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DECEMBER 22, 1992 



December 22, 1992 


O F 


R Y L A N D 

A T 




Congratulations on the successful completion of your studies! 
On behalf of the University of Maryland at College Park , I 
thank you for being a part of our community during this 
important phase of your life. We feel privileged that you chose 
this university as your academic home. 
Members of the Class of '92 have won many prestigious awards and hon- 
ors. Time and time again, your achievements have brought great credit to 
College Park. You have made us very proud by your outstanding perfor- 
mance in so many endeavors. Our aim was to provide you with as many 
opportunities as possible for developing the broad intellectual interests and 
the special skills you will need to be a productive member of society. We are 
confident that your college education will prove to be well worth the invest- 
ment you made, and that you will continue on the path of success that 
brought you to the milestone in your lives that we celebrate today. 

This institution has experienced many changes and has faced manv chal- 
lenges during your years here. We want you to know that we appreciate the 
support and cooperation you have demonstrated towards our efforts to keep 
College Park true to its mission of excellence. We hope you will continue to 
believe in us and our destiny as the flagship campus of the University of 
Maryland System. As you leave the university community to 
seek wider vistas and fresh challenges, we hope you will not 
wander too far — at least not in spirit — from your alma mater. 
We intend to make you as proud of us as we are of you, so 
please stay in touch. 

Good luck and Godspeed to each and every one of you! 

William E. Kirwan 


University of Maryland at College Park 






Tawes Theatre 

Senior Class Gift 

9:30 a.m. 


Mr. Andrew G. Bersinger 


Dr. William E. Kirwan 



Dr. Kirwan 

College Park Campus 

Conferring of Doctoral, 

Master of Ceremonies 

Master's and Bachelor's 

Ms. Kate Ufema 


Department of Theatre 

Dr. Kirwan 



Led by Campus Marshal 

Reverend Burdette 

Dr. Don C. Piper 

Alma Mater 

Musical Selection 


Sonata from Die 

Hail to thee, Maryland! 


Steadfast in loyalty; 

Jingle Bells from Holiday jazz 

For thee, we stand, 


Love for the Black and Gold 

Performed by the Capitol Brass 

Deep in our hearts we hold, 

Singing thy praise forever, 


Throughout the land. 

The Reverend Robert Burdette 

United Campus Ministry 


Led by Dr. Piper 

The National Anthem 

Led by Dr. Paul Traver 


Dr. Donald N. Langenberg 


University of Maryland System 

Mr. Earle Palmer Brown 


Board of Regents 


Mr. Norman R. Augustine 

Remarks to the Graduates 

Ms. Susan E. Garrett 

Graduating Senior 


December 22, 1992 



To AdnnnsUalu* S 

Following the Commence- 
ment, individual graduation 
exercises for colleges and 
schools will be held at sev- 
eral campus locations. 
Ceremonies are scheduled 
to begin at 11:30 a.m., 12:00 
noon, 1:00 p.m. and 2:00 p.m. Guests are 
urged to be seated approximated one half- 
hour prior to the designated time for the cere- 
monies if they wish to observe the student and 
faculty procession. 

Graduates, their families and friends, are cor- 
dially invited and encouraged to join with uni- 
versity officials and members of the faculty at 
the reception to be held in the Grand Ballroom 
of the Stamp Student Union. 

Shuttle bus service is available, providing free 
transportation across the campus throughout 
the day. 

D E 



















Campus-Wide Commencement 

9:30 a.m. Tawes Theatre 

Agriculture and Life Sciences Graduation Ceremony 

2:00 p.m. Memorial Chapel 

Arts and Humanities Graduation Ceremonies 

11:30 a.m. Art/Sociology Building 

Skinner Building 

Tawes Recital Hall 
12:00 noon Jimenez Hall 
1:00 p.m. Tawes Theatre 

Behavioral and Social Sciences Graduation Ceremony 

1 1 :30 a.m. Cole Student Activities Building 

Business and Management Graduation Ceremony 

2:00 p.m. Cole Student Activities Building 

Computer, Mathematical and Physical Sciences Graduation 

1 1 :30 a.m. Memorial Chapel 

Education Graduation Ceremony 

1 1:30 a.m. Reckord Armory 

Engineering Graduation Ceremony 

2:00 p.m. Reckord Armory 

Health and Human Performance Graduation Ceremony 

11:30 a.m. Health and Human Performance Building 
Room 2101 

Journalism Graduation Ceremony 

1 1 :30 a.m. Stamp Student Union, Hoff Theater 

Library and Information Services Graduation Ceremony 

11:30 a.m. Zoology-Psychology Building, 
Room 1240 


O F 


C O L L £ G 




College Park, the flagship institution 
of the university's 11 -campus system, 
is the most comprehensive institution 
of higher education, research, and 
service in the State of Maryland. 
More National Merit and National 
Achievement Scholars attend College 
Park than any other public university 
in the state. 

In fall 1992, undergraduates 
numbered 23,630 and graduate 
students 9,228 for a total enroll- 
ment of 32,858. This year's 
College Park operating budget 
is approximately $591 million, 
including financial aid for some 
21^639 students. 

Students can choose from more 
than 117 undergraduate and 84 
graduate programs leading to 
degrees. In 1991-92, the cam- 
pus awarded 5,484 bachelor's 
degrees, 1,468 master's degrees, 
and 506 doctorates. 


The University of Maryland was 
founded in 1807 in Baltimore as a fac- 
ultv-owned College of Medicine. Five 
years later, the growing institution 
was renamed the University of 
Maryland. The Baltimore College of 
Dental Surgery, the first dental school 

in America, became a part of the uni- 
versity in 1840. Later, the university 
opened schools of pharmacy, law and 

In 1859, the Maryland Agricultural 
College, which would evolve into the 
University of Maryland at College 
Park, was opened in Prince George's 
County under a charter secured in 
1856 by a group of Maryland 
planters. This institution became one 
of the nation's original land-grant 
schools in 1865. After a disastrous fire 
on the campus in 1912, the state 
acquired control of the college and 
rebuilt it. 

In 1920, the state legislature joined 
College Park with the professional 
schools in Baltimore to form an 
expanded University of Maryland. 
These schools were later grouped 
with the Baltimore County and 
Eastern Shore campuses and 
University College. 

July 1, 1988, marked the dawn of a 
new era in higher education in the 
State of Maryland when a reorganiza- 
tion of the state's public universities 
and colleges mandated bv the 
Maryland legislature went into effect. 
As a result, the five campuses com- 
prising the former University of 
Maryland were merged with six insti- 
tutions governed by the Maryland 
Board of Trustees of State 
Universities and Colleges to form the 
new University of Maryland Svstem. 
The law that created the new system 









designated College Park as the state's 
flagship institution. 


The libraries at College Park consti- 
tute the largest university research 
library system in the Washington 
metropolitan area. The seven libraries 
support over 1 1 7 undergraduate and 
84 graduate programs, serve more 
than 32,000 students, 2,500 faculty, 
and 5,500 staff and provide vital 
resources to researchers, visiting 
scholars, businesses, and others 
throughout the state and region. The 
libraries' holdings include over 2.1 
million volumes, 19,959 subscriptions 
to periodicals, and more than 4.5 mil- 
lion items available in microfilm for- 
mat. The College Park Libraries also 
offer several nationally and interna- 
tionally recognized special collections 
such as the International Piano 
Archives at Maryland, the National 
Trust for Historic Preservation, and 
the Katherine Anne Porter literary 


College Park is the home of a variety 
of exceptional research facilities 
including a computer vision laborato- 
ry; a full-scale low velocity wind tun- 
nel; a 500-liter computer-controlled 
fermentation system for research in 

bioprocess scale-up programs; the 
Center for Automation Research; and 
a Neutral Boyancy Facility for simu- 
lating weightlessness in deep space. 
Such major facilities as the 
Engineering Research Center, the 
Institute for Systems Research, and 
the Institutional Reform and the 
Informal Sector (IRIS) Center conduct 
research that is especially significant 
to the state, nation, and the world. 

The Engineering Research Center is a 
major vehicle for extending the tech- 
nical and research expertise of the 
University of Maryland to businesses 
and industries throughout Maryland. 
The center is both a catalyst for prob- 
lem-solving and a clearinghouse for 
technical information resources. 

The Institute for Systems Research 
conducts research in systems engi- 
neering, artificial intelligence and 
computer-aided engineering. 
Supported by the National Science 
Foundation and the private sector, 
the center operates in conjunction 
with a program at Harvard 
University and complements a 
nationally recognized campus pro- 
gram of basic and applied research in 
computer science. 

In November 1990, the Institutional 
Reform and the Informal Sector (IRIS) 
Center, funded by a five-year, $8.9 
million grant from the U.S. Agency 
for International Development, was 
established in the Department of 
Economics at College Park. The cen- 
ter's aim is to support institutional 
reforms that will foster competitive 
markets and democratic processes in 
Eastern Europe and developing coun- 

College Park will be the home of one 
of the nation's most important 
research facilities — the 1.7 million 
square-foot, Second National 
Archives Building. The facility will 
house more than half the collection of 
the National Archives and Records 
Administration, including some of 
the nation's most valuable historical 
documents, among them the com- 
plete records of the Department of 
State and 11 million charts, maps, 
photos and documents from World 
War II and the Vietnam War. The 
building is scheduled for completion 
by fall 1993. 

The proximity of the campus to 
national research institu- 
tions such as the National 
Institutes of Health, the 
Smithsonian Institution, 
the USDA Beltsville 
National Agricultural 
Research Center and 
National Agricultural 
Library, and the Library of 
Congress ensures that 

prime research facilities are always 
available to the university's faculty 
and students. 


Created July 1, 1989, the University of 
Maryland at College Park Alumni 
Association is designed to strengthen 
ties between the university and its 
graduates and to foster support for 
the University of Maryland at College 
Park. All graduating seniors and suc- 
cessful master's and Ph.D. candidates 
receive a six-month free membership 
in the association. 


Students graduating today from the 
University of Maryland at College 
Park follow in the footsteps of many 
notable alumni who have distin- 
guished themselves in such fields as 
science, entertainment, the arts, jour- 


O F 


A T 



nalism, business, law, medicine, and 

As a graduate student in mathematics 
at College Park, Herbert A. 
Hauptman (Ph.D. '54) worked simul- 
taneously at the Naval Research 
Laboratory to devise a method for 
mapping three-dimensional struc- 
tures of molecules. Three decades 
later he and Jerome Karle, his long- 
time collaborator at NRL, won the 
1985 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for 
their pioneering research. Dr. 
Hauptman was awarded an honorary 
Doctor of Science degree by the uni- 
versity in 1985. 

CBS News' Connie Chung C69) 
worked on the Diatnondback, the uni- 
versity's student newspaper, and for 
WMUC, the campus radio station, 
during her student years. Another 
successful journalist who received his 
collegiate training at College Park is 
Pulitzer Prize-winning science writer 
Jon Franklin (70). Franklin, who won 
two Pulitzer Prizes for his work as a 
Baltimore Evening Sun reporter, cur- 
rently heads the journalism program 
at Oregon State University. 

One of the university's most devoted 
sons is A. James Clark ('50), president 
of The Clark Construction Group, 
Inc., the parent corporation of such 
nationally-recognized general con- 
tracting firms as The George Hyman 
Construction Company and OMNI 
Construction, Inc. A former member 
of the university's Board of Regents, 
in 1983 Clark made a major contribu- 
tion to the College of Engineering 
establishing the A. James Clark Chair 
in Construction Engineering and 

Other notable alumni include 
Carmen Balthrop (71), a former 
Metropolitan Opera star and current- 
ly associate professor of music at 
College Park; George V. McGowan 
('51), chairman of Baltimore Gas and 
Electric; Joseph B. Gildenhorn ('51 ), 
current U.S. ambassador to 
Switzerland; Rep. Tom McMillen 
(74), Maryland's Fourth District 
Congressman; Mary Stallings 
Coleman (35), the first woman elect- 

ed to the Supreme Court 

of Michigan; Fred 

O'Green C49), retired 

chairman of Litton 

Industries; Len Elmore 

(74), Washington, D.C 

attorney and CBS sports 

commentator; Rep. Stenv 

Hoyer C63), Maryland's 

Fifth District Congressman; Mathias 

J. DeVito C54), chairman of The 

Rouse Co., and Allen J. Krowe C54), 

senior vice president and chief finan 

cial officer of Texaco. 


The black caps and gowns worn by 
the students and faculty in the aca- 
demic procession have been the tradi- 
tional costume of scholars since 
medieval times. They probably repre- 
sent a kind of ecclesiastical dress, 
since many of the scholars of that 
period were members of monastic 

Most colleges and universities in the 
United States have adopted the uni- 
form code for costumes drafted by an 
intercollegiate commission in 1983. 
Each of the three academic degrees 
"bachelor, master and doctor" has its 
own distinctive gown and hood. The 
bachelor's gown has a longer, more 
narrow, closed sleeve extending 
below the knee; the arm fits through 
a slit at the elbow. The doctor's gown 

has a full, bell-shaped 
sleeve trimmed with 
three bars of velvet. 
The velvet trim on the 
gown can be black or a 
color indicating the 
wearer's general field 
of learning: for exam- 
ple, green for medicine 
or purple for law. A list of depart- 
ment colors follows. 


Arts, Letters, Humanities/White 

Business Administration, 

Commercial Science/Drab 
Education/Light Blue 
Fine Arts, Architecture/Brown 
Forestry /Russet 
Home Economics/Maroon 
Library Science/Lemon 
Music/ Pink 
Oratory, Speech/Silver Gray 
Philosophy/Dark Blue 
Public Administration, Foreign 

Service /Peacock Blue 
Public Health/Salmon 
Physical Education/Sage Green 

Science/Golden Yellow 
Social Work/Citron 
Theology and Divinity/Scarlet 
Veterinary Sciences/Gray 





The most colorful and distinctive part 
of the academic costume is the hood 
extending down the hack. The doc- 
tor's is the largest of the hoods and 
the bachelor's is the smallest. The 
bachelor's hood is often omitted. 

Silk lining of various colors in the 
center of the hood indicates the col- 
lege or university which conferred 
the degree. Consistent for all degrees 
is the cap, or mortar board, which has 
a tassel of black or another color indi- 
cating the field of learning. The tassel 
of the doctor's cap can be gold. 


A degree is awarded for the success- 
ful completion of a course of study. 
There are more than 1,600 different 
academic degrees currently conferred 
by colleges and universities nation- 

The first known degree was a doctor- 
ate bestowed by the University of 
Bologna, Italy, in the mid-12th centu- 
ry. Originally, the doctor's and mas- 
ter's degrees were used interchange- 
ably, each indicating that the holder 
was qualified to instruct students. 
The bachelor's or baccalaureate, 
degree indicated readiness to enter 
into a course of study preparatory to 
the doctorate or mastership. 
Gradually, though, the bachelor's 
degree came to mean successful com- 

pletion of one level of study in 
advance of the higher degrees. 


The term "doctor," meaning teacher 
or instructor, originated with the 
ancient Romans for those who lec- 
tured publicly on philosophical top- 
ics. During the Middle Ages, it was 
used as a title of honor for men of 
great learning. It was first made an 
academic title at the University of 
Bologna, which was allowed by the 
emperor to appoint doctores legum 
(doctors of laws). The University of 
Paris followed suit in the year 1145. 
Soon after, popes granted the univer- 
sities the right to appoint doctors 
canonum el decretalium (teachers of the 
canon law) and, when the study of 
civil law was combined with that of 
the canon law, the title was changed 
to doctor utriusque juris (teacher of 
both laws). The faculties of theology 
and medicine followed that of law in 
conferring this title. 

A doctorate is given beyond the bac- 
calaureate degree and requires sever- 
al years of advanced study, the suc- 
cessful completion of a thesis or 
dissertation, and written and oral 
examinations. The doctor's degree 
represents the most advanced earned 
degree conferred by American insti- 
tutions. There are two distinct types: 
the practitioner's degree and the 

research degree. The first type repre- 
sents advanced training for the prac- 
tice of various professions, principal- 
ly Doctor of Medicine, Juris Doctor 
and Doctor of Pharmacy. These 
degrees carry no implication of origi- 
nal research. The University of 
Maryland awarded the first two den- 
tal degrees in history on March 9, 
1841, and invented the name of the 
degree, Doctor of Dental Surgery 

The second type is a research doctor- 
ate representing prolonged periods of 
advanced study. A dissertation which 
usually accompanies the study is 
intended to contribute substantially 
to existing knowledge on the subject. 
The most important of these, the 
Doctor of Philosophy, no longer has 
an implication of philosophy for its 
holder, but represents advanced 
research in any of the major fields of 
knowledge. It was first awarded in 
the United States in 1861 by Yale 
University. The University of 
Maryland awarded a Ph.D. for the 
first time in 1920. 


O F 


A T 




The master's degree is an academic 
honor bestowed upon students who 
have successfully completed work 
beyond the baccalaureate. A thesis 
and an oral examination are usuaily 
required. The word magister was used 
by the Romans as a title of honor, but 
its present meaning can be traced to 
the establishment of the oldest uni- 
versities. Organized faculties as they 
now exist in universities were not 
known then; academic activity was 
limited to seven liberal arts. Those 
who were honored for their diligence 
and knowledge upon completion of 
their studies and who had already 
received the bachelor's degree were 
called magistri artium (master of the 
liberal arts). In 1920, the University of 
Maryland awarded its first Master of 
Arts (M.A.) and Master of Science 
(M.S.) degrees in fields other than 


The bachelor's degree represents 
completion of a four-year course of 
college-level study and is the oldest 
academic degree used by American 
institutions of higher learning. It was 
first conferred in America in 1642 on 
the first nine graduates of Harvard 
College. Maryland Agriculture 
College, which later became the 
University of Maryland at College 
Park, awarded its first Bachelor of 
Arts (B.A.) and Bachelor of Science 
(B.S.) degrees in 1862. 









Board of Regents 


George V. McGowan 
Vice Chair 

Roger Blunt 

Albert N. Whiting 

Ilona M. Hogan 
Assistant Secretary 

Constance M. Unseld 
Robert L. Walker, ex officio 

Margaret Alton 

Mary Arabian 

Richard O. Berndt 

Benjamin L. Brown 

Earle Palmer Brown 

Charles W. Cole, Jr. 

Frank A. Gunther, Jr. 

Ann Hull 

Henry R. Lord 

Franklin Perdue 

Student Regent 
Margaret B. Woodhull 

System Administration of 
the University 


Donald N. Langenberg 
Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs 
George L. Marx 
Vice Chancellor for General 

Donald L. Myers 
Vice Chancellor for Advancement 

John K. Martin 

University of Maryland at 
College Park Administration 


William E. Kirwan 
Vice President for Academic Affairs and 

Jacob K. Goldhaber (Acting) 
Vice President for Administrative Affairs 

Charles F. Sturtz 
Vice President for Institutional 

Kathryn Costello 
Vice President for Student Affairs 

William L.Thomas, Jr. 


College of Agriculture 

Paul H. Mazzocchi (Interim) 
College of Arts and Humanities 

Robert W. Griffith 
College of Behavioral and Social Sciences 

Irwin Goldstein 
College of Business and Management 

William Mayer 
College of Computer, Mathematical and 
Physical Sciences 

Richard H. Herman 
College of Education 

Jean Hebeler (Acting) 
College of Engineering 

George E. Dieter 
College of Journalism 

Reese Cleghorn 
College of Library and Information 

Anne S. MacLeod (Acting) 
College of Life Sciences 

Paul H. Mazzocchi 
College of Health and Human 

John J. Burt 




O F 


A T 



School of Architecture 

Steven Hurtt 
School of Public Affairs 

Michael Nacht 
Administrative Dean for Graduate 
Studies and Research 

Timothv Ng (Acting) 
Administrative Dean for Summer 

Melvin Bernstein 
Administrative Dean for Undergraduate 

Kathryn J. Mohrman 

Officers of Commencement 


Charles J. Beatty 

Industrial, Technological and 

Occupational Education 
University Marshal 
Don C. Piper 

Government and Politics 
John E. Wakefield 

Director of Bands 

Commencement Committee 

Alicia Arkell-Kleis 

Diploma Office 
Mahnaz Bahrami 

Institutional Advancement 
Frances P. Cave 

Health Center 
Earle Connors 

Physical Plant 
Kathryn Costello 

Institutional Advancement 
Carolyn A. Ent 

Institutional Advancement 
Richelle Hammett 

Disability Support Service 
Sirnone Legacy 

Industrial, Technological and 

Occupational Education 

Dining Services 
Linda Martin 

Institutional Advancement 
Michael McNair 

Police Department 
Gary Parker 

Intercollegiate Athletics 
Elizabeth Pattison 

Records and Registrations 
Cynthia Walker Reed 

University Book Center 
fames N. Robinson 

Environmental Safetv 
Barri Standish Sanders 

Commuter Affairs 
Robert r. Stumpff 

Physical Plant 
Janice E. Summons 

Campus Parking 
Kate Llfema 

Larry Volz 

Police Department 
Patrick Wadsworth 

Dining Services 

Unit Representatives 

Diane Barlow 

Library and Information Services 
Theresa DiPaolo 

Arts and Humanities 
Jane Fines 

Charles H. Flatter 

Paulette Godin 

Arts and Humanities 
Diana Jackson 

Behavioral and Social Sciences 
Donna King 

Business and Management 
Albert /. Klavon 

Life Sciences and Agriculture 
John C Loss 

Joe Murray 

Health and Human Performance 
Bonnie Oh 

Undergraduate Studies 
Vicky Remke 

Library and Information Services 
Greig Stewart 

Thelma M. Williams 

Computer, Mathematical and 

Physical Sciences 
1 lisse Wright-Briscoe 

Public Affairs 

Department of Physical 
Plant, Office of General 
Services/Special Services 
Staff Responsible for Setting 
Up Sites 

Marcellous Anderson 

Robert Armstrong 

Ike Banks 

Leroy Blackwell 

Earl Blake 

Mordecai Brower 

Eric Bullock 

Tom Farrell 

Ronald Fenwick 

Larry Garner 

fames Green 

Vincent Haliburton 

Joseph Hayes 

Larry fefferson 

Marvin Johnson 

Theresa Mullen 

Keith Neal 

Louis Paintedpony 

Eve Rett: 

George Saunders 

Tlwmas Saunders 

Johnny Sellers 

Rayfield Sellers 

Carolyn Shreeve 

Charles Stubbs 

Danny Thompson 

Ronny Yee 

Elwood Gross, Flower Arrangements 










Whether it be dog-sledding in the 
Arctic or climbing the corporate 
ladder to become the current chair- 
man and CEO of Martin Marietta 
Corporation, Norman R. 
Augustine is a man of enormous 
talent, energy and zest for life. 

During his 34-year career in 
aeronautical engineering, 
Augustine has helped guide 
advances in U.S. space technology, 
both in government and private 
industrv. A graduate of Princeton, 
where he received both his bache- 
lor's degree, magna cum laude, and 
his master's degree in aeronautical 
engineering, Augustine began his 
career in 1458 with the Douglas 
Aircraft Company. He went on to 
serve in the Pentagon, as assistant 
director of defense research and 
engineering. After working for the 
LTV Missiles and Space Company, 
he returned to the government in 
1973 as assistant secretary of the 
Armv, becoming under secretary 
in 1975. He joined Martin Marietta 
in 1977 and became chairman and 
CEO of the corporation in 1988 
and 1987, respectively, having pre- 
viously served as president and 
chief operating officer. 

Throughout his career, he has 
shared his knowledge and exper- 
tise by serving on advisory boards 
to the White House, U.S. Senate, 
NASA, FAA, and the departments 
of Defense, Energy, and 
Transportation, the General 
Accounting Office, and NATO. He 
is executive vice president of the 

Boy Scouts of America and chair- 
man of the American Red Cross. 

From 1988 to 1990, Augustine 
served as chairman of the 
University of Maryland at College 
Park's School of Public Affairs' 
Board of Visitors. And in October 
1991, he delivered the first lecture 
of the School of Public Affairs' 
Distinguished Board of Visitors 
Lecture Series, speaking on the 
future of the space program. 

A former president of the 
American Institute of Aeronautics 
and Astronautics of which he is an 
Honorary Fellow, Augustine is the 
recipient of many acclaimed hon- 
ors and awards, including being 
named a four-time recipient of the 
Distinguished Service Medal, the 
Department of Defense's highest 
civilian decoration. He has also 
been elected to the National 
Academy of Engineering. 

He is the author and co-author of 
two books, Vic Defense Revolution 
and Augustine's hues, which has 
been printed in four languages. 

In his free time, Augustine 
enjoys undertaking challenging 
adventures in exotic places around 
the globe. Besides dog-sledding in 
the Arctic, he has sailed a tall ship 
in the West Indies, traveled the 
Oregon Trail in a covered wagon, 
hot-air ballooned in Africa and 
rafted the Grand Canyon. 




O F 


A T 




August 1992 

The August 1992 class roster comprises degree graduates from the 
undergraduate and graduate programs at the University of 
Maryland at College Park. 


Fawzi-Abdul-Wahab Business and Management 

Optimal Element Selection for Quantile-Based Control Clmrtsfor Location-Scale 


Alice A. Ackermann Government and Politics 
Building Peace With the Adversary: The Case of Germany 

Quadri A. Adeseun Criminal Justice and Criminology 

77k Impact of Religious Beliefs and Religious Services on Delinquent Belwvior 

Joanne M. Atlee Computer Science 
Automated Analysis of Software Requirements 

Sema K. Aydede Economics 

Tlw Evaluation of Life-Saving Programs 

Taghi Azadarmaki Sociology 

An Analysis of the Roots oflba Klwldun's Social Theory: A Case Study in Sociological 


John Baf fes Agricultural and Resource Economics 

Tlie Testable Implications of Market Efficient/ and Market Integration 

Subhayu Bandyopadhyay Economics 

Export Taxation in a Multi-Country General Equilibrium Frameioork 

Sudesluia Bandyopadhyay Economics 
Dynamic Models of Union Firm Interaction 

Dawn C. Barnes Radio, Television and Film 

Portraits of Interracial Romance and Sexuality in Holh/rvood Cinema: 1965-1975 

Zeev Berman Electrical Engineering 

Generalizations and Properties ofMultiscale Maxima and Zero Crossings Representations 

Hacene Boukari Chemical Physics 

Adiabatic Effects in a Fluid Near Its Liquid Gas Critical Point: Ttieory and Experiment 

Danielle A. Bussell Psychology 

Children's Short-Term Response to Parental Separation 

Leslie E. Carter Psychology 

Tlie Effects of Spatial Information Processing on Human Decision-Making 



Tien-Sheng Chang Mechanical Engineering 

A Method to Increase the fundamental Natural Frequency of Printed Circuit Board 

Gang Chen Mathematics 

A Nonparainetnc Approach in Estimating the Incubation Period of AIDS Disease: 

Bootstrap With Covariales 

Ling T. Chen Computer Science 
Parallel Processing of Image Contours 

Joong D. Choi Agricultural Engineering 
Effect of Intervening Land Use on Runoff Quality 

Donna F. Christner Biochemistry 

Effect ofDNA Conformation on DNA Degradation by Antitumor Antibiotics 

Alan B. Clardy Agricultural and Extension Education 
Vocationally Oriented Self-Directed Learning Projects (VOSDLPs): An Exploratory 
Study oj the Types of VOSDLPs and the Organizational and Individual Factors Affecting 
Their Occurrence 

Jeffrey F. Clark Education Policy, Planning and Administration 

An Analysis of the Informal Interaction Between Selected Man/land School Board 

Members and Superintendents of Schools 

Katherine A. Comtois Psychology 

Differences in Women's Friendships Based on Heterosexual Couple Status 

Anne B. Curran Education Policy, Planning, and Administration 
Restructuring: Six High Schools in the Process ofCliange 

Kathy L. Davis Business and Management 

Tlie Effect of Cognitive Schemata Congruence on Selection Decisions: Applications to the 

Case of Entraprcneurship 

Dinakar S. Desai Animal Sciences 

Developmental Regulation of Insulin-Like Grmoth Factor-ll in Sheep 

Changming Duan Psychology 

A Comparison Between Cognitive Empathy and Affective Empathy 

Ersin Dur Physics 

Unconstrained BRST Superfield Theories 

Dennis G. Dye Geography 

Global Inleranniial Variation of Incident Pliotosynthelically Active Radiation 

Lee A. Edwards Psychology 

Factors Moderating the Effects of Therapist Confrontation: Therapist Affiliation, Control 

and Communicated Respect, and Client Sensitivity, Paranoia, Rebelliousness, and 


Lesley A. Emerson Economics 

Internal Migration in Algeria 1966-77: An Empirical Analysis 

Xinhua Feng Botany 

Involvement ofCytokinins and Protein Kinases in Nicotiana Genetic Tumorigenesis 

Thomas E. Ford Psychology 

The Role of Attribute Diagnosticity and Epistemic Motivation in the Formation of Social 


Wendy Z. Ford Speech Communication 

Influence of Employee Attentive Communication Belmviors on Customer Mood States, 

Service Cognitions, and Discretionary Belmviors: Evaluation of a Structural Equation 


Theodore C. Fox Botany 

Energetic and Protein Metabolism in Echinochloa Phyllopogon During Anaerobiosis 

Elizabeth J. Francis Curriculum and Instruction 

Tlie Limit in College Calculus: Assessing Student Understanding and Teacher Beliefs 

Jean-Luc Gauvreau Physics 

Anomalous Ion Heating in the Man/land Spheromak 

Nita Ghei Economics 

Savings Beliaviorand Financial Development: A Study for India 

Gena D. Glickman Education Policy, Planning and Administration 

A Study of the Role of Women in the Transformation of the Curriculum at the Maryland 

Institute for the Promotion of Mechanic Arts From 1825-1875 

James W. Gray Computer Science 
Multilevel Security of Probabilistic Systems 

Katia S. Guimaraes Computer Science 
The Quality of Queries 

Indrani Gupta Economics 

Changing Inequalities in Lifetime Earnings 



O F 


A T 



William P. Guthrie Government and Politics 

On the Role of Interest Groups in the Policy Implementation and Evaluation Processes 

Gwendolyn F. Hall Policy Studies 

Managing Interservice Competition: Tlie Relationship Between the Secretary of Defense 

and the Joint Chiefs of Staff 

Maguid H. Hassan Civil Engineering 

Real-time Safety Control of Structures During Construction 

Bonnie C Hodges Health Education 

Development of an Instrument to Measure Perceived Risk and Perceived Health 

Education Needs of Middle School Students 

Marie E. Holahan Human Development 
An Analysis of Parent-Teacher Communication 

Barbara E. Hopkins Economics 

Managerial Investment Decisions During Economic Transition: Bureaucratic Constraints 

and Budget Constraints 

Weixing Hu Government and Politics 

Medium Nuclear Powers and Strategic Stability: Nth Country Problem Revisited 

Bo-Hua Huang Meteorology 

Numerical Simulation of the Seasonal and Interannual Variability of the Circulation of 

Tropical Atlantic Ocean 

Chiou Huang Computer Science 

Preconditioning Parallel Midtisplittings for Solving Systems of Equations 

Yunus Hussain Electrical Engineering 

Design and Performance Evaluation of a Class of Finite-State \ 'ector Quantizers 

David H. Hyde Health Education 

The National Adolescent School Health Survey. A Secondary Analysis 

Gene E. Jan Electrical Engineering 

Composite Interconnection Networks for Parallel Computers 

Ann B. Jenkins Textiles and Consumer Economics 

Assessing Wear in Nylon Carpets: An Application of Image Analysis 

Li-Feng Jiang Physics 

Search for "Precursor"Physisorptum of 02 and CO on the (111) Surface of Nickel; 

Blockage of Chemisorption In/ Monolayer Amounts of Neon 

Jian Jin Psychology 

Path Analysis of a Causal Model of Depression Versus Competence in a Cross-Cultural 


Stacy Jordan Economics 

judicial Voting Beliavior in Antitrust: Is Tliere a Party Bias? 

