
ization and Subsequent Aca- 
demic Achievement Among 
College Students 

S Mary Xavier Kozubal 

Human Development: Psycho- 
logical Type and Other Signifi- 
cant Correlates of Traditional and 
Post-traditional Religioisity 
Among University Undergrad- 

16 December/ Doctors 

James Max Krell 

Physics: An Investigation of the 
U3. ui, and 2vt Vibration- Rotation 
Bands of Heavy Ammonia. ND3 

Edward Carl Kuhl, Jr. 
Counseling and Personnel Ser- 
vices: Assertion Training 
Effects on Oral Behavior of 
College Students 

James H Lashomb 

Entomology: Parasite Popula- 
tions. Damage, and Survey Vari- 
ables of the Nantucket Pine Tip 

June Ellen Lawrence 

Administration, Supervision and 
Curriculum: The Effects of 
Multiple -V ersus Single-Channel 
Transmission and Normal Versus 
Compressed Rate of Presenta 
tion on Learning 

Harry William Leech 

Physics: Measurement of the 
Spectrum and Isotopic Com- 
position of Cosmic Ray Helium 
and Hydrogen Nuclei from 125- 

Leonard Levin 

Meteorology: Influence of the 
Diabolic Heating and Transient 
Eddy Effects on the Mean 
Axially -Asymmetric Component 
of a Model Atmosphere 

Gerard Edward Linkowski 

Chemistry Methylenecycloocta- 
trienyl Anions and Related 

Cheng-Yih Liu 

Chemical Engineering: Experi- 
mental Investigation of Pressure- 
induced Phase Transformation 
of Compounds and Alloys 

Michael Anthony Lofaro 
English: The Genesis of the 
Biographical Image of Daniel 

Thomas L. Lolley 

Special Education: An Investi- 
gation of the Relationship of 
Voice Disorders to Classroom 
Behavior and Educational 

Thayer Claude Lyon. Jr 

Microbiology: Indirect Pulp Cap- 
ping with Intermediate Restora- 
tive Materials 

Murali Narayan Madhava 

Engineering Materials: Stress- 
Grain Size Analysis of the Yield 
and Fracture Behavior of Steel 
and Titanium at 4 2°K 

Ronald Herbert Magarick 

Health Education: Social and 
Emotional Aspects of Voluntary 
Childlessness in Vasectomized 
Childless Men 

Carlota S. Magno 

Chemistry: Developmental 
Changes in the Protein Composi- 
tion of Myelin Isolated from 
Normal. Jimpy and Quaking 

Ronald William Manderscheid 
Sociology: Alienation A Re- 
sponse to Stress 

Mary Esther McCloy 

Counseling and Personnel Ser- 
vices: The Effects of a Behavior 
Rehearsal Technique and the 
Sex of the Subjects on the Fre- 
quency of Verbal Attending 
Skills of Young Adolescents 

Carolyn Daniel McCreesh 
History: On the Picket Line: 
Militant Women Campaign to 
Organize Garment Workers. 

Martin Kenneth McQuage 
Human Development: A Pro- 
posal to Investigate the Rela- 
tionship between College Men 
and Women's Perceptual Ac- 
curacy of Upper Social Class 
Status of Others from Photo- 
graphs of their Smiles, and the 
Gender. Social Class Status and 
Certain Measures of Personality 
of the Perceivers 

Terry Herbert Morlan 

Economics: A Long Term Model 
for State and Local Govern- 
ment: An Application of Micro 
Data for Forecasting Aggregate 
Expenditures and Employment 

Susan Z Nascimento 

English: Thomas Middleton's A 
Game at Chesse : A Textual 

Lois Carol Northrop 

Psychology: Relationships 
Among Career Maturity. 
Achievement Motivation. Anx- 
iety, and Decisiveness 

Rosemary S O'Brien 

Human Development: The Rela- 
tionship Between Locus of Con- 
trol. Self-Esteem, and Children's 
Perception of Parental Support 
for Visually Impaired Children 

Robert Joseph Orth 

Zoology: The Role of Disturbance 
in an Eel grass. Zostera Marina 

Monde A. Otooni 

Engineering Materials: Kinetics of 
the Chlorination of Tin. Tin- 
Plates and iron-Tin Alloys. FeSn.' 

Jeffrey Albert Owings 

Agricultural and Extension Edu 
cation: Development of Work 
Values in Seventh Grade Stu- 
dents Through Parent-Student 

Stephen Paczolt 

Government and Politics: Mod- 
ernization. Soviet Nationalities 
Policy, and Oblast Political Elites 
in Soviet Kazakhstan. Trans- 
Caucasia, and Central Asia 

William Joseph Picon 

Social Foundations: A Concept 
and Exploration of an Alterna- 
tive Philosophical Base for Edu- 
cation: Self Concept Change in 
Children Participating in an 
Existentially Oriented Learning 

Robert James Powers 

Psychology: The Effects of Struc- 
tured Group Counseling on the 
Career Development of Ex-Drug 

Tomlinson Gene Rauscher 
Computer Science: Dynamic 
Problem Oriented Redefinition 
of Computer Architecture Via 

Charlotte Cannon Rhines 
History: A City and Its Social 
Problems: Poverty. Health, and 
Crime in Baltimore. 18651875 

Jose Manuel Ricardo 

Agricultural & Resource Eco- 
nomics: An Analysis of the 
Effects of Alternative Agricultural 
Processing Strategies on Colom- 
bia Economic Development 

Volker Juergen Rieser 
Secondary Education: An 
Analysis of the Contributing 
Factors Leading to the Publica- 
tion of First Year College Ger- 
man Textbooks from 1972-74 

Nana Merete Rinehart 

English: Anthony Trollope's 
Treatment of Women. Marriage, 
and Sexual Morality Seen in the 
Context of Contemporary 

Robert Arnold Rovner 

Counseling and Personnel Ser- 
vices: Effects of Contingency 
Contracting on Smoking 

Linda Ruth Runion 

Psychology: An Examination of 
the Relationship of Emotionality 
to Blood Pressure Variability 

Akbar Sadeghi Barzani 

Economics: Inflation in Iran: A 
Quantitative Approach 

Emilv Kemp Schlesinger 

English: Du Bartas and Sylvester 
in English Literature 

James H Schoedler 

Physical Education: A Compari- 
son of the Use of Active Game 
Learning with a Conventional 
Teaching Approach in the Devel- 
opment of Concepts in Geome- 
try and Measurement and the 
Second Grade Level 

Raymond Keith Schwer 

Economics: An Analysis of the 
Investment Account of the 
American Economic Association 

Richard Kevin Sciambi 

Physics and Astronomy: Charge 
States of Low Energy Ions from 
the Sun 

Edgel Eugene Sereno 

Secondary Education: Relation- 
ships of the Spectrum of the 
Electroencephalogiam to Math 
ematical Aptitude 

George Terry Sharrer 

History: Flour Milling and the 
Growth of Baltimore. 1 783 1830 

Charles Houghton Smith 

Mathematics: One-Parameter 
Semigroups of Semi Fredholm 

tHigh Honors. 'Honors 

December Doctors 17 

Mark Fohs Sohn 

Administration. Supervision and 
Curriculum: Factual Knowledge 
Gained and Change in Reported 
Use of Illicit Drugs as a Result of 
a Motion Picture Film 

Ronald Wayne Staab 

Physics and Astronomy: Search 
for Exotic Baryon Resonances in 
the Final States of K-p and Kd 
Interactions at 2.9 GeV c 

Erich E. Stafford 

Zoology: The Immunogenic 
Transformation of Nippostrongy- 
lus Brasilienis Larvae 

Philip Ernest Sticha 

Molecular Physics: /nuestigations 
of Perturbatiue Curved Path 
Computational Schemes for the 
Calculation of Hz O-Nz Collision 

Everett Oscar Stoddard 
Agricultural and Resource Eco- 
nomics: An Economic Analysis 
of Service and Value of Service 
Tariffs in the Livestock Auction 

Fred Russell Stonesifer 

Engineering Materials: Effects 
of Grain Size and Temperature 
on Quasi-Brittle Fracture in A533 
B Steel 

David H Strong 

Secondary Education: A Rela- 
tionship Between Cheating and 
Accountability in Community 
College Mathematics Classes 

Robert Li jiun Sun 

Chemistry: Synthesis of Mono- 
mers which Expand on Poly- 

Ronald Keith Tait 

Sociology: Pre-training School 
Variables. In-training School 
Variables and the Adjustment of 
Training School Boys: A Multi- 
variate Analysis 

Eiichi Takasugi 

Physics: Asymptotic iSU(4) and 
the Newly Found Narrow Reso- 

Thomas Henry Tarcza 

Secondary Education: The Use 
of Color Photographs to Reduce 
Students' Perceived Difficulty of 
Physical Science Laboratory 

Paul Isaac Thiessen 

Physical Education: Individual 
Differences in Glycogen Loading 
and Performance in Rats 

Richard Garnett Thomas, Jr. 
Administration, Supervision and 
Curriculum: A Study of the Inter- 
relationships Among Organiza- 
tional Climates and Selected 
Environmental Factors in Ele- 
mentary Schools 

Robert Vitale 

French and Italian: Edition and 
Study of the Letter of Prester 
John to the Emperor Manuel of 
Constantinople the Anglo- 
Norman Rhymed Version 

Marianne Mazarchuk Vitullo 
Elementary Education: An In- 
vestigation of the Relationship 
Between Auditory Discrimina- 
tion. Auditory Segmentation and 
First Grade Reading Achieve- 

J. K. Ward 

Secondary Education: In Search 
of Significant Outcomes: A 
Methodological Study of the 
Research on Social Studies In- 
structional Simulation 

Rollin James Watson 

American Studies: The Priestly 
Professors: The Mind of a Gener- 
ation of University Men of 

Carol Umans Weber 

Agricultural and Resource Eco- 
nomics: An Economic Analysis 
of the Ypsilanti Perry Preschool 
Compensatory Education 

Leon Irving Wetrogan 

Psychology: Sources of Bias in 
the Measurement of Effective 

Nicholas Bilby Wilson 

Government and Politics: En- 
hancing Federal-State Relations 
State Liaison Offices in Washing- 

Mary Jean Yager 

Sociology: Social Characteris- 
tics and Satisfaction of Residents 
Living in an ln-Town Planned 
Community: A Case Study of 
the Village of Cross Keys. 
Baltimore. Maryland 

Annette Wacks Zimmern 

Counseling and Personnel: Par- 
ental Training in Behavior Modi- 
fication. Its Effects Upon Parents' 
Attitudes, and the Behavior of 
Their Severely or Profoundly 
Retarded Children 

Doctor of Education 

Arthur Moten Bagley 

Industrial Education: A Study of 
the Relationship of the Teacher 
Education Examination Program 
Scores to Successful Teaching 
Performance in Industrial Arts 

Joseph Gerard Danek 

Secondary Education: Institu- 
tional Management and Utiliza- 
tion of National Science Founda- 
tion Institutional Grants for 
Science at Universities and 
Colleges During 1970-74 

Donald F. Smith 

Industrial Education: A Study of 
the Middle School Art Program 
as Perceived by Middle School 
Experts and Middle School Art 

Robert Neal Weidner 

Administration. Supervision and 
Curriculum: Utilization of Se- 
lected Administrative Concepts 
by Public School Administrators 
in the State of Maryland 

