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Today some 2000 students 
will be awarded degrees in 
more than 200 fields oF 
intellectual study. Each of 
you deserves special honor 
for having chosen your goal 
and pursued it, regardless of 
obstacles, to successful 
completion. We are proud 
of what you have accom- 
plished here. 

The primary purpose of a 
university is to provide an 
environment for the 
discovery, critical examina- 
tion, preservation and 
transmission of knowledge, 
wisdom and values that will 
help ensure the survival of 
present and future genera- 
tions with continuing 
improvements in the quality 
of life. The extent to which 
we achieve our purpose is 
measured, therefore, not 
only by your accomplish- 
ments, which we honor 
today, but also by your 
success in achieving future 
goals— goals that will help 
make the world a better 
place for future generations. 

We hope that you will want 
to maintain contact with 
your University. It is 
important for us to learn 
from you during the coming 
years how best to serve the 
students who will follow 
you and how best to serve 
the citizens of the com- 
munity of which you now 
become a member. 

Congratulations and every 
good wish for the future. 

R. L. Gluckstern 


December 17, 1976 

2:00 p.m. 

Cole Student Activities 



Robert L. Gluckstern 
College Park Campus 

Master of Ceremonies 

Robert F. McCleary 

Lecturer, Department of 
Speech and Dramatic Art 


University Wind Ensemble 


Crown Imperial 

William Walton 

Conductor, Jerry Gardner 


The Reverend Wofford 

Episcopal Chaplain 

The National Anthem 

University Chorus 

Led by Dr. Paul Traver 


Dr. Wilson H. Elkins 

President of the 

Hugh A. McMullen, Esq. 

Vice Chairman, Board of 


Musical Selections 

Battle Hymn of the 

Howe-Steffe (arr. 


University Chorus and 

Wind Ensemble 

Conductor, Dr. Traver 
/ Love the Lord 

Richard Smallwood 
Going Up Yonder 

Walter Hawkins 

Gospel Choir, University 

of Maryland 

Conductor, Richard 



Dr. Andrew F. Brimmer 

Conferring of Degrees 

Dr. Elkins, Honorary 

Dr. Gluckstern, College 

Park Campus 

Remarks to Graduates 

Lawrence Weiss 

Graduating Senior 
Dr. Gluckstern 

The Alma Mater 


Hail to thee, Maryland! 

Steadfast in loyalty 

For thee we stand. 

Love for the Black and 


Deep in our hearts we hold. 

Singing, thy praise forever, 

Throughout the land. 

Led by 

Dr. Traver 


The Reverend Robert Keffer 
Roman Catholic Chaplain 


Gloria Victoria 
Darius Milhaud 
University Wind 
Conductor, Mr. Gardner 








The Students 

College Park is dedicated to 
young people. The Campus 
gives all students the chance 
to encounter new persons, 
new ideas and new interests, 
all of which they could 
hardly find elsewhere in 
such variety. Students may 
discover ancient Greece for 
the first time; they try their 
hand at art; or they may use 
a computer to help design a 
better environment for man. 

But whatever they investi- 
gate, whether it is under a 
microscope or out in space, 
or within the human mind, 
their experiences sharpen 
their vision and improve 
their judgment. They learn 
in and out of class, by 
relating to many people of 
their own age and by dealing 
with a cultured faculty. 
They are able, in these many 
ways, to better define their 
directions and their goals. 

The Faculty 

The men and women who 
instruct our students at 
College Park are teachers 
and scholars who bring to 
the classroom a depth of 
knowledge, experience and 
learning that ranks among 
the finest of any university 
campus. Their work ranges 
from the study of physical 
forces to the study of man in 
all his complexities. Some 
scholars are searching for 
practical applications of 
solar energy, discovering 
new galaxies of stars or 
researching substitute 
processes for pasteurization 
to increase the shelf life of 
milk, while others are 
administering stress tests to 
study coronarv artery 
disease, debating the 
philosophical beliefs of the 
founders of our nation, or 
studying the world of black 
Americans at the turn of the 
century. All of them are 
sharing the results of their 
learning with their students 
in the classroom. 

One way to describe this 
campus is through the 
interaction of students and 
faculty, but other points of 
view are interesting, too. 

The Campus 

Located in suburban 
Maryland just nine miles 
from the Nation's Capital, 
the College Park Campus 
offers a diversity of cultural 
political and scientific 
resources to its students. 

The campus is a spacious 
one of 1,300 acres. Some of 
its 228 Georgian-style 
buildings overlook playing 

fields, the tree-lined central 
mall, or rolling lawns, while 
one or two border the few 
remaining open fields of 
grazing land belonging to 
the University. 

In enrollment. College Park 
is among the 10 largest 
campuses in the country. 
Undergraduates enrolled in 
fall 1976 numbered over 
29,000 and graduate 
students over 7,t>00 for a 
total enrollment of a record 
36,761. This year's College 
Park operating budget is 
$129,305,017. The Univer- 
sity assisted over 7,000 
College Park students with 
financial aid in 1975-76. 
Students may choose from 
71 undergraduate and 68 
graduate programs leading 
to degrees. In 1975-76, a 
total of 5,058 undergraduate, 
1,477 masters and 3b5 
doctorate degrees were 
awarded by the College 
Park Campus. In number 
of doctorates granted an- 
nually, the University ranks 
among the top thirty in the 


The University had it's 
beginnings in 1807 with 
the establishment in Balti- 
more of the College of 
Medicine, an entirely facul- 
ty-owned institution grant- 
ing the M.D. degree. When 
its name was changed to the 
University of Maryland 
five years later, it was given 
power to confer additional 
degrees. The first dental 
school in America, the 
Baltimore College of Dental 
Surgery, became a part of 
the University in 1840. 

Subsequently, the Univer- 
sity opened schools of 
pharmacy, law and nursing. 

Under a charter secured by a 
group of Maryland planters 
in 1856, the College Park 
Campus of the University, 
then called the Maryland 
Agricultural College, opened 
in 1859 and became one of 
the original land-grant 
schools in 1865. After a 
disastrous fire in 1912, 
the State acquired control 
of the College and bore the 
cost of rebuilding. In 1920, 
the State took over the 
faculty-owned University in 
Baltimore, merging it with 
the State-owned institution 
at College Park to form the 
present day University of 

In 1886, the Delaware 
Conference Academy was 
founded by the Methodist 
Church in Princess Anne, 
Maryland. The State 
acquired this institution in 
1926, making it a division of 
the University of Maryland 
in 1948. It was made a 
campus of the University of 
Maryland Eastern Shore 
(UMES). A new campus 
known as University of 
Maryland Baltimore County 
(UMBC) was opened at 
Catonsville in 1966. 


University libraries include 
approximately 1,534,000 
volumes on the College 
Park Campus, 11,000 
subscriptions to periodicals 
and newspapers, plus nearly 
900,000 microfilm units, as 
well as many slides, film 
strips, music scores and 

The Undergraduate Library 
has a seating capacity of 
4,000 students and is 
among the nation's largest. 
Facilities include a quadra- 
phonic concert room, color 
video tape players and play- 
back units, enclosed rooms 
equipped with instructor's 
consoles for the use of 
nonprint media materials 
and wireless stereo headsets 
for tapes of lectures, plays, 
speeches and music. 

Research Facilities 

Among the exceptional 
research facilities are: a 
140 MeV cyclotron; a 
nuclear reactor; scanning 
electron microscopes; 
subsonic, supersonic and 
hypersonic wind tunnels; 
an electron ring accelerator; 
a precision encoder and 
pattern recognition device; 
a gravitational radiation 
detection system, including 
a gravimeter on the moon; 
a quiescent plasma device 
(Q machine); a psychophar- 
macology laboratory; three 
retro-reflector arrays on 
the moon; rotating tanks 
for laboratory studies of 
meteorological phenomena; 
Van de Graaff accelerators; 
a laboratory for basic 
behavioral research; an 
assortment of computers; 
the Astronomy Observatory 
Center of Materials Re- 
search, Institute for Fluid 
Dynamics and Applied 
Mathematics, Institute for 
Molecular Physics, and the 
Water Resources Research 

The College Park Campus 
also owns and operates one 
of the largest and most 
sophisticated long wave- 
length radio telescopes 
(located in Clark Lake, 
Calif.) and a cosmic ray 
laboratory (located in New 

In addition to these research 
opportunities in the biologi- 
cal, mathematical and 

physical sciences, research 
programs in the behavioral 
sciences, social sciences and 
education exist in many 
bureaus and institutes 
including: the Bureau of 
Business and Economic 
Research, Bureau of Edu- 
cational Research and Field 
Services, Bureau of Gov- 
ernmental Research, Insti- 
tute for Child Study, 
Institute for Criminal 
Justice and Criminology 
and the Institute for Urban 

Academic Costume 

The black caps and gowns 
worn by the students and 
faculty in the academic 
procession are of ancient 
origin. They have been the 
traditional costume of the 
scholar since medieval times 
and probably represent an 
adaptation of the ecclesiasti- 
cal dress, since many of 
the scholars of that period 
were members of monastic 

An intercollegiate commis- 
sion in 1893 drafted a 
uniform code for costumes 
which has since been 
adopted by the majority of 
colleges and universities in 
the United States. 
Each of the three academic 
degrees— bachelor, master 
and doctor— has its own dis- 
tinctive gown and hood. 
The bachelor's gown is 
distinguished by its long 
pointed sleeve. The master's 
gown has a longer, narrow, 
closed sleeve, extending 
below the knee; the arm is 
passed through a slit at 
the elbow. In contrast, the 
doctor's gown has a full 
bell-shaped sleeve with three 
bars of velvet. The opening 
of this gown is faced with 
wide velvet bands. The 
velvet trim may be black or 
of a color indicating the 
general field of learning of 
the wearer, for example, 
blue for philosophy, green 
for medicine, purple for law. 

The most colorful and 
distinctive item of the 
academic costume is the 
hood which passes around 
the neck and extends down 
the back. The doctor's is 
the largest of the hoods and 
the bachelor's the smallest. 
The bachelor's hood is 
often omitted. The color of 
the velvet edging indicates 
the field of learning. Below 
is given a list of department 
or faculty colors. 


Arts, Letters, Humanities/ 

Business Administration, 

Commercial Science/Drab 
Education, Pedagogv/Light 

Fine Arts, Architecture/ 

Home Economics/Maroon 
Humanics/Dark Crimson 
Library Science/Lemon 
Oratory/Silver Gray 
Public Health/Salmon 
Physical Education/Sage 

Science/Golden Yellow 
Social Service/Citron 
Surgical Chiropody/Nile 

Theology and Divinity/ 

Veterinary Sciences/Gray 

The colors of the silk lining 
exposed in the center of the 
hood are those of the college 
or university which con- 
ferred the degree. 

The cap or "mortar board " 
is uniform in design for all 
degrees. The tassel may be 
either black or the color of 
the field of learning. The 
tassel of the doctor's cap 
may be gold. 

From Europe the use of 
academic degrees spread to 
English universities. Har- 
vard University, William 
and Mary and Yale followed 
the British pattern in the 
United States. 

Academic Degrees 

A degree is awarded for the 
successful completion of a 
course of study. There are 
more than 1,600 different 
academic degrees currently 
conferred by American 
colleges and universities. 

The first known degree was 
a doctorate conferred by 
the University of Bologna 
(Italy) in the middle of the 
12th Century. Originally, 
the doctor's and master's 
degrees were used inter- 
changeably, each indicating 
that the holder was qualified 
to give instruction to 
students. The bachelor's or 
baccalaureate degree 
indicated only entrance 
upon a course of study 
preparatory to the doctorate 
or mastership. Gradually, 
however, the bachelor's 
degree came to mean 
successful completion of 
one level of study prepara- 
tory to the higher degrees. 

The Doctor's Degree 

This is a term meaning 
teacher, or instructor, 
applied by ancient Romans 
to those who delivered 
public lectures on philoso- 
phical subjects. In the 
Middle Ages, from the 12th 
century, it came into use as a 
title of honor borne by men 
of great learning. It was 
first made an academic title 
at the University of Bologna, 

which received from the 
emperor the right of 
appointing doctores legum 
(doctor of laws). The 
University of Paris followed 
in 1145. Soon after, the 
popes granted the univer- 
sities the right of appointing 
doctors canonum et 
decretalium (teachers of the 
canon law); and when the 
study of civil law came to be 
combined with that of the 
canon law, the title was 
changed to doctor utriusque 
juris (teacher of both laws). 
The faculties of theology 
and medicine followed that 
of law in conferring this 

The doctorate in philosophy 
and science, and occasional- 
ly in theology and law, is 
given beyond the bacca- 
laureate degree, and requires 
two to five years, the writing 
of a thesis, and the passing 
of written and oral examina- 

The doctor's degree repre- 
sents the most advanced 
earned degree conferred by 
American institutions. 
There are two distinct types: 
the professional or practi- 
tioner's degree, and the 
research degree. The first 
type represents advanced 
training for the practice of 
various professions, 
principally: Doctor of 
Medicine, Doctor of Dental 
Surgery, Doctor of Veteri- 
nary Medicine, Juris Doctor 
and Doctor of Pharmacy. 
These degrees carry no 
implication of original re- 
search and are classified 
by the U.S. Office of 
Education, with bachelor's 
degrees, as the first pro- 

fessional degrees. The Uni- 
versity of Maryland 
awarded the first two dental 
degrees in history, on March 
9, 1841, and invented the 
name of the degree, D.D.S, 
as well. 

The second type of doctor's 
degree is classified as 
research doctorate repre- 
senting prolonged periods 
of advanced study, usually 
accompanied by a disserta- 
tion which is designed to be 
a substantial contribution to 
existing knowledge on the 
subject. The most important 
of these, the Doctor of 
Philosophy, no longer has 
an implication of philoso- 
phy for its holder, but 
represents advanced re- 
search in any of the major 
fields of knowledge. It was 
first awarded in the United 
States by Yale University 
in 1861. 

The first Ph.D. was awarded 
at the University of Mary- 
land in 1920. 

The Master's Degree 

The master's degree is an 
academic honor conferred 
upon students who have 
successfully completed 
work in advance of the 
baccalaureate. A thesis and 
an oral examination are 
usually required. The 
word magister, connected 
with a qualifying phrase, 
was used among the 
Romans as a title of honor; 
but its present meaning 
must be traced to the time 
of the establishment of the 
oldest universities. Regular- 
ly organized faculties were 
not then known as they 
now exist in the universities. 
The whole circle of academic 

activity was limited to seven 
liberal arts, and those who 
received public honors on 
the completion of their 
course of studies, for their 
diligence and knowledge, 
and had already received 
the degree of baccalaureate 
(bachelor) were called 
magistri artium (master of 
the liberal arts). 

In 1920, the new University 
of Maryland awarded its 
first MA. and M.S. degrees 
in fields other than 

The Bachelor's Degree 

The bachelor's degree 
represents completion of a 
four-year course of study of 
collegiate grade and is the 
oldest academic degree used 
by American institutions of 
higher learning. The degree 
Bachelor of Arts was first 
conferred in America in 
1642 on the first nine 
graduates of Harvard Col- 

Maryland Agricultural 
College, which was later to 
become the University of 
Maryland College Park, 
awarded the first Bachelor 
of Arts and Bachelor of 
Science degrees in 1862. 

College Park 

Campus Administration 


Robert L. Gluckstern 
Vice Chancellor for Academic 

David 5. Sparks 

Vice Chancellor for 
Academic Planning 
and Policy 

Thomas B. Day 

Vice Chancellor for 
Administrative Affairs 

John W. Dorsey 
Vice Chancellor for 
Student Affairs 

William L. Thomas, Jr. 

Provosts at College Park 

Division of Agricultural 
and Life Sciences 

Francis C. Stark 
Division of Arts and 

Robert A. Corrigan 
Division of Behavioral 
and Social Sciences 

Dudley DiUard 

Division of Human and 
Community Resources 

George J. Funaro 
Division of 
Mathematical arid 
Physical Sciences and 

Joseph M. Marchello 

Deans at College Park 

School of Architecture 

JohnW. Hill 
College of Agriculture 

Gordon M. Cairns 
College of Business and 

Rudolph P. Lamone 
College of Education 

H. Gerthon Morgan 

College of Engineering 

Robert B. Beckmann 
College of Human 

John R. Beaton 
College of Journalism 

Ray E. Hiebert 
College of Library and 
lnformatior^ Services 

Jerry S. Kidd 

College of Physical 
Education, Recreation 
and Health 

Marvin H. Eyler 
Administrative Dean for 
Graduate Studies 

Robert E. Menzer 


Administrative Dean for 
Summer Programs 

Melvin N. Bernstein 
Administrative Dean for 
Undergraduate Studies 

Robert E. Shoenberg 

Central Administration 
of the University 


Wilson H. Elkins 
Vice President for 

Donald W. OConnell 
Vice President for 
Academic Affairs 

R. Lee Hornbake 
Vice President for 
Graduate Studies arid 

Michael J. Pelczar, Jr. 
Vice Presiderit for 
Agricultural Affairs 
and Legislative 

Frank L. Bentz, Jr. 
Vice President for 

Robert G. Smith 

Board of Regents 


B. Herbert Brown 
Vice Chairman 

Hugh A. McMullen 

Samuel H. Hoover, D.D.S. 

N. Thomas Whittington, Jr. 
Assistant Secretary 

Mrs. Mary H. Broadwater 
Assistant Treasurer 

John C. Scarbath 

Percy M. Chaimson 
Ralph W. Frey 
Barry M. Goldman 
Young D. Hance, ex officio 
Edward V. Hurley 
Gerald F. Miles 
A. Paul Moss 
Peter F. O'Malley 
Joseph D. Tydings 

Officers of 


Dr. Robert C. Wiley, 
Professor, Horticulture 

Associate Chairman 

Dr. Paul R. Poffenberger 
Assoc. Dean, College of 

Uriiversity Marshal 

Dr. Richard H. Jaquith, 
Assistant Vice Chancellor 
for Academic Affairs 


Dr. Eugene W. Troth, 
Professor and Chairman, 
Music Department 

Committee Members 
Dr. Ulysses S. Glee 
Office of Student Aid 
Patrick J. Hunt, Director, 
University Relations 
(College Park) 
Mr. Robert J. Beiter, 
Assoc. Professor, 
Agricultural and Resource 

Mr. John T. Broadbelt, 
Supervisor, Physical Plant 
Dr. Gordon M. Cairns, 
Dean, College of 

Mr. Jackson W. Wilson, 
Admissions and 
Mr. John A. Goecker, 
Director, Food Services 
Ms. Joanne Janus, 
Dr. Conrad B. Link, 
Professor, Horticulture 
Dr. George Marx, 
Professor, Counseling and 
Personnel Service 
Mr. Elwood Gross, 
Physical Plant 
Dr. Doyle P. Royal, Coach, 
Athletic Dept. 
Mr. Charles Jantho, 
Director, Physical Plant 
Mrs. Catherine Banscher, 
Nurse, Health Center 
Col. Alfred J. Hanlon, 
Assoc. Director of 

Lt. James W. Shaffer 
University Police 



Andrew Felton Brimmer, 
former Federal Reserve 
Board member who became 
one of the first board 
members in history publicly 
to defend the policies of 
that body, is particularly 
noted for his contribution 
to the federal effort to halt 

As one of the nation's most 
distinguished economists, 
Brimmer recently became a 
private consultant in 
Washington, D.C., after 
teaching at Harvard Uni- 
versity s School of Business 
Administration for the past 
two years. 

When he left the Federal 
Reserve Board in 1974 for 
a Harvard professorship, 
he apparently still had the 
national economy on his 
mind. In a letter to 
President Ford, Brimmer 
originated the suggestion of 
a 10 per cent rebate of the 
1974 personal income tax 
to stimulate the recession- 
riddled economy. His sug- 
gestion led to congressional 
passage of a tax-reduction 
provision in early 1Q75. 

President Lyndon B. 
Johnson appointed Brimmer 
to the seven-man board in 
1966 when the United 
States was feeling the ef- 
fects of the economic boom 
of 1964-65 and deficit 
spending was on the rise 
and feeding inflation. The 
board's imposition of anti- 
inflationary, tight money 
policies came under attack. 
And for the first time in the 
history of the board, 
Brimmer and board member 
Sherman J. Maisel defended 
the body's policies. 

In 1968, Brimmer was 
chosen as manager of the 
board's foreign-lending 
restraint program. He had 
expertise in that position 
since he had served as 
Assistant Secretary of 
Commerce for Economic 
Affairs— with the task of 
persuading American com- 
panies to restrain their 
overseas investments— prior 
to joining the Federal 
Reserve System. He entered 
full-time, federar service in 
1963 as deputy to the 
assistant commerce secre- 
tary and became assistant 
secretary two years later. 

From 1961 to 1963, 
Brimmer was assistant pro- 
fessor of finance at the 
Wharton School of the 
University of Pennsylvania. 
Prior to that, he taught 
economics at Michigan 
State University after earn- 
ing a Ph. D. from Harvard 
in 1957, concentrating on 
monetary economics and 
economic development. 

The son of a sharecropper 
and warehouseman. 
Brimmer was born Sept. 13, 

1926, in Newellton, La. 
After leaving the U.S. Army 
in 1946 as staff sergeant, 
he enrolled in college, pur- 
suing a career in journal- 
ism. However, his pursuit 
was discouraged by a 
faculty adviser's persuasion 
that the newspaper field 
was unpromising for 
blacks. Brimmer turned to 
economics partly, he has 
explained, 'because it 
seemed to answer many 
questions I had about life 
in the United States. ' 

He earned a bachelor's and 
master's degrees in eco- 
nomics from the University 
of Washington, Seattle, in 
1950 and 1951 respectively. 
A Fulbright fellowship 
brought him to the Delhi 
School of Economics and 
the University of Bombay, 
India, in 1951 and 1952. 

Brimmer is the author of 
numerous books and arti- 
cles on banking, monetary 
policy, international fi- 
nance, and economic devel- 
opment in the black 

He is a trustee for the Ford 
Foundation, the Tuskegee 
Institute in Alabama and 
the Atlanta University 
Center, besides holding 
directorships in various 
organizations. He is also a 
recipient of numerous 
honorary degrees and 
awards for outstanding 
government and public 

Today he is awarded the 
Honorary Doctor of Laws 
degree from the University 
of Marvland. 



The formulation of linear 
programs as a mathematical 
method for industry and 
government to optimally 
manage resources has 
earned Dr. George B. 
Dantzig, professor of 
operations research and 
computer science at Stan- 
ford University, the na- 
tion's highest science 
award— the National Medal 
of Science. 

