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DECEMBER 20, 1998 




University of Maryland 
December 20, 1998 

2 Congratulations from 
the President 

3 Message from the Alumni 

4 Message from the Senior 

5 Order of Commencement 

6 Schedule of Events 

7 Campus Map 

8 The University ot Maryland 

13 Commencement Speaker 
Capt. Scott F. O' Grady 

14 Graduating Student Speaker 
Amy Schlom 

15 August Graduate Degrees 

25 August Undergraduate 

31 Candidates for December 
Graduate Degrees 

51 Candidates for December 
Undergraduate Degrees 

66 College Park Scholars 

67 Scholarship Honors 

69 Student Marshals 

70 University Officials 

71 Commencement Officials 
and Staff 


M ongratulations on the successful completion of your degrees! You and 

K your families have just reason to be proud of your reaching this impor- 

^ ^» tant milestone. 

As you leave "your" university, I would like you to know how much we, the faculty and 
staff, value your accomplishments as scholars, artists, athletes, and young leaders. You have 
enriched your lives and have enlarged the esteem of this institution. 

We have tried to provide you with a university experience where you could develop your 
academic interests, your special talents, and broaden your intellectual and cultural perspectives. 
Experience also shows that the friends and associations you have made while here will enrich 
your lives in many and varied ways. I urge you to stay connected and take full advantage of 
being a member of the Maryland family. 

I hope that you will return to campus often and continue to support this institution and 
future generations of students at the flagship University of Maryland. Welcome to the univer- 
sity's family of alumni. 

Good luck to each and every one of you! 

Yours sincerely, 
CD. Mote, Jr. 



M ongratulations on achieving this milestone in your educational pursuit. On 

M behalf of the University of Maryland Alumni Association, I would like to add 

^^^^ - ^r our very best wishes to those you have received from your faculty and other 
university friends. 

Your commencement ceremony today includes a special tradition. You will be officially 
inducted as a member of the University of Maryland Alumni Association by this year's associa- 
tion president, Ed Fry. Our gift to you on this special day is a one-year complimentary mem- 
bership in the alumni association. In the next few weeks, you will receive your membership 
card and more information on the list of benefits and services you receive by virtue of your 

Wherever your plans take you following graduation, you'll find Maryland friends and pro- 
fessional contacts by staying involved in alumni activities. There are more than 30 academic, 
regional and special interest groups — including our newest, the Young Alumni Club, which you 
m.iv find to be of particular interest. And, of course, attending Maryland athletic events is 
always a great way to get together with fellow grads. Regardless of how you choose to stay 
involved, our purpose remains the same: to respond to the needs and interests of all alumni, 
and to support your continued interest in and loyalty to the University of Maryland. 

Again, best wishes for all the challenges and triumphs that lie ahead. 


Joan Patterson '66 

Executive Director, University of Maryland Alumni Association 



The Winter Graduates* 

Applicants for degrees 

Total Doctoral Degrees: 


Total Masters Degrees: 1 ,31 15 

Total Bachelor's Degrees: 2.599 

Five most popular undergraduate 


1. Accounting 


2. English Language & Literature 


3. Government and Politics 


4. Electrical Engineering 


5. Journalism 


Most popular master's degrees 



2. M.S., Civil Engineering 


3. M.S., Mechanical Engineering 


4. M.Ed., Curriculum & 



5. M.Arch., Architecture 


^August and Dccemba combined 

Today you complete the jour- 
ney that was undertaken sev- 
eral years ago, arriving proudly 
at the threshold of a new lite. When you 
look back, can you see how this journey has 
changed you? As you sit here today, what 
events stand out in your mind as experiences 
that showed you which path to travel? 

We have each followed a unique path but 
have reached a common destination. As 
seniors, it is easier to list the ways in which 
we are different from each other than the 
ways in which we are bound together. 

We are accustomed to describing students in groups — commuters, residents; members of 
ethnic, religious, or professional organizations; students in particular departments and colleges. 
These differences should be admired and respected as should the many qualities we share. 

From this point, you can reflect on past journeys. Remember what you learned along the 
way about who you are and what you are capable of achieving. 

Know that your time spent at the University of Maryland will help you arrive at your next 
destination. Finally, always consider our campus to be another home, a stop on your life's jour- 
ney to which you can always return. 


Faiz Ahmad '98 

Lauren Mallon '98 

Senior Council Representatives 


December 20, 1998 • Cole Student Activities Building • 1:00 p.m. 



Dr. CD. Mote, Jr. 

President, University of Maryland 

Master of Ceremonies 

Professor Adele Cabot 
Department ofTheatre 


Symphonic Wind Ensemble 
Mr. John E.Wakefield, conductor 


Dr. John Stephenson 

Director, L.D.S. Institute of Religion 

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day 


The National Anthem 


Ms. Louise Michaux Gonzales 
Member, University System of 
Maryland Board of Regents 

Senior Class Gift Presentation 

Mr. Faiz Ahmad and 
Ms. Lauren Mallon 
Senior Council 

Ms. |ane Henson '55 

Remarks to the Graduates 

Ms. Amy Melissa Schlom 
Graduating Senior 

Musical Selection 

Ballad for Chris by Elliot Del Borgo 

Mr. Chris Vadala, alto saxophone 


Symphonic Wind Ensemble 


Captain Scott F. O'Grady 

University of Maryland 
Alumni Association Induction 

Mr. Edwin R. Fry '69 

President, University of Maryland 

Alumni Association 

Message to the Graduates 

Dr. Mote 

Conferring of Doctoral, 
Master's and Bachelor's 

Dr. Mote 

Presentation of Colleges and 



Dr. Stephenson 


Symphonic Wind Ensemble 

Alma Mater 

Hail! Alma Mater 

Hail to thee, Maryland! 

Steadfast in loyalty; 

For thee, we stand, 

Love for the Black and Gold 

Deep in our hearts we hold. 

Singing thy praise forever, 

Throughout the land. 

Floor Seating 


for Graduates in Cole Student Activities Building 

























Individual graduation exercises for colleges and schools will be held at various campus 
locations on Sunday and one ceremony will take place on Saturday evening. Guests are 
urged to be seated approximately one halt-hour prior to the designated time for the 
ceremonies if they wish to observe the student and faculty processional. 

Graduates, their families and friends are cordially invited and encouraged to join with uni- 
versity officials and members of the faculty at the reception to be held in the Grand Ballroom 
of Stamp Student Union following the campus-wide commencement. 

Shuttle bus service will provide free transportation across the campus throughout the day. 

Campus-wide Commencement 

1:0(1 p.m. Cole Student Activities Building 

College of Arts and Humanities — Department Gatherings 

9:30 a.m. Art Studio 

Art-Sociology Building. Room 2203 
10:00 a.m. Art History 

Art-Sociology Building, Room 2309 
3:00 p.m. American Studies /Comparative Literature/ 

Dance I English /Theatre / Women's Studies 

Tawes Theatre 
3:30 p.m. Communication 

Francis Scott Key Hall, Room 0106 
3:30 p.m. History /Jewish Studies Russian Area Studies 

Skinner, Room 0200 
3:30 p.m. Classics I Foreign Languages /Linguistics 

Tydings Hall, Room 0130 
3:30 p.m. Philosophy 

Skinner Lounge, Room 1125 

College of Agriculture and Natural Resources 

3:00 p.m. Memorial Chapel 

Undergraduate Individual Studies 

3:30 p.m. Anne Arundel Hall, Honors Lounge 

A.James Clark School of Engineering 

4:00 p.m. Ritchie Coliseum 

School of Architecture 

4:00 p.m. School of Architecture Auditorium 

College of Behavioral and Social Sciences 

4:00 p.m. Reckord Armory 

College of Health and Human Performance 

4:00 p.m. Health and Human Performance Building 

College of Journalism 

4:00 p.m. Hot!" Theatre, Stamp Student Union 

College of Library and Information Services 

4:00 p.m. Zoology/Psychology Building, Room 1240 

Robert H. Smith School of Business 

4:00 p.m. Cole Student Activities Building 

College of Computer, Mathematical, and Physical Sciences 

5:00 p.m. Memorial Chapel 

College of Education 

5:00 p.m. Tawes Theatre 

College of Life Sciences 

Saturday, December 19. 1998 
7:00 p.m. Memorial Chapel 




Paint Branch Drive 

Represents Metered Parking 
Represents Building 



The flagship of Mary- 
land's 1 1 -institution 
system of higher learn- 
ing, the University ot Maryland, 
College Park, is the most compre- 
hensive institution of higher edu- 
cation, research and service in the 
state. The university offers 102 
undergraduate majors, 90 master's 
programs, and 70 doctoral pro- 
grams m 13 schools and colleges. 
The university is one of only 
30 public research universities that 
are members of the prestigious 58- 
member Association of American 
Universities. It is classified as a 
Research- 1 university by the 
Carnegie Foundation by virtue of 
the range of its baccalaureate pro- 
grams, the amount of federal sup- 
port received, and the number of 
doctoral degrees awarded each 

year, sharing that honor with the 
top research universities in the 

Fall 1998 Students at a 


Total enrollment: 


Graduate Students: 












Average age: 


States represented: 

(plus Guam, Puerto Rico 


and the Virgin Islands) 

Countries represented: 




Among public universities in 
the Association of American Uni- 
versities, the University of Mary- 
land ranks among the top in the 
percentage of African- American 
undergraduate students. In addi- 

tion, the university has the largest 
number of African-American and 
other minority faculty members 
among its peers. 


The University of Maryland was 
founded in 1807 in Baltimore as a 
faculty-owned College of Medi- 
cine. The medical school was con- 
sidered one of the top schools in 
the country, attracting notable pro- 
fessors and lecturers from through- 
out the world. In its beginning, 
tuition cost $140, grades were sent 
home weekly to parents, and stu- 
dents could obtain room and 
board for $300 annually. 

Five years later, the growing 
institution was renamed the Uni- 
versity of Maryland. Despite the 
name, the university was not con- 
sidered a state institution as it was 
still owned and operated by fac- 
ulty. Baltimore College of Dental 
Surgery, the first dental school in 
the world, became a part of the 
university in 1840, awarding the 
first Doctor of Dental Surgery 
(D.D.S.) degree in 1841. 

In 1 859, the Maryland Agricul- 
tural College, which would evolve 
into the University of Maryland, 
College Park, was opened under a 
charter secured by a group of 
Maryland planters in 1 856. In 
addition to spending one hour 
each day hoeing or plowing on 
the college farm, students took a 
broad range o( courses in ancient 
and modern languages, natural sci- 
ences, English and mathematics. 


