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"Our goal at the University of 
Maryland is to be a place 
where excellence is achieved 
through diversity. A place that 
reflects the diversity of our 
state and the cultural richness 
of our world. A place where 
one can challenge the ideas of 
another while affirming the 
human dignity of all. A place 
where diversity is not only tol- 
erated but celebrated... 


William E. Kirwan, President 
University of Maryland ai College Park 


2 President's Message 

3 Message From Alumni 

4 Message from the Senior 

5 Order of Commencement 

6 Schedule of Events 

7 Campus Map 

8 The University of 

13 Beth Lowenthal, 

Graduating Student 


Corrunencement Speaker 
Michael Guillen 
Honorary Doctor of Public Service 
Joined by 

Kermit the Frog and Elmo 

August Graduate Degrees 16 

August Undergraduate 

Degrees 26 

Candidates for December 
Graduate Degrees 33 

Candidates for December 
Undergraduate Degrees 54 

Scholarship Honors 70 

Student Marshals 72 

Officials 73 

C O M M K N C: 1-: M K N T D R C E M B K R 2 0, 1 9 4 6 



to the 



ongratulations on the successful completion of your studies! It 
has been a pleasure and a privilege to have you as a student at 
the University of Maryland. 

As you take formal leave of your university, my colleagues and I would 
like you to know how much we value the outstanding contributions you 
have made in so many different areas. The laurels you have won in 
scholarship and in artistic performance, in athlehcs, and as young leaders, 
have added luster to tliis venerable institution. 

On our part, we have endeavored to provide you with the best possible 
environment for nurturing your special interests and talents, and for 
developing the broad intellectual and cultural perspectives you will need to 
compete successfully in the professional world. We are confident, that your 
University of Mar\'land education will pro\'e to be well worth the time and 

effort you invested in it, and that your experience here, both inside and outside of the classroom, will serve you 

well in the years to come. 

We hope that you will cherish the friendships you made here, and that the University of Maryland will always 
evoke the happiest of memories for vou. Please continue to support this institution and its destiny as the 
flagship uni\-ersity of Maryland. Although you will be leaving this campus to explore new vistas and fresh 
challenges, we hope that vou will visit often and that you will always remain connected in spirit to your alma 

Good luck and Godspeed to each and ever)' one of you! 

Sincerely yours. 

6<S^ CcllOOA^ 

William E. Kirwan 

Ciingriitulations on achieving the ultimate goal of your 
undergraduate years. On behalf of the University of Maryland 
Alumni Association, I would like to add our very best wishes to 
those you ha\'e recei\'ed from your faculty and other university 
friends. As President Kirwan has told so many recent alumni, you'll always be 
a part of us, and we hope you'll keep in touch. 

Your commencement ceremony today includes a special tradition. You will be 
officially inducted as a member of the University of Maryland Alumni 
Association by this year's association president, Phil Rever. Your six-month 
membership card and a list of benefits and services may be found on the 
inside back cover of the Graduation Handbook. If you no longer have your 
handbook, please stop by the Office of Alumni Programs located in the 
Kossborough Inn. We will be pleased to issue you a new membership card and 
provide you with more information. 

Wherever your plans take you following graduation, you'll find University of Maryland friends and 
professional contacts by staying involved in alumni activities. There are more than 30 academic, regional and 
special interest groups — including our newest, the Young Alumni Club, which you may find to be of particilar 
interest. And, of course, attending Maryland athletic events is always a great way to get together with fellow 
grads. Regardless of how you choose to stay involved, our purpose remains the same: to respond to the needs 
and interests of all alumni, and to support your continued interest in and loyalty to the University of 

Again, best wishes for all the challenges and triumphs that lie ahead. 



Joan Patterson '66 

Executive Director, Alumni Programs 



the Senior 


Todav you complete the joume\' 
which was undertaken several 
years ago, arriving proudly at 
the threshold of a new life. 
When you look back, can you see how this 
journey has changed you? As you sit here 
today, what events stand out in your mind 
as experiences that showed you which 
path to travel? 

We have each followed a unique path but 
have reached a common destination. As 
seniors, it is easier to list the ways in which 
we are different from each other than the 
ways in which we are bound together. 

We are accustomed to describing students in groups — commuters, residents; members of ethnic, religious, or 
professional organizations; students in particular departments and colleges. These differences should be admired 
and respected as should the many qualities we share. 

From this point, you can reflect on past journeys. Remember what you learned along the way about who you are 
and what you are capable of achieving. 

Know that your time spent at the Uni\'ersity of Mar)-land will help you arrive at your next destination. Finally 
always consider our campus to be another home, a stop on your life's journey to which vou can always return. 


Amy Hamilton and Tracy Mecanko \J 

Senior Council CH'erall Co-Chairs 

Order of Commencement 

December 20, 1996 Cole Student Activities Building 9:30 a.m. 


Dr. William E. Kinvan 

President, Uruversity of Maryland, 

College Park 

Master of Ceremonies 

Mr. Mitchell P Hebert 
Department of Theatre 


Symphonic Wind Ensemble 

Mr. John E. Wakefield, Conductor 

Musical Selection 

"Alleluia" from Exiultate, lubilate 

W.A. Mozart, Composer 
Sung by Ms. Millicent Scarlett 


The Reverend Elizabeth Platz 
Lutheran Ministry 

The National Anthem 


Dr. Donald N. Langenberg 


University of Maryland System 

Mr. Lance W. Billingsley 


University of Maryland System 

Board of Regents 

Senior Class Gift Presentation 

Ms. Tracy Mecanko 
Ms. Amy Hamilton 
Co-Chairs, Senior Council 

Remarics to the Graduates 

Ms. Beth Lowenthal 
Graduating Senior 

Musical Selection 

"Climb Everv Mountain" 

Richard Rodgers, Composer 
Sung by Ms. Millicent Scarlett 


Dr. Michael Guillen 
Kermit the Frog 

Conferring of Honorary Degrees 

Dr. Kirwan 

University of Maryland Alumni 
Association Induction 

Mr. Phillip Rever 

Message to the Graduates 

Dr. Kirwan 

Conferring of Doctoral, 
Master's and Bachelor's Degrees 

Dr. Kirwan 

Presentation of Colleges and Schools 



The Reverend Elizabeth Platz 


Alma Mater 


Hail to thee, Maryland! 

Steadfast in loyalty; 

For thee, we stand. 

Love for the Black and Gold 

Deep in our hearts we hold. 

Singing thy praise forever, 

Tliroughout the land. 


Floor Seating Arrangement 
for Graduates in Cole Student Activities Building 






Arts and Humanities 

Undergraduate Studies 

Business and Management 



Life Sciences 





Healtli and Human 


Schedule of Events 

Following the Commencement, individual graduation exercises for 
colleges and schools will be held at several campus locations. 
Ceremonies are scheduled to begin at noon or at 2:30 p.m. Guests are 
urged to be seated approximately one half-hour prior to the 
designated time for the ceremonies if they wish to obser\'e the student and 
faculty procession. 

Graduates, their families and friends, are cordially invited and encouraged to 
join with university officials and members of the faculty at the reception to be 
held in the Grand Ballroom of Stamp Student Union. 

Shuttle bus ser\'ice will provide free transportation across the campus 
throughout the day. 

Campus-Wide Commencement 

9;30 a.m. Cole Student Acti\-ities Bldg. 

Music: Tawes Recital Hall, Room 1125 
Philosophy: Marie Mount Hall, Room 0100 

Individual Studies Graduation Ceremony 

12:30 Aime Arundel Hall 

Agricutture and Natural Resources Graduation 

2:30 p.m. Memorial Chapel 

Architecture Graduation Ceremony 

Noon Architecture Auditorium 

Arts and Humanities Graduation Ceremonies 

Noon Different Locations Listed Below 

American Studies-Comparative Liternture- 
Dance-English Literature-Speech 
Coinmuuication-Riidio. Television, Filw- 
Theatre-Women's Studies: Tawes Theatre 

Art History: Art/Sociology Bldg., Room 2309 

Art Stuiiio/Design: Art/Sodology Bldg., Room 2203 

History, Jewish Studies, Russian Area Studies 
Program: Skinner Bldg., Room 0200 

Foreign Languages-Classics-Linguistics: 
Tydings Hall, Room 0130 

Behavioral and Social Sciences 
Graduation Ceremony 

2:30 p.m. Cole Student Activities Bldg. 

Business and Management 
Graduation Ceremony 

Noon Cole Student Activities Bldg. 

Computer, Mathematical and Physical Sciences 
Graduation Ceremony 

Noon Memorial Chapel 

Education Graduation Ceremony 

Noon Reckord Armory 

A. James Clark School of Engineering 
Graduation Ceremony 

2:30 p.m. Reckord Armory 

Health and Human Performance 
Graduation Ceremony 

Noon Health and Human 

Performance Bldg., Room 2240 

Journalism Graduation Ceremony 

Noon Hoff Theatre 

Library and Information Services 
Graduation Ceremony 

Noon Zoology-Psychology 

Bldg., Room 1240 

December 19, 19% 

Life Sciences Graduation Ceremony 

7:30 p.m. Memorial Chapel 

Campus Map 


S Represents Uetere{] Pariung 
9H Represents Building 

Paint Branch Drive 

The University of 


at College Park 


Flagship campus of Maryland's 11-institution 
system of higher learning, the University of 
Maryland at College Park is the most 
comprehensive institution of higher education, 
research, and service in the state. The university 
offers 98 undergraduate majors, 87 master's 
programs, and 68 doctoral programs in 13 schools 
and colleges. 

The university is one of only 30 public research 
universities that are members of the prestigious 58- 
member Association of American Universities and 
the only public institution in the Maryland-D.C. 
area with membership in the nation's most 
distinguished honor society. Phi Beta Kappa. It is 
classified as a Research-1 university by the Carnegie 
Foundation by virtue of the range of its 
baccalaureate programs, the amount of federal 
support received, and the number of doctoral 
degrees awarded each year, sharing that honor with 
the top research universities in the country. 

Fall 1996 College Park students at a glance: 

Total enrollment: 


Graduate Students: 












Average age: 


States represented: 


Countries represented: 




Among public universities in the Association of 
American Universities, College Park ranks among 
the top in the percentage of African American 
undergraduate students. In addition, the university 
has the largest number of African American and 
other minority faculty members among its peers. 


The University of Maryland was founded in 1807 in 

Baltimore as a faculty-owned College of Medicine. 

The medical school 

was considered one of 

the top schools in the 

country, attracting 

notable professors 

and lecturers from 

throughout the 

world. In its 

beginning, tuition 

cost $140, grades 

were sent home 

weekly to parents, 

and students could 

obtain room and 

board for $300 


Five years later, the growing institution was 
renamed the University of Maryland. Despite the 
name, the university was not considered a state 
institution as it was still owned and operated by 
faculty. Baltimore College of Dental Surgery, the 
first dental school in America, became a part of the 
university in 1840, awarding the first Doctor of 
Dental Surgery (D.D.S.) degree in 1841. 

In 1859, the Maryland Agricultural College, which 
would evolve into the University of Maryland at 
College Park, was opened under a charter secured 
by a group of Maryland planters in 1856. In 
addition to spending one hour each day hoeing or 
plowing on the college farm, students took a broad 

range of courses in ancient and modern 
languages, natural sciences, English, and 
mathematics. After a disastrous fire on campus in 
1912, the state acquired the college and rebuilt it. 

In 1920, the state legislature combined the 
College Park institution with the professional 
schools in Baltimore to form an expanded 
University of Maryland. The entity eventually 
grevkf to include campuses in Baltimore County, 
the Eastern Shore, and University CoUege, a 
continuing educahon inshtution. 

The following decades saw the increasing 
growth of student population, excellence in 
programs and curricula, and the burgeoning of 
the University of Maryland at College Park into ,i 
nationally recognized research institution. 

July 1, 1988, marked tlie dawn of a new era in 
higher education in the state of Maryland, as the 
five components of the universit)' were merged 
with six other state universities and colleges to 
form the University of Maryland System, and 
College Park secured its flagship status with a 
mandate to become one of the pre-eminent 
research universities in the nation. 


The unique role of American research universities 
in advancing science and technology has kept the 
United States in the forefront of innovation and 
product development. Research dollars from 
federal and state agencies, corporations and 
foundations fuel much of the basic and applied 
research actixit)' of the Uni\ersit\' of Maryland at 
College Park's faculty' and graduate students. 

The university has unique facilities, research 
centers and institutes that attract new research 


•Forty-four percent of this year's freshman class has 
a high school grade point average of 3.5 or above. 

•ARCO's book, Ivi/ League Programs at Stale School 
Prices, rated the University Honors Program 
among the nine best in the nation. 

•U.S. Ni-ti's and World Report rated Maryland's 

business and engineering programs in the top 25 
among all public and private institutions. 

•Last year, faculty researchers at College Park were 
awarded almost $150 million in competitively 
fimded research and development awards, an 
increase of 83 percent since 1988. 

•No other university in the Mid-Atlantic region has 
more top 20 graduate programs in computer, 
mathematical, physical sciences, and engineering 
disciplines than College Park, according to a 
recent analysis by the National Research Council. 

projects and funding, as well as provide 
expanded knowledge in business, science and 
technology. The A. James Clark School of 
Engineering houses the Glenn L. Martin Wind 
Tunnel — the most advanced aerodynairuc 
testing facility of its kind on any university 
campus — and the Neutral Buoyancy Facility, 
which simulates weightlessness for space 
research, the only such facility on a university 
campus. Other specialized facilities include: 
Computer Vision Laboratory 
Bioprocess-scale up Laboratory 
Laboratory for Ion Beam Research 

and Application 
Superconductivity Research Center 
Laboratory for Plasma and Fusion Studies 
Psycholinguistics Laboratory 
Computer-assisted cartographic laboratories 
Developmental Psychology Laboratory 
Center on Aging 


Programs of public service are central to the 
overall mission of the university. This philosophy 
is reflected in the wide array of programs and 
initiaKves that benefit the state's business, 
agriculture, and education commuiuties. 

With more than 900 high technology firms in the 
three-county area of Montgomery, Prince 
George's and Frederick, the university has found 
abundant opportunity to extend its business and 
technology outreach prograrr\s to the region. 
Many of these programs are part of the 
Engineering Research Center, which operates the 
Technology Extension Service, the Technology 
Advancement Program, and Maryland Industrial 
Partnerships, all programs designed to provide 
Maryland entrepreneurs and small businesses 
with research facilities, teclmical assistance, 
administrative support, and access to technology 
that will advance their economic base. 

The Listitute for Systems Research has formed 
partnerships with major corporations, including 
Martin Marietta, Westinghouse, BFGoodrich, 
Hughes Aircraft, and Dupont to apply advanced 
systems research to solving industry problems in 
the fields of communications, manufacturing, 
controls and robotics. 

The Center for Renaissance and Baroque 
Studies works in conjunction with Maryland's 
high schools in using theater to explore 
personal and social issues relevant to today's 
society. Team Maryland also works with area 
public schools by having student athletes serve 
as mentors to young students. Each semester 
student athletes act as role models to as many as 
5,200 students. 

The University of Marj'land 

at College Park features a 

diversity of cultural and 

recreational activities. Four 

art galleries, more than 200 

annual musical 

performances, and countless 

dance and theater 

productions, expose 

audiences to the broadest 

range of programs in the 

arts. And intercollegiate, 

club, or intramural sports provide students of 

all levels an opporhinity to participate as 

spectators or athletes. 


The seven libraries at the university constitute 
the largest university research library' system in 
the Washington metropolitan area, providing 
\ital resources to researchers, visiting scholars, 
and businesses throughout the region. The 
libraries' holdings include over 2.2 million 
volumes, 19,309 subscriptions to periodicals, 
and nearly 4.8 million items available in 
microfilm format. CoUege Park libraries also 
offer several nationally and internationally 
recognized special collections such as the 
Lntemational Piano Archives at Maryland, the 
National Trust for Historical Preservation, the 
Katherine Anne Porter literary archive and the 
National Public Broadcasting Archives. 


With alumni clubs from Miami, Fla. to Taipei, 
Taiwan, the Alurruii Association strives to keep 
and strengthen ties between the vmiversity and 
its graduates. Member events such as pre-game 
parties, bull roasts, picnics, golf tournaments. 


dinner cruises and subscription to 
College Park magazine help keep 
alumni cormected to the university 
and to each other. All graduating 
seniors and successful master's and 
Ph.D. candidates receive a six-month 
free membership in the association. 


Graduates of the university go on to 
distinguished careers in a variety of 
fields. Chosen from thousands of qualified 
alumni, an inaugural group was inducted into 
the University of Maryland Alunvni Association 
Hall of Fame in April, 1995. They included 21 
outstanding individuals who have brought, 
and continue to bring, great honor to their alma 
mater. Their achievements are as varied as their 
li\es, but they all have one thing in common: a 
degree from the University of Maryland at 
College Park. 

Carmen Batthrop, B.A. '71 

World-class soprano and mentor to aspiring 

Harry Clifton "Curiey" Bird, B.S. 08 

Legendary university president for 18 years 
A. James Clarit, B.S. '50 

Construction magnate and benefactor 
William P. Cole Jr., B.S. 10 

Ccingressnian and member ofUM Board of 

Regents for 25 years 
Mary Stallings Coleman, B.A. '35 

First zvoman elected as Chief Justice, Michigan 

Supreme Court 
Geaty F. Eppley, B.S. '20, M.S. '26 

Devoted career to university as dean of men and 

athletic director 
Charles F. Fefferman, B.S. '66 

Youngest winner of Field's Medal, mathematics 

highest award 

Herbert A. Hauptman, Ph.D. '55 

Co-recipient of 1985 Nobel Prize in Chemistry 
Jim Henson, B.A. '60 

Creator of the beloved Muppets 
Steny H. Hoyer, B.S. '63 

Public servant to Maryland for nearly 30 years 
Carlisle Humelsine, B.A. '37 

Leader of Colonial Williamsburg Foundation 
Wilbur Munro Leaf, B.A. '27 

Creator of "Ferdinand the Bull" story 
Samuel J. LeFrak, 6 S. '40 

Internationally acclaimed urban planning leader 
Parren Mitchell, MA. '52 

First African American student and Maryland 

Jane Cahill Pfeiffer, B.A. '54 

First woman to head a major network; named 

chair of NBC in 1978 
Judith A. Resnik, Ph.D. '77 

Pioneering astronaut; died tragically in 

Challenger shuttle disaster 
Chun-Shan Shen, Ph.D. '61 

President of Taiwan's National Tsing-Hua 

William WooKord Skinner, B.S. 1895 

Nationally prominent agricultural research 

Adele H. Stamp, MA. '24 

Dean of women at Maryland from 1922 to 1960 

Reginald Van Trump Tniitt, B.S. '14 

Laiilitig naturalist and marine biologist; 

pioneered Chesapeake Bay research 
Millard E. Tydings, B.S. 10 

hitroduccd legislation to create University of 

Maryland in 1920 

The University of Maryland Alumni 
Association Hall of Fame is located in the 
Commuter Lounge of the Stamp Student 
Union. Periodically, the Alumni Association 
will induct other graduates in to the Hall of 
Fame — its highest honor. 


Early commencement ceremonies at the 
University of Maryland were marked with 
great fanfare and celebration. The faculty gave 
huge banquets for the graduates the night 
before the event. The following morning, 
crowds gathered to watch the young graduates 
parade. It was a gala social occasion, attracting 
not only friends and relatives, but the 
fashionable elite of the day. At the ceremony, 
prayers were recited, speeches were made, and 
honorary degrees were awarded to 
distinguished figures from across the country. 
Finally, as the audience cheered and threw 
flowers, the graduates came forward to collect 
their Latin-inscribed degrees. 

Academic Costume 

The black caps and gowns worn by the 
students and faculty in the academic procession 
have been the traditional costume of scholars 
since the Middle Ages. The ordinary dress of 
the scholar, whether student or teacher, was 
similar to that of a cleric. Caps and gowns were 
probably worn to keep students warm in 
unheated buildings. Many medieval scholars 

were tonsured, like monks, and hoods served 
to co\'er their shaved heads until the skull cap 
later took its place. 

E\'en after the Civil War, most students at 
American universities wore caps and gowns 
daily while in residence. These varied in design 
imtil they were standardized by the American 
Intercollegiate Commission in 1894. At that 
time it was decided that all robes would be 
black. Colors on the trim of the gown were also 
standardized to indicate the scholar's academic 
A list of department colors follows: 

Agriculture: Maize 

Arts, Letters, Humaruties: White 

Business Administration, 
Commercial Science: Drab 

Dentistry: Lilac 

Economics: Copper 

Education: Light Blue 

Engineering: Orange 

Fine Arts, Architecture: Brown 

Forestry: Russet 

Home Economics; Maroon 

Journalism: Crimson 

Law: Purple 

Library Science: Lemon 

Medicine: Green 

Music: Pink 

Nursing: Apricot 
Oratory, Speech: Silver Gray 
Pharmacy: Olive 
Philanthropy: Rose 
Philosophy: Dark Blue 
Public Administration, Foreign 

Ser\'ice: Peacock Blue 
Public Health: Salmon 
Physical Education: Sage Green 
Science: Golden Yellow 
Social Work: Citron 
Theology and Divinit\': Scarlet 
Veterinary Sciences: Gray 

The tassel may also be colored to represent an 
academic discipline or it may be black. 
Officially, the tassel is permitted "to lie where it 
will" on the mortarboard. However, numerous 
institutions have adopted the practice of having 
degree candidates wear the tassel on the right 
front side at the start of the commencement 
ceremony and then shift them to the left side 
after degrees are awarded. 

Student Marshals 

Elected through a nomination process, student 
marshals are senior leaders who play an 
important role in the graduation ceremony. 
Student marshals assist in organizing the 
thousands of graduates, leading them smoothly 
through the commencement procession. They 
also supply extra caps and hoods, and bobby 
pins to keep headwear secure. May 1996 
marshals are listed on page 94 of this booklet. 

Senior Gift 

The senior gift is a university tradition dating 
back 84 years. The first senior gift, the iron gate 
entrance at the Rossborough Inn, was given by 
the class of 1910. As this year's gift from the 
graduating class, seniors have elected to donate 


funds for a new fountain to be placed in the 
center of the future traffic circle at the West 
Gate entrance off Stadium Drive. 

The purpose of the senior gift is twofold. Each 
year the senior class leaves behind a 
memorable legacy for new students and 
visitors, and provides the university' with a gift 
that enhances the campus atmosphere. 

Past senior gifts have included: the Testudo 
statue (Class of 1933), the lights around the 
"M" in the traffic circle on Campus Drive (Class 
of 1986), and the restoration of the Chapel 
chimes and clock face (Class of 1992). 


A degree is awarded for the successful 
completion of a course of study. There are more 
than 1,600 different academic degrees currently 
conferred by colleges and universities 
nationwide. The University of Maryland at 
College Park offers degrees in 98 
undergraduate majors, 87 master's programs, 
and 68 doctoral programs. 

The Doctor's Degree 

The doctor's degree represents the most 
advanced earned degree conferred by 
American institutions. There are two distinct 
types: the practitioner's degree and the 
research degree. The first type represents 
advanced training for the practice of various 
professions, principally Doctor of Medicine, 
Juris Doctor, and Doctor of Pharmacy. These 
degrees do not involve the completion of 
original research by the student. The University 
of Maryland, at the professional school in 
Baltimore, awarded the first two dental degrees 

in history on March 9, 1841, and in\'ented the 
name of the degree. Doctor of Dental Surgery 

The second type is the research doctorate 
representing prolonged periods of advanced 
study. A dissertation which usually accom- 
panies the study is intended to contribute 
substantially to the body of knowledge on the 
subject. The most important of these, the Doc- 
tor of Philosophy, no longer has an implication 
of philosophy for its holder, but represents 
advanced research in any of the major fields of 
knowledge. It was first awarded in the United 
States in 1861 by Yale University. The 
University of Mar)'land awarded a Ph.D. for 
the first time in 1920. 

The Master's Degree 

The master's degree is an academic honor 
bestowed upon students who have successfully 
completed work bevond the baccalaureate. A 
thesis and an oral examination are usually 
required. In 1920, the University of Maryland 
awarded its first Master of Arts (M.A.) and 
Master of Science (M.S.) degrees in fields other 
than agriculture. 

The Bachelor's Degree 

The bachelor 's degree represents the 
completion of a four-year course of college- 
level study and is the oldest academic degree 
awarded by American institutions of higher 
learning. It was first conferred in America in 
1642 on the first nine graduates of Harvard 
College. Maryland Agriculture College, which 
later became the University of Maryland at 
College Park, awarded its first Bachelor of Arts 
(B.A.) and Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in 1862. 

Honorary Degree 

Each year the University of Maryland at 
College Park awards honorary degrees to 
persons approved by a campus committee, the 
provost, the president, and the university's 
Board of Regents. Through the bestowal of 
these degrees, the university seeks to recognize 
outstanding achievement in government, 
business, education, science, and the arts. In 
recent years the committee has sought to 
recognize indi\'iduals in the greater 
Washington-Baltimore area who have made 
significant contributions to an improved 
quality of life in the region. Honorary degrees 
have also been awarded to graduates of College 
Park who have gone on to enjoy notably 
successful careers. Past honorary degree 
recipients include Isaac Asimov (1977), Eubie 
Blake (1978), Bill Cosby (1992), Hugh Downs 
(1988), Ralph Ellison (1974), Milton Eisenhower 
(1958), Jim Henson (1978), Hubert H. 
Humphrey (1965), Lyndon Baines Johnson 
(1963), and Andrew Wyeth (1964). 


If one word could be used to describe today's student speaker it would be 
"driven." In only nine semesters at Maryland, Beth Lowenthal has 
accumulated 154 credits, earned a B.A. in French (business concentration), 
and minors in pre-pharmacy, German and Spanish. Her grade point 
average is a perfect 4.0. Incredibly, she has maintained her academic excellence 
while working nearly 40 hours a week. So what makes this Ellicott City, Md.- 
native so intent? 

After the untimely death of her father when she was 16, Lowenthal was forced 
to grow up quickly. She skipped her senior year of high school to enter 
Maryland early, only to find her scholarship money denied because of a since- 
rectified technicality. Lowenthal took on the challenge. She kept her summer job 
as a pharmacy technician at Giant Supermarket and through the help of her 
mother, made it through her first year at Maryland. She was awarded a 
Maryland Distinguished Scholarship, which paid for her tuition, but she kept 
her job at Giant, often working until midnight or arriving before dawn, to pay 
her daily expenses. Rather than a hinderance to her college experience, 

Lowenthal says working was a good complement to her education: it taught her responsibility, how to deal with 
a variety of people and gave her a valuable taste of the real world. "Work should be a part of everyone's 
education," she says. "How else will you know what the real world is like if you don't get out there and 
experience it?" 

Lowenthal desires to continue with both her work and her 
education. She has applied for the Pharm. D. program at 
the University of Maryland at Baltimore, and plans on 
keeping her job at Giant. "Soon I'll have 10 years with the 
company and 1 can retire," she jokes. Ultimately, she hopes 
to combine her unique mix of language skills and science 
to conduct research for an international pharmaceutical 

Lowenthal is a member of the Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Kappa 
Phi and Golden Key honor societies, and Phi Sigma Iota, 
the International Foreign Language Honor Society. 

The graduating senior is amazed that she's been able to 
accomplish so much during her time at Maryland. "Every 
semester I would look back and wonder, how did 1 ever 
get through?" 






After nine jam-packed semesters, it's obvious Lowenthal 
didn't just "get through"; she has excelled. 

The Winter Graduates* 

Applicants for degrees 

Most popular master's degrees 



Total Doctoral Degrees: 510 

2. MLS, Library and Information 

Total Master's Degrees: 1,422 



Total Bachelor's Degrees: 3,196 

3. MEd, Curriculum and Instruction 53 

Five most popular undergraduate 

Top colleges with the most 

majors of degree applicants 

degree applicants 

1. Criminology and Crmiinal lustice 197 

1. Behavioral and Social Sciences 


2. Government and Politics 175 

2. Arts and Humanities 


3. English Language and Literature 166 

3. Business and Management 


4. Accounting 158 

4. Engineering 


5. Electrical Engineering 146 

5. Life Sciences 


*August and December graduates 



Michael Guillen 
Honorary Doctor 
of Public Service 

Joined by 

Kermit the Frog 


"Sesame Street's" Elmo 



ne of today's commencement speakers taught at Harvard. A second grew up in a 
swamp and guest-hosted "The Tonight Show." The third is a perpetual 2 1/2-year- 
old who refers to himself only in the third person. 

What this unique trio has in common are a commitment to education, a passion for the 
environment, and a childlike curiosity they hope to inspire in others. 

Michael Guillen, science editor for ABC's "Good Morning America" and science correspondent 
for "Nightline," was a physics and mathematics instructor at Harvard University before leaving 
the ivy of academia for the lights of the television camera. Since then, his reports have enlightened 
viewers about science, technology, and history from around the world. 

And then there's the frog. 

The most famous Muppet creation of Maryland alumnus Jim Henson, '60, Kermit the Frog has 
entertained and educated audiences around the world through appearances on "Sesame Street," 
"The Muppet Show," and a string of successful feature films, including 
the most recent, "Muppet Treasure Island." Among other projects, 
Kermit has released numerous record albums, authored the book. One 
Frog Can Make a Difference: Kermit's Guide to Life in the '90s, guest-hosted 
"Larrv King Live," and served as the Grand Marshal of the 
Tournament of Roses Parade. He is joined today by fellow Muppet 
Elmo, the popular small furry red monster from "Sesame Street." 

