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Oececm^eKetohzeeN, MNereeN hur^dnjed se^eNxw Mir^e 

UMi v^asirv or cYiAXVLAM^, coVbeoe v^kh, cvJSl^yiAM{> 

OececYJi^eKetohzeeN, wNeveeN huHbned seveNvy Miive 

Message to 
the Graduates 

We are gathered here today to honor some 2,100 graduates 
from more than 200 fields of intellectual study. 

You and your families should be extremely proud of the 
dedication and perseverance each of you has exhibited in order 
to be present here today. You selected a goal and stayed with it 
to successful completion. Congratulations. 

The primary purpose of a university is to help individuals 
acquire the knowledge and skills to be capable of making 
sound judgments and contributing to the overall advancement 
of society. In particular, a university must work to create an 
environment conducive to the discovery, critical examination, 
preservation and transmission of knowledge, wisdom and 
values. Therefore, a university must be judged, not only by 
your accomplishments, which we honor today, but also by 
your success in working to improve the quality of life which 
ultimately ensures the survival of present and future 

As you embark on a new frontier of life, we hope you will 
maintain contact with your University. By your past experi- 
ences and valuable suggestions, we are best abl- It Hiovcr 
how to improve our service to the students w 1 t 
to the citizens of the community, the state an 1 ll n 

Best of luck and every good wish for the fut r U I { 
to hear from you often. 

R. L. Gluckstern 

Order of 

December 18, 1979 
10:00 a.m. 

Cole Student 
Activities Building 


Dr. Robert L. Gluckstern 


College Park Campus 

Master of Ceremonies 
Robert F. McCleary 
Assistant Professor 
Communication Arts and 


Symphonic Wind Ensemble 
Conductor, John Wakefield 


The Reverend Perry Smith 
Black Ministries 
Program Chaplain 

The National Anthem 

Led by Dr. Paul Traver 


Dr. John S. Toll 


University of Maryland 

Peter F. O'Malley 
Chairman, Board of Regents 

Musical Selection 

Hallelujah Chorus 

G.F. Handel 

University of Maryland 


Symphonic Wind Ensemble 

Conductor, Dr. Traver 


Clarence M. Mitchell, Jr. 
Director Emeritus, 
Washington Bureau of the 

Conferring of Degrees 

Dr. Toll, Honorary Degrees 
Dr. Gluckstern 

Remarks to Graduates 

Cheryl E. Johnson 
Graduating Senior 
Dr. Gluckstern 


The Reverend William Kane 
Roman Catholic Chaplain 


Symphonic Wind Ensemble 
Conductor, Mr. Wakefield 

The Alma Mater 

Hail to thee, Maryland! 
Steadfast in loyalty 
For thee we stand. 
Love for the Black and Gold, 
Deep in our hearts we hold, 
Singing, thy praise forever. 
Throughout the land. 

Maryland Victory Song 

Maryland we're all behind you 
Wave high the Black and Gold 
For there is nothing half so 

As to see our men victorious. 
We've got the team, boys 
We've got the steam, boys 
So keep on fighting, don't give 
in M-A-R-Y-L-A-N-D 
Maryland will win. 


The College Park Campus 
and The University 

The Graduates 

The students graduating from the University of Maryland 
today follow in the footsteps of many notable UM graduates 
who have distinguished themselves in fields as diverse as 
science, the arts, entertainment, journalism, business, law, 
medicine and government. 

Known as the highest ranking woman in broadcasting, 
Jane Cahill Pfeiffer is Chairman of the National Broadcasting 
Company where she is in charge of government relations, 
legal affairs, employee relations, news policy making, and 
corporate planning. The 1954 speech and dramatic arts 
graduate is a former vice president for communications and 
government relations at IBM. 

Through Kermit the Frog, Miss Piggy, and others, Jim 
Henson conveys a refreshing form of entertainment that 
touches the hearts of young and old alike. By the time he 
graduated from UM in 1960, Henson was developing success- 
ful TV commercials in the area. "The Muppet Show," created 
in 1976, is syndicated on 126 stations in the U.S. and is seen 
in 41 other countries. 

The first woman elected to the Supreme Court of Michigan, 
Mary Stallings Coleman has been influential in developing 
many innovative programs for juvenile welfare. A 1935 arts 
and sciences graduate of UM, Coleman is a firm believer in 
rehabilitation and crime prevention and has established pre- 
court services for children in danger of becoming school 
drop-outs and education programs for underpriviledged 
mothers in an effort to curb child abuse in Michigan. 

Known as one of the youngest graduates of the University, 
Charles Fefferman graduated in 1966 at 17 when he received 
a joint degree in mathematics and physics, just three years 
after becoming a full-time UM student. One of the world's 
top mathematicians, Fefferman recently received the Fields 
Medal, the most prestigious award a mathematician can 
receive. He is currently a professor of mathematics at 

Other outstanding UM graduates include Connie Chung, 
a 1969 journalism graduate, who anchors the news at 
KNXT-TV in Los Angeles; Carmen Balthrop, a Metropolitan 
Opera singer and 1971 UMCP Music Alumna; and Tom 
McMillen, a 1974 Arts and Sciences graduate and Rhodes 
Scholar, who is playing professional basketball for the 
Atlanta Hawks. 

The Campus 

In enrollment. College Park is among the 10 largest campuses 

in the country. Undergraduates enrolled in fall 1979 numbered 
29,835 and graduate students, 7,357 for a total enrollment of 
37,192. This year's College Park operating budget is 
$168,287,152. The University assisted over 8,000 College Park 
students with financial aid in 1978-79. 

Students may choose from 72 undergraduate and 70 graduate 
programs leading to degrees. In 1978-79, a total of 5,261 
undergraduate, 1,255 master's and 367 doctorate degrees were 
awarded by the College Park Campus. In the number of 
doctorates granted annually, the University ranks among the 
top 30 in the nation. 


The University had its beginnings in 1807 with the 
establishment in Baltimore of the College of Medicine, an 
entirely faculty-owned institution granting the M.D. degree. 
When its name was changed to the University of Maryland five 
years later, it was given power to confer additional degrees. 
The first dental school in America, the Baltimore College 
of Dental Surgery, became a part of the University in 1840. 
Subsequently, the University opened schools of pharmacy, 
law and nursing. Under a charter secured by a group of 
Maryland planters in 1856, the College Park Campus of the 
University, then called the Maryland Agricultural College, 
opened in 1859 and became one of the original land-grant 
schools in 1865. After a disastrous fire in 1912, the State 
acquired control of the College and bore the cost of rebuilding. 
In 1920, the State took over the faculty-owned University of 
Baltimore, merging it with the State-owned institution at 
College Park to form the present-day University of Maryland. 
In 1886, the Delaware Conference Academy was founded by 
the Methodist Church in Princess Anne, Maryland. The State 
acquired this institution in 1948. It was made a campus of the 
University in 1970, and is known as the University of 
Maryland Eastern Shore (UMES). A new campus known as 
University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBO was 
opened at Catonsville in 1966. 


University libraries include approximately 1,283,200 volumes 
on the College Park Campus, 16,645 subscriptions to 
periodicals and newspapers, plus over a million microform 

The Undergraduate Library has a seating capacity of 4,000 
students and is among the nation's largest. Facilities include a 
quadraphonic concert room, color video-tape players and 
playback units, enclosed rooms equipped with instructor's 

consoles for the use of nonprint media materials, and wireless 
stereo headsets for tapes of lectures, plays, speeches and music. 

Research Facilities 

Among the exceptional research facilities are a 140 MeV cyclo- 
tron; a nuclear reactor; scanning electron microscopes; 
subsonic, supersonic and hypersonic wind tunnels; an 
electron ring accelerator; a precision encoder and pattern 
recognition device; a gravitational radiation detection system, 
including a gravimeter on the moon; a quiescent plasma device 
(Q machine); a psycho-pharmacology laboratory; three 
retro- reflector arrays on the moon ; rotating tanks for 
laboratory studies of meteorological phenomena; Van de 
Graaff accelerators; a laboratory for basic behavioral research; 
an assortment of computers; the Astronomy Observatory 
Center of Materials Research; the Institute for Fluid Dynamics 
and Applied Mathematics; the Institute for Molecular Physics; 
and the Water Resources Research Center. 
The College Park Campus also owns and operates one of the 
largest and most sophisticated long wavelength radio 
telescopes (located in Clark Lake, Calif.) and a cosmic ray 
laboratory (located in New Mexico). 

In addition to these research opportunities in the biological, 
mathematical and physical sciences, research programs in 
the behavioral sciences, social sciences and education exist in 
many bureaus and institutes including the Bureau of Business 
and Economic Research, the Bureau of Educational Research 
and Field Services, the Bureau of Governmental Research, the 
Institute for Child Study, the Institute for Criminal Justice 
and Criminology, and the Institute for Urban Studies. 

Academic Costume 

The black caps and gowns worn by the students and faculty 
in the academic procession are of ancient origin. They have 
been the traditional costume of the scholar since medieval 
times and probably represent an adaptation of the ecclesiastical 
dress since many of the scholars of that period were members 
of monastic orders. 

An intercollegiate commission in 1893 drafted a uniform 
code for costumes which has since been adopted by the 
majority of colleges and universities in the United States. 
Each of the three academic degrees — bachelor, master and 
doctor — has its own distinctive gown and hood. The bachelor's 
gown is distinguished by its long pointed sleeve. The master's 
gown has a longer, narrow, closed sleeve, extending below the 
knee; the arm is passed through a slit at the elbow. In contrast. 

the doctor's gown has a full bell-shaped sleeve with three bars 

of velvet. The opening of this gown is faced with wide velvet 

bands. The velvet trim may be black or of a color indicating 

the general field of learning of the wearer, for example, blue for 

philosophy, green for medicine, purple for law. 

The most colorful and distinctive item of the academic costume 

is the hood which passes around the neck and extends down the 

back. The doctor's is the largest of the hoods and the bachelor's 

the smallest. The bachelor's hood is often omitted. The color 

of the velvet edging indicates the field of learning. Below is 

given a list of department or faculty colors. 

Agriculture /Maize 

Arts, Letters, Humanities/White 

Business Administration, Commercial Science/Drab 


Economics/ Copper 

Education, Pedagogy /Light Blue 


Fine Arts, Architecture/Brown 

Forestry /Russet 

Home Economics/Maroon 

Laws /Purple 

Library Science/Lemon 


Music /Pink 

Nursing/ Apricot 

Oratory/Silver Gray 


Philanthropy /Rose 


Public Health/Salmon 

Physical Education/ Sage Green 

Science/Golden Yellow 

Social Service/Citron 

Surgial Chiropody/Nile Green 

Theology and Divinity/Scarlet 

Veterinary Sciences/Gray 

The colors of the silk lining exposed in the center of the hood 
are those of the college or university which conferred the 

The cap or "mortar board" is uniform in design for all degrees. 
The tassel may be either black or the color of the field of 
learning. The tassel of the doctor's cap may be gold. 
From Europe the use of academic degrees spread to English 

universities. Harvard University, the College of William and 
Mary, and Yale University followed the British pattern in the 
United States. 

Academic Degrees 

The degree is awarded for the successful completion of a course 
of study. There are more than 1,600 different academic degrees 
currently conferred by American colleges and universities. 
The first known degree was a doctorate conferred by the 
University of Bologna (Italy) in the middle of the 12th Century. 
Originally, the doctor's and master's degrees were used 
interchangeably, each indicating that the holder was qualified 
to give instruction to students. The bachelor's or baccalaureate 
degree indicated only entrance upon a course of study 
preparatory to the doctorate or mastership. Gradually, 
however, the bachelor's degree came to mean successful 
completion of one level of study preparatory to the higher 

The Doctor's Degree 

This is a term meaning teacher, or instructor, applied by 
ancient Romans to those who delivered public lectures on 
philosophical subjects. In the Middle Ages, from the 12th 
century, it came into use as a title of honor borne by men of 
great learning. It was first made an academic title at the 
University of Bologna, which received from the emperor the 
right of appointing doctores legum (doctor of laws). The 
University of Paris followed in 1145. Soon after, the popes 
granted the universities the right of appointing doctors 
canonum et decretalium (teachers of the canon law), and when 
the study of civil law came to be combined with that of the 
canon law, the title was changed to doctor utriusque juris 
(teacher of both laws). The faculties of theology and medicine 
followed that of law in conferring this title. 
The doctorate in philosophy and science, and occasionally in 
theology and law, is given beyond the baccalaureate degree 
and requires two to five years of study, the writing of a thesis, 
and the passing of written and oral examinations. The doctor's 
degree represents the most advanced earned degree conferred 
by American institutions. There are two distinct types: the 
professional or practitioner's degree and the research type. 
The first type represents advanced training for the practice of 
various professions, principally Doctor of Medicine, Doctor 
of Dental Surgery, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, Juris 
Doctor and Doctor of Pharmacy. These degrees carry no 
implication of original research and are classified by the U.S. 
Office of Education, with bachelor's degrees, as the first 

professional degrees. The University of Maryland awarded 
the first two dental degrees in history, on March 9, 1841, and 
invented the name of the degree, D.D.S., as well. 

The second type of doctor's degree is classified as the research 
doctorate representing prolonged periods of advanced study, 
usually accompanied by a dissertation which is designed to be 
a substantial contribution to existing knowledge on the subject. 
The most important of these, the Doctor of Philosophy, no 
longer has an implication of philosophy for its holder, but 
represents advanced research in any of the major fields of 
knowledge. It was first awarded in the United States by Yale 
University in 1861. 

The first Ph.D. was awarded by the University of Maryland in 

The Master's Degree 

The master's degree is an academic honor conferred upon 
students who have successfully completed work in advance of 
the baccalaureate. A thesis and an oral examination are usually 
required. The word magister, connected with a qualifying 
phrase, was used among the Romans as a title of honor, but its 
present meaning must be traced to the time of the establish- 
ment of the oldest universities. Regularly organized facilities 
were not then known as they now exist in the universities. The 
whole circle of academic activity was limited to seven liberal 
arts, and those who received public honors on the completion 
of their courses of studies, for their diligence and knowledge, 
and had already received the degree of baccalaureate (bachelor) 
were called magistri artium (master of the liberal arts.) 
In 1920, the new University of Maryland awarded its first 
M.A. and M.S. degrees in fields other than agriculture. 

The Bachelor's Degree 

The bachelor's degree represents completion of a four-year 
course of study of collegiate grade and is the oldest academic 
degree used by American institutions of higher learning. The 
degree. Bachelor of Arts, was first conferred in America in 1642 
on the first nine graduates of Harvard College. 
Maryland Agricultural College, which was later to become the 
University of Maryland College Park, awarded the first 
Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees in 1862. 

College Park 

Campus Administration 


Robert L. Gluckstern 
Vice Chancellor for 
Academic Affairs 

NancieL. Gonzalez 
Vice Chancellor for 
Administrative Affairs 

Darryl W. Bierly 
Vice Chancellor for 
Student Affairs 

William L. Thomas, Jr. 

Provosts at College Park 

Division of Agricultural and 
Life Sciences 

Francis C. Stark 
Division of Arts and 

Shirley S. Kenny (Acting) 
Division of Behavioral and 
Social Sciences 

Murray E. Polakoff 
Division of Human and 
Community Resources 

George J. Funaro 
Division of Mathematical 
and Physical Sciences and 

Frank J. Kerr 

Deans of College Park 

School of Architecture 

John W.Hill 
College of Agriculture 

Earl H. Brown 
College of Business and 

Rudolph P. Lamone 
College of Education 

Dean C. Corrigan 
College of Engineering 

George E. Dieter 
College of Human Ecology 

John R. Beaton 
College of Journalism 

L. John Martin (Acting) 
College of Library and 
Information Services 

Kieth C. Wright 

College of Physical Education, 
Recreation and Health 

Marvin H. Eyler 
Administrative Dean for 
Graduate Studies 

Robert E. Menzer (Acting) 
Administrative Dean for 
Summer Programs 

Melvin Bernstein 
Administrative Dean for 
Undergraduate Studies 

Robert E. Shoenberg 

Central Administration 
of the University 


Johns. Toll 
Executive Vice President 

Vice President for General 

Warren W. Brandt 
Vice PresidetU for 
Academic Affairs 

Ruth H. Young (Acting) 
Vice President for 
Graduate Studies and Research 

David S. Sparks 
Vice President for Agricultural 
Affairs and Legislative Relations 

Frank L. Bentz, Jr. 
Vice President for 
University Development 

Robert G. Smith 

Board of Regents 


Peter F.OMalley 
Vice Chairmaii 

Hugh A. McMullen 

Samuel H. Hoover, D.D.S. 

A. Paul Moss 
Assistant Secretary 

Mrs. Mary H. Broadwater 
Assistant Treasurer 

John C. Scarbath 

Wayne A. Cawley, Jr., 
ex officio 

Percy M. Chaimson 

Ralph W.Frey 

HanneJ. Lundsager 

Allen L. Schwait 

Dorina J. Shelton 

Joseph D. Tydings 

Wilbur G. Valentine 

N. Thomas Whittington, Jr. 

Officers of Commencement 


Dr. Paul R. Poffenberger, 
Associate Dean 
College of Agriculture 

Associate Chairman 
Dr. Robert C.Wiley, 
Professor, Horticulture 

Associate Chairman 
Dr. Donald Maley, 
Chairman, Industrial 

University Marshal 

Dr. Richard H.Jaquith, 
Assistant Vice Chancellor- 
Academic Affairs 


Dr. Stewart Gordon, 
Professor, Chairman, 
Music Department 

Committee Members 

Dr. Ulysses S. Glee, Director, 

Officeof Student Aid 

Mr. Patrick J. Hunt, Director, 

University Relations 

Mr. Robert J. Beiter, 

Principal Specialist, 

Agricultural & Resource 


Mr. Ernest Huff, 

Assistant Director, 

Records & Registrations 

Mr. John A. Goecker, 


Food Services 

Dr. Conrad B. Link, 



Dr. George Marx, 


Counseling & Personnel 


Mr. Elwood Gross, 

Physical Plant 

Mr. Doyle P. Royal, 


Athletic Department 

Mrs. Frances Cane, 


Health Center 

Mr. William Fry, 

Assistant Director, 


Mrs. Jo Ann M. Janus, 

Book Store 

Capt. Ralph W.Bell, 

University Police 

Mr. Charles Jantho, 


Physical Plant 

Mr. Edward Blackburn, 


Environmental Safety 

Dr. Robert F. McCleary, 

Divisional Director, 

Radio, Television and Film 

' ■ tS^^ '^' '^-i' it-'*'^' ■ i '^' /- 
'5. yi^i'" -.•■■■■•'■■ ■'•■'■'- "i •J""' 

■> -.a-^tU'r; <..'■.•••-- -..-:■■ 



Clarence Mitchell, Jr., longtime Director of the Washington Bureau of the NAACP, witnessed his first lynching 45 
years ago in Princess Anne, Md. as a young reporter for the Baltimore Afro-American. At the time, Mitchell was 
already something of a civil rights activist, but after watching that event, his convictions deepened leading him 
toward a lifelong career of working for civil rights. 

As Director of the D.C. Bureau of the NAACP throughout the most critical years of the civil rights movement 
until he retired last year, he worked for greater opportunities, not only for minorities, but for the handicapped and 
for women as well. 

Born in Baltimore in 1910, Mitchell served in NAACP's Washington Branch for 32 years, starting as Labor Sec- 
retary and becoming Director of the Bureau in 1950. Although he retired in 1978, the nation's chief civil rights 
lobbyist continues as consultant for the National NAACP and is chairman of the Leadership Conference on Civil 

Named Director Emeritus of the Washington NAACP, Mitchell was also awarded the Spingarn Medal at the 
NAACP's National Convention this summer for his untiring efforts in obtaining passage of the 1957 Civil Rights 
Act which gave the U.S. Attorney power to protect the right to vote; the 1964 law forbidding discrimination in 
public accommodations; the 1965 Voting Rights Act banning literacy tests for five years; and the 1968 Civil 
Rights Act, outlawing discrimination in the sale and rental of housing. 

In 1970 and again in 1975, Mitchell led the successful fight to extend the Voting Rights Act's ban against literacy 
tests for an additional five years, and led the successful effort to pass the 1972 legislation giving enforcement 
powers to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. He also joined in supporting the efforts to permit 
18-year-olds to vote in all elections. In 1978, Mitchell joined with women's organizations in amending the Equal 
Employment Opportunity Act to forbid discrimination against women workers during pregnancy and childbirth 
and to assure their coverage under company health plans. 

A graduate of Lincoln University, he earned a law degree from the University of Maryland at Baltimore. He 
continues his law practice in Baltimore as a senior member of Mitchell, Mitchell, and Mitchell. 

His long and distinguished career has included government service with the Fair Employment Commission and 
the War Manpower Commission in the Roosevelt Administration. Recipient of the Adam Clayton Powell Award 
from the Congressional Black Caucus for his contributions to human rights, Mitchell did volunteer work in 
government agencies dealing with housing and employment under the Truman, Eisenhower, and Johnson 

In 1975, President Ford appointed the NAACP director to a five person delegation representing the U.S. at the 
Seventh Special Session and the Thirtieth Session of the General Assembly of the United Nations, and in 1976, 
Democratic and Republican leaders of the Senate and House of Representatives offered resolutions honoring 
Mitchell for 30 years of legislative service and "expressing gratitude for his contributions to the enhancement of 
life in America." In 1978 upon his retirement, a similar action was taken by the Senate. 

Today he is awarded an Honorary Doctor of Humane Letters degree from the University of Maryland. 



VMijp Hmilcr 

toHOKxny'^ocum or scteuce 

As President of the National Academy of Sciences, Philip Handler heads a coalition of the top scientific minds in 
the country. Noting that election to the National Academy, chartered in 1863 by Congress and President Abraham 
Lincoln, is the highest honor that can be accorded a scientist or an engineer in the U.S., Handler wrote in his first 
annual report for the Academy's National Research Council, "This carefully constructed, intellectually powerful 
consultative arrangement, unique in all the world, stands ready to serve the government whenever called upon." 

Handler is also chairman of the Governing Board of the National Research Council in which committees of these 
top scientists do research for the federal government. Over 50,000 volunteers have served the National Research 
Council in the last three decades. 

Born in 1917 in New York City, Handler is recognized as one of the top biochemists in the country. Former 
chairman of the Department of Biochemistry and Nutrition at the Duke University School of Medicine, he is 
known for innovative research into the primary causes of disease by establishing that dietary factors are important 
in the prevention of liver and kidney disease. 

Handler received a Bachelor of Science degree from the College of the City of New York in 1936 and a Ph.D. in 
biochemistry from the University of Illinois in 1939. He immediately took a position at the Duke University School 
of Medicine as instructor and remained there for 30 years until assuming the NAS post. 

He is a former member of the Scientific Advisory Committees of the Institute for Cancer Research, Kettering 
Institute, Nova University, and the Scripps Metabolic Clinic and Research Foundation. The 62-year-old NAS 
director is currently serving on the Board of Governors of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, the Board of 
Trustees of Rockefeller University as well as on the Board of Directors of the Manpower Institute and the National 
Multiple Sclerosis Society. 

Handler has worked extensively with the National Institutes of Health since 1953 in the Biochemistry Study 
Section, the National Advisory Health Council, the National Advisory Council on Research Resources and 
Facilities, and the Committee on Health Sciences Training. He has also worked with the National Science Founda- 
tion's Panel on Biological Research Facilities, the Divisional Committee for Biology and Medicine, and the 
National Science Board. 

