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UmvlBRy of 

where excellence 

^^Ovir goal at the University of 
Maryland is to be a place 
where excellence is achieved 
through diversity. A place that 
reflects the diversity of our 
state and the cultural richness 
of our world. A place where 
one can challenge the ideas of 
another while affirming the 
human dignity of all. A place 
where diversity is not only tol- 
erated but celebrated... 


William E. Kirwan, President 
University of Maryland at College Park 


2 President's Message 

3 Student Speaker, 
Stuart Amateau 

4 Order of Commencement 

5 Schedule of Events 

6 Dear Graduates... 

8 Campus Map 

9 The University of 

14 Honorary Doctor of 
Public Service, 
Robert B. Reich, 
Commencement Speaker 

Honorary Doctor of Science, 15 
Chandler S. Robbins 

August Graduate Degrees 16 

August Undergraduate 


December Graduate Degrees 35 

December Undergraduate 

Degrees 58 

Officials 74 

Scholarship Honors 76 

Student Marshals 78 


U N I V 1-: R S I V Y 


C O I. L K G 


to the 


ongratulations on the successful 
completion of your studies! We feel 
privileged that you chose the 
University of Maryland at College 
Park for your academic home. 

As you take formal leave of \/our university, my 
colleagues and I would like you to know how much 
we value the outstanding contributions today's 
graduates have made in so many different areas. 
The laurels you have won in scholarship, and in 
artistic performance, in athletics, and as young 
leaders, have brought added lustre to this venerable 

education wUl prove to be well worth the time and 
effort you invested in it, and that your experience 
here, both inside and outside of the classroom, will 
serve you well in the years to come. 

We hope, too, that you will always cherish the 
friendships you made here, and that College Park 
will always evoke the happiest of memories for you. 
Please continue to support this institution and its 
destiny as the flagship university of Maryland. 
Although you will be leaving this campus to 
explore new vistas and face new challenges, we 
hope that you wUl visit often and that you will 
always remain connected in spirit to your alma 

Good luck and Godspeed to each and every one 
of you! 

Sincerely yours. 

6<S^ KjOti^OiA/^ 

WUliam E. Kirwan 

For our part, we have endeavored to provide you 
with an ideal envirorraient for nurturing your 
special interests and talents, and for developing the 
broad intellectual and cultural perspectives you will 
need to compete successfully in the professional 
world. We are confident that your College Park 

Stuart Amateau 

student Speaker 

For Stuart Amateau, college has been an intellectual 
awakening. When he entered as a freshman, he was 
content to simply "show up and get decent grades." 
But somewhere along the way, Amateau acquired a 
"thirst for knowledge" that has led him to seek out 
learning opportunities — a mind-set that has made all 
the difference to today's student speaker. 

A psychology major, Amateau was not enthralled 
with his choice of majors until he started 
investigating neurology and the biological 
underpinnings of behavior. He began working in the 
laboratory of William Hall, chair of psychology, and 
studied the auditory and vocalization systems of 
Australian parakeets. His work led to an Honors 
Research grant and then a Howard Hughes grant to 
continue his explorations. An Honors thesis, 
"Projections of Nucleus Basalis," as well as a citation 
in the journal of Comparative Neurology was the result 
for Amateau, who by now was putting in longer and 
longer hours in the lab. The hard work paid off with 
a trip to Miami, Fla., to present some of his findings 
to his "more experienced" colleagues at the annual 
Society for Neurosciences convention. 

Amateau credits his department's Honors program 
with helping him take advantage of the abundance 
of opportunities on campus. "It allowed me to meet 
people I never would have met — and to build 
personal relationships with them," he says. "The 
program allowed me to take a large university and 
make it as small as I wanted to make it." 

Amateau will continue his work on parakeets at the 
university as a researcher for at least another year 
and half. After that? Maybe medical school. Amateau 

would like to someday become a surgeon, 
specializing in reconstructive surgeries, though "not 
on Hollywood-types," as he says, rather on bum 
victims or those involved Ln accidents. In fact, 
Amateau has applied for a volunteer position at 
Baltimore's R Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Center 
to work on the building's helipad, where critically 
injured patients are flown in. 

In addition to his research grants, the Ellicot City, 
Md. -native has earned academic honors and has 
made Dean's List throughout his college career. 
Today, he graduates magna cum laude. Perhaps, 
more important to Amateau than the academic 
awards bestowed upon him, is that they symbolize 
how far he's come. "Just the way I approach things is 
so different now," he says. "I realized the more I 
know, the better off I'll be." 

The Winter Graduates' 

Applicants for degrees 

Total Doctoral Degrees: 598 

Total Master's Degrees: 1,537 

Total Bachelor's Degrees: 2,262 

Five most popular undei^raduate 
majors of degree applicants 

1 . English Language and Literature 221 

2. Criminology and Criminal Justice 181 

3. Government and Politics 153 

4. Accounting 144 

5. Psychology 92 

Most popular master's degrees 

l.Master of Science 108 

in Civil Engineering 

2. Master of Business Administration 92 

3. Master of Arts in Counseling and 

Personnel Services 60 

Top Colleges with the most 
degree applicants 

1. Behavioral and Social Sciences 955 

2. Arts and Humaruties 902 

3. Engineering 601 

4. Business and Management 487 

5. Education 439 

* August and December graduates combined 


Order of Commencement 

December 22, 1995 Cole Student Activities Building 9:30 


Dr. William E. Kirwan 
President, University of Maryland 
at College Park 

Master of Ceremonies 

Mr. Mitchell R Hebert 
Department of Theatre 


Symphonic Wind Ensemble 
Conductor, Mr. John E. Wakefield 

Musical Selection 

Ms. Linda Mabbs, Soprano 

Ms. Cheryl Branham, Accompanist 


Rabbi Seth Mandell 

The National Anthem 

Ms. Mabbs, Soprano 

Ms. Branham, Accompaiust 


Dr. Donald N. Langenberg 

Mr. Earle Palmer Brown 


Board of Regents 

Senior Class Gift Presentation 

Ms. Melissa Derwart 
Co-Chair, Senior Council 

Remarks to the Graduates 

Mr. Stuart Amateau 
Graduating Senior 

Musical Selection 

Ms. Mabbs, Soprano 

Ms. Branham, Accompanist 


Mr. Robert B. Reich 
U.S. Secretry of Labor 

Conferring of Honorary Degrees 

Dr. Kirwan 

University of Maryland Alumni 
Association Induction 

Mr. Ed Williams 

Message to the Graduates 

Dr. Kirwan 

Conferring of Doctoral, 
Master's and Bachelor's Degrees 

Dr. Kirwan 

Presentation of Colleges and Schools 



Rabbi Seth Mandell 

Alma Mater 

Hail to thee, Maryland! 
Steadfast in loyalty; 
For thee, we stand. 
Love for the Black and Gold 
Deep in our hearts we hold. 
Singing thy praise forever. 
Throughout the land. 


Symphonic Wind Ensemble 
Conductor, Mr. Wakefield 

Floor Seating Arrangement for Graduates, Cole Field House 






Arts and Humanities 

Undergraduate Studies 

Business and Management 


Human Ecology 

Life Sciences 





Health and Human 




Schedule of Events 

i. -^ 


graduation exercises for 


B J colleges and schools will be held at several campus locations. 

1 1 Ceremonies are scheduled to begin at noon, or at 2:30 p.m. Guests are 


JL urged to be seated approximately one half-hour prior to the 

' "- ■-^-.-?i^«? 

■ ■^^''' ■■ 

designated time for the ceremonies if they wish to 
faculty procession. 

observe the student and 

.V-1. -'^tJS^H 

i2^/V ti-'"^^^ i*&- 

S^ - • "''"r '. . , 

Graduates, their families and friends, are cordially 

invited and encouraged to 


join with university officials and members of the faculty at the reception to be 


held in the Grand Ballroom of Stamp Student Union. 

. JK 

Shuttle bus service will provide free transportation 

across the campus 


throughout the day. 
Campus-Wide Commencenient 


History-Jewish Studies-Russian Arei 

! Studies 

Individual Studies Graduation Ceremony 

9:30 a.m. Cole Student Activities Bldg. 

Program: Skinner Bldg., Room 0200 

Noon Anne Arundel Hall, University 
Honors Program Lounge 

A. James Clark School of Engineering 

Music: Tawes Recital Hall, Room 1125 

Graduation Ceremony 

Health and Human Performance 

2:30 p.m. Reckord Armory 

Philosophy: Marie Mount Hall, Room 0100 

Graduation Ceremony 

Noon Health and Human 

Agriculture Graduation Ceremony 

Foreign Languages-Classics-Linguistics: 

Performance Bldg., Room 2240 

2:30 p.m. Memorial Chapel 

Jimenez Hall, Room 0220 

Journalism Graduation Ceremony 

Architecture Graduation Ceremony 

Behavioral and Social Sciences 

Noon Hoff Theatre 

Noon Architecture Auditorium 

Graduation Ceremony 

2:30 p.m. Cole Student AcHvities Bldg. 

Library and Information Services 

Arts and Humanities Graduation Ceremonies 

Graduation Ceremony 

Noon Different Locations Listed Below 

Business and Management 

Noon Zoology-Psychology 

Graduation Ceremony 

Bldg., Room 1240 

American Studies, Comparative Literature, English 

Noon Cole Student Activities Bldg. 

Literature, Speech Communication, Radio, 
Television, Film, Theatre, Women's Studies: 

Computer, Mathematical and Physical Sciences 

Tawes Theatre 

Graduation Ceremony 

December 21, 1995 

Noon Memorial Chapel 

Life Sciences Graduation Ceremony 

Art History: Art /Sociology Bldg., Room 2309 

Education Graduation Ceremony 

7:30 p.m. Memorial Chapel 

Art Stiidich-Design: Art/Sodology Bldg., Room 2203 

Noon Reckord Armory 


M A R Y L 


E G E 



Congratulations on achieving the ultimate goal of 
your undergraduate years. On behalf of the 
University of Maryland Alumni Association, 1 
would like to add our very best wishes to those 
you have received from your faculU' and other uni\'ersity 
friends. As President Kirwan has told so many recent 
alumni, you'll always be a part of us, and we hope you'll 
keep in touch. 

Your commencement ceremony today includes a special 
tradition. You will be officially inducted as a member of the 
University of Maryland Alumni Association by this year's 
association president, Ed WUliams. Your six-month 
membership card and a list of benefits and services may be 
found on the inside back cover of the Graduation 
Handbook. If you no longer have your handbook, please 
stop by the Office of Alumni Programs located in the 
Rossborough Inn. We will be pleased to issue you a new 
membership card and provide you vidth more information. 

Wherever your plans take you following graduahon, you'll 
find Maryland friends and professional contacts by staying 
involved in alumni activities. Alumni chapters and clubs 
consist of more than 30 academic, regional and special 
interest groups — including our newest, the Yoimg Alumni 
Club, which you may find to be of particular interest. And 
of course attending Maryland athletic events is always a 
great way to get together with feUow grads. Regardless of 
how you choose to stay involved, our purpose remains the 
same: to respond to the needs and interests of all alumni, 
and to support your continued interest in and loyalty to the 
University of Maryland at College Park. 

Again, best wishes for all the challenges and triumphs that 
lie ahead. 


Joan W. Patterson '66 
Executive Director 

Today you complete the journey which 
was undertaken several years ago, 
arriving proudly at the threshold of a new 
life. When you look back, can you see 
how this journey has changed you? As you sit here 
today, what events stand out in your mind as 
experiences that showed you which path to travel? 

We have each followed a unique path but ha\'e 
reached a common destination. As seniors, it is 
easier to list the ways in which we are different 
from each other than the ways in which we are 
bound together. We are accustomed to describing 
students in groups — commuters, residents; 
members of ethnic, religious, or professional 
organizations; students in particular departments 
and colleges. These differences should be admired 
and respected as should the many qualities we 

From this point, you can reflect on past journeys. 
Remember what you learned along the way about 
who you are and what you are capable of achieving. 
Know that your time spent at the University of 
Maryland at College Park will help you arrive at 
your next destination. Finally always consider our 
campus to be another home, a stop on your life's 
journey to which you can always return. 


Monifa Brooks and Melissa B. Derwart 
Senior Council Overall Co-Chairs 

U N 1 V 

R S I r Y 


C O L I I- (. R 


Campus Map 

Paint Branch Drive 

The University of 


at College Park 


Flagship campus of Maryland's 11-institution 
system of higher learning, the University of 
Maryland at College Park is the most 
comprehensive institution of higher education, 
research, and service in the state. The university 
offers 98 undergraduate majors, 87 master's 
programs, and 68 doctoral programs in 13 schools 
and colleges. 

The university is one of only 30 public research 
universities that are members of the prestigious 58- 
member Association of American Universities and 
the only public institution in the Maryland-D.C. 
area with membership in the nation's most 
distinguished honor society, Pfu Beta Kappa. It is 
classified as a Research-1 university by the Carnegie 
Foundation by virtue of the range of its 
baccalaureate programs, the amount of federal 
support received, and the number of doctoral 
degrees awarded each year, sharing that honor with 
the top research universities in the country. 

Fall 1995 College Park sUidents at a glance: 

Total enrollment: 


Graduate Students: 












Average age: 


States represented: 


Countries represented: 




Among public universities in the Association of 
American Universities, College Park ranks among 
the top in the percentage of African American 
undergraduate students. In addition, the university 
has the largest number of African American and 
other minority faculty members among its peers. 


The University of Maryland was founded in 1807 in 

Baltimore as a faculty-owned College of Medicine. 

The medical school 

was considered one of 

the top schools in the 

country, attracting 

notable professors 

and lecturers from 

throughout the 

world. In its 

beginning, tuition 

cost $140, grades 

were sent home 

weekly to parents, 

and students could 

obtain room and 

board for $300 


Five years later, the growing institution was 
renamed the University of Maryland. Despite the 
name, the university was not considered a state 
institution as it was still owned and operated by 
faculty. Baltimore College of Dental Surgery, the 
first dental school in America, became a part of the 
university in 1840, awarding the first Doctor of 
Dental Surgery (D.D.S.) degree in 1841. 

In 1859, the Maryland Agricultural College, which 
would evolve into the University of Maryland at 
College Park, was ojjened under a charter secured by 
a group of Maryland planters in 1856. In addition to 
spending one hour each day hoeing or plowing on 
the college farm, students took a broad range of 



C; (,) 1. 

V. C V. 

1' A R K 

courses in ancient and modem languages, 
natural sciences, English, and mathematics. After 
a disastrous fire on campus in 1912, the state 
acquired the college and rebuilt it. 

In 1920, the state legislature combined the 
CoUege Park institution with the professional 
schools in Baltimore to form an expanded 
University of Maryland. The entity eventually 
grew to include campuses in Baltimore County, 
the Eastern Shore, and University College, a 
continuing education institution. 

The following decades saw the increasing 
growth of student population, excellence in 
programs and curricula, and the burgeoning of 
the University of Maryland at College Park into a 
nationally recognized research institution. 

July 1, 1988, marked the dawn of a new era in 
higher education in the state of Maryland, as the 
five components of the university were merged 
with six other state universities and colleges to 
form the University of Maryland System, and 
CoUege Park secured its flagship status with a 
mandate to become one of the pre-eminent 
research universities in the nation. 


The unique role of American research universities 
in advancing science and technology has kept the 
United States in the forefront of innovation and 
product development. Research dollars from 
federal and state agencies, corporations and 
foundations fuel much of the basic and applied 
research activity of the University of Maryland at 
College Park's faculty and graduate students. 

The university has unique facilities, research 
centers and institutes that attract new research 


•This year's freshman class has an average SAT score 
of 1111 and an average high school grade-point- 
average of 3.25. 

• ARCO's book. Ivy League Programs at State School 
Prices, rated the University Honors Program 
among the nine best in the nation. 

•U.S. News and World Report rated Maryland's 

business and engineering programs in the top 25 
among all public and private institutions. 

•Last year, faculty researchers at College Park were 
awarded almost $150 million in competitively 
funded research and development awards, an 
increase of 83 percent since 1988. 

•No other university in the Mid- Atlantic region has 
more top 20 graduate programs in computer, 
mathematical, physical sciences, and engineering 
disciplines than College Park, according to a 
recent analysis by the National Research Council. 

projects and funding, as well as provide 
expanded knowledge in business, science and 
technology. The A. James Clark School of 
Engineering houses the Glenn L. Martin Wind 
Tunnel — the most advanced aerod)nnamic 
testing facility of its kind on any university 
campus — and the Neutral Buoyancy Facility, 
which simulates weightlessness for space 
research, the only such facility on a university 
campus. Other specialized facilities include; 
Computer Vision Laboratory 
Bioprocess-scale up Laboratory 
Laboratory for Ion Beam Research 

and Application 
Superconductivity Research Center 
Laboratory for Plasma and Fusion Studies 
Psycholinguistics Laboratory 
Computer-assisted cartographic laboratories 
Developmental Psychology Laboratory 
Center on Aging 


Programs of pubUc service are central to the 
overall mission of the university. This philosophy 
is reflected in the wide array of programs and 
initiatives that benefit the state's business, 
agriculture, and education commimities. 

With more than 900 high technology firms in the 
three-county area of Montgomery, Prince 
George's and Frederick, the university has found 
abundant opportunity to extend its business and 
technology outreach programs to the region. 
Many of these programs are part of the 
Engineering Research Center, which operates the 
Technology Extension Service, the Technology 
Advancement Program, and Maryland Industrial 
Partnerships, all programs designed to provide 
Maryland entrepreneurs and small businesses 
with research facilities, technical assistance, 
administrative support, and access to technology 
that wiU advance their economic base. 

The Institute for Systems Research has formed 
partnerships writh major corporations, including 
Martin Marietta, Westinghouse, BFGoodrich, 
Hughes Aircraft, and Dupont to apply advanced 
systems research to solving industry problems in 
the fields of communications, manufacturing, 
contiols and robotics. 

The Center for Renaissance and Baroque 
Studies works in conjunction with Maryland's 
high schools in using theater to explore 
personal and social issues relevant to today's 
society. Team Maryland also works with area 
public schools by having student athletes serve 
as mentors to young students. Each semester 
student athletes act as role models to as many as 
5,200 students. 


The University of Maryland 

at College Park features a 

diversity of cultural and 

recreational activities. Four 

art galleries, more than 200 

annual musical 

performances, and countless 

dance and theater 

productions, expose 

audiences to the broadest 

range of programs in the 

arts. And Intercollegiate, 

club, or intramural sports provide students of 

all levels an opportunity to participate as 

spectators or athletes. 


The seven libraries at the university constitute 
the largest university research library system in 
the Washington metropolitan area, providing 
vital resources to researchers, visiting scholars, 
and businesses throughout the region. The 
libraries' holdings include over 2.2 million 
volumes, 19,309 subscriptions to periodicals, 
and nearly 4.8 million items available in 
microfilm format. College Park libraries also 
offer several nationally and internationally 
recognized special collections such as the 
International Piano Archives at Maryland, the 
National Trust for Historical Preservation, the 
Katherine Anne Porter Uterary archive and the 
National Public Broadcasting Archives. 


With alumni clubs from Miami, Fla. to Taipei, 
Taiwan, the Alumni Association strives to keep 
and strengthen ties between the imiversity and 
its graduates. Member events such as pre-game 
parties, bull roasts, picnics, golf tournaments. 

dinner cruises and subscription to 
College Park magazine help keep 
alumni connected to the imiversity 
and to each other. All graduating 
seniors and successful master's and 
Ph.D. candidates receive a six-month 
free membership in the association. 


Graduates of the university go on to 
distinguished careers in a variety of 
fields. Chosen from thousands of qualified 
alumni, an inaugural group was inducted into 
the University of Maryland Alunmi Association 
Hall of Fame in April, 1995. They included 21 
outstanding individuals who have brought, 
and continue to bring, great honor to their alma 
mater. Their achievements are as varied as their 
lives, but they all have one thing in common: a 
degree from the University of Maryland at 
College Park. 

Carmen Balthrop, 6. A. '71 

World-class soprano and mentor to aspiring 

Hany Clifton "Curiey" Bird, B.S. 08 

Legendary university president for 18 years 
A. James Clark, B.S. '50 

Construction magnate and benefactor 
William P. Cole Jr., B.S 10 

Congressman and member of UM Board of 

Regents for 25 years 
Mary Stallings Coleman, B.A. '35 

First woman elected as Chief Justice, Michigan 

Supreme Court 
Geaty F. Eppley, B.S. '20, M.S. '26 

Devoted career to university as dean of men and 

athletic director 
Charles F. Fefferman, B.S. '66 

Youngest winner of Field's Medal, mathematics 

highest award 

Herbert A. Hauptman, Ph.D. '55 

Co-recipient of 1985 Nobel Prize in Chemistry 
Jim Henson, B.A. '60 

Creator of the beloved Muppets 
Steny H. Hoyer, B.S. '63 

Public servant to Maryland for nearly 30 years 
Cariisle Humelsine, 6 A. '37 

Leader of Colonial Williamsburg Foundation 
Wilbur Munro Leaf, B.A. '27 

Creator of "Ferdinand the Btdl" story 
Samuel J. LeFrak, B.S. '40 

Internationally acclaimed urban planning leader 
Parren Mitchell, MA '52 

First African American student and Maryland 

Jane Cahill Pfeiffer, B.A. '54 

First woman to head a major network; named 

chair of NBC in 1978 
Judith A. Resnik, Ph.D. '77 

Pioneering astronaut; died tragically in 

Challenger shuttle disaster 
Chun-Shan Shen, Ph.D. '61 

President of Taiwan's National Tsing-Hua 

William Woolfoid Skinner, B.S. 1895 

Nationally prominent agricultural research 

Adele H. Stamp, MA. '24 

Dean of women at Maryland from 1922 to 1960 



^* 'i 


^ ■•'^- «i> ^' 



Reginald Van Trump Truitt, B.S. '14 

Leading naturalist and marine biologist; 
pioneered Chesapeake Bay research 
Millard E. Tydings, B.S. 10 

Introduced legislation to create University of 
Maryland in 1920 

The University of Maryland Alumni 
Association Hall of Fame is located in the 
Commuter Lounge of the Stamp Student 
Union. Periodically, the Alumni Association 
will induct other graduates in to the Hall of 
Fame — its highest honor. 


Early commencement ceremonies at the 
University of Maryland were marked with 
great fanfare and celebration. The faculty gave 
huge banquets for the graduates the night 
before the event. The following morning, 
crowds gathered to watch the young graduates 
parade. It was a gala social occasion, attracting 
not only friends and relatives, but the 
fashionable elite of the day. At the ceremony, 
prayers were recited, speeches were made, and 
honorary degrees were awarded to 
distinguished figures from across the country. 
Finally, as the audience cheered and threw 
flowers, the graduates came forward to collect 
their Latin-inscribed degrees. 

Academic Costume 

The black caps and gowns worn by the 
students and faculty in the academic procession 
have been the traditional costume of scholars 
since the Middle Ages. The ordinary dress of 
the scholar, whether student or teacher, was 
similar to that of a cleric. Caps and gowns were 
probably worn to keep students warm in 
ur\heated buildings. Many medieval scholars 

were tonsured, like monks, and hoods served 
to cover their shaved heads imtil the skull cap 
later took its place. 

Even after the Civil War, most students at 
American universities wore caps and gowns 
daily while in residence. These varied in design 
unttl they were standardized by the American 
Intercollegiate Commission in 1894. At that 
time it was decided that all robes would be 
black. Colors on the trim of the gown-were also 
standardized to indicate the scholar's academic 
A list of department colors follows: 

Agriculture: Maize 

Arts, Letters, Humanities: White 

Business Administration, 
Commercial Science: Drab 

Dentistry: Lilac 

Economics: Copper 

Education: Light Blue 

Engineering: Orange 

Fine Arts, Architecture: Brown 

Forestry: Russet 

Home Economics: Maroon 

Journalism: Crimson 

Law: Purple 

Library Science: Lemon 

Medicine: Green 

Music: Pink 

Nursing: Apricot 

Oratory, Speech: Silver Gray 

Pharmacy: Olive 

Philanthropy: Rose 

Philosophy: Dark Blue 

Public Administration, Foreign 

Service: Peacock Blue 
Public Health: Salmon 
Physical Education: Sage Green 
Science: Golden Yellow 
Social Work: Citron 
Theology ^md Divinity: Scarlet 
Veterinary Sciences: Gray 

The tassel may also be colored to represent an 
academic discipline or it may be black. 
Officially, the tassel is permitted "to lie where it 
will" on the mortarboard. However, numerous 
institutions have adopted the practice of having 
degree candidates wear the tassel on the right 
front side at the start of the commencement 
ceremony and then shift them to the left side 
after degrees are awarded. 

Student Marshals 

Elected through a nomination process, student 
marshals are senior leaders who play an 
important role in the graduation ceremony. 
Student marshals assist in organizing the 
thousands of graduates, leading them smoothly 
through the commencement procession. They 
also supply extra caps and hoods, and bobby 
pins to keep head wear secure. December 1995 
marshals are listed on page 78 of this booklet. 

Senior Gift 

The senior gift is a university tradition dating 
back 84 years. The first senior gift, the iron gate 
entrance at the Rossborough Inn, was given by 
the class of 1910. As this year's gift from the 
graduating class, seniors have elected to donate 


funds for the continued renovation of the North 
Gate entrance to the university — including a 6- 
foot bronze seal, additional plantings and 

The purpose of the senior gift is twofold. Each 
year the senior class leaves behind a 
memorable legacy for new students and 
visitors, and provides the university with a gift 
that enhances the campus atmosphere. 

Past senior gifts have included: the Testudo 
statue (Class of 1933), the lights around the 
"M" in the traffic circle on Campus Drive (Class 
of 1986), and the restoration of the Chapel 
chimes and clock face (Class of 1992). 


A degree is awarded for the successful 
completion of a course of study. There are more 
than 1,600 different academic degrees currently 
conferred by colleges and universities 
nationwide. The University of Maryland at 
College Park offers degrees in 98 
undergraduate majors, 87 master's programs, 
and 68 doctoral programs. 

in history on March 9, 1841, and invented the 
name of the degree. Doctor of Dental Surgery 

The second type is the research doctorate 
representing prolonged periods of advanced 
study. A dissertation which usually 
accompanies the study is intended to 
contribute substantially to the body of 
knowledge on the subject. The most important 
of these, the Doctor of Philosophy, no longer 
has an implication of philosophy for its holder, 
but represents advanced research in any of the 
major fields of knowledge. It was first awarded 
in the United States in 1861 by Yale University. 
The University of Maryland awarded a Ph.D. 
for the first time in 1920. 

The Master's Degree 

The master's degree is an academic honor 
bestowed upon students who have successfully 
completed work beyond the baccalaureate. A 
thesis and an oral examination are usually 
required. In 1920, the University of Maryland 
awarded its first Master of Arts (M.A.) and 
Master of Science (M.S.) degrees in fields other 
than agriculture. 

Honorary Degree 

Each year the University of Maryland at 
College Park awards honorary degrees to 
persons approved by a campus committee, the 
provost, the president, and the university's 
Board of Regents. Through the bestowal of 
these degrees, the university seeks to recognize 
outstanding achievement in government, 
business, education, science, and the arts. In 
recent years the committee has sought to 
recognize individuals in the greater 
Washington-Baltimore area who have made 
significant contributions to an improved 
quality of life in the region. Honorary degrees 
have also been awarded to graduates of College 
Park who have gone on to enjoy notably 
successful careers. Past honorary degree 
recipients include Isaac Asimov (1977), Eubie 
Blake (1978), Bill Cosby (1992), Hugh Downs 
(1988), Ralph Ellison (1974), Milton Eisenhower 
(1958), Jim Henson (1978), Hubert H. 
Humphrey (1965), Lyndon Baines Johnson 
(1963), and Andrew Wyeth (1964). 