While Kermit and Elmo are known for 

educating television viewers about the 

simple but important things in life, 

Michael Guillen has spent his life 

translating the scientific into the 

simple. He took his audience under the 
Kermit English Channel as the first television 

correspondent to cross through the just-completed Chunnel. He 
was also the first broadcast journalist to be allowed inside 
Arizona's controversial Biosphere-2 following the emergence of its 
eight-person crew. He has traveled to the South Pacific, where he 
filed reports on rare geysers and mud flats in New Zealand and on 
the desperate efforts to protect Australia's Great Barrier Reef. Other assignments ha\e 
taken him to Israel's guiru-an caves to trace the origins of the Dead Sea Scrolls, and to 
Costa Rica's Monteverde Cloud Forest, a unique tropical forest threatened by development. 


Guillen has also covered some of the biggest man-made and natural disaster stories. He journeyed 
to Kuwait to cover the oil fires and their effect on the environment. He traveled against the flow of 
humanity to report on the explosions of Mt. Pinatubo in the Philippines and Mt. Unzcn in Japan 
He also visited the epicenters of San Francisco's historic Loma Prieta earthquake and Southern 
California's Yucca Valley quake, the largest in 40 years. 

In the past year, Guillen broke several high profile news stories. He originated the idea of doing a 
scientific recount of the Million Man March, leading to sweeping changes in the U.S. Park Service's 
counting techniques. He also broke the story of the CIA's use of psychic spies and reported on a 
possible new energy source call the Patterson Cell. Guillen .sat down for a rare one-on-one with 
Hillarv Clinton on the greening of the White House and hitched a ride with a real-life tornado 
chasing couple. 

His ongoing features include "Invention Mention," which turns a spotlight on American 
ingenuity; "Hard to Believe," which critiques the latest gadgets; and "Ask Michael Guillen," which 
lets viewers appear on "Good Morning America" to ask that question they've always wondered 

This vear, Guillen made his debut in cvberspace as "Dr. Universe," interacting with children as part of 
America Online's and ABC-TV's award-winning kids' magazine, Kidziuc. He is also the host of a new PBS 
television series called "Great Minds" ami his book Five Equations that Changed the World, published by Walt 
Disney, was picked by Publishers Weekly as one of the best books of 1995. 

Guillen has also hosted two children's television shows, "Prejudice: Answering Children's Questions" 
(1992) and "War in the Gulf: Answering Children's Questions" (1991 ) for ABC News, which won an Alfred I. 
duPont-Columbia University Award. 

Guillen, who received his doctoral degree in astronomy, mathematics and physics from Cornell University, 
has received numerous awards for broadcast work, including two Emmys, three Ohio State Awards, an 
Action for Children's Television Award and the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics Media 
Award for overall excellence. 

Michael Guillen 

Kermit and Elmo's 
appearance precedes the 
kickoff of the university's 
Muppet Exhibition, open- 
ing on Feb. 6, 1997 and 
nmning through March 21. 
"The Vision of ]im 
Henson" will trace the 
history of the Muppets and 
serve as the centerpiece for 
a series of Muppct-rclated 
events and activities, 
including a presentation by 
Jane Henson, '55, co- 
founder of the Muppets 
with late-husband Jim 
Henson. The two met 
while they were both 
students at the University 
of Marvland. 



August 1996 

Sibel Adali Computer Science Query Processing in Heterogeneous Mediated 

M S. Ailsiock Plant Biology Classification, Culture and Comparlmentalization 
Strategics of Submersed Aquatic Plants 

Christopher K. Allen Electrical Engineering Image Effects and Optimal Control of 
Space-Oiange Dominated Particle Beams 

Aivin N. Alvarez Psychology Asian American Racial Identity: An Examination of 
Sociocognitive and Psychosocial Processes 

Sergio A. Alvarez Applied Mathematics Interface Motion by Cunmture and 

Thomas T. Amlie Business and Management The Effects of Pre-Existing 
Incentwe Dez'ices and Managerial Autonomy on the Effects of Incentive Plan 

Frederick J. Augustyn Jr. History Reading and Reform 

Renee A. Baldi Psychology The Effects of Self-Referent Beliefs, Memory 
Complaints and Depression on fudgments of Learning in Young and Older Adults 

John T. Bamett Applied Mathematics Zero-Crossings of Non-Gaussian 
Processes until Applications to Estimation and Detection 

Biswajit Biswas Animal Sciences Molecular Basis ofAntgenic Variation of an A 
Strain Specific Surface Antigen Gene of Ehrlichia Risticii and Development of a 
Multiplex PCR Assay for Differentiation of Strains 

James C. Booth Physics Measurements of the Frequency Dependent Microwave 
Surface Impedance of Superconducting YBa Cu O Thin Films 


Eric P. Braverman Psychology Investigation the Relationship between Trainees' 
Mental Models and the Transfer of Training 

Kathryn A. Caldwell Human Development Adolescent Attachments, Working 
Models of Relationships and Relationships to Social Competence and Emotional 

George E. Capowich Criminal Justice and Criminology Testing the Systemic 
Model of Neighborhood Victimization 

Gloria R. Carpeneto Human Development Walking the Midlife Labyrinth: A 
Phenomenological Study of the Embodiment of Spirituality in Women During the 
Middle Years 

Ericka M. Cederstrom Chemistry Studies on Photosensitized Radical and 

Oxidative Iminium ION Cylization Reactions for the Synthesis of Phenanthrenyl 
and Hydroxylated Indolizidine Alkaloids 

Shih-Ying Chang Chemical Engineering 

Yun-Hsi 0. Chang Reliability Engineering Hybrid Regression Analysis with 

Uncertainty Modeling 

Huey J. Chen Horticulture Cloning and Characterization of a 
Rhamnogalacturonan Hydrolase (Rgase A) Gene From Botrytis Cinerea 

Qlming Chen Linguistics The Structure of Noun Phrases in Chinese and its 


Loong-Fah Cheong Computer Science Geometry of the Interaction betiveen 3-D 
Shapie and Motion 

Mondher B. Cherif Engineering Materials Non-Linear Damping and Domain 
Instability m Amorthous Terfenol D Tliin Films 

Kwok-Hung Cheung Mechaiucal Engineering EHD Enhancement of External 

Boiling and Condensation with Alternate Refrigerants 

Chahngmin Cho Aerospace Engineering An Improved Assumed Strain Shell 

Element Formulation -with Bubble Function Dispilacements 

Hui-Hsien Chou Computer Science Self-Replicating Structures in Cellular 
Aulcnuita Space 

Betty G. Chung Psychology Focusing HRM Strategies Toward Service Market 
Segment:^: A Ihree Factor Model 

Kevin L. Civerolo Meteorology Development and Use of a High Sensitivitx/. Fast 
Response Nitric Oxide Detector for Air Quality Monitoring and Eddy Correlation 
Flux Measurements 

Donetta J. Cothran Kinesiology The Interactive Influence of Student and Teacher 
Beliefs on Physical Education Practice 

Stacy G. Coyle English Language and Literature Poetic Couplings and the 
Modem Poetic Moment: Dickinson/Whitman, H.D. /Pound, Bishop/Lowell 

Sergio G. Desouza-Machado Physics A Study of the Linear Perturbations to the 
Ion Distribution Functions in a Gas Discharge Plasma in the Presence of 
Electrostatic Ion Waves 

Jeffrey J. Dodd Mathematics A Symptotic Stability of Monotone Shock Profile 
Solutions of a Modified KdV-Burger's Equation 

Jeanine M. Driscoll Counseling and Persoruiel Services Predicting White 

Dental Students Willingness to Provide Dental Care to People ivilh Human 
Itnmunodeficiaicy Virus Disease 

Karen T. Dunn Economics Hazardous Waste Treatment Decisions under 
Alternative Liability Rules 

Barbara L. Eaton English Language and Literature journey's End: A Theater 
History of Shakespeare's Cymbeline 

Joan P. Eitzen Health Education Sexually Transmitted Diseases: Risk Behaviors 

of I cnuile Active Duty U.S. Army Recruits 

Morten Ender Sociology Soldiering on the Information Super Highway: 
Interpersonal Communications During Military Operations 

Ann Epstein Special Education Teacher Accommodation for Individual 
Differences in Integrated Early Childhood Montessori Classrooms 

Jessica L. Epstein Biochemistry A Multidisciplinary Study ofDNA Replication 
and Damage, Mechanism of the Dnab Helicase ofEcoli and the DNA Cleaving 
Esperamicin Antibiotics 

Joann H. Ericson Curriculum and Instruction Portfolio Assessment: A Process 
for Facilitating Personal and Professional Growth ofECE Preservice Teacher 

Hassan Fallah-AdI Electrical Engineering Applying High Performance 
Computing for Atmospheric Correction of Remotely Sensed Data 

Liang Fang Electrical Engineering Vector Operations on Nested Permutation 


Matthew C. Farrelly Economics Economic Issues in the Government Regulation of 

Daqing Feng Mechanical Engineering Computation of Stress Intensity Factors 
for Structure Steel I-Beams 

Jeffrey M. Fischer Computer Science Compositional Verification by Model 
Checl<iug for Counter-Examples 

Konstairtinos Fokianos Mathematical Statistics Categorical Time Series: 

Prediction ivid Control 

AM Fouladi Semnani Physics 

Lisa C. Frankes Curriculum and Instruction One School Opens Its Doors: An 
Ethnographic Study of an Elementary/ School Voluntary Program 

Suzanne M. Gleason Economics Female Well-Being and Public Goods: TIte Case 
of India 

Scott J. Goetz Geography Remote Sensing and Carbon Flux Modeling of Net 
Primary Production in the Boreal Forest of North East Minnesota 

Arnold C. Goldberg Physics Measurement of Electron Transport Properties of 
GaAs/AICaAs Superlattice Minihands Populated by Intersuphand Transitions 

Kannan Govindarajan Poultr)' Science Studies on the Effects of Certain 
Preslaughter Factors on Stress Responses and Meat Quality Cliaracteristics in 

Beverly C. Green Kinesiology A Social Learning Approach to Youth Sport 
Motivation: Initial Scale Droelopment and Validation 

Kent Z. Grelling Psychology Biimriate Physiological Response to Gender 
Stereotyped Conversations in Same and Mixed Sex Dyads 

Robert A. Gruendl Astronomy Spiral Structure and Global Star Formation 

Procciscs 111 M51 

Weiming Guo Electrical Engineering Desigti and Optimization of Sparse 
Crossbars for ATM Switching and Parallel Processing 

Carol A. Hafen Curriculum and Instruction Student Perceptions of Their Needs 
m a Coiniiiunity College Developmental Writing Class 

Pamela R. Hall Art History To Pledge Allegiance: Oath Imagery and the 
Emergence of Modern Europe 


Dejiang Han Meteorology Longwave Radiative Transfer Through Broken Cloud 

DIen R. Hart Special Education Tlie Effects of Reciprocal Teaching on the 
Reading Comprehension of Postsecondary Students with Reaching Difficulties 

Bertina Ho-Mock-Qai Electrical Engineering Simidtaneous and Robust 
Stabilization of Nonlinear Systems by Means of Non-Smooth and Time-Varying 

Yi Hu Plant Biology The Molecular Mechanism of Potato Spindle Tube Viroid 
(PSTVd) Replication and Disease Symptom Expression 

Maria J. Hughes History Social Relations in a Railroad Totim: The Locomotive 
Engineers, Firemen and Switchmen ofGalesburg, Illinois, and the Burlington 
Railroad Strike, of 1888 

Euyheon Hwang Physics Elementary Excitations in Low-Dimensional 
Semiconductors and Superconductors 

Katrien Jacobs Comparative Literature The Dismemberment of a Once Sublime 
Performance Artist 

Shicheng Jiang Physics Coupling Impedance of an Iris in a Beam Pipe and 
Coupjlmg Impedance of an Array of Irises in a Beam Pipe 

Xiuping Jiang Food Science Starvation Survival of Vibrio Parahaemolyticus at 

Low Temperature 

Nancy C. Johnson Education Policy, Planning and Adnunistration Multisite 
Case Study of Medical Laboratory Technician Associate Degree Program Closures 

Steven E. Jones Counseling and Personnel Sendees Disconnected Connection: 
The Road to Being a Black Man 

Christine M. Kelly Curriculum and Instruction A Researcher's Exploration to 

Personally Define the Nature of Environmental Responsiveness: A Grounded 
Theory of Environmental Responsiveness 

Wayne A. Kelly Computer Science Optimizing within a Unified Transformation 


Patrick J. Kilcarr Human De\'elopment An Exploratory Study of Paternal 
Pcnep'tions, I ceUngs and Behaviors Regarding the Relationship a Father has with 
His Son Who Has Been Diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder 

Michael T. Kiley Economics Essays on Price Stickiness 

Ut-Va Koc Electrical Engineering Low-Complexity and High-Througlipiit Fully 
DCT-Based Video 

Anamaria H. Kothe Comparative Literature Displaying the Muse: Print, 
Prologues, Poetics and the First Women Poets of the Americas 

Steven R. Kurth Government and Politics Conflict Escalation in the Former 

Su-Yuan Lai Biochemistry Sequencing and Cloning of 4-Chlorobenzoate: Co A 
Ligase, 4-Chlorobenzoyl CoA Dehalogenase and 4-Hydroxybenzoate Thiosterase in 
Alcaligenes Sp. Strain AI3007 

Paula M. Leddy Entomology Do Natural Enemies Relegate Azalea Lace Bug to 
Architecturally Simple Habitats? 

An-Chin Lee Zoology Regulation of the Permeability of the Mitochondrial Outer- 

Zhanglin Lin Molecular and Cellular Biology Studies on the Mechanistic 
Aspects of GroEL/GroES-Assisted Protein Folding 

Hong Liu Computer Science Automatic Validation of Multi-Process 
Communication Protocols 

Jason D. Lohn Electrical Engineering Automated Discovery of Self-Replicating 

Gordon D. Long Physics A Measurement of the B I B Oscillation Frequency Using 
the OPAL Detector at LEP 

Christopher M. Lott Computer Science Measurement-Based Feedback in a 
Process-Centered Software Engineering Environment 

Shing-Liang Lu Mathematics A Convective-Diffusion Problem with Tangential 
Characteristic Cun'es 

Andre W. Marshall Mechanical Engineering Effects of let Momentum 
Distribution on Combustion Characteristic in Co-Stvirling Flames 

Paul D. Marshall Human Development Expert-novice Differences in the 
Application of Accounting Principles, the Use of Distinctive Information and the 
Use of Automaticity in Solving Accounting Problems 

Daniel J. McMahon English Language and Literature Maps of Myth- Reading: 
Utopias As Revolutionary Mythologies 

Jennifer M. Mellor Economics Fertility Effects of Medicaid-Funded Family 
Planning Services 

Maura E. Mitchell History A Troubled Godless Place": Conceptions of Faith, 
Church and Cult in the Communes of the Central Vaucluse, 1830-1905 

Frances C. Mobley Sociology "Community Colleges and the School-to-Work 
Transition: A multi-Level Analysis" 

Phyllis A. Mofson Government and Politics International Environmental 
Cooperation: The Behavior of States in an Endangered Species Protection Regime 

Jeffery L. Mullins Philosophy The COBE DME Experiment and the Confirmation 
and Acceptance of Experimental Results: Challenging Current Theories in 
Philosophy of Science 

Costadinos C. Mylonas Marine, Estuarine, and Environmental Sciences 
Basic and Applied Studies on the Development of Novel Technologies for the 
Induction of Spawning Moroue Species 

Douglas W. Oard Electrical Engineering Vector Space Text Filtering for 

Monolinguitl and Cross-Langiuige Applications 

Susan L. Phillips Hearing and Speech Sciences Frequency and Temporal 
Resolution in Elderly Listeners with Good and Poor Word Recognition 

Leon W. Poon Physics Shadowability, Complexity, and Wada Basin Boundaries in 

Chaotic Systems 


Oreste Reale Meteorology Modeling the Large Scale Effects on Climate Due to 
the Changes in Vegetation from the Roman Classical Period (80 B.C. - A.D. 16): A 
Climate History Experiment with the Cola GCM and the Simple Biosphere Model 

Luis F. Restrepo Spanish Language and Literature Las Elegias De Varones 
lUistrcs dc junn de Castellanos y La Construccion Del Nuevo Reino De Granada 

Ramin Rezaiifar Electrical Engineering Optimal Resource Allocation in Cellular 
Wireless Networks 

Sheilagti M. Riordan French Language and Literature Capturing the North: 
Mme de Stael's 1812-13 Exile in Sweden 

Gail L. Rocheleau Biochemistry Processmg of a Croup I Intron From a Multiple 
hitron r RNA Precursor of Physarum Polycephalum 

Patricia A. Ross Philosophy Physician in Plitlosopliy of Science 

Errol G. Rowe Mathematics Probabilistic Approach to a Class ofPDE Systems 

Frances Rubinetti Psychology Empathy, Self-Esteem, Hopelessness and Belief in 
the Legitimacy of Aggression in Adolescents Expwsed to Pervasive Community 

Tonja P. Rucker Human Development The Relationship between Family 
Resources, Race, Family Composition and Parenting Styles among Low-Income 

Carolina Ruiz Computer Science Semantics of Knowledge Based Systems with 
Multiple Forms of Negation 

Kori N. Schake Government and Politics Alliance Politics Revisited 

Cristina J. Schmitt Linguistics Aspect and the Structure of Noun Phrases 

Sidney R. Schneider Human Development Self-Concept and Self-Worth of 
Older Community-Divelling Adults with Ostructive Pulmonary Disease 

Patricia F. Schofield Special Education School-Based Decision- Making and Its 
Perceived Effects on Students in Special Education 


Ramin Sina Physics Trident Production and Bhahha Scattering in a Strong 
Magnetic Field of Neutron Stars 

Harvey P. Siy Computer Science Identifying the Mechanisms Driving Code 
Inspection Costs and Benefits 

Julie V. Stanton Agricultural and Resource Economics Access to Credit 
Among Farmers in Mexico: Evidence of Quantity Rationing and Links between 
Credit Access and Farm Characteristics 

Stephanie P. Sweet Criminal Justice and Criminology A Case Study of the 
Effect of Public Transportation on Crime: From the Mall to the Metro 

Clemente A. Tanajura Meteorology Modeling and Analysis of the Summer 
Climate Over South America 

Ellen Thompson Linguistics The Syntax of Tense 

Tung-Duong Tran-Luu Electrical Engineering Visualization and Clustering of 
Multidimensional Data 

Soledad Traverso-Rueda Spanish Language and Literature Juan Emar: La 
Angustia de Vivir Con El Dedo de Dios en La Nuca: Un Estudio de La Narrativa 
Vanguardista de juan Emar 

Stephen R. Tumour Aerospace Engineering Helicopter Flight Dynamics 
Simulation With Advanced Aerodynamics and Structural Modeling 

Mary A. Van Duyn Human Nutrition and Food Systems Stages of Change in 
Nutrition Program Evaluation 

Ramesh Vemuiapalli Animal Sciences Molecular Analysis of Differences between 
Tivo Ehrlichia Risticii Strains 

Shankar C. Venkataramani Physics Random Walks in Chaotic Dynamics 

Jay C. Wade Counseling and Personnel Services 

Catherine M. Walsh Human Development Critical Thinking Disposition of 

University Students m Practice Disciplines (Nursing, Education and Business) 
and Non-Practice Disciplines (English, History and Psychology): An Exploratory 

Emei Wang Applied Mathematics Studies on Itwerse Elliptic Boundary Value 
Problciuf and Applications in Defect Determination 

Hongyi Wang Electrical Engineering Signal Processing Techniques for Channel 
Capiuiti/ Improvement in Wireless Communications 

Weichung Wang Applied Mathematics Iterative Methods in Interior Point 
Algorttlims for Linear Programming 

Myra J. Waters Counseling and Personnel Services Racial Identity and Social 
Support as Predictors of Psychological Distress and Academic Performance Among 
Black College Students 

Naomi Weiirtraub Special Education Comparison of Handwriting Performance of 
Students with Learning Disabilities with that of Normally Achieving Students 

Alice A. Weldon Spanish Language and Literature Silence, Ethnics and Gender 
in Bolivean Women Novelists 

Peria Werner Sociology Time Use in the Elderly: A Cross-Sequential Analysis 

Kim J. Whitehead Education Policy, Planning and Administration A Study of 
Process Variable in Magnet Schools and School Minority Enrollment 

Gamage A. Wijeselcara Entomology Relationships xoithin the Family Chalcididae 
(HymenopteraiChakuioidea) of the World: A Cladistic Analysis 

Louise Wootton Marine, Estuarine, and Environmental Sciences Changes in 
Food Quality of Macrophyte Detritus During Degradation: A Comparison of 

Prasad V. Yalamanchili Mechanical Engineering Evaluation of Electronic 
Packaging Reliability Using Acoustic Microscopy 

Kaichang Zhang Chemical Physics Diffusion and Thermal Diffusion m Liquid 
Mixtures and Polymer Solutions 


Gladys I. Camp Education Policy, Planning and Administration The Effects of 
the Extended Etementari/ Education Program (EEEP) the Primary Years 


Robert S. Beard Music Selected Works for Solo Piano by Theodor Leschetizky: 
A Pcrfornuuuf Tape Project 

l-Fen Chang Music Performance Project/The Great Fantasias 

Leneida M. Crawford Music The Performance of Contrasting Roles in Selected 
Works ofC.F. Handel 

Thomas Hall Music Francesco Urio's "Te Deum": A Performing Edition and 

Serene S. Liang Music Three Unpublished Choral Concertos of johann Pachelbel 
from the MSS Tenbury Collection 

Kregg B. Stovner Music Viola Music of York Bowen and Benjamin Dale 



August 1996 


Stephen Richard Bilicki 
Kirsti Emilia Uunila 


Victor Luis Orio 

Irena Guieorguieva Savakova 


American Studies 

Laura Suzanne Gordon 
Bruce Richard Johansen 
David Michael Silver 

Applied Matliematics 

Yimang Chen 
Binli Thuy Do 

Art History 

Penelope Jeannette Agodoa 
Jennifer Lynn Strychasz 

Counseling and Personnel 

Mark Allen Gammon 
Mark San-Chih Lee 
Mark Howard Levine 
Kristin L. Rizzo 
Natascha N. Shaikh 
Pamela Lee Sikowitz 
Lynne M. Tarakan 
Gregory Joji Toya 
Patience Lindsay Vail 
Tracy Lynne Witmer 

Criminal Justice and Criminology 

Thomas Andrew Gray 
Amy Nicole Himmelstein 

Curriculum and Instruction 

Melissa Arme-Marie Caprio 
Yu Nu Yang 


Gwendolyn Grace Ball 
Steven Scott Stephens 

English Language and Literature 

John Michael Budosh 
Carol Jean Galbraith 
Nancy Paula Sherwood 

Government and Politics 

Ruksana Kibria 
Trevor Lewis Wysong 

Health Education 

Todd Michael Watkins 


Keith Duane Alexander 
Ellen Thombury Bastio 
Har\'ey G. Cohen 
James Leonard Dergay 
Bruce G. Guthrie 
Martha Elizabeth Keyes 
Annie Nai-I Wu 

Human Development Education 

Kevin E. Mitchell 
Evelyn Renee Petrowski 


Russell David Arrington 
An-Yu Chou 
Susan Lynn Fernandez 
Julie Gammill Gibson 

Erica Janene Johnson 
Robert John Rupert 
Mark W. Sherman 
Millinda Jane Tavlor 


Teresa Lynn Boragno 
Kelly Carol Brown 

Mathematical Statistics 

Douglas Bruce Olson 


Christine Gwendolyn Beaber 

Bipasa Biswas 

Reena Zahava Freedman 


Alexis Jean Adams 
Jennifer Ellen Canfield 


Timoth\' Scott Mollica 

Russian Language and 

Eric James Mimms 


Rose Marie Kreider 
Pia Kristiina Peltola 

Spanish Language and Literature 

Leonel Alvarado 
Fernando Jose Rosenberg 
Ana C. Zuniga 


Karen Ann Arras 
Nitin Bhargava 
Patricia Elaine Black 
Jaime Richard Brusse 
Shrinaath V. Chidambaram 
Adam Stone Coonin 
James C. Cotter 
Robert Alworth Craig 


John Shechan Cullen 
James Robert Culp 
David Charles Darwin 
Sherri Ann Daugherty 
M. Scott DeCain 
Peter Walter Diette 
Robert William Dobson 
Sharon Lee Donahue 
Mary Beth Dowling 
Gregory Francis Eder 
Daniel Scott Edwards 
Aldo Alberto Ferri 
Marjorie Gail Fitton 
Kristine Ann Froliman 
Jeffrey Charles Goodell 
S. Frederick Herr 
Christopher B. Jacobs 
John Turner Joseph 
Ravi Shankar Kammula 
Paul Anthony Karlin 
Stephen B. Katsarelis 
Stephanie Lynne Kruelle 
Andrew Todd Layton 
Thomas Mark Leahy, Jr. 
William Joseph Ledford 
Renee S. Lervnon 
Rajinder Singh Leyl 
Fredrick Thomas Martin, Jr. 
Hugh Martin McCaskill 
Kirk Joseph McElwain 
Michael James McManus 
Daniel M, Miller 
Stacey Beth Miller 
William Alexander Muchinsky 
Mario Anne Muster 
Matthew Lewis Neuman 
Margaret Galloway Pearce 
Kevin Michael Plexico 
Kathleen M. Pruette 
Monica Rajan 
Michael David Robinson 
Lara Kaye Roeding 

Judith Aviva Sandler 
Frank Paul Saponaro 
Michael George Sarantos 
Jerry E. Sheridan 
Theresa Anne Smith 
Joseph Charles Sobus 
Kenneth Paul Stadlin 
Dale Mark Vander Putten 
James David Weinberger 
Jonathan Michael Weiss 
Michael Thomas Woods 
Craig Masawo Yamaoka 


Donald John Patti 
Rhonda Newton Smith 


Ste\en J. Robertson 
Charlton Gerard Wilder 


Tay Elizabeth Gieseman 
Rebecca Ann Himlin 
Darya Ann Kreis 


Counseling and 
Personnel Services 

Roy F. Blakebum 
Diana Elisa Brazzeal 
Michael R. Chisholm 
Kathryn Marinda Craven 
Doreen A. Curtin 
William Augusta Davis, Jr. 
Teresa Ellen Gerberg 

Dolores Pearl Harris 
Shirley Ann Johnson 
Susan Elizabeth Kirk 
Eugene Anthony Langbehn 
Susan Marie Magnuson 
Frances Katherine Myrick 
Mark A. Ryales 
Susan S. Sutton 
David Paul Tardiff 
Staci Vileta 
Pamela Eileen Whittle 
Amy Marie Wilms 
Veronica Winegarner 
Lisa Kaye Young 

Curriculum and Instruction 

Phyllis Hull Akturk 
Sana Ahmad Al Bustan 
Susan Kata Baker 
Tami A. Barnett 
Rubv Jessica Best Lewis 
Nona Ellerbc Brown 
Colleen Mary Cavanagh 
Shari Lvnn Connor 
Pamela Marie Creed 
Omari Colley Daniel 
Dianne Marie Delgado 
Christine Mary DiPaola 
Monica Mei-Ping Hng 
Deborah Jean Fralin 
Lydia Lea Frank 
Jennifer Ann Hallmark 
Geraldine Williams Joice 
Rebecca Siu-Fung Kwan 
Marie Helene Lafontant 
Gloria Isabel Larravide 
Diantha Roberson Lay 
Christina Leigh 
Jennifer Cynthia Lins 
Virginia May Lo 
Sarah Heidi Manchester 
Sue Anne Marcello 

Vincent David Marietta 

Susan Lee Mazzoni 

Ann Dacey McCann 

Melinda Lee Miller 

Panthea Renee Mitchell 

Alison Maria Murroll 

Sheree Kim Nameth 

Elizabeth Shaw O'Kelly 

Babahmde F. Oke 

Kathryn Disc Powell 

Elaine Shields Raines 

Elisabeth Ramadhan 

Saroja R. Ramkissoon 

Elena Ramos 

Amy Rachel Schure 

Marlene Judith Shapiro 

M. Isabel Shifflett 

John Robert Simpson 

Alex Christopher Singer 

Jennifer Margaret Skerrett 

Homa Sadeghi Terra 

Sophia Frances Tignor-Bishop 

Paige Allison Tinney-Reed 

Marion Elizabeth Watkins 

Suzanne B. Wells 

Nicole Julvette Williams 

Danielle Denise Wilson-Saddler 

Education Policy, Planning 
and Administration 

Gloria HoniK k I lartman 

Special Education 

Dorothy Ann .Mexander 
AUyson Hope Baylin 
Marya Lyrm Bissonette 
Susan Ida Brownlee-Gamer 
Candace Murray Bryant 
Beverly Fay Butler 
Mary Anne Darling 
Remedios Arias Frizzelle 
Christine Marie Hohn 


Linda Carol Irvine 
Myra Lewis Jeffery 
Deborah Ann McDonald 
Vivian 1. Montalvo-Matos 
Sherry Lynn Scarborough 
Susan Marie Schuster 
Anne Murdoch Shipps 
Patricia A. Sizemore 
Marci L. Spiotta 
Kristi Lyn Testa 
Jennifer Ann Thompson 
Rakecia Jamilah Whitaker 



Pavani M. Bhanu 
James Bishop Dawson 
Lisa Marie Keser 
Robert Martinazzi II 
Arun Saxena 


Creative Writing 

Veronica Theresa McGinley 
Elizabeth A. Prodey 
Elizabeth Anne Wilding 


Library and Information 

Linda Miller Beard 
Rhonda Massey Belyea 
Samuel Gregory Boltik 
Connie Chung Man Chan 
Shu-Fen Cho 
Laura Ann Davis 
Melinda Dunn Ford 
Elizabeth Charlotte Hathway 

