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'J. A (••..J 




O M M E N C 

M B E R 






President's Message 


Student Speaker, 

Colleen R. Read 


Order of Commencement 


Schedule of Events 


Campus Map 


The University of 



Honorary Doctor of 


Alfred W. Alberts, 

Commencement Speaker 

August Graduate Degrees 13 

August Undergraduate 24 

December Graduate Degrees 31 

December Undergraduate 55 

Officials 71 

Student Marshals 73 

Scholarship Honors 74 




19 9 4 

U N I V E 

R Y L 

to the 

Congratulations on the successful com- 
pletion of vour studies! It has been a 
privilege to have you as students at the 
University of Maryland at College Park. 
1 want to thank each and e\'ery one of you for being 
a part of our community during this important 
phase of your life. 

As you take formal leave of your university, my col- 
leagues and I would like you to know how proud 
you ha\e made us by your outstanding contribu- 
tions in so many different areas. Time and time 
again, your achievements as scholars and as young 
leaders have put College Park in the top ranks of 
American universities. Because of your contribu- 
tions, this university has moved closer to its aspira- 
tions for excellence. 

skills you will need to compete successfully in the 
next century. We are confident, therefore, that your 
College Park years will prove to be well worth the 
investment you have made, and that the lessons you 
have learned here, both inside and outside of the 
classroom, will ser\'e you w-ell in the years to come. 

We hope, too, that you will always cherish the time 
you spent here and the friendships vou made, and 
that College Park will always evoke the happiest of 
memories for you. Please continue to believe in us 
and our destinv as the flagship campus of Maryland. 
As you leave the university community to seek 
wider vistas and fresh challenges, we hope you will 
not wander too far — at least not in spirit — from your 
alma mater. 

Good luck and Godspeed to each and every one of 

Sincerely yours. 

6^^ ICaa\^oj^ 

William E. Kirwan 

On our part, we have endeavored to provide you 
with as many opportunities as possible for develop- 
ing the broad intellectual interests and the special 

Colleen R. Read 

student Speaker 

When Colleen Read was a freshman at the uni- 
versity, she invited a lower-income family of 12 
immigrants to Thanksgiving dinner at her parent's 
home in Gaithersburg, Md. They were students of 
hers whom she had taught as a volunteer English 
literacy worker. The invitation was an act of kind- 
ness, symbolic of the way she has lived her life, and 
representative of how she believes others could live 
theirs. "People should help people," she says. "No 
matter who they are." 

Read, who attended the university on a full aca- 
demic scholarship, graduates today with a degree 
in Spanish language and literature and will finish a 
degree in government and politics in the spring. 
She has earned a perfect 4.0 grade point average in 
both majors, and is a member of Phi Beta Kappa, 
the most prestigious honor society in the country. 
Yet Read still finds room each semester to volunteer 
her time and skills to a number of organizations. 
She is a past president of Alpha Phi Omega, a co-ed 
service fraternity through which she has, among 
other endeavors, helped clean up a wildlife sanctu- 
ary and raise awareness of the Americans with 
Disabilities Act at local businesses. 

Read is fluent in Spanish, "very conversant" in 
French, communicates in beginning Italian and can 
speak and write a few words of Quechua, an 
indigenous language of peoples of the Andes. She 
combined her language proficiency with her volun- 
teer work as a translator for the Child Welfare 
Division of the Montgomery County Department of 
Social Services, and with working for the CARing 
(Children At Risk) Project here at the university. 
She has tutored fellow students in Spanish and has 
lent her voice to record textbooks on tape for stu- 
dents with disabilities. 

Read has a passion for traveling, spending two 
summers in Spain as part of university programs. 
She also won a trip to Mexico for outstanding 
achievement in Spanish from the Spanish National 
Honor Society. 

After graduation. Read plans to seek a Ph.D. in 
Spanish literature, eventually leading to a profes- 
sorship at a major university. Though unsure as to 
where she will pursue her degree, assuredly, its 
community will benefit from her unselfish compas- 
sion and her impressive intellect. 

The December Graduates 

Applicants for degrees 

Total Doctoral Degrees: 438 

Total Master's Degrees: 876 

Total Bachelor's Degrees: 1 ,928 

Ten most popular undergraduate 
majors of degree applicants 

I.English in 

2. Accounting 110 

3. Electrical Engineering 86 

4. Criminal Justice 82 

5. Government and Politics 78 

6. Journalism 67 

7. Biology 67 

8. History 65 

9. Economics 65 

10. Civil Engineering 63 

Most popular master's degrees 

1 . Master of Science 74 
in Civil Engineering 

2. Master of Business 63 

3. Master of Science in 41 
Electrical Engineering 

Top colleges with the most 
degree applicants 

1 . Behavioral and Social Sciences 420 

2. Arts and Humaruties 375 

3. Business and Management 283 

4. Engineering 204 

5. Education 1 70 

s 1 r Y 


C; O L L E G E 


Order of Commencement 

December 22, 1994 Cole Student Activities Building 9:30 a.m. 


Dr. William E. Kirwan 
President, University of Maryland 
at College Park 

Master of Ceremonies 

Mr. Mitchell P. Hebert 
Department of Theatre 


Symphonic Wind Ensemble 
Conductor, Mr. John E. Wakefield 

(Musical Selection 

"Festival Alleluia" by Kenneth Jennings 
University Chorale 
Conductor, Dr. Roger Folstrom 


Sister Rita Ricker 

Catholic Student Community Center 

The National Anthem 

Led by Dr. Roger Folstrom 
Conductor, Uruversity Chorale 


Mr. Earle Palmer Brown 


Board of Regents 

Senior Class Gift Presentation 

Ms. Rachel Schneider 
Co-Chair, Senior Council 

Remarks to the Graduates 

Colleen R. Read 
Graduating Senior 


Mr. Alfred W. Alberts 

Conferring of Honoraiy Degrees 

Dr. Kirwan 

Honorary Doctor of Science to 

Alfred W. Alberts 

College Park Alumni 
Association Induction 

Mr. David Raderman 

Message to the Graduates 

Dr. Kirwan 

Conferring of Doctoral, 
Master's and Bachelor's Degrees 

Dr. Kirwan 

Presentation of Colleges 
and Schools 



Sister Rita Ricker 

Catholic Student Community Center 

Alma Mater 

Hail to thee, Maryland! 
Steadfast in loyalty; 
For thee, we stand. 
Love for the Black and Gold 
Deep in our hearts we hold. 
Singing thy praise forever, 
Tliroughout the land. 


Symphonic Wind Ensemble 
Conductor, Mr. Wakefield 


Floor Seating Arrangement for Graduates, Cole Field House 



Arts and Humanities 

Business and 


Human Ecology 



Health and Human 

Schedule of Events 

"l^^^ollowing the Commencement, individu; 

i\ graduation exercises for col- ^^^^^^^| 


^^1 leges and schools will be held at several 

campus locations. 

1 1 Ceremonies are scheduled to begin at 11:30 a.m., noon, 12;30 p.m. and 


JL 2:30 p.m. Guests are urged to be seated 

approximately one half-hour 

. '^^■IHHHK^ 

prior to the designated time for the ceremonies if 

they wish to observe the stu- 

dent and faculty procession. 

rf^^ 1 .*><' -1- t f ' 1 I'll 

1^ • '-^ 

i)fHBB^.i "'.-'MB.-r. . . 1 ^ 

Graduates, their families and friends, are cordially invited ana encouragea to ^^^^^V' ' 

»<'■' -'-''^j^^^^^^^^^^Kir -:.. ^'^'Sl^^^^^H 

join with university officials and members of the faculty at the reception to be ^I^^^K 

^^^WHE ^^^s^^^^m 

held in the Grand Ballroom of Stamp Student Union. ^^^^^Hsl 

■■' 'J^^^^^^^^^^^^^^m 

Shuttle bus service is available, providing free transportation across the cam- j^^^^^HI 


pus throughout the day. 

Behavioral and Social Sciences Gi 




Campus-Wide Commenceinent 

ad nation 

Health and Human Performance Graduation 

9:30 a.m. Cole Student Activities 




2:30 p.m. Cole Student Activities 

Noon Health and Human 


Performance Building, 

AgricuKure Graduation Ceremony 

Room 2240 

2:30 p.m. Memorial Chapel 

Business and Management Graduation 


Journalism Graduation Ceremony 

Architecture Graduation Ceremony 

Noon Cole Student Activities 

Noon Hoff Theatre 

Noon Architecture Auditorium 


Library and Information Services Graduation 

Arts and Humanities Graduation Ceremonies 

Computer, Mathematical and Physical Sciences 


11:30 a.m. 

Graduation Ceremony 

Noon Zoology-Psychology 

Musjc: Tawes Recital Hall 

Noon Memorial Chapel 

Building, Room 1240 

Philosophy: Skinner Building, Room 1119A 


Education Graduation Ceremony 

December 21, 1994 

American Studies/Dance/English/Comparative 

Noon Reckord Armory 

Life Sciences Graduation Ceremony 

Literature/Speech CommunkationfRadio, Telmsioit. 

7:30 p.m. Memorial Chapel 

and Film/Theatre: Tawes Theatre 

A. James Clark School of Engineering 

Art Studio/Design: Art-Sociology, Room 2203 

Graduation Ceremony 

^rf History: Art-Sociology, Room 2309 

2:30 p.m. Reckord Armory 

Histoiy: Skinner Building, Room 0200 

Foreign Languages/CIassics/Lingiiistics: 

Undergraduate Studies Graduation Ceremony 

Jimenez, Room 0220 

12:30 p.m. Anne Arundel Hall 




Campus Map 

The University of 


at College Park 


Flagship campus of Maryland's 1 1-institution sys- 
tem of higher learning, the University of Maryland 
at College Park is the most comprehensive institu- 
tion of higher education, research, and service in 
the state. The university offers 98 undergraduate 
majors, 87 master's programs, and 68 doctoral pro- 
grams in 13 schools and colleges. 

The university is one of only 30 public research uni- 
versities that are members of the prestigious 58- 
member Association of American Uruversities and 
the only pubhc institution in the Maryland-D.C. 
area with membership in the nation's most distin- 
guished honor society. Phi Beta Kappa. It is classi- 
fied as a Research-! university by the Carnegie 
Foundation by virtue of the range of its baccalaure- 
ate programs, the amount of federal support 
received, and the number of doctoral degrees 
awarded each year, sharing that honor with the top 
research universities in the country. 

The fall 1994 College Park campus at a glance: 

Total enrollment: 32,493 

Graduate Students: 8,769 

Full-time; 4,183 

Part-time: 4,586 

Undergraduates: 23,724 

Full-time: 21,781 

Part-time: 1,943 

Average age: 24.8 

States represented: 50 

Countries represented: 



Among public universities in the Association of 
American Universities, College Park ranks first in 
the percentage of African American undergraduate 
students. In addition, the university has the largest 
number of African American and other minority 
faculty members among its peers. 


The University of 
Maryland was found- 
ed in 1807 in 
Baltimore as a facul- 
ty-owned College of 
Medicine. The medi- 
cal school was con- 
sidered one of the top 
schools in the coun- 
try, attracting notable 
professors and lectur- 
ers from throughout 
the world. In its 
beginning, tuition 

cost $140, grades were sent home weekly to par- 
ents, and students could obtain room and board for 
$300 annually. 

Five years later, the growing institution was 
renamed the University of Maryland. Despite the 
name, the university was not considered a state 
institution as it was still owned and operated by 
faculty. Baltimore College of Dental Surgery, the 
first dental school in America, became a part of the 
university in 1840, awarding the first Doctor of 
Dental Surgery (D.D.S.) degree in 1841. 



In 1859, the Maryland Agricultural College, 
which would evolve into the Uni\'ersity of 
Maryland at College Park, was opened under a 
charter secured by a group of Maryland planters 
in 1856. In addition to spending one hour each 
day hoeing or plowing on the college farm, stu- 
dents took a broad range of courses in ancient 
and modem languages, natural sciences, 
English, and mathematics. The state acquired 
the college and rebuilt it after a disastrous fire on 
campus in 1912. 

In 1920, the state legislature joined College Park 
with the professional schools in Baltimore to 
form an expanded University of Maryland. The 
entity eventually grew to include campuses in 
Baltimore Countv, the Eastern Shore, and 
University College, a continuing education insti- 

The following decades saw the increasing 
growth of student population, excellence in pro- 
grams and curricula, and the burgeoning of 
College Park into a nationally recognized 
research institution. 

July 1, 1988 marked the dawn of a new era in 
higher education in the state of Maryland, as the 
five campuses of the university were merged 
with six other state universities and colleges to 
form the University of Maryland System, and 
College Park secured its flagship status with a 
mandate to become one of the pre-eminent 
research universities in the nation. 


The unique role of American research universities 
in advancing science and technology' has kept the 
United States in the forefront of innovation and 

product development. Research dollars from fed- 
eral and state agencies, corporations and founda- 
tions fuel much of the basic and appUed research 
activity of the University of Maryland at College 
Park's faculty and graduate students. 

The stature and success of the university in 
fields like engineering, computer science, the 
physical sciences and chemistry, agriculture, 
and en\'ironmental studies, attracts an increas- 
ing amount of research funding each year. In 
1993, contract and grant awards totaled $125 
million — three times the amount awarded ten 
years ago. 

The university has unique facilities, research 
centers and institutes that attract new research 
projects and funding, as well as provide 
expanded knowledge in business, science and 
technology. The College of Engineering houses 
the Glenn L. Martin Wind Tunnel — the most 
advanced aerodynamic testing facility of its 
kind on any university campus — and the 
Neutral Buoyancy Facility, which simulates 
weightlessness for space research, the only 
such facility on a university campus. Other 
specialized facilities include: 

Computer Vision Laboratory 

Bioprocess-scale up Laboratory 

Laboratory for Ion Beam Research 

and Application 
Superconductivity Research Center 
Laboratory for Plasma and Fusion Studies 
Psycholinguistics Laboratory 
Computer-assisted cartographic laboratories 
Developmental Psychology Laboratory 
Center on Aging 


Programs of public service are central to the 
overall mission of College Park. Tliis philosophy 
is reflected in the wide array of programs and 
initiatives that benefit the state's business, agri- 
culture, and education communities. 

With more than 900 high technology firms in the 
tluee-countv area of Montgomery, Prince 
George's and Frederick, the university has found 
abundant opportunity to extend its business and 
technology outreach programs to the region. 
Many of these programs are part of the 
Engineering Research Center, which operates the 
Technology Exter\sion Service, the Technology 
Advancement Program, and Maryland 
Industrial Partnerships, all programs designed to 
provide Maryland entrepreneurs and small busi- 
nesses with research facilities, technical assis- 
tance, administrative support, and access to tech- 
nology that will advance their economic base. 

Tlie Institute for Systems Research has formed 
partnerships with major corporations, including 
Martin Marietta, Westinghouse, BFGoodrich, 
Hughes Aircraft, and Dupont to apply advanced 
systems research to solving industry problems 
in the fields of signal technology, communica- 
tions, artificial intelligence, and manufacturing 

The Center for Renaissance 
and Baroque Studies works 
in conjunction with 
Maryland's high schools in 
using theater to explore per- 
sonal and social issues rele- 
vant to today's society. Team 
Maryland also works with 
area public schools by hav- 
ing student athletes serve as 
mentors to young students. 
Each semester student ath- 
letes act as role models to as many as 5,2U0 

The University of Maryland at College Park fea- 
tures a diversity of cultural and recreational 
activities. Through four art galleries, over 200 
annual musical performances, and countless 
dance and theater productions, audiences are 
exposed to the broadest range of programs in the 
arts. And intercollegiate, club, or intramural 
sports provide athletes of all levels an opportuni- 
ty to take part as spectators or participants. 


The se\en libraries at College Park constitute the 
largest university research library system in the 
Washington metropolitan area, providing vital 
resources to researchers, visiting scholars, and 
businesses throughout the region. The libraries' 
holdings include over 2.2 million volumes, 
19,309 subscriptions to periodicals, and nearly 
4.8 million items available in microfilm format. 
College Park libraries also offer several national- 
ly and internationally recognized special collec- 
tions such as the International Piano Archives at 
Maryland, the National Trust for Historical 
Preservation, the Katherine Anne Porter literary 

archive and the National Public 
Broadcasting Archives. 


With alumni clubs from Miami, Fla. 
to Taipei, Taiwan, the Alumni 
Association strives to keep and 
strengthen ties between the universi- 
ty and its graduates. Member events 
such as pre-game parties, bull roasts, 
picnics, golf tournaments, dinner cruises and 
subscription to College Park magazine help keep 
alumni connected to the university and to each 
other. All graduating seniors and successful mas- 
ter's and Ph.D. candidates receive a six-month 
free membership in the association. 


Students graduating tociay from the University 
of Maryland at College Park follow in the foot- 
steps of many notable alumni who have distin- 
guished themselves in such fields as science, 
entertainment, the arts, journalism, business, 
law, medicine, and government. 

As a graduate student in mathematics at College 
Park, Herbert A. Hauptman (Ph.D. '54) worked 
simultaneously at the Naval Research Laboratory 
(NRL) to devise a method for mapping three- 
dimensional structures of molecules. Three 
decades later he and Jerome Karle, his long-time 
collaborator at NRL, won the 1985 Nobel Prize in 
Chemistry for their pioneering research. Dr. 
Hauptman was awarded an honorary Doctor of 
Science degree by the university in 1985. 
Mark McEwen ('76), weather reporter and enter- 
tainment editor for "CBS This Morning," attend- 

ed the university and CBS News' Connie Chung 
('69) worked on the Dinmomibnck, the university's 
student newspaper, and for the campus radio 
station during her student years. Another suc- 
cessful journalist who received his collegiate 
training at College Park is two-time Pulitzer 
Prize-winning science writer Jon Franklin ('70). 
Franklin currently heads the journalism program 
at the University of Oregon. 

The late Jim Henson ('60) and Jane Henson ('55), 
creators of "the Muppets," met in a puppetry 
class at College Park and worked together on 
designing theater shows as students. 

One of the university's most devoted sons is A. 
James Clark ('50), president of The Clark 
Construction Group, Inc., the parent corporation 
of such nationally recognized general contracting 
firms as The George Hyman Construction 
Company and OMNI Construction, Inc. Through 
his generosity students now study in the A. James 
Clark School of Engineering. 

Other notable alumni include Carmen Balthrop 
('71), a former Metropolitan Opera star who is 
now an associate professor of music at College 
Park; George V. McGowan ('51), former chair- 
man of Baltimore Gas and Electric; Joseph B. 
Gildenhorn ('51), former U.S. ambassador to 

>' r,a^' a .s^' 

U N I V E R S I 


Switzerland; Tom McMillen ('74), former U.S. 
Congressman and current co-chairman of the 
President's Council on Physical Education; 
Mary Stallings Coleman ('35), the first woman 
elected to the Supreme Court of Michigan; 
Fred O'Green ('49), retired chairman of Litton 
Industries; Joseph R. Hardiman ('59), president 
and chief executive officer of the National 
Association of Securities Dealers and the comput- 
erized stock market, Nasdaq; Len Elmore ('78), 
former NBA basketball star and president of his 
own sports marketing firm. Precept, Inc.; Rep. 
Steny Hoyer ('63), Maryland's Fifth District U.S. 
Congressman; John N. Lauer ('63), former presi- 
dent and chief operating officer of the BF 
Goodrich Co.; AMen J. Krowe ('54), vice chairman 
of Texaco; and Rutli Davis ('52, '55) president and 
CEO of the Pymatuning Group Inc., a leading 
consulting firm on technology and industrial 


Early commencement ceremonies at the 
University of Maryland were marked with 
great fanfare and celebration. The faculty gave 
huge banquets for the graduates the night 
before the event. The following morning, 
crowds gathered to watch the young graduates 
parade. It was a gala social occasion, attracting 
not only friends and relatives, but the fashion- 
able elite of the day. At the ceremony, prayers 
were recited, speeches were made, and hon- 
orary degrees were awarded to distinguished 
figures from across the country. Finally, as the 
audience cheered and threw flowers, the grad- 
uates came forward to collect their Latin- 
inscribed degrees. 

Academic Costume 

The black caps and gowns worn by the stu- 
dents and faculb,' in the academic procession 
have been the traditional costume of scholars 
since the Middle Ages. Tlie ordinary dress of 
the scholar, whether student or teacher, was 
similar to that of a cleric. Caps and gowns 
were probably worn to keep students warm in 
unheated buildings. Many medieval scholars 
were tonsured, like monks, and hoods served 
to cover the sha\'ed head until the skull cap 
later took its place. 

Even after the Civil War, most students at 
American universities wore caps and gowns 
daily while in residence. These varied in 
design until they were standardized by the 
American Intercollegiate Commission in 1894. 
At that time it was decided that all robes 
would be black. Colors on the trim of the gown 
were also standardized to indicate the schol- 
ar's academic discipline. 
A list of department colors follows: 

Agriculture: Maize 

Arts, Letters, Humanities: White 

Business Administration, 
Commercial Science: Drab 

Dentistry: Lilac 

Economics: Copper 

Education: Light Blue 

Engineering: Orange 

Fine Arts, Architecture: Brown 

Forestry: Russet 

Home Economics: Maroon 

Journalism: Crimson 

Law: Purple 

Library Science: Lemon 

Medicine: Green 

Music: Pink 

Nursing: Apricot 

Oratory, Speech: Silver Gray 

Pharmacy: Olive 

Philanthropy: Rose 

Philosophy: Dark Blue 

Public Administration, Foreign 

Ser\'ice: Peacock Blue 
Public Health: Salmon 
Physical Education: Sage Green 
Science: Golden Yellow 
Social Work: Citron 
Theology and Divinity: Scarlet 
Veterinary Sciences: Gray 

The tassel may also be colored to represent an 
academic discipline or it may be black. 
Officially, the tassel is permitted "to lie where 
it will" on the mortarboard. However, numer- 
ous institutions have adopted the practice of 
having degree candidates wear the tassel on 
the right front side at the start of the com- 
mencement ceremony and then shift them to 
the left side after degrees are awarded. 

Student Marshals 

Elected through a nomination process, student 
marshals are senior leaders who play an 
important role in the graduation ceremony. 
Student marshals assist in organizing the thou- 
sands of graduates, leading them smoothly 
through the commencement procession. They 
also supply extra caps and hoods, and bobby 



pins to keep headwear secure. December 1994 
marshals are listed on page 73 of this booklet. 

Senior Gift 

The senior gift is a university tradition dating 
back 84 years. The first senior gift, the iron 
gate entrance at the Rossborough Inn, was 
given by the class of 1910. As this year's gift 
from the graduating class, seniors have elected 
to donate funds for the construction of a gar- 
den behind McKeldin Library. The garden vifill 
feature flowers and plants indigenous to the 
state of Maryland. 

The purpose of the senior gift is twofold. Each 
year the senior class leaves behind a memo- 
rable legacy for new students and visitors, and 
provides the university with a gift that 
enhances the campus atmosphere. 

Past senior gifts have included: the Testudo 
statue (Class of 1933), the lights around the 
"M" in the traffic circle on Campus Drive 
(Class of 1986), and the restoration of the 
Chapel chimes and clock face (Class of 1992). 


A degree is awarded for the successful com- 
pletion of a course of study. There are more 
than 1,600 different academic degrees current- 
ly conferred by colleges and universities 
nationwide. The University of Maryland at 
College Park offers degrees in 98 undergradu- 
ate majors, 87 master's programs, and 68 doc- 
toral programs. 

The Doctor's Degree 

The doctor's degree represents the most 
advanced earned degree conferred by 

American institutions. There are two distinct 
types: the practitioner's degree and the 
research degree. The first type represents 
advanced training for the practice of various 
professions, principally Doctor of Medicine, 
Juris Doctor, and Doctor of Pharmacy. These 
degrees do not involve the completion of origi- 
nal research by the student. The University of 
Maryland, at the professional school in 
Baltimore, awarded the first two dental 
degrees in history on March 9, 1841, and 
invented the name of the degree. Doctor of 
Dental Surgery (D.D.S.). 

The second type is the research doctorate rep- 
resenting prolonged periods of advanced 
study. A dissertation which usually accompa- 
nies the study is intended to contribute sub- 
stantially to the body of knowledge on the sub- 
ject. The most important of these, the Doctor of 
Philosophy, no longer has an implication of 
philosophy for its holder, but represents 
advanced research in any of the major fields of 
knowledge. It was first awarded in the United 
States in 1861 by Yale University. The 
University of Maryland awarded a Ph.D. for 
the first time in 1920. 

The Master's Degree 

The master's degree is an academic honor 
bestowed upon students who have successful- 
ly completed work beyond the baccalaureate. 
A thesis and an oral examination are usually 
required. In 1920, the University of Maryland 
awarded its first Master of Arts (M.A.) and 
Master of Science (M.S.) degrees in fields other 
than agriculture. 

The Bachelor's Degree 

The bachelor's degree represents the comple- 
tion of a four-year course of college-level study 

and is the oldest academic degree awarded by 
American institutions of higher learning. It 
was first conferred in America in 1642 on the 
first nine graduates of Harvard College. 
Maryland Agriculture College, which later 
became the University of Maryland at College 
Park, awarded its first Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) 
and Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in 1862. 

Honorary Degree 

Each year the University of Maryland at 
College Park awards honorary degrees to per- 
sons approved by a campus committee, the 
provost, the president, and the university's 
Board of Regents. Through the bestowal of 
these degrees, the university seeks to recognize 
outstanding acluevement in government, busi- 
ness, education, science, and the arts. In recent 
years the committee has sought to recognize 
individuals in the greater Washington- 
Baltimore area who have made significant con- 
tributions to an improved quality of life in the 
region. Honorary degrees have also been 
awarded to graduates of College Park who 
have gone on to enjoy notably successful 
careers. Past honorary degree recipients 
include Isaac Asimov (1977), Eubie Blake 
(1978), Bill Cosby (1992), Hugh Downs (1988), 
Ralph Ellison (1974), Milton Eisenhower 
(1958), Jim Henson (1978), Hubert H. 
Humphrey (1965), Lyndon Baines Johnson 
(1963), and Andrew Wyeth (1964). 


U N I V 


Alfred W. Alberts 

Honorary Doctor of Science 
and Commencement Speaker 

Although Alfred Alberts admits he's a 
dreamer, he never dreamed his work 
would someday potentially save many 
lives. But it has. As a research scientist 
at the pharmaceutical giant Merck & Co., in the late 
'70s, it was his team that discovered and patented 
the compound lovastatin, a drug proved to inhibit 
the body's production of cholesterol. Today, lovas- 
tatin is the most widely prescribed medicine for 
treating high cholesterol in the world. 

More recently, Alberts is responsible for 
research that went into the discovery of a new 
derivative of lovastatin — simvastatin, which has 
proven to reduce the risk of death from high choles- 
terol by as much as 30 percent. 

He credits his accomphshments with a propen- 
sity for taking risks, dogged persistence and with 
forever dreaming up creative solutions to seeming- 
ly unsolvable problems. "Anybody that wants to 
discover anything has got to be a dreamer," he says. 
Alberts' eyes were opened to the wonders of sci- 
entific investigation by a microbial physiology 
course he was taking as a Ph.D. candidate in zoolo- 
gy here at College Park. He says it showed him a 
"whole new way of looking at things." His desire to 
explore the field further pulled so strong, he depart- 
ed the university before completing his dissertation 
to work at the National Institutes of Health as a 
chemist. From there, he moved to the prestigious 
Washington University School of Medicine in St. 
Louis, working his way up from research instructor 
to a tenured associate professor — all without a 
Ph.D. In 1975 Alberts moved to Merck, lending his 

expertise to private industry, where today he is vice 
president of biochemistry. 

Alberts' work has generated five patents and 
nearly 100 published articles in leading academic 
journals. In 1988, he was presented with the most 
prestigious award in his field, the Inventor of the 
Year Award given by InteUectual Property Owners, 
Inc. He also received the 1989 Thomas Alva Edison 
Award and the 1992 Pharmaceutical Manufacturers 
Association Discoverers Award. 

But Alberts says, by the very nature of his work, 
not all of his investigations have been successful. As 
a scientist, he has had more than his fair share of 
disappointments. "Research, almost by definition, is 
failure," he says. "But you cry for about 10 seconds 
and then you go on." 

With this persistence and determination his dis- 
coveries have surpassed his wildest dreams while 
helping others to live longer lives — allowing them 
to continue with dreams of their own. 

