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1 congratulate each and every one of you on the successful 
completion of your studies, and on behalf of the University of 
Maryland at College Park, I thank you for being a part of our 
community during this crucial phase of your intellectual and 
professional development. 

In these times of increased competitiveness and limited 
resources, we recognize the extraordinary- effort and discipline 
it takes to support an academic lite. On the university's part, 
we have endeavored to meet our uncommon commitment to 
undergraduate education by providing you with as many 
opportunities as possible for developing both the broad 
intellectual interests and the special skills you will need in 
professional life. We are, therefore, confident that your college 
education will prove to be well worth the time and the 
resources you have invested and that you will take from this 
place the valuable knowledge that led to your success as a 

College Park has experienced a great many changes and 
challenges during your years here. Because we never lost sight 
of our paramount responsibility' to you, our students, we have 
been fortunate to have your cooperation in all our efforts to 
keep this university true to its mission of excellence. Today, 
I want to thank you for that loyalty and support. As you leave 
the university community to seek wider vistas and fresh 
challenges, we hope you will not wander too far — at least not 
in spirit — from your alma mater. We intend to make you as 
proud of us as we are of you. We hope that you will become an 
active member ot our Alumni Association and a frequent 
visitor to your campus. Godspeed and best wishes to each and 
every one of you. 

6^^ ICOlmoa^ 

William E. Kirwan 

Tawes Theatre 

9:30 a.m. 


Dr. William E. Kirwan 


College Park Campus 

Master of Ceremonies 

Ms. Kate Ufema 
Communication Arts and 


Led by Campus Marshal 
Dr. Don C. Piper 

Musical Selection 

"Habanera" from Carmen 

by Georges Bizet 

Marie Elena Michalopoulos- 


Jeanell Brown, Accompanist 


The Reverend Gerald 


Baptist Campus Ministry 

The National Anthem 

Led by Dr. Paul Traver 
Department of Music 


Dr. George L. Marx 

Interim Vice Chancellor for 

Academic Affairs 

The University of Maryland 


Mr. Earl Palmer Brown 


Board of Regents 


Professor Ralph Bennett 
School ot Architecture 

Remarks to the Graduates 

Anna Kathryn Gilcher 
Graduating Senior 

Dr. Kirwan 

Conferring of Doctoral, 
Master's and Bachelor's 

Dr. Kirwan 


The Re\'erend Gerald 

Alma Mater 

Hail to thee, Maryland! 
Steadfast in loyalty; 
For thee, we stand. 
Love for the Black and Gold 
Deep in our hearts v\'e hold, 
Singing thy praise forever, 
Throughout the land. 


Led by Dr. Piper 


DECEMBER 20, 1991 


Arthjiecturf BIdg — Aui 

Following the Commencement Convocation, individual 
commencement exercises for colleges and schools will be held 
at several campus locations. Ceremonies are scheduled to 
begin at 1 1 :30 a.m., 1 :00 p.m. and 2:00 p.m.* Guests are urged 
to he seated approximately one half hour prior to the 
designated time for the ceremonies if they wish to observe the 
student and faculty procession. 

Graduates, their families, and friends are cordially invited and 
encouraged to join with university officials and members of 
the faculty at the reception to be held in the Grand Ballroom 
of the Stamp Student Union. 

Shuttle bus service is available to provide free transportation 
across the campus throughout the day. 

Cole Student Activities Building 

1 1 :30 a.m. Business and Management Commencement 
2:00 p.m. Behavioral and Social Sciences Commencement 

Architecture Building, Room 1111 

11 :30 a.m. Architecture Commencement 

Zoology-Psychology Building, Room 1 240 

11 :30 a.m. Lihrar>' and Information Services Commencement 

Memorial Chapel 

1 1 :30 a.m. Computer, Mathematical and Physical Sciences 

2:00 p.m. Agriculture and Life Sciences Commencement 

Health and Human Performance Building, Room 2101 

11 : ?0 .1.111. Health and Human Pertormance Commencement 

Reckord Armory 

1 1 :30 a.m. Education Commencement 
2:00 p.m. Engineering Commencement 

Stamp Student Union - Colony Ballroom 

1 1 :50 a.m. General and Individual Studies Commencement 

Stamp Student Union - Hoff Theatre 

1 1 :30 a.m. Journalism Commencement 

Tawes Theatre 

9:30 a.m. Campus-wide Commencement Convocation 
1:00 p.m. Arts and Humanities Commencement 

*DecemtH;r W. \99\. Memorial Chapel, 7:30 p.m., Human Eci)log\' Qimmencement 

The Campus 

College Park, the flagship institution ot die university's 1 1 -campus 
system, is the most comprehensive institution of higher educa- 
tion, research, and service in the State of Maryland. More 
National Merit and National Achievement Sciiolars attend 
College Park than any other public Liniversity in the state. 

In fall 1^)^)1, undergraduates numbered 25,561 and graduate 
students 9,262 for a total enrollment of H,623. This year's 
College Park operating budget is approximately $569.5 mil- 
lion, including financial aid for some 19,099 students. 

Students can choose from more than 1 1 7 undergraduate and 
84 graduate programs leading to degrees. In 1990-91, the 
campus awarded 5,309 bachelor's degrees, 1,370 master's 
degrees, and 480 doctorates. 


The Unix'ersity of Maryland was founded in 1807 in 
Baltimore as a faculry-owned College of Medicine. Five years 
later, the growing institution was renamed the University ot 
Maryland. The Baltimore College ot Dental Surgery, the first 
dental school in America, became a part ot the university in 
1840. Later, the university opened schools ot phamiacy, law 
and nursing. 

In 1859, the Maryland Agricultural College, which would 
evolve into the College Park campus, was opened in Prince 
George's Gninty imder a charter secured in 1856 by a group 
of Maryland planters. This institution became one of the 
nation's original land-grant schools in 1865. After a disas- 
trous fire on the campus in 1912, the state acquired control 
of the college and rebuilt it. 

In 1920, the state legislature joined College Park with the 
professional schools in Baltimore to form an expanded Uni- 
versity of Mar>'land. These schools were later grouped with 
the Baltimore County and Eastern Shore campuses and Uni- 
versity College. 

July 1, 1988 marked the dawn of a new era in higher education 
in the State of Maryland when a reorganization of the state's 
public universities and colleges mandated by the Maryland 
legislature went into effect. As a result, the five campuses com- 
prising tlie former University of Maryland were merged with 
six institutions governed by the Maryland Board ot Trustees 


Charles B. Calvert was one of the founders of the Maryland 
Agricultural College which later became the University of 
Maryland. Deciding that commercially sold bricks were too 
expensive, he set up a kiln to produce his own, and on August 24, 
1858, he laid the cornerstone for the first building on the campus. 

of State Universities and Colleges to form the new Univers- 
ity of Maryland System. The law that created the new system 
designated College Park as the state's flagship institution. 


The libraries at College Park constitute the largest university 
research library system in the Washington metropolitan area. 
The seven libraries support over 115 undergraduate and 
80 graduate programs, serve over 34,000 students and 
2,500 faculty, and provide vital resources to researchers, visit- 
ing scholars, businesses, and others throughout the region. 
The libraries holdings include over 2.1 million \olumes, 
22,680 subscriptions to periodicals, and more than 4.3 mill- 
ion items available in microfilm format. The College Park 
Libraries also offer several nationally and internationally 
recogni:ed special collections such as the International 
Piano Archives at Mar>-land, the Gordon W. Prange Collec- 
tion of Japanese- language publications, and the Katherine 
Anne Porter literary' archive. 

Research Facilities 

College Park is the home of a variety of exceptional research 
facilities including a computer vision laboratory; a full-scale 
low- velocity wind tunnel; a 500 liter computer-controlled 
fermentation system for research in bioprocess scale-up pro- 
grams; the Center for Automation Research; and a quiescent 
plasma device (Q machine) for plasma research. Such major 
facilities as the Engineering Research Center, the Systems 
Research Center, and the new Institutional Reform and the 
Informal Sector (IRIS) Center conduct research that is 
especially significant to the state and nation. 

The Engineering Research Center is a major vehicle for 
extending the technical and research expertise of the Uni- 
versity of Maryland to businesses and industries through 
Maryland. The center is both a catalyst for problem-solving 
and a clearinghouse for technical information resources. 

The Systems Research Center conducts research in systems 
engineering, artificial intelligence and computer-aided engi- 
neering. Supported by a $21 million National Science 
Foundation grant, the center operates in conjunction with a 
program at Harvard University and complements a nation- 
ally recognized campus program of basic and applied research 
in computer science. 

In November 1990, the Institutional Reform and the Informal 
Sector (IRIS) Center, funded by a five-year, $8.9 million grant 
from the U.S. Agency for International Development, was 
established in the Department of Economics at College Park. 
The center's aim is to support institutional reforms that will 
foster competitive markets and democratic processes in 
Eastern Europe and developing countries. And additional 
$16.1 million is expected to come from overseas USAID 
missions to support this project. 

College Park will be the home of one of the nation's most 
important research facilities — the 1.7 million square-foot, 
$205 million Second National Archives Building. The build- 
ing will house more than half the collection of the National 
Archives Records Admmistration, including some ot the 
nation's most valuable historical documents, such as the entire 
State Department record, 1 1 million charts, maps and photos, 
and dcxuments from 'World War II and the Vietnam War. The 
building is scheduled for completion by fall 1993. 

The proximity of the campus to national research institutions 
such as the National Institutes of Health, the Smithsonian 
Institution, the USDA BeltsviUe National Agricultural 
Research Center and National Agricultural Library-, and the 
Library of Congress ensures that prime research facilities are 
always available to the uni\ersit^'s faculty and students. 

University of Maryland at College Park Alumni 

Created July 1, 1989, the University of Mar^-land at College 
Park Alumni Association is designed to strengthen ties 
between the university and its graduates and to foster support 
for the University of Maryland at College Park. All graduating 
seniors and successful master's and Ph.D. candidates receive a 
one-year free membership in the association. 

The Graduates 

Students graduating today from the University- of Maryland at 
College Park follow in the footsteps of many notable alumni who 
have distinguished themseK-es in such fields as science, entertain- 
ment, arts, journalism, business, law, medicine, and government. 

As a graduate student in mathematics at College Park, 
Herbert A. Hauptman (Ph.D. '54) worked simultaneously at 
the Naval Research Laboratory to devise a method for 

tr:; -:»*■- •-.^) 



This decorative, bull's eye window welcomes visitors to the Main Administration Building. 

mapping three-dimensional structures of molecules. Three 
decades later he and Jerome Karle, his long-time collahor- 
ator at NRL, won the 1985 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for 
their pioneering research. Dr. Hauptman was awarded an 
honorary Doctor of Science degree hy the university in 1985. 

CBS News' Connie Chung ('69) worked on the 
Diamondhack, the university's student newspaper, and for 
WMUC, the campus radio station, during her student years. 
Another successful journalist who received his collegiate 
training at College Park is Pulitzer Prize-winning science wri- 
ter Jon Franklin ('70). Franklin, who won two Pulitzer Prizes 
for his work as a Baltimore Evening Sun reporter, currently 
heads the journalism program at Oregon State University. 

One of the university's most devoted sons is A. James Clark 
('50), president of the George Hyman Constniction Co. and 
president and chairman of CEl Construction Inc., the 
umbrella organization for engineering and construction com- 
panies that include OMNI and Hyman. A fomier member of 
the University's Board of Regents, in 1983 Clark made a 
major contribution to the College of Engineering that led to 
the establishment of the A.J. Clark Chair in Coiistruction 
Engineering and Management. 

Other notable alumni include Carmen Balthrop ('7 1 ) a former 
Metropolitan Opera star and currently associate professor of music 
at College Park; George V. McGowan ('51 ), president of 
Baltimore Gas .ind Electric; Karl W. Meyer ('49), president of 
University of Wisconsin, Superior Campus; Rep. Tom McMillen 
('74), Maryland's Fourth District Gingressman; Mary Stallings 
Qileman ('35), the first woman elected to the Supreme Court of 
Michigan; Fred O'Green ('49), retired Curator of Textiles, Smith- 
sonian Institution; James R. Buckler ('70) current director of the 
Smithscinian's Office of Horticulture; Rep. Steny Hoyer ('63), 
Maryland's Fifth District Congressman; Anne Truax Darlington, 
creator of "Wall Street Week" and current director of the Inter- 

national Production Group tor tlie Maryland Center ot Public 
Broadcasting; and Allen J. Krowe ('54), senior vice president 
and chief financial officer of Texaco. 

Academic Costume 

The black caps and gowns worn by the students and faculty in 
the academic procession have been the traditional costume of 
scholars since medieval times. They probably represent a kind 
of ecclesiastical dress, since many of the scholars of that period 
were members of monastic orders. 

Most colleges and universities in the United States have 
adopted the unifomi code for costumes drafted by an inter- 
collegiate commission in 1983. Each of the three academic 
degrees — bachelor, master and doctor — has its own distinctive 
gown and hood. The bachelor's gown has a longer, more nar- 
row, closed sleeve extending below the knee; the arm fits 
through a slit at the elbow. The doctor's gown has a full, bell- 
shaped sleeve trimmed with three bars of velvet. The velvet 
trim on the gown can be black or a color indicating the 
wearer's general field of learning — for example, green for 
medicine or purple for law. A list of department colors follows. 


Arts, Letters, Humanities/ 

Business Administration, 

Commercial Science/ 

Education/Light Blue 
Fine Arts, Architecture/ 

Fores try /Russet 

Home Economics/ 


Library Science/Lemon 

Oratory. Speech/ 
SiU'er Gray 


Philanthropy /Rose 

Philosophy/Dark Blue 
Public Administration, 

Foreign Ser\'ice/ 

Peacock Blue 
Public Health/Salmon 
Ph>^ical Education/ 

Sage Green 
Science/Golden Yellow 
Social Work/Citron 
Theology and Divinity/ 

Veterinary Sciences/Gray 

The most colorful and distinctive part of the academic cos- 
tume is the hood extending down the back. The doctor's is the 
largest of the hoods and the bachelor's is the smallest. The 
bachelor's hood is often omitted. 

Silk lining ot various colors in the center ot the hood 
indicates the college or university which conferred the 
degree. Consistent for all degrees is the cap, or mortar hoard, 
which has a tassel ot black or another color indicating the 
field of learning. The tassel of the doctor's cap can he gold. 

Academic Degrees 

A degree is awarded tor the successful completion of a course of 
study. Tlicre are more than 1,600 different academic degrees 
currently conferred by colleges and universities nationwide. 

The first known degree was a doctorate bestowed by the Uni- 
versity of Bologna, Italy, in the mid- 12 th century. Originally, 
the doctor's and master's degrees were used interchangeably, 
each indicating that the holder was qualitied to instruct 
students. The bachelor's or baccalaureate, degree only 
indicated entrance into a course ot study preparatory to the 
doctorate or mastership. Gradually, though, the bachelor's 
degree came to mean successful completion of one level of 
study in advance ot the higher degrees. 

The Doctor's Degree 

The temi "doctor," meaning teacher or instructor, originated 
with the ancient Romans tor those who lectured publicly on 
philosophical topics. During the Middle Ages, it was used as 
a title ot honor tor men ot great learning. It was first made an 
academic title at the University of Bologna, which was 
allowed by the emperor to appoint doctores legum (doctors 
of laws). The Unix'ersity ot Paris followed suit in the year 
1 145. Soon after, popes granted the universities the right to 
appoint doctors canonum et decretalium (teachers of the 
canon law) and, when the study of civil law was combined 
with that ot the canon law, the title was changed to doctor 
utriusque juris (teacher of both laws). The faculties ot the- 
ology and medicine followed that ot law in conferring this title. 

A doctorate is given beyond the baccalatireate degree and 
requires several years of advanced study, the successful com- 
pletion of a thesis or dissertation, and written and oral 
examinations. The doctor's degree represents the most 
advanced earned degree conferred by American institutions. 
There are two distinct types: the practitioner's degree and 
the research degree. The first type represents advanced train- 
ing for the practice of various professions, principally Doctor 
ot Medicine, Juris Doctor and Doctor of Pharmacy. These 

degrees carry no implication of original research. The Univers- 
ity of Maryland awarded the first two dental degrees in history 
on March 9, 1841, and invented the name of the degree. Doc- 
tor of Dental Surgery (D.D.S.). 

The second type is a research doctorate representing pro- 
longed peritids of advanced study. A dissertation which usually 
accompanies the study is intended to contribute substantially 
to existing knowledge on the subject. The most important of 
these, the Doctor of Philosophy, no longer has an implication 
of philosophy for its holder, but represents advanced research 
in any of the major fields of knowledge. It was first awarded in 
the United States in 1861 by Yale University. The University 
of Maryland awarded a Ph.D. for the first time in 1920. 

The Master's Degree 

The master's degree is an academic honor bestowed upon 
students who have successfully completed work beyond the 
baccalaureate. A thesis and an oral examination are usually 
required. The word magister was used by the Romans as a title 
ot honor, but its present meaning can be traced to the 
establishment of the oldest universities. Organized faculties as 
they now exist in universities were not known then; academic 
activity was limited to seven liberal arts. Those who were 
honored for their diligence and knowledge upon completion 
of their studies and who had already received the bachelor's 
degree were called magistri artium (master of the liberal arts). 
In 1920, the University of Maryland awarded its first Master of 
Arts (M.A.) and Master of Science (M.S.) degrees in fields 
other than agriculture. 

The Bachelor's Degree 

The bachelor's degree represents completion of a four-year 
course of college-level study and is the oldest academic degree 
used by American institutions of higher learning. It was first 
conferred in America in 1642 on the first nine graduates of 
Harvard College. Maryland Agriculture College, which later 
became the University of Mar^'land College Park, awarded its 
first Bachelor oi Arts (B.A.) and Bachelor of Science (B.S.) 
degrees in 1862. 


University of Maryland System Board of Regents 


George V. McGowan 
Vice Chair 

Roger Bkint 

Albert N. Whiting 

Ilona M. HogLin 
Assistant Secretary 

Constance M. Unseld 

Robert L. Walker 

L'.v officio 

Margaret Alton 

Mary Arabian 

Richard O. Bemdt 

Benjamin L. Brtiwn 

Earle Palmer Brown 

Charles W. Cole, Jr. 

Frank A. Gunthcr, |r. 

Ann Hull 

Henry R. Lord 

Franklyn Perdue 
Student Regent 

Chad M. Gobel 

University of Maryland System Administration 


Donald N. Langenherg 
Depury Chancellor 

Jean E. Spencer 
Interim Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs 

George L. Marx 
Vice Chancellor for Generdl Aclminisnation 

Donald L. Myers 
Vice Chancellor for Adi'ancement 

John K. Martin 

University of Maryland at College Park Administration 


William E. Kirvvan 
Vice President far Academic Affairs and Provost 

J. Robert Dorfman 
Vice President for Administrani'e Affairs 

Charles F. Stiirtz 
Vice President for Institutional Adi'ancement 

Kathryn Costello 
Vice President fcrr Stwdent Affairs 

William L. Thomas, Jr. 


College of Agiicukure 

Paul H. Mazzocchi (Acting) 
College of Arts and Humanities 

Robert W. Gnftith 
College of Behavioral and Social Sciences 

Irwin Goldstein 
College of Business and Management 

Rudolph P. Lamone 
College of Computer, Mathematical and Physical Sciences 

Richard H. Herman 
College of Education 

Jean Hebeler (Acting) 
College of Engineering 

George E. Dieter, Jr. 
College of Human Ecolo^ 

Laura S. Sims 
College of]ourruilism 

Reese Cleghorn 
College of Library and /n/nnnation Sen'ices 

Claude E. Walston 
College of Life Sciences 

Paul H. Mazzocchi (Acting) 
College of Health and Human Per/onnance 

John J. Burt 
School of Architecture 

Steven Hurtt 
School of Public Affairs 

Michael Nacht 
Administrani'e Dean for Graduate Studies and Research 

Jacob K. Goldhaber (Acting) 
Administrative Dean for .Summer Programs 

Melvin Bernstein 
Administrative Dean /or Untlergroduaie .Studies 

Kathryn j. Mohrman 

Officers of Commencement 


Charles J. Beatty 

Industrial, Technological and Occupational Education 
University Marshd 

Don C. Piper 

Government and Politics 

John E. Wakefield 

Director of Bands 

Commencement Committee 

Alicia Arkell-Kkis 

Diploma Office 
McJinaz Bahrami 

Institutional Advancement 
Frances P. Ctii'e 

Health Center 
Earle Connors 

Physical Plant 
Kathryn Costello 

Institutional Advancement 
Caroh'n A. Ent 

Institutional Advancement 
Richelk Hamnic'ti 

Disability Support Service 
Simone Legacy 

Industrial, Technological and Occupational Education 
Nancy Lootnis 

Dining Services 
Linda Martin 

Institutional Advancement 
Michael McNair 

Police Department 
Gary Parker 

Intercollegiate Athletics 
Elizabeth Pattison 

Records and Registrations 
Cynthia Walker Reed 

University Book Center 
James N. Robinson 

Environmental Safety 
Barri Standish Sanders 

Commuter Affairs 
Gary Stoiie 

Police Department 
Robert T. Stumjyff 

Physical Plant 

Janice E. Summons 
Campus Parking 

Kate F. Ufema 

Communication Arts and Theatre 
Patrick Waiisu'ortfi 

Dining Services 

Unit Representatives 

Gene Agre 

Diane Barlow 

Library and Information Services 
!ra Block 

Human Ecology 
Jon Boone 

Arts and Humanities 
Anna Cherry 

Jane Fines 

Paulette Godin 

Arts and Humanities 
Diana Jackson 

Behavioral and Social Sciences 
Donna King 

Business and Management 
Albert J. Klavon 

Lift Sciences and Agriculture 
John C. Loss 

Joe Murray 

Health and Human Performance 
Bonnie Oh 

Undergraduate Studies 
Vicky Reinkc 

Library and Information Services 
Greig Stewart 

Thelma M . Williams 

Q)mputer, Mathematical and Physical Sciences 
E/isse Wng/it-Bnscoe 

Public Affairs 


Ralph Bennett is one of the most respected professors on 
campus, both for his contributions to the university as well as 
to his field of excellence. 

An award-winning architect, Bennett came to the 
University of Maryland at College Park in 1977. Since then, 
he has had a positive influence on campus life as chair of the 
Campus Senate, co-chair of the 1991 Governance Task 
Forces, and leader of the "Risk Force to Plan the future of the 
Adele Stamp Student Union. He also has served as a 
member of the Academic Planning Advisory Committee, 
member of the Appointments, Promotion and Tenure 
Committee, and member of the Campus Priorities 
Committee. From 1982-1983 he was acting dean of the 
School of Architecture. 

Bennett's professional influence extends across the region 
through Bennett Frank McCarthy Architects, Inc., based in 
Silver Spring. Bennett's partners, Laurance Frank and Brian 
McCarthy, are former students, as are their architect wives. 
The finn, which is currently working on Raphael House, a 
30-room group home for the elderly in Rockville, recently 
received a design award from the Potomac Valley Chapter of 
the American Institute of Architects (AlA) for a house they 
designed with William Bechhoefer, associate professor. 
University of Maryland School of Architecture. 

The respected architect's expertise is now being tapped by 
Montgomery County's Department ot Housing and 
Community Development. As chaimian ot this department's 
Productivity Housing Advisory Committee, Bennett advises 
the Montgomery County Executive on affordable housing. 

A member of the Potomac Valley Chapter of AIA, Bennett 
received one ot the organization's 1989 Presidential Awards 
for editing the chapter newsletter. He also won the 1985 
Award of Excellence for his work on Lake Seneca 
Elementary School (with Grimm and Parker). 

This widely published author just completed his 48th 
monthly column on the built environment tor Warfield's, the 
Baltimore business magazine. 

Bennett received his bachelor of arts and master of tine arts 
degrees from Princeton University. Prior to joining the 
University of Maryland, he was an assistant professor in the 
Harvard Graduate School of Design. 





AUGUST 1991 

This Corinthian st>le capital can be seen at the McKeldin Library 
which was buih in 1958 and named for then Governor Theodore 
R. McKeldin. 

Doctor of Philosophy 

Ana I. Aguirre-Deandreis Psychology 

Latino and White Social Networks: Individual and Environmental 


Ahmed Z. Al-Gami Aerospace Engineering 

AsceiKiiii!; Trajectories Performance and Control tf) Minimise Heat 
Load for Transatmospheric Aerospace Planes 

Steven A. Altman Horticulture 

C/ianijcs in the Actii'irv ami Expression ofCataLise in Cut Carnations 
and in Response to Inhibitors of Ethylene Action 

W'ihoon Arunthanes Business and Management 

Motit'ls ()/ Product Adaptation in Export Marketing 

Andrew J. Baker Zoolog>' 

Mating System, Cooperative Breeding and Group Dyriamics in a Wild 
Population of Golden Lion Tamanns L'LeontopitAecui rosaliau 

Chitta R. Baral Computer Science 

Semantics o/Knou/iedge Bases arui Their Combinations 

Laura M. Harden Curriculum and Instruction 

The Differential Learning Effects of Lni- and High-Level Questions 
Embedded Within Videotaped Science /n/ormation on Ninth- and 
Tenth-Grcuk Students 

Bruce J. Barrow Physics 

Fomuition Dyivvmcs on the PS-3 .5 Spheromoic 

Gabrielle E. Bedewi Business and Management 

Midriattri/iute Acceptance Sampling Plans and Their Properties A La 

Lorraine Bemer Human De\elopment 

Parental Perceptions, Interpretations, and Feelings About Their 
Relationships with Their Young Adolescent Children 

Martin T. Black Astronomy 

Analvsis ofGraxnty al^d Topography on Earth and Venus: Comparisons 
of Lithsopheric and Subhthospheric Processes 

Robert E. Breckinridge Government and Politics 

The /nieraction of Regimes: The Influence of the European Community 
on Spanish DemotToc^ 

Shraga Bross Electrical Engineering 

Trellis Coding for the Two-User Midriple- Access Channel 

Cynthia G. Burack Government and Politics 

FeminLsm and Social Theory: The Problem of the Passions 

The Aut;ust 1^91 class roster comprises degree graduates trom 
the undergraduate and graduate programs at the University ot 
Mar> land at College Park. 


