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"" *. 



C5S, 003 


December 23, 1993 

U N I V E 

I T Y 

O F 


A T 


E G E 



Congratulations on the successful completion of your 
studies! As you take formal leave of your university, 
my colleagues and I would like you to know how 
proud you have made us by your outstanding contri- 
butions as students, as members of the College Park 
community, and as young leaders in so many differ- 
ent endeavors. Your achievements have helped to 
place College Park in the top ranks of public universi- 
ties and will not be forgotten. 

On our part, we have endeavored to provide you with as many opportuni- 
ties as possible for developing the broad intellectual interests, the generosity 
of spirit and the special skills you will need to be a productive member of the 
exciting new world you are entering. We hope that you will always cherish 
the time you spent here and the friendships you made, and that College Park 
will always evoke the happiest of memories for you. 

This campus has experienced a great many changes and challenges during 
your years here. We want you to know that we appreciate the support and 
cooperation you have demonstrated towards all our efforts to keep College 
Park true to its mission of excellence. We hope you will continue to believe in 
us and our destiny as the flagship campus of Maryland. As you leave the uni- 
versity community to seek wider vistas and fresh challenges, we 
hope you will not wander too far — at least not in spirit — from 
your alma mater. We intend to make you as proud of us as we 
are of you, so please stay in touch. 

Good luck and Godspeed to each and every one of you! 

William E. Kirwan 







Cole Student Activities Building 
9:30 a.m. 


Dr. William E. Kirwan 

IVIaster of Ceremonies 

Ms. Cathryn Ufema 
Department of Theatre 


Symphonic Wind Ensemble 
Conductor, Mr. John E. 

IVIusical Selection 

"America the Beautiful" 

by Samuel Ward 

University Chorale 

Conductor, Dr. Roger J. Folstrom 


Chaplain Elizabeth Platz 
Lutheran Campus Ministry 

The National Anthem 

Led by Dr. Folstrom 
Sung by Cynthia Brasket, 
Graduating Senior 


Dr. George L. Marx 

Vice Chancellor for Academic 


University of Maryland System 

Mr. Roger R. Blunt 


Board of Regents 

Senior Class Gift 

Mr. Daniel Kirby 


Senior Council at Maryland 

Remarks to the Graduates 

Michael David Nicoleau 

Honorary Degree 


Dr. Linda S. Wilson 

Message to the Graduates 

President Kirwan 

Presentation of Colleges and 


Chaplain Elizabeth Platz 
Lutheran Campus Ministry 

Alma Mater 

Hail to thee, Maryland! 
Steadfast in loyalty; 
For thee, we stand, 
Love for the Black and Gold 
Deep in our hearts we hold. 
Singing thy praise forever. 
Throughout the land. 


Symphonic Wind Ensemble 
Conductor, Mr. Wakefield 


December 23, 1993 


Business & Management 

Behavioral & Social Sciences 


Undergraduate Studies 



Life Sciences 

Library & Information Sciences 


Computer, Mathematical & 

Physical Sciences 


Human Ecology 

Health & Human Performance 

Arts & Humanities 

Floor seating arrangement for August and December graduates. 
Cole Field House. 




Psmt Branch Dcve 

Following the Commencement, 
individual graduation exercises 
for colleges and schools will be 
held at several campus loca- 
tions. Ceremonies are sched- 
uled to begin at 12:00 noon, 
12:30 p.m. and 2:30 p.m. Guests 
are urged to be seated approxi- 
mately one-half hour prior to the designated time for 
the ceremonies if they wish to observe the student 
and faculty procession. 

Graduates, their families and friends are cordially 
invited and encouraged to join with university offi- 
cials and members of the faculty at the reception to 
be held in the Grand Ballroom of Stamp Shadent 

Shuttle bus service is available providing free trans- 
portation across the campus throughout the day. 






Campuswide Commencement 

9:30 a.m. Cole Student Activities Building 

Agriculture and Life Sciences Graduation Ceremony 

2:30 p.m. Memorial Chapel 

Architecture Graduation Ceremony 

12:00 noon Architecture Auditorium 

Arts and Humanities Graduation Ceremonies 

12:00 noon 

American Shuiics; Dance: EnglishlCompamtiiv Literature; Music: Radio, 
Television and Film: Speccli Communication: Theatre: 
Tavves Tlneatre 

Art History: Art/Sociology Building, Room 2309 

Art Studio/Design: Art/Sociology Building, Room 2203 

Foreign LanguagelClassicsjUnguistics: 


Jimenez Hall, Room 0220 
Skinner Building, Room 0200 

Behavioral and Social Sciences Graduation Ceremony 

2:30 p.m. Cole Student Activities Building 

Business and Management Graduation Ceremony 

12:00 noon Cole Student Activities Building 

Computer, Mathematical and Physical Sciences Graduation Ceremony 

12:00 noon Memorial Chapel 

Education Graduation Ceremony 

12:00 noon Reckord Armory 

Engineering Graduation Ceremony 

2:30 p.m. Reckord Armory 

Health and Human Performance Graduation Ceremony 

12:00 noon Health and Human Performance Building, 

Room 2240 

Journalism Graduation Ceremony 

12:00 noon Hoff Theatre 

Library and Information Services Graduation Ceremony 

12:30 p.m. Zoology-Psychology Building, Room 1240 

Undergraduate Studies Graduation Ceremony 

12:00 noon Marie Mount Hall, Maryland Room 


O F 


A T 

C O L L E G 




College Park, the flagship institution 
of the university's ll-campus system, 
is the most comprehensive institution 
of higher education, research and ser- 
vice in the state of Maryland. More 
National Merit and National 
Achievement Scholars attend College 
Park than any other public university 
in the state. 

In fall 1993, undergraduates 
numbered 23,331 and graduate 
students 9,110 for a total enroll- 
ment of 32,441. This year's 
College Park operating budget 
is approximately $611 million, 
including university financial 
aid for some 5,912 students. 

Students can choose from more 
than 117 undergraduate and 84 
graduate programs leading to 
degrees. In 1992-93, the cam- 
pus awarded 5,240 bachelor's 
degrees, 1,494 master's degrees, 
and 490 doctorates. 


The University of Maryland was 
founded in 1807 in Baltimore as a fac- 
ulty-owned CoUege of Medicine. Five 
years later, the growing institution 
was renamed the University of 
Maryland. The Baltimore College of 
Dental Surgery, the first dental school 

in America, became a part of the uni- 
versity' in 1840. Later, the university 
opened schools of pharmacy, law and 

In 1859, the Maryland Agricultural 
College, which would evolve into the 
University of Maryland at CoUege 
Park, was opened in Prince George's 
County under a charter secured in 
1856 by a group of Maryland 
planters. This insHtution became one 
of the nation's original land-grant 
schools in 1865. After a disastrous fire 
on the campus in 1912, the state 
acquired control of the college and 
rebuilt it. 

In 1920, the state legislahire joined 
CoUege Park with the professional 
schools in Baltimore to form an 
expanded University of Maryland. 
These schools were later grouped 
with the Baltimore County and 
Eastern Shore campuses and 
University College. 

July 1, 1988, marked the dawn of a 
new era in higher education in the 
state of Maryland when a reorganiza- 
tion of the state's pubUc imiversities 
and coUeges mandated by the 
Maryland legislature went into effect. 
As a result, the five campuses com- 
prising the former University of 
Maryland were merged with six insti- 
tutions governed by the Maryland 
Board of Trustees of State 
Universities and Colleges to form the 
new University of Maryland System, 
The law that created the new system 







designated College Park as the state's 
flagship institution. 


The libraries at College Park consti- 
tute the largest university research 
library system in the Washington 
metropolitan area. The seven libraries 
support over 117 undergraduate and 
84 graduate programs, serve more 
than 32,000 students, 2,500 faculty, 
and 5,500 staff and provide vital 
resources to researchers, visiHng 
scholars, businesses, and others 
throughout the state and region. The 
libraries' holdings include over 2.1 
million volumes, over 19,000 sub- 
scriptions to periodicals, and more 
than 4.1 million items available in 
microfilm format. The College Park 
Libraries also offer several nationally 
and internationally recognized spe- 
cial collections such as the 
International Piano Archives at 
Maryland, the Nahonal Trust for 
Historic Preservation, and the 
Katherine Anne Porter literary 


College Park is the home of a variety 
of exceptional research facilities 
including a computer vision laborato- 
ry; a full-scale low velocity wind Uin- 
nel; a 500-liter computer-controlled 

fermentation system for research in 
bioprocess scale-up programs; the 
Center for Automation Research; and 
a Neutral Buoyancy Facility for simu- 
lating weightlessness in deep space. 
Such major facilities as the 
Engineering Research Center, the 
Institute for Systems Research, and 
the Institutional Reform and the 
Informal Sector (IRIS) Center conduct 
research that is especially significant 
to the state, nation and the world. 

The Engineering Research Center is a 
major vehicle for extending the tech- 
nical and research expertise of the 
University of Maryland to businesses 
and industries throughout Maryland. 
The center is both a catalyst for prob- 
lem-solving and a clearinghouse for 
technical information resources. 

The Institute for Systems Research 
conducts research in systems engi- 
neering, artificial intelligence and 
computer-aided engineering. 
Supported by the National Science 
Foundation and the private sector, 
the center operates in conjunction 
with a program at Harvard 
University and complements a 
nationally recognized campus pro- 
gram of basic and applied research in 

computer science. 
In November 1990, the Institutional 
Reform and the Informal Sector (IRIS) 
Center, funded by a five-year, $8.9 
million grant from the U.S. Agency 
for International Development, was 
established in the Department of 
Economics at College Park. The cen- 
ter's aim is to support instihjtional 
reforms that will foster competitive 
markets and democrahc processes in 
Eastern Europe and developing coun- 

College Park will be the home of one 
of the nation's most important 
research facilities — the 1.7 million 
square-foot, second National 
Archives Building. The facility will 
house more than half the collection of 
the National Archives and Records 
Administration, including some of 
the nation's most valuable historical 
documents, among them the com- 
plete records of the Department of 
State and II million charts, maps, 
photos and documents from World 
War II and the Vietnam War. Tlie 
building is scheduled for completion 
by fall 1993. 

The proximity of the cam- 
pus to national research 
inshtutions such as the 
National Institutes of 
Health, the Smithsonian 
Instihihon, the USDA 
Beltsville Nahonal 
Agricultural Research 
Center and National 
Agricultural Library, and 

the Library of Congress ensures that 
prime research facilities are always 
available to the university's faculty 
and students. 


Created July 1, 1989, the University of 
Maryland at College Park Alumru 
Association is designed to strengthen 
ties between the university and its 
graduates and to foster support for 
the University of Maryland at College 
Park. All graduating seniors and suc- 
cessful master's and Ph.D. candidates 
receive a six-month free membership 
in the association. 


Students graduating today from the 
University of Maryland at College 
Park follow in the footsteps of many 
notable alumni who have distin- 
guished themselves in such fields as 

U N I V 

I T Y 

O F 




science, entertainment, the arts, jour- 
nalism, business, law, meciicine and 

As a graduate student in mathematics 
at College Park, Herbert A. 
Hauptman (Ph.D. '54) worked simul- 
taneously at the Naval Research 
Laboratory (NRL) to devise a method 
for mapping three-dimensional struc- 
tures of molecules. Three decades 
later he and Jerome Karle, his long- 
time collaborator at NRL, won the 
1985 Nobel Prize in chemistry for 
their pioneering research. Dr. 
Hauptman was awarded an honorary 
Doctor of Science degree by tlie uni- 
versity in 1985. 

CBS News' Connie Chung ('69) 
worked on the Diamondhack, the uni- 
versity's student newspaper, and for 
WMUC, the campus radio station, 
during her student vears. Another 
successful journalist who received his 
coUegiate trairung at College Park is 
Pulitzer Prize-winning science writer 
Jon Franklin ('70). Franklin, who won 
two Pulitzer Prizes for his work as a 
Baltimore Evening Sun reporter, cur- 
rently heads the journalism program 
at Oregon State Universitv'. 

One of the university's most devoted 
sons is A. James Clark ('50), president 
of The Clark Construction Group, 
Inc., the parent corporarion of such 
nationally recogiuzed general con- 
tracting firms as The George Hvinan 
Construction Company and OMNI 
Coratruction, Inc. A former member 
of the university's Board of Regents, 
in 1983 Clark made a major contribu- 
tion to the College of Engineering 
establishing the A. James Clark Chair 
in Construction Engineering and 

Other notable alumni include 
Carmen Balthrop ('71), a former 
Metropolitan Opera star and current- 
ly associate professor of music at 
College Park; George V. McGowan 
('51), chairman of Baltimore Gas and 
Electric; Joseph B. GilderAom ('51), 
current U.S. ambassador to 
Switzerland; former Congressman 
Tom McMillen ('74); Mary Stallings 
Coleman ('35), the first woman elect- 
ed to the Supreme Court of Michigan; 

Fred O'Green ('49), 
retired chairman of Litton 
Industries; Len Elmore 
('74), Washington, D.C. 
attorney and CBS sports 
commentator; Rep. Steny 
Hoyer ('63), Maryland's 
Fifth District 
Congressman; Mathias J. 
DeVito ('54), chairman of The Rouse 
Co., and Allen J. Krowe ('54), senior 
vice president and chief financial offi- 
cer of Texaco. 


The black caps and gowns worn by 
the students and faculty in the aca- 
demic procession ha\"e been the tradi- 
tional costume of scholars since 
medieval times. They probably repre- 
sent a kind of ecclesiastical dress, 
since many of the scholars of that 
period were members of monastic 

Most colleges and universities in the 
United States have adopted the uni- 
form code for costumes drafted by an 
intercollegiate commission in 1983. 
Each of the three academic degrees 
"bachelor, master and doctor" has its 
own distinctive gown and hood. The 
bachelor's gowTi has a longer, more 
narrow, closed sleeve extending 
below the knee; the arm fits through 
a slit at the elbow. The doctor's gown 
has a full, beU-shaped sleeve trimmed 

with three bars of vel- 
vet. The \'elvet trim on 
the gown can be black 
or a color indicating 
the wearer's general 
field of learning: for 
example, green for 
medicine or purple for 
law. A Ust of depart- 
ment colors follows. 

Agriculture/ Maize 

Arts, Letters, Humanities/White 

Business Administration, 

Commercial Science/ Drab 
Economics /Copper 
Education/ Light Blue 
Fine Arts, Architecture/Brown 
Forestry /Russet 
Home Economics/Maroon 
Law /Purple 
Library Science /Lemon 
Music /Pink 
Oratory, Speech/Silver Gray 
Pharmacy /Olive 
Philan thropy / Rose 
Philosophy/Dark Blue 
Public Administration, Foreign 

Sen-ice /Peacock Blue 
Public Health/Salmon 
Physical Education/Sage Green 

Science/Golden Yellow 
Social Work/Citron 
Theology and Divinity/Scarlet 
Veterinary Sciences/Gray 
The most colorful and distinctive part 







of the academic costume is the hood 
extending down the back. The doc- 
tor's is the largest of the hoods and 
the bachelor's is the smallest. The 
bachelor's hood is often omitted. 

Silk lining of various colors in the 
center of the hood indicates the col- 
lege or university which conferred 
the degree. Consistent for all degrees 
is the cap, or mortar board, which has 
a tassel of black or another color indi- 
cating the field of learning. The tassel 
of the doctor's cap can be gold. 


A degree is awarded for the success- 
ful completion of a course of study. 
There are more than 1,600 different 
academic degrees currently conferred 
by colleges and universihes nation- 

The first known degree was a doctor- 
ate bestowed by the University of 
Bologna, Italy, in the mid-12th centu- 
ry. Originally, the doctor's and mas- 
ter's degrees were used interchange- 
ably, each indicating that the holder 
was qualified to instruct students. 
The bachelor's, or baccalaureate, 
degree indicated readiness to enter 
into a course of study preparatory to 
the doctorate or mastership. 
Gradually, though, the bachelor's 
degree came to mean successhil com- 
pletion of one level of study in 
advance of the higher degrees. 


The term "doctor," meaning teacher 
or instructor, originated with the 
ancient Romans for those who lec- 
tured publicly on philosophical top- 
ics. During the Middle Ages, it was 
used as a title of honor for men of 
great learning. It was first made an 
academic title at the University of 
Bologna, which was allowed by the 
emperor to appoint doctores legiim 
(doctors of laws). The University of 
Paris followed suit in the year 1145. 
Soon after, popes granted the univer- 
sities the right to appoint doctors 
canomnn d decretalium (teachers of the 
canon law) and, when the study of 
civil law was combined with that of 
the canon law, the title was changed 
to doctor utriusque juris (teacher of 
both laws). The faculties of theology 
and medicine followed that of law in 
conferring this title. 

A doctorate is given beyond the bac- 
calaureate degree and requires sever- 
al years of advanced study, the suc- 
cessful completion of a thesis or 
dissertation, and written and oral 
examinahons. The doctor's degree 
represents the most advanced earned 
degree conferred by American insti- 
tutions. There are two distinct types: 
the practitioner's degree and the 
research degree. The first type repre- 
sents advanced training for the prac- 
tice of various professions, principal- 
ly Doctor of Medicine, Juris Doctor 

and Doctor of Pharmacy. These 
degrees carry no implication of origi- 
nal research. The University of 
Maryland awarded the first two den- 
tal degrees in history on March 9, 
1841, and invented the name of the 
degree. Doctor of Dental Surgery 

The second t\'pe is a research doctor- 
ate representing prolonged periods of 
advanced study. A dissertation which 
usually accompanies the shjdy is 

intended to contribute substantially 
to existing knowledge on the subject. 
The most important of these, the 
Doctor of Philosophy, no longer has 
an implication of philosophy for its 
holder, but represents advanced 
research in any of the major fields of 
knowledge. It was first awarded in 
the United States in 1861 by Yale 
Uitiversity. The University of 
Maryland awarded a Ph.D. for the 
first rtme in 1920. 


O F 




The master's degree is an academic 
lionor bestowed upon students wlio 
have successfully completed work 
beyond the baccalaureate. A thesis 
and an oral examination are usually 
required. The word magister was used 
by the Romans as a title of honor, but 
its present meaning can be traced to 
the establishment of the oldest uni- 
versities. Organized faculties as they 
now exist in universities were not 
known then; academic activity was 
limited to seven liberal arts. Those 
who were honored for their diligence 
and knowledge upon completion of 
their studies and who had already 
recei\ed the bachelor's degree were 
called mttgistri artium (master of the 
liberal arts). In 1920, the Urviversity of 
Maryland awarded its first Master of 
Arts (M.A.) and Master of Science 
(M.S.) degrees in fields other than 


The bachelor's degree represents 
completion of a four-year course of 
college-level study and is the oldest 
academic degree used by American 
institutions of higher learning. It was 
first coi\ferred in America in 1642 on 
the first nine graduates of Har\'ard 
College. Maryland Agriculture 
College, which later became the 
University of Maryland at CoUege 
Park, awarded its first Bachelor of 
Arts (B.A.) and Bachelor of Science 
(B.S.) degrees in 1862. 









Board of Regents 


George V. McGowan 
Vice Chair 

Roger Blunt 

Albert N. Whiting 

llona M. Hogan 
Assistant Secretary 

Constance M. Unseld 

Robert L. Walker, ex officio 
Margaret Alton 
Mary Arabian 
Richard O. Bemdt 
Benjamin L. Brown 
Earle Palmer Brown 
Charles W. Cole, Jr. 
Frank A. Gunther, Jr. 
Ann Hull 
Henr)' R. Lord 
Franklin Perdue 

Student Regent 

Michael Seelman 

System Administration of 
the University 


Donald N. Langenberg 
Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs 

George L. Marx 
Vice Chancellor for General 

Kenneth R. Stafford (Interim) 
Vice Chancellor for Advancement 

John K. Martin 

University of IVIaryland at 
College Park Administration 


William E. Kirwan 
Vice President for Academic Affairs and 

Daniel Fallon 
Vice President for Administrative Affairs 

Charles F. Sturtz 
Vice President for Institutional 

Kathryn Costello 
Vice President for Student Affairs 

William L. Thomas, Jr. 


College of Agriculture 

Craig Oliver (Interim) 
College of Arts and Humanities 

Robert W. Griffith 
College of Behavioral and Social Sciences 

Irwin Goldstein 
College of Business and Management 

William Mayer 
College of Computer, Mathematical and 
Phi/sical Sciences 

Richard H. Herman 
College of Education 

Willis D. Hawley 
College of Engineering 

George E. Dieter 
College of journalism 

Reese Cleghorn 
College of Librani and Information 

Ann E. Prentice 
College of Life Sciences 

Paul H. Mazzocchi 
College of Health and Human 

John J. Burt 
School of Architecture 

Steven Hurtt 



O F 


A T 



School of Public Affairs 

Michael Nacht 
Administrative Dean for Graduate 
Studies and Research 

Timothy Ng (Acting) 
Administrative Dean for Summer 

Melvin Bernstein 
Administrative Dean for Undergraduate 

Kathryn J. Mohrman 

Officers of Commencement 

Charles]. Beatty 

hidustrial, Technological and 

Occupational Education 
Universit]/ Mnrsluit 
Don C. Piper 

Government and Politics 
John E. Wakefield 

Director of Bands 

Commencement Committee 

Alicia Arkell-Kleis 

Diploma Office 
Mahnaz Bahrami 

Institutional Advancement 
/. Frank Breiver 

Physical Plant 
Frances P. Cave 

Health Center 
Earle Connors 

Physical Plant 
Kathryn Costello 

Institutional Advancement 
Carolyn A. Ent 

Institutional Advancement 
Richelle Hammelt 

DisabiUty Support Ser\ice 
Simone Legacy 

Industrial, Technological and 

Occupational Education 
Nancy Loomis 

Dining Services 
Linda Martin 

Institutional Advancement 
Miclmel McNair 

Police Department 
Lander Medtin 

Physical Plant 
Gary Parker 

Intercollegiate Athletics 
Elizabeth Pattison 

Records and Registrations 
Cynthia Walker Reed 

University Book Center 
fames N. Robinson 

Environmental Safet}' 
Barri Standish Sanders 

Commuter Affairs 
Janice E. Summons 

Campus Parking 
Kate Ufema 

Larry Volz 

Police Department 
Patrick Wadsworth 

Dining Services 

Unit Representatives 

Diane Barlow 

Library and Information Services 
Theresa DiPaolo 

Arts and Humanities 
Jane Fines 

Oiarles H. Flatter 

Paulette Godin 

Arts and Humanities 
Diana Jackson 

Behavioral and Social Sciences 
Donna King 

Business and Management 
Albert J. Klavon 

Life Sciences and Agriculture 
John C. Loss 

Joe Murray 

Health and Human Performance 
Bonnie Oh 

Undergraduate Studies 
Vicky Reinke 

Librar)' and Information Ser\'ices 
Greig Stewart 

Thehm M. Williams 

Computer, Mathemahcal and 

Physical Sciences 
Elisse Wright-Briscoe 

Public Affairs 

Department of Physical 
Plant, Office of General 
Services/Special Services 
Staff Responsible for Setting 
Up Sites 

Marcellous Anderson 

Robert Armstrong 

Ike Banks 

Leroy Blactivell 

Earl Blake 

Larry Garner 

fames Green 

Vincent Haliburton 

Bernard Hayes 

foseph Hayes 

Alycia Hays 

Larry Jefferson 

Man'in Johnson 

Theresa Mullen 

Keith Neal 

Louis Paintedpony 

George Saunders 

Thomas Saunders 

Johnny Sellers 

Rai/field Sellers 

Cliarles Stubbs 

Danny Tliompson 

Eve Weldon 

Ronny Yee 

Elwood Gross, Flower Arrangements 










Tracy Archie 
Sosi Balian 
Roshanna Baron 
Danyell C. Beard 
Leonard Berkoski III 
Nicole Better 
Donald J. Bruns 
Dean Michael Cabrera 
Inez M. Garcia-Garcia 
Alex Chaloff 
Susan Ciardiello 
Adam Davis 
Brian T. Donoughe 
Lawrence Joseph Egan 
Irit Eshed 
Nechumah Getz 
Leora Gopstein 
Corey Green 
Lacretia Johnson 
Daniel Kirby 
Thomas A. Lang 

Nadine Mann 
Sahrina Ann Matoff 
Jemiifer Mattos 
Isaac Molina 
Kara McCuen 
Tony McFadden 
Chris McLaren 
Shannon Nickens 
Eric J. Park 
David Patrician 
Patricia Petersen 
Roopika Saran 
Craig Schlenoff 
William Shackleford 
Keesha Smith 
Michelle Renee Solter 
Kimberly Sparks 
Raymond J. Stattel 
Diane J. Tinney 
Marita Brigitte Zemik 




A T 




"Society has not yet fully incor- 
porated women," the new presi- 
dent of RadcUffe College, Linda S. 
Wilson, said in 1989. "It has neither 
tapped their talents nor responded 
to their needs, particularly those 
arising from their changing roles." 

Wilson, who is being honored 
today with a Doctor of Letters 
degree, is noted for her efforts to 
develop opportunities for women 
and minorities in science. She is a 
graduate of Sophie Newcomb 
College, Tulane University, and 
earned a Ph.D. in inorganic chem- 
istry at the University of 
Wisconsin. She worked as a post- 
doctoral research associate and 
later as a research assistant profes- 
sor at the University of Maryland 
at College Park from 1962 to 1967. 
She remembers those years as 
"heady times." 

"The years I spent at the 
University of Maryland were excit- 
ing ones," Wilson said. "1 had the 
privilege of working closely with 
Ellis Lippincott, professor of chem- 
istry, and with John Toll, physics 
chair, in preparing the university's 
submission for an NSF Science 
Development Grant." 

Wilson continued her research at 
a number of other institutions, 
including the University of 
Southampton, England, the 
University of Missouri, the London 
School of Economics and Political 
Science and the University of 
Sussex, England. She then extend- 
ed her career interest to the foster- 
ing and supervision of research. 
She was the associate vice chancel- 
lor for research at the University of 

Illinois from 1975 to 1985 and the 
vice president for research at the 
University of Michigan from 1985 
to 1989, before becoming the sev- 
enth president of Radcliffe College 
in 1989. 

Wilson has published widely, 
writing on such diverse topics as 
high pressure optics, graduate edu- 
cation, research administration, 
women and science, government 
and the graduate institution, and 
the financing of research. She is a 
member of the American Chemical 
Society, the American Association 
for the Advancement of Science, 
the National Council of University 
Research Administrators, the 
Society of Research Administrators 
and other committees, councils, 
boards and institutions too numer- 
ous to mention here. She serves as 
chair of the National Research 
Council's Office of Science and 
Engineering Personnel and chaired 
the 1993 Commission on Women in 
Higher Education. 

Her most recent honors were a 
Doctor of Humane Letters from 
Newcomb College, Tulane 
University, and the Valerie A. 
Knapp Distinguished Educator 
Award from the College Club of 









Theodore R. Croni, Class of '47, 
Civil Engineering, is a man of 
invention, inspiration and varied 

As a civil engineer and business- 
man, Crom made his mark in the 
design and construction of pre- 
stressed concrete tanks, founding 
The Crom Corporation, 
Gainesville, Fla., in 1952. He holds 
two patents for circular tank con- 
struction methods, and is also con- 
sidered an expert in the field of 
shotcrete (sprayed concrete) tech- 

In addition to serving as chair- 
man of the board of his company 
since 1963, Crom has actively con- 
tributed his talents to developing 
professional attitudes and skills in 
engineering students at the 
University of Florida, where he did 
graduate work in structural engi- 
neering in 1949-50. He has been 
advisor to the Florida Alpha 
Chapter of Tau Beta Pi, the national 
engineering honor society, for over 
20 years, and meets with shident 
engineering groups to talk about 
engineering in the real world, 
ethics and quality. He has been 
honored by the American Society 
of Civil Engineers, the Florida 
Engineering Society and the 
American Concrete Insfihjte for 
outstanding service to the engi- 
neering profession and outstand- 
ing technical achievement, among 
other awards. 

Crom has gained an equally 
respected and honored place in the 
field of horology, the study of time 
and time-keeping devices. He is 
considered the foremost authority 

on early clock-making tools, and 
has published the primary refer- 
ences on the subject, Horological and 
Other Shop Tools, 1700-1900; Trade 
Catalogues, 1542-1842, and others. 
He is a fellow of the National 
Association of Watch and Clock 
Collectors, the British Horological 
Institute, and a member of the 
Antiquarian Horological 
Instit^ition and other international 
organizations in the field. 

Currently a doctoral candidate in 
the History of Technology at the 
University of Florida, Crom is 
working on his seventh book. 
Eighteenth Century English Brass 
Hardware Catalogues, and awaiting 
his third patent, for double curved 
surface formwork for waste 
digester "eggs." He is honored 
today for his work as an engineer, 
a teacher and historian. 




O F 


A T 




August 1993 

The August 1993 class roster comprises degree graduates from the 
undergraduate and graduate programs at the University of 
Maryland at College Park. 