The Doctor's Degree 

The doctor's degree represents the most 
advanced earned degree conferred by 
American institutions. There are two distinct 
types: the practitioner's degree and the 
research degree. The first type represents 
advanced training for the practice of various 
professions, principally Doctor of Medicine, 
Juris Doctor, and Doctor of Pharmacy. These 
degrees do not involve the completion of 
original research by the student. The University 
of Maryland, at the professional school in 
Baltimore, awarded the first two dental degrees 

The Bachelor's Degree 

The bachelor's degree represents the 
completion of a four-year course of college- 
level study and is the oldest academic degree 
awarded by American institutions of higher 
learning. It was first conferred in America in 
1642 on the first nine graduates of Harvard 
College. Maryland Agriculture College, which 
later became the University of Maryland at 
College Park, awarded its first Bachelor of Arts 
(B.A.) and Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in 1862. 





Robert B. Reich 

Honoraiy Doctor of Public Service 

The story goes as follows: Shortly after 
Robert Reich was sworn in as the 22nd 
Secretary of Labor, he was waiting on line 
in the Department of Labor's cafeteria 
when the woman in front of him turned to him and 
asked, "So, where do you work?" 

Reich, realizing she honestly did not know, gave her 
the straight answer. "Upstairs. I'm the Secretary." 

"Oh, really," the woman responded, nodding her 
head. "Whose secretary?" 

No one has asked Robert Reich "whose secretary?" 
lately. As a longtime student of the effects of the 
global economy on the American worker, Reich has 
brought to his current position a wave of ideas and 
reforms that have kept him in the national political 
spotlight. Reich's influence can be seen in numerous 
newly enacted federal mandates. 

During his tenure as Secretary of Labor, the nation 
has seen the successful passing and implementation 
of the Family and Medical Leave Act, designed to 
give workers up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave to care 
for a new child or ill family member. The School-to- 
Work Opportunities Act, which President Clinton 
signed into law in 1994, eases the transition from 
secondary educadon to the world of work for the 75 
percent of America's youth who do not graduate 
from college. Also in 1994, Congress passed the 
Reich-endorsed Goals 2000: Educate America Act, 
which sets a national system of skill standards the 
nation is to achieve by the year 2000. 

While in office, Reich has also worked to renew the 
Labor Department's commitment to protecring 

American workers. The department has cracked 
down on sweatshops, on unsafe worksites, and on 
fraudulent purveyors of health insurance. It has 
collected tens of millions of dollars in back pay for 
victims of job discrimination. Reich has achieved 
these results while streamlining the department's 
operations and reducing its staff by more than 1,000 

Before coming to the Labor Department, Reich 
served on the faculty of Harvard University's John 
F. Kennedy School of Government. He published 
prolifically, writing more than 200 articles and 
seven books on the global economy and the U.S. 
work force. His most recent. The Work of Nations: 
Preparing Ourselves for 21st Century Capitalism, 
examines the challenges the American labor force 
faces from competitive world markets and calls for 
a national strategy to upgrade America's human 

During the Ford Administration, Reich served as 
assistant to Solicitor General Robert Bork before 
becoming assistant director of the Federal Trade 
Conrunission's Bureau of Consumer Protection, 
where he oversaw and evaluated the work of the 
bureau's regulatory efforts. In the Carter 
Administration, he headed the policy planning staff 
of the Federal Trade Commission. 

Bom in Scranton, Pa., Reich grew up in rural South 
Salem, N.Y. He graduated from Dartmouth 
College — of which he has been a trustee — and 
received a law degree from Yale University. Reich 
went on to become a Rhodes Scholar, and first met 
Bill Clinton on the ship bound for England. When 
President Bill Clinton tapped Reich for his Cabinet 
in 1992, it was "to bring forth a revolution in 
lifetime training and education of our work force." 
With a string of successfully enacted federal 
policies, the revolution has begun. 

Chandler S. Robbins 

Honorary Doctor of Science 

Growing up in Belmont, Mass., Chandler 
Robbins and his parents would take a 
nature walk every Sunday afternoon in 
the woods and grassy fields near his 
home. His parents would point out the names of 
trees and flowers, and pause — ever so quietly — to 
identify birds by their calls. It was on these Sunday 
walks that Robbins grew to appreciate natxire and 
to develop, in particular, a love for bird-watching. 
Today, Chandler Robbins is one of the world's most 
respected ornithologists. 

After receiving an A.B. from Harvard University 
and a M.A. from George Washington University, 
Robbins began his career in 1945 as a junior 
biologist with the Patuxent Wildlife Research 
Center in Laurel, Md. The name of the organization 
has since changed to the Patuxent Environmental 
Science Center, as overseen by the Department of 
Interior; his colleagues have come and gone, but 
Robbins has remained a fixture. 

In his past 50 years at work, Robbins has 
contributed significantly to the understanding of 
birds, as well as to the fragile envirorvment. Golden 
Guide's Birds of North America , which he senior- 
authored, is the definitive fieldbook for amateur 
and professional bird-watchers alike. Also known 
simply as the "Robbins' guide," the book has sold 
more than 5.5 million copies since its initial 
publication. In 1966 he initiated the Breeding Bird 
Survey, the oldest, largest and most-quoted source 
of information on bird population status in North 
America. Each June, 2,500 volunteers in all 50 states 
and the provinces of Canada mobilize to count 
birds in order to detect population trends over time. 

As a result of these records, taken over the past 30 
years, birds have been shown to be a most valuable 
and sensitive indicator of the health of the 
environment. The surveys have yielded important 
data on which to base national conservation policy. 
"We need to have a greater awareness for what's 
going on in the environment," he says. "Those of us 
who realize what the problems are, have a big job 
ahead of us." 

One of those "big jobs" has recently brought 
Robbins to the last remaining extensively forested 
area in eastern Guatemala. Known as Cerro San Gil, 
the tree-covered mountain range on that country's 
east coast is winter home to many of Maryland's 
migrating birds, but due to forest fragmentation, 
bird and animal populations have steadily declined. 
Robbins has been working with a team of 
international conservationists to educate the area's 
local citizens on how to use the forest without using 
up its limited resources. 

Robbins' contributions to society have earned him 
recognition and awards from numerous national 
organizations, including the Wildlife Society, the 
Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology, the Linnaean 
Society of New York, the National Fish & Wildlife 
Foundation, and the Audubon Naturalist Society. 
His achievements within the Department of Interior 
earned him the coveted Distinguished Service 
Award in 1987. 

Robbins' easygoing manner, as well as an undying 
enthusiasm and energy for his work has earned him 
the respect of thousands of bird-watchers, both 
amateur and professional, throughout the world. At 
77 years old, he still enjoys Sunday nature walks; 
nowadays, he's the one who identifies the birds. 


U N 1 V 

R S 1 T Y 

M A R \ L. A N I) 


August 1995 

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Islamic Law: A Comparative Study of Islamic Activism in Egypt, Algeria and 

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for Changes in Children's Draivings 

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Size of the Abdominal Visceral Fat Mass on the Responses to Oral Glucose 
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Elizabeth Marie Ruppel 
Shannon Dominique Scott 
John W. Seufert 
Deborah Rebecca Smith 
Peter Y. Soh 
Warren John Sullivan 
Mark John Talbot 
Kristen Stack Tepper 
Lormie E. Thompson Jr. 
Susan Mary Urban 
James Carlisle Walker Jr. 
Peng Wang 
James Foster Warner 
Wayne Lawrence Wesler 
Beth Bartlett Wingerd 
Branch R. Yules 


Dirk Christian Deegan 
Christopher John Hansen 
Alok Jain 

Andrew James Mikitka 
Francisco C.W. Tseng 



Minthia Laveme Crawley 
Steven Lawrence Hutchins 
Sarah Lynn Kane 
Daniel Richard Trimble 


Counseling and 
Personnel Services 

Cassondra K. Ayers 
Lara Dawn Blanton 
Priscilla Wroth Borchardt 
Alison Shoun Bums 
Suzanne Miriam Coleman 
Karl R. Detrich 
Elizabeth D. DeVenny 
Artemas Marco Dowell 
Tyria Jerone Fields 
Andrew Joseph Hedges 
Kristine Lynn Kenney 
Margaret Ann Louden 
Kazue Matsuoka 
Laurie Ramsay Maynard 
Ann Marie McGlauflin 
Davi-Ann Nabors 
Jane M. O'Day 
Evelyn S. Otero-Ruiz 
Rhonda Renee Riess 
Kimberly T. Stahlman 
Alice Frances Stauffer 
Janina Beth Thilges 
Anne Merrill Walsh 
Jacqueline Ann Wheeler 
Kathie A. Whittaker 
LiUian E. Wilbur 

Curriculum and Instruction 

Linda Marie Caron 
Kathleen Paschal Chapman 
Sharon Rose Cohen 
Heide Maria Doss 
Donna M. Hammer 
Alexandra Simon Leverich 
Catherine Elizabeth McCall 
Carol Anne McGinnis 
Tashia E'Yvette McNeil 
Susan Cohen Moldow 
Nicole La Shawn Moore 
Amy Lynne Orlov 
Melody J. Philpotts 
Rachael G. Pruitt 
Ana Elizabeth Ramos 
Leyla Rastgoudamavandi 
Rachna Rikhye 
Jennifer Joy Shapkin 
Carrie D. Shaw 
Toby William Towson 
Pamela Jean Weaver 
Dionna DuRea Williams 
Regina LaWanza Youman 

Education Policy, Planning 
and Administration 

Sherry Piatt Hage 
James Duvall Kenkel 

Human Development Education 

Jennifer Ann Brosh 

Deanna J. Grubb 

Shelley Marie Knight 

Mary Horky McLean 

David Alan Paull 

Jennifer Lynne Talton Rickey 

Maria Christine Burgee Roberts 

Eileen Patricia Ruby 

M. Laura Snodgrass 

Special Education 

Kate Clarke Bedford 
Julia Arm Bocker 
Mary Alice CuUom Davis 
Yonina Mickelson Elfassi 
Maura Patricia Farley 
Carol Lee Hamblin 
Leola Jenkins 
Davenia Jones Lea 
Elizabeth Brenner Mader 
Marie Virginia McCarragher 
Victoria Geiger Mitchell 
Susan Arme Moran 
Paul S. Owens 
Gerald Richard Piatt 
Kelli Marie Potter 
Jacqueline Sue Proto 
Deborah Miriam Smith 
Jill Naomi Sroka 
Shirley Theresa Stone 

Gretchen Ann Super 
Sonia Silva Teixeira 
Keery Lynn Wolf 


Sunita Munjal 
Kashyap J. Patel 
Himanshu Sharma 


Creative Writing 

Rachel West Carpenter 

Fine Arts 

Edward Joseph Bisese 


Natasa Djukic 


M A R Y 1. A N D 

C O 1. 



Library and 
Information Services 

Jennifer Lesley van Sickle 
Rosalyn S. AUeman 
Timothy P. Brennan 
Dorothy Lorraine Byers 
Heather Shawn Crump 
Linda Jean Ferguson 
Kirsten Ursin Caliber 
Debra Jeanne Cousha 
Louise Wright Greene 
Gayle Pope Gregg 
Daniel T. Kelley 
Amy Maria Krug 
Kurt Frederick Kuss 
Can Li 

Kristi King Mashon 
Joy Anne Mclntire 
Julee C. Melton 
Melanie F. Michaelson 
Jean Ellen Weiss 
Alease C. J. Wright-Baker 
Mary Elizabeth Yuhas 


Mary Eileen Logan Hastings 
Delene Laubenheim McClure 
Juan-Paolo Perre 
Jeffrey Martin Roach 
Kristin Mary Runge 
Scott J. Schouest 


Crystal Lynn Banks 
Elizabeth Friedman 
Latanya S. Mapp 
Althea LaTreace McCoy 
Cheryl Beth Rosenblum 
Christine Elizabeth Wormuth 


Emily Beard 

Riiruna Nickolaevna Dankova 

Dmitry Shaposhnikov 

Karen Ann Toriello 

Julie Helen Vanderschot 


Aerospace Engineering 

Nagarajan Hariharan 
Harry Kevin Magazu 
Megan S. McCluer 
Jan Michael Niemiec 
Vasudev Parameswaran 
Burtis T. Spencer 

Agricultural Engineering 

Mary Lynn Searing 


Monica Bittner Marcelli 
Yuri Kusuda Plowden 

Animal Sciences 

Stephanie Ann Mengel 
Van Wang 


Soung in Cho 

Business and Management 

James Xavier Monaghan 
Cheng-Chiun Tsai 
Parinya Wangchoochertgun 

Chemical Engineering 

Justin Monroe Blount 
Jerry Garfield Brown 
Yi-hung Lin 
Christos Seretis 

Chemical Physics 

Tzu-Ping Kuo 


Shawn Robinson Floumoy 
Eddie Oliver 
Shuwen Wang 

Civil Engineering 

Ashok S. Chatra 
Chien-Yu Chen 
Paul ChristophUos 
John Louis D'Angelo Jr. 
Nicholas L. Desport 
Prances Steinacker FaduUon 
Tristram Edward Madden 
Robert Martinazzi II 
Kamran Ahsan Nagi 
Srinivas Nallanagula 
Harold J. Pierre 
Sachin Jay Sankpal 
Andrew Patrick Trotta 
Thomas Brian Tryon 
Daili Yang 
Gwoping Yang 


Jianjun Xu 

Computer Science 

Liqin Cao 

Eong Injeong Kim Hong 
Ming Xun Huang 
Andreas Michael Mueller 
Lenard Bruce Pedowitz 
David E. Rager 
Steven Jeffrey Rosen 
Kandasri Satasuk 
Brian Thomas Styslinger 

Electrical Engineering 

Scott Bradley Abbott 
Ramakrishna Akella 
Jay Paul Chawla 
Radhakrishnan Haridasan 
Rajesh Kota 
Hang Li 
Huai Li 

Shang Chieh Liu 
Rahul Ashok Parulekar 
Arun Raghupathy 
Satish Satoor 
Ernest E. Seagraves 
Sanjeev Kumar Singh 
James Lawrence Weaver 

Engineering Materials 

Loretta Mengel Shirey 
Mukul R. Sinvhal 
Nickolaos Evagelos Strifas 
Yun Zheng 

Family and Community 

Anna Catherine Kolesar 


Kimberly H. Brovirn 
Jin Ma 


Marine, Estuarine and 
Environmental Sciences 

James Frederick Bosma 
Nina Bums Kwartin 
Nicholas Jacob Landau 
Jacqueline Urban Takacs 

Mechanical Engingeering 

Zeynab Abdullahi 
Michael David Blanford 
Yunho Hwang 
Steven J. Nabinger 
Dezhi Zhang 
Yong Zhao 


William Richard Bua 
Robert Alan Gersten 
Carrie Jae Sieber 


Petras Vytautas Avizonis Jr. 

Sanjay Kodiyalam 

Jian Mao 

MUan Blair Reichbach 

Shankar C. Venkataramani 

Ping Wang 

Shanlu Wu 

Survey Methodology 

Susan J. Lapham 

Sustainable Development and 
Conservation Biology 

Stefan Louis Arriaga-Weiss 
Patricia Murer 


Ladan Golestaneh 
Theresa A. Hodge 
Michele Marie Urban 


Advanced Graduate Specialist 

Karla Ann Schmidt 


Rochelle Lynn Tillery 

Plant Biology 

Holly Le Williams 

Reliability Engineering 

Thomas Paul Carty 
Anthony John DiVenti Jr. 
David Patrick Hattingh 
Wei He 

Renato Fernando Mendes 
Weiming Wang 
Demetrios G. Ziavras 




I' A K K 


August 1995 


Bachelor of Science 

Aerospace Engineering 

Jennifer Ayn Curran 
Erwin D. Mascardo 
Melvin K.W Puang 
Eric Kevin Suess 
Sean Eric Winbum 

Chemical Engineering 

Erwin Navarro Benjamin 
Himadri Bhattacharya 
Sean Michael Crawford 
Robert Curtis Godfrey 
Robert Nnanyelugo Igbanugo 
Ibrahim Sei 
Alice Y. Sesay 
Aprajita Srivastava 

Civil Engineering 

Yiu Tong Chant 
William Benton Clarke 
Projjwal Khadka 
Paul Howard Mink 
Tanvinder Kaur Skiba* 
Gustavo Adolfo Taborda 

Electrical Engineering 

Ruplu Bhattacharya 
Juliet Magnaye Casanova 
Arman Golestani 
Peter Haloftis 
Randol K. Hoffman 
Vladimir Jacobs 
Brian Michael Jacoby 
Russell Andrew Johnson 
Mark Stephen LaTorre 
Robert H. Lee 

Aung Soe Moe 

Ali T. Saleh 

Jade Y. Wang 

Penelope Kay Wong-Clayton 

Engineering-Applied Science 

Lawrence Eugene Rowland, Jr. 

Mechanical Engineering 

Gregory WUliam Anderson 
2nd Major: Fire Protection 
Ivan Kai-Chi Chen 
David Michael Comfort 
Pejman Fakhri-Yazdi 
Christopher Hans Fromherz 
Khristian Kenyatta Gaines 
Sheri Lynn Lester 
Daniel Eugene Moses 
Thakur Persaud 
Barrak Rachas 
Rafael-Omar Reid 
Allison Michelle Rossit 
Daniel Saul Shapiro 
Michael Joseph Silverstein 
David Robert Skees 

Nuclear Engineering 

Tarik Michael Reyes 
Samar Tubbaji 


Bachelor of Science 

Agricultural and 
Resource Economics 

James Richard Bragg 
Michael Joseph Farrell 
Angel Luis Guerra 

Keith Mark Helman 
Daniel W. Holden 
Grace Mathews Marupa 
Jennifer C. Richards 

Animal Sciences 

Jenell Renee Rinehart 


Stacey Michelle Freimauer 

Human Nutrition and Foods 

Douglas Alan Hosack 

2nd Degree: Biological Sciences 
Meghna Mantri 

Natural Resources Management 

James Lewis Hickman 

Charles E. Scott 

Ernest Larry Wallace, Jr. 


§ Siimma cum Laude f Magna cum Laude * cum Laude 


Bachelor of Science 


Deborah Kimberly Chew 
Margaret A. Faustino 
Adam Todd Hall 
Daniel Mone Lashmore 
Ruben Melendez, Jr. 
Robabeh Rashidifar 
WilUam Gregory Shipley, Jr. 


Bachelor of Arts 

Advertising Design 

Farzad Besharatian 

American Studies 

Katherine Ariel Dawson 
William Jackson Faught 
Rita M. Flaim 
Shane Thomas Griffith 
Caitlin Renny Hall 
Tracy Marie Kinnahan 
Jennifer Joan VVilner 

Art History 

Angela Mary Buffington 
Avigayl Orah Feinberg 
Jodi Lynn Giannini* 
Catherine Verena Letteney 
Laura Ann Papas 
Celeste Lee Park 

Art Studio 

Bonni Ellen Auerbach 
Shu-Yu Chang 

2nd Major: Art History 
John Hinton Corley, Jr. 
Kathryn Mary Graham 
Jennifer Holtzer 
Rachel Lee Kopelman 
Angela W. C. Niyi 
Mark Grandea Ocampo 
Ketan Suryakant Pancholi 
Eduardo M. Paredes 
Arash Ari Ramsey 
Alicia Denise Roffman 
Roger Thor Roop 
Molly Melinda Rowell 
Maria Loida Saldana 
Glen Robert Weisgerber 
Mark Edward Wisniewski 
Ernestine Lorraine Wyatt 


Jessica C. Chi 
Jonathan Edward Keller 


Tara Michelle Gilyard 

East Asian Languages 
and Literature 

Min K. Kim 

English Language and Literature 

Bradford Clifford Alban 
Jennifer Lynn Alexander 
Kenneth Jerome Allen 
Josephine Mary Bergin 
Matthew David Bogomol 
Jenifer Anne Bolcik 
Virginia L. Borelli 
Arta Bushaw-Weese 
Andrea Maria Carty 
Ashley Benli Cheng 
Lawrence Devadason 
Laleh Eshkevari 
Jamie Catherine Furey 
Timothy John Gately 
Michelle Leatha Jackson 
Nicholas Paul Karr 
Nicole Cheri Kerber 

2nd Major: Government and 

Patricia Kolmer 
Timothy Kenneth Kovac 
Jennifer Lynn Meade 
Elizabeth Menendez 
Amy Elise Nichols 
Edward Thomas O'Malley 
Segrid ICristen Pearson 
Trisha Aston Remling 
Jeffrey Martin Sharpless 
Derek Anthony Sisson 
Erin Alexandra Spofford 
Thomas Peter Sullivan 
James Edward Wilcox, Jr. 
Algie Vincent Williams III 
Phihp Lauer Zimmermann 

French Language and Literature 

Maureen Wallace 

German Language and Literature 

Nicole Leigh Dye 
John Richard Gole 

2nd Degree: History 
Joel Larkin Perrell, Jr. 


Marjorie Anne Tucker Everett 
Eric Burke Garvey 
John J. P. Gleeson 
John Richard Gole 

2nd Degree: German Language 

and Literature 
Brian Jay Heltzer 
Melanie Jean Marcey 
CoUn Thomas Jefferson O'Brien 
John T. O'Connor 
Dmitri Alexis Reavis 
Travis Jonathon Sanchez 
Eric P. Shen 
Evelyn Cartwright Wagner 

Interior Design 

Angela Park Takkesh 


Laura R. Lai* 


Scott Michael Doughty 
Dan Gabayzadeh 

Radio, Television and Film 

Richard Dennis Michael 
Jong S. Nam 


§ Summa cum iMude t Magna cum Laude * cum Laude 


Spanish Language 
and Literature 

Stacey Britt Berman 
Thomas Zoltan Cheplo 
Laura Jane Garner 
Debra Dee Lopez 
Sondra Gean Silver 

Speech Communication 

Tavvana Denise Baskerville 
Chantel Nicole Brathwaite 
Marion Angelique Cowell 
Mary Elizabeth DeRose 
Kathryn Taylor Ferguson 
Daniel Joseph Finnegan 
Elena Guerrero 
Jennifer Lynn Hauber 
Jennifer Brooke Niebling 
Eve Victoria Oliva 
Jacqueline S. Richards 
Mercedes Sanchez Casado§ 
Rolonda Marie Thompson 
Doris W. Tucker 
Rodger James Weinfeld 
David Anthony Witkin 


Eric C. Waldemar, Jr. 


Bachelor of Arts 

Afro-American Studies 

Danielle T. La Roche 
William Matthew Ross IV 


Joanne Giaquinta 
Sandra Ann Smith 

Criminal Justice 

Ericka Sabrina Burwell 
2nd Major: Afro- American 

Paul Charles Gunsser 

Donique Angelita Rogers 

Kameron R. Williams 

Criminology and Criminal Justice 

Vicky Lynn Ardis 
David W. Boccino 
Gary M. Boone 
Vernon Roscell Boyd 
Michael Patrick Brady 
Wendy Leigh Carl 

Jennifer Lauren Jones 
Eric Stephan Jurin 
Erik Laris Karlsons 
Jennifer Louise Kogok 
Michael Seamus Kolb 
Kimberly Beth Lee 
Gregory T. Levitt 
Conrad Aprecio Manlapaz, Jr. 
Kevin Shawn Moran 
Michael John Nebel 
Vickie Vanice Paramore 
Scott Edward Peter 
Sergio Quiroz§ 
Stacey Anne Rubenstein 
Brett Matthew Schulman 
Kathryn Elizabeth Shlaes 
Kimberly Joy Solomon 
Reginald Lorenzo Spears 
KrisHne Marie Suttmiller 
Manda Nicole Tayman 
Michael Patrick Varlotta 
Brian David Vemia 
Wendy Lyn Weinberger* 


Michael Anthony Anselmi, Jr. 
2nd Major: Government and 

Adelmo Lugones, Jr. 

Eric Richard Marcus 

Todd Andrew Marr 

William Thomas Meiklejohn III 

Charles H. Midgley IV 

Jamie Matthew Mood 

Peter Jon Nasou 

Ilia Andreevich Nazarov 

Hugh Benjamin O'Neill* 

Susan HyunSoo Oh 

Mariangela Redoschi 

Steven C. Robertson 

Mauro Rosenberg 

John Albert Small 

Scott Matthew Steffer 

Jen Tao 
2nd Major: East Asian 
Languages and Literature 

Christopher Scott Tracy 

Olawale O. Williams 

Charles Watkins Williams Wise 

Jennifer Jin Xu 

Betelhem Yoseph 

Government and Politics 

John Michael Aiken II 
Susan Diane Allen 
Sujata Arya 

Michelle Lyn Chiles 

Adrianne Gaye Brandtt 

Andrew Frederick Balash 

Women's Studies 

Aliya S. Cooperman 

Jeffrey L. Brown 

Sherri Malloy Beatty 

Tanya Michelle Alvis 

Christopher Crilley 

Ahilan Zephyrinus 

Clairee Patricia Britt 

Anthony Michael Fiorita 


Thomas William Britten 

David Lloyd Frankel 

Nancy L. Fedorowicz 

Reeni Ellen Brooks 

James Knight Freeman 

Maurice D. Garland 

Yolanda Christina Brunson 

Jeffrey David Freimauer 

Steven David Hadeed 

Ofelia L. Calderon 

Douglas Parrel Goldblatt 

Simon W. Haile 

Claudia Isabelle Chadwick 

Ericka Dawn Gordon 

Lawson Lucas Hockman III 

Shobita Chakravarthy 

Shannon Xaverie Gragg 

Lucas Robert Knipscher 

Diana Marie Cielecy 

Amy Rebecca Hartman 

Nancy Yoon Jin Lee 

Kathryn Marie De Roze 

Jason Patrick Hicks 

Andres Eugenio Lopez 

John Edward Dewey 


Shawn Patrick Huey 

Tiffany Kiowa D. Lucas 

Sean Gareth Dillon 


§ Summa cum 

Laude t Magna cum Laude ' cum Laude 

R G R A D U A 

E G R E E S 

A U G U S 

Jonathan William England 
2nd Major: Afro-American 

Elizabeth Lynne Englert 

Aaron Lindstrum Fabry 

William Fiallos II 

Andrew Joseph Frankel 

Geoffrey David Friedman 

Christopher Allan Glaser 

Michelle Tracy Goldstein 

Randy Von Gray 

Scott Adam Greenbaum 

Josette Marie Grippo 

William Joseph Keimig 

Brian Joseph Kish 

Jason L Kozlowski 

Gustavus Lankai Lawson 

Mitchell Ryan Lester 

Stacy Kay Lewis 

Steven Douglas Long 

Ryan Lee Malone 

Jared Moshe Nissim 

Matthew Karl Olson 

Daniel Ross Preston 

Leonard Lewis Proctor III 

James Patrick Raley 

Kelli Ann Rothman 

Lincoln Young Sohn 

Joseph Tai Sun 

John Stanley Toman 

Matthew Seth Zucker 

Hearing and Speech Sciences 

Jodi Paige Jakob 
Brian Michael Moore 
Shira Michelle Rosenthal 
Stacey Rose Soskis 
Jennifer Marian Yeager 


Daniel Brian Binstock 
Christine Michele Bridgman 

Luis Javier Checa 
Dawn April Cooper 
Cheryl Denise Dudley 
Sharon Lynne Eshenbaugh 
Ardine Hockaday 
Jennifer Patricia Hurston 
Tina Marie Hutchinson 
Greg C. Hyman 
Rebecca Esther Katz 
Amy R. Ledwell 
Esther Cho Lee 
Joseph Meadows 
Laura Gipson Moses 
Seth Davin Norrholm 
Sara Maria Pazos 
Camie Cooperman Pratt 
Daniel Scott Rosenzweig 
Aixa Maria Ruiz 
KhrisHne Marie Shipley 
Theresa Ann Marie Smith 
Rachel Elyse Weisberg 
Patricia Page Womack 


Nicole Leigh Anastasia 
Jessica Danielle Austin§ 
Ha Sook Bahk 
Julia Lyn Becker 
Melissa Renee Boone 
Amy Jean Buchanan 
Lauren Suzanne Banners 
Brian Huu-Bang Moffatt 
Robert James Neswick 
Tana Paddockt 
Michael Andrew Rosenfeld 
Adam Nathan Safir 

2nd De^^ree: lournalif^m 
Nicole Raquel Saunders 
Adam Michael Schaeffer 
Fadia Shadid 
So Young Song 
Jean-Francis Emile Varre 

