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DECEMBER 2 l/ 1 9 9 



DECEMBER 2 1, 1990 





On behalf of the faculty and staff of the University of 
Maryland at College Park, I congratulate each of you on the 
successful completion of your studies, and I thank you for the 
many contributions you have made to this institution during 
your academic career here. 

Today, we endow each of you with our official seal of approval 
and certify that you are ready to assume the role of an 
educated member of the community. We have no doubt that 
every one of you is indeed ready for this challenge because we 
know it is impossible to complete four years — or more — 
of college without developing the responsibility, the skills 
and the motivation you will need for success in the 
professional world. 

Never before in history have students had to invest so much 
in a college education. Never before has such a large 
percentage of students taken up not only part-time but 
full-time employment to support an academic life. And never 
before has time management been such an absolute 
requirement for staying in college. You and your families can 
be very proud of the dedication and commitment you have 
demonstrated during these difficult years. 

We plan great things for this institution, and we intend to 
make you as proud of us as we are of you — so we hope you will 
stay in touch with your alma mater. It was a pleasure to have 
you with us during this important phase of our history — and 
your development. 

We wish each and every one of you the very best as you take 
your place in the long line of Maryland graduates who have 
enlightened, ennobled and enriched our community, our state, 
and our nation. 

^i^ ICaAMOaa^ 

William E. Kirwan 

Tawes Theatre 


9:30 a.m. 

Ira Berlin 


Remarks to the 

Dr. William E. Kirwan 



Ms. Roshanak Ameli-Tehrani 

College Park Campus 

Dr. Kirwan 



Theodore M. Guerrant 

Conferring of Doctoral, 
Master's and Bachelor's 

Musical Selection 

Dr. Kirwan 


by Rene Clausen 


The Reverend Elizabeth 

University Chorale 



Dr. Roger J. Folstrom 

Alma Mater 



Hail to thee, Maryland! 

The Reverend Elizabeth Platz 

Steadfast in loyalty; 

Lutheran Chaplain 

For thee, we stand, 

The National Anthem 

Led by Dr. Roger J. Folstrom 


Dr. Donald N. Langenberg 


The University of Maryland 


Mr. Roger Blunt 
Assistant Treasurer 
Board of Regents 

Love for the Black and Gold 
Deep in our hearts we hold, 
Singing thy praise forever, 
Throughout the land. 



Theodore M. Guerrant 


DECEMBER 21, 1990 


Following the Commencement Convocation, individual 
commencement exercises for colleges and schools will be held 
at several campus locations. Ceremonies are scheduled to 
begin at 11:30 a.m., 1:00 p.m. and 2:00 p.m.* Guests are urged 
to be seated approximately one half hour prior to the 
designated time for the ceremonies if they wish to observe the 
student and faculty procession. 

Graduates, their families and friends, are cordially invited and 
encouraged to join with university officials and members of 
the faculty at the reception to be held in the Grand Ballroom 
of the Stamp Student Union. 

Shuttle bus service is available providing free transportation 
across the campus throughout the day. 

Cole Student Activities Building 

1 1 :30 a.m. Behavioral and Social Sciences Commencement 
2:00 p.m. Business and Management Commencement 

Zoology-Psychology Building, Room 1240 

1 1:30 a.m. Library and Information Services Commencement 

Memorial Chapel 

1 1 :30 a.m. Agriculture and Life Sciences Commencement 
2:00 p.m. Computer, Mathematical and Physical Sciences 

Physical Education, Recreation and Health Building 

1 1 :30 a.m. Health and Human Performance Commencement 

Reckord Armory 

1 1 :30 a.m. Education Commencement 
2:00 p.m. Engineering Commencement 

Stamp Student Union - Colony Ballroom 

1 1 :30 a.m. General Studies Commencement 

Stamp Student Union - Hoff Theatre 

1 1 :30 a.m. Journalism Commencement 

Tawes Theatre 

9:30 a.m. Campus-wide Commencement Convocation 
1:00 p.m. Arts and Humanities Commencement 

•December 20, 1990. Memorial Chapel, 7:30 p.m. Human Ecology Coiiunencement 

The Campus 

College Park is the tenth largest university campus in the 
nation in enrollment. In Fall 1990, undergraduates num- 
bered 25,671 and graduate students 9,166 for a total en- 
rollment of 34,837. This year's College Park operating 
budget is more than $570 million, including financial aid for 
some 16,1 18 students. 

Students can choose from more than 1 20 undergraduate and 
85 graduate programs leading to degrees. In 1989-90, the 
campus awarded 5,605 bachelor's degrees, 1,277 master's 
degrees, and 469 doctorates. 


The University of Maryland was founded in 1807 in Bal- 
timore as a faculty-owned College of Medicine. Five years 
later, the growing institution was renamed the University of 
Maryland. The Baltimore College of Dental Surgery, the first 
dental school in America, became a part of the university in 
1840. Later, the university opened schools of pharmacy, law 
and nursing. 

In 1859, the Maryland Agricultural College, which would 
evolve into the College Park campus, was opened in Prince 
George's County under a charter secured in 1 856 by a group 
of Maryland planters. This institution became one of the 
nation's original land-grant schools in 1865. After a disas- 
trous fire on the campus in 1912, the state acquired control 
of the college and rebuilt it. 

In 1920, the state legislature joined College Park with the 
professional schools in Baltimore to form an expanded Uni- 
versity of Maryland. These schools were later grouped with 
the Baltimore County and Eastern Shore campuses and Uni- 
versity College. 

July 1, 1988 marked the dawn of a new era in higher educa- 
tion in the State of Maryland when a reorganization of the 
state's public universities and colleges mandated by the Mary- 
land legislature went into effect. As a result, the five cam- 
puses comprising the former University of Maryland were 
merged with six institutions governed by the Maryland 
Board of Trustees of State Universities and Colleges to form 
the new University of Maryland System. The law that cre- 
ated the new system designated College Park as the state's 
flagship institution. 


Charles B. Calvert was one of the founders of the Maryland 
Agricultural College which later became the University of 
Maryland. Deciding that commercially sold bricks were too 
expensive, he set up a kiln to produce his own, and on August 24. 
1858, he laid the cornerstone for the first building on the campus. 


The libraries at College Park constitute the largest university 
research library system in the Washington metropolitan area. 
The seven libraries support over 1 20 undergraduate and 85 
graduate programs, serve over 34,000 students and 2,500 fac- 
ulty, and provide vital resources to researchers, visiting schol- 
ars, businesses, and others throughout the region. The 
libraries holdings include more than 2 million volumes, 
22,526 subscriptions to periodicals, and more than 4 million 
items available in microfilm format. The College Park Librar- 
ies also offer several nationally and internationally recog- 
nized special collections such as the International Piano 
Archives at Maryland, the Gordon W. Prange Collection of 
Japanese-language publications, and the Katherine Anne 
Porter literary archive. 

Research Facilities 

College Park is the home of a variety of exceptional research 
facilities including a computer vision laboratory; a full-scale 
low velocity wind tunnel; a 500 liter computer-controlled 
fermentation system for research in bioprocess scale-up pro- 
grams; the Center for Automation Research; and a quiescent 
plasma device (Q machine) for plasma research. Such major 
facilities as the Engineering Research Center, the Systems 
Research Center, and the new Institutional Reform and the 
Informal Sector (IRIS) Center conduct research that is espe- 
cially significant to the state and nation. 

The Engineering Research Center is a major vehicle for ex- 
tending the technical and research expertise of the Univer- 
sity of Maryland to businesses and industries through 
Maryland. The center is both a catalyst for problem-solving 
and a clearinghouse for technical information resources. 

The Systems Research Center conducts research in systems 
engineering, artificial intelligence and computer-aided en- 
gineering. Supported by a $21 million National Science 
Foundation grant, the center operates in conjunction with a 
program at Harvard University and complements a nation- 
ally recognized campus program of basic and applied research 
in computer science. 

In November 1990, the Institutional Reform and the Infor- 
mal Sector (IRIS) Center, funded by a five-year, $8.9 million 
grant from the U.S. Agency for International Development, 

was established in the Department of Economics at College 
Park. TTie center's aim is to support institutional reforms that 
will foster competitive markets and democratic processes in 
Eastern Europe and developing countries. An additional $16.1 
million is expected to come from overseas USAID missions to 
support this project. 

In the 1990s, College Park will he the home of one of the 
nation's most important research facilities — the 1.7 million 
square-foot, $205 million Second National Archives Building. 
The building will house more than half the collection of the 
National Archives Records Administration, including some of 
the nation's most valuable historical documents, such as the 
entire State Department record, 1 1 million charts, maps and 
photos, and documents from World War II and the Vietnam 
War. The building is scheduled for completion by fall 1993. 

The proximity of the campus to national research institutions 
such as the National Institutes of Health, the Smithsonian 
Institution, the USDA Beltsville National Agricultural Re- 
search Center and National Agricultural Library, and the 
Library of Congress ensures that prime research facilities are 
always available to the university's faculty and students. 

University of Maryland at College Park Alumni 

Created July 1, 1989, the University of Maryland at College 
Park Alumni Association is designed to strengthen ties be- 
tween the university and its graduates and to foster support for 
the University of Maryland at College Park. All graduating 
seniors and successful master's and Ph.D. candidates receive a 
one-year free membership in the association. 

The Graduates 

Students graduating today from the University of Maryland at 
College Park follow in the footsteps of many notable alumni 
who have distinguished themselves in such fields as science, 
entertainment, arts, journalism, business, law, medicine, and 

As a graduate student in mathematics at College Park, Her- 
bert A. Hauptman (Ph.D. '54) worked simultaneously at the 
Naval Research Laboratory to devise a method for mapping 
three-dimensional structures of molecules. TTiree decades later 
he and Jerome Karle, his long-time collaborator at NRL, won 

This decorative, bull's eye window welcomes visitors to the Main Administration Building. 

^^^ A ^3 Q '-«app?> 

the 1985 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for their pioneering 
research. Dr. Hauptman was awarded an honorary Doctor of 
Science degree by the university in 1985. 

CBS News' Connie Chung ('69) worked on the Diamond- 
back, the university's student newspaper, and for WMUC, 
the campus radio station, during her student years. Another 
successful journalist who received his collegiate training at 
College Park is Pulitzer Prize-winning science writer Jon 
Franklin ('70). Franklin, who won two Pulitzer Prizes for his 
work as a Baltimore Evening Sun reporter, currently heads the 
journalism program at Oregon State University. 

One of the university's most devoted sons is A. James Clark 
('50), president of the George Hyman Construction Co. and 
president and chairman of CEI Construction Inc., the 
umbrella organization for engineering and construction com- 
panies that include OMNI and Hyman. A former member of 
the University's Board of Regents, in 1983 Clark made a 
major contribution to the College of Engineering that led to 
the establishment of the A.J. Clark Chair in Construction 
Engineering and Management. 

Other notable alumni include Carmen Balthrop ('71) a for- 
mer Metropolitan Opera star and currently assistant professor 
of music at College Park; George V. McGowan ('51), presi- 
dent of Baltimore Gas and Electric; Karl W. Meyer ('49), 
president of University of Wisconsin, Superior Campus; Rep. 
Tom McMillen ('74), Maryland's Fourth District Congress- 
man; Mary Stallings Coleman ('35), the first woman elected 
to the Supreme Court of Michigan; Fred O'Green ('49), 
retired Curator of Textiles, Smithsonian Institution; James R. 
Buckler ('70) current director of the Smithsonian's Office of 
Horticulture; Rep. Steny Hoyer ('63), Maryland's Fifth Dis- 
trict Congressman; Anne Truax Darlington, creator of "Wall 
Street Week" and current director of the International Pro- 
duction Group for the Maryland Center of Public Broadcast- 

ing; and Allen J. Krowe ('54), senior vice president and chief 
financial officer of Texaco. 

Academic Costume 

The black caps and gowns worn by the students and faculty in 
the academic procession have been the traditional costume of 
scholars since medieval times. They probably represent a kind 
of ecclesiastical dress, since many of the scholars of that period 
were members of monastic orders. 

Most colleges and universities in the United States have 
adopted the uniform code for costumes drafted by an inter- 
collegiate commission in 1983. Each of the three academic 
degrees — bachelor, master and doctor — has its own distinctive 
gown and hood. TTie bachelor's gown has a longer, more nar- 
row, closed sleeve extending below the knee; the arm fits 
through a slit at the elbow. The doctor's gown has a fiiU, bell- 
shaped sleeve trimmed with three bars of velvet. TTie velvet 
trim on the gown can be black or a color indicating the 
wearer's general field of learning — for example, green for medi- 
cine or purple for law. A list of department colors follows. 

The most colorful and distinctive part of the academic cos- 
tume is the hood extending down the back. The doctor's is the 
largest of the hoods and the bachelor's is the smallest. The 
bachelor's hood is often omitted. 


Arts, Letters, Hurrmnities/ 

Business Administrarion, 

Commercial Science/ 


Dentistry /Lilac 
Education/Light Blue 
Fine Arts, Architecture/ 


Home Economics/ 



Library Science/Lemon 



Nursing/ Apricot 

Oratory, Speech/ 
Silver Gray 


Philanthropy /Rose 

Philosophy/Dark Blue 
Public Administration, 
Foreign Service/ 
Peacock Blue 
Public Healrh/Salmon 
Physical Educarion/ 

Sage Green 
Science/Golden Yellow 
Social Work/Cirron 
Theology and Divin- 
Veterinary Sciences/Gray 

Silk lining of various colors in the center of the hood indi- 
cates the college or university which conferred the degree. 
Consistent for all degrees is the cap, or mortar board, which 
has a tassel of black or another color indicating the field of 
learning. The tassel of the doctor's cap can be gold. 

Academic Degrees 

A degree is awarded for the successful completion of a course 
of study. There are more than 1,600 different academic 
degrees currently conferred by colleges and universities 

The first known degree was a doctorate bestowed by the Uni- 
versity of Bologna, Italy, in the mid- 12th century. Originally, 
the doctor's and master's degrees were used interchangeably, 
each indicating that the holder was qualified to instruct stu- 
dents. The bachelor's or baccalaureate, degree only indicated 
entrance into a course of study preparatory to the doctorate 
or mastership. Gradually, though, the bachelor's degree came 
to mean successful completion of one level of study in 
advance of the higher degrees. 

The Doctor's Degree 

The term "doctor," meaning teacher or instructor, originated 
with the ancient Romans for those who lectured publicly on 
philosophical topics. During the Middle Ages, it was used as 
a title of honor for men of great learning. It was first made an 
academic title at the University of Bologna, which was 
allowed by the emperor to appoint doctores legum (doctors 
of laws). The University of Paris followed suit in the year 
1 145. Soon after, popes granted the universities the right to 
appoint doctors canonum et decretalium (teachers of the 
canon law) and, when the study of civil law was combined 
with that of the canon law, the title was changed to doctor 
utriusque juris (teacher of both laws). The faculties of theol- 
ogy and medicine followed that of law in conferring this title. 

A doctorate is given beyond the baccalaureate degree and 
requires several years of advanced study, the successful com- 
pletion of a thesis or dissertation, and written and oral exami- 
nations. The doctor's degree represents the most advanced 
earned degree conferred by American institutions. There are 
two distinct types: the practitioner's degree and the research 
degree. The first type represents advanced training for the 
practice of various professions, principally Doctor of Medi- 

cine, Juris Doctor and Doctor of Pharmacy. These degrees 
carry no implication of original research. The University of 
Maryland awarded the first two dental degrees in history on 
March 9, 1841, and invented the name of the degree. Doctor 
of Dental Surgery (D.D.S.). 

The second type is a research doctorate representing pro- 
longed periods of advanced study. A dissertation which usually 
accompanies the study is intended to contribute substantially 
to existing knowledge on the subject. The most important of 
these, the Doctor of Philosophy, no longer has an implication 
of philosophy for its holder, but represents advanced research 
in any of the major fields of knowledge. It was first awarded in 
the United States in 1861 by Yale University. The University 
of Maryland awarded a Ph.D. for the first time in 1920. 

The Master's Degree 

The master's degree is an academic honor bestowed upon stu- 
dents who have successfully completed work beyond the bacca- 
laureate. A thesis and an oral examination are usually 
required. The word magister was used by the Romans as a title 
of honor, but its present meaning can be traced to the estab- 
lishment of the oldest universities. Organized faculties as they 
now exist in universities were not known then; academic 
activity was limited to seven liberal arts. TTiose who were hon- 
ored for their diligence and knowledge upon completion of 
their studies and who had already received the bachelor's 
degree were called magistri artium (master of the liberal arts). 
In 1920, the University of Maryland awarded its first Master of 
Arts (M.A.) and Master of Science (M.S.) degrees in fields 
other than agriculture. 

The Bachelor's Degree 

The bachelor's degree represents completion of a four-year 
course of college-level study and is the oldest academic degree 
used by American institutions of higher learning. It was first 
conferred in America in 1642 on the first nine graduates of 
Harvard College. Maryland Agricultural College, which later 
became the University of Maryland College Park, awarded its 
first Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) and Bachelor of Science (B.S.) 
degrees in 1862. 


Board of Regents 


George V. McGowan 

Albert N. Whiting 

llona M. Hogan 
Assistant Secretary 

Constance M. Unseld 
Asiiitant Treasurer 

Roger Blunt 

Wayne A. Cawley, Jr. 

ex officio 

Margaret Alton 

Mary Arabian 

Richard O. Bemdt 

Benjamin L. Brown 

Earle Palmer Brown 

Charles W. Cole, Jr. 

Frank A. Gunther, Jr. 

Ann Hull 

Henry R. Lord 

System Administration of the University of Maryland 


Donald N. Langenberg 
Deputy CharKellor 

Jean E. Spencer 
Vice Chancellor for Agricu/ture and Natural Resources 

Raymond J. Miller 
Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs 

David S. Sparks 
Vice Chancellor for General Administration 

Donald L. Myers 
Acting Vice CharKellor for Extemai Relations 

John K. Martin 

University of Maryland at College Park Administration 


William E. Kirwan 
Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost 

J. Robert Dorfman 
Vice President for Administrative Affairs 

Charles F. Sturtz 
Vice President for Institutional Advancement 

Kathryn Costello 
Vice President for Student Affairs 

William L. Thomas, Jr. 


College of Agriculture 

Paul H. Mazzocchi 
College of Arts and Humanities 

Robert W. Griffith 
College of Behavioral and SodaL ScierKes 

Murray E. Polakoff 
CoUege of Business and Management 

Rudolph P. Lamone 
College of Computer, Mathematical and Physical Sciences 

Richard H. Herman 
College of Education 

Dale P. Scannell 
College of Engineering 

George P. Dieter, Jr. 
College of Health and Human Performance 

John J. Burt 
College of Human Ecology 

Laura S. Sims 
College of journalism 

Reese Cleghom 
CoUege of Library and Information Services 

Claude E. Walston 
College of Life Sciences 

Paul H. Mazzocchi (Acting) 
School of Architecture 

Steven Hurtt 
School of Public Affairs 

Michael Nacht 
Administratiiie Dean far Graduate Studies and Research 

Jacob K. Goldhaber (Acting) 
Administrative Dean for Summer Programs 

Melvin Bernstein 
Administrative Dean for Undergraduate Studies 

Kathryn j. Mohrman 

Officers of Commencement 


Charles J. Beatty 

Industrial, Technological and Occupational Education 
Uruiiersity Marshal 

Don C. Piper 

Government and Politics 

John E. Wakefield 

Director of Bands 

Commencement Committee 

Frances P. Cave 

Health Center 
Earle Connors 

Physical Plant 
Kathryn Costello 

Institutional Advancement 
Lynn M . Danson 

University Book Center 
Richard W. Daran 

Police Department 
Carolyn A. Ent 

Institutional Advancement 
Cornelia F. Goodu'in 

Diploma Office 
Richelk Hammett 

Disabled Student Services 
Leonard B. jankouisld 

Campus Parking 
Sivnone Legacy 

Industrial, Technological and Occupational Education 
Paul Maloni 

University Book Center 
Linda Martin 

Institutional Advancement 
Gary Parker 

Intercollegiate Athletics 
Elizabeth Pamsan 

Records and Registrations 
James N. Robinson 

Environmental Safety 
Matthew \f/. Sheriff 

Dining Services 
Bam Standish 

Commuter Affairs 
Gary Stone 

Police Department 
Robert T. Stumpff 

Physical Plant 

Janice E. Summons 

Campus Parking 
Kate F. Ufema 

Communication Arts and Theatre 

Unit Representatives 

Gene Agre 

Diane Barlou; 

Library and Information Services 
Jane Fme 

Donald Giffin 

Arts and Humanities 
Diana Jackson 

Behavioral and Social Sciences 
Albert J. Klavon 

Life Sciences and Agriculture 
George F. Kramer 

Health and Human Performance 
John C. Loss 

Joseph G. Maltingiy 

Business and Management 
Bonnie Oh 

Undergraduate Studies 
Jo Paoletti 

Human Ecology 
Greig Stewart 

Thelma M. Willianu 

Computer, Mathematical and Physical Sciences 
Eiisse Wnght 

Public Affairs 


Award-winning College Park historian, director of the 
Freedmen and Southern Society Project, and 1990-91 
Distinguished Scholar- Teacher Ira Berlin has written 
extensively on American history in the nineteenth century. 

His multi-volume, Freedom: A Documentary History of 
Emancipation (1982, 1985), edited in collaboration with the 
members of the Freedmen and Southern Society Project, has 
been singled out for several prizes. It was awarded the 
Founders Award of the Confederate Memorial Literary 
Society, Thomas Jefferson Prize of the Society for History in 
the Federal Government, and the prestigious J. Franklin 
Jameson Prize of the American Historical Association for out- 
standing editorial achievement, awarded once every five years. 

Freedom: A Documentary History of Emancipation has been 
hailed by scholars as an illuminating collection of 
contemporary opinions and attitudes, from whites and 
blacks, from those in places high and low; its usefulness is 
greatly enhanced by an exceptionally high level of editorial 
craftsmanship and grasp of the 1860s. No set of records 
teaches as much about Afro-Americans during and just after 
their enslavement. 

Berlin's first book, Slaves Without Masters; The Free Negro in 
the Antebellum South (1975), won the Best First Book Prize 
awarded by the National Historical Society. His articles and 
reviews have appeared in numerous scholarly journals as well 
as in the popular press, including The New York Times, The 
Washington Post and The Philadelphia Inquirer. 

Berlin was bom in New York City and earned his B.S., M.A. 
and Ph.D. degrees at the University of Wisconsin. Before 
joining the College Park faculty as assistant professor in 
1976, he held teaching posts at the University of Illinois, 
Chicago Circle, and Federal City College. He has held 
fellowships at the Shelby CuUom Davis Center for Historical 
Studies at Princeton University and the Institute for 
Advanced Studies in the Behavioral Sciences at Stanford 

Berlin is a member of the American Historical Association 
Research Council, the National Archives Advisory 
Committee and the Board of Directors of the American Social 
History Project, as well as numerous historical associations. He 
served as a consultant to the recent highly-acclaimed public 
television documentary, "The Civil War" 



j ^ i >Bf;,f i y i , | l ii p i jLJM l i^ji i .i i I i ii i ^ iJ i jJ. y j| i ij y pByj.i f 



AUGUST 1990 

; Z^'- vivv!i?!ri'Vj3%3Sn 


This Corinthian style capital can be seen at the McKeldin library 
which was built in 1958 and named for then Governor Theodore 
R. McKeldin. 

Doctor of Philosophy 

Mohamed Hossam Aboul-Nasr Honiculture 

in VitTo Studies of Storage Root Differentiation m Sweet Potato 
(Ipomoea Batatas L.) 

Ruth Elizabeth Moore Alvarez English 
Kathenne Anne Porter and Mexican Art 

Gaber Saied Awad Government and Politics 

"Corporatist Politics m Less Developed Societies: A Comparative Study 
of Brazil. Egypt, Peru, and Turkey" 

William Elliott Barton Human Development 

A Model for Differentiating Attributioruil Motivations of College Athletes 

Mary Teresa Battenfeld American Studies 

"Writing on a Battlefield: Women and Documentary Discourse in the 

Paul S. Belgrade Program in Public Communication 
The Literary journalism as Illuminator of Subjectivity 

Paul Frederick Bell Agronomy 

Chelator buffered nutrient soluDons.A method to control metal activities 

Mary Louise Bellamy Curriculum and Instruction 

The Pedagogical Content fCnoit'ledge of High School Biology Teachers 
and Its Relations/iip u;itA Student Understanding 

Walton Burrell Bishop Public Communication 

Cognitive Cybernetics and Human Communicaoon: The Regulatory 
Effects of Pnor Knotiiledge 

Christine M. Boeckl Art History 

Baroque Plague Imagery and Tridenane Church Reforms 

Linda Jane Borish American Studies 

"The Lass of the Farm": Health, Domestic Roles and the Cidture of 
Farm Women in Hartford County, Connecticut, 1820-1870 

Carmen Elizabeth Bynoe Bovell Special Education 

Cultural Patterns of Child Rearing: Relationship to Preschool Children's 

Faith Lee Breen Education Policy, Planning and Administration 

Intumon I'ersus Analysis as a Decision Making Style: An Iruer-Cultural 
Compartsion of American and Chinese Businessmen Using a 
Pherwmenographic Approach 

Michael Marshall Briley, Jr. Astronomy 

Carbon and Nitrogen Abundance Vanaoons among Galactic Gbhular 
Cluster Stars 

The August 1990 class roster comprises degree graduates from 
the undergraduate and graduate programs at the University of 
Maryland at College Park. 