C A N D I D A T 



A U G U S 

Graduate Degrees 

August 1994 


Farida Adimi Physics 
Piou Abfiorption on 4He 

Sedat Akyurek Computer Science 
Aiiaptwe Dii^k Mnuageineiit 

Cengiz Alaettinoglu Computer Science 
Siiihibh' hitci-Dojiiain Routing Protocols 

Fady I. Alajaji Electrical Engineering 

On tlic Performance of Focused Error Control Codes 

Steven L. Armentrout Computer Science 
A Coiiiputatioual Theon/ of Map Reorganization 

Svetlana Avramov Electrical Engineering 

Voltage Ratio Measurement with Inductive Voltage Dividers 

Deborah L. Bailey Education Policy, Planning, and Administration 

Tlh- Black College Experience: Academic, Personal and Leadership Development 

at an Historically Black Institution 

Theresa R. Bajt Counseling and Personnel Services 
Career Salience in Mothers 

Sridhar Bashyam Business and Management 
Application of Perturbation Analysis to s,S Inventory Systems 

Warren T. Beard Jr. Electrical Engineering 

In-vacuum Photoreflectance Characterization of CaAs/AlgcAs Surfaces Using a 

One-Eyed Quantum Well Structure 

James E. Beairford Psychology 
Protective Factors of Resilience in Children 

Eric D. Benson Business and Management 

Statistical Properties of a System of Fourth Generation Process Index 

Gail L. Bjerklie Human Development 

The Effect of Cognitive Strategy Instruction and Cooperative Learning 

on Children's Interest in. and Learning of Social Studies Content 

Matthew T. Bray English Language and Literature 

Sensibility and Social Change: Charlotte Smith, Helen Maria Williams, and the 

Limits of Romanticism 

Robert T. Brown Zoology 

Identification of Elements Downstream ofthejunB Gene that Mediate 

Responsiveness to Interleukin-6 in a Murine Plasmacytoma 

Philippe Burlina Electrical Engineering 
Spatio-Temporal Image Processing for Vehicular Navigation 

Zhong N. Cai Electrical Engineering 
Stage Buffer Design of Multi-level Cache 




James R. Carpenter Curriculum and Instruction 

Srilekha S. Das Chemical Physics 

Weaving IIk Text: The Lived Experience of High School Stiicieiit Actors in Hamlet 

.4)1 Investigation of the Extent of Polymerization and the Molecular Weight- 

Distribution of Living Poly-Alpha Methyl Styrene in Tetrahydrofuran 

Robert P. Carr English Language and Literature 

Nationhood, Identity, Writing: Questions of the Wild Space and the International 

Edward S. Davis Zoology 

Division of Labor in African American and Anglophone Caribbean Literature 

Molecular Analysis of Cyclophilin Function in Yeast 

Lin M. Chaves Psychology 

Mary J. DeSimone Curriculum and Instruction 

Color Reversal Learning: Effects after Telencephalic Lesions in Pigeons 

An Ethnographic Study of the Fonnation of a Facilitator's Croup in Higher Education 

ChungMin Chen Computer Science 

David G. Dewitt Meteorology 

Adiiptnv Database Systems Using Query Feedback 

On Precipitation and Low-Level Tropical Flow 

Po-Ning Chen Electrical Engineering 

Bruce R. DeForge Sociology 

Lnrge Drvintions Approaches to Perfonnance Analysis of Distributed Detection Systems 

The Recognition of Mental Illness by College Students: A Test of Role-Taking 

Fadure and Labeling Theories 

Qi Chen Chemical Engineering 

Advanced Process Optimization and Control of Continuous and Batch Processes 

John E. Eck Criminal Justice and Criminology 

with Consideration of Process/Model Mismatch 

The Characteristics of Drug Dealing Places 

Hong Cheng Chemistry 

Alp T. FIndikoglu Physics 

Mechanistic Studies on Mandelate Racemase: Substituent, Isotope and 

Study of Microwave Properties of YBCO Thin Films and YBCO/Dielectric 

Viscosity Effects 


Hung-Wen Chiou Chemical Engineering 

John B. Flippen History 

On the Design of Robust Model Predictive Controllers for Constrained Processes 

The Nixon Administration, Politics, and the Environment 

Gail S. Cummins English Language and Literature 

Karen J. Frey Business and Management 

Conung to Voice in Writing 

An Empirical Investigation of Indirect Cost Allocation, Strategy and Business 

Unit Performance 

Melvin Cummins Business and Management 

Effects of Career Self-Efficacy and Global Self-Esteem on Occup^atlonal 

Jane A. Funderburk Textiles and Consumer Economics 

Aspirations of Female College Students 

The Deuelopiment of Women's Ready-to-wear, 1865-1914: Based on New York 

Times Advertisements 

Robert J. Danaher Microbiology 

Characterization of the Neisseria Gonorrhoege Lipooligosaccharide Biosynthesis 

Ranjan Ganguli Aerospace Engineering 

Operon, lsi-1 

Aeroelastic Optimization of Advanced Geometry and Composite Rotors 

Martene W. Daniel Curriculum and Instruction 

Deborah A. Gerrity Counseling and Personnel Services 

An Ethnographic Study of an Open Space Technology Meeting in a 

The Effects of Sexual Harassment on Emotional and Occupational Functioning of 

Business Setting 


University Employees 

N D I D A T E S 


D U A T E 

G R E E S 

19 9 4 

Peggy C. Golden Education Policy, Planning, and Administration 
An Aiiiil\/fi^ 0/ tik' Rclntioiiship Betzivcii tlic Malhcmatics Achievement and the 
Mathematics Pwgrnin Completed b\f Stiidoils in n Snlntrhan Scliool District in 
tlie Middte-Atlnutie Re\^iO]i 

Charies A. Greene Engineering Materials 

A Fiindameiitnl Stiid\/ on Ambient Temperature Creep Deformation Behavior of 

alpha, alpha-beta and beta Titanium Alloys 

Vineet K. Gupta Mechanical Engineering 

Modeling Solder jouit Reliabiliti/ for Surface Mount Compliant Leaded 

Electronic Components 

Stephen P. Hale Biochemistry 

Staphylococcal Nuclease Catalyzed DNA Hydrolysis: A Detailed Mechanistic 


Cynthia 6. Hanson Business and Management 

Attitude Toward the Ad, Brand Knozvledge and Choice 

William R. Harrell Electrical Engineering 

The Phenomenology of the "Hot Hole" Reliability Problem in Silicon MOSFETS 

Joseph R. Harris Education Policy, Planning, and Administration 

Urban School District Policies Governing Instructional Uses of Computers 

Yoshiko Hayakawa Mathematics 

On the WeiTPetersson Completion of Moduli Spaces of Calabi-Yan Tlireefolds 

Jac C. Heckelman Economics 

Tlie Secret ballot and the Market for Votes: Economic Incentives fo the 

Secret Ballot 

David A. Hoffman Counseling and Personnel Services 
An Assessment of the Cognitive and Moral judgment Aspects of Fowler's Theory 
of Faith Development unth First-i/car College Students Participating in a 
Developmental Spiritual Program 

Barbara B. Houchen Business and Management 

Sid'cfss and Failure of Specialists and Generalists: An Empirical Test of 
Population Ecology's Fitness Set Theory 

Cheryinn L. Jacobs Human Development 

Self-Profile for Older Adults: Dei'clopineiit, Validation and Standardization of an 
Instrument to Measure Self-Concept and Self-Worth 

Alusine S. Jah Agricultural and Extension Education 
Leadership in Agricultural Education in Maryland: Responsibilities of High 
School Superintendents, Voc. Directors and Principals as Percewed by 
Incumbents, Ag.Ed. Teachers and Ag. Interest Croups in Md. 

Vinod K. Jain Business and Management 

Evolution of International Investment Strategy: The Case of Foreign MNEs in 

the United States 

Margaret R. Jaster English Language and Literature 

Fashioning the Miiide and Coiidicions: The Uses and Abuses of Apparel in Early 
Modern England 

Jin-Gil Jeong Business and Management 

Cross-Bolder Transmission of Stock Market Moi'ements: An Analysis of 
Overlapping Trading Hours 

Xun Jiang Applied Mathematics 

Numerical Approximation of a Phase Relaxation Model 

Emogene F. Johnson-Vaughn Health Education 

The Relationship of Socioeconomic Status, Gender, and Self-Efficacy to the 
Health Promoting Behaviors of African-American Students 

Anandam P. Kavoori Journalism 

Globalization, Media Audiences, and Television Neivs: A Comparative Study of 

American. British, Israeli, German and French Audiences 

JaeBong Kim Biochemistry 

Investigations of 1-aininoelhylphosphonate Pathimy Enzymes in 

Tetraln/mena Pyriformis 

Aparna S. Kolhekar Biochemistry 

Mechanistic Investigations of Stajiliylococcal Nuclease Mutants 

Suk M. Ku Horticulture 

Peri> M. Malouf Electrical Engineering 

Nitrogen and Phosphorus Fertilizer Leaching From Container-Grown Pomsettia 

A Three-Stage, Mixed Geometry Gyrotnystrom Amplifier 

and Geranium 

Patricia F. Mead Electrical Engineering 

Gerard M. Lacourciere Biochemistry 

Modal and Polarization Characteristics of Moderate Diode-Pumped Nd: YAG Lasers 

Mechanistic Studies of Microsomal Epoxite Hydrolase 

Rosalie V. Mince Human Development 

Timothy P. Lcary Education Policy, Planning, and Administration 

The Effects of Physical Fitness, Behavioral Inten'ention, and Exercise Self- 

Unking Community Service to Formal Learning in Higher Education 

Efficacy on Exercise Adherence 

Shin-Wha Lee Government and Politics 

Marit C. MitscllOW Business and Management 

Environmental Refugees in the Third World Tripolar Relationship of 

Auditor Independence and the Savings and Loan Crisis: Tiuo Research Essays 

Environment Change, Refugee Flows, and Conflict in Sudan and Bangladesh 

Kevin C. Murptiy History 

Naomi E. Leonard Electrical Engineering 

Neither Out Far Nor in Deep: The American Merchant Experience in the 

Averaging and Motion Control of Systems on Lie Groupis 

Japanese Treaty Ports, 1859-99 

Andrew Levin Agronomy 

Brion W. Murray Biochemistry 

Aluminum Solubility and Coinplexation in Acid Soils 

Glycl Radical Biosynthesis: Mechanistic Studies on the Activating Enzyme of 

Pyruvate Formate-Lyase 

Adina P. Leviton Counseling and Personnel Services 

Predictors of Return-to-Work for the Industrially Injured Claimant: Implications 

Josepll E. Naftzinger Government and Politics 

for an Aging Workforce 

Policy Making w the German Democratic Republic: The Response to West 

German Trans-Border Television Broadcasting 

Qi Lin Electrical Engineering 

Modeling and Simulation of Submicron Semiconductor Devices by a New 

Revathi Narasimlian Applied Mathematics 

Hydrodynamic Method 

Robustness of Some Mixed Finite Elements Satisif]/ing a Non-Uniform Inf-Sup 


Dongzi Liu Physics 

The Physics of Electron Localization and Wigner Crystallization in Two-dimen- 

Barbara J. Nicldas Kinesiology 

sional Electron Systems under Strong Magnetic Fields 

Effects of Short Term, Lozv-Intensity Endurance Exercise on Regional 

Differences in Hormone-Stimulated Lipolysis in Postmenopausal Women 

Kang-Man Liu Mathematics 

Dimensional Reduction for Problems of Vibrating Solids 

Madhura V. Nirltlie Electrical Engineering 

Time-situated Reasoning Within Tight Deadlines and Realistic Space and 

Jiang Lu Mechanical Engineering 

Computation Bounds 

Numerical Studies of Chemically Enhanced Combustion in Internal Combustion 

Engines Using Advanced Piston Geometry 

Gina A. Oliva Recreation 

The Impact of Accessibility Features for Hearing Impaired Participants on 

Jutta Luettmer-Stratiimann Physics 

Program Adherence and Attitude Towards Disabled Persons in Hearing 

Transport Properties of Fluids and Fluid Mixtures in the Critical Region 


Participants in Aerobic Exercise Classes 


U G U S T 19 9 

Yakup Ozkazanc Electrical Engineering 

Manas C. Saksena Computer Science 

PyiumuiS nmi Stability of Spncecrnft with Fluiii-FHIcti Cavities 

Parametric Scheduling for Hard Real-Time Systems 

Giulio F. Paciotti Zoology 

Madelyn C. Schultz Human Development 

Intcrlcuktii-I us iin Autocrine Grou'th Factor in the Estrogen Dependent Human 

Parenting Education: The Effect of the "Exploring Parenting" Program on Lozv 

Breast Cancer Cell Line, MCF-7 

Income Families 

Da-Chen Pang Mechanical Engineering 

Geralyn M. Schuiz Hearing and Speech Sciences 

Mai^nctic Bearing S\/steni Design for Enhanced Stabiiity 

Speech Motor Learning in Normals and Cerebellar Patients 

Katharine A. Paweiko Recreation 

Jia-Lang Seng Business and Management 

Defining the Nature of Visitors and Their Recreational Experiences on the 

Requirements-Driven Database Systems Benchmark Methodology 

Delaware River 

Patricia A. Shaw American Studies 

Mohammad A. Porbahaie Civil Engineering 

Negro Digest, Pulse Magazine, and Headlines and Pictures: African 

Centrifuge Modeling of GeotextUe Reinforced Cohesive Earth Retaining 

American Periodicals and Morale Builders, Informants and Articulators of 


Protest During World War II 

Lorine N. PottS-Dupre Education Policy, Planning, and Administration 

Ming-Huei Shieh Electrical Engineering 

Tlie Foundings of \ ale College, The University of Georgia and Obcrlin College: 

Memory Applications Using Resonant Tunneling Diodes 

Case Studies in the Evolution of Lay Governance in American Colleges and 


Mikhail M. Shvartsman Applied Mathematics 

Phase Boundaries in Anisotropic Elastic Materials 

Marc W. Pound Astronomy 

Proto-broicn Dwarfs 

Cresaundra C. Sills Education Policy, Planning, and Administration 

Locus ofConliol and job Satisfaction of College Graduates from a Predominantly Wliite 

Angel Puente-Guerra Spanish Language and Literature 

Coinprehcnsii'c University: A Comparison In/ Riice, Gender and Years of Graduation 

Un Alcph f» La Narratwa de Manuel Miijica Lainez: Bomarzo 

Anne M. Spence Aerospace Engineering 

Timothy W. Reed Human Development 

A Design-Oriented Aeromechanical Analysis for Hingeless Rotor Helicopters in 

The Effects of Teacher Efficacy, Collegial Relations, and Principal Support on 

Straight and Turning Flight 

Teachers' Attitudes Totuard Cooperative Learning and Their Implementation of 

Cooperative Leannng Methods 

Lorraine C. Sprecher English Language and Literature 

My Dissertation by Gertrude Stein 

Margaret D. Reid Chemistry 

Ring-Opening Reactions of Cyclopropyl Garbene Chromium Complexes: 

Michael J. Stark Physics 

Prep'aration of 1 ,4-Dilialo-l-Alkenes and Alh/nes 

Search for Ultra-High Energy Emission from Cygnus X-3 Using the CYCNUS 

Extensive Air Shower Detector 

Ayse A. Sahin Mathematics 

Tiling Representations of R2 Actions and a-Eqiiivalence in Tivo Dimensiotjs 

Kenneth W. Staver Jr. Engineering, Agriculture 

Quantif\/iiig Advective Transport of Nitrate fioin the Root Zone into Shallow 

Ground Water 


Suzanne A. Stevenson Computer Science 

Ambiguity Resolution in a Hybrid Netimrk Model of Human Parsing 

Seyed A. Tabatabaei Electrical Engineering 

Heterojunction Bipolar Transistor Development for Semiconductor Laser Drivers 

Mwaffak A. Taib Agronomy 

Nitrate Soil Testing for Corn Production Systems in Maryland 

Carole A. Teolis Electrical Engineering 

Robust Output Feedback Control for Nonlinear Systems 

Dale L. TirtUe Government and Politics 

Theory Building and Cycles of Violence: The Limits of State Coercion in Ethno- 

Nalional Rebellion 

George Tzavelas Mathematical Statistics 

Parameter Estimator: Quasi-livelihood, Generalized Linear Models, 

Semiparametric Models and Exponential Families 

Peggy L. Walton Zoology 

Anatomical Investigation of an Auditory Circuit in the Toadfish Opsanus Tau 

Peiling Wang Library and Information Senices 

A Cognitive Model of Document Selecting Behavior of Real Users of IR Systems 

Wendong Wang Mechanical Engineering 

Three-Dimensional Motion and Structure From Binocular Image Flozvs 

XIao-Guang Wang Philosophy 
Virtue Ethics and Moral Motivation 

Yushu Wang Engineering Materials 

A Study of the Wear Transitions of Ceramics 

Zhongchun Wang Horticulture 

The Role of Sorbitol and Other Carbohydrates in Active Osmotic Adjustment in 

Potted Apple Trees 

Yvette S. Weber Aerospace Engineering 

The Numerical Simulation of the Reflected Shock/ Boundary Layer Interaction in 

High Performance Shock Tubes 

Han Wen Physics 

High Field Magnetic Resonance Imaging 

Brian M. Wlegmann Entomology 

The Earliest Radiation Lepidoptera: Evidence from ISSrDNA 

Daniel Wims Agricultural and Extertsion Education 

Educational and Occupational Aspirations and Expectations of Seniors in Five 

Rural Predominately Black Southwest Georgia Secondary Schools 

Richard B. Winston Geology 

Hydrology of a Fresh-water Marsh, Anne Arundel Co., Md. 

Tsung-Hsien Wu Electrical Engineering 

Issues in Multi-Media Packet CDMA Personal Communication Networks 

Yaser F. Yacoob Computer Science 

Computer Vision Algorithms for Processing Human Faces 

Jae-Heon Yang Computer Science 

Scalable Synchronization in Shared Memory Multiprocessors 

Gil Yudilevitch Electrical Engineering 

Optimal Decoupling with Applications to Rotor Craft Flight Control 

James A. Zaykoski Engineering Materials 

Polymorphism and Properties of Materials in the Barium Aluminosilicate- 

Barium Gallosilicate System 

Yan Zhuang Electrical Engineering 

Analysis and Synthesis of Distributed Systems — A Framework 



19 9 4 


Thomas C. Baker Education Policy, Planning, and Administration 
Pivailmissioii Requirements and Student Success in Maryland Community 
College Nursing Programs 

Patricia M. Buske-Zainal Curriculum and Instruction 

A Phcnomcnotogical journey Toxoards Understanding What It Is Like for 
Faculty Members at a Small Engineering College to Be in Teaching Together 

Thomas A. Custer Curriculum and Instruction 

The Influence of Student and Teacher Field Independence/Dependence Cognitive 

Style on Student Achiei'ement in High School Chemistri/ 

Ronnie E. Holden Education Policy, Planning, and Administration 
Maryland's Black Public Colleges and Universities Administrators' Attitudes 
and Perceptions Totvard the Fordice Decision and Its Inifilications for Higher 
Education in the State of Maryland 

Michael D. Thew Education Policy, Planning, and Administration 

The Perceptions of Key Stakeholders Toward the Intermediate Unit System in 
Pennsylvania after Twenty Years of Service 


S I T Y 




Daphne Rachell Kirksey 

German Language and 


Carol DeVault Lahey 



Nina Fascione 

Lynne Graham Slater 
Keith Gerard Smith 

Soumen Banerjee 

August 1994 

SheUy Merchant Young 

Government and Politics 


Samuel Alan Zack 

Susan Elizabeth Baer 


Steven Paul Boyenger 

Criminal Justice and 

Michael James Coveyou 

Amy Lynn Giller 


Michael KeUey Gusmano 

Paul Gottlieb Klee 

Brett Chapman 

Christl Rikka Perkins 

Radovan Z. Kovacevic 

Lori Anne EUs 

Adam D. Schwartz 

Vivien Deslandes Mustakos 

John Gregory Worley 

Ping Wang 

Muhammadali Sami 


Hearing and Speech Sciences 

Laura Sherrill Raney 

Lisa Marie Campbell 


William Fenton TuUoch 

Deborah Elizabeth Chase 

American Studies 

Education Policy, Planning and 


Reynolds Johnson Childress 


Glenn Everett Campbell 

Deirdre E. Durbin 

Suzette M. Chagnon 

Edgar Archibald Hatcher IV 

Craig Allen Seymour II 

Ting-TLng Sun 

Rebecca Ann Lord 

Eric Lothar Spross 

Amy Leigh Masciola 

L. Ariella Zeller 

English Language and 

William Woods Thomas 

Applied Mathematics 

Olga Fortou 

Jan Robert Danielsen 
Rachel Beth Gross 

Histoiy/Library and Information 

Services, Combined 


William Carroll Hayward 

Ira Mark Kirshenbaum 

gfegSi***^*'*'^ ^*- ^"'^"''i^i^ 

Art History 

Heidi Neoma Abbey 

Jeffrey Hugh Kear 
Kristen Elin McElhiney 

W ■"''■- " •' "^ 

Human Development Education 


Sarah Elizabeth Bellavance 

Syntliia Joy Shilling 

Bernadette Gersh 


Puwen Lee 

Holly Davi'n Stewart 
Caroline F. Van HoUen 

Kathleen M. Wilde 



John Kostas 


Sheila Jane Arenstam 

Charles Chastine Flippen 

Terri-Ann Jones 

Counseling and 

Alice Teresa Cialella 

Michael D. Koster 

Personnel Service 

Michael Edward Clifton 

Alissa Ellen Neil 


Debra Sue Burgess 

Evelyn Evon Cooper 

Karen Lynn Curry 

Carolyn Kathleen Kelley 



Eileen M. Hershberger 

James M. McManus 

Myles Stuart Berg 

Rhonda Lee Hirschom 

Nonoko Tsukada 

Catherine Hewitt Eliot 



AUGUST 19 9 4 

Kelli Billish Fitter 
Faritieh Kastens 
Mark John Laffey 
Jane Porter Megginson 
Michael Thomas Seymour 

Measurement, Statistics 
and Evaluation 

Ste\'en James Perakis 


John David Strom 


Rebecca Marie Buchanan 
Linda Richter 

Radio, Television, and Film 

Charles Eugene Howell ill 


Chia-Chen Chang 
Jeffrey Colin Gardner 
David I. Herbet 
Laura Lynn Hersey 
Anne Berg Kernan 
John Charles Klaus 
Laurence FrankHn McDowall 
Ping-Wei Tsai 


Sliari Lee Dworkin 
Erjan Rafik-ogey Kurbanov 
Cindy Lee Larison 
Hannah Anne Stires 

Spanish Language and 

Lidia Clara Dorin 


Jaye Christopher Andrews 

William J. Barker Jr. 

Charles Nord Bay 

Jeffrey Scott Blankman 

Marian Walker Mitchell Bond 

Scott E. Bradley 

Michael J. Bucci 

Chatkan Bunnag 

Kevin J. Canavan 

Paul Joseph Candleana Jr. 

Robert Eric Carignan 

Margaret M. Carnathan 

Eric T. Chabinsky 

Barry Michael Dubin 

Isabella S. Dymarskaia 

Patricia F. Eckert 

Robert J. Etkins 

Christopher Frederick Finley 

John J. Frick 

Donald W. Galloway 

Brian Keith Gardiner 

Willa-Jo Michelle Greene 

Robert Gustines 

Karen Jill Hall 

Leslie Helen Hansen 

Elaine Gargus Harp 

Michael James Hartman 

James Healy 

Renee Michelle Henry 

Kendra Paige Heyde 

John S. Hieronymus 

Jill Allene Humble 

Melna Genell Inge 

John Alan Jankowski 

Diane Cecilia Jentilet 

Gregory J. Kahl 

Kirk K. Kanjian 

Ned Harris Kauffman III 

Phyllis Y. Kay 
Paul F. Kendall 
Kyle Edward Kolvereid 
George R. Kopf 
Trevor Francis Lauer 
Bruce Livingston 
Gregory Harry Marcus 
Ricardo Marrero 
Marlon Wellington Marshall 
Kevin Michael McCarty 
Jeffrey D. Monroe 
Barry Edward Newton 
Chau H. Nguyen 
Kevin M. O'Connor 
Eugene Gerard Paolino 
Sara H. Pausley 
Rodrigo Arturo Phillips 
Carl Joseph Emil Pirie 
Sharon L. Ranhand 
Andrew G. Reape 
Gregory James Riviello 
Frederick Saul Rosen 
Mitchell Jon Schwartz 
Sharon Settnek 
Derrick James Shaffer 
Rajan Dhansukhlal Shah 
Theodore D. Sherry 
Edward Allen Simmons 
Tamara Corrin Snyder 
Zee Lynn Snyder 
Neil J. Stablow 
James F. Stillwell Jr. 
Stephen Edwin Lee Swart 
David Elliot Swernofsky 
Lise E. Tracey 
Tracy D. Vargo 
Ajay Kumar Vashishat 
Jeffrey Maitland Walters 
Sharon Lee Lazar Waxman 
Nicole Wendi Weingarten 
Elizabeth Tobin Williams 


Ingnd Regina Bakalorz Blubaugh 
Geoffrey D. DiMeglio 
Aphinant Klewpatinond 


Judith Ann Krajnak 
Steven Everett Pardue 


Counseling and 
Personnel Service 

Carol Elaine Cave 
Michael James Dumas 
Flaminia Emma Mangone 
Ruth Ellen Zerwitz 

Curriculum and instruction 

Kelty Lynn Barber 
Eliana Godoy Burkhalter 
Keith Norman Burnham 
Charles Leroy Busch Jr. 
Laurie Slusarz Checco 
Carol Teresa Collins 
Jeanne Stanfield Crago 
Vincent Nazim Curtis 
Stephanie Ann Dillon 
Scott Harrison Doying 
Carol Ann Dungan 
Traci Gage Fairbairn 
Theresia A. Flanagan 
John Somervell Fleming 
Janine Lorraine Gomez 
Judith Ann Gordon 


N I V E 

R Y L A N D 

C O L L h (j t 

Gina Marie Granelli 
Julie Diane Haven 
Maria Y. Heintze 
Thomas Lee Hutson 
Marylin Ruth Jordan 
Ramona Wynee Justice 
Thomas Kenneth Kraft 
Johanna Ehzabeth Mack 
Patrick Timothy McGrath 
Raquel Mireles-Seydewitz 
Tamara Beth Mittler 
Naomi Mori 

Michelle Annette Murphy 
Patty A. Noakes 
Emily Anne Pawlikowski 
Maria C. Pearson 
Lori Alison Perry 
Alice Edelgard Petillo 
Anneatha Reed-Williams 
Hilary Joan Rosenfield 
Douglas Allen Rowan 
Kristin Louise Ruopp 
Julia Lenore Sameth 
Carol Ann Sanders 
Karen Jean Schlossberg 
David Eric Selvin 
Gloria Gordon Shelton 
Deborah Norene Smith 
David O. Stein 
Anne Katherine Swartz 
Jan Lucinda Thompson 
William Arthur Thompson Jr. 
Donald D'Arcy Vogel 
Judd Anyon Volino 
Yolanda Bonilla Wiese 
Mark Delaney Wilkerson 
Kimberly Ann Williams 
Lori Ann Wilson 
Stephanie Erika Wolff 
Donna C. Wonnacott 

Sandra Woodlock 
Kirk Michael Wright 

Education Policy, Planning 
and Administration 

Andrew Lee Abrams 
Mary A. Austin 
Wanda Yvonne Lee 
Heath E. Morrison 
Lori Rose Sclar 

Human Development Education 

Michele Ann Ennulat 
Julia Rachel Weinstein 

Special Education 

Ivy Yolanda Bailey 

Jennifer Marie Barrett 

Penny Leslie Beller 

Shelly Ann Waitlevertch Bentley 

Christine D. Bibb 

Linda Johnson Brooks 

Susan Butts Burchett 

Sally Ann Burnell 

Rebecca Lee Clark 

Susan Fearins Fintzen 

Stacia Anne Fisher 

Angelika Ingrid Garrett 

Kellie Gearinger Brown 

Cynthia Deane Hamblen 

Steven Hunter Hicks 

Sean Alexander Lane 

Matthew Jared Mayer 

Patrick Daniel Partridge 

Lawrence Cameron Savage 

Donna Faye Vickers 

Ella Moore Wilderson 


Creative Writing 

Robert Bobala 

Jennifer Leigh Brown 

Ha viva Rena Krasner-Davidson 


Nancy Ann Gibson Arnold 


Library and 
Information Services 

Suzanne Poitras Alcott 
Toby Anita Appel 
Lisa Hodgkins Brody 
Mandy Catharine Cummings 
Jennifer Kay Davis 
Linda Jean Elliott 
Joyce Fay Fletcher 
Mark Charles Gellner 
Louise Weaver Greene 
Siobhan Maura Harmon 
Melissa Carlson Herron 
David Moe Jellema 
Rita Ann Kaiser 
David Bennef Levy 
Mary Katherine Mannix 
Virginia Navarro 
Sara Whelan Pedersen 
Esther Simpson 
Sharon Ruth Sterbis 
Diane Ruth Upton 


Suzanne Lee Jackson 
Eunyoung Jeong 
Jeffrey David Multer 
Sergio J. Navarrete 
Jerry Neil Tabor 
Naoko Takao 
Robin E. Wildstein 
Yuh-Ching Sheu Yang 


Matthew Michael Baldwin 
Michelle Lydia Moreira 
Rolanda Vaunshay Terrell 
Laura Jean Trotter 
Michele Erin Van Allen 


Judith A. Allen-Close 
Daniel Edward Gogal 
Fielding E. Lamason Jr. 
Jacqueline Theresa McQueen 
Michelle Long Seith 
Peter A. White 


Aerospace Engineering 

Patrick Lester Crouse 
Mark Donald Gustafson 
Dennis Lee Loveless 11 
Erwin Paul Moedersheim 
Joseph Orso 



U G U S T 

Elizabeth Ann Sorenson 
William Sullivan Vincent 


Elizabeth Ann Heger 
Paul Nicholas McMahon 


Philip A. Esterle 


Jianping Wang 


Ronald Michael Beck 

Business and Management 

Laurie Ann Khanzetian 
Kimberly Kreitner 
Uma Maheswari Ragunathan 
Xiaoyun Sun 

Chemical Engineering 

Venkatramana N. Reddy 
Min-Hua Wang 


Bradley Ray Davidson 

Civil Engineering 

Khaled Adel Alamdeen 
Shiao-Shing Chen 
Raveendra Damera 
Mitesh V. Dave 
Cherian Eapen 
Kathleen ]. Field 
Patricio Gonzalez Morel 
Rakesh Gupta 
Vandana Gyandhar 
Mary Jean Helinski 
Ravichandran Kadhiresan 

Hojong Kim 

Ping Liang 

Sharon Briscoe Oby 

David Warren Overstreet 

Tiruvannamalai C. Shivakumar 

Thomas Leigh Wood 

Chi-Shiuh Wu 

Xiaoying Wu 

Rajasekhar R. Yelisetty 

Paul Richard Zielinski 

Computer Science 

Lawrence Hill Compton 
Tania Ruth Hanford 
Michael C. Polek 
William Clement Regli 111 
Tatiana Shpeisman 

Electrical Engineering 

Chao-Hung Chang 

Mary Katharine Elizabeth Flaherty 

Nishi Kant 

Taihyun Kim 

Santhana Krishnamachari 

Wenchao Liang 

Rajesh Sivarajan 

Konstantinos P. Tsoukatos 

Deven Verma 

Engineering Materials 

Chia-Hui Wu 

Family and Community 

Susan H. Carruthers 
Elizabeth Ann Park 
Debra Daphna Plewinski 
Monica J. Shuster 