Urban Studies 

Sean S. Bates 

Francisco Adrian Gonzalez 

Bachelor of Science 


Michael Joseph Kitchin 
Julian Leigh Richardson III 
Christopher William Weaver 


Janifa Marie Alion 
Michelle Lynne Csajka 
Vassanthi Immanuel KoUuri 
Neesha Vinod Patel 
Oxana O. Plonskaia 
Pegah Touradji 


Bachelor of Science 


Cecile Gail Abrantes 
Jay Scott Appel 

2nd Major: Finance 
Matthew Alec Bachteler 
Lisa Pauline Battle 
John Francis Carroll 
MoUie Alicia Caulfield 
Soo Jin Cho 

Michael Anthony Colborn 
Thomas Trenton Dubel, Jr. 
Sara Ghoshal§ 
Irene Horvat 
Lynne Michelle Hunter 
Hyun K. Kang 
Hans Kapur 
Joan Lorraine Keating 
Mark Anthony Mellow 

Jeong-Joon Moon 
Yuen Kwan Ng* 
Ebere Oluchi Osuagwu 
Sherry Renee Padgett 
La Wanda T. Parker 
Heena J. Patel 
Michele Lyn Robersont 
Kevin Eugene Routhier 

2nd Major: Finance 
Kimberly A. Scholle 
Phally Sem 
Zohar Michael Shif 
Steven Micheal Sturm 
Diana Sullivan 
Tracy Aim Sullivan 
Caroline Hanson Tyler 
Jonathan J. Unico 

2nd Major: Finance 
Katherine Anne Walsht 
Wayne Anthony Walterst 

2nd Major: Finance 
Elsie M. Wang 
Chia-I Wu 
Kathryn Eileen Zorc 


Dalia Shaker Al-Bader 
Richard Zenter Bennett 
Richard Baptist DeSaussure 
Carol H. Gitto 
Debra Hall 
Ryan Calvin Hill 

2nd Major: Accounting 
Christopher Paul Jodrie 
Vicky Lyrm Johnson 
N. Chamila P. Karandana 

2nd Major: Logistics and 

Frank Tai Middlekauff 
Jason Blair Oliver 


§ Summa cum Laude f Magna cum Laude * cum Laude 

\' v. K S I 

M A R Y L A N D 


Rashika Sanjeewani Peiris 

2nd Major: Marketing 
Jeffrey LeRoy Saeger 
Dariusz Wieslaw Wasiak 

2nd Major: General Business and 

Renee Christine Whalen 

General Business and 

Vicky Issa Carmi 

2nd Major: Marketing 
Susanna Sum Sum Choy 
Kimberly Paige Craig 

2nd Major: Logistics and 

Marc Lewis Douglas 
Laurajane Evich 

2nd Major: Logistics and 

Lisa Ann Fischer 

Logistics and Transportation 

Aditi T. Doravvala 
Christopher Heuvel 

2nd Degree: General Business 

and Management 
Marc Adam Kravitz 
Tracey Alan Poletti 
Enrique J. Quiroga 

2nd Degree: General Business 

and Management 

Management Science and 

Bich Chieu Thi Bui 
Mei Yuk Chung 
Rayching Han 
Sung Y. Lee 
Kevin Paul Manwiller 
Stephen Patrick Morris 
Dnnitriy Radinskiy 
Andrew Robert Shapiro 


Bachelor of Science 

Computer Science 

Mark Joseph Agnello 
Erika Renee Alexander 
Claudio Roberto Tavares De 

Almeida, Jr. 
Jacqueline Thuy-Tran Bach 
Junyan Bei 
Gaurav Bhatia 
Joy Kumar Bhattacharyya 
Charlene Nieda Dougall 
Hui-Fen Goh 
Gary Wayne Hamlin 

2nd Major: Mathematics 
Yung-Neng R. Hsieh 
Nguyen Trung Le 

Corey Robert Lucier 
James Philip Nichols 
Seung Pil Park§ 
Joseph M. Pencak 
Nhung Thi Pham 
Trad Monique Price 
John Barrett Regan 
Eric Saul Rosenthal 
Jake Min Ryoo 
Eduardo Saltelli 
Eric R. Sciammas 
Amy Shwu-Jiun Sheu 
Marina Leonid Shteynbuk 
Theresa Elizabeth Snider 
Shashank Srivastava 
Vanitha Elvi Vedamuthu 

Jean-Philippe Paul Graff 

Brian Arnold Uffer 

Wei Liu 

2nd Major: Marketing 
Christopher Heuvel 

2nd Major: Management and 





2nd Major: Logistics and 
Diana Catherine Iwanow 

Patrick Edward Volpe 




June Maureen Jones 

Vicky Issa Carrru 



Emanuel Nicholas Karas 
Jennifer Michelle Riendeau 

2nd Degree: General Business 
and Management 
Birgitta Margareta Dewell 

^^C'^mr {{jL 

^<-''* "^ 




Ashish Sawhney 

^6^ ' 


Jacqueline Wendy Thompson 
Richard William Wagley 

Human Resource Management 

Rajeev Gupta 
Jayson Wesley King 
Jason Marc Meklinsky 
Kenneth Owen Moyer 



Jennifer L. Donnelly 
Stacey Francine Muir 
Theresa Michelle Salo 

Patrick John Mulvaney 
Rupal Upendra Patel 
Martha Mary Dolan Pierson 



Brian Richard Taylor 

Christophe Adrian Quinn 
Grieg Kassai Russell 
Duane Thomas Trinkley 

- H 



li^J - '- 




§ Summa cum 

Mude f Magna cum Laude 

* cum Laude 



Mark Joseph Agnello 

Erika Renee Alexander 

Jacqueline Thuy-Tran Bach 

Junyan Bei 

Gaurav Bhatia 

Joy Kumar Bhattacharyya 

Charlene Nieda Dougall 

Hui-Fen Goh 

Gary Wayne Hamlin 

2nd Major: Mathematics 
Yung-Neng R. Hsieh 
Nguyen Trung Le 
Wei Liu 

Corey Robert Lucier 
James Philip Nichols 
Seung Pil Park§ 
Joseph M. Pencak 
Nhung Thi Pham 
Traci Monique Price 
John Barrett Regan 
Eric Saul Rosenthal 
Jake Min Ryoo 
Eduardo Saltelli 
Eric R. Sciammas 
Amy Shwu-Jiun Sheu 
Marina Leonid Shteynbuk 
Theresa Elizabeth Snider 
Shashank Srivastava 
Vanitha Elvi Vedamuthu 


Konstantine Gregory Boukhvalov 
Charles Joseph Huppmann 


Bachelor of Arts 

English Education 

Cindy A. Millison 

Secondaiy Education — Art — 

Susan Carol Reynolds* 

Secondai> Education — Social 
Studies — Professional 

Richard Glen Noland 

Bachelor of Science 

Secondaiy Education — Art — 

Elizabeth Ann Johnson 

Secondaiy Education — 
Mathematics — Professional 

Stephanie Christine Giselinde 

Secondaiy Education — Social 
Studies — Professional 

Rita Kemacs 

Jennifer Kathleen Ledbetter 

Jennifer Jane West 

Special Education 

Donna Gail Johnston 


Bachelor of Science 

Family Studies 

Kameron Robert Akhavain 
Marcy Lynn Baumel 
Tanisha Abigale Caglin 
Wai Wa Chan 
Meryl Marci Fields 
Susan Jayne Goldstein 
Rosharon S. Hayes 
Sandra Lee Lake 
Caree J. Oslislo 
Denise Ann Perry 
Renee Julie Scansaroli 
Jennifer Audrey Shipon 
Carrie Leigh Swantkowski 

Health Education 

Lela Beth DiPaula 
Melissa Gail Mitchell 
Robin Sue Spiegel 

Kinesiological Sciences 

Peter William Barber 
Brandon Sung-Keun Cho 
Bonnie Sue Rimkus 
Elissa Linda Thompson 


Bachelor of Science 

Family Studies 

Lauren Sari Rudder 

Foodservice Administration 

Eileen Marie Langan 

Textile Marketing/Fashion 

Keely Leslie Davis 


Bachelor of Arts 


Katherine Joann Bonner 
Anita Louise Denning 
Genna Dawn Goldberg 

2nd Major: Women's Studies 
Michael Stephen Goldsmith 
Michael Scott Klein 
Jaymee Kim Messier 
Christopher Michael Meyers 
Douglas Stephen Mintzt 
Gerald J. Mizejewski, Jr. 
Alexander Michael Pikas 
Jennifer Lyrm Randall 
Adam Nathan Safir 

2nd Degree: Sociology 
Jennifer Anne Schorr 
Dana Eve Steinberg 
Meredith S. Tchemiavsky 
Gary Thurston Young 

Bachelor of Science 


Patrissa Faith Carmichael 
Angela Ranaudo 


§ Summa cum Laude f Magna cum Laude ' cum Laude 

U N 1 V E R S I T 


C O L I. E G E 



Bachelor of Science 


Karl Rustom Kevalat 
Wendy Lee 
Yun Namkung 

Biological Sciences 

Jonathan Paul Bollback 
Marina S. Boukhvalova 
Aileen Marie Buchanan 
Gregory Shawn Coakley 
Robert Todd Davis 
Michael Allen Elms 
Susan Finkle 
Eric C. Geist 
Aneerban Ari Ghosal 
Taeho Han 

Sameer Mostafa Hijazi 
Douglas Alan Hosack 

2nd Degree: Human Nutrition 

and Foods 
Kory Russel Johi\son 
Andrea Calderon Lantz 
Laura Jenean Lavezzo 
Allen L. Lee 
Yingqi Liang 

John Christopher Lysinger 
Deepak Malhotrat 
Eric Edward Manuel 
Michele Leigh Martin 
Teresa Irene McDonold 
Reid G. McNally 
Anne Margaret Packard 
Phillip Andrew Russell 
Koo Bong Shin 

2nd Degree: General Biological 

Aamar Rashid Sleemi 
Mark Conrad Urbanowicz 


Son Bich Le Dang 
David Charles Green 

General Biological Sciences 

Kevin Troy Berman 
Beverly Ann Bevan 
Donald Kent Booth 
Brenda Kay Larson 
Monique Aliscia Lewis 
Misty- Anne Ralston 
Koo Bong Shin 

2nd Degree: Biological Sciences 
Nirmala Tenali 


Ruby Kay Kevala 
John C. Lee 
NUeshwari A. Patel 
Brian James Paul 
Ethan B. Solomon 


Lillian Carol Becker 


Bachelor of Arts 

individual Studies 

Cathy L. Poppert 

Bachelor of Science 

Individual Studies 

Jessica Guernsey 
Ross Wesley Knoblauch 
Daniel L. Landberg 
Kimberly Jeannine Mulcahy 
Alexander Cyril Spiro 
Lawrence M. Stanley 
Steven A. Stefanowicz 


East Asian Studies Certificate 

Susan HvunSoo Oh 

Women's Studies Certificate 

Andrea Maria Carty 
Yung-Mei Leong 
Tracv Alaine Saltarelli 


§ Summa cum Laude f Magna cum Laude 'cumLaude 



December 1995 

Mary K. Abbey Curriculum and Instruction Guided Response Journal Writing: 
Effectiveness at Postsecondary Lei'el Elementary Algebra 

Allyson D. Adrian Speech Communication The Relationships Among 

Communication Satisfaction, Job Satisfaction, and Organizational Commitment: 
Linear and Fuzzy Models 

Shahrokh Ahmadi Electrical Engineering Voltage Adaptable Mos Universal 


Tomoko F. Akada Botany Organization and Expression of Phenylalanine 
Ammonui Lyase Genes in Nicotiana Tabacum 

Saubhe Al-Dellemy Sociology Social and Personal Factors Associated with Social 
Responsibility among Arab Students in the U.S. 

Jawad Y. Al-Khal Mathematics The Construction of S-Unimodal Maps that Admit 
a T-lnfinite Absolutely Continuous Invariant Measure which is Infinite on Every 

Saud A. Al-Semari Electrical Engineering Design and Performance of Trellis 
Codes for Wireless Channels 

Abdulmalik A. Alghamdi Mechanical Engineering Response of Adaptive 
Structures with Multiple Embedded Devices Using Eigenstram Techniques 

Christopher K. Allen Electrical Engineering Image Effects and Optimal Control 
of Space-Change Dominated Particle Beams 

Glenn E. Allen Physics Top Management Teams within Multinational 
Corporations: Effects of Culture and Diversity 

Anita K. Amla Civil Engineering 

Walid A. Atia Electrical Engineering 

Giuseppe Audia Business and Management The Effect of Organizations' Past 
Success on Strategic Persistence in Changing Environments 

John J. Audley Government and Politics Environmental Interests in Trade 
Policy: Institutional Reform and the North American Free Trade Agreement 

David A. Bader Electrical Engineering On the Design and Analysis of Parallel 
Algorithms for Combinatorial Problems with Applications to Image Processing 

Kay M. Baker Curriculum and Instruction Gathering Supporting Evidence for 

an Ordering of Difficulty of Multiplication Word Problems from the Solution 
Strategies of Second and Third Graders 

Lionel Banege Electrical Engineering Large Deviation and Effective Bandwidths 
for GIGII Queues in Series 

John T. Bamett Applied Mathematics Zero-Crossings of Non-Gaussian 
Processes with Applications to Estimation and Detection 

Donald G. Beane Government and Politics The U.S. and CATT: An 
Examination of Hegemon-Regime Relationships 

Joseph N. Beatus Human Development Body Image, Self Concept, and Factors 
of Adjustment to Disability in Spinal Injured Persons 

Catherine IH. Benedetto Curriculum and Instruction Children's Understanding 
of Fractions on Discrete Sets 

Joseph M. Benedetto Reliability Engineering Reliability Implications of Imprint 
in Ferroelectric Non-volatile Memories 

Fassil B. Beshah Civil Engineering 

Pravin Bhagwat Computer Science A Framework for Integrating Mobile Hosts 
within the Internet 

Biswajit Biswas Animal Sciences Molecular Basis ofAntgenic Variation of an 

A-Stram Specific Surface Antigen Gene of Ehrlichia Risticii 


U N I V i; R S I I' Y 

i\l A R V 1. A N O 

Charies H. Blair History The Fateful "July Days" of 1948: The Role of the 
Reunification Question in the Deliberation over the Creation of a Weststaat. From 
Provisorium to Weststaat 

Anita J. Blodgett American Studies Keepers of the Gate: An Analysis of 
Protestant Evangelical Fiction 

Syeda S. Boltliari Education Policy, Planning, and Adnrunistration Attitudes of 
Migrant Pakistani Families towards Purdah and the Education of Women in a 
Secular Environment 

Jonathan W. Bolton English Language and Literature Personal Landscape: 
British Poets in Eqypt during the Second World War 

Calvin A. Bond Chemistry The Geochemistry of the Magothy Aquifer, Maryland, 
Using Chlorine-36 and Accelerator Mass Spectrometry 

Christoplier F. Boyd Mechanical Engineering Fire Protection Foam Behavior in a 
Radiative Environment 

Katliy IVl. Boyer-Shick Special Education Self-Speech: The Effects of Self-Speech on 
the Problem-solving Abilities of Children with and without Learning Disabilities 

Douglas M. Brattebo Government and Politics 

Eric P. Bravennan Psychology Investigation of the Relationship between 
Trainees' Mental Models and the Transfer of Training 

Anne E. Brodsky Psychology Resilience among Single Mothers Raising Children 
in Risky Neighborhoods 

Nathan A. Brown Physics Thermal Equilibrium of Charged Particle Beams 

Loma B. Browne Industrial, Technological and Occupational Education 

Wliat Does it Mean to be a Noncustodial Father? 

Carolyn E. Buser Education Policy, Planning, and Administration 
The Relationship between College Participation and Violent Behavior in a Post- 
Secondary Correctional Education Program for Incarcerated Women 


Douglas L. Butler Electrical Engineering Stimulated Brillouin Scattering in Fiber 
Optic Communications and Optical Clock Recovery 

Rachel H. Byrd English Language and Literature 

Kathryn A. Caldwell Human Development Adolescent Attachments, Working 
Models of Relationships, and Relationships to Social Competence and Emotional 

Donna D. Cameron Health Education A Study of the Relationships among 
Physical and Mental Health and Faith Maturity in Seventh Day Adventists 

Karen P. Carver Sociology Sibling Resemblance: Family Environment and 
Adolescent and Early Adult Outcomes 

Joseph C. Chan Meteorology 

Kin W. Chan Astronomy 36-45 Um Spectrophotometric Studies of the Galactic 

Rorence F. Chanetsa Human Nutrition and Food Systems 

Chia-Chen Chang Mechanical Engineering Development of Optical Fiber Sensors 
for Laminated Composite-based Smart Structures 

Shih-Ying Chang Chemical Engineering Model Simulation and Experimental 
Design for Diffusivity Measurement of Molten Polytehylene 

Ya-Hui Chang Computer Science Interoperable Query Processing for Relational 
and Object-Oriented Database— A Mapping Approach Using Canonical 

Yun-Hsi 0. Chang Rehability Engineering Fuzzy Linear Regression and Its 
Applications to Reliability Engineering 

Chieh-Yuan Chao Electrical Engineering Optimal Testing and Performance 

Modeling of VLSI Analog Circuits 

C: A N i:) I D A T E S FOR GRADUATE DEGREES, DEC li M 15 E R 1995 

Scott B. Charles Chemistry Transition Metal Polynictides from Zintl Ions 

Dong Chen Physics Recurrent Neural Network and its Application in 
Grammatical Inference ■ 

Hanwen Chen Government and Politics Domestic Reform, Structural Change, 
and Foreign Policy Transformation 

Hungmo Chen Mechanical Engineering Neural Networks for Identification and 
Control of Structures under Dynamical Loading 

Jin M. Chen Civil Engineering Biological Treatment ofCr(Vl) Wastes under 
Anaerobic Conditions 

Mei-Chuan Chen Music 

Qiming Chen Linguistics 

Shu-Hui Cheng Chemical Engineering Electrostatic Separation and Charging for 
Nonsphencal Particles 

Mondher B. Cherif Engineering Materials Non Linear Damping and Domain 
Instability m Anwrthous Terfenol-D Thin Films 

I J. Chien Civil Engineering Optimization of Coordinated Intermodal Transit 

Wai Chin Applied Mathematics Chaotic Dynamics in Pieceunse Smooth Systems 

Hui-Hsien Chou Computer Science Discovering Emergent Self-replicating 
Structures on Cellular Automata Space 

Li-Ling Chuang Linguistics 

Michael J. Ciocci Biochemistry Cloning, Overexpression and Identification of the 
Second Nucleophile in Phosphonatase in Bacillus Cereus 

Edwin K. Clark Jr. French Language and Literature The Construction of the 
Mate Body m the 19th Century French Novel 

Ann G. Connell Fiistory 

Michael D. Cooli Economics Families or Schools: Accounting for the Convergence 
in Wliite and Black Academic Performance, 1970-1990 

Amaldo Cordero-Roman Comparative Literature Photography and Literature: 
Two Case Studies and a Portfolio of Cultural Encounters 

Mary E. Comgan History The Transformation of the African-American Family in 
the District of Columbia, 1850-65 

Stacy G. Coyte English Language and Literature 

Timothy J. Crowley Chemical Engineering 

Kelly A. Cunningham Marine, Estuarine, and Environmental Sciences Oxygen 
Toxicity and Antioxidant Protective Mechanisms in Nitrogen Fixing 

David M. Dancer Mechanical Engineering Natural Convection in Tanks 
Containing One or Two Fluid Phases 

Regina G. Davis Psychology 

Antoinette T. Delaney Germanic Language and Literature An Analysis of 
Gunther Grass's Use of Metaphor in Die Blechtrommel based on a Cognitive 
Theory of Metaphor 

Diane L. Devaul American Studies 

Barbara S. Dezmon Education Policy, Planning, and Administration 

A Comparatii'e Analysis of the Relationship betioeen Student Perceptions of School 
Climate and Academic Achievement among High-achieving Versus Low-achieving 
African-American Students in Suburban Middle Schools 

Jon A. DeGraff Public Communication Pacifica Radio Comes to the Capital: The 
Creation and Development ofWPFW-FM 

David R. Diciiens Human Development 

Patricia A. Dingle Curriculum and Instruction The Effects of Computer-assisted 

Instruction on Low-achieving African-American Males and other Low-achievers in 





Cynthia L. Dion Physics UHE Cosmic Ray Observations using the Cygnus Water- 
Cfivnkov Array 

Harbnut G. Dobel Entomology Habitat Structure and the Suppressing Role of 
Spuiers on the Population Dynamics of Salt Marsh Inhabiting Planthoppers 

Kathleen T. Doherty Psychology Effects of Need for Closure and Stereotype 
Expectancies on Status Allocation in Groups 

Ashutosh Dubey Economics Optimal Inz>estment Plans of a Firm with Alternative 
Planning Horizon and Tax Expectations: An Empirical Study of the U.S. Durable 
Goods Industry 

FranMin J. Dunmore Physics Far Infrared Transmission Spectroscopy of 
Superconducting YBa2Cu307 and Bal-xKxBi03 Thin Films 

Zoran Duric Computer Science Geometrical Methods in Visual Motion Analysis 

Jeanne A. Dussault Curriculum and Instruction Implementation ofNCTMs 
Professional Standards using Nonroutine Problem Solving 

George B. DuBois Jr. History Vie Search for a Better Life: Baltimore's Workers, 

Edmond R. DuPont Business and Management Agency Cost of Debt, Investment 
and the Tax Code 

Saber El Asri American Studies Late 19th Century Exorticist Utopian Literature: 
The "Cultural Work" of Some Popular Formulas 

Leonard R. Elbon Engineering Materials 

Marianne G. Ellis Counseling and Persoiuiel Services The Effects of a Parent- 
Child Reading Program on Reading Ability and Self-Perceptions of Reading 
Ability in Struggling Young Readers 

Stitatip B. Emery Entomology The Role of Manduca Diuresin in Regulating 
Water Balance in the Tobacco Hawkmoth Manduca Sexta (Lepidoptera, 

Morten Ender Sociology 


Julie Epelboim Psychology Cognitive and Motor Coordination in Visuomotor Tasks 

Kutluhan Erol Computer Science Hierarchical Task Netivork Planning: 
Formalization, Analysis, and Implementation 

Joseph S. Esmilla Music 

Claudio Esperanca Computer Science Tools for Spatial and Non-spatial Data 

Clarissa B. Evans Education Policy, Planning, and Administration 
Implementing a Hands-on Elementary Science Program in an Urban School 
District: An Examination of Selected Schools 

Jillian Y. Evans Reliability Engineering Effects of Thermal and Humidity Cycling 
on 3-D Electronic Packaging Technology 

Diane M. Everman Histor\' The Aqueduct at Caesarea Maritima 

Majld A. Faani-Tabrizi Mechanical Engineering Electrohydrodynamic (EHD) 
Pool Boiling Heat Transfer Enhancement of Ozone-Safe Refrigerants 

Marcia V. Fallon Counseling and Personnel Services The Role ofFieldwork in 
the Development of Professional Identity of School Counselor Trainees 

Jane N. Feitler Business and Management Measuring Firm Strategic Change in 
the Regulated and Deregulated Motor Carrier Industry: An Eighteen-Year 

Daqing Feng Mechanical Engineering Computation of Stress Intensity Factors 

for Structure Steel I-Beams 

David J. Fenick Chemistry Model Studies ofPyrimidme Dimers and Other 
Photochemical Studies 

Walter J. Ferrier Business and Management Persistence of Competitive 
Advantage as a Function of Firm Rivalrous Actions, Resources, and Industry 

Roxanne H. Fisher Plant Biology 


Rosalind M. Flynn Curriculum and Instruction Creating and Impletnenting 
Curnculiim-hascd Creative Dratna in an Elementary ReadingI Language Arts 
Classroom: A Drama Specialist and a Classroom Teacher Collaborate 

Osvaldo A. Fonseca Civil Engineering Development of a Time Dependent Model 
for the Dynamic Modulus of Asphalt Mixtures 

Larry W. Forrester Kinesiology 

Ronald G. Forsythe Chemical Engineering Computational Modeling of Complex 
Reaction Systems 

Judith W. Fowler English Language and Literature The Classical Renaissance 
and Modern Corpora on Imitatio: A Route to Teaching Style in the Academic 

John H. Fyock Jr. Psychology The Use of Stereotypes in Strategic Self-presentation 

Phyllis A. Gallagher Agronomy Nitrate Removal in Riparian Soil and 
Groundwater: Field and Laboratory Studies 

Jack F. Gallimore Astronomy The Enigmatic Seyfert Nucleus ofNGC 1068 

Fartian S. Gandhi Aerospace Engineering An Analytical Model for Nottlinear 
Elastomeric Lag Dampers, and Its Effects on Bearingless Rotor Dynamics 

Sanjeev Gandhi Textiles and Consumer Economics Study ofCellidosic 
Smoldering using a Simulated Ignition Source and Thermal Imaging 

Antonio Garcia-Lozada Spanish Language and Literature El pensamiento critico 
de Carlos Arturo Torres 

Jean S. Gearon Psychology Toivard an Understanding of Competency and Good 
Mental Health in People with Schizophrenia 

Susan S. Gerson Counseling and Personnel Services Student Attitudes toward 
Disabilities: A Comparison of Three Settings 

Parlie T. Godfrey Computer Science 

Arnold C. Goldberg Physics 

Jose 0. Gonzalez Mathematics 

Carrie P. Grady Spanish Language and Literature 

Wayne D. Graham Kinesiology Skeletal Muscle IGF-I and IGF-l Receptor mRNA 
Responses to Chronic Resistive Training in Post-Menopausal Women 

Gregory R. Grant Mathematics Galois PSL (2,F) Extensions and Root Numbers 

Lewis Gray Human Development 

Robert A. Gruendl Astronomy Spiral Structure and Global Star Formation 
Processes m M51 

John L. Guyton Government and Politics Coalitional Rationality and Efficient 
Coalition Formation: Formal Models, Empirical Evidence, and Implications for 
Institutional Design 

Bae-Yeun Ha Physics 

Patricia M. Hahn Psychology An Exploration of Psychopathy and Substance 
Abuse in a Community Penalties Criminal Justice Population in North Carolina 

Mark R. Hardin Entomology 

Tara J. Hart English Language and Literature 

D. P. Haspel Jr. English Language and Literature George Washington Cable's 

Civil War 

Daniel L. Hatten Physics Above Threshold Dissociations of the Carbon Monoxide 
Dication at High Frequencies 

Shirley L. Hauch English Language and Literature 

Scott T. Hayes Physics Communicating with Chaos 

James E. Haynes Philosophy 

Tamara T. Heifer Astronomy The Distribution and Role of Dense Molecular Gas 
in the Centers of Galaxies 


\' li R S I T \' 

M A R V 1. A N I) 

C; O L I. K G K 

A li K 

Thomas J. Henry Entomology Phylogeny of the Stilt Bug Genera of the World, 
ami Tlieir Relationships within the Lygaeoidea 

J. J. Hewitt Government and Politics Strategic Prospects for Mediating 
International Disputes 

Michael D. Hill Engineering Materials 

Thomas Y. Hiter Education Policy, Plarming, and Administration Teacher 
Participation in Managerial Decision Making in a Kentucky Elementary School: 
The Role of School-based Decision Making 

Brian P. Hoey Journalism The Influence of Elite Newspaper Coverage on U.S 
Foreign Policy: The Case of Somalia, 1992-1994 . 

