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The University of Maryland College Park 


December 23, i986 

- 7850 '^ 

Message to 
the Graduates 

It gives me great pleasure to congratulate each of you 
who is receiving a degree today. The College Park 
Campus community joins me in commending you on this 
singular accomplishment and in wishing you well in your 
future endeavors. We are proud of your success in 
achieving today's goal, and we hope that you carry the 
knowledge and talents you've developed into an exciting 
and challenging future. 

'■'• ■ '-i:'^- 

- T- _ -.- - . j_ ... ^ -.;n 

Each of you. through your presence and participation, 
has made a contribution to the life of the College Park 
community. As you have grown and learned, those 
around you have learned from you. Now, by virtue of 
your achievements, you have an opportunity and a 
responsibility to enrich and enhance the world beyond 
the campus. I hope that each of you leaves this campus 
with both training for challenging work and the ability to 
be a clear-thinking, articulate, and compassionate 
member of our society. 

Having achieved today's goal, let the next stage in your 
life be a period in which you dare to dream and dare to 
try. We face many problems — even crises — today in our 
world, but these are also exciting times that present 
exciting challenges. I believe that we must be willing to 
move away from the ordinary and be willing to take 
intelligent risks to accomplish many of the things we 
deem worthwhile. 

Each of you is well on the way to a rewarding and 
promising future. You have demonstrated your ability 
and your determination, and 1 join your families, friends, 
and faculty in taking enormous pride in your success. 1 
urge you to pursue your goals and your education as 
lifelong learners. I also urge you to shoulder your share 
of the responsibility for the next generation. 

William Raspberry, the syndicated columnist of the 
Washington Post, reminded us at one of the University of 
Maryland's commencements that "Doing well is not 
enough. On this landmark day in your lives, I urge 
you — I seriously implore you — to do good." I believe that 
the educated person knows how to do well and how to 
do good. All of our futures depend upon our ability, as 
citizens and leaders, to strike that balance. 


John B. Slaughter 

Order of 

December 23, 1986 
9:30 a.m. 

Cole Student 
Activities Building 


Dr. John B. Slaughter 


College Park Campus 

Master of Ceremonies 

Mr. C. John Since!! 
Communication Arts and 


Symphonic Wind Ensemble 
Conductor, Mr. John 

Musical Selection 


by Sven Lekberg 
University Chorale 
Conductor, Dr. Roger 


The Reverend Gerald 

Baptist Chaplain 

The National Anthem 

Led by Dr. Roger Folstrom 


Dr. John S. Toll 


The University of Maryland 

Mr. Allen L. Schwait 


Board of Regents 


Dr. Ira Michael Heyman 

University of California at 

Conferring of Honorary 

Dr. Toll 

Remarks to the Graduates 

Mr. Michael E. Lorenzen 
Graduating Senior 

Dr. Slaughter 

Conferring of Doctoral, 
Master's and Bachelor's 

Dr. Slaughter 


The Reverend Thomas 

Catholic Chaplain 

Alma Mater 

Hail to thee, Maryland! 
Steadfast in loyalty, 
For thee, we stand. 
Love for the Black and 

Deep in our hearts we 

Singing thy praise forever, 
Throughout the land. 


Symphonic Wind Ensemble 
Conductor, Mr. Wakefield 



of Events 

Following the Commencement Convocation, individual 
commencement exercises for Colleges and Schools will 
be held at several campus locations. Ceremonies are 
scheduled to begin at 11:30 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. Please 
refer to the map on the opposite page for specific times 
and places. 

Graduates, their families and friends, are cordially 
invited and encouraged to join with Gniversity officials 
and members of the faculty at a reception to be held in 
the Grand Ballroom of the Adele H. Stamp Union 
between the hours of 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. 

Limited shuttle bus service is available providing free 
transportation across the campus throughout the day. 

PERM Lecture Hall 

11:30 a.m. Physical Education, 

Recreation and Health 

Cole Student Activities Building 

11:30 a.m. Behavioral and Social 

Sciences Commencement 

2:00 p.m Business and Manage- 
ment Commencement 

Stamp Union 
Hoff Theater 

11.30 am. Undergraduate Studies 
2:00 p.m. Journalism 
Grand Ballroom 

1 1 a.m. 

2 p.m. 

Reception for Graduates 
and guests 

11:30 a.m. College of Library and 
Information Service 


Memorial Chapel 

11:30 a.m. 

2:00 p.m 

Computer, Mathematical 
and Physical Sciences 

Agriculture and Life 
Sciences Commencement 

Reckord Armory 

11 30 am 


2:00 p.m Engineering 


The College Park Campus 
and the University 

The Graduates 

Students graduating today from The University of 
Maryland College Park follow in the footsteps of many 
notable GMCP alumni who have distinguished themselves 
in such fields as science, entertainment, arts, journalism, 
business, law, medicine and government. 

While he was a graduate student in mathematics at 
College Park, Herbert A. Hauptman (Ph.D. '54), worked 
simultaneously at the Naval Research Laboratory to 
devise a method for mapping three-dimensional 
structures of molecules. Three decades later he and 
Jerome Karle, his long-time collaborator at NRL, won the 
1985 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for their pioneering 
research. Dr. Hauptman was awarded an honorary Doctor 
of Science degree by CIMCP in 1985. 

One of the youngest (JMCP graduates ever, Charles 
Fefferman ('66), received a joint degree in mathematics 
and physics at age 17. Now a world-class mathematician 
and professor at Princeton University, he holds the Fields 
Medal, the most prestigious mathematics award. 

NBC News anchor Connie Chung ("69) started her 
career at UMCP's Diamondback newspaper and the 
campus radio station WMUC. 

One of the University's most devoted sons is A. James 
Clark ('50), president of the George Hyman Construction 
Co. and president and chairman of CEI Construction Inc., 
the umbrella organization for engineering and 
construction companies that include OMNI and Hyman. A 
member of the University's Board of Regents since 1981, 
Clark in 1983 made a major contribution to the College 
of Engineering which led to the establishment of the A.J. 
Clark Chair in Construction Engineering and 

Two-time Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and science 
writer with Baltimore's Evening Sun Jon Franklin ('70) is 
a full-time professor of journalism at UMCP. 

Other notable alumni include former Metropolitan 
Opera star and current UMCP associate professor of 
music. Carmen Balthrop ('71); George V. McGowan ('51), 
president of Baltimore Gas and Electric; Karl W. Meyer 
('49), president of the University of Wisconsin, Superior 
Campus; Maryland's 5th District Congressman Steny 
Hoyer ('63); Tom McMillen ('74) formerly of the 
Washington Bullets, who was a Rhodes Scholar and 
member of the 1972 U.S. Olympic basketball team; Mary 
Stallings Coleman ('35), the first woman elected to the 
Supreme Court of Michigan; Fred O'Green ('49), retired 

Curator of Textiles, Smithsonian Institution; James R. 
Buckler ('70), current Director of the Smithsonian's Office 
of Horticulture; Anne Truax Darlington ('52), creator of 
Wall Street Week, the director of the International 
Production Group for the Maryland Center for Public 
Broadcasting; and Allen J. Krowe ('54), senior vice 
president of the International Business Machines Corp. 

The Campus 

College Park is the seventh largest campus in the 
country in enrollment. In Fall 1986 undergraduates 
numbered 30,362 and graduate students 8,277 for a total 
enrollment of 38,639. This year's College Park operating 
budget is approximately $330 million, including financial 
aid for some 19,300 students. 

Students can choose from more than 125 
undergraduate and 80 graduate programs leading to 
degrees. In 1985-86, the University awarded 5,447 
bachelor's degrees, 1,075 master's and 371 doctorates 


The University began in Baltimore in 1807 as a faculty- 
owned College of Medicine, which granted the M.D. 
degree. Five years later, more degrees were added when 
the college was renamed The University of Maryland. The 
first dental school in America, the Baltimore College of 
Dental Surgery, became a part of the University in 1840. 
Later, the University opened schools of pharmacy, law 
and nursing. 

The College Park Campus opened in 1859 under a 
charter secured in 1856 by a group of Maryland planters. 
Then called the Maryland Agricultural College, it became 
one of the original land-grant schools in 1865. After a 
disastrous fire in 1912, the state acquired control of the 
College and paid to rebuild it. 

The present form of The University of Maryland dates 
back to a 1920 act of the state legislature joining the 
state-owned institution at College Park with the 
professional schools in Baltimore. The move created The 
University of Maryland College Park (UMCP) and The 
University of Maryland at Baltimore (UMAB). Three other 
campuses have since been added: Baltimore County 
(UMBC) in Catonsville; Eastern Shore (UMES) in Princess 
Anne; and the worldwide University College (UMUC), 
headquartered in College Park. 

.^^^•^ £2^*0s;,-v»^ 


Libraries on the College Park Campus include 
approximately 1.6 million volumes, 19,800 subscriptions 
to periodicals and newspapers, and more than 2.3 million 
units of microform. The Hornbake (Undergraduate) 
Library, for one, is among the nation's largest, with a 
seating capacity of 3,600. 

Research Facilities 

Among the exceptional research facilities on the campus 
are a computer vision laboratory; a full-scale low velocity 
wind tunnel; several smaller hypersonic helium wind 
tunnels; a 500 liter computer-controlled fermentation 
system for research in bioprocess scale-up programs; 
computer-assisted cartographic laboratories; the Center 
for Automation Research; a comfort perception 
laboratory; a quiescent plasma device (Q machine) for 
plasma research, and satellite remote sensing facilities. 

The campus is home for the Engineering Research 
Center, a major vehicle for extending the technical and 
research expertise of The University of Maryland to 
businesses and industries throughout the State. The 
Center is both a catalyst for problem solving and a 
clearinghouse for information for technical information 

In 1985, the College Park Campus was awarded a five- 
year, $16 million grant from the National Science 
Foundation to create a new Systems Research Center to 
facilitate research in artificial intelligence and computer- 
aided engineering. The Center complements a nationally 
recognized campus program of basic and applied 
research in computer science. In 1986, UMCP became 
one of 19 research institutions around the country to be 
linked via satellite to the Cray supercomputer facility at 
the University of California at San Diego. 

The proximity of the campus to national research 
institutions such as the National Institutes of Health, the 
Smithsonian Institution, the USDA Beltsville National 
Agriculture Research Center and National Agricultural 
Library, and the Library of Congress ensures that prime 
research facilities are always available to the University's 
faculty and students. 

Academic Costume 

The black caps and gowns worn by the students and 
faculty in the academic procession have been the 
traditional costume of scholars since medieval times. 
They probably represent a kind of ecclesiastical dress, 
since many of the scholars of that period were members 
of monastic orders. 

Most colleges and universities in the United States 
have adopted the uniform code for costumes drafted by 
an intercollegiate commission in 1893. Each of the three 
academic degrees — bachelor, master and doctor — has its 
own distinctive gown and hood. The bachelor's gown is 
distinguished by its long pointed sleeve. The master's 
gown has a longer, more narrow, closed sleeve extending 
below the knee; the arm fits through a slit at the elbow. 
The doctor's gown has a full, bell-shaped sleeve trimmed 
with three bars of velvet. The velvet trim on the gown 
can be black or a color indicating the wearer's general 
field of learning — for example, green for medicine or 
purple for law. A list of department colors follows. 


Arts, Letters. Humanities/White 

Business Administration, 

Commercial Science/Drab 
Education/Light Blue 
Fine Arts. Architecture/Brown 
Home Economics/Maroon 

Library Science/Lemon 



Oratory, Speech/Silver Gray 



Philosophy/Dark Blue 

Public Administration, Foreign 

Service/Peacock Blue 
Public Health/Salmon 
Physical Education/Sage Green 
Science/Golden Yellow 
Social Work/Citron 
Theology and Divinity/Scarlet 
Veterinary Sciences/Gray 

The most colorful and distinctive part of the academic 
costume is the hood extending down the back. The 
doctor's is the largest of the hoods and the bachelor's is 
the smallest. The bachelor's hood is often omitted. 

Silk lining of various colors in the center of the hood 
indicates the college or university which conferred the 
degree. Consistent for all degrees is the cap, or mortar 
board, which has a tassel of black or another color 
indicating the field of learning. The tassel of the doctor's 
cap can be gold. 

Academic Degrees 

A degree is awarded for the successful completion of a 
course of study. There are more than 1,600 different 
academic degrees currently conferred by colleges and 
universities nationwide. 

The first known degree was a doctorate bestowed by 
the University of Bologna, Italy, in the mid-12th century. 
Originally, the doctor's and master's degrees were used 
interchangeably, each indicating that the holder was 
qualified to instruct students. The bachelor's, or 
baccalaureate, degree only indicated entrance into a 
course of study preparatory to the doctorate or 
mastership. Gradually, though, the bachelor's degree 
came to mean successful completion of one level of 
study in advance of the higher degrees. 

The Doctor's Degree 

The term "doctor, " meaning teacher or instructor, 
originated with the ancient Romans for those who 
lectured publicly on philosophical topics. During the 
Middle Ages, it was used as a title of honor for men of 
great learning. It was first made an academic title at the 
University of Bologna, which was allowed by the emperor 
to appoint doctores legum (doctors of laws). The 
University of Paris followed suit in the year 1145. Soon 
after, popes granted the universities the right to appoint 
doctors canonum et decretalium (teachers of the canon 
law) and, when the study of civil law was combined with 
that of the canon law, the title was changed to doctor 
utriusque juris (teacher of both laws). The faculties of 
theology and medicine followed that of law in conferring 
this title. 

A doctorate is given beyond the baccalaureate degree 
and requires several years of advanced study, the 
successful completion of a thesis or dissertation, and 
written and oral examinations. The doctor's degree 
represents the most advanced earned degree conferred 
by American institutions. There are two distinct types: 
the practitioner's degree and the research degree. The 
first type represents advanced training for the practice of 
various professions, principally Doctor of Medicine, 
Doctor of Dental Surgery, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, 
Juris Doctor and Doctor of Pharmacy. These degrees 

carry no implication of original research. The University 
of Maryland awarded the first two dental degrees in 
history, on March 9, 1841, and invented the name of the 
degree. Doctor of Dental Surgery (D.D.S.). 

The second type is a research doctorate representing 
prolonged periods of advanced study. A dissertation 
which usually accompanies the study is intended to 
contribute substantially to existing knowledge on the 
subject. The most important of these, the Doctor of 
Philosophy, no longer has an implication of philosophy 
for its holder, but represents advanced research in any of 
the major fields of knowledge. It was first awarded in the 
United States in 1861 by Yale University. The University 
of Maryland awarded a Ph.D. for the first time in 1920. 

The Master's Degree 

The master's degree is an academic honor bestowed 
upon students who have successfully completed work 
beyond the baccalaureate. A thesis and an oral 
examination are usually required. The word magister was 
used by the Romans as a title of honor, but its present 
meaning can be traced to the establishment of the oldest 
universities. Organized faculties as they now exist in 
universities were not known then; academic activity was 
limited to seven liberal arts. Those who were honored for 
their diligence and knowledge upon completion of their 
studies and who had already received the bachelor's 
degree were called magistri artium (masters of the liberal 
arts). In 1920, The University of Maryland awarded its 
first Master of Arts (M.A.) and Master of Science (M.S.) 
degrees in fields other than agriculture. 

The Bachelor's Degree 

The bachelor's degree represents completion of a four- 
year course of college-level study and is the oldest 
academic degree used by American institutions of higher 
learning. It was the first conferred in America in 1642 on 
the first nine graduates of Harvard College. Maryland 
Agriculture College, which later became The University 
of Maryland College Park, awarded its first Bachelor of 
Arts (B.A.) and Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degrees in 


Board of Regents 


Allen L. Schwait 
Vice Chairman 

Constance C. Stuart 

A. Paul Moss 

John W. T. Webb 
Assistant Secretary 

Betty R. Coss 
Assistant Treasurer 

J. Benjamin Cinkle. Jr. 
Wayne A. Cawley. Jr. 

ex officio 
Geraldine Aronin 
Joel A. Carrington 
Frank J. DeFrancIs 
Frank A. Gunther. Jr. 
George V. McGowan 
John J. Mattras, Jr. 
Robert F. Tardio 
Albert W. Turner 

Central Administration 
of the University 

John S. Toll 
Executive Vice President 
■ Vacant 

Vice President for 
Academic Affairs 

Rita R. Colwell 
Vice President for 
Agricultural Affairs 

Raymond J. Miller 
Vice President for 
General Administration 

Donald L. Myers 
Vice President for 
Governmental Relations 

Patricia S. Florestano 
Vice President for 
Graduate Studies and Research 

David S. Sparks 
Vice President for 
Policy and Planning 

Leroy Keith 
Vice President for 
University Relations 

Robert G. Smith 

College Park 

Campus Administration 


John B. Slaughter 
Vice Chancellor for 
Academic Affairs 

William E. Kirwan 
Vice Chancellor for 
Administrative Affairs 

Charles F. Sturtz 
Vice Chancellor for 
Institutional Advancement 

A. H. (Bud) Edwards 
Vice Chancellor for 
Student Affairs 

William L. Thomas. Jr. 

iP.".'.***.*?:,^;>.* :-:^*.->: 


College of Agriculture 

Raymond J. Miller 
College of Arts and Humanities 

Richard D. Brecht (A) 
College of Behavioral and 
Social Sciences 

Murray A. Polakoff 
College of Business and 

Rudolph P. Lamone 
College of Computer. 
Mathematical and Physical 

J. Robert Dorfman 
College of Education 

Dale P. Scannell 
College of Engineering 

George P. Dieter. Jr. 
College of tiuman Ecology 

John R. Beaton 
College of Journalism 

Reese Cleghorn 
College of Library and 
Information Services 

Claude E. Walston 
College of Life Sciences 

Raymond J. Miller 
College of Physical Education. 
Recreation and hlealth 

John J. Burt 
School of Architecture 

John Steffian 
School of Public Affairs 

Michael Macht 
Maryland Campus of the 
Virginia-Maryland Regional 
College of Veterinary Medicine 

Sasni B. Mohanty 
Associate Dean 
Administrative Dean for 
Graduate Studies and Research 

Arnold Thackray 
Administrative Dean for 
Summer Programs 

Melvin IN. Bernstein 
Administrative Dean for 
Undergraduate Studies 

Gerald Miller 


^ «SSt/»LM^ 


Officers of Commencement 


Donald Maley, 

Industrial, Technological 

and Occupational 

Clniuersity Marshal 
Don C. Piper, 

Government and Politics. 

John E. Wakefield, 

Director of Bands. 
Commencement Executive 

Maitland W. Dade, 


A. H. (Bud) Edwards, 


Carolyn A. Ent, 


Cornelia F. Goodwin, 

Diploma Office. 
Donald Maley, 


Dorothy A. O'Donnell, 

Industrial, Technological 

and Occupational 

Sylvia S. Stewart, 

Administrative Affairs. 
Loretta C. Wertheimer, 

Academic Affairs. 
Committee Members 
Charles J. Beatty. 

Industrial, Technological 

and Occupational 

Frances P. Cave, 

Health Center. 
Maitland W. Dade, 


Richard W. Doran, 

Police Department. 

A. H. (Bud) Edwards, 


Elwood H. Gross, 

General Services. 
Leonard B. Janl<owsl<i. 

Motor Vehicle 

Leo R. LaSota, 

Mancy Q. Loomis, 

Dining Services. 
George H. Mitchell, 

(Jniversity Book Center. 
Dorothy A. O'Donnell, 

Industrial, Technological 

and Occupational 

James N. Robinson, 

Environmental Safety. 
Constance L. Shaughnessy, 

University Book Store. 
Matthew W. Sheriff, 

Dining Services. 
C. John Sincell, 

Communication Arts and 

Barri J. Standish, 

Commuter Affairs. 
Robert T. Stumpff, 

Intercollegiate Athletics. 
Janice E. Summons, 

Motor Vehicle 

Paul A. Tessicini, 

Police Department. 
Unit Representatives 

Katherine Pedro Beardsley, 

Behavioral and Social 

Marilyn R. Berman, 

Jon E. Boone, 

Arts and Humanities. 
Charles F. Brand, 

Lyn E. Chasen, 

Public Affairs. 

Jean Diepenbrock, 

Library and Information 

Frank C. Fellows, 

Physical Education, 

Recreation and Health. 
Effie A. Hacklander, 

Human Ecology. 
Albert J. Klavon 

Life Sciences and 


John Loss, 

Joseph G. Mattingly, 

Business Management. 
Sharon G. Rubin, 

Undergraduate Studies. 
Kathryn T. Theus, 

James M. Wallace, 

Computer, Mathematics 

and Physical Sciences. 



"^ri n 



Dr. Lars V. Ahlfors 
Honorary Doctor of Science 

Dr. Lars V. Ahlfors, William Caspar Graustein Professor 
of Mathematics Emeritus at Harvard Gniversity, is among 
the world's most distinguished mathematicians. 

In 1936, Dr. Ahlfors was one of the first two scholars 
to receive the prestigious Fields Medal for Mathematical 
Research. The awards, considered to be mathematics' 
equivalent of the Nobel Prize, are given every four years 
at the International Congress of Mathematicians. Only 29 
other scholars have received the award which goes to 
mathematicians under 40 years of age who distinguish 
themselves with seminal research in their fields. 

Throughout his career, Ahlfors has made valuable 
contributions in the studies of the theory of functions of 
a complex variable, Riemann surfaces and conformal 
mapping. He has published many papers on those 

subjects and is the author of four books: Complex 
Analysis (1953), Riemann Surfaces (with Leo Sario, 1960), 
Conformal Invariants (1973) and Collected Papers (1982). 

Ahlfors, 79, a naturalized citizen of the United States, 
was born in Helsingfors, Finland. He received his Ph.D. 
from the University of Helsingfors in 1930. In 1932, he 
was named Adjunst in Mathematics at the University of 
Helsingfors, where he remained until he was appointed 
Lecturer of Mathematics at Harvard University in 1935. 
Ahlfors returned to Finland in 1938 to serve as Professor 
of Mathematics at Helsingfors. Later, he spent a year at 
the University of Zurich before returning to Harvard in 
1946, where soon he was appointed Professor of 

At Harvard, Ahlfors served as chairman of the 
mathematics department from 1948 to 1950. In 1964, he 
was appointed William Casper Graustein Professor of 
Mathematics. He became Professor Emeritus in 1977. 

Apart from the Fields Medal, Ahlfors has received 
many accolades. He has been granted honorary degrees 
from Boston College, the University of Zurich and the 
University of London. He has received the Wihuri 
International Prize in Science, the Wolf Prize for 
Mathematics and the Steele Prize of the American 
Mathematical Society. 

Ahlfors is a member of many academic organizations 
including the National Academy of Sciences and the 
Swedish Royal Academy of Science, Societas 
Scientiarum Fennica, the Academia Scientiarum Fennica, 
the American Mathematics Society and the American 
Mathematics Association. 

Today he is awarded the honorary degree of Doctor of 

.tJ^i*^ -S? <,aiA.««- 'i5f 


Chancellor Ira Michael Heyman 
Honorary Doctor of Laws and 
Convocation Speaker 

Ira Michael Heyman, chancellor of the University of 
California Berkeley, has led one of the nation's largest 
and most prestigious public universities for the last six 

As chancellor at Berkeley, Heyman is the chief 
administrator of the oldest of nine schools in the 
California university system. Berkeley has an enrollment 
of approximately 31,000 students which includes 22,000 
undergraduate and 9,000 graduate students. The school's 
annual budget is approximately $600 million. 

Heyman assumed his post in 1980, after 21 years with 
the university as a professor and an administrator. Upon 
taking office, he set a broad series of goals for his 
campus. Considerable progress has been made toward 
achieving these goals. 

One of his primary goals was increasing the 
percentage of minority students at Berkeley. The 
percentage of those students has increased steadily over 
the past six years. 

Another of Heyman's objectives was to increase the 
amount of private financial support Berkeley receives. 
The amount of money raised from private sources has 
increased from $20 million in 1980 to $56 million in 

During the chancellor's tenure, Berkeley has added 
more than 50 endowed chairs, worked to improve 
undergraduate studies and life and started a program to 
renew campus facilities. 

Heyman. 56, is a New York City native. He is a 
graduate of Dartmouth College (1951) and the Yale 
University Law School (1956). 

In his early career as a lawyer, Heyman spent two years 
with a Mew York City law firm and worked as chief clerk 
for Supreme Court Chief Justice Earl Warren. 

He joined the Berkeley faculty as a law professor in 
1959. In 1966, he also became a professor of city and 
regional planning which corresponded with his emphasis 
on environmental law. 

In 1974, Heyman was appointed vice chancellor of 
Berkeley, the senior administrative position below the 
chancellor of the university. As vice chancellor, one of 
his major responsibilities was formulating an affirmative 
action plan for the campus. 

In addition to his university duties, the Berkeley 
chancellor is currently the chairman of the National 
Association of State Universities and Land-Grant 

Heyman is married to the former Therese Helen Thau. 
They have two children, Stephen and James. 

Today he is awarded the honorary degree of Doctor of 


for Degrees 

AUGUST 1986 

Doctor of Philosophy 

Marc Abrams 

Computer Science: 
Performance of Distributed 
Computer Programs. 

Moafak Mahmood Ahmad 
Poultry Science; Effect of 
Antioxidants on Aflatoxigenic 

Ruquia Bib! Ahmed-Schofield 
Chemistry: Sequential 
Electron Transfer- Desitylation 
f^ethods for Diradical 
Photogeneration as Part of 
Synthetic Routes for 
Erythrina Alkaloid Synthesis. 

Virginia D. Ahrens 

Textiles and Consumer 
Economics: Investigation of 
the Mechanism of Carrier- 
Assisted Dyeing of Polyester 

Kazuhiro Akimoto 

Physics: EM Radiation by 
Strong Langmuir Turbulence. 

Muniswamappa Anjanappa 
Mechanical Engineering: 
Error Minimization in 

Rose-Marie Avin 

Economics: Windfall Gains 
and Oil-Exporting Developing 
Countries: A Comparative 

Janet Elaine Baldwin 

Measurement, Statistics and 
Evaluation: Factor Structure 
Invariance of a Cognitive 
Measure Over Grouping 
Variables and Replications. 

14 August Doctors 

Gary Eben Ballmann 

Education Policy, Planning 
and Administration: 
Perceptions of State and 
Institutional Officials with 
Regard to State Actions 
Relating to Transfer Between 
Public Community Colleges 
and Universities in Maryland 
and Virginia. 