His development of linear 
programming in 1947, 
occurring almost simultane- 
ously with the development 
of the first computers, led to 
an explosion of economic, 
environmental and statisti- 
cal applications. As an 
example, the iron and steel 
industry has used a Dantzig 
programming method to 
evaluate iron ores, explore 
the addition of coke ovens 
and select products. The 
Federal Energy Administra- 
tion is using his method to 
evaluate energy policy 
alternatives, and linear 
programming has also been 
used or suggested for use 
to control water and air 
pollution, assign personnel 
to jobs, and racially balance 

Dantzig's linear program- 
ming was one of the princi- 
pal forces leading to the 
emergence of the mathe- 
matical science of decision 
making as a new discipline 
called operations research 
or management science in 
the early 1950's. 

He has been a professor at 
Stanford since 196b. 
While on sabbatical leave 
in 1973-74, he headed 
the Methodology Group at 

the International Institute 
for Applied Systems 
Analysis in Laxenburg, 

Before joining Stanford, he 
spent six years as Chairman 
of the Operations Research 
Center at the University of 
California, Berkeley. From 
1952 to 1960, he was 
Research Mathematician for 
the Rand Corporation; 
from 1946 to 1952, Mathe- 
matical Adviser at U.S. Air 
Force headquarters, pre- 
ceded by five years as chief 
of the Combat Analysis 
Branch for the Air Force 
statistical control unit, and 
from 1937 to 1939 served 
as junior statistician at the 
U.S. Bureau of Labor 

Born Nov. 8, 1914, in 
Portland, Ore., Dantzig 
earned an A.B. degree in 
mathematics and physics 
from the University of 
Maryland, where his father 
taught mathematics, an 
M.A. in mathematics from 
the University of Michigan 
and a Ph.D. in mathematics 
from the University of 

California, Berkeley, in 

Dantzig has been president 
of two operations research 
organizations and was a 
founder of the Mathemati- 
cal Programming Society, 
besides holding member- 
ships in other groups, 
including the Institute of 
Management Science and 
the National Academy of 

He has written many books 
and articles on mathematical 
programming and its 

Besides the top national 
science award, Dantzig also 
received Phi Beta Kappa 
honors this year from the 
University of Maryland, 
and in 1975 received the 
John von Neumann Theory 
Prize from the Operations 
Research Society of America 
and the Institute of Man- 
agement Sciences for "fun- 
damental contribution to 
the theory of operations 
research and management 
science." He has received 
an Honorary Doctorate 
from the Israel Institute of 
Technology and from the 
University of Linkoping, 

Today he is awarded the 
Honorary Doctor of Science 
degree from the University 
of Maryland. 



AUGUST 31, 1976 


Doctor of Philosophy 

Peter Joseph Albert 

History: The Protean Insti- 
tution: The Geography, 
Economy, and Ideology of 
Slavery in Post-Revolutionary 

Alan Aubrey Atchley 

Botany: The Genus Arrabi- 
daea (Bignoniaceae). 

Sylvia Cada Auton 

Secondary Education: The 
Application of Rules in 
Simple Mathematical 

Robert Curtis Brand 
Psychology: A Multi- 
dimensional Study of the 
Hospital Interpersonal 
Treatment Environment. 

Anna Marie Brock 

Administration, Supervision 
& Curriculum: The Impact 
of a Management Oriented 
Course on the Knowledge 
and Leadership Skills 
Exhibited by Baccalareate 
Nursing Students. 

Paul Lawrence Brodsky 
Social Foundations: Racial 
Factors in the Administration 
of Morgarj State College, 

Russell Cleveland Browne 
Mathematics: Dynamic 
Stability of One-dimensional 
Nonlinearly Visco-elastic 

Harry Frederick Bushar 

Mathematics: Continuous 
Parameter Markov Chains, 
Classification of Boundary 
Points and Use of Local Time 

Michael Paul Cancro 
Zoology: The Role of 
Attached Adherent Cells in 
the Promotion of Primary 
Murine Plasmacytoma 

Juan Jose Carbajo Rodriguez 
Nuclear Engineering: Vertical 
Temperature Distributions in 
Loca Analysis 

Gen Sen Chu 

Administration, Supervision 
& Curriculum: A Study of 
Different Perceptions of 
Faculty Participation in 
Policy-making in Community 
Colleges in the States of 
Maryland and Virginia. 

Marilyn Florence Cleary 
Secondary Education: A 
Study to hwestigate Areas of 
Algebraic Deficiency Among 
College Students and the 
Effectiveness of a Program 
of Remediatiotj Concurrent 
with a Beginning College 
Mathematics Course. 

Lauren Ann Cohen 

Psychology: A Videotaped 
Analogue Study of Self- 
Disclosure in Groups. 

Brian Alair Cole 

Social Foundations: Hutchins 
and His Critics, 1936-1939. 

Ronald Ray Coulson 

Physical Education: Utility 

of a Value-Expectancy 
Theory in Predicting Physical 
Fitness Class Attendance 

John James Cowan 

Astronomy: Nucleosynthesis 
in Red Giant Stars. 

Isagani R. Cruz 

English: The Paradox of 
Cleatith Brooks: Inside and 
Outside the Work Itself. 

Gerald Francis Day 

Industrial Education: An 

Investigatiort it:to the 
Concepts of Criterion- 
Referenced Measurement 
and Its Use in Vocational 
Education and Traitjing. 


George Eugene Elliott 
Secondary Education: A 
Study to Determine if 
Selected Student Characteris- 
tics Are Related To Success 
In Introductory Physics 
Using Aptitude-Treatment 
Interaction Analysis For Two 
Diverse Modes of Instruction. 

Teresa Graumann Elliott 
Secondary Education: An 
Experimerjtal Study of the 
Effects of Presenting an 
Intercultural Communication 
Unit in the Basic Speech 

Michael Sidney Epstein 
Chemistry: Wavelength 
Modulation for Background 
Correction and Signal-to- 
Noise Ratio Enhancement in 
Emission Spectrometry. 

Helmut E. Filacchione 
Nuclear Engineering: 
Measurement of the Angular 
Neutron Flux Distribution in 
a Highly Absorbing Gaseous 

William Albert Fry 
Secondary Education: 
Instructional Materials for 
a Community College 
Course in Chicano Literature. 

Daniel J. Gallagher 

Economics: An Analysis of 
the Player Reservation 
System in the Professional 
Team Sports Industry in the 
United States. 

Frank Dominic Gianfrancesco 
Economics: Insurance and 
Medical Care Expenditure: A 
Theoretical Analysis of 
Market Efficiency. 

Robert R. Greenberg 
Chemistry: A Study of 
Trace Elements Emitted on 
Particles from Municipal 

Barbara A. Haag 

Social Foundations: A 
Study of Sources of Career 
Satisfaction in Collegiate 
Nursitig Students and 
Registered Nurses. 

Philip Edward Hardee 

Astronomy: The Generatior: 
of Pulsed Emission from 
Rotatit^g Neutron Stars by 
Plasma Streaming Instabili- 

David Paul Harrington 

Mathematics: Limit Theorems 
for Continuous Time Markov 
Branching Processes with 
Varying and Random 

Richard L. Harris 

Chemistry: Processes 
Affecting the Vertical 
Distribution of Trace 
Components in the Chesa- 
peake Bay. 

Alan Scott Heyn 

Chemistry: Reductive Cleav- 
age Reactions of Hydro- 
carbotis and Transformations 
of Hydrocarbon Anions. 

Roger Gene Hoffman 
Psychology: Student 
Descriptions of Instructional 
Characteristics as Relevant 
Indices of Teaching Ef- 

John Lester Ivy, Jr. 

Physical Education: The 
Role of Insulin Duritig a 
Glycogerj Loading Process, 
and its Effect on Adenosine 
3', 5' Monophosphate 
Levels in Striated Muscle. 

Dona Lee Kern 

Animal Science: Studies on 
the Utilization of Manure as 
a Feedstuff for Rabbits and 

William G. Kolata 

Mathematics: Spectral 
Approximation and Spectral 
Properties of Variationally 
Posed, Nonselfadjoint 

William Lawrence Kos 

Microbiology: Transforrrta- 
tion of Mammalian Cell 
Cultures by Antischistosomal 

Jerome Francis Kowalewski 
Institute for Child Study: An 
Evaluative Study of 
Behavior Modification 
Trainitjg for Parents and 
Parent Effectiveness Training 
as Methods for Affecting 
Parent-Child Problem 
Resolutiotj and Pareyital 
Attitude Change. 

Mildred Sherk Kreider 

Administration, Supervision 
& Curriculum: An Investiga- 
tion of the Relationship of 
Field Dependence, Mode of 
Representation Used in 
Instruction, and the Ability 
To Recognize Indications of 
Nutritional Deficiency. 

Un Chul Lee 

Nuclear Engineering: 
Theoretical and Computa- 
tional Analysis of Two- 
Group Integral Transport 
Equation for Finite Spherical 
and Cylindrical Media. 

John Howard Lenihan 

History: Western Movies: A 
Study of American Popular 
Culture and Society Since 

Amy Bookman Livingood 
Psychology: The Depressed 
Mother as a Source of 
Stimulation for Her Infant. 

Thomas E. Lowderbaugh 
English: A Critical Edition 
of Sir John Vanbrugh's 
The Confederacy. 

Alan Harrison Magazine 
Government & Politics: 
Environmental Management 
in Local Government: A 
Study of Local Government 
Response to Federal 

Daniel George Maiello 
Entomology: Biological 
Observations on Three 
Laelapid Species: Laelaps 
sedlaceki Strandtmann & 
Mitchell, Androlaelaps 
fahrenholzi (Berlese), and 
Laelaps kochi (Oudemans), 
with a Brief Note on a 
Dermanyssid, Hirstionyssus 
isahellinus (oudemans) 
(Acari: Mesostigmata). 

LaMoyne Mason Matthews 
Social Foundations: Portrait 
of a Dean; A Bibliography of 
Inabel Burns Lindsay, First 
Dean of the Howard 
University School of Social 

Isadora Puschett Mayer 
Counseling and Personnel 
Services: Developmental 
and Information Processing 
Ability Effects Upon the 
Acquisition of Information. 

Patricia A. McDonald 

History: Baltimore Women, 

William Thomas Messick 
Mechanical Engineering: 
Stress Wave Propagation in 
Bars Due to Normal Impact 
on Water. 


Carol Ann Bergfeld Mills 
Psychology: Effects of the 
SAatch Between Listener 
Expectancies and Acoustic 
Cues on the Perception of 

Phylis Burbrink Moser 
Food, Nutrition and 
Institution Administration: 
The Influence of Sucrose and 
Starch Diets and Oral 
Contraceptives on the Serum 
Lipid Responses of Young 

William Joseph Moulds 
Secondary Education: A 
Study of the Effects on 
Attitude and Achievemetit of 
Mode of Processing in a 
Secondary School Course in 
Computer Programming. 

Eugene J. Mroz 

Chemistry: The Study of the 
Elemental Compositioit of 
Particulate Emissions From 
an Oil-Fired Power Plant. 

Roger Norton Nagel 

Computer Science: Computer 
Detection of Freehand 

Anthony Jlanyene Nimley 
Government and Politics: 
The Liberian Bureaucracy: 
A Measurement of the 
Relationship Between 
Executive Appointment and 
Bureaucratic Performance. 

Jerome Reed Noss 

Administration, Supervision 
& Curriculum: Calibration 
of Photographic Systems for 
Quantitative Psychomotor 

Roberta Lynn Nutt 

Psychology: A Study of 
Consultation Services 
Provided by Counseling 

James Peter Oberle 

Government and Politics: 
Consociational Democracy 
and the Canadian Political 

Rachel Lisa Olney 

Psychology: Adult Percep- 
tions of the Child's First 

Martin Charles Peckerar 
Engineering Materials: 
Theory of Surface Charge 
Applied to Plasma Anodi- 
zation and Schottky Barrier 

Jose Jorge Perez-Esandi 

Physics: A Density Expan- 
sion for the Transport 
Properties of Gases. 

Rachel T. Pinker 

Meteorology: Micrometeo- 
rological Characteristics of a 
Dry Tropical Evergreen 
Forest in Thailand. 

Catherine Pope-Smith 

Administration, Supervision 
& Curriculum: Study of the 
Influence Exerted by 
Selected Influential ori the 
Desegregation Plan Formu- 
lated by Baltimore City 
Schools in 1974-75. 

Chris Aemil Pouler 
Secondary Education: 
Comparison of the Effect of 
Hypothesis Generation 
Intensive Instruction Upon 
the Hypothesis Generating 
and Information Search 
Questioning Behaviors of 
Ninth Grade Students. 

Elena Prestini 

Mathematics: On the Phase 
Problem for Space Curves 
and a Restriction Theorem 
for Space Curves. 

David Martin Prett 
Chemical Engineering: 
Simulation, Dynamic Linear 
and Nonlinear Feedforward 
Control of Packed Distilla- 
tion Towers. 

Harold Lee Price 

Physics and Astronomy: 
Neutral Strange Particle 
Production in tt -p Inter- 
actions at 100 GeV/c. 

Michael Stefan Rapport 
Molecular Physics: Statis- 
tical Theories of the Nematic 

Terry Robert Royt 
Electrical Engineering: 
Ceneratiotj of Spectrally 
Tunable Light Pulses in the 
Picosecond Domain with 
Applications to Spectro- 

Rasanayagam Rudran 
Zoology: Socioecology of 
the Blue Monkeys (Cerco- 
pithecus mitis stuhlmanni) 
of the Kibale Forest, Uganda. 

George Michael Samaras 
Zoology: In Vivo Demon- 
stration of Sodium-Depend- 
ent High-Affinity Hippo- 
campal Choline Uptake. 

Nonglak Sarindu 

Botany: Isolation and 
Characterization of a Virus 
Associated with a Ringspot 
Disease of Holly (Ilex 
crenata var. hetzi). 

Robert Ryan Scheer 

Counseling & Personnel 
Services: The Relative 
Effects of General versus 
Descriptive Praise on a Card 
Sorting Task. 

Kathryn Lee Seidel 

English: The Southern Belle: 
Her Fall from the Pedestal in 
Fiction of Southern 

Francois Siohan 

Physics and Astronomy: 
Spectra of Cosmic Ray 
Hadrons Between 100 and 
10,000 GeV at Atmospheric 
Depths of 730 and 1030 

Robert A. Snyder 
Psychology: Subject 
Competence and Role- 
Position of the Stimulus- 
Person as Moderators of the 
Attitude Similarity/ Attrac- 
tion Relationship. 

Rosalynde Kolodner Soble 
Social Foundations: Student 
Value Change and Congru- 
ency with Faculty Values in 
Professional Education 
Related to Reference Group 

David Ira Sommers 

Psychology: Visual Intensity 
Difference Thresholds After 
Lesions of Nucleus Triangu- 
laris in Pigeons. 

Daniel S. Spicer 

Institute for Fluid Dynamics 
& Applied Mathematics: An 
Unstable Arch Model of a 
Solar Flare. 

Ida Sue Baron Starke 
Counseling & Personnel 
Services: Normal Pressure 
Hydrocephalus in Children: 

Frederick James Stauffer 
Physics and Astronomy: 
Observatiotjs of Syrjchrotron 
Radiation from the Univer- 
sity of Maryland Magnetic 
Mirror Experiment and from 
the ATC Tokamak. 


Bruce Nels Stram 

Economics: An Analysis of 
Treatment Processing 
Production Systems. 

Mei-Hwa Sun 

Chemistry: Study of Proton 
Dynamics in Some Hydrogen 
Bonded Crystals. 

Cynthia Szymanski Sunal 
Early Childhood/Elementary 
Education: A Study of the 
Effects of a Perceptual- 
Motor Curriculum in Body 
Image, and Space and 
Directionality, for Kinder- 
garteners Identified as 
Having Potetxtial Learning 

Erika Irene Tanasijczuk 

Botany: Autoinhibition and 
Heteroinhibition of Algal 
Growth by Extracellular arjd 
Intracellular Agetxts Produced 
by Chlorella Cells. 

Gerald Vance Teague 

Administration, Supervision 
& Curriculum: A Comparison 
of Student Satisfaction with 
Academic Advisement at 
Eight Selected Maryland 
Public Community Colleges. 

Warwick Graham Troy 
Counseling and Personnel 
Services: Organizational 
Assessment in a University 
Counseling Center: Coun- 
selor Activities, Judgments, 
and their Correlates. 

Hwan-Sup Uhm 

Physics and Astronomy: 
Equilibrium and Stability 
Properties of Relativistic 
Electron Rings and E-Layers. 

Tonu Mart Wall 

Microbiology; Timing and 
Transcriptional Control of 
Morphogeriesis in the Life 
Cycle of Hyphomicrobium 

Edward I-Sen Wan 
Chemical Engineering: 
Process Synthesis arid 
Optimization of Fixed Fed 
Metharjation in Coal 
Gasification Process. 

Jack William Wescott 
Industrial Education: A 
Comparative Arialysis of 
Activity Versus Non-Activity 
Approaches to Metric 
Inservice Teacher Education. 

Nancy Ann Wiegersma 

Economics: Land Tenure and 
Reform in Viet Nam. 

Lois Crane Williams 

Early Childhood Education: 
Vocabulary Achievement 
Change Over Summer Vaca- 
tion for Third Grade Pupils 
Entering Fourth Grade. 

Edith Lindstrom Wilson 

Institute for Child Study: A 
Study of Changes in the 
Behavior of Mothers 
Participating it} Selected 
Early Child Development 

Hollister Wooten-Trott 

Psychology: An Analysis of 
a Human Relations Training 
Program for Managers and 

Richard Alan Yarian 
Health Education: The 
Efficacy of Electromyographic 
Biofeedback Training as a 
Method of Deep Muscle 
Relaxation for College 
Students Displaying Either 
Coronary or Noncoronary 
Prorie Behaviors. 

Kong Sung Yi 

Chemical Engineering: Mass 
Transfer through Melt 
Blends of Polyvinyl Acetate 
and Vinyl Chloride-Vinyl 
Acetate Copolymer. 

Naida Maris Yolen 

Zoology: Visual Discrimina- 
tion After a Lation of the 
Caudal Tectum in the Gold- 
fish, Carassius Auratus. 

Michael Ross Zomlefer 
Electrical Engineering: A 
Study Into the Biomechanics 
of the Maximally Jumping 

Doctor of Education 

Phillip Kenneth Cottrill 
Secondary Education: A 
Study Comparing Achieve- 
ment of Fourth Grade 
Classes in Indirect and Direct 
Approaches to Planetarium 

Virginia Mathis Loeb 

Secondary Education: The 
Effects of Group Testing on 
Anxiety, Attitude and 

William Rollins Porter 
Special Education: A 
Descriptive Follow-up Study 
of the Initial Population of a 
Special Public School. 

Charles Wesley Williams 
Science Teaching Center: A 
Modified Minicourse Team- 
Teaching Approach For 
High School Biology. 

Doctor of 



David Glenn Smith 

Business and Management: 
A Methodology for Airport 
Investment Planning With 
Application to the Large 
Air Transportation Hubs of 
the U.S. 

Doctor of 



William Stevens 

Music: The Complete Songs 
For Voice and Piano of 
Albert Roussel. 


Master of Arts 

Peter Alexander Adams 

Barbara Mindell Altman 

Ernest Andrew Berger, Jr. 

Diane Eileen Bissonnette 

Dorothy Stevens Bogel 

Charles Sheldon Bresler 

Susan Mari Brown 

Lawrence Smith Callahan 

Karen Jean Carpenter 

Muhammad Arshad Chawdhry 

Christiane J. Chessler 

Judy Pearle Clarke Pelham 

Donna Buckingham Cohen 

Kathleen Jane Cooter 

Mary E. Cothran 

Lisa M. Cotone 

Carol Anderson Crawford 

William Joseph Crowder 

Andre Leo De Bels 

David Lee Deopere 

David Gower Dicks 

Thomas Francis Donahue 

Karen Ann Drew 

Alison Anne MacDonald Duncan 

Aidan Oliver Dunleavy 

Fynnette L. Eaton 

Daniel Jay Ebert 

Joan Florence Eisenhardt 

Patricia Louise Elam 

Jeanette A. Elmore 

Glenn Edward English 

Rebecca Ann Evans 

Anne Partney Fishman 

Marta Pearl Fishman 

Gail Sue Fleder 

Malcolm Wheelock Foster, Jr. 