Family Studies 

Jill Ann Maloney 
Ina Grim Morgan 

Food Science 

Nathanee Pulsuwan 


Jeffrey David Jarriel 


V. S. Seetha 

Mary Joan Wodecki 

Human Nutrition and Food 

Andrea Talanian Lindsey 

Marine, Estuarine and 
Environmental Sciences 

Peggy Ann Derrick 
Kathleen Maria Gillespie 
James M. MacGregor 

Mechanical Engineering 

Majed M.H. Al-Hazmy 

Ajit Gabriel Ariyanayagam 

Shuqiao Chen 

Shivakumar Gopalakrishnan 

Ethindran Ilanchezhian 

Kimberly Ann Kahl 

Atul Kalia 

Anupam Malhotra 

Anant Padmanabhan 

K. G. Satish 

Kumaraswami R. Shankar 

Zuojun Shi 

Abtar Singh 

Venkatesan Srinivasaraghavan 

Susanne Christine Tinker 


Bhavani Balasubramaniyan 
David Allen Miller 


Robert Kirk Burrows 
Shicheng Jiang 
Philip R. Johnson 
Catherine Jane Trout 

Vijayanand Vusirikala 

Reliability Engineering 

Kui-Sun Yim 

Sustainable Development and 
Conservation Biology 

Fabian F. Rodriguez 

Systems Engineering 

Aaron David Falk 

Textiles and Consumer 

Mikyung Lini 


Xiaorong Wang 





August 1994 


Bachelor of Science 

Agricultural and 
Resource Economics 

Christopher S. Allen 
William Eric Bader 
LaDonica Michele Baker 
Carl Owen Buhlman 
Jonathan Preston Eastridge 
Scott Franklin Kauffman 
Ayinde N. Lawal 

Animal Sciences 

Danise Michele Kurant 
Nanci Joelle Sien 

Conservation of Soil, Water and 

Ashley Elane Bottrell 
Tracey A. Butler 

Crop Science 

Daniel William Saathoff 


Maribel Muniz 
Leslie R. Zimmerer 

Food Science 

Diego F. Serrano 


John Thomas Dalton 

Natural Resources Management 

Robert Fraser Bowlus 
Elissa Carol Lynch 
George Peter SmerUs 

Nandy Anne Wentzel 
Joseph Daniel Wood 


Bachelor of Science 


Eric John Anderson§ 
Jordan Ben Goldstein* 


Bachelor of Arts 

Advertising Design 

Keith Louis Caruso 
Darlene Marie Pavlik 

American Studies 

Jill M. Green 
James Young Shin 
Mark Adam Tabakman 

Art History 

Theresa A. Burroughs 
Patricia S. Grossmarm 
Kyle Drummond Kancer 
Visvas J. Patel 

2nd Degree: Art Studio 
Mary L. Stevens 
Jeffrey Allen Watson 

Art Studio 

Lisa Ruth Cortland 
Stephen Michael Dell 
Tammy Annell Guice 
Heekyu Hong 

Wendy Leigh Knicely 
Visvas J. Patel 

2nd Degree: Art History 
Daniel Elliot Prosen 
Doris Esther Quifiones 
Eliane Chaaya Staiuslavsky 

East Asian Languages 
and Literature 

John Erich Sheer 
Jung Shen 

English Language and Literature 

Richard J. Ashley 
Brian Baier Beatty 
John Montgomery Bishop 
Kimberly Anita Brehon 
Linda Suzanne Chen 
Kimberly A. Davis 
Karen Lynn Drescher 
Bryan Joseph Flynn 
VerLyn Damerysue Francisco 
Catherine Anne Gerhardt 
John Gordon Hanna 
Martha Jane Hanson 
Robert Warner Harrison 
Richard Parker Humbert 
Michelle Kathleen Jacobs 
Jeffrey David Lange 
Sharanjit Kaur Leyl 

2nd Degree: journalism 
Willa Mae McManmon 
Afshin Molavi* 
Peter Collin Mossman 
Heather Leigh Neal 
Shelby Leigh O'Brien 
Michelle Dianne Parrish 
Gregory J. Pavlovcak 
Kathrine Irene Perkir\s 
Brian Edward Price 
Joharma L. Proudfoot 

§ Summa cum Laude f Magna cum Laude ' cum Laude 


Carl]. Quick III 
Patricia Ann Reb 
Shawn Elizabeth Reilly 
Bennett L. Rhodes 
Tracy Kate Rosenfeld 
Anthony Michael Shea 
Mark L. Shute 
Lorrent Jesse Smith 
Lakaiya Charnai Vines 
John Christopher Vranish 
Laura Ann Wyant 
Gary A. Yodowitz 
Christopher Michael Zegers 

French Language and LHerature 

Suzanne Elizabeth Restrepo 

German Language and Literature 

Ahmad Aziz Saadi 


Blake Charles Barnes 
Daniel Stewart Bragdon 
Charles Robert Brettell 
Richard A. Engler 
Luis Maria Ferrari 
Michael Fran(;is Gretz 
Charles Dean Halverson 
Michael Jaren Horsley 
Wayne Edward Jacobson 
Jonathan Inge Johnson 
Elena Knies 
Barry Lee Kohn 
Daryl James Lucas 
Mitchell Ross Murphyt 
Kenneth Michael Neher 
Edward Vincent Regan III 
Paul Howard Ritter 
John Bernard Ryan 
Lucy Ann Sambuco 
Daniel James Shulimson 

Rachel Tiffany Solomon 
Katherine Elizabeth St. John 
Joseph Morgan Wootten 


Anna Maria Milo 
Teresa Renee Snow 


Chiung-Wen Chang 
Mariya Nusinovich 

Radio, Television and Film 

Terrence Anthony Dean 

Russian Area Studies 

Jason Christopher Barry 

Russian Language and Literature 

Eric Glenn Madden 

Spanish Language 
and Literature 

Kelli Beth Brickman 
Carmen M.E. Oostburg-Sanz 
Candice Lerchelle Zuniga 

Speech Communication 

Scott Joseph Baxter 
Shawn L. Bernabeu 
Robert Daniel Bosworth 
Tiercy Ann Bumgardner 
Jeffrey Marc Fine 
Reed Gottesman 
Eric Ludwig Heuvel 
Terri Ann Lankford 
Tae Sung Lee 

Therese Sambuco Moorhead 
Jennifer Champion Morgan 
Taryn Marie Russell 
Alev Gul Sezer 

Gregory William Shaffer 
Russell Edward Williams 


Bruce Dana Henning 
Jason David Schnuit 

Bachelor of Music 


Sharon Margaret Kirkwood 

Bachelor of Science 

Advertising Design 

Kenya Connie Cassell 
Robert Howard Dahne 
Christine Angelotta Dixon 


Bachelor of Arts 

Afro-American Studies 

Andrea Lavette Walker 


Katharine Rae Rieman 
Steven Neil Schindler 

Criminal Justice 

John Nelson Converse 
Alan Christopher Davis 
Darren A. Drozdov 
Robert Scott Dyer 
Kelly Ceha O. Foster 
Scot Richard Goldstein 

Michelle Hemandas Sujanani 
Christopher Daniel Kerwin 
Shamelle Nico Lyles 
Kevin Michael Martin 
John Charles Mould 
Shane Steven Myers 
Anna Katarina Piranian 
Jeffrey Todd Silverman 
Joanne Marie Taylor 
Erica Nicole Thomas 
Daniel M. Tortoriello 
Bradley Mitchell Winter 


Deepti Gohil 
Jennifer Ann Noell* 
David Patrick Williams 
Robert John Wright 

Criminology and Criminal Justice 

Rochelle Yvonne Ahmed 
Shon LaMarr Bowe 
April Marie Clay 
Gregg Leslie Cox 
Bryan Gerald Criswell 
Joseph R. Crussiah 
John Walter Donohue 
Jeffrey James Ewart 
Michael Ira Feinglass 
Harry Wilbur Goidfein 
Maria Cristina B. Gonzaga 
Ronald Earle Goodall 
Michael Raymond Green* 
Lisa Marie Jackson 
Kimberly Renee Jones 
Joseph John Kluh 
Tracie Beth Kurland 
Trent Michael Lawrence 
Dale Elise Lemberger 
Damita Dell Majette 
Michael Keith Minkove 


§ Summa cum Laude f Magna cum Laude ' cum Laude 

Karen Lynn Moxley 
Adriana Orfanos Nikitopoulos 
Christine M. Norton 
David George Portner 
Ronald Lewis Rowe Jr. 
Scott Elliott Sabean 
Steven Eric Scott 
Gregory Curtis Simmons 
Arnie Lucinda Stewart 
Timothy Carey Sweeney 
David Wood Young 


Brian Richard Belcourt 
Michael A. Botte 
Anthony G. Bradford 
Lucien Charles 
Christina Constantinou 
Vincent E. de Castro 
Andrew John Ettinger 
Charles James Guarneri 
John Kevin Hahn 
Christopher Wilham Harvey 
Jill Amber Larvo 
Kyung-Soo Lee 

2nd Major: Japanese 
Christopher Matthew Lewis 
Geoffrey K. Oertel 
John Changshik Park 
Raymond Lawrence Richards 
Kenneth William Roby 
Stephen Mark Schwendinger 
Kevin Donald Shaplin 
Bruce Kevin Simms 
Bradley Jordan Smith 
John Anthony Tvelia 
Francis Wen-Kai Wetherington 
Robert J. Wilson 
Jennifer Marie Wipper 
Abdelkhalig Ibrahim Yagoub 

John Hong Kyu Yoo 
Mark Tsu-Wang Yu 

Government and Politics 

Gwendolyn Ann Appel 
Darin Edward Ayers 
Thomas W. Berlinsky 
Andrew David Block 
Ileana Ilona Chappel 
Mark Adrian Coates 
Kelly Bryan Collier* 
Andrew James Dagirmanjian 
Samantha Lee Dickoff 
Alison Jeanne Field 
Philip William Goode III 
Suren K. Grandsoult 
Charles Richard Hand Jr. 
Christopher James Harrington 
Michelle Jeanette Icochea 
Jeimifer Lynn Joyce 
Eun Jung Kim 
Michelle Ann Lombardo* 
David Jerome Lutz 
Celeste Annette Malatesta 
Kevin E. McGuirk 
Phillip Andrew Minnick 
Nuala Siobhan Moore 
Juan A. Mufioz-Torres 

2nd Major: Spanish Language 

and Literature 
Brian Nelson-Williams 
Kenyetta Lynn Osman 
George Andrew Panayiotou 
William Clark Planta 
Denise M. Schiavonet 
Jennifer Ann Sesta 
Angela Rene Smith 
David William Stefan 
Richard S. Stein 
David Glen Steinberg 
Warner Strong Sterling 

David Avram Stillwell 

Virginia Millan Jackson Stuart 

Steven Francis Weiss 

Julie Lynn Wellham 

Vicki Lee Yost 

Bennett Edmond Zinman 

Julie Zwiebel 

Hearing and Speech Sciences 

Jill Mara Caplan 
Linda Sue Halterman 
Sharol Lynn Kochan 
Kristen S. Lottot 
Emily Jennifer Mellgren 
Diane Lynn Myers 
Lisa Renee Schlichtig 


Kevin Andrew Allen 
John Elder Bender 
Melissa Rae Bookoff 
Jennifer Michelle Breen 
Karen Hsin-Hui Chow 
Kyung Mi Chun 
Helena Frances Curran 
Jody Lynn Dosberg 
Diana M. Fandino 
Kali AUse Holland 
Kristine E. Kramer 
Matthew William Leasure 
Brian J. Little 
Anne Catherine Mangum 
Michele Mital 
Ryan Matthew Pinson 
Brian Charles Raab 
Andrea Lynette Radik 
Julie Beth Sandrow 
Kristy Lynn Smith 
Emando Ashoka Thomas 
Daniel Jonathan Weiss§ 
R. David WilUams 


Giovanna Filippina Bellafiore 
Angela Marie CagnoU 
Ellen Cahill Davis 
Andrew Clark Eisel 
Mark St. John Fero 
Amy Jill Goldberg 
Kristen Sunny Harrington 
Keith Barton Higgins 
Chieko Ikoma 
John Christopher Kaminski 
Kathy Sang-Eun Lee 
Tara Angela Linn 
Kristen Suzanne Messenger 
Susan J. Newman 
Jermifer Lee Schultise 
Margaret Mary Whelan 

Uriban Studies 

Albert Ablorh-Odjidja 
D. Edward Newhart 
Michele Denault Rafferty 

Bachelor of Science 


Tanvir M. Rashad Chowdhury 
Mark Andrew Emmons 
Nelson David Ho 
William Kemp Lehmannt 
Timothy Sean Wilder 


Leanne Regina Kalinsky 
John Edward Link 
Jennifer Marie Masley 
Charles Joseph Rukus 


§ Summa cum Laude f Magna cum Laudc * cum Laude 


P O R 




Bachelor of Science 


Mohammed H. Abshir 
Tadesse Ambaye 
Kawaljit S. Bhutani 

2nd Major: Finance 
Grace Bo Byun 
Felton Marvin Cameron 
Joyce Chia-Hsien Chou 
Maurice James Claggett Jr. 
Kerry Ann Donegan 
Robb Vijay Durai 
Samantha A. Figueira 
Tiffany Charlotta Giddens 
Gregg Alan Gilden 
Rick L. Hardy 
Ahmed Saad Hassanein 
Maxine N. Hernandez 

2nd Major: Finance 
Mary Michaelle Niedermair Hickey 
Julia Beth HoUenbeck 
Michele Yvette Horton 
Semira Idris 
Jahan Kosha Jewayni 
Raed Fayez Khawaja 

2nd Major: Finance 
Diana Cheukpin Lee 
Ju-Shin Lee 
Charles G. McBee III 
Robert Allen Parks 
De'Chanta Denise Porter 
Demetricia Monique Porter 
Neal Adam Post 
Erica Faith Rothstein 
Eric John Shermer 
Mei Mei Siu 
Frank Charles Skopec Jr. 

Mary Ellen Stockton 
Gaylord W. Swaby 
Kut Sze 

Jennifer Ellen Towle 
R. Richard Welch Jr. 


Funmilayo Olayinka Akintade 
Christopher Robert Allen 
Muzaffar N. Alvi 
Benjamin Raymond Askin 
Monica Boston 
Corey Jason Clarke 

2nd Major: Economics 
Erik James Graham 
Allison Ware Guevara 
Sean Andrew Kirwan 
Marat Kushnir 
Michael Joseph Manfreda 
William Lewis Martin II 

2nd Major: General Business 

and Management 
John Kenneth Monaghan 

2nd Major: Accounting 
Michael Thomas Morrison Jr. 
Jeff Natale 

Andrew Michael Pagano 
Matthew Ramsey 
Mahboob S. Razaqui 

2nd Major: Marketing 
Lorena Patricia Snellings 
Jennifer Ann Surprenant 
Alexander Tekie 
Russell Lee Weaver 

General Business and 

Gwen Marie Andreotti§ 

2nd Major: Human Resource 

Valarie Ann Barnes 

2nd Major: Spanish Language 

and Literature 
Jessica Chiang-I Chao 
Jose Oscar Escudero 
Lourdes B. Hasenwinkle 

2nd Major: Marketing 
Laura Ruiting Lait 
David Jude Leonard 
Mary Patricia Marilley 
Eleni Mavroukakis 
Karen Ann McCloskey 
Jeffrey Robert Pappert 
Richard Aaron Parkerson 
Michael William Schafer 
Roopen Pravin Shah 
Rajesh Sharma 
Omar Mohammed Taher 

2nd Major: Marketing 
Diky Hendar Wirawan 

Human Resource Management 

Lori Ann Grim 

Lisa Michelle Pollock 

Brenda Andrea Vandegrift 

Management Science and 

Aarthi Kishan Dudkikar* 
Bassel Walid Hamad 

2nd Major: Finance 
Craig William Muchinsky 
Allen Wong 

2tid Major: Finance 
Michael Yudovin 

2nd Degree: Computer Science 


Douglas Marc Dickman 
Amy J. Heiligman 
Ross Martin Hiller 

Deirdre Lynette Jennings 
Abramo Mastroianni 

2nd Major: Transportation 
Che Amani McKittrick 

2nd Major: Transportation 
Penny Gwendolyn Miller 
Simonida Paunovic 
Daniel Herbert Wang 

Production Management 

John Paul Fregly 

2nd Major: General Business 

and Management 
Jason Elliott Sherman 


Kunsoo Philip Bae 

2nd Major: General Business 

and Management 
John T. Skiadas 
Scott Clayton Stryker 
Karen Leigh Taylor 


Bachelor of Science 


Peter Douglass George 
2nd Degree: Physics 

Computer Science 

Daniel Paris Bounds 
Yao Leon Dong 
Kelly WiUiam French 
Bongjun Gee 
Kenneth James Graham 
Vladislav Grinchenko 

§ Summa cum Laude f Magna cum iMude ' cum iMude 


M A R Y L 


Kyong Hyun 
Nathan John Lewis 
John Joseph Lynch III 
Javier Marin 

Budi Syafriza Matondang 
Donald Bruce McPherson 
Dale Edward Newcomb Jr. 
Ann Olivia Reid-Shaw 
Hiu-Shan Yau 
Chengyin Chris Ye 
Michael Yudovin 

2nd Degree: Management 

Science and Statistics 


David Kevin Berry 
Sarah Elizabeth Leiker 


Kim Michelle Bordenet 
Soung Chul Cho 
Andrea J. Dickerson* 
Kimberly Ann Flagg 
Archana Gupta 
Elizabeth E. Hunter 
Laurie Jean Kirsh 
Ruhul Amin Maula 

2nd Degree: Electrical 

Ralf Novizon 

Candace Marie-Masters Shoemaker 
Andrew Charles Venters 
Mark Steven Wiener 

Physical Sciences 

John Q. Duong 
Tarun Khanna 
Daniel Lee Schrader 
Stuart Leslie Sherman 


Peter Douglass George 

2nd Degree: Astronomy 
Jawad Ahmad Malik 


Bachelor of Arts 

Foreign Language Education 

Michael Bradley Downs 

Secondary Education — English 
(Language Arts) — Professional 

Enka Hillary Keller 

Bachelor of Science 

Business Education 

Brenda Lee Chapman 
Eunice Esther Naomi Greenaway 
Charles Antonio Haynes 
Roland G. Heurich 

Education — Music K-12 — 

Nathan William Holland 
Elias Knowlton Rodriguez 

Elementary Education 

Maria V. Psaromatis 

Elementary Education — 

Kristy Jennifer Pallas 

Industrial Arts Education 

Judith Hope Seidman 
A. Geoffrey Swab 

Industrial Technology 

Bradley Thomas Benefiel 
Thomas Kwabena Dieterly 
Albert John Ennulat 
Carl Douglas Harrison 
Brian Eldon Payne 

Mathematics Education 

Richard Michael Morten 

Music Education 

Robert Charles Winslow 

Secondary Education — Social 
Studies — Professional 

Leonore Siobhan Mclntyre 

Secretarial Education 

Linda Gail Vaughns 

Social Studies Education 

Alan Jay Kellerman 

Special Education 

Kathleen Anne Barquin 

Vocational-Technical Education 

Thomas Michael Weyl§ 


Bachelor of Science 

Aerospace Engineering 

Peton Anthony McKenzie 
Brian Patrick Whalen 

Agricultural Engineering- 
Biological Resources 

Guillermo Francisco Mendoza 

Chemical Engineering 

Julie Anne Cady 

Gabriela Aldrete Haight 

Arme Lin* 

Julie Lin 

Michael Eugene Richardson Jr. 

Civil Engineering 

Michael John Devine 
Lorraine Emmanuelli-Basalo 
Norene Pen 
Tilanka NUmini Kumari Ranaviraja 

Electrical Engineering 

Khalid Mohamed AU 
Ivy K. Chen 
Samardh Kumar 
Troy Elliott Lynch 
James Vernon Mattingly 
Ruhul Amin Maula 

2nd Degree: Mathematics 
Ashish Sanatkumar Mehta 
Shapna Sultana Pal 
Dakshesh T. Patel 
Robert Carl Radicevich 
Eduardo Rodal 
Zoilo M. Rodas 
Riadh R. Sellami 
Harinder Pal Singh 
Ajay Talwar 
Patrick M. Ware 
Bella Younano 
Ching Hsuan Yuan 
Yun Zhong 

Fire Protection Engineering 

Pascal Caron 

Mechanical Engineering 

Caleb Belai 

Glenn Patrick Byron 


§ Summa cum Laude f Magna cum Laude ' cum Laude 

A N D I D A T E 



19 9 4 

Tracey Elaine Canty 
Michael Myung Chahg 
Wing Fai Chin 
James Gregory Eckenrode 
Andre Kevin Fowler* 
Asif Musharraf Hussain 
Wais Jalah 

Christopher Scot Johnson 
Melvin Joseph Jung 
Christopher Wallace Kane 
Jong Son Kim 
David Alexander Kweller 
Joon Chul Lee 
Edward Lieberman 
Steven Joseph Lombardo 
Aristotle Paa Marantan 
Patrick Allen O'Neill 
Nicole Young Pak 
Michael John Piotrowski 
Benjamin Barry Riordon 
Jonathan Grant Rogerson 
Andrew Scott Rosenfield§ 
James Phillip Simmons 
Monica Rae Watkins 
[onathon J. Yun 


Bachelor of Science 

Family Studies 

Michele Elina Andrew 
Diane M. Back 
Heide Marie Ellis 
Kristin Diahn Getz 
Jennifer Leigh Hahn 
Natalie Jill Kaufman 
Jodi Arlene Koricki 
Abby V. Kutash 

Laurie Lee O'Malley 
Shannon Patricia Petrick 
Lisa Jill Reiskin 
Kelly Marie Wallace 
Amy Louise Zink 

Health Education 

Loraine Elizabeth McLarty 
Susan Eileen Meehan* 

Kinesiological Sciences 

Mary Helen Clark 
Karen Natalia Horn 
Andrea Hudy 
Charlene Denice Kelly 
Sean Michael Klosky 
Hector Emile Knox Jr. 
Sherry L5mn McLean* 
David Wayne Sarratt 
Joseph Bernard Williams 


Edward Michael Guss 
Jason Paul Kremus 
Alvin Dewitt Maddox 
Michael Patrick Ryan 
Michael David Soldinger 


Bachelor of Science 

Consumer Economics 

Deanna Lynn Balach 
Kevin Michael Beaufort 
Charlene Andrea Gayle 
Marc Jason Richard 

Brian Jeffrey Shuster 
Jeffrey Alan Westrick 

Family Studies 

Cori Rachele Greger 
Denean Michele Robinson 
Jennifer Marie Zawatsky 

Textile Marketing/Fashion 

Kerry Elizabeth Kliegman 
Laura M. Pochettino 


Bachelor of Arts 


Dana Ann Ballestero 
Glerm Scott Compton 
Meg Harper Crosby* 
Shuli Larisa Green 
Andrea Wynne Hoots 
James Alvin Madison Jr 
Jeffrey Adam Rosenblum 
Shelly Kim Schwartz 
Stephanie Lynn Thurlow 

Bachelor of Science 


Suzanne Frattaroli 

Sharanjit Kaur Leyl 
2nd Degree: English 
Language ami Literature 

Andrew Howard Neidlinger 
2nd Major: Sociology 

Owen L. Riess 


Bachelor of Science 


Ibiyefiebo T. G. Davies 
Isaak Savvas Isaakidis 
Albert Kwan Moy 
Michelle Renee Salter 
Shu-Ou Shan§ 

Biological Sciences 

May Thet Aung 
Andrew McKenzie Beardall 
Monica L. Bennett 
Robert Patrick Billerbeck 
Kimberly Dawn Boyd 
Dave Alan Goodman 
James Meehan Heneghan 
Laurie Michelle Higdon 
Felicia Elaine McKelvin 
Matthew Tu Nguyen 
Vandhna Shaifali Puri 
William Alan Schultze 
Sharon Andrea Scotland 
Mae Yazdi Sedaghat 
Marc D. Seymour 
Ruby Singh 

Charles David Stancliff 
Blake E. Wynot 


Andrew William Ulsamer 

General Biological Sciences 

Clifford George Amos 

Dalila Birem 

airistian Roderick Hamilton Daroey 

Ja-Na Amira Hines 

Angeline Marthe Tran 

§ Summa cum taude f Magna cum Laude * cum Ijiude 


O L L E G E 



Ethiopia Desalegn Beshah 
Reinaldo E. Fernandez 
Ranvir Singh Floura 
Chiler S. Hasan 
John Raymond Woolford 


Michael Wilham Minakowski 


Bachelor of Arts 

Individual Studies 

Karen Louise Pumphrey 

Bachelor of Science 

Individual Studies 

Tyrone M. Pettiford 


§ Summa cum Laude f Magna cum Laude * cum Laude 



Graduate Degrees 

December 1994 


Hossein Abbasi-Nejad Economics 

Issues in Economics of Education: 1. College Quality: Does Catholic School 
Matter? 2. The Impact of Local Labor Markets on College Enrollment 

Amr E. Abdelmonem Electrical Engineering 

Modeling of Ruige Waveguide T-Junctions and Dielectric Waveguide Filters 

Ermias Abebe Government and Politics 

The Vanguard Party: Imperial Instrument of Soviet-Third World Policy 


Jawad Y. Al-Khal Mathematics 

The Construction ofS-Unimodal Maps that Admit a ]-Finite Absolutely 

Continous Invariant Measure which is Infinite on Every Interval 

Abdulmalik A. Alghamdi Mechanical Engineering 

Response of Adaptive Structures with Multiple Embedded Piezoelectric Devices 

Glenn E. Allen Physics 

Top Management Teams within Multniattonal Corporations: Effects of Culture 

and Diversity 

Frank A. Attard Poultry Science 

Analysis of In Vitro Binding of Aflatoxins to Avian Blood Proteins 

Jonathan D. Ballon Zoology 

Inbreeding and Outbreeding Depression in Captive Populations 

Cathy W. Barks English Language and Literature 

American Autobiography and the Moderns: The Workshop of Being 

Jeanine R. Barr PubUc Communication 

Supportive Messages 

Ann M. Barse Marine, Estuarine, and Environmental Sciences 
Ecological Determinants of Spatial Pattern in Gill Parasite Assemblages of 
Fundulus Heteroclitus in Chesapeake Bay 

Lyie M. Bartlett Physics 

High Resolution Gamma-Ray Spectroscopy of the Crab 

John R. Baum Business and Management 

Personal and Organizational Paths to Entrepreneurship Performance 

Nora C. Beck Tan Engineering Materials 

Reactive Compatibilization in Immiscible Polymer Blends 

Durga P. Beesabathina Engineering Materials 

Structure-Property Relationship in High Tc Doped Bi-Sr-Ca-Cu-O and Nd-Ce- 

Cu-0 Superconductors 

Leila T. Beker Human Nutrition and Food Systems 

Assessment of Vitamin K Status in Patients 

Medha A. Bhagwat Biochemistry 

Mechanistic Studies of the FPC Protein 

Santanu Bhattacharya Chemical Physics 

Optical Response of Superconducting Thin Films and Grain Boundary Weak 


BIythe B. Bleging Human Development 

Relations of School-Age Children's Attributional Styles and Self-Concept to 

Loneliness in Peer and Family Settings 

Charles H. Blair History 

The Fatefid "July Days" of 1948: The Role of the Reunification Question in the 

Deliberation over the Creation of "Weststaat" From Provisorium to Weststaat 

Calvin A. Bond Chemistry 

The Geochemistry of the Magothy Aquifer, Maryland, Using Chlorine-36 and 

Accelerator or Mass Spectrometry 

Robert J. Bonenberger Jr. Mechanical Engineering 

Measuring Fracture Parameters with a Chevron-Notched, Crack-Arrest Specimen 


M A R Y L A N 



Sue BriggS Education Policy, Planning, and Administration 

Chao-Hsi Chang Civil Engineering 

How the Upper Half Lives: A Study of Public Upper-Level Higher Education 

Environmental Factors Affecting Biological Phosphate Removal Processes 


Steven Chang Electrical Engineering 

Richard C. BrocatO Curriculum and Instruction 

A VLSI Appnoach to a Neural Net Implementation of a Tomographic Imaging 

Using TQM Methods to Teach TQM: A Case Study in the Johns Hopkins 


University G.W.C. Wliiting School of Engineering 

Yi-Ying E. Chang Marine, Estuarine, and Environmental Sciences 

Nathan A. Brown Physics 

Impact of Bacterial Biofilms on the Toxiciti/ ofCii and Zn to Ox/ster Larvae and Spat 

Tliennal Equilibrium of Charged Particle Beams 

Jason Chao Government and Politics 

Peter J. Burgess French Language and Literature 

In Search of Leverage: Economic Statecraft and National Security of the Republic 

Edition and Study of the Manuscript Arsenal No. 3645 containing a Life of St. 

of China on Taiwan 


Sin-Chnuah Cheah AppUed Mathematics 

Arthur H. Burns Human Development 

Miciofunctions for Sheaves of Holomorphic Functions with Growth Conditions 

Predictors of Sexual Functioning for Methadon Maintenance Patients 

An-Tung Chen Mechanical Engineering 

Amy R. Buss Agricultural and Resource Economics 

Flexible Printed Circuit Design Guidelines 

Temperal Labor Supply of Commercial Fisherman 

Dong Chen Physics 

Ines Canabal Psychology 

Recurrent Neural Network and Its Aptplication in Grammatical Inference 

Latino Group Identity and Collectiiv Self-Esteem 

Hungmo Chen Mechanical Engineering 

Theresa P. Cappello Health Education 

Naval Controller for Structures under Strong Dynamic Loadings 

Evaluation of the Human-Computer Interface of Empower, Dine, and Health 

Hazards Appraisal for User Satisfaction 

Shihwei Chen Electrical Engineering 

Dynamic Routing and Resource Management of ATM-Based Hybrid Netioorks 

Craig A. Carlson Marine, Estuarine, and Environmental Sciences 

Bacterioplankton Grozoth and Dissolved Organic Carbon Dynamics in 

Seong 1. Cheong Chemical Engineering 

Oceanic Waters 

Modeling of a Fhiishing Polymerization Reactor for the Synthesis of 

Polycethylene Terephthalata 

Lidia M. Carrera Botany 

Effect of Planting Dates and Plant Density on the Development of Gray Leaf 

Chwei-Po Chew Electrical Engineering 

Spot (GLS) of Corn 

BiCMOS Inifjlementation of Counterpropagation Neural Networks 

with Applications 

Florence F. Chanetsa Human Nutrition and Food Systems 

The Effect of the Size of the Abdominal Visceral Fat Mass on the Responses to 

Kaiyuan Chin Business and Management 

Oral Glucose Tolerance, Plasma Lipids, and Blood Pressure in Premenopausal 

Statistical Process Control of Multivariate Location and Dispersion: Revisited 

Black Women 



Pak S. Cho Electrical Engineering 

Photocoudiicthv Zinc Selenide Power Switches under Higli Applied 

Electric Fields 

Eunjip Choi Physics 

FIR Magneto-Optics in Type 11 Superconductors 

Li-Ling Chuang Linguistics 

Christina M. Cohen Physics 

Measurements of Abundances and Charge States of Solar Wnid Si{lfnr 

Wendy L. Colquitt Sociology 

Gender Segregation Across Specialization Areas in Medicine: Patterns and 

Defernnnants of Specially Choice Among Medical School Graduates 

Maureen M. Corbett Psychology 

The lielationslnp Between Wliite Racial Identity Deivlopinent and Narcissism 

Rebecca B. Costello Human Nutrition and Food Systems 
P^elationship of Magnesnim Status to Lean Bod}/ Mass in Normal and 
Hypomagnesemic Patients With Congestive Heart Fadure 