Morman Charles Bartelt 
Physics: Numerical Studies 
of Two-Dimensional Lattice 
Gases Relevant to the Study 
of Phase Transitions of 
Chemisorption Systems. 

Steven Russell Bauer 

Biochemistry: C- myc Gene 
Transcriptional Activation 
and mRriA Half-Life 
Prolongation in Two Mouse 
Plasma Cytomas. 

William Alexander Beck 
Physics: Study of Electron 
Accumulation Layers on (Hg, 
Cd)Te Using Surface 
Potential- Modulated 
Shubnikov-de Haas 
Measurements; and 
Determination of Electrical 
Transport Properties Using a 
Noval Low Magnetic Field 
Hall Technique. 

Leandra Anne Bedini 

Recreation: An Analysis of 
the Leisure Facilitation 

Dikka Marie S. Berven 
French Language and 
Literature: Vision in the 
Essais of Michel de 

Roger Philippe Biraben 
Human Development: 
Parenting Attitudes of 
Fathers Who Are Adult 
Children of Alcoholics. 

Kevin Gerald Bowcutt 
Aerospace Engineering: 
Optimized Hypersonic 
Waveriders Including Viscous 
and Leading Edge Bluntness 

Melanie Atkins Brown 
Business Education: A 
Comparison of Two 
Competency-Based Methods 
of Teaching Word-Processing 
Principles and Concepts. 

Linda Lee Caldwell 

Recreation: An Examination 
of the Tradeoffs Made by 
Saltwater Fishermen When 
Deciding Where to Go 

Janson Chiousong Chang 
Environmental Sciences: 
Project Analysis and 
Environmental Pollution 
Control for the Expansion 
Project of the Shanghai 
Aluminum Plant. 

Suckjeong Chang 

Business and Management: 
The Behavior of Security 
Prices in Response to 
Earnings and Dividend 
Examination of 
Corroboration Effect and 
Estimation of Adjustment 

Gary D. Chenoweth 

Curriculum and Instruction: 
The Preliminary Scholastic 
Aptitude Test: An 
Investigation of Verbal 
Performance Among 
Students at a Select 
Metropolitan High School. 

Amelia Annette Chesney 
Business and Management: 
An Examination of the 
Relationship Among Goals, 
Strategies, and Performance: 
A Simulation Study. 

Serap Milgun Comezoglu 
Chemistry: Isolation and 
Characterization of 
Tnchothecenes from 
Baccharis megapotamics - 
Chemical Modifications of 
Baccharinoid B5. 

Demoi Smith Crawford 
Agricultural Education: 
Legislation and Agricultural 
Education: The Impact of the 
Vocational Education Act of 
1963 on Agricultural 
Education in Public Schools 
of the United States. 

Susan Mary Cunningham 
Sociology: Shift Work 
Patterns Among Youth: A 
Longitudinal Study. 

Evan Gaines DeRenzo 

Human Development: The 
Effects of Age, Educational 
Level. Health Status, Social 
Support, and Personality 
Traits on the Well-Being of 
Wives of Retired Military 

Hareesh Mitrachandra 


Economics: Adjustment to 
Costs, Implicit Contracts and 
Specific Human Capital. 

Andrew Lynn Dull 

Aerospace Engineering: 
Aeroelastic Stability Analysis 
of Bearingless Rotors in 
Forward Flight. 

Ko-Hui Michael Fan 
Electrical Engineering: 
Computer- Aided Design of 
Robust Linear Control 
System with Structured 

Marta Pearl Fishman 
Applied Developmental 
Psychology: A New Look at 
Time Estimation: A Model. 
Some Parameters, and Its 
Relationship to Planning. 

Benson D. Forman 

Psychology: Curuilinearity: 
An Alternative Model of Life 

Henry Thomas Freudenreich 
Physics: A Study of Hadrons 
Near the Cores of Extensive 
Air Showers. 

Alain Gosselin 

Business and Management: 
An Exploratory Investigation 
of the Relationship Between 
HRM Practices and Top 
Managers' Strategic 
Readiness and Commitment. 

Eugene Edward Hardekopf 
Physics: Retatiuistic 
Momentum-Space Equations 
with Applications to Atomic 
and Elementary Particle 

Brian Timothy Healy 

Human Development: An 
Analysis of the Genetic, 
Physiological, and Behavioral 
Correlates of Temperament 
in Young Children. 

Liam Michael Healy 
Physics: Lie Algebraic 
Treatment of Machine Errors 
in Particle Accelerator 

Brian Allen Hollander 
Zoology: Pattern and 
Regulation of Gap Junctions 
in Insect Imaginal Tissue. 

Terrence James Honan 
Physics: The Geometry of 
Lattice Field Theory. 

Allen Seymour Hope 

Geography: Parameterization 
of Surface Moisture 
Availability for 
Evapotranspiration Using 
Combined Remotely Sensed 
Spectral Reflectance and 
Thermal Observations. 

Gary Richard Irby 

Curriculum and Instruction: 
Creativity Will Begin at 3:14 
this Afternoon: An 
Examination of the 
Correspondence Between 
Student Creative Thinking, 
Student Concepts of Their 
Own Creativity, Student 
Type, and Instructor 
Observation of Student 

Cheeha Kim 

Computer Science: Transient 
Virtual Waiting Time on an 
Ertangian Single Server 
Queueing System and Its 

Daniel Kolak 

Philosophy: A One-Person 
Theory of Personal Identity. 

Geok Koon Kuah 

Civil Engineering: Designing 
of Feeder Bus System 
Serving Existing Rail Transit 

Theodore Nicholas LaRosa 
Astronomy: On the 
Propagation of an Electron 
Beam Through the Solar 

Shirley Little 

Education Policy, Planning, 
and Administration: 
Perceptions of Community 
College Liberal Arts Faculty 
About Cooperative 
Education: Implications for 
Cooperative Education 

Salah Mohamed Mahmoud 
Agronomy: Effect of 
Soybean Root Exudates on 

Andrew Gerard Malizio 

Measurement, Statistics and 
Evaluation: Effects of Item 
Feedback and Format on 
Achievement. Confidence, 
Perceived Difficulty and 
Response Latency Using 
Microcomputer- Assisted 
Testing Procedure. 

Mahmoud Massoud 

Nuclear Engineering: An 
Experimental and Analytical 
Thermal-Hydraulics Analysis 
of a Model PWR Transients. 

Prosenjit Mazumdar 

Physics: Magnetic Phases in 
Amorphous Alloys. 

Martin Gary Minter 

Recreation: A Comparative 
Study of the Causal 
Attributions of Deaf and 
Hearing Students Following 
Outcome on a Motor 
Performance Task. 

Michael John Monsour 
Mathematical Statistics: 
Optimality and Other 
Asymptotic Properties of the 
Maximum Likelihood 
Estimator in the First Order 
Autoregresiue Process. 

Patricia Hobson Moritz 

Education Policy, Planning, 
and Administration: 
Collaboration in Multihospital 
Systems: An Analysis Using 
the Intriligator 
Relationship (lOR) Model. 

Margery Fels Palmer 

Curriculum and Instruction: 
Student Teachers as Aides 
for Middle School 
Mathematics: An Exploration 
of Possibilities. 

Larry C. Rampp 

Education Policy, Planning, 
and Administration: An 
Administrative Analysis of 
the Department of 

Jose N. Reyes. Jr. 

Nuclear Engineering: A 
Study of Nonequilibrium 
Dispersed Two Phase Flow. 

Hamid Saadatmanesh 

Civil Engineering: Analytical 
and Experimental Study of 
Prestressed Composite Steel- 
Concrete Beams. 

Cynthia Julia Saltzman 
Economics: A Financial 
Model for Less Developed 

Morna Conway Schmick 
Education Policy. Planning, 
and Administration: An 
Exploratory Study of 
Environmental, Relational, 
Procedural, and Structural 
Characteristics of a Mature 
Relationship (lOR). 

August Doctors 15 

Margaret Bowman Schwartz 
Zoology: Ovarian 
Ecdysteroid Production in 
Drosophila melanoqaster: 
Effects of Nutrition. Juvenile 
Hormone and Genotype. 

Clifford Alan Shaffer 

Computer Science: Relaxing 
Decomposition Restrictions 
of Quadtrees and Techniques 
for Improving Linear 
Quadtree Algorithms. 

Paul Shepherd 

Human Development: Rural 
Elder Value Systems: 
Implication for Public Policy. 

Youngsook Shin 

Textiles and Consumer 
Economics: Polymerization- 
Crosslinking of Cotton 
Fabrics for Superior Textile 

Anita Singh 

Food, Mutrition and 
Institution Administration: 
Relationship Between Zinc. 
Copper and Iron Status and 
Amenorrhea in Exercising 
and Sedentary Women. 

Jayanta Kumar Sircar 
Civil Engineering: A 
Framework for Spatially 
Distributed Hydrologic 

Darlene Brannigan Smith 
Business and Management: 
An Empirical Examination of 
the Economics of 

Eric Lynden Smith 

Psychology: The Effects of 
d-amphetamine Upon 
Differing Rates of Pigeons ' 
Keypecking in the Absence 
of Differential Response 
Pattern or Reinforcement 

Mary Jennifer Smyth 

Zoology: Interactions Among 
Bioeroding Organisms. 
Gastropod Shells, and 
Coralline Algae. 

Mark Douglas Somers 

Physics: An Investigation of 
the Strong Equivalence 
Principle Through the Use of 
Freely Falling Geocentric 

Christopher Rhodes Stephens 
Physics: Dynamical Finite 
Temperature Effects in Field 

Frances Gill Sussman 

Economics: The Role of the 
Family in Valuation of Risks 
to Life. 

Anasuya M. Swamy 

Curriculum and Instruction: 
An Analysis of Students' 
Conceptions of Pressure- 
Related Gas Behavior. 

Anne Louise Swisher 

Recreation: The Efficacy of 
Multiple Attitude Change 
Theories Measured by In- 
Service Training and 
Continuing Education in 
Therapeutic Recreation. 

Audrey Suzanne Theis 

Education Policy, Planning, 
and Administration: 
Coordination as a Policy 
Implementation Strategy: 
Determinants of Employment 
and Training /Community 
College Linkages in 
Maryland Under the Job 
Training Partnership Act 

June Louise Tveekrem 

Chemical Physics: Dielectric 
Measurements on a Near- 
Critical Binary Fluid Mixture. 

Catherine Gkachi (Jzoma 
Health Education: 
Relationship Between Adult 
Black Diabetic Patients' 
Perceptions and Compliance 
with Medical Regimen 

Satyendra K. Verma 

Economics: Productivity and 
Organization in India. 

Trudy Anne Vincent 
Psychology: The 
Relationship of Classroom 
Environment and Structure 
to Peer Interaction. 

Kishena Chandiram Wadhwani 
Zoology: Calcium Regulation 
in the Frog Peripheral Nerve 
by the Blood-Nerve Barrier. 

Kathryn Kostin Weston 
Counseling and Personnel 
Services: Development of an 
Instrument to Assess 
Teachers' Knowledge of 
Behavioral Principles. 

Jin Yoo 

Physical Education: The 
Effects of Cognitive /Somatic 
Anxiety on the Attentional 
Processes: A Test of 
Easterbrook's Cue-Utilization 

David William Zang 

Physical Education: Winning 
and Losing in the Vietnam 
Era: Redefining Athletic 
Excellence at the University 
of Pennsylvania. 

Doctor of Education 

Frank Joseph Hager 

Curriculum and Instruction: 
The Effect of Item Location 
on Student Written Response 
on Faculty Evaluation 

Brenda Hurbanis 

Education Policy. Planning, 
and Administration: The 
School Climate Survey. 

16 August Doctors 

Master of Arts 

American Studies: 

Ariane Daniela Aue 
Francine Jobatey 

Applied Mathematics: 

Philip Chukwurah 

Michael James Lijewski 


Pamela Diane King 

Communication Arts and 

Lewis Dean Adams 
Lucius L. DeAngelo 
Joan Karen Schreier 

Counseling and Personnel 

Florence Melissa Berkley 
Jayne Mead Gresch 
Theresa Ann Hoffmann 
Marie Terese Sergent 

Curriculum and Instruction: 

Mike Cegelsky 


Julia Marie Doherty 
Shahid Hamid 
Kathy Ann Ormiston 
Sherry Jean Wetchler 

Education Policy, Planning, 
and Administration: 

Sarah Baker Andrus 
Julia Ruffo Diamond 

English Language and 

Elisabeth Ann Carmichael 
Jeffrey John Karr 
Sherrie Lynn Rausch 
Julie Ann Saylor 

French Language and 

Kenneth Bryon Haines 


Dierdre Theresa Bevington 
Russell Everett Grace 
Andrew Maria Modelski 
Jody Lynn Sailer 
Asta Melitta (Jrbancic 

Germanic Language and 

Maria T. Jahn 

Government and Politics: 

Garry Eoghin Jennings 
Sana Abed Kotob 

Health Education: 

Janet Marie Muir 

Hearing and Speech 

Carla Joy Portney 


Jay Lawrence Brigham 
Thomas Francis Clifford 
Richard Earle Holl 
Mark Emmett Porter 
Diane E. Weaver 

Human Development: 

Louise Anne Chan 


Christopher Louis Chiames 


James Richard Anderson 
Jeanne Morrill Owings 
Linda Diane Rankin 
Tandi Vettel 


Matthew Curtis McCutcheon 

Physical Education: 

Michael Scott Gingerich 
James Mitchell Meyer 
Denise D'Arcy Wescott 


Rose Marie Abler 
Ira Andrew Abramowitz 
Harumi Kobayashi 
Michael Dale Seller 
Jennifer Carlyn Smith 


Douglas H. Appleman 
Carol Anne Cavanaugh 
Judith Ann Gambill 
Anne Marie Herink 


Christine Smith Cox 
Jacquelyn Scarville 

Spanish Language and 

Graciela Clequin 

Special Education: 

Rebecca Fisher Hickey 

Urban Studies: 

Beverly Selena Hill 

Master of Science 

Aerospace Engineering: 

Kevin Sean Early 
Andrew Seth Elliott 
Yong Hyup Kim 
Stephen King Mouritsen 
Michael P. Scardera 
Mark Winfield Scott 
John Gerald Vorwald 

Agricultural Engineering: 

Collin Roy Burrell 

Agricultural and Resource 

Rodney B. W. Smith 


Djime Djibrine Adoum 
Paul F. Bell 

Peter Wertheimer Benedetto 
Kathryn Claire Haering 
James Frank Holderbaum 
Brian Karl Kinkle 
John Thomas Russell 
Arthur Davenport Wall III 
Faye Mills Wilhite 

Animal Sciences: 

Nathan Gideon Birnbaum 


Mary Diana Stemple Strem 


Joyce Marie Callahan 
Klaus Hermann Kaestner 

Business and Management: 

William Joseph Dorris 
Terry L. Hamberger 
Thomas D. Romeo, Jr. 

Chemical Engineering: 

Delroy George Blissett 
Nelson Prentice Bryner 
Ciro Luis PintoCoelho 
Roberto Jose Samson 
Kevin Joseph Smith 


Caroline Theresa 

John Martin Kindervater 
Richard H. McBride 
Jeff Stanley Morrill 

Civil Engineering: 

Shelley McNab Burg 

Chaoyi Chia 

ChenPing Ku 

Jiayang Liu 

Abbas Motamedi 

Hossein Shahrezaei Rahimi 

Chin-Ming Tsai 

Roy Gill White 

Stanley Everett Wildesen 

Zohreh Yousefi 

Computer Science: 

Shu-Jen Hsiao Chang 
Hsin Huei Fang 
Shang-Hsiu Sue Hsiung 
Debabrata Patnaik 
Joseph Francis Reisel 
Jeffrey Henry Straathof 
Krishnan Subramanian 

Electrical Engineering: 

Chaitali Chakrabarti 
Pau-Chen Cheng 
Christopher Joseph Clark 
Richard Paul Fischer 

August Masters 17 

Hung Wang Goh 

Levent Gun 

William Wei Hu 

Sheejarng Hwong 

Sung Shin Kang 

Anil K. Kapoor 

Chun Chieh Kung 

ShyhWei Luan 

Jerome G. Schaefer 

Eng Ho Soo 

Gerard Mordeen Stenbakken 

Wayne S. Thayer 

Vinay A. Vaishampayan 

Luiz Antonio Vitoria 

Joseph Anthony Zott 

Family and Community 

Pilar Medina de Lopez 
Patricia Hawkins 
Patricia Lutz Roland 

Food Science: 

Cecil Ellen La Grenade 
Youn Hee Yoo 

Food, nutrition, and 
Institution Administration: 

Holly Berry Irving 
Celia Lopez Martin 


Lorie Winchell Staver 

Mechanical Engineering: 

John Roland Berger 

David A. Frommer 

Sanjay S. Gupta 

Saurabh Dhansukhlal Mehta 

Kirk K. Rhee 

Katherine Marsh Ruben 


Peter Rath Ahnert 
Christopher Alan Burr 
Jennifer Layne Looper 
Andrew Mark Vogelmann 
Jung Moon Yoo 


Stephen Thomas Gregoire 
Marcia Lynn Hyde 

nutritional Sciences: 

Joan Given Proctor 
■ John David Putney 


Clayton Roy Chinn 
Mark Daniel Matlin 
Stephen Charles O'Day 
Neil Andrew Ottenstein 
Yi Pang 
John Anthony Paquette 

Textiles and Consumer 

Shu-Hwa Hwang 
Bernadette Jane Kovacic 


Suzanne Martel Pitts 
Timothy J. Schoen 

Master of Education 

Counseling and Personnel 

Leslie Anne Comer 

Teri Ann Emis 

Kay Louise McGuire 

April Lynn Vari 

Curriculum and Instruction: 

Elizabeth Jo Benson 
Stephanie Scanlan Brown 
Sheryl Kaye Burke 
Lynne Susan Harding 
Barbara Diane Macri 
Gail Markowitz 
Sharon Lee Pimsler 
JoAnn W. Price 
Johanna Zmud Provenzano 
John Anthony Randell 
Dale Grimes Schirra 
Karen Wells 

Education Policy, Planning, 
and Administration: 

Jean M. Copeland 
Pamela Christine Jones 
Michael John Stratford 

Ruth Ann Markulis 
Gloria EInora Parker 

Human Development: 

Lucy Barwell Bernstein 
Shirley Jean Rogers 

Industrial, Technological and 
Occupational Education: 

Irene Mathews Bournazou 
Nicholas Lazaris 

Special Education: 

Connie Lynn Fouchard 
Beth E. Matcham-Shepherd 
Mary Ellen Sousa 

Master of Business 

Business and Management: 

Thomas Townsend Amiie 
Elaine Virginia Berg 
Richard Landreth Boales 
David Julian Borsos 
Wen-Lei Chen 
James Thomas Clifford 
Andrew Michael Dagen 
Nancy Louise Dydak 
Linda Beth Fitzgerald 
Prabhat Garg 
Carol Susan Gilbert 
Scott Mitchell Greenhaus 
John Patrick Halpin 
Lin Hou 

Edward Lawrence Levy 
Timothy David Lewis 
LingI Liu 

Jordan Eymard Luhr 
Gary Michael McQuarrie 
Keith Richard Pauley 
Vipul Chandra Prakash 
Brian Joseph Quinlan 
Alice McElfresh Recknagel 
James Edmund Robertshaw 
Hedy Jean Ross 
Margaret Joan Ross 
Russell Bruce Scholl 
Oliver Schueftan 
David Aloysius Schule 
Wayne Alan Shore 
Amy Ruth Spiegel 

N. Steven Stavrou 
William Bryan Stroube, Jr. 
Carole S. Sutter 
Daniel Christopher Thomas 
Steven Charles Treweek 
Alice Marie Vela 
Howard J. Ziegler 

Master of Music 


Julia Ann Larson 
Kimble Louis Rose 

Master of Library 

Library and Information 

Richard J. Alleva 
Margaret Louise Allin 
Anthony Paul Amabile 
Leila Ben Hamouda 
Saroj Kumari Bhatia 
Elizabeth Arapis Brencher 
Holly L. Buchanan 
Paulette Watkins Burt 
So Young Choi 
Jacqueline Claire Cragg 
Kathryn Ann Dorko 
Helena Marie Ellison 
Barbara Louise Gosnell 
David Eugene Graham 
Paula Hollis Grundset 
Christine Mary Hennessey 
John Frederick Herrmann 
Karen Louise Hollenbach 
Terri Lynn Holsten 
Diana Gonzalez Kirby 
Charles Matthew Knuth 
Elinore R. Krell 
Kenneth Selwyn Lewis 
Pamela J. Licht 
Dale Terese Lukas 
Louise Chang Marshall 
Glenn William Martin 
James Graham Matlock 
Dennis Michael McGovern 
E. Cheryl Michael 
Bertha Galloway Mutz 
Susan Elizabeth Myers 

18 August Masters 

Carole Elizabeth Howlcke 
Raymond R. Plante 
Andrea K. Potter 
Angela Marie Prandini 
Gwendolyn Griffith Rector 
ISancy Ann Rine 
Franklin D. Roberts 
Alice Jean Romberger 
Marvella Fortune Rounds 
Rebecca Lynn Shannon 
Beverly Doreen Tait 
Rosemary Howlett Venable 
John P. Warren 
Elizabeth Ann Wilcox 
Richard Edward George 

Susan Williams Wool 

Master of Applied 


Lysbeth Burcham Acuff 

Master of Architecture 

John Francis Giubilo 
Paula Canelos Morris 
Robert Manuel Rodriguez 

Master of Public 

Mary Elizabeth Carroll 
Hoan Minh Tu 


Master of Education 

May 30. 1986 

Thomas Allen Bowermeister 


Master of Education 

May 30, 1986 
Erma J. Gupton 
Ardis Vale Grossman 

August 30. 1986 
Cheryl L. Shirley 
Judy L. Thompson 
John Zemlin 


Master's Level: 

Judith Ann Gambill 
Patricia Hawkins 
Anne Long Morris 
Charles W. Trawick 

Doctoral Level: 

Patrick Thomas Harnett 

August Masters/Graduate Certificates 19 

College of Agriculture 

Bachelor of Science 

Agricultural and Extension 

Ellen Denise Brown 

Agronomy-Crop Science: 

William David Amoss 

Animal Sciences: 

Donna Marie Camesi 
Toni Melissa McCannon 
Olga Marta Roviralta 

Combined Agriculture- 
Veterinary Science: 

' Scott Evan Wecht 

natural Resources 

Jon Edward Cofrancesco 

Food Science: 

Sandra Nanette Waynberg 


Dean Allen Daetwyler 
Mark William Howard 

School of Architecture 

Bachelor of Science 

Keith Emmanuel Butler 
Don Andrew Fulton 
Louis Patrick Lepelch 
Anne Yumie Short 
Michele Deborah Snyder 

College of Arts and 

Bachelor of Arts 

Art History: 

Rita Marie Fragnul 
Surale Erika Greenberg 
Regina Elizabeth Halper 

Art Studio: 

Mark Joseph Bandy 
Janice Ellen Dinsmore 
Karen Lee Frankhouser 
P. Christine Gaiser 
Grace Hummel Reppert 


Katharina Christine Feulner 

East Asian Languages and 

Adrian Lennon Gormley 

English Language and 

Carole Suzanne Anikis 
Melody Jo Bohanan 
Janetta Thomas Brett 
Leigh Allyson Burgess 
Kevin F. Canning 
Cromwell InHo Chiang 
t Anne Hamilton Detrick 
Erin Lee Dillon 
Todd George Higgins 
Michael Hagen Kelly 
John Robert Klar 
Tammi Anita Lynn 
Thomas John MacDonald 
Dororthy Abigail 

Thomas Edward McHugh 
Damen George Norko 
Rohini Arvind Parikh 
Christopher William 

Dante Gabriel Rossetti 
Carl Herman Settlemyer III 
Andrew Carey Starr 
Arman Allan Taheri 
Thomas Charles Termini 
David Deshler Watson, Jr. 
Joseph Weber 

Germanic Language and 

Jasmina Perazic 
Clark Andrew Tschirgi 


David Reid Backer 
Thomas Edward Donovan 
David Paul Evans 

§ Cathy Elvira Fox 
Gail Irene Henry 
Pierre Emile Joseph 
Mark Richard Milewski 
Stephanie Lynn Miller 
Eric BOgh Pittman 
Albert Razick 
Gloria Tanton 
Lynn Kay Watson 
Alan Alexander Wiecking 

Music (Liberal Arts Program): 

Linda Jean Jackson 
Gwendolen Marie Kuendel 


* Esther Anne Benaroya 
Christopher Lee Engelhorn 
Leah Hadad 

Carl Herman Settlemyer III 

Radio, Television and Film: 

Charles Robert Armstrong 
Jay Martin Boyer 
Peter Kip Burke 
Alan Bryan Chasan 

* Mark E Chorvinsky 
Kenneth Francis Coleman 
Jeffrey Willis Cook 
Vincent John Duobinis 111 

§ Jay Steven Elvove 
Hazel June Fox 
Kelly Leigh Franklin 
Margaret Harmer Johnson 
Edward Joseph Keeler 
James Michael Kelsey 
Stephanie Kay Ketter 
Barbara Frances Lehman 
Andris Indulis Levensteins 
David F. McDonald 
Catherine Marie McMahon 
Adele Meizlish 
Dawn Christine Morris 
Phillip Donald Sipes 
Joseph Nathaniel Stewart 
Susan L. Weis 
Martha Anne Williams 
Wendy Anne Zipes 

Russian Area Studies: 

Walter Michael 

Gary Allen Dickson 

Spanish Language and 

Margaret Ellen Burris 

Speech Communication: 

Deborah Leslie Deutsch 
Elisabeth Louise Elliott 
Judith Kopetz 
Sherri Olensky 
Maria-Theresa Katharine 

Geoffrey Way Simpson 
Laura Ann Tucker 


Michael Patrick Rattray 

Bachelor of Science 

Advertising Design: 

Alisa Teri Baer 
John T. Consoli 
Ann Porter Deutermann 
Sheryl Lynn Drossner 
Sally Lynn Goldstein 
Edward Patrick Hobson 
Cheryl Mindie Katz 
Jacqueline Sheryl Kraus 
Stephen Kuttner 
Karen Marie Matthews 
Karen Lynn McAdams 
Jennifer Lynn Murphy 
Elena del Carmen Naranjo 
Leah Beth Oliveri 
Nancy H. Park 
George Michael Rados, Jr. 
Maria Angela Sese 
Sharon Leslie Siegel 
Maria Lucia Tomaszicki 
Nick Vacca 
Penelope Weiss 

Interior Design: 

Lynn Maria Crombie 
Marshall Poe Fitzgerald 
Laura Lynne Smith 

Bachelor of Music 

Music (Liberal Arts Program): 

Edward Francis Gallagher 

20 August Bachelors 

§ Summa cum Laude; t Magna cunn Laude; * cum Laude 

College of Behavioral 
and Social Sciences 

Bachelor of Arts 

Afro-American Studies: 

Joseph Haynes. Jr. 