Quadri A. Adeseun Criminal Justice and Criminology 
The Impact of Religiosity on Delinquent Beliaviors 

Jongseok An Economics 

The Effects of Tax Policy on Foreign Direct Investment Floivs 

Catherine Anderson Psychology 

The Relationship' Between Dissociation and Fearful-Avoidant Attachment in Adult 

Women Suroivors of Incest 

Walid G. Aref Computer Science 

Query Processing and Optimization in Spatial Databases 

David W. Armstrong III Kinesiology 

The Role of Beta-Endorphin in Exercising Humans Acutely Exposed to Cold or 

Hot Air 

Murat M. Aydede Philosophy 

Implementation, Connectionism, and the Language ofTliought 

Fred M. Beasley Business and Management 

The Impact of Consumer Promotions on Purcliase Acceleration 

Charles E. Bell Physics 

Meson Bound States With Relativistic Phenomenological cjq Potential 

Betty Benrey Entomology 

Relationship between Development Rate and Risk of Parasitism: A Test of the Slow 
Growth/High Mortality Hypothesis Using the Imported Cabbage Butterfly (Pieris 
rapae) and the Gregarious Parasitoid Cotesia glomeratus 

Jo-Ann Bentz Entomology 

The Nutritional Quality of Poinseitia, Euphorbia pulcherrima, as a Host to the 

Sweetpotalo Whilefly, Bemisia tabaci, and Implications to the Parasitoid Encarsia 


Robert B. Bertram Botany 

Genetic Resources of Cassava: Evolution and Assessment ofManihot Sect. 


Marcia B. Bordman Education Policy, Planning and Administration 

Dear Old Golden Rule Days: A Study in Rhetoric of Separate but Equal 



Nancy L. Breisch Entomology 

Host Plant Mediated Differences in Life Histon/ Traits of the Polyphagoiis Herbivore, 

Thyridopteryx Ephemeraeformis (Hawortli), the Bagimnn 

Amy E. Brown Marine, Estuarine and Environmental Sciences 

An liivestigiilton of Neurcibeluwiornl Effects of Low to Moderate Orgauopliosphate 
Exposure in Lawn and Landscape Pesticide Applications 

Thomas J. Burkett Microbiology 

Chunsheng Cai Civil Engineering 

Prediction of Long Span Bridge Responses to Turbulent Wi}u1 

David G. Campbell Economics 

Production Frontiers, Technical Efficiency and Productivity Measurement in a Panel 

of U.S. Manufacturing Plants 

Coral S. Carey Health Education 

Humor and Stress: Defense or Mature Cophig Strategy 

Bernard A. Carver Curriculum and Instruction 
The Social Context of Early Computer Learning 

Audrey Chang Physics 

Structural Properties of Silicon and Chromium Microclusters from Semi-Empirical 

and Ab Initio Molecular Dynamics Calculations 

Eunmi Chang Business and Management 

Agency Control of Multinational Corporations in Korea: An Internatwnal Analysis 

Hsin-Chin Chang Electrical Engineering 

Accurate Modeling and Design Techniques of Microwai>e Band Pass Fdter 

I-Ming Chao Applied Mathematics 

Test Problems, Algorithms, and Solutions to Multi-level Vehicle Routing 

Ang Chen Kinesiology 

An Examination of the Connection between Teachers' Knowledge Structures and 

Their Curriculum Organizations 

Chien-Jen Chen Electrical Engineering 

Tlu'oretical Study of Passively Modelocked Losers with Fast Satur.ible Absorbers 

Andrew J. Clark Agronomy 

Managing Hairy Vetch, Cereal Rye and VetchjRye Mixtures for Optimum Nitrogen 

and Sod Water in Corn Production Systems 

Michael R. Collier Physics 

Energetic Particle Acceleration and Transport in the Jovian Magnetosphere 

Linda B. Cross Human Development 

Narrative Styles in African-American Children: Tlie Effects ofSES 

Eleonora Curio Business and Management 

Causal Reasoning in Consumer Clioice Under Uncertainty 

Elijah L. Davis Human Development 

A Test of the Long Term Stability of Leadership Style as Measured by Fiedler's Least 

Preferred Co-Worker Scale 

Yunson Du Physics 

Chaotic Dynamics of Fast Kinematic Dynamos 

Robert F. Echols Art History 

facopo Tintoretto and Venetian Painting 1538-1548 

Pamela B. El-Dinary Human Development 

Teachers Learning and Implementing Tnmsaclioiial Strategies Instruction 

Noel L. Eller Education Policy, Planning and Administration 

Benefit Segmentation: Implications for the Recruitment of Maryland Associate Degree 

and Baccalaureate Nursing Students 

Peter]. Evans Library and Information Services 

The Enabling and Disabling Effects of a Hypermedia Information Environment for the 

Support of Information Seeking and Learning Related Tasks 

Dana R. Falk Psychology 

Dream Interpretation Group Treatment With Recently Divorced Women: Effects 

Upon Anxiety, Coping, and Self-Esteein 

John A. Filter Jr. Government and Pohtics 

Federal Courts and State Prisons: The Economics of Institutional Reform Litigation 

Emmanuil N. Frantzeskakis Electrical Engineering 

An Architectural Framework For VLSI Time-Recursive Computation with 



O F 


A T 



Reza Ghanadan Electrical Engineering 

Adaptive Control of Nonlinear Systems with Applications to Flight Control Systems 
and Suspension Dynamics 

Rhonda C. Gill Counseling and Personnel Services 
School Counselors' Attitudes Toioard Aging African-Americans 

Marsha A. Guenzler Education Policy, Planning and Administration 
Expanding Shared Governance to Include the Playing Field: Defining a Role for the 
Academic Senate in Athletic Governance 

John S. Gunn Microbiology 

Analysis ofDNA Restriction-modification Systems of Neisseria gonorrhoeae 

Naresh Gupta Computer Science 

Recovering Shape and Motion From a Sequence of Images 

Frank T. Hady Electrical Engineering 

The Performance of Parallel Computer Interconnection Networks 

Mary Y. Hama Textiles and Consumer Economics 

Food and Nutrient Consumption Patterns of Households in Puerto Rico 

Kyle J. Hartman Marine, Estuarine and Environmental Sciences 

Striped Bass, Bluefish, and Weakfish in the Chesapeake Bay: Energetics, Trophic 

Linkages and Bioenergetics Model Applications 

Spedden A. Hause III Curriculum and Instruction 

An Action Science Study of a Functional Working Group Moving from Model I to 

Model II 

Theresa E. Hefferan Nutritional Sciences 

The Biosynthetic Response of Adult Human Bone Cells in Culture to Extracellular 


Terrence H. Hemmer Chemical Physics 

Theoretical Studies ofHydrazoic Acid, Extensions to the RRK and RRKM Theories of 

Unimolecular Reactions and Collisional Quenching Reactions 

Orian L. Hight Curriculum and Instruction 

The Effects of Building Confidence and Math Study Skills Courses on the 
Mathematics Achievement, Attitudes, and Study Skill Behavior of College Students 

Christine R. Hofmeister Computer Science 
Dynamic Reconfiguration of Distributed Applications 

Shao-Hsu Hsieh Biochemistry 

Alteration by Site-Directed Mutagenesis of the Conserved Lysine Residue in the 
Consensus ATP-Binding Secjuence of the RecB Protein of Escherichia Coli 

Sen Hu Mechanical Engineering 

Heat Transfer and Pressure Drop of Liquid Cooled Offset Fin Heat Exchangers 

Zonglu Hua Engineering Materials 

Photoluminescence and Structural Studies of SrS or CaS:Eu2+,Sm3+ 

Sheng-Lung Huang Electrical Engineering 

On-Water Optoelectronic Techniques for MMIC Applications 

Kamlesh Jain Business and Management 

A Bayesian Approach to Multivariate Quality Control 

Hoyoon Jang Business and Management 

International Transmission of Stock Market Prices: the Case of Multiple-Listed Stocks 

Signe J. Kelker History 

Riotous and Disorderly: Policing Shrnvshury 1820-1860 

Dorothy H. Knab Education Policy, Planning and Administration 
The Effect of Prior School Experiences on the Lifelong Learner 

Yuan-Kuen Ko Physics 

X-Ray Heated Disks in Compact Binary Systems 

Ram L. Kumar Business and Management 

Data Integrity and Security Issues in Publishing Three-dimensional Economic Data 

Maura L. Kurkjian Psychology 

Age-Dependent Changes in the Electroretinogram in Pigeons During Light and Dark 


Rhona J. Lambert Education Policy, Planning and Administration 
Post-Baccalaureate Reverse Transfer Students Attending Maryland Community 

Cynthia W. Langrall Curriculum and Instruction 

Cognitive Constructivist Perspectives on Place Value Instruction in Second-Grade 

Donald F. Larson Jr. Agricultural and Resource Economics 
Copper and the Negative Price of Storage 



Joseph G. Leahy Microbiology 

Rolf of Lipase in Hydrocarbon Dcgraiialioii by Acinclobactcr Cnlcoaaiiais RAC-2 

Sylvia W. Lee Curriculum and Instruction 

Spatial Ahilily and Aclucvcnwid in Geometry in Taiwan 

Jenn-Sen Leu Electrical Engineering 

Topics in Noise Parameter Estimation and Decentralized Signal Detection 

Bao Q. Li Mathematics 

Interpolation and Value Distribution in Cn 

Bin Li Physics 

The Study of Oxidation and Thermal Eqndibriuin of Vicinal Si Surfaces 

Maria H. Lima Comparative Literature 

Decolonizhig Genre: Post-Colonial Women Writers and the Bildinigsroman 

Jyh-Fong Lin Electrical Engineering 

Mixed-Mode VLSI Realization of Auditon/ Warelct Transforms Using Sivitchcd- 

Capacitor Circuits 

Xia Lin Library and Information Services 
Self-organiznig Semantic Maps for Information Retrieval 

Biyue Liu Applied Mathematics 

Linearized Compressible Viscous Navier-Stokcs Equations: Discontinuous Solutions 

and Finite Element Methods 

Huifang Liu Geology 

Phase Relations, Crystal Chemistry and Mineralog}/ in Selected Systems of Lead-Tin- 
Antimony-Bismuth Sulfides, Selenides, and Tellurides 

Joy P. Martin Human Development 

The Meaning System of North American Adherents of Hindu-Based Beliefs and 

Practices: Its Reconstruction and Us Implications 

Frank E. McFadden Computer Science 

Competitive Learnnig and Competitive Activation hi Cortical Map Formation 

Donald W. Meritt Marine, Estuarine and Environmental Sciences 

The Effects o/Cliona truitti, Polydora websteri, and DERMO Disease on the 

Groivth, Condition, and Mortality of Chesapeake Bay Oysters 

Molisana G. Molisana Physics 
Shapies of Confined Polymers 

Soo-Mook Moon Computer Science 
CompUe-Time Parallelization: Superscalar and VLIW 

Cornelius A. Morgan Physics 

Spectroscopic Studies of a Capillary Discharge Used ni X-Ray Laser Research 

Alan Munn Linguistics 

The Syntax ot Adjunct Subordnwte and Coordinate Clauses 

Karen K. Nelson Education Policy, Planning and Administration 
Merit Pay and Faculty Motivation at Selected Liberal Arts Colleges 

Phuc N. Nguyen Mechanical Engineering 

Measurements of the Velocity and Vorticity Vector Fields of the Turbulent Near 

V^ake of a Circular Cylinder 

Gary L. Gates Sociology 

Political Participation in the United States and Britani: Differences Between 
Dominant and Subordinate Croups and the Explanatory Role of Attitudinal and 
Structural Resources 

James W. Parham Education Policy, Planning and Administration 

An Analysis of the Effects of Tutoring on Seventh Grade Students Engaged in the 

Mastery of Pre-Algebra Concepts 

Selwyn S. Paskowitz Industrial, Technological and Occupational Education 

Cosf Savings from Applying an Item of Supply Paradigm for Part Sourchig 

Nam C. Phamdo Electrical Engineering 

Quantization Oivr Discrete Noisy Channels Under Complexity Constraints 

John L. Putnam Entomology 

The Effect of Multiple Host Contacts on the Acquisition and Transmission of Dengue- 

2 Virus by Aedes Aegypti 

Daniel J. Roach Curriculum and Instruction 
Attributions of Success or Fadiire in Art Courses 

Michelle A. Rubin Human Nutrition and Food Systems 

Effect of Strength Training on Glucose and Chromium Metabolism hi Males 53-63 

Years of Age 



O F 


A T 




Maura M. Ryan History 

Americanizntiou oflmmigranf Children by Public and Parochial Schools iu 
Baltimore, 3897-3937 

Sandra Saliani Mathematics 
Nonlinear Wavelet Packets 

Dheeraj Sanghi Computer Science 

Flow Control in Computer Networks Using Deterministic Models 

Sanjeev K. Setia Computer Science 

Scheduling on Multiprogrammed, Distributed Memory Parallel Computers 

Jau-Der Shih Electrical Engineering 

Efficient Algorithms for Channel Routing and Placement Problems 

Kyuseok Shim Computer Science 

Advanced Query Optimization Techniques for Relational Database Systems 

Suntharalingam Skanthakumar Physics 

Magnetic Order of the Rare Earth and Cu Spins in the Electron Superconducting 

System R2-xCexCu04-y(R=Nd . Sm) 

Jeffrey G. Skibo Physics 

Diffuse Galactic Positron Annihilation Radiation and the Underlying Continuum 

Marilyn Smith Education Policy, Planning and Administration 

Intended Outcomes and Perceived Effects of Community Service-Learning for 
Undergrndiinte Students 

Don M. Snider Policy Studies 

A Comparative Study of Executive Decision Making on Defense: The Beginning and 

End of the Cold War 

Maria M. Scares Economics 

The Rule Making Process and Pesticide Regulation at tlie Environmental Protection 

Agency: An Empirical ATialysis 

Xianxiang Soong Kinesiology 

Influence of Training Intensity on Cardiovascular Function in Children 

Eddie W. Stover Horticulture 

Studies Directed Toward the Development of Crown Gall Suppressive 
Rootstocks in Vitis 

Mu-Chun Su Electrical Engineering 

Theory and Design of Neural Network-Based Expert Systems 

Edith S. Tatel Education PoUcy, Planning and Administration 
Perspectives of Cooperating Teachers about Supervising a Student Teacher 

Ruby E. Taylor-Lewis Economics 

The Role of Infrastructure in Productivity and Output Growth — A Case Study of the 

Group of Seven 

Yang-Pin Teng Computer Science 

Parallel Processing of Geometric Structures: Visibility and Triangulation Algorithms 

Sara H. Thrall Biochemistry 

Investigations of the Triple Phosphon/l Group Transfer Reaction Catalyzed by 

Pyruvate Plwsphate Dikinase From Bacteriodes Symbiosius 

Hwa-Yue Tu Business and Management 
Three Essays in the International Capital Market 

George L. Van Houtven Economics 

When Is a Life too Costly to Save?: Evidence from Environmental Regulations 

Stephen Voth Economics 

Assessment of Technological Lrvels of Centrally Planned Economies through 

International Trade 

James E. Washington Counseling and Personnel Services 

An Investigation of Heterosexual Identified Resident Assistant Attitudes toward 

Students Based on the Sexual Orientation of the Student 

Lawrence A. Waters Education Policy, Planning and Administration 
Presidential Leadership in Historically Black Colleges and Universities 

Donna M. Webster Psychology 

Groups under the Influence: Alcohol's Motivational and Cognitive Effects on 

Collective fudgment 

Chienhung Wei CivU Engineering 

Priority Programming for Transportation Networks Using Artificial Neural 


Sen-Jung Wei Electrical Engineering 

Analog and Digital Circuit Applications Using Resonant Tunneling Diodes 



Pefer C. Whitman Applied Mathematics 
Confidence Bounds in Stochastic Linear Programming 

Cheng-Chi Wu Nuclear Engineering 

An Investigation ofFlou' Instabilities in a Circular, Toroidal Thermosyphon 

I-Fan Wu Electrical Engineering 

Real-Time In-Situ Ellijisometrv for De}iosition of Ajiti-reflection Coatings on 

Semiconductor Laser Amplifiers 

Guangqiu Xu History 

Eagle and Dragon's War Wings: The United States and the Chinese Militanj 

Aviation, 1929-1940 

Huakun Xu Engineering Materials 

Effects of Temperature on Fracture of Ceramics and Continuous-Fiber Ceramic 

Matrix Composites 

Jian-Lun Xu Mathematical Statistics 

Nonparametric Estimation of a Distribution Function under General Biased 

SampUng Models 

Yuan Xu Biochemistry 

Investigation of the Domain Structure a}h1 Separate Site Catalysis of Pyruvate 

Phosphate Dikinase 

Syun-Ru Yeh Chemistry 
Model Studies of DNA Photorepair 

Jiahnsheng Yin Electrical Engineering 

Reliability ofFadsoft and Fault-Tolerant Ring Networks 

Miyuki K. Yoshikami Education Policy, Planning and Adminish-ation 
Fundamental lemoto Precepts of Human Relationships and Modern Japanese 

Robert W. Young History 

James Murray Mason, 1798-1871: Virginia Statesman and Diplomat 

Jen-Dong Yuh Electrical Engineering 

Multi-Level Neural Networks, Their Applications, and VLSI Circuit Implementation 

Pablo M. Zafra Applied Mathematics 

Theoretical and Computational Advances of the Fictitious Play Method and Its 

Application to Linear Programming Problems 

Guifeng Zhang Chemistry 

Mechanistic Analysis of Single and Double Strand DNA Cleavage by Bleomycin 

Using Isotopically Labeled DNA 

Huai Zhang Physics 

Magnetic Penetration Depth in Superconductors by Polarized Neutron Reflectometry 

Quan Zhang American Studies 

Behind Black Mask: The Marketplace and Black Mask Fiction of the 1920s and 1930s 


Rita M. Carey Curriculum and Instruction 

A Study of a Plant Closing Process and Its Impact on the Workforce 

Janet M. Comick Education Policy, Planning and Administration 
The Role of Transformational Leadership in Achieving a Strong Organizational 
Culture in High Performing Secondary Schools: A Study of Leadership Team 

Barbara A. Desrosiers Special Education 

Role Redefinition as a Factor in Regular Classroom Teachers' Mainstreaming of 

Mildly Handicapped Children 


U N I V E R 

I T Y 

O F 

M A R Y L 

N D 






Marisin Isabel Thompson 


Frank H.M. Chu 
Joy Wanveer Sdabica 


American Studies 

Michelle Moure 

Applied IVIathematics 

Amir Masoud Pimazar 

Art History 

Laurie Donelson Gillman 
Susan Lewis Graage 
Li-Ju Hong 
Sherry Louise Phillips 

Combined History/Library and 
Information Services 

Ann Susan Howard 
Steven John Russ 

Counseling and Personnel 

Constance Burcham Almony 
Donna Lindner Almquist 
Julie Patricia Barry 
Deborah Gay Chambers 

Shelly Christine Chase 
Susan Lynn Feldman 
Suhad S. Haddad 
Adrienne ]ov Hamcke 
Judy Ann Nemeth-Gilotti 
Dorma Teresa Ordon-Ippolito 
Leigh Ann Remy 
Kevin Michael Sullivan 
Amv Celine Surette 
Jill Marie Swackhamer 

Criminal Justice and 

Adam Lloyd Dobrin 
Rolf C.Norton 

Curriculum and Instruction 

Linda Jov Green 
Phyllis Katz 
Christine Marie Kelly 


Ying Lm 

Education Policy, Planning 
and Administration 

Brian Shawn Kelly 

Laura Christine Messenger 

Zorina Mohammed 

English Language and 

Tamar Leah Barshav 

Christina Marie Beckvvith 

Kathleen McCashin Dullnig 

Andras Heltai 

Karen Lea Deer 

Leslie Suzanne Bellisario Ingham 

Nicole Danielle Pitts 

Anne F. Sheehan 

Michael Paul Shubra 

Tamela Yeargin 



German Language and 

Maria Teresa Caro 
Thomas Decker 

Government and Politics 

Dawn Korryn Nichols 

Health Education 

Patricia Olgeaty Prather 

Hearing and Speech Sciences 

hil Susan Katz 


Bruce Douglas Beard 
James Curtiss Foley 
Scott Alan Ickes 
Andrew Shane Nolan 
Nicholas B. Smiley 
Timothy John Sullivan 
Zhigui) Yang 

Human Development 

Edmund Chia Kee Fook 
Karen Joan McGough 
Regine Mylene Talleyrand 


Anna Lucille Cherry 
Amy L. Doonan 
Joanne Marie Ferreira 
Wendy Kay Green 
Julie Elizabeth Greene 
Ann Margaret Jenkins 
Linda Marie Keating 
Paul Keil Maurer 
Joshua K. Shaffer 
Michael Menzies Taylor 
Kimberly Sabina Vamer 


Jon Dixon Laking 
Jodi Ann McCurdy 

Cheryl Lynn Stevenson 


Terri Gayle Marquiss 
J. Gregory Planchak 

Measurement, Statistics and 

Dolores Espinoza Mufson 


Sharmistha Bose 
Mary Alena Bradmiller 
Betty Gen-I Chung 
Mara Gwynne Latts 
Tonya R. Mason 
Dana Georgette McDonald 
Peggy Rios 
Lynn Marie Sprott 

Radio, Television and Film 

Jeffrey William Dickson 


Karen Elizabeth Andres 
Stephanie Elois McCurty-Gibson 


Donna Tanya Abrams 

Spanish Language and 

Melbis Rodriguez-Straw 


Chaundra J. Cameron 
Nancy Lynn Powichroski 




Ralph Anthony Albano 
Graham Edward Anderson 
David Eric Bailey 
Daniel Keith Barb 
Jill Ann Baugher 
Christopher R. Bell 
Charles Martin Blanch 
Alan Leonard Bloodgood, Jr. 
Marco A. Bobonis 
Karen Starr Cannaday 
Yvette Riesgo Carlucci 
Kuo-Hsi Chao 
Myma Dominique Charles 
Tracey Kenry Clay 
Linda Rae McBride 
Jane Elizabeth Merickel 
Jeffery Michael Millhouse 
Michael Foyoozat Mitchell 
Suzanna Elizabeth Mora 
Adam Perry Nave 
Ruben Dario Orduna 
Robert L. Page 
Zhenmin Pan 
Robert Charles Pettit 
Julia Anne Pulzone 
Gail Marie Runnoe 
Michael J. Russiello 
Louis F. Sauter 
Jan Seymour Sesay 
Blaine David Shipler 
Jeffery Paul Smith 
Dona Ertz Stablein 
Wendy Scott Stenberg 
Holly Elaine Stichka 
Rogeho Armando Sullivan 
Diane B. Tabatabai 
H. Michael Ziegenfuss 
Steven Ellis Zuckerman 


Da\'id Timothv Peitsch 


Scott Daniel Chaplick 
Christine G. Hines 




James Lewis French 


Counseling and Personnel 

Stephen Dennis Becker 
Madeleine Denise Cumberland 
Molly Ann McCloskey 
Tamara Fanae Nicholson 
T'Wana Dorothea Warrick-Bell 



O F 


A T 



Curriculum and Instruction 

Lyndall Elizabeth Akers 
Jesse Skene Allen 
Mary Lawless Bean 
Jeri Beck 
Sindy York Chin 
Michelle Renee Ciminelli 
Jennifer Anne Covey 
Stephen Paul Cullen 
Susan Feller 

Kathleen Susan Freeburger 
Laura Ann Fridovich 
Todd Alan Garlow 
Katherine Marie Gibbs 
Patrick Joseph Gorman III 
Beth Ross Groeneman 
Sherri M. Gross 
Cecilia Anne Haley 
Diana Lynn Harwood 
Meighan Freeman Hungerford 
Cynthia S. Jessen 
Krista Elizabeth Johnson 
Beth Lee Lemberger 
Leonard E.T. Marsh 
Susan Marie Martin 
Mary Dawn McGrath 
Marie Michaela McPherson 
Carla N. Miller 
Maria Pauline Montgomery 
Melanie G. Moyer 
Leslie Anne Pike 
AUson Linda Riley 
Deborah Callaghan Rolewicz 
Ellen Nadine Selover 
Katherine Diane Smith 
Renee Carla Somerville 
Mira Sharone Spiegel 
Velvet Celeste Tetrault 
Thomas Joseph Tobin 
Robert Neal Trego 
Russell R. Waugh 
Thomas Kevin Whalen 
Susan Lee Whipple 
Kathleen A. Yu 

Education Policy, Planning 
and Administration 

Andrew Douglas McKibbins 
Crystal Sue Michelson 
Edit Maria Sayko 

Human Development 

Kathleen Marie Mignacca 

Industrial, Technological and 
Occupational Education 

Pamela Lee Sikowitz 

Special Education 

Kelly Amie Anderson 
Emily Gardner Freeman 
Laura Wendy Friedman 
John Joseph Harrington 
Victoria Gena Lillian Kafes 
Hyun J. Kim 
Robin Paige Lifton 
Lee Dickinson Paul 
Eileen Marie Perrot 
Mary Elizabeth Reese 
Jeffrey Ryan Steinbach 



Mali Bawa 


Combined History/Library and 
Information Services 

Ann Susan Howard 
Steven Jolin Russ 

Library and Information 

Jean Campbell Barquin 
Vicki D. Cone 
Susan EUzabeth Cornwall 
Vilma Alicia Correia 
John William Cunningham 
Rebecca Lynne Davis 
Peter Paul DeAnna, Jr. 
Dianna Kay Eiland 
Priscilla Mills Finkenstaedt 
Ruoyi Gao 
Ingrid D. Gibson 
Catherine Coate Grubb 
Karen Ver Bryck Heuer 
Robin Ann Hoppes 
Brenda Ann Johnson 
Laura Beth Kleinmann 
Lynn Clarence Knower 
Iris Marsha Lee 
Deborah Arnold Mauro 
Joanne Meil 
Rose C. Miller 
Jean Wasson MUstead 
Bernard Paul Mulhern 
Wayne Gerard Reisig 
Joseph John Peter Rodio 
HoUis Beth Sandler 
Kathleen Theresa Sargent 
Jeffrey Scott Steinman 
Susan D. Tarakemeh 
William LeRoy Taylor 
Jocelyn Tapalla Tipton 
Barbara Geyer Vollmer 
Lorette Sylvia Julia Weldon 
Dawn Esther Wilhams 
Bethany Marie Woods 
Min Zhang 
Zhiwei Zhang 


Barbara Joan Brown 
Huangfen Chao 
Monica Marie Dyer 
Darren Paul Lael 
Tliomas Alan Maurice 
L. Scott McCoy 
Suzanne Jeanette Morin 
Thomas Michael Sender 
Marvin Elieser Suson 




Yen-Hsiu Liu 

Brian Patrick McDormell 


Vanessa F. Braddy 


Aerospace Engineering 

Philip J. Churchill 
Brian David Collins 
Robert Folmer Krogh 
Jaewook Rhim 
Senthih'el Vellaichamy 
Ere-Yu Wang 



Agricultural and Extension 

Cahina Allen Dupre 

Agricultural and Resource 

Rita Elizabeth Curtis 
Chong Fu 


Emma Christine Gordon 
Elizabeth Carmen Kirchner 
Jed Thomas Waddell 

Animal Sciences 

Jodi Lynn Carlson 


Seyed Mohammad Hadi Hadavi 

Business and Management 

Rajan Seth 
Yazdi R. Sidhwa 

Chemical Engineering 

Cheng-Chung Chou 

Chemical Physics 

Jin Zhou 


David Alexander Coll 

Civil Engineering 

Muhammad Arif 
Ronald S. Barbaro 
Alok Bhardwaj 
Kenneth Wyatt Branch 
Jeffrey S. Cornell 
Paul Anthony Fagiolo 
Vijayagopala K.N. Gupta 
Christopher Andrew Hudson 
Mohammad Karim Khan 
Shih-Chuan Lee 

Eduardo Fabian Torrico 

Manuel Fdez. van Kretschmar van 

Hai.xia Zhao 

Computer Science 

Yinong Chen 
Paul Hagger 
Atul Jain 
Vadim Kagan 
Misako Kamimura 
Chi-Chang Lin 
Xiangjun Liu 
Haven Lee Muench 
Asgeir Karl Olafsson 
Shekliar S. Pradhan 
Debanjan Saha 
Hillel Dov Steinberg 