Jay Lynn Friedenberg 

Joanna Marie Fringer 

Soule Mohamed Funna 

Joelena Wells Gay 

Carol B. Golden 

Barbara Goldberg Goldman 

Joseph Gueron 

Nancy Lee Guiland 

Haluk Ferden Giirsel 

Florence E. Hall 

Susan Rochelle Halligan 

Robert Edward Hamlin 

Joseph I. Headman 

Jonathan Alan Hodgson 

Therese Ann Humphrey 

Barbara Jeanne Hunt 

Barbara Jean Jennings 

Martin E. Johnson 

Taru Rauha Jones 

Robert Kalmus 

Dale Alan Katovitch 

James John Keeler 

Mary Ann Keller 

W. Earl Kelly 

Jane T. Sharon Kennelly 

Ellen Tredway Kuiper 

Lin Leslie 

Lynne Judy Levy 

Bruce Ian Lobar 

Dennis R. Longmire 

Antonio Magnotto, III 

Jeffrey Martin Marker 

John A. Mathwin 

Leah Paulette McCoy 
Dennis Regis McGrath 
Carol Joyce McKinnon 
Joan Margit McNeill 
Louis Albert Mezzullo 
Bradford Young Miller 
David Bruce Modesitt 
Martha Hartin Molpus 
John Anthony Moran, Jr. 
Fay Neufeld 
Patricia Jean O'Boyle 
Alice Miriam OHalloran 
Gwendolyn Horton Olexik 
Nina S. Olin 
Maureen Kathryn Parker 
Edward Stephen Pavlinsky 
Patricia Barbara Rakes 
Thomas Jerald Regimbal 
Cynthia Horsburgh Requardt 
Susan D. Toliver Robinson 
Charlene Rothkopf 
Jeremie Rouchon 
Malcolm Roy Rubinstein 
Janet Marie Ryan 
Linda Jean Saaty 
Umnuay Sae-Hau 
Marie Angele Sanner 
Ellen Friedman Sapinkopf 
Dorothy Anne Scanley 
Colleen Hallisy Schaefgen 
John Louis Setaro 
David Boyd Sharp 
Richard Steven Shenfeld 
Jane Weinik Shepherd 
Linda Shopes 
Margaret Mary Slafkosky 
Claris Ashley Smith 
Mary Conway Smith 
Rose Love Smith 
Leslie Stein Speisman 
Patricia Lynn Stefanelli 
Barry Eugene Stimmel 
Dale Ferguson Stroczkowski 
Mary Rose Szoka 
Marianne Tamulevich 
Sandra Marie Toth 
Marilyn M. Turner 
Barbara Ann Uhler 
Leo Walter Weil, Jr. 
Jill Leslie Weiss 
Ruth Ellen Wennersten 
Ellen Marie Werner 
Dorothy Ann Wise 
William David Wrigley 


Master of Science 

Louis Chris Athanas, Jr. 
Greesh Kumar Baboota 
Charles Maurice Badger 
Christine A. Bjorklund 
Andrew Fred Blumenthal 
Patrick Louis Boyd 
Joaquin Caraballo MogoUon 
Robert Paul Carrion, Jr. 
David James Chadwick 
Hwai-Huang Chang 
Gary Stuart Chottiner 
Michael Timothy Collins 
Elizabeth Jane Davidson 
Hurley T. David 
Anne Marie del Castillo 
Nikitas J. Dimopoulos 
Orville Davis Ditman, Jr. 
Alfred Lang Elliott 
John Alexander Feith 
Ronald J. Greenberg 
John Joseph Hasson, Jr. 
Jeffrey Alan Havenner 
Christine Havryluk 
Steven Richard Hoffman 
Laura Lynne Hottle 
Mei-Ying Hsu 
Gary David Hughes 
John Lamar Johnson 
Jonathan Louis Katz 
Robert Hunger Kidwell 
Michael Todd King 
Marie Lorraine Kish 
Narcy Gregory Klag 
Mark Steven Klein 
Ronald Allen Kogan 
R. Scott Lawrence 
Mary Alice Lessler 
Nancy Beltz Lomax 
Justin Kevin Mathias 
Edward H. Meehan 
Mark Laurence Mercer 
Elizabeth McPhee Middleton 
Martin Howard Miller 
David Gail Mongan 
Robert Charles Morgan 
Linda Mesler Muul 
Martha L. Oney 
Paul Randall Gravis 
Joseph Thomas Ostrowski 
Emilia Parra Rivera 
James Albert Schaefer 
Anthony Thomas Shemonski 
Irving Jen Shen 
James William Snyder 
June Lynne Stanley 

Mary Johnson Stephenson 
George Frank Stimak 
Anne Kathleen Stratton 
Alice Maureen Strom 
Bonnie O'Bryant Tanner 
Cheryl Wesen Todhunter 
Zdravko Uskokovic 
Jill Anne Valente 
Loukas Vlahos 
Daniel P. Wagner 
Jody Wallace 
Linda Warschoff 
Robert L. Weiler 
Barbara Ann Williams 
Thomas Benjamin Wysocki 
Abbas Zarenejad 

Master of Education 

Charles Albert Algire 
Mary White Alter 
Kathryn Anderson Alvestad 
Mary Jane Zavoyna Armanas 
Phyllis Goodman Baron 
Anne Randolph Bennett 
Sharna Berzin 
Diana Lynn Bills 
Rebecca Sue Blake 
Susan Diane Boehner 
Mary Theresa Broerman 
Sharon Patricia Burcham 
Elayne Butwinick 
Loretta Bazemore Cherry 
Francine Schif f Clay 
Sharon Lee Curry 
Leona Jewell Dannenberg 
Susan Stewart Denvir 
Howard Barry Dicker 
Vicki Lynn Diorio 
Marcy Neuman Drozdowicz 
Robert Wayne Elliott 
Martha Biggs English 
Thomas Herman Evans, Jr. 
Vanda Tagamets Freeman 
Barbara Louise Garner 
Catherine Oreleman Graeff 
Andrea Lynn Greenwald 
Patricia Ann Gudas 
Cassandra Knighton Gunther 
Lynn Halloran 
Virginia Johnson Harker 
Jean Ashleigh Harpster 
Anne AUnutt Harvey 
Annette Rosina Henry 
Marjorie Louise Hook 
Richard Vance Houchens 
Dana Tregilgas Johnson 
Susan McTarnaghan Johnson 

Joseph M. Jurkowski 

Sarietta Leifer Kaye 

Sharon Jean Kessinger 

Ann Marie Killeen 

Danielle Suzanne Lane 

Elsa Lee Leonard 

Philip Henry Lewis 

Janet Rose Lipinsky 

Gwendolyn Cunnings Livingston 

Sylvia Marie LoBianco 

Nancy Rowan Lockard 

Gerald Francis Lordan 

Patricia Marian Lynn 

Nancy J. Mallory 

Carolyn Whitson McKee 

Laurel Brown Montgomery 

John Slater Morris 

Martin James Murray 

Judith Ann Nash 

Gail R. Naworal 

Susan Blourock Nelson 

Marcia Sheila Payne 

Nancy Mcllvaine Perry 

Jane MulhoUand Petty 

Anne Schlesinger Podell 

Eileen F. Regen 

Mary Catherine Ribar 

Christine Baldwin Rice 

Francis Oare Kennedy Salami 

Anastasia Savvas Samaras 

Carol A. Schallon 

Jean Emerson Wilson Schwindaman 

Steven Eric Seigel 

Myrna Webster Shontere 

Charles Devon Smith 

Kay Frances Smith 

Ellen Ossip Sosinski 

Suzanne Vanston Speicher 

Mary O'Holleran Voss 

Beverly G. Waidler 

Mary Janet Walsh 

Dorothea Dawn Ward 

Cynthia Annette Webb 

Janet Guers Weiler 

David Keith West 

Rosalie Cummings Whitlock 

Geraldine Libbie Wilson 

Thelma B. Yarborough 

Cale Benton Yates, Jr. 

Helen Sporn Youth 

Susan Lynn Zeladonis 


Master of Business 

Fernando Ferruccio Accame 
William Nicholas Apollony 
David Cowper Beasten 
Donald R. Breeding 
Eugene Louis Campagnolo 
Darlene Gail Coarts 
Jo Anne Cohen 
Robert Marshall Dike 
Anita Tepper Goldstein 
Gary Alan Greenberg 
Holmes Douglas Harper, Jr. 
Stephen Edward Heise 
David Joseph Hesch 
Ross Jackson Laningham 
Jeffrey Howard Lowe 
Kendall Philip Mau 
Richard Toby Minoff 
John William Montague, Jr. 
David Ruben Rodriguez 
Marc A. Silverstein 
Russell Francis Smith 
Patricia Dodge Stocker 
James Donald Twigg 
Stuart I. Weiss 
George William Wichmann 
Bruce M. Wickwire, Jr. 
David Edward Wittemeier 
Roger Edward Young 

Master of Music 

Ellen Yoke Sakai 
Barbara Massie Thomas 

Master of Library Science 

Dianne Marie Ashworth 
Joseph P. Ataman 
Jan Denise Baird 
Mary Koch Barclay 
Phyllis Ann Bartholomew 
Mary C. Befacchia 
Barbara Compton Bettcher 
Felicia T. Bornstein 
Anne M. Bostrom 
Sharon Blanche Black Brown 
Dothula Baron Butler 
Naomi Helen Carlucci 
Barbara Ann Cortina 
Diane A. Cunningham 
Roy Edward Curtis Day 
Thomas Lee Eichman 
Stephanie Jean Ellquist 
Eleanor C. Feldman 
Susan Marie FitzGerald 
Bessie Fowler 
Barbara Ann Friedman 
Robin Mirel Gail 
Katherine Elizabeth Gillen 
Virginia Keeney Gilmore 
Malcom Karl Gipson 
Clare Elise Gray 
Suzanne Edda Greenwood 
Ronna Josephson Hain 
Kris Hansen 
Susan Bridgforth Hardy 
Susan Fuqua Hastings 

Sandra Ann Heath 
Julie Marie Higgins 
Karen Brennan Higgins 
Betty Jo Howard 
Jacquelyn Louise Irwin 
Beth Isaacs 
Donald Dale Johnson 
Mary Joan Kanach 
Charles Edward Kratz, Jr. 
Eleanor H. Krell 
Sarahjane Bauer Kryszak 
Rose Marie Genevieve Leone 
Maureen Palanker Leshendok 
Helene Levy 
John Joseph Magnesi 
Merrill Everett Manke 
Kathryn Irene Marsh 
Alfreda Helen Martino 
Helen R. Mashbaum 
Carol Lou Mason 
Sara Meadows McCue 
Helen Hurst McKann 
Margaret Marks Meacham 
Lyle Walford Minter 
Rebecca Berthelsen Olmstead 
Christine Aleta Olson 
Allison Parish Ondrasik 
Michael Thomas Peters 
Ray J. Price 

Jacquelyn Nixon Purnell 
Christine Satre Quenroe 
Mary Stiller Roepcke 
Elizabeth Ann Root 
Ann T. Ruppert 
Maureen Sullivan Schechter 
Carol May Schyllander 
Lorraine Margaret Sebo 
Elizabeth Clare Senf t 
Charlene Kellsey Sheaffer 
Susan Helene Simon 
Jeanne LaHue Smith 
Michelle Enid Smith 
Patricia Kathleen Smith 
Patrick Monroe Stambaugh 
Marian Gilda Steinhorn 
Lance Marie Sullenberger 
JoAnne Lynn Sullivan 
Derwin Ann Taylor 
Erika Usbeck Teal 
Lamonte Leverage Tepper 
Carlynn Jean Thompson 
Sarah Amelia Webster 
Rebecca Glenn Whaley 
Carolyn Devon Williamson 
Allie Deborah Wise 
Margaret Conney Wright 
Virginia Bing Wright 
Mildred Flaum Zackowitz 
Francine Lynn Zeicher 


Master of Education 
JANUARY 23, 1976 
Anne Eugene Skaalure 

MAY 23, 1976 
John Joseph Eells 
Stanton K. Lum 
Detlev W. O Connor 
Agenes Mary Olayvar 
Adam C Sadowski 

AUGUST 27, 1976 
Elizabeth Anne Bickell 
Atwood Childress Cherry 
Frederick Albert DeShon 
Patricia McAdoo 
Frank Elmer Novakowski 
Bernard Townley Rivas 
Donna Daniele Rivas 
Janis Anderson Shaw 

NOTE: The following names 
were inadvertently omitted 
from the May 15, 1976 
Commencement Program: 

Doctor of Philosophy 

Linda Mae Dauberman 
Chemistry: "Characteriza- 
tion of Myelin Subfractions 
from Mouse Brain" 

Doctor of Education 

Nancy Hoehle McClelland 
Human Development; 
"Character Development in 
Children (Correlates to 
Honesty Behavior in 4th, 5th 
and 6th Grade Children)." 


Bachelor of Science 

Jack Christopher Bailey 
Cassandra Sue Booth 
Kim David Burke 
Anne Dolores D'Hoostelaere 
Diana Marie Dodge 
Barbara Ann Donohoe 
Mildred Pearl Falkowitz 
Robin Cecile Garrett 
Robert William Gibbs, Jr. 
Bernard James Gibson, Jr. 

§Linda Lee lager 
Christopher C. Johnson 
James Elmer Kristoff 
Terrence Lee Maskol 
Stephany Ann Masten 
Robert Martin Messick 

*Ivan Fred Metzger 
Dale Alan Morris 
John Stanley Myszka 
Roger Lawrence Nichols 
Merrill Richard Osheroff 
Wayne Alvin Padgett 
Kyung Sook Park 
Wade Conrad Pryor, Jr. 
Janet V'ee Sponaugle 
Abraham David Stephens 

tjohn Michael Strickland 
Leslie Jefferson Sylvester 
David Henry Tag 
Jeffrey Williams Taylor 
Emory Lee Thompson 
Robert Donald Vechery 
Cynthia Lea Walton 

'Kenneth Gregory Wright 


Bachelor of Science 

Michael Allen Aiken 

Maria Sofia Altschiiler 

Stephen Lloyd Balderston 

Nicholas Joseph Basciano 
§ Robin Bell 

James Beasley Bray 

Susan Lee Brenner 

Joseph L. Camacho 

William Brent Compton 

Daniel Robert Count 
* Donna Kirk Dietrich 

Michael Richard Dunning 

Edward Francis Foley 
'Beverly Sue Franks 

Lon Scott Freedman 

Daniel Arnold Gainsburg 
+ Gloria Gridley 

Maria Alexandra Guillen 

Barbara Sue Hagan 

Allen Daniel Hamers 

Susan Walter Hobson 

Carolyn Arlene Horst 

Robert R. Jacobs 

Teresa Diane Jones 

Kenneth Lawrence Kalman 

Antonia Robyn Kapergonis 

Lynn Mae LaGow, 

Daniel Marc Leibert 

Edward Charles Lundgren, III 

Joyce Ann-Marie Maga 
+ Margaret Elizabeth McCahill 

Matthew Gerard McCool 

Robert Louis Laing McCormick, 

John Roy McCoy 

E. Constance Miller 

William Andy Mills, Jr. 
'Jennifer Anne Moore 

Patrick Stephen Paul 
'Robin Lynn Reichlin 

Gary Stephen Sapperstein 

Carol Jane Serini 

Nancy Lee Sours 

Eric Brian Steel 

Jan Thomas Sturm 

Louis Edward Thomas, III 

John Wayne Toigo 

John Raymond Towle 

Deborah Anne Walsh 

Elisabeth Maria Weber 

Scott Allison Webster 

Mark Curtiss Wellman 

Paul Wilson Wells 

Bachelor of Architecture 

Richard Stanley Brooks 
Peter Richard Notari 
Uri Yokel 

Bachelor of Science 

Mary Jo Ford 
Robert David Ford 
Charles Lyle Gardner 
Blair Margarite Gately 
Penelope Joan Harms 
Gary Wayne Koplin 
Michael R. Libby 
Thomas Patrick Mulrooney, Jr. 
Susan Ellen Parker 
Gwendolyn Maxine Roche 
§Rowan Lester Scarborough, III 
Kathleen Marie Toohey 


iSumma Cum Laude, tMagna Cum Laude; 'Cum Laude 


Bachelor of Arts 

Mary Skurka Aaron 
Howard Steven Abrams 
Mary Elizabeth Anna 
Howard Neal Appelbaum 
Elizabeth Dixon Bagli 
Richard Allen Baker 
James Bartucca 
Steven L. Basdavanos 
Robert Barton Berger 
*Carol Michael Bowie 
Wilford Perry Boyd, Jr. 
Robert Paul Brandenburger, Jr. 
Mary Patricia BrouUire 
Christopher P. Brown 
Robert Willoughby Brown 
Eugene Matthew Burger 
Suzanne F. Burstein 
Michael Kent Calvert 
Bruce Ignatius Campbell 
Steven Joseph Carvajal 
Gary Robert Claywell 
Lynn Beth Clements 
David Hamilton Collins 
Judith C. Connelly 
Gayl Ramsay Conrad 
George Teddy Dalziel, Jr. 
John H. Davitt, Jr. 

Ralph Carile Dawn, Jr. 

Patricia Lucille Dechan 

Jodi Marie Del Grosso 

Gary Alan Duncan 

Susan Jean Dunlap 

Catherine Irene Durrett 

J. Louise Edwards 

Robert Brandon Eiss 

Robert Steven Fischer 
fAnn Frances Gadanyi 

Eva Christine Geineder 

Louis Mitchell Geller 

Ellen Julia Gitelman 

Lucille P. Glassman 

Susan Lynn Goldstein 

Robert Jennings Gordon 

Alice Nalley Gravely 

Camille Marie Guaragna 

Edward Randall Hamas 

Blenda Elodie Hanson 

Thomas Christopher Hartmann 

Mary Madeleine Jardeleza 

Olga Judefind 
*Judith Ann Kastner 

Amber Dillard Kelly 

James Gordon Kennedy 

David Kane Kreisberg 

Sandy Beth Kreisman 
*Kathleen Marie Kuta 

Christopher Glenn LaChai 

Barbara Lambis 

Judy Lynn Latimer 
Walter Edward LaValley 
Michael William LaVigne 
Harvey David Leikind 
Adele Susan LilienField 
Robert Hamilton Lillie 
Linda Ann Lloyd 
Ruth A. DeVos Lloyd 

Frances Sory Marocchi 
William David McCuUough 
+ Elizabeth Grace McKinney 
* Ellen Virginia Mogensen 
James Lawrence Murphy 
Albert Nahmani 
Ellen Margaret Paul 
Patricia E. Pickens 
Frank Hutches Pierce, IV 
Steven Wayne Powell Price 
Stephen Henry Pulver 
Thomas Charles Quinn 
William Alfred Ring, Jr. 
Joyce Carolann Robinson 
Eugene Arthur Roscoe 
Larry Gorbach Rubendall 
Sandra Cherry McDowell Ruff in 
Jill Fern Sablosky 
Alton Reid Sasser 
Lorraine Margaret Scali 
Louis Schenker 
Jean Ann Schmalenberger 
Lauren Ruth Schyberg 
Edward Maurice Scott 
Stewart J. Seal 

Ronald LaMarr Sharps 

Richard Pearre Small, Jr. 

Susan A. Smith 

Allen Stern 

Anita A. Storch 

Philip Michael Storch 

Christy Carol Swink 

Karen E. Taylor 

Lisa Deanna Turner 

Teresa Lynn Vick 
•fPhilip Regan Warf 

Eric Martin Weiner 

Ming Yeh Yang 

Arnold Michael Zelkovitz 

Bachelor of Music 

Fredric Johns Dixon 
Kathleen Frances Trahan 

Bachelor of Science 

Stephen Fredrick Beach 
Michael Erwin Bigelow 
Catherine L. Blackburn 

* Michael Steven Boucher 
James Francis Brown, III 
C. Willard Camalier, III 
Michelee Camer 
Arlene LaVerne Childs 
Robert Lytle Chism 

* Richard Howard Clarke 
Mary Kay Clemmens 
Robert Vincent Cogswell 
Michael Ben Collinson 
Gary Eugene Dilts 

Paul James Divito 
John Clifton Dowdy, III 
Mark I. Dubeck 
Thomas Edward Eastlack 
Steven Charles Emminger 
Robert Flores 


§Summa Cum Laude; tMagna Cum Laude; *Cum Laude 

Glennell Certain Forinash 

Valerie Ann Fowler 

Donald Lee Grove 

Howard Steven Grufferman 

Richard Georg Gutmann 

Louanne Patricia Hamer 

Paul Gardiner Hannan 

Mary Day Huse 

Charles Henry Jacobs 

Warren Rodney Jones 

Zemira Zebedee Jones 

John J. Keating 

Dale Whalon Keith 

John Paul Koenig 

Marc Kraus 

Robert John Lambird 

Kathleen Anne Lavin 
j- Joanna Christine Lee 

Virginia Vallery Lenihan 

John Francis Lewis 

David John Liebl 

Mark Liebowitz 

Lawrence Nelson Lovitz 

Rachel B. Madden 

Timmie Rogers Marshall 

John Joseph McBurney, Jr. 

Barbara Ann Melson 

John Anthony Minke 

Sunday Jimmy Ndoh 

Carl Adam Newman 

David K. Nisbett 

Charles Niu 

Alice Louise Orzechowski 

Frank Dieter Patton 

Abby Ellen Penenburgh 

Glenn James Polser 

Oscar Henry Pressel 

Donald Sigfrido Proia 
fHoward Lee Redmond, Jr. 

Guy Douglas Regalado 
*Thomas Post Rimmer 

Marguerite Medora Robinson 

Lee Robertson Rock 
fBruce Dana Rogers 

Mary Josephine Sharp§ 

LaVega Robert Shelton, III 

Roger Paul Smith 

Ronald Martin Stehlin 

Richard William Steinberg 

Howard Mark Sumner 

Judith Lynn Tempchin 

William Carroll Thrift 

Robert Benjamin Todes 
* Lowell G. N. Tom 

Paul Robert Vitek 

Quy Viet Vo 

Robert L. von Briesen 

Dennis LeRoy Wade 
'Philip David Walker 

Michael Joseph Walsh 

Anna Ming-On Wang 

David Wilson Watson 

Benjamin Yost White 

Federico Eduardo Winckelmann 

Richard A. Wisner 

Curtis M. Withrow 
f Rosemarie Jane Woodbridge 

Marjorie Beth Zlatin 

Bachelor of Arts 

William Earl Amos, Jr. 
Richard William Arkin 
Robert Powell Awtrey 

Maricia Linda Balderrama 

Lawrence Samson Baras 
*David Glenn Barger 

Tyrone Glenn Barney 

Donald Haldeman Baumer, Jr. 

Louis Howard Beale, II 

Frank Meade Bell, Jr. 

Warren Elliott Bernard 

Marilyn Bell Biviano 

Richard Alan Blitz 

James Edward Bonsteel 

Jeffrey Stephen Borkman 

Harry A. Boswell, III 

Zsara Eliza Brooks 
flngeborg Stegrid Brown 

Thomas Edward Brown, Jr. 

Edward Jay Bynum 

Jane E. Callander 

Barbara L. Cantilena 
*Robert Wayne Caplan 

James K. Carlsruh 

Thomas Michael Chamberlin 

Jin W. Choi 

Jan Claire Cytilo 

Dawn Marie Cifani 

Joan Carol Clements 

Edmund Paul Coffay, III 

Carol Ann Compere 

Robert Lee Cordes 

Alfred S. Czerski, Jr. 

Frank J. Dame 

Joyce M. Deal 

Kevin Patrick Dowling 

James Thomas Duncan 
*Paul Joseph Durbin 
* Linda B. Edwards 

Setrak Erdogan 

Susan Mary Farrell 

Lynn Rees Finn 

John Edward Fleig, Jr. 

Trudy Bond Foster 

Thomas R. Gardner 

David Raymond Gascoyne 

Carol Ruth Gilmour 

Debra Sue Green 

Carolyn Sue Greenfield 

Paul Herman Hanneman 

Brenda Christina Hardy 

Philip Harrigan 

Ronald Lee Harrison 

David Michael Harvin 

Joan Leslie Hatton 

Carol Cecilia Haynie 

Vivian Tatsuko Hayward 

David Lenoe Hooper 

Diane Emily Terrace Hopkins 

Robert Harry Hurt, II 

Philip Thorne James 

Timothy A. Joliet 

Thomas Kevin Kelly 

Nancy Ellen King 
+ Marc Robert Kivitz 

David Hammonds Krute 

Louis A. Kushner 
§Karen Joan LaMacchia 

Edwin Lodge Lamont 
f Shelley Faye Lapkoff 

Herbert Blanchard Leadbeater 
•Lee Ellen Lewis 

Carolyn Linke 

Judith Gregory Lippincott 

Gregory John Lynch 

Donna Louise Garrett Martin 

Manning A. Martin 

Eileen Marie McMullen 

Patricia A. Metzger 

Richard Roderick Miller 

Bruce L. Moffatt 

Laura Helen Montagnaro 

Gregory V. Mroz 

Theresa S. Muri 

Timothy Brian Murphy 

Jane Frances Nathan 

Charles Patrick Neimeyer 

Paul Balder Nelson 

Deborah Sandra Owens 

Dexter Allen Plumb 

John Ronald Prestwich 

Karen Lynette Redd 

Paul Edwin Reed, Jr. 