Lance B. Jump Electrical Engineering 

A Dynamically Reconfigurable, M-SIMD, Modular Ring Architecture for Implementing 

Large Scale ANNs 

Chiung-Tung Kao Computer Science 

New Algorithms for Geometric Structures: Convex Hulls, Delaunay Tnangidations and 

Voronoi Diagrams 

Alexandres Karagrigoriou Mathematical Statistics 
Asymptotic Efficiency of Model Selection Criteria in Time Series 

Shelley A. Kirkpatrick Business and Management 

77k Effects of Leader Cliarisma Process and Content on Performance and Attitudes 

Ravi K. Kolagotla Electrical Engineering 

Design and Implementation of Systolic Architectures for Vector Quantization 

Sridhar Krishnamurthy Electrical Engineering 

On Designing Data Parallel Algorithms and Some Applications in VLSI 

Chun C Kung Electrical Engineering 

Inductive Energy Storage Systems and Photoconductive Semiconductor Opening Switch 

Kwan-Ling Lai Reliability Engineering 

Generalized Uncertainty in Structural Reliability Assessment 

Bruce C. Lamb Comparative Literature 

Discurswity, Mimesis, and the Dramatic Author in the Caucasian Chalk Circle, Trie 

Merchant of Venice, and Largo Desolato 

Rajiv Laroia Electrical Engineering 

Design and Analysis of a Fixed-Rate Structured Vector Quantizer Derived From 

Variable-Length Scalar Quantizers 

Douglas W. LaBahn Business and Management 

Early Supplier Involvement m New Product Development: A Vendor's Perspective 


Li Lee Electrical Engineering 

Robustness Study of Systems With Phase-Informed Uncertainty 

Junhui Li Engineering Materials 

Elastic Properties and Microstructures of Premartensitic FCC Alloys 

Ta-Hsin Li Applied Mathematics 

Multiple Frequency Estimation in Mixed-Spectrum Time Series by Parametric Filtering 

Owen R. Lightsey, Jr . Counseling and Personnel Services 

Cognitions as Trait-like Vulnerability Factors: Tlie Viability of "Trait" Positive and 

Negative Thoughts as Predictors of Future 

Ming-Bo Lin Electrical Engineering 

Unified Algebraic Computations on Permutation Network 

Dehua Liu Horticulture 

Physical and Biochemical Studies of Dormancy in Apple Buds 

Yadong Liu Physics 

Automatic Speech Recognition and Neural Netiwrk Classifiers 

Mark A. Melton Zoology 

Acetylcholine Recqitor Aggregation in Aneural Myotube Cultures: The Role of Neuronal 

Factors and a Model for Local Induction 

Bahram Meyssami Chemical Engineering 

A Systems Approach to tlie Automation of Process Modeling Activities 

Carolyn A. Miller Marine, Estuarine and Environmental Sciences 

Effects of Food Quality and Quantity on Nitrogen Excretion by tlie Copepod Acartia 


Cherie V. Miller Chemistry 

Sedimentary Molybdenum-An Historical Indicator of Anoxia in Chesapeake Bay 

John P. Miller Kinesiology 

The Effect of Resistive Exercise on Glucose Uptake and Insulin Sensithnty in Middle Aged 


Samer Minkara Electrical Engineering 

Microelectronic Realization of Logic Functions Using Solitons 

Eytan H. Modiano Electrical Engineering 

Security and Performance Issues of Distributed Protocols 

Margaret M. Moore Poultry Science 
Neural Control of Aggression in Poultry 

Robert L. Moore, Jr. American Studies 

A Cultural Analysis of the Life Stories of Some Women Wlw Began Teaching in American 

Public Schools 1916-1938 

P. J. Narayanan Computer Science 

Effective Use of SIMD Machines for Image Analysis 

Leo P. OTlare Aerospace Engineering 

Maneuvering of a Remtry Vehicle Via Magnetoaerodynamic Forces 

Mary K. O'Neill Aerospace Engineering 

Optimted Scramjet Engine Integration on a Waverider Airframe 

Marilyn J. Olson Curriculum and Instruction 

Prospective Teachers' Familiarit}/ With Instructional Activities Recommended for 

Elementary School Geography 

Eric N. Opp Physics 

Kelvin-Helmholtz Instability in Systems With Large Effective larmor Radius 

Marion E. Orr Government and Politics 

Black Political Incorvoration-Plwse Tuv: The Cases of Baltimore and Detroit 

Kyeongsoon Park Engineering Materials 

Structural Studies of Diluted Magnetic Semiconductors and Ferroelectric Relaxors Using 


Sechoul Park Business and Management 

hisider Trading Activity Surrounding Corporate Earnings Announcements 

Seong R. Park Mechanical Engineering 

An Experimental Study of Passive Drag Reduction in a Turbulent Boundary Layer by a 

Riblet Surface 

Yagyensh C. Pati Electrical Engineering 

Applications of Wavelets and Time-Frequency Methods to Infinile-Demensional Linear 

Systems and Neural Networks 

Laura A. Patterson Criminal Justice and Criminology 

Explaining Victimization: A Test of Routine Activities and Opportunity Theory 

Si-Zhao Qin Chemical Engineering 

Integration and Comparison of Neural Netiixrks and Conventional Modeling Techniques 



O F 


A T 



Hamid Rahimian Education Policy, Planning and Administration 

Meredith Ramsay Government and Politics 

Xiaonong Ran Electrical Engineering 

A Three-Component Image Model for Human Visual Perception and its Applications in 

Image Coding and Processing 

Monika K. Renard Business and Management 
Salan/ Negotiation and the Male-Female Wage Gap 

Kathleen A. Roman ik Computer Science 

Approximate Testing Tlieory as Applied to Geometric Probing and Software Complexity 

Ira Z. Rothstein Physics 

Determining Neutrino Properties Through the Investigation oftlie Sun, Supernova and 

Lab Data 

Katheryn K. Russell Criminal Justice and Criminology 

Trial by jury, Death by judge: An Empirical and Legal Analysis of jury Override m 


Edward S. Rutherford Marine, Estuarine and Environmental Sciences 

The Relationship of Larval-Stage Growth and Mortality Rates to Recruitment Striped 

Bass, Morone Saxatilis, in the Chesapeake Bay 

Douglas W. Sauder Electrical Engineering 

Non-Gaussian Methods for Discrimination With Applications to Radar Signal Processing 

Clemmie M. Saxton Human Nutrition and Food Systems 

The Design and Field Testing of an Organizational Productivity Measurement and 

Improvement Model in School Foodservice 

Kitty A. Saylor Public Communication 

Understanding High Risk Organizations: Application of a Qualitative Model of 
Organizational Structure, Technology and Environment 

Patricia V. Schmitt Counseling and Personnel Services 
Temperamental Emotionality and Causal Attributions 

August Schomburg Business and Management 

An Empirical Study of the Effects of Industry Context on New Product Innovation 

Rivalry in Three Diverse Industries: Telecommunications, Computers, Brewing 

Philip N. Segre Physics 

Rayleigh Scattering From Non-Equilibrium Fluids 

Nicholaos Sidiropoulos Electrical Engineering 

Statistical Inference, Filtering, and Modeling of Discrete Random Sets 

Alice J. Smith Kinesiology 

Tlie Effects of Strength Training on Bone Mineral Density in Middle-Aged and Older 

Men: Hormonal and Bone Turnover Relationships 

Edward C. Smith Aerospace Engineering 

Aeroelastic Response and Aeromechanical Stability of Helicopters With Elastically 

Coupled Composite Blades 

Margarita M. Smith Kinesiology 

The Effects of Strength Training on Body Composition in Middle- Aged and Older Mm 

Using Dual-Energy X-Ray Absorptiometry and Magnetic Resonance Imaging 

William L. Stephens, Jr. Economics 

Tenure Security and Residential Capitalization Rates: Tlieory and Evidence From a 

Developing Country 

Stuart G. Stubblebine Electrical Engineering 
Message Integrity in Cryptographic Protocols 

Hong-Te Su Chemical Engineering 

Dynamic Modeling and Model Predictive Control Using Generalized Perception 


Shong-Iee I. Su Business and Management 

Tlie General Postman Problem: Models and Algorithms 

Granger G. Sutton III Computer Science 

Learning and Topographic Map Formation in Neural Networks Using Competitive 

Activation Mechanisms 

Maria Testa Mathematics 

The Analytical Index of Families of Unbounded Linear Fredholm Operators Determines 

Bifurcation for Families of Nonlinear Operators 

Katerina M. Thompson Zoology 

Reproductive Competition, Birth Synchrony and Behavioral Development in the Sable 

Antelope, Hippotragus Niger 

Jianhui Tian Computer Science 

Understanding and Using Program Complexity to Improve Software Development 




Nam-Kiu Tsing Electrical Engineering 

Computer Based Techniques for Control System Design With Applications to Rotorcraft 


Aviezer M. Tucker Philosophy 

The Philosophy of Charter 77 Signatories 

Alan R. Van Tassel Government and Politics 

The Rail Garrison Peacekeeper ICBM: A Case Study in Governmental Politics 

Filia Vonta Mathematical Statistics 

Efficient Estimation of a Structural Parameter in a Non-Proportional Hazards Model in 

the Two-Sample Problem 

Liqin Wang Engineering Materials 

High-Temperature Deformation and Strengthening Mechanisms ofTiBljNiAl 


Shiuh-Luen Wang Electrical Engineering 
Physics-Based Modeling of Hot-Electron Effects in Mosfets 

Xueying Wang Curriculum and Instruction 

A CAl Tutorial: Teaching English Simple Past Tense to Native Speakers of Chinese 

Diane E. Weaver History 

Becoming Real Politicians: Maryland Women and the Expansion of Politics, 1900-1930 

Jeffrey F. Werling Economics 

MIDE: A Macroeamomic Multisectoral Model of the Spanish Economy 

J. M. Woah-Tee Education Policy, Planning, and Administration 

An Analysis of the Problems in Producing Trained Teachers for Liberia (1980-1989) 

June Wright Curriculum and Instruction 

Correlates of Young Children's Narrative Competence: Maternal Behavior and Home 

Literacy Experiences 

Bugao Xu Textiles and Consumer Economics 
Assessment of Carpet Appearance by Image Analysis 

Guu-Chang Yang Electrical Engineering 

New Codes, System Designs, and Performance Evaluations for Code-Division Multiple 

Access on Optical Tiber Networks 

Rui Yang Electrical Engineering 
Nonholonomic Geometry, Meclmnics and Control 

Sheguang Zhang Mechanical Engineering 

Numerical Simulations of the Interaction of a Vapor Cavih/ and a Compliant Wall 

Haiying Zhao Economics 

The Impact of Economic Structure on Long-Term Growth 


Maria Bonilla-Crespo Industrial, Technological and Occupational Education 
Perceptions About the Importance of Keyboarding Skills for College Computer Science and 
Business Majors at Inter-American University of Puerto Rico 

William J. McNelis Education Policy, Planning and Administration 
Assessing for Effectiveness of a Specific Assistance Program for Elementary At Risk 

Donna K. Rittenhouse Education Policy, Planning and Administration 
Perceived Professional Development Needs of Administrators and Teachers in a Rural 
Man/land School District 

Margaret S. Sears Curriculum and Instruction 

An Ethnography of a Self-Directed Work Team in a Communications Company 

Shirley S. Thompson Curriculum and Instruction 

Tlie Effects of Peer Collaboration on Community College Freshmen's Writing, 

Socialization, and Attitudes 

John Williams Education Policy, Planning and Administration 
Factors Associated With Fund Raising Success at UNCF Institutions 

William G. Wise Curriculum and Instruction 

The Effects of Revision Instruction on Eighth Graders' Persuasive Writing 


Chinn-Homg N. Chen Music 

TIk Development of String Education in Taiwan 



O F 


A T 






Vicki Lynn Ferguson 
David Leonard Konieczko 
Matthew Doan McNamer 
Howard Alexander Simister 
Sharon Lee Stowers 


Carol Anne Gilbert- Arozian 
Shirley May Hoppel 
Elizabeth Faulkner Leigh 


American Studies 

Ellen Roney Hughes 
Michael Gregory Richards 

Applied Mathematics 
Ariyawansa Perera Meperuma 
Ramgopal Nan- 
Art History 

Lois Anne Berdaus 

Counseling and Personnel 

Jairo Nelson Fuertes 
Cvnthia Clark Gilliam 
Lori Ann Hartley 
Stefan Richard Koppi 
Marielle Paz Levy 
Nestor R. Mantilla 
Lvnn Marie Rogers 

Angela Ellen Scott 
Nancy Lynn Snyder 
Robin Stedfeld 

Criminal Justice and 

Angela Ruth Gover 
Christopher Sean Koper 
Richard Alan Lewis 
Julie Ann Lopes 

Curriculum and Instruction 

Angela White Harker 


Thomas Patrick Atkinson 
Salah Eldin Babiker Hajelsafi 
Attiva Yasmin Javid 
David Albert Latzko 
Blake D. Sorem 

Education Policy, Planning and 

Jeffrey Wayne Adkins 
Robert Anthony Ramin 

English Language 
and Literature 

Kathleen Marie Anguish 
Jennifer Louise Bacon 
Karen Lynn Nelson 


Jay Howard Vamer 

German Language 
and Literature 

Judith Gail Campbell 
LesLee Michele Clauson 
Margaret Parsons Gatchell 
Kate Hammerstein 
Dagmara Maria Napiorkowski 




Government and Politics 

Cameron Fae Bushnell 
Jennifer A. McDermott 

Health Education 

Maria Eulalia Fernandez 

Hearing and Speech Sciences 

Rexine Annette Hoes 
Kathleen Marie Kelly 
Rita Ana Solorzano 


Thomas E. Eisinger 
Mark Ray Horton 
Richard M. Ives 
Yuka Moriguchi 
Jonathan B. Parker 
Daniel Ian Sheff 

Human Development Education 

Pamela Doreen Cannady 
Crystal Faith Williams 

Industrial, Technological and 
Occupational Education 

Robert Bohen Blom 


Charles Maurice Goldberg 
Tracy Margaret Hassan 
Roberta Carol Hoxie 
Li-Ning Huang 
Jeffrey H. Johnson 
Marie Alene Kirk 
Karen Sue Kutz 
Michael James Lapinski 
Richard A. Mendel 
Maithily A. Nandedkar 
Vicki Susan Nordstrom 
Encarnarion Lacalle Pyle 
David Jonathan Sokolik 
Robin Michele Stansbury 
Allen Martin Willis 

Setsuko Yamashita 


Bart Steven Lerner 
S. Andrew Stavisky 
Nadine Susan Taylor-Tolbert 


Robert M. Kirchner 


Karen E. Trageser 

Measurement, Statistics and 

Mary Lee Herrick 
Ting Hsiang Lin 


Roberta Anne Diemer 
Kathryn Arlene Niles-Jolly 
Dominicus Wai-Hung So 

Radio, Television and Rim 

Pamala Suzette Deane 
Thomas Mark Franklin 
Yun-Ju Tai 


Darilvn Erica Marinelli 
Nina Suzanne Roberts 


Sheela Singh 

Urban Studies 

Xiao Zhang 




Stephen Under Aired 
Jay Balakirsky 
George John Basil IH 
Faith Chana Berenson 
Ronald Wayne Blevins 
Douglas Edward Brown 
Eric Dean Carter 
Richard Thornton Cartwright 
Robert Melville Cowan 
Robert Enders Coyle 
Peter Ryan Culpepper 
Clifford James Cummins 
Frank Ettore D'Ambrosio 
Mahesh Pramod Desai 
James F. Figlozzi 
John Nicholas Gallagher 
David Charles Gore 
Christopher Gratton 
Grant Z. Guenzel 
Theresia M. Heller 
Jennifer Laires Hilterbrick 
SalJv Hass Hirsh 
James Hsien-Tsung Hsu 
Edward Michael Ihnat 
Shaunak Bhagvant Kapadia 
Karen S. Kinder 
Robert R.Klein 
Diana Mary Liebscher 
Bradley David Loper 
Darlene J. Marley 
Melissa K. Maruschak 
Robert Withers Massie IV 
Suzanne Sawyer Masterson 
Patricia E. Monroe 
Fernando Mario Montenegro 
Stuart Colt Moore 

Davis Ocran 

James Frederick Pasto 

James M. Poyer 

Monte Jay Rosenberger 

Richard M. Schindel 

Gregory John Schmidt 

Nancy Ellen Sites 

Meryl Aynn Sonon 

Tomoko Ishikawa Tanaka 

Deborah Davis Thornton 

Gregg Phillip Trilling 

Edmundo Vallenas 

Ronald Louis Vasaturo 

David Andrew Vogel 

Steven Alan Wenick 

George K. White 

Dean Patrick Wildman 

Douglas L. Wolford 

Kawika Mikaele Ka'imikukui Daguio 

Gail Paula Guy 

Kristen Ann Mosteller 


Counseling and 
Personnel Service 

Doreen Ann Casey 
Margaret Mary Cullinan 
Joseph John Debevc 
Lisa Ann Kroner 
Laurie Ann McCoy- Assalone 
Eloise Christine Miller 
Ronyl Denise Minor 
Anna Maria O'Shea-Smith 
Jennifer Barbara Pinter 
Walter Plotkin 
Vickie L. Price 
Heather A. Stein 
Gaudencio Viloria 

Curriculum and Instruction 

Barbara Cooksey Abell 
Anita Lynne Albertson 



O F 


A T 



Naimeh Asrar 
Ann Margaret Becker 
Barbara Fainstein Bell 
Patricia Lee Berard 
Nana' F. Burket 
Gale Denise D'Ambrosio Carter 
Diane Marie Cole 
Donald Joseph DeMember 
Marta S. Duarte 
Joanne H. Durham 
Michelle DeEtte Games 
Daisy Mav Hardenstine 
Eileen Dripchak Harris 
Marv Barron Head 
Jonathan Crist Kieffer 
Kathleen Anne Kilday 
Elizabeth Jane Kremer 
Kathleen M. Larson 
Margaret Faith Luther 
Melanie E. Masso 
Linda P. Metheny 
Zannie Eldridge Miller 
Caren Louise Milliken 
Mary-Margaret Morton 
Carol Virginia Mulligan 
Wendy Barth O'Brien 
Anita Elaine Prince 
Angelique Prunella 
Marv Margaret Reed 
Bryan Alexander Reillv 
David Robert Reynolds 
Amy Jane Rosenberg 
Kiyoe Saeki 
Juliette M. Salomon 
Jennifer Ruan Schaeffer 
Lisa Ann Singer 
Susan Shirk Stem 
Kimberlv Dawn Summers 
Horence Johnson Tate 
Jo-Ellen Margaret Truelove 
Mar\' Deborah Phillips Wagner 
Winsome Patricia Waite 
Tom Gene Wells 
Nadine C. Wersing 
Deborah Wrae Zalesak 

Education Policy, Planning 
and Administration 

Kimberlv Anne Hill 
Michael Joseph Martirano 
Helen Francis Mateosky 
Peggy Ellen Mertes 
Kathrvn Marie Miluski 
Elaine Ruth Reynolds 
Patricia Marie Simpson 

Human Development Education 

Susan M. Boyd 
Susan Lea Hall 
Constantina Pauline Monsul 

Industrial, Technological and 
Occupational Education 

Allvn Michelle Fitzgerald 

Special Education 

Eleanora Yevvell Buchheister 
Lori Luebkert Callahan 
Yu-Chen Chen 
Anne Davis Dillon 
Robert F.Farrell, Jr. 
David LeRov Frederick 
Ronald Dale Lane 
Katrina Marie Marshall 
Susan Amelia Norfleet 
Eric L. Reiser 


Creative Writing 

Marc Ambrose Hirrel 


Library and Information 

Lola Frances Adams 

Pollev Anne Adams 

Phoebe Edwards Bacon 

Valerie Gordon Bovd 

J. Cassidy Chesnut, Jr. 

Denise Frances Eggers 

Nina Sue Faye 

Nicodemus Benanzea Fontem 

Paul Harding Gerhardt 

Barbara Ruth Gibney 

Mary Anne Greenwell-Plautz 

Alan Steven Hecht 

Christopher William Herrmann 

Julie Rae Huddleston 

Anne Marie Hudson 

Ann Barron Johnson 

James Russell Kirchner 

Gladys Maxine Knight 

Roberta Cole Lader 

Everette Eugene Larson 


Katherine Elise Lyle 

Joy A. Mclntyre 

Robin Lee Mecklev 

Nancy Marie Nyland 

Erin Elizabeth Oberdorfer 

Sarah B. Palmer 

Young Hee J. Park 

Laurence Carl Patlen 

Deborah Jean Peetz 

Marie Tritchel Petersen 
Anne Tannahill Phillips 
Katherine Margaret Plumb 
Kathleen Fullerton Powers 
Rachel Ann Schipper 
Elizabeth Ann Simmons 
Eileen Mullings Smith 
Gregory Frederick Taylor 
Lisa Baumann Wieman 
Thea Caroline Wiggert 
Yuezu Yu 


Jeffrey Hallam Bauer 
Thomas Vincent Licata 
Harold Eugene Riley, lr. 
Ann E. Walker 
Hsiu-Chen Yu 




Kawika Mikaele Ka'imikukui Daguio 
Gail Paula Guy 
Kristen Ann Mosteller 


Patricia Eileen Crosby 
Rudy Carlos Iglesias 
Tonv Knotts 
Yasutoshi Nishimura 




Aerospace Engineering 

Ashish Bagai 
Robert Tilghman Bupp 
Kevin Leath 
Erie Samuel Lester, Jr. 
Daniel Ira Newman 
Chris J. Niggemeier 
Pierre-Yves Ouillet 
Jodi A. Smith 
Nicholas G. Stamatakos 
Reginald Guy Williams 

Agricultural and Extension 

Michael Francis Banscher 
Maria Cristina Oliveira Veloso 


James William Lewis, Jr. 

Animal Sciences 

Douglas Leigh Greger 
Damon A. Job 

Business and Management 

Jov Elaine Ditto 

Juiling Hu 

Robert Michael Misita, Jr. 

Roberto Jose Moraga 

Sandra Lee Rose 

Li Wang 

Shenghui Wu 

Chemical Engineering 

Herve Michel Brebion 
Nicola Di Mascolo 
Ricardo H. Dunia 

Civil Engineering 

Myrofora Anastasi 

Simone Bambini 

Paul David Beckwith 

Pi-Jung Chang 

Ming-Ying Chen 

Kenneth Edward Derrenbacher 

Paul Martin Doolittle 

Roger William Harte 

Satit Kitsurachai 

Satgur Singh War 

Win-Gine Li 

Yu-Chi Lin 

Vinasithamby Ragavan 

Kenneth Ravmer Roberts 

Timothy David Sheckler 

Inderbir Singh 

Linden E. Walters 

Computer Science 

Predrag Bogdanovich 
Klaudia Maria Dussa-Zieger 
Tina Lorree Newsome 
Michael Jonathan Otterman 

Electrical Engineering 

Sa\itha Balakrishnan 
Shiraz N. Bhalwani 
Stefano Paolo Coraluppi 
Mark Edward DeSilets 
Laurence Perry Golob 
Geoffrey Glenn Hazel 
Bradley M. Marazas 
Darvi James Marvin 
Devaloy Muniz 

Chandrasekhar Nagasundaram 
Srinivas Nagulapalli 
Sayed Mohammed Naved 
Udayshankar V. Satyanarayana 
Ranjeev Kumar Singh 
K.P. Sunil 
Jason Cheng-Lun Tsai 

Engineering Materials 

Robert John Geffings 
Aashish S. Nanavafy 

Family and Community 

Dixev Ray Behnken 
Gladys Wilhelmina Considine 
Thomas Russel Hoover 
Karin Elisabeth Malm 
William Francis Northey, Jr. 

Food Science 

Maria M. Wallack 

Human Nutrition and Food 

Catherine Jean Klein 
Kathleen Ann Ruben 
Katherine Elizabeth Sykes 

Marine, Estuarine and 
Environmental Sciences 

Richard Robert Arnold II 
Kahin Rose Bockstahler 
Kimberly Morgan Huetsch 
William Ahlering Kuhn 

Mechanical Engineering 

Jie Chen 

Xiaoyuan Dong 

Zelalem Eshete 

Yu-Lung Lo 

Srinivas N. Mogalapalli 

Gerhard Wolfgang Johann Reich 

Robert Joseph Rose, Jr. 