Doctor of Business 

Richard Bruce Edelman 

Business and Management: The 
Relationship Between Bond 
Ratings and Preferred Stock 
Financing in the Electric Utility 

John Laverne Kmetz 

Business and Management: 
Technology and Organizational 
Structure: The Relationship Be- 
tween Contextual Variables and 
Structure Variables in Manufac- 
turing and Service Organizations 

William James Romig 

Business and Management: Net- 
work Optimal Subnetwork 
Solutions to the National Rail- 
road Freight Car Allocation 

18 December/Doctors 

Master of Arts 

Dcnise Abrams 
Marianne Lehr Adams 
Ronald Edgar Alberico 
Audrey Anne Alkhas 
Nancy Elizabeth Allgire 
Bob G Ammons 
Carolyn Leigh Anderson 
Charles Lloyd Anderson 
Cheryl Yvonne Slater Ash 
Donald William Baldwin 
Gwenell Linette Bass 
Joan Ellen Beerweiler 
Roy Eugene Beziat 
Margaret Frances Bleeke 
Henene Sue Bloom 
Mary Ellen Blouin 
Jan Marie Boudreau 
Sharon Shueman Bravy 
Allen Frank Bronstein 
Paul J. Brounstein 
George Francis Brunner 
Dominic Richard Bruno. Jr. 
Frederika Berber Buiis 
Phillip Bussey 
Anne M Butler 
Nancy Marie Caldwell 
Maria Jose Marques de Cantu 
Ernest R Carbone 
Ann Jennifer Cheslaw 
Stephen Brooke Christiansen 
Margaret Sydnor Clark 
Elizabeth Watson Cohn 
Ann Baynes Coiro 
Thomas Burton Collins 
John Thomas Connolly 
Patricia Ann Corbett 
Lelia Routh Cothen 
William Thomas Crouse 
John Wilson Dean. Ill 
Richard Timothy Diekmann 
Alice Mariam Dixon 
Kenneth Edward Dobson 
Robert N Dornhart 
Janet Lynn Drazek 
Susan Beth DuBrow 
Elizabeth Woodford Duffy 
Mimi Y Dunham 
Edward Joseph Dyckman 
Yusef Saber Elhaj 
Randall Thomas Elliott 
Helen Diana Brooks Evans 
David A Felzenberg 
Douglas R. Fonden 
Randolph J Forrester 
Jeffrey Scott Frankel 
Christine Ollie Freeman 
Linda Eldrida Fuller 
Soule Mohamed Funna 
Leila Susan Gault 
Debra Ann Germain 
Ibrahim Zaki Ghobashi 
Rosanna M Gilbert 
George Henry Gilmore 

Theresa Hynes Goldberg 

Gloria Baublitz Goldfaden 

Mary Ann Goodall 

Carolyn Cook Gotay 

Kathleen Mary Gough 

Robert Jay Gould 

Rodney Alan Grimes 

Leon A Gubala. Jr 

Charles Marion Guernieri 

Yvonne Glebas Gurney 

Martha Alice Guthrie 

Susan Johnson Hadler 

Robert Lee Hannan 

Linda Ruth Hams 

Thomas John Hayward 

James Edward Herbert 

Regina Mary Hildwine 

Nance L Holt 

Leslie Ann Horn 

Thomas Gary Hostetter 

Barbara Jeanne Hunt 

John George Isaacs 

Deborah Hazel Johnson 

John Thomas Johnson 

Joyce Saarela Johnson 

Thomas Michael Joray 

David Robin Kaminsky 

Paul Stephen Karchawer 

Barbara Ann Karpf 

Boonreong Keosaard 

Constance Pittard Kimmerle 

John Richard Kozora 

George Gregory Lach 

Elizabeth L Lambert 

Kathleen Lea Landers 

Dana Wanger Lane 

Yoon Joo Lee 

Patricia Gail Romine Leong 

Lin Leslie 

Linda Sue Liner 

Harald Lars Lohn 

Lauren Beryl Lohr 

Wanda Jacoby Lord 

Sharon Meredith Lowe 

William H. Lyles 

Daniel Reid Lynn. Jr. 

Ishaq Kondos Malaty 

Lori Susan Mandel 

Jean Jouis Georges Marchand 

B. Thomas Marking 

Anne Marie Marso 

Mary V Maruca 

Kathleen Joyce McCabe 

Mary Jane McCandless 

Barbara Claire McCullough 

James M. McDonald 

Daniel Scott McKitrick 

Barbara Louise McKnight 

Harriet Emilie Schade McNamee 

Laurie Lazar Midgette 

Ellen Shapiro Miller 

Roger Emmit Mitchell 

Shirley Hayden Mitchell 

Larry Wade Mixon 

Frederick William Mueller 
Nancy Burkhardt Mullan 
Thomas Wayne Mullenix 
Hasan Ozekes 
Terryl Lea Paiste 
John S Palmisano 
Mary Patricia Parent 
Nancie Hummel Park 
Barney Christopher Parrella 
Gary Lynn Pavek 
Rochelle Beth Peck 
Carola Isabella Pedone 
Steven Kenneth Peltz 
William David Petok 
John Joseph Previti 
Lesley Gail Price 
Frank Robert Principato 
Sharon Lynn Provine 
Larry Bruce Puchall 
Patricia Barbara Rakes 
Thomas Jerald Regimbal 
Craig Andrew Reynolds 
William Ralph Rigby 
Barbara Lee Riggs 
Francis Xavier Riley. Jr. 
R Bruce Ritter 
Christine Matthews Rose 
Charles J Ross. Jr 
Caryl Rose Rothberg 
Murray Wills Rowe 
Roy Sammarco 
Ethel Luvenia Sands 
Carolyn Louise Santry 
Robert Joseph Schemel. Jr 
Arriean Aders Schemer 
Michael Allen Schuyler 
Ray D. Schwartz 
Kathleen Margaret Sedlak 
Michael Richard Sedmak 
William Charles Sefekar 
Angelo Sfondiles 
Stephen C. Shannon 
Dori Lynn Shorter 
Rita Ellen Smith 
Rose Love Smith 
Judith Ann Southerland 
Nilda Salmon Spangenberg 
Martin Matthew Stein 
Larry Ellsworth Stenswick 
Patricia Stern 
Adele de Werff Stevens 
Nancy L. Struna 
Fran V Tartar 
Terry Jo Testa 
Warren Thompson. Jr. 
Anthony James Tomei 
Susanna N. Trautwein 
Bracha Barbara Ungar 
Alan Henry Vogel 
Ronald William Wall 
John William Walstrum 
Gerrie Lynn Weinstein 
Ellen Marie Werner 
Marylyn A Varev Westervelt 
Sandra Jean Widmann 

Judith R Williamson 

Robert Russell Woods 

William David Wrigley 

Mikel L. Wyckoff 

Kemba Asili Maish Clark Young 

Gerry Arden Zentz 

Steven Ernest Zimmerman 

Master of Science 

Azizollah Abrishamian 
Dale Holloway Allen 
Danielle Joan Anderson 
Margaret S Andrews 
1 rederick Karl Arzt. Jr 
Elizabeth Marie Bailey 
Robert Baker 
Norman A Beck. Jr. 
Kenneth John Becker 
Cynthia Bellamy 
Robert James Bernhard 
John Kimberly Bird 
Shirley Reynolds Blakely 
Paul Wilson Botzler 
Steven Louis Bradbard 
Anita Coblitz Brenner 
Stephen Bailey Broadbent 
Jane Moreland Burns 
Beatrice G Burrell 
Juan Jose Carbajo 
Kevin Boyd Casey 
Christine Mussenden Chesnut 
David J. Chitwood 
Ronda Lee Cohen 
Anthony B. Comberiate 
Ernesto Cuesta 
John Richard D'Aprile 
Hurley T. Davis 
Dorrisrose Barron Debro 
Peter John Diamondis 
Romesh Dias-Bandaranaike 
V. Annette Dickinson 
Allan John Dietemann 
Orville Davis Ditman. Jr 
Robert James Divilio 
Cheul Ung Do 
Stewart Edward Doetzer 
Fareeda Afzal Durrani 
James E. English 
Marilyn Gayle Epstein 
Enrigue Nelson Escobar 
Chung C Fu 
Carl F X Gentilcore 
Thomas Stevens George. Ill 
Roger David Gifford 
Thomas Edward Gingrich 
Edward Joseph Giorgio 
George Gluck 
Robert Edward Goetz. Jr. 
Paul Kenneth Grant 
Celso Grebogi 
Milton R Grinberg 
James Albert Harle 
Jacob H Harmon 

December Masters 19 

John Respess Harris 
Ralph Dann Hendrix 
Eugene Joseph Herbert 
Susan Lee Higgins 
Elwood Fayette Hill 
Michael Patrick Horan 
Mei-Ying Hsu 
Bing-Jib Huang 
Ming-Der Huang 
Robert Scott Humphreys 
Bradley Garth Hyde 
James Henderson Irby 
Frances Alice L Jack 
Thomas J. Jankowski 
Stephen R. Jessee 
Michael Paul Jones 
Charles David Kahn 
Stephen H. Kaisler 
Jerrold A. Kaplan 
James Wilcox Kessler 
Kwang Soo Kim 
Paul Edward Kirschner 
David Allen Knox 
Lynne Frances Koob 
Wilford Bernard Lane 
Stephen Frederick Lange 
Janet Lenna Leary 
Steven Paul Leonti 
Thomas Patrick Long, III 
Linda Jones Lynch 
Charles Jones MacGowan 
James Eryx Malcolm 
Geoffrey Toya Masaki 
David Crockford McGaw 
Diane L. Merritt 
Samir Kumar Mitra 
Peter Bouve Moreland 
Kevin Joseph Moriarty 
Adam Kenji Myers 
Ali Ogut 

Robert Conrad Otte 
Barbara Palmer-Alleman 
Angelo Michael Patacca 
John Frank Patrick. Jr. 
Richard Edward Pelc 
John S. Perrine. II 
Alfred S. Perry. Ill 
Thomas Robert Pfarr 
Andrew MacPherson Pope 
Daniel Riswanto Prabudy 
William J. B. Pringle 
Rassa Rassai 
Donald Charles Reamer 
Joseph Garrett Reilly 
Robert William Reiter. Jr. 
Randall Charles Ross 
Prasad Sampath 
John Donald Schrock 
Gary Vincent Schultz 
James Scouras 
Jonathan Seaborne 
John Newman Sexton 
James Albert Shaffner 
John Michael Sharockman 

20 December / Masters 

Ahmed Tariq Shaukat 
Sofia Diana Siguel 
Rich Thurman Smith 
Anne M Southall 
Gary Allan Staley 
Margie Fay Stanton 
Robert Francis Stevens 
Christine Ann Strapac 
K. Susanne Bleil Strickland 
Dorothy Eaddy Stringfellow 
John Peter Stroczkowski 
George F. Sushinsky 
Seshagiri Rao Tammara 
William Edward Tate 
Paul Joseph Thompson 
Andrew Timchalk 
Robert von Husen 
Randall Allan Walker 
Dorothy Jo Wallace 
John C. Wallace 
Christine Matilda Warnke 
Susan M. Weiffenbach 
Justine Louise Welch 
Neal W. Welsh 
Robert John Went 
Kenneth B Williams 
Kristine Margaret Wilson 
John Joseph Wojcik 
Philip Barry Yasskin 
Chester Pi Yuan 
Mark Victor Ziegler. II 
Kent Daniel Zimmerman 