Jeanette L. Jackson 
Jennifer Gina Kaplan 
Deborah Vincent Kermey 
Jay Frank Kimball 
David Carpenter Lake 
Rachel L. Landau 
Susan Elizabeth Pearce 
Valerie Jean Piechocki 
David Andrew Schlanger 
Richard Dana Spencer 
Scott Henry Stevens 
Kimberly Noel Sweigart 
Qiuping Tang 
Janie M. Van Oss 
Liza Frances Vick 
Susan Carole Weight 
Margaret Curzon Welch 


Chimi Sandy Gumulak 
Eunae K. Han 
Heather Jean Marsh 
Angela Powell 


Alexander E. Campbell 
Christopher Michael James 
Melissa Kaye Varney 


Debbie Jane Goldman 
Keith Moore Levchenko 
Niles Lloyd Primrose 
Changhua Wu 


Aerospace Engineering 

Ty Russell Drake 
Melanie Kristine Hurt 
Harsh Khanna 
John Warren Sabean 
L\Tm Marv Stodghill 

Agricultural and Extension 

Vickie Denise Martin 
Robert Swann Pittman 


Pablo Alberto Kalnay 
Leonida K. Mwenesi 
Ronald David Myers 
Jennifer Ann Olear 


Sven Geier 
Chun Xu 


Ishwar Chandramouliswaran 
Angela Marie Hepp 


Tanya Elaine Finney 

Business and Management 

Mert Arinc 

Joseph Phillip DiPaola, Jr. 
Chung-Ling Liu 
Nirmaljit Singh Paul 
Juan F. Valdivieso 


Emilio Salvador Alfaro 
Howard C. Lee 
Rong Ling 
David Voglozin 

Civil Engineering 

Milind Rohitbhai Bodiwala 
Matthew Burns 
Yuan-Lung Cheng 
Million Demissie 


Kimberly Marie Fisher 
Jiung-Ting Ke 
Christine D.E. Murphy 
James William Murray 
LeAnn Lynn Parmenter 
Sangita Satish Shah 
Thavaputhiran Sivapalan 
Glenn Alden Washer 

Computer Science 

Brent William Agnew 
Brian Thomas Postow 
Manuel Rodriguez-Martinez 
Forrest Joseph Shull 

Electrical Engineering 

Wen-Lung Cheng 
Sonjai Gupta 
Archan Misra 
Xiaofeng Ou 
Doron Chaim Shalvi 
Murari Srinivasan 
Hsin-hsiung Wang 
Weizhong Wang 
Yao-Ming Wang 
Zengyan Zhang 
Zhongying Zhang 

Engineering Materials 

Mahesh S. Krishnan 
Ming Sun 
Chien-Ping Yu 


Kiniberlv Ann Nesci 

Family and Community 

Michael E. Duvall 

Hre Protection Engineering 

Mark Hopkins 


Denise Renee Muriceak 


Eva Chalia Cuadrado 
Zhengyi Fang 
LeeAnn DeWitt Murray 
Jingjiu Wang 

Human Nutrition and Food 

Julie Ann Hettinger 

Marine, Estuarine and 
Environmental Sciences 

Kellie Christine Merrell 
Koichiro Nakanishi 
Eric Daniel Nelson 
Dan M. Rice 

Mechanical Engineering 

Douglas Muir Ferguson 
Melvin Joseph Jung 
Rajesh Ramanand Kamath 
Chandrasekhar Kannepalli 
Nikhil V. Kolkar 
Arun Kunchithapatham 
Bharath Madhavan 
Brian Allen Markey 
Stanley Jay Ng 
Anindya Poddar 
Kevin Thomas Ritchie 
Vani Verma 
Seshadri Vikram 


Eric L. Altshuler 
Michael Sean Dinniman 
Sara Chase Gordon 

Nuclear Engineering 

Jean-Yves Florent Van Halle 


Ke\'in Gerard Ailinger 
Kancham Chotoo 
Elain Su-Eng Fu 
Kenneth Kurt Gustafsson 
David Jeffrey Logan 
Juan Alejandro Valdivia 
Gregory Wade 
James Ralph Wisniewski 
Michael Carl Wittmann 


Kristin Jensen Heaton 

Reliability Engineering 

Anant S. Kasture 
Sanjay Kumar 
Yiyuan Xu 

Survey Methodology 

Janet Kathleen Kenipf Vande Hey 
Andrew L. Zukerberg 

Sustainable Development and 
Conservation Biology 

Gina Sedaghatkish 
Jennifer Anne Wheeler 

Systems Engineering 

Parthiv Arvindkuniar Shah 
Dikang Wan 


Michael David Smith 
Mosabber Uz Zaman 


Aaron Brian Bell 
Andrea Lynne Mandella 
Donald Joseph Sejkora 



August 1996 


Bachelor of Science 

Aerospace Engineering 

Paul Duraikan Samuel 
John Frederick Teter 
Craig Eric Vogel 
George Ivan Wofford 

Engineering-Biological Resources 

Kristen LvTine Gaumer 

Chemical Engineering 

Edward Yun Kim 
Jeannie M. McDermott 
Thiagarajan Narayanan 
tDarryl Bacon Sampey 
John Frederick Whilcomb 

Civil Engineering 

tChatpong Assavakarint 
Nathan John Blattau 
Alaric Jon Hergenroeder 

Electrical Engineering 

Susan Aryamanesh 
Thomas Frank Atelsek 
*Karun Bakshi 
Rajesh Surendra Desai 
John Steven Godfrey 
Hanh Dinh Ho 
Angela Marie Hodge 
Effat J-Ahmadi 
Jin Xue Kuang 
Daniel G. LaPointe 
Ivan Lee 
Steven Seng Lui 
Hung Q. Nguyen 
Daniel Edward Orejuela 
Steven Edward Peters 
Andre Slaughter 
Narin Suphasindhu 
Barry William Taylor 
Tin T. Tran 
Boo H. Voon 
Chiawei Wu 
Young Seung Yoon 

Fire Protection Engineering 

James Patrick Begley 
James Edward Gibbons III 
Jeffrey Donald Provencal 
Joon Won Yoo 
Laleh Zargarinejad 

Mechanical Engineering 

Thierry Christian de Raet 
Amy Beth Avitabile 
Bruce Edward Baumgarten 
*Andrew Buonviri 

Jonathan Twain Eubank 
Robin Octavia Evans 
David Eugene Homer, Jr. 
Ezmeralda Tarek Khalil 
David Jason Krause 
Karin Marie LaDuca 
Won Chang Lee 
Mark William McClendon 
Jacqueline Nancy Morales 
Christopher Keiu Olsen 
Benjamin David Queen 
Kevin Abiose Smith 
Manish Bipinchandra Talati 

Nuclear Engineering 

Charles Russell Garbe, Jr. 


Bachelor of Landscape 

Christopher M. Moore 

Bachelor of Science 

Agricultural and 
Resource Economics 

Joseph Michael Flynn 
Marv Anne Lustan 


§ Summa cum Laude f Magna cum Laude "cumLaude 

U N D E R G 

Animal Sciences 

K'reniy Albornoz 
Kristina Anne Bennett 
Paul Douglas Dumbravo 
Christopher Adam Obenschain 


Ana Beltran-Lazarte 
Yuliya A. Radinskaya 
Chaula Mahesh Shah 
Aliceson Kay Swigart 

Natural Resources Management 

John Richard Huddle 
Seth Adam Rider 
John Alfred Svahn III 
Matthew Scott Whitetord 


Bachelor of Science 


Jenniter R. Atlas 
Shi Chong Chang 
Ana Ganovic 
Edward Edgar Haungs 
Randall Milton Hawkins, Jr. 
Tung Thanh Nguyen 
Ransom Laird Ratcliff 
Vassilios Sokratis Stassinos 
Sean Mario Patag Umali 


Bachelor of Arts 
American Studies 

Seth I. Auster 

Timothy Charles Buckley 
John David Capone 
*Anna Liisa Fielding 
Russell Albert Stacy 
+Angela Joy Wish 

Art History 

Christine Mary Clark 
Alicia Nicole Jackson 
Shireen Adib Jarrar 
Nicola Viola Winterton 

Art Studio 

Candice Anne Holleran 

Chandler Ramelli 

Jamie Elizabeth Schneider 


Kuiiberly Kay Harrison 
Ji-Hyeon Park 

English Language and Literature 

Anira Alirej-so\ k 

2nd Major: Spanish Language and 

James Victor Anton 
Erek Lawrence Barron 
Stephen Jin Brown 
Lisa Ann Ciampa 
Rebecca Dinerman 
Elaine Christine Gast 
Matthew Paul Gold 
Andrea Karina Grynberg 
Vilma Marie Gunn 
June Pearson Halsted 
Roya May Hanna 

2nd Major: Government and Politics 
Cory Deirdre Harmon 
Andrew Stephen Hennessy 
Gary Leroy Hoover 
Chawndese M. Hylton 

Kenneth Gerald Jacobs 
Gail M. Johnston 
Melba Loren Jones 
Steven Charles Kletzkin 
Leslie Michele Kohut 
Heather Moira MacDonald 
Suzanne Joan McClean 
Elisabeth Veronica McVoy 
Lucia Josefina Miglionico 

2nd Major: Spanish Language and 

Michael Paul Morris 
Trang T. Nguyen 
Diana Lynne Onorio 
Steven Howard PoUak 
Shad Cameron Poole 
Benjamin William Rogers 
Ann Marie Rossaki 
Suzin Eileen Schneider 
Lance Richard Simons 
Edward Genesok Sohn 
Nikeia Laura Thompson 
Tara Nicole Thompson 
Heather Tirado-Gilligan 
John Joseph Troise 
Woyneab Miraf Wondwossen 

2nd Major: Speech Communication 
Arnold Blackston Young 

German Language and Literature 

Darius A. Chesonis 
Kirk Adler Flippo 


Carlos Ernesto Canales 
Michael Lewis Case 
•John Patrick Daly 
Andrew Easton Daniels 
Mehul Jagdish Desai 
Ayn Brigoli Ducao 
Geoffrey Gabriel Gerstel 

'Susannah A. Hirsch 
Jeremiah Scott Howard 
Ariel Demian Jasie 
Christopher M. Konkus 
Gavin Miller 
Thomas Francis Myers 
Bryan Christopher Nehman 
Sun Y. Pak 

Darius Hooman Shafie 
Mark Shatrowsky 
Robert Walter Two Bulls 
Jeffrey Allen Welsh 

2nd Major: Economics 
David Anthony Willoughby 


Hee Jung Yoon 


*Carol Ann Sniegoski 
Reshma Jyotir Vyas 


Paul Alden Bachmann 
Marian Soonyung Kim 


Jeanine Lynn-Marie Harris 

Radio, Television and Film 

Tyme Michael Gigluitti 

Russian Language and Literature 

Stephen Conrad MacLeod 

Spanish Language 
and LKerature 

Jorge Dolgado 
Kelly Lynn Hendricks 
Nicole L. La Borde 
Scott Michael Sadowsky 


§ Summa cum Laude i Magna cum Laude * cum Uiude 

Elizabeth Goldie Schwartz 
Amy Rebecca Smith 
John Christopher Stiller 

Speech Communication 

Erik Alexander Barrueto 
Jennifer Melissa Burns 
Brent Harold Ellwood 
Daniel Khabie 
Darren S. Lehrman 
Randi Mollo 
Ronald A. Wadel, Jr. 


Justin Marcus Via 


Bachelor of Arts 


*Irene Calls 

Melissa Sabrina Larson 
Shawn Christopher Sharpe 
Debra A. Stoe 

Criminal Justice 

Kenneth Troy Matthew 
Garry Alexander Pate 

Criminology and Criminal Justice 

Tiffany Nicole Bailey 
Shelley Lynn Ballman 
Christopher Matthew Biggs 
Michael Emil Cear 
April Michelle Cheek 
Tia Danyel Coleman 
Jennifer J. Comstock 
Michael Harrison Ewing 
Carrie Leigh Farmer 

Christopher Michael Farmer 
George John Fortunato 
2nd Major: Psychology 
Dalia Ahmed Hidayat 
David Lawrence Houppert 
Jil Carrie Howard 
Ryan Todd Hudy 
James Rudolph Izzard, Jr. 
Damon Douglas Jones 
Elizabeth A. Joseph 
Debbie Wing Ming Lai 
Anastasia Jeanette Lambros 
Ryan Michael Lenet 
Christopher Bradley LeFever 
Arthur Joseph Mackie 
Scott Allen Marcum 
Tiffani Adele Marks 
Gabriel Gustavo Matus 
Blair George McMillen 
Carrie Elizabeth Moreland 
Evan Dean Moskow 
Keith Patrick Naff 
Brett Stuart Newman 
Chung Thai Nguyen 
Vishwas Mahendra Parekh 
Michael Todd Parnis 
David James Pester 
Sabeena Nasir Rangwala 
Maria Teresa Reyes 
Ivan Rodriguez 
Peter M. Rudolph 
James Andrew Ruff 
Patricia Laurie Salan 
Sherill Hope Sampson 
David E. Scheig 
Brian Scott Schroeder 
Gerald Anthony Shepard 
Mark James Tempert 
Walter Don Ty 
Michael Scott Vadon 
Tina Marie Werbickas 
Bertram Don Williams 

Jared Ian Yablon 

Robert Ki Yun 

George Peter Zouzoulas 


Mohamad Nazim A Samad 

Dawn Dulany Austin 
Justin David Campbell 
Rabin Komar Das 
Paulo Leonardo DosSantos 
Chul Hoon Kim 
Andrew Paul Little 
Tisha Lea Martin 
Lee Tuan Nguyen 
Richard Jauyang Ni 
Erik Atso Savisaar 
Duane A. Szatkowski 
Kristen Leigh Wygant 

Government and Politics 

§Rebecca Louise Bernstein 

*Mark Alan Black 

Gilberto Antonio Brito 

Margaret Davenport Brosnan 

Brian Marc Candee 

Joshua Seth Cantor 

Courtney Desmond Covington 

tAntony Somerset Cruit 

Anthony Henry D'Andraia 

Kristen J. Dumas 

Evelina Erickson 

Jennifer C. Escano 

Robert J. Girard 11 

Jason Mark Goldstein 

Stephanie Gray 

Luis Rembert Guevara 

Luis Felipe Harman 

Tony James Harris 

Shekennan La Trice Hayes 

Rhoda Joy Hsia 

Kathleen Marie Kraus 

Megan Elizabeth Mason 

Lisa Pilar Messenger 

Zoraly Nunez Martinez 

Anne B. O'Brien 

T. N. Ozerol 

Scott Edward Peter 

Eric W. Pray 

Tracy Ann Redmond 

Todd Christopher Russell 

Amy Carol Sagalkin 

Julie Ann Seiler 

Kerry Ruth Shahan 

*Anne Louise Speca 

Troy Lee Taylor 

Michael Todd Thayer 

Poorvee Anil Vyas 

2nd Major: Antropology 
Jason David Winn 
*Marcelo Miotto Wright 
Matthew Benjamin Younger 
Soheil M. Zadegan 

Hearing and Speech Sciences 

Christine Denise Graves 
Alan David Gross 
Susan Rhodes Hellyer 
Mary Samantha Stanford 


Kerry Ann Anderson 
Darren Craig Banks 

2iid Major: Criminology and 

Criminal Justice 
Angana Baruah 
Debra June Cook 
Kevin Christian Frissell 
Daniel Seth Gildenhom 
Pamela Rae Glamp 
James Alexander Grant 
Todd Ryan Hebnan 
Joseph Carl Huddle 


§ Siimma cum Laude i Magna cum Laude * cum Laude 


19 9 6 

J. Candi L. Keyes 

2iui Major: Criminology and 

Criminal Justice 
Moon J. Kim 
Kimberly Noel Lane 
Mark Adam Leitner 
Jesse Eric Levitt 
Megan Elizabeth Murray 
Melvln Anthony Murray 
Cassandra Parra 
Baruch Rabasa 

2nd Major: Criminology and 

Criminal justice 
Allison Brooke Rubin 
Nurit Sharon 
*Lisa Beth Solomon 
Linda Ann Spranger 

2nd Major: Art Studio 
Sedgwick Downey Tourison 111 
Jeffrey Kenton Yee 
Mira Yockelson 


•Rosalind Joy Connelly 
Gillian Samantha Diamond 
Audrienne Melissa Featherstone 
Patricia Amy Flanagan 
Jill Galuten 
Brian Kenneth Glover 
Raquel Miren Guerricagoitia 
Troy Robert Holland 
Marlene Annette Hunt 
Marisa Anne lacono 
Carrie Marie Jaeck 
Kedra Devonne Mitchell 
Harry Ivan Neal 
Michael Todd Pearce 
Parind Janak Raval 
Jessica Hope Rosenbaum 
Sherrv Lynn Smith 

Urban Studies 

John Gnttith Malachowski 

Bachelor of Science 


tMichael William Feldbush 
David Adrian-Bush Fox 
Robert Allen Sohlberg, Jr. 
Trent Bryden Surles 


Rando Khaled Aladdin 
Eric Burton Remington Jolinson 
Christopher Garret Roseboom 
Yoshiko Yamamoto 


Bachelor of Science 


Titilola Olatundun Awosika 
•John Stewart Bennett 
Mark R. Cabrera 
Steven Tungtso Cho 
Patricia Lynn Conley 
Bradley Erik Davidson 
Milton R. Dodge 
Dino Fasce 

2nd Major: Finance 
Sara Fikre 
Neal A. Gantert 
Carla Allison Gervais-Austin 
•Caroline Ruth Gnau 
Stella Rita Gomes 
Jason Daniel Goozh 
Jay P. Hendershot 
Janet Marie Howard 
Timothy Da\'id Hughes 

James Kevin Hull 
Mohamed Said Karama 
Konjit Kebede 
Tae Hui Kim 
Yong Suk Kim 
'Alexander A. Kolosey 
Robert Mark Kuklewicz 
Cornelia Layne 
Joseph Christoph LaRose 
Seung Jae Lee 
Michael Qin-Yao Liang 
Tong Liu 

2nd Major: Finance 
Asif G. Master 
Judith Deborah McCormack 
Darshana Shashi Mehta 

2nd Degree: Finance 
Theresa Anne Messinese 
Melissa Marie Montie 
Carline Naita Montout 
Barbara Elizabeth Mulligan 
Victoria Qiaoyun Pang 
Rachel Denise Pickeral 
Mahesh Rajagopalan 

Stacey Ellen Riley 
tScott Nathan Rubin 
Shelly Seeram 
Jin-Ee Slew 
Diana C. Stanley 
Michael Edward Tascher 
Andrew James Walker 
Mario Andre Wells 


Vivek Agrawal 
Albert Chen 

2nd Major: Managemnet Science 

and Statistics 
Brian Daniel Donlan 
Kohilan Ignatius 

2nd Major: General Business and 
David Wayne Hebrank 
Delroy Matthew Henson 
Margaret Megan Jones 
Thomas Hwei King 
Th\' Lan Le 


Alumni Takes Fifth in Row 

N\uki(Mi r—txii u,t 

• a»in 

Au -■ ' ■ - 

■. i*n 


• |1'. 

■ nMftt; 

h4. 1' 

. «■> 

«<kl tU 


■jmIoJ < 

^ r"J« 

rt - 

1.) f.« 


§ Siimma cum Laude f Magna cum Laude ' cum Laude 

Michael Kim Lee 
Giovanni Levato 
Christopher Joseph Long 

2nd Degree: Computer Science 
Darshana Shashi Mehta 
2nd Degree: Accoiaiting 
Jung Hye Moon 
Jeffrey R. Rezza 
Erik Lee Robinson 
Greg Michael Selfridge 

General Business and 

Wenceslao Avalos 
Richard Carl Bethman 
Sarah Kathleen Briscoe 
Kesha Rochelle Camper 
Joseph Benson Chambers 
Ming Hugh Chow 
§Anria Maria Czege 

2nd Major: Psychology 
Daniel Joseph Hatem 

2nd Major: Spanish Language and 

Kevin James Lair 
Javier Enrique Mandry 

2nd Major: Logistics and 
*Azita Rashid Rateshtari 

2nd Degree: Marketing 
Alexandre Pinho Simas 

2nd Major: Marketing 
Frances Joanne Tetervin 

Dorothy Ursulet 

2nd Major: Marketing 
In-Chol Yoon 

2nd Major: Economics 
Yilei Zhang 

2nd Degree: Computer Science 

2nd Major: finance 

Human Resource Management 

Dheeraj Kumar Agarwal 
Carol R. Almond 
tKimberly Ann Bristol 
*Lisa Susan Frappolli 

2nd Major: Logistics and 

Edwin D. Pelaez 
Virgiiiia Anne Umrani 

Logistics and Transportation 

Daniel Dimitn 
Jeffrey Robert Halper 
Wei Pang Lu 
Thomas D. Penetrante 

Management Science and 

*Michele Christine Brinkman 

Timothy James Donovan 
Bachar Abdullah Hijazi 
Rajat Vajpe}^ 


Carolyn T. Aliaga 
Sean Michael Allanach 
Pierre P. Auguste 
Christopher Thomas Barker 
Adam Lev Beckerman 
CrisHano Paes de Castro 
Charity Colette Deeb 

*Anthony Thomas Detrick 

2nd Major: Logistics 

and Transportation 
Tina Felicity Doctolero 
Ian M. Gates 
Seth L. Gendel 
Adam S. Green 
Tanya Lynn lager 
Denny Lengkong 
Siiri Ann Ling 
Prima Firiasari Loethfie 
Sara Manhoff 
Jason Matthew Nagel 
Paul Philip Rasevic 
*Azita Rashid Rateshtari 

2nd Degree: Genera! Business 

and Management 
William Hirt Reigeluth 
Tsur Yaakov Reiss 
Josef Shuster 

Olumuviwa Adewunmi Sodipo 
Kathleen Bethany Davis Sterne 
Cristin Marie Van Brunt 
Max Louis Weiner 
Angela Dawn Williams 
*Yang Zhao 

Production Management 

Michael Kyompitira Sebalu 


Bachelor of Science 


*David Richard Eisner 

Computer Science 

Dale Edward Bingham 
Aaron Gene Broun 
Hei Chan 
Zhen Ding 
*Quan The Dinh 

2nd Major: Mathematics 
Alexander Alexeevich Fedotov 
Evangelos P. Fotopoulos 
Stephen Erwin Gorospe 
Arush Kumar 
Shun Kwok 
Joon Hyuk Lee 
Eric Lawrence Leibowitz 
Christopher Joseph Long 

2nd Degree: Finance 
Ho Park 

Mark Emmanuel Perrone 
Jennifer Marie Pierce 
Syed Ziaur Rehman 
Siyang Si 

Leo Joseph Paschal Thomas 
Ngok Fung Tung 
Mark Joseph Wisniewski 
Tak Kuen Woo 
Yilei Zhang 

2nd Degree: General Business 

and Management 
David Daniel Zimmermann 


Brian Steven Megless 


i Summa cum Laude f Magna cum Laude 'cumLaude 

•Janine Nicole Savage 
Katherine Marie White 


'Jeremy Leon Calvert 

2nd Degree: Physics 
Veasna Chim 
Kenneth Charles Cline 

2nd Major: Computer Science 
Christine Michelle Gordon 
Charles Stephen Laing 
Karen Adria Snow 
Leone Alesa Wills 

Physical Sciences 

Richard Curry Benet 
Peter Howell Kivett 


Christopher F. Berry 
'Jeremy Leon Calvert 

2nd Degree: Mathematics 
Anil Jayanna 

2nd Major: Mathematics 
Ian David Pierce 


Bachelor of Science 

□ementary Education — 

Natalie Petricoin Atkinson 

Industrial Technology 

Munyaradzi Mdani Mutswairo 

Secondary Education — 
Mathematics — Professional 

Cent" Kdward Libby 

Phillipp Laurence-Webster O'Dell 

Kimberly Jean Zanders 


Bachelor of Science 

Family Studies 

Cara Stacey Adlman 
Ancha Abie Ceesay-Jallow 
Suzanne Michelle Demarie 
Stacy Michelle Foley 
Michelle Lee Gerlitzki 
Robin Leslie Hoffman 
Carol Thorsen Knoblach 
Dana S. Lees 
Cedric Rannell Lewis 
Alicia Memenza 
Mary Catherine O'Keefe 
Elizabeth N. Polizos 
Marsha R. Rouff 

Kinesiological Sciences 

Eddy H. Chong 
Nandini Mathur 
Laura Beth Trumbauer 


Bachelor of Arts 


Carmen Danielle Benns 
Brian Douglas Bierman 
Stefani Blaft 
Kerry Morgan Carman 
Andrew Shipley Farver 
Andrea Jeanne Filliben 
Peter Howard Hebert 
Sara Joseph 
Lauren Faith Kaplan 
Lori Carole Levy 
Jennifer Marie MacLeid 

Shannon Leigh Rickel 
Jessica A. Schnuer 
Angela Diane Shuffler 
Lainie Dara Stein 
Ricardo Vergara 

2nd Major: Spanish language and 

Victoria Linda Wentz 
David Anthony Wood 
Betsy Rae Wright 


Bachelor of Science 


Mojgan Abnshami 
Kenneth Roger Hwang 
Elizabeth Lynn Parsons 
JoAnna Joy Peterson 
Leonard Russo 

§ Sumnm cum iaude f Magna cum Laude ' cum Laude 

Biological Sciences 

Abbas Khatfafzadeh Ahrabi 
Adolisa Joan Anarado 
Dale Matthew Army 
Gregory Lloyd Borchert 
Felicia Lynette Breedy 
Andree Rose Victoria Calixte 
Ana Maria Cardona 
Tracy Lamont Carmichael 
Rachel Laine Camaggio 
Tracy L. Cox 
Henry D. Dean 
Matilde Eugenia Facet 
Rahul Gor 

Jennifer Renee Griffin 
Karen Ann Hermann 
Malik Mohammed Nur Imam 
Diana Bonbun Ku 
Tae Kwang Kwon 
Jonathan Chu-Ming Lee 
Mark Joseph Lewandowski 
Mary Kathryn Meredith 
Kristina Thao Nguyen 
Nonglak Outsa 
Mary Magdalene Pollard 
Rebecca Ann Schwalbe 
Farzam Tamami 
Jack Chih-Pin Toung 
Joyce Elaine Williams 
Sung Hae Yun 


Amy Lynn Edwards 
Chauncey Bayarculus Johnson 1 
Charlotte Arm Klein 
Sang-Eun Lee 
James Lydiard Mead 

General Biological Sciences 

Troy Nolan Green 
Aimee Gregory 
Cristina Maria Makela 
Edward D. Watson 


Amend Dayan Kpadeh 

Sandra Lvrm Noland 


Bachelor of Arts 

Individual Studies 

Jennifer Lynn Reece 
tCelia Rebecca Serkin 

AUGUST 1996 

Afro-American Studies 

Adolisa Joan Anarado 
Felicia Lynette Breedy 
Alicia Nicole Jackson 
Damon Douglas Jones 
MelvLn Anthony Murray 

East Asian Studies Certificate 

Lee Tuan Nguyen 


§ Summa cum Laude f Magna cum Laude ' cum Laudt 

c; A N D I D A T E S F O 11 t; R A D U A 1" E DEGREES 



December 1996 

Edmond R. du Pont Business and Management Agency Cost of Debt, 
hnvstnicnt and the Tax Code 

Allyson D. Adrian Speech Communication Fuzzy Models of the Relationships 
among Cotnmunication Satisfaction, Factors and Organizational Commitment in 
Three Australian Organizations 

Gagan Agrawal Computer Science Interprocedural Code Placement Techniques 
and Their Applications 

Sharon M. Alston Education Policy, Planning and Administration A Study of 
the Pattern of Enrollment Differences among Students Offered a No-Need, Merit 
Scholarship Relative to the Achievement of Institutional Diversity Goals 

Sharon I. Ammen Theatre May Invin's Strategies of Influence: A Look Back at 
America's "Secretary of Laughter" 

Santiago E. Arteaga Applied Mathematics Parallel Preconditioning for Finite 
Element Discretalations of the Incompressible Navier-Stokes Equations 

Petras V. Avizonis Physics Measurement of the LAGEOS-l Satellite Spin Axis 
and Image Processing in Adaptive Optics 

Benjamin Bachrach Electrical Engineering Robust Control with Structural 
Constraints on the Controller 

Angela S. Baker Biochemistry Subcloning, Purification and Characterization of 
Enzymes of the AEP Degradation Pathway from Sotyphimurium LT2 and B.cereus 

Edna S. Barber History Sisters of the Capital: White Women in Richmond, 
Virgmia, I8b0-I880 

Joe G. Bared Civil Engineering Safety Design Evaluation System for Two-Lane 
Rural Highways 

Ernest Barreto Physics Stability in Chaotic Systems 

Evelyn J. Bata Counseling and Personnel Services Dimensions of Well-being 
and Stressors Experienced by Daughter and Son Caregivers Physically, Versus 
Mentally Impaired Patients in Nursing Care Centers 

James M. Baumann Electrical Engineering Characterization and Incremental 
Improvement of Subjective Questionnaire-based Software Maintainability 
Evaluation Methods 

Fassil B. Beshah Civil Engineering Performance ofFRP Reinforced Concrete 
Beams and Slabs 

William A. Blakemore Computer Science Efficient Analysis of Generalized 
Stochastic Petri Net Models 

Syeda S. Bokhari Education Policy, Planning and Administration Attitudes of 
Migrant Pakistani Families Towards Purdah and the Education of Women in a 
Secular Eywironment 

Ramon F. Bonaquist Civil Engineering Development and Application of 

Comprehensive Constitutive Model for Granular Materials in Flexible Pavement 

Sharmistha Bose Psychology Adaptive Functioning of HIV-infected Children 

Janette W. Boughman Zoology Social Communication in Greater Spear-Nosed 
Bats, Phyllostonuis Hastatus 

Kevin A. Boulais Electrical Engineering A MicroChannel Electron Source 

Debra B. Bowman Agricultural and Extension Education An Analysis of 
Survivors' Reactions to Downsizing in an Educational Organization Based on 
Psychological and Social Theories: Implications for Planning Organizational 

Kathy M. Boyer-Shick Special Education Self-Speech: The Effects of Self-Speech 
on the Problem-Solving Abilitws of Children ivith and without Learning Abilities 


James A. Braatz III Astronomy H O Megamaser Emission in Active Galactic 

Douglas M. Brattebo Government and Politics Presidential Homework: 
Executive Preparation for Personal Diplomacy 

Christine L. Brauer Health Education Employed Women: Their Health Behaviors, 
Tlieir Health Needs and the Potential Influence of Worksite Ouiracteristics on 
Their Health and Beliaviors 

Jose Bravo-De-Rueda Spanish Language and Literature El Cuerpo en La Obra 
de Roberto Arlt: Un Nexo Entre La Narrative Y La Dramatica 

David A. Brown Human Development An Assessment of Anticipated and Actual 
College Adjustment in Freshman-Oriented Students 

Loma B. Browne Industrial, Technological and Occupational Education 
Wimt Does it Mean to be a Noncustodial Father? 