Joel M. Hoffman Linguistics 

Lisa D. Holden-Pitt Measurement, Statistics and Evaluation Listener's Ratings 
of Response Confidence and Speech Quality in the Measurement of Consonant 

Jennifer A. Hoike Psychology 

Michelle Y. Holliday Psychology Relationships among Culture-Specific Variables, 

Climate, SAT and GPA 

Gustavo Hormiga Entomology Phylogenetic Systematics and Evolutionary 

Trends in Linyphiid and Tetragnathid Spiders (Araneae, Araneoidea, Linyphiidae, 
and Teragnathidae) 

Odette B. Home Curriculum and Instruction 

Tseh-Jen Hsieh Engineering Materials Growth, Microstructure, and 
Superconducting Properties of High Tc DyBa2Cu307-x Thin Films Prepared by 
Ozone-assisted Molecular Beam Co-evaporation 

Wen-Ling Hsieh Plant Biology Cyclins and Cell Cycle Regulation in Maize 

Yi Hu Plant Biology A Mutational Analysis of Potato Spindle Tuber Viroid 
(PSTVd) Replication and Recombination 


Jeffrey D. Huffman Physics A Study of the Quasifreelp,2p) Reaction on 2H, 3He, 
and 4He 

Katherine Humber Psychology 

Ahmed H. Hussein Agronomy Soil Chronofunctions in Submerging Coastal Areas 
of the Chesapeake Bay 

Yuhmei L. Hwong Biochemistry Characterization of the 5' End of the Block of 
DNA Confers the Subtilin Production in B. Subtilis 168 and the Heterlogous 
Expression of the Subtilin Operon 

Karen H. Hyllegard Textiles and Consumer Economics An Investigation of 
Ethnic Patterns of Gift Expenditure in Three Product Categories: Clothing, Toys 
and Money 

Dorothy C. Hyman Kinesiology Motivation and Sources of Enjoyment from 
Exercise and Sport Exercise across the Adult Lifespan 

Aliasiofiok M. Ibekwe Agronomy Heavy Metal Effects on Rhizobium and 
Nitrogen Fixation 

Diane S. Illig Sociology 

George loannou Mechanical Engineering Integrated Manufacturing Facility 

Suci M. Isman Measurement, Statistics and Evaluation The Use of Judgmental 
Item Parameter Estimates for Ability Estimation in Item Response Theory: The 
Rasch Model 

Raghavan J. Iyengar Business and Management The Role of Accounting Return 
on Investment(ROI) in Corporate Capital Expenditure 

G. Iiaguirre-Ballesteros Biochemistry Use ofTranslalional Fusions between 
Subtilin and Alkalme Phosphatase to Study Secretion and Post-translational 
Modification of Subtilin in Bacillus Subtilis 168 

Katrien Jacobs Comparative Literature Tlie Dismetnberment of a Once Sublime 

Performance Artist 

A N n I 1) A 1" l{ 

F OR c; II A D U A T E 

D i{ c; R I- E S 

I) i: C 1£ M B E R 

Situs Javadpour Engineering Materials Study of Grain Boundary Strengthening, 
Plastic Anisofropy and Fracturing Observations in Textured Al-Li 2090 T8E41 

Roy R. Jenkins Curriculum and Instruction Status, Training, and Attitudes of 
School Orchestra Directors Who Come From a Non-String Music Education 

Susan H. Jenson Art History Books of Hours as Icons: Devotional Imagery and 
Penance m Early 15th Century Flemish Lay Prayer Books 

Yimin Ji Meteorology Simulations of Asian Summer Monsoon with a High 
Resolution Regional Model 

Paul R. Jivoff Zoology Mate Guarding and Individual Reproductive Success in 
the Blue Crab, Callinectes Sapidus 

Elizabeth D. Johnson English Language and Literature A Voice From the 
Bridge: A Study of Walker Percy's Early Non-Fiction on Languages (1954-1961) 

Valerie C. Johnson Government and Politics The Political Consequences of Black 
Suburbanization: Prince George's County, Maryland, 1971-1994 

Charies E. Jones Zoology Quantitative Aspects of Platelet Membrane Transfer 
and Its Pathologic Significance 

Susan R. Jones Counseling and Personnel Services Voices of Identity and 
Difference: A Qualitative Exploration of the Multiple Dimensions of Identity 
Development in Women College Students 

Honglyoul Ju Physics Transport and Magnetic Properties of the Ti and Mn 

Perovskitc Oxides 

Panagiotis Kalaitzis Molecular and Cellular Biology 
Camilla J. Kari Speech Communication 

Anne B. Keating American Studies A World We Have Invented Here: Exploring 

Community, Identity and Art in the Construction of "The Farm," Kate Millett's 
Feminist Art Colony 

Julie E. Keister Marine, Estuarine, and Environmental Sciences 

Christine M. Kelly Curriculum and Instruction Daily Choices and Consequences 
as Seen through an Environmental Lens: Examining Individuals' Environmental 

Brian L. Kemp Aerospace Engineering Kinematic Modes and Assumed Strain in 

Finite Element Modeling 

Andrea M. Kerr American Studies Lucy Stone: Speaking Out for Equality 

Daniel C. Kerr Electrical Engineering Three-Dimensional Numerical Simulation 
of Semiconductor Dei'ices 

Brian P. Kettler Computer Science Case-based Planning with a High- 
Performance Parallel Memory 

Margaret S. Key Music "Sweet Melody Over Wave": Depression-era Radio and 
the American Composer 

Henri G. Khariakian Poultry Science Preserving Broiler Carcasses Through 
Fermentation: Effect of Rendering on Its Lysine Content and Its Use as a Feed 
Ingredient in Broilers 

Sanjeev P. Khudanpur Electrical Engineering 

Dong S. Kim Government and Politics Social Welfare Policy of the East Asian 
and Latin American NICs 

Jae-Hoon Kim Meteorology Diagnosis of the General Circulation Model 
Anomalies by the Tropical Sea Surface Temperature 

Jongbae Kim Physics Renormalization Effects in the Supersymmetric Preonic 
Approach to Unification 

Jwa Y. Kim Engineering Materials Structural Characterizations of In As Epilayers 
Grown on InP Substrates and Latio.8.Vo.203 Perovskite-Related Compounds. 

Un-Joo Kim Electrical Engineering Efficient Self-Consistent Semiconductor 
Quantum Well Device Modeling by a Direct Solution ofBoltzmann Transport 

Yanghee Kim Curriculum and Instruction Relationships with Peers and Play Behavior 
of Children in Two Different Sized Classes: Teacher-mediation or Peer-mediation 



O L L E C E 


Young B. Kim Electrical Engineering Performance Evaluation ofNonhhcking 
Space-Division ATM Switches 

Young-Rae Kim English Language and Literature A Thematic Study on 
Melville's The Piazza Tales 

Peter E. Kinberg Government and Politics 

Maria K. Kirii Curriculum and Instruction A Teaching Intervention for Reading 
Laboratory Experiments in Introductory College-Level Chemistry 

N-Seog Ko Government and Politics Politico-Economic Tlieory of Public Social Welfare 

Brenda M. Kowalewski Sociology The Relationship between Social Structural 
Position and Gender Role Attitudes m 1982 and 1987 

Nina A. Kowalski Electrical Engineering Representation of Dynamic Complex 
Sounds in the Central Auditory System 

Inneli S. Kuelinel Germanic Language and Literature Reinhart Fuchs: A 
Gendered Reading 

Sanjay Kumarasamy Aerospace Engineering Computation of the Aeroacoustic 
Field Due to Flow over a Half Cylinder in Ground Effect 

Sheng-Che Kuo Sociology Earnings Inequality between College Graduates and 
High School Graduates in the Eighties: Findings from the 1980 and 1990 Census 

Steven R. Kurtli Government and Politics 

Jae R. Kweon Mathematics Compressable Navier-Stokes Equations in Two 
Dimensions with Inflow Boundary Condition 

Oh S. Kwon Agricultural and Resource Economics Three Essays on Natural 
Resource and Environmental Economics 

Oliseok Kwon Business and Management Neural Network Models for 
Optimization and Prediction: Algorithms and Applications 

Bumsoo Kyung Physics Study on the Strongly Correlated Electron System 
throiigli tlie T-] Model Hamiltonian 


Slieng-Nan Lai Physics The Criticalities of Gaussian-Molecule Mixtures 

Alan J. Laing Mathematics On Higher Level Singular Moduli 

James E. Lange Psychology Alcohol Expectations: The Role of Mental 
Representations and Need for Closure on the Identification of Aggression 

Susan I. Langlitz Human Development Leadership Styles and Behaviors: 
Comparative Leader and Employee Perceptions and How Those Perceptions Impact 
Work Productivity 

Laura M. Larco Music Ritual Sound: "Tlie Mesa" in Northern Peru 

Katherine A. Larsen English Language and Literature A Voyage Round the 
World by John Dunton: A Crictical Edition 

Anita D. Lasswell Health Education Nutrition and Cancer Preivntion: A 
Descriptive Study of Physicians'-in-Training Perceptions and Behaviors 

Thuy X. Le Chemistry A Novel Approach for the Synthesis of C-glycosides 
Utilizing Organomanganese Pentacarbonyl Complexes 

Chyungly Lee Government and Politics A Power Analysis of Asymmetrical 
Trade Negotiation: Cases in the Taiwan-U.S. Agricultural Trade 

Seogyong Lee Kinesiology 

Tern L. LeMoyne Sociology Does Hyperrationality Rei'eal Much about the 
Automobile Industry? An Empirical Investigation of a Theoretical Construct 

Wenbin Li Physics Rayleigh Scattering from Liquids, Liquid Mixtures and 
Polymer Solutions in Non-Equilibrium Steady States 

Xlaojun Li Physics Mean-Field Theory for Coulombic Criticality in General 

Chih-Lung Lin Computer Science Context-based Approaches for Aerial Image 

Chujen Lin Electrical Engineering H"= Robust Adaptive Control 




Karen N. Lindgren Psychology A Comparison of the MMPL-Z and Rorschach 
Inkblot Teclmique in Assessinj( Schizophrenia 

Deborah D. Linnell Counseling and Personnel Services 

Hong-Che Liu Electrical Engineering Anali/sis and Applications of2-D Deuse 
Motion Field 

Yu-Lung Lo Mechanical Engineering Optically Passive Fiber Sensors for 
Dynamic Studies using Doppler Velocitneter and Wliite-light Interferometries 

Park A. Lockwood Kinesiology 

Samuel E. Lofland Jr. Physics Interaction of AC Fields with Highly-Ordered Spine 
Systems: Super Conductivity and Ferromagnetism 

Shuming Lu Speech Communication Small Talk in Chinese Cultural 
Communication and Chinese-American Intercultural Contacts 

Lewis A. Lyon Kinesiology A Comparative Analysis of Aerobic Conditioning, 
Resistance Training and a Structured Stress Management Program in the 
Attenuation of the Adult Psycho-physiological Response to Stress 

Jie Ma Molecular and Cellular Biology Hormonal Regulation of 
GlcNAc-lPhospate Transferase 

Qiang Ma Economics 

Varuni L. Mallampalli Entomology Cladistic Analysis of the Genus Culex 
(Diptera: Culicidae) and the Phylogenetic Relationships of Mosquito Vectors of 
New World Alphaviruses 

Muthukumara S. Mani Economics 

Hugh K. Marr Counseling and Personnel Services Measurement of the 
Dummant Heroic Archetypes: Development of the Heroic Myth Index 

Richard S. Marriott Engineering Materials The Portevin-Le Chatelicr Effect and 
Liidcrs Bands: A Rroealing Correlation 

Sabrina L Marschall Industrial, Technological and Occupational Education 

Travelers' Tales during Student Teaching: The Experience of Returning Women 

Laura M. Martins Spanish Language and Literature En Primer Piano: Genero, 
Contempornneidiid y Representacibn Cine y Literature en Argentina (1955-1969) 

Kenneth M. Mashon Radio, Television and Film Programming Control and 
Cultural Poiver: A History of the Prime-Time Television Schedule, 1946-1960 

Anna Mathai Physics Scanning Squid Microscopy and Order Parameter 
Symmetry m YBCO 

Zoran Matic Reliability Engineering 

Bonrta D. McCienny Human Development 

Charles A. McComiick Economics Groundzuater Contamination and Property 

Margaret M. McGowen Chemistry Pseudomonas Putida 3-Carboxymuconate 
Lactonizing Enzyme and Bacillus Subtilus Adenylosuccinate Lyase: 
Mechanistic and Evolutionary Studies 

Judith A. Melvin Education Policy, Planning, and Administration Occupational 
Therapists' Journeys through Doctoral Study: The Road Less Traveled 

James R. Milani Jr. Counseling and Personnel Services 

Judah H. Milgram Aerospace Engineering 

Susanne M. Miller Electrical Engineering Theoretical Modeling of Relativistic 
Backward Wave Oscillators 

Melissa D. Molloy Special Education Gaining Access: At-Risk First Graders and 
their Expert Teacher Co-Creating Reading Ecologies 

Mark E. Monaco Marine, Estuarine, and Environmental Sciences Comparative 
Analysis of Estuarine Bio-Physical Characteristics and Trophic Structure: 
Defining Ecosystem Function to Fishes 


V N I \ 1. RSI I N 

M A R Y LAND A T C: C) 1. 1. i: c; E 

I' A R K 

Angela M. Moore Criminal Justice and Criminology The Effects of Arrest and 
Victim Characteristics on Misdemeanor Domestic Violence 

Kenneth A. Moore Marine, Estuarine, and Environmental Sciences 

Robert A. Morse Curriculum and Instruction Learning Newton's Second Law in 
a Microcomputer-based Laboratory Curriculum 

Elsa C. Muller Germanic Language and Literatxire The GDR Indian Nation: A 
Cultural Study of the Sioux Noz'els ofLiselotte Weiskopf-Henrich 

Ahsun H. Murad Electrical Engineering 

Keiko Muromatsu Linguistics 

Sheila E. Murray Economics Two Essays on the Distribution of Education 


Nathan T. Musick Economics 

Sara K. Naess Horticulture Ploidy Reduction in Black Berry 

llham F. Nasser Human Development 

Mbibong I. Nchami Education Policy, Planning, and Administration 

Monica M. Neagoy Curriculum and Instruction High School Teachers' 
Pedagogical Content Knowledge of Recursion, Induction, and Iteration 

Patti C. Nedoluha Food Science Microbiological Safety ofAquacultured Striped 
Bass and Hybrid Striped Bass for Human Consumption 

Garret L. Nelson Psychology Wliat is a Job?: A Role-Theory Perspective 

Jairo M. Nunes Linguistics Linearization of Chains 

Michael J. Nusca Aerospace Engineering Numerical Simulation of 
Electromagnetic Wave Propagation in the Nonequilibrium Chemically Reacting 
Flowfield about a Hypervelocity Projectile at Low Altitude 


Todd V. Oakley English Language and Literature Presence: The Conceptual 

Basis of Rhetorical Effect 

Philip F. Oconnor Business and Management The Resolution of Financial 

Distress and the Firm's Claims Structure 

Chukwuemeke A. Ohanwusi Industrial, Technological and Occupational 

Education A Case Study: Tlie Perceptions of Selected Stakeholders on the NOAS 
in Nigeria, 1986-1994 

Mark M. Opeka Engineering Materials The Oxidation of Refractory Elements 
and Compounds in an Atomic Oxygen Environment 

Melody A. Owens Chemical Physics Detection of Gas-Phase Ammonia Using 
Photothermal Interferometry 

Woei-Wu Pai Physics Surface Morphology and Overlayer Formation Kinetics 
of= A STM Study 

Debabrata Pal Mechanical Engineering 

Qiyuan Pan Horticulture Sorbitol Metabolism in Sink and Source Apple Leaves a 

Affected by CO2 Concentrations 

Jeffrey J. Papa Education Policy, Planning, and Administration Prediction of 
Undergraduate Students at Liberal Arts Colleges in Relation to Level of Academic 

Camran V. Parast Biochemistry Mechanistic Studies of Pyruvate Formate-Lyase 

Chun-Gil Park Mathematics The Bundle Structure of Non-commutative Tori 

Nital S. Patel Electrical Engineering Robust Control of Set-Valued Discrete Tim 

Dynamical Systems 

Rosana G. Patino Spanish Language and Literature Campo Intelectual, Cambii 
Cultural y Transicion Poli'tica: El Periodismo Cultural Argentino (1981-1987) 

Thomas M. Payerle Physics Positive Pion Absorption on "L; at 165MeV 

C: A N D 1 D A T [•: S FOR C^ R A [:> U A T E DECREES, DECEMBER 1 9 9 t 

Pamela R. Pehrsson Human Nutrition and Food Systems The Effect ofWIC 
Participation on Iron Status and Weight Changes in Nonlactating Postpartum 
Participants and Nonparticipants 

Yuan Peng Astronomy A High Resolution Study of the Sagittarius B2 and W33A 
Massive Star Forming Regions 

Vinod G. Peris Electrical Engineering 

Dorrell Philip Human Development Political Socialization of Adolescents in 

Anthony S. Pilcher Chemistry Fluorosilicates as Fluoride Sources for Organic 

Bobbette P. Pippenger Economics TJie Intersection of Organizational Form, 
Regulations and Agency Theory: A-Z Study of Executive Compensation in the 
Banking Industry 

Kenneth D. Plowman Journalism Congruence between Public Relations and 
Conflict Resolution: Negotiating Power in the Organization 

Gary Popoli Human Development The Relationship between Social Skills and 
Academic Achievement in Former Head Start Children 

Pamela A. Potter-Hennessey Art History Sculpture at the 1893 Chicago World's 
Columbian Exposition: International Encounters and Jingoistic Spectacles 

Richard L. Potter Computer Science 

Rostam Pouroushasb Civil Engineering 

Susan M. Powers Linguistics Phrase Markers, Pronouns, and Subjects in the 
Acquisition of English 

Suzanne E. Prickett Chemical Engineering Object-Oriented Generation of 
Complex Reaction Systems for Chemical Processes 

Tracey R. Pulliam Chemical Engineering 

Toby S. Rabbin Speech Communication 

Kamala Rajamani Economics 

Ravi Ramanathan Engineering Materials Determination of Fiber Orientation in 
Nonwovens Using Image Analysis 

Kartik Ramaswamy Electrical Engineering High Power Electron Beam 
Generation and Microwave Generation in a Pseudo Spiark Discharge 

Nol Rananand Electrical Engineering Traffic Modeling and Performance 
Evaluation for ATM Netaiorks: Short and Long Range Dependent Models 

Patricia L. Randolph Hearing and Speech Sciences 

Lillie S. Ransom Journalism Perceptions of Disability Magazine and Neivsletter 
Editors about their Publications and Thoughts on the Disability Community, 
Adi'ocacy, Mainstreaming and Diversity 

Donna V. Redman Psychology Subjective Well-being in Black American Elderly 

Marshall J. Reed Geology Distribution of Rare Earth Elements between Aqueous 
Vapor and Granitic Melt 

William Regli III Computer Science Geometric Algorithms for Recognition of 
Features from Solid Models 

John Reilly Electrical Engineering Development and Analysis of a Nonlinear 
Dynamic Inverse Control Strategy 

Jeonghee Rho Astronomy X-ray Studies of Composite Supernova 

Christopher B. Rice Economics Urban Agglomeration Economies during a Period 
of Rapid Industrialization: The United States, 1889-1919 

Lawrence Rich Spanish Language and Literature Mixing Memory and 
Imagination: The Self-Conscious Realism of Antonio Motloz Molina 

Prabaddh R. Riddhagni Nuclear Engineering Numerical and Experimental 
Determination of Energy Deposited by Fast Electrons in Plastic Tubes and Wire 


U N I V 




Rebecca J. Robbins Chemistry Photo^^enerated Reactive Intermediates: Aryl 
Nitrennnn Ions and Radical Anions 

Douglas D. Robertson Economics 

Patricia E. Robinson English Language and Literature Anne Bronte: The 
Advent of 19th-century Evangelical Feminism and Modem Fetnimst 

Ralph K. Rogers Jr. Kmesiology 

Thomas R. Rogers Civil Engineering A Conceptual Communication-System 
Model Applied to Construction 

Patricia A. Ross Philosophy 

Frances Rubinetti Psychology Empathy, Self-Esteem, Hopelessness and Belief in 
the Legitimacy of Aggression in Adolescents Exposed to Pervasive Community 

Robyn A. Russow Human Development The Effects of Graphing Calculator 
Experiences on Conceptual Understanding of Algebra 

Gotthard Sagbi-Szabo Chemistry Ah Imitio Self-Consistent Field Studies of 

Molecules and Periodic Systems 

Debanjan Saba Computer Science Supporting Distributed Multimedia 

Ap^plicatwns on ATM Netzvorks 

William R. SaKzman Psychologv- The Effects of Adolescent Exposure to 
Community Violence 

Cherian Samuel Economics Stock Market and Investment: Investigations at the 
Firm Level 

Michael A. Sargent Mathematics Diffeomorphic Equivalence of Configuration 

Spaces of Polygons in Consistant Curvature Spaces 

Naveen Sama Economics Macroeconomic Policy Determinants of Growth: A 
Cross Country, Time-Series Analysis for Developing Countries 


Eugene D. Sattler Zoology A Morphological, Vocal and Genetic Analysis of 
Interactions betiveen the Hybridizing Chikades Parus Atricapillus and 
P. Carolinensis in the Appalachian Mountains. 

Eugene R. Schnell Business and Management The Dynamics and Impact of 
Performance Monitoring in Top Management Teams 

Patricia F. Schofield Special Education School-based Decision-making and Its 
Perceived Effects on Students in Special Education 

John D. Schubert Sociology Exploding Domination: Pierre Bourdieu, Reflexivity 
and the Emancipatory Social Text 

John D. Schwartz Recreation An Experiment to Determine the Effect of Catch ana 
Catch-and-Release on Fishermen's Attitudes and Behaviors 

Peter M. Selby Psychology Gender Identity and Psychological Adjustment in 
Men with Serious Mental Illness 

Carolyn L. Seubert Education Policy, Planning, and Administration 

Maureen Sevigny Economics Taxing Mobile Source Emissions in California's 

South Coast Air Basin 

Zhengfu Shi Sociology 

Win-bin Shieh Mechanical Engineering Multiobjective Optimization of Leg 

Mechanisms with Various Spring Configurations for Force Reduction 

JaeSung Shin Textiles and Consumer Economics A Study on Hydrolytic 
Degradation of Polyibuthylene terephthatate)/ (tetramethylene oxalate) Copolymer 

Joseph J. Shirron Apphed Mathematics Solution of Exterior Helmholtz Problem 
Using Finite and Infinite Elements 

Tariq M. Shukri Nuclear Engineering Methodology and Tools for Performing a 

Full Scale Dynamic PRA of Nuclear Power Plants 

S. Sidharth Mechanical Engineering Structural Analysis of Leads in Electronic 

Assemblies Subject to Bending 


Hanneet Singh Mechanical EngineerLng Prediction of the Fatigi4e Life of a 
Laminated Composite Using Optical Fiber Sensors 

Sarah E. Sinopoli English Language and Literature 

Edward M. Smith-Rowland Physics Electromagnetic Production of the Neutral 
Pion: Probing Finite Density Effects in the Vector Meson Propagator 

Allan W. Smith Physics 

Stephen J. Smith Computer Science 

Steven G. Smith Marine, Estuarine, and Environmental Sciences A Length- 
Cohort Approach to Crustacean Stock Assessment Incorporating Discontinuous 

Michael I. Smoliar Geology 

Robyn Snyder Bauer Kinesiology 

Jung D. So Engineering, Agriculture Computer Vision Detection of Oyster 
Hinge Line 

Aya C. Soffer Computer Science Retrieval by Content in Symbolic-Image 

Robert B. Spence Industrial, Technological and Occupational Education A 

Description of the Perceptions of Maryland Community and Junior College Tech- 
Prep Coordinators and Other Selected Professional Educators Regarding the 
Reading Literacy Component of Their Tech-Prep Programs 

Venkataraman Srinivas Aerospace Engineering Aeroelastic Analysis of 
Advanced Tiltrotor Aircraft 

Sylaja Srinivasan Economics Estimation ofRandD Spillovers and Exogenous 
Technical Change in Some U.S. High Technology Industries 

Debra L. Stanley Criminal Justice and Criminology A Comparison of Multiple 
Level Risk Factors between Child Homicide and Child Abuse and Neglect 

Howard M. Stanton-Rich Recreation The Interrelationships of Leisure Attitude, 
Siiti!:faction, Behavior, Lutrinsic Motivation and Burnout among Clergy 

Cherie K. Stellaccio Curriculum and Instruction Theory to Practice: An 
Ethnographic Analysis of Multicultural Curriculum and Pedagogy in Elementary 
General Music 

Barbara J. Stephanie American Studies Clarence Cook and the Rise of Art 
Criticism in America, 1870-1890: His Influence and the Clmnging Role of the 

Smaroula G. Stephens Journalism 

Kenneth P. Stewart Physics 

Thomas J. Stone Applied Mathematics The Mathematical Problem of Crack 
Propagation and Its Numerical Treatment 

Julia K. Stronks Government and Politics Religion Defined 

Louann W. Stylianopoulos Art History Choice and Function: The Ancient 
Audience and Mosaic Decoration in the Churches of Macedonia Prima, 400 A.D. 