Lawrence Francis Regan, Jr. 

Jeryl Debra Ribak 

Delia Louise Ricci 

Trinita Celeste Robinson 

Rosemarie Ross 
f Lewis Cooper Sage 

John Calvin Sauer, Jr. 

Kate Megan Schneider 

Elizabeth I. Schwartz 

Steven Jay Schwartz 

Thomas John Shaughnessy 

Jonathan Louis Siems 

Ann Marie Simonini 

Daniel Joseph Slattery 

Patricia Ann Stade 

Linda Ann Stepp 

Christine Victoria Szuba 

Colleen Jones Tehansky 

Thomas Joseph Toohey 

Paul Stephen Vaky 

Katherine Rigby Vuicich 

Martha Ellen Wade 
tPhillip Regan Warf 

John Sharpe Weaver 

Daniel Lamont Wilson 

Patricia Ann Wright 

Christopher Xenos 

IJSumma Cum Laude: tMagna Cum Laude. *Cum Laude 


Bachelor of Science 

Brenda Ellen Benson 
Mary Ann Campbell 
Anna M. Cherry 
Arlene Esther Coopersmith 
Andrew Joseph Delaney 
Sheila Gaye Dunn 
Charles Merkcy Frantz 
William Fairfax George, Jr. 
Ronald Louis Hammersley 
Paul Lowell Jason 
Marcie Dawn Jex 
Richard Marc JoUes 
Debra Lee Lyons 
Bonwyn Jane Malarozza 
Donna Lee Morris 
Glenn Leon Muck, Jr. 


Bachelor of Arts 

*Hila J. Alderman 
Deborah Michelle Baron 
W. Theresa Brown 
* Cynthia Adams Conrad 
Michelle Thomasine Curtin 
Diane Marie DiGiacomo 
Nancy Allison Edelblut 
Judith Ellen Fisher 
Harriett Anne Flynn 
Mary Catherine Focht 
Kathleen Anne Greene 
Mary Christine Jardeleza 
Sarah V. Joyce 
Charles Stuart Lippman 
Joan Malloy 
Shirley Ann Mason 
Constance Ann McCreery 
* Beverly Jean Parsley 
§Dana Hadley Perrone 
Pamela Renee Powell 
Kenneth Robert Ramirez 
ginge Renard 
'^Jan DelSchultz 
Barbara Lynn Schwartz 
Christine Joy Skellchock 
Ronald Edward Stup 
Tandi Gwenn Walner 
Debra Lynn Wert 
Curtis Wood, Jr. 

Bachelor of Science 

John Arnold Andrew 
Linda Susan Banigan 
Richard Keith Bates 
Barbara Lynne Becker 

Kathryn Mary Bell 
Leslie Harper Bennett 
Pasquel Joseph Caliguire 
Diane Carol Chaillet 
George David Connor 
Darrel Dee Cronkhite 
Linda L. Curtis 
Deborah A. DeLuca 
Peter Bernard Dixon 
Alan Arthur Ellis 
Darlene Faith Fila 
Peter Joseph Fiordelisi, Jr. 
Carl Joseph Fischer 
Annie Lee Gadson 
Jerome Edward Gold 
Kathy Susan Golub 
John Steven Good 
Hillary Beth Goodman 
Colleen Frances Grady 
Leslie Ann Grumm 
Diana Leigh Hanes 
Jewell Denise Harrison 
Virginia Clagett Higgins 
Cheryl Prohaska Hoyt 
Robert Louis Hunt 
Brenda Geri Kamerow 
Patricia Frances KoUar 
Suzanne Last 
Michelle Marie Lavelle 
Marian T. Lipka 
Deborah Joan Loeffler 
Jamie Ann Manus 
Karen Marcia Miller 
Carl Mills 

James Thomas Nails, Jr. 
Karen Cathleen Neubert 
John Agustine Nial 
Marlene Elnor Nordeen 
Maureen Vagts Norton 
•Donna Susan Nusbaum 
Sharon Eileen O'Brien 
Dennis Michael O'Keefe 
Betty Joyce Owens 
tRegina Ann Pare 
Denise Durham Pauletti 
Nessa Markowitz Peters 
Pamela Lou Plantz 
Barbara Diane Plapinger 
Albert Evans Powell, Jr. 
fRobert Warren Ruliffson 
Sara Davis Russell 
Steven Gary Sachs 
Michael Bladen Sackville 
Margaret Mary O'Neil Sewell 
Paula Towley Shipley 
James Kittrell Simmons 
Charlene Reginia Smith 
Jeffrey Wayne Taylor 
John Chalmer Townsend, Jr. 
Ann Louise Tudor 
Diane Marie Villavicencio 
f Linda Sue Vinton 
SaUie Ellen Williams 
Gloria Jean Willoughby 
Myra Ann Wolf 
Theana C. Yatron 


SjSumma Cum Laude. tMagna Cum Laudc. *Cum Laude 

Bachelor of Science 

William Ernest Adams, Jr. 
Constance Sampogna Boone 
Virginia Mary Brosnan 
Jill Marilyn Eisenberg 
Betty L. Falk 
Cynthia Chor-Kiu Fan 
Karen Darlington Garmany 
Nancy Christine Gieser 
Lenette Lee Gimple 
JoAnne Dreyfuss Grossman 
Mary Marguerite Hereth 
Ann Marie Hiser 
Carol Taylor Irwin 
Carletta B. La Chapeile 
Robert Jameson Ladd 
Richard Louis McGlaughlin 
Elizabeth Ann McKinney 
§ David Michael Milburn 
Sandra Lynn Moroney 
Joyce Petranker 
Rachel Evan Pluhar 

* Megan Quinn 
Mary Leslie Radcliff 
Maxine Anita Rekos 
Shelley Lynn Sandler 
Paula Leslie Shapiro 
Elaine Grace Shire 
Willie Alouzy Simmons 
Terry Ann Spatola 

* Cheryl Jean Spence 
Sharon Lee Taylor 
Patricia Ann Whyland 
Kathryn Bramble WiUey 
Donna Custer Wilson 
Lisa Yalom 

Bachelor of Science 

Wanda Melinda Allis 
Kevin Lawrence Bayly 
Dale H. Bellinger 
Francis William Borcherding 
Pamela Joy Brewer 
Richard G. Brindisi 
Robert Ward Burnham, III 
Terence Elroy Carmody 
Albert Carey Caswell 
Cynthia Ann Clark 
Wendy Lee Coleman 
Maria Ramune Damhriunas 
Phillip Andrew DePorto 
Terese Marie Domanski 
Sherry Lee Evans 
Frank John Falotico 
Julie Anne Garcia 
Suzanne Jane Garretson 
Cecelia A. Harvey 
Robert Michael Hirschhorn 
Carole Marie Holzinger 
Ronald Allen Hunt 
Jeannette Catherine King 
Linda Jean Krall 
Craig D. Lesher 
Marc Raymond Lilley 

Gary Joseph Lyst 

Donald Richard Maier 
t Wayne Lee Maxwell 

Eric John Mikolasko 

Patricia EUett Milton 

James Notarnicola 

Thyra Catto Packett 

Deborah Gail Park 
*Cynthia Rodgers Peatross 

Regina Maria Perrotta 
f Joanne Mary Quirk 

Rhonda Carol Riden 

Myron Lee Samuels 

Verena Lisa Savoy 

Mary Suzan Schuster 

Sue-Anne Shotwell 

David Michael Sides 
*Debra Leigh Snyder 

Joyce Ann Sondheimer 
§Charles Davis Sylvester 

Bonnie Lee Wilkinson 

Donald Timothy Wilson 


Bachelor of Science 

Samuel Blum Bardoff 

*Sean Chang 
Glenn Thomas Davis 
James Patrick Drury 
Gilbert H. Gust, Jr. 

fKi Jong Hong 
Arthur DuBrutz Jacques 
Michael Arthur Kilpatrick 
Charles Edwin Kyle 
Alan Joseph Libby 
John Clift Luber 
Paul Douglas Marinshaw 
Kenneth Iret Martin 
John Pfeifle McQuade 
David Hans Morganthall 
Christopher Njorge Njenga 
John Jeremiah O'Connor 
John Frederick Stang, Jr. 

§Robert Joseph Stevens, Jr. 
Joseph Anthony Sufczynski 
Philip BomanTarbell, III 
Angelo George Tjoumas 
Robert Bruce Waxman 
Thomas Randolph Symington 

Bachelor of Science 

Thomas Walter Bragg 
fjohn W. Brett 
Robert Bruce Bundy 
Fred Steven Burgoon 
Diane Ruth DeMers 
Mary Ann Esfandiari 
Norman Edward Fugate 
Amy L. Hornsby 
Stanley Potter Houck 
Jeanne Louise Kofroth 
Siu H. Lee 
Marc Allen Libowitz 

Richard Mingo 
Robert Alan Parker 
John Ramos, III 
Ryszard Lech Rasinski 
Mary Anne Smith 

Bachelor of Arts 

Theodore Mark Hart 

Bachelor of General Studies 

Sarah Linell Berry 
Steven Law Bing 
Peter Martin Bjerke 
David Allen Blunt 
Julia Irvine Brenton 
Roberta Ruth Brumbaugh 
Kathryn Mary Chincheck 
Richard Oreste Cozzi 
Danny M. DeCarlo, Jr. 
S. Wayne Edenfield 
Charles Eric Forsman 
Mary Pamela Foster 
Philip Thomas Foster 
Barbara Christine Gaeng 
Jody Eileen Gallun 
Dolores Victoria Glozer 
Stephen Macon Grant 
Robert Henry Hirschfeld 
Edward Rene Joell 
f Daniel Joseph Jones 
Kathleen T. Lancellotti 
Carol A. Hoff Lienhard 
Kathleen M. McCarthy 
Karen Lynn McHenry 
Kevin John O'Brien 
Mark Whitton O'Hara 
Brian Sherrod Power 
Michael Stuart Schwartz 
Ken Warren Scott 
Donald John Selkirk 
John James Vesce 
Sandra Gail Alford Wells 
LeAndrew J. Wilson 
Peter Andrew Zachary 

Bachelor of Science 

Karen Maria La Padula 
Jane Eileen Martin 

Bachelor of Arts 

§Jack Alexander Berstein 
Jeanne Nelson Chamberlain 
James Quinker Dunsmoor 
Carlyn Berkow Feldman 
Janice Lynn Fletcher 
Mary Joan Frost 
Cynthia Jean Nash 

Bachelor of Science 

* Steven Hal Becker 

Charles Aaron Deigert 

Paul Gibberman 
f Perri Lynne Laverson 
*MitchelI Arlen Lomke 

Gary Alan Stewart 

^Summa Cum Laude. tMagna Cum Laude, 'Cum Laude 


n ^ -^ 





DECEMBER 17, 1976 


The 1976 class roster is com- 
prised of degree candidates 
from the undergraduate and 
graduate programs at the Uni- 
versity s College Park Campus. 
As final action cannot always 
be taken for candidates by the 
time this program is printed, 
the list of candidates here is 
tentative only. The University 
reserves the right to withdraw 
or add names. All diplomas will 
be mailed by the Registrations 

Students who have earned their 
degrees from the College of 
Education may obtain a State- 
ment of Certificate Eligibility in 
the College of Education 
Records Office (Room 3201) 
Other students who have com- 
pleted teacher education pro- 
grams will receive their state- 
ments in the mail (separate 
from the diploma) upon veri- 
fication of required course- 

Candidates will be presented 
by Dr. Robert E. Menzer, 
Acting Dean of the Graduate 

Doctor of Philosophy 

David William Ahem 
Government and Politics: 
Equality of Educational 
Opportunity: The National 
Longitudinal Study of the 
High School Class of 1972. 

Suat Anar 

Social Foundations of 
Education: Social and 
Philosophical foundations 
of Modern Turkish Educa- 
tion: The Impact of Ziya 
Gokalp's Teaching on 
Philosophy of Education. 

Abdolhi Armand 

Economics: The Rate of 
Return to Education in Iran. 

Carter Michael Armstrong 
Physics: An Investigation of 
the Properties of a High 
Energy, Magnetically 
Corifined, Nonneutral 
Electron Plasma. 

Mary Jane Armstrong 
Human Development: 

Education for Consciousness: 
An Introduction to the 
Theoretical Implications of 
the Study of Consciousness 
for Education. 

Thomas Lamar Atwood 
Physics: Inclusive Particle 
Production m e+e- 
Interactions at 3.8 and 4.8 

Richard Michael Baginski 
Zoology: The Molluscan 
Mechanism of High Salinity 
Adaptation: Intracellular 
free Amino Acid Accumula- 

Marcia Mathias Barnes 

Elementary Education: The 
Effectiveness of a Specific 
Comprehension Strategy 
(SCS) to Teach Main Ideas 
and Supporting Details. 

Ken Alexander Baskin 
English Language and 
Literature: Shaw and Death: 
A Mythology for Creative 

Jimmie Lorene Nelson Battle 
Elementary Education: Child- 
Reari)ig Attitudes of Parents 
Whose Children Were 
Currently Enrolled in a 
College Laboratory School 

Daniel Randall Beirne 
Geography: Steadfast 
Americans: Residential 
Stability among Workers in 
Baltimore, 1880-1930. 

Jack William Berryman 

Physical Education: Jofin 
Stuart Skinner and Early 
American Sport Journalism 

Hans G. Bickel 

Economics: Rice Yields and 
factors Involved in Their 
Variation among Green 
Revolution Countries and 
Other Major Rice Producing 

Nancy Bakke Blackman 
Human Development: An 
Investigation of the Relation 
of Historical Change to the 
Sexual Identification of the 
Preadolescent as Seen in 
Dramatic Block Play. 

Linda Lee Brittingham 

Administration, Supervision 
and Curriculum: An Analysis 
of Subordinate feedback on 
Superordinate Task 
Assistance and Personal 
Support Behaviors. 

Bryan C. Brown 

Astronomy: The Orbits of 
the Galilean Satellites of 

Jack Lytle Bufton 

Electrical Engineering: 
Laser Beam Scintillation in 
an Earth/Space Retroreflector 
Link: Analysis and Experi- 


Arthur Bruce Carmichael 
Computer Science: Semantic 
Classification of Features of 
Programming Languages. 

Barbara Sue Carter 
English Language and 
Literature: Jane Austen: The 
Moral Imperative. 

Amar Singh Chawla 
Electrical Engineering: 
Electrically Alterable, High 
Density, Non-Volatile, 
MN05 Cross-Point Capaci- 
tor Memory. 

Wei William Chen 

Health Education: The 
Lasting Effects of EMG 
Biofeedback Relaxation 

Myrna Howells Childress 
Secondary Education: A 
Comparison of the Effective- 
ness of Programmed 
Instruction arid Small 
Group Instruction as Alter- 
natives to the Lecture- 
Discussion for Cognitive 
Learning in Business Law at 
the Community College Level. 

Catherine Cecilia Cleare 
Secondary Education: The 
Development and Validation 
of an Instrument to Deter- 
mine the Values Underlying 
Instructional Materials. 

Eugenia Williams Collier 
American Studies: The 
Influence of a Pattern of 
Response to Colonization on 
Black American Literary 

Michael Elmer Conner 
Electrical Engineering: 
Identification and Synthesis 
of Litiear Sequential 
Machines Defined Over 
Residue Class Rings. 

James Tyson Cottle 
Secondary Education: 
Toward a Methodology of 
Foreign Language Teaching 
Based on Second Language 
Acquisition Research. 

Eugene Aloysius Dannemiller 
Psychology: A Comparison 
of Assaultive and Non- 
assaultive Criminals on the 
Body Image Boundary 
Dimension of Fisher and 
Cleveland as Measured by 
the Rorschach and Holtzman 
Inkblot Techniques. 

Larry Steven Davis 

Computer Science: Shape 
Representation and Matching. 

Paul Osmun Davis 111 
Physical Education: 
Relationships Between 
Simulated Firefighting Tasks 
and Physical Performance 

Roberta Williams Day 

Measurement and Statistics: 
An Empirical Investigation 
of Fisher's Z Transformation 
in Comparing Two Multiple 

Hassan Aly Dayem 
Nuclear Engineering: 
Analytical Investigations of 
a Transport Consistent, 
Two-Dimensional Diffusion 

Anjana P. Desai 

Geography: The Relative 
Earnings Position of Labor 
Force Outmigrating from the 
Ozarks Region of the United 
States 1900-1970. 

Leslie Allen Dreiling 
Astronomy: Model 
Atmospheres for Sirius and 

Craig Lewis Dreilinger 
Counseling and Personnel 
Services: The Relationships 
Between Group Leaders' 
Moods, Behaviors and Recall. 

Stephen Carl Esser 

Botany: The Fine Structure 
of Vegetative and Statospore- 
Forming Cells of Uroglena 
volvox Ehrenberg. 

Jeffery Michael Etheridge 
Mechanical Engineering: 
Determination of the Stress 
Intensity Factor K from 
Isochromatic Fringe Loops. 

Gerald Sterling Fain 

Recreation: Validation of 
Constructs for a Pictorial 
Leisure Interest Inventory. 

Gary Marvin Fellers 

Zoology: Social Interactions 
in North American Treefrogs 

Elizabeth Jane Moran Fisher 
Chemistry: Characterization 
of the Lipids in Veillonella 

Thomas Richard Fleming 

Mathematics: Non- 
Parametric Estimation for 
Non-Time- Homogeneous 
Markov Processes in the 
Problem of Competing Risks. 

Angela Gallicchio 

Secondary Education: The 
Effects of Brainstorming in 
Small Group Mathematics 

Perry Richard Gemmill 
Industrial Education: The 
Determitjation and Compari- 
son of Personality Charac- 
teristics and Teaching 
Motives of Industrial Arts 
Curriculum Project, 
Maryland Plan and Tra- 
ditional Industrial Arts 

Jesse West Goble 

Agricultural and Extension 
Education: Relationships 
Between Job Satisfaction, 
Demographic Factors, 
Absenteeism and Tenure of 
Workers in a Delmarva 
Broiler Processing Plant. 

Phyllis Ann Goetz 

Health Education: The 
Health Knowledge Level of 
Sixth Grade Students in 
Maryland Public Schools 
and Its Relationship to 
Administrator and Teacher 
Attitudes Toward Health 
Education, Curriculum 
Scheduling Patterns for 
Health Education and 
Personnel Assigned as 
Health Teacher. 

David Eliot Goldenberg 
Geography: The Spatial 
Dynamics of Household 
Composition and Residential 
Life Cycles. 

Sandra Carole Hadler 

Economics: The Extended 
Litjear Expenditure System: 
An Application to Korean 
Household Data. 

Edward Anthony Joseph Hall 
Secondary Education: The 
Assessment of Parental 
Knowledge, Comprehension, 
and Attitudes about the 
Science Curriculum (Grades 
6-9) in the Baltimore County 
Public School System. 

Mary R. Hamilton 

Sociology: Application of a 
Utility-Cost Decision Model 
to a Comparison of 
Intentionally Childless 
Couples and Parent Couples. 


Shelia Green Handy 

Administration, Supervision 
and Curriculum: An 
Application of the Herzberg 
Two-Factor Theory to 
Educators at Two Levels of a 
Public School System. 

Carol Popky Hausman 
Human Development: 
Geriatric Day Care and Long- 
Term institutionalization: A 
Comparison of Family 
Attitudes and Feelings. 

Marija Franc Hribsek 

Electrical Engineering: High 
Q Selective Filters Using 
Mechanical Resonance of 
Silicon Beams. 

Yen Hsu 

Aerospace Engineering: 
Similarity Laws of Lunar and 
Terrestrial Volcanic Flows. 

Daniel Joseph Hurley, Jr. 
Psychology: The Relation- 
ship Between Cultural 
Diversity and Comtiiunity 
Effectiveness: A Compara- 
tive Analysis of Community 

Laura Katherine Hutton 

Astronomy: Fine Structure 
in 3b, 84 and 3C120. 

James Milton Hvidding 

Economics: Microeconomic 
Theories of Labor Market 
Dynamics and the Theory of 
Aggregate Demand: Towards 
an Integration. 

Ralph W. E.Jones, Jr. 

Recreation: The Develop- 
ment of a Conceptual Model 
of an Undergraduate 
Recreation Degree Program 
Utilizing the University 
Without Walls Approach to 

Mukund Shankar Joshi 
Chemical Engineering: 
Radiation Induced cross- 
linking of Polyethylene in the 
Presence of Bifunctional 
Vinyl Monomers. 

Elahe Karimi 

Psychology: Para-profes- 
sionals and assertion train- 
ing: A Comparison Between 
Student Trait^ers Versus 
Professional Trainers in 
Conducting Assertion 
Behavior Trainit^g Groups. 

Ernest Eugene Kempe 
Electrical Engineering: A 
New Theory for Striations 
with Experimental Verifica- 

Kit Renata Krickenberger 
Chemistry: The Relationship 
Between the Exchangeable 
Cation Content and the 
Flocculotion of Clay 

Maigonis V. Krumins 
Mechanical Engineering: 
Measurement of Air 
Temperature at High Altitude 
by Rocketsonde Immersion 
Thermometry Technique. 

Cheng-Tzu Kurt Kuo 
Engineering Materials: 
Computer Simulatioti of the 
Plastic Deformation in the 
Concentrated Solid Solutions 
with fee and bcc Structures. 

Alan Stuart Kushner 

Mechanical Engineering: A 
Finite Element Formulation 
for Heat Transfer by 
Conduction and Natural 
Convection in a Melting 
or Solidifying Material. 

Clyde F. Leadum 

Administration, Supervision 
and Curriculum: A Com- 
parative Analysis of Reor- 
ganization Efforts in the 
Baltimore City Public School 
System, 1971-75. 

Young Sun Lee 

Economics: An Input- 
Output Forecasting Model of 
the Japanese Economy. 

George Finney Linn, Jr. 
Human Development: A 
System for Codifying 
Teacher Nonverbal Behavior. 

Leon Litow 

Counseling and Personnel 
Services: Discrirninatior^ 
Learning as a Furjction of 
Information Responsiveness 
and Feedback Utilization 

Jacqueline Mandel Little 
Counseling and Personnel 
Services: The Relative 
Contribution of Thought 
Stopping and Covert Asser- 
tion in the Treatment of 
Speech Anxiety. 

Franka Marie Luiggi 
French Language and 
Literature: Dancourt et la 
comedie de moeurs. 