Electrical Engineering 

Walid Ali Atia 

Bernard Adrian Frankpitt 

Shan Gao 

David Robert Helman 

Hsiu-mei Huang 

Dimitrios Georgios Katehakis 

Ernest Sze Mak 

Kenneth Irving Ranney 

David Everman Ray 

Ramin Rezaiifar 

Vincent J. Sabio 

Shawn Patrick Scoles 

Oodaye B. Shukla 

Chetan Vinchhi 

Engineering Materials 

Nora Beck Tan 

Engineering, Agriculture 

Feng Gao 

Family Studies 

Stephanie K. Clark 
Kari Marie Morgan 

Food Science 

Maureen A. Owako 
Shen-Kai Su 

Human Nutrition and Food 

Kelly Patricia Fowler 

Marine, Estuarine and 
Environmental Sciences 

Ronald D. Anderson 
Marion Patricia Geremia 

Mechanical Engineering 

Goutam Chatterjee 
Chih-Jung Chiang 
Eric Ernest Creveling 
Donald Lad DeVoe 
Tao Huang 
Riyaz Amir Papar 
S. Prabhukumar 
Vijay A. Ramappan 


Melissa Purdy Free 
Dejiang Han 


Mohammed Afsar Ali 
Jennifer Newcity Pryde 
Juan Shi 

Nutritional Sciences 

Janice N. Dorah 


Boyoung Cha 

Wai Chin 

Robert Bruce Dagit 


Alberto Adolfo Pinkas 

Pablo Ignacio Tamborenea 

Huai-bei Zhou 

Reliability Engineering 

Peter John Rutledge 
William Blaine Winkel 

Sustainable Development and 
Conservation Biology 

Garth Preston Fuller 
Lisa Anne Horth 
Carmen Revenga 
Claudia Bice Romano 
Bernadetta Hartati Hardi 

Textiles and Consumer 

Jennifer Leigh Reznichenko 
Russell Jan Shew 

Advanced Graduate 

Marc Jeffrey Goldman 
Kathleen S. Luft 
Alison Lyon Weintraub 


Doctoral Level 
Rhonda C. Gill 


Master's Level 

Susan Feller 

Patricia Olgeaty Prather 



O F 


A T 





August 1993 


Bachelor of Science 

Agricultural and Resource 

Gudia Batta 

Darrin Angelo D'Amico 
Gregory Colin Early, Jr. 
Jarrod Carl Jeeter 
Kenneth S. Martin 
Maureen Anne McDonald 
Saso Naumovski 
Edgar Horace Pottker 
Moses Da\'id Sih'erman 
Andre Cecil Small 
Lonnell Mitchell Veney 

Crop Science 

Humberto H. Zeitler 


Charles Scott Guercia 
Robert Benson Pease 

Natural Resources 

Da\ id Alexander Bontempo 
Rosemarie Dee Harrell 
Kathleen Mary McEvoy 
Joanne Katariina Miles 
Julianne Theresa Svvanson 
Julian Alejandro Thomson 



Bachelor of Arts 

Advertising Design 

Claude Samuel Federici 
Maria Gialoussaki 
Hyeekyong Kwon 
Shelley Joelle Reed 
Mamy Gale Schwartz 
Paolina Simonpietri 
David Howard Taub 

American Studies 

Scott Jason Warren 
Christopher Matt VVinebrenner 

Art History 

Penelope Jeannette Abla Agodoa* 

2nd Major: Art Studio 
LeiU Amirgholi 
Lisa Ann Ko\'atch 
Jennifer Ann Krantz 
Catherine Anne Morrison 
Rosemary Sarsfield 

Art Studio 

Norbert Noel Barrion 

2nd Major: Art History 
Kimberly Braisin 
Laurie Beth Brunner 

2nd Degree: English Language and 

Melissa Lyim Burley 

2nd Degree: Radio, Television and 

Hee Jung Kim 
Stacy Ann Maurer 
Martin Johan Miller 
Cheng Shen 
Evan Jarret Slepian 

§ Sumnm cunt Laude 

f Magna cwn Laude 

'cum laude 

East Asian Languages and 

Domia Lynne DeWick 
Sean Francis Henry 
Jennifer Marie Linkinst 
2nd Deforce: Finance 

English Language and 

Megan Elizabeth Asdorian 
Paul James Begey 
Amy MicJielle Berks 

2nd Degree: Speech Civmmin- 

Laurie Beth Brunner 

2nd Degree: Art Studio 
Jason Matthew Butler 
Diana LvTin Cameal 
Christopher R. Cicatelli 
Sharon Lynne Conlan 
Jennifer Lynne Crist 
Rajeev T. Divakar 
Paula Claire Durbint 
Rachel Lise Exelbert* 
Karen Nicole Hacaj 
John Michael Harrison 
Paul Edward Haslup 
Lisa Faye Hershman 
Edward Paul Hunsberger 
Christine Juettner§ 
Jason David Leadbetter 
Steven Da\'id Levine 
Charisse Hope Lopez 
Beth Ann Lucke 
Rebecca Katherine Luecke 
Joseph Louis Pistone 
Alisha Clara Polansky 
Ann Stefanie Poznak 
Barbara Ann Prevvitt 
Scott Christian Redmond 
Cornel John Rigby 
Mar\' Elizabeth Rogers 
Sarah Lyn Rosenbaum 
Stefan Brett Rosenzweig 

§ Sitnnnii cttiii Lauiie 
f Ma;^>m cum Laiidc 
* cum hitliic 

Robyn L. Shifrin 
Jean Anne Skinner 
Holly Christine Smith 
Jeffrey Allen Snider* 
Heidi Ann Spillett 
April Louise Tassi 
Melinda Sue Tennison 
Sujatha Victor 
Jenny Rebecca Williamson 

French Language and 

Valerie Svlvie Marchand 
Carlos Otobed Stagliano 

German Language and 

Andrea Ursula Ehrler' 
Jeanine Helene Farrall 
Dacia Lynn Maxwell 


Matthew Joseph Amshey 

Juan Manuel Bofill 

David Edward Early 

Robert Firsching 

Da\id James GittinesMirabeau 

Buonaparte Lamar Higgins 

Paul J. Huebner 

Dov Yoel Litov 

David Allen Manning 

Lori A. Mattinglv 

Paul Jerome Murphy 

Matthew Saul Patner 

Melanie Arme Zimmerman 


JieS. Chang 
Karen Ann Scheiber 


Suzanne Badawi 
Thomas Brent Wiles 

Radio, Television and Film 

Alycia Lynette Cooper 
Patricia Lauren Funke 
Joanne Marie Gholl 
Monica Hampton 
Kyla C. Hanley 

2nd Degree: Art Studio 
Phillip Alexander Harrell 
Chad William Koper 
Sigrid Kruse Steil 
Diana Lynn Suthard 
Wendy Lou Watson 
Matthew Horton Woodson 

Russian Area Studies 

Miriam |. Bert^ch 

Spanish Language and 

lleana DeLaRosa 

2nd Degree: Crinunal justice 
Moona Ghotbi 
Joshua L. Gordon 
Nicolas Brondo Hindie 
Dliruva Kumar 
Darya J. Oswald 

2nd Degree: General Business and 

Laura Helen Warnock* 

Speech Communication 

Amy Michelle Berks 

2nd Degree: English Lviguage and 

Nicolette Alysia Cheatham 
Aaron Roland Falcione 
Adam Lee Greenberg 
Holli Beth Leinson 
Alison Ann McCloskey 
George Stephen McTeague 
Dana L. Rosen 
Frances R. Runvon 

Melanie Paige Siegel 
Rosaly Jacqueline Siha 
Da\'id Tlieodore Stremmel 


Marv Bridget Arras 
Ke\in Scott Grodnitzky 

Bachelor of Science 

Advertising Design 

Derek A. Barnes 
David J. Gould 
Chin M. Ho 
Felice Ellen Minkin 


Bachelor of Aris 

Afro-American Studies 

Richard Russell Harris, Jr. 


Adam David Greenet 
Steven James Moore 
Keith Merriman Sturgest 


O F 



A T 

O L L E G E 

R K] 

Criminal Justice 

Brendan Babic 
Rose Ann Diolazo Badar 
Katrina Yvette Colleton 
Daniel Sylvester Cronin 
Deana DeLaRosa 

2nd Degree: Spanish Language 

and Literature 
Gregory Ross Drucks 
Lawrence 01i\er Elliott 
David Kenneth Gardiner 
Ke\in L. Geishert 
Donald Andrew Giampetroni 
Jill L. Haschen 
Jaime Robert Hellman 
Tracey Marie Homsbv 
Daniel Joseph Jennings 
Bret Thomas Kapinus 
Jill Dena Kleitman 
Samuel Jav Kolb 
Brian James Lenard 
Marc Evan Limanskv 
John G. Manth 
Michelle Lauren Needleman 
Trung Thanh Ngo 
Katherine Jennifer Parks 
Joseph Michael Pinetti 
Nicole Felice Sigillito 
Stephen Ross Slansky 
Jennifer Lynn Smerz 
Michael Daniel Walrath 


Bernard S. Brody 
James Richard Sabelhaus 
Casey Ann Taylor 
Christopher Scott Young 

Criminology and Criminal 

O'Brien Atkinson IV 
Sophia Renee Baker 
Angela Lynn Bennett 
Iris Jennie Gonen 

Jessie Yvette Hicks 
Po Ming Lam 
Heather L;iTin Rosen 


Abdulrahman Ahmed Abdi 

Anton Francois Albina 

Jeffrey Joseph Albrecht 

Shawn Michael Armstrong 

Currie Gordon Ball 

Dennis Lester Burkey 

Kiro Carranza 

Kevin Christopher Clark 

Gabry Joan Cornell 

David Joseph Gelb 

Sarantos Demetrios Georgopoulos 

Robert Mark Green 

Ilya Grozo\'sky 

James F. X. Harwood 

Joseph Andrew Hickey 

Krystell Lee Hoffman 

Thomas W. Howes 

Tamara Romy Jean-Jacques 

Carmen Renee Jones 

Suat Keskin 

Erin Alexa Lane 

Jae Hong Lee 

Elmo Joseph Leger III 

Julian V. Luke 

Victorino Santos Manlapaz 

Sarah Lynn Merriam 

Scott W. Morris 

Corey E. Newman 

Da\^id Andrew Olson 

Chung-Shik Mark Phillips 

Lori Pikulsky 

Edward A. Porter 

Da\id Luther Schrader, Jr. 

Da\id Ryan Schwab 

Gregon,' Jay Shaffer 

Laura M. Siegal 

Jeremy Samuel Wagner 

Government and Politics 

Sahel E. Ahyaie 
Daneen Montresa Banks 
John W. Barley 
Hugh Ronald Battle 
Robert Francis Bena 
Douglas Richard Bertelmann 
Kimberly E. Blaine 
Sara Elizabeth Bruno' 
Rachel Gavle Burke 
Andrew Blair Clements 
Edward Earl Coursey 
Carol Terr)' Ewing 
Robert Glerm Feldman 
Charles Douglas Fisher 
John J. Flood 

Brian Christopher Franklin 
Thomas Russell Gallagher 
Jennifer Lee Gregory* 
Matthew J. Haas 
Jihan S. Hamdan 
Tracy E. Horst 
Mark Edward Hunker 
Allen Christina Husa 
Robyn Lee Johnston 
Kevin A. Jones 
Luther Griffin Jones FV 
Edward Guion Kain 
John Paul Kittelton 
Carlos Ariel Landau 
Ji Hyun Lee 
Adam Philip Levitt 
John Francis Levden 
Marie Lynnette Marshall 
James Henry Martin 
Stacy Ann Mc Carthy 
Roy C. McGrath 
Denise Leslie Moore 
Ann Geraldine Murtha 
Brian D. Nguyen 
Scott Russell Palmer* 
Felix R. Parrales 
Song Thao Pham 
Nicole Grace Picciotta 

Geoffrey Alan Porter 
Peter Jung-VVook Rim 
Joanna M. Ritceyt 
Steven Michael Rosenberg 
Charles Linwood Ross 

2mi Major: Economics 
Michael Carl Sachtleben 
Andrea Justina Schinzel 
Kelly Gene Smith 
Alan Jav Strauss 
Daniel Phillip Sweet 
Ronald John Thomas 
Barnes Patrick Turner 
Kenton Andre Wallace 
Galen Justus Wilkerson 
Stacey Hope Winn 
Michael Jay Wohlgemuth 
Jennifer L. Wren 

Hearing and Speech Sciences 

Elizabeth A. Schroeder 
Sharon Marie Schultz 


Jeanine Andrea Bensadon 
Thea Smythe Brandhorst 
Christine Haddad Carr' 
Felipe Eduardo Chellew 
Laura Renee Crane 
Monique Phuong-Trang Doan 
Yvonne Faith Evanst 
Amy Sharel Gatton 
Becky Sue Gearheart 
Jason A. Gold 
Bobbett Albertha Grey 
Frank Joseph Hewick 
Stephen D. Johanson 

2nd Major: Geography 
Jennifer Ruth Karl 
Deborah Fried Kafz 
Edward Kim 
Andrea Marie Lakin 
Hannah Ann T\'son Lee 
Lisa Joy Legum 

§ Siimmn cum Laude 

f Magna cum Ijiude 

* cum Lauiic 


D U 

Marie J. Matte 

Mary Pauline McKennon 

Jennifer Ann Resnick 

Arquilla Ridgell 


Dori Katrine Stibolt 

Gary Stephen Weinberg 


Nicole Mane Clarv 
Michael Devlin 
Kevin Michael Elliott 
Steven Christopher Fay 
Maureen Ann Finnegan 
Susan Laprade Frazierg 
Joseph C. Kaylor 
Jinwoo Kim 
Marc James Moran 
Martha Elizabeth Quina 
Susan S. Ra 
Shahrzad Ramazani 
Julie Rachel Segel 
David White Tuttle 

Urban Studies 

Haney Shawky Abdelaziz 
Michael Ray Binder 
Thomas Alan Brick 
Sean Christopher Geoghan 
William Thomas Gibson 
2mi Major: Geography 
Francis Leo Milner Horton 
Marsha Rose Kasdon 
James Rodrigo Mora 
Elizabeth Nedeff 
Richard Dean Phoenix 

Bachelor of Science 


Jeanette M. Braster 
Paul Ross Hrebenach 

§ Sumitm cum Laude 
f Magna cum Laude 
* rum Jnudp 


Lauren Denise Chesnut 
Ronald Mark Reinhardt 
Michelle Lynn Saul 


Bachelor of Science 


Michael Eugene Allen 
Suhail Ally 
Clarissa Ellen Ang 
Br\'an Jack Bowman 
Thurlovv Lionel Carev III 
Li Chen 

Annie Wai Yan Cheng 
Phuong-Anh Tlii Do 
Kevin Christopher Fallon 
Suzanne Gordont 
Cory Cower 
Rolf William Grigoleit 
Rodney R. Halm 
Cornell Xavier Jones 

2nd Major: Finance 
Lisa Merrill Kampel* 
Mandy Beth Kellner 
Scott Douglas Kranzler 
Sarina Kurian 
Jyhjing Lee 

Maggie Mei Ling Leimg 
Robin Y. Lin 
Christian Scott McCallt 

2nd Major: Finance 
Joseph Bang Nguyen§ 
Minh-Hang Thi Nguyen 

2nd Major: Finance 
Nancy Louise O'Neill 
Asit B. Parikh 

Kristina B. Pasteur 
Stephen Alex Piekarz 
Beatrice Pierre 
Daniel Christopher Raby 
Lisa Danielle Raiford 
Meghan Lane Rambo 
Angelica Reyser 
Arthur Craig Robinson 
Eran Salu§ 
Andrew Jolin Savko 

2nd Major: Fnmnce 
WiUie Kage Senn, Jr. 
Sandeep Sharma 
Margaret Lynn Shopland 
Robert Allen Siegel 
Robert Francis Stepp 
Janet Alicia Strudwick Smith 
Alexander Thomas Villareal 
Christopher Thomas Wedding 

2nd Degree: Marketing 
Curtis Courtney Whiteman 
Chorsum Wong 
Becky Yong Yi 


Ari Scott Casper 
Stephen Robert Cower 
Robert Holland Cox 
David Lawrence Crabtree 
Troy Christian Daugherty 
Anita L. Demosky 
Tracy Maria Flemming 
Jennifer Sarah Galanty 
James Michael Grueff 
Kamaljit Kaur 
Angela Marie Leister 
Jennifer Marie Linkins§ 

2nd Degree: East Asian Languages 

and Literature 
Daniel James McGeever 

2nd Major: Marketing 
Brett Dennis Messina 

2nd Major: Accounting 
Pascha Renee Peav 

Ivy Jean Pi\'ec 

2nd Major: Marketing 
Vincent R. Redmond 
Paul Kenneth Richardson 
Desmond Tlieophilus Roberts 
Jennifer Anne Rosenborough 

2nd Major: General Business and 

Steven S. Sansur 
Anita Saxena 
Rene Steve Soils 
David Thomas Stefan 
Willy Mark Suarez 
Bernard Suissa 
Ibrahim K. Tubbaji 
Paul John Wroblewski III 
Yoon S. Yit 

General Business and 

Kathleen Adams§ 
Scott Alexander Chamberlayne 
Hsin-Yee Chang 
Brian R. Grimes 
Eida Grace Gullick 
Joseph W. Gunsiorowski 
Wendy Michelle Harrison 
Brian Douglas King 
Tzu-Ming Mingo Ku 
Gavin Guthrie Lindsay 
2nd Major: Transportation 


O F 


N D 


P A R K\ 

Diirya J. Oswald 

2jid Degree: Sfmiish Language 

and Literature 
Lora Leah Parsons 
Michael Thomas Richards 
Vidhya Ardharini Rustaman 

2nd Major: Finance 
MacGregor Kirk Scrimgeour 
George Raymond Voutes 
Catherine Leonore Whittier 

2nd Major: French Language and 


Human Resource 

Ja\' Christian Liwanag 
Nancy Elizabeth Roberts 

Management Science and 

Stephen Anthony Borger 
Asghar Hasan 

2nd Major: Finance 
Shalini Kapoor 
Jihee Kim 

Gerald Reihart Kuhn 
Ming J. Ma 
Eka S. Sundjaja 

2nd Degree: Marketing 
Mohamad Moutaz Tarabishi 


Doreen Cheryl Beiber 
Kristin Burks 
Michael Stephen Cekay 
Eric B. Conroy 
Norma Trejo Faraco 
Karen Lisa Fideli 
Crystal Renee Foster 
John Andrew Garland, Jr. 
Randall Ian Goldman 
Andres Hardouin 
Michael Eugene Houchins 
David Eric Irish 

Miriam Blair Krasnert 
Michael S. Levitt 
Mitchell Scott Needle 
Michael David Sampson 
Sandi Lynn Solomon 
Elana Son 
Eka S. Sundjaja 

2nd Degree: Maimgcmcnt Science 

and Statistics 
Christopher Thomas Wedding 

2nd Degree: Accounting 

2nd Major: Tra}is}'ortation 
Marc D. Williams 


Stephen Michael Goldstein 
Edith Evette Lewis 
Matthew Benjamin Straiter 

2nd Major: Marketing 
Jason William Swierk 


Bachelor of Scimce 

Computer Science 

Omogbemiboluwa Ibikunle 

Keith Adam Barteck 
Jose A. Castanos 
Peggy Kuangmin Chang 
James Joseph Collins 
Alok Kumar Dhir 

Warren Michael Gold 
David Weslev Hollenbeck 
Brian Charles Levay 
Parampreet Singh Mahal 
Charles Henrv Medley, Jr. 
Matthew Scott Piermarini 
Ste\'en Harold Stein 
Anuradha Abhyankar Teachout 
Jeffrey Stephen Webber 
Michael Thomas Werling 
Yibing Wu 
Jun Yeh 


Da\'id Hurd Bettendorf 


Brandon Lee Cooke 
Marc Andrew Feldman 
Benjamin Ebenezer Finlev 
Soo J. Kim 
Bruce Martin Moser 
Amy Chao-yung Peng 
Lisa Cho Rasinski 
Marcelo Eduardo Redoschi 
John Ho Shin 

Physical Sciences 

Jebanesan Dorairaja Bhaskaran 
Jeffrev Bernard Campitelli 
Paul Lynden Grant 
Steven Charles Turner 
Jennifer Lee Wiser 


Joseph Fitzgerald Co\ington 
Jay Douglas Parsons 


Bachelor of Arts 

English Education 

Haroot Hakopian 
Yolanda Sheree Henderson 
James Joseph Sill 

Foreign Language Education 

Levla Rastgoudamavandi 
Susan E. Riser 

Social Studies Education 

David Alexander Donnellv 
Simone Leah Laufer 

Bachelor of Science 

Business Education 

Garv Ross Mih\ it 

Elementary Education 

Krista Fave Bach 
John Thomas Brooks 
Amy Marie Reese 
Diane Christine Turel 
Diane Alison Volpe 
Martha Sue West 

Industrial Arts Education 

Steven Hall Bernheisel 

Industrial Technology 

Scott Da\'idson Branche 
Richard Dunning Paton 
Michael Sami Sansur 
Scott L. Spirek 
Jeff Thomas Van Dam 

§ StitTimn cum Luude 

f Magna cum Laude 

* cum Laude 


D U 


Mathematics Education 

Michelle Lynn Goldstein 

Science Education 

Margaret Alice Campbell 

Social Studies Education 

James Robert Lloyd 
Michael G. Samos 
Tara Ann Will 

Special Education 

Kerry Anne Uobry 
Sheila Denise Mulcahy 


Charles L.Busch, Jr.* 


Bachelor of Science 
Aerospace Engineering 

Guillaume Jacques Bodelle 
Nimesh B. Dave 
D. Craig Drake 
Michael K. Hutchinson 
Masoud Iranpour 
Sumita Jain 
Lin-Lin Jennifer Li 
Scott Philip Rodenhuis 
Tara Jean Zidek 

Agricultural Engineering 

Paul Jonathan Hishmeh 

Chemical Engineering 

Eric Lawrence Maase 
Elisa Maria Martinez 
Edmond Charles Menegaux 

§ Summti ciwi Uiude 
f Magna cum Lnutit' 

Civil Engineering 

Alexander David Berley 
Eloisa Litorja Lumidao 
Khalid Paris Mustafa 
Demetrios Nickolas Tasheuras 

Electrical Engineering 

Paul Peter Apostolidis 

Mark Deian Arking 

Gregory Steven Bensimon 

Hans Alexander Breden 

Brian William Buchner 

Ziad Khalil Cheiban* 

Kah Leong Chung 

Daniel Kearns Clark 

Dvv'ayne Nelson Cox 

Joseph Michael Drayton 

Duy Hong Duong 

Charles Edward Faughnan III 

Ophir Gamliel 

Syed Amir Ghyas 

Raquel Yvette Gordon 

Behzad Hadaegh 

Harpreet S. Hans 

Alireza Karimzadeh Rad 

Mary Ramzy Labibt 

John Sakthimangalam Mammen 

Romila Tiwary 

Ered Eei Tzeng 

Paulo Augusto Rocha de 

Vasconcellos, Jr. 
John Warren White 

Fire Protection Engineering 

Robert John Clark 
Bjame Christian Hagen 
Jeffrey L. Robinson 

Mechanical Engineering 

Michael Constantine Apergis 
Timothy Joseph Argauer 
Rodney Allen Butler 
Stewart Paul Castro 
Amit Ganani 

Ralph Gibson 111 
Lora Marie Holt 
James Patrick Howe 
Richard Todd Jones 
Ar\'inder Singh Kakar 
David John Kalil 
David Allen Moldvay 
Elaine Papavasihou 
Jeffrey David Salay 
Justine Yumie Short 
Scott Frederick Simpson 
Lee S. Song* 

Nickolaos Evagelos Strifas 
Roy Lawrence Webb 

Undesignated Engineering 

Hamideh Hamidein 


Bachelor of Science 

Family Studies 

Robin Ann Adams 
Megumi Asano 
Mary Elisabeth Aylesworth 
Scott Thomas Costigan 
James Larkin Dodwell 111 
Lorena Todio Fister 
Christine Ann Frazee 
Sean Patrick Grant 
Candace Marie Harmon 
Maria Ann Hochreiter 
Krishna Lee Lehmann 
Amy Lynn Schwartz 

Health Education 

Yvette Diana Dunalewicz 

Kinesiological Sciences 

Kimberly Ann Hammett 
Bryan Craig Mowell 
Yves Riedrich 


Patricia Joanne Bliss 
John Anthony Broderick 
AUyson Michelle Collins 
Kristie Means Gulick 
Laura Gale Nerenberg 
Raquel Safir 
Jon David Schoenweitz 


Bachelor of Science 

Apparel Design 

Zahra Imtiaz Baig§ 

Community Studies 

Wendy Lynn Bair 

Consumer Economics 

Shaun Ahin Burvvell 
Richard W. Chuang 
Erik Jan Elfstrum 
Alem Gebru 
Samir Kumar Jain 
Bradley Neil Kaminskyt 
Jason W. Massie 
Monique S. Moore 
Hope Alison Schachter 
Daniel H. Seymour 



O F 


A T 



Family Studies 

]odi Lauren Chaikint 
Jennifer Ann Liesener 
Sabrina Norma Loube 
Susan-Leigh Randall Marshall 
Kelly A. Martin 
Michele Gerard Riedl 
Nancv Tara Stave 

IVIanagement and Consumer 

Saman Rahila Akhtar 
Julie Anne Brandt 
Yeong S. Chi 

Anthony Lawrence Gourley 
Marisa Plant* 

Textile Marketing/Fashion 

Lisa Suzanne Borga 
Lisa Beth Kaplan 
Karen Lynn Keys 
Yolanda M. Kuo 
Russell Wade Matthews 
Cynthia Y\'onne Stauffer 
Shelly Bracha Tepper 
Michele Janine Vetter 


Bachelor of Arts 

Rick Braunstein 
Patrick James Colony 
Heather Joyce Finneran 
Danielle Francine Hamilton 
Amy Marie Murray 
Sara Rosen 
Lauren Shara Sapir 
Tina Renee Savoy 

Brian Andrew Schwartz 
Kristen Glenn Vickerman 
Erek Sinclair Walter 
Jacquelyn Elizabeth Williams 
Andrew Stuart Wohlberg 

Bachelor of Science 


Sharon L. Donovant 
John Nicholas Foran 
Seth Alan Funk 
James Richard Payne 
Farin Zaki Salahuddin 
Laura Anne Shemonsky 
Mary Davis Suro 


Bachelor of Science 


Francie Elizabeth Coblentz 
Asika Kumudini De Silva 
Mojgan Mazhari 
Janet Lynn Pearson 
Lori Ann Thorpe 
Barbara Ann Westfall 

Biological Sciences 

Emily Agueda 

Nasima Jahan All 

Joseph Matthew Ashburn 

Dawn Marie Depew 

Ramakumar Natarajan Gounder§ 

Christopher Soonky Kim 

Sun Ah Kim 

Aruna Misir 

Neil Alan Trossevin, Jr. 


Jung ah Baek 
Daniel Thomas Dryden 
Jeffrey Scott Frashure 
Michael Adrian Rice 
Shen Chi Shiau 
Mary Elizabeth Wang 

General Biological Sciences 

Laura Bayon 

Debra Ann Bell 

Terry E. Chase 

Carolyn Cunningham 

Irving Chun Gan 

David Richard Goldstein 

Gai M. Lee 

Karen Marie Patla 

Kara Michelle Ruzicka 

Stanley McDonald Shepperson 

Jonathan M. Strickland 

Cecily Wang 

Wendy Renee Williams 


Mai Naji 

Joseph Philip Plante 

Jeffrey John Subleski 


Peter Arensburger 

Bahareh Bahador 

James Vincent Griesi, Jr. 

Seong Ryeong Lee 

Charles Vansantlaus Quigley III 

David Michael Reynolds 

Ken R. Richards 

Sean Kendric Stewart 

William Frank Tydings 


Bachelor of Arts 
Individual Studies 

Antone Jamil Abunassar 
Kimberly Lynne Glavianot 
Kevin Paul Kadish 
Robb Geoffrey Tricomi 

Bachelor of General Studies 

Robert Phillip Aiken 
Richard Alan Badanjek 
Jillian Vermaat Baldwin 
Donald Jeffery Baxter 
Kim Marie Brazerol 
Patrick Joseph Harmon 
Richard Moskowitz 
Roger William Simpkins 
Joseph Gerard Steiner 
Tracy Jean Teska 

Bachelor of Science 
Individual Studies 

Lisa Michelle Armstrong 


Liberal Arts in Business 

Douglas Richard Bertelmann 
Scott Jason Warren 

I Siimma cum Laudc 

f Magna cum Laudc 

* cum Laudc 




G R A D U A 





December 1993 


Marc de Savigny Electrical Engineering 
If. .TIii'Ji.. Else Systems 

Salwa K. Abd-El-Haf iz Computer Science 

A Knowledge-Based Approach for Program Understanding 

Mohamed S. Abdel-Mottaleb Computer Science 
MAP Techniques for Motion. Stereo and Scgine)itation 

Ahmed A. Abou-Auf Electrical Engineering 

Failure Aiifl/i/s/s and Testing of CMOS Circuits Exposed to loniziiig Nuclear 

Fatima Abugideiri Chemistry 

Investigation of Cp-/Cp*-Mo Complexes and the Role of Electron Correlation Effects 

Farida Adimi Physics 

Pion Absorption on 4He at 114 MeV 

Sedat Akyurek Computer Science 

Ibrahim A. Al-Ghusain Civil Engineering 

Occurrence and Utilization of Endogenous Nitrate Respiration in Waste Water 

Treatment Processes 

Julia L. Albertine Human Nutrition and Food Systems 

Effects of Different Heating Methods and Temperatures on the Sensonj, Pln/sical, and 

Chemical Characteristics of Imitation Crab 

Melina Ali Comparative Literature 

Resistance or Resignation: Moral Ambivalence in Social Beings'Qiiest For Self- 
Fulfillment in the Selected Works ofTheodor Fontanc, Anthony Trollope, and Edith 

The December 1993 class roster comprises degree candidates from the grad- 
uate anct undergraduate programs at the University of Maryland at College 
Park. As final action cannot always be taken for candidates by the time this 
program is printed, the list of candidates here is tentative only. The univer- 
sity reserves the right to withdraw or add names. Diplomas (for other than 
doctoral degrees) will be mailed by the Office of Records and Registrations. 