Master of Education 

Moses Omotayo Adeduji 
Sophie Jacoby Allshouse 
Anita Louise Atchley 
Clyde Lewis Baker 
Wilhelmena Johnson Ballou 
Marigail Barcome 
Joan Epstein Barkin 
Gerard Frederick Baumbach 
Walter Edwin Becker. Jr 
Catherine Elizabeth Benner 
Vicky K Bentson 
Ruth Miriam Berlin 
Carole Limbert Berman 
Mary Dorothy Biggs 
Gregory S. Black 
Charlotte Ruth Bonsall 
Marie Antoinette Bowe 
Ronald Chronister Boyer 
Gladys Lynne Brown 
Sandra Elizabeth Brown 
Phyllis Sandra Brownstein 
Carolyn Elizabeth Bryant 
Claudia Halstead Buccos 
Roger W. Burderte. Jr. 
Beatrice Joyce Burdick 
William George Castaldi 
Sygrid Yvonne Caudle 
William Leo Christofili 
Clarence William Clawson. Jr. 
Donald Barry Cohen 

Ella Sue Conway 
Cheryl Lowe Davis 
Camilla Ann Day 
Cecelia Ann DeLaura 
Howard Barry Dicker 
Michelle Stuart Doran 
Doris Franks Douglas 
Susan Barbara Dreifuss 
Diane G Drew 
Lynda Bush Ehrlich 
Mona Remer Epstein 
William G. Everly 
Joseph Denis Faha 
Maria Joanne Falcone 
Toby Ann Fedlman 
Nancy Ann Fiedler 
Phyllis Rosenbaum Fingerhood 
Gail Ann Foley 
Marjorie Fay Fowler 
Kathleen McFarlin Galdi 
Edward Games 
Constance Ruby Garrett 
Anne S George 
Sigmund A Gorski. Jr 
Amy Smelson Greenbaum 
Carolyn Carter Groff 
Justina Elizabeth Hale 
Elizabeth Payne Hansen 
Marian Wise Harper 
Jacqueline Abel Haynes 
Ernest Carroll Hearon 
Ellen S Herlich 
Joanne Strickland Hessler 
Freida Cooley Hesterberg 
Marilyn Joan Holland 
Diane Tomaino Horowitz 
Julia Pannell Howard 
Bertina Priscilla Hurley 
Cicily Ann Iacangelo 
Eunice Fish Jackson 
Glenn Robin Kessler 
Mary Elizabeth Kristof 
Suzanne Frances Krogh 
Mary Millington Moore Lacey 
Dora Jean Lacombe 
Susan L Laing 
Rosiland L. Lawrence 
Patricia Ann West Leino 
Michael Corr Leonard 
Susan D. Lippert 
Nancy Rowan Lockard 
Alan Craig Lovell 
Janet Elizabeth MacCallum 
Joanne Sherin Malkin 
Mary Lou Mall 
Jennifer Mascott 
Janet Faye McClurg 
Victoria M McMullin 
Barry John Miller 
Patricia Louise Miller 
Richard Lee Miller 
John Houston Mitchell 
Max Orrick Mogensen. Jr 
Michael Joseph Murnane 

Janice Wheeler Murray 

Elizabeth Mohr Navarro 

Marilyn White Norris 

Mary Rita O'Connor 

Mary Deborah Orbin 

Rita K Overman 

Bruce Martin Pearson 

Joyce Elaine Piatt 

Mary Patricia Poole 

Betsey Hitt Powell 

Paul Ray Prather 

Warren Edward Prince 

Robert Eaton Priseler 

Ann R Rakow 

Federico Orellana Ramos 

Jeanne E. Reilly 

Linda Lee Reynolds 

Judy Lynn Rogg 

Virginia Eileen Rowland 

Helen M Rudd 

May Savage 

Linda Gail Schelpark 

Anne S Schwartz 

Judith Ann Scott 

Kathryn Ellen Serock 

Martha Ann Simon 

Carmen Cheryl Smith 

Judith E Brady Smith 

Bruce T. Snyder 

John U Springer 

Diana Jean Srnka 

Paula Susan Stern 

Connie D Stratton 

Judith Wightman Strauff 

Catherine Rae Sungenis 

Sondra Ruth Tepper 

Jerome Michael Thompson 

Shirley Mae Stevenson Tilghman 

Theresa Ann Torchia 

Ronald Albert Valenti 

Rodney Edward Wallace 

Thomas H. Wallace 

Virginia V. Watkins 

Lloyd William Weinberg 

Ivey Clontz West 

Robbin Francis Witlen 

Anna Christensen Staples Wolf 

Deborah Schultz Woods 

Daniel Worthington 

Theresa Marie York 

Master of Business 

Barbara Anne Bernstein 
Christopher Lee Bliss 
Earl U Bravo 
Richard T. Carhart 
Louis Corrado 
Douglas Bryce Dearie 
Katherine Anne Deneke 
Daniel Keith Donnelly 
Kevin Francis Donohoe 
Michael John Downey 
Clifford Seth Dvorkin 

Undergraduate Degrees 

Robert Mark Eckenroth 

Stephen Jay Edelmann 

Ronald Harold Everett 

Betty Harris Gay 

Elizabeth Wilhelmenia Gholston 

John Edward Gochenouer 

Ted E. Goldman 

Richard Lee Gossard 

Paul Edgar Haberlein 

Joseph Frank Hanson 

Leatrice Deniece Hines 

Gerald I. Klein 

Philip J. Korb 

Peter Kuhn Lee 

Michael Patrick McGee 

Luther Edgar Mellen. Ill 

R. Rajakumar 

John Francis Rathz 

Edgar R Rochelson 

Robin Katlin Rosen 

Francis Michael Ryan 

Anthony H. Stupi. Jr 

Lary Jay Taylor 

Earl Leroy Thompson 

V B. Vartanian 

Thomas Paul Warfield 

Ronald James Wiese 

Jack Wilen. Jr., 

Eleanor Grace Wilson 

Dennis T. Wong 

Master of Music 

Daniel Leon Comegys. Jr 
Linda Terrell Hormes 
Mary Anne Lewis 

Master of Library Science 

Octavio Alvarez 

Alice A Bevan 

Ann Blackburn 

Bonnie Borntraeger Canning 

Robert Allen Canter 

Elda M. Cantor 

Sandra L. Cline 

Jill McCroskey Coupe 

Jane Hoos Cupit 

Julie Ellen Diepenbrock 

Joyce Fielding 

Martha Elizabeth Frazer 

Devorah Jaffe Freeman 

Vibeke Fulton 

Christine Lee Anoskey Glaab 

David Harold Goldberg 

Kathleen Rabette Graf 

Carol Suzanne Hart 

Duane T. Holt 

Jacqueline Mclvor Jackson 

Brenda Viola Johnson 

Patricia McGowan Johnson 

Judith L. Kirsch 

John Michael Krivak 
Kenneth Louis Kurlychek 
Amy Lechter 
Louise Maclntire Lustig 
Darlene Carol Mann 
Judith Ann McDivitt 
Frances Overath Miller 
Marlene A. Palmer 
Joanne Margaret Paskar 
Nancy Louise Pastor 
Mary D Pawlowski 
Alfredda Hunt Payne 
Ruta Marija Penkiunas 
Ellen Jo Penstein 
William Harold Perry. Jr. 
Jonghyun Park Peterson 
Marianne G. Phillips 
Gwen Crozier Pigman 
Babette Hope Pitt 
Patricia Elaine Place 
William Isaac Pollari 
Karen Nancy Potts 
Charlynn Spencer Pyne 
Steven Robert Quillen 
William Ray Ridgely. Jr 
Carol H. Roberts 
Mary D. Sage 
Deborah Moore Scott 
Sheryl Anne Segal 
Joan Lynne Shoemaker 
Anne Pfefferkorn Small 
Marc Charles Sober 
Martha van Beuren Story 
Ann M Stuart 
Daisy Liang Tagge 
Sarah Catherine Thomson 
Virginia Sue Tibbs 
William Hall Trotter. Jr. 
Judith Partington Veeder 
Charlene Ann Warren 
Anita Hafermann Wood 

Master of Fine Arts 

Jacqueline Simone Cohen 
Lynn Beth Sures Larson 
James George Thrope 

College of Agriculture 

Candidates will be presented by 
Dr Gordon M Cairns. Dean of the 

Bachelor of Science 

Francis Joseph Allnutt 
Alan Haymaker Anthony. Jr 
C Richard Barb 
Anne Tobey Bassen 
Barbara Ann Becker 
Warren Even Beers 
Robert Joseph Beyer 
Arthur Stephen Block 
John Robert Bogle 
'Barbara M Braun 
Linda Ann Buchanan 
Robert Dennis Buczek 
James Edward Bruch 
John Robert Burnside 
§Deborah Ann Camp 
Michael Arthur Cantwell 
Susann Marie Christy 
Edward Francis Cole 
tRita Susan Dallavalle 
' James Francis Dawe 
Olga Maria Ines F. Dominguez 
Philip R Donehower 
Gary David Dryden 
Donald Michael Ensor 

Karen Anne Walkley Faul 

Charles Michael Fillah 

Robert David Foard 

Roger Warren Fritz 

Theodore Mark Fuchs 

Michele Marie Gareau 

Michael W Goodner 

Elizabeth Ann Hartzell 

Catherine Angell Hayes 

George Harvey Hayne. Ill 

William Kurt Herold 

Brian Montgomery Holly 

Douglas John Hughes 

Samuel Llewelyn James 

Richard Carroll Kammer 
'Jane Susan Katz 
§Anthony J. Kayser 

Steven Brent Laursen 

James Edwin Lewis 

Kenneth Wayne Lowry 

Michael Edward Lynch 

Stephen Michael Martin 

David Beniamin Mason 

Maryalice McCullough 

Kevin McGrath 

W Douglas McTyier 

Thomas Carl Nash 

Michael James O'Brien 

John Lee Odum 

Leslie Constantine Orr 

Debra Jean Palmer 
Terry Ann Pessin 
Mark Frederick Prouty 
tMartin Capell Rabenhorst 
Mark Angelo Ramirez 
Sharon Lynn Ramsburg 
Charles Michael Reynolds 
Daniel Arthur Rohrer. Jr 
Lisa Mignon Rotterman 
Rhonda Lynn Russell 
Nancy Jean Sarraf 
Carole Anne Shipman 
William Matthews Skinner 
Susan Carol Smith 
Karen Dale Solit 
Timothy James Sorrells 
Donald Wayne Steck 
Dwight Everett Teske 
Mark Scott Tollefson 
Thomas King Trigg. IV 
George Philip Upton 
Sheila Maria Vreenegoor 
Susan J. Walker 
James Webster Wilhelm 
Earl Thomas Wright. Jr 

Division of Agricultural 
and Life Sciences 

Candidates will be presented by 
Dr Francis C Stark. Provost of the 

Bachelor of Science 

Wayne Stuart Abbott 

Carol Stephanie Acevedo 

Reid Grayson Adler 

Michael Lee Agriesti 

Stephen F. Albrecht. Ill 
tPaul Norman Anderson 

Susan Elizabeth Andrus 
§George JamesAugustine. Jr 

Michael Simon Avara 

Mary Margaret Baldini 

Charles Arthur Beach 

Barbara Bennett 

Joseph Mark Billian 

Mary Kathryn Bilmanis 

Catherine Ness Bolton 

Patricia Brady 

James Douglass Briscoe 

Thomas Richard Brooksbank 

John Edward Brush 

Gene Darrell Caldwell 

Nancy Melone Calvert 

Gary John Caron 

Donna Anita Carrillo 

Marion Man Ying Chan 

Roland Lee Chin 

Kevin Patrick Clancy 

Dean Ruben Cohen 

Daniel Hauer Collmus 

ISumma Cum Laude. tMagna Cum Laude. ' Cum Laude 

December Masters/Bachelors 21 

Fred Manley Cowan. Jr. 