After .1 disastrous fire on campus in 
1912, the state acquired the college 
and rebuilt it. 

In 1920, the state legislature 
combined the College Park insti- 
tution with the professional 
schools in Baltimore to form an 
expanded University of Maryland. 
The entity eventually grew to 
include campuses in Baltimore 
County, the Eastern Shore and 
University College, a continuing 
education institution. 

The following decades saw the 
increasing growth of student pop- 
ulation, excellence in programs 
and curricula, and the burgeoning 
of the University of Maryland, 
College Park, into a nationally rec- 
ognized research institution. 

July 1, 1988, marked the dawn 
of a new era in higher education 
in the state of Maryland, as the five 
components of the university were 
merged with six other state uni- 
versities and colleges to form the 
University of Maryland System, 
and College Park secured its flag- 
ship status with a mandate to 
become one of the pre-eminent 
research universities in the nation. 


The unique role of American 
research universities in advancing 
science and technology has kept 
the United States in the forefront 
ot innovation and product devel- 
opment. Research dollars from 
federal and state agencies, corpora- 
tions and foundations fuel much of 
the basic and applied research 

activity of the University of Mary- 
land's faculty and graduate students. 

The university has unique 
facilities, research centers and insti- 
tutes that attract new research pro- 
jects and funding, as well as 
provide expanded knowledge in 
business, science and technology. 
The A. James Clark School of 
Engineering houses the Glenn L. 
Martin Wind Tunnel — the most 
advanced aerodynamic testing 
facility of its kind on any univer- 
sity campus — and the Neutral 
Buoyancy Facility, which simulates 
weightlessness for space research, 
the only such facility on a univer- 
sity campus. 

Other specialized facilities at 
the university include: 

• Computer Vision Laboratory 

• Bioprocess-scale up Laboratory 

• Laboratory for Ion Beam 
Research and Application 

• Superconductivity Research 

• Laboratory for Plasma and 
Fusion Studies 

• Psychohnguistics Laboratory 

• Computer-assisted cartographic 

• Developmental Psychology 

• Center on Aging 


Programs of public service are 
central to the overall mission of 
the university. This philosophy is 
reflected in the wide array of pro- 
grams and initiatives that benefit 
the state's business, agriculture and 

University Highlights 

• In fiscal year 1998, grant and contract awards to the 
University of Maryland reached an all-time high of 
$205 million, an increase of 32 percent over the pre- 
vious year's record of $155 million. 

• The September 1998 issue of Kiplinger's Personal 
Finance Magazine named Maryland one of the top 25 
values among the nation's public universities. 

• In its last ranking of undergraduate programs, U.S. 
News & World Report placed the business and engi- 
neering schools among the nation's top 25 in their 
disciplines. In graduate rankings, the A.James Clark 
School of Engineering, the School of Public Affairs 
and the College of Education all ranked in the top 
25. And for the first time, the Smith School of Busi- 
ness achieved top 25 recognition from Business Week 
magazine in October. 

• The University Honors Program was spotlighted as 
an "Ivy League experience" at a bargain price in the 
U.S. News & World Report 12th annual guide to 
"America s Best Colleges." 

• The university was picked as one of "America's 100 
Most Wired Colleges" by Black Issues in Higher Educa- 
tion. In December 1996, Maryland became one of the 
few institutions in the nation to provide in-room 
Internet access to all of its residents. 

• As Washingtonian magazine stated in a December 
1997 feature article on the rise of the University of 
Maryland. "The Terps are moving up, and we're not 
just talking basketball." 


education communities. 

With more than 900 high 
technology firms in the tri-county 
area of Montgomery, Prince 
George's and Frederick, the uni- 
versity has found abundant oppor- 
tunity to extend its business and 
technology outreach programs to 
the region. Many of these pro- 
grams are part of the Engineering 
Research Center, which operates 
the Technology Extension Service, 
the Technology Advancement Pro- 
gram, and Maryland Industrial 
Partnerships, all programs designed 
to provide Maryland entrepreneurs 
and small businesses with research 
facilities, technical assistance, 
administrative support, and access 
to technology that will advance 
their economic base. 

The Institute for Systems 
Research has formed partnerships 
with major corporations, including 
Martin Marietta, Westinghouse, 
BFGoodrich, Hughes Aircraft and 
Dupont. to apply advanced systems 
research to solving industry prob- 
lems in the fields of communica- 
tions, manufacturing, controls and 

The Center for Renaissance 
and Baroque Studies works in 
conjunction with Maryland's high 
schools in using theater to explore 
personal and social issues relevant 
to today's society-. Team Maryland 
also works with area public schools 
by having student athletes serve as 
mentors to young students. Each 
semester student athletes act as role 

models, reaching out to some 
15,000 students annually. 

The University of Maryland 
features a diversity of cultural and 
recreational activities. Four art gal- 
leries, more than 200 annual musi- 
cal performances, and countless 
dance and theater productions 
expose audiences to the broadest 
range of programs in the arts. And 
intercollegiate, club or intramural 
sports provide students of all levels 
an opportunity to participate as 
spectators or athletes. 

The Libraries 

The seven libraries at the univer- 
sity constitute the largest university 

research library system in the 
Washington metropolitan area, 
providing vital resources to 
researchers, visiting scholars, and 
businesses throughout the region. 
The libraries' holdings include 
more than 2.7 million volumes, 
28,277 journal subscriptions and 

nearly 5.2 million microfilm items. 
College Park Libraries also offer 
several nationally and internation- 
ally recognized special collections 
such as the International Piano 
Archives at Maryland, the National 
Trust for Historical Preservation 
Library Collection, the Kathenne 
Anne Porter papers, the National 
Public Broadcasting Archives and 
the Gordon W Prange Collection. 

The Alumni Association 

With alumni clubs from Miami to 
Taipei. Taiwan, the Alumni Associ- 
ation strives to keep and to 
strengthen ties between the uni- 
versity and its graduates. Member 
events such as pre-game parties, 
bull roasts, picnics, golf tourna- 
ments, dinner cruises and subscrip- 
tions to College Park magazine and 
the biannual Maryland Alumni sup- 
plement help keep alumni con- 
nected to the university and to 
each other. All graduating seniors 
and successful master's and Ph.D. 
candidates receive a one-year free 
membership in the association. 

Distinguished Alumni 

Graduates of the university go on 
to distinguished careers in a vari- 
ety of fields. Chosen from thou- 
sands of qualified alumni, an 
inaugural group was inducted into 
the University of Maryland 
Alumni Association Hall of Fame 
in April. 1995. They included 21 
outstanding individuals who have 
brought, and continue to bring, 
great honor to their alma mater. 

Their achievements are as varied as 
their lives, but they all have one 
thing in common: a University of 
Maryland. College Park, diploma. 

Carmen Balthrop, B.A. '71 
World-class soprano anil mentor to 
aspiring vocalists 

Harry Clifton "Curley" Byrd, 

B.S. '08 

Legendary university president for 
18 years 
A.James Clark, B.S '50 

Construction magnate and benefactor 
William P. Cole, Jr., B.S. '10 

Congressman and member of I M 

Board of Regents for 25 years 
Mary Stallings Coleman, 
B.A. '35 

Firsf woman elected as Chief Justice, 

Michigan Supreme Court 
Geary F. Eppley, B.S. '20, 
M.S. '26 

Devoted career to university as dean 

of men and athletic director 
Charles F. FefFerman, B.S. '66 

Youngest winner oj Field's Medal, 

mathematics highest award 
Herbert A. Hauptman, Ph.D. '55 

Co-recipient of 1 985 Nobel Prize 

in Chemistry 
Jim Henson, B.A. '60 

Creator of the beloved Muppets 
Steny H. Hoyer, B.S. '63 

Public servant to Maryland fot 

nearly 30 years 
Carlisle Humelsine, B.A. '37 

Leader oj Colonial Williamsburg 

Wilbur Munro Leaf, B.A. '27 

Creator of "Ferdinand the Bull" 



Samuel J. LeFrak, B.S. '40 
Internationally acclaimed urban 
planning leadei 

Parren Mitchell, MA. '52 
First African-American student and 
Maryland congressman 

Jane Cahill Pfeiffer, B A '54 
First woman to head a major net- 
work; named chair of \'BC in 1978 

Judith A. Resnik, Ph.D. 77 
Pioneering astronaut; died tragically 
in Challenger shuttle disaster 

Chun-Shan Shen, Ph.D. '61 
President of Taiwan's National 
Tsing-Hua I University 

William Woolford Skinner, 

B.S. 1895 

Nationally prominent agricultural 
n search chemist 

Adele H. Stamp, MA. "24 
Dean of Women at Maryland from 
1922 to I960 

Reginald Van Trump Truitt, 

B.S. '14 

Leading naturalist and marine biol- 
ogist; pioneered Chesapeake Bay 

Millard E. Tydings, B.S. 10 
Introduced legislation to create 
University of Maryland in 1920 

The University of Maryland 
Alumni Association Hall of Fame 
is located in the Commuter 
Lounge of the Stamp Student 
Union. Periodically, the Alumni 
Association will induct other grad- 
uates m to the Hall ot Fame — its 
highest honor. 

Customs of Commencement 

Early commencement ceremonies 
at the University of Maryland 
were marked with great fanfare 
and celebration. The faculty gave 
huge banquets for the graduates 
the night before the event. The 
following morning, crowds gath- 
ered to watch the young graduates 
parade. It was a gala social occa- 
sion, attracting not only friends 
and relatives, but the fashionable 
elite of the day. At the ceremony, 
prayers were recited, speeches were 
made, and honorary degrees were 
awarded to distinguished figures 
from across the country. Finally, as 
the audience cheered and threw 
flowers, the graduates came forward 
to collect their Latin-inscribed 

Academic Costume 

The black caps and gowns worn 
by the students and faculty in the 
academic procession have been the 
traditional costume of scholars 
since the Middle Ages. The ordi- 
nary dress of the scholar, whether 
student or teacher, was similar to 
that of a cleric. Caps and gowns 

were probably worn to keep stu- 
dents warm in unheated buildings. 
Many medieval scholars were ton- 
sured, like monks, and hoods 
served to cover their shaved heads 
until the skuD cap later took its 

Even after the Civil War, most 
students at American universities 
wore caps and gowns daily while 
in residence. These varied in 
design until they were standardized 
by the American Intercollegiate 
Commission in 1894. At that time 
it was decided that all robes would 
be black. Colors on the trim of 
the gown were also standardized to 
indicate the scholar's academic dis- 
cipline. A list of department colors 

Agriculture: Maize 

Arts, Letters, Humanities: White 

Business Administration, 
Commercial Science: Drab 

Dentistry: Lilac 

Economics: Copper 

Education: Light Blue 

Engineering: Orange 

Fine Arts, Architecture: Brown 

Forestry: Russet 

Home Economics: Maroon 

Journalism: Crimson 

Law: Purple 

Library Science: Lemon 

Medicine: Green 

Music: Pink 

Nursing: Apricot 

Oratory, Speech: Silver Gray 

Pharmacy: Olive 

Philanthropy: Rose 

Philosophy: Dark Blue 

Public Administration, 

Foreign Service: Peacock Blue 
Public Health: Salmon 
Physical Education: Sage Green 
Science: Golden Yellow 
Social Work: Citron 
Theology and Divinity: Scarlet 
Veterinary Sciences: Gray 

The tassel may also be colored 
to represent an academic discipline 
or it may be black. Officially, the 
tassel is permitted "to lie where it 
will" on the mortarboard. How- 
ever, numerous institutions have 
adopted the practice of having 
degree candidates wear the tassel 
on the right front side at the start 
of the commencement ceremony 
and then shift them to the left side 
after degrees are awarded. 