Alonzo John Mahurin 

Physical Education: Blood 
Serum Component Con- 
centration Changes as a 
Result of High Fit Athletes 
Racing Over Different Long 

Patrick John Maney 

History: "Young Bob" La 
Follette: A Biography of 
Robert M. La Follette, ]r. 

Manning Marable 
History: African 
Nationalist: The Life of John 
Langalibalele Dube. 

James Gordon McCray 
Electrical Engineering: 
Scattering Function Synthesis 
of a Resistively Terminated 
Cascade of Uniform Lossless 
Transmission Lines and 
Lumped, Passive, Lossless 
Two-ports Using Multi- 
variable Techniques. 

Susan McLean McGrath 
French Language and 
Literature: The Novels of 
Andre Malraux: A 
Demonstration of His Art 

Clayton Dupree McKindra 
Mechanical Engineering: 
Matrix Representatioti and 
Prediction of Three- 
Dimensional Cutting Forces 
Including Chatter. 

Michael Rory McMillan 

Physics: Dissociative Charge 
Exchange of He~^ with CO2. 

Lester A. Mindus 

Psychology: Nonverbal 
Reciprocity: Facilitator of 
Counseling Process? 

Henry G. Mityga 
Horticulture: The 
Development and Validation 
of a Standardized Achieve- 
ment Test in Horticulture. 

Shirley Felman Moritt 

Administration, Supervision, 
and Curriculum: Perceptions 
of Organizational Perform- 
ance and Their Relationship 
to Academic Achievement of 
Elementary School. 

Brian Joseph Murphy 
Psychology: Pattern 
Thresholds for Moving and 
Stationary Gratings During 
Smooth Eye Movement. 

Alice Nelson Murray 

Counseling and Personnel 
Services: The Explanatory 
Behavior of College Tutors. 

Joseph Francis Murray 
Physical Education: The 
Activity Set Hypothesis for 
Warm-up Decrement in a 
Movement Balance Task. 


Howard W. Nathan 
Human Development: 
Derivation of an SCL—90 
Alcoholism Scale. 

James Michael Nester 

Physics; Canonical Forma- 
lism and the EC5K Theory. 

Robert Charles Oelhaf 

Economics: The Economics 
of Organic Farming. 

Ebenezer Olabamiji Ojofeitimi 
Food, Nutrition, and 
Institution Administration: 
Nutritional Evaluation of the 
Three Most Common African 
Staple Foods Supplemented 
with Two Vegetable Proteins 
(Cottonseed and Soybean). 

Akinbola Kolawole Olowofoyeku 
Food Science: Effects of 
Components in Aqueous 
Solutions on the Purity of 
Ice Formed During Freeze 
Concentration by Rotational 
Unidirectional Cooling. 

Lucy R. Olson 

Human Development: 
Suburban Runaways: A 
Follow-Up Study. 

Nancy Marion Ostrove 
Psychology: The Effects of 
Consistency of Performance 
Feedback and Incentive on 
Expectations for Future 

James L. Outtz 

Psychology: Racial Bias as a 
Contaminant of Performance 

Ali Mohammad Parhizgari 
Economics: Mathematical 
and Econometric Models of 
Development Planning: The 
Case of Iran. 

Douglas Lee Park 
Food Science: The 
Metabolism of ^'^C Penicdlic 
Acid by Rats. 

Norma Kachuck Pittard 
Secondary Education: The 
Theories of Jean Piaget: 
Implications for Change in 
Art Education. 

Steven Howard Pravdo 
Astronomy: Hercules X-1: 
Spectral Variability of An 
X-Ray Pulsar in a Binary 
Stellar System. 

James Gilbert Pribula 
Physical Education: An 
Evaluation of Undergraduate 
Professional Programs in 
Physical Education for 
Selected Colleges and 
Universities in Pennsylvania. 

Albert John Pyzik 

Chemistry: The Kinetics and 
Mechanism of Sedimentary 
Iron Sulfide Formation. 

Suzanne Piket Reading 

Hearing and Speech Sciences: 
An Investigation of Factors 
Affecting Elicited Imitation 

Paula Diane Relf 

Horticulture: Horticulture in 
a Semi-Self Supporting 
Training Center for Mentally 
Retarded Adults. 

Brian George Rennex 

Physics: Electroreflectance of 
the Lead Salts. 

James Brian Restorff 

Physics: Optical Studies of 
Hydrogen Cheimsorbed on 
Single Crystal Tungsten: 
Part I. Differential 
Reflectivity. Part II. Coverage 
Modulation by Laser Stimu- 
lated Desorption. 

Bruce Michael Romenesko 
Physics: Magnon Relaxation 
and Magnon Thermal Con- 
ductivity in Nickel-Iron 

Jesse Harvey Rosenblum 

Administration, Supervision, 
and Curriculum: A 
Comparison of Judicial and 
Professional Standards 
Applied to Faculty Expres- 

Susan Gilbert Schneider 
Secondary Education: 1974 
Federal Bilingual Education 
Amendments: Revolution, 
Reaction or Reform? 

G. Bradford Shea 

Botany: Biological Effects of 
Enhanced Ultraviolet Radia- 
tion on a Salt Marsh 

Betty Lou Shubkagel 

Administration, Supervision, 
and Curriculum: The 
Relationships Between the 
Task/Human Relations 
Motivational Structures of 
Individuals in Small Work 
Groups and Their Satisfac- 
tion with Co-workers and 
Immediate Supervision. 

Nancy McKnight Smith 
Elementary Education: The 
Relationship Between 
Reported Time Allotted to 
Social Studies Instruction 
and Student Achievement in 
Fifth Grade Classes of the 
Tri-County Area of Southern 

Sheila A. Spector 

English Language and 
Literature: Studies in The 
Bovo Buch and Bevis of 

Velma Ruth Speight 

Counseling and Personnel 
Services: A Study of Factors 
Affecting the Career 
Development of Black 
Students in Maryland. 

Michael Lee Stephans 

Administration, Supervision, 
and Curriculum: Delineat- 
ing the Process of Curricu- 
lum Development in Higher 
Education: Development of 
Jazz as a Part of the Music 

Stephen Joseph Steurer 
Secondary Education: 
/nsfifufiona/ Change Process 
Example: Initiating and 
Developing a Vocational 
Education-Related Reading 
Program in a Correctional 

Joan Drye Stipetic 

Administration, Supervision, 
and Curriculum: A 
Comparison of the Effective- 
ness of Two Social Skills 
Building Programs, as 
Determined by Their 
Influence on Self-Concept 
and on School Success. 

Frank Charles Svrcek 
Physics: Resonance 
Production in n-p Inter- 
actions at 100 GeV/c. 

Thomas Henry Tarcza 

Secondary Education: The 
Use of Color Photographs to 
Reduce Students' Perceived 
Difficulty of Physical Science 
Laboratory Experiments. 

Sharon Anderson Telleen 
Human Development: 

Attributes of Effective 
Retrieval Cues: A 
Developmental Study. 

Jean-Francois M. Thibault 
French Language and 
Literature: L'Estetique de 
Blaise Cendrars. 

Sally Campbell Thomae 
Chemistry: Size and 
Composition of Atmospheric 
Particles in Rural Areas Near 
Washington, DC. 


George Dimitrios Tsakiris 
Physics: Diagnosis of a 
Relativisiic Noiineutral 
Plasma Column Based on the 
Synchrotron Radiation Spec- 
trum; Theory and 

Sharon Crewes Wallace 
Counseling and Personnel 
Services: Information 
Respot^siveness, Locus of 
Control, and Feedback 
Utilization Technique. 

Walter L. Warnick 

Mechanical Engineering: 
Secondary Deflections and 
Lateral Stability of Beams. 

Deborah Lee Watts 

Counseling and Personnel 
Services: Levels of Selected 
Counseling Skills of 
Androgynous and Non- 
androgynous Counselor 

Carol Weber 

Health Education: A 
Comparison of Values 
Clarification and Lecture 
Methods in Teaching Health 
at the College Level 

Jiin Piau Wei 

Mechanical Engineering: 
Unconfined Thermal 
Discharges Near Free 

Lawrence Ernest Wharton 
Physics: Diverge^^ces in the 
Kinetic Theory of Weakly 
Coupled Gases. 

Samuel Clement Whelan 
Animal Science: Aerobic 
Storage of High Moisture 
Ground Ear Corn arid 
Alfalfa with Organic acids. 

Drew Harry Wolfe 

Secondary Education: The 
Development and Construct 
Validation of a Test to 
Measure Introductory 
College Chemistry Students' 
Higher Cognitive Skills. 

Anne Poole Worthington 
English: The Triadic 
Archetype in Keats' Poetry. 

Grace Wan- pin Yeh 
Nutritional Sciences: 
Glutathione Reductase 
Studies I. Assessment of 
Riboflavin Nutriture by 
Erythrocyte Glutathione 
Reductase Activity Coeffi- 
cient and Dietary Study II. 
Relationship of Erythrocyte 
Glutathione Reductase to 
Lactose Tolerance, Milk 
Consumption and Nutrient 

Wai Bong Yeung 

Physics: Exact Point-Split 
Form of the Finite Field 
Equations for a Ynag-Mills 
Theory and Derivation of a 
Low Energy Theorem. 

Eleanor F. Young 

Agricultural and Extension 
Education: A Model Con- 
sumer Education Program 
Related to the Selection of 
Carpeting Based on Expected 

Joseph Ling Young 
Electrical Engineering: 
Efficient Activation of 
Mammalian Muscle Units 
and Its Relationship to 
Motoneuronal Discharge 
Patterns During Locomotion. 

Andrew Thomas Zander 
Chemistry: Atomic 
Absorption Spectrometry: A 
Continuum Source Method 
and its Use for Correction 
of Spectral Interferences. 

Doctor of Education 

Robert Allan Gorsuch 

Administration, Supervision, 
and Curriculum: An 
Investigation of the Rela- 
tionships Between Core Job 
Dimensions, Psychological 
States, and Personal and 
Work Outcomes Among 
Public School Teachers. 

Anthony Charles Russo 
Special Education; An 
Exploratory Study to 
Determine the Effectiveness 
of a Systematic Language 
Program and Variable Types 
of Reinforcers with Severely- 
Profoundly Retarded School 
Age Children. 

Theodore Roosevelt Smith 
Secondary Education: The 
Development and Assessment 
of Counseling Guidelines 
Designed to Enhance 
Minority Participation in 
Science and Related Fields in 
the Tidewater Virginia area. 

William Wells 

Human Development: 
Hemispheric Synchroniza- 
tion as it Relates to Reading 
Disability: A Study at the 
Fourth Grade Level. 


Master of Arts 

Diane Merle Adelstein 

Kristen Rae Angstadt 

lima Lois Backelman 

Michael Dean Barker 

Adrienne Moesel Barna 

Connice Avere Bavely 

Herbert Aloysivs Behre, III 

Gerald Raymond Benedick 

Mary Ann Bennett 

Robert Jackson Bennett 

Mary Joanne Benton 

Kevin Francis Bezner 

Alice Howard Blumer 

Gerald L. Boarman 

Kenneth B. Brace, Jr. 

Virginia Susan Bredekamp 

Nanette Cynthia Brey 

Eva Mindy Bronstein 

Carolyn Margaret Bruno 

John Joseph Buckley, III 

Cornelia Ann Burr 

Ned Foley Carmody 

Victor John Carnall 

William Edward Carney 

Jean Anne Carter 

Charles David Chadwick, Jr. 

Scarlet Cheng 

Ana Maria R. Codas 

Thomas Burton Collins 

Michael Anthony Cooke 

Jane Lynn Crane 

Allison McMillan Crawley 

William Timothy Cross 

John Barrett Cryer 

Anita Jean Curie 

Ronald Maxwell Dapkunas 

Cassandra S. Daston 

Anne Marie Davenport 

Patricia Ann Devaney 

Jeanne Lightfoot Dillard 

Carol DiPace 

Alice Coveyou Dixon 

Clifton Elmo Dixon, Jr. 

Mary Theresa Dondero 

Michael Joseph Duffy 

Vivian Ware Duncan 

Steven Joseph Dunn 

Steven Charles Einhorn 

Luis Eduardo Escobar 

Joseph Lawrence Famulary 

Atta Allah Farhoudi 

Sue W. Farquhar 

Perry Carol Feldman 

Diana M. Rodriguez de Ferragut 

Russell Lee Fleury 

Ruth Burstein Furman 

Nancy Marie Gaeta 

Billie Jean Garland 

Wanjiku Gathuru 

Melanie Gerig 

Harriet Lynn Glosof f 

Susan Lee Gold 

Bridget Marie Gonzalez 

Martha Vogel Goodman 

Alexis Natalie Gordon 

Miriam Mizrachi Gottlieb 

Lynn Marie Gould 

William Robert Grundmann 

Margaret D. Hachten 

John C. Harvey, Jr. 

Patricia Rose Hausman 

Christine Carol Heflin 

Richard Michael Helfrich 

Anne Harlow Helwig 

Kathleen Amy Noonan Heyman 

Polly Ann Hickle 

William Fletcher Holmes 

Virginia M. Holt 

John Apalategui Holte 

Edward H. Huestts 

Elizabeth Moschler Huet 

James Myron Hurley 

Sabiha Iqbal 

Isaac Kairey 

Virginia Lynn Kalb 

Lyn Ellen Kaplan 

Marsha Eleze Kessler 

Constance Kimmerle 

Scott Philip Kravetz 

Marisa Morbio Kutscher 

Ruth E. Lajoie 

Bruce Simpson Landsberg 

David Charles Leonard 

Robert M. Levy 

Laurie Joan Lewis 

Helen Charlotte Lidsfrom 

Robert Carroll Lowe 

Dyanne Stricklin Lyon 

Barbara Kay MacMillan 

Barry Harlan Maguire 

Eva Jacqueline Manning 

Jorge Francisco Marcano 

Dominique March 

Barbara Ann Marsden-Schmidt 

Anne Marie Marso 

Michele Yolande Breault Martel 

Donald Elliot Martin 

William Alexander Mazejko 

Thomas A. McDonald 

William Freeman McKenna 

Susan J. McWhorter 

Maria del Carmen Menendez 

Jeffrey Jay Mermelstein 

Danusia Leah Meson 

Nickerson Blood Miles 
Sidney Howard Mondell 

Henry J. Moore 

Linda Joy Movitz 

Vivian Stewart Muccio 

Barbara Mary Murphy 

Robin T. Myaing 

Larry Ross Myers 

Monika Fingas Nasser 

Karen Laura Nemeroff 

Mary Helen Novak 

Wilkie Nunn 

Timothy J. OConnell 

Charles Robert Pagelsen 

Steven Thomas Patterson 

Dennis Ray Phillips 

Rita H. Phillips 

Nancy Lynn Pittman 

James Merrill PoUman 

Joyce Lynn Posner 

Nancy W. Prothro 

Sherry L. Yampolsky Prowda 

Lynne Elaine Radcliff 


Louis Michael Ricci 
Richard Victor Rimkunas 
Edwin L. Robison 
Craig Mekeel Rollins 
Laura Jean Rosen 
Deborah Bergquist Ross 
Joseph J. Ruda 
Irene Regina Salazar 
Olanrewaju Abayomi Salu 
Robert James Schissell, II 
Frances Marie Seubert 
Richard Simon Sigman 
Richard John Skrzysowski 
Ronald Anton Slepitza 
Dianne Robin Spal 
Mark A. Steinberg 
Janice Elaine Stevenson 
Jerome Thomas Storck 
Betty Beckley Styers 
Cornelia Sullivan 
Jacqueline Swanson 
Jane Frances Tamagna 
Richard Albert Tamberrino 
Gary Lee Thomas 
Kathryn Flynn Thomas 
Richard Charles Thomas 
Mary Ann Tighe 
Eddie L. Tobias 
Mary Catherine Tolton 
Susan Rachel Tomchin 
Bruce Alan Townsend 
Marianne Diane Triplette 
Dennis Wayne Webster 
Elizabeth White Weeks 
Gerrie Lynn Weinstein 
Loretta C. Wertheimer 
Bernard Patrick Wess, Jr. 
M. Debra Whitcomb 
Cheryl Scott Williams 
Alan Barry Winn 
Philip James Wirzbicki 
Mary Jane Wood 
Josephine Linda Woods 
Ernest Michael Zampelli 
Evangelos Zikos 
Mark Styker Zimmerman 
Dorothea Maria Mateja Zitta 

Master of Science 

Karen Brown Abernethy 
Rosemary Claire Ackroyd 
Hari C. Aggarwal 
John Wesley AUender 
George Magruder Anderson 
Martha Christine Anderson 
Rami Louis Antoun 
Roberto Carlos Arguero, Jr., 
Patricia Creegan Augustine 
Jean Avent Baker 
Samuel F. Baldwin 
Johnson Kristian Behel 
Kenneth Robert Bell 
Keith Alan Berven 
Stephen B. Broadbent 
Robert Louis Brooks 
James Richard Brow 
David Leonard Buettner 

Thomas Joseph Burda 
Alan Charles Burgoon 
Charles Oliver Butterfield 
Thomas Albert Carey 
Jane Marie Cassidy 
John Michael Cavallo 
Esther L. Widmer Chalmers 
Martin Warner Chandler 
Nancy Chia-shing Cheng 
John Yim-Choy Cheung 
Frederick Lewis Cochran 
Bonifa Ellen Conard 
Charles Joseph Daniels 
John Richard D'Aprile 
Arati Dasgupta 
Marilyn Bernadette Devine 
Michael Maria Jacobus 

Joann Kay DiGennaro 
Mark Allen Domen 
Richard Douglas 
Catherine Irene Doyle 
Sharon Stanley Durkee 
Gwenneth Western El Sawi 
Patricia Ann Fairall 
Barry John Bryan Forster 
Daniel Ney Fox 
James William Franklin 
Greg Norman Frederickson 
Antoinette Broe Galvin 
Julian Garcia 
Louis Roger Gieszl 
Roger David Gifford 
Michael Eugene Giltrud 
John Robert Glowa 
John H. Green 
Ray Alan Grove 
Lewell F. Gunter, Jr. 
Mary K. Hachem 
Harold Louis Hallock 
Clarence Elton Harris ' - 
Cyma Cohn Heff ter 
Eric R. Hein 
Alice Eugenia Hevner 
Allen V. Hirsch 
William F. Hoover, Jr. 
L. Leroy Jonas, Jr. 
Paul Peter Jovanis 
Gerald Kahan 
Mark Stuart Kaufman 
V'issarion Z. Keramidas 
Ki Ho Kim 

Suzanne Ellen Kleiman 
Ahmet Refik Kortan 
Yao Kouadio 
Hordur Kristjansson 
Wilford Bernard Lane 
Carol Riggs Ligon 
Simon Hungtse Lin 
Mary Ann Petranek Madison 
Glenn Themba Magagula 
Irene Elaine Magyar 
Peggy Yearwood Mahlstedt 
Edward F. Mangiaratti 
Rober Harold Marmon 
Thomas Leroy Martin 
James Andrew McNeil 
Ronald Lee Medford 
Robert Harold Marmon 

Elizabeth Lambert Moore 
Charmaine Patricia Mrazek 
Jan MoUer Nielsen 
Zarko Novakovic 
Edward Joseph Nowak 
Michael Gerald Otten 
Arthur John Pashayan 
Barbara Harrison Pheiffer 
Glen B. Phillips 
De Lois Mitchell Powell 
Robert Leslie Powell 
Robert Joseph Quickie 
Leslie Mary Quigley 
Richard Cline Ramseur 
Eugene Mark Rehfield 
David Lynn Renshaw 
Rhonda Renee Rhoda 
Randy Alvin Rowland 
Mario Edgard Salazar 
Adeline Jane Scanc;on 
Mary McLean Schaefer 
John Edward Schaeffer, Jr. 
Paul Francis Schneider 
Jonathan Seaborne 
Pauline Victoria Sealey 
Ann P. Selkowitz 
Joshua Saul Sharlin 
Charles Edward Shaw, III 
Kuen-Yaw Shye 
Jeffrey Lyie Silberberg 
Mark Howard Silverman 
Frederick Michael Slay 
Ernest Nickolaus Steinbrecher 
George F. Sushinsky 
Robert C. Sword 
Seshagiri Rao Tammara 
I-Te Tang 
Gary Joseph Taylor 
John Chur Tsao 
Katherine Piellusch Turk 
William Douglas Walton 
Nienchih Wei 
Achim W. Weidemann 
John Howard Wells 
David Lane Welsh 
Maxine Inez Whitehead 

Joseph Daniel Williams 

Chris E. Wilt 

Daniel George Wolf 

Gail Smith Wood 

Dwight Yen 

Hsi-Huang Yen 

Mervat M. Younan 

Kent Daniel Zimmerman 

Dorothy Jean Zukor 

Victor Casimer Zwinklis, Jr. 


Master of Education 

John William Adams, II 
Gonzalez Rodrigo Arboleda 
Gail Marie Barge 
Barbara A. Behrmann 
Penny Berg 
Jeffrey Steven Berman 
Lynn Davies Biviano 
Linda PC. Blackistone 
Linda K. Borssuck 
Barbara Ann Bradford 
Joan Breslerman 
James Earle Bridger 
Geraldine Hackworth Briggs 
Barbara Lee Brogan 
Carolyn E. Bryant 
Karen Elaine Burkins 
Allen Rey Burns 
Brenda Porter Burns 
Eva Agnes Cannon 
Joan Snider Chambers 
Donna Maria Chieffo 
Ellen Cathy Cooper 
Dennis William Cope 
Deborah Lynn Covey 
John Ronald Cramer 
Barbara Ann Davis 
Louise Willa Downes 
Claire Reeva Dubinsky 
Judith Carol Duffie 
Jacqueline Earlene Dutton 
James C. Dye 
Joyce R. Earnhardt 
Stanley R. Edwards 
Thomas James Engram 
Bruce Roland Ferguson 
Marian Lane Fletcher 
Janice Peters Flower 
Cynthia Ann Garlock 
James William Gordon, Jr. 
Barbara Janice Groom 
Doris Thicksten Hagin 
Vivian Joette Heath 
Joan Charlotte Hennessey 
Mary Evelyn Hopkins 
Margaret Ann Home 
Lynda Louise Huffman 
Evelyn A. Hurley 
Ruth Floyd Johnson 
Linda Lucas Jungblut 
Jeannette M. Keaveney 
Geraldine Henegan Kennedy 
Eleanor Virginia Woodyard 

Roberta F. Klebanoff 
Niki Elaine Kohn 
George Michael Kolarik 
Barbara Nan Korb 
Robin Lagin Langsam 
Monica Morris Legato 
Ethel Jacobs Levine 
Alice Beverly Madison 
Joseph Thomas Marsden 
Joyce Anna Martin 
Lynn Christine Martin 
Joan Elizabeth Grayson 

Mary Sue Maxwell 

Linda Louise McCreary 

Mary Rebecca McDade 

Mary Lanigan Menk 

Karen R. Millar 

Richard Leo Miner, Jr. 