Sharon Marie Curtis 

Charles Covode Davis. Ill 

Joseph Michael DeFelice 

Alfred Vincent Del Grosso 

Robert Anthony Dietrich 

Michael Maria Jacobus Dietvorst 

Jon Michael Dooley 

Frances Elizabeth Dunn 
'Maureen L. Durkin 

James F Edmiston 

John Pierce Eilertson 

Louise Elizabeth Elser 

Paul Clifford Eschbach 

Grant Alan Faller 

Richard Alan Fisher 

James Philip Flook 

David Charles Flyer 

Donald Cameron Foster 

Bryan Earl Fountain 

Milford Mace Foxwell. Jr. 

Alan Gary Friedman 
tMarilyn Gail Frieman 

Carol B Goldstein 

Celia Edith Greenberg 

Chloe Haladay 

Neil Jay Hardegen 

James Roger Harms 

Donald Robert Harris, Jr. 

Zahra Hasan 

Patricia Ann Hauss 

William John Hazel 

Charles William Hench. II 

Randall Eschbach Herr 

Kent Anthony Hevner 

William Douglas Hill 

Darl L. Hixon 

Sharon Adele Hogan 

Mark Jennings Holliday 

Nancy Estes Houston 
tBarbara Sue Kagen 
'Susan Jean Kanen 

Antonia Robyn Kaperonis 

Susan M. Kaplan 

Howard A. Katz 

Yvonne Elizabeth Kinney 

David E. Kleffman 
* David Stephen Klein 

James Anthony Krips 

John James Krukar 

Kathryn Cary Kunkel 

Kenneth Clarke Kunze 

John Samuel Kurnas. Jr. 

Bruce Gordon Labaw 

Kathleen Louise Lanigan 

Michael James Lawton 

Rosal Wong Leong 
§Brian Craig Lerner 

Hung Hsi Liu 

Francis Xavier Loban 

Louis Lee Martin 

Camilla Marie Maruszewski 

Charles Alexander McCrae 

22 December/Bachelors 

' Daniel S McGunagle 

Mark Patrick McKinley 

John Henry Meiller 

Ronald J. Milburn 

Jeffrey Kent Miller 

Christopher James Molineaux 

Charles Monahan Murray 

William Herbert Neal. Jr. 

Steven William Novak 

James Marshall O'Day 

Robert Lewis Parker 

Bryant Oscar Pearce. Jr. 

Andrew Stephen Peyton 

Norman Thomas Phelps 

Suzanne Denise Plass 
"Janice Beth Pomerantz 

Mark Christopher Regan 

Elliott Darwin Rice 

Judith Lynn Robertson 

Melissa Lea Rochkind 

Beverly Ann Russell 

Antone A. Salah 

Serafina Santa-Maria 

Evelyn Miriam Schwartz 

Emily B. Shacter 

Steven I. Shapiro 

Peter Tai Shen 

Darren Glen Siegall 

Morton Robert Simon 

Michael John Smigaj 

William John Sonnefeld 

Michael R. Strootman 

Lawrence Cassedy Thrasher 

Deborah Anne Tolson 
tPaul Adrian Turner 

Terrance Elliott Valentine 

Paul Vanceloff. Jr. 
IRobert Owen Voight. II 

Carl Steven Weiss 

John Rodgers Williamson 

Dazaree Christine Young 

Pierce Renard Youngbar 

Elizabeth Youngquist 

Harry Benjamin Zalewski. Jr. 

Frederick William Zimmerman 

School of Architecture 

Bachelor of Architecture 

Thomas Jay Buckley 

College of Journalism 

Candidates will be presented by 
Dr. L. John Martin, Acting Dean 
of the College 

Bachelor of Science 

§Forrest Gregory Ballard 

Janet A. Berte 

Kathryn R. Blom 

Eric Dennis Blum 
"Susan Berman Bronston 

Lynn Anne Brown 

Scott Lawrence Conklin 

Kenneth Rigby Crowley 

Ina Lynn Finkel 

Susan Genevieve Foster 

David Allen Ginsburg 

Edward Allen Greene, Jr. 


Gary Damon Harper 

Valerie Teresa Head 

Dale Robert Hushbeck 

Anita Elaine Hyman 

Penny J. James 

Emily Denise Johnson 

William Larry Johnson 

Stacy Howard Karten 

Stephen James Katsanos 

Dominick Joseph Lignelli 

Michael James Nelson 
tMary Ann Righetti 

Gwendolyn Maxine Roche 

Steven Barry Rubin 

Edward D Scullen, II 

Judith Lynn Smith 

Paul Stanley Smith 
"Charles Allen Stott 

Edward G. Stronski 

Catherine Hicks Timmerman 

Thomas Michael Townsend 

Richard Wilburn Walker 

Arthur Peter Walsh 

Sandra Elaine Watson 

Bruce Leon Wolfe 

Elaine A. Worthington 

Division of Arts 
and Humanities 

Candidates will be presented by 
Dr Robert A. Corrigan. Provost 
of the Division 

Bachelor of Arts 

Judith A. Abraham 

Gonzalo Fabian Albornoz 

Renate Miersemann Al Saffar 
'Mark Benjamin Arey 

Hugh Armstrong. Ill 

Patricia Ann Bach 

Michael Greene Baird 

Clare Carrity Baker 

Frank Gerod Baker, III 

Robert Royce Bennett 

Damon Keith Bernstein 

Bruce Michael Betancourt 

Richard Earl Blair 

Gerard Block 

Laura Ellen Montgomery Boggess 

Janet E. Bouton 

Laurel Ann Boynton 

Rochelle Marsha Broder 

Owen Arthur Brown 
'Bettina Ann Buchs 

Donald Joseph Bufano §Summa 

Edward Wesley Burgess 
Carol Ann Calder 
Florence Elizabeth Cameron 
Jamie Ann Casasanta 
Timothy Alan Cason 
Donald Robert Colburn 
Elisabeth Lou Cudney 
Martha Alice Czeh 
Katherine Margaret Dagnall 
John Patrick Daly 
Donald William Davidson 
Donna Lee Davis 
Jessica Ann Dax 
John Peter Delaney 
Lisa Ann De Maio 
Ellen F. Dinnin 
Myron John Dolnycky 
Stanford Dubin 
Matthew Eugene Dubois 
§Maryann Bridget Dwyer 
Stuart B. Emden 
Rosemary Elizabeth Fallon 
Jacqueline Kay Falls 
Elizabeth Anadale Fellows 
Richard Allen Fischer 
Sandra Lynn Fitzpatrick 
tMarian V. Fleming 
Margaret Van Why Flynn 
Michael Allen Foor 
Donna Jeannette Foushee 
Judith Sharon Frank 
Brinley Ralph Franklin 
Steven Jose Fustero 
tAmy Galli Garland 
"Peter John Gatti 
Judy Rae Gaylor 
Linda S. Geller 
David Ottavio Gotwals 
David William Gouge 
Phillip Jay Greenbaum 
Karen Marie Greenfield 
Roban Lee Griffin 
Kim Maria Gulyas 
Donald Ross Hartman 
Gary Richard Hattal 
Norma Jean Heim 
Edward Walter Helm 
Edward Weathers Hill, III 
Wayne Walter Hill, Jr. 
§Eileen Mary Hodkinson 
Felix Mack Irwin. Ill 
Catherine Loomis Johnson 
Fermon Baber Jones, Jr. 
Richard Orville Jones 
Michael Patrick Kane 
Judith Nina Kaplan 
Teresa Jane Kearney 
Alice Dell Kelley 
Thomas Richard Kelley 
Allen Lawrence King 
Mary Beth Kornhauser 
Lillian Armand Kraetzer 
Dana Crisman Larmer 

Cum Laude. tMagna Cum Laude. 'Cum Laude 

Rolfe W. Larson 

Loren Benjamin Lathrop 

Walter Edward LaValley. Jr. 

Courtney Reed Lazenby 

Ann Lazer 

Michael Frederick Lehman 

'Deborah Ellen Levine 
Linda Ann Lewis 
Debra Gail Liberman 
Miriam Elizabeth Livingston 
Pamela Aileen MacLean 
George Ann MacMullin 

§Elena Rasines Maldonado 
Sherry Ann Marcus 
David Dawson Marquette 
David Vail Martin 
Marita Ann Mathias 
Belle Mazaroff 
Felice Ann McEuen 
Debra A. McGehee 
Dale Allison McKinlay 
Keith Gordon McManus 

'Sonia Lee Meade 
Albert John Miele 
Diana Brigitte Miller 
Marjorie Dale Miller 
Audrey Eve Milstein 
Linda Diane Mitchell 
Dennis James Moreland 
Anne Morgenstern 
Michael Francis Morley 
Michael Howard Morse 
Nancy Lynn Morton 
Sue Ann Murphy 
Jane Elise Murray 
Thomas Joseph Murray 

'Kathleen Frances Murtagh 
Kent Douglas Nation 
Nanci Marie Neff 
Michael Negra 
Debra Marcy Nelson 
Terry Glen Nelson 
Fritzi Newton 
Vukana Novakovic 
Louise Patricia Novotny 
Greta Marsh Owens 
Gene Joseph Pappalardo 
Raymond Charles Park 
Franklin Matthew Parks 
John David Patterson 

tlsadora Susan Paymer 
Marie Louise Pearce 
Patric Louis Pepper 
Gail M. Perruso 
Mary Catherine Pertino 
Eric Mace Pilka 
James Sheldon Pray 
Kerry Robert Price 
Oksana Prystay 
Mary Williams Puhan 
David Christopher Pulzone 
Robert Chambliss Radford 
John Lloyd Redick 

Daniel Lee Reggia 

Charles Edward Richardson 

Gary Ray Ridgely 

Steven James Ridgely 

Daniel Miquel Rincon 

William Alfred Ring, Jr. 

Marlene Diane Rodman 

Linda Marie Rolla 

Linda Charlotte Rudnick 

Linda Marie Salamy 

Howard Chester Sanner, Jr. 

Leota M Sarraf 

Gilda Ellen Scagliarini 

Judy B. Schechter 

Mark David Schellhammer 
tLinda Maranda Searcy 

Gail Segal 

Margaret Anne Sharer 

Jane Dorothy Shepard 
tDayna Sue Silberman 

Eileen Sharon Silver 

Lynn Dana Silverman 

Eric Putnam Silvester 

Anthony Bryant Simeon 
tFlora Mendelowitz Singer 

Thelma Colleen Smith 

William Thomas Smith, III 
tAidan George Stanley 

Claudia Leigh Statler 

Michael Charles Stephanson 

Martha M Stephens 

Linda Susan Stern 

Annamaria Stoner 

Sharon Marie Sullivan 

Barbara Ellen Surosky 

Bruce Edward Taylor 

Debra Elaine Taylor 

Francis C. Taylor 

Karen E. Taylor 

Kathleen Patricia Taylor 

Anne Theriault 

Laurence Lee Trail 

Irwin William Tucker. Jr. 