Uma Subramanian Economics 

Robert 0. Sullivan Jr. Sociology Religiosity, Social Support, and Coping Abilities 
as Intervening Variables in the Relationship between Unemployment and Mental 
Health Outcomes: GM Plant Closing Study 

Joseph C. Swatski English Language and Literature 

Samuel R. Swift Music 

Sayuri Takahira Human Development A Cross-cultural Study on Variables 
Influencing Gender Differences in Mathematics Performance 

Naruhisa Takashima Aerospace Engineering 

Yuen-Yee Tarn Plant Biology IAlA Turnover in Lemna Gibba 

Jason A. Taylor Physics The Contribution of Continuum Reprocessing by Stellar 
Winds to ACN Specta 


L' N I V F. R S 1 T \ 


Kimberty L. Taylor Chemistry Inivstigations of the Reaction Meclianism 
Catalyzed by 4-Chlorobenzoyl- Coenzyme A Delmlogenase and 4-Hydroxybenzoyl- 
Coenzyme A Thioesterase 

Susan E. Taymans Zoolog)' 

Bruce A. Thompson History 

Ayse S. Tokar Civil Engineering Rainfall-Runoff Modeling in an Uncertain 


Paul B. Tomascak Geology Petrogenesis of Granitic Rocks in Southwestern Maine 

Carolyn D. Tozier Journalism Pauline Frederick and the Rise of Network 
Television News, 1948-1960 

Anita L. Tracy Aerospace Engineering 

Tung-Duong Tran-Luu Electrical Engineering Visualization and Clustering of 
Multidimensional Data 

Soledad Traverso-Rueda Spanish Language and Literature 

Kwang-Homg Tsai Mechanical Engineering 

Tamelyn N. Tucker Goverrunent and Politics 

Mark D. Turner Economics 

Stephen R. Tumour Aerospace Engineering Helicopter Flight Dynamics 
Simulation ivith Advanced Aerodynamics and Structural Modeling 

Andrew I. Vakhutinsky Business and Management 

Dana E. Vanderwall Biochemistry 

Mahipal S. Virdy Mechanical Engineering Mathematical Modeling of Pulse 

Li Wang Electrical Engineering Theoretical Study of Space-Charge Lenses for 
Application to Focused Ion Beams 


Weiming Wang ReUabiUty Engineering 

XJang J. Wang Mechanical Engineering Interface Effects on Wave Propagation 

Zhou Wang Physics Riometer Absorption Associated with F-region Plasma 


Myra J. Waters Counseling and Personnel Services Racial Identity and Social 
Support as Predictors of Psychological Distress and Academic Performance among 

Black College Students 

Edward T. Weiland Education PoUcy, Planning, and Administration The Effect 
of Participation in the Maryland Assessment Center Program on Southern 
Maryland Assessors 

Quinn R. Weninger Agricultural and Resource Economics 77k Effects of 
Alternative Management Policies on Industry Structure in the Fishery — with 
Empirical Evidence from the Mid-Atlantic Surf Clam and Ocean Quahog Fishery 

Jun-Shan Wey Electrical Engineering Experimental and Theoretical Studies of 
Harmonically Modelocked Erbium Fiber Ring Lasers 

Yuh-Chyun Wey Chemical Engineering On-Line Monitoring of Fermentation 
with Fluorescence, Light Scattering and Near-Infrared Techniques 

Edward B. Whereat Plant Biology The Ecological Significance of Evergreen 

Leaves or Stems to Two Temperate Woody Vines 

Dorothy Y. White Curriculum and Instruction Equity in Mathematics 
Classrooms: The Question and Response Patterns of Third-Grade Teachers in High 

Minority Population Schools 

Kenneth M. Wiencek Marine, Estuarine, and Environmental Sciences Bacterial 

Adhesion to Alkanethiol Self-Assembled Monolayers 

Reginald G. Williams Aerospace Engineering Experimental Investigation of the 

Flow Field above a Plane Rectangular Wing at High Angles of Attach 

Jong-Kuk Won Chemical Engineering Modeling and Diagrwsis of Equipment 

Partial Failures in Process Plants 


David G. Wonnacott Computer Science Constraint-based Array Dependence 

An-Yeu Wu Electrical Engineering Algorithm-based how-power Digital Signal 
Processing System Design 

Jifeng Wu Civil Engineering Development of an Integrated Real-Time Corridor 
Control Model and Algorithm 

Yuan-Jye Wu Applied Mathematics Matrix Decompositions in Sigtial Processing 
and Markov Chains 

Boping Xie Mechanical Engineering Simulation of the Effects of Cooling Process 
on Part Morphologi/ and Development of the Optimum Cooling Window for 
Injection Molding Process 

Xiaoqin Xu Physics Electronic Transport Properties ofNdi.xCcxCuO^ and RNiO^ 
(R=La, Pr) 

Chi-Tai Yang Chemical Engineering A Study of Trace Dei'olatUization of Polymers 

Dan Yang Civil Engineering Investigation of the Scaling Laws for Centrifuge 
Modeling of Frost Heave 

Guang Yang Chemistry Mechanism of Action of 4-Chlorobenzoate-Coenzyme 
A Dehalogenase 

Huiwen Yao Electrical Engineering Modeling and Design of Miniature Evanscent 
Mode and Dielectric Loaded Filters and Multiplexers 

Yi-Sheng Yao Electrical Engineering Visual Motion Analysis for Off-Road 

Jennifer A. Yoder Government and Politics Elite-Building and the Consolidation 
of Democracy in the Former German Democratic Republic 

Jaesin Yoo Business and Management Queueing Models for Staffing Service 

Masao Yoshimura Physics 

r Shili-Tsung Yu Chemical Engineering 

Joan IM. Zenzen American Studies Promoting National Parks: Images of the West in 
the American Imagination, 1864 to 1991 

Kaicliang Zliang Chemical Physics Diffusion and Thermal Diffusion in Liquid 
Mixtures and Polymer Solutions 

Xiaodong Zhang Chemistry Mechanistic Studies ofDNA Degradation by 
Antitumor Antibiotics ivith Synthetical Nucleoside Acids 

Qingslieng Zheng Chemical Engineering A Volterra Series Approach to Nonlinear 
Process Control and Control-relevant Idetitification 

Zengxi Zhou Meteorology Studies of Low-Frequency Variability in the Tropical 

Arie S. Zmora History Pia Casa Di Sapienza ofPistoia: A Charitable Foundation 
and the Promise of Education in a Late Renaissance Community 


Jackie W. Emberiand Education Policy, Planning, and Administration 
Characteristics of Impasse and Non-impasse School Districts 

Larry D. Coins Industrial, Technological and Occupational Education 

Mary J. Grabis-Bunlter Curriculum and Instruction An Ethnographic Study of the 
Cooperatuig Teacher-Student Teacher Relationship: Power and Status Roles 

IHargie H. Kernian Curriculum and Instruction An Ethnographic Description of 
Verbal and Nonverbal Communication of Teachers and Black Male and White Male 
Students during the Reading Block 

Norma M. Martof Education Policy, Planning, and Administration 

Linda J. Musial Curriculum and Instruction 

Jean P. Tien Education Policy, Planning, and Adnunistration A Comparison of 
Alternatively and Traditionally Certified Teachers on Teacher Efficacy and Students' 
Perceptions of their Classroom Environments 


U N 1 V !■ R S I I" Y 

MAR V 1. A N [1 



Cheryl A. Branham Music Piano/Forte: Women as Professional Pianists in the Late 
20th Century 

Leneida M. Crawford Music The Performance of Contrasting Roles in Selected 
Works of G.F.Handel 

Susan J. Doering Music Selected Chamber Works of Stephen Dankner 

Ji-Sook Shin Music A Comparison between the American and Korean Composers in 
the 20th Century 

James L Turk Music All-Night Vigil, Op. 59 by A. Gretchaninoff: A New Edition 
and Critical Commentary 

Carol A. WoHe-Ralph Music The Passion of Spain: The Music of Twentieth- 
Century Spanish Composers with Special Emphasis on the Music of Enrique 

Dieter WuHhorst Music Dedication to Mstislav Rostropovich and Siegfried Palm: A 
Selection of Cotnpositions for Violincello Solo 


c: A N n I D A T E s 

OR C; R A n U A ■!■ F, 





Kiran Dev Pandey 


Marian Craig Creveling 

American Studies 

Lisa Bryan Stuart 
Xiaoline Zhang 

Afeefa Sayeed 

Patrick Scott Fitzgerald 

o o 

December 1995 

Keith M. Sturges 

Jane C. Opera 

Kirsti Emilia Uimila 

Education Policy, Planing and 

Applied Mattiematics 



Sassan Dehghan 

M. Catherine Long 

Marilyn Fowles Appleby 

Annette Michele Evangelist! 

Moira E. Breen 

Scott James 

English Language and Literature 

Su Chen 

Esther B. Abzug 

Vivian Chi 

Art Histoiy 

Franz Karl Adler 

Constantine J. Drakakis 

Sassan Dehghan 

Allison Elaine Armstrong 

Lester Escobal 

Scott James 

Clifford W. Becker 

Robert Kifer II 

Carole Diane Breakstone 

Monika Kucharska 

Comparative Literature 

M. Iris Davenport 

Michael John Lehker 

Boyd Jay Petersen 

Michael A. Flynn 

Nicole LeBarron 

Seth Clark Silberman 

Ann Marie Gogniat 

Arthur Charles Lohsen 

Soyini Janice Harden 

Liam Francis O'SuUivan 

Counseling and Personnel 

Gia Lyn Harewood 

Serge Plishevsky 


Judith Ann Hickey 

Pablo Jose Quintana 

Bernice Bing-Yian Fang 

Melissa Sue Hill 

Irena Guieorguieva Savakova 

Sonja Geschmay 

Erin Evelyn Kelly 

James Brian Sichehnan 

Mary Darlene Hill 

Robert C. Kenamond 

Kyra Tallon 

William Ming Liu 

Faye Schwartz Kronisch 

Gerardo Manuel Salinas 

Jason C. Shumaker 

Ellen Theresa McAuliffe 

Van Orman 

John Christopher McConnell 

Janet Kristine Wilson 

Criminal Justice and Criminology 

Cjmthia Louise McMillan 

Julia Louise Woltman 

Melissa Inez Bamba 

Michele I. Osherow 

Sarah Duren Cowan 

Michael Robert Schoop 

Elizabeth Marie Earl 

Leona A. Sevick 

Ross Levitsky 

Audrey J. Sobel 

Franki Renee Norris 

DapJine Leigh Swancutt 

Jeffrey Alan Rank II 

Daniel Kurt Virgilio 

Cynthia Armemarie Saadi 

Anne Tierney Walsh 

Marcia Elizabeth Scott 

Leslie Elizabeth Waters 

Lois L. LaChance Trader 

Curriculum and Instruction 

Esty Foster 




French Language and Literature 

Sharyn Teresa Sazama-Moreau 
Kim Louise Shumlansky 


Ronald Lee Allen 

Tucker Anderson Barnes 

Michael Eric Howard 

Keith Zane Kaminsky 

Sara Elizabeth Loechel 

Freya Morag Buchanan Margand 

HoUy Lynn Offerman 

Jacques Michael Piou 

Paul Austin Purman 

Eric David Rizzo 

Paula M. Scurfield 

Petra Wagner 

Kenneth G. Whalen 

Government and Politics 

Arturo Cordero Alvarez 
Pamela Lyn Burke 
Vanessa Elizebeth Friedman 
Domokos Hajdo 
Deepa Khosla 
Jeanne Margot Marcus 
Timothy Scott Meinke 
Linda Joann Piccirilli 
Bruce Hampton Prater 
Brian E. Walsh 
Melissa Lynn Wyers 
Trevor Lewis Wysong 

Health Education 

Kimberly Grabiner Bayer 
Diane Jeanette Horowitz 
Jennifer Kovacs Jessell 
C^Tithia Eloine Mariel 
Holly P. Van Goor 

Hearing and Speech Sciences 

Ellen Christine Fye 
Elizabeth Robinson Kindig 
Angela Teresa Kirin 
Terrey Lynn Kline 
Kendis Respess McAden 
Donna Gustafson Pavluk 
Arllette DeMarr Schneider 
Stacy Wagovich Silverman 
Jocelyn Helene Skripak 
Donna Lynn Torgersen 
Jeff Andrew Zolt 


Brian Christopher Bass 
Anna Maria Cherubin 
Michael Walter Dravis 
Bruce G. Guthrie 
Christopher Bernard Havem Sr. 
Claudia Marcella Link 
Amy Blachowicz Rossmark 

History/Library and Information 
Services, Combined 

Timothy Joseph Mahoney 

Human Development 

Lenore Fusciello Baker 
Tamaira Coleen Feehan 
Mary Rebecca Levinsohn 
David Christopher Miller 
Shari Karla Young 


Kristina M. Ackley 
Ellen Jayne Bayer 
Gary Lee Clites, Jr. 
Erica Michelle Cranston 
Christopher Andrew Hoover 
Cynthia Arm Johansson 
Neslihan Karakus 

Axel Christian Kolling 
Carol Hooper McKelvie 
Mark Lawrence Russell 
Victoria Lynn Sneed 
Rose Stephanie Talbot 
Pamela Mildred Wilkie 


Susan Jayne Bums 
Derek Robert Donofrio 
Charles Michael Fischer 
Anne-Marie Yvonne Koenders 
Susan J. Loftus 
Gregory Francis Martel 
Mark Heath Orrell 
Lisa Petrucceli 
Patricia Lois Rhea 
Melinda Renee Whetstone 
Wadell Winston Wright 

Mathematical Statistics 

Rong Cai 
Chun-Kuo Li 
Zherwhao Zhong 


Christine Gwendolyn Beaber 
Bipasa Biswas 
Joseph Peter Previte 
Keith Michael Slonski 
Katherine Lockard Stedman 

Measurement, Statistics and 

Rebecca Jean Grisham 

KeUy A. Kordish 
Jian Zhu 


Alexis Jean Adams 
Susan Tema AzrLn 
Christopher Sean Brittan 
Pamela Jeanne Degracia Flores 
Lisa C. Patton 


Kelly Ann Schultz 


Jennifer Lee Gregory 
Danielle Marie Kamal 
Andrew James Tomlinson 


Mary M. Delorey 
Sylvia Ann Ellison 
Amanda Loreta Foster 
Stephen Erik Hartmark 
Julie Nathanson Jakopic 
Ronica Nicole Rooks 
Anne Theresa Ryan 

Spanish Language and Literature 

Silvia Gabriela Kurlat 
Michele Ann Lowers 
Edward Alexander Polon 
Vanessa Yurttan-Ortiz 

Speech Communication 

Michael Scott Bolesta 
Mary Elizabeth Knish 


Robin Margaret Bernstein 



D 1- C I-: M B 1- R 


Troy Richard Anderson 
Andrew Johnson Black 
J. Stewart Bradish 
Tamara Lynette Brown 
Christine Susan DelGandio 
David Michael English 
Patrick James Fitzgerald 
Robert Francis Gilmartin 
James C. Grey 
Lance William Harvey 
Brabble Warren Hoffman 
Irby Neil HoUans 
Miyoung Kim 
Michael Thomas Krill 
William M. Lawson 
Ellen Sue Liberman 
Catherine Elizabeth MacNeil 
Michael Kevin Malloy 
Robert Edward McKenna 
Lee H. Miller 
Martin Joseph Mitchell 
Wayne A. Ritchie 
Christopher H. Russell 
Curtis Lee Scribner 
Vivian R. Seidner 
Anthony Michael Seville 
Gabriela Angela Sheppard 
Andrew J. Spitzer 
Christopher Edward Turner 
Ajit James Vanniamparampil 
Scott Wellington Wine 
Yoon S. Yi 


Martin Arthur Gottschalk 
Vidhya Axdharini Rustaman 
Robert Scott Sippel 
Raymond Cary Stone 


Tonia Rae Bleecher 
Kotanya Kolene Kimbrough 
Meera Nagaraj 
Robin F. Schaeffer 
Angela Sherrea Stewart 


Counseling and 
Personnel Services 

Susan Moreen Barnes 
Michele M. Beak 
Susan D. Buccola 
Alison Shoun Bums 
Janet Leslie Carn 
Michael Ryan Chisholm 
Renee Cleveland-Harris 
Edward Lee Cole 
Leon Wendell Dockery, Jr. 
Hiromi S. Edwards 
Joseph P. Entwistle 
Deborah Jill Colder 
Deborah Ann Greenbush 
Latitia Arme Greene 
Duane Lee Grooms 
Tonya Jackson 
Julie Norma Love 
Colette A. Luscomb 
Toni Karol Massenburg 

Nami Nakahodo 
Pamela Marcella Perry 
June G. Sanchez 
Joyce Ann Sawyer 
Jung Won Suh 
Susan S. Sutton 
David Paul Tardiff 
Amy S. Wells 
Pamela Eileen Whittle 
Amy Marie Wilms 

Curriculum and Instruction 

Phyllis Hull Akturk 
Sana Ahmad Al Bustan 
James Jacquin Andrews 
Jennifer Ann Balkan 
Helga Werdecker Bibbins 
Shu-Chen Chen 
Barbara Ann Collier 
Colleen Frances Doherty 
Michelle E. Engebretsen 
Rita Susan Frydman 
Miyoung Park Ju 
Alison Maria Klumpp 
Gloria Isabel Larravide 
Christina Leigh 
Karen Leigh Murphy 
Maureen Elizabeth O'Donnell 
Christine Davis Oberdorf 
Babatunde F. Oke 
Janet Philipps Oosterhous 
Sarah Jane Parmenter 
Mary C. Sheehan 
Timothy Alan Smith 
Jungsook Yoh 

Education Policy, Planning 
and Administration 

Mara Jane Arkin 
Yvette Marie Dodson 
David Alan Erb 
Kevin T. Farley 
Mark Allen Fielding 
Kimberlee Susan Rutan 

Human Development 

Eric Sindre Anschutz 
Danna Pleshette Bobo 
Brenda Kay Damario 
Vincent Lloyd Graham 
Denise Mary McCloskey 
Shirley Gularson Varner 

Occupational Education 

Robert Bruce Wright 

Special Education 

Margaret Cryer Besanko 
Lani Ann Nelson Beuerman 
Brian Edward Coughlan 
Jacqueline Dawn Dabney 
Frances Vanessa Diggs 
Colleen DeLong Jacques 
Vasilia P. Morton 
Karen Joy Racer 
Paul Brian Reilly 
Kathleen Christine Schwartz 
James Franklin Shenk 
Dianna Marie Tenaglia 
Cherylyn T. Torguson 
Caroline Anne Wilkinson 


U N I V E R S 1 


O 1. I. E G E 



Md Shamsul Arefin 
Robert Morris Beaton 
Thomas Francis Fryer 
David Gerald Morgan 
Sanjay B. Patel 
Rana Ahmad Saad 
John Christopher Stokes 
Mark David Sweet 
Riaz Abid Syed 
Suhas S. Yerra 


Creative Writing 

Patricia Hee Kim 
Marcie Ellen Porter 
Karen Elizabeth Powell 
Elizabeth Ann Prodey 
Craig James Weincek 
Jacqueline R. Zakrewsky 


Andre D. Harrington 
Deborah Elaine Serbousek 


History/Library and Information 
Services, Combined 

Timothy Joseph Mahoney 

Library and Information 

Ina Susan Alterman 
Joseph Berlin 
Sally Dodd Burdette 
Kathleen Ann Daly 
Timothy Gerard De Ghelder 
Nese Fatma DeBruyne 

Edward Richard Dormald 
Karen Joyce Fishman 
Anne L. Foster 
Margaret Bryant Goodale 
Yu-mei Gung 
David Gary Hitchings 
Marisa Bourgoin Keller 
Ruthmarie Lilhan Kelley 
Emily Elizabeth Marsh 
Carolyn Sue McCracken 
Shawn Anitra Montgomery 
Elizabeth Cameron Obear 
Elissa Anne Pagnani 
Rebecca Jane Pierce 
Carol Ann Piatt 
Amy MacWilliams Schisler 
Charla Hamby Small 
Annette Karen Weir 
Thomas Wildenberg 
Julia Lara Zients 


Peter Joshua Burroughs 
Lisa Maria Corbett 
Adalsteinn Olafur Einarsson 
Vicki Lee Eschelman 
Dennis D. Jones 
Wyman Okeiph Jones 
Kunyoung Kim 
Martha Mary Maclntire 
Linda Coleen Mayes 
Siobhan M. McGuire 
Casey Erricson Olney 
Sheryl M. Perry 
Angela Powell 
Jennifer Eileen Riley 
Sondra Eisenbise Simmons 
Ruth Z. Skrzesz 
Dav*m Dieter Steward 
Jozef Surowiec 
Naomi Uehara 


Maria Bunag 
Eric Austin Carzon 
Elizabeth Friedman 
Katsura Fujiike 
Debra Jean Gonski 
David Alan Kelly 
Thomas Russell Kennedy 
Jermifer Fay Kimball 
Ross Allen Stem 


Juan Carlos Alvarez 
Keely Maquire Clifford 
Mark R. Coryell 
Elizabeth A. Crowley 
Glenn B. Fiedelholtz 
Mary Kate Jager 
Carolyn VanHook Jasperse 
Kim Mary Kirkland 
Denise Simone Kotek 
Karen A. Milgate 
Dianne Marie Paulus 
Dmitry Shaposhnikov 
Changhua Wu 


Aerospace Engineering 

Mohammed N. Alharbi 

Camille Wardrop Alleyne 

Andrew Mark Baker 

Oren Henry Ben-Zeev 

Andreas Paul Friedrich Bemhard 

Daniel George Cencer 

Clare Anne Ewald 

Joseph Clifford Girard 

Brian Robert Hester 

Jennifer Lynn Knack 

Makiko Kosha 

Scott Karol Kuczma 
Steven Patrick Kuester 
Ian Kelly Matlick 
Subhobroto Nath 
Luc RenouU 
John Warren Sabean 
Divyang R. Shukla 
Clifford Bergman Smith 
Paul David Vieira 
Ronald Barry Walden 
Juliaime Zinunerman 

AgricuKural and Extension 

Vickie Denise Martin 
Manochehr Nobakht 

Agricultural and Resource 

Elizabeth Regina Colegrove 
Scott A. Miller 
Jin Qian 

AgricuKural Engineering 

Kevin Joseph Coyne 
Venila Reddy Kodmur 
Eric John Powell 
Catherine Angela Wells 


Patrick Eugene Elia 
Kenneth B. Ingram 
Pablo Alberto Kalnay 
Mark C. Magness 
Jill E. Martin 
Leonida K. Mwenesi 
Ronald David Myers 
William Henry Phillips U 
Ana M. Sanchez 


A N L) 1 D A 1 E S 

G R A D U A l' K 



19 9 5 

Animal Sciences 

Maria Ivette Duenas 
Kathleen Powers Hughes 
Sarah Milczanowski Hyatt 
Kenneth Frank Kalscheur 
Cassandra Marie Moore 
Xu-Shen Zhou 


James A. Braatz III 
Patricia Louise Daukantas 
Yanga Rolando Fernandez 
Arunav Kundu 
Scott Timothy Miller 
Brian Glenn Piner 


Hua-Wei Chen 

Janet Marie DiPasquale 

Business and Management 

Po-Yuan Chen 

Pamela Ann Clay 

Thomas Arthur Dufresne 

Harold Weaver Johnson, Jr. 

Li-Hua Kuo 

Yang Li 

Chanath Anthony Ratnanather 

Tong Wang 

Ji-Tsung Wu 

Chemical Engineering 

Hsu-Wei Fang 
Minh-Quan Khuc Pham 
Ranjan Srivastava 


Freweini Habteselasie 
James Sterling Shapiro Harter 
Paul Joseph Klausmeyer 
Yuhui Li 

Rui Luo 

Matthew James O'Dell 
Bryan Anthony Pratt 
Sampath K. Tirumala 
Kevin Kirkland Townsend 
Jun Yan 

Civii Engineering 

Brent Griffin Anderson 
Ana Maria Baldwin 
Mark David Behrens 
Pavani M. Bhanu 
Moninder Singh Birdi 
David Alan Carlisle 
Min-Ching Chen 
Shun-Fu Chen 
William Lester Coblentz 
Jeffrey Stuart Cooper 
Anil Kumar Dhondi 
Kevin Lewis Dill 
George Eid 

Philippe Jean Luc Espitallier 
Salvatore Vincent Fiorentino 
Kimberly Marie Fisher 
William Herbert Frost 
Evelyn Sandra Gebauer 
Thomas Martin Heil 
Gregory S. Holland 
Samantha Anne Hopkins 
Bhaumik V. Hotha 
Huayang Hu 
Shalini Jayasundera 
Lanheng Jin 
Jeffrey Joseph Jodoin 
Krishnamurthi Josyula 
Hope Katcharian 
Murali Kirthi 

John Andrew Klemunes, Jr. 
Thomas Michael Krauth 
Dan Kubican 
Delayne Robert Lange 

Robert A. Larsen 
Marco Tebaldo Legaluppi 
Wensheng Liang 
Jingsong Liu 
Aaron Ray Love 
Marc Elliot Mandel 
Prakash Mathew 
Christine D.E. Murphy 
James William Murray 
Bhagavan Neelakantachar 
Shubei Ni 

Peter William O'Hara, Jr. 
Joseph Leo O'Neil 
Keval Ramendra Parikh 
Joan Carroll Peyrebrune 
Mark Andrew Poindexter 
Jasenka Milan Rakas 
Jerome R. Redmond 
Daniel Patrick Scott 
Jin Shang 
Dwight Earl Shank 
Kevin Robert Slates 
J. Michael Sowinski, Jr. 
Alan Wayne Staggs 
Hsin-chung Tseng 
Ernesto Villalba 
William Patrick Wagner 
Mary Catherine Wiedorfer 
Richard Steven Williams 
Dawit Zena 

Computer Science 

Mohamed Said Aboutabl 
Bryan Roger Buck 
Ardas Cilingiroglu 
James William Duff 
Kutluhan Erol 
Ladan Gharai 
Jaroslaw Gryz 
David Mark Herbert 
Jack ShangJi Hsu 

Feng Huang 

Michael Kudryashev 

Hai Liu 

Avraham Margolis 

Christopher Loy North 

Jungshin Park 

Shekhar Vishwas Patankar 

Fan-Tao Pu 

Alexander Sarris 

Daniel Frederick Savarese 

Oliver Nicolas Seeliger 

Reiko Tsuneto 

Zhanying Wang 

John William Wetterstrand 

Zhijun Zhang 

Electrical Engineering 

Stephen Bruce Balakirsky 

Wai Chung Chan 

Hui-Lin Chang 

Sz-Mu Chen 

Si Hyimg Cho 

Thomas Jacob Christofili 

In Joon Chu 

Rockya Rosa Coulibaly 

Philip William Dabney 

Amab Das 

Stephen Harris Fox 

Daniel E. Friedman 

Sonjai Gupta 

Andrew James Hervert 

Wei-kai Hong 

George Anthony Kantor 

Gebran Keith Krikor 

Mark David Levin 

Hung-Mao Lin 

Nazi Maleki 

Ramkumar Prakasam 

Alfred Russell Robertson 

Arun Saxena 

John Samuel Schlorff 


\' li R S I r Y 

M A R Y 1. A N D 

Daniel Tae Song 
Murari Srinivasan 
Sean Christian Tippett 
William Djaja Tjokroaminata 
Shee Yao 

Engineering Materials 

Saswati A. Biswas 

B. Jennifer Davis 

Ting Feng 

Frederick Hyowon Lee 

Alberto Pique 

John Philip Roth 

Krupashankara Mysore Sethuram 

Edgar Robert Seydel 

Ming Sun 


Chien-Ping Yu 


Christine Ann Casey 
William M. Curtis IV 

Family and Community 

Carolyn Therese Biggs 
Kathryn Ducat Brown-Huamani 
Pao-Yun Chen 
Timothy P. Cole 
Michael-Enoah Duvall 
Thelma Lorraine Harley 
Jennifer Ann Becker 
Kathryn Rae Conway 
Jeanne Ellen Dosky 
Erica Lynn Larson 
Judy Kay Marblestone 
Carrin Lea Martin 

Family Studies 

Malcolm Peter Drewery II 
Heather Dawn Gendler 

Hre Protection Engineering 

Gerard George Back III 

Alexander Vartivar Derkaloustian 

Nelson CoUins Dimston 

Linda Mary Gallahue 

Gerald Augustus Haynes 

Mark Hopkins 

Luciane Gonzaga Machado 

Arif Muhaimin 

John Vincent Veltre 

Food Science 

Lingfei He 
Melody H. Kuo 
Reem Kassatly Raji 
Patrick Maurice Wright 


Cathleen D. Brown 
Feng Jiang 

Michael Edward O'ConneU 
Kent Ratajeski 


Jennifer L. Kujawski 
Katherine KeUy Stephenson 
Christopher Jon Worden 

Human Nutrition and Food 

Dana Godbout-Laake 


Hugo Glerm Jeffrey Orbach 

Simin Xu 

Chuanyi Zhang 

Marine, Estuarine and 
Environmental Sciences 

Linda Lee Andreasen 

Mary Elizabeth Beetham 

Victoria M. Boccuzzi 

Alison L. Bryant 

Amy Corker Freise 

Ann Margaret Gallagher 

James Dixon Hagy III 

Benjamin D. Haskell 

Loren Larkin Kellogg 

Nicholas Jacob Landau 

Leyla Emine Lange 

Samuel Paul Orlando, Jr. 

Dan M. Rice 

Andrew S. Rogers 

Katherine Keith Ruffin 

Timothy Cornwall Rule 

Robert Brian Sturgis 

David Carl Stutzer 

Brendan Francis Patrick Sweeney 

Ho-Shing Wan 

Jennifer Lee Zelenke 

Mechanical Engingeering 

Richard Andrew Bauemschub 
Arun Candadai 
Venkata Ajay Kumar ChavaU 
Tong Chen 
Kwok-hung Cheung 
WiUiam Chu 
Michael Andrew Deeds 
George Raphael Dold 
Douglas Muir Ferguson 
Gautam Ganguly 
Ranjit Gannamani 
Daniel Hartrick Harris 
John Eugene Hendershot 
Lenox Selvakumar Job 
Richard Todd Jones 
Satheesh Kulankara 

Mark E. Kumagai 

Arun Kunchithapatham 

Giang V. Lam 

Melissa Anne Lederer 

Kevin Walter Lyons 

Shashank MaUick 

Richard Michael McMahon, Jr. 