O F 


A T 



Fernando Alvarez Zoology 

The Interaction Betioeen a Parasitic Banmcle and 3 of its Host Species Along the East 
Coast of North America 

Luiz F. Alves Marine, Estuarine and Environmental Sciences 
The Role of Periphyton on the Amazon's Flood Plain 

Gary B. Anderson Chemishy 

Observation and Characterization of Arylnitrenium Ions 

Kevin P. Andrews Chemistr\" 

Mohamed A. Atoui Electrical Engineering 

Frank A. Attard Poultrv Science 

Analysis of In Vitro Binding of Aflatoxin to Avian Blood Proteins 

Svetlana Avramov Electrical Engineering 

Deborah L. Bailey Education Policy, Planning and Administration 

The Black College Experience: Academic, Social, and Leadership Droelopment at an 

Historically Black Campus 

Victoria J. Balenger Counseling and Personnel Services 

The Effects of Vocationalh/-Oriented Experience on the Drcelopment of Cognitive 
Differentiation and Integration in the Vocational Construct System 

Meena Bansal Biochemistry 

Investigation of the Effect ofDNS-RNA Hybrid Conformation on Bleotnycin 

Mediated DNS-Strand Cleavage 

Rosemary L. Barberet Criminal Justice and Criminology 
Modernization, Legal Sanctions and Homicide in Spain 1960-1989 

Christina B. Barrick Health Education 

Psychometric Assessment ofTivo Neiv Self-rating Scales: The Schiraldi Depression 

Check-up and the Correa-Barrick Depression Scale 

Joanna S. Basuray Education Policy, Planning and Administration 

Suzanne E. Beal English Language and Literature 

Faysal A. Bekdash Marine, Estuarine and Environmental Sciences 
Coupling Best Management Practices (BMP's) Evaluation Model to Geographic 
Information System (CIS) 

Eric D. Benson Business and Management 

Properties of a Nnv Set of Second Generation Process Capability Indices 

Joseph J. Bilello Education Policy, Planning and Administration 

Deciding to Build: University Organization and the Design of Academic Buildings 

Laura S. Bloodgood Goxemment and Politics 
The Politics of Sovereign Debt Rescheduling 

Calvin A. Bond Chemistry 

The Geochemistry of the Magothy Aquifer, Maryland, Using Chlorine-36 and 

Accelerator or Mass Spectrometry 

Robert J. Bonenberger Jr. Mechanical Engineering 

Measuring Fracture Parameters With a Chevron-Notched, Crack- Arrest Specimen 

Bethany L. Brand Psychology 

Coping With Incest: The Relationship Between Recollections of Childhood Coping and 

Adult Functioning in Female Survivors of Incest 

Matthew E. Briggs Physics 

Photothermal Deflection Spectroscopy in a Supercritical Fluid 

Evan B. Brody Kinesiology 

The Effect of Varying Concentration Upon Force Alteration and Activation of the 
Biceps and Medial Triceps Brachii During an Isometric Elbow Flexion Task: An 
Electromyographic Assessment 

Dennis M. Brown Geography 

The Influence of the Local Environment on the Outcome of Labor Union Certification 

Elections in the U.S.: The Case of the Industrial Machinery and Equipment Sector 

Rachel F. Brown Curriculum and Instruction 

Instructional Practices and Student Performance: A Comparison of Transactional 

Strategies-Based and Conventional Reading Groups 

Peter J. Burgess French Language and Literature 

Edition and Study of the Manuscript Arsenal No. 3645 Containing a Life of St. 


Thomas J. Burkett Microbiology 

Nature of an Extragemc Suppressor of Ty Insertion Mutations 

Wilfried M. Busse Counseling and Personnel Ser\'ices 
Age Bias Among Mental Health Professionals 





G R A D U A T E 


William J. Byrne III Electrical Engineering 

EnLvding ami Rccogiiizmg Phonemic Sequences Using NeumI Nehmrks 

Michael J. Cain Government and Politics 

Social Values and Individuai Rationality: An Investigation of the Effects of Diverse 

Welfare Valncs on Social Decision-makmg 

Sylvia L. Campbell Hearing and Speech Sciences 

Hemispheric Processing of Affective and Linguistic Intonation in Chddren 

Christine N. Carr Education Policy, Planning and Administration 

Teaching Critical Thinking Techniques Across Cultural Differences: A Case Study of 

United States Teacher Trainers and Guatemalan Teachers 

Lidia M. Carrera Botany 

Effect of Planting Dates and Plant Densitfi on the Development of Cray Leaf Spot 

(CLS) of Corn 

Kai-Hsuan Chang Biochemistry 

Purification and Characterization of the 4-CBA Dehalogenase Systetn 

Yi-Ying E. Chang Marine, Estiiarine and Environmental Sciences 

Jason Chao Government and PoUtics 

Lin M. Chaves Psychology 

Color Reivrsal Learning: Effects After Telencephalic Leswns in Pigeons 

Chao-Hua Chen Civil Engineering 

A Di/namtc Incidoit Detection System for Urban Arterials 

Jing Chen Physics 

Experunentnl Realization and Physics of Three Terminal Resonant Tunneling 


Ming-Huei Chen Mechanical Engineering 

Three Dimensional Semi-Analytical Finite Element Analysis of Fiber Microbuckling 

in Multidirectional Laminated Composites 

Shihwei Chen Electrical Engineering 

Dynamic Routnig and Resource Management of ATM-Based Hybrid Netivorks 

Yung-Mien Chen Mechanical Engineering 

Mechanics of Micro Indentation and Sliding Contact on Thin Solid Film with FEM 


Hong Cheng Chemistry 

Mechanistic Studies on Mandelate Rncemase: Substituent, Isotope and Viscosity 


Michael P. Chernesky Applied Mathematics 

Iterative Solutions of Discrete Convection-Diffusion Problems 

Ching-Sung Chin Civil Engineering 

An Integrated Freeway Corridor Control ivith Signals, Ramp Meterings, and Route 


Minshik Cho Mathematics 

On the Covering Radius of Alexanderov Space 

Harsh D. Chopra Engineering Materials 

Shear Isotropy in Marlcnsilic Transitions and Deformation of Polydomain Phases 

Constantinos P. Christou Economics 

Essays on Financial Market Imperfections and Human Capital Accumulation 

Betty A. Conde Microbiology 

Phylogeny of the Bacterial Famdies Vibrionaceae and Aeromonadaceae Based on 

Ribosomal RNA Sequence Analysis 

Claude Cote Physics 

Power Balance and Characteration of Impurities in the Maryland Speromak 

Jonathan F. Cox Psychology 

The Effects of Super Leadership Training on Leader Behavior, Subordinate Self- 
Leadership Behavior, and Subordinate Citizenship 

Yifeng Cui Electrical Engineering 

Droelopment of Distributed Feedback Dye Lasers for Generation of Higli-Poiver 193 

nm Excimer Lrtst'r Short Pulses 

Gail S. Cummins English Language and Literature 
Coming to Voice in Writing 

Bonnie L. Damron American Studies 

Encounters With the Goddess: An Ethnographic Approach to Feminine 


David M. Dancer Mechanical Engineering 

Natural Convection in Tanks Containing One or Two Fluid Phases 



O F 


A T 




Donald A. Davis Jr. Counseling and Personnel Services 

The Relationship Between AttributiomI St^/le ami Perceptual Abilities 

David G. Dewitt Meteorology 

0)1 Precipitation and Low Lroel Tropical Flow 

Bruce R. DeForge Sociology 

ConcqHualization and Recognition of Mental Illness 

Erica M. Dibietz Human Development 

Familial Histon/ of Substance Abuse m a Schizophrenic Population 

Donald J. Dichmann AppUed Mathematics 

Sandra L. Digiaimo Education Policy, Planning and Administration 

Ellen M. Dikel Health Education 

Utilization of Breast and Cercical Cancer Screening by Women in Maryland: 

Prevalences and Trends 

Frank Divita Jr. Chemistry 

Size Distributions for Trace Elements on Particles in Washington, D.C. and 

Philadelphia, PA 

Noa Diwan Agronomy 

A Core Collection For the U.S. National Germplasm System Annual Medicago 

Species Collection 

Barbara B. Dollar Human Development 

Guillermo V. Donoso Agricultural and Resource Economics 
Microfoundations of Agricultural Supply Analysis: Modelling Implications and the 
Role of Downside Risk 

James V. Dougherty Education Policy, Planning, and Administration 

A History of Federal Policy Concerning and Support for Foreign Language and Area 

Studies: 1941-1980 

James P. Dunyak Applied Mathematics 
Diffusions in Regions With Fine-Grained Boundaries 

Charles G. Durfee III Physics 

Plasma Waveguide for High Intensity Laser Pulses 

Bryan E. Dutton Botany 

A Monographic Study of the Genus Anemone L (Tlanunculaceae) Section Sylvia 


Linda K. Duvall Business and Management 

Regulatonj Value of Unrealized Investment Security Gains and Losses in the Banking 


David M. Dyer Curriculum and Instruction 

The Effect of Microcomputer Tools for Problem Solving in the Tivo-Year Mainstream 

Mathematics Curriculum 

John E. Eck Criminal Justice and Criminology 
The Characteristics of Drug Dealing Places 

Elizabeth A. Edmonds Education Policy, Planning and Administration 
A Quantitative Analysis of Perceptions About Empozverment: Voices From a 
Modified Effective School Model in a Maryland Local School System 

Gwennelh W. El Sawi Agricultural and Extension Education 

Kathleen F. Eng Human Development 

Nonverbal Communication in the Elementar]/ Teacher Candidate Employment 

Diane M. Evennan Histor}' 

The Aquaduct at Caesarea Maritima 

Matthew P. Evett Computer Science 

PARKA: A Massively Parallel Kmrwiedge Representation System 

Khaldoun Fahoum Civil Engineering 

Dynamic Properties of Lime Stabilized Cohesion Soils Under Earthquake Loading 


Hong Fang Mechanical Engineering 

(Tentative) Multila>el Multiobjective Optimization in Precast Concrete Wall Panel 


Jose A. Fernandez Computer Science 
Disjunctive Deductive Databases 

David J. Fike Economics 

Trade Financing Restrictions and Politics: Implications for Country Risk 


D E C E M 

E R 





Alp T. Findikoglu Physics 

Study of Microwave Properties ofYBCO Thin Films and YBCOjDielectric 


Gary W. Flake Computer Science 

Nonmonotonic Activation Functions in Multilayer Perceptions 

Robert A. Forczyk Govemment and Politics 

Emergent India and the Assessment of Third World Regional Powers in the Post-Cold 

War Era 

Hisham M. Fouad Civil Engineering 

Impulse Response Use in the Evaluation of Structures and Foundations 

Michael C. Frazier Psychology 

Psychosocial Correlates of Contraceptive Behavior Among Black Male College 


Michael A. Freeman Counseling and Personnel Services 

Profiles in Black: African-American Student Development on a Predominantly White 


Mary G. Fryer Curriculum and histruction 

Ranjan Ganguli Aerospace Engineering 

Aeroelastic Optimization of Advanced Geometry and Composite Rotors 

Robert J. Garrison Health Education 

A Study of the Relationship Betuven Depressive Symptoms, Educational Attainment, 

and Caniioi'ascular Health: A Secondare/ Analysis of Framingham Study Data 

Virginia H. Cassner Curriculum and Instruction 
Leadership Dynamics of Teacher Educators 

Madhur Gautam Agricultural and Resource Economics 

Sequential Decision Making Under Temporal Risk by Households in Dryland 

Yuejin Geng Economics 
The Test of Quest 

Janice R. Gerde Textiles and Consumer Economics 
Texture Analysis of Wool Carpets 

Roslye R. Geuss Education Policy, Planning and Administration 

The Organizational Socialization of First and Second Career Teachers: A Study of 

Selected Outcomes 

Subrata K. Ghosh Computer Science 
Heuristic Search With Limited Resources 

Donald A. Gillespie Psychology 

.4 Study of the Effect of Depressed Mood on the Social Perception of Psychiatric 


Peggy C. Golden Education Policy, Planning and Administration 

.4(! Analysis of the Relationship Between the Mathematics Achievement and the 
Mathematics Program Completed by Students in a Suburban School District in the 
Middle Atlantic Region 

Harold W. Goldstein Psychology 
Crisis Leadership: Folloioers in a Crisis 

Eliazer B. Golfeiz Reliability Engineering 

An Approach to Modeling Organizational Factors for Safety and Performance 

Assessment of Nuclear Power Plant 

Joseph ]. Gorski Mechanical Engineering 

Calculation of Separated Turbulent Flow Using a Vorticity Transport Closure 


Carrie P. Grady Spanish Language and Literature 

Diane L. Greig Special Education 

Extremely Loio Birtlmvight Infants (800 Grams or Less): Medical and Developmental 

Outcome at Tioo Through Twelve Years, and Social Support Needs of Their Mothers 

Arthur C. Grinath 111 Economics 

The Relationship Betzveen State Revenue Structure and Debt in the Early I9th 


Eric L. Grundstrom Applied Mathematics 

Learning Activation Rules Rather Than Weights in Connectionist Models 

Hediye N. Gun Applied Mathematics 

Polyhedral Structure and Efficient Algorithms for Certain Classes of the Directed 

Rural Postman Problem 



O F 


A T 



Sarah K. Gunnarson Psychology 

The Effect of Motivating Constmiiits on the Relationship Betiveen Satisfaction, 

Personality and Performance <, 

Roberia Z. Gunod Friedman Enghsh Language and Literature 

"Braving Sunstroke auct the Frozen Pact" Ideal Love and Lovers in Three Victorian 
Sonnet Sequences 

Shreekant Gupta Economics 

Do Benefits and Costs Matter in Environmental Regulation? An Analysis of EPA 

Decisions Under Superfuiul 

Catherine P. Haar English Language and Literature 

Comparative Study of Six Old English Poems: Elene, Andreas, Juliana, Daniel, 

Judith, and Exodus 

Laura J. Hainsworth Chemistry 

Jan C. Hardt Government and Politics 

Congressional Leadership Campaign Strategies in a More Open U.S. Congress 1937- 


Beatrix B. Hardy History 

Papists m a Protestant Age: The Catholic Gentry and Community in Colonial 

Maryland, 1689-1776 

Timothy L. Hargrove Poultry Science 
Studies on the Previpositiou Chicken Embryo 

James B. Harold Physics 

One and Two Fluid Numerical Investigations of Solar Wind Gas Releases 

William R. Harrell Electrical Engineering 

The Pheiuvnenology of the "Hot Hole" Reliahdity Problem m Sdicon MOSFETs 

Ghazala P. Hashmi Botany 

Selection of Somaclonal Variants of Peach for Resistance to Root-Knot Nematode 

Sarwar Hashmi Botany 

Characterization of a Hatching Factor for Eggs of the Corn Cyst Nematode, 

Heterodera zeae from Zeamays 

Anthony Hayford Chemistry 

Reactions of Coiijugated Enynes With Carbene Complexes; Structure Modification of 

Trichothe Cene 

Mindy G. Hedlund Psychology 

Efficacy of a Relationship Enhancement Program on Changing Distress-Maintaining 
Attributions for Negative Events 

Kenneth A. Hennacy Physics 

Spherical HarmonK and Effective Field Formulation ofBoltzmann's Equation: 
Derivation and Case Studies in One and Tu'o Space Dimensions For Semiconductors 

Colette M. Henriette French Language and Literature 

Paul C. Hershey Electrical Engineering 

Information Collection Architecture for High Speed Netzvork Eiwironments 

Pamela T. Herzberger Counseling and Personnel Services 
Alcohol-related Problems: The Third Generation 

David A. Hoffman Counseling and Personnel Services 
An Assessment of the Cognitive and Moral judgment Aspects of Foivler's Theory of 
Faith Dei'elopment With First-year College Students Participating in a 
Developmental Spiritual Program 

Wen-Shuen Hong Civil Engineering 

Behavior of Two-Span Composite Bridge Girders Designed by Autostress Method 

Cynthia K. Hoover Counseling and Personnel Services 

An Investigation of the Preparedness of Student Affairs Professionals to Work 

Effectiivly With Diverse Campus Populations 

Tseh-Jen Hsieh Engineering Materials 

Growth, Microstructure and Superconducting Properties of High Tc DyBa2Cu307-x 

Thin Films Prepared by Ozone-Assisted Molecular Beam Coevaporation 

Jen C. Huang Civil Engineering 

Effect of Aerobic- Anoxic Alternation on the Performance of Completely Mixed 
Activated Sludge System: Steady State Evaluation and Dynamic Modeling 

Ming X. Huang Physics 

Microu'ave Absorption and Loiv Frequency Ac Losses in 1-2-3 Cuprate 


Shay-Jan Huang Electrical Engineering 

The Design and Analysis of LinearjNonlinear Predictive Qiiantiziition Systems with 

LinearlNonlinear ARID Process Inputs 





G R A D U A T 


Ying-Min Huang Electrical Engineering 
Bnsk PiinilU'l Alh^orithiiis on Netuvrks 

Djuhertati Imam-Muhni American Studies 

Bmfficcnt Gimihlini^ in Amcricnn Cidtiirc: An Ethncii;mphic Stiuli/ of Bingo and 

Poker Plin/erf 

David L. Imbroscio Government and Politics 

Reconstructing Citi/ Politics: Alternative Local Economic Development Strategies and 

Urban Regimes 

Maxine Isaacs Policy Studies 

The Independent American Public: The Relationship between Elite and Mass Opinion 

on Foreign Policy in the Age of Mass Communications 

Ellen L. Iscoe Psychology 

Suad M. Itani English Language and Literature 

Williani Faulkner: The Mi/sfcn/ of Linguage 

Alusine S. Jah Agricultural and Extension Education 
Leadership in Agricultural Education in Mari/land: Responsibilities of High School 
Superintendents,Voc. Directors and Principals as Perceived In/ Incumbents, AG.ED 
Teachers and AG. Interest Groups in MD 

Ming U. Jen Mechanical Engineering 

The Dynamic Interaction of the Cutting Process and the Workpurc in Facing 

Wu Jiang Physics 

Electronic Transport Properties ofHigh-Tc Cuprntc Nd2-xCexCu04-8. 

Guo-Xiong Jin Physics 

Effects of Critical Fluctuations on Thermodynamic Properties of Fluids and Fluid 

Xuemin Jin Physics 

A QCD Sum Rule Description of Barton Self-Energies in Nuclear Matter 

Brian S. Johnson Computer Science 

Treemaps: Visualizing Hierarchical and Categorical Data 

LeAnn A. Johnson Special Education 

The Effects of Goal-Setting and Self-Instruction on the Acquisition, Maintenance and 

Generalization of a Reading Comprehension Strategy by Learning Disabled Students 

Stephen R. Johnson Curriculum and Instruction 

Gregory E. Jones Measurement, Statistics and Evaluation 

The Effect of Sample Size, Number of Categories, Boundary Distrihtilion, and Item 

Discrimination on Item Parameter Recovery 

Sharon M. Jones Psychology 

The Transition to Senior Housing: A Test of a Model of Adult Transitions 

Anito Joseph Business and Management 

A Hyperplaiie Search Methodology for the General Integer Programming Problem 

Young-Shik Jung Chemistry 

The Photocyclization Reactions of alpha-Silylainino and alpha-Silyhvnido Substituted 

Abraham T. Kallarakal Chemistry 

Mechanistic Studies on Mnndelate Raccmase by Site-Directed Mutagenesis 

Gang Ke Government and Politics 

Critical Reflections on the Grand Failure of Communism 

Diane M. Kelly Special Education 

Impact of Inclusive Programs for Students With Severe Disabdities on Classroom 

Teachers and Special Educators 

Henry E. Kelly III Education Policy, Planning and Administration 

A Comparison of the Perceptions of Teachers Employed in Private Catholic High 
Schools Administered by Lay and Religious Principals 

Lauren E. Kenworthy Psychology 

Behavioral Phenotype of the Oculocerebrorenal Syndrome of Lowe 

Thomas E. Kiess Physics 

Bandwidth-Dependent and Other Types ofTioo-Photon Quantum Correlations in 

Parametric Down Conivrsion 

Jae-Hoon Kim Meteorology 

Diagnosis of the General Circulation Model Anomalies by the Tropical Sea Surface 


Jueon Kim Aerospace Engineering 



O F 


A T 


P A 

Kwangil Kim Mechanical Engineering 

Experimental Research and Development of "Tandem System" Domestic Refrigerator 

Young-Rae Kim English Language and Literature 
A Thematic Stiidx/ on Melville's The Piazza Tales 

Timothy W. Kinlock Criminal Justice and Criminology 

Precursors and Correlates of Serious Criminal Belmvior Over a Narcotic Addiction 


Apama S. Kolhekar Biochemistry 

Jill E. Kolody Go\emment and Politics 

The Relationship Between Foreign Direct Investment and the Levels of Cooperation 

and Conflict in the Drveloping Nations of Central America 

Steven B. Konick Public Communication 

Network News Coverage of Aids: A Comparison of Verbal and Visual Texts in 

Telei'ision Neu's 

Firouzeh Korangy Biochemistry 

Molecular Dissection of the Catalytic Activities of the Rec BCD Enzyme From E.CoIi 

William J. Kovarik PubUc Communication 
The Ethyl Controversy 

Steven R. Kowa Counseling and Personnel Services 

Richard M. Kieminski Applied Mathematics 
Graded Manifolds and Spin Structure 

Deborah A. Krichbaum Industrial, Technological and Occupational Education 
The Phenomena of Tim Mothers and One Child: Adoptive Mothers and Natural 
Mothers in Open Adoptions 

Lawrence T. Kuhar English Language and Literature 
Thomas Pi/nchon: The Shape of the Career 

Carole L. Kuhns Human Development 

Maternal Socialization Practices: Rektionship to Childrens' Social Problem Solving 

and Social Competence 

Kenneth P. La Sala Reliabilit)' Engineering 

Reliable Human-Machine System Developer, An Expert System for the Design of 

Human-Machine Systems 

Alan J. Laing Mathematics 

Ann K. Lanphear Kinesiology 

Acquisition of a Striking Skill: Developmental Differences in the Effects of Knowledge 

of Results, Knoii'ledge of Performance, and Vision 

Angela G. Lauman Germanic Language and Literature 

Haeryung Lee English Language and Literature 

A Study of George Eliot's Fiction: The Tlwne of Vocation and the Groivth of Her 
Democratic Consciousness 

Jang-Yeon Lee Aerospace Engineering 

A Numerical Study of the Starting Process in a Hypersonic Shock Tunnel 

Alan R. Lehman Sociology 

Popular Music as Symbolic Communication: The Case of The Gratefid Dead 

Dianne L. Leister Chemistry 

Sandra A. Le«risch Biochemishy 

Mechanistic Studies on P\/rurate Formate-Lyase: Catalytic Roles 418 and Cysteine 


Qichang Li Poultn,' Science 

Maturation, Aging and Neuroendocrine Regidation of Hypothalamic Chicken 

Luteinizing Hormone Releasing Hormone in Avian Species 

Shan S. Li Mechanical Engineering 

Electrostatic Enhancement of Heat Transfer in a Multi-Tube-Bundle, Shell-and-Tube 

Heat Exchanger 

Xiao-Peng Liang Electrical Engineering 

Modeling of Dual Mode Dielectric Resonator Filters and Multiplexers 

Henry C. Lieu Civil Engineering 

An Integrated Diversion Control System for Freeway Corridors 

le-Hong Lin Electrical Engineering 

Control of Multi-Media Traffic in Hybrid-Sioitching and ATM Networks 

Jyh-Shyan Lin Electrical Engineering 

Neural Netzvork Systems For Detection of Lung Nodules on Digital Chest 






G R A D U A 


Po-Yang F. Lin Electrical Engineering 

Regulnr VLSI Uiyoiit Structures of CMOS Circuits 

Tzuoh-Bin Lin Mechanical Engineering 

A Neio Methodology For FatiguejResidual Life Estimation of MnterialslStructures 

Xia Lin Botany 

Molecular Cloning and Characterization of Transcripts Encoding Protein Kinases 

From Pea 

Xiaodong Lin Chemistry 

Zhichao Lin Chemistry 

The Study of Particulate Source Apportionment Using Enriched Stable Rare Earth 

Isotopic Tracers 

Charles A. Lind Aerospace Engineering 

Two Dimensional Unsteady Type TV Shock Interaction on the Inlet of a Hypersonic 


Nancy C. Lindley Music 

Singer Radiana Pazmor and American Music: The Performer as Advocate 

Lumg-Kuo Liu Electrical Engineering 

Novel Self-organizing Neural Architectures With Applications to Image Processing 

and Pattern Recognition 

Yuan Liu Computer Science 
Null Values in Logic Programs 

Yuan-Qun Liu Electrical Engineering 

Deborah A. Loveys Biochemistry 

Kinetic and Structural Characterization of Amino Acid Substitution Mutants of 

Staphylococcal Nuclease 

Huayi Lu Mechanical Engineering 

Long-Life Variable Amplitude Fatigue Behavior of Steel Bridges 

Eric W. Lucas Electrical Engineering 

A 3D Hybrid Finite Element/Boundary Element Method for the Unified Radiation 

and Scattering Analysis of Arbitary Infinite Periodic Arrays 

Anne E. Luebering Human Development 

Variables Relating to Perceived Parental Self-Efficacy Among Mothers of Infants 

George Lulandala Agricultural and Extension Education 

Analysis of Factors Affectmg Agricultural Productivity in Selected Subsistence 

Farming Villages hi Tanzania 

Baoming Ma Electrical Engineering 

Computatuvial Methods in Optunal Control and Their Application to Biomechanics 

Elizabeth M. Marciniak Crimmal Justice and Criminology 

Gemma A. Marolda Government and Politics 

British and German Economic Relations With Japan: Stretigthening the "Weak Link" 

in a Nnv Western Security Regime 

Doran M. Mason Marine, Estuarine and Environmental Sciences 

Spatial Models of the Distribution, Foraging and Croipth of Mobile Pelagic Fishes 

Md. M. Maula Zoology 

Tlie Structure of the Cytopharynx of an Undescrihed Species in the Genus 
Psendokeronopsis Borrorand Wicklow, 1983 (Stichotrichida, Ciliophora) «s 
Influenced by Prey 

David L. Mazzoni Electrical Engineering 
Hybrid Coherent Fibcr-Optic Interfcrometric Sensors 

Sheila A. McKenna Zoology 

Biotic and Abiotic Controls of Bioerosion on Coral Reefs 

Corinne E. Meijer Psvchology 

Wliitc Racial Identity Development and Coping Responses to Diversity in the 

Introduction to Psychology Curriculum 

Connie Meinholdt Psychology 

The Effects of Attributional Analysis of Interpersonal Distress on Satisfaction and 

Break-up of Dating Relationships 

Sheri M. Meisel Special Education 

Troubling Behavior in School Settings: Students' Understanding of Deviance and 


Scott A. Merritt Electrical Engineering 

The Reflectance of Semi-Condiictor Traveling Wave Amplifiers 



O F 


A T 



Leslie A. Miller Human Development 

The Association Between Question, Quality, and the Quality of Anfwers 

Rosalie V. Mince Human Development 

Tlie Effects of Pln/sical Fitness, Behavioral Interoention, and Exercise Self-Efficacy on 
Exercise Adherence 

Muhammad W. Mirza Civil Engineering 

Development of a Global Agnig System for Short and Lo)ig Term Aging of Asphalt 


Partho P. Mishra Computer Science 
Congestion Control in Integrated Sen'ice Neticorks 

Maria E. MoU-Sureda Spanish Language and Literature 

Transformaciones Sujetas a Rcccidn en la Relacitvi Autohiogrdfica de Ursula Suarez, 

Texto Chileno Del S. XVII 

Timothy J. Moore Health Education 

Health Focus of Control, Self-Efficacy, Barriers to Physical Activity and Present 
Fitness Lei'el as Predicators of Compliance I Adherence in Physical Activity Programs 
of Older Adults 

