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M B E R 2 1 

;the university of marylamd 





















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V E 

R S 

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F M 


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Message to 
the Graduates 

Today is a very proud and happy day for you and for 
The (Jniversity of Maryland College Park. I know I 
speak for the other members of the campus communi- 
ty in congratulating you and your families on the 
achievement we commemorate today. 

During your time with us, you have grown intellec- 
tually and socially and you have also enriched this 
community. 1 hope that your experience has been both 
challenging and rewarding. 

A good education should provide not only a solid 
grounding in a specialized field but also the ability to 
learn and the understanding that there is still much to 
learn. As you leave The University of Maryland College 
Park, I trust you take with you the skills, the curiosity, 
and the perseverance that you will need to grow and 
prosper in the larger world. 

In pursuing your chosen career or advanced course 
of study, you will be creating a future for all of us. 
That future is a world of change that brings new 
challenges — a world of wonder in which new possibil- 
ities for human achievement await your labors. 

I hope that you will continue to call upon the 
resources of your alma mater as you meet those 
challenges. I would ask that you share your experi- 
ences and thoughts with us so that, with your insight 
and help, this University may better serve tomorrow's 
students and become a stronger community. 

John B. Slaughter 

Order of 

December 21, 1984 
9:30 a.m. 

Cole Student 
Activities Building 


Dr. John B. Slaughter 


College Park Campus 

Master of Ceremonies 

Mr. John Sincell 
Communication Arts and 


Symphonic Wind Ensemble 
Conductor, John Wakefield 


The Reverend Wofford 

Episcopal Chaplain 

The National Anthem 
Led by Dr. Paul Traver 


Dr. John S. Toll 


The University of Maryland 

Mr. Allen L. Schwait 


Board of Regents 

Musical Selection 

Let There Be Peace On 

by Sy Miller and Jill 

University Chorale 
Conductor, Dr. Traver 


Terry Sanford, J.D. 
President. Duke University 

Conferring of Honorary 

Dr. Toll 

Remarks to the Graduates 

Seanne Elise Udell 
Graduating Senior 

Dr. Slaughter 


The Reverend Robert 

United Campus Ministry 


Alma Mater 

Hail to thee, Maryland! 
Steadfast in loyalty. 
For thee, we stand. 
Love for the Black and 

Deep in our hearts we 

Singing thy praise forever. 
Throughout the land. 

Maryland Victory Song 

Maryland, we're all behind 

Wave high the Black and 

For there is nothing half so 

As to see our men 

We've got the team, boys. 
We've got the steam, boys. 
So keep on fighting. 
Don't give in! 
Maryland will win! 


Symphonic Wind Ensemble 
Conductor, Mr. Wakefield 

of Events 

Following the Commencement Convocation, nine 
academic units of The University of Maryland College 
Park will hold separate Commencement Exercises at 
various campus locations. All ceremonies are scheduled 
to begin simultaneously at 11:30 a.m. Please refer to the 
map provided on the opposite page to locate the site of 
the ceremony you plan to attend. 

Following the commencement exercises, graduates and 
guests are cordially invited to attend a joint reception 

(from approximately 1 p.m. until 2:30 p.m.) in the Grand 
Ballroom of the Adele H. Stamp Union. We welcome you 
to The University of Maryland College Park and en- 
courage you to meet officials and faculty during the com- 
mencement activities. 

Limited shuttle bus service is available providing free 
transportation across the campus throughout the day. 

Cole Student Activities Building 

9 30 a m Campus-Wide 
10 Commencemenl 

10 30 am Convocation 

1 1 30 a m Behavioral and Social 

Sciences Commencement 

1 1 30 a m Agricultural and Lite 

Sciences Commencement 

11 30 a m Undergraduate Studies 

Hott Theatre 

Colony Ballroom 

Grand Ballroom 

Arcliitecture Building 

1 1 30 a m 




1130am Business and Manage- 
ment Commencement 

The College Park Campus 
and the University 

The Graduates 

The students graduating today from The University of 
Maryland College Park follow in the footsteps of nnany 
notable GMCP graduates who have distinguished them- 
selves in fields as diverse as science, the arts, entertain- 
ment, journalism, business, law, medicine and 

Through Kermit the Frog, Miss Piggy, and others, Jim 
Henson conveys a refreshing form of entertainment that 
touches the hearts of young and old alike. By the time 
he graduated from GMCP in 1960, Henson was develop- 
ing successful TV commercials in the area. "The Muppet 
Show," created in 1976, is syndicated on about 125 sta- 
tions in the U.S. and is seen in some 40 other countries. 

The first woman elected to the Supreme Court of 
Michigan, Mary Stallings Coleman has been influential in 
developing many innovative programs for juvenile wel- 
fare. A 1935 Arts and Sciences graduate of (JMCP, 
Coleman is a firm believer in rehabilitation and crime 
prevention and has established precourt services for 
children in danger of becoming school dropouts. 

Known as one of the youngest graduates of the Univer- 
sity, Charles Fefferman received a joint degree in 
mathematics and physics in 1966 at age 17. One of the 
world's top mathematicians, Fefferman received the 
Fields Medal, the most prestigious award a mathemati- 
cian can receive. He is currently professor of mathe- 
matics at Princeton. 

President and Chief Executive Officer of the George 
Hyman Construction Company, A. James Clark has been 
a member of the University's Board of Regents since 
1981. A 1950 graduate of UMCP's College of Engineer- 
ing, Clark is a pioneer in applying new technological and 
management techniques in the construction industry. 

Other outstanding graduates include Connie Chung, a 
1969 journalism graduate, who anchors NBC's Early 
Today Show, Judith Resnick, a 1977 electrical engineer- 
ing Ph.D. graduate, who as a NASA astronaut became 
the second American woman in space; and Tom 
McMillen, a 1974 Arts and Sciences graduate and Rhodes 
Scholar, who is playing professional basketball for the 
Washington Bullets. 

The Campus 

In enrollment, College Park is among the ten largest 
campuses in the country. Undergraduates enrolled in fall 
1984 numbered 30,231 and graduate students 8,076 for 
a total enrollment of 38,307, This year's College Park 
operating budget is approximately $284.2 million. The 
University assisted over 19,000 College Park students 
with financial aid in 1983-84. 

Students may choose from more than 125 undergrad- 
uate and 80 graduate programs leading to degrees. In 
1983-84, a total of 5,173 undergraduate, 1,036 master's 
and 387 doctorate degrees were awarded by the College 
Park Campus. In the number of doctorates granted an- 
nually, the University ranks among the top 30 in the 


The University had its beginnings in 1807 with the 
establishment in Baltimore of the College of Medicine, 
an entirely faculty-owned institution granting the M.D. 
degree. When its name was changed to The University of 
Maryland five years later, it was given power to confer 
additional degrees. The first dental school in America, 
the Baltimore College of Dental Surgery, became a part 
of the University in 1840. 

Subsequently, the University opened schools of phar- 
macy, law and nursing. Under a charter secured by a 
group of Maryland planters in 1856, the College Park 
Campus of the University, then called the Maryland 
Agricultural College, opened in 1859 and became one of 
the original land-grant schools in 1865. After a disastrous 
fire in 1912, the State acquired control of the College 
and bore the cost of rebuilding. 

The present form of The University of Maryland dates 
from the 1920 act of the Maryland state legislature, 
which united the State-owned institution at College Park 
and the professional schools in Baltimore, thus creating 
The University of Maryland College Park (UMCP) and The 
University of Maryland at Baltimore (UMAB) campuses. 
Later, the University added three other campuses: Balti- 
more County (UMBC) at Catonsville; Eastern Shore 
(UMES) at Princess Anne; and the worldwide University 
College (UMUC), headquartered at College Park. 


University libraries include approximately 1.5 million 
volumes on the College Park Campus, 19,600 subscrip- 
tions to periodicals and newspapers, plus over 1.5 million 
microform units. 

The Hornbake (Undergraduate) Library has a seating 
capacity of 3,600 students and is among the nation's 
largest. Facilities include color video-tape players and 
playback units, enclosed rooms equipped with instructors 
consoles for the use of nonprint media materials, and 
wireless stereo headsets for tapes of lectures, plays, 
speeches and music. 

Research Facilities 

Among the exceptional research facilities on campus are: 
scanning electron microscopes; three subsonic and one 
supersonic wind tunnel; laboratories for radiation 
research and biochemical reactions; a nuclear training 
reactor; an electron ring accelerator; complete labora- 
tories for the dynamic studies of soils and structures; a 
unique facility utilizing satellite remote sensing data; a 
dynamic photomechanics lab; a precision encoder and 
pattern recognition device; a gravitational radiation 
detection system including a gravimeter and three retro- 
reflector arrays on the Moon; a psychopharmacology lab; 
rotating tanks for laboratory studies of meteorological 
phenomena; a linear accelerator; a high resolution spec- 
troscopy facility; laboratories for basic behavioral 
research; computer simulation and gaming facilities; 
computer graphics, remote sensing and cartographies 
laboratories; specialized sound chambers for audiology 
research; a criminal forensics laboratory; a computer vi- 
sion laboratory; the Astronomy Observatory; a laboratory 
for plasma and fusion energy studies; and the Water Re- 
sources Research Center. 

The College Park Campus also operates one of the 
world's largest and most sophisticated long-wavelength 
radio telescopes (located at Clark Lake in Southern 

In addition to these research opportunities, programs 
in the behavioral sciences, social sciences and education 
exist in many bureaus and institutes including: the 
Bureaus of Business and Economic Research; Educa- 
tional Research and Field Services; Governmental Re- 
search; and Institutes for Child Study; Criminal Justice 
and Criminology; and Urban Studies. 


Academic Costume 

The black caps and gowns worn by the students and 
faculty in the academic procession are of ancient origin. 
They have been the traditional costume of the scholar 
since medieval times and probably represent an adaption 
of ecclesiastical dress since many of the scholars of that 
period were members of monastic orders. 

An intercollegiate commission in 1893 drafted a uni- 
form code for costumes which has since been adopted by 
the majority of colleges and universities in the United 

Each of the three academic degrees — bachelor, master 
and doctor — has its own distinctive gown and hood. The 
bachelor's gown is distinguished by its long pointed 
sleeve. The master's gown has a longer, narrow, closed 
sleeve, extending below the knee; the arm is passed 
through a slit at the elbow. In contrast, the doctor's gown 
has a full bell-shaped sleeve with three bars of velvet. 
The opening of this gown is faced with wide velvet 
bands. The velvet trim may be black or of a color in- 
dicating the general field of learning of the wearer, for 
example, blue for philosophy, green for medicine, purple 
for law. 

The most colorful and distinctive item of the academic 
costume is the hood which passes around the neck and 
extends down the back. The doctor's is the largest of the 
hoods and the bachelor's is the smallest. The bachelor's 
hood is often omitted. The color of the velvet edging in- 
dicates the field of learning. Below is a list of department 
or faculty colors. 


Arts, Letters, Humanities/White 

Business Administration, 

Commercial Science/Drab 
Education/Light Blue 
Fine Arts, Architecture/Brown 
Home Economics/Maroon 

Library Science/Lemon 



Oratory, Speech/Silver Gray 



Philosophy/Dark Blue 

Public Administration. 

Foreign Service/Peacock Blue 
Public Health/Salmon 
Physical Education/Sage Green 
Science/Golden Yellow 
Social Work/Citron 
Theology and Divinity/Scarlet 
Veterinary Sciences/Gray 

The colors of the silk lining exposed in the center of 
the hood are those of the college or university which 
conferred the degree. 

The cap or "mortar board" is uniform in design for ail 
degrees. The tassel may be either black or the color of 
the field of learning. The tassel of the doctor's cap may 
be gold. 

From Europe the use of academic degrees spread to 
English universities. Harvard University, the College of 
William and Mary, and Yale University followed the 
British pattern in the United States. 

Academic Degrees 

The degree is awarded for the successful completion of a 
course of study. There are more than 1,600 different 
academic degrees currently conferred by American col- 
leges and universities. 

The first known degree was a doctorate conferred by 
the University of Bologna (Italy) in the middle of the 12th 
Century. Originally, the doctor's and masters degrees 
were used interchangeably, each indicating that the 
holder was qualified to give instruction to students. The 
bachelors or baccalaureate degree indicated only en- 
trance upon a course of study preparatory to the doc- 
torate or mastership. Gradually, however, the bachelors 
degree came to mean successful completion of one level 
of study preparatory to the higher degrees. 

The Doctor's Degree 

This is a term meaning teacher, or instructor, applied by 
ancient Romans to those who delivered public lectures 
on philosophical subjects. In the Middle Ages, from the 
12th Century, it came into use as a title of honor borne 
by men of great learning. It was first made an academic 
title at the University of Bologna, which received from 
the emperor the right of appointing doctores legum (doc- 
tors of laws). The University of Paris followed in 1 145. 
Soon after, the popes granted the universities the right of 
appointing doctors canonum et decretalium (teachers of 
the canon law), and when the study of civil law came to 
be combined with that of the canon law, the title was 
changed to doctor utriusque juris (teacher of both laws). 
The faculties of theology and medicine followed that of 
law in conferring this title. 

The doctorate in philosophy and science, and occasion- 
ally in theology and law. is given beyond the baccalaure- 

ate degree and requires two to five years of study, the 
writing of a thesis, and the passing of written and oral 
examinations. The doctor's degree represents the most 
advanced earned degree conferred by American institu- 
tions. There are two distinct types: the professional or 
practitioners degree and the research type. The first type 
represents advanced training for the practice of various 
professions, principally Doctor of Medicine, Doctor of 
Dental Surgery, Doctory of Veterinary Medicine, Juris 
Doctor and Doctor of Pharmacy. These degrees carry no 
implication of original research. The University of 
Maryland awarded the first two dental degrees in history, 
on March 9, 1841, and invented the name of the degree, 
D.D.S., as well. 

The second type of doctor's degree is classified as the 
research doctorate representing prolonged periods of ad- 
vanced study, usually accompanied by a dissertation 
which is designed to be a substantial contribution to ex- 
isting knowledge on the subject. The most important of 
these, the Doctor of Philosophy, no longer has an impli- 
cation of philosophy for its holder, but represents ad- 
vanced research in any of the major fields of knowledge. 
It was first awarded in the United States by Yale Univer- 
sity in 1861. 

The first Ph.D. was awarded by The University of Mary- 
land in 1920. 

The Master's Degree 

The master's degree is an academic honor conferred 
upon students who have successfully completed work in 
advance of the baccalaureate. A thesis and an oral ex- 
amination are usually required. The word magister, con- 
nected with a qualifying phrase, was used among the 
Romans as a title of honor, but its present meaning must 
be traced to the time of the establishment of the oldest 
universities. Regularly organized faculties were not then 
known as they now exist in the universities. The whole 
circle of academic activity was limited to seven liberal 
arts, and those who received public honors on the com- 
pletion of their courses of studies, for their diligence and 
knowledge, and had already received the degree of bac- 
calaureate (bachelor) were called magistri artium (master 
of the liberal arts). 

In 1920, the new University of Maryland awarded its 
first M.A. and M.S. degrees in fields other than 

The Bachelor's Degree 

The bachelor's degree represents completion of a four- 
year course of study of collegiate grade and is the oldest 
academic degree used by American institutions of higher 
learning. The degree, Bachelor of Arts, was the first con- 
ferred in America in 1642 on the first nine graduates of 
Harvard College. 

Maryland Agricultural College, which was later to 
become The University of Maryland College Park, 
awarded the first Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of 
Science degrees in 1862. 



Board of Regents 


Allen L. Schwait 
Vice Chairman 

Ralph W. Frey 

A. Paul Moss 

Constance C. Stuart 
Assistant Secretary 

Betty R. Coss 
Assistant Treasurer 

John W. Carlson 
The Hon. Wayne A. Cawley, 

Jr. ex officio 
A. James Clark 
Frank A. Gunther. Jr. 
The Hon. Blair Lee III 
George V. McGowan 
Barbara M. Simmons 
Albert W. Turner 
John W. T. Webb 

Central Administration 
of the University 


John S. Toll 
Executive Vice President 

Albert H. Bowker 
Vice President for 
Academic Affairs 

Rita R. Colwell 
Vice President for Agricultural 
Affairs and Legislative 

Frank L. Bentz, Jr. 
Vice President for General 

Donald L. Myers 
Vice President for 
Graduate Studies and Research 

David S. Sparks 
Wee President for 
Policy and Planning 

Leroy Keith 
Vice President for 
University Relations 

Robert G. Smith 

College Park 

Campus Administration 


John B. Slaughter 
Vice Chancellor for 
Academic Affairs 

William E. Kirwan 
Vice Chancellor for 
Administrative Affairs 

Charles F. Sturtz 
Vice Chancellor for 
Student Affairs 

William L. Thomas, Jr. 


Division of Agricultural and 
Life Sciences 

Allen L. Steinhauer (acting) 
Division of Arts and 

Shirley S. Kenny 
Division of Behavioral and 
Social Sciences 

Murray E. Polakoff 
Division of Human and 
Community Resources 

Muriel R. Sloan 
Division of Mathematical 
and Physical Sciences and 

Frank J. Kerr 


School of Architecture 

John A. Steffian 
School of Public Affairs 

George C. Eads (acting) 
College of Agriculture 

Donald A. Hegwood 
College of Business and 

Rudolph P. Lamone 
College of Education 

George L. Marx (acting) 
College of Engineering 

George E. Dieter, Jr. 
College of Human Ecology 

John R. Beaton 
College of Journalism 

Reese Cieghorn 

College of Library and 
Information Services 

Claude E. Walston 
College of Physical Education. 
Recreation and Health 

George F. Kramer (acting) 
Maryland Campus of the 
VA-MD Region 
College of Veterinary Medicine 

Robert C. Hammond. 
Associate Dean 
Administrative Dean for 
Graduate Studies and Research 

Jacob K. Goldhaber (acting) 
Administrative Dean for Sum- 
mer Programs 

Melvin N. Bernstein 
Administrative Dean for 
Undergraduate Studies 

Robert E. Shoenberg 

Officers of Commencement 


Dr. Donald Maley, 

Professor and Chairman, 

Industrial, Technological 

and Occupational 

University Marshal 
Dr. Don C. Piper, 


Government and Politics. 

Dr. Stewart L. Gordon, 

Professor and Chairman, 

Committee Members 
Mr. Robert J. Belter, 

Principal Specialist 

Agricultural & Resource 

Capt. Ralph W. Bell. 

(Jniversity Police. 
Mr. Edward W. Blackburn. 


Environmental Safety. 
Mrs. Frances P. Cave. 

Nurse Supervisor, 

Health Center. 

Mr. John Sincell, 

Communication Arts and 

Dr. Ulysses S. Glee, 


Student Financial Aid. 
Mrs. Cornelia Goodwin, 

Diploma Office. 
Mr. Elwood H. Gross, 

General Services, 

Physical Plant. 
Mr. Ernest D. Huff, Jr. 

Assistant Director, 

Records & Registrations. 
Mr. Patrick J. Hunt, 


University Relations. 
Mr. George H. Mitchell, 

University Book Center. 
Dr. George F. Kramer. 

Acting Dean, 

College of Physical 

Education, Recreation 

and Health. 
Dr. Leo R. LaSota. 

Assistant Professor, 

Ms. ISancy G. Loomis, 

Dining Services. 
Mr. Matthew W. Sheriff. 


Dining Services. 
Ms. Barri J. Standish, 

Commuter Affairs. 
Mr. Robert T. Stumpff. 

Intercollegiate Athletics. 
Ms. Linda Van Wagenen, 

Office of University 





Terry Sanford 

Honorary Doctor of Laws 

and Convocation Speaker 

Lawyer, educator, political scientist, elected public 
servant — Terry Sanford lays claim to these and other 
titles in a career that spans almost forty years of leader- 
ship for his native state of Morth Carolina. The current 
president of Duke University counts experience that 
ranges from a stint as an FBI agent to running as a can- 
didate for the Democratic vice presidential nomination. 

Terry Sanford was born in Laurinburg. Morth Carolina, 
and attended Presbyterian Junior College and the Univer- 
sity of Morth Carolina at Chapel Hill, where he received 
his A.B. in 1939. He was graduated with a degree in law 
from the University of horth Carolina School of Law in 
1946, following action in the Army Parachute Infantry in 
the European Theatre during World War II. 

Political biographers are fond of the cliche, "meteoric 
rise to political power," but the phrase may well have 
been invented for Terry Sanford. Soon after admission to 
the Morth Carolina Bar. his activity and interest in 
Democratic state politics catapulted him from president 
of the Morth Carolina Young Democratic Clubs to a 
member of the North Carolina State Senate to the gover- 
nor's house in Raleigh, all in the short space of ten years. 

In a state where the gubernatorial race often hinged on 
the question of race, Sanford refused to make race an 

issue in his winning 1960 election bid. At a time when 
Alabama's Gov. George Wallace was standing at the 
schoolhouse door in Tuscaloosa, Sanford urged North 
Carolina toward a policy of racial moderation. As gover- 
nor, he was a popular, progressive leader who empha- 
sized quality education, anti-poverty legislation and 
programs, and the state's commitment to attracting new, 
research-oriented industry. 

Terry Sanford has been president of Duke University in 
Durham since 1969, a period that has seen un- 
precedented growth and stature for that institution. He 
recently completed a term as chairman of the Associa- 
tion of American Universities. 

Sanford was a candidate for the Democratic vice 
presidential nomination in 1976. 

He has authored several books, including Storm Over 
the Slates and But What About the People?, both of which 
date from his days as governor and his active involve- 
ment with anti-poverty campaigns, and the more recent 
A Danger of Democracy: The Presidential Nomination 

Terry Sanford numbers among his awards honorary 
degrees from nearly twenty institutions of higher learn- 
ing. Today he is awarded an Honorary Doctor of Laws. 


for Degrees 

AUGaST 1984 

Doctor of Philosophy 

rSikhilesh Banerjee 

English: Textual Formalism 
in Modem Critical Theory. 

Anne Heineman Batory 
Hunnan Development: 
Childrearing and Helping 
Behauiors in Young 

Lateef Lekan Bello 

Agronomy: A Recurrent 
Selection Program [or In- 
creasing Seed Yield in 

Alba Cappuccia BenBarka 
Curriculum and Instruction: 
Effects of Induced Schemata 
Upon Intermediate and Ad- 
vanced High School ESOL 
Students' Comprehension. 

Dorothy Anne Bezold 

Human Development: The 
Interactive Influence of 
Reward Structure with 
Perceived Control In Affec- 
ting Children's Intrinsic 

Gerlind E. Bode 

Comparative Literature: Wo 
sind Shakespeare's 
Schwestern heute? Eine 
vergleichende Studie 
amerikanischer und 
deutscher Dramatikerinnen 
der Gegenwart. 

Diane Mary Bunce 

Curriculum and Instruction: 
The Effects of Teaching a 
Comprehensive and Explicit 
Approach to Problem Solv- 
ing on the Achievement of 
College Chemistry Students 
of Differing Logical 
Mathematical Reasoning 

Ruth Gibson Carrington 

English: The Later Poems of 
Marianne Moore: A Literary 
Case Study. 

Ertugrul Casur 

Chemical Engineering: 
Sorption and Permeation of 
Hydrocarbons in Ethyl- 
cellulose, Nitrocellulose and 
Their Blends. 

John Michael Cavallo 

Physics: Oxygen Adsorption 
on Single Crystal Tin at Liq- 
uid Helium Temperatures. 

Shyh-Fong Chen 

Chemistry: Mechanistic and 
Synthetic Aspects of N-1- 
Trialkyl-silylprop-2-en- 1 -yl 
Iminium Salts and 2-Aza- 1 , 
3-diene Chemistry. 

Brian Jeffrey Cook 

Government and Politics: 
The Politics of Regulatory 
Form: An Analysis of Policy 
Choice in Environmental 

James Edward Coolahan, Jr. 
Computer Science: The 
Specification of Timing Re- 
quirements for Real-Time 
Systems Using Time Petri 

Patrick James Creary 

Government and Politics: 
Evaluating Theories of War. 