A consultant to the U.S. Veteran's Administration for 10 years. Handler has also served on the President's 
Commission on Heart Disease, Cancer and Stroke. He has been a member of the President's Science Advisory 
Committee and worked on the Surgeon General's Committee on Environmental Health Problems. In 1969, 
Handler won the Annual Award for Distinguished Contributions to Medical Sciences by the American Medical 
Association. A lecturer at universities and for medical associations across the world, he was awarded The Great 
Cross of Honor with Star from the Government of Austria in 1977. That same year, he received the Insignia of 
Commander of the Order of Leopold II from the King of Belgium. Last year, the biochemist was awarded the 
Commandery Order of Merit from the Peoples Republic of Poland. 

Today he is awarded an Honorary Doctor of Science degree from the University of Maryland. 



CatfialM Tilmc Sfmst 

boNOKAKV Doctor of fint XRrs 

"It is unlikely that many private citizens ever before single-handedly made so large a gift to the country," said 
Washington Post reporter Paul Hume about Catherine Filene Shouse's 117-acre gift to the National Park Service 
for a summer performing arts center. "Wolf Trap represents a high point in a lifetime of involvement and interest 
in the arts for Mrs. Shouse. She says her greatest joy is to help make millions of families happy by providing a 
place where they can hear great music of all kinds." 

Granddaughter of a founder of the Boston Symphony, Shouse first donated 40 acres of land at her Wolf Trap 
Farm in Vienna, Va. in 1961 as the headquarters of the American Symphony Orchestra League. Then in 1966, she 
offered the balance of her Vienna farm to the National Park Service. Opened on July 1, 1971, Wolf Trap Farm 
Park, which has a seating capacity of 6,500 people, is the only national park for the performing arts. In addition to 
musical events, the park offers educational programs and workshops as well as little theatre performances. 

Shouse, who was born in Boston in 1896, is not only an active promoter of music, but also one of the earliest 
supporters of jobs for educated women in the first quarter of the 20th century. As a student at Wheaton College, 
she organized conferences to promote jobs for women with more than a high school education. Assistant to the 
Chief of the Women's Division in World War I, Shouse enrolled in Harvard University after the war and became 
the first woman to receive a Masters of Education degree from the school. Author of the book. Careers for 
Women, she was also the first woman appointed by President Coolidge to be chairperson of the first Federal 
Prison for Women. As chairperson, she instituted job training and rehabilitation programs for women prisoners. 

In 1949, Shouse organized the General Clay Fund to help the U.S. Army's Assistance Program for German 
Youth, and at the request of former President Hoover, she organized the Washington Hungarian Relief Fund in 
1956. Awarded the City of Paris Award and the Vienna Austria Medal of Honor for Assistance to Austrian Youth 
in 1949, Shouse also received the U.S. Army Patriotic Civilian Award and the German Federal Republic's 
Commander's Cross of Merit in 1954 for her relief efforts to help war-torn Europe. In 1977, she was awarded the 
Medal of Freedom from President Ford. 

Elected to the Board of the National Symphony Orchestra Association in 1949, she served as the association's 
vice president from 1951-68. In 1957, President Eisenhower appointed Shouse chairman of the President's Music 
Committee, and a year later he appointed her to the first Board of Trustees of the National Cultural Center, which 
was later named the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. Still serving on the Kennedy Center's 
governing board, Shouse has also worked on the Center's executive and building committees. In 1968, she was 
elected Honorary Vice President of the National Symphony Orchestra Association and was appointed by Virginia 
Governor Godwin to the first Virginia Commission of the Arts and Humanities. Shouse was appointed in 1973 by 
President Nixon to the Pennsylvania Avenue Development Commission, and in 1975 to the Commission on 
Presidential Scholars by President Ford. 

Today she is awarded an Honorary Doctor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Maryland. 



for Degrees 

AUGUST, 1979 

Graduate School 
Doctor of Philosophy 

Charles Frederick Abel 
Government & Politics: 
Punishment as Restitution: 
Definition, Justification, and 
Political Implications. 

Roger James Allen 

Health Education: Develop- 
ment and Application of 
Psychophysiological Testing 
Protocol for Evaluating the 
Efficacy of Diverse Stress 
Control Strategies. 

Kathleen Tongue Alligood 
Mathematics: Homological 
Indices and Homotopy Con- 

Edward Nicholas Ashworth 
Botany : The Effect of Tem- 
perature on the Membrane 
Lipid Composition of Wheat 

Janet Lee Bergman 

Administration, Supervision, 
& Curriculum: Student Rights 
and Responsibilities: An 
Analysis of Student, Teacher, 
and Administrator Knowl- 
edge in a School System 
Where a Well Established 
Policy Exists. 

Jayanta Kumar Bhattacharjee 
Physics: Critical Dynamics. 

Lewis V. Bias 

Administration, Supervision, 
& Curriculum: The Role and 
Function of the Media Spe- 
cialist as Perceived by Prin- 
cipals, Teachers, and Media 
Specialists in Elementary 
Schools in Montgomery 
County, Maryland. 

Andrea Michele Burgard 
Library & Information Serv- 
ices: At^nual Reviews as In- 
dicators of the Developing 
Structure of Scientific Dis- 

Herschel Clement Burstyn 
Physics: An Examination of 
the Structure Factor near the 
Consolute point in the Binary 
Fluid 3-Methylpentane- 

Charlene Cooper 

Early Childhood Elementary 
Education: Relationship be- 
tween Early Idetitification of 
Learning Problems Using the 
Maryland Systematic Teacher 
Observation Instrument and 
Later Academic Achievement 
in Elementary School. 

Eileen Guiffre' Cotton 

Administration, Supervision, 
& Curriculum: Iniiolvement 
and Self-Esteem, Their Inter- 
relationship and Impact on 
Achievement: An Observa- 
vational Study in Adult 
General Education. 

William Wescott Davis 

Recreation: A Comprehen- 
sive Administrative Procedure 
for Investigating and Report- 
ing Visitor Fatalities in the 
National Park Service. 

Gaye Carol Dawson 

Secondary Education: Atti- 
tudes of Virginia High School 
Business Teachers and Social 
Science Teachers Toward 
Competency-Based Education. 

Marten Leendert denBoer 
Physics: Effects of Surface 
Structure on Secondary Elec- 
tron Emission. 

Mary Boston Downs 

Human Development Edu- 
cation: The Influence of Mild 
to Moderate Hearing Impair- 
ment and Decreased Social 
Interaction on the Verbal 
Communication Behavior of 
Elderly Women. 

Richard Carrol! Doyle 
Agronomy : Effect of Solid 
Wastes on Pesticide Degrada- 
tion and Persistence in Soil. 

Ginger A. Eckroade 

Social Foundations of Edu- 
cation: Political Socializatiort 
and Schooling: American 
Views of Japanese Educational 
Policies from 1872-1952. 

George Eisen 

Physical Education: The 
Maccabiah Games: A History 
of the Jewish Olympics. 

William Timothy Elam 

Physics: Extended Appear- 
ance Potential Fine Struc- 
ture Analysis of Titanium, 
Vanadium, and Iron Surfaces. 

Michael Fischetti 

Government & Politics: 
Fiscal Federalism and Federal 
Assistance: The New York 
City Experience. 

Frank Anthony Fucile 

Administration, Supervision, 
& Curriculum: A Computer 
Algorithm for Scheduling of 
Singleton Courses in High 

Willa Yost Garner Garrett 
Entomology: Metabolism of 
"C-N-Hydroxymethyl Di- 
methoate and '"C-N- 
Desmethyl Dimethoate in 
Bean Plants ( Phaseolus vul- 
garis) . 

Deborah Louise Gebhardt 
Physical Education: A Bio- 
mechanical Analysis of the 
Fencing Lunge. 

Michael J. Giblin 

Industrial Education: An 
Experimental Comparison of 
Learning Selected Cognitive 
Information and Psycho- 
motor Skills Using Video 
Tape Versus Live Demonstra- 
tion in an Industrial Arts 
Laboratory Course. 

John Robert Glowa 
Psychology : Effects of 
Chronic Administration of d^ 
Amphetamine on Responding 
Maintained Under Fixed-In- 
terval and Fixed-Ratio 
Schedules of Food Presenta- 
tion or Stimulus-Shock 

Donnelly Atkinson Gregory 
Special Education: An Inves- 
tigation of a Multiple Criteria 
Identification Process for 
Intellectually Gifted Ele- 
mentary Students in Grades 
Three through Six. 

Robin Howard Grieves 

Economics: The Demand for 
Consumer Durables. 

Lewell Franklin Gunter, Jr. 
Agriculture & Resource 
Economics: The Optimal 
Replacement of Breeder 
Flocks in an Integrated Broiler 

Marie Elizabeth Held 

Early Childhood-Elementary 
Education: The Effect of High 
and Low Interest on the Oral 
Reading Performance of 
Underachieving Fourth Grade 

August Doctors 17 

Leila Ann Hogan 

Government & Politics: 
Jurisdiction Over Foreign 
Merchant Vessels in American 
Waters and Ports: Terri- 
torial Jurisdiction and Law of 
the Flag in Selected Decisions 
of the United States Surpeme 
Court, 1900-1970. 

Rachelle Diener Hollander 
Philosophy; Medical Services 
and Informed Consent. 

Ronald Chalmers Hood III 
Histor>': The French Naval 
Officer Corps. 1919-1939: A 
Social and Political History of 
France's Naval Dynasties 
Between the World Wars. 

Grace Elaine Jarrett 

Human Development Educa- 
tion: A Study of the Rela- 
tionship of Maternal Age to 
Acceptance and Control in 
Childrearing Practices of 
Young Parents. 

Eugene Francis Jendrek, Jr. 
Chemistry: Inelastic Scatter- 
ing of LiH and H, by He. 

Margaret Piatt Jendrek 

Sociology: Common Law and 
Civil Law Legal Orders : The 
Treatment of Minorities. 

Steven Marshall Kahn 

Mathematics: Characteristic 
Number Obstructions to 
Fibering Structured Manifolds 
over Surfaces and Low-Di- 
mensional Spheres. 

Deogratius Kambanda 

Administrative, Supervision, 
& Curriculum: A Descriptive 
Case Study of the Evolution 
of Education in Rwanda, 

18 August Doctors 

James Bennett Kaper 

Microbiology: Isolation, 
Ecology, and Taxonomy 
of Human Pathogens in an 

Dora F. Kennedy 

Secondary Education: Design 
of an Exploratory Foreign 
Language Course Model as 
Procedural Manual for 
Middle/Junior High School, 
Incorporating the Results of 
an Investigation to Identify 
a Number of Basic Unifying 
Concepts in Language, Cul- 
ture and Career Education. 

David Rodney Kepley 

History: Challenges to Bi- 
partisanship: Senate Republi- 
cans and American Foreign 
Policy, 1948-1952. 

Ajay Prasannajit Kothari 
Aerospace Engineering: 

Navier-Stokes Solutions for 
Chemical Laser Flows : Steady 
and Unsteady Flows. 

Ronald Milton Kyhos 

Secondary Education: An 

Analysis of the Attitudes of 
Senior High School Students 
Towards Student-Evaluated 
Composition in the Tenth, 
Eleventh and Twelfth Grades 
at H.H. Dow High School 
and Midland High School in 
Midland, Michigan. 

David Charles Leonard 
English: An Analysis of a 
Philosophical Discourse Con- 
cerning the Mutability and 
Changes of the Material 
World by Isaac Greenwood. 

Daniel A. Levy 

Industrial Education: Ernest 
Flagg and His Impact on 
Stone House Construction, 

Chun-Nan Liu 

Mechanical Engineering: 
Laminar, Mixed Forced and 
Free Convection, Boundary- 
Layer, Radiative Flames. 

Sheldon Joseph Lloyd 

Industrial Education: The 
Development of the National 
Society for the Promotion of 
Industrial Education and Role 
in Promoting Federal Aid for 
Vocational Education, 1906- 

Dennis Ray Longmire 

Criminal Justice & Crimi- 
nology : The Demise of Posi- 
tivistic Criminology : An 
Ideological and Emperical 
Evaluation of the Patuxent 

Darcy Jane Lonsdale 

Zoology: The Population 
Dynamics of Two Estuarine 

Paul Kevin Marchetti 

Economics: Consumer Pref- 
erences and Industry Compe- 

Bayly Ellen Marks 

History: Economics and So- 
ciety in a Staple Plantation 
System: St. Marys County. 
Maryland 1790-1840. 

Patricia Anne McGrath 
Psychology : The Existence 
of Non-Nociceptive Afferents 
in Tooth Pulp. 

James Andrew McNeil 

Physics: Relativistic Eikonal 
Expansions Proton-Deuteron 
Elastic Scattering at Inter- 
mediate Energies. 

Mohamad Hossein Mikhchi 
Animal Science: The Effect 
of Sodium Hydroxide Treat- 
ment and Cement Kiln Dust 
on Nutrient Availability of 
High Fiber Forage. 

Gregory Andrew Nenstie! 
Social Foundations of Educa- 
tion: Jacob Abbott: Mentor to 
a Rising Generation. 

William David Nes 

Botany: The Relationship 
Between Sterol Structure and 
Its Biological Function in 
Phytophthora Cactorum. 

Hock Ng 

Mathematics: On the Classi- 
fication of Unitary Co- 
bordism Classes Which Have 
Representatives That Admit 
Semifree C°° Compact Lie 
Group Actions Preserving 
SACX Structure. 

Robert Dean Niehaus 

Economics: The Social Cost 
of Stratospheric Modification 
from Agriculture Nitrogen 

Josephine King Olsen 

Human Development Educa- 
tion: The Effect of Change in 
Activity in Voluntary Asso- 
ciation on Life Satisfaction 
Among Women 60 and Over 
Who Show a Pattern of 

Judith Ellen Sprei Ott 

Psychology: The Treatment 
of Depression in Women. 

K. N. Parthasarathy 

Aerospace Engineering: High 
Energy Gasdynamic Lasers. 

Velupillai Pavanasasivam 
Agronomy: Effect of N.P.K. 
Mg and S on Zn Absorption 
by Barley, and the Influence 
ofSOi-S on Zn Uptake by 
Rice from Flooded Soils. 

Shmuel Peleg 

Computer Science: Am- 
biguity Reduction in Probabil- 
istic Networks. 

Massimo Angelo Picardello 
Mathematics: Locally Com- 
pact Unimodular Groups with 
Completely Reducible Regular 

Wayne Nicholas Polyzou 

Physics: Combinatoric Ham- 
iltonian Unitary Connected 
Kernel (C.H.U.C.K.) Theory. 

Michael Mario Primiani 
Entomology: Ethological 
Significarxce of Compounds 
Comprising the Female Sex 
Pheromone of Heliothis zea 
and Heliothis virescens. 

Amul Purohit 

Horticulture: Effects of 2,3- 
dihydro-5-6-diphenyl-l ; 
4-oxathiin on the Shoot Apex 
of Chrysanthemum mori- 
folium Ramat. Paragon in 
Relation to Auxin Metabo- 
lism, Meristematic Activity, 
and Organogenesis. 

Augustin Francois Quilici 
French & Italian Language 
and Literature: The Genesis 
of Zola's Novel LA CUREE. 

Paul Anthony Raia 

Human Development Educa- 
tion: Cognitive Skill-Training 
in the Adventitious Elderly 
Blind: The Utility of the 
Method of Loci. 

Dennis Clyde Roberts 
Counseling & Personnel 
Services: Developmental 
Maturity: A Critical Element 
in Leadership Effectiveness. 

Evelyn Scales 

Early Childhood/Elementary 
Education: An Investigation 
of Measured Parental Atti- 
tudes Towards Child Rearing 
and the Continuity of 
Achievement of Title I Chil- 

James Arthur Schmidt 

Administration, Supervision, 
& Curriculum: The Novem- 
ber, 1975 New Haven, Con- 
necticut Teachers' Strike: 
An Analysis of its Causes, 
Effects and Implications. 

Elaine Langerman Shalowitz 
Secondary Education: A De- 
sign for Describing a National 
Educational Effort, Such as 
Reading, Using Techniques 
from the Systems, Anthro- 
pological and Comparative 
Education Fields. 

Cynthia Ward Smeltz 
Counseling & Personnel 
Services: Effects of the Con- 
tent of Therapist Self-Dis- 
closing Statements on 
Adolescents in Therapy. 

Karen Gienapp Soeken 
Measurement & Statistics: 
The Effect of Parameter 
Changes oti Estimates Using 
the Randomized Response 

Joseph Angelo Spatola 

Chemical Engineering: The 
Study of the Interaction of 
Bromine with Micron and 
Submicron Aerosols. 

Henry Ernest Sprance 

Entomology: The Determina- 
tion of Transovarial Trans- 
mission of Eastern Equine 
Encephalitis Virus by the 
Mosquito Culiseta melanura 

Mitchell Staude 

Philosophy: Desiring: An 
Analysis of One Concept of 

Carol Lee Steinberg 

Human Development Educa- 
tion: Personality, Perceptual 
and Biographical Character- 
istics of Normal Weight 
Women and Ovenveight 
Women of Varying Age of 
Onset of Overweight. 

Nancy Lynn Struna 

Physical Education: The Cul- 
tural Significance of Sport in 
Colonial Massachusetts and 
the Chesapeake. 

Stephen C. Swaim 

Economics: Theory and 
Policy in the Economic 
Thought of Leo Rogin. 

Sue Ann Thomas 

Human Development Educa- 
tion: A Descriptive Study of 
the Effects of An Intake In- 
terview on the Cardiac Ac- 
tivity of Coronary Care 

Marian L. Thompson 

Measurement & Statistics: 
Predictive Validity of Sub- 
set Regression Procedures. 

Daniel Daum Townsend 

English: Ben Jonson in France 
before the Revolution. 

Gaila Marie Twitty 

Early Childhood/Elementary 
Education: Factors Contri- 
buting to the Regular Class- 
room Teachers' Attitudes 
Toward Integrating Handi- 
capped Children with Non- 
Handicapped Children in the 
Public Elementary School. 

Figen Unlu 

Entomology: Metabolism of 
Trifluralin in Rats. 

Edward D. Walton 

Chemistry: Nuclear Magnetic 
Resonance Studies of Phos- 
phine Selenides. 

Jacqueline Ann White 

Secondary Education: Clarity 
and Student Opportunity to 
Learn: An Investigation of 
Two Components of Instruc- 
tional Communication as 
Assessed by Situational 
Testing of Pre-Service 

Michael Charles White 
Agronomy: Heavy Metal 
Solubility and Transport in 
Xylem Fluid. 

David Kenneth Wiggins 
Physical Education: Sport 
and Popular Pastimes in the 
Plantation Community : 
The Slave Experience. 

Bertram Anderson Wolfe 
Economics: Optimal User 
Changes in an Urban Trans- 
portation System. 

Daniel Craig White 

Botany : The Effect of Endo- 
genous Alpha-Linolenic Acid 
Concentrations Altered by 
Different Growth Temper- 
atures, Light Intensities, and 
BASF 13-338 on Chloroplast 
Structure and Function. 

Eli S. Zaretsky 

History : Progressive Thought 
on the Impact of Industriali- 
zation on the Family, and Its 
Relation to a United States 
Policy Toward the Family: 

Doctor of Education 

George David Akers 

Secondary Education: A 
Study of the Effect of Beha- 
vioral Objectives on Student 
Achievement in Introductory 
Physical Science (IPS). 

August Doctors 19 

Larry Kershnar 

Secondary Education: The 
Development, Field Testing 
and Evaluation of a Hierarchy 
of Behaviorally State Objec- 
tives for a Multidisciplinary 
Science of Photography 
Course for Secondary School 

Master of Arts 

Bradley D. Atlas 
Robert Henry Bacon 
Doreen Heagy Bateman 
Jan Vernene Erickson Berge 
Barbara Rose Bienstock 
Lynne E. Bradley 
Judith Christine Bro 
Marian Esther Buckner 
Linda Carolyn Campanelli 
Sharon Williams Chamberlain 
Ariane Sophie Chargueraud 
Andreas K. Chryscstomou 
Colette Claude 
Patrice Cochran 
James Douglas Cogburn 
Lindy Schoner Cohen 
Mary Agnes Collins 
Colin Cooper 
Richard Jack Dix 
Terri Cornwell Eakin 
Scott Benton Edmonds 
Mary Ellen Fediuk 
Susan Foster Fleisig 
Gary Gaines 
Anne Kenny Gordon 
Deborah Marcia Gordon 
Carolyn H, Graves 
Robert Lee Grimm 
Robert Alan Handy 
William Edward Hartung 
Corinne Dorothy Hayward 
Joan B. Hirt 
Saundra Jean Jackson 
Susan Barbara Kalla 
Kathleen S. Mehrman Kelly 
Robert Victor Koziol 
Josefina Aballi Lago 
Allen H. Lang 

Jerry LeRoy Larson 
Harvey Lewis, Jr. 
Richard F. Lewis 
Virginia Ann Lewis 
Richard John Limacher 
Douglas Robert Littlefield 
Saundra Rose Maiey 
Janet Holly McCabe 
Mark David McCarthy 
Christine Beaudet McGovern 
Monica Medina 
Christine Paulette Michaud 
James Regan Milani, Jr. 
Christian Milord 
James Lester Mount 
Lettie Archer Myers 
Lynn Marie Nichols 
Marcella Mendoza Patterson 
Audrey J. Pendleton 
Sherry Hope Pizer 
Thomas Eugene Prince 
Judith Wendy Pruce 
Humphrey A. Regis 
Craig Andrew Reynolds 
Allen Manuel Rodriguez 
Francine Ina Rozenberg 
Marcus Raymond Sani 
Carol Baker Schaake 
Phillip Stephen Schreiber 
Linda Diane Silver 
John Edward Small, Jr. 
Barbara Godwin Stamps 
Nancy Goddin Sudbrink 
Stephen Craig Taylor 
D. Geneva Waddell 
Won Ok Yin 

Master of Science 

Kehinde Adeduji 
Shreekant Agrawal 
Thomas William Alexion 
B. Suresh Babu 
Richard Clayton Barlow 
Rosalind Ann Breslow 
Jeffrey MacLeod Carolla 
Ertugrul Casur 
John Michael Cavallo 
Sin Chau Chang 
Carole Barbara Christian 

D. Annetta Cook 

Jeffrey Joseph Cunningham 

Alan Jay Danker 

Judith Pang Davenport 

Janet Eileen Delbrook 

Steven Drasner 

Dung Thieu Duong 

Abdelwahab A. Elabd 

Barbara Anastos Elliott 

Check C. Eng 

Robert Franklin Esworthy 

Gyorgy Fekete 

Marcy Finkel 

Gary Lawrence Frago 

Joanne Madaio Gallivan 

Sally Ann Gingras 

Laura Christine Goodhand 

Susan Eggleston Griffin 

Karin Lin Harter 

Chien-Cheng Hu 

Allen Robert Hynes 

Gary Allen Johnson 

Robin Lee Kellert 

Robert Jeffrey Krovetz 

Michael H. Lee 

Steven Joseph Leusner 

Donald Edward Lewis 

Eric R. Lindstrom 

Thomas Pasquale Longo 

Edward C. Luczak 

Margaret Hundley Maring 

Sharon Swanda McDonald 

Anne Helen Melville 

Jay Preston Norris 

David James Osterhout 

Patricia Adame Paasch 

Michael Ray Palmer 

Kenneth Lee Parezo 

Lawrence Michael Roberts 

Ellen Mary Rocks 

Mehmet Ali Sahin 

Jugal Kishore Saini 

Timothy John Schmidt 

Clara Marie Garbus Schneider 

Maria Ann Skarbo 

James Aubrey Smailes 

Julie Ann Stremel 

Jack Strigberger 

Patrick Sullivan 

Edwin Gwynn Summers, Jr. 