Mary J. Moran Health Education 

Effects of Smoking Cessation Methods on Women SmoArrs' Quit Rates 

Daniel Mosse Computer Science 

Fault Tolerance Techniques for Real-Time Systems 

Sarit Mukherjee Computer Science 

A Multi-class Pre-emptive Protocol for High Speed Local and Metropolitan Area 


Mark T. Muldoon Marine, Estuarine and Environmental Sciences 

Development of Immunoassays far Monitoring Pesticide Waste Treatment 

Melita J. Murray-Carney Psychology 

The Relationship Between Racial Identity Attitudes, Sex Role Attitudes, Self-Esteem 

and Skin Color Perceptions for Black Americans and Black West Indians 

Revathi Narasimhan Applied Mathematics 

Arathi Narayan Textiles and Consumer Economics 
Intra-Industni Trade in Textiles 

Vijayshankar M. Narayanarao Engineering Materials 
Fundamental Studies on High Temperature Deformation Behavior of Alpha, Alpha- 
Beta and Beta Titanium Alloys 

Garret L. Nelson Psychology 

Wliat is a fob? A Role-Theory Perspective 

Mark W. Nixon Aerospace Engineering 

Aeroclastic Response and Stability of TUtrotors With Elastically-Coupled Composite 

Rotor Blades 

Douglas M. Norman Physics 

A Searcli for a First Generation Scalar Leptoquark 

Sherry L. Ogg Animal Sciences 

Gene Expression in the Ruminant Placeiitonie 

Hyeong-Cheol Oh Electrical Engineering 

Efficient Comniiinicatton Schemes for Massively Parallel Computers 

Sei-Chang Oh Civil Engineering 

A Multi-Commodity, Multi-Modal Network FlOiV Model for Logistics Management 

Karen F. Olson American Studies 

When Women Get a Working Life: The Transformation of Gender in a Steelmaking 


Delys Ostlund Spanish Language and Literature 

The Reaction of History m the Fernando and Isabel Plays of Lope de Vega 

Giulio F. Paciotti Zoology 

Intcrleiikin-I as an Autocrine Groioth Factor in tlie Estrogen Dependent Human 

Breast Cancer Cell Line, MCF-7 

Theresa Paluszkiewicz Marine, Estuarine and En\ironmental Sciences 
Numerical Modeling of the Near and Far Field Dispersal of tlie Amazon River 

Da-Chen Pang Mechanical Engineering 

Improved Magnetic Bearing System Design for Enhanced Stability 

Hoon C. Park Aerospace Engineering 


D £ C £ M 

£ R 





Katharine S. Parparian Textiles .ind Consumer Economics 

Confii}iiplioa Patlcni:^ of the Eldcrli/ 

Paren P. Patel Chemistry 

Synthesis of 5- & 7-Mcmivmi Carbocychc Rings from AII<ym's & Transition Metal 

Carhene Complexes 

Katharine A. Pawelko Recreation 

Defining the Nature of Visitors and their Recreational Experiences on the 

Delaware River 

Mark A. Pedreira English Language and Literature 

Samuel Johnson's Rhetorical Art: Topical and Figurative Copia in the Age of Locke 

Nthakoana Peko Education Policy, Planning and Administration 
Issues and Problems in Teacher Training in Lesotho 

Susan L. Peters English Language and Literature 

The Search for Order: British Stage Comedies of the 1 920s and '30s 

Bikram Phookun Astronomy 

A Study of One Armed Spiral Galaxies 

Paul F. Pinsky Applied Mathematics 

Exploiting Multiple Time Scales in the Dei'elopment and Analysis of Models of 

Hippocampal Neural Netuvrks 

Beatrix M. Pollack Germanic Language and Literature 

Use BliiDieiithal-Weiss. Edition, Kommentar, Emfidirung 

Teri L. Quinn Chemistry 

Ernesto ]. Quintero Microbiology 

Characterization of Adhesion and Biofihn Formation In/ the Marine 

Sheila A. Ramsey Health Education 

A Comparison of Cognitive Distortions, Body Image, and Awareness of Internal 

States between Oxvravight Binge Eaters and Oi'erwcight Non-binge Eaters 

Bruce H. Rankin Sociology 

The State and Labor Organization: Explaining Divergent Patterns of Llnionization in 

Canada and the United States 

Harold L. Rappaport Physics 

Frequency Upconversiou and Parametric Surface InstahUities in Microwave Plasma 


Kevin J. Rappoport Computer Science 

Efficiena/ in Parallel Computation: Algorithms, Emulations and VLSI Pins 

Luis A. Rebaza-Soraluz Spanish Language and Literature 

Poetics and National Identity in the Works of Javier Sologurcn: The Construction of 

the Contemporary Peruvian Artist 

Sara Reeder Education Policy, Planning and Administration 

Margaret D. Reid Chemistry 

S. P. Resta Human Development 
Graphic Expression in ADHD Cluldrcn 

Ivan L. Ricarte Electrical Engineering 

Performance and Scalahdity of Parallel Database Systems 

Debora A. Rindge Art History 

The Painted Desert: Images of the American West from the Geological and 

Geographical Sun'eys of the Territories, 1867-1879 

Anne M. Rogers American Studies 

TelUiig Stories About Families: A Paradigm for a New Generation 

Juan C. Romero Engineering Materials 

Instability and Segregation at Interfaces in Sic Reinforced Composites 

Luis M. Rosa Botany 

Response of Leaf Movement, Photosynthesis and Resource Use Efficiency to Multiple 
Environmental Stress hi Glychie Max (Soybean) 

Kathleen L. Rottier Human Development 

The Relationship Between Intrinsic and Extrinsic Goal Orientation, Self-Efficacy and 
the Use of Procedural Kmnvledge in Mathematics Problem-Solving Among High 
School Freshmen 

Bernardo Rudorff Agronomy 

Interactive Effects of Enhanced Tropospheric Ozone and Carbon Dioxide on Wheat 

and Corn 



O F 


A T 


P A 

Jose C. Ruiz Reliability Engineering 

A Unified Formalism For Model-Checking Quality-Related Properties in Complex 
Technical Systems 

Maureen E. Rush Applied Mathematics 

No}ilinear Dynamical Analysis of Extended Hodgkin and Huxley Models of Neural 

Electrical Activity 

Stephen E. Saddow Electrical Engineering 

Optical Control of Microwave Integrated Circuits Using High-speed Photoconductive 


Meade G. Saeedi Government and Politics 

The Politics of Religious Persecution: Can Tolerance Occur Within Islam for the 

Ahmadi and Balia'i Faiths 

Jackie L. Sampers Special Education 

Constance L. Sandusky Poultry Science 

Color Evaluation of Chicken Meat by Instrumental and Sensory Methods 

Susan L. Schafer Biochemistry 

Genetic Analysis of Pseudomonas Putida Putative Open Reading Frames Adjacent 

to the Mardelatoperon and Kinetic Studies on the D2.7 on mutant of Mandelate 


Jodi L. Schneider Psychology 

Biodala Predictions of Organizational Membership: An Organizational Leivl of 

Analysis Interpretation of Biodata 

Madelyn C. Schultz Human Development 

Parenting Education: The Effect of the "Exploring Parenting" Program on Low 

Income Fannlies 

Jia-Lang Seng Business and Management 

Sanjeev K. Setia Computer Science 

Scheduling on Multiprogrammed, Distributed Memory Parallel Computers 

Robert G. Shackleton Jr. Economics 

A 55-Sector Dynamic Macrocconometric Interindustn/ Forecasting Model of the 

United Kingdom 

Amelia K. Sharar Food Science 

The Effect of Heat Treatment at Different Levels ofNaCl and pH on Listeria 

Monocytogenes Cells and its Components 

Pamela L. Sharpe Microbiology 

Genetic Analysis and Characterization of a Lac to Lac Spontaneous Mutation in 

Vibrio Vulnificus 

James W. Shaw Criminal Justice and Criminology 

Fuh-Kwo Shiah Marine, Estuarine and En\ironmental Sciences 
Multi-Scale Variability in Bacterioplankton Abundance and Growth Rate in 
Temperate Estuarine Habitats 

Deborah K. Shpritz Education Policy, Planning and Administration 

The Keller Plan Revisited: Use of the Personalized System of Instruction in a Course 

on Leadership and Management Offered to Senior Baccalaureate Nursing Students 

Stanley R. Silverman Human Development 

Rosalyn M. Simon Special Education 

Factors Influencing Public Fixed Route Bus Operator's Politics for Accessible 


William M. Simpson Jr. Aerospace Engineering 

Txvo-Dimensional Lifting Foil and Circular Cylinder Unsteady Interaction 

Sarah E. Sinopoli English Language and Literature 

Edward M. Smith-Rowland Physics 

Electromagnetic Production of the Neutral Pion: Probing Finite Density Effects in the 

Vector Meson Propagator 

Amjad A. Soomro Electrical Engineering 

Adaptive Bandividth Compression and Scalable Video Representation in Video 

Teleconfermcing Applications 

Anne M. Spence Aerospace Engineering 

A Design-Oriented Aeromechanical Analysis for Hingeless Rotor Helicopters in 

Straight and Turning Flight 

Edward R. Stanford Physics 

Mode Competition in Free Election Laser Oscillators 







Michael J. Stark Physics 

OhserMtions ofCygnus X-3 With the Cygiuif Air Stiouvr Dcpcclor 

Helen J. Sfasinowsky Curriculum and Instruction 

An Analysis of School Mission and Sdiool Success in an Independent Parochial 


Sarah K. Stosz Microbiology 

An Agarase System from a Periphytic Procaryote 

Renee Stubbs Recreation 

The Effects of Interpersonal Training on the Decoding Skills of Three Croups of 

Therapeutic Recreation Specialists 

C.K. Subramaniam Chemical Physics 

(e,2e) Studies of Hydrogen Selenide and Flouriiiated Benzenes 

Uma Subramanian Economics 

Robert O. Sullivan Jr. Sociology 

Religiosity, Social Support, and Coping Alnlities as Interoening Variables in the 
Relationship Betiveen Unemployment and Mental Health Outcomes: The CM. Plant 
Closing Study 

Kirsten Sundeen Criminal Justice and Criminology 
Sex Offenders 

Gisuk Sung Engineering Materials 

A Study on Coherent Phase Diagrams and Epitaxial Phase Diagrams 

Gwo-Chung Tai Electrical Engineering 

Simulation and Modeling of MOSFETs and SOI MOSFETs for Computer-Aided 

Design Applications 

Mwaffak A. Taib Agronomy 

Nitrogen Management for Corn and Winter Wlieat Production 

Bonnie O. Tanner Agricultural and Extension Education 

Women Agricultural Leaders: A Study of Their Involvement and Potential for 

hivolvement in Entrepreneurial Activity 

Jason A. Taylor Physics 

The Contribution of Continuum Reprocessing by Stellar Winds to ACN Spectra 

Abraham N. Tennenbaum Criminal Justice and Criminology 

justifiable Homicides by Civdians in the Llnited States, 1976-1990: An Exploratory 


Edward E. Thorsett American Studies 

LUtra-Deep Play and American Boat Livcahoards: An Ethnographic Exploration of 

Recreation as Lifestyle and the Phenomenology of Marginal Group Identity 

Patricia Tilghman Human Development 

Tanil Tongthong Civil Engineering 

Solving Resource and Management Programs Using Artificial Neural Netxvorks 

Orrawin Trocki Nutritional Sciences 
Role of the Glucocorticoids in Dietary Obesity 

Kwang-Horng Tsai Mechanical Engineering 

Partitioned Hierarchical Learnhig Control System For Industry Autonomous Process 

Dimitrios P. Tsakiris Electrical Engineering 
Motion Planning for Parallel Manipulator Systems 

Teferi Tsegaye Agronomy 

Geostatistical Evaluation of Sod and Plant Properties in a Uniform Field 

Ann C. Van Orden Engineering Materials 

Dealloying of Silver-Gold in Perchloric Acid — A Mechanistic Study 

Dana E. Vanderwall Biochemistry 

Molecular Modeling of Bleomycin and DNA: Implications Strand Seleclivily and 

Secjuence Specificity 

Mahendra K. Verma Physics 

Magnetohydrodynamic Turbulence Models of the Solar-Wind Evolution 

Svetlana Vranic-Sowers Electrical Engineering 

Modeling of Spectral Shape Perception 

Sara M. Wages Art History 

Gardens in 17th Century Dutch Paintings 

Chuan Wang Business and Management 



O F 


A T 



Dunxiong Wang Physics 

Experimental Studies of Longitudinal Beam Di/namicsfor Space-Change Dominated 

Electron Bunches 

Hua Wang Electrical Engineering 

Control of Bifurcations and Chaos with Applications 

Mei-Ling T. Wang Public Communication 
Cognitive Processing vi Stereotiiping 

Mln-Ying Wang Chemical Engineering 

Development of an Efficient Bioprocess For Poultry Vaccines Using High Deitsity 

Insect Cell Culture 

Zhou Wang Physics 

Riometer Absorption Associated zvith F-regwn Plastna Structures 

Beth S. Warner Psychology 

Children's Psychosocial Conifietence and the Relationship of Peer Sociometric Status 

to Social. Emotional, and Academic Competence in the Home and School 

Kimberly A. Weaver Astronomy 

X-RAY Spectroscopy ofSeyfert Galaxies With BBXRT 

James W. Weber Jr. Aerospace Engineering 

Tlie Efficient Simulation of Gas Detonation Physics on the Massively Parallel 
Connection Machine 

Yvette S. Weber Aerospace Engineering 

The Numerical Simulation of the Reflected Shock/Boundary Layer Interaction in High 

Performance Shock Tubes 

Bonnie D. Weiss Microbiology 

Regulation of Xanthan Gum Biosynthesis in Xanthomonas Campestris 

Joan M. Welker History 
Winegroivers ni the Gironde, 1870-1914 

Han Wen Ph\sics 

Edward B. Whereat Botany 

The Ecological Significance of Evergreen Leaves or Stems to Two Tanperate Woody 


Johnette L. Whitaker Recreation 

The Use of Activity Analysis Among Therapeutic Recreation Practioners in Selected 


David W. White Electrical Engineering 

GANNet 8 A Genetic Algorithm For Searching Topology and Weight Spaces in 

Neural Network Design 

Elizabeth L. White Computer Science 

Keith J. Williams Electrical Engineering 
Photodiode Nonlinearities 

Anne E. Wilson Computer Science 
Encapsulating Neural Networks 

Mona S. Wineburg Curriculum and Instruction 

Aspects of Peer Coaching That Effect Implementation of Cooperative Learning 


Dennis C. Winkler Chemistry 

The Electronic Structure of Silicon Compounds 

Christina Wise-Mohr Economics 

Estimating the Number of New Scientists and Engineers 

Deborah R. Wood Human Development 
Maternal Self-Esteem and Early Nurturing 

Patricia S. Wrightson Government and Politics 

The Normative Realism ofReinhold Niebuhr: A Liberal-Dialectical Approach to 

International Relations 

Gusui Wu Botany 

Cucuomoviral Satellite RNAs: Moleailar Structure, Replication and Viral Disease 


Xin Wu Mechanical Engineering 

An Experimental In-oestigation For HDI Thin Film in Electronic Packages 

Maryann M. Wzorek Psvchology 

Script Representation of Event Knowledge in High-Functioning Individuals with 






G R A D U A 


Yingxian Xiao Botany 

Jie Xu Linguistics 

An l-Pammcicr nnd Its Consequences 

Tianshun Xu Nutritional Sciences 

Abnormal Vitamin D Metabolism m Chickens With Tibial Dyschondroplasia 

Li-Ying Yang Chemical Engineering 

Shu Yang Chemical Physics 

A Combined Exfierimental-Theoretical Study of Competition Between Decomposition 

Processes in Small Molecules 

Wen-Bin Yang Electrical Engineering 

Netieork Issues in Multi-media Satellite Clusters 

Tsi-Neng Ying Engineering Materials 

A Plastic Strain Concentration Wear Mechanism For Ductile Material Asperity 

Contract and Micro-Explosion For Brittle 

Seung-Woo You Industrial, Technological and Occupational Education 
Perceptions of Korean Human Resource Drvelopment Professionals Toward Selected 
Roles and Competency Standards 

Greggry S. Young Business and Management 

Shu-Sun Yu Electrical Engineering 

Design and Implementation of Systolic Architectures for Some Digital Signal 

Processing Algorithms 

Mohamed I. Zakaria Agronomy 

Xinjian Zhang Civil Engineering 

The Effect of Coupled Motions on the Dynamic Properties of Sands 

Zexiang Zhang Electrical Engineering 

Experimental and Numerical Studies of Sheet Beam Planar Wiggler Free Electron 

Laser Amplifier 

Dingbo Zhou Horticulture 

Jiayu Zhou Meteorology 

GCM Study of Interannual Variability of Indian Summer Monsoon: The Impact of 

Anomalous Eurasian Spring Snoiv Cover 

Yan Zhuang Electrical Engineering 

Intelligent Systems: Modeling. Learning and Implanting — A Frame Work 

Metin Zora Chemistry 

Synthesis of Cyclopentenediones and Cycloheptadienones by Fischer Carbene 



Patricia A. Buckner-Thompson Curriculum and Instruction 

OD Interventions in School Psychologij Services: Surve]/ Research to Investigate 

School Psychologists' Use of Organization Development as a Consultation Model 

Maggie E. Caples Curriculum and Instruction 

A Comparison of the Teaching Strategies Used by Second-Year and Third-Year 
Graduates of the University of Maryland Master's Certification Program and 
Traditional Teacher Education Programs 

Kenneth S. Coley Education Policy, Planning and Administration 

Scott D. Dahlberg Curriculum and Instruction 

Implementation of the General Education Assessment Program at a Mid-Atlantic 

Region Community College 

Larry E. Harrison Curriculum and Instruction 

A Study of Teacher Satisfaction, Undcrstandmg, and Application of the Teacher 

Expectations Modide of the Delaware Instructional Improvement Model 

Ronnie E. Holden Education Policy, Planning and Administration 

Emma B. James Education Policy, Planning and Administration 

Facditating School Reform: A Formative Renieivofa School System's Implementation 

of School-Based Management 

Margie H. Kerman Curriculum and Insfruction 

An Ethnographic Description of Verbal and Nonverbal Communication of Teachers 

and Black Male and Wliite Male Students During the Reading Bloc 

Florence N. Lednum Curriculum and Instruchon 

Osmosis in a Tenth Grade Advanced Biology Laboratory-Classroom 



O F 


A T 



George E. Stone 

Education Policy, Planning and Administration 

A Study ojMinoriiy and Majority Parent Attitudes About Their Schools Based Upon 

Levels of Invohement in School Programs 

Charlotte J. Wilson Curriculum and Instruction 

Gender-Equity Components in Preservicc Teacher-Education Programs 


Kathleen H. Arecchi Music 

Six Political Liment-Cantatas by Luigi de Rossi, ca. 1597-1653 

Clarence M. Coleman Music 
Quartet For Strings 

Murray L. Decock Music 

The Piano Sonatas ofS.C. Eckhardt-Gramatte 

Edwin K. Hampton Music 

George Theoplulus Walker: A Biography and a Discussion of His Stylistic Evolution 

as Seen in Selected Works for Solo Piano 

James L. Turk Music 

Ail-Night Vigil, Op. 59 by A. Gretchaninoff: A Neu' Edition and Critical 






G R A D il A 





Sharon Ann McCarthy 
Abigail Westwood Turowski 
Marv Ann Hav-ward Warner 


Edward Joseph Andrews 
John D. Bean 
Susan Becl< Bryan 
Mark E. Burlinson 
Raymond Anthony Connor 
Basima Fahmi Dahdah 
Clifford Melville Deetjen 
Vivien Deslandes 
Robert P. Duckworth 
Ahmed Sameh Elkharabawy 
Virginia Mendizabal Escalona 
Thomas O. Gray 
Roy Gilbert Griffith 
Adam James Hird 
Karl Douglas Hirschmann 
Peter Eugen Jurmala 
Joanne Ya-Wen Kuo 
Robert James Lee 
John Joseph Maisto 
Brian Daniel Milnick 
Scott Dunning Plante 
Sonja Korin Peterson Shields 
Andrew Austin Sumners 
Bret Alan Young 


American Studies 

Deirdre Elaine Durbin 
Jeanne Elizabeth McCarty 
Jeffrey Allan Rupp 
Richard Brian Sullivan 
Deana R. Whitaker 
Deborah A. Wood 

Applied IVIathmatics 

Sassan Dehghan 
Paul Wilson Miller 
Steven M. Nunes 

Art History 

Elissa Anne Auther 
Susanne Kletman Bennet 
Anne Heather Galler 
Maribeth Gamier 
Aneta Georgievska-Shine 
Akela M. Nigrelli 

Combined History/Library and 
Information Services 

Ira Mark Kirshenbaum 

Diane Patrice Koch 

Diana Christina Snigurowicz 

Combined Geography/Library 
and Information Services 

Deirdre Ann Herman 

Comparative Literature 

Marcia M. Loo 
Julijana Milutinovic 
Suzanne Jacqueline Spoor 

Counseling and Personnel 

Elizabeth Ann Carey 
Daryl Christopher Davis 
Carmen Alina De Armas- Valdes 
Cristina Florence DePorge 
Steven Elliot Grande 
Pamela Jean Haas 
William Ming Liu 
Charles A. Murphy 
Lisa Renee Nickle 
Elizabeth Anne Sweeney 

Criminal Justice and 

Denise Christine Herz 
Linda Sue Jackson 
Paul A. Lofgren 
Brian Alan Mattson 
Stephen G. Tibbetts 

Curriculum and Instruction 

Pamela Michaels Aspiazu 
Kara Anne Goldberg 
Joy Ann McManus 
Barbara Reid Rodenberg 
Christine Ann Siauris 
Henrietta Leatrece Wright 


Asim A. Ali 

Kevin Edward Beekman 
Lucia Smith Foster 
Lane Koenig 
Janet Gay McCubbin 
Jennifer M. Mellor 
Seble Menkir 
Brian Curtis Meyer 
Michael E. Polcen 
Richard Stephen Rook 
Avery Grace Tilletf 
Lanelle Bembenek Wiggins 

Education Policy, Planning 
and Administration 

Siu-Kwan Tsui 

English Language and 

Anne Elizabeth Carroll 

Helen J. Cheakalos 

Michael David Colson 

Jeana Marie DelRosso 

Kathryn Elder Dobson 

Linda Louise Dove 

Leigh Anna Eicke 

Louis Andrew Eisenhauer 

Jennifer Lvnn Habel 

Laurie Jeanne Honish 

Rachel Ann Hutchinson 

Maria Karafilis 

Anastasia Kelly 

Wayde Killmeyer 

Linda C Macri 

Stephanie Anne MacMillan 

Ellen Theresa McAuliffe 

Julie Ann Metz 

Michele A. O'Foran 

Robert Andrew Olsson 

Jermifer Lynne Rush 

Christopher Jon Schnick 

Andrea Helene Scopelitis 

Juliet Diane Sloger 

Stacy Ann Steinberg 

William A. Stofega 

Elizabeth Price Swayze 

Caroline Famsworth Van Hollen 

Sherry Aleta Weaver 

Karyn Alinda Zaayenga 

French Language and 

Morag Frances Cooke 
Michel Gurmar Darcis 
Patricia Allard LePage 
Laurence Schumann 



O F 


C O 




Baron Jamal Bell 

Eric Clayton Brown de Colstoun 

Evelyn Evon Cooper 

Carolyn Kathleen Kelley 

Moon Sung Kim 

Guan-Hong Lee 

Janice Marie Poston 

Sharon Atkins Reich 

Marc K Steininger 

Nonoko Tsukada 

Amanda Jean Wingo 

Teresa Mae Wingo 

Government and Politics 

Ibrahim M. Arafat 
Greg Allen Bazakas 
James Le Men Davis 
Kathryn Mary Doherty 
Fatima Fofana 
Michael Andrew George 
Kim M. HoUey 
George Thomas Karayianis 
Mary Beth Melchior 
Christl Rikka Perkins 
Marwan Ghaleb Samman 
Galen Neil Smith 
Mark Andrew Sproles 
Anita L. Whitaker 
John Patrick Wilber 
Andrew C. Winner 

Health Education 

Cynthia O. Brasseux 
Daniel Arthur Calvin 
Margaret McCoy Dovi 
Janice Ann Drass 
Gail Susan Drescher 
Susan Elizabeth Fitzpatrick 
Margaret Phillips Paisley 
Diane Marie Margaret St. George 
Wilhelmena Lee Tamale 

Hearing and Speech Sciences 

Kim E. Banson 
Carol Eleanor Crum 
Megan Weathers Cullen 
Sarah Elizabeth Hargus 
Irini Kiamou 
Stephanie Grant Knauer 
Desiree Amyx Mackintosh 
Kathleen Pacelli 
Dorkin Riggins III 


Christopher Theodore Bever 

Christopher Bernard Havern, Sr. 