Student Marshals 

Elected through a nomination 
process, student marshals are senior 
leaders who play an important role 
in the graduation ceremony. Stu- 
dent marshals assist in organizing 
the thousands of graduates, leading 
them smootltly through the com- 
mencement procession. They also 
supply extra caps and hoods, and 
bobby pins to keep headwear 
secure. December 1998 marshals 
are listed on page 69 of this booklet. 

Senior Gift 

The senior gift is a university tra- 
dition dating back 88 years. The 
first senior gift, the iron gate 
entrance at the Rossborough Inn, 
was given by the Class of 1910 
(although the gate itself was not 


erected until 1941). As this year's 
gift from the graduating class, 
seniors have elected to commission 
a life-size bronze sculpture of 
Muppets creator. Jim Henson, '60, 
and his amphibian alter ego, Ker- 
mit the Frog. Plans call for the 
statue to be placed in front of the 
Adele H. Stamp Student Union. 

The purpose of the senior gift 
is twofold. Each year the senior 
class leaves behind a memorable 
legacy for new students and visi- 
tors, and provides the university 
with a gift that enhances the cam- 
pus atmosphere. 

Past senior gifts have included: 
the Testudo statue (Class of 1933), 
the lights around the "M" in the 
traffic circle on Campus Drive 
(Class of 1986), and the restoration 
ot the Memorial Chapel chimes 
and clock face (Class of 1992). 

Academic Degrees 

A degree is awarded for the suc- 
cessful completion of a course of 
study. There are more than 1,600 
different academic degrees cur- 
rently conferred by colleges and 
universities nationwide. The Uni- 
versity ot Maryland offers degrees 
in 102 undergraduate majors,90 
master's programs, and 70 doctoral 

The Doctor's Degree 

The doctor's degree represents the 
most advanced earned degree con- 
ferred by American institutions. 
There are two distinct types: the 
practitioner's degree and the 

research degree. The first type rep- 
resents advanced training for the 
practice of various professions, 
principally Doctor of Medicine. 
Juris Doctor, and Doctor of Phar- 
macy These degrees do not 
involve the completion of original 
research by the student. The Uni- 
versity ot Maryland, at the profes- 
sional school in Baltimore, awarded 
the first two dental degrees ever 
on March 9, 1841, and invented 
the name of the degree. Doctor of 
Dental Surgery (D.D.S.). 

The second type is the research 
doctorate representing prolonged 
periods of advanced study. A dis- 
sertation which usually accom- 
panies the study is intended to 
contribute substantially to the 
body of knowledge on the subject. 
The most important of these, the 
Doctor of Philosophy, no longer 
has an implication of philosophy 
tor its holder, but represents 
advanced research in any of the 
major fields of knowledge. It was 
first awarded in the United States 
in 1861 by Yale University. The 
University of Maryland awarded a 
Ph.D. for the first time in 1920. 

The Master's Degree 

The master's degree is an academic 
honor bestowed upon students 
who have successfully completed 
work beyond the baccalaureate. A 
thesis and an oral examination are 
usually required. In 1920. the Uni- 
versity of Maryland awarded its 
first Master of Arts (M.A.) and 
Master of Science (M.S.) degrees 

in fields other than agriculture. 

The Bachelor's Degree 

The bachelor's degree represents 
the completion of a four-year 
course of college-level study and is 
the oldest academic degree 
awarded by American institutions 
of higher learning. It was first con- 
ferred in America in 1642 on the 
first nine graduates of Harvard 
College. Maryland Agriculture 
College, which later became the 
University of Maryland at College 
Park, awarded its first Bachelor o( 
Arts (B.A.) and Bachelor of Sci- 
ence (B.S.) in 1862. 



Three years after the fact, the tale of Scott O'Grady seems to be the stuff of leg- 
end and folklore. In June of 1995, his F-16 was downed by a Soviet-made anti- 
aircraft missile while he enforced a NATO no-fly zone policy over Bosnian 
skies. He spent six harrowing days eluding enemy troops in the forests of Bosnia, camouflaging 
himself in dirt and leaves, drinking rainwater out of plastic baggies and sometimes from his 
own sodden socks, and feasting on leaves, grass and the occasional ant. When news of his res- 
cue by the U.S.S. Kearsage Marine helicopter on the morning ofjune 8, 1995, reached home 
shores, the nation released a sigh of relief and a resounding cheer. 

Upon his return to the United States, the Air Force captain was feted by the masses, the 
media and the White House itself, all of whom hailed him as a hero. But O'Grady never used 
the word himself. 

"Most of the world's heroes are unsung," he wrote in Return With Honor (Doubleday, 1995), 
the bestselhng narrative of his life-altering experience. "It's heroic to dare to make a difference 
in the world." 

O'Grady 's ordeal certainly made a difference in his own view of life. "That day, five miles 
up, with death at my front door, I found my key to life," he wrote. He realized that only three 
things really mattered in life: faith in God, loved ones and good health. His unshakable founda- 
tion in religion and devotion to his family and friends speak volumes of his true heroic nature, 
as much as any survival story might. 

O'Grady received his Bachelor of Science (Aeronautical) in 1989 from Embry Riddle 
Aeronautical University in Prescott, Ariz. That same year, he was commissioned through the 
Air Force Reserve Officers' Training Corps Program. Currently, O'Grady is an instructor with 
the Joint Survival Agency at Fairchild Air Force Base in Spokane, Wash., and serves as a 
national spokesperson for St.Jude's Children's Research Hospital. In addition to Return With 
Honor, he has published Basher Five-Two, a recounting of his adventure for younger readers. 

Capt. Scott F. O'Grady 



Amy Schlom '98 

Marketing major Amy Schlom believes that American business reflects soci- 
ety's values, and she is determined to bring changes to both. While she 
admits some uncertainty as to how to go about it, who better to try than 
this 4.0, Phi Beta Kappa, Beta Gamma Sigma, multi-scholarship and award-winning honors 
student described by one faculty member as a rare example of '"pure nobility." 

Schlom believes that "commerce and economics are transforming human awareness" and 
that what is needed now is "not a merely linear progression in thinking, but a paradigm shift. 
The question before us is how to manage this transition so that humanity's long-sought vision 
of peace and prosperity is realized." 

Schlom's views are not those traditionally associated with business training, but apart from 
her facility with mathematical and economic concepts (she found a recent exam in which she 
had to learn a computer language, answer logic questions, and write code, "fun"), she did not 
always consider a career in business. A childhood spent "sketching houses and drawing floor 
plans," led Schlom to first enter Maryland as an architecture major. 

Now she is building foundations of a different kind. Community and individual well-being 
are priorities for Schlom, and her desire to make a difference as quickly as possible led her to 
business. "I feel good when I tell people I work for Fannie Mae," where she has interned since 
1996. And when people respond that it must be fun to "work for the candy company," Schlom 
explains that she's not employed by the Chicago-based Fanny May, but by the Washington, 
D.C., group working to increase home-ownership among low-income Americans. 

Schlom believes firmly that in the years ahead, the ability to "promote the general welfare," 
will be centered in the business world rather than in the political arena. "People in the business 
world are more powerful than politicians," she says. "If business leaders aren't pioneers, I don't 
think it's going to be done." 



Doctor of Philosophy 

Sharon E. Adams • Human Development 

Persistanee of Academically Talented Adolescents in an Accelerated Mathematics 
Program: A Discriminant Analysis 

Elizabeth M. Aitken • Education Policy, Planning, and 

Teacher as Self: A Hermeneutic-Phenomenological Investigation oj Narrative 
Inquiry in Community 

AbdulMohsen E. Al-Sayegh • Curriculum and Instruction 

Toward Developing an Islamic Geometric Design Course in the Department 
of Art Education at the College of Basic Education in Kuwait 

Kalvis Apsitis • Computer Science 

Hierarchies of Probabilistic and Team Learning 

Susan E. Baer • Government and Politics 

Gentrification and the Role of Community Organizations in Preventing African 

American Displacement 

Jack T. Baker • Education Policy, Planning, and Administration 

Walking the Tightrope of Being a Facilities Engineer:A Phenomenological Study 

Ann A. Battle • Human Development 

College Women's Value Orientations Toward family. Career, and the Pursuit 
oj ' Graduate Education 

Manuel Becerra • Business and Management 

Nature, Antecedents and Consequences of Trust Within Organizations: 

A Multilevel Analysts Within a MNC 

Igor O. Belegradek • Mathematics 

Counting Negatively Curved Manifolds 

Gry M. Berg • Marine, Estuarine, & Environmental Sciences 

Physiological and Population Responses oj Marine Phytoplankton to Variations 
in the Quality of Nitrogen 

Anne R. Berkeley • Theatre 

Toward a Critical Aesthetic Praxis: Reconceptualizing I Undergraduate Theatre 

Curricula lor a Culturally Diverse Democracy 

Lisa E. Bernstein • Comparative Literature 

"Self-Othering" as a Strategy of Women's ( Creative Expression in Literature 

and Art 

Randeep S. Bhatia • Computer Science 

Approximation Algorithms for Scheduling Problems with Interactions 

Romita Biswas • Economics 

Determinants oj Foreign Direct Investment 

Cheryl D. Black • Theatre 

The Women of Provincetown: 1915-1922 

Samuel T. Brainerd • History 

Land and Society, Billerica, Massachusetts 1650-1850 

Erik P. Bucy • Mass Communication 

The Emotional Appropriateness Heuristic: Viewer Assessments of Televised 
Presidential Reactions to Compelling News Events 