An,qn,sf 199 J GradutUcs 

Michael S. Cain Curriculum .mJ Instructmn 

/lUL'granng Ad/wrict Faci(/i\ into a Hnmaniric5 Division: 
An Oganijflndn Devekipmenl Model 

Roberto Camporesi Physics 

Geometric Refirescritarion of Propagaurrs ami Qiumium Effects in 
Spaccnmes lath Symnieny 

John M. Canning Computer Science 

RecogniTJnf^ Defarmahle Objects- A Set Sriake Methodology 

Riccardo Capovilla Physics 

The Self-Dual Spin Connection as the FuncLimental Gravitati(mal 
\ 'anahle 

EHzabeth R. Carazo Entomology 

Behai'iOT, Metabolism and Persistence ofTerbiifos in Soils and Ctrm 
and its /nteraction iiith Atrajine 

Sergio R. Cardenas-Garcia Computer Science 

Software Evaluation Based on MultzattriiTute Formal Speci/ications 

Kyuman Cho Chemical Physics 

Meiisuremenlj oj the Magnelooptical arid Thennooptical Properties of 

Jae H. Choi Business and Management 

Peifon7iancc /mfnoi-ement in Multi-Processor Database S\stems: 
Through Query Scheduling and Resilience Mechanism 

James R. Coates Jr. Kinesiology 

Sport and Leisure in the A/rican-American Communitv of Baltimore 

Alice H. Cornelison Education Policy, Planning, and 
Black College Students: Perceprions of the Effects of Early Inlegrarion 

Neal E. Craft Nutritional Sciences 

Method Dei'elopment, Characterisation, and Quanti/Jcatiwi of the 
Major Carotenoids in the U.S. Total Daily Diet 

Dzwo-Min Dai Civil Engineering 

Service Reliability on Congested Waterways 

Steven W. Daniels Physics 

Rapid Jonijaiion in Argon Plasmas 

Judith G. Dausch Health Education 

Eating Patterns of Adolescents: A Descriptive AnaK'sis of Two 
NatioTUil Sun 'CVS 

Patricia A. Davis Government and Politics 

The Uses and Abuses of Economic Statecraft: Gennan-Polish 
Relarioas 1969-1990 

Lucy U. Demario Biochemistry 

Studies on the Mechanism of Pyruvate Formate-Lyase 

Didier A. Depireux Physics 

Dimensional Keducrion of Self-Dual Yang-Mills, Jntegroble S>'siems 
and W-Algebias 

Sven J. Dickinson Computer Science 

The Recot'erv and Recogninon of Three-Dimensional Objects Using 
Part-Based As/X'Ct Matching 

Lucia R. Dillenburg B<itany 

Competitii'c /nienictions Betireen the Vines L' Lonicera Japonica and 
Parthenocissus Quintjue/oliau and the Tree Host U Liquidambar 
Styraciflua u-Effecti and Mechanisnis 

Pamela J. Edwards Go\'emment and Politics 

Selecring and Electing State Legislatii'e Caiidiciaies: The Role of Political 
Parties, JntcTest Groups, and Slating Decisions 

Masoud Eghbarieh Government and Politics 

Arabs in Israel. The Ongoing Conflict With the Stale 

Charlotte E. Exner Human Development 

Contt^lt Validity, Reliability, and Generalizability Studies of the Test 
oj In-Hand Manipuktion by Extier 

Colleen M. Farmer Kinesiology 

Effects oj Strength Training on Lipoprotein Lipid Profiles and Post 
Hepann Lipase Actintv in Males at Risk jar Coronary Arterv' Disease 

Brian D. Farrell Entomology 

Ph'^logenetic Study of Host-Affiliatioiis in the Milkiceed Beetles U 
Tetraopes u (Coleoptera: Ceramhycidae) 

Parvaiz Q. Farshori Zoology 

Role of MicTombules and fCinesin in Insulin Secretion 

Alan E. Feldman Physics 

Neutron Trartsition Densities of48Ca 

Carolyn M. Fink Special Education 

School Lije-Histones oj lru:arcerated Women uiih Learning Problet7is.- A 
Retrospective Study 

Marina L. Foschi Albert Germanic Language and Literature 
L'eber Friedrich Schlegels Theone Des Witzes 

Susan K. FuUerton Curriculum and Instruction 

Strategic Behanors of Upper-Elementary Readers When Acquiring 
Wind Meanings from C'onte.vt 

Behrad Ghaffari Electrical Engineering 

Multiaccess Optical Networks and Video/\'oicelData Integration in 
Satellite and High-Speed Local Area Networks 

David Goldberg Mathematics 

ReducibiUty of Induced Representations for Cla.'isical P-Aclic Groups 

Barry L Graubard Mathematical Statistics 

Methods /or the AmiKsis oj CompL'.v Sun-ev Data 

Robert D. Grober Physics 
Photoluminescence of InSb 

Harris L. Gruman Comparati\e Literature 

.Agents of Hope: Historical Desire and the Question of the Subject 
in the Novel 


Donald E. Hall English Language and Literature 

The Literature of Threat: Feminism ard EngUsh Mde Novelists 

Weimin Han Mathematics 

Error Esniiiatiom of Mathematical Ideaiizanoris for Euipnc Problems 
with L'nceriain Data 

Leon L. Harper Government and Pohtics 

The Dilemmas of Judicial Review and Control of Administrative 
Decisions in the Federal Regulatcrry Process: Two Decades of 
Controversy in the New Era of Administrative Law 

Mark J. Harper Nuclear Engineering 

Theoretical Model ofNeutrori Bubble Dosimeter 

Geraldine D. Hawkins Special Education 

Attitude's Toward Mainstreaming Sluderits with Disalvlities Among 
Regular Elementai-y Music aivi Physical Etiuctiiion Teachers 

Song He Physics 

Fracrioiuil Qtwnmm Hall Effect. Fractional Statistics and Anyon 

Mark D. Heintselman Zoolog>' 

Lysosomal En;^me Acnvities m Two Jmmumi-t; Leukocytic Cell 
Populatio}^s Respond to Treamie?it u'ltli 13-cis Rt'tinoic Acid 

John E. Hickey Human Development 

111 Utero Opiate Exposure: A Risk Factor for Impairment m 
Attentional Processing 

Suen Hou Physics 

Precision Measurement of the I Mass and Width 

Changlien Hsu Government and Politics 

Export Processing Zone and National Development-Taiwan 
Experience in a View of Political Economy 

Judith L. lacarino Human Development 

A Comparison of Self-Esteem and Nonverbal Communication Skills 
in Stutterers ami Nonstutterers 

Garry Jennings Government and Politics 

The Localist Diffusionist Model In Judicial Decision Making: How 
Lower Court Judges Fonnulate National Policy in Equal Protection 

Mario A. Jodorkovsky Electrical Engineering 
Studies m Robust Control 

William P. Kachman Counseling and Personnel Services 
An Int'esngarion of Code-Su/itching Be/iaf ior of Deaf Children 

Karen M. Kester Entomology 

Ecological and Be/iat'ioral ConsrrainLs Imposed lr>' Plants on the Insect 
Parasitoid, U Cotesia congregata u (Say) 

Peter B. Kettler Chemistry 

Coordinaiion Clieniistr\' of Novel Multidentate Phosphine-Chalcogen 
arid Phosphmimme Ligends 

Yong S. Kim Government and Politics 

The Ego Ideal, Ideology, and Haliucinorion (A Psychoanalytic 
Interpretation of Political Violence in an Oriental Cultured Context) 

Judith J. Kirchhoff Government and Politics 

EfficieruT) in Public Human Services: Borrowed Theory arid Empirical 

James A. Landro Chemistry 

Stereochemical and Mechanistic fni'estigations on Ghoxalose / and 
Mandelate Racemose 

Chao-Pin Lee Chemistry 

Study of Photo Sef Promoted Radical and Diradical Cyclization Reactions 

Hsien-Chiarn Lee Electrical Engineering 

Robust Control of Bifurcating Nonlinear S^sterm with Applications 

Sangyeol Lee Mathematical Statistics 
Tesnng Gaussiaruilir)' of Time Senes 

Sheng-Lian Lee Chemistry 

Stereochemical Investigation of the P-C Bond Cleavage Process 
Catalyzed by B. cereus Phosphonoacetaldehyde Hy drolyase 

Wonshik Lee Electrical Engineering 

Dei'clopnK'nt of High Performance N-Channel luP FET's; Surface 
Possivation and Interface States 

Liang Lu Physics 

Effective Hamikonian Theory and its Applications to Wave 
Propagations aivi Interacrions in the Presence of Fluctuations 

Zichun Lu Bicxhcmistr^' 

The Dei'elopment oj Chiral Exchange Inert Metal-Nucleotide 
Complexes as Probes of Kirtase Active Sites 

David L Ma Electrical Engineering 

Double Crystal Topography Charactenzatiim of Mechanical Stress 
Related Effects on Silicon Metoi-Oxide-Semiconductor Field E^ect 

Deanna B. Marcum American Studies 

Tlie Public Librarv in Rural Amenca, 1878-1920 

David R. Martinelli Civil Engineering 

Investment Planning of Interdependent Waterway /mproivment Projects 

Elfreda W. Massie Education Policy, Planning, and Administration 
An Analysis of the NASSP Assessment Center Program in the 
Maryland Assessment Center Program 

Suzin E. Mayerson Psychology 

Socicd Creativity Strategies in the Miiumoi Group 

Susan L. Miller Criminal Justice and Criminology 

The Deterrent and General Preventative Effects of Sanction Threats on 
Violence Betiveen Intimates 

Doron Mintz Computer Science 
Robusmess by Cimsensus 

Carlene C. Nelson Human Development 

Effect o/ Context on Inirial Maternal Verbal Response 


August 1 99 1 ( JTOJuaigs 

Karen L. Olmstead Entumology 

The Ecolufni aj'Tortone Beetle (Cokoptera: Chrysomelidae) Defense 

Margaret A. Owens Counseling and Personnel Services 
C-opin^ Behavior aiul Adoleseent AJdictum 

Jiqin Pan Electrical Engineering 

Fast Recursive Estimation of System Order and Parameters fur 
Adaptive Control arui IIR Filtering 

Pil S. Park Applied Mathematics 

Iterative Ni)li(tioiis of Large Sparse Linear S;ystc'ms of Equations 
Arising from Queuing Network ProWcms 

Young H. Park Mathematics 

Period Integials frr O (4-2) and Values ofLangLmds L-Fimctiims 

Karen S. Peddicord Health Education 

The Relatioi-Lship of Employment Verses NonempLiyment to Perceived 
Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Self-Esteem, and Sxial Support in 
Pregiumt Women 

Songzhi Peng Zoology 

Proving the Structure and Stntctural Chcmges m a Mitochondrial 
Channel VDAC 

Elgin S. Perry Applied Mathematics 

Distributioiial Properties of Parameters Derived from lj;slie Matrix 

Timothy W. Peterson Education Policy, Planning, and 


Administrator Perceptiojts of the Organizatiottal Effectiveriess of 

Undergraduate External Degree Programs 

Zygmunt Pirlo Psychology 

Visiuil Shape RL'Cd.^iitiiin in Huni^uis and Computers 

James Piatt Philosophy 

Saving the Meaning; The Cipher Theory oj Synonymy al^d the 
Problems of Cross-Cidtural Translation 

Elizabeth A. Reardon Economics 

Rates of Return to Corporate Investment: An Efficient Markets 
Aplrroach to Evaluating InitsmiL'nt Performance 

Moon-Whoan Rhee Business and Management 

L'no|-),seriuliilit>' ProliL'ms arid Tests of the Troihtiorud Asset Pricing 

Tina Richardson Psychology 

A Projectii'e Approach to the Assessment of Racial Consciousness in 
White Americans 

Amy L. Rovelstad Mechanical Engineering 

An Examination of V'orticit> Trarispint Along Particle Paths m a 
Numerically Simulated Turbulent Channel Flow 

Sharon K. Rudy Counseling and Pers<innel Services 

A Study of the Cross-Cultural Experience: Loneliness, Shyness and 
Sxial Provision 

Max Sawicky Economics 

C)n the Demand for Public Goods Provided Ir^ Stale tjoivniments 

Shirley S. Schwartz Curriculum and Instruction 

Facilitating the Acijuisition of Executive Control Processes in Young 
Children: A Study of Teachers' liistruerional Discourse in a Problem 
Sok'ing Task 

Jeannette G. Sedlacek Human Development 

A Study of Relatiomhips Among Con/Iiet-lianiiling Stales, Levels of 
Experienced Conflict, ]oh Satisfaction, and]ob Perfirrmance in 
University Residence Hall Assistants 

Shiuh-Pyng W. Shieh Electrical Engineering 

An Jn/onnation and Privilege Flimi Model for Inti-usicm Detection in 
Computer S^^stenrs 

Jack Shulimson American Studies 

Search for a Missiim: A Study of Marine Carps Institutiomil Survival 
and Prof essionalization, J 876- J 898 

Sukanya Sinha Physics 

Semiclassical Limit of Quantum Cosmology 

Robert W. Springer Physics 

A Stud'* of the Process Z bb Using Muon Inclusive Z Deca;ys 

Sharon S. Stoliaroff Psychology 

Group Composition and Emergent Leadersliip; Their Effects on Group 
Process in Personal Growth Groups 

Theodore E. Stone Curriculum and Instruction 

Locus of Control as Explanation For tlie Reltitionsliip oj Tutor Contact 
and Completion Rates in Distance Education 

Xiaobai Sun Computer Science 

A United AnaK'sis of Iterative Methods for the Solution of Nearly 
Uncoupled Markoi' Cliains 

Jackwell Susman Criminal Justice and Criminology 

Procedural Justice in Mental Hospitals: A Stud^i o/Nontrivial Disputes 
Oi'er Medication Refusal 

David G. Swartz Marine, Estuarine, and Environmental Sciences 
A Decision Support System for Marine Recreariomil Fislieries 

Sharon A. Sykora Government and Politics 

Tlie Clianging Nature of Citizen Orientations of Refugees: 
Second-Wave Vietnamese in Erie , Pennsylvania 

Chung-Te Teng Electrical Engineering 

Tii'o Artificial Neural Network-implemented Robust Vision Models 

Robert E. Trempe Business and Management 

Tlie Productivity of Domesric Passenger Airlines in tlie Era of 

Brian P. Turner Physics 

Molecular Pliolo/ragrnentation u-itli an Ar F* Excimer Laser 

Natalie H. Vania Philosophy 

Ignoring tlie Good and Deontological Rationalit>' 

Carol D. VonDohlen Zoology 

Ecology and Evolution of Life Cycles in the Hormaphidmae 
fHomoptera: Aphididac) 


Robert J. Waldman Sociology 

/nternarionai Peacekeeping: Conditions o/Con/IictConfro/ 

Daniel F. Wallace Psycholog>' 

Influence nj Heuristics on Working Memory 

Chuen-Chung Wang Chemical Engineering 

The Efjects nf Sampling arid Classification on Aerosol Size and 
Electrical Mobility Distribution 

Mary P. Watkins Education Policy, Planning, and Administration 
Phenortiena Related to Clinical Decision Making in Patient Care by 
Experienced RN's Educated m Three Types of Nursing Programs 

Sunny S. Weiskop Physics 

Extending the N Quantum Apfiroximation to Remmmalizable Field 

Luther W. Wheat Human Development 

Dei'elopinent of an bistrument Far the Measurement of Human 

Jacques R. White Marine, Estuarine, and Environmental Sciences 

Seasonal Study of Zooplarikton Dynamics in Chesapeake Bay 

Joseph T. Wissmann Mathematics 

Material Response and Inverse Problems of Incompressible Elasticity 

David R. Wizer Curriculum and Instruction 

Snudl Group instruction With LD and NLD Students Using 
Microcomputers: The Impact of Group Interaction 

Judy A. Xanthopoulos Economics 

Marginal Effective Tax Rates: Forty Years of Tax Policy and Its Effect 
on Marginal Effective Tax Rates 

Wei Xu Chemistry 

Development of Novel Electron Transfer Induced Photocyclization 
Reactions of Alpha-Silylamine-Enot\e Systems 

Kewen Yin Chemical Engineering 

Application of Adaptive Techniques In Chenucal Processes 

Hyun-Kun Yoon Government and Politics 

National Security: Defense Development and Self Reliance Through 
Defense Industrialization — The Case of South Korea 

Jong H. Yoon Physics 

Dimensiond. Reductions In Grai'iry Theories 

ZhiPing You Applied Mathematics 

Numerical Study of Stable and Unstai'le Manifolds of Some 
Dynamical Systems 

Zhimin Zhang Applied Mathematics 

Soli'ing Stead> State Free Boundary Problems With the Finite Element 

Shanyang Zhao Sociology 

Disciplimirv and \nt\a-Disciplinary Competition m Sociology: 
Integration Through Domain Differentiation 

Doctor of Education 

Ronald A. Anderson Curriculum and instruction 

Maryland Social Studies Curricula Framework: An Impact Stud^ 

Clarence E. Golden Curriculum and Instruction 

Studt'iits' Peiceptions of Academic Competition and Cooperation m the 
Middle School 

James M. Ryan Curriculum and Instruction 

E^ect of Exposure to Disabled Population on Vocational Rehabilitation 
Counselor's Attitude Toward Disabled People 

Rita J. Womack Curriculum and Instruction 

The Effects of Teacher Modeling Think Alouds on Student's Ability to 
Identify Main Ideas in Reading 

Doctor of Musical Art 

David R. Miles Music 

An Annotated Bit)liograpli> of Selected Contemporary Euphonium Solo 
Literature by American Composers 

Myra S. Tate Music 

The Supernatural Singer; Pointing Toward Transcencknt Perfimnance 

Master of Applied 

Dana Gayle Holland 
Kristin Jonell Hunter 
Patricia Marie Parkinson 

Master of Architecture 

Forrest James Pecht 

Master of Arts 

American Studies 

Mary Dale Dowling 
Frank W. Johnson IV 

Applied Mathematics 

William Frederick Detlefs 
Katherinc Johanna Toussaint 

Art History 

Renee Antoinette Kidd 
Joan Ruth Stahl 
Lee Allison Vedder 


Richard Edmon Prior 

Counseling and Personnel 

Peter Dwight Eckel 
Barbara Ann Gill 
Janlne Karol Lambdin 
Michael John Ott 
Erin A. Rooney 

Criminal Justice and 

Elizabeth Rachel Friedman 


Ai(,ni(sr /99) Graduates 


David F. D'Alessandris 
Jonathan Jay Fox 
Jeffrey Steven Glaser 
Cherian Samuel 
SuyioR Wu 

Education Policy, Planning 
and Administration 

William G. Keim 
Lauren Ruhley Simpson 

English Language and 

Sheryl J. Ban- 
Laurel Julia Herman 
Susan Fields Joseph 
Nancie Clare Sullivan 

Carol Ann Sanders 
Bonnie Jean Vodzak 

French Language and 

Yvette Anna Marie Rickel 


Thomas Joseph Culliton 
Wayne Paul Dulaney 
David Lawther Toll 

Government and Politics 

Donald Gordon Beane 
Sebastiano Brancoli 
Genevieve Emilia Handal 

Jill Ellen KoUxiy 
Edward James Logsdon, Jr. 
Scott David McDonald 
Lindsay P. Orkand 
Marie Primerose Pratt 

Health Education 

Kathleen Marie Morgan 
Louise Murphy Simmons 

Hearing and Speech 

Attiya Khusro Mir 
Sonja Lynn Rose 
LaGuinn Parsons Sherlock 


Laurent Cartayrade 
William Baker Deutscher 
Jon Ct)lin Dowling 
Karen Marie Gladding 
Joseph Owen Litney 
Matthew MacKenzie 

Steven Nathan Mesirow 
Matthew Carroll Pursell 
Sarah Paradise Russell 
James B. Shuman, Jr. 
Douglas Mark Stanczak 

Human Development 

Judy Gail Blumenrhal 
Ann M. Novak 


Stewart Mark Banner 
Valarie Ann Basheda 
Anne Marie Calmes 
Victoria Lynn Contie 
Anne Patricia Enright 
Eleanor Andrea Grant 
Beth Ann Haller 
Carol Maria McCarthy 
Mark Locke Mills 
Robert J. Woodnittlll 


Julie Hamon 


Nancy Curtis Hutchison 
Lina Zilionyte 

Mathematical Statistics 

Jung Hyun Kim 


Kathleen Marie Madden 
Tristan Nguyen 
Pyeong-Suk Woo 

Measurement, Statistics 
and Evaluation 

Dinna Lynne Neumann 


Harold William Goldstein 
Natalia Janice Peart 
Cindy J. Spiers 

Radio, Television and Film 

Alejandra Ramirez-Portela 


Delair David Ali 
John Michael Tucker 


Julie Ann Dawson 
Pamela Gindoff 
Basmat Shiw Parsad 
Zong-Yee Willson Yang 

Speech Communication 

Michelle Danielle Kost 
Harry Lee Pritchett 

Urban Studies 

Alan Jay Hochman 

Master of Arts/Master 
of Library Science 

Combined History/Library 
and Information Services 

Keila Rachel Manekin 

Master of Business 

Debra Collins Andrews 
James Howard Barton 
Gordon Hallauer Bell 
Barbara Dickey Bourque 


Michael A. Camock 
Tania Vera Charchalis 
Thomas N. Chen 
Sung Soo Chun 
Michael A. Cinquemani 
Susan Jeanette Cinquemani 
Kathleen Ann Coleman 
KathnTi Janet Cross 
Roger M. Dashevsky 
Letha Marie Dugas 
Edna Thea Falk 
Amy Finfer 

Margaret Ward Gamache 
William Elting Gossman 
Eileen Hefteman Greenwell 
Allison Hand 
James John Hegarty 
David Matthew Hicks 
Marcia Lecrone Howes 
Paul Douglas Hunt 
Abraham Isser 
Michael David Jones 
Michael Edward Juchniewicz 
Philip Sung Kang 
James Stuart Kay 
Terrick Khan 
Wendy Joan Lane 
Charles Ke\in Maguire 
Bruce Da\id Malone 
Salim Sudirdjo Marzuki 
William Dennis McGuinness 
Robert Lee Morrison, jr. 
Kevin Roger Muha 
Donald Elliot Nixon 
Pamela Dargan Nixon 
David Keith Nobile 
Charles Burke Peterson 
Sharon Ribas 
Charles Frederick Riley 
Rowena Lisa Roberts 
Daniel Richard Rubenstein 
Lawrence Michael Rudner 
Jean Paul Savary 
Alfred Schulze 
Darian Varga Schulze 
AUon Shift" 
Deana Marie Shriver 
Renu Singh 
M. Athena Soussa 

Joseph Sebastian Spiezio 
Adam Brett Stetser 
Diane Jeanne Terr^' 
Jeanne Isabella Toussaint 
Deborah Ruth Vaughan 
Terrence Anthony Waak 
Adrienne Lee Wack 
Weijing Wang 
L. J. Weingart 
Jeffrey Keith Windland 
Jeffrey Louis Wingenroth 

Master of Education 

Counseling and Personnel 

Mar> Lynne Cloos 

Cynthia Simcho Hill 

Timothy A. McGuriman 

Susan Cryer Moye 

Beth Elise Shapiro 

Jeffrey Dale Stoner 

Mar>' Weldon Wetmore 

Curriculum and Instruction 

Darlene McNair Bell 
Julie Pflughaupt Boyd 
Sharon Anne fk)yd 
Rita Carolina Crider 
Elisabeth Reeve Curtz 
Lisa Gayle Dolinka 
Jane Frances Hemelt 
Patricia Ann HoUoway 
Katherine Mary Hopper 
Anne Elizabeth O'Neill 

Patrice Marie Howard 
Kristine Fuller Huang 
Candace Llyn Hutcheson 
Mary Nancy Koback 
Anne Denys Kuppinger 
Janeen Leeshock 
Daniel F. Liebert 
Enitan O. Mason 
Patricia Ellen Mikus 
David Michael Morris 
Francis S. Nicol 
Cheryl JL Novotny 
Susan Joy Okun 

Louise Snyder Phillips 
Ann Dowgin Reilly 
Amber Elisabeth Roe 
Karen Miller Rubinstein 
Wesley Kenneth Schrock 
Mar)' Gillespie Stackhouse 
George James Toepfer 
Leslie R. Wagner 

Education Policy, Planning 

and Administration 
Andrea Louise Chaisson 
Jeanette Rogers Dunston 
Julie Kouis Mamani 
Catol Francine Montague 
Phyllis Joan Saunders 

Human Development 

Catherine Diane Hughes 
Kimherly Ann McClennahan 
Jessica Lynn Remenick 

Special Education 

Melissa Ann Holmes 
Merry Frances King 
Mar\ M. Rapp 
Cynthia Reid 
Linda Gail Smith 

Master of Library 

Library and Information 

Ellen Moore Bansemer 

Frances Louise Bauer 

Elizabeth Low'ry Blanton 

Maureen Amanda Cole 

Yvette BrowTi 

Viboonsuk Bundit 

Lisa Marie Capozzoli 

Iris Kay Stanfield Causey 

Sue-Hsin Chen 

Shu-Li Chiou 

Thomas Creamer 

Mary Beth Adams Dorsey 


; Liiv 

■ Edsall 

Barbara Marion Evans 
Roby Charles Fields 
Anna Fiolek 
Karen Samuel Fleischer 
Arlene Ogurick Fogelson 
Susan Anne Francis 
Michael Harris Ginsborg 
Cynthia Anne Hackett 
Jeffrey A. Harrison 
Philip John Herron 
Yealing Huang 
Ann Kalltelz Jenkins 
Krista Susan Jones 
Andrew S. Katz 
Paula Marie Kerr 
Deeann Wallick Khngner 
Chul-Wan Kwak 
Daniel Christopher Lech 
Michael Harris Levinson 
Honey Elizabeth Lindsey-Barr 
Cathaiyn Tull Livemnan 
Julia Magdalena Manzo 
Har\ey Karl Morrell 
Gary Eugene Myer 
Qilin Mathew Neenan 
Hannelore S. Ninomiya 
Theresa Amelia O'Connell 
Lisa Danae Palzkill 
Mary Anne Ramos 
Ryan Dirk Robertson 
Devorah Rosen 
Karen M. Sherwood 
Kathr>n Joan Stitz 
John Eric Taube 
Joanne W. Tetrault 
Roberta Campbell Thomas 
Richard S. Van Pelt 
Mei-Ling Wang 
Laura Ann Whitbeck 
Tora L. Williamsen 
Chia-Li Wu 

Master of Music 

Marion S. Jacobson 
Bradley James Knobel 
David Hile Zerkel 


August (99/ Graduates 

Master of Public 

Kenneth Brian Adkins 

Master of Public Policy 

Karen Jean Baehler 
Mary Upchurch Kruger 
Marilyn M. Quinn 

Master of Science 

Aerospace Engineering 

Gregory Stephen Agnes 
Dwayne Allan Drake 
Thomas Gregory Gates 
Dixie Marie Hisley 
Steven J. Ingle 
Michele Julia Andrys Mair 
James Walker Weber, Jr. 

Agricultural and Extension 

Elizabeth Ann Samo 

Agricultural and Resource 

James Herbert Coates 
Ourania Korka 

Animal Sciences 

Basheer Ahamed 
Mary- Beth Miller 
Manoj K. Pastey 
Sheryl Rodgers Seibel 

Business and Management 

Anindya Datta 
Liying Huang 
John Joseph Mccarron 
Grace Alexandra Rivera 
Eduardo Luis Sanchez 
Mitchell Douglas West 

Chemical Engineering 

Daniel Reid Kuespert 
Oscar Edwin Quiroga 


Gautam Chatterjee 
Ojaswini R Chitale 
Laura Ann Tinsley 

Civil Engineering 

Charles Albert Babendreier 
Susan Marie Castellan 
John C. Damm 
Jacob George 
Christopher John Griffith 
Randall Jay Johnston 
Wan-Dong Kim 
Dagmar Kohl Llewellyn 
Jean-Michel Pavy 

Computer Science 

Laura Susan Jafte 
Christopher Martin Lott 
John Robert Meyer 
Noura Fares Zoubeir 

Electrical Engineering 

Donald W. Carter, Jr. 
Jeffrey Satterwhite Chavis 
Naomi Elizabeth Ehrich 
Hasan Fallaahadl 
Chen-Ping Feng 
Tao-Long Hsiao 
Ytian Kao 

Lawrence Melvm Klass 
Tuan Anh Le 
Tsung-Hsien Lu 
Martin Patrick McEnroe 
Panagiotis C. Michailidis 
loanis Salmatjidis 
Fred Raymond Steinberg 
Perry L. Vessels 

Engineering Materials 

John C. Musall 


Nancy Pat Owen 
Angel Antonio Peiia 

Family and Community 
Gary E. Clark 

Jeanne Marie Elrod 
Betty Schuchat Mcdonald 
Linda Turman Moore 

Food Science 

Chen-Jang Liu 


Timothy Richard Rose 


Huey Jen Chen 

Human Nutrition and 

Food Systems 

Jana Lea Landkammer 
Maria Cristina P. Souza 

Marine, Estuarine and 
Environmental Sciences 

Michael John Klebasko 
Helen Kundtz Rosselli 
John David Stubbletield 
Karen Lynn Sundberg 

Mechanical Engineering 

Sudhanshu Bahadur 
Indrajit Garai 
Mark Andrew Higgins 
Tliomas Joseph Hogan 
Chonghao Huang 
Lingxiao Li 
James Evans Parker, Jr. 
Paul William Richards 
Harmeet Singh 
Mark Alan Uebel 
Kristina Gretchen Whipple 
Kui-Sun Yim 


Paul Andrew Delaney 
Gaogao Han 
Jae-Hoon Kim 
Nian Zhang 

Nuclear Engineering 

Timothy Charles McNair 
Craig M. Zelig 

Nutritional Sciences 

Punam Malik 

Virginia Wilson Worthington 


Valerie Michele Browning 
Riccardo Capovilla 
David Edward Lynch 

Poultry Science 

Frank Anthony Attard 

Reliability Engineering 

Michael Delmont 
Martin Francis Dixon 
John Frederick Dunn 
Neil James Smith 

Textiles and Consumer 

Rahul K. Dharmadhikary 


Christine C. Hakenkamp 
Daphna Francoise 

M. Andrew Newman 
Cynthia Anne Rote 
John Andrew Scherrer 
Suzy Ruth Ellen Steele 

Graduate Certificates 

Advanced Graduate 
Specialist Certificate 

Elizabeth Ann Krask 
Janine Karol Lambdin 



AUGUST 1991 

Maryland's flag, bearing the arms of the CaKert and Crossland 
families, was first flown in its present form at Gettysburg Battlefield 
in 1888 to dedicate monuments to Maryland civil war veterans. 