Karl Heinz diLiberto 
Deborah Jane Knox 

Criminal Justice: 

Lawrence David Bazey 
David Michael Berkheimer 
Gale Susan Cooper 
Brenda Lee Cully 
Heidi Elizabeth Custer 
Charlene Ellen Daniel 
Steven Charles Jones 
Scott Harris Kreger 
* Andrew Jason Lawrence 
Gerard Vincent Lee 
Laura Ann Lilienfeld 
Thomas Joseph Lott 
Steven D. Sarelas 
Barbara Jean Seidel 
Andrew Joseph Sheehan 


Allan Watson Alberts 
Sherry Lynn Arze 
Robert Alan Bell 
Karen Lee Borenstein 

§ Samuel E. Bramhall 
Robbye Lanene Braxton 
Jeffrey Todd Cramer 
Derek David Emery 
Gail Ellen Estrain 
Raymond Michael 

Stephanie Lynn Greenhouse 
Donald Edward Holland 
Michael Howard Mayes 
Audrey Marie O'Keefe 
Margaret Mary Pettey 
Robert Weston Peura 

§ Susann E. Sousa 
Robert Scott Trosky 


§ William Earl Boyer 

Michelle fSavine Brittan 
Ralph Chester Butler 
Mary Catherine Cassidy 
Susan Diane Climie 
John Xenophones Condos 
Mark Joseph Eblan 
Joseph Farella 
John Alfred Friel 
Priscilla M. Gonzalez 
Diane Marie Hager 
Paul Andrew Ian Heine 
Josephine S. Hung 
Michael B. Kain 
Elisa Marie Kerneklian 
Laurel Alice Lovett 
James Christopher 

David Perry Meyers 
Mark Rowan Miller 
Suzanne Marie Milroy 
Paul Thomas Moore 
Wizie Prakash 
Pamela Marie Rachal 
Steven Michael Rayle 
Wayne Alfred Reed III 
Russell Allen Rhoades 
Michael Dwayne Sampson 
Scott M. Shilstat 
Brett Leigh Smith 
Joseph Henry Smith III 
Steven C. Smith 
Gregory Stanley Stanis 
Gunta llga Terauds 
Linda Kruelle Thompson 
Cynthia D. Turlington 

* Yuda Udomritthiruj 
Donald Louis Valliant 
Jeffrey Alan Vance 
Steven Thomas VanHorn 
Craig Steven Wilson 
Susan B. Xanten 
Andrew Joseph Zensky 

Government and Politics: 

John O'Hora Baker 
Joseph Gerard Baldwin 

* Kathryn Susan Berthot 
Caroline Drew Campbell 

(2nd Major: Economics) 
Jeanine Casey 
Keith K. Cheung 

Patrick Oliver Collins 
Brett Richard Diamond 
John Gray Donnelly 
Thomas Clark Eagan 
Gretchen Ewers 
John Francomacaro 
Stephen Joseph Freitag 
rSeil Brentlee Gambill 
Christopher Lee Gibbs 
John David Goodman 
Howard Brian Hall 
Eric John Norman 

Laurence Alan Herman 
Christopher James Hiller 
Scott Albert Johnson 
Kellee Anne Kemper 
Gregory Brian Kerr 
Joel W. Kestenbaum 
Murray Jay Kogod 
Brenda Lynn Lacy 
Tammy Lynn Lawson 
Jennifer Walker Lee 
Craig Patrick McCoy 
Leigh Ann McKemy 
Ronald Eric Menzer 
Brian Douglas Mercier 
John Michael Meyers 
Charles Mark Miller 
Luis Antonio Navarro 
Cindy Stana Radulovich 
Vincent Raphael Redmond 
Michael Deen Reed 
Anne Paget Rutherford 
§ Leonard DeShields Sanford, 

Marc Allen Schlesinger 
Arlene Renee Sedgwick 
Eric Wayne Simenauer 
Gene Peter Spiegelman 
Michael Garson Studley 
Carolyn Gail Trimble 
Michele Lisa Turner 

Hearing and Speech 

Debra Kay Blankartz 
Teresa Lynne Brown 
Laverne Angela Johnson 
Catherine Ann Long 


Justin Leo Bartels 
Carol J. Beswick 
Lynette Denise Curtis 
' Jimena S. Del Solar 
Penny Alton Dennis 
Karen Kae Elliott 
Jeffrey Scott Force 
Jimmy J Johnson 
Tori Lynn Jordan 
Bonnie Lee Kerlin 
Michael Joseph Lipka 
Kyle Scott McAbee 
Susan Kathryn McCaa 
Simonetta Maria Musio 
Elizabeth Lee Pollock 
Jayme Jo Ross 
Jiu Leslie Schechter 
Ariel Jay Segal 

* Charles Arthur Smith 
Patricia Lyn Snider 
Rachel Chaya Tadmor 
Christopher Charles 

Corliss Yolanda Walker 


Scott Duane Andersen 
Erica Gardner Barbee 
Saowalee Coyle 

* Joy Celeste Gordon 
Doreen Deschamp Messer 
Karen Kaye Venable 
Diana Maria Waddle 

Urban Studies: 

Kenneth Scott DeGonia 
Jeffery J. Pollak 
Rosalynn Adele Taylor 

Bachelor of Science 


* Mark Richard Anderson 
Hollis S. Church 
Kirk Michael Fisher 
Hamid Reza Haririsoud 
Josephine S. Hung 
Peter Frank Marek 

§ Summa cunn Laude; f Magna cum Laude; * cum Laude 

August Bachelors 21 

Elisabeth Randall Mark 
C. James Morrissey 
Gary Dean Tolbert 
Edward A. Zabrauskas 


Alan Wayne Bozman 
James Reed Burnett, Jr. 
Kevin Edward Carroll 
Jaleh Zahra Eslami 
Ronald Dean Jeffreys 
Marie Janette Lavallee 
Matthew Brent Moran 

College of Business and 

Bachelor of Science 


t Jack Rowland Abbott 
Michele Ann Abretski 
Robert Gordon Benton 
Bernard Bethke 
Leslie Regina Bilbro 
Michelle Erasure 
Rhonda Kaye Curtis 
Eda Boyle Edgerton 
Michele Ann Edmondson 
Eric Thomas Eppinger 

* Robert Glenn Epstein 
Lanta Linette Evans 
Marc J. Feldman 
Stephenie Louise Fulcher 

t Gordon Alun Goeke 
Keith Adam Heilveil 
Ronnie Buford Mines 
Timothy Matthew Hogan 
Steven Jay Isaac 
Ronald Tobin Kouzel 
Cary Ira Loeser 
James Paul Martinko 
Betty Christine Miller 
Randy Mark Mordes 
Julie Ann rSelson 

t Cynthia Anne Pehl 

(2nd Major: Economics) 
John Brander Pettway 
Henry Robert Potter 
Mark Richard Rados 
Walter J. Rine 

22 August Bachelors 

James Carl Rodante 
Margaret E. Schmelz 
Karen Sue Schneider 

* David Andrew Scordy 
James Allen Senft 

Victor rSathan Arthur Swint 
David Traficanti 
Priscilla S. Wells 


Agnes Marie Acosta 
Gregory William Adair 
Anthony John Atmonavage 
Tamara Ellen Bader 
Cathleen Brady 
Joseph James Burns, Jr. 

* Rasim Cagan 
Gerald Steven Casey 
Christina Eunha Choe 
Charles Franklin Converse 

Daniel Leo Cox 
Jennifer Lynne Donecker 
Susan Craig-Lynn Elliott 
Mark Hamilton Frieman 
Lawrence Gemmell 
Michael Adam Gomolisky 

(2nd Major: Econon^ics) 
Kirk Ellis Herbst 
Frank Rodney Hoffman, Jr. 
Gillian Andrew Hope 
Mark Alan Hourihan 
Paul D. Kin 
Jill Levine 

Charles William Lichtmann 
Robert Scott Logan 
Lucia Maria Lulli 
Ira Jay Miller 

Stephen Alexander Miller 111 
Robert David Minlionica 
Sandra Lee Mitchell 
Jimmy Lee Moore 
Gordon Lee Myers 
Stacy Lynn Needle 
William Joseph Potter 
Ezzedine Abdul Razak 
Nancye Adelaide Schap 
Eric Isadore Smookler 
Kevin Robert Swawite 
James Brian Thomas 
Steven David Tish 

Sandra Lynn Warren 
Kevin Edward Williams 
Susan Ellen Wise 

General Business 
A dm in is t rat ion: 

Richard S. Botwinick 
Thomas Lee Bowen 
Sharon Jill Boyd 
Harold Edward Detwiler 
Marlene Embrey 
Babette Helen Fisher 
Gregg Lawrence Gottsegen 
Kelly Ann Ickes 
Marjorie Jean Lewis 
* Paul Otto Marstaller, Jr. 
Todd Thurston Mayo 
Karen Maria Pfeiffer 
Linda Carol Riffe 
Sharon Ann Schwartz 
Perry Lee Spies 
Colleen G. Thompson 
Margo Louise Vann 

Management Science and 

Maria Victoria Carballo 
Jee-Ho Loh 

(2nd Major: 

Shira Michelle Low 
Jimmy R. Migneault 
Stephen Alexander Miller II 
Vijayalaxmi Pemmarazu 
Ezzedine Abdul Razak 


Judy Shira Abramowitz 
(2nd Major: Sociology) 
John Francis Bello, Jr. 
Charles Franklin Brady, Jr. 
Nancy Ellen Brown 
Corinn Wanda Cheney 
Steven David Clements 
Stephanie Joy Cohen 
Gregory Scott Collins 
Ivonne Camille Cunarro 
Gail Catherine d'Agostino 
Stella Marie Donovan 
Amanda S. Gayle 
Eileen Marie Harmon 
Janet Sharon Home 

Gregg Michael Indovina 
Melissa Ann Jones 
Adrienne Jules 
Duane Lance Lamar 
Beverly M. Lambie 
John Dewitt Lisle 

(2nd Major: 

* Paul Otto Marstaller, Jr. 
Daniel Stoddart Meek 111 
Clayton Hayes Newman 
Steven Anthony Noyes 

(2nd Major: General 

Karen Lynne Oetker 
Christopher Scott Payne 
Bruce Lawrence Roberts 
Karen Sauer 
Timothy Philip Snyder 
John Edward Talbot 
Pamela Sue Vinik 
Sara Lee Vorpahl 
Sharon Lynne Wells 
Robert Allan Wood 
Cynthia Anne Zur Nedden 

Personnel and Labor 

Anthony Craig Hampton 
Denise Mary McDonough 
(2nd Major: Sociology) 
Carlo Alfred Montemayor 
Karen Lea Primm 

Production Management: 

Philip Caplan 


Ivan Michael Cohen 
Stuart Howard Gottlieb 
(2nd Major: Finance) 
Craig Alan Siegel 

College of Computer, 
Mathematical and 
Physical Sciences 

Bachelor of Science 

Computer Science: 

Amrita Ahluwalia 
Hector Luis Alicea 

§ Sumnna cum Laude; f Magna cum Laude; * cum Laude 

Maria Eugenia Campos 
James Marshall Casey 
Kent Thomas Crotty 
Michael Trieu Ba Do 
Timothy James Dunne 
t Daryl Eugene Eicher. Jr. 
Sharon LaMour Eskridge 
David Bernard Fabiszak 
John Quentin Gilbert 
Marcos Jose Goldchain 

* Lise Michelle Greenberg 
Justin Hahn 

Whitney Anne Harvey 
Lynn Nguyen Hoang 
Daniel Pappan John 
Shawn Hyonmi Kim 
Barbara Jean Lake 
Charles Michael La Motta 
John Liney 
Jerome Mortman 
Maung Htay Myint 
Mai-Phuong Xuan Nguyen 

* Van Thanh Nguyen 
Jae M. Pak 
Nancy H. Park 
Julia Ann Party 
Huong Thi Phan 
Thomas William Potthast 
Robert Walker Prentiss, Jr. 
Eileen Patricia Stewart 
Sandra Dee Stewart 
Christopher James Thorpe 
Margaret Elizabeth Tremain 
De Quang Vo 

Tet-Sin Yong 
Rochelle Ann Zilist 


Emad Mekheal Awadalla 
Dana Maurice D'Aria 
Deborah Jane Knox 
Jennifer L. Thomas 

* Melisa Elayne Walter 


Todd Gregory Baker 
Benjamin Edward Foy 

* Lise Michelle Greenberg 
Peter Thomas Haley 
Lawrence Bruce Hodges 
Gary Randall Litofsky 

Physical Sciences: 

Richard Draper Hitchens 


Fermin Aldabe 
Todd Stanley Aven 
Scott Roger Douglass 
(2nd Major: Astronomy) 

College of Education 
Bachelor of Arts 

Art Education: 

Majorie Ellen Brecker 

English Education: 

Jeffrey Daniel Leone 
Regina Ann McCoy 
Thomas Edward McHugh 
Vivia Leieith Mighty 

Foreign Language Education: 

Karen Elizabeth Lorenz 
Robert Alien Roos 

Social Studies Education: 

Lauri Ann Gerber 
Brent Tower McCallum 

Speech Education: 

Curtis Wayne Somers 

Bachelor of Science 

Art Education: 

Denise Richardson 

Early Childhood Education: 

Elizabeth Louise Hardy 

Elementary Education: 

David Samuel Adelman 
Marcia Rosalie Green 
Anne Lucille Haas 
Cynthia Jo Luhman 
Stacey Leah Mitchell 
Renee Julie Pintzuk 
Elyse Renee Porambo 
Stevie D. Prather 
Lynn E. Rome 
Christine (Jrka 
Amy Lynn Zuskin 

General Business Education: 

Marie Darcey Warner 

§ Summa cum Laude; t Magna cum Laude; * cum Laude 

Industrial Technology 

Leonardo Antonio Arce 

James Edward Buckeridge 
Compton Edward Douglas 
Paul Anthony Fagiolo 
Jeffrey Scott Leatherwood 
David Frederick Link 
Ronald Glenn Mathews 
Dale Morgan Osterndorf 
David Edward Puhl 
Mark Joseph Reeves 
Gregory Bryson Ruff 
Robert L. Swaim 

Library Science Education: 

Michael-Anne House Lowry 

Mathematics Education: 

William John Calderhead 
Cecilia Montes Martinez 
Kenneth Herman Procell 
Clare Ann Sazama 

Science Education: 

Andrea Teresa Bennett 
Timothy Douglas Pruett 

Social Studies Education: 

David Neil Binn 
* James Joseph Campbell 
Virginia Lee Cooper 
Mark Bennett Faust 
Beverly Anne Meador 
Sharon Dianne Pietsch 
Susan Nicole Silverberg 

Special Education: 

Ann Elizabeth Ritter 

Vocational Technical 

Thomas Jeffery Bennett 

College of Engineering 

Bachelor of Science in 
Aerospace Engineering 

Daniel Matthew Bergbauer, 

Abraham Ramon Chaves 

John Edward Greco 
Stephanie Susan Green 
Angelo Charles Guarino 
Joseph Mark Guthrie 
Jeffrey Scott Heron 
Evan Richard Holman Smith 
Joseph Michael Stopper 
Chih Wei Yeh 

Bachelor of Science in 
Chemical Engineering 

Huy Viet Huynh 
Pamela Lynn Miller 
Gilbert Glenn Olsen 11 
Dominik Thomas (Jznanski 
Evelyn Ruth Washington 

Bachelor of Science in 
Civil Engineering 

Gita Amiri 

Rodney Allen Brown 

Okju Cha 

John William Collins 

Bachelor of Science in 
Electrical Engineering 

Guy Robert Allen 
Kenneth Bruce Baicar 
Andre Jacques Barbeau 
Arnold Pope Burr 
* Douglas Llewellyn Butler 
Craig Robert Cappiello 
Dennis Kwang-Hsuan Chang 
Wayne David Darney 
Eric James Ewing 
Lawrence Guy Fess 
Michael William 

Fitzmaurice, Jr. 
Martin Jay Geesaman 
David Bruce Gorman 
Michelle Marie Goussy 
Mark Newman Huddleston 
Max David Jacobs 
David Wilson James 
Eric Scott Johnson 
Timothy Michael Johnson 
James Michael La 
Larry Lau 
Catherine Ann Long 

August Bachelors 23 

Chi Hung Lu 

Ben Yun-Kwai Lui 

James Steven Montanaro 

Robert Glenn Moreland 

Hai Phuoc Nguyen 
* Hien Due Nguyen 

Tien Phuoc Nguyen 
t Tuong Phuoc Nguyen 

Sokratis Papageorgiou 

Yagyensh Chandra Pati 

John Paul Perkins 

Ly Minh Phan 

Steven Joseph Piluk 

Howard Craig Posner 

Jay Michael Renbaum 

John Vea Speer 

James Martin Stewart 

Florence W. M. Tan 
t Richard Martin Thompson 

David Cary Tolbert 

George Tragas 

Quang Tuan Truong 

Darrell Wilson 

Diane Snowden Word 

Bruce Foster Zink 

Bachelor of Science in 
Fire Protection 

Gerald Merritt Bell, Jr. 
Karen Ann Kretschmann 

Bachelor of Science in 
Mechanical Engineering 

Kevin Dale Burnley 
William Douglas Butz 
Albany Charles Chester, Jr. 
Brenda Green Code 
Sheryar Durrani 
Leonard Gerard Famiglietti 
Rufus McKinley Gant 111 
Kathryn Ann Goetz 
Gail Ann Heim 
William Martin Hertel III 
James Carlton Hoffman 
Lawrence A. Howe 
Samuel Thomas Hughes 
Kristin Margaret Larsen 
Michael Derrick Linton 
William Preston Ljungquist 

24 August Bachelors 

Mohamad Reza 

Esther Jean Mahanes 
George Salim Malouf 
Richard Stuart Margolis 
t Eric Joseph Oberson 

Reynaldo Jose Quintana 
t Bonnie Bernstein Rich 
* Stacy Linda Rosenberg 
Rebecca S. Soland 
Matthew Bernard Stewart 
Kathy Leigh Strickler 
Meng Teck Tan 

Bachelor of Science 

Undesignated Major: 

Michael Alan Cox 

Ellen Ramona Thomas 

College of 
Human Ecology 

Bachelor of Science 

Apparel Design: 

Pascale Marguerite Lemaire 


Maia Marie Baudelaire 
Laura Elizabeth Benarick 
Emily WingVu Chan 
Cheryl L. Gilbert 
Ruth Gwynne 
Susan Mary Hunt 
Susan Denise Schultz 
Deborah Jean Wolcott 

Family Studies: 

Jennifer Renee Ben 
t Joye Marie Fenerty 
Paula Renee Liano 
Laura Ann Olcott 
Michelle Francesca Oleksak 
Doris Jo Osborne 
Dana Leigh Slyh 

College of Life Sciences 

Bachelor of Science 


Stephen Anthony Bouchard 
Jaleh Zahra Eslami 
Michael Steven Lemar 
Maureen O'Donnell 
Olga Marta Roviralta 
Babak Parvaneh Tehrani 

General Biological Sciences: 

Tara Michele Ford 
Viviana Pilar Fuster 
Freeda Emilie Isaac 
Richard Brian Sexton 
Gail Annette Warren 
Duane R. Western 


Thomas More Heutte 


David Richard Joy 
Basem Fayez Khawaja 
Ricardo Daniel Ramos 


Valerie Kristine Anderson 
Delores Jeanette Dobson 
Debra L. Farling 
Dagmar Danielle 

Grace Ingegneri 
Jeffrey Morris Jacobus 
Audrey T. Louie 
Stephen Lawrence Parker 
Hiam Salim 
Fouad Salim Sayegh 
Gregory Carl Thornwall 
Sangeeta Vohra 


David Lee Adler 
* Willie June Brickey 

Richard Paul Campbell 

Richard Knorr Esherick 
t Avrim Brett Fishkind 

Jeffrey Alan Molloy 

Floyd Irvine Sandlin III 

David Robert Sears 

Lorie L, Thomas 

§ Summa cum Laude; t Magna cum Laude; * cum Laude 

Management and Consumer 

Kristin Maria Cornwell 
Rhonda Nelson 
Gregory Alan Sopp 
Rodell Liwanag Villamor 

Textile Marketing/Fashion 

Carol Anne Anderson 
Rhonda Lynne Haines 
Lynn D. Hirshman 
Kim Johnson 
Constance Marie Kight 
Kelle Lynn Palmer 
Laura Wnorowski 

College of Journalism 

Bachelor of Science 

Andrew Clark Arnold 
Adam Todd Cohen 
Karen Susan Cohen 
Kelley Margaret Colihan 
Mary H. Curran 

* Carolyn Rose DeBona 
Sue Ellen Feder 
Holly Lynn Graves 
Felicia Martese Hall 
Christopher J. Harmon 
Natalie Carole Herzberg 

* Dana Ann Horning 
David Evans Lewis 
Lesley H. Mabrey 
Erin Elizabeth McCoy 
Mark Donald McGee 
Andrew Edward Monaco 
Lisa Ellen Ozio 

Scott Michael Sherwood 
Karen Lynn Shinskie 
Randi Hope Sinel 
Sandra Jean Svoboda 
Debra Sue Trolman 
Elizabeth Weaver 
Gregory Leon Wright 

* Lynn Michelle Yosick 

College of Physical 
Education, Recreation 
and Health 

Bachelor of Science 

Health Education: 

Pamela Ann Northrop 

Kinesiological Sciences: 

Leslie Anderson. Jr. 
Jude Anne Brown 
Mitchell Shawn Frid 
* Denise Jaynes 

Linda Lee Rathfelder 
Colleen Marie Reilly 
Tony Orrin Temerario 

Physical Education: 

Jay Atlee Allen 
Robert Stephen Betz 
Terri Sue Carroll 


Cheryl Elaine Brown 
t Lisa Catherine Colletti 
Janette Dawn Cummins 
Deborah Lynn D'Andrea 
Cheryl Lynn Fuller 
Philip Edwin Mibali 
Patricia Lynn Sullivan 

Gndergraduate Studies 

Bachelor of General 

Michael Joseph Berger 
Christopher John Bierwagen 
Lynn Robin Bookman 
David Keith Catrett 
Stacy Fran Chanin 
Thomas Allen Clark, Jr. 
Teresa Marie Creegan 
Jennifer Anne Davis 
Brian Woodruff Dawson 
Dennis John Doherty 
Kevin Paul Donas 
Lynn Patrice Durbin 
Frederic Paul Felperin 
Hollis Lucretia Gentry 

Susan L. Goldstein 
Fredric David Greenspan 
* Thomas Grainger Guthrie 
Alec E. Harper 
Gta Dittbrenner Hobbes 
Haydee Irizarry 
Michael David Jabick 
Cheryl Doreen Jackson 
Steven William Kahler 
Christopher Knight 
Haejoo Judy Lee 
Derek Lamart Lloyd 
Rocco Thomas Maiorano. 

Delbert Earl Melvin 
Wendy Barri Meyers 
Peter John Michela 
Stacie Rene Morton 
Michael Fergus Brian 

David Michael Reisman 
Randolph Phillip Richardson 
Laura Louise Robinson 
Douglas William Roper 
Jeffrey Boyd Russell 
Marlene Joy Sadowsky 
t Kimberly Jean Schultz 
Sabrina Ann Schwartz 
Frederick Thomas Smith 
Elizabeth Ann Sohn 
Andrew Frank Soskin 
Mark Scott Stogo 
Dara Lynn Summers 
Tracy Ann Summers 
Laurel Jeanne Thompson 
William Carlyle Turner 
Andrew Evans Vaughan 
Kellett Hugh Welch 
John Matthew Welsh 
Mary W. Wetmore 
Caroline Leigh Woods 
Song Su Yi 
Rona Beverly Zimberg 

Bachelor of Science 

Individual Studies: 

Anna Magdalena Josenhans 
Andrew Wayne Zink 

^=^^¥^^ '<t.^ 

§ Summa cum Laude; t Magna cum Laude; * cum Laude 

August Bachelors 25 

for Degrees 

DECEMBER 23, 1986 

The December 1986 class 
roster comprises degree 
candidates from the 
undergraduate and graduate 
programs at The University of 
Maryland College Park. As 
final action cannot always be 
taken for candidates by the 
time this program is printed, 
the list of candidates here is 
tentative only. The University 
reserves the right to withdraw 
or add names. Diplomas (for 
other than doctoral degrees) 
will be mailed by the Office of 
Records and Registrations. 

Doctor of Philosophy 

Ibrahim Bin Abushah 

Government and Politics: 
The Use of Higher Education 
as an Intervention Strategy 
in the Economic 
Development of a Plural 
Society: A Case Study of 
Mara Institute of Technology 
in the Economic Policy of 

Charles Agho Adamu 

Agronomy: Examination of 
the Availability of Heavy 
Metals in Selected Soils for 
Uptake by Maryland 
Tobacco as Influenced by 
Their Chemical and Physical 
Properties and Prior Sludge 

Mario Alai 

Philosophy: Realism, 
Realisms and Naturalized 

Neil M. Alperstein 

American Studies: An 
Ethnographic Approach to 
the Study of Advertising in 
Everyday Life. 

Farshad Amini 

Civil Engineering: Dynamic 
Soil Behavior Under Random 
Excitation Conditions. 

Carol Marie Amoia 
Special Education: A 
Comparative Analysis of the 
Structural Properties of 
Organizations Collaborating 
to Serve Handicapped 
Children and Youth. 

Ellen Marie Anderson 

Chemistry: Viscosity of Pure 
Sulfur and Phase Diagram 
for Sulfur-Biphenyl Mixtures. 

Nehama Ella Babin 

Sociology: The Impact of 
Military Expenditures on 
Economic Growth and 
Development in the Less 
Developed Countries. 