August 1990 Graduates 

Susan Rockwell Campbell Psychology 

The Relationship of Interpersonal Complementarity to Marital 
Satisfaction and Security 

Rachel Ann Carren Art History 
Winsloiv Homer's: /mages of Children 

Jing-Chyi Chang. Chemistry 

Meosuremetil of ahscrrptian line widths by transmission profile 
modeling and pressure effect m sensitiviry far Continium Atomic 
Absorption Spectrometry 

Jeffery Y. Chi College of Business and Management 
The Design of Partitioned Distributed Database Directories 

Hyung-Min Choi Textiles and Consumer Economics 

A Study of In-Situ Copolymenzation and Crosslinfcing in Cotton Fiber 

Curtis Brian demons Mathematics 

Uniqueness Results in Semilinear Elliptical Equations 

Robert Joseph Confessore Kinesiology 

Quanri/icanon Factors Describing Physical Activity /nvoli'ement arui 
tiieir Relations/iip to Current Cntenon Reference Standards For 
Aerobic Capacity in Children and Youth 

Michelle Annette Provost Craig Kinesiology 

The Effect of Circuit Weight Training on Lipoprotein-Lipid Profile in 
Patients uit/i Coronary Heart Disease 

Kimberly Ann Daubman Psychology 

Ejects of Receiving Help on Self -Evaluations, Affect, Motivation, and 

Robyn Ann Davidson Psychology 

Ca^eine.Whit Noise and Task Novelty: Effects on Electrodermal 
Actint\ and Task Performance 

Roxana Marie Delia Vecchia Educational 
Policy.Planning, Administration 

The Journey of the Hero: An (nterf^retive Study of Fifth Grader's 
Understandings of Social Responsibility 

James William Derleth Government and Politics 
The Politics of Succession 

Mingzhou Ding Physics 

Strange Sets in QuasiJjenodicaJI)! Forced Systems and in Chaotic 

Kenneth Robert Ecker Kinesiology 

Aerobic and Anaerobic Performance Measures in Active and Inactive 
Young and Middle Aged Maies 

Richard Ernest Faulkenberry Mathematics 

On some /nter^iation Problems for Ratiorud Matrix- Valued Functions 

Diane Louise Finley Human Development 

A Comparative Analysis of Problem Solving Skills Usir^ Mothers and 
Women with no Children 

Kathryn V. Fitzgibbons Education Policy, Planning, and Administration 
Adidts' Self-directed Learning Characteristics and Library Literacy 

Alexander Sigmund Flecker Zoology 

Fish Predaaon and the Structure of Insect Assemblages in Neutropical 
Screams: A comparison of Direct and Indirect Effects 

Steven Dean Furbush Economics 

The Effect of Portfolio Trading and Block Trading on Stock Market 

Yohanan Giat Kinesiology 

Prediction of Synergism and Antagonism in Human Upper Extremity — 
A Dynamic Optimisation Approach 

Mark Edward Giuliano Computer Science 
Control and Execution of Parallel Logic Programs 

Stella Sookdeo Gomes Curriculum and Instruction 

The Relationship Betii'een Structured Curricula and Expectation on 
Mathematics Performance of Secondary School Students 

Gerard Francis Graminski Chemistry and Biochemistry 

Mechanistic Studies of Glutathione S - Transferases 

Annie Burr Auchincloss Griffin Curriculum and Instruction 
Beyond Maternal Employment. Correlates of Work Related Role 
Preferences of Mothers with Infants 

Wayne Ford Hallgren Aerospace Engineering 
Chemically Reacting Effects on Viscons Interaction 

Joseph Mansfield Hannah Kinesiology 

The Use of Oxygen Consumption and Blood Lactate Measures in 
Training /or Peak Champioruhip Sivimming PcTformance 

Alan Wayne Heaton Psychology 

Private and Public Self-Consciousness and Task Performance 

Benjamin John Hellstrom Computer Science 

Thermodynamic Neural Networks for the Approximation of 
Corr\hinalonally-Hard Packing Problevns 

Robert Ellis Heyman Mathematics 

Interpolanon of Entire Functions - Infinite Order 

Wei-Sung Wilson Huang Institute of Criminal Justice and 


A Cross - National Study of the Measurement and Etiology of Murder 

Mohamed Nasr El Deen Mohamed Ibrahim Marine - Estuarine - 
Environmental Science 

Toxins and Toxicity of a Blue Green ALGA, ( Aphanizomenon Flas - 

Andrew M. Jennings Kinesiology 

The Effect of Perception of Performance Outcomes on Mood FoUowing 

Kyungsook Jeon Textiles and Consumer Economics 

Photodegrodation ofCeUulose 

Judith Ann Johnson Microbiology 

Leucine Biosynthesis in Vibrio parahaemolyticus 


Max Andrew Karlovitz Mathematics 

Solutions to overdetermined boundary valve problems on spheres 

Michael J. Karpinski Special Education 

A Follow-Along Study on the Employment Outcomes and Factors 
Related to the Economic Self-Sufficiency of Mildly DisaUed 
Graduates, Dropouts, and Pro-am Leavers 

James Patrick Kelly Mathematics/Applied Math Program 
Confidentiality Protection in Two and Three-Divnensional Tables 

Hye Kyung Kim Textiles and Consumer Economics 

Jrulian Influence on AmCTican Costume between i960 and 1975 

Ki-Chung Kim Aerospace Engineering 

Aeroelostu: analysis of rotor blades with advanced tip shapes 

Nalin Mohan Kishor Economics 

The Estimation of Consumer Preferences for Attributes in Discrete 
Choice Models: A Simulation Approach 

Frederick Anthony Klappenberger Curriculum and Instruction 
The Effect of Domain Knowledge Using Hypertext to find Specific 

Ivor Thomas Knight Microbiology 

Direct detection of enteropathogenic bacteria in estuaries using nucleic 
acid probes 

Antonis Dim. Koutsoukos Mathematics 

Probilities of Moderate and Large Deviations of Test Statistics and 
Estimators in the Preserve of Nuisance Pararrwters 

J. Ann Kraslawsky Human Development 

The Relarionship o/ Cognitive Ability, Sel/-Concef)t, aruJ Antisocial 
Behavior Among Learning Handicapped Adolescents 

Tai-Haur Kuo Electrical Engineering 

Analog-to-Digital Converter Using Resonant Tunneling Diodes 

In-]a Baik Lee Mathematics 

An /mplementanon of Analogue Approach of Sturm Sequences far 
solving Sturm - Liouville Equations 

Qiang Peter Li Physics 

Elementary Excitatioris m quasi - one dimeT;sional Electron systems 

Der-Chemg Liaw Electrical Engineering 

Asymptotic and Geometric Methods for Stabilijation with Application 
to Tethered Satellites 

Anthony Drexel Mahon Kinesiology 

The Effect of Endurance Training on Cardiac Output, Blood Lactate 
and V02max in Male Children 

Ahmed Fletcher Mbalia Education Policy 

The Role of Educational Technology in the Systematic Development of 
a Non-Formed Educational Radio Program: South Africa and United 
States Relationships 

Wenhao Meng Mechanical Engineering 

AN expenmental aruJ Theoretical Study of Droplet Flames m 
Simulated Combustor Environments 

Aleksandar Radomir Mikovic Physics 

Covanant Formulation of Superstring Theories 

Bette Douglas Mills Psychology 

Racism as a Psychosocial Stimulus and its Effects on Afro- Americans 

Shelly Melich Ossana Psychology 

The Impact of Supervision on Trainee Self-Efficacy and Counseling 
Abilit^i.- Testing a Developmental Frainework 

Neil Andrew Ottenstein Physics 

Relalivistic and Off-Shell Effects in Proton Elastic Scattering by Nuclei 

Sushma Pati Chemistry and Biochemistry 

Assembly of the Escherichia coli Proton-Translocating AtPase and 
Regulation of the unc H Gene at the Translarional Level 

Joyce Annette Payne Education Curriculum and Instruction 

A Cognitive Based Model For Secondary Art Education Curriculum 

Martin Thomas Pietrucha Civil Engineering 
Methodobgy for Testing of Static Traffic Signs 

David J. Pocalyko Biochemistry 

Investigation of Pyruvate Phosphate Dilcinase From Bacteriodes 
Symhiosus and Cloning, Overexpression, on Sequence Analysis o/th£ 
Pyruvate Phosphate Dikinase Gene 

Susan Gail Queen Sociology 

Cognirive Consensus and Causal Attributions; The Impact of Field of 
Science on Reactions to Federal Funding Decisions 

William McLeod Rivera Applied Mathematics 

Periodic Motion and Invariant Manifolds far Ccmservative Nonlinear 
Systems of Difference Equations 

Barbara J. Robles Economics 

Financial Variables m Production: A Discrete Dynamic Approach 

Molook Roghanizad Education Policy, Planning and Administration 
Expansion of Muslim Schools in the United States : 1 970- 1 990 

Jacqueline Lois Clephane Royal Psychology 

External and Internal Resources m Transcultural Transition: The 
Impact of Family Environment, Social Exploration Preference and 
Achievement Motivation on the Social Adjustment and Academic 
Achievement o/B lack, English - SpeoJcing, International students in the 
Amencan High School 

Gabriella Ryan Zoology 

Mechanism o/ Coordinate Elevations o/ Delta- Aminoliin^linate Synthase 
and Cytochrome P-450 fry Phenobarbital in Chicften Embryo 
Hepotocytes: The Role of Intracellular Heme 

Jean Salemme Chemistry 

Isolation and Identification of Secondary Metahohties from the Fungrts, 

Anastasia Sawas Samaras Curriculum and Instruction 

Transiticms to Competence: An InvesBganon of the Role of Mediation 
in Preschoolers' Self-Regulation of Model-Consultatian with 
Microcomputer Puzzles 


August 1990 Graduates 

Richard James Sawyer Special Education 

Imftrcwing LD Students' Comfiosirion Skills with Story Grammar 
Strategy Training: A Component Analysis of Story Grammar Strategy 

Robert Bruce Sheldon Physics 

Ion Transport and Loss m the Quiet Terrestrial Ring Current 

Wendy Ann Simmons College of Library and Information Services 
The Communication of Information for Rural Development: A Case 
Study from Seke District .Zimbabwe 

Leslie David Smith Zoology 

The Frequency artd Ecological Consequences of Umh Autotomy in the 
Blue Crab, CalUnectes sapidus Rathbun 

William Edward Snelling Electrical Engineering 

New Methods for the Detection and Interception of 
Frequency-Hopped Waveform 

Mohsen Soroushnejad Electrical Engineering 

Packet Radio Networks m Spread-Spectrum Eniiironmenl: Capture, 
Channel -Access, and Voice/Data Integration 

Norman Arthur Spangler Education Policy, Planning and 

Attitudes Toward Education and Academic Ac/iieve7nent of Female 

Philip W. Steitz Mathematics 
Automorphisms of Stable Structures 

Steven Jon Stochaj Physics 

A Measurement of the Low Energy Antiproton Abundance in the 
Cosmic Radiation 

James Victor Stout, 111 Economics 

Toward Better Exchange Rale Management 

Thomas Stratmann Economics 

Behatior o/ Congressmen and Political Action Committees: Detection 
of Causal Effects of Money an Votes and of Strategies of Contributors 

John Robert Sullins Computer Science 

Distnhuted Leammg: Motion in Constraint Space 

William Jay Sweet, Jr. Mathematics 

The Metaplectic Case of the Weil-Siegel Formula 

Masako Takagi Mathematics 

The Stone-Weierstrass Property in Semi-simple Commutative Banach 

T. Tedijanto Electrical Engineering 

Nonex/iaustii'e Policies in Polling Systems and Vacatioi\ Models: 
Quahtative and Approximate Approaches 

Yoke Hirohashi Thakur History 

Textbook Policy m Allied Occupied Japan, 1945-1952 

Dennis L. Thombs Health Education 

An Assessment of College Students Who Participate in Three Different 
Substance Abuse Programs 

Margaret Marie Tocci Public Communication 

Randle A>rton: A Theatrical Man for All Seasons 

Hiren B. Trivedi Applied Mathematics 

Development of Manpower Planning Models With Kntmm Target Size 

Jonathan Carl Valdez Government and Politics 

Ideology and Soviet Influence in Eastern Europe, 1969-1988 

Subir Varma Electrical Engineering 

Heavy and Light Traffic Approximations for Queues with 
Synchronization Constraints 

Li-Sheng Wang Electrical Engineering 

Geomerr), Dynamics and Feedback Control in Coupled Systems 

Qiwen Wang Business and Management 

The Application of Operations Research to Fishery hAanagement 

Xue-Seng Wang Physics and Astronomy 

Cor\struction of Scanning Tunneling Microscope arvi Analysis of Vicinal 
Si(l 11) Surfaces with the STM 

Yejia Wu Textiles and Consumet Economics 

Advanced Image Analysis Techruques for Quantifying Carpet 

Diane Lee Zablotsky Sociology 

The Relationships Betuieen Social Support and Long Term Care 
Utilisation Among Older Adults 

Maria Cecilia Zea Psychology 

The Role of Psychosocial Competence in Academic Achievement and 
Adijptation: A Crosscultural Prospective Study 

Robert Gordon Ziegenfuss Educational Policy, Planning and 

The Effect of Expenditure and Measurement Variable Selection on State 
Fund Equility Among Pupils 

Doctor of Education 

Gary Irwin Geiger Educational Policy 

An Assessment of the Distnct of Columbia Public School System's 
Administrators' Leadership Training Academy 

Carolyn Starace Johnston Curriculum and Instruction 

Preparing Intermediate-grade Students for Reading: Basal Reading 
Manuals and Teachers' Reported Practices 

Charles Frederick Sloan Curriculum and Instruction 

The Effects of the Developing Understanding of Self and Others 
(DUSO- 2 .Revised) Program an the Self-Concept of Sixth Grade 


Advanced Graduate Specialist Certificate 

Barbara Mae Dantzler 
Sharon Ann Gongwer 
Jackson C. McKay Jr. 
loana Meer 

Graduate Certificate in Gerontology 
Master's Level 

Murray Morris West** 

Graduate Certificate in National Security Studies 

Dieter Wulf 

**awardedMay 1990 

Master of Applied 

Donald King Graveling 
Judith Alison'Morris 
David Caf ley Scott 

Master of Architecture 

Michael David Matsil 
Emily Susanne Townsend 
Guoqiang Yuan 

Master of Arts 

American Studies 

Sandra Lee Patten 

Applied Mathematics 

Mary Gathryn Conrad 

Art History 

Marian Flinker Brodsky 
Patricia Ann Burda 

Combined History/Library 
and Information Services 

Jeffery TTiomas Hartley 
Mary Elisabeth Samms 

Counseling and Personnel 

Lisa Burton Landers 
Kristin Marie Littel 
Susan Garol Martin 
Sandra Joanne Mcelhaney 
Andrew H. Ruffner 
Risa Lyn Witrogen 

(Curriculum and Instruction 

Paula Margery Borinsky 


Thomas Mark Leahy, Jr. 
Robert George Shackleton, Jr. 

English Language and 

James Lawrence Blackburn 
Stephanie Leigh King 
Kathleen A. Pukas 

Joonna Smitherman Trapp 


Pauline Ann Crombie 
Gavin Taylor Keith 
Joseph Brown Thomas, Jr. 

German Language and 

Vera Astrid Boiter 

Government and Politics 

Thomas Bagger 
C. Douglas Baker 
Sheri Lynn Bock 
Gerald Alan Boone, Jr. 
Blake Andree Kessel 
Liping Liu 

Monty Glenn Marshall 
Sean Ian McCormack 
Dennis Edward Rice 

Health Education 

Peggy Ann Rosen 


Marcia S. Adler 
Andrew Scott Breidenbaugh 
Jonathan Charles Friedman 
Thomas Leo HoUowak 
John Harold Loukidelis 
Tracy Matthew Melton 
Andrew Stuart Penn 
Richard Drew Schwartz 
Kevin David Smith 


Melinda Brooke Ascher 
John Martin Blamphin 
Donald L. Deardorff 
Stephen John Lalli 
Royd John McKay 
Kevin John Power 
Louise Crosby Spieler 


Rebecca Jane Appleton 
Jane Reed DeVane-Bell 
Eileen M. Gatti 
Molly Quinn Hunt 
Margaret Latham Meharg 


August (990 Graduates 

•Decorative bull's-eye windows adorn the east and west pediments of the Turner Building. 

Stephen Peter Radov 
Susan Haley Stein 


Hariklia Efthimiou 

Mathematical Statistics 

DaeBeom Park 


Helen Marie Colston 
Jill Frances McGowan 


Richard Warren Goldberg 
Patricia Marie Hahn 

Radio, Television and Film 

Suzanne Lacroix Hurley 
Richard Wayne Leagan 


Denis Joseph Coleman 
Lori Ann Miller 


Gijsberta J. 

Terri Lynne LeMoyne 
Vincent Everett Puchala 
Jocelyn S. Vuozzo 

Speech Communication 

Dale Lauren Blumenthal 
David George Levasseur 

Urban Studies 
Janet Gail Blutstein 
Beth Ann Strommen 
Jesse Dwanyean Tour 
Mei Zhou 

Master of Business 

Lisa Luttrell Barton 
Linda Ann Beck 
Devon Anthony Brown 
Roger Banon Cunningham 
Thomas J. Davin III 
Dawn Patricia Detwiler 
Sharon Cavanaugh Devlin 
Thomas J. Foti 
Rose Marie Grant 
Nancy Ellen Grund 
Kenneth Hughie Hanks 
John Gee Jackson 
Suh-lin Jang 
Martin David Jones 
Anthony John Kaminski 
Jeanne M. Kenney 
Richard W LaRue, Jr. 
Beverly Brunner Lynch 

Kevin Willis Lynch 
Michael Wayne McKeehan 
Donna Lynn Miller 
Brian Paul Mooney 
Kevin Bryan Murphy 
Nancy Ruth Newman 
Christine Louise Opalenik 
David Scott Parreco 
John TTiomas Petersen 
Carolyn Marie Pifer 
Paul Richard Powers 
Kalyn Anne Prestel 
Charles Jeffrey Reeder 
Wayne Evans Reeser 
Nathan Robert Rieth 
Barry Frederic Rosenberg 
Robert Anthony Ryan 
William Robert Schnicke 
Richard Chase Shamp 
Garry Benjamin Shank 
Thomas Gregory Sims 
Jow-Lih Su 

Robert Franklin TTiompson 
Scott Alan Thompson 
Ricardo Emilio Valderrama 
David Keith Wagstaff 
Margaret Button Wilson 
Russell Gregory Zeman 
Elana Yocheved Schauder 

Master of Community 

Janet E. Bagsby 
Karin Elisabeth Brown 
David Tighe Whitaker 

Master of Education 

Counseling and Personnel 

Barbara Mae Dantzler 

Jane Frances Fines 

Justine Renee HoUingshead 

Laura Wells McHugh 

loana Meer 

Marciajuette Moody 

Rita Jean Russell 

Betsy Ann Taubenblatt 

Renee Tevelow 

Curriculum and Instruction 

Ann Louise Bissonnette 
Judith Hubbling Blanchard 
John BT. Davis 
Joan Coleman Farley 
Holly C. Geddes 
Evelyn Preston Hawkins 
Robbie Lea House 
Dennis Roger Hunt 
Robin Latonia Jackson 


Karen Eve Kaplan 
Elaine Mu Jeng Katsuyoshi 
Steven Lee Kramer 
Dorothy Elizabeth Long 
Grace Josephine Lupo 
Candice Ruth Markovitz 
Melanie Beatrice Moreau 
Sarah Anne Nobis 
Karen Leigh Orloff 
Sandra Elizabeth Rich 
Marielle R. Risse 
Amy David Robert 
Vicki Rodgers 
Hope Pamela Sanker 
Cheryl j.Sellitti 
Brenda Wilmott Stamps 
Julie Lynne Tracy 
Tara Kathryn Witik 
Eloise McKindra Woods 

Education Policy, Planning 
and Administration 

Andrew Edward Lesko 
Robert Eugene Morrison 

Human Development 

Peggy Linn Bean 
Carol Antoinette Burrows 
Elizabeth Crosse 
Lynne Anne Flynn 
Margaret McCorkle 
Winifred May G. Nisbett 
Angela Elizabeth Samuels 

Special Education 

Linda Abbey Gent 
Karen Christopher Jones 

Master of Fine Arts 

Creative Writing 

Robert Lowrey Content 

Master of Library 

Combined History/Library 
and Information Services 

Jeffery Thomas Hartley 
Mary Elisabeth Samms 

Library and Information 

Martha Susan Bailey 
Linda Celet Bane 
Jeffrey Joseph Bems 
Kathryn L. Bloom 
Jean Marie Cavanaugh 
Ssu-Shao Chou 
Patricia Ann Combs 
Robert Crawford Cruthirds 
Gregory Paul Ewing 
Cristine Elise Ghillani 
Richard E. Glass 11 
Lakshmi Murthy Grama 
Loraine Sharon Hodgson 
Jonathan David Jeffrey 
Norma V. Beamer Jenson 
Ingrid Gaarder Kauffrnan 
Elizabeth Keirans 
Mary Karen Kevil 
Chu Sing Lau 
Karen K. Logsdon 
Nancy Shores Manuel 
Bruce David Marquette 
Byron Christopher Mayes 
John Dickinson Moore 
Lou-Deana Armes Parks 
Elana Nelson Poquette 
Alice Rahinovit: 
Charles Edwin Rand 
Nancy Baker Rea 
John Francis Rhode 
Liane Sue Rosenblatt 
Timothy John Schoepke 
Mei-Sywe Michelle Tsai 
Karen Helen Van der Mel 
Barbara C. Van Dongen 
Robin Van Heet 
Kenneth Russell Vaughn 
David Eugene Verzi 
Mary Ann Rose Yankosky 

Master of Music 

Wendy Kathleen Brown 
Jennifer Hughes-Lopez 
Samuel Taylor Savage 
Brenda Tirado 

Master of Public 

Jon Andrew Rupp 

Master of Public Policy 

Steven Lee Johnson 
Alice J. McCain 

Master of Science 

Aerospace Engineering 

Steven Pierre Dirlik 
Terence Arthur Ghee 
Jeffrey James Jorgensen 
Carl Jan Ockier 
Joseph Michael Stopper 

Agricultural and Extension 

Susan Lynette Coming 
Y. Denise Buford KoUehlon 

Agricultural and Resource 

Lynne Mane Blake-Hedges 
Lisa Karen Shapiro 

Agricultural Engineering 

Joel Michael Milano 


Ian Ross Kaufman 

Animal Sciences 

Biswajit Biswas 


Heidi Bertina Kirkpatrick 
Richard J. Puchalsky 


Elizabeth Sears Bryant 

Business and Management 

Brett S. Clare 
Susan Emily Imber 
David Stanley Loesche 
William Paul Mumane 
Marc Peters 
Meei Hwa Wang 

Chemical Engineering 

William Eugene Daniel, Jr. 
John Waring Gunter 
Andre Louis Marchal 
Jung-Rem Pao 

Chemical Physics 

Kevin P. Andrews 
Anna Catherine Ploplis 
Karuppasamy Sentrayan 


Fatima Abugideiri 
Michele Maria Condon 
Cheryl Elizabeth Ford 
Dorma Jean McSwine 

Civil Engineering 

Christian John Bitters III 
Margaret Ellen Bragdon 
Steven Louis Creighton 
Gaby Y Hakim 
Charles Edward Judy 
Elizabeth Mimnaugh 
Ahmadur Rahman Quabili 
Sogand Seirafi 

Computer Science 

Steven Craig Barash 
Laurence Alan Herman 
Patricia Perkowski Jones 
Lewis Richard Karl 
Anurag Khaitan 
Soo-Mook Moon 
Joanne Elizabeth Pelkey 
Sanjeev Kumar Setia 
Yiheng Shi 
Sarah Elizabeth Wallace 

Electrical Engineering 

Fady Ibrahim Alajaji 
Theodore Edward Berman 


August i 990 Graditates 

Soma Bhattacharjee 
Russell Heifet: Byrne 
Cheng-Feng Chang 
Chuan-Lung Chao 
Shien-jong Chao 
Yun-Shu Chiou 
Wei Ping Chou 
Chiu-Chu Chung 
Elaine Gayle Davis 
Emmanuil Nikolaos 

Reza Ghanadan 
Savvas Aristides Hadjipanteli 
Joseph Albert Haimerl 
Yen-Ping Ho 
Yih-Ling Hong 
Huhin Jiang 
Shih-Wen ]oe 
Chujen Lin 
Daw-Tung Lin 
Russel Hugo Patterson 111 
Perry Russell Rapp 
Francisco Jorge San Miguel 
Randolph Stuart Sergent 
Naveen Srivastava 
Mu-Chun Su 
Peter Su 
Kuo-Liang Tang 
Ching-Tien Tsai 
Lih-Dar Tsaur 

Ta-Wei Yang 
John K. Zahurak 

Engineering Materials 

Srinivas Naga Neti 

Family and Community 

Carol Anne Brohawn 
Deborah Lynn Carter 
Mary Ellen San Antonio 

Food Science 

Mary Bohrer Losikoff 


Susan Elizabeth Harrington 


Michael Joseph Newell 

Human Nutrition and 
Food Systems 

Gerardo Maximino Magat 
Christine Anne Yankus-Eng 

Marine, Estuarine and 
Environmental Sciences 

Claudia Proctor Walters 

Mechanical Engineering 

Paul Eric Biegel 

Robert Joseph Bonenherger, 

Gregory Carey Braunberg 
Changli Duan 
Satish Kumar Jajodia 
Mohan Umesh Kamath 
Adel A. Nabhani 
Hugh Steven Reinhart 
YanLi Shen 
Wm-bin Shieh 
Tai-Kang Shing 
Craig Richard Tcxiley 
Jonathon David Watts 
Zhanming Weng 


John Michael Stager 
Yuejian Zhu 

Nuclear Engineering 

Bernard Hendnck White IV 

Nutritional Sciences 

Karen Elizabeth Seidel 


Lyle Monroe Bartlett 
Michael Robert Collier 
Sergio De Souza-Machado 
Robert Joseph Goodell 

Harold Lee Rappaport 
J. Charles Smith 
Yeong-Ah Sob 

Poultry Science 

Mary Ellen Jones 

Textiles and Consumer 

Kathleen M. Marvin 


Kenneth Michael Collis 
Lyndon Edward Skeete 



AUGUST 1990 

Maryland's flag, bearing the arms of the Calvert and Crossland 
families, was first flown in its present form at Gettysburg Battlefield 
in 1888 to dedicate monuments to Maryland civil war veterans. 