Tevfik Bultan • Computer Science 

Automated Static Analysis with Composite Symbolic Models 

Debra S. Carney • Mathematics 

Chains with Few Substructures 

Dora W. Chen • Curriculum and Instruction 

Teacher Interventions in the Peer Conflicts oj Children: An Investigation of 
the Effects of Children's Age ami Conflict Behaviors 

Yuan Chen • Reliability Engineering 

Reliability Characterizations of Ultra-Thin Gale Oxides for MOSFETs 

Yi-Feng Chia • Economics 

Essays on the Economics of Preventive Services: A Study of Women's 
Mammography I 'se 

Chao-Shin Chiao • Economics 

Decisions of Firms on Innovations ami Investment 

Nancie W. Clarke • Education Policy, Planning, and 

Life-Long Learning and Adult Development: A Woman's Perspective 

Martin J. Collins • History 

Wiping < hit Sharp Distinction: RAND, The Air Force and Planning foi 
Modem War, 1945-1950 

Steven P. Coy • Business and Management 

Fine-Tuned Learning: A New Approach to Improving the Performance of 




Mary D. Craig • Huinan Development 

Tlie Phenomenology of Crime and the Elderly in a Small East Coast Resort 
Town: A Multi-Method Study 

Rachel T. Davis • Curriculum and Instruction 

Young Sisters Having Tlteir Say!: Documenting the Experiences of African 
American Girls in One Language Arts Middle School Class 

Sophie L. De La Calle • Spanish Language & Literature 

La metamorfosis de la moufosaala lebelula: uu estudio de la douza y de la 
narrotiva de nelbe campobelo 

Rujikorn Dhanawittayapol • Physics 

Investigation of the Mathematical Formulations of (4,0) Supergravity 

Roberta A. Diemer • Psychology 

Tlie Effectiveness of Dream Interpretation in Time Limited Psycho-Therapy 

Paul C. Dulany • Physics 

Relativistic Tliree-Body Bound States in Tliree Dimensions 

Hariklia Efthimiou • Education Policy, Planning, and 

Teacher Education Reform in Comparative Perspective 

Vallen Emery • Marine, Estuarine, & Environmental Sciences 

Development and Application of a Chronic Sublethal Sediment Bioassay Using 
the Estuarine Amphipod Leptocheirus plumulosus 

Mary J. Flaherty • Psychology 

Recruitment and Retention qfAt-Risk Parents for Violence Prevention Parent 
Training Programs 

Warren B. Focke • Physics 

X-Ray Properties of Compact Galactic Accretion Sources 

John D. Foubert • Counseling and Personnel Services 

Tlie Longitudinal Effects of an All- Male Sexual Assault Peer Education Progran 
on the Attitudes and Behavior of Fraternity Men 

John H. Fyock,Jr. • Psychology 

Tlie Use of Stereotypes in Strategic Self-Presentation 

Joel V. Gagliardi • Marine, Estuarine, & Environmental Sciences 

Target and Non-Target 'Testing of Introduced GEMs to Soil 

1 .hI. m Gharai • Computer Science 

Multi-Platform Performance Models for Digital I 'ideo Systems 

Madhushree Ghosh • Biochemistry 

Carcinogenic Metal-Mediated Oxidation of Proteins and DNA 

Barry M. Goldman • Business and Management 

Employment Discrimination Clamming Behavior.Test of a Model of 
Organizational Justice 

Carrie E. Green • Horticulture 

Use of Chclator-Buffered Nutrient Solutions to Characterize Zn-Cd 
Interactions of Tliree Cereal Grains 

Kevin C. Greenaugh • Nuclear Engineering 

Accident-Induced Buoyancy Flows in Multi-Level Nuclear Facilities 

Carol Guglielm • Music 

Musical Life in America as Riflcctcd in Tlie Musical Press 1820-1852 

Emre Gunduzhan • Electrical Engineering 

Crosspoint and Buffer Complexity, Density Properties, and Efficient Design of 
Concentrators for Packet Switching Networks 

Seyed M. Hadavi • Nuclear Engineering 

Risk and Performance Based Techniques in System Health and Maintenance 


Wilbur C. Hadden • Sociology 

Health Care and Survival 

Michael R. Henry • Electrical Engineering 

Performance of Circuit-Switched Rings with Asymmetric Traffic 

Kristen M. Hines • Mechanical Engineering 

Tlie Effect of Metal Vias on the Mechanical Properties of Cojired Ceramics 

George C. Ho • Physics 

Helium-3 Enhancements and Unusual Ion Charge State Composition in 
Coronal Mass Ejections 

Cynthia L. Howard Kilchenstein • Human Development 

A Phenomenological Exploration of Nurses' Lived Experiences of Hospital 

Brent M. Hueth • Agricultural and Resource Economics 

Three Essays on Agricultural Policy Design Under Asymmetric Information 

Velvel S. Hushwater • Physics 

Casimir Forces, Quantum Fluctuations and Related Topics 



Eenjun Hwang • Computer Science 

A Framework for Distributed V'oD Servers 

Karen H. Hyllegard • Textiles and Consumer Economics 

An Investigation of Ethic Patterns of Gift Expenditure in Time Product 
Categories: Clothing, Toys, and Money 

A. T. Jaston • Kinesiology 

A Theoretical Model to Enhance the Popularity of College Soccer 

Yong Jia • Biochemistry 

Molecular Cloning and Overexpression of the Phosphoenolpyruvate Mutase 
Gene from the Mussel Mytilus edulis and Determination of Structure /Activity 
Relationships in the Gene Product 

Kristy K. Johnson • Counseling and Personnel Services 

Courageous Voices: College Students Exploring Their Lives, Experiences of 
Speaking Out, and Taking Action for Social Justice 

Jyh-Cherng Jong • Civil Engineering 

Highway Alignment Optimization with Generic Algorithms 

Kathleen L. Kaminski • Human Development 

Tlie Relations Between Students' Perceived Stress and Support Factors and 
Academic Motivation 

Eser Kandogan • Computer Science 

Hierarchical Multiple Window Management with Elastic Layout Dynamics 

Audrey E. Kerr • English Language & Literature 

Tlie Passing Test: Legends of Colorism in Washington, D.C 

Nancy L. Kimmerly • Human Development 

Parental Choice of Child Care 

Robert C. Kohout • Computer Science 

Guaranteeing Safety in the Presence of Moving Obstacles 

Philip R. Korn • Computer Science 

Indexing and Mining Multimedia Databases 

Erjan R. Kurbanov • Sociology 

Ethnic Identity and Intergroup Perceptions: Role of the Micro and Macro Factors 
in Ethnic Distancing 

Shyam Kuttikkad • Electrical Engineering 

Construction of 2-D and 3-D Site Models From SAR Imagery 

Rodrigo J. Lazo • English Language & Literature 

Filibustering an Empire: Trans-American Writing and U.S. Expansionism 

Chung Y. Lee • Applied Mathematics 

Queries in Computational Learning Tlicory and Combinational Problems 

Huei-Chung Lee • Library and Information Services 

Cognitive Processes in Document-Oriented Indexing 

Sarah Lesher • Zoology 

Stable Lamprey Swimming on a Skeleton if Unstable Periodic Orbits 

Feng Liang • Plant Biology 

Isolation, Functional Expression and Biochemical Characterization of 
Endoplasmic Reticulum-type Ca 2+-ATPase from Arabidopsis Thaliana 

James H. Lide • History 

"Transforming Morocco: Environmental Change and Social Order in the Gharb, 

Michael C. Lidell • Plant Biology 

Characterization of the Pseudomonas syringae Pss 61 hop] and U operons and 
Analysis of their Role in Aurgene Function 

Steven M. Lillywhite • Mathematics 

Tlie Topology of Symplectic Quotients of Loop Spaces 

Jiun-Sheng Lin • Business and Management 

Strategic Reactions to Entry-Tlie Case of the U.S. Airline Industry 

Rong Ling • Chemistry 

An Enantioselective Total Synthesis of Mannostatin A 

Dajiang Liu • Physics 

Step Dynamics on Vicinal Surfaces 

Nicole A. Lynch • Kinesiology 

Muscle Quality: Relationship of Age, Gender, and Muscle Group 

Sucharita Madhukar • Engineering Materials 

Electrodes & Barriers for Integration of PZT-Ferroelcctrics on Silicon 

Robin A. Majeski • Human Development 

77k' Effect of Meditation on Transpersonal Self Transcendence 

C. L. Martin, Jr. • Sociology 

Traumatic Experiences and Health Among U.S. Army Soldiers: A Social 



AUGUST 1998 

Gladys M. Martinez • Sociology 
Race Differences in Adolescent Fatherhood 

Evelyn L. Marx • Human Development 

Tlie Relationship Between Parcntification and Adult Adaptation in Female 
Social Work Graduate Students 

Suzanne S. Masterson • Business and Management 

A "Trickle-Down" Model of Organizational Justice: Relating Employee and 
Customer Perceptions of and Reactions to Organizational Fairness 

Crystal Y. McClendon • Human Development 

Promoting Achievement in School Through Sports: A Two-Year Evaluation Study 

Clark A. Merrill • Government and Politics 

Revelation, Political Order, and the Crisis of Modenity 

Raymond Morales-Morales • Chemistry 

Ozone. Carbon Monoxide and Hydrocarbons in the Baltimore Metropolitan Ana 

Margaret R. Mulholland • Marine, Estuarine, & Environmental 

Regulation qj Nitrogen Fixation and Nitrogen Metabolism in Trichodesmium 

Julien Musolino • Linguistics 

How Children Cope with Scope 

Diana P. Nagel • Counseling and Personnel Services 
Most and Least Helpful Events in Career Counseling: An Exploratory' 
Counseling Process Study 

Florence A. Newberger • Mathematics 
Tlie Ergodic Theory of the Bowen-Margulis Measure 

Ivan G. Nikoltchev • Mass Communication 
The Post-Communist Bulgarian Journalist 

Mary B. O'Ferrall • Curriculum and Instruction 

An Investigation of the Declarative and Procedural Knowledge of Expert 
Middle School Writing Teachers 

John R. Paige • Education Policy, Planning, and Administration 
Preserving Order Among Chaos: Tlie Survival of Schools in I ganda: 19~ 1-1986 

Jean L. Parsons • Textiles and Consumer Economics 

Dressmakers: A Study of Women & the Custom Production of Clothing 
in the Late 19th & Early 20th Century 

Lisa C. Patton • Psychology 

Predictors of Risky Sexual Behavior in Homeless Women 

Lawrence A. Peskin • History 

To Protect and Encourage American Manufacturers 

Cynthia J. Peterka • Education Policy, Planning, and 


Course Clusters for Incoming Students at a Research University: 