Vicki Elaine Hancock Baer 
Education Policy, Planning, 
and Administration: Case 
Study: Children, Word 
Processing, and Attitudes 
Toward Writing. 

Virgil E. Ball 

Agricultural and Resource 
Economics: Modelling the 
Structure of Production in 
U.S. Agriculture. 

Richard Andrew Barczewski 
Animal Sciences: Studies on 
the Pre-Parturient Behaviors 
of Sows and the Post- 
Parturient Behaviors of 

Vittoria Marie Barge 

Education Policy, Planning, 
and Administration: The 
Effect of Selected Cultural 
and Attitudinal Factors on 
Participation in Adult 
Education of Vietnamese 
Refugee Women. 

Robert Joel Barry 

Biochemistry: Enzymic 
Phosphoryl Transfer to 
Oxygen and Carbon 
Acceptors: The Kinetic 
Mechanism and Substrate 
Specificity of Yeast Inorganic 
Pyrophosphate and an 
Investigation of the 
Biosynthesis of a 
Acid in Tetrahymena 
pyriformis W. 

Mary Katherine Batcher 

Measurement. Statistics and 
Evaluation: Maximum 
Likelihood Multidimensional 
Scaling, a Multivariate 

Stephen Michael Beasley 
Human Development: The 
Mind-Body Problem and 
Psychological Explanations 
of Mental Illness. 

Nabih Elias Bedewi 

Mechanical Engineering: 
The Mathematical Basis for 
the Random Decrement and 
Cross-Random Decrement 
Techniques with Applications 
in Structural Dynamics 

Zoltan Laszio Benko 

Chemistry: Applications of 
the Diels-Adler Reaction and 
a Phono-Induced Carbon- 
Carbon Bond Forming 
Reaction to the Synthesis of 
Natural Products from 

David Sinclair Birdsell 
Public Communication: 
Tropological Perspectives on 
Public Policy Discourse. 

Jay Arthur Blundon 

Zoology: Chela Morphology 
and Neuromuscular 
Performance in Temperate 
and Tropical Populations 
Within Decapod Crustacean 

Lester Hal Bodian 

Psychology: So, Do You 
Think You're Going to 
Finish?: Career 
Instrumentality of Degree 
Completion as a Major 
Factor in Doctoral Student 

26 December Doctors 

Jerry Tighe Bonnell 

Astronomy: Spectroscopic 
Determinations of the 
Surface Gravities of Giant 

Laure Weber Brooks 
Criminology: Examining 
Determinants of Police 
Orientations and Their 
Impact on Discretionary 
Police Behaviors: The Effects 
of Organizational and 
Neighborhood Factors. 

Reginald Paul Brown 

Physics: Aspects of Chaotic 
Dynamics in One or More 

Virginia S. Cain 

Sociology: Changing Fertility 
Expectations of American 

Kenneth Ray Carroll 

Physics: Investigation of 
Noise in a Point-Contact dc 

Marianne Pace Celano 

Psychology: Acculturation, 
Adjustment, and Length of 
Residence of Vietnamese 

Sharon Kaye Cessna 
Physical Education: 
Academic Learning Time in 
Physical Education as it 
Relates to Teacher 
Effectiveness, Student 
Achievement and the 
Teacher Evaluation Process. 

Chryssoula Chairopoulou 
Physical Education: 
Effectiveness and Personal 
Rhythm in the Production 
and Control of Upper Limb 

CheinI Chang 

Electrical Engineering: A 
Generalized Minimax 
Approach to Statistical 
Decision Problems with 
Applications to Rate 
Distortion Theory. 

Chen-Shiung Chang 
Electrical Engineering: 
Picosecond Optoelectronic 
Switching and Applications. 

Lih-Ming Chao 

Mechanical Engineering: 
Robot Positioning Accuracy 
Improvement by Kinematic 
Parameter Identification 

Raymond Sheng-Chieh Cheng 
Applied Mathematics: Delta- 
Trigonometric and Spline- 
Trigonometric Methods Using 
the Single Layer Potential 

Elizabeth Jane Clark 
Engineering Materials: 
Crystallization and Fibril 
Formation in Polymers. 

Loren Dean Coen 

Zoology: Tropical Plant- 
Animal Interactions: Ecology 
and Comparative Functional 
Morphology of Plant-Grazing 
Decapod (Brachyura) 

Fahri Taha Comezoglu 

Chemistry: Trichothecenes-I: 
The Isolation of Myrotoxins 
and Mytoxins and II: 
Mechanistic Studies of 
Rearrangements and 

Alanna Connors 

Physics: The HEAO 1 A-2 
All-Sky Study of Feist X-ray 

John Michael Conroy 

Computer Science: Parallel 
Direct Solution of Sparse 
Linear Systems of Equations. 

Diana Kay Corley 

Public Communication: The 
Relationship of Visual, 
Verbal, and Tonal Channels 
to Concepts in 
Multidimensional Space. 

Sara Jane Corse 

Psychology: The Reactions 
of Male and Female 
Subordinates to a Pregnant 

Michael Peter Crosby 
Environmental Sciences: 
Oysters, Bacteria, and 
Detritus: A Menage a Trots. 

Severino Endaya Cuevas 
Agricultural and Extension 
Education: Occupational 
Aspirations, Plans Beyond 
High School and Changes in 
Sophomore VOAG Students 
of 1980 - A Time Series 

Carol Brown Daniels 
Environmental Sciences: 
Development of Mutagenicity 
Assays Using Microbial 
Indicators and Marine 
Microsomal Activating 

Anne Robinson Davis 

Government and Politics: 
The Medicare Prospective 
Payment System: Results 
Intended and Unintended. 

Pilar de la Torre 

Computer Science: Analysis 
of Tries for Variable Length 
Keys: Storage and Retrieval 
of Prefix Keys. 

Richard Eugene Denton 
Physics: The Dynamics of 
Sawteeth in Tokamak 

Lynn Ellen Dickey 
Nutritional Sciences: 
Characterization of Platelets 
Isolated from Mice Fed Diets 
Containing trans Fatty Acids. 

Carol DiPace 

Counseling and Personnel 
Services: Preschool/ 
Kindergarten Curriculum as 
Judged by Preschool and 
Kindergarten Teachers. 

H. Minnie Dunbar 

Education Policy, Planning, 
and Administration: The 
Effects of Personal and 
Institutional Characteristics 
on the Marketing Attitude of 
Community College Faculty. 

Bradley James Ebersole 
Education Policy, Planning, 
and Administration: 
Community Colleges and 
International Education: 
Analysis of Policy and 

Raymond Lament Ellis 
Criminal Justice and 
Criminology: Pretrial Release 
Decisionmaking, Failure to 
Appear and Case Outcome 
in a Court of Limited 
Jurisdiction: A Baltimore 

William Patrick Emiey 

Curriculum and Instruction: 
The Relative Effectiveness of 
Cooperative Learning Versus 
Individualized Instruction in a 
College Level Remedial 
Mathematics Course, and the 
Corresponding Relationships 
Between Attitude and 
Personality Types. 
A Time Series Study. 

December Doctors 27 

William Alan Erb 

Horticulture: The Evaluation 
of Vaccinium Interspecific 
Hybrids in Different Water 
Deficit Environments. 

John Albert Ernst 

Geography: Spatial-Temporal 
Variability of North Pacific 
Sea Surface Temperature 
Anomaly Patterns, 

Sharon Spitz Fagin 

Counseling and Personnel 
Services: Emotional and 
Behavioral Correlates of 
Emotional Reactivity. 

[Nicholas Joseph Fendinger 
Chemistry: Chemical 
Characterization of Organic 
Components in Leachates 
from Coal. 

Gregory Peck Fenner 
Botany: Developmental 
Aspects of Sterol 
Biosynthesis in Cucurbita 

Jaime Alberto FernandezBaca 
Physics: Neutron Scattering 
Study of the Spin Dynamics 
of Amorphous Invar Alloys. 

Louis Douglas Finney 
Economics: A Rational 
Choice Theory of Political 

Jeffre Dale Firman 
Poultry Science: The 
Aminostalic Theory and 
Neuroregulation of Food 
Intake in Broiler Chicks. 

William Michael Folkner 
Physics: Performance of a 
Three Mode Gravitational 
Radiation Antenna. 

Gregory Louis Fritz 
Chemistry: The 
Photochemistry of Aromatic 
Imides in the Presence of 

Barbara Ann Gage 

Curriculum and Instruction: 
An Analysis of Problem 
Solving Processes in 
Quantitative Equilibrium 
Problems in College 

Doris Wessmann Garner 
Human Development: The 
Difference in Impulsivity. 
Error, Laterality and Speed 
as a Partial Explanation of 
Differences in Achievement 
Between Hearing and Deaf 

Gene Elizabeth Gary-Williams 
Human Development: Well 
Being of Retired Black Males 
Measured by Selected 
Psychosocial Variables. 

Madonna Therese Goodspeed 
Counseling and Personnel 
Services: A Teacher Training 
Program to Enhance Regular 
Classroom Teachers' 
Competencies for 

Timothy John Goodspeed 
Economics: Local Income 
Taxation: Equilibrium, 
Efficiency, and Welfare Loss 
In a General Equilibrium 
Model of a System of Cities. 

Ponani S. Gopalakrishnan 
Computer Science: Parallel 
Approximate Algorithms for 
Combinalorially Hard 

David Michael Gorzo 

Characterization, Physical 
and Gene Mapping of 
Chloroplast and Chromoplast 
DMAs of Zinnia 
elegans . 

Andrea Gould 

Education Policy, Planning, 
and Administration: 
Perceptions of Professional 
Accreditation by Major 
University Actors. A Case 
Study: University of 

Janet Gorman Graham 

Curriculum and Instruction: 
A Comparison of the Writing 
of College Freshmen and 
College Seniors with a Focus 
on Indications of Cognitive 

William Alexander Gray 
History: Labor in Vain: The 
Weakness of the Workers 
Class Movement in French 
Lorraine, 1871-1914. 

Roberta Gamble Cropper 
Education Policy, Planning, 
and Administration: 
Specialized Accreditation in 
Nursing: A Measure of 

Kathleen McKenna Groutt 
Health Education: A 
Metahealth Analysis of the 
Lives of Gwendolyn Brooks, 
Dorothy Day, Ruth Gordon. 
Anais Nin, and Georgia 

Franklin Roy Guenther 

Chemistry: Residential Wood 
Combustion as a Source of 
Air Particulate Matter. 

Keith Gregory Haddaway 
Chemistry: Mechanistic 
Studies in Single Electron 
Transfer Photochemical 

Jae Hong Han 

Electrical Engineering: 
Symmetries in Nonlinear 
Control Systems and Their 

Kyu San Han 

Electrical Engineering: 
Simultaneous Detection and 
Estimation of Diffusion Type 

Susan Atherton Hanson 
American Studies: Home 
Sweet Home: 

Industrialization's Impact on 
Rural Households, 
1865- 1920s. 

Robert Alexander Haynes 
Human Development: The 
Relationship Between 
Attitudes Toward Social 
Interdependence and 
Adjustment in Individuals 
Between 21 and 65. 

Douglas Lee Henne 

Business and Management: 
Instructor, Owen Graduate 
School of Management, 
Vanderbilt University. 
Thoughts and Actions as 
Consequences of Job 

Haitham A. Hijazi 
Civil Engineering: 
Generalized Static and 
Dynamic Analysis of Tube 

Lorenzo Oscar Hilliard 
Applied Mathematics: The 
Case of Equality in Hopf's 

28 December Doctors 

Robert Bruce Hindsley 

Astronomy: An Investigation 
of Cepheid Variable Stars 
Using Hydrostatic Model 

Behjat Hojjati 

Agricultural and Resource 
Economics: Ttie Demand for 
Crop Insurance. 

Kevin Craig Hoiiey 

Applied Mathematics: VLSI 
Signal Processing Applied to 
Nonlinear Filtering. 

Judith Anne Holt 

Measurement, Statistics and 
Evaluation: A Monte Carlo 
Study of the Likelihood Ratio 
Difference Chi-Square 
Statistic for the Comparison 
of Subsuming Latent Class 
Models with Parameters at 
Boundary Values. 

Juliette Coupain Howe 
Nutritional Science: The 
Postprandial Response of 
Calcium and Phosphorous 
Metabolism to Single Meals 
Varying in Protein Level and 

Gary D. Hughes 

Mechanical Engineering: 
The Effect of Grain Style on 
the Hardness of 
Electrodeposited fiickel. 

Ken Hung 

Business and Management: 
The Effects of 
Misspecifications in Vector 
Autoregressiue Moving 
Average Models on 
Parameter Estimation and 

Dawn Lynn Hunter-King 
Special Education: An 
Investigation of the Affect of 
Tutoring Versus Social 
Contact with Severely 
Handicapped Students on the 
Attitudes of Nonhandicapped 
High School Students. 

William J. Hussar 

Economics: The Testing of 
Several Explanations of the 
Flypaper Effect. 

David Hussong 

Microbiology: Incidence of 
Legionella pneumophila in 
the Environment: Evidence 
for a Viable but Non- 
Culturable Form. 

Paula Ann Hutzell 

Botany: Studies on the 
Biology of the Corn Cyst 
Nematode. Heterodera zeae . 

Robert Christopher Jambou 
Microbiology: Identification 
of Human Parainfluenza- 3 
Virus Associated 
Polypeptides and Nucleotide 
Sequence of the mRNA 
Encoding the Viral 

Stephen James Jordan 
Environmental Sciences: 
Ecological and Biochemical 
Significance of Oyster 

Augusto Jugo 

Civil Engineering: 
Development of a 
Rehabilitation Methodology 
Approach for Flexible 

Ashima Kakar Kant 
Food, Nutrition and 
Institution Administration: 
The Effect of Aging on 
Vitamin B-6 Absorption and 
Metabolism in Men. 

Carolyn Hack Kaplan 
Chemical Engineering: 
Agglomeration Due to 
Brownian Motion of Fractal- 
Structured Combustion 

Namir Kassim 

Astronomy: The Clark Lake 
30.9 MHz Galactic Plane 

Patricia A. Keenan 

Curriculum and Instruction: 
Stimulating Children's 
Imagination Through the Use 
of Creative Storytelling. 

Caroline Kertzman 

Psychology: Size- Difference 
Thresholds After Lesions of 
Visual Thalamic Nuclei in 

James David Kestenbaum 
Psychology: The Effects of 
Personal Counseling on 
Counseling Psychology 
Graduate Students: Training 
and Support Issues. 

Hee Kim 

Sociology: The Architectonic 
of Georg Simmel's Social 

Jai Ok Kim 

Textiles and Consumer 
Economics: Measurements 
of Surface Temperature 
Changes and Moisture Vapor 
Transfer through Fabric and 
Micro-Porous Film 

Clifford Riley King 

Chemistry: The Synthesis of 
Aporhoeadane Alkaloid 

Joseph Trum Kirkby 

Agronomy: The Response of 
Top-Clipped Johnsongrass to 
Glyphosate Applications. 

Catherine Louise Kling 
Economics: Measuring the 
Recreational Benefits of 
Environmental Amenities 
Using Multiple Site Models: 
An Evaluation of 

Job Kozhamthadam 

Philosophy: The Influence of 
the Interaction Among 
Religion. Philosophy, and 
Empirical Science on the 
Discovery of the Laws of 

Francisco G. Ladaga 

Agricultural and Extension 
Education: Development of 
an Extension Model for 
Philippine Cocoa 

T. V. Lakshman 

Computer Science: Message 
Complexity Versus Delay 
Tradeoffs in Decentralized 

Hyunok Lee 

Agricultural and Resource 
Economics: Nonlinear Credit 
Pricing in U.S. Agriculture. 

Virginia Campbell Lemon 
Agricultural and Extension 
Education: Assateague 
Island: Dynamics and 
Management Policy. 

I-Cheng Lin 

Civil Engineering: 
Optimization of Prestressed 
Steel Beams. 

Wei-Keng Lin 

Chemical Engineering; 
Effect of Channel Curvature 
on Void and Velocity 

December Doctors 29 

Joyce Anne Lowry 

Curriculum and Instruction: 
An Inoesligation of Mine- 
Year-Olds' Geometric 
Concept of Area and 

Mark Scott Lutz 

Economics; The Effects of 
Investment-Targeted Tax 
Changes in a Two-Country 
Model with Capital 

Carolyn Dupont Lynch 
Economics: The Fiscal 
Limitation Movement and Its 
Implications for the Median 
Voter Model. 

Shirley Willis Maase 

Communication Arts and 
Theatre: Multidimensional 
Scaling Applied to the 
Cognitive Response to 

Loris A. Magnani 

Astronomy; Molecular 
Clouds at High Galactic 

Brent Stephen Mallinckrodt 
Psychology; Social Support 
in Self-Help Groups for 
Unemployed Professionals. 

Daniel Margulies 
Environmental Sciences; 
Effects of Food 
Concentration and 
Temperature on 
Development, Growth. 
Survival and Susceptibility to 
Predation of Larval White 
Perch ( Morone americana) . 

Alyce Cristina Martinez 
Psychology; Counselor 
Responses to Termination as 
a Function of Couselor Sex 
and Experience Level. 

Paul Joseph Mastradone 
Chemistry; Rates and 
Reactions of Arsenic Species 
in Aquatic Systems. 

Michael Joseph McCarrick 
Physics; Quasilinear 
Saturation of the Drift- 
Cyclotron Loss-Cone Mode. 

Conley Kirby McMullen 
Botany: A Study of Self- 
Compatibility, Self- 
Incompatibility, and 
Pollination Agents of 
Representative Galapagos 
Islands Angiosperms. 

Debra A. Miller 

Curriculum and Instruction; 
Post Reading Instruction: 
Questioning Strategies, 
Individual Learning Activities, 
and the Use of Basal 

Ebraahim Moghaddam-Taaheri 
Physics: Dynamics of 
Runaway Electrons in 
Magnetized Plasmas. 

David Randolph Mootoo 
Chemistry; Pyranosidic 
Homologation: An Approach 
to the Synthesis of the ansa- 
chain of Sireptovaricin A. 

Steven Gaimes Morgan 
Zoology; The Impact of 
Planktivory on Life History 
Patterns of Estuarine Crabs. 

Howard E. Motteler 
Computer Science: 
Properties of a Graph 
Computation Schema. 

Jack Joseph Murphy 

Computer Science: Matrix 
Computations by Monte 
Carlo Optimization. 

Barindra M. Mag 

Business and Management: 
Vehicle Routing in the 
Presence of Site Dependency 

Jan Alan Nobel 

Physics; The Effects of 
Inversion Asymmetry on 
Diluted Magnetic 
Semiconductors with the 
Zinabtende Structure. 

Balmiro Omana 

Spanish Language and 
Literature: Produccion 
Literaria Y Critica Social En 
Las Novelas De Mario 
Vargas Llosa (1963-1981). 

Mary Kathleen O'Farrell 
Psychology: The Effect of 
Timing of Goal Setting on 
Outcome in Personal Growth 

Sylvia Geraldine O'Sullivan 
English: Hemingway Versus 
Hemingway: Feminity and 
Masculinity in the Major 

Darzell Strother Paz 

Curriculum and Instruction; 
Teachers' Responses to 
Ebonic Miscues During 
Reading Instruction, 

Harold Ira Perl 

Psychology; The Transition 
from Middle School to High 
School: Personal and 
Environmental Resources for 

Thomas Arnold Peyser 
Physics; Plasma Motion 
During the Formation Phase 
of the PS-3 and PS- 3. 5 

Marylou Luttrell Phillips 
American Studies; The 
Language of Performance 
Evaluation in the American 
Military: Document Analysis 
in a Contextually Grounded 

Movita E. Pickens 
Human Development; 
Factors Related to Teacher 
Stress in a Public School 
Environment: Personality, 
Control and Coping. 

Fernando Javier Pineda 
Physics: Baryon-Baryon 
Force in a Quiral Quark 

Stephen Howard Pollock 
Economics; Income Teixes in 
a Long-Term 
Forecasting Model. 

Zelda Marilyn Porte 

Human Development: The 
Adjustment of IndoChinese 
Unaccompanied Refugee 
Adolescents to the United 

William Augusta Porter, Jr. 
Geography: The Effect of 
Population Size and Change 
on Per Capita Expenditures 
of County Governments in 
North Carolina, 1960-1977. 

Elinor Mabel Preston 

Recreation: An Investigation 
of the Effects of a Day 
Camp Program on Nursing 
Home Residents ' Lonliness, 
Leisure Satisfaction, and 
Leisure Activity Involvement 

Songnian Qian 

Physics; Study on a Non- 
Linear Dynamical Model of 
Plasma Turbulence. 

30 December Doctors 

Venkatraman Raghavan 
Aerospace Engineering: 
Unsteady Boundary Layer 
Flows and its Applications to 
Circulation Control. 

Kenneth James Ritter 

Physics: A High Resolution 
Spectroscopic Study of 
Absorption Line Profiles in 
the A-Band of Molecular 

John David Robertson 
Chemistry: A Search for 
Reflection Asymmetry in 
Medium Mass Nuclei. A 
Study of the Structure of 
145Ba. 147Ce, 143Ba. and 

Mohammad A. Rokni 
Mechanical Engineering: 
The Computation of 
Liapunou Exponents. 

David Michael Rollins 

Microbiology: Evaluation of 
the Viable, But Nonculturable 
Stage of Campylobacter 
jejuni . 

Robin Sue Rosenberg 

Psychotherapists ' Defensiue 
Style, Life Stage Issues, and 
Level of Empathy: Factors 
Influencing Bias in the 
Conceptualization of Clients' 

Rae Sheila Rosenthal 
English Language and 
Literature: Narrative Power 
and Patriarchy: Elizabeth 
Gaskell and William 

Henry John Roth 

Biochemistry: Myelin Basic 
Protein Structure and Gene 
Expression in Human and 
Mouse Central Nervous 
System Tissue. 

Sandra Vee Rumore 

Curriculum and Instruction: 
Teaching a Unit on Functions 
from a Conceptual 
Approach: Will It Affect the 
Number of States Attained in 
Understanding the Concept? 

Janet Linda Runcie 

Sociology: Trouble and 
Issues: Maternal Perspectives 
in Childcare. 

Josefa Salmon 

Spanish Language and 
Literature: El Discurso 
Indigenista En Bolivia 

Katherine Marie Schmid 
Botany: Effects of 
Cyclopropenoid Fatty Acids 
on the Growth and Lipid 
Composition of Plant 
Pathogenic Fungi. 

Kathleen Doherty Schmid 
Psychology: Coping: An 
Analysis of Perception- 
Response Congruency 
Across Situations and 
Gender in a College Age 

Craig Schulze 

Human Development: The 
Effect of Four Different 
Teaching Strategies on the 
Honesty of Kindergarten and 
Second Grade Children. 

Sherry Bromser Scott 

Curriculum and Instruction: 
The Effects of Topic Specific 
and Audience Specific Pre- 
Writing Questions on Tenth 
Grade Students ' Persuasive 
Letter Writing. 

Brian Francis Luke Seaward 
Physical Education: The 
Effects of Rhythmical 
Exercise on Isometric Fatigue 
of the Non-Involved Muscles. 

Robert Dwight Seeley 

Economics: The Impact of 
Federal Anti- Discrimination 
Program Upon the Wage 
Rates and Employment of 
Women Across Major 
Industry and Occupational 

Ahlam Ibrahim Shalaby 
Civil Engineering: Probable 
Maximum Flood in 
Hydrologic Design. 

Joseph Gordon Shanks 
Physics: A Light-Scattering 
Study of Static Critical 
Phenomena in Binary Liquid 

Sandra Garrett Shannon 
English: Black Ethos and 
Baraka's Audiences: A Study 
of Amiri Baraka 's Drama 
Written During the Black 
Arts Movement from 1964 
to 1969. 

Josefa Ippolito Shepherd 
Health Education: Argentine 
Hemorrhagic Fever: A Study 
to Assess the Effect of 
Communication and 
Educational Interventions, 
and of Social Support to 
Promote Preventive Behavior. 

Patrick John Sheridan 
Chemistry: Bulk Filter and 
Individual-Particle Analysis of 
the Arctic Haze AerosoL 

Sheryl Stark Sherman 
Mutritional Sciences: The 
Effect of Ovariectomy and 
Dietary Factors on Bone 
Metabolism and Calcium 
Homeostasis in Rats. 

Toru Shimizu 

Psychology: Reversal 
Learning Performance After 
Selective Lesions of the 
Wulst in Pigeons. 

Bernita Maria Sims-Tucker 
Special Education: A 
Comparision of Two 
Nonverbal Language Training 
Programs With Severely 
Handicapped Preschoolers. 

Rashmi Sinha 

Nutritional Sciences: Effects 
of Age And Nutrition on 
Bone Metabolism. 

Jane Elizabeth Smedley 
Chemistry: Close-Coupling 
Calculations for Collisions of 
NO(^) with aAg(lll) 

Margaret Anne Smith 

Nutritional Sciences: Blood 
and Urinary Zinc and Copper 
Changes Following a 
Glucose Challenge in Early 
and Late Pregnant Women. 

Norma Jean Smith 

Education Policy, Planning, 
and Administration: A Test 
of the Assumption that 
Teachers Can Self-Assess 
Instructional Behavior with 
Only General Professional 

Barbara Smothers 

Human Development: The 
Relationships Among Patient 
Functional Behaviors, Patient 
Characteristics, Staff 
Practices, and Social Climate 
in a Psychiatric Hospital. 

Barbara Ann Sorg 

Biochemistry: Expression of 
Myelin Proteolipid Protein 
and Basic Protein Genes in 
Normal and Dysmyelinating 
Mutant Mice. 

Suresh Chandra Srivastava 
Business and Management: 
Loan Losses, Interest Rate 
Risk and Common Stock 
Return of Commercial 

December Doctors 31 

Cluney Moses Stagg 
Environmental Sciences: An 
Expert System for Fishery 
Management with 
Application to Chesapeake 
Bay Fisheries. 

Sylvia H. Staples 
Special Education: 
Deinstitutionalization of 
Mentally Retarded Persons in 
Maryland: A Status Report 
of Community Residential 

Gary Alan Stewardson 
Industrial, Technological 
and Occupational 
Education: The Relationship 
Between the Changing 
Technology and the Training 
of Machinists and Tool and 
Die Makers in the United 
States Machine Tool 
Industry: 1880 to 1980. 

Cynthia A. Stifter 

Human Development: A 
Study of the Relationship 
Between Physiological 
Functioning and Later 
Temperament from Birth to 5 
Months of Age. 