College of Agriculture 

Bachelor of Science 

Agricultural and Resource 

Gary S. Albert 
Gregory Hamilton Clarke 
Douglas Reid Cooke 
Ann Kathleen Foley 
Kathleen Marie Hatting 
Joseph Sebastian Papandrea 
David Scott Stacoffe 

Animal Sciences 

t Monique Cote-Remister 
Scott Allen Hopkins 

Combined Agriculture 
Veterinary Science 

Lizel Charmaine Spencer 

Food Science 

Deborah A. Barreiro 

Natural Resources 

Thomas Vernon Cash II 
Margaret R. Oertly 

School of Architecture 
Bachelor of Science 


Angel Rafael Marrero, Jr. 
Tong Song 
t Felicia Yang 

College of Arts ar\d 

Bachelor of Arts 

Advertising Design 

James Glen Gitlin 

American Studies 

Richard Douglas Ailstock 
Sheela M. Brock 
Karen Eileen Bryant 
Eric David Winner 

Art History 

Earle Lindell Bowman 111 
Holly Brent 
Maeve Brophy 
Matthew P. Dansker 
Anne Lanier Edelen 
Daniela Ana Perkins 
Deborah Lee Weinstock 


Connie Marie Pirez 

English Language and 

* Micaela Bracamonte 
Susan Mary Brocato 
Vincent Mark Brown 
Stephen Michael Cranford 
Kenneth James Goldsmith 
Lauren E. Hamburg 
Sandra Kay Haube 
Sandra H. Hin 
Michael Dale Hudlow, Jr 
Christopher Garry 

§ Summa cum Laude 

f Magna cum Lauie 
* cum Laude 


August /990 Graduates 

John Dixon Jacobs 
Rae Lynn Kennedy 
Tonia Elizabeth Kyle 
Bridget Lynn Lacey 
Bobby Y. Lee 
David B. Levy 
Timothy James McGee 
Kristen M. McReady 
Carolyn Stewart O'Conor 
Marc A. Ominsky 
Ram V. Potukuchi 
Julie Lynn Prince 
Frederick John Scully 
Maria Serevetas 
Richard Alan Snyder 
David Randolph Stockslager 
Rosa Natalie Mintz Urquhart 
Scott David Wiley 

2r\d Major: Radio, 

Television and Film 
Iris Danielle White Williams 
Lora A. ZarofF 
Ellen Kinsella Zuyus 

French Language and 

Lisa Lyn Fox 

German Language and 

Mark Lawrence Brewer 
Luke Shipman Sollitt 


Paul G. Belliveau 
Kevin L. Brentnall 
Stephen Lewis Capelli, Jr. 
Karen Lynn Glauberman 
James Joseph McCourt 
Dieter Kurt Miller 
William Marcel Ratnavale 
Michael Jay Silverman 
Shawn Scott Wakefield 


t Norma Bemice Belt 
Martha Sears West 


* Maria Cecilia Esquivel 
Sasha Elliot Soper 

The floral "M" provides a colorful focal point for those who live and 
work on campus as well as for those who visit here. Located at the 
intersection of Campus and Regent Drives, the "M" was created 
in 1975. 

Franklin Dean Wade 
Yuh-Ching Sheu Yang 


Kristie Marie Killough 
Carlton E Whitlock 

Radio, Television and Film 

Joseph Kennard Balintfy 
Leeor Bar-Haim 
Joel Chalfin 
Barri Lee Chattman 
Karl Eugene Childress 
Cathleen Covaleski 
Michelle Leslie Evans 

2r\d Mo/or: Studio Art 
James Glen Gitlin 
Thomas Gerard Keyes 
AUyson Lindie 
Michelle Deana Orr 
Joanna Panteloukas 
William C. F. Malone 

Ermette Patrice Puree 
* Paula Adele Richmond 

Magaly Maria Rivas Usatorres 
Michael Rene Routhier 
Vicki-Sue Slater 
Cheryl Kay Spafford 
Jeffrey B. Warrick 

Russian Area Studies 

Kathleen TTneresa Bryson 

Russian Language and 

Shin-Hyung Hong 

Spanish Language and 

Gustavo Javier Acosta 
Margaret Nguyet-Hang 

Richard Daniel Nolan 

Speech Communication 

Valerie Jean Brusgard 
Michelle Marie Cayer 
Lisa D. Domnitz 
Millicent Dionne Finister 
Sheri Lynn Grossman 

Blair Redmond Harsh 
Peter Lawrence Hooper 
Lori Denise Jefferson 
Joshua David Mathes 
Amy Lynne Meiklejohn 
Debra Michele Schwartz 
Michael Dennis Sullivan, Jr. 
Brad William Trader 
Stephen D. Truitt 
Marlene Marie Venit 
Cheryl Ann Verrier 
Angela Charise Walton 
LaSandra Renee Ward 
Lisa Kaar Winer 

Studio Art 

Wendy Marcella Blais 
Erich Bernhardt Boehm 
Alicia Marie Crafts 
Katherine Haley Duray 
Shoshana EUihou 
t Lynn Parker Gearhart 
Alison Marie Hamill 
Deborah Claire Hershfield 
David Ler Ip 
Roald Alexander Keith 
John Richard Markham 
Patricia Marie 

Thomas Lee Scott 


Megan Elizabeth Madden 
Howard Newton Pippin 

Bachelor of Science 

Advertising Design 

Michelle V. Chant 
Kathleen Marie Clark 
Brian Marshall Clopper 
Erika Cooper 
Margaret Marie Ellis 
Vivianna Ester Padilla 
James JoonYoung Shin 
Robyn Lynn Sokolsky 
Selina Waxman 
John Walter Yanchick 


§ Summa cum Laude 
t Magna cum Laudu 
* cum Laude 

College of Behavioral 
and Social Sciences 

Bachelor of Arts 

Afro-American Studies 

Pamela Fedenque Gourdine 
Carolyn Patrice Opher 

Criminal Justice 

Neil Howard Braunstein 
Christopher Powell 

Benjamin Joseph Brown 
Michael Antonio Echols 
Jeffrey John Giovino 
Kami Lynette Grenke 
David Marion Hoovler 
Richard Charles Hor 
Michael Hurwitz 
Christopher Recardo Johnson 
Jill Alane Johnson 
Robert William Johnston 
Kenneth William Keener 
Caje Barry Knight 
William Rodney Lawson 
Paul A. Lofgren 
James Arthur Looper 
Shannon Patrick Malone 
Ellen Michelle Myers 
David Scott Nightingale 
Anne Marie Owens 
Kenneth Roland Pleasant 
Donald Lee Rudy 
Brendamarie Josefa Smith 
Michelle Colette Smith 
Terry Kathleen Sullivan 
Jon Patrick Trainum 
Karin Suzanne Vogel 


Anthony Albert Christiani HI 
Michele Ann Guss 
* Mark Edward Haines 
Melody F. Wylie 


Robert M. Bailey 
Gregory F. Bingham 
Rowena Racion Cruz 

Alexandre Michel Dessart 
2nd Major: French 
Langi^ge and Literature 
Miles David Dillon 
Jacqueline Dougherty 
Carl Mathieu Cashen Greer 
Chad Eugene Hoch 
t Xiao Pel Huang 
Peter Carl Jendras 
Christian Paul Kaldes 
t Thomas James Kimner 
Krishna Kundu 
Thomas John Lantz, Jr 
Richard J. LaBonte 
Soterios George Louvis 
Richard Edward Mack II 
Joseph Francis Meury 
Dwayne Marcel Middleton 
Yasukazu Muragaki 
John MiUedge Nail IV 
Angelo V. Pace 
Michael Harold Panillo 
Michael Charles Peterson 
Richard D. Reynolds 
David Allen Romoser 
Donald Bruce Sandlin 
Gregory Edward 

Douglas Gary Scott 
Andrew C. Shields 
Abhai Pratap Singh 
Thomas John Sleiger 
Eron Sodie 
Sarah Wallace 
Jay Timothy Wang 
Todd A. Weinstein 
David Michael Westerman 

Government and Politics 

* Susan Benay Berger 
Patricia Ann Biegalski 
David George Bitet 
Adam Wayne Braunschweiger 
John Patrick Capotosto 
John David Carstens 
Thomas Edward Cindric II 
David Matthew Cohen 
Timothy Patrick Cole 
Victor Lawrence Crawford, Jr. 

Timothy Martin Deegan 
Leonardo C. Di Benigno 
Dave J. Dickerson 
Debora J. Doherry 
James Leroy Dunn, Jr 
Lorraine Rita Anne Ebert 
Mark A. Eisel 
Ellen Mary Eshleman 
Troy Damian Fitrell 
Steven Neil Flax 
Patrick John Flynn 
Anthony Jay Gordon 
Christopher Kevin Gough 
James Howarth Hartten 
Richard Maurice Hawes, Jr. 
Theresa L>Tin Helfman 
Ronda Mane Henderson 
Richard Eric Hilton 
Preston Eugene Innerst, Jr 
Douglas Stuart Johnston 
George French Jones, Jr 
Jeremy David Katz 
Christopher James Kelley 
Karl Jon Kieffer 
John Edward Kiesner 
Fawad A. Kirmani 
Elizabeth J. Laffitte 
Albert Heinz Lechner 
Terry Michael Legg 
Andrew John Lewis 
Jay Philip Lipner 
Jeffrey William Lloyd 
Trevin Alva London 
Sharvin Mahdavi 
Lea Mapp 
Matthew John Masi 
Tracy Renee McCuIlom 
Frank Mortis II 
Joel Cabatingan Muneses 
Nancy Lynn Newman 
Leslie Dawn Oliveri 
Rose Felicity Pineda 
Gordon Wesley Read 
Brett Steven Robins 
Matthew C. Roeser 
John Adam Saia 
Joy L. Schaftel 
Willem Donald Scheltema 

Christopher Broughton 

Eton Sheldon Shosteck 
Michael Andrew Smith 
Michael William Spencer 
Karen Lynn Stass 
Christopher Maxwell Stubbs 
Juana Almeida Tancig-Brown 
Lloyd Latham Temple HI 
Marvin Edward Thompson III 
Seth Y. Tishler 
Thomas Andrew Warner 
John Peddy Watson 
Karen llene Wildman 
Carol Lee Williams 

Hearing and Speech 

Mechelle Scruggs Cochran 


Rachel Jeanne Berkowitz 
Stephen M. Blau 
Andrea L\Tin Brandon 
Judith Rebecca Campbell 
James Constantine 

Irene Carter Culver 
Donna Elena Delfico 
Karen Judith Erhardt 
David Heil Espina 
Fredric E. Glassman 
Cbrothy Ellen Hampton 
Jon Chandler Hoffman 
Steven B. Hughes 
Diana Lee Jacobsen 
Janet Margaret Levis 
Lee Ann Lyon-Hibbs 
Dawn M. Maher 
Kimberly Ann Mallon 
Shanaz Nacy Massoud-Judge 
Lisa Beth Mowrey 
Kim M. Murray 
Debra Lynn Nemeroff 
Michelle Renay Sekula 
Patricia S. Suffin 
Ann Marie Swader 
John P. Thomas 


Augiist 1 990 Graduates 

Robert Joseph Trout 
Elizabeth Valderrama 
Caren M. Wechsler 


Marci Anne Bollt 
Lee Ryan Breitbart 
Ruth Bryna Caspi 
Patrick A. Corvington 
Eric Thomas Elder 
Heather Helena Goldberg 
Dexter TaeHoon Kim 
Felice Beth Levine 
Maria Cielo Liwanag 
Susan Anne McKenna 
Laura Ann Medigovich 
* Paul Emery Quade 

2nd Major: Government 
and Politics 
Edward Thomas Qualter 
Jennifer Ann Rowe 
Daniel Benjamin Sarubin 
Renee Rohm Shalette 
Karen A. Simmons 
Patricia Suzanne Sobin 
Michael Patrick Sullivan 
Pamela Ward 
Robert Daniel Weber 
Jennifer L. Weiss 
Monica Williams 
Sara Beth Winokur 

Urban Studies 

Tracy Ann Baker 
Michael John Flixid 
James Russell Fugate 
Abhy Michelle Goldman 
Steven Michael Gottsegen 
Jeffrey Marc Herskowitz 
Ian David Hiltner 
Thomas Michael Labanowski 
Stephanie Martin Merkle 
David R. Pletcher 
Daniel J. Pyle 
Andrew Lawrence Ross 
Scott Leslie Schnall 
Louis Scott Stanton 
Malinda Kazan Steele 
Clarence Eric Williams 

Bachelor of Science 


Claris Cannon Davis 
Daniel Hams Feinberg 
Scott Eric Stickerod 
Linda M. Zackrison 


Mary Elizabeth Anderson 
t Deborah Rosalyn Chipman 
Christopher Joseph Cooksey 
Angel Sandoval Daly 
John Fitzgerald Davis 

* Cathy Christienne Randers 
Olga Tanya Foraker 
Carrie Elizabeth Harmina 
Roderic Scott Lewis 

Alan Richard Morrison 
David John Steinmeyer 
Luz Clarivel Tatum 
Neil Alan Trossevin, Jr 

* Stephanie Christine Warner 

College of Business 
and Management 

Bachelor of Science 


Vasiliki Georgia Anton 
Karyn Antonia Awai 
Christine Kaye Berts 
Melanie Jane Bragg 
Siu-Fai Choy 
Faye H. Chung 
Peggy Joyce Clingan 
Pamela Lee Crandell 

* Steven Howard Fields 
Craig Anthony Gerardi 

2rui Major: General 
Business and Management 
Geoffrey Eric Gordon 
Manuela Gisela Heyn 
Chung Nok Hui 
David J. Kapuscinski 
t Michael Harrison King 
Katherine Cypria Knight 
Kevin Scott Kordon 

* Rosalino Pat Lagos 
Fabian Mahendran 
Wendy Diane Malecki 
David Joseph Manion 
Ira Benjamin Mirsky 
Paul Fredric Newman 
John Carroll Rumford 
Paul Antoninus Samhuco 
Theresa Mary Schoeneman 

§ Rajan Seth 

Patricia Eileen Shawker 
Christopher Kenneth Somers 
Brett Paul Starr 
Michael Donovan Thompson 

* Eric Warren 

Sandra Olivet Webster 
Man Wittek 


llise Beth Berman 
Anthony Joseph Broadhurst 
Steven Bradley Carson 
Andrew L. Chan 
Nichelle Pleshette Corbett 
Frederick Joseph Fitzsimmons 

* Douglas Michael Green 
Gregory Michael Hoke 
Jeffrey Lee Howard 
Brian Lee Kingsbury 
Steven J. Kopelman 

2nd Major: Marketing 
Douglas Patrick Lee 
Kun Soo Lee 
Linda C. Lee 
William Grady Liggett 
Nicholas A. Lizzio 
Todd A. McDonald 
Laura Marie Norris 
Ursula Marie O'Donnell 
Patrick Christopher O'Neal 
Donna Mane Ozgo 
James William Pegram 
Phillip John Pometto 
Paulina Suryanti 

TTiomas Edward Probus 
Craig Darius Reed 
Brian Andrew Rommel 
Joseph Robert Saiko 

Maureen Jean Sanquist 
Ramzi Michel Shammaa 
Bernard Stachel 

2nd Major: Economics 
Baron Kent Strauss 
Richard Atwood Sullivan, Jr. 
Goitom Telahun 
Walter Clark Teter 
Rodney Lydell Tyson 
Ronald Scott Vickers 
Steven Marc Weiss 
Gregory Scott Wible 
Stephen George Wright 

General Business and 

Debra Anne Cardinale 
Cindi Chang 

2nd Major: Accounting 
Paul Donald Constable 
Mark Lorian Coombs 
Michael John Duray 
Richard Allen Freed 
Lora Giancola 
Mary Louise Green 
Jeffrey Scott Grinspoon 

2nd Major: Finance 
Taylor Cabott Lawson 
Victor Michael Lewton 
Gregory Mamayek 
Donna Marie Manili 
Shawn A. Phillips 
* Christopher Broughton 

Carroll Dan Staley 
Amy Ellen Stark 
Joseph Szark III 
Lynn Anne Wiley 

Management Science and 

Kofi Opoku Adusei 

2Tui Major: Finance 
Robin Sue Breese 
Jeffrey Robinson Hallman 
Juliet Jer 


Gary Allan Bell 
Thomas Checho, Jr. 


§ Swnma cum LauAe 
f Magna cum luuuie 
* cum Laude 

Paul Edward Connolly 
Deborah Lynn Dahl 
Jim John Dearman 

2nd Ma/or: Transpcmadon 
James Michael Donegan 
Kevm John Eheling 
Alexandra Joarine Fisher 
Brion Harrigan 
Robert John Jumey 
Reema Jweied 
Daniel Jay Kaufman 
Lisa Komaroff 
Fung Ha Law 
John Hugh Lenkin 
Francesca Maria Judith 

Christy Lynn Montgomery 
Jill Marie Omdorff 
Jamie Christine Palma 
Alketas George Pazis 
Michael David Pond 
Zachary David Rosenbaum 
Suzanne Naomi Spencer 

Personnel and Labor 

Mary Noel Adams 
Janice Lea Gratton 
t Marilyn Huss 

Charles Richard Morrison 
Alexandra Leigh Starr 


James Vernon Dickinson 

2nd Major: Marketing 
Timothy George Malone 
Robert A.C. Manard 

College of Computer, 
Mathematical, and 
Physical Sciences 

Bachelor of Science 


Guy Edward Van Slyke, Jr. 

Computer Science 

Giovanni Edward Amaducci 

Eric William Bolz 
David Randolph Conrad 
Douglas Franklin Gardner 
Naomi Yaling Hsu 
Chi-Yon Kim 
Quang Le 
Cheng-Tsun Lee 
Gwo-Roag Lee 
Yang Luh 
* Christopher Michael Magyar 
David Samuel Osier 
Nimish Pun 
Robert Warten Thomas 
Bretton R. Wolff 
Xue D. Wu 


Robert Vincent Carr 
Andrew Sewall Ricker 


Jorge M. Bartientos 
William Lauren Brooks 
Leslie Alfreda Chambers 
David Bryan Channell 
William Howell Daffer 
Victor Paul DeLibera, Jr. 
Noelle Frances Ferry 
Jason Leonard Grace 
Kevin L. Hart 
John Anslow Keenan IV 
Michael Paul Lee 
Brian Heath Perkins 

Physical Sciences 

John Henry Knight 
Jay Scot Phillips 


Michael Steven Brooke 
Thomas Raymond Gleason 
* Jerome Hyman 
Philip R. Johnson 
Mark Lewis Lupisella 
Michael Dean McClatchey 
Cynthia Ann Ropiak 

College of Education 
Bachelor of Arts 

Foreign Language Education 

Diana Romero Lamolinara 

Music Education 

Vasilia Apostolou Vassila 

Bachelor of Science 

Business Education 

Lance Colin Bell II 

Early Childhood Education 

Lisa Christine Andersen 
Beverly Ann Coale 

Elementary Education 

Kelly Mane Allen 

* Marci Lee Anderson 
Ann-Marie CuUen 
Patricia DiLuchio 
Kerry Lynne Frankenfield 
Patricia Alice Gannon 

* Gregg Stanley Graves 
Joshua James Henry 
Leslie Arlene McMasters 
Shawn Derek Miller 
Michelle Renai Peters 
Sherry Ann White 

Home Economics Education 

Cheryl Kathleen Davis 
Prise ilia M. Rust 

Industrial Technology 

Stephen Carl Andrews 
Ronald George Hassan, Jr. 
Bruce Edward Hill 
Alexander Koudry 
Victor Randolph Lougheed 
Patrice Cherra Mc Neill 
Jeffrey Lewis O'Neil 
John Charles Rauscher 
Michael Scott Winokur 

Mathematics Education 

Gabi Haemmerle 
Maureen Angela Holohan 
David Adam Hyman 

Michael Ralph Krawczel 
Christopher Scot Tucker 

Music Education 

Michael Brien Linthicum 
Terence Jordan Moore 

Science Education 

Cindy Bierman 
Bemadette May Davis 
t Anupama Modi Sekhsaria 

Social Studies Education 

Michael Alexander McLaren 
Bradley Ronald TTiompson 

Speech and Drama 
Julie Newell Yetter 


James Robert Krabbe 
Annette Carolyn Mooney 
James Irvm Schroader 

College of Engineering 
Bachelor of Science 

Aerospace Engineering 

Ashish Bagai 
R. Mark Beckman 
Christopher Michael Compy 
Timothy John Condon 
Suman Babu Cuddapah 
Christopher Steven Cupp 
Paul Whittier Dillingham III 
Damn Patrick Drum 
Lynda Anne Kelly 
Jeffrey G. Laub 
James Patrick McMorrow 
t James Daniel Ott 
Alan Roy Tarica 
Gregory Martin Thomas 
Robert J. E. Whittier 
Shari M. Wunsch 

Agricultural Engineering 
Yair Sagi 


August 1 990 Graduates 

Chemical Engineering 

Bonita Marie Bryan 

Civil Engineering 

Michael Edward Assal 
Jeffrey Robert Cassidy 
Kenneth Scott Clary 
Chong Ho Kim 
Michael Monroe Lenhart 
Andrew John Millunzi 
Jeffrey Scott Peluso 

Electrical Engineering 

Laura Lynn Agee 
Kevin Brian Burkhardt 
All Mohamed Darwish 
Christie Jill DeVore 
Jeffrey Louis Diez 
Minh Quang Dinh 
Janak Anilkumar Doshi 
Ramin Farahi-far 
Robert Michael Fox, Jr. 
§ Frank Edward Fruth 
Glenn Phillips Groff^ 
Behrouz Hadaegh 
Steven Lloyd Jackson 
Savvas Karelis 
Shu-Cheng Kau 
Eric Andrew Larson 
Tan Van Le 

Robert Michael League 
Cheukfan Lee 
Siu Man Lee 
Wibol Arthur Lim 
Robert Murdy Macartney 
Hilary B. Murphy 
David Keith Newsom 
Cathy Thu Ngo 
Oanh Le T. Nguyen 
Phi Linh Nguyen 

* Craig Wesley Rosen 

* Elliot Seth Rothschild 
So ward Seam 

Hugh St. George Lambart 
S laden 

* Gary Lee Sugar 
Barry Eugene Sweitzer 
Robert Babak Tahmassebi 
Evan Hughes Webb 

N(xiruddin S. Yahya 
Andrew Richard Zwirko 

Fire Protection Engineering 

Kevin David Barley 
Morgan James Hurley 
Keith Scott Lippincott 
Robert Carl Spetzler, Jr. 

Mechanical Engineering 

Reginald Lee Alexander 
Julius Banks 

Gregory Charles Bartolomei 
Richard Scott Burgess 
Ralph Edgar Busch 
Geoffrey Reynolds Harmon 
Terance Edwin Kinsky 
Darren Henry Leap 
Trinh Lan Nguyen 
Siddharth Ohri 
Jonathan Mark Pentzer 
Gerald Lee Powell 
Cynthia Theodora Sarafidis 
Michael P. Smith 
Thomas Miles Spangenberg 
Lisa F. Steen 
Dzung Hoang Ta 
Donna Marie Van Gelderen 

Undesignated Engineering 

Patrick Kennan Hams 
Darya Nabavian 
Tejpal Singh Rehncy 
Gregory Mark Witzel 

College of Health and 
Human Performance 

Bachelor of Science 

Health Education 

* Gloria Jo Bizjak 

t Sandra Denise Buesking 

Kinesiological Sciences 
John David Bussard 
Tracey Ann Gilbert 
Melinda Faye Greenfield 
Dante Gacero Richardson 


Dana Joseph Beszczynski 
Peter Vema Cipolla 
Paula Barron DeWit 
Michael John Kiselak 
Mary Louise Oberschmidt 
Mark Joseph Walsh 
Philip James WiUard 
Faith Carol Willis 
Edwin Russell Wright 

College of Human 

Bachelor of Science 

Consumer Economics 

Joseph Ide Bonieman 111 
Jose Valentino Camacho 
Laura Marie Cardone 
Shawn Scott Carroll 
Sonal S. Desai 
Anthony Paul Donberger 
Adam Lawrence Forman 
Neil Lawrence Junker 
David Chun Lee 
Luis Francisco Maldonado 
Donald W. Moffet 
Carolyn Ann Oakford 
Kathryn Shanefelter Roach 
Sherwin Bernard Sanders 
Teresa Marie Stillittano 
Amy Joan Tzou 
Jeffrey Anthony Wilson 
Ricky M. Yom 


Susan Denise Hatef 
§ Alison Goettee Manger 

Experimental Foods 

* Ellen Kathleen Cybul 

Family Studies 

Sue Ellen Braden 
Ilene Laura Brown 
Mamey Renee Chaikin 
Karen Antionette Christian 
Lisa Ann Dover 

Fasaneh Ericka Farhoudi 
Lauren Joy Gandall 
Susan Marina Rodgers 

2nd Major: Psychology 
Stephanie Ann Shortt 
Christopher Alan White 

Management and 
Consumer Studies 

John David Byerly 
Jennifer Jean Davis 
William Douglas Humes 
Charles Edward Maier 
Louis Moskowitz 
Aileen Anastasia O'Reilly 
Kimberly Ann Scheibach 
Lainie Kim Wolfe 

Textile Marketing/Fashion 

Anissa Charlette Battle 
Tracy Lynn Bowers 
Pamela Ellen Bums 
Marcia Lanae Caster 
Margot Shawn Connor 
Marci Dolgins 
Valerie Eileen Fitzgerald 
Mary Elizabeth Flanagan 
Maureen Elizabeth Garrah 
Mary Morrow Hegeler 
Mami L. Hochberg 
Sheryl Lynne Kanzer 
Kelly Anna-Maria Kater 
Kirsten Dorothy Rienecke 
Susan Marie Rockenmeyer 
Nathaniel Studdard II 
Laura Lynn Townsend 
DeTonda Annette Turner 

Textile Science 

Nancy Patrice Northern 

College of Journalism 
Bachelor of Science 


* Nancy Corinne Barash 
Sanford Jay Bliuer 
Judi D. Brookstein 


§ Swnma cum Laude 
f Magna cum Lmide 
* cum Latide 

This crest adoms the west pediment of Ritchie Coliseum. Completed in 1932, 
the building is named for former Govemer Albert C. Ritchie. 

Susan Mary Cahill 
Susan Annette ChafFman 
Lauren M. Creskofif 
Sandra Elizabeth Diane 

Angeline Walker Curtis 
Andrea Michelle Davis 
Christine Elizabeth 

Stacey Lynn DeOnio 
Loretta Anne Foster 
Geoffrey Johnson Gonella 
Aileen Sara Grossmann 
Charlotte E. j. Cruet 

2nd Major; Spanish 

Language and Literature 
Pamela Robin Hirsh 
Tamara Anne Hoots 
Clair Mane Jones 
Diane M. Kim 
* Mamie Lynn Lefcoe 
Ben S. Lieberman 
Stacey Ann Liebler 
Sandra Junghae Lyu 
Sarah Lynn Moser 
Kathleen Mary O'Neill 
Jennifer Anne Paine 
Sarah Elizabeth Pekkanen 
Lawrence Dwayne Purper 
Maria Victoria Ramon 
t Paula Adele Richmond 
Cynthia Lyn Sachs 

Gretchen Lee Schertle 
Richard Mark Schindler 
Gregg Alan Sekscienski 
Halite Iris Sherman 
Diana Elizabeth Smith 
Elena Spithas 
AUegra Olivia Tasaki 
§ Marci Audra Weiner 
Deborah Gail Weiss 
Brenda Maria Wilson 

College of Life 

Bachelor of Science 


Seema Aggarwal 
Christine Mei Chen 
Debra Elise Eaton 
Andrew Brett Goldberg 
Jennifer Lynn Pedriani 


Kathleen George Maas 


Susan Marie Babyak 
Kwangmoo Paul Cha 
Gautam Raman Desai 
Timothy Stephen Lippert 
Bijan Nazemi 

John Scott Phillips 

General Biological Sciences 

* KathyAnn Michelle 


Neil Francis Donovan 
Robert William Duffner 
Christopher Andrew Ellis 
Steven Lynn Goodwin 
Michelle Lynn Gwinn 
Victoria Catherine Lancaster 
Gail Helene Landfish 
Dawn Yvette Maslar 
Adele Katharina Michael 
Stephen Mark Poch 
Thomas Howard Rick 


Dany Antounius Barakat 

* Monique Cote-Hemister 
Joel Vincent Gagliardi 
Behrooz Gharavizadeh 
Mark Howard Moore 
Peter Paras, Jr. 