An Exploration of Diversity and the Learning Experience 

David A. Petersen • Counseling and Personnel Services 

Clients' Perspectives on Unresolved Tlierapeutic Impasses 

Ruth M. Pfeiffer • Mathematical Statistics 

Statistical Problems for Systems with Hysteresis 

John G. Planchak • Mathematics 

Bounded Spectral Synthesis 

Douglas C. Reardon • Geography 

American Expulsion Policies in Eastern Europe 1919-1949: A Geographic 

Francesca Recanatini • Economics 

Search Costs and Transition 

Russell J. Rockefeller • History 

Tlieir Officers and Magistrates: Executive Government in Colonial Maryland 

Biao Ruan • Molecular and Cell Biology 

Folding of Subtilisin-Study of Independent Folding and Pro-Domain 

Catalyzed Folding 

Daniel E. Russ • Chemistry 

Mechanisms for Xe- Induced Reactions within the Intermediate Energy Regime 

Jason P. Schultz • Mathematics 

Lifting of Characters on SL2IFF) and SOl.JfFF) for FFp-adic 

Hossein A. Shahbazi • Government and Politics 

Domestic and International Factors Precipitating Kurdish Ethuonatiouahstn: 
A Comparative Analysis of Episodes q) Rebellion in Iran, Iraq and Turkey 

Donald W. Sova • Reliability Engineering 

An Architectural Model for Software Reliability Quantification 



Amy D. Stackhouse • English Language & Literature 
Disseminating the Author: Milton and the Trope of Collaboration 

Uma Subramanian • Economics 

Public Choices Between Lifesaving Programs: Hon 1 Important Are Lives Saved? 

Kirsten Sundeen • Criminal Justice and Criminology 

The Psychobiologic, Sociomoral & Legal Development oj Juveniles on Death Row 

Solomon Tadesse • Business and Management 

Capital Market Development and Industry Performance:Theory and 
International Evidence 

Lei Tang • Aerospace Engineering 

Accurate Hitler /Navier- Stokes Simulation of Helicopter I brtical Flows 

Jennifer M. Thomas • Psychology 

Relationship Efficacy : Tlte Prediction of Goal Attainment by Dating Couples 

Fred Torcaso • Mathematics 

Reaction- Diffusion liquations in Random Media 

Maria del Carmen Torres-Queral • Education Policy, Planning, 
and Administration 

Livitig-On-Tlie-Hypen: An Exploration of the Phenomenon of Being Cuban 

Hafeez UUah • Education Policy, Planning, and Administration 

How do Characteristics of Family Background and Teachers Affect Individuals' 
Achievement in Selected Rural Areas of Pakistan 

Marco Venturini • Physics 

Lie Methods, Exact Map Computation and the Problem of Dispersion in Space 
Charge Dominated Beams 

Robert L. Vigil • Economics 

Interactions Among Municipalities: A Spatial Econometric Approach 

Barbara L.Vivino • Counseling and Personnel Services 

Examining the Relationship Between cl-cog Style & ses outaue in Single Dream 
Interpretation Session 

Brian E. Walsh • Government and Politics 

Economic Sanctions and International Power 

Bei Wang • Applied Mathematics 

High-Order Godunov Scheme for Hyperbolic Systems of Conservation Dues 

Hsin-Hsiung Wang • Mechanical Engineering 

Bifurcation Control and Exlremum Seeking for Aeroengine Compressors and 

Alison L. Weintraub • Counseling and Personnel Services 

Teachers' Perspectives on the Challenge of Educating Children with Disturbing 
Behavior in a Rcgiibii Elementary School 

Katherine P. Weld • Poultry Science 

Tlie Response of Laboratory-Housed Nonhuman Primates to Physical 
Characteristics of Manipulable Objects 

Robert M.Werner, Jr. • Chemistry 

Synthesis and Analysis of Mechanism-Based Inhibitors of Ollgosaccharyl 
Transferance and N-Glycancase 

Henrietta L.Wright • Curriculum and Instruction 

Development and Validation of an Instrument to Assess Prospective Elementary 
Education Majors' Preparation for Art 

Kimberly J. Wright • English Language & Literature 

Redeeming a Life: A Study of the Life and Works of Mary P. Wells Smith 

Anna J. Wyczalkowski • Physics 

Crossover Critical Phenomenon in Fluids 

Hong Xiang • Biochemistry 

Catalysis, Mechanism and Evolution of 4-chlorobenzoyl CuA dehalogenase 

Jianjun Xu • Astronomy 

Tlie Effect of Cooling on the K-H Instability in Astrophysical jets 

Xiaofeng Xu • Zoology 

Exploring the Properties and Functions ofVDAC Channels 

Zhiguo Yang • History 

LIS. Marines in Qingdao: Occupation, Civilian-Military Relations and 
China's Civil Wat l<N5-1949 

Mun Y.Yi • Business and Management 

Developing and Validating an Observational Learning Model oj Computer 
Software Training 

MisookYu • Biochemistry 

Identification and Characterization of tlie Single Nuclease Active Site in 
RECBCD of Escherichia coli 



Jin Zhou • Chemical Physics 

Molecular Dynamics Simulations: Parameter Evaluation, Application and 


Evaldas Zvinys • Nuclear Engineering 

Verification and Development oj Two-Phase Pressure Drop Correlations fot 

RBMK-Type Reactors 

Doctor of Education 

Florence S. Hu • Education Policy, Planning, and Administration 

Current and Preferred Practices for Delivery of Speech-Language Tlierapy in 
Maryland Public Schools 

Doctor of Musical Arts 

Pao-Min Chiu • Music 

Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet as Interpreted Through the Music of Bellini, 
Marchetti, Gounod and Barkworth: A Study in Adaptions 

Ronald P. Francois • Music 

Dedications to Eugene Y Saye: A Performance Protect 

Michelle D. Howard-Hanson • Music 

In Dying, Born to Eternal Life: William Grant Still, Silenced, Still Speaks 

Ruben E. Pelaez • Music 

Tlie Contradanzas and Danzas of Two Eminent Cuban Composers 

Manabu Takasawa • Music 

Abram Chasins.A Spokesman for Musk 



Master of Architecture 

Jose Luis Gomez 
Christopher A. Rice 
Jeremy Dov Singer 

Master of Arts 

American Studies 

Tamara M. Wilds 
Tianhui Xu 

Applied Mathematics 

Susan Garner Garille 
Allen Gregory Harbaugh 
Maria Bonsovna Katsova 

Comparative Literature 

Liora Moriel 

Counseling and Personnel 

Anthony M. Briggs, Sr. 

Elke E. Godfrey 

Issis M. Green 

K.ithv S. Howley 

Andrea M. Kimmel 

Linda Huddleston Maggioncalda 

Lucy M. Maurer 

Marcie Lynne McMahon 

Stacey A. Mica 

Rebecca Amy Osheim 

Donise Latisha Price 

Criminal Justice and 

Leslie Alane Flaum 
Aaron Christopher Storm 
Stephanie Lyn Werner 

Curriculum and Instruction 

Nadme Natalie Hinds 


Waleed Adel El-Ansary 
Alejandro Daniel Guerson 
Sergio Andres Kurlat 
I liana Dnmtrova Raikova 

Education Policy, Planning 
and Administration 

Penny Lolita Foster 
Sara Lynn Norton-Ejnik 
Jean Louise Snell 

English Language and Literature 

Katharina B. Schlichtherle 
Marina Elizabeth Segel 

French Language and Literature 

Rita Flensted 


Christopher W Dicken 
William Newby Ely 
Christopher Lee Haga 
Edward Kramer 
Paul Austin Purman 
Kelly Mane Richards 
Michelle Marie Thawley 

German Language and 


Petra Susanne Hagen 

Government and Politics 

Kevin Michael McGrath 
Patrick Michael Turner 

Health Education 

Roxane Christine Lovell 

Hearing and Speech Sciences 

Judith Frances Blackburn 


Susan Knoke Rishworth 

Human Development 

Margaret Anne Bethams 
Lisa Sharon Spicknall Fruth 
Gabnele Phillips 
Betty Cha-Hua Ruei 


Lisa Ann Ellis 
Lesli M. Harper 
Jennifer Jane Hoover 
Rafael Lorente 
Natasha Helena Smalls 
Marquita Sheree Smith 


Rovenia Louise Mutcherson 
Kathleen Sharon Rodgers 

Mathematical Statistics 

Teching Chen 


Krmberly Ann Flagg Sellers 


Frances Alana Suskin 


Kim Maria Thompson 


Yifan Cui 

Spanish Language and 

Maria Isabel Lluveras-Flores 
Tamara Riquelme-Manzoni 
Maria Milagros Teran 

Special Education 

Karen Elizabeth Rappolt 

Master of Business 

Timothy LeRoy Allison 

Theodore William Arthur 

Gregory S. Atkinson 

Lori L. Behrens 

Jason Paul Boal 

Jennifer Anne Burrowes 

Kimberly Anne Chism 

David A. Cohen 

John Randal] Current 

Olivier Jean de Raet 

Donald George Derrenbacher.Jr. 