College of Agriculture 

Bachelor of Science 

Agricultural and Resource 

Michael Ryan Cooper 
Paul DeTitta 
Peter Sean Fitzgerald 
Rolfe William Gotsch 
Tln>mas Edward Haines 
Patrick Joseph Manner 
Robert John HoUitield 
Doron Aaron Krinet: 
Alphonse Enongene MbuUe 
David Seton McAvoy 
Craig Cornell Merrills 
Afshin Mottaghi 
Steven Neil Schindler 
Thomas F. Skowronski 
Scott Sidney Tucker 
Alan Keith Weiss 

Animal Sciences 

Amanda Peta Hinchliff Bixith 
Anne Brounley Digges 
Adrienne Michelle Hornatko 
* Christine Marie Zohlen 

Food Science 

Christopher Allen Hathaway 
Kathleen Ann Hepp 
Richard L. Hudson 

Natural Resources 

Nancy Lynne Leggieri 

School of Architecture 

Bachelor of Science 

Benvinda C. L\>laney 

L>a\id Glen Robinson 
Tessy Ariati Sumiantoro 
Edward John Toro 
Helena Maria Vincent 

College of Arts and 

Bachelor of Arts 

Advertising Design 

Pia Maria Uznanska 

American Studies 

Natahe Yvonne Burkman 
James Roland Farserotu 
Kerry McFarland 
Matthew Daniel Wagner 

Art History 

Susan Jane Ben: 
Karyn Marie de Dufour 
Lisa Ann Maday 
Patricia Marie 

Kyndall Tehixani McNab 
Amy Lisa Popkm 
Jana Melissa Vourgourakis 
Barbara Anne Wiilf 


Anne Mary Morabito 
Franki Rachelle Radin 

East Asian Languages and 

Masashi Hamada 
Marquis W. Seidel 

S Smimw cum Laude 
f Magna aim Lawk 
* cum lunidc 


Au.i^iit 199) Graduates 

English Language and 

Sigalit Deborah Artzi 
Kevin Shawn Crtiissette 
Michael Lasceive Dailey 
Chamene Marie Da\is 
Shawn Alexander Denlein 
Margaret Josephine Essl 
Pauline Rose Flood 

* Nathalie Kathleen Gilfrich 
Marshall Kathryn Handy 
Leslie B. Hankin 

Linda Marie Harne 

* Valerie Ann Hyatt 
Kendra Michelle Jackson 
Stephanie B. Joseph 
Kathleen M. Kkisky 
Laurie Leigh Larkin 
Gail B. Leithaiiser 
Samuel Joseph Liehman 
Sabrina Malachi 

Linda M. Maybury 
Christine Ann Mc Bennett 
Deirdre McCullouKh 

Granville Dale Miller 
Jacqueline Pauline Neale 
Anne Eli:abeth Powers 
Frederick C. Pyen 
Anissa Martina Raiford 
Christopher Scott Randiilph 
Elaine Anne Refo 
John Michael Ribas 
Douglas Gavan Ricci 

S Sharona Ro:maryn 
Kimherly D. Ryan 
Elana Deborah Satisky 
Kurt William Schmidt 
Thomas Edrington 

Alice Ann Sherkick 
Ashley Dru Smith 
Sara Beth Stein 
Charles Richard Tate 
Corey Lee Thrasher 
Matthew John Vitale 

t Eric James Weitzel 
2nd Major: Music 
John Louis ^X^ite 
Stephen Andrew Yost 
Monica Angela Young 

The floral "M" provides a colorful focal point for those who live and 
work on campus as well as for those who visit here. Located at the 
intersection of Campus and Regent Drives, the "M" was created 
in 1975. 

German Language and 

Michele L. Hackett 
Jennifer Anne Lamison 
Janine Denise McCall 
Marian Frances Tchou 


Flavius A.B. Akerele 
Daniel Robert Bell 
James Scott Bierman 
Debra Susan Bruck 
Sharon Lee Crowder 
Kevin Angelo Duffy 
Jill Meredith Eisenstein 
Douglas Richard Elliott 
Kerry McMahon Hamilton 
* David Lawrence Hardiman 
Alison Tarr Izard 
Leonore Siobhan Mclntyre 
John Thomas Rimer IV 
Stevan Gregory Simons 
Alanna Dorothea Taylor 


Corwyn Peter Alvarez 
David Eric Bachinsky 

Radio, Television and Film 

Yusuf Mustapha 

JiKii Brenner 
Lori Gayle Bumstine 
Teresa Jeanne Corbett 
Maria Christine Darrell 
Mark John Darrow 
Evan Stuart Fleishman 
Heather Leigh Jones 
Jason Brooke Koehler 
Michael George Lasek 
Joseph Daniel Long 
Lisa Marie Palmer 
Jill Evangeline Patton 
James Richard Risner 
Cathy-Mae Marguerite 

Rozanne Gayle Sonneborn 
I lolJen James Toplin 
Alyssa Weisberg 

Russian Area Studies 

Christopher Joseph Engel 

Russian Language and 

Lyra Marie Vega 

Spanish Language and 

Jacqueline Aurelia Borro 
Yoa\' Tadmor 

Speech Communication 

Norman Michael Anderson 
Randi Nadine Blumberg 
Elissa Sloan Boyet 
William Henry Bunte 
Russell Andrew Dalin 
Michael Eric Fuster 
Daria Leslie Hassner 
John Thomas Lester 
Maureen Lyn McKee 
Scott Perlstein 
Glenn Thomas Saxman 
Amy Melissa Smith 
Holly Jean Stiener 

Studio Art 

Angela 1. Bart 
Michael Berman 
Erin Lynn Brown 
Greta M. Brunschwyler 
Robert Paul Deighton 
Elyse Pamela Fried 
Kevin Paul Gillespie 
Jo Anne Israelson 
Jung Hee Kim 
Alejandra Martinez 
Ann-Marie Provencher 
* Kristen Jennifer Rhoades 
Laura E. Rose 

Kimberly Michele Simmons 
Timothy Paul Svenonius 
Bruce Lawrence Wong 


Lara Ellen Bull 

Benjamin Andrew Zastrow 


S Summa aim Laude 
^ Magna cum Laudc 
* aim Liuuk 

Bachelor of Music 


Leslie Terrell Hamilton 

Music Theory and 

Tl-iomas Dexter Monroe, Jr 


llhert Isaac Miller 

Bachelor of Science 

Advertising Design 

Marcela Barrientos 
Marie Elania Bialous: 
Jennifer Jeanne Chandler 
Julie Christa Frankenfield 
Melissa L. Hayden 
Stephanie Joy Krupin 
Daryl lUene Nortman 
Angela Maria Romero 
Jamie Sara Strober 
Nicole I. T&chudin 
Anita Jill Wagner 
Charles Donald White 111 
Valerie Susan Winer 
David Te Hsien Yang 

Interior Design 

§ Jetifrey Todd LiaBraaten 

Ernest M. Walker 
* Bethany Rene Ziman 

College of Behavioral 
and Social Sciences 

Bachelor of Arts 


t Dale Susan Brenneman 
Vidya Dorai 
Nina Marie Fascione 
Charemon E\e Watkins 

Criminal Justice 

John Martin Berent 
Anne Marie Comet 
Marjorie Joan Darling 

Curtis Paul Delosreyes 
Daniel Bloom Dhavvan 
Charles Lewis Drengwitz 
Cynthia Lynn Fedor 
Kenneth Jeedong Hahn 
Craig Lawrence Heller 
John Zhong Huang 
Colin C. Johnson 
Timi Romina Jordan 
Rajesh Anand Kumar 
Peter Okyung Kwon 
Robert Jefferson Lewis 
William Richard Lewis, Jr. 
James Thomas McKieman 
Laura Marie Miller 

* Jonathan Vem Newton 
Lisa Michelle Niceforo 
John Cassedy O'Connor 
Kevin Anthony Pompey 
Ruben Porras 
Alexandre Herman Rene 
Vincent James Sexton 
Cassandra Linda Smalls 
Donald F. Sullivan 
Sidney A. Thomas 
Barr>' Turtle 

Jonathan Tlieodore Vessels 
Stacy Lynn Wender 
Jeffrey Paul Wwd 


Lon Nadine Bushice 
Kimberly Ann Carter 
t Lisa Esther Hurwit: 


Kathleen Kay Anderson 
Michael Brown 
Michael T. Crilley 
t Steven Anthony Dell'Acqua 
Peter Joseph Dunlea\'y 
Christopher Ossi Eskelinen 
Michael Patrick Flanigan 

* Jose A. Garcia 

Roben Andrew Gilliland 
Christopher Jerome Kephart 
Colleen Kyung Kim 
John Patrick Landon 
Jeanne AT. Linham 

Anthony Leainon 
Ronald Dela Cru: Lerum 
Harriet Safoaa Nyarko 
Thomas Michael Parisi 
Stuart Jay Rosenthal 
Simon P. Skove 
Michelle Elizabeth Thompson 
Jacques Pierre Walker 
Charles Douglas Windle 
Linda N. Yakum 
Ho Cyrus Yun 

Government and Politics 

Nicole J. Barrett 
Cameron A. Barron 11 
Karyn Hope Becken 
Joseph Clmton Bembr^' 
Lisa Anne Benderson 

§ Melissa Maria Bryant 

t Robin Nichole Burt 
Christine Rene Calhoun 
Leslie Ann Claibom 
Julia Vesey Close 
Timi L. Crawford 
James Isaiah Darden, Jr. 
Thomas Hunter DeBerry 
Edward Randall Degges, Jr. 
Melissa E. DiSpirito 
Andrea Elizabeth Dushaw 
TTiomas Ira Ewers 
Teresa A. Fields 
Douglas David Gear>' 
David Dylan Gerstcn 
Mohammed Moiez Ghadyali 
John Carl Giuffrida, Jr. 

* Michael Louis Giuliani 
Kathleen Erin Gratehouse 
David Alan Gray 
Kristine Marie Handren 
John Omar Suhail Hishmeh 
Sara Kay Horowit: 
Andrew M. Hudson 
Thomas Calvin Hughes III 
Charles Thoinas Jordan II 
Sean Patrick Keller 
Sandra Azita Keshavarzi 
Stephanie Ann Kleinman 
Katherine Thy Lam Le 
Christina Lynn Le\ine 

James Evan Levitt 
Jonathan Mitchell Lipchin 
Jack Edward Manning 
Michael Kevin Mazor 
Jennifer McHale 
William Charles Miller, Jr 
Joshua Alexander Moldover 
Vasilia Morton 
Layne Darren Moskowitz 
AUyson Marie Murphy 
Diana K. Nemeth 
Laurette Renee Newsom 
David A. Nieman 
Jennifer Lynn Norton 
David Patrick Novak 
Gregon' Horatio Nugent 
.'Kdam Michael Ochstein 
Michael Reed 0\erend 
David Thomas Palladino 
Brian Alan Pozesky 
Brian Proctor 
Sheri Renee Recoon 
Renee Lynn Robertson 
Patricia Luisa Sanchez 
Hillary Beth Saperstein 
Steven Phillip Savageaux 
Michael Schetzel 
Peter Michael Schleck 
Felisa Dyan Sheskin 
Matthew Edward Spencer 
Ke\in David Spurrier 
James Hoo\'er Stirling 
Janet Lea Stuber 
Richard Gregg Sugarman 
Marian Frances Tchou 
Paul Joseph Turley 
Di.iuglas Allen Van Winkle 
Brian A. Vaughn 
Lisa Marie Vecchiarelli 
Adam David Vexler 
Eric Howard Wadlin 
Elliot Charles Warren 
Michael C. Wathen 
Matthew Henry Colbert 

Tittinie Amber Wetzig 
Tiffany Lynn Winzell 
Vanessa Gail Young 


August 1 99 J GradiiaU's 

Hearing and Speech 

Christine Ann Nhllcr 


Sarah jane Anders 
Diane Rochclle Aten 
Robert L. Bastress 11 
Pamela Darcy Berg 
Marian Agnes Bovello 
Tracey Ann Cooper 
Karen Lynn Donovan 
Margaret Ann Feldmann 
Jon Charles FredlunJ 
Tracy Ellen Freyman 
Michael Wayne Gold 
Katherine A. Hart 
Theodore Tliomas Kadala 
Hanan M. Kamal 
Alan Jay Kellerman 
Wendi Allison Kellman 
Karen Denise Marsh 
Christopher Da\-id Meagher 

Michell Yvette Memtt 

Kathleen Louise Minter 

Merrick Morse 

Irene Michele Myers 

Nicole Louise Nearman 

Marie-Claire Pearce 

Lawrence Anthony Piccmini 

Brian Joseph Rindos 
* Mit:y Amelia Ruiz 

Erin Catherine Shanahan 

Angela Marie Simonetti 

Kathy Michele Jackson Steele 

Pasha Dominique Stewart 

Jean M. Tippett 

Jennifer Kay Ulehla 

Ryan B. Vener 

Stuart Todd Zaller 

Shayne Philana Zimmerman 


Rachel Tamar Becker 
Kevin A. Conner 
Tracey Ann Cooper 
Mark James Douglas 
Laura Ann Duksta 
Mary Margaret Durkin 

2nd Major: Criminology 
Linda Marie Goodwin 
Nora Otts Johnson 
Kimberly M. Kaplan 
Christine Mane Lomh 
t Jill Karin Magi 

Deborah Devere Martin 
Adrienne Catresa McLendon 
Guila Ohayon 
Anthony Michael Puglisi 
Vanessa Williamson 

Urban Studies 

Debra Lynn A\e::ano 
John Martin Baartz 
Beth A. Berghom 
Jeffrey Philip Barman 
Keith Andrew Brengle 
Bonnie Lee Grantham 
Cynthia Marie Hegarty 
Joseph Laurence Hodges IV 
Kenneth Marc Krulik 
Insook Lee 
Keith Michael Lynch 
Austin Murphy 
Pablo Alfonso Pisani 
Marilyn Beth Pomerantz 
Karen Lee Reddon 
Tira Delane Robinson 
Mark Howard Sherman 
Karen Jennifer Sloan 
Linda Diane Thomas 
Valanta Lynnetta Tliomas 
Michelle R. Wood 
Kimberly Ann Zanoni 

Bachelor of Science 


Ric.irilo Barreto 
Lisa La Rue Ford 
Michael Anthony Petrakis 
William Russell Straw 
Todd Eric Weidman 


Mark Robert Anderson 
Ellen Elizabeth Blattner 
Avesha Khan 

College of Business 
and Management 

Bachelor of Science 


Anthony Gerome Austin 

* Deepak Bansal 
Kidane Gebre Berhe 
Mark Andrew Bouma 
Marian Lee Cook 
Jennifer B. Creighton 
Edward Michael Daniels 
Robert William Daniels 
Nicholas Doniinic Devaux 

* Keith Christopher Dorsey 
Sheila B. Doucet 

Brian Craig Dougherty 
Clydene Korlei Dowuona 
Israel A. Eiferman 
Norene Nathajia Eustaquio 
William Clem Gardner 
Prasanta K. Ghosh 

* Matthew Zahnvil Gottlieb 
Cynthia Anne Hackman 

t Christina Patricia Haiss 
Andrew Scott Hariton 
Claudia Ho 

* Michael J. Johnson 
Steven DeCheng Kao 
James Jang Kim 
Nicole Lynn Leiker 

§ Joan Elizabeth Mayse 
Michael Damian Miller 
Tlieodore Phillip Palmer 
Gregory Patrick Rascher 
Justin Todd Renner 
Nilum Sharma 
Beverly Ruth Shykind 

§ Ann Marie Smith 
Il-Hyuk Son 
Manoranjan Tayal 
Bethelhem Haile Tessema 
Kenneth James Thiele 
Man Chung Wang 

* Alice Catherine Wright 


Michael E. AbiU 
Mohammad Masud Akbar 
Tim Mitchell Benter 
Kimberly Ann Calabro 

2nd Major; Marl<eting 
Kelly Peter Campbell 
Naushad H. Chamdia 
Benjamin Delia Franca 
Jeffrey Scott Depo 
Danny Eisenberg 

2nd Major: Acco^mting 
t Adam Jason Fechter 

Mohammed Moiez Ghadyali 
Sarah Christine Glynn 
Matthew Ross Goldstein 
Richard Paul Griffin, Jr. 
Cynthia Anne Hackman 
Brian Keith Hamilton 
David Michael Horvath 
David Erik Janzen 
Peter Gabriel Kerry 
Andrew Chih-Ho Lin 
Matthew Nicholas McGovem 
Monvalee Phathanothai 
Bradford Miguel Smith 
Rick Stephen Tagler 
Mark Christopher Uhl 
Michael Lee Walter 

General Business and 

Mark Edward Da\-is 
Craig Charles Dawsey 
Merrill Marc Heller 
Michael Jason Kaplan 
Michael Thomas Kwaraceius 
Victoria Patanella LeBlanc 
t Bruce Allen La Fleur 
Deanna Marie Lombardo 
Thomas Byron Miller 11 
Mark Burns Nardone 
Louisa G. Nichols 
Erin Justine O'Brien 
Richard Charles Osman 
Don E. Piccone 
Craig Steven Spencer 
Kah Bee Tan 
Deirdre Maureen Ward 


§ Summa cum Laude 
f Magna cum Laude 
* aim Liiudc 

Management Science and 

Kyle Stuart Comwell 
Suchita Guntakatta 
Gan' Michael Kennedy 
Ji Hii Lew 


Sheila R. Chopra 
Franco Cian 
Pierre Clemenceau 
Karen Patricia Collins 
Christopher Francis Doherty 

2?iii Major: Gaieral 

Business aiid Management 
Mark A. Ennis 
Lorraine C. Francis 
Jonathan Andrew Gitelman 
Patricia L.Hill 
Daniel Nathan Hoffman 
Isaac I. Hsu 
John D. Jordan 
Chris L. Kleppin 
Andrianna Koskoris 
Caroline Ling Kuan 
Helen F. Lee 
Jennifer Ann LeRoy 
Kathy Mallis 
Michael Ferlise Mastria 
Michelle Margret-Marie 

Mark Hayden Melvin 
Tracy L. Mostow 
Carlos Alberto Ohanian 
Gail Lynn Par\is 
Adam Peake 
Catherine Lea Rosander 
Laura Ann Shannon 
Stephanie Anne Tokar 
Jay Aaron Torchinsky 
§ Grace Ying Tuanmu 
Karen Barbara Webster 
Jennifer L. Wtxjd 

IndMajar: Transpanation 
Kimberlee Ann Zeller 

Personnel and Labor 

Melody Lynn Dean 

Frances Rae Geronimo 
Melissa Regina Gottlieb 
Janet Martin Hunter 

2rui Major: Marketing 
Kurt Fredrick Kissler 
Teyon O. McCoy 


Kathy Ann Bongers 
Dorothy Jane Hersey 
Matthew Trew Huseman 
Jeffry Lee Mason 
Michael Gregory McVearry, Jr. 
2nd Major: Marketing 

College of Computer, 
Mathematical and 
Physical Sciences 

Bachelor of Science 

Computer Science 
Yulan Bai 

Martin Garcia Bennertz 
Giselle Simone Bryan 
Tijuana Swanson Cacanindin 
Winthrop Desmond Chan 
Daniel Craig Cuniss 
Kathr>'n Claire DelGandio 
Mmh Tam Ngoc 13o 
Jeffrey Charles Kight 
Changsoo Kim 
Henry H. Kim 
Jae Rung Kim 
Peter Shinsung Lee 
Edward Mark Mittman 
Lynda Lou Norris 
Steven Michael Pichney 
Kenneth Leland Stone 
Michelle N. Tran 
Nohuyoshi Watanabe 
Anna Hua Zhong 


Cali Chen 

Lawrence Denwood Jackson 
Kimberly Marie Navarta 
Natalie Ann Norris 
Katherine Chry'stine Prine 

Barry M. Shay 
Margaret Ann Stavish 
Adrienne Beth Weiner 

Physical Sciences 

David Lee Chin 
David Carl Stutzer 
Anthony Grant White 


Justin Robert Cohen 
Michael Edward Haken 
Arvind Sinha 
Ari Michael Solow 
t Juan Alejandro Valdivia 

College of Education 
Bachelor of Arts 

English Education 

Melanie Jeanne Qiates 
Beth Melanie Price 
Michael Allen Smith 

Science Education 

Kevin Dale Sebum 

Social Studies Education 

Patricia Page Stallsmith 

Bachelor of Science 

Early Childhood Education 

Michele Lynn C'ortado 

Elementary Education 

Jeannine Marie Micknick 
Kristy Anne Mothershead 
Rita M. Reluzco 

Home Economics Education 

Cynthia Bird Beeg 
Kathryn Patricia Pace 

Industrial Arts Education 
Keith Irving Tautkus 

Brian Stephen V'iolett 

Industrial Technology 

Zenon Michael Dankewych 
Roberto Aramis Gutiertez 

Hyeong Joon Son 
Michele Lynn Stagnoli 
Danita Marie Thomas 

Music Education 

Erik Christopher Glottelty 

Science Education 
Sharon Kay Clavell 
John George Rumbaugh 

Social Studies Education 

Nathan Charles Johnson 
Stacey D. Levitan 
Mark Anthony Sutton 
David Bruce Wehking 

Special Education 

Linda M. Davis 

College of Engineering 
Bachelor of Science 

Undesignated Engineering 

Christopher John Dobry 
Howard Jay Luterman 

Bachelor of Science in 
Aerospace Engineering 

Aerospace Engineering 

Lynn Natalie Carlson 
Omar Stephen Custodio 
George Thomas Grewe 
Oliver David Hirschteld 
t Joon Han Lee 

Joseph Anthony McElwee 
James Gordon Paterson, Jr. 
Edison W. Villacis 
T:u-Liang Yen 

Bachelor of Science in 
Chemical Engineering 

Chemical Engineering 

Mohammad Dehgani 

John Douglas Armstrong 



August 1991 Graduates 

Bachelor of Science in 
Civil Engineering 

Civil Engineering 

Irene Theresa Andreadis 
Mitchell John Bonanno 
Thomas Scott Et:ler 
David Christopher Gantt 
Lane Wehster Swauger 
Michael Regan Zettler 

Bachelor of Science in 
Electrical Engineering 

Electrical Engineering 

* luan Luis Altaro 
Mark Edwin Bower 

§ Palmyra Evangeline Catravas 
Jeffrey Allan ChiUa 
Laurice Hsin-yi Chow 
Phyllis Hiotis 
Tasuki Hirata 

* Owen James Hynes 
Amir Ka:em:adehmarand 
Ranjana Khan 

Cuong Doan Le 
t Joon Han Lee 
Tony S. Lee 
Michael Ricardo Lopez 
Anna Le Luo 
Mohsen E. Mahoudian 
Phu Viet Mai 
Harry George Mantakos 
Ketan Lalit Mehta 
Louis Anthony Morell 
Hiep T. Nguyen 
Joseph George Pendell 
Kirk Andrew Redman 
Pejman E Shariti 
Jonathan Kendall 

Gregory Maxwell O'Connor 

James Allan Wigle 

Bachelor of Science in 
Fire Protection 

Fire Protection Engineering 

Michael Lewis Edwards 
Dan Hoang 
Waseem Akhter Khan 
Brian Mark McGraw 

Bachelor of Science in 
Mechanical Engineering 

Mechanical Engineering 

Marcel Brian Joel Belanger 
Hugh Patrick Caherty 11 
Scott Steven Chappie 
Paul Yonkeun Cho 
Douglas Muir Ferguson 
Christopher Daniel Flanigan 
John Brads Gilbert 
Cesar Maria 

David Le 

William Wong Lee 
Michael G. Lyons 
Geoffrey Scott Nesbitt 
Tai Loi Ng 
Vonna Lynne Ordaz 
Tracy Beth Styslinger 
All M. Tafreshi 
Anil P. Tailor 

College of Health and 
Human Performance 

Bachelor of Science 

Health Education 

Terry Frances Gramaglia 

Kinesiological Sciences 

Todd Raymond Gazelle 
Kenneth Todd Gillmer 
Deborah Maureen Johns 
Janine Dungan Nyce 
David Douglas Parker 
Paul Michael Romanchock 
Julie Michele Rosenberg 


t Jeffrey David Bricken 
Lawrence Samuel Doyle 
Victoria Noel Fink 
Jennifer Lynne Judd 
Evan John Kintzios 

t Diana Melody Neeriemer 
Laurie Allison Penchina 

College of Human 

Bachelor of Science 

Consumer Economics 

Agostino Roberto Buono 
William John Cammarata 
Christina Cheryl Chai 
Robin Michelle Doser 
Denise Marie Gouldman 
Mouly Phuong Hay 
Marci Sue Kammarmnn 
Odin Pierre Moody 
Melissa Mane Moul 
Don Edward O'Dell 
Tresa Denese Pinkney 
Theresa Ann Regan 
Carol Jean Seale 
Ayelet Steiman 
Mamie Lynn Stone 
Gianluca Stefano Zucchet 


Chantal Mary Buettner 

Family Studies 

Christina Beth DeRosa 
Michele Allison Essig 
Belinda R. Fassett 
Jennifer A. Graham 
Lee Kathryn Hoyle 
Amy Dawn Kudler 
Christine Marie McHugh 
Lynn Beth Parker 
Marjorie Lynn Rockman 
Elizabeth Robin Stearns 
Lawrance Lee Thomas 
Lorena M. Ugarte 

Management and 
Consumer Studies 

Amy Elizabeth Armstrong 
t Patricia Lynn Brandt 
Margery Anne Dugan 
John Thomas Landon, Jr 
Richard Michael Ottone, Jr. 
Daniel Thomas Rohn 
John Norman Valdivieso 

Textile Marketing/Fashion 

Andrea Carol Braun 
Cassandra Marie Clifton 
Rhea Lynn DeMar 
Caren Ann Goldstein 
Katherine Marie Johnson 
Ilene Beth Laufer 
Mee Young K. Lee 
Jany Yu Quitugua 
Cara Jill Weisberg 

Textile Science 

Vanessa Dawn Coles 

College of Journalism 
Bachelor of Science 


Wendy Elizabeth Babbitt 
Evan L. Bass 
Elicia Brand 
Heather Lynn Carr 
Nora Chemcrinski 
Mark I. Dziadek 
Kathy Ellen Eloam 
Carin Lynn Ganjon 
Gerald William Gottesman 
Jennifer Carol Hendrickson 
Ina Marie Johnson 
Ann Elizabeth Kirwan 
Wendi E\'e Leibowitz 
Rae Meredith Mims 
Susan Jill Mosley 
Jacques L. Nouvel 
Linda Ellen Odda 
Mary Louise Pappas 


S Sinnma aim LaiuL; 
T Magiui aim LmiJc 
* aim Laiidc 

This crest adorns the west pediment of Ritchie Coliseum. Completed in 1932, 
the building is named for former Govemer Albert C. Ritchie. 