Kelly Jean Riedesel 
Shanta Surendra Rishi 
Sharmila Shrestha 


James Marius Bressoud 
Ronda Lynn Jacobs 

Linda C. Lee 
Eric Lee Ranne 

Undergraduate Studies 

Bachelor of General 

James Clayton Beardmore 
Ralph Coleman Brown, Jr. 
Douglas A. Eyring 
Jeffrey Adam Garfinkel 
Scott Alan Mowrey 
Therese Anne Peters 
Jerome J. Sweeney 

Certificate Programs 

Afro-American Studies 

Taunya Renee Richmond** 

East Asian Studies 

Paul G. Belliveau 
Kenneth James Goldsmith 
William Marcel Ramavale 

Women's Studies 

Stephanie Christine Wamer 

**awar(kdMay 1990 







r.o.:?' irc 

,-— -• - .—■•." -,fl 

die RedEocd AnociL Bait IB 1944, tfae "New* AiH>i^ as k 
was then caSed, was first osed lore 
Jane 27, 1945. 



Hema A. Bandaranayake Botany 

Selection and Characterizaaon of Lmuron-resistant Mutants in 

Richard Barber, Jr. Physics 

The Onset of Conduction and Superconductivity in Thin Lead Films 

Hee-Kyung K. Bark Business and Management 

Three Essays on Testing Asset Pnang Models m the Korean Stock 

Anup Basu Computer Science 
Model-based Navigation 

David Bazell Physics 

Absorption arvl Scattering Properties of Irregular, Inhomogeneous 

Chantelle M. Beal Textiles and Consumer Economics 

/nteroction of Long Chain Quaternary Ammonium Compound's with 
Textile Substrates 

Brad L. Bennett Kinesiology 

Does Ingestion of Carbohydrate Solutions Improve Endurar\ce 
PerformarKe By Minimising Homeostatic Disturbances: A 
Meta-Analytic Investigation 

Martin T. Black Astronomy 

Analysis of Gravity and Topography on Earth and Venus: 
Corr\parisons of lithospheric arxd suHithospherK processes 

Martin E. Block Kinesiology 

The Development of Body-scaled Information for Affordances: The 
Case of Jumping Distances 

Hans P. Bluem Electrical Engineering 

Harmonic Irueractions in a Free Electron Laser 

Kent J. Blumenthal Recreation 

The Conceptual Structure of a Thesaurus for Park, Recreanon and 
Leisure Service Terms 

Paul R. Boberg Physics 

The Momentum Transfer and Target Mass Dependence of the (ee'p) 
Reaction on Carbon- 1 2 and Copper-6i 

Richard J. Boden Economics 

GeTvier Differences in Entrepreneural Selection and Performance 

Shanthy A. Bowman Food Science 

The Effect of Housing on the Functional Qualities of Eggs o/ Single 
Comh White Leghorns 

Nancy L. Breisch Entomology 

Host Plant Mediated Differences in Life History Traits of the 
Polyphagous Herbivore, Thyndopteryx ephemeraefcrrmis (Haworth), 
the Bagworm 

Susan D. Brown Psychology 

Perception of Conspecific Faces by Budgengars (Mehpsittncus 

HanS'Peter W. Brunner Government and Politics 

The Last Road to Survival? Government Policy, Technical Change and 
Industry Structure in the Computer Industry of India 

Thomas J. Bums Sociology 

A Macro-Comparative Study of Gender- and Class-Specific Secondary 
Educadonai Expansion in Three European Nation-States 

Nancy B. Butler Recreation 

Moral Decision-Making Among Therapeutic Recreation Practitioners in 
Hospitals: An Exploratory Study 

Jeffrey J. Byrd Microbiology 

Survival and Plasmid Maintenance of Escherichia Cell in the marine and 
estuarine environments 

John M. Canning Computer Science 

Recognising Deformable Objects - A Set Srmke Mehtodology 

Kathleen L. Carroll English Language and Literature 

Centenng Woman Onstage: Susan Glaspell's Dialogic Strategy of 

Vema J. Carson Human Development 

The Relationship Betu^een Spiritual VC-'ell-Being And Hardiness In 
Persons Who Are Serum Positive For The Human Immune Deficient 
Virus, Or Are Diagnosed With Acquired Immune Deficient Virus 
Complex Or Acquired Immune Deficient Syndrome 

Daniel O. Casco Business and Management 

The Generalised Backhauling ProUem arvl Other Topics in Vehicle 

Sandra L. Chadwick Textiles and Consumer Economics 

Economic Analysis of U.S. Apparel Imparts 

Chaitali Chakrabarti Electrical Engineering 

VLSI Architectures For Real-Time Signal Processing 

Sun-Lai Chang Mechanical Engineering 

The Mechanics of Backlash-Free Geared Robotic Mechanisms 

Chang- Yu Chao Economics 

A Cross-sectional and Time-series Analysis of Household Consumption 
and Personal Consumption Expenditures Forecast 

Yawgeng A. Chau Electrical Engineering 

Dstributed Detection, Data Fusion and Quantisation far Muln -Sensor 
Networks with Correlated Data 

Lioun W. Chen Chemical Engineering 

A Hierarchical Decision Process For Fault Admirustration 

Seng-Woon Chen Electrical Engineering 

Analysis and Modeling of Dielectric Loaded Resonators, Filters and 
Periodic Structures 

Sy-Mien Chen Mathematical Statistics 
Robust Tests in Statistical Quahty Control 

Pau-Chen Cheng Electrical Engineering 

Venfymg the Multi-level Security Properties of Multiparty Session 


December 1990 Candidates 

Hungchien Chien Microbiology 

Cloning and Genedc Andysis o/ Restriction and Modification Systems 
from Neisseria Gonorrhoeae 

Hsien-Ming Chiu Civil Engineering 
Kyuman Cho Chemical Physics 

Measurements of the Magnetooptical and Thermooptical Properties of 

Zhiping Chu Chemical Physics 

The Application of Stimulated Raman Scattering to Atmospheric Lidar 

James R. Coates, Jr. Kinesiology 

Sport in the African-American Community of Baltimore, 1890-1920 

William ]. Coyle Economics 

The Formation of Distributional Coalitions and Firm Profitability 

Stuart D. Crandell Psychology 

Relational Styles of Male and Female Dominatied Socid. Systems; Is 
There a Difference 

Steven W. Daniels Physics 

Rapid lorazation in Argon Plasmas 

Konstantinos Daskalakis Chemistry 

Solubility ofZnS and CdS m Sulfidic Waters. Complexarion o/Zinc 
and Cadmium with Sulfide 

Clifford V. Desouza Physics 

Transport Coefficients and Their Fluctuations in Disordered Fermi 

Nan DeVincentis-Hayes Comparative Literature 

Rough Waters — A Creative Work cm Mankind's Existence and Its 
Copying With Loss 

Gerard T. Dinardo Marine, Estuarine, and Environmental Sciences 
The Design and Development of an Adaptive Fishery Resource 
Sampling System; Fishrrmp 

Peter ]. Dombrowski Government and Politics 

Regulatory Responses to the Intemationahzation of Banking, 1 958 to 
the Present 

Gifty M. Dowuona Education Policy, Planning, and Administration 

Family Backgrouml and Educational Achievement in Ghana; A Look 
at Male arul Female University Entrants From Residential Schools 

Eva I. Doyle Health Education 

The Effect of Cummunicator Similarity and Expertise Upon Nutrition 
Attitudes and Behavior Among Brazilian Adolescents; A 
Cross-Cultural Perspective 

Julia Dragolovich Zoology 

The Control of Glycine Betame and Its Role in the Cellular 
Adaptation to Hyperosmotic Stress: A Horseshoe Crab Model 

Dominic V. Duggan Computer Science 

Caliban; A Programming Language and Environment Based on Types 
As Specifications 

Bryan E. Dutton Botany 

A mongraphic Study of the Genus Anemone L. (Ranuncwloceae) 
section Sylvia Gaudin 

Emma K. Dutton Zoology 

Characterization of Acetylcholine Receptor Aggregation in Ctdtured Rat 


John J. Echeverry Psychology 

Taking the H/V Test; Behaworal Consequences, Patterns of Distress, 
and Perceptions of Social Support 

Maged L Elhelbawey Civil Engineering 

Defintion of Improved Modeling Procedures for the Analysis of Bridge 
Structures Under Truck Loading Using Weigh-/n-Motion 

Arthur C. Evans Psychology 

Economic Stress, Economic Activism and Level of Psychological Distress 
in Urban Black Adults 

Colleen M. Farmer Kinesiology 

Effects of Strength Training on Lipoprotein Lipid Profiles and Post 
Heparin Lipase Activity in males at Risk for Coronary Artery Disease 

Francine G. Favretto Human Development 

The Impact of Family Environment on the Well-Being of Traditionally 
Aged College Students 

Alan E. Feldman Physics 

Neutron Transition Densities from 48Ca (p,p') 

Lorenzo Finesso Electrical Engineering 

Order Estimation for Functions o/ Markov Chains 

Cathleen S. Fisher Government and Politics 

Decisionmaking Processes in the Federal Republic of Germany : Patterns 
of Influence and Autonomy 1 979- 1 987 

Charles W. Fletcher Mathematics 

Multiscale Periodic Homogenijation of Certain Elliptic Equations Using 
Viscosity Solution Methods 

Richard V. Folea Education Policy, Planning, and Administration 

An Exploratory Study of d\e Effect of Handling and Processing cm 
Sti^dent Jnformanon Quality m Five East Coast Public Secondary 

Fekadu Folle Agronomy 

Effects of tillage on organic and inorganic phosphorus forms and sorption 
in soils of Maryland and Southern Africa 

William J. Forbes Kinesiology 

The Effects of Beta-Adrenergic Blockade on the Training Responses and 
Lipo Protein-Lipid Profiles of Patients with Coronary Artery Disease 

Martha E. Gagnon Education Policy, Planning, and Administration 
Noncogrunve Factors Related to Persistence and Withdrau'al of Adult 
Learners in Baccalaureate Degree Programs 

Patrick R. Gartin Criminal Justice and Criminology 

A Reanalysis and Cntical Evaluanbn of the Minneapolis Domestic 
Violence ExperiiToent 


Martha B. Gibbons Human Development 

Predictors of Mothers' Versus Fathers' Concerns Expressed in 
Preventive Child Health Visits: Physician Characteristics, Parental 
Perceived Competence and Parentai Involvement In Childrearing 

Romel D. Gomez Physics 

Faceting of Vicinal Si( lu) : Design and Application of Scanning 
Tunneling Microscope 

Emily A. Greene Physics 

The Flow Configuranon of Protons and Alpha Particles in the Earth's 
Subsolar Magnetos/ieat/i 

Richard B. Groskin Criminal Justice and Criminology 

Factors Affecting the Use of Research m Policy and Management 
Derisions in Three Maryland Cnminal Justice Agenries 

Susan L. Habbersett Counseling and Personnel Services 
Tests of Trust 

Sharon L. Hammond Public Communication 

EntiTonmentai Issue /nvoivement and Perceptions of Source 
Credibility as Factors in Individual Response to Risk Messages 

Mahmoud A. Hassan Horticulture 

The biology of Agrobactenum vectored Rubus transformation and 
selection of transformed plants 

Allan J. Hauck Industrial.Technological, and Occupational 

Development and Evaluation of Computerized Construcaon 
Esnmaong, Pricing and Bidding Programs Using Integrated 
Application Software 

Gregory A. Hawkins Biochemistry 

Heterologous Expression of the Small Peptide Antibiotics Nisin and 

Sue J. Hawkins Human Development 

Comparison of Fear of Crime among Urban and Suburban Elderly 

Jingsha He Electrical Engineering 

An Automated System for Coven Channel Analysis In Multilevel 
Secure Operating Systems 

Mark D. Heintielman Zoology 

Lysosomal Enjyme Acrivities m Two Imrrmture Leukocytic Cell 
Populations Respond to Treatment with 13-CIS Rennoic Acid 

Terry J. Henderson Biochemistry 

Evolution of Immunoglobulin Kappa Chain Gene Segments m Wild 

Patricia A. Henning Astronomy 

A Study of a 21 -cm-Selected Sample of Galaxies 

Hamdiye H. Heper Nuclear Engineering 

An Experimental Study on Auxiliary Feed Water Distribution 

Ftanke S. Hess Government and Politics 

Explaining International Movements; Activism Among World's 
Indigenous Peoples 

Tilak M. Hewagama Astronomy 

Infrared Polanmetry of Sunspots 

Wade P. Hinkle Policy Studies 
The Security of Very SmaU States 

John N. Hochheimer Agricultural Engineering 

Tnckling Filter Model for Closed System Aquaculture 

Marietta T. Hockmeyer Human Development 

The Influence of Self-Efficacy and Health Beliefs, Considering 
Treatment Made on Self -Care Behaviors of Adults Diagnosed with 
Noninsulin-dependent Diabetes Mellitus u'ithin Two Years 

Nancy C. Hoffman Counseling and Personnel Services 

Relationship o/ Vocational Congruence to Occupational Stress and 

Debbie K. Hsu Biochemistry 

Stipes of Gene Expression and Biochemistry of E. Coli ATPase 

Yuan-geng Huang Computer Science 
Dynamic Scheduling Problem Solving 

Jens Hugger Applied Mathematics 

Computational Aspects and Adaptive Solution Methods in the Finite 
Element Method for Non-linear, Parametnzed Problems 

Ahmed M. Ibrahim Civil Engineering 

Redundancy and Reliability of Prestressed Trusses 

George R. Jarjoura Criminal Justice and Criminology 

Shcool Status, Employment Status, and Criminal Activity in a Large- 
Scale Natioruil Probability Sample 

Garry Jennings Government and Politics 

The Localist Diffusionist Model In Judicial Decision Making: How 
Lower Court judges Formulate National Policy in Equal Protection 

Nai-Yong Jing Chemistry 

Studies on the Electron Transfer Photochemistry of Selected Herbicide 
and of Aromatic Imide With Silylenol Ethers 

Yong O. Jo History 

Industrial Relations and Social Discipline in the British Railway Industry, 

Peggy A. Johnson Civil Engineering 
Risk of Bridge Failure Due to Pier Scour 

Jessica R. Johnston American Studies 

The Intimate Battle for Self -Control: A Cultural Analysis of American 
Weight Control Efforts 

Lance G. Joneckis Physics 

Picosecond Dynamics of Modelocked Semiconductor Lasers 

Alissa S. Jones Psychology 

The Effects of Anger Discomfort, Gender, and Need for Nurturonce on 
Countertrans/erence Feelings and Behaviors Toward a Client Who 
Expresses Anger at the Counselor 


December! 990 Candidates 

Wem-Shiamg Jou Chemical Engineering 

Influence of Maiding Conditions Upon the Morphology and Properties 
of SemiaystalUne Thermoplastics 

Grace E. Kaiser Agricultural Engineering 

An Automated Water Quality Analysis And Control System For 
Biological Filter Research 

Jyotsna M. Kalavar Human Development 

Ufe Satisfaction of Immigrant Asian Indian Elderly in The United 
States of America 

Cing-Dao Kan Mechanical Engineering 
A Neiv System Identification Technique 

Jonathan J. Kandell Counseling and Personnel Services 

The Ejects of Group Homogeneity-Heterogeneiry Based an Cognitive 
Style on the Quality of Group Decision Making 

Raghu Karinthi G)mputer Science 

An Algebraic Approach to Feature Interactions 

Henry E. Kelly Education Policy, Planning, and Administration 

A Companson of the Perceptions of Teachers Employed in Private 
Catholic High Schools Administered By Lay and Religious Principals 

Farida C. Khan Economics 

A Gen£ral Equilibrium Model for Trade Policy in Bangladesh 

Mushtaq A. Khan Agronomy 

Interactive Effects of Soils, pH, Molybdenum, arui Boron on the 
Growth and Quality of Maryland Tobacco 

Yong-Jick Kim Chemical Engineering 

Modeling and Optimal Application of Aqueous Two-Phase System to 
ABE Fermentation 

Benjamin Kinard Education Policy, Planning, and Administration 
An Evaluation of the Actual and Preferred Role of Library Media 
Specialists in a Major Urban Public School System 

Gail H. Kirby Textiles and Consumer Economics 
U.S. Textile Fiber Demarel m Mq;or End-Use Markets 

Randall E. Knack Measurement, Statistics and Evaluation 

Error Estimation Methods for Latent Class Models 

Harumi Kobayashi Psychology 
Contextual Cues m Object Naming 

Can E. Korman Electrical Engineering 

Globally Convergent Methods for the Simulation of Semicorductor 

Shaaban 1. Kotb Agronomy 
Genetics of Blue-Green Bacteria 

Alfred H. Krall, Jr. Physics 

Oscillaring-Body Viscomerry and Its Application to a Phase -Separating 
Liquid Mixture 

Shou-Peng Lai Botany 

Byron J. Lambert Chemical Engineering 

The Effect of Morphology and End Groups on the Radiation Chemistry 
of Chain-Folded Polymers 

Ann D. Lassalle Counseling and Personnel Services 
The Ethical Beliefs and Practices of Vocational Researchers 

Karen B. Lechter Psychology 

Decision Making Under the Influence of Bias 

Valerie D. Lehr Government and Politics 

Liberal Democratic Community and the Nurturance of Children 

Rui Li Physics 

Analytical and Numerical Calculation of Longitudinal Coupling 

Chen-Chou Lin Mechanical Engineering 

Kinematic Syndiesis of Bevel-Gear-Type Rdntic Wrist Mechanisms 

Chih-Chen Lin Computer Science 

Coupling Production Systems and Database Systems: A Homogeneous 

Zhi M. Lin Electrical Engineering 

Automatic Analog/Digital IC Layout Compiler 

Patricia M. Lindley Chemistry 

Synthesis and Polymerization of Cyclic and Acyclic R'etene Acetals and 
an AUcoxy Acrylates 

Chuang-Chun Liu Electrical Engineering 

Universal Data Compression for a Class of Processes with Implications 
far Hidden Markov Sources 

Richard A. Livingston Geology 

The Application of the Neutron Probe to the Study of Brick Deterioration 

Jose J. Lobe Computer Science 

Semantics for Normal Disjunctive Logic ProblerrK 

Liang Lu Physics 

The Effective Hamilionian Approach to the Effect of Fluctuations on 
Probagation and Interocrions of Wares in Plasma 

Zichun Lu Chemistry 

The Development ofChiral Exchange Inert Metal-Nucleotide 
Complexes as Probes of Kinase Active Sites 

David C. Mac Enany Electrical Engineering 
Bayesian Change Detection 

James R. Mahalik Psychology 

Holland Typology as Predictor of Counseling Process 

Yolanda E. Mancilla Psychology 

Social Networks and Social Support m Transcultural Transitions: The 
Case of Latin American Immigrant Adolescents in U .S. High Schools 

Jee-In Mao Human Nutrition and Food Systems 

Lipid Clearing in Premature In/ants on Total Parenteral Nutrition 


Toby L. Mapes Microbiology 

Proline Biosynthesis in hleisseria Gonorrhoea 

Gwendolyn R. Maples Health Education 

Influence of Laughter on Selected Dimensions of Human Health 
Through A Biographical Analysis 

Donald E. Martin Mathematical Statistics 

Estimation of the Period of Periodically Correlated Rar^dom Sequences 

Lynn A. Masterson Recreation 

Dimensions and Measurement of Satisfaction with Resort Soft 
Atneniry Packages fry TimesWe Resort Owners 

Abhijit Mazumder Biochemistry 

Stereochemcal and Mechanistic Studies of B-Eliminution Reactions At 
Aldehydic Ahasic Sites in DNA 

David C. Meder Psychology 

Job Design and Role Stress: A Comparison of Inter-lruhviduaL and 
Intra- Individual Results 

Andrew F. Mehl Biochemistry 

/m'estjgation of the Bacteroides symbiosus Pyruvate Phosphate 
Dikinase Catalytic Mechanism 

Ida D. Melloni Public Communication 

Max Brodel And Visual Communication : The Role of the 
Environment in the Genesis of Modem Medical Illustration 

Elizabeth A. Mitchell Computer Science 

Mohamed S. Mobarak Poultry Science 

Effect of Dietary-endocrine Interaction on Reproduction in Male 
Japanese Quail 

Fouad H. Mohamed Horticulture 

The Role of Plant Growth Regulators in Tissue Culture Induced 
Rejuvenation of Strawberry Plants 

Julio Morales Kinesiology 

The Nature of Physical Education Programs for Children Classified 
into Different Criterion Reference Standard Groups for Aerobic 

Mohamed Morsy Agricultural and Extension Education 

Poiiticoi Processes and Fiscal Conditions in Maryland State Counties 

Gary P. Moulton Chemistry 

Continuum Source Atomic Absorption Spectrcrmetry with a Pulsed 
Xenon ARC Souce arul a Linear Photodiode Array Detector 

Lhadj Moumena Civil Engineering 

Non-Linear Finite Element Analysis of Soil-Structure Interaction In 
Approaches to Bridges 

Helen L. Mulligan Zoology 

Energetics and Development 0/ Striped Bass ( Morone saxatilis j and 
Striped Boss x Wliite Bass ( Morone Clirysops ) Hybrid Larvae 

Ana O. Muniz Kinesiology 

Biomec/ianicol Analysis of Forces and Torques at the Support Lower 
ExCrevnity During Two Running-in-Place Exercises and Three Paces 

Thomas O. Murray Education Policy, Planning, and Administration 
Comparison of Criteria Utilized m the Selection of Computerized 
Financial Systems for Institutions of Higher Learning 

Sahn Nahm Engineering Materials 

Structural Studies of Thin Film Semiconductors and Metallic 
Multilayers Using TEM 

Mary B. Nakhleh Curriculum and Instruction 

A Study of Students' Thought Processes and Understanding of 
Acid/Base Concepts dunng the performance of Instrument-Based 

Thomas A. Nerad Zoology 

The Life History and Taxonomy of Isonema and Isonema-like Flagellates 

Gam D. Nguyen Electrical Engineet ing 

Minimox Sequential Detection for Discrete-time Signals 

Kenneth J. O'Connell Civil Engineering 

Risk Analysis of Statistically Based Acceptance Plans for the 
Construction of Highway Pavements Application to Density of 
Bituminous Concrete 

Edna R. O'Connor Special Education 

Teacher Perceptions and Beliefs about Behavior: Implications for the 
Placement of Black Children in Special Education Programs for Youth 
with Emotional Disturbance and Beliavior Disorders 

Stephen C. O'Day Physics 
Charged Hadron Multiplicities in Deeply Inelastic Muon Scattering 

Offiah O. Offiah Agronomy 

Mineralogy, Limmg Value, and Possible Vanadium Hazards ofSWAN- 
gypsum as a Soil Material 

Mary A. Opdyke Education Policy, Planning, and Administration 
The Effect on Gender on Parental Involvement on H.S. Students' 

Richard C. Osborn History 

William Preston of Virgirua , 1727-1 783 : The Making of a Frontier Elite 

Stanley Ostazeski Marine, Estuarine, and Environmental Sciences 
Transport 0/ Polycyclic Aromaric Hydrocarbons in the Aljuui Aquifer of 
Maryland, USA 

Beth E. Owens- Waltermire Chemistry 

Investigations of the Structure and Reactivity 0/ Inorganic and 
Organome tollic Molybdenum (III) Complexes 

Jiqin Pan Electrical Engineering 

Fast Identi/ication Techniques for Control Systems 

Yi Pang Physics 

Analysis and Development of a Wide Bandividtli Gravitational Wave 

Chul H. Park Physics 

Pil S. Park Applied Mathematics 

Iterative Solutions of Large Sparse Linear Systems of Equations Arising 
from Queuing Network Problems 


December 1990 Candidates 

Christine M. Paszko-Kolva Microbiology 

Legionella spp. A Study in Epidemiology, Survival and Mortahty 

Linda M. Paul Philosophy 

Moral Reasons and Responsibility 

Katharine A. Paweiko Recreation 

Defining the Nature of Visitors ar\d Their Recreaticmai Experiences on 
the Delaware River 

Elgin S. Perry Applied Mathematics 

Distributional Properties o/ Paramenters Derived from Leslie Matrix 

Thi Pham Physics 

Anne R. Phillips American Studies 

Farm Women: Continuities and Changes in t/ie Lives of Women m 
Stokes County, North Carolina 

James E. Piper Education Policy, Planning, and Administration 
Engineers Who Continue to Study: The Relations/up of Selected 
Factors to ParticipacianlNon-Participaaon in continuing Edi4cation 

Molly L. Poole Education Policy, Planning, and Administration 
Data Chec/clists for the First Step in External Environmental Scanning 
(ry Public School Systems 

Robert D. Preece Physics 

Nonthermal Synchrotron Pair Cascades in Strong Magnetic Fields: A 
Gamma-Ra> Burst Emission Model 

B. P. Prince Counseling and Personnel Services 

A Study of Persorudity Types of Educators and Preferred Discipline 

Caroline B. Purdy Chemistry 

Jsotopic and Chemical Studies ofAquia Water Evolution with 
Emphasis on Chlonne-36 

Ellen P. Pusey Industrial.Technological, and Occupational 

A Descriptive Study of the Self-Leadership Characteristics of Selected 
Maryland Homebased Entrepreneurs 

Govindan Rangarajan Physics 

Invariants for Symplecttc Maps and Symplectic Completion of 
Symplectic Jets 

Ching-Yun Ren Physics 

Study ofChiral Confining Model with Vector Mesons 

Harold K. Resnick American Studies 

The Body Electnc: Computers in American Popular Culture 

Moon-Whoan Rhee Business and Management 

L/nobservai)ili[y Problems and Tests of the Traditional Asset Pricing 

Frank P. Rivera-Milan Marine, Btuarine, and Environmental 

Seasonal Patterns in Call- and Nest-Counts ofColumbid Game and 
Non- Game Species at Varying Ecological Scales of Puerto Rico 

Eric E. Roden Marine, Estuarine, and Environmental Sciences 
Sulfur Cycling in Chesapeai<e Bay Sediments 

Vera A. Rollo Education Policy, Planning, and Administration 
An Analysis of Aviation Programs m the Postsecondary Schools of the 
United States Between 1 950 and 1 985 

Roberta M. Romeo Human Development 

Factors A^ecting the Ability o/ Registered Nurses to Identify Selected 
Emotions in Young, Middle-Aged and Older Female Faces 

Amy L. Rovelstad Mechanical Engineering 

An Examination of Vorticity Transport Along Particle Paths in a 
Numerically Simulated Turbulent Channel Floui 