Stephen Arthur Sutton 
Elizabeth Sabina Sztul 
John Daniel Takacs 
Allan Joseph Tylka 
Joseph Oren Valentine 
CarlosJ. VillafuerleP. 
Thomas Charles Williams 
K.Eric Wolfe 
George Edwin Young, III 

Master of Education 

Ingeborg Carol Arras 
Mary Gale Brown 
Kathryn Johnson Burtman 
Sharon R. Butler 
Lorie Lynn Chait 
Leonard Arthur Colelli 
Harry Jules Dingle 
Marilyn Rich Doleman 
Margaret Lee Dooley 
Sylvia Hewitt Eliot 
Mark Paul Gargulinski 
Allen Lee Gay 
James Michael Geary 
Cathy Lynn Goldstein 
Allison N. Goodwin 
Norma Lee Graber 
John Jesse Gretz 
Leonor Guillen 
Regina Nalewajek Hamilton 
Oliver David Hansen 
Brendan James Hedges 
Jane Chapman Hobbs 
Stella M. Hoing 
Seishi Ito 

Mary Ann Johnson 
Carolyn Susan Karpin 
Susan Mandler King 
Deborah J. Kirtland 
Emily Haas Kohn 
Susan Lombardo Knoll 
Eleanor Shapiro Kott 
Jane Lai Mah Lee 
Julie Ann Machtinger 
Nancy McMahon-Cox 
Lee Ann McVane 
Joyce E. Meucci 
Arlene F. Mindus 
John Henry Mitchell 

20 August Doctors/Masters 

Leora Michelle Motley 
Pauline Batube Njosa 
Margaret Lynn Pillote 
Cynthia Mae Pilot 
Deborah B, Pleasant 
Richard Whittingham Plummer 
Pamela Ann Prue 
Sylvia B. Sanders 
Harold Yorty Sandy 
Sharon Ann Sipe 
David Michael Spencer 
Jeanne-Marie C. Staab 
Frances Eileen Tompkins 
Eileen Canice Vander Leeuw 
Katheryn Anna Wasylczuk 
Barbara Hanson Wheatley 
Helaine M. Zinaman 

Master of Business 

Gwyneth Morrison Aiken 

Richard Robert Babulski 

Michael Elias Herman 

Danny Jay Blickenstaff 

Stephen Roy Brown 

Charles Max Walter Chapman 

Roger Lane Collins 

John H. Connor 

Henry Cushman Copeland 

Ray Robinson Dorman 

Joanne Foltz 

Michael John Gutierrez 

Adela AnnHwa Hsu 

Rush West Kester 

Carolyn Powell Kirby 

Dennis J. Kubicki 

Aiieen Berkowitz Lipton 

Robert James Lord 

Michael Philip Lynch 

John Marmaduke Lynham, Jr. 

Robert Lee Malinky 

Caprice Claudia Obinger 

Vijay Amrut Pandit 

Bobbette Pamela Pippenger 

John William Potocko 

Michael James Reisler 

Warren Keith Schilit 

Clyde Robert Shillieto 

Sue Fields Tolliver 

Peter Lawrence Tropper 
Margaret Von Kaenel 
Gary Alan Yost 

Master of Music 

Susan Neal Ginn 
Mary Theresa Hawkins 
Deborah Ann Krute 
Janet H. Robertson 

Master of 
Library Science 

Patricia Ammons Ball 
Daria Basarab 
Althea Thompson Bates 
Paula Jean Baughman-Miller 
Arnold George Bellefontaine 
David Kenneth Bennett 
Judith Adams Blackwood 
Stanley Allen Butler 
Mary E. Campbell 
Roselyne Marie Chang 
Wanda Camelia Cox 
Mary Kathryn Cummings 
Sharon K. Cunningham 
Sylvia S. Davis 
Willie Mae Dawkins 
Paula Quartz DeRoy 
Rosemary Rebecca Dowd 
Teresa Louise Downs 
Betty H. Ehren 
Jennifer Caras Haire 
Gregory Clark Harness 
Ricarda Lewis Ingram 
Thea Jane Jones 
Charlene Catherine Kratz 
Patricia Ann McBride 
Elizabeth Jane McGuinness 
Margaret Louise Misch 
Mary Joyce Moeller 
Holly T. Murten 
Roxanne Newton 
Geraldine Diana Nowak 
Rebecca Ann Otte 
Jane E. Petermann 
John Gilbert Power 
Elsa B. Silverman 

Jimmie Lynne Sinclair 
Mary Kelly Somers 
Mary Annette Speach 
Mindy S. Spector 
Mariel Frances Todd 
Maria Kim Wells 
Patricia White-Williams 
Susan Marie Zmijeski 


Master of Education 

May 27, 1979 

David R. Fridline 
Patricia Ann Hanley 
Mary Ellen Schmidt 

August 31, 1979 

Hisae Nishime Demoruelle 
Richard Grant Jardine 
Wayne H, Smith 
Charles Ray Williamson 

August Masters 21 

Division of 
Agricultural and 
Life Sciences 


Bachelor of Science 

'Scott Karl Andersen 
Marisa Fahy Capriotti 
Valerie Ann Caskey 
Kenneth Henry Dempsey, Jr. 
JohnH. Furlong, III 
Lisa Kay Ghysels 
t Eleanor Carroll Hawkins 
§ Patrick Laurence Holden 
Patrick Denis Karman 
Robert Theodore Light 
Katherine Hines Livesay 
William Decker Monthie, Jr. 

(2 degrees) 
Diane Elizabeth Roberts 
Margaret Ann Roy 
Steven Ira Rubin 
Rona P. Shapiro 
Karan Elaine Shaw 
Michael Allen Shaw 
Jeffrey Lee Snyder 
Laura Alice Wright 

Division of 
Agricultural and 
Lift Sciences 

Bachelor of Science 

Walter Frederick Bauer 
Richard Dominic Bianco 
Paula Margery Borinsky 
Michael Lynn Bratton 
Calvert Ross, Bregel, Jr. 
James Lydian Brock 
William Alexander Buinickas 
Carlos Manuel Cano 
Ellen Theresa Czeh 
Tundjay Halil Dantzler 
Steven Kennedy Davidsen 
*Kathryn Ann Davis 
Winston Russel deMonsabert, Jr. 
Michael Philip deRosa 

22 August Bachelors 

'James Martin Dodson 
Francesca Christy Ebner 
Arthur Leon Epstein 
Paul Edward Ewald 
Thomas Joseph Farrar 
James Scott Foulke, Jr. 
§Marcia Jean Gartrell 
Charles Dwaine Gasser 
Thomas E. Giza 
Sharon Linda Greene 
Timothy Todd Hawthorne 
Pamela J. Hazel 
Kim-ChiT. Hoang 
Mark Keith Iden 
Brad Charles Jaeger 
Steven Jerrold Kline 
Kitty Yin Lee 
SooGil Lee 
William Ralph Levin 
Marc Jean Meteyer 
Giles Delaney Mills, Jr. 
Demetrios John Morakis 
Grant Woodrow Niskanen 
Wayne Jeffrey Reynolds 
Francis Roberts 
Marc Irving Rubin 
LuAnn Georgette Ruther 
Marie Louise Sabonis 
"Albert Anthony Salas 
Anita Corine Sanderson 
James Ronald Schmidt 
Michael John Shannon 
Ronald Gerstell Showacre 
t Steven Robert Stanek 
Joseph Walker Steel, III 
Robin Walson Stull 
Mirjana Vuckovic 
Jane Almena Williams 

Division of 

Arts and Humanities 


Bachelor of Science 

§01useun Alaba Odeyale 
Janis Juanita Whitehead 


Bachelor of Science 

Leslie Ann Adams 

James M. Bittick 

Laura Marie Bowles 

John Philip Boyle 
§ Angela Consuelo Carbo 

Thomas Roger Chancey 

Michele Renee Chandler 

Wyman Lee Colona, Jr. 

Linda Lou Dorka 
'Gail Glidden Geraghty 

Ellen Susan Greenfield 

Michael Lewis Guzy 

Howard A. Hirsch 

David Ford John 

Lawrence Michael Martin 
tMarlis Carol McCollum 

Ann Margaret McNally 

Stephen Allen Parezo 

Diana Sharon Quartey-Papafio 

Jan Lynda Small 

Andrea Pernice Vaughn 

Jo Ann Webb 

V. Lee Williams 

Division of 

Arts and Humanities 

Bachelor of Arts 

Clay Adison Alf ord 
'Arthur Mahone Allen 

Mary A. Allshouse 

Patrick John Anderson 

Jennifer Marlowe Armstrong 

Dixie Lydia Barker 

Jane Kerr Baxter 
t Denis Thomas Bedard 

Regina Celina Bell 

Jerome John Brooks, III 

Gregory E. Byron 

Suzanne Cheavens 

Bonnie Gayle Currin 

Valerie Jean Daye 

Haydee B. de Sousa 

John Joseph Dickman, IV 

Kirsta Rae Dixon 

Katherine Mary Doyle 
Thomas Joseph Dunlavey 
Linda Jean Ecken 
Marie Wu Fang 
Kathy Jane Fishman 
Jon Abner Frank 
Sharon Ruth Friedson 
Howard Lewis Galant 
Brian Thomas Gallagher 
Mary Ann Gates 
William T. Gennetti 
Patricia Louise Giron 
Monica Ellen Hawley 
John Anderson Hennessy 
Robert Lee Hollman 
Natalia Maria Iwaskiw 
Lina Jaber 

Alan Burgess Jones, II 
Jean Elizabeth Kennedy 
Michael Gayhart Kent 
' Katherine Ann Kidd 
Lilian Lydia Kozar 
TDean Andrew Krimmel 
Linda Tama Lapidus 
Diane Marie Lazarus 
Joseph Price Leatherwood 
Jesse Lependorf 
William Daryl Levine 
Susan Ellen Lyng 
Terry Lee Manspeaker 
John Rubel Mapother, Jr. 
Rosena Marie Marley 
Reta Hazel Maxwell 
Melanie Carol McCabe 
Ricky Jerome McCollough 
Barbara Ann Melvin 
Alice Virginia Montague 
Jo Ann Martha Moore 
Joseph Mark Neitzey 
§ Martha Jo Wagner Paris 
Sally Virginia Parker 
Ljudmila Milij Petrovic 
Andrew N. Pfeffer 
Douglas Stephens Randlett 
Sylvia Yvonne Robinson 
Edwin Francis Roper 
Kenneth Jed Rosenblum 
Jeffrey Giles Rowe 
Jaimi Rachel Salid 
Leigh Anne Sandoz 

§Summa Cum Laude; tMagna Cum Laude; 'Cum Laude 

Valentin Jose Sapcariu 
Mary lanni Scherstrom 
Gregory Warren Schlickenmaier 

(2 degrees) 
Carl A. Schoenberger 
§ Barbara Jean Scruggs 
Timothy Sears 
Toby Rae Silver 
Lesley Kyle Snnith 
Sandra S. Smith 
Jane Estelle Smither 
Patricia Eileen Stang 
Kathryn Lynn Teapole 
Sharon Eileen Tempchin 
Andrea Shelley Tucker 
Vera Ann Vandendries 
Penelope Ware 
Nina Elizabeth Yablon 
Tana Diane Ziger 

Bachelor of Music 

Susan Joanna Coggins 
Susan Elisabeth Wright 

Division of 
Behavioral and 
Social Sciences 


Bachelor of Science 

Steven Samuel Abelman 
John Robert Adams 
John A. Affronti 
Frederick Robert Allenspach, II 
John Dewey Anderson 
Mark Woods Anderson 
Arnold Mark Applebaum 
David Patrick Armstrong 
Matthew Howard Bailin 
Kenneth Jentzen Baker 
Stephen Charles Baker 
Rhonda Lynette Beckman 
TGregoryM. Billington 
Connie Lee Blevins 
Robert Edward Blundell 
Michael Nelson Boltz 
Randy David Brehne 

Tina Bresler 

Flanoy Sterling Bruce 

Timothy J. Burick 

Philip Hugh Camp 

Toni Valarie Carter 

Seth A. Caternor 

Michael Reuben Clark 

Joseph Charles Cohen 

James Webster Collins 

Herschel Milton Conaway 

James Patrick Coniff 

Michael Joseph Connor 

John Lynn Cox 

Tanya Regina Curtis 

Dan Harvey Dameron 
§ William E. Danielson 

Deborah Ann Diehlmann 

Mitchell Dingwall 

Frederick Edmund Dixon 
*Jodi Ann Doline 

Talaat Ahmed Talaat El-Nahal 

Deborah Lee Enterline 

Donna Lynn Evey 

Martin Samuel Fass 

Bareara Jean Ferraro 

David Alan Fisher 

Samuel Joseph Fisher 

Samuel Fleishman 

Ellen Ruth Fradin 

Roland Conrad Fritz, III 

Richard Robert Frizalone 

James Lee Fronk 

Michael J. Gaister 

David Samuel Gamerman 

John J. Gannitto 

Larry W. Garrison 

William Edward Gast 

Lynn Davis George 
'Jordan Earl Gillman 

Ralph Irvin Glasgow, III 

Karen M, Gold 

Roni Marsha Goldberg 

Beverly Lynn Golub 
tMax M. Gonson 

Michael J. Gorsky 

Kelly Scott Gould 
*Donnis Hughes Graves 

William Vernon Griffith, Jr. 

David Leo Grillo 

Elizabeth Ann Grube 

§Summa Cum Laude; jMagna Cum Laude; *Cum Laude 

Sonia Masako Hall 
Steven Ira Harris 
Jeffrey Scott Heifer 
Michael Gregory Hodge 

§ Brucie Waggener Hooks 
Craig J. Horowitz 
Barbara Annette Hurley 
James Joseph Ilvento 

§ Thomas Stewart Jaffe 
Michael Anthony Johnson 
Brenda Elizabeth Jones 
Jeffrey J. Junghans 
Edward Karl Justice 
Michael Alan Kane 
Keith Warren Kaplan 
Geraldine Becky Katich 
Leslie Anne Kern 
Richard Dana Koch 
Randolph William Kruger 
James Brian Lamb 
Eileen Patricia Langevin 
Leigh Edward Latreille 
Robert Louis Lawrence, Jr. 
Deborah Priscilla Leary 
Eric Grant Lee 
Brent Lee Lindstrom 

* Eugene Gao-Wu Liu 
Thomas E. Love 
Kathleen Madeline Lyons 
Jo A. Malone 
Kenneth T. Marceron 
Daniel Mitchell Marcus 

T Paula L. McCormick 
Patrick Michael McEvoy 
Christopher L. McGowan 
Langley Whitley McKinney 
Kevin Eugene McLaughlin 
Kevin Joseph Miller 
Janet Debra Moses 

§ Robin T. Myaing 
Jeffrey Alan Nemerofsky 
Robert Michael Neuberth 
Richard Philippe Newton 
Eileen Patricia Nolan 
Louis B. Novick 
Diane Cindy Nussbaum 
Joan Pauline Nuttle 
Mary Colleen Owens 
Leif Ford Oxaal 
Jeffrey Scott Oxman 
Winsome Joan Palmer 

Michael Jeffrey Palmisano 

Tae Young Park 

Robert Lee Paul 

Mark Edward Perkins, III 

Stuart Lee Perlberg 

Mary Margaret Pitts 

Ann Teresa Pohutsky 

David Roger Pomeranz 

Thomas Prendki 

Joel H, Proctor 

Kathleen Marie Quinn 

Diana Vilma Ramirez 

Michael Steven Ray 
'Nancy Moeller Reed 

Robert Emmett Reid, Jr. 

Daniel Michael Reznikov 

Nathaniel Dean Richards 

Morgan Jeffery Robbins 

Joseph Carey Robertson 

Carmelo Roman-Quinones 

Pamela Beth Ross 

Diane Mainello Sabo 

Barry Michael Sandler 

Iqbal Singh Sarai 

Brian Muir Savage 

Jeffrey Paul Scherer 

James Perry Scherr 

Timothy William Seeger 

Mark Bradley Seiberlich 

Christopher Blake Seifert 

Jeffrey Fry Shannon 

Tamara V. Sielecki-Dzurdz 

Daniel Reuben Silverman 

James Joseph Simmons 

Diane Terry Small 

Harvey Lee Smilovitz 
'Catherine Jeanne Smith 

John Frederick Smith 

Marion Helene Smith 

Vicki Lynn Sobel 

Christine Marie Sokol 

David Lee Stern 
'Stephen Douglas Sword 

Lenore Iris Sztajer 
t Michael Henry Teitelbaum 

Mark Allan Tigert 

Jeffrey H. Torf 

Aaron Turner 

Gary William Tyrrell 

Karen L, Van Hise 

August Bachelors 23 

Dennis Keith Via 
tMelissa Ann Walker 

LeRoy Adam Warren, Jr. 

Jeffrey Windsor Waters 
tKennetfi Bruce Waugfi 
*Jon Andrew Wegznek 

Marlene Debra Weiner 

Richard Ivan Weintraub 
* Diana Linda Weiss 

Michael Alonzo Wells 

Robert Warren Wernick 

Paul Brent Wexler 

Paul Howard Wilner 

Sharon Ann Wismer 

Kenneth Irving Yeager 

Sheryl Glascoe York 

Division of 
Behavioral and 
Social Sciences 

Bachelor of Arts 

Linda Susan Anderson 

Noreen Elaine Axelrod 

Robert Steven Bacon 

Raymond Walter Badders 

Debra K. Bartush 

Dan Clifford Bernard 

Kevin Hansford Beverly 

C. DaCosta Blake 

Paul Andrew Blomgren 

Mark Hudson Botsford 

David Harris Boul 

Cheryl Inman Bradley 

Glynn Edward Breuer 

Alan Stanley Broome 

Michael Leo Buchner 

Ilona F. Bush 

Cheirel A. Busha 

Brooks Dana Calvo 

James Michael Campbell 

Jeanne Molyneux Canney 

Cheryl Denise Cantrell 

David M. Cerrelli 

Diane Martha Christ 

David Louis Cleveland 

Gary Alan Cline 

Roberta L. Cohen 

Grace Socorro Castro Concepcion 

Ronald Patrick Cox 

Helen Wilber Cramer 

Joseph Bernard Creegan, III 

William DeFluri, Jr. 

Frank Dobbyn, Jr. 

Bruce Douglas Ensor 

George T. Estry 

John David Fabrizio 

Steven Wayne Feigenbaum 

Faye B. Feldman 

Sandra Harnish Feralio 

Michael John Fitzgerald 

Gregory Alan Fox 

Leo Albert Glunk, Jr. 

Bruce Lars Gordon 

Edward Burton Grebenstein, Jr. 
t Sharon Elaine Hayes Hagan 

Kimberley K. Hand 

William Francis Harman 

David Lincoln Harris 

Nancy Manning Hershey 

Catherine Anne Hession 

Robin Saipe Hickman 

Steven Haber Hofberg 

Howard Martin Hoffman 
'Mark Edward Hoffman 

Gary Woodrow Honey 

Linda Diane Horner 

Edward Earl Howser, III 

Ronald Michael Hudak 

Sheri Ann Inkeles 

RaeCarole Jackson 
TCarol L. Johnson 

Charles Willard Johnson 
§Elizabeth Hoffman Kaminsky 

Ann Elizabeth Karwacki 

Terry Denise Keyes 

Joseph Philip Klaphclz 

Judith Ann Klein 

Ann Harvey Koegel 

Peter C. Koerner 

Benjamin Fred Kramer 

Jack K. Kurtz 

Dewayne David LaMaster 

Karen Beth Levine 

Mark Edward Ludlow 

Diane Sherry Lynne 
*Colleen Patricia Mahoney 

John Rubel Mapother, Jr. 

Nathan Clyde Martin 

Rochelle Martha Mason 

Linda J. Mclntyre 
"Susan Carol Mintz 

Paula Helene Mitrani 

Deborah Ann Mould 

James Easton Nealis 

David Wayne Nicastro 

Velna Lesa Noblitt 
* Susan Debra Oglebay 

Kevin Michael O'Grady 

Neal Olkewicz 

Eugene Edward Paro, III 

Daniel Lynn Payne 

Daniel Wesley Peek 

Mark Lewis Peters 

Michael David Planet 

Deborah Lynn Pollak 

James Irwin Porter, Jr. 

Linda Greenspun Portner 

Paul Anthony Prebil 

Jacqueline Yvonne Radcliff 

Morgan Jeffrey Robbins 

Judith Ann Robson 

Michael Anthony Ropko 

Amiel Yigal Rosenbloom 

Mitchell Barry Rosenfeld 
'Jeffrey Stuart Rutstein 

Holly Corrine Samson 

Jose Rafael Santiago 

Josie Ann Seidman 

G. Elaine Sellers (2 degrees) 

Joel Ronald Shiff 

Joy Anne Shull 

Elsa Rivera Sinclair 

Teresa Hawkins Smiley 

Bernard Michael Spence, Jr. 

Donna Marie Stiles 

Michael James Lascar Stoianovici 
(2 degrees) 

John Kevin Sullivan 

Howard L. Taksey 

Stephen Preston Tawes 

John Michael Toohey, Jr. 

William Derek Updegraff 

Joseph John Valachovic 

Mary Martha Voelkel 

Rhonda Charisse Warner 

Debra Riggin Waugh 

Kenneth Bruce Waugh 
fH. Eric Weisel 

John Anthony Welch 
Mark Thomas Willette 
Patrick Lynn Wissman 
Paul Joseph Wohkittel, III 
Leslie A. Wolk 
Yolanda Rita Woods 
Carroll Yue 
James Christopher Zarbo 

Bachelor of Science 

T Thomas David Albright 

Sheila Annette Barnes 

Peter Viggo Blaes 
§ Susan Armour Coulston 

Mitchell Franklin Curtis, II 

Stephen George Earle 

William Harold Ett 

Linda Lee Fourkiller 
*John William Fuller 
*Michele Ida Gelboin 

Curtis Allen Hugo 

So-Mai Delisa Lai 


Nelson Neil Owens 

Deborah Lynn Schwartz 
'Preston Andrew Sweet 

Perin Delano Tinsley 

Robert William Wening, III 

David Yoffe 

Division of 
Human and 
Community Resources 


Bachelor of Arts 

Elisabeth Jane Gehring 
Albert Edward Gonzales 
Virginia G. Gray 
Anne Cunningham Hedian 
Kathleen Ann Werle 
Stephanie Robbin Wood 

Bachelor of Science 

Jane Janoske Athey 
Robert Earl Barton 
'David Paul Bell 

24 August Bachelors 

§SummaCumLaude; TMagna Cum Laude; "CumLaude 

Adela Maria Borowicz 

Gilbert John Boschert 

Dianna Eileen Brenner 

Evangeline Margaret Clarke 

Catherine Marie Clementson 

Georgia Ann Coolidge 

Cynthia Ann Dick 

Patricia L. Dixon 

Sven Turner Erickson 

Louis Hamilton Ferguson 

Georgette Knox Finlay 

Kathleen O. Foster 

Lynda Sue French 

John Edward Haas 

Douglas Lee Harbert 

Linda Carol Hawkins 

Linda Dee Haynie 

Darryl Thomas Hedegard 

James W. King 

Francis Joseph Knafik, Jr. 

Shelley Lynn Koch 

Debra Lee Langston 

James Francis Mackin, Jr. 