Evelyn Canabal-Torres Spanish Language and Literature Cesar Vallejo: Dolor y 

Curtis P. Carlson Economics S02 Control by Electric Utilities 

Lidia M. Carrera Plant Biology Ejfect of Planting Dates and Plant Density on the 
Dei'elopment of Gray Leaf Spot (GLS) of Com 

James R. Cassata Nuclear Engineering Improved Personnel Dosimetry Using 
Copper Doped LifTLD's and Neural Network Algorithms 

Anuradha Chakicheria Molecular and Cellular Biology Investigation of the Role 
of Unusual Amino Acids in the Processing and Secretion of the Lantibiotic SubtiUn 

Wen-Chun Chang Economics Environmental Conservation and the International 
Dispute Over Whaling 

Yu-Wen Chang Electrical Engineering Policies for Handoffand Cliannel 
Assignment in CDPAA Cellular and LEO Satellite Networks 

Maria A. Chechik Computer Science Automatic Analysis of Consistency betzveen 
Requirements and Designs 


Michael P. Chen-Young Economics A Consolidated Approach to Government 

Gang Chen Chemical Engineering Process Control Utilizing Data Based Models 

Hongguang Chen Zoology Primary Striictues ofTioo Novel CGMP-Gated 
Channels from Linnilus Polyphemus 

Peter C. Chen Aerospace Engineering Development of a Smart Rotor with 
Induced-strain Actuation of Blade Twist 

Shih-I Chen Electrical Engineering Self-Decision for DPSK-Modidated Wireless 
Voice Communication 

Chang-Kuo Cheng Economics Impact of Bilingual Education on Educational 


Jun Cheng Chemistry Design and Cliaracterization of Molecular Insulators Self- 
Assembled on Gold Electrodes 

Gloria Chi-Flshman Hearing and Speech Sciences Tongue-Palate Interaction in 
Discrete and Continuous Swallowing 

Soowon Cho Entomology Molecular Phylogenetics of Heliothinae (Lepidoptera) 

Using E -12 and DDC 

Yung-Shan Chou Electrical Engineering Robustness of Systems under Structural 
Time-Varying Uncertainty 

Diana M. Ciurczak Chemistry The Analysis of Archaeological Artifacts Using 
Nuclear Methods and Inductively Coupled Plasma-Mass Spectometry 

Barbara A. Claffey Agricultural and Resource Economics Interest Groups, 
Wealth and Competition for Federal Outlays 

Cynthia L. Clement Economics Pre- and Post-Transition Debates in Comparative 
Economic Systems: Neiv Insight from Simulation Modeling 

Kevin D. Cluff Mechanical Engineering Characterizing the Commercial Avozves 
Dynamic Thermal Environment for Solder joint Reliability Assessment 

c; A N D 1 D A 

S FOR c; R A D U A T E O E t; R E E S 


David C. Cochran Government and Politics The Color of Freedom: Race and 
Contnnporary Atiwrican Liberalism 

Christy T. Corbin Human Development Parenting Educators' Beliefs Concerning 
Knowledge and Skills Necessary for Proactive Parenting 

Victoria K. Cox Spanish Language and Literature La Tirania De Las Moras: Las 
Representaeiones De Los Calendarios Andino y Cristiano En El Texto De Guaman 
Poma De Ayala 

Sharon M. Crook Applied Mathematics The Role of Delay in Oscillatory Models 
of Olfactory Cortex 

Ramona E. Crowley-Goldberg Education Policy, Planning and Administration 
The Leadership Role of the Elementary School Principal in Regard to School-Based 
Instructional Decision-Making 

Timothy J. Crowley Chemical Engineering Optimal Control of Molecular Weight 
Distrdndwn for Polymer Reactors 

Mario Cruz-Lozano Agricultural and Extension Education Factors Affecting 
Contnnicd Use of Extension-Approved Production Practices by Tobacco Farmers in 

Peter D. Cucka Computer Science Classification Techniques in Navigation and 
Obicct Recognition 

Kelly A. Cunningham Marine, Estuarine, and Environmental Sciences Oxygen 
Toxicity mid Antioxidant Protective Mechanisms in Nitrogen Fixing Cyanohactena 

Zhiyuan Dai Meteorology Tlie Nature of Transient Variability Over the North 
Pacific and North American Sector and Its Modulation by the ENSO Cycle 

Rosalie M. Dance Curriculum and Instruction A Characterization of Aspects of 
the Liilliireol a Successful Mathematics Classroom in an Inner City School 

James C. Davis Agricultural and Extension Education The Relationship of 
Commimiti/ Stakeholder Participation to the Effectiveness of U.S. Agency for 
International Development-Assisted Non-Governmental Agricultural and Natural 
Resource Development Projects 

Pascale M. De Souza French Language and Literature Geographic Identitaire 
dans hi iittcriiliirc dcs Antilles Francaises 

Diane L. Devaul American Studies Mothenoork: Quilts and Art 

David R. Dickens Human Development Examination of a Structural Equation 

Model of Antecedents to State Overview among Community College Students 

Laura M. Dickinson English Language and Literature "A House That Tries to be 
Haunted": Emily Dickinson's Poetic of Transgression 

Patricia A. Dingle Curriculum and InstrucHon The Effects of Computer-Assisted 
Instruction on Lou'-Achiei'ing African-American Males and Other Loiv-Achiei'ers 
m Art 

Hartmut G. Dobel Entomology Habitat Structure and the Suppressing Role of 
Spiders on the Population Dynamics of Salt Marsh Inhabiting Planthoppcrs 

Helen E. Dorsett Chemistry Chemistry at Defects: CO, NO and Oxygen 

Cheiiiisorplion on Stepped Ni (0,1.40) and Ni (119) 

Keith L. Dougherty Government and Politics Collective Action and the Articles of 
Confederation: The Impact of Institutional Design on the Provision of Public Goods 

Bruce A. Douglas Electrical Engineering Control of a Flexible Astronomical 


Debra J. Ellis Marine, Estuarine, and Environmental Sciences Phylogenetic 
.Analysis of Dissimilatory Fe (lll)-and Sulfate-Reducing Microorganisms and 

Britt E. Erickson Chemistry Molybdenum Speciation in Sulfidic Natural Waters 

Mustafa Eroz Electrical Engineering Rate-Compatible Trellis Coles in Hybrid- 
.ARQ and Combined Source Channel Coding Systems over Wireless Channels 

Zelalem Eshete Mechanical Engineering In-Process Machine Tool Vibration 
Cancellation Using PMN Actuators 


Richard K. Everett Engineering Materials Mesoscale Effects on Strengthening 

Majid A. Faani Tabriz! Nezhaad Mechanical Engineering Electrohydrodynamic 
(EHD) Pool Boilnig Heat Transfer Enhancement of Ozone-Safe Refrigerants 

Lora J. Fader Special Education Determining the Nature of Differences betweai 
Unifieti Early Childhood I Early Childhod Special Education Programs and Separate 
Early Childhood Sp'ecial Education Programs 

Yu Fan Poultr\' Science Opioid Peptides Regulate GnRH in Birds 

Claudio Filippone Nuclear Engineering Thermodynamic Efficiency Optimization 
of a Specially Designed Nuclear Fueled Steam Expwnsion Engine 

Mary J. Flaherty Psychology Recruitment and Retention ofAt-Risk Parents for 
Violence Prrcention Parent Training Programs 

Aian B. Fob Mechanical Engineering An Experimental Study of the Velocity 
Vector and Velocity Gradient Tensor Fields in the Atmospheric Boundary Layer 

Lany W. Forrester Kinesiology A Dynamical System Perspective on the 

Development of Running: Lozver Limb Coordination in the Droelopmental 
Transition from Walking to Running 

Judith W. Fowler English Language and Literature Tlw Classical Renaissance 
and Modern Corpora on Imilatio: A Route to Teaching Style in the Academic 

Jonathan Fox Government and Politics Religion, Ethnicity and the State: A 
General Theory of Religion and Conflict with Application to Ethnic Conflict zvith 
the State 

Melissa P. Free Meteorology Volcanic and Solar Effects on Climate Since 1400 

Jairo N. Fuertes Counseling and Personnel Services Wliites' Initial Perceptions 
of Hispanic Counselors: The Effects ofHispanics Race, Accent, and Whites' 
Universal Orientation 

John H. Fyock Jr. Psychology The Use of Stereotypes in Strategic 



Monica R. Gabbidon Biochemistry Characterization of Binding ofRecBCD 
Enzyme to Nucleic Acids 

Leonard P. Galusky Marine, Estuarine, and Environmental Sciences 

Toioard the Droelopment of Quantitative Soil Morphological Indicators of Water 
Table Behainor 

Shama Gamkhar Economics The Impact of Federal Intergovernmental Grants on 
State and Local Expenditure in the United States, 1971-1990 

Sanjeev Gandhi Textiles and Consumer Economics Study of Celhdosic 
Smoldering Using a Simulated Ignition Source and Thermal Imaging 

Antonio Garcia-Lozada Spanish Language and Literature El pensamiento critico 

de Carlos Arturo Torres 

Michele M. Gates Aerospace Engineering A Semi-Empirical Method of 
Predicting On-Orhit Smgle Event Effect Rates Due to Heavy Ions 

Dariu M. Gavrila Computer Science 3-D Model-based Tracking of Humans in 

Sven Geier Astronomy 

Joan B. Gillece Human Development An Anlaysis of Publicly Funded Services 
by Disenfranchised Individuals 

Yonggyu Gim Physics Novel Properties of High Transition Superconductor 

Travis C. Glenn Zoology Microsatellite DNA Variation within American 
Alligators and Whooping Cranes 

Victoria Goddard-Truitt Human Development Parent's Beliefs about Children's 
Development of Communicative Competencies: Impacts on the Developmental 
Context of Children from LSES Neighborhoods 

Parke T. Godfrey Computer Science An Architecture and Implementation for a 
Cooperative Database System 

Maria J. Gomez Counseling and Persormel Ser\'ices The Career Development of 

Notable Latinas 

CANDIDA 1" E S 1- O R C, R A D U A T F. D li G R t E S 

D E C E M B t R 19 9 6 

Jose 0. Gonzalez Mathematics On a Category of "Uniform" Spaces 

Wayne D. Graham Kinesiology Skeletal Muscle ICF-I and ICF-I Receptor niRNA 
Responses to Chronic Resistive Training in Post-Menopausal Women 

Barbara Z. Grelling Psychology Ethnicity and Child Sexual Abuse: Differences 
between Anglo and Hispanic Women Survivors 

Bae-Yeun Ha Physics Meanfield Theory of Spmiflexible Chains and Shapes of 
Polyelectrolytes and Polyampholyte 

Sara E. Hanna Education Policy, Planning and Administration The Nature of 
Staff and Student Interaction as a Function of Social and Academic Integration in 
a Small College 

Mark R. Hardin Entomology Tritrophic Level Interactions: The Ecological 
Conscijucnces of Host Plant Choice 

Kevin R. Hardwick History Mirrors for Their Sons: Humanist Gentility in 
England and Virginia, 1500-1750 

Pamela M. Harman Hearing and Speech Sciences Rhyme Production in Patients 
U'lth Left ami Right Hemisphere Damage 

Tara J. Hart English Language and Literature Tender Horizons: The American 
Landscapes of Austin and Stein 

Michael L. Haxton Government and Politics Domestic Institutions, Peace and 
War: Investigating the Causes and Contents of the Democratic Peace 

Kenneth W. Heger History Prison Reform in American Occupied Germany, 1945- 

Peter J. Helm Electrical Engineering Semiconductor Optical Preamplifier 980 
urn Direct Detection Receiver for Satellite- to-Satellite Communication 

Eva J. Hester Hearing and Speech Sciences Relationship between Narrative 
Style Dialect and Reading Achievement in African American Children 

David K. Hill Chemistry Investigations of a Unique Three-to-Five Carbon Ring 
Expansion Reaction 

Thomas Y. Hiter Education Policy, Planning and Administration 

Teacher Participation in Managerial Decision Making in Kentucky Elementary 
School: The Role of School-Based Decision-Making 

Joel M. Hoffman Linguistics Syntactic and Paratactic Word Order Effects 

Tracey R. Holoman Chemical Engineering Stress-Induced Proteolysis in E. Coli 

Odette B. Home Curriculum and Instruction The Impact of Adventure Learning 
on Team Development Using Intact Teams within the United States Postal 

Service: A Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis 

Hsin-I Hsieh Mechanical Engineering Computer-Aided Synthesis of the 
Epicyclic-Type Automotive Automatic Transmission Mechanisms 

Tseh-Jen Hsieh Engineering Materials Growth, Microstructure, and 
Superconducting Properties of High Tc DyBa2Cu307-x Thin Films Prepared by 
Ozone-Assisted Molecular Beam Cori'aporation 

Xiaoli Huai Mechanical Engineering Large-Eddy Simulation of Boundary Layer 

Katherine Humber Psychology The Distinction between Cultural Truisms and 
Stereotypes: A Preliminary Exploration of Beliefs 

Shih-Chuan Hung Electrical Engineering Efficient Algorithms for VLSI 
Placement and Routing Problems 

Tsung-Min Hung Kinesiology Are Fast-action Sport Athletes Characterized by 
Greater Attciitional Flexibility and Motor Preparedness? An Electrophysiological 
Study of Table Tennis Players 

Mary A. Huntley Curriculum and Instruction Middle School Integrated 
Mathematics and Science Education: Theory and Practice 

Ahmed H. Hussein Agronomy Soil Chronofunclions in Submerging Coastal Areas 
of the Chesapeake Bay 

Sunghwan Hwang Aerospace Engineering Frequency Domain System 
Identification ofBlace with a Trailing Edge Flap 


Karen H. Hyllegard Textiles and Consumer Economics An Investigation of 
Ethic Patterns of Gift Expenditure in Three Product Categories: Clothing, Toys 
and Money 

Diane S. Illig Sociology Instrument Development for Assessing the Dynamics of 
the Division of Labor xvithin Lesbian and Gay Households and Families 

Jeffiy J. Janoska Economics Modeling Personal Consumption and Government 
Medical Transfers in a Long-term Econometric Model 

Insik Jin Physics Superconducting Quantum Interference Devices for Gravity 
Wave Detection 

Calvin C. Jolinson Criminal Justice and Criminology The Structural 
Determinants of Homicide: A Closer Examination of the Poverty-Homicide 

Valerie C. Johnson Government and Politics The Political Consequences of Black 
Suburbanization: Prince George's County, Maryland, I97I-I994 

Christpher T. Jones Aerospace Engineering Advancements in Helicopter 
Frequency Domain System Identification 

June W. Jones Criminal Justice and Criminology Profiling Corrupt DEA 
Agents and Their Careers 

Panagiotis Kalaitzis Molecular and Cellular Biology Cloning and Expression 
Analysis of Tomato Abscission Cell Wall Hydrolases 

Raja Kali Economics Essays in Antitrust and Advertising 

Marek Kaminski Government and Politics Social Choice and Information 

Angelos Kanlis Electrical Engineering Compression and Transmission of 
Multucsolution Data in a Netivork 

Brian L. Kemp Aerospace Engineering Kinematic Modes and Assumed Strain in 
Finite Element Modeling 

Janice 0. Keyser Curriculum and Instruction The Personal Teaching Portfolio: 
A Staff Development Tool for Effecting and Documenting Transfer 


Khalil A. Khan Mechanical Engineering Nonlinear Interactions in Structures 

Sanjay V. Khare Physics A Theoretical Study of Step Edge Fluctuations and of 
Brownian Motion of Adatom and Vacancy Clusters 

Duduzile L. Khoza Education Policy, Planning and Administration 

Recruitment and Selection Practices Influencing the Advancement of Women to 
Administrative Positions in SA University 

Sanjeev P. Khudanpur Electrical Engineering 

Model Selection and Data Compression 

Jae-Hoon Kim Meteorology Responses of Model Stationarii Waves to Prescribed 
SST Anomalies 

Taehyeong Kim Computer Science Toward Optimizing Distributed Programs 

Directed by Configurations 

Young B. Kim Electrical Engineering On the Performance of Fast Packet 
Switches: Stochastic Comparisons and Large Size Asymptotics 

Young-Rae Kim English Language and Literature A Thematic Study on 
Melville's The Piazza Tales 

Nancy L. Kimmeriy Human Development Parental Choice of Child Care 

Peter E. Kinberg Government and Politics Presidential Fulfillment of Platform 
and Campaign Promises 

Maria K. Kirk Curriculum and Instruction A Teaching Intervention for Reading 
Laboratory Experiments in Introductory College-Level Chemistry 

Katharine F. KnowHon Animal Sciences Starch Digestion and Glucose 
Metabolism in Dairy Cattle 

Ki-Seog Ko Government and Politics Politico-Economic Theory of Public Social 

Padma Kodali Engineering Materials Mechanical and Tribological Properties of 
Ion Beam Processed Surfaces 

t: A N D 1 D A r E s 

G R A D U A !■ E 

D E G R E 1-: S 

Shobha Kondragunta Chemistry Tlie Inipcict of Urban Aewsols on the 
Pliotoiiifiniiiil Smog Formation 

Joseph F. Kposowa Agricultural and Extension Education Factors Influencing 
Farmers in Aitofling Soil Fertilization Practices: A Study of Vegetable Farmers in 
Prince George's County, Maryland 

Julie A. Kromkowski Business and Management Derning's Management System 
Applied to Performance Evaluation and Reivard 

Robert Lahmann Physics A Precision Measurement of the Z" Lineshape 
Parameters for the Process 

Guang Lan Chemical Physics An Analysis of Some Quantitative Factors in 
Cardiac Single Photon Emission-Computed Tomography Imaging 

James E. Lange Psychology Alcohol Expectations: The Role of Mental 
Representations and Need for Closure on the Identification of Aggression 

Stephen E. Langille Microbiology Investigation into the Role of Surface 
Polysaccharides in the Adhesion and Biofilm Formation of Hyphomonas Strains 
VP-6 and MHS-3 

Katharine A. Larsen English Language and Literature "A Voyage Around the 
World" by John Dunton: A Critical Edition 

Mara G. Latts Psychology A Revision and Validation of the Countertransference 
Factors Inventory 

Seogyong Lee Kinesiology Mechanical Control and Coordination in Kicking 

Terri L. LeMoyne Sociology "Specialists without Spirit, Sensualists without 
Heart?" An Empirical Investigation of the Effects of (Hyper) Rationality on job 

Suh Y. Liang Marine, Estuarine, and Environmental Sciences Mammalian 
Hcrbwory and Environmental Changes Effects on Bottomland Hardwood Forest 

Wenchao Liang Electrical Engineering Two-Dimensional Submicron 
Semiconductor TCAD By Hydrodynamic and Numerical Boltzman Simulation 

Susan H. Libby Art History Originality, Imitation and Genius: A.-L. Girodet- 
Tnosoii and French Art Theory and Criticism, I785-1S24" 
Vincent R. Liburd Curricukim and Instruction A Process of Change in a 
Religious Organization 

Homg-Twu Lihn Physics FIR Magneto-optics ofTBCO Thin Films and Vortex 
Dynamics Theory of High Tc Superconductors 

King I. Lin Computer Science Indexing Non-Traditional and Multimedia 

Rosemary S. Lindle Kinesiology The Relationship of Muscular Strength, Age and 

Gender: Concentric Vs. Eccentric Force Production 

Jingsong Liu Civil Engineering 

Wei-Chih Liu Chemical Physics High-Order Radiative Processes in Atoms in 
Intense Laser Fields 

Karen A. Livesey Psychology Predicting Separation and Reunion Behaviors at 
Day Care 

Kirsten M. Lollis Curriculum and Instruction Writing in Algebra Class: 
Investigating the Effects of Writing on Teachers' Decisions 

Barbara E. Lovitts Sociology Leaving the Ivory Tower: The Causes and 
Consequences of Departure from Doctoral Study 

Tony A. Loweiy Marine, Estuarine, and Environmental Sciences Contributions 
to Comparative Estherine Analysis: Watershed Population Estimation 

Chih-Cheng Lu Electrical Engineering Wavelength Conversion in T-gate Lasers 

Shuming Lu Speech Communication Small Talk in Chinese Cultural 
Communication and Chinese-American Intercultural Contacts 

Eric D. Lund Marine, Estuarine, and Environmental Sciences The Role of 
Essential Fatty Acids in Striped Bass Reproduction 


Vivian Lusweti Education Policy, Planning and Administration 
International Women Students' Perceptions of Gender Differences 

William M. Lynch Curriculum and Instruction An Investigation of Writing 
Strategies Used by High Ability Sei'enth Graders Responding to a State-Mandated 
Explanatory Writing Assessment Task 

Adam L. Lyon Physics A Search for Squarks and Gluinos with the jets and 
Missing Transverse Energy Signature in a Supergravity Framezvork 

Rajiv Madabhushi Electrical Engineering The Reconstruction of Magnetic Force 
Microscopy Images and its Application to High Density Magtietic Recording 

Patricia D. Mail Health Education Cultural Orientation and Positive 
Psychological Status as Protective Factors Against Problem Behaviors in 
Southwestern American Indian Adolescents 

Henry W. Maingi Agricultural and Extension Education Factors Influencing the 
Use of Extension-Recommended Fertilizer Technology Practices in Maryland 

Clarissa J. Maroon Plant Biology Molecular Studies on the Replication and 
Epidemiology of Potato Spindle Tuber Viroid (PSTVd) 

Rodney I. Martens Electrical Engineering An Investigation of the Effects of Wipe 
On Low Normal Force Electric Contacts 

Louis A. Martin Human Development The Relationship of Spirituality and 


Laura M. Martins Spanish Language and Literature En Primer Piano: Genero, 
Contemporaneidad y Representacion Cine y Literature en Argentina (1955-1969) 

Mark S. Mather Sociology Geruier Inequality and Use of Health Care in Rural 

Sundeep P. Mattamana Chemistry Coordination and Organometallic Chemistry 
of Molybdenum and Chromium in Intermediate Oxidation State 

John D. McClelland Economics An Empirical Analysis of the Impact of 
Environmental Regulation on the Pulp and Paper Industry 


Charles A. McCormick Economics Groundwater Quality and Residential Property 
Values: A Hedonic Approach 

Dana G. McDonald Psychology Organizational Practices: Individual Perceptions, 

Reactions and Training Performance 

Margaret M. McGowen Chemistry Pseudomonas Putida 3-Carboxy-Cis, Cis- 
Mucomte Lactonizing Enzyme and Bacillus Subtilis Adenylosuccinate Lyase: 
Mechanistic and Evolutionary Relationships 

Susan E. McGr«evy Speech Communication Cognitive Oscillation During the 
Social Inference Process: The Roles of Cognition and Motivation 

Marielena V. McGuire Biochemistry' Investigations of the Nucleotide Binding Site 
and the Mode ofPhosphoryl Transfer in Pyruvate Phosphate Dikinase 

Judy McNair-DuBose Industrial, Technological and Occupational Education 
Welfare to Work: A Survey of Employment Training for Single Mothers on 

Kevin V. Meehan Comparative Literature "People Get Ready": African 
American and Caribbean Critical Theory, Decolonizing Literature, and the 
CImllenge of Popular Culture 

Mary B. Melchior Government and Politics Bye, Bye Miss American Pie: 
Citizenship and Political Socialization in the Wake of Vietnam 

Mary A. Mihok Human Nutrition and Food Systems An Evaluation of the Use 
and Impact of an Enhanced Food Package for Breastfeeding Women in the 
Pennsylvania WIC Program 

Judah H. Milgram Aerospace Engineering A Comprehensive Analysis of 
Helicopter Main Rotors with Trailing Edge Flaps for Vibration Reduction 

Marshall G. Millett Nuclear Engineering Development of an Optimized Gas 
Filled Neutron Proportional Counter for Fission Spectra 

Douglas J. Mills Plant Biology The Impact of Gray Leaf Spot Disease on Maize 


Marie L. Mhrille Psychology An Exploraton/ Assessment of the Interrelationships 
of Cultural, Gender and Personal Identiti/ among Latinos/as 

Bongki Moon Computer Science Data Placement for High Performance Spatio- 
Icmporat Dalahases 

Angela M. Moore Parmley Criminal Justice and Criminolog)' The Effects of 
Arrest and Vtclim Characteristics on Misdemeanor Domestic Violence 

David E. Morlin Reliability Engineering A Comparison between Deterministic 
and Probabilistic Thermal Fatigue Modeling of Wires and Wire Bonds and 
Microelectronic Packages 

Michael W. Mulnix Journalism The Focus and Scope of Higher Education 
Marketing: Key Indicators of Organizational Structure 

Linda J. Musial Curriculum and Instruction Situated Cognition and Science 
Process Learning 

Robert E. Myers Education Policy, Planning and Administration 
Maintaining the Public Trust: Core Competencies Associated with Multi-Campus 
System Governing Boards 

Diana P. Nagel Counseling and Personnel Services Most and Least Helpful 
Events in Career Counseling: An Exploratory Counseling Process Study 

Amara T. Naksathit Entomology 

Beata K. Nas Government and Politics Trans-Border Kindred and Ethnic 
Conflict: The Effect of Basic Bilateral Treaties on Minority Policy 

Mahir A. Nayfeh Electrical Engineering Bifurcation Analysis and Control of 
Surge and Stall in Aeroengine Compressors 

Ashish Nedungadi Aerospace Engineering A Computational Study of Oblique 
Shock/Vortex Interactions for Supersonic fuel/Air Mixing 

Paul M. Needham Business and Management Transshipment Policies: A 
Heuristic Cast Benefits Model for Inventory Managers 

Garret L. Nelson Psychology What is a job? A Role-Theory Perspective 

Bilin NeyaptI Economics Budget Deficits and Inflation 

Tao Ni Reliability Engineering Development of Partial Failure Analysis Method 
in Probabilistic Risk Assessments 

Jane F. Nickerson Curriculum and Instruction Using Literacy Portfolios to ■ 
Promote Deaf Students' Engagement in Self-Assessment 

Eiichiro Nishizawa Agricultural and Resource Economics Water Pollution from 

Agriculture in the Context of Land Use Planning 

Michael J. Nusca Aerospace Engineering Numerical Simulation of 
Electromagnetic Waz'e Propagation in the Nonequilibrium Chemically Reacting 
Flowfield About a Hypervelocity Projectile at Low Altitude 

John D. Occhipinti Go\-ernment and Politics Behavior in Institutions 

Anthony L. Owens Electrical Engineering Multichannel Analysis of Evoked 
Potentials in Primary Auditory Cortex 

Valentlna L. Padula Government and Politics Party Campaigning in Italy: 
Changes in Political Communication Strategies between the First and Second 
Republic, 1983-1994 

Irene A. Pafitis Human De\ elopment Comparison of Two Methods of Hearing 

Screening m a Preschool Population 

Debabrata Pal Mechanical Engineering Application of Phase Change Materials 
to Passwe Thermal Control of Electronic Components 

Jeyasuria Pancharatnam Marine, Estuarine, and Environmental Sciences 

The Molecular Basis for Sex Determination in Reptiles: A Role for Cytochrome 

Jeffrey J. Papa Education Policy, Planning and Administration 

Prediction of Undergraduate Students at Liberal Arts Colleges in Relation to Level 

of Academic Preparedness 

Diane J. Patrick Curriculum and Instruction Assessing the Impact of Use of the 
Campus Computing Network Upon Selected Research and Teaching Activities of 
University Faculty 

Kristine Y. Patterson Chemistry Vapor Phase Sample Introduction for 

buiuctwciy Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry 

Carios J. Pereira Entomology Manipulating Coivr Crops to Enhance Predation 
by Coccuuihd Predators in Com 

Vinod G. Peris Electrical Engineering Architecture for Guaranteed Delay Service 
m High Speed Netivorks 

Alberto Pique Engineering Materials Structure and Applications of High 
Temperature Superconductor/Garnet Heterostructures 

Rostam Pouroushasb Civil Engineering Retrofitting Fatigue Cracked Composite 
Beams by External Pressure 

Susan M. Powers Linguistics Phrase Markers, Pronouns, and Subjects in the 
Acquisition of English 

Harshavardhan Raghunath Business and Management Pursuit of Joint 
Ventures: Antecedents and the Stock Market Response 

Nagarajan Ramamoorthy Business and Management The Influence of 

Indwidualtsm-Collectwism Orientations on the Administration of and Reactions 
Toward Performance Appraisal and Reivard Systems 

Dwight E. Randle Biochemistry Nuclease Reactions Catalyzed by the RecBCD 


Alpan P. Raval Physics A Stoclmstic Analysis of Radiation in Detectors and Black 

Michael W. Regan Astronomy Gas Morphology and Kinematics in Barred Spiral 

Christina H. Reynolds Education Policy, Planning and Administration 

The Relationship betzveen Teacher Participation in SImred Decision-Making and 

Job Satisfaction for Elementary School Teachers 

Thomas H. Reynolds Kinesiology The Effect of Exercise Training on Skeletal 
Muscle Glucose Uptake and Cell Surface Glut-4 Content 


Jaewook Rhim Aerospace Engineering Computational Modeling of Finite 
Rotation Beams without Using Rotational Variables 

David M. Ribnicky Botany The Role of Auxin in Cassot Embryogenesis 

Prabaddh R. Riddhagni Nuclear Engineering Numerical and Experimental 
Determination of Energy Deposited by Fast Electrons in Plastic Tubes and Wire 

Douglas D. Robertson Economics Can One Bank Size Fit All? 