Seth B. Sacher Economics 

Fiscal Unification of a Metropolitan Area 

Nalin H. Samarasinha Astronomy 

An Analysis of Temporal And Spatial Inhamogeneities in Comets 

Linda R. Sanders Curriculum and Instruction 

Secondary Science Teachers' Planning, Teaching, and Reflecting When 
Teaching Science Courses In and Out oF Area of Certification 

Savitree Sangsiri Agricultural and Extension Education 

Human Ecological Contributicns to Rural and Urban Migration in 
Thailand 1970-1980 

Harry W. Sappington Counseling and Personnel Services 
Structured Conceptualizations of Counselor Trainee Concerns at 
Varying Levels of Training: A Further Examination of the Development 

Jacquelyn Scarville Sociology 

}ob Autonomy Reconsidered: A Multilevel Analysis 

Michael E. Schiefelbein English Language and Literature 
Dickens's Characters and the Revision of Spiritual Fictions 

Helmut Seifert Physics 

Energy Dependence of the Effectiw Interaction for Nucleon-Nucleus 

Abhijit Sen Public Communication 

The Impact of the INS AT Agricultural Programs on the Farmers in Six 
Indian Villages 

Basavaraju Shankarappa Animal Sciences 

Cloning and Analysis of Protective Immunity of Major Antigens of 
Ehrlichia risacii and Genomic and Antigenic Relattcmship Among 
Ehrlichia Species 

George C. Shaw Physics 

Low Field DC Magnetisation Studies of Micron-Sized High 
Temperature Superconductor Powders 

Tina H. Sheller History 

Artisans and the Evolution of Revolutionary Baltirrujre Town, 

Shoei-Long Shieh Chemical Engineering 

Applicability ofEhift-Flux Model in Carryover Phenomena 


Leslie L. Shoemaker Agricultural Engineering 
Gleams Plus the Vadose Zone 

Carol S. Silberg Education Policy, Planning, and Administration 
Factors Associcaed with die Philanthropic Behaviors of Major Donors 

Darren D. Sledjeski Microbiology 

Vse of Monukmal Antibody Probei to Investigate Shewanella 
colwelhana Exopolysaccharide Production 

James J. Smith Animal Sciences 

Vanaaon in Mammary Gland and Liver Prolactin Receptors Among 
Ruminants and Rodents 

Kenneth A. Smith Business and Management 

Top Management Team Dynamics. Strategy and Performance 

Michelle A. Smith Food Science 

The Influence of Washing on Some Physico-Chemical Quality 
Attributes of Mechanically Deboned Turkey Meat 

Terrence P. Smith Agricultural and Resource Economics 

The Role of Time in the Demand for Outdoor Recreation 

Judith P. Snyder Education Policy, Planning, and Administration 

Process and Culture Considerations When StrategicaRy Ounging a 
CommuTurv College: A Case Study of Two Examples 

Cynthia S. Sparrow Psychology 

Raymond Pierre A. St. Chemistry 

Scandium'47 Chelated Monoclonal Antibodies 

Randal S. Stahl Agronomy 

ZiTK Retention in Soils: The Interdependence ofpH and OperationaRy 
Defined Zn Species 

Joan Stanley Education Policy, Planning, and Administration 
Orgarujotioniii Impact on Continuation of Nursing Programs 

Mark T. Steen Biochemistry 

Organijonon and Molecular Biology of the Production o/Nism and 
Subtilin, Two Lanthionine-Contairung Antibiotics 

Regena G. Stevens-Ratchford Education Policy, Planning, and 


The Effectiveness of the Reminiscence Insrructionai Systems Design 

Package m on Educorionoi Program for Older Adults 

Carole D. Stovall Psychology 

Charles F. Sturtz Government and Politics 

Policy Implications of Creative Finanang Meclianisms Upon 
Coni'ennorml Wisdom of Bond Financed Debt Mamigement 

Aris M. Stylianopouios Physics 

Finite Temperature Qi^intum Field Theory in Curved Spacetime 

David G. Swartz Marine, Estuanne, and Environmental Sciences 
A Decision Support System for Manne Recreational Fisheries 

Diane K. Swartz Counseling and Personnel Services 

The Relationship Betu;een Selected Personality Variables , Coping 
Ability, Acluei'ement and Sans/action with the Enivronment 

Kathe E. Taylor Counseling and Personnel Services 

The Dilemma of Differences: The Relationship of Intellectual 
Development, Self -Esteem, and Ethnic Identity with Tolerance for 

Nainan P. Thomas Human Development 

E^eci of Intrafamilial Child Sexual Abuse on Self Image of Female 
Vicams Ages 8-16 

Barbara J. Thompson Psychology 

Client Perceptions of Therapist Competence 

Joan L. Thompson Curriculum and Instruction 

The Effects of Cued Recall and Free Recall on the Comprehension of 
Expository Text 

Richard A. Thompson Chemistry 

Solubilirv of Reduced Copper Sulfide Assemblages m Sulfidic Solutions 
298 K and I ATM 

Elizabeth J. Tiemey Chemistr\' 

Total Surface Area Calculaaons for Orgarurmetalhc Compounds as 
Predictors for Toxicity and Chrorruitographic Retention Indices 

Amy Y. Tsou Biochemistry 

A Study of the Genes Encoding tlie Enzymes in the Mandelate Pathway 
in Pseudomonas Putida 

Takuya Tsuchiya Applied Mathematics 

A-prion and A-postenon Error Escimaies of Finite Element Solutions of 
Parametrized hlordinear Equations 

Seniz U. Tumer Chemistry 

Studies on the Reactivity of Cyclopropyl(methoxy)Carbene-Chromium 

Brian P. Tumer Physics 

Molecular Photo Fragmentation with an ArF* Excimer Loser 

Kathy S. Vandell American Studies 

Molding American Character: National Identity in Children's Fiction, 

Carol D. VonDohlen Zoolog\' 

Ecology and Eiolution of Life Cycles in the Hormaphidinae 
(Homoptera: Aphididae) 

Robert J. Waldman Sociology 

International Peocefceeping- Conditions of Conflict Control 

Haixing Wan Chemistry 

Electron Attachment to Elecfronegatiie Gases 

Jya-Ning Wang Chemical Engineering 

Development of an Al Based Program for Process S^ety Evaluation 

Xianhua Wang Library and Information Services 

R'noii'ledge-basecl Selection of Databases: An Algorithm and Its 


December 1990 Candidates 

John M. Ward Botany 

Structural Characterization of the plant nacuolar H+-ATPase 

Benjamin L. Welch Physics 

Ultramolel and X-ray Spectroscopy of Neon Z-Pinch Plasma 

Daniel J. Welsh Electrical Engineering 
Gyroldystron Electron Beam Dynamics 

Claudia J. Widgery Music 

The Structural arui Affective Content of Music for Film 

Frances B. Wimbush Human Development 

Identification} of a Social Support, Anxiety and Depression Profile For 
Males at Risk For Sudden Cardiac Death ar\d Cancer 

Paula Woods Counseling and Personnel Ser\'ices 

Racial Jdentit^ and Vocational Type of Black College Students as 
Related to Academic Ma/or Choice and Expressed Occupational 

Judy A. Xanthopoulos Economics 

Marginal Effective Tax Rates: Forty Years of Tax Policy and Its Effect 
on Margirvii Effective Tax Rates 

Jung M. Yoo Meteorology 

Seasonal freshwater budget m tiie tropical Atlantic Ocean 

Jong H. Yoon Physics 

Dimensional Reductions In Gravity Theories 

Yashuhiro Yoshizaki English Language and Literature 

Faulkner m Japan: A Bibliographical Slud\ 

Dahai Zhang Physics 

A Study of Energy Dependence of Positive Pion Absorption on 
Lithium- 6 Around Delia (1232) Resonance 

Xiaohao Zhang Electrical Engineering 

Propagation and Stobiliry Properties of an intense Beam System ifilh 
No Applied Magneric Field 

Yuhong Zhang Physics 

Quantum and Stochastic Properties of Interacting Field Theory and 
Cosmologic Model 

Jacqueline H. Zmurko Curriculum and Instruction 

A Case Study of Teachers' Implementing a Computer Assisted 
Innovation in Special Education in Middle School 

Doctor of Education 

Norma L. Eckard Education Policy, Planning, and Administration 
Effects of a Comprehensive , Integrated Jnservice Training Program on 
Student Perforrrumce 

Mary K. Finan Curriculum and Instruction 

A Study of Teacher Perception of the Elementary Science Program in 
Allegany County, Maryland 

Judith R. Lees Curriculum and Instruction 

The Effects of a Prior Knowledge Vocaiyulary Activation Strategy on the 
Reading Comprehension of Fifth Grade Readers 

Allison M. Liebman Curriculum and Instruction 

A Study of the Development o/ Visionary Leadership Sfcills in College 
Student Leaders: Effects of a Training Course 

Clare E. Nelson Curriculum and Instruction 

An Analysis of a Computer-managed Evaluation System: Its Evolution 
and Its Use 

James M. Ryan Curriculum and Instruction 

E^ect of Exposure to Disabled Population on Vocational Rehabilitation 
Counselors' Attitude Tou/ard Disabled People 

Susan K. Travetto Curriculum and Instruction 

An Analysis of School System and Participant Use of Assessment 
Center Results for Professional Growth and Development 

Rita J. Womack Curriculum and Instruction 

The Effects of Teacher Modeling Think Alouds on Student's Ability to 
Identify Mam Ideas in Reading 

Doctor of Music 

Kevin B. Ayesh Music 

The Solo Piano Works of Robert Starer 

Elizabeth J. Barber Music 

The works of Hayne van Ghizeghem, a complete recording 

John A. Krebs Music 

The Solo Piano Music of Alfredo Casella 

Julia A. Larson Music 

Flute Without Accompaniment: Works from Debussy; Syrinx (1913) to 
Varese: Density 21 .5 ( 1 936) 

David R. Miles Music 

An Annotated Bibliography of Selected Contemporary Euphonium Sdo 
Literature by American Composers 

Noriko Ohtake Music 

Creative Sources for the Music of Tom Takemitsu 

Reginald G. Rodgers Music 

Recording Project of the Solo Piano Works of Ross Lee Finney 

Gary M. Stegall Music 

Solo Piano Music of Joseph Jongen 

Shuko Watanabe Music 

A Survey of Japanese Solo Piano Music 

Keith R. Young Music 

The Saxophone Solo and Chamber Works of Charles Koechlin 


Advanced Graduate Specialist Certificate 

Stuart Adam Isralowitz 
Brigid Marie Noonan 
Arlene Shapiro Wiseth 

Graduate Certificate in Gerontology 
Master's Level 

Patricia Kosnik Condron 
Nancy Collins Evans 
Muriel Diana Find 
Marjorie Gillingham Marvel 
Robin J. Miller 
Janet Elizabeth Short 
Martin F. Uher 

Graduate Certificate in Public Policy and 
Private Enterprise 

Alpha H. Bah 

Master of Applied 

Jack Besansky 
PrisciUa Jean Saulsgiver 

Master of Architecture 

Patricia Ruth Aitken 

Melanie Lockman 

David H. Chan 

John H. Petty 

Charles Kibe! 

Bernard Roger Mallat 

Paul Edward O'Connell 

Forrest James Pecht 

Christopher John Redecke 

Vicki Angeli Minnis 

James Goerge Shetler 

Martin Paul Shore 

Francis Thompson Wheeler 111 

Master of Arts 

American Studies 

Michael Busnach 
Thomas Hagen Frank 
Frank W. Johnson 
Juanita Blanchette Kus 
Mary Ann Melpolder 
Stephanie L. Prete 

Applied Mathematics 

James P. Dunyak 
Richard Michael Kreminski 
Michael De Wayne Miner 
Jose Cyrano Ruiz 
Bertrand Michel Uberall 
Allan David Williams 

Art History 

Rafael Alas Vasquez 
Susanne Klejman Bennet 
Beryl Curry Bland 
Loma P. Carmel 
Elena Ceccarelli 
Christa J. Clarke 
Malia Elizabeth Finnegan 
Li-ju Hong 

Renee Antoinette Kidd 
Judith K. Lyon 
David Lind Olin 
Jean Dowie Pritchard 
Lee Allison Vedder 


Wayne Henry Millan 
William John Mohan 

Combined History/Library 
and Information Services 

Huei-Lin Chuang 
Glenn Russell Gardner 
Catherine Holiday Hale 
James Michael Huttlinger 
Susan Jean King 
Helen Diane Rutt 

Comparative Literature 

Carole Marie Lehan 

Counseling and Personnel 

Linda Gail Brenner 
Traci Lynnett Brossart 
Andrea Bordley Gushee 
Stuart Adam Isralowitz 
Nestor R. Mantilla 
Traci Ann Martin 
Louis Mayo 
Susan Ruth McCam 
Annmarie Mascetti Merritt 
Brigid Marie Noonan 
Arlene Shapiro Wiseth 

Criminal Justice and 

Lisa D. Bastian 
Carol Ann Bridgeforth 
L. Christopher Eichenlaub 
Elizabeth R. Friedman 

Curriculum and Instruction 

Judith Kerschner Kierstead 
Jacqueline Lea Seppy 


Bin-Sin Chang 
Cheryl Bronson Hansen 
David Albert Latzko 
Brenda Jocelyn Moscoso 
Peter Joseph Nickoloff 
Amy Margaret Praskac 
Maura Robinson 
Lynn Ann Rodgers 
George Allen Sharpley, Jr. 
Blake Sorem 
Cindy Lee Vaughn 
Robin Lee Yankie 

Education Policy, Planning 
and Administration 

Minakshi Goswami 
Rosel Faith Halle 
Theresa Hollander 
Robert Anthony Ramin 
MivTjki Kagawa Yoshikami 

English Language and 

Elizabeth Kelly Callahan 


December 1990 Candidates 

Carol Mason Feldmann 
Kevin Ferrick 
Linda Reiss Freeman 
Jeanine Hurley 
Donna Ann Kinemey 
Jean Strauh Manahan 
David Lawrence McDuff 
Andrew Carson Naprawa 
Todd Van Evera Oakley 
James Christopher Panousos 
Anne Lynn Paxton 
Deborah Marie Piper 
Kathleen Anne Reilly 
Andrea Helene Scopelitis 
David Hugh Weming 

French Language and 

Elizabeth L. Keller 


Thomas Joseph CuUiton 
Susmita Duhey Dugger 
Wayne PaulDulaney 
Gregory Thomas French 
Paul Matthew Young, Jr. 

Government and Politics 

Deina Ali Ahdel-Kader 
Henley Christopher Adams 
Stephen Edward Bahb 
Josephine Jeffries Bonan 
Thomas Patrick Coffman, Jr. 
Shin-Wha Lee 
Stephen Richard Leventhal 
Bryan Archer O'Byme 
Claudia Renata F. Mota Pinto 
Douglas Wayne Poole 
David Sarin 
Signy Frances Schou 
Masahiro Takada 

Health Education 

Anne E. Anderson Sawyer 
Elizabeth Alford Baker 
Kelly Lynn Gary 
Lisa Kay Gilbert 
Lisa Kaufmann Hall 
Lynn A. Guardiani Jenkins 
Gayle Bemette Banks Jones 

Gail Deakins Raymond 
Nancy Gray Smith 

Hearing and Speech 

Alison Ann August 
Laurie Tracy Bogle 
Susan Esperanza Ebanks 
Mary Ann Fisher 
Marilyn Elaine Gentles 
Virginia P. Hoey 
Jill Ellen Medvene 
Stephanie Dorise Taylor 
Gary Alan Troia 
Lisa Caryl Weiss 
Gail Crausman Wertlieb 


David C. Berg 
Laurent Cartayrade 
Christopher Jared Coff^in 
Yael Simpson Fletcher 
Vernon Edward Horn 
Teresa Hruzd 
Ke Ching Hung 
John Francis Jamele 
Fatima Maameri 
Joanne L. Marquardt 
Michael Thomas Parker 
Catherine H. Sundwall 
Marian Yvonne Henrikson 

Human Development 

Elizabeth Anne Buie 
Brian Edward Cemey 
Nancy L. Kimmerly 
Barbara A. Usher 
Crystal Faith Williams 

Occupational Education 

Kathleen Mane Desmarais 
Stephen Petrina 
Paul A. Pressel 


Ana Arias Barber 
Michael Andrew Bennett 

Anne Marie Calmes 
Gail Alice Clanton 
Kathy A. Ehgartner 
Anne Patricia Enright 
Paul M. Foer 
Pamela Dee Frank 
Roberta Carol Hoxie 
Yi-Hui Huang 
Seema Kumar 
Daniel G. Lorenzetti 
Susan Carole Malone 
Cristina Manzano 
Martha Jean Phan 
Mark Hillel Samisch 
Gary Everett Shrout 
Rebecca Dougherty Williams 
Tyrone Michael Woodyard 
Matthew David Wurster 
Mei-Ung Yang 


Christine L. Blesy-Krohn 
Shawn Michael Flynn 
Kathleen Jean Haberman 
Albert James Krotz 
David Brian Lumsden 
James E. Melia 
Cathleen Mary Schulien 

Li-Ling Chuang 

Mathematical Statistics 

Kaiyuan Chin 
Li Shi 

George Tzavelas 
Kewen Yin 


Pyeong-Suk Woo 

Measurement, Statistics 
and Evaluation 

Ting-Hsiang Lin 


Catherine 1. Anderson 
Keith A. Erickson 
Dana Rachel Falk 
MindyGail Hedlund 

Robert Scott Ralls 
Beth Suzette Warner 
Donna Maria Webster 
Jill Kristine Wheeler 

Radio, Television and Film 

Bradley Stephen Boeke 

Juan Cheng 

Leroy Edward Froom 

Hsiao-Hui Ho 

Mary Frances Kiley 

Christian Alberto Sanchez 


Beth Sharon Albaneze 
Delair David Ali 
Scott Andrew Peckins 
Stephen C. Person 


Kay Emswiler Anderson 
Corinne Ar\n Bordieri 
Sylvia Ann Brandt 
Julie Ann Dawson 
Zong-Yee Willson Yang 

Spanish Language and 

ZiXiong Ding 
Angela M. Perez 

Special Education 

Barbara Arlene Danoff 
Barbara Christina Davis 
Nancy Liesta Mamlin 
Maris Anne Spiessbach 


Chaundra J. Cameron 
Charles Leslie Dawson 
Mireille L. Key 
Maurey Lancaster 
Stephen Bamet Meyer 
Michael Mullen O'Hara 

Urban Studies 

Diane Marie McCarthy 


Master of Business 

E)avid Michael Argauer 
Paul Raymond Bonneau 
Carolyn Jane Covey 
Brent Francis Davila 
Keith Wesley Dorman 
Randall Lea Elliott 
Charles Robert Frownfelter 
Mary Catherine Glenn 
Ali Makarechi Hamedani 
Gary A. Hayes 
Walter B. Hill, Jr. 
Randolph Glenn Johnson, Jr. 
Tracy Herbert Joyce 
Carl Thomas Kirk 
Thomas Vincent Kronsberg 
William Schuyler Lankenau 
Cathy A. Lawson 
Daniel Liherman 
Richard Alan Likeness 
Dargeelyn Faun Loftin 
Michael Conrad Mejza 
Samuel P. Nguyen 
Nellie Diana Pharr 
Thomas William Purtell 
Michael Joseph Reingruber 
On Meir Reiss 
James Shand Ritch 
Jeffrey A. Scott 
Michael Robert Spaid 
Jordan B. Stanger 
George Thomas Strickland 111 
Dawn Lynn Van Voorhis 
Douglas William WolfkiU 
David Chase Young 

Combined Business 

Alan Goggins 

Master of Education 

Counseling and Personnel 

Christopher Jay Cofone 
Gloria Salcedo De Rosa 
Norma M. Fedder 

Phyllis Emilie Hagan 
Allison Beth Herstein 
Ins Rosena Johnson 
Judy Dianne Johnson 
Miriam Juanita Langa 
Barbara Levitz 
Robin Michelle Long 
Timothy Anthony 

Susan Cryer Moye 
Benjamin Toong OuYang 
Ann Mane Rogers 
Carol Mae Swartzentruber 

Curriculum and Instruction 

Bonnie Alco 
Karen Curtin Atabek 
Kelley Georgene Barker 
Mary Kathleen Canning 
Mary Lois Dadin 
Rudolph Joseph Filers 
Nancy Elizabeth Gay 
Betty J. Grove 
Janet E. Hamer 
Debra Ann Hansbrough 
Sharon Ann Hesse Hedrick 
Yolanda Irene Hume 
Mary J. Hunt 
Kristin Hinchliffe Joson 
Susan Royd Lipman 
Mark J. Lombardo 
Elizabeth Ann Mateer 
Katherine Kay Orlando 
Carol-Lee Glenn Phelps 
Sandra Kay Saletri 
Rebecca Bell Sammons 
Lisa Octavia Thomas 
Teresa Ann Via 

Education Policy, Planning 
and Administration 

Samantha Corey 
Edward Louis Deitch 
Linda Jane Dudderar 
Dawn Elizabeth Hanaway 
Mary Helen Gallagher Ives 

Human Development 

Janet Evans 

Sujata Mhatre Finn 
Karen G. Leihy 

Occupational Education 

Mary Bossett Compton 

Special Education 

Hardip Kaur Bakshi 
Anne Priscilla Bordine 
Sharon A. Zgoda Gillespie 
Lisa Michelle Sikes 

Master of Fine Arts 


William Crandall Suite 11 

Creative Writing 

Patricia Weems Rawlings 

Fine Arts 

Lynn Ann Bowers 
Narendra D. Ratnapala 
Ricky D. Smith 
Maria L. Swafford 

Master of Library 

Combined History/Library 
and Information Services 

Huei-Lin Chuang 
Glenn Russell Gardner 
Catherine Holiday Hale 
James Michael Huttlinger 
Susan Jean King 
Helen Diane Rutt 

Library and Information 

Sharon M. Barry 
Marilyn Keyes Barstow 
Donna Mae Benbrook 
Jeffrey Vincent Bosh 
Erik William Carter 
Jing-Yu Elfie Chang 
Carolyn J. Chapman 
Lois J. Deringer 

Dorothy Louise Doll 
Rachel Aruie Felber 
Barbara Anne Frivance 
Christine Williams 

Nora Gyuk 

Eric Thomas Henderson 
Robert Alan Kackley 
Geffry Benjamin King 
Janice Lynn Kirshtein 
Margaret Lukowski Lambooy 
Beverly Sue Lehrer 
TTiomas Burton Leiner 
Mary McGuire Lynch 
Susan Ann Mackey 

Lallianzuali H. Malsawma 

Heather Ann Mays 

Ya-Chun Meng 

Kathleen Anne Kenney 

Susan Margaret O'Callaghan 

Xiaohua Pei 

Deborah Ann Peterson 

Minmin Qin 

Monte Pearlman Schapiro 

Jane Schless Shelton 

Cheri G. Smith 

Juanita Christine Smith 

Wandee Tangsathitkulchai 

Jean M. Thomas 

Maureen Grove Turman 

Jaqueline Varjao-Atkinson 

Constance Higham Vidor 

Jennifer Lynne Walz 

Piper E. Ward 

Carol Ann Weber 

Mary C. Wilson 

Rhea Lee Wilson 

Sharon Kay Zoumbaris 

Master of Music 

F Charles Anderson 
Susan Maria Bender 
Amy Cavazos 
Meii-Fu Chen 
Keith Edward Daudelin 
Kyung Won Kwon 


December 1 990 Candidates 

Wai Ling W. Pong 
jean-Anne Teal-Greenshields 
Ahhiradi Viravaidya 

Master of Public 

Yen-Ju Chen 
David Narins 
Radha Raman 

Master of Public Policy 

Stephen Nelson Conner 
Judith Lynne Kems 
Michael Seth Levy 
Roderick Alston Shepard 
Mary Ann Waltsak 
Julie Ellen Weinberg 
Yan Zhang 

Master of Science 

Aerospace Engineering 

Anthony Donald Botting 
Wai Yip Chan 
Brian Matthew Garrison 
Hugo Arturo Gonzalez 
Adam Abraham Grumet 
Norman Wesley Kimata 
Charles Anthony Lind 
Lawrence Dean Martin 
Eric Scott McCartney 
Moghen M. Monahemi 
Dusan Radakovic 
Michele Anne Staisloff 
Yvette Surline 
Agnes Constance 

Susan Ann Tokarcik 
Peter Scott Weinberger 

Agricultural and Extension 

Gregory Robert Gorman 
Calvina Allen Dupre 
Gregory Joseph Garbinsky 
Donald Byrd Marston, Jr. 
Manochehr Nobakht 

Elizabeth Ann Samo 

Agricultural and Resource 

Miriam Euclides Brandao 
Amy Rebecca Buss 
Patrick Neil Canning 
Rhona Maria Lantin 
An Xiao 

Agricultural Engineering 

Navraj Gupta 
Junming Li 
Brian Davis Wortman 
Julie Anne Wright 


Alemayehu Alemu 
Margaret Anne Condron 
Robert Morris Parry 
Mark Edward Radecke 
Paul Richard Shipley 
David N. Weight 

Animal Sciences 

Ahmed Tidiane Balde 
Lisa Rennee Banghart 
Kathryn Frances Valente 


Tamara Toby Heifer 


Deborah A. Loveys 
Carina Pi-Sim Tan 


Krishanthi Priyadarshi 


Wen-Ling Hsieh 
Tsai-Hsia Li 
Keight Uhuru Luyegu 
Edward Benjamin Whereat 

Business and Management 

Subhasis Datta 
Richard Gene Gibson, Jr. 
Teresa Louise Grimes 
James H. Lehnert 
Efstathios Mavrotheris 

Cephas Christian-Kodjo 

Jose Felipe Pefia 
Noah F. Stem 

Chemical Engineering 

Shirley Hsiu-Hsing Chang 
Li-Ying Yang 

Chemical Physics 

Melody Avery Owens 


Jong-Man Kim 
Eric John Lietz 

Civil Engineering 

Samuel Alvarez 
Charles Albert Babendreier 
Abhijit Jayant Bagde 
Aladdin Adnan Barkawi 
David Christopher Barry 
Daniel Kieran Brunton 
Hsiao-Lun Peter Chang 
Diah Djajanti 
Katherine Gail Fowell 
Rajesh Nanikram Gumani 
Ali M. Hadavi 
Lori Pagnanelli Lehnerd 
Tung Ann Lin 
Hong Jun Liu 
Vassilios Konstantinos 

All Mohammed 
Suresh Narayan 
James Lee Preston 
Farrukh Ur Rahman 
Paresh Kantilal Sanghavi 
Mark Joseph Schoppet 
Steven Philip Shach 
Peter John Stephanos 
Li-Hsing Wang 
William Jackson Wright 

Computer Science 

Salwa Kamal Abd-El-Hafiz 
Peter David Cucka 
Thomas Greminger 
Naresh Chand Gupta 
Charmwell Ho 