Joseph John Chamey, Jr. 
Joanna Miller Dionne 
Vinod Kumar Dubey 
Christopher Allen Frye 
Frank Woolsey Gallagher 111 
Jeffrey Matthew Vukovich 


Mohammad K. Ahmad 


Robert Lahmann 
Christopher John Lanczycki 
Christina Mae Shafer 
Douglas Howard Williams 

Poultry Science 

Michael Douglas Kreger 

Reliability Engineering 

Farzaneh M. Tafreshi 
Systems Engineering 

Timothy Irwin McDougall 

Textiles and 
Consumer Economics 

Anita Marie Mitchell 
Susan Downs Reed 


Ruth Lucille Roberts 
Joy Ann Williams 




August 1992 


Bachelor of Science 

Agricultural and Resource 

Christopher Lee Banko 
Avadesh Kumar Gulari 
Cedric Maurice Lane 
James Stanley Nastek 
Deepa Patel 
Edward Jan-Ping Pei 
Richard Lawrence Peterman 
Christopher Paul Robichaud 
Amelia Jan Svrjcek 
Luis Ramon Vallecillo 
Terita Louise Walker 

Animal Sciences 

Stephen Kenneth Crawford 

Natural Resources 

Michele Suzanne Dickey* 
James Brian Messina 


Bachelor of Science 

Alireza Honarkar 
In-Sook Elizabeth Kang 
Mark Howard Lichter 
Luan-Van Cong Nguyen 
John William Wright 


Bachelor of Arts 

Advertising Design 

Paul Warren Banks 
Sun O. Cha 

Kimberlv Alleine Courtney 
Kenna Hodgens French 
Theodore Peter Frymark 
Michele Marie Hoelman 
Garrett Gus Schuh 
Dwight Alan Taylor 

American Studies 

Chris W. Evans 
Peter A. Michaels 
Danielle Rotondo 
Erik M. Stein 

Art History 

Christa Denise Belton 
Susan Amantha Drake 
Mark Blair Goleb 
Timothy Michael Pugh 
2nd Degree: Art Studio 
Juliet Ann Wagner 

Art Studio 

Charles William Agel 

Erika Allyn Aguilar 

Artemis Anagnou 

Haleh Atabeigi 

Denise Michelle Brennan 

John Charles Clift 

Kathleen Dinges 

Glenn Alan Hall 

Timothy Christopher Hazelrig 

2nd Degree: General Business and 


§ Summa cum Laude 

t Magna cum Laude 

' cum Laude 

N D 

D U 

Valeria Locatelli Pereira da Cunha 
Kristen Marie Petersen 
Timothy Michael Pugh 
2nd Degree: Art History 
Mima C. Sayegh 
Steinunn Sigurdardottir 
Susanna Malone Wingenroth 


Amber Lee Berry 
Margaret Ellen Emley 
Marion Leigh McCarthy 
Miriam Ellen Nachlas 

East Asian Languages 
and Literature 

Kara Lenore Williamst 

English Language 
and Literature 

Jeffrey Mark Aug 
Sharon Marie Boeckle 
Roberta Lynn Bowersox 
Aaron Lee Breckstein 
Ashley Louisa Brown 
Debra Lynn Brown* 
Toya M. Burhanan 
Renee Elyse Bursfiner 
Deron Cornell Burton§ 

2nd Degree: Aerospace Engineering 
Elizabeth Clare Caruso 
Kathleen Mary Caulfield 
Kelly May Causeyt 
Jenny Chih-Wan Chi 

2nd Major: Economics 
Jill Marie Conaway 
Hollie CAmico 
Mary Diane Duffy 
Robert Christopher Ekstrand§ 
Marianne Elizabeth Forbes 
Andrew J. Freedman 
Eleni Dimifrios Giakoumakis 
George R. Goff 
Marybeth Grant 

§ Summa cum Laude 
f Magna cum Laude 
* cum Laude 

Frank Christopher Harrison 
Teresa L. Harvill 
Michael Grady Hathcock 
Cristin Chandra Hickey 
Georgia Rae Hughes 
Megan E. Hunter 
Patrick Jesse Hurston 
Cynthia L. King 
Mary E. Knox 
Kimberly Lane Kridler 
Sherry Ann Lau§ 
Raymond Lin 
Christine Marie Loomis 
John Richard Markham 
Alison Irene Natter 
Theresa L. Neagle 
Sharon Marie O'Donnell 
Emest Steven Palmer, Jr. 
Leslie A. Purket 
Adam C. Ramsey 
Brian John Scott 
Suzanne Louise Seaman 
Lisa L. Sedgwick 
Corey Douglas Singman 
Hope B. Slaybaugh 

2nd Major: Linguistics 
Kajana Renee Stephens 
Maryanna Laura Taglienti 
Wolfgang Willard von Maack 
Tanya Montique Washington 
Sandra Woodlock 
Karin Johanna Zweerink 

French Language 
and Literature 

Isabelle Stamper 

German Language 
and Literature 

Roland Michael Guegel 
Carol Suzanne McCabe 


Micah C Buder 

Russell Bruce Christensen 

Thomas W. Coppersmith, Jr. 

Donna Jeanne Fisher 
Neil Richard Lebowitzt 
Matthew Benjamin Lyons 
Robert W. Mattson 
Matthew Fitzgerald Morin 
Thomas F. Sassa, Jr. 
Jason Charles Skidmore 
Michelle Sparacino 
Karen Dana Wachsberg 
Raymond Owen Winch 


Douglas Scot McNelly 


Kenneth David Beer 
Michael Philip Cruz 

Radio, Television and Film 

Sora Ann 
Alexandra Bello 
David L. Benjamin 
Karen Ross Blanks 
Froilan Jacob Cuesta 
David Wixom Dickerson, Jr. 
Erin Kathleen Dillon 
Theodore Dennison Doyle III 
Maria J. Femia 
Leslie Minnette Fun- 
Dale Green 
Nancy Grupe 
Glenn Allyn Karpel 
David John Montoya 
Sarah Catherine Muldoon 
Timothy Darren Paul 
Jennifer Kathleen Pride 
Aaron Sasson 
Gregory John Schmigel 
Lowell B. Supran 
Karen Lee Wells 

Romance Languages 

Amanda Brooke Hamlin 
Rhonda Lynn Newtont 

Spanish Language 
and Literature 

Christina Rosalinda Crussiah 
Katherine R. Free 
Olga Carolina Godoy 
Aida Mercedes Sabato 
Laura Lynn Solomon 
Cynthia Arlene Sfurtevanff 
Karen Leah Tadmor 

Speech Communication 

Wendy S. Amato 
Sharon Michelle Chudd 
Andrew R. Dovel 
Joanne Marie Edwards-Seem 
Mami Lee Fields 
Frederick Craig Goldberg 
Christopher Jay Keller 
Kimberly Ann LaRose 
Mindi R. Lurman* 
Christine Ann Macko 
Nicole Irene Naida 
Akoth Odoy-Sule 
Renee Kelli Ray 
David Scott Rosengarden 
Debra Ann Sanguiliano 
Joseph E. Strickland 
Andrew Jon Tuckman 
Robert W. Williams m 
Renee Antoinette Wright 
Neil Joseph Zuckerman 


Tara Beth Conolly 
Steven Trevor Pelekakis 



O F 


A T 



Bachelor of Music 


Patricia Ann Cossentino 

Bachelor of Science 

Advertising Design 

Alain Delille Blunt 
Deborah A. Cecco 
Meredith Jill Feldman 
Louis Christopher Geiger 
Angela Christine Johnson 
Emerv Todd Kiraly 
Kimherly Dawn Pollock* 
Michelle Lynn Robert 
Kenneth Jav Toro 
Melissa Lynn Turner 
Cynthia Louise Vogan 


Bachelor of Arts 

Afro-American Studies 

Tracv Alfreda Suber 


Paula Jean Lewis 
Steven Bruce MacLean 
Doris Mav Yochum* 

Criminal Justice 

Daniel Scott Bailey 
David Patterson Bell 
Michael Ryan Blancke 
Kimberly Ann Brose 
Gregory Charles Brown 
Grover Green Cantwell III 
George Geogy Cherian 
David Jeffery Cleanvater 
Melissa Anne Compton 
Walter John Coulther 
Stephen Malcolm Cromwell 
Joseph Vincent Dagen 
Gina Renee DOnofrio 
Patrick J. Fouty 
Louis John Franke§ 
John Francis Friel HI 
Jonathan Todd Gillis 
Gregory A. Hines 
Domingo Alejandro Isasi 
Timothy Villy Jun 
Chong Chin Kim 
John Marvin Laughton 
Derrick Ravmond Lewis 
Wilfredo Emmanuel Manlapaz 
Timothy Daniel CLearv 
Brian Michael Ott 
Elizabeth Ann Proctor 
Paige H. Richman 
Herbert Lee Rubin 
Emmett Jerrald Scotrt 
John Patrick Shoemaker 
Amoldo Soto 
Stephen Sam Tom 
Aloysius Joseph Venit, Jr. 
Michael Wayne Wagner 
Eric Michael Wallberg 
Michael Alan Wear 
Leslie Denise West 
Scott Richard Williamson 
Adam Corey Wolfson 
Brian Patrick Woolfolk 
Abraham Zuares 


John E. Codd 
Mark Peter Sroka 
Dawn Roelofs Thumann 


James G. Aronow 
Kevin Alfred Baker 
Robert Creighton Booth 
Daniel Bruce Carson 
Dean Hsueh Chen 
Douglas Mitchell Cornell 
Pradeep Kumar Dadlani 
Scott Stuart Greenspan 
Yoav Helman 
Christopher Thomas Joe 
Jeffrev David Johnson 
Denise Marie Kiliany 
Byoung Gon Lee 
Chris J. Levantis 
Qinghua Liu 
Matthew David Lovell 
David T. Mantjca 
John Reynold Maratta 
Kevin Edward McManus 
Brian Mark McNult 
Steven Dennis Moore 
Hideki Nagata 

Samir Albert Rabv 
Jeffrey David Santos 
Steven Craig Taylor 
Matthew John Trant 
Robert Gerald Unkle 
Anthonv Thomas Whitson 
Jeffery Scott Witte 
Scott S.Yun 

Government and Politics 

John Joseph Aguirre 
Mario Neil Credo Almonte 
Dax Fausto Alvarez 
Mark Edward Arden 
Todd A. Armstrong 
Curwin M. Ash 
Kenneth Craig Ayres 
Jose Eduardo Baigorria 
Ann Katherine Beegle 
Donald Kenneth Bice 
Mafya Kryszpel Block* 
Luisa Bonilla 
Chris Deanne Boyd 

2nd Degree: Accounting 
Kevin Joseph Brady 
Jill Natasha Brooks 
Stephanie Anne Bull 
Sophia Christina Castro 
David S.H. Chao 
Hong Suk Chung 
Mark Evan Cramer 
Christopher S. Dade 
T. Christopher DAvico 
Erica Marie Davis 
Catherine Jane Eaton Doyle 
Russell Allen Ege 
Abayomi Adewunmi Fashina 
Ronald Joseph Forline 
Edward Scott Frank 
David Walter Fricke, Jr. 
Todd Stuart Garey 
Joseph Harrison Gillette 

2nd Major: History 
Daniel Scott Goldsmith 
Paul Arthur Goodwin 
Damen Roethke Hauswald 
Kenneth Charles Herzog 
Kym Elizabeth Howarth 
Vernon Keith Hutchison 
Maria A. Ialacci 
Joseph Tige Kettish 
Margaret Louise Kircher 
Lori Elizabeth Kline* 
Elizabeth C. Krauss 
Caroline Clare Leakan 
Lawrence Aaron Leikin 

•Commencement Cover Designer 

§ Summa cum Laude 

t Magna cum Laude 

' cum Laude 

U N 

R A 

Heather Lynn Levin 
Purcell Shermont Luke 
Michel Isaac Malek 
David Arthur Manning 
Nicole Monique Mathis 
Lynne Anne McAlvanah 
Jeremy Lechtman Milk* 
Jeffrey Robert Miller 
Jonathan Erik Modell 
David Scott Morton 
Carl Stephen Mosley 
Anthony Songtae Oh 
Suzanne Marie Paszly 
Jeffrey Jon Pivovarnik 
Michael Paul Poissant 
Michael Patrick Powers 
Suzanne Elizabeth Restrepo 
Luis Costa Ribas* 
Eugene Joseph Riddle 
Steven Harlan Rosen 
Paul Russell 
Jay B. Sachnoff 
Suzanne Beth Savage 
Terrence Michael Savvey 
Stephen Andrew Seay 
Helen Shapiro 
Matthew Stone Shearer 
Jill llene Sugarman 
Sussan Marie Tahmasebi 
Michael Edmond Taylor 
Audrey Phyllis Thomas 
Charles Yu-qiao Wang 

2nd Major: East Asian Languages and 
Jeffrey Peter West 
Tara T. Wheeler 
Romy Elisa Williams 
Sherri Lynn Wood 
Richard W. Yoon 

Hearing and Speech Sciences 

Crystal Diane Loomis 


Debra Jill Axler 
Bryan James Baird 

§ Summa cum Laude 
t Magna cum Laude 
' cum Laude 

Jeffrey H. Barton 
Jonathan Stuart Batten 
Andrew Nicholas Bihun 
Jill Ann Colton 
Maria Helena Corvette 
John Joseph Coughlin 111 
Kim DeRosa 
Mark Warren Edelstein 
Fanny Guadalupe Espinoza 
David William Gilbert 
Sharon Gacho Hobson 
Yvonne Yifang Hu 
Tonya Faye Humes 
Patrick Leonard Jeter 
Jamee Dawn Kriegstein 
Michael Stuart Leibow 
Andrew Todd Liebowitz 
Rebecca Middleton Ljungquist 
Kwang Heng Gregory Nah 
Scott Ryan Olson 
Jonathan David Polanint 

2nd Major: Govemmmt and Politics 
Marlaina Fave Rosenthal 
Lori Robin Schelling 
Bryan Scott Sillaman* 
Andrew Michael Sopher 
Scott Michael Walsh 
Tanya Nicole zur Nedden 


Colleen Marie Brett 
Jennifer Krishna Brous 
Scott Douglas Devore 
Carolyn Denise Eddy 
Colleen M. Grimes 
David Brian Grimes 
Noah David Karchmer 
Sheri Lynn Khanna 
Shizuka Nagatat 
Maureen Marie Pacanowski 
Andrew Thomas Paradise 

2nd Degree: General Business and 
Mark Charles Polk 
Bernardo Alban Serrano, Jr. 
Madeline Carol Smircina 
Wendy Ann Weiler 
Adam Scott Weinstein 

Urban Studies 

Christopher James DiMario 
Evan Jeremy Ehrlich 
Darren Jerome Johnson 
Allen Brent Jones, Jr. 
Jennifer Leigh Mizroch 
Krish Ann Morse 
Steven L. Shapiro 
Kenneth Starr 

Bachelor of Science 


Collin James Baber 
Matthew John Campbell 
Emilv A. Krasevic 
Virginia Jean Kupperian 
James Edward Lynch 
J. Mukherjee 
Steven Durin Williams 


Daryl Stuart Bartow 
Jodi Alise Dindas 
Cheryl Lynne Feldman 
Joan Ryan Hosty 
Glenn Michael Norwicke 
Douglas Scott Weston 


Bachelor of Science 


Ricardo Andrew Craig Ashby 
Asmeret Aylay 
DeLisa Renee Berry 
Steven Robert Boccone 
Chris Deanne Boyd 
2nd Degree: Government and Politics 

James Caleb Curtis 
Edgar B. de Leon 
Ralph Dickerson III 
Lisa Marie Farrellt 
Leigh Ann Frendberg 
Karuna Ganesan 
Wavne Winston Gibbs 
Charlie David Greever 
Susan Nicole Grieco 
Jerome Jenkins 
Jessica Rebecca Jones 
Stephen Philip Kerrigan 
Michael Frederick Kucherovf 

2nd Major: Finance 
Chun Yip Lau 
Melissa Ho-Wai Lau 
Elliot Jacob Leibowitz* 
Lorraine S. Leipold 
Tanya Shari Lew 
Shaminder K. Minhas 
Edward George Muldrow, Jr. 
Wai-Har Jeannie Ng 
Kathryn Mathile Noonan 
Eric David Percy 
Francisco Jesus Perez De Uriguen 

2nd Major: Fitmnce 
Robin Rae Ramsay 
Terri Yvonne Roth 
Kellye Lvnette Sifford 
Stephen Siow 
Michele Marie Stolle 
Judith Eileen Sulhvan 


1 T Y 

O F 


R Y L A N D 

A T 

C O 



Mark David Tash 
Deborah Ellen Virgil 
Jian Wen 
Cara Helen West 
Joseph R. White 
Hyo Cha Yang 
Lisa Christine Zeller 


Neil Adam Bloom 
Michael Gene Chang* 
Tsu Yun Cheung 
Nadine Lorraine Clarke 
Stacy Clay 

Dean Darren Dardzinski 
Rajesh T. Divakar 
Scott Victor Elbaum 
Megan Theresa Harmon 
Jennifer Amelia Hanson 
May Mazen Husseini 
Matthew Edward Killam 
Shen Kai Lew 
Janie Chun-Yi Lin 

2nd Major: Accounting 
Marc Anthony Madison 
Thomas Benjamin Matthews, Jr. 
Mary Ann McFarland 
Christian Vu Nguyen 
Diana Alexandra Rabinovich 
Paul Andrew Ratcliffe 

2nd Major: Economics 
Nathaniel David Richer 
Michael Gordon Shippel 
Henry Hung Shiu 

2nd Major: Accounting 
Punam Varma 
Steven Michael Wilson 
Daniel Patrick Young 

General Business and 

Robert Hayden Avellini 

Karen Ann Brophy 

Renee Nancy Chait 

Marc Eric Harris 

Timothy Christopher Hazelrig 

2nd Degree: Art Studio 
Todd Vinton Howard* 
Christopher Bryan Lee 
LeAnn Marie Lyons 
William Rudd McDonald 
Andrew Thomas Paradise 

2nd Degree: Sociology 
Chanin L. Sharpless 

2nd Major: Transportation 

Human Resource Management 

Anne Lark Bart 
Sandra Jean Blackburn 
Edward S. Kang 
Christina Marie Riegel 
Jeffrey Lawrence Shafritz 
Meena Taneja* 
Mohammed Aalishaan Zaidi 

Management Science and 

Felicia Ode Afoakwah 
Sae Jin Kim 
Servando Lopez 

2nd Mapr: Finance 
Brian H. Olsen 


George Assimakopoulos 
Deanna Neal Belliveau 
Lisa Michelle Connatser 
Susan Emerson Daye 

2nd Major: Finance 
Edward R. Giddings 
Tunde Gondan 
Peter James Gouvis 
April Michele Hughes 
William Andrew Johnston IE 
Andrew Frank Jose 

Marc David Kanfrowitz 
Yvette Kathryn Kemerer 
Julie Ann Kraus 
Timothy David Law 
Christie Ann Murphy 

2nd Major: Radio, Teleinsion and Film 
Sharon Teresa Newman 

2nd Major: Transportation 
Lien-Anh Gia Hoang Nguyen 
Teresa Myra Parise 


Brian David Bailey 
Dianne Marie Bors 

2nd Major: General Business and 
John A. Deosaran 

2nd Major: Marketing 
Nelson David Gomez 
Chieko Matsumoto 


Bachelor of Science 
Computer Science 

James Aspinwall 

Christopher Keith Braganza 

Eric W. Bull 

Bishwajeet Charterjee 

Lai Chun Cho 

Thomas Jeffrey Clark 

James Albert Markwood da Suva 

Russell Andrew Fink 

Kenneth Sze Hong 

Thanh T.N.Le 

Thomas G. Magorka 

David Victor Mov 


Jefferson Hugh Ogata 

Lisa Sharon Spicknallt 

Carolyn Amelia Rast Stanoyevitch 

Robert Edward Tewey 

Javier Armando Thamez Landaeta 

Michael Paul Van Wie 

Jerome Paul Wieber 

Joel C. Wilson 

Pei-Yu Yang* 


Clinton Alfred Sandford 

2nd Degree: Science Education 
Amanda Louise Sigillito 


Valleri Lynn Boyd 
Lynn Chyong Chen 
Fawzi Philip Emad 
Deborah Marie Fugazzi 
Gervasio Gomezt 

2nd Degree: Physics 
Susan Christine Hoffman 
Drew Richards Kistler 
Jiun H. Lai 
Pauline M. Moy 
Maria Bernadette Neal 
Sharon Rivas O'Rourke 
Hillary Sara Shein 
Sanjeev Poornachandra Shuklat 
Kara Yvette Speights 
David John Urevick 
Zhihao Zhang 

Physical Sciences 

David Allen Bonner 
Gregory M. Buley 
Michael Eric Dudley 
Douglas Hugh Engel 
Stephanie Lynn Fauver 
James John Ma tera 


Gervasio Gomezt 

2nd Degree: Mathematics 

§ Summacum Laude 

t Magna cum Laude 

' cum Laude 

U N 


D U 

Wanda Elena Savarese 
Amy Elizabeth Skowronek 


Bachelor of Arts 

English Education 

Michelle Coulon 
Dwight Anthony Onley 

Foreign Language Education 

Melissa Ann Long 
Gail Michelle Sirota* 
Monica Cheryl Womble 

Social Studies Education 

Linda Beth Bernard 
Victoria Creveling Mariano 

Bachelor of Science 

Business Education 

Ina Reva Bennett 
Sallye Gaye McSwain 
Stacy Elaine Warf 

Early Childhood Education 

Pei-Pei Anita Chen 

Elementary Education 

Leesa Marie Brown 
Anna Julia Fitzgerald 
Denise Anna Gielner 
Kristen Leslie Knowles 
Mary Teresa Veirs 

Home Economics Education 

Linda Susan Neudorfer 

§ Sumrna cum Laude 
i Magna cum Laude 
' i h»i Laude 

Industrial Technology 

Abrar Ahmad Ansari 
Rafael Enrique Lopez 
Audi N. Lucas 
Aaron Joseph Peterson 
Michael B. Ranti 
William Karl Woodward 

Mathematics Education 

Derrick Lennell Burton 
Martha Dene Keely 
2nd Degree: Electrical Engineering 

Music Education 

Joanna Starr Caldwell 
William Alexander Lanxner 

Science Education 

Leslie Ann Bernstein 
Susan Michelle Cizek 
Kathryn M. Gargurevich 
Clinton Alfred Sandford 

2nd Degree: Geology 
Michelle Ann Smetanick 

Social Studies Education 

Sima Benin 

William Charles Pechnik, Jr. 

Maria Louise Trementozzi 


Bachelor of Science 

Aerospace Engineering 

Deron Cornell Burton§ 

2nd Degree: English 
Leroy Hartzell Hewitt, Jr. 
Denise Mirabal 
Patricia Lynn Youngmann 

Chemical Engineering 

Arrey M. Ashu 
Michael Larry Miller* 

Civil Engineering 

Antonio DiStefano 
Gregory Bryan Fick 
Joyce Stacey Hart 
Julia K. Kopp 
Jeffrey Leroy Norman 
Todd Jamie Parsont 
Randall Hall Riesner 

Electrical Engineering 

Rajeev Batra 
Darryl Earl Clemons 
Rachel Joy Craver 
Joseph Stransky DeCamp 
Jacques Antonio Freeman 
Steven Thomas Guttag 
Maad Majeed Hameed 
Martha Dene Keely 

2nd Degree: Mathematics Education 
Kenneth James McCaughey 
John R. Morrist 
Tu Huu Nguyen 
Jonorman Cruz Padilla 
Nachiappan Periyanan 
Harold Luco Pierre 
Victoria Lynn Specht§ 
Cuong Chi Thach 
Mark David Williams 

Fire Protection Engineering 

Sylvain Joseph Pierre Carriere 
Donald Leland Mock 
Gaetan G. Morinville 

Mechanical Engineering 

Konrad Oskar Bergandy 

Chak K. Chan 

Xun Lucy Chen 

Andres Cruzat 

Michael Jonathon Dellapa III 

Kathryn Jolene Gaulke 

Craig E. Hampson* 

Laura Holly Knox 

David Wesley Kreiling 

Philip Lebris Maynard 

Henry Carlos McNeace 

Noel Erasmo Leonardo Monardes 

Robert F. Revay 

Laura E. Sheffield* 

Douglas Michael Skorupski 

Richard Li-Ming Su 


Undesignated Engineering 

David Brian Anderson 
Scott Andrew Wingate 


Bachelor of Science 
Health Education 

Mayumi N. Gottlieb 

Kinesiological Sciences 
Ronald Phillip Biffel 
Michelle Lee Fay 
David A. Hart 
Tyson Thomas Swigart 
David Michael White 

Physical Education 

Robert Charles Rohan 


William Michael Butkiewicz 
Michael George Hopson 
Kenneth Carl Panassidi 



O F 


A T 



Rita Louise Paoletti 
Gary Kalil Rohanna 
Arthur Daniel Sculco 
Christopher Michael Smith 
Darren T. Sussman 
Kathryn A. Yozzo 



Bachelor of Science 
Consumer Economics 

Michael William Bartelt 

Hallie Ann Bonnell-Thompson 
Christian Joseph Calure 
Rachel Anne Glynn 
Irene Catherine Jenkins 
Amy Beth Kuessner 
Michael Thomas Reilly 
John E. Zeaser III 

Family Studies 

Melinda Sue Baden 
Nicole Paige Fox 
Jonathan M. Gustave 
DysseJ. Kezsbonvr 
Steven D. Mandelbaum 
Michele Ann Mauchamer 
Nicole Jennifer Richman 
Bari Lauren Schwartz 
Elizabeth Mary Shanley 
Katharine Paige Steme-Pendleton 

Management and Consumer 

Joanna Liberty Aguinaldo 
Charlene Marie Graham 
Catherine Mary Hammer 
Kathleen Anne McGinn 
Kathleen Koren Mould 
Walter A. Williams 

Textile Marketing/Fashion 

Jacqueline Michelle Broadus 
Sang Kweon Cho 
Wendy Anne Cornish 
Emily A. Fernandez 
Raquel Janine Harris 
Jennifer Louise Holmest 
Dawn Marie Updike 
Diane Lynn Weiss* 
Kristen Lynn Wychulis 


Bachelor of Arts 

Stanislas F. Berteloot 
Kimberly Anne Cooper 
Rachel Louise Klebe 
Desiderio Jesus Rimon 
Jennifer Anne Smith 
Thomas Spencer Threlkeld 

Bachelor of Science 

Eric Andrew Boroff* 
Scott Raymond Bourland 
Edward Kai Chang 

2nd Major: East Asian Languages and 
Pamela Jean Folz 
Eugene Daniel Harrington 
Michael Terrence Padian 
Karen Lynn Quintiere 


Bachelor of Science 

Jerry Alan Rossignuolo 
Ernest Olester Washington, Jr. 


Emiliano G6mez§ 

General Biological Sciences 

Roberta Bliss Albert 

Stephen William Chong 

Elizabeth Ann Daly 

David Michael Garvin 

Hui-Chuan R. Hsieh 

Lloyd James 

Liane Marie- Yolande Langbehn 

Srikanth Mahavadi 

Lisa Ann Meshbesher 

Marcus Bernard Rindal 

John David Rifter 

Kelley Marie Roche 

Janet Marie Rumble 

Christopher George Stephenson 

Laura Anne Trapp* 


Wai Man Chan 
Sung H. Cho 
Kyle Elizabeth Cowan 
Juan Jose Gan 

2nd Major: Biochemistry 
Jisun Lew 
Fawziya Mirza 
Anjali Shanfikumar Patel 
Edward Smith Ramsay 
Akash Sharad Taggarse 


Farzad Azad 
Tara Louise Burke 
Karen Lesley Walker 
Song Han Yi 


Bachelor of Arts 

Individual Studies 

Grachel Roxas Javellana 

Bachelor of General Studies 

Michelle Louise Eller 
Frederic Albert Lawrence 
Jacqueline Palau 
Emily Elizabeth Russell 
Lara Anne Walker 
Marilyn Outerbridge Wilhelm 

Bachelor of Science 
Individual Studies 

Seth C. Moskowitz 





G R A D 11 A 





December 1992 


David K. Abe Electrical Engineering 

77k Design and Experimental Investigation of a Multiwave Cerenkov Generator as a High 

Power Microwave Source 

Quadri A. Adeseun Criminal Justice and Criminology 

77k Impact of Religious Beliefs and Religious Services on Delinquent Behavior 

Farida Adimi Physics 

Pion Absorption on 4Heat 114 MeV 

Amr A. Adly Electrical Engineering 
Mathematical Modeling of Media With Hysteresis 

Djime D. Adoum Agricultural and Extension Education 

Factors Affecting Initial Adoption of Agricultural Expert Systems: A Survey of Selected 

States With Focus on a Neio Expert Si/stem for Man/land 

Rakesh K. Agarwal Mechanical Engineering 

Prediction of Electrical Thermal and Mechanical Properties of Woven- Fabric Composites 

for Design ofPWB Substrate Materials 

Nancy F. Aiken Counseling and Personnel Services 

Impact of Court Ordered Counseling of Domestic Violence Victims on Blame Attribution 

Julia L. Albertine Human Nutrition and Food Systems 

Effects of Different Heating Methods and Temperatures, on the Sensory, Physical, and 

Chemical Characteristics of Imitation Crab 

David W. Armstrong Kinesiology 

Tlie Role of Beta-Endorplnn in Exercising Humans Acutely Exposed to Cold or Hot Air 

Joanne M. Atlee Computer Science 
Automated Analysis ofSoftwave Requirements 

Murat M. Aydede Philosophy 

Implementation, Connection, and the Language of Thought 

The December 1992 class roster comprises degree candidates from the grad- 
uate and undergraduate programs at the University of Maryland at College 
Park. As final action cannot always be taken for candidates by the time this 
program is printed, the list of candidates here is tentative only. The univer- 
sity reserves the right to withdraw or add names. Diplomas (for other than 
doctoral degrees) will be mailed by the Office of Records and Registrations. 