Monique Roelofs Philosophy Aesthetic Experiences and Tlieir Place in the Mind 

Thomas R. Rogers Civil Engineering A Conceptual Communication-System 

Model Applied to Construction 

Judibelle Roman Biochemistry Reverse Splicing of the Tetrahymena Croup I 

Timothy A. Ross Government and Politics Vie Impact of Industrial Areas Found 
in the Community Organizing on East Brooklyn, 1978-1995 

Randolph H. Rowel Health Education Reducing Interpersonal Violence among 
Adolescents: An Evaluation of a School-Based Violence Prevention 

Yaffa R. Rubinstein Microbiologv' Tlie Expression ofCdk inhibitor P2I in Stably 
Transfected U937 Cells over Expressing IRF-Family DBD, Treated with IFN 

Robyn A. Russow Human Development The Effects of Graphing Calculator 
Experiences on Conceptual Understanding of Algebra 

Vine«t Sahasrabudhe Aerospace Engineering Integrated Rotor-Robust Flight 
Control System Optimization 

Suleyman Sahinalp Computer Science Locally Consistent Parsing with 

Applications to String Algorithms 

Nave«n Santa Economics Macroeconomic Policy Determinants of Growth: A 
Cross Country, Time-Series Analysis for Developing Countries 



Jill M. Scarpellini Huber Psychology Inter- and Intra-Racial Contact and 
Affective Reactions as Aspects of Recalled White Racial Identity Socialization 

Carol J. Schatz Psychology Hispanic Parent Involvement in Public Elementary 

Louis A. Schmidt Human Development A Test of a Neurophysiological Model of 
Fear Regulation in Children 

Melody E. Schuhwerk Business and Management Comparative Advertising and 
Processing Goals: Implications for the Advertised and Comparison Brands 

John D. Schwartz Recreation An Experiment to Determine the Effect of Catch and 
Catch-and-Release on Fishermen's Attitudes and Behaviors 

Carolyn B. Seaman Computer Science Organizational Issues in Software 
Development: An Empirical Study of Communication 

Donald R. Shaffer History Marching On: African-American Civil War Veterans 
in Postbellum America, 1865-1951 

Tariq M. Shukri Nuclear Engineering Methodology and Tools for Performing a 
Full-Scale Dynamic PRA of Nuclear Power Plants 

Ashuraj SirohiChemical Engineering Optimal Control of Transition Dynamics 
m Continuous Polymerization Reactors 

Allan W. Smith Physics Anomalous Sign of the Mixed-State Hall Effect in Type II 

Richard B. Smith Psychology The Impact of Gay Identity Development on AIDS- 
Risk Beltavior among Young Gay Men 

Stephen J. Smith Computer Science Task-network Planning for Bridge and for 
Microwave Module Manufacture 

Steven G. Smith Marine, Estuarine, and Environmental Sciences 

A Length-Cohort Approach to Crustacean Stock Assessment Incorporating 

Discontinuous Grozvth 

Michael I. Smoliar Geology Re-Os Study of Magmatic Iron Meteorites 

Robyn Snyder Bauer Kinesiology The Effect of Exercise-Induced Hypoglycemia 
on Selective Measures of Central Nervous System Functioning in Elite Cyclists 

Clemmie Solomon Education Policy, Planning and Administration 
The Reliitioiislnp among Psychosocial Development, Learning Styles and 
Educational Achievement of African American College Freshmen 

Dian Song Physics Superconducting Coulomb-Blockade Electrometer 

Mustafa K. Sonmez Electrical Engineering Robust Speech Recognition by 

Topology Preserving Adaptive Vector Quantization 

Claire C. Souryal Criminal Justice and Criminology Do Violations of Probation 
Conditions "Signal" Criminal Recidi'vism? A Multisite Examination 

Sanjay Srivastava Chemistry Spectroscopic and Chemical Investigations of 


Adam B. Steel Chemistry Separations and Sensors in Monolayer Assemblies 

Ann Steinecke English Language and Literature "Revolt from the Village": The 

Anxiety of Command Influence in Modern American Literature 

Barbara J. Stephanie American Studies Clarence Cook and American Art 


David P. Stevens Geography Spatial Decision Support for Regional Planning in 

Developing Countries 

Deborah B. Stone Human Development An Exploratory Study Examining 
Visual Processing Associated with Reading Text on a Laptop Computer 

Dorothy P. Strohecker English Language and Literature Conrad's Secret Sharer 
as the Pole within: The Polish Father as Doppelganger 

Louann W. Stylianopoulos Art History Viewer and Decoration in the Early 
Christian Churches of Macedonia Prima 

Sheiyao A. Su Computer Science Virtual Payiels at Your Fingertips 

Shen-Kai Su Food Science The Effect of Ultra and Micro Filtration on the 
Retention of Apple Juice Flavor Entities 

Hyyong Suk Physics Studies on Space-Charge Waves and the Resistive-Wall 
Instability in Space-Charge-Dominated Electron Beams 

Mark W. Sullivan Public Communication Dangerous Music: The Eternal Refrein 

Robert 0. Sullivan Jr. Sociology Religiositi/, Social Support, and Coping Abilities 
as Intervening Variables in the Relationship between Unemployment and Mental 
Health Outcomes CM. Plant Closing Study 

Samuel R. Swift Music The Complete Works for Cello and Piano by Ludwig van 

AM M. Tafreshi Nuclear Engineering A Pulsating Natural Circulation System 

Naruhisa Takashima Aerospace Engineering Optimization of Waverider-Based 
Hypersonic Vehicle Desigtis 

Ichiro Takeuchi Physics In-Plane Aligned A-axis Oriented YBa2Cu30n-x 
Heterostructures and josephson junctions 

Shi Tan Plant Biology The Light-Harvesting Complexes of Photosystem I in the 
Redalga Porphyridium Cruentum 

Hao Tang Electrical Engineering Fuzzy and Multiple Valued Logic Circuit 
Applications Using Resonant Tunneling Diodes 

Dabrina A. Taylor American Studies Fair Lady, Huckleberry Friend: Feminity 
and Freedom in the Image of Audrey Hepburn, 1953-1967 

Ja$on A. Taylor Physics The Contribution of Continuum Repjrocessing by Stellar 
Winds to ACN Specta 

Susan E. Taymans Zoology Glucocorticoid Resistance in Prairie Voles (Microtus 

Stephen G. Tibbetts Criminal Justice and Criminology 
College Student Perceptions of Utility and Cheating Intent 


Patricia Tllghman Human Development Black Families' Perceptions of the 
School Climate In Relation to the Education and Reported School Achievement of 
Their Children 

Ching-Jung Ting Civil Engineering Transfer Coordination in Transit Networks 

Anita L. Tracy Aerospace Engineering Analytical and Experimental 
Investigation of Elastically Coupled Composite Rotors 

Susan C. Trapp Biochemistry Isolation and Characterization of Macrocyclic 
Trichothecene Biosynthetic Pathway Genes from Myrothecium Roridum: A Case 
Study for Horizontal Gene Transfer 

Katherine A. Treiman Health Education Correlates of Fruit and Vegetable 
Consumption among Low-Income Women 

Cathy A. Trower Education Policy, Planning and Administration Junior 
Faculty Behavior and Experiences: Work Life on the Tenure-Track, Off the Tenure 
Track, and at Institutions without Tenure Systems 

Chun-Cheng Tsao Chemistry Ultracohi Photoassociative Ionization Collisions in a 
Sodium Atomic Beam 

Melvin L. Tucker Agronomy 

Lisa A. Urkevich Music Anne Boleyn, A Music Book and the Courts of Northern 
Renaissance Europe: Music MS 1070 of the Royal College of Music, London 

Andrew I. Vakhutinsky Business and Management Fault Tolerant Rerouting in 
Broadband Multiclass Networks 

Juan A. Vaidhna Physics The Physics of High Altitude Lightning 

Kelly A. Van Houten Chemistry Unsaturated B-Amino Alcohols: A New Class of 
Monoamine Oxidase Inactivators 

Kevin D. Vinson Curriculum and Instruction Power /Knowledge and 
Instructional Approach: A Survey of High School Studies Teachers 

Clare R. Voss Computer Science Interlingua-Based Machine Translation of 
Spatial Expressions 

C: A N I) 1 D A r K S 1-- O R C; R A D U A T E DEGREES, DECEMBER 1996 

Richard B. Wagreich I'hysicsf iher Optic Magnetic Field Sensors 

Pi-Lang Wang Human Dex'elopment Civics and Morality among Thirteen- and 
Fifteen Year Olds: A Study in the Republic of China on Taiiuan 

Xiang J. Wang Mechanical Engineering Interface Effects on Wave Propagation 

Zhou Wang Physics Riometer Absorption Associated with F-region Plasma 

David M. Weinstein American Studies Washington's Windozoon the World 

Richard E. Weise Human Development Quality of Life and Sense of Humor: 
Relationships among Key Components in a College Setting 

Dorothy Y. White Curriculum and Instruction Equity in Mathematics 
Classrooms: The Question and Response Patterns of Third-Grade Teachers in High 
Minority Population Schools 

Michael E. White Aerospace Engineering Hypersonic Shock/Wave/Boundary 
Layer Interactions in the Vicinity of an Expansion Corner 

Stephen E. Wilhite Plant Biology Molecular Genetic Analysis of Gilocladium 
Vivens' Biocontrol Mechanism 

Reginald G. Williams Aerospace Engineering Experimental Investigation of the 
Flow Field Above a Plane Rectangular Wing at High Angles of Attach 

Nancy W. Wiltz Curriculum and Instruction Children's Perceptions of 
Developmentally Appropriate and Inappropriate Child Care Centers 

Karl E. Wommack Marine, Estuarine, and En\ironmental Sciences Aspects of 
the Ecological Role of Bacteriophages 

Shanlu Wu Physics Infrared Magneto-optical Study of AC Hall Effect in YBCO 
Thin FUms 

Xiao-Dong Wu Chemistry Oxidative Mannich Cyclizations of L-Silylanides and 
Stereo-Controlled Total Synthesis of (-)-Doxymannojirimycin 

Rae A. Wuestman Curriculum and Instruction Student Teachers' Reflection On 
Learnnig and Teaching: A Qualitative Study of Theory-Practice Relating 

Boping Xie Mechanical Engineering Simulation of the Effects of Cooling Process 
on Part Morphology and Development of the Optimum Cooling Window for 
Injection Molding Process 

Jingbo Van Chemistry A Formal Total Synthesis of Vitamin D3 Via the Stereo 
Selective Intramolecular Reaction of Cyclopropyl Carbene Chromium Complexes 
with Alkynes 

Dan Yang Civil Engineering Investigation of the Scaling Laws for Centrifuge 
Modeling of Frost Heave 

Sheng-Hui Yang Electrical Engineering High-Power, Picosecond Pulse 

Generation from Q-Switched Diode Lasers 

Yaguang Yang Electrical Engineering Robust System Design: Pole Assignment 

Shih Yen Electrical Engineering Mixed H /H Optimization: A BMI Solution 

Jaesin Yoo Business and Management Queueing Models for Staffing Service 

Paul R. Yost Psychology A Reconsideration of the Utility of Assessing Trainee 
Reactions When Evaluating the Effectiveness of Training Programs 

Shih-Tsung Yu Chemical Engineering Microbial Production of Dorosahexaenoic 

Acid (DHA) 

Joan M. Zenzen American Studies Promoting National Parks: Images of the West 
in the American Imagination 1864 to 1991 

Wei Zhang Electrical Engineering Design and Simulation of Ultrasmall MOS- 

Xiaodong Zhang Chemistrj' Mechanistic Studies ofDNA Degradation by 
Antitumor Antibiotics with Synthetical Nucleoside Acids 


Jie Zhu Chemical Physics Cmmriance Study of Intense-Field Dissociative 
Ionization ofHl 

Juewen Zhuang Chemical Physics Thermodynamic and Kinetric Studies of Living 


Teena M. Gorrow Education Policy, Planning and Administration Elementari/ 
School Teacher judgments of School Climate and Job Satisfaction in High and Low 
Performing Schools 

Lynn M. Hoffman Education Policy, Planning and Administration Social and 
Academic Goals in American High School: What Students and Yearbooks Tell Us 

Patricia M. Martin Education PoUcy, Planning and Administration 

A Studxf of the Actual Versus the Desired Instructional Leadership Role of the High 

School Assistant Principal 

Norma M. Martof Education Policy, Planning and Administration What are 
Effects of Experience on Teachers' Beliefs? 

Rhonda A. Munson Curriculum and Instruction Dez'eloping Student Literacy: A 
Case Study of an Elemcntan/ Sclwol 

Merry H. White Education Policy, Planning and Administration Effects of a 
School and Family Learning at Home Partnership Practice on Fourth-Grade Student 
Achievement in Mathematics, Family Attitudes toward School, and Teacher 
Attitudes toward Family Involvement 



Sara G. Hopltins Music "Verlaine in Song" 

Yong N. Park Music "Min-Sok" 

Ji-Sook Shin Music A Comparison between the American and Korean Composers in 
the Twentieth Century 

James L. Turk Music "All-Night Vigil," Op. 59 by A. Gretchaninoff: A Nexv 
Edition and Critical Commentary 

C A N D I D A T 




Candidates for 



December 1996 


Richard Shawn Maloney 
D. Sydney Reddy 
Elizabeth Cauldwell Rupp 


Kristin Elizabeth Belz 
John Christopher Bolig 
Aruiette Kim Carter 
Robyne L. Field 
Kalah Freeman 
Kazuya Hagiwara 
Kathryn Marie Kasparek 
Katherine Juliana Kayser 
Joel P. Kelty 
Andrew Edward Kepler 
Susan Sander Langley 
Lisa Suzanne Matey 
John Brian Nagele 
Joshua Guthrie Rudolph 
Michael Wellington Salsbury 
Ilan Alexander Scharfstein 
Richard Edward Smith II 
Katherine Elizabeth Wohlsen 
John William Wright 

American Studies 

Marybeth Kawinagh 
Kelly Quinn 

Applied Mathematics 

Laurel Delmar Benn 
Sassan Dehghan 
Emmanuel K. Erskine 
Annette Michele Evangelisti 
Xiaodong Guan 
Chung- Yeung Lee 
Amy Beth Prengaman 

Art Histoiy 

Jennifer Bradshaw Bergman 
James Richard Bowman 
Roberta Walters Buchanan 
Deborah Lynn Clearwaters 
Victoria Foster 


Heather Vincent Everett 

Comparative Literature 

Timothy Andrew Milton 
Carlos Daniel Schroder 

Counseling and Personnel 

Asa Gudbjorg Asgeirsdottir 
Chia-May Evelyn Chai 
Christopher Scott Chambers 
Sharon Elaine Grinrun 
Mary Darlene Hill 
Debra Mary Moniodis 
Kiersten Jennifer Nash 
Rita Pearl Smith 
Anastasia Dimun Yost 

Criminal Justice and Criminology 

Kristen Lee Coblentz 
Heather Ann Houck 
Shelley M. Kirchner 
John Michael MacDonald 
Franki Renee Norris 
Shirleen Marie Elsie Pilgrim 
Corina Joy Sole 
Stephanie Arm Weisman 

Curriculum and Instruction 

Lisa Anne DeJournette 
Nadine Natalie Hinds 
Yen-Hui Lu 
Jane Lincoln Miller 


Said A. Bakhache 
Robert John Kozlowski 
Ronald D. Lile 
Craig Wayne Martin 
Laurent Martin 
Janet Gay McCubbin 
Kiran Dev Pandey 
Patrick Hall Phenis 
Stephen Bruce Reed 
Manisha Gupta Singh 
Stephen Edward Snyder 
Shu-Chen Yu 

Education Policy, Planning and 

Stephan L. Coggs 
Eric Alan Rowe 
Hari Singh 
Bridget Denise Turner 

English Language and Literature 

Allison Elaine Armstrong 
Shannon Yolanda Bradley 
Allison P. Brovey 
Elizabeth Kelly Callahan 
Andrew Lewis Coale 
Andrew James Collins 
Lori Elise Dahm 
Mark Timothy Eller 
Christine M. Elliott 
Melody Patrice Elliott 
Soyini Janice Harden 
Gia Lyn Harewood 
Bernard Emil Heidkamp 
Judith Ann Hickey 
Robert C. Kenamond 
Sharon Louise Degraw Knowles 
John Christopher McConnell 
Jamie Dean McDonald 


Ned Daniel McKinley 
Emily Josephine Orlando 
Margaret Anne Racosky 
Catherine Marie Romagnolo 
Jennifer Lynne Rush 
Catherine Jean Schum 
Kimberly Michele Scott 
Madhurina Shah 
Leslie Elizabeth Waters 


Gail Carmichael 
Christopher Lee Haga 
Christopher Richard HavUcek 
Pamela Lynn Nagler 
Jacques Michael Piou 
Paul Austin Purman 
Paula M. Scurfield 
Kenneth George Whalen 

Gennan Language and Literature 

Use Winkelmann Daehler 
Linley James Hagen 

Government and Politics 

DeAnne Louise Chenoweth 
Kimberly Yvette David 
Jesse Abraham Lankford 
Lyubov Grigorova Mincheva 
Deena DiMasi Miskiel 
James Douglas Morgan, Jr. 
Deborah Alice Morris 
Susan Hobbs Nelson 
Nancy Lynn Peplinsky 
Anne M. Pitsch 
Melissa Dawn Rosser 

Healtli Education 

Laurie EUen Barshay 
Susan R. Farrer 
Jennifer Lee Higley 
Temima Brenner Kimes 

Christiana Gresham Perez 
Kathleen Ann Stroup 

Hearing and Speech Sciences 

David Abraham 
Deborah Lyime Benko 
Maxene Feintuch 
Kathy Ann Grace 
Kristin A. Krotz 
Lina R. Kubli 
Susan Elizabeth Mackes 
Cheryl Laureen Neylon 
Suzanne Renee Redman 
Claudia Anne Schuman 
Jeffery Elizabeth Shrum 
Tonya L. Williams 


Brian Christopher Bass 
Matthew Louis Beran 
Michael W. Dravis 
David Eugene Habecker 
Anne Romeyn Pittman 
Katherine Anne Thompson 
Mark William Wastler 

Human Development Education 

Mehssa Susan Faley 

Kelly A. Harris 

Mary Elizabeth Husic Kuta 

Hsing-Hua Lin 

Kimberly Marie Lopes 

Pei-Wen Winnie Ma 

Wilfridah Mmbone Mucherah 

Jennifer Marie Rinehart 

Betty Cha-Hua Ruei 

Cindy Ann Shaw 

Huei-Yu Wang 

Tina Marie Younoszai 

Rosalind Turner Zuses 


Jane Ann Fichtner 


Dana Suzanne Brilliant 
Michelle Brosco Christian 
Shena L. Crittendon 
Madelyn Louise Gadue 
Stacey Erin Gilmartin 
Michele Eilene Goldberg 
Loren Christopher Goloski 
Kelly Renee Harvey 
Laura Ann Hockridge 
Gordon James Himie 
Asmaa Saeed MaUk 
Wesley A. Mallette 
Tara Jean Noren 
Ben H. Owens 
Kristen Allison Radden 
Paul Benjamin Reines 
Cheryl Ann Roberts 
Linda EUen Schwab 
Leah Eve Silberstein 
Jody L. Walsh 
Nicole Michelle Wise 


Ross Jay Apparies 
Alberto J. Baca, Jr. 
Charles Michael Fischer 
Michelle Lynane Hedgepeth 
Gregory Francis Marte! 
Joshua Lambeth Montfort 
Rovenia Louise Mutcherson 
Yves Riedrich 
Cindy Leigh WaddeU 


Marcia C. Loureiro 

Mathematical Statistics 

Rui Cai 
Zhenshao Zhong 


Alison Eldoris Bond 


Erica Joy Blood 


Mark B. Johnson 

Melanie Johnson 
Sarah Knox 

Thomas Gregory Kocot 
Terry May Lee 
Thomas Chester Lehman 
Mark Anthony Mann, Sr. 
Charles Odell Matthews III 
Michelle Caryn Paul 
Susan Beth Schoenberger 
Karen Joy Schwartz 
Gretchen Beth Sechrist 
William Peter Sipe 
Donald Brent Smith 


Valerie Jean OUver 

Russian Language and Linguistic 

Iwona Pozor 
Susan J. Slivkin 


Soumya Alva 

Matthew Dwayne Bramlett 
Amanda Loreta Foster 
Joseph Leonard Kroart III 
Sue J. Melone 


I- O R c; R A D U A 

Dominic Joseph Perri 
Laura Marie Williams 

Spanish Language and Literature 

Denise Egidio 

Rafael Santoyo Mucifio 

Speech Communication 

Ashley Lara Boyd 
Angela Norma Campbell 
Roxana Sofia Gitlin 
Simon James Lewthwaite 
Roslvn Ann Singer 


Edith Phyllis Catto 
Timothy Craves Gillaspie 


Martha E. Altamar 
Patricia J. Baldwin 
Sacared Alanda Bodison 
David Patrick Bourdon 
Margaret Clement Cannistraro 
Michael B. Christian 
David Michael English 
John Michael Freese 
Susan Lynn Hillman 
Amit Jain 

Deena Shih-Shih Jih 
Melissa Jill Kowalski 
Bartolomeo Lancellotti 
Susan J. Martino-Schless 
Maju Dhev Mattamal 
Kevin L. McCreight 

Michael W. Taylor 
David Tran 
Tad George Trias 
Jeffrey Ray Wells 
Lea Colleen Wilson 


Jason DonnoU Jennings 


Theodore James Brown 
Kelly Errol Carter 
Sandeep Singh Commar 
Monica Maria Contreras 
In B. Eom 

Vemice Berruta Gibson 
Deepak Prannath Gupta 
Suhail Hasen 
Vadim V. Khokhlov 
Cuauhtemoc Kuonen 
Lilia Hashem Naas 
Malcolm Ernesto Nunes 
Yang Yang 


Libd Michelle Armstrong 
Brian Jay Dyson 
Kevin David Harris 
Kenneth Edward Lord 
Edward Leonard Strocko 


Counseling and Personnel Service 

Carol Ellen Abold 
Ibis Danitzia Aponte 
Mary Susan Coffman 
Mary Frances Dishaw 
Vaunda P. Doty 
Latitia Anne Greene 
Diane Lynn Hammell 
Brenda G. Jochems 
Keven I. Kamalieh 
Barbara E. Kohrt 
Sharon E. Lewis 
Lisa E. Marsh 
Thomas Odell Moore 
Pam D. Murray 
Nami Nakahodo 
Guy Colby Pope 
Jackie Elizabeth Rodriguez 
Sharmayn Sayers-Erfourth 
Jeanne P. Schierhoff-Slade 
Takahiro Uechi 
Angela K. Zieleck 

Curriculum and instruction 

Louella J. Bailey 

Jennifer Chambers Froh 

Torene Lynnette Howard 

Donna Mamula 

Allison Lydia Meske 

Mark J. Stout 

Thomas Walter Wiglesworth 

Education Policy, Planning and 

Human Development Education 

Scott Richard Steffan 
Christine Elizabeth Theimer 

Special Education 

Frances Vanessa Diggs 
Stephanie Shawn Gannon 
Kathleen Marie Harbrant 
Jean Emery Hickey 
Karen Elizabeth Jenkins 


Craig Donald Bangor 
Morris Samuel Berman 
Kunkun Bhadouria 
Li-Chun Dai 

John Chukwuemeka Esenwa 
Maneesh Shantiprakash Gupta 
John Eugene Hendershot 
Syed Arshad Hussaini 
Mark E. Kumangai 
David Scott Marsden 
Emily Jane Mielke 
Catherine Arm Penafiel 
Joshua Stephen Price 
Zoilo Rodas 
Rana Ahmad Saad 
Eric Wilmer Simmons 
Kimberly Dawn Slan 
Lee S. Song 


Creative Writing 

Elaine Have Ciarber 
Ted Emmitt Howard 

Ellen Stacy Polinsky 

Matthew Jordan Tank 

Pamela Ann Akers 

William Alton Sanders 

Deborah Beth Volk 

Alessandra Elizabeth Tsakos 

Ruchi K. Sharma 

Heidi Meyers Waugh 

Thomas J. Spcllios 

Claude Andrew Williamson 

Vina Marie Supetran 

Kristin Kay Swick 





Histoiy and Library and 
Infonnation Services, Combined 

Pamela Susan Alsop 
Sefh R. Atkinson 
Kazuhiko Nakamoto 


Library and Information 

Virginia L. Arnold 

Julia Margaret Blodgett 

Martin S. Bokow 

John Francis Breads, Jr. 

Theresa Gaspelin Burress 

Christopher Alan Cook 

Leigh- Avery Crowe 

Oliver J. Cutshaw, Jr. 

Mary Frances Eickholt-Cohen 

Dawn Sheila French 

Bruce Benjamin Garfinkel 

Mary Joann Gavin 

Stephan Charles Greene 

Alan Henry Haeberle 

Harriet Caroline Clause Hassler 

Laura Montgomery Heam 

James Kevin Hutton 

Martha Catherine Johannes 

Deborah L. Kapper 

Camille A. Larson 

Eric Nils Lindquist 

Jennifer Lee Martinez 

Karen D. Williams Moroughan 

Gwendolyn Perry O'Brien 

Katherine Howe Parmalee 

Marcia Frank Peri 

Sara Lynn Pfaffenbach 

Betsy E. Pfeffer 

Michael Nils Randers-Pehrson 

Susan Lee RUey 

Judy Fay Ruttenberg 

Katherine G. Scott 

Brigit Mary Shea 

Susan Beth Shields 

Katherine Elizabeth St. John 

Van Edward Torbert 

Michelle Hayhurst Van Gieson 

Robert Andrew Vietrogoski 

Yu Hsiu Wang 

Suzanne Weaver 

Sherry M. Weiss 


Daniel Eric Abraham 
You-Jin Cha 
Yueh-Ju Chou 
Rose Eide-Altman 
Cynthia Helen Elek 
Molly Anne Fillmore 
Olivia Hajioff 
Kunyoung Kim 
Chia-Seng Li 
Siobhan M. McGuire 
Casey E. Olney 
Ellen Margaret Olson 
So Young Park 
Mark L. Puryear 
Sara Yong Rosado 
Joyce Natalie Spears 
Mari Uehara 


Michael Joseph Butler 
Adam Leonard Carasso 
Kimberley Eloise Cole 
Stephen Joseph Latham 
Theresa Ann Renner Smith 
Ross Allen Stem 


Cynthia Hagburg Abel 
Richard William Babst 
Kate R. Eldred 
Terry Keidan 
Paul Nicholas Parsons 
Mylene Sophie Pesce 
Sandra Elizabeth 

Portillo de Yudice 
Donna Kathleen Salyer 
Alok Srivastava 
Dana Stirling Stinson 
Danila Claudia Weatherly 


Aerospace Engineering 

Mohammed N. Alharbi 
Donald Allen Barnes 
Todd Christopher Ericson 
Brian Robert Hester 
Jin Hee Kim 
Makiko Kosha 
Steven Patrick Kuester 
Ian Kelly MatUck 
Subhobroto Nath 
Steven Wayne Sell 
Julianne Zimmerman 

Agricultural and Resource 

Janet Elaine Carpenter 
Tony Martin Perm 
Jin Qian 


Stephen Christopher Burke 
Juliet Marie Cartron 
Camilla Keis Comwell 
Patrick Eugene Elia 
Jill E. Martin 

Animal Sciences 

Cassandra Marie Moore- 
Xu-Shen Zhou 


Patricia Louise Daukantas 

Business and Management 

Jeffrey Sean Cohen 
Jongryong Kim 
Yang Li 

Kevin Patrick Thomsen 
Vinai S. Trichur 
Tong Wang 
Ji-Tsung Wu 

Chemical Engineering 

Vanisree Annadata 
Kimberly Ann Brown 
Feng-Jon Chang 
Sugianto Hanggodo 
Nai-Chi Liu 

Minh-Quan Khuc Pham 
Xiaoli Qin 
Ming-Cheng Shih 


CANDIDATES FOR G R A D U A T F. D F: c; R F F: S . D F C F M B F R 1 9 9 6 


Sarah Elizabeth Herbelin 
]ian Jiang 
Yuhui Li 

Richard Benton Norton 
Robert Nold O'Meally 
Elizabeth Ann Resek 
Margaret Cameron Tessier 
Julie Lynn VanValkenburgh 
Jun Yan 

Civil Engineering 

Moninder Singh Birdi 

David Alan Carlisle 

Joel Vincent Caudill 

Jeffrey Stuart Cooper 

Kevin Lewis Dill 

Kerem Dundar 

Philippe Jean Luc Espitallier 

Nestor Armando Flores 

Donna Jane Forbes 

Wenhong Ge 

Bhanu Rekha Goparaju 

David Lawrence Green 

Robert Joseph Gries 

J. Daniel Handley 

Panja Hanjongkol 

Bhaumik V. Hotha 

Kuangda Hsu 

Huayang Hu 

George John Stephanos 
Nancy Alison Straub 
CyntFiia-Clare Tagoe 
Hsin-chung Tseng 
Brigida Fatima Van Doomik 
Betty Ruth Waggoner 
Ming-chieh Yang 
Guang-Chen Zhou 

Computer Science 

Ardas Cilingiroglu 
Jack Shang-Ji Hsu 
Bjom Thor Jonsson 
Alexander Kaplunovich 
Vikrant Neelakanfan Kobla 
Ibrahim Korpeoglu 
Michael Kudryashev 
Prabhaf Kumar 
Wonjun Lee 
Nelson Padua Perez 
Fan-Tao Pu 
Anshu Saksena 
George Mark Scott 
Samar Sharma 
Roseanne Tesoriero 
Reiko Tsuneto 
Zhanying Wang 
Charles Louis Ward 
John William Wetterstrand 

Badri Prasad Gopalan 
William Joseph Grant 
Vandana Gupta 
Wei-Kai Victor Hong 
Yu-Lin Hsueh 
Brian Francis Johnson 
Khursheedul Anam Khan 
Gebran Keith Krikor 
Craig Travers Lawrence 
Anastassios Michail 
Jeffrey Wayne Moorman 
Vincent Douglas Park 
Patrick David Ring 
Alfred Russell Robertson 
Sean Christian Tippett 
Romila Tiwary 
Prem Viswanathan 
Kwang Bin Yao 

Engineering Materials 

Michael Adam 

Saswati A. Biswas 

Brian Donald Cavett 

Frederick Hyowon Lee 

Jaime Morillo 

Krupashankara Mysore Sethuram 

Engineering, Agriculture 

Kevin Joseph Coyne 
Venila Reddy Kodmur 

Family and Community 

Kathryn Ducat Brown-Huamani 
Thelma Lorraine Harley 

Family Studies 

Byron DeWitt Breland 
Erica Lynn Larson 
Judy Kay Marblestone 
Stephanie Jo Neidermyer 
Gina Marie Wertalik 
Lyn Michie Yoshikawa 

Fire Protection Engineering 

Gregory William Anderson 

Gerard George Back 

Tony C. Caro 

Susan Shemanski Harrington 

Woon Hyung Kim 

Arif Muhaimin 

Eric Robert Rosenbaum 

John Vincent Veltre 

Thomas James Woodford 

Food Science 

Melody H. Kuo 
Reem Kassatly Raji 


Ronald G. Colyer, Jr. 