Dawn M. Eckert 

Patricia Hill English 

Christopher Andrew Estes 

Frances Jeannine Everhart 

Michael T Fitz 

Christopher Alan Gardner 

Sheila R. Gibson 

Jon Andrew Goldstein 

H.Jonathan Gottlieb 

Jennifer Susan Greger 

Richard Douglas Guba 

Stephen William Heineman 

David Taylor Hoekzema 

Marielle Vinson Jan de Beur 

Julie Kaye Kaplan 

Jonathan Crist Kieffer 

David Martin Kleinbard 

Alan James Lauder 

Victoria Lev 

Steven John Lewicky 

Maria Nerissa Lim 

Jonathan Evan Lust 

Maria Scolastica Mastroianni 

Andrew Thomas Mattocks 

David Benton McCue 

Edward Paul Meintzer 

Laura Ann Mooney 



William Craig Mooney 
Paul Joseph Moretti 
Heather Leigh Morris 
Dennis Joseph Nealon 
Scott Bernard Nelson 
Kelly Jane Nesbitt 
Brian Christopher Ng 
Eric Ostenfeld 
Brian David Piper 
Robert Todd Redman 
John N. Ryan, Jr. 
Anu Saraf 

Raymond Paul Schiavone 
[aret Joseph Seiberg 
Tracy Renee Shannon 
Shelly Ray Slayton 
David Thomas Tanguay 
Mark Stuart Tulip 
Ramesh Venkataraman 
Chase Powell Vokrot 
Fangwei Wang 
Alesia Ellen Weslowski 
GeeYeon Yi 
Zili Zhang 
Steven Martin Zip 

Master of Business 
of Science Combined 

Sujayda Chaisawataree 
Arunya Jirapongsananurug 
Denaldy M. Mauna 
Suravee Numhom 
Yuan-Ling Tsai 
Gerawat Vongvasin 
Yongyut Yodinlom 

Master of Community 

Knsten Elizabeth Forsyth 
Sehyung Kim 
Carol Louise Maggio 
Dana Whitney Mandell 
Sara Cathlyn Merriman 

Master of Education 

Counseling and Personnel 

Erika Lee Cohen 
Chervil J. Frazier 
Jeffrey Alan Greene 
Jennifer Smith Kardian 
Julie Norma Love 
Russell D. Lovmo 
Mitra Lynn Mahmoudi 
Kyoko Motomura 
Nairn Nakahodo 
Jessica Anne Spinelli 
Karen Jean Thurman 

Curriculum and Instruction 

Amena Ayoubi 
Natalie V. Barna 
Teresa J. Brown 
Mathina Ruth Carkci 
Gretchen N. Caslow 
Katherine Ann Clowe 
Heather Ann Conway 
Stewart Wesley Cummings 
Scott Jackson Dantley 
Maryellen Louise DeTurck 
Cecilia Dickson 
Lisa M. Ennis 
Kathleen Marie Fair 
Nancy Leigh Faulkner 
Alison Emlen Fogg 
Christopher [esse Forney 

Melinda Ann Frydenlund 
Carolyn Newman Glodt 
Cynthia Ruth Grabow 
Ana Delgado Harding 
Alexander Lewis Hershey 
Naoko Grace Horie 
Denice Aldrich Jobe 
Suzanne Marie Joiner 
Jocelyn Tsai-Pin Kho 
Vladimir Klimenko 
Lisa Ann Koenigsberg 
Danielle Lynn Levitt 
Kari Ann Matthiesen 
Caroline Anne May 
Guillermo Antonio Melendez 
Barbara L. Miller 
Natalie Chamberlain Reis 
Jennifer W. Rhone 
Lauren Becker Robertson 
Stacey Ann Schroeder 
Karrin Bellamy Solomon 
Cheryl V. Spradley 
Laura West Taylor 
Carla Faustini Terrell 
Jessica Marie Vollmerhausen 
Karen Ann Wendel 
Timothy John Wilson 
Valerie B.Yeisley 
Bennett F. ZamofF 

Education Policy, Planning 
and Adminstration 

Phaedra Alexandra Alexandrou 
Melanie Denise Caldwell 

Human Development 

Laura Kathleen Tervo 

Special Education 

Tyrone Leon Blackwell.Jr. 
Eugene Roland Bosrwick 
Lisa Sue Farlev 

[anet Lyons Hadley 
Talitha Cumi James 
Sabrina Alvetta Johnson 
Yolanda Lynette Joseph 
Kristin Leigh McLear 
Kathleen L. Roberts 
Lavaunda Renae Roundtree 
Emily Lynn Sweetland 
Steven Lamark Ware 
Teresa Ann Willoughby 

Master of Engineering 


James McDonald Anthony 
Theodorus Widya Aristanto 
Karen S. Beighley 
Jon William Cofield 
Trevor Hendee Cole 
Edward Abbott Connell III 
Jordan David Kelso 
Quang Huu Le 
Joseph Sanjour 
Ping-Hsi Tsai 

Master of Fine Arts 

Creative Writing 

David William Kriebel 

Master of Library 

Library and Information 

Philip Gary Baxley 
Christine Elizabeth Blinn 
Erica Swenson Danownz 
Stacey Ann Freedman 
Laura Ellen Gordon-Murnane 
Robert Charles Janku 



Christine Hope Jones 

Joni Lynn Klemencic 

Amy Liss 

Margaret Holland Manos 

Vivian Ann Owens 

Stephen Morehouse Whitehill 

Amy Damele Young 

Master of Music 

Christopher Charles Hoffman 

Master of Public 

Raymundo Najera 

Master of Public 
Master of Business 

Timothy Kieran Connolly 

Master of Public Policy 

Suzanne Michele Loihjelm 

Master of Science 

Aerospace Engineering 

Mahendra J. Bhagwat 
Matthew Timothy Fenske 
Timothy Francis O'Brien 
Ryan Peter Starkey 


Gwen C. Meyer 

Katerma Anstides Serlenutsos 

Leslie Renee Typrin 

Animal Sciences 

Ammullah Animi 
Sudha Komaragiri 
[ennifer I )eVel Smith 


Patricia Louise Daukantas 


Clarence Odell Williams 

Business and Management 

David Neal Forney 
Avantika Modi 

Chemical Engineering 

Kimberly A. Brown 
Dimitri Robert Kioussis 
Marius Delfin Pruessner 

Chemical Physics 

Abdullah A. Alsunaidi 
Hirokum Shibata 


Myrlene Joseph 
Jehanne E. Souaya 
Jie Zhou 

Civil Engineering 

Edward Robert Fleming 

Fernando J. Galup 

Michael Monroe Lenhart 

Mark Henry Liau 

Clara Popescu 

Michael Sams 

J. Michael Sowinski.Jr. 

Smita Srivastava 

Yi Tang 

James Micheal Wink 

Robert Andrew Wixson 

Computer Science 

Do-Jun Byun 
Alexei Elinson 

(lanhong Gu 
Anton L. Kirilov 
Chia-Hui Lin 

Bommasamudram Madhusudan 
Nakul Pasricha 
Lu Sun 

Electrical Engineering 

Vipin Sudhakar Boyanapalli 

Anthony John De Marco 

Talat Mert Dogu 

Omar Ayed Haddad 

Jing Ke 

Shude Lu 

Wei Lu 

Yianm G. Michalas 

Xiaozhong Pang 

Venkateshwaran Ramaswamy 

Dhartnesh Dipakkumar Shah 

Marian Stagarescu 

Yimin Zhang 

Haitao Zheng 

Engineering Materials 

Michael Adam 

La Rhonda Terese Borum 

Yiqun Li 

Timir Kumar Misra 

Anand Ramesh 


Mark Edward Suarez 

Family Studies 

Jill Mane Barbagli 
Jane Lowler Dye 
Traci G. Randolph 
Sarah Fisher Roberts 

Fire Protection Engineering 

Scott Edward Dillon 
Jacob Friedman 
Theodore Leejarboe 
Francisco J. Joglar-Billoch 

Angela Christine LaFleur 

Food Science 

Lisa Lynn Bird 


Diane Janette Hanley 
Lori Anne Keith 
Jacqueline Lorraine Mann 


Amy Jeanne Barton 
Marian Schutz Elsasser 

Marine, Estuarine and 
Environmental Sciences 

Sean Michael Crawford 
Deborah Grace Danaher 

Mechanical Engineering 

Ritesh Jain 
Anant Mathur 
Matthew Patrick Miller 
Biren M. Mowli 
Manpreet Nagvanshi 
Sndhar Narasimhan 
Sanjay Narayanan 
Naveen Palli 
Sayidmasuthu Shabeer 
Harshawardhan Shetty 
Honore MJ. Spencer 
Rajagopalan Sundararajan 
Yiwu Tang 
Yibm Zhang 


Sunmi Cho 

Jiaming Gu 

Juan Carlos Antuna Marrero 

Bm Shi 

Jun Wu 


Sandra Lavern Robinson Swarm 



Nuclear Engineering 

Lawrence Michael Zull 


Andrew Case 
Dan Cody Keefe 
David Ethan Steinhauer 

Plant Biology 

Iian Zhong 

Reliability Engineering 

Reno Alamsyah 
Lon Edward Chase 
Enrique Lopez Droguett 
Timothy A. Haley 
Jeffrey Lee Stone 

Survey Methodology 

Ashley Florence Bowers 

Sustainable Development and 
Conservation Biology 

Jennifer A. Steinberg 

Systems Engineering 

Abhijeet S. Bisain 
Kenneth Michael Gerber 
Flavian Robert Marwa 
John Matthew Splain 
Panayiotis G. Zaphiris 


Christos Aristotle Christou 
Daniel Wesley Medley, Jr. 


Jessica Grupe Hadley 

Graduate Certificates 

Graduate Certificate in 
Gerontology— Masters 

Sharon R. Gunzburg 
Marion Susan Yavener 

Advanced Graduate Specialist 

Marcie Lynne McMahon 
Rebecca Amy Oshenn 



A.James Clark School 
of Engineering 

Bachelor of Science 

Aerospace Engineering 
Donna Marie Gelchion 
Matthew Ramsey Nowlin 
Konstantmos J. Solos 

Chemical Engineering 

Jorge Alberto Maceyras 
Vandana Purohit 

Civil Engineering 

Micah Trent Jefferson 
Jason M. Kolenda 
Albert Avraham Levy 

Electrical Engineering 

Rajmsh Bector 

Andrew Jason Brown 

Roger E. Chen 

Derrek Ryan Freeseman 

Alt Gokalp Gokirmak 

Bmh Hoang 

Vasihos Lagakos 

Sanjay Magoon 

Ye Men 

Fernando Hugo Montalvo 

Phuong Chi Thi Nguyen 

Marcellus Antonio Proctor 

fjames Sfekas 

Tanq Maher Shawer 

Sava Stanic 

Saven Way Wilkms 

Lin Ye 

David Quan Zhao 

Shen Zhao 

Fire Protection Engineering 

Craig G. Baker 

John Edward Fisher IV 

Karen Lynn 

Mechanical Engineering 

Thomas Yoo Hong Chung 
Lemuel Tedbert Curran 
Gregory Charles Douglass 
Cheung Lee 
Jeffrey Allen Marley 
Robert Benjamin Preville 

College of Agriculture 
and Natural Resources 

Bachelor of Science 

Animal Sciences 

Heidi Lynne Heller 

Conservation Soil, Water and 

Alicia Lenore Buergler 
2nd Degree: English Language 
and Literature 


Gary Chou Lin 
Jeffrey Knowles Little 
Kathleen Salanik 
Desire Holton Stapley 
Sandra Kim Wilsh 