O F 


A T 



Bradley S. Baldwin Marine, Estuarine, and Environmental Sciences 

77ie Natural Diet ami Feeding Beliavior of Oyster Larvae (Crassostrea Virginica) 

Ashwin K. Ballal Engineering Materials 
Cliaracterization of In As and Cubic BN Films 

Elizabeth Barnes Public Communication 

Spatial Contexts for the Sliakespearean Soliloquy: Macbeth Adapted From Film, to 


Fred M. Beasley Business and Management 

Vie Impact of Consumer Promotions on Purclmse Acceleration 

Elizabeth R. Beil Counseling and Personnel Services 
Miscarriage: An Examination of Selected Variables on Grief 

Charles E. Bell Physics 

Martha A. Bell Human Development 

Individual Differences in Object Search Performance at Eight Montlis of Age: The 

Relations Among Locomotor Experience, Sustained Attention, and Brain Electrical 


Thomas P. Bell Industrial, Technological and Occupational Education 
Curriadum Guidelines for the Communication Technology Area of TechnologyTeaclier 
Education Programs 

Howard J. Bender Curriculum and Instruction 

Towards Semantics-Oriented Machine Translation: Using Synonym Comparisons to 

Interpret Natural Language 

Erica G. Bernstein Mathematics 

Generalized Riesz Products for Pyramidal Schemes 

Haidee K. Bernstein Special Education 

Public Awareness and Child Find Campaigns Under Part H of IDEA: A Revieiv of 

Selected States 

Robert B. Bertram Botany 

Genetic Resources ofCassaw: Evolution and Assessment of Manihot Sect. 


Shi vara j pur Bhaskar Computer Science 

Michael A. Bienenstock Special Education 

An Investigation of Least Restrictiiv Environment Policy as it Relates to State Level Policy 

in Special Education 

Mary E. Bligh Human Nutrition and Food Systems 

77k Effects of Chronic Cold Stress on Adrenel Hormones and Macronutrient Choice 

Sheila C Boston Curriculum and Instruction 
Statis N. Coleman: Her Career in Music Education 

Matthew E. Briggs Physics 

Plwtotliermal Deflection Spectroscopy in a Supercritical Fluid 

Evan B. Brody Kinesiology 

Vie Effect of Varying Concentration Upon Force Alteration and Activation of tlie Biceps 
ami Medial Triceps Brachii During an Isometric Elbow Flexion Task: An 
Electromyographic Assessment 

Amy E. Brown Marine, Estuarine, and Environmental Sciences 

An Investigation of Neurolvliavioral Effects of Low to Moderate Organo-phosphate 

Exposure m lawn and Landscape Pesticide Applicators 

Wojciech Bulatek Mathematics 

Smoth, Weakly Isomorphic, Weakly Mixing Flows are Not Necessarily Isomorphic 

Mary E. Burfisher Economics 

Agriculture in a US-Mexico Free Trade Agreement: A Computable General Equilibrium 


John H. Burgess Economics 

Poison Pills and the Market for Corporate Control 

Robert P. Butler Astronomy 

Paula C Butterfield Special Education 

An Investigation of the Use oftlie Growth Measurement Score to Identify Academic 

Achievement Potential of Tliird and Sixth Grade Students 

Jongcook Byun Business and Management 

Three Essays on the International Finance: Barriers to International Investment, the 

Purchasing Power Party, and the Real Interest Rates 

Zhong N. Cai Electrical Engineering 
Stage Buffer Design of Multi-Level Cache 

John R. Callahan Computer Science 
Software Packaging 

Coral S. Carey Health Education 

Humor and Stress: Defense or Mature Coping Strategy 







Cynthia L. Cates Government and Politics 

Dong-Ok Chah Business and Management 

Tlie Relation of Ceo Traits, Behaviors and Skills to Effectiveness in U.S. and Korean 


Audrey Chang Physics 

Structural Properties of Silicon and Chromium Microclusters: From Semi-Emprical and 

Ab Initio Molecular Dynamics Calculations 

Yu-chen Chang Chemical Engineering 

The Thermophoretic Effects in the Transport of High Temperature Aerosols 

Lin M. Chaves Psychology 

Chien-Jen Chen Electrical Engineering 

Tlieoretical and Computational Study of Fiber Ring and hoop Lasers 

Jian-Guang Chen Electrical Engineering 

Resonant Tunneling in AlGas/GaAs Double-Barrier Heterostractures 

Jun-Liang Chen Physics 

First-Principles Studies of Ionic and Transition-Metal Microclusters 

Ming-Huei Chen Mechanical Engineering 

Tiuee Dimensional Semi- Analytical Finite Element Analysis of Fiber Microbuckling in 

Multidirectional Laminated Composites 

Shih J. Chen Public Communication 

A Convergence Model of Communication and Organizational Croup Climate: A Galileo 


Xiao G. Chen Civil Engineering 

Xiaolin Chen Electrical Engineering 

Dynamics and Control of Constrainer Nonlinear Systems 

Yeong-Shu Chen Mechanical Engineering 

Predicting tlie Vibrational Fatigue Lives of Chip Components Mounted on a PWB 

Yung-Mien Chen Mechanical Engineering 

Determining Mixed Mode Stress Intensity Factors Kl and Kll for Crack Tips Located Near 

a Concentrated Force 

Joseph W. Cheng Business and Management 

An Alternative Test of the After Tax CAPM and the Impact of Switch in Dividend Policy 

on the Riskiness of Common Stocks 

Kuo-Ping Chiao Mechanical Engineering 

Least Squares Model Reduction for Vibration Control of Complex Mechanical Systems 

Minze V. Chien Electrical Engineering 

Hardware Efficient and High Performance Net-works for Parallel Computers 

Ching-Te Chiu Electrical Engineering 

Real-Time VLSI Algorithms and Architectures for Time-Recursive Discrete Sinusoidal 

Transforms With Applications to Video Communications 

Damian J. Christian Astronomy 

Spectral and Temporal Behavior of Low Mass X-Ray Binaries Observed With the Einstein 

SSS and MFC and the Broad Band X-Ray Telescope 

William W. Clark Counseling and Personnel Services 
Countertransference of a Religious Nature in Christian Counseling 

Thomas W. Clinton Physics 

Effects of Oxygen on the Magnetic Order of the Rare Earths in RBa^Cu^O^R 


Charles J. Coate Business and Management 
A Two Period Bidding Model of the Audit Market 

Mary A. Collins Sociology 

School Social Context, Self-Esteem, and Locus of Control Among Wliite, Black, and 

Hispanic Eighth Graders 

Frank C Conahan Human Development 
Attachment as a Factor in Behavior Modification 

Alberto Cordero Philosophy 

Understanding Quantum Theory From the Practices-Up 

Mathew S. Corson Electrical Engineering 

A Distributed Routing Protocol for Mobile Radio Networks and its Performance 


William J. Coyle Economics 

77ie Formation of Distributional Coalitions and Firm Profitability 

Gilbert L. Crouse, Jr. Aerospace Engineering 

An Analytical Study of Unsteady Rotor/Fuselage Interaction in Hover and Forward Flight 

Rachid Dahmani Chemical Physics 

Optical Properties of Cadmium Sulfide. Zinc Selenitic, and Zinc Manganese Selenide 

Semiconductor Films 



O F 


C O 

E G E 


David M. Dancer Mechanical Engineering 

Natural Convection in Tanks Containing One or Two Fluid Phases 

James P. Darling Electrical Engineering 

Data Parallel Algorithms for the Numerical Modeling of Semiconductor Devices 

Neil R. Davison English Language and Literature 

Silence, Exile and Cunning: Joyce and the Construction offeiuish Identity 

Betty H. Day English Language and Literature 

Tliis Comes of Writing Poetry: The Public and Private Voice ofLydia H. Sigourney 

Amy M. Decloux Microbiology 

Role of Environment and Mutagenesis in Recovery of E. Coli Mutants 

Alexios Delis Computer Science 

Client-Server Databases: Architectures and Performance Analysis 

Leslie G. Depaolo Human Development 

An Interdisciplinary Investigation and Synthesis of Definitions and Dynamics of Human 

Development and Tlieir Implications for Educational Reform 

Dinakar S. Desai Animal Sciences 

Developmental Regulation of Insulin-Like Growth Factor-II in Sheep 

Neal K. Devine Physics 

Electron-Deuteron Scattering With Relativistic Quasipotential Models 

Jastej S. Dhingra Electrical Engineering 

Reconfigurable Control in Discrete Event Dynamic Systems Applied 

to Manufacturing Systems 

Ellen M. Dikel Health Education 

Utilization of Breast and Cervical Cancer Screening by Women in Maryland: Prewlences 

and Trends 

Paul A. Dirmeyer Meteorology 

GCM Studies of tlie Influence of Vegetation on the General Circulation: Tlie Role of Albedo 

in Modulating Climate Clrnnge 

Pamela B. Docarmo Education Policy, Planning and Administration 
Paramedic Program Accreditation and Quality: A Study of the Relationship 

Ellen M. Dontigney Human Development 

Mood and Intrinsic Motivation 

Nancy C. Dosch Kinesiology 

The Use of Exercise as a Medical Therapeutic in Mid-Nineteenth Century America 


Valerie W. Drake Human Development 

African American Caregivers of Elderly Clients: Correlates of Life Satisfaction 

Bryan E. Dutton Botany 

A Monographic Study of the Gams Anemone L (RANUNCULACEAE) Section Sylvia 


Dennis G. Dye Geography 

Global Interannual Variation of Incident Photosyntlietically Active Radiation 

Fady G. Elassaad Agricultural Engineering 

A Laboratory System for Poultry Transport Crate Disinfection 

Diane M. Everman History 

Melvin D. Ferrier Marine, Estuarine, and Environmental Sciences 
Fluxes and Metabolic Pools of Amino Acids in Algal-Cnidaiian Symbioses 

Richard P. Fischer Electrical Engineering 
An 85 Ghz Quasioptical Gyroklystron Experiment 

Gayle A. Fisher-Stewart Government and Politics 
Police Chief Professionalism: Does Race Make a Difference 

Paul G. Flikkema Electrical Engineering 

Parallel Acquisition of Spread Spectrum Signals With Doppler 

John A. Filter Government and Politics 

Fekadu Folle Agronomy 

Effects of Tillage on Organic and Inorganic Phosphorus Forms and Sorption in Soils of 

Man/land and Southern Africa 

Robert A. Forczyk Government and Politics 

Emergent India and the Assessment ofTliird World Regional Powers in the Post-Cold War 


Patricia A. Fouts Textiles and Consumer Economics 

Residential Response to Price Changes in Natural Gas Service: A Short Run and long Run 


Patricia A. Francis American Studies 

Never a Stranger: Margaret Mead as an American Celebrity 





G R A D U A 


Timothy L. Francis Recreation 

Michael C. Frazier Psychology 

Psychosocial Com'lates of Contraceptive Behavior Among Black Male College Students 

Noah S. Friedland Computer Science 

Theresa Gaasterland Computer Science 
Generating Cooperative Answers to Database Queries 

Madhur Gautam Agricultural and Resource Economics 

Sequential Decision Making Under Temporal Risk In/ Households in Dryland Agriculture 

Richard G. Gibson Jr Business and Management 

Information Technology in International Business: An Architectural Perspective 

Peter M. Giovanoni Astronomy 

Effects of Relativistic Neutrons on Active Galatic Nuclei Models 

Sheila C Gray Education Policy, Planning, and Administration 

Arthur C. Grinath Economics 

Barbara K. Gruber Special Education 

The Effects of Integrated Summer Day Camp Programs on Children Without Disabilities 

Jian Gu Electrical Engineering 

Yin Guo Physics 

A Semiclassical Study of Quantum Maps 

Gwendolyn F. Hall Policy Studies 

Managing Interseri'ice Competition: The Relationship Bettveen the Secretary of Defense 

and the Joint Chiefs of Staff 

Mary Y. Hama Textiles and Consumer Economics 

Food and Nutrient Consumption Patterns of Households in Puerto Rico 

Ming Han Chemistry 

Coal- and Oil-Fired Power Plants Contributions to the Atmosphere of Maryland 

Ellen E. Hanak Economics 

A Service-Based Theory of Retail Banking,With Application to the Estimation of Money 


William R. Harrell Electrical Engineering 

Andrew J. Harris Government and Politics 

Presidents, Generals and Green Berets: Explaining the Rise and Decline of Special 

Operations Forces 

Sue J. Hawkins Human Development 

Comparison of Fear of Crime Among Urban and Suburban Elderly 

Theresa E. Hefferan Nutritional Sciences 

Eleanor E. Heginborham English Language and Literature 
Dwelling in Possibilities: Emily Dickenson's Fascicles 

Maria E. Heinrich Spanish Language and Literature 

Inicios del Teatro Indcpcndiente en Bueiws Aires: El Teatro del Pueblo en 1930 

Terrence H. Hemmer Chemical Physics 

Theoretical Studies ofHydrazoic Acid, Extensions to the RRK and RRKM Tlieories of 

Unimolecular Reactions And Collisional Quenching Reactions 

Paul C Hershey Electrical Engineering 

Information Collection Architecture for High Speed Network Environments 

Jean- Yves Herve Computer Science 

Computer Vision for Navigation Tasks 

Sunggi Heu Botany 

Cliaracterization ofhrmA Modulating Hypersensitive Response of Pseudomonas Syringae 

pv. Syringae 

Neil A. Holliker Education Policy, Planning, and Administration 

Dual Institutional Accreditation: A Study of Bible Colleges With Both National and 

Regional Accreditation 

Linda L. Hon Journalism 

Totoard a Feminist Theory of Public Relations 

Wen-Shuen Hong Civil Engineering 

Behavior of Tim-Span Composite Bridge Girders Designed In/ Autostress Method (ALFD) 

Zhaohui Hong History 

Changing Interpretations of Land Speculation in Western Development-Historians and 

Shaping of the American West 

Maurice B. Howard Education Policy, Planning, and Administration 
An Analysis of the Opinions ofTwelth Grade Students, Tlieir Parents! Guardians, High 
School Teachers, and School-Based Administrators about Educational High School Features 
in St. Mary's County, Maryland 



O F 


A T 



Shao-Hsu Hsieh Biochemistry 

Alteration by Site-Directed Mutagenesis of the Conserved Lysine Residue in the Consensus 

ATP-Binding Sequence of the RecB Protein of Escherichia Coli 

Kae-Sheng Hsueh Nuclear Engineering 

An Integrated Simulation Model for Plant/Operator Beliavior in Accident Conditions 

Sen Hu Mechanical Engineering 

Heat Transfer and Pressure Drop of Liquid Cooled Offset Fin Heat Exclmngers 

Kuan H. Huang Mechanical Engineering 

Liuqing Huang Computer Science 
Purposive Visual Robotics 

Mu-Hsuan Huang Library and Information Services 
Pausing Behavior of End-Users in Online Searching 

Shay-Jan Huang Electrical Engineering 

Tsu-Wei Hwang Mechanical Engineering 

Analysis of Surface Quality in Machining of Metals and Advanced Ceramics 

Shirley Hymon-Parker Education Policy, Planning, and Administration 
Bridging the Cap Between Fashion Retail Education and Employment: An Assessment of 
the Benefits and Limitations of Existing Practices 

James R. Irons Agronomy 

Suad M. Itani English Language and Literature 
William Faulkner: TIk Mystery of Language 

Mary A. Jackson Education Policy, Planning, and Administration 

Concerns of Teachers Toward Their Mathematics Training as Part of the Man/land School 

Performance Program 

Alusine S. Jah Agricultural and Extension Education 
Leadership in Agricultural Education in Maryland: Responsibilities of High School 
Supertendeiits,Voc. Directors and Principals as Perceived by Incumbents, Ag. Ed. Teacliers 
and Ag. Interest Groups in Md 

Dianne N. Janczewski Zoology 

Phytogeny of the Felidae Based on Mitochondrial DNA Sequence Comparisons 

Judith L. Jarrell Business and Management 

Modeling the Determinants of Statisfaction and Commitment in Buyer- Seller 

Relationships in Less-Tlian-Tnickload Motor Carrier Industry 

Mollie Jaschik-Herman Psychology 

Tlie Psychological and Beliavioral Correlates of Body Image Concerns in Non-Eating- 
Disordered Women : Differences According to Gender Role and Sexual Orientation 

Ming-Une Jen Mechanical Engineering 

Tlie Dynamic Interaction of the Cutting Process and the Workpiece in Facing 

Christopher Q. Jian Mechanical Engineering 

An Experimental and Tlieoretical Study of Buoyant Horizontal jet Flames 

Guo-Xiong Jin Physics 

Effects of Critical Fluctuations on Thermodynamic Properties of Fluids and Fluid Mixtures 

Jiahua A. Jin Physics 

Effective Interfacial Hamiltonians and the Tlieory of Wetting 

Lynne Ellen Johnson Art History and Archaeology 
Tlie Religious Paintings ofPiero di Coshno 

Brian H. Johnstone Marine, Estuarine and Environmental Sciences 
Detection and Regulation of Collagenase in Vibrio Alginolytians and Marine Sponge 
Associated Bacteria 

Gregory E. Jones Measurement, Statistics and Evaluation 

Sharon M. Jones Psychology 

Tlie Transition to Senior Housing: A Test of a Model of Adult Transitions 

Cheryl L Jordan Recreation 

Tlie Evolution of the Baltimore City Bureau of Recreation (1940-1988) 

Thierry J. Jutel Public Communication 

Gail A. Keller Counseling and Personnel Services 

An Investigation of Characteristic WISC-R Profiles of Inner-City Children 

Brian L. Kelly Curriculum and Instruction 

The Effect of a CooperativejCompetitive Instructional Program on Student Achievement 

and Attitude Toward Mathematics 

John W. Kennington, Jr. Chemistry 

Jae-Hoon Kim Meteorology 

Diagnosis of the General Circulation Model Anomalies by the Tropical Sea Surface 






G R A D U A 


Young-Rae Kim English Language and Literature 
A Tliematic Study on Melville's The Piazza Tales 

Timothy W. Kinlock Criminal justice and Criminology 

Precursors and Correlates of Serious Criminal Behavior Oi'era Narcotic Addiction Career 

Maria C. Kirkbride Agricultural and Extension Education 

Best Management Practices on Maryland's Eastern Shore: Influences of a Demonstration 

Farm on Their Adoption 

Heidi B. Kirkpatrick Astronomy 

Benjamin P. Kirtman Meteorology 
Dynamics of Tropical Intraseasonal Variability 

Sunita Kishor Sociology 

Gender Inequality and Development : A District-Level Analysis ofjuveiiile Sex Ratios and 

Early Childhood Mortality in India 

Jody Klein-Saffran Criminal Justice and Criminology 

Recidivism, Employment and Drug Use: A Study of Federal Offenders Released Via 

Electronic Monitoring or Halfway House Programs 

Margaret A. Klein Curriculum and Instruction 

Tlie Effects of Exposure to Positive Humor on Reduction of Public Speaking Apprehension 

Among College Undergraduates 

Yun-Fei Ko Chemical Engineering 

An Integrated Metabolic Modeling Approach for Describing the Energy Efficiency of 

Escherichia Coli: Theoretical Development and Application 

Eric L. Kohatsu Counseling and Personnel Services 

The Effects of Racial Identity and Acculturation on Anxiety, Assertiveness, and Ascribed 

Identity Among Asian American College Students 

Rita R. Kolb Measurement, Statistics and Evaluation 

William J. Kovarik Public Communication 
The Ethyl Controversy 

Richard M. Kreminski Applied Mathematics 
Graded Manifolds and Spin Structure 

Lei Kuang Electrical Engineering 

Burst Reduction in High Speed Networks and the Calculus ofBurstiness 

Maura L. Kurkjian Psychology 

Age-Effects on Retinal Sensitivity to Light as Indicated by the F-ERG in Pigeon 

Ohbin Kwon Mechanical Engineering 

Numerical Study of Turbulent Reacting Flmv in an Internal Combustion Engine Cylinder 

Gregory R. Lamotta History 

The Americanization of the Virgin Islands, 1917-1946 

Donald F. Larson Agricultural and Resource Economics 

David A. Latzko Economics 

Wars, Strikes find Legal Disputes: A Study of Conflict and its Resolution 

Jacqueline S. Lazarewicz Education Policy, Planning, and Administration 
Parent Attitudes Toward Tlieir Children's School Based on Participation in a Curriculum 
Training Program 

Margaret E. Leavy Health Education 

Tlie Evaluation of an Oral Health Education Program for Inner City First Grade Students: 

Instrument Development and Outcome Assessment 

Ching-Yi Lee Electrical Engineering 

Low Cost Unicasting and Multicasting Networks With Fast Routing Schemes 

Hai-Tien Lee Meteorology 

Development of a Statistical Method for Estimating the Downward Longwave Radiation at 

the Surface From Satellite Observations 

Bernhard P. Leeb Mathematics 

Guang-Dih Lei Chemical Engineering 

Modeling of Continents Melt Pah/condensation Reactors for the Synthesis of PolylEthylene 


Virginia A. Lerch Horticulture 

Genetic and Phenotypic Diversity Within and Among Species and Groups of an Impatiens 

Germplasm Collection, and Breeding Lines ofNezu Guinea Impatiens 

Hai Li Physics 

Space Cliarge Instabilities in Gyrotron Electron Beams and Nonlinear Tlieory of Gyro- 
Amplifiers at Cyclotron Harmonics 

Qichang Li Poultry Science 



O F 


A T 



Yiwei Li Applied Mathematics 

Tlieorelical and Numerical Problems of Constitutive Laws of Plasticity and Tlieir 


De-Ron Liang Computer Science 

Synchronization Issues in Modeling Parallel Computations 

Bruce P. Libby Chemistry 

Decay of Hot Nuclei Formed in La-Induced Reactions at E/A=45 MeV 

Maria H. Lima Comparative Literature 

Decolonizing Genre: Post-Colonial Women Writers and the Bildungsroman 

Hongchin Lin Electrical Engineering 

Efficient Self-Consistent Semiconductor Dance Modeling by Deterministic Solution to the 

Boltzmann Transport Equation 

Po-Yang F. Lin Electrical Engineering 
Regidar VLSI Layout Structures of CMOS Circuits 

Xia Lin Library and Information Services 

Zhichao Lin Chemistry 

Tlie Study of Particulate Source Apportionment Using Enriched Stable Rare Earth Isotopic 


Nancy C Lindley Music 

Singer Radiana Pazmor and American Music: Tlie Performer as Advocate 

Carey M. Lisse Physics 

Infrared Observations of Dust in Comets by COBE 

Mark A. Little Agricultural Engineering 

Water Temperature Simulation and Validation in a Solar Heated Aquaculture Pond 

Huifang Liu Geology 

Lurng-Kuo Liu Electrical Engineering 

Mingyao Liu Zoology 

77it' VDAC Modulator: Purification and Actions on VDAC Channels and Isolated 


Shaohua Liu Physics 

The Study on Metallic Impurity Band in N-Type GaAs 

Wei Liu Biochemistry 

Tlie Mechanisms of Action of Antimicrobial Peptides Subtilin and Nisin 

Yuan Liu Computer Science 
Null Values in Logic Programs 

John M. Lorah Phvsics 

A Measurement of tlie Forward-Backward Asymmetry in the Process 

Kathleen S. Lossau Philosophy 

Satisficing as a Variation on Act-Utilitarian Ethical Tlieory 

Anil P. Macwan Nuclear Engineering 

A Simulation-Based Approach to Model Errors of Commission in Following Emergency 

Operating Procedures 

Valerie D. Macys English Language and Literature 

Behind tlie Mask: Flannery O'Connor and the Discomforts of Home 

Houria Madani Chemical Physics 

Mass and Cliarge Distributions in Iron-Induced Reactions and Exitation Energy Division 

Between the Fragments of the 672-MeV ^"Fe+^"^Ho Reaction 

Manabi B. Majumdar Government and Politics 

Inducing Investment and Instituting Democracy: Political Economy of tlie Industrial 

Spliere in Sweden and tlie United States 

Saundra R. Maley English Language and Literature 
Solitary Apprenticeship: fames Wright ami German Poetry 

Akhtar A. Malik Civil Engineering 
Nondestructive Testing and Evaluation of Concrete 

Gemma A. Marolda Government and Politics 

British and German Economic Relations With japan: Strengthening the 'Weak Link' in a 

Neiv Western Security Regime 

Joseph J. Marusiak Public Communication 

Images of British Cinema: A Study of a Critical Attitude Towards Motion Pictures 

Susan A. Mason Special Education 

The Effects of Using Systematic Instruction to Teach Students With Autism Appropriate 

Responses to Lures and Incentives: An Effort to Increase SelfProtection Sfo/fe 

Katheryn A. Mathes Curriculum and Instruction 

An Action Science Study: Re-educating Teachers as Practitioners of School-Based 






G R A D U A 


Masahiro Matsumura Government and Politics 

japan and the United States in the Deoelopment of the Developing World: Patents, Impact. 

and Policy 

Md. M. Maula Zoology 

The Structure of the Cytopharynx of an Undescribed Species in the Genus 
Fsendokeronopsis Borror and Wicklow, 1983 (Stichotrichida, Ciliophora) as Influenced 
by Prey 

Joan F. May Counseling and Personnel Services 

Identification ofSenice Related Needs Among Battered Women and Program 


Marilyn S. Mayer Marine, Estuarine, and Environmental Sciences 
Effect of Benthic Macrofauna on Nitrogen Cycling in Sediments 

Joan E. Mc Kearnan Marine, Estuarine, and Environmental Sciences 
Breeding Bird Distribution and Nest Predation in the Riparian Zone 

Daniel R. McCarthy Physics 

Transport, Equilibrium, and Stability of the Tokamak Edge 

Christine M. Mclntyre Spanish Language and Literature 
Trayectoria Poetica de Gloria Fuertes 

Emma T. Melgarejo Curriculum and Instruction 
Significant Learning Experiences of Beginning Teachers 

Paola Merlo Linguistics 

Modularity and Parameters in Principle-Based Parsing 

Gregory S. Metcalf American Studies 

Looking for Marlowe: Paratextual diameters in American Society 

Elizabeth M. Middleton Botany 

Eytan H. Modiano Electrical Engineering 

Molisana G. Molisana Physics 
Shapes of Confined Polymers 

Soo-Mook Moon Computer Science 
Compile-Time Parallelization: Superscalar and VUW 

Margaret M. Moore Poultry Science 
Neural Control of Aggression in Poultni 

Rene A. Morales-Brignac Psychology 

Financial Rrward Systems for R and D Employees: Motivational Clmracteristics and 

Relationships to Organizational Effectiveness 

Cornelius A. Morgan Physics 

Donald A. Murk Human Development 

77k Effects of Mobility and Other Stress Variables as They Affect Inner City Second 


Keith L. Musser Electrical Engineering 

Distributed Algorithms for Scheduling in Discrete Manufacturing 

Donna L. Naples Physics 

Nuclear A Dependence in Photoproduction of High P+Jets and Hadrvprednetion 


P. J. Narayanan Computer Science 

Effective Use ofSlMD Machines for Image Analysis 

Vijayshankar M. Narayanarao Engineering Materials 

Fundamental Studies on High Temperature Deformation Beliavior of Alpha, Alplia-Beta 

and Beta Titanium Alloys 

Biman Nath Astronomy 
Energetic Events in the Early Unkvrse 

Haiying Niu Microbiology 

Characterization of 4 TN5 Mutated Plasmids on RSK Locus in Salmonella 


Sam H. Noh Computer Science 

Characterizing Parallel Applications for Evaluation on Massively Parallel Systems 

William J. Nordling Psychology 

77k Effects of Attachment Styles on Couples Communication, Conflict Styles/md 


Hasan S. Oktay Mechanical Engineering 
Continuum Damage Meclianics of Balloon Angioplasty 

Eduaido J. Ostertag Computer Science 
A Classification System for Software Reuse 

Michael H. Ostrow Business and Management 

Annette Oxindine English Language and Literature 



O F 


R Y L A N D 

A T 



Kathleen M Paasch Sodology 

Zeqi Pan Physics 

Physics and Photonic Switching Applications of Nonlinear Semiconductor Laser 


Shirley C. Parry English Language and Literature 
Ambivalence Toward Community in the Novels of Panic Marshall 