John Patrick Martin 
*Kathi Rae McGann 

Janice Sanguedolce Medico 

Barbara Sharon Miller 

Judith M. Miller 

Sue Ann Miller 

Drew Hillier Mitchell 

Myra Elizabeth Morgan 

Mark Phillip Moyer 

Carlos Alexander Nagy 
t Leslie Ann Noon 

Lynne Ellis Partin 

Patricia Anne Rafferty 

Carol Ann Rentz 

Carl Joseph Rosskamp 

Sandra Ann Smith 

Mary Beth Testoni 

Betsyann Bloom Weiner 

Kenneth Dale Wilson 

Theodore Raymond Zapalowicz 


Bachelor of Science 

JoAnn Albanese 
Gail Sonia Altman 

Susan Carol Bardos 
Glenda Anita Hall Barnes 
Tracey Ann Bobkier 
Monique Antoinette Bolan 
Royce Allen Buzzell, Jr. 
Ellen Sandra Carlen 
Michael Warren Clouser 
Eileen Leslee Corrigan 
James Riley Davis 
Susan Rose Decker 
Shirley Ann Domanico 
Diane Imelda Dua 
Brenda Marie Ebron 
Raymond Filsde Farid 
Joel Aaron Frankel 

Lynne Doris Gaudreau 
Ann Marie Gerwitz 
Carol Phyllis Gold 
Debra Maria Gray 
Victoria Anne Hook 
Jacqueline La Verne Hunter 

t Christine Lee Isherwood 
Gale Hotchkin James 
Lillian Irene Johnson 
MaryLynn Danielle Johnston 

'Anne Theresa Johnstone 
Susan Elaine Kovacs 
Joan F. Lamanteer 
Elizabeth Irene Lucie 
Kathryn Dare Manwiller 
Hazel Rosemary Martin 

*PennieLu Miller 
Vivian C. Narine 
Susan Jane Neuberger 
Robert Jeffrey Palmisano 
Marcia Elizabeth Pryce 
Laura Walsh Robidoux 
Geneva Jones Sanders 
Mary Inez Sarandria 
Kathleen Fennelly Schofield 

TNoga Schwartz 
Karen Marie Scialabba 
Gail Robin Smelkinson 
Tracy Allison Snapper 
Chun Sil Song 
Jacqueline Maria Stippich 
Mary Ann Riley Sullivan 

'Cathy Jean Thomas 
Nancy Jean Tomasevich 

Elizabeth Wilson White 
Lori Wanda Wilkerson 
Angela Dee Williams 


Bachelor of Science 

Yvette Acosta 
Alan Irwin Alper 
Walter Davidson Appleby 
Mitchell Axman 
Mary Louise Chilcoat 
Karen Marie Coakley 
Regina Marie Dick 
Cindy Jo Gammage 

'Marjorie Ann Genao 

t Nancy Beth Himelfarb 
Debra Ann Hyssong 
Rene Augusto Ibaiiez 
Georgia Ann Kammer 

*Ruth Loubee 

T Colleen Patricia Mahoney 
Sylvester Carl Mathis 
Patricia Ann O'Brien 
Patricia Joan Paczan 
Sharon Mae Pumphrey 
Teresa Jane Robertson 
Karen Teresa Schepleng 
Karen Patricia Seamon 

'Laura Elizabeth Shane 
John Earl Simes, Jr. 
Dennis Lee Sirbaugh 

§ Kathleen Dale Smith 
Maximiliano Solano 
Aletha Lorraine Stavrou 
James Walter Taylor 
Kenneth P. Van Dyk 
Ann Ebert Wagner 
Donald Thomas Ward 
James Daniel Wethington 
Barbara Elaine Yakely 

Division of 
Mathematical and 
Physical Sciences 
and Engineering 


Bachelor of Science 

Mohammed Gomaa Abutaleb 

James Dean Anshutz 

Juan Fernando Arregui 
t James David Cagle 

Ernesto Amansec Cerezo 

Shirley Yoon-Sook Chai 
'Mengly Chean 

Steven F. Dever 

Yousef Esmailzadeh 

Fred Faridazar 

Timothy John Fedak 

Mark Thomas Gee 

Steven Lockwood Geer 

Patrick Mark Gilroy 

Michael Neil Gray 

Jeffrey Brian Kane 

Kenneth Donald Keene, Jr. 

Binh Thanh Khuc 

Albert William Krall 

Bruce Alan MacFarlane 

Martin Albert Mayer 

Deepak K. Mehta 

Michael William Miller 

Hossein Moayeri 

Jose Manuel Munoz, III 
t Walter Francis Nadarzynski 

Raymond Lester Nichols 

Jeffrey Lee Novak 

Matthew Carlson Parker 

Charles Cole Riall 

Brian Stephen Smale 

William Charles Smith, Jr. 

Daniel S. Tuchler 
§ Dixie Lee Weinkauf 

Andrew Steven Wilkin 

§Summa Cum Laude: tMagna Cum Laude; 'Cum Laude 

August Bachelors 25 

Division of 
Mathematical and 
Physical Sciences 
and Engineering 

Bachelor of Science 

Nancy Elaine Boynton 
Michael Bryan Carpenter 
Albert Frank Conklin, Jr. 
Jeffrey Mark Currie 
Wayne Bradley Gibson 
Mark Robert Grice 
Adarsh Gupta 
Stephan R. Hammers 
Stephen B. Irish 

'Elliot Stephen Itkin 
Timothy Allen Jennings 
Michael Ira Karpman 
Valorie Jackson King 
Prasong Limsirichai 

§ Michael Mazurek 
David Brian Nelson 
Lester Kenneth Newell 
Trent Otis Plungas 
Richard Paul Shortz 
Low V. Tai 
Craig Evan Trivelpiece 


Bachelor of General Studies 

Timothy Craig Ballard, Jr. 
David Richard Boorstein 
Kathryn Mary Boyle 
Sharon Denise Brown 
Pamela Warrington Carr 
Anne Elizabeth Cerrito 
Stuart Covit 
Michael Anthony Davis 
Jacquelyn I. Dissin 
Frank Mickey Dudish 
Scott Charles Finkbeiner 
Mark Cary Flemister 
tKathleen Mary Flynn 
Diana Lynn Henry 
Mary Layuna Jones 
Richard H. Kern 
Maria Sue Kessler 

26 August Bachelors 

Judith Bartolick Korbeck 
Merrily Theresa Krauser 
Lisa C. Lyons 
Marvin Macklin 
Patrick J. McCormick, Jr. 
Teresa Carroll McDonald 
Elizabeth Nicole McKechnie 
Kathy Ann Merriam 
James Lee Miller 
Keith B.Neff 
Polly Anne Norris 
Susan Rene Owen 
Ernest E. Pennington 
Geoffrey Carhart Serrell 
David Richard Shapiro 

Bruce Warren Siedel 
Eula J. Simos 
Gertrude Virginia Steele 
Carl William Tedrow 
Mary Grace Waldron 
Christine Elaine Wiencke 
James A. Wysong 

Bachelor of Arts 

William Bangham, II 
Susan Marie Bersbach 
Raymond Mcdonald Brown, III 
John Marino Capobianco 
Anthony Frank Fazio 
'Robert Clyde Heffron 

Frederick Ludwig Joutz 
William Yee Wen 

Bachelor of Science 

Debra Lynn Baldwin 
§ Thomas Kevin Brigada 

David Neil Eskow 

Michael Steed Hildebrand 
•Robert Alan Miller 

Miriam Teresa Moriarty 
'Theodore Mark Polansky 



13',S ,--■;' - . 


for Degrees 

DECEMBER 18, 1979 

The 1979 class roster comprises 
degree candidates from the 
undergraduate and graduate 
programs at the University's 
College Park Campus. As final 
action cannot always be taken 
for candidates by the time this 
program is printed, the list 
of candidates here is tentative 
only. The University reserves 
the right to withdraw or add 
names. All diplomas will be 
mailed by the Registrations 

Students who have earned their 
degrees from the College of 
Education may obtain a State- 
ment of Certificate Eligibility 
in the College of Education 
Records Office (Room 3201). 
Other students who have 
completed teacher education 
programs will receive their 
statements in the mail (separate 
from the diploma) upon verifi- 
cation of required coursework. 

Graduate School 

Candidates will be presented by 
Dr. Robert E. Menzer, Acting 
Dean for Graduate Studies and 

Doctor of Philosophy 

Alawi Nuri Abussuud 

Government & Politics: Ad- 
ministrative Development and 
Planning in Saudi Arabia: 
The Process of Differentiation 
and Specialization. 

John Mitchell Allman III 

Geography: Yeoman Regions 
in the Antebellum Deep 
South: Settlement and Econ- 
omy in Northern Alabama, 

Gad Alon 

Physical Education: The 
Spurt and Shunt Muscle Func- 
tion Theory. 

Mary Lou Sweet Anderson 
Early Childhood/Elementary 
Education: The Development 
of an Instrument to Measure 
Early Childhood Teachers' 
Attitudes Toward the Touch- 
ing Behaviors of Young Chil- 

James Allen Armbruster 

Agronomy : The Response of 
Corn (Zea mays L.) and Soy- 
beans ( Glycine max L. Merr.) 
to Saline Aerosol Drift from 
Brackish Water Cooling 
Towers Associated with Elec- 
trical Power Plants. 

Tevf ik Bardakci 

Chemical Engineering: Heter- 
ogeneous Gas-Solid Reaction 
Studies in a High Temperature 
Diffusion Cell Reactor. 

Robert Lewis Bastress 

Administration, Supervision, 
and Curriculum : The Rela- 
tionship of Teacher Leader- 
ship Style, Teacher 
Experience, and Student- 
Teacher Relations with 
Teacher Effectiveness. 

Paula Ruark Beath 
Early Childhood/Elementary 
Education: An Examination 
of the Relationship Between 
On-task Behavior During 
Sustained Silent Reading and 
Reading Achievement. 

Joanne Rossi Becker 

Secondary Education: A 
Study of Differential Treat- 
ment of Males and Females in 
Mathematics Classes. 

Abraham Bekele 

Agricultural & Resource 
Economics: An Economic 
Analysis of Schistosomiasis 
Control Activities. 

Mark David Bertness 

Zoology: Competition, Re- 
production, and Predator 
Defense in a Tropical Hermit 
Crab Community. 

Shirley A. Reynolds Blakely 
Nutritional Sciences: Long 
Term Effects of a Moderate 
Fructose Diet on Glucose 
Tolerance and Lipogenesis in 

Marilyn R. Block 

Human Development Educa- 
tion : Effect of Work Pattern 
on Women's Satisfaction with 

Thomas Charles Borzilleri 
Economics: A Microsimu- 
lated Model of Retirement 
Decisions and Social Security 

Stephen E. Brown 

Criminal Justice and Crimin- 
ology: A Theoretical Model 
of the Deterrent Effect of 
Police Presence. 

Stephen P. A. Brown 

Economics: Public Choice , 
Intergenerational Equity, and 
the Social Rate of Discount. 

Beth Lettow Brusius 
Secondary Education: Status 
of Home Economics and Re- 
lated Programs in Commu- 
nity/Junior Colleges in the 
United States. 

J. Robert Burch 

Counseling and Personnel 
Services: The Development 
and Evaluation of a Student 
Needs Instrument for High 
School Students. 

AnneM. Butler 

History: Prostitution in the 
Trans-Mississippi West: 

Thomas Albert Carey 

Physics: A Systematic Study 
of Alpha-Particle Spectro- 
scopic Strengths Using the 
(p,pa.) Reaction at 101.5 

Nancy Naomi Carlson 
Secondary Education: An 
Exploratory Study of the 
Characteristics of Students 
Who Are Gifted and Talented 
in the Area of Foreign Lan- 

Hyo-Duck Chang 

Meteorology: Spatial and 
Temoral Distributions of Ver- 
tical Velocities and Their 
Relationship to the Atmo- 
spheric Circulation. 

December Doctors 27 

Walter]. Chappas 

Nuclear Engineering: Radia- 
tion-Induced Crosslinkingand 
Grafting Reactions in Poly- 

Linda Mee-Yan Cheung 
Sociology: Modernization 
and Ethnicity . 

Kwang Choi 

Economics; A Study of Com- 
parative Rates of Economic 

Mark MacNeal Christhilf 
English Language and Liter- 
ature; W. 5. Merwin: An 

Pamela Elizabeth Clark 

Chemistry; Correction and 
Correlation of Lunar Orbital 
X-ray Fluorescence Ititensity 

Jean R. Cohen 

Early Childhood/Elementary 
Education; The Interaction of 
Sequence of Instruction and 
Teacher Guidance on Mathe- 
matics Achievement of Field 
Dependent and Field Indepen- 
dent Students. 

William Charles Cunningham 
Chemistry; The Composi- 
tion, Sources and Sink of 
South Polar Aerosol. 

Eloise Shelton Curry 

Human Development Educa- 
tion: The Retention of Specific 
Language Skills, Acquired 
Through a Short-term, In- 
tensive, Teacher-directed 
Program, Among Economi- 
cally Disadvantaged Pre- 

Daniel Michael Curtis 
Mechanical Engineering: 
The Numerical Analysis of 
Elastic Bodies of Revolution. 

Frank Cuttitta, Jr. 

Microbiology: The Cross- 
linking of Macrophage 
Plasma Membrane Recep- 
tors by Migration Inhibitory 
Factor (MIF): A Molecular 
Mode of Action. 

James Anthony DiStefano 
Measurement & Statistics: 
A Monte Carlo Approach to 
the Sampling Error of Esti- 
mates of Generalizability 
Statistics from a Two Facet 
Completely Crossed General- 
izibility Study. 

Barbara Bradbury Dollar 
Human Development Educa- 
tion: Performance on Two 
Measures of Reflection/ Im- 
pulsivity in Preschool Males. 

Stephanie Doores 

Food Science: Sporolacto- 
bacillus : Occurrence and 

Adrienne Susan Escoe 

Early Childhood/Elementary 
Education: The Effects of 
Written Linguistic Context 
on Word Meaning for Sixth- 

Michael Paul Failey 

Chemistry: Neutron-Cap- 
ture Prompt Gamma-Ray 
Activation Analysis: A 
Versatile Nondestructive 
Technique for Multi-Element 
Analysis of Complex 

Ira R. Forman 

Computer Science; Prime 
Program Decomposition. 

Bernard T. Franck 

Comparative Literature; 
The Blessed Virgin and the 
Lady of Amour Courtois: 
Dual Manifestations of the 
Archetypal Feminine. 

Shelia Constance Fridovich 
Hearing & Speech Science: 
The Developmental Language 

Judith Lynn Frum 

Counseling & Personnel 
Services: Development of the 
Close Friendship Scale: An 
Examination of the Charac- 
teristics of Friendship Related 
to a Person's Sex. 

Diane Mary Lisa Gayeski 

Administration, Supervision, 
and Curriculum : The Ethnic 
Studies Curriculum: The 
Development and Evaluation 
of a Model for Community 
Based Materials. 

Spencer Hugh Gelband 

History: Mental Retardation 
and Institutional Treatment 
in Nineteenth Century 
Erjgland, 1845-1886. 

Eileen K. Clancy 

English Language and Litera- 
ture; Turning Toward The 
Other: The Influence of 
Theodore Roethke on Three 

David J. Gleason 

Human Development Educa- 
tion : The Development of an 
Instrument to Measure the 
Degree of Professionalism in 
the Attitudes of Child Care 

Robert Lee Haar 

Computer Science; The Rep- 
resentation and Manipulation 
of Position Information Using 
Spatial Relations. 

Suzanne Hamilton 

Zoology; Comparison of 
Shell Morphologies between 
Five Freshwater Gastropods 
with Respect to Predation, 
Life History and Dispersal. 

James Robert Haws 

Counseling and Personnel 
Services ; Male Student Needs: 
Then and Now. 

Kenneth Crawford Hayes, Jr. 
Computer Science; Reading 
Handwritten Words Using 
Hierarchical Relaxation. 

Richard Philip Healy 

Civil Engineering: The Sorp- 
tion of Copper on Montmoril- 
lonite Under Various Tem- 
perature Conditions and in 
the Presence of Inorganic and 
Organic Ligands. 

Patricia Plaza Heeney 

Special Education; An Inves- 
tigation of the Correlates of 
Effective Teaching for a 
Second Grade Unit on Follow- 
ing Directions and Word 
Structure for Students of 
High, Medium, and Low 

Murray Wayne Hefley 
Horticulure: Growth and 

Foliar Accumulation of Min- 
eral Nutrient Elements by 
Buxus sempervirens L. as 
Affected by Nutrient Level, 
Soil Type, Soil pH and Source 
of Nitrogen. 

Martin Herman 

Computer Science; A Model 
of Understanding the Seman- 
tics of Human Stick Figures. 

J. Michael Hihn 

Economics: The Hierarchical 
Ranking of Projects Meth- 
odology and Economic 

Elwood Fayette Hill 

Poultry Science ; Toxic and 
Stimulatory Effects of Inor- 
ganic and Organic Mercury 
Chloride to Japanese Quail. 

28 DecemberDoctors 

Hannah Rothstein Hirsh 
Psychology; Employment 
and Homemaking Partici- 
pation of College Educated 

Viet-Dung Hoang 

Electrical Engineering: A 
Class of Arithmetic Burst- 
Error-Correcting Codes for 
the Fibonacci Computer. 

Patrick Gilmer Hoffman 

Chemistry: The Application 
of N-Aryl Triflouromethane 
Sulfonamides to the Synthesis 
of Carbonyls and Carbonyl 

James Reid Horney 

Government & Politics: The 
Regulation of Hospital Costs. 

Lois Betts Hoskins 

Administration, Supervision, 
and Curriculum: Interactive 
Effect of Field-Dependence- 
Independence and Learner's 
Knowledge of Behavioral 
Objectifies on Achievement of 
a Verbal Learning Task by 
Student Nurses. 

Christopher James Hough 
Chemistry: Methylated Al- 
bumin and Methylated Al- 
bumin Kieselguhr Columns. 

Beverly Jean Howard 

Psychology: Influence of the 
"Race-Sex Interaction" on Vo- 
cational Orientation in Col- 
lege Students. 

Barbara Jeanne Hunt 

Psychology: Quality of Life 
for Women Who are Single 

Calvin Clarence Jillson 
Government & Politics: 
Compromise and Coalition 
Realignment in the Ameri- 
can Constitutional Conven- 
tion of 1787. 

Geraldine Niva Johnson 
English Language and Liter- 
ature: Rag Rugs and Ruggers 
of Western Maryland: A 
Study of Craft in Community. 

Margaret Noble Kain 

Administration, Supervision, 
and Curriculum: Develop- 
ment of Conflict Between a 
State Higher Education Coor- 
dinating Board and Institu- 
tions of Higher Education and 
State Agencies. 

Barbara Beigun Kaplan 

History: The Medical Writing 
of Robert Boyle : Medical 
Philosophy in 17th Century 

Bela Kissh 

History : The Maort Opera- 
tion : History of the Standard 
Oil Company (New Jersey) in 
Hungary 1938-1948. 

Sinikka Pirjo Koskiala 
Library and Information 
Services: Flow of Technical 
Information Through the In- 
dustrial Infortr^ation Services 
in Finland. 

John Steven Landefeld 

Economics: Control of New 
Materials with Carcinogenic 
Potential: An Economic 

Debra Yuhas Lederer 

Early Childhood/Elementary 
Education: An Investigation 
Into the Effect of a Specific 
Comprehension Strategy 
Upon the Critical Reading 
Achievement of Gifted Ele- 
mentary Students. 

Robert Michael Lefler 

Computer Science: Chemical 
Structure Elucidation by 
Pattern Analysis of H Nu- 
clear Magnetic Resonance 

Bernard J. Leikind 

Physics: Plasma Wave 
Studies with A Wide Band- 
width Correlator. 

Frederico R, Leon 

Psychology : The Role of 
Positive and Negative Out- 
comes in the Process of Work 
Motivation: An Experimental 

Marsha Corn Levine 

Administration, Supervision, 
and Curriculum: An Explora- 
tory Study of the Relation- 
ship Between Student Teach- 
ing Setting and Changes in 
Professional Self-Image in 
Student Teachers and Coop- 
erating Teachers. 

Jonathan D. Lewis 

Counseling and Personnel 
Services: The Use of Goal 
Attainment Scaling to Evalu- 
ate Individual Counseling 
Outcomes at a University 
Counseling Service. 

Hsin An Li 

Electrical Engineering: CO, 
Waveguide TE Laser. 

Lois Lucille Linn 

Administration, Supervision, 
and Curriculum: A Descrip- 
tive Analysis of Community 
College Nurse-Faculty Activi- 

Leslie Yu-chai Lai Liu 

Chemistry: An Investigation 
of the Solution Conforma- 
tions of Thyroid Hormone 
Analogs with the NMR- 
Lanthanide Shift Reagent 

Pamela Olivia Long 

History: The Vitruvian Com- 
mentary Tradition and Ra- 
tional Architecture in the Six- 
teenth Century: A Study in 
the History of Ideas. 

W. Christopher Love 

Human Development Educa- 
tion: Children's Perception 
of Parental Behavior As An 
Antecedent of Children's 
Focus of Control. 

Daniel W. Lozier 

Applied Mathematics: Nu- 
merical Solution of Linear 
Difference Equations. 

Archie Howard Lucas 

Administration, Supervision, 
and Curriculum: An Analysis 
of the Graduate School 
Achievement of Students in 
Various Categories Based on 
Undergraduate Grade Point 

Noreen Anne Lyne 

Administration, Supervision, 
and Curriculum: The Rela- 
tionship Between Adult Stu- 
dents' Level of Cognitive 
Development and Their 
Preference for Learning Format. 

Ray Hodgson MacSorley 
History: Millennialism in 
Eighteenth Century America. 

Paul Sze-Ngai Mak 

Electrical Engineering: Op- 
tically Controlled Millimeter 
Wave Propagation and the 
Applications of Picosecond 
Photo-conductivity in Semi- 

Joseph Patrick Maloney 

Human Development Educa- 
tion : Job Stress and Its Con- 
sequences on a Group of In- 
tensive Care and Non-inten- 
sive Care Nurses. 

Leslie Peter Mandell 

Human Development Educa- 
tion: An Investigation of 
the Relationship Between Ego 
Identity, Identity Crisis Reso- 
lution, and Coping Behavior 
Among College Freshmen. 

December Doctors 29 

Rosemary Daly Marcuss 
Economics: The Inventory- 
Backlog Model. 

Cecil Miles Massie 

Agricultural and Extension 
Education: Agriculturally 
Related Accidents in Mary- 
land in 1974 and Their Re- 
lationship to Selected Vari- 

Barbara Ann McCardeli 

Microbiology: An Approach 
for the Recovery of Thymine 
Requiring Mutants of Hypho- 
microbiutn neptunium. 

Thomas Richard McCarthy 
Economics : Physician Objec- 
tives and the Determination 
of Fees for Medical Care. 

William Mitchell McCormick 
Chemistry: An Investigation 
of the Hormone Binding Site 
of Neurophysin by Photo- 
affinity Labeling. 

Barbara Claire McCuUough 
Sociology: A Social Psycho- 
logical Analysis of Contextual 
Dissonance Effects on the 

Lynda Donnelly McNeil 
Comparative Literature : 
Alchemies of the Mind: 
Style and Vision in the Poetry 
of Arthur Rimband, Hart 
Crane and George Trakl. 

Virginia McCord Mecklenburg 
Art: Criticism and Theory: 
An Analysis of the Ac- 
ceptance of Modern American 
Painting by New York Critics, 

Douglas John Messerli 

English Language and Litera- 
ture: Antecedents of Post- 
modern Fiction: Definitions 
towards a New Literary 
History, 1900-1950. 

30 December Doctors 

Roger Emmit Mitchell 

Psychology: Coping Style, 
Psychosocial Climate, and 
System Linkages as Corre- 
lates of Social Networks. 

Jeffrey Myron Mohr 

Computer Science: Work- 
load Characterization of 
Computer Systems. 