Environmental and Park 

Reid James Guanti 

Food Science 

Galina Lyubachevskaya 


Cynthia Rachel Shepherd 


Christine Shannon Crites 

Human Nutrition and Foods 

Jin Kyung Lee 

Land and Water Management 

Joshua Richard Ungar 

College of Arts and 

Bachelor of Arts 

American Studies 

Jenna Lee Taylor 

Art History 

Renee Michelle Giroux 
Nicole Aimee Gonyer 
Jennifer Ward Lee 

Art Studio 

Kathryn Frances Curtis 
Stephen Joseph DiTullio 
Jeremy Michael Dusza 
Heather Lynn Gehauf 
Dany Loekman 
Christine Marie Monaco 
Kathryn Elizabeth Olga Richmond 
Michael Paul Stevens 
Jonathan Philip Szczepanski 
Jennifer Shawn Yoffe 

Classical Languages and 

Eva Lilias Edwards 

English Language and 

Ryan Jon Bacchia 
Robert Michael Bergstrom 
Dorothy Knowlton Bradford 
Bridget Helen Brennan 
Alicia Lenore Buergler 

2nd Degree: Conservation Soil, 

Water and Environment 

Bianca Noelle Conyers 
Anand RJ. Datla 
Kenley Lyndon Davis 
Maria-Paola Domenge 
Christy Ann Grimes 
Fei-Tsen Jean Hsieh 

2nd Degree: Women's Studies 
Robert Louis James 
Ahmad Hadi Jarrar 
Sean C. Keogh 
Brian H. Laws 

2nd Major: History 
Mark Anthony Lee 
Shenita A. Malone-Shands 
Michael Shawn Maloney 
John Reid Manouelian 
Khadiga Shehata Mohran 
Toan Phuong Pham 
DoresaYvette Pickett 
Pamela S. Puchalski 

2nd Degree: Economii s 
Justin Charles Stockdale 
Kimberly Plogstedt Talbert 
Lawrence Harrison Weber 
Jeffrey Warren Williams 

French Language and 

Stephanie Diane Coxen 
Christine Cotana Mukolwe 

German Language and 

David Andrew Dougherty 
Theodore Karpovich 


Gregory S. Clarke 

John Michael Corrado.Jr. 

Ryan Thomas Edwards 

2nd Degree: General Business 

and Management 

$ Siitmm turn tAiuif f Ma^na cum Ltutde 

i Laude 



Pascal Yves Folly 
Joseph Jon Gaifhey 
Suzanne M. Groff 
Patrick James Harrington 
Raean Manell King 
Leslie Kay Lewis 
Christina Mane Nennl 
Kele Maria Santi 
John Vernon Schwaner 
Mark Adam Trokan 
Michael Linn Van Sickel 
Lisa Marie Whooley 


Kathryn Elizabeth Scearce 

Jewish Studies 

Deborah Frances Gayle 


Scott Wallace Ludwig 


Sean Eric Bryant 
Christopher Grant Cohoon 
Margaret Joanne Lissner 
Brian Eric Rabinovitz 
Jonathan Holbrook Smith 

Romance Languages 

Nohemee Berhane 

Russian Language and 


Angela Schwanky El Kassem 

Tijana Kapetanovic 

Stephen Arthur Wilcox 

Spanish Language and 

Lissette S. Barrios 
Nicholas Patrick Darling 
William Ibarra 

Speech Communication 

Natalie Elysia Adams 
Richa Batra 
Joseph Edward DeLisi 
Nicole Marie Esposito 
Aron C. Hayek 
Kathleen Bradley Lund 
Iesha Iii McTier 
Jennifer B. Mushahwar 
Danitza Radichevich 
Garret Levi Richardson 
Holly N. Scarcia 
Lane Adam Sorkin 


Dawn Michelle Edwards 
Demond Lamont Fernandez 
William Charles Harrison, Jr. 
John William Mills 
William Matthew Shiftman 

Women's Studies 

Shalini Batra 
Fei-Tsenjean Hsieh 

2nd Degree: Englisli Liuguage 

and Literature 

Bachelor of Music 


Matthew Steven Horwitz 

College of Behavioral 
and Social Sciences 

Bachelor of Arts 

Afro-American Studies 

Robyn C. McClendon 


Vincent Leonard Condon 
John Austin Cranford 
Paul Alexander Esteves 

Patricia Marie Gnftin 
Scott David Wilhelm 

Criminal Justice 

Christopher Rice Dewey 
[effirey Boyd Johnson 

Criminology and Criminal 

Christene Renee Bell 
Tenesha Midre Bellamy 
Travis Hayden Boggs 
Matthew D. Connors 
Brian Paul Cooke 
Michael K. Cosca 
Michael Curtis Crouse 
Stephanie Leigh D'Amato 
Christopher J. D'Amelio 
David Bright Facemire 
Deborah Ann Fallow 
Scott Jason Goldberg 
Allyson Shaw Hamlin 
Philip DeWam Harclerode 
Lamont Alexander Hayes 
Marvin Hsu 

Gregory Edward Ihnat 
James Ryan Jupin 

Gunnar Peder Knutsen 

1 )avid H. Koroghlian 

Valerie Dawn Leafty 

GermerY. Ledford 

Stephany Ann-Marie McGann 
2nd Degree: Microbiology 

Ashley McGuigan 

Adam Peter Nechamkin 

Momque Danielle Nixon 

Brett Jon Nizzo 

Todd Michael O'Brien 

Stephanie Jean Orosz 

Alberto Otero 

[eremy Daniel Pape 

Kamberly Jo Santaiti Patton 
Nicholas George Pauletti 
Chad Foster Pollack 
Donnell Martin Regusters 
Brian Jeffrey Resmck 
Ricardo James Royal 
Jessica Ann Shay 
Sammy Sohrab 
Lilac Taraseiskey 
Jill Cathleen Wedderburn 
John Guel Whittle 
lonathan Lawrence Wilson 
Jong Won Yi 
Carla Salome Zegarra 


Menglin Cao 

Christopher P. Carey 

Alexander Todorov Gabrovsky 

Robert Gary Gerage 

Mary-Brigid Gottshal 

Dale Alexander Hanleyl 

Shawn Christopher Kessell 

Kathi Michelle Knsewicz 

Kingston Kuo 

Kyle Carson Landefeld 

Ching Hang Lau 

Joshua Matthew Lavine 

Truong Ngoc Le 

Jean E. Leahy 

Nadia Manesh 

Philip Charles Musgrave.Jr. 

Ruchi Nirula 

Oliver E. Okafor 

Pamela S. Puchalski 

2nd Degree: English Language 

and Literature 
Carlos Romero 

2nd Major: Government and Politics 
Roel Lawrence Mataac Sabalbaro 
Melissa Sari Sabirm 
Brian Craig Sasso 


5 Sumnw .inn Liiidc f Mfgrux cum Liude ' cum Liudc 


David Charles Stern 
Jennifer Anna Tarcelli 
Nathan Eric Torgesen 
Nwei-Oo K.Winn 

Government and Politics 

Jenell Suzette Albanese 
Eric N.Allen 
Jonathan Jacob Allen 
Michael Ehas Betnun 
Keith John Bruno 
David Scot Campbell. Jr. 

2nd Major: History 
Gregory Harker Casey 
Dale Kerbin Cathell 
Eric Dinges 

2nd Major: Spanish Language and 

Andrew E. Fandino 
Joseph Michael Finneran II 
Bradley William Frome 
Julius Anthony Garcia 
Danielle Rene Hakun 
Maureen Ann Hanley 
Phillip Edward Heit 
Kito Adrian James 
Alex Eugene Jennings II 
Daryl Khan 
Shalley Kim 
Julia Lynn Kingery 
Michelle Rachel Marshall 
Jennifer A. Owens 
ChiHo Park 

*Darcy Meagan Pietryka 
Tamanna Qureshi 
Brian Paul Ronuck 
Gustavo A. Silva-Chavez 
Sheri Lynn Strasbaugh 
Erin Christine Sullivan 
Avi Samuel Tryson 
Brian Wilk Zemamck 

Hearing and Speech Sciences 

Sharon Benyaminy 
Carrie Ann Chase 
Brittany Ashley Fogg 
Rosario Sedano Nazare 
Lilian Ivette Perez 
Randi Heather Tuckerman 
Connie F.Wallace 


Sharon Meredith Benter 
Mark Thomas Boyd 
Brian Neal Brown 

2nd Major: Criminology and 

Criminal Justice 
§Stephen Lloyd Brune 
Cecil Calliste 

2nd Major: Family Studies 
Jacquelyn Dunphy 
Brian Patrick Flower 
Konstantinos Fragoulis 
Kevin Michael Garrity 
Christopher Michael McManus 
Bonnie Lynnette Milton 
Stacey Jo Pell 
Justin EH Shane 
Elizabeth Pamela Snyder 
Shana Lesley Sorhaindo 
Lauren A. Urbaniak 
Natalie Marie Walker 
Rachel Beth Zaslansky 


Michelle Paula Bienen 
Jennifer Leigh Clark 
Keith Tavares Mont 
*Erika Christine Olson 
Lowell Mathew Simpson 
Gail Norene Skipworth 

Urban Studies 
Kennneth J. Damiani 
Matthew James Downing, Jr. 

Bachelor of Science 


Michael Alemar 

Matthew Brian Behnke 

Neeladri Ranjan Bhattacharjee 
2nd Degree: Secondary Education- 
Social Studies 

Johnnie Lee Hicks 

Jacob Sean Johnson 
2nd Major: Geography 

Zachana Humarr Kabia 

Christopher Sean Neigh 

fEmily Jennifer Pruett 


Johannes Allender 
Jigna Devendra Brahmbhatt 
Huy Vu Bui 
Melame Ann Doerr 
Jessica Leigh Glum 
Barbara Ann Ingrao 
Tanya Tamara Townsend 
Shelley Dorae Woody 

College of Computer, 
Mathematical, and 
Physical Sciences 

Bachelor of Science 

Computer Science 

Mujtaba Ali 

Jack Israel Berry 

Kenneth William Brammer 

Allen Tzu-Cheng Chen 

Erik Yuenlung Chow 

Kevin L. Dai 

Rupal Dilip Desai 

Peter Rdchard Galgano 111 

Gregory Franklin Gathman 

Lawrence Alan Gerald 

Ranjit Singh Gill 

*David Benjamin Hakim 
Scott Larry Jacobs 
Xiaonan Ju 
Viatcheslav Karassik 
Sidhartha Predhiman K.iw 
Jennifer Kathleen Lanmg 
Anna Nguyen 
Joseph Louis Siegrist 
Yolanda Melissa Young 
Linglmg Zhang 
Mingjun Zhu 


Andrew T. Grenzer 
Anthony Gerard Koval 
William David Richardson 


David Allan Bitterman 
Connie H. Chow 
§Julie Anne Gesterling 
Llewellyn Hinkes-Jones 