Michael Joseph Hussey 

Donald E. Kennedy 

Donald Joseph Kent 

John Daniel Kinney 

Lois Grace Royer 

Nancy Elizabeth Svendsen 

Kimberlev Anne Theobald 

Human Development 

Kristin Lee Denton 
Nancy L. Kimmerly 
Julia Li 
Kathleen M. Wilde 

Industrial, Technological and 
Occupational Education 

Robert Eugene Arsenault 
Chukwuemeke A. Ohanwusi 
Ola C. Smith 


David Louis Abels 
Todd Steven Burroughs 
Ivonne Camille Cunarro 
Jennifer Ann Keats Curtis 
Jennifer Ellen Eddy 
Charles Chastine Flippen 
Frederic Allison Henney, Jr. 
Geraldine Ellen Koopmans 

John Edward Lennon 

Min-ni Liu 

Mel James McCormick 

Ben H. Owens 

Mary Elinor Reed 

Ana L. Segarra Almestica 

Daniel Timothy Shannon 

Theresa Louise Shea 

Leah Eve Silberstein 

Tracy A. Steptoe 


Myles Stuart Berg 
Christine L. Blesy-Krohn 
Patricia Carroll 
Catherine Hewitt Eliot 
Margaret Anne Finley 
Patricia Lee Gordon 
Beverly Christine Green 
Mary Letha Hankey 
John D. Howell 
Stavros Kalafatis 
Manshik Kim 
Stephani F. Kolevar 
Jean Wallace Libutti 
Lauren Amy Merkle 
Margaret A. Ridgely 
Jon Andrew Rogers 
Frank Anthony Russo, Jr. 
Kellie Ann Schindel 
Richard J. Seibert 
Karen Lohmarm Siegel 
Michael L Travis 
Anthony Vecchione 
Melinda Renee Whetstone 


Marcela Andrea Depiante 
Spyridoula Varlokosta 

Mathematical Statistics 

Elizabeth Gilligan Arbaugh 
Jesse Lamont Chittams 
Konstantinos Fokianos 
Ruth M Pfeiffer 
Bin Zhang 


Kirsty Jean Eisenhart 
Emmanuel K. Erskine 
Paul Robert Harris 

Measurement, Statistics and 

Yuan Hwang Li 


Jianming Gong 
Partha Sengupta 


Gregory Brian Bodzioch 
Jennifer Elizabeth Boyd 
Constance Elena Cannon 
Cerene Dahiyat 
Anahita M. Daroowalla 
Alisa Lauren Dennis 
Stephen Ronald Dunn 
Ellen Iscoe 
Lisa M. Jerome 
Mary E. Loos 
Lisa Kim Paler 
Richard Bradford Smith 
Barbara Meg Zachary 

Radio, Television and Film 

Suhaib Jamal Al-Barzinji 
Charles Eugene Howell III 
Roberta Marie Pala 
William Scot Riddlesberger 






G R A D U A T 



Chid-Chen Chang 
Jeffrey Colin Gardner 
Laura Lynn Hersey 
Patricia Ellen Jenkins 
Norma Jean Kawecki 
Anne Berg Keman 
Ping-Wei Tsai 
Ching-Hui Yang 

Russian Language and 

William Jay Phillips 
Igor A. Ponomarenko 


Amy Gabrielle Cox 
Cindy Lee Larison 
Mark Steven Mather 
Richard Allen McElroy 
Gayatri S Misra 
Peggy Ann Stottmann 
Xiao-Hong Xu 

Spanish Language and 

Charlotte J.E. Gruet-Jarquin 

Speech Communication 

Courtney Anne Plotnick 
Paul Andrew Sabourin 
Mary Margaret Wozny 


/(.■Ijko Djukic 

Urban Studies 

Barbara Ruth Francks 
I vnn Christine Kelly 
Niisrat Mannan 




Patrice Langford Addison 
James Milton Ahlgrimm 
Richard Kyle Allison 
Susan Elaine Baker 
Harlan William Bowers 
David Lee Boyle 
Jennifer Alexis Brown 
Ronald Anthony Bumb 
Diane Clark 

George Mauzy DeHority 
Matthew Emerson Doty 
Natalie Wyche Frazier 
Paul J. Gallagher 111 
Heidi Kay Hallberg Zeimentz 
Carl Arthur Hedgren 
Michael Davis Hopkins 
Jo- Feng Hsieh 
Kimberly Redford Jackson 
Donald Walter Jillson 
Andrew David Jones 
Jeremy Lloyd Kaufman 
Debbie Lynn Laupheimer 
Timothy Patrick Leahy II 
Young Lee 
Brian D. Lemoine 
Dale Phillip Mason 
Karen Charline Massey 
Rakesh C. Mehta 
Ronald Aivars Miezis 
Sandra Bias Murray 
Shari Louise Palumbo 
Barbara Aim Powers 
Stephen Redlich 
Edward William Rose 

Michael Christopher Ross 
Mona J. Rufka 
Andrew Maguire Saul 
Paul Robert Scheerer 
Anthony Joseph Schulien 
Daniel H. Simon 
Brian Harrington Smith 
Eileen Spear 
Michael Joseph Stadler 
John Henry Wagner 
Ting-Chao Wang 
Stephen Tom Whetstone 
John Qiang Xu 

Combined Business 

Laura Anne Bare 
James Andrew Bielec 
Andrew Michael Greenstein 

Combined IVIaster of Business 
Administration/IVIaster of 

Carolyn Elizabeth Dworkin 
Ibrahim Erdogan 
Ajay Kumar Srivastava 
Harshivendra Singh Taur 




Linda Marie Oravecz 
Jane Overington Wright 


Counseling and Personnel 

Kim M. Calabretta 
Karl Richard Detrich 
Artemas Marco Dowell 
Maria Lynn Doyle 
Latitia Anne Greene 
Betsy J. Horton 
Kimberly Ami Johnston 
Lisa Marie Malloy 
Raymond P. McMackin 
Ann Marie-Mascetti Merritt 
Yvette Marie Miranian 
Thomas Odell Moore 
Nami Nakahodo 
Tliomas James O'Connor 
Gregory Thomas Rogers 
Margaretina Teresa DeCicco 

Kelly Elizabeth Shanks 
Kemal John Taskin 
John William Webster 

Curriculum and Instruction 

Susan Rae Brown 
Dan Kuey Chang 
Yen-Hui Chiang 
Judith A. DeMott 
Ellen Marie Estevez 
Lawrence Paul Gilden 
Martha Minsek Halbedl 
Carol Ann Howell 
Linda E. Karner 
Karen Ann McPhaul 
Sandra M. Destro Meira de 

Elizabeth Regan Montague 



O F 




Karen Lynn Perigard 
Matthew John Ruggiero 
Kristin Louise Ruopp 
Stephanie Ann Zarikow 

Education Policy, Planning 
and Administration 

Paul Antliony Barnett 
Doruia Marie Degnan 
Laura LaVallee Pifer 

Human Development 

Jane Ann Skapura Kerr 

Special Education 

Katherine Weschler Andersen 
Freda Joy Baskerville 
Lisa D. Brinkley 
Helena PenaFlor Davis 
Rodney Edward Gittings 
Sarah T. Gossett 
Mary Anne Shaffer Leginus 
Gloria Elaine Price 
Pamela Sue Rader 
Anna Maria Rubino 
Barbara Ann Ryan 
Emily T. Stanley 


Creative Writing 

Donna Joan Grudens Harrington 
Dean Osmar Hebert 
Matthew R. Riley 
Frances Eileen Snowder 


Nancy Ann Gibson Arnold 
Whitney Allison Bym 
William Alrich Price III 


Combined History/Library and 
Information Services 

Ira Mark Kirshenbaum 

Diane Patrice Koch 

Diana Christina Snigurowicz 

Combined Geography/Library 
and Information Services 

Deirdre Ann Herman 

Library and Information 

Joan L. Abel 

Cyrus Behroozi 

Thomas P. Brina 

Melanie Rae Bucey 

Penelope H. Carson 

Edith Irene Ching 

Susan Elaine Chinoransky 

Mark Dollard Commins 

Judith Solomon Engelberg 

Catherine Mary Frank 

Joseph S. Gayda 

Carolyn Elizabeth Goolsby 

Joanna Groberg 

JoJm Stephen Hanson 

Samantha Marie Helfert 

Suzanne Jean Horner 

Mary Wells Kafes 

Deidre Varga Krasnansky 

Andrea G. Lamphier 

Mei-Guei Leu 

Diane Mejia Loiselle 

Brian Patrick McLaughlin 

Edward Drouard O'Rourke, Jr. 

Jennifer Kay Ralston 

Leslie Marie Redding 

Michelle Elane Rezeau 

Cecelia Anne Robeson 
Janet Gail Saunders 
Carol Kaiser Shehan 
Youngkee Hong Shin 
Glennor Loy Shirley 
Jacqueline G. Welter 


Lisa Clare Campi 
Eunyoung Cho 
Byron Alldridge Jones 
Cheri Ann Kroon 
Karen Urquhart Landis 
James Daniel Levy 
Laura Jean Lineberger 
Charles Edward Miller, Jr. 
Charles Lee Noble 
Casey Erricson Olney 
Yong Jean Park 
Lisa L. Reagan 
Karen Lynn Swan 
Russell William Wilder 
Robin E. Wildstein 




Combined Public 

Jonathan Lawrence Lewis 

Public IVIanagement 

Timothy Alvin Dixon 
Angela Patricia Rodriguez 


Rhonda Marie Boyd 
Peter Dean Copeland 
Thomas Owen MUler 
Richard Earl Morgan 
Richard Manuel Schum 
Carlos Alberto Torielli 


Aerospace Engineering 

Rodney Aldibonti Bryant 
Peter Che-Hung Chen 
Eugene Michael Croft 
Patrick Lester Grouse 
Phillip Stephan Dobbs 
Kathryn Rosetta Flaspohler 
Mark Donald Gustafson 
Sarah Elizabeth Hall 
Wei-Wen Huang 
Ian Kelly Matlick 
Wayne William Mihailov 
Venn Nagali 
Lauri Kraft Newman 
Thomas Petsopoulos 
Fernando Rodriguez-Cobacho 
David Michael Sanfield 
Maxwell Jenkins Shuman 
Jennifer Anne Smith 
Elizabeth Ann Sorenson 
Edward Morris Van Buren IV 
Paul David Vieira 
Jennings Beazley Wilson, Jr. 





G R A D U A T E 


Agricultural and Extension 

Leona Ba 

Alexander Rado Kinzhnber 

Manochehr Nobakht 

Agricultural and Resource 

Chong Fu 

Maria Anne Markowski 

Jin Qian 


Janine Baratta 
Sally L. Brown 
Susan Lamb Davis 
Sharon Irene Hogan 
Monica Bittner Marcelli 

Animal Sciences 

Erin Elizabeth Harshberger 


Edward James McBride Colbert 
Stephan Francis Fantasia 
Scott M. Foster 


Dwight Eugene Randle 

Business and Management 

Khaled Amira 
Mazen Ezzat Dawoud 

2nd Degree: Civil Engineering 
Keejae Hong 
Minsoo Lee 
Kurt T. Sherman 
Nicole Jenet Troiano 

Chemical Engineering 

Mini Agarwal 

Mahnaz Chaychian 

Gur Saran Das 


Weiping Lu 

Tracey Renav Pulliam 

Venkatramana N. Reddy 

Min-Hua Wang 

Huimin Zhan 

Xia Zhao 

Chemical Physics 

Helen Elaine Dorset! 


Chifan Thomas Fu 
Humberto Enrique Galarraga 
Leslie Jayne Meerdink 
Zhongyu Wu 

Civil Engineering 

Frederick William Brunton 
Chia-Ho Chen 

Kipkoech Kipkoros Chepkoit 
Dale Edv\'ard Christenson 
Mark Michael Daly 
Raveendra Camera 
Mitesh V. Dave 
Mazen Ezzat Dawoud 

2nd Degree: Business and 

Antonio Di Stefano 
Jean T. Dumlao 
Cherian Eapen 
Philippe Jean Luc Espitallier 
Hany Mounir Fahim 
Rajesh Kumar Goel 
Craig Stephen Hamer 
Joseph L. Hartmann 
Steven Douglas Harvey 
Dennis Jude Hasson 
Reginald Harry Holt 
Li Huang 

Christopher Andrew Hudson 

Haresh Rupchand Jaisinghani 

N. RajReddy Kambalapally 

RickJ. Kiegel 

Muralidhar Reddy Kontham 

Fred Shufan Lau 

Kangzhi Liang 

Christian John Manalo 

Dilip S. Matange 

Patrick Charles Morris 

Kamran Ahsan Nagi 

Srinivas Nallanagula 

Ravi Kiran Nangimoori 

Joseph Leo O'Neil 

David Warren Overstreet 

Hiteshri H. Parikh 

Sonja Patricia Pedrozo 

David Paul Preusch 

Qun Qian 

Kurt John Robinson 

Cherie Lee Schultz 

Osama Abdel Aziz Shaheen 

Xiao Xin Shen 

Bruce G. Shope 

Bekir Sisman 

Kevin Robert Slates 

Vedrana Danilo Stankovic 

Muhammad Shariq Vohra 

Ted Michael Wackier 

Tzu-Hern Wang 

Kenneth Eugene Worley 

Kangming Xu 

Markos Kifle Yeterawork 

Leimin Zhuang 

Combined Master of Business 
Administration/Master of 

Carolyn Elizabeth Dworkin 
Ibrahim Erdogan 
Ajay Kumar Srivastava 
Harshivendra Singh Taur 

Computer Science 

Robert Alan Best 

ChungMin Melvin Chen 

Sheng-Tzong Cheng 

Yu-Hung Cheng 

Yuan Cui 

Erik Gerhard Hoel 

Vinit Jain 

Wayne Anthony Kelly 

Steven C. Matney 

Aravind Natarajan 

Fan-Tao Pu 

Philip Quartararo III 

Claudia E. Rodriguez Carranza 

Fotios Stamatelopoulos 

Thomas Mark Swiss 

Michael Douglas Tan 

Xuejun Tang 

Michael Bao Trinh 

Reiko Tsuneto 

Hsieh-Chang Tu 

David Anthony Turo 

David Glenn Wonnacott 

Electrical Engineering 

Manoj Kumar Agrawal 
Juan Luis Alfaro 
Gerald Louis Bader III 
Sukhveen K. Bedi 
Scott Cameron Borden 
Katherine Howlin Chambers 
Stephen James Dennis 
Thomas Grant Edwards 
Charles Francis Galles 
Nitin Kumar Garg 
Varghese George 
Kenneth R. Grossman 
Lee Guan 
Zhaoyu Guo 
Michael Richard Henry 
Hamid Jafarkhani 
Ahmad Kamal 
Vignarajah Karunakaran 
Michael Sean Kerry 
Vivek Khuller 



O f 


A T 



Taihyun Kim 
Shyam Kuttikkad 
Bryan I-chuen Lee 
Paschalis Ligdas 
Ming-Fen Lin 
Michael John Line 
Nazi Maleki 
Vikram Manikonda 
Gerrv Mon 

John Chipman Neidigh 
Dien Phuoc Nguyen 
Kenneth Eben Rachlin 
Vahid Reza Ramezani 
Scott Richard Rosenfeld 
Po-Wen Ru 
Arun Saxena 
Rao A. Seshagiri 
Oodaye B. Shukla 
Stephen Judd Sickels 
Sanjeev Kumar Singh 
Saad Ahmed Sirohey 
Sridhar Srinivasan 
Vishnu S Srinivasan 
John Perkins Stanley 
Ramakrishnan Venkataraman 
Kenneth Douglas Weist 
Ka-Yi Yeh 

Engineering Materials 

Cheng Chang Chen 
Sirus Javadpour 
Reshma Prem Kumar 
Edgar Robert Seydel 
Chia-Hui VVu 
Tsung-Lin Yang 
Yan Zhang 


Albert Charles Gilotti 

Family and Community 

Jennifer Aim Becker 
Susan H. Carruthers 
Michelle Lynne Clossick 
Risa Lynne Davis 
Kathryn Ann Derse 
Ella Denice Hairston 
Gynny Profita Katon 
Robin J. Miller 
Monica J. Shuster 
Yun-Mei Ting 

Family Studies 

Yuri Nozaki 

Fire Protection Engineering 

You-Hong Cheng 
Samuel A. Denny 
Gerald Augustus Haynes 
Daniel Madrzykowski 
Michael Paul Rivkind 
Aleksy Lukjan Szachnowicz 

Food Science 

Maureen A. Owako 


Xiuhua Chen 

V. S. Seetha 

Mary Patricia Parker Sumner 

Loma C. Wilkins 

Marv Joan Wodecki 

Human Nutrition and Food 

Joanna Ramvvell Arpee 
Karen Rock Samo 

Marine, Estuarine and 
Environmental Sciences 

McDowell Duane Hunt 
Josie Klapper 
James M. MacGregor 
Thomas Hunt Rippetoe 

Mechanical Engineering 

Ashutosh Agrawal 

Rudrapatnam S. Balasubramanyam 

Shrikar Bhagath 

Yin-Hsin Chen 

Harish Chopra 

Brian Thomas Drude 

Matthew Joseph Gar\ey 

Kamran Gohari 

Robert Grande 

Vineet Kumar Gupta 

Tsung-hung Hsu 

Adesh Kumar Jain 

Ching-Hwang Jang 

Ramakrishnan Jayant 

Kimberly Ann Kahl 

Alok Kumar 

Christopher John LaVigna 

I-Ping Lu 

Thomas Chi-Tseng Lu 

Richard Michael McMahon, Jr. 

Jonathan Mark Peritt 

Robert Daniel Pohland 

Rajesh Girishbhai Pujara 

Mark R. Routson 

Manan K. Shah 

Timothy D. Smith 

Timothy James Strakna 

Shakun Virmani 

Stephen Patrick Wells 

Glenn Antone White 

Ajay Madhukar Yelne 


Mathew Anthony Barlow 
Eric Thomas DeWeaver 
Frederick Louis Fahlbusch 
Xiaojing Liu 

Jerrold Odilon Robaidek 
Yu-Ping Yao 
Bing Zhang 
Jianjun Zhang 


Stewart Wyland Alcorn 
Anjali Ar\'ind Desai 
Steven Patrick Donald 

Nuclear Engineering 

Nick Ducich 

Mohammad Ahsan Farooqi 


Justin Robert Cohen 
Myunggyu Kim 
John Mastin Lafferty, Jr. 
Martyn William Peck 
Timothy Robert Sharp 


Elizabeth Frances Powell 

Reliability Engineering 

Michael James Gushing 
D. Jeffrey Klein 

Edward J. Soter 
Peter Philip Tabbagh 
Kui-Sun Yim 


D £ C £ M 

E R 



C R A D U A 


Sustainable Development and 
Conservation Biology 

Norman Alan Bourg 
Tammie Dunlap Grant 
Jane Ann Mansour 
Andrew Perm Martin 
Jean-Michel Gervais Pavy 
Deborah Winslow Rowan 
John R. Stone 

Systems Engineering 

Fernando Alexandre De Almeida 
Debbie Virginia Bermett 
Delores Helen Gardner 
Hanju Kim 
David W. Rush 
Michael Paul Woo 
Anna Hua Zhong 

Textiles and Consumer 

Tamara Lynne Balch 
Beth Ann Brenza 
Isabella Gomes Cameiro 
Tamara Sue Humphrey 
Mikyung Lim 
Ravi Ramanathan 


Susan Beth Cooperstein 
Ellen Frances O'Callaghan 
Douglas Steven O'Connell 

Advanced Graduate 

Elizabeth Ann Carey 
Sindy York Chin 
Cristina Florence DeForge 
Pamela Jean Haaz 



O F 


A T 






December 1993 


Bachelor of Science 

Agricultural and Resource 

Elvira Marie Alejandro 
James Matthew Allen 
Sade O. Baderinwa 
David Leo Bahlman 
Jennifer Ann Edwards 
Timothy S. Evans 
Germaine Few 
Raquel Silva Gomes 
James Gordineer 
Roland Gorman 
Andrew Brian Krucoff 
Lincoln Howard Lashley 
Telly C. Michalopoulos 
Sang H. Park 
Freddy Simon Pasaribu 
Cynthia Clarissa Rodas 
William Eck Bardon Sheehan 

Animal Sciences 

Denise Renee Beaudoin* 
Rebecca Susan Bennett 
Suzanne Marie Borst 
Roni Lynn Gabardmi 
Shawnal LaTrish Kennedy 
Andrea Vidal Laughland 
Susan Namondo E. Ngongi 
Susan G. Rehwinkel 
Melissa Lea Sprague 
Andrea Annette Theiler 
Jennifer Marie Wellmann 

Conservation Soil, Water and 

Susannah Carter Watson* 


Crop Science 

Adnan Abbas 
Sherry Mei Green 
Gregory D. Ryberg 


Laura Kathleen Carr 
Norma J. Thiel* 
Dana Ostrow Wagnert 

Food Science 

Ana Maria Bueno 
Daniel Robert Heiges 

General Agriculture 

Kathleen Wynne Bauer 


Inosha Tliilini De Silva 
Jason M. Kolenda 
Donald Jolin LeBlanc, Jr. 
Michael Ashburn Sandy 
Eric Schmidhausler 

Natural Resources 

Kimberly June Adkins 
Kathleen M. Bittner 
Michael Joseph Broderick 
Marjorie Rose Bunday 
Christopher Kai-Yu Eng 
Erica Tola Foley 
Catherine S. Murray* 
Dawn Southard* 


Bachelor of Science 


David Tlnomas Karam 

§ Summn cum Laude 

f Mapm cum Laude 

* cum Laude 


E C 








P I 

: R 


R . 

\ D 






E G 







D 1 







Christian Richard Neumann 
Marshall WilHam Snively 
Barrv L\'nn Wagner 


Bachelor of Arts 

Advertising Design 

Craig Phillip Feldman 
Kirsten Marie Gafney* 
Jennifer Marie Gi^ogan 
Elizabeth Ng 
Shelley Christine Ogata 
Lisa Ann Pate 

American Studies 

Jennifer Lee Bradford 
Andrea Grey Cook 
Joseph George Doniger 
Eric Mondell Hicks 
Gregory John Russell 
Laurie Diane Schwartzman 
Jerrna Chadvvick Siegel 
Jennifer Marie Smith 

Art History 

Karen T. Anderson 
Douglas Eugene Beard 
Anne Brent Bluthardt 
James Patrick Concha 
Laurie Elizabeth Curry 
Margaret Riehl Fuselier 
Imtiaz Q. Hafiz 
Catherine Brady Hutto 
Victoria Komjathv 
Jason Eliot Loeb 
Suzanne Lee McCahillt 
Michelle Martin Moore 
Unsil No 

2iid Degree: Art Studio 

§ Suninm citm Ltiitilc 

f Mrt\Mi(j cum Lnude 

* cum Ijiiide 

Wednesday M. Ridiiut 
Ute Schulze-Aminzadeh§ 
Eric Henry Smith 

2)id Degree: Art Studio 

Art Studio 

Aiina Marie Aloi 
Davar Azarbeygui 
Dana L. Baird 
Susan Lynn Balamaci 
Jeanine Andrea Bensadon 
Tracy Michele Bensing 
Sandra Marie Cane 
Eric Celarier 
Jessica Celia Harris 
James Patrick Harty, Jr. 
Houston Prescott Hill 
Rebecca Dawn Kagey 
Bong R. Kim 
Ji-Hyon Kim 
Wendy Leigh Knicely 
Daniel Patrick Langsdale 
Lori Michelle Mathes 

2ud Major: Art History 
Jeanniece Michele May 
Tracey Rachelle Monk 
Michael Anthony Moss 
Unsil No 

2nd Degree: Art History 
Miyong Pack 

Sidney Knowlton Rodriguez 
Brenda Kathryn Rotht 
Gina Marie Sambolin 
Aya Satake 
Eric Henry Smith 

2nd Degree: Art History 
John H. Staton 
Helen Louise Stovicek 
Elyse S. Tavin 
Theresa Marie Vendetti 

Classical Languages and 

Thomas Wat Tyler 


Roshanna Nicole Baron 

2ud Degree: hidividiinl Studies 
Alison Michelle Belinfante 
Mary Agnes Birch 
Margaret Adrianne Peterson 

East Asian Languages and 

Lai Ming Cheung 
David Cassius Clemons 
James Nicholas Klunder 
Leslie W. Knapp, Jr. 
Daniel Philip Nielsen 
David Wayne Talbott 
Yu Hsiu Wang 
Emily Hanayo Wu 

English Language and 

Leslie Price Abbott 
Deborah Bryan Ager 
Mona Jahanaz Ameen 
Mark Lawrence Batis 
Kelly Lymn Begatto 
Amy E. Bocek 
Eugene Roland Bostwick 
Tracey Yevonne Brant 
Patrick Leo Brennant 
Donald J. Bruns 
James Eliot Burke 
Amanda Patricia Burrell 
Jeffrey Carswell 
Cassandra Dawn Chen 
Karen Darleen Clark 
Christopher Patrick Clavelli 
Radiclani Clytus 
Judith Elaine Coan 
Sean Drew Cockerill 
Lara Kristen Cooke 
Jonathan Scott Corn 
Joseph Ronald Cumello 
Kimberly A. Davis 
Laura Allison Dennis 
Cara Denise DiPaolo 

Shelley Renee Dolen 
Anne Catherine Doyle 
Karen Lynn Drescher 
Mardena Kay Ehret 
Stephen Wellington Ellis 
Stacey Paulanne Emig 
Angel Ronette Ferrell 
Elvin Dexter Foreman 
Matthew Simon Forte 
Jon Eric Friedman 
David Joseph Gannon 
Julie Meredith Ganz 
Gregory Wayne Gerding 
Kelly Jean Gillis 
James William Graves 
Frances Leslie Greene 
Eva Hafiz 

Pauline Rosetta Harding 
Stacy Lyn Hines 
Jordana J. Hughes 
Jamia Shelley Luke lonescu 
Britney Lea Isle 
Talitha Cumi James* 
Lacretia Elaine Johnson 
William Todd Jones 
Erik Robert Jospa 
Sharon Lee Kass 
Deborah Lynne Katz 
Wendy Colleen King 
R. Cory Knopf 
Deborah Martine Kolb 
Alton Lionel Lightsey 
Josh Lipicky 

Alec Norman Macdonald 
Scott Thomas Mathias 
Brian Neilson McFaden 
Renee Martinette McLean 
Shannon Zabrina McRae 
Nicholas Henry Mendoza 
Torri Lynn Mills 
Amy Judith Mitrani 
William Craig Moss 
George Abbott Mossman 
Heather Leigh Neal 
Alonzo Windell Newby 



O F 

M A 

Y L A N D 

A T 



Shannon Chloe Nickens* 
Thomas Joseph Nochera, Jr. 
Ainisha Bikira Orton 
Carirrn Turtle Pepersack 
Arlene Kimberly Pitts 
Joseph Andrew Ralston 
Joyce Marie Redman 
James Keith Rhys 
Rebecca Frances Catherine Rie\'e 
David Aaron Rothbard 

2nd Degree: Radio, Tela'ision and 

Jonathan Phillip Rubin 
Meirav Anna Rubinowitsch 
Jennifer Lynn Sainato 
Ann Marie Schueler 
Todd W. Schwartz 
Purabi Mukherjee Sen 
Samantha Lee Silverstein 
Noah Boone Sloss 

2nd Major: Italian Language and 

Beverly Ann Smith 
Lori Elizabeth Smith 
Christopher Adin Snowling 
Daphne Janene Squire 
Darlene Evangeline Steed 
John Scott Szurek 
Melanie Lee Wagoner 
Kevin Andrew Wasik 
Jennifer Lynn Weintrob 
Jay Yong Whang 
Jill Renee Whitcraft 
James E. WUcox 
Algie Vincent Williams 
Kimberly Paige Willis 
Kristin Wye 

French Language and 

Nadine N. Agnant 
Moktar M. Bello 

2nd Major: Economics 
Everett Freeman Boyd 

Niki Ifigenia Carson 

2nd Major: English Language and 

Caroline M. Dessart 

2nd Degree: Economics 
Gabrielle Susan Gaffke 
Joseph H. La Marche 

2nd Degree: Foreign Language 

Stephanie Leone Murphy 
Eric Christian Walker 

German Language and 

Santiago Nelson Hernandez 
2nd Degree: Computer Science 

Matthew Palmer Luetjen 

Catherine Marie Lutz 

David Patrician 

2nd Degree: Government and 

Howard Alan Reinhardt 

Andrea Marika Yuliano 


Theresa Ann Arnold 

Afshin Ali Atabaki* 

Sylvia Bigiot 

Daniel Stewart Bragdon 

John Patrick Brennan, Jr. 

Herbert Richard Wright Brewer, Jr. 