Azhar Hussain Mirza 

Ramesh Munamarty 

Marc Steven Nathan 

Vijay Nathan 

Mark Alan O'Clair 

Madhusudan A. Padmanabhan 

Tanmay Shrikrishna Panchwagh 

John Gray Park 

James Bohling Pfeiffer 

Vijay Sundar Ramachandran 

Timothy Paul Rothman 

Loren Louis Roy 

Mohsen Salehi 

David Scott Stargel 

Jingsong Tang 

G.B. Vasanth 

Kung-Hsu Yeh 


Myoung-Hwan Ahn 
Mathew Anthony Barlow 
Hsun-Kai Cheng 
Ying Dai 
Jared Keith Entin 
Margaret Mary Wonsick 
Jianjun Zhang 


Emma Cech 
Jhumka Ghosh 
Marcus Bernard Rindal 





Nuclear Engineering 

Soheila Bakhour 
Edward Brian Cashman 
Yung-Hsien Chang 
Jason Edward Floyd 
Richard J. Goffi 
Wayne Clark McCuUough 
Eric Stratton Mueller 
Dennis Rothenberger 
James Dean Shell 
Xiliang Wu 
Evaldas Zvinys 


Seema Agrawal 


Mountaga Aw 
Ernest Barreto 
Kancham Chotoo 
Zhencan Fan 
David Louis Gershon 
Michael Edward Haken 
George C. Ho 
Roza Kotlyar 
John Mastin Lafferty, Jr. 
Adam Leonard Lyon 
Nicolas Antonio Pereyra 
James M. Repaci 
Robert Gamett Ryland 
Eric C. Salter 
Richard Albert Scheper 
Patricia Anne Tyler 
Wei Zha 

Poultry Science 

Fidelis Njell Hegngi 


Mimi Mee Young Ghim 
Kristin Jensen Heaton 

Reliability Engineering 

Cheng-Shien Chang 
Qing Yan Chen 
Laura Lynn Collins 
Tianjia Huang 
Anant S. Kasture 
Murray J- Kolander 
Sanjay Kumar 
Ling Lin 

Subhash C. Mondal 
James Benham Patten 
Donald William Sova 
Thomas James Stadterman 

Sustainable Development and 
Conservation Biology 

Nancy Benton 
Roxarme Elizabeth Bogart 
Norman Alan Bourg 
Steve Bums 
Xu Duan 

Andrew P. Martin 
Deborah Winslow Rowan 
Gina Sedaghatkish 
Jennifer Anne Taylor 
Keith Campbell Winston 

Systems Engineering 

Glenn Vincent Fink 

Delores Helen Gardner 

Wing Fu Ko 

Mark Daniel Melgaard 

Gary Yip Moy 

Lisa Patrice Summers 


Badr-Ul-Islam Awan 
Eric Casey Dean 
Ousmane Doukoure 
Tung Lam 

Textiles and Consumer 

Ravi Ramanathan 


Aaron Brian Bell 
Laura Elizabeth Bennett 
Leily Farhat-Sepahi 
YeunShin Lee 
Donald Joseph Sejkora 
Agnes De Lemos Velloso 
Timothy Bowen Werner 
Kevin Lee Willison 
Xiaofeng Xu 


Advanced Graduate Specialist 

Debra M. Moniodis 


Heather Drazin 
Robin Schaeffer 

Certificate in Historic 

Meera Nagaraj 


u N 1 V t: R s 1 r V 


c c:) I, L li G E 

I> A R K 




Bachelor of Science 

December 1995 

Aerospace Engineering 

Leigh Edward DePiazza 

Dean Dev Dubey* 

John Peter Hansen 

George L Huh 

James Andrew Rinko 

Lauren Susarme Shook 

George Ivan Wofford 

Agricultural Engineering — 

Biological Resources 

Monica Michelle Greene 

Chemical Engineering 

John Christopher Birkmire* 

Ke\'in Paul Crawford 

Josie Beale Elliott 

Tilakasiri Lenaduwa Hettige 

Franklin Edward Hipona 

Navin Hukmani 

2nd Degree: Biochemistry 

Merance A. Jacaruso 

Thomas Michael Longazel 

Gregory Michael Muth 

Theophile A. Onya 

Omar Parvaiz 

Adriana Schirokauer 

Dui Karuna Cosphiardi 


Civil Engineering 

Matthew Francis Assia 

Mary Angeline Aveni 

John F. Berotti 

Stephen Anthony Bonasera 


Darlene Joy Bucciero 

Stacy Marie Calvert 
Douglas Rodney Coon 
Hala Mohamed El-Erian* 
John Benjamin Estes Jr. 
Michael C. German 
Bruce Daniel Goddard 
Duncan John Hastie 
Christopher John Hauge 
Lucy Hussman 
William Eugene James 
Michael David Jenkins 
Richard Thomas JoJinson 11 
Jean Anne Kapusnick 
William Kruzel 
Roumen L Lefterov 
Brian Scott Lewandowski 
Luis E. Menjivar 
Kenneth Robert Mitchel 
Douglas Jay Piper 
Cristiane Januzzi Queiroz 
David M. Ratte 
Michael Brian Thibeault 
Daniel Jason Thornton 
Larry Thomas Townsend IV 
Mark Richard Venti 
Brian Kenneth Watson 
Christopher David Wells 
James Robert Wheeler 
Matthew Hendrik Willems 

Electrical Engineering 

Yoseph M. Abera 

Shahid Mahmood Akhtar 

Kiran Radhakrishna Annavarapu 

Alicia Kay Arlen 

Thomas Frank Atelsek 

Scott Randall Baker 

Kapildeep S. Bakshi 

2nd Degree: Computer Science 
Vishal Batra 
Ruplu Bhattacharya 

2nd Degree: Computer Science 

Kyle Loren BosHan 
William Patrick Burgess 
Alieu M. Ceesay 
Shafqat A. Chowdhury 
Kareem M. Darwisht 
Qiristopher Lee Eddins 
Michael Cee Etheredge 
Wei-Xuan Feng 
Roy Godwin Femandes 
John Michael Fines 
John Steven Godfrey 
Marc C. Greenberg 
Ajay Kumar Gupta* 
Car! Lockwood Haas 
Ali Asghar Hashmi 
Xi J. Huang 
Calvin Jong-Suh Im 
Payman Kaveh 
Jae Soon Kim 
Man,' E. Klebonis 
Yuan-Ta Ko 
Charles Chuni Konfrst 
Cheuk Yuen Lam 
Thomas Francis Leake 
Teh-Lin Lee 

2nd Degree: Computer Science 
John Liu 
Shawn Y. Liu 
Matthew A. Locke 
Khalid Mansoor 
John Paul deLeon Marquez 
Anuj Mehta 
Sushil D. Mehta 
Ernesto Ramon Mercado 
Karen Elaine Meyers 
Melanie Renee Mulcahy 
Dai Anh Ngo 
Ductho Dinh Ngo 
Dac-Trung Cao Nguyen 
Khoa Duy Anh Nguyen 
Nhan Thuan Xuan Nguyen 
Aung Maw Oo 

§ Summa cum Laude f Magna cum Laude * cum Laude 


D E C E M B E R 19 9 5 

Andrzej Osinski 
Anuradha Vinod Patel 
Devyani Dipak Patel 
Kevin Kwangsu Pyo 
Richard Scott Rehovich 
Constance Lee Rempe 
Ali Rezaiyan-Nojani 
James Bertram Roberts* 
Adam Craig Rosenbaum§ 
Omer Abdelsalam Salih 
Naveen M. Sharma § 
Hardeep Singh 
Constance Jean Smith 
Michael Eric Speer 
Michael Louis Straub 
Fassil H. Tadesse 
Michelle Patrice Townsley 
Gustavo Horacio Verdun 

2nd Degree: Computer Science 
Brian Thomas Vigna 
Thu Bich Vu 
Penelope Kay Wong-Clayton 

2nd Degree: Computer Science 
Jeffrey Wong 
Chiawei Wu 
Satish Yelamanchili 
Michael Steven Younkers 

2nd Degree: Computer Science 

Fire Protection Engineering 

Nandeep S. Bahra 

James Patrick Begley 

Scott Edward Dillon 

Vincent John Esposito 

Ajay Gulati 

Stephen Matthew Hill 

Nathaniel Alfred Lee 

Eric N. Mayl 

Renato Richard Molina 

Anish Krishna Murthy 

WUliam Davison PuUen II 

Roger Blaine Rudy 
Douglas Davis Snyder 
Bhuptnder Singh Wadhwa 
Keith Joseph Wolfe 

Meclianical Engineering 

Thomas Marshall Ahrens 
Joseph Glerm Alvey 
Stephanie Rodriguez Blanco 
Diego Bonta 
Ryan Andre Chenevert 
Paul Tuising Chin 
Dong W. Choi 

Angela Sae Sae Choy* 
Jae Yong Chung 
William Michael Cooper 
Michael Thomas D'Angelo 
Mark Andrew Davis 
Pejman Fakhri-Yazdi 
Aaron Stefan Frazier 
Stephen William Giguere 
Jonathan Arius Grant 
Richard Mark Hizon 
Sok Ha Hwang 
Lucas WiUiam Juzwiak 
Timothy Andrew Keepers 
Michelle Denise King 
Jermaine Edward Martin 
Daniel Christian Martins 
Charles Everett Massey 
Crystal Ronarda Massey 
Dawn Gail McLeod 
Mark W. Miller 
Dianne Antoinette Mitchell 
Nnaemeka H. Nwosu 
Johnathon Hwa-Yung Park 
James Henry Pickett Jr. 
Richard L. Piette 
Joseph Chester Poindexter 
Mark Andrew Quinn 

Veedoola Poomima Ramkalawon 
Richard Andrew Renich 
Francisco Jose Rodriguez 
William Paul Schaefer 
Sebastian Silvani 
Arthur Joseph Velasquez 
Adam Michael Ward 
Shane William Warren 
Mekonen B. Woldearagaye 

Nuclear Engineering 

Mark Edward Ashbum 
Jeffrey Paul Banta 
Michael Albert Blackwell 


Bachelor of Landscape 
MeUssa L. Cossaboon 
Eric Anson Drermer 
Gregory Charles Kunce 
Paul Byung Ho MacDonald 
Brian C. Morgan 
Suzanne Alexandra Nickle 
Marcus Rodney Richardson 

Bachelor of Science 

Agricultural and 
Resource Economics 

Akin Akinola 
Joseph Michael Flynn 
Mary Anne Lustan 
Ahmad M. MudaJlali 
n Joon Park 
Michael Adam Pollner 
Earon RoneU Williams 

Animal Sciences 

Michelle Lynn Beach 
Gretchen Elise Beard 
Ann Marie Bruchalski 
Lisa Michelle Carr 
Paul Douglas Dumbravo 
Penelope Jane Fullwood 
Angela Kondo 
Alisha Elizabeth Smouse 
Mary Clay Tester 

Conservation of Soil, Water and 

Joel D. Harner 

Eric Nathaniel Flines 

Frank J. Hunkele 

Scott Paul Kaier 

Monisha Kaul 

Jonathan Nathaniel Lantz 

Joshua Steven Stein 

Crop Science 

Nina Bongo 


Elena J. Charalambous 

2nd Degree: Food Science 
Kari Johnson Dainty 
Gregory Edward Kinosz 

Food Science 

Elena J. Charalambous 
2nd Degree: Dietics 


Julie A. Berggren 

Carol Ann Grant 

Mary Ramseur McMeekin§ 

Michele Beth Zukerberg 


§ Summa cum Laude f Magna cum Laude * cum Laude 


Human Nutrition and Foods 

Alcides H. Carrillo 
Vanessa Pacheco Rivera 

Natural Resources Management 

Jennifer Lansang Aguilar 
Eric Douglas Bloodsworth 
Jose Eduardo CoUell 
Lawrence Hilton Covert 
Janet Aileen Cowan 
Rebecca Lyrme Daniels 
Amy AUshouse Edenson* 
Vanessa J. Gilbreath 
Bridgette Julieanne Grillo 
Michael Charles Maddox 
Kristina Jane Measells 
Gregory Thomas Onder 
Tanja Ellen Pilzak 
Tonya Thuy Russell 
Michael LeRoy Schauer 
Robert Allen Unkle Jr.t 
Jeffrey Scott Wheeler 

Turf and Urban Agronomy 

Brian Andrew Grace 
Alfred A. Steppich 


Bachelor of Science 


Robert B. McPheeters 
Ryan J. Meren 
Steven Monroe Moore 
Eva Marie Pierlioni 


Bachelor of Arts 

Advertising Design 

Lisa Ann Pate 

American Studies 

Kathleen Rose Doherty 
Michael Andrew Dubsky 

2nd Degree: History 
Jeremy Michael Kaller 
Jason Page Lambros 
Melissa Ann Landsman 
Erin Malley Lyons* 
Michelle Avadawn McCubbin 
Ashley Elissa Reis 
Jennifer Lauren Schwed 
Donald George Smith 

Art Histoiy 

Paul William Brewer 
Christine Mary Clark 
Patricia D. desjardins 
Brandt Walker Ficken 
Monika Hirschbichler§ 
Rose Allison Irvine 
Jennifer Ward Lee 
Lisa W. Lee 
Nicole Suzanne Levine 
Claudine C. Maas 

Michelle Ann McDermott 
Michelle Martin Moore 
Amy Joanne Nakushian 
Amanda Principe 
Joan Paula Sheinberg 
Rebecca Lynn Stallings 
Darrell Cleveland Thompson 
Christina A. Way 
Nicola Viola Winterton 

Art Studio 

James Joseph AUman Jr. 
Eun Jin Bae 
Ronald W. Brooks 
Kanika Sharifa Clay 
Jennifer Leigh Clowser 

2nd Degree: Secondary 

Education — Art — Professional 
Dawn Marie Debus 
Andrew Todd Dorf 
Norma Jean Dunn 
Claudia Marcella Ferming 
Meagan Ok Frame 

2nd Degree: Anthropology 

3rd Degree: Biological Sciences 
Joanne Linda Fuller 
Jenny Lynne Gagne 

2nd Degree: Biological Sciences 
Nicole Janigian 
Eric Christopher Johnson 
Sylvia Young Ok Park Kim 
Lorita Marie Kimble 
Annie Yanghee Lee 
Howard Evert Lee 
Kervny Cheng-Kan Lee 
Napoleon Andaya Martinez 
Jeffrey Mercer McArthur II 
Melody D. Meyers 

2nd Degree: Elementary Education 
Leslie Jo Miller 

2nd Major: History 
Carolyn Ann Mustello 

Jerry J. Nestor 
Scott Alan Parks 
Joshua Aaron Passe 
Scott Vincent Patti 
Sarah Muriel Rothenberg 
James Ayodele Sawyerr 
Carrie Ellen Schreibert 
Julie Elizabeth Shickel 
Mary Frances Slattery 
Jason Michael Slaysman 
H. Michael SoUoa Jr. 
Mario Rae Swan 
Martina Thompson 
Peter William Viscomi 

Classical Languages 
and Literature 

Elisabeth Mary Herschbach 
Thomas Wat Tyler 


Jennifer Maxine Byrd 
Caroline Elizabeth Kaub 
Abdul Karim Mustapha 
Lisa MicheDe Selznickt 

East Asian Languages 
and Literature 

Soul Lee 

English Language and Literature 

Jane Marv Armstrong 
Emily Ann Amoult 
Mark Aziz 

Nolan Alexander Ballew 
Bethany Helen Barber 
William Edward Barnes 
Jennifer Cynthia Barry 
Abbey Rachel Bell 
Jamal Bennett 
David Eric Bernhardt 
Tatum Kathleen Birdsall 


§ Summa cum Laude t Magna cum Laude 'cumLaude 



Larr)' Alan Bliss 
William Blumenfeld 
Shivani Durga Bommakanty 
Karen Benita Boone 
Christel A. Brown De Colstoun 
Hope Lynne Brown 
Jeffrey William Brown 
Staci Renee Bumpus 

2nd Major: East Asian 

Languages and Literature 
Wendy D. Calaway 
Neil Edward Carlsen 
Melissa Ariana Case 
Ari Seth Cetron 
Alexa Marlene Champion 
Julie Chaput 
Susan Soohi Chong 
Alison Kathleen Clancy 
Shannon Patricia Clarke 
Samantha Cooper 
Aliene Deale 

Meredith Kathryn Deamer 
Genevieve Dixon 
Sharon Renee Fitzgerald 

2nd Degree: Journalism 
Michael Shea Flynn 
Michelle Monique Foster 

2nd Degree: Art History 
Daniel John Gilday 
Zahra Gordon§ 
Marie Jeanette Green§ 
Mamie Jill Greene 
Michelle A. Gregory 
Christopher Norman Hampton 
Matthew Tod Sipes Hancock 
Christian Hassan 
Krista Lynn Heinz 
Rosana Hemakom 
Lisa Marie Hoopert 

2nd Degree: Journalism 
Michael Scott Horstman 
Tammy Lee Hyson 

Tracey Lynne laleggio 
Khrista Bemadette Isaacs 
Karen Margaret Johnson 
Gail M. Johnston 
Melba Loren Jones 
William Todd Jones 
John Edward Kane 
Julie Alexandra Kaplan 
James Declan Keane 
Jacqueline Elizabeth Keeling 
Brian J. Kenny 
Kathleen Lee Kiley 
Candace Marie Krause 
Nancy Cassandra Krause 
Kathleen Marie Leonovich 
Vance Edward Lessard 
Darin Spencer Levine 
Sharon Louise Light 
Brenda Charlene Lippert 
Mark Brian Little 
Maurice G. London 
Chanda Marlene Lupunga 
Scott Christian Lyerly 
Lana Maeder Lyons 
Lisa Nicole Mahan 
Christy Marlene Maier 
Darlene Denise Manley 
John Johnston MarzuUo 
Karen Anne Master 
Nigel F. Maynard 
Gregory John McGuire 
Amy E. Michels 
Kimberly Anne Mink 

2nd Degree: English Education 
Constance Graybill Moffatt 
William Cody Mooneyhan Jr. 
Maureen Ify Morah 
Melora Ann Moreland 
Neal Edward Norris 
Faryl Anne Orlinsky 
Tirzah Jane Alisabeth Orr 
Robert Brian Oswald 

Suja Panicker 
Stephanie Jamila Patterson 
Christina N. Perantonakis 
Linda Marie Pietrykowski 
Malcolm Plum Poindexter III 
Shad Cameron Poole 
Christine EUen Power 

2nd Degree: Accounting 
Dawnia Christiann Rather 
Tejaswini Rau 
Andrew Edward Reid 

2nd Degree: History 
Rhon Carl Reid II 
Alex B. Roehner 
Allison Beth Rosner 
Roseljm Zokhumi Rova 
Jennifer Amy Rubin 
Samaan Costandi Said 
Robert Mitchell Seidler 
Bonnie Lynn Shenton 
Patrick Andrew Sheplee 
Samantha Lee Silverstein 
Ruth Simpson 
Charles Gordon Smith 
Stephen Woodward Smith 
Brian Tod Spero 
Jennifer Leigh Spurge 
Arvies J. Staton 
Krista L. Steele 
Rebecca Gail Szewczyk 
Jeffrey Lee Tanck 
Dwight Ewing Thompson 
Elif Cemile Tuvalo 
Gerald Peter Umlauf Jr. 
Traci A. Van Buren 
Melanie Lee Wagoner 
Lisa S. Wamick 
John Frederick Wamock 
Kathleen Lynn Warren 
Kevin Andrew Wasik 
Heidi Ann Webb 

Angelia Marie Weber 

2nd Degree: German Language and 

Michael Murphy Wiley 
Amy L. Williamst 
Leon Grant Williams Jr. 
Elizabeth Anne Wolfson 
Linda Christensen Wright 
Walfrido Bantilan Yanuario 

French Language and Literature 

Nicole Marechal Gavin 
Michelle Lynn Hatch 
Sue June Kim 

2nd Degree: Marketing 
Karen Jo Kreitzer 
Angela Sigrid Lambrecht 
Suzanne Jeanette Proujan 
Mariam Tekle-Haimanot 

2nd Degree: Economics 
Hope Seeley Thurlow 

German Language and Literature 

Terrance Hamilton Bates 

2nd Degree: Journalism 
Bethanne Elaine Beasley 
Susan A. Bresee* 
Hee Jin Choi 
Mary Ann Frances Georget 

2nd Major: Anthropology 
Erin Leigh Geyer 
Daniel LaMar Gore 
William Carr Hickey 
Thomas C. Lu 
Daniel Seth Meisner 
Theron Arthur Taggart§ 
Richard Scott Vitale 
Angelia Marie Weber 

2nd Degree: English Language 

and Literature 

§ Summa cum iMude t Magna cum iMude ' cum Laude 

N 1 V E R S 1 T Y O 1- MARYLAND 

t: C) L L E G E PARK 


Eric Thomas Bankey 
Dennis B. Baylor 
John Bee 

David Charles Bell 
Traci Ann Bell 
Eric Wayne Blanchard 
Philip Lewis Blum 
Tracey Lynn Buckley 
Christopher S. Captain 
Silvio Jose Carrillo 
Marc Reuben Coiner 
Robert Lee Cravi^ford 
Jeffrey Alexander Dacy 
Joseph Otis Denson Jr. 
Wesley Thomas Dixon 

2nd Major: Government 

and Politics 
Thomas Christopher Eacho 
Eric Christopher Fork 
Laurie Lyn Fowkes 
Brian Seth Friedman 
Arthur Gentile 
Michael A. Glick 
Paul Joseph Graham 
Katherine Denise Greenet 
Chretien Francois Guidry 
Jason David Hebel 
Katherine Hart Heffelfinger 
Deirdre L. Hollingshed 
Kathryn S. Horrell 
Charles Edward Kirchman 
Garry J. A. Knox 
Brian Wit Kochan 
Jeremy Avram Leffler 
David Brian Lennon 
Chang Ted Li 
Jeremy Paul Licata 
Ann Lieberson§ 
Elizabeth Jane Liko 
Jerome A. Lomax 
Robert Christopher Lusby 

Ann E. Madden 
Kevin Gordon Mason 
Andrea L. Massignani 
Pallavi Mathurt 
James Arthur Melzer 
Gary Clark Miller 
Mark Huu-Hoang Moffatt 
Joanne Catherine Monaco 
Jose D. Morales 
Michael William Nattel 
Brian Thomas Nolan 
Chanel Leigh Norton 
Albert Stephen Oetken 
Thomas Patrick Palermo 
James David Pfister 
Carol Elaine PoUak 
Andrew Edward Reid 

2nd Degree: English Language 

and Literature 
Molly Rebecca Rushefsky 
Mark Shatrowsky 
Stephen Christopher Sheedy 
Daniel Hyung-Sub Sliin 
Scott Robert Shinskie 
Todd Richard Slosek 
Marcus Ricardo Smallwood 
James L. Spathis 
Dawn Denise Steeley 
Kerry Lynn Stone 
Drew L. Stoneman 
Cristopher Ross Sutton 
Jeffrey Allan Taylor 
Jonathan Eric Taylor 
Michael Andrew Tennant 
Tracy Alane Timmons 
Zoya Nikolaevna Tsyganenkot 
Christopher Barrett Waugaman 
Matthew Alan Wray 

Interior Design 

Josefina Marie Patterson 


Shaw Fong Feng 
Michelle Fei-Lien Hong 
Andrea Michelle Hurlen 
David S. Yoon 

Jewish Studies 

Carolyn Rachelle Isaacs* 


John Edward Drury 
Terence Charles Lynch 
Sumie Sasagawa 
Carol Ann Sniegoski 


Paul Alden Bachmann 
Jonathan Dunham Davis 
Aida B. Mahmood 
Winona Frances Stanback 
Michael Brent Washburn 


Christian Sean Anderson 
Sharon Tova Auerbach 
InBum Chung 

2nd Degree: English Language 

and Literature 
Courtenay Dahkota Fought 
Terri Denise Granison 
Tracy LaNelle Jeffries 
Dennis Henri Kapoyos 
Shiko Moshe Kazin 
Michael James Kirkpatrick 
Richard Douglas North 
Matthew Sadowsky 
Kelly Ann Schuler 
Julie Elaine Sieracki 
Jonathan Holbrook Smith 
Erika Allison Sperling 
Rowan Emerson Spies 
David Martin Sullivan 

Tadayuki Wakabayashi 
Erik Peter Youngberg 

Radio, Television and Film 

Cathy A. Levin 
Michael Edward Moore 
Oscar Nils Gustaf Nestell 
Pamela Jean Ortiz 
Dwight J. Paris 
Audrey G. Portman 
Thomas Andrew Prather 

Romance Languages 

Sabrina Rose Simpson 

Russian Area Studies 

Armand Lee Bowers§ 
Joseph Michael Huculak 

Russian Language and Literature 

Amanda Lynn Babcock 
Sharon Marie Boss 
Philip Arthur Kabatt 
Irina Magnis 
Hosun Kang Paik 
Virginia Sas-Winnicki* 

Spanish Language 
and Literature 

Gustavo Jose Alonso-Moreno 
Wendi Leigh Barradale 
Renzo Andree Bejarano 
David Andrew Birrert 

2nd Degree: Finance 
Padraic Christopher Brown 
Lauren Kee Carlson 
Ariane Pui Cheung 
Lisa Langdon DiPaula 

2nd Degree: General Business 

and Management 
Maureen Patricia Fallon 
Alexis Michelle Flanagan 
Anne M.J. Hafner-Goodson§ 


§ Summa cum Laude f Magna cum Laude 'cumLaude 


Ketty Vera Hill 
Anika Tuere Ingram 
Bounheng Inversin 

2nd Degree: Family Studies 
Bernard Larry Jones Jr. 
Hwajeen Lee 
Mark W. Lee 
Thomas Watson Martin 
Roberto Jose Matus Jr. 

2)id Degree: Cciiernl Business 

and Management 
Elizabeth Ann Norton 
Jessica Wynne Pond 
Suzanne Michele Ward 
Sharmayne Elizabeth Yates 
Judith Rachel Zawatsky 

Speech Communication 

Elizabeth Halley Altschuler 
Melanie Lara Baumel 
Marcella Renee Black 
Herbert Lionel Cares Jr. 
Jonathan David Dosik 
Timothy Calder Eagan 
Brent Harold EUwood 
Richard Michael Goldstein 
Jason Douglas Grant 
Peter William Haber 
Kimberly Renae House 
Kevin Jude Joyce 
Anna Karavanov* 
Margaret Elizabeth Kelly 
William Joseph LaCosta 
Aamena Aslam Malik 

2nd Degree: Government and 

Lee Kendall Moody 
Kimberly Molly O'Sullivan 
Peter Yvan Ostella 
Aashish J. Parekh 
Brad Alan Quint 

Jay L. Schumer 
Stephanie Cua See 
Robin Diane Shepherd 
Eric David Shuster 
Adam A. Stettner 
Christopher Ernest Streight 
Douglas M. Warner Jr. 
Alisha Lynn Weiner 
Melissa Lynn Weiser 


Robyn Gail Lewis 
David Lavi'rence Marcus 
Douglas Wayne Montequin 
Meghan Marie Murphy 
Jerry Scott Richardson 
Richard Shawn White 

Women's Studies 

Ellen Elizabeth Harris 

Bachelor of Music 


Yuha Lee 

Alexandra Lynn Smith 

Music — Instrument 

Jaime Albert Tauler 

Music — Piano 

Eun Ha Chungt 

Music — Voice 

Suzanne Laumbach Luftt 

Bachelor of Science 

Interior Design 

Victoria Tiernev Davis 


Bachelor of Arts 

Afro-American Studies 

Nina Terese Britton 
Susanna Sum Sum Choy 
Keri-Lee Gottlieb 
Michael William McArthur 
Karen Lawon Moore 
Maiya ReChetta Sutton 
William Henderson Vaughan IV 
Enrique John Young 


Christopher Richard Collins 
Meagan Ok Frame 

2nd Degree: Art Studio 

3rd Degree: Biological Sciences 
Leilani Velasquez Francisco 
Shari Lynn Haldeman 
Patricia Roseanne Lisle* 

2nd Degree: Accounting 
George Lamont Mitchell 
Margaret Elizabeth Noonan 
Janina Marta O'Brien Trent 
Daniel Alejandro Reyes 
Stephanie Lynn Ridenour 
Francesca Jenet Tadle 
Simone V. Pereira Vale 

2nd Major: French Language 

and Literature 
Sharada A. Vemekar 

Criminal Justice 

Kimberly Rochelle Allen 
Christopher Jay Anglim 
Francine Burbridge 
Adam Lee Globerman 
Eugene A. Gray Jr. 