Diana Doreen Dahlgren 

Psychology: An Evaluation 
of Parent Education for 
Court-Referred Abusive 

Ronald Gerald Dalrymple 
Psychology: A Comparison 
of Creativity Stimulating Pro- 
grams Based on Cognitive, 
Affective, and Behavioral 

Timothy Pettit Daniel 

Economics: Capital Tax In- 
cidence in a Two Sector 
Model with Three Factors of 

Douglas Alan Dotson 
Chemistry: Chemical 
Modification of Natural 
Waters by Treatment with 

Samuel Charles Edwards 
Zoology: The Possible Role 
of Octopamine as a Neuro- 
hormone in Limulus poly- 
phemus During Low Salin- 
ity Adaptation. 

Elisa Louis Elliot 
Microbiology: The 
Microbiological Quality of 
Chesapeake Bay Blue Crabs 
and Oysters. 

Mary Gertrude Enig 
Nutritional Sciences: 
Modification of Membrane 
Lipid Composition and 
Mixed-Function Oxygenase 
in Mouse Liver Microsomes 
by Dietary Trans Fatty 

Margaret Ann Evans 
Criminal Justice and 
Criminology: Factors Deter- 
mining Willingness to Use 
the Formal Legal System. 

Rosalie B. Fedoruk 
Human Development: 
Therapeutic Touch Two as It 
Affects the Stress Level of 
Infants in an Intensive Care 

Etienne Forest 

Physics: Lie Algebraic 
Methods for Charged Parti- 
cle Beam and Light Optics. 

Edith Eckenroth Gates 

Music: The Effect of Multi- 
Image. Multi-Media Related 
Arts Programs on Cognitive 
and Affective Learning by 
Undergraduate Non-Music 
Majors in a Music Literature 

Chackulathu Abraham George 
Education Policy, Planning 
and Administration: The Ef- 
fect of Western Education 
on Inter-Caste Social 
Behavior: A Case Study of 
Hindu Indian Nationals in 
the Washington Metropolitan 

James Emerson Green 
American Studies: The 
Many Faces of John 

Mary Kathleen Held 

Curriculum and Instruction: 
An Exploratory Study of the 
Effects of Resequencing 
Skills and Concepts in an 
Applied Calculus Curriculum 
Through the Use of the 

Ronald Paul Hill 

Business and Management: 
The Impact of Interpersonal 
Anxiety on Information Pro- 
cessing Decision Making: 
The Case of the Consumer. 

14 August Doctors 

John William Keller 

Chemistry: Some Studies of 
Laser-Matter Interactions in 
the Gas Phase. 

Eun Ae Kim 

Textiles and Consumer 
Economics: Studies on the 
Mechanism of Formaldehyde 
Release from Fabrics 
Treated with Selected Com- 
mercial Durable Press 

Suella Myers Klevenow 

Curriculum and Instruction: 
The Nature of Prereading 
Lessons Conducted by Fifth 
and Sixth Grade Teachers 
for High and Low Reading 

Lori Jane Klingler 

Chemistry: Mechanistic In- 
vestigations on the Photo- 
reduction Reactions of 
ti-methyl-phthalimide and 
N-melhyl-2 .3-naphlhalimide. 

Faith Fuller Koch 

Psychology: Therapist 
Strategic Intentions and the 
Client's Ability to Perceive 

Michael Steven Korth 

Physics: Critical Dynamics 
in Superfluid Helium. 

Kenneth Ray Krack 

Physics: Measurements of 
the Mechanical Quality Fac- 
tor of Single Crystal Silicon 
and Sapphire at Milli- Kelvin 

Vera Aber Krischik 

Entomology: The Role of 
Temporal and Spatial 
Variability in Leaf Nitrogen. 
Water Content. Resin and 
Toughness in the Interaction 
Between Irirhabda bacaridis 
(Weber) (Coleoptera: Chry- 
somelidae) and its Host 
Baccharis halimifolia L. 
L. (Compositae). 

JyhYee Lan 
Chemistry: The 
Photochemistry of Arene- 
Iminium Sail Systems. 
Mechanistic and Synthetic 
Aspects of Arene- 
Pyrrolinium Salt Photoaddi- 
tion and Photocyclization In- 
itiated by Electron Transfer. 

Cynthia Lee 

Business and Management; 
MBO Program 
Characteristics and In- 
dividual Performance 
Moderated by Type A Per- 
sonality Characteristics. 

Chun Wah Li 

Applied Mathematics: 
Almost Sure Stability, Op- 
timal Control and Schedul- 
ing of Stochastic Systems 
with Point Process 

Claude Matthews Ligon 

Civil Engineering: Highway 
Safety Improvements Deci- 
sion Model. 

Shenn-Yi Lo 

Economics: The Effect of 
Foreign Assistance on the 
Public Fiscal Behavior in the 
Recipient Economy. 

Kenneth Carmine Maffei 
Physics: High Resolution 
Measurement of Electron 
Velocity Distributions in a 

Ellen K. McGladeMcCulloh 
Zoology: Serotonin's 
Modulation of Acetylcholine 
Induced Contractures of the 
Leech Everter Muscle. 

Michele Morrison Michael 
Human Development: 
Perceptions of Parenting 
Behaviors: A Comparison of 
Pre-Adolescents Living in 
Single Parent and Two- 
Parent Families. 

Patricia Diehl Millner 
MarineEstuarine En- 
vironmental Sciences: 
Epiphytic Microorganisms in 
Cotton Dust and Their Role 
in Byssinosis. 

Janko Milutinovic 

Physics: Matter-Antimatter 
Transition Operators: A 
Manual for Modeling. 

Allen I. Mincer 

Physics: The Time Structure 
of Hadrons in Cosmic Ray 
Air Showers Observed at 
Sea Level. 

Bruce Francis Molino 

Chemistry; Studies Toward 
the Asymmetric Synthesis of 
Streptovaricin A and 
Rifamycin S — A Carbohy- 
drate Based Approach. 

Chung In Moon 

Government and Politics; 
Political Economy of Third 
World Bilateralism: The 
Saudi Arabian- Korean Con- 
nection, 1973-1983. 

Soung Hong Moon 

Agricultural Engineering; 
Analysis of Combined 
Natural and Forced Convec- 
tion Around Cylinder and 

Laura Christine Kinsey 


Pseudoisotopies and Sub- 
mersions of a Compact 
Manifold to the Circle. 

Mohammad Moizuddin 


Entomology: In Vivo and 
In Vitro Metabolism of Fen- 
valerate, by Japanese Quail 
( Coutumix coturnix japonica) 
and Rat ( Ratlus norwegicus) . 

Maureen Jane Nemecek 
American Studies: A 
Cultural History of the Voice 
of America, 1962-1982: 
The Debate is the Culture. 

John Jay Mestor 

Applied Mathematics; 
Uniform Asymptotic Approx- 
imations of Solutions of Sec- 
ond Order Linear Differential 
Equations with a Simple 
Turning Point and a Simple 

Ann Bruce Nevius 

Measurement. Statistics 
and Evaluation; Techniques 
for Combining 2x2 Con- 
tingency Tables: A Simula- 
tion Study. 

rSancy Mary O'Hara 
Health Education: An 
Evaluation of a Heart Health 
Nutrition Curriculum in Col- 
umbia, South Carolina 
Elementary Schools. 

Wen-Lea Pearn 

Applied Mathematics: 
Capacitated Chinese 
Postman Problem. 

Tsaiyun Phillips 

Computer Science: Decom- 
position of 3-D Arrays Into 
Simple Objects. 

August Doctors 15 

Virginia Hatcher Pilato 

Curriculum and Instruction: 
The Independent Learning 
Behaviors of Preadolescent 
Students Using the Problem 

Karen Vandermause Pincus 
Business and Management: 
Fraud Detection Ability: In- 
diuidual Differences and 
Their Relationship to 
Cognitive Style Differences. 

Betty Louise Piummer 

History: A History of Public 
Health in Washington, D.C., 
1800- 1890. 

Mohammed Karim Radjai 
Chemical Engineering: 
Steady and Transient State 
Kinetics of Microbial Produc- 
tion of Amino Acids. 

John Theodore Rynn 

Human Development: A 
Study of Personal and Social 
Dimensions of Identified 
Potentially Gifted Culturally 
Diverse Students and Peers 
Enrolled in Gifted and 
Regular Programs. 

Carole L. Seyfrit 

Sociology: The Effect of 
Fear of Success on Attribu- 
tions About Impending Suc- 
cess and Impending Failure. 

Scott Richard Shaw 

Entomology: A Phylogenetic 
Study of the Subfamily 
Euphorinae (Hymenoptera: 

Elizabeth Padgett Sherbow 
Counseling and Personnel 
Services: Effects of Self- 
Efficacy and Attributional 
Style on College Students' 
Spelling Achievement. 

16 August Doctors 

Fuhua Sheu 

Civil Engineering: Optimum 
Design of Welded Plate 
Girder Bridge. 

Charles Bruce Smith 

Nuclear Engineering: Com- 
parison of the Long Term 
Health Impact of Two Poten- 
tial High-Level Radio-Active 
Waste Repositories. 

Fuad Gattaz Sobrinho 

Business and Management: 
A Software Management 

David Geoffrey Stork 

Physics: Phase Reconstruc- 
tion, Optimal Stimuli. Con- 
verging Stimuli, and Spatio- 
Temporal Models of Human 

Frank Mark Sturniolo, Jr. 
Psychology: The Form of 
Counselor Delivered Inter- 
pretations and Effectiveness 
of Brief Personal Counseling 
with Depressed Clients. 

Narayanswamy Subramanian 
Business and Management: 
Determinants of Foreign In- 
vestment and Related 

Gertrude Beata Summers 
Psychology: The Influence 
of Age Stereotypes and At- 
tributions of Causality for 
Success and Failure. 

Kryzysztof Szymonik 

History: Messianism in the 
Novels of Henryk 

Antonio Chofai Ting 

Physics: Vortices of Two 
Dimensional Guiding Center 

Richard Parks Tobin 

Physical Education: The Ef- 
fectiveness of Training Pre- 
Adolescent Females at Work 
Intensities Relative to Their 
Anaerobic Thresholds — An 

Eugene Raymond Tracy 
Physics: A Study of 
Quasiperiodic Solutions of 
the Nonlinear Schrodinger 
Equation and the Nonlinear 
Modulational Instability. 

Jitsuo Tsuchiyama 

Government and Politics: 
Alliance in Japanese Foreign 
Policy: Theory and Practice. 

Cherng Yih Wang 

Chemical Engineering: The 
Effect of Dispersed Phase 
Viscosity on Drop Breakup 
in Agitated Liquid-Liquid 

Robert L. Weiler 

Electrical Engineering: 
Microwave Generation from 
Rotating Electron Layers. 

Rosemary Doheny Weiler 
Special Education: Com- 
munication Skills of Hearing 
Impaired College Students 
and Academic Achievement. 

Elizabeth Winter Wolpaw 
Biochemistry: Chloride 
Transport in a Glioma Cell 

Arthuree Rosemille Wright 
Library and Information 
Services: An Assessment of 
Content and Authorship in 
Urban Education Journal 

Nur Yazdani 

Civil Engineering: Risk 
Analysis of Extending Serv- 
ice Life of Bridges. 

Aileen Marie Yurek 

Electrical Engineering: Op- 
tical Control of Millimeter- 
Waves in Semiconductor 

Craig Dennis Zamuda 
Marine-Estuarine En- 
vironmental Sciences: The 
Bioavailability of Copper to 
the American Oyster, 
Crassostrea Virginia : The 
Role of Chemical Speciation. 

Doctor of Education 

Frederic Russell Hildenbrand 
Curriculum and Instruction: 
The Development and 
Piloting of an Observation 
Instrument to be Used in 
Observing Reading Com- 
prehension Instruction. 

Virginia A. Johnson 

Curriculum and Instruction: 
The Effects of Kinetic Struc- 
ture and Micrograph Content 
on Achievement in Reading 
Micrographs by College 
Biology Students. 

Merle Miller Marsh 

Curriculum and Instruction: 
Computer Assisted Instruc- 
tion in the Social Studies: 
Development and Evaluation 
of a Series of Computer Pro- 
grams for Middle School 

Barbara Hurd Wilson 

Curriculum and Instruction: 
Prewriting Behaviors of Field 
Dependent and Field In- 
dependent College Freshmen 
in a Remedial Writing 

Doctor of Music 

Lily Hood Gunn 

Music: Owl of the Desert, 
An Original Opera Based on 
the Story of King David. 

Frederick Alan Speck 

Music: Concerto for Wind 

Master of Arts 

Ahmed Alwan AIMadhagi 
Patricia Elizabeth Aspland 
Sandhia Bansal 
Alvaro BarrosLemez 
Anne Marie Behneman 
Brian Franz Bradford 
John Michael Brozena 
MacGregor Alan Burns 
Elizabeth Marie Carl 
William Bernard Cavanaugh 
Bruce Cox Cecchini 
Donna Marie Clark 
Michael David Class 
Caria Kaessinger Coupe 
MarieLise Cox 
Marthe Dayer 
Garland Bonifant DeMarco 
Constantine Alexander Deris 
Karen Katharine Domenici 
Cheryl Mindy Ehrlich 
Nanette Jacobs Felloney 
Thomas Aquinas Fox 
Janice H. Gordon 
Shirley Lee Hauch 
Ursula Rita Heins 
Dabney Melissa Hilbish 
Karen Elaine Holtzman 
Mary Michael Howard 
Susan Diane James 
Sandra Lynn Keehner 
William Edward Knight IV 
Brenda Jean Knowles 
Georges Gabay Korsun 
Marcia B. Kraft 
Celeste LaCamera 
Patricia Lorraine Larson 
Sally Ryung Lee 
Cheryl Joanne Leman 
Jeffrey Daniel Leone 
Sandra Lamb Leong 
Pamela Tyler Lindstrom 
Douglas London 
Nels Harold Magelssen 
Maureen Frances M'-Ginn 
Teresa E. Means 
Terry Slagle Melo 
Gregory D. Mills 
Lorrine Smith Owen 
Lynn Marie Owens 
Andrew Charles Palmer 

Sharon Anne Randall 
Robin Sue Rosenberg 
Karen W. Satin 
Barry Eugene Saunders, Jr. 
Rudolf L. Schreiber 
Carol S. Schwartz 
Simmona Elizabeth Simmons 
Filomena Lee Sitler 
Pamela Hope Sommers 
Cynthia Spears Sparrow 
Malle Anne Tagamets 
Helen Ruth Tibbo 
Timothy A. Triplett 
Katharine Bliss Wassmann 
Caroline Y. Watler 
Stacy Terry Wood 

Master of Science 

Christian Matthias Bader 
David L. Barton 
Mehmet Husnu Bayar 
Nabih Elias Bedewi 
Gerald Edward Berney 
Barbara Ann Boswell 
Kimberly Ann Bowen 
Robert Raymond Brewer 
Paul Charles Broe 
Victoria Lee Brown 
Patrice Thomasena Caldwell 
Jean-Pol Denis Chapelier 
Huei Chen 
Lan-Lan Chen 
Leon Chuck 
Cindra Smith Condra 
John Paul Corless. Jr. 
Luz A Cort^sBurgos 
Bruce Armand Coulombe 
Eric Lee Dahlstrom 
Janice Lynn DeLucia 
Peter Helmut Heinz Distler 
Mark Fitzgerald Doherty 
Laura Ann Dufresne 
Debora Ann Durant 
Roger Diack Eastman 
Paul Clifford Eschbach 
Carl Kurt Esche, Jr. 
Gary Thomas Fisher 
Paul Glen Flikkema 
Yury Flom 

Donald Wayne Garner 
Debra Rebecca Green 
Sharon Linda Greene 
Kerry Buckel Greer 
E. Jane Groves 
Kong Quy Ha 
Robert Oliver Harrison 
Hilton Louis Harrod 
Thomas Lees Hartman. Jr. 
Steven Lee Howell 
YaoTsz Hsu 
Fupei Hu 

ShyhYuan Hwang 
Venugopal Grama Iyengar 
Jeremy Fischer Jacobs 
James Albert Jersey 
Rhonda Felece Jeter 
Ahmad Kassaee 
Nader Kazor 
Gordon Douglas Kirk 
Joanne Bassan Klapholz 
Cynthia Ann Kline 
Nancy Louise Koles 
Thomas Gerard Krappweis 
Sandhya V. Kulkarni 
Geojoe Kuruvila 
Francis Peter Lanzer III 
Theodore N. LaRosa 
Christine Marie Larsen 
Gregg Herbert Larson 
Donna Dismuke Lenaghan 
Zheng-Yang Liu 
Robert John MacDowall 
Albert J. Martins 
Sarah Beeckman McCoy 
Maura Curran McMullen 
Philip Gregory McQueen 
Michael William Miller 
David Peter Moran 
John Edward Moskaitis 
Susan Wangeci Mwangi 
Barindra N. Nag 
Marion Frances Nicoll 
Michael Shane Ovington 
Robert Stanton Peregoy 
Lynn Ann Pocock 
Sussan Pourjavid 
Judith Ridinger Pugh 
Debra Grace Reames 

August Doctors/Masters 17 

Kenneth James Ritter 
Susan Weber Roig 
Brian Marshall Sadler 
Eduardo Sainz 
Carmen Delia Samuel 
Janelle Levy Sandford 
Juan Carlos Santamarina 
Mark E. Schmid 
ChiaTeh Shen 
Chengya Shih 
David Alan Shook 
Yeu-Hwa Shyy 
Sarvajit Sahay Sinha 
Stephen Benjamin Smith 
Sang Hyuk Son 
David B. Stewart 
Muralidhara Subbarao 
Ann Gilliam Swope 
Richard Mark Taverna 
Owrang Vahid-Ekbatani 
Jyh-Chyang Alex Wang 
Sha Wong 
Sau-Mou Wu 
Sihua Xu 
Jennifer L. Yoon 
ShaoTi Yu 

Master of Education 

Anne H. Allsopp 
Ellen Doris Beisel 
Mina Louise Boul 
Maryann M. Bourassa 
Katura Rejetta Carey-Harvey 
Judith Crawford Chunn 
Anne Elizabeth DiVirgiilo 
Linda Lee Edick 
Felicia Silas Essien 
Alice Ellen LaRusso 
Patsy Bach Martin 
Barbara Ann Murray 
James Molan 
Martha Reed 
John Joseph Ryan 
Thomas Edward Short, Jr. 
Sondra Edith Mandel Snyder 
Qeraldine B. Stone 
Jonnie J. Swisher 
Pamela Thornton Thomas 

M. Alice Roith Wagoner 
Joanne Marie Weistling 

Master of Business 

Donald Craig Bartnick 
Kathy ShihHeng Chang 
Robert V. Chioini 
William Terry Costolo 
James Everett DeOlden 
Catherine Ann Hampel 
Patricia Eileen Healy 
Joan Kaplan 
Clinton James Latimer 
Judith Cipriano Levine 
Rosalind Hughes Malone 
Jay Meisenhelder 
Herbert Alan Mewborn 
David Scott Phillips 
Marta Marie Quinn 
John Daniel Rhoad, Jr. 
Patrick John Richitt 
Jerry Richard Turner 

Master of Music 

Socrates Armenak Boyajian 
Alice Lillegard Maxfield 
Michael Louis Poxon 
Jeffrey Tennyson Ross 
Hui-Yen Tseng 

Master of Library 

John P. Adams 
Ruby Redmond Ballard 
Hedi Bena'i'cha 
Julia Deborah Binder 
David Russell Blumberg 
Mary Kay Bowman 
Anne O'Hora Broderick 
Timothy John Brown 
Caria Kaessinger Coupe 
Alan Simpson Crosby 
James Nicholas Davis 
Ann Marie Dickenson 
Steven Clifford Elkins 

Janice Blaney Hauck 
Charles Michael Kelley 
Linda llene Lepper 
Phyllis R. Lyons 
Pamela I. Mandel 
Michele Annette McSween 
Mark Dunstan Merrifield 
Mireille Rotfus Meyers 
Mary Hilton Ogle 
Mironda Verdelia Peace 
Nancy Rosander Peck 
Kenneth Roy Peyton 
John Joseph Reisig 
Kimmon Constance Richards 
Margaret Ellen Shank 
Jeanne Drapeau Tifft 
Ellen Ruth Walston 
Margaret M. Wessels 
Catharine Clark Woods 
Martha Cheatham Yancey 

Master of 

Cynthia Andersen-Dougherty 

Master of Public 

Anne Waddington Schanche 


Master of Education 

August 31. 1984 

Pamela Freeman Arnold 
Allen L. Baxter 
Deborah L. Borio 
James C. Cox 
Dawn L. DeGweck 
Robin J. Eggeman 
Ruth Garth 

Amy Sue Kurjanowicz 
Evelyn Elaine Laughlin 
Teresa L. Morrelli 
William Ernest Nelson 
Erin McCawley Renn 
Martha Sajiun 
Marita Anne Santin 
Ronald Eugene Stephens 
Annetta Browdy Weaver 
Mary Reilly Yurkosky 


Master of Education 

August 30. 1984 

Penny Noland Gaffney 
Junius William Johnson 
Alma M. Mitchell 
Ma.Corazon Pamittan- 


Doctoral Level: 
Joseph N. Sirois 

Master's Level: 
Gertrude Beata Summers 

18 August Masters/Certificates 


College of Agriculture 

Bachelor of Science 

Henry Abraham 

Burton Eugene Brewer. Jr. 

Johnathan Paul Joseph 

Robert Wayne Hessler 
Charles Lengal III 
Joan Marie Mauritzen 
Moshe David Mehlman 
Rudolph Francis Schafert, Jr. 
Randy Hope Schwartz 
George John Stephanik 
Susan Carol Vance 

Division of Agricultural 
and Life Sciences 

Bachelor of Science 

Eliot Anong Atekwana 
Kathleen Marie Baffone 
Regina Teresa Baratta 
Thomas Michael Barth 
James E. Bell 
Jong Myun Choe 
Lionel Feigenbaum 
Leon Ricardo Gaither 
Alan Irvin Huber 
Ellen Jean Kite 
Monique Marie Koob 
Alicia Anne Lampe 
David Charles Landguth 
Gwen Elizabeth Lee 
Roger Lee. Jr. 
Stacie Reagan MacDonald 
Mark David Mackler 
Robert Jay Mervis 
Mahesh K. Sastry 
William Saway 
Marc Joel Stein 
Albert Taylor Stultz 
Suzanne Elaine Sublett 
Guy Alexander Tomassoni 

tAjay Verma 
James Donne Weigel. 
John Charles Wiger 



School of Architecture 

Bachelor of Science 

Morgan Pinckney Bodie III 
Roger Thell Greenwald 
Mark Dennis Hughes 
Timothy Brian Kearns 

College of Journalism 

Bachelor of Science 

Jason Ross Barrett 
Heidi J. Bohi 
Debra Ann Cerri 

•Michael Curran 

tFrances Helen Deveney 
Audrey Mae Flickinger 
Teresa June Franklin 
Stephen Gaskill 
Debra Jeanne Gochman 
Shellee M. Haynesworth 
Philip Howard Hosmer 
Kimberly Ann Keyes 
James Paul Ledet 
Layne Ward Price 
Leonard Scott Rappaport 
Louis Bruce Ritter 
Eve Allison Schaefer 
Neil Scott Schuman 
Laura Ann Slyman 
Diane Martha Thomas 

Division of Arts and 

Bachelor of Arts 

Jacqueline Anne Accorti 
§Victor Larke Augustine 

Amelia Gayle Bendersky 

Christine Marie Bilicki 

Elizabeth Gifford Blair 

Stacey Ann Boehm 

Ellen Starling Bright 

Toiya Mone Butler 
§Mitchell Aaron Cahan 

Vern Edgar Caswell 

Teresa Ann Collins 

Mark Millard Collmer 

Joyce Anne Curran 

James Dadey 

Gregg Alan Davis 

Russell Alan Davis 

Maria Teresa de la Pezuela 

Henry Peter Del Bianco. Jr. 