Sanjoy Paul Electrical Engineering 

A Structural Analysis Approach for Designing Time Efficient and Effective Algorithms for 

Conformance Testing of Communication Protocols 

Roman C. Pausch Agronomy 

Timothy J. Pavlick Psychology 

Tim Kinds of Recognition Memory and Tlieir Relation to Conscious Remembering 

Katharine A. Pawelko Recreation 

Defining the Nature of Visitors and Their Recreational Experiences on the Delaxvare River 

Zezhong Peng Electrical Engineering 

Nelson R. Petulante Mathematics 

Indefinite Theta Functions and Functional Equations 

May E. Phillips Health Education 

Maternal Knowledge, Attitude and Practice of Time Motor Vehicle Safety Belt Beliaviors 

During Pregnancy 

Koru K. Phull Civil Engineering 
Wet Air Oxidation of TNT Red Water 

Philip M. Piccoli Geology 

Geochemistni of Apatite in Felsic Magmatic Systems 

Srinibas Y. Praharaj Mechanical Engineering 

Two-Level Nonlinear Mixed-Discretc-Continous Optimization-based Design 

Mary K. Quinlan American Studies 

Hanging on to a Heritage, Forging a Future: Vie Story of a Farm Community in 


Eileen T. Raab Special Education 

Selected Elementary School Principal's Perceptions of the Role and Place of Special 

Education in the School Restructuring Movement 

Ana M. Reyes Psychology 

Tlie Interrelationships of Cultural Frames of Reference, Social Processes, Task Processes and 
Project Outcomes over the Life Cycle of Multicultural Task Forces Composed of Anglo- 
Americans and Hispanic-Americans 

Alicia B. Rios Spanish Language and Literature 

Moral 1/ Lutes (La Idea De Nacion y Cultura Nacional en la Epoca de la Independencia 


Ehud Rivlin Computer Science 

Juan C. Romero Engineering Materials 

Instability and Segregation at Interfaces m Sic Reinforced Composites 

Sharon A. Ross Nutritional Sciences 

Retinoic Acid Influences Differentiation and Cell Surface Changes in Human 

Neuroblastoma and Murine Teratocarcinoma Celb 

Nancy A. Runion English Language and Literature 

]ncor}wrating the Syllogism into the Teaching of Writing 

Paula L. Sayag Human Development 

Adolescents' Concerns Over Relationships: A Test of Coleman's Focal Theory 

Ana M. Schwartz Curriculum and Instruction 

Tlie Effects of Interactive Video Training in Listening Techniques, Metacognitive 

Techniques, and Attribution on the Listening Comprehension of Second Language Video 

David J. Seel American Studies 

Tlie Evangelical Meltdown: Modernity and the Hysteresis ofHabitis 

Louiza Sellami Electrical Engineering 

Kemp Echo Lattias Incorporating Hair Cell Nonlinearihcs 

Rajeev Sharma Computer Science 

Visual Motion Analysis, Control, and Planning 

John D. Shaughnessy Zoology 

Deregulated Expression of the C-MYC Proto.Onco- Gene by Atypical Genetic Lesions in 

Mouse Plasmacytomas 

Charlene Sheets Curriculum and Instruction 

Graphical, Numerical and Algebraic Rqiresentations in Computer-Rich Environments 

Chiao-Yung Sher Computer Science 

Parallel and Hierarchical Segmentation of Salient Image Features 







Diana M. Shih Zoology 

Expression and Developmental Control of the Human Embryonic Bela-Globin Gene in 

Transgenic Mice 

Stephen J. Shimshock Chemistry 

Hyungjae Shin Engineering Materials 

The Role of Plastic Deformation on Brittle and Near-Brittle Cracking Belmvior 

Pamela H. Silvain Human Development 

William M. Simpson Aerospace Engineering 

Two-Dimensional Lifting Foil and Circular Cylinder Unsteady Interaction 

Sarah E. Sinopoli English Language and Literature 

Suntharalingam Skanthakumar Physics 

Magnetic Order of the Rare Earth and Cu Spins in the Electron Superconducting System 

R 2-x G '.t C " 4-i/ R = Nd ' Sm) 

Jennifer C. Smith Psychology 

The Insider's Vino of Wliat Worb in Marital Therapy: Clients' i>s Tlierapists' Perceptions 

of the Effective Factors in Marital Therapy 

Michelle A. Smith Food Science 

77k Influence of Washing on Some Physico-Chemical Qualihj Attributes of Mechanically 

Deboned Turkeii Meal 

Rodney B. Smith Agricultural and Resource Economics 
On Designing an Optimal Conservation Reserve Program 

Steven G. Smith Chemistry 

Chemistry ofThalliumW Complexes of TrisfDiphenylphosphinoyD-Methanide 

Chalcogen Analogs 

Mark T. Steen Biochemistry 

Characterization of the Operons Containing the Nisin Gene, in Lactococcus Lactis 11454, 

and the Subtihn Gene, in Bacillus Sublilis 6633 

Anne O. Stevens Economics 

The Tlieon/ and Policy of Automobile Emissions Control 

Renee Stubbs Recreation 

77k Effects of Interpersonal Training on the Decoding Skills ofTliree Groups of Therapeutic 

Recreation Specialists 

Patrice Suleman Botany 

Factors Affecting the Development of Fire-Blight in Vegetative Tissues of Apple 

Joseph C. Swatski English Language and Literature 

Farhad Tahmasebi Mechanical Engineering 

Kinematic synthesis and Analysis of a Novel Class ofSix-D of Parallel Mimmanipiilators 

Mwaffak A. Taib Agronomy 

Nitrogen Management for Corn and Winter Wlieat Production in Man/laud 

Yanlin Tang Microbiology 

A Study on Channel Catfish ( Ictalurs Punctatus ) Growth Hormone-Prolactin- 

Somatolactin Gene Family 

Leandros Tassiulas Electrical Engineering 

Dynamic Link Activation Scheduling in Multihop Radio Netioorks With Fixed or 

Changing Connectivity 

Richard L. Testa American Studies 

77it' Moving Picture Palace, Providence, Rhode Island, 1925-1960 

Ronald S. Thomas Education Policy, Planning, and Administration 
Identifying Exemplars that Describe Some Components of Values-Related Classroom 

Edward E. Thorsett American Studies 

Ultra-Deep Play and American Boat Liveaboards: An Ethnographic Exploration of 

Recreation as Lifestyle and the Phenomenlogy of Marginal Group Identity 

Carolyn D. Tozier Journalism 

Fifteen Years in the Life of Pauline Frederick: An Historical Study 

Kay B. Tracy Business and Management 

Effects of Need for Achievement, Task Motivation, Goal Setting and Planning on the 

Performance of the Entrepreneurial Firm 

Tef eri Tsegaye Agronomy 

Geostatistical Evaluation of Field Uniformity and Subsequent ial Parametric Analysis of 

Corn Plant Response to Wheel Traffic 

Hwa-Yue Tu Business and Management 
Three Essays in the International Capital 

Antoinette S. Ungarerti Human Development 
Job Stress in Family Day Care Providers 



O F 


Steven L Van Wagoner Counseling and Personnel Sendees 

Mm Wlio Batter and tlte Meaning Tliey Attribute to Tlieir Experience With Violence and 

Coercive Control: A Phenomenological Account 

Ann C. Vanorden Engineering Materials 

Venugopal K. Varma Mechanical Engineering 
Robot Grasping-Stability and Optimizition Issues 

Bernard J. Vasquez Astronomy 

Nonlinear Waiv Packet Evolution in a Dispersive Plasma: Application to Rotational 


Stephen Voth Economics 

Assessment of Technological Levels ofCmtrally Planned Economics Through International 


Leith Wain Business and Management 

Patricia S. Walker Psychology 

The Effects of Motivation, Distractibility and Motor Activity on Sustained Attention and 

Cardiac Reactivity in Opilate Exposed Boys 

Kai-Tak Wan Chemical Physics 

Relation Between Fundamental Inter-Surface Forces and Fracture Properties of Brittle 


Yuh Y. Wang Measurement, Statistics and Evaluation 

Maximum Likelihood and Minimum Distance Estimation Applied to Unwanate Mixture 


James E. Washington Counseling and Personnel Services 

An Investigation of Heterosexual Identified Resident Assistant Attitudes Toward Students 

Based on tlie Sexual Orientation of the Student 

Ann B. Wass Textiles and Consumer Economics 

Natural and Syntlietic Dye Use for Protein Fibers in the American Textile Industry 1856- 


Sen-Jung Wei Electrical Engineering 

Analog and Digital Circuit Applications Using Resonant Tunneling Diodes 

Joan M. Welker History 
Winegrowers in tlie Gironde, 1870-1914 

Johnette L. Whitaker Recreation 

Tlie Use of Activity Analysis Among Therapeutic Recreation Practioners in Selected 

Peter C. Whitman Applied Mathematics 
Confidence Bounds in Stocliastic Linear Programming 

Theodore R. Wiberg Human Development 

A Comparison of tlie Effectiveness of Instructional Use of Introductory and Intergrated 
Modes of Humor on Short-term and Long-term Learning 

Lee B. Williams Counseling and Personnel Services 

Catherine J. Wilson Counseling and Personnel Services 

Dennis C. Winkler Chemistry 

Guu-Chang Yang Electrical Engineering 

New Codes, System Designs, and Performance Evaluations for Code-Division Multiple 

Access on Optical Fiber Networks 

Jeng-Dar Yang Chemical Engineering 

CM Inactioation by Air Sparging in a Meclianically Agitated Bioreactors 

Syun-Ru Yeh Chemistry 
Model Studies ofDNA Pliotorepair 

Kamil Yilmaz Economics 

Post Socialist Economies: Ownership Reforms and Nra> Development Strategies 

Xuejun Ying Physics 

Far Infrared Magneto-Optical Studies of a Quasi-3-Dimensional Electron System 

Helene W. Young-Myers Business and Management 

Database Transitive Closure: A Performance Study of Multithreaded Algorithms 

Gin-Shu Young Mechanical Engineering 

Visual Invariants, Obstacle Detection and Calibration for an Intelligent Vehicle System 

Naixuan Yu Zoology 

Identification and Cltaracterization of an Acetylcholine Receptor Aggregating Protein From 

Fetal Pig Brain 

Ruth S. Zelenka English Language and Literature 
Mattliew Arnold's Poetic Vision of History 





C R A D U A 


Xiaoming Zhang Chemistry 
Investigation of Silylamine SET Chemistry 

Guang Zhu Chemical Physics 

Signal Processing of Multidimensional NMR 


Norman R. Anderson Education Policy Planning and Administration 
A Comparison oftiie College Aspirations and Achievements of Afro- American Secondary 
Students in Rural Somerset County, Maryland During Pre-Desegregation (1965-69), 
Immediate Desegregation (1971-75) and Later Desegregation (1985-89 ) Periods 

Sharon R. Clark Curriculum and Instruction 

Research Dispositions of Teacher Candidates and Teachers: Different Content Area 

Backgrounds, at Different Stages 

Nadine H. Clifton-Fears Education Policy, Planning and Administration 
The Teaching Effectiveness Network Program: Its Evolution and Effect on Worcester 
County's Educational System 

John E. Fritz II Education Policy, Planning and Administration 
An Exploratory Study to Evaluate Changes Across Demographic Attributes in At Risk 
High School Students' Academic Performance and Attendance Rates Within a Dropout 
Prevention Program 

Richard S. Gibson Curriculum and Instruction 

Measuring Local Board of Directors' Effectiveness With Six Performance Competencies in 

American Red Cross Cliapters 

Jo E. Gray Curriculum and Instruction 

A Comparative Study of Efficacy Among Urban Novice African- American Teaclier 

Graduates from Historically Black and Traditionally White Colleges 

Margarita E. Hodge Curriculum and Instruction 

A Survey of Frequently-Heard First Language Listening Texts Among Foreign Language, 
Adult Learners and Educators, and Selected Listening Texts for Developing Listening 
Proficiency in Two-Year Foreign Language Curricula 

Rebecca M. Karp Curriculum and Instruction 

Comparison of a Graduate Level Teacher Education Program and Traditional Programs in 

Preparing Teachers to Make Decisions in Interactive Teaching Situations 

Linda W. Lymas Education Policy, Planning and Administration 

A Study of the Use of Power Bases by Middle School and High School Principals and Their 

Affect on Teacher Satisfaction 

David D. Morrocco Curriculum and Instruction 

Comparison of the Use of Cooperative Learning by Graduates of an Alternative and of 

Traditional Teacher Preparation Programs 

William C Philips Curriculum and Instruction 

Misconceptions About Fundamental Earth Science Ideas and Their Teachers' Perceptions 

About the Frequency With Wliich These Misconceptions Occur 

Linda C. Wittmann Curriculum and Instruction 

Comparison of an Alternative Teacher Education Program and Traditional Programs and 
Their Relationship to Developing and Maintaining a Sense of Efficacy in First Through 
Fifth Year Teachers 


Donna K. Eastman Music 

Sir Gawain and tlie Green Knight Suite for Woodwind Quintet in 6 Movements 

Julie A. Stone Music 

Jean Rivier: His Life and Published Flute Music 



O F 


A T 






Vicki Lynn Ferguson 
Ellen Claire SaintOnge 


John David Bean 

Christopher Franklin Brown 

Jennifer Lynn Carney 

Frank Hsi-Ming Chu 

Andrew Radhakrishnan 


Anne Halle Dalsheimer 

Scott Evan Eschbach 


Michael David Greigg 

Herbert A. Heiserman 

Kenneth Byron Jones 

Ivan Seth Klein 

Joanne Y. Kuo 

Kah Yin Kwan 

Elena Maria Maceyras 

Linda Frances Micale 

Lisa Anne Odyniec 

Jeffrey Raymond Pulford 

Manuel Javier Sanchez 

John J. Sangley 

James Cole Solomon 

Wirt Shriver Winebrenner III 

Carolyn G. Zalesne 


American Studies 

Lucio Benedetto 
Kenneth Noah Kraner 
Jeffrey Allan Rupp 

Applied Mathematics 

Sin-Chnuah Cheah 
John B. Nocito 
Joseph Gerard Smith 

Art History 

Martha Ann Bari 

Susanne K. Bennet 

Susan Lewis Graage 

Henry Duval Gregory V 

Li-Ju Hong 

Travis Barton Kranz 

Markella Constanfine Magoulas 

Carolyn S. Mcintosh 

Nancy Rifter Pettigrew 

Sherry L. Phillips 

Cynthia Nugent Pinkston 

Lauree Jean Sails 

Norma M. Uemura 


Michael Hugh Blaine 

Comparative Literature 

Christine Mary Hanson 

Counseling and Personnel 

Steven Richard Alexander 
Evelyn J. Bata 
Sandra Sue Cesar 
Patricia Ann Lewis 
Ann Marie Mascetti Merritt 

Charles A. Murphy 
Lisa Renee Nickle 
Amv Celine Surefte 
Mary Christina Tamberrino 
Katherine Romney Thorn 
Arlene Shapiro Wiseth 
Samuel Alan Zack 

Criminal Justice and 

Dana Beth Carlon 
Valencia Volita Thompson 

Curriculum and Instruction 

Linda J. Green 
Susan M. Hendricks 


Jonathan Clay Dunn 

Salah Eldin Babiker Hajelsafi 

Xiao Pei Huang 

Sang Loh Kim 

Francisco Antonio Moris-Orengo 

Brian Curtis Mover 

Blake D. Sorem 

Jia Qi Xu 

Education Policy, Planning and 

Anne Wallace Altizer 
Brian Shawn Kelly 

English Language and 

Joseph Ronald Baldwin 

Cynthia L. Baxter 

Elizabeth Kelly Callahan 

Catherine Leigh Callaway 


John David Evdenberg 

Francine Marie Gulino 

Melissa Sue Hill 

Robert Charles Kenamond 

Lisa Meryl Koch 

Karen Elaine Kupka 

Catherine Hall Lubkans 
Ellen Theresa McAuliffe 
Michelle Christina McGinnies 
Peggy Anne O'Neill 
Patricia Franks Porcarelli 
Mary-Elizabeth Rouse 
Andrea Helene Scopelitis 
Carl Herman Settlemyer DJ 
William Andrew Stofega 
Angela Dawn Thompson 
Sherry Aleta Weaver 
Julia Marie Leonard Zoch 

French Language and Literature 

Christine Annie Fortin 
Cybele Dawn Seeds 
Corinne Claude Verard 


John Henry Breidenstine, Jr. 
Lynda L. Downs 
Walter Johan Fijn 
Linda Lee Kravitz 
Guan-hong Lee 
James M.P. McManus 
Man' Jane Preston 


D E C E M 

£ R 



G R A D U A 


German Language and 

Donald Edward Bonsteel 
Thomas Decker 
Karen T. Gallagher 
Kristine Heidi Horner 
Elke M. Hunter 
Scott Derrick Montgomery 
Kathleen Noe 

Government and Politics 

Patricia Eugenia de los Rios 
Linda Ann Judson 

David Robert Klubes 
Carrie Jo Laughlin 
Michael Eugene Lebrun 
Lisa Diane McAnany 
Michael Joseph McNemey 
Christl R. Perkins 
Bruce H. Prater 
Lewis Saul Ringel 
Timothv Alden Ross 
Beata Barbara Rvbczynski 
Marwan G. Samman 
Edward David Talkington 
Jennifer Ann Yoder 
Jiartping Zhang 

Health Education 

Cynthia O. Brasseux 
Teresa Ellen Downs 
Hongzhi Liang 
Lynn A. Malkasian 
Nancy Atkinson Meyer 
Kay Louise Sandow 
Laura Mygatt Sharon 
Wilhelmena Lee Tamale 
Lauretta Stinson Williams 

Hearing and Speech Sciences 

Catherine Ann Baird 
Laura Farina Claudy 
Louise Anne Gunter 
Tonya Rachelle Jenkins 

Margaret Ellen Kalacznik 
Andrea Darrow LaMarche 
Betsy Ann Parker 
Tina Marie Pellerite 
Usha Ramkumar 
Michelle Yvonne Schaafsma 
Peggy M. Sclimid 

William Steven Brohawn 
Michael Joseph Hussey 
John Daniel Kinney 
Andrew Frederick Laas 
Douglas Eugene Pielmeier 
Laura Edwards Sauer 
Zhiguo Yang 

Human Development Education 

Mary Louise Burke 
Elizabeth Lvnne Dodge 
John Francis Fracek 
Astrid Geerrruida van Wilsem 

Industrial, Technological and 
Occupational Education 

Kathleen M. Desmarais 


Nancy Micaela Bracamonte 

Fang-Ju Chen 

Anna Lucille Cherry 

Sarah H. Cohen 

Jocelyn Mann Denyer 

Darlene Elise DePass 

Jennifer Ellen Eddy 

William Jarrell Foreman 

Wendy Kay Green 

Jonathan Scott Greene 

Hsien-Lan Hsu-Harris 

Jennifer Ann Keats 

Elizabeth Kelley Kerstens 

Laurie A. Klappauf 

Orly Konig 

Seema Kumar 

Kathryn E. Law 

Cybele Christina Cerqueira Lima 

Min-ni Daphne Liu 

Rafael Lorente 

Glenn Arlan McMahan 

Erica Renee Ohr 

Kristin Lee Patterson 

Mary-Jo Povisil 

Maria del Rosario Ramos-Gonzalez 

Katherine Ruth Richards 

Beverly Jean Rumble 

Farah M. Safiuddin 

Leah Eve Silberstem 

Kimberlv Y. Sabina Vamer 


Kit Ha Yip 


Cassandra Ann Blanchard 
Terence Clay Byard, Jr. 
Patricia Carroll 
Nancy A. Chappel 
Beverly Christine Green 
Melissa Anne Hallmark 
Wendy Lee Hurley 
Manshik Kim 
Jon Dixon La King 
Debra V. Lindner 
Jodi Ann McCurdy 
Lisa Diane Mugavero 
Eric Michael Pfeifer 
Jon Andrew Rogers 
Cheryl L. Stevenson 
Barry Gene Tolbert 
Melinda Renee Whetstone 
Carol Lynn Wilson 


Joung-Ran Kim 
Jeffery David Martin 

Mathematical Statistics 

Brian Morrow 

Michael Nicholas Paraloglou 

Marilyn Jean Timmel 


Sang Yook An 
Elena V. Black 
Emmanuel K. Erskine 
Carrie Javssi Gamer 

Measurement, Statistics and 

Monica Sava Bolesta 


Anuradha Basavaraju 


Lori Michelle Berman 
James Robert Booth 
Cheryl Patrice Cole 
Kathleen Teresa Doherry 
Efrat Elron 

Mary Jo Elizabeth Haherty 
John H. Fyock, Jr. 
Jennifer Aldrene Holke 
James Evan Lange 
Laure Marie Lynch 
Peggy Rios 
William R. Saltzman 
Peter Matthew Selby 
Lynn Marie Sprott 
Paul R. Yost 
Kenneth Paul Yusko 

Radio, Television and Film 

Phillip Dale Bailey 
Aldo Ivan Bello 
Jeffrey William Dickson 
Scott McGilvrav Forbes 
Jeffrey R. Hall ' 
Tara Yvonne Jones 
Mingyu Yang 


Karen Elizabeth Andres 
William D. Cox 
Jeffrey Colin Gardner 
Laura L. Hersey 


U N I V E R S 

T Y 

O F 


A T 



Patricia Ellen Jenkins 
Anne Theresa Keman 


Donna Tanya Abrams 
David Andrew Cotter 

JoAnn M. De Fiore 
Laurie J. Frands 
Yuko Koyama 
Kelly Wilson Linger 
Brenda Lee Marsteller 
Gladys M. Martinez 
Xiaohong Xu 

Spanish Language and 

Lisa Jo Finstrom 
Clara P. Klimovsky 
Cora Gabriela Lagos 

Special Education 

Melissa Sue Sexton 

Speech Communication 

Courtney Anne Plotnick 


Isis B. Paga-Pena 

Urban Studies 

Randall Lee Heilman 
Cassandra Lee Schmick 

Kristine Kay Thompson 

Combined Master of 
Master of Library 
Science-Library and 
Information Services 
Rachel Ann Garrett 
Hope Renae Nisly 
Ann Marie Przybyla 
Steven John Russ 

Combined Master of 
Master of Library 
Science-Library and 
Information Services 
Deirdre Ann Herman 




Shanaz Bacchus 

William James Bissenas 
Thomas Allen Boone 
Richard Allen Bush 
Ann Marie Dodds 
Arif K. Durrani 
Robert Mitchell Ferguson 
Yvette Maria Foucher 
Jeffrey Andrew Haslem 
Samuel Thomas Hillers 
Joanne Marie Holmes 
Jeffrey Alan Jordan 
John B. Lin 

Charles Reed Magness, Jr. 
Richard C. Meckel 
Jennifer Kay Miller 
James Bradford Mitchell 
John Price Palmer 
Catherine Ann Pipesh 
David Edward Posner 
Timothy John Prendergast 
Katherine Ann Quinn 
Mario Rodriguez-Diaz 
K. Gregory Rust 
Thomas James Schlanger 
Camille Estelle Sellers 
Brooke Marjorie Shaner 
John Robert Stricklett 
Andri Iranasanti Sujono 
Sydney A. Swainston 
Monica A. Thomas 
Mary Eileen Tonelson 
Robert Alexander Warren 
Wendy Lynn Wolf 
David Eric Yablunosky 
Shih-Chao Yen 


Counseling and Personnel 

Joel Stuart Dechter 
Artemas Marco Dowell 
L. Marie Franklin 

Martha Jackson Kwon 
Miriam Juanita Langa 
Nancy Ellen Rankin 
Cynthia Resnick 
Edward Everett Rhodes III 
K. Elizabeth Lovell Stinson 
Sharon L. Vincent 
Judith A. Weigel 
Janet Hanrahan Weise 

Curriculum and Instruction 


Carol Ann Bellamy 
Angela Earley Brown 
Teresa Suzanne Butler 
Joyce Chia-Hsien Chou 
Ann Marie Coulboume 
Deiiise Marie Folz 
Dolores Eluira Gutierrez-Roles 
Victoria Barbara-Ellen Hudimac 
Kathleen L. Kirk-Leason 
Barbara Ann Linsmeier 
Marva Michelle Mendelson 
Henrique Shadrack Nyankale 
Linda Sturges CDonovan 
Kathleen Mary Pearce 
Kiyoe Saeki 
Jennifer Lynn Steams 
Nancy Harper Stefan 
Marie Elaine Stohr 
Megan Ann Elizabeth Thanner 
Gina Kirkland Thomburg 
Nian-Yun Wu 

Education Policy, Planning and 

Kimberly Marie Al-Suffi 
W. Robert Bingham 
Claudia Lennon Finley 
David Edward Mullen 
Sylvia Vieth Rivers 
Helen Diane Stein 
Susan Tesoriero 

Human Development Education 

Kathlyn Marion Dver 





C R A D U A T 


Ronnie Myra Koppelman 
Colleen Marie McKenna 
William Daniel Newsome 
M. Leticia Melo Panisset 

Industrial, Technological and 
Occupational Education 

Kelly V. Cockrum 

Special Education 

Allison Renee Beller 
Agnes Catherine Loomis 
Dana L. Peterson 
Hillary Joan Poore 



Mali Bawa 


Library and Information 


Susanne Elaine Alford 
Sheila H. Arnold 
Paul Quinn Baker, Jr. 
Nalini Basavaraj 
Eugene Paul Bayer 
Kathryn Mary Burke 
Elise Michelle Cohen 
Bryan Edward Cornell 
Carol Lynne Creager 
Beatrice S. Daly 
Kathy Baskin Davidson 
Cathrvn Louise Den- 

Mary Ray Emad 
Robin Sue Evans 
Jill A. Fanner 
Betsy Joan Folkins 
Donna R. Forester 
Robert Eric Gaul 
Roberta Geier 
Barbara Jean Hoyniak 
Mu-Hsuan Huang 
Jeffrey John Kan 
Leslie Anne Kutzleb 
Marc L. Langston 
Trammell Beall Manly Lonas 
Susan Louise Long 
Kris Tina Lucas 
Janet Wilson McKee 
Heide Miklitz 
Linda Ruth Mirvis 
Geeta N. Murthy 
Paul Joseph Neuhaus 
Sharon A. Noyce 
Carl Philip Olson 
Donna Formella Ravenscroft 
Paul Jeffrey Ridgeway 
Patricia Paulson Rogers 
Sabine M. Rossi 
Teresa Ann Sample 
Mary Elsie Simmons 
Lisa Ray Stanley 
Virginia Lee Stone 
Barak Robert Stussman 
Charlene Marie Tag 
Joyce Carlson Trager 
Toni Helmtnid Vanover 
John Oliver Wallace, Jr. 
Sue Ann Waterman 
Karen Marie Weber 
Thomas Edward Weir, Jr. 
Karen Berch Weiss 

Combined Master of 
Arts-History/Master of Library 
Science-Library and 
Information Services 

Rachel Ann Ganett 
Hope Renae Nisly 
Ann Marie Przybyla 
Steven John Russ 

Combined Master of 
Master of Library 
Science-Library and 
Information Services 
Deirdre Ann Herman 


Wendy A. Anderson 
Shu-ling Chen 
John L. Clark, Jr. 
Lisa Ann Erickson 
Heng-Tzu Lee 
Thomas A. Maurice 
Michael Andrew Monroe 
Judith Conner Olbrych 
Daniel Edward Orban 
Ta-Hsi Pang 
Samantha Jane Phillips 
Marvin Elieser Suson 
Rebecca Young Tyree 


Martin Walsh McGuire 
Thomas Christian Snyder 


Pearlie Kimber Collier 
Laura Mattausch Creech 
Timothy R. Falb 
Glenn Edward Gately 
Jonathan Lawrence Herz 
Elizabeth Pntchard Hinson 
Nina Louise Kwartin 
Kevin Michael OConnell 
Gary C Rasicot 
Lisa Irene Ritter 
Karen Anita Whiten 


Aerospace Engineering 

Weiping Chen 
Philip Jayson Churchill 
Selvakumar Inbaraj Daniel 
Michele Marie Gates 
Sarah Elizabeth Hall 
Moghen M. Monahemi 
Joseph Orso 
Pascal Picavet 
Venkataraman Srinivas 
Christopher Kimber Williams 
Thomas Htun Winn 

Agricultural and Extension 

Donald Byrd Marston, Jr. 
Manochehr Nobakht 

Agricultural and Resource 

Philippe Albert Berry 
Rita Elisabeth Curtis 
Rhona Lanrin 



O F 


A T 



Agricultural Engineering 

Feng Gao 
Jung Duck So 

Animal Sciences 

Richard Adolph Aschenbrenner 

Eduardo Cifrian 

Andrea Lynn DiCarlo 

Prakash Noel George 

Nagaraja Muniappa 

Prasad Sekai Patala 

Nicolette Kay Peters 

Budhan Sethulakshmi Pukazhenthi 


Kelly Elizabeth Fast 
Rachel Annette Gibbons 
S. Mohammad Hadi Hadavi 
Michael James Salter 


Christine D. Hoynes 

Business and Management 

Rose Mary Ferrin 
A. Douglas Lemmon 
Ju-Hsing Li 
Marc Jacques Melitz 

Chemical Engineering 

Leslie Bernard Carroll II 

Shih Ying Chang 

Ronald Glenn Forsythe, Jr. 