Joseph Edward Huesmann 

Electrical Engineering 

Mark Stephen Perencevich 

Kevin Kemball Houghton 

Hope Katcharian 

Mark Dflan Arking 

Eric John Powell 

Pedro Jugo 

Murali Kirthi 

Gaurav Arora 

Catherine Angela Wells 

Michael Edward O'Connell 

Daniel David Leonard 

Deepak V. Ayyagari 

Alison Borden Schwab 

Carlos Fernando Meyer 

Berhanemeskel Tenkir Banko 


Qinghui Mu 

Subbaraju V. Budharaju 

Thomas Dean Boardman 


Joan Carroll Peyrebrune 

Michael Paul Buehrle 

William M. CurHs IV 

Yanwen Gong 

JaserJca Milan Rakas 

Ko-Hsing Chang 

Gabriel John D'Eustachio 

Katherine Kelly Stephenson 

Mehmet Yalcin Sert 

Tai-Shih Chi 

Alfred J. Foumier 

Bin Wang 

Kevin Robert Slates 

Shane Savio Dias 

Gail Ann Langellotto 

J. Michael Sowinski, Jr. 

Frank Edward Fruth 

Esther Chow Shaffer 




Human Nutrition and Food 

Jennifer Lee Brewer 

Mercedeh Deyhim 


Farida Y. Mohamedshah 

Melissa Ann Robinson 

Marine, Estuarine and 
Environmental Sciences 

Shannon ). Busby 
Kuang-Yu Chen 
Deborah Grace Danaher 
Amy J. Freise 
Sandra Elizabeth Grace 
Patrick Thomas Hagan 
Jennifer A. Harman 
David Alan Jasinski 
Julie Eileen Keister 
Leyla Emine Lange 
Julie Anne Latchum 
Donald Robert MacLean 
Nicole Lea Morgan 
Jennifer Lynn Pearson 
Kenneth I. Penland 
Andrew S. Rogers 
Sean Michael Smith 
Catherine Elizabeth Stokes 
Robert Brian Sturgis 
Da\-id Carl Stutzer 
Kim Arnold Turner 
Jennifer Lee Zelenke 

Mechanical Engineering 

Christopher Scott Baldwin 

Gregory Darnell Crowley 

He Feng 

Kiran Hebbar 

Adrian Alexander Hood 

Margaret Ann Jackson 

Jill Christine Jordan 

Dung Thanh Le 

Huynh Xuan Luu 

Richard Michael McMahon, Jr. 

Azhar Hussain Mirza 

Mala Nagarajan 

Mark Alan O'Clair 

Mohit Pande 

Michael John Papadopoulos 

Michael James Price 

Vijay Sundar Ramachandran 

Yogendra Vijay Ranade 

Ashish Shete 

Anand A. Shukla 

Antonio Pedro Silva 

Todd Frederick Thurlow 

KeUie Anne Turner 

Shirley Hsiao-I Wang 

Dietrich Moritz Wiegmarm 


Myoung-Hwan Aim 
Mathew Anthony Barlow 
Joseph C. Chan 
Hsun-Kai Cheng 
William J. Cunningham, Jr. 
Ying Dai 
Paul Kelley 
Ching-I Lin 
Chi-Jan Meng 


Jhumka Ghosh 

Sandra Lavem Robinson Swann 

Nuclear Engineering 

Raymond Walter Blowitski 
Richard J. Goffi 
CyntJiia Gillian Jones 
Dale David Klein 
Kyongtaek Kevin Mun 
Dennis Rothenberger 

Omid Nirm Tabatabai-Yazdi 
John Carl Ventura 
Xiliang Wu 


Lei Bao 

Hsi-Sheng Goan 
Jaeheum Han 
George Cho-Wah Ho 
Josephine Nora Humphreys 
Peter L. Kurczynski 
Stephen Allen Ramsey 
Ruchirej Yongsunthon 
Guohui Yuan 

Plant Biology 

Ann Margaret Gallagher 
Susan Louise Klinedinst 


Micheal Lvnn Dent 
Mimi Mee Young Ghim 

Reliability Engineering 

Anurag Asthana 
Laura Lynn Collins 
Tianjia Huang 
Kuang-Tzung Liang 
Matthew Brattin Moury 
Chi Yeh 

Survey Methodology 

Wendy Louise Davis 
Sarah M. Dipko 
Emilda Betts Rivers 

Sustainable Development and 
Conservation Biology 

Laurie S. Cook 

Xu Duan 

Jason Alan Dubow 

Katherine Grace Munson 

Sonal I. Pandya 

Keith Campbell Winston 


C, R A i:) U A T E 


Systems Engineering 

Giles Colbert Charleston 
Timothy Francis Piety 
John M. Splain 
Lisa Patrice Summers 



Marv Elizabeth Husic Kuta 


Sehul Dave 
Ousmane Doukoure 
Karyna Illera 
Ameet Yeshwant Kher 
Phong Nhat Lam 

Textiles and Consumer Economics 

Marvlvnne Bauer 


Mojgan Ahmadzadeh 
James Randall Carpenter 
Hsiao-Sheng Hsiao 
YeunShin Lee 
Linda Joyce Miller 
Timothy Bovven Werner 
Kevin Lee Willison 
Dorothy Helen Wynne 


Candidates for 

December 1996 


Bachelor of Science 

Aerospace Engineering 

Sheila Marie Cummings 
George I. Huh 
Christiana Kuhn 

2nd Major: General Business and 

Yohan Lin 
Thinh Nguyen 
Anthony J. Nosko, Jr. 
Kirk Oliver Peart 
Sharon Pesto 
Lael Voneggers Rudd 

2nd Degree: Electrical Engineering 
Mark Christopher Shaner 
Craig Eric Vogel 
Thomas Yoon 

2nd Degree: Computer Science 

Biological Resources 

Ian Kyle-Patrick Barrow 
David W. Black 
Kalim Nabil Hanna 
Christopher John Kloss 
Joao Taveira Letras 
tMartha G. Mansfield 
*Donna Marie Moser 
Dontrell Evette Pinder 
Lucinda Florence Rini 


Chemical Engineering 

Belssi Alexia Chang 

Rita Chow 

Kristie Marie Evans 

Tara Ghaffarian 

Rachel N. Jacobs 

Kevin Jonathan Kisicki 

Eric Brian Leaman 

Maria C. Metzger 

Jurea Ann Neal 

Ahmad Sadr 

Hemadri Seneviratne 

Elizabeth Antonia Smiroldo 

Esther Setiawaty Suwandi 

Civil Engineering 

Alfred Lyle Adcock II 
Maiuy Thai Bach 
Brian William Baldwin 
Younes Belamquaddem 
Khaled Benslimane 
Mitku Berhanu 
Nathan John Blattau 
Travis Joseph Bouck 
Marcia Lucine Brown 
Mohamed Kamal Bur 
Eric Trevor Carpenter 
*Timothy Alan Conley 
Paul John Elbert II 
tAndrew Nichols French 
David Richard FrostClapp 
Michael Antony Gallo 
Patrick V. Gannon 
Michael C. German 
Kelly Patrick Gillispie 
Jack Alexander Goode 11 
Therese Nichole Gordon 
Glenn David Gorman 
Brian Craig HoUenbach 
Juan Andres hanoff-Tzvetcoff 
Joseph Kroboth III 
Basem Alfred Makar 

Nelson Alexandre Nazario 

Thomas Michael Niederberger 

Joseph O'Keefe Ockershausen, Jr. 

Larry W. Overbay 

Hae Lem Pak 

Manish L. Patel 

Douglas Jay Piper 

*Sergio Alexander Reising 


John Samuel Rentschler, Jr. 

Keith Andrew Riniker 

Kevin Carl Ruoff 

Paul Ira Silberman 

Jason Tseng 

Steven Charles Turner 

Christopher David Wells 

Jennifer Marie Wood 

Marie Angelyn Zinunerman 

Electrical Engineering 

Koroush Akhavan-Saraf 
Kiran Radhakrishna Annavarapu 
Tun N. Aye 
Ursula Marie Bare 
Michael Paul Biancaniello 
Kyle Loren Bostian 
John Andrew Budock 
Jason Duane Calderwood 
David James Caldwell 
Meljumar T. Castro 
Kwang Choi Chong 
Anthony James Comberiate 
•Timothy John Cookson 
2nd Major: Mathematics 
Nick Corsaro 
Tarn Quang Dinh 
Liem Thanh Do 
Wei-Zhen Feng 
Carlos Humberto Flores 
Todd Michael Gates 
Dimitris Ananias Geragas 
Mohaiiunad Ismail Gomaa 

Amir Goren 
Donald Martin Gray 
•Gregory Scott Harriot 
Roni Edwal Helmig 
Dan T. Ho 
Thu M. Hoang 
•Robert Francis Holsopple 
Richard Anthony Homberg 
Xi J. Huang 
Kenneth Allen Hull 
Paul Iven Jaffe 
Marek Jantac 

2nd Degree: German Language and 
Foued Jerbi 
Sung Wook Jung 
Manish Karir 
Bahar Khorram 
Lisa Louise Kile 
§Michael Patrick Klewin 
Amy Ha Le 
Peter Hieu Le 
•Sang Woo Lee 
Sze-Ling Lee 
Teh-Lin Lee 

2nd Degree: Computer Science 
Makayi M. Lendo 
Richard Todd Lichtenfels 
Wen-Chun Lin 
Usama Saeed Malik 

2nd Major: Management Science 
and Statistics 
Khalid Mansoor 
tCharles Brian Marquardt 
Darius Thomas McHenry 
Kathleen Kelly McKrught 
Timothy Joseph Meehan 
Gennady Melamed 
Trinh Ly Nguyen 
Padma Vathi Nibhanupudy 
Reza Norouzi 
Marjan Nowzadi 

§ Summa cum Laude t Magtia cum Laude * cwn Laude 


Ozgur Ogut 
Siragan Ozkan 
Michael Wayne Bell Pagen 
Howell Zhenghuan Pan 
Jeong Su Park 
Bhavesh Jitendra Patel 
Thomas Douglas Paulick 
Thanh Due Pham 
Rahmat Qurbani 
Erich Benson Rakestraw 
Ganesh Ramachandran 
Vipool Chandu Rathod 
Jarrett Foster Reid 

2iid Degree: Computer Science 
Rommy Rempas 
Constance Lee Rempe 
Adam Ridzinski 
Masood Rizvi 
Lael Voneggers Rudd 

2nd Degree: Aerospace Engineering 
Sanjoy Sanyal 
Aaron Matthew Simmons 
Shiva Ranjan Sinha 
Kaushiki Sircar 
Lara Marie Sosnosky 
Amsatou Sow 
Eric Thomas Spears 
Petar Stojkovic 
Narin Suphasindhu 
Shikha Suri 
Chee-Yee Tang 
Khuong Hien Tang 

2nd Degree: Mechanical 

Binh Chi Tat 
Paul Andreas Tittel 
•Chun Tse 

Ramit Kumar Varma 
Mindy Sherrill Wade 
Li-Ching Wang 
Adam Stuart Weiss 
Prince Kainde Williams 

Stephen Thomas Williams 
Jordan Jianping Xu 
Kwan James Yau 
Tze Shin Yu 
Wei Y. Zhen 

Fire Protection Engineering 

Michael Joseph Baker 
Traci Lynn Bangor 
Jay E. Bordwell 
Todd Gary Daily 
Richard T. Long, Jr. 
Samuel Madison Miller 
Scott Eric Panowitz 
Andrew M. Schneider 
Terry E. Schultz 
Eui Chul Shin 
Nimay Kumar Sinha 
Douglas Davis Snyder 
Andrew Franklin Weisfield 
Sean Patrick White 
Neil Ping Wu 

Mechanical Engineering 

Allen Ka-Lun Au 
Jasdeep Singh Bhusri 
David Andrew Birmey 
Diego Bonta 
Andrew D. Boswell 
Robert James Butto, Jr. 
Thor Shane Campbell 
Dennis Duane Chase 
Trina Chattoraj 
Paul Tuising Chin 
Hing Fat Choi 
Joseph P. Conti 
John Philip Coyne 
Edward Steven Crown 
Peter M. deGraaf 
David Gustavo Deik 
Ronald Paul Denton, Jr. 
Darnell Lamont Early 

Ecton Burke English 
M. Ian Evans 
Aaron Stefan Frazier 
Matthew Adam Gallelli 
Anil Chandrakant Giri 
David Golshani 
Basilis Anastasios Haloftis 
David Jacques Hatwell 
*Lisi Roxana Helmig 

2nd Degree: German Language 

and Literature 
George Michael Hilton 
Louis Paul Hromada, Jr. 
Luis Alberto Hung 
Moniesha Lynine Jackson 
Daniel Louis Jean 
Anthony Edward Jones 
Jemerson Cheruvelil Joseph 
Lucas William Juzwiak 
John Edward Kachele, Jr. 

2nd Degree: German Language 

and Literature 
Daniel Paul Kenney 
Biah Kim 

2nd Degree: German Language 

and Literature 
Jae H. Kim 
William L. King, Jr. 
William James Lawson 
Chun K. Lee 
Taejoo Jung Lee 
Gregory Michael Lowman 
Chander Parkash Magoon 
Lawrence James Mariner 
George Stephen Martin 
Daniel Christian Martins 
Brandon Gerald Mason 
Michael Joseph McDonnell 
John Francis Moses 
Ted Tai Van Nguyen 
Paul Dirk Oosterhout 
Alexandra Pastine 

Anthony George Plummer 
Richard Andrew Renich 
Alan Scot Romack 
Rhonda Evelyn Sands 
Daniel S. Sawyer 
Surendra K. Shrestha 
David Nordeen Stenbakken 
Jason Eric Stremmel 
Gary Edward Sullivan 
Khuong Hien Tang 

2nd Degree: Electrical Engineering 
Shelly Rosanne Tucker 
Adam Michael Ward 
Kevin Maurice Wooden 
Edward Micheal Wunsch 
Kwok Yiu Yu 

Nuclear Engineering 

Stephanie Jean Morlth 


§ Summa cum iattde f Magna cum Laude * cum Laude 


Bachelor of Landscape 

Landscape Architecture 

tDeborah Lynn Burton 
Kelly Elizabeth Fleming 
Jake Weber Hovermale 
Lois R. Jacobs 
John Mark McMenamin 
Kevin Christopher Scott 
Pritesh Kanu Shah 

Bachelor of Science 

Agricultural and 
Resource Economics 

Bismarck Apollo Arpon 
Wyanie Aminatu Bright 

2nd Degree: Economics 
Timothy Lamont Brown 
Marie Mbwenze Nkumbe 
Patricia Lynn Parsley 
Sonia Denise Rumph 
James Michael Russell 
Marie Lee Speak 
Damon Lee Tomchick 
Darren Francis Waak 

Animal Sciences 

Rebecca Ann Allen 
Sara Nikole Blanton 
Eileen Margaret Brown 
Jennifer Anne Coyne 

John D. Curry 
Rebecca Susan Douglass 
Jacqueline Ruth Dubois 
Robert William Fogle, Jr. 
Katherine D. Heinemeyer 
Kelly Jean Holland 
David S. Medina 
Kathleen Elizabeth Moran 
Oscar Clark Sipler IV 
Mary Elizabeth Sprangel 

Crop Science 

Brian Matthew Dorsey 


Michele Lee Friedland 
*Seema Mathur 
Shawn Lee Saco 

Food Science 

'Philip Michael Irwin 
Mai Tuyet Le 

General Agriculture 

Raymond Todd Harbin 
Dennis Alan Reid, Jr. 

Human Nutrition and Foods 

Ritujit Kaur Chhabra 

Natural Resources Management 

Lois McCarm Barb 
Brian Scott Bauman 
Samuel C. Benson 
Cynthia Michele Brisbane 
Richard Kurt Brown 
'Christopher More Choppin 
William Bartlett Cook 
Stephen Michael Fruhwirth 
Elizabeth Morgan Gillespie 
Ricardo Clemente Gonzalez 
Terumi Hata 

Steven Francis Hiner 
Michael Monet Johnsen 
Colin Daniel Jones 
Janet Marie Lemanski 
Gilbert WilUam Lookingland 11] 
Kimberly Colleen Monahan 
Shelly Dawn Pilversack 
Stephen Galen Pyle 
Nathan Smith 
Paul Jerry Tribles 

Turf and Urban Agronomy 

Clay J. Craft 


Bachelor of Science 


Deborah Lynn Baskin 
Kevin Patrick Clawson 
Lisa M. Ferretto 
tBrett Owen Lundmark 
Steven Monroe Moore 
Erick Christian Morgan 
Paul Anthony Ragsdale 
2nd Degree: Art Studio 


Bachelor of Arts 

Advertising Design 

Darwin J unzen Miranda Sison 

American Studies 

Andrew Isaac Com 
Bridgette Angela Gettier 
Marc Reszetar Haseltine 
Gretchen Grace Knell 
Brian Robert Parsons 

Edie Marie Phillips 
Jennifer Lauren Schwed 
Ayako Takeuchi 

Art History 

Beatrice Alexandra Costas 
Robert John Delia Vecchia 
Eleni Giorgianna Kambanis 
Lisa W. Lee 
Terry Ruth McMann 
William McNeil 111 
Ramesh David Nair 
Teresa Marie Nava-Vaughn 
Leigh Elizabeth Searles 
Annissa Anne Sheow 
Janakie Nilmini Wijeratne 

Art Studio 

Karim Bendahmane 
Justus James Burkhardt 
Kanika Sharifa Clay 
Judy Boehnert Clune 
Arijit Das 

Kenneth Edward Day 
Kenneth Leon Harrell, Jr. 
Seon Ah JuUa Heo 
Sarah Toby Hof fert 
Brian A. Johnson 
Jeffrey Alexander MasieUo 
Jeffrey Mercer McArthur n 
Jennifer Sue McKenzie 
Kate K. Mole 
Jerry J. Nestor 
Scott Vincent Patti 
Scott Sumner Powell 
Paul Anthony Ragsdale 
2nd Degree: Architecture 
Arezoo Safavipour 
Liane Shih 
Gregory Paul Shook 


§ Summa cum Laude f Magna cum Laude * cum Laude 


Cresin Draon Smith 

2nd Major: Afro-American Studies 
H. Michael Solloa, Jr. 
Martina Thompson 
Juli Lynnc Trotter 
Peter William Viscomi 
Charles Herbert Weil 
Angela Yvonne Wilson 


Sandy Sue Chan 
2nd Degree: General Business 
and Management 

Classical Languages and 

Michelle J. Nolder 
Deborah Lauritzen Schnabel 
Mark Christopher Walden 


\ ictoria Lynn Baker 
Wendy Jo Moyer 
2nd Degree: journalism 

East Asian Languages and 

Si>ul Lee 

Todd Spaiilding Waddell 

English Language and Literature 

Sunito S. 
Nicole Lajuene Ashby 
Kun Hong Bae 
Michael Daniel Barcus 
Jeruiifer C. Barnes 
§Andrea Elisa Battaglini 
Joshua Michael Beasley 
Mark William Beckett 
Kristen Prince Bowen 

Carl Edward Brady 

2nd Major: Horticulture-Landscape 

Elizabeth Nicole Brucker 
Megan Michelle Burket 
Kevin J. Callahan 
Kenneth Cummings 

2ud Major: Russian Language 

and Literature 
Genevieve Dixon 
Jennifer Robin Edwards 
Jennifer Leigh Ehrhardt 
Sharon Victoria Farbenblum 
Celeste Renee Ferguson 
Kevin Stone Fries 
Ian Christopher Fulcher 
Tricia Lynn Gennantonio 
Colleen Alexandra Gill 
David Gobbett 
Roxanne Joy Grandis 
Rebecca Louise Green 
Abigail Jeanne Greenley 
Matthew Tod Sipes Hancock 
Dorothy Catherine Hedrick 
Sharon Denise Holley 
Christopher Alan Holm 
Dana Lee Holness 
Anthony Baldwin Home 
*Eliza Erin Hughes 
Aruna Kumari Jain 
John Floyd Johnson 
Andrew Sean Keller 
Do Hee Kim 
Elaine Myung Kim 
•Erin Lea Klevens 
James Allison Lacewell 

2nd Major: Mathematics 
Stephen Hwai-Ping Lee 
Robin Marie Leon 

2nd Degree: Spanish Language 

and Literature 

Dana Michelle LeBherz 
2nd Degree: GcrmanLanguage 
and Literature 

*Ria Anita Lubis 

Orin Luke 

Bryan Heath Lybum 

James J. Maguire III 

Gabrielle Beth Marcus 

Karen Anne Master 

Christopher McCarthy 

Temell Jade McCullough 

Shawn Peebles McDonald 

Eric Alan Mein 

Thomas Riley Messick 

Tiffany O. Miller 

Christian Jeremy Misuro 

Marcelo Talinao Odulio 

Meredith Christina Page 

Daniel S. Pames 

Carlo Toll Paul 

Dominique Raell Paul 

Christie Robin Pell 

Jamila Imani Perry 

Athena Elisavet Platis 

Christine Ellen Power 

Monica Yvette Queen 

Harmelore Bruel Quigley 

Jennifer Susan Raffensperger 

Karen Lee Reed 

Tammy Denise Rhodes 

Jonathan Harris Rose 

Tamara Dawn Sanders 

Thomas Edward Simpson 

Cambrian Leigh Sivertson 

Debra Pauline Smith 

William Roy Stemberger 

Jeremy Scott Stevenson 

Natalie Cathryn Bagaporo Stover 

Vaneska Tchamouroff 

Heather Dana Tilles 

Amy E. Wahl 

Lisa S. Warnick 

Pia Lynn Warren 
Brett Evan Wein 
Sarsfield Stanley Williams, Jr. 
Heather Bain Worley 
Kara Graham Zifchak 
Tal Michael Zlotnitsky 

French Language and Literature 

Brian Franklin Bullock 
Angela Sigrid Lambrecht 
Nga Tuyet Le 
§Beth Hillary Lowenthal 
Ayla Simone Master 
Diana Rose K. Quaynor 
Azita Rashid Rateshtari 
Sabrina Rose Simpson 

2nd Degree: Romance Languages 
Na Seung Yi 

German Language and Literature 

Evelyn R. Foley 
*Maryanne Danielle Gillette 

2nd Degree: Russian Language 

and Literature 
*Lisi Roxana Helmig 

2nd Degree: Meclwnicat 

Marek Jantac 

2nd Degree: Electrical Engineering 
John Edward Kachele, Jr. 