Betty M. Strauss 

Agricultural and Extension 
Education: Accounting 
Students in Adult Education: 
A Study in Persistance and 
Satisfaction in Accounting 
Programs at the 
Baccalaureate Degree. 

Muralidhara Subbarao 
Computer Science: 
Interpretation of Visual 
Motion: A Computational 

Ki Hyun Sung 

Mechanical Engineering: A 
Dynamic Study of Flexible 
Robot Manipulators: 
Analytical and Experimental 
■ Approach. 

Jackwell Susman 

Criminal Justice and 
Criminology: A Model of 
Compliance to Supreme 
Court Decisions. 

William L. Tafoya 
Criminal Justice and 
Criminology: The Future of 
Law Enforcement: A Delphi 

Kamal Suliman Tawfiq 

Civil Engineering: Effect of 
Time on Dynamic Soil 
Properties of Cohesive Soils. 

Lorie J. Teagno 

Human Development: The 
Relationship of Birth Order, 
Perception of Parents ' Child 
Rearing Behavior and 
Parental Modeling to 
Daughters ' Sex Role Identity. 

Bruno Thibault 

French Language and 
Literature: LEcriture du 
voyage: de I'exotisme 
romantique a la crise de 
I'exotisme dans la literature 

Freeda Elizabeth Thompson 
Industrial, Technological 
and Occupational 
Education: A Comparative 
Analysis of the Effect of the 
Use of the Audio-Visual/ 
Tactile Approach and the 
Audio-Visual or Conventional 
Approach on Achievement in 
Shorthand Theory. 

Grey Bennett Thompson 

Sociology: Family Processes 
and Family Structural Effects 
on Black and White 
Children 's Socialization 
Outcomes in Single and Two 
Parented Homes. 

Juan Francisco Tituana. Jr. 
Education Policy, Planning, 
and Administration: 
Occupational Portrayals of 
Hispanic Television 
Characters on the Spanish 
International Network, 

Jorge Abril Trigo 

Spanish Language and 
Literature: El espejo y su 
imagen: Caudillo, estado, 
nacion. Translation: The 
Mirror and Its Image: 
Caudillo. State and Nation. 

Myron J. Veenstra 

Counseling and Personnel 
Services: Therapist Response 
to Sex Role Stereotypic 
Vocational and Social Issues. 

Mahendran Velauthapillai 
Computer Science: On the 
Inference of Approximate 

Margaret Jean Wagner 
Psychology: Relationships 
Among Managers' Past 
Experiences, Self- 
Perceptions, Job Choice, and 
Job Success. 

William Edward Walton 
Zoology: The Influence of a 
Predaceous Midge Larva on 
the Composition of Pond 
Zooplankton Communities. 

Ming Xu Wang 

Chemistry: The Collision 
Dynamics of Associative 
Ionization Process Arising 
From Collisions Between 
Two Excited Sodium 3p 

Willard F. Waterfield 
Botany: Fatty Acid 
Composition and Membrane 
Characteristics of UsUlago 
maydis Following Exposure 
to an Engosterol 
Biosynthesis Inhibitor. 

Timothy J. Watt 

Chemistry: Diphosphine 
Disulfides: Types and 
Mechanism of Formation by 
a Grignard Reaction. 

Michele Ann Weidner 
Chemistry: The Total 
Synthesis of DC-SI, a 
Pyrrolo ( 1 , 4)benzodiazepine 
Antitumor Antibiotic. 

Mark Ford Westling 
Computer Science: 
Reasoning About What You 
Can and Can't See in 
Computer Vision. 

Stephen Wayne Wharton 

Civil Engineering: An Image 
Understanding System for 
Road Detection in Thematic 
Mapper Data. 

Gregory Joseph White 

Civil Engineering: Reliability 
Methods in Ship Structural 

Deborah Jane Wilson 

Counseling and Personnel 
Services: The Relationship of 
Conceptual Level to 
Facilitalive Conditions and 
Structure in the Counseling 

32 December Doctors 

William Harvey Wilson 

Mechanical Engineering: A 
Study of Bench Blasting and 
the Mechanisms Leading to 

Lorraine Beth Wodiska 
Counseling and Personnel 
Services: Concern About 
Confidentiality: Its 
Relationship to Self- 
Disclosure and Group 
Climate in a Small Group 

Stephen Edward Wright 
Agriculture and Extension 
Education: Present Job 
Status of Veterans as a 
Consequence of Black 
Educational Attitudes, Past 
Life Cycle Aspirations, and 
Military Training. 

Sau-Mou Wu 

Electrical Engineering: 
SYMBL: A New Boolean 

Shao Bin Wu 

Engineering Materials: 
Unusual W-Shape Galvanic 
Cell Model and Dislocation 
Behauior of SCC of Brass in 
Neutral Mattsson's Solution. 

Sihua Xu 

Botany: Sterol Distribution in 
Caryophyllidae with 
Emphasis on Its 
Chemotaxonomic Value. 

Chan Su Yim 

Civil Engineering: 
Development and Testings of 
Granular Filter Design 
Criteria for Storm Water 
Management Infiltration 
Structures (SWMIS). 

Charles Edward Yoe 

Agriculture and Resource 
Economics: Lock 
Rehabilitation and the 
Productivity of Lock Capital. 

Tzu-Ming Yu 

Chemical Engineering: 
Modular Dynamic Simulation 
Techniques for Chemical 

Joseph Louis Zelibor. Jr. 

Geomicrobiological Processes 
Associated with Organic 
Accumulation and Mineral 
Precipitation in Aquatic 

Doctor of Education 

Carl Roosevelt Bennett 

Education Policy, Planning, 
and Administration: 
Students' Concept of "Old". 

Jennifer Ann Comer 

Education Policy, Planning, 
and Administration: Selected 
Administrators'. Teachers' 
and Students' Perceptions of 
Effective Gifted and Talented 

Betty Lou Cover 

Curriculum and Instruction: 
Blue-Pencil Workers: The 
Effects of a Peer-Editing 
Technique on Students' 
Editing Skills and Attitudes 
Toward Writing at the 
Seventh Grade Level. 

Gary Irwin Geiger 

Education Policy, Planning, 
and Administration: The 
Effectiveness of the District 
of Columbia Public School 
System's Administrators' 
Leadership Training 

Carter Lee Hammersia 

Education Policy, Planning, 
and Administration: Factors 
Influencing the Passage of 
House Bill 378 in 1967. 

Gwendolyn Bishop Handy 
Curriculum and Instruction: 
The Development and 
Evaluation of a Volunteer 
Handbook for the Middle 
Schools of Dorchester 

Gary Lee Hendrickson 

Curriculum and Instruction: 
The Effect of Selected Myers- 
Briggs Personality Types and 
Learning Styles on Geometry 
Achievement in High School 

Benjamin K. Hirsh 

Curriculum and Instruction: 
Development and Evaluation 
of an Inseruice Education 
Program for Mainstreaming 
Handicapped Children. 

Marie F. Mutton 

Curriculum and Instruction: 
Perceptions of the Role of 
Academic Advisor Held by 
Students. Academic 
Advisors, and Administrators 
at Delaware State College. 

Spencer H. Klevenow 

Curriculum and Instruction: 
A Comparison of the Text 
Editing Features of Two 
Microcomputer Word 
Processing Programs. 

Dorothy A. Kunkel 

Curriculum and Instruction: 
Computer- Assisted 
Instruction in Reading: The 
Comprehension Achievement 
and Attitudes of Field- 
dependent and Field- 
independent Students. 

Samuel H. Lasko 

Education Policy, Planning, 
and Administration: A 
Study of Stressors and 
Coping Techniques Utilized 
by Jewish Day School 

Allenna Dungan Leonard 
Education Policy, Planning, 
and Administration: 
Broadcast Policy Concepts: 
A Comparison of 

Patricia K. Lesnick 

Education Policy, Planning, 
and Administration: Critical 
Organizational Processes 
that Promote /Inhibit the 
Implementation of an 
Innovative Integration 
Program for Special 
Education Students. 

Ellen Ann McFadden 

Education Policy, Planning, 
and Administration; Clinical 
Decision Making and Its 
Relationship to Learning 
Style and Personality Type. 

Patricia Schumacher Oliphant 
Curriculum and Instruction: 
Textbook Selection Practices 
and Procedures in the State 
of Delaware. 

Joseph Maurice Petrone 
Curriculum and Instruction: 
The Relationship Between 
Teachers' Personality Type 
and Their Level of Concern 
Regarding the Use of 

Jane Bankert Schuchardt 

Curriculum and Instruction: 
Instructional Reading 
Strategies Designed to Match 
Teaching Reading According 
to Individualized Learning 
Styles of Children. 

Gerald Frederick Snelson 
Curriculum and Instruction: 
Teacher, Garrett County 
Public Schools. 

December Doctors 33 

Stanley Nathan Truman 
Education Policy, Planning, 
and Administration: Profiting 
and Predicting Ninthi Grade 
One-Time and Muttipte 

Evelyn Pasteur Valentine 
Education Policy, Planning, 
and Administration; An 
Exptoratory Study to 
Determine the Feasibility of 
Strategic Planning in Selected 
School Systems in the State 
of Maryland. 

Edward Robert Zenker 

Curriculum and Instruction: 
The Effect of a Relaxation 
Experience that Utilizes 
Breath-Control and Guides 
Fantasy on the Ability of 
Learning Disabled Students 
to Attend to a Task of 
Compliance to Oral 
Directions While 
Experiencing Auditory, 
Verbal Distraction. 

Doctor of Musical Arts 

Socrates Armenak Boyajian 
Music: Music for Flute/ 
Percussion / Tape. 

Deborah Brown 

Music: Ned Rorem: The 
Complete Works for Soto 

Vern Clifford Falby 

Music: Music In and Out of 
Words: Musical/Textual 
Relations in English- 
Language Works 
(1948-1954) by Igor 

Nancy Rita Matarazzo 
Music: The Art Songs of 
Ottorino Respighi. 

Master of Arts 

American Studies: 

Carl Samuel Choper 
Michelle M. Elliott 
Matthew Paul Kochanski 
Christine K. Kubo 
Roni Lynn Polisar 
Vanessa Lee Vick 

Applied Mathematics: 

Elvira Agron 
Shymala B. Dason 
Donald James Dichmann 
Jay Gary Rosansky 


Mary Kathleen Dolan 

Pamela Rae Hall 

Ruth Qarbisch Manchester 

Communication Arts and 

Ruth Elisabeth Anderson 
Kathleen J. Bies 
Heather Glenon Dunn 
Gloria Peabody Gallagher 
Mary Frances Kiley 
Margaret Anne Klein 
Jennifer Anne Lincoln 
Shiou Yun Liu 
Chandra Rachelle Norman 
David Samuel Paglin 
Roberta Cheryl Penn 
Gay S. Plungas 
Rodney Burgess Schwartz 
Dwight Hall Sullivan 
Joseph Ignatious Tomczak 
Ann Marie Tonner 

Comparative Literature: 

Maria Helena M. Lima 

Counseling and Personnel 

Valerie Patricia Cohen 
Joanna DerStepanian 
Michelle Lori Friedman 
Wanda J. Jones 
Barbara Levitz 
Barbara E. MorrisTroiano 
Mary Ann Rieder 
Karen Swetz Wood 

Criminal Justice and 

Douglas Mark Gross 
Karyn Lynn King 

Curriculum and Instruction: 

Linda Ruth Sanders 
Charlene Sheets 


Yahya Yahya Almutawakel 
Peter Henry Barlerin 
Kara Teevan Boatman 
Marcos Andre Bonturi 
Cynthia Lynn Clement 
Richard Jonathan Gering 
Mark Timothy Gibson 
Holly Elizabeth Glenn 
Berhane Kassahun 
Paul Semyano Kiingi 
John Charles Langer 
Jeffrey Andrew Lemieux 
Jonathan Edward Lubick 
Christopher Eugene 

Carol Elizabeth Saltier 
Peter P. Schaffer 
Lien Huong Tran 

Education Policy, Planning, 
and Administration: 

Jo Ellen Johnson 
Francis Michael Joseph 

English Language and 

Abdeljawad Mohamad 

Mary Jane Barnett 
Michele R. Beach 
Ronald Timothy Charles 

Linda Carol Brigham 
Rowena Rachael 

Barbara Louise Eaton 
Kirk Arthur Ewalt 
Elisabeth Carter Foard 
Daniel Denton Honemann 
Kathleen M. Krivak 
Colleen Frances McDowell 
David Paul Meng 

Roger Allan Reynolds 
Michael E. Schiefelbein 
Sarah Elizabeth Sinopoli 
Josie L. Sprowl 
Madeline Frances Suss 
Judith Smith Young 

French Language and 

Vincent Andrews 


Elizabeth Joan Agayoff 
Mary Lee Anne Helmsen 
William Francis Henaghan 
Barbara A. Melvin 
Brian Carl Rimar 
Barbara McDougall Young 

Germanic Language and 

Virginia Sue Alexander 

Government and Politics: 

Ryoichi Arakawa 
Pamela J. Edwards 
Patrick James Elder 
Joan Frances Greenwell 
Paul Erik Parker 
James C. Thomas 
Alexander Von Cube 
Francois Toe Suo Tepo 

Health Education: 

Joseph R. Adiesic 
Joyce Maloney Barnett 
Ruth Sharon Feldstein 
Melinda Cochran Hieber 
John F. Kunz 
Karen Teresa Sullivan 

Hearing and Speech 

Inderjit Kaur Bhathal 
Linda Elaine Carr-Kraft 
Francine Beth Friedman 
Kathy Elaine Gates 
Carole Loreen Goss 
Helen E. Hargadon 
Terry True Leighton 
Laurel Campbell Martin 
Jennifer Leigh Mather 
Susan Elaine Sedory 

34 December Doctors/Masters 

Cynthia Johanna Van Doren 
Catherine Ann Wawryk 
Steven Anthony West 


Jane E. Ashwill 
Edna Susan Barber 
Theresa Ann Brophy 
Mary Ann Coyle 
Claudia Oriz de Kiguel 
Donald James Leal<e 
William Anthony Peniston 
Robert Mark Pickstone 
Sukla Sanyal 
Lynne Miller Scheib 
Celeste Patterson Schindler 
Astrid Boch Stephan 
Thomas Edward Twigg 
Joseph Eugene Walukonis 
Kenneth Clarke Wenzer 

Human Development: 

David Quy Codner 
Mary Kathryn Mead 
Phyllis Maurer Rumbarger 

Industrial- Technological- 
Occupational Education: 

Simon A. Zerihun 


Wanda Rose Baldwin 
Robert D. Benincasa 
Laurie A. Evans 
Angela Winter Gambill 
Randi Jo Land 
Alan Thomas Lipke 
Ruth Anne Marshall 
Timothy Joseph 

Charles Ramon Miro 
Debra Ann Gainer Melson 
Robin Angela Smith 
Lyn Yacovelle 

Mathematical Statistics: 

Mitchel Levy 


Spencer Bernard Fellows 
Catherine B. Madden 

Measurement, Statistics and 

Carol Brignoli Gable 
Shu-Jing Yen 


Kevin Mark Stanley 

Physical Education: 

Lisa Anne Amico 
McClinton Brown, Jr. 
Joseph Francis Grikis 
Paulette Alyse Guy 
Barbara Marie Jaeger 
Anthony Drexel Mahon 
Patricia D. Miller 
Cindy Lee Norden 
Susan Beauchamp Parker 
Daniel M. Reeks 
Karen Teresa Sullivan 
Geoffrey Latham Wheeler 


Robyn Ann Davidson 
Christina Ann Douglas 
Marie-Jocelyne Gessner 
Catherine Louise Kelley 
James Russell Mahalik 
Colleen Margaret McHale 
Shelly Lynne Ossana 
Jacqueline Lois Clephane 

Sharon Smith Stoliaroff 


Janice Lyn Atwood 
Tammy J. Buckley 
Lawrence David Eastman 
Jeffrey Colin Gardner 
Roger Philip Martin 
Jayne S. Miller 
Donna A. Zanetti 


Ratchaneekorn Dibbayawan 
David George Geiger 
Omar L. Gutierrez 

Spanish Language and 

Elizabeth Daghlian 
Sergio Alejandro Dahbar 
Jeanne Marie 
Downey Vanover 

Maiianita Gottberg 
Elina Aguero McPherson 
Luz I. Perez 
Graciela Nelida Salto 

Special Education: 

Sandra Mewcomb Dobbins 
Kristin E. Secan 

Urban Studies: 

Natalie Cantor 
Karen Darlene Gray 

Master of Science 

Aerospace Engineering: 

Donald Wayne Ausherman 
Randal Barber 
John Edward Bate 
Shmuel Fledel 
Kumiko Iso Higman 
Anthony Fitzgerald Istvan 
Mark Ellis Kammeyer 
KiChung Kim 
Alan John Lindenmoyer 
Daniel Vincent Maclnnis 
Hieu Thien Ngo 
Michael Joseph Musca 
Aaron A. Salzberg 
Dhananjay Krishnaji Samak 
John George Sekas 
Alan Douglas Stemple 
Michael Linwood Stickler 
Michael S. Torek 
Andrea Traversi 

Agricultural Engineering: 

Aniruddha Duttagupta 
Joel Michael Milano 
Percy Alberto Pacheco 
Patricia Tojeiro 

Agricultural and Extension 

Robert Allan Beavan 
James Kenneth Ferrant 
Anandan Narayanan 
Susan Nicholson 

Agricultural and Resource 

Theresa Marie D'Addio 
William Charles Lewis 
Mauricio Pizarro Vera 
Sandra Marie Zavolta 


Kay Mitchell Calavan 
Frances Ann Caulfield 
DarGuam Cheng 
Elizabeth Ann Hirsh 
Ruth K. Kamala 
Sylvester Hirrane Lipscomb 
Roman Christian Pausch 
Amanda Mary Prigg 
Mwaffak Taib 
Abdul-Rahman Tarawali 
Gilbert H. Williams 

Animal Sciences: 

Elizabeth Anne Claypoole 
Norma B. Firman 
Pierre Paul Heidebroek 
Norman Kevin Luba 


Peter Michael Glovanoni 
Patricia Ann Henning 
Susan Mary Hoban 
Louis Charles Kouvaris 


Evelina Angov 
Kiran B. Sakhuja 


Dolores Marie Batholomew 
Stacey A. Frost 
Rose Eileen Hilbert 
Helena M. Reichel 
Susan Anne Weinstein 

Business and Management: 

Mou-Mei Fu 

Vishnu William Garib 

Cheryl Potochnik Post 

P. J. Siegel 

Ruth Kadel Stapko 

Siuyuan K. Tai 

Ming-Tzer Wu 

December Masters 35 

Chemical Engineering: 

Afeef A. Khan 
Coreen Y. Lee 
John Joseph Mahle 
Timothy Michael McMahon 
Bahram Meyssami 
Craig Kenji Sakai 
Larry C. Tarshis 
Lee Charles Wright 

Chemical Physics: 
Ying Chu 


Edward Mark Baum 
Anita Louise Fiesel 
Lauren Elizabeth McCarthy 
Zinna Northington 
Kiran B. Sakhuja 

Civil Engineering: 

Dulcy Mary Abraham 
Syed Meyaz Ahmed 
Mohammed Akbar 
Siddique S. M. Alemneghad 
Ghazi Sabri Barrawi 
Juan Sturgis Boston 
Diane Marie Cameron 
Richard Mark Carnevale 
Yu-Dee Chang 
Bo Chen 

Geraldine Soh Sim Check 
Abbas Yazdan Emrani 

Jeffrey Edmund Fuchs 
Franklin Lawrence 

Khalil Jeries Handal 

Kenneth Jay Hausman 

Deh Chao Ho 

James Eric Kllnger 

Ku Tak Lee 

Gary Michael Luczak 

Mohammad Mafi 

Mokhtar Mahi 

Paul Anthony Mandeville 

Amir Mirmiran 

Lhadj Moumena 

Behnam B. Movahed 

Jitesh H. Parikh 

John Paul Sekas 

Lazar Mikola Spasovic 
Wassim Zouher Sultani 
Matacha Blanche Elisabeth 

Ven-Hung Tseng 
Ogbonnaya Ojah Uduka 
Barbara Christine Wagner 
Nancy Deegan Zeigler 

Computer Science: 

Mark Lee Badger 

Ernest Samuel Baugher 

Robert A. Becker 

Eric Louis Beser 

Shih Chang 

Susan Chang 

ShowFune Chen 

JiangHsing Chu 

Mitchell Jay Cohen 

Peter Brennan Cottrell 

Dennis Lee Doubleday 

Theresa Gaasterland 

Diana Faye Gordon 

Bret Andrew Hartman 

Yennun Huang 

Hachidai Ito 

Bok Gyu Joo 

Hyun Soon Kim 

Kuei-Hsiang Lee 

Andrea Marie Marra 

Michael Mazurek 

Sunil Puri 

Maria Elena Salazar Bertran 

Olaf Andrew Schoenrich 

Srinivasan Sekar 

Chiao Yung A. Sher 

Hatem Amine Sleem 

Candace Marguerite Streuli 

Judin Sukri 

Brook Fereday Susman 

Brian Keith Sutton 

Jon Drake Valett 

Phillip Alan Veatch 

Li Qun Wu 

Yong Xue 

Kiam S. Yap 

Electrical Engineering: 

Mohammed Gomaa 

Ouassima Akhrif 
Edgard Francis Bertaut, Jr. 

Joe Earl Brewer 
Jeffrey Paul Calame 
Kwang-Cheng Chen 
Gloria Hong Chien 
Charles David Conner 
Barry Anthony Constantine 
Frederick S. Deitz 
Fariborz Ebrahimi 
Lorenzo Finesso 
Charles William Fletcher 
Gilbert Haven Frank 
Michael Joseph Giovannoni 
Michael Philip Gordon 
Thomas Edward Herald, Jr. 
James D. Horner 
Stuart Tin Fah Huang 
Ching-Yuh Jan 
Thomas J. Ketseoglou 
Edward Stephen Kozlosky 
Ha Nhu Le 
ChangShuoh Lee 
Michael Quentin Lee 
Frank YaoChiun Lin 
David Charles MacEnany 
Kevin D. Mibbelink 
Wilfredo Valentin Perez 
James Hunter Reinhart 
Gary Thomas Roan 
Jose Manuel Santiago 
Maiming Shen 
Zachary Scott Stern 
Midori Tanino 
George John Theodorakos 
Carlos Ricardo Valverde 
Russell Meil VanAllen 
Theodore Vlachos 
Stanley Bruce Wernek 
Qiang Xu 
ShihDon Yeh 
Paul Daniel Young 
Wenli Yu 

Engineering Materials: 

Michael W. Gust 
Barry L. Hammond 


Hartmut Gunter Doebel 
Pamela Benette King 
Craig David Lamison 
Ruth Stanly Salvaggio 

Family and Community 

Shirley Hortensia Eason 
Mary K. Hargadon 
Jonathan Jay Kandell 
Margaret Theresa Lawrence 
Jodi Lynn Leatherman 
Daphne Monica Pinnock 

Food, nutrition, and 
Institution Administration: 

tSancy Carswell 
Soon-Seon Kim 
Phyllis Brooks McCarron 
Pamela Ruth Pehrsson 
Jody Siegel 
Martha Jean Stubbs 

Food Science: 

Maritza Jugo 
John Charles Mowbray 
Deanna Lynne Murphy 
Virginia Nail Scott 
Barry Allen Traband 
Sunee Trofa 


Pamela Bright Barnard 
Todd Michael Burke 
Randolph Jerome Faux 
John Joseph Fitzgerald 
Ramachandran Suresh 


Stephen Parker Dubik 
Ignacio J. Espinosa 
James Finnesey Harbage 
Jon Tranell Lindstrom 
Steven Fredric Patterson 
Hui Shih 

Environmental Sciences: 

Forest Delbert Arnold 
Penelope Davis Dalton 
Christine Nanine Hall 
Stephen James Howie 
Warren Edward Johnson 
Danielle Therese Lucid 
Anthony Steven Pait 

Mechanical Engineering: 

James Newton Adkins 111 
Anil Ranvirsagar Agrawal 

36 December Masters 

DarZen Chen 
Ying-Fa Chen 
Bhavdeep S. Chhabra 
William Flather Davidson 
Elizabeth (Jpson Finlayson 
Jose Alejandro 

Harry Joseph Hoffman 
Arcady Peter Iwaskiw 
Arthur Leslie Kenney 111 
Rashid Khan 
Hanseok Ko 
Shih Lee 
Wei-Chu Li 

Robert Craig McSavaney 
Diane Lostoski MIynarczyk 
Gary Ervin Mosier 
Bryan Joseph Pellagrin 
Shahrzad Pourreza 
Paul Hardy Powell 
Gorur R. Ravi 
Walter Kellner Rickert, Jr. 
Brian Alexander Solo 
Quang Tien Tran 
Kenneth Wong 
Susan Sungok Yang 
Chun Sing Yuen 
Jing Zheng 


David Thomas Bolvin 
Brian Stephen Gockel 
Eugene Joseph Kratz 
Valerie Jean Thompson 


Marian Schutz Elsasser 

Nuclear Engineering: 

Angela Michelle Munno 
Katharine Kaiser Stroube 
George Edward Wendal, Jr. 

nutritional Sciences: 

Claudia Elaine Danner 
Monique Therese Osborne 
Suzanne Marie Rosch 


Frank Joseph Felnland 
Alexander Bruce Filuk 
William George Gazeley 
Robert David Grober 
Timothy Hampsch 

Keng Min Low 
Peter William Maymon 
James Anthony Miller 
Richard Joseph Orazi 
Steven Brian Rivers 
Andrew Cairnes Russ 
Sunny S. Weiskop 

Poultry Science: 

John Timothy Allen 
Beth Anne Davison 
Robert Roderick Gabel 
James Barton Reed 


John Patrick Chin 
ShiaoMei Chen 
Kathryn Jean Conroy 
Janet Royanne Garkey 
Karen Jean Harris 
Deborah Linn Kennedy 
Yusuf Ulcay 
rSaiyu Wang 
E. Louise Wehrle 


Dawn Marie 

Susan Elizabeth Brust 
Linda Gail Byrd 
Mark A. Coggiano 
Michael Eugene Gross 
John Joseph Heisler 
Susan Eleanor Lenk 
Martha Susan Nizinski 
James Henry Sniezek, Jr. 
Joseph Lee Staton 
George Alexander Steer 
Joyce Tung 

Master of Education 

Counseling and Personnel 

Lily Chen 
Roberta L. Cohen 
Valerie Rose Gladu 
Sharon Bloom Hankin 
Marsha Ann MasonSowell 
Loretta Drewes Quinting 
Ruth S. Rice 
Susan Wiant 

Curriculum and Instruction: 

Dale Edward Boger 
Eric Douglas Ebersole 
rSancy Ann Falconer 
Judy Taylor Garrett 
Jill Terese Heim 
Carol Elaine Ikeda 
Jungsook Cho Kim 
Beth M. Land 
Patricia Margaret Lang 
Deborah J. Menke 
Robert Wayne Miller 
Leslie Carol Roper 
Ellen Olinger Shaheen 
Mary Ellen Verona 
Linda Marie Vinson 
Helen Jean Webster 

Education Policy, Planning, 
and Administration: 

Pamela Frances Barr Curry 
Annette Ehrlich Lakein 
Marsha Malitz 
Nancy Gretz Sebring 

Human Development: 

Jeffrey Alfred Schaler 
Mary Teresa Schenning 
Karen Renee Thatcher 
Janice Ann Wallace 

Industrial- Technological- 
Occupational Education: 

Gwendolyn Joann Faulkner 
Edward Kobus, Jr. 