Gary Totten Dorr 

Gerard Anthony Ender 

Kelly Marie Fennel 
•David Moshe Fishman 

Glenn Russell Gardner 

Patrick John Goggins 

Teri Sue Gordon 

Kathryn Ellen Gross 

Pamela Jane Grossman 

Lauren Gail Hamlin 

Paula Doris Hammond 

Diane S. Hase 

Leroy Joseph Hedgepeth 

Kimra Traynor Herb 

Scott Cameron Hinrichs (two 

Keith McPherson Hoffman 

Azita Houshyar 

Keith E. A. Jacobs 

Mindy Jeanne Jaffee (two 

Christian Frank Jordan 

Robert James Kelly. Jr. 

Spencer Hagen Kelly 

Warren Dwight Knox 

Patricia Lorraine Korolevich 

Jean Louise Kramer 

Carole A. Langrall 

Shari Lewis 
•Rose Seals Love 

Vyviahn E. Martinez 

Anneca G. Matrakas 

Patrick McCawley 

Mary Gayle McClain 

Kevin John McCullough 

Sharlene Elizabeth McDuffie 

Alice Jean Miles 
tPrudence Melanie Miller 
•Leslie Diane Milofsky (two 

Christine Maria Montoya 

Deana Mae Morrison 

Naoko June Namioka 

Julie Denise Mathanson 

Beth-Ellen Neff 

Malcolm Roy Nichols 

Masami Nishikawa 

Mark William Oakley 

Neal Francis O'Hara 

Mary Elizabeth Oswald 

Yetunde Dolores Owolabi 

Thomas Victor Panagos 

Vered Pefeferkorn 

Mary Katherine Pfelfer 

Glenn Maurice Redd 

Linda S. Roth 

Sim Suk Seo 

Daniel Franklyn Shea 

Ivy Karen Slater (two 

Ronald William Smith 

Karen Elizabeth Stephens 

Jacqueline Strong 

Maureen Lisa Theberge 

John Thomas 

Caroline Jean Tison 

Monique Simone Vandamme 

Anna M. Waller 

Jeffrey Davis Weingarten 

Laura Lynn Wesley 

Joyce Esther Wishnia 
•Christine Wojtkowiak 

Robin Elinor Wolff 

Robert S. Workman 

Paul Raymond Yazge 

Pamela Eve Zeltzer 

§Summa Cum Laude: tMagna Cum Laude: •Cum Laude 

August Bachelors 19 


College of Business and 

Bachelor of Science 

Maurice James Acriche 

Daniel Abba Akman 

Marc Assaraf 

Helen McManus Atkinson 

Mark Lee Ball 
§David Gabriel Ballesteros 

Francisco Dasmarinas Banda 

Lisa Elaine Bellman 

Nancy Ellen Berman 

Mary Elizabeth Bersson 

Ruth Elaine Besser 

Cynthia Fay Blecker 

Richard David Brackley 

William Allen Brandler 

Abby Robin Brier 

Debra Anniece Brockington 
§Eileen Brophy 

Penny Maria Brous 

Linda Ann Buckles 

Cherie Monique Caldwell 

Bryan Albert Canal 

Robert John Carr 

Teresa Jane Carroll 

Teri Lyn Cathey 

Tracy Joan Cell 

Elizabeth Anne Cermak 

Steven Gary Chase 

Steven Craig Chiccehitto 

Louis Andrew Chuey 

Timothy Scott Cochran 

Mary Elizabeth Costello 

Joseph Culmone, Jr. 

Francis Boyd Curley, Jr. 

Tracey Ellen Dahne 

Carolyn Jane Davidson 

Paul Earl Davis 

Michael Robert Devlin 

William Craig Doering 

Joseph Christopher Edwards 
*John Bentley Emerson 

Linda Hesseltine Feldman 

Wendy Jan Futterweit 
Scott Bruce Galbraith 
Karen L. Goebert 
Kathryn Mary Golden 
Stuart Dennis Goldman 
Mitchell Evan Gray 
Carlos Alberto Guevara 
Richard Louis Gundling 
John Francis Haben, Jr. 
Gregory Bill Hangemanole 
John Christopher Hansen 
Christopher John Hayes 
Susan Elizabeth Hemler 
Bruce Jordan Hirshan 
Leesia Catherine Huffner 
Michael Edward Isbell 
Ronald Scott Jaffe 
Melissa Lee James 
Jane Melanie Jenkins 
Cassandra Ophelia Johnson 
Lawrence Glenn Kinsey 
Jeffrey Marc Klein 
Richard Orin Koch, Jr. 

fWarren Douglas Koff 
Patricia Lorraine Korolevich 
ChaoHsiu Lai 
Perry Arnold Lewis 
Christopher Bohm Locke 
Carmelita L. Lopez 
Byron Lynn Love 
Derek Samuel Love 
Stephen E. Maharam 
Steven Mark Maisel 
rSirmal Kumar Manuel 
Daniel Frederick Marcus 
llisa Jan Margolies 
Barbara Ann Marquardt 
Suzanne Shioutakon McClure 
Stephen John McCulloch 
Olga Anatolievna McKenzie 
Brian Paul Meehan 
Ruth Ann Monroe 
Patricia Ann Morgen 
Greg Joseph Morley 
Carol Janice Munn 
Michael I. Myers 

* Susan L. Myers 
Beth-Ellen Meff 

*Carl Ivar Melson 
David Brian Memeroff 

Michael Anthony Nowak 
Raymond Pace Oglesby 
David Lewis Page 

* Douglas Reginald Painter 
Deborah Aurora Parks 
Laurie Ellen Plapinger 
David Joseph Queen 
Gloria T. Serafini Ralph 
Patricia Anne Roder 
Steven Paul Rollin 
Matthew James Rowan 
Shafique Steven Saigol 
Jeffrey William Satz 
Harry Walter Schiller 
Kenneth Adolph Schulden 
Larry Glen Schweitzer 
Samuel Abram Seidler 
Josh S. Shapiro 
Kenneth Alfred Shea 
Michael Charles Shieh 
Scott Evan Siegel 
Brett Lee Silbert 
Brent Willsden Simmons 
Donald Joseph Slowinski, Jr. 
Teresa Woods Smith 
Brian Christopher Stavish 
Brian Lawrence Stinchcomb 
Edward Alan Stutsky 
Christopher John Sullivan 
Monica Mary Swanhart 
Grayson Carter Taff 
David W. Tawes 
Benjamin Thelwell 
Jennifer Susan Tucker 
Harry Tun 

Emily Gilson VanDeventer 
Stephen James Von Wald 
Kristin Michelle Walker 
Michael Evan Warshaw 
Phyllis Ann Brown Watkins 
Bruce Mitchell Weinstein 
Howard Steven Weinstein 
Gail Cynthia Weiss 
Michael Anthony Welsh 
Charles Michael Wheeler 
Rolf Mendrick Winch 
Christine Diane Wolf 
Wesley Roy Wright 

*Kent William Ziegler 
Joseph Orlando Zuccaro 

Division of Behavioral and 
Social Sciences 

Bachelor of Arts 

Gladys Magdalena Albornoz 
Renee Ann Alexander 
Jill Annette Arnold 
Carlton Maurice Arrendell 
Patricia Horta Barbosa 
Guillermo Jose Bascuhana 
James Leonard Beall 
Martin Allen Beck 
Michael George Bell 
Garry Deaxi Best 
Carroll Lober Bollinger, Jr. 
Ines Mary Bonanni 
Evelyne Andree Botbol 
Mark Jeffrey Bowman 
John Franklyn Bradshaw 
Thomas William Bury 
Stephen Michael Byrnes 
Thomas Calomiris 
Daniel Bostic Campbell II 
John Victor Campeotto 

fRobert Stephen Carroll 
Russell Lloyd Coburn 
John Charles Condray 
Thomas Edward Connor 
Elizabeth McCabe Curley 
Paul Frank DeFilippes 
Luis Felipe de Lucio Olivares 
Erica Delver 
Stephen William Di Rito 
Mary Theresa Doyle 
Ellen Del Valle Encarnacion 
Kathryn Celeste English 
Jane D'Arcy Femiano 
Edwin Francisco Figueroa 
Catherine Anne Gibbons 
Leslie Ann Godsey 
Steven Marc Goldhirsh 
Anita Anna Gottschalk 
Michael Richard Greaney 
John Allen Gregg 
Gwendolyn Dorothy Gregory 
Minoo Hadighi 

* Haidee Hanna 
Raymond A. Hattenburg 
Liane Llane Heggy 

20 August Bachelors 

§Summa Cum Laude; fMagna Cum Laude; *Cum Laude 

Karleen Marie Higgins 

Rebecca Gabrielle Howe 

Douglas Earle Howland 

Rodney W. Hsing 

Jimmy Hu 

Gerald Samuel Johnston 

Gregory Christopher Jordan 

Eileen Kao 

W. Wickliffe Kelley 

Spencer Hagen Kelly 

Christine Louise 

Andrew Edward Kostecka 
Kathryn Anne Kress 
Robert Joseph La Hood 
Michael Spencer Lampiris 
Jean Lanzafame 
Jeanne Marie Laster 
Harry Louis Legum 
John Michael Lemmon, Jr. 
Bonnie Jocelyn Levin 
Terrence Clark Liff 
Thomas Raymond Lishman 
Loretta M. Logan 
Joseph Arthur Long III 
Daniel Edward Lynch 
Matthew Joseph McCann 
Michael Scott Miller 
Speros Micholas Miller 
Gina Christine Millunzi 
Kenneth Elwood Moffett. Jr. 
Laura Kellie Moffett 
Peter John Murphy 
Stephen Keith Malley 
Lauren Eve Nanna 
Stephen Andrew Mess 
Raymond Pace Oglesby 
Louis Joel Ortiz 
Jin Eun Park 
Esther Lynne Perry 
Abigail Lee Pollay 
John William Puente 
Merideth Lee Rankin 
Sally Catherine S. Reeder 
Kristin Jan Reinhard 
Robyn A. Renza 
John Gregory Richardson. 

Michael Raymond Rittenberg 
Debra Karen Rosen 

Daniel Thomas Rupinski, Jr. 
Lenore Elizabeth Saari 
Rita Elizabeth Sabatini 
Lisa Marie Salvino 
Rachel Hannah Sattler 
Sim Suk Seo 
Darlene Camille Sexton 
Deborah Ann Sickle 
Kirk Gates Simpkins 
Joel Sinclaire Sisenwein 
Janette Elizabeth Smith 
Robin J. Smith 
Curt Thomas Sullan 
Suzie Taiaat 
Kaewkamol Tantixalerm 
Benjamin D. Taub 
Efrosini Lisa Theodore 
Brian Ricardo Thomas 
Asimina Thomopoulos 
Leah Dawn Thompson 
Linn Turpin 

Susan Elizabeth Vavreck 
Deirdre Keegan Walker 
Anthony Mohammed Wasfi 
Victor Weissberg 
Kirk D. Whitaker 
Jeffrey Lynn Winter 
David Wong 

Bachelor of Science 

George Rana Crider 
Tracy Marie Jacobs 
Susan Maria Roka 
Mancy Karen Stambler 
Marshall Elliot Tarzy 
David Lee Walker 
Todd P. Watson 


College of Education 

Bachelor of Arts 

Dorothy Sue Busch 

Bachelor of Science 

Lorin Thane Adkins 
Lynn Ellen Baskerville 
Patrice Marie Beiter 
*Kim Ann Bernhardt 
Scott R. Brady 
Ariane Michele Caparella 
Robin Lea Davis 
Philomena Lynn Amedeo 

Joseph Martin DiPlacido 
Stanley Thomas Fitzgerald 
Helen Julianne Ghent 
Michael Cornell Green 
William Robert Hamilton 
Donna Marie Hemingway 
Bernard Paul Howder, Jr. 
Omar Haroun Khiel, Jr. 
John Martin Krouse 
Jennifer Patricia Laue 
Robin Lynn Long 
Joseph Allan Lumianski 
Susan Ann Makowski 
Leonard Paul Marino. Jr. 
Teena Louise Miller 
Charles Moel Mills. Jr. 
Clarence Phillip Murray 
Kathy Lea Richardson 
Stephanie Dennie Rittenour 
Joseph Timothy Smith 
Judith Lackey Spiers 
Marc Evan Strelser 
Glenn Kelley Watson 
Tasman Elaine Winston 

College of Human Ecology 

Bachelor of Science 

Vahe Aghamalian 
Jacoby Ann Arax 
Lisa Ann Ariosa 
Gayle Avedisian 
Deborah Gaye Barton 
Carol Ann Berilla 
Anne Marie Borowicz 
Frances Christine Boykin 

* Denise Brochetti 
Carl Talbott Channell 
Kimberly Carol Coffman 
Eileen Faye Danoff 
Laura Dean Douglas 
Margaret Mary Durkin 
Annemarie Gerrity 

tMancy A. Guadagno 
Nitu Gupta 
Carolyn Anne Hughes 

•Kathleen Ann Hughes 
Gwendolyn Johnson 
Alyson B. Katz 
Brian Wayde Kinsey 
Diana Maria Kluchinsky 
Kenneth Lee Kramm 
Amy Louise Kuning 
Madeline Sue Leventhal 
Beth Ann Loudenberg 
Beatrice Anne Matkovic 
Leslie Ann McLaughlin 
Robin Meizlish 
Michael Meal Mullican 
Allen Wayne Mash 
Donald Eugene Norwood 
Philip Anthony Mowicki 
Minh Mguyet Thi Phan 
Cynthia Jane Piper 
Tracey Louise Reynolds 
Earl Wesley Ridgell. Jr. 
Mancy Rivera 
Robyn Maureen Sachs 
Barbara Yvonne Sales 
Terry Lynn Schaffer 
Vicki Lee Scheetz 
Yoni Siegel 

Elizabeth Ann Statham 
Jeffrey Paul Straight 

§Summa Cum Laude: tMagna Cum Laude; *Cum Laude 

August Bachelors 21 

Karen Jean Sulmonetti 
*Karla Marie (Jnkle 
Karen Lynne Vargo 
Patricia Ann Warren 
Deanna Jane White 

College of Physical 
Education, Recreation 
and Health 

Bachelor of Science 

tSharon Lynne Borshay 
Jeffrey Blaise Chansler 
Nancy Elaine Fitzgerald 
Celine O. Flinn 
N. Jeanette Gray 
Rebecca Lynn Hodgdon 
Susan Hartley Hughes 
Julie Ann Kane 
Joseph Michael Matosian 
Rose Q. Mustakas 
Sharon Dawn O'Shea 
Kathleen McVay Pape 
Belinda Beth Phillips 
Alice Patricia Quiambao 
Deborah Mara Schwartz 
William K. Shook 
Judy Meiinda Smith 
Zachary Chait Tolin 
Amy Sharon Wertheim 
Lawrence A. Winnick 


College of Engineering 

Bachelor of Science 

James Allen Routh 
Brian Alan Spielmann 

Bachelor of Science in 
Aerospace Engineering 

David A. Bement 

Bachelor of Science 
in Chemical Engineering 

Michael Raymond Barr 
David Wai Chan 
Elliott Roger Gross 
Dang Hai Le 
Bahram Meyssami 
AtuI Raman Patel 
Paul Conrad Potvin, Jr. 
Joe Maged Salama 
Scott Alan Stephenson 
Jenifer Cope Weinbach 
Joseph N. Zendle 

Bachelor of Science 
in Civil Engineering 

Kausar Rehana Ahmad 
John Daniel Davis 
Anthony Micheal DePaul, Jr. 
Pradeep Wijesinghe 

Joseph Stanley Krolak 
George Israel Legarreta 
Mohammad Mafi 
Pericles Michael Manthos 
Richard Louis Mason 
Shaileshkumar J. Patel 
Michael Alan Schneider 
Thomas Norman Settle 
Anne Lawrence Stallsmith 

Cathleen Conley Young 
Patrick Joseph Zettler 
Michael A. Zimnick 

Bachelor of Science 

in Electrical Engineering 

Gilbert Raymond Austin 
Donald Franz Belz 
Barry Kevin Bennett 
Xili S. Chang 
Bui Chung Chin 
Mark Allen Engle 
Wendy Gaylee Fisher * 
Kevin Patrick Ford * 
H. Lisa Gibbs * 
David Marshall Gray 
Sheila Ann Haghighat 
Mohamud Abdullahi Haji 
Hassan Chimeh Jafarzadeh 

* Steven Brett Johns 
John Martin Kessler 
Warren Dwight Knox 

§Anthony LaVigna 
Frank Yao-chiun Lin 
Mitchell Wood Lock 
William Herbert Mandir 
George James Mellis 
Karl Joseph Moeller 
Alfred Leighton Mowery * 
Chung Sam hg 
Bichha Thi Nguyen 
Timothy Quintin Nohe 
Nancy Pen Noordenbos * 
John Anthony Ruffa 
Jeffrey Lee Savich 
Richard Allen Shaner * 
Marcus Shellman, Jr. 
Robert Howard Siegel 
Debbie Rene Simon * 
Ali Tabasi 

Sherrie Lynn Woodring 
Kee Yiu Yu 
Chaim Zaks 
Gregory R. Zercoe 

Bachelor of Science 
in Fire Protection 

Stewart Jay Levy 
Michael Anthony Patacca 

Bachelor of Science 

in Mechanical Engineering 

Brock Richard Arnone 

Soraya Asa 

Gordon Park Bean 

Debra Anne Belles 

Michael Steven Byerly 

Ravinder Chona 
tHarry Joseph Cranston, Jr. * 

Denise Joy DeLozier 

Marianne Foehrkolb 

Vonderlear Antoinette Fulton 

Ramin Hatef 

Randy George Henley 
tThomas Mark Louzon 
* Thomas Carl Magee 

Brian Joseph Mary 

Janine Michele Morris 

Mohamad Naraghi 

Kathryn Lea Nevin 

Richard Leslie Paczan 

Francisco Cuauhtemoc 
Poujol Galvan 

Timothy Michael Price 

Vincent Keith Ruminski 

Giovanni Santoro 

Roger Irving Tolle, Jr. 

Robert Joseph Wall 

Jeffrey Allen Wong 

James Ting-Shun Young * 

* Under the Cooperative Engineering 
Education Program 

22 August Bachelors 

§Summa Cum Laude; fMagna Cum Laude; *Cum Laude 

Division of Mathematical 
and Physical Sciences and 

Bachelor of Science 

Antonio Carlos de Souza 

Gary Lynn Andrews 

Elliot J. Bramnick 

Susan M. Carmody 
'Donna Marie Cleary 

Gary Francis Clinch 

Catherine Louise Coffman 

James Michael Creegan 

John Paul Fair 

George Allen Foy 

Joe Paniculam Francis 

Jeffrey Earl Frank 

Susan Kathleen Gaffney 
tAllan Henry Gilbertson 

Timothy Charles Gregory 

Debra Ann Guy 

Bernard T. Harris 

Thomas David Jewell 

Craig Stephen Jones 

Frank YaoChiun Lin 

John Edward Matlson 

Rashid Miraj 

Steven Scott Morrison 
•Annette Sharon Moy 

Keith Michael hisson 

Timothy Paul OConnell 

Jonathan Alan Pierce 

Andrews Charles Pleat 

Eduardo Alberto Rivera 

Judith Jo Rosenthal 

Bruce Steven Shapiro 

Aldona Marie Stachitas 
•Stephen Brian Swanekamp 

Randee Rene Teichman 

YuWan Wang 

Thomas Chester Wisniewski 

Wei-Ing Yau 

Kee Yiu Yu 


Bachelor of General Studies 

Roxie Kate Allison 
Mark Thomas Altobelli 
David Christian Andersen 
Robert Alexander Anzeck 
Kenneth Paul Barksdale 
Marianne Fleming Baucom 
Adam Richard Bernstein 
Keith Evan Binder 
Ronald Michael Borgwardt 
Cheryl Lynn Brady 
Jennifer Eugenie Bruell 
Edward J. Bush 
Michael Francis Canning. Jr. 
Elizabeth Ann Cassell 
Susan Alice Chopey 
Peter A. Cohen 
Candace Lauran Coles 
Edward Eric Crawford 
Denise Elaine Deschamps 
James William Dickie 
Ronald Kenton Dorrell 
Michelle Suzanne Duvall 
Madonna Gay Dziedzic 
Jeffrey E. Eicher 
tDeborah Ann Feldman 
Maurice Earle Fitzgerald 
Derrick Eugene Frayer 
Elsa Leigh FridI 
Susan Lynn German 
Steven Jay Gilson 
Anthony Lavarne Greene 
Peter Sean Griffin 
Patricia Chichio Buettner 

Glenford Antoriio Harrison 
Michael Martin Hart 
Gregory Ticknor Haugan. Jr. 
Theresa Ann Hawk 
Sharon Patrice Watkins 

Alfred Leslie Kocher 
Peter George Kreysa 
John Alexander Lamon III 
Sharl Ellen Leventhal 

Michael I. Mager 
Quintin A. Martino 
Amy Sue McfSally 
Rebecca Ann Messinger 

•Peggy Jean Whittier Mitchell 
Keith Darryl Marrow 
James Louis Palmer 
Elizabeth Mary Paul 
Lisa Gay Rayfield 
Jennifer Lynn Renshaw 
Nancy L. Richards 
Marcia Lenn Richardson 
Mary Susan Richardson 
Roberta Carey Robinson 
William Francis Rubacky 

•Janet Marie Shine 
Lesley Anne Simpson 
Lee Steven Spector 
Daniel Paul Sporkin 
Robin Beth Tarlow 
Virginia Lee Thompson 
Linda Beth Trachtenberg 
Thomas James Welder 
Thomas John Wessel 
Linda Williams 
Cheryl Jane Wilmer 
Kervin Doran Wyatt 

Bachelor of Arts 

Abbie M. Blankman 
tDennis Wayne Bochantin 

Sharon Anne Bogins 
§Maria Giovanna Krapf 
•Chris C. Rhinehart 

§Summa Cum Laude: tMagna Cum Laude; •Cum Laude 

August Bachelors 23 

for Degrees 

DECEMBER 21, 1984 

The 1984 class roster com- 
prises degree candidates from 
the undergraduate and 
graduate programs at The 
University of Maryland College 
Park. As final action cannot 
always be taken for candidates 
by the time this program is 
printed, the list of candidates 
here is tentative only. The 
University reserves the right to 
withdraw or add names. All 
diplomas will be mailed by 
the Registrations Office. 

Students who have earned 
their degrees from the College 
of Education may obtain a 
Statement of Certificate 
Eligibility in the College of 
Education, Student Services 
Office (Room 1210). Other 
students who have completed 
teacher education programs 
will receive their statements in 
the mail (separate from the 
diploma) upon verification of 
required coursework. 

Doctor of Philosophy 

Mohammed Allieu Abdullah 
Government and Politics: 
The Mano River Union: A 
Study of Sub-Regional 
Strategy for Economic 
Cooperation and Develop- 
ment in West Africa. 

Robert Francis Adier 

Curriculum and Instruction: 
The Effects of Viewing 
Closed-Captioned Television 
on the Word Recognition of 
Poor Word Recognizers. 

Penrose Carballo Albright 
Physics: A Crossover 
Description of the 
Equilibrium Thermophysical 
Properties of Fluids. 

John Edward Allen 

Aerospace Engineering: A 
Parametric Analysis of Flow 
Structure and Performance 
in a Vortex Controlled Radial 

Marin Pearson Allen 

Public Communications: 
The Guest-tiost Archetype: 
A Rhetorical Constraint on 
the Modern American 

Barbara Mandell Altman 
Sociology: An Examination 
of the impact of Individual, 
Primary and Secondary 
Resources on the Outcomes 
of Impairment. 