Philip Joseph Morrison 

Physics: Streaming Instabil- 
ities in Astrophysical Plas- 

Timothy C. Muzzio 

Human Development Educa- 
tion: The Comprehension 
of the Relational Term Less 
as it Relates to the Ability to 

Rose Sgarlat Myers 

Human Development Educa- 
tion: Visual Habituation in 
the Thirteen Month Old In- 
fant with Myelomeningocele 
and Associated Hydrocep- 

James R. Myra 

Physics: Nonlinear Electro- 
static Ion Cyclotron Waves. 

Charlotte Slayton Nace 

Nutritional Sciences: Dietary 
and Hormonal Regulation of 
Glucose-6-Phosphate and 
Malic Enzyme in Rat Liver 
and Adipose Tissue. 

Henry P. Nelson 

Chemistry: Physical Binding 
ofPyrene toDNA. 

Georgia Stevens Nerud 

Secondary Education: A Sur- 
vey of the Extent of Involve- 
ment of Professional Home 
Economists in Public Affairs 

Robert E. Nichols 

Government & Politics: Jean 
Piaget's Theory of Respect 
and Equilibrium. 

George Michael Norvell 

Administration, Supervision, 
and Curriculum: A Refer- 
ence Dictionary of Terms in 
in the Published Works of 
Herbert Marshall McLuhan. 

Steve Allen Orndorff 

Microbiology: The Ecologi- 
cal and Physiological Effects 
of Kepone on Marine Bacteria 
and Biotransformation of 
Kepone by Pseudomonas 
aeruginosa K03. 

John Joseph Parkington 
Psychology : Individual — 
Work Context 'Fit' and its 
Impact on Work Satisfaction 
and Turnover. 

Roger Lee Parrott 

Administration, Supervision, 
and Curriculum: A Study of 
the Professional Activities of 
Full Time Faculty in Five 
Liberal Arts Colleges of the 
Church of the Nazarene. 

Dorothy Charlene Pasco 

Administration, Supervision, 
and Curriculum : The Com- 
parison of Two Different In- 
terviewing Techniques as a 
Method for Teacher Selection. 

Judy Pearle Clarke Pelham 
Psychology: A Study of Cor- 
relates, and the Effect of Race 
and Sex on Career Choice 

Robert Slocum Preece 

Economics: Economics of 
Transnational Pollution. 

Robert William Reiter, Jr. 

Computer Science: Empirical 
Investigation of Software 
Development Approaches. 

Glenn Ricart 

Computer Science: Efficient 
Synchronization Algorithms 
for Distributed Computer 

Gavin Patrick Riordan 

Zoology: Comparative Ultra- 
structure and Systematics of 
Five Gymnostome Ciliates: 
Chaenea vorax , Helicopro- 
rodon multiniTcleatum , Placus 
striatus. Prorodon morgani , 
and Spathidiopsis socialis. 

Herman John Ruoff 

Secondary Education: A 
Validation Estimate of a 
Derived Learning Hierarchy 
of Behavioral Objectives for a 
Unit of Introductory Physical 
Science (IPS). 

Earl Vincent Sager 

Physics: Search for the Con- 
version Muonium (M + e-) 
-'-Anti-Muonium (M-e + ). 

Bettina Varnell Monroe Scott 
Secondary Education: How 
the Black Press Reports Edu- 
cational Controversy — A 
Case Study. 

Michael Richard Sedmak 
Economics: A Microeco- 
nomic Assessment of Factors 
Effecting the Economic Via- 
bility of Solar Technologies. 

David Paul Seeman 

Psychology : Preference for 
Counseling Environments as 
a Function of Cognitive — 
Development Levels. 

David Edmund Servinsky 
Counseling and Personnel 
Services : The Use of Individ- 
ual Differences in Auditory 
Processing of Compressed 
Speech As an Aptitude Mea- 

George Randall Sheckart 

Human Development Educa- 
tion: Empathy, Locus of Con- 
trol and John Alan Lee's 
Colour Theory of Love. 

Harvey Lawrence Shubert 
Psychology: Interpersonal 
Perceptions and Propensity 
Toward Hostile Reaction in 
Delineated Populations of 
Rapists and Other Aggressive 

Michael Sinutko, Jr. 

Electrical Engineering: Mixed- 
Valued Logic. 

Mark Small 

Chemistry: Concentrations 
of Particulate Trace Elements 
in Plumes from Industrial 

Edwin Howard Smead, Jr. 
History: The Lynching of 
Mack Charles Parker in Pop- 
larville, Mississippi, April 
25. 1959. 

Barbara Clark Stahly 

Chemistry: Kinetic Study of 
Cycloadditions to 7-Substi- 
tuted Norbornadienes. Syn- 
thesis of Potential Analgesics. 

Glenn Patrick Stahly 

Chemistry: Reactions of 2,3- 
Diphenylthiirene 1. 1-Di- 
oxide with Nucloephiles. Syn- 
thesis of Antileukemic Trich- 
othecene Esters from Fungal 

Frances Ellen Stetson 

Administration, Supervision, 
and Curriculum: Critical 
Administrative Factors Which 
Facilitate the Successful 
Inclusion of Severely Handi- 
capped Students in the Least 
Restrictive Environment. 

Janice Elaine Stevenson 
Psychology: Counselor 
Anxiety in Response to Black 
and White Female Clients. 

Suzanne Jo Suchard 

Zoology : /4n Analysis of the 
Morphogenetic Events Lead- 
ing to Telotroch Formation, 
Settlement, and Stalk Devel- 
opment in the Peritrich Cili- 
ate, Zoothamnium arbuscula. 

Paul Stephan Tabor 

Microbiology: Structure and 
Function of Deep-sea Micro- 
bial Populations. 

G. Roger Tatum 

Secondary Education: A 
Study of the Effectiveness of 
Learning High School Chem- 
istry Independent of the 

James Earl Tew 

Entomology: Development 
and Management of a Poly- 
styrene Pollination Unit. 

John Robert Thielke 
German and Slavic Lan- 
guage and Literature: The 
Accomplishment of the Relief- 
Effect in German Narratives. 

Mary Celine Thomas 

Food Science: An Approach 
to the Chemical Analysis of 
Folic Acid. 

George Jonathan Tompkins 
Entomology: Characteriza- 
tion of Multiple Embedded 
Nuclear Polyhedrosis Viruses 
Isolated from the Cabbage 
Looper, Trichoplusia ni, 
and the Alfalfa Looper, Auto- 
grapha californica. 

Wanda Sung-hwa Tseng 
Economics: An Empirical 
Assessmetit of Alternative 
Trade Theories: Export 
Performance in Manufactur- 
ing Industries in Taiwan, 
Republic of China. 

William Edward Underwood, Jr. 
Computer Science: Grammar 
and Automata Models for the 
Syntax of Displayed Mathe- 
matical Expressions. 

John William Van Laak 
Physics : Study of the Non- 
linear Index and Its Applica- 
tion to Solids and Liquid. 

Loukas Vlahos 

Physics : Plasma Properties 
and Radiation Signatures of 
Current Driven Active Region 
Loops on the Sun. 

Bonnie Theuret Walker 

Administration, Supervision, 
and Curriculum: The Effect 
of Teacher Expectations on 
the Occupational Aspirations 
of Seniors at Selected Resi- 
dential Schools for the Deaf. 

Tai-Sen Frederick Wang 

Electrical Engineering: Equil- 
ibria and Negative Mass In- 
stability of a Cusp Injected 
Relativistic E Ring. 

Philippus Willems 

Economics: Innovation and 
Technological Change on 
Maine Dairy Farms. 

Andrea More Williams 

Human Development Educa- 
tion: An Evaluation of Two 
Simple Strategies for Organi- 
zing Information and Un- 
covering Personal Values in 
the Decision Making Process. 

Robert Bryan Williams 

Human Development Educa- 
tion: An Investigation of the 
Equivalence Between Piaget's 
Model for the Assessment of 
Number Concept Develop- 
ment and Brainerd's Pro- 
cedures for Observing the 
Ordinal ion-Cardination 
Development Sequence. 

Kurt F. Wolfe 

Physical Education: Muscular 
Fatigue and Recovery Patterns 
of the Forearm Flexors at Vari- 
ous Levels of Muscular 

Ming-Shyong Wu 

Geography: Spatial Discrimi- 
nation of Mortgage Financing 
and Home Ownership in the 
City of Baltimore 1970-76. 

Richard R. Zuccarelli 

Psychology : A Comparison 
of Behaviors Maintained 
Under Second-Order Sched- 
ules of Paired and Explicitly 
Non-Paired Brief-Stimulus 

Doctor of Education 

Barbara Ann Chambers 

Secondary Education: Devel- 
opment and Evaluation of a 
Teacher Training Package 
Designed to Increase Science 
Teachers' Classroom Test 

Thomas John Griffiths 

Administration, Supervision, 
and Curriculum : The Effects 
of Two Selected Relaxation 
Techniques on Anxiety, 
Stress, and Underwater Per- 
formance of Beginning Scuba 
Diving Students. 

December Doctors 31 

Alexander Anthony Humulock, Jr. Carol Jane Yampolsky 

Industrial Education: A 
Study to Develop a Model 
to Facilitate Articulation in 
Occupational Education Be- 
tween Secondary Vocational 
Schools and Public Commu- 
nity Colleges in Maryland. 

Robert Hugh McCaskill 

Human Development Educa- 
tion: The Relationship Be- 
tween Teacher Knowledge 
of Adolescent Development. 
Teacher Warmth, Teacher 
Educational Ideology with 
Teacher Overt Verbal Beha- 
vior in Selected Junior High 

Ursula Alexandra Kochanowski 


Administration, Supervision, 
and Curriculum: A Study of 
Organizational Change in a 
County Government. 

Mary B. Theofield 

Secondary Education: A 
Descriptive Study of the Ef- 
fects of Training in Oral 
Reading Analysis on Teachers' 
Perceptions of the Reading 
Process and Instructional 

Edward Keefer Baker 

Business and Management: 
Efficient Heuristic Solutions 
for the Airline Crew Schedu- 
ling Problem. 

Robert Louis Petrella 
Music: The Solo and Cham- 
ber Music for Clarinet by 
Darius Milhaud. 

Linda Pruitt Stutzenberger 
Music : The Published Solo 
Piano Works of Francis 
Poulenc (1899-1963): A Per- 
formance Tape with Com- 

32 December Doctors/Masters 

Music: The Eighty-Four 
Studies of Johann Baptist 
Cramer — A Performance 
Tape of the Cramer Studies 
for Solo Piano. 

Master of Arts 

Joan Angelo Adams 

Nancy Sue Adams 

Paul David Addis 

Bessie E. Harris Alkisswani 

Mark Alan Amtower 

Kathleen Mary Scherff Anderson 

Barbara Carroll Arconti 

Janet Ann Ariemma 

George Frank Kojo Arthur 

Stephen P. Badrich 

John Francis Bardi 

Rafael Arturo Bauza 

Robert Joseph Beard, Jr. 

Elizabeth Galleher Bernsten 

Monika Bilby 

Patricia T. Birnie 

Gary Richard Blum 

Kent J. Blumenthai 

Gerlind Emma Bode 

Patricia Petri Bode 

Ingrid Ann Bowers 

Richard Alfriend Boykin 

Robert Nathan Brenner, III 

Kathleen P. Brophy 

James Madison Buchanan 

Emma Buenaventura 

Charles Christopher Burton 

Joan Claire Callahan 

Stephen Vincent Callahan 

Pamela Ford Charshee 

Mary Grace Clawson 

Margaret Estelle Clay 

Mary Ellen Colandene 

Bernice La Verne Collins 

Mark Charles Coover 

Frank John Coulter, Jr. 

KathieLisa Court 

Angela Maria Crockett 

Pamela Elaine Curran-Zahra 

Joseph Michael De Mouy 

Daniel Webster Denman, III 

Robert W. Dubman 

George A. du Mais 

Nguyen Dung 

Robert Thomas Dwyer, Jr. 

Bradley James Ebersole 

Linda Laura Edge 

Caroline Keith Ehlers 

James Francis Emory 

Tilmer Oliver Engebretson, Jr. 
Suzanne M. Paris 
Catherine Louise Formwalt 
Maria Andre Friedman 
M. Elizabeth Gardella 
Connie Gates 
Deborah Lee Giauque 
John Michael Goodrum 
Patrice Lynette Gordon 
Lynn Groesbeck 
Barbara Ruth Gronsky 
Louis Benjamin Hackerman 
Hilary L.Hale 
Chester Gordon Hall, III 
Sharon Elizabeth Hammond 
Ann Dorman Harris 
Gerald Gregory Hartshorn 
Spencer H. Haynes 
Joyce Ann Heflin 
Donald Joseph Henderson 
John Garman Hertzler 
James Leonard Highsaw 
Carolyn Ericksen Hill 
David Garrett Hill 
Thomas N. Hodges 
Thomas Edward Hooven 
Lynda Carol Heyser Hoover 
Eric Cameron Howe 
Harryette Yvonne Irving 
Joanne Boyd Irving 
Elizabeth Murphy Jackson 
Eric Richard Jentsch 
Yvonne Lorraine Johnson 
Rhona Lifshitz Johnston 
Linda W. Jones 
Edward John Jurewicz 
Philip Kagan 
Hideo Kaneko 
Linda Pauline Kaplan 
Bettie Jean Kennedy 
Alice Eve Kennington 
Randall Edward Knack 
George Henry Knostman, IV 
Mark F. Kochevar 
Judith Lynn Kornett 
Natalie Kriesberg-Thorpe 
Robert Quentin Krotee 
Katherine Ann Kruk 
Margarita Maria Labarta 
James Michael Lacko 
Robert J. Ladd 


Seraphine F. Lainjo 
Alison Joan Lapetina 
John Robert Leach 
RobynW. Leatherwood 
Olson Lee 

Lawrence Philip Leonard 
Patricia A. Leppert 
Lou Ann Lichti 
Marylou Derr Lowther 
Margrethe Lundsager 
Ulysses Garland Lupien 
Mark Brian Maile 
Joseph Edmond Mallet 
Jerilyn Lees Marlowe 
John Albert Marshall 
Barry Jay Martin 
Linda Harvill Martin 
Judith Ann Marx 
Thomas Mason, Jr. 
Patrick C.McGrath 
Donna Patricia McNally 
James Dennis McNamara 
Peter Schriner Measday 
Harold Ivars Mednis 
Joyce Middleton 
Steven Frederick Miller 
Barbara Montefel 
Joseph Frederick Morey, Jr. 
John William Mothersole 
Deborah Stearns Mow 
Geoffrey Keyes Mudge 
Jo Griffith Musgrave 
Thomas Jeffrey Neal 
Joseph C. Nessel, III 
William Francis O'Brien 
Irene Frazier Olson 
John H. Omara 
Svea A. Paabo 
David Samuel Paglin 
Lucy Viola Peebles 
Wendy L. Pega 
Mark Valentine Petonic 
Sandra Helen Phillips-Arthur 
Joan Greer Pizza 
Anne Poffenbarger 
Patricia Rose Price 
Toby Sandra Rabbin 
Karla R. Rabin 
Edwin T. Ramos 
David Kenneth Rardin 
Gary Herman Rawlins 

Charles Miller Racknagel 

JohnM. Reed 

Diane Erickson Reedy 

Daniel Abba Reich 

Keith Lane Richardson 

William Murray Rommal 

Abigail Anne Rothblatt 

Barbara Buchanan Rowley 

Georgia Marie Royalty 

Betty Anne Rybowski 

Jill Ann Schanbacher 

Robert James Schissell, II 

Carol Susan Schulz 

Gail Hazel Seekins 

Carol H. Setzer 

Joanna Edelstein Shenefiel 

Rosanne Weeda Shepler 

Michael Slade Shull 

Larry Steven Siegelman 

Lola J. Perretz Skolnik 

Darlene Gail Smith 

Deborah J. Smith 

Kathryn Ann Smith 

Carol Yvonne Steadman 

Larry Niven Steele 

Laura M. Steinberg 

Dianne Jean Stiles 

Deborah Esther Styar 

Hoda Ellen Talaat 

Mary Karwisch Thomas 

Mona-Rae Thompson 

Sherry Ellen Trahan 

Jerry Richard Turner 

Mary Ruth VanderHart 

Adrian Christopher Waddelove 

George William Ware, Jr. 

Maria Tabajdy Waters 

Johanna Cartee Weinstein 

Ellen Marie Weiss 

Lilymae Fountain Werbos 

Mary O'Leary Wiley 

David Edward Wilt 

Leonard John Witz 

Janet Hilary Wolfson 

Aileen Glynn Woolley 

Susan Willand Worteck 

Paul Wright 

Roslyn Rhunette Wright 

Mohammad Reza Yazdanfar 

Joseph Edward Yeck 
Linda Lea Garrison Zamani- 

Master of Science 

Dennis Allen Adams 
James Julius Alter 
Drucella Knapp Andersen 
Pojanaporn Arjunaka 
Timur F. Atilgan 
Abdeljelil Ayed 
John D. Azzolini 
Christine Keller Babcock 
John Robert Bane 
Dane Thomas Bernard 
Andrej Bevec 
Mary Dickie Bick 
Mary C. Bickard 
Frederick Lawrence Blonder 
Gayle Overmyer Booth 
Ethel P. Brandt 
Lora C. Brown 
Stella Grahn Brownlee 
Irene Haverbeck Carmichael 
Samuel Willis Carson, Jr. 
Laura Fay Casswell 
Judith M. Chamot 
Bo-Shoe Chen 
Ku Cheng 
Michael P. Chow 
Emmanuel A. Christodoulou 
Sandra Lee Christy 
Penn Richard Chu 
Wenn Chyn 

William Grover Cleveland, Jr. 
Coffey Eugene Matthew, Jr. 
Ernest Brockman Coggins, Jr. 
Joanne Schwartz Colt 
Edward E. Colucci 
Robert James Crowther 
Richard Eaton Daniels 
Carol Jean Dell'Amore 
Carolyn Joyce DeMoranville 
David Chet Denowitz 
Ibrahima Diallo 
James Marshall Downes 
Marcia A. Dworkis 
Robin Dee Edelman 
Lawrence Kenneth Eller 

Stephen Mark Emanuele 
Charles Steven Epstein 
Susan Blatchley Epstein 
Lawrence Calvin Ervin 
Ross Webb Erwin 
Gary Jay Felser 
John Leland Ferguson 
Robert Louis Fini 
Hope Marie Finn 
Jessie Fitzgerald 
Ursula S. Flatow 
Linton Eugene Floyd, IV 
Shing-Fai Fung 
Mark I. Gardner 
Susan Gencarella 
Ronald Clark Gibson 
Stanton Andrew Gill 
Steven Paul Gingras 
Daniel Jay Goldstein 
Dennis Eugene Grove 
Ved P. Gupta 
Donna Lynn Hartley 
Mark Emmett Hawley 
Carleton Scott Hayek 
Juan Pablo Chacon Hermoza 
Richard Scott Holmes 
Hong-Ki Hong 
Chiin-Kun Hou 
Li-Jen Hua 
David Hussong 
Karim Haddad Irany Naghad 
Michael Graham Irving 
David Allan Jaquith 
JohnR. Kautz 
Joanne Rita Kerstetter 
Patricia Vicars King 
Dace Gundega Klimanis 
Margaret Charleen Kline 
Paul Dennis Koelling 
Dimitrios Kokkinos 
Ryna Komitzsky 
Richard Stephen Konapelsky 
Chris Paul Konkol 
Sandra Kay Kraft 
Nancy Funnemark Krebs 
Howard Sheldon Kresin 
Erwin Kummer 
Stephen Frederick Lange 
Bernard J. Leikind 
Marlon Ray Lewis 

December Masters 33 

Philip Edward Liebrecht 

Hector J. Lira 

Lawrence Frederick Little 

Janet S. Livezey 

Peter Frederick Loschialpo 

Emmanuel Adedolapo Lufadeju 

Sara L. Lustbader 

David I. Ma 

Phyllis Meryl Machta 

Thomas Richard Mainock 

Paul Joseph Mastradone 

Joanne Good Matthees 

Harold Wood McDonald 

Donald Chester McKinnie 

James Edward McMurtrey, III 

Barry Richard Menne 

Donald Forrest Merritt 

Ellen Lee Merwitz 

Ajoy Kumar Moonka 

William C. Moore 

William R. Mosher 

James Roger Moulton 

Patricia M. Mulready 

Christopher Alung Ndenecho 

Douglas Patrick Neary 

Jan Moller Nielsen 

Jan Alan Nobel 

Gary Michael Noland 

Balkis Hamed Obeidi 

Babatunde Oguntoyinbo Orogbemi 

Harry Osei-Mensah 

M. Katherine Pagoaga 

Nancy Clark Mead Panagos 

Georges P. Panayotopoulos 

Kenneth M. Parsons 

Magnhild Annette Pettersen 

Gino Otero Picasso 

Lawrence Joseph Pinto 

Carols. Poltorak 

Mary H. Pope 

Cynthia Marie Pottala 

Paul Scott Price 

Lawrence Brent Rees 

Michael Paul Ressler 

Charles Michael Reynolds 

Brian Paul Riely 

Charles Anthony Ritrivi 

Samuel Richard Rod 

Abraham Jacob Rosner 

Nancy Hill-Hoffman Royer 

34 December Masters 

AnnM, Ruth 
Mahmound Reza Samii 
Laurence James Sauter, Jr. 
Marshall Lawrence Schaffer 
Stephen Harvey Scolnik 
John Timothy Scoville 
Michael T. Shearer 
Elizabeth Ann Shipley-Moses 
Steve Eugene Short 
Douglas Michael Shute 
James D. Silk 
Deborah Ann Smith 
Russell Clark Smith 
Sara Carter Staples 
Alfred G. Stern 
Arlene Marie Sulek 
Charles Henry Sullivan, II 
Kenneth Marc Teffeau 
Richard Overton Thomasson 
Antonio Chofai Ting 
Mark Brian Tischler 
Charles Ronald Turner 
Joseph Andrew Valdes 
Sekaripuram Ramamurthy 

Robert Douglas Vogel 
Sharon Mahoney Walker 
Daniel Patrick Walsh 
Jeffrey Herrmann Walther 
Jieh-Shan Wang 
Paul Wilson Wells 
Karen Ann Wright 
Chung-Shan Wu 
Hsi Ping Yen 
Patricia A. Zungoli 

Master of Education 

John Robert Anderson, Jr. 
loannis K. Arnaoutakis 
Artemis M. Athanassakis 
Judith Jones Atwell 
Carol McCormick Batty 
Jerry L. Bellows 
Susan Shatto Berkheimer 
Catherine Marie Bodenhorn 
Robert Thomas Bradford 
Deborah Jean Britt 
Howard Galen Brown 
Linda Saathoff Brown 

Karen Rebekah Brumbaugh 
Malva Lynn Canada 
Robert Jan Cantor 
Veda Ann Carter 
Jane Barry Cooper 
Michel Dominick D'Anna 
lone Davis 