Songnian Jiang 
Ara Kouchakdjian 
De-Ron Liang 
Calvin S. Lin 
Matthew John Lydic 
John R. Meyer 
Steven Ctouglas Miller 
Carolyn Scott 
Robert Alan Spangler 
William Macklin Thomas 
Mary Catherine Ward 
Elizabeth Lester White 
Yu Chung Wong 
Noura Fares Zoubeir 

Electrical Engineering 

Henry W. Anderson 
Kevin LeRoy Anderson 
Umesh Bakhru 
Dhiraj U. Bhatt 
Michelle Lisa Block 
Philippe M. Burlina 
Douglas Llewellyn Butler 
Andrew Todd Caldwell 
Charles Harry Calkins 
Frederick Christopher 

Tzuchu Chang 
Anderson Indar Chen 
Yen-Ming Chen 
Hung Manh Dao 
Marc de Savigny 
Hadi Abdul-Hamid Fakhoury 
Eric E. Funk 
Jeffrey Alan Geraci 
Michael Philip Gordon 
Joseph Darryl Harwood 
Lindor Eric Henrickson 
Tao-Long Hsiao 
Chunghao Nick Huang 
Tzyy-Wei Hwang 
Ming Jia 

Meenal Vinaychandra Jobalia 
Surya V. Josyula 
Farbod Kamgar 
Yu-Hung Kao 
Elizabeth Ellen Koser 
Mark David Levin 
LiDan Li 


Michael Eugene Lynch 
J Warren Lytle, ]r. 
Serdar Sabri Manizade 
Jean Marie McCausland 
Ahmed Kamal Mecwally 
Christopher Joseph Michalski 
Neil J. O'Keefe U 
Manish R. Parilch 
Gregory C. Prewitt 
David Gunther Quigley 
Michael Rabinovitz 
Mark David Schellhanuner 
Devang S. Shah 
Sangeeta Arun Shirsekar 
Michael Allen Wretui 
Chi-Lieh Wu 
Tsung-Hsien Wu 
Ivan Kin-Kuen Wun 
Gang Ye 
Yu-Neng Yeh 
Xuejun Ying 
All Zahabi 

Engineering Materials 

Matthew Gene Bevan 
Helaleh Maghsoudlou 
John Charles Musall 
Scott A. Stephenson 
Xue Wei Zhou 


Nancy Pat Owen 
Angel Antonio Pefia 
Carlos J. Pereira 

Family and Community 

Michelle Lynne Clossick 
Juan Eduardo Cortes 
Colleen E Dumais 
Sharrame Raeyechelle Ferrell 
Melissa Ann Gregory 
Toni Richmond 

Food Science 

Chen-Jang Liu 


Raymond George Bowman 

Huifang Liu 


Huey Jen Chen 
Pamela J. Hathaway 
Karen Ann Klozenbucher 
Michael David Reinsel 

Human Nutrition and Food 


Jaswinder Anand 
Seema Avinash Bhagwat 
Randy Patrick LaComb 
Peter M. Putnam 
Seppideh Sami 
Maria Cristina P. Souza 

Marine, Estuarine and 
Environmental Sciences 

Ronald David Anderson 
Barbara Ann Campbell 
Charlotte Chamy Nielsen 
Deborah Barger Connell 
John Paul Craig 
Patricia C. Goffinet 
Melissa Anne Holloway 
John Michael Houlahan 
Deborah Jean Morrin 
Cynthia Ann Moulton 
Janet Vine Neundorfer 
Helen Kundtz Rosselli 
Jacqueline Savitz 
John David Stubblefield 
Lisa Volgenau 

Mechanical Engineering 

Young-Hwan An 
Douglas Stephen Beale 
Leo A.G. Breton 
Robert Franklin Charette 
You Hong Cheng 
Liou Chu 

Maria Eugenia Cordero 
Thomas James Drach 
Jillian Youngeun Evans 
Karin Lynn Gipple 
Craig Gavin Haider 
David Bennitt Harris 
Chonghao Huang 

Tao Jia 

Praveen Kaup Kamath 
Charles Henry Kidder 
Charles Randall Lamb 
Christopher Michael Lashley 
David Victor Marks 
Robert Craig McSavaney 
Syed All Naved Naqvi 
James Evans Parker, Jr. 
David Alan Penn 
Madhu S. Ramavajjala 
Michael J. Ratay 
Douglas M. Ries 
Susan King Roden 
Scott Allen Roza 
Irfan Sharif 

Paula Allen Simenauer 
Steven M. Skinner 
Murali Srinivasan 
Darryl Colbum Stein 
Anthony Hollis Sugalski 
Venugopal K. Varma 
Ying Wan 

Kristina Gretchen Whipple 
Wei-Yuan Xu 
Muhammad Salim Zafar 
Nian-Ning Zeng 
Sanyi Zheng 


John Montgomery Cart, Jr. 
Homg-Syi Shen 
Jianjun Zhang 
Nian Zhang 
Jiayu Zhou 


Nilofer A. Ahmed 
Heather L. Hall 
Shawn Marie McLaughlin 
Amala Dinanath Shenai 

Nuclear Engineering 

Alireza Amirghassemi 
Jonas Geduldig 
Zhuorong Jin 


Robert Ernest Bartolo 

Bernard Collins 
Ali Fouladi Semnani 
Gregory Barry Heaps 
Steven Robert Knudsen 
Teresa Marie 

Carey Michael Lisse 
Yadong Liu 
Zeqi Pan 
Andre Paul 

Kathleen Margaret Rush 
Matthew S. Walhout 
Dun-Xiong Wang 
Anna Judyta Wyczalkowski 

Poultry Science 

Frank Anthony Attard 

Reliability Engineering 

Denis John Koutsandreas 

Systems Engineering 

Karen Lynn Francis 
Neil Ramaswami Paragiri 

Textiles and Consumer 

Lisa Carpenter Baldwin 
Susan Schurig Bowman 
James Edward Friday 
Marc Bramante Massoglia 
Claudia Lucia Ramirez 
Jian Xiang 


Christine C. Hakenkamp 
Sarah Elizabeth Mabey 
John Andrew Scherter 
Hector Jose Severeyn 
Suzy Ruth Ellen Steele 




;¥r;:^!#»?*v ,'r/•-'*»r^;TJ?JP.V^^ 


^^ m^S*'^ St'^j^ajt-TTjy^, 



Ionic style columns like this one appear on several buildings around 
the College Park campus, including the Physics Building, Main 
Administration, and several dormitories. 

College of Agriculture 

Bachelor of Science 

Agricultural and Resource 

Lisa Anne Atchison 
Richard B. Bank 
Sonatta S. Camara 
Caesar Jenaro Tabunda 

Kevin Paul Cox 
Mary Karen Courtney 

Nichelle Renee Daniels 
Gerry Jarmain Remming 
Suzanne Michele Flood 
Sarah Christine Glynn 
Margaret Ann Goolsby 
Edward Leroy Gray 111 
Mary Elizabeth Greenwell 
Jason Kimble Harvey 
Douglas Whitman Himmler 
Gregory David Hurley 
William Harrison King IV 
Stephen Clark Lamphier 
Anthony Lester Lee 
Yuen Ho Lee 
Thomas Alan Lefler 
David Christopher Lyles 
Margarita Rosa Mandry 
Nancy Matos 
Margaret Jesse McLaine 
William Mueller 111 
Elva Linda Neumann 
Monglan Thi Nguyen 
Heather Jane Page 
William Stephen Pearce 
Kevin Gerard Perlstein 
David Francis Rakus 
Patrick H. Randrianarivelo 
Jeremy Robert Read 
Howard Steven Rosenberg 
Brenda Kay Rouse 
Sandra Ann Salvatori 
John Michael Schuma 
Sean Scott Sliney 
Michael Darius Tahmassebi 
Frederic Ian Waxman 

David Michael Wetten 
Eric Martin Winkler 
Karen Michelle Wright 
Merrill Andrew Yavinsky II 
Donyale Francesca Yorkshire 

Agricultural Chemistry 

Christie Elizabeth Cooke 

Animal Sciences 

Barbara Beatrice Bernhardt 
John Francis Chick, Jr. 
Bethel C. Ekeanyanwu 
Luckett Willis Emory 111 
Cynthia Bradham 
Wendy Caroline Hardesfy 
Adrlenne Michelle Homatko 
Elizabeth Roe Neely 
Jacqueline Maria Newell 
Jill Fuge Newman 
Jennifer Lynne Nieusma 
Michelle M. Smurl 
Kelly Drew Stockton 
Craig Michael Zikan 

Conservation Soil, Water 
and Environment 

Phillip S. King 

Crop Science 

Monica Marcelll 

General Agriculture 

Robert Sylvan Cooksey 


Daniel Gilbert Hayes 
Denise Jakobsberg 
Judith Keane 
Clark John Lare, Jr. 
Sean Patrick Mallin 

§ SumjTui cum Laudf 
f Magna aan Lawk 
* cum Laude 


§ Summa cum Lawk 
t Magna cum Laude 
* cum Laude 

Darrel Daniel Petry 
Peter Christopher Scherzer 
Glenn Waid Simon 
Ronald Allen Smith 
Michael Lawrence Wood 

Natural Resources 

Martin J. Brockman 
t Marie Terry Childress 
LuisTomas Delgado 
Carl-Joseph DeMarco 
Carmen Dominic Gilotte 
Steven Monteith Harrison 
Paul A. Jacobs 
Kim Marie Katralis 
Lynn Eve Lawrence 
Michelle Ann Mackavage 

* Mary Ann Parcher 
Waldo Dejesus Pinto 
Laura Nicole Pomeroy 
Scott Raymond Proctor 
Elisa Hope Spector 

Turf and Urban Agronomy 

Carol Lee Offenbacker 

School of Architecture 
Bachelor of Science 


* Monique Renee Agnew 
Van Chistopher Franke 
Joseph Allen Landry 
Vincent Michael Lee, jr. 
Virginia Elizabeth Mendizabal 
Theresa A. Schoppet 
Kevin Andrew Stevens 

College of Arts and 

Bachelor of Arts 

Advertising Design 

Ellen Elizabeth Doyle 
* Deanna Felice Pineda 
Vernon Darnell Rhock 
Glenn Paul Roeca 

American Studies 

Seth W. Bloch 
James Roland Farserotu 
John Andrew Feeley 
Mary Irene Gubisch 
Jennifer Beth Marcus 
Clara Anne Miller 
Lisa Kathleen Robinson 
Lori Faith Wiener 

Art History 

t Rocio Aranda 
Alexis Blair Backus 

* Alexander J. Cortright 
Karyn Marie deDufour 
Rita Hores Fenily 
Melanie Arm Friedman 
Taylora LeNelle Imes 
Melissa Martley 

§ Teresa Ann Mossi 
Jane A. Prive 
Lisa Carole Propps 
Andrea M. Scharbo 
Matthew Lee Springer 
Maria E. Tousimis 
Linda Christine Walters 

* Alexandra A. White 


Heather Marie Bryant 
t Beth Nannette Spicer 

East Asian Languages and 

t Patricia Mane Luther 
Robert Scott Rasmussen 

English Language and 

Colleen Barbara Amberman 
Teresa Lee Aquino 
John Joseph Bertinatti 
Michael Charles Buckley 
Roy Stuart Bucy 
Sean Philip Burke 
Alisa Helene Carroll 
Alison Fiona Clarke 
Betsy Patricia Courshon 
Chamene Mane Davis 
David Edward Dodson 

Gina Maria Downin 
Paul A. DuBose 
Karen Ann Dudley 
Julie Wynne Edell 
Sean Matthew Elkin 
Wendy Trudy Emanuel 
Paul Kurt Engelmann 
Mary Kathleen Fern 
Catherine Elizabeth Field 
t C)aniel Craig Fisher 
Gabrielle Fisher 
Peter Gerard Gillespie 
Sally Marie Gimon 
Stephanie Lytm Gnesin 
Kristin E. Goodwin 
Talia Greenberg 
t Ragini Gupta 
Leslie B. Hankin 
Martha jane Hanson 
Kirsten Anna Hayes 
F Wendel S. Heid 
Erich Scott Hintze 
James Herbert Hoscheit 
Suzanne Kay jaenichen 
Jennifer Lynn Jarman 
Ivy Damita jemigan 
Thomas Patrick Kane 
Kelly Lynn Katzenbarger 
Shawn Merrick Kessler 
Tambra Elane King 
Scott Patrick Kinney 
Kimberly Lane Kridler 
Kah Wai jenny Kwan 
Marianna Louise La FoUette 
Laurie Leigh Larkin 
Monica Danette Lee 
Samuel R. Logan 
Jennifer Denise Lovick 
Colleen Elizabeth Matthews 
Deirdre M. McCuUough 
Laura Nicole McKinney 
Ayda Ann Meadowcroft 
Erik Paul Miller 
Granville Dale Miller 
Troy Carlton Miller 
Kelley Lynn Moore 
Steven Joe Moore 
Stephanie Leone Murphy 
Rachel Lynn Myers 

Marjorie Ruth Nemerson 
Maureen Ann O'Brien 
Maria-Tereza G. Osheroff 
Kristin Talbot Pettine 
Jill Denice Poffinbarger 
Joanne Elena Pugh 
Kimberley Dawn Richardson 
Martha Ann Ritter 
Shannon Marie Rogowski 
Janeen Carol Rush 
Uzma Saeed 
Debra Marie Salkowski 
* Joshua Benjamin Sarubin 
Kurt William Schmidt 
Holly Victoria Seltzer 
Douglas David Singleton 
Wayne Leonard Sladic 
Therese Marie Smith 
Scott Michael Springmann 
Nancy Lynn Steinbrecher 
§ Adele L. Steiner 
Brenda Ann Stone 
Jayne Kristen Sullivan 
Jessica Rhea Sweeney 
Dana Lynn Tarquini 
Kristen Kathleen Tate 
Barbara Jane Taylor 
Rita Marie Terek 
* Nina Harmar Thompson 
Mary Frances Triggs 
Elizabeth Louise Van Dyke 
Laura Kay Vemer 
Nicole Wagschal 
Benjamin Wartofsky 
Judy Lynn Warwick 
Amber Teri Watson-Rauch 
James Andrew Weir 
t Gene Ronald White, Jr. 
Tandy Elizabeth Williams 
Tracy Lynette Williams 

French Language and 

t Eileen Day Scudder 

German Language and 

Juliet Jean Cunningham 
Michele L. Hackett 


December 1 990 Candidates 

Drew Martin Powers 
Joanne Marie Stiegler 
Thomas Benjamin VoUmer 
William Edward Wooge 


jae B. Ahn 

Britthany Esula Beadle 
Michael Ian Bersofsky 
Stuart William Binder 
Robert Allan Bjerkaas 

* Amy Denise Blachowicz 
Donna Marie Boteler 
Jonathan Andrew Caplan 
Rachel Diana Clayton 
Thomas Raphael Fabiano 
Perry Leigh Fri 
Tracey Paulette Harris 
Rachelle Lattice Marion 

§ Julie Ann Mason 
Monday Merrissa Miles 
Todd K. Mohink 
Michael James Nolan 
Noelle Christina Pearson 
David Michael Reed 
Todd David Reitzel 
Richard Daniel Smith 
Sidney Lynn Wheeler 
Colin Christopher White 
David Maximillian Zwick 

Italian Language and 

Rose Marie jtxhum 


§ Patricia Cooper Nathan 


James Thornton Hutchins 
Isiah Oscar Johnson 
Hyon Sook Kim 
Sujin Kim 
William Marple 
Alyssa Anne Moquin 
Mary Angela Petty 
Amalfi de Oliveira Scarano 
* Rebecca E. Wong 


t Richard Edwin Gardiner, Jr. 
Peter Matthew McKechnie 
Savvas Philip Savopoulos 

§ Ayala Shetbow 

Radio, Television and Film 

Sean Michael Augustine 
* Robin L. Bliss 
James Douglas Bohi 
Diane Elizabeth Brounstein 
Wan-Ho Chu 
Gary Edward Cnare 
Daniel James Corrigan 
Brian David Craig 
Frank Carmelo CrisafuUi 
Duane Sheldon Fitzhugh 
Donna Lynn Gibson 
Nancy Grupe 
David Henry Hammer 
Michelle H. Hyatt 
Alix Louis Leger 
Susan M. Linde 
Michael Sharbel Lucas 
Frank Gaston Maldonado 
Leonaid Franklin Merryman 
Scott Edward Murphy 
Helen T. Notley 
David Daniel Oleynik 
Patrick James Patterson 
Linda Jo Ritz 
Nancy Ghassan Sabbagh 
Mitchell Allan Scherr 
Jennifer Joan Stephenson 
Christian Boyd Stevenson 
Charles Spates Strachan 
Thomas James Swales IV 
Eric Albert Thoman 
Julian Ignacio Urquijo 
John Francis Utley 
Kfistina Marie Varmer 
Marcie D. Vogel 
Stacie Diane Wakefield 
Ernest Parker Webb 
Stacy Pamela Weiner 
William L. Weiss 
Victor J. Wenner 
Mary Margaret Zimmer 

Romance Languages 

Carolann Campana 

Alba Janice Urrutia-Bemart 

Russian Area Studies 

Paul Rabasco Liemi 
Karin Louise Wilhelmi 

Russian Language and 

Adrian Michael Mannella 
Rachael Anne Mott 

Spanish Language and 

Christine Marie Dias 
Barbara Anne Fong 
Clair Marie Jones 
Jana Michelle Kinder 
Lorena Kipershmit 
Cidalia Maria Domingues 

Jennifet Anne Petrisko 
Pamela Maria Rodriguez 
Carmen Miguelina Romero 
Isabella Maria Sanchez 
§ Elisabeth Lynn Wood 

Speech Communication 

Monty Ross Amdursky 
Jane Edith Barone 
Neil Gary Berkman 
Lisa Lyn Boyce 
Margot Fisher Brown 
Kris Ann Buetti 
Sharon Lynn Cassidy 
Carla Valeria Chambers 
Maria A. Colella 
Richard S. Cunanan 
Alexandra AUene Davis 
John A. Ferraioli 
Richard Joseph Reece 
Susan Marie Furry 
Elizabeth Gross 
Michael James Hajjar 
Jacquelyn Rachelle Healey 
Marc Hirschheimer 
Tawana Petrice Jacobs 
David Michael Kahl 
Kristi Ann Kalin 

Soraya Natasha Khan 
Alan Scott Klein 
Erik Steven Magiet 
Alyson Andrea Martin 
Kelly Lee McNamara 
Elisabeth Truitt Moehring 
Stacey Hope Morrison 
Mary Ann Oelgoetz 
Ronnette Angelique Perry 
Jennifer Pierce 
Cassie Louise Richards 
Cathleen Kelly Rogers 
Glenn Thomas Saxman 
Richard Salvator Scordo 
Robin Elyse Shepherd 
Amy Melissa Smith 
Mary Elizabeth Sprinkle 
Suzan K. Stacy 
James M. Sullivan 
Alice Lorraine Swift 
Scott Allen Whittier 
Wade A. Williams 
Christy Ann Winters 

Studio Art 

Erin Lynn Brown 
Robert Stuart Burgess 
Deborah Michelle Cohen 
Stacey Ann Galetto 

2nd Major: Advertising 

Mark HoUingshead Hanna 
Patrick Arthur Shanklin 

Ryan Andrew Hench 
Veronica Marie Horn 
Iliad Kaseem 
Diane Lynn Keister 
Jung Hee Kim 
Lorita Marie Kimble 
Caesareandi Mardansjah 
Trace Anthony Mebane 
Maria Digges O'Rourk 
Sean Brendan Pelan 
Kimberly Michele Simmons 
Laura Marie Smith 
Susan E. Thagard 
Renee Lesley Thibault 
Jay Howatd Weinstein 


§ Summa cum Laude 
f Magna cum Laude 
• cum Laude 


lleana Emi Ayala 
Julie Christine Johnson 
Laura Jean Lewis 
Terese Lee Spor 
Jeflrey M. Stachura 

Bachelor of Science 

Advertising Design 

Stephen Joseph Alexander 
Alexis Blair Backus 
Jennifer Lynn Baugh 
Mary Kimberley Cantrell 
Melton Elizon Castro 
Nelton Elizon Castro 
Charles Crist Craver 
Cynthia Kay Griffith 
Mario Eve Hilsenrath 
Susan Doris Jurf 
Suzanne Lise McCallum 
Gerardo Oyola Mercado 
Elizabeth Anne Pagliei 
Michelle Ann Riganati 
Ctonna Rogall 
* Brian Matthew Roper 
William Francis Sener, Jr. 
June M. Ungvarsky 
John Nicholas Wendl 

Interior Design 

Anna Liza E Albano 
Amy Sue Cook 
Brett Jay Hayden 
Soo Hyun Kim 
Ann Leetmaa 
Meeyoung Lim 
Rebecca S. Maddage 
Suzanne Colette Spitzer 
Heather Elaine Young 
Maria Teresa Zarabia 
Erin Marie Zinder 

Bachlelor of Music 


Megan Kate Hawrylak 

Music Theory and 

Yong Nan Dongu 

College of Behavioral 
and Social Sciences 

Bachelor of Arts 

Afro-American Studies 

Dionne Yvette Brown 
Donnell Raymond Jackson 
Sandy Evander Robinson II 


* Terttu Marie Ansary 
LudmiUa Bamaj 
Stephen Richard Bilicki 
Kirsten Marie Faour 
Maria Estelle Harris 
Russell Foster Loiselle 
Erika Marie Lutzner 
Jonathan Laurence Rones 
Paula Gail Sherman 
Kama Lynn Soderstrom 
Robert W. Thomett 

Criminal Justice 

Jeffrey Adam Aronsky 
Andrea Rachel Beres 
Glenn Patrick Brogan 
Charles R. Burkhart 
Belinda M. Callahan 
Kenneth Douglas Chapman 
Anthony Sylvester Clarke 
Raymond Thomas Cogan 
Catherine Lyrm Craig 
Dominic Virgil D'Ambrosi 
Brian Lowell Dacy 
Kevin Michael Davies 
John Christopher Deeb 

* Pamela Lorraine DeGeorge 
Douglas Wade Dill 
Kimberly Ann Drown 
Ian Marcel Facey 

t Alan Howard Felsen 
2nd Major: Sociology 
George Earle Fox 
Kelly Arui Gleason 

§ Thomas A. Gray 
Patrick Allen Hawk 
Raymond J. Hemmert 
Karen Beime Houston 
Valerie Denise Houston 
John Zhong Huang 
Inga Irene Hudson 
Sherry Anne Julien 
Tamara Jo Kavlick 
Laura Kathleen Keeler 
Cotina Rochelle King 
Michael Andrew King 
Vladimir M. Krochmal 
Todd Christopher Knysiak 
Thomas Joseph Ledwell 
Gary Patricks Lembo 
Jodi Marie Lowry 
Jennifer Yvonne Mally 
Steven Scott Maskell 
James Arthur Matthews 
Brian Alan Mattson 
Eric Victor Mazur 
Amy Louise McChesney 
Thomas Joseph Monahan 
Donald Michael Mulkerin 
Carolyn Knight Myers 
Karl William Neumann 
Rachel Ann Newman 
Michael Alan Pecknay 
Sean T Quinlan 
Karen Denise Ring 
Michael Joseph Sabol 
Max Hirsh Selig 
Thomas Patrick Sheehan 
Churchill Suzanne Siehl 
Franklin David Sifford 
Carol Lee Sondheimer 
Thomas William Thorogood 
Michael David TolUver 
Allison Denise VanOcker 
Beverly Jean Ward 
James Aaron Warren 
Leah Gail Wellek 
Christopher Y. Wemple III 
Hans Richard Wilhelmsen, Jr. 