Eleanor Marcia Walker 

Wylie Wanveer 

Robert R. Ward, Jr 
§Caryn Eve Wiener 
'John Milton Williams 

Carol Lynn Wilson 

John Joseph Wilson 

Stephen Edward Wolfsberger 

Anne Elizabeth Yao 

G. Jeane Young 

Joseph Michael Zabel 

Division of Arts and 

Bachelor of Music 

t John Winston Bailey 
' Michelle Regina Crepeau 
Kathleen Maree Wav 

§Summa Cum Laude. tMagna Cum Laude; "Cum Laude 

College of Business 
and Management 

Candidates will be presented by 
Dr Rudolph P Lamone. Dean of 
the College 

Bachelor of Science 

Timothy Eugene Ambrose 

Frederick Ernest Anderson, Jr. 

Frederick Arthur Andres. Jr. 

Linda Ann Arnold 

Enrique Francisco Aveleyra 

Joseph Preston Baker 

Denise A. Bakke 

Wilson Douglas Bedwell 

Philip Curtis Beram 

Richard Walter Bessio 

Charles Howard Bevard 

James Daniel Boccabella 

Michael Francis Bohn 

Mary InesBonanni 

David Dean Bonnell 

Leon Alexander Boulavsky, Jr. 

Norman Richard Bowden 

Charles Arvell Bray 

Nicole Marie Brennan 

Stephen Craig Briscuso 

Michael Francis Brosig. Sr. 

D. Orson Brumbaugh 

John Bayne Brush 

Dona Jean Burbul 

Michael Patrick Bush 

Robert William Byrne 

Susan BettsCahill 

Michelee Camer 
'Scott Ward Campbell 

William Christopher Carey 

Erich Leigh Caron 

Susan Jane Chapman 

Catharyn Jo Chiodi 

Matthew Ernest Clark 
' Reed Charles Coble 

Jared Ian Cohen 

Joel Allan Cohen 

Richard Miller Cole 

James Patrick Collins 

Thomas James Conroy 

Gary Lee Coombs 

Darrell Alfred Cooper 

Robert Longworth Credle 

Michael Thomas Curro 

Harry Jackson Custis. Ill 

Mark Edward Davison 

John Louis DeFilippo 

Kathleen Hanley Dempsey 

Michael Lesieur Desaulniers 
'Shirley-Anne Devaris 

John Ryan Devereaux. IV 

Michael Dane Dorsette 

Frank Charles Dresser 
tFrank Gumey Edwards, III 

William T. Eng 
' Bruce Anthony Esposito 
tDianne M. Farrington 

James Robert Felsecker 

Susan Regina Feth 

Randolph Gary Fine 

Edward Thomas Fitzgerald, Jr. 

Mitchell Fox 

Walter Kenneth Frazier 

Charles Rocky Freyder 

Edward Belangue Frigillana 

John Frank Getchis 

Gary Allen Glatzel 

Sharon Janice Glazer 

Judith Ellen Goad 

Wayne Steven Gourlay 

Francis James Govan 

Anthony Francis Grasse 

John R. Gray 

Paul Rowland Green 

Robin Laird Green 

LaVerne Renee Greene 

Albert Preston Gregory 

William John Grossmiller 

Glen Harrison Grubbs 

Samuel David Handwerger 

Wayne Garrettson Harvey 

Ralph Philip Heilman 
'Caroline Hamilton Heim 

Francis Carter Heim 
IJohn Kenneth Hemphill 

Stuary Marc Hendin 

John Brian Hendrix 

William James Hennessey. Ill 

Stephen Lester Hennigan 

Mary C. Henry 

Richard Bartlett Herman 

Charles Frederick Hess 

Ronda Hickman Hollar 

James Arthur Hope. II 

Joseph Allan Hossick 

Lawrence Scott Housman 

Dolores Cecelia Howard 
'Jean Happ Hudson 

William Matthew Hutson 
'Nancy Ellen Hynes 

Hans Peter Jensen. Ill 

Charles Thomas Jones 

Larry Joe Jordan 

Marguerite Amos Jordan 

Alan David Kasmir 

Robert Thomas Kern. Jr. 

James Grady Key. Ill 

Mohammed Nasir Khan 

Mary Elizabeth Kincaid 

John Anthony Kobylski 

Michael William Kokoszka 

John Andrew Koval 

Steven Jay Krensky 

Jacqueline Lee Krumpe 

Elmer Brian Kurrle 
'Jack DeWayne Larson 

Paul Philip Lauriat 

David Alton Law 

Gardner Stephen Leclercq 

David Roy Leffler 

December Bachelors 23 

Robert Lee Lewis, III 
tGlenn Meyer Lohrmann 

William Wallace Lukens 

Bruce MacGregor 
§Dennis George Malcomson 

Dennis James Mallen 

Kathleen Frances Manglitz 

Ashok Mannan 

Marty S. Marapao 

John Joseph Marlette 
"John Sawyer Martin, 111 

Gerald Wayne Mattison 

Warren Wendell McDowell, Jr. 

Sheila Elaine McEntire 

Thomas Robert McLaughlin, III 

Daniel George Michaud 

Robert Henry Milburn, Jr 

Mujtaba Mehboob Mirza 
§Gary Charles Moncarz 

Judy ChiagBou Mong 

Roxanne Mary Morris 
'Brian Jeffrey Morrison 

Brian Joseph Morse 

Michael Joseph Mosimann 

Philip Brent Mudd, Jr. 

James Scott Mulhollen 

Thomas Gerard Murray 

Gregory Lynn Newsom 

Vincent Leo Newton 

James Francis Norris 

Maria Divina N. Ortanez 

Matthew Thomas Ostmann 

David L. Patterson 

Michael Joseph Pepe 
' Robert Beasley Perdew, Jr. 

Elaine Olivia Peterson 

Robert deShields Petty 

Kent Austin Phillips 

Daniel Craig Pisner 

James Richard Podzimek, Jr 

Jay M. Pollack 

Kenneth Norman Pooton, Jr. 

Laurie Ann Price 

Michael Francis Raley 

Thomas Joseph Randazzo, Jr. 

Sally Etta Reagan 

Martin Douglas Reed 

Patrick W. Reed 

James Frederick Reid 

Gary Alan Reisman 

Harold Michael Rocks 

Robert Bowling Rollins, II 

Earl Wayne Romero 

Alan Rosenthal 

Carol Ann Rosenthal 

Michael William Ross 

Marc Neil Rubin 
§Edward Paul Rudden 

David Charles Ryan, 111 
"Lisa Alix Sanders 

Burton Arthur Sanguist, Jr. 

Roy Alvin Savoy 

Charles Paul Scarborough 

24 December /Bachelors 

Lawrence Allen Schlaifer 

Richard Bernard Schneider 

James Guy Schuetzle 

Mark Douglas Schutt 

Nicholas Craig Serino 

Eugene Joseph Serra 

Stanley Michael Settles 

Gregory David Seward 

Ali Reza Shajarian 

Jacqueline Anne Shaw 

Stephen Alexander Shechtel 

Neil Anthony Sipe 

Mary Frances Skelly 

Robert Jerome Snyder 

Sharon Betty Solomon 

Willis Lee Spann, Jr. 

Charles Russell Spicer 

Jonathan Spitz 

Hubert Stockhausen 

Roger Howard Strisik 
§ Gerald Frederick Stuart 

Carlton Richard Stuckey, III 

David Chichung Su 

Justin William Sullivan 

Michael Richard Sullivan 

Paul Francis Sullivan, Jr. 
T Christopher William Tait 

Barbara Lynn Taubersmith 

Nicholas W. Tennant 

Katherine Tgibides 

William David Trago 

Susanne Catherine Turner 

Anthony Vincent Uleckas 

Maria Ines Urzua 

Donald Edward Vance, II 

Ronald Allan Vicinsky 

Juan Alberto Villanueva 

Edward Robert Voccola 
t Jane Christine Walder 

John Raymond Walker 

Jack Milne Ward 

Elizabeth Ann Webb 

Howard Brian Weisberg 

Danny Lee Wenzel 
f Ernest L. Willard, III 

John Terrence Wilson 

Thomas Gary Wilson 
tDale Owen Wineholt 

Charles David Wrightson 

Denise Barbara Wycech 
tGeorgetta A. Zanardelli 

Charles LeRoy Zink, Jr. 

Ricky Stuart Zuckerman 

Division of Behavioral and 
Social Sciences 

Candidates will be presented by 
Dr. Mary F. Berry. Provost of the 

Bachelor of Arts 

Rajai Ishaq Abdo 
Steven Paul Abramow 
Gonzalo Alfonso Accame 

Iris J. Adler 

Van Jeffery Anderson 

Joel Allan Appelbaum 

Dorothy Pfluger Armstrong 

Philip Stewart Aronson 

Jesse Leon Ash 111 

Brian Joseph Averi 

Reza Azarbal 

Clifford Charles Baker 

John Thomas Baker 

Robert Lee Baker 

Michael Lee Bausch 

Frederic M. Bauthier 
"Barbara Gail Beck 

Susan Wanda Benedick 

Pauline Black 

Andrew Steven Blake 

RotrautZimmermann Bockstahler 

Pamela Sue Bonacci 

Harry Arthur Boswell III 

Linda Marie Bowers 

Joseph George Boyer 

Robert Eugene Bradecamp 

William Kevin Breitenberg 

Diane Howell Brown 

Joan Mary Bull 

Jo Ann Bunger 

Karen Beth Burd 

Charles Herbert Bury, Jr. 

H. Michael Butler 

Howard Benson Caplan 

Donald Lester Carrick 
§Francisco Carrion 

Carmen Teresa Cartagena 

Robert Frank Castaneda 

Dorothea Francesca Christiano 

Michael Sanders Cochran 

Isaac Perry Cocke, Jr. 