Mark Luis Arenas 

Psychology: A Comparison 
of Solo and Co-Therapy In 
Family Therapy Intake 

Carol Radd Baker 

Human Development: A 
Comparision of Individual 
and Group Therapy as 
Treatment of Sexually Abus- 
ed Female Adolescents. 

James Paul Baker 

Education Policy, Planning 
and Administration: An 
Analysis of the Use of 
Volunteers to Implement the 
Military Selective Service Act 
(50 U.S.C. App. 451 et. 

Honi Joyce Bamberger 

Curriculum and Instruction: 
Effects of Logo (Turtle 
Graphics) on the Problem 
Solving Strategies Used by 
Fourth Graders. 

Uday Banerjee 

Applied Mathematics: Ap- 
proximation of Eigenvalues 
of Differential Equations 
with Rough Coefficients. 

Dawn Lynn Barger 

Special Education: An In- 
vestigation of the Effect of 
Tutoring Versus Social Con- 
tact with Severely Handi- 
capped Students on the Atti- 
tudes of Nonhandicapped 
tilgh School Students. 

William Henry Bennett 
Electrical Engineering: 
Decentralized Control 
System Design: Dynamic 
Weak Coupling from a 
Geometric Viewpoint. 

A. Karen Blair 

Human Development: The 
Relationship of Four fion- 
Cognitive Variables and the 
Academic Behavior of 
Remedial College Students. 

Regina Elizabeth Bonanno 
Chemistry: Associative 
Ionization and Photo- 
dlssocltlon In Crossed 
Sodium Beams. 

Keith Donald Bonin 
Physics: Generation of 
Tunable Coherent Radiation 
Below 1000 A Applied to 
High- Resolution Spec- 
troscopy of Xenon. 

Jerry Tighe Bonnell 

Astronomy: Spectroscopic 
Determinations of the Sur- 
face Gravities of Giant Stars. 

Leon Carl Boyd 

Nutritional Sciences: 
Estimation of Poly- 
unsaturated Fatty Acids in 
Partially Hydrogenated 

Marlyn Duncan Boyd 

Health Education: Car Seat 
Safety Print Health 
Messages: The Effect of 
Varying Document Design 

Dale Calvin Brown 

Physics: A Study of Beams 
of Energetic Ions in the 
Jovian Magnetotail with 
Voyager 2. 

Phillip Bussey 

Counseling and Personnel 
Services: Differentiating 
Among the Interests of 
Rehabilitation Counselors 
Using the Basic Interest 
Scales of the Strong- 
Campbell Interest Inventory. 

24 December Doctors 

Linda Carolyn Campanelli 
Health Education: The Ef- 
fects of a Didactic and 
Guided Imagery Intervention 
Regarding Horrendous Death 
Upon Fear of Death, Health 
Locus of Control, and Social 
Responsibility in College 
Age Death Education and 
Hon Death Education 

Deborah Anne Carper 

Zoology: Developmental and 
Studies on a 27.000 
Molecular Weight Beta 
Crystallin Lens Polypeptide 
in Rats and Mice: Deficiency 
of the 2 7K Polypeptide in 
the Philly Mouse Cataract. 

Ming-San Chen 

Applied Mathematics: Hopf 
Bifurcation of Beck's 

Janice Marie Chiappone 
Counseling and Personnel 
Services: An Investigation of 
the Differences Between In- 
fertile Men and Women on 
the Impact of Infertility and 
the Ways They Cope with 

Tae Hwan Cho 

Aerospace Engineering: 
Computation of 3-D Poten- 
tial Flow Around a Finite 
Wing with Leading Edge 
Discontinuity at High Angle 
of Attack. 

Eric Roland Christensen 
Aerospace Engineering: 
Development of a Dynamic 
Finite Element Model for 
Unrestrained Flexible Struc- 
tures with Nonlinear Effect. 

Melissa Betz CIchowicz 

The Total Synthesis of 
dl -Homopterocarpin, A 
Pterocarpan Phytoalexin. 

Elizabeth Jane Clark 
Engineering Materials: 
Crystallization and Fibril 
Formation in Polymers. 

Robert Newton Clarke 

Poultry Science: The Effect 
of Dietary Aflatoxin on the 
Reproductive System of the 
White Leghorn Male. 

Jonathan Drew Cohen 
Electrical Engineering: 
Incoherent- Light Space- 
Integrating Acoustooptlc 

Flavia Colonna 

Mathematics: Bloch and 
Normal Functions. 

Ladd Gregory Colston 

Recreation: The Effect of a 
Creative Dramatics 
Workshop on Social Inter- 
action Behavior of Deinstitu- 
tionalized Developmentally 
Disabled Persons. 

Severino Endaya Cuevas 
Agricultural and Extension 
Education: Occupational 
Aspirations, Plans Beyond 
High School and Changes in 
Sophomore VOAC Students 
in 1 980— A Time Series 

William Eugene Curry 

Government and Politics: 
Dimensions of Inter-Nation 
Similarity Present at the First 
Caracas Session of the Third 
United Nations Conference 
on the Law of the Sea. 

Mirjam Cvetic 

Physics: Origin of Mass 
Hierarchies in Gauge 

Chung Chin Dai 

Aerospace Engineering: A 
Mixed Formulation 
Triangular Finite Element for 
Thin Shell Analysis. 

Debra Lynne Davis 

Psychology: Separation and 
Divorce: A Study of 
Psychosocial Competence 
and Stress Using a Black 

Anna C. Phelps DeAmicis 
Industrial. Technological 
and Occupational Educa- 
tion: A Teacher Education 
Program Model for Health 
Occupations Education 
Teachers in Maryland. 

German Francisco De La 


Chemistry: Synthesis and 
Properties of Aminophos- 
phonium Compounds. 

Dennis Michael Dignan 

Food Science: Evaluation of 
the Botulism Hazard from 
Diced Raw Potatoes Pre- 
served by Gas Exchange. 

Simhaprasad Subbanna 


Aerospace Engineering: Lift 
Due to Thickness for Low 
Aspect Ratio Wings in In- 
compressible Row. 

Nestor D. Dominguez 

Economics: Two Essays on 
the Q Model of Investment. 

Craig Donegan 

History: For the Good of Us 
All: Early Attitudes Toward 
Occupational Health with 
Emphasis on the Northern 
United States from 1787 to 

Glenn Steven Edwards 

Chemical Physics: Resonant 
Microwave Absorption of 
Selected DNA Molecules. 

Michael Warren Edwards 
Chemistry: Photochemical 
Reactions of N-Methyl- 
phthalimide and Structural 
Studies of Neotropical Frog 

Raymond Lamont Ellis 
Criminal Justice and 
Criminology: Pretrial 
Release Decisionmaking. 
Failure to Appear and Case 
Outcome in a Court of 
Limited Jurisdiction: A 
Baltimore Study. 

Ross Webb Erwin 

Physics: Neutron Scattering 
Study of Magnetic Correla- 
tions in a System with Com- 
peting Interactions: 

Hilleary Dupre Everist 

Psychology: Effects of Phen- 
cyclidine on Nigro-Striatat 
Dopaminergic Function. 

Johnnie Leroy Fairfax 

Recreation: An Investigation 
of the Effects of Selected Ex- 
perimental Treatments on 
Attitudes of Non-Disabled 
Persons Toward Physically 
Disabled Persons in Leisure 

December Doctors 25 

Charles James Farmer 

Geography: Country Stores 
and Frontier Exchange 
Systems in Souttiside 
Virginia During the Eight- 
eenth Century. 

John Leland Ferguson 

Psychology: Amphetamine 
Effect on Very Low 
Response Rates: Following a 
Single Dose of Neuroleptic. 

David Lawrence Finnegan 
Chemistry: Trace Element 
Chemistry of Fumarolic 
Emissions for Several 

India Christie Fleming 
Psychology: The Stress 
Reducing Functions of 
Specific Types of Social 
Support for Victims of a 
Technological Catastrophe. 

Michael Stephen Franch 
History: Congregation and 
Community in a Nineteenth- 
Century City: The Experi- 
ence of Baltimore, 

Robert Douglas Fulton 

Physics: Laser Fluorescence 
Study of a Helium Theta 

Mary Anne Gaffney 

Business and Management: 
Constituents' Perceived 
Usefulness of Consolidated 
Versus Fund-By-Fund 
Municipal Financial 

Mancy Ann Garrick 

Zoology: Deamination of 
1 -Norepinephrine and 
Serotonin by Monoamine 
Oxidose Type A in Primate 

Helen M. Garrison-Peace 
Health Education: A Com- 
parison of Professional 
Nurses Who Work Exclu- 
sively with Terminally III Pa- 
tients and Those Who Do 
Not on Death Anxiety. Self- 
Actualization and Selected 
Sociodemographic Variables. 

Gene Elizabeth Gary-Williams 
Human Development: Well 
Being of Retired Black Males 
Measured by Selected 
Psychosocial Variables. 

Vincent James Gatto 
Chemistry: Bibracchial 
Lariat Ethers — Synthesis, 
Structure and Binding. 

Lydia Schurman Godfrey 
English Language and 
Literature: Theodore 
Dreiser's Dime Novel Con- 
nections, 1894 to 1906. 

Rosalind Gore Goldfarb 
Counseling and Personnel 
Services: Does Training 
Make a Difference in 
Eliminating Sexual 

Charles Francis Goochee 
Chemical and Nuclear 
Engineering: Dynamics and 
Control of a Continuous, 
Competitive Mixed Culture. 

Patricia Maxine Guenther 
Nutritional Sciences: 
Beverages in the Diets of 
American Teenagers. 

Benqi Guo 

Applied Mathematics: The 
h-p Version of the Finite Ele- 
ment Method: Its Theory 
and Performance. 

Frances Toby Hakim 

Zoology: Pathogenesis of 
the Joint Disorder in Pro- 
gressive Ankylosis Mutant 
Mice (Mus musculus) . 

Judith Susan Hannah 

Nutritional Sciences: Effects 
of Essential Fatty Acid Defi- 
ciency on Mouse Brain 

Eugene Edward Hardekopt 
Physics: Relativistic 
Momentum-Space Equations 
with Applications to Atomic 
and Elementary Particle 

Delores M. Harris 

Curriculum and Instruction: 
History of Kindergarten 
Policy: State of Maryland 

Ralph Levering Hartley 
Computer Science: Multi- 
Scale Models in Image 

Hassan Shakir Hassan 

Agricultural and Extension 
Education: Evaluation of 
Extension Component 
Educational Program's Im- 
pact: The Blue Nile Inte- 
grated Project Agriculture 
Development Project, Sudan. 

Roger L. Heitzman 

Entomology: Systematic 
Study of the Mature Larvae 
of the Nearactic Ennomini 
and Related Tribes 
(Lepidoptera: Geometridae). 

Nancy Olsen Henry 

Human Development: An 
Application of Fishbein 's 
Expectancy-Value Model for 
Describing Teachers' Alti- 
tudes Toward Their 

Allen Gene Hirsh 

Horticulture: On the Mech- 
anism of Extreme Cold 
Resistance in Higher Plants. 

Abdolrahim Hooshmand 
Mechanical Engineering: 
An Experimental Investiga- 
tion of the Influence of a 
Drag Reducing, 
Longitudinally Aligned, 
Triangular Riblet Surface on 
the Velocity and Streamwise 
Vorticity Fields of a Zero 
Pressure Gradient Turbulent 
Boundary Layer. 

Anwarul Huq 

Microbiology: The Role of 
Planktonic Copepods in the 
Survival and Multiplication 
of Vibrio Cholerae in the 
Aquatic Environment. 

Shang-Shouq Hwang 
Computer Science: 
Evidence Accumulation for 
Spatial Reasoning. 

Matthew Rolland Hyle 

Economics: An Interindustry 
Forecasting Model for Prices 
and Factor Incomes for the 

Alex Christopher Isherwood 
Physical Education: An 
Evaluative Profile of the 
Variables Used to Influence 
the Fund Raising Capa- 
bilities of Division 1 -A Inter- 
collegiate Athletic Programs. 

26 December Doctors 

Laurence Eliot Jackson 
Psychology: The Relation- 
ship Between Cod Control 
and Locus of Control. 

Oleg George Jakubowic2 

Physics: A Delayed Random 
Choice Experiment with 
Light Quanta. 

Janice Marie Jordan 

Counseling and Personnel 
Services: Misperceptions of 
Counseling Center Charac- 
teristics and Functions: The 
Development of an 

Debbie Polaske Jose 
Textiles and Consumer 
Economics: New Instru- 
mental Techniques to Quan- 
tify Textural Change in 

Simon Kasif 

Computer Science: Analysis 
of Parallelism in Logic 

Kay Kwang-Ae Kim 

Biochemistry: Purification 
and Physical Characteriza- 
tion of 3-Hydroxy-3- 
Melhylglutaryl Coenzyme A 
Reductase from Crilhidia 
fasciculata . 

Bela Kissh 

History: The Maori Opera- 
lion: History of Standard Oil 
Company (Mew Jersey) in 
Hungary— 1938-1948. 

Evelyn Astrid Knight 

Health Education: Perceived 
Control and Coping on the 

Miriam Asher Kohn 

Human Development: Ac- 
climation to Day Care: An 
Exploratory Study. 

Walter KonetschnI 

Education Policy. Planning 
and Administration: The 
Relationship Between 
Selected Disadvantaged Stu- 
dent Program Characteristics 
and Student Retention. 

Kay Harris Kriegsman 

Counseling and Personnel 
Services: Comparison of 
Abie-Bodied and Disabled 
Undergraduate Students on 
Erik H. Erikson's Ego De- 
velopment Hierarchy and on 
Abraham H. Maslos's 
Motivational Needs 

Ravindra Ram Kulkarni 
Electrical Engineering: 
Microwave Generation from 
a Cusp-Injected Rotating E- 
Layer in a Magnetron Type 

Ronald Leatherbarrow 
English Language and 
Literature: Crisis and Con- 
version: A Study of the 
Early Fiction of Robert Penn 

Sungyun Lee 

Mathematics: Product For- 
mulas for Volumes of Tubes 
and Chern's Kinematic 

Gail Ann Leithauser 

Geography: The Use of 
Population Statistics for the 
Allocation of Federal Funds 
in the Appalachian Region. 

Peter Bruce LeVon 

Microbiology: Development 
of a High Performance Li- 
quid Chromatography Assay 
for the Identification and 
Analysis of Metanins from 
LST Cultivated in Steady 
Stale Under Conditions of 
Varying Salt Concentrations. 

Tereza Lucia Halliday Levy 
Public Communication: 
Organizational Rhetoric: 
Multinational Corporations' 
Legitimation in Brazil, 
France, and the United 

Keith William Lindler 

Mechanical Engineering: 
Thermochemical Hydrogen 
Production Using Solar 

Joyce Currie Little 

Education Policy. Planning 
and Administration: Com- 
puter Careers: Patterns and 
Perceptions of Associate 
Degree Graduates. 

Peter Frederick Loschialpo 
Physics: Effects of Nonlinear 
Space-Charge and Magnetic 
Forces on Electron Beams 
Focused by a Solenoid Lens. 

Hani AbdelLotif Lotfi 

Civil Engineering: Develop- 
ment of a Rational Compac- 
tion Specification for 
Cohesive Soils. 

Kern Lovingood Lunsford 
Spanish Language and 
Literature: La Forja de un 
Rebelde: una autobiografia 
ideologica de la Guerra Civil 
Espanola (The Forging of a 
Rebel: An Ideological 
Autobiography of the 
Spanish Civil War). 

James Robert Lyie 
Computer Science: 
Evaluating Variations on 
Program Slicing for 

William Francis Lynch 

Education Policy. Planning 
and Administration: 
Computer- Related Curric- 
ulum in High School: A 
Critical Sociology of Knowl- 
edge of Three Case Studies. 

Michael T. MacDonell 

Microbiology: A Study of 
the 5S Ribosomal RNAs of 
the Vibrionaceae. 

Robert Frank Mannis 

Human Development: The 
Fairy Tale "Little Briar-rose" 
and Its Relationship to 
Masculine Development and 

Patricia N. Marks 

Curriculum and Instruction: 
Co-actional and Alternating 
Patterns of Infants' and 
Caregivers' Behaviors in Day 
Care Centers. 

Theresa Marron 

Public Communication: The 
Euclidean Character of 
Cognitive Space: Consis- 
tency as the Hobgoblin of 
All Minds. 

Stephen John Maxfleld 
Physics: A First Measure- 
ment of the Virtual Photon 
Structure Function. 

Lattice Boykin McKoy 

Human Development: Does 
the Reading and Writing of 
Poetry Aid in the Well-Being 
of the Elderly Institutional- 
ized in Nursing Homes? 

December Doctors 27 

Marian Francis Mecklenburg 
Civil Engineering: Rapid 
Evaluation of the Effects of 
Adverse Environments on 
the Mechanical Properties of 
Structural Adhesiues. 

Lawrence Daniel Messier 
Human Development; The 
Relationship Between 
Loneliness and Empathy. 

Harriet Siege! Miller 

Human Development: Legal 
and Extralegal Factors that 
Correlate to the Judicial 
Decision Making Process in 
Juvenile Court. 

Christian Milord 

Philosophy: The Doctrine of 
Internal Relations. 

Philip Tamor Mintz 

Economics: Allocation of 
Gains by Group Behavior 
Among Group Members: 
New Theory of Bargaining. 

Mohamed Mabil M. Abdel- 
Moneim Mohamed Hassan 
Horticulture: The Relation- 
ship Between Source and 
Sink in Sweet Potato 
[ Ipomoea batatas (L) Lam]. 

Ajaya K. Mohanty 

Physics: Two Aspects of 
Grand Unified Theories: Pro- 
ton Decay and the CP Do- 
main Wall Problem. 

Kathleen Anne Morrish 
Applied Mathematics: A 
Model of Flow in the Renal 
Proximal Tubule. 

Jerry Samuel Nardi 

Applied Mathematics: En- 
tropy Rate of Sliding Block 

Ellen Deborah Nasper 
Psychology: The Role of 
Gender in the Perception of 
Therapist Nurturance and 

Pablo Victor Negron-Marrero 
Applied Mathematics: Large 
Buckling of Circular Plates 
with Singularities Due to 

Richard Frederick Nehring 
Agricultural and Resource 
Economics: An Econometric 
Analysis of Supply and Fac- 
tor Substitution for the 
Winter Rice Crop in Bangla- 
desh: Implications for Food 

Due Tien Mguyen 

Health Education: Com- 
munication Messages and 
Effectiveness of Family Plan- 
ning Education. 

Gideon Chijioke Okpokwasili 
Microbiology: The Role of 
Plasmids in Phenanthrene 
Degradation by Estuarine 

Sandra Doris Parker 

Recreation: Determinants of 
Adherence to a Recreational 

Aldrich Manceo Patterson, Jr. 
Psychology: Counseling Ef- 
fectiveness of White Coun- 
selors Trained in Racial 

Diane Paul-Brown 
Hearing and Speech 
Sciences: Temporal Aspects 
of Five-Year-Old Children's 
Elicited Word Revisions. 

Robert James Perry 

Physics: Radiative Correc- 
tions to Fermion Matter and 
Nontopological Solitons. 

Ricardo Demetrio de Souza 


Physical Education: The 
Development of Generalized 
Motor Program in Phylo- 
genetic Skills. 

Yvonne Melanie Poser 
Germanic Language and 
Literature: Improving 
Foreign Language Reading 
Instruction: Control as the 
Key to Competency. 

Patricia R. Powers 

American Studies: Focused 
Energy: A Study of Public 
Interest Advocates. 

Premakala Prasanna 

Biochemistry: Identification 
in Tetrahymena Pyriformis 
of hlydroxy Methyl Glutaryl 
Coenzyme A Lyase: Its 
Purification and Properties. 

Ramesh Ragothama Rao 
Electrical Engineering: 
Multiple Access Systems 
with Variable Feedback 

R. Scott Rodgers 

Counseling and Personnel 
Services: Correlates of Cop- 
ing and Effectiveness for 
Disadvantaged Black Youth 
at a Comprehensive Voca- 
tional Training Agency. 

Steven Brett Rogers 
Germanic and Slavic 
Languages and Literature: 
Spatial Patterns in the Short 
Prose of the FRG and the 
GDR: Toward an Analysis 
of Cultural Diversification in 
the Two German States. 

Susan Carol Rogers 

Counseling and Personnel 
Services: The Design and 
Evaluation of Next Steps: A 
Computer-Assisted Guidance 

Martha Jean Ronish 

Music: A Catalogue of the 
Autographed Manuscripts of 
George Frideric (sic) Handel. 

Frederick Joseph Ruppel 
Economics: Export Sales 
and Export Shipments of 
Corn. Wheat and Soybeans: 
Institutional Relationships 
and Empirical Estimation. 

Betty Bennett Ruthe 

Industrial, Technological 
and Occupational Educa- 
tion: The Development and 
Evaluation of a Model for a 
School of Business and 
Finance for the District of 
Columbia Public School 

Judith W. Ryan 

Health Education: The 
Health Status of Older 
Adults and Its Association 
with Their Expected Intensity 
and Duration of Distress. 

Lewis Cooper Sage 

Economics: The Role of In- 
formation in Strategic Voting 

Mehmet Ali Sahin 

Civil Engineering: The 
Specification and Compar- 
ison of Methodologies for 
the Automated Minimum 
Cost Design of Horizontally 
Curved Girder Bridge 

28 December Doctors 

Atma Ram Sahu 

Curriculum and Instruction: 
An Exploration of Cognilive- 
Heuristic Processes and Dif- 
ficulties in Solving Calculus 
Word Problems. 

Mary Carole Schoffstall 
Human Development: The 
Effect of the Stress of 
Hospitalization on the Per- 
sonal Space of Children. 

Ann DeCamp Schuda 

Chemistry: The Total Syn- 
thesis of d. I -Prothracarcin. 

Jeffrey Paul Schwartz 

Psychology: Some Origins 
of the Relevance of Cues 
Toward Decision Making. 

Thomas Jesse Schwartz 

Education Policy. Planning 
and Administration: Race. 
Gender. Student Achieve- 
ment and the Problem- 
Solving Process: An Investi- 
gation Regarding Contact 
Theory and Status Charac- 
teristic and Expectation 
Slates Theory. 

Mary Sue Shaughnessy 
Counseling and Personnel 
Services: The Effect of 
Salience (Importance) on 
Children's Social 

Robert Malcolm Shugoll 
Counseling and Personnel 
Services: A Hypnotic Treat- 
ment for Procrastination in 
Academic Study. 

Holly Cowan Shulman 

History: The Voice of Vic- 
tory: The Voice of America 
and the Emergence of 
American Propaganda. 

Teresa Marie Silberberg 
Computer Science: Object 
Recognition Using Oriented 
l^odel Points. 

James David Silk 

Physics: Peripheral Colli- 
sions of tiuclei at Inter- 
mediate Energy. 

Supat Sirivicha 

Food Science: Diffusion of 
Gases in Potato Tissue. 

Gary Edward Skaggs 
Measurement, Statistics 
and Evaluation: A Monte 
Carlo Exploration of the 
Robustness of Four Test 
Equaling Models. 

Morma Ruth Small 

Human Development: The 
Effects of a Resident Com- 
panion Animal on the 
Morale, Mental Status and 
Functional Health of Insli- 
tionalized Older Persons. 

Richard Daniel Smith 

Physics: A Study of Proton- 
Nucleus Reactions with 
Multiple Scattering Theory. 

Suzanne Vanston Speicher 
Human Development: An 
Analysis of Classroom 
Teachers ' Causal Ascriptions 
for the Success or Failure of 
Mildly Handicapped 
Students in the Regular 

Brenda Jean Spiegler 

Psychology: A Study of Ver- 
bal and Spatial Memory in 
Children with Hydro- 

Martha Betty Straus 

Psychology: "Acting- In" and 
"Acling-Out": A Comparison 
of Dynamics in Families of 
Suicidal and Delinquent 
Young Adolescents. 