Kelly A. Cunningham Marine, Estuarine, and Environmental Sciences 
Oxygen Toxicity and Antwxuiant Protective Mechanisms in Nitrogen Fixing 

Cart A. Dahlstrom Curriculum and Instruction 

The Power of Peer Networking during the Transition from College to Career: A 

Profile of a Group-Structured Organizational Entry Program 

David M. Dancer Mechanical Engineering 

Natural Conmliofi in Tanks Containing One or Tioo Fluid Phases 

David S. Davis Astronomy 

Substructure hi a Flux-limited Catalog of X-ray Clusters 

Chariene A. Day Health Education 

Cultural Au'areness and Sensitii'ity Training in Health Education: Facilitators 
and Barriers to Implementation 

Patricia E. De Los RiOS Lozano Government and Politics 

Louis Hartz: Political Theorist 

Marc A. De Simone Curriculum and Instruction 

Assessing Attitude Toward, and Knowledge of, Specific Behaviors Associated 
with Total Quality Management Using the "Quality Management Behaviors 
Self- Assessment" Instrument 

Hang Deng Physics 

Evidence of the Production of B-Flavored Baryon in 7" Decays 

Madeline G. Derbyshire Public Communication 

"Living, Energetic Beings" 

Anne C. DeVries Zoology 

Proximate Regulation of Pair Bonding in Prairie Voles (Microtus Ochrogaster) 

Donald J. Dichmann Applied Mathematics 

Haniiltonian Dynamics of an Elastica and the Stability of Solitary Waves 

Thomas E. Dissinger Mechaiucal Engineering 

A Fully Integrated Design-for-Manufactiire System for Powder Metallurgy 

Hartmut G. Dobel Entomology 

Habitat Structure and the Suppressing Role of Spiders on the Population 
Dynamics of Salt Marsh Inhabiting Plantlwppers 

Frank C. Doughty Physics 

Fabrication and Characterization of High Temperature Superconducting Field 

Effect Devices 

Jeanne M. Downey-Vanover Linguistics 

Adult Access to Universal Grammar in Second Language Acquisition 

Franklin J. Dunmore Physics 

Far Infrared Transmission Spectroscopy of Superconducting YBa2Cu307 and 

Bal-xKxBi03 Thin Fdms 

Zoran Duric Computer Science 

Geometrical Methods hi Visual Motion Analysis 



Biyan E. Dutton Botany 

Mary G. Fryer Curriculum and Instruction 

Monographic Studies m the Genus Anemone L. (Ranunculaceae) Section Sylvia 

Pretend Play Competence m Young Children: A Study of Novice and Expert 



Gwenneth W. El Sawi Agricultural and Extension Education 

Douglas 0. Fuller Geography 

4-H Learning Activities and Their Contribution to the SCANS Workforce 

Foliar Phenology of Vegetation in South Central Africa and its Relevance to 

Preparedness Skills 

Climatic Change 

Efrat EIron Psychology 

Phyllis A. Gallagher Agronomy 

Top Management Teams zuithin Multinational Corporations: Effects of Culture 

Nitrate Removal from Shallow Groundzvater Influenced by Vegetation of 

and Diversity 

Riparian Zones: Abiotic Nitrate Reduction and Nitration 

Diane M. Evennan History 

Gangadhar Gattu Chemical Engineering 

The Aijuaduct at Caesarea Maritima 

Model Predictive Control and Optimal Operation of Continuous and Batch 

Nonlinear Processes 

Majid A. Faani-Tabrizi Mechanical Engineering 

Electrohydrodynanuc (EHD) Pool Boiling Heat Transfer Enhancement of Ozone- 

Subrata K. Ghosh Computer Science 

Safe Refrigerants 

Heuristic Search zcith Limited Resources 

David A. Falconer Physics 

Eliazer B. Golfeiz Reliability Engineering 

Relative Elemental Abundance and Heating Constraints Determined from 

An Approach to Modeling Organizational Factors for Safety and Performance 

SERTS Measurements 

Assessment of Nuclear Pozver Plant 

Hosseini-Seyed J. Farajallah Agricultural and Extension Education 

Wayne D. Graham Kinesiology 

Effectiveness of the Nutrient Management Practices in Reducing the Nutrient 

Skeletal Muscle IGF-I and IGF-I Receptor MRNA Responses to Chronic 

Use by Livestock Farmers in Maryland 

Resistive Training in Post-Menopausal Women 

Konjit Fekade Engineering Materials 

Todd A. Gravois Counseling and Personnel Services 

TEM Characterization of Silicon Carbide Crystals 

Relationship Betzveen Problem Solving Teams' Communication, Team Members' 

Professional Roles and Team Collaboration 

Maria E. Fernandez Health Education 

Susan K. Gregurick Chemistry 

Evaluation of an Interactive Videodisc on Breast and Cervical Cancer Prevention 

Theoretical Study Into: (1) Surface Scattering of Open Shell Molecules and (2) 

and Early Detection for Latino Women 

Van Der Waals Complexes 

Valerie Florance Library and Information Services 

Naomi J. Grossman Nuclear Engineering 

A Clinical Extract of Biomedical Literature for Patient-Care Problem Solving 

A Thermodynamic Study of the Chemical Speciation of Cesium and Boric Acid 

on an Oxidized Stainless Steel Surface 

Lany W. Forrester Kinesiology 

A Dynamical System Perspective on the Development of Running: Lower Limb 

Tao Gu Physics 

Coordination in the Dei'elopmental Transition from Walking to Running 

Measurements of the (p.pDand (p,plX) Reactions on 2H and 3,4He at 200 MeV 


R A D U A T 



M B E R 

19 9 4 

Satyandra K. Gupta Mechanical Engineering 
Automated Manufactumbility Analysis of Machined Parts 

Benjamin A. Gutennan History 

The "Ancient Freemen": Artisans and Urban Development in New York City, 


Roberta M. Haines Education Policy, Planning, and Administration 

Factors Influencing the Variance of Maryland Public School Library 
Media Programs 

Laura J. Hainsworth Chemistry 

Spacial and Temporal Variations in Modern Chlorine-36 Deposition 

Richard M. Hanley Philosophy 
"Truth Meets Fiction" 

David S. Hardin Geography 

"Alterations They Have Made at This Day": Environment, Agriculture, and 
Landscape Change in Colonial Tidewater Virginia 

■Mark R. Hardin Entomology 

Tritrophic Level Interactions: The Ecological Consequences of Host Plant Choice 

Michele A. Harmon Criminal Justice and Criminology 

Reducing Substance Use Among Pregnant and Parenting Teens: A Program 

Ei'aluation and Theoretical Examination 

David T. Harris Education Policy, Planning, and Admiiustration 

Educators' Attitudes Toward the Appropriateness of Total Quality Management 
to Education 

Jafnil A. Hasan Microbiology 

Development of Rapid Methods for Detection of Vibrio Cholerae 01 

0. P. Haspel Jr. English Language and Literature 

George Washington Cable's Civil War 

Anthony Hayford Chemistry 

Reactions of Z-Enzynes with Fischer Carhene-Chromium Complexes: Chemical 
Modification of Tricho Therene 

Chuan He Engineering Materials 
Microstructiiral Effect on Wear of Ceramics 

Anna E. Hedin Health Education 

Perceived Total Workload Stress, Stress Symptoms, and Coping Styles of 

Working Women 

IVIindy G. Hedlund Psychology 

Efficacy of a Relationship Enhancement Program on Changing Distress — 

Maintaining Attributions for Negative Events 

Dane M. Hendrix Mechanical Engineering 

Steady Potential Flow Due to a Ship Advancing at Constant Speed on a Calm Sea 

Lindor E. Henrickson Electrical Engineering 

Nonequilibriiim Quantum Transport Modelling in Semiconductor 


Colette M. Henriette French Language and Literature 

Isabelle de Charnere, Femme de Lettres: Etude de la Correspondence Entre Belle 

de Zuylen/Isabelle de Charriere, et Constant d'Hermenches 

Lane A. Highbarger Biochemistry 

Acetoacetate Decarboxylase from Clostridium Acetobutylicum: The Role of Lysine 115 

Ming-Tsang Ho Mechanical Engineering 

Multiple Input Control of a Flexible Manipulator with Known/Unknown 

Lucy A. Hogan Speech Communication 

The Overthrow of the Monopoly of the Pulpit: A Critical Analysis of the Texts 
Adi'ocating the Preaching of Women in Methodism 

Lisa D. Holden-Pitt Measurement, Statistics and Evaluation 

Listeners' Ratings of Response Confidence and Speech Quality in the 
Measurement of Consonant Perception 

Barbara A. Holland Education Policy, Planning, and Administration 

Service as Scholarship: Case Studies of the Academic Characteristics of Three 
Urban Universities 


U N I V 


SeongSOO Hong Computer Science 

Diane S. illig Sociology 

Coinpiler-Afsiiitcd Scheduling for Real-Time Applcntions: A Static Alternative to 

Instrument Development for Assessing the Dynamics of the Division of Labor 

Low-Level Tuning 

Within Lesbian and Gay Households and Families 

Tseh-Jen Hsieh Engineering Materials 

Stephen C. Jameson Marine, Estuarine, and Environmental Sciences 

Growth, Microstructure and Superconducting Properties of High Tc 

Taxonomy of the Poritidae Off Belize 

Di/Ba2Cu307-x Thin Films Prepared by Ozone-Assisted Molecular Beam 


Sirus Javadpour Engineering Materials 

Study of Plastic Anisotropy and Fracturing Observations in Textured AI-Li 

Yu-Shu Hu Reliability Engineering 

2090-TSE41 Alloy 

Evaluijtmg System Behavior Through Dynamic MPLD Modeling 

Roy R. Jenkins Curriculum and Instruction 

Chou-Pin Huang Engineering Materials 

Status, Training, and Attitudes of School Orchestra Directors Who Come from a 

Degradation Analysis and Modeling of Bi-Sb-Te (Se) Semiconductor 

Non-String Music Education Background 

Thermoelectric Power Modules 

Robert E. Jenner History 

Shenq-Yi Huang Mechanical Engineering 

FDR's Republicans: Congressional Supporters of the President's Foreign Policy, 

Wavelets for Adaptive System Identification 


Ying-Min Huang Electrical Engineering 

Yang J. Jeon Textiles and Consumer Economics 

Optimal Graph Algonthons on Linear Arrays 

International Trade Patterns in Man-Made Fibers 

Karl F. Huemmrich Geography 

Shijun Jiang Electrical Engineering 

Remote Sensing of the Fraction of Absorbed Photosynthetically Active Radiation 

Four- Wave Mixing and High Frequency Dynamics of Semiconductor Lasers 

in Forests of North America 

Beverly A. Johnson Curriculum and Instruction 

Reginald K. Hutcherson Physics 

Action Research in Restructuring Schools: Processes, Products and Perspectives 

Spectroscopic Investigation of a Cool, Dense Capillary Plume 

Warren E. Johnson Marine, Estuarine, and Environmental Sciences 

Chlng-Chane Hwang Government and Politics 

Interaction and Photolysis of Selected Pesticides in Laboratory Solutions and 

Entrepreneurial Theori/ of Opposition Movements in One Party-Dominant 

Nalural Surface Waters Containing Dissohed Organic Matter and Nitrate 

Quasi-Democratic Countries: The Cases of Taiwan and Mexico 

William W. Johnson Biochemistry 

Ten-Ken Hwang Mechanical Engineering 

Mechanistic, Kinetic and Structural Investigations of Glutathione S. Transferase 

Monte Carlo Reliability Modeling for Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuits 

Charles E. Jones Zoology 

Karen H. Hyliegard Textiles and Consumer Economics 

Quantitative Aspects of Platelet Membrane Transfer and Its Pathologic 

An Investigation of Ethnic Patterns of Gift Expenditure in Three Product 


Categories: Clothing, Toys and Money 


D E C E M 

Nancy A. Jones Human Development 

Jae-Hoon Kim Meteorology 

The Stability of Individual Differences in EEC, Asijmnwtry and ils Relation to 

Diagnosis of the General Circulation Model Anomalies by the Tropical Sea 

Personality in 4 and 7 year old Children 

Surface Temperature 

Jyl J. Josephson Government and Politics 

Jae-Hwan Kim Meteorology 

Gender, Clnldren. and Fanulies ni the United States: The Case of Child Support 

D;)-t'f( Measurements of Tropospheric Ozone Using TOMS Radiances and 


Analysis of Tropospheric Ozone from South America to Africa 

Thanavat Junchaya Civil Engineering 

Joung-Ran Kim Linguistics 

An Integrnled Route Assignment and Traffic Netivork Snnulation with Parallel 

Topic Conslniclions in Korean 

Computing Architecture 

Michael H. Kim Civil Engineering 

Kathy M. Jung Textiles and Consumer Economics 

Clnssificntion of Actnetobacler Species and Dual Culture Studies ivith 

Textiles in Maryland and Virginia: 1760-1776 

Facultative Anaerobe 

Satyanarayana Kalluri Geography 

Myunggyu Kim Physics 

Modeling Evapotranspiration and Water Stress in Crops from Satellite and 

Role of Instantons in Cliiral Confining Model 

Ground Measurements 

Taesung Kim Engineering Materials 

Ibrahim M. Kamel Computer Science 

Martcnsitic Transformation in NiTi/Se Composites 

High Performance Spmtial Indexing for Parallel and Centralized Architectures 

Young B. Kim Electrical Engineering 

Rajat Kathuria Economics 

Performance Evaluation of Nonblocking Space-Division ATM Su'itches 

bwestment and Cash Flow: Asymmetric Information or Managerial Discretion? 

Young-Rae Kim English Language and Literature 

Julie Keenan English Language and Literature 

A Thematic Study on Melville's The Piazza Tales 

Sir Philip Sidney and the Politics of Protestant Counsel 

Fung-Chi Ko Marine, Estuarine, and Environmental Sciences 

Andrew B. Keller Psychology 

Particle-Related Biogeochemical Cycles of Hydrophobic Organic Conlaminants 

Men with Serious Mental Illnesses and Their Gendered Experiences: The Role of 

in Estuarine Waters 

Masculine Beliefs 

Madhav V. Komaragiri Animal Sciences 

Brenda C. Kelly Human Development 

Factors Affecting Body Tissue Mobilization in Early Lactation Dairy Cows: 

A Qualilalive Study of the Perceptions of Post-Divorce Functioning Among 

Effect of Diet on Mobdization of Body Fat and Protein 

African American Women 

Christopher S. Koper Criminal Justice and Criminology 

Brian L. Kemp Aerospace Engineering 

Gun Lethality and Homicide: A Longitudinal Examination of Crime Guns and 

Kinematic Modes and Assumed Strain in Finite Element Modeling 

the Lethality of Gun Violence 




Robert J. KratOChvil Agronomy 

Daw-Tung Lin Electrical Engineering 

The Effect of At-hanvst Rainfall on Preharvest Sprouting and Quality of Soft 

Adaptive Time-Delay Neural Network: Characterization and Applications to 

Red Winter Wheat 

Pattern Recognition, Prediction and Sigrml Processing 

Missale Kumelachew Education Policy, Planning, and Administration 

Dong N. Lin EngUsh Language and Literature 

An Analysis of the Retirement Readiness of Middle University Employees 

Power and Representation in Victorian Discourse on China 

Oh-Jin Kwon Electrical Engineering 

Jyh-Shyan Lin Electrical Engineering 

Region Adaptive Image Coding 

Convolution Neural Netzvork Architecture with Application to Lung Nodule 

Detection on Digital Chest Radiographs 

Alan J. Laing Mathematics 

On Higher Level Singular Moduli 

Tlng-Hsiang Lin Measurement, Statistics and Evaluation 

An Empirical Study of Selection Criteria for Latent Class Models 

Angela G. Lauman Germanic Language and Literature 

Elisabeth Ldnggasser (1899-1950) als Christliche Dichterin und Schdpferin 

Xiaodong Un Chemistry 

ChristUcher Frauengestalten 

Ccptialotaxm Synthesis Founded on a Mechanistically Interesting, Quasi- 

Biomimetic Strategy 

Cheng-Chieh Lee Electrical Engineering 

Design of Structured Quantizers Based on Coset Codes 

Laraine C. Lindsay Human Development 

fflcfors of Self-Perception and Self-Worth and Their Relationship to Academic 

Chyungly Lee Govenunent and Politics 


A Poiivr Analysis of Asymmetrical Trade Negotiation: Cases in the Taiwan-U.S. 

Agricultural Trade 

Anne W. Lipe Human Development 

The Use of Music Performance Tasks in the Assessment of Cognitive 

Hun Lee Business and Management 

Functioning Among Older Adults with Dementia 

Wealth Effects of New Product Rivalry 

Dongzi Liu Physics 

Yongzhang Leng Physics 

The Physics of Electron Localization and Wigner Crystallization in Two-dimen- 

Spectroscopic Study of lOps KrF Laser Produced Plasmas 

sional Electron Systems under Strong Magnetic Fields 

Gang Li Botany 

Junhui Uu Mechanical Engineering 

Systematic and Phylogenetic Studies on the Spiraeoideae Agardh (Rosaceae L) 

Large-eddy Simulation of Statically Deivloping Boundary Layers with Embedded 

Streamwise Vortices 

Xiaolin Li Sociology 

Chinese Women in the Military 

Ning Liu Mathematical Statistics 

Perturbation Theory and Decomposition of Markov Processes 

Ji-Fuh Liang Electrical Engineering 

CAD of Dielectric-filled and Dielectric-loaded Miniature Waveguide Filters and 

Suxing Uu Chemistry 

Multiplexers and Compact r>ynamic Thermo-feedback Transistors Model 


Structural and Mechanistic Investigations of Glutathione S-Transferase 





M B E R 

Yuan Liu Computer Science 

Maureen M. McMahon Curriculum and Instruction 

Null Values in Logic Programs 

The Effects of Intergrated Video Media on Achievement and Attitude of 

Secondary Chemistry Students 

Blanca Lupiani-Castellanos Animal Sciences 

Genetic Serological and Biochemical Analysis of Aquareoviruses 

Joseph P. McMullin Astronomy 

High Resolution Study of the Circumstellar Physical and Chemical 

Sanjay K. Mallipeddi Animal Sciences 

Environments of Nearby Young Stellar Objects 

Analysis of the Glycoprotein and Phosphoprotein Genes of Bovine Respiratory 

Syncytial Virus (RSV) 

Timotiiy C. McNair Nuclear Engineering 

Natural Convective Floiv in a Complex Geometry 

Carol A. Mansfield Economics 

Despairing over Disparities: An Empirical Analysis of the Difference Between 

Gail S. Medford Theatre 

Willingness to Pay and Willingness to Accept 

A Historical E.xamination of Educational Theatre in Selected Historically Bhick 

Colleges and Universities 

Jianping Mao Meteorology 

I'he Volcanic Signal in Temperature Observation and AMIP Experiment 

Alan C. Melchior Government and Politics 

The Fragmented Bureaucrat: Integrating Leadership Skills for County Health Officers 

Sining Mao Physics 

Fabrication and Properties ofNdCeCuO Oxide Superconducting Thin Films 

Scott A. Merritt Electrical Engineering 

and Bilayers 

The Reflectance of Semi-Condiictor Traveling Wave Amplifiers 

David B. Marcotte Policy Studies 

Gretchen J. Metzelaars Recreation 

U.S. Workers' Earnings and Careers: The Emerging Economy and Its 

The Relationship Among Leisure Satisfaction, College Satisfaction and Life 

Implications for Education and Training Policies 

Satisfaction in Returning Students 

Mark C. Marvin Marine, Estuarine, and Environmental Sciences 

Charles G. Middlestead Human Development 

Benthic Sulfate Reduction and Methanogenesis along the Chesapeake Bay 

Using Verbal Elaboration to Understand the Cognitive Structuring of 

Main Axis 

Vocational Knowledge for 10th Grade Students 

Margaret E. Matlack Human Development 

Takamitsu Miyaji Astronomy 

Self-Regulation and Self-Worth: Effects of a Self-Referral Program for At-Risk 

X-ray Emission as a Tracer of the Large Scale Distribution of Matter 

Middle School Youth 

Maria E. Moll-Sureda Spanish Language and Literature 

Mildred S. McKinney Human Development 

Transfonnacwiies Sujetas a Reccion en la Relacidn Autobiogrdfica de Ursula 

The Impact of Educational Enrichment Programs on Students' Sense of 

Sitarez, Texto Chileno Del S. XVII 

Academic Futility from Elementary through High School 

Chul W. Moon Business and Management 

Betty J. McLeod Curriculum and Instruction 

Impact of Organizational Learning Context on Choice of Mode for International 

Early Childhood Caregiver's Perceptions of Occupational Stresses 

Strategic Combinations 


R Y L A N D 

Jacqueline M. Moore History 

A Drop of African Blood: The Washington Black Elite, 1880-1920 

Milsa Morales-Collado Industrial, Technological and Occupational Education 
A Study to Compare Selected Students' Outcomes when Using WordPerfect and 
DisplayWrite Software Packages at the Inter-American University of PR. 

Theresa Mulhem Geography 

Sp'ectral Reflectance of Subarctic Vegetation: Significance for Mapping Lichen 

Land Cover in the Boreal Forest-Tundra Ecotone 

Mel'rta J. Murray-Carney Psychology 

The Relationship Between Racial Identity Attitudes, Sex Role Attitudes, Self- 
Esteem and Skin Color Perceptions for Black Americans and Black West Indians 

Jonathan N. Musong Education Policy, Planning, and Administration 
A Qualitative Study of Problems Adult Returning Students Encounter at the 
University of Maryland, College Park, Catnpus 

Mohamed M. Muthalif Horticulture 

Clmnges in Gene Expression Associated zvith Development of Endodormancy and 

Cold Hardmess in Floral Buds of Blueberry 

Aaron E. Naiman Applied Mathematics 
Computer Solutions of Finite Element 

Vijayshankar M. Narayanarao Engineering Materials 

Fundamental Studies on High Temperature Deformation Behavior of Alpha, 

Alpha-Beta and Beta Titanium Alloys 

Garret L. Nelson Psychology 

What is a fob? A Role-Theory Perspective 

Janet L. Norcross Zoology 

Social and Hormonal Influences on the Behavior of the Common Marmoset, 

Callithriz Jacchus 

Teresa Nowogorska French Language and Literature 
Pierre Loti et I'Exotique: Une Analyse des Elements de Style 


Patricia M. O'Boyle Special Education 

Identifying Gifted/Learning Disabled Students: Parent Perceptions and Their 

Impact on Educational Decisions Affecting Tlieir Children 

Jeong-Ran Oh Education Pohcy, Planning, and Administration 

The Patterns of Ini'olvement and Attitudes in Publication and Professional 

Activities of Korean Scientists 

Yechiam Ostchega Human Development 

Determining tlie Individual and Cumulative Modifying Effects of Status, Social 
Network, and Mental Status on the Functional Limitations of Older Individuals 
in a National Stratified Multistage Probability Survey of Older Americans 

San-Yih Pan Mechanical Engineering 

A Nov Neural Network Methodology to Solve Inverse Kinematics Problem 

Kristina E. Paquette Chemistry 

Solubility of Cinnabar (Red HgS) and Implications for Mercury Speciation in 

Sulfidic Waters 

Chun J. Park Recreation 

Empirical Evidence of the Buffering Role of Leisure-Generated 
Self-Determination Dispositions and Social Support against Life Stress 

Michael T. Parlter History 

Tlie Kingdom of Character: The Student Volunteer Movement for Foreign 

Missions 1886-1926 

Paren P. Patel Chemistry 

Synthesis of Carbocyclic Rings and Highly Substituted Dienes by Way of 

Transition Metal Carbene Complexes 

Natalia J. Peart-Newkirk Psychology 

The Psychosocial Correlates of Academic Success among Black Graduate Students 

Peitao Peng Meteorology 

Dynamics of Enso-Related Climate Anomalies in a General Circulation Model 

Stephen Petrina Industrial, Technological and Occupational Education 
Psychology, Technology and Clinical Procedures in Education: The Cases of 
Luella W. Cole and Sidney L. Pressey, 1917-1934 

N D I D A T E S 


Linda L. Petrou Government and Politics 

Charies B. Reilly Education Policy, Planning, and Administration 

U.S. Fi^n'ign Policy Decision-Making Toward Soviet Participation in the Arab- 

Tlie Deaf Way of Education: Interaction among Children in a Thai Boarding School 

Israeli Peace Process: The Vinu From Washington 

John Reilly Electrical Engineering 

Dorrell Philip Human Development 

Development and Analysis of a Nonlinear Dynamic Inverse Control Strategy 

Political Socialization of Adolescents in Trinidad 

Martha S. Reynolds Health Education 

Alberto A. Pinkas Physics 

Predicting University Freshmen's Perception of the Occurrence of Date Rape as 

Momentum Densities and Electron Impact Ionization Cross-Sections 

Depicted in Two Videotaped Scenarios 

Thelma J. Pohl English Language and Literature 

Prabaddh R. Riddhagni Nuclear Engineering 

"Linked Analogies": Tlie Conflection of Religions and Sexual Imagery in Moby Dick 

Numerical and Experimental Determination of Energy Deposited by Fast 

Electrons in Plastic Tubes and Wire Insulations 

Christina R. Polsenberg Crimmal Justice and Criminology 

A Survival Analysis of Recdivism 

Judith M. Riggin American Studies 

The St'xt's, the Sixties, and Doris Day 

Laura J. Power Economics 

The Causes and Consequences of Investment Spikes in U.S. Manufacturing Plants 

Kapseong Ro Aerospace Engineering 

Dynamic Analysis and Robust Control of Integrated Active Control Transport ]et 

Keith G. Price Business and Management 

The Participation ofHedgers and Spvcidators in Futures Markets 

Boyd B. Roberts Mathematics 

Q-Curves Over Quadratic Fields 

Tracey R. Pulliam Chemical Engineering 

Optimal Expression and Separation of Recombinant HIV-Fusion Peptides 

Ruth L. Roberts Zoology 

Sexual Dimorphism and the Cooperative Breeding System of the Prairie Vole 

Teri L. Quinn Chemistry 

(Microtus Ochrogaster) 

Size Distribution and Dry Deposition of Elemental Constituents of Aerosols on 

the Chesapeake Bay 

Jennifer L. Robinson Curriculum and Instruction 

Lmguagc Learning in Context: An Interpretive-Ethnographic Study of an 

Ravi Ramanathan Engineering Materials 

Academic Semester Abroad in Russia 

Determination of Fiber Orientation in Nonwovens Using Image Analysis 

Susan A. Rosen English Language and Literature 

Donna V. Redman Psychology 

Houses of Words in the American Northwest 

Accessibility as a Mediating Factor of Illusori/ Correlation 

Marshall J. Reed Geology 

Yijun Ruan Botany 

Distribution of Rare Earth Elements Between Aqueous Vapor and Granitic Melt 

Regulation of Spore Germination and Virulence Gene Transcription in the 

Pln/topathogenic Fungus Nectria Haematoccoca by Pisatin, the Isoflavonoid 

Cor> A. Reich Human Development 

Phytoalexin of Pea 

Adolescent Family Concept and Esteem in Relation to Family Cohesion 

Adaptability, Social Support, and Parental Marital Adjustment 




Robyn A. RuSSOW Human Development 

Reda A. Shehata EngUsh Language and Literature 

The Effects of Graphing Calculator Experiences on Conceptual Understanding of 

A Comparative Study of the Poetry ofTliomas Hardy and Philip Larkin 


Song-Hua Shen Nuclear Engineering 

William R. Sattzman Psychology 

A Model for Problem Solving and Decision Making in Man/Machine 

The Effects of Adolescent Exposure to Community Violence 

Interaction — Application to Nuclear Power Plant Operation in Abnormal 


Girish P. Saraph Electrical Engineering 

Theory of Mode Interaction at the Cyclotron Harmonics in a Cyrotron Oscillator 

Zhengfu Shi Sociology 

Dynamics of Institutional Change: China in Comparative Perspective 

Naveen Sania Economics 

Macroeconomic Policy Determinants of Growth: A Cross-Country, Time-Series 

Tai-Kang Shing Mechanical Engineering 

Analysis for Developing Countries 

On the Dynamics and Control of Geared Servomechanics with Backlash and 

Friction Consideration 

Radford L. Schantz Economics 

A Dynamic Regional Model 

Wei Shu Economics 

Essays on Market Imperfections and Corporate Investment 

Marie J. Schwartz History 

Born m Bondage: Slave Childhood in the Virginia Piedmont and the Alabama 

Tariq M. Shukri Nuclear Engineering 

Black Belt, 1815 to the Civil War 

Methodology and Toots for Performing a Full-Scale Dynamic PFiA of Nuclear 


Marcia A. Scott Health Education 

A Baseline Assessment of Risk and Protective Factors For Violence Among 

Michael S. Shull Public Communication 

Inner-City Middle School Students 

Tinted Shades of Red: The Popular American Cinematic Treatment of Militant 

Labor, Domestic Radicalism and Russian Revolutionaries, 1909-1929 

Judith A. Scully Business and Management 

Getting the Job Done: Beyond Staffing Solutions 

Hamieet Singh Mechanical Engineering 

Micromeclmmcical Analysis of Optical Fiber Embedded Intelligent Structures 

Nereida Serrano Human Development 

Using Moire Interferometry and Digital Image Processing 

The Relationship Between Acculturation and Parenting Styles: A Study of 

Latina Women of Central American Heritage in the U.S. 