Karen Jensen Craft 
Milo Mandel Davis 

Thuy Trang Thi Duong 
Stephanie Suzarme Franklin 
Edward Louis Cesser, Jr. 
David M. Hecht 
Wendy Lynne Howe 
Douglas Emerson Irwin 
Charles Thomas Kincaid 
Bonnie B. Linghor 
James Clayton Miller 
Denise Cecilia O'Brien 
Kenneth Joseph Parent 
Andrew Thomas Reese 
James Anthony Sherron 


Mark Anthony Abadir 
Richard L. Alexander 
Nickolas John Barbarine 
Stephen Daniel Baxter 
Kevin Francis Bender 
Stephen John Berardi 
Maurice Alphonse Berry 
Mark Fletcher Binnion 
Daniel Harlan Breedlove 
* David Joseph Brugger 
Kevin Thomas Callen 
Marco Antonio Castellon 
Nigel Hugh Claxton 
Edward Thomas Conaty 
George Burt Criswell 
Caroline Louise Cutts 
Joseph Eugene DePaul 
Jeff Hugh Dougherty 
Joseph Richard Ellis, Jr. 
Lance Scott Farber 
Paul Joseph Friel 
Andrew John Galanakis 
Ahhijit Ganguly 
Ermyas Gedlu 
Michael David Ginsberg 
Michael Allan Glaze 
Richard Brian Graylin 
James Patrick Hahn 
John Kevin Hahn 
Harold Duke Hunt, Jr. 
Tracey Marie Jacobs 
John Thomas Jacoby 
David William Johnson 


December 1990 Candidates 

Judith Lynn Johnson 

2nd Major: CrirrumJ Justice 
Martin Leroy Johnson 
Robert Gary Kouzel 
Ronald delaCruz Lerum 
Cidalia Maria Domingues 

Toan A. Ly 
Amy Claire Martin 
Nicholas James Mashinski 
Robert Jamie McLeod 
Robert Eugene Merlene 
Roxanna Rose Metwally 
Clifton Dillard Mitchell, Jr. 
Joe Prahlad Naidu 
t Sinaia Netanyahu 

William James Niederberger 
Milanie Kimberly Padua 
James S. Park 
Cisa Yvonne Riley 
Stuart Jay Rosenthal 
Carl Francis Samsock 
Jose A. Sanchez 
Angelo Marcus Sands 
Lawrence Marc Selleh 
GiUeen Anne Shonk 
Suryadeep Narain Sinha 
Donald Ellison Sommer, Jr. 
Kristina Sadi Suh 
Scott Bowie Trilling 
Walter Ellsworth Trout III 
John Francis Utley 
Craig Steven Voyton 
Craig William Waddle 
Robert Panan Wagner 
Albert Lewis Walker 

Government and Politics 

James Abadian 
Christopher John Acton 
David Alfierin 
Eduardo Andres Alvarez 
Maria Cybele Arpon 
Gregory Arthur Baker 
Cameron A. Barron II 
Devona Eve Bell 
Kathleen Ann Benbrook 
Patricia Ann Biegalski 
Donna Marie Biscieglia 

Thomas R. Boushier 
Kimberly La'Shawne Bowden 
Michael Andrew Briefs 
Charleta Denise Brown 
Trent DuBard Bruyere 
Roy Stuart Bucy 
t Kevin Gregory Burt 
Gandice Sue Camden 
Ross Andrew Gaplan 
Lisa Elaine Cass 
Andrew James Dagirmanjian 

* Robert Issam Damalouji 
Timothy Bernard Dapp 
Stephanie Marie Davis 
Rene' De-Leon-Toro 
Vincent Michael DiPaula 
Andrew Aaron Donnelly 
George Paul Eastham 
William Ferdinand Eberhart 

David Alan Etzel 
TTiomas Ira Ewers 
Gregg Feit 

Patricia M. Fernandez 
James Patrick Fisher 
Mark David Frederick 
Mark Douglas Gaston 
Lori J. Gauf 

Mohammed Moiez Ghadyali 
Ida M. Ghaffari 
Carol J. Gibson 
Behzad Gohari 
Kristine Marie Gregory 
Jeanette Hope Habel 
Sean Timothy Hagerty 
Mary Genau Hamill 
Suzette Marie Hawksworth 
Gail Marielle Hendrickson 
Hale Heyat 

Anna Elizabeth Heyerdahl 
Rene Tricia Hicks 

* Lorena M. Hiep 
Jin K. Hwang 

t Monica Jewell Johnson 
Lisa Jayne Jox 

* George Karayianis 
Adrianne Beth Karlin 
Peter Edward Kelly 
Stacey Lynn Kirstein 

t Elayne Daphne Kochis 
Joseph Mortis Kopyto 
Paul Louis Kuhn 
Bartolomeo Lancellotti 
John Paul Landry, Jr. 
Sonia Elizabeth Layne 
Scott Richard Leffler 
Stacey Michelle Leventhal 
Daniel Jeffrey Liss 
Edward L. Lombardi 
Richard Love 
Michael Kenneth Lowe 
Celeste Annette Malatesta 
Margaret Kathryn Martin 
Aaron Kenneth McCarley 
Sean Patrick McGowan HI 
Shannon Joyce McGreevy 
Luanne Patrice McKenna 
Mark Joseph McNemey 
Aaron Walter Meisner 
Carlos Robert Moss 
Hiroko Murakami 
David Patrick Novak 
Patricia Victoria Nusser 
Teresa Marie O'Brien 
Kathleen Bridget Oliver 
Anie Ong 

OUine Debra Padgette 
Ronald Keith Paganelli 
Robert C. Papa, Jr. 
Nathaniel Sanghun Park 
Dana Sidnette Parker 
Marianna Jeanne Patente 
Lisa Anne Paull 
Thomas Joseph Pekin III 
Denick Christopher Phillips 
Joanna Pisciotta 
Larry Lafayette Poe 
Data Eve Pollock 
Alvaro Puga 
Patrick John Purcell, Jr. 
Danen Todd Raymar 
Darten Recupero 
Brian Andrew Reffkin 
Gregory John Rhodes 
Joseph Mitchell Robinson 

Richard H. Rossmark 

2nd Major: Geography 
John Michael Sadler 
Edward David Sainato 
Ann Helen Samaras 
Michael Seo 
Jason E.J. Shamy 
Eugene David Shekhtman 
Onike B. Sherman 
t Rachel Lynn Siegel 
Kirsten Bemadette Smith 
JoAnne D. Spotts 
Sheri Lynn Strasbaugh 
Maureen Alice Sullivan 
Gregory Allan Tacchetti 

2nd Mo/or: Economics 
t Anne Louise Taylor 
John Edward Tucker 
Paul Joseph Turley 
Douglas Allen Van Winkle 
Denise Joan Villareale 
Van Vuong 

Amy Capresha Walters 
Maria Antonia Ward 

2nd Major: Spanish 

Language and Literature 
Shawnta Regina Watson 
Marc Jonathan Weinstein 
Michael Joseph Weiss 
t Lisa Michele Wiederlight 
Lisa Kathleen Williams 
Kyle Andrew Wilson 
Lori Ann Windsor 

Hearing and Speech 

Cynthia Lynn Bowers 
Katherine Prag Elliott 
Tonya Rachell Jenkins 
* Alisa Hope Kahn 
RobynJ. Kaplan 
Adam Jay Kleger 
Kathleen Marie Long 
Lisa Ann Omdorff 
Christine Denise Schaus 
Carolyn Elizabeth Thompson 
Donna Lee Wagner 
Gina Marie Walter 


§ Sitmma cum Laude 
t Magna cum Laude 
* cum Laude 


Matthew C. Battle 
Joyce Elaine Blount 
Kristina Lynn Bond 
Amy Suzanne Boyce 
Charles I. Boyer, Jr. 
Walter Mott Brennan 
Gail Ann Burger 
Mary Bemadette Byrne 
Christopher Everette Canter 
Anthony Theodore Can- 
Susan Margaret Chapman 
Timothy John Conway 
Drew Mark Demas 
Karen Lynn Donovan 
Andrea Corrinn Dumas 
James TTiomas Dunleavy 
Stacey Lynn Espey 
Susan Lynn Feldman 
Bryan S. Foreman 
Karen Louise Franklin 
Janet Friedman 
Peggy Mae Geisler 

t Kim Deanna Gershon 
Elizabeth Ann Gibson 
Elizabeth Margaret Healy 
Melissa Ayn Hulver 
Debra Leigh Jiles 
Bill Haeng yong Jung 

* Stacy Lynn Karzen 

2r\d Ma/or; Studio Art 
Diane Lynn Keister 
Kerry Ellen Kennedy 
Jeffery Leo Kline 
Lori Beth Klinger 
Deborah Jung Lee 
Stephanie Edgar Liskey 
Sarah Kathleen Looper 
Jessica Lynn Lubitz 
Dianne Elaine Manolatos 
Dean Sean Martin 
Matthew Myles McHugh 
Brett Alan Miller 
Michael Archie Moore, Jr. 
Anthony Murray 
Creighton Edward Northrop 
Christopher Matthew Proto 
Raina Monika Rath 
Patrick Christopher Reilly 

Peter Richard Reilly 
t Doreen Anne Riedel 
Audrey Beth Sadow 
Edward Raymond Salvatierra 
Kirsten Marie Sandberg 
Lisah Rosenberg Sandler 
Keyandokht K. Sattari 

* Susan Caulfield Schatz 
Dana Robin Seeman 
Matthew Conley Small 
Franc ine Marie Speaker 
Matthew Roy Strauss 
Sarah Kate VonGarlem 
Michelle Laura White 
Rhonda Kim Wiley 
Tanya Joycine Williams 
Michael Allen Wood 
Linda Marie Wright 
William Ernest Yoo 


Michelle Anne Abrams 
Robert Francis Archer 
Paul Michael Baliff 
Gabriela Barbosa 
Frank Joseph Campo 
Alisa Caras 

* Juliana M. Choe 
Elana Feme Cohen 
Holly Anne Crawford 
Laami Togonon Dacquel 
Nelia Adalgisa Davalos 
Kenneth J. Dowd 
Melissa Sue Ellison 
Diane Elizabeth Elwood 
Marianne Fafard 

Erin Denise Fagan 
Andrea Hope Feinman 
Gregg J. Femandes 
Hannah J. Finkelstein 
Rebecca Elizabeth Finn 
Susan Maureen Heck 
Elizabeth Leslie Folts 
Juliana Marie Goebl 
Linda Marie Goodwin 
§ Suhad Salim Haddad 
Marcus Reginald Harris 
Inga E. Henrikson 

2r\d Major: Criminology 

Hillary Beth Kammerman 
Randi Lynn Kardon 
Darren Jay Katz 
Myong Hui Kim 
Jill Deirdre Klein 

* Holly Denise Lescalleet 
Robert Stephen Macenka, Jr. 
Marie Maddalena 
Matthew Richard Meterko 
Lara Renee Navarro 

Thuy Thanh Nguyen 
Fiona Marie O'Leary 

* Tara Lynn Resnick 
Jeffrey L. Robbins 
Lynn Marie Shannon 
Jessica Lyn Sherman 
Jodi Lorin Silas 
Aaron Lansing Smith 
Michael Richard Svec 
Janna Beth Thomsen 
Allison Leigh Understein 
Cynthia Ann Vincenti 
Anne Marie Vogel 
Georgette Warren 
Esther Ruth Williams 
David Andrew Woodwell 

Urban Studies 

Gurjinder Singh Ahuja 
Terri Lorraine Allen 
De'Angelo Lament Bailey 
John Christopher Birks 
Karyn Dusser de Barenne 

Gregory Alan Brenner 
Stephanie Elaine Burrell 
Charles Donald Carruth II 
Eric Michael Clark 
Craig Benjamin Clinkscale 
Joseph L. Costa 
William Judson Drengwitz 
Adam Holzsager 
Marcella Huschak 
Nicole Jackson 
Cornell Lorenzo Jones 
Peter Christian Knuppel 
Robyn Yvette Krakow 
Lawrence P. Lynn 

Nusrat Mannan 
2nd Major: Sociology 
* Christian Keener Miller 
Kathleen Mane O'Neill 
Roberto Constantino 

Robert West Severn 
Mitchell Ira Siegel 
Roger Tsao Shin Teng 
Kitson Everton Walker 
Yang Wang 
Brad Elliott Weinberg 
David Martin White 
Lori Antoinette Wilkes 
Michael Dewayne Williams 

Bachelor of Science 


William Patrick Cumberland 
Todd Christian Deist 
Michele Marie Enders 
Thomas Philip Evich 
Peter Edward Feltham 
Jeanette Marie Kremann 
David Michael Lott 
Michael Paul Manolatos 
George William Panor 
Nathan William Pope 
Mario Alexander Ramon 
Randy William Scheib 
Hak Soon Song 
Patrick Anderson Squires 


Amy Lee Blumenthal 
Susan Cierlitsky 
Lisa Riccadonna Cox 
Victoria Milda Genys 
George A. Mantzouranis 
Karen Denise Marsh 
Myma Marybeth Perez 
Seema Raina 
Jonathan David Shay 
Maria Elizabeth Vonakis 


December 1990 Candidates 

College of Business 
and Management 

Bachelor of Science 


Cornell Philip Abod 
Leila M. Acal 
Dyanne Denise Aheam 
AhdiUahi Ahmed 
Gianina Amato 

§ Roshanak Ameli-Tehrani 
Limor Amram 
Justin Lamar Anderson 
Zinash Ayele 
Eric James Bach 

2nd Major: Finance 
Lisa Susan Ball 
Jeffrey Jay Becker 
Gregory Ennis Bell 
Michael Robert Belland 
Kidane Gehre Berhe 
Kevin Michael Berry 

t Warren Saul Binderman 
Patricia Olson Blackford 
Dawn E. Bobian 
Margaret Mary Carr 
Beatriz Alicia Castro 
Caryn Alaina Catignani 
Yu W. Chang 
Hang Sok Choe 
Mary Jo A. Clancy 
Jarret John Crumhack 

§ Kathleen Jean Cullins 
Laurie Ann Cummings 
Edgar Benedict Guanzon de 

Ronald Halk-Lan Dea 
John Scott Denlinger 
David Dorsey 
Edward Olin Dovel 
Thomas Christian Durigg 
Glenn Micheal Eyrich 

§ Cynthia Lee Faust 
Linda A. Fruchter 
David Randall Gibson 
Paula Jeanne Godbout 
David Adam Golway 

Deborah A. Graminski 
James J. Haines 
Sheikh Shakil Hamid 
§ Lynn Marie Harfxild 
Stephen Craig Hauschild 
Anhee Andre Hong 
Min Kyung Hong 
Nelson Wylie Hopkins 

* Chiung Fen Huang 
Ting Huang 

Lisa Beth Isaacson 
Susan Lynn Jamison 
Deena Shih-Shih Jih 
Calvin Griffith Jones 
Veena Shankar Kalavar 
J. Thomas Knight 
Christina Beth Kovalakides 

* Michelle Sun Kwong 
Phyllis Xuan-Phoung Lam 
Tamla DaNene Lawrence 
Pay-Shang Lee 

§ Wei-Chiun Lee 
Jeffrey David Levine 
Judy Chow-Pei Lin 
Richard Bruce Long 
Robert Allen Mashbum 

* Radhika Dayal Mathur 
Robin Denise Menkis 

t Maki Miyauchi 

* James Christopher Myers 

* Suet Kwan Ng 

Sylviane Hoangoanh Nguyen 
Reginald Anthony Norwood 
Zain Omar 
Andro J. Orcino 
Mitchell Jordon Paige 
Dawn Marie Palm 
Christopher Paul Pashby 
Lome Garth Paskin 
Roberto Pasquini 
Jeffrey Lee Pizzino 
George M. Ramos 
Dawn Christiana Raynor 
Paul Nathan Reuben 
Holly Ann Rohedeau 

* Joseph Mattia Saad 
John Daniel Salan 
Scott David Sanzone 
Stephen Kenneth Saponaro 

Veronica M. Savoie 
John Alan Seger 
Linda ]. Shaeffer 
Bharatkumar P. Shah 
Lucy Lai-Ha Shiu 
Jetuiie Laura Shuey 
Patricia G. Shupe 
Julie Paige Sievers 
Diane Marie Silvia 
Thomas Joseph Sneeringer 
§ Kenneth Aubrey Snoots, Jr. 
Christine M. Spence 
Christel Elin Szkutnik 
Joseph Alexander Takacs 

* Barbara Jean Thomas 
Paul Keith Trentalance 
Donald Christopher 

Jerome Elton Wiser 
Kyung-Ok Yi 
Joanne Eleanor Zagone 

* Tristan M. Ziegler 

2nd Major: Finance 


Praveen Arora 

Natalie Astahoff 

Steven Joseph Audi 

Mark Andrew Bernstein 

Steven Daniel Boyer 

David Hollis Brown 

Han Bui 

Cletus Lee Clark, Jr. 

Stacy Clay 

Scott Robert Coghlan 

Christopher John Collins 

Joseph Augustine Connor IV 

Jarret John Crumhack 

Christopher Patrick 

Wayne Anthony Dayberry 
Clifford Raymond Dickey 
Ryann Matthew Donaldson 
Shelly Marie Ennis 

2nd Major: Transportation 
Gary Todd Fishman 
Andrew John Galanakis 
Paul Jason Glashofer 
Howard R. Haberman 

Holden Jay Hoofnagle 
Nelson Wylie Hopkins 
Eric Graham Jordan 
Elizabeth Justine Keaner 
Han Je Kim 
Peter Joseph Kozlowski 
Ellen Jean Kvetkas 
Herman Lesmana 

* William Robert Loomis 
McKinley Robert Lowe 
Parag Mulji Majethia 
Daniel Lee Martin 
Michelle Lynne Matthews 
Richard James McConoughey 
Kirsten Coy Miller 
Humberto Edmundo Moreno 

2nd Major: Marketing 
Henry Ignatius Morgan, Jr. 
Rhonda Ann Moy 
Mark S. Nardone 

2nd Major: Marketing 
James Allan Nehman 
Rosaria Geralyn Nicotra 
t David James O'Cbnnell 

2nd Major: Economics 
Anthony Brennan Olmert 
Joseph S. Orlando 
Angela Renee Padilla 
Marc R. Platinsky 

2nd Major: Ecorwrr\ics 

* Steven Michael Prumo 
Shakil Rahman 

* Steven Joseph Ryan 

2nd Major: Marketing 
t Syed Omar Adeeb Saad 

2rui Major: Econorrucs 
John Charles Schmelzer 
Eric P. Schopf 
David Paul Senft 

2nd Major: Economics 
Khurram Shahzad 
David Christopher Shaw 
Daniel E. Simijoski 
Kenneth Ramon Smith 

2r\d Major: Marketing 
Russell Steven Staley 
David Thomas Stefan 
David Bruce Strauss 
Scott Christopher Thomas 


§ Summa cum Laude 
t Magna cum Laudi; 
* cum Lawk 

Sharon Helene Tumquist 
Jacquelyn Van Dien 
Carson Antonio Villalba 


2nd Mtt/or: Marfceong 
Patricia Remain Von Stein 

2nd Ma/or: Economics 
Brian Scott Wargon 

2nd Major: Economics 
Brian Edward Whitford 
Robert Michael Wolper 
Chun Wong 
Chieh-Wei Wu 

* John MacDonald Wysong 
John Jeongtak Yun 

General Business and 

Andrew Karim Abdeslem 
Joseph Altohelli 
Patrick Steven Barnes 
Sheri Rose Beauregard 
Marci Minna Block 
Diane Renee Bradbury 
Mark Edward Davis 
Gary Ray Easterday 

* Desmond Patrick Garrison 
Linda Anne Greenslade 
Sharon Reiko Hashimoto 

t HaleE.Hedley 

§ Howard Hoffman 
Joshua Taehui Kim 
James Franklin King, Jr. 
Mark David Knowles 
Brian Christopher Marshall 

§ Laurian Lee Ott 

2nd Major: Transportonon 
Arezou Palmer 
Hal Marc Pomerantz 

t Kurt Michael Rau 
Diana Mane Ruggeri 
Natalie Fox Santos 
Robert Oscar Turner 11 
Jonathan Eliot Welfeld 
Tina K. Witherell 
Robin Latenser Wright 

Management Science and 

Joseph Felix Augustin 

David Martin Brewer 
Athena Hangemanole 
William Scott Kallmeyer 
Jeanette Marie Langham 
Michael Joseph McCahill 
Pankaj Maganlal Mistry 
Joao Pedro Da Mora Pinto 
Sheila Marie Prawoto 
John Theodore Radko 
Susan Chen Shao 
2rui Ma;or: Firuince 

* James Glenn Spencer 

2rui Major: Economics 
David Milton Wade 111 
Richard Charles Willette 


Robert James Alvarado 

John Rodney Arden 
2nd Major: Gerxerai 
Business and Management 

Catherine Orr Bartlett 

Susan Gail Bauman 

Marie-Pierre C.S. Bloch 

Karen Vance Bonbright 

Sheri Lynn Bowles 
§ Beth Ann Brenza 

Alan L. Chan 

Mary Kempf Clifton 

Michelle Lee Curtis 

Jennifer Lynn Doris 

Marc Edward Dziedzic 

Alfonso Manin Espada 

James Walsh Fagan 

* Michelle Elizabeth Fitzgerald 
Raymond deGuzman Flores 
Kathy Ann Fortini 
Theodore William Galindo 

Michael Bradley Goldman 
Charles Samuel Guarino 
Michael Scott Heller 
James William Hilliard 
Elizabeth Ann Hitchman 
Christopher M. Hunter 
David John James, Jr. 
Anita Rachel John 
t Hyun Sook Kang 
Karima Koraganie 

* Roxanne Mary Kumkumian 

* Mary Mason Lai 
Stephen S. Lampiris 
Daryl Lawyer 

Anthony Frank Lazarewicz 
2nd Ma/or: Transportation 
Michael Alban Leyes 
Kevin David Loewenstein 
Danielle Antoinette 

Glenn Harold Marryat 
Patricia Tara Merani 
Paul Ernest Merkling 
Christeen Evelyn Miller 
Karin Versailles Miller 
Daniel Thomas Moltz 
John Kevin MuUaney 
Michael B. Newman 
Lynn Marie Orlosky 

2nd Major: Transporumon 
Kenneth Dwight Parr 

2nd Major: Transportation 
Janet Mary Patterson 
Michael Brown Peterson 
Austin Charles Platz III 
Naved Akhtar Qureshi 
Paul Robert Reid 
Bruce Neil Rosenberg 
Lee Ann Schlichting 
Martin Todd Schlichting 
Karen Michelle Schoenfeld 
Steven John Schwee 
Debbie Elaine Seiler 
Deborah Lynn Shearer 
Neha N. Shukla 
Sharon Rae Sofley 
Christine Diane Staub 
Christopher Neil Summons 
2r\d Major: General 
Business arvi Management 
Mustafa Sharif Tabba 
Linda Tang 

Nneka Assumpta Udeze 
Julie Christine Vecchiarelli 
Brenda Carleen Wade 
Beverly Jean Ward 
Lisa Michelle Younger 

Personnel and Labor 

Peter Michael Baglanis 

Stephen Reid Candler 
* Sandra Lenore Frye 

Mami Hope Gitlin 

Peggy Tablet Miller 

Lesley Janel Morris 
t Alicia Ann Pessagno 

Fabrice Alain Marcel Prevost 

David Eric Snyder 

Lisa Michelle Younger 

Production Management 

J. Thomas Knight 


Nick Bergeris 

Christopher Carey Braunberg 
Sanjeev Preetam Chhugani 
Paulo Alexandre Caldas 

Paul G. Guckenheimer 
Kimberly Anne Hetherington 
Barbara Annette Hobbs 

2nd Major: Marketing 
Timothy Patrick Leahy II 
Robert Joseph Pinsky 
James Richard Poma 
Timothy Stephen Riddle 
Elke Monika Schamhorst 
Keith B. Shorter 
Joseph Dominic Torchia 

2ryi Major: Marfceting 
Andrew Francis Wenchel III 

College of Computer, 
Mathematical, and 
Physical Sciences 

Bachelor of Science 

James Joseph Mallonee III 
Patricia Toth 

Computer Science 

Mojgan Abrishami 
Keith Justin Alexander 


December 1 990 Candidates 

Gerardo E. Ayzanoa 
Keith Diiuglas Bell 
Michael Goss Blansfield 
Michael Evin Boone 
Tijuana Swanson Cacanindin 
John Francis Campbell 
Jorge Erick Cardozo 
Michael David Chaney 
Manin Pahlo Chang 
Jun Nong Chen 
Winjou Cheung 
Eugene Chung 
Kimherly Dawn Cullison 
Quynh-Nga Thi Dang 
Phillip Thomas Derrow, Jr. 
Eric A. Fischbein 
Denise Nadine Gates 
Thomas John Gronsky 
Adam Clay Hamilton 
Susan Constance Harris 
Richard David Hattersley 
Frederick Paige Hayes 
Jeanette L. Holmes 
Lionel Arron Hudnell 
S. Roy Kapani 

Mahmood Ahmad Khan 
Jeffrey Charles Kight 

Peter W.Kim 

Charles Anthony Korolevich 
§ Boon Teck Kuah 

2nd Major: MatAemarics 
Jiun Hwang Lai 

Martin Burl Maier 
t Phillip Van Marshall 

Fuller Ming, Jr. 

Anthony Tuan Nguyen 

Hiep Hoang Nguyen 

Kooi-Fun Ooi 

Dennis Byungil Park 

Heath Alan Peden 

Erick Kent Peters 

Matthew Scott Piermarini 

Matthew J. Pietrykowski 



Dianne Courtney Rife 

Apama Sain 

Robert Neal Sborofsky 

Deborah Ann Schneider 

Matthew Richason Schroebel 
Christopher Peter Sexton 
Ebuglas Michael Shaner 
Faith Renee Sharp 
Shohreh Sheikh Zeineddin 
Gerald Francis Sneeringer 
Ruth Ellen James Spradlin 
Barbara Jean Swank 
Janet Eileen Ressler Swatski 
Yuea Tai 
Victor C. Tan 
Anjali Tolani 
Michelle N. Tran 
Steven Maurice Turner 
Roland Michael Varesko 
Terri Lynn Viands 
Sandra Kae Webber 
TTiomas Edward Welsh 
Kui-Sin Yim 
Xiao Pei Yu 


Mike Jon Eybel 

* Theresa Alberta Messina 
John Edward Nay 

Sean Kevin Patrick 
Michael Alger Saint-Clair 


* John D. Bamett 

Mark Teodoro Cunningham 
William Dill 
Samuel Alfred Gray III 
Allison Leigh Grimes 
Paul Vincent Henry 
Patricia Sue Kagan 
TTieya Prakashini 

Paul Anthony Miletic 
Cathy Thuha Nguyen 
Pete Ames Palmer 
Joseph Lawrence Pielmeier 
Christopher Angelo 

Evan Garrett Rosenberg 
Ram Sinclair 

Hilbert Hampton Turner, Jr. 
David John Urevick 
t Lei Wang 

Daniel Shawcross Wilkerson 
Teresa Anne Wingo 
Susan Wong 

Physical Sciences 

Jennifer Lyn Boczar 
Dennis Rodriguez Bungato 
Edward Colon 
Sherin Shoukry Gad 
Stephen Bruce LaCross 
Anthony Tuazon Manzano 
Jonathan S. Mitchell 
Robert Gabriel Mitchell 
Vincent Q. Nguyen 
John Elias Totah 
Robin Lavem White 


Brent William Agnew 
* Brian J. Beller 
Richard R. Beller 
John Joseph Francis Corrigan 
Christopher John Helzer 
Arvind Sinha 
Charles Lawrence Tansill 

College of Education 
Bachelor of Arts 

Art Education 

Kathie Ann Umlandt 

English Education 

David Andrew Johnson 
James Joseph Parsons 
Keith Sherboume Phucas 

Mathematics Education 

John Stanley Way 

Social Studies Education 

Jill Rachel Ginsburg 
Edward Joseph Hale 
Panagiota Konstantinos 

Bachelor of Science 

Art Education 

Jay Curtis Frost 

Kurt Labbe 
Catherine Ann Lyons 

Business Education 

V. Caroline Chancey 
Tracy Marie Horstkamp 
Denise Antoinette Vinson 

Early Childhood Education 

Joanne Margaret Addy 
Margaret A. Al-Mallah 

* Melissa Yvonne Burgess 
Christine Cecere 
Susie K. Chopra 
Karen Marie Corrado 
Leslie Ann Dent 
Cybele Jacqueline Gagne 
Jacqueline Theresa Garvin 
Heidi Elise Gatzke 
Deborah Lynn Gruber 
Nancy Ann Kelsey 
Michelle Lisa Korotki 

t Michelle Corum Lancaster 
Kimherly Elaine Leonard 
Kimherly Joyce Maitland 
Justina Lynn Michalek 
Julie Lynn Munsey 
Laurie Ann Parietti 
Rachel Beth Rosen 
Melanie Karen Schwartz 
Sharon Renee Settlemyer 

t Julia Fowler Shryock 
Margaret Anne Smith 
Melissa Ivy Steinbock 

* Margaret Ann Tamburello 
Rose Regina Logan 

Tracy Ann Tobias 
t Gina Marie Turko 
Jill Tracy Wildfeuer 
Jill Suzanne Wolfman 

Elementary Education 

Laurie Ellen Altmark 
Armineh Antonian 
t Amy Trumble Baringer 
Deborah J. Bernstein 
Caria Lorraine Daniels 