Katherine Bradley Murphy 

William A. Nardo 

Barbara Brown Orifici 

Carol A. Parent 

Nancy Elaine Peckerar 

Eileen Sue Howard Pensinger 

Marie Elizabeth Pincus 

Claudia Lorraine Garner 

Oliver Lee Ridgely 

Sunday Brock Roberts 
Donald Joseph Robinson, Jr. 
Merle S. Ross 
Arlene Linda Rothman 
Louise Bosely Ryle 
Marianne Camilla Sane 
Nicholas Sardanelli 
Mary Ellen Savarese 
Linda Jane Sheppard 
Eileen Dratler Shubert 
Philip George Simon 
Neville Benjamin Smith 
Patricia Louise Stack 
Candace Elaine Stepp 
Juanita Bethea Thompson 
Karen Trebilcock Utterback 
Judith Leone Bowers Vaughan 
Sarah Rebecca Wall 
Rosemary Rockwell Walters 
Jacqueline Karol Wassel 
WilUam Christopher Welsh 
Linda W. Winokur 
Anita M. Wolgast 
Carey Marlene Wright 

Master of Business 

Steven Oliver App 
Arlene Architect 
Edward Christian Bauer 
Patricia Stirnweiss Bryant 
William Hugh Chambers 
Robert L. Charamella 
Amelia Annette Chesney 
Maurice W. Cutler 
Edward F. Daly 
David Nathaniel Deinard 
Wilfredo B. Del Rosario 
Martin Steven Dvorkin 
Teresa Mary Ellis 
Michael Alan Foreman 
Richard Carvel Garner 
Richard Lee Gossard 
Samuel A. Gray 
Colt Richard Gregory 
Daniel James Hampton 
Brian Stuart Hilderman 
Robert H. Holder, Jr. 
Walter Van Buren Holmes 
David Mark Isquith 
Cecil William Johnson 
Paul Kuny 


Herbert Josiah Lewis 
John Franklin McCormick, Jr. 
George Anthony Murphy 
Syed Waseem Abbas Naqvi 
Michael Patrick O'Connor 
Gopalakrishnan Ramanan 
Roya Rassai 
Peter James Rechter 
R. Michael Rice 
Robert Clinton Richey 
Anne Virginia Roland 
Susanne Filip Schlembach 
Aviva E. Shulman 
Charles Walter Sleasman 
Edward Germon Smith 
Marianne Suttora 
Deborah LaMar Thompson 
Ralph August Walkling 
James Thomas Warren, Jr. 
Robert Lee Weikel 

Master of Music 

Thomas Norton Gates 
Anne Lewis Jacoby 
Carlton W. King, III 
Sheryl G. Krohn 
Kathleen Ann Lambooy 
Una Maria Perez 
Patricia L. Stott 

Master of Library Science 

Felice Myrth Anderson 
Barbara Dorothy Appel 
William Louis Asher 
Leonard Joseph Bahlman 
Elizabeth J. Beckhard 
Jean Anne Bell 
Joan Karen Bethos 
Beatrice S. Bobotek 
Martha Mary Broad 
Karen Stevens Browne 
Susan Marie Browning 
Laverne Irene Bruffey 
Marsha Clifton Carey 
Joy Boes Choppin 
Norberta Winborne Claiborne 
Kenneth Bruce Clansky 
Lenore Beattie Clark 
Marie Patricia Coleman 
Rosalee Bryan Connor 
Anna P. Costantino 
Kathryn Kearl Dammon 
Gloria Beatrice Lockett 

Elizabeth Cornell Fake 
Carol Ann Garwood 
Estelle Goldberg 
Florence Eileen Gospodarec 
Helen Louise Hanigan 
Mary Katherine Hartx 
Joan Parry Helde 
Roger Neil Karr 
Irena Kavalek 
Arlene Frances Klair 
Marilyn Nelson Klein 
Linda White Leonard 
Vanessa Renee Linder 

Miriam V. Lowinger 
Richard Harold Lytle 
Amy Bauer Machen 
Elizabeth J. Mallory 
Scott Morris McCurdy 
Christine Hansen Means 
Linda Ann Merrick 
Nancy Milton Mulford 
Laureen Patricia O'Donnell 
Suzanne Duke Orebaugh 
Nicole Heloise Putman 
David Wendell Rios 
Lawrence M. Robinson 
Suprabha Rochanasaroj 
Kenneth M. Roseman 
William Boyd Rowles 
Maria Beatrice Salvadore 
Joan Berman Simon 
Clarena M. Snyder 
Kathy Sue Sorkin 
Steven Lee Sowell 
Deborah Jeanne Chew 

Stephen Arne Thoren 
Carolyn Bittner Tilley 
Cheryl Wilson Urban 
Linda J. VanHorn 
George Ann Waller 
Starr Elizabeth Ashby 

Susan Goldberg Weintraub 
Mary Tappe Werner 
Billie Kay White 
Janice Helen Williams 
Myra Specthrie Wilson 
Diane Ruth Yedenock 
Diane Thomas Young 

Master of Fine Arts 

Scott Richard Fair 
Jessica Gail Morgan 
Joseph Carl Schwarz 
MaryAnn Sebring 
Lawrence J. Szycher 



Candidates will be presented 


Dr. Gordon Cairns, 

Dean of the College 

Bachelor of Science 

tjayne Claudia Alenier 

Francis Joseph Allnutt 

Pablo Roman Astiz 

Emelia Maria Baquedano 

Ronald Lee Bare 

Barbara Ann Bartoo 

Michael Francis Berney 

Michael Allison Bissell 

Robert Bruce Bonar 

Cordon F. Brooks 

Carl Richard Campbell 

Horace Mitchell Chandor, Jr. 

Robert James Charles, Jr. 

John Gregory Chase 

Mary Elizabeth Corio 

Cynthia Noel Cox 

Martha Lynn Dabrowski 

Carolyn Elizabeth Dean 

David Roger Delbrook 

Henry Doong, Jr. 

Howard William Durham, Jr. 

Gregory Bruce Farmer 

Joseph Lloyd Fisher 

Shirley Marie Forst 

Kenneth Arthur Fry 

Roger Fredric Fryling 

Robert L. Geneve 

Robert Francis Gore 
§William Carroll Gough 

John Richard Hall 

Patricia Diane Hannaway 

Jesse Stoner Heird 

Richard Vincent Holt, Jr. 

Patricia Lynn Jahnes 

John AUder Kable 
"Stephen Blauser Kiracofe 
+ Francine Rachelle Koplin 

Michael Joseph Lazorchick 

James Russell Leith 

Deborah Lynn Livingston 

Christopher Paul Lockard 

Cheryl L. MacKinnon 

Wayne Michael Maresch 

Marilyn Lee Mause 

Edward Frederick Mayne, Jr. 

William John McMahon, III 

Frederic P. Messinger 

Ari Montgomery Michelsen 

Douglas Lloyd Moore 

Shuman Randall Moore 

Paul J. Morris 

Maria Mary Elizabeth Mosley 

William Sattler Mowell 

Carol Taylor OLeary 

Gary Michael O Shea 

Sandra Lee Owens 

Paula Ann Paolini 

Federick William Paul 

Gary Charles Perlow 

J. Douglas Pierce 

Ronald Amedee Pitts 

James Stephen Plaskowitz 

Alan Reed Post 

John Edward Rank 

Marshall Scott Rea 

Roger Paul Riddlemoser 

Daniel John Riley 

David Paul Roberts 
"Douglas Edward Robison 

Robert Lee Robison, II 

Evan A. Ross 

Christian Johannes Schmidt 
"Wendy Ellen Schneider 

Joseph Calvin Scott 

Alan Joseph Sneeringer 

Ruth Anne Spellerberg 

Kevin Michael Spencer 

Patrick Joseph Stevens 

Peter Kurt Strass 
"Jenness Hall Suarez 

Melinda Lee Sylvester 

William Raymond Szymanski 

Richard William Thomson 

Jeffrey B. Trager 

Virginia Ann Upton 

Carol Elizabeth Usher 

Barbara Anne Vinton 

Margaret Ellen Waldron 

Theodore Milton Wasielewski 

Jocephus Weeks 
"Gail Irene Wilhelm 
§David Edward Wolf 

Garald Bill Young 

Beverly J. Zepp 


Candidates ivill be presented 


Dr. Francis C. Stark, 
Provost of the Division 

Bachelor of Science 

Eugene David Abelow 

Paul Samuel Adams, Jr. 

Rafael Bernard Alfonso 

Eveline Mary Allen 

Stephanie Ramona Allen 

Linda Gail Andrews 

John Scott Arn 

Howard E. Asaki 

John B. Atcheson 

William Michael Baczynskyj 
"Susan Victoria Bakke 
tRavi Balasubrahmanyan 
§Gary Wickens Barone 

Charles Alfred Baynard, Jr. 

Peter Paul Beaman 

Richard Arthur Bean 

Frank Harry Berg 

Philip Seymour Berger 

Gail Robin Berman 

Lani Lee Bernier 

Bruce Bernard Bertling 

James LeRoy Brubaker 
fRobert Dale Bugenhagen 

Barbara Ann Buinickas 

Patrick Joseph Peter Burke 


^Summa Cum Laude; fMagna Cum Laude, 'Cum Laude 

Linda Carol Canas 
James H. Cantrell 
Robert Joseph Carroll 
Terrance John Cassidy 
Jean Chang 
Richard Jay Chapin 
Ira Larry Cohen 
Douglas Neal Craig 
Henry Peter Dabrowski 

* Michael Alan Danahy 
Thomas Mark Danahy 

*John Henry Dillard 
Clayton Bristow Doak 
John Edward Essig 
Benjamin Richard Fisher 

tFred Abram Fishman 
Jan Kenneth Flaharty 
Keith William Flohr 
Martin Furman 
William Bradley Gable 

§ Wayne Edmund Gaines 
Paul Virgil Gentry 
Ronald Louis Genua 

*Robert Harlan Green 
Alice H. Grier 
Clark William Hammon 
Mary Jo Hansen 
Gregory Michael Hicks 
ArlandDavid Hill 
Joseph Mark Hoffman 
Samuel Chaim Hurwitz 
Lloyd Edward James, Jr. 
Lawrence Clinton Johnson 
William Gregg Jones, Jr. 
Christopher Parker 

Debra Hope Kile 
Chul Kim 

Thomas William Klema 
Walter F. Kline 
Gary Steven Knauer 
James Kovalesky 
William Joseph Krause 
Kathryn Cary Kunkel 
Paul Joseph Kuzma 
David Bruce Lauer 
Mark Alan Lee 
Jay Ross Levine 
Hung-Hsi Liu 
James Peter Lombardi 
Stephen Andrew Martin 
Maureen Louise McCamley 
Charles Irvin McDonald 

tjonothan L. Miller 
Seyed-Ala Mortazavi 
Gerald Myers Murphy, Jr. 
Virginia Lee Myers 
B. Erzsebet Nyitrai 
Denise Candice Ferret 
Mark Alden Peterson 
Anderson White Phillips 
Gary Steven Pisner 
Joseph Michael Pocius 
Leonard Joseph Polacheck 
Richard Keith Prescott 
Ray Merle Price, Jr. 
Stephen Miles Pulford 
Jacquelyn Janice Rainey 
Douglas Joel Raymond 

Julia Ann Roberts 

Neil P. Rossmeissl 

Preston Bernard Rowland 

Michael Arthur Sanzo 

Kristen Elizabeth Schlech 
*Lawrence John Schnaubelt 

Celeste A. Schramm 

Kim Douglas Schroader 

Gail Ellen Schulman 

Evelyn Miriam Schwartz 

Mark Steven Schweizer 

Ricky Lee Seifarth 

Suzanne M. Shamanski 

Chris Peter Shiaris 

Robert Leslie Shores 

Lawrence Terry Simon 

Richard Martin Sine 

Robert Howard Smith 

Gai Louise Smythe 

David Stanley Spannare 

John Warren Spencer 

James Edward Sullivan 

Kevin Taylor 

Rita Elizabeth Thompson 

Robert Charles Tiano 

Michael H. Todish 

Charles Anthony Angelo 

Robert H. Weichbrod 
§Lawrence Martin Weiss 

Gary Edward Wenger 

John Gerard White, Jr. 

Thomas Dale Wieland 

Malcolm Glen Wilkinson 

Jeffrey David Williams 

John Mackenzie Wilson 

George Roman Wisniewski 

Henry Newton Wixon 

Donald Bruce Wrieden 

Pierce Renard Youngbar 

Brian Carl Zeichner 

Lewis Bruce Zimet 
tLaurie Twila Zimmerman 


Candidates will be presented 


Prof. John Hill, Dean of the 

Bachelor of Architecture 

John Robert Carroll 
Francis Dicesare 
Rita Moy Fong Eng 
Robert Michael Hackley 
George Ingraham Staber, Jr. 
Elissaios John, Theodorakos 
Stanley C. White, II 

Bachelor of Science 

§ Bradford Chandler Cary 
Steven Lee Coppenbarger 
Johnnie Vernon Haselby, Jr. 
Michael Edward Johnson 
David Maia Ferreira Lambert, Jr. 
Jeffery Lee Lyons 
David Edward Shuma 
John Reginald Walker 

!}5umma Cum Laude; +Magna Cum Laude; 'Cum Laude 



Candidates will be presented 


Dr. Ray E. Hiebert, 
Dean of the College 

Bachelor of Science 

Michael Charles Abramson 
Arthur Clark Allender 
+ George Everette Brandon 
Clifton Carlyle Cahall 
Gregory Charles Couteau 
Joseph Dominic Dilorio 
Theodora Glaros Dineley 
James Avery Donoghue, Jr. 
Kevin Edward Driscoll 
Pamela Dian Evans 
Paul Ludger Evans 
Patrick Vincent Farina 
Robert Holifield Feldmann 
Vernon Samuel Green 
Patrick Charles Guthrie 
Robert Stephen Hickman 
Susan Barbara Kalla 
Craig Mitchell Kellstrom 
Cynthia E. Long 
Joanna Matthews 
Paul Rhodes Mattix, III 
Patricia A. Murphy 
Michael James Nelson 
Ann Elizabeth Sagi 
Srikanth Sankaran 
Christina Rose Francis 

Barbara Elise Seibert 
Patrick Anthony Sivigny 
Marcia Anita Slacum 
Nelson Douglas Snyder 
Vicki Lee Spinelli 
Victoria Ann Stachowski 
Janene Carol Sutherland Starr 

* Margaret Gene Stone 
Shirley Teresa Thomas 

* Stephanie Ann Verdin 
Michael Lawrence Wolf 


Candidates will be presented 


Dr. Robert Corrigan, 

Provost of the Division 

Bachelor of Arts 

Laurel L. Allen 
Michael Eric Andberg 
Jeffery Monroe Applebaum 
Michael Stephen Barnes 
Randall Keigan Barry 
Ralph William Basford 
James Thomas Baxter 
Loretta Marie Bayly 
Richard Samuel Becker 
* Sharon Ruth Beckler 
David L. Bennett 
Jill B. Birghenthal 
Bryce Davenport Blair, Jr. 
Sheila Toby Blank 
Sherri Ann Boker 
Sara Ann Bonsteel-Belott 
Catherine Anne Boone 
Rosalind Jane Bouwsma 
§Sandra Wright Bracken 
Phyllis Anne Bradley 
Linda Kay Bringan 
Robert Elliott Brittain 
Georgia Faye Brown 
Andrea Buffum 
Pamela Ann Burda 
Richard M. Burger 
Sharon Jean Burleson 
Diane Salmirs Burns 
Philip Everette Bursley 
Renee Marcus Butler 
Eugene P. Callaghan 
Catherine Angeline 

Micah Chandler 
Sherry Eileen Clark 
John Walter Clinnin 
David Alan Coakley 
Jennifer Lee Coe 
Dale Eugene Cole 
* Rosemary Suzanne Collie 
John K. Connolly 
Philip Stratis Constantine 
Charles Stewart Cowdrey 
Eduardo Miguel Cunningham 
Michael Louis Curro 
Annette Wendy Curtis 
Mercedes K. Danevic 
Steven Roger Daniels 
Christopher John Davis 
Derek Earl Davis 
James Avery Donoghue, Jr. 
Terrence James Driscoll 
Jo Ella Dudley 
Edward Joseph Dwyer, III 
Neal Andrew Eaton 
Nancy Ellen Eck 
Mitchell Alan Egber 
Timothy Edward Eisenhut 
Stephen Charles Elliot 
Alice Hannon Emery 

Thomas Henry Espinosa 

John Francis Everard 

Antoinette Jentzen Farrell 

Harley Mark Feldberg 

Cecile Maura FitzGerald 

Timothy Edward Flanery 

Elinor Ann Fleming 

Michael Barry Flynn 

Steven Carroll Foster 

Scott David Frankle 

Gregory James Friedmann 

Lois Elaine Fritz 

William Gampel 

Wendy Jill Gassar 

Janet Eileen Giblin 

Maria Elena Giner Azcona 

Miriam Louise Glaser 

Amy Ellen Goldberg 

Barbara Gene Goldman 

John Robert Graham 

Patricia Green 

Mindy Sue Greenbaum 
» William Francis Griffiths 

Judi Kay Guralnick 

Gary Poe Haines 
^Stephen Lowell Hall 
Susan Marie Hall 
Eugene Thomas Hammer, Jr. 
Richard Matthew Harrison 
Frederic Carl Hassani 
Suzanne Marie Haub 
Wilhelm Heinz 
Sondra Grace Hennart 
Sarah Alden Heron 
David Warren Hickman 
Michael Paul Hoagland 
Ronald Eugene Holt 
Patricia Ann Horn 
John Albert Horst 
Stuart L. Horton 
Dennis Wayne Hose 
Philip Laws Howard 
Karen Shaw Howe 
John W. Huckert, Jr. 
William James Jaeger, Jr. 
Pauline Diane Jakobsberg 
Linda Cecelia Jenious 
Bruce Jenkins, Jr. 
Daniel W. Joyce 
Stephen James Judge 
Ellen Elizabeth Kardy 
Thomas J. Kastanotis 
Rebecca Adams Kelly 
Karen Soo Kendrick 
Kevin Cary Kerdash 
Ellen Elise Keyser 

* Bonnie Anne Kirkland 

* David Lewis Klein 
John W. Knott, Jr. 
Deborah Ann Koback 
Kevin Marshall Kokes 
Penney S. Kurland 
Wendy Jo Kushel 

tHelane Ann Langweil 
Christina Laurel 
Cathy Sharon Leiner 
Sharon Newman Light 
Linda Teresa Linkous 


§Summa Cum Laude; +Magna Cum Laude; *Cum Laude 

Sophia Liplewsky 

Mary Jeanne Logan 

Robert Edward Lopez 

Christopher Warren Lowe 

Richard Peter Mack, Jr. 

James Harold Magee, III 

Sharon Anne Mahoney 

Harriet Sue Malamut 

Sandra Ann Mallory 

Barbara Halsey Mann 
§Stephen Bryant Martz 

WilUam Evans Masters 
* Paul Guy Matricciani 

Mary Ellen May 

Elizabeth E. McBride 

Catherine Anne McCabe 

Mary Ann McCammon 

Robbins Ann McClintock 

Richard Paul McClure, Jr. 

Becky Jean McKenzie 

Joyce Ann McMullen 

Laura Shea McQuinn 

Esther C. Michel 

Linda M. Middleton 

Bonnie Lee Miller 
*Kim Irene Miller 

Mary Rachael Drake Moore 

Sharon Lee Moran 

Mary Kathleen Morris 

Douglas Scott Moyer 

Christopher deHart Murphy 

Lawrence Hite Myers 

Albert Francis Nagy 

David P. Nelson 

Howard Nelson 

Dorie Ruth Newman 

John Oliver Nottingham 

Renee Marie Organ 

Gary L. Palmatier 

Walter Gerald Payne, Jr. 

Otho Ralph Peterman, III 

Kathleen Jo Petro 

Margaret Swindell Pfeiffer 

Kathleen D. Phillips 

Paul Vincent Pisciotta 

Mary Joanne Pratt 

Helene Andree Price 

Michael Thomas Prin 

Mary Margaret Puntch 

Marion Wasserman Rapp 

Jeffrey Rathner 

Rory Adrell Reese 
§Clara Pinzon de Ricur 
*Regina Lynn Robbins 

Julie Schaeffer Robinson 

Gayle Eileen Rockelli 

Vicki Rachel Rodgers 

Margaret McGrath Romanoff 

Jules Howard Rosenberg 

Michael Joseph Rosenfelder 

Rebecca Nadine Roy 

John Timothy Rutherford 

Isabel A. Santamaria 
tDavid Carl Scharf 
*Mark Clifton Schlenker 

Audrey Meryl Schwartz 
Katie Ann Schwartzman 

Linda Debra Seff 

Jonathan Seides 

Deborah Leigh Selbo 

Cherie Settle 

Karen Elaine Shaw 

Dennis Patrick Shea 

Wendy Ellen Sherbow 

Dennis Howard Sherman 

Alireza Shobair 

Kathleen Mary Slattery 

William Harris Slavin 

Patricia Ann Smith 

Irma Byck Spencer 

Tim Albaugh Spilman 

Wallace John Stephens 

Timothy Kennedy St. Maxens 

Denise Marie Stockdale 

Ernest Wayne Stokes 

Richard David Summerville 

Barbara Ellen Surosky 

Harry Allan Swain 

Sheila Ann Tait 

David Shea Teeple 

William Stewart Temple 
*Carin Thaler 
+ Donald Edward Thies 

Vernon Allen Thomas, Jr. 