Karen Louise Duncan 
Cesar Andres Filippi 
Catherine Brion Frick 
Linda Bergart Friedland 
Patricia T. Gilstein 
Karen Luce Gladden 
Carlene Hackett 
Gail Gregory Hamilton 
Patricia Basch Hans 
Kathleen M. Hodder 
Linda Kane Hofberg 
John Robert IngersoU 
Lowell F. Jenks 
Doris L. Johnson 
Diane Lynch Jones 
ArgyroE. Kalafati 
MarkosH. Karanastasis 
Brenda Carroll Karnes 
George N. Katsarakis 
Sheila Marie Kendall 
Karen De Sante Kielman 
Efpraxia Kothali Kolokouri 
Jean Ormsbee Kolysko 
Ivy Mae Konel 
Carol Marie Kratochvil 
Etrulia Reid Lee 
Gloria Elaine Norwood Long 
Linda Rosalind Lorber 
James Robinson Maize 
Janice Bradford Malin 
Harriett C. Mohr 
Timothy Sansom Moore 
Flora Pritchard Nicholas 
Gloria IvetteNorat 
Deanna Moore Nored 
Abigail Funmilayo Olatunde 
Pamela Pagliochini 
Marian Palumbo 
PetrosK. Pavlidelis 
John Howard Payne 
Friedel Ulrichs Perschy 
Carol Ann Pender Porac 
Susan Porter 

James Stanley Pula 
Christopher Ewing Riley 
Esther Molly Schmerling 
Marjorie Davies Smith 
Scott Jamieson Smith 
Sherry R. Sutton 
Marcine Joy Thomas 
Etta Juliet Waugh 
Deborah Anne Weismiller 
Charlotte M. Welker-Gay 
Diana Webber White 
Ruth Kern Wieben 
Joanne Teresa Williamson 
Diane Thomas Young 

Master of 

Business Administration 

Dennis A. Arnsdorf 
Mary Baras 
Susan Carol Borkowski 
Victor J. Christiansen 
Janet Kristiansen Clauson 
Ann Elizabeth Cohen 
Daniel Moran Conant 
Thomas Raymond Conlon 
John Anthony Dempsey, Jr. 
Robert J. Fries 
Gary Gold 

Colleen Robbins Goodman 
Robert Earl Goodman 
Gary Lee Hall 
Thomas Joseph Healy 
Frederick James Hebdon 
Stephen Zane Hoff 
Karen L. Hollinger 
Mark Anthony Johnson 
Donna Marie Kaylor 
Cynthia Louise Keith 
Jean Chang Knight 
Lindsay DeFrees Lucke 
Gail Maidenbaum 
Robert Albert Manik 
Scott C. Marinello 
James Anthony Merkel 
John Augustus Moore, Jr. 
Charles John Nemphos 
Kenneth Michael Norris 
Denis O'Connor 
Susan Lori Popyer 

Robert F. Renuart 
Rita Carton Ressin 
Frances Shirley Silber 
Robert L. Stright 
Lorraine Josowitz Tischler 
Joseph Earl Toomey 
Thomas Clarence Trexler 
William Derek Updegraff 
Thomas Edwin Vickery 

Master of Music 

Margaret Ann Attayek 
Jane Louise Baldauf Berdes 
David Mark Charvonia 
George Wells Drumwright, Jr. 
Reginald Lee Rice 

Master of 
Library Science 

Olga Acampora 
Karen Maureen Benedict 
Martha Nell Brown 
Lucy Minogue Campbell 
Suzanne C. Campbell 
Deirdre Ann Clarkin 
Deborah Tinsley Cosby 
Alene Louise Crenson 
Anne Sewall Crozier 
Betty Harris Day 
Eleanor Jo Dorsey 
Vivian Thompson Gomba 
Mary Tippett Goodson 
Anita Tercero Hill 
Carol Anne Inglis 
Paul Michael Kernan 
Nancy H. Klotz 
Shirley Elva Kress 
Elizabeth Anne Lancaster 
Beth Forsythe Layton 
Judith Ann Mahachek 
Ann Louise Marshall 
Sandra Burcin McFadden 
Luella Annette Murch 
Bruce Cunningham Murray 
Elizabeth Ann Rhodes 
Deborra Ann Richardson 
Gary Patrick Ridgell 
John Edward Roberts 

Charles A. Sabella 
Rickie Allen Sample 
Mary Ann Saur 
Kathryn S. Scott 
Ab. Rahim Selamat 
Susan Virginia Speicher 
Karl Eric Stahl 
Judy Ann Stellman 
Claire Lynette Tury 
Esther Fawn VanAllen 
Ophelia Gilmer Williams 
Susan Gail Wood 
Roslyn Rhunette Wright 

Master of Fine Arts 

Mitchell John Braumbart 
Susan Ward Gant 
Gail Melinda Shaw 
Jack Drew Teemer, Jr. 

Division of 
Agricultural and 
Life Sciences 


Candidates will be presented by 
Dr. Earl H. Brown, 
Dean of the College 

Bachelor of Science 

Janet Naomi Abramovitz 

Thomas Milton Albright 
§ Nancy Leigh Anders 

Elizabeth Grace Arnold 

Carol Ann Auer 

Jay Ralph Beatty, Jr. 

Maurine Faye Wall Bell 

Neil Allen Belson 
*John Clark Bergstrom 

Donald L. Bessette 

Marcia 1. Biber 

Kenneth Birgfeld, Jr. 

David Spaulding Brookes 

Lesa Francine Brown 

Michael Lowell Burns 

Theresa Marie Burns 

Leon Arthur Carrier 

§Summa Cum Laude; tMagna Cum Laude; *Cum Laude 

TLoriGail Cohen 

Dawn Elizabeth Colton 

Arleigh Hunt Cottrell 

Anne Jacqueline Crawford 

John Harvey Cumberland 

John Dan 

Elizabeth Ann Daugherty 

Philip Brewster Davidson 

Kenneth Lee Davis 

Pamela Dee Dellen 

Marcelle E. Devaud 

Jeannine Marie Dorothy 

Steven Thomas Dyer 

Michael Stephen Embrey 

Mark Thomas Ernst 

John Robert Fenwick 

Susan Joy Fisher 

Peter M. Godwin 

Andy Raymond Goldsmith 

Diana Gonzalez 

Mary Kathleen Litchfield Gowling 

David Scott Green 

James Finnesey Harbage 

Terry Ellen Heinard 

Michael Robert Hermann 

Thomas Hinds 

Robert Conway Hochmuth 

Marlene Frances Homa 

Sharon Jean Ide 

Richard McCreery Jackson 
'Gordon Charles Johnson 

Walter Anthony Johnson 

Samuel Wilson Jones 
'Christopher Cauthen Judy 
t Willard George Keller 

Anita Paula Kelman 

Paul Vincent Krebs 

Sharon Louise Lindauer 

Wayne Morris Lipham 
'Patricia Jean Madara 

Argyris K. Magoulas 

Kathleen Power Mahlke 

Mabel de Guzman Manalastas 
'Linda Lea Mansell 

Carole Anne Marrichi 

Leonard James Martinko, Jr. 

Iris Elizabeth McCalla 

James Todd McHenry 

Michael Stephen Mince 

Michael Kirby Mitchell 

Steven Allan Moerman 

James Cheston Murray 

Cheryl Newman 

Samuel Paul Nichols 

Kevin Walter Nickle 

Deborah Louise Ott 

Ronald Amedee Pitts 

Joseph Louis Polino 
§ Robin Beck Powichroski 

Charlene Louise Reilly 

Thomas George Reio, Jr. 

Larry Eugene Remsburg 

Louis Joseph Restauro, Jr. 

Marian Stone Schultz 

David Alan Shaw 

Patricia Anne Sheehan 

Mark Arthur Sherman 

Susan Lee Sibbald 

Thomas Duke Simmons 

Frank Herbert Simpson, Jr. 

Jane Chappell Singleton 

Daphne Evelyn Souder 

James Irvin Sowder 

Brenda Carol Sullivan 

Julie Marie Super 

Lee-Ann Taylor 

Arthur Davenport Wall, III 

Michael David Weimer 

Garland Deen Westmoreland 
'Ruth Ann Weyel 

Joan Carol Wieferich 
t Susan Marie Williamson 

Thomas Albert Wiltbank 

Fred Eugene Wimert 

Clarence Roy Wirick 

Jane Adele Wise 

Richard Andrew Yates, Jr. 

Nancy Diane Young 

Division of 
Agricultural and 
Life Sciences 

Candidates will be presented by 
Dr. Francis C. Stark, 
Provost of the Division 

Bachelor of Science 

Dinesh Agarwal 
Richard Allen Allston 

December Masters/ Bachelors 35 

Saleh Jawdat Ashkar 
Duiona Renee Baker 

T Bruce Cramer Banning, Jr. 
Carol Sarah Bergemann 
Kenneth Birgfeld, Jr. 

§ Steven Bernstein 
Mark Jeffrey Birnbaum 
Thaddeus Padden Boland 
Linda Sue Brown 
Charles Victor Buc 
Karen Ann Butler 
John William Cameron 
Melvin Lyle Campbell, Jr. 
Elisa Delores Campos 
Evelyn Chalom 
Narendra Kumar Chaudhari 
Barbara Frances Collins 
Lawrence Herbert Collins 
Lawan Antoinette Conley 
Peter Siner CuUen 

§ Karen Listman Cyr 
Dominic Stephen D'Angona 
Deborah Anne Disilvestre 
Lydia Spalding Drill 
Leonard Charles Dyott 
Charles William Emala 
Steven David Erickson 
Rick Eugene Fahrney 

* Alan Robert Fischler 

'Daniel Brian Fish 
Douglas Carl Fitzpatrick 

'Kathleen Rita Frost 
Mark Edward Galasso 
Wendy Gilden 
Kenneth Ian Glaser 
Stephanie S. Glover 
Arthur Paul Gonsalves 
Bert Michael Gregory 
Nora Gruner 
Kevin Michael Gunning 
Lorraine Ann Hanssen 
Scott Alan Harrison 
William Spencer Haupt, Jr. 
Daniel Lee Hazelrigg 
Maureen Teresa Hennessy 
Matthew Dale Hess 
Kenneth Bruce Hisley 
Douglas Robert Hooper 
Richard Edward Houck 
Christine D. Hoynes 

Brian Hudson Hughes 
Donna S. Ireton 
Charles David Jeffries, Jr. 
James Albert Jordan 
Mary Ann Judge 

'David Joseph Kahan 
Gail Lynn Katz 

t Andrew T. Kaufman 
Carolyn Sue Kolbe 
John Koutsantonis 
Martin Howard Kuner 
Laurence Bruce Kurinsky 
Joseph Hon-Wai Lau 
Shirley Syu-Ling Lee 

'Benjamin Eli Levie 

§ Lynn Merrill Ludmer 
Robert William Ludwig 
William Flynn Manders 
Sara Forbes Mathews 
Sharon Lynn McClanahan 
William James McDonald, Jr. 
Paul Anthony Meola 
Julie Janice Metz 
Patricia Lee Meyer 
Cora Lynn Middlebrook 
Andrea Marguerite Miles 
Robert Louis Miles, Jr. 
Donald James Miller 
Allan Jay Mindel 
Joel Todd Mitchell 
Jeremiah James Montague, Jr. 
Gregory Bardin Moore 
Michael Patrick Moran 
Robert Emmet Moran, III 
Elizabeth Ann Mucha 
Susan Elizabeth Mulroney 
Bryan Eckles Murfree 
Robert Mark Najewicz 
Kathryn Teresa Olexa 
Thomas Gregory Oristian 
Henry Mark Paolini 
Randy Neil Parsley 
Patrick Stephen Paul 
Ellen Naomi Penner 
James Anastasio Poulos, III 
Francis Charles Quinn 
Cynthia Lynn Rabenold 
Judith Montgomery Rappaport 
Michelle Schaefer Ratcliffe 

Alan Vincent Rendfrey 
Judith Diane Richardson 
John Michael Roman 
Andrew Edward Sabin 
Virginia Deborah Sanchez 
Robin Mary Schwartz 
Peter Neil Schweitzer 
Lu Anne Pilkington Scott 
Donna Anne Seniff 
Alice Elizabeth Sharpe 
Brice Covington Showell 

§ Michael Gordon Silver 
Fredric Scott Silverman 
Michael Sorbello 
Barbara Gay Sparks 
Michael Edward Stahl 

'Lynn Susanne Stanton 
Carolyn Lee Staples 
Erica Jean St. Onge 
Dennis Lee Stough 
Doris Bea Stroder 

'George Sullivan 
Paul Henry Tardif 
Douglas Ward Trainer 
Cynthia Elaine Troxell 
Robert Louis Tuckerman 
Basil Nick Tzavelis 
Christopher Douglas Wagnon 
Michael James Walker 
Stephen John Washko 
Pamela M. Watada 

t Beverly Ann Watts 
Donald Bruce Wrieden 
James Engler Wydick, III 
Kelly Insuk Yu 

Division of 
Arts and 


Candidates will be presented by 
Prof. John Hill, Dean of the 

Bachelor of Architecture 

Paul David Barton 
Robert David Bierman 
John Robert Bowie 
John Alan Brunnett 
Sally Ann Burkhart 
Bradford Chandler Cary 
§ Linda Donnary 
Barbara Avis Lobb 
Craig Mitchell Moskowitz 
Durward Wells Potter, Jr. 
Gilberte Suzanne Vest 
Magda Cathleen Westerhout 

Bachelor of Science 

tGail Susan Canavan Mann 
Lucia Varella Violland 


Candidates will be presented by 
Dr. L. ]ohn Martin, 
Acting Dean of the College 

Bachelor of Science 

Dean James Ahearn 
'Donna Lay ton Arbogast 
Lynn Victoria Battle 
Linda Joan Blachly 
Pamela Ann Brekhus 
Janice Judythe Burg 
Grace Courtney Clarke 
Vance Merrill Coleman 
Ellen L. Dahut 
Heidi Janice Diamond 

36 December Bachelors 

§Summa Cum Laude; tMagna Cum Laude; 'CumLaude 

Victoria Christie Duncan 
Sharon Dean Evrard 
Joyce Ann Fincham 
Terri Lee Tamlyn Franklin 
Stephen Lawrence Pricker 
Kenneth Ian Frydman 
Jean Marie Gainey 
Susan J. Greenblatt 
Janet Lee Faour Hamad 
Robert Alan Haughn 
Mary Elizabeth Hernick 
Jon Fredric Humphrey 
Valeria D. Jones 
Christopher John Kimble 
Peter David Kozlowski 
Laurence Bruce Kurinsky 
Cynthia Goodenough Lang 
Lynellen Magner 
S. Russell Margulies 
Leila Rani Mathur 
Vita Lynn Noble 
Barbara Jean Oganesoff 
Grant August Poth 
Pavlina Proevska 
Kathy Rae Riggs 
Michelle Joan Rock 
Anne Faver Rogers 
Howard Allen Roth 
Kathi Jo Rowzie 
Timothy Francis Sayles 
Patricia Ann Sorrells 
*Mary Catherine Stephens 
Kevin Brent Thomas 
Sarah Louise Turpin 
Myrna Loray Wilson 
Toya Trisia Ann York 

Division of Arts 
and Humanities 

Candidates will be presented by 

Dr. Shirley S. Kenny, 

Acting Provost of the Division 

Bachelor of Arts 

Michael Frank Agosfino 
Richard Randolph Aitken 
Harry C. Allen, Jr. 
Jane Duncan Ailing 
Michael Edmund Ambrose 

David Dyer Ansel, Jr. 

Lawrence A. Applebaum 
*David Claude Barkin 

R. Tiana Barnes 

Steven Alan Barnes 

William Raymond Beebe 

M'hamed Benkreira 

Edward Raul Bergman 

Linda L. Black 

Alison Linda Blackman 

Stephen Arie Bladey 

Eva Maria Boelte 

Christopher Walter Boggs 

David Anthony Bolesta 

Robin Annette Bradshaw 

William Brandwein 

Nora F. Brophy 

Kim Nannette Brown 

Connie Leah Bruce 

Vincent Henry Bruce 
t Antonia T. Bruegge 

Debra Fissell Buchanan 
*Glen Eric Cameron 

Carol Eleanor Chance 

Miriam Gail Chern 

Soon Hee Choi 

Francine Rita Cohen 

Marilyn Ellen Cohen 

Seth Warner Coit 

Francine Maria Cole 

Christina Lauth Connell 

Michael Paul Conrad 

Stephen Owen Cooper 

Abbe Ann Courland 

Evarilla Mae Cover 

Stephen Michael Cranford 

Stanley George Dambroski 

Diane Marie Davis 

Linda Donnary 

Donald Eric Dotter 

Bertram William Gordon Doyle 

George Rodney Ellis 

Sharon Cherie Ewell-Foster 

Linda Jean Falkerson 

Marilyn Ruth Fenton 

Ilissa Beth Flamm 

Robin Louise Fleming 

Diane Lee Fornario 

William Edward Fortney 

Mark Newell Fraser 

Gregory Lynn Fudge 

Jennifer Garrett 
Nadine Jill Gaston 

t Albert Theodore Gavalis 
Mary Elizabeth Gleason 
Carol Ann Glorioso 
Lisa Marie Goenner 
Neal Arthur Golbin 
Mary Irene Gormley 
William Thomas Gorski 
Lisa Ann Graef 
Harold Martin Greenwald 
Marc Wilhelm Gretschel 
Ytta Bethel Halpern 
John Richard Hamblet, II 
Jeffrey John Harding 
Margaret Arlene Hartman 
Kenneth Vincent Harvey 
Cory Lee Hedlund 
Linda Sue Hill 
Susan Lee Hindman 
Michele L. Holzman 
Keith Howell 
Teresa Hruzd 
Robert Jeffrey Jeschelnik 
Katherine Rose Jeschke 

(2 degrees) 
Debra Ann Jones 
Denise Michelle Julian 
Reinaldo Junquera 
Anne Denise Kaplan 
Thomas William Kenney 
James Joseph Kervick 
Eve Mar Kingsbury 

t Amna Kirmani 
Eric Arnold Klempner 
Daniel Robert Kolar 
Stella Marie Koslosky 
John Joseph Kovach 
Ann L. Krakosky 
Jodi Sue Kramer 
Kathleen M. Krivak 
Jill Margaret Kyle-Keith 
Marianne Louise Ladino 
Jessica Lynn Lampe 
David Gerard La Roche 

*Miriam Fran Lefkowitz 
Lynn Marvella Lewis 
Elizabeth Jane Libbee 

Stephanie A. Link 
John Henry Lipscomb 
Joan Louise Long 
Kevin William Mahoney 
TerranceV. Masser 
Serena Jose Matthews 
Michelle Regan McElroy 
William Kevin McTigue 
Stephanie Margaret Merlino 
Cora Lynn Middlebrook 

*David Charles Mielke 
Robert Allen Miller 
Timothy Fitzpatrick Mines 
John Arthur Montrie 
Louise Ann Morley 
Ruth Elizabeth Mulligan 
Jann Patricia Murray 
Carolyn Gail Nachman 

§ Joanne Susca Nalpant 
Frank Olaf Matheis Nichol 
Jack R. Nowakowski 
John Patrick O'Brien 
David Mark Olson 
Caryn Sue Orenberg 
Robert Anthony Osborne 
Mark Alan Pack 
Kirk Alan Palchefsky 
Mark William Paules 

t Christine Phelan 
Barbara Ann Pingitore 
John Herbert Poole 

David Brian Reck 
Clarence Vernon Reynolds 
Michael William Reynolds 
Vanessa Carol Rosborough 
Alexander Herbert Ruhl 
Elizabeth Wilma Ruiz 
Robert Griffith Ryan 
James Edward Salisbury 
Diane D. Salvatore 
William David Scanlan 
Lisa Ann Schlussel 
James Keith Scroggins 
Julia Vivian Siegel 

*Jacquelyn S. Silver 
Pamela Steele Silverman 
Timothy Owen Simon 
Roberta Jo Sites 
Joseph Robert Skarwecki 

§Sunima Cum Laude; tMagna Cum Laude; *Cum Laude 

December Bachelors 37 

Leslie Dana Slater 
Candace Ellen Slobodnik 
Angelina Kim Smith 
Valerie Ann Smith 
"W.Leland Smith 
Stephen Michael Sobsey 
Kirk Walter Sohr 
Velveetta Marie Somerville 
Symra Kim Spottswood 
Elizabeth Anne Stern 
Dana Leroy Stimax 
*Michal Elizabeth Stotler 
Barbara Ruth Strandt 
Myrna Syamara Suarez 
John Thomas Talbert 
Elyse Minna Teitelbaum 
Kenneth Mitchell Tercero 
David Edward Thomas 
Dorothy Jane Thomas 
Martin Trpis 

Alfonso Hernando Valencia 
Dawn E. Warneking 
Matthew David Wayne 
Christine Louise Weisiger 
Catherine Ann Weitz 
Irving Gordon Wescott 
Sherman Russell West 
Margaret Elizabeth Whiteside 
Tina Hikari Wilkes 
James Cooper Williamson 
§Sheryl Stevenson Witkin 
Margaret Lynn Wixon 
Mary Alma Wolfe 

Bachelor of Music 

Joel Scott Bristor 
Joyce Anne Crist 
Steven Daniel Hiser 
*Jon David Ozment 
Gregory Alan Robertson 
Margaret Augusta Stricklett 

Division of 
Behavioral and 
Social Sciences 


Candidates will be presented by 
Dr. Rudolph Lamone. 
Dean of the College 

Bachelor of Science 

Bruce David Abrams 
James Robert Albright 
Donald Scott Allen 
Frederick Emmerick Altemus 
Mark John Altobelli 
Craig Andrew Anderson 
Deborah Ann Anderson 
Richard Harold Anderson 
Rodell Benjamin Anderson, Jr. 
Barbara Lois Andreadis 
Joshua Signer Arzt 
Troy Jessup Atkinson, Jr. 
Charles Carroll Baldwin, Jr. 
Pamela Yvette Ball 
Cindy J. Bambam 
Martha Sweatt Banks 
'Sharon L. Barger 
Joseph Edward Baumann 
Edward Michael Beavers 
Robert Alan Bellman 
Deborah Lyn Benningfield 
Thomas Joseph Bertke, Jr. 
Nanc>' Ellen Bezek 
Steven Lewis Black 
Steven C. Bond 
Mark Raymond Brackett 
Thomas Andrew Bradley 
David Wayne Brandt 
William Luther Branning 
Yuval Braverman 
Stuart Edward Brawley 
Leroy Bridges, Jr. 
Alicia Ellen Brinton 
Norman Kendsall Brooks, Jr. 
Cheryl Jana Brown 
Christopher Allen Brown 

Karl LeRoy Brown 
Stephanie Elise Brown 
Michael Andrew Brownlee 
Gary Bryan Bruce 
Robert Lewis Bruffy 
Michael Rinaldo Bucci 
Kelly Richard Buccino 

*Timothy William Byrne 
Thomas Vincent Caruso 
Mark Alan Cavano 
David Keith Christmas 
Michael William Christopher 

t Carol Faye Chucker 
Linda Diane Church 
Daniel Abram Citrenbaum 
Sabrina Angelia Clark 
Johnny Clayton 
Cary Joel Cohen 
Richard Bennett Cohen 
Cynthia Marie Cornish 
Carl Michael Criman 
Michael Reid Cuneo 
Paul Christian Curtis 
David Paul Dassoulas 
T Lawrence Alan Davidson 
Michelle Yvonne Dewes 
Donna Ann Dickie 
Grace-Anne Dohrman 
John Grayton Dolphin, II 
Deirdre Anne Donegan 
Diane Marie Doyle 
Michael Short Dunham 

Thomas R. Dunn 
Barry Alan Dyjak 

Jayne C. Earisman 

John David Eberhard 

Marjorie Vasetta Edmonds 

Michael Edward Ednock 

Scott Joseph Einfeldt 

Karen Elaine English 

James Waring Evans 

Joyce Karen Evans 

Mark Carleton Evans 

Lee Eliot Eybel 

Peter Cusick Farrell 

Philip Michael Fernandes 

Cary Anne Fichtner 

Timothy George Fielden 

Lajuan Evelyn Fields 
TJack Stewart Floyd 

Margaret Mary C. Flynn 

Samuel E. Forkkio 

Kathleen Ann Forst 
t Sandra Louise Koch Fortier 

Gary Charles Fox 

William Raymond Fox, Jr. 