Ron Shran Computer Science 

Surface Modeling Using Quadtrees 

Mohammad S. Shaikh Mechanical Engineering 

Integrated Featured-Based Solid Modifier For Milling 

Edward M. Smith-Rowland Physics 

Electromagnetic Production of the Neutral Pion: Probing Finite Density Effects 

Fong-Chih Shao Electrical Engineering 

m the Vector Meson Propagator 

Efficient Nonhhcking Switching Netioork 

Grady A. Smith English Language and Literature 

Amelia K. Sharar Food Science 

Frulovisi's Peregrinatio; A Translation with a Life of the Playwright 

The Effect of Heat Treatment at Different Levels ofNaCl and pH on Listeria 

Mo7iocytogenes Cells and Its Components 


C A N D I D A T 



19 9 4 

H. L. Smith Sociology 

Union Mobilization and the State: An Examination of the Political Impact of 

Social Insurance Legislation on Union Growth in Britain and France, 1885-1975 

Steven G. Smith Marine, Estuarine, and Environmental Sciences 
A Length-Cohort Approach to Crustacean Stock Assessment Incorporating 
Discontinuous Growth 

Nonna J. Sneliings Microbiology 

Expression of T\ipe-2 Fimbriar 

Amjad A. Soomro Electrical Engineering 

Adaptive Bandwidth Compression and Scalable Video Representation in Video 
Teleconferencing App'lications 

David L Spinner Criminal Justice and Criminology 

The Effects and Affects of fuvenile justice Processing 

Debra L. Stanley Criminal Justice and Criminology 

A Comparison of Multiple-Level Risk Factors Between Child Homicide and Child 
Abuse and Neglect 

Howard IM. Stanton-Rich Recreation 

The Interrelationships of Leisure Attitude, Satisfaction, Behavior, Intrinsic 

Motivation and Burnout among Clergy 

Louann W. Stylianopoulos Art History 

Choice and Function: The Ancient Audience and Mosaic Decoration in the 
Churches of Macedonia Prima, 400 A.D. to 600 A.D. 

Chih-Chiang Su Civil Engineering 

An Adaptwc Traffic Signal Control System 

Robert 0. Sullivan Jr. Sociology 

Religiosity, Social Support, and Coping Abilities as Intervening Variables in the 
Relationship between Unemployment and Mental Health Outcomes: The G.M. 
Plant Closing Study 

Ignatius W. Sumarlin Physics 

Structure and Dynamics of the PR and CU Spins in PR2, CU04 

Xiaoyun Sun Business and Management 

Neural Nctioork Models for the Wire Bonding Process 

Kirsten Sundeen Criminal Justice and Criminology 

Sex Offenders 

Pablo I. Tamborenea Physics 

Elementary Excitations and Excliange Instabilities in Semiconductor Quantum Wells 

Bonnie 0. Tanner Agricultural and Extension Education 

Women Agricultural Leaders: A Study of Their Involvement and Potential for 

Involvment in Entrepreneurial Activity 

Christopher Tarpley Aerospace Engineering 

Static Stability of Optimized Engine-Integrated Hypersonic Waveriders 

Jason A. Taylor Physics 

The Contribution of Continuum Reprocessing by Stellar Winds to AGN Specta 

Joseph B. Thomas Jr. Geography 

Settlement, Community, and Economy: The Development ofTozvns on 
Maryland's Lower Eastern Shore, 1660-1775 

Scott F. Thompson Computer Science 

Growth Models for Shapes 

Patricia Tllghman Human Development 

Black Families' Perceptions of the School Climate in Relation to the Education 
and Reported School Achievement of Their Children 

Beverly A. Tlusty History 

Drinking and Society in Early Modern Augsburg 

David E. Tompkins Economics 

MaxiGDP and MiniCDP: Alternative Measures of National Product 

Carolyn D. Tozier Journalism 

Fifteen Years in the Life of Pauline Frederick: An Historical Study 


Kwang-Horng Tsai Mechanical Engineering 

Shengjun Wang Chemistry 

Partitioned Hierarchical Learning Control System for Industry Autonomous 

SfcTf(id;t'!»isfn/ and Biosynthesis of Macrocyclic Trichothecenes; Trichothecenes 


from Brazilian Plants 

Dimitrios P. Tsakiris Electrical Engineering 

Zhou Wang Physics 

Motion Planning for Parallel Manipulator Systems 

Riometer Absorption Associated with F-region Plasma Structures 

Tomas Vagoun Business and Management 

Beth S. Warner Psychology 

State-Based Software Testing 

Children's Psychosocial Competence and the Relationship of Peer Sociometric 

Status to Social, Emotional, and Academic Competence in the Home and School 

Thieny Van Bastelaer Economics 

A Collective Action Approach to Food Pricing Distortions 

Qifeng Wei Electrical Engineering 

Modeling and Control of Dynamical Effects Due to Impact on Flexible Structures 

Ann C. Van Orden Engineering Materials 

Dealloying of Silver-Gold in Perchloric Acid — A Mechanistic Study 

Jean E. Welker History 

The Gram Crisis of 1928 

Philippe J. Variet Music 

Ceol: A Data Base System for the Study of Irish Traditional Dance Music 

Joan M. Welker History 

Winegrowers in the Gironde, 1870-1914 

Spyridoula Variokosta Linguistics 

Issues on Modern Greek Sentential Complementation 

Lon G. West Enghsh Language and Literature 

The Male-Female Dialectic in the Novels of Frank Norris 

Roberto Vilarrubi Mathematics 

Large Deviations for Stochastic Partial Differential Equations zoith Reflection in Lo2(S') 

Elizabeth C. Wharton Curriculum and Instruction 

Tlie Development and Ei'aluation of an Ecology Unit with Emphasis on the 

Junichiro Wada Economics 

Chesapeake Bay 

The Japanese Election System: Three Analytical Perspectives 

Robert H. Wheelock Zoology 

Sara IVI. Wages Art History 

Identification of Keratmocyte Growth Factor-Modulated Phosphosignaling 

Gardens in 17th Century Dutch Paintings 


Patrice Wales Education Policy, Planning, and Administration 

Edward B. Whereat Botany 

Factors Associated with the Organizational Effectiveness of Catholic High 

77ie Ecological Sigtnficance of Evergreen heaves or Stems to Two Temperate 

Schools in the Archdiocese of Washington 

Woody Vines 

Julie A. Walton Kinesiology 

Johnette L. Whitaker Recreation 

The Effect of Heat on Differentiated Ratings of Perceived Exertion at Various 

The Use of Activity Analysis Among Therapeutic Recreation Practitioners in 

Lactate Concentrations 

Selected Settings 

Elizabeth L. White Computer Science 


Control Integration in Heterogeneous Distributed Systans 

A N D I D A T E 




19 9 4 

Barbara J. Wiencek Curriculum and Instruction 

Sung L. Yun Economics 

The Evoliilkm of Social Literaq/ Activity in One Elementary Classroom 

A Life Cycle Theory of the Firm 

Raquel L. Wilhoit Psychology 

Jolin K. Zahurak Electrical Engineering 

Mental Health Resource Usage of the African American Elderly 

Electron Transport Characteristics and Transistor Performance of InCa 

As/AIbiAs Doped-Channel FETS 

Thomas J. Williams Geology 

An Experimental Investigation ofHCIand Copper in Magnm-Volatile Systems 

Nian-Ning Zeng Mechanical Engineering 

Thermo-ciastic Constitutive Model for Rubberlike Materials 

Yu-Jen Wu Electrical Engineering 

Accounting for Multi-band Electron Transport in Deterministic Suhmicron 

Mohammad S. Zerafati-Jahromi Mechanical Engineering 

Semiconductor Dei'ice Modeling 

Local and Global Mixing Analysis of Complex Flow Fields: A Continuum 

Kinematics Approach to the Mixing in Numerically Simulated Wazry Channel Flow 

Jinglj Yang Geography 

Remote Sensing of Savanna Vegetation Structure and its Change over 17 Years 

Diana D. Zhang-Wobus Education Policy, Planning, and Administration 

in Eastern Zambia 

Survival Strategies for the Chinese and the U.S. Higher Education Institutions 

in the Nongovernment Sector in Comparative Perspective 

Nan Ye Chemical Engineering 

Control of Complex Chemical Processes with Conventional Methods and Neural 

Lei Zhang Electrical Engineering 


Study of Human Laryngeal Motion through Mathematical Modeling 

PIng-Hui Yeh Electrical Engineering 

Xiaodong Zhang Chemistry 

High-Power, High-Gain, Diffraction-Limited Emission from Single-Mode 

Mechanistic Studies ofDNA Degradation by Antitumor Antibiotics with 

Tapered Semiconductor Optical Amplifiers 

Synthetical Nucleotides Probes 

Hsiao- Ye Yi Sociology 

Huai-Bei Zhou Physics 

Determinants of Women's Labor Force Participation and Occupational Sex 

Dynamic Response of a Magnetized Plasma to an External Source: Application 

Segregation in Contemporary China 

to Space, Laboratory and Solid State Plasmas 

Wei Yi Mechanical Engineering 

Jian-Zheng Zhou Animal Sciences 

On a Circular Inclusion with Imperfect Interface Embedded m an Infinite Media 

Using an Animated Approach to Determining Animal Space Requirements 

uUiider Thermomechanical Loading 

Qin Zhou Mechanical Engineering 

Munsuk S. Yoo Agronomy 

Vapor Compression Cycle with a Solution Circuit and Desorberj Absorber Heal 

Z« Solubility in Topohydrosequence Soils Amended u'ith Sludge 


Ching-Hsi Yu Measurement, Statistics and Evaluation 

Shaoyun Zhu Textiles and Consumer Economics 

The Sampling Variability of Mastery Decision Consistency Indices 

A Study on the In-Silu Polymerization and Crosslinking of Cotton Fibers 

Shill-Tsung Yu Chemical Engineering 

Georg Zimmermann Mathematics 

Microbial Production of Dorosahexaenoic Acid (DMA) 

Projective Multiresolution Analysis and Generalized Sampling 



Laurie A. Andes Education Policy, Planning, and Administration 

Teacher Perceptions of a Staff Developmer^t Initiative in Language Arts 

Patricia A. Buckner-Thompson Curriculum and Instruction 

OD Inten'enttons in School Psi/chology Services: Survey Research to Investigate 
Parameters of Organizational Consultation 

Marian B. Church Curriculum and Instruction 

An Action Science Examination of the Thoughts, Feelings and Beliefs of Four 

Elementary Teachers When Working zuith At-Risk Students 

Pierre A. Colombel Curriculum and Instruction 

An Evaluation of a Leadership Development Program For African Americans 

Jackie W. Emberiand Education Policy, Planning, and Administration 
Characteristics of Impasse and Non-Impasse School Districts 

Mary J. Grabis-Bunker Curriculum and Instruction 

An Ethnographic Study of the Cooperating Teacher-Student Teacher 

Relationship: Power and Status Roles 

Emma B. James Education Policy, Planning, and Administration 

Facilitating School Reform: A Formative Rei'iew of a School System's 
Implementation of School-Based Management 

Margie H. Kerman Curriculum and Instruction 

An Ethnographic Description of Verbal and Nonverbal Communication of 
Teachers and Black Male and White Male Students During the Reading Bloc 

Frederick G. Medinger Education Policy, Planning, and Administration 
Adaptation Through Vertical Expansion In Higher Education 

Daniel W. Pjie Education Policy, Planning, and Admirustration 

The Career Patterns of African American Teachers in a Public School System 

Charies E. Ridgell III Education Policy, Plarming, and Administration 

Student Perceptions Before and After Student Service Learning 


Carey M. Wright Education Policy, Planning, and Administration 

Self-Reported Atlitudes/Beliai'iors and Mathematical Instructional Strategies 
Utilized by High and Low Scoring Third and Fifth Grade African American and 
Euro-American Students 


Murray L. Decock Music 

The Piano Sonatas ofS.C. Eckliardt-Cramatte 

John J. Mortensen Music 

A Collection of Transcriptions for Piano ofJ.S. Bach's Organ Chorales 

Paul D. Reynolds Music 

The Development of a Curriculum for the Study of Trumpet Pedogogy 

Steriing E. Scroggins Music 

The Songs of Horatio Parker: A History, Anthology, and Recording 





Ellen Betsy Franks 
Sonja Geschmay 


American Studies 

Susan Currell 

Robin Marlene Greenfield 
Mary Darlene Hill 

December 1994 

Laura Ann Gaither 
Beth Eileen Graybill 

Mark San-Chih Lee 
Karen Elaine Leigh 


Jane C. Opera 

William Ming Liu 

^^^^^^K' — '^^^^^^1 

Jeffrey Allan Rupp 

Lisa Renee Nickle 


Katherine Scott-Childress 

Nancy Vesey 

^^^^^P ' ^ '^^^^^1 


Barbara Lorraine Shaw 

Stanley Ernest Sokol 
Psyche Aletheia Williams 

Criminal Justice and Criminolc^ 

Bonney Lee Adams 

^^^01^^* ^^^^^^1 

Thomas Weadock Bodor 

Gisele Marie Crawford 

Thomas Patrick Allison 

Lukas A. Strout 

Applied Mathematics 

Paula Berman 

Kirsti Emilia Uunila 

Sassan Dehghan 

Miriam Deborah Bernstein 

Emmanuel K. Erskine 

Sophia Denise Carr 

Annette Michele Evangelisti 

James Matthew Cronin 


Hyrum William Laney 

Catherine A. Gallagher 

Ziming Qiu 

Elizabeth Katharine Griffin 

Mustafa Ali 

Rebecca Jean Hodder Stephens 

Bruce Eric Kubu 

Benjamin H. Ames 

Theodore Zeller Willard 

Ross Levitsky 

Kevin Paul Bergeron 

Paul A. Lofgren 

Mark E. Burlinson 

Art Histoiy 

Margaret Uloaku Okoroji 

Eric Robert Carle 

Susanne K. Bennet 

Jason Scott Potyk 

Vivian Chi 

Kathleen Crowe 

Jeffrey Alan Rank 11 

Christine S. Cho 

Maria Anne Day 

Stacy Brooke Skroban 

Raymond Anthony Coimor 

Maribeth Garnier 

Scott Lawrence Sussman 

Raymond Clarke Finger 

Michelle Lynn Kloss 

Beverly Jean Ward 

Jeffrey Nelson Grimes 

Catherine Lyn Whitney 

Joanne S. Joe 

Curriculum and Instruction 

Robert Lafayette Kaylor 

Comparative Literature 

Lisa Anne Dejournette 

Joanne Ya-Wen Kuo 

Sheila Faye Frost 

Yolanda Sheree Henderson 

Jose Ruben Morales 

Timothy Andrew Milton 

Robyn Renee Jackson 

Pablo Jose Quintana 

Julijana Milutinovic 

Muhammadali Sami 

Seth Clark Silberman 


James Brian Sichelman 

Steven Alan Bamett 

Steven C. Teller 

Counseling and 

Catherine Dawn Buffington 

Mojgan S. Zare 

Personnel Service 

Matthew Jude Cannon 

Janet Louise Reinhold Brown 

Janet Gay McCubbin 

Robert L. Echard 

Jennifer M. Mellor 

Diane Himmelheber Foley 

Kiran Dev Pandey 



S I T 


Stephen Bruce Reed 
Birgit Gisela Saager-Meade 
Manisha Gupta Singh 
WiUiam Maclane Takis 
Avery Grace Tillett 
Eric Marshall Winslow 
Shang-Jen Yu 

Education Policy, Planning 
and Administration 

Mari Fujiwara 
Sufei Li 

English Language and Literature 

Esther B. Abzug 
EUzabeth Anne Armstrong 
Aubrey Garcia Baden III 
Cynthia Lynn Baxter 
Anne Elizabeth Carroll 
Lisa Marie Colby 
Norlisha Francine Crawford 
Lori Dinkins 
Kathryn Elder Dobson 
Robert Michael Doggett 
Mark Timothy Eller 
Mark Alan Forrester 
Gia Lyn Harewood 
Jennifer Marie Harrison 
Toby Carl Heman 
Mary Elizabeth Holmes 
Kevin Lee Jessar 
James Walker Jung 
Julia Marie Leonard 
Ellen Theresa McAuliffe 
Denise Danielle Meringolo 
Michele 1. Osherow 
Jennifer Lyrme Rush 
Michael Robert Schoop 
Daphne Dixon Shannon 
Juliet Diane Sloger 

Julia Ann Sutliff 
Reiko Toyoshima 

French Language and Literature 

Abdelhakim Ennaboulssi 


Ronald Lee Allen 
Baron Jamal Bell 
Gail Carmichael 
Kate R. Eldred 
Christopher Lee Haga 
Christopher Richard Havlicek 
Michael Eric Howard 
Donald Alan Jarvinen 
Keith Zane Kaminsky 
Moon S. Kim 
Sara Elizabeth Loechel 
Emily K. Schnebele 
Marc K. Steininger 
Kateri Travis Swears 
David Christopher VanVVie 
Brenda H. Yoo 

German Language and Literature 

Edward Pratt Campbell III 
Swati D. Samak 
Heidi H. Shiver 

Government and Politics 

Susan Elizabeth Baer 
William John Benfanti 
Betty Presley Brown 
David Milton Cantor 
Deirdre Ann Chernomas 
Chong Su Cho 
David Carroll Cochran 
James Le Mon Davis 
Rochelle Lynnette Foster 
Jonathan Fox 
Greg Gemerer 

Kevin Edward Greene 
Paulette Gerkovich Griffith 
Stanley Marshall Lauck 
Thomas Patrick Moninger 
John David Occhipinti 
Linda J. Piccirilli 
Trevor Lewis Wysong 

Health Education 

Cynthia O. Brasseux 
Margaret McCoy Dovi 
Christiana Anglin Gresham 
Lisa Helene Helfman 
Martha J. Hunt 
Stacey Beth Rattner 
Alice Margaret Wahl 

Hearing and Speech Sciences 

Ravinder Kaur Basi 
Leah Langford Booth 
Katherine Bozman 
Carol Ann Carlsen 
Patricia Fenwick Carruth 
Linda Jearuie Dann 
Ellen Christine Eye 
Laura Ellen Jacobson 
Gail Sara Solganik Kastner 
Elizabeth Robinson Kindig 
Janice Chandler Ranne 
Elizabeth Hope Romano 
Patricia Marie Smith 


Joel llan Berg 
John Walter Biles 
Michael W Dravis 
Suzanne Ellen Gould 
Christopher Bernard Havern Sr. 
Kylan Alexander Huffman 
Lori A. Jancik 
John Daniel Kinney 

Rae Ann Klosterman 
Mary Ellen Montgomery 
Johnathan George O'Neill 
Corey David Ross 
Amy Blachowicz Rossmark 
Nancy Elizabeth Svendsen 
Kimberley Anne Theobald 

History/Library and Information 
Services, Combined 

Kathleen Diane Dillon 
Faye Paulette Haskins 
Jessica M. Kaplan 
Sue Ann Wood McMaster 
Mary Louise Mirmick 

Human Development Education 

Eric Sindre Anschutz 
Monique Capucine Better 
Barbara Anne Duca 
Tamaira Coleen Feehan 
Derrie Hoffert 
Regina Denise Jackson 
Stacey Michelle Kodeck 
Richard Allen Pasatiempo 
Linda Holmes Walters 

Industrial-Technological and 
Occupational Education 

Jill Ann Bierwagen 


Susan Adelman 
Deborah J. AH 
Daruel Herschel Barkin 
Robert Joseph Borella 
Nancy Micada Bracamonte 
liana Suzanne Brilliant 
Adrian V. Charley 
Shena L. Crittendon 
Mary Catherine Dewitt 


N D I D A T E S 

James M. DeSimone 

Patricia Margaret Dodd Rykiel 

Glen Tyson Fullmer 

Donna Lynn Gibson 

Kelly Renee Harvey 

Frederic Allison Henney Jr. 

Susan Leora Herendeen 

Gordon James Hume 

Christopher Drew Kirkpatrick 

Alan M. Kline 

Daniel Jay Kraut 

Min-ni Liu 

Carmen Gloria Lopez 

Wesley A. Mallette 

Margaret Ellen McCully 

Carol Hooper McKelvie 

Danielle Alyssa Nicholson 

Katherine Ann Nutt 

Kelly Ann Owen 

Ben H. Owens 

Martha Jean Pien 

Alexander Ratz 

Brenda Jermifer Rios 

Cheryl Ann Roberts 

Bey-Ling Sha 

Virgiitia Weichin Sheng 

Stephen Todd Shoff 

Leah Eve Silberstein 

Thomas Pahls Van Leunen Jr. 

Catherine Ann Walsh 

Laureece Andrea Woodson 


Laura Jane Antonietta 
Daruel C. Blackman 
Patricia Carroll 
Kristina Marie Dhondt 
Ann Marie Fuentes 
Traci R. Gorman 
Beverly Christine Green 
Kelley Marie Kirkpatrick 
Anne-Marie Yvonne Koenders 

Fong-Yi Lai 

Christopher William Mathews 
Lauren Amy Merkle 
Joshua Lambeth Montfort 
Margaret A. Ridgely 
Kellie Ann Schindel 
Richard James Seibert 
Ruth Mary Stuart 
Michael L. Travis 
Linda Carol Watts 
Melinda Renee Whetstone 


Jeffery D. Martin 
Keiko Muromatsu 
Susan Mary Powers 
Ellen Thompson 

Mathematical Statistics 

Chun-Kuo Li 
Zhenshao Zhong 


Bradley Evan Garner 

Paul Robert Harris 

Shawna LeAnne Bokies Masters 

Stephane Moreau 

Measurement, Statistics 
and Evaluation 

Rebecca Jean Grisham-Whitehouse 


Bruce Thomas Clarkson 
Thomas Henry Eigelsbach 


Bernard Gabriel Bedon Jr. 
Catherine Melanie Bergmann 
Gregory Brian Bodzioch 
Regina G. Davis 

Stacey Lajune Jackson 

Ann Brust Judge 

Lisa Susan Kretz 

Janna Pennington McCargo 

Elizabeth Anne Nutt 

Rajinder K. Pannu 

Mark B. Reed 

Linda Richter 

Jennifer Elizabeth Boyd Ritsher 

Dexter Maurice Taylor 

Jeffrey Adam Wilken 

Radio, Television and Film 

Aldo Ivan Bello 
Deborah L. Holt 
Tara Yvonne Jones 


Thomas Edward Brownscombe 
Janet Lynn Carbone 
Annette L. Hickman 
Ann Glascock Ketterer 
Leslie Ann Lefer 
Timothy Scott MoUica 
Valerie Jean Oliver 
Christine D. Pistoia 
Carole Wellman Purves 
Christina Marie Shriver 
Sara Jayne Wuertenberg 

Russian Language 
and Linguistics 

Igor A. Ponomarenko 
David R. Selover 


Samia M. Ahmad 
Sylvia Ann Ellison 
Amanda Loreta Foster 
Julie Nathanson Jakopic 
Ralph Dieter Kuhn 
Sue J. Melone 

Katherine Mary Reid 
Mark David Sloan 
Robert Lee Wagmiller 

Spanish Language 
and Literature 

Laura M. Dunne 
Monica Susan Giannone 
Michele Ann Lowers 
Lynn Alice Weber 

Special Education 

Jane Koren Berman 

Speech Communication 

Halelly BarSever 
Susan Elizabeth Buehler 
Mary Elizabeth Knish 
Katja Laepke 
Simon James Lewthwaite 
Colleen Elizabeth Ryan 
Pamela J. Stone 
Melissa Kraus Taylor 


Denise Maria Corte 
Timothy Graves Gillaspie 

Urban Studies 

Erik Asher Dennes 

Trudy Lindsey 

Paul Lawrence Taylor 


Travis Eugene Adkins 
Denise M Anderson 
Sharon Coleman Awkard 
David Michael Baughman 
Thomas Emmett Beck 



C; O L L E G 1: 

P A R 

Timothy Joseph Bernadzikowski 

Scott E. Bradley 

Jocelin D. Broady 

Margaret Ann Burke 

Letitia C. Carolina 

Sanjeev P. Chhugani 

Todd Davis 

Jerome Douglas Dillard 

Nancy Browning Douglas 

Regina Elizabeth Dwyer 

Edward Charles Emerson 

Joseph M. Forth 

Iretha Elizabeth Franklin 

Christopher Edward Ganley 

Leah Nicole Grannison 

Willa-Jo Michelle Greene 

Richard A Guenther 

Michael A. Haddad 

Donald C. Harris 

Robin Camille Hurley 

Zydre Kupetyte 

Douglas Patrick Lee 

Karen Pearson Licsko 

Mark Edward Lorenzi 

Thomas Pires Lourenco 

Radhika Dayal Mathur 

Purabi Mazumdar 

Kimberly Lorie Minor 

Wendy Kwang Rae Moomaw 

W. Grant Moosha Jr. 

Cynthia A Nickerson 

Margaret E. Olson 

Zhao Ouyang 

Michael S. Pacyna 

Indira P. Palanki 

Kimberly Jo Parker 

Arthur Douglas Peardon Jr. 

Laura Jean Pearson 

Christopher Joseph Perrone 

Marcie Lynne Peternick 

Karen Anne Pompanella 

Mary R. Raffa 

Ruth Anne Rosenberg 

Bradley David Sachar 

Tracey Lynn Salem 

Frederick William Schroeder III* 

William A. Schroeder 

Jill Aim Skanchy 

Karen Lynn Swanson 

Michael Anthony Timmick 

Brett Michael Tiplitz 

Minh Thien Ton 

Thien-Kim Ly Trinh 

Sarah Catherine Varner 

James Cameron Wallace 

Michael Alan Wilmore 

Guy Eugene Wilson 

Robert Thomas Zielinski 

Lee Halsey Kyle 

2nd Degree: Public 

Anthony Suck de la Paz 
Alex Wong 
Theodore Kerry Woods 

2nd Degree: Master of Science 

in Business Administration 
Marian Kay Wootten 


Komal Bhatia 
Timothy John Dermee 
Sondra Lyim KoUander 
JoJm Joseph Mitchell 
Theresa Fiscus Moriarty 
Robin Felicia Schaeffer 


Counseling and 
Personnel Service 

Cassondra Ayers 
Roy F. Blakebum 
Michael Ryan Chisholm 
Karl Richard Detrich 
A. Marco Dowell 
LaHtia Anne Greene 
Andrew Joseph Hedges 
Julie Norma Love 
Kazue Matsuoka 
Thomas Odell Moore 
Patricia Ann Moshure 
Nami Nakahodo 
John Andrew Newnham 
Gregory T. Rogers 
Samuel S. Salmeron 

Curriculum and Instruction 

Henrietta Jean Bentz 
Michaeleen Blue 
William Joseph Bolin 
Jessica Meriam Farrar 
Theodora Joanne Fitzsimmons 
Frieda L. Jones 
Julie Amy Marsteller 
Barbara Marvin 
Karla Patricia Miller 
Anginise C. Moore- Vernon 
Carrie Stephan Morris 
Margaret Mary Quinn 
Sara Marie-Frances Quinn 
Holly Marshann Searl 
Carrie D. Shaw 
Li-Ching Wang 
Beverly Joyce Whitest 

Education Policy, Planning 
and Administration 

Andrea Althea Bussue 

Human Development Education 

Darma Pleshette Bobo 
Rosemarie Theresa Downer 
Kathleen Anne Fontaine 
Diane Nevins Frommer 
Teri Ginther 

Industrial-Technological and 
Occupational Education 

Stephen Arthur Brayman 

Special Education 

Darlene L. Anderson-Alexander 

Joann I. Bailey 

Laurie Ann Baumbusch 

Penny Leslie Beller 

Jennifer Mitchell Cable 

Ann Cooper 

Frances Anne Corrigan 

Frances Vanessa Diggs 

Diane Marie Dill 

Maura Patricia Farley 

Lillian Carmel Fine 

Jacquehne Ann Folk 

Mary E. Hartmann 

Barbara Aim Hinchberger 

Ian Mark Hunter 

Dana Conover Jackson 

Judith M. Markeson 

Paula Jane Marquis 

Emily Constance McGuckian 

Vernelle Danley Morant 

Martha Ann Mundy 

Kristin Elizabeth Offermann 

Gerald Richard Piatt 

Susan Diane Harlan Rodgers 

Karen Lucille Shepard 



D E C: E M B E 

Carrol Diane Welder 
Caroline Anne Wilkinson 


Creative Writing 

Nicholas M. AUocca 
Neal T. Donnelly 
Elizabeth Ann Prodey 
Robert M. Remy 
Pierce Tyler 


Whitney Allison Byrn 
Natasa Djukic 


Library and 
Infomiation Services 

Jami Rhoades Antonisse 
Imelda Briones Aycud 
Jennifer Lynn Beaufort 
Nicola Kilby Bigley 
Greg Andrew Ceton 
Amy Susan Debusk 
Melinda Alease Gunter 
Marisa Bourgoin Keller 
Linda Jo Kerecman 
Yu-Ling Liu 
Andrea Dawn Markley 
Carole Ulyett Marks 
Fran Martinez-Scott 
Karen P. Mattheis 
Timothy Brian McAllister 
Regina S. Moore 
Robert Michael Neuman 
Ly Ngoc Nguyen 

Eileen Frances Pingitore 
Selena Astrid Ramkeesoon 
Fawn Jeanette Rooke 
Marilyn K. Shoenfeld 
Jill Deborah Siegel 
Elizabeth Louise Van Dyke 
Deborah Yonit Wassertzug 
Emily Claudette Whittington 

Library and Information 
Services/History, Combined 

Kathleen Diane Dillon 
Faye Paulette Haskins 
Jessica M. Kaplan 
Sue Ann Wood McMaster 
Mary Louise Minnick 