Laura Arme Carter Cawthome 

Fabiola Chacon 

Todd Christopher Cohm 

Greg A. Cutler 

Jacob Ari Danyali 

James David Elmer 

Scott Donald English 

Luis Maria Ferrari 

Matthew Omar Flood 

Jonathan Miles Foy 

Daniel Chaim Galperin 

Ana Marie Gillett 

Paul Joseph Graham 

James Andrew Haley 
Peter Richard Harger 
Catherine Sarah Hatch 
John David Hauser 
Amy Elizabeth Heritage 
William Patrick Howerton 

2nd Major: Social Studies 

Jeff Peter Joeckel 
Eleanor Cecelia Kelly 
Michael Edward Kleinert 
Nathaniel R. Koch 
L. Graden Laycook IV 
John Remmtng Lazarus 
Catherine M. Lee 
Daniel Patrick Lippy 
Dana Lynn Loewenstein 
Joan Catherine Maly* 
Fernando J. Matus 
Cory Edmund McClain 
Gary Clark Miller 
Jennifer Adele Minear* 

2nd Major: English Language and 

Ralph Cothran Paden, Jr. 
Stephanie Regina Peele 
Jennifer Baldwin Pula* 
Virginia Lea Ross 
Andrew R. Slawetsky 
Todd Richard Slosek 
Sean Lee Snyder 
Hal David Starr 
Julia Gainey Stevens 
Deborah Ann Tallmadge 
Robert Walter Two Bulls 
Julieta Varron 
Andrew Melvin Weinstein 
Brian Andrew Wood 

Interior Design 

Cassie Marie Barr-Briggs 
Elizabeth H. Cannon 
Milton Ramiro Castellon 
Candace Jenifer Edelman 

Karen Melissa Jack 
Michelle Elise Jones 
Cheryl A. King 
Cassandra Lyrm Poch 
Peter June-Young Sun 
Kimberly A. Zimnawoda 

Jewish Studies 

Harry Wolin 


Carol Ann Sniegoski* 


Cynthia Ellen Brasket 
Chiung-Wen Chang 
Hae R. Pak 


May Fong Chan 
Melissa Naomi Gollub 
Scot Tucker Hull 
Quinn Thomas Miller 
Dominick John Scarchello 
Julie Elaine Sieracki 
Thomas Howard Wolfe 

Radio, Television and Film 

Michael Lawrence Abel 
Henry Richard Burk Ul 
Chadwick Fionn Carlton 
Joannie Tzu Jung Cheng 
Jocelyn Danya Edwards 
Walter Phillip Odos Helms 
Ginger C. Medley 
Ruth Caroline Morgan 
Steven Michael Newhouse 
Christopher Pasquale 
Sean Michael Petrone 
Audrey G. Portman 
Rory Adrell Reese 
Allan M. Rivera 

§ SiunifW cum Utude 

f Magna cmn Laude 

* cum Laitite 


U N D E R G R A D U 

T E 

D E 


C A N D I D A T E 

David Aaron Rothbard 

2nd Degree: English Language and 

Christie Nichole Sales 
Michael Dias Souza 
Gerardo Alberto Vazquez 
Siingveol Yoon 

Russian Area Studies 

Elizabeth Brilev Durand 
Jeffrey David Herron' 

2ud Degree: Government and 

I'amela Ann Sawyer 

Russian Language and 

Barbara Johnson* 
Christina Louise Kibby 
Moira Constance Parham 
Carmel Arm Sambuco 
Dawn Heather Vrablic 

Spanish Language and 

Christina Lynn Hager 
Tiarnna Inga Hamilton 
Stacy Rebecca Herbst 
Jeffrey Patrick Lawrence 
Kristen Rebecca Noble 
Mariela Perez 
Susan Marie Walker 

2nd Degree: General Business and 

Judith Rachel Zawatsky 

Speech Communication 

Nabil Elias Azar 
Theodore Murray Barkley 
Kevin Todd Clark 
Melissa Marie Cummings 
Jeanette L. Dennison 
Suzanne Elizabeth Elliott 
Marlies Caroline Gannon 

§ Sumnw cum Lmiic 
t Magna cum Ijiudc 
'cum Laude 

Stacey Jill Greenberg 
Erik P. Janniche 
Joseph S. Kaufman 
Daniel Gordon Kirby 
Patricia Anne Leakan 

2nd Degree: Marketing 
Matthew Howard Marcus 
Michael Joseph Naidrich 
Maria George Papageorgiou 
Jill Kristin Perrin 
Andrew Brett Poulos 
Brad Alan Quint 
Linda Louise Ringer 
Leslie Lyrrne Santangelo 
Gregory Evan Sher 
Brian Scott Sinkoff 
Sean Thomas Smith 
Christopher Ernest Streight 
JoAnn Delores Thomas 
Stacy Paige Tureck 
Karen Michele Unger 
Kris Wallerstein 
Douglas M. Warner, Jr. 
David Louis Wexler 
Jea Uo Yu 


Jeffrey M. Binder 
Amalie Louise Ceen 
Michelle Ann Ebert* 
Andrew Craig Friedman 
Rachel Fionne Green 
Justin Connor Philburn 
Jeffrey A. Pinder 
Pamela Lvnn Ritter 

Bachelor of Music 

Music— Instrument 

Alice Marie Millert 
Lilach Rochell 

Bachelor of Science 

Advertising Design 

Wendy Elizabeth Henderson 
Scott Thomas Kirby 

Interior Design 

Jennifer Anne Bulls 
Alanna LNim Giebler 


Bachelor of Arts 

Afro-American Studies 

Carol E. Macey 
Shama Marie Smythe 
David H. Williamson 


William David Battles 
Bryan Berjansky 
Grant Edward Capes 
Christina Elizabeth Clagett 
Craig Alan Cook 
Jeanine Lawlor Courchesne 
Rebecca Louise Jubon 
Donna Lynne Martin 
Barbara Eloise McLaughlin 
Irene Aristi Nitsios 
Kerry Lynn Opel 
Jeffrey Neal Weiss 
John Joseph Wilkinson 

Criminal Justice 

Christopher Gene Allen 
Kristen Marie Bills 
Jonathan Marc Binstock 
Julia August Block 

Alison Lee Budd 
Richard Michael Burge 
Richard Henry Carter 
Stephen David Ciarrocchi 
Stewart Wesley Cummings 
Daniel William Daly 
Alan C. Davis 
Stacey Elaine Edds 
Kevin Conrad Ehrman 
Melissa Beth Feiveson 
Brian Thomas Filler 
Trinette Denise Fletcher 
Rachel Erika Foster 
Kevin Terence Ganley 
Donald Richard Goddard 
Barry Seth Goldenberg 
Richard Kevin Hill 
Sharon Lynn Horensky 
Michael Jay Jacobs 
Jeffrey Patrick Kinney 
Joshua Michael Levy 
Jason Keith Looper 
Daniel David Lustenberger 
Christopher Scott Miskimon 
Michael James Moore* 
Chad Ronald Moreland 
Robert Tracy Nogueira 
Brian Joseph O'Connell 
Natalie Noelle Peluso 
Darian Martin Presgraves 
Michael Anthony Ramos 
Michael Anthony Reible 
Richard Jeffrey Rice 
Mark Da\id Rittenberg 
Joseph Francis Rogan 
Nicholas Howard Sheffield 
Garfield A. Smith 
Michael James Stanchie FV 
Scott Lawrence Star 
Joarane Marie Taylor 
Enoch Thomas, Jr. 
Edward Tomlin 
Helen H. Tong 
Timothy Scott Weir 



O F 


A T 

C O I L E C 

Glerui Gillette Werner 
Allyson Joy Woifson 
David Zlotnicki 


Paula Christine Clinedinst 
Donna Maureen Clore 
Olusegun U. Mbanefo 
Keith Wayne Parkerson 
Alexander Scott Power 
Orlando Dean Smith 

Criminology and Criminal 

Michael Robert Acker 

Evonne S. Alvarez 

Jeffrey L. Baker 

Colleen Lea Baliles 

Kristina Lynn Berdan 

Brandon Lovell Bertha 

Michael Edward Bledsoe 

Ashlev Meredith Bostic 

Melissa Ann Burton 

Suzette Burton 

Jean Inderfurth Christian 

Alton Old Crawley m 

Marvam Margrit Tabitha Darvish 

Cluistopher A. Davies 

Charles Warren Devereux 

David Stephen Dowdy 

Jan Michelle Echard 

Kurt Joseph EUinger 

Gregory Edward Gagorik 

Pamela Grace Gary 

Andre V. Gibson 

Harry Wilbur Goldfein 

Stacy Lee Gross 

Judith Elizabeth Guy 

Marcus Alvin Handy 

Diana Christine HinkJe 

William Webb Hinman, Jr. 

Christopher Hilry Hunt 

William Henry Inge 

Carlton Wendell Jones, Jr. 

Joseph Albert Kennedy 
Robert Paul Kiesel 
Matthew E. Krinsky 
Tara Nichele Lancaster 
Kevin Michael Larkin* 
Wesley Marc Levine 
Frank Richard Maio 
Mark Preston Mason 
Tina Rae Mefferd 
Eric Michael Miller 
Shelley Arm Moody 
Julie Ann Orgel 
Kye Sung Pak 

2nd Major: Government ami 

James P. Panagos 
Joseph George Parambil 
Garry Alexander Pate 
Delka Dianna Perry 
Adrian Edward Pilgrim 
Brian H. Rabin 
Ann Wright Roan 
Thomas Patrick Romance 
Maureen Ann Russell 
Todd Andrew Schaefer 
Christopher John Schreyer 
Jeffrey Lynn Shelton 
Tina Nicole Shields 
James Washington Smith, Jr. 
David Charles Stem 
Spiro George Tatakis 
Sonita De\i-Ann Tiwari 
Ra\'ender Kumar Verma 
Stefanie Jean Wetheral 
Barbara Michele Whitacre 
Eric Michael White 
Holly Angela Zimberoff* 


Christopher Robert Allen 
Eric Justin Anderson 
Stephen Thomas Beasley 
Brian Richard Belcourt 
Berra Nazli Biricik 

Lyle Joshua Bivenst 
Michael Anthony Botte 
Oguz Bozok 
Carlos Andrew Burch 
Adrian A. Carino 
Manju Daval Chatanit 
Sonila Saghir Chaudhary 
Robin Chetri 
Sheldon Chao Chung 
John Matthew Cotter 
Caroline M. Dessart 

2nd Degree: French Ijingmge and 

Rahsaan J. Dickerson 
Tammv Darrell Fields 
Mario Alicia Garey 
Steven Micheal Geest 
Pamela Kristen Goldsborough 
Richard Allen Green 
Michael Tremayne Grier 
Jeffrey Jerome Griesbauer 
Swati Gupta 
Kimberly Ann Heil 
Rhonda Helal 
Tarem Eric Hendricks 
James Yin Hua 
Michael Sean Janzen 
Aniket B. Joshi 
E\'an Mark Kaye 
Roxarvne Tiffany Keve 
Chong Hun Kim 
Aubrohn Helandez King 
Brian Alan King 
Yiu Wo Lam 
Jeffrey Warfield Lang 
Matthew David Lieberson 
Howard Scott Lightbody 
Jung Hung Lin 
Matthew David Link 
Michael John Lutz 
Robert Edgar Macalino 
Enrico Zaguirre Mariano 
Jason Michael Mindus 
Daniel Thomas Nees 

Linda Ann Nielsen 
Marcos Nogues 
Herbert Yonemitsu Ohta 
Chude Chukuka Okonjo 
Chukwuelozie Okonjo 
Pauline M. Petitclerc 
Benita A. Poulson 
Derrick Anton Prigmore 
Richard Raymond Renyer 
Kellev Elaine Rickard 
Kemneth William Robv 
Gary Terence Sampson 
Robert Royce Satterfield 
Michael A. Sinsky 
Shawn David Stutzel 

2nd Degree: Mathematics 
Charles Jongtaek SuU 
Bryan Thomas Theis 
Due Hau Tran 
ChengHsien Tsai 
Scott Rommel Viands 
Santiago Hector von Pieschel 
Juan Carlos Washington 
Mark Christopher Weis 
Keith Ramon Williamson 
Adam Scott Yomtov 
John Hong Kyu Yoo 

Government and Politics 

Shaun M. Abellt 
Aerie Randall Alexander 
Alison Merlin Ames 
John Arthur AnseU m 
Jason M. Anthony 
John Edward Arthur 11 
Kimberly Jane Auer 
Kimberly Anne Baker 
Bersabeh Sabi Behzadi 
Sean Michael Burke 
Dean Michael Cabrera* 
Vincent Alex Carmosino 
Robert Dar\l Castor 
Alexander Chaloff 
Ryan Eric Chemock 


§ Sumnut cum iMude 

f Mtignn ciini Ijiude 

* nnn Ijtitde 



D E 


C A N D I D A T E 


Scott Alan Cherry 
Colleen Colt 
Alyssa Joy Cotler 

2nd Major: Engiiih Langunge nnd 

Natalka Irene Czuczak 
Ana Margarita Delsasi 
Jay Alan Dickey 
Jeanne Theresa Dickey 
Anthony DiMartino, Jr. 
Richard Thomas Doherty 
Edward K. Eckloff 
Crystal Bemadette Ellerbe 
Neil Alan Evans 

liid Major: Economics 
Pamela Jill Evans 
Eileen Louise Fattaleh 
Theresa Mary Fitzgerald 
Todd Francis Flanagan 
Abigail Freso 
Andrew Robert Galuppi 

2nd Major: Frencli Language and 

Sean Matthew Garrett 
Philip William Goode III 
Michael Joseph Gorman 
Suren Kanya Grandsoult 
David Marc Grossblatt 
Hannibal Amador Guerrero 
Steven Scott Hamer 
Jeffrey David Herront 

2nd Degree: Russian Area Studies 
David Louis Hirsch 
Paul Robert Hornvak 
Charles W. Ingram 
La Verne Elise Johmson 
Jeffrey Brian Jones 
Roger William Kaiser, Jr. 
Rajee\' Kapoor 
Richard Scott Kaufman 
Eve Hannah Kelman 

2nd Degree: Accounting 
Melody Taraneh IChalatbari 
Jonathan Neal Kinsler 

§ Siimma cum Laude 
f Miipm cum Laitdc 
* cum Laude 

Carole Lvnn Lamborne 
Benjamin C. Lingenfelter 
Brian Craig Lombard 
James Edward Lynch 
Maria Antonette Madarang 
Catherine M. McCullough 

2nd Degree: ]ournaiism 
Alesia J. Meeker 
David Eric Mendelson 
James Douglas Munro 
Charm Marcia Nichol 
Kathryn Kilbourne O'Connor 
Omelyan Orest Paclawskyj 
Behrooz Parvarandeh 
David Patrician 

2nd Degree: German Language 

and Literature 
Patricia Pinto Da Silva 
Jennifer Piorko 
Neal Edward Plumb 
William J. Preston, Jr. 
Jodi Lynn Pullman 
Julie Corin Raines 
Brian David Rappaport 
Scott Andrew Robinson 
Fabian Ernesto Rocamora 
Karine Pascale Roche 
Marc Saint-Victor, Jr. 
Justin Hupp Schillinger 
Gonzalo Jose Serrano 
George H. Seymore 
Scott Neil Sforza 
Angela Marie Simpsont 
Russell David Slater 
Leigh Ann Slayback 
John Albert Small 
Carl David Somerlock 
Stacey Simone St. Rose 
Dawn Lei Staggst 
John David Steel II 
Sheri Lymi Strasbaugh 
Alisa Lauren Tishlert 
William Travis Upperman 
Thomas Arthur Walker 

Owen Gorham Wallace 
Adam Wasserman 
Steven Francis Weiss 
Rosanne Marie Willging 

Hearing and Speech Sciences 

Jemiifer Ann Amerman* 
Rana A. Batterjee* 
Sharon Marie Berry 
Jennifer Diane Caldwell 
Kelley Lynn Glover 
E. Ashley Holmberg 
Jennifer Lymi Lantzt 
Lori J. Shamah 
Patricia Eileen Solomont 
Katharine Ann Voldal 
Laurie Anne White 
Anna-Lisa A. Yan 


Da\ id A. Biener 
Denise Elizabeth Breland 
Alexandra Frances Buhler 
Carrie Ann Carroll 
Anthony Lewis Castellano 
Susan M. Ciardiello 
Melissa Lee Cleis 
Vanie Defatima Cortez 
David Cranfordt 
Duane Allen Cranford 
Jennifer Ann Croft 
Kellie Anne Cross 
Kristen Anne Curley 
Robert Paul Dickie 
Colin F. Dimond 
Amy Jaclyn Diorio 
Mark David Donovan 
Stacey C. Finer 
Tanuny Lee Finley 
Evelyn R. Foley 
Heather Lynn Giddings 
Anne Kendall Gilbert 
Susan Jane Golden 
Mark Adam Goldstein 

James A. Griepenburg 
Noreen Grogan 
Kimberly Anne Halman 
William Anthony Head 
Tracy Lee Hodge 
Jonathan G. Kaiser 
Matthew Eli Kesselhaut 
Kristine Elizabeth Kramer 
Russell Scott Kupersmith 
Tongjhit Lapcharoen 
Sum Po Leung* 
Darianna Maria Lindleyt 
Robert James Litchfield 
Jermifer Anne Loss 
Andrew Peter Lunenfeld 
Kathleen Elizabeth Lyons 
Melbalynn Lee Madarang 
Rachel Lynn Markoff 
Angelique Elan McAlpine 
Lisa Marie McMahon 
Guillermo Antonio Melendez 
Ernesto Arturo Nurse 
Eric Joon-Sliik Parkt 
Faith K. Potter 
Stephanie Wynne Puca 
Raina Monika Rath 
Alia Dione Rayford 
Stefani Roberts Reardon 
Lindsay Ann Roberts 
Jennifer Dee Schwanke 
Michael Siau 
Chad William Smith 
Tammy Leigh Smith 
Kathleen Marie Stansbury 
Jennifer Marie Stokes 
Dawn Michelle Taylor 
Sheryl Kay Thurman 
Melba Raquelle Timmons 
Katherine Ann Wall 
Latonya Renee Wallace 
Sherry Ann Warman 
Susan Victoria Losero White 
Alita Marie Wibert 
R. David Williams 



O F 


A T 





Eric Amo-Gottfried 
Leita Jean Barrett 
Jacide Donett Briggs 
Kelly Ann Collins 
Julie Ann Conley 
Michael D. Cosgro\'e 
Patrick S. Dallemand 
Darlene Dukes 
Mona Sayuri Gafour 
Maria Theresa Galiano 
Jeffrey David Hilwig 
Percy Lee Jones 
Chae Yon Kim 
Jennifer AUieh Knox 
Vasilike Kolv\'as 
Brian Andrew Levin 
Michele Lee Luber 
Jessica Lynn McQuillen 
Minh Yen Thi Nguyen 
Pamela Tarris Owenst 
Richard C. Phillips 
Christin Marie Pollard 
Lisa Michelle Press 
Michelle QuagUarello 
Richard Allan Rhoden, jr. 
Mami Sue Robbins 
Linda F. Robinson 
Renee Rogers 
Michele Leah Ross 
Angela Roslyn Siomporas 
Suzanne Elizabeth Thayer 
Deborah Claire Wise 

Urban Studies 

Taslima B. Alam 
Andre Arthur Bald 
Harold Thomas Bemadzikowski 
Romeo Togonon Dacquel, Jr. 
Abir Salah Elshanawany 
Charles Leslie Fitzhugh 
Daniel Orlando Flores 
Kenneth Edward Lord 
Thomas Gordon McAuUffe 

J. Sylvester Plater 
Cara Louise Rothstein 
Corey Wilen 

Bachelor of Science 


Cliristopher Martin Alion 
Alex Reed Batchelder 
Jeffrey James Fleuette 
Michael Edward Konrad 
Ingrid Marguerite Mack 
David Alan Shirey 
Duncan Diller Sterling 

2iui Degree: Jounmlism 
Tod Matthew Sukontarak* 


Monisha Ar)'a* 
Kelurah April Comilang 
Tonya LaChele Davis 
Jeremiah Figueroa Delino 
Thuy-van Vu Duckett 
Sotirios Goudouvas 
Francine Sari Jacobs 
Benjamin Isaac Katz 
John Edward Link 
Alfrieda Y. Orlowski 
Tina-Lynn Paul 
Emily Christine Philp 
Karen Elizabeth Poss 
Christian Hall Rose 
Anthony Stark 
Patricia Taylor White 


Bachelor of Scietice 


Kamini Ahuja 
Mahmudul Amin 
Sosi Bahan 

Thomas Francis Barrasso 
Lisa Denise Bazile 
Nicole Tiffany Better 
Shahzad Akram Bhatti 
Kawaljit S. Bhutani 

2nd Major: Finance 
Michele L. Booth 
Jessica Eileen Brackley 
Jinesh Pravin Brahmbhatt 
Jeffrey Dylan Casaburro 
Walter Yong-Yeau Chang* 
Sook Kyoung Chin 
Venu Dandamudi 
Todd Jon Del Tufo§ 
Kitt Fong Der 
Darien DiCamillo 
Shelley Renee Edwardsf 

Ind Major: Finance 
Jessica Ewn Ellis 
Andrew Joseph Fabula* 
Jean-Michel Ferat 

2nd Major: General Business and 

Jeremy Evan Floam 
Marcos Freire 

Theresa Salumbides Frondoso 
Ricky Paul Glassband 
Adam I. Gnesin 
Michael Goedel 
Keng Siang Goh 
Richard Scott Goldberg 
Michael Steven Golden 

Daniel L. Gordon 
Petra Susanne Hagen 
April Mae Hagv 
David Kenneth Hall 
Rick Lee Hardy 
John Michael Hatley 
Mark Andrew Hockey 

2nd Major: Finance 
Diana Lyrm Jackson 
Robert David Kalb 
Namisa Aminata Kamarat 

2nd Major: Finance 
Faryal Kazim 
Eve Hannah Kelman 

2nd Degree: Government and 

Michael James Kemp 
Kyung Hvun Kim 
Crystal Sunyoung Ko 
Mar}' KathrMi Kondner 
Mar)' Jane Kowalchuk 

2nd Degree: Marketing 
Karen L. La Porte 
Phuong Le Lam 

2nd Degree: Finance 
Wing Lawt 

Jennifer Marie Adams Lello* 
Robin Paige Lex'ine 
Su J. Liang 

Florence Fangtuo Liut 
Stephanie Alissa Marsh-Bowman 
Janet Lyn McCroddan 
David William McGee* 
Robert Stephen Medlock 

2nd Major: Finance 
CoUn Andrew Meeks 
Din Hong Mew§ 
Wa\Tie Richard Moore 
Daniel Antonio Moreno 
Nhut Quang Nguyen 
Quynh Ngoc Nguyen 
Natasha Alexandra Niklas 
Ke\'in Denarra Norman 
Timothy Ian O'Brien 

§ Summa aim iMude 

f Mugiia cum Laude 

* cum Laude 

D E 




































w--^^ ■ 

Collin Mark O'Neill 
Rax'in Ohri 

Iiid Major: Finance 
Gregory Ostaffe 
Chin H. Park 
Thomas Branch Parsons 
Linda Marie Pasqual 
Patricia Boesen Petersen§ 
Chandus Thomas Rippons 111 

2m1 Major: Finance 
Daniel Travis Robinson* 
Nicole Carrie Rosemant 
Kora Ruabruam 
Mitchell Pamittan Sabale 
Sandra Lynn Bemier Sharp 
Bryant Sheftick 
Andrea Constance Shorter 
Angle Patric Snow 
Matthew John SnowLing 
Matthew David Sobocinski 

2nd Major: Finniicc 
Janine Macaraeg Soriano 
Michael R.SouthalL Jr. 
Raymond J. Stattelg 

2nd Major: Finance 
Joyce Ann Stratton 
Joy Chau-Yi Su 
David W. Tawes 
Asmita Thakore 
Roderic Kay Tolbert 
Hoa Thi Tran 

Marion Mender\hail Tucker 111 
Mark Gordon Tyndall 
Ines Cristina Van Daalen 

2nd Major: General Business and 

Richard Darin Walsh 
Danielle Marie Waskewich 
Dirk C. Yoo 


George John Adam 

Nasser Ali 

Comfort Yaa Oforiwa Anguah-Dei 

§ Sitmnia cum Lniidc 
f Ma^^tui cum Laudc 
' cum Laude 

James Patrick Barron 

2nd Major: Marketing 
Alenoosh Bedrosian 

2nd Degree: Marketing 
Travis Ian Behn 
Gurpreet K. Bhusri 
Bruce Paul Breen 
Aaron Lee Carreras 
Leonard Thomas Carson 

2nd Major: General Business and 

Victor Ivan Coll 
Jeffrey Scott Day 
Jean J. Debrosse 

2nd Major: Economics 
Amy Irene Demchak 
Alexis Paul de Tessieres 
Abdurachman Dhanial Djawas 
Joel Gregory Eiservfeld 

2nd Major: Transportation 
Adrienne Maret Emerson 
Pamela Renee English 
Frederick Redondo Ensign 
Timothy Scott Eshleman 
Ramez Mostafa Fahmy 
Fouad Farrukh 
Leslie Frank 
Alan Seth Friedman 

2nd Major: General Business and 

Todd Kevin Garbutt 
Munevver Cigdem Gurdal 
Raynette Rose Gutrick 
Sugianto Hanggodo 

2nd Degree: Chemistry 
Christopher Thomas Hanzich 
Christopher Allan Judd 
Scott David Kesler 
Frederick Joonki Koh 
Matthew Joseph Kuipers 
Michael Christopher Ladas* 

2nd Degree: Marketing 
Phuong Le Lam 

2nd Degree: Accounting 

Susan Diane Lambert 
Luan Kinh Le 

2nd Degree: Mathematics 
Qiao Lin 
Meutia Natalya Lubis 

2nd Major: General Business and 

Tiffany Lashawn Matthews 
Christopher William Mayert 
Stephen Craig McDermott 
John Kenneth Monaghan 

2nd Major: Accounting 
Corinne Patricia Moriatis 

2nd Major: Transportation 
Tawanda Maria Morris 
Tuan Q. Nguyen 

2nd Major: Accounting 
Jolin Patrick Nolan 
Francis Scanlan O'Toole 
Marlen R. Ponte 
Bradley Lvle Pursel 
Frederick Charles Rummage, Jr. 
Thomas A. Sadler 
Lucky L. Soebyantoro 

2)/rf Major: General Business and 

Dennis Francis Talleyg 
Diane Joyce Tirmey 
Anthony Richard Torres 
Myles Anthony Trewitt 
Jennifer Lynn Van Rossum 

2nd Major: Accounting 
Michael Louis Venturi 
Anshu Vij 

2nd Major: General Business and 

Trung K. Vu 

2nd Major: Marketing 
Christopher William Washburn 

2nd Major: General Business and 

Janice Normyle Williams 
Stacey Heather Wirth 
Darrin Eric Wohl 

Marita Brigitte Zemik§ 
Adam Jason Ziser 

2nd Major: General Business and 


General Business and 

Fatima M. Alexandre 
David T. Blonder 
Jennifer L. Bragg 
Lina S. Criales 
Michael Adam Davis 

2iu1 Major: Fnmnce 
Nishantha C. De Silva 
Idil Kaya Ertugrul 
Jason A. Fischbein 
Eusebio Gonzalez 

2nd Major: Transportation 
William Duane Goudey 
Patrick Joseph Grace 
Tyler Porter Hawkins 
James Jeremy Hayden 

2nd Major: Transportation 
Christin R. Herr 
Stephen Patrick Higgs 
Christopher James Hladik 
A. Cecilia Isakssont 
Devonna Lashawn Kee 
Jacqueline Carol Kinsinger 
Eileen Mai Kohler* 

2nd Major: German Language and 

Dhruva Kumar 
So F. Lai 

David Allen Locke 
Thanh-Phuong Tran Ly 

2nd Degree: Management Science 

and Statistics 
Lourdes Maria Martinez 
Patcharin Dianne McAllister 
Alan Walt Michel 
Victor Fernando Milano 
Paul Robert Moskios 
Christina Dawn Norton 





































Phillip James O'Brien 

2mi Mnjor: Tmnfporlation 
Richard Aaron Parkerson 
Jacques Henri Pereira 
Use Helena Pineda* 
William Francis Riggs 
Mark Harrison Ross 

2nd Mnjor: General Business and 

Jeff John Scepura 
Helen Ji Yun Shin 
Edward Neal Sih'erman 
Stephen James Smith 
Jennifer Davenport Thurow* 
William Southv\ell Tvson II 
Susan Marie Walker 

2nd Degree: Spanish Language 

and Literature 
Weahde Chantal Weefur 
Masako Imakado White 
Sharon Leigh Zeimetz* 

2nd Major: Accounting 
Adam Jason Ziser 

2nd Degree: Finance 

Human Resource 

Edward Myoungdo Cho 
Julia Lvnn Clements 
Timothy L. Farrell 
Inez M. Garcia-Garcia 
Nechumah D. Getz 
Alycia Lvnn Hays 
David Michael Hunt 
Anthony Ka-Wah Lee 
Valerie Cheryl McCausland 
Manju Mohapatra 
Gabrielle Elizabeth Smith 

Management Science and 

Won S. Choi 
Shu Sia Can 
Corey Vaughan Green 

Barbara Jo Harper 
Barbara Jean Hayden 
Hvom Wook Kim 
Leidi S. Lim 
Douglas M. Lindsey 
Leo John Livecchi 
Thanh-Phuong Iran Ly 

2nd Degree: General Business and 

Michelle Caroll-Ann Marshall 
Kamini Amanda Nanan 
Mitchell Stuart Ortwein 
Roopika Sarant 

2nd Major: Finance 
Eka S. Sundjaja 

2nd Degree: Marketing 
James Terrence Thom 
Pei-San Tseng 
Ratna Widjaja 
JuUe Shuk Ching Wong 
Jeffrey Scott Zahringer 


Ana K\ung Ahn 
Michael Lawrence Antwerpen 
NUakshi Ariyaratne* 
Alenoosh Bedrosian 

2nd Degree: Finance 
Kimberlee R. Brown 
Christine Michelle Buckley 

2nd Major: Finance 
Terrence Patrick-Sean Butler 
Christopher John Carlson 
Joseph Michael Case)' 
Cindy Chen 
Denise Michell Cuffie 
Jennifer Lynn Deaver 
John Damon DiTomasso 
Gregory Edward Flynn 
Timothy Carl Frandsen 
Erik Mark Grewe 
Kevin Marc Grieder 
Shadi Hashemi 
David Lawrence Hawkins 

Karyl Dawn Henry 
Robin Nicole Just-Buddy 
De\in James Kennedy 
Linda Jean Kensicki 

2nd Degree: journalism 
Navaro Kim 
Mary Jane Kowalchuk 

2nd Degree: Accounting 
John Simpson League V 
Patricia Anne Leakan 

2nd Degree: Speech Commun- 
Sidara Lok 

2nd Major: Transportation 
Elizabeth Anne McCown 
Anthony C. McFadden 
Christopher Francis McLaren 
Tracy LyTiette Meyer 
Isaac Molina 
Kevin Michael Orlando 

2nd Major: Economics 
Tanja Kristana Owen 
Michele Dawn Phair 
Antonio Pickford 
Maria Lynn Snow 
Gregory James Star 

2nd Major: Transportation 
Eka S. Sundjaja 

2nd Degree: Management Science 

and Statistics 
Irmina Ulysse 

2nd Major: General Business and 

Emilv Susan Ward 
Joseph F. Zeidler 

Production Management 

James Finley McMurry UI 


Danyell Christine Beard 

Scott Allan Bredow 

Lisa Anne McLellan 

Luis Enrique Quinones-Rosado 

Jeffrey A. Simon 
Michelle Renee Solter* 
Owen Keith Wojick 


Bachelor of Science 


Daniel R. Ball 

2nd Degree: Physics 
Walter Everett Shipp, Jr. 