Raymond Donnie Franckewitz 

Steven Alan Gainey 

Lawrence David Gaul 

Erzsebet Iren Gereben 

Neal Drew Gilbert 

Michael Douglas Gilder 

George Augusta Gilliam 

Brian Given 

Andrew Neal Gorelick 

Fred Charles Gosman 

Nadine Ann Graunke 
'Joseph Francis Greeves 

Deborah Susan Grylewicz 

James David Gusky 

Edward Randall Hamas 
'Deborah Lynne Hamilton 

William Robert Hanna 

Richard Paul Harcum 

Debra Denise Hardesty 

Douglas Jeffrey Havas 

Steven B. Haynes 

Virginia Parish Hebb 

Cheryl Lynn Herrmann 

Steven Michael Heuber 
Thomas A. Hewitt 
Hugh Joseph Hoffen 
James Russell Holmes, Jr. 
George William Hondros 
David Kenneth Horn 
Gene Manning Hughes 
'Jeffrey Phillip Hull 

Charles R. Ihrie 
'Thomas Vincent Inglesby 
§ Robert Joseph Jacklin 
Dalton James Johnson, Jr. 
David Arthur Johnson 
Randall Scott Johnson 
Barbara B. Jones 
John Benedict Joy, III 
TPaul Juergensen, II 
'Paul Michael Kammann 
Larry David Katz 
John Leo Kelly 
Glenn David Kessler 

38 December Bachelors 

§SummaCumLaude; TMagna Cum Laude : 'CumLaude 

Shooshana Khakshoor 

Donna Marie Kiatta 

James William Kibbe, Jr. 
"Reginald John Kipke 

Alex Stephen Kocerhan 

Mark Louis Koehler 

Neil Steven Koenigsburg 

Leslie Ann Koran 

Jeffrey Melvin Kotz 

Ronald La Rocca 

Donald Eugene Latham 

Pamela Anise Lavery 

David Stephen Law 

Gregory Alan Leber 

Michael Anthony Lee 

Susan Gookwah Lee 

Richard Emil Leotta 

Miles Douglas Levey 

Ellen Lynn Levine 

Andrew David Levy 
* Anne Eileen Lichtenstein 

Terry Tai-Sing Lin 

Robert Aaron Linder 

Byron Allen Lindstrom 

Robert Karl Loewy 
tE. Stephen Logan 

David Terence Loughlin 

Thomas John Madden 

Lois Mohn Mahsman 

Gerald Chester Mallack 

Thomas Somerville Marchant, Jr. 

Anthony Mark Marchione 

Donna Jean Marks 

Herman Nathaniel Martin 

Charles Anthony Martorello 

John Keith Mason 

Susan Pauline Massey 

Mark Wendell Matthews 

Rosalind Alicia McElrath 

Jeffrey Wayne McGowan 

Charles C. McGuire, III 

Scot Craig Menke 

Victor Patrick Mercogliano 

Shahnam Meshkin 

James Lyle Miller 

Stephen Frank Miller 

Robert Lee Mills 
'George Hunt Mitchell, III 
§ Jeffrey Darryl Mollerick 

Christopher Dean Moore 

Ronald Odell Moore 
George DeWayne Morgan 
Caryl Lee Moser 
Powell Johnson Musterman, Jr. 
Drew Bradley Myers 
Jeffrey Scott Nagle 
Kerry David Naiman 
Peter Nappi 
Barbara S. Neider 
John Thomas Newquist 
Jack R. Nowakowski 
Jane Ann Numeroff 
David Andrew O'Connor 
Michael Patrick O'Connor 
Carol Obiageli Odum 
Brian Thomas O'Sullivan 
Robert L. Packard, II 
Steven Jay Packles 
Demitra Georgia Papalios 
Benjamin David Patton 
Bruce Edward Patton 
Bruce Christian Petersen 
Anthony Donald Pompa, Jr. 
Daniel James Power 
Scott Howard Price 
Michael Raymond Prokop, Jr. 
Denise Annette Queen 
Kevin Christopher Quinn 
David Lawrence Rabin 
PaulO. Rashid 

T Gary Robert Ratcliff 
David Matthew Rea 
Steven Howard Reamer 
Randolph Lavern Reichard 
Avis Leslie Reid 

'Laura Anne Reid 
Isaac Reitberger 
David Lee Reiter 
Mark Kling Rhine 
Nunziata Ricca 
Kay Powers Riley 
Donald William Riordan 
Nancy Gail Robbins 
Elizabeth Anne Roberts 
John C. Roldan 
Edward Franklin Rowzee, IV 
Jonathan Michael Sabghir 

*Sneh Lata Sachdeva 

* A. David Schnitzler, Jr. 

Gary Jeffrey Schoengold 

tKim Randall Schrock 
Valentine Dorida Schulze 
Bennett Louis Schwartz 
Janey Ellen Schwartz 
David Parker Scott 

T Susan Marcia Seigel 
Patricia Lynn Sexton 
Mark William Sharer 
'Robert Franklin Shawver 
Cho-Hyun Shin 
Robert Bertram Shoemaker 
Jeffrey Siegel 
Bergon Mark Sigmon 
Patrick Michael Skelly 
Steven Mitchell Slovon 
Daniel Richard Smith 
Sandra Lee Smith 
Teri Christine Smith 
Terrence Virgil Smith 
Anthony M. Solazzo 
Chung James Song Kyu 
Clifford Blair Sotnick 
Marc David Spector 
Robert Steven Sperling 
Linda Spinner 
Patrick Michael Squires 
John Donald Sturtz, Jr. 
Jorge Carlos Suarez 
Janet Ann Sullivan 
Jo Ann Sures 
Sandra Marie Sweeney 
Sieng Tan 
Kenneth A. Tarr 
Howard Jay Taube 
Brian Frank Tawney 
Karl Rodney Thomas 
James Patrick Toohey 

§ Jane Toy 
Ifeoma Ugochukwu 
John A. Vitto 
Nancy Elizabeth Voith 

§ David Bruce Waghelstein 
Gary Wilson Wagoner 
Don Andrew Waite 
Robert Joseph Walden 

§ Catherine Sue Wang 
Christopher John Ward 
Joyce Wilma Warren 
Saralyn Wasserman 

Janet Marie Weiss 
Daniel Eugene West 
Mark Christopher Whipple 
Richard Allen White 
Donald Paul Whiteway 
Clifton Allen Williams 
David Lloyd Wilson 
Susan Louise Wilson 
§ Janith Ilene Winkler 
Victor Paul Winnard 
Steven Richard Wohlmuth 
John Stephen Wojtowicz 
Mark Alan Woodward 
Lawrence Joseph Zawalick 
Lane Robert Zbar 
Mark A. Zemil 
Mark Raymond Zimmerman 

Division of 
Behavioral and 
Social Sciences 

Candidates will be presented by 

Dr. Murray Polakoff, 
Provost of the Division 

Bachelor of Arts 

Carol Jean Adolph 
Antoinette Suzanne Allen 
Michael Edward Anderson 
Sherrie Lynn Angel 
Patricia Rose Annitto 
Russell John Appleyard 
t Kathleen Asbacher 
Mohammad H. Asi 
Helen Elizabeth Austin 
Sally Ilene Baker 
Shohreh Bakhaj 
George Mark Bartolomeo 
Glenda Johnson Beal 
Edson Harding Beall 
Renee Bellamy 
Michael Allen Berg 
Mark Thomas Bird 
Bernetta Denise Bizzell 
Andres Godfrey Blackstone 
Cynthia Jean Blade 
Amy Iris Bloom 
Dona Beth Boice 

§Summa Cum Laude; tMagna CumLaude; *Cum Laude 

December Bachelors 39 

David Lloyd Boucher 
Charles Theophilus Breeding, Jr. 
Christine]. Brennan 
MaryAnne Brennan 
Christopher John Brooke 
Sandra Elin Brovard 
Robert Lewis Bruffy 
Susan Faith Buckley 
Janice Diane Buckner 
Deirdre Miriam Burke 
Ronalo james Byrd 
Linda Jean Cahow 
Catherine Ann Cantrel 
Eileen Mary Cassidy 
'Diane Capacchione Chugani 
Chris Marie Clark 
I,uther Maurice Clark 
Dalerie Patrice Clarke 
John C. Clarke, Jr. 
Sean Eugene Cleary 
Steven Dale Cohen 
Eileen Morrissey Cole 
Michael Carter Cole 
Maureen Teresa Collins 
Alan Whitfield Conrad 
John Nelson Converse 
Charles Guy Cook 
Joseph Marshall Cooke 
Darlene Anne Covill 
Jeffrey Jay Cox 
William Tom Crafton, IV 
Marie Ann Crishi 
Houston Goebel Curd, III 
Dennis Gene Curry 
Julie Anne Custer 
Patrick Robert Damberg 
Joel Danies 

Frank Lambert Darley, Jr. 
Pamela Amelia Davis 
George Kane Day 
Steven M. Dobbin 
Douglas Gove Doty 
Johnny L. Douglas 
Carol Anne Downing 
Joan La Verne Dudley 
Cynthia Ann Dyer 
Deborah Roxann Dyson 
Martin David Ehrlich 

Jack Joseph Ellis 
Karen Sue Evans 
Arthur Douglas Farrance 
James Walter Ford, III 
Joel Irenee Foulon 
Claudio Alberto Frumento 
Lissa Michelle Fuller 
Sieglinde Fuller 
Debra Jones Fulton 

'Andrea Joy Galef 
Una Agnes Gatens 
Eileen Anne George 
Diane P. Getson 

t Dawn Marie Giff ord 
Susan Leslie Goldberg 
Roy Stanley Goldman 
Phyllis Ann Gotfried 
Martha Allison Grahame 
Karen Ann Gray 
Rise Ellen Green 
Timothy Alan Grunwald 
Debra Elaine Haddock 
Mary Etta Haga 
Robin Leigh Hale 
John Clifford Hall 
Charles Richard Hand, Jr. 
Leon Leroy Harper 

t Kevin Michael Hassett 
Jack Edward Hawkins 
Michael Carl Heineman 
Richard Dexter Helliwell 
Donald Thomas Hibbard 
Robert Thomas Hickethier 
Cynthia Lynn Hoddinott 

'Linda Christine Hoelk 
Karen Leslie Hoff 
Kathryn Gail Holbrook 
Christopher Charles Holden 
Ronald Carl Holstein 
George William Hondros 

'Diane S. Horowitz 
Martin Joseph Hovey 
Clifford Edwin Howe 
Lawrence C. Howell 
Kathy Lorraine Huff 
Gerald Joseph Humphreys 
Debra Ann Hurtt 
Maryann Jacobson 
Brian Joseph James 
Steven Leif Johnson 

Toni Ilene Johnson 

Douglas J. Johnston 

Robert Jaquette Joughton 

Andrew Brian Kahn 

Meryl Ellen Kahn 

John Russell Kapinos 

George Leonidas Karamihas 

Jeffrey Saul Katz 

Mary Ann Kinsella 

David Ray Kitsmiller 

Karen Jean Konkol 

Melissa Victoria Koskos 

Diane Rachael Kramer 

Nancy Faith Kraut 
§ Laurie Beth Kreger 

Steven Ira Kroll 
§ Kathleen Estelle Kunzer 

Mary Anne Laney 

Andrea Kennedy Lee 

Ellen Louise Lee 

Kathleen Ann Leenhouts 

Kevin A. Levi 

Richard Scott Levick 

Caren Beth Levine 

Delores Ann Linse 

Bonnie Jean Loewe 

David Kevin Love 

William Keith Lowder 

Donna Marie Maag 

Shelia Maureen Mants 

William Thomas Marcoux, Jr. 

Julie Ann Marcus 

Steven Wayne Martin 

Angela Ora Massey 

Rose Marie May 

Anne Warren Mayfield 

Robert F. McCort 

Saskia Marilyn Wesly McCreary 

Christine Marie McDonald 

Bernard Francis McGinn 

Barbara Carla Sherman McKeown 

Eileen Ann Medvitz 

Mark Edward Melendey 

Jeffrey Ellis Meyer 

Joel Michael Mihovich 

George Gilbert Miller, Jr. 

Susan Linn Mills 

Diane Virginia Minor 

Paul A. S. Minton 

Arlene Teresal Minus 

Linda Susan Moran 

Patricia M. Moran 

Linden James Mosk 

James Andrew Moss 

Ronald Murphy 

Carolyn Jean Murray 
§ Deborah Ann Noall 

Thomas Allen Nunemaker 

Daniel Joseph O'Connell 

Steven Lee Oppenheimer 

Deborah Lynn Palm 


Catherine F. Peck 

Edmond Thomas Pendleton, III 

David Scott Phillips 

Robert Michael Phillips 

Dana Van Veen Pilson 

Brian Scott Pittaway 

John Albert Pitts 

Edward Prystowsky 

Veronica Quinn 

Kevin Michael Quirk 

Kathleen Ann Ragan 

Juan F. Ramirez 

Debra Sue Reed 


William G. Risinger 

Suanne Riskin 

David Edward Roberts 

Richard Bruce Roberts 

Alyson Kay Rod 

Mark Andre Rogers 
§ Susan J. Rosenthal 

Sara Jeanine Rotolo 

Patricia Elizabeth Sanders 

Kathryn Elizabeth Sanstol 

Diane Lynn Sautters 
'Vincent Otto Schueler 

Janet Susan Scrivener 

Deborah Kay Scatter 

Richard Robin Sharretts 

Russell Jan Shew 

Kathryn Marie Shippe 

Cindy June Shockey 

Susan Malhmood Showard 
'Martin Jay Shuham 

Marc Wayne Siegel 
t Sherry Lynn Silver 

40 December Bachelors 

5umma Cum Laude : tMagna Cum Laude ; 'CumLaude 

Anna N. Simpson 

Olga Odysseas Skalkos 
*Donald Raymond Skinner 
'Angela Catherine Smith 

Howard Spigel 

Otton Adoll-o Suarez 

Cecelia Cordelia Tapp 

Denise Maria Taylor 

Ira Saul Taylor 

Eleanor Mackubin Teall 
*Marie Jeanne Temple 

Eloise Marie Tenny 

Donna Elizabeth Thomas 

Marie Thompson 

John Wilfred Trigger, Jr. 

Victor Blais Trunce 

Jacoba Vera van Doesburgh 

Robert Clayton Van Kirk 

Carol Lynn Vanskiver 

Barbara Marie Virvan 

Victor R.Wahby 

George William Wallace 

Kevin G. Washington 

Laura Jean Waters 

R. Hamish Waugh 
§Jodi Beth Weinstein 

Lera Rita Marie West 

Cynthia Ann Wilkinson 

A. E.Williams, Jr. 

William Robert Wineland 

Denise Marie Wink 

Margaret Lynn Wixon 

Doretha E. Word 

Monica Louise Wright 
'Ronald Joseph Yake 

Lisa Michele Yarmis 

Risa Yates 

Cindy Suzanne Yetter 

Christopher Joseph Young 

Tasos Athanas Zervas 
*Stuart Jay Zimmerman 

Bachelor of Science 

Valerie Anne Adair 
Louis Franklin Ahalt, Jr. 
'Janet L. Athey 
Robert Lawrence Baumgardner 
Edwin Jay Beller, III 
Anna Patricia Butcher 
Beyhan Ayda Cagri 

Edward Francis Chabot 

Yee-Mai Chan 

James Pennell Clark 

Ernest Joseph Clemens 

Gary Jackson Cooper 

John Lloyd Crump 

John Joseph Dana 

James Morgan Davis 

Steven Eric Doolittle 

Allan Herbert Ferguson 
t Brian K. Foster 

David Louis Foxwell 

Robert Milton Frierson, Jr. 

Margaret Mary Giddo 

Eugene Louis Goon 

Jon Robert Grimm 

Janice Ann Gunn 

Laura Christine Hall 

Richard Eugene Hess 

Thomas Roy Horner 
§ Mary Jean Hough 

Daniel Bishop Isbister 
'Susan Irene Kobele 

Ann Denise Lassalle 

Harry Russell Lewis 

Robyn Bartle Lishman 

Barbara Jean Locke 

Susana Beatriz Maiellaro Squillace 

Craig Tyler Marshall 

James Franklin Miller 

Wayne Curtis Morton 

Anthony Martin Mulieri 

Raymond William Murray 

Dane Eric Petersen 

Jeffrey Mark Rubalow 

Patricia Ann Sears 

Nancy Elizabeth Semyan 

Debra Ann Simms 

Donald Andrew Smith 

Gregory Dean Smith 

Helmut Manfred Solonch 

Robert William Steiner 

David Mumford Stoffel 

David Edward Tresselt 

Scott M. Whitney 

Lynette Yvonne Wooten 

Linda Susan Worthington 

Kevin Tyler Wrenn 

Division of Human 

and Community Resources 


Candidates will be presented by 
Dr. Dean Corrigan, 
Dean of the College 

Bachelor of Arts 

Anna-May Anstee 
Barbara Jean Barnes 
Kathleen Annette Bendowsky 
Oliver Hobart Calebaugh, Jr. 
Alice Jean Carnes 
'Carmiyah B. Cohen 
Cheryl Lee Cook 
J. Andrew Coupe 
Ellen Diefenbach 
Diane Rebecca Dixon 
Ellen Elizabeth Dobson 
Dennis Heath Drader 
Kathryn Creamer Dunn 
Elisabeth Susanne Dykstra 
Kathleen Lois Finch 
Catherine Mary Frank 
Clemonce Adams Hardy 
Ann Kell Hargett 
Jessie Anne Hinkle 
Agnes Kiang 
Gloria Jean Kirkham 
Michele Kuruc 
Sharon Renee Levinrad 
Daniel Terrance Mangrum 
Miriam Yvonne Matthews 
Monica Anne McRorie 
Michele Annette McSween 
Barbara Karola Middlebrook 
Christina Louise O'Boyle 
Carol Ruth Potter 
Marie Lucienne Rameau 
Charlene Gasperik Shipp 
Patricia Ines Taylor 
Cheryl Lynn Trosky 
Judith Grimes Verbits 
Louise F. Wachsmuth 
Esperanza Mejia Wiemann 
Mark Elliotte Williams 
Wendy Lee Woodrow 
Russell Glenn Zepp 

§Summa Cum Laude; TMagna Cum Laude; 'Cum Laude 

Bachelor of Science 

Michele Lee Akers 

Sandra Marlene Alpern 

Louise Edna Amorati 

Julie Ann Andrus 

Deborah T. Ball 

Lina Banerjee 

Ella J. Bean 

Leslie Carol Beard 

Katharine W. Beckman 

Stanley Carl Berlin 
'Lynn Marcie Birken 

Nancy Ellen Blum 

Patricia Agnes Bonkosky 

Helen Louise Bowling 

Kandace Marie Brezina 

Rachel Lee Brodsky 

Connie Buas 

Julie Disney Burgess 

Jane Frances White Buswell 

Karen Ann Butler 

Regina Mary Camarano 

Mary Loreto Canavan 

Julie Marie Cannon 

Maureen Elizabeth Carney 

Eugene Henry Carpenter 

Peter Chow 

Harriet A. Click 

Diane Miriam Cohn 

Doris Marie Coleman 

Linda Marie Cotter 
T Barry Lee Crouch 

Marian Ruth Curchack 
§ Elizabeth Anne Danforth 

Myla Cecile DeLoatch 

Nancy Anne de Nobel 

Paula Marie de Nobel 

Nora Lynn Dittner 

Phyllis Heglund Donn 

Beth Paula Edelstein 

Barbara Lynn Emshwiller 

Corinne Elizabeth Enander 

Francis Bernard Ennels 

A viva H. Erdheim 

Ronald Duard Evans 

Jeffrey Michael Fahrner 

Linda Joan Farrall 
'Terry Rabenhorst Fehner 

Regina Maria Fillmore 

Faith Arlene Fletcher 

December Bachelors 41 

Richard Kerry Foote 

Stephanie Charlene Frye 

Nancy Rae Fuller 

Jill Anne Galkin 

Lillian Garcia 

Karen Sue Geary 

Donna Jeanne Gilbert 

Pamela Roxanne Gladfelter 
'Allison Glasgow 

Beth Susan Goldman 

Carin Jane Gole 

Gail Joy Goodman 

Susan Joy Goodman 

Louisa Marie Gorman 

Connie Leigh Gray 

Mary Catherine Marling 

Maritsa Chakalakis Hartlove 

Leslie Ruth Hatfield 

Stefan Hedlesky 

David Gordon Higginbotham 

John Harold Holt, Jr. 

Karen Sue Riley Hoover 

Robert Charles Huber, Jr. 