Scott Arthur Strobel 

Physics: A Study of Con- 
tinuous Wave Lasing and 
Modelocking in a Neody- 
mium: Phosphate Glass 

Jeffrey Stuart Summers 
Chemical and Nuclear 
Engineering: The Effects of 
Polycyclic Aromatic Hydro- 
carbons from Woodburning 
Emissions on the Planetary 
Boundary Layer of Bangor, 

Anne Thomas 

Criminal Justice and 
Criminology: Prediction of 
Individual's Participation in 
Mechanical Crime Prevention 

Silva Kaftarians Thomasian 
Microbiology: The Con- 
Jugative Transfer of RP4:: 
Tn7 and Transposition of 
Tn7 in "Cryptic" Plasmid 
Containing Strains and Plas- 
mid Free Strains of Vibrio 
parahaemolyticus . 

C. Michael Thompson 

Chemistry: Soil Contribution 
to the Atmospheric Aerosol. 

Charles Hansen Toll 

Mathematics: A Multiplica- 
tive Asymptotic for the 
Prime Geodesic Theorem. 

Allan Joseph Tylka 

Physics: The Q' and Trans- 
verse Momentum Depend- 
ence of Jet Production in 
Photon-Photon Interactions. 

John William Ullrich 

Chemistry: Synthetic Appli- 
cation of Electron Transfer 
Photochemistry. Harring- 
tonine Alkaloid Synthetic 

Gerald Neil Van Aken 
English Language and 
Literature: Philip Larkin and 
the An of Disillusionment. 

Sue Ann Van Velsir 

Curriculum and Instruction: 
Training Community College 
Students in the Problem 
Solving Technique of Suc- 
cessive Approximation. 

CItpal P. Vasavada 

Agricultural and Resource 
Economics: Determinants of 
Investment in U.S. 

Betsy Schaefer Vourlekis 
Human Development: The 
Effect of Maternal Sensi- 
tivity. Maternal Nuriurance 
and Child Temperament on 
the Development of Em- 
pathy in Two-Year-Old 

Veda Elaine Ward 

Recreation: An Analysis of 
Factors Influencing Out- 
comes of Recreation Field 
Work Experiences. 

Glenn Edward Welch 

Physics: Tau Lepton Pair 
Production in e * - e - An- 
nihilation at vT = 34. 7 Geo. 

December Doctors 29 

Aimee Jeanne Wiest 
English Language and 
Literature: The Poetry of 
Isaac Rosenberg. 

Jane Marie Williams 

Special Education; A Study 
of the Process by Which 
Educational Needs are Delin- 
eated During the Develop- 
ment of a tiandicapped 
Child's Indiuidualized Educa- 
tion Program. 

Kwangyoen Wohn 

Computer Science: A 
Contour-Based Approach to 
Image Flow. 

Christopher Kent Wood 
Counseling and Personnel 
Services: Personality Cor- 
relates of Perceived Job 
Stressors and Experienced 

Weixuan Xu 

Applied Mathematics: 
Quadratic Minimal Spanning 
Tree Problem and Related 

Sara Dunning Zenge 

Curriculum and Instruction: 
The Relation of Metalinguis- 
tic Awareness in First Grade 
to Reading Achievement in 
Third and Fifth Grades: A 
Longitudinal Study. 

Candy Simbaliski Zentz 
Industrial, Technological 
and Occupational Educa- 
tion: Effectiveness of 
Leadership Training in 
Marketing and Distributive 
Education Programs. 

Doctor of Education 

Jon Michael Andes 

Education Policy, Planning 
and Administration: Ter- 
mination Stage of Local 
School Board Policy. 

Ruby Jones Bales 

Curriculum and Instruction: 
Induced Mental Imagery and 
the Comprehension Monitor- 
ing of Poor Readers. 

Martha Starnes Bauer 

Curriculum and Instruction: 
Evaluation of a Literature 
Guide for Middle School 

Carl Roosevelt Bennett 

Education Policy, Planning 
and Administration: 
Students' Concept of "Old". 

Gertrude J. Brooks 

Education Policy, Planning 
and Administration: 
Perceived Factors of 
Organizational Climate in 
Elementary Schools. 

Jeannie Hendrick Burnett 
Curriculum and Instruction: 
Word Processing as a 
Writing Tool of an Elemen- 
tary School Student 

James Allan Burns 

Industrial, Technological 
and Occupational Educa- 
tion: The Development of an 
Instrument to Measure the 
Attitudes Toward Vocational 
Education of Secondary 
School Administrators. 

Carlota Josephone Campa 
Education Policy, Planning 
and Administration: A 
Study in Visual Literacy: An 
Approach to Measuring 
Color in Clothing of Main 
Characters in Caldecott 
Award Books Using Color 

Jacqueline R. Elder 

Curriculum and Instruction: 
The Instantiation Hypothesis 
as Applied to Differentiated 
Groups of Children. 

Noel Tomlin Farmer 

Education Policy, Planning 
and Administration: An 
Analysis of the Effects of 
Participation in the National 
Association of Secondary 
School Principals' Assess- 
ment Center on Selected 
Variables in Howard County, 

Margaret Clrbas Foley 

Curriculum and Instruction: 
Personal Computers in 
General Mathematics: Ef- 
fects on Achievement. Atti- 
tude and Attendance. 

Glenn Edwin Ford 

Curriculum and Instruction: 
A Comparison of Contextual 
Treatment Versus Contex- 
tual/Mnemonics Treatment 
in Spelling Instruction. 

Margaret Isabel Garg 

Education Policy, Planning 
and Administration: A 
Comparison of the Effects of 
American Sponsored Over- 
seas Schools and Host 
Country Schools in India 
and Pakistan on the Self- 
Esteem of Dual-Cultural 

James Gibb 

Curriculum and Instruction: 
The Development and Evalu- 
ation of a Programmed Pho- 
tography Learning Manual 
for Teachers and Students. 

Patricia Mary Grote 

Curriculum and Instruction: 
Textbook Assessment in 
Content Areas: A Compari- 
son of a Multi-Step Proce- 
dure with a Single-Step 

Ernest Wilson Kaylor 

Curriculum and Instruction: 
The Effects of Four Ninth 
Grade Remedial Mathe- 
matics Programs on Im- 
provement of Maryland 
Functional Mathematics Test 

Janet Lea Kellam 

Curriculum and Instruction: 
Reading Aloud: Parental 
Reading Behaviors and Their 
Impact on Children's Readi- 
ness to Read. 

Sabina Hassana Stephen 

Curriculum and Instruction: 
Identification of Teacher 
Competencies for Teaching 
Composition in Secondary 
Schools in Nigeria. 

David Michael Trudnak 

Curriculum and Instruction: 
The Use of Commercial 
Television to Enhance 
Children's Learning. 

30 December Doctors 

Albert William Tucci 

Education Policy. Planning 
and Administration: A 
Study of the Relationship 
Between Motivator and 
Hygiene Variables and the 
State of Satisfaction/ 
Dissatisfaction of Teachers 
in the Howard County 
Public School System. 

Barry William Tull 

Curriculum and Instruction: 
An Analysis of Differential 
Education for Gifted and 
Talented Elementary 
Students in Independent 

Master of Arts 

American Studies: 

Mary Teresa Battenfeld 
Linda Jane Borish 
Patricia Ann Francis 
Jeanne G. Sprowls 


Christine Maria Boeckl 
Letty Wilson Bonnell 
Teh-Yu Wang 

Comparative Literature: 
Elizabeth A. Jackson 

Communication Arts and 

Arlene Sheila Allen 
Maura E. Clancey 
Mary Margaret Fernandes 
Joseph Karl Goebels 
Andres R. Hernandez 
Anita Dolores Kelley 
Brian Allen McNelis 
Suzanne Carol Roycroft 
James Joseph Sepanski 
Charles John Sincell 
Thomas Henry Wall. Jr. 
Karl Warren 

Steven Gary Steinberg 
Anita Diana Timrots 

Terence Joseph Alexander 
Briccio Baltazar Barrientos 
Kathleen D. Burroughs 
Jorge Enrique Castillo 
Carolyn J. E. Chapman 
Mark Walter Chimiak 
Shahid Hamid 
Michael Fitzmaurice 

Jeffers. Jr. 
ChungShing Lee 
JaneMarie Judith Mulvey 
Linda Marie Patterson 
Kenneth Allen Reinert 
John Edward Sabelhaus 
Daman Sodhi 
Kenneth Ray Stiltner 

Lorraine Anne Sullivan 
Lien-Huong Tran 

Curriculum and Instruction: 
Jane Frances Buswell 
Betsy Barnsley Leigh 
Gayle A. McLaughlin 
Sharon Irene Shymansky 
Amy Schultz Warner 

Counseling and Personnel 


Patricia Anne Carey 
Angela Marie Como 
Barbara June Ferrenz 
Linda Goldstein Kaufman 
Susan Irene Oswald Kobele 
Ann Denise Lassalle 
Kyoo Sung Lee 
Carol Ann McAndrew-Miller 
Betty Jean Palucci 
Deborah S. Roesler 
Mary Frances Tiernan 
Marie van MelisWright 
Karen Moya Yano 

Human Development 

Diana Ellen McCartin 

Anne Marie Smith 

Sue E. Walter 

Industrial, Technological and 
Occupational Education: 
Nicholas Lazaris 
Raymond Paul Masse 
Leonard George Smith 

Measurement, Statistics and 

Shih KeRou C. Hwang 

Virginia E. hovak 

Education Policy, Planning and 

Mary Louise Gabardi 

Maclear Jacoby. Jr. 

David R. Wizer 

Special Education: 

Regina Marie Rheingrover 

English Language and 

John R. Bancroft 
Stephen Francis Gambrill 
Terrence Robert Gillen 
Cora Ann Griffiths 
William Frances Griffiths 
Lucy Ellen Hill 
Bilge Saniye Mutluay 
Susan Louise Schreiber 
Dorothy Pula Strohecker 
Kristine Parker Webb 

French Language and 

Helen J. Hinterberg 

Eric Carl Eugene Bunn 
Nanette Martha Dobrosky 
James Roy Hartsock. Jr. 
MeanJu Julia Kou 
Michael Peter Wilfer 

Germanic Language and 


Tamara M. Archibald 
Thomas LoConte Buckley 
Charles Dunbar Safford 

Government and Politics: 
Boussetta Allouche 
Dorothy Lorraine Byers 
Elisabeth Good 
C. Stephen Heaps 
Alice Jo Krupit 
Richard Reynolds Leader 
David Laddy Lihani 
Paula Diane Matuskey 
Charles Wellman Mitchell 
Gregory James Murphy 
Kenneth E. Nesper, Jr. 
Bonnie St. Clair Parker 
Tara Ewing Taylor 
Leon Morris Waynberg 

Hearing and Speech Sciences: 
Laura Westerberg Adkins 
Maria Carrescia 
Colleen M. DonlinSmith 
Karen Hayes Fogleman 
Sandra Lee Hartman 

December Doctors/Masters 31 

Kathleen Marie Hines 
Wanda Louise Miller 
Nancy Beth Pearl 
Wendy Elizabeth Putnam 


David Lawrence Bongard 
Daria Treat Courtney 
Joseph Lister Dees 
Larry K. Eskridge 
Anne FitzGeraldCullinane 
Ernest Clifford Geisler, Jr. 
Peter Darr Hoefer 
Lizette Therese LeSavage 
Delight Meersman 
Diane Elizabeth Miller 
Mark Emmett Porter 
Patricia Louise Rogers 
Martin Paul Schipper 
Diane Skalski 
Theodore Norton Thomas 
Thomas Edward Twigg 
Martin Lee Weinrich 


Joanne Carmen Hernandez 
Patricia Anne Schultze 

Tamara Lynne Essich 
Debra Lynn Fabiszak 
Kathy Ann Koroikoff 
Sally Jean McMillan 
Stephen Randall Rourke 
Smaroula Alice 

Stephanie Ann Shapiro 
Jeffrey Lemuel Williams 

Applied Mathematics: 
Shyh-Qene Cherng 
Yuri A. Rojas-Ramirez 
Matthew John Vinciguerra, 

Yunghong Yu 


Qabrielle Elias Bedew! 
Boris Hasselblatt 

Physical Education: 
Peter J. Grzybinski 
Paulette Alyse Guy 
Guy Martin Hays 
Peter J. Karl 
Catherine Doetzer 

Joseph Alan Miller 
Timothy Joel Moore 
Daniel Thomas Rice 
Denise Lynn Terry 
Marcia llene Van Horn 


Kevin Michael Mutchler 
Carol Ann Rowe 

Yahya Akyel 
Deejon Bradby 
Elizabeth Campbell 

Michael Clifford Frazier 
Rosalie Joan Hall 
Michelle Yvette Holliday 
William Edward Hopkins 
Pamela Jean Kidder 
Gary Rutherford King 
Pamela Gale Luttig 
William Eric Mansbach 
David Christopher Meder 
Cynthia Neigler Mendelson 
Joan Rae Rentsch 
Janice Z. Rouiller 
Susan Lynn Slyter 

Arthur Alan Anselene 
Suzanne Elizabeth Brown 
Mary Margaret DeSchriver 
Ellen Barbara Drogin 
Elizabeth Lorraine Dunn 
Wendy Sue Fleegal 
Donna Marie LaVerde 
Angela Barbara Lemanski 
James S. Oppenheim 
Jill Wendy Smyle 
Sharon Green Spector 
Wallace Roy Stephenson 
Lorri Shayne Weinstein 


Elizabeth Jean Bamberger 
April Ann Brayfield 
Assitan Diallo 
Cynthia Jane Goodenough 

Spanish Language and 


Evelyn CanabalTorres 
Eduardo S. Gargurevich 
Catherine Zaic Hernandez 
Margarita Morales-Ero 
Wendy Elisabeth Range 
Alicia Beatriz Rios 
Gioconda Esperanza 

Urban Studies: 

Denise Patricia Bekaert 
Martin James Firth 

Master of Science 

Animal Sciences: 
Kevin Brady Atkins 
Lemuel Dawson Beall, Jr. 
Susan Arapis Bright 
Zahra FatahianTehran 
Kathleen Power 

Cynthia Elaine McCarther 
Peter Kilborn Savage 
Subhashchandra Ramanlal 


Agricultural and Extension 

Michael L. Bazley 
David Lynn Conrad 
Richard Johnathan Gakner 
Paul Douglas Gammill 
Kathleen C. Hayes 

Neil Allen Belson 
Dar-Guam Cheng 
Jack Douglas Fry 
Thomas Charles Harris 
Jean Bowman Heimer 
Shaaban Ibrahim Kotb 
William John McMahon 111 
Edward Keith Menchey 
Thomas Harold Miller 
William George Spollen 

Agricultural and Resource 

Mary Margaret Chambers 

Paul David Fishstein 

Lawrence Joseph Heitkemper 

Nancy Anders Norton 

Matthew David Wilkinson 

Deborah Anne DiSilvestre 
Yliana B. Gimenez 
Samuel Agyei Mantey 

Business and Management: 
Linda Susan Anderson 
Mark Norman Barash 

32 December Masters 

Phyllis Ann Epstein 
Richard F. Madle 
Joan Allison Sanborn 

Regina Beatriz Bernd 
Mary Clare Pingitore 

Cynthia Bodish Ebner 
Gregory Paul Furrow 
Cindy A. Hawthorne 
Judith Marie Iriarte 
Caroline B. Purdy 
James Weaver Rafferty 

Computer Science: 
Frederick Palmer Andresen 
Glenn Robert Baer 
William Pierce Bradley 
ShowFune Chen 
Qian Cui 

Bret Andrew Hartman 
Vijay J. Karkhanis 
David Lewis Kuzanek 
Alan Jay Laverson 
Daniel Benjamin Leifker 
FangJyh Lin Liu 
ShauPing Lo 
David Meyer Marx 
William Cameron McCool 
Arjun Lai Mendhiratta 
James Patrick O'Connor. Jr. 
Richard Leo Piazza 
Koichi Sada 

John Wesley Sawyer, Jr. 
Olaf Andrew Schoenrich 
Leonard Anthony Soils 
Babu Srinivasan 
Debora Leahi Sutton 
Alan Henry league 

Aerospace Engineering: 
Donald Wayne Ausherman 
David Joseph Haas 
Gregory Steven Harris 
Jerry Paul Higman 
Jinseok Jang 
Kwang-Chi Jen 
Ayse Kaya 

Frank Daniel Lopez 
Shanmugam Ramaswami 

ChaHsiang Tan 
Leonard Brian Zentz 

Agricultural Engineering: 

Geoffrey Ward Schoming 

Civil Engineering: 
Esber Antonios Barakat 
ChaoHsi Chang 
Michael James Colgan 
Ruth A. Dickinson 
Carol Elizabeth Coonen 

Jeffrey Clinton Helms 
John Hollister 
Wen-Ling Huang 
John Peter Hughes 
Kamran Sirosh Imtiaz 
George Constantinos Karas 
Nandkishore Kaushik 
Hani Ali Moghrabi 
Ahmad Hossein Mamini 
Idris Hussien Souddo 
James Daniel Wilson 
Alireza Zahedian 

Chemical Engineering: 
David Gerard Keller 
James Gia Mac Mguyen 
Fredric Scott Silverman 
Thomas Christian Snyder 
Jia-Lin Syi 
Yun Hsia Wang 

Electrical Engineering: 
Phillip John Articola 
Bahman Bandali 
Paul Frederick Bohne 
David Wayne Calderone 
Frederick Alan Catoe 
HweyChing Chien 
Chung-Chien Chou 
Jae H. Chung 
Charles David Conner 
Morris Frank Cunningham 

Kenneth Paul Davis 
Timothy Eugene Dimmick 
Timothy Eugene Gover 
Jingsha He 
Jlping He 

Allen Ray Hefner, Jr. 
Paul Christian Hershey 
David Joseph Johnson 
Mohammad Kamarehi 
Harsh Kapoor 
Albert Leroy Kellner 
Qin Kong 
Ming-Guang Li 
HsingChien Liu 
Dye-Jyun Ma 
William W. Mattes. Jr. 
John Arthur McEwan 
Bernardo Paratore 
Feng Peng 
Leslie Ellen Richter 
Mark Wayne Rives 
Lachen Saydy 
Krishnan Sridhar 
Gregory Bruce Tail 
Devadas Varma 
Craig Daniel Walrath 
David Wang 
Emily Mitchell Wasser 
Stanley Bruce Wernek 
Chao Xu 

Engineering Materials: 
Elizabeth Staley Dettmer 
Ann Chidester Van Orden 

Mechanical Engineering: 
Jamshid Aflaki 
Scott C. Atkin 
Sujan Bhattacharya 
Douglas Lee Bishop 
William Flather Davidson 
James Howard De Oms 
Patrick Gerard Gex 
Jose Gabriel Gutierrez 
Leonard Joseph Hamilton 
John V. Horan 
Asad Ali Khan 
Richard Edmund Link 
Hasan Semih Oktay 
Paul Anthony Povlock 
Mahipal Singh Virdy 

Nuclear Engineering: 
Farzin Rabii Nouri 

Michael Bruce Blackburn 
Brian Dorsey Farrell 
Kenneth Du Souchet Vernick 

Food Science: 
Syed Amjad Ali 
Meral Guzey 
Maria P. Hernandez 
Lucynth Hope Kerr 
Kathryn Louise Kotula 
Gurparkash Singh Sandhoo 

Family and Community 

Maoko Akimoto 

Kay Hocker Childers 

Joan Ellyn Delovitch 

Patricia Hawkins 

Christine E. Roach 

Patricia Lutz Roland 

Linda Brayer Stone 

Food. Nutrition and Institution 

Janice Elizabeth Bodner 

Jeanne McQuaid Cox 

Beverly Cunningham 

Cecilia Wilkerson Enns 

Virginia Ann Forsyth 

Huan-Chi Hsu 

Sharon Leigh Kindbom 

Adriane Stein Kozlovsky 

James Patrick Saunders 

Robin Gail Thomas 

Coleen Ann Troy 

John Christopher Ossi 

Holly Harmar Shimizu 
Sheryl Diane Soares 
Robert Francis Stewart 
Wanda Yvette Trent 

December Masters 33 

Marine, Estuarine and 
Environmental Sciences: 

Raul Manuel 

Joseph Earl Hogue 

Sarah E. Libourel 

Francis Obita Agumba 
Americo Samuel Allegrino 
Stephen J. Auer 
Jaime Michael Daniels 
Joann Marie Kline 
Edmund M. Larson 
Stephen Robert Messina 
Thomas Lane Styles 
James W. Tauss 
David James Yanuk 

Gilbert Russell Evans 111 
Eric Molitoris 
Susan Camille Wolski 

Nutritional Sciences: 
Virginia A. Morgan 

Siegfried Heinz Bleher 
KwangPing Cheng 
Alanna Connors 
Terry Ditmar Hahn 
Enrique Jose Manuel Iglesias 
Michael Vernon Jessee 
Richard Alan Kehs, Jr. 
Charles Joseph Lasnier 
James Charles Lochner 
Bruce Alan Mason 
Joel William Parke 
Thomas Arnold Peyser 
Francisco Santiago 
Yanhua Shih 

Constance Leigh Sandusky 
Andrew Gerald Yersin 

Jani Gabriel Byrne 
Alva Theodosia Hughes 

Textiles and Consumer 

Judith Ann Clark 
Linda O'Connell Fansler 
Camille Hersh 
Hye Kyung Kim 
Sandra Wratten Reynolds 
Caroline Eleanor Schultheis 
Helen Josephine Sullivan 
Joan Marie Young 

Brian P. Feifarek 
Charles Lowell Frederick 
Mark David Heintzelman 
Paula Felton Peters Henry 
Jiin-Jia Liaw 
Sheryn Olson 
Klara Post 
Omar Halim Saab 

Master of Education 

Curriculum and Instruction: 
Diana Marie Bradley 
Mark William Dantzler 
Mary Pamela Foster 
Stephanie Charlene Frye 
Judith P. Hoyer 
Linda Coggins Kreitlow 
George Frederick Leiman, 

Jeffrey Mitchell Martinez 
Patricia Anne Panneton 
Carol Lechner Ruppel 
Stephanie Cole Scales 
Lois C. Turco 
Alexander E. von Brand 
Marcella Anne Wiemann 
Mychael Cole Willon 
Stephen Mark Zagami 

Counseling and Personnel 

Joan Lea Betzold 
JoAnne Rose Bratt 
Rosanne Patrice Broadbent 
Amie Florence Hamlin 
Clarice Yvonne Jones 
Micheline Murphy Kuipers 
Donna Wunrow Mack 
Marsha Ann Mason-Sowell 
Marjorie R. Majac 
Valerie Lynn Popovich 
Allyson Johnson Sigler 
Carol Anne Simon 

Human Development 
Amy Corinne Scott 

Industrial, Technological and 
Occupational Education: 

Bernard Krell 

George McLeod Payne 

Ruth Leet Tuttle 

L. Kevin Wagman 

Education Policy, Planning and 

Claudine L. Allen 
Roberta Weiss Daskin 
Marie Cerefice DeLorenzo 
Susan Patricia O'Banion 
Joan Alma O'Brien 
Stephen Knight Tougias 

Special Education: 
Donna M. Brodka 
Adelaide Esther Martin 
Renee Therese Thevenet 

Master of Business 

Bruce Robert Baldwin 
Richard Alan Blackman 
Rui-Liang Cai 
Robert Michael Chaconas 
MingJer Chen 
Lucinda Johnson Eyster 
David Marc Friedman 

Jane Albina Gentile 
Mark Alan Heuer 
Margaret J. Jackson 
Mona Levine 
Thomas Harry Man 
Cynthia Kay Mason 
Shaderick May 
Elijah Jongbock Park 
James Michael Ralph 
Robert Christopher Rosenthal 
Mary Anne Stella 
Constance Knowles Vickery 