Rose Michelle Bello 
Peter Joshua Burroughs 
Ana M Castrello- Vazquez 
Lisa Maria Corbett 
Paul W. Douglass II 
Adalsteirm Olafur Einarsson 
Ronald P. Francois 
Grace Harrison Gori 
Mary Louise Gresock 
Janice Renae Jackson 
Dennis D. Jones 
Edgardo Malaga Jr. 
Siobhan Maria McGuire 
Casey Erricson Olney 
Angela Powell 
Jozef Surowiec 
Ronald V. Vazquez 
Lisa Marie Walhout 
Robert Francis Waters 
Jennifer Lyn White 
Xiao-Jun Zong 


Ya-wen Ko 
Lee Halsey Kyle 

2nd Degree: Business 

Michael Scott Calvin 
Peter Odell Davis 
Tracy Anne Hamblet 
Tia Lynn Livermore 
Kristina Hellikki Peterson 
Angela Patricia Rodriguez 


Charles Gilbert Burg 
Faith L. Corson 
John Martin Ducey 
Charles Leonard Franklin 
Jean M Sickle 
Carlos A. Torielli 


Aerospace Engineering 

Mohammed N. Alharbi 
Kenneth Allan Baird 
Ying-Lin Chen 
Jeanette Jo Epps 
Gardell Gary Gefke 
Brian Robert Hester 
Sowmyalatha Jayaraman 
Kevin Dion Johnson 
Gopalakrishna M. Kamath 
Jennifer Lyrm Knack 
James Rich Koppersmith 
Gerard Francis Marks 
Minyong Qiu 

Eric Todd Sherrock 
Ih-Cheng Shih 
Divyang R. Shukla 
Jennifer Anne Smith 
Nancy Fehring Swinford 
Stephen Alexander Teager 
Paul David Vieira 

Agricuttural and 
Extension Education 

Alexander Rado Kinzhuber 
Manochehr Nobakht 

AgricuHural and 
Resource Economics 

RoUie Lai 
Jin Qian 


Janine Baratta 
Susan Lamb Davis 
Eric Charles Krenitsky 
Monica Bittner Marcelli 
Sanju Raturi 
Ana Maria Sanchez 
Henry Charles Wetzel III 
Mei Zhang 

Animal Sciences 

Clayton Wayne Chamberlain 
Ramesh Ramachandran 
Xu-Shen Zhou 


Michele Diane Thornley 


Dwight Eugene Randle 


Michelle Grigg Youmans 

Business and Management 

Melissa Ann Morgan 
Dilip Kumar Patro 
Mark Allen Schipper 
Krishnakant N. Shanbhag 
Lai Shen 

Mikhail Smolyak 
James Allen Wilkey 

Chemical Engineering 

Alok Jain 
John Kang 
Tsu-shun Lee 
Jui-Chen Lin 
Dongling Pan 
Artemis Georgia 
Jie-Rong Wu 


Halev Elise Blackburn 
Audrey Anne Cole 
James Robert Jenssen 
Eddie Oliver 
Raymond W. Peterson Jr. 
Jack Naylor Price 
Jayson W. Schwantes 
Isabella Theresa Smalera 
Sampath K. Tirumala 

Civil Engineering 

Rachid Joseph Abouchacra 
Paul Nicholas Asafaylo 
Manuel Junior Ayres 
Ravi Bhakthavatchalam 
David Alan Carlisle 
Min-Ching Chen 
Jeffrey Stuart Cooper 
Orlando Cruz-Solano 
Christine deBarbadillo 


Philippe Jean Luc Espitallier 

Nancy Elizabeth Fitz 

David Reid Flumbaum 

Paul Michael Gietka 

Steven Donald Giffin 

Mark Joseph Glaudemans 

Joseph L. Hartmann 

Ping-Hsiu Ho 

Sannantha Anne Hopkins 

Bhaumik Vimal Hotha 

Sandeep Janwadkar 

Ye Jiang 

Lanheng Jin 

Hem Chander Kamasamudram 

Rick J. Kiegel 

Anaw^at Kitjalaksana 

MuraUdhar Reddy Kontham 

Fred Shufan Lau 

Nan-Hung Lin 

Jacob Chia-Chun Liu 

Van Liu 

Tristram Edward Madden 

Marc Elhot Mandel 

Claudia Yvonne Marx 

DiUp S. Matange 

David Ian McDonnell 

Michael Adam Miller 

Kamran Ahsan Nagi 

Srinivas Nallanagula 

Ravi Kiran Nangunoori 

Marwan Peter Noursi 

Andrew Francis O'Brien 

Joseph Leo O'Neil 

David William Pelton 

David Paul Preusch 

Qun Qian 

Sanjay Rajagopal 

Alsaid Osman Alsaid Ramadan 

Venkatesh Ramanathan 

Naresh Prasad Sakha 
Dwight Earl Shank 
Kevin Robert Slates 
J. Michael Sovkinski Jr. 
Richard Hugh Speir 
Virgil V Stanley 
Jeanne Marie Stevens 
James Michael Sunderland 
Riaz Abid Syed 
Glenn Howard Telfer 
Aklile Tesfaye 
Glenn Gabriel Thater 
Andrew Phillip Travaglini 
Hsin-chung Tseng 
Jeh-Chong Tseng 
Meenakshy Vasudevan 
Ernesto Villalba 
Karen Ann Voglezon 
Vijay M. Vulava 
Daili Yang 
Suhas S. Yerra 
David Andrew Yockman 
Mohamed Alaa Younis 
Davrit Zena 

Computer Science 

Mehmet Bayraktar 

Jaroslaw Gryz 

Jack Shangji Hsu 

Barrie R. Migdalof 

Fan-Tao Pu 

Claudia E. Rodriguez Carranza 

Harvey Pe Siy 

Reiko Tsuneto 

Mustafa Uysal 

Scott King Walker 

Wen Wang 

Carol Susan Whitney 

Jayoung Wu 

David Michael Zajic 

Electrical Engineering 

Khwaja Iqtedar Ahmed 

Fernando Alexandre De Almeida 

Damodar R. AnandampUlai 

Chao-Hung Chang 

Jennifer Elizabeth Deering 

Nitin Kumar Garg 

Steven Alexander Goldstein 

Daniel Paul Halper 

Raymond Robert Hoare U 

Hyun Chul Hong 

Kuo-Shun Hsu 

Huaichung Huang 

Sofiene Jegham 

Eric Warren Justh 

Angelos Kanlis 

George Anthory Kantor 

Tharmarajah Kugarajah 

Tai Hong Lee 

Jeender Lin 

Nan Lu 

Jie Ma 

Vikram Manikonda 

Reuven Meth 

Arun Raghupathy 

Scott Richard Rosenfeld 

Arun Saxena 

Weidong Shao 

Sanjeev Kumar Singh 

Daniel Tae Song 

Dimitrios Stamatelos 

John Perkins Stanley 

Sean Christian Tippett 

Tung-Phong Tran-Luu 

Ramakrishnan VeiJcataraman 

Ramakrishnan Vivekanandan 

Stewart W. Wilson 

Hassan Yaghoobi 

Chuanguo Zhang 

Xu Zheng 





Engineering Materials 

Reshma Prem Kumar 
John Philip Roth 
Edgar Robert Seydel 
Surjit Singh 
Chien-Ping Yu 

Engineering, Agricultural 

Karen Marie Coyne 
Mary Lynn Searing 
Raviraj Vyravipillai 
Catherine Angela Wells 


William Mutch Curtis 

Family and Community 

Jennifer Ann Becker 
Carolyn Therese Biggs 
Michelle Lynne Clossick 
Anne Little DeVaughn 
Jeanne Ellen Dosky 
John Mark Evans 
Lynda Payne Evans 
Thelma Lorraine Harley 
Tracy A. Jackson 
Judy Kay Marblestone 
Judith Virginia Moore 
Bonnie Lynn Nelson 
Wendy Jayne Wilcox 
Doris Annette Wilkerson 
Mary Garrett Wilson 

Family Studies 

Jenny Ortufio 

Fire Protection Engineering 

Bjame Christian Hagen 
Gerald Augustus Haynes 

Subhransu Kumar Mohanty 
Eugene Vito Paolucci 
Steven Edward Younis 

Food Science 

Yoon-Kyung Chung 
Reem Kassatly Raji 


Jerry Lee Burgess 
Nancy L Katyl 
Michael Edward O'Connell 
Kent Ratajeski 
Anne-Marie Reidy 
Edward Brendan Shane 


Katherine Kelly Stephenson 

Human Nutrition and Food 

Heather Jean Grant 
Peter Michael Putnam 

Marine, Estuarine and 
Environmental Sciences 

Tyler Allen Abbott 
Brian John Alleva 
David Stephen Dougall 
Mi Ae Kim 
Josie Klapper 
Andrew S. Rogers 
Peter Jonathan Stone 
Jacqueline Ann Urban 
Patricia M. Zerfas 

Mechanical Engineering 

Abdulmalik Ali Alghamdi 
Christopher Waldo Argento 
Michael David Blanford 

Vikram Chandra 

Yin-Hsin Chen 

David Lawrence Ciminelli 

David Keith George 

Robert Grande 

John Eugene Hendershot 

David Brian Hendrickson 

Kristen Schubring Hines 

Ramakrishnan Jayant 

Mark E. Kumagai 


Richard Michael McMahon Jr. 

Steven J. Nabinger 

Marc Steven Nathan 

Vijay Nathan 

James Bohling Pfeiffer 

Ashok Surendra Prabhu 

Samir Puri 

Gurdeep Singh Sayal 

Natarajan Viswanathan 

George Max VoeUmer 

Khaled R. Wardak 

Prasad V. V. Yalamanchili 

Yunfang Yu 

Yexiang Zhou 


Myoung-Hwan Ahn 
Mathew Anthony Barlow 
Pauline Butterworth 
Matthew Todd Deland 
Eric Thomas DeWeaver 

Bruce Zoffin Segal 
Mary Teresa Simms 
Jianjun Zhang 


Diane Juliette Holder 

Tong Li 

Kevin Ross Turbyfill 

Nuclear Engineering 

Mohammad Ahsan Farooqi 
Dennis Rothenberger 

Nutritional Sciences 

Charlotte Lee Kirk 


Per Kennett Aschan 
Gerry Marc Blumenstock 
David Louis Gershon 
Tao Gu 

John Mastin Lafferty Jr. 
James Maxwell Repaci 
Timothy Robert Sharp 
Catherine Jane Trout 
Ping Wang 


Amy Alice Nespor 
Blake Nelson Sobiloff 

Reliability Engineering 

Mandar Madhukar Kawle 
Sanjay Kumar 
Srinivasa Rao Tata 
Weiming Wang 

Sustainable Development and 
Conservation Biology 

Norman Alan Bourg 
Susan D. Buse 
Cheryl Anne Cort 
Catherine Anne O'Brien 


S I T Y 

M A R Y 

Gilberto Andres Rios 
Deborah Winslow Rowan 

Systems Engineering 

Delores Helen Gardner 

Anunoy Ghosh 

Stephen John Kellv 

Wing Fu Ko 

Harsha P. Kumar 

Marios Markos Leventopoulos 

Gary Yip Moy 

David W. Rush 

Textiles and Consumer 

Ravi Ramanathan 


KeUie Ann Austin 
Rachel West Biron 
Theresa A. Hodge 
Donald Joseph Sejkora 
Agnes De Lemos Velloso 






Animal Sciences 

O'Niel O. Albino 

Catherine Anne Olson 
Craig Elias Pell 


Lucy Elizabeth Alderton§ 

James Brian Pippin 


Johanna Michelle Froelich§ 

Erik Coleman Reeves 

Dawn Ellen Gorrell 

Donna Belle Scheungrab* 


December 1994 

Ashley Alynn Henshaw 
Tanya Leroith 

Allan F. Turpin 111 


Judith Anita Nelson 

Soil Science 





Christy Lynn Seaton 

Jennifer Carol Conaway 




Rebecca Lee Porter Shepperd 



Bachelor of Laixdscape 

I\an Jabes Stone 

Turf and Urban Agronomy 

■ ^■^ 



Andrea Annette Theiler 

George Franklin Thorne 111 


Jannean Antonia Williams 


Landscape Architecture 

M. Jennifer Woodward-Greene* 


Susan Marie DeMarino 



Peter Charles Mazzocchi 

Biological Resources 




Bachelor of Science 


Bachelor of Science 

Gary Edward Seibel 


^^BBBiii 1 ^" 

Conservation of Soil, Water 

Eric Matthew Benson 

Agricultural and 

and Environment 

loannis A. loannou 

Resource Economics 

Kenneth Alan Clare 

Beom Joe Kay 

Linda Kathleen Boulin 

Adel Nur 

Diane Xiaohua Chen 

Food Science 

David Kenneth Saunier 

Abitaile Fofana 

■Andrea L. Aletti 

Emily Catherine Smith 

Peter Stefan Harris 

Behrooz Taherkliani 

Charisa Neree Jones 

Daniel Van Ormer Kirchner 

General Agriculture 


Brian Edward McCarthy 

Frederick William Schroeter Jr. 


Rakhi Mehta 

Drew Garrell Miller 


Bachelor of Arts 

Andrew Mwando 

Lvnn Robert Batdorf 

Chrlstanty Novira 

Randy Joseph Lusky* 

Advertising Design 

Sang H. Park 

Holly Ann Stinchcomb 

Ezra Caxton Njuki 

Timothy Seabrooks 

Lisa Ann Pate 

Irim Fatima Siddiqui 

Natural Resources Management 

Mark Allen Timm 

Scott Allan Bradway 

American Studies 

Sara Marie Wolff 

Kevin Eugene Hedge 
Robert Henry Helverson 
Pamela Leah Milby 
Sharon Suzanne O'Brien 

Barbara Lin del Aguila 
Anthony Carreras 
Helen Elizabeth Mancke 
Jennifer Arm Marrnix 


§ Sitmma cum Laude f Magna cum Laude * cum Laude 

R Y L A N D 

Kathleen Marie McGrath 
Waverly Edward Milor 
Jared Leif Oerke 
Ian Dylan Paiewonsky 
Ashley Elissa Reis 
Kameswari Gummuluru Sastry 
Mark Randolph Yarbrough 

Art Histoiy 

Charles WilUam Bailey 
Douglas Eugene Beard 
Lori Annette Bonnette 
Melissa Jeanne Calmes 
Carolyn Elaine Conner 
Jennifer Marie DiFazio 

2nd Degree: Italian Language 

and Literature 
Rhonda Lynn Fish 
Cynthia Anne Johnson 
Jung Eun Kim 
Joanna Lynn Kline 
Jeffrey Mark Leone 

2nd Degree: Anthropology 
Michelle Ann McDermott 
Michelle Martin Moore 
Rebecca Jane Naples 
Fabienne L. Noble 
Heather Lynn Wright 

Art Studio 

Leo David Berman 
Kristen Merle Bodammer 
Elizabeth Sue Bond 
Andrew Jackson Boots IV 
Madison Wallace Bradley 
Kelly Ann Bums 
Laura Joan Crews 
Teresa Ann Ellis 
Claudia Marcella Fenning 
William Everette Fisher 
Soo J. Ha 

Jeffrey James Hoffman 

Christopher Duane Holmes 

Richard T. Kaplon 

Sangeeta Kaul 

Joseph David Kernisky 

Lorita Marie Kimble 

Yang Hee Lee 

Jennifer Kara Lipchin 

Paulo Jose Almeida Machadot 

Soheil Naficy 

Julie Elizabeth Nelsont 

Jerry J. Nestor 

Eduardo M. Paredes 

Suzanne Miguel Podrasky 

Scott Sumner Powell 

Stephen Kenneth Rlioades 

Roger Thor Roop 

Gina Marie Sambolin 

John H. Staton 

Paul Robert Weil II 

Mira Yae 

Vera Zarechnak 

Classical Languages 
and Literature 

Richard Yong Su Mun 
Thomas Wat Tyler 


Stephanie Rose Albers 
Isabel T. Hon 
Evelyn Lenora Ivy 

East Asian Languages 
and Literature 

Thomas Clark Antisdel 

2nd Degree: General Business 

and Management 
Masayuki Aramaki 

Gina S. Cha 

2nd Degree: General Business 

and Management 
Liwen H. Fish 
Jason Garms 
Shin Ja Kim 

Robert Stephen Rodgers 
David Wayne Talbott 
David C. Toung 

English Language and Literature 

Amy Michelle Abramson 
Denise Rene Allen 
Eniola B. Armoogan 
Dean Stuart Austin 
Daniel A. Avery 
Mark Aziz 

Kristal LaShawn Bassett 
Veronika Beate Batz-Jevec 
Jeremy Shaka Beard 

2nd Major: Afro-American 

Amanda Marie Becker 
Laura Ruth Bernard 
Jacob S. Blauer 
Mehssa Bonilla 
Virginia L. Borelli 
Edward Edgar Brunins 
Staci Renee Bumpus 

2nd Major: East Asian 

Languages and Literature 
Elizabeth Jean Burke 

2nd Degree: French Language 

and Literature 
Jason Edward Butler 
Jennifer Ann Campbell 
Thomas Jason Centrella 
Brian David Crecente 

2nd Degree: Journalism 
Diane Laverne Culverhouse 
Marisa Deca 

Theodore Edward Dryer 
John Nicholas Dvorak 
Jeffrey A. Edwards 

2nd Degree: French Language 

and Literature 
Francesca E. Ekanem 
Kim Yvette Evans 
Charlotte Anne Evers 
Monica C. Fieri 
Mark Hong Forrester 
Leilah Tirado Gilligan 
Michael Alan Goldberg 
liana Ruth Goldstein* 

2nd Major: Philosophy 
Shawna Jeanette Gooding 
Joanne Elizabeth Gottschall 
Marnie Jill Greene 
David Grossman 
Michael August Hakkarinen 
Steven Edward Haversack 
Victoria Leigh Herstein 
Sharon Denise Holley 
Julie Veronica Kaiss 
Julie Alexandra Kaplan 
James Declan Keane 
Patricia Mariya Kollappallil 
Nancy Cassandra Krause 
Charles Edward Kuzminski 
Erica Cherie Lancaster 
Jennifer Hann Lavan 
Matthew Lazenby 
Richard Brian Lee 
Stephanie Ann Lenkey 
Maureen Lerch 
Darin Spencer Levine 
Heather Jessica Levine 
Gregory Lavell Long 
Shelby Alisa Martensen 

2nd Degree: Psychology 
Matthew Timothy Martin 
Elizabeth Frances McCormick 


§ Summa cum Laude f Magna cum laude * cum Laude 


Christina Marie Mincin 
Afshin Molavi* 
Carolyn Morgan Morales 
James Knight Morrow Jr. 
Robert Harrison Myers Jr. 
Matthew Douglas Oakes 
Ainisha Bikira Orton 
Dharma Jiva Pachner 
Teri Lynn Parker 
Daniel S. Parnes 
Nancy Elaine Peck 
James Shawn Peters 
Shad Cameron Poole 
Deborah Beltran Potes 
Bryan Joseph Rainville 
La'Tonya Rachelle Rease 
Rhon Carl Reid II 
David Brian Ries 
Jill Ann Robinson 
Jonathen Davey Robinson 
Cynthia Leigh Rockwell 
Maryellen Rohr 
Michael Alan Rosenblatt 
Allison Beth Rosner 
Roselyn Zokhumi Rova 
Ann Marie Schueler 
Ludmila Alexandra Shadid 
Caroline Smyser Shaeffer 
Melissa Jennifer Shand* 
Samantha Lee Silverstein 
Allison L. Smith 
Jordan Meredith Smith 
Stephen Harry Snay 
Evalani Irene Spencer 
Stephanie Anne Steranka 
Justin Charles Stockdale 
Anne E. Sucher 
Jeffrey Lee Tanck 
Sorua Suzanne Taylor* 

Catherine Louise Tidwell§ 
2nd Degree: Secondary 
Education — English (Language 
Arts) — Professional 

Gerald Peter Umlauf Jr. 

Sharon Velazquez 

Joseph Belknap Wall 

Kevin Andrew Wasik 

Monica Marcella Whiten 

Valeria Nolita Willis 

French Language and Literature 

Elizabeth Jean Burke 
2nd Degree: English 
Language and Literature 

Niki Ifigenia Carson 
2nd Major: English 
Language and Literature 

Michelle J. Christmas 

Jeffrey A. Edwards 
2nd Degree: English 
Language and Literature 

Kimchi Thi Le 

Suzanne Jeanette Proujan 

Ramona J. Saar 

2nd Degree: Electrical 

Jason Vito Stagliano 

Hope Seeley Thurlow 

German Language and Literature 

Hee Jin Choi 
Erik Lee Lane 

2nd Degree: Mechanical 

Steven Douglas Long 
Christopher E. Martin 
Daniel Seth Meisner 
Patrick Sven Seeliger 

2nd Degree: Conifmter Scietjce 
Christian Wolfgang Stone 

Scott Charles Sutton 
Karin Frieda Voellmer 

2nd Degree: Government 

and Politics 
Ralph Siegfried Wiechert 

2nd Degree: Electrical 



Dennis B. Baylor 
Meredith Hope Benderson 
Dennis Reed Booker 
Herbert Richard Wright Brewer 
Christopher Michael Burt 
Erica Lynne Cawthorne* 
Elizabeth Anne Cherry 

2nd Degree: Anthropology 
Nina Andrea Chollet 
Daniel Thayer Colli 
Linda Francis Decker 
William Thomas Doesburg 
Timothy Joseph DriscoUt 
T. Bruce Falkinburg, Jr 
Donnacha Glenn Fay 
A. W.J. Flack 
Sean Patrick Flanagan 
Andrew Curtis Folts 
Mark Patrick Forster 
Nicholas Alexander Francis 
Ferrell Winfield Furr 
John Patrick Garvey 
William P. Giugliano 
Michael A. Glick 
Paul Joseph Graham 
Stacy Jill Greene 
Melinda A. Hall 
Nancy Marie Harp 
Earl Clifford Hoagland II 
Robert Joseph Jacobs 
Michael Edward Kleinert 
Garry J. A. Knox 

Nathaniel R. Koch 

John Flemming Lazarus 

Cynthia Groves Millert 

Gary Clark Miller 

Jose D. Morales 

Yumee Carrol Nam 

Andisheh Nouraeet 

Colin Thomas Jefferson O'Brien 

Chude Chukuka Okonjo 

George K. Penn 

Carol E. Pollak 

Ryan CuUinane Reilly 

Gail Maria Remy 

Kimberly Dee Sachs 

Sylvester L. Scott 

Mark Steven Seelbach 

Anthony Segaria 

Stephen Christopher Sheedy 

Eric P. Shen 

Maanic Shergill 

Daniel Hyung-Sub Shin 

Todd Richard Slosek 

Marcus Ricardo Smallwood 

Jeffrey William Smith 

Jeanine Anne Sobieski 

Dennis Alejandro Sorto 

Christopher Ross Sutton 

Jaimie Hope Taff 

Elizabeth Anne Taylor 

Jennifer Ellen Till 

Robert W. Two Bulls 

Marcus Alexander Walker 

Lori Alison Weitz 

Donna Christina Wessel 

Interior Design 

Grace Mingkuei Lee 
Michael Joseph O'Neill 
Katherine Louise Stalmann 


§ Summa cum iMude f Magna cum Laude ' cum Laude 

S I T Y 

M A R Y L A N 

Italian Language and Literature 

Jennifer Marie DiFazio 

2nd Degree: Art History 
John David Voder 

Jewish Studies 

Shelly Rebekah Hsai» 
Rachel Anne Schneider 

2nd Degree: Individual 

Stuart Michael Teich 
Jeffrey S. Teles 
Wendy Malka Weigert 


Andrea Daruelle Castrogiovarmi 
John Edward Drury 
John Kroth Hoover 

2nd Degree: Philosophi/ 
Malgorzata Aleksandra Muller 
Carol Ann Sniegoski 


Andre Deleo Cook 
Timothy Richard EUistont 
Janna Alysabeth Hopkinst 
Vincent Novara 


Tsegahiwot Berhanu 
Michael Brian DoUenger 
Elisabeth Mary Herschbacht 
John Kroth Hoover 

2nd Degree: Linguistics 
James A. Kodak 
Tania Elise Lyles 
Daniel Domiiuc Rosendale 

2nd Major: Government 

and Politics 
Julie Elaine Sieracki 
Rowan Emerson Spies 

David M. Sullivan 
Tadayuki Wakabayashi 
Peter Christian Zitta 

Radio, Television and Film 

Tracy Leigh Archie 

Adrienne Denise Jehle 

Lisa Marie Kessler 

Andre Lee 

Jarah Wendy Moesch 

Jong S. Nam 

Mojgan Maniei Oskouei 

EHvight J. Paris 

Audrey G. Portman 

John Edward Vincent Sorensen 

Romance Languages 

Isilda Crispim Correia 

Russian Area Studies 

Kathrvn Eleanor Haspel 

Russian Language and Literature 

David Brian Carroll 
Joshua Clifford Hansen 

Spanish Language 
and Literature 

Shawn Michael Barber 
Paula Barbis 
David Thomas Burket 
Soo Min Lee 
Susan Jane Lewis 
Elizabeth Ann Norton 
Colleen Rachele Read§ 
Nelson Ray Sanchez 

2nd Degree: General Business 

and Management 
Dwain Andrew Skirmer 
John Christopher Stiller 

Maria A. Walsh§ 
Judith Rachel Zawatsky 

Speech Communication 

Michelle Mane Aloi 
James E. Ashworth 
Eric LawTence Bamberger 
Jason Robert Blake 
Kwame Omar Bryan 
Amy Lvnne Buehler 
Colleen Laura Cavan 
Lucia Antonina Cicala 
Patrick Jason Cloyd 
Jonathan David Dosik 
Kristin Lyrm Edell 
Barbara Anne Edler 
Christopher Thomas Engh 
Melanie Blake Evans 
Jacqueline L. Gordon 
Maurita Darice Griggs 
Stuart Marc Kafetz 
William Joseph LaCosta 
Deborah Jane Marx 
Kevin Brian McVearry 
Barbara Marie Minnick 
Lisa Michelle Montalvo 
Kimberly Molly O'Sullivan 
Aashish J. Parekh 
Brad Alan Quint 
Leslie Lynne Santangelo 
Jay L. Schumer 
William Alfred Schwacke 
Philip Wynn Schwartz 
Sameer Bala Shantaram 
Adam A. Stettner 
Susan Elizabeth Stovall 
Christopher Ernest Streight 
Stacey Lyne Tate 
Jason P. Tepper 
JoAnn Delores Thomas 
Nicole Anissa Walker 

Douglas M. Warner Jr. 
Ryan M. Warsaw 
David Anthony Witkin 
AUyson Beth Yospe 
2nd Degree: Marketing 


Christine M. Asero 
Jennifer L\Tin Cockerham 
Allison Virginia Costine 
Patricia Alice Donoghue 
Christopher David Ellison 
Bruce Jonathan Gholston 
Scott Anthony Hartsock 
Bruce Dana Henning 
Suzanne Innes 
Melanie Jane Kirkman 
David Lawrence Marcus 
Kanchan Mattoo 
D. Thomas McCarthy 
Alan Mingo Jr. 
Meghan Marie Murphy 
Michelle Joy Powers 
Ashok V. Sinha 
Christina Ann Swatton 
Robert Malcolm Yeager 

Women's Studies 

Theodora Madeleine Sophia Scarato 

Bachelor of Musk 


Bun Ha Chungt 
Erica Susan Godshallt 


§ Summa cum Laude t Magna cum Laude 'cumljiude 



Biuiielor of Science 

Advertising Design 

Fernando Augusto Urrea 


Bachelor of Arts 

Afro-American Studies 

Leslie Carlene Baker 
Renee Raquel Hanson 
Kimberly Dawn Lewis 
Kathleen Elizabeth Murray 
Deborah Lee Ossen 
Peter Alfred Shapiro§ 
Enrique John Young 


Elizabeth Anne Cherry 
2nd Degree: History 

Aaron Ilya Dabbah* 

Shari Lynn Haldeman 

Brian David Hardy 

Joni Jefferson 

Jeffrey Mark Leone 

Ind Degree: Art History 

Jennifer Savage Morris 

Tracy Dawn Perreten 

James F. Prince 

Maxine Kay Rheingoldt 

Rebeca Farnsworth Rivera 

Leah Alice Rosenberg 

Anna Sarene Yellin 

Criminal Justice 

Matthew William Baumann 
Matthew Michael Beccio 
Jeffery Allen Beranek 

Angella Agnes Braveboy 
Neal Henson Breen 
Dionne Nicol Brown 
Michelle Nichole Brown 
Douglas Burnett 
Lawrence Kyung Chang 
Loritz Kurt Clark 
Gerald Asim Akida Collins 
Kevin Patrick Donoughe 
Marc Edward Frazier 
Joshua Paul Goldberg 
Barry Seth Goldenberg 
Mark Wayne Hammond 
Andrew Marc Hoch 
Sam J. Junta 

Wendy Elizabeth Krueger 
Brenda Suzanne Mcintosh 
Christian Angel Moreno 
Ted Stewart Neale 
Brian Craig Penuell 
Mary Lawrence Phillips 
Warren Powers 
Royce DeWarren Ruby Jr.§ 
Bobby Lamont Sheppard 
Kirsten Jo Stafford 
Christopher Scott Stimpson 
Phelicia Lorraine Taplin 
Mark Kevin Wallace 
Trevor Carhart Wise 
Christian James Worch 


Joseph Anthony Galarza 
Leslie Annetta Hankerson 
Thomas Hughes Jarboe 
Trevor Martin Jones 
Tammy Lynn Ortega 
William E. Slupe 

Criminology and Criminal Justice 

David Kenmar Adams 
Karen Kelly Anderson 
Jennifer Lisa Anthony 
Lisa Marie Babbis 
David Rollo Barnes 
Ursula F. Barnes 
David W. Beach 
Kenneth Richard Beauchampt 
Genevieve Blackwell 
Alvin W. Blount 
Darren Todd Blum 
Mickey Carlton Bowie 
David Robert Bucklin 
Michael Buratowski 
Brenda Maria Butuche 
William J. Campbell Jr. 
James Scott Clift 
Craig Andrew Cussimanio 
Margaret Ann Desonier 
Jarrett Aliber Dixon 
Darcel Restona Earl 
Erika Harbart EUerbe 
Monika Lynn EUrich 
Natasha Lara Evans 
Gregory Richard Fisher 
Eric David Francois 
Michael Antoin Gambrell 
Wol Hee Elaine Gibb 