Kirsten Anne Powers 
Indira Priyadharshini 

Hope Amy Rosenberg 
Susan Mildred Safferman 
Prasta\na Sinha 
Dianna Lynn Sisas 
Beth Ann Speranzella 
t Lauren Michelle Stanley 
Leah Anne Stockett 
Stephanie Marie Stoughton 
Jennifer Lynn Trendler 
Oregon' S. Warner 
Laura Elizabeth Weller 
LaNissir Wliite 

College of Life 

Bachelor of Science 


Alkesh Pra\in Brahmbhatt 
Yun Hee Cho 
Mojgan Sarmadi 
Brigilda Cocos Teneza 


Scott George Crum 
San Ming Hui 
Prabhjot Kaur Kakar 
Patricia Ann Valdes 


Kex'in M. Higgins 

General Biological Sciences 

Da\id \'. Badau i 
Julie Ann Deaner 
Lori Drourr 
Anna Yumi Hahn 
Alex Garrett Holland, Jr 
Youngjoi) Min 
David Patrick Morgan 
Camran Vatan Parast 
Susan Yeon Park 
Carmen Iris Ramirez 
Benjamin Nicholas Sacks 
Peter Johann Schmeissner 
Da\id Andrew Temporado 


Avril Jacqueline Gonsalves 
Aniko C. Papp 
Kathleen Ellen Simpson 
Steven W. Yang 

Richard Jolin Bodine 

§ Ronald N. Goodman 
Kim Jacqueline Hill 
George Young 

Undergraduate Studies 

Bachelor of General 

Lora Carol Brody 
Jilian Eden Klusner 
David E Reed 
Sandra Suggs 
Edward Joseph Sweeney 

Certificate Programs 

Women's Studies 

Lisa Ann Henderson 
Leah Anne Stockett 

Second Lieutenants 
U.S. Air Force Reserves 

David Alan Gray 






This decorative bull's eye window graces the front pediment of 
the Reckord Armory. Built in 1944, the "New" Armory, as it 
was then called, was first used for commencement exercises on 
June 27, 1945. 

Doctor of Philosophy 

Quadri A. Adeseun Criminal Justice and Criminology 
The Impact of Reiigiosiry on Delinquent Behaviors 

Jamshid Aflaki Mechanical Engineering 
Fluid D^'namits of Poppet Valves 

Silhacen Aid Physics 

Measurement of the Ratio of Neutron Cross Section to Proton Cross 
Section in Muon Deep htelastic Scattering at 490 Gevic 

Karim Amrane Mechanical Engineering 

SnnuktiDn ofVapirr Compression Heat Pumps with Solurion Circuits 

Sabinus O. Anaele Agricultural and Extension Education 

The Role of Black Churches in the Provision of Services to the Poor 

Kenneth E. Andrew Industrial, Technological and Occupational 

A Cojnparison of Mai-yland Behaviors About Hearing Conservation 
Pracrices and Their K'nou 'ledge of the Harmful Effect of Noise 

Sema K. Aydede Ecom miics 

Isik A. Aytac Sociology' 

Ocaipationol Sex-Segregation , Marital Pou'er, and Household Division 
of Labor 

John W. Bailey Computer Science 

A Re-Engineen7ig Factory ffff Software Component Reuse 

Martha B. Bailey Government and Politics 

Tlie Role of Political Attitudes in Ldicrr Union Decline 

Deborah B. Bandalos Measurement, Statistics and Evaluation 
FactOTs Influencing the Cross-Validaticin of Confirmatory Factor 

AnaK'sis Models 

Hema A. Bandaranayake Botany 

Induction, Trans/ormation and Cluiracterijation o/ Herliicitle Resistance 
m Nicotiana 

Saibal Banerjee Computer Science 
Algorithmic Aspects of Map Estimation 

Jessica S. Banthin Economics 

Choice of Health Imurance and Models of Behavior under Uncerioint^i 

The Decemher 1991 class roster comprises degree candidates 
from the undergraduate and graduate programs at the 
University of Mar^'land at College Park. As final action 
cannot always he taken tor candidates hy the time this 
program is printed, the list of candidates here is tentative 
only. The university reserves the right to withdraw or add 
names. Diplomas (for other than doctoral degrees) will be 
mailed hy the Office of Records and Registrations. 


Jian-Zhong Bao Chemical Physics 

Impedance Spectroscopy of Human Erythrocytes 

Dawn C. Barnes Radio, Television and Film 

Intcnacial Romance in Hollywood Cinema: 1965-1975 

Charles Barone Psychology 

The Assc:ismcm of Adolescent Peer Group Norms 

William T. Barton Education Policy, Planning, and Administration 
A Semiotic AnaK'sis of Teacher Generated Wall Displays in Secondary 
English Classrooms 

Chantelle M. Beal Textiles and Consumer Economics 

Interaction of Long Chain Quaternary Aminonmm Compowvls with 
Te.xnfe Suhsnates 

Sarvotham M. Bhandarkar Mechanical Engineering 

Thermomechanical Aiu]/\sis arid Fatigue Life Prcdicnon of Plated 
Through Holes m \iultilayered Printed Wiring Bauds. 

Aniket Bhattacharya Physics 

QiMntHtn Monte Carlo Simukrion on Huhhard Model for Hig/i- 
Tempeniture Superconductors . 

Dina Birman Psychology 

BiLiiltKralism and Adjustment of Latino Immigrant Adolescents. 

Michael B. Blackburn Entomology 

/denti/icflrion of a New Diuretic Peptide fi-om Adult Manduca Se.vta. 

Betsey S. Blakeslee American Studies 

The Role of Oigani;ariona/ Culture in Employee Response. 

Rex 1. Blankinship Business and Management 

Query Optimirarion and Data Al/ocanon on Distributed Database 
Systems: An Integrated Solution Approach 

Kara T. Boatman Economics 

Telecomjnunicanons a^id Export Peiformance: An Empirical 
Ini'estigation of Developing Counmes . 

Paul R. Boberg Physics 

The Momentu7n Transfer and Target Mass Dependence of the (e,e'p) 
Reaction On Carbon- 12 ai\d Copper-63 

Jean Bolot Computer Science 

A Leasi-Squares Appro.vimation Technique with an Application to the 
Transient M/M/l Queue. 

E. D. Bomberger Music 

The German Musical Troijiing of the Second New England School. 

Deejon Bradby Psychology- 
Racial Identitv Attitudes of Black Students and Academic Persistence 
at a PredominantK- White University. 

Linda C. Brigham English Language and Literature 

Ret'olurionar>' Icons; Romanticism, Slielle\. and Technologies of 

Mark M. Bundy Marine, Estuarine, and En\ininmental Sciences 
An Economic Eiuluation of Maryland's Oyster Industry. 

Peter J. Burgess French Language and Literature 

Edirion and Siud\ of the Manuscript Arsenal No. 3645 containing a 
Life of St. Callierinc. 

Joan A. Burke English Language and Literature 
"In Another Dimension": H.D. In Proplietic Tradition 

Linda G. Byrd Ztxilogy 

Tie L'se of Molecular Probes to Localize the Nude Mutation on Moitse 
Chromosome 1 1 

Carlos J. Camacho Physics 

Fluctuanons In Model Vesicles and Polymers 

Elisabeth A. Carmichael English Language and Literature 

Jolin Skelton and the Language of Reformation 

Lawrence J. Carroll II Biochemistry' 

P;yrui'ate Pliosp/iate DiKinase: Cloning, Chemical Mechanism and 

Tertiary Sfnicture. 

Ai-Ling Chai Marine, Estuarine, and En\ironmental Sciences 
A Compreliensii-e Sampling Design for Oyster Stock .Assessment in iJie 
Maryland Portion of Chesapeake Bay 

Jinhwa Chang Aerospace Engineering 

A Study of Viscous Interaction Effects on Hypersonic Waveriders 

Dar-Zen Chen Mechanical Engineering 

D>'namic .AnaKsis and Synthesis of Geared Robotic Mechanisms 

Jun-Liang Chen Physics 

First-Pnnciples Studies of Ionic and Transition -Metal Microclusters 

Ruey-Shan Chen Entomology' 

CIiaracteri;anon of a Granulosis Virus ofHeliothis Armigera (Huber) 
From Scleral Lcpidopteran Hosts 

Joong D. Choi Agricultural Engineering 

E^ect of Imert'ening Land Use on Runoff Quality 

Roberta J. Cochrane Qmiputer Science 

Issues in Integrating Actii'e Rides Into Database Systems 

Richard Cohen Physics 

Optical and Transport Studies of Quasi One Dimensional Systems With 
Application to Conducting Polymers 

Moshe Coll Entomology 

Effects of Plant Habitat Diversity on the Mexican Bean Beetle and its 
Parasitoid, Pediobius Foveolatus 

Kathleen Cornell Education Policy, Planning, and Administration 

AnaK'sis of the Relarionship Bettceen W oric Culture and Selected 
Academic Measures of School Productiiity in Catholic Elementary 
Schools Using the Managing Productive Schools Model 

William J. Coyle Economics 

Tlie Fonnation of Distributional Coalitions and Firm Profitability 

Linda B. Cross Human De\elopment 

Narrative Styles in A/ncan- American Children: The Effects ofSES 


Deccmf>L'r/991 Candidates 

James P. Darling Electrical Engineering 

Data Parallel Algimthiis for the Numerical Modeling of 
Semicoruiuctor Devices 

William T. Darnell Counseling and Personnel Ser\'ices 
A Sti(d;v of the Vocational Characteristics ofDeaj High School 
Students L'sing Ho/land's Self-Directed Search-Foiin Easy 

Mary A. Delia English Language and Literature 
Letters to My Adi'isor; A Postmodern Convslxjiuience 

Edward J. Demarco Economics 

Taxes in a Model of Bank Portfolio Choice 

Dinakar S. Desai Animal Sciences 

Derel<j/.)mental Regulation o/ Itisulin-Like Growth Factor -\ I in Sheep 

Gifty M. Dowuona Education Policy, Planning, and Administration 
Famil>' Brtc/<ground and Educatiomrl Achietemeni in Ghana: A Look 
at Male and Fenwie L'nH'ersit\ Entrants From Residential Schools 

Elizabeth S. Draiek Microbiology 

Cloning of an Epimerase-like Gene front Neisseria Gonorrhoeae 

Ersin Dur Physics 

L'ncoiistrained BRST Superfield Theories 

Bryan E. Dutton Botany 

A Mono^aphic Study of the Genits Anemone L. 
(Raniinculiiceae)Secti(m S;yli'ia Gaudin 

Erica J. Edelman Counseling and Personnel Services 

E.vplOTation of Salient Student Characteristics Involved in Committee 
Decision-mfllcing Regarding Placement of Children into Specialized 
Programs /or the Highl\ Gifted 

Mohamad Elbaraka Electrical Engineering 
Optitnal Control of Large Space Structures 

Noel L. Eller Education Policy, Planning, and Administration 
Benefit Segmeniaticm: Implications /or the RecTiaiment oj Maryland 
Associate Degree and Baccalaureaxe Nursing Studeiits 

Xinhua Feng Botany 

Int'oliement o/Cytokinins and Protein Kintises in Nicotiana Genetic 

Carla B. Ford Human Development 

An E.vamination 0/ the Relationship BetU'een the Family Eni'ironment 
and School Adtiptanon and Academic Achiei-ement in Homeless 
Children Filing in Transitiomil Housing L'nits 

Patricia A. Francis American Studies 

"Never a Stranger" : Margaret Mead as an American Celebrity 

Debra M. Franklin Journalism 

The Media Attorney as Gate Keeper: A Study 0/ the Role 0/ the 
Newspaper Counsel 

Patrick R. Gartin Criminal Justice and Criminology 

A Replication and Analytic Extension of the Minneapolis Domestic 
Violence Experiment 

Paula J. Gaynor Animal Sciences 

Effects of Diet Composition and Animal Characteristics on Blood 
Metolioliies , Milk Yield and Composition 

Janice R. Garde Textiles and Consumer Economics 
Texture Analysis of Wool Carpets 

Janette C. Garvin Civil Engineering 

Use of Image Processing to Identify Roadi and Individual Houses From 
Scanned High Altitude Photography 

Maria-Jocelyne Gessnar Psychology 

An Interpersonal Attrocrion Approach to Leader-Membei- Exchange 

Nita Ghai Economics 

Sai'ings Behai'iorand Financial Development: A Study /or India 

Peter M. Giovanoni Astronomy 

Effects of Relativistic Neutror^ on Active Gdatic Nuclei ModeLs 

Irene C. Glaser Curriculum and Instruction 

The Effects of Participating Art-Related Activities im Elementary 
Stuti.'nts' AFility to Retain In/ormarion 

Gail F. Goldman Counseling and Personnel Services 

R'ohut's Theory of Narcissism: Its Relationship to Adolescent Substance 

Deborah F. Grandner Counseling and Personnel Services 
The Relationship Between Moral Deielopmeni and W'hiie Racial 
Identity Dei'elopment 

David K. Griegel Physics 

Nucleon Propagation in Nuclear Matter: A QCD Sum Rule Approach 

Indrani Gupta Economics 

Changing Ineqiudities in Lifetime Earnings 

Daniel J. Gustafson Agricultural and Extension Education 
Profrram Management Characteristics and Agricultural Extension 
Perfonrumce: An Examiruition 0/ International Extension Project 

William P. Guthrie Government and Politics 

On the Role of Interest Groups in the Policy Implementation and 
Ei'aluiition Processes 

William L. Hammarstan Nuclear Engineering 

Assessment of Partial Failures on Nuclear Plant Safety 

Hae W. Han Textiles and Consumer Economics 
The Effect of Social Status on the Demand /or Apparel 

Ming Han Chemistry 

Coal - and Oil - Fired Potver Plants Contributions to the Atmosphere of 

Diane K. Hancock Chemistry 

Isolation and Structure Determination 0/ a L^iiijue Pyoiwdine- type 
Siderophore Containing L-threo-beta-hydroxyhisti&ie 

Hong Hao Physics 

Aspects of Dynamic Critical Phenomena in a Single -Component Fhtid 


Jill Harp Chemistry 

Investigatium of the Reactivities of Tet^-aalkylstannes 

Bronda F. Harrison Agronomy 

Ph-\tol)hlhora Resistance m Perennial Glycine Species 

Nedra Hartzell Counseling and Personnel Services 

The Schlossherg Trartsition Model and Re-Entr^ AtixicT^ Among 
Peace Corps Volunteers 

Mahmoud A. Hassan Horticulture 

The Biology" o/ AgTohticterium V'ectoied Ruhiis Transfonnation and 
Selection of Transjoiined Plants. 

Barbara E. Haughey Curriculum and Instruction 

Effects of Variation in Text, in Instruction and in Directions on 
Sok'ing Mathematics Word ProWems, on Reading Comprehension and 
on Strategy Use 

Jeffrey A. Hayes Psychology 

Male Counselors' Reactions to Gay and HIV-infected Clients 

Jean-Yves Herve Computer Science 
Coni|5iiter Vision for Navigation Tasks 

Tilak M. Hewagama Astronomy 

An h^frared Polarimetric Study of SwMpots 

Emily Hoffnar Economics 

An Efftcwnc-^ Wage Model of the Labor Market Impact o/ Adiwiice 
Notice Legislation 

Neil A. HoUiker Education Policy, Planning, and Administration 
Dual Institutional Accreditanon : A Stud>' of Bible Colleges with Both 
National and Regional Accreditation 

Wen-Shuen Hong Civil Engineering 

Belimior of Two-Span Composite Bridge Girders Designed Iry 
Autostress Metliod(ALFD) 

Helen M. Housley Theatre 

To Inherit the Wind: Margo Jones as Director 

Kae-Sheng Hsueh Nuclear Engineering 

An Integrated Simulation Model For Plant/Operator Beliavior in 
Accident Conditions 

Shaobing Hua Botany 

Molecular Characterization of Photosystcm II 2}-kL\i Polypeptide and 
its Gene in Nicotiana 

Qishen Huang Business and Management 

Aspects 0/ Multiiuriute Vanaliilit>' m Quality' Control 

Yunus Hussain Electrical Engineering 

Design and Perfm-mance Eraluation of a Class of Finite-State Vector 

Shirley Hymon-Hendricks Education Policy, Planning, and 

Bridging tlie Gap Bettceen Fosliion Retail Education and Employment: 
An Assessment of the Benefits and Limitations of Existing Practices 

Gail Ifshin Economics 

The Institutional Determinants of United States Agricultural Police 

Bryan C. Jack Economics 

Jmenuitioiuil Public Goocis: Tlie Economics of Their Provisioii and 
Cost-Control Incentives Under the Coumdt-Nas/i H>pollresis 

Ching Y. Jan Electrical Engineering 

Composite Interconnection Networks for Parallel Computers 

Dianne N. Janczewski Zoology 

Pli)'logen>' 0/ tlie Felidae Based on Mitochondrial DNA Setjuence 

Robert W. Janes Government and Politics 

Bie^hnei'ism and New Thinking in Soi'iet-Finnisli Relations 

Katharine A. Jankowski Public Communication 

The Battle of Ideologies: A Struggle For Oicnership in the Deaf 

Linda V. Jefferson Counseling and Personnel Services 

The Relarionship Betu'een Stages of Change arid Premature Tennination 
Among Alcohol Dependent Clients in an Outpatient Treatment Program 

Li-Feng Jiang Physics 

Search for "Precursor" Ph^ysisorption o/02 and CO on tlie (III) 
Surface of Nickel; Blockage of Chemisorption try Monola^ier Amounts 
of Neon 

Catalina M. Johnson Hearing and Speech Sciences 

Emergence 0/ Syntactic Subject in Monolingual Acquisition of Spanish 

Wen-Yuan Kao Botany 

The Effect of Environmental Factors on Paraheliotropic Leaf Moi'ement 

Barbara J. Kasten Curriculum and Instmction 

A Study 0/ Individual Pattenis in the Use of Reflective Thinking in the 
Self Reports of a Field Experience 

Aurora L. Katterjohn Psychology 

The Effect That Personal and Social Resources of Coping Mechanisms 
Hai'e on the Psychological Well-Being 0/ Mexican-American Elderly 

Tetsuo Kawamura Physics 

Phonon and Impurity Scattering Limited Electron Mobilities in ALx 
GaJ-x As/GaAs Heterojunctions 

Anita M. Kedas Human Development 

Maryland Minor Life Ei^ents Scales: Instrument Development 

David M. Kehne Electrical Engineering 

Experimental Studies of Space -Charge Dominated Non-LJni/orm 
Electron Beams in a Periodic Solenoid Channel 

Henry E. Kelly Edtication Policy, Planning, and Administration 
A Comparison 0/ the Perceptions of Teachers Employed in Priiate 
Catholic High Schools Administered by Lay and Religious Principals 

Carol F. Keydel Counseling and Personnel Ser\'ices 

An Exploration 0/ Perception and Coping Behai'ior in Family Memhers 
Lii'ing With a Closed Head Injured Relatii'e 


December 199 1 Candidates 

Frederick D. Kim Aerospace Engineering 

Ftmmuiim cmi Vcdidalion of High-Order MathLnnadcal Mcidt'Ls o/ 
Helicopter Flight /);yiii;!)iiic.s 

Jeong H. Kim Reliability Engineering 

A Bayesian Model For Aggregating Expert Opinioiu 

Kee ]. Kim Chemical Engineering 

Maiding arid Control of Continuous Free Radical Polymeri-atinn 

Stephen F. Knack Economics 
Essays on Voter Participation 

Keng-Tai Ko Computer Science 

On Congestion Control in High-Speed W^ide-Area Networks 

Clarence M. Korendyke Physics 

Predicted Optical Performance and Design of a Near-UV 
Coronagraph: A New litstrutnent to Observe Ion Temperatures and 
Electron Densities in tfie Inner Corona 

Alfred H. Krall Jr. Physics 

CJsciiiating-Bi)d;y Viscomen^ and its Application to a Phase -Separating 
Liquid Mixture 

Chun C. Kung Electrical Engineering 

Inductive Energy Storage Systems and Photoconductive Semiconductor 
Opening Switch 

Ohbin Kwon Mechanical Engineering 

Numerical Study of Turbulent Reacting Flcnv in an Internal 
Combustion Engine Cylinder 

Shoupeng Lai Botany 

Molecular SiructKre of the VacuoLir H+ Translocating ATPose from a 
Higher Plant 

loannis E. Lamhadaris Electrical Engineering 

Same Problems oj Admission and Routing Control in Modem 
Computer Communication Networks 

Rajiv Laroia Electrical Engineering 

Ana/>'Sis and Design of a Fixed-Rate Structured Vectin- Qimntijer 
Derived From Variable-Length Scalar Quantizers 

David A. Lat;ko Economics 

Wars.Slrikes. and Legal Disputes: A Study of Conflict and its 

Richard D. Layton Music 

Large-Scale Torial Connections in Robert Sclimiiann's Dic/iteWiefee 

Virginia A. Lerch Horticulture 

Genetic and Phenotypic Diversity Within and Among Species, Groups 
and Breeding Lines of an Itnpatiens Gcrrnplosm Collection 

Maria L. Levav Human Development 

Attention Perfoiinance in Children Affected With A'rsence Epilepsy 
and Their First Degi'ee Relatives 

Ming-Guang Li Electrical Engineering 

Intenni.ving Optical and Microicai'e Sig7ials in GaAs Microstrip Circuits 
and its Applications 

Qi Li Physics 

Resonant Ionization Mass Spectroscopy (R/MS) A^ a Tool For 
NonLinear Spectroscopy in Atomic Calcium Under Strong Optical Field 

Yan Liao Mechanical Engineering 

Dropwise Evaporative Cooling of Solid Surfaces 

Kuo Liaou Chemical Engineering 

Effect of Pulsating Flow, Acoustic Vihmtum and Subcooling on Incipient 
Boiling Hysteresis 

Chang-Pin Lin Mechanical Engineering 

Fonnal Representation, V'ei'i/ication and Implementation of Rule Based 
Infoimatiun Systems for Integrated Manufacturing ( INSIM) 

Chaun-Ping Lin Civil Engineering 

Motiel Studies of the Effects of Explosion for Application to the Lunar 

Feng L. Lin Business and Management 

Integer Progi-amming Models With Reliability Constraints 

Yin-Nian Lin Chemistry 

The Syntheses of New Spiro Monomers and Their Polymerizations 

Nancy C. Lindley Music 

Singer Radiami Pazinor and American Music: The Peijonner as 

Peter J. Linstrom Chemical Engineering 

Model Based Statistical Process Control for Continuous Processes 

Silvia R. Lopes Mathematical Statistics 

Spectral Estinuition m Frequency Modulated Models 

Wei-Ran Lou Electrical Engineering 

Experimental Studies of High Pmver Plasma-Filled Backieard Wave 

David M. Mackie Physics 

Optical and X-Ray Properties of Polyacetylene 

Anil P. Macwan Nuclear Engineering 

Shirley ]. Magnusson Curriculum and Instruction 

The ReLmonship Betu'een Teacher Content Knowledge and Pedagogical 
Content R'notcledge and Student R'nou'ledge oj Heat Energy and 
TempeiatU7e Concepts- 
Betty L. Malkus Human Development 

A Comparision oj Families of Substance Abusing and Non-Substance 
Abusing Adolescents Using Olsen'.s Circumple.v Motlel of Family 

Yolanda E. Mancilla Psychology 

Social Networks and Social Suppoit in Transcultural Transitions: The 
Case of Latin American Immigrant Adolescents in U.S. High Schools 

Alfredo A. Marchetti Cheinistry 

Charge and Mass Distribution in Cl-biduced Nuclear Reactiims 


Gemma A. Marolda Government and Politics 

British and German Economic Relations With Japan: Strengthening 
the '\i'eak Link' m a New Western Secunty Regime 

Francis J. Marra Public Communication 
Crisis Pubhc Relations 

Stefan E. Martin Linguistics 

Topics m the Syntax of Nor\standard English 

Richard VV. May Civil Engineering 

An Analysis System far Evaluating the Structural Performance of 
Asphalt Coiicrete Mixes 

Michael ]. Mazarr Policy Studies 

Minimal Nuclear Forces and L'.S. National Security 

Sidney Mazel Kinesiology 

The Effects of Strength Training on Bone Mineral Density and Bane 
Remodeling in Middle Aged and Older Men 

Joseph E. Mazur Physics 

A Survey of 0.4-80 MeVINucleon Solar Flare Particle Abundances 
arid Energy Spectra 

Paul ]. McCusker Psychology 

A Stud\ of Batterers Court-Ordered to Counseling: Explorations of 
Changes in Pei'sonal Meaning S\siems 

Michael S. McQueney Chemistry 

Jnt'esrigation of the Terraii%-merui Pyriformis W. 
2-Aminoethylphosphonic Acid Bios>nilieric Patliuw^" and the P-C 
Bond Forming Enzyme Phosp/ioenolfr*na'ate Mutose 

Bahram Meyssami Chemical Engineering 

A S\stemi Approach to the Automation of Process Modeling Activities 

James A. Milke Aerospace Engineering 

Modeling and Evaluation of the Effect of Short Term Heating on the 
Structural Performance of Composites 

Samer Minkara Electrical Engineering 

MicToelectronic ReaUzatian of Logic Functions Using Solitons 

Amir Mirmiran Civil Engineering 

Nonlinear Stability Analysis of Prestressed Sandwich Arches L'sing the 
Finite Element Method 

Lorraine S. Monaco Economics 

The Price-Income Side of an Jnterindustrv' Macroeconomic Model: 
Development and Simulanons 

Barbara E. Morris-Troiano Counseling and Personnel Services 
The Use of Structural Equation Modeling to Test a Causal Model 
Relating Key Variables to Compulsii'e Eating and Bulimia in 
Undergraduate \X' omen 

Daniel P. Mosser Industrial, Technological and Occupational 

Delphi Study of the Future of BaccalauTreatio Level Industrial 
Technology Prograim (1991 - 2015 A. D.) 