Special Education: 

Kathy Marie BoyerShick 
Rebecca Royal Glasson 
Gloria Ellen 


Master of Business 

Business and Management: 

John Kenneth Bacci 
Jean Marie Bickmeyer 
Billy Shelton Bradley 
Katharine Anne Burke 
Kookbum Char 
Debra Lynn Cooper 
Dean William Coulopoulos 

Carl Drafts Donigian 
Carol Maurice Foster 
Alicia M. Frederic-Kuhl 
Luis Fernando Gamarra 
Jay Richard Gordon 
William George Grosskopf 
Kyu-Hyun Hahn 
Kenneth Delos Hall. Jr. 
Jane Marie Holtz 
Karl K. Y. Hu 
Joe Jenkins 
A. Steven Johnson 
Stacey Fisk Kean 
Meenoo Kohli 
Thomas Y. Kurihara 
Mark Louis Loepere 
Brian Parmer Maury 
DeeAnn Gibson McAllister 
Ronald T. McDade 
Carolyn Virginia Merek 
Charles Anthony O'Carroll, 

Duane Hershey Rosenberg 
Mary Eileen Schiller 
Randal Ben Scholl 
Peter S. Stern 
Jeffrey Eugene Strandberg 
Michael Dale Sweat 
Laurence Jay Weiss 
John Joseph Zingaro 

Master of Music 


Ken Owen Boulton 
Barbara S. Colton 
Nora S. Gibson 
Matthew Greynolds 
Mark Emerson Hite 
Julia Ann Larson 
Bruce Kevin McClurg 
Kathleen Marie McGhee 
L. Johanna Pfund 
Linda Jane Simonson 
Carolyn Elise True 

Master of Library 

Library and Information 

Jane E. Ashwill 

December Masters 37 

Debra Lynn Atkins 
Gwendolyn Evering Baker 
Sarah Price Beach 
Regina M. Bell 
Renee Eickhoff 
Lauren Marie Brosnihan 
Chia Chun Chu 
Mary Rose Conway 
Elizabeth Gamble Corwin 
Mary Ann Coyle 
Sarah Elizabeth Crest 
Cary Beth Cryor 
David Balkam Dickinson 
Karen Ann Dull 
Frederick C. Dyson, Jr. 
Judith Daphne Ewings 
Tonya Stretch Fawcett 
Georgette Harris 
Pamela Smith Harvey 
Leslie Earl Hawkins 
Christopher Hale Hays 
Betty J. Hoofnagle 
Leah Kayser 

Nushiravan Keihanizadeh 
Bertus Lee 
Chung-Jung Lee 
Tai-Ying Lee 
Susan Marie Lowe 
Patrice Ann Moore 
Yikyong Kim Park 
William Anthony Peniston 
Karyn Lee Pomerantz 
Amy Susan Puryear 
Nancy S. Quental 
Christine Theresa Rudolf 
Howard Sanner 
Lynne Miller Scheib 
Linda Mary Schwartz 
Martin Joel Schwartz 
Brenda Lynn Seago 
Sally Adam Shipp 
Madia S. Shuman 
Marcella L. Siemienski 
Lisa Ann Snyder 
Paul Solomon 
Mark Allen Stockett 
Wanda Lee Stokes 
Janet Lyn Strickland 
Patricia Ann Sullivan 
Cheryl Jones Telford 

Dian Speed Thomas 
Thomas Munson Weaver 
Martha Anne Daniels 

Ming Kan Wong 

Master of Fine Arts 

Ester Linger Clark 
Louise Ann Zubak 

Master of Architecture 

Deborah Lynn Auten 
Harry Burrell 
James Martin Cush 
Melanie E. Hennigan 
Mark Dennis Hughes 
James B. King 
George Thomas Myers 
Donna Angela Summers 

Parker David Pennington 
Lourdes Victoria Reynafarje 
Norman Kefauver Smith 
Simon H. Williams 
Fernardo Albaro 


Master of Public 

Paul Leonard Albert 
Marcia Catherine Carroll 
Mitchell Reagan Coffey 
Susan Punnett 
Elizabeth N. Taylor 

Master of Public 

David Lewis Aiken 
Anthony Frank Fazio 
L. Arthur Woodruff, Jr. 


Master's Level: 

Karen Renee Thatcher 
Jodi Lynn Leatherman 





^■5#3^\ V >. 

^1 'i'^^'' ■ y^^ 

38 December Masters/Graduate Certificates 

College of Agriculture 

Bachelor of Science 

Agricultural Chemistry: 

Jody Lynn Coleman 
Dawson Monett Wood, Jr. 

Agricultural Engineering: 

Mir Vahid Roghani 
John P. Welsh 

Agricultural and Extension 

Virginia Clarice Apodaca 

Brenda Sue Collins 

Agricultural and Resource 

EITayeb Ahmed Ei Dagany 
Madani Maki Tall 

Agronomy-Crop Science: 

Olayinka Abiola Williams 
(2nd Major: General 

Peter J. Goeden 

William Bryan Skaradek 

Mary Ann Spiro 

Animal Sciences: 

Deborah Lynn Eckard 
Michele Vrooman Haskins 
Lori Ann Howeils 
Mark William McDonald 
Thomas George McGuckian 
* Jonathan Mevitt 
Ivan Alfred Ross 
Clara Jo Smith 
Laura Ann Thorsell 

Food Science: 

Thomas Seyliard Hammack 
Philip John Lavin 
David Verne Lishness 

General Agriculture: 

t Calvin Lee Bowling, Jr. 
Stephen Whitney Isaacson 
Dorothy Ighama Ogbemudia 


Lilian Valero Abeni 
Deirdre Mary Armstrong 
Robert Harold Bors 
Cynthia Lee Burton 
Kathi Kilminster Grimes 
t Rose L. Haldemann 
Deborah L. Kelsey 
Mary Susan Knight 
Clark John Lare, Jr. 
Vincent Paul Lunetta 
Kenneth Edward Margolius 
Cindy L. McCubbin 
Miloofar McKinney 
Brian John McMahon 
William Douglas Minner 
Patricia Mary O'Brien 
Kevin Gatling Potts 
James John Stone 
Patrick Michael Waldt 
Timothy Martin Zick 

natural Resources 

Robin Elizabeth Davitt 
William Scott Dotson 
Gina Leigh Gore 
Michael Daniel Imbierowicz 
Marcia Sue Karth 
Joseph Daniel Kelly 
Steven Thomas Magoon 
Charles Raymond McEleney 
Walter Franklin Tysinger, 

Stephen David Young 

School of Architecture 

Bachelor of Science 

Said Salim AIMukhtar 
Catherine Purple Cherry 
Sany Y. Choe 
Tod David Elzinga 
Darren Patrick Gibbs 
Kenneth Wesley Halfen 
Shahram Jarrahi 
Dongsik Lee 
Suzanne Avery Patton 
Peter Albert Stubb 

College of Arts and 

Bachelor of Arts 

American Studies: 

Mary Eliane Theriault 

Art History: 

Elizabeth Starr Bernheisel 
Barbara Ina Bowen 
' Terry A. Reiland 
Jessie Moser Ward 

Art Studio: 

Rauzia Rhuana Ally 
Anne Kelly Boyer 
Gary Lee Gustafson 
Betty H. Klebe 
Ali Nematollahy 
Mary Lorraine O'Meill 
Kathleen Naoko Oshiro 
Linnea Mae Peterson 
Preston William Sampson 
Jewell W. Soar 
Celia Hawes Thiele 


Robert Powers Butler 
Karen Eva Entzian 
Vicki Renee Finn 
Carol Denise Mishler 

East Asian Languages and 

Arlen Lyie Busch 
John Albert Gardner 
Anthony Joseph Grey 
Leslie Lih-Wen Tseng 
Jeannie Chui Wong 

English Language and 

Philip Bordeaux Aragon 
Teresa Anne Armstrong 
Andrea Jodi Barr 
Colleen Anne Basaman 
Wendy Beth Berman 
John Daniel Brandon 
Mary Beth Brewer 
Crystal Rochelle Brumme 
Gregory David Burton 

§ Summa cum Laude; t Magna cum Laude; * cum Laude 

Rednor Paul Coombs 

John Peter Cosola 

Stephen Michael Cranford 

Laura Anna Curtin 

Lisa Claire Dwyer 

Thalia Kathleen Funt 

Andrea Claire Gabossy 

Vivianne R. Geary 

Julie Christine Granata 

Kenneth John Harris 

Teresa Ann Harris 

Anne Mackall Hubbard 

Keith Hudson 

Bonita Gayle Jackson 

Paula Naomi Johnson 

Jonathan Bruce Kimball 

Robert B. Libys 

Timothy William Liegey 

William Boyd Looney II 

Christopher Scott Loprete 

Alexander J. May 

Jennifer Anne McGhee 

Deven Claire McGraw 

Leah Marie Norris 

Michael Olmert, Jr. 

Melinda Ann Palleija 

Maite Pestana 

Patricia Ann Petrosino 

Donna Merrie Pincus 

Karen Suzan Powell 

Elise L. Rabin 
* Carolyn Joyce Receveur 

Lianne Robinson 

Lavetta Scott 

Lisa Jamie Silverstein 

Catherine Stephanie Siskos 

Beverly Ann Turk 
t Amy Katherine Wakefield 
(2nd Major: Linguistics) 

Ronald Allen Walker 

Andrea Leigh White 

Christopher Alan Winters 

Marisa Joann Wolff 

James Anthony Wu 

Sarina L. Zaiman 

French Language and 

Charles Andrew Contois 
Elena Perez Andrade 
Leigh Ann Perret 
Evelyne Dominique Pillet 

December Bachelors 39 

* Yvonne Sabban 
Vassiliki Ino Tsamadou 
Maria Emilia C. Zapata 
(2nd Major: Spanish) 

Germanic Language and 

' Carol E. Babylon 

Maria R. Boccia 

Jocelyn Kay Burr 
t Kate Hammerstein 

Kira Schuiz 

Carol Ann Scibek 

Kiley Danielle Stricter 


Shawn deAnne Bachtler 
Belinda June Boyd 
David Lowell Bunn 
Rosanna Cardinale 
Brendan Francis Cassidy 
Rebecca Brooke Cawood 
Vladimir Yeugene Chechik 
Michael William Devine 
Oliver Walls Dove 
Joseph Philip Gannon, Jr. 
Peter Chase Halvorson 
Henry William Katz 
John James Robert Litwalk 
Robert Louis M. Lorenzo 
Joseph Scott Michael 
Kelly McClure Miller 
Timothy Charles Mullin 
James R. Osborn III 
Michael Ezra Rubin 
Doris Jane Vocum Schulten 
Paul Eric Silbermann 
Patricia Marie Starun 
Christine Elizabeth Vaughan 
Melvin A. Winkelmann II 
Robert Henry Wooldridge, 


Abigail Ziff 


Daniel Morgan Reynolds 
Joseph Robert Russo 
Anna Frances Scherr 


Thomas Scott Campbell 
Elizabeth Maren Hutson 
Robert Alan Yeager 

40 December Bachelors 

Radio, Television and Film: 

Brian Alexander Allen 
Patty Ann Allis 
Lynn Frances Baily 
Marc Wallace Barclay 
Gregory Scott Barrett 
Jacqueline Edith Bielski 
Cordell Andrew Black, Jr. 
Shane Ignatius Bogan 
Charles Barrick Brewer, Jr. 
Lesly Michele Brown 
J. Kevin Brubaker 
Nancy Marie Buchanan 
Nina Elizabeth Buchanan 
Corinne Antoinette Celebre 
Kevin Linnel Chamberlain 
Barri Lee Chattman 
Josefina Rapiz Clemente 
Steven Barlow Cross 
M. Shannon Davenport 
Jonathan Fitzgerald 

Mark Vincent Farinas 
William Der Fong, Jr. 
Peter Joseph Frank 
Thomas Mark Franklin 
Andrea Leigh Glasby 
Rhoda Marie Hiland 
Christopher Paul Johnson 
Glenda Michelle Johnson 
James Allen Kadonoff 
Joseph Douglas Klein 
John William Koch 
Annette Julia Larkin 
* Marco Anthony Leonard! ill 
Denise Renee Marcinski 
Steven Michael Markowitz 
Kathryn Lee McDonald 
Monique Rebecca Milner 
Tammy Elizabeth Mitchell 
Karen Lee Myers 
John Michael Ogaitis 
F. Randi Paris 
Basil Brown Parlett 
Angela Veronica Perry 
Anthony Paul Pilone 
Jacqueline Gabrielle 

Mark William Reid 
Gina Elizabeth Roberts 
Paige Anne Sherman 
Ian Paul Sinclair 

Roma L. Slobodian 
Joanne Auleen Steele 
John Kevin Sterling 
Mark David Tabor 
Donald Bruce Tolep 
James Warrenell Watters 
Melissa Beth Weinberg 
Dorothy Ann Weintraub 
Pattiann Wendel 
Lisa Renee Youngblood 
Joy Allison Zucker 

Russian Area Studies: 

Christine Angela Bucher 

Russian Language and 

Michael George Crowley 
Courtney Ann Kirby 
Terri Ann Kondos 

Spanish Language and 

Annette Ayala 

Silvia Valeria Baiiales 

Beatriz Eugenia Cantero 

Juana Luisa Davila-Gonzalez 

Alvina Maria Long 

Linda Lee Peyton 

Sepideh Raffioltolieh Sanjar 

Jose A. Ward 

Speech Communication: 

Susan J. Concannon 
Thomas Aquinas Costello 
Rebecca Eileen Devlin 
Annette Clare Duplinsky 
Peter Jay Goldschmidt 
Andrea Nancy Grossman 
Averi Melanie Livingston 
David Bryan Loeb 
Susan Anne Meyer 
Elise F. Millner 
Morris Missry 
Linda J. O'Brien 
Michael Bradley Paskoff 
(2nd Major: English) 


Timothy James Alfin 
Marie-Therese Donahue 
Tonya Marie Fogarty 
John Timothy Kennedy 
Eric Peterson Stewart 

Bachelor of Music 


Michael Kent Ely 
Christian R. Izzi 
Karen Anne Kendall 
Timothy Jon Sarris 

Bachelor of Science 

Advertising Design: 

Sylvie Abecassis 
Carolyn Marrie Abell 
Clare Anne Betz 
Bruce Henry Campbell 
Donald Craig Carver 
John Baptist Cinotti 
George H. Clemes III 
Hector Luis Coronado 
Jacques Francis Coughlin 
Patrick Arthur D'Atri 
Lorrie Ann Dzergoski 
Jane Christine Fair 
John Robert Fields 
Monica Mary Gannon 
Mary Patricia Gavigan 
Bengie Mitchell Glassband 
Shirley Sexton Jacobson 
Amy Ruth Leonardi 
Anthony P. Long 
Beth E. Mayhew 
Suzanne Elaine Modlin 
James Joseph Olivarri 
Mia Park 

Denise Rene Pearson 
Christian J. Ruch 
Debra Lea Sachs 
Barbara Ellen Stearn 
David Lane Stonehouse 
Mary Edwards Swesnik 
Anastasia Trey 
Faith Valerie Van Lunen 
Lisa Kimberly Willis 
Marcy Lynne Woolridge 

Interior Design: 

Teresa Ann Bailer 
Stacey Lynn Ford 
Luther Perry Geisler III 
Maureen Marie Kearns 

§ Summa cum Laude; t Magna cum Laude; * cum Laude 

Janice Grace Labre 
Alan Leslie McDonald 
* Terry A. Reiland 
Angela Marea Rose 
Robin Lynn Shweky 
Robin Lisa Sobel 

College of Behavioral 
and Social Sciences 

Bachelor of Arts 

Afro-American Studies: 

Robin McCra Turpin 


Kathleen Dorothy Doherty 
Rosanna Patricia Farrell 
Kevin Bruce Jones 
James Russell Kirchner 
Marie Catherine Preusse 

Criminal Justice: 

Errol Ozkan Birch 
Kerry Maura Boyle 
Lorelei Diane Carrara 
David Wesley Clayton 
Samanda Carmen Soares 

Anthony Francis D'Ambrosi 
Manuel Theodore 

Joseph Anthony DeMichele 
William Anthony Ferchak 
Erin Gilland Roby 
Brian Patrick Gough 
Susan Kay Hardisty 
John Hamlin Kane 
Geoffrey McClure Johnson 
Richard Lawrence Kane 
Minor Gibson Knight 
Terry Lee Love 
Ram Mahanand 
Slade Shannon McCalip 
Kevin Joseph Moran 
Donna Lynn Frye Ritchey 
Stefanie Linn Samler 
George Peter Sarkos, Jr. 
Regina Marie Schmidt 
John Raymond Seaton 
David Earle Smith 
Donald Dale Walters 
Kenneth Reid Warren 

§ Summa cum Laude; t Ma 

Phillip James Welcome 
Michael David West 
Robert Wilkins 


David Allen Alston, Jr. 
Kimberly Sue Apperson 
Victor Jeffrey Bean 
Robert Allen Burch, Jr. 
Brian James Callen 
Michael Edward Colton 
Richard Lee Corrigan. Jr. 
Robert Dell'Erba 
Mary Roberta Dougherty 
Sharon Renee Dunn 
Troy Allen Evans 
Steven Robert Hoppe 
Tressa Lynn Husfelt 

(2nd Major: Sociology) 
Wheknown Reinette Jasper 
Jamie Ann Karvellas 
James Lawrence Keilson 
Howard Allen Klarman 
Jane Lisa Kushner 
Susanne McElroy 
Tamara Ann Michael 
Paul Andrew Millstein 
Pamela Gail Myers 
Brenda Andrea Orona 
Diane Taylor O'Sullivan 
John Lacey Phillips 
Wilbert Lee Plummer 
* Michael Francis Tommey 
Barry Allan Woodbrey, Jr. 


Michael W. Adams 
Todd Alan Anderson 
Michael John Baldwin 
Jean Elizabeth Baron 
Christopher Reid Barr 
Shailey Malinkant Bhatt 
Lawrence Jay Biegel 
Jordan Stephen Brand 
Michael Eli Busada 
Hamilton Radford Byerly 
David Wayne Cassidy 
Michael Frederick Celeste 
Michael Francis Cerrito 
Nicholas Jay Cibel 
Joseph Edward Clevenger 111 
Russell Ian Cohn 
Tracy Ann Concaugh 

gna cum Laude; * cum Laude 

Christopher Michael Cook 
Christopher Michael 

Bradley Lynn Cottrill 
Rita Elizabeth Curtis 
Christopher Bruce Dale 
Sergio Bernabe Delgado 
Bernetta V. Draper 
Andrew Scott Dunn 
Matthew Craig Emery 
Vincent Rafael Enche 
Mark Rogers Fangmeyer 
Carter Phillip Ferrington 
Max R. Fischer 
Shawn Christopher Fookes 
Kenneth James Eraser 
Colleen O'Donnell Frost 
Joseph T. Gatewood 
Robert Alan Gifford 
James Vincent Gilder 
Stephen Cary Graham 
Trudy Ann Graves 
Roger Winston Hall 
Gary Joseph Haydon 
Charles Gerard Hiep 
Charles David Hoffman 
Darla Marenda Howard 
Jodi Ann Johansson 
Kosa Kaotira 
Ellen Anne Kassoff 
Jamie Hugh Kindler 
Jeffrey Alan Koch 
James J. Krehely 
Charles John Kunda 
Kwei Chung Kwok 
Henry Lawrence Lavery IV 
Angela Denise Lilly 
Hui-Ching Faye Lin 
Lilly Ann Linton 
Harry Charles Loftus 111 
Melanie Patrice Long 
James Joseph Lucas 
Carlos Jesus Lugo Ibarra 
James Dennis Lumpkins 
Allen Earl Macey 
Daoud Malikyar 
Christopher Lewis Maus 
Keiran Travis Mays 
Brian Alan McDevitt 
Michael Francis McMahon 
Frank Stephan Mielenz 
Eric Joaquin Miller 

Patrick Joseph Moriarty 
Mark Francis Mullenhoff 
Jeffrey Martin Melson 
Carlos Elias Obando 
Andrew Morris O'Regan 
Shin Jae Park 
John Mitchell Parlier 
Gemma T. Patricio 
Andrew Mark Pincus 
Karen Ann Quinlan 
Mario Alonso Ramirez 
John Patrick Rauch 
Christopher Thomas 

Robin Cara Reed 
Oscar Andres Rizo-Patron 
Meal Zachary Sampson 
Angelo Marcus Sands 
Lori Ann SanGiacomo 
Raymond Ernest Schellinger 
James Thomas Schneck 
Raymond Clayton Seitz 
Emad Sharghi 
Walter Chester Sierotko, Jr. 
Anthony James Skinner 
Brian Jacob Smoot 
Spyros D. Stavrakas 
Henry Wade Stonesifer, Jr. 
Jonna McArtor Strong 
Michael David Tashea 
Constance Renee Thomas 
Marie Theresa Thompson 
Edward John GIm 
Sandra Magarita Vaca 

(2nd Major: Government 

and Politics) 
Jocelyn Salud Villongco 
Matthew Martin Walter 
Mary Margaret Webster 
* Gretchen Cope Weinbach 
Cassandra Dorothea Wilson 
Ellen Denise Wilson 
Mora Maria Witgenstein 
Yvette Wooten 
A. Belinda Wright 
Paul Gregory Zubulake 

Government and Politics: 

Yeganeh Aminelahi 
Brian James Angel 
Stephen Douglas Arnold 
Patrick Austin Ball 

December Bachelors 41 

Karen Elaine Bellis 
Bryan Bellefroid Bernard 
John Stewart Bradish 
Edward Bruce Brown. Jr. 

t Paul Andrew Brown 

t Brian Kevin Charles 
William Vance Clark 
Bryan Rollins Corsini 
Paula Ann Dailey 
James Andrew Day 
James Donald Dement 
Noble Jackson Dhue III 
Jason P. Fine 
Barry Adam Flax 
Brian Edward Frambes 
Todd Martin Godbout 

(2nd Major: Economics) 
Rachel Hilary Goldberg 
Alan Jay Goldenberg 
Evelyn Edith Gorin 
Christian Frederick 

Melanie Jean Gurkin 
Alan F. Gurock 
Richard Joseph Harnedy 
Natalie Hidalgo 
Gail L. Holt 

Antigone Eugenia Juvelis 
Michael Joseph Kettering, 

* Mildren Joyce Kim 
Frank Alan Kirsh 
Catherine LeMerdy 
Lynda PuiLing Lee 
Alvina Maria Long 

§ Michael Ernest Lorenzen 
Melody Kasana Matthews 
Kerry John McElwain 
Christopher P. Meese 
Ginger Y. Miller 
Thomas Edward Mitchell 
Eileen Katherine Mylett 
Angeline Nicholas 
Kathryn Anne Nordness 
David Lewis Pacione 
John Hamilton Parsons 
Michael Wayne Pearson 
Dalia Maritza Quihones 

§ Mary Katherine Reinburg 
David John Riordon 
Raul Antonio Rivera 

42 December Bachelors 

Amanda Armstrong 

Scott Sherwood 
Michael John Spade 
Debra Jean Sparling 
Lisa Joe Speelman 
Tracey Ann Spigai 
James Earl Spiro, Jr. 
Dana Michelle Taylor 

* Richard J. Thometz 
Darci Marie Troese 
Jane Lee Troxell 
Margarita Caridad Valdes 
Michael Joseph Viqueira 
Lisa F. Western 

Harold Richard Williamson 
Amanda I. Wolf 
Eric Luke Wong 

* Thomas Craig Woodrow 
Thomas Nelson Yeager 
Bennett Edmond Zinman 

Hearing and Speech 

Silvia Maria Alfaro 
Loree Chrysinda Cobb 
Leigh Ann Kirchner 
Kathleen Marie O'Haver 
Elizabeth J. Page 
Gary Alan Troia 
Deborah Lee Winnicki 

Law Enforcement: 

Paul Gattie Ansaldi 
Patrick Gabriel Green, Jr. 
Grant Robert McDaniel 
John Finn Norman, Jr. 
Douglas Patrick O'Clery 
Robert Garfield O'Leary 
James Davis Walker, Jr. 