2iui Major: Psychology 
Thomas Howard Gimer 
Kevron Lee Gottlieb 
Tracey Antoinette Gray 
Jamie Glenn Greenspan 
Kelly Leigh Griffith 
Matthew E. Hecht 
Carolyn Jeanne Hill 
Jason Gene Hoffmaster 
Erika N. Keyes 
Shelley Marie Kirchner 
Jae Ho Ko 

Michael Seamus Kolb 
Ryan Michael Lenet 
Victor Ike Maduka 
Elizabeth Caroline Mahaffey 
Jodi Elizabeth Marsanopoli 
Deena Michelle Mattingly 
Ralph William McLean 
Lizbeth Patrice McManus 
Russell Lee Miles 
Billy Harold Miller 
Aimette Pleshette Moody 
William F. Morris 
Vu Pham Nguyen 
Joseph Donald Noggle 
Jennifer Marie Notarcola 
Christopher David Nyberg 
Laura Marie O'Connell 
Eric Victor Orsini 
Erika Marie Ostlie 
Samantha Lyim Perper 
Elyse Provencher 
Brian Joseph Reilly 
Matthew John Rivera 
Pablo Jose Rojas 
Sara Lynn Rosas 
Nicole Elizabeth Ruffin 
Kevin Thomas Schiavone 
Tanya Lynn Schultz 
Joseph Sung Sedlacek 
Dharmesh Mahesh Shah 
Stefanie Lee Shub 
Grace Young Sohn 
Keith Darin Steller 
Cecelia Marie Taylor 
Regina Farrar Theobald 
Jennifer Beth Thornton 
Kamala Mati Tiwarri 
Melissa Marie Trost 
Michael Anthony Walker 

2nd Major: Afro-American 



§ Sutntna cum Laude f Magna cum Laude * cum Laude 

Dale Michael White 
Randy Scott Wieland 
Erick Drew Wood 
Gregory Paul Yahlonski 


Scott Lawrence Amster 
Michael Lee Bloom 
James Richard Boyd Jr. 
Anthony G. Bradford 
Richard Lawrence Carlson* 
Devi Chakravorty 

2nii Degree: Biological Sciences 
Mita Nilanjana Chatterjee 
Lynda Chobchean 

2iui Major: Sociology 
Mary Sharon Christie 
Andrew John Cook Jr. 
Tavis Lynn Cooley 
Anthony Joseph Davidson 
Patricia Lynn Donnellan 
Luke Richard Doub 
John Demetrios Doukouris 
William Bradston Downen 
Mariana Elvira Facet 
Michael Francis 
Diane Renea Frazier 
Peter Lynn Friz 
Tony Gannacone III 
David Randall Genau 
Eric Lanier Greenshields§ 

2nd Major: Finance 
Mukul Gulati* 
Thomas V. Hazelfon III 
Philippe Henri Heiche 
Irene Scire Hernandezt 
Jessica Ann Hoge 
Dae- Won Hong 
Jeeyourn Hugh 
Kyle Lewis Jeffrey 
Lisa Michelle Jones 

Michael Craig Joseph 
Nasser Marwan Kanafani 
Jason Daniel Kesten 
Nagwa M. Khalil 
Mohammed Saud Khan 
Kevin Gene Kim 
Victor Francisco Landa 
Tami Ann Lanzisera 
Jeff Shen Lee 
William Edward Lee 
Adelmo Lugones Jr. 
Rodrigo Daniel Maramba 
Ronald Charles Merritt 
Richard Boniface Morales 
Kyung Nam 
Jean J. Nestor 
Robert Scott Newman 
Chi My Perrus 
Lewis George Perry 
Jason Michael Peter 
Derrick Anton Prigmore 
Anabel Quintero 
Erik David Rushing 
Juliet Lenore Sarau 
Robert Royce Satterfield 
Vincent A. Sica III 
Michael A. Sinsky 
Wesley Le Roy Stokes 
Michael Alan Thornburg 
Olawale Omowunmi Williams 
Nevin Dalton Woodward Jr. 
David Saeyoung Yoon 
Jean Chi-In Yu 

Government and Politics 

Edward Scottie Abrams Jr. 
Pritee Agarwal 
James Patrick Beane 
James Reginald Benjamin Jr. 
Amy Elizabeth Boshears* 
Paul Eric Brown 

Gregory Harker Casey 

Carlos Antonio Castejon 

WiUiam H. Cole IV 

Alfred Robert Collie 

Timothy Broaddus Cooke 

Dale A. Crowell 

Antony Somerset Cruit§ 

Michael Edward Dame 

Dawn Marie Davidson 

Katharine Anne Dellenoci 

Curtis Ackley DePass 

Georgene Elizabeth Dingier 

Kenneth Eugene Ecker 

Sean Casey Egan 

Nicole Simone Emamali 

Catherine M. Engstrom 

William Fiallos 11 

Peter Royal Garff 

Stephen Merrill Getty 

Fares S. Ghneim 

Michelle Tracy Goldstein 

Makelita Suiaunoa Gray 

Sandra Jeanne Harpold 

Kelly Harris 

Denise Maria Hayes 

Holly Anissa Hopkins 

Jonathan Allan Hughes 

Amir Demian Jahansir 

Gregory Scott Johnson 

Maya Andrea Gabrielle Key 

Mimi Kathleen Kim 

John Raymond Knott 

Kristina April Kraus 

Paul Louis Kuhn 

Hadi Ladjevardi 

Rene Danette Lemire 

Dina Leytush 

Tammy Lynette Lucas 

Matthew Benjamin Maggitti 

Brian John Malloy 

Lynda Marie Martin-McCormick* 

Scott Andrew McDougall 
Kristin R. McGrath 
Michael James Moore 
Jennifer Lynn Moyer 

2nd Major: Family Studies 
Mark Matthew Ortiz 
Alan Harden Patterson 
Mark Michael Pikas 
Aimee Rae Reingold 
Karrie Kav Rodriguez Sherman 
Caroline Christina Rothwell 
Matthew Dillon Salb 
Michael Frederick Seelman* 
Anut Sen* 
Michael Serrano 
Sean Eric Short 
Roger R. Shrestha 
Todd H. Slutkin 
John Albert Small 
Teia Denise Smith 
Mark Howard Speckhard 
Robert Christopher Swain 
Kristina Stephanie Travisano 
Jerry Dominic Truman 
Laurie Michelle Tucker 
Christopher R. Umbel 
Karin Frieda Voellmer 

2nd Degree: German 

Language and Literature 
Elaine Rebecca Weiss* 

2nd Degree: Biological Sciences 
Gwen Lynn Werbowsky 
Raymond Douglas Westcott III 
Mildred-Makeba Williams 
Marion Stefan Zaczkiewicz* 

Hearing and Speech Sciences 

Christina Lynne Arsenault 
Jennifer Allison Berry 
Michelle Elise Bussell 
Marisa Rebecca Choder 


§ Summa cum Laude f Magna cum Laude * cum iMude 



Jennifer Lisa McCormick 
Lisa Elaine Menendez§ 
Dawn Marie Parrish 
Sarah Beth Schiffner 
Melissa Rcna Smith 
Jennifer Williams 


Jennifer Lynn Bates 
Kathryn Ann Belliveau 
Ronald Teri Bolte 
Marsha Elizabeth Boveja 
Nicole L. Braendlin 
Brian Franklin Bullock 
David Charles Campbell 
Carmille Renee Clark 
Jessica Margaret Cohen 
Jennifer Ann Croft 
Kenneth Filmore Crummitt 
Farimah Danesh 
Kendra Aviane Davis 
Candice Lisa Diamond 
Lynn A. Dievendorf 
David Mark Feifer 
Brian Michael Geber 
Kristine Diane Grundy 
Dirk Kenneth Donald Hoogstra 
Jennifer Lea Jordan* 
Stephen Paul Krukar 
Brad Kyu Lampe 
Robert Irving Littleford 
Dionne M. Livingston 
Shelby Alisa Martensen 

lull Degree: English Language 

and Literature 
Michael David Marti 
James Truhlar Maxwell II 
William Charles Meagher III 
Kiniberly Ann Murray 
Peter August Andrew Nyland 
Rebecca Ann Park 

Dev Kumar Pathik 
Leif Picoult 

2nd Degree: jaurnnlisiii 
William C. Pope Jr. 
Paula Andrea Rettig 
Daniel Scott Rosenzweig 
Scott Leonard Sanoff 
Samantha Ann Sauer 
Dawn Louise Seamans 
Bhawana Sharma 
Pragya Rani Shrivastav 
Michael Thomas Sloant 
Howard Ryan Slutzkyt 
Geoffrey Vernon Steinberg 
Jennifer Susan Taylor 
Megan Kelly Taylor 
Kenneth C. Tola Jr. 
Ibn S. Trower 
Denice Natalie Valent 
Gena Louise Walz 
Doran Terence Wisner* 


William J. van Opstal 
Heather Mae Adams 
Monica Lee Adams 
Alexandra Marie Antoine 
Anita M. Badra 
Rochelle P. Blum 
Amy Daughn Christopher 
Laura Michelle Clark 
Patrick S. Dallemand 
Linda Andrea Duncan 
Nicole Marie Earl 
Mary Jeanne Harbrant§ 
Cynthia Rose Harmon 
Jill Claire Harrison 
Joanne Hepp 
Elizabeth S. Hoffman 
Bonnie Leigh Jameson 
Kevin Michael Kennedy 

Kathleen Elisabeth Kilmont 
Ginger R. King 
Daniel S. Koo 

2nd Major: English Language 

and Literature 
Lorna Michelle Lewis 
Allan Ludwig Liska Jr. 
Michelle Lee McKenzie 
Diahanna Yvonne McLaughlin 
George Robert Morris 
Lisa Beth Muscara 
Rebecca Elizabeth Myers 
Stephen Thomas Nerangis 
Tamatha Vernetta Owen 
Ingrid Louise Pedrick 
Katherine Ponder 
Marni Sue Robbins 
Eric B. Ruffner 
Heather-Anne Ryan 
Magda Lucille Sejas 
Everett Thomas Shupe II 
Steven Terell Sudler 
Deana Sunth 
Yafa Suslovich 
Andrea Olive Thornton 
Suk Han Tse 

Rebecca Dina Villagomez 
Alice Joan Reznikoff Weissman 

Urban Studies 

Hernando Miguel Valdes 
James Cadiz Valle 

Bachelor of Science 


Ghermay Araya 
Jennifer Lynn Erickson 
James Alexander Gerhoff 
Andrew Brooke Heubeck 

Michael Scott Holler 
Steven James Homan 
Louis Leroy Howeth 
Rachel Lee Kinneyt 
Michael Edward Konrad 
Christopher Charles Mahaffey 
Karen Lynne Meekins 
Alexander Merchlinsky 
Gregg Dennis Pickett 
Christophe Luc Porsella 
Andrew Douglas Smith 
Kasra Sotudeh 
Patrick Thomas StoU 
James Phillip Thomas 
Thomas Ryan Vierschilllng 
Michael John Zuraf 


Dana Lemar Burnett 
Michelle Mokit Chuen 
Tonya LaChele Davis 
Patricia Ferber 
Daniel Gould Hobbs 
Kerri Elizabeth Irvine 
Cory Michael Lebson 
Parul Divya Mittal 

2nd Degree: Zoology 
Vernon Randy Pomfrey 

2nd Degree: Elementary 

Lynnette Ellen Schatten* 
Claire Louise Selleck 
Nicholas G. Winters 
Patricia Page Womack 


§ Summa cum Laude f Magna cum Laude * cum Laude 


Bachelor of Science 


Anna Abugov 
Neetika Agarwal 
Manuel Morales Andrade 
Marina Vanaja Arul 
John Soohwan Bae 

2nd Major: Finance 
Fadi Zaki Bahou 
Pearlyne Ann Barkley 
John Charles Basalla§ 
Andrea Lee Benfer 
Laura Ann Benton 
Rebka Berhane 

2nd Degree: Logistics and 

Carin Lee Berry 
Kristin Marie Bielec 
Michael Dean Blake 
Johaima Catherine BoUn 
James Alexander Borger 
Todd Martin Boylet 
Mark Alan Buckberg 
Anuj Krishna Chopra* 
Gerardo Gabriel Choy-leon 
Heather Ann Conway§ 
Andrew Scott Cooper 
Sherise Yvonne Corcoran 
Nadine Joy Antoinette Creary 
Karen Lynn Cronint 
Kim Thi Dinh 
Richard R. Dodd* 
Vojin K. Dvorak 

2nd Degree: Computer Science 
Steve Ferouz 
Peter Joseph Frank 
Hagos Gebrai 

Katherine Georgopoulos 
2nd Major: Marketing 

Michelle Renee Coins 

Debra Arvne Greenfield 

2nd Major: General Business 
and Managemait 

Charlotte Lynne Hails 

Henness D M Hao 

Pamela Jeannette Harris 

Roscoe Antonio Harris Jr. 

Jinyin Huang Hennacy* 

Lori Lea Hill 

Patricia Ann Hoctor 

Sarah Booth Howell 

Jack VV. Hsin 

Christopher Howard Hubbard 

Stanley Cristie Jackson 

James Roland Johnson 

Chung-Fang Kang 

Manpreet Kaur 

Nakesha Evale Kemp 

Barbara Ann Kennedy 

Mona Shruti Khanna* 

John Francis Klein 

Jeffrey Da\'id Klotz 

Andrew Lee Ko 

J. Christopher Lamon" 

Jermaine D. Lassiter 

Bak See Lau 

Victoria G. LaRock 

Hinwing Lee 

Nora Lee 

Yan Xia Lu 

John William Lukasiewicz 

Yongmei Mi 

Karen Stacey Miller 

Monica Margaret Missall 

Christina Janine Mocarski 

Jeffrey Heron Morris 

Cynthia Sue Nelson 

Terrence John O'Brien 

Peter Paul Osman Jr. 

David Elliot Osztreicher 

Sun- Young Park 

Jimmy Parker§ 

Ravi Mukund Parkhie 

Sylvia Isabelle Pollack 

Kelly Denise Robinson 

Tracy Necole Robinson 

Audra Zoanne Rohrback Vernier 

Thomas Rosado 

Marc Nathan Rubinstein 

Cynthia Lou Schaefer 

Debra Jean Schwant 

Sandhya Santosh Shetty 

Bhavneet Kaur Singh 

Annalisa Maria Smith 

Yong Ki Song 

Scott Douglas Spence 

Joyce M. Sullivan 

Brian Thomas Tascher 

Alleen June Taylor 

Jonelle Arlene Thomt 

Drena Diane Todd 

Shermin Akhavan Toyserkani* 

John Edward Tregoning 

Ming-Ju Tsai 

Nancy Y. Tsai 

Esther Yan Tso 

Catherine Southard Tunnell 

Vasiha loanna Vasiliades 

Sheau-vun Wang* 

Ronald V. Wilhams Jr. 

Jiewei Xu 

Su Ho Yae 

2nd Major: Finance 
Eun Jin Yang 
Ru Yang 
Sung Won Yoon 
Chou 1. Young 
Michelle Dian Youngblood 
Peter Chong Yu 


Imran Ali 

2nd Major: Management 

Science and Statistics 
Juan Carlos Avila 
Darius David Badie 

2nd Major: Economics 
Brian Robert Barry 
William Robert Boyle 
Angelique Renee Brovsm 
Sean Paul Butson 
Geng K. Chan 
Tami D. Chan 
Jun Chung 
Anton Jonathan Cohen 

2nd Major: Accounting 
Lina S. Criales 
Michael Davidov 
Kendra Draughn 
Mebssa Anne Dupreay 
John Robert Evans 

2nd Major: General Business 

and Management 
CyDonii V. Fairfax§ 
Jason R. Feder 
Karyn Michelle Felder* 
Jason Roy Finger 
Amrish Harilal Gangar 
David Jay Goozman 
Bertha Alicia Gutierrez 
Harrv K. W. Haryono 
Walter C. Hawker 
Joseph Eugene Helfrich 

2nd Degree: Management 

Science and Statistics 
EUsabeth Hemdler 
Emilv Tuyet Ho 
Ashkan Hodjatzadeh 

2nd Major: General Business 

and Management 
Ming-Chieh Hsu 


§ Summfl cum laude f Magna cum Laude * cum Laude 


Bruno Mellin Jerry 

Joseph Elias Kiriacos 

Sumanth Chepur Krishnamurthy 

Jeffrey Richard Kunlz 

Brian Adrian Lane 

Kyong In Lee 

2nd Major: General Business 

and Management 
Giovanni Levato 

2nd Major: General Business 

and Managanent 
Aldwin C. Lindsay 
Kevin P. McKenna 

2nd Major: Marketing 
Gregory Francis Mundell 
Jason Blair Oliver 
John S. Park 
Vicky W. Park 
Yogesh Maganlal Patel 

2nd Major: General Business 

and Management 
Mark William Plenge 

2nd Major: General Business 

and Management 
Alison Jean Purvis 
Kavita Pamu Rao 
Mary Clark Rouset 

2nd Major: Economics 
Jeffrey LeRoy Saeger 

2nd Major: Management 

Science and Statistics 
Andrew Robert Shapiro 

2nd Degree: Marketing 
Miko Lul Somborac 
Brian David Spicer 
Lawrence Michael Spott 

2nd Major: Accounting 
Matthew Sean Swyndle 
Sanjay Tolani 
Nam Iran Vu 

2nd Major: Marketing 

Andrea Elaine Watson 
Tammy Wong 

2nd Major: Marketing 
Midori Yagi 

General Business 
and Management 

Anne Grace Acosta 

Richard Daniel Albarran 

Thomas Clark Antisdel* 
2nd Degree: East Asian 
Languages and Literature 

Stephen Earl Beckner 

Lucia Galman Bland 
2nd Major: Marketing 

Jacqueline Elaine Brooks 

2nd Major: Spanish Language 
and Literature 

Mary E. Budock 

Jeffrey Willis Cardot 
2nd Major: East Asian 
Languages and Literature 

Robyn Jay Carpenter 

Gina S. Cha* 

2nd Degree: East Asian 
Languages and Literature 

Bunpheng Chea 

Thomas Michael Chervenak 

Lisa Joy Clevenger 

Cristina M. Conti 

Jennifer Beth Davidson 

Andrew Micheal Dolan 

Seung Soo Ha 

Marlene Roth Hai 

Christine Marie Harris 

Ronald Michael Klasmeyer Jr. 

Louise B. Kloiber 

Patricia Louise Kreuzburg 

Christiana Kuhn 

Stacy Marie Lockwood 

Rui Sousa Lourenco 

2nd Major: Logistics and 

Laura Jean Magyar 
Chih-Hui Mao 
Joseph Richard Marunowski 
James Tobin Moore 
Hooman John Piroozmand 
Clinton Evan Probst 
Karen Marie Purtell 
William Francis Riggs 
Christine Michelle Riley 
Darlese R. Robinson 
Vladislav Michael Romanov 
Patricia Romero 
Nelson Ray Sanchez 

2nd Degree: Spanish Language 

and Literature 
Amy Michelle Shapiro 
Uzma N. Sher 
Susan M. Sing 

2nd Major: Marketing 
Cammie Tieu 

2nd Degree: Logistics and 

Raymond Michael Tucker 
Yao Kuan Victoria Tung 

2nd Major: Marketing 

Human Resource Management 

Alexis Lee Garber 
Stephanie Lynn Lloyd 
Kristin Anne Longley 
Leann Michele Moreland 
Suzanne Elaine Redding 
Jennifer S. Rosenberg 
Gabrielle Elizabeth Smith 
Janis Adele Thom* 

Logistics and Transportation 

Donald Joseph Balcerg 

2nd Major: Finance 
Rebka Berhane 

2nd Degree: Accounting 
Sylvia Taur Chen 
Bhavana K. Dudkikar 

2nd Degree: Marketing 
Douglas Korba 
Michael Robert Leszcz Jr. 
Patricia Ann Mannetti 

2nd Degree: Marketing 
Curtis Lee Schaufele 

2nd Major: Finance 
Norman Thomas Schnobrich 

2nd Major: Marketing 
Pamela Jeanne Seasonwein 
John Frank Sobota 
Cammie Tieu 

2nd Degree: General Business 

and Management 
Costas Chris Vellios 
Jeffrey Christopher Walter 

Management Science 
and Statistics 

Hyacinth Elainor Allison 
Manika Batra 
Suzan S. Chen 
Anju Ann Chopra 
Joseph Eugene Helfrich 
2t\d Degree: Finance 
John Y.H. Huang 
Shahrukh Musharraf Hussain 
PhilUp Edward Marsh 
Amanjot S. Narula 
Cynthia Louise Owens* 
Tobey L. Parmuty 
Tracy A. Sales 
Bronislava I. Shekhtman 
Daniel Stuart Teitel 


§ Summa cum Laude f Magna cum laude ' cum Laude 



Emmanuel Stephen Alexander 
Mark Bryan Baker 
Stacey Christine Beall 
Seema Bector 

2ini Major: Logistics and 

Elizabeth Mary Brent 
Thomas Stuart Chapman 
Mahvash Ferheen Chaudhri 

2nd Major: General Business 

and Management 
Roseann Ciccarello 
Bhavana K. Dudkikar 

2nd Degree: Logistics and 

Michael William Fannii\g 
Katherine Barrett Gaines 
Benjamin Charles Hesson 
Tamika Lucretia Hinton 
David Cuauhtemoc Horcasitas 
Matthew L. Israel 
Sheena Kawlra 
Nicole M. Lantagne 
Chang Wook Lee 
Rodney Rene Maestas 
Patricia Ann Mannetti 

2nd Degree: Logistics and 

Cresta Annette Miller 

2nd Major: Logistics and 

Mary Margaret Miller 
Laurie Anne Murphy 
Richard Ming Ng 
Mary Elizabeth O'Dell 
Diem Tuyet Phan 

2nd Major: Logistics and 

Janet Elizabeth Quigley 

Ruchi Sarin 

2nd Major: PsycJwlogy 
Joseph P. Seaman 
Andrew Robert Shapiro 

2nd Degree: Pittance 
Jennifer Louise Simmons§ 
Frank Farzad Tabaroki 
Tu Thanh Truong 
Kiran Tschand 

2nd Major: Getteral Busittess 

attd Matiagement 
Chris Cornelius Uzzell 
Allyson Beth Yospe 

2nd Degree: Speeclt 


Production Management 

James Finley McMurry 111 


Bachelor of Science 


Pradinan A. Boonyobhas 

Ever Arnoldo Aguilar 


David Edward Moon 

Peter Gregory Van der Ham 

Matthew Thomas Voorhees 

Computer Science 

Natalie Albrecht 
Mark R. Bastian 
Agazi Berhane 
Jonathan Charles Blum 
Clinton Paul Bucco 
Robert Brook Carhartg 

Salim Ahmed Chawrot 
Hyong Wook Chu 
Maria Sarinah Dacquel 
Charlene Nieda Dougall 
Vojin K. Dvorak 

2nd Degree: Accounting 
Kenneth Lynn Ehresman 
Ira Howard Fox 
Jorge Luis Gomez 
John William Grigsby 
Sean Brendan Hannon 
Shelley D. Heburn 
Brian Evan Heintz 
Sze Yuen Hong 
Ming-Hsin Ramsey Hsieh 
Esther Eunja Hwang 
Leonard Ilkovich 
Martin Mathew Jack 
Hameed Karzai 
Randolph Stafford Keyes Jr. 
Jin Soo Kim 
Natalie N. Kim 
David James Kocur 
Patrick Victor Kolbe 
Swaminathan Raju 
Marichka Vira Krul 
Ben La 

Emerson Lancion Lagrama 
Brian Alan Michalowski* 
Shahrokh Molavi 
Ana Maria Montalvo 
Teresa A. Narvaez 
Maryam Norouzi 
Haluk Mehmet Oruncak 
Thomas Gold Owen Jr. 
Gregory Robert Pobst 
John Barrett Regan 
Reza Safarnejad 

Patrick Sven Seeliger 

2tid Degree: Gertnan 

Language and Literatttre 
Ibrahim A. Shafi 
Mark R. SoIIiday 
Adrianus Utama Suwandi 
Robert Spencer Tabit 
Ling-Yuan Tai 
Mark J. Tarchalski 
Gregory Carl Thornwall 
Jeffry Tyler Van Rossum 
Kevin Dale Woodeshick 
Felix Kwok Man Wu 
Matthew F. Yazdi 

2nd Degree: Electrical 

Anya E. Zajaczkowska* 


Sheila Darby Bettendorf 
Arpad Laszlo Kovacs 
Andrew John Kulp 
Dina Lambros 
Stephen M. Maloney 
Kathleen Margaret McGurty 


Christopher James Beach 
Anthony H. Chan 
Elizabeth Ann Corderman 

2nd Major: Computer Science 
Sheeba K. Daniel 

2nd Degree: Mathematics 

Dianne Michelle Depuy 
C. Thomas EUiott II 
Farida Fares 

2nd Degree: Electrical 

Alicia Dawn Fries 
David Te-hui Hsu 


§ Siimma cum Laude f Magna cum Laude * cum Laude 


Ksenia Christina Krul 
Luan K. Le 
Shani Michelle Littles 
John Floyd McLemore 

2mi Degree: Electrical 

Rexford O. Nyamekye 

2nd Degree: Electrical 

George Edward Prentice 
Rahmat Qurbani 
Devin Farrell Rushing-Schurr 
Mohammad Faisal Abbas Shirazee 
Alexandra Westover 

Physical Sciences 

Eugene Joseph Barrett 
John Calvin Boyd Jr. 
Matthew David Brown 
Stanford Paul Coleman 
Andrea Jennifer DeLuca 
Melodie Elaine Mansberger 
Anish Krishna Murthy 
Steven Nicolosi 
Patrick Andrew Nies 
Shaju Samuel 
Hartley Cecil Saunders H 
Karen Elizabeth Timoll 


Edward Michael Condon 

Randolph Clinton Holmes 

I-Chung Liu 

John Vincent Messina 

Hugh Taylor Philipp 

Daniel P. Quinlan 

Marc Jason Weatherhogg 


Bachelor of Arts 

English Education 

Michael Thomas Ahr 
Claudia Christine Beck 
Cindy A. Millison 
Christina N. Perantonakis 
April Lee Rice 
Mary Elizabeth Sullivan§ 

Secondary Education — English 
(Language Arts) — Professional 

Michelle Antoinette Anderson 
Therisa Aime Gaff 
Stephanie Leone Murphy 
Eric Kendall Pavlat 
Douglas Gordon Prouty 
Daniel Barry Redmond 
Catherine Louise Tidwell§ 
2nd Degree: Englisli 
Language and Literature 
Jeffrey Leonard Vandivere 

Secondary Education — Social 
Studies — Professional 

William Henry Choquette Jr. 
Jennifer Quinn Powell 
Raymond Leroy Richards Jr. 
Laura Ann Sarantis 

Secondary Education — Art — 

Kimberlv Beth Schaechter 

Social Studies Education 

Renee Maya Baylm 
David Edward Early 
Kori Kilpatrick 

Speech and English Education 

Nicole Marie Marasco 
Teresa Anne Shirlen* 

Bachelor of Science 

Business Education 

Gina L. Roebuck-Lamar 

Early Childhood Education 

Bryna Stacy Chait 
Min Joo Chang 
Christina Beth Constantine 
Jeanne Marie lorio 
Elise Sinae Kim 
Athena V. Kopsidas 
Karen Ann McLaren 
Janet Marie Puzey 
Stephanie Jill Sorkin 
Melissa L. Spenner 
Sarah Leslie West 

Early Childhood 
Education — Professional 

Wendolyn Lane Adams 
Melissa Anne Brodsky 
Kelly Donielle Brooks 
Tracey Jill Brown 
Kristin Anna Campbell 
Christine Francis Doane 
Allyson Beth Dreishpoon 
Jacqueline Marilyn Fobbs 
Elizabeth Anne Furlong 
Amy Jo Goodman 
Jill Amy Grinspoon 
Kari Ann Haggerty 
Kimberly M. Huff 
Mindi Kaufman 
Danielle Rebecca Koller 
Risa Faye Needleman 

Heather Lorraine Otlin 
Cheryl Stacy Perlberg 
Karen Patrice Ramsey 
Sara B. SkiUing 
Jan Bradshaw Smith 
Ellen Patrice Stavely 
Heather Ann Stickles 
Pamela Elaine Stone 
Jennifer Loryn Trickett 
Penny Daniel Wallace 
Geremi Marie Weiss 

Education — Music 
K- 12— Professional 

Daryl Louise DoUard 
Janet Elizabeth Jay 

Elementary Education 

Kimberly Lynn Ahlstromt 
Lauren Gail Alexander 
Billie Archer 
Annette Lynne Baiocchi 
Clarence Joseph Baxter Jr. 
Tara Kathleen Brickley 
Karen Patricia Cumming 
Dawn Kelly Dockeray 
Mary Barbara Dunne 
Audra Marie Fladung 
Jennifer Lynn Gikow 
Leigh Alexander Hays 
Scott Alan Howell 
Naghma Husain* 
Artemis Dimitra Kapsilis* 
Cole Cameron Lauber 
Stephanie James Lucci 
Susan Marie Luebkert 
Jill Renae Melchiorre* 
Janice Kim Nelson 
Kimberly Elizabeth Norton 
Elizabeth Ann Oster 


§ Summa cum Laude f Magna cum Laude * cum Laiide 


Vernon Randy Pomfrey 

2nd Degree: Psychology 
Jeannette Isabell Ruiz 
Jennifer Lauren Saks 
Tonya Ruth Salo 
Lemuel John Tayag 
Katherine Jessica Trainum* 
Tracy Lynne Tucker 
Elizabeth Ann Wicke 

Elementary Education — 

Elhot Michael Alter 
Jennifer Michelle Cope 
Kristin Arme Dawsey 
Dawn Marie DeReza 
Julie Lyn Dobenecker§ 
Thelma Lenora Drummond 
Susan Ellen Greenberg 
Jessica Sara Gross 
Lynne Foster Haines 
Michelle Denise Harper 
Jason G. Jaffe 
Colleen Marie Kerley 
Dana Caren Loeb 
Cynthia Marie Mashburn 
Karen Marie McCullough 
Maureen McEneaney 
Margo Anne McLane 
Susan Rita McNulty 
Susan Mary Myers 
Andrea Nanine Oakes 
Amy Michelle Oarr 
Monica Elizabeth Parker 
Suzan Laila Porter 
Anthony Raul Rettig 
Jane Adrianne Roache 
Colleen Dawn Ruddell 
Janet M. Scott 
Julie Sue Speulstra* 
Jill Ann Stastny§ 

Elaine Marie Stengel 
Eric Jon Stump 
Michele Lee Swartz 
Sharon Genevieve Topper 
Robert Theodore Wert 
Pamela M. Wilhelm 
Sarah C. Yun 

Industrial Technology 

David Wayne Binger 
Anthony Temujin Krikoriantz 
Marquette A. Mayberry 
Thomas Nevin III 
Jeffrey Albert Pearce 
Edward Dillon Rankin 
Clifford Hubert Rodell 
Robert Francis Toepfer 
Robert Carl Weigel 
Richard John White 

Mathematics Education 

Vincent Joseph Branson 
Sheeba K. Daniel 

2nd Degree: Mathematics 

Music Education 

Lincoln Cobbins III 
William Jude Phalen Jr. 