Peiken Lien 


Suzanne Edna Prickett 

Ray-Long Sun 

Chemical Physics 

Melody Avery Owens 
Kaichang Zhang 


Loriann Doviken 
Chifan T. Fu 

Bibi Sharidan Majeed 
Zhongyu Wu 

Civil Engineering 

Tarek Walid Abu-Gharbieh 

Carlos Roberto Adorisio 

Hasib Ajaz 

Sami Al-Soufi 

Daniel Fred Backman 

Lorn-Wen Bai 

Ronald Stephen Barbaro 

John Harker Benson 

Fassil B. Beshah 

Alok Bhardwaj 

Vivek Kishore Bhatnagar 

Mitchell John Bonanno 

Paul Edward Burkart 

William Francis Carducci 

Hsiao-Lun Peter Chang 

Chung-ming Chien 

Obiora S. Chukuka 

P. Douglas Curtis 

Terry L. Downs 

Cherian Eapen 

Vijayagopala K.N. Gupta 

Rabih Haj-Najib 

Qaisar Hayat 

Christopher Andrew Hudson 

James Patrick Klima III 

Manmohan Singh Kohli 

Muralidhar Reddy Kontham 

Kangzhi Liang 

Charles John Martin 

Brian Joseph McKenna 

Renato Soares de Moura Filho 

Ravi Kiran Nangunoori 

Tzung-Youh Andrew Pan 

Kevin Scott Porter 

Mohammed A. Rafay 

Steven Mark Rochon 

Cicero de Oliveira Salles, Jr. 

Arif Shaikh 

Nikhil Madhu Shirodkar 

Thavaputhiran Sivapalan 

Jiangeng Song 

Kanathur Narasimhamurthy Sri 


William Edward Wallace 

Computer Science 

Ross David Emery 
Jeffrey Lee Jones 
Brian Patrick Keftler 
Boon-Teck Kuah 
King Ip Lin 
Xiangjun Liu 
Tina Lorree Newsome 
Richard Lee Potter 
Aya Chasia Softer 
Yang-Pin Ansel Teng 
Stuart Matthew Weinstein 

Electrical Engineering 

Khwaja Iqtedar Ahmed 

Craig Joseph Robley Casey 

Gabriel Chang 

Antonis Panagiotis Chartzaniotis 

Richard C. Chen 

Chang Duk Chung 

Tia Marie Conquest 

Stephen James Dennis 

Brian T.DeMuth 

Nibir Kumar Dhar 

Samuel Jayakaran Emmanuel 

Shan Gao 

Aravind Hande 

Azita Hatef 

Peter John Schultz Heim 

David Robert Helman 
Chih-Yi Hsu 
Rohit Vijai Kapoor 
Neil Patrick Kelly 
Vivek Khuller 
Taihyun Kim 
Charles Chien-Hong Lin 
David Chi-Chung Lu 
Michael Eugene Lynch 
Rajiv Madabhushi 
Michael Anthony Marsicano 
Sanjay Mishra 
Theodore Jon Myers 
Deepak Surendra Paranjape 
Nital S. Patel 
Hanif Perwad 
Dennis Warren Prather 
Surinder Pal Singh 
Piyathad Singhawisai 
Saad Ahmed Sirohey 
Mulugu S. Srinivasarao 
Amarendranath Vadlamudi 
Deven Verma 

Steven Christopher Witczak 
Raymond Donald Wolson III 
Jacqueline Crystal Young 
Wei Zhang 







Engineering Materials 

K.S. Chandra Sekhar 
Prasad Chaparala 
Charles Arthur Greene 
Padmavathi Devi Kodali 
Beatrice A. Kovel 
Huv Luo 
Surjit Singh 
Jian Ren Zliang 


Nikhil Mallampalli 

Family and Community 

Tanya K. Bailey 
Eunice L. Bonner 
Lori Lanette Brooks 
Kathryn Ann Derse 
Norma C. Jimenez de Tono 
Joanna Marie DeWolfe 
Aviva S. Fox-Tessler 
Heather Mae Helms-Erikson 
Kiyoko N. Hiramatsu 
Robin J. Miller 
Yuri Nozaki 
Huei-Na Su 
Myra Jean Waters 

Fire Protection Engineering 

Debra Michelle Bernstein 
Daniel Madrzykowski 
Dennis M. McCrory 
Ridk Nelson Parker 
Randall James Shearman 
Food Science 
Jimmy C. Liu 
Marilyn Jane McGrath 


Cathleen Doran Brown 
Stephen Jonathan Lynton 
Anne-Marie Reidy 
Charles Scott Southworth 


Craig Edward Brunetti 
Pamela Ann Healey 
Derong Liu 
Judith Russell Purman 

Human Nutrition and Food 

Kelly Patricia Fowler 
Elisabeth Clasina Jurgens 
Marilyn Bobbin Novak 
Karen Ann Pratt 

Marine, Estuarine and 
Environmental Sciences 

Ronald David Anderson 
Mary Elizabeth Beetham 
Theresa Swift Breschel 
Pedro Luis Del Valle 
Suzanne Esther Dorsey 
Shinichi Endo 
Jonathan Richard Johnston 
Karrie Webb Lovins 
James Matthew MacGregor 
Sheila M. O'Brien 
Douglas Congelton Redmond 
Jeffrey A. Shenot 
Erik Michael Smith 
Shyh-Bin Wang 
Michael Rene Williams 
Rachel Donham Wray 

Mechanical Engineering 

Sudha Balakrishnan 
Evren Serand Bayoglu 
Mohammad Behbahani-Nejad 
Gary Nelson Bonadies 
Chongchemg Chang 
Yin-Hsin Chen 
Howard Franklin Dawson 
Roger Lewis Fittro 
David Bennitt Harris 
Xiaoyu He 
Hsin-1 Hsieh 
Feng Huang 

Tao Huang 

Ramakrishnan Jayant 

Kiwesa King 

Gumballa Krishnakumar 

Chien Lin 

I-Ping Lu 

Richard Michael McMahon, Jr. 

Farukh Navaid 

Mylene Sluyter Ouimette 

Chandrasekhar Pusarla 

Vijay A. Ramappan 

Rajesh Ratnakar 

Patricia Julia Fonseca Turner 

Miin-Lurng Tzeng 

Kai Wang 

John Douglas Wright 

Jin Ye 

Jianjun Zhang 

Zhan Zhang 



Zhiyuan Dai 

David George Dewitt 

Ronla Kay Henry 

Yuhe Liu 

William Randolph Moak 

Leslie Ann Moy 

Daniel Seth Schaffer 

Xiaojing Zhou 


Kathryn Anne Busch 
Mehrnoush Janbakhshnajafabadi 

Nuclear Engineering 

Nadia Ennaciri 
Joseph A. Green 
Naomi Joyce Grossman 
AM M. Tafreshi 


Chris Doughty 
Daniel Lee Hatten 
Ruth Elinor Kastner 
Soun Pil Kwon 

John Mastin Lafferty, Jr. 
Alberto Adolfo Pinkas 
Philip J. Rosen 

Poultry Science 

Thomas Seyliard Hammack 


James Tracey Heaton 

Reliability Engineering 

David Keith Esslinger 
Kenneth James Farquhar 
Dzung H. Le 
Jose Cyrano Ruiz 

Sustainable Development and 
Conservation Biology 

Beth Cheryl Kantrowitz 
Joseph Benjamin Kubinski 
John Thomas Lill 
Elizabeth Ferguson McCance 
Jennifer Robin Niese 

Systems Engineering 

Debbie Virginia Bennett 
Molly Meredith Ramona Bryson 
Sandra Learae Delancy 
David Pahl Isaac 
Chandra S. Kadiyala 
Dennis Lee McGinness 

Textiles and Consumer 

Kavita Khanu Chandnani 
Adriana Padula Jannuzzi 
Thomas Patrick Keane 
Claire Sudassy Munter 
Dilip Kumar Patro 
Ravi Ramanathan 
Liping Margaret Zhang 


Susan Beth Cooperstein 
David Allen Gurley 
Eileen F. Lavan 
John Joseph Tschirky 
John Robert Ware 



O F 


A T 






December 1992 


Bachelor of Science 

Agricultural and Resource 

Kevin William Abbott 
Paul Edward Beany 
Jacqueline A. Blattner 
Gina T. Campos 
Matthew Y. Cho 
Michael J. Connelly 
Michael Eyester 
Andrew Brett Franklin 
Michael James Garvey 
Beverly Ann Glass 
Mark Douglas Green 
Emelda Lucretia Guin 
Amy Lynn Howell 
Scott Landon Hunter 
Daniel Richard Kranzler 
Samuel S. Lehrfeld 
John Hilton Lind 
Charles N. Lindelof 
Maureen Anne McDonald 
Telly C. Michalopoulos 
Kevin Todd Miller 
Daniel Toadvine Rayne 
Leslie Howard Schwartz 
Clayton Lange Sebring 
Jang Hyun Shin 
Trad Colleen Sullivan 
James P.H. Weaver 
Andrew Reniero Zamora 

Animal Sciences 

Jamie Layne Cranford 
Christina Leigh Davis 
Melissa Chadwick Davis 
Teresa Louise Goetz 
Alice Helen Gordon 
Lori Beth Kaiser 

Combined Agri-Veterinary 

Becky Shannon Tully 

Conservation Soil, Water and 

Juliet Marie Cartron 
Joseph Councell Duke, Jr. 
Scott J. Madison§ 

Crop Science 

William Sattler Mowell 
Jill Ellen Petrisko 


Bruce Augustin Schaper 

Food Service Administration 

Leslie Dane Cagnolatti 
Glenn Alan Dennison* 

Food Science 

Reem Kassatly Rajit 

General Agriculture 

Steven Burch* 
Timothy Sean Munley 


Jeffrey Richard Aronson 
Nancy L. Pinkerton 
James Robinson Scarborough 
Arthur I. Speth, Jr. 

Human Nutrition and Foods 

Steven A. Bader 
Kimberly Ann Johnsont 

Natural Resources 

Timothy Generes Fields 
John Patrick Fishback 
Kristen Jean Hughes 






Josef Christopher Jaufmann 
Mi Ae Kim* 
Dorothy E. Knecht 
Julie Anne Latchum 
Stephen Owen Leslie, Jr. 
Robert Naranja Nonato 
Stacy Lynn Porter 
Barbara Louise Schellinger 
Christopher Michael Voellt 
Jeffrey Peter Zahn 

Nutrition Research 

James David Walker 

Soil Science 

Michael F. Molfefto 

Turf and Urban Agronomy 

William H. Grund 
Robert Charles Larsen, Jr. 


Bachelor of Science 


Keir Dullea Chandler 
Michele M. Garcia 

2nd Degree: CM Engineering 
Thomas Scott King 
S. Jamie Jae Lee 
Francesco Rawitch 
Sandra Kay Shelton 


Bachelor of Arts 

Advertising Design 

Sylvie Abecassis 
Edward P. Alton 
Alice Violeta Cabrera 
Arturo A. Gigante 
Patrick Alan Goeman 
Christopher John Komisar 
Minah Oh 
Gray McDonough Siegel 

American Studies 

Stephanie Beeler 
Erin Ranee Borschow 
Katherine Elizabeth DeFoe 
Aaron N. Fortier 
William E. Gnirrep 
Eric Mondell Hicks 
Colleen Bridget Hughes 
Laura Patricia Kiernan 
Julie Rae Krolicki 
James Edward McClay 
Joanna F. Reisig 
John Townsend Stemmle 
Curtis Scott Yarbrough 
Roderick Carlton Yoimger 

Art History 

Angela Kathleen Celey 
David Eugene Donaldson 
Julie Michelle Gaithert 
Sharon Jean Golden* 
Charles Vernon Holter 
Samar H. Hussaini 
Arezou Javan 
Robert Jack Lunsford 
Jennifer Lynn Margolius 
Christina Claire Rich 

§ Summa cum Laude 

t Magna cum Laude 

' cum Laude 

Jennifer Chrisfin Sankowski 
Kenneth Howard Shure 
Nova Louise Spear 

Art Studio 

Kemal Kumiawan Adnan 
Erika Allyn Aguilar 
Luis Enrique Alonso 
Jeffrey Douglas Ankers 
Patricia Katherine Beachley* 
Melinda Maria Conrad 
David Allen Dunne 
Bette Ann Edwards* 
Dennis Ramon Fox, Jr.* 

2nd Major: Anthropology 
Manabu Gima 
Wayne Antonio Harris 
Lisa Beth Hepfer 
Mary Luisa Coll-Pardo Heymann 
Roger L. Keach III 
Evdoxia Vasilios Kopsidas 

2nd Major: Art History 
Sandy Franklin Lee 
Amy Lorene McKenney 
Unsil No 

Thomas John Olszewski 
Cyrus Pakravan 
Gina M. Sambolin 
Sarah Louise Timko 

2nd Major: Art History 
Candice Jeanne Tunkel 
Patricia Eileen Watson* 

Classical Languages and 

Thomas Wat Tyler 

East Asian Languages and 

Willow Jacklyn Kim 

English Language and 

Sakena Mezette Anderson 
Phillip Eugene Augustine 
Sarah Nellie Bergmann 

Steven Bruce Berkowitz 
Max Jay Bobys 
Helen Rose Bradley 
Dorinda Afable Capole 
Eunhee Cho 
Mi Kyong Cho 
Marti Lynn Daniel 
Karen Anne DeSantis 
Diane S. DiMasi* 
Sydney Janet Dorfman 
Mary Jo Banfield Dorough* 
Mary Victoria Edwards 
Edward E. Elliott 
Lisa Marie Fager 
Elvin Dexter Foreman, Jr. 
Denise Darlene Frye 

2nd Degree: English Education 
Elizabeth Anne Galo 

2nd Degree: Tlteatre 
Kirsten Renee Glacken 
Lynnerte Marie Gonzalez 
Matthew E. Goshko 
Benjamin David Gross 
Donald Edward Grove, Jr. 
E. Lee Guttman 
Kimberly Marie Hahn 
Joseph Kevin Hall 
Salla Maria Hauvonen 
Soraya Lola Homayouni 
Stephen Paul HudaJc 
Colleen Ann Hughes 
Alida Cecelia James 
Shawna Tonyeft Jones 
Cynthia Chien-Hsin Jong 
Colleen Jennifer Joyce 
James Garrett Kell 
Sean David Kelleher 
Vernon Don Kimsey* 
Beth Marie Krawczyk 
Rosalie Ann Lacorazza 
Suzanne Kristin Law 
Melisa Kim Long 
Mary Celeste Lucid 
Jefferson Karl Lunsford 
Alec Norman Macdonald 
Julie Ann Magaziner 
Kieran Christopher McHargue 



O F 



Carla Jean McNamara 
Nicholas Enrique Mendoza 
Erik Paul Miller 
Lori M. Monsky 
Kathleen Louise Muffins 
Don Edwin Nicholson 
Thomas Joseph Nochera 
Timothy Joseph Noonan 
Ainisha Bikira Orton 

2nd Degree: Psychology 
Laurie Ann Brisker 

2nd Degree: Linguistics 
M. Deborah Potes 
Nancy Johnson Powers 
Erika Christine Rath 
Ginger Mattea Replane 
Elaine Barbara Robles 
Ronald Ross Roundy 
Melissa Ayn Scaletta 
Michael Cahill Shay 
Robyn Lori Shifrin 
Kimberly Michelle Simpson 
Kimberly Sue Smith 
Tiffanie Renae Smith 
Brian David Sobus 
Karin-Heidi Sommert 
Dara Ana Sparks 
Steven Charles Surasky 
Daphne Leigh Swancutt 
Loma Anne Syed 
Delia Ann Tanger 
Teresa Nicole Taylor 
Jeffrey Michael Tsuruoka 
Katherine B. Waldrop 
Robert Eugene Walsh 
Michael Joseph Ward 
Daniel Matthew Weinstein 

French Language and Literature 

Marta Berhane 

2nd Degree: Apparel Design 
Kjka Benedicte Bombeke 
Lynn Michelle Boykin 
Francoise Madeleine- Alberte 
Shana Lee Kilness 
Stephen Joseph Lechert III 

Meredith Jeanne Marsh 

2nd Degree: journalism 
Lauren Justine Olson 
Homa Sadeghi 

2nd Degree: Interior Design 
Kimberly Michelle Simpson 
Lisa Irene Walsh 
Jennifer Joelle White 

2nd Degree: Electrical Engineering 
Julia Christina Winkler 
Jennifer Anne Yates 

German Language and 

Brian Dean Demmler 
Suibel Mavi Helmig 
Jeffrey James Surak 
Scott Christopher Thoma 


Lee David Bacon 

Juan Manuel BoftTl 

Herbert Richard Wright Brewer, Jr. 

Coral Mahialani Caboga 

Joseph C. Catania* 

Richard M. Crary 

Robert E. Danegger 

Krista Ellen Davies 

Michael Andrew DeRosa 

William Bern Dickinson, Jr. 

Keith A. Fellenstein 

Coriolanus Aurelius Justinian Ferrusi 

2nd Degree: Criminal justice 
Aldo Gonzalo Figallo 
Carmen Lazar Gentry 
Samuel A. Gilston 
Dawn M. Green 
Gary Roy Harmon 
Jung Hvan Joh 
Matthew Kent Kaplan 
Matthew John Kinnahan 
Charles Edward Kirchman 
James Folbre McDonald 
Hannah Louise Meurer 
Martha Lynn Middleton 
Christopher Adam Montesano 

Christina Marie Nemil 

Karl Richard Neumann 

Edward Warren Olmsted 

Kenneth A. Olson 

Christopher John Francis Romano 

Julia Gaynell Savona 

Tara R. Scholtz 

James Frederick Weaver 

Tracy Lynn Wilkisonr 

Patricia Jean Wyman 

Interior Design 

Yijung Chae 

Reem Abdel-Aziz Hammouda 

Laini M. Lemper 

Todd E. Martz 

Cynthia Louise Sauvageau 

Tara C. Shon 

Frances Jo Simpson 

Tamara Lynn Stisitis 


Susan I. Walker 

Kelly S. Werkheiser 

Hilary Wood-Jenkins 

Italian Language and Literature 

Joseph Michael Toscano 

Jewish Studies 

Ruth Ellen Cheifetz 


Laurie Ann Pinsker 

2nd Degree: English Language and 
Carol Ann Sniegoski* 

2nd Degree: Computer Science 


Julie Anne Gibson 

2nd Degree: Speech Communication 
Beth Allison Greenberg* 
Hae Ryong Pak 



Charles Andrew Jamison 
Julie Elaine Sieracki 

Radio, Television and Film 

Katruyn Anne Ashton 
Jeffrey Scott Becraft 
Kristen Lyn Bohn 
Stacy A. Bordello 
Lisa Debra Bussell 
Heather Renee Chadvvick 
Patrick J. Charles 
Antonia Renea Cheatham 
Gary Edward Cnare 
Vanessa L. Durst 
Bradley David Dwin 
Debra Jane Fisher 
Zachary Lee Fisher 
Sausan Rasim Ghosheh§ 

2nd Major: Government and Politics 
Robin Elizabeth Gordon 
Lea Ann Hepler 
Glen John Koepenick III 
Brian Kushner 
Yoon Chul Kwak 
Jason M. Leifer 

2nd Major: English Language and 

Bradley David Lewis 
Marlina Lanette Lewis 
Craig P. Mauro 
Stacey Vance McClendon 
Pamela R. McLaughlin 
Kevin Robert Muffins 
Kathleen Megan Murphy 
Jeffrey Robert Murray 
Steven Michael Newhouse 
Charles Robert Rando 
Jonathan Scott Reamer 
Neil Joseph Reddy 
John Dennis Richards 
Karl William Rohner 
Avinoam Nessim Sabban 
Deborah A. Savo 
Christopher Charles Tarbox 

§ Summa cum Laude 

t Magna cum Laude 

* cum Laude 





Oren Tishman 

Clayton Case Underwood 

Eric Vincent Valencia 

Sarah Catherine Whorton Waters 

Eric Craig Weisberg 

Candace Heather White 

Carla A. Witt 

Gerald Wright 

Romance Languages 

Christina Wren Brinson* 
Katrin Lynne Marshall 
Carmen Beatriz Mieres 
Ailsa Cherviin Sandy 

Russian Area Studies 

Melissa Eileen Leung 

Russian Language and 


Chanita Baumhaft 
Andrew W. Felix 

Spanish Language and 

Richard John Basili 
Alphonzo Jerome Butler 
Hae Jin Chung 
Kirsten Marie Dahlberg 
Jennifer Lynn Eller 
Susan Elizabeth Garrett§ 

2nd Major: Linguistics 
Mitchell Charles Levine 
Clare Victoria Cambell Mardall 
Robert Karl Mclntyre 
Martha Blanca Palmer 
Maria Elena Pedroso 
Mariela del Mar Perez 
Isabel Paes Saboia 
Carla Christina van Beek* 

Speech Communication 

Daniel Marius Barbattini 

§ Summa cum Laude 
na cum Laude 
* cum Laude 

Theodore Murray Barklev 
Jonathan Edward Best 
Suzanne Nicole Bottari 
Valerie Belinda Coleman 
Daniel DeArmas 
Glenn Townsend DeBell 
Melanie Jo Dillon 
Jennifer Christine Fink 
Robert Alan Fredman 
Julie Anne Gibson 
2nd Degree: Music 
Deborah Lynn Hurwitz 
Michael William Jarmolowich 
Michael Jay Kogon 
Terri Ann Lankford 
Gina Maria Liberto 
Rita Marie Madden 
Tara A. Rivera 
Ronald Jerome Robertson 
Julanne Dee Schiffer 
Bridget Elizabeth Schuma 
Suzanne Carroll Sweeney 
Charlene Washington 
Douglas Scott Weinstein 


Sarah Michelle Baum* 
Tina Marie Clifton 
Joseph Paul Fickus 111 
Elizabeth Anne Galo 

2nd Degree: English language and 

Steven Edward Hadnagy 
Cristina C. Hunter 
Timothv R. King 

Bachelor of Science 

Advertising Design 

Julian Anthony Downs 
Eric Scott Goodman 
Gordon G Lee 
Chia-An Liu 
David Alexander Lloyd 
John James Walker 
Joyce Zebede 

Interior Design 

Holly Lynmarie Mahurin* 
Homa Sadeghi 

2nd Degree: English Language and 

Erica Paige Simkowitz 
Kristen Ann Sirvet 
Leslie Ann Vance 
Rita Benedetta Zarrellit 


Bachelor of Arts 

Afro-American Studies 

Richard Russell Harris, Jr. 


Grant Edward Capes 
Vincent Matthew Harper 
Cassandra Marie Michaud 
Tamara Lyn Phillips 
Lisa Anne Platnik 
Afeefa Syeed 
Janet Michelle Wehrle 

Criminal Justice 

John Scott Arnold 
Gamal Francis Awad 
Tammy Lynn Bassin 
Bernard J. Bishop 
Richard Jeffrey Brake 
Joseph Lavell Brown 
Alison Lee Budd 
LaKisha Denise Bullock 
Jennifer Lynn Burke 
Basilio Ignacio Cachuela, Jr. 

William Edmond Clifford ID 

Craig Newton Coldwell 

Osmund Ellis Crawford 

Patrick Joseph Curtis, Jr. 

Alphonso Boymah David 

Christine Ann Duser 

Seth Philip Edwards 

Sherri Lynn Exum* 

Coriolanus Aurelius Justinian Ferrusi 

2nd Degree: History 
Jay Jarrell Fischetti 
John Victor Gazmen 
Kevin Lee Geisbert 
Hillary Zoe Goldberg 
Barry Seth Goldenberg 
James Edward Grenning 
Carol Anne Harriday 
Shavonne James 
Daniel Joseph Jennings 
Pamela Denise Johnson 
Sherry Anne Julien 
Samuel Jay Kolb 
Michael Wayne Kropff§ 
EnreJ. Lanev 

Mark Christopher Leonard 
Robert John Lutz 
Michael Thomas McCaughey 
Megan Mane McDonald 
Kevin Michael McNamara 
Denise Rochelle Mehr 
Scott Warren Montgomery 
Chad Ronald Moreland 
Laura Lynn Morgan 
Gibbs Soga Muravama 
Todd Douglas Nalley 
Michelle Lauren Needleman 
Gregory Brian Nehman 
Timothy Brian O'Neill 
Paul Cyrus Otooni 
Edward Earl Pallas 
Jeffrey Dennis Pastemack 
Shawna Elaine Patton 
Patricia Jean Pea\'ler 
Steven Douglas Phelps 
Jason Scott Potyk* 
Bruce Anthony Rayne 
Jolin McCabe Ravne 



O F 


A T 



Regina Marie Ricciuti 
Christina Marie Riedl 
Derek Llovd Ringers 
Fernando Xavier Rios 
Barrv Gene Robinson 
Daniel Rubin Rutschke 
Brvan Jerome Sarver 
Sarah Hee Sun Schanck 
Seth David Scharf 
Lauren Gaile Schneiderman 
David Andrew Semple 
Ianthe Lee Smith 
Jaison Samuel Sokolow 
Jonathan I. Stecker 
Derek Lee Steele 
Michael Alan Srine 
Brian Arthur Stumphauzer 

2nd Major: Sociology 
William Jerome Thomas 
Philip Pei-Chih Tou 
Timothv Perzanowski Turer 
Laurence Jan Vermeer 
Christopher James Weiss 
Mark Jeffrey Weissman 
Devin Christopher White 
Edward Brian Winston 


Theodore Emanuel Anderson 

Marc William Anthonv 

DebraJ. Brockdorff 

Kimberly Oneida Coleman 

Natasha Nicole Criss 

Patrick Marce Gilroy 

Julie Ann Johnson 

Heather Michele Jones 

Katie Lvnn Kelley 

Ivy Paula Kohn 

Linda Sue Lindsey 

Erin Eileen Lynch 

Joel L. Nelson 

Pamela Lee Norton* 

Richard Arnold Parreco 

Laura Bridgette Perry 

Derek Sabedra 

Margaret Christienne St. George 

Shannon Renee Thompson 
George Gregory Whisner 

Criminology and Criminal 

Theresa Diane Derro 
Kurt Joseph Ellinger 
Christopher C. Light 
Jeffrey C. Perrv 
Rinell Randolph, Jr. 
William Daniel Severe 


Abdulrahman Ahmed Abdi 
Matthew David Altman 
Shawn Michael Armstrong 
Susan S. Bak 
Patrick Terence Bassett 
James Michael Bitgood 
Arthur Colin Bonds 
Linda Ann Canty 
Ravi Choudhry 
David Wesley Conner 
Edward Paul DeBiasi 
Carron L. Dunn 
Patrick L. Fennel] 
Omogwefe E. Gbemive-Etta 
Brian P. Gilday 
Peter R. Glasgow* 
Jeffrey David Johnson 
Aniket B. Joshi 
Sanjeev Kalanidhi 
Ari Karen* 
Do Young Kim 
Thomas Sargent Kim 
2nd Major: Sociology 
Viola Kuo 

Roberto Jimenez Lagdameo, Jr. 
Michael Charles Long 
Joseph Acheson Mathews 
Derek Lee McKelwv 
Judy Simone McLaughlin 
Peter Meringolo 
Bret Lvle Mingo 

Christopher Carter Neal 
Joseph Bang Nguyen§ 
Tuan Huu Nguyen 
John Robert Nicolosi 
Brian Carl Peluso 
Connie Lorraine Pendergrass 
Lori Pikulsky 
Latithia Rochelle Prince 
Benjamin Gooding Proctor III 
Steven Carroll Pycha 
Ziaur Rahman 
William Franklin Rivers, Jr 
Timothy Chad Root 
Charles Eugene Rucker, Jr. 
Steven Paul Schriver* 
Matthew Stone Shearer 
Andre L. Smith 
Steven Jon Snyder§ 
Meredith Lee Swart 
Matthew Kirk Thornton 
Julie Lvn Travers 
David Lee Vander Velden 
Bonnie Marie Walsh 
Stefan Andrew White* 
Andrew Allen Widman 
Matthew S. Yablunosky 
Jaime Teodoro Zeas 