2nd Degree: Mechanical 

Biah Kim 

2nd Degree: Mechanical 

Dana Michelle LeBherz 

2nd Degree: English Language 

and Literature 
Daniel Seth Meisner 


§ Summa cum Laude f Magna cum Laude ' cum Laude 


Terrence Joseph Arth 

Scott Mccullough Ashlin 

Christopher Eric Bailey 

Deborah Michelle Bond 

Fabiola Chacon 

Barbara Ann Christianson 

Robert Lee Crawford 

Daniel Delaney 

Carrie Elizabeth Desmond 

Michael Aaron Etkin 

Nancy Leigh Faulkner 

Julian Garr 

Steven Frank Gibson 

Michael A. Glick 

§Jennifer EUen Goldberg 

2nd Degree: Anthropology 
Sarah Sue Grumet 
Gary Roy Harmon 
Samantha Delice Hayes 
Deirdre L. Hollingshed 
Margaret Louise Millicent Kelley 
Jennifer Christie Kenny 
Brian Wit Kochan 
Michael Phillip Kurtz 
Lyle Jason Link 

Znd Major: Afro-American Studies 
Raymond Patrick McConnell 
John P. McGuire 
Scott Patrick Mclnemey 
Stacy Liza Metro 
James Earl Miller 
William James Montgomery III 
Matthew Joseph Murphy 
Thanhtam Thi Nguyen 
Conor O. O'Reilly 
Robert Brian Powers 
Kordell Lamont Prattis 
Brian George Raub 

2nd Degree: Economics 
Heather Marie Riggins 

Celines Roberts 
Daniel Hyung-Sub Shin 
James L. Spathis 
Kelly Ann Stedman 
Mondano K. Sterling 
Madhuri Tallapragada 
Gessesse Teferi 
Michael Theodore Timma 
James Douglas Treible 
Curt Andrew Tucker 
Jason A, Van Bemmel 
Robert Eric Von Bostel 


Shaw I. Feng 
Christopher William Hall 
Andrea Michelle Hurlen 

Jewish Studies 

Tom Ashar 

Noam Alexander Blass 


Taxiarhoula Anastasiou 
John Edward Drury 
David D. Peugh 
Liliana Esther Rojas 
tNancy M. Taylor 


Fee Foon Chew 
Jonathan Dunham Davis 
Rachael Lorraine Hollingsworth 

2nd Degree: Finance 
Brian B. Shamash 
James Austin Shumate 


Perry Anderson Cammack 

2nd Degree: Economics 
Karen Lynn ConneU 

Frank Anthony Curreri 
Jason E. Devnew 
Courtenay Dahkota Fought 
Elizabeth Kathleen Morris 
Terrence Edward Sauvain 

Romance languages 

Claudine Nicole Grain 
Sabrina Rose Simpson 

2nd Degree: French Language 

and Literature 

Russian Area Studies 

H. Emerv Ford 

Joseph Michael Huculak 

Jaime Beth O'Connell 

Russian Language and Literature 

Carla A. Chladek 
Leslie J. Feazell 
'Maryanne Danielle Gillette 

2nd Degree: German Language 

and Literature 
Shanna Lorraine Leeland 
§Karen Ann McDermott 
Courtney Erin McKoy 

Spanisli Language 
and Literature 

*Travis Paul Bonfigli 
Joseph Raymond Covne 
Jennifer Lynn Flage 
Richard Smith Freeman 
Anika Tuere Ingram 
Changa Clinton Ingram 
Bernard Larry Jones, Jr. 
Hwajeen Lee 
Robin Marie Leon 

2nd Degree: English Language 

and Literature 
Nicole Suzette Macedonia 

Andrew Joseph MacGloan 
Patticia C. Reyes 
Jami Beth Rubin 
Heather Kattell Stone 
Monica Liane Walker 

Speecli Communication 

Deborah Sara Aaronson 
KeUy E. Amonte 
Corey Timothy Ball 
Marco Monroe Bennett 
Marcella Renee Black 
Robert Henry Bouse HI 
Allison Marie Busch 
Kimberly Yvette Carter 
Erika Renee Coffey 
Apur\a Desai 

2nd Degree: Biological Sciences 
Andreea Donath 
Theodora J. Lahanis 
Virginia Lung 
Robert Ralph Magliano 
Barbara J. Manning 
Brian Craig Mason 
Giselle L. Mechaly 
Peter Yvan Ostella 
Aashish J. Parekh 
Kimberly Pease 
Matthew Brooke Smith 
Amy J. Thompson 
Christopher Dean Tinkham 
James Nathan Vytlacil 
Jennifer Marie Walsh 
Theresa Marie Young 


Matthew John Brady 
Cherie M. Davis 
Benjamin David Fishman 
Ellen Beth Gorman 


§ Summa cum Laude t Magna cum Laude ' cum Laude 


Heather Colleen Joireman 
2nd Degree: English Language 
and Literature 

David Lawrence Marcus 

Meghan Marie Murphy 

Jennifer Lynn Ridgway 

Arpad Balage Sayko 

*Jesse John Terrill 

James Grady Weatherford 

Women's Studies 

Erica Malia Arnold 
Geoffrey Jason Randall 

Bachelor of Music 


\ uha Lee 


"Eun Ha Chung 


Bachelor of Arts 

Afro-American Studies 

Nina Terese Britton 
Tonia Lakisha Goods 
Kori-Lee Gottlieb 
*Donna Maria Hill 
Brenda Joyce Mack 
Cecily Michele Morgan 
Evelyn Edith Otchere-Agyei 
James Adolphus Rotan II 
Joshua Frederick Solomon 
Maiya ReChetta Sutton 
Michelle A. Williams 
Natasha Wilson 


SharmcL'n Ahsan 
Christopher McLean Bolton 
Autumn Krishna Goemer 
§Jennifer Ellen Goldberg 

2nd Degree: History 
Genevieve Eileen Horst 
Stanley Derrick Hurtt III 
tMary Ellen Liebowitz 
Chad Justin Martin 
Sunny Day Martinex-Vealey 
Margaret Elizabeth Noonan 
Karen Jane Olsen 
Catherine Leigh Stevens 
Akiko Suginoshita 
tjoel J. Tyberg 

Simone Villares Pereira do Vale 
Helen M. Vexler 
Amber Supapon Vong\'isai 
Elizabeth Amber Wood 

Criminal Justice 

Vernon Willis Joines 
David Preston Jones 
Eugene Everett Thomas 
Michael Eric Thomas 
Mark Thomas Walsh 
Damon Martise Wellington 
Thomas E. Wise 

Criminology and Criminal Justice 

Lisa Marie Abrams 
Sonia Maria Amir 
Brian Christopher Andre 
Jim Stanley Anglemyer, Jr. 
Carlo J. Arquillano 
Keren Luba Baki 
Leslie Anne Barber 
Edward WiUiam Barlow III 
Russell Frank Battaglia, Jr. 
Andrew George Blake 

Geoffrey Matthew Boris 
Robert William Bowser 
Barton Kenneth Brady 
Ingrid Rebecca Brecht 
Danielle Nicolette Franchesca 

Sharisse Michelle Brooks 
Alex Edward Bryer 
Daedra Carrio 
Da\id Sung-Yong Cho 
Erik Hunter Clouse 
Mark Andrew Cochran 
Bryan David Cohen 
Kevin Michael Craig 
Michael Davidson 

Maria Davila 
Jeffrey Michael Day 
Michele Kaur Dhillon 
Philip Samuel Dudt 
Ryan Edward Dunham 

2nd Major: Sociology 
Gregory Russell Dye 
Kathy Mariana Estrada 

2nd Major: Sociology 
Cleveland Everhart 
tAaron Dean Evrard 
Jackie Lee Falls II 
Stephanie Nicole Fletcher 
Donald R. Fox, Jr. 
Tara Marie Fox 


§ Summa cum Laude f Magna cum Laudc * cum Laude 

Robert Kim Frounfelker 

Candace Lynn Gallery 

Stephen Russell Gladwin 

Jay Stephen Glickson 

James Edward Glore 

Lome Leigh Goralnik 

Angela Diane Gorospe 

Angela Marie Gough 

Jessica Jane Griffith 

Domenico R. Guttadauro 

Jason Paul Hahn 

Heather Lynn Hameroff 

Caroline V. Handal 

James Daniel Hanson 

Julie Anne Harbrant 

Jeremy Andrew Herhei 

Robert Douglas Hunt 

Lidia Anna Idoni 

Adam Michael Isaacson 

Jon Allen Jager 

Tia Nicole Jones 

Nicholas Dejan Jovanovic 

Myrofora Z. Kafouri 

Ronnie Ray Kalinowski 

Melanie Lynn Kalner 

Delbury Samuel Kayode 

Constantine Steven Kerasiotes 

Brian Robert Kohles 

Aristoteles George Kontostergios 

Keith Lee Krider 

Franklin Suk Kwun 

Truong Quang Le 

Michael Andrew Mackey 

Janet Louise Mann 

Tammy Lynn McCunn 

Neville Karl McLaren, Jr. 

Lizbeth Patrice McManus 

John Burnett Memmel 

Sanda Messina 

Mark Alexander Motley 

Joseph James Murray 

Richard Todd Nagers 
Chung Thai Nguyen 
Shawn Paul North 
Chad Edward O'Brien 
Luis Ocasio, Jr. 
Chris Bryan Ogan 
Michael Dennis Orgera 
Dickson Alexander Ortiz 
Charles Lovette Owens, Jr. 
James Park 
Sidney Paul 
Katina D. Phifer 
Laurent Eric Pichet 
Michael Andrew Pilch 
*Caren Anne Reader 
Keith Andrew Redmiles 
Aurora Ruiz Rowell 
Alan Jeffrey Sandrin 
Sukhvir Singh Sarai 
Hansen C. Seto 
Cecillia E. Shepard 
Tania Maria Sosnowich 

2nd Major: Psychology 
Steven John Soto 
Christina T. Spiropoulos 
Charles F. St. Paul 
Bryon Richard Tiemey 
Richard William Totaro 
Nicholas Van Remortel 
Janice Lynn Vough 
Craig Michael Walden 
Michael Anthony Walker 

2nd Major: Afro-American Studies 
Keijon Waters 

Richard Stanley Wawrzeniak, Jr. 
Richard Gaillard Weatherby 
Harriet Lynette Wilson 
Michael Dennis Worch 


Komran Reza Aghazadeh 

Andre Averbug 
Wyanie Aminatu Bright 

2nd Degree: Agriculture 

and Resource Economics 
Perry Anderson Cammack 

2nd Major: Philosophy 
WiUiam Wai-Choong Chee 

2nd Degree: Mathematics 
William Francis Coale 
Matthew Burrows De Gurse 
Michael John Fergerstrom 
Jennifer Kim Fleischer 
Mayra Jessica Flores 
Juan Eugene Foreman 
Tina Serena Foumier 
Alexander De Guia Franco 
Joe Anthony Gilbert 
Joel Nathan Gronning 
Pemra Lynn Hemseri 
Quinn Maurice Huggins 
Norman Newton Ingram 
Junko Ishida 
Hyun Jung 
§Alejandro Justiniano 
Namita Kathuria 
Howard Eugene Kennedy 
Chunsik Kim 
Sang Hee Kim 
Soo M. Kim 
Ting Lin 

Douglas Gregory Loosararian 
Kenny S. Loza 
Erin Elizabeth Madison 
Jose Luis Marini 
Charles Dennison McPhatter 
Tomeya Ledawn Miller 
Amy Leigh Moxey 
Gregory T. Nelson 
Chingwah Jason Ng 
Hector Pacheco 
William Joseph Passerini 

Brian George Raub 

2nd Degree: History 
Evangelia Rodousakis 
John Robert Ryan 
Jonathan R. Sampson 
Vu The Tran 
Robert Ryan Wagner 
Bryan Harris Weiner 

2nd Major: Finance 
Yat Didi Wong 
Elena D. Zepeda 

Government and Politics 

Abshir Hassan Abshir 
Cory Brooke Alexander 
Christopher Galen ApostoUdes 
Anthony L. Baquero 
Michael Jason Barrie 
Basma Benmansour 
Bethanv Anne Blankley 
Danielle Marie Bumess 
Ali David Camara 

2nd Major: Economics 
Kristen Camero 
Kevin Lee Carney 
Alison Jan Carver 
Alison Renee Chalifoux 
Shih-Yuan Chou 

2nd Major: Psychology 
Tae Won Chun 
Brian Patrick Colleran 
Michael Francis CoUins 

2nd Major: Economics 
Tara Marie Connors 
Christopher Michele Corchiarino 
Joshua R. Crosby 
Maria A. Crupi 
Vickie Cunningham 
Andrea Maria Del'Aguila 
Carlos Nicolas Delasobera 
Stephanie L. Dolan 


§ Summa cum Laude f Magna cum Laude * cum Laude 



Rachael Lynne Dyson 

Michael J. Fahey 

Craig McCullough Fitzgerald 

Znd Major: Histon/ 
John Ira Fleet 111 
Tanya Leigh Flores 
Michael Alan Gerstein 
Uena Lyn Graziano 
Stephenie Anne Gutridge 
Ribkha Hailu 
Stephenson F. Han'ey, Jr. 
Thomas Michael Henry III 
James Larry Henson 
Sharif A. Hidayat 
Brenda Marie Humberson 
Monique Iris Hunter 
Amy S. Israel 
William Perez Jackson 
Angela Lynn Joseph 
Bahareh Kamali 
*Jody Jill Kaplan 
Amir AH Khosrodad 
Josette D. Kouncar 
Kelli Jeanne Lam 
Thomas Edward Lamb 
'Elizabeth Rebecca Lasko 
Mark Scott Lovett 
George Samuel Mahaffey 
Asit S. Majmudar 
David Brian Mengers 
Mark Eric Norris 
R. Anthony Oliver 
Robert Otremba 
Gwen Michele Patterson 
Amy Lynne Reams 
Nichole Aileen Renunert 
Timothy William Rieger 
Christopher Genaro Rimorin 
Takeisha Lezjuande Roach 
Arcelia Maria Rodriguez 
Tressa Laurence Ronis 
Christina Marie Rushing 

Liza Annette Sanchez 
Sean Keino Sanford 
§Diane Lynne Scofic 
Eric Justin Simmons 
Stephanie Michele Simpson 
W. Thomas Sullivan II 
Peter Matthew Ulrich 
Michelle Renae Vanyo 
Godfrey B. Walker 
Michelle Walker 
Terrence L. Walker 
Wendy Louise Weisblatt 
Paul Christopher White II 

Hearing and Speech Sciences 

Dani-Bree Biaiek 
Pamela L. Burd-Beard 
Michelle Denise Morgan 
Tova Alana Pertman 
Meredith Lauren Schatzman 
Laura Ann Sprague 
Casey Nicole Ward 
Margarita Yiannopoulou- 


Mitra K. Aazami 
Cavon Ahangarzadeh 
Shawnequa Alexis Albert 
Tracie Trinelle Artis 
*Lorianne Askin 
Carrie Elizabeth Barone 
Elizabeth Reilly Becker 
Diane Louise Behall 

2nd Major: Criminology 

and Criminal justice 
Amy Beth Berman 
Gail Yvonne Bozzella 
Bresha Renee Byrd 
Teresa L. Caulkins 
Bridgette Mary Cavanagh 
Andrea Maria Ribeiro Da Costa 

Alexandre Ekomin 
Courtnay Jane Flanigan 
Regina Ann Fox 
Regina Marie Ghattas 
Natasha C. Gourdain 
Charles Huang Ha 

2nd Major: Government 

and Politics 
Kimberly Mae Hans 
§Sharon Elizabeth Helland 

2nd Major: Japanese 
Douglas Montgomery Hider 
Tia Shereen Hinton 
Celine Alicia Husbands 
Vandana Prasad Jain 
Nicole Suzanne Jordan 
Madhu Malti Joshi 
Jennifer Marie Kerr 
Kevin Scott Lacey 
Kara Monica Laws 
Barbara Gallagher Magnolia 
Tina Marie McKendree 
Carol Sue Mintz 
Anjali Rani Mitter 
Jamie Dawn Morrell 
Jessica Lynn Myles 
Heather Lyrm Narcum 
Louella Peralta Nicolas 
Elena L. Novaco 

2nd Major: Criminology 

and Criminal Justice 
Hyon Son Pak 
Hyun Ah Park 
Kendra Lauren Peacock 
Cynthia Lynn Pixton 
tNicole Rene Polakoff 
tBartlett Sefton Price II 
Bethany Anna Quasius 
Baruch Rabasa 

2nd Major: Criminology and 

Criminal Justice 
Luis Gabriel Rojo 

Haley Shiloy Saint Vincent 
Brandon Michael Schreder 
Cole Christian Shelton 
Hyeyoung Shin 
Audra Brooke Shovelski 
Ana Helena Rotta Soares 
Jennifer Chandra Swaim 
Aaron Baram Trus 
Laura Ann Weber 
Tamaralyn Webster 
*Tracy Leigh White 
Rachel Diane Withrow 

2nd Major: Criminology 

and Criminal Justice 
Sung Hui Yi 


Laura E. Adier 
Michael James Allen 
*Awet Amanuel 
Kristen Beach 
Daphne Brady Boogaard 
Ronald Stephen Bowyer 
Nell Walker Brady 
Cari Elizabeth Busch 
James Githens Carver 
Maya Adira Chertock 
Paula Marie Clarke 
Andre S. Curtis 
Andrew Galloway Davis 
§Leah Ruth Davis 
tCheryl Marie Demma 
Nicole Lynnette Enda 
Kathy Mariana Estrada 

2nd Major: Criminology 

and Criminal Justice 
Allegra Suzanne Foley 
Katherine Brooke Friedman 
Lyudmila Grinshpun 
Sharon Grunberg 
•Cathy Haaf 
Hilary Jill Hahn 


§ Summa cum Laude f Magna cum Laude * cum Laude 

Kiagu Karanja 
Katherine Elizabeth Keller 
Dawn M.M. Kessler 
Stephen Albert Krause 
Lily Yin Lee 
Mary M. Lee 
Eduardo Jaime Llanes 
Stephen Luke MacDonald 
Claire Nyeo Young Magenheimer 
Emma Ronit Magnas 
Alvin Barrington Mahoney, Jr. 
Shea Elizabeth McCaleb 
Diahanna Yvonne Padilla 
§Ashley Anne Redfeam 
Brian Robert Salveron 
Linda Ann Somuah 
Heather Spellman 
tMelanie Louise Stibick 
2nd Mnjpr: Antwpology 
Kenneth Leon Stone 
Florence Tachie-Menson 
Keith Matthew Walsh 
James Jon Walters 
Joy Esther Westheimer 
Ahadu Woubshet 
Edgar James Wright III 
Tamara Lorraine Yarborough 

Urban Studies 

Edwin Elliott Bowers 

Bachelor of Science 


Luke Christopher 
Kesa Royette Davis 
Deirdre Camille Elvis 
Tad Aaron Franson 
Christopher Kolyvas 
Sean Andrew McAuliffe 
Bryan Charles Mitchell 

Mark Stephen Porto 
Laura Louise Roberson 
Michael Ray Roberts 
John Allen Rosenfelder 
Maria Eleanor Dizon Sanchez 
Wayne M. Smith 
Jonathan David Stovall 
Tammy Lee Tober 


Araj F. Ahmed 
Wade Justin Callender 
Arthur R. Carlson 
Yu-Chi Mimi Chang 
tYum Yu Cheng 
Holly Jo Gingell 
Maria-Elena Seni Hauzer 
Robert Lee Haxter 
Stacy Ann Jenkins 
Tomika Shoshana Jones 
Julia Lynn Krasner 
Meegan Hyatt Lawson 
Sedar Mark Timothy LaBarre 
GUad Magen 
Maureen Anne Mealy 
Karen FeUcia Moss 
Charles F. Nethery 
Kristen Michelle Nodzon 
Anita Mary Poulose 
Niloofar Pournader 
David Jo Scaffidi-Domianello 
Christian Herbert Schneider 
Sharon Andrea Scotland 
Marshall Scott Sitten 
Naheed Farhad Vatcha 
Kevin Michael Wimmer 
Yoshiko Yamamoto 


Bachelor of Science 


Hakeem Ayodele Ademola 


Hope Lansang Aguilar 

Hyung Kun Ahn 

2nd Degree: Finance 
tNina Aksenova 
Deirdre Christine Allen 
Monique Barry 
Lillian Barwick 
Marshie Ruth Bates 
Laura L. Beckert 
Joseph Michael Bieshelt 

2nd Major: Finance 
Chandra Lynette Boddie 
tAdrian Leandro Bontempo 
Sokanya Bou 

gChristine Patton Bradford 
Geoffrey W. Campbell 
Kimberly Ann Carter 
Myron Lamar Clark 

2nd Major: Finance 
Gifty D. Cobblah 

2nd Degree: Finance 
Jennifer Robin Cohn 
Charlene Elizabeth Crawford 
Eduardo Augusto Da Silva 

2nd Major: Finance 
Wendy Chi Dao 
Tracy Bolds Deck 
+Kurt Alan Denchfield 
Michelle Nicole Desrosiers 

2nd Major: General Business and 
Bao Due Do 

2nd Major: Finance 

Edward Robert Donis 

Michelle Annette Dowd-Suarez 

§Tatjana Dulic 

Arik Elazar 

Sameh R. Elias 

Delroy Anthony Elleston 

Rachel Tan Eng 

2nd Major: Management Science 

and Statistics 
Kenneth Ross Epstein 
Isa Isa Farhat 
Kristen Elizabeth Fogarty 
Avi M. Friedman 
Rachna Jatin Gandhi 

2nd Major: Finance 
Stella Rita Gomes 
David Harris Gould 
Brian Michael Graime 
Sara L. Granet 

2nd Major: Logistics 

and Transportation 
Jesse Mario Griffin 
Adam Emerson Grotke 
Carole Lynn Harrington 
Alexander Joseph Heitkemper 
Tammy Marie Hoeflinger 
Robert Llewellyn Hughes 

2nd Major: Finance 
Ibolya Ignat 

Dionysios D. Karamalikis 
Ryan Scott Kaufman 

2nd Major: Finance 
Manuella King 

2jid Major: General Business 

and Management 
Joshua Daniel Korsower 
Elijah Jachul Ku 
Jae H. Kweon 
Ly S. Ky 


§ Summa cum Laude f Magna cum Laude * cum iMude 


Paul Carlos Lancaster 

2nd Major: General Business 

and Management 
Kyu Hyuk Lee 
tDanliang Li 
Watthana Lim 
Farrah Haleem Malik 
jo-Ellen Mason-Foley 
Robert F. Morino 
Dionne Ayanna Leotha Murray 
Christopher David Myers 
Gregory Cruz Nagales 
Javier Alejandro Neciosup 

2nd Major: General Business 

and Management 
Obiora Peace Nwude 

2nd Major: Finance 
Ai-Ling Ong 

2nd Degree: Finance 
Vijay Jagu Patel 
Anthony Harrison Penn 
Brian Samuel Pertman 
Rachel Denise Pickerai 
Sarayuth Ritthawom 

2nd Major: Finance 
Chad Mathew Salganik 
Evan Ryan Sarver 
Frehiowet Sertse 
Paul Lawrence Shifrin 
Koo Bong Shin 
Louis Siow 

Richard Kevin Skinker 
Kristen Michelle Smith 
Joseph Eugene Spinolla, Jr. 
Anthony Hyon Sung 

2nd Major: Finance 
Victoria Lynn Tebo 
Hicu Terry Thi Tran 
Nhu-Hao Nichole Thi Tran 
Nha Nguyen Trinh 
Linda Vartanian 
Anna Vasilarakis 

Gene Vo 

Daren Vincent Washington 

2nd Major: Finance 
Elaine My Wong 
Dawn Marie Wootten 
Young Gap You 
Amir Khesraw Zekrya 

2nd Major: Finance 


tFrank William Adams 
Hyung Kun Ahn 

2nd Degree: Accounting 
Ageliki Eleftheriou Aloupis 

2nd Major: Marketing 
Domenic Jason Antinucci 
Mary Kathryn Argaucr 
Darren Perry Astran 
Michael Patrick Baur 

2/11^ Major: Marketing 
Erin Devere Bieber 
Jamme Denise Bober 
'Robert Daniel Canova 
Christopher Anthony Case 
Bemedette Cestone 

2nd Major: General Business 

and Management 
Shaun Rennie Chapson 
Chit Cheung 

2nd Major: Accounting 
Bruce Toby Chow 
Tran N. Chung 
Gifty D. Cobblah 

2nd Degree: Accounting 
Annie Laurie Crane 
John R. Donnelly 
Kenneth Terrell Ellington III 
§John M. Fought 
Sergio Xavier Galindo 
Aman N. Gambhir 

2nd Major: Economics 
Roger William Glasgow 

Fiory Woldemariam Haile 
John Joseph Halvorsen 
Jeffrey Todd Hawk 
John Djung Hoffman 
Rachael Lorraine Hollingsworth 

2nd Degree: Music 
Abiola S. Idris 

Cezary Maciej Jednaszewski 
Vikram Kansal 
Steven Gregory Kopp 
Frank Anthony LaPlaca 
Eric S. Lodge 

2nd Major: Economics 
Zakia K. Marshall 
Nirajkumar Shashi Mehta 

2nd Major: Accounting 
Edward Christopher Moy 
tAaron Mullen 

2nd Major: Economics 
Scott A. Myers 
Minh Ngoc Nguyen III 
Nick Nguyen 
Phuong N. Nguyen 
Ai-Ling Ong 

2nd Degree: Accounting 
Philip J. Palmer 
Se Ming Satnuel Phan 

2nd Major: Economics 
§Benjamin Isaac Piccone 

2nd Degree: Human Resource 

Mehdi Pirzadeh 

2nd Major: Management Science 

and Statistics 
Eric Sean Posner 
Erik l^e Robinson 
Claudia Barion Rosario 

2nd Major: Accounting 
David Andrew Rudisill 

2nd Major: Human Resource 

Taline Sabounjian 

Rosmina Salim 
Lashdeep Singh 
Christopher C. Smith 
Adam Dale Steinhauer 
William Dewey Summitt 111 
Matthew Sean Swyndle 
Simon Tan 

Eric Charles Thompson 
Daniel Velez-Betancourt 
*Zheng Wan 

2nd Major: General Business 

and Management 
Charles Callicoat Watts 
Ivan Gregory Weston 
Ty Christopher Wilkins 
Fu Wa Joe Wong 
Kai Lan Wong 
Cheng H. Xue 

2nd Major: Marketing 

3rd Major: General Business 

and Management 
'Yang Zhao 
John Daniel Zielinski, Jr. 

General Business 

Victoria Du 

George Frederick Fowler III 

2nd Degree: Management Scierjce 

and Statistics 

General Business and 

Keith Lobman Adler 
Martin Manuel Aparicio 

2nd Major: General Business 

and Management 
'Noraini Bawazier 
Carl Anthony Bernstein 
Farahnaz Boloori 
Barbara Williams Boward 
Juliana Vanessa Brito 
David Michael Burtnick 


§ Sumnta cum Laude t Magna cum Laude 'cumLaude 

Alberto Enrique Bustillo 

2nd Major: Marketing 
LaKisha Campbell 
Letitia Marie Cavalieri 

2nd Major: French Language 

and Literature 
Sandy Sue Chan 

2nd Degree: Chinese 

2nd Major: Marketing 
Patrick Doyle Cummings 
Joseph Vincent Dellaposta 
Kathleen Anne DeBonis 
Lorena Lizeth Diaz 

2nd Major: Logistics 

and Transportation 
Japalene Adams Dotson 
Marta S. Ferman 
Claudia Fiedler 

2nd Major: Spanish Language 

and Literature 
Elizabeth Lucinda Furnari 

2nd Major: Logistics 

and Transportation 
Alvaro Eduardo Gonzalez 
Michael Robert Grynberg 

2nd Major: General Business 

and Management 
Yohannes Gaber Habte 

2nd Major: Economics 
James Peyton Hubbard 
Wen Zhong Jiang 

2nd Major: Logistics 

and Transportation 
Jeffries Amez Jones 
Scott Michael Kaufman 
Todd Steven Knowlton 
Ching-Te Kuo 
Doris P. La 

2nd Degree: Logistics 

and Transportation 
Tae Jong Lim 

Joann Marie Lindberg 

2nd Major: Spanish Language 

and Literature 
John Peterson Luke 
Regina Marie Madden 
Michael Matthew Marcian 
Brian Lee Martin 

2nd Major: Logistics 

and Transportation 
William Carter Massey 
Gordon Chris McGibbon 
Jennifer Ruth Middaugh 
Sandra Ann Mieth 

2nd Major: Marketing 
Stuart A. Miller 
Carline Naita Montout 

2nd Major: Frencli Language 

and Literature 
Igor Mosyak 
Michael Ntambi Mukasa 

2nd Major: Finance 
Andrew James MuUin 
Shannon Michelle Musser 

2nd Major: Human Resource 

Long Ngoc Nguyen 
Viki Marie Pauler 
Chad Austin Pearce 
Kevin Audette Plank 
Catherine Marie Polvi 
Thongmaly Raspakdy 
Ashley R. Sawdaye 
Wayne C. Schneider 
Melanie Susan Stehmer 

2nd Major: German Language 

and Literature 
Michael Bryan Stillwell 
Vanessa Vasquez 
Stanley Martin Zielinski 

Human Resource Management 

Bryan Kelly Addis 
Jill Nicole Brockett 
Mary Louise Brown 
David Edward Cantor 
Eric James Luke 
Ryan Edward Maloof 
Garrett William O'Shea 
Edwin D. Pelaez 
§Benjamin Isaac Piccone 

2nd Degree: Finance 
Sonya Leigh Taylor 
Vattaphone Vannavong 
Jennifer Ann Wrigley 
Jeremy Christian Yazinski 
Kit Ping Yu 

Logistics and Transportation 

Erin Christina Barcus 

2nd Major: General Business 

and Management 
Maria Rita Granata 
Robert Allen Grodsky 
Thomas Matthew Huppmaim 
John Christopher Kelly 

2nd Major: Finance 
Doris P. La 

2nd Degree: General Business 

and Management 
Daniel Thomas Rieth 
Michael Phillip Smith 
Yolanda Michelle Williams 

2nd Major: General Business 

and Management 
Steven M. Wilson 
Tyrone Ho Wu 


Management Science 
and Statistics 

Shobha Bora 
Mireille J. Chaaya 

2nd Major: General Business 

and Management 
Patrick Wellington Fink 
George Frederick Fowler in 

2nd Degree: General Business 
Joel Adam Kennedy 
Pil Won Kim 
Youlee Young Kim 

2nd Major: Accounting 
Joshua Collins Maltby 

2nd Major: Finance 
Peter B. Ngo 
Hung Nguyen 
Michelle Swann 
Arnold Blackston Young 


Yared Difaye Assefa 
Richard M. Blackman 
Amy Laurarma Blades 
Lisa Marie Kylene Bloxsom 
Christopher Sean Braun 
Eugene Gerard Carbine 
Maggie Kar Man Chan 

2nd Major: General Business 

and Management 
Allison Hyxmsoo Chang 
Karen Lopez Connor 
Katina Petrice Cotton 
Stephen Edward Cuneo 
William L. Duvall 
Gary Scott Eglinton 
Michael Louis Falcone 

2nd Major: General Business 

and Management 
Susan Elizabeth Flowers 

2nd Major: Logistics 

and Transportation 

§ Sumnm cum Ijiude f Magna cum Laude * cum Laude 

c;ANOI[)ATHS for undergraduate degrees, DECEMBER 1996 

Patrick G. Flyrin 
Mark S. Fromowitz 

2nd Major: Finance 
Dorrie Jill Gordon 
Christopher Dean Graham 
Heidi Jaclyn Hana 
Lauren Rae Healy 

2nd Major: Logistics 

and Transportation 
Wing Choy Ho 

2nd Major: Logistics 

and Transportation 
Tahsin Imam 
Karla Marie Intile 
Sabrina Islam 
Schonda Kaye Jessie 

2nd Major: Logistics 

and Transportation 
Ross Lawrence Kaplan 
Anu Kamik 
Ryan Pierce Keefe 
Sandra Ann Kopman 
Joshua Allen Kramer 
Ketan Kumar 

2nd Major: Finance 
Roberson Louis 
Brett Todd Mikoy 
Jung-Ah Moon 
Swenitha Nalli 
David L. Novak 
Brandon Fitzgerald Phillips 
Ericka Lynn Podesta 
I^ichard Vincent Polcari 

2nd Major: General Business 

and Management 
Brian Matthew Pumphrey 
Zubair Ayyaz Rana 
Saleem Shah Razaqui 
Ana Isabel Reis 
Bobby James Riganati 
Kelly A. Robertson 

Matthew James Romano 
Eric Jay Ross 
Sean Patrick Ryan 
Randy Scott Schwartz 
Syndee K. Seidner 
Christopher Michael Sheeler 
Susie S. Shih 
Stephanie Ann Simpson 
Tanya Beth Singer 
Michael D. Spanou 
Michael Aaron Taylor 
Gregory Wayne Watson 
Sean Avery Wiltshire 
Shui Kwan Yeung 

2nd Major: Logistics 

and Transportation 
Kit Sum Yu 
Gregg Stephen Zolkiewicz 


Bachelor of Science 

Computer Science 

Azania Abebe 
Ramandeep Singh Bakshi 
Patricio Mendes Barao 
Matthew Richard Beal 
Larisa Blinder 
Richard Vincent Bradley 
John Alexander Calingo 
Gregory John Casamento 
Vincent Jaeyoung Chang 
Anthony Duane Chapman 
Hsiaoyu Vickey Chen 
Timothy Brian CIcIand 
Tien Quynh Dinh 
Zhi Hui Dong 
Susan Lyiin Drinnon 