Carole Lynn Toner 

Nicholas Mark Trainor 

Angelica Marie Trapuzzano 

Christopher Walker Trelease 

Dennis Michael Trimble 
ijerry Richard Turner 

Randall Lewis Utter 

Sarah Adair Valente 

Vicki Lynn Van Grack 

Peter Duane Vieth 

Adrian Cornelius Vroegindewey 

Steven Earl Walker 

Mark Linwood Walsfon 

Arlenn Gail Wang 

Jeanne Therese Weber 

Jeffrey Alan Weber 

Wanda Karen Whitaker 

Michael Edward White 

Roberta Marie White 

Debra Ann Wilson 
+Lucy Moore Wyatt 

Carol Ann Yates 

Angela M. Zangrillo 

Bachelor of Music 

R. David Berry 
William Herbert Bonner 
Michael Clifford Heffner 
Rachel Beth Kruger 
Arlene Marie Riechel 

iSumma Cum Laude; tMagna Cum Laude; 'Cum Laude 



Candidates will be presented 


Dr. Rudolph Lamone, 
Dean of the College 

Bachelor of Science 

Richard B. Adair 

Kevir\ Charles Adkins 
* Robert William Ahlberg 

Phillip Ray Allen 

Robert Bruce Andrews 

Michael Austin App 

Thomas Dwite Armentrout 

Thomas Munroe Auchincloss, III 

George Michael Bailey 

John Howard Baliles 

Mark Adam Bange 

Willie James Barber 

Darryl Kevin Barger 

Michael Nicholas Barnett 

Eric Barshop 

Deborah Elaine Beard 

Bruce William Beitzer 

Raymond Andrew Biaiek 

Paul Edmond Biociocchi 

Page Lane Bishop 

Gregory John Blair 

Gary Curtis Bortnick 

Suzan Talbott Boulineau 

Thomas Henry Edward Bovich 

David Raleigh Bowen 

Jeffrey Michael Boyd 

F. Stephen Brady 

Eugene Alan Brager 
*Gary Gordon Brain 

Gunther Karl Brand, Jr. 

Seth Allen Breger 

Craig Eugene Brown 

Thomas Patrick Byrne 

James Wilson Calhoun 

Charles Arne Chapman 

Kenneth Sai-Kit Chen 

Michael Eng Chew 

Mary Lee Chin 

William John Coarts 

Nevin Donald Cooley 

Gregory Stuart Cornwell 

Kenneth Jay Creeger 

Anne Christine Crowley 

Margaret Lynn Cummings 

Cheryl Gail Cummins 

Dennis Michael Cunningham 

David William Dadourian 

Richard Allan Darsa 

John Joseph De Giorgio 

Jennifer Joyce Dehr 

Louis DelRiego 
§ Michael Joseph Demchuk, Jr. 

Jose Reginaldo Dias 

Michael Ray Donelson 

Peter Joseph Downes 

John Bernard Downs 

Mark H. Duhamel 

Kathleen Anne Dunn 

Charles Richard Dyer 

John Thomas Dysland 

Peter Hyatt Edmonds 

Thomas Lockwood Edmunds 

Joseph S. Estabrook 
*Fabienne Fadeley 

* Michael Joseph Fallon 
Lawrence Allison Falls 
Gail Arnell Farrington 
Steven Ira Fine 
Robert Francis Fisher 
Richard Phillip Floyd, Jr. 
James Francis Forquer 
Richard Michael Frazier 
Richard Norman Freedman 
Charles Edward Funderburk 
John Crawford Galleher 

§Charles Marion Gebbert 
Joseph Paul George 
Eric Paul Gomberg 
Bryan Lee Goodman 
Jeri Lynn Goodman 
Eugene Gould, Jr. 
Laurence S. Green 
Nils Christian Griswold 
Kevin Monroe Gross 
James Francis Guilfoyle, IV 
Margaret Ann Hackenson 
Thomas Andrew Hannon 
Jo Ellen Smith Hansroth 
Donald Richard Harman 
Sherrie Sampson Harrison 
Steven Victor Harvey 
Gary Edward Hashagen 
Zina Yoko Hill 
Doris Rae Hnat 
Thomas Michael Hoarty 
Henley Custis Hoge, IV 
Charles Robert Holmes 
Paul Joseph Huber 

tjames Richard Hudson, Jr. 

* Molly Hughes 
Andrew Roy Iserson 
Edwin Francis Jacobsen 
Edward Joel Jacobson 
Collins James, II 

Reed Edward James 
Daniel Robert Janet 
Mark Stephen Jarosinski 
David Alan Jarrell 
Duane Desiree Jenkins 
Bryan Paul Jones 
Michael Allen Jones 
Harold Koeth Joyce, II 
Muhammad Imtiaz Kadir 

* Michael Jay Kandel 
Michael John Kane 
Hans Kashyap 
Robert Craig Kates 
Jack Larry Katz 
Martin Wayne Kaufman 
Thomas Thomas Keane 

Charles Patrick Kelly 
Booker W. Kennedy, Jr. 

Kevin Edward Kennelly 

Mohammed Nasir Khan 

William Edward Curtis King, III 

Craig Kipnes 

Michael Jerome Klieger 

Pramod Kumar Kochhar 

David Richard Koehler 

Marion Koprowski 

William Kemper Kost 

Robert Alan Kozak 

Gary Glenn Krause 

James Michael Krug 

Thomas John Lambird 

Susan Sue Kum Lee 

Sarah Yvonne Lef twich 

Edmund Francis Le Mieux, II 

Joseph Benedict Leotta 
f James Alfred Lindsey, Jr. 
fPei Ling 

Nancy Dabney Llewellyn 

John Harding Lucas, Jr. 

Edward Arnold Lundquist 

Christine Connors Lundregan 
§Charleen E. Lynch 

Lawrence William Mack, Jr. 

Stephan Patrick Malloy 

Paul Gilbert Marcotte, Jr. 

Dean Kirk Marsan 

Susan M. Maschi 

Bradley Paul Matters 

Charles A. Mattingly 

Richard Daniel Maughn 

Thomas Willard McCullough, Jr. 

Richard Warren McDaniel 

Marian Patricia McHale 

Douglas Franklin McMullen 

James Robert McMullen 

Arthur Cornelius McQuade, Jr. 

Edward Dodd Mead, III 

Kittima Mekhayarajjananon 

James Michael Melvin 

Steven John Mencarini 

William Donald Mengers 

Lana Marie Merritt 

Burt William Miller 

* Mark Roy Mittelman 
Patrick Luke Mohan 
Hal Emil Murphy 
Stephen Kent Myers 

* James Robert Nemeth 
Vincent Paul Nesline 
Jeffrey Michael Neuman 
Eugene R. Noble 
William John O'Connell 
Dennis Gene Ogburn 
Paul Lee Orrison, Jr. 
Turgut Omer Pence 

'Joel Joseph Penenburgh 

Jeffrey Michael Pessah 
tAnita Carolyn Pinnes 

John Courtney Poole, Jr. 

David Brian Posner 

Margaret Lynn Potts 

Barbara Ann Powell 

Gregory D. Pratt 

Charles Wesley Price, III 

Galen Keith Rash 

Joan Sally Remnick 


§Summa Cum Laude; iMagna Cum Laude; *Cum Laude 

Betty L. Rhine 

William Preston Ridenour 

Roger L. Rinker 

Melinda Ann Robey 

Laura Michele Rodin 

Charles Albert Romanello 

Barry Jay Rosenblum 

Thomas John Rowe 

David Bryan Rowland 
"Philip Bartholomew Ruberry 

James Emory Rudolph, Jr. 

Michael Wayne Russell 

Javid Saadian 

Daniel Paul Sanchuk 

Steven John Sanquist 

Michael Louis Schlaile 

Paul William Schmidt 

Linda-Susan Arlette Schuldt 

Sanford Alan Sealfon 

William Lacy Shaw 

James Walter Shelton 

Robert Li Shen 

Claudia Patricia Silver 

Robert Allen Singer 

Gary Alan Smith 
t Raymond Edwin Somers 

Michael Hermann Spieker 

Warren Bruce Sponholtz 

Gary Lee St. Clair 

Joyce Gail Stone 
§Rosalia Baily Strauss 

David F. Streppa 

Carl Edward Swanlund 

*Deborah Anne Swartz 

Tai-Sheng Richard Tai 
Marley Jean Tait 
Donata Maria Tanzi 
Patricia Ann Taylor 
Paul David Taylor 
William Scott Taylor 

*Edward Francis Tennant, Jr. 
Karen Lynn Thomas 

+Ron Eric Tiedemann 
Paul Stirling Todd 
Robert Thomas Trevena 
Leslie Jay Ulanow 
James M. Uveges 
James Joseph Vecchiarelli 
Richard J. Vogel 
Robert Eugene Waggoner 
David M. Wand 
Donald Barry Warner 
Karl Allen Warner 
Ronald Paul Warrick 
Victoria Ford Wasmund 
Steven Philips Watson 
Carol Lynn Weisman 
Nathalie Olga Wessling 
James Aloysius White 
Charles N. Wight 
DeVon Karen Williams 
Lansdale Boyer Williams, Jr. 
K. Eric Wolfe 
Susan Barbara Yablon 
Nicholas Yamubik 
Larry Dell Young 

§Linda Alvey Zink 


Candidates will he presented by 
Dr. Dudley Dillard, Acting 
Provost of the Division 
Bachelor of Arts 

Rosemary Allender 

Peter James Allman 

Joseph Gene Amorati 

James Howard Anderson 

John Michael Anderson, Jr. 

Marian Clare Arnold 

Martin Keith Atkin 

Pablo Roman Astiz 

Robert Gerard Auer 

Francesca Maria Avelleyra 

Carol Sue Bailey 

Dennis Russell Bailey 

Mary Margaret Bailey 

Michael Stephen Barnes 

Nancy Sterner Barnes 

Sheila Ann Baskerville 

Patricia Diane Beall 

Bonnie Marie Bentley 

Patrick John Benton 
* Michael Elias Berman 

Veronica Joan Biemans 

Carol Adele Blum 

George Joseph Boccanfuso, Jr. 

Peter William Bodde 
gRoswita Hannah Boerner 
Wilham Jay Boettner 
Linda Marie Bowers 
Michael Anthony Bowles 
John David Brantl 
Charles Gaylord Braxton 
Mary Elaine Brennan 
Eric Martin Brewington 
Elizabeth Rose Bromberger 
Amy Lynn Bronstein 
Penelope Myers Brooks 
Marcia Linda Brown 
William Howard Brown 
Barry Alan Burkard 
Elizabeth Marie Burke 
Susan Russell Buttner 
Robin L. Caine 
Margaret Elizabeth Caldana 
Dominic Vincent Campanaro, 
George William Caperones 
Debra Lynn Caplan 
Michael Joseph Captain 
Karent Routt Carolan 

f Karen Ann Christensen 
Jeffrey Braillard Clark 
Robert Dale Clark 
Robert Vernon Clark, Jr. 
Randall Jackson Clay 
Alan Edward Cohen 
Phyllis Marian Cohen 
Anthony Wayne Collins 
Stephanie Rose Correal 

♦Charles Walter Cruit 
Karin Crutchfield 
Mary Anne CuUins 
Laurence William Brewster 

f Margaret Sievert Cunningham 

Patricia Lee d'Amboise 
§James Bradley Darcey 
Christine E. Davis 
Veronica Elease Davis 
Judith Ann DeLozier 
Robert Wayne DeSantis 
Susan Marie DeSantis 
Margo Adrienne DeVaughn 
* Michael Alan Diamond 
Hillary Tucker Dickmann 
Thomas Gary Dimka 
Karen Lynn Dissin 
Lawrence Joseph Dondero, Jr. 
Ray Robinson Dorman 
"Barbara A. Dorney 
Dennis Raymond Dorsett 
Sheila Louise Drescher 
Mary Katherine Druhan 
Michael James Duenas 
Peter Duus 
Cathy Jane Dyer 
John Williamson Dyess 
Thomas Alexander Earing, Jr. 
Kathleen Denise Eccard 
Wayne Brent Edwards 
Allison Peter Enders 
Janie Fajfar 
Marcia Lisa Feinberg 
Raymond Feldman 
Charles Anthony Ferrara, Jr. 
Rebecca Belle Filanowski 
John Patrick Ford 
Christian Foreman 
Sanston Moody Foster, Jr. 
Sanston Moody Foster, Jr. 
Debra Lee Fritz 
Linda Rose Gagliardi ' 
Johanna Gibbs Gates 
Themis Georgallis 
+Zell Debra Gilden 
Barbara Randy Goldberg 
Amy Marcia Goldfarb 
Louise Dennison Gray 
Jersey M. Green 
Nick Alan Green 
Melissa Ann Gregory 
Calvin Clifford Grimes 
Johnny C. Hahn 
"Blair Parks Hall, Jr. 
'^ Charles Frank Halty 
Louis Cawley Harding 
James Leo Hardland 
Thomas Leslie Harlow, Jr. 
Randall Paul Harvey 
Anita Lynn Hatfield 
Steven Paul Hatlestad 
Crafton Julius Hayes 
Lynn Dee Head 
David Paul Hedrick 
Mary Stephanie Hencke 
John Andrew Hennigan, Jr. 
Geoffrey Frank Hermesman 
David C. Hess 
Gregory Dunnington HoUen 
Carol Ann Hoppenjans 
J. Mark Hoppenjans 
Mary-Louise Horton 
Marion Corenda Houston 
Claire Hughes 

§Summa Cum Laudc. +Magna Cum Laude, 'Cum Laude 


James Edward Hunt 
Miranda Kathryn Hunt 
*Carl Samuel Hyman 
Frederick Bernard Jackson 
Ramiro Jaime Jarrin 
James Edward Jenkins 
Susan Drake Jenkins 
Wayne Darnell Jennings 
William Leon Jessee, II 
Claude Seth Johnpoll 
+ Diane Harper Johnson 
Wanda Elaine Jones 
Paul Augustine Jordan, Jr. 
Alan Howard Kadesky 
Joanne Kaminski 
Debra Lee Katz 
Melinda Katz 
Pamela Sue Keefer 
Jackie Zacharias Kef alos 
Marline Ann Kelleher 
Mark Lawrence Kelley 
Marcia Lynette Kilby 
Thomas Charles Kimmel 
Roland Eugene Kingsbury, Jr. 
Holger Richard Kjeldsen 
Barbara Arlene Kratchman 
Jessica Robison Kunen 
Charles Allen Lady 
Barbara J. Lally 
John Michael Lane 
Philip Craig Lanphear 
Carlos M. Larraz 
Nancy Ruth Lehman 
Nicholas Apprich Leinback 
*Carol Sue Lessans 
John Reid Libeau 

Paul Yates Little, III 
Lucy Virginia Lazor Logan 

Mary Elizabeth Logue 

Gregory Eugene Lomax 
+ Mary Julia Lowell 

Gregory P. Lynch 

Roger Marks 

Philippe Martin 

Paula Ann Martinez 
* Thomas Earl Mason 
*Jack Joseph Mastrangelo 

Charles Christopher Maxwell 

Carmella M. Mazzeo 

William Duff McCay 
t Robert Wilham McCulloch 

John J. McGrane 

William Hartley McKinney 

David Brian Mederer 

Deane Eliot Mellander 

Thomas Woodbury Merrill 

Ellen Butler Michael 

John Robert Mirguet 

Faye Ann Misner 

Rene Ricardo Mondonedo 

Charles Joseph Montrie 

Thomas Anthony Montanio 

Alicia Morrison 

Ann L. Murtagh 

Andrew Myket, Jr. 

John Jay Nash 

Michael Avery Nelson 

Willie Kane Nelson, Jr. 

Leo Lawrence Nentwig, III 

William Alfred Nostrand, III 
William Erskine Nunn 
John O Brien 
James Russell Odom 
Emmanuel Ifukwumelu Okobi 
Allen Howard Orenberg 
Joy April Orlow 
Joseph John Oros, III 
John Louis Oshinski 
Lawrence Carlos Overby 
Alberto Jose Parlade 

* Bruce Foster Parsell 
Paula Zoe Payton 
Paul Remigio Petrucci 
Robert Barks Phillips, Jr. 
Cheryl Jean Piencykoski 
Mark Steven Pinkston 
Jeffrey Brian Politzer 
Sharon Roseanna Porta 
Renee Potosky 
Douglas Lee Powell 
William Wesley Prettyman, IV 
Audrey Lenai Price 

Richard Allen Proctor 
Robert Townsend Reese 
David Chester Renkiewicz 
Janet Bradshaw Rentz 
Richard Thomas Reynolds 
Danielle Pierre Rhoten 
Julie Ann Ritterpusch 

* Valentin Jorge Riva 
Christine E. Roach 

* Jaimison M. Roberts 
Mark Edward Robson 
Linda Sue Rodden 
Michelle Francine Rodock 

§Richard Paul Rosano 

John David Rosner 

Daniel Robert Rothschild 

Elisabeth Rubin 

John Michael Rundhammer 

Pietro Leonardo Salatti 

Ellen Sapperstein 

R. Anne Schaaf 

Paula Louise Schlosser 

Sharon Miriam Schwartz 

Leon Monroe Segears 

Howard Roy Selsky 

Marikay Shaw 

David Cogswell Shepard 

Patricia Ann Sheridan 

Arnold Michael Silverberg 
*Abby Lynn Silverman 

Mark Alan Simon 

Roger Allen Simpson 

Steven I. Sluchan 

Cheryl Miller Smith 

Regina Smith 

John Lloyd Sprague 

Flora Ann Stewart 

* Linda Arlene Stigen 
Susan Lynn Stone 
Meredith Anne Strawn 
Anne Strees 

tjames M. Strus 
Denise Lynn Stultz 
Bradley David Sulc 
Mary Carol Sullivan 
Barbara Lynn Svenson 

Ronald Joseph Taraska 
t David Mark Temin 

Michael Joseph Thomas 

Margaret Mary Tippett 

Janet Lee Tobin 

Davis John Tomasin 

William Edwin Uber, III 

Dorothy L. Wagoner 

Cynthia Maria Wattley 

Nancy A. Webb 

Andrea McCall Weekley 

Susan Debra Weil 

Steven Joseph Weiler 

Paul Ward Welch 
*Deborah Anne Whitenak 

Christina Williams 
'JohnB. Williams 

Richard Lee Williams 

Charles Milton Willoughby, Jr. 

Jody Lynn Wollschlager 

Jerald Harvey Yatt 

Venus Faye Young 

Linda Garrison 


Bachelor of Science 

Morley M. Amsellem 

Kurt Leonard Blakley 

William Edward Carmel, Jr. 

Richard Steven Cohen 
*Ashton Christopher Curtis 

Gladys Bernadine Davidson 

Richard Patrick Dean 

Philip Jay DeLoache 

Elaine Marie Dudzinski 

William Louis English 

Valerie Ann Giannini 

John Doyle Giebel 

Ronald Collins Hale 

Michael Lee Hutchinson 

Karen Phyllis Jacoby 

Anne Frances Kawaters 

Cheryl Lee Keller 

James Joseph Kenney 

Marilyn Lee Kessler 
§Lynn Ann King 

Douglas Brady Kirkpatrick 

Steven Paul Kushner 

John Edgar Lancaster 
tAllan Jee Chew Lee 

Sharon Ann Manchester 
' Michael Joseph Marshall 

David James McDonell 

Deborah Maria Mills 

Marilyn Ana Mogg 

Kim Alan Parks 

Linda Jean Pentz 

Paul Remigio Petrucci 

Patricia Marie Pittarelli 

Theodore Walter Polonus 

Roger Stephen Reider 

George Eugene Rohrer 

Lucia Elena Rojas 

Roy Alan Rowland 

Robert A. Spivey 

Alfred Alexander Sprey 

Irving Ernest Stephens 

Mary Jane M. Taylor 

Cheryl Yvonne Williams 


§Summa Cum Laude, fMagna Cum Laude: 'Cum Laude 


Ciindidates itull be presented by 
Dr. H. Gerthon Morgan, 
Acting Dean of the College 

Bachelor of Arts 

Jill Diane Abell 
Susan Edith Bennett 
Joyce Leslie Berlin 
Shirley Jean Bonnell 
Judy Ann Bowen 
Jennette Marie Brothers 
Janis Derry Burch 
Valerie Ann Christian 
Edwin Norman Cosby 
Lucinda Margaret Crist 
Patrick J. Cunniff 
James Edward Davis, Jr. 
Dorothy Marie Day 
Deborah Ann Degioanni 
J-Renee Vigeant Domogauer 
Terrance E. Michael Easton 
Martha Courtney Empey 
Anapera Kellett Fisher 
Timothy Joseph Flynn 
* Gary Wade Ford 
Jill Patricia Gaines 
Stephen O'Dell Gibson 
Rochelle Lija Godin 
Fran Hamel 
Nancy Susan Haskell 
Nancy Lee Higgins 
Laura Jeanne Kaidy 
Leslie Helen Kerr 
Linda Ann Lewis 
Steven Mathias Leydorf 
*Iris Ann Lieberman 
Faith Carol Magyar 
John Andrew Mazurick 
Carol Anne Measday 
Dennis James Moreland 
Yvette Marie O'Neal 
Daniel Lee Reggia 
tEUen Ryan 

* Carol Kathleen Schmidt 
Michele Flora Sommer 
Marilynn Moody Spindler 
Ann Louise Swing 
Bettina Thorpe 
Deborah Kendall Toomey 
tElaine Ann Tubb 
Sharon J. Vaughan 
Mattie Lou Watkins 

Bachelor of Science 

Virginia Kay Ackerson 
Nancy Ellen Adelson 
Barbara Darlene Adlam 
Robert Francis Adler 
Stacy Leigh Alexander 
Frances Beryl Allen 
Anita Rose Althoff 
Nicholas John Antonelli 
Ellen Regina Avon 
Arthur Raymond Barnes 
Penny Jo Barth 
Kathleen Mary Bassett 
Karen Louise Beard 

* Carolyn Jean Bechtold 
Howard Seth Beckler 
Alan Meade Beier 
Diane Bella 
Paul Thomas Berilla 
Lori Rae Berman 
Deborah F. Block 
James Andrew Brechbiel 
Suzanne Marie Breedlove 
Florence Elizabeth Brooke 
Penny Cheryl Broth 
Donna Louise Bruchey 
John Louis Burke 
Jay Albert Burnside 
Nelson Anthony Butler 

§ Wayne Melvin Butler 
Diane Kathryn Cain 

§Marcia Lynn Cain 
Joanne Alexis Callas 
Patricia Grandle Carjtu 
Sara Lynn Carlson 
Virginia Cordova Carter 
Susan Elizabeth Casey 
Elaine Lucia Clark 
Katie E. Correll 
Elizabeth Ann Cox 
Charles Robert Coyne 
Craig Stephen Cummings 

tDiane Marie Davis 
Helena PenoFlor Davis 
Julia Allison Dean 
Deborah Anne Deao 
Karen Maire Delnegro 
Mildred Ann DeSimone 
Kathy Charlotte De Witt 
Vera Dibov 
Loretta DiGennaro 
Betty J. Dixon 
Jean Marie Dixon 
Jane Lucas Donohue 
Dawn Majell Duvall 
Joyce Evelyn Edmond 
Robin Efros 
Gary Kenneth Eller 
Beth Sheila Epstein 
Joanne Michele Evans 
Barbara Cross Ewald 
Gail Ann Faherty 
Debby Dee Fanaroff 
Phillip Pete Fiackos 
Charles Fields 
Frank Jay Fierstein 
Joseph Figlia 
Patricia Henze Ford 
Debra Lynn Foster 
Mary Angela Frere 
Patricia M. Fresh 
Phyllis Joy Friedman 
Deborah Lee Frink 
* Kathy Ann Gabrielsen 
Nancy Gaye Garner 
George Dodson Glasgow 
Deborah Lynne Glasser 
Danielle Marcia Golacinski 
Sherie Gay Gordon 
William Murray Gray 
Saundra Mynette Greenberg 
Beth Rachel Grollman 
Evelyn Linda Guidotti 