Debra S. Munk Education Policy, Planning, and Administration 

Adelphi Study of Stakeholder's Perceptions of the Ideal English 
Curriculum Far the Year 2000 

Thomas O. Murray Education Policy, Planning, and Administration 

The Process Utilized in the Selection of Computerized Financial Systems 
far Institutions of Higher Learning 

Mary V. Murtha English Language and Literature 

The Visible Circle: Hawthorne and the Literary Sketch in America 

Rakesh Nagi Mechanical Engineering 

Design and Operation of Hierarchical Production Management Systems 

Jagannathan Narasimhan Electrical Engineering 

Recon/iguration of Programmable Stnictures 

Sharon L. Nelson Human Development 

Factors Related to Suicide Proneness Among Adolescents 

Nathan S. Netanyahu Computer Science 

CompulationalK' Efficient Algonthms For Robust Estimation 

Lois H. Neuman Education Policy, Planning, and Administration 
Predictors of Performance on the Nursing Licensure Examinaaan in a 
LPN-RN Program 

Francis S. Nicol Curriculum and Instruction 

The Secoruiary School Cumadum and Its Relevance to the Manpower 
Needs of Sierra Leone 

Vivek M. Nirkhe Computer Science 

Ann M. O'Mara Education Policy, Planning, and Administration 
Tlie Relationsliip Belu'een Nursing Faculty ProducriiitN' and 
C/iairperson Leadership Style 

Beth A. O'Brien Counseling and Personnel Services 

An Exploratory Study of the Career Aspirations, Career Progression, 
and Career Mobility of Ten Executives at Midhfe 

Marilyn J. Olson Curriculum and Instruction 

Prospective Teachers' Familiarity With Instructional Activities 
Recommemled Far Elementary School Geography 

Delys Ostlund Spanish Language and Literature 

The Reaction of History in the Fernando aiid Isabel Plays o/Lope de 

Yen-Hao Pan Mechanical Engineering 

A Numerical Scheme Applicable to Both Incompressible and 
Compressible Time-Accurate Turbulent Nai'ier-Stofces Flows 

Kalpana Panigrahi Nutritional Sciences 

Studies on the Effects of Dietary Isomeric Fatty Acids in 3T3-L/ Celts, 
a Model for Lipid Metabolism in Adipose Tissue 

Haralabos Pavlopoulos Mathematical Statistics 
Starisiicol Inference For Optimal Thresholds 

Shirley S. Peck Education Policy, Planning, and Administration 
Research. Technology Transfer, and Jn/ormantm Flou' in Former Soviet 
Bloc Naticms: The Case of Hungary 


Dcccmhcrl99l Candidates 

Thi Pham Physics 

Far Infrared Properties ofYBA2 Cu3 07 Crystals: Superconducmig 

Sara Poggio Stx:iol(ig>' 

Geiuier Inequality as a Det<.'n7imaiil of Fertility Among Mexican 
ImmigranUi, Mexican Americans, and Non-Hispanics m the United 

Margaret J. Potthast Measurement, Statistics and Evaluation 
A Simulatii in of Categorical Variable Met/iotlologv in Cunfinnatory 
Factor Analysis 

Delois M. Powell Mictobiology 

Taxonom;v o/ the Marine Geneia, H>p/io>noiws 
S/iewanelWAItcnmionai Based on Serology aiul Memhrane Protein 
Profiles and Analysis of Tyrosinase Activity in H Junnasc/iiana 

B. P. Prince Counseling and Personnel Services 

A Stud'* of Personality Types of Educators and Preferred Discipline 

Branislav M. Radak Physics 

Type U Su/ierstnngs in Curved Backgrowid-hyiv Energy Limit and 

Milind V. Rane Mechanical Engineering 

Two Stage Vapor Compression Heat Pump With Solution CircuiLs 

Anne M. Regan Counseling and Personnel Services 

Search and Commitment Processes in White Racial Identity Formation 

Shane L. Regdos Chemistry 

Radiopharmaceutical Quality Assurance L'nli:3ngNeutTO)i Actiiwrion 
Analysis and Post Colu?nn Reaction Detection 

Roger J. Reitman SiKiology 

Relatioiwl Rationaiit\ and Configurations of Control: A Theoretical 
and Empirical Analysis of Labor Process Control 

George Y. Richardson Engineering Materials 

Prabaddh R. Riddhagni Nuclear Engineering 

Numerical and Experimental Determiiiation of Energy Deposited hy 
Fast Electrons in Plastic Tubes and Wire Jnsul<xtxons 

Judith M. Riggin American Studies 
The Sexes, the Sixties, and Doris Day 

Chloe E. Ringer Botany 

Det'elopinent of Gray Leaf Spot of Field Corn Caused (77 Cercospora 

Cathy C. Romeo Education Policy, Planning, and Administration 

Andrew C. Roper Kinesiology 
Perceiied Teaching Concerns Among Student Teachers of Physical 
Education and Their Coojxrative Teachers 

Thomas R. Rumbaugh Economics 

A General Equililmum Mtidel With Scale Economies and Imperfected 
Competition: An Applicatiori to the Welfare Costs ofTnuL' Restrictions 

Nancy A. Runion English Language and Literature 
Irtcorporating the Syllogis7n into the Teaching of Writing 

Nalin H. Samarasinha Astronomy 

Tempirral And Spatial Inliomogeneities in Comets 

Gretchen A. Schlabach Kinesiology 

The Effects of Training and Detraining on Dietary Fat Intake and 
Corticosterone Rhythms in the Osbome-Mendel Rat 

Joseph E. Serafy Marine, Estuarine, and Environmental Sciences 
The Quantification of Fish Assemblages Associated Witli Macrophytes: 
Investigations in Tidal Freshwater Chesapeake Bay 

Robert G. Shackleton Jr. Economics 

A 55 -Sector /dynamic MatToeconometric Interindustry Forecasting 
Model of the United Kingdom 

Courtney A. Shaw Textiles and Consumer Economics 

The Rise of the Artist/Vieaver: American Tapestry Weai'ing 1930-/990 

Charlene Sheets Curriculum and Instruction 

Graphical. Numerical and Algebraic Representatioas in Computer-Rich 
Eni'iron men ts 

Suhung Shen Meteorology 

Tlie Interannual Variability of the East Asian Summer Monsoon and tlie 
Tropical Sea Surface Temperature arid Their Relationships 

Ning Shi Engineering Materials 

T/ienno-Meehanical Behavior of Sic/AI Composite Materials 

Deborah H. Silber Human Development 

Fearful aiid Ai'oidant Behavior In Children of Identified Phobic Parents 
Compared to Children of Nonphobic Parents 

Tracy A. Simonson Counseling and Personnel Services 
The Effects of Teachers' Verbal Beliat'iors on Kindergarteners' 
Perceptions of Competence 

Jennifer C. Smith Psychology 

The Insider's View of What Works in Marital Therapy: Clients' vs 
Therapists' Perceptions of the Effective Factors in Mantal Therapy 

Ruth A. Smith Health Education 

The Effect of Relaxation and Mental hriagery on Perceived Self 
Efficacy, Weight Loss and Body Composition 

Qisheng Song Entomology 

Identi/ication of Bursicon in the Housefly, Musca Domestica With 
Monoclonal Antibody 

Georgia L. Sorenson Curriculum and Instruction 
Listening to Leoilers: Emergent States of Leadership 

Jane W. Spruill Human Development 

The Relationship 0/ Mother's Job Characteristics to Work Commitment 
to Their Matunty Dentaiuis and Perceptions 0/ Their Children 

Mark T. Steen Biochemistry 

Characterization of the Operons Containing the Nisin Gene , in 
Lactococcus Lactis 1 1454, and the Subtilin Gene, in Bacillus Subtilis 


Anne O. Stevens Economics 

The Theory and Policy of Automobile Emissions Control 

Gregory \V. Stone Geography 

Difjertential Sediment Supply and the Cellular Nature of Coastal 
Northwest Florida and Southeast Alabama During the Late 

Pablo. Straub Barros Computer Science 

The Nature ofBtas aiui Defects m the Software Specification Process 

Karen T. Sullivan Health Education 

An E.vaminarion of Factors Related to \i'eight Modification Efforts 
Among Normal Weight University Students 

Ki H. Sung Mechanical Engineering 
Adaptive Control of a Flexible Manipulator 

L^Tin S. Suppe Psychology 

An Empirical Investigation of Psychodynamic Hypotheses of 
Obsessional Anxiety Utilizing Cognirii-e and Electrodenrud Measures 

Annemarie T. Suprise Goxemment and Politics 

A Stud-\ of Subordinate Decision Making in a Large Public 

Diane K. Swartz Counseling and Personnel Services 

The Relationship Betu'een Selected Personality Variables, Coping 
Ability. Achievement and Satisfaction Xi'ith the Environment 

Mwaffak A. Taib Agronomy 

Nitrogen Management /or Com and Winter W'Tieat Production in 

Leandros Tassiulas Electrical Engineering 

Dynamic Link Acrivation Scheduling in Multi'hop Radio Networks 
With Fixed or Changing Connecrin'rs' 

Kirk T. Taylor Bitichemistr\- 

The Search For L-Sugar Biosynthesis and the Function ofKl67 and 
K169 in the Active Site ofMuconate Lacionigng En3:>'me 

Megan G. Taylor English Language and Literature 

A Srrainmg in the Text: Women Writers and the Deconscniction of the 
Sentimental Plot 1845-1900 

Mona-Rae Thompson Sociolog\' 

Charactensncs 0/ Women in Predominant!)' Male Occuparions: 
A Profile 

Elizabeth ]. Tiemey Chemistry' 

Total Surface Area Cakulations for OrganometalUc Compounds as 
Predictors for Toxicity and Chromatographic Retenrion Indices 

Elizabeth W. Tippets Measurement, Statistics and E\aluation 
A Companson 0/ Methods jar Eialuating and Modifying Coi'ariance 
Stnicture Models 

Charles J. Trefny Aerospace Engineering 

E.vpenmeTiB and AnaK'sis Concerning the Use of External Burning to 
Reduce Aerospace Vehicle Transonic Drag 

James F. Troendle Mathematical Statistics 
Frequency/ Detection in a Mixed Spectrum Model 

Haluk Tuncer Marine, Estuarine, and Environmental Sciences 
Essennal Fatty Acid Nutrition of Sniped Bass (Morone Saxatilis) and 
Palmetto Bass (M. Saxatilis x M. Chrvsops) Lari'oe 

Gretchen X'anderveer Education Policy, Planning, and 

Cognitive Complexity and the Career Achievement of Hi^ier Education 

Venugopal K. Vamia Mechanical Engineering 

Robotic End-E^ectors-Opti7nijation and Stability Issues of Grasping 

Dimitris V. Vassiliadis Physics 

Nonlinear D\)iajnical Modeling and Prediction of Magnetospheric 

Stephen Voth Economics 

Claudine E Vbyadzis Sociology- 

The Impact of Migration on the Labor Market in Abidjarx 

James M. Wang Aereispace Engineering 
Dynamics of Helicopters ivith Dissimilar Blades 

Shiuh-Luen Wang Electrical Engineering 

Phvsics-Bosed Modeling of Hot-Electron Effects in Mosfets 

John M. Ward Botany 

Smictural Characterization of the Plant Vacuolar H+'ATPase 

Peter J. Way History 

Rough Dibour: The Dig^ng of North American Canals, 1780-1860 

E. L. Wehrle Textiles and Consumer Economics 

Dei«(opment of American Knitting Technology, 1850-1914 

Benjamin L. Welch Physics 

Spectropscopic Stud\ of Neon Z-Pinch Plasma for Sodium-Neon 
Photopumping Experiments 

Joan M. Welker History- 

Winegroiceis in the Gironde. 187Q-1914 

Elsie A. Williams American Studies 

Jackie Moms Mahley: African American, Woman, Performer 

David E. Wilt Radio, Television and Film 

Stereotypical (mages 0/ United States Characters in Mexican Cinema 

Christina C. Wise Economics 

Esrimaring the Number of New Scientists and Engineers 

Janice S. Wolfe Counseling and Personnel Ser\ ices 

The Relationship 0/ a Freshj7ian ^ear Experience for Resident and 
Commute)' Students to the Social arid Academic Integrarion, 
Commimient, Acade7nic Success and Persistence of First Year College 


December 1 99 1 Candidatei 

June Wright Curriculum and Instruction 

A)i /nt'L'sngarion of the Relationship of Narrative Competence on Four 
arid Fii-e Year Olds and Parental Behavior During Book Reading arul 
Replica Play 

Stephanie K. Wright Human De\ elopment 

Physiologic and Behavioral Responses of Children to a Stress/u( 
Medical Procedui'c 

Bi'Chu Wu Mechanical Engineering 

Design Optimization of Nonhierarchical Engineering S\ste?Tis 

Edith H. Wyss Art Histury 

The Myth of Apollo and Marsyas m Italian Art, 1460- 1575: the 
Images and their Meaning 

Xiaoxiong Xiong Chemical Physics 

Generation of Intense, Coherent, Tumthle Vacuum Ultraviolet 
Radiation in Rare Gases and Its Aji/ilication 

Runhua Yang Meteorology 

The Influence of Vegetation and Soil Moisture on Surface Weather 
and Atmospheric Circulation 

Helene W. Young-Myers Business and Management 

Perfon7wnce Issues m Sliared Memory Multiprocessors: A Study of 
Database Transitii'e Closure Algwichins 

Lei Yu Physics 

Fractal Disnibution of Corwected Particles and Transition to Chaos 
for Random Maps 

Xiaoping Yuan C'omputer Science 

A Decomposition AppJ'oach to Real-Time Scheduling on a Single 

Pinghui Zhang Biochemistry 

Regional and Site-Speci/ic Mutagenesis Studies of Rat Liver 
Glutathione S-Trans/erose 

Zhiming Zhang Textiles and Consumer Economics 

Determinants of Service Expenditures h^' Households in the United 

Kangmin Zheng Chemistr>' 

Experimental Studies of Theiinodynamics of Equilihium 

Jian Zhou Electrical Engineering 

Optimisation Algorithms, icith .Applications to Engineering Systems 

Doctor of Education 

John B. Butt Education Policy, Planning, and Administratitm 
Actual Cost Simulatioas in State-Local Financing of Special Education 
in the Stale of Maryland 

Vivian B. Ferguson Education Policy, Planning, and Administration 
An Assessment of an In/onnation Data Base to Identify Characteristics 
of Ninth-Grade Students Who Have the Potential to Becoine Absentee 
Students: A Cose Study of a Maryland Suburban School System 

John K. Gulck Curriculum and Instruction 

A Comparafii'e Follmc L'p of High Risk Elementan' School Students 
From Two Schools in Allegany County, Maryland 

Donald G. Hoes Education Policy, Planning, and Administration 
An Analysis of the Relationship Between Principals' Style and Behavior 

Steven G. Lottes Curriculum and Instruction 

Factors Influencing the Professional Development of Teachers For 
Seriously Emotionally Disturbed Children 

Linda W. Lymas Education Policy, Planning, and Administration 
A StiuK' ()/ the Use of Pou'er Bases by Middle School and High School 
Principals and Their Affect on Teacher Satisfaction 

Carl F. Slemmer Curriculum and Instruction 

ValicLition Estimates For a Developed Learrting Hierarchy 

Karen S. Spencer Curriculum and Instruction 

From Cooperating Teachers: A Re-vision of the Student Teaching 

Barbara P. Stouffer Curricukim and Instruction 

A C(jmpari5on of Beginning and Experienced Teachers in Their 
Management of Classroom Transition 

Rosemary K. Wittstadt Curriculum and Instruction 

The Effects of Leaming Modes on the Lei'el of Confidence and the Level 
of Knowledge of Reenrrv Nurses 

Doctor of Muscial Arts 

John J. Church Music 
Striitg Quartet 

Molly Donnelly Music 

Susannah Mana Anie Cibber: A Recording and Study ofSimgs That 
Were Performed By the Eighteenth Centuiy Singer, "Mrs. Cibber" 

John A. Krebs Music 

The Solo Piano Music of Alfredo Casella 

Kim L. Renas Music 

A Re/)ertoire Guide to the Published Songs of Ivor Gumey 

Reginald G. Rodgers Music 

Recording Project of the Solo Piano Works of Ross Lee Finney 

Shuko Watanabe Music 

A Surie^v of Japanese Solo Piano Music 

Mark A. Whitmire Mtisic 

Songs by John Ireland and Benjamin Bn'tten to Poems by Thomas Hardy 


Master of Applied 

Marcial E\eraldo CanJido 
Hannah jopling Kaiser 

Master of Architecture 

John David Bean 
Karen Marie Burllngame 
Laurence Frank Caudle 
Anne Halle Dalsheimer 
Andrew Keaty Dan 
Kevin Joseph DriscoU 
Angela Beth Flynn 
Joanne Ya-Wen Kuo 
Elizabeth Faulkner Leigh 
Bernard Roger Mallat 
Gerald Phillip Maze, Jr. 
Charles Franklin Poat 
Robert Neil Schiffman 
Helen Shueh 
Heidi Rebecca Sokol 
Myron L. Ward 
Michael Edward Wheedleton 
Wen Xiao 

Master of Arts 

American Studies 

Thomas H. Frank 
Jeffrey Allan Rupp 
Miriam L. Wcinstein 

Applied Mathematics 

Paul Lemuel Bowden 
Lenore Frcid DeSilets 
Michael Allen Harris 
Dong He 

Ariyawansa Perera lUeperuma 
Ross Mohan 

Art History 

Julia Kathleen Dabbs 

Amy E. Day 

Malia Elizabeth Finnegan 

Shirley Sestric Friedlander 

Li-Ju Hong 

Norma Mitani Uemura 


Wayne Henry Millan 
loanna Papandreou 

Combined Histor>'/Library 
and Information Services 

Laura Marie Adams 
Huei-Lin Chuang 

Comparative Literature 

Todd Silas Garth 
Sally A. Hammouda 
Kevin Vincent Meehan 

Counseling and Personnel 

Susan Mason Crawford 
Jeffrey Scott Dail 
Patricia Keyes Dail 
Jennifer Ridgely Dulaney 
Patricia Ann Lewis 
Nestor Ricardo Mantilla 
Emily Elizabeth Marsh 
Colleen Lee Mccleary 
Cynthia Michelle Moore 
Shari B. Nathanson 
Bonnie Bernstein Rich 
David Hyde Ryland 
Amy Celine Surette 
Arlene Shapiro Wiseth 
Samuel Alan Zack 

Criminal Justice and 

Brett Chapman 
Christina Ruth Dejong 
Barbara Michelle Hanbury 
Michele Alicia Harmon 
Richard Alan Lewis 

Curriculum and Instruction 

Lisa Rene Crimando 
Judith Kerschner Kierstead 
Jean Kathleen Martin 
Robert Jay Moore 


Barry Bernard Brewer 
David Albert Latzko 
Pamela Elaine Lowry 

M. S. Mani 
Young J. Park 
Kamala Rajamani 
Douglas Dayton Robertson 
Naveen Sama 
Wei Shu 

Education Policy, Planning 
and Administration 

Anne Wallace Altizer 
Jill Brewster Edwards 
Y\onne N. Seeley 

English Language and 

Rehan AbduliUaha 
Carlos Federico Acosta 
David Anthony Adelman 
Jeanne Marie Auger 
Christina Lynn Bell 
Eric E. Bond 
Judith J. Brucker 
Linda Louise Dove 
Louis Andrew Eisenhauer 
William Thomas FitzGerald 
Thomas C. Gill 
Mary Elizabeth Giroir 
Christina Eleantff Godlewski 
Elizabeth Michel Good 
Sharon E. Groves 
Daniel George Gunther 
Samuel Franklin Hankin 
John Edward Hutchins 
Mahmud Kibria 
Paul Joseph Loftus 
Ellen Theresa McAuliffe 
Jane Peach Porter 
Andrea Helene Scopelitis 
Susanne Senerchia Sener 
Eleanor Frances Shevlin 

French Language and 

John Kenney Johnson, Jr. 
Maryjane Elizabeth Moloney 


Walter Johan Fijn 
|ohn Keith Wallace 

German Language and 

Claire Susanne Brunton 

Government and Politics 

Monica Ann Bramlish 
Susan Shu-Ting Chen 
James LeMon Davis 
Lynda Katherine Davis 
Virginia Irene Foran 
Ki-Seog Ko 

Jonathan Christian Midura 
Elisa Munoz 
You-huei Yu 

Health Education 

Alan David Goldberg 
Gayle Bcmette Banks Jones 
Nita A. Page Daves 

Hearing and Speech 

Virginia Patricia Hoey 
Naama Kenan 
Yeung-Won You Kim 
Gary Alan Troia 
Lisa Caryl Weiss 


William Steven Brohawn 
Ruth .Anne Da\ls 
Karen Elizabeth Eglinton 
David Mark Houff 
Richard Matthew Ives 
Phyllis Smith Jensen 
Paula O'Connor 
Christian Fritz Wortman 

Human Development 

Nancy Kimmerly 
Crystal F Williams 

Occupational Education 

Maria Anne Blake 
Vincent Mario Ceppaluni 
Chukwuemeke Augustine 

David Jeremy Rudel 


Dcccmhcr l^l'-V Candukncs 

Qing Xie 


Eric Andrew Badertscher 
Ana Arias Barber 
Stephen Brian Burnett 
Catherine Barham Campbell 
Fang-Ju Chen 
Adina Rishe Gewirt: 
Jennifer Ann Gulub 
Hugh C. Griftin 
Nicole Maria Gudzmvsky 
Roberta Carol Hoxie 
Min-Ni Daphne Liu 
Anastasia R Lyra 
Raymontl Augustus 

Sharon Rose O'Malley 
Judith Ann Peavy 
Mary-Jo Povisil 
Joy Martina Shay 
Robin Michelc Stansbury 
Michael Men:ies Taylor 


Patricia Carroll 
William Bryant Cobb 
Shawn Michael Flynn 
Rhonda S. Giles 
Albert James Krotz 
Heather Lynn Lewis 
Kellisue Loftus 
Daleen Joan Resnick 
Steven Anthony Siders 

Mathematical Statistics 

Paul Robert Harris 


Alessandra Gallinari 
Michael Patrick Hernandez 
Susan Eileen Junghans 
Ayse Ar:u Sahin 

Measurement, Statistics 
and Evaluation 

Carl Linwood Baskerville 
Rhonda S. Sebastian 


David Michael Reisman 

Physical Education 

Margaret Ann Ridgely 
Cheryl Lynn Stevenson 


Carol Lee Barrels 
Eric Philip Braverman 
Anne Ellern Brodsky 
Mary Jo Elizabeth Flaherty 
Andrew Barclay Keller 
Lauren Elizabeth Kenworthy 
Karen Anne Li\'esey 
Alicia Ann Lucksted 
Scot William Mcnary 
Melita J. Murray 
Garret Lee Nelson 
Kathryn Arlene Niles-Jolly 
William James Nordling 
Laura Lee Rawnsley 
Beth Spcrbcr Richie 
Peter Matthew Selby 
Raquel Lynne Wilhoit 

Radio, Television and Film 

Bradley Stephen Bocke 
Scott McGilvray Forbes 
Hsiao-Hui Ho 
Candace Debra Schweitzer 
Gregory Stavropoulos 
Stacey Mary Tomlins 
Rosemary Elizabeth Walker 


Karen Elizabeth Andres 
Mary Anne Cunningham 
Laura L. Hersey 
Patricia Ellen Jenkins 
Scott Andrew Peckins 
Brian Joseph Romanek 
Legnaly Villafane 


Karen Price Car\'er 
Morten Gaston Ender 
Ziwei Lu 
Karin A. Mack 
Scott Jeftery McKearney 

Laura Ellen Montgomery 
Jennifer Marie Rothgeh 
Xiaohong Xu 

Spanish Language and 

Leigh M. Ramsey 

Speech Communication 

Loretta Clare Kennedy 
Susan Elizabeth McGreevy 


Jay Tliomas Plum 

Urban Studies 

Kim Patricia Bexerly 
Randall Lee Heilman 
Sheryl Marie Holder 
April Ann Showers 
Kristine K. Thompson 
Abdirahman Yabarow 

Master of Business 

Michel Pierre Auvillain 
Rhonda Faye Bedell 
Joseph John Bisson 
Arthur C. Buono 
Tina Chen 
Paul Andrew C^hin 
Alan Ken Chiogioji 
David John Claybaugh 
James David Colton 
Catherine B. DeFilippo 
Jean-Philippe Favreau 
Harry Robert Gadd 
Laura Elizabeth Hatch 
David Lawrence Hill 
William Bartram Hippie 
Faith Ann Horowitz 
Yee Ching Hsu 
Cynthia Mae Hughes 
Eric John Hutzell 
Andrew Witt Johnson 
Debra Michelle Kafami 
Voula Elias Kalavritinos 
Frank William Knapp 

Christine Pearson Mason 
Barbara Cobb Mitchell 
Hwee Fung Ng 
Diane Marie O'Connell 
Shin Jae Park 
Peter James Rose 
Eric Alan Rosenberg 
Robin Mara Sadja 
Frances Harris Sauer 
Bonnie Faye Shamblin 
Elizabeth Sarah Speier 
John David Taylor 
Nuri Ere an Tortop 
Kara Jeanne Unger 
Sandra Vitale 
Barbara Ann Walsh 
John Douglas Weisenstein 
Gary Yacoubian 
Homer S. Yen 
Michael A. Zaramba 
Frederic Stuart Zeklow 
Rong Zhao 

Master of Community 

John W. Bauckman 
Kwasi Bosompem 
Cynthia Heather Heman 
TheiKlore William Kowaluk 

Master of Education 

Counseling and Personnel 

Denise Marie Blair Nellies 
Kristin Schriever Condie 
Norma Mae Fedder 
Miriam Juanita Langa 
Robert Gordon Nedwich 
Kelly Elizabeth Shanks 
Nicole West 

Curriculum and Instruction 

Mohammad H. Asi 
Nasser H. Asi 
Marsha Maureen Baker 
Dale Etlward Boger 
Kelly Coulter Davis 


Carol Ann Doermiinn 
Cheryl Lynn Dzubak 
Ann La Rue Gallagher 
Betty J. Grove 
Karen Louise Gutekunst 
Joan Davis Holmherg 
Alison Cochran Jefferson 
Mark ]. Lomhardo 
Doris Rogenski Schevani 

Jennifer Lyn Ri)binson 
Lisa Michelle Rozman 
Paula Lynn Rush-Smith 
Barbara jane Stuart 
Cheryl Lee Swartiwelder 

Education Policy, Planning 
and Administration 

Elaine CrawttirJ Friar 
Jennifer A. Gilman 
Gail Elizabeth Hocking 
James Robert Jennings, Jr. 