' James Brian Byrnes 
Paula Christine Carmi 
Caroline Anne Chiazze 
Jean Jiwon Choe 
Edward Charles Constantine 
Jill Marie Davies 
Leigh Duncan 
John Simmons Fanning 
Margaret Ann Flaherty 
Timonthy Wayne Flora 

Benjamin Seth Fox 
Kristina Lynn Frederick 
Jennifer Anne Georgion 
Sahra Civia Ginsburg 
Eric Scott Gorinson 
Anne Charlotte Harvey 
Melanie McQuade Hevener 
Timothy Ho 
Carol Ann Humphrey 
Deborah Jeannette Johnson 
Caria Marie Kasun 
Jeane Ann Kennedy 
James Brooke Kessler 
* Avis Levy King 

Michael Thomas Koenig 
David Michael Levin 
Bruce Cameron Marshall 
Megan Church McGill 
James Joseph Mertz 
Margaret Muraine Meyer 
Raymond Fulton Meyer, Jr. 
Catherine Teresa Moore 
Karen Danielle Paterson 
Wendy Jane Royalty 
Mark W. Ruddock 
Elizabeth Lynne Segal 
Robert David Shaub 
Maureen Hilary Sporn 

(2nd Major: Criminal 

Heidi Elyse Sturman 
Irene Victoria Turner 
Anna Louise Verschoore 
Harrison Kennedy Walker, Jr. 
Thomas Gibson Wood 


Susan Marie Bauter 
Jenniffer Ann Boede 
Katherine H. Cowley 
Andrew Joseph Egber 
Leslie Jay Genner 
Gayle Elizabeth Greenhow 

(2nd Major: Criminology) 
Barbara Ann Hill 
Charles Henry Hoover III 
Christina Mary Hurst 
Paula Marie Keenan 
Ian Scott Kessler 
Mary Ann Lee 
Abby Sue Lenkin 
Susan Elizabeth Lynch 

Aaron Eugene McMahon 
Sara Sadak Menase 
Maureen L. MuUin 
' Matthew Francis Raeder 
Julie Lyn Savage 
Amy Monica Schiller 
Randy Sue Wase 
Summer Dawn Whitener 
Joseph Roy Wolowitz 

Urban Studies: 

Frederick Thomas Bada 
Carl J. Beyma 
Jeffrey Scott Dawson 
Juan Carlos Dequara 
Ruth Lynn Friedman 
Christopher Robert 

William Michael Jameson 
Steven Thomas Magoon 
Ingrid Raquel Mendez 
t Jennifer Dana Pratt 
Barbara Ann Sullivan 
Richard Lee Walker 
James Anthony West 
Ann Wilhite Wharton 
Kim Lorena Zook 

Bachelor of Science 


Carol Lee Bloom 
Paul Michael Cardone 
t David Michael Danko 
Juan Carlos Deguara 
Allan J. Dix 
Grover Bache Gill 111 
Teresa Noel Goad 
Vivian Brewington Hayes 
Lisan M. Lyau 
Ernest Vincent Monti 
William Jacob Press 
Joel Edward Seabright 
Adam Bennett Smith 
Martin Patrick Staughton 
Robert William Von Moss 

Information Systems 

Sirena King Cheung 


Matthew Alan Anderson 

§ Sumnna cum Laude: t Magna cum Laude; * cum Laude 

Leila Annette Bakry 
Tondeleyo Lang Dale 

§ Sharon Lynn Epstein 
Scott Kennedy Fairhurst 
Leslie Morgan George 
Konstantinos Karavasilis 
Daniel Rogers Kirchhoff 
John William Lewis 
Jami S. Lingle 
Darren William Maria 
Lisa Gail Meyers 
Duk Ki Min 
Cheryl Ann Pressley 

t Andrew Daniel Shore 
Stacy Eileen Sidle 
Steven Richard Sugarman 
Chaploon Yee 

College of Business and 

Bachelor of Science 


Noyan Dinjer Aktug 
Patricia Ann Allen 
Laura Louise Baker 

(2nd Major: Finance) 
Marie Angela Balluff 
Jennifer J. Belmont 
Ronnit Martine Berman 
Enid Paulette Bertolini 
Laura Diane Bright 
Carol Lynn Buchanan 
H. Jonathan Cahan 
Alan Blaine Carbaugh 
Christopher John Cherry 
* William Bryant Cobb 
Michael Allen Gumming 
Jay Scott Cunningham 
Suzanne Robin Cupp 
Cynthia Ann D'Alessio 
Alvin Keith Dan 
t Patricia Eunice De Young 
John Michael DelGreco 
Andrea Susan Dellamura 
Michael Patrick Donnellan 
Richard Eugene Donnelly, 

James Edward Driscoll 
Kevin Mark Dugas 
Robert Joseph Dunn 

Gregory Eck 
Raul Antonio Figueras 
Joe Gunter Former 
Karen Sue Friedman 
Cheryl Lurlene QIadmon 
Michael William Grady 
Michael Steven Greene 
Ted Leonard Gross 
t Sharon Lynn Grossman 
Randolph Doye Hackett 
Elsie M. Hackman 
Michael Edwin Hart 
Eric Lee Hawley 
Joseph Michael Heiss 
Therese Christine Hessler 
Robert John Hinz 

* Mary Margaret Hoffman 
§ Elizabeth Hope 

Scott Kitt Hyman 
Jennifer Lynn Judkins 
t Jill Elizabeth Justice 
Kam Wa Kai 
Michele Denise Kaplan 
Shirley Jean Kelley 
t Emma Jean KennedyArney 
Richard S. Khalil 
Leeanne Kyongyi Kim 
Martin Bruce King 
Charles Christopher Kirk, Jr. 

(2nd Major: Finance) 
Michael Carl Knotts 
Elias David LaChina 
Dean Gordon Larit 
John Eric Lindstrom 

(2nd Major: General 

Hang Anh Luu 

* Jyothi Malur 

Michael Francis McMahon 
Susan Whitney Goldberger 

Mitchell Ari Metzman 
John Jaan Mikk 
Raymond Andre Miller 
Thomas Gregory Miller 
Micholas David Mirabile 
Marcia Yolanda Naranjo 
Keith Newman 
§ Patrick Kevin Noga 
Michael Scott Oler 
Paul Papagjika 
Wayne Edmon Patterson 

§ Summa cum Laude; t Magna cum Laude; * cum Laude 

Lisa Jean Prosser 
Daniel Roy Sandstrom 
Shawn Adair Sinclair 
Richard Devon Sommers 
D'Andrea Van Kimberly 

Marc Todd Steele 
Tobi Dina Stern 
Elizabeth Louise Tafoya 
Robert Charles Tarleton 
Marc Douglas Thomas 

(2nd Major: Finance) 
Susan Jean Tom 
Joseph Eric Vinson 
Michael Louis Wajsgras 
Susan Elaine Webb 
Robert Henry Wehland, Jr. 
Connie Rene Whitaker 
t Sara Judy Wiley 
Tamara Wodarczyk 
Billy S. T. Wong 
Francis Xavier Woods 
Hari Jeevan Babu 

Richard John Zurcher, Jr. 
Eric Marc Zwerling 


Douglas Mark Amann 
Susan Lewis Baker 
Michael Shawn Barrett 
Gregory Eugene Becker 
John Wells Blandford 
t Mary Elizabeth Bond 
Laura Angela Boughter 
David Anthony Brougher 
Thomas F. Buck 
Michael Robert Chacos 

(2nd Major: Finance) 
Christopher Brian Chattin 
Bryan Jeffrey Chilton 
Norman Cohen 
James Dearien Condry, Jr. 
Michael J. Conger, Jr. 
Paul Fitzgerald Cooney 
Christine Ann Creswell 

(2nd Major: Finance) 
Scott Douglas Crown 
Giuseppi Antonio Decinti 
Ronald Anthony de Feo 
Michael Louis De Grace 
Denise Anne DeJarnette 
Daniel William Demmer 

John David DeSantis 
Kevin Christopher Devlin 
Debra Ann Doherty 
Lawrence Michael Epstein 
Robert Greg Ettlin 
Antonio D. Evans 
Essex Eugene Finney ill 
Thomas James Foster 
* Leslie Catherine Genung 
Catherine Eve Gomezplata 
Eric Josef Gotsch 
Maria Rita Granata 
Michael Steven Greene 
Randolph Doye Hackett 
John Henry Hagegeorge 
William Daniel Hall, Jr. 
Miriam Yvette Harper 
James Edward Harvey, Jr. 
Karin Hannah Hayden 
Steven Claire Hinckley 
' James Michael Huber 

(2nd Major: Mariteting) 
§ Laura A. Hugus 
Bruce Earl Jaccard 
Glenn F. Jaggard 
Linda K. Kilby 
David Scott Klarman 
Eric David Korvin 
Elias David LaChina 
Mu Song Lee 
Angelika Romana Leimer 
Cara Beth Levinson 
James Edward Lewis 
Mark Steven Licsko 
Rimas Tomas Liogys 
Barbara Ann Lutz 
Kevin Willis Lynch 

(2nd Major: Economics) 
Gael Michael Mahoney 
Sandra Maiek 
Reymundo Tizon Martinez 
§ Daniel David Mayo 
§ Linda Diane Moskov 
John Murray 
Nikhil Ramesh Nayak 

(2nd Major: Economics) 
Misao Oldfield 
John William Pflugrad 
Daniel Sean Phelan 

(2nd Major: Management 

Science and Statistics) 
Alton Pride, Jr. 

December Bachelors 43 

Timothy Joseph Quinlan 
Dalia Maritza Quihones 
Michael Charles Radvansky 
Jeffrey Todd Raines 
Steven Thomas Randolph 
James Gordon Reilly 
Lawrence Fredrick Riemer 
Lawrence Michael 

Robert Sibley Schwenger, 

§ Faryar Shirzad 

Joesph Charles Smith III 
Augustine John Smyth 
Deborah Ellen Stanton 

(2nd Major: Economics) 
Chor Pheng Tay 
Marsha Elizabeth Turner 
William Scott Van Lowe 
Regina Beanca Warong 
Chester Patchen White III 
Eleanor Dorothy Zappone 

(2nd Major: Economics) 
Carol Diane Zuckerman 
David Gabriel Zuckerman 

General Business 
A dm in is tra tion : 

Joan Frances Allen 
Katreah Tamar Bey 

* Joanne Susan Bloom 
Sally Ann Bourgeois 
Anna Marie Bufo 
Eva Cervenka 
Myles Douglas Crew 
Joseph John DiNatale, Jr. 

* Wayne Andrew Diehl 
Kimberly Ann Doyle 
Carl Douglas Dreskler 
John Brian Fitzgerald 

(2nd Major: Economics) 
William Andrew Foard 
Gregg Derrell Freese 
Placido Sebastiano Freni 
David Carl Gromen 
Jeffrey John Hibbs 
Robert Ernest Keen 
Kenneth Gerard Keller 
Martin Gerard Kelly 
t Laurence Jay Laskin 
Karen Ursula Lindo 
Laura Jane Lippy 

Lisa Jean Magruder 
Charles Stanley Mays 
William Francis McGarry 
rSorman Aloysius Norris III 
. David Guy Pellegrino 
William Robert Richards, Jr. 
Lee Michele Rosenthal 
Steven Charles Siska 
Cheryl Lynette Skewis 
Karen Lynn Smithwick 
Deborah Rachel Snyder 
David Gary Stahley 
Charles Edward Webster 
Scott Christopher 

Matalie Zabavsky 
James Zafiropulos 

Management Science and 

Christos Bettios 
Brandi Victoria Chaffin 
Elizabeth Ann Cruz 
Christopher Steven 

* Anne Pellicciotto 

Jennifer Sue Horine 

(2nd Major: Accounting) 
Kenneth Scott Lew 
Hwa Jung Liu 
Herbert Christopher Malone 

Donald Foster Miller 
Paul Francis Summers III 
Chee Yeong Teng 
Keith Anthony Vallacchi 
Dennis Edwin Webb 


' Bruce Marc Arbit 
Carl Joseph Armbruster 
Michelle Diane Austin 
Patrick James Bellor 
Joel Craig Binder 
Alan Paul Bronfein 
Christopher Ronald Brown 
Kimberlee Renee Brown 
John Vincent Bruno, Jr. 
Thomas Michael Burke 
Deborah Lynn Busada 
Troy Glenn Butler 

Andrew Steven Cabana 
Matthew James Casciano 
Jon Mason Coakley 
Brian Joseph Collins 
Carmen Margaret Delgado 
Jeanette Carol Dolan 
Carol Ann Dowd 
Nancy Joy Drobnis 
Yvonne Dunn 
Moeiz Eliassian 
Paul Andrew Erskine 
Dennis Thomas Facius 

(2nd Major: 

Kevin Terrence Fitzpatrick 
Jennifer Ann Foster 
Andrew Neil Friedheim 

* Robert Dale Fulcher 
Maribel Garrido 

(2nd Major: Accounting) 
Dionyssia F. Garyfalou 
Patricia Ann Glaze 
Michele Goller 
Dana Lynn Gorsuch 
Robin Lee Griffin 
Cheryl Lynn Groff 
Patricia Darlene Guenthner 
Joseph George Habeeb 
Mary Joyce Haley 
Daniel R. Harrington 
Stephen James Hennessey 
Robert Michael Hodak 
Nancy Ann Hourigan 
Donald Kenneth Hughes, Jr. 
Carl Lowell James 
Joseph William Janssens 111 
Susan Lydia Jess 
Theresa Lynn Jett 
Pamela Johanning 
Christine Johnbrier 
Janet Teresa Joyce 
Kevin Adrian Kempel 
Shireen Khan 
Michael Burton Kline 

* Kimberly Ruth Koenig 
t Christine Lynn Kramer 

Jerold Allen Kraus 
Karen Lynn Kushner 
Jacqueline Marie Lagreca 
Linda J. Lizzio 
John Victor Long 

Alan Jay Lubash 
Silvia Margarita Maceyras 
James Istvan Maday 
Sanjna Malhotra 
§ Joan Marie Manno 
Theresa Anne Marstaller 
Crystal Dawn Matthews 
Jeffrey Daryl Matthews 
Sean Patrick McDonald 
Patricia Dyane Mercado 
Sheryl Turpie Muiioz 
Loretta Mary Murphy 
Thomas Michael Napoli 
Leon Charles Nickel 
Stephen Gerard Nowicki 

(2nd Major: Finance) 
Patricia Jean Petrone 
Theresa Ann Phillips 
Phyllis Joyce Pinto 
Michael Joseph Pipitone 
Mita Pradhan 
Nicole Marie Rausa 
Kent Gordon Rippey 
Denise Irene Rivoal 
Gene Patrick Roberts 
Jill Walton Robinson 

* Elliott Jon Root 

(2nd Major: Economics) 
Melissa E. Schatz 

* Marshall Mayer Shigon 
Brooke Michelle Sklar 
Kevin Brian Smigel 
Kenneth Ronald Smith 
Richard Thomas Stahovec 
David Alan Stout 

Robin Joy Strier 
Anthony Edward Sutherland 
Arzu Yasemin Tanman 
Barbara Nancy Trager 
Wendy Lynn Tumminello 
Dawn Lynn Van Voorhis 
Mark Joseph Villani 
Frances Elizabeth Woll 
Vicki Beth Zweig 

Personnel and Labor 

Foluke Abimbola Adesola 
Hedy Denise Blau 
Bernard Francis Breighner 

44 December Bachelors 

§ Summa cum Laude; f Magna cum Laude; * cum Laude 

Larry Arthur Brown 
Katherine Lien Dorton 
Mary Katherine Hafer 
Melanie Ann Hearn 
James William Henry 
Judith Lisa Kay 
Ian Scott Kessler 
Vicky Lynn Klenz 
Robin Lynn Murdock 
James Bradley Myers 
Henrietta Diane Morton 
Stephen Todd Orsino 

* Kathryn Marie Palmer 
Susan Everett Pumphrey 
Sheryl Lynn Serpas 
William Henry Sutton, Jr. 
Randy Sue Wase 

§ Denise Ann Yaag 

Production Management: 

Jerome Linkins 

(2nd Major: General 


Judi T. Chang 
Peter Greene Hart 

(2nd Major: Finance) 
Peter Hunter Kristiansen 
Pamela Ann Mooney 
t Dennis Andrew Murphy 
Patricia Ruth ISimmons 
June Marie Quackenbush 
Stanley Alan Rubinstein 
Michael Wallace Sheppard 
Gary Charles Trupo 
Barry Howard Woolfson 
Irene Xeron 

(2nd Major: Economics) 
Laura Elizabeth Zeichner 

College of Computer, 
Mathematical and 
Physical Sciences 

Bachelor of Science 


Christopher Stephen Koch 

Computer Science: 

§ Laurette Marie Aberasturi 
Jerry Andre Anderson 

Jeanne Marie Arcaro 
Mohammad Ali Arvaneh 
Christopher Lawrence 

David William Baker 
Lawrence Adam Baker 
Karen Sue Beal 
Gail Elise Beckman 
Robert Lionel Beliveau 
Eric Weldon Bell 
Vicki J. Birchfield 
Stephanie A. Bird 
Gracie Borzoo 
Barbara Anne Brown 
Mark Lee Burton 

§ Denny Ding Bong Chan 

t HsiungFei Chen 
Judy TzuYing Cheng 
Ravinn Chhut 
Chun Lam Cho 
Chang Sik Choe 
Mi A. Choi 
Myong Hui Chon 
Joshua Mingkuang Chow 
George Burns Clark 

t Lawrence H. Compton 
Patricia Ann Devine 
John Peter DiLorenzo 
Patrick John Downing 

* Joelle Rene Dreher 
Constance J. Eppich 
James Mack Folsom, Jr. 
Mark William Ford 
Michelle Christine Francis 
Jovlyn George Eraser 
Donna Marie Gladhill 
Robert Ernest Gladhill 
Peter Christian Gough 
Michael Allen Grant 

§ Paul Tadashi Greenberg 
LaVern Denise Greenfield 
Sun Kyung Hahn 
Carolyn Anne Haiber 
Sung Chun Han 
Mark William Hickey 
Kim Hanh Dinh Hoang 
Michael Robert Hund 
Patsy Ann Hurst 
John Martin Jacobs 
Seung Eun Jeong 
Suk Yong Kang 

Davor Kapelina 
Lorry Ann Kaskaske 
Jon Broughton Kasner. Jr. 
Mancy Bauernschmidt 

Manesseh Joel Katz 

t Seth Benjamin Katz 
Anita Marie Klalo 
Rajendra R. Kulkarni 
Mary Michaeleen Kurt 
Diane Joy Lambird 
Barbara Ann Lane 
Laureen Lee Laughlin 

§ David Joel Lawrence 
Huyen Bich Le 
Mark Allen Leaphart 

* Chun Tak Lee 
Mei-Chiun Lee 
Scott Dennis Loughrey 
Reza Maghsadi 
Richard Gregory Marlow 
Kenneth David Martin 
Michael James Martin 
Mathew Eapen Mathai 
Efstathios Mavrotheris 
Rene Guillermo Miranda 
Kenneth H. Naing 
Frederick Alfred Majmy, Jr. 
Mina Lenora Mewby 
Manh-Hien Ngo 
Hai Phuoc Mguyen 
Tam Thu Nguyen 
Thanh Duy Nguyen 
Maria Gay Nuskievicz 
Sherreen Lynette Ogletree 
Mary Russell Oleson 
Hyon H. Park 
Kenneth Clay Porter 
Mildred Alexandra Prieto 
Ralph G. Puga 
Christine Marie Rafferty 
Madelyn Wendy Rail 
Manthripragada Padmaja 

David Lyie Rehbehn 
David Charles Ritchie 
Manpreet Kaur Riyait 
Jeffrey Michael Robinson 
Paul William Robinson 

§ Renee Lillian Rochester 
Milissa Elizabeth Rok 

Nabil Jamil Saah 
David Brian Sabotka 
Yiman Fadia Salim 
Mark Randolph Schutt 
George Cameron Sellner 
Charles John Shaw 
Todd Steven Shope 
Jagdeep Singh 

(2nd Major: Economics) 
Eric Dasie Smith III 
Vivian Maria Smith 
Sheila Ann Snyder 
Gloria Hsueh-Wen Soong 
Robert Benson Spears 
Richard Alan Starbuck 
Winny I. Sun 
Martin Bruce Swank 
Peter Leslie Toth 
Dung Toan Trinh 
Faramarz Vahdatshoar 
Wayne Clarence Valentine 
John Robert Vanderpool 
Hung Vo 

Henry H. Walbesser III 
Shih-Lun Wang 
Michael Aquinas Waters 
§ Donna Marie West 
Larry Allen Will, Jr. 
Andrew Austin Wood 
ChinChiu Wu 
Jason Kyong-Min Yi 
Sandy Sungjoo Yi 
Sung Kun You 
Elizabeth Susan Zachariah 
Marc David ZIotnikoff 


Stephen Jay Cohen 
Dana Maurice D'Aria 
* Katherine Lynne Davis 
George David Hecht 
Mark Ian Jirgal 
David Karl Miller 
Diana Miriam Obler 
Judith Faith Owens 
George Alexander Sauer 


Grace Shan-Shan Cheng 
Constance Lynn Dutton 
Penny Lolita Foster 

§ Summa cum Laude; t Magna cum Laude; * cum Laude 

December Bachelors 45 

Susan Anne Groves 

Paul Robert Harris 

Son Kim Huynh 

Jeffrey James Jorgensen 

Eric Gordon Kirksey 

Thao Mong Le 

Paul Daniel Loftus 

Elleni Letta 

Mitchell C. Murphy 

Joelle Ohayon 

Anthony William Rogers 

Kimberly Torres Salins 
t Carole Ann Salter 

Gary Stephen Sapperstein 

Anil Kumar Sharma 

Angela Mary Sigmund 

Carl Austin Snyder 

Dominik Thomas (Jznanski 
t Leroy Anthony Woods 

Physical Sciences: 

Mary Lynn Balash 
Eugene Joseph Barrett 
Martin William Gerich 
David F. Jones 
Terrence Carroll Roop 
William Blair Thurmond, Jr. 
Richard Guy Tobasco 


Sakun Jason Jung 
Andrew Robert Korb 
John Richard Lee 
§ Kanwal Gurbax Singh 

College of Education 

Bachelor of Arts 

Art Education: 

Angela White Harker 
Penny S. G. Jacoby 
Lisa Emilie Kahn 
Louise Dupre Runion 
Rebecca Ann Sullivan 

English Education: 

Angela Denise Johnson 

Foreign Language Education: 

Margaret Ellen Burris 
Christina Irene Cammack 
Karen M. Pokoyk 

Library Science Education: 

Dwayne Francis Lindsay 

Social Studies Education: 

Rudolph William Bauss 
Philip George Herner 
Michael Philip Rosenthal 
Thomas Mead Saunders 

Speech Education: 

Colette Suzanne Owens 

Bachelor of Science 

Art Education: 

Elizabeth Louise Barillaro 
Kathleen Annette 

Marcy Sue Brightman 
Sheryl Anne Courtney 
Lee Anne LeDoyen 

Early Childhood Education: 

Susanne Britton Angle 
Melanie Lynn Disney 
Marjory Denise Godbout 
Maureen Christine McMahon 
Jeannette Eileen Rivenbark 
Karen Marie Toepfer 

Elementary Education: 

Jeanine Carey Arnsmeyer 
Christine Beverly Ball 
Ellen Debra Bangel 
Lori Jean Beasley 
Stacey Ann Beitel 
Margaret Mary Blacker 
Theresa Marie Bradburn 
Maria Christine Burgee 
Christine Marie Carson 
Nancy Dansky 
Gail Marie DelGreco 
Catherine Rhett Dooley 
Rebecca Pierce Eldredge 
Sarah Ann Fitzgerald 
Joan Yvonne Friend 
Michele Susan Garfinkle 
Steven Michael Hirsch 
Rolesa Ruth Holman 

Patrice Marie Howard 
Leanna Kay Jeo 
Tammy Beth Lawrence 
Frances Levenstein 
Steven James Lewis 
Mary Elizabeth Linder 
Colleen Mary McAskiU 
Julia Anne McDonald 
Megan Jean McGann 
Timothy Alan Montgomery 
Marcella Ruth Murphy 
Jill Ellen Nicholas 
Lynda Marie Nossick 
Lisa Michelle Rozman 
Evangeline Chris Samaras 
Lori Rose Sclar 
Tamera Addenbrook Sherr 
Alane Wendy Spaulding 
Trudie Ann Toussaint 
Susan Elizabeth Valentine 
MariaLourdes de Dios 

Terry Lee Volmer 
Sharon L. Walker 
Barbara Ann Wilhelm 
Linda Rae Wittig 

General Business Education: 

Betty Baldwin Barney 

Home Economics Education: 

t Sarah Woolley Beacom 

Industrial Technology 

Lawrence Joseph Brauch 
Mitchell Louis Coccia 
Steven Patrick Daly 
Kenneth Alan Delaney 
Bruce David Griffin 
Sean Patrick Harmon 
Barry Lee Howard 
Gregory Paul Hughes 
Robert Paul Lamolinara 
Aaron Joseph Lewis 
Christina Marie Lofaro 
Jill Ann Massal 
John H. Michel 
Philip Loring Paquin, Jr. 
David Stuart Purcell 
Carl A. Tucker 
Charles Christian Veres 

Mark J. Williams 
Linda Suzanne Zubeck 

Mathematics Education: 

Mary Ann Sodano 

Music Education: 

Thomas Alan Young 

Science Education: 

David Elliot Boyarsky 
Janice Louise Doherty 
Lisa Louise Harrison 
John William Leader 
Sahfeyah Ezzat Talaat 
Robert Tucci 

Secretarial Education: 

Ruth R. Cramer 

Social Studies Education: 

Robert Carl Ahlstrom 
Virginia Lee Cooper 
Joseph Patrick DuBoyce 

College of Engineering 

Bachelor of Science in 
Aerospace Engineering 

Timothy Adam Andryszak 
Carlos Alberto Ariza 
William Joseph Briggs 
David Edward Canter 
Randolph Kemper Cline 
Michael Joseph Colony 
Donald Glenn Cuppett 
Robert Evan Edgin 
Steven Edmund Euerle 
Michael Alfred Fallavollita 
Debra Rae Friedrick 
Kevin Robert Gillen 
Aaditya Goswami 
Herbert Stephen Graham 
Anis Hanif 
Daniel Evan Hanson 
Brian Thomas Hawks 
Alexander Lee Holder 
Paul George Kahl, Jr. 
Shahid Mushtaq Khan 
Kenneth Lawrence Kueny 
Antonio Santiago Llanos 
James Frank Mullen 
Amy Leigh Murphy 

46 December Bachelors 

§ Sunnma cunn Laude; t Magna cum Laude; * cum Laude 

William Thomas Newbill 
Lisa Jane Pfanneschlag 
William Robert Sauerwald 
Ingrid Ann Schweers 
Nicholas Edward Seidel 
Mylene Dale Sluyter 
Clayton Arthur Smith 
Simon Peter Howard Smith 
Vicki J. van Duyl 
Kathleen Claire Walsh 
Reginald Guy Williams 
Donald Stuart Young 

Bachelor of Science in 
Agricultural Engineering 

Andrew Lewis McCrackin 
Brett Loren Morris 
Ward Landis Oberholtzer 
William Paul Seiger 