Master of Music 

Ahron Deutsch Abraham 
William Oxiey Brubeck, Jr. 
Scott Joseph Frock 
Catherine Kemper Fronck 
Roy March Hakes 
Mark Emerson Hite 
Catherine Chivers Johnson 
Noemi Ruiz Maldonado 
Ming-Chung Sheu 
Virginia Carpenter 

Lila Marguerite Turner 
Colette Therese Valentine 
Jean DeMart Warren 

Master of Library 

Alice Frances Bell 
Emily Ellen Camp 
Ann Kennedy Duffell 
Donna Louise Ferullo 
Joan D. Gilbert 
Jeffrey Alan Hagerman 
Carol Marie Harvey 
Henry Harrison Heath 
MiuLan Millie Kwan 
Lizette Therese LeSavage 
Barbara Benjamin Marmon 
Margaret Maddox Mona 
Dorothy Lynn Mewbill 
Lydia Faith Paulette 
Daille G. Pettit 
Stephen Patrick Rafferty 
Mary Patricia Rickert 

34 December Masters 

Pamela Ann Schroeder 
Pamela McLean Scott 
Louise VossGoldblatt 
Xianhua Wang 
Letitia C. Wells 
Barbara Brennan White 
Barbara A. Worley 
Lisa Hughes Yates 

Master of Fine Arts 

Mary A. Cournan 
Patricia Lee Dalzell 
B. G. Muhn 
Wang Chi Sun 
Elizabeth Ann Zando 

Master of 

Thomas Ahmann 
David Ray Bernhardt 
William Stuart Erdahl 
Mark Daly Farber 
Ellen McGregor Grybeck 
Martha Ann Jones 
Lea Kline 

Stephen Douglas OMeill 
Jamshid Sepehri 

Master of Public 

James Nicholas Daukas 


Master's Level 

Sharon Green Spector 
Lisa KovensHarris 


College of Agriculture 

Bachelor of Science 

General Agriculture: 
Bryan Roy Butler 
Kenneth Wilson Favorite 
Elizabeth Maccabee Lavine 
Noah Luther Schaeffer 
Bruce Alan Young 

Agronomy — Crops: 

Susanne Louise Chambers 

Judith Louise Cockey 
•Donovan Francis Duggan II 

Nicolas Egli 

Brenda Jane Pressnall 

Paul Richard Shipley 
§Seanne Elise (Jdell 

Roger Willis Witmer 

Agronomy — So/7s; 
Daniel Bennett Jezek 
Timothy Peter Kelley 
Patricia Lynn Pyle 
Diana Franklin Wood 

Animal Sciences: 
Lydia Jane Bradley 
Judith Louise Cockey 
Patricia Ann D'Andrea 
Walter Louis Fava 
Elizabeth Ann Fries 
Johannes Michael Gross 
Maureen Bernadette 

Jocelyn Kimberly Johnson 
Laura Lee Kressler 
Gabriel Leitner 
Valerie Jean Mosley 
Ann Teresa Piety 
Pamela Minette Prigg 
Paul Wesley Richardson 
Stephen Michael Ripley 
Julio Cesar Rojas Mujica 

Suzanne Lea Schneider 
Suzanne Yvonne Smith 
Sean Patrick Snee 
Susan Burke Southard 
Cynthia Ann (Jsher 

Harold Richard Ashman 
John Kevin Bilger 
Brenda L. Hellerman 
Kevin Michael Jones 

§Kristin Patricia Keery 
Patrick Dean Kelly 
Diane Patrice Koch 
Michael James McCartin 
Russell Edward McCormick 
James Allan Mello 
Ellen Marie Murray 
Karen Marie Rechcigl 
Roberta Lynn Rucker 
Brian Keith Steele 

Agricultural and Resource 

Donald Craig Lawrence 

Stuart Glenn Rice 

Peter Wilby 

Food Science: 
Amy Beth Davis 
William Corbin King 11 

§John Charles Mowbray 
Suzanne Patrick 

Conservation and Resource 

Thomas Clayton Bishop 

Richard Lee Clark. Jr. 

Daniel D. Day 

Keith Justin Decker. Jr. 

Jay Mark Gregg 

Caroline Theresa 

Clifton Angelo Horton 

Brian David Kuhn 

John Bruce McLaughlin 

Karen Louise Meyer 

Kenneth Michael Moran 

Eric E. Skoog 

Joseph F. Wagner, Jr. 

Agricultural Chemistry: 
Tracy Mae Hall 

Division of Agricultural 
and Life Sciences 

Bachelor of Science 

General Biological Sciences: 
Emerito Laarnie Asuncion, 

Jerome Keith Bradford 11 
Nan Marguerite Brady 
Michael William Chansler 
Judith Ann Cothran 

§Lynn Marie Davidson 
Shirah Gabrielle Davidson 
Ann Elizabeth Dolber 
Steven Aaron Edmondson 
Ronald Allen Fimiani 
Khatereh Iranmanesh 
Carl Anderson Miller. Jr. 
Raymond Gerard Moreau 
James Robert Salmons. Jr. 
Tamara Kay Shakarjian 
Terri Frances Shanks 
Margaret Amy Stanley 

Joseph Philip D'Hoostelaere 
David Andrew Wright 


Harmeen Ahuja 

Jeffries Dawson Bolden 

Christopher Arthur Broeg 

Timothy Robert Cochran 

Felix Gerardo del Rio 

Carol Lynne Faick 
tDamasia Giron 

Scott Andrew Glassburn 

Labkhand Kaviani 

Sanjeev Kurichh 

Margarita Lampo 

Bret Allen Light 

Thornton Sterling McKinney. 

Stanton Sylvester Miller. Jr. 

Michael Raymond O'Connell 

Kenneth Richard Revett 

§Summa Cum Laude: tMagna Cum Laude; 'Cum Laude 

December Masters/Bachelors 35 

Melinda Joy Siegel 
Paul Mark Strickland 

Gordon M. Bell 
Eric Scott Christopher 
Carol Gloria Meade Davies 

'Gregory Louis Francis 
Grace Mary Madariaga 
Vincent Edward McDonell 
Lora Ruth Painter 
Shanta Ramson 
Tobi Lynn Snyder 
Karl Vincent Whitley 

Paul Franklin Ambush, Jr. 
Costas Emmanuel 

Sheila Ann Barber 
Bruce Edward Cweiber 
Lisa llene Frisch 
Musele Archibald Kabila 
Kendall Ann Marcus 
Jon Howard Cordell 

Lally Samuel 
Diane Scott 
Susan Royston Turner 

Joseph Ankoma Dadzie 

Anthony Albert Andreassi 
Kathryn Anne Brown 
Belle Pin Chang 
Craig Alan Childres 
Christina Anne Cinalli 
Babette Dickerson 
Marcia Elaine Goggans 
Bryant Lee Griffith 
Alexandra Gurary 
Caroline Theresa 

Michael Kouchakdjian 
Michael Thomas Kozycki 
David Myers Leffingwell 
George Charles Miller 

Frederick Edward Simmons 
Irvine D. Swahn 

Kurt Miles Elkins 
Katherine P. Heller 
Mark Paul Hensler 


School of Architecture 

Bachelor of Architecture 

Randy H. Davis 
James F. Duffy 
Laurence Arthur Frank 
Frank Gregory Gambino 
Robert John Lawrence 
Charles Royal Lehner IV 
Sharon Rachel Rosen 

Bachelor of Science 

Urban Studies: 
Sharon Rachel Rosen 

Charles Edward Bolen II 
Ross Adam Briskman 
Camilo Alberto Gonzalez 

Ming Hui Bon Hoa 
Silvia Patricia Killian 
Barry Christopher Knestout 
'Cindy Kay Linkins 
fGeorge Thomas Myers 
Timothy Lee Mewton 
Shorieh M. Talaat 

College of Journalism 

Bachelor of Science 

Linda Claire Accorti 
Linda Marie Allnock 
Sylvia Blackburn Andrews 
Amy J. Atwood 
tCarol Clovis Barkdull 

Aminata Barrie 
§Catherine Claire Beckley 

Richard A. Beckmann, Jr. 

Sharon Kay Berg 

John Petree Bohman 
§Lori Alison Bounds 

Maura Anne Burke 

Cheryl Ann Carrillo 
*(Jna Marie Catania 

Geoffrey Joel Chernov 

Robin Nancy Clack 

David Elliott Cohen 

Cheri Jeannette Collinson 

Sherry Elizabeth Conrad 

Terri Lynne Cooke 
tSusan Gail Dambrauskas 

Michele Marie Daubner 

Katherine Frazier Dawson 

Lisa Marie Devery 

Linda Camp Dickler 

Robert Walter Dosh Dorrett 

Caroline E. Dowling 

Matthew Dunie 

Daniel Scott Eckstein 

Monica Lynne Fales 

Susan Mary Falvella 
§Kirsis Joanne Flores 

Susan Marie Gallagher 

Andrea Daryl Ganz 

Emilio Manuel Garcia-Ruiz 

William Jon Graff 

Howard E. Grant 

Lesley Glasgow Hall 

Robin Ann Hammett 

Philip John Hanyok 

Anita Elizabeth Harewood 

Paul Bryan Harris 

Diane Rose Hey 

Paul Richard Howard 

Jane Anne Howell 
fRoberta Carol Hoxie 

Elizabeth Ann Imhoff 

Karen Melissa Jack 

Sharon Lynn Johnson 

Kathleen Ann Kearns 

Karen Diane Kestel 

Lisa S. Kim 

Richard Alan Litofsky 

John Francis Mallette 

Rosa Angelica Maymi 

Carolyn Coleman McCulley 
Mitzi Ann McGrady 
Lenore Virginia McKenzie 
Michelle Lynn Meyers 
Deborah Elaine Miller 
Dolores Kei Morrison 
Diana S. Moy 
Ellen Schofield O'Leary 
Betty Rose Olt 
Laura Marie Porinchak 
'Michelle Anne Poster 
Roderick Bruce Price 
Ellen-Beth Resnick 
Robert Elliott Riddle 
Katherine Moselle 

Michael Bennett Rosenthal 
Michael Todd Sherman 
Pamela Yvonne Smallwood 
Raymond Michael Smith 
Jean Knill Spivey 
Susan Elizabeth Tice 
Dina Lynn Van Pelt 
Craig Robert Violett 
Katherine Ann Wade 
John Michael Walker 
William J. Weger 
Susan E. Weisbrot 
Suzanne E. White 
Risiqat Ibironke Yussuf 

Division of Arts and 

Bachelor of Arts 

Russian Area Studies: 
Joel Glenn Irvin 

American Studies: 
Laurie Ann Concannon 
Karen Ruth Gardiner 
Sylvia Adams Johnson 
Rita Cecilia Lavoie 
Karen Lenorita Williams 

Radio, Television and Film: 
Erik Brian Avol 
Kerby Russell Baden 

36 December Bachelors 

§Summa Cum Laude; fMagna Cum Laude; 'Cum Laude 

Robin Andrea Berger 
John F. Bryant 
Rufus Franklin Childs. Jr. 
Catherine Helene Christopher 
Jamie Lynne Clyman 
Shawn Colbert 

•Aimee Patricia Coogan 
Deborah Ann Cox 
Brian Francis Crowley 
Donald Allen Darrow, Jr. 
Dana Andrew Davis 
Joseph Winfield Demby 
Robert Harold Deutsch 
Dean Lapus de Villa 
Eliot A. Doppelt 
Kathleen Anne Dugan 
Anthony Eric Ferrante 
Eileen Maire Gatens 
Maurice Allen George 
Nelson Jose Ginebra 
Thomas Joseph Gorman 
Michael Grembowicz 
David J. Haggins 
Barbara Anne Hamilton 
Matthew Daniel Herath 
Greg William Herzog 
Brenda Lee Hillebrenner 

tTod Howard Hopkins 
Jana Lynn Ifkovits 
Naomi Josephson 
Daniel Vincent Lavery 
Julia L. LeGath 
Michael Anthony Lewis 
Robert Murray Liguori f 
Susan Teresa McManus 
Richard Alan Morenoff 
James Patrick Morrison 
Barbara Nails 
Brian Scott Orloff 
Jessica Catherine Perkins 
Albert B. Perrotta, Jr. 
Linda Gail Pinzuti 
Robert Lee Reedy 
Rhonda Allison Rowland 
Sharon Anne Russell 
Thomas William Siebert, Jr. 
Terri Leigh Silverman 
Karen Leigh Sloane 
Pamela Lynn Smolinski 
Gwendolyn Anita Soden 

Gordon C. Spector 

Amy Jean Stratford 
Linda Ann Sweeney 
Beverly Lin Wang 
Jay Alan Weinberg 
Howard Lee Wolsky 
David Scott Yeskel 

Art -Studio: 
Harry Lee Chow 
Mary Doreen Hamilton 
M. Teresa C. Hull 
Jennifer Hulseman 

•Kathryn Burns Locche 
Richard Moy 
Barbara Nails 
Tomoko Okabe 
Bryan Douglas Parker 
Kelly Ann Posey 
Sandra Sedmak 
Julie Anne Wiernik 
Lisa Leigh Winovich 

Art History: 
Endia Moulda Arnold 
Nestor Dmytro Caryk 
Joseph Patrick Johnson 
Patricia Ann Kearney 

•Pauline Pfeffer Nolan 

Mary Beth Cunningham 
Simone Elaine Deering 

•Joseph Martin Taglieri 
Susan Elaine Todenhoft 
Sally Anne Waldron 

Melvin Louis Cauthen 
Victoria Anne Copp 
Jia W. Lin 
William J. Lynch 
Alice Stratton Newcomb 
Joanne Nicole Tyrrell 

Nora Anne Ambrosio 
Lori Lynne Geyer 
Karen Marie Panasewicz 
Michelle Kaye Van Natta 

Melissa Jean Adkins 
Helen Clare Loughrey t 
David A. Prazniak 

Elena Prisekin 

Donna Maria King 
Catherine E. Mullett 
Lucy F. Sanchez 

Ann Marie Coulbourne 
Paul Andrew Kearney 
Gary Wackernah 
Sara Katharine Wild 

Romance Languages: 
Susan May Hess 

East Asian Languages and 

John Worth Clark 
Roland Guy Hunt 
Dolores Kei Morrison 
Abigail Axford Rickert 

•Joseph Martin Taglieri 

Claire Anne Abt 
Kevin Jennings Angus 
Cheryl Lynn Bandel 
Patricia Ann Bennett 
Diane Janet Bernard 
Bonnie Jean Campbell 
Paul Eugene Chandler 
John Shepard Cooley 
Brenda Lane Dunham 
Kathryn Jean Erisman 
Barbara Friedmann 
Eileen Marie Galleher 

•Raphael Michael Garland 
Christopher John Gearin 

tLaura Thorington Gordon 
Irene Hagerty 
Dawn Elizabeth Hite 
Linda Kay Hoff 
Katherine Jean Jackson 

Maryanne Kathryn Janet 
Barry Robert Kadonoff 
Bradley Allen Kaplon 
Kevin George Kendrick 
Kristin Elizabeth Leopold 
Kevin Wayne McKnett 
Beverly Janet Murphy 
Daniel Massimo Pasquini 
Stephanie Jaye Podolsky 
David Scott Posey 
•Carolyn Alice Schultze 
June G. Slack 
Nenad Tufekcic 
David Ernest Twombly 
Christine Ann Plessinger 

Speech Communication: 
Catherine Helene Christopher 
Kimberly Ann Hall 
Bernadette Marie Inabinett 
William John Inglis 
Scott Salsbury Kershow 
Elizabeth Love Latta 
Sharon Marie Preissner 
Mark Adam Rosenberg 
Leslie Renee Wilder 


Paul Eugene Chandler t 

Kevin Joseph Earnest 
tDonald Edward Lewis 

Douglas Neil Midthune 

Henry Schmidt HI 

Ian MacGregor Bowie 
Jean Alexandra Brown 
Robin Jean Cook 
Cecilia Elizabeth Fayard 
Sherry Ann Frear 
Anne Marie Griffith 
Brian Scott Johnson 
Mark Charles Kirchman 
Michael Anthony Lawson 

§Rita Marie Markley 
James M. McDonough 

•Kelly McClure Miller 
Philip Edward Niedermair 

t Second Major 

§Summa Cum Laude: tMagna Cum Laude; •Cum Laude 

December Bachelors 37 

Carey Charles Olson 
Lisa DeAnn Raines 
Warren Edward Saylor 
Sandra C. Schiffman 
Michael Andrew Smith 
Michael Reed Turner 
* Paul Weiffenbach 

Bachelor of Music 

Jose Luis Caceres 
HueiShang Hu 
Shirley Owen Markham 
Suk Kyung Moon 


College of Business and 

Bachelor of Science 

General Business: 
David Allan Anderson 
Renee Jean Bermel 
James Gerard Chaparas 
John Bradford Cromwell 
Wayne Martin Dillon 
James Melvin Donley 
Ronald Allen Drescher 
Kathleen Margaret Drish 
David Wayne Eden 
Janice Roberta Farr 
Kathy Fekete 

Doff Thomas Fleshman, Jr. 
Deborah Lynn Flickinger 
Michael James Frederick 
Mancy Jean Qledhill 
William Joseph Gaebl 
William Charles Gould 
Wafa S. Haddad 
Karen Louise Haft 
Marie Eleanor Henderson 
Susan Tracy Herd 
Monika Carolina Hirschmann 
Tammy Marie Holmes 
Peggy J. Kaiser 

Judith Elizabeth Kline 

tScott Perry Knable 
Kevin Paul Korpisz 
Made Sanjaya Labde 
Matthew Munich McGoey 
Michael Aldo Merollini 
Carol Lynn Meuberger 

* Steven Christopher Palmer 
Ronald Wayne Pickrel, Jr. 
Richard Kemp Pippin 
Julie Ann Roling 
Addie Louise Sheppard 
Jaesoon Shin 
Jan Lloyd Streett 
Susan Elaine Todenhoft 
Deborah Vallin 
Mark Edward Vige 
Joseph Davis Walker 
Tracy Lynne Walker 
Alexander Frederick Willis 


tHoward Ralph Awrich 

Francine Gay Baker 

Robert A. Baker 

Helen Bartsocas 

Jay Conrad Beam 

James Arthur Beaubien 

Helene Tracey Berson 

Thomas Wade Bledsoe 

James Joseph Bond 

Gregory E. Broe 

Raymond Francis Bryant, Jr. 

David Alan Butler 

Henry Arthur Calhoun, Jr. 

Rita Moemi Carbo 

Kathleen May Carey 

Wai Chu Chen 

Henry Moonhae Chi 

Deborah Jean Chin 

Bruce Byung-Ryul Choi 

Melanie Lorraine Clark 

Suzanne Blake Clark 

Neil Hunter Conley 

Jeff Corydon IV 

Timothy Francis Cotton 

Craig Stephen Cousineau 

Kathryn Ann Cruz 

Cynthia Anne Curtis 

Charles James Daley, Jr. 
Richard Ross Dashiell 
Scott Allan Davis 
Mark Roland Day 
Michael J. D'Oliveira 
Jeffrey Michael Donovan 
Cheryl Ann Dostal 
Kathryn Lynette Dunbar 
Kristopher Charles Fade 
Kenneth Edwards Earle 
Gary Douglas Ferguson 
Beth Janice Futrovsky 
Angelia Ghee 

* Cindy Lynn Ginsberg 
Sharon Denise Glass 
Ernest Joseph Goebel, Jr. 

* Martin Barry Goldberg 
Paul Allen Goldberg 
Glenn Scott Goldman 
Laura Lynn Grasso 
Scott Craig Hahn 
John Charles Healey 
Denise Edith Herbert 
Joseph Michael Herishen 
Linda Ann Hickey 

§Linda Susan Horty 

Lestarina Iskandar 

Berthil Theophilus James 

Ji Myong Kim 

Ralph E. Kinard, Jr. 

Karen Lynn King 

Joseph John Kobylski 

Irene S. Lee 

Michael Yunsung Lee 

Marcia Jane Leitch 

Robert Lo 

Mark Lee Lofgren 
*Mark John Malane 

Maureen Elizabeth Mannion 

Martin Edward Marino 

Thomas Alan Mathias 

Leslie Victoria Meier 

Jeffry John Mento 

Jeffery Todd Miller 

Susan Hoehn Miller 

Catherine Elizabeth Moylan 

John Faris Myers, Jr. 

Kelly Marie highland 

Karen Lynn Obert 

fLyubov Okun 

Andrew Joseph Olone 

Hyo S. Park 
§Cynthia Louise Parks 

Lawrence William Parsley 

Belinda Gayle Patterson 

Arleen Patricia Peters 

Lois J. Polley 

Lawrence Steven Post 

Kenneth Robert Rehmann 

Karen Lea Resau 

Laura Marie Rodgers 

Jorge Luis Rodriguez 

Maria Rodriguez 

Philip Sanford Rogofsky 

Barry Stephen Rosenthal 

James Geoffrey Round 

Richard E. Rudman 

James Alan Russum 
§Harlan Mah Ryang 
* Carol Jeanette Saxton 
*Terri Lynne Scherr 

Lance Stuart Siegall 

Steven Allen Sirk 

Ralph Paul Sita, Jr. 

Jean Marie Smith 

Brent Stewart Solomon 

Kevin Jay Steiger 

Lloyd Scott Stirmer 

Elizabeth Maria Szunyogh 

Mark Daniel Tenenbaum 

James David Thomasell 
fjill Marie Timmons 

Tracey L. Tranmer 

Kirsten Dana Tucker 

Carol Ann Van Wagenen 

Daniel James Voldal 

Rickey Antonio Walton 
*Brenda Jean White 

Christiana Yu 

Ho Chi Yuen 

Frank L. Zarrelli 


Matthew Joseph Ball 

Vicki Carter Binder 
*Steven William Bolen 

Jason Hamilton Brinkley 

William Richmond Chambers 

38 December Bachelors 

§Summa Cum Laude; fMagna Cum Laude; *Cum Laude 

Stuart Allan Chandler 
Taron Chang 
Peter W. Chen 
Alfredo A. Coliazo 
Neil Hunter Conley t 
Mark Douglas Craig 
Robert Thonnas Crawford 
Jeffrey Lee Daiton 
Michael J. D'Oliveira t 

•Lori Anne Donnelly 
Kevin Patrick Donoghue 
Philip Hugh Downing 
Michelle Lacoste Fletcher 
Glenn Andrew Everhart 
Susan Marie Francis 
Terence Patrick Fullem 
Barton Lyn George 
Andrea Weiner Goren 
Daniel Breading Graves 
Hammond Hyongyoul Han 
Helena Hiyong Han 
Carolyn Elizabeth Henley 
Daniel Thomas Hensler 

§Patricia Ann Hill 
Monika Carolina 
Hirschmann t 
Tracy Pauline House 
Thomas Lee Howard 
May Hsu 
Lori Carol Hyatt 
Cheryl Loretta Jones 
Mark Scott Josephson 
Joni Lu Ann Keefer 
Donald William Keller 
Riddhini Kent 
Jeffrey Stephen King 
Rajeev Kurichh 
Marta-Luisa Laureano 
Marsha Beth Lindenman 
David Stuart Lyddane 
Linda Palma McKay 
Patrick David McLaughlin 
Barbara Peckham Miller 
Kevin Michael Mullaney 
Kimberly Robin Myers 
Theo Micholas 
Stephen John O'Connell 
Lyubov Okun t 

§Cecilia A. Plante 
Harris Craig Povich 

Michael Quartner 
Leslie Ann Rehill 
Frank Michael Reich 
Carl Andrew Rhoades, Jr. 
Audrey Lynn Schmuhl 
Yerachmiel Jerry Shmerl 
Adam Mark Sisenwein 
Phillip John Smith 
Raymond Leon Smith. Jr. 
Richard Alan Sullivan 
Marna Gail Suskind 
Geriann Tepedino 
Kirsten Dana Tucker t 
R. Fernando Vallenas 
Michael James Vaughn 
Maurice Leon Vekeman, Jr. 
William Dov Viezel 
Swabeera Wall 
Linda Terech Wells 
John Stephen Wenzel 
•Rose Liebl Werner 
Steven D. Zitomer 

Management Science /Statistics: 

David Alan Butler t 

Darryl Armand Davis 

Steve Hom 
•Stacey Rochelle Jones 

Lori Ann KrzeminskI 

Bette Maria Liu 

Ronald Paul Abrams 
Steven M. Beck 
John Jay Behn 
Donna Jean Belford 
Jessica J. Berman 
Stuart Michael Blum 
Anne Catherine Bonthron 
Robert Walter Brandenburg 
Kathleen Ann BrantI 
Caria Martha Carpenter 
Karen Lynne Chaney 
James Gerard Chaparas 
Jane J. P. Cheng 
Carol Ann Christina 
Thomas Joseph Costa 
Marilyn Eileen Dashkiewicz 
Robert Madaris Desselle, Jr. 