Kenneth Lee Hurdle 

Terri Ann Jackson 

Yvette Dinese Jackson 

James D. Janis 

Sheryl Ruth Jones 

Jody Patricia Lynn Joseph 

Jack Michael Joy 
t Wendy Ann Jung 

Sharon Ann Kassel 

Sandra Joyce Katz 

Stephanie Nan Kayne 

Sharon Patricia Keefe 

Barbara Lee Langdon Kehm 

De Borah Ann King 

Jody Lynn Kivitz 

Mary Jo Kraft 

RenaeM. Kraft 

M. Edward Kulak 

JoEUen La Monica 

Cheryl Ann LaPorte 

Kathleen Riordan Lee 

Rebecca Lynn Lemon 

Mary Jane Loehr 

Carol Ann Marcus 
§ Brenda Carla Martin 

Minerva Martinez 

Deborah Mary McCarthy 

Linda Hanson McConnell 
t Ann Marie McDonough 

Carolyn Virginia McGarvey 

Gina Estrada Mencarini 

Earlene H. Mercer 

Katherine Louise Meyers 

Susan Jacqueline Michalski 

M.Paul Miller 
tSally Ann Miller 

Janet Lee Mitchell 

Michele Frances Murphy 

Susan Lynn North 
'Patricia A. O'Brien 

Lawrence Stephen Olchak 
t Jodi Lorraine Peake 

Peggy Haas Phelps 

Colette Helena Preis 

Debra Kay Ramsay 

Suzanne Marie Ritz 

Roberta R. Roper 

Ann Bernadette Roth 

Cathy Kutner Rubin 

Barbara Ann Runfola 

Shelly Joan Theresa Scrivens 

Lucinda K. Sensenig 

Diane Rita Sheehy 

Michele Shoap 

Deborah Karen Sirkis 

Tricia Ann Skove 
t Rex Allen Smart 

Petrina Stefanelli 

Naomi Victoria Stratton 

Marjorie Carol Sunderlin 

Robert Lee Swaim 

Jeffrey S. Sweet 

Susan Claire Tray 
'Susie Scheffer Wagner 

Stephanie Anne Walby 

Jennifer Kay Wallace 

Willie Hedge Washington 

Joan Marie Waters 

Paula Ann Watkins 

Martsie Davis Webb 

Cynthia Marie Wisch 

Margaret Zebovitz 


Candidates will be presented by 
Dr. John R. Beaton. 
Dean of the College 

Bachelor of Science 

§ Antoinette Alsheimer 

Paul Francis Andercyk 

Marie Jo Ann Arauzo 
TMaxine Leslie Barish 

Robert Harold Barnard 

Kathleen Ann Barry 

Susan Jane Bartholomew 

Susan Catherine Berman 

Anne Mercedes Berning 

Mary Vanessa Black 

Jay Scott Blass 
TRuth Borsos 

Carol Ann Brigham 

Joyce Dale Brown 

Ann Stuart Bruggman 

Ellen Lee Byrne 

Francine Canter 

Gail Maria Carter 

P. Kay Chittenden 
'Gretchen Crabill Chumley 

Eun Kyung Chung 

Cathie Marie Church 
t Katherine Marjul Cooke 

Rosita Maria Anne Cornejo 

Francine Marie D'Antuono 

Iris Niereda Davila 

Denise Ann Dobbs 

Kathy Bernice Dry 

Sheryl Lynn Dubick 

Merle Rose Dumonceau 

Jeanne Marie Eakle 

Susan Mae Eckhart 

Gayle Saundra Erdrich 

Sheila Faine 

Claudia Marie Fenwick 

Lucinda Ann Filan 

Maureen Elizabeth Flood 

Janet Ann Foreman 

Lorraine Ann Foster 

Janice Gardner 

Susan Jan Gerber 

Lois Ann Greenstone 
Patricia Mary Griffin 

'Maria N. Grundt 
Jeannette Ann Gularek 
Ingrid Ann Hallen 
Susan Lee Harden 
Luanne Elizabeth Hargadon 
Donna D. Harris 
Karen Prestoy Heyn 
Beverly Kristen Holden 
Marilynn Kent Hollen 
Barbara Lea Horowitz 
Theresa Mary Housley 
Vickey Lynne Hoy 
Karen Vickers Hoyt 
Karen Elizabeth Juba 
Tracy Helena Kahn 
Barbara J. Katz 
Michal Oster Kaufman 
Mary Elizabeth Kemp 

tGail Lynne King 
Cinthia Kobylski 
Victoria Helene Kuerer 

'George Wakefield LaGrange 
Mary Ellen Lannon 
Sharon Ann Largent 
Elissa Eva Lieberman 
Lynn Hockett Madden 
Jill Margolis 
Dale Elise Marsheck 
Virginia Leigh Martens 
Steven Frederick Masterman 
Aimee Janette Mauck 
Sandra Ann McCaffrey 
Leslie Ann McCully 
Patricia Anne McDonald 
Mary Beth McKeever 
Anne McKenna 
Lorri Lynn McNally 
Rosa Menkes 

'Tammy Lee Middleton 
Catherine Ng 
Douglas John Richardson 
Karen Michele Rooths 
Cathleen Ann Ruley 
Steven Alan Saltzman 
Guadalupe Sandoval 
Rosa Isabel Sandoval 
Debra Anne Schoonmaker 
Lynda Rae Seidel 

42 December Bachelors 

§SummaCumLaude: TMagnaCum Laude: 'Cum Laude 

Jill Barbara Shestokas 
Jodi Sue Siegel 
Leslie Lee Simon 
Bonita Ann Sinko 
Carol Anne Smeltzer 
Guillermo Francisco 
Linda Susan Tansill 
Michael Francis Tobin 
Margaret Marie Trias 
Susan Lynn Tysdal 
Lillie Uszerowicz 
Ingrid Joyce Van Hessen 
Judith Ann Wathen 
Jennifer Louise Watkins 
Carol Renee Weinrib 
Marcy Ann Yolles 
Margaret Zebovitz 
'Christine K. Zeman 
Mary Nora Zimmerman 


Candidates will be presented by 
Dr. Marvin Eyler, 
Dean of the College 

Bachelor of Science 

Lisa Acosta 

Joan Marie Agostinelli 
TJanet G. Aldrich 

Michael Kevin Allison 
t Evelyn A. Anderson 

Virginia Elizabeth Ashman 

Judith Rose Atlas 

Dennis Barksdale 

Megan Barrett 

Carolyn Jeanne Bell 

Brian Keith Bergeson 

Donald Lewis Berich 

Gregory Allen Blank 

James Albert Blumenshine, Jr. 

Alice Elaine Boyle 

Barry Paul Brook 

Andrea Maria Carroccio 

Deborah Ethelyn Carroll 

Holly Rae Chernin 

Diane Gail Chester 

Marilyn Roslyn Church 

Julia Hearn Clark 

Denise Yvonne Coleman 

Gregory Marshall Cox 

Kathleen Mary Cuba 

Melinda Jane Day 

Robert Bruce Dietch 

Teresa Ann di Stefano 

Beth Madeline Ennis 

Magdalena Fabara-Nufiez 

Margaret Elizabeth Fineran 
§ Kathy Herrin Fitzpatrick 

Julia Ann Foggo 

Constance Marie Frey 

Joel Martin Friedman 

Rebecca Friedman 

Steven Paul Gallerizzo 

Barbara L. Garbett 

Linda Suzan Giblin 

James Stephen Haskell 

LaRita Charlene Haynes 

Cynthia Elizabeth Henesy 

Catherine Lee Hill 

Teresa Lynn Hofmann 

Carol Susan Hook 

Patience Amanda Hotchkiss 

Christine Ann Hoye 

Colleen Marie Hurley 

Beatrice Elizabeth Inglis 

Austin Fritz Jackson 

Elizabeth Ann Jacobik 
' Beverly Lynn Whitehead Johnson 

Janet Marie Jones 

Patricia Eileen Kavanagh 

Antonell Charpelle Lawrence 

Holly Frances Lindblad 

Michelle Dawn Mantegna 

Deborah Louise McGee 

Sharon Ann Meyer 

Sidney David Molofsky 

Debbie Kay O'Brien 

Dawn Marie Palmer 

Faye Lisa Pastor 

Laurie Jane Paxton 

Carol Jean Pearsall 

Cynthia Anne Pyle 

Cheryl Ann Reese 

t Carol Louise Reeser 

Brian J. Romanek 

Carolyn Joanna Ruhe 

Nancy Elise Sampson 
*Kimberly Ann Sargent 

John Franklin Schmitt 

Bernadette Marie Schrider 

Rodger Kevin Seemiller 

Mary-Claire Senner 

George Frederick Sheppard 
'Charlotte McCorkle Shirey 
'Patricia Jean Shomper 

Karin Susan Sikirica 

Donald Glenn Smith 

Leanne Smith 

Mark Preble Staver 
§ Susan Patricia Trefry 

Frank Stanley Turano 

Jane Marie Wannan 

Ro-Burma Williams Ware 

John Matthew Wigglesworth, Jr. 

Jeffrey Robert Williams 

Lisa Ann Wittholz 

Division of 
Mathematical and 
Physical Sciences 
and Engineering 


Candidates will be presented by 
Dr. George E. Dieter. Jr. 
Dean of the College 

Bachelor of Science 

Michael Evan Alperin 

E. Brian Alvarez 

Theodoros Gerasimos Anastasakos 

Mark Annen 

Vincent Paul Area 

Mohammad Hossein M. Ardekani 

Ramiro Arrazola 

Donald Wayne Ausherman 

Gairy AnDresse Bagwell 

Franklin Cleveland Bair, Jr. 

Steven Michael Baldwin 
Dale Francis Bankus 
David R. Bassett 
Robert Elmer Bassler, Jr. 
Paul Timothy Beardmore 
George William Bennett, Jr. 
David Charles Beyrodt 
Darshan Singh Bigelson 
Stephen Michael Bloor 
Nancy Bolinger 
Gerald Henry Bollinger 
Hans Lambert Bongers 
David Lee Bort 
James Arthur Branch, Jr. 
James Peter Brandt 
James Oscar Britt, Jr. 
Jon Philip Casamento 
Rodrigo Horacio Chacon 
Stephen Kamhoi Chan 
Satish Chandra 

t William Wylie Chapman 
Calvin C. Cheung 
Raymond Alan Chicca 
Donald Ta-Lung Chung 
Fred Jeffrey Cohn 
Matthew Brett Cole 

t Charles David Conner 
John Joseph Corrigan 
Stanley Allan Cousins 
Ronald Franklin Cox 
Ruben Cruz 

'James Joseph Curtin 
Steven Michael Curtis 
Jeffrey Alan Daley 
Daniel Arthur Danziger 
Richard Michael Day 
Brian DelGrosso 
Joseph George DiCarlo 
Dael Alan Dillman 

'Brian Anthony DiMarco 
Kenneth William Donaldson 
Edward B. Douberly, Jr. 
Joseph John Duschl 
Wayne Alan Eagleson 
Roy Dean Ebersole 
Robert Lee Ehrhardt 
Lowell Vernon Ely 
Sheldon Spence Epstein 
Robert Howard Estes 
Lawrence Guy Fess 

§SummaCumLaude; TMagna Cum Laude; 'Cum Laude 

December Bachelors 43 

Daniel George Flanagan 
Jean Catherine Folse 
Jeffrey Earl Ford 
Douglas Mark Fox 
David Warren Frable 
Bruce Malcolm Fraser 
Robert William Gall 

'Charles Jackson Gay 
Armando Carlos Gonzalez 
Martin Jeffrey Goodman 
James Gratz 

Theodore Louis Guthmann 
Robert Gary Hammett 
Hooshang Harooni 
Gregory Steven Harris 
Michael John Hayes 
Victor Gregory Hayes 
Patrick Michael Hennessy 
Ann Carolyn Hepler 
Maung Tin Hlaing 
David Anthony Hoffman 
David Edwin Hormby 
Loye D. Hull, Jr. 

§ Cheryl Elaine Johnson 
Lance Bennet Jump 

'Joseph Anthony Kaiser, Jr. 
Karen Lee Kalwa 
Sushant Kapur 
Youn-Ki Kim 

T Roy Ward Knight 
Oldrich Z. Kolarik 
Rhys Neal Kuklewicz 

'Donald William Kunaniec 
Jeffrey Carl Laco 
Michael Philip La Macchia 
Harry King Lee 
Daniel McCormick Lerian 
John David Lloyd 

'James Richard Lockrow, Jr. 
Michael Edward Loman 
Manuel Antonio Lopez 
Jonathan William Lott 
David Allen Maeder 
AliReza Malekzandi 
Donald G. Marksberry 
Robert Gilbert Martino 
John Roberts Mattingly 
David Lawrence Medin 

t Michael Anthony Metzger 
David Walton Meyers 

Ronald Anthony Miara 

Don James Mohle 

Dennis J. Moler 

William Steven Morgan 

William Edward Morrison 

Ilya Moshinsky 

Ram Mukunda 

Richard John Munzer 
'James Arthur Neary 

Mehrdad Negahban-Hagh 

Patrick Andrew Nelson 

Kenneth Ray Newman 

Timothy Joseph O'Connor 
§ Nicholas Cromwell Orrick 

David Winfield Owen 

Charles William Paddock 

Janet Lynn Paradis 

Barry Lawrence Parsons 

Lisa Marie Perrone 

Phiet The Pham 

Lien-Huong Ngoc Phan 

Thomas Frank Quigley 

David Ellsworth Rabbe 
'Gonzalo Remy Rada 

Bernard James Rafferty 

Robert Wilbur Ramsey, III 

Joan Elizabeth Reitz 

Enio Ricci 

Paul Wayne Robertson 
T David Judson Royle 

Sanford Allen Rubin 

John Anthony Salerno, Jr. 

Julian James Sanchez 

Renato Sarti 

Robert Lee Schoeneman, Jr. 
§ Laurie Jo Seifarth 

Mark William Shafer 

Edward Michael Shedlock 

Michael Stephen Soukup 

Leonard Paul Stann 

Calvert Amrin Staubus 

James Albert Stokes 

Robert Louis Stoll 

Gordon Brent Struder 
'Anthony Joseph Subrizi 

Carol Lee Swearman 

Kathryn Ellis Tacheron 
§ Homayoon Tajalli-Moghaddam 

Anastasios A. Taousakis 

Panagiotis Taousakis 

Daniel Christopher Thomas 

James Clayton Thompson 

Samuel Reeves Thompson 

Hong Tran 

Demetrios Troupes 

Eric L. Turner 

David Lee Watkins 

Eric Weill 

Kim Steven West 

Richard Harry Westermeyer, Jr. 

Craig Marshall Wheeler 

Michael J. Wilke 

Division of 
Mathematical and 
Physical Sciences 
and Engineering 

Candidates will be presented by 
Dr. Frank ]. Kerr. 
Provost of the Division 

Bachelor of Science 

Phyllis Ann Ahrens 

Charles Kent Biggs 
* Alan Joseph Bollinger 

Michael Duane Bongiovanni 

Albert Leroy Burrell 

Sylvia Lynnette Campbell 

Ryall Oswald Garden 

Nora Fang Chang 

Joseph Anthony Consorti 

John Lloyd Curtis 

Leo R. Dalesio 

James Edward Danaher 

Lawrence Maurice Deutsch 

Dael Alan Dillman 

Jan Sterling Edler 

Richard Alan Eppley 
§ Francis William Farley 

Joseph Franklin Fessler 

Franlitz R Fuentes 

Angeline R. Glendening 

David Armin Greer 

Margaret Ann Grey 

Roderick Henry Grindell 

George Charles Hajjar 

Jon Morris Hallgren 

Mark Andrew Heintzelman 

Scott Andrew Hesse 

James Elliott Horton 

Catherine Myongsuk Huh 

Nakhleh Hanna Hussein 
'Jean Freda James 

Burlita Celestine Jasper 
' Thomas Charles Jedrey 

William Der Kee 

Kenneth Jay Koontz 

Vicki Lynn Koser 

Vinaya Cheruvari Lakshmi 

Terry Tai-Sing Lin 

Barry Wayne Lloyd 

Darrell Macklin 

Jacob Bobby Mathew 

Helen Marie McGill 
t Douglas Andrew McGuire 

Terry Lynn Michael 

Sarah M. Miers 

Warren Kenneth Miller 

Myrian Beatriz Moreno-Martinez 

David M. Morgereth 

Madeline Elaine Morrow 

Ram Mukunda 

Patricia Carol Ocnaschek 
§ Douglas Palmer 

Michael G. Pennington 

Thomas Albert Peters 

David Charles Phillips 
tTsai-Yun Phillips 

Martin Richard Prahl 

Michael Angelo Raithel 

Judith Diane Richardson 

Jinna MacLaurin Rie 

Rafael Antonio Rodriguez 

Jerome Shiro Sajulan 

Julian James Sanchez 

William Robert Schroeder 

John Melvin Shipley, Jr. 

Paul Michael Sikora 

Randall Bruce Strem 

Jerome Connor Sullivan 

Carleton Lee Thorne 

Ronald Larry Ticker (2 degrees) 

Mark Edward Turlik 

David Russel von Hausen 

D.M. Weant 
' Stuart Jerome Welsh 

44 December Bachelors 

§SummaCumLaucle; TMagna Cum Laude ; 'Cum Laude 

James Wallace Williams 
Sung Hee Yi 
Hassan Zamanzadeh 


Candidates will be presented by 
Dr. Robert Shoenberg. 
Administrative Dean. 
Undergraduate Studies 

Bachelor of General Studies 

Donald Lee Anderson, Jr. 

John R. Arnold 

James LeRoy Blackledge 

Joseph Patrick Bonelli 

George Andrew Brizzolari 

Carol Anne Burbage 
tTheresa Alice Cancro 

Mathew Brian Clouser 

Jody Lee Cohen 
"William Dennis Coholan 

Douglas Lee Cooper 

Juanita Corso 
TChristine S. Dillon 

Pamela Ives Dunlop 

Kevin Bruce Eber 

Barbara Curran Eddey 

Donald F. Evans 

Maria Victoria Fagnoni 

Barbara Falkenhayn 
"Meredith Finsterbusch 

Kurt Michael Friedman 

Mary Cecelia Gaffney 

Linda Sue Garlet 

Mark Minor George 

Michael Howard Glazer 

Gary S. Hand 

Laraine G. Hardy 

Betty J. Henry 

John Mark Hobble 

Robert Raymond Hohl, Jr. 

Idonas Hughes 

Valerie Ann Hurry 

Roy Stephen Kallina 

Arthur William Katlin 

William Kimball Kennedy 

§Summa Cum Laude; tMagna Cum Laude: 'CumLaude 

Ann Leslie Kenton 

Terence Patrick Kimball 

Vicki Lynn Kitzler 

Kathi Ann Kolodin 

Simon Spearman Lancaster, IV 

Amy Beth Lasky 

Edward Loncar 

Cathy London 

Robert Daniel Lun 

William George Magann 

Teresa Jean Mancusi 

Robert Mandelberg 

Jeffrey Alan Markoff 

Nancy Marie Markulec 

Edward Patrick McDonough 

Timothy Irwin Meinhardt 

Joy Antoinette Miller 

Patricia Doyle Murphy 

Douglas Wayne Nelson 

Herman W. Ng 

Lisa Ann Nichols 

Diane Marie Norton 

James Haskel Nussbaum 

Kenneth David Osterweil 

Laura Cecile Pagello 

Bruce Alan Palmer 

James Reece 

Cynthia Lorraine Rice 

Martin Ray Rubinstein 

Mindy Rae Schikevitz 

Lori Fran Serby 

Alan William Sims 

Linda Marie Smead 

Stephen Reed Smith 

Harry Sody 

Gregory P. Sullivan 

Katherine Alice Terzi 

Vicki Ann Zeenkov 

Bachelor of Arts 

Lynda J. Boyer 
William Arthur Burton 
Leslie Ann Deitz 
Linda Catherine Haje 
Robin Mallary Kelz 
Jane Elizabeth Kier 
Marschner Franz Erich 
tThomas Richard Morse 
Kenneth Thaddeus Pribanic 

'Elinor Reamer 
Gary Bruce Rosenthal 
Kenneth Lee Sullivan 
Anthony Leland Thomas 
Pierre Giles Wigglesworth 

Bachelor of Science 

Ruthan Lewis 

Dianne DoUoff Mekelburg 

Thomas Paul Raimondi, Jr. 

Mark David Schuler 
William Otto Vandyke 
Stephen Andrew Zeller 


December Bachelors 45 


Candidates for bachelor's 
degrees who have earned 
honors for scholarship upon 
graduation are indicated in the 
alphabetical listings by Division 
or College. To be eligible for 
consideration for such honors 
a candidate must meet the 
following general criteria : 

(1) have completed two years of 
work at the University of Mary- 
land (60 semester hours) and 

(2) have a scholastic average of B 
(Grade Point Average of 3.000) 
or higher in University of 
Maryland work prior to the last 
semester of registration before 
award of degree. 

December, 1979 candidates who 
meet these criteria are shown in 
the alphabetical lists as qualifying, 
upon graduation, for the 
designations "Summa Cum 
Laude" if they ranked in the top 
two percent of the candidates in 
their respective Colleges or 
Divisions; "Magna Cum Laude," 
if in the next three per cent; or 
"Cum Laude," if in the next five 

General Honors Program 

Jackilyn Michele Bubes** 
Peter Lawrence Gray * * 
Kenneth Norman Hollies** 
Stephen P. Jones** 
Mitchell Alan Luchansky*' 
Richard Elliott Preston** 

Departmental Honors 

With High Honors in 
Communication Arts and Theatre 
Amna Kirmani 

With High Honors in Computer 
Science Philip Edward Agre' * 

With High Honors in Economics 
Nancy Beth Lemrow** 

With High Honors in English 
David Gerard La Roche 

With High Honors in Psychology 
Thomas David Albright** 

With High Honors in Zoology 
Valerie Gwenn Burgis* * 

Thomas David Albright* * * 

With Honors in Astro77omy 
Sean Robert McCorkle** 

With Honors In 

Communication Arts and Theatre 
Mark Christopher White** 

With Honors in Computer Science 
Susan Ann Bouchard** 

With Honors in Economics 
Leslie Joan Czubek** 

With Honors in English 
Valerie Ann Smith 

With Honors in Psychology 
Janet L. Athey 
Peter Viggo Blaes * * * 
Julie Josephine Castro** 
Susan Irene Kobele 
Jodi Beth Weinstein 

With Honors in Textiles 
and Consumer Economics 
Mary Inez Sarandria * * * 

With Honors in Urban Studies 
Richard Scott Levick 

With Honors in Zoology 
George August Kramer III** 
Mitchell Alan Luchansky** 
Andrea Marguerite Miles 

■ 'Graduated May 18. 1979 
'"Graduated August 15, 1979 


A Walking Tour 

through the 

College Park Campus 

There are many interesting 
educational and research 
facilities on the College Park 
Campus. We have selected some 
of these that you may wish to 
visit along a walking tour. 
These facilities are open on 
weekdays from 8:30 a.m. to 
4:30 p.m. You are welcome to 
tour them at your leisure. 
Other points of interest on 
campus may be toured by 
appointment through the 
phone extension listed after 
each facility. For general 
information, call the Student 
Union Information Center 


(BLDG. 78) Regents Drive. 
Open to visitors weekdays 8 : 30 
a.m. to 4:30 p.m. A schedule 

of multidenominational services 
can be obtained in the North 
Administration Bldg. 

BUILDING— (BLDG. 83) Regents 
Drive. This facility houses the 
Admissions Office of the Univer- 
sity; Office of the Registrar for 
graduate transcripts and 
commencement information; and 
offices for student financial aid, 
housing, and campus employment. 

BRARY-(BLDG. 120) Corner 
of Regents and Campus Drives. 
Completed in 1972, the library 
is one of the finest in the nation. 
In addition to serving under- 
graduate students, it also houses 
at the graduate level the College 
of Library and Information 

110) Campus Drive. A new 
addition to the Student Union 
was completed in 1972. You can 
obtain a building directory and 
schedules of events and activities 
at the information desk in the 
front lobby. Guided tours are 
available to the bowling alleys, 
billiard room, ballroom, cafe- 
terias, motion picture theatre, 
and exhibits. 

(BLDG. 27) Campus Drive. 
With a permanent seating 
capacity of 12,500, the Main 
Auditorium of Cole Fieldhouse 
is used for basketball games, 
classes in physical education, 
commencements, concerts, 
academic testing, track, and 
many other indoor activities. 
Other areas of the building 
contain small gymnasiums, a 
swimming pool, classrooms, 
faculty offices, a ticket booth 
for athletic events, and the 
Department of Intercollegiate 

TER— (BLDG. 115) Campus 
Drive. You are welcome to visit 

the Art Gallery on the first 
floor. Offices of the depart- 
ments of art, music, speech 
and dramatic art, and hearing 
and speech sciences are 
housed in this building. Uni- 
versity Theatre is also located 
here, adjacent to Parking Lot 

Campus Drive. You are invited 
to walk through this facility 
and view displays of student 
architectural designs and the 
faculty-designed sculpture in 
the West Court. 

Tours by 

CYCLOTRON, Department of 
Physics and Astronomy. The 
Cyclotron is available for 
touring on Mondays from 
10 a.m. to 4 p.m. by prior 
arrangement. (Ext. 4152) 

CATION. The Center of 
Adult Education is a residential 
conference facility for con- 

tinuing education for adults. 
Tours can be arranged by 
calling 779-5100. 

Keldin contains materials for 
the use of graduate students 
and faculty. Tours can be 
arranged by appointment. 
(Ext. 4042) 

games and track and field 
events are held in this stadium 
which holds 35,000 spectators. 
(Ext. 4705) 

TORY. Open House is held on 
the 5th and 20th of each month 
at 8:30 p.m. for the general 
public. Large groups may call 
for reservations at 454-3001. 
(For other information call 
Ext. 3460) 

oldest building on the College 
Park Campus, Rossborough 
Inn is open to the public for 
lunch from 11 ;30 to 1 :30 p.m. 
(Ext. 3940) 


Cole Field 
House Seating 

Section 1 : 


Agricultural and Life Sciences 



Undergraduate Studies 

Arts and Humanities 

Section 2 : 

Graduate School 

Mathematical and Physical 
Sciences and Engineering 

Section 3 : 

Business and Management 
Behavioral and Social Sciences 

Section 4 : 

Human Ecology 
Physical Education, 
Recreation and Health 



main entrance 
& exits