Aaron Burke Dudek 

Adam Fletcher Ehart 

Ming-Chiang Feng 

Christopher George Hemmings 

Vanessa Cristina Heppolette 

Daniel Gould Hobbs 

Kevin Hsu 

Van Angela Hui 

Sanjeev Jayanna 

Timothy Farris Kadom-Zucchetto 

Hameedullah Karzai 

Russell B. Katz 

Dong-Wook Kim 

Aniit Kohli 

Ara Armand Kotchian 

William Walter Kupersanin 

Wai Chiu Lam 

Scott Anthony Lawrence 

Seung Min Lee 

Teh-Lin Lee 

2nd Degree: Electrical Engineering, 
Yingqi Liang 
Shane L. Miller 
YuShing Ming 
Montian Natrakul 
Archana Newatia 
Thanh N. Ngo 
Minh Anh Nguyen 
Steven Kellcy Parks 
Kaveh Parsee 
Edward G. Quackcnbush 

2nd Major: Mathematics 
Jarrett Foster Reid 

2nd Degree: Electrical Engineering 
Timothy John Rogers 
Gitta Rostami 

William Christopher Russell 
Deepak Sharma 
Douglas Edward Shuman 
Murugiah Souppaya 
Barzilai Ernesto Spinak 

Jeffrey Dennis Squires 
Robert Alvin Sullivan 
Douglas Earl Thompson 
Gregg George Trinka 
Kenneth Lee Trout 
Phuong Thi Yen Truong 
Manapallil Isaac Verghese 
Adam Scott Vernon 
Escarlet Ninon Vidal 
Scott Lawrence Westfall 
Warren B. Wilbur 
Anna May Winkler 
tSze Yuen Wong 
Wing Tim Yeung 
Thomas Yoon 

2nd Degree: Aerospace 

Michael Shi-Zheng Zhu 


Scott Roger Dusterhoff 
Sharon Givens 
§Katrin Maria Krai 
Anne Louise Ledbetter 
Bryan Curtis Stuller 


Deborah Ann Ackerman 
William Wai-Choong Chee 

2nd Degree: Economics 
Nizar M. Jetha 
Lun Li 

*Helen Louise Loennig 
Daniel A. McMillen 
Christal Dynell Poyner 
Michael Brandon Rash 
David Christopher Wacio 
Wen Wong 
Anna Zavadskaya 


§ Summa cum Laude t Magna cum laude ' cum Laude 

Physical Sciences 

Bashar Bakir Al-Hassani 
David Judd Buegel 
James Thomas Hughes 
Thomas Sherman Lalumiere 
Sanjay Jayanti Patel 
Ali R. Saiyid 
Stacy Gordon White 
Anthony Warren Woo 


David Arlie Counts 
Mark Asrum Gubrud 
Masoud Sayed Loghmani 


Bachelor of Arts 

Secondary Education — 
English (Language Arts)- 

Andrea Lee Comiez 
Claire L. Hummel 
Polly E. Markos 
Timothy Walter Poole 
Bonnie Lvnn Saunders 
Mark Stephen Schuyler 

Secondary Education — Social 

Hildegard Buan 
Bradley Morrison Collins 
Peter Jenkins Creedon 
Michael Thomas Hall 
Vasilike Koly\'as 
William Eugene Phenix 
Laura Ann Sarantis 
Samuel Sun 

Secondary Education — 
Speech Education-Professional 

Bruce Bernard Brown 

Secondary Education — Art- 

Nancy Elizabeth Ahmed 
Victoria Anne Huseman 
Dena Elizabeth Ragan 

Bachelor of Science 

Early Chidhood Education — 

Maria Dolores Alband 
Elizabeth Alta Bernard 
Angela Mobley Betancourt 
Melissa Ann Bizjak 
Jennifer Erin Braddock 
Susan Marie Burton 
Rebekah Erin Calhoun 
•Alice Coats 
Bibi Shanaz Dabney 
Rosanna Cascioli Day 
+Kim Marie de Groot 
Tina Marie Doran 
Keri Christine Dunn 
Jermifer Ann Edwards 
Luckett Willis Emory m 
Jennifer Arm Farr 
Rudy Lopez Fernandez 
Laura Christine Fogle 
Lori Michelle Friedberg 
Jazmin Ricasa Geronimo 
Sarah Annalise Goodridge 
Cherie Lynn Grasso 
Kristy Lynne Grimes 
Jennifer Carol Griner 
Anne Elisabeth Grogan 
Heather Kraft Haberlein 
Joanne Eunsook Han 
Susan Elizabeth Harris 

Rebecca Lee Hirshman 
Kathleen Dillon Hogan 
Hui-Chen Melody Huang 
Laurie Michelle Junker 
Rachel Denise Kramer 
Chong Hui Lee 
Dana Lynn Maxwell 
Jennifer Lyrm Midkiff 
Kelly Jan MUler 
Shannon E. Moore 
Mary Ann Perret 
Glenis M. Quimby 
Steffanie Jade Regner 
Meri Elizabeth Robinson 
Colleen Theresa Schaper 
Eleanor M.C. Schatz 
Barbara L)Tme Schieke 
KarahTi Joy Scozzaro 
Erin Elisa Shepherd 
Jennifer EUen Smith 
Tracy E. Sturgess 
Shohreh Tataei 
Yi Chi Tung 
Heather Elaine Zassenhaus 

Education — Music K-12- 

Margaret Kiku Morris 
Stephanie Jean Territo 
*Milka Tokfc 

Elementary Education — 

Fawzieh Shireen Ali 
Rachel Lynne Atkins 
Monica Joan Beaulieu 
Samantha Meredith Blaker 
Michelle K. Bortle 
Jacqueline Davidson Brant 
Nicole Yi Hsin Chen 
Michelle Lee CuUather 
Rachel B. Cutler 

Deanna Marie Davis 

Rebecca Davis 

Kimberly Beth Diskin 

Jodi Michelle Dorfman 

*Janice Liza Eisenberg 

Brian Philip Eisentraut 

Richard Lewis Fagan 

Allison Beth Gagnon 

Laura Suzanne Garfinkel 

Carol Cullop Graves 

Russell Curtis Haynes 

Daniel Gregory Hostler 

William David Houston 

Michelle Lyrm Kozlowski 

Jae Young Lee 

Lawrence Joel Mandelbaum 

Shari Markow 

Stephanie Joy Mears 

James Douglas Munro 

Paulette Demerise Paeglow 

Melissa Anne Poss 

Matthew John Rafferty 

Jennifer Nicole Rodman 

Jordan Asher Schmitt 

Tracey M. Sears 

Jermifer Ann Shoemaker 

Michael Craig Skott 

Holly Ann Sto\enour 

*Lois E. Tayman 

Kimberly Tortorello 

Amy Lynn Travis 

Christine Marie Musiedlak Vick 

Shari Dawn Wolkoff 

Todd Aaron Working 

§Karen Dale Wunder 

Julia Elizabeth Yon 

Robyn Dana Zucker 


§ Summa cum Laude f Magna cum Laude 'cumlaude 


Secondary Education — Social 
Studies — Professional 

Mark Raymond Gilbert 
Warren Steven Le\\' 
Karen Marie Maynard III 
Robert Edward Prater 
'Douglas Mark Sfanczak 
Adam Clifford Udell 

Secondary Education — Art- 

Keely Catherine Brown 
Mathew Philip DeMunbrun 
Loretta De Lois Reynolds 
Maria Loida Saldana 
Robert L. Snyder 

Secondary Education — 
Mathematics — Professional 

Gdbrielle Lynn Arant 
David Ingalls Beck 
James Edward Driscoll 
Geraldine Duval 
Adam Charles Fuhr 
Tyrone Christopher Holmes 
Martin Edward Karmann 
Chong Hui Kim 
Kelly Michael Lama 
Brian Lee Slatas 
Jennifer Gail Trupo 
Todd Franklin Watson 


Bachelor of Science 

Family Studies 

Card Stacey Adlman 
Jennifer Ann Albright 
Steven Louis Atkocius 
Rachel Gail Babiskin 
§Kimberly Arm Bristol 
David Barry Brown 
Jonathan Evan Cohen 
Alison Louise Cooper 
Jennifer Gail Crawford 
Nadine La Verne Darbeau 
Suzanne Michelle Demarie 
Caroline Rae Diamond 
Marlee Best Dowling 
Christina Martins Fernandes 
Natalie Arme Fleet 
Sean Christopher Gayle 
Sharon R. Glaser 
Gina M. Harris 
Michelle Marie Hebert 
Nancy Christina Jimenez 
Tamika Johnson 
Luvronda Teresa Jones 
Ayesha Ahmed i Kazmi 
Mario D. Lucas 
Christina JoAnn Marmo 
Tracy Ann Mecanko 
Ann Marie Milstead 
Jennifer Marie Moore 
Nergess Nawabi 
Cecilia Maria Nucci 
Nicole Robin Perkins 
Sherry Jean Price 
Monica Ramirez 
Kathleen A Reddy 
Leah 1. Rothenberg 

Labkhand Samii 
Beth Karen Schulman 
§Valencia Lynette Skeeter 
Gloria Laura Slaughter 
Trina Arlene Stevens 
Jennifer Michelle Tadle 
•Jessel Anne Torre\'illas 
Michelle Denise Walker 
Miriam Laura Yarmolinsky 

Health Education 

tDiane Bettien Auxier 
Karen Denise Beckham 
Caroline Elizabeth Bresee 
'Teresa Cavallo 
Ellen Jeanne Centola 
§Kristen J. Coben 
Suzanne M. Ehlin 
Karen Maria Grace 
tHeather Brooke Gross 
Edward Robert Hangliter 
Christina Diane Lopez 
§Marcy Paige Markowitz 
Dana Jo Martin 
Michelle Lynn Mays 
§Laura Joyce McCaughey 
Sonja Ann Meehan 
Alecia Anne Nash 
Mary Teresa Natoli 
Thuy T. Nguyen 
Kimberly Ann Orlando 
Cindy Michele Spitz 
Danielle Marie Wenzel 

Kinesiological Sciences 

David Arthur Blimmel 
Jonathan Louis Caban 
Megan Frances Callahan 
Thomas Andrew Chaney 
Nathan Edward Davis 
Michelle Demko 

Dana Elizabeth DiPietro 
Jennifer S. Ettlin 
Marc Howard Foster 
Shannon Pauline Gavin 
Scott Robert Gobell 
Gretchyn Griffith 
Nicole Patrice Harris 
Eric Anthony Hill 
Sanjeev Kapoor 
Jeffrey Wilson Kirby 
Dena Rachel Klein 
Tanya Limpakan 
Stacy Renee McCosky 
Jonathan Hunter Mclntyre 
Vivian Steevie Mensch 
Maria N. Miranian 
Tina Lindsay Mulinazzi 
Craig Michael Palik 
Amy Johann Panunzio 
Brian R. Paris 
Corey Leigh Paul 
Stephen Dabbay Pelaez 
Chalice Von Radakovich 
*Tracy Silverman 
John Paul Sisler 
Kristen A. Sorensen 
Vincent Andrew Stepanik 
Karen Jennifer Suissa 
*Moneach Rena Surber 
Michelle Diane Tarkington 
Catherine Anne Tizol 
Van Colton Williams 

Physical Education 

Katie Eli/dbc(h Becker 
Richard Joseph Cantwell 
Christopher Charles Hers! 
Julie Jean Johnston 
Davm Lyrm Sloan 
Timothy Thomas Stedman 
Geoffrey B. Wilcox 


§ Summa cum Laude f Magna cum Lnude ' cum laude 


Matthew Warren Corley 
Adam Casper Pratt 


Bachelor of Arts 


Fiona Natasha Adams 
Kristen Lynn Belcourt 
Dwayne Anthony Bochnak 
Alistair Wilbar Broomall 
Chun-Yu Chang 
Geoffrey T. Chesman 
Karen Jean Clark 
Kimberly Ann Craskey 
Diane Elizabeth Crespy 
Corey Gerrard Davis 
Matthew James Graves 
Jill Alicia Gruben 
Matthew Stephen Hammond 
Adam Brett Hanin 
Lorelei K. Harris 
Christopher Miles Hopkinson 
Cathy Grace Hwang 
Christopher Erik Iseli 
Dawn Chenita Jefferies 
Michael Johnson 
Jennifer Susan Lord 
LaRonda Reshall Miller 
'Wendy Jo Moyer 

2nd Degree: Dance 
Melissa Lynn Murdza 
Stephanie Dawn Naso 

2nd Major: Psychology 
Jean Michelle Owens 
•Jason David Palmer 
Shawn William Parker 
Brian Michael Parrish 
Jean Robert Philippe 

Michele LjTin Rest 
James Lawrence Rice 
Joseph Patrick Sandora 
Sara Carey Scaletti 
gScott Philip Silverstein 
Jennifer Holly Smith 
Alyson Marie Sothoron 
Darren Gerald Spinck 
Patricia A. Thompson 
Carrie Ann Troni 
Michelle Renee Vance 


Bachelor of Science 


Qianli Shelley Chen 
Ka-Lai Cheung 
Kimlien T. Do 
Benjamin Paul Gorman 
Dennis Anthony Huie 
Hyun Cheol Kim 
§Nam Uk Kim 
Soma Mitra 
Keith Lament Morris 
Manjula Nair 
•Anup Lai Pamnani 
Sandra Jean Parks 
Thuytien Thi Pham 
Armin Sadeghi 
Vincent Scott Setola 
Seung Hyun Shin 
Due Kien Trieu 
Dana Marie Villalas 
Ben Wang 
§Lei Yu 

Biological Sciences 

Midhat Ribhi Abu-Ghannam 
Diane Tosin Afolabi 
*Ahmed Reshad Amini 
Denise Lyrm Andrade 
Dexter Anthony Andrews 
Joseph Louis Battaglia 
Sopfua Lorraine Berkel 
Cara Elizabeth Brewer 
Constance Ann Brown 
Thomas Alan Brumfield 
Michael Brian Chait 
Jason Stewart Chamberlin 
Ivy F. Chan 
Suk Kyung Cho 
Calvin Yoonsang Choi 
Hye Rhi Choi 
Yoo Mi Chung 
Jason James Clark 
Shazia Karim Dad 
Michelle Elena Dell'Orto 
Joseph John Demma 
Apurva Desai 

2nd Degree: Speech 
Paul Louis DiRienzo 
Christian John Domerchie 
Thanh Thanh Du 
Monica Yvonne Duran 
Christopher Ryan Emery 
Gregory B. Evangelist 
Galen J. Fairbanks 
Ryan Lawayne Fleming 
Vhon B. Francisco 
Christie Elizabeth Franklin 
Jamie Lynn Garity 
Nakita La'Shawne Green 
Eric Hang 

Rana Parveen Haque 
Brett Philip Harman 
Eric Hawkins 

Quynh Tu Hoang 
Brian Thomas Holohan 
'Christine Hong 
Jennifer Carter Horton 
Sonia P. Huang 

2nii Major: Art History 
Brian Allen Huth 
Kamau Malik Jackson 
Zena Kadija Jalloh 
Nandita Kapur 
Joseph Jack Karamikian 
David Kiarmi 
Edward Hyon Kim 
Hyung Sop Kim 
Thomas Martin Kingman 
Amitai Zion Kohn 
Philip John Kruer 
Bang - Trinh Hoang Le 
Amy Yingyi Li 
Michael Wen Liang 
§Jesse Liu 
Chanya Liv 
Jennie Mei Lui 
N. Nicholas Lysenko 
Stefanie Nicole Magro 
Elizabeth Claire Maier 
Brian Curtis Malone 
Thabile Claudette Nguyuza 
Reza Nikpourfard 
Thomas David Norris 
Colleen Serena O'Byme 
Patrick John O'MaUey 
Heath Noon O'Neill 
Ayodeji N. Ogunye 
Michelle Leslie Olmscheid 
Kathryn Michelle Ower\s 
Michelle L. Palmer 
Kandarp R. Patel 
tKinnari Jitendra Patel 
Jennifer Lynn Pellecchia 
Lori Ann Pester 


§ Summa cum Laude i Magna cum Laude ' cum lnude 


Todd Dax'id Peters 
Deimle Thi Phan 
Joshua Adam Posnan 
tUrmila Rajput 
Vimalka Gayani Ranasinghe 
Brian G. Rash 
Brian Garrett Remortel 
Suzanna Galo Ribblett 
Jeffrey Michael Robin 
Geraldine Nicolo Rochino 
Gary Ketana Roeum 
Sara K. Rogers 
James Francis Ryley 
Hani Abulfetouli Said 
Naveen V. Samuel 
Parveen Singh Savvhney 
Allison Elizabeth Schwarz 
Eugene Sim 
tRoy I. Sittig 
Andrew Young Smitli 
Nakia Marie Spriggs 
James Basil Stump 
Mark Alexander Terrill 
Jack Chih-Pin Toung 
Danh C. Tran 
Lang Thi Tran 
Karen Joy Tritinger 
Denise Demet Tunc 
James Y.P. Wang 
Jessica Anne Wilson 
Melissa Trinel Woodland 
Jennifer Helen Wright 
Kevin Chong Hwan Vim 
Marie-Claude Zando 

Diem-Chi Khoa Le 
Eleni Delima Mastrantonis 
*Desiraju Kavitha Rao 
Vincent K. Shipp 
Jennifer Lynne Wicker 
Charles Wu 

General Biological Sciences 

Julie Ann Lawrence 
Ewurabena Edziiba Shaw-Taylor 
John Tze-Chang Wu 


Hsin-1 Chow 

Carole Suarme Crowe 

Thomas Mason Dunn 

Bren S. Ewen 

Matthew Thomas Holohan 

Eric S. Makvandi 

Heshimu McCray 

Geoffrey Otieno Ouma 

Insuk Short 

Kelly Ann Soltysiak 

2nd Major: Computer Science 
Michael Alex Spears 
§Bradford Allen Stewart 
Jason Charles Weiner 


James M. Brock 


Bachelor of Arts 

individual Studies 

Denise S. Bezerra 
Julie Deborah Glickson 
Tiffany Victoria Granberg 
Frederick M. Hulnick 
*Ann Marie Lasken 
David Gerald Lorentz 

Bachelor of Science 

Individual Studies 

Ali Bagheri 
Amy N. Horowitz 
Jason John Pellegrini 
Adrianna Michelle Ross 
Tarda Lynn Sheremeta 


Afro-American Studies 

Michael James Allen 
Wyanie Aminatu Bright 
Andre Stewart Curtis 
Nakita La'Shawne Green 
Liza Annette Sanchez 
Cresin Draon Smith 

Gerontology Certificate 

Anna Lenore Agnew 
Virginia Grove Matthias 

Women's Studies Certificate 

Sharmeen Ahsan 
Erin Lea Klevens 
Autumn Kristina Goemer 
Carrie Ann Troni 
Cari Elizabeth Busch 
Leah Ruth Davis 
Heather Bain Worley 


George Anthony Barberena 
Kenneth Arthur Dezio 
Brian Peter Gluckman 
Kimberly Dawne Hohman 
Joyanna Sun Ko 


§ Siimma cum biude i Magna cum Laude * cum Laude 

Scholarship Honors 


achelor's degree candidates who have qualified for scholarship 
honors upon graduation are designated by appropriate symbols 
adjacent to their names within the alphabetical listings of colleges 
or schools. 

To be eligible for consideration for such honors a candidate must meet the 
following general criteria: (1) have completed at least two years of work at 
the University of Maryland (60 semester hours, 30 of which were earned at 
the College Park campus), and (2) have a scholastic average of a "B" (grade 
point average of 3.0) or higher in University of Marv'land work prior to the 
last semester of registration before the awarding of a degree. 

Degree candidates who have met these criteria are shown in the listings as 
qualifying, upon graduation, for the designators Siimma cum Laiide (if they 
ranked in the top 2 percent of the candidates in their respective colleges or 
schools). Magna cum Laude (if in the next 3 percent), or cum Lauiic (if in the 
next 5 percent) based on the grade point averages of students in the preced- 
ing three graduating classes of their degree-granting unit. 


John Bennett 
Amitava Chaudhury 
Annamaria Czege 
Rebecca Dinerman 
Kohilan Easwarachandran 
David Eisner 
Anna Rielding 
Susannah Hirsch 
Rhoda Hsia 
Paul Samuel 
Karen Snow 
Lisa Solomon 
Jay Spagnola 
Anne Speca 
Craig Vogel 

Tom Ashar 
Karun Bakshi 
Brian Baldwin 
Christine Bradford 
Mohamed Bur 
Rebekah Calhoun 
Kristen Camero 
Yum Cheng 
Timothy Cookson 
Leah Davis 
Michelle Dell'Orto 
Michelle Desrosiers 
Tina Fourruer 
Colleen Gill 
Brian Gluckman 
Matthew Hammond 
Rachael HoUingsworth 
Tyrone Holmes 

Robert Holsopple 
Ann Lasken 
Jesse Liu 
Beth Lowenthal 
Charles Marquardt 
Karen McDermott 
Soma Mitra 
Karen Mulford 
Aaron Mullen 
Anup Pamnani 
Kirmair Patel 
Bhavesh Patel 
Thomas Paulick 
Anita Poulose 
Desiraju Rao 
Mark Shaner 
Erin Shepherd 
Scott Silverstein 
Melarue Stibick 
Khuong Tang 
Jesse Terrill 
Ramit Varma 
Elizabeth Wood 
Marie Zimmerman 


Carol Ann Snk\i;oskl (A) 


With lii^Ii liouors 
Government and Politics 

Kristen Camero (D) 

With honors 
Chemical Engineering 

Darni Bacon Sampc)' (A) 

Computer Science 

Vanessa Cristina Heppolette (D) 
Jennifer Marie Pierce (A) 
Jeffrey Dermis Squires (D) 
Thomas Carl Stamm (D) 
Sze Yuen Wong (D) 


Alejandro Justiniano (D) 

English Language and Literature 

l.iii Christopher liilclu'r (D) 
Heather Tirado-Gilligan (A) 
Eric Alan Mein 


Cezary Maciej Jednaszewski (D) 


Anne Louise Ledbetter (D) 

Government and Politics 

Mark trie Norns (D) 


Kendra Devonne Mitchell (A) 


Kinnari Patel (D) 



Mary Elizabeth Husic Kuta (D) 

Afro-American Studies 

Michael James Allen (D) 
Adolisa Joan Anarado (A) 
Felicia Lynette Breedy (A) 
Wyanie Aminatu Bright (D) 
Andre Stewart Curtis (D) 
Nakita La'Shawne Green 
Alicia Nicole Jackson (A) 
Damon Douglas Jones (A) 
Liza Annette Sanchez (D) 
Cresin Draon Smith (D) 

East Asian Studies 

Lee Tuan Nguyen (A) 

Women's Studies 

Sharmeen Ahsan (D) 
Cari Elizabeth Busch (D) 
Leah Ruth Davis (D) 
Erin Lea Klevens (D) 
Autumn Kristina Goerner (D) 
Carrie Ann Troni (D) 
Heather Bain Worley (D) 

Electrical Engineering 

Karun Bakshi (A) 


student Marshals 

The Senior Marshal Program, began in 1991, as an opportunity 
for the campus community to acknowledge outstanding 
seniors at their commencement. The students selected to be 
marshals were nominated by faculty, administrators and staff 
for their outstanding accomplishments and contributions to the 
University of Maryland. We are proud to recognize these truly remark- 
able students. 

Frank Adams 
Andrea Battaglini 
Karen Beckham 
Bethany Blankley 
Hildegard Buan 
Yum Yu Cheng 
Christopher M. ChoppLn 
Peter J. Creedon 
Rebecca S. Douglass 
Tatjana Dulic 
Geraldine Duval 
Janice L. Eisenberg 
Aaron D. Evrard 
Megan F.Callahan 
Tina S. Foumier 
Tara Fox 
Ian Fulcher 
Laura S. Garfinkel 
Lisi Helmig 
Sharif Hidayat 
Donna M. Hill 
Rachael HoUingsworth 
William D. Houston 
Philip M. Irwin 

Jody J. Kaplan 
Erin L. Klevens 
Helen Loennig 
Josh Maltby 
Martha Mansfield 
Seema Mathur 
Tracy Mecanko 
Shane Leslie Miller 
Wendy Jo Moyer 
Karen E. Mulford 
Ramit Narma 
Benjamin Piccone 
Laurent E. Pichet 
Glenis M. Quimby 
Laura E. Rocchio 
Janine N. Savage 
Mark Shaner 
Marie L. Speak 
Melanie L. Stibick 
James B. Stump 
Moneach R. Surber 
Yi Chi Tung 
Sze Yuen Wong 
Ahadu Woubshet 




Lance VV. Billingbley, Chair 

Benjamin L. Brown, Vice Chair 

Margaret Alton, Secretary 

Constance M. Unseld, Treasurer 


Lewis R. Riley, ex officio 

Mary Arabian 

Richard O. Bemdt 

Earle Palmer Brown 

Nathan A. Chapman, Jr. 

Charles W. Cole, Jr. 

Edwin S. Crawford 

Thomas B. Finan. Jr. 

Michael C. Gelman 

Wendell M. Holloway 

Harry R. Hughes 

Ann Hull 

Kevin Lawrence, Student Regent 


Donald N. Langenberg, Chancellor 

George L. Marx, Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs 

James Sansbury (Interim), Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance 

John K. Martin, Vice Chancellor for Adiiancement 


William E. Kirwan, I'residenI 

Nelson Markley (Acting), Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost 

Charles F. Sturtz, Vice President for Administrative Affairs 

Reid W. Crawford, Vice President for lUniversity Advancement 

William L. Thomas Jr., Vice President for Student Affairs 


Thomas Fretz, College of Agriculture and Natural Resources 

Keith Morrison, College of Arts and Humanities 

Irwin Goldstein, College of Behavioral and Social Sciences 

William Mayer, College of Business and Management 

Richard H. Herman, College of Computer, Mathematical and Physical Sciences 

Willis D. Hawley, College of Education 

William W. Destler, College of Engineering 

Reese Cleghom, College of Journalism 

Ann E. Prentice, College of Library and Information Services 

Paul H. Mazzocchi, College of Life Sciences 

John J. Burt, College of Health and Human Performance 

Steven Hurtt, School of Architecture 

Susan Schwab, School of Public Affairs 

Ilene Nagel, Dean for the Graduate School 

Melvin Hall, Dean for Continuing Education, Summer and Special Programs 

Robert Hampton, Dean for Undergraduate Studies 




Charles J. Beatty 

Dean's Office 

College of Education 
University Marshal 
Don C. Piper 

Government and Politics 
Faculty Marshal 
Alfred C. Boyd 

Chemistry and Biochemistry 
Student Marshal 
James L. Reveal 

John E. Wakefield 

Director of Bands 


Alicia Arkell-Kleis, Diploma Office 
Mahnaz Bahrami, Universiti/ Advancement 
J. Frank Brewer, Physical Plant 
Kathy Coffey, Stamp Student Union 
Earle Connors, Physical Plant 
Gene Corcoran, Health Center 
Carolyn Ent, University Advancement 
Amy Hamilton, Senior Class CouncU 
Lori King, Records and Registration 
Jolin Kozikowski, Sliuttle UM 
Nick Kovalakides, Chapel 
Nancy Loomis, Dining Services 
Linda Martin, University Advancement 
Tracy Mecanko, Senior Class Council 
Gary Parker, Intercollegiate Athletics 
Diana Pritchard, University Book Center 
Barbara Riggs, Diploma Office 
Debra Sable, Health Center 
Alan Sactor, Environmental Safety 
Bill Scales, Disability Support Services 
Charles Stubbs, Special Events 
Bob Stumpff, Physical Plant 
Janice Summons, Campus Parking 
Harry Teabout, Physical Plant 
Larry Volz, Police Department 
Patrick Wadsworth, Dining Services 



Craig Arnold, Ails tiiul lluiimnitk'S 

Diane Barlow, Library and Information Services 

Katherinc Beardsley, Behavioral and Social Sciences 

Betty Beckley, Undergraduate Studies 

Carl Bovill, Architecture 

Ritzie Coleman, Computer, Math and Physical Science 

John Cordes, Undergraduate Studies 

Jerry V. DeBarthe, Agriculture and Natural Resources 

Jane Fines, Engineering 

Charles Flatter, Education 

Brian Horick, College of Business and Management 

Albert Klavon, Life Sciences and Agriculture 

Thomas Moore, Arts and Humanities 

Delores Mulligan, Undergraduate Studies 

Joe Murray, Health and Human Performance 

Ann Petrone, Architecture 

Terri Harris Reed, Public Affairs 

Vicky Reinke, Library and Information Services 

Greig Stewart, journalism 

Dale VanderWall, Behavioral and Social Sciences 

Valerie Wedge, Education 

Thelma Williams, Computer, Math and Physical Science 




Marcellous Anderson 
Robert Armstrong 
Leroy Blackwell 
Earl Blake 
John Brady 
Mordecai Brower 
Eric Bullock 
Tom Farrell 
Ronald Fenwick 
Larry Garner 
Elwood Gross 
Larry Jefferson 
Marvin Johnson 
Theresa Mullen 
Keith Neal 
Susan Radisch 
George Saunders 
Thomas Saunders 
Johnny Sellers 
Rayfield Sellers 
Carolyn Shreeve 
Charles Stubbs 
Danny Thompson 
Ronny Yee 

Prmtuccd l']i Uiiivcnitij Adz'ancemenl 

Cover Design: Jessica Komaii, Utiitvrsily PuhttaUioiis 

Photography: Chati Chao, John T. Consoh. At Danneger, Daviii FrochUcb, 

Rich HorcMcr, Scott Suchman, and 8i7/ Weenis. 

Project Coordination, Production: Linda H. Martin, University Puhlicalions 

Graphic Intern: Andreie Rtiine, Universiti/ Publications 

December 1996