Government and Politics 

Sahel E. Ahyaie 
John William Barley 
Susan Elizabeth Batt 
Todd Robert Bettin 
Michael Lance Bouve 
Barbara Ann Bridgeforth 
Marc King Brody 
Coral Mahialani Caboga 
James Christopher Cantela 
A. Christopher Cap 
Tina Marie Cappetta* 
Erik Marcell Carey 
Nathan Scott Chappell 
Joseph E. Clavelli 
Matthew Com 
Claudio Vinhote Costa 
Tara Coleen Cronin 

Stephen Robert Devine, Jr. 
Erin Paula Dougherty 
Glenn Porter Elliott* 
Michael J. Fahey 
Carmen C. Faye 
Edward Paul Ferko, Jr. 
Frank Joseph Ferrara 
Charles Douglas Fisher 
Sean Patrick Fleming 
Scott Robert Fredericks 
Ivan Michael Freedman 
George Demetrios Garbis 
John Champion Gardiner 
Elaine D. Gaynes* 
Karen Yvette Gentry 
Anabela Carmo Guedes* 
Sean Patrick Harris 

2nd Major: History 
Christian Adrian Hoffman 
Howard Benjamin Hoffman 
Michael Patrick Hoffman 
Michael Ross Hofman 
Brian Mark Hofmeister 
Tracy Elizabeth Horst 
Miguel Alan Hull 

2nd Major: Economics 
Todd Allan Irons 
Joseph Michael Jardina 
Kevin Edward Jenkins* 

2nd Major: History 
Edward Guion Kain 
Brent Arondel Kearney 
Sureka Vijavakumari Khandagle 
John Paul Kittelton 
Takeshi Kojima 
Doris Man-Kuen Lau 
Robvn Louise Laub 

2nd Major. Philosophy 
Joung Ho Lee 
Raymond Victor Lee 
Stan Young Lee 
Stacv Kav Lewis 
Donald Richard Longwav 
Daniel Edward Lord* 
Kevin Brett Lotenberg 
Wendy Sue Louder 
George Dent Lynch III 

5 Summa ami Laude 

t Magna cum Laude 

• cum Laude 





Michael Joseph Maas 
Jerry Allen Mallow 
James Wilson Marshall 
Danielle Suzanne Martin 
Nathaniel Varney Massaquoi 
Francine Louise McCabe 
Stacy Ann Mc Carthy 
Gilda Claudine McCullough 
Kevin Brett McGonnigal 
Roy C. McGrath 
Karen Ann Mclnnis 
Deonne Karole Medley 
Rhonda Michelle Melton 
Douglas Justin Morgan 
Nicholas Mouyiaris 
Gregory Scott O'Connell 
Scott Russell Palmer* 
Robbie T. Perry 
Robert Andrew Peterson 
Daniel Eric Pollner 
Jennifer Kathleen Ramsay 
Brian David Rappaport 
Thomas James Reller 
Robert D.Rich 
Federico Jose Romero 
Carolyn Beth Ross 
Charles Linwood Ross III 

2nd Major: Economics 
Heather JoAnne Rowe 
Kristin E. Ruybalid 
Ayse Aydan Sahin 
Jav Howard Samuels 
Melissa Ruth Sandler 
Andrea Justina Schinzel 
Heather Collen Scott 
Frederic Francois Sevin* 

2nd Degree: General Business and 
Keith Andrew Sexton 
Leah Michelle Simone 
Jeffrey Raymond Soeken 
Gregory Carl Soergel 
Lisa Marie Spadola 
Michele Renee Springer 
Scott Patrick Spurgeon 
Deep Singh Sran§ 
David Scott Tlusty 

§ Sumnui cum laude 
t Magna cum Laurfc 
* cum Laude 

John Loring Watts§ 
Andrew Neal Weber 
David Randall Wheeler 
Tara Leigh Wilson 
Roland Antonio Yanez 
Michael A. Zangardi 

Hearing and Speech Sciences 

Jennifer Lee Brannon 
Rebecca Jean Caplan* 
Denise Elaine Clarke 
Theresa Lynn Day 
Jennifer Ann Feldman 
Joyce Sung Kang 
Andrea Mae McGinnis 
Erika Lynn Vorosmarti 


Benjamin Gregory Baron 
Jenee Michelle Bevett 
Elynne Tooky Bunnag 
Denise L. Burns 
Maria Dawn Calain 
Corinne Emily Calis 
Bryant Carter 
Mona Chopra 
Cheryl J. Coates 
Elizabeth Cameron Cook 
Josephine Frances Corigliano 
Lesli Jeneen DeGross 
Michelle Lorraine Deskevich 
Deana Lynn Dietz 
James Lawrence Doyle 
Andrea Corrinn Dumas 
Stacey C Elner 
Richard Brent Eskay 
Laurie Michele Fine 
Barry Todd Freedman 
Beth Alexandra Goldberg 
Bobbett Albertha Grey 
Judith Naomi Grossmant 
Kimberly Anne Halman 
Mildred Rae Hart 
Karen Renee Hemphill 
John Joseph Horstkamp, Jr. 
Julie Esther Huntington 
Leslie M. Irish 
Christiane Brigitte Jaatht 

Adam Logan Kaplan 
Douglas Kaufman 
Angel Lynn Kemerer 
Daniel Jason Kraus 
Michael John Lau 
Sean C. Lesane 
Sung W. Lim 
Lionel Lourenco 
Stephen Philip Luckabaugh 
Lisa Marie Manfreda 
Michelle Lee McLaughlin 
Carol Suzanne McMunn 
Michael Eugene Moon 
Marlin Ruth Moses 
Kwang Heng Gregory Nah 
Adam Lawrence Nelson 
Ainisha Bikira Orton 

2nd Degree: English 
Jacqueline Overton 
Shirley Manikan Palma 
Robert Charles Payton 
Audrey Beth Pessin 
Melissa Marie Pickell 
Scott Christian Redmond 
Michelle Elizabeth Rodriguez* 
Christopher Edwin Rohde 
Tamara Anya Sadowski 
Rena Lynne Schwartz 
Robin C. Shaffer 

2nd Major: Government and Politic. 
Jennifer Lynn Shaw 
Cathlene Frances Smith* 
Whitney Anne Farrer Stevens 
Stacey B. Swetlow 
Lisa Michelle Tenleyt 
Yolanda Carol Vauss 
Rebecca Paige Wenk 
James Bernard White 


Marcus Scott Badgett 
Andrew G. Bensinger 
Roberta Rose Cayer 
Tabinda Chughtai 
Nichole Dena Cobbs 
Angelo Lucien Consoh, Jr. 
Cecily Allegra Diness 

Darlene Dukes 
Leena Helen Figall 
Melissa Sharon Fireman 
David Robert Heisler 
Angela Maria Herring 
Karen Marcey Hillman 
Richard R. Howard* 
Hilary Nicole Kandler 
David Scott Kastberg 

2nd Major: Government and Politics 
Gideon Samuel Kloze 
Shawn Patrick Knott 
Craig Linn 
Regina A. Macwan* 
Ana Maria Madarang 
Diahanna Yvonne McLaughlin 
Peter J.C.Moffatt 
Nicole Sherrice Norwood 
Ian Tate Perm 
Pamela Ann Pisciotta 
Gail Beth Pollack 
Thomas Mathews Proctor, Jr. 
Debra Joan Reinfeld 
Janna Beth Ryan 
Kathleen Ryan 
Keri Ann Sferra 
Robin Michele Sofley 
Andrew Van Rensselaer Stickle 
Paul Miller Tewksbury 
Nancy Alice Turner 
Constance Hope Ward 
Deborah Ann Weir 
Julie L. Williams* 
Lori M. Williams 
Barbara Anne Wolfsdorft 
Rita Jane Woodt 
Dawn Denise Young 

Urban Studies 

Michael Ray Binder 
Charlynn Cherri Cockfield 
Matthew James Downing 
Kelli Lynn Duvall 
Alfredo Javier Echeverria 
Abir Salah Elshanawany 
Richard Green Ensor, Jr. 
Albert Vincent Esposito 



O F 


A T 



Harold Joseph Gill 
Brian Anthonv Hendricks 
Ross Spencer Hoffman 
Alisha Louise Irbv 
Da\id W. Jacobs 
Saumva S. Kaup 
MinhQ. Le 

Alexander Edmond Lee 
lames Rodrigo Mora 
Jorge A. Moreira 
Matthew Ross Ovington 
Denise Lin Papantones 
J. Sylvester Plater 
Richard Brian Polinsky 
Jason Quan 

Scott Mitchell Rabinowitz 
Marc Dolgin Reibman 
Keven L. Ricks 
Judd Stephen Rosenberg 
Michael Evan Salz 
Steven Michael Schuble 
Da\id Alan Self 
Bryan Frederick Snell 

Bachelor of Science 


James Fitzsimmons Bavne 
Todd V. Birckner 
Miguel Jose Gonzalez 
Mary Ann Hartke 
Philip Keith Hissom 
Joseph Robert LaPalme 
Curtis Patrick McCandlish 
John Frederick Moomau 
Jon Edward Sandelin 
Gany Wayne Snyder, Jr. 


Jeffrev Russell Dean 
Angela H. Dizelos 
Gerri Ann Fisher 

2nd Major: Family Studies 
Courtney Lee Hasslinger 
Theresa E. Jones 
Julie Ann Kraff 

Michelle Lvnne Lewis 
Marcus de Sean Moss 
Denise Karen Parker* 
Steven S. Pasternak 
Man' Elizabeth Schultheis 
Cindv Shawki Shiblie 
Erica Beth Stein* 
Sanjukta Sur 
Amy Lynn Weeks 


Bachelor of Science 


David S. Ahn 

2nd Degree: Transportation 
Jae Hong Ahn 

2nd Degree: Finance 
Douglas Clinton Allent 
Richard Barry Allen 
Brian Andrew Amtmann 
Scott Cromwell Anderson 
Joyce Elizabeth Angus 
Lonnie Scott Applefeld 
Mahadere Atnafu 
Sameer Bagai 
C. Andrea Banton* 
Alicia Belinda Block* 
Bridgefte Anne Boyd 
Alan Fredric Brenner 
Craig Lee Brogan 
Christopher Alan Catignani 
Man Yuet Sheung Chan 
Li Chen 

Anthony Yong Cho 
Ki Song Choi 
Evan Chuang 
Kav Kvung Chung 
Alisa Diane Cohen 
Michael .Man Cohen 
Richard Thomas Davies 
Gregory David del Real 

Vincent Michael DiSandro, Jr. 
Stephen Edward Douglas 
Alfred Joseph Dumit III 
Bohbi Jean Dunlap* 

2nd Major Finance 
LeAnn Michelle Duvall 
Julie L\Tin Dyce 
Ke\in Christopher Fallon 
Alan Da\id Feder 
Scott Edward Fireison 
Swati Pankaj Gandhi 
Valerie Lynn Gay 
Da\id Christian George* 
Peggy Annette Giles 
Richard Todd Gorsuch 
Nidal FJias Haddad 
Can Alan Hall 

2nd Degree: Finance 
Michael Anthonv Hatfield 
Karen Elizabeth Healv 
Ryan Harrison Hemingway 
Scott Sam Herold 
Lisa Randi Hevman 
Terence Jon Hooper 

2nd Degree: Finance 
Jeanine Mane Howe 
Josefine Hsu 
Jennifer L. Huber 
Denise Ann Huguelev 
Christopher Scott Huseman 
Jean Jafari 
Cornell Xavier Jones 

2nd Major: Finance 
Amy Regina Kanjianf 
Can Stephen Kell 
Kvung Hyun Kim 
Sarina Kurian 
Jennifer Y. Lee 
Cynthia Nganvai Leung 
Andrea Man- Le\ine§ 
Karen Michelle Lohfeld 
Todd Stephen Lovinger 
Stacie Anne Marchigiani 
Jane Dale Marks 
Neena Masih 

2nd Major: Finance 

Letifia Rose McElrov 
Margaret K. Moon* 
Sayako E. Morgan 
Kenneth Edwin Moy 

2nd Major: Transportation 
Dennis Patrick Murphv 
Minh-Hang T. \guven 
Chinh P. Nuyen 
Douglas Robert Palmer 
Christian Lee Parks 
Dana Jayne Planalp 
Dora Ann C Pleasant§ 
Patrick Michael Puzzuoli 
Daniel Christopher Raby 
Stephanie Daune Rast 
Leila Eiko Ribeiro 
Da\id L. Rogofsky 
Tatyana Rosenbaum 
Marci Lynn Rosing 
Jennifer M. Ross% 
Julie Leigh Roth 
Daniel Howard Ruttenberg 

2nd Major: Finance 
Christopher Aftillio Scardellefti* 

2nd Major: Finance 
Trenna Ann Schools 
Michael Warren Scott 
Matthew Joseph Seubert 
Heather Cox Shannon 
Sushma Shrestha 

2nd Major: General Business and 

Annette Michele Simmons 
Stephen Matthew Sisson 
William Paul Smith, Jr. 
Robert Chapman Stevenson 
Anthony Michael Stolarski 

2nd Major: Finance 
Jennifer Elaine Storer 
Siau Fui Roseman Thien 
Jennifer Frigillana Tiu 
Ien Hwie Tjioe 

2m/ Major: Finance 
Man lean Trageser§ 
Lawrence Martin Wang 
William Richmond Weible 
Paul Jeffrey Wheeler 

« Summacum Laude 
■ Magna cum Laude 

' cum Laude 





Marv Beth Wigger 
James Dale Wilbum II 
Gerald A. Williams, Jr. 

2nd Major: Finance 
Cindv Chi-Tsung Woon 
Victor Anthony Zangla 
Craig Michael ZimmermanT 


Jae Hong Ahn 

2nd Degree: Accounting 

2nd Major: General Business and 
Heather M. AJsop 

2nd Major: General Business and 

Margaret Lucia Andrasikt 
Frank V. Angiuli 

2nd Major: Marketing 
Ferrari Argubie 
Terence Joseph Barnett 
Amy Marie Bartlett 

2nd Major: Marketing 
Joel Eric Belcher 
Michael Fillers Bolen 

2nd Major: Marketing 
Kimberlv Ann Boulmehs 
Hall Frederick Butler* 

2nd Major: Accounting 
Carlton Eugene Carter 
James Montgomery Clark 

2nd Major: Accounting 
Katnna Michelle Collins 
David Lawrence Crabtree 
Daniel Joseph DOrazio 
Ross Stewart Dence 
Da\id M. Denlinger 

2nd Major: Marketing 
Kenneth desGarennes 
Robert Alan Donnelly U 

2nd Major: Production Management 
John Paul Egan 
Timothy Scott Eshleman 
Sheikh M. Fahim 
Scott S. Firterman 
Robert Christopher Flandrau 
Brett Jefferson Fogle 

« Summa cum Laude 
t Magna cum Laude 

' cum Laude 

Clarence Brian Givens 
Paul Jason Glashofer 
James Barnett Gooding 
Dilhara N. Goonewardena 
Gary Alan Hall 

2nd Degree: Finance 
Philip Kwok-Keung Ho 
Stephen Lewis Hoffeditz 

2nd Major: General Business and 
Terence Jon Hooper 

2nd Degree: Accounting 
Kelly Douglas Jacobson 

2nd Major: General Business and 
Abdul T. Jewayni 
Donovan Owen Jones 
Howard Neil Katz 
AUie Kermanchi 

2nd Major: Marketing 
Robert Richard Kloss 
Bronislaus Leon Kosiorowski II 
Steve Kvongho Kwak 
Donna Marie Lamb 
Brian T. Lawrence 
Thuan Anh Le 
Jong Hak Lee 
Uen M. Lee 

2nd Major: East Asian Languages and 

Kevin Frank LeSage 
Douglas Lawrence Lunenfeld 
Alan S. Lungen 
Mark Ewing Luther 

2nd Major: Marketing 
Amit Manchanda 

2nd Major: General Business and 

2nd Major: Marketing 
Larry Otis Marlowe 

2nd Major: Transportation 
Gregory William Matthews 
Andrew Garth McLay* 
Andrew David Mendez* 
John M. Millent 
Susan Mitchell 

2nd Major: Marketing 

Donna Michelle Motley 

2nd Major: Marketing 
Martin de Porres Musaerenge 
Navjeet Singh Oberai 

2nd Degree: Management Science and 

3rd Degree: Computer Science 
Aida Ordoubadi 

2nd Major: General Business and 
Scott Anderson Palmer 
Rasesh Chimanlal Patel* 

2nd Major: Accounting 
Aslam O.S.H. Patmah' 
Kevin Victor Pinto 
Michael A. Postal 
Elizabeth Stacv Randall* 

2nd Degree: General Business and 
Idan Andy Ravin 

2nd Degree: Marketing 
Vincent Roper Redmond 
Lisa A. Ricchiuto 
Scott David Roberts 
Farrukh Saleem 

2nd Major: Marketing 
Laura Jeanine Sambataro 

2nd Major: General Business and 
Mohammed Shamari 

2nd Major: Accounting 
Sharon Elizabeth Snod grass 

2nd Major: Marketing 
Lawrence Ray Stauffer§ 
Tracy Romaine Swann 

2nd Major: Marketing 
Vincent Kok Khoon Tang 
Melissa Trautwein 
Sarah Pauline Vollmer 

2nd Major: Economics 
Eric Christopher Wasiuta 
Barbara Wojcik-Betancourt 
Steven Douglas Wood 
Meng-Yuh Wu 

General Business and 

Rana Michail Al-Haj 

2nd Major: Marketing 
Robie Jamil Aridi 

2nd Major: Transportation 
James Randall Ates 
Sylvia Anna Balazs 

2nd Major: Human Resource 
Valencia Vee Courtney 
Lise-Lotte Dahl 
Ami Kulin Desai 

2nd Major: Transportation 
Joanne R. Dicks 
Jason Scott Drass 
John Paul Fregly 

2nd Major: Production Management 
Donald Martin Gakenheimer 
James Timothv Gallagher 
Thomas Peter Genovese* 

2nd Major: Marketing 
Hope Devorah Ginsberg 
Etan Zvi Gopstein 
Sudha Natarajan Gounder 
Jennifer A. Greene 

2nd Major: Transportation 
Csaba Hadas 
Timothy James Hatfield 
Mehjabeen Hussain 

2nd Major: Marketing 
Eric B. Kjome 
Raymond A. Kline 
Eric Leslie Klun 
Chiang Kevin Ku 

2nd Mapr: Transportation 
Peter John Lahny IV 
Charlene Ruth Land 
Shin Ja Lee 
Stephen James MacBride 

2nd Major: Production Management 

2nd Major: Transportation 
David James Mazzullo 
Tonga Ngoc Nguyen 
Sean Del Parker 
Scott Matthew Pearce 
Michael William Poole 

2nd Major: Finance 



O F 


A T 



Elizabeth Stacy Randall* 

2nd Degree: Finance 
Scott Thomas Rapson 
Douglas E. Rosst 
Frederic Francois Sevin* 

2nd Degree: Government and Politics 

2nd Major: Transportation 
Parastou Shahpoori 

2nd Major: Marketing 
Kimberlev Anne Stye 
J. Rufino Bernabe Tortona 
Lake Denman Trout 
Gregg Edward Viola 
Raymund William Wall III 
Mark Ivan Wiener 
Barry Dean Williamst 

2nd Major: Marketing 

Human Resource Management 

Yvette Sabrina Armas 
Amy Therese Devereaux 
Linda Elizabeth Gillen 
Christopher Brink Lawson 
Wendy Lynn McGill 
Thomas John Mitchell 
Lauren Wendy Pasekoff 
Amy Elizabeth Plett 
Mary Christine Rebel 
Shelly Renee SanFelice 
Debra Marie Todd 
Cynthia Dionne Watson 

Management Science and 

Sameer Akram Bhatti 

Virginia LaVerne Burhoe 

Angela Marie Gillis 

David Richard Heissner 

Behnaz Moradnejad 

Navjeet Singh Oberai 
2nd Degree: Finance 
3rd Degree: Computer Science 

Bentley Logan Perkins 

Sheila M. Prawoto 

Sherry L. Rison 
2nd Major: Transportation 

Arash Hashem Sadati 
Maggie Mei Kee Siu 
2nd Major: Finance 
Maryann Wyatt 


Peter Andrew Ahearn 

2nd Major: Transportation 
Robert James Alvarado 
Andriana Marie Boveda 
Marijuana Dawn Brockington 
Steven John Brower 
Lisbet Christina Cehrs 

2nd Major: General Business and 

Nitinart ChArtsiriwatana 
Maria Sofia Chellew 
Bobby Cherian 
Kevin Lee Corsiatto 
James Michael Costello 

2nd Major: Transportation 
Jenevieve Maria Creary 
Ronald Jeffrey Danaher 

2nd Major: Transportation 
Patrick Andrew DeHart 
Emmett Christopher Edwards, Jr. 
Aimee Elizabeth Firor 
Rebecca Leah Goldchain 

2nd Major: Management Science and 

Lisa Robin Goldston 
Christopher Allen Graham 

2nd Major: Finance 
John Franklin Graves, Jr. 
Bruce Gregory Guinn 
Marcia Hillelsohn 
Michelle Anne Julian 

2nd Major: General Business and 
Jenny Joo-Yun Jung 
James Quinton Kohler III 
Shelly Lee Krejci 
Daniel Langdon 
Adam Douglass Lesnick 
Timothy Brooke Marshall 
Vernon Wesley McCabe HI 
Amy Elizabeth McCall 

2nd Major: Transportation 
Reliecca Lvnne McClelland 
Michael James McCormick 

2nd Major: Human Resource 
Jennifer A. McDowell 

2nd Major: Radio, Television and Film 
Patrick Kenneth McGinness 
Jonathan Edward Michael 

2nd Degree: Transportation 
Heather Maria Miller 
Michael Patrick Mullaney 
Minhtam K. Nguyen 
Michelle Ann Partilla 

2nd Major: Transportation 
Priti Vijay Kumar Patel 
Sean Fitzparrick Persaud 
Idan Andy Ravin 

2nd Degree: Finance 
Kelly Ann Reilly 

2nd Major: Finance 
Cynthia Ann Ritchie 
Scot Mathew Schneider 
Brian Marron Scholder 
Karen Ruth Terry 
Desiree Danielle Valltos 
Michael Thomas Wills 
Kevin C. Wong 


David S. Ahn 

2nd Degree: Accounting 
Jae Yong Baik 

2nd Major: Finance 
David Adam Burke 
Michael Nathan Kahrnoff 
Eric B. Kjome 
Mark Ray Lucas 
Paul Steven McGreen 
Jonathan Edward Michael 

2nd Degree: Marketing 
David Caldwell Price 

2nd Major: Human Resource 
Joon Suh 
Cynthia A. Wolf 



Barf trior of Science 


Richard Armin Auer 

2nd Major: Physics 
Weslev Joe Butts 
Raymond Louis Gilbert 
Jeffrey Christopher Gottschalk 

2nd Major: Physics 

Computer Science 

John Bradford Amato 
Hossein Arvand 
Igor Brailovsky 
Boni Caldeira 
Cali Chen 
King Sing Cheung 
Ramendra Singh Chhina 
Daniel Mark Cohen 
Ross Garrett Cutler 

2nd Degree: Mathematics 
Charles Stevens Falkenberg§ 
Jeffrey Albert Fink 
Randal] Alan Gacek 
Barry Eugene Henderson 
David Mark Herbert 
Kap Do Jang 
Jairaj Suresh Joglekar 
Stephen Michael Jonest 
Tip Shan Lam 

Samuel Paul Hale Lamphiert 
Rockwood Edmund Lee, Jr. 
Paula D. Levy 
Laurie MacCallum 
Byron James Matthews 
Dawn Catherine Maurer 

§ Summa cum Laude 

t Magna cam Laude 
* cum Laude 




Joseph Naft 

Basabi Dutta DiPaula 

Bachelor of Science 

Loc Phuoc Ngo 

Hilton Harris Hall 


Ivan Sandor Novotny 

Robert Joel Hollingshead 

Navjeet Singh Oberai 

2nd Degree: Electrical Engineering 


Art Education 

2nd Degree: Finance 

David Te-hui Hsu 

Susan Ellen Geckle 

3rd Degree: Management Science and 

Rajasekhar Jakkampudi 
Jeffrey Adam Kriner 

Bachelor of Arts 

Distributive Education 

Neftali Pazo-Soto 

Truyen Canh Lam 

Cyndee Ann Richards 

Thanh-Tuyen Thi Phan 

James Howard Leveque HI 

Art Education 

David R. Raffensperger 

Shani Michelle Littles 

Kristen Rae Humelsine 

Early Childhood Education 

Michele P. Blaile 

Timothy Loren Sanders 

James John Michalik 

Steven Anthony McCarthy 

Mark Allen Schleifer 

Mark Thomas Monninger 

Kathleen Grant McDaniel 

Margaret Ann Bradley 
Robyn Michelle Briggs 

Zahid Aziz Shaikh 

Deanna M. Montgomery 

Ramsey Imad Shehadeh 

Chudi Ifeanvi Onvilimba 

English Education 

Laura Elizabeth Carrollt 

Navdeep Singh 

2nd Degree: Chemistry 

Denise Darlene Frye 

Myra Anthea Cephas 

Carol Ann Sniegoski 

Didon Marie Pachner 

2nd Degree: English Language and 

Carol Jean Corrado* 

2nd Degree: Linguistics 

Parag Ramanik Savla 


Mary Patricia Courtney 

Steven L. Soliday 

Allon Joseph Stem 

Adrian Bramasrra Sumiantoro 

Hesthetiane Pambayun Susanto 

Jason Barrett Schaufele 
Helene Shizu Taira 
Benjamin L. Uecker 
Paulo Fernando Uribe 

Karen T. Hopper 
Robson Fragoso Leal 
Cora Louise Strahom 
Julie Christine Wilkinson 

Summer V. Cox 
Jennifer Lynn T/Asto 
Robin Diane Durham 
Lisa Billingslea Edell 
Maureen English 

Anuradha A. Teachout 

Constantine Peter Vlahacos 

John Theis 

Bart Richard Tobalske 

Physical Sciences 

Foreign Language Education 

Erin Maureen Brady 

Kelly Irene Eyler 
Mary Angela Falcinelli 
Melissa Kinder Fisher 

Hao That Ton 

Corey David Burnett 

Karen Sylvia Fitchett 

Caryn Helene Hannery 

Yu-Shih Tsai 

Lawrence Alan Corp 

Jennifer L. Grant 

Vinh Steve Vo 
Franklin Dean Wade 

Dung Anh Doan 
Madhusudan B. Gohil 

Social Studies Education 

Laura Anne Hameroff* 
Alyson Debra Heichman 

George Fairchild Wallace 

Phillip Francis Guarino 
David Chuemlin Huang 
Michael Joseph LaCola 
Paul Pui Lee 

Paul Frederick Felton III 

Michelle Marlene Isemann 

Hsiaohui Wang 

Lana Rose Fiorentino 

Juliet Elizabeth Kyle 

2nd Major: Economics 

Peter Linden 
Lizette Marie McGriff 

Lisa Terri Leon 

Julie Elizabeth Lernert 

Scott A. Zanni 

Lillian Stein Lipson 


Sung S. Lee 

Jennifer Aline Lynch 

Jeffery Chen 
Carol E. de Romero 

Jerauld L. Olmsted, Jr. 
Daniel Lee Schrader 

Speech and English Education 

Lisa Manning Weschler 
Susan Elaine Marra 

Christopher Matthews Keane 

Jerome Vemon Smith 

Erin Elizabeth Clarke 

Elizabeth Ann Mauer-Stelfox 

Alexander Edward Smith§ 

Brian Robert Walstrum 

Katana Kimberly Sanford 

Lori Denise Moorman 

Kevin Loyal Vanderveer 

Janice Louise Pennington 
Pamela C. Perry 



Theatre and English Education 

Sarah Ann Ramsey 
Stacey Richardson 
Cori Kathleen Seltzer Rohrer 

Jeffrey Brian Ator* 

Gilead Kedem 

Laura Gina Cocozzella 

Pablo Esteban Bonangelino 

Ajoy Amitav Mallik 

Dorothy Virginia Rowell 

Maria E. Cabrera 

Nathan P. Newell 

Kara Lynne Ruppel 

Richard Henry Crooks 
Ross Garrett Cutler 

Julie Anne Thomas 

Elizabeth Louise Schneider 

Thomas Martin Waclo 

Stephanie Christen Sieger 

2nd Degree: Computer Science 

Theresa Ann Smith 

§ Summa cum Laude 

t Magna cum Laude 

' cum Laude 



O F 


A T 



Mindy Joyce Spector 
Angela Marie Facchina Standish 
Saranac Ann Story 
Halley Lyn Strauss 
Christine Eugenia Sturek 
Lynn Marie Suarez 
Janice Ann Trawinski 
Nancy B. Weming 