Tina Marie Farah 

David Bruce Feldman 

Paula Beth Feldman 

Thomas Joseph Ferris 

Mancy Ann Fitzgerald 

Luis Vincente Flores 

Carl Andre Foster. Jr. 

Rosalyn Mary Giannini 

Brian Harris Greenberg 

Michael Scott Gruber 

Kelly Ann Haskins 

Marie Eleanor Henderson t 

Mindy Sue Hoffman 

James John Hegarty 

Barbara Rittenhouse 
'Edward Joseph Keane 

Anthony Phillip Kirchgessner 

Angela Marie Krebs 

Sandra Marie Kuebler 

Cynthia Lea Laslo 

Michele T. Lawless 

Daniel Stewart Legg 

Rose Marie Guerneri 

Tonya Hannah Little 

Bette Maria Liu 

Antonio M. Loveman 

Curtis Wayne Luckado 

Jean Behringer Maisel 

Cheryll Anne March 

Linda Jeanne McCullough 

Kerri Lee McDaniel 

Marlene Mermelstein 

Alan Winzer Meudt 

Daniel Zvi Monias 

Kyle Collier Morton 

Deborah Sue Murray 

Sheryl Lynne Baranovic 

Jennifer Ellen Ney 

Cynthia Perry Nixon 

Raynaldo Vidamo Novicio 

Edward John O'Malley 

Josefina D. Padlan 

Francis Chris Peters 

Elisa Proctor 

J. Daniel Pugh 

Thomas McKenzie Rauner t 
•Janet Kay Redman 

Preston Alexander See Rico 
Roberta Ann Rigby 
Paul Anthony Rizzo 
Laurie Michelle Robbins 
Monica Santos 
James Ray Sebring, Jr. 
Mary Elizabeth Seubert 
Ralph Charles Steele. Jr. 
Marguerite Jeanne Sullivan 
Wayne Stephen Sweeney 
Hock Ming Tan 
Michael John Tice 
Mark Brian Trimble 
Suzanne Virginia Tutwiler 
Sandra Christine Vaughn 
Tuyet Nhu Vo 
Barry Lee Wood 
Charles Edward Young 

Donald Scott Black 
Anne Catherine Bonthron t 
Todd Douglas Brown 
Daniel Thomas Hensler t 
Scott David Ellis 
Charlene Jones 
George William Kanski 
Stuart Wayne Krittman 
Thomas Andrew Martino 
Mark Benjamin Morgan 
Thomas McKenzie Rauner 
William George Rogers 
David Wayne Russell 
Donald Craig Scheeler 
Linda Terech Wells 

Personnel and Labor Relations: 
Carol Jeanne Boisseau 
Dorita Boulden 
Katherine Mary Brooks 
Thomaseena Alexis Cox 
Ronald McDonald Critchlow 
Rosa Fernandez Fanney 
Celeste Gervasio 
Kim Sharon Gould 
Peggy Susan Guy 
Edward David Heller 
Michael Libys 

t Second Major 

§Summa Cum Laude; tMagna Cum Laude: 'Cum Laude 

December Bachelors 39 

Jean Behringer Maisel t 
Jean Marie McDermott 
Jeanette Andrea Mcintosh 
Marlene Mermelstein f 
Virginia E. Proctor 
Stella Marie Scheder 
Belinda Gayle Patterson f 
'Michelle C. Cecchini Suess 
Stoian Jeliaskov Tiufekchiev 
Christine Ann Ward 

Production Management: 
Philip Scott Anderson 

Division of Behavioral and 
Social Sciences 

Bachelor of Arts 

Hearing and Speech Sciences: 
Freda Renee Bullock 
Tracy Octavia Downing 
Margaret Ann Gore 
Carole Loreen Goss 
Elisa Meredith Kelley 
Delia Diane Kromer 
Mary Therese La Rue 
Hilarie Lynn Samuels 
Katherine Marie Schroeder 
Cindy Jo Stoller 
Michelle Gszerowicz 
Stephanie Lynne Edith Maria 

Francine Laura Applewhite 
Cynthia Lynn Bergmann 
Theodore Peter Burkhardt 
Madhumita Chattopadhya 
Carolyn Anne Collins 
Kathleen Mary Conlon 
Paula J. Cornish 
Kelly Marie Cuthbert 
Linda Ann Dean 
Yasmin Fazelet Deen 
Jerome Douglas Dillard 
Thomas Franklin Dossey 

f Second Major 

40 December Bachelors 

Raymond John Flood 

Yvonne Marie Eraser 

Mitra Atefi Garakani 

Tracy Anne Gilbert 

Timothy Emanuel Halkos 

Christine Antoinette 

Debra Jeanne Kaufman 
* Merry Frances King 
§Hannelore Bernecker 

Victoria Regina Lee 

Saundria Annette Lewis 

Geraldo da Costa Lima 

Roger Warren Luchan 

Kerri Allison Mulvey 

Sheila Margot Rubens 

Suzanne Marie Saint Onge 

Jennifer Estella Schultz 

Richard Keith Siegel 

Neil McLeod Smith 

Cheryl Athene Steele 

Hock Ming Tan 

Derrick Drexal Thompson 

Susan Rockwell Tischer 

Nancy Crisp Weeks 

Kimberly Kyle Wells 

Patricia Shawn Wells 

Maryjane Wheble 

Susan Lynne Wolf 

Christine Georgia Zambetis 

Law Enforcement: 
Allison Leigh Achenback 
Susan Barbara Albert 
Michelle Barnes 
Sheri Ann Behrens 
Robert Scott Brewer 
Michael John Donovan 
Larry Robert Edgar 
Joseph Emmett Eller 
Thomas Edward Grimes 
Donald James Hashagen, Jr. 
Charles Melvin Haugan 
Jeffrey Allen Hoover 
Stephen Lee Kornreich 
Cheryl Lynn Kratzner 
Jerome Vernon Lee 
Michael Walter March 
Gregory Scott Migliorisi 

George Phillip Moskowitz 
William Lee Newbrough, Jr. 
Patrick Andrew ODonnell 
Pamela Susan Oertly 
Eileen P. Petrie 
Elizabeth Anne Powell 
Alan Jay Samler 
Rosemarie Ellen Sampson 
Mark Jeffrey Schanne 
David John Schiappa 
Mary Elizabeth Seubert 
Mark Edward Smith 
Eugene Scott Stargel 
Fotis Thomopoulos 
Jeffrey Scott CJIisney 

Scott Foster Andrews 
fTheresa Ann Churchill 
tBruce Thomas Clarkson 
Charles Ian Cowan 
Lisa Annette Cox 
Mary Susan Dixon 
Alexandra Louise Leavitt 
Patricia Ann Lockeman 
Laura Catherine Pillette 
Sylvia R. Scott 

Angela Elizabeth Abruzzo 
Daniel Edwin Ainsworth 
Mabel Eliane Alcoba 
Stuart J. Alper 
Kristen Elaine Anderson 
Joseph Peter Arsenault 
Tilden Fletcher Barnes III 

tStephanie Jean Battles 
Pamela Ann Bayne 
Alejandro Santa-Cruz Biggs 
Gary Paul Bowman 
M. Denise Canard 

* Gabriel Alejandro Castillo 
Horacio Chacon 
Jean Ann Clark 
Stephen Robert Clay 
Michael Joseph Connolly 
Kelley Ann Corrigan 
John Michael Crotty t 
Scott Jon Darwin 
Carlos Dominguez 

Donald Joseph Donoghue 
Benjamin Henry Dorsey III 
Jonathan Clay Dunn 
Robert Joseph Fischer, Jr. 
Michelle Lacoste Fletcher 

§Sandra Rivka Gamliel 
Carl Andre Foster f 
Thomas DeGraff Gleason 
Susan Theresa Gloyd 
Gladys Elizabeth Gregg 
Rolf William Hammerer 
Mark Charles Harger 
Diane Lynn Hessler 
Brian Scott Heustis 
Claudio Hofstadter 

•Jeffrey Martin Holland 
Joseph Hruby 
John Adrain Hundley 
Terrie Lee Hunt 
Kathryn Ann Jacob 
Song Eung Jung 
Yauthary Keo 
Seung Kyoo Kim 
Michael Scott Kirshe 
Jana Milica Klavik 
Rajeev Kurichh f 
Marta-Luisa Laureano t 
Robert Murray Liguori 
Poh Heng Lim f 
Mara Diane Liss 
Helen Clare Loughrey 
Cheryll Anne March f 
Jill Diane McLean 
Sidney Edward Menkis 
Douglas Lawrence Miles 
Kevin Ignatius Miller 
Daniel Isaac Millman 
David Jerome Mitchell 
Gilles Martin Munoz 
Sergio Javier Ostria 
Kenneth Glenn Palmer 
John Windsor Pascoe 
Sean Reed Perry 
Mary Anne Putek 
Larry Robert Rawlings 
Mi Ja Rim 

John Gordon Robbins 
Michael Thomas 

William Eric Schoff 

§Summa Cum Laude; fMagna Cum Laude; *Cum Laude 

tHsing Min Sha 
Ronald Edward Simenauer 
David Singer 
Daniel William Smith 
Lisa Anne Stadler 
Elizabeth Susan Sterman 
George Leicester Thomas IV 
Ricardo E. Valderrama 
Anuradha V. Wahi 
Doris Irene West 
Dipica Bernadetle 
Craig Steven Wilson 
Valerie Jean Winn 
Stewart Damian Wright 
Frank L. Zarrelli t 

Government and Politics: 
Andre D. Adams 
Jayne Frances Adams 
Kimberly Alisa Beane 
Patricia Ann Bennett 
Robert Melson Breault. Jr. 
Holly Lisa Brenner 
Edward Jerome Brown 
Jean Alexandra Brown 
Michael Kevin Brown 
Thomas White Browning 
Daryl Sue Caplan 

tBonnie Lee Chiles 
Cheri Jeannette Collinson t 
Warren William Cookson 
Robert William Cosby 
John Michael Crotty 
John Harold Cunningham 
David Allan Curry 
Michael A. DeSantis 
Moble Jackson Dhue III 
Pamela Susan Doyle 
William Ferdinand 

Eberhart III 
Tomilayo Fatima Fadope 
Charles Derek Fales 
Timothy Ranald Fletcher 
Dorothy Floyd 
David Bentley Foster 
Cynthia Lee Fowler 
Beth B. Freeman 
Salvador Dominador 

Christopher Gemmell 
Eileen Patrick Gilligan 
Charles Thomas Glass 
Jennifer Lee Glover 
Nita Goel 

Arlene Suzan Goldberg 
Maurice Delano Grant 
Jayne Marlene Hamilton 
James Howorth Hartten 
Lydia Anne Hatch 
Jeffrey Martin Hill 
Kathryn Gail Holbrook 
Ruth Elizabeth Holland 
Lori Michelle Hughes 
Steven Ira Hyman 
Vita Lorenzina locco 
Robert Michael lorio 
Catherine Elizabeth Jackson 
Sandra Lee Jones 
Stephanie Louise Jordan 
Eun Joo Kim 

Tracey Carol Kirchenbauer 
Amy Jo Lewellyn 
Mark Roy Manges 
Christopher Michael Marts 
Robert Lee Marvel. Jr. 
Robert Frances McCort, Jr. 
Craig Patrick McCoy 
David Leslie McGill 
David Moluski 
Judith Lynn Mona 
Michael Patrick Moony 
Vincent William Moscarelli 
Daniel Howard Nadash 
John William Mavas 
Jean Marie Mepa 
Brooke Grayson O'Kane 
Thomas Edward Owens 
Marlene Carol Perritte 
Alice Louise Pohutsky 
Jamie Lynn Post 
Jeffrey Marc Reffsin 
Margaret Richardson 
Lisa Beth Ritter 
I. Maxine Robinson 
Mark Alan Rohrer 
Brenda Kay Rosencrantz 
Kenneth Steven Savell 
Amanda Armstrong Schmidt 
Stephen Russell Silberfarb 

Alan Dale Simpson 
John Robert Sinton 
Luke Warren Slay 
Thomas Edward Smith 
Paula Marie Sowie 
Perry Wayne Stanley 
James Scott Stevens 
Peter Kenneth Sullivan 
Steven Craig Thomas 
tJacqueline Boyle Travers 
Donna Elizabeth VanScoy 
David Yarnall Willers 
Andrew Evan Williams 

Edward H. Baker 
Carol Jeanne Boisseau 
Gerald Joseph Comeau 
Lisa Alayne Cote 
Gary Allen Deininger 
Jonathan L. Fial 
Connie Ann Geehan t 
Catherine Anne Geer 

'Stephanie Eva Kiss 
Robert Meredith Montague 
Jocelyn Marie Moquin 
Christopher Arizon Quarles 
Christine Pfefferle Renninger 
Sheela Singh 
Wendy H. Todres 

Jane Francis Brown 
Leirdre Laquana Clements 
John Michael Doherty 
Brad Jerome Fain 
James Patrick Galvin 
Connie Ann Geehan 
Cheryl Antoinette Gregoi're 
Gail Marie Harrison 
William Cecil Henry 
Bonnie Ann Hynson 
Debra Jeanne Kaufman t 
Sheryl Mancy Kay 
Thomas Walter Kemp 
Gwendolyn Yvonne Kittrell 
Harold Dale Levenson 
Dana Amelia Lucas 
Maria Lynn Macturk 
Beth Anne McArthur 

Betsy Ann McAuliffe 
Mark McGuigan 
Darryl Lemire Morgan 
Mary Rose Canali Nicol 
Christin Frin Olsen 
Vincenzo J. Petrone 
Amy Patricia Pohutsky 
Ellen Marie Quinn 
Christine Pfefferle Renninger 
Brenda L. Sizemore 
Carol Linn Smeltz 
Robert Edward Vitarelli 
Chet Eliot Weinbaum 

Afro-American Studies: 
David Emerson Cross, Sr. 
Harold William Dargan. Jr. 
Victoria Regina Lee t 

Urban Studies: 
Charles Victor Bell 
Susan Caroline Coffman 
Ed Bernard Davis 
Bryant Lee Gross 
Richard Jerome Harris 
Kimberly Joan Harper Hines 
Jeffrey Martin Holland ♦ 
Charles Royal Lehner 
Mark M. Marden 
Timothy Brian Owens 
Janet Marie Plass 
Ralph Quintanilla 
Robert Edward Reich 
Rudolph L. Scipio 
Robert J. Spalding 
Glenton Daniel Taylor 
William Bruce Willis 

t Second Major 

§Summa Cum Laude; tMagna Cum Laude; 'Cum Laude 

December Bachelors 41 

Bachelor of Science 

Harmeen Ahuja 
Howard Leslie Allentoff 

§Amy Lynne Brennwald 
Ernest Edward Champion, 

Cathy Rae Copenhaver 
Robert J. Cusack 
Joe Evans, Jr. 
Kimberly Dawn Garrett 
Daphne Monique Gaskins 
Elizabeth Lee Gleisberg 
David Alan Glorius 
Tracy Lee Hodge 
Rae Cottrell Jones 
Jeanne Marie Kenney 
Michael Steven Krzastek 
Matthew William Kugler 
Donna Elaine McDaniels 
Wanda Lee Mieves 
Teresa A. Podruchny 
Teresa Ann Pownell 
Belinda Medrano Raguindin 
Toba Lynn Shapiro 
Paul Antonio Thomas 
Robert Carroll Wear II 


David Matthew Arnold 

Jeffrey William Bassichis 

John Joseph Byle 

Vincent George Chick, Jr. 

Robert Alan Daganhardt 

William Paul Dassing 

David Joseph Foy 

Elizabeth Antigone Kaylor 

Elfreda Regina Mymn 
* Michael Ross Ratcliffe 

Joann Darlene Wilson 


College of Education 

Bachelor of Arts 

English Education: 
*Jane Ann Dugan Antonovich 
Hazel Margaret Greene 

Art Education: 
Karen Sporn Franco 

Bachelor of Science 

Elementary Education: 
Valerie B. Agre 
Barbara G. Curran 
Lisa Marie Farr 
Jennifer Lynn Geipe 

*Ann Theresa Hagan 
Robbie Lea House 
Judy Gay Johnston 
Nicholeta Kavoures 
Mary Catherine Koegel 
Susan Eileen Koricki 
Lisa Pina Levy 
Ann Adair Lohren 
Bonnie Lee Margolin 
Anne Patricia McShalley 
Debra J. Petronis 
Mary Elizabeth Prange 
Catherine Helen Presley 
Mary Theresa Sullivan 
Cynthia Lynn Vaughan 

Secretarial Education: 
Sally Ann Cruz 
Alma Marie Rohlfs 

Special Education: 

* Debra Jean Aiken 
Ellen Fran Bassoff 
Katherine Anne Blum 
Martin S. Bokow 
Marva Michelle Boyer 

Karen Ann Briscuso 
Tammy Anne Bullard 
Katherine Ann Clark 
Emily Kyle Cline 
Jeanne Lynn Crowson 
Lisa Jane Davisson 
Maria Defrancesco 
Karen Ann Denoncourt 
Linda Marian Doggett 
Anne H. Donnally 
Rhonda Ellen Esham 
Pamella Kay Frank 
Tina Marie Gill 
Michelle Anne Gleason 
Meredith Ellen Gunn 
Marcia Lynn Hayman 
Ann Marie Hersey 
Donna Lynn Huckel 
Michael Kurt Kuegler 
Susan Jo Levey 
Julie Anne Little 
Tamara Karver Mullan 
Lois Helen Philip 
Susan Kathryn Poe 
Laura Anne Smith 
Leah Stacy Solomon 
Cheryl Lynn Thomas 
Jeffrey Tolson 

Early Childhood Education: 
Lynn Frances Baker 
Karen Lynn Blevins 
Holly Houston Bohman 
Lissa Paula Cohen 
Amanda Marie French 
Lisa Lynn Fuller 
Barbara Regina Gannon 
Sandra Marie Gerardi 
Elizabeth Ann Green 
Evan Louise Hamburger 
Patricia Schutt Herzog 
Vicki Lynn Hess 
Jacqueline Aiello Hewitt 
Mary J. Hunt 
Catherine Lynn Kuehling 

* Sarah Frances Lebling 
Diane Anita Mattingly 
Anne Marie Pedevillano 
Christine Shepard 
Colleen Andrea Taliaferro 
Kathleen Marie Torbik 

Art Education: 

*Denise Kay Furman 
Cheryl Ann Rudolph 
Patricia Ann Sassano 
Wendy Beth Singer 

Mathematics Education: 
David Mark Eldridge 
Patricia Marie Maltagliati 
Thomas John Stephanos 

Science Education: 
John Gordon Bernstein 
Karen D. Durham Chagalis 
Eric Scott Clawson 
Leah Ann Parks Ellmore 
Donna Rae Hall 

§Beth Sachs Holden 
Cynthia Johnson Mutter 

Industrial Technology: 
Michael Lee Armbruster 
Robert Eugene Arsenault 
Kenneth Stuart Berger 
Matthew James Bowers 
Joseph Mark Brkovich 
Gregory Thomas Burdick 
Michael Alan Chilvers 
Melvin Clay Clark, Jr. 
Brian Peter Daitch 
Ronald Wayne Gallahan 
Emmett Cameron Harleston 
Gregory Elias Harraka 
Kenneth Jerome Hicks 
Anthony Fernando Ingelido 
Steven Chieu Lam 
Jennifer Lynn Manzke 
Brian Warren O'Reilly 
Frank John Petrik 
Ray Franklin Rohrer 
Jonathan Darius Simmons 
Robert John Snyder 
Harold Jay Stein 
John Spencer Streett 

Industrial Arts: 
Patricia Sue Roth 

Library Science Education: 
William Louis Katzenberger, 


42 December Bachelors 

§Summa Cum Laude; fMagna Cum Laude; *Cum Laude 

College of Human Ecology 
Bachelor of Science 

Advertising Design: 

Susan M. Ballance 
•Diane Gale Biffle 

Diane T. Cerrito 

Pamela Denise Chase 

Sandra Clarke 

Robin Alicia Czorny 

Michele Allan Danoff 

Karl Louis England 

Theresa Galgon 

Alane Townsley Gangewere 

Allyson Lee Ger 

Beth Ann Gorman 

Stefano locco 

Steven Alton Jones 

Holly Diana Klementz 

Mark Howard Kuritzky 

Stephanie Wai Lee 

Donna Jean Lloyd 

Phillip Swain Marshall 
•Patricia Jean Mascone 

Ann Willcox McAuliffe 

Marie Elaine Mikulak 

Judith Elaine Miller 

Nancy Ranneil Movak 

Joan Kimberly Pepersack 

Donovan Wayne Reid 

Sharon Ann Scipioni 
•Jennifer Marie Smith 

Lori Anne Stewart 

Patricia Sue Tichner 

Maryann Whelan 

Catherine Ann Woods 

Victoria Wrona 

Carolyn Elizabeth Yale 

Lisa Dee Yocum 

Interior Design: 
Jane E. Baum 
Janet Lynn Beyea 
Karen Ann Bowser 
Laura Langley Evans 

•Catherine M. Ford 
Alma C. Hansford 
Jana Lee Jenkins 

Catherine Mary Lowe 
Suzann Mary Mamryck 
Gregory Edward Marcangelo 
Mehdi H. Mikhchi 
Margaret Ann Murray 
Gabriella Orban 
Laurie Rebecca Rohrback 
Gretchen Elizabeth Scharf 
Sami Marie Sharkey 
Caria Gail Slenkovich 
Robert Lee White 
Carter John Wildermuth 

Apparel Design: 
Letina Hee Yim 

Textile Marketing /Fashion 

Cheri Lynn Adams 
Constance Anne Asman 
Mary Sims Beckett 
Roselyn Marie Bradford 
Patricia Marie Cerych 
Sheila Rene Cherry 
Eileen Louise Comey 
Avery Woodson Flinn 
Terri Janet Gilyard 
Elaine Luisa Granados 
Jaime Christine Hume 
Kelly Sue Kerns 
Robert Thomas Knapp 
Lynn Ann Lamont 
Marissa Jill Levyns 
Theresa Ann Natoli 
Lori Lynn Paules 
Rachelle Sharon Rappoport 
Deborah Louise Richardson 
Paula Lynette Scarborough 
Tracey SolerRandel 
Kimberly Jean Stroman 
Debra Kay White 

Jacqueline Jalen Shoraka 
Cherly Emhardt Wallace 
Jeffrey Lee Weller 

Consumer Economics: 
Donna Gay Baroody 
+ Carol M. Luszcz 

Gary Michael Martucci 
Mary Virginia Raguso 

Management Consumer 

§Catherine Ann Heifner 
Marcella Strizver 

Family Studies: 
Sandra Martina Eudora 

Michael A. Fekula 
Anita Ann-Marie Graham 
Therese Kotlas Jozlin 

tPhyllis Ann Kahn 
Marjorie Dell Wright Karig 
Roland Edward Nairn III 
Tonya Pleasant 
Tammy Jill Routman 