Bachelor of Science in 
Chemical Engineering 

* Yvonne Lynette Althouse 
Wilmer Scott Du Bree III 
Jacqueline Taylor Kelly 
Brian Kenneth Littleton 
Long Xuan Ngo 
Terri Alayne Towers 
Trieu The Truong 
John Michael West 

Bachelor of Science in 
Civil Engineering 

Lois Feldman Bayless 
Andrew Michael Cary 
Joel Vincent Caudill 
YouWel Chang 
Aaron Zachary Chanowitz 
Brian Paul Considine 
Florentine Manuel Gregorio 
Gerhard Michael Groeger 
Jay Donald Hergenroeder 
Kirk Francis Hobson-Garcia 
Edward Reginald Hood 
Lynne Kathryn Hooker 
Timothy Luke Kassir 
Russell Edward Marsh 
Michael Barrett McNeil 
Mehrdad Naderimoshaei 
Stephen Keith Nolan 
Gerald Anthony Placek 

Egidio Rossano 
David Edward Schuster 
Ann Marie Semeniuk 
David John Sulerzyski 
Jerome Edward Tolodziecki 
Donald Joseph Weaver 
James Morrison Wilson III 

Bachelor of Science in 
Electrical Engineering 

Shahryar Arvin 
Stephen Andrew Asch 
Marwan Issa Bannourah 
Michael Eric Barbaza 
Richard Baldwin Barclay 
Jonathan James Barrow 
* John David Bartusek 
Charles G. Benevento 
David Robin Bergstein 
Eytan Meir Berman 
Gary Maynard Boardley. Jr. 
Tammy Marie Borkowski 
John Daniel Brandon 
Thomas Michael Buchanan 
Dung Quang Bui 
Mary Elizabeth Bulkley 
Matthew James Butcher 
Lisa Johanna Ceder 
Kwan Y. Cheung 
Chun Lam Cho 
Yong Kwan Choi 
Peter Chivan Chu 
Russell Alan Davidson 
Walter Edward Davis, Jr. 
Joseph Michael Dedrick 
Roberto Sapanhila de 

Swati Desai 

Diogenes Fune Dichoso 
Gabriele Else Distler 
Deborah Grace Dohmeier 
William George Doyen 
Paula Sue DuFour 
Janet Lynn Edghill 
John Martin Edwards 
Bryan Anthony Fafaul 
Ernest Brian Falcone 
Robert Dale Flickner 
David A. Friese 
Leon Kelven Fuller 
John Thomson Fusting 

Gregg Henry Gabrilska 
Christina Eleni Georgatsos 
Theodore William Gordon 
Joseph John Gorski 
Dean Gregory Goutos 
Mark Allan Graves 
Robert Anthony Graziano 
Daniel Mark Hall 
Samuel Edward Hawkins ill 
Jennifer Lynn Helton 
Robert Carroll Herr 
Susan Bell Hewins 
Scott Allen Hilterbrick 
Charles Anthony Jewett 
Jeffrey James Johnson 
Min Jung 

William David Kafig 
Michael Scott Ketchem 
All Reza Khairghadam 
Dheeraj Khera 
Katherine Colleen Kissh 
Eric John Kominski 
So Lung Kong 
Jeffrey Arnold Krause 
Michael Joseph Kreft 
Hoshik Kwon 
Phi B. Lam 
Phuong Nhat Lam 
Quyen Quang Le 
Thao Mong Le 
Fong Kuen Lee 
James Charles Lee 
Elleni Letta 

Lawrence Owen Liberman 
Zong-Ci Liu 
John Edward Lloyd 
Paul Ashby Loomis 111 
Margaret Mary Lord 
Christine Louise Lounsbury 
Brian Patrick Ludden 
Michael Karl Lukas 
Rodney William Lustan 
Canh Ly 
SzeChung Mak 
William Micah Markowitz 
David Louis Mazzoni 
Donald John McGettigan 
Susan Eckhart McNeil 
Theresa Victoria Meath 
Gary Seth Meyers 
Hamed Saghatchi 

§ Summa cum Laude; t Magna cum Laude; * cum Laude 

§ Kevin Thomas Moore 

t Amy Pauline Morrison 
Lisa Gail Morton 
Douglas B. Newman 

t Diep Thuy Ngo 
Nina Ngo 

Camvan Thi Nguyen 
Oanhtho Thi Nguyen 

(2ncl Major: Mathematics) 
Jeffrey Robert Nickel 
Songthareth S. Omkar 
Eugene Gerard Paolino 
Kenneth David Parrish 
Rajen Lallubhai Patel 
William Todd Patton 
William Hanley Payne, Jr. 
George Joseph Pelikan 
George Charles Petts 
Hien Minh Phan 
Lee John Phelps 
Michael Polgreen 
Carol Ann Politi 
William Myers Powell 
Samuel Alexander 

Victor Viesturs Ratermanis 
Vanessa Dawn Reed 
Michael Joseph Rekus 
George Raymond Ritmiller 

John Charles Rodgers 
Heidi Maria Rothstein 
Pete Roumeliotis 
Angela Maria Rumi 
Stephen Matthew Sacker 

* Carole Ann Salter 
Frederick Ngosi Samuels 
Kevin Lee Sands 
Hasan Erdal Sarper 
Lauren Susan Schaake 
Yvonne Shapard Schaefer 
Michael Brian Schneider 
Carolina Schwegler 
David Brenise Sears 
Khaled Shami 
Payam F. Sharif! 
George Shawki Shiblie 
Franklin Carroll Smith 

t Lawrence Brian Speckler 
Brenda Page Sperbeck 
Joseph Bronislaw Szczesny 

December Bachelors 47 

Ali Reza Tabassi 

(2nd Major: Mathematics) 
Vikrant Tannan 
Jonathan Mckay Terrell 
Dan That Ton 
Vincent Lee Tong 
John Rogers Touart 
Thien Fuong Tran 
Anthony Y. Tse 
Thanh Mgoc Van 
J. Timothy Van Sant 
David Reid Via 
Kenneth Louis Vidmar 
Charles Matthias Vorsteg 
Karen Leslie Watkins 
Robert David Weed 
Jeffrey Scott Weir 
David Michael Welch 
John Alan Wells 
John Melville Wille 
Randall Scott Winchester 
Thomas Kleiner Winkert 
Estefanos Woldemariam 
Brian Keith Wright 
Chen Zhou 

Bachelor of Science in Fire 
Protection Engineering 

William Charles Aceto 
David Watson Clark 
Edward Abbott Connell III 
William F. Coutts 
John August Denhardt 
David Theodore Edelmann 
Robert Russell Haney 
Ivan Jay Humberson 
Kenneth Edward Isman 
Keith Hamilton Powell 
Glen Saraduke 
Charles Lester Shew, Jr. 
Michael B. Stevens 
Sarah Elizabeth Strasser 
Robert John Tabet 
Robert Louis Vettori 
Frank Michael Zakowski 

Bachelor of Science in 
Mechanical Engineering 

Anuphot Bamrungtrakun 
48 December Bachelors 

Thomas Jay Bodine 
Michael Andrew Brantley 

* Byron Todd Brezina 
James Robert Brown 

* James Lee Brun 

• Terri Lynn Burinsky 
Dennis A. Campbell 
Michael Mutsumi Canaday 
Kevin Cavanaugh 
Stephen Choi 
Brian Edward Coker 
Elizabeth Catherine Cooke 
Richard Joseph Cronin 
Kenneth Robert Crowley 
§ Robert Wesley Cutlip 
Gregory Lee Daily 
Richard T. DeFelice 
Bernice Dill 

Michael Walter Enderlein 
John Warren Fairbanks, Jr. 
Warren Keith Foster 
Kenneth Brodie Frank 

* John Peter Fuchs 
Mark Benjamin Goble 
Gregory Michael Guthrie 
Thomas Patrick Hamill. Jr. 

§ Robin Elizabeth Hamilton 
Charles Hillary Harris 
Mark Edward Hooker 
Daniel Cory Hudson 
Suk B. Kang 
James Nicholas Kiladis 
Ronald Lynn Kimble 
Michael Ross Kistler 
Gary Paul LaFontaine, Jr. 
Paul Lafayette Lanthier, Jr. 
Keith Alan Latham 
Roger Christopher Link 
John Charles Lugmayer 
Wallace Bennet Lum 
Joseph Frederick Mackes 
Modisana Z. Malepe 
John Francis Meier 
Mark MacFalls Miller 

* Louis Nicholis Molino 
Ramona Ohri 

William Bernard Owings 
Edward Arthur Packard 
Richard Edgar Pearcy 
Robert Glenn Peranich 
Anthony Thomas Pezza. Jr. 
John Thomas Phillips 

Reynaldo Jose Quintana 
Robert Neil Renner 
Jeffrey Scott Robertson 
Joseph Gerald Roche 
Douglas Scott Rowand 
Matthew Paul Sadowski 
Marcelo De Zito Salles 
Christopher Paul Sanford 
John Joseph Schreiber, Jr. 
Robert Louis Schwartz 
Kevin John Seicke 
Penny Campbell Simpson 
Richard Guy Skinner, Jr. 
John Douglas Smith 
Rene Largoza Sorra 
t Cheryl Lynn Sullins 
Richard Larry Summers 
Jasper Allen Swim 
Colin S. Taitt 
Arman Tanman 
Christopher John Tinto 
Brian Lee Tussing 
Norman Lee Van Rensselaer 
Gary Wechsler 
Michael Craig Whitman 
John Theodore Wigand 
John Ronald Williams 
Scott Gillian Wolfe 
John Michael Yancone 

Bachelor of Science 

Undesignated Major: 

Marie Anne Danner 
David J. Roseman 

College of 
Human Ecology 

Bachelor of Science 

Apparel Design: 

Emily Anne Hartman 
Julie Lynn Hendricks 

Community Nutrition: 
Franca Brossi 

Consumer Economics: 

Ann Margaret Akers 
Maureen Patricia Dillon 

Costume Design: 

Patrisha Davis-Wack 


Sharon R. Bernard 
Christine Lynn Calomeris 

" Mary Laurel Cutlip 
Rosemary Gonzalez 
Patricia Crowley Guay 
Tracey Ann Higgins 
Elizabeth Jean Saffran 

t Rhonda Stanerson Sebastian 

Family Studies: 

Patricia Ann Duchesne 
Jennifer L. Felman 
Darnese Renee Ferguson 
Virginia M. Harasti 
Susan Ellen Hart 
Tri Asraini Mamoer 
Diane Lee Markowitz 
Lois Ann Movshin 
Christine Anne Norris 
Joan Alice Odorow 
t Patricia Ann Smith 

Margaret Anne Lillis Sugar 
Gwyn A. Tash 
Leigh Anne Wratten 

Institution Administration: 

Brian James Beiter 
Andrea Mary Ciccone 
t Hai Yan Wu 

Management and Consumer 

Stephen Charles Brown 
* Kathryn Marie Centra 
Cynthia Marie Crosby 
Joan Javier Dickson 
Gayle Lynn Grass 
Donna Lynn Kaplan 
Karen Denise Pichney 
Ronna Shari Rosoff 

nutrition Research: 

Cynthia Marie Buckner 
Carol Virginia Cope 
Joanne Marie Germain 
David Lawrence Peritt 

Textile Marketing/Fashion 

Marilyn Ivy Berman 

§ Summa cum Laude; t Magna cum Laude; * cum Laude 

Jacqueline Marie Burgess 
Cynthia Marie Camus 
Mark Anthony Garrison 
Mataiia Maria Gouveia 
Sheryl Jacquelyn Greenberg 
Leslie Ann Harris 
Patricia A. Harvey 
Shara Anne Humphries 
Grace A. La Forgia 
Teresa Diane Lloyd 
Catherine Judith Manley 
Donna Jean McKenzie 
Despena Notara 
Lisa Beth Schnee 
Donna Keiko Tsunoda 
Pamela Renee Wong 
Sharon Ida Zemil 

Textile Science: 

Delisa Rose Flowers 
Troy A. Pepper 

College of Journalism 

Bachelor of Science 

Kimberley Shareese Adams 
Dirk Lee Allen 
Lise Ribeiro Alves 

* Elizabeth Allyn Ashton 
Alicia Michele Benjamin 
Robert Jonathan Bennett 
Karin Anne Berzins 

* Scott Andrew Betler 

(2nd Major: Economics) 
Daniel Joseph Beyer 
Sandra Marie Burt 
Diane Laura Callis 
Donald Louis Carter 
Alicia Helaine Chapman 
Constance Patricia Charles 
Christine Marie Chatham 
Lawrence Scott Chernack 
Jean Jiwon Choe 
Shari Jill Cohen 
ShyrI Ann Coker 

* Brian Lindsay Daly 
Robert Kevin Davisson 
Michael R. Donkis 
Munira Osman Egal 

t Christopher Scott Ender 
Hazel June Fox 
Mark Ira Ginsberg 

§ Summa cum Laude; 

Rachelle Goldstein 
Steven Adam Goldstein 
Gary Bernard Graves 
Jill Anne Gruber 
Alison Lee Hancock 
Elyse Faith Hartman 
Joanne Michele Hellebrand 
Michael Alan Herbert 
Bruce Alan Herzig 
Christiann Hoddinott 
Alfred Robert Hogan 
Kimberly Anne Hook 
Terry-Frances Jefferson 
Steven Henry Kalman 
Victoria Wen-Hwei Kao 
Karen R. Kartzman 
Stephen Roger Kay 
Beth Michelle Kemper 
Karen Ellen Kenner 
Vickie Lee Kite 
Vincent Eric Latchford 
Margot Levin 
Lisa Beth Lincoln 
Krista Linnae Lininger 
Mary E. Longa 
Teresa Jeanette Lyies 
Carol A. MacLeod 
Kelly O'Brien Maratta 
Andrew Steven Markowitz 
Deven Claire McGraw 
Marie Elena Mellis 
Renee Tina Mellis 
Kathryn Jean Mentall 
Nancy Yoshiko Miyahira 
Robert Joseph Mosier 
Marianna Murota 
Dan Franklin Moyes 
Scott Allen ODell 
Maryann Pafitis 
Esther Samayla Proctor 
Andrew Warren Reed 
Shyleen Robinson 
Eleanor Mary Sandler 
Betty Carol Scott 
Douglas Edward Sewell 
Maureen Louise Shields 
Dana Lynn Shimoda 
Cynthia Anne Shiner 
Laurie Ann Shuster 
Kristina Marie Siomkajlo 
Tracey Ann Smith 
Linda G. Soper 

Mary Ann Spiro 
Keith Robert St. Clair 
Andrew Jackson Steele, Jr. 
David Andrew Super 
Paige Duncan Swanson 
Jane Marie Talbert 
Cynthia Trudel Turner 
Michael Francis Wells 
Stacey Lashawn Williams 
Vanessa Elaine Williams 
Jacqueline Marie Wolny 
Montgomery Fitzgerald 

Lynne Patricia Woodfork 
Madelyn Irene Woods 
Valerie Katherine Wrona 
Amy Elizabeth Young 
Jamie Beth Young 

College of Life Sciences 
Bachelor of Science 


Paul Enique Ayarza 
Elisa Maria-Theresa 

Kim Marie Heilman 
Kathleen Laurel Imlay 
Robin Koo 

Kenneth Salvator Rotondi 
Kory Lynne Williams 


Marjorie Barrett Knowies 


Fatima Abugideiri 
Todd Stevens Beal 
Letitia Michelle Deas 
Quynh Hoang 
Robert Scott Lillard 
Vivian Monique McKoy 
Soon-Duk Park 
Samir Hussien Shaban 
Stephen Albert Simpson 
Donna Kaye Smith 
Paul Alan Stokley 
Brian Steven Weekley 
Natanael Wijaya 


Timothy David Zastrow 

t Magna cum Laude; * cum Laude 

General Biological Sciences: 

Robert John Danaher 
Todd Steven Eriandson 
Teresa Gertrude Felver 
Sandra Jean Frain 
Miguel Malheiro Garcia 
Steven Ira Glassband 
Diane Rosalie Juras 
Elizabeth Mary Linstrom 
Julie Ann Mergerian 
Roger Lewis Maylor 
Tamara Ann Pumphrey 
Lewis G. Rainone, Jr. 
* Helen Marie Shade 
William J. Skowronski 
Kenneth Anthony Songy, Jr. 
Annie Chem Tran 
Nga Thu Tran 


Clement Vincent Adams II 
Janet Rebecca Allen 
Michael Lynn Ault 
Christopher Coker 
Patricia Ann Conley 
Allan John Daniel 
Mae Lynn Deynes 
John Roderic Ellison 
Cheryl Susan Gardner 
Wayne Byron Hardy 
Wayne Karl Knoll, Jr. 
Ann Louise Levri 
Sherry Ann Lundholm 
Brenda Bernice Phillips 
Gregory Scott Phillips 
Steven John Tierney 


Peter C. Byrne 
§ Nancy Ellen Carl 

Mark Anthony Donaghy 
Wynelle S. Gibson 
Susan Ellen Izard 
Thomas Anthony Kolf 
John Joseph Oidtman 
Mario Alonso Ramirez 
Maria Teresa Riddlespurger 
Donald Avram Saroff 
Jean Margaret Schuerholz 
Sharlyn Ollette Turner 
Nimish Bhanu Vyas 

December Bachelors 49 

College of Physical 
Education, Recreation 
and Health 

Bachelor of Science 

Health Education: 

Sheila Lynn Hoeck 

Kinesiological Sciences: 

Laura A. Beal 
Victor Lee Bradford 
Ann Marie Buysse 
Tina Marie Carlisle 
Cathleen Susan Cramer 
Alfred Wayne Daniels 
Kathleen A. Donelan 
Daniel King Eilertsen 
Michele Patricia Fetter 
Mary E. Flynn 
Kellie Ann Foster 
Nelson Spalding Greene 

* Elisabeth Rood Hayes 
James Albert Kasoff 
Angela Elaine Lewis 
Christine Mary Lewis 
Julie Lynn Metzler 
Mark Dale Mundy 
Marianne Pechnik 
Edmund Francis Ryan 
Wendy Lynette Savage 
Cindy Anne Sellers 
Michelle Elaine Shuman 
Kirstin Disa Steinhart 
Kevin Francis Ghler 
Scott Rawlings Werber 

t Kim Mary Zubrinic 

Pfiysical Education: 

Catherine Teresa Cardillo 
Sharlene Linette Long 

* Mary Christine Morgan 
Brenda Barbara Perusse 
Eric Charles Stocky 


Valerie Ann Fitzpatrick 
Alicia Barrie McGuckian 
Peter Foster McGunigle 
Kelly Renee Schaeffer 
Kira Lee Sekulow 
Mancy Kay Wilkins 
Lisa Valentina Williams 
50 December Bachelors 

Mary Katharine 

Undergraduate Studies 

Bachelor of Arts 

Individual Studies: 

Mary Ellen Doherty 

Lisa Joan Finkle 

Daniel Brent Hyde Garrison 

Charles Andrew Hill 

Charles Frederick Stephen 

Kelly Jean Schoen 
Bryan Keith Whittington 

General Studies: 

Therese E. Abblett 
Steven Andrew Abramowitz 
Caria Rose Arban 
Christine Ann Bahner 
Carol Ann Baird 
Kenneth Craig Baron 
Audrey Anne Bartley 
Donald Jeffery Baxter 

t Christopher John Beattie 
Samuel Jay Bergman 
Kenneth D. Berkman 
Susan Anne Boehle 
Steven Edward Brecher 

* Laurianne Brickner 
Richard L. Brot 
Kathy Lynn Brown 
Diana Kay Burkhalter 
Michael Ledwith Burrey 
Ernest Rocco Cavallaro 

t Hilda Martha Chacon 
Edward Arthur Chapman 
Kyung H. Cho 
Bruce S. Chu 
Roy Terrence Chung 
Lisa Camille Claps 
Diane Wolman Cohen 
Michelle Nicole Countee 
Josette Elizabeth Creighton 
Alan Scott Culver 
Amy Joy Cutler 
Pamela Beall Davis 
Dorothea Nanette Dudek 
Kurt Matthew Dutton 
Thomas H. Eigelsbach 
James Allen Evans, Jr. 

Michelle Louise Fales 
Catalina Aparisi Ferrari 
Wesley Lane Fleming 
Howard Bruce Foer 
Martin Jerome Freeman 
Jordan Marc Friedman 
Bruce Joel Glazer 
David William Goodacre 
Leonard R. Gordon 
Stacie Eilene Gordon 
Jeffrey Scott Grado 
Christopher James Grant 
Jonathan Francis Harding 
Honore Dorie Hastings 
Jodi Sue Haught 
Jim Stephen Hawk 

* Marjorie Jill Heller 
Laura Janet Henderson 
Lisa Jane Henneman 
Julie Lyn Hennick 
Tracy A. Henshaw 
Gwen Maria Hirsch 
Marcia Lalyce Housen 

t Vera Anita Sellers Howse 
Allison Huyett 
Robin Lynn Isquith 
Marie Charlotte Nicolas 

Brinda Anne Johnson 
Glenn A. Katz 
Mindy Klein 
Jeffrey Scott Kornfeld 
Laura Jean Kurie 
Lauren Paige Landau 
Alan Lang 

Eunice Yun Kyong Lee 
Heh-Ja Joanne Lee 
Leslie Carol Levy 
Deborah L. Lewis 
Stanley B. Lindner 
Ann Madeleine Lipscomb 
Daniel Patrick Mangan 
Deborah Alicia Mantilla 
Marguerite Joan Mazzitti 
Thomas J. McDonough 
Lisanne Marie McElwee 
William Giles McGuire 
Bruce M. Mesner 
Eric Brian Mitchell 
Ruby Ann Moy 
Sandra Louise Mullenhoff 
Nancy Ann Murray 

Jeffrey Lee Nelson 
James Austin O'Brien 

§ John Henry O'Brien, Jr. 
Robert Werntz Ogle III 
Carlos Rafael Osorio 
Jennifer Lynn Parr 
David Scott Pasquito 
James M. Paxton 
Laura Elizabeth Penland 
Donna Marie Perrini 
Susan Hunt-Holly Peverley 
David Lloyd Pierce 
Hilary Ann Pierce 
Maureen Ann Raftery 
Jacques Benezet J. Read, 

Tracy Ann Reed 
Juliet Floreta Reeves 
Yehuda M. Rice 
John Francis Roberts 
Paul Joseph Roberts 
Brenda Rogovin 
Seth Andrew Rosen 
Gary Jay Rudden 
Barbara M. Sanchez 
Sandra Ellen Scher 
Heidi Schwartz 
Lynn Kirsten Schwartz 
Stewart J. Schwartz 
Phillip Nelsen Scott 
Frederick Glenn 
Mark S. Shapiro 
Mary Teresa Shaughnessy 
David Gk Shin 
Donald Thomas Snyder 
Young S. Song 
Lisa Margaret Steel 
Brian Scott Stuckelman 
Caren Janet Thaler 

* Douglas Jorge Thomas 
Peter Dustin Thomas 
Monique Lise Thompson 
Emma Jane Travis 
Douglas Frederick Trettin 
Elizabeth Anne Tygett 

t Catherine J. Virzi 
Susan Beth Wahrhaftig 
Elizabeth Anice Walker 
Lisa B. Walker 
Christine Marie Ward 
Pamela Mae Webster 

§ Summa cum Laude; t Magna cum Laude; * cum Laude 

* Deborah Michelle Weissman 
Rene James Wetherell 
Susan Deborah Woolf 
Thomas Henry Worpell 
Anthony James Wyvill 
Lorl Alyse Zucker 

Bachelor of Science 

Individual Studies: 

Mitchell Alan Aronson 
Michael Steven Catlett 
§ Theresa Ann Cunningham 
Maura Frances DeDominicis 
Allen Bradley McGuckian 
Ellen Beth Davidson St. 


Arlen Lyie Busch 


Second Lieutenants 
U.S. Air Force Reserves 

Edward Bruce Brown, Jr. 
Darren Patrick Gibbs 
Alexander Lee Holder 
Kenneth Lawrence Kueny 
Richard Edgar Pearcy 
Ingrid Ann Schweers 
Richard Guy Tobasco 

§ Summa cum Laude; f Magna cum Laude; * cum Laude 

December Bachelors/Certificates/Commissions 51 


Bachelor s degree candidates 
who have qualified for 
scholarship honors upon 
graduation are designated by 
appropriate symbols adjacent 
to their names within the 
alphabetical listings of 
colleges or schools. 

To be eligible for 
consideration for such honors 
a candidate must meet the 
following general criteria: 
(1) have completed at least 
two years of work at The 
University of Maryland (60 
semester hours, 30 of which 
were earned at the College 
Park Campus) and (2) have a 
scholastic average of B (grade 
point average of 3.000) or 
higher in University of 
Maryland work prior to the 
last semester of registration 
before award of degree. 

August and December 1986 
candidates who have met 
these criteria are shown in the 
listings as qualifying, upon 
graduation, for the 
designations Summa cum 
Laude (if they ranked in the 
top two percent of the 
candidates in their respective 
colleges or schools). 
Magna cum Laude (if in the 
next three percent), or cum 
Laude (if in the next five 
percent), based on the grade 
point averages of students in 
the preceding three 
graduating classes of their 
degree-granting unit. 

General Honors Program 

With General Honors 
William Earl Boyer*** 
Chee Sju Chia* * 
Mark E Chorvinsky* "* 
'Beth Michelle Kemper 
Gary Seth Meyers 
Rachel Teresa Sengers** 
Maureen Louise Shields 
Lawrence Brian Speckler 

Departmental Honors 

With High Honors in 
Government and Politics 
Ralph Roy Merritt** 
Thomas Craig Woodrow 

With Honors in Botany 
[Nicholas Brendan Duck** 

With Honors in Computer 

Marc Howard Levy** 

With Honors in Criminology 
Samuel E. Bramhall*** 

With Honors in Economics 
Charles Gerard Hiep 
Jonna McArtor Strong 
Gretchen Cope Weinbach 

With Honors in History 
Cathy Elvira Fox*** 

With Honors in Physics 
Kanwal Gurbax Singh 

With Honors in Psychology 
Sharon Lynn Epstein 
Susan Kathryn McCaa*** 

With Honors in Zoology 
Avrim Brett Fishkind*** 
Theodore Liana 111** 
Sangeeta Pati** 
Peter Aegan Tromba** 
Allen YatCheung Tsui** 

** Graduated May 27, 1986 
* * * Graduated August 25. 1986