Elementary Education 

Pamela J. Ferraro Augustine 
Andrea Hildegarde Bassing 
Samantha Sarae Bilger 
Cynthia Eleanor Brooks 
Sandra Christine Camden 
Margery Cammarota 
Nicholas Brian Carlucci 
Amy Elizabeth Clark 
Lucinda Dawn Coddington 
Rikki Beth Cohen 
Lesley M. Colabucci 
Katya Mariel Cordova 
Jane Anna Cotone 
Gina Leigh Crogan 
Donna Lynn Davis 
Jo Anne DiNovo 
Mary Patricia Donoghue 
Barbra Lynn Dortch 
Colleen Marie Dougherty 
Mary Patricia Doyle 
Amy Kathleen Hutchens 
Rachel Albert Janney 
Lisa Christine Kaufman 
Jo Rita Anne Kelley 
Diane Marie Kramp 
Kimberlv Maureen Leaman 
Pamela Grace Leith 
Karen Lynn Liebowitz 
Christine Leone Lukens* 
Carrie Marie McCaulev 
Jennifer Anne McCullum* 
Mary Theresa Moriarfy 
David Franklin Osbonie, Jr. 
Nichelle Deneen Owens 
Ame Helen Ressing 
Bonnie Lynn Ringer 
Jul S. Ringler 

Sheila Elizabeth Rohde 
Karin Blair Ruyle 
Charlotte Louise Ryn 
Wendy Lvnn Simpson 
Sallie Marie Smith 
Jennifer Lynn Sparks 
Dorothy Marie Stegle 
Lisa Jean Wehausen 
Lori Kay Yaag* 
Maisoon S. Zaghal 

Industrial Arts Education 

Paul Joseph Irvingt 

Industrial Technology 

Gloria Ana Aparicio 
Steven Hall Bernheisel 
Yann Alain Bertaud 
Dale Edward Bobo 
Roberto Caicedo 
Robert Michael Deck 
David Christopher Graves 
Lawrence Reed Harris III 
Ann-Margaret Jean 
Philip Robert Nolette, Jr. 
Jeong Wook Son 
Wardell Anthony Thomas 
Sharon Teresa Toepfer 

Mathematics Education 

Gregory John Lertora 
Karen Joyce Petter 

Music Education 

Debra Elizabeth Blackburn 
Scott Stephen Cimino 
Angela App Honan 
Debora Kav Hood 
David Brian Lee 
Douglas Arthur Mixer 

Science Education 

Laureen Michelle Brock 
Gina Lvnn Cash 
David Marshall King 

Social Studies Education 

Pamela Dianne Blaney 

Kathy Jo Boyer 

Geoffrey Alexander Marshall 

Elizabeth Ann Mayer 

Lisa Ann Scott 

William Roy Vernola 

Andrew Hubbard Williams 

Special Education 

Sheila Denise Mulcahy 

Speech and English Education 

Kristin Eileen Pool 

Theatre and English Education 

Eileen Marie Green 


Bachelor of Science 

Aerospace Engineering 

David Isaac Carl 
Michael Bruce Doyle 
Paul S. Freeman 
Leonard Frederick Gieseker Pv"* 
Daniel Hailu 
Hoang Thai Hong 
William Henrv Huang 
Robert Ambrose Jochum 
Hyun Kang 
Jeffrey Neal Kinsey 
Andrew R. Kopsidas 
Luis Vicente Kruger, Jr. 
Scott Karol Kuczma* 
Steven Patrick Kuester 
Kevin Andrew Lewis 
Leonard Victor Magday 
Gerard Francis Marks 


Thomas Patrick McDermott III 
Michael Lynn Miner 
Jeffrey Patrick Sachsel 
Mark Steven Secunda 
Andrew Jason Shank* 
Boris Sinalevich 
David D. Webb 
Scot Andrew Williams 
Steven Paul Yeager 

Agricultural Engineering 

Paul Jonathan Hishmeh 

Chemical Engineering 

Chun P. Chon 
Emest Ogbang Eftah 
Malek Issa Masoud 
Tima Michele McGuthrv 
Isis Karin Otero 
Nafiseh E. Pourhassani 
Edward W. Reich 

2nd Degree Undesignated Engineering 
Jeffrey Lynn Santos 
Eric Scott Shaffer 
Thuc Doan Vu 

Civil Engineering 

Amir Imfiaz Ahmad 
Ronald Howard Bodkin 
Timothy Craig Brenner 
Michael James Castellano 
Lee Edward Da\is 
Brian Keith Dela Barre 
Paul J. DeVivo 
Christopher VV. DiDio 
Virginia Lvnn Edmiston 
Thomas Michael Fowler 
Michele M. Garcia 

2nd Degree: Architecture 
Edward Timothy Garrett 
Frank S. Haiss 
Richard Neil Jeng 
Timothy Mark Johnson 
Dimitrv Alexander Kargman 
Gina Kathuria 
Jamshid Kazemi 

(j Summa cum Laude 

i Magna cum Laude 

' cum Laude 

D E C E M 

E R 




Robert Antonio Lim 
Tristram Edward Madden 
Claudia Yvonne Marx 
Andrew T. Mattocks 
Thomas Michael McFall 
Mark Stockwell McGaughan 
Robert Babak Minai 
Stephen Keith Nolan 
Patrick Nnamdi Nwokeji 
Yogesh A. Patel 
Paul Rov Petersen 
Sean Michael Savage 
Keith Matthew Schenkel 
Sally YuShih 
Michael Wagner Stasch 
James Michael Sunderland* 
Anita Marie Twedt 
Thomas Alonzo White 
Jonathan H. Zhu 

Electrical Engineering 

Punit Chhaganlal Aghera 
Jacob Amor 

Berhanemeskel Tenkir Banko 
Rajesh K. Bansal 
Kimberley Sue Beall 
Paul M. Belt 
Alok Bisarya 
Bonita Fay Booker 
Hans A. Breden 
Arthur Stuart Brostrom 
Linh Tat Bui 
Desiree Alease Butler 
Sung Y. Choi 
Phil Anthony Crescioli 
Angela Rose Cuellar 
Anand Upendra Desai 
lames Lmdlev DeCamp 
Daniel Nelson DePuyt 
Karen Lynn Dotson 
David Charles Drurv 
Duy Hong Duong 
Dale Lavem Fahnestock II 
Brian Keith Fair§ 
William Edward Freeman 
Jon Richard Grabowski 
Robert H. Graves 

$ Summa cum Laude 
t Magna cum Laude 
' cum Laude 

Darrell Francis Greenleef 
John Francis Guay 
Hamideh Hamidein 
Nicholas Alexander Herbert 
Robert Joel Hollingshead 
2nd Degree: Mathematics 
Pohsiang Hsut 
Dannielle Lynn Husingat 
Shobhan Manvendra Jha 
Brian Francis Johnson 
Adam Ernest Kenney 
hi Ming Lau* 
Diana Thuy Le 

Mary Katherine Elizabeth Lee* 
Peter Isaac Lehmer 
Fernando P. Lopez 
Due Tin Luu 
Richard Michael Mack 
David H.S. Meakin 
Eric B.Mitchell 
Ai-Ling Irene Ng 
Cam Huu Nguyen 
Hai Do Nguyen 
Yoeng Soo O 
Cynthia M. Pesket 
Eric M. Poh 
Vadim Polyakov* 
Timothv Scott Raab 
Tariq Rafique 
Rajesh N. Raghavan 
Renu Rekhi 
Walter Karl Renner 
Mark Edward Rhoads 
Mary Kathleen Rimlinger 
D. Scott Robinson 

Rana A. Saad 
Nikita Saxena 
Michael Paul Schroeder 
Mohammad Reza Sedighian 
Wilham Henry SeU VI 
Hemangi Dhirubhai Shah 
M. Mikail Shams 
Richard A. Smedley* 
Stacey Leigh Smith 
Tracey Marie Smith 
Brian Stuart Sorg 
Lynn Marie Surdock 
Tapan M. Suthar 
Matthew Eric Theurer 
Vernita Yvette Thompson 
Mark Alan Thomson 
Abraham John Waranowitz 
David Mason Wetzel 
Jennifer Joelle White 

2nd Degree: French hmgnage and 

Mark David Williams 
Bruce Mundy Witkin 
David Albert Yacono 

Fire Protection Engineering 

William J. Burrus 
Sheryl Lynn Gallahue 
Mark Hopkins 
Salvatore Joseph Izzo III 
Barney Arthur McCollum 
Brian Thomas Rhodes* 
Ivan Isami Sonobe 
Robert J. Thompson 

Mechanical Engineering 

Arshia Arvandi 
Craig Leroy Baker 
Steven Edward Baker 
Andrew Eugene Bartoszykt 
Robert Morris Beaton 
Lowry Jefferson Brooks, Jr. 
Nai-Lun Jack Chiang 
Rohit Dilip Chifre 
William Chu 
Kevin Patrick Costinett 
David Joseph Cunningham 

Joel Jacinto De Roche 
Arpan Surendra Desai 
Doron Daniel Fieldst 
Timothv Lerov Filemyr 
Mark David Fisher 
Carrie L. J. Fowler 
Mario Scott Garza 
David Brian Hendrickson 
D.Keith Kirk, Jr. 
John Ambrose Komsa III 
Kai Fei Lam 
Pamela Troy Lambert 
David John Landis, Jr.t 
Michelle Lee 
Scott Sunwon Lee 
Corry Richard Luckenbach 
Leroy H. McCauley 
Susan Lynne McHugh 
Dale Robert Morey 
Hanna Khali! Nazzal 
Thanh Nhat Nguyen 
George Juan Noya 
Jacko Charlie Obadia 
John David Padgefte 
Steven Andrew Renner 
Richard Weldon Ridley 
Kevin SungHyung Ro 
Matthew Eugene Roberts 
Jeffrey David Salay 
Lothar John Schroeder 
Richard Michael Smith 
Steven Harold Speck 
George John Stathist 
Zsolt Robert Szabo 
Susanne Christine Tinkert 
Joseph Duane Tramp 
Anthony Trong Tran 
Ching-Hsu Ramsey Tsay 
Dararith Un 
Jie Wen 
Dean W. Wiggs 
Steven Patrick Wigmore 
Roan Stuart Winchester 
Emmanuel Wong 
Gwoping Yang 
Jeffrey Walter Zach 



O F 


A T 



Undesignated Engineering 

Alessandro Franchi 
Christopher Peter Jackson 
Kenneth Joseph Marsala, Jr. 
Thomas James Naum 
John Roger Paradiso 
Edward W. Reich 
Dara Kimberly Sewell 
Diane Marie Mitsue Tamai 
Douglas Howard Walcutt 
John Philip Weld, Jr. 



Bachelor of Science 

Family Studies 

Kelly Lvn Ferrar 
Michele Elyse Fishman 
Carrie Lvnn Frazee 
Christine Ann Frazee 
Knsten Loreine Friedman 
Rosalind Camille Hill 
Kelly Ann McCuen 

Edith De\'on Robinson 
Courtney Beth Spivok 
Stephanie Nevins Thomwall 
Krista M. Webster 

Health Education 

Carol Lynn Burnett 
Christina P. Cosca 
Kristin Patricia Fulmer 
Hyon Suk Lee 
Susan A. McSpedon 
Monique Megan Paulwell 
Jennifer Marie Stone* 

Kinesiological Sciences 
Kevin James Basile 
Aimee Elizabeth Calistri 
Mathew Steven Caro 
Kevin Richard Crowley 
Eileen Elizabeth De\ine 
Darvl Bronwvn Fox 
Dasha Marianne Grot 
James Gregory Hook 
Michele Lynn LaFollette 
Robert Thomas Long 
Susan Louise Newell 
Jimmy Alexander Newkirk, Jr. 
Da\id Paul Nobles 
Brian Albert Nugent 
William Sean O'Loughlin 
Michelle Kareem Parsons 
Cristina Pons Pilkington 

Lisa Beth Resnick 
Gregory P. TeSelle 
Karen Rene Threlkel 
Kimberlv Gage Tribles 

Management and Consumer 

Brian Joseph Burlace 
Manuel del Valle 
Douglas Scott Finniff 
Lorena Todio Fister 
Robin Leslie Hoffman 
Dawn Nowell Lawson 
Shawn Robert Marshall 
Stacev Lynn Page 

Physical Education 

Cary David Dimmick 
Christine Marie Fellona 
Vicki Lynn Franz 
Kelli Naomi Myers 
Edmund Francis Ryan 


Hillarv Joslvn Becker 
Susan K. Biddle 
Joseph Mark Dean 
Sandra Silvana Finetti 
Marv Louise Johnson 
Monica Sue Lehr 
Karen Ceceha Mack 
Paul Stanley Sappington 
John Joseph Schulien, Jr. 
Susan Elizabeth Smith 
Karen Elizabeth Spofts 
Patricia Lvrtne Weber 





Bachelor of Science 

Apparel Design 

Marta Berhane 

2nd Degree: Frencli Language and 
Julie Ellen Burke 
Linda MyLinh Chung 
Nichole Christa Delafield 
Sabrina Ann Huffman 
JoAnn Dene Meren 
Christina Rae Speciale 
Johnnita LaSheryl Woods 

Consumer Economics 

Anthonv Michael Altieri 
Vikas Satya Pal Bansal 
Kamla Cecilia Branche 
Darren Evan Brandt 
Byron DeWitt Breland 
Shaun Alvin Burwell 
Dena Latreece Carpenter 
Michael Stuart Cohen 
Justin Bradlev Cutlip 
Stephen Charles DiPeri 
William Bosco DSouza 
Brvan Stephen Hood 
Joseph Vincent Glennon 
Robert Allen Greer 
Yosef Boaz Haimes 
Molinda Marie Hoos 
Monica Jean Jones 
Lou Kawlra 

Amir Hossein Khosrodad 
Jason Kramer Kirsch 
Noelle Marie Kominoth 
Hinwing Lee 
Jason William Massie 

§ Summa cum Laude 

t Magna cum Laude 

* cum Laude 

D E C E M 

E R 




Richard Eugene McDonald 
James Allev Nader 
Bich Ngoc Thi Nguyen 
David Ivan Nottingham 
Abdirizak Yusuf Nur 
Sebastiao Silvester Pereira 
Sue Ellen Michelle Peters 
Darren W. Port 
Susan Elizabeth Ross 
Lisa L. Santangelo 
Karen Elaine Smith 
Sidney Clarence Smith, Jr. 
Vasilios Demetrios Stavrakas 
Benjamin Emest Tippins 
Leah V. Warshawskyt 


Kelly V. Bowling 

Family Studies 

Barbra A. LaPointe 

Management and Consumer 

Anita Bedrosian 
Patrick Alan Chervenak 
Danielle Elisa Furman 
Jeffrey C. Jung 
Suzie Sunjoo Kwon 

Textile Marketing/Fashion 

Julie Louise Bauer 
Christine Ann Berk 
Sang Kvveon Cho 
Lillian Anne Coopermant 

Denise Marie DeLuca 
Liliana Escobedo 
Georgana G. Georgiev* 
Deborah Lynne Gitelson 
Greta Ann Gray 
Amy Kathleen Hemovich 
Dana Leigh Knoll 
Yolanda Kuo 
Helen May Lee 
Holly Elizabeth Mudd 
Aela Park 

Laura M. Pochettino 
Elizabeth Leigh Schwack 
Jodie Lynn Steam 
Renee Michelle Thomas 
Alexandra J. Trent 
Shannon Gray Williams 
Sun K. Yang 
Heather Leas Zahn 

Textile Science 

Robin Ellis Taylor 


Bachelor of Arts 

Natasha Barr 
Stephanie Renee Biddle 
Rhonda Ann Boarman* 
Tanara Elan Bowie 
Victoria Regina Brinson 
Tanell Denise Coleman 
Adrienne Denise Coles 
Brenda Jean Cordwell 
Aliza Chor-Yin Fan 

2nd Major: Sociology 
Tina E. Fisher 
Yvonne Busiku Gagne 
Brian Andrew Goodwin 
Steven Leigh Hawley 
Kelley Jenkins 

§ Summa cum laude 
t Magna cum Laiulc 
' cum Laude 

Rachel Louise Klebe 
Carrie Ann Miller 
Carolyn Sue Myers 
Angela Monique Phifer 
Kimberly Ann Steidley 
Richard C. Tenwolde 
Rebecca Marni Tickton* 

2nd Major: Sociology 
Jeffery Keith Trilling 
Brian Scott Ullmann 
Noelle Marie Wagenhoffer 
Lynne Carol Wenner 
Denise Margaret Williams 

Bachelor of Science 

Luis Filipe Alexandre 
Nawal Antoun Asfour 

2nd Major: French Language and 

Katarina Elisabeth Beisler 
Jack Joseph Boucher 
Michelle Renae Brus 
Abby Elaine Caplan 
Perli D. Cunanan 
Amy Aizu Feng 
Kimberly Anne Gale 
Kathy Augusta Gambrell 
William Thomas Halcisak, Jr. 
Dana Samantha Haskins 
Cathleen Lorraine Hickey 
Catherine E. Hines 
Joanne Adamadia Kaouris 

2nd Major: journalism 
Mason Jay Levinson 
Marcos William Lindekugel 
Vivian Cecilia Llodra 
Lisa Michelle Losito 
Jane Carolyn Lynch 
Meredith Jeanne Marsh 

2nd Degree: French Language and 

Robin Lee Mohlhenrich* 
Jonathan D. Morgenthau 
Teri Lea Parker 
Ke\in Morris Peck 
Michelle A. Reed 

Nathan Michael Shashoua 
Jane Biddix Smith 
Mark G. Steimer§ 
Mark Joseph Thomas 
Rolandmarie Ann Turner 
Julie E. Valentine 
Lynn Marie Vicchiolla 
Marc Edward Wexler 


Bachelor of Science 

Nadia Angov 

Ronald Carl Butler 

Jaideep Chopra 

Scot Christopher Collins 

Asika Kumudini De Silva 

Mark William Fehrenbacher 

Mohammed Aslam Khan 

Reno T. Nguyent 

Vincent Earle Rampersaud 

Sean Earl Ryder 

Gagan Jit Singh 

Ladan Vakili 

Amer Emelio Cosca Villaruz 

Nicholas Chi-Sheng Yang 


Sarah Lynn Cronlund 


Daniel Thomas Dryden 
Jeffrey Scott Frashure 
Freweini Habteselasie 
David Myers Leffingwell 
Durgadath Nanan 
Chudi Ifeanyi Onyilimba 
2nd Degree: Mathematics 
Charles Andrew Piety 



O F 


A T 



Freweini Tesfaledet 

General Biological Sciences 

Mojgan Ahmadzadeh 
Bernadette Allman 
Thomas Carroll Beach IV 
Rhonda Charlene Brandon 
Jennifer Ann Brennant 
Troy Andre Brijbasi 
Ramon Buhay Calalang, Jr. 
Norman Pierre Chanaud HI 
Heather Lea Curran 
Robert Anthony DeFalco, Jr. 
William T. DiBella 
David Wayne Dulansey 
Eve-Lyn Marie Emory 
Sina Peter Farzin 
Kathleen Dorothv Flannery 
Pamela Anne Founds 
Tanya Geiger 
Babak Gohari 
Patrick Jacque Graux 
Kimberlv Uhrich Gross 
Monika Katherinejankowski 
Jeffrey Bruce Jarvis 
Jeffrey Russell King 
Doratha Claire Klugel 
Herbert Stanley Lambert III 
Amanda A. Lara 
Priya Darshini Lavappa 
Gai Mi Lee 
Erin Dean Leff 
Hasmig Semerdjian Link 
Shawn Edward Lupoid 
Andrea Lynne Mandella 
Constantine John Markos 
Melanie Ann McCall 
Douglas Eric Morgan 
Bettina Nicole Pedone 
Ronald Douglas Pongrac 
Asif Waqar Rati 
Asim Reehan Rati 
Elizabeth Jane Rand 
Stacey Elizabeth Robbins 
Jeffrey Adam Roberts 
Leonard Rosenthal 

Donald Dobson Stansell II 
Dana Lynn Thomas 
Andrew Mark Torgrimson 
Wendy Renee Williams 
Dena Carol Wilson 
Glenn Patrick Wood II 
Dana A. Zelof 
Irene E. Zohn 


Kimberlv Michelle Catlett 
John Andrew Davis 
Saudia Shameeza Deen 
Felicia Joy Duffy 
Stuart Arthur Gaines 
Humaira Haider 
Chiler Hasan 
Masood Alam Kureshi 
Deborah Yi-Ping Lee 
Jeffrey Andrew Pavne 
Thy Phuong Pham 
Andrew Frank Redman 
Susanne Marie Riedesel 
David Mark Weitzman 
Heui Ra Yoo 


Jeffries Dawson Bolden 
Frederick Eugene Brown 
Tara Louise Burke 
Francisco G. Comas 
Thomas James Cunningham 
Marjone Devlin Dorak 
Teresa Kim Hallow 
Cisy James 

John Charles Maerz HI 
Jessica Lien-Trang Nguyen 
Sascha Regina Parsons 
Camille Anne Peart 
Laura Christine Plantinga* 
Michelle Lisa Redman 
Michael David Reiser 
David Michael Reynolds 
Leslie Ries 
Alvin Sunguk Ro 
Eddv Fernando Ruiz 
Dayanthi Rosina Yesudian 
Amy S. Zullo 


Bachelor of Arts 

Individual Studies 

Stephanie Natter 
Todd Eric Roseland 
Harby Rockwood Tran 

Bachelor of General Studies 

George John Bregmant 
Michael A. Crable 
Brigid Kerr Cummings 
Emilie Williams Emshwiller 
Patrav Evans 
Enoch Paul Fickling 
Larry Gibson 
Sherry Bendross Green 
Susan Caroline Hunt 
Abigail Foxcroft Janssens 
Spencer Jennings Leech HI 
Jean A. Marchowsky 
Carl Everett McPherson 
Kerry Ann O'Day 
Garrick Wayne Reid 
Joseph Edward Stump 
Glenn Alan Zimmerman 

Bachelor of Science 

Individual Studies 

Timothy Scott Dennis 
Scott Robert Peyser 
Kelly Lynn Russell 
Marc I. Tobias 


Women's Studies 

Jill Natasha Brooks 
Nicole Sherrice Norwood 
Deborah Ann Savo 


Second Lieutenants 
U.S. Air Force Reserves 

Wesley Joe Butts 
Thomas W. Coppersmith, Jr. 
Audi N. Lucas 
Todd Jamie Parsont 


§ Summa cum Laude 

t Magna cum Laude 

" cum Laude 








Bachelor's degree candidates who have qualified for scholaraship honors upon 
graduation are designated by appropriate symbols adjacent to their names within 
the alphabetical listings of college or schools. 

To be eligible for consideration for such honors a candidate must meet the follow- 
ing general criteria: (1) have completed at least 2 years of work at the University of 
Maryland (60 semester hours, 30 of which were earned at the College Park cam- 
pus) and (2) have a scholastic average of B (grade point average of 3.000) or higher 
in University of Maryland work prior to the last semester of registration before 
award of degree. 

August and December 1992 candidates who have met these criteria are shown in 
the listings as qualifying, upon graduation, for the designators Summn aim Laude (if 
they ranked in the top two percent of the candidates in their respective colleges or 
schools), Magna aim laude (if in the next three percent, or cum Laudc (if in the next 
five percent), based on the grade point averages of students in the preceding three 
graduating classes of their degree-granting unit. 


Mojgan Ahmadzadeh 
Dana Cheryl Garris* 
Anna Kathryn Gilcher* 
Melissa Jill Kowalski* 
Lisa Sharon Spicknall** 
Lisa Michelle Tenley 




George Christopher Agritellis*' 
Patricia Katherine Beachley 
John B. Benedetto" 
Stuart David Cataldo** 
Erin Anderson Conners** 
Marjorie Devlin Dorak 
Adrian Michael Goldstein** 
Jennifer Griffin** 
Susan Janice Grill** 
William Frederick Heinz* 
Lori Elizabeth Kline*** 
Alex Charles Lakatos** 
Francoise Giao-Phuong Le** 
Joy-Ann Rose Maloney** 
Jeremy Lechtman Milk*** 
Daniel Benjamin Navarro** 
Diane Laurette O'Reilly** 
Rebecca Hart Pitts** 
Ramsey Imad Shehadeh 
Lisa Faith Waldman** 
Natalie Fem Zaidman** 
Andrea Jill Zemil" 



O F 


R Y L A N D 

A T 




With High Honors in: 


Anne Marie Broadwater* 
Michael Edward Dowler* 
Seong Jeong Noh" 


Charles Raymond Bourne, Jr." 
David Seung-Hyun Hwang** 
Krishna Mallik** 
Lisa Ann Meshhesher** 
Dana Lvnn Thomas 

Government and Politics 

John B. Benedetto** 
Denise Cheung** 
Caterina Caroline Panos** 
Lynn Bernadette Poe** 

Emiliano Gomez*** 


Paul Evan Lynch** 
Michael D. McGreew** 

With Honors in: 


Samuel Yu-Shu Wu** 


Sandra Christine Koch" 
Amir Shoushang Moazzez" 
Keelin Gregg Smothers" 

Computer Science 

Michael Andrew Bull" 

Charles Stevens Falkenberg 
David Mark Herbert 
Samuel Paul Hale Lamphier 
Lisa Sharon Spicknall"* 

Criminal Justice 

John Timothy Ridgely* 


Sanjeev Kalanidhi 


Gina Lvnn Cash 

Steven Anthony McCarthy 

Elizabeth Louise Schneider 


Alessandro Franchi 
Mary Katherine Elizabeth Lee 
Brian Thomas Rhodes 
Kenneth Tracy Schlag* 


Helen Rose Bradley 
Deron Cornell Burton*** 
Kelly May Causey*** 
Robert Christopher Ekstrand" 
Sherrv Ann Lau*" 

Government and Politics 

Howard Efram Diamond* 
Sarah Ann Murphy* 
Daniel Benjamin Navarro** 
Christie Colleen Noll" 
Ayse Aydan Sahin 


Nathan P. Newell 
Yilmaz Window Rona" 


Erica Beth Stein 


Diana Lynn Miglioretti" 
Camille Anne Peart 
Michelle Lisa Redman 

* graduated Decanber 1991 
"graduated May 1992 
"* graduated August 1992 









Katarina Beisler 
Corinne Calis 
Sang Kvveon Cho 
Brenda Cordwell 
Robert DeFalco 
Timothy Dennis 
Karen DeSantis 
Ami Desai 
David Donaldson 
Kevin Fallon 
Mark Fehrenbacher 
Kelley Ferrar 
Danielle Furman 
Tanya Geiger 
Brian Goodwin 
Stephanie Hampton 
Jennifer Huber 
Julie Huntington 
Debbie Hurowitz 
Grachel Javanella 
Kelley Jenkins 
Kimberly Ann Johnson 
Margaret Jones 
Sanjeev Kalanidhi 
Joyce Kang 
Michael Kropff 
Doris Lau 
Suzanne Law 
Mary Katherine Lee 
Kevin Andrew Lewis 
Christopher Light 
Douglas Lunenfeld 
Erin Lynch 
John Maerz III 
Amit Manchanda 
Robin Mohlenrich 
Lori Moorman 
Mary Theresa Moriarty 
Robert Peterson 
Steven Phelps 
Tamara Phillips 
Laura Plantinga 
Dora Pleasant 
Elizabeth Randall 
Mark Rlioads 
Tiffany Rodney 
Richard Ridley 

Katana Sanford 
Melissa Scaletta 
Christopher Scardellefti 
Robert Seidman 
Michael Scott 
Keri Ann Sferra 
Robin Shaffer 
Kenneth Shore 
Gagan Singh 
Richard Smedley 
Steven Snyder 
George Stathis 
Jen Storer 
Lisa Tenley 
Dana Thomas 
David Tlusty 
Marc Tobias 
Steve Vinh 

Erika Lynn Vorasmarri 
Tracy Wilkison 
Gerry Williams 
Dena Wilson 
Steven Wood 
Craig Zimmerman 

Designed by Creative Services 12/92 
Cover Design: Tule Truong 
Project Coordinator: Linda H. Martin 
Photography: John 7 Consoli, Celia 

Escudero, David Fivelich, Eric Kieley, 
Scott Suchman, and David Trozzo