Human Development 

Donna Tolson Hebncr 
Elaine Marie Regotti 

Special Education 

Janet E. Amsterdam 

Rita Marie Dealy 

Renee Leicht Moloznik 

Roseann Newell 

Lisa Marie Pierce 

Nancy Jean Putman 

Majorie Cohen Schwartzherg 

Master of Fine Arts 

Creative Writing 

Maria del Carmen Boza 
Stephanie Elizabeth 

Glenn Walker Moomau 

Fine Arts 

Susanne McDougall Carmack 
Chin-Shian Chang 
Paul Keith Loovis 
Simone Osthoff Sinsley 

Maria L. Swaftord 


Mireille L. Key 

Master of Library 

Combined History/Library 
and Information Services 

Laura Marie Adams 

Library and Information 

Dorothea V. Abbott 
Gregory Becker 
Elizabeth Louise Brown 
Hui-Chen Cheng 
Pei-Fen Chiang 
Huei-Lin Chuang 
John Martin Clark 
Janine Cumow 
Mark Douglas Cyzyk 
Janet E. Dombrowski 
Mary Catherine Dotter 
Linda Marie Dreier 
Karen Elizabeth Eglinton 
Vivian Rose Ehrlich 
Catherine Ann Flanagan 
Emmanuelle Fletcher 
Michael H. Goldstein 
Vincent Famsworth 

Goodsell, Jr. 
Mar^'-Elise Haug 
Robert Alan Hawks 
Chao-Kuei Huang 
Matthew Richard Humphrey 
Judith Grace Ireland 
David C. KiUian 
Zella Jane Kosa 
Stanislaw Jan Kosecki 
Brenda Nadine Lande 
Marina Elizabeth Lee 
Karen O'Mara Lehman 
Joyce May Lewis 
Yu-Wen Liao 
Renee Ann Wrighthouse 

Ursula Eibl McLean 

Frances Miller Medenback 
Michele Anne Moriarty 
Suzanne Stewart Moseman 
joni Diane Myers 
Brian Richard Oberle 
Stephanie Mary Papa 
Glenn David Ptlum 
Susan Marshall Pinnell 
Susanne Maennik Ridenour 
Teresa Ann Sample 
Patricia R. Shrack 
Vicki L. Sipe 
Jennifer Carol 

Eleanor A. Son tag 
Sarah Lisa Sweeney 
Rui-Hung Tsai 
Yi-Wen Tseng 
Sharon Beth Vicoli 
Patricia Eileen Wallace 
Meng-Hsueh Wang 
Dianne Smith Whitaker 
Woan-Zu Wu 

Master of Music 

Marie V. Gumming 
Linda Fleckner Eagleson 
Lisa Ann Erickson 
Suzanne Jeanette Morin 
Donald Robert Naumann 
Harold Eugene Riley, Jr. 
Karla Patrice Scott 
Claudia Anni Stalb 
Donald Franklyn Stapleson 
Hsiu-Chen Yu 

Master of Public 

Michael Lance McKinley 
Bryan David Sakolsky 
Thomas Christian Snyder 
Geraldine M. Tolentino 

Master of Public Policy 

Margaret Perron Brumfield 
Patrick James Bush 

Jonette deButts Hahn 
Stephen E. Latimer 
Patricia Phelps Schupple 
Paivi Elise Spoon 
Linda Ann Stewart 
Joanne Mathews Throwe 

Master of Science 

Aerospace Engineering 

Hristo Atanasoft 
Steven Barron Brooks 
Andrew Christopher Est 
David Cochran Fleming 
Farhan S. Gandhi 
Hugo A. Gonzalez 
Chris Joseph Niggemeier 
Joseph Orso 
Michael S. Rhee 
Nicholas George Stamatakos 
Charles Montan Stuart 
Naruhisa Takashima 
Berend Gerdes van der Wall 
Denis O. Vanmol 
Reginald Guy Williams 
Ali Zandieh 

Agricultural and Extension 

James Harding Baird 
John Campbell Hess 
Donald Byrd Marston, Jr. 
Manochehr Nobakht 

AgriciJtural Engineering 

Nadine Edanna Little 

Maureen Guck Novotne 


Jeanette Glover Glew 
Hazel Avinell Joseph 
Genevieve Mukaperezida 
Qiyuan Pan 
Paul Richard Shipley 
Lisa Lynn Wehrheim 

Animal Sciences 

Lisa Rennee Banghart 
Celia Noelle Hamhleton 


December (99) Candidates 

E)amon Anthony Job 
Janet Gcddcs Pctry 
Budhitn Sethiihikshmi 

Kathryn Frances Valente 
Jian-Zheng Zhou 


Tamara Toby Holfcr 
Biman Rihari Nath 


Martha Louise Ligon 


Keight Uhurii Liiyegu 

Business and Management 

Ya-Hui Chuang 
Jeffrey Arnold Krause 
Roberto j. Moraga 

Chemical Engineering 

Gulti Agha:adeh 
Nahid G. Araghi 
Chester Glen Gingrich 
Delia Maria Ramirez 

Chemical Physics 

Dan Brasoveanu 
Melody Aver\' Owens 
Jyotsna Sridhar 

Civil Engineering 

Hasih Ajaz 

Myrofora Anastasi 

Quazi Anwar Bari 

Alok Bhardwaj 

Vivek Kishore Bhatnagar 

John Aman Blanchard 

Charles Kwasi Boateng-Addai 

Barry Lee Brandt 

Elizabeth Constance Butler 

Antonio O. Caceres 

Christopher William Carlson 

Hsiao-Lun Peter Chang 

Jin Ming Chen 

1 Jy Chien 

Mohammad Safdar Chishty 

Chi-Yuan Chu 

Yen Chuang 
Richard David Cook 
Kenneth Edward 
Tarek Mahmoud Fouad 
Rajesh N. Gumani 
Rabih M. Haj-Najib 
Joseph Lawrence Hartmann 
James R. Hind a 
Haichao Tony Hu 
Abdul Rahman Y. Jarrah 
Asad Mehboob Kayani 
Salim Baz Khan 
Hsueh-Fen Sharon Kuo 
Kuang-Liang Lai 
David Matthew Levinson 
Brian Joseph McKenna 
Matthew McNary Miller 
Robert Henry Morro 
Eshetc Mulat 
Ravi K. Nangunoon 
Yehuda Nordman 
Christian Guy Prescott 
Sonal Paresh Sanghavi 
Arit Shaikh 

Timothy David Sheckler 
Jiangeng Song 
Boo Khoon Voon 
Jie Yao 

Computer Science 

Cengiz Alaettinogki 
Hsiang-ti Chang 
Chia-Mei Chen 
Peter David Cucka 
Shyh-ln Hwang 
Barry Allen James 
Dennis Kah-Yuk Lee 
Steven Douglas Miller 
George Panagopoulos 
Ping Li Pang 
Richard Lee Potter 
Manas Chandra Saksena 
Carolyn Scott 
Robert Alan Spangler 
Sheiyao Augustine Su 
William Macklin Thomas 
Yu Chung Wong 
Llegi Young 

Electrical Engineering 

Scott Bradley Abbott 

Khwaja Iqtedar Ahmed 

Umadevi Anandakrishnan 

S. Gir Andi 

David E. Bengtson 

Andrew Todd Caldwell 

Charles H. Calkins 

Kakali Chaki 

Tzuchti Chang 

Pak Shing Cho 

David Chow 

Michael Patrick Connor 

Donald Mitchell Com well, Jr. 

Amelia Icaranom de la Rosa 

All Mohamed Darwish 

Mark Edward DeSilets 

Bruce Allen Douglas 

Christopher McCall Durham 

Chung-chieh Fang 

Ytiegi Fang 

En-Tsyn Ann Gan 

Vibha Prakash Goel 

Vasudha Govindan 

Matthew Sean Grady 

Kenneth R. Grossman 

Xiu-Qiong Sue He 

John Albert Horst 

Tzyy-Wei Hwang 

Michael George Jacoby 

Mark David Jacunski 

Meenal V. Johalia 

Salil Vijay Joshi 

Suryakumar Josyula 

Madhusudhan R. Kadari 

Rajashekar Kailar 

Sanjeev Pralhad Khudanpur 

Vivek KhuUcr 

Jung K. Kim 

Ravikanth Kodali 

Mark David Levin 

Man Li 

Sam Chien-shin Lin 

Wendy Louise Lippincott 

Daryl J. Marvin 

Roderick Allen McConnell 

Devaloy Muniz 

Sanjeev Munjal 

Ahsun Hiimayun Murad 


Hanif Perwad 
Manikamika Ramanujan 
Kartik Ramaswamy 
David Vincent Roderick 
William Charles Ruff 
Richard Allen Shaner 
Jieyu She 

Ranjeev Kumar Singh 
James Aurele St. Pierre 
Gary Lee Sugar 
K.R Sunil 
Hao Tian 

Charles Wesley Tipton IV 
Michael Andrew Tope 
Min-Hua Wang 
Steven Christopher Witczak 
Hirad Y'azdankhah 
Gang Ye 

Terence Ky-Lipp Yee 
Yu-Neng Yeh 
Feng-Lin Yu 
Jie Yu 
Kee Y'iu Yu 

Engineering Materials 

Hsiao-Lan Chang 
Prasad Chaparala 
Robert John Gettings 
Aashish S. Nanavaty 
Elaine C. Soltani 


Timothy Michael Abbey 
Gustavo Hormiga 

Family and Community 

Susan H. Carruthers 
Michelle Lynne Clossick 
Sharrarne RaeyechcUc Fcrrell 
Anne E. Groves 
Colleen Frances Konstanzer 
Karin Elisabeth Malm 
Myra Jean Waters 

Food Science Trainer 



Huifang Liu 


Joan W. Feely 
Derong Liu 
Lenore Jane Nash 
Michael David Reinsel 

Human Nutrition and Food 

Rebecca Diamond 
Mary Teresa Kane 
Susan Kay Kramhk 
Dana L. Ponak-Macalalad 
Cynthia Ann Roberts 

Marine, Estuarine and 
Environmental Sciences 

Anne Casey 
Rachel Donham 
Shinichi Endo 
Kimberly Morgan Fluetsch 
Phihppe Frangois Hensel 
Robert Gerard Lindgren 
Deborah Jean Momn 
David Alfred Nemazie 
Scott Ernest Seibold 
Richard Lee Takacs 

Mechanical Engineering 
David Drew Bassuk 
Evren Serand Bayoglu 
Chia-Chen Chang 
Robert Franklin Charette 
Jie Chen 
Yeong-Shu Chen 
James H. Qmner 
Thomas Eric Dissinger 
Pedro Ivan Espina 
David Frederick Fordyce 
Rajat Prakash Garg 

David Bennitt Harris 
Hsiang-Fu Hsieh 
Ryan Gregory Johnson 
Venkatesh Ketty 
Amy Jean Kinsey 
Gumballa Krishnakumar 
Benjamm Chaoning Liu 
Yu-Lung Lo 

Robert Edward Lotkowictz 
Craig Thomas Mathews 
Farukh Navaid 
Howard James Rathbun 
Barry Dean St. Pierre 
Madhu M.V. Subbacharya 
Patricia J. F. Turner 
Kai Wang 
Boping Xie 
Wei Ye 
Sanyi Zheng 


Mark Thomas Tripputi 


Ositadinma Ogugua Opara 
Lisa S. Treger 

Nuclear Engineering 

Eugene Craig Canfield 
Yang-Chain Yeh 

Nutritional Sciences 

Kristin Noelie Heinrichs 

Laura Power 

Tiftani Lynn Sprenkel 


Dong Chen 
John Patrick DiFelici 
Ming Xun Huang 
Myunggyu Kim 
Ravi Kuchimanchi 
Robert Lahmann 

Jeffery Mark Saul 


Ignatius Widyantoko 

Alan David Van Drie 

Poultry Science 

Katherine Patricia Weld 
Clarence Alvin White 

Reliability Engineering 

Gregory W. Butler 
Patrick Robert Hoff 
David Y Koo 

Tao Ni 

Systems Engineering 

Deborah Dorrelle Opiekun 
Mark Andrew Ottenberg 
Neil Ramaswami Paragiri 

Textiles and Consumer 

Vishvaroop Agarwal 
Susan Schurig Bowman 
Thomas Patrick Keane 
Jian Xiang 
Bugao Xu 


Janet S.Y. Chang 
Paul James Hubbard, Jr. 
Patrick Douglas Lorch 
Sarah Elizabeth Mabey 

Graduate Certificates 

Advanced Graduate 
Specialist Certificate 
Colleen Lee McCleary 
Cynthia Michelle Moore 
Arlene Shapiro Wiseth 
Samuel Alan Zack 

Graduate Certificate In 

Doctoral Level 

Evelyn J. Bata 

Master's Level 

Nita A. Page Daves 
Denis O'Leary 




j)3ftl lililili ' fc<>i ^ *w U wiiiiiiilii;ii»«»jJ.» ' iiMi«Mi " ii ' ii W w\ViC*J>xfcKija»/^a>.:'i»tiwi>>>t»»tu:(a.'jMaj/«£tf 

//(^ ^- - ^^ ^- ^^-fr ^i^^' -~&-'c- 9^—- ^\ 

^ 4U.W 5 . 1 M«^i5^!^;s2Sft^ 


Ionic style columns like this one appear on several buildings around 
the College Park campus, including the Physics Building, Main 
Administration, and several dormitories. 

College of Agriculture 

Bachelor of Science 

Agricultural and Resource 

Samsiin Adedayo Adeghile 
Valerie Lynn Brannan 
Shantel Renee Brown 
Carl Owen Buhlman 
Cristopher Orion Clay 
Michael L. Elrod 
Michael Joseph Farrell 
Gerry Jarmain Flamming 
Elizabeth Marie Flerlage 
John Andrew Fluetsch 
Lee Ryan Fondiller 
Jesus Alberto Gamez 
William Joseph Green 111 
Roderick Tremont Griffin 
Jeffrey David Gromada 
Dana Leigh Hall 
Jarrett Anthony Johnson 
Pamela Ajuandem Khumbah 
Geoffrey Lawrence Knapp 
Wilbur Earle Land 111 
Sonja Marie Lockett 
Irene Mastorakis 
Thomas Peter Maury 
Karenina Newell 
Carol Ellen O'Hara 
Kyung Hyun Paek 
Sae Won Pak 
Hae Sook Quiroz 
David Alan Shirey 
James Brian Stonesiter 
Whitney Ann 

Kenneth Shin Yiu Tung 
Sangeeta Wahie 
David Lloyd Wahler 
Stephen Charles Walker 
Joseph Todd While 
Daniel Ray Williams 11 
Ryan Gregory Zimherg 

Animal Sciences 

Wendy S. Berman 

Hona Bohman Goncalves 

Julie Renee MacPherson 
Kevin Reese 
Johanria Lea Remsberg 
Tliomas C. Seymour 
Ruey Stocking 

Crop Science 

Santiago Martin Casas 
William Courtney Craft 


Frederick Allen Botstord 
Barbara Lorraine Bullock 
Michael David Culpepper 
Ellen Frances DeRico 
t Marion Roland Fritter 
Nancy A. Gallagher 
Gretchen Ann Gochenauer 
Christina Marie King 
William Thomas Ramsay 

Natural Resources 

Ralph Lee Dingess, Jr. 
t Lisa R. Evans 
t Matthew Joseph Handy 

William R. Reed 111 
§ Karen Elizabeth Reuss 
§ Theodore Mark Trice 

Turf and Urban Agronomy 

Joseph Aloysius Gallagher, Jr 

School of Architecture 
Bachelor of Science 


Christine Kay AlhirJ 
Kathryn Josette Camina 
Yao-Yu Chiang 

§ Summa cum Laude 
t Magna cum Laudc 
* cum Laude 


S Stmima cum Laude 
f Magna cum Laudc 
* cum Laudc 

Todd Michael CiriUo 
Susan Marie Jochum 
Robert Joseph Mercado 
Robert Edward Rice, Jr 
Eric M. Wohnsigl 

College of Arts and 

Bachelor of Arts 

Advertising Design 

Lance Roy Gibson 
Julie Ann Mott 

American Studies 

Robin Michel! Bryan 
Lisa Elaine Eveland 
Kimberly Ann Fult: 
William R Hayes 
* Cecilia Karin KuUman 
Sheri Kay Kuinicki 
Jose Ugo Leary 
Anne Adair McMurry 
jaimee Beth Nusbacher 
Eli:aheth Ruth Othoson 
Nicole Lynn Piramo 
Christopher R. Walsh 
Teresa Ann Welsh 
Antire Leroi Williams 
Vi\ie Yen 

Art History 

Michael D. Alexander 
Jennifer S. Biancaniello 
Philip Wayne Bonner 
Gloria Alicia Bravo 
Amanda Beth Carlson 
Tara LeAnne Cliff 
Robert Jackson Dean, Jr. 
Christina Catherine 

Nancy S. Fleming 
Hope Shirlev Hollander 
Leslie Aourdync Knee 
Nancy Wingate Lakeland 
Victoria Lynn Lepka 
Christine Marmo 
Rachel Lynn Reesch 

Wednesday M. Ridout 
Rosemary Sarsfield 
Renee Lynne Sekerak 
Craig Allen Seymour 1! 
5) Janis Louise Staggs 

Classical Languages and 

Thomas Wat Tyler 


Leonard Adrian Wood 

East Asian Languages and 

Wanda Marie Butler 
Robert Daniel Dozier 
James Thomas Lee 
S Lenore Diane Turner 

English Language and 

Eileen Marie Armentroiit 
Christine Diane Bailey 
Leigh J. Barr>' 
Lori E. Benavides 
David Anthony Breen, Jr. 
Patricia Anne Brennan 
Jocelyn May Brooks 
Tracy Lynn Bull 
Vygantas Tomas Campe 
Mar>' Louise Carrigan 
John C. Charles 
Christine Marie Chicherio 
Jeannie Chung 
Brendon Michael Clark 
Carol S. Clark 
Matthew Scott Cohurn 
Sean Drew Cockerill 
Delores Lenette Colbert 
Joanna Rachel Corn 
Nina Jean Comwell 
Lorrie Grace Craig 
John Edward Dahlberg 11 
Diane Rene Dean 
Kmi Brenda Deng 
Brian Douglas Dejamette 
Robin Jane DeVeau 
Maura Michelle Downs 
Kathie Sue Drayton 

Christina Maria Duarte 
Shirley Lynn DuBois 
Michael Roger Edwards 
Karen L. Eld 
Cynthia Lee Fehlman 
Toni Ann Festino 
Mara D. Flamm 
Craig Michael Garland 
Dana Cheryl Garris 
Denise Marie Gencavage 
Robin Dana Grim 
Victoria Anne Gross 
Craig Wayne Gunsauley 
Amy Halperson 
Alissa M. Herschbach 
Timothy Patrick Hickey 
Steven Douglas Higgs 
Daniel Robert Hocken 
John Frederick Holland 
Corrie Ann Hoogstra 
David William Hufnagel 
Ann Louise Hyde 
Michele A. Imbrogno 
Ellyn Ann Jacobs 
Harold Keith Johnson III 
Brent Westley Jones 
Daniel D. Kaplan 
David Martin Ken- 
Sean William Kerwin 
Lori Jean Klein 
Benjamin D. Laifsky 
Darryl Lampkin 
Michael Joseph Lane 
Michael Ka-Kwei Lee 
Jill Stephanie Leonard 
Robin Leigh Lichtenstein 
Tamye Jean Lyles 
Richard Joseph MacKinnon 
Tanya Helene Mark 
Michelle Deborah Marti 
Regina Francis Mason 
Linda Lee Mathews 
Kathleen Elizabeth McGuire 
Patricia Ann McLynn 
Elyse Lyn Meshnick 
Virginia Ellender Meyer 
Jennifer Kathleen Miller 
Jennifer .Alden Murray 
Thanh-Th.inh T Nguyen 

Lisa Marie Norman 
Benjamin Oshman 
Ernest Steven Palmer, Jr. 
Kellee Ann Payne 
David Keith Pinkler 
M. Deborah Beltran Potes 
Frank Joseph Principe, Jr. 
Sara Elizabeth Pula 
Joanna Magdalena Raczynska 
Nicole Shari Raiman 
Alexandrine Hutchin Rigsby 
Paula Susan Ritzmann 
Wendy Lynn Roessler 
Gregory John Russell 
Colleen Marie Ryan 
Cynthia Michele Schuler 
Seth Clark Silberman 
Kimberly Michel Simpson 
James Langford Spies 111 
Mark A. Spinelli 
Gabrielle Lyn Stevens 
Maryanna Laura Taglienti 
Michele Lynn Tejada 
Norida Aracelly Torriente 
Kristen Nicole Totaro 
Sherryl L. Turner 
Marisa Ann Urgo 
Eric John Vandersall 
Catherine Elizabeth Waters 
Shawn Patrick Westfall 
Stacey Elizabeth Wheeland 
Mark S. Wilkerson 
James Thomas Wilkinson 11 

French Language and 

* Marta S. Ferragut 
S Anna Kathryn Gilcher 
Valerie Miriam Okrend 
Maria Paz Ramirez 
Kimberly Michel Simpson 

German Language and 

Frederick Warren Coleman 

Paul Dea 

James Dixon McDonald 

Fanan T. Radfar 

Lon Ann Rickert 


December 1991 Candidates 

Scott Christopher Thoma 
Marciii Eugenia Vela 


Denise Rene Allen 
Millissa S. Allen 
Linda Beth Bernartl 
Michael Ian Bersofsky 
Herhert R.W. Brewer, Jr. 
Russell Bruce Christensen 
Thomas Henry Cohen 
Joseph Vincent Crihhin 
James Desmond Foote 
Adeen Elizabeth Gormley 
Peter Anthimy Hutchinson 
Lee Durand Kahler 
Walter Theodore Kamprad 
David Amadeus Lundy 
Anthony Paul Mangelli 
Christina Marie Nemil 
Anne Marie O'Haire 
Cynthia June Pearcy 
William John Reeves 
Richard L. Romanek 
Richard Daniel Smith 
Deborah Elaine Spielman 
Brian Patrick Sullivan 
Lida Margaret Vemer 
Alan Richard Wagman 
Thomas Donald Wassmann 
Mary O'Brien Winker 

Interior Design 

* Susan Appleton Chapin 
Un Chu Choe 

§ Catherine Hass Gcirdon 
Elizabeth K. Hill 
Beverly Propper 
Holly Ann Tompkins 
Kristen Marie Winters 

t Linda Goldman Wolpert 

Jewish Studies 

Stacy Lynn Pesacov 


* Carol Ann Sniegoski 


Robert Scott Carr 

Eunkyung Han 
Pei-Fang Kuo 
Hae Ryong Pak 
Shanta Surendra Rlshi 
Sarah M. Shannon 
Francis C. Shieh 
Midori Watarti 


Daniel Charles Brewer 
Karl B. Celarier 
Donna Lynn Collier 
Maura M. Kearns 
Jerry Nasim Khoury 

2ivl Major: Crimnai justice 
Graham TTiomas Molitor 
Stephen Forrest Notes 
Katharine Lee Tracy 
Tliomas Wat Tyler 

Radio, Television and Film 

Iris Yolany Andonie 
Sean Michael Augustine 
David Rollo Barnes 
Michael Christopher Barnes 
Eric Christopher Brown 
Katharine Lynn Burdette 
Robert Radu Cinca 
Patrick Francis CuiTan 
* Sharon Marie Llonahue 
Natalie Denise Donovan 

2rid Majm: Afro-American 

Jon Eric Forst 
Daniel Joseph Fosina 
Emma Mary Frith 
Jonathan Gaines 
Marci Alisa Goldstein 
Allison Goroway 
Lisa Hope Gray 
Aaron Norman Hansen 
Neal B. Johnson 
Kathleen Rhonda Donna 

Nomi Beth Katz 
Scott A. Kline 
Jonathan L. Krobot 
Yael Lean 
Danielle Lexitan 
Laura P. Long 

Sean Dennis Madaras 
James Patrick Nalley 
Mark Wayne Nobles 
Scott Andrew Nunez 
Diana Lyn Palmer 
Paul Eugene Payette 
Keith Michael Pew 
Alexandru Mihail Pruteanu 
Benjamin Isaac Rogot 
Eileen Patricia Ryan 
Jordan Segall 
Willie James Shaw, Jr. 
Stuart Randolph Sherman 
Jessica Siegel 
John Paul Smallhom, Jr. 
Alexis Ann Smith 
James Patrick Spellman 
Andrea Frances Svejda 
Robert David Ujvary, Jr. 
David Meriweather Wakefield 
Teri Lynn Walker 
James Walls IV 
Kurt Robert Walther 
Ernest Parker Webb 
Elaine Jae Yun 

Romance Languages 

t Lisa N. Justice Carmichael 

Russian Area Studies 

§ Jeanette Marie 
Cheryl Lynn Mittan 
Sam Vasilevsky 

Russian Language and 

* Heidi Araya 

Carole Louise Mezias 

Spanish Language and 

Enrique Jose Bascunana 
JoAnn Constantinou 
Kimberly Ann Hatton 
t Meli-ssa Jill Kowalski 
Roberr Karl Mclntyre 
Maria Elena Michael 
Linda Lee Peyton 

Speech Communication 

Rod Michael Arends 
Mary Catherine Barnes 
Adam Scott Berenson 
Timothy Adair Black 
Michelle Renee Bayer 
Christine McCallie Brown 
Shelley LaNette Burgess 
Lura Darsey Burns 
Glenn Steven Carr 
Kathryn Lee Croll 
Meredith Bonnie Deutsch 
Joanne Edwards-Seem 
Brian Wayne Edwards 
Robert Alan Fredman 
Janis Arlyn Glazier 
Shabnam Haidri 
Julie Marie Heni-y 
George McCree Henson, Jr. 
Tawana Petrice Jacobs 
Lisa Michele Jermanok 
Stacy Lynn Jones 
Aran Kim 

Michael Adam Levine 
Kellie Camille Lykes 
Douglas Scott MacDiarmid 
Michelle Marie McNamara 
* Felicia Leigh Morgenstern 
Robert .Andrew Nicoll 
Douglas Brian Nussman 
Cherisse Marie Robles 
Lisa Ann Roettger 
Colleen Elizabeth Ryan 
Brenda Michelle Savona 
Kimberly Ann Storey 
Amy Beth Strasser 
Scott Elliot Stricof 
Aradhana Leena Sudhaker 
Michael Evan Sussman 
Niloutar P. Tehrani 
Jennifer Lee Tendler 
Lawanda Michelle Williams 
Rebecca Marie Wright 
Dina Lynn Ztipnik 

Studio Art 

Hassan Mustafa Al Atrasli 
Charlotte Maria Cornelia 


^ Sumjna cum Laude 
f Magl^a cum Laitdc 
* atm Luudc 

Marcos Igacio Ballestero 
Christopher Houston Baugh 
Kurt Xavier Bragunier 
Sean Christopher Brown 
Huai En Chao 
§ Arlene Huss Cook 
Joanne Marie Curran 
Joshua Adam Eventoff 
Regina Elizabeth Halper 
Rikki Johansen 
Lara Cher>i Kaplan 
Joseph Paul Kelly, Jr. 
Hyun Joo Kim 
Bridget Sue Lambert 
Joo H. Lee 

Grace Haydee Lertora 
Haidang Nguyen 
Elizabeth Ann Norwood 
Jonathan Pottxnak 

2nd Majirr: Art HisUiry 
Michael Dominic Quinn 
Aaron Taylor Robinson 
Sharona June Schlein 
Mai Thi Shanklin 
Karen Beth Sher 
Susan E. Thagard 
Sheri Dawn Tossman 


Allison Ine: Charapp 
R. Joseph Galitsky 
Carl Woodrow Irvin 
Melanie Patrice Lewis 
Andrea May Mongeon 
Victoria Jean Valentine 
Louis Zammichieli 
Deborah Schwartz Zeleilon 

Bachelor of Music 


Marlowe Ward Tolbert 

Music Theory and 

David Eilward Williams 

Bachelor of Science 

Advertising Design 

Jeffrey Paul Aiken 
Edward W. Andres 
Benjamin Chomiak 
Doris Ann Daniels 
Eric Lance Dunn 
Stacey Ann Galetto 
Lisa Babette Hall 
Michael Eric Holder 

(Commencemait Coi'er 

Susan Yoon J ting Lee 
Christopher Charles Leonard 
Nona Kay Mmnitield 
Brett Alan Moeser 
Allen David Needle 
Hung Tuong Nguyen 
Suzanne Lizabeth Otlin 
David Scott Vogin 

Interior Design 

John D. Armati 
Wanda Cypress Darden 

College of Behavioral 
and Social Sciences 

Bachelor of Arts 

Afro- American Studies 

Kathy Lynn Ferguson 
Carol E. Macey 


Anila Kumari Brenni 

David Andrew Darby 

Paula Jean Lewis 

Robert Christ Opher 
2nd Majw. English 
Langiiag^e and Literature 

Helen S. McKean 
t Thomas Alexander Offit 

Eugene David Shekhtman 

Criminal Justice 

Anna-Maria Cristina Abello 
Rafiq Ahmad 

Lynnette Marie Ama 
John Emor>' Andrews 
Lia Mary Chio Aure 
Glen Steven Barry 
John Arthur Battle, Jr. 
Kevin A. Baylin 
Lisa Ann Beavers 
Steven Matthew Bell 
Cristina Marie Boykin 
Robert Lloyd Buchanan 
Catherine Jane Byrem 
Kevin Maurice Byrnes 
Carol Renee Clark 
t Lynn Michele Colona 
William Donald Conley 
Kristen Ada Crawford 
Roland Crispin, Jr. 
Thomas Patrick Curtis 
John Michael Davies 
Efren Martin Diaz 
Bronwyn Kathleen Dodson 
Timothy Stephen Dumais 
Kurt Jo.seph EUinger 
E\elyn Lorraine Estep 
2rid Major: Government 
and Politics 
Jason M. Feinstein 
Tliomas Sterling Fultord 111 
Sherri Phyllis Gamerman 
John Charles Grimberg 
Cristy L. Grimes 
Kenneth Robert Halter, Jr. 
Deborah Jean Harrigan 
Elizabeth Jane Harrigan 
Keesha Yolonda Harrington 
Kelly Reed Hibbs 
Carla Elizabeth Holmes 
Tae Hyon Kim 
Daniel Richard Krawczyk 
Gary Jerome Lancz 
John Mar\in Laughton 
Michele Robin Lewis 
James Evan Liaw 
Marc Evan Limansky 
Jeannette Lillian Lyles 
Raquel Diaz Madlangbayan 
Jesse Buchanan Magee 
Laura K Mallin 
Dawn Lin ManJeville 