§5umma Cum Laude; fMagna Cum Laude; *Cum Laude 


Joy Lynne Haesloop 
Karin Roberta Hahn 
Patricia Maria Hall 
Rita Clare Hall 
Gary Stephen Hand 
Ranona Harn\an 
Kathleen Ann Hayre 
Geoffrey Mark Hemming 
Deborah Ann Hill 
Dennis Terrence Holden 
§Anne Louise Hoppe 
Carmen Yvonne Howard 
Laurie Paula Hummel 
Paula Hurwitch 
David Gary Idas 
Colleen Ann lUig 
'Richard Bruce Isenberg 
Mary Kathleen Jacobs 
Deborah Janssen 
Kathleen Gail Johnston 
Alan Wilson Jones 
Ann Marie Jones 
Philomenia Jones 
Lois Deborah Karp 
Sarah Byrna Katz 
'Dana Kay Kelly 
Katherine Adams Kelly-Rand 
Kenneth Andrew Knight 
Patricia Kathleen LaBuda 
Gail E. Lampe 
Janet Elizabeth Lazur 
§ Sally Jo Lerner 
Laura Jacqueline Levine 
Susan Elizabeth MacDowell 
Richard Robert Mariner 
Gail Anne Marshall 
John Alexander Marshall, Jr. 
Vera Lou Martinson 
June Elian Mazzolini 
Michael McCann 
Susan Lee McCarthy 
'Helen F. McGuire 
Catherine Curran McTernan 
Rochelle Sherry Mensh 
§ Phoebe Anne Milliken 

Pranoti Samal Mohanty 
+ Karen Marie Morris 
Theresa Jean Mosimann 
James E. Murphy 
Sidney Ray Naylor 
Donald Nelson Newberry, Jr. 
Yvonne Marie Niemiec 
Nancy Jean Noack 
Chandra LaVerne Norris 
John A. Nurmi 
'Elizabeth Cameron Obear 
Joan Elizabeth O'Connell 
Debra Ann O'Connor 
Cathleen Lynn O'Hara 
Anna Theresa Oneto 
Renee Fern Orlove 
Mary Ann Paidakovich 
Claudia Jean Patterson 
Leo Martin Pawelczyk 
Elizabeth Marie Pearo 
§Ruth Ellen Pearson 
'Rebecca Estelle Peterman 
Beverly Barker Peterson 
Jeffrey Edwards Phillips 

Christine Marie Pohl 
Deborah Jo Polack 
+ Gladys Nell Prebble 
Kathleen Putnam 
Marcia Gail Quortin 
Nilda Ramos 
Julie Ann Rascon 
Aviva Viviane Rayna 
Jana Lynn Rebone 
* Janet McDaniel Reeder 
Joan Elizabeth Reilly 
Donna Marie Resnick 
Audrey Pamela Ressler 
Cheryl Ann Richards 
Sadye Beth Rittenberg 
Barbara Ann Rivera 
Sally Jeanne Roesner 
Judith Sue Rosenberg 
Lisa Rothkopf 
Lois R. Rothkopf 
Joseph Charles Rowe 
Donald C. Ruokonen 
Joanne Marie Saunders 
Alma Dunbar Savoy 
Pamela Farrell Saylor 
Carole Yvonne Schantz 
Karen Vermont Scheckel 
Dennis Ira Scherr 
Margaret Hennessey Scherr 
Eve Mara Schindler 

Elizabeth Jean Schreiber 
Berti Julia Shemer 
Carol Ann Sherman 

Ann Marie Silk 
Sandra Ann Simo 

David Alan Simpson 

Betty Kay Smith 

Jo Lynn Smith 

Lorelei Muranaka Smith 

Sule S. Sonmez 
+ Mindy Jo Spencer 

Bonnie Dale St. Clair 

Patricia Anne Stephens 

Scott Harold Stewart 
'Deborah Lynne Strekel 

Sarajane Taber 

Timothy Patrick Tate 

Julie Ann Tippet 

John Ashby Tipsword 

Stephen Knight Tougias 

Deborah Diane Traboulay 

Rena Claire Troy 

Caroline Elisabeth Turnage 

Denise Antoinette Turner 

Mary Anne Ulrich 

Thomas Barry Vaughan, Jr. 

Elizabeth Ann Vavrinek 
f Jean Mary Szekeres Verbos 

Roxane Villarreal 

Ernest Victor Wachs, Jr. 

Kennth D. Walker 

Hyll Watner 

Margaret Joan White 

Gail Ann Whitlock 

Debra Ann Wilson 

Patricia Ann Wirth 
'Lucy Conlon Wolf 

Jan Ellen Wolk 

Joseph Wayne Wonsetler 


§Summa Cum Laude; fMagna Cum Laude; *Cum Laude 


Candidates will be presented 


Dr. John R. Beaton, 
Dean of the College 

Bachelor of Science 

Sheri B. Alcorn 
Mary Diane Aud 
Patricia Miller Aven 
Sarah Ann Backus 
§ Diane Donna Bailey 
Patricia Ann Banigan 
Deborah June Baranovic 
Barbara Jean Bergmann 

* Teresa Helene Birns 
§ Judith Blech 

Katherine Evelyn Boarman 
Janet Elizabeth Bozarth 
Alma Socorro Burghardt 
Paul Alan Burns 
Kenneth H. Campbell, III 
Letitia Gail Campbell 
Frances Herut Chernoff 

* Wendy Stone Coonin 
Wanda Camelia Cox 
Doris Haver Cunningham 
Jami Lynn Curry 
Veronica Faye Davis 
Cynthia Lou Dent 
Eleanor Lynn Divine 
Carol Lynne Dugent 
Elise Renee Ewing 
Elaine Harrington Eynon 
Anna M. Farrar 

Anne Mae Faucett 
Tonette Frances Feiger 
tjoyce Wyatt Finlay 
Patricia Susan Fitzgerald 
Mark Stephen Ford 
Susan B. Friedman 
Jesse Howard Garves 
Judy L. Goldstein 
Deborah Lynn Goodmark 
Michael J. Green 
Oliver Winslow Green, Jr. 
Patricia Erickson Grinnalds 
Judy Karen Gruenbaum 
tJoanne F. Guthrie 
Kathleen Ann Haber 
Carol Ann Halvorson 
Martha Rose Hardison 
Diane White Hasty 
Nancy Harding Hathaway 
Deborah Sue Hearn 
Mark Edward Herndon 
Judith Ann Herrmann 
Robert Louis Hershey 
Vaughn Douglas Hewes 
Deborah Jean Hundley 
Cecilia Joan Klieforth 
Cheryl Nancy Kline 
Mary Elizabeth Krall 
Deborah Michele Kutz 
* Rosalie Phillips Lamanna 
Yoland H. Levin 
Georgina Marietta Lipsey 
Carrol H. Lu 

* Patricia Lynn Marney 
Pamela Marie McNutt 
Ivonne Norat 
Mary Beth Nowell 
Leslie Page Parmentier 
Celia Iris Pelton 
Marilyn Penn 
Ellen Gail Pomerantz 
Patricia Marie Powell 
Debra Lynn Poynter 
Scott E. Richardson 
Patrice Harriet Rieck 
Joan Robin Ripley 
Susan Elizabeth Rivers 
Ellen Rubenstein 
Evelyne Cecile Schettewi 
Helen M. Schindler 
Marc Jeffrey Schoem 
Margaret Mary Schwan 
Diane Carol Scyphers 
Karen Ruth Shawver 
Gail Elaine Singleton 
Virginia Hill Snip 
Jeanne-Marie C. Staab 
Joyce Ann Stanley 
Susan Kathleen Stanton 
Ann Elizabeth Svensson 
Melanie Margaret Tavik 
Alison Jean Taylor 
David Crooker Trott 
Kathryn Denise Venable 
Deborah Ann Wangerin 
Elnora L. Welbeck 
Charlene Ann Williams 
Julie Ann Williamson 
Rita Gail Wormwood 
Susan Nicola Wright 


Candidates loill be presented 


Dr. Marvin Eyler, 
Dean of the College 

Bachelor of Science 

CoUen Lovelett Anderson 
Douglas Harold Appleman 

fMary Ellen Baker 
John Edward Bickley 
Yvonne Dennise Blemly 
Beverly Ann Boone 
JabeBrazzle, III 
Craig Howard Brown 
Phihp Martin Call 
Laura Catherine Cardarelli 
Jeanne Anne Chrissos 
Diane Elaine Combs 
Susan H. Curry 

* Clifford Allen Denney 
Mary Linda Douglas 
Patricia Billings Evrard 
Kathleen Marie Faulkner 
Paul Emmett Foringer 
Dorothy E. Frankel 
Scott Davidson Fyfe 
Andrew Claud Garner 

Marcia Ann Ginsburg 
George William Granofsky, Jr. 
Susan Potter Hendry 
Joan Elizabeth Hickman 
Brenda Marie Hoelman 
James Anthony Hutchinson 

* Marian Meredythe Johnson 
Nancy Lea Johnson 
Donna Ellen Judge 
Rebecca Jungreis 
William James Knight 
Ann Keyes Lanphear 
Kathryn Olivia Shannon Lavato 
Peggy Sue Leishear 

David Arthur Long 

James Alford March 

Larry Curtis Martin 

Bridget Anne Roush McCafferty 

Karl Henry Noyes, Jr. 

John K. Pascoe 

Timothy Jon Posthuma 

Obern A. Rainey 

Cynthia Jane Robertson 

Donna Lynne Rose 

Marilyn Jean Simmel 

Roxanne Kay Skoog 

* Sidney Abram Spector 
Sheila Marie Spicci 
Susan Rebecca Stabler 
Nancy Kathleen Stamm 
James Michael Stanton 
Lawrence Gary Stern 
Susan Elizabeth Straight 
Damon Durwin Sui 

tCarolyn Jean Swanson 
Arthur Charles Tsonis 
Steven Ross Wasserman 
Elaine F. White 
Donald Robert Williams, Jr. 
Judith Ann Zdobysz 

§5umma Cum Laude; fMagna Cum Laude, *Cum Laude 



Candidates will be presented 


Dr. Robert Beckmann, 
Dean of the College 

Bachelor of Science 

Soji Adegbenro 
Arturo Jose Aparicio 
Oscar Antonio Bazoberry 
Michael Anthony Bednarczyk 
Neil Edward Birns 
Michael John Brock 
James E. Brown, Jr. 
Brian Buell 
Steven Merle Bupp 
Gregory J. Burch 
Brian Paul Bystry 
Mark Denton Bystry 
Sylvan Ira Caplan 
Hector David Castro 
Gonzalo Luis Cespedes 
Stephen Kangwei Chang 
William Michael Chiville 
Stephen Anthony Cimperman 
tDaniel S.Cobb 

Peter J. Cullati 

Michael Joseph Dalpee 

Nadia J. Dayem 

Charles Scrivener Dayton 
"■Michael James Devaney 

Daniel Bernard Dobry, Jr. 

Turgay Mehmet Ertugrul 

James John Evans 

Gary Kent Felton 

Samuel C. Fogle, Jr. 

Kenneth Leo Fowler, Jr. 

Raymond Lindsey Frazier, Jr. 

James Stephan Fritz 

Martin Furman 

Kenneth Eugene Gates 

Gonzalo Reyes Gavilan 

Louis August Gibbons 
Kenneth Luther Gillespie 
Joseph Urban Guntner 
Robin Bennet Hamers 

* Richard Lee Harne 
Douglas L. Hazelwood 
Robert Clarence Hook, Jr. 
Dennis Allan Huber 

* Geoffrey Indrajo 
Theodore Lee Jarboe, Sr. 
Erlene Anita Johnson 
Kenneth C. Kiddy 
Alan Lee Kirkendall 
Walter Frank Klein 
Dwight Richard Koogle 
Robert Harold Krein 
Ravindra Ramchandra Kulkarni 
David Roland Lapointe 
Kenneth Edward Layman 
Stephen Chaplin Leahy 

*Wing-Yu Leung 

Jeffrey Alden Lindemuth 

David L. Little 

Charles Leslie Logan 

Larry F. Lutz 

Daniel Joseph Maletic 

Norman Harrison Malmberg 

James Calvin Mann, III 

Rogerio Magalhaes Marques 

James Wade Marshall 
f Shawn Earl Marshall 

Donald William McEvoy 

James Paul Moran, Jr. 

David Leo Muri 

Gary Nazelrod 
Randall Keith Neilson 
William Edward Nolan, Jr. 
Nse Ben Obong 
§ Milton E. Palmer, III 
Paul William Pfeiffer 
Kenneth Donel Polcak 
James William Reed 
Stephen A. Riccardi 
Christopher Leigh Rice 
f Eric Neale Rice 
David William Riffle 
John Thomas Roberson 
William James Roberts 
Michael S. Rossman 
Stephen Paul Sands 
Rick Ronald Schartel 
Geary Karl Schwemmer 
Samuel Howard Shepard 
Douglas Robert Slocum 
Jeffrey Numman Smith 
Richard Thomas Smith 
Robert F. Starr 

§Dennis Gerard Stewart 
Charles Chi Sun 

tRichard Randolph Talbott 
Jorge Ranferi Urrutia 

* Robert Joby Vernier 
David Philip Waszkiewicz 
Thomas Edward Wheatley 
Steven A. Wilson 
George Roman Wisniewski 
Peter John Woytowitz, III 
Bryan Lee Yri 



§Summa Cum Laude; tMagna Cum Laude; 'Cum Laude 


Candidates will be presented 


Dr. Joseph Marchello, 

Provost of the Division 

Bachelor of Science 

Stephen Dennis Ambrose 
Douglas John Antonio 

tStephen Vincent Benson 
Wilham Ralph Birt 
James Michael Brown 

*Sean Chang 
Audrey Helene Chaplin 
Joel Mark Cohen 
Patricia Ann Durham 
George Paul Ehrlich 
James Jonathan English 

* James A. Ferrante 
Andrew Lloyd Forsyth 
Karen Suzanne Fournier 
Susan Elizabeth Galli 
Kevin Layne Gustafson 
Madison William Jones 
Donald Lee Kohn 
Chieko Kanebako Kondo 
Michael Jon Lamb 
Ronald Ray Lambert 
Maryrose Agnes Lof tus 
James Edward Lynch 
Walter Ratchford Merriam 
Terry F. Milne 
Mary Rosalie Potosky 
James Yewell Rawlings 
Liane Larrabee Richards 
Joseph Francis Rose 
Michael Lee Schaeffer 
Daniel Lee Snyder 
Arthur Robert Solomon 
Alan Kent Stebbens 
Stephen Michael Swiger 
David Charles Tocus 
John Joseph Wickliffe, III 
Pamela Anita Yakely 
Robert Matthew Zidek, Jr. 


Candidates will be presented 


Dr. Robert Shoenberg, 
Administrative Dean, 
Undergraduate Studies 

Bachelor of Arts 

* Joanne Ellen Berman 
Sheryl Joan Cohen 
Joseph Randall Gordon 

* Martha Darlynn Lamborn 
W. Jean Langston 
Yvonne Christine Zitta 

Bachelor of General Studies 

Curtis Stanton Arnall 
Diane Atlee 
Eduardo Jose Bermudez 
Frederick Christian Butt, III 
Cesar Orlando Cabrejas 
Michael Steven Callaway 
Scott Douglass Christopher 
Bernard Joseph Doerner 
John Edward Dunlavey, Jr. 
Larry Alan Ellison 
Mark Carleton Evans 
Eugene Francis Finegan 
Fred Jay Firestone 
Jeffrey Houston Ford 
Robert James Goodman 
Debra Kay Hartin 
Kathleen Igo 

George Wiegand Kauffman 
Jonathan Carl Kramp 
Paul Mason Levin 
Gaylon Wayne Lewis 
Stanley A. Mathias 
James Bryan McCollom 
Richard Garvin Miller 
Therese Lynn Miller 
William Wyatt Miller, Jr. 
Marvin Dewitt Minor 

Kevin Michael Mutchler 

Martha Ellen Myrtle 

Andre Savvas Pantelides 

Penelope Paxton 
t Michael B. Pollock 

Michael Via Pratt 

Daniel Mark Renwick 

Beth Ellen Rosenbloom 

Sally Todd Schmidt 

Nina Carol Shepherd 

Ragnar Nils Sundstrom, Jr. 

Max Sweet 

Joyce Annette Wagner 
*Joan Allyn Wittan 

Bachelor of Science 

§Deborah Anne Fisher 
Lisa Ann Gertler 
Kenneth Roy Golkin 
Bernard Adolph McCann 



Bachelor of Arts 

Terrence James Driscoll 
Alice Hannon Emery 
Michael Barry Flynn 
Patricia Ann Horn 
Esther C. Michel 
Mary Kathleen Morris 

Bachelor of Science 

David William Darragh 
Seth Karl Glassman 
Robert Marion Sutton 



Bachelor of Science 

Bruce Hultslander 
Cary Stuart Schwartz 

§Summa Cum Laude; +Magna Cum Laude, *Cum Laude 



Candidates for bachelor's 
degrees who have earned 
honors for scholarship upon 
graduation are indicated in the 
alphabetical listings by Divi- 
sion or College. To be eligible 
for consideration for such 
honors a candidate must meet 
the following general criteria: 
(1) have completed two years 
of work at the University of 
Maryland (60 semester hours) 
and (2) have a scholastic 
average of B (Grade Point 
Average of 3.000) or higher in 
University of Maryland work 
prior to the last semester of 
registration before award of 
the degree. 

August and December 1976 
candidates who meet these 
criteria are shown in the 
alphabetical lists as qualifying, 
upon graduation, for the 
designations "Summa Cum 
Laude, " if they ranked in the 
top two per cent of the candi- 
dates in their respective Col- 
leges or Divisions; "Magna 
Cum Laude", if in the next 
three per cent; or "Cum 
Laude", if in the next five per 

General Honors Program 

Robert Harlan Green 
Marc Robert Kivitz*** 
Edward Lawrence Levy** 

Departmental Honors 

With Hi^h Honors in German 
Inge Renard*** 

With High Honors in 

Laurie Twila Zimmerman 

With High Honors in Physics 
Stephen Vincent Benson 

With Honors in Chemistry 
Keith William Flohr 
Robert Harlan Green 
Jay Ross Levine 

With Honors in Economics 
Lewis Cooper Sage*** 
Anne Strees 

With Honors in English 
Rober Marks 

With Honors in German 
Susan Elizabeth Galli 

With Honors in Government 
and Politics 

David Mark Temin 

With Honors in Mathematics 
Robert B. Bundy'** 

With Honors in Psychology 
Friedrich Josef von Bun 

With Honors in Spanish 
Miriam Louise Glaser 

With Honors in Textiles and 

Consumer Economics 
Ann Elizabeth Svensson 
Julie Ann Williamson 

With Honors in Zoology 
Donna Kirk Dietrich*** 
John Gerard White, Jr. 

**Craduated May 15, 1976 
***Graduated August 31, 1976 



Tours by 

CYCLOTRON, Department of 
Physics and Astronomy. The 
Cyclotron is available for 
touring on Mondays from 10-4 
p.m. by prior arrangement. 
(Ext. 4152) 

CATION. The Center of 
Adult Education is a residential 
conference facility for con- 
tinuing education for adults. 
Tours can be arranged by 

games and track and field 
events are held in this stadium 
which holds 35,000 spectators. 
(Ext. 4705) 

Keldin contains materials for 
the use of graduate students 
and faculty. Tours can be 
arranged by appointment. 
(Ext. 4042) 

TORY. Open House is held on 
the 5th and 20th of each month 
at 8:30 p.m. for the general 
public. Large groups may call 
for reservations at 454-3001. 
(For other information call 
Ext. 3460) 

oldest building on the College 
Park Campus, Rossborough 
Inn is open to the public for 
lunch from 11:30 to 1:30 p.m. 
(Ext. 3940) 


(BLDG. 78) Regents Drive. 
Open to visitors weekdays 8:30 
a.m. to 4:30 p.m. A schedule 
of multidenominational serv- 
ices can be obtained in the 
North Administration Bldg. 

Regents Drive. This facility 
houses the Admissions Office 
of the University; Office of the 
Registrar for graduate trans- 
cripts and commencement 
information; and offices for 
student financial aid, housing, 
and campus employment. 

BRARY-(BLDG. 120) Corner 
of Regents and Campus Drives. 
Completed in 1972, the library 
is one of the finest in the 
nation. In addition to serving 
undergraduate students, it also 
houses at the graduate level 
the College of Library and 
Information Services. 

110) Campus Drive. A new 
addition to the Student Union 
was completed in 1972. You 
can obtain a building directory 
and schedules of events and 
activities at the information 
desk in the front lobby. Guided 
tours are available to the 
bowling alleys, billiard room, 
ballroom, cafeterias, motion 
picture theatre, and exhibits. 

(BLDG. 27) Campus Drive. 
With a permanent seating 
capacity of 12,500, the Main 
Auditorium of Cole Fieldhouse 
is used for basketball games, 
classes in physical education, 
commencements, concerts, 
academic testing, track, and 
many other indoor activities. 
Other areas of the building 
contain small gymnasiums, a 
swimming pool, classrooms, 
faculty offices, a ticket booth 
for athletic events, and the 
Department of Intercollegiate 

TER-(BLDG. 115) Campus 
Drive. You are welcome to visit 
the Art Gallery on the first 
floor. Offices of the depart- 
ments of art, music, speech 
and dramatic art, and hearing 
and speech sciences are 
housed in this building. Uni- 
versity Theatre is also located 
here, adjacent to Parking Lot 

Campus Drive. You are invited 
to walk through this facility 
and view displays of student 
architectural designs and the 
faculty-designed sculpture in 
the West Court. 



Section 1 

Agricultural and 

Life Sciences 
Arts and Humanities 

Section 2 

Graduate School 

Mathematical and Physical 
Sciences and Engineering 

Section 3 

Business and Management 
Behavioral and Social Sciences 

Section 4 

Undergraduate Studies 
Human Ecology 
Physical Education, 

Recreation and Health 



mam entrance 
& exits