Carol Ann Butler 


§ Sumnuj cum Laude 
f Magna cum Laude 
* cum Lawk 

Teresa Sue Campbell 

Lisa Michelle Catania 

Young Ran Cho 

Wendy Lee Collins 

Judith Lee Dickson 

Jennifer Susan Durkin 

Ethel Ginevra Estinto 
t Wanda Lou Forrest 
§ Barbara Jean Francisco 

Deborah Jean Gargano 

Donna Jane Giarman 

Lynn Roberta Gonzales 

David M. Graham 

Gretchen Barbara Hedrick 

Anne Marie Higgs 

Curt Allen Hoover 

Done Jill Kalt 

Sandy Lee Katz 

Michele Klein 

Joyce Ellen Lesser 

Jennifer Beth Levin 

Laura Lingle 

April Janene Morris 

Tessa Haley Newman 

Amy Beth Peckerar 
t Martha Anita Powell 

Jill Marie Primrose 

Mary Ellen Saurs 

Michelle Francine Segal 
t Jeanette Marie Skees 

Mary Carol Slovick 

Karen Beth Strelser 

Tracy Lynne Tucker 

Valerie Lyn Vargas 

Brooke Lauri Wright 

Stephanie Ann Zarikow 

Industrial Arts Education 

§ James Martin Deitrich 
Mark Albert Hammett 
Richard Allen Rulapaugh 

Industrial Technology 

Matthew James Amann 
John Neville Arrington 
Tracy Alphonso Avant 
TTiomas A. Black, Jr. 
George Michael Bouyat 
Kevin Troy Bradley 

Brian Keith Clement 
Charles Conan Evans, Jr. 
Chelton Peter Gibbs 
John Lee Harris 111 
Marcus Jerome Jessup 
Shane Alen Knipschild 
James H. Lee 
Taufik Noor 
Stephan Michael Pirylis 
Kimberly Shaye Pitts 
Christopher Rammling 
Danita Marie Thomas 
Steve Henri-Ian Weiss 

Mathematics Education 

Jo Elliot Hanrahan 
Stephen Richard Harris, Jr. 
Gary Thomas Marlow 
t Anne Elizabeth Munro 
Joyce Marie Pasterak 
Eric James Stroh 
Geoffrey Hemingway Wiley 

Music Education 

Christopher Lawrence 

Amy Christine HoUewa 
* Suzanne Marie O'Hara 

Science Education 

Shruti Pravin Desai 

Social Studies Education 

§ Carol Sirota Rax 
t Susan Ina Priem 
Amy Beth Shalita 

Special Education 

Patricia Grace Pereira 


Robert Paul Sampson 

College of Engineering 
Bachelor of Science 

Aerospace Engineering 

Jose Manuel Ayala 
Ronald Douglas Baldridge 

Christina R. Bauhof 
Rowland Holbrook Smith 

Bedell Jr. 
Heather Marie Bryant 

* Robert Tilghman Bupp 
Son Bich Chau 

Peter Che-Hung Chen 
Anthony Edward Chery 
David Shin- Wen Chu 
Christy Jane Clements 
Carlos Javier Delgado 
John Craig Fasick 111 
Steven Flanagan 
Thomas Patrick Foor 
Ronald Lee Frailer, Jr. 
Andrew Richard Garber 
HiUel Glazer 

Eric Christopher Hoffman 
Eirik Jon Iverson 
Jong Min Kim 

* Thomas M. Kramlik 
Scott Michael Martin 
David Paul Matthews 
Diego Fernando Mera 
John Edward Miles 
Martin Marlon Mohabir 
Carl Bruce Money, Jr. 
Matthew Leslie Neel 
Michael John Neuenhoff 
Valerie Masoda Njee 
Mark Andrew Orsi 
Kalpesh Harihar Patel 
Carl Martin Ronning 
Evan Garrett Rosenberg 
Christopher Alan Rumsey 
Calina Catherine Seybold 

* Wayne Thomas Strine 
Jung Yoon Suh 

§ William Djaja Tjokroaminata 
Richard Day Toth 

Agricultural Engineering 

Bahman Moshir Farr 

Chemical Engineering 

* Samantha Anne Hopkins 
Maria Romaine Horsey 

* Odeh Faiez Khoury 
Rafael Antonio Sanchez 
Hasun Erin Yi 

Civil Engineering 

James Doyle Bartley 
David Andrew Bell 
Daniel David Blake 
Jonathan Albert Blasco 
John C. Buffett 
Colin Philip Campbell 
Kin Kye L. Chao 
Peter Young- Yup Chon 
Christopher Garrett DeBlauw 
Jon Demas 

Devang Jayendrakumar Desai 
Irit Elazar 

Michael Alexander Firsow 
Yook Peng Gan 
Timothy Wilson Glass 
Brian Keith Green 
Scott David Hobbs 
Dimitry Alexander Kargman 
Yun Sang Kim 
Daniel M. Lambert 
Elwin David Lawson 
Catherine Ann McComiskey 
Matthew A. Miltenberger 
Brett Loren Morris 
Angela Lyn Parrish 
James Randolph Paterson 
§ Robert Lee Pfefferkom 
Archana Kohli Puri 
Steven Mark Rochon 
Robin Luke Saucier 
Patrick Joseph Shifflette 
Michael Allan Snyder 
John Kenneth Thiessen 
John S. Tsantes 
Stanley Wayne Wiles 
Gary Arthur Wilhelm 
Piseyroth You 
Mojgan Zamani-Tehrani 

Electrical Engineering 

Farshid Alaee 

* Juan L. Alfaro 
DeAnna Dahlyce Allen 

* Walid A. Atia 


December 1 990 Candidates 

Behyar David Badiee 
Guillermo Enrique Baeza 
Praveen Balwant Bagalkotkar 
Vikkram Bali 
Adam Jamie Balkcum 

2nd Major: Physics 
Quintus Reginauld 

Stephen Wiley Brown 
Daniel Demola Bmst 
Diem Uyen Nguyen Bui 
Brian Joseph Butler 
Craig Care Carter 
Carl Domonic Cecere 
Hong Piu Cheng 
Steve Sewon Cho 
Chang Duk Chung 

* Roger Thomas Cooley 
Michael Gerard Danaher 

* Andrew Morgan Davis 
Wesley Robert Davis 
Hoang Quang Do 
Nenad Dragoljic 
Barry Frank Durrant 
Farhan Zafar Farooqi 

t Eric John Fogleman 
Amy Lizbeth Fortwengler 
Jean-Claude Geha 
Marc Victor Giannoni 
Benson Kofi Glover 
Swapana K. Gupta 
Shane Eric Gustafson 
Joy Ann Hamilton 
Stephen Benedict Hanchak 
Christopher John Helzer 

§ Kim Xy Ho 
Hyun Chul Hong 
Jose Belarmino Jaime 
Dean Guy Jarrett 
Song R. Jung 
Ali Khorramshahi 
Thomas Eugene Kline 
Chae-Haeng Lee 
Juliana Kyoungjin Lee 

* Lisa Maria Lee 
§ Pei-YuLee 

Deborah Joy Lessler 
Diana Joy Lindenberg 
Richard Scott Mandaro 

John Joseph Martin, Jr. 
Ketan Lalit Mehta 
Catherine Ann Miller 
Joseph Jeffrey Miller 
Rajan Mittu 
Negar Moshiri-Jafari 
Girish Nair 
Jasmine K. Narula 
Chuong Dinh Ngo 
Anh Huu Nguyen 
Cathy Thuha Nguyen 
David Hung Nguyen 

t Dien Phuoc Nguyen 
Duy Le Nguyen 
Hiep Trung Nguyen 
Nghia Huu Nguyen 
Thanh-Tam Ly Nguyen 
Laurie Clare Nicholson 
Michael James Nolan 
Bahareh M. Norouzi 

t Michael Carlton O'Harra 
Jane Nammi Pak 
Sushil Kishor Pancholi 
Sung Yol Park 
Willie Dean Price, Jr. 
Michael Songuk Pyon 
Paul Alan Rabenhorst 
Jeffrey David Rhodes 
Grant Kelly Rowan 
Mark Edward Russell 
Andrew Frank Rzeszut 
Atem Samson 
Hamani Luc Saraka 
Elias Shams 
Mohamed A. Sharif 
Salman Islam Sheikh 
Bradford Raymond Sicotte 
Vuthe Siek 
Lee Ki Sim 
Bounsouk Singharath 
Vandana Srivastava 
Yuea Tai 

Barney Erik Tang 
Mengistu Tadesse Tilahun 
Seng T William Tjong 
Raul Torres 
Boi Ngoc Tran 
Sinh Ngoc Tran 
Sydney Quocsi Tran 

Dai Linh Truong 

Jason Cheng-Lun Tsai 

Trinh Le Tu 

Paul Hao Tung 

David John Urevick 

Paulo Fernando Uribe 

Payal R. Varma 

Hsi Wang 

John Philip Weld 

Joseph Michael Wieland 

Frederick Daniel Wilkerson 

Gary Richard Winkler 
§ Philip Rayne Wiser 

Jing Ying Wu 
* Nee-Nee Shiao-Ni Yang 

Irene Ching Yip 

Fire Protection Engineering 

Creshona Stephony Abbott 
Homan Arabshahi 
Kevin David Barley 
Samuel A. Denny 
Daniel Max Frumkin 
HoUis Llewlyn Griffin 
Steven Ellsworth Lohr 
Rick Nelson Parker 
Susan Elizabeth Shemanski 

Mechanical Engineering 

Richard Lee Anderson, Jr. 
William Michael Bast 
Marcel Brian Joel Belanger 
Roger Frank Bonham, Jr. 
Myron Garrick Bradshaw 
Matthew McSherry Byrne 
Jonathan Neil Calloway 
Jeffrey D. Carlson 
John Vincent Casey 
Karen Jeanne Cassidy 
Ping Leong Chen 
Heston T. Crandon 
David Ari Dash 
Joseph Bradford Davis 
Robert Andrew Dickens 
William Whitford Duvall 
Jane Elizabeth Eckenrode 
Theodore Stuart Fasca 
Jeffrey Phillip Feldstein 
Scott Charles Flanders 

Charles Cyrus Gears, Jr. 

* Gerald Roger Gendron, Jr. 

* Peter James Griffin 
Philip Kevin Grotheer 
Suneet Gupta 
Morad Hekmat 
TTiomas Warren Hicks 
James Patrick Howe 
Robert Albert lorizzo 
Soo Bang Kang 
Michael Jin Lee 
William Wong Lee 
Kuo-Ruey John Liu 
Joseph M. Mate 
Terence Noel Mayo 
Orlando James McDowelle 
William Clayton Meredith, Jr. 
Robert Kennedy Murk 
Joseph Pasquale Muscara 
Marc Steven Nathan 

Dat Tien Nguyen 
Jimmy Tuan Nguyen 
Bradley Kirk Noll 
Eric Alan Olfky 
Manuel DeJesus Oliva 
Michael Kevin O'Malley 
Jae Pak 
Mohan Ravikanthan 

Christopher Mark Regan 
John Patrick Roberts 
La Mont Terrill Ruley 
David Latimer Russell 
Edward Norman Schinner, Jr. 
Louis Allan Schwartz 
John Peter Segala 
Aaron Andrew Staff 
Timothy James Strakna 
Charles Anthony Strawberry, Jr. 
Bonnie Merriman Sturges 
Naresh Grama Sunderraj 
Narita Surana 
Hossein Tavakoli 
Mark E. Tello 
Barry Wing Tom 
Charlotte C. Wang 
Steven Wayne White 
Stephanie Lynne Williams 
Leo Toma Yon 


§ Sumnu cum Laude 
f Magna cum Laude 
• cum Laude 

Undesignated Engineering 

Julie Anne Banner 
Kevin Michael Dolinar 
Michael Christopher Fox 
R. Gary Cradle 
Sang Van Ngo 
Scott Clinton Ruoff 
Rorian Zeender 

College of Health and 
Human Performance 

Bachelor of Science 

Health Education 

Nancy Beth Dortnan 
Gail Susan Drescher 
Sheri Lynn Sargent 
Katherine Eva Sharp 
James Thomas Storm 
Jennifer 1. Turian 

Kinesiological Sciences 

t Michelle Nari Abbott 
Todd Walker Abrahams 
RuthAnne Wong Barkley 
Tony Matthew Benz 
Debora L. Boring 
Kristin Leigh Bowman 
lona R. Brown 
Lawrence Joseph Bury, Jr. 
Patricia Delaney-Kaplan 
Christopher Pena Dizon 
Brigid Anne Gallagher 
John Andrew Gillis 
Christine Jane Gulban 
Michelle Lee Hadley 
Mary L. Hankey 
Leigh Ann Henry 
Rebecca Colleen Jones 
Scott Garrett Kaplan 
Margaret Jean Keys 
Carlton Wayne McClellan 
Alexander Michael Melnick 
Paulo J. Mendes 
Mark Jeffrey Muir 
Janine Dungan Nyce 
David Douglas Parker 
Patricia S. Peifley 

Jon Andrew Rogers 
Anya Larissa Shepelavey 
Chad Francis Sydnor 
Thecxlore David Tumbaugh 

Physical Education 

Oscar Daniel Amaguana 
Billy Joe Campbell 
James Michael Davis 
Joan Andrea Celine 
Nancy Ellen Huntoon 
Mary Kathryn Kondner 
Andrea Jane Linzey 
Jaime Addis Wright 


David Franklin Armstrong 
John Timothy Bellis, Jr. 
Austin Bascilio Gibbs 

* Lisa Marie Gustafson 
Maura Elizabeth Hunt 
Patricia Helene Irvine 
Margaret Ann Leffel 
Debra Lynn Mininberg 

* Diana Melody Neeriemer 
Joseph Nicholas Santorocco 
Donica Bridget Simmons 
Marianne April Sydorko 
Nanette Suzanne VonFeldt 

College of Human 

Bachelor of Science 

Apparel Design 

Lori Renee Blumberg 
Patricia Anne Coppage 
Meghan Marie Heam 
Linh Ngoc Nguyen 
t Thuy Hong-TTii Nguyen 
Anna Prisekin 
Stephanie Lynn Taylor 

Consumer Economics 

Zsyrette Manuel Agonoy 
Kenneth Edward Barton 
Stephanie Elizabeth Candella 
William Thomas Cannon, Jr. 

Jack Allen Cohen 
Remi Horence Davies 
Wayne Anthony Dayberry 
Lesa Ann DeLeonibus 
Andrew Mike Friedrich 
Donald Joseph Frost 
Brett J. Harris 
Susan Beth Harvey 
Melanie Jean Hopp 
Alison Lynn Kay 
Michael Thomas Lawes 
Jeannine Jy Lee 
Matthew L. Meyer 
Felicia Ann Mitchell 
Dawn Alicia Moore 
Christine Mourtoupalas 
Elliott Marc Newman 
Selinah Peters 
Tresa Denese Pinkney 
William John Ralph 
Theresa Ann Regan 
John E. Russell 
Emilee Jo Sabin 
Paula Cecilia Sanchez 
Allison Deborah Scheer 
Dean Blagoi Shuplinkov 
Lauren Jennifer Urich 
LeBon Bruce Walker 
Vivian Joan Wrightsman 
William Manin Yates 
Dora E. Zarrelli 


Pamela Carter Howard 
Kyrese Angela Johnson 

Experimental Foods 

Ames Perry 

Family Studies 

Beth Ellen Baugher 
Karen Ellen Bush 
Jill Colleen Fanell 
Nadine Fraiture 
Debra Michelle Gordon 
Monique Gregoire Hitch 
Julie Elise Kitt 
Kelli Eilene Kolodny 
Kristina Anne Lewis 
Stacy AUyn Messinger 

Debra Kay Monninger 
Kim Lee Plascjak 

* Jeffrey E. Riebman 
Mary Kathleen Rowe 
Kimberly Dawn Trawick 
Suzan Kay Uigur 
Faith R. Wallach 
Haydee Marie Ynclan 
Julie Sue Zenstein 

Human Nutrition and 

Cecilia Andrea Nunez 

Management and 
Consumer Studies 

Bruce Evan Becker 
Susan M. Bums 
Richard Matthew Eng 
Jennifer Lynn Fraher 

* Lisa Marie Gresham 
Thelma Lorraine Harley 
William Douglas Humes 
Jacob R. Jacobsen 
James Todd Leto 
Susanne Patricia McManus 
Meredith Lynn Meers 
Michelle Elizabeth Morgan 
Catherine Mary Murphy 
Thomas Anthony Payne 
Michael George Pycha 
Joshua Steven Shleien 
Howard Adam Siegel 
Darryl Scott Simpkins 
Charles Gehri Zerrer 

Textile Marketing/Fashion 

Tanya Lee Akins 
Trina Jamilya Allen 
Kelly Marie Brown 
Mandy Chan 
Karin K. Choi 
Judy Chon 

Karen Michele Ciurca 
Cassandra Marie Clifton 
Jere Erla Daniels 
Beth Ninel Dixon 
Angela Deidre Dobbs 
Rose A. Fitzgerald 


December 1990 Candidates 

Anita Lynne Friesenborg 

Eda Ive Garcia 

Maryheth Glamp 
* Eileen Johns 

Donna Khalil Kassis 

Elizabeth Ann Kivimae 

Chong Hui Lee 

Marissa Ann Leonessa 

Stacey Robin Letman 

Jacqueline Lewkowicz 

Stephanie Monee Mann 

Johnna Renee Marple 

Patricia Renee Mills 

Dawn Mane Nordine 

Rachel Christine Pannell 

Virginia Marie 

Diana Lynn Poole 

Sharmeen Sait 

Melissa Paige Scheinberg 

Denise Hilary Steinberg 

Tracey Lee Sussman 

Joy Ann Thomas 

Zulema Tijero 

Caren Renee Tucker 

Tracy Ann Weast 
§ Eleanora Susan WickerJieiser 

Tammera Dionne Wright 

Hyon M. Yi 

Kyong Hie Yi 

Irina D. Zelichenko 

College of Journalism 
Bachelor of Science 


Edward Steven Argauer 

Christina Maria Theresa 
t Tracey Lee Bohn 

Jennifer Lynn Burroughs 

Kimberly Sue Burton 
2r\d Ma/or: English 
Language ar\d Literature 

Jill Ellen Caspari 

Michael Stephen Chaykovsky 

Lauren Jean Ciccone 

Lori M. Compton 
Donald William Corrigan, Jr. 
Susan Evonne Courtney 
Joanne Desky 
Nancy Catherine Dooley 
Denise Anesta Douglas 
Kevin Vincent Dowling 
Kelly Leigh Dulany 
Ross L. Ettlin 
Neale Andrew Faunt 
Nicole Leigh Forman 
Paul Damien Gallagher 

* Lori Lynn Gill 
Marci Lynn Goimarac 
Bryan Paul Gordon 
Andrea Leigh Goulston 
Lawan Shaara Grandsoult 

* Toni Leigh Guagenti 
Courtney Eden Paige 

L. Alexis Harrison 
Yvonne Rene Harvey 
Rachel Valerie Hemdon 
Christiann Hoddinott 
Mary Kathleen Hughes 
Teresa Lynn Hunt 
Frank Joseph Isola 
James Derrick Johnson 
Lauren Mee Kim 
Eugene John Kinemey 
Melinda Susan Kopyta 
Cheryl Lynn Komfeld 
Kendall Ann Kuehl 

* Kah Wai Jenny Kwan 
Todd Joseph Langenfelder 
Constance Chatard Lee 
Loreen Kelley Lee 

* Shawn Stewart Lees 
Alexa Ann Lenkin 
Kevin Lowe 

Tanya Yvonne Metcalfe 
Marc Bancroft Minor 

2rul Major: Crimirud justice 
t Theresa Monica Muhly 
Angela Lynette Myers 

* Dana Johanne Neilsen 
Gregory James Nizza 
Michele Diane Noble 
Valerie Anne Nyce 

§ Laura V. O'Connell 

t Carole Anne Parish 
Nayana Dahyabhai Patel 
Douglas James Pippin 
Andrew Jon Plenn 
Steven Roy Porter 
Eric Pugh 

Allison Maree Randall 
Maureen Judith Richards 
Anne Hamilton Rideout 
Eric S. Rosenberg 
Isabella Maria Sanchez 
Kelly Powers Schwartz 

* Stephanie Shapiro 
Lisa Beth Siegel 
Allen Todd Stan- 
Stephanie Marie Stoughton 
Melvin R. Thompson 
Tara Marie Vitale 
Carolyn A. Vitol 
Kimberly Jane Wade 
Diane Mary Westcott 
Mama WoUman 

t Rebecca E. Wong 
Mia Yi 
Lynne Marie Zerance 

College of Life 

Bachelor of Science 


Loubna A inane 
James J. Fitzpatrick 
John Frederick Fulkerson 
Van-Hong Duong Nguyen 

* Su Chee Tay 
Thu-Thuy T Tran 
Ladan Vakili 
Kenneth John Wurdack 


Austina T. Cline-Thomas 
Majdi Fouad Karadsheh 
Stephanie Elizabeth 

Xiomara Valentina Leslie 
Marcellinus Dikedi Nwulia 

Marc Haja Randrianarivelo 
Kathleen Cockaday Smith 


Kevin Michael Higgins 

General Biological Sciences 

Erdal Bekir Adam 
Christiane Marie Adams 
Roberta Bliss Albert 
Hossin Assad i 
Peter John Belcastro, Jr. 
Jean Marie Billerbeck 
Christopher David Bramble 
Jonathan Renard Brooks 
Karen Stacy Brothers 
Allen Edward Coleman 
Kimberly Anne Compton 
Shruti Pravin Desai 
Gary Edward Feldman 
Marchele Gail Garman 
Mehmaz Ghazinoor-Naini 
Gregg Barton Goodman 
Michelle A. Green 
Ann Marie Gyorda 
Douglas Craig Heare 
Jacquelyn S. Hoffmann 
Alex Garrett Holland, Jr. 
Mehran Michael Kasheri 

* Kimberly Jeanne Kasmer 
Ravi Kaur 

Stafford Virgil Keels 
Loren Larkin Kellogg 

* Grace Moonsue Kim 
Teresa Elizabeth Lunn 
Matthew Marsenison 
Korosh Mehrabian 
Ga-Lin Charlene Nee 
Eileen Theresa O'Farrell 
Madhu Parmar 
Daniel Pluznik 

Asim Rafi 

Janet Marie Rumble 
Brian Matthew Schlining 
Bjame Moeller Smith 
Jill Elizabeth Sobieski 
Lynn Mane Stemmy 
Stephen John Thumm 
Deepnarayan Tiwarri 


§ Summa cum Laiuk 
t Magna cum Laude 
* cum Laude 

Jeffrey Edward Walenta 
Stacy Kay Zell 


Victoria Oghenevbede Agbro 
Mushtaq Munavar Ali 
Bruce Neil Barney 
Daniel Arcesio Camargo 
J. Eva Ellsworth 
t Yulia Lev Goldfarb 
Michael David Graham 
David Nathaniel Gralnick 
Irwin Scot Hirsh 
Joanna Nahyeong Kim 
Paul A. Macaluso 
Kimherly Marie Madarang 
Paula Maria Monteiro 

Ricardo Manulid Razon III 
Pamela Jessica Volk 


Andrew J. Beebe 
Jin Ah Choi 
Deepak Gupta 
Jennifer Lynne Hofelt 
Heather N. Mansfield 
Matthew Allan Marriott 
Baback Panahbarhagh 
Annie Yu-Jung Shih 
Theodore Sunao Takata 
Neil Alan Trossevin, Jr. 

§ Kevin Clair Wilson 
William Edward Wooge 

Undergraduate Studies 
Bachelor of Arts 

Individual Studies 

Marcia L. Conti 
* Michael K. Foley 
t Diane Gail Odell 
§ Scott Allan Webber 

Bachelor of General 

Catherine Marie Barron 
David Joel Chaney 
Cynthia Ham 
Christopher Ng Lee 
Clifford Eric Moskowitz 
§ Barry D.Rich 

Subrena Aniece Rivers 
Mame Joan Rochester 
Tracey Lynn Shopland 
Gerald T. Smith 
Stephanie Sophia Spicer 

Bachelor of Science 

Individual Studies 

Matthew Rice Glinsmann 
Susan Kaufiman Amoult 

Certificate Programs 

Afro-American Studies 

Craig Benjamin Clinkscale 
Margot Fisher Brown 
Applied Social Science 
Matthew Rice Glinsmann 
David Andrew Woodwell 

Women's Studies 

Mary Irene Gubisch 
Stacey Michelle Leventhal 
Heather N. Mansfield 
Michele Diane Noble 
Ayala Sherbow 
Anne Louise Taylor 

Second Lieutenants 
U.S. Air Force Reserves 
Calina Catherine Seybold 




A spired cupola sits atop the roof of the recently renovated 
Microbiology Building. Built in 1938, the building originally served 
as a U.S. Bureau of Mines research center for non-metallic minerals. 

Bachelor's degree candidates who have qualified for scholarship 
honors upon graduation are designated by appropriate symbols 
adjacent to their names within the alphabetical listings of 
colleges or schools. 

To be eligible for consideration for such honors a candidate 
must meet the following general criteria: (1) have completed at 
least 2 years of work at the University of Maryland (60 semester 
hours, 30 of which were earned at the College Park campus) 
and (2) have a scholastic average of B (grade point average of 
3.000) or higher in University of Maryland work prior to the 
last semester of registration before award of degree. 

August and December 1990 candidates who have met these 
criteria are shown in the listings as qualifying, upon graduation, 
for the designators Summa cum Laude (if they ranked in the top 
two percent of the candidates in their resf)ective colleges or 
schools), Magna cum Laude (if in the next three percent), or 
cum Laude (if in the next five percent), based on the grade 
point averages of students in the preceding three graduating 
classes of their degree-granting unit. 

General Honors 

Farshid Alaee 
KathyAnn Michelle 

Alexander *** 
Christopher David Ellison** 
Zayd Adnan Eldadah** 
Beatrice Mireille Grumberg** 
Ragini Gupta 
Jennifer Lynn Jarman 
Stacy Lynn Karzen 
Soren Orville Schafft** 
Mary Margaret Tomayko** 

Departmental Honors 
With High Honors in: 


KathyAnn Michelle 

Grace Monsue Kim 


Xiao Pei Huang*** 

Government and Politics 

Sallie Varrelman Chatfield** 


Adam Jamie Balkcum 


Zayd Adnan Eldadah** 
With Honors in: 


Jamal Yousefi** 


Stephanie Elizabeth 



Farshid Alaee 

Walid A. Atia 

Jeffrey Phillip Feldstein 

Gerald Roger Gendron, Jr. 

Philip Rayne Wiser 


Micaela Bracamonte* ** 
Talia Greenberg 

Government and Politics 

Salvatore Antonio 

William Charles Barron** 
Karen Jane Itkin** 


Amy Denise Blachowicz 


Deborah Rosalyn 

Cathy Chnstienne 



Paul E. Quade*** 

Textiles and Consumer 

Rami Dalai** 

Lisa Ann Fishman** 

Michelle Rachal Tinkoff** 


Michelle Lynn Gwinn*** 
Mary Margaret Tomayko** 

** graduated May 1990 
*** graduated August 1990