•Ann Elizabeth Thomas 

Community Studies: 
Stacey Ann Long 

Experimental Foods: 
Mojgan FarhatSabet 

Nutrition Research: 
Nimet Shamshudin Alladina 
Cynthia Marie Nagel 

Community Nutrition: 
Sara J. Blumenthal 

Institution Administration: 
Hazel Ann Clinkscale 
Linda White George 
Diane Leslie Heyman 
Steven Howard Singer 

Rosemary Bernadette Flynn 
Robin Sharon Griebler 
Beth Lisa Hendler 
Margaret Ann Himmelfarb 
Flora Rose Hoch 
Barbara Hoffstein 
Anne Marie Hutzenbiler 
Rosemary Ikalafeng Kobue 

Segametsi Ditshebo 

Pamela Carter Smith 

College of Physical 
Education, Recreation 
and Health 

Bachelor of Science 

Physical Education: 
James Christian Claborn 
Tammy Lee Duncan 
Joseph Patrick Gillis 
Charles Mitchell Gore 
Suzanne Hope 
Lori Dawn Moxley 
Rhonda Sue Smith 

Kinesiological Sciences: 
•Chemayne Lee Chelf 

Anne Julia Chesny 

Ronald Anthony Fazio II 

Lynda Jane Geier 

Elizabeth Marie Gilmore 

Terri Ann Gostowski 

Dale Edward Harriman 

Joseph Adam Herget. Jr. 
•George Richard Hudson 

Darryl Nash Jones 

Nicclette Donna Kirkendall 

Cynthia Johnson Nutter 
•Amy Sue Obregon 

James Francis Ott 

Linda Lee Rathfelder 

Julia A. Smith 

Christopher James Tremblay 

Lolin Welsh 

Franchesca Beatrice 

Health Education: 

Donna Lynn Hauser 
§ Dorothy Susan Vandervort 

Christine Ann Barnes 
Nancy Lynn Bortz 
Diane Marie Bosworth 

§Summa Cum Laude: tMagna Cum Laude; •Cum Laude 

December Bachelors 43 

Jeffrey Scott Brouse 
Christia Marie Brubaker 
Jeffery Robert Butcher 
Walter Irving Chase 
Jennifer Church 
Heidi Anne Hansen 
Mary Ann Harvey 
Christopher Hale Hays 
Harolyn Sue Kaplan 
Michael Anthony Lazzari 
James Richard Matthews, Jr. 
Kathleen Louise Melton 
Cynthia Schief Roeder 
Barbara Jean Stuebing 
Mola Diane Syfert 
William Brannen GIrick 
* Mancy Jean Whipple 


College of Engineering 

Bachelor of Science 

Cynthia Clark Early 
William McHaney Eister 
Laurence Paul Lees 
§Richard Lee Moore 
Carl Luther Runion* 
David Allen Trace 
Susan Alyson Wood 

Bachelor of Science in 
Aerospace Engineering 

Mark Joseph Agnello 
Mohammad Azam 
Charles Francis Brink 
Michael Alan Cantor 
John P. DiCarlo 
Michael Lane Donnelly 
Raymond Joseph Harvey 
Bryan Sydney Howard 
David John Mangus* 
Robert Erval Montgomery 
Franklin Steven Nelson 
Frank Alan Pennington 
John Michael Petrone 
Michael David Piechowiak 
Vernon Keith Register 
Mark Davis Seidell 
Michael John Shenberger 
Pete Ronald Smith 
Bruce Daniel Snyder 
Frank Joseph Vaughn. Jr. 
Keith David Walyus 
Jeffrey Andrew Whiting 
TzuHsien Yen 

Bachelor of Science in 
Agricultural Engineering 

Ross Alan Beschner 
Todd M. Reddan 
Seyedali Mohammad 

Bachelor of Science in 
Chemical Engineering 

Stephan M. Ahnert 
Dianne Lynn Dickens 
Carol Anne Flack* 
Franco E. Godoy 
Ji-Yu Hong 
Sabita Kedia 
Dong Kwun Kim 
Chang-Yung Lee 
Behrouz Meyssami 
David Allen Reed 
Sue Ann Sharer 
James Michael Simpson 
Dao-Anh Tonnu 
Pamela R. Wright* 

Bachelor of Science in Civil 

Armen Abrahamian 
Gary David Anderson 
*John Roland Berger 
Karen Lynne Cabanayan 
Timothy Michael Caldwell 
Vaughn Allen Calloway 
Joseba Ifiaki Calvo 
Peggy Marie Cass* 
Okju Cha 

Michael Anthony Chlopek 
Randall Wayne Crowder 
Mark Lance Damico 
William Thomas Davis, Jr. 
Thomas Kenneth Folse 
Mark Joseph Glaudemans 
Bradley K. larcssi 
Chee Mun Lee 
Hunter Johnson Loftin 
Joaquin G. Maldonado 
Scheryl Lynn Mallory 
Michael Martyn 
Brian Richard Ott 

Scott David Rabinow 
Michael E. Riley 
Carl Felipe Starkey 
Craig Alan Ward 
Andrew Charles Watcher 

Bachelor of Science 

in Electrical Engineering 

Abbas H. Alagheband 
Bryan Hearst Allison 
Saiid Aligholizad Anhary 
Alireza H. Asghari 
Robert Joseph Bamberger 
Michael Steven Baracco 
George Henry Barbehenn 
John Raymond Beeler 
Kelly William Bennett 
Keith Oliver Bessette* 
Michael Keith Bitner 
David Anthony Blankman 
Christina Marie Bosco 
Joseph Paul Brust, Jr. 
Michael John Buehler 
Hien Quang Bui 
Mark Edward Burroughs 
Roberto Camacho 
Micholas Anthony Canzona, 

Roger Ching-Yu Chin 
David Peter Chrzanowski* 
Man Bun Chu 
Man-Tung Maurice Chu 
John William Crider 
Stephen David Criscuoli 
Daniel Mark Dawson 
Bruce Edward Day 
Raymond Edward Deyton 
Robert Mitchell Dobyns 
Carol Joanne England 
§Liang Fang 
Patricia Courtney Fennell 
Mohammad Reza Feizipour 
Richard Paul Fischer 
David Wight Fleming 
Michael Robert Fluharty 

* Under the Cooperative Engineering 
Education Program 

44 December Bachelors 

§Summa Cum Laude; fMagna Cum Laude; *Cum Laude 

Sharonlynn Ann Forster 
Bruce Stuart Freedman 
Freddie Dean Freeman 
Bryan Lee Frenzel 

tPrashant Pradyumna Gandhi 
Allen Thomas Hannagan 
David Reginald Harrell 
John Francis Haynos 
Robert Francis Higgins. Jr.* 
Kimberly Ann Hilterbrick 
Chang Kyong Ho 
Dan Saballa Jacob 
Roch Joseph Kallmyer 
Sung Shin Kang 
Yong M. Kang 
Chang-Yung Kao 

tDavid Martin Kehne 
Yong Dae Kim 
Kamran Khaghani 
Susan Ann Klimczak 
Stanley Edward Kos, Jr. 
Michael Joseph Kovatch 
Khoi Manh Le 
Chang-Tao Lee 
Carol Surber Lewis 
Michael David Lewis 
Thomas Ligis 
Bradley Davis Lytle 
Tai Choi Ma 
Areg Mangassarian 
Vardkez Mardrossian 

tJames I. McCloskey* 
Michael James McHarg 
Alfred Theodore Mecum 

tAnne Meixner 

§Donald Eric Merrifield 
Hai Phuoc Nguyen 
Phuc Van Nguyen 
Joseph Adams Nickey 
David Alan Noss 
Eric John Ogata 
Varsha N. Patel 
Scott Roy Pettygrove 
Thomas Allen Piszkin 
David Lawrence Proctor 
James Edward Proctor 
Jennifer Lynn Rau" 
Mohammad T-H Razavi 
Arthur Elwood Reider, Jr. 
Peter F. Rieckert 

Hala Adel Rizk 

William Lindsey Rodgers III 

Jaime Alberto Romero 

Santiago Romero 

Cheryl Ann Rose 

Michael Jon Rubino 

Michael Rudd 

John Brian Rushworth 

Bahman Salamat 

Lawrence Alan Scott 

Ronald David Seibel 

Gary Joseph Serrao* 

Frederic Joseph Sheffield 

Michael Scott Simon 

John Thomas Smith 

Kenneth Ainsworth Solomon 

Christopher Wayne Stevens 

Michael Bang Ta 

Ahmad Akhavan Tabatabai 

Wing Hong Tang 

Chanh Hoan Tran 
•Ngocdiep Le Truong 

Marie-Michele Vassiliou 

Ajaipal S. Virdy 
tLuiz Antonio Vitoria 

Quan Q. Vu 

Michael Frederick Walder 

Kenneth Paul Waurin 

Thomas Craig Weaver 

Loryane Cay Witte 

Paul Francis Worgo 

Yung Kyun Yi 

Bachelor of Science In 
Mechanical Engineering 

Geary Kevin Atkinson 
David Betancourt* 
tWilliam Judson Bryan 
Robert Anthony Burdick 
Richard Clayton Conner* 
Clifford Alan Cowden 
Stephen Robert Ducey 
Aref Fouladi-Semnani 
Irene Graves Golabi 
Airlangga Gosal 
John Theodore Graef 
Edward Joseph Greenan* 
David Charles Hahn* 
Daniel Kevin Harris 

Thomas David Hart 
Robert Edward Helinski 
Robert Walton Jobes. Jr. 
Michael Ira Karen 
Shahram Kazemzadeh 
John Lanier Keisler 
Thomas Joseph King 
Eric Michael Krupacs 
Howard Richard Layson 
Walter M. Lee 

tGary Wayne Lewis* 
Mubarik Ahmad Malik 
Kevin Bruce Markwordt 
Thomas Oliver Martino 
John Madden Mathy. Jr. 
Peter Adrian Mclntyre 
William James McKissack 
Marc Mordkofsky 
Moses Wambua Mutua 
Loc Van Nguyen 
Eraclis Papaeracieous 
Diane Marie Parks 
Huong Quynh Pham 
Alan Reymann 
Conwell Keefer Rife. Jr. 
Gordon McNeely Roberts III 
John Gilbert Roby 
Christopher A. Rok 
David Clay Saunders 
John Francis Shaker* 
Brendan Gerard Sheehan 
Dajun Song 

Jeffrey William Stewart 
Salvatore Russell St. George 
William Rowlan Stumpf 

tKen Sung 
Mussai Tesfai 

'Carolyn Dyson Vaughan 
Michael Ward* 
Neil Fred Watson 
Jay Stanley Welch 
Michael Christian Wernig 
David H. Wilbanks* 
Robert Russell Wunderlick* 
Hoon Sup Yoon 
Rose Marie Angela Zammit* 
John Alfred Zumbado, Jr. 

Bachelor of Science in Fire 
Protection Engineering 

Warren Douglas Bonisch 
Dennis Carl Brady 
William Douglas Cameron. 

Cheryl Lynn Domnitch* 
Edward Michael Fraczkowski 
tRobert John Frances 
Daniel Ferguson Gemeny 
Ralph Francis Luca 
Peter Charles Miller 
Eric Robert Schmidt 
James Harold Stolberg III 
Stephen Daniel Thorne* 
Gertina R. Woodard 

Division of Mathematical 
and Physical Sciences and 

Bachelor of Science 

Computer Science: 
David Anthony Adams 
Kenneth Dale Baum 
Deborah Lynn Beaudwin 
Tony Bernardi 

Richard Joseph Bonahue. Jr. 
Mollie Anne Brannon 
Rodney Eugene Butler, Jr. 
Mark Jeffrey Carnie 
Jeffrey Ronald Carpenter 
Susan Marie Cater 
David Alan Chaimson 
Paul Eugene Chandler 
John H. Chuang 
Kenneth Garner Collins 
Julie Marie Comstock 
William Harvey Connor 
Michael Brooks Cross 
Veronica Dailey 
Francis Xavier Danaher 
Michael Trieu Ba Do 
Robert Brian Doerk 
Dawn Irene Duffy 

* Under the Cooperative Engineering 
Education Program 

§Summa Cum Laude: tMagna Cum Laude: 'Cum Laude 

December Bachelors 45 

Julia Lynn Ehman 
Denise Marie Espey 
Joiin Arthur Ewing 
Catherine M. Fabiszak 
Lori Gertrude Gay 
Prabodh Kumar Goel 
Catherine Najar Goldsmith 
James Wesley Gray III 
Brian Harris Greenberg 
Flavia Tourinho Guimaraes 
Michael John Hall 
Donna Lynne Hepner 
Charles Augustine Hogan 
Holly Howlin 
Najaf Husain 

Douglas Eugene Johnson 
Vivian Karajan 
John Thomas Kerich 
Fang-Cheng Kuan 
Budikarjono Kusnadi 
Patricia Elaine Lally 
Tiffany Trang Lam 
Alexandra Louise Leavitt 
Mick Pete Lemberos 
Robert Alan Libby 
§Poh Heng Lim 
Ronald Eugene Mahmot 
Karen Christine Mergler 
Eileen Marie Moye 
Peter Jerome Naleszkiewicz 
Dien Linh Trong Mguyen 
Hai Phuoc Nguyen 
Kim Dzung Mguyen 
Tuan Mguyen 
Richard Scott Micholson 
Robert Lee Orr 
James William O'Toole 
Kathleen Karol Paczkowski 
David Thomas Panzer 
Eric Anthony Parr 
Huong Kim Phan 
Robert Edward Poliachik 
John Michael Ponchock 
Martin Lee Propper 
Mark Allen Raker 
Andrew Brian Sackett 
Joaquin Siguenza Santos III 
Janis Marie Schiltz 
Debra Anne Schoenfeld 
Mojdeh Shahidi 

Scott Kevin Sheck 

George Roger Shepherd 

Ying-Liang Shi 

Michael Paul Siok 

Thomas Martin Skrobacz 

Ronald David Smirlock 

Kenneth Earl Snowden 

Ali Tabatabai 

Leslie A. Thomas 

Huiping Li Tjho 

Aiyen To 

David Lynn Trainum, Jr. 

Elizabeth Mei-Hsia Tu 
*Paul David von Behren 

Stephen James Von Wald 

Hung Quoc Vu 

Laura Wagner 

Steve Michael Weekes 
*Lin Wei 

Julie Ann Wilmot 

* Midori Tanino Wilmoth 
Chung-Yung Wong 
Paul Ford Worsham 
Etsuko Yamakita 
Antony Shihchang Yan 
Emily Young 

Saiid Aligholizad Anhary 
Steven Michael Brockett 

* Valerie Marie Carras 
David Owen Casteel 
Eileen Patricia Daly 
Lisa Ann Dixon 
Mary Kay Douglas 
Jean Gatto 

Kim Ann Geisinger 
Karen Leigh Guerra 
Jeffrey Bejan Hatef 
Wesley Carson Jones 
William Kenneke 
Christine Kvedar 
L. Michael Mastracci, Jr. 
Samuel Jeffrey Mazur 
Patrick Shields McGlade 
Douglas Meil Midthune 
*Mark A. Mueller 
Gordon Johnston Shelley 
Andrew Mark Steinfeld 
Charles Walter Thomas. Jr. 

Physical Sciences: 
Joseph Vincent Ardizzone 
Ross Fairfax Clark 
June Dea 

Scott Carroll Dennstaedt 
Carol Rudo 
Nana H. Rachel Stern 
Philip H. Taylor, Jr. 
William Blair Thurmond, Jr. 
Darlene Jean Tremper 
Stephen Marc (Jdelson 

Clyde Bishop Fortna 
Alexander Hadgis Matthews 

* James Stanley Tesauro 

Sean Eugene (Jrban 


Bachelor of Arts 

Indiuiduat Studies: 
Richard Nicholas Alsop 

§Rose Halpern 
Gwynne Spring Leonard 
Hannah Olanoff 

•Henry Schmidt 111 

Bachelor of Science 

Individual Studies: 

* Nancy Kalthoff Gromen 
Holly Howard-Link 
Jean Marie Locke 

Lori Faith Morris 
Pamela Mary Paolucci 
Carolyn Walker Roslund 
Jeffrey Wayne Skinner 
Mary Patricia Sumner 
•Beth S. Taff 
Patricia Shawn Wells 

Bachelor of General Studies 

Anthony Paul Amabile 
Karin Terese Arnold 

Randall W. Bahjat 
Sheri Lynn Baker 
Carolyn Banks 
Mark Anthony Bejarano 

§Cynthia Lyn Betancourt 
Frank Jenkins Bloom 
Carol Lynn Blyth 
Gurnest Brown 
Wendy Anne Brown 

fWendy Ann Brownstein 
Darryl Bryant 
Sara Renee Chambers 
Lenise Michelle Clinton 

fLane Leslie Cobb 
Rochelle Annette Coleman 
Barbara Ann Collier 
Mary Louise Collier 
Brian Jude Conroy 
Derwin Jerome Conwell 
Susan Brigitte Coughlin 
Paula Marie Cunningham 
Pamela Gaye Crown 
Mark James D'Annunzio 
Steven G. Delaney 
Melanie Delia Donna 
Jennifer Digney 
Traci Michelle Dunn 
Sandra Lee Eisenach 
Esther Aileen Epstein 
Victory Henry Esch, Jr. 
Brian Kelly Fenton 
Karen Dina Fishier 
Eugene C. Foley, Jr. 
Crystal Adriene Foy 
Allan Robert Fried 
Deborah Anne Fritts 
Meredith Jones Frost 
Deborah Lee Glabman 
Jeffrey Steven Goolst 
Arlene Behar Greenfield 
Robert Edward Gunderman, 

Frederick Barclay Haller 
Patricia Elliott Hamer 
Ira David Hankin 
Kristin B. Heidemann 
Laurel Ann Hemmig 
Beth Marie Hensley 
Florence Alice Hogan 
Richard Leonard Hope 

46 December Bachelors 

§Summa Cum Laude; fMagna Cum Laude; *Cum Laude 

Sheila Lynne Hudson 
§Aileen Ritchie Hughes 
Jeffrey Michael Hulman 
CasSandra Antoinette Hunt 
Angela Ann Hutton 
Mitchell Craig Jacobs 
David Henry Jaynes 
Brinda Anne Johnson 
Gail Jennifer Johnson 
Kevin Gregory Johnstone 
Lendell Jones 
Daniel Leo Jordan 
KInnberley H. Kagan 
John Edward Keegan 
Thomas Clay Keene 
Michael Joseph Kelley 
Deana Renee Kensler 
Karen Elizabeth Korff 
Mark Kotler 
Susan Amitin Kramer 
Betty Austen Jessop Kulle 
•Allison McSurely Kuttner 
Mitchell Lawrence Layton 
Joel Matthew Lerner 
Michael James Levendusky 
Marva Elizabeth Lewis 
Maria Isabel Longoria 
Jeffrey Adam Loux 
Michael Kershaw Loveless 
•Diane Louise Mallon 
Etty Muliani Mamoer 
Richard John Mangano 
Christopher James Marino 
Krista Elissa Martin 
Carole Jo Mathews 
Michael John Matias 
Theodore George Mavrikes 
•William Simpson Mayo 
Lisa Ann McMullen 
Anthony J. Michael. Jr. 
Lois Jeanne Millhauser 
Sarah Beth Monsein 
Pamela Ann Montesi 
Monica Leslei Moore 
Edith Anne Morgan 
Thomas Joseph Murphy 
Cynthia Ruth Nachman 
Mark David Namm 
•Susan Michele Mass 
Judith Ann Neff 

Douglas Micheal O'Connor 
Michael Victor Owen 
Claire Elizabeth Parker 
Daniel Pauly 
Karen Jayne Petersohn 
James Thomas Poirier 
Mark Edward Poole 
OIlye Jean Ramey 
Michele Antionette Ridgely 
Gregory Lynn Robertson 
Dante Alighieri Ross. Jr. 
Philip Gerard Ross III 
Cheryl Joy Rudden 
Cynthia Elaine Ruddock 
Jeffrey Alan Sabatini 
Kevin Hahn Saia 
George Carl Schmieler, Jr. 
Jodi Ann Searles 
Chivita Sen 

Susan Leanne Shoemaker 
Michael Dwight Short 
Grant Hayden Smith 
Carol Amy Spector 
Jordan Howard Spector 
Patricia Louise Steiner 
Beth S. Taff 
John Reburn Taylor 
Elaine Mona Tazelaar 
Richard Burling Travis 
Joseph Bernhardt Tripp 
Christian Gregory Wait 
April Leanne Walker 
Monica Renee Watkins 
Caria Denise Watts 
Diane Marie Wheeler 
Gloria Tandy Winkler 
Robert James Winterfield 
Saba Zegeye 
Joelle Lyn Zimbalist 


Judith Cothran 
Veronica Dailey 
Chichio B. Hand 
Maureen Hargaden 
Patricia Mascone 
Carolyn C. McCulley 
Elizabeth Powell 
Henry Schmidt 111 


Second Lieutenants 
U.S. Air Force Reserves 

Mark L. Damico 
George C. Schmieler 
Bruce D. Snyder 
Keith D. Walyus 

§Summa Cum Laude: tMagna Cum Laude: *Cum Laude 

December Bachelors/Certificates/Commissions 47 


Bachelor's degree candidates 
who have qualified for 
scholarship honors upon 
graduation are designated by 
appropriate symbols adjacent 
to their names within the 
alphabetical listings of divi- 
sions, colleges or schools. 

To be eligible for considera- 
tion for such honors a can- 
didate must meet the follow- 
ing general criteria: (1) have 
completed at least two years 
of work at The University of 
Maryland (60 semester 
hours, 30 of which were at 
College Park) and (2) have a 
scholastic average of B 
(grade point average of 
3.000) or higher in University 
of Maryland work prior to 
the last semester of registra- 
tion before award of degree. 

August and December 1984 
candidates who have met 
these criteria are shown in 
the listings as qualifying, 
upon graduation, for the 
designations summa cum 
laude (if they ranked in the 
top two percent of the can- 
didates in their respective 
divisions, colleges or 
schools), magna cum laude 
(if in the next three percent), 
or cum laude (if in the next 
five percent), based on the 
grade point averages of 
students in the preceding 
three graduating classes of 
their degree-granting unit. 

General Honors Program 

Benjamin Zev Cahan** 
Julie Hevener Ernstein** 
Michelle Lori Friedman** 
Culbert Beede Laney**' 
Joseph Christopher 

Schwartz* * 
Anita Anandu Vernakar** 
Jenifer Cope Weinbach*** 

Departmental Honors 

With High Honors in Chemistry 

Susan Marie Hanley** 
With High Honors in 
Communication Arts 
and Theatre 

Douglas Michael Vetter** 
With High Honors 
in Economics 

Richard Allen Ashburn, Jr.** 
Andrew Warren Horowitz** 
With High Honors in English 

Paul Eugene Chandler 
With High Honors in Phgsics 
Chaya Joshi** 

Dallas Clarence Kennedy II** 
David Allan Wasson** 

With Honors in Communication 

Arts and Theatre 

Kimberly Ann Hall 
With Honors in Criminology 

Donald James Hashagen, Jr 
With Honors in Economics 

Gabriel Alejandro Castillo 

Hsing Min Sha 
With Honors in Engineering 

Anthony LaVigna*** 

Richard Lee Moore 
With Honors in English 

Jane Ann Dugan 

David Moshe Fishman*** 

Kristin Elizabeth Leopold 

Leslie Diane Milofsky*** 

John Thomas*** 
With Honors in Psychology 

Susan Maria Roka*** 
With Honors in Zoology 

Jose Enrique Dominguez** 

Joseph Christopher 
Schwartz* * 

** Graduated May 24, 1984 
***Graduated August 25, 1984