Floyd Wallace Cockran 

Lisa Jan Cohen 

Bernard DeLano Connelly 

Kevin Michael Costello 

James Franklin Coulbourne 

John Lawrence Cowley 

Christopher Thomas Crain 
'David James Crowley 

Kevin Cummins 

Thomas Hughes Curtain 

David Philbrook Daggett 

Daniel Douglas Christopher 
tCamille Annette D'Ascoli 

Keith Evan Davenport 

Ann Amelia Davis 

Paul Davis 

Kae Reynolds Denning 

Robert Harris Doe 

Sarah Marshall Doolittle 

Dennis Raymond Dorsett 

Kevin Patrick Dowling 

Robert Craig Dukes 

Barbara Reese Eckman 

Kenneth Orlando Edmonds 

Pauline Garber Emenheiser 

Kenneth Joseph Emig 

Michael Todd English §Summa 

James Edward Eppard 

Ann Elizabeth Evans 

James Howard Evans 

Michael Dennis Feeney 

Medina Feingold 

Marilyn Mindy Feuchs 

John David Finch 

Ken C. Finkel 

Paul Edmund Fischetti 

Robert Thomas Fitzgerald 

John Lawrence Fitzwater 

Patrick Robert Flanagan 

Sylvia Ines Florez 
'Patricia Anne Flynn 

Sylvia Yeash Fountain 

Raymond William Fox 
§Dianne DeVeaux Francis 

Gwendolyn Mary Frazier 

Nancy Freudenberg 

Paula Gaerlan 

Linda Rose Gagliardi 

Edward Mark Gallagher 

Deborah Ann Gerrity 

Edward Paul Gibson 

David Matthew Gilipn 

Diane Joan Glasser 

Mary Beth Golden 

Alan Mark Goldscheider 
" Debra Lynne Goldstein 

Richard Ira Greenspan 

Sara Ann Grier 

Verna Rae Griffin 

Carol Susan Griffith 

Linda A Hacker 

Margaret H. Hall 
"Stephen Harold Hamburg 

Robert Lee Hamilton 

Kenneth N Hammer. Jr 
tMargaret Eileen Harmsen 
"Philip Harrigan 

Crafton J Hayes 

Frances L Hennigan 

Anne Caussin Henninger 

JoAnn Patricia Henry 

Brian Edward Hinkson 

Alene Susan Hirsch 

Eugene Charles Holland 

Stephen Decker Hull 

Charles Marius Itte, II 

Louis Dee Jacobs 

Karen Jeanette Jacobson 
§Nancy A. Jewell 

Colon Wendell Johnson 

Darlene Ada Johnson 

John Michael Johnson 

Robert Samuel Johnson 

Walter Fisher Johnson 

Pauline Terri Jones 

Joseph Krieger Kahn 

Barbara Wohl Karp 

Audrey Lawonne Kelly 

Russell LeRoy Kerber 

Valerie Terry Ketcham 

Cum Laude: tMagna Cum Laude, 'Cum Laude 

Douglas Brady Kirkpatrick 

Debra Jane Kurtz 

Michael Roy Lake 

Arthur Lawrence Lambert. Ill 

Douglas Richard Leander 

Marcy Andrea Leon 

Scott Davis Leonard 

Joanne Justine Leonardi 

Emanuel Morrie Levin 

Barbara Faye Levine 

Barry Ray Levine 

David Joseph Levine 
tMichael B. Lichtenstein 

Susan Deborah Lowenthal 

James Michael Luby 

Steven Louis Mackler 

Patrick O'Boyle Maier 

Ricardo Reyes Mararac 

Philippe Martin 
tThomas Albert McCarty. Jr 
'Elizabeth Sheridan McConnell 

Phyllis McCready 

Judith Farrar McDowell 
§Marcia Kay McGinness 

Phyllis Gail McKenzie 

Peter Paul Mechak 
'Stephen David Melkisethian 

Gary Michael Miller 

Steven Mark Mintzer 

John William Molyneaux 

Arnold Rodrigo Moorin 

Melissa Gregory Morey 

Glen Douglas Morgan 

Merrill Keith Morris 

Patrick Edward Morrison 

Seyed Ali Mortazavi 

Sherry Lynne Moyers 

Diana Virginia Mukitarian 

George Burton Muller. II 

Charles Leo Mundell 

Helene Marie Murphy 

Timothy Brian Murphy 

Mary Clair Murray 

Richard Nathan Nassau 

Joseph Robert Nicholas 

Gary John Niels 

Clyde William Northrop. Jr. 

Vickie Renee Olafson 

William John Palk 

Dorothy Ann Pappafotis 

Gary Douglas Pate 

Laura Elena Paugh 

Michele Louise Paynter 

Shelley Ann Peabody 

Maria Eugenia Pena 

William James Peters 

Alma Helene Pinchotti 

Carol Price 

Gary Louis Regotti 

Terry L Reinhardt 

James Donaldson Richey. Jr 
Richard Joseph Rieu 
Paul A Robbins 

Lynda Patricee Robertson 
Michael Dale Robinson 

§Howard Jay Rosenstock 
Carl William Roy. II 
George C Ruckel. Jr. 
Timothy Joel Rzepka 
Mariana D J. Santana 
David Schaeffer 
Edward Lewis Scheiderer 

'Ruth Evans Schena 

"Alexander Schneider 
Tama Hast Schriver 
Debra Lynn Schwartz 
Ronald Lee Schwartz 
Ilene Jerryl Selfon 
Robin Lucille Semas 
Hossein Shahbazian 

tDebra Gail Shalowitz 
Elizabeth Adams Sheard 
David Gary Shipley 
Michael Jon Siemien 
Nancy Kay Simpson 
Stephen Leonard Sloan 
Beatrice L. Small 
Howard Bradley Smith 
Patricia Christine Smith 
Regina Smith 
Richard Warfield Smith 
Sarah Ellen Smith 
Ricardo Soto 
Mark Allan Spencer 
Gail Lucille Spicer 
Stephanie Susan Spicer 
Joseph Lynn Sprague 
Eric Stansbury 
Geary Andrew Statham 
Jane Steiglitz 
Cynthia A. Stifter 
Michael Franklyn Stone 
Brenda Elaine Stradford 
Russell Jay Strickland 
Marc Jay Strumpf 
Jo Ann Sures 
Deborah Irene Taylor 
Diane Elizabeth Taylor 
Linda Eloise Tilghman 
Barbara C. Tindall 
Richard Gene Tormoehlen 
Mark Webster Trent 
Lee B Tuchman 
Hernan Vera C. 
Hugh Frederick Vivian 
Deborah Clarice Watts 
Steven Joseph Weiler 
Betty Faye Weinryb 
John A. Welch 
Janet Ruth Wheeler 
Timothy Williams Wheeler 

lAlan Gerald Whicher 
Veronica Michelle White 
Samuel David Willocks 
Bruce Edward Wilson 

§Summa Cum Laude, tMagna Cum Laude. 'Cum Laude 

Marc Blaine Winer 
Barrv Lynn Wood 
Michael Hunt Wright 
Carmine John Zeccardi 
Jeffrey Neal Zeller 
§Susan Bette Zuckerman 

Bachelor of Science 

tSarah R Agre 
William Wallace Austin 
Alma Louise Bailey 
Patricia Diane Beall 

'William Belief 
Perrin Louis Blank 
Michael John Boyland 
Georgia Tze Ying Chao 
Deborah Dean Dougherty 
Thomas Patrick Driscoll 
Steven Ira Dworkin 
Anthony Carl Fazio 
Ronald Paul Fedoryk 

' Jeffery Cole Frazier 
Patrick William French 
Charles Nelson Gallagher 
Irving Louis Garfinkle 
Laurie Leah Goldrick 

'Roberta Susan Grossman 
Jeffrey Curtis Henry 
Kenneth Daurice Hill 
Patsy Gail Hill 
Cheryl Lee Judy 
Cem A Karabekir 
Joseph Forrest Keehan 
James T. King 
Jeffrey Leroy Knight 
Janice Z. Levinson 
McAdory Lipscomb. Jr 
Michael Dean Malament 
Thomas Patrick Maloney 
Victor Peter Markuski. Jr. 
Dale Robert McHenry 
Joel Ripley Miller 
Sandra Beth Mitzner 
Fernando Luis Mola Davis 
John Charles Mundell 
Catherine Ann Pennington 
John Joseph Quinn 
Robert Alan Reff 
Trinita Celeste Robinson 

'Donna J. Ross 
Sheri L. Rowen 
David Lloyd Rush. Jr. 
Ellen Marie Shafer 
Richard Allen Shavatt 
Ivan Gary Sirkis 
Kenneth Craig Spencer 
Leslie Carol Treff 
John Garnett Trumpower 
Bernice Lavine Turnipseed 
Michael A Vernon 
Timothy Turner Watson 
Michael Joseph Workinger 
James Ken Yoshimoto 

' Ann Walker Zimmerman 

College of Education 

Candidates will be presented by 
Dr Robert L Emans. Dean of the 

Bachelor of Arts 

Patricia A. Jean Barile 

Helen Adele Baxter 

Stephen Richard Bennett 

Robert William Boyle. Jr. 

Susan Camille Brisson 

Michael Cole Brown 
' Karen Ann Combs 

Margaret Elizabeth Daley 

Alma Rose Erazo 

Martine Ferretti 

Jane Elizabeth Finch 

Marcia Lynn Freas 

Patricia Vicki Frederick 

Kathleen Frick 

Gail Hyetta Friedman 

Deborah Jean Gahs 

John Jeffrey Gibbons 

Robert Anthony Giuliani 

Antoinette Alyce Guerin 

Sonja Habermann 

Suzanne Hatzenbuhler 

Jean Cathleen Helms 

Carol Lynn Hendrick 

Pamela Louise Higgins 

Andrea Muriel Jones 

Jessica L. Kovich 

Loren Benjamin Lathrop 

Mark Keith Lee 

Bertrand Paul L'Homme 

John Anthony Liapis 

Louise M. Lynch 

Catherine M. Malinowski 

Janet Christine Martin 

Joseph Edward McGolrick 

Jeanmarie McNiff 

John Carroll Meier 

E. Jeannette Feronti Moore 

Karen Lee Pinkus 

Annette B. Richard 

Brenda Dayle Roby 

Rachel Rosner 

Thomas Ward Schuetzle 

Jonathan Killian Schwind 

Sandra Lynn Sisson 

Steven Leslie Solomon 

Elen Darlene Sorin 

Jan Susan Sturza 

Thomas John Valeri 

Stephen Joseph Warminski, Jr. 
§ Marian Clare Zamostny 

Bachelor of Science 

Gary Ralph Alston 
Gail Gauzza Ammons 
Marilyn Anne Amsler 
§Gay Lisbeth Anderson 

December Bachelors 25 

Janis Marie Andretta 
Susan Hope Axelrod 
Vernon Kyle Bailey 
§ Martha Page Beach 
William E. Becker, Jr. 
Wendy Barbara Berns 
Beverly Sue Blacher-Eide 
Barbara Jean Blair 
t Steven Hamilton Blevins 
'Suzanne Eileen Bodine 
§ Marilyn Ruth Bonebrake 
Vicky Lynne Bowen 
Doreen Elise Caplan 
Renee J. Cappell 
Robert George Carey, Jr. 
Julia Elaine Carlson 
Larry Randall Case 
Timothy Bruce Christ 
Dolores Lewis Clarke 
Susan Margaret Cleaver 
Allen Bruce Cohen 
Michael Noel Cohen 
' Karen Joan Concannon 
Christine Anne Cook 
t Deborah Fredericks Coote 
Neil P. Cornwell 
Kathleen Evelyn Kotz Corwin 
Joanne Stephanie Corzine 
Karen Elaine Counts 
§Mary Margaret Dague 
Linda Marie Davenport 
Michael Lee Davis 
Mildred Beatrice Davis 
Susan Lee Davis 
Mary Frances Claire Day 
' Deanna Lynn Deitchler 
Courtney Moffatt Delfino 
Jacqueline Dennard 
Pamela Harris Dennison 
Janet Pressman DeVore 
Debra Ann Dingier 
Christine Marie Dixon 

Mary Celeste Draper 

Caren Ann Eby 

Dolores Marianna Gill Erickson 

Sharon Lee Falk 

Flavia Maria Favali 

Barbara Jo Feldman 

Richard M. Feraco 

Rodney D. Fiorito 

Brigid Patricia Fitzpatrick 

Ian A. Fosler 

Mary Ellen Hoagland Galvan 
"Pamela Ann Gast 

Saron Sue Goldrich 

Mary Rita Gough 

Carole Ann Green 

Virginia Marie Grosskurth 

Nancy Carroll Hand 

John Michael Hanyok 

C. Karen Harden 

Sallie Todd Harrison 
t Judith Gail Harshman 

26 December/Bachelors 

Nancy E. Haushalter 

Patricia Alice Hayre 

Amanda Kay Heatherley 

Robert Conrad Henry 

Beverly Lynn Herron 

Catherine Anne Higgins 

Joy Nell Humphrey 

James Elliott Humphreys 

Mary E. Hutton 

Sandi L. Jacks 

Mary Josephine Jelacic 

Bonnie Sue Johnson 

Susan Ebert Johnson 

Beverly Ann Jones 

Susan Pauline Jones 

Shelley Diane Kaufman 

Hazel Lee Kennedy 

John Filmore Kimball, Jr. 