Secondary Education — 
Science — Professional 

Emelia Lorraine Gonzales 

Secondary Education — Social 
Studies — Professional 

Victoria Renee Barr 
Paul Bernard Essex 
Jennifer Heilbron 
Kevin Gregory Horkan 
WiUiam Reuben Howze 
Gregory Michael Keller 

Shelly Ann McDanielt 
Mark Joseph McNerney 
John A. Mindler 
Todd Duran Nutter 
Lori Anne Steel 
Donahue Wayde Tuitt 

Secondary Education — Art — 

Ivette Marie Draley 
John Charles Hartman 
Elizabeth Arm Holmes 
Andrea Jill Palmer 
Jeanette Lynn Smith 
Kristin Arm Spangenberg 
Deborah Ruth StoUman" 

Secondary Education — 

Dana Leaman Silverman 

Secondary Education — 
Mathematics — Professional 

Daryl Marie Nelson 
Carrie Ruth Seibert 
Jean Marie Summerville 
Kerri Saunders Teall 
Diane S. Wack 

Social Studies Education 

Kathleen E. Crowley-Fisher 

Special Education 

Azeb Arayamedhin Mersha 

Vocational-Technical Education 

Christopher Deon Harrison 


Bachelor of Science 

Undesignated Engineering 

Kyong Taek Mun 

Aerospace Engineering 

Benjamin Dean Bemer 
Yougandh Shashikumar Chitre 
Kristianto Lim 
Erwin D. Mascardo 
Sung Sik Park 
Taral Navinchandra Patel 
David Samuel Roderick 
Mark Vaclav Solfronk 
Lawrence Scott Taxson 

Chemical Engineering 

Jeffrey Earl Blake 
Chantal Dabdoub 
David Allen Gertz 
Kaity Victor Handal 
Biruk Kebede 
Scott Reid White 

Civil Engineering 

Vincent King Brady 
Paul Gerard Cavanaugh 
Lia Tamar Coletti 
Lien Quang Hang 
A. K. Rashedul Hoq 
Christine Lyrme Hunt 
Roy Allan Jach 
William Kruzel 
Folorunsho Ebenezer Lot 
Ziad H. Maad 
Michael Salvatore Marsala 
Marjorie Lynn Mewbourn* 
Christopher Paul Murphy 
Jenise Elizabeth Robertson 


§ Summa cum Laude f Magna cum laude * cum laude 


Kelvin Eugene Robinson 
Rajashree Jaya Sarathi 
Lawrence Hervey Smith 
Polly Stepp SoUiday 
Lisa Michele Suggs 
Pliillip Michael Svoboda 
Miguel C. Tseng 
Scott Ward Washington 
Christopher David Wells 
Benedict Todd Wible* 
Catherine A. Wright 
Walter George Zawislak 

Electrical Engineering 

Gelawdiwos Tesfaye Abraham 

Geoffrey Sewall Adams 

Kazi Rumman Ahmed 

Hermann Aftab Almas 

Yohannes Amare 

Kamlesh Radhakrishna Annavarapu 

Kiran Radhakrishna Annavarapu 

Amare Kassa Assefa 

Matthew Benjamin Baer 

Marcel Oscar Bell 

Jeffrey Wade Blankenship 

Robert Dale Bourque 

Geoffrey Robert Boyers 

Steven Carin 

Carl Cordell Chipps Jr. 

Chris Blaine Daniel 

Ajay Dhuria 

Felix Noi Dowuona 

John Kennedy Dugan 

Robert Martin Dwarkin 

Ahmed Abdel Azim ElHassan 

Farida Fares 

2>ici Degree: Mathemntics 
Nilanthi Immacula Fernando 
Brett David Gidge 
Earl Francis Gill III 
Samuel Alfred Gray III 

Venkatasubramaniam Guhesan 

Peter Haloftis 

Jaleel Hasan 

Michael L. Haywood* 

Lance Eric Hester 

Christian Igbinosa Igbedion 

Sharmila Jayachandran 

James Newton Jenkins* 

Russell Andrew Johnson 

Thomas Michael Johnston 

Khursheedul Anam Khant 

Pom Su Kim 

Sung I. Kim 

Thomas John Kreutzberg 

Pankaj Kumar 

Quang Huu Le 

Sean Brian Ledford 

Kin Yeung Lee 

Michael Joseph Levendusky 

Keimeth Tyler Lowe 

Mark Edward Martin 

Roland Frederick McCuUough 

John Floyd McLemore 

2nd Degree: Mathematics 
Michael James McMahon 
Christopher Mermagen 
Kamran Shaukat Mohammad 
Kong Tee Ng 
Ductho Dinh Ngo 
Rexford O. Nyamekye 

2nd Degree: Mathematics 
Martin D. Paredes 
Eun Cha Park 
Manisha M. Patel 
Thuan Hieu Pham 
Trung Pham 
Valentin Mihai Popescu 
Sridhar P. Rao 
Robert G. Richards 
Theresa Lyn Richter 

Ramona J. Saar 

2nd Degree: French Language 

and Literature 
Todd Henry Schramm 
Agatino Sciuto 

Dharmesh Dipakkumar Shah§ 
Stephen Mian-Ang Sing 
Michael Louis Straub 
Daniel Yirgalem Teklehaimanot 
Kim Ngoc Tran 
Khanh Cong TriiUi 
Geoffrey Scott Trippel 
Pushkar Varma 
Kevin Grant Verbrugge 
Gustavo Daniel Villanueva 
Jennifer Irene Wesley 
Scott Wayne Wettengel 
Ralph Siegfried Wiechert 

2nd Degree: German Language 

and Literature 
Wendy Wan-Xian Xul 
LiBin Yang 
Matthew F. Yazdi 

2nd Degree: Computer Science 
Chi-Wen Yu 

Fire Protection Engineering 

Huzefa Feroz Bahrain 
Steven Allen Bur 
Michael Anthony Cutler 
Joseph John Dahlstrom 
Christopher Alan Fiedler 
Chae Yun Kim 
Sarina Lee Luft 
Brian Robert Norrie 
Sau-Man Lily Shen 
David Alan Steury 
Kelly Ray Tilton 

Mechanical Engineering 

Maria Antonieta Alegre 

Sharon Evette Barnes 

Clarence Paul Benn 

Joseph Clifton Best III 

Deborah Beth BIyveis 

Seth Paul Cain 

Peggy K. Chiu 

Kevin David D'Souza 

Hieu Van Dang 

Domiruc R. DeSimone 

Michael Jacob Digman 

Donya Michelle Douglas 

Bruce Carlton Ebert 

Jonathan D. Edwards 

Thomas James Endrusick 

Robin Octavia Evans 

Pierre Habib Fayad 

Thomas George Forakis 

Aaron Stefan Frazier 

Antonios Micheal Hadjigeorgalis 

Keene Bowie Hall 

Won In 

Brent Alexander Jarvi 

Christopher Scot Johnson 

Jill Christine Jordan 

Jordan Hansang Kim 

Angela Marie Kraft 

Cullen D. Kreisel 

Paul Louis Kretschmer 

Karen Ann Kurek 

Erik Lee Lane 

2nd Degree: German Language 

and Literature 
Hong Hock Lim 
Gregory ErroII Magno 
John Morgan Mclnerney 
Robert Bernard Mitchell 
Afshin Moalem 
Thanh Quoc Nguyen 
Sean David Olson 


§ Sumttia cum Laudc f Ma^na cum Laude * cum Uwde 

Steven John Orwig 
Jennifer Cyd Pletsch 
Joseph Chester Poindexter 
Christopher J. Potter 
Madhav Nagbushan Rao 
Robert Allen Read II 
Keith Leslie Rogers 
Ahmad Aziz Saadi 
Jeffrey Howard Sandler 
Jeffrey Paul Schein 
Cheryl Rochelle Seff 
Daniel S. Shapiro 
Ko Shen Shih 

Thomas Edmund Stachura 
Jeffrey Evan Tobias 
Anhtuan L. Truong 
Tracy Steven Wallace 
Shirley Hsiao-I Wang* 
Greg Alan Westphal 
Kenneth Paul Wheeler 
James Michael Womick 
Michael Wei Wu 
Calvin Chi-Man Yeung 
II Hwan Yim 


Bachelor of Scie)ice 

Family Studies 

Abigail Brookes 
Denise Marie Campbell 
Susan Faye Faucont 
Meryl Marci Fields 
Jennifer Lynn Gilmore 
Marian Elizabeth Henry 
Seema Khanna 
Jiweon Kim 
Shara Paulette Lazar 

Gladys D. Russell-Terrell 
Elaine Dawn Shamir 
Robyn Kristine Wiggins 
Nicole Trene Wilson 
Kara Mishel Zaslow 

Health Education 

Shona Rasheeda Clay 
Mary Lynn Gillis 
Amy Lara Hardcastle 
Mehssa Gail Mitchell 
Jennifer Sue Smith 

Kinesiological Sciences 

Danielle Uene Bagdan 
Carolyn Marie Begasse 
Michael Brad Brazinsky 
Karen Rozanna Cooper 
Vikas Dua 

Lynne-Michele Ferrante 
Jennifer Helen Fisher 
Debra A. French 
Matthew Lochrane Gary 
Stacy Ellen Goodman 
Jennifer Ann Harnish* 
JuliAnn Hopkins 
Elisa Marie Infante 
Joshua Ian Kantor 
Stacy Elizabeth Kimmel 
Bernard Joseph Kohan Jr. 
Michaeljohn C. Lagonera 
Emily Fran LaBathe* 
Jennifer Ann Lebsock* 
Karen Christine Mackenzie 
Mary Christina Martins 
Scott Andrew Massey 
Karen Jo McNamee 
Cailin Patricia Mullins 
Kristin Noel Petrilli 
David Christopher Pritzlaff 
Kathleen M. Robinson 

Ross Neill Rowlandt 
Mikki Danielle Scarlotta 
Bonnie Lee Scrom 
Bryan H. Sherman 
Michael Heath Silverman 
Ralph Emerson Smith 
Benjamin Ethan Spottheim 
John Dalton Steed 
Robin Lynn Truiett 
Lisa Roeder Vogan 
Jamal K. Wakeem 
Craig Phillip Winters 

Physical Education 

Cynthia Conner Bell 
Patricia Anne Keister 
Therese Marie Kominski 


Matthew Warren Corley 
Krystal Rae Kimrey 
Deborah Hamilton Miller* 
Robin Michele Perry 
Adam Pratt 
Pamela Beth Silberman 


Bachelor of Science 

Apparel Design 

Karen Dale Hoffmann§ 

May Lan Lee 

Steven Joseph Linehan 

Zambrano Sherry 

Susanna Simonetta Simmons 

Robin Leshe Tallant 

2nd Degree: Journalism 

Consumer Economics 

Cynthia Mary Baldwin 
Michael Robert Berdeguezt 
Jerry Granito 
Yosef Boaz Haimes 
Vincent Carl Hawkins 
Scott Nathan Levy 
Jason Cory Prussian 


Naomi I. Disten 

Family Studies 

Nicole Colette Cothran 
Ryan Gerald Crowe 
Timothy Edward Deaton 
Meredith Elizabeth Dewald 
Theresa Marie Di Vincenzo 
Anne Marie Donahue 
Ilyssa E. Goldfarb 
Reesa Chervl Greenberg 
Holly Sue Herman 
Noelle Carrie Isemann 
Karen N. Jerome 
Tohui H. Kim 
Agnes Lee 
Caree J. Oslislo 
Jonathan Daniel Reader 
Kelly Elizabeth Roberts 
Kim Teresa Roettger 
Lauren Sari Rudder 
Debra Lynn Saltzman 
Darrell D. Taylor 
Tara Anne Wolf 

Management and 
Consumer Studies 

Daniel Douglas Reading 


§ Summa cum Laiide f Magim cum Laude * cum hiucle 


Textile Marketing/Fashion 

Katherine Mary Burns 
Neli Vera Diaz-Lameda 
Sherie Dolinoy 
William Peter Field 
Eileen Marie Flatley 
Nicole Ruth Jabest 
Phuong Duy Nguyen 
Tamiko White 


Bachelor of Arts 


Christopher K. Adams 
Holly Selene Backus 
Matthew Alan Barakat* 
Jennifer Michele Barrett 
Katerina Batselos 
Vicky Sue Braun 
Jennifer Michele Cochran 
David Todd Colen 
Eileen Frances Costa 
Brian David Crecente 

2nd Degree: English Language 

and Literature 
Kathryn Cunningham 
Sandra Lynn Cutts 
J. Michelle Demma 
Regina Gail Dugan 
Keith Joseph Fagan* 
John Francis Greene 
Glen Christopher Hardesty 
Jocelyn Hassanzadeh 
Minda Beth Heyman 
Eric William Heyse 
Christy L. Holt* 
Kristen Michele Johnston 

Beverly Olivia Jordan 
Jason Brett Langer 
Melanie Anne Lasoff 
Deborah Amy Leiderman 
Adam Benjamin Lubitz 

2nd Major: Psychology 
Kristina Marie Maccubbint 
Jennifer Ann Madison 
Peter John McLaughlin 
Laura McMarlin-Hollis 
Mark Jacob Meyerer 
Margaret Anne Molineaux 
Kellv Denise Nolan 
David Michael Petrick 
Leif Picoult 

2nd Degree: Psychology 
Lisa Bishop Pilcher 
Jennifer Lynn Randall 
Frances Joyce Raynor 
Michele Lynn Rest 
Caryn Reisa Sagalt 
Tamara Sue Samuel 
Guillermo Sanchez 
Angela Denise Saunders 
Heather Fran Schloss 
Trevor Andrew Sloan 
Mermaide Maria Stainer 
Duncan Diller Sterling 
Heather Robin Storch* 
Margaret Ellen Talev* 
Robin LesUe Tallant 

2nd Degree: Apparel Design 
Travis James Thurston 
Jennifer Holmes Wallace 
Jason Matthew White* 
Paul Edward Williams 
Brian Setterstrom Witte 
Richard L. Yablonsky 

Bachelor of Science 


Patrissa Faith Carmichael 
Kerri Denise Howard 
Christopher Jeffrey Lawrence 
Sixto A. Roman 
Raymond Michael Smith 
Edgar Francis Salud Villongco 


Bachelor of Science 


Adekunle A. Adeoye 
HassibuUah Akeefe 
Laura lyahen Bailey 
Shrividya Gopal 
Errol Anthony Gordon 
Julie Ehzabeth Haak 
AlUson Marsha Johnson 
Imad T. Madanat 
Brian Harold Nardini 
John D. Pierce 111 
Richard Allan Reyes 
Bhupinder Singh* 
Seung Jae Yoon 

Biological Sciences 

Shalini Ahuja 
Lorraine Joyce Andrews 
Andrea Lorraine Annunziata 
Amir Assili 
Rashmi Banninthaya 
Adrienne Michelle Branson 
Lyrm Sharron Brooks 
Ronald Keith Byrd Jr. 
Jessica Joy Caroff 

Devi Chakravorty 

2nd Degree: Economics 
Thomas West Chambers 
Gregory Stephen Clune 
Jeffrey Clifton Cole 
Alhson Ann Cook 
James Gamble Corckran III 
Stephen Tyler Crowe 
Katherine Elizabeth Cullison 
Vi Dang 

Alexandre Jose Jorge DeSeabra III 
Lewis C. Eder 
Jason Robert Evans 
liana D. Fuchs 
Eric Keith Johnson* 
Erin O. Jones 
Coreen Yvonne Joseph 
Nazh Azimi Khazenie 
Shishir Kumar Khetan 
John J. Kim 
Sherry Ann Laut 
Francis Douglas League III 
Jon L. Levine 
Teresa Beth Lohr 
Sara Helen Mayer 
Jennifer Angela McLean 
Robert Edward Patterson 
Lorraine Bautista Peralta 
Andrea Janel Poole 
Kim Marie Redfearn 
Gary Stuart Rubin 
Dale Scott Ruby 
Diane Ryckebusch 
Kazuhiko Sakasita 
Patricia Anne Scott 
Sonsoles Shack 
Mehul Jitendra Shah 
Aamar Rashid Sleemi 
Jeffrey Michael Smallwood 
Maneesha Daniel Solanki 
Ajay Sreenath 


§ Summa cutn Laude f Magna cum Laude * cum Laude 

Samuel Joshua Steams 
David Lewis Steinberg 
Christopher Lewis Stone 
Ning-Miao Su 
Christopher Martin Terrell 
Denise Demet Tunc 
Jennifer Kay Van Bemmel 
Lewis Eric VVeinzweig 
Elaine Rebecca Weiss 

2nd Degree: Government 

and Politics 
Neil Matthew Werner 
Yulanda Marie Williamson 
Beverly Joan Wilson 


Daniel Edward Fitzgerald 


Boonraksa Boonnooch 
Lawrence Mackey Butler D 
Katherine Anne Eley 
Mazen I. Masoud 
Kara Deruse McWhorter 
Joel Todd Mitchell 
Robin Nga Nguyen 
Neha Ratilal Patel 
Theron Spencer Quarles II 

General Biological Sciences 

Nishat Fatima Ally 
Adjoavi F. Andele 
Kimberly Renee Anderson 
Stuart Richard Andrews 
Eugene Delmar Arrington 
Kyle Chistopher Brickley 
Vantoria Yvette Chase 
Michael Ernest Clifford 
Melissa Ann Coppadge 
Terri Lynn Fisher 
John Sebastian Foley 

Elisa Darlene Goines 

Rey Dieu Hang 

Douglas Judson Hester 

Tyrone Gerrell Jordan 

Brenda Kay Larson 

Roland Berdel Loudenburg 

Arti Malhotra 

Bridget Kathleen McKenzie-Fogle 

Jennifer Marie Mendelis 

Thuv Diane Ngo 

John Thomas Opdahl 

Derek Austin Thorpe 

Kenneth Robert Voorhees 

Terrv Wesley Wihlen Jr. 

Melissa Kathr\'n Wojcik 


Yvette Simone Connell 
Chalene Aurelia Corinaldi 
Dawn Marie Drury 
Marc David Glashofer 
Katarzyna Gogolek 
Getnet H Habte Selassie 
Fadi Z. Hakki 
Mariam Kashani 
Evangelo G. Kotopoulis 
Eric S. Makvandi 
Tien Thi Nguyen 
Alexander Robert Repace 
William E. Stevens 


Christina Ann Mayne 
Carol Lynne Miller 
Parul Divya Mittal 

2nd Degree: Psychology 
Jiun-Woei Tseng 


Bachelor of Arts 

Individual Studies 

Denise S. Bezerra 
Diana Lisa Cascioli 
Lyle Adam Fisher 
Sherry Beth Sacks 
Rachel Anne Schneider 

2nd Degree: Jewish Studies 
Nkosi Olatumde Yearwood 

Bachelor of Science 

Individual Studies 

Ryan Thomas Bacon 
Anthony Cigna III 
Carl Philippe Denis 
Gregory Colin Early Sr. 
Alicia Anne Martina EifeU 
Ross Wesley Knoblauch 
Alexander Cyril Spiro 
Michael Alan Thomas 
Marc 1. Tobias 


§ Summa cum Laude f Magna cum Laude ' cum Laude 



Vice Chancellor for Adimncement 
John K. Martin 



Ann E. Prentice 

College of Life Sciences 

Paul H. Mazzocchi 

College of Health and Human 


George V. McGovvan 





Vice Chair 


John J. Burt 


' . ■■ • 

Roger Blunt 

William E. Kirwan 

School of Architecture 



Vice President for Academic 

Steven Hurtt 

-'H t ■ 


Albert N. Whiting 

Affairs and Provost 

Daniel Fallon 

Vice President for Administrative 


School of Public Affairs 
L M. Destler (Acting) 
Dean for the Graduate School 
Ilene Nagel 

' - t^^vf ■ 


llona M. Hogan 
Assistant Secretary 




Constance M. Unseld 

Charles F. Sturtz 

Dean for Continuing Education, 


L >i- ' 

Vice President for Institutional 

Summer and Special Programs 
Melvin Hall 



" ' 

Lewis R. Riley, ex officio 



Margaret Alton 
Mary Arabian 

Kathryn Costello 

Vice President for Student Affairs 

William L. Thomas Jr. 


Dean for Undergraduate Studies 
Robert Hampton 


*• "i^t?* 

Richard O. Bemdt 
Benjamin L. Brown 
Earle Palmer Brown 

Charles W. Cole Jr. 
Frank A. Gunther Jr. 
Ann Hull 

College of Agriculture 

Thomas Fretz 

College of Arts and Humanities 


Charles J. Beatty 

Industrial, Technological 

Henry R. Lord 

Robert W. Griffith 

and Occupational Education 

Franklin Perdue 

College of Behavioral and Social 

University Marshal 
Don C. Piper 

Student Regent 

Irwin Goldstein 

Government and Politics 

Mark Israel 

College of Business and 



William Mayer 

John E. Wakefield 
Director of Bands 



College of Computer, Mathematical 
and Physical Sciences 


Donald N. Langenberg 

Richard H. Herman 


Vice Chancellor for Academic 

College of Education 
Willis D. Hawley 

Campus Parking 
Janice E. Summons 

George L. Marx 

Vice Chancellor for Administration 

College of Engineering 
Wilham W. Destler 

Commuter Affairs 
Barri Standish Sanders 

and Finance 
Brenda N. Albright 

College of Journalism 
Reese Cleghom 

College of Library and Information 

Dining Services 
Nancy Loomis 
Patrick Wadsworth 


R Y L A N D 

C O L I 

Diploma Office 
Alicia Arkell-Kleis 
Disability Support Senuce 
Richelle Hammett 
Environmental Safety 
Alan Sactor 

Industrial, Technological and 
Occupational Education 
Simone Legacy 
Institutional Advancement 
Mahnaz Bahrami 
Kathryn Costello 
Carolyn Ent 
Linda Martin 
Intercollegiate Athletics 
Gary Parker 
Physical Plant 
J. Frank Brewer 
Earle Connors 
Police Department 
Michael McNair 
Larry Volz 

Records and Registrations 
Elizabeth Pattison 
Uniivrsiti/ Book Center 
Cvnthia Walker Reed 



Ann Petrone 

Arts and Humanities 

Thomas Moore 

Behavioral and Social Sciences 

Diana Jackson 

Business and Management 

Donna King 

Computer, Mathetnatical and 

Physical Sciences 

Thelma M. Williams 


Simone Legacy 


Jane Fines 

Health and Human Performance 

Joe Murray 


Greig Stewart 

Library and Information Services 

Diane Barlow 

Vicky Reinke 

Life Sciences and Agriculture 

Vicky Reinke 

Public Affairs 

Elisse Wright-Briscoe 

Undergraduate Studies 

Betty Buckley 


Marcellous Anderson 
Robert Armstrong 
Ike Banks 
Leroy Blackwell 
Earl Blake 
Mordecai Brower 
Eric Bullock 
Tom Farrell 
Ronald Fenwick 
Larry Garner 
James Green 
Elwood Gross 
Vincent Haliburton 
Joseph Hayes 
Larry Jefferson 
Marvin Johnson 
Theresa Mullen 
Keith Neal 
Louis Paintedpony 
Eve Reitz 

George Saunders 
Thomas Saunders 
Johrmy Sellers 
Rayfield Sellers 
Carolyn Shreeve 
Charles Stubbs 
Danny Thompson 
Ronny Yee 

student Marshals 

The Senior Marshal Program, which began in 
1991, is an opportunity for the campus commu- 
nity to acknowledge outstanding seniors at 
their commencement. The students selected to 
be Marshals were nominated by faculty, administrators 
and staff for their outstanding accomplishments and con- 
tributions to the university. We are proud to recognize 
these truly remarkable students. 

Thomas Antisdel 
Huzefa Bahrain 
Jessica Caroff 
Gina Cha 
Shona R. Clay 
Elizabeth Corderman 
CyDonii Fairfax 
Susan Faye Faucon 
Johanna Froelich 
Brett D. Gidge 
Mukul Gulati 
Jennifer A. Harnish 
Minda Beth Hey man 
Eric Johnson 
James R. Johnson 
Kimberly D. Lewis 
Dina Leytush 
Nicole Marasco 
Brian Michalowski 
Cailin P. Mullins 
Jennifer A. Noell 
Jimmv Parker 
Colleen Read 
Caryn Sagal 
Rachel Schneider 
Michael F. Seelman 
Teresa Anne Shirlen 
Thomas E. Stachura 

David Steury 
Robin Tallant 
Mark A. Timm 
Sanjay Tolani 
Shirley Wang 
Jennifer Wesley 
Sara Marie Wolff 


Scholarship Honors 


achelor's degree candidates who have quahfied for scholar- 
ship honors upon graduation are designated by appropriate 
symbols adjacent to their names within the alphabetical hst- 
ings of colleges or schools. 

To be eligible for consideration for such honors a candidate must meet 
the following general criteria: (1) have completed at least two years of 
work at the University of Maryland (60 semester hours, 30 of which 
were earned at the College Park campus), and (2) have a scholastic 
average of a "B" (grade point average of 3.0) or higher in University 
of Maryland work prior to the last semester of registration before the 
awarding of a degree. 

Degree candidates who have met these criteria are shown in the list- 
ings as qualifying, upon graduation, for the designators Summa cum 
Laude (if thev ranked in the top two percent of the candidates in their 
respective colleges or schools), Magna cum Laude (if in the next three 
percent), or cum Laude (if in the next five percent) based on the grade 
point averages of students in the preceding three graduating classes 
of their degree-granting unit. 


August. 1994 
Gail Denise Claspell 
Teresa Renee Snow 
December, 1994 
Geoffrey Sewall Adams 
Gail Denise Claspell 
Matthew F. Yazdi 
Matthew F. Yazdi 
Anna Sarene Yellin 


August, 1994 

Eric John Anderson 

Valarie Ann Barnes 
Kim Michelle Bordenet 
Yao Leon Dong 
Kimberly Ann Flagg 
Jordan Ben Goldstein 
Edward Lieberman 
Shelby Leigh O'Brien 
December, 1994 
Lucy Elizabeth Alderton 
Adjoavi F. Andele 
Thomas Clark Antisdel 
Geoffrey Robert Boyers 
Michelle Mokit Chuen 
EUzabeth Ann Corderman 
CyDonii V. Fairfax 

Marc David Glashofer 
Kerri Denise Howard 
Joshua Ian Kantor 
Artenis Dimitra Kapsilis 
Cory Michael Lebson 
Krishna Marie Maccubbin 
Brian Alan Michalowski 
Colleen Rachele Read 
Caryn Reisa Sagal 
Lynnette Ellen Schatten 
Michael Frederick Seelman 
Teresa Aime Shirlen 
Ajay Sreenath 
Margaret Ellen Talev 
Kevin Grant Verbrugge 
Raymond Douglas Westcott 
Michael Wei Wu 


With high honors in: 

Government and Politics 

December. 1994 
Elaine Rebecca Weiss 

With honors in: 

Computer Science 

December, 1994 

Salim Ahmed Chawro 


August, 1994 

Robert Royce Satterfield 

December. 1994 

Mukul Gulati 

Robert Royce Satterfield 


December, 1994 
Kimberlv Lynn Ahlstrom 


August, 1994 

Monica Marcella Whiten 


August. 1994 
Gabriela Aldrete Haight 
December, 1994 
James Newton Jenkins 
Shirlev Hslao-1 Wang 


August, 1994 
Christopher E. Martin 
December, 1994 
Christopher E. Martin 

Government and Politics 

December. 1994 

Michael Frederick Seelman 


December, 1994 
Ferrell Winfield Furr 
Andisheh Nouraee 


August, 1994 

David Joseph Scaffidi-Domianello 

December, 1994 

Cor\' Michael Lebson 

David Joseph Scaffidi-Domianello 



Advanced Graduate Specialist 

August, 1994 

Karen Lynn Curry 

Samuel Alan Zack 

December, 1994 

Diane Himmelheber Foley 

Karen Elaine Leigh 

Graduate Certificate in 

August. 1994 
Adina Piatt Leviton 
December, 1994 
Cherylnn Lee Jacobs 

Graduate Certificate in 

August, 1994 

William J. Coviello 

December, 1 994 

Thomas Edward Brownscombe 

Graduate Certificate in Historic 

December, 1994 
Michael John Simon 


Afro American Studies 

December, 1994 
Tania Elise Lyles 
Monica Marcella Whiten 

East Asian Studies Certificate 

August. 1994 

Staci Renee Bumpus 

December, 1994 

Laura Ruth Bernard 

Jung Eun Kim 

John Raymond Knott 

Pamela Jeanne Seasonwein 

Liberal Arts in Buiness 

December, 1994 
Elizabeth Jean Burke 

Women's Studies Certificate 

December, 1994 
Melanie Anne Lasoff 


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Project Coordinator: Linda H. Martin 

Editor: Joe Sugarman 

Photography: Chan Chao, John T. Consoli, 

Al Danneger, Dai'id Froehlich, Rich Horchler, 

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Design and production: Jennifer Grogan 

with special thanks to Kay Riggleman and 

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