Computer Science 

Rajendra Adhikari 

Mvthili K. Arunamalai 

Omid Badizadegan 

Christopher Brian Barclay 

Anthony Leon Bumpers 

Ron Carmel 

Connie Chung Man Chan 

David Daqing Chen 

I-Chih Chin 

Dong Koo Choi 

John Fitzgerald Davis 

Ken K. Deng 

Irit Eshed 

Boris Adrian Haslyn February 

Vladimir Aleksandrovich Feldman 

Joao Jose Da Silva Femandes 

2nd Major: Mathematics 
Jeffrey Albert Fink 
Roula Youssef Fuleihan 
Gilbert R. Funk 
Kailash H. Gangar 
Dante Gabriel Griffin 


§ Summa cum Laude 

f Magtia cum iMude 

* cum Ijiude 





Barry Eugene Henderson 
Santiago Nelson Hernandez 

2)ni Degree: Gemum Language 

ami Litemture 
Li-Wen Wendy Ho 
Paul Edward Humler, Jr. 
Alison Rose Hunt 
Aftab Jalil 
Ernest Katso\' 

Michael Christopher Kindle 
Cesar Augusto Larrea 
John Henrv Bonval Latrobe, Jr. 
Hung Quoc Le 
Robert Vernon Lyda 
Cynthia B. Massey 
Kevin Wilham McCarron 
Mark L. Meyerovich 
Shai Mittelman 
Teresa A. Narvaez 
Ngoc-Thuy Thi Nguyen 
Wesley Alden Nurse 
Tong S. Ooi 
Jong Mi Park 
Kian Parsee 
Anhminh Thi Pham 
Soreva Renee Rashidian 
Ann Olivia Reid-Shaw 
Gautam Sain 
Sunil George Samuel 
Senait T. Sebhatu 
Frank Segaria 
Julie Winnie Shiu 
Locke McKinnon Stuart III 
Hesthetiane Pambayun Susanto 
Cheng C. Tsai 
Anuradha Tuli 
Shiva Vaffajou 
John A. Walker 
Zhanying Wangt 


Gordon Scott Brace 
Matthew James Costinett 
Adam Mark Davis 

§ Summu cum Lnudc 
f Magna cum Laiiiie 
* cum Laude 

Brian John Dolan 
George Bradley Knight 
Jennifer Juniper Lee 
Barry M. Shay 


Carlos Matthew Avery 
Robin Scott Barbehenn 
James E. Barr 
Ziad Khalil Cheiban 
Bin Chang Chen 
Da\'id Te-hui Hsu 
Gather Moncier Jones III 
Luan Kinh Le 

2nd Degree: Finance 
Michael E. Lefeber 
James John Michalik 
Michael D. Milbach 
Shawn Da\'id Stutzel 

2nd Degree: Economics 
Andrew Charles Venters 
Erin Dinene Viel 
Jonathan Ki Wong 

2nd Degree: Electrical Engineering 

Physical Sciences 

Paul David Fox 

David Chuemlin Huang 

Melodie Elaine Mansberger 

David John Norman 

Han Suk Oh 

Sanjay Jayantibhai Patel 

Paul William Richardson 

Shaju Samuel 

Keith Andrew Weir 

Clvde Michael Wilkins 


Nabeel Fakhruddin Bahreinvvala 
Daniel R. Ball 

2nd Degree: Astronoryjy 
Christopher Michael Benedick 
Mark Brendan Brady 
David Michael Castles 

Christopher Charles Conley 
Frank Joseph Foertschbeck 
Daniel Scott Hudson 
Serge Michael Knvstautas 
2nd Major: Matlienialics 
Jawad Ahmad Malik 
Milinda Nirmala Peries 
John Thomas Tralka 


Bachelor of Arts 

Education (Music K-12 — 

Frederick David Herrmann 
Joseph Peter Reitano 

English Education 

Eden Kelly Barbely 
Kimberly Beth Bennett 
Megan E. Clark 

Gloria Radelat Angel Condelli§ 
Kimberly Faye Johnson 
Nancy D. McGheet 
Carol Joan Haney McVey§ 
Shannon Lea Nichols 
Marc Douglas Popovich 
Denise Roberta Stafford 

Foreign Language Education 

Annamaria Christine Andreasen 
Joseph H. La Marche 

2nd Degree: French Language and 


Secondary Education 
(English-Language Arts- 

Robert Anthony Bruno 
Kathryn Carraway 

Erika Hillary Keller 
Dawn Marie Long 
Stefan A. Wiltz 

Secondary Education (Social 
Studies — Professional) 

Margaret McElroy Dorsey 
Peter C. Hahorson 
John Andrew Jaques 
Geoffry James Peelman* 
Catherine Arm Taylor 
Roxie Yvonne Watson 

Social Studies Education 

Thomas John Collms 

Bachelor of Science 

Art Education 

Wesle\' Thomas Doll 
Felice Beth Horowitz 
Jennifer Sue Johnson 
Connie Helen Newman 

Business Education 

Julie Suzanne Doughert\' 
Eunice Naomi Greenaway 
Sylvanie Alicia Hodge 
Molly Simg Hae Hong 
Krista LeAnn Rohrer 

Early Childhood Education 

Michelle Lee Balzer 
Wendy Kathryn Bickell 
Stacy A. Cavooris 
Kelli Ann Connelly 
Lisa Renee Davis 
Lisa Kathryn Dewey 
Shannon L\ti Dickey 
Michelle Suzanne Engle 
Kelley Ann Ferry 
Cynthia Marie Galeano 
Sharon Anne Garrison 
Stacey Ann Hangliter 



O F 



E C E 


Denice Lynn Hoffman 
Kristin Jean Hulka 
Shannon F. Isbell 
Susan Mary Johnstont 
Crystal Valentina Kitchens 
Lisa Robin Levine 
Elise Michelle Luria 
Diane Marie McArdle 
Elizabeth Anne McCord 
Sally Ann Nottidge 
Karin Veerle Redman 
Lisa Kay Rowe 
Julie Elizabeth Schiffer 
Kelly Lyim Shipley 
Michele Ellen Sparks 
Laura Susan Stroot 
Stacey Jo Tucker 
Kimberly T. Vance 
Judy Arm Voketaitis 
Carrie Michele Walker 
Angela Marie Wambach 
Julie Lynn Weigel 

Elementary Education 

Heather Leigh Andrews 
Marion Elizabeth Backus 
Bonnie Fredda Baratz 
Lisa Michele Beall 
Kara Jean Beckert 
Shari Lynne Bernsteint 
Maria del Pilar Martinez Bouza* 
Kimberly Ann Brown 
Debbie Lynn Brunatti 
Jennifer Ann Buczek* 
Jennifer Lynn Butts 
Jill Campbell Coutts 
Michele Lynn Dick 
Brian Thomas Donoughe 
Jamie Kay Feldman 
Jennifer Lvnne Fidler 
Debbie Susan Flynn 
James Mervin Foreman 
Elizabeth Frances Freeman 
Erica Jill Freeman 

Julie Ann Giorgio 
Wendy Marie Hagan 
Theresa Arm Hainsworth 
Kimberley Charlotte Henley 
Stephanie W. Hermigan 
Mary Elizabeth Horton 
Lucy Steele Keyser* 
Jennifer Cecilia Kirby-Carlucci 
Vikki Lynn Kravits 
Marie Eileen Kuhns§ 
Lori Hope Landon 
Karen Elaine Lewis 
Dana Rac-juelle Lucas 
Stephanie James Lucci 
Nadine Rachel Mann 
Keith Olie Mauzy, Jr. 
Kiok Elizabeth Nam 
Lisa Ann Newman 
Nancy Marie Parker 
Miriam Margaret Payne 
Angela Margaret Pecor 
C. Shannon Petrilli 
Catherine Jane Plummer 
Katherine Ireland Purves 
Lisa Michele Rosenholtz 
Christy Anne Sampson 
Karen Letitia Seeberg 
Charles Bruce Southworth, Jr. 
Gina Marie Stamates 
Mary Helen Tall 
Lisa Darlene Vermillion 
Jill Eddy Whedbeet 

Elementary Education- 

Courtney Jill Schecter 
Kimberly Danielle Sheehan 
Claudine J. Weinstein 

Industrial Technology 

Naveed Ashraf 
Geoffrey Johan Charlton 
Samuel Jennings Cooke 
Peter Raymond Johnson 

Thomas Wayne Korman 
Roy Louis Rhodes 
Mark Lindon Smith 
Mark Vincent Smith 
Michael Casey Spitler 
Thomas Daniel Whalen FV 
Neal Howard Zagone 

Mathematics Education 

Sheldon Henry Dan 
Pauline R. Johnson 
Jennifer Lynn Meyer 

Music Education 

Emily Ann Coile* 
Lynn J. Price 
Leah Ann Woods 

Science Education 

Teresa Elizabeth Lunn 

Secondary Education 
(Mathematics — Professional) 

Cecilia Midkiff Grosselin 

Secretarial Education 

Paula Leslie Kampel 

Social Studies Education 

Charles Bush Askew 
James Arthur Looper 
Cindy Jo Poole 
Joel Salomon Richardson 
Zillah Lise Smith-Green 

Special Education 

Diane Johnson 


Bachelor of Scimce 

Aerospace Engineering 

Kevin Frederick Angelone 
Jeffrey Arzt 

Christopher W. Boswell 
Ian Donald Chamberlin 
Chienyee Chen 
Michael Charles Corrado 
Diana Alicia Donati 
Terri A. Droneburg 
Jamie Lee Dunn 
Neal Brian Eberlv 
Robert Anthony Drake Evans 
Erik Scott Ferlanti 
Barbara Maureen Flaherty 
Darren Victor Grove 
Nicole Leontsinis 
Robert Milchenski 
Scott Andrew Nakashian 
Thomas Daly Rivers 
Shawn Michael Ruehl 
Robert Marcelo Ruiz 
John Warren Sabean* 
Russell S. Sarbora 
Mark Vaclav Solfronk 
George John Tansill 
Miho Uemura 
Christopher Stevens White 

Chemical Engineering 

Melissa Elizabeth Bowers 
Paul O'Brien McKesey 
Freddie Gary Prince, Jr. 
Carl Allen Stokes 

Civil Engineering 

Chad Glen Amateau 

Charles Steven Paul Barbehenn 


§ Summa cum Lnittic 

f Mngnn cum L?ia/i' 

* cum Lauilc 



Michelle Bauer Bolton 
Raymond Gore Bolton 
Rupindar Kaur Chahal 
Lawrence Joseph Egan, Jr.* 
Michael Anthony Garner 
David Leopoldo Guerra 
Asim Javed Hashmi 
Derek Ray Hodges 
Yacoba Inkumsah 
John Travis Keyser 
Projjwal Khadka 
Michael George Kotzen 
Dan Kuhican* 
Frederick Lyndon Lagman 
Luke Robert Lappin 
Timothy Michael Longfellow 
Michael Salvatore Marsala 
Norene Pen 

Paul Christopher Robinson 
Carlos Jose Vargas 
Joshua Sheppard Wade 
Susan Siu-Wai Wong 

Electrical Engineering 

Kantesh K. Ahuja 
Kenneth Wayne Ankele 
Kendyll Braxton Benson 
Leonard Bernard Berkoski 111 
Supravat Bhattacharya 
Colleen Jo Bollin* 
Bryan Alexander Brooks 
Cheng-Shien Chang 
Michael Wei-Ming Chang 
Roy Waysu Chang 
Fu-Yu Chiangt 
Kah Leong Chung 
Mike Hieu Dang 
Abdolreza Darvish 
Hoang Quang Do 
Hung Kien Du 
Curtis Milton DuPree, Jr. 
Joseph Patrick French 
Derrick Shawn Frost 
Hassan Gharekhanloo 

§ Siimma cum Laude 
f Magna cum Lituic 
* cum Lamie 

Raymond Russell Glenn 
Sonjai Gupta 

Kevin Michael Hildebrand 
John Shinier Hutchinson 
Nikodimos Kitle 
Narito Kuniyoshi 
Phong Nhat Lam 
Qui Minli Le* 
Trung-Trinh Hoang Le 
Edward Y. Lee 
Evan Keith Leopold 
Manley DuVal Loving 
Rohit Mahajan 
Elias Mallis 
David Thomas Mattox 
James Edward McGonigle 11 
Anuja Mehrotra 
Sangeetha Menon 
Keith Merranko 
Kamran Shaukat Mohammad 
Thien Nguyen 
Xuan Minh Nguyent 
Fouzan M. Pal 
Chandramohan Palanki 
Niroshan Eardly Perera 
Thang Quoc Pham 
Simon C. Poon 
Timothy Scott Raab 
Kanwaljit Singh Rekhit 
Walter Karl Renner 
George Washington Sadler 
2nd Mnjor: Mnthematics 
William Penn Shackleford 111+ 

Brian Norman Silverman 

Murugiah Souppaya 

Kimberly Jean Sparks 

Clyde Steptoe 

Mark Stevenson 

David George Talcott 

Mohammad Reza Teluanchi 

Bahram Toghyani* 

Hai Ngo Tran 

Hv Huu Tran 

Yu-en Tzengt 

Andrew Eugene Werchniak 

Zane Matthew Wiatr 

Jonathan Ki Wong 

2iid Degree: Mathematics 
Priscilla Man Kuen Wu 
Thomas Lawrence Wynn 

Fire Protection Engineering 

Jeffrey Paul Collins 
Christopher Alan Fiedler 
Ivan Andres Gonzalez 
Scott Allen Hill 
Donald Hopkins, Jr.* 
Douglas Alan Ingerson 
Kevin James Charles Kelly 
Dean Timothy Martin 
Robert Gregory Rehwoldt 
Daniel William Rice 
David Henrik Sparrock 
Douglas Paul Shiltz 
Thomas Steven Wright 

Mechanical Engineering 

Orville Harold Arnett 
Derris Holt Banks 
James Kevin Barber 
John Edward Benigno 
Kunkun Bhadouria 
Henry L. Bowie III 
Derek Donald Brennan 
David Christopher Brown 
Donna C. Buckley 
John Patrick Burns 

Marc Winston Butler 
Dat Van Cao 
Daniel Thomas Casem 
Stephen James Cherry 
Jonathan Alan Cohen 
Mazda Ebrahimi 
Robert Gregg Frederick 
Stephen Andrew Freimanis 
Dave A. Ghatt 
John Ramon Goco* 
William George Haris 
Jill Michelle Hershey 
Lance G. Hinz 
Michele Lynn Jamiey 
Stephen Patrick Lashley 
Mohit Narain Mathur 
Robert Allan McMaster* 
Louis David Moritz 
Matthew F. Murphy 
James Eric Newton 
Mohammad Omid Neyzari 
Thong Nguyen Ngo 
Dung Q. Nguyen 
Trung Tan Nguyen 
Felipe Nogueira 
Dave Onyema Okonjo 
Andrew Michael Palich 
Mark Steven Pope 
Sean Augustus Pryor 
Timothy Paul Rothman 
William Roby Rothrock 111 
Amy Elizabeth Rottier 
Michael W. Russell 
Craig Ian Schlenoff 
Joseph David Sclimidt 
John R. Seylar 
Marc Kendall Sours 
Edward Calvin Stringer 
Brian Carr Taggart 
Richard Christian Troy 
Michael Hoi Ming Tse 
Dean W. Wiggs 
Robert Francis Woo 
Michael Wade Woodruff 



O F 


A T 

C O L L E C 

P A 

Sang Ho Yu 
Beverly Lee Zarr 

Undesignated Engineering 

Josephine Rita Maisano 
Douglas Howard Walcutt 
Thomas John Williams 


Bachelor of Scierice 

Family Studies 

Malissa Christine Boles 
Amy Ellen Browne 
Kirsten Hoyle Cleveland 
Kelley Marie Hill 
Orin Dexter Howard 
Robert George Huggins 
Melanie Lynne Millman 
Tiffany Ann Nalepka 
Dawn Marie Paccillo 
Elinor Marie Walker 

Health Education 

Angela Catherine Barilla 
Christine Denise Congleton 
Amy Joanna Cunerd 
Jennifer Miller Holloran 
Michelle Esther Kauffman 
Sabrina Ann Matoff§ 
Risa Ann Poage 
Aimee Marie Rawlings 
Susan Lynn Sullivan 
Leslie Beth Teach 
Kimberly Anne Terhorst 

Kinesiological Sciences 

Jeffrey Scott Alaimo 

Eduardo Alejandro Armenta 

Gary Allen Berger 

Jennifer Rebecca Butlak 

Mary Helen Clark 

Scott Louis Cohen 

Beatriz J. Corteguera 

Robert Scott DeFilippis 

Devona G. Elgin 

William Kent Furst 

Scott Charles Gardner 

Mary Constance Hare 

Nicole Patrice Harris 

Christopher Shane Jordan 

William Joseph Kirschensteiner, Jr. 

Michaeljohn C. Lagonera 

Philip Charles Lazas 

Ian Lent 

Matthew Allan Marriott 

2nd Degree: Zoology 
Kara Kathleen McCuent 
Kerry Anne McGrath 
Robin Elizabeth O'Neill 
Todd Andrew Pachkowski 
Cameron Joseph Rahnama 
Derek S. Ravenell 
Joseph E. Reilly 
Stephen Mark Sellman 
Jamie Allison Silver 
Cindy Rebecca Smyers 
Benjamin Ethan Spottheim 
Brigid Anne Stokes 

Physical Education 

Louis Hurlebaus Hoelman 1 
Thomas Aquinas Lang§ 
Stephen David Pisarski 
Janell Marie Salazar 


Amy Beth Cook§ 
Kirk McKee Doudna 
Martin A. Hester 
Naomi Ruth Jolko\'sky 
Barry Jay Labell 
Kyle Stewart Lowe 
Tia Monique Patterson 
Adam Pratt 
Rosa A. Raimundo 
Kathryn Melissa Schrader 
Jennifer Lynne Thomas§ 
Terri Ann Troester 
Ste\en Michael Walker 
David Paul Willard, Jr. 
Richard Jeff rev Wood 


Bachelor of Science 

Apparel Design 

Delores Hilliard 
Soo Hyun Kim 
Catherine Marie Kolwey 
Reka ludit Kovest 
Nancv Ann Woznv 

Consumer Economics 

Melanie Louise Brown 
Fiorella Luisa Carmelino 
Nicholas C. DuBois 
Sonya Nicole Fiorance 
Charlene Andrea Gayle 
Melissa J. Gerber 
Sandeep Handa 
Danielle Devorah Hofing 
Stephanie Monique King 
Julie A. Maver 
Allen Kirby Moffatt 
Michael David Nicoleau§ 
Marc Jason Richard 
Shannon Michael Sawyer 
Janice A. Seto 

Family Studies 

Elizabeth Anne Alexander* 
Monica Teresa Anderson 
William H. Clendenin 
Melysa Ivy Friedman 
David William Herman 
Nancy Joyce Honevford 
Nicole Christine Metz 
Heather Clark Mickum 
Denean Michele Robinson 
Lauren Sari Rudder 

§ Sumniti cum Laudc i 

t Ma^na cum haude ' 

* cum Laude i 




C A N D I D A r E 

Food Service Administration 

Michael Steven Chmar 
John David Ovvens 
Maria Chuen Hwei Wang 

Human Nutrition and Foods 

Kathleen Marie St. John§ 

IVIanagement and Consumer 

Ste\'en Louis Atkocius 
Douglas Jon Becker 
Robert Richard Bianchi 
Laura Elise Bonesteele 
Matthew Evan Goldberg 
James Craig Mangum 
Daniel Douglas Reading 

Textile Marl<eting/Fashion 

Wendy Diane Bell 
Paige H. Cheney 
Ece Fatma Ermec 
Lori Gadola 
Jane Poythress Godwin 
Elaine Janoski 
Jennifer Belle Jones 
Kimherly Jill Kammerer 
Dana Leigh Knoll 
Kristin Arui Link* 
Melissa Mann 
Karen Kay Meredith 
Jeffrey Scott Miller 
Melissa Ann Parker 
Vicki L. Peckus 
Lauren B. Prunetta 
Elizabeth Leigh Schwack 
Sherri Anne Sibel 
Sari Nicole Summers 
Nikki W. Tankel 
Heather Lea Tierney 
Tamiko White 
Wendy Carol Woodward 
Faye Charisse Young 

§ Summa cum Lniirfc 
f Magna CKw Laiidc 
'cum Laude 

Textile Science 

Eun Kyung Park 


Bachelor of Arts 


Heidi M. W. Bittner 
Louise Jane Bonnettt 
Cesar A. Canizales 
Peshie Chaifetz 
Tracy Leigh Chalfin 
Lisa Denise Clagett* 
Cassandra Kelly Colwell 
Cynthia Felice Crisafulli 
Jennifer Rachel Davick 
Glenn Russell Donaldson 
Christopher Joseph Fucci 
Kara Michelle Gaunt 
Allison Kiersten Harmon 
Lauren Elaine lorizzo 
Michelle Kristan Kennedy 
Linda Jean Kensicki 

2nd Degree: Mnrketiiig 
Pamela Anne Krebs 
Joseph Benedict Leano 
Edward Jason Levine 
Edra Charlotte London 
Monica Louise Mengel 
Leah Arlanna Moore 
Heather Lynn Orletsky 
Kristen Lisa Pironis 
Daniel Patrick Ronayne 
Guillermo Sanchez 
Nancy A. Serafini 
Sandra Lyrm Settlemyer 
Jason Michael Slaysman 
Keeshfl Juanette Smith 
Ruqaiyah Kimberly Smith 
Karyn Mary Spellman 

Jonathan Andrew Sper 
Duncan Diller Sterling 

2iui Degree: Geography 
Suzanne Elizabeth Stipe 
Sharon Diamie White 

Bachelor of Science 

Domia Jo Albrecht 
Kelly Lynn Andrews 
Shannon Jennifer Crocken 
Gregory Phillip Drazek 
Michael Bryan Dunston 
Leora Nina Gopstein 
Rebecca Eileen Grahl 
Carla Marie Keister 
Elisha Anne King 
Vanessa Lynn Latham 
Gretchen Lisbeth Lomker 
Jenifer Hui-Ming Mattos* 
Catherine M. McCullough 

2nd Degree: Govcrmnent and 

Elizabeth Anne Miller 
Walter Paul Pidgeon 
David James Rose 
Amy Christine Scharf 
Crystal Shawn Surber 
David Lawrence league 
Michael James Varhola 
Edgar Francis Salud Villongco 
Jessica Leigh Wolser 
Catherine Elizabeth Zipf* 


Bachelor of Science 


Christopher Everett Cost 

Samantha Dix 
Dina Michael Elarajt 
Noureddin Ennaboulssi 
Marc Corey Fitzgerald 
Maximus Janin Lee 
Stephen Seung Jae Lee 

2nd Degree: Microbiology 
Seema Mattoo 
Velma Ann Reed 
Emily Jean Schwarz 

Biological Sciences 

Shelton Lonnel Alexander 
Kesha Lynette Allen 
Andrew McKenzie Beardall 
Raymond Anthony Brown 
Suzanne Cantz 
Illy Dominitz* 
Susan Cable Farrar 
Avinoam A. Fishman 
Richard Todd Funk 
John Joseph Hayes 
Katherine Anne Klosowski 
Nicole Joy Klurman 
Andrew Carter Knoll 
Jeannette Lucille Liu 
Jennifer Marie Mendelis 
David Ward Metzdorf 
Virginia O'Donoghue Minich 
All Moshirfar* 
Catherine Hart Pitts* 
Alexei Polotski 
Danyra Quinones 
Lorena Ana Rojas 
Shira Shiloah 

Rosemary Jean-Young Shin 
Eric Ste\'en Sullivan 
Shirley Jeanne Swink 
Theresa Marie Weaver 
Michael Scott Wong 


Carole Claudine Coe 
Jahanvi Upendra Desai 



O F 


A T 



Bruno Isidore Fiaim* 
Matthew Giardina 
Sugianto Hanggodo 

2nd Degree: Finance 

Steve Sang Hui Lee 
Lee M. Levin 
Stephen Edward Prescott 
John Sani Shaibu 
Todd Steven Virts 


Laura Mane higram 

General Biological Sciences 

Archana Aggarwal 
John Robert Beuerle 
Shan'ari Bhatt 
Camilla Carroll 
Sylvia Maria Cheney 
Michael Ernest Clifford 
Laura Ann Davis 
Arthur Dearwood Desch IV 
Gabriel John d'Eustachio 
Lisa Christine Donohoe 
Thishanthi Kumari Edirisinghe 
Kevin K. Erfan 
Nicole Colleen Farley 
Tanya Louise Fernandez 
Salayne Elizabeth Formica 
Colleen Alison Grant 
David R. Hood 
Lilly H. Hsu 

John Charles Knowlton 111 
Jonathan Stuart Kormant 
Yair Moshe Levy 
Rita Mathur 
Manish Singh Pabla 
Bettina Nicole Pedone 
Aline Thuy Pham 
Dominick Joseph Pileggi 
Brian Glen Pilversack 
Michael Scott Render 
Andrew Lawrence Russ 

Jean-A Shin 
Koo Bong Shin 
Carolyn Lee Smith 
Jessica Ae Song 
Karen Marie Stefanisko 
Kirsten Leigh Stroud 
Tasha Monique Tisdale 
John William Vanderhoof* 
Brian Gray Wachter 
Laurie Michelle Wallace 
Edward Danielle Watson 
Kimberly Markeitha Watts 


Deborah Allison 
Cesar Padua Cube 
Chiler S. Hasan 
Emily Diane Irwin 
Monika Kalra 
Deborah Yi-Ping Lee 
Stephen Seung Jae Lee 

2nd Degree: Biochemistry 
Cheryl Ann Pratt* 
Aarti Raja 
Karen Leigh Suit 
Namita Kumari Thapar 


Anjeanette Tina Brown 
Jennifer Lynn Donnelly 
Eric Porter Driscoll 
Jean Jeudy, Jr. 
Sarah Renee Johnson 
Christina Lee Jordan* 
Matthew Allan Marriott 

2nd Degree: Kinesiological 

Christina Ann Mayne 
Malik LaMont Menefee 
Anita Natalia Phillips 
Bonnie Marie Slike 
Maha Dina Spahi 


Bachelor of Arts 

Individual Studies 

Roshanna Nicole Baron 

2nd Degree: Dance 
Nicole Renee Chapman 
Chien-Chien Ann Chen 
Lawrence D. Schugam 

Bachelor of Science 
Individual Studies 

Kirsten Margaret Bergstrom 
Teresa Ann Bilzor 
Donald Melford Brown, Jr. 
Eric Mark Freiberg 
Herbert Eric Martin 
Dawn Marie Mask 
Kerry Wallis McClurg 
Shannon Celene McCutchen 
Julie Anna Polyanski 
Andrew Michael Rose 
Maribeth Schorn 


Afro-American Studies 

Jocelyn Danya Edwards 
Matthew Omar Flood 
Corey Vaughan Green 
Orin Dexter Howard 

Liberal Arts in Business 

Peshie Chaifetz 
Cassandra Lynn Poch 
Jea Uo Yu 

Women's Studies Certificate 

Jennifer L. Bragg 
Jackie Donett Briggs 
Laura Ann Davis 
Rita Mathur 
Jennifer Smith 

§ Summa cum Laude 

f Magna cum Lauiie 

• cum Laude 








Bachelor's degree candidates who have qualified for scholarship honors 
upon graduation are designated by appropriate symbols adjacent to their 
names within the alphabetical listings of colleges or schools. 

To be eligible for consideration for such honors a candidate must meet 
the following general criteria: (1) have completed at least 2 years of work 
at the University of Maryland (60 semester hours, 30 of which were 
earned at the College Park campus) and (2) have a scholastic average of B 
(grade point average of 3.000) or higher in University of Maryland work 
prior to the last semester of registration before award of degree. 

August and December candidates who have met these criteria are shown 
in the listings as qualifying, upon graduation, for the designators Summn 
cum Lnude (if they ranked in the top two percent of the candidates in their 
respective colleges or schools). Magna cum Laudc (if in the next three per- 
cent), or cum Laude (if in the next five percent), based on the grade point 
averages of students in the preceding three graduating classes of their 
degree-granting unit. 




Rachel Lise Exelbert** 
Jeffrey David Herron 
Joanna M. Ritcey" 
Daniel Philip Nielsen 
Douglas Marshall Scoville* 
Gregory Jay Shaffer'* 




Dina Michael Elaraj 

Andrew Joseph Fabula 

Barbara Maureen Flaherty 

Ramakumar Natarajan Gounder** 

Sonjai Gupta 

Marie Eileen Kuhns 

Catherine Hart Pitts 

Christine Michelle Porter* 

Eran Salu** 

Emily Jean Schwarz 

Alisa Lauren Tishler 

Brian A. White* 

*gr(i(iuttted Mnii 1993 
"gmcluatcci August 1993 


O F 


A T 




With High Honors in: 


Nasima Jahan Ali** 


Da\id Joseph Gelb" 


Jeanne Stepanova* 

Government and Politics 

Eric Austin Carzon* 
Chaka Chiuba 01<adigbo* 
Cyntliia Elizabeth Tidier* 


Sergey Brin* 


Heidi L\-nn Hieb* 

With Honors in: 


Barbara Aim Westfall" 


Da\ id Allen Moldvay" 
Romila Tiwarv** 

German Language and 

Howard Alan Reinhardt 

Government and Politics 

Jennifer Lauren Borschovv* 
Scott Russell Palmer" 
Scott Neil Sforza 
Susan Hae Shin* 
NaLini Verma* 


Ralph Cothran Paden, Jr. 
Hal David Starr 


Janna Alvsabeth Hopkins* 

Spanish Language and 

Laura Helen VVamock** 


Peter Arensburger** 
Cecilia D. Padlan* 
Rachel Tracv Ward* 

Computer Science 

Sergey Brin* 


Manju Dayal Chatani 
Tamara Rom\' Jean-Jacques* 
Robert Royce Satterfield 


Marie Eileen Kuhns 
Nadine Rachel Mann 

'graduated May 1993 
"graduated August 1993 

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