Mark Robert Mann 
Patrick Tunothy Markey 
Thomas James Mdler 
Vanessa Rae Motley 
Brian Anthony Munoz 
James Anthony Natoli 
Michael R. Nestor 
Michael Paul Newlon 
Elizabeth Bell Nock 
Sang 11 Pak 
Michael Scott Parsons 
Barbara Ann Phaller 
Edward Craig Pitlake 
Rabindranauth Ramson 
David Jonathan Reichard 
James Michael Ricciuti 
John Timothy Ridgely 

2nd Majw. Psychology 
Michael Alan Roberson 
Bryan Patrick Robinson 
Lee H. Roistacher 
Brett Adam Rosenberg 
Marc Da\'id Rosenberg 
Frank Joseph Samsock 
Brian Paul Shekore 
Keith Joseph Shepardson 
Kevin Healy Smith 
Danielle Marie Stennett 
Jeffrey Michael Szramka 
Dianne Renee Taylor 
Sean Hayden Thomas 
Kane Bryan Thurber 
Deborah Ann Toye 
Paul Fuhon Trump 
Elizabeth Susan Underwood 
Gerhard Siegfried Jann 

Wayne Anthony Vincent 
Stephanie Theresa Williams 
Stephen William Wilson 
Michael Robert Wozny 
William Allen Yingling, Jr. 
Andrew Alexander Zahavsky 


Laura Andrea Axley 
Tonja Adell Bell 
Daniel Joseph Bradley 
David Arrington Brown 


Deccmlvr 1991 Candidates 

Cynthia Ann Ciimmings 
William Peter Dewan 11 
Sinclair Newton Grey 111 
Elizabeth Barr Holt 
Roherr William Jordan 
William Joseph Kreutzer 
Traci Jo McKenzie 
Julie Leslie Mieras 
Thomas Andrew Mills 
Anita Pathik 
Wanda Phillips 
Maria Ann Schlaffer 
Richard Lawrence Siegelman 
* Jixli Iris Stark 

David R<iald Stiipar 


Rahim John Amerkhail 
Scott Peter Arden 
Andrew Auwerda 
Daniel Michael Bart 
Ujjual Bhatnagar 
Christy Ann Blackman 
Jacqueline S. Booth 
Robert C. Booth 
David Martin Bruening 
Edward Jay Bynum 
Alejandro Camp 
Neeva-Gayle Anna Candelori 
L\iane William Carlisle 
Daniel Bruce Carson 
Charles Woodrow Cush 
Terrence Lee Davis 
Daniel Earl Evans 
Bruce Thomas First 
Alexander Stuart Fitzgerald 
Carole Jean Forney- Sheerin 
Timothy Teixence Freeman 
Vernice Bernita Gibson 
Matthew Powers Gilday 
Clive Murtl and Glenn 
Brian Neil Gorge i 
Kimberly Arlene Hank ins 
Norman Richard Hines, Jr. 
Pamela Lynn Hire 
M.irk Christian Holland 
John Matthew Holden 
Tiiiii >thy James Hufler 
Ronan Michael Hughes 

Anand Sangameswaran Iyer 
Alexander Xavier Jackins 
John Patrick Kardian 
Woong Sup Kim 
Young Mi Kim 
Rimald Marc Klinger 
Todd Frederick Kuehi 
Cuauhtemoc Kuonen 
Malini P. Lavappa 
Jennifer Louise Lebre 
Kee J. Lee 

Eileen Catherine Linaugh 
Matthew David Lovell 
Jiihn Brian McCann 

t Kathleen Marie McDill 
Christopher John Mezzatesta 
Bret L. Mingo 

t Andrew D. Morton 
Edward Matthew Nebens 

§ Joseph Bang Nguyen 

* Paul Lawrence Nussbaum 
Dwayne Hamilton Parris 
Uyen Hue Phuong 

Cisa Yvonne Riley 
Felicity Jane Rogers 
Michael Jay Schiller 
Alan Joseph Schiinemann 
Farzad Shirzad 
Kevin James Spangler 

* Theresa Maria Stattel 
Christopher Robert Sugra 
Robert Gerald Unkle 

* Joshua Mapp Weiss 
Blake Michael Wetzel 
James W Wilkerson 
Michael P. Xenofondos 
Conroy Chi-Kan Zien 

Government and Politics 

Michael Alan Alberty 

* Nancy Lee Andrew 
Heidi Anne Angel 
Matthew Michael Baldwin 
Joan Marie Barilla 

John William Barley 
Joy Renee Bartholomew 
Christy S. Beavers 
Lawrence Brett Bennan 
Justine Rachel Block 

Sandra Lynn Boyd 
Daniel Joseph Bradley 
Elizabeth Bras 
Ross William Cantelo 
Cecilia B. Catubii 
Elaine Shirvy Chin 
Jinhyung Cho 
Kum Bong Cht) 

* Sun Yong Choe 

2nd Major: East Asian 
Langiiag^es and Literature 
Robert Andrew Clinard 
§ Daniel Michael Cohen 
Robert Weldon Craig II 
Abigail Shearin Creyke 
James Edward Crossan 
John Kenneth Davis 
Howard Efram Diamond 
William Edward Dyer 
Lauren Kay Fairley 
Fran Fields 
James Patrick Fisher 
Maritza Elizabeth Fk)res 
Ronald Joseph Forline 
Tliomas Louis Fortin 
James Francis Fosnaught 
Scott Allen Foster 
Kimberly Ann Freeman 
Sam B. Friedman 
Kristin Ruth Gamzon 
John Michael Gogarty 
Aileen Elizabeth Gormley 
James Joseph Gough 
Laura Anne Gregory 
Michael John Grindstaff 
Victoria Lynn Gruber 
Helen Elizabeth Halterman 
Derek Boyd Hankerson 
Philip Kevin Harris 
Jacc]ueline HoUiday 

L")aniel Alan Herrmann 
Brian Stuart Heyman 
Kimberly Ann Hooper 
William Keith Huff, Jr. 

* Rachel Robinson Huftines 
Mark Ei.lward Hunker 
Martin Wade Husk 
Peter A. Hutchins 

Joseph Intili 

Nunziatina Daniela Isgro 
S Michele Margaret Kin 

Kechia Patrice Kirksey 

Kenneth Sean Knowd 

Kathy Ellen Koch 

Tamar Anne Krevsky 

Kirstie Lynn Kummer 
2nd Major: Economics 
t Michael Thomas Kunst 

Stephen Tliomas Laine 

Gustavus Lankai Lawson, Jr. 

Keith Michael Leonard 

Meryl Iris Levy 

Greg A. Lewen 

Jennifer Carol Ley 

John Francis Leyden 

Susan A. Littell 

Michael Kenneth Lowe 

Purcell S. Luke 

Jennifer Lynn Mahoney 

Thomas Clyde Marriner 

Nathaniel Varney Massaqutji 

Clifford Joseph Mauton, Jr. 

Douglas Melvin McClure 

Charles Bronston McCoid HI 

John Mark McDonald 

Brian McGinty 

Annemarie Jane Metzger 

Christine Marie Morse 

Carl Stephen Mosley 

Rebecca Jane Siobhan Munn 

Sarah Ann Murphy 

Jeffrey Scott Nance 

Christopher Paul Newman 

Kelley Ann Noone 

Erin L. Ostrem 

* Kristee Lynn Panfil 
S Sooky Wynne Park 

Jonathan Edward Perriello 

* Christina Marie Fieri ion i 
Michael Paul Poissant 

t Mary Ann Portugal 
Thomas C. Quinn 

§ Scrap Deniz Rada 
James Patrick Raley 
Elizabeth Ct)urtney Reamer 
Christina Marie Ricker 
Lester Edward Riordan 


J Siimma cum Laiide 
^ Magna cum Laudc 
* ci<m Laude 

Steven Wayne Roark 
Ebon Wyler Robinson 
Fabian Ernesto Rocamora 
John Michael Sadler 
Jonathan P. Sander 
Benjamin Joseph Schrader 
David Christopher Shaver 
Wayne F. Simmons 
John Robert Sinton 
Gumey Stephen Small 
Desiree Lara Smith 
Charles Edward Spicknall 
Halley Steele 
Sean Thomas Hitchings 

Paige N. Teplitsky 
Tanya Nicole Terrell 
Alysia Lorraine Thaxton 
Matthew Brian Toro 
Bernard Joseph Tylor 
* Eric William Urban 
Tracy Michelle Vandivere 
George Russell Violett 
Sean Wade 

Kenton Andre Wallace 
Lloyd Oscar Whitehead, Jr. 
Patrick Hayde Williams 
Cheri Lynne Wilson 
Sherri Lynn Wood 
Cynthia Wcxiten 
Charles Swift Wrightson 
Monna Tracy Youmans 

Hearing and Speech 

Candis Michelle Atlee 

Eileen Marie Bayer 
t Andrea j. Bermann 

Sandra D. Creekmore 

Corey Beth Handelman 

Jennifer Anne Higler 

Mary Elizabeth 

Shelly Anne Payne 

liana Rabinowitz 


Michelle Elyse Alder 
Br>an H. Bakker 

Ann Michele Barrett 
John Everett Beavers 
Andrew Nicholas Bihun 
John Christopher Blimmel 
Devin Darcel Brown 
Joni M. Brown 
Kristine Karol Brown 

* George Mulford Chinner\" 
Karen Anne Christensen 
Harry Oliver Chnstenson IV 
Allison Eugenia Clarke 
Stephen Ernest Corson 
Dawn Elizabeth Crews 
Tracey Denise Dove 
Marci Lynn Drimer 
Jane Mane D\'e 
Eric M. Elfus 

Edward William Fernandez 
Stephen Martin Fiore 
Cynthia Marie Fortunato 
Deborah Kim Friedman 
Jill Kimberly Gale 
Brian Edward Gardiner 
Holly Michelle Gardner 
Leigh Anne Hoffman 
Lori Jill Jacobs 
Mark Theodore Karolkowski 
Hae Ju Kim 
Seong Hun Lee 
Bruce Howard Levenstein 
Jerome Bruce Liebstein 
Ronald E. Little 
Tammy Marie Lucas 
Melissa Marie Luce 

t Ragnhild Karin Malnati 
Sharon Lisa Mark 
Melanie Rae Martin 
Kristin Marie Mathias 
Bruce Eric Miller 
Kerry- Alissa Mimberg 
Lisa Jo Neal 
Hoa M. Nguyen 
Alison Simone Panton 
Michelle A. Pilgrim 
Robert Gates Prokop 
Victoria Elizabeth Lacey 

§ Aree Joshua Rand 
Lvnne Euxenia Rathe 

Heather Leigh Ravdin 
Kazem H. Razavi 
Jeanette Lee Roberts 
Kerry- Ly-nne Romine 
Sonja Antoinette Ross 
Wendy Carol Rowse 
Bonnie Karen Sapperstein 
Erik Jacob Scheps 
Michael Gregory Schlapo 
Cynthia Elizabeth Shamlian 
William Keith SiUaman 
Rosa Soler 
Bianca Son 
Elise 1. Sookram 
Katherine Marie Spratt 
Mark Alan Spriggs 
Rachel Stark 
Gregg Ralph Streibig 
Colleen Cecilia Szot 
Nicole Danielle Watts 
Holly L. Williams 
Michael Brian Williams 
Amanda Louise Winkler 
Adrienne Lynn Wodenka 


Cathleen I\7 Becker 
t Rosada Hess Bennett 
Lisa Marie Herman 
Lynda Darnell Brooks 
Julie Ann Cheeka 

Ind Majcfr: Government 
and Politics 
Luther M. Clark 
Julie Suzanne Freed 
Dana Elizabeth Gacewood 
Michael Stephen Gauss 
Jennifer Anne Gibson 
* James Richard Gilmore 
Laurie S. Goodman 
Colleen Marie Grimes 
David Scott Gronner 
Jennifer Anne Harris 
Kimberly Mane HeitmuUer 
Jodie Leigh Herbert 
Angela Denise Henell 
Cynthia Louise Ichniowski 
Nicole Hillar>- Israel 
Hillary- Beth Kammerman 

Paul F Kirschten 
Ralph Dieter Kuhn 
Tina K. Kwon 
Stacy Lee Logan 
Elizabeth Anne Lorenz 
Kimberly Michelle Martin 
Malcolm Miguel Martin 
Lori Shannon May 
Kimberly Tavenner Merrell 
Erin Meyers 
Jan Stacey Miller 
Sandra Michelle Moore 
Marc J. Moran 

2nd Major: Economics 
Stephanie Maria Monis 
Jill Ann Patchell 
Matthew Thomas 

Tina Maria Pizzuto 
Mary Elizabeth Schult: 
Christine Elise Shore 
Kimberley Ann Sokolsky 
Russell Christopher Strasser 
Glen Alan Terzi 
Erika Shawn Tillery- 
Ronee Raquelle Tillman 
Lawrence Otis Viands 111 
Kristen Murch White 
Theresa M. Whittle 
Kerry Omar Tarek Womack 
Anthony Morgan Wood, Jr. 
Michael Ian Zendell 

Urban Studies 

Gurjinder Singh Ahuja 
Jo Anne Banky 
Thomas T. Bemsdorf 
Michael Ray Binder 
Andrew M. Bloom 
Howard Marc Brc^wn 
Kenneth J. Brzozowski 
Christopher E Can 
Patrick Christopher Casady 
Abir S. Elshanawany 
Jerry John Germain 
Gregory Amel Glasgow- 
Scott Guy Guenther 
Robert C. Hoyler, Jr. 
David W. Jacobs 


December 1 99 J Candidates 

James Brian Kapper 
Brian Matthew Kelly 
Keith D. Lesser 
Corliss Annette McCain 
Brendan Joseph Murphy 
Amas Nemickas 
Angela Patane 
William Arthur Reader, Jr. 
Ruhen Alexander Roca 
Kimher Bruce Rosswork 
Roberto Constantino 
§ Darrell J. Smith 
Steven Wayne Smith 
Kenneth Stan- 
Scott Philip Streicher 
Cynthia Anne Thompson 
Stephen J. Wasylko 
Corey Wilen 

Bachelor of Science 


Timothy Paul Blackford 
Joshua Hamilton Bourdrez 
Colby McVay Christy 
Katherine Joss Elliott 
Gary Richard Giuffrida 
Ke\'in Gary Hosey 
Mark Anthony Johnston 
TTiomas B. Keller 
Mary McChesney 
John Garv'er Middleton II 
James Joseph Nolan 
Scott Alan Nutwell 
Brian Wayne Page 
Terence Lawrence Sosnowich 
Michelle Marie Thawley 
John KyungSoo Yi 


Philipp James Donahue, Jr. 
Demetra Doreen Efantis 
Cheryl Lynne Feldman 
Jeffrey Friedenberg 
John Andrew Gay 
* Yukiko Miyamoto Hamel 
Kathleen Ruth Harrison 
Kar\n L. Hcxid 

Kristina Michelle John 
David Jonathan Littman 
Vijay Anand Mathura 
Celena Ann Pace 
Sonal Ki.shor Pancholi 
Rekha K. Patel 
§ Lisa Emily Ray 

Michelle Anne Rohosky 
Dahlia Michelle Shaewitz 
Darren Christopher Sherman 
Jack N. Tawil 
Christopher Preston 

College of Business 
and Management 

Bachelor of Science 


Abdillahi Ahmed 
Seth Martin Alter 
Christopher B. Armiger 
Adina Beth Arrow 
Mabel Asibey-Bonsu 
Zinash Ayele 
Wade Matthew Boone 
Yohai Borenstein 
Kimberly Ann Broden 
Darlene Green Brougher 
Kenneth Everette Brown 
Clarence Vernon Bryant, Jr. 
Neil Allan Bums 
Donna Marsha Carey 

t Hyea Young Chung 

§ WestE. Qnle 

Debra Sue Colaciello 
David Scott Colton 
Gregory Paul Comlish 
Steven F. Coradetti 
Janet Aileen Cowan 
Mark Christopher Davis 
Joseph Bartholomew DeSantis 
Michael Tliaddeu-s Dinahoe, Jr. 
Alfred Joseph Dumit 111 
Dennis C. Eng 

§ Maryam Farhoodi 
Wayne Alan Ference 

Dorothy Baker Finder 
Renee Antoinette Fischer 
Christopher Wade Fitzgerald 

* Tracy Lynne Fortuna 
John Oscar Gardner 111 
Kelly P Giambi 
Frank Noble Gilliam 

* Karen Sue Gleason 
Anastasia Patricia Greene 
Julia Laurette Greenwell 
Gary Alan Hall 

Joseph Clifford Hangarter 

Josefine Hsu 

Georgia Joanne Juvelis 

Rashmi Kharbanda 

Asha Subhash Khatri 

Eunice Haerim Kim 

Janie Kim 

Seung W Kim 

Susan Margaret Kontaxis 

Cynthia Suk Yee Lai 

John Richmond Lanza 
t Yin Hung Lee 

Jodi B. Levine 

Lori C.J. Lin 

Margaret Jay Lin 

Cheri D. Lopez 

Susan Ann Maisel 
t Kevin William Majane 

Lori Anne Mallon 

Anita Michelle Marshall 

Kim Denise Marshall 

Apurve N. Mathur 

Troy Minor 

Jill Marie Moerschbacher 

Michael William Mueller 

Bmgmo Ng 

Wai-Har Jeannie Ng 

Van T. Nguyen 

* Linda L. Noggle 

* David Jaiil Pang 
Sylvia Maria Perez 
Timothy Michael Phelps 
Laura Beth Piatt 

Lisa Ellen Polashuk 
Alexandra Katherine 

Gregory Michael Remeikis 
Jennifer L. Rogers 

Bryan Lee Rountree 
Anthony Gregory Santiago 
Kevin Raymond Sasz 
Jason Barrett Schaufele 
Peter Mar\'in Shelley 
Michael LeRoy Shipley 
Sanjeet Singh 
t Theresa Susan Slutz 
Jeriesha Rose Smith 
Robert Allen Stone 
Anukampa Sud 
Charles Edward Swafford, Jr. 
Heather Franc ine Sweeney 
Teresa Rochelle Taube 
Robert Gerald Unkle 
Andrew Scott Weintraub 
Jannie Tai-Hoi Wong 
Seung Kuon Yang 
Wei Yang 
Song Han Yi 
Lisa Christine Zeller 


Adnan Ahmed 
Bryan D. Beatty 
Dipika Bhagat 
Sarika Bhagat 
Neeraj Bindal 

2nd Major: Marketing 
Ki Song Choi 
Tammy Lynne Coffman 
Jenny Marie Condlin 
Thomas Joseph Condrasky 
Robert Holland Cox 
David Lawrence Crabtree 
Steven M. Dearborn 
Mark Edward Erwin 
Richard John Forgham 
Stephanie Lynn Foster 
Stephen Lome Freeman 
Stephanie Gaasterland 
Mohamoud Mohamed Garad 
Paul Jason Glashofer 
Peter Andrew Gobell 
Michael Hugh Harper 
Aaron Ray Hartman 
Kathleen Madeline Hawes 
Michelle Eileen Hoft 
Chanhee Hong 


if Siiimna aim Laude 
f Wa^ui cum Laudc 
* cum LiiUik 

Marc Alan Hyman 
2nd Major: Accounting 

Patricia McLaughlin 

Paul Edward Jochum 

Amherin Khan 

Meng Fuang Lee 

Ronald Da\id Lemick 

Dana Marie Lilly 

Luan ^ in Loo 

McKinley Robert Lowe 

Lisa Sharon Moore 

* Linda Ann Nies 

Chad Thomas Ohieleski 
David Jon Pincus 
Marc Christian Rupinta 
Fadi Samuel Shadid 
John Brenton Shaw 
Paul Lawrence Shifrin 
Henry Hung Shiu 

2nd Major: Accounting 
Rohit Kumar Shyam 
Lawrence Thomas Smedley 

2iu/ Maj(7r; Marketing 
DaX'id Thomas Stefan 
Hansuri Sukri 
Douglas Stuart Wolf 
Magaly Cecilia Zarahia 

General Business and 

Lisa Marie Berube 
Andrea Vespoint Busada 
Stephen Tadashi Collins 

2nd Major: Marketing 
Robert Anthony da Silva 

2nd Major: Finance 
Eric Brian Drew 
David Aaron Garelick 

* Christine Elizabeth Ginevan 
William Charles Gouker 
Anne Macklin Hulen 
EXinna Marie Iriarte 

Carol Lynn Jones 
Pemel Jones, Jr. 
Elirabeth Ann Leser 

2nd Major: Marketing 
Josha Anne Melton 
Albert Brodell Randall, Jr. 

Scott Alan Reece 
Karen E. Rogne 
Kevin Eugene Routhier 
Bruce Anthony Ryan 11 
Tina Marie Sambataro 
Michele L. Schwartz 
Zamaz Maqbool Shaikh 
George Michael Sheahin 
Edel Grubbe Spencer 
Kevin J. Szot 
Steven Donald Tucker 
Janice Lee Vest 

Management Science and 

Mary Anne Cunningham 

Maryam Fakliari 

Stacy Ann Henry 

Elena Johnson 

Sussan Dehghan Kavoosi 

Min Soo Lee 

David Garvine Louth 

Jose Roberto Narvaez 

.Mhert Herbert Offer 
t Jill L)iane Pascoe 

Sherri La Verne Ross 

Scott Aaron Scheleur 

Jill Sheppard 
§ Robert William St. Pierre 

Pia Charrise Sterling 


Daniel Richard Asner 
2nd Major: Finance 
Rebecca Anne Boyd 
Cole Andrew Buchman 
Tyuana Lynne Butler 
Michael D. Carney 
David Lee Carper 
Steven Daniel Casper 
Christopher James Chapin 
Deborah Diantha Cummings 
Ross Murrell Derrick 
Jeffrey Thomas DeOliveira 
Daniel Diekmann 
William David Eisenhauer 
Darren Howard Fradin 
Drew Donald Franyo 
Robert H. Freedman 

2nd Major: Trarvsportation 
Thomas Joseph Hartka 
Cynthia Elena Henthom 
Kelly Meredith Hoak 
Sandra Elise Huber 
Brenda Louise Hutchinson 
Lynnette Marie Ju 

2nJ Major: Trarisportation 
Marietta Nikitas Kambanis 
Tasha Lewis 
Lori Michelle Long 
Sirirat Luangnithikul 
Brian Paul McHale 
Raymond Lee McLaughlin II 
Michael E\an Meyers 
Charles Andrew Miller 
Paula Veronica Mitchell 

2rui Major: Trarisportaticm 
Henry Ignatius Morgan, Jr. 
David Michael Mummert 
Teresa Myra Parise 
Courtney Ann Peery 
Mary Margaret Quinn 
Monica Rajan 
Robert Joseph Rauck 
Linda Michele Rostkowski 
Tina Marie Sambataro 
Gregory Scott Schmitier 
Christopher Rudolph Scuderi 
Robert Marc Senko 
Jtilie Ann Seybolt 
Rajesh Paul Sharma 

2nd Major: Transportation 
Brian Lee Skiscim 
Stephanie M. Smith 
Karen Elizabeth Suing 
David Fleming Svrjcek 
Joseph T. Sweeney 
Erika Elena Sylto 
Paula Nicole Tarlton 
'■ Sharon Ann Tice 
Melanie Anne Wolf 
Katherine Lung Yeh 

2n£i Major: Personnel and 

Labor Relations 
Gary Fredrick Zaccagnini, Jr. 

2nd Major: General 

Business and Management 
Zainab Zaka 

Personnel and Labor 

Louis Brenner 
Christopher James Kutsch 
Donna B. MacFarland 
t Laura M. McKenna 
Douglas Richard Amherst 

Production Management 

Michael Sean Macey 


Aida Ba 

Michael Phillip Caplan 
2nd Major: General 
Busine.s.s and Management 

Thomas Edward Dyer, Jr. 