Kenneth Roger Leclercq 
Paul John McAllister 
Mark Patrick McAndrews 
Brian William McElhenny 
Ross Adam Moskowitz 
Maoneyi Mariyawanda Nzuwah 
Seth David Scharf 
Mark Thomas Walsh 
Michael Tyree Warren 
Derrick Adron Wigglesworth 


Brent Matthew Cooper 
Mark Christopher Gorman 

Criminology and Criminal Justice 

Chris B. Abrahams 
Jason Christopher Agamaite 
Jeffrey Warren Ambush 
Brad Harris Axel 
Ursula F. Barnes 
Robert Lee Bennett Jr. 
Michael Alex Berlin 
Laurie Jill Besdent 
Michael Darren Bordi 
Tara Nicole Boulier 
Wayne C. Bristol 
Stephanie Lee Brown 
Robert Jason Cadrette 
Jason J. Caroff* 
Christopher Alan Carter 
Thomas Edward Cavada 
April Michelle Cheek 
Michael Devin Chembars 
Robert George Chomo 
Sharon Ann Clarke 
Andrea Lynn Cohn 
Sean Allen Craig 
Laura Crean 
Kelly Renee Crisp 
John Wilson Crogan 
Pamela Diane DeLoach 


§ Summa cum Laude t Magna cum iMude ' cum iMude 

U N 1 V 1-: R S I T Y 



Thomas Michael Donnelly 
Cynthia Marie Dougherty 
Kalani Joy Douglas 
Aaron Thomas Duchak 
Edward John Duckhom 
Patricia A. Duckworth 
Mark Douglas Dudek 
Alfredo Junior Dunn 
Daniel Eatman Jr. 
Eric Stephen Eickholz 
David S. Evensky 
Anthony Michael Fiorita 
Michael Joseph FitzGibbon 
Ryan Scott Forman 
Elizabeth Catherine Fries 
Stacey L. Garofalo 
Nicole Monique Hairston 
James Michael Hanlon 
Mark William Henderson 
Marian Elizabeth Henry 

2nd Major: Family Studies 
Meghan Lara Hepler 
Jason Patrick Hicks 
Domiento Cornelius Hill 
Michelle Elizabeth Hill 
Nicole Renee-Teresa Hillman 
Yanique Lynnie Hodge 
Kevin Dean Hoefs 
Shannon Rei Impett 
Ray Mounir Jaber 
Michael Robert Kainu 
Kelechi Idika Kalu 
Michelle Wendy Kimmel 
Tracy Christine Knight 
Jennifer Sheryl Kolodny 
Julie L. Komiske 
Renee Suzanne Linn 
Joelle Nicole Mackenzie 
Arthur Joseph Mackie 
Kevin Daniel Mailman 
Conrad Aprecio Manlapaz Jr. 
Jennifer Michele Manning 

Tiffani Adele Marks 
Timothy Thomas Martin 
Mayra Eugenia Martinez 
Melissa S. Mazor 
Stephen James Mellynchuk 
Shawnta Javaar Minor 
Noel Gabriel Monte 

2nd Major: Psychology 
Terence Sean Moore 
Tim Glen Mootz 
Sean G. Moran 
Jeffrey Alan Mumford 
PJii Trong Nguyen 
Michael Adam Ober 
Maudlyn Mary Ofori 
Margaret A. Okibedi 
Timothy T. Fagliocchini 
Vishwas Mahendra Parekh 
Teresa Marie Parker 
Matthew David Parks 
Sekong Dao Paul 
Nhat Tan Pham 
Roberto Pietrobono 
Candice Nicole Proctor 
Ralph Dorsey Quillen III 
Alberteen Vemeesa Rar\som 
Wendy Marie Reed 
Karen Arm Richards 
Eric Mitchell Rodkin 
Steven Norwood Roeseler 
Monifa M. Russell 
Barbara F. Ryan 
Teremun A. Salmon 
Manuel Jorge Saponara 
Rebecca Noel Schneider 
Anthony Joseph Sciandra 
Greta Beth Siekierka 
John Michael Simonian 
Thomas Henry Smith I1I§ 
Christina Marie Stanbery 
Joan Ellen Stirling 
Patricia Adele Taliaferro 

Glerm Raymond Taylor 
Jamie Michele Teitel 
Terry Mondell Thomas 
Brian Joseph Tomes 
Myrta I. Velez-Funes 
Tisha Petrice Waiters 
Michael Anthony Walker 

2nd Major: Afro-American Studies 
Raphael Jonathon Wall 
Ahson Margaret Walsh 
Sheri Lynne Windsor 
Robert Scott Witthohn 
Lisa Danielle Young 


Mohamad Nazim A. Samad 
Mohamed Ahmed Abdi 
Jung Hun An 
Felix Michael Arnold 
Dawn Dulany Austin 
Mark Douglas Barrett 
Peter Andrew Brown 
Elizabeth Laura Buck 
Velvette M CaUz 
Jonas de OUveira Campino 
Dean Harris Catlin 
William W. Choi* 

2nd Degree: Accounting 

3rd Degree: Finance 


§ Summa cum Laude f Magna cum Laude * cum Laude 



B E R 19 9 5 

Lan Tuyet Chu 
Alan Douglas Copsey 
Daniel Doischen 
Ryan Thomas Elliott 
Renee Michele Esposito 
Steven Russell Farrell 
Adam David Feinbergt 

2nd Major: Government and 

Christopher Edward Feltman 
Matthew Harrison Fleming 
Anthony Earnest Frame 
George Nelson Freeman 
Tony Garmacone III 
Sandy Joy Gasper 
Christopher M. Gaston 
San Frisco George 
Bahar V. Ghaffari 
Vida Suzan Ghaffari 
Andrew Alan Greenhouse 
Scott Andrew Hansen 
Philippe Henri Heiche 

2nd Degree: Mathematics 
Fadi Adel Hijjawi 
Jason Desmond Hill 
Bryan C. Hinds 
Jeffrey Braden Hofstetter 
Thaddaeus Brice Hubbard 
Gail Yvonne Ingram 
Norman Newton Ingram 
Nasser Marwan Kanafani 
Eric Brian Kaplan 
Henry Thomas Kasper 
Dave Lowell Kenyon 
Hyung Jin Kim 
Jae Y. Kim 

Steven Andrew Klapper 
John Walter Kozikowski 
Lak-Bing Rainnes Kwai 
Jeff S. Lee 

Rayner R. Matthews 
Richard Jauyang Ni 

Cynthia Okafor 
Sylvia K. Okafor 
Marlon Junio Ramsay 
Michelle Andrea Rawlins 
Heith Derek Rodman 

2nd Major: Go-ocrnment and 

Erik David Rushing 
Robert Royce Satterfield 
Kevin James Sauls 
Christopher Micheal Shea 
Carole Jean Sheerin 
David Karl Solomon 
Makini Olabisi Street 
Mariam Tekle-Haimanot 

2nd Degree: French Language 

and Literature 
Bang Dang Tran 
Matthew Green Trone 
Inci Sema Turkman 
David Craig Vincent 
Nicolas Wasilewski 
Bryan Harris Weiner 
Jonathan Herz Wilkins 
Henry Ma Wong 
Seleshi Yirga 

2nd Degree: Computer Science 

Government and Politics 

Emmanuel Aaron Bonhomme 
Mary Elaine Brackett 
Joel David Brodiet 

2nd Major: Economics 
Reeni Ellen Brooks 
Thomas Anthony Bucci 
Diana Dawn Carver 
Adam Renfro Chrisney 
Eric Jon Ciliberti 
Eric Lee Cole 
Paul Donnally Crist* 
Antony Somerset Cruit§ 
Lisa Maria DelGaudio 

Melissa Beth Derwart 
Natalia Ekzarkhov 
Craig Weldon Estey 
Misty Fallik 
Christine Ann Gallucci 
Patrick David Gardner 
Alan Philip Goodwich 
Carrie Elaine Greenland 
Christopher Michael Gruin 
Michael E. Haddadt 

2nd Major: History 
Ani Hallajian 
Thomas Michael Henry III 
Jerry Wayne Heyn Jr. 
Holly Anissa Hopkins 
Robert P. Hopkins 
Amir Demian Jahansir 
Samantha Paul Kenny 
David Shelton Mack 
Matthew Benjamin Maggitti 
Aamena Aslam Malik 

2nd Degree: Speech Communication 
Michelle M. McNutt 
Kimberly Ann Meyerdirk 
Dennis Gregorie Middleton 
Terence Andrew Miller 
Samantha Jane Mitchell 
Jennifer Beth Moeller 
Christopher Martin Murray 
Desiree R. Myrie 
Daniel Howard Nadash 
Mark Eric Norris 
Stephen B. Outlaw 
Charles Raymond Owens 
Marc Christopher Papa 
Jong Soo Park 
Karl Chungfee Park Jr. 
Julie Alex Pavlovsky 
Angel Perez 
Brett Alan Pisciotta 
Nathan John Pollock 
Daniela Grace Puglisi* 

Cartia Marie Quander 
Cyrus Loren Raafat 
Michael Phillip Ralsky 
Nicholas Andrew Ritzmann 
Heith Derek Rodman 

2nd Degree: Economics 
Jose Omar Rosario 
Terence Russell 
Patricia Olivia Salinas 
Andrea Gail Schulman 
Tracey Elizabeth Schustert 
Michael Serrano 
Celia Beth Siebenmann 

2nd Major: Spanish Language 

and Literature 
Edward Martin Siegel 
Neil Richard Smullian 
Erika Diane Steinbach 
Jeffrey Raymond Stier 
Scott David Szymendera 
Miltiadis Nikolaos Theologou 
Terrence L. Walker 
Andreas Oliver Walter 
Michael George Yiallouros 
Foster Scott Zisk 

Hearing and Speecli Sciences 

Traci Lynn Barnes 
Irene Lula Dartoozos 
Kristina Colby Ehrhardt 
Julie Diana Etzler 
Jill Meredith Farber 
Michael L. Hamlin 
Shishir Jha 

Amanda Fay Kleinman 
Jessica Kovacs Pessin 
Myriam Johanna Rivera 
Stefanie Joy Schiff 
Laura Ann Sprague 

§ Stimnm cum Lniirie f Mnf^a cum Lnuiie 'cumLmidc 



C O L L E G 



Ali Abrishami 
Tiffany Ann Ambrogit 
Stacey Lynn Barton 
Kristen Mary Beard 
Jeimifer Ann Benavides 
Stephanie Christine Boudreau 
Mordka Braxatoris 
Heather Ann Brooks 
Patricia May Brown 
Joanne Marie Bucklin 
Chavdar Peters Chuknyisky 
Jimmy Y. Chung 
Meghan Kathleen Cronin 
Frank Charles Denison 

2nd Major: Criminology and 

Criminal Justice 
Tancred Rohan Dickens 

2nd Major: French Language 

and Literature 
Jermifer Michele Dillingham 
Jonathan Andrew Disbennett 
Shawn Patrick Eigenbrode 
Stanley Richard Eramia 
Michael David Feldman 
Larissa Joy Grant* 
Steven Jay Handwerger 
Faye Regina Harrell 
Tina Marie Harris 
Nevin Brooke HiUiard 
Jacqueline Michelle Hirsch 
Letisha D. Kishna 
Tonya Leigh Kundrat 
Beverly Nadine Lee§ 
Stefanie Joy Lehmann 
Kimberly Shane Magee 
Noel Elizabeth MoUica 
Agnes Ann Nestor 
Linh Ai Ngo 

Tuyet\'an Mari Nguyen-Le 
Amy Robyn Nichols 
Randy Jay MarceUana Pagulayan 

Nishu Rohit Parikh 
Karen Marie Pasta 
Sara Maria Pazos 
Alexander Caldwell Pitzner 
Richard Bond PoUard 
Susan C. Reynolds 
Judith A. Rose 

2nd Major: Criminology 

and Criminal Justice 
Patrick Lee Russell 
Kerry Kathleen Sands 
David Jo Scaffidi-DomianeUo 
Jennifer Lynn Schouten 
Brandon Michael Schreder 
Mary Marshall Seaver§ 
Bradley Alan Simpson 
Catherine Marie Slye 
Julie Wynne Spikloser 
Nicole Themistocles Theoharis 
Jacqueline EUen Viess 
Susan Elizabeth VUlegas 

2nd Major: Criminology and 

Criminal Justice 
Lucy Elizabeth WardeU 
JameU Delaine Whitet 
Laura Elaine WQkerson 
Kimberley Jean Wilson 
Richard C.B. Woods Jr. 


Michael James Allen 
Rahel Amanuel 
Edgar Ulysses Artiga 
Sachin Suresh Arurkar 
Sharonne Misha Avissar 
Teena Ayoub 
Seunghye Baick 
Samuel Michael Barocas 
Sarah Beth Barren 
Pete M. Brandon 
Elizabeth Chase Caldroney 
Susanna Chemyakhovsky 
Stephanie Ann Cherry 

Sarala Chhetri 

Joseph Frederick D'Alor\zo 

Susan K. Dean 

Craig Patrick Dixon 

HoUy Lauren Edelstein 

Susan Elizabeth Ferris 

Denise Melanie Fisher 

David Friedman 

Brian Kenneth Glover 

CordeU Wallace Golden 

Lawrence Eugene Gross 

Robin E. Hart 

Timothy O'Hara Higgirs 

Michael Joseph Janowich III 

Louise R. Jararrullo 

Janise Cecelia Johnson 

NicheUe Dawn Johnson 

Leslie Diane Kerhin 

Mark Woojin Kim 

Lonnie Kieu Le 

Christine Lee 

Diahanna Yvonne McLaughlin 

Bradley Paul Miklasz 

Kedra Devonne Mitchell 

Margaret Ann Moore 

Lisa Beth Muscara 

Mukta Nayyar 

Harry Ivan Neal 

Gregory Martin Nelin 

Rebecca Lynn Perry 

Wendy Diane Pittman 

Kelly Danielle Ray 

Phyllis Raye Reed§ 

Scott Steeple Rupprecht 

Stacey Renee Russ 

Noriko Saitoh 

April Ann Saunders 

Mireya Saway 

Neil Edward Schirmer 

NUdd Keir Simpson 

Rohini Nadine Singhf 

Veron Rosalyn Stewart 
Ehmcan Bruce Stone 
Mitchell Mauritz Swanson 
Richelle Dorothea Todd 
Tara TacheUe TownseU 
Christina Viejo 
Fred Gent Viers 
Troy Leon Wallace 
Kimberly Ann Webster 
Monica Denise Williams 

Urban Studies 

Marc Douglas Granahan 

Bachelor of Science 


Matthew Ou'en Blanchard 
Jeremy Joseph Deeken 
Richard Francis Hartnett 
Kelly Arm Headen 
Thomas Roy Homer 
Russell M. Lahti 
Michael Paul Morahan 
Jonathan David Stovall 
Dmitri Wasilewski 


Stuart Kevin Amateaut 
John Robert Beuerle 
Mark M. Chou 
Rebecca Anne Cowman 
Justin Wade Gardner* 
Sean Michael Manning 
Craig Junius Martin 
Diana L. Mills 
Nita Kanti Patel 
Deborah Ann Ruffing 
Scott Howard Schwartz 
Sharon Andrea Scotland 
Trevor Newman Sullins 
Jacqueline Rebecca Thompson 
Seth Mitchell Tuwiner 


§ Summa cum Laude f Magna cum Laude * cum Laude 


1' O ii U N D H R C; R A i:) U A l- H D H C] R E E S 

D E C E M B E R 


Bachelor of Science 


Faisal Ali 

2nd Major: Finance 
David Kirby Amtmarm 
Kyle Douglas Anderson 
Grayson Chin-Seng Ang 
Kathleen Marie Argel 
Agnieszka Hubert Barnes 
Christine Sonia Bartoszyk 
Edward Carl Bennett 
Jason Garret Bemzweig 

2nd Major: Finance 
Christopher Bosch 
Robert David Brown 
Jung Yoon Byun 
Maria Canda 

Maritza Isolina Carmouze 
Mark Julius Cerulla 
Alan Chan 
Andrew L. Chan 
Chantha Stephanie Chan 
William W. Choi* 

2nd Degree: Economics 

3rd Degree: Finance 
Lei-Peng Chong 
Rukmini Devi Choudary 
Beau Diepold 

Michael Brian Dunkleberger 
Melissa Jane Edwards 
Ramin Ehteshami 

2nd Major: Finance 
Lisa Barrington Elton 
Katrina Brewster Fair 
Michelle Good Ferrando 
Robert C. Foster 

2nd Major: Finance 

Genet Gonfa 
Joanne T. Goudounis 
Jesse Mario Griffin 
Karen Hang 

2nd Major: Logistics and 

Carole Lynn Harrington 
Cynthia Ann Haynes 
Lisa Diane Heim 
Gunnar Edward Hempel 
Kwok-Kuen Ho 
Steven John Hollis 
Michael E. Houchins 
Wei-Yu Hsin 
Xiaolei Huang 

2nd Major: Mathematics 
Robert Guy Hudgins 
Richard Paul Hyatt 
Antrium G. Jones 
Donna Frances Josepht 

2nd Major: General Business 

and Management 
Sylva Tina Kholanian 
Jeffrey David Klotz 
Shih-Hao Steve Kuo 
Anthony Lam 
Yip Lam 

Scott Sunwon Lee 
Seung Jae Lee 
Allyson Michelle Lewis 
Patricia Rosearme Lisle 

2nd Degree: Anthropology 
Tracy A. Low 
John Thomas Mack 
Jan Mannette 
Deanna Lyn McRae 
Kristin Ann Medvetz 

2nd Major: Finance 
Nancy Mugwagwa 
Shawna Jane O'Hagan 
Penelope Pratt Oland 
Lixin Pan* 

Regan Whalen Pass 

Heather Hunt Patel 

Matthew Alan Perkins 

Lisa Monique Uwimana Phillips 

2nd Major: Logistics and 

Jamie Michele Pogach§ 
Christine Ellen Power 

2nd Degree: English Language 

and Literature 
Lan Khiet Quach 
Janeel Ann Ramsey 
Christine Louise Reible 
Seoung Tae Rhim 

2nd Major: Finance 
Jordan Asher Rich 
Todd Patrick Rose 
Emily Josephine Tyler Ruddo 
Jill Marie Salazar 
Guan Zong Sang 
Scott Gary Schlenoff 
Stephanie Marie Schummer 
Bonnie Jean Seal 
William Eck Bardon Sheehan 
Lori Sherman 
Sasha J. Singh 
Ben Abraham Sircus 
Morten Lykke Sorensen* 
Curt Christopher Stine 
Mary Emma Sweeney 
Dyon Farrar Toney 
Elizabeth Anne Urich 
Christina Marie VanSlycke 
Lynda Marie Walsh 
Joshua Meyer Wilbur 
Deborah Patrice Wright 

2nd Major: Finance 
Michael John Wright 
Lynn Young Yu 
Konstadinos Zaharopoulos 

2nd Major: Finance 
Anthony Joseph 2fezzo 

Linda Ling Zhang 


Adrian Darius Bachman 

2nd Major: General Business 

and Management 
Dianna Kim Beals 
Anjali Bector 
David Andrew Birrer§ 

2nd Degree: Spanish Language 

and Literature 
Daniel Blaner lU 
Mark David Bowers 
Robert Edward Brenengen 
Sudhir Chand 
William W. Choi* 

2nd Degree: Economics 

3rd Degree: Accounting 
Frederick Stirling Clark 
Kirk Thomas Cook 
Adam Victor Croll 
Craig E. Davis 
Quyen Ai Diep 
Ryan Maughan Fleming 
AbitaUe Fofana 
Sergio Xavier GaUndo 
Ivan Ernesto Garzon 
Ryan Joseph Gazelle 
Jonathan Brad Hackerman 
Lisa Shawntae Hicks 
Timothy Prince HoUand 

2nd Major: Marketing 
Jerlyn Te Hua 

2nd Degree: Management and 

Karen Ljoin Komorowski 
Jeffrey Richard Kuntz 
Shen Hriung G. Lam 

2nd Degree: Management and 

Michael Kim Lee 
Myung Sook Lee 

§ Summa cum Laude f Magna cum Laude * cum iMude 


U N 1 V E R S 



Yolanda Lee 

2nd Major: Accounting 
Joshua Aaron Lelchook 
Giovanni Levato 

2nd Major: General Business 

and Management 
Brian Douglas Liga 
Amy Lu 

2nd Major: Logistics and 

Betty Lu 

2nd Major: Logistics and 

Atiya Yasmin Mahmood 
Andre Dos Santos Marques 
Michelle Lisa Martinson 

2nd Major: General Business 

and Management 
Amrita Mattoo 

2nd Degree: General Business 

and Management 
SLnYeong Park 
Chirag C. Patel 
Samir M. Patel 

2nd Major: Economics 
Robert M. Pilles 
Panagiotis George Plotas 
Jennifer Mara Polinger 

2nd Major: Accounting 
Olivera Rita Radakovic 
Brian F. Romer 

2nd Degree: Marketing 
Sherry Rosa Rutishauser* 
Dana Judith Schnore 
Roger J. Shakra 
Abdulkadir Ahmed Sharif 

2nd Major: General Business 

and Management 
William Howard Somervell 
Matthew Sean Swyndle 
Ting-Yun Ut 

Ten-I Wei 

2nd Major: General Business 

and Management 
Glenn C. Wheaton 
Jason Paul White 

2nd Major: Economics 
Scott Joseph Wilbur 
Brian Lewis Yates 

General Business and 

Marie Katariina Ahlgren Stephanos 
John F. Balderrama 
Richard Carl Bethman 
Suzanne Bums 

2nd Major: Markering 
David Jeffrey Byck 
Yong Hoon Byun 
Eric S. Cahn 
Catherine Sebastian Chakiath* 

2nd Major: Logistics and 

Mi Fong Betty Chant 

2nd Major: Human Resource 

Andrew P. Chi 

2nd Major: Logistics and 

Joseph Thomas Coughlan 
Patrick Doyle Cummings 
Malcolm Marc Dennis 
Lisa Langdon DiPaula 

2nd Degree: Spanish Language 

and Literature 
Giiler Er 

Cecilia Esther Flamer 
Pedro Maynor Godinez 
Patricia A. Grew 
Karin Ivonne Hasse 
Vivian W. Hsia 
Matthew Eric Karwowski 
Leeshu Baines Kennedy 

Doris P. La 

Lisa Marie Lusdg 

Cheryl Denise Martin 

2nd Degree: Spanish Language 

and Literature 
Amrita Mattoo 

2nd Major: Finance 
Roberto Jose Matus Jr. 

2nd Degree: Spanish Language 

and Literature 
Kevin Patrick McDermott 

2nd Major: Logistics and 

Anthony W. Mealo 
Gary Wayne Morris 
Andrew James MullLn 
Suet-Ying Ng 

2nd Major: Logistics and 

Rebecca Claire North 

2nd Major: Logistics and 

Evan Alan Peterst 
Tracy Lynn Ricker 

2nd Degree: Spanish Language 

and Literature 
William Francis Riggs 
Darlese R. Robinson 
Touspon Rojnakarint 

2nd Major: Logistics and 

Gwendolyn Elaine Seaton 
Stephanie Ann Sheldon 

2nd Degree: Spanish Language 

and Literature 
Christopher Michael Sloan 
Frank Charles Sokol 

2nd Major: Logistics and 

David Clark Stevenson 
Charles Scott Sweeney 
Geeta Kumari Trehan 

2nd Major: Finance 
Angela L. Walker 
James Alec Whitmon II 
John Daniel Zielinski Jr. 

Human Resource Management 

Rosalind Maria Blunt 
Grace A. Georgiadis 
Christopher William Hartsock§ 

2nd Major: Finance 
Jeannette Arlene Kemerer 
James Finley McMurry III 

2nd Major: Production 

Cecilia M. Correia Murtinha 
Gabrielle Elizabeth Smith 
Jamie Lyn Starr 
Kathleen Yates Thompson 
Jennifer Ann Wagner* 
Nicole Latencia Walker 
Sean Sommerfeld Wray 

Logistics and Transportation 

Arline Cheryl Apfelbaum 

2nd Major: Marketing 
Morris C. Barren 
Jude LaFontaine Buquid 

2nd Major: Economics 
Beverly Janeen Depp 
Kenneth Dunne§ 
Jay Intra 
Michael Jareed 
Thomas Edward Kovac 

2nd Major: Marketing 
Yoko Kume 
Joshua Louis Levine 

2nd Major: General Business 

and Management 
Henry Lester Long IV 
Charmelito Catahan Marteja 


§ Summa cum Laude f Magna cum Laude * cum Laude 


Suet-Ying Ng 

2nd Major: General Business 

and Management 
Quang Anh Pham 
Francis Michael Scott 

2nd Major: Marketing 
Frank Charles Sokol 

2nd Major: General Business 

and Management 
Alexander William Stainbum 

Management Science and 

Cindy Germaine Agudelo 

Nivo Harisoa Andriamasilalao 

Celeste A. Azcue 

Mary Jane Olarte Bacsinila 

Chuen Kei Choi 

Jet\son S. Daniel 

Todd Harold Drake 

Fabricio Ernesto Fermin 

Marjan Ghorashi 

Jerlyn Te Hua 

2nd Degree: Finance 
Katrina Celia Hunsaker 

2nd Degree: Marketing 
Monica Minjung Kim 
Shen Hriimg G. Lam 

2nd Degree: Finance 

2nd Major: Finance 
Pamela J. Langdon 
Thuan Anh Le 
Hon Fai Liew 
Tobey Lynn Pannuty 
Nam Phong Quach 
Stephanie Denise Rivas 
Tracy A. Sales 


Carolyn T. Aliaga 
Peter John Andres 

Richard Alan Baker 
John Anthony Seal 
Kitty Brige 

2nd Major: General Business 

and Management 
Suzanne Bums 

2nd Major: General Business 

and Management 
Tuck-Lai Choo 
Lily Cuk 

Robert Matthew Davis 
Christine Mary Garrett 
Tung Xuan Ha 
Timothy Prince Holland 

2nd Major: Finance 
Jason Christopher Howlin 
Katrina Celia Hunsaker 

2nd Degree: Management 

Science and Statistics 
Sabrina Islam 
Sue June Kim 

2nd Degree: French Language 

and Literature 
Gregg Franklin Lipson* 
Stephen Dale McFeely 
Theodore Roosevelt McNeU II 
Rosita M. Mendez 
Keith Ransome Myers 

2nd Major: General Business 

and Management 
Quynh Ngoc Ngo 
Roseanne Reese 
Brian F. Romer 

2nd Degree: Finance 
Akiba Edith Saeedi 
Yaron Samid 
Francis Michael Scott 

2nd Degree: Logistics and 

William Gregg Sterling 
James Arthur Stream 
Patricia Marie Sylva 

Bryant Lamont Turner 
Bonny Hajeung Um 
Jeffrey Michael Wagner 
Brian Stephen Walsh 

2nd Major: Logistics and 

Mark Evan Wexler 
Alison M. Willetts 
Paul Timothy Wills 
Ching Pui Yip 

2nd Major: Logistics and 



Bachelor of Science 


Manuel Antonio Montoro 
David Edvi'ard Moon 

Computer Science 

Marcus Salim Acham 
Syed Saqib Ali 
Kapildeep S. Bakshi 

2nd Degree: Electrical 

Yemane Berhane 
Ruplu Bhattacharya 

2nd Degree: Electrical EtJgineering 
Richard Vincent Bradley 
Szu L. Chin 

Francis Thomas Cunningham 
Kevin A. Davis 
Geoffrey Sherwood Demitz 
Youssef Ennaciri 
Peter William Friedman 
Rebecca C. Granger 
Kevin Middleton Gregg 

Yuqing Guo 

2nd Major: Mathematics 
Jane C. HoUinger 
James Byron Humphries 
Eric Michael Kascic 
Ashish Khurana* 
John Chongdae Kim 
David James Kocur 
Christopher C.P. Lee 
Teh-Lin Lee 

2nd Degree: Electrical Engineering 
John William Locke 111 
Peter Hoang Ly 
Deborah Ann Maggitti 
Sean Richard McCluskey 
John Vincent Messina 
Raymond Edward Mosley 
Santhoshalakskmi Mukundan 
Teresa A. Narvaez 
Hanh Xuan Nguyen 
Khayyam Khalid Noon 
Hee Tae Park 
Jay Douglas Parsons 
David Daryl Peugh 
Gregory Rabinovich 
Jonathan William Repaci 
Dong Woo Shin 
Edward Alex Shnekendorft 
Levi B. Stamper 
Frantz Tanis 

Leo Joseph Pascal Thomas 
Gitta Toussi 
Chi V. Tran 
Hongbich Tran 
Stanley Tso 
Eric Lewis Uythoven 
Rajeev J. Ved 
Gustavo Horacio Verdun 

2nd Degree: Electrical Engineering 
Yevgeniy Lazarevich Vereta 
Tuan G. Vuong 
Ronald Walla 


§ Summa cum Laude f Magna cum Laude * cum Laude 


O L L U G 1£ 


Jung-Hong Wang 
Tamaki Watanabe 
Geoffrey Gwillym Weiss 
Gilbert Folk Whitmer Jr. 
Penelope Kay Wong-Clayton 

2nd Degree: Electrical Engineering 
Seleshi Yirga 

2nd Degree: Econmics 
Hyo Jving Yoo 
Michael Steven Younkers 

2nd Degree: Electrical Engineering 


Romeo Satumino Dacquel II 
Daniel Carl Patronik 
Robert Stephen Schultz Jr. 
Roberta Lynn Winters 


Christopher Michael Benedick 
Jennifer Arm Billings§ 
Allen Keith Brooks 
Anthony H. Chan 
Kenneth C. Cline 
Pamela Nancy Geiling 
Vital Almeta Green 
Philippe Henri Heiche 
2nd Degree: Economics 
Daniel Lee McMuIlen 
Yaron Oren-Pines 
Chirag V. Patel 
Nicole Alicia Peart 
Kyrke Orrin Stephen 

Physical Sciences 

Jawad Atimed 
Hosein Igharu 
Stephen Paul Klueter 
Heather Suzanne Marler 
Dean Philip Pinson 
Norman Y. Singer 

Anthony Warren Woo 


Pita Atala 

Michael Edward Howard 
Constantine Peter Vlahacos 
Ming Yin Wong 


Bachelor of Arts 

Secondary Education — Art — 

Jennifer Leigh Clowser 
2nd Degree: Art Studio 
John Scott Mattingly 
Nicole Alexandra Motruk 

Secondary Education — English 
(Language Arts) — Professional 

Kristin M. Cohen 
Michelle Denise Foels 
Nancy Michelle Foote 
Tara Cauley Gallagher 
John Richard GuUixson 
Laura A. Marion 
Kimberly Anne Mink 

2nd Degree: English Language 

and Literature 
Emily Kathleene Mitchell 
Tracy Ann Runfolat 
Lisa Michelle Sorensent 

Secondary Education — Social 
Studies — Professional 

Kristin Erin Barrett 
Peter David Beach 

2nd Major: History 
Robert Allan Bjerkaas 
Teresa Marie Cannon 

Eric Hans Haversack 
Warren Steven Levy 
Elizabeth Hendeyeh Qubty 
Laura Ann Sarantis 
Gerri Christine Trezza 

Secondary Education — Speech 
and English — Professional 

Steven W. Haves 
Gerald Dale Lee Jr. 