Paula Mary Kirkwood 

Michele Kistle 

Craig Douglas Koch 

Letitia Marie Kreiter 

Weng Cheong Lai 

Marylou Lamb 

Bonnie Maguerite La Padula 

Joanne Layton 

Nicholas Lazaris 

Marlene Beth Leace 

Robert Walsh Lebherz, III 

Brenda Denise Lee 

John Carlton Lee 

Therese B. Leeke 

Kathy Roseann Leshnick 

Barry Ira Levine 

Deborah Ann Levine 

Martha Elaine Levy 

Harry Alexander Lewis 

Joseph Jacob Lighrfuss. Jr. 
'Stephen Lawrence Linehan 

Jan Elizabeth Pezac Lucas 

Sheila M. Mackin 

Janell Elizabeth Madden 
' Nancy Lynn Mahan 

Sherry Christine Main 

Lambro Constandinos Manikas 

Kathleen A. Marmer 

Robert John Mascio 

Linda Ann Mathes 

Paul Kevin McCarthy 

Elizabeth Lander McConkey 

Finis Harry McGraw. Jr. 

Susan Machell McKinley 

David Michael Meltzer 
' Michael Alan Milburn 

Deborah Paige Miller 

Teresa May Miller 

Richard Francis Minchik 

Carolyn S. Morningstar 
tMary Margaret Murtha 

GailS. W. Nadel 

Carol Susan Naiman 

Jeritza Celeste Neal 

Maria Daphne Nicholson 

Angelo Rinaldo Orelli 
Mary Louise Ouderkirk 

Robert Houston Palm, Jr. 

Irene Savvas Pantelides 

Beverly M. Parr 

Adele Ann Pavsner 

Raymond Osborne Pluemer 

Larry Alan Polokoff 

Janet Arlene Posner 
' Sheri Fran Posner 

Roderlyn Marcia Pugh 

Charles Joseph Puglisi, Jr. 

Lloyd Haven Putzek 

Robyn Renee Randall 

Regina Virginia Rawlings 

Barbara Jean Ray 

Renee Susan Renshaw 

Mark Allen Ruhl 

Marian Farideh Sabety-Dzvonik 

Sherry Linda Safran 
' Laurie Jill Saltz 

Betty Ann Saunders 

Christine Marie Schmidt 

Cynthia Louise Scribner 

Laura C. Sega 

Robert Sherlock Shippen 

Damian Paul Smigocki 

Margaret Ann Sodee 

Laurie Norma Solomon 

Kathleen Mary Spenser 
t Kathleen Mary Stahle 

Beverly Stocksdale 

Joseph Patrick Sullivan 

Suzanne Davis Swagart 
t Michelle Ann Swoben 

Ann Elizabeth Tanis 

Catherine Joan Taylor 

Diane Elizabeth Thorpe 

Kristine Ann Thorson 

Charles Thomas Trenary 

Joana Dalia Vaiciulaitis 

Judith Zwirn Voelske 

Sandra M. Wallace 

David William Webster 

Kingsley Montgomery Weest, Jr. 

Patricia Monica Wellington 

Clayton George Werner 

Patricia Lorraine White 

Susan Mary Willett 
' Audrylee M. Williams 

Oveta Marie Willie 

Debra Lee Wyvill 

Michael Peter Zajac 

Shelley Zavlek 

Marcie Jan Zeigfinger 

College of Human 

Candidates will be presented by 
Dr. John R Beaton. Dean of the 

Bachelor of Science 

Mary Eleanor Armstrong 
Diane Lindsay Askew 
Bennet Noel Babcock 

Janet Ilene Baer 
Ellen Pamela Bauman 
Janis Elizabeth Beacham 
William Albert Bergstrom 
Jonathan Marc Binder 
Carolyn Childs Binns 
Elaine Marie Breed 
Donna Lee Brodsky 
Amanda May Brown 
Jhan-Marta Caldwell 
Christopher Lawrence Carone 
Gail Denise Chipman 
Barry David Cohen 
David Jaye Cohen 
Linda Deborah Cohen 
Kevin Thomas Conheeney 
Carol V. Cowie 
Rita Dale Crawford 
Patricia Ann Crow 
tRuthH. Deckelbaum 
Janet Susan Dempsey 
Denise Dorsey 
Elizabeth Rowland Edgar 
Elizabeth Anne Foust 
Debra Jill Frid 
Deborah Anne Garrison 
Linda Louise Glatz 
Gail G. Grahn 
Patricia Anne Grove 
Marsha Anne Harding 
Jill Alfred Hartog 
Priscilla Jane Hash 
Theresa Ann Hassett 
Jane Beck Higgins 
Elizabeth Hilferty 
Charlene Howard 
' Mary Moore Hutchinson 
Nancy Lee Israel 
Penny Kay Jarrett 
Marilynn Beth Kaplan 
Judith Lynn Kastner 
* Rena Marie Keirs 
Craig Mitchell Kellstrom 
Joyce Ellen King 
t Deborah Ann Law 
Cheryl Marion Lawrence 
Pamela Jane Leary 

Susan Marie Leginus 

John M. Liebman 

Christel Louise Looft 
' Karen Lynne Lovell 

Diane Frances Lowe 

Bonnie Lynn McNinch 
tSherryl Lynn Meier 

Sharon Marie Mijan 

Lorraine Marian Muller 

Jan Isabelle Neal 
' Carolyn Elaine Noe 

Anita Margaret O'Brien 

Gbolahan Olusegun Onayemi 

Nancy Lynn Onderka 

Linda Kube O'Neill 

Robert Bruce Owen 

§Summa Cum Laude. tMagna Cum Laude. 'Cum Laudt? 

Susan Ann Petroski 

Gail Katherine Rosman 

Mary Edwards Salzman 

Angela Erica Screven 

Mary Jo Scribner 
' Carrie Susan Sensenbaugh 

Karen Marcia Shaughnessy 

Lynne Gail Sigelbaum 

Debra Ann Skarwecki 

Mary Sheila Smith 

Elizabeth Anne Sparks 

Theresa Ann Squadere 

Mary Lyn A. Staples 

Barbara Ellen Stern 

Melissa Merlin Stevens 
§ Dorothy Venezky Streett 

Linda Susan Sullivan 

Patricia Diane Sullivan 

Thompson Carolyn Elaine 

Gillian Gabrielle Thompson 

Kathryn Anne Treber 

Gay Yvette Tucker 

Julie Gail Victorian 

Janice Gail Werner 

Lawrence Judge White 

Sandra Kay White 

Karen Eva Wohlfarth 

Janice Louise Wright 

Carol Elizabeth Yopconka 

Victoria Edwards Zacepilo 

College of Physical 
Education, Recreation 
and Health 

Candidates will be presented by 
Dr John J Burt. Acting Dean of 
the College 

Bachelor of Science 

Robert F. Allen 
Holly Clare Amos 
Stanley Wayne Arnold 
Richard Earl Barr 
Barbara Jane Beal 
Wayne Albert Clark 
Jeffrey Mark Cohen 
Michael Connolly 
Barrie Jean Egerton 
Ronald Ernst 
Philip Andrew Gambino 
Suzanne Jane Garretson 
Philip John Genua. Jr. 
Terry Dean George 
Michael Grossman 
Dennis Henry Groves 
Mary Ann Haggerty 
Thomas Scott Hamilton 
Trudell Harris 
Patricia Lynn Hayes 
Richard Doyle Henderson 
Phyllis Gail Henley 
Kevin Lance Hicks 

Tyrus B. Hunt 

Richard Anthony Intellini 
' Deborah Ann Jones 

Faith Coady Kolodziejski 
'Susan Elizabeth Kosisky 
tMaryann Krainak 

Paula Ann Meek 

Theodore Alan Miller 

Delorise Morgan 

Sharon Ann O'Brien 

Charles Howard Parker, Jr. 

Martin Dawson Peatross 

Letty Jeanne Peery 

Danny Jan Pepe 

Joseph Samuel Perzella, Jr. 

Brian Francis Petonic 

Beth Anne Randall 

Susan Jane Reynolds 

Richard Joseph Romeo 

Arnold James Sanow 

John A. Schaefer 

Beverly Lynn Shaffer 
§Helaine Lyn Silberman 

Dennis Lee Sirbaugh 

Sharon Diane Skinner 

Ernie Raymond Stiegler 

Sara Stolero 

Theresa Corrine Sullivan 

Gerald Anthony Turi 

Michael Edward Whitsitt 

George Elmer Wilbur 

Dinorah Elizabeth Youso 
'Noni Anne Zollinhofer 

College of Engineering 

Candidates will be presented by 
Dr Robert B Beckmann. Dean 



Mansoor Ahmed 
Fred Ambrose 
Mark Francis Arnold 
William B. Barkley, Jr. 
Edward George BeadenkoptvY" 
Wayne Andrew Campbell t 
Lorry M i chae l Chanoy 
Robert Owen Cherney 
Ricky Frank Comoglio 
Raymond S. Connell, Jr. 
'-Clark Timothy Culp 
Patrick Gorard Cunningham 
Richard Francis Dague 

Tuan H. Dao 
Stephen Lawrence Dillier 
James Lester Dillon 
David V. Downes 
Craig M. Ebersole 
Jacob El-Gamil 
Shimon Eliezer 
Kayode Hakim Epemolu 
f John William Gay 

of the College 
Bachelor of Science 


■ 33 



• 1 

' Phillip Ermin Gesotti 
Stephen Vincent Goley 
Thomas Jeffrey Goodwin 

'Carlton Kenneth Gutschick 
Thoodoro Frodricli Hammer 
Bruce Wayne Harrington 
Norman Keith Harrison 
Michael Brian Hayden 
William Gordon Heinmiller 
Guy Michael Hickey 
Robert Claronco Hook . , Jr. 
Glenn Thomas Hoynoski 
William Andrew Hughes 

§Michael Bayard Jewell 
Andrew Frank Johnson 
Andre Kebreau 
Jeffrey Allan Kraller 
Gerard Michael Kramer 

^-Pred Andrew Lange. Jr 
Yunan Lay , 

■(James David LechJSecker 
Ronald Yu Leung 
Sheldon Terry Levine 

§Keith William Lindler 
Thomas Gary Lovett 
Mariano Martin 

. Anthony Joseph Mazur, Jr. 
Steven Eugene Meador 
William Kelvin Mosley 
Arthur William Nair 
Jaime Luis Negron 
Tariq Mohammad Niaz 
Theodore John Nykula 

" Robert Louis Palla, Jr 
Paul Stewart Palmiter 
John Joseph Phillips, III 
Andris Plavnieks 
Richard Lynn Powell 
Joseph John Prindeze 

— Dennio Chorloo Pylo 

NicholasJJhillip Schmitt 

Henry George Schuett, Jr. 