Michael Carroll Groft 

Cynthia A. Guerra 

Ronald Marc Klinger 

Jennifer Dominique Klundcr 

Katherine Ann Koehler 
2nd Majc/r: Marlceting 

Jeffrey Andrew Mauser 

Jill Noreen McLeod 

Jeffrey Martin Miller 

Paul Adam Mooney 

Francisco Jose Nieves 

Mark Richard dinger 

Cheng Shyong Tsai 

Michelle Winkis 

Monique Winkis 

Lmh Wu 

College of Computer, 
Mathematical and 
Physical Sciences 

Bachelor of Science 


David Lawrence Mohr 
Brian Glenn Piner 
2nd Major: Physics 

Computer Science 

Anuradha Vasant Abhyankar 
Frank John Andrasco 
Salman Ashtaq 


fVa'Tri^CT 1991 Candidates 

Jcttrcy Alan Barthclnian 

James William Brady 

Jacquin Morris Buchanan 
Boni O. CalJeira 
Bishwajeet Chatterjce 
Dana YuYu Chen 

Jun Nong Chen 

Anthony Aaron Chiles 

Yong J. Cho 

Robert W. Coltun 

John Patrick Connolly 

Deepika Dhtiria 

Steven David Drucker 

Vincent Robert Eisinger 

Maria Adelaide Gaerlan 

Flavius Abele Caliber 111 
2iuf Major: Malhcuunics 

David Anthony Gallerizzo 

Marie Nicole Gates 

Arash Kalantarinia 
t Hussain Serajnl Karim 

Jack Leon King 

Aristides Kistanis 

Kathryn JoAnne Owen Kyttle 

Chih-Chun Kenneth Loo 

Loc Xuan Lull 

Peter Hoang Ly 

Martin Burl Maicr 

Dawn Nicole Mann 

Sharon Lisa Mark 

Michael Stephen Matthews 

Jose Antonio Medina 

Joseph Martin Miller 
t Mandeep S. Narula 

Tracy Warren Neiid 

Michael Wayne Ogburn 

Marcos Pantelis 

livl Major: Mathonitics 

Tanya Elizabeth Pelt: 

Erick Kent Peters 

Floyd Allen Phillips 

Matthew Scott PiermarinI 

Rosaria Sara Puglisi 

Ziaur Rahman 

Carolyn Amelia Rast 

F. Thomas Riddle 

Mark Rozas 

Gregory Michael Rusk 

Sarah Elizabeth Rusk 

David Bradley Rust 

Pardeep K. Sharma 

t Karthik Shyamsunder 

* Patrick Alvin Snead 

t Jeffrey James Travisano 
Chcrie Alisse Vaughan 
Terri Lynn Viands 
John Anthony Walker 

* D. Todd Wai-field 

* Chun-Cheng Wong 
Li-Yue Xu 


Daniel Russell Galasso 
Scot Edward Seiss 


Kambi: Borhon 
Valleri L. Boyd 
Jay Paul Chawla 
Johnnie Lee Coleman, Jr. 
Annette Michele Evangelist! 
Amber Michelle Frastaci 
Ruperto Anthony Hemmans 
Pei-Chiung Huang 
Edwin Johnson, Jr. 
Jang H. Joo 
Zahid M. Khan 
Jiun H. Lai 
Robert Andrew Lehr 
Alejandra Victoria Mercado 
Pauline M. Moy 
Monica Lynn Myers 
Richard Frey Oppenbeimer 
Chantal Ostwald 
Jason Barrett Schaufcle 
Chivy Sem 
t Rajcsh Sivarajan 
Kara Yvette Speights 
Helene Shizu Taira 
John Michael Taylor 
Juan Alejandro Valdivia 
2nd Major: Astronomy 
Florence Marian Willey 
Marshelle Renee Winestock 

Physical Sciences 

Olasunkanmi AUiu BeUo 
Orlando Cruz-Solano 
Richard Frank Cunningham 

Dung Anh L'Joan 
Sherin Shoukry Gad 
Tracey Lynn Hayes 
Mark Benjamin Johnston 
Gail Elaine Lindberg 
Matthew Paul Lodato 
§ Alexander Harold Namrow 
Sanjay Jayanti Patel 
Heidi Rubin 
Michael Christopher Talley 


Dominique Alexis 
Joel Atta Biddier 
Michael David Blanford 
Patrick Joseph Connolly 
Susan Marie Demske 

* William Frederick Heinz 
Sunil Anandu Vernekar 

College of Education 
Bachelor of Arts 

Art Education 

Suzanne Moore Hailing 
Leenan Hayden 
Charlotte Latimer Howard 
Bonnie Irene Myhre 

* Susan Elizabeth Parr 
Rita Marie Patton 
Diane Elaine Weaver 

English Education 

Jcnnitcr Kay Bildman 
Monica Frances Clem 
EUyn Ann Jacobs 
Judith Anne Luko 
S Paul A. WoodhuU 

Foreign Language Education 

Stephen Nelson Iglesias 
Bridt^et Elizabeth Martinez 

Music Education 

Fayne Moore 

Social Studies Education 

Loree Ann Carlson 
Julianna Louise Grobosky 

Joel Kenneth Tjomehoj 
Bachelor of Science 

Art Education 

Eric Celarier 
Ann Mullan Spera 
Theresa Marie Thomas 
Margaret Anne Walker 

Business Education 

Rosslyn Michelle Briscoe 
Melissa Ann Dorsey 
Tania Lynne Grant 
James Richard Hemgen 
Tamara A. Htidge 

Early Childhood Education 

AUyson Marie Adams 
Kari Mimi Anschutz 
Mi Hwa Tanya Bae 
Maha Antonios Barakat 
Allysi)n Hope Baylin 
Noreen Mary Beck 
Karen Feldstein Berman 
Renee F Blassberg 
Louise Ellen Boden 
Donnamarie Calabrese 
Colleen Maria Catalano 
Angie Marie Catarineau 
Tracie Cooley 
Laurie Ann Dannenhoffer 
Linda Marsh Doherty 
Rebecca Ann Everett 
Alice Dawn Flester 
Terri Lynn Frailer 
Jill Mindy Goodman 
Elizabeth Marie Hanlon 
Karen Beth Hazan 
Quycn Ha Hoang 
t Kimberly Ann Hroblak 
Brenda L. Iglesias 
Catherine L. Jones 
Katherine Lanelle Keith 
Margaret A. Kinsey 
Robin Marie Kirklcy 
Denise Jan Law- 
Agnes Lee 
Young Ok Lee 
Susan Dixon LeVee 


§ Summa cum Laude 
f Magna cum Lmide 
* cwn Laiidt; 

Cynthia Ann Marinaccio 
Jill Elizabeth Mermelstein 
Renee Lynne Miller 

* Rebecca Hope Mugmon 
Jennifer Ann Perry 
Jennifer Lynn Peyton 
Jennifer Amy Rothman 
Amy Christine Salay 
Debra Lynn Schaffer 
Jane Steiglitz 

Sharon Risa Turpie 

Julia Leigh-Anne Verdone 

Anne Marie L. Wood 

* Emily Elizabeth Wright 
Lorraine C. Wright 
Julie Lynn Young 

Elementary Education 

Karin Mane Andes 
Hope Elizabeth Bainton 
Stephanie Katherine Bamett 
Wendy Alison Blaustein 
Susan Diane Booth 
Kyle Meredith Borick 
Marguerite Conahan 
Mandy Eisenstark 
Susan Krogh Elin 
Sheri Lynn Fefferman 
Laura Eileen Fingeret 
Jodi Paige Fischberg 
Laura Gambarani 
Holly Elizabeth Goodwin 
Caroline Mary Grace 
Tania Adele Gruemberg 
Elisa Marie Hall 
Shannon Kathleen Jarboe 
Maribeth Kirk 
Lisa Ann Koenigsberg 
Mario Ann Levenson 
Suzanne Marie LeBoeuf 
Jamie Leigh Mann 
Lisa Jane Messersmith 
Anne Robertson Miller 
Kimberly Lynn Morris 
Moniqua Rene Myers 
* Kristine Marie Neher 
Lisa Plumstead 
Janet Sheila Powers 
Stephanie Leigh Pugh 

Rosanna Rosato 

* Deborah Michelle Rovin 
Ronald Wayne Sage 
Bonnie Aileen Scholnick 
Christine Juanita Sheridan 
Louisa Lynn Small 
Diane Virginia Steele 
David Dwight Stuckey 

* Ginger Lee Thomas 
Diane Christine Turel 
Lisa Marie Watts 
Lauri Dawn White 
Michele Lee Wilkerson 
Hallie G. Williams 
Kathleen Angela Wilson 
Patricia Ella Wilson 

Home Economics Education 

Loraine Ann Vitelozzi 

Industrial Technology 

William E Briggman, Jr. 
Robert Todd Geisler 
Thomas Patrick Hightman 
Marcus Jerome Jessup 
Mark Grady Kennerly 
Lenny W Kim 
John Troy Morgan 
Robert Dale Ogan 
George Anthony Plummer 
Daniel George Will 

Mathematics Education 

Joanna Ash by 
Laura Lorraine Bupp 
Erin Colleen Dower 
Robert Paul Hot 
Christine Diane Sheffe 
Danna Janine Sturman 
Ching Hsuan Yuan 

Music Education 

Enca Jo Armstrong-Leasure 
Scott Alan Moore 

Science Education 

Julie Beth Clyman 
Leslie Bumworth George 
Julie Ann Johnson 

Social Studies Education 

Diane Lynn Albert 
Thomas Harry Clowes 
Alicia Marian Coleman 
Gregory Scott Emerson 
Daniel John Soso 

Speech and English 

Kimberly Madge Coup 


Steven David Boden 
Kathryn Poore Kelly 

College of Engineering 
Bachelor of Science 

Undesignated Engineering 

Hector E. Barbeito 
Chiedozie Ekweani 
Mark Edward Hater 
Sang Van Ngo 
Eklward William Reich 
Barbara Ann Rosenblatt 
Guillermo Adrian Rossi 
Anthony B. Tortona 
Douglas Howard Walcutt 

Bachelor of Science in 
Aerospace Engineering 

Aerospace Engineering 

§ M. Alhadi Ibrahim AKvazir 
Jason David Becker 
Kristen Signe Beyer 
Fidel Lirag Carreon 
Kevin Allen Chase 
John Y Cho 
James Brill Clegem 
Robert F. Cohen 
Thomas John Francis 
Mark Andrew Grossman 
Christopher M. Henry 
Michael John Kamosa 
Karl Edward Kendricks 
Zahid M. Khan 
Jong Min Kim 

Utpal Mahesh Koppikar 
Makiko Kosha 
Gregory Victor Kurtz 
Timothy Michael Long 
Harry K. Magazu 
Kelly Marie McCool 
Martha Henrietta McCue 
Kaoru Miyake 
Robert Eidward Napier 
Curtis John Neidhart 
Apollo The-Phiet Nguyen 
Michael William O'Neill, Jr 
Franklin Inkyu Park 
Christopher Edmund Pick 
Jason Sharp 
Jeffrey Allen Stuart 
David Lee Tong 
t Jeiifrey James Travisano 
Curtis Wayne Walz 
Kwok Yiu Yu 
Alexander George Zorin 

Bachelor of Science in 
Agricultural Engineering 

Agricultural Engineering 

Mary Lynn Searing 

Bachelor of Science in 
Chemical Engineering 

Chemical Engineering 

Todd Michael Allen 
Bryan Kevin Groce 
Tom Wadie Khoury 
Charles C. Lorentson 
Malek Issa Masoud 
Samy Said Mikhail 
Adam S. Ringel 

Bachelor of Science in 
Civil Engineering 

Civil Engineering 

Ranjith Augustin Abeysinghe 
David Vincent Albamonte 
* Alice Kathleen Caponiti 
Jerry Bryon Crosby 
Irit Elazar 
Robert Joseph Falcon 


December 1991 Candidate. 

Timothy Michael Gary 

Vivek Sonne Gowda 

David Grachen 

Thomas Matthew Griffith 

TTiomas Oliver Heikkinen 

Yacoba Inkumsah 

Dimitry Alexander Kargman 

Kourosh Khalilian 

Mark Joseph Nosal 

Martin Patrick O'Connell 

Robert Letcher Richards 

* Kenneth Tracy Schlag 
Sangita Satish Shah 
Ravinder Singh 
Gary Arthur Wilhelm 

* Paul Winston Yeargain 

Bachelor of Science in 
Electrical Engineering 

Electrical Engineering 

Ramin Arvand 
Kavita Banninthaya 
Malcolm Delante Barnes 
Lawrence Edward Bassham 111 
Jacqueline Kinga Bongadu 
David A. Boone 
James David Brooks 
Nichelle Antoinette Brown 
Maria E. Cabrera 
Daniel Michael Campbell 
Balachandran Chandran 
Pong Whei Stephanie Chang 
Thomas Elias Charuhas 
Jay Paul Chawla 
Tong O. Choe 
Haeyeon Esther Chun 
Robert Q. Daniel 
Aaron Eugene Diehl 
Frederick William Eichhom 11 
Tracy Ensign 
* Fredrick Ray Facemire 
Nelson Jorge Ferragut 11 
Matthew Fioretti 
Melinda Louise Gierisch 
Chance Michael Glenn 
Joseph Arthur Gruessing, Jr. 
Curt Anthony Gutierrez 
Asnake Hailegiorghis 

Larry Alan Haines 

Hamidch Hamidein 

Jonathan Craig Harris 

David Scott Hazlett 

Xiong He 

Suibel Mavi Helmig 

Chong-Tai Ho 

Jontay Tae Jeong 

Behzad Kaveh 

Cheong Ho Kim 

Philip D. Kim 

Ungki Michael Kim 

Kevin Jay Krout 

Frank Domanick Lagano 

Chi Vuong Lam 

Karen Lam Le 

Kenneth K. Le 

Mindy Moyan Lee 

Wei Kuang Lee 

Neil Scott MacAnanny 

Christopher Anthony Maio 

Savyasachee Liptarag Mathur 
§ Henry Williams Matthews IV 

Zami Maung 
* Boris Andreas Mueller 

Saleh Najjar 

Thuan Xuan Nguyen 

Sang Yeop Paik 

Alice Yangja Park 

Long Ngoc Pham 

Richard Allen Powers 
Ofer Rachman 
§ Haroon Mohamed Rafik 
Steven Arthur Renich 
Conrad John Ribeiro 
John Halvor Riedesel 
Lee Fraya Sandler 
Nikita Saxena 
Ali Reza Sedighian 
Riadh Ron Sellami 
Mohamed A. Sharit 
Chien-Wang Shen 
Wing Chau Siu 
t Rajesh Sivarajan 
David Joshua Skillman 
James Alan Soltysiak 
Murugiah Souppaya 
Theodore Lawrence 
Szymanski, Jr. 

Gregory Charles Tavik 
Cuong Chi Thach 
Mark Alan Thomson 
Dung Quang Tran 
Mehul Kantilal Udani 
Phillip Francis Vales 
Paul J. Venginickal 
Hseekai Lindsay Wang 
Gilbert Folk Wliitmer, Jr. 
Stewart W Wilson 
Man T Wong 
David Albert Yacono 
Damon Wesley Yeargain 
Amon Young III 
* Diane Dongsook Yun 
Jiang David Zhu 

Bachelor of Science in 
Fire Protection 

Fire Protection Engineering 

Leonard Anthony Farello 
Douglas Warren Fisher 
Linda Mary Giordano 
Daniel Joseph Lazarz 

Bachelor of Science in 
Mechanical Engineering 

Mechanical Engineering 

Warren Burrell Albert 
Jacqueline Marlene Allan 
William Calvin Baim 111 
Andrea Teresa Bartoletti 
Michael Becker 
Christina Marie Benedict 
Thomas William Bennett 
Kevin Robert Bielat 
James Andrew Blubaugh 
Michael Robert Eloswell 
Sergio Patricio Castedo 
Tae Ho Chang 
Ping L. Chen 
* Wing Lim Cheong 
Andres Cruzat 
Jay A. De Veny 
Donald Lad DeVoe 
Ranjit Singh Dhindsa 

Rodney Aric Diehl 
Michael Drabick 
Linhna Thi Duong 
Robin Octavia Evans 
Brian Leit Fielder 
Jonathan Wliitman Hakim 
Robert Andrew Hardy 
Lars Riis Hertig 

* Alex Ray Hobson 
Charles Anthony Huet 
Trung Quang Huynh 
Jonathan Raymond James 

* Kimberly Ann Kahl 
James Hugh Keaney 
Daniel Robert Alastair Kitts 

* Kimberly Renee Kolos 
Christopher Lee Lawson 
Hyung Joo Lee 
Jonathan Byung Lee 
Michael Leo Marshall, Jr. 
David Douglas McCallum 

* Duncan Alexander 

Glen Avelino Medina 
Donald Clay Melchior 
Jon E. Morris 
Daniel Foster Nagelhout 
Peter F Nash 
Michael K. O'Hara 
Juanito Luis Ortiz 
David Joseph Pelgrim 
Robert L')aniel Pohland 
t Katherine Ann Ross 
Francis Michael Ryan 
Richard Beverland Sellars 111 
Keun Jin Shin 

* Stephen Andrew Smee 
Paul Joseph Spicher 
Anthony David Stash ick 
Marc Allen Syme 
James M. Thomas, Jr. 
Natalie Yvette Tingle 
Thang Dinh Tran 
Sheleen Marie Turner 
Frank Bennett Vanaman 
Van G. Vuong 

Joseph Kenneth Wainer 
Khaled R. Wardak 
Michael David Wynne 


S Summa aim Laucic 
t Ma,s^i<i cum iMudc 
* cum ImulIc 

Jane Ann Young 

College of Health and 
Human Performance 

Bachelor of Science 

Health Education 

Michcle Anne Brosso 
Karen Lynn Flaherty 
t Jennifer Lee Scofield 
Ralph William Zuke 

Kinesiological Sciences 

Michael Jon Blum 
Paul Stanley Boardman 
Lisa Renee Chance 
Rebecca Lynn Cunningham 
Jennifer Michelle Dunkle 
Jay Allen Freschi, Jr. 
Karin Ute Greis 
Nicole Germaine Guest 
Charlene Denice Kelly 
Ann Marie Kennedy 
Yen-Chiun Lee 
Lisa J. Lepak 
Robert Howard Lessenco 
Susan Lynne Mayo 
Debra McAlpme 
Mary-Dean Quinn 
Craig Charles Schapiro 
Elaine E. Schmidt 
William H.Scott, Jr. 
Kelly Marie Sim 
Amy Lynn Solomon 
Derek Jay VanReenan 
Marni Jill Weiner 

Physical Education 

Craig John Chasse 
Mamee Jo Sandberg 
Peter Ernest Schvvasnick 
Wendy Renee Shipley 
GladvK'in Roy Worden 


lantha Luise Brodersen 
Matthew Warren Corley 
Karen Lee MacCrory 

Patricia Ann Simpson 
Teresa M. Zentgraf 

College of Human 

Bachelor of Science 

Apparel Design 

Clara Mary Durkan 
Valerie C. Elder 
* Elizabeth B. Herman 
Pamela Jo Hire 
Myong Yi Ko 
Joanne Morgan 
Michelle Ann Sepety 
Cristina Sison 
Kellee Jean Marting 

Consumer Economics 

Jetfrey Brian Becker 
David William Canavan 
Michael Charles Cassidy 
Nicole L. DoUison 
Christopher Coleridge Ertz 
Clifford Paul Fox 
Brian Aaron Fruman 
Tasa Yvonne Hardaway 
Olga Hitiris 

Michele Chaentelle Hutt 
Jill Marie Ifkovits 
Larry Laze 
Andrew L. Le\'y 
Andrew Donald Lucia 
Mary Annette Moody 
Monique Shantell Moore 
Richard Thomas Parry 
David Adam Rosen 
Susan Ruth Shostack 
Andrew Richard Siden 
Brigitte Marie Walker 
Hans Peter Waschitzki 
Donald Alexander Wilson 
Kristina Joon Yi 
Marie Renee Zacharia 


* Kathleen Anne Murphy 

Experimental Foods 

Robert Gregory Brannan 

Family Studies 

Carla Patricia Alarcon 
May Marie Catterton 
Lisa S. Edge 
Wendy M. Pass 
Jodi Beth Finglass 
E. Beryl Fricke 
Staci Ann Kipnes 
Judy Kristina Lee 
Jamie Ann Levitt 
Aleathea Daphne Pirtle 
Kristen Alana Timbol 
§ Stephen Michael Roy Zazanis 

Foodservice Administration 

Rosemary Lucia Buonassisi 
Pamela Joy Kaplan 
Laurie Franc ine Price 

Human Nutrition and 

Sharon Anne Crist 
Donna Marie Lenhart 
Marc Gilbert Schwartz 

Management and 
Consumer Studies 

Hijal Alam 

Daniel Robert Cremmins 
Louise Elizabeth Heiidon 
Vivalya Khongkhakul 
Jean Ann Lembcke 
Allison Christine Leshine 
David Alan Margulies 
§ Diane Ellen Mentzer 
Kathryn Stone Moon 
Kimberly Dail Newman 
Karen Elizabeth Nickles 
Michelyn AUene Palmer 
William Regan 
Deanna Toledo Reyes 
Jacqueline Eleanor Travaglini 
Steven Jude Wiltshire 

Textile Marketing/Fashion 

Roy Francis Andersch 11 

Zoe Regina Andreadakis 
Denice Anita Bell 
Denise A. Bley 
Lisa Ann CrisafuUi 
Bridgette Lee Darick 
Kristina Nicole Edelmann 
Jacqueline Dale Finch 
Azalech Kebede 
Annmarie Landi 
Melissa Ann McMahon 
Barbara Miller 
Lisa Ann Passerini 
Mary Lynne Powell 
Deanna D. Ramsay 
Erika Ring 
Tracy Lyn Rosenblatt 
Kimberly R. Sanders 
Tania Sethi 
Jasdeep Singh 
Amy Vanderslice 
Cara Jill Weisberg 
Shannon Grey Williams 

Textile Science 

Angelina Cornelia 

College of Journalism 
Bachelor of Arts 


Rachel Hope Bauman 
Robin Ann Bellantoni 
Christine Anne Bowen 
Scott J. Dickerson 
Josette S. Lata 
Danielle Michelle Mikoy 
* Kevin Ray Ogburn 
Caron Regina Pons 
Daniel Thomas Rohn 
Loan C. Sewer 
Margaret M. Shematz 
Heather Anne Slater 
Kim Darcy Snodderly 


December 1991 Candidates 

Bachelor of Science 


Stacy Anne Alhinder 
Eftuhia Pauline Argyros 
Kristen Lee Baker 
Stephen James Beard 
Charles Kevin Biggs 
Michael Robert Buckley 
Courtney Allison 

Todd Victor Clark 
Craig Aron Qioley 
Joseph Roland Cooney 
Mitchell Barry Derman 
Rhonda Jean DeAtley 
Jennifer Claire Dilettuso 
Tricia Lynn Downing 
Jennifer Lynn Drucker 
Neale Andrew Faunt 
Elaine Clare Fellin 
Lynette Eileen Ferenschak 
Jennifer L. Gardner 
Christopher Anthony 

David Bruce Goldman 
Ranil John Gooneratne 
Akiba Nichole Green 
Elana Beth Grossman 
Lynn Renee Hatcher 
Lisa Marie Hoffman 
Peter Holden 
Holly Katherine Howard 
Paula Hummler 
Sarah Imam 
James Marion Jones, Jr. 
Ella Jean Judge 
Eric Allan Kalbfleisch 
Dawn L. Kane 
Betsy Kristen Kelso 
Karen Kim Yen Khng 
Alison Heather Klein 
James David Kline 
Laura Joan Lehman 
Rachel Lilla McAndrew 
James Gerard McGrath 
Allison Lynn Miller 
M. Christine Musser 

§ Kimherly Dawn Neumann 
Salvatore Keith Nicastro 
Tiftany Omotoyosi Olayinka 
Sandy Joseph Petruso, Jr. 
Mindy Beth Putterman 
Lynn Eleanor Romano 
Brenda Anne Ruby 
Bruce Robert Seidel 
Tina Marie Sferra 
Sharon Lee Sfona 
Aimee Burke Shaeffer 
Heather R. Shangold 

* Stephanie Elise Shapiro 
Lisa Beth Sloan 

* Tracy Lynne Smith 
Jean Mane TeiUon 
Joseph Edward Teipe, Jr. 
Christopher James Tennant 
Robin Lorelei Washington 
Laurie Rebecca Webb 
Andrew Evan Witlieb 

Un Jung Won 
Mia Yi 

College of Life 

Bachelor of Science 


Michael Kazunari Baxter 
t Anne Marie Broadwater 
Michael Edward Dowler 
John Frederick Fulkerson, Jr. 
Mahrukh Musharraf Hussain 
Tik Ka Ng 
James Glen Roberts 
Keith Andrew Thompson 
Prachi Anil Vyas 
Hui Zhang 


Samantha Dawn Hebum 
2yvd Major: Hiyrticukure 


Elna C. Araquel 
Shahin Ehteshami 
Rinaldi Jachja 

James Sheridan Jensen 
Timir Kumar Misra 
Hiten Purshottam Padhiar 
Jaimie Karyn Reese 
Harold Edward Siess 
Ian Russell Stewart 
Hoang Van To 

General Biological Sciences 

Mona Bhaskar 
Melinda Ann Blackburn 
Christopher Charles Caudill 
Michael Consalvi 
Marcia Antoinette Cort 
Hiosmina Yansi Cruz 
Sina Peter Farzin 
Michael Todd Flink 
Holly Le Fogel 
Marie Cecile Fonrose 
Scott MacFarlane Gibbons 
Gregory Todd Goldstein 
Sean Patrick Grace 
Gail Kathleen Hansel 
Nicholas Bentele Hastings 
Andrew Keith Hodges 
Stafford Virgil Keels 
Jannie G. Lindsay Lucas 
Timothy Matthew McGrath 
Roldan Christophe Mufio: 
Raymond Louis Nuclo 
Theresa Norene O'SuUivan 
Jill Fairfax Patterson 
Ronald Chen-Ping Pei 
Joanna I. Pessaroff 
John David Ritter 
Steven Robert Rivard 
Stacey Elizabeth Robbins 
Maria Rossano 
Tracy Lee Staton 
Laura Rose Stiefel 
April Renea Szuchyt 
Brenda Sheree Terrell 
Yvonne Karen Valverde 
Mark H. Voelkner 


Samuel Lee Ahn 
Gerald Andrew Barnes 
Irena Martha Bartoszyk 

James Andrew Benjack 
Lorelei Dacquel 
Chiler Hasan 
Jeanne Marie Hayes 
Susan Jean Irrgang 
Ali A. Latefi 
Michelle Anne Marsh 
Anita Rani Mishra 
Karen Lynn O'Bryhim 
Katerina Aristides Serlemitsos 
Karlheinz Richard Skowronek 
Brigilda Cocos Teneza 
John E Van Ness 


Angela Aggarwal 
Hooman Behravan 
Angelique Daschille Best 
James Martin Brock 
Jin Ah Choi 

* Neeraj Chopra 
Sharyn Y. Crump 
Barry St.Clair Cyr s 
Kirsten Michele Gaffke 
Joel Patrick Glover 
Richard Matthew Harmon 

* Frederick Thomas Davies 

Lynda Gaye Nader 
Michael David Reiser 
Scott Alan Schaffer 
Toby Darin Smith 
Jamie EUyn Sopher 
Jennifer Anne Wheeler 
Eric Francis Williams 
Carveth Newton Worth, Jr 
Song Han Yi 

Undergraduate Studies 

Bachelor of Arts 

Individual Studies 

* Karen Lee Kautsky 
Jeffrey Thomas Thompson 

§ Scott Allan Webber 

Bachelor of General 

I\vight Anthony Davis 


J) Summa cum Laude 
f Ma,?mi cum Laude 
* cum Laiide 

Sidney Goldreich Certificate Programs 

Susan J. Kovnat 

Eric Scott Lindberg Afro- American Studies 

Bruce Alan Palmer Gahrielle Lyn Stevens 

Jacquelyn Elizabeth Pignitor , -n • 

r, , , ^ , n Liberal Arts In Business 

Elizabeth Catherine Reeves .r^ ,- , 

„ . J r) Daniel L). Kaplan 

David Ryan i.- n 

... , ,o \v/ • Cecilia Kann KuUman 
Michael Scott Weiss 

Adam Scott Berenson 

Bachelor of Science ,,, , o j- 

Women s Studies 

Individual Studies Amanda Beth Carlson 

Brooke Ellen Greenwald 
Tracey Lynn Schwartz Commissions 

Second Lieutenants 
U.S. Air Force Reserves 
James B. Clegem 
Lars R. Hertig 





A spired cupola sits atop the roof of the recently renovated 
Microbiology' Building. Built in 1938, the building originally served 
as a U.S. Bureau of Mines research center for non-metallic minerals. 

Bachelor's degree candidates who have quahfied for scholarship 
honors upon graduation are designated hy appropriate symbols 
adjacent to their names within the alphabetical listings of 
colleges or schools. 

To be eligible tor consideration for such honors a candidate 
must meet the following general criteria: (1) have completed at 
least 2 years of work at the University of Maryland (60 semester 
hours, 30 ot which were earned at the College Park campus) 
and (2) have a scholastic average of B (grade point average of 
3.000) or higher in University of Maryland work prior to the 
last semester of registration before award ot degree. 

August and December 1991 candidates who have met these 
criteria are shown in the listings as qualifying, upon graduation, 
for the designators Summa cum Laude (if they ranked in the top 
two percent of the candidates in their respective colleges or 
schools). Magna cum Laude (if in the next three percent), or 
cum Laude (if in the next five percent), based on the grade 
point averages of students in the preceding three graduating 
classes of their degree-granting unit. 

General Honors Program 

Marc A. Campo** 
Palmyra Evangeline 

Joseph George PendcU*** 
Adam Cory Schaffer** 
Dahlia Michelle Shaewitz 
Theresa Maria Stattel 

University Honors 


M. Alhadi Ibrahim Alwazir 
Frederick Thomas Davies 

Felicia Lciyh Morgenstern 
Kimherly Dawn Neumann 
Paul Lawrence Nusshaum 
Katherine Ann Ross 
Gregory Charles Tavik 

Departmental Honors 
With High Honors in: 


Christine Lynn Hughes** 


Michael Todd Flink 


Kyna Janine P. Taylor* 


Anna Kathryn Gilcher 


Eugene Dantsker** 
David Allen Newbum** 
Kenneth Graham Purchase** 
Liwrence Kieffer Wamian III** 



Alexandra Eve Bely** 

Government and Politics 

Lawrence Joseph Brundick* 

With Honors in 


MarlysJ. Pearson** 


Christopher Charles Caudill 


Alice Kathleen Caponiti 
Palmyra Evangeline 

Fong-Whei Stephanie Chang 
Kimherly Renee Kolos 
Rajesh Sivarajan 


Samuel Edward Lofland, Jr.** 
Michael Inward Haken*** 

Urban Studies 

Jo Anne Banky 
Robert C. Hoyler, Jr. 
Darrell J. Smith 


Peter Johann Schmeissner*** 

* graduated May 1989 

** graduated May 1991 

***gradualed August 1991 

Di'sigruii hy t.'a'uDu' StTrites 12/91 
CmiT Design Miifwifl Enc Hiildt-r 
Jf/ustraliim S(c(>/i(.'Ji A Darrou 
Eititin andCiHiTdmaurr Lmda H Mamn