Bachelor of Science 

Early Childhood Education — 

Sonita Khan Almas 

Gillian Leigh Aricson 

Kimberly Arden Bantit 

Mar)' Ellen Barrowst 

Susan Elizabeth Barry 

Lisa Marie Beal 

Lisa Andrea Belcourt 

Pauline Andree Bervard-Massoc 

Andrea Smith Borie 

Jennifer Ruth Butlert 

Alissa Kim Carter 

Jessica Kyung Choe 

Jennifer Alice Dickinson 

Nancy Russell Dowd 

Jennifer Lyrui Eig 

Ti-Anna Marie Goff 

Laura Stephanie Goode 

Amy Jo Goodman 

KeUey Lynn Guidicet 

Mami Lyn Haas 

Linda Anne Haley 

Marcia Hamilton 

Jennifer Lynn Haynes 

Kristin Jo Hoglund 

Mary Ellen Hokanson 

Lucia Mei-Man Hsen 

Melanie Joyce Keffer 

Hilary Porter La Forge 
Jennifer Lynn Lazur 
Nicole Lyn Lloyd 
Jennifer S. Maitland 
Jena B. Michos 
Katherine L. Morin 
Marianne Elizabeth Murdock 
Jennifer Rae Murphy 
Michele Lynn Neville 
Colleen Patricia Payne 
Barbara Marie Pedevillano 
Lorraine Marie Piper 
Ann Marie Rawson 
Lauren Hope Schlossenberg 
Jodi Schnall 
Tina Louise Shoffner 
Jennifer Lynn Silverman 
Gillian Ann E. Smith 
Jennifer Joy Starace 
Karen Sue Stevenson* 
Barbara Ann Temer 
EvelvTi Vazquez 

Education — Music K-12 — 

Kenneth Allen Goldsborough 
Sarah Elaine Schmidt 
Jeffrey Warren Summers 
Richard William Twigg 

Elementary Education — 

Gar)' Louis Barone 
Lonnie Lee Baumgardnerf 
Donna M. Burgess§ 
Marie Elaine Cassanese 
Kyung Jin Chun 
Margaret Anne Cordisco 
Karen Andrea Donaldson 
Susan Fanuele 
Keir Feldman 


§ Summa cum Laude f Magna cum Laude ' cum Laude 


Naja Leitch Frelich 
Carmen Maria Galliani 
Jennifer Marie Gamboa 
Thomas J. Gray 
Jennifer Anne Haslinger 
Kirsten Ann Hauck 
PauJ D. Healey 
Natalie Piedad Hernandez 
Kimberly Anne Hudson 
Carla DeLong Jacques 
Margaret Elizabeth Jermings* 
Roslyn Joy Johnson 
Scott Thomas Johi\son 
Jeffrey Stephan Kaelin 
Demetris lacovou Kafouris* 
Sue Young Ko 

Jarmette Louise Kouwenberg 
Kimberly Susan Leonard* 
Betsy Jo London 
Melody D. Meyers 

2nd Degree: Art Studio 
Stephen Lee Morina 
Rama Tulasi Morrison 
Rebecca Suzanne Neil 
Diana Alison Pearl§ 
Andrea Louise Peraza 
Ann Anderson Petrone 
David John Peter 
Shereen N. Rahim 
Meryl Eve Rauer 
Amy L. Ross 
Stefani Allyn Rubin 
Stacy Kim Schenker 
Kathleen Teresa Schuster 
Christina Lee Shatto* 
Wendy Kate Silverman 
Sandra Lee Pumphrey Slezak* 
Michelle Rene Soriton 
Colleen Jeanette Terrill 
Sorsha J. Tiglao 
Michele Topolewski 
Mary Eileen Walker 

Vernon Lee Warnick 
Kimberly Jane Welch 
Karen Elizabeth Wells 

Industrial Technology 

Clifford Hubert Rodell 
Diego Salguero 

Secondary Education — 
Art — Professional 

Christine Lee Bowen 
Maria Loida Saldana 
Beth Ann Younkins 

Secondary Education — 
Mathematics — Professional 

Kevin Alexander Dorsey 
Kathleen Rene Ketter 
Sally LvTin Magulick 
Stefanie Marie Popemack 
Allyson P. Taylor 
Kerri Saunders Teall 
Jeanette Carol Trageser 

Secondary Education — 
Social Studies — Professional 

Barbara Joyce Flaherty 
Do Yon Kim 
Elizabeth Ann Putnam 
Adam Harris Rosenbaum 

Special Education 

Jacqueline Maryse Caldwell 


Bachelor of Science 

Family Studies 

Jennifer Ann Albright 
Charles Matthew Auburger 
Rebecca Lee Carroll 
Dwayne Richard Chambers 
Laura Marie Charles 
Lance R. Claery 

Erin Kathleen Robbins Copeland 
Ryan Gerald Crowe 
Lenda Nazime Dincer 
Maribelle Sunglao Dizon 
Anne Marie Donahue 
Jermifer Elizabeth Garro 
Nicole A.M. Harvey 
Bounheng Inversin* 

2nd Degree: Spanish Language 

and Literature 
Christine Michelle King 
Jermifer Lea Klein 
Tiffany Willard Krieger 
Sandra Lee Lake 
Melissa A. Leahy 
Yeun Jung Lee 
Christine Dawn Musolino 
Claire Meladine Nahmani 
Tammy Perrotta 
Elizabeth Careen Sherry 
Kathy Haeim Shin 
Amanda Ryerson Simons 
Trina Arlene Stevens 
Megan Lynn Timmons 
Krista M. Webster 
Carrie Beth Young 

Health Education 

Marcus Gerald Lynn 
Melanie Ann Murray 

Tri MirJi Mguyen 
Antigone Maria Recachinas 
Samantha Lee Russo 
Christopher C. Ryan 
Jayme Melissa SoUod 

Kinesiological Sciences 

Ira Lee Berke 
Tyrone Leon Blackwell Jr. 
Kevin C. Brovioi 
John Scott Carpenter 
Brandon Sung-Keun Cho 
Mitchell Lee Clay 
Scott J. Daniel 
Todd A. Daniel 
Dawn Marie Durbin 
William Gordon Everett 
Sarah Rebecca Fahnestock 
Jamie Suzanne Ferguson 
Paul Brian Fezza 
Stefanie Jo Fichthom 
Debario Fleming 
Patrick Bowman Gross 
Nicole Patrice Harris 
Douglas William Hill 
Elizabeth Ashley Button 
Derek Vincent Jewell 
Barry Jacob Kagan 
Jeffrey Wilson Kirby 
Gerald Edgar Klein 
Christopher Paul Kunkel Jr. 
Elissa Beth Leopold 
Megan Mary McAllister 
Eric Michael Medved 
Laura Michelle Merrill 
David E. Moskowitz* 
Melvin Glenn Paisley II 
David Allen Patrick Jr. 
Cindy Lynn Pauels 
David Raymond Peterson 
Bryan H. Sherman 
Ryan David Silverman 

§ Summa cum Laude t Magna cum Laude * cum Laude 


N I V E R S 1 r Y 


C O 1. 1. 1- G F. 


Eden Elizabeth Smith 
Allen Lee Tiffany 
Andrew Earl WiUiamson 

Physical Education 

James Patrick Garlockt 
HoUy Teigland Mueck 
Anne Lanteigne Winterkom 


Matthew Warren Corley 
Adam Pratt 


Bachelor of Science 

Consumer Economics 

Vincent C. Hawkins 

Management and Consumer 

Kimberly Louise Augustine 

Textile Marketing/Fashion 

EUyn Sheri Chanin 


Bachelor of Arts 


David Gilmartin Allan 
Marva Andrea Ballard 
Terrance Hamilton Bates 

2nd Degree: Cennan Language 

and Literature 
Erika Winter Batten 
Shara Beth Benison 
Meredith Ashley Bondst 

Jermifer Allison Clark 
Ginger Nicole Collins 
Kathryn Cunningham 
Amy Michele DeHoyos 
Rebecca Kay Dittmar 
Sharon Renee Fitzgerald 

2nd Degree: English iMuguage 

and Literature 
Joyann Natasha Forde 
Nermin Gad 
David Robert Gottesman 
Kathleen Bridget Graham 
Laura Elizabeth Green 
Lorelei K. Harris 
Kara Yvette Hatton 
Jennifer Anne Hester§ 
Andrea Nicole Hoffman 
Lisa Marie Hooper§ 

2nd Degree: English Language 

and Literature 
Amie Te-mei Hsu 

2nd Major: English Language 

and Literature 
Cathy Grace Hwang 
Kimberly Ann Hynes 
Karen Leslie lanuly 
Lisa Karen Jacobus 
Trena Nicole Johnson 
Jason Okera Keene 
Kara Elizabeth Klaus* 
Kristin Lynne Korrn 
Arthur Harold Kramer* 
William Robert Kuhns 
Lori Carole Levy 
Hong-Loan Thi Luu 
Stacey Derrell Manley 
LaRonda Reshall Miller 
Paula Marie Morehouse 
Kelly Denise Nolan 
Kathleen Amy Nuccetelli 
Katie Bridget O'Brien 
Natasha Christina Pratt 

2nd Major: Criminology and 

Criminal Justice 
Jeffrey Lewis Press 
Michele Lynn Rest 
Jean Elizabeth Riedlinger 
Heather Rex Roset 
Elaine Rae Rubin 
Robert Neil Runett§ 
Katherine Elizabeth Ryan 
Marcy Ann Saack 
Guillermo Sanchez 
Meredith Paige Sobel 
Mara Louise Stanley 
Sarah Jean Thomas 
Travis James Thurston 
Gregory Michael Weiss 
Snorre Wik 
Debra Ann Yorty 

Bachelor of Science 


Kerri Denise Howard 
Christopher Jeffrey Lawrence 
Raymond Michael Smith 
Edgar Francis Salud ViUongco 


Bachelor of Science 


John Dimas Guzman 
Navin Hukmani 

2nd Degree: Chemical Engineering 
Young Jin Kim 
Christopher S. Kwon 
Tuan Quoc Le 
Walter Allen Martin 
Thuytien Thi Pham 
Steven Thomas Poole* 

Vincent Scott Setola 

Kun Shen 

Shahla Mohammadpour 


Javier Alfonzo Zaldua 

Xiaobei Zeng 

Biological Sciences 

Mark T. Ajamian 
AminuUah Amini 
FeUpe Drumond Araujo 
Allen Tibagaywa Banegura 
Matthew James Batcher 
Janelle L. Biddle 
Mary Jo Bogenschutz 
Heather Dawn Borman 
Richard Alfred von Hostel 
Jared Seth Calish 
Michael Kevin Carlson 
Ling-Yu EUen Chang 
Tammy Jean Chihos 
Edward Hyun Chung 
Laura Maria Coffin 
Lawrence Mark Cohen 
Sean Kevin Cooney 
Lynne Andrea Cort 
Kristina Fatima Difrancesco 
Chico Arthur Donelson 
Stacey Michelle Egerton 
Paul Jeffery Eisenberg 
Eric Robert Evans 
Jason Michael Fenner 
Meagan Ok Frame 
2nd Degree: Art Studio 
3rd Degree: Anthropology 

} Summa cum Ijaude t Magna cum Laude * cum Laude 



Jenny Lynne Gagne 

2nd Degree: Art Studio 
Francisco Jose Gamez 
Steven W. Hayes 
Andrea Lynn Hoffman 
Nader Amir Homayouni 
Amy Louise Hopkins 
Jung Eun Hwangbo 
Gregory Lurch Johnson 
Jin H. Kim 
Kathleen Kim 
SoYun Kim 
Joseph Lee King 
Jennifer Mary Kuiters 
Peter Sangun Kwon 
Tae Kwang Kwon 
Craig William Laferty Jr. 
Jerome Serapio Laguilles 
Jung Eun Lee 
John William Lentz 
Kevin Cheng Liau 
Loma Joy Lishaa 
Erin McMichael 
Dionne Jeannette Mebane 
Michelle Anna Motz 
Rafael Nassabi-Tabari 
Amani Marinda Nuru-Jeter 
Bemadette Obiageri Nwaneri 
David M. Oarr 
Michael G. Panah 
Satyakam Jagdishchandra Patel 
David James Patterson Jr. 
Brian Levell Proctor 
Suzanne Christine Rey 
Stephanie A. Rhein 
Angel Cipriano Sampedro 
Cassandra P. Shiftlett 
Pooja Shukla 
David Roy Spear 
Lauren Davis Stup 
Peter Pu-Shen Tong 
Khanh Phuong Tran 

Jeremy Nichols Wetter 
Sung Hae Yun 


Robin Renee Beam 
James Michael Bilecky 
Lian C. Chen 
Lisa Ann Crisafulli 
Christopher Andrevv' Evans 
Ljmn Marie Fareno 
Glenn Maurizio Flaimt 
Andresa Shareefah Grant 
Sumathi Gulati 
Thomas Vincent Hubscher 
Jesse Marc Jones 
Nnanna Kalu Idika Kalu 
Mai Tuyet Le 
John Marlovk" Loezos 
Nazila Mazlumzadeh 
Theron Spencer Quarles II 
Mark St. John Rich 
Vincent K. Shipp 
Cathy Sue Sioma 
Lucas Tchapnda 
Michael Jay Traub 
George Zoltan Turi 
Sheryl Marie Verbitski 

General Biological Sciences 

Nishat Fatima Ally 
Dana Marie De Roche 
Peter Michael Fernandez 
Tonya LaTeefah Flanagan 
Michael Raymond Goodison 
Deanna L. Ham 
Scott Andrew Harris 
John Warren Johansen 
Yvonne Margot Keller 
Su Han Kim 
Erica Michele Lewis 
Caroline Veronica Molivadas 
Robert Francis Murphy 

John Thomas Opdahl 
Scott William Ripkin 
Suharshini Seneviratne 


Ateya Munira Arozullah 
Habte Ghebrekidan 
Naureen Shahid Jaffery 
Amend Dayan Kpadeh 
Jules Gerard Labonte 
Fernando Alonzo Lopez 
Joanna Michelle Often 
Tika Y. Sukama 
Sri-Anant Wanasen 
Tucker Carlton Watkins 
James Chang-Un Yu 


Lillian Carol Becker 
John Douglas Burke 


Bachelor of Arts 

Combined Arts-Law 

Michael Steven Gieryic 
William Louis Hennessy 

Individual Studies 

Basil Johnathan Carter 
Leslie Ann Powers 
Michael Jerome Saks 

Bachelor of Science 

Individual Studies 

Jolin Patrick Berger 
Scott Anthony Caruthers 
Scott Andrew Clasen 
Alicia Anne Martina EifeU 

Adam Duffy Gordon* 
Tiffany Victoria Granberg 
Debra Jayne Harringtont 
Walter Elliott Hough 
Christopher Denis Milke 
Matthew Elkins Murton 
Jason John Pellegrini 
Tarua Lynn Sheremeta 
Michael F. Silverman 


Afro-American Studies 

Allen Tibagaywa Banegura 
Craig Patrick Dixon 
Torance Lamont LeSane 
Thomas Christopher Segar 

East Asian Studies Certificate 

Staci Renee Bumpus 
Patrick David Gardner 
Elizabeth Jane Like 
David S. Yoon 

Women's Studies Certificate 

Erika Winter Batten 
Elizabeth Chase Caldroney 
Holly Lauren Edelstein 
Katie Bridget O'Brien 
Phyllis Raye Reed 
Tara Jane Sheldon 
Mara Louise Stanley 
Christina Viejo 

§ Summa cum Laude f Magna cum Laude * cum Laude 


LI N I V i: R S 

Y O I- M A R \ 1. AND A 

c: o I, 1. F. c; 1-: park 





College of Life Sciences 
Paul H. Mazzocchi 


Lance W. Billingsley 


College of Health and Human 



Earle Palmer Brown 

William E. Kirwan 

John J. Burt 



Charles W. Cole, Jr. 

Vice President for Academic Affairs 
and Provost 

School of Architecture 
Steven Hurtt 


Assistant Secretary 
Constance M. Unseld 

Daniel FaUon 

Vice President for Administrative 

School of Public Affairs 
Susan Schwab 

■■■n•^' ^^M 




Dean for the Graduate School 


Lewis R. Riley, ex officio 

Charles F. Stxirtz 

Dene Nagel 

Margaret Alton 
Mary Arabian 

Vice President for Institutional 

Dean for Continuing Education, 
Summer and Special Programs 



Richard O. Bemdt 

Reid W. Crawford 

Melvin HaU 


Benjamin L. Brown 
Nathan A. Chapman, Jr. 

Vice President for Student Affairs 
William L. Thomas Jr. 

Dean for Undergraduate Studies 
Robert Hampton 


Edwin S. Crawford 
Thomas B. Finan. Jr. 



jT* ^^ .^^ 

Frank A. Gunther Jr. 
Ann Hull 

College of Agriculture 
Thomas Fretz 




.;'■ ^KW' 

Student Regent 
Malkia Singleton 


College of Arts and Humanities 
Ira Berlin (Acting) 
College of Behavioral and Social 

Charles J. Beatty 

Dean's Office 
College of Education 
University Marshal 


Irwin Goldstein 

Don C. Piper 


Donald N. Langenberg 
Vice Oiancellor for Academic 
George L. Marx 


College of Business and Management 
William Mayer 

College of Computer, Mathematical 
and Physical Sciences 

Government and Politics 
Faculty Marshal 
Alfred C. Boyd 

Chemistry and Biochemistry 

Vice Chancellor for Administration 

Richard H. Herman 

Student Marshal 

and Finance 

College of Education 

James L. Reveal 

James Sansbury (Interim) 
Vice Chancellor for Advancement 
John K. Martin 

Willis D. Hawley 
College of Engineering 
William W. Destler 

John E. Wakefield 

College of Journalism 
Reese Cleghom 

College of Library and Information 

Director of Bands 


Ann E. Prentice 


Campus Parking 
Janice E. Summons 
Commuter Affairs 
Maria C. Lonsbury 
Dining Services 
Nancy Loomis 
Patrick Wadsworth 
Diploma Office 
Alicia Arkell-Kleis 
Disability Support Service 
Rosemary Frith Crumley 
Bill Scales 
Simone Legacy 
Environmental Safety 
Alan Sactor 

Institutional Advancement 
Mahnaz Bahrami 
Carolyn Ent 
Linda Martin 
Intercollegiate Athletics 
Gary Parker 
Physical Plant 
J. Frank Brewer 
Earle Connors 
Police Department 
Michael McNair 
Jim Sabelhaus 
Larry Volz 

Records and Registrations 
Lori King 

University Book Center 
Cynthia Walker-Reed 
Pam Viands 



Carl Bovill 

Arm Petrone 

Arts and Humanities 

Tom Moore 

Steven Alves 

Behavioral and Social Sciences 

Katherine Beardsley 

Business and Management 

Donna King 

Computer, Mathematical and 

Physical Sciences 

Ritzie Coleman 

Thelma M. Williams 


Charles Flatter 


Jane Fines 

Health and Human Performance 

Joe Murray 


Greig Stewart 

Library and Information Services 

Diane Barlow 

Vicky Reinke 

Life Sciences and Agriculture 

Albert Klavon 

Public Affairs 

Terry Harris Reed 

Undergraduate Studies 

Betty Beckley 

Delores Mulligan 


Marcellous Anderson 
Robert Armstrong 
Leroy Blackwell 
Eari Blake 
John Brady 
Mordecai Brower 
Eric Bullock 
Tom Farrell 
Ronald Fenwick 
Larry Garner 
Elwood Gross 
Larry Jefferson 
Marvin Johnson 

Theresa Mullen 
Keith Neal 
Susan Radisch 
George Saunders 
Thomas Saunders 
Johnny Sellers 
Rayfield Sellers 
Carolyn Shreeve 
Charles Stubbs 
Danny Thompson 
Ronny Yee 


Scholarship Honors 


achelor's degree candidates who have qualified for scholarship 
honors upon graduation are designated by appropriate symbols 
adjacent to their names within the alphabefical listings of colleges 
or schools. 

To be eligible for consideration for such honors a candidate must meet the 
following general criteria: (1) have completed at least two years of work at 
the University of Maryland (60 semester hours, 30 of which were earned at 
the College Park campus), and (2) have a scholastic average of a "B" (grade 
point average of 3.0) or higher in University of Maryland work prior to the 
last semester of registration before the awarding of a degree. 

Degree candidates who have met these criteria are shown in the listings as 
qualifying, upon graduation, for the designators Summa cum Laude (if they 
ranked in the top 2 percent of the candidates in their respective colleges or 
schools). Magna cum Laude (if in the next 3 percent), or cum Laude (if in the 
next 5 percent) based on the grade point averages of students in the preced- 
ing three graduating classes of their degree-granting unit. 



August, 1995 
Ruplu Bhattacharya 
Daniel Binstock 
Christine Fellows 
Jean-Philippe Graff 
William Keimig 
Hugh O'Neill 
Alexander Pikas 
Jennifer Schorr 
Charles Scott 
Meredith Tchemiavsky 

December, 1995 
Amanda Babcock 
Ruplu Bhattacharya 
John Birkmire 
Szu Chin 
Kelly Crisp 
Dean Dubey 
Mary George 
Adam Gordon 
Rebecca Granger 
Jennifer Hester 
Lisa Hooper 
Kerri Howard 
Gebran Krikor 
William Kuhins 
Amrita Mattoo 
Katie O'Brien 
Cristiane Queiroz 
TejaswLni Rau 
Susan Reynolds 
Heith Rodman 
Adam Rosenbaum 
Robert Runett 
Lisa Selznick 
Lauren Shook 
Seth Sternberg 

Scott Szymendera 
Sorsha Tiglao 
Jamell White 
Satish Yelamanchili 


With high honors in: 

General Biological Sciences 

Misty-Anne Ralston (A) 
Caroline Veronica Molivadas (D) 


Christine Susan Fellows (A) 

With honors in: 

Aerospace Engineering 

Melvin K.W. Pua (A) 

Computer Science 

Gaurav Bhatia (A) 

Edward Alex Shnekendor (D) 


Andres Eugenio Lopez (A) 
John Albert Small (A) 

Elementary Education- 

Jennifer Anne Haslinger (D) 
Sorsha J. Tiglao (D) 


Jeffrey Reed Hightower (A) 
Judith Lynn JegeleT(A) 


Government and Politics 

Amir Demian Jahansir (D) 
Joshua Solomon Osher (D) 
Tracey Elizabeth Schuster (D) 


Cristopher Ross Sutton (D) 


Stuart Kevin Amateau (D) 

Pegah Touradji (A) 

Seth Mitchell Tuwiner (D) 

Secondary Education-English 
(Language Arts)-Professional 

Tara Cauley Gallagher (D) 

Speech Communication 

Jason Douglas Grant (D) 


Advanced Graduate Specialist 

Karla Ann Schmidt (A) 
Debra M. Moniodis (D) 


Heather Drazin (D) 
Robin Schaeffer (D) 
Rochelle Lynn Tillery (A) 

Historic Preservation 

Meera Nagaraj (D) 


Afro-American Studies 

Allen Tibagaywa Banegura (D) 
Craig Patrick Dixon (D) 
Torance Lamont LeSane (D) 
Thomas Christopher Segar (D) 

East Asian Studies 

Staci Renee Bumpus (D) 
Patrick David Gardner (D) 
Susan HyunSoo Oh (A) 
Elizabeth Jane Liko (D) 
David S. Yoon (D) 

Women's Studies 

Bethany Barber (D) 
Erica Batten (D) 
Lisa Caldroney (D) 
Andrea Maria Carty (A) 
Holly Edelstein (D) 
Yung-Mei Leong (A) 
Katie Bridget O'Brien (D) 
Phyllis Reed (D) 
Tracy Alaine Saltarelli (A) 
Tara Jane Sheldon (D) 
Mara Louise Stanley (D) 
Christina Viejo (D) 

(A) = August Graduate (D) = December Graduate 


U N 1 V E R S 

Y O 1- ■ M A R Y 1. A N D AT COLLEGE 

Student Marshals 

The Senior Marshal Program, which began in 1991, is an 
opportunity for the campus community to acknowledge out- 
standing seniors at their commencement. The students select- 
ed to be marshals were nominated by faculty, administrators 
and staff for their outstanding accomplishments and contributions to 
the University of Maryland. We are proud to recognize these truly 
remarkable students. 

Stuart Amateau 
Susan Barry 
Laurie Besden 
Jennifer Billings 
Stephanie Blanco 
Eric Cahn 
Stacy Calvert 
Lisa Can- 
Lily Cuk 
Melissa Derwart 
Stacey Egerton 
Adam Feinberg 
James Garlock 
Carol Grant 
Michael Haddad 
Jason Keene 

Amy Lu 
Heather Marler 
Dawn McLeod 
Mary McMeekin 
Kimberly Mink 
Govind Mukundan 
Pamela Langdon 
Cristiane Queiroz 
Heith Rodman 
Robert Runett 
Edward Shnekendor 
Ryan Silverman 
Sebastian Silvani 
SoYun Kim 
Sorsha-Maria Tiglao 
Robert Unkle. Jr. 


Produced by the Office of Institutionai Advancement 

Cover Design: Jessica Koman 

Editor: Joe Sugarman 

Photography: Chan Chao, John T. Consoli, Al Danneger, David Froehlich, 

Rich Horchler, Scott Suchman, and Bill Weetns. 

Project Coordination and Production: Linda H. Martin 

December 1995