Glenn Howard Seaman 

Randy Vincent Seifarth 

Karl L. Sherman 

Raymond Allan Shil i noki 

Neal Alan Siegel 
v^Suy Bruce Spear-("V 

Christian Franz Steinbrecher 

Philip Preston Stewart 
'Richard B. W. Sutermeister 

Ibrahima Syllo 


ISumma Cum Laude. tMagna Cum Laude; 'Cum Laude 


Joseph F Tahan 
Mohammad Reza Tara 
Timothy Lawrence Theis 
Kenneth Donald Thompson 
William Preston Thorwarth 
John Paul Torres 
Kristan B Uebersax 
Jacob Shields Ulrich 
David Michael Versace 
— Joaeph Frank V r cal i li — 
Robert Andrew Walter 
'Thomas Allan Waters 
Peter Thomas Watkinson 

Peter Ulljens West 
tNadine Mary White I't-MA'^ " Mr ' 

George Roman W i onicwalu 

James Nicholas Yates 

Jimmy Kell Young 

Saeid Zarrabian 

Donald Eugene Zehner , -, 

tAnn Walker Zimmerman fi,^* 

Division of 
Mathematical and 
Physical Sciences 
and Engineering 

Candidates will be presented by 
Dr, Joseph M Marchello, Provost 
of the Division 

Bachelor of Science 

Jonathan R. Agre 
§Chris William Alexion 

Donna P. Alter 

Ronald Patrick Altomare 

Hema S. Athavale 

James Michael Brown 

Louis M. Brune 

Timothy L. Cannon 

Carl S. Carlson 

Godfrey Byrd Child, Jr. 

William Mark Clark 

Eugene Devere Day 

James William Hardy, II 

Barbara Ann Heazel 

Phyllis Annette Hewitt 

Phillip Howard Horvitz 

Jean Quek Hwang 

Michael P. Keane 

Laura Christine Kinsey 

Jeanne Louise Kofroth 

John Samuel Kurnas. Jr. 

Vincent Leung-Yau Lam 

Russell Carroll Lynch, Jr. 

Marc Lyle Moshman 

Robert Allan Myhre 
"John P. Nolan 

Anthony James Paolini 
\ Robert Tadlock Park 
) JamesHarveyRowland.lll 
tCharles Joseph Ryan 

Sherry Lynn Sandoval 

Carol Jeanne Skeen 

Russell Clark Smith 

Janice A. Spielman 

Mark Stega 

Richard Francis Stein 

Kenneth S. Takemoto 

Stuart Frederick Tirsun 
' Barbara Tamar Trombka 

Carolyn Elizabeth Watkins 

Alan Jay Weiner 

David Nelson Wells 

December/Bachelors 27 


Academic Honors 

William Loam Wilder 
Kenneth Richard Willig 
John Jerome Wilson 
Mary Lynn Wilson 
Donald Myron Witters, Jr. 
Robert Franklin Wood, Jr. 
Pamela Anita Yakely 

Undergraduate Studies 

Candidates will be presented by 
Dr. Robert E. Shoenberg, 

Administrative Dean for 

Undergraduate Studies 

Bachelor of General Studies 

Walter Davidson Appleby 

Robert Clyde Barnhart 

Henry H. Bernstein 

Robin Misner Blankenship 

Kathryn Ann Booth 

James Alan Clearwater 
'Carole A Corrigan 
tSusan Carroll Dagnall 

Jan D. Davis 

Margaret Elaine Denney 

Deborah Lou Dudderar 

Lloyd Frederick Edwards, III 

Larry Ameche Evans 

Jeffrey Neil Feldman 

Francis Aloysius Fenton, Jr. 

Robert Steven Gershon 

Kathleen Jane Gracia 

Milton Arnold Greenbaum 

Lauri Maria Greenstein 

Michael Lane Gwinn 

Sandra Elizabeth Hametz 

Linda Resmini Handy 

Carol Elizabeth Hartley 

Steven Monroe Herbert 

Diane Kathleen Hujar 

David Christopher Hyde 

Raymond Der Kee 

Mary Lou Kehoe 

Barry Michael Levin 

Barry Stuart Lustberg 

Jeffrey Brian Mclntyre 
'Kathleen Marie Miller 


Richard Joseph Poppleton 

Susan Mary Richardson 

Michael Joseph Rittmeyer 

Barbara Ann Sauter 

Donald John Selkirk 

Kurt M. Springmann 

Linda Sennstrom Stout 

Mary Janice Taylor 

Joan vanBuskirk 

John James Vesce 

Mark William Wadden 

Craig D. Williams 

Christopher Joseph Wolfe 

Bachelor of Science 

tRichard Charles Bartel 

College of Arts 
and Sciences 

Bachelor of Arts 

Gregory Thomas Alexander 
Christina Elizabeth Casey 
Hong Ngoc Thi Dao 
Laura Emley Dixon 
Rosann Juliet Goodrich 
Linda Marie Ingalls 
Nancy Louise Jacobson 
Thomas Leland Lane 
Shiela Ludwick 
Martha Jane Plaster 
Janice C. Strickland 
Kathleen Joyce West 

Bachelor of Science 

§Amy Jane Beyer 
Jan Nils Johannessen 

§Joel Aaron Kramer 
Stephen Craig Sturgeon 
Geoffrey Bruce White 

College of Business 
and Public 

Bachelor of Science 

Douglas Arthur Barkley 
Rogert Gerald Bolt 
Charles Richard Faircloth 
Thomas Richard Hager 
Howard Paul Sachs 

Candidates for bachelor's degrees who have 
earned honors for scholarship upon gradua- 
tion are indicated in the alphabetical listings 
by Division or College To be eligible for 
consideration for such honors a candidate 
must meet the following general criteria: 
(1) have completed two years of work at the 
University of Maryland (60 semester hours) 
and (2) have a scholastic average of B 
(Grade Point Average of 3 000) or higher in 
University of Maryland work prior to the 
last semester of registration before award of 
the degree. 

Beginning with the December 1975 grad 
uating class a change was made in the basis 
employed for determining scholarship 
honors and in the designations used in 
awarding these honors. Honors designa- 
tions are now limited to the top ten per- 
cent instead of the top twenty percent of 
the candidates in each College or Division, 
and Latin names have been adopted for the 

Thus, the graduates in the alphabetical lists 
for August 31. 1975. who met the above 
general criteria are shown as graduating 
"With High Honors'" if they ranked in the 
top ten percent of the candidates in their 
College or Division; "With Honors," if they 
ranked in the second ten percent 

However. December 1975 candidates who 
met the general criteria are shown in the 
alphabetical lists as qualifying, upon gradu 
ation, for the designations "Summa Cum 
Laude" if they ranked in the top two per- 
cent of the candidates in their respective 
Colleges or Divisions; "Magna Cum Laude," 
if in the next three percent; or "Cum 
Laude," if in the next five percent 

General Honors Program 

Jonathan David Libber' " 
Barbara Tamar Trombka 

Departmental Honors 

With High Honors in Chemistry 
Brian Craig Lerner 

With High Honors in English 
Lisa Bilik* " * 

With High Honors in Speech and 
Dramatic Art 

Caryn Eve Wiener 

With Honors in Chemistry 
Mark Christopher Regan 

With Honors in French Language 
and Literature 

Hong Ngoc Thi Dao 

With Honors in Mathematics 
Laura Christine Kinsey 
John P. Nolan 
James Harvey Rowland III 

With Honors in Microbiology 
Mary Margaret Baldini 

"Graduated May 11. 1975 
'"Graduated August 31. 1975 

28 December Bachelors/Honors 

A Walking Tour Through the College Park Campus 

There are many interesting educa- 
tional and research facilities on the 
College Park Campus. We have 
selected some of these that you 
may wish to visit along a walking 
tour. These facilities are open 
on weekdays from 8:30 a.m. to 
4:30 p.m. You are welcome to tour 
them at your leisure. Other points 
of interest on campus may be 
toured by appointment through 
the phone extension listed after 
each facility. For general infor- 
mation call the Student Union 
Information Center (454-2801). 


(BLDG. 78) Regents Drive 
Open to visitors weekdays 8:30 
a.m. to 4:30 p.m. A schedule of 
multi-denominational services can 
be obtained in the North Admin- 
istration Bldg. 


83)Regents Drive 
This facility houses the Admissions 
Office of the University; Office of 
the Registrar for graduate trans- 
cripts and commencement infor 
mation; and offices for student 
financial aid. housing, and campus 

RARY-(BLDG. 120) Corner of 
of Regents and Campus Drives 
Completed in 1972. the library is 
one of the finest in the nation. In 
addition to serving undergraduate 
students, it also houses at the 
graduate level the College of 
Library and Information Services 

110) Campus Drive 
A new addition to the Student 
Union was completed in 1972. 
You can obtain a building directory 
and schedules of events and activi- 
ties at the information desk in the 
front lobby. Guided tours are 
available to the bowling alleys, 
billiard room, ballroom, cafeterias, 
motion picture theatre, and ex- 

(BLDG.27) Campus Drive 
With a permanent seating capacity 
of 12,500. the Main Auditorium of 
of Cole Fieldhouse is used for 
basketball games, classes in physical 
education, commencements, con- 
certs, academic testing, track, and 
many other indoor activities. Other 
areas of the building contain 
small gymnasiums, a swimming 
pool, classrooms, faculty offices, a 
ticket booth for athletic events, and 
the Department of Intercollegiate 

TER-(BLDG.115)Campus Drive 
You are welcome to visit the Art 
Gallery on the first floor. Offices of 
the departments of art, music, 
speech and dramatic art, and hear- 
ing and speech sciences are 
housed in this building. Univer- 
sity Theatre is also located here, 
adjacent to Parking Lot *1. 


(BLDG.8)Campus Drive 
You are invited to walk through 
this facility and view displays of 
of student architectural designs and 
the faculty-designed sculpture in 
the West Court. 

Tours by Appointment 

CYCLOTRON, Department of 

Physics and Astronomy. The Cyclo- 
tron is available for touring on Mon- 
days from 10-4 p.m. by prior 
arrangement. (Ext. 4152) 

EDUCATION. The Center of 
Adult Education is a residential 
conference facility for continuing 
education for adults. Tours can be 
arranged by appointment. 

new modular housing units are 
a unique innovation in student 
housing. (Ext. 4148) 


games and track and field events 
are held in this stadium which holds 
35,000 spectators. (Ext. 4705) 


Keldin contains materials for the 
use of graduate students and 
faculty. Tours can be arranged 
by appointment. (Ext. 4042) 

VATORY. Open House is held 
on the 5th and 20th of each month 
at 8:30 p.m. for the general public. 
Large groups may call for reser- 
vations at 454-3001. (For other 
information call Ext. 3460) 


oldest building on the College 
Park Campus, Rossborough Inn 
is open to the public for lunch 
from 11:30 to 1:30 p.m. (Ext. 


Cole Field House Seating 


main entrance 
& exits 

Section 1 

Section 2 

Section 3 

Section 4 


Graduate School 

Business and Management 

Undergraduate Studies 

Agricultural and Life Sciences 


Behavioral and Social Sciences 

Human Ecology 


Mathematical and Physical Sciences and 

Physical Education, Recreation and 




Arts and Humanities