2nd Major: Physics 
Alison Bonita Lang 
Pranav Chandrakant Raichura 

Physical Sciences 

Levi B. Stamper 


Burton Rehmatulla Post 

College of Education 

Bachelor of Science 

Secondary Education-Social 

Neeladri Ranjan Bhattacharjee 
2nd Degree: Geography 

Secondary Education- 

Livnat Lotati 

tj Summa cum Laude t Magna cum Laudc * cum Laude 



AUGUST 1998 

Special Education 
Lynn P. Pavesi 

College of Health and 
Human Performance 

Bachelor of Science 

Family Studies 

Brenda Barbari 

Andrea Nagisa Capps 

Jessica Cohen 

Christine Diane Cook 

Knsten Michelle Erndl 

(jLinda Dawn Golden 

Paula Ozelle Hunter 

*Michelle Peta Kam 

Avital Kaplan 

Julie Ann Kelley 

Laura Stacianne Kimball 

George Leidemer 

Jennifer Ann Masiello 

Laurie Kathleen Mechler 

Fawaya Selim Abdoun Mohammed 

Kati Mosier 

Sherry Lynne Myers 

Marilyn M. Naftalm 

Jennifer Ann Riggs 

Tony Ramone Sawyers 

Cheata Sieng 

Augusrina L. Smith 

Mary K. Stanley 

Polly Karena Stowers 

Ajita SaraVarghese 

Stephanie Ann Welch 

Health Education 

Lisa Yvonne Green 

Kinesiological Sciences 

Jesse Colin Bain 
Christa Marie Cronan 
Steven Robert Jordan 

Joshua Peter Kirk 
Lvnsey Denise McVicker 
Anthony Joseph Narcisco 
Richelle Yolanda Wilson 

Physical Education 

Martha Ann Cover 
Joseph Albert Kennedy 


Matthew Warren Corley 

College of Journalism 

Bachelor of Arts 


Jana Alyse Abramson 
Stefani Elizabeth Avila 
Charles Fletcher Buchman 
Theresa Ann Coleman 
Mary Cecilia Costello 
Rebecca Vera Gorelik 
Allison Kimberly Haas 
Laila Sara Hirschfeld 
Michelle Lauren Kirsch 
Steven Marc Matty 
Katherme Bennett Moncrief 
Shaneen Nicole Robertson 
Michaela Schneeberg 
Jeremy Stephen Settle 
Lisa Jean Ulmer 
Matthew Austin Winkler 
Gregg Robert Zucker 

College of Life 

Bachelor of Science 


Amir Mikel Rahbar 

Biological Sciences, Bees 

Melissa Chansse Tulig 

Biological Sciences, Cell and 
Molecular Biology and 

Simranjit Kaur Dhillon 
Thomas Shin-Dong Kim 
Timothy Joo-Dong Kim 
Jennifer Jen Lee 
Maher Issa Masoud 
Keri Anne Strong 

Biological Sciences, General 

Damian DiCamillo 
Earl M. Edwards 
Farwah Fatima Hassen 
Freidoun Jafarireshtehroudi 
Sheetal Ramesh Majethia 
Michael Fulghum Mcllwain 
Eric B. Neadel 
Nerissa Leoma Ngati 
Cho-Ye Toung 

Biological Sciences, Marine 

Meridith Eileen Harvey 
Kevin Philip Montgomery 
Bridget Ann Rossiter 
Melissa Ann Smith 

Biological Sciences, 
Physiology and Neurobiology 

*Mohammad Beiraghdar 
Vmh T. Diep 
Mary Ellen Knox 
Jacqueline Charlene LaMothe 
Jamie Ann McKeehan 
David Adam Wyler 

Biological Sciences, Zoology 
Makhabele Nolana Kabwit 


Khamphee Phomphrai 


Preeya Kumar Dass 

Rodolfo Matos 

Stephany Ann-Marie McGann 

2nd Degree: Criminology and 

Criminal Justice 
Hanan Isa Saleh 

Robert H. Smith 
School of Business 

Bachelor of Science 


Regina Allison Acker 
Mobolaji O. Adeoye 
James Benjamin Beavan III 
Julia D. Boes 
Cesario Marriose Brooks 
Peggy Christine Cabrera 
Michelle Nicole Desrosiers 
fKimberly Renell Ferguson 
Warren Keith Fuller 

2nd Major: Finance 
Melanie Nicole Graves 
John Antony Griffin 
Robert Louis Grohs 
Robert Lawrence Haak 
Annie Pin-Shm Han 
Timothy Prince Holland 
Ann L. Ignacio 
Amanda Misong Kim 
John E. King III 
Ralph Laguerre 

2nd Major: Management Science 

and Statistics 
Seungjae Lee 
Haifeng Liang 

2nd Major: Finance 


% Summtt aim Laude j" Magiu aim 1 .in.iV * aim Land? 


Andrew Paul Little 
James G. O'Hara 
*Mayumi Ono 
Jigar P. Patel 
*Yong Peng 
Ora Genia Pindrik 
Sarayuth Ritthaworn 
Rebecca Liane Santivanez 
Evan Ryan Sarver 
Kamala Shrestha 
Parwinder Kaur Singh 
Gerald Harrigan Stasko 
Michael Adam Strauss 
Mai-Khanh Nhuan Tran 
Benjamin Howard Williams 
Chi-Hsien Yen 
Joanne Jung-Eun Yoo 


Demitri Nikolaos Aggelis 
fAna Laura Balcarcel 

2nd Major: Economics 
Desta Berhane 
Allen Patrick Blackburn 
Irwan Ian Blond 
Carter Michael Bova 
Joshua Hall Bulgin 
Sohrob Collett Farudi 
Paul Jason Glashofer 
Matthew Evan Gluck 
Oluyemisi E Ishola 
Glenn Douglas Karney 
Somita Khan 
Eric Robert Kimmel 
Moscha Ioanna Koronias 
Kellen Liu 
Jesse C. Loh 

2nd Major: Logistics and 

Robert Stephen Medlock 
Christopher David Myers 
Chirag C. Patel 

Hitendra Patel 

2nd Degree; Management Science 

and Statistics 
Chad Eric Payne 
Boris Alexander Pruger 
Douglas Andrew Rankin 
Maria Elem Recachinas 
Sridhar B. Reddy 

2nd Major: Management Science 

and Statistics 
Mark Andrew Scholack 
Keith KoffSchultz 
Tracy K. Shen 
Joseph John Strazzire III 
Sonali Ved 

2nd Major: Management Science 

and Statistics 
Gregory Todd Wasylak 
Victoria Kossonikeh Williams 

2nd Major: A larketing 
Helmut Andrew Winffel 

2nd Major: General Business 

and Management 

General Business 

Christine Selvaranee Rajakumaran 
2nd Major: Spanish Language and 

General Business and 

Jimmy Y Chang 
William Ross Chullin 
Rachel Beth Davis 
Devin R. Edwards 
Ryan Thomas Edwards 

2nd Degree: History 
Kara M. Hines 

2nd Major: Marketing 
Tina Mane Kaderabek 
Matthew Everett Kahn 

2nd Major: Marketing 

Amelia Lynn Kimmel 
Ingrid Elizabeth Martinez 
Nasim Moalem 
Alia Mohammed 

2nd Major: Marketing 
John W Narvaez 
Kem Yang 

Human Resource 

Crisrin Anna Armbruster 
Paige Anne Luke 

Logistics and Transportation 

Prachee Vivek Date 
Enrico Franco Di Franco 
Damian Scott Dickerson 
Nicholas Frank Giuliano 

2nd Major: Marketing 
Zia Koreishi 

2nd Major: General Business 

and Management 
Jonson Luni 

2nd Major: General Business 

ami Management 
Karen Michelle Olszewski 

2nd Degree: Management Science 

and Statistics 

Management Science and 

Roland Chan 

Anthony Chun Wing Cheung 

Kwang R. Chong 

Colleen Antonet Coleman 

Eric Michael Coles 

Nabila Choudhury 

Huy Tan Hang 

Janet Elaine Hines 

Kai Nakayama 

Karen Michelle Olszewski 

2nd Degree: Logistics and 


Hitendra Patel 

2nd Degree: Finance 
fKusnadi Pradinata 

2nd Major: Finance 
Gregory Paul Savoie 
Chih Tsong Shen 
DanFen Tarn 


Walid Taher Aboulnaga 
Sang An 

2nd Major: General Bit 

and Management 
Nadme Bennett 
DeDionne Bouton 
Alyson Marie Chmielewski 
Julie Elizabeth Dopkm 
Mohamad Hekal 
Kimberly J. Italiano 
Adam Ross Levy 
Jonathan David Mark 
Ryan Michael McDaniel 

2nd Major: Logistics and 

Scott Louis Osur 
Lindsay Dana Proels 
Dammika Kumari Ranatunga 
Christopher Leo M. Shaw 
Jr. Dennis Michael Skelly 
Becky Nellie Still 
Kiev-Cara IemTang 

2nd Major: General Business 

and Management 
Myra C.Tawil 
Terje Treff 

Scott Alan Whittington 
Brian C.Willard 

tj Summa cum Laude f Magna am Laudc 

i Ltiiiiic 



Undergraduate Studies 

Bachelor of Arts 

Individual Studies 

Nanuta Chopra 
^Catherine Mane Cross 

Bachelor of Science 

Individual Studies 

Shakeel Akthar Bokhari 

Certificate Programs 

Afro-American Studies 

Demond Lamont Fernandez 
Bonnie Lynnette Milton 
Donnell Martin Regusters 


i Summa cum Lawk f Magna cum L*iittU ' cum Lawk 


Doctor of Philosophy 

Sudhakar Adivikolanu • Chemical Engineering 

Robust Run-to-Run (Batch-to-Batch) Optimization and Control foi 

Semiconductoi Manufacturing Processes 

Isaac O. Agboola • Business and Management 
An Experimental Study of the Effects of Application Domain Knowledge And 
Datamodeling Knowledge on the Quality of Database Implementations by 
Xon Experts 

Saubhe Al-Dellemy • Sociology 

Personal and Social Factors Associated with Social Responsibility Among Arab 
Students in the I IS. 

Mohammed A. Ah • Marine, Estuarine, & Environmental 


The Identification of Physiological Factors and a Transport Gene Involved in 

the Excretion of Rugose Polysaccharide in Vibrio Cholerae 

Pamir S. Alpay • Engineering Materials 
Polydomain Structure of Ferroelectric Thin Films 

Jo-Ann M. Amadeo • Human Development 

Music and Television in Late Adolescence and Early Adulthood: An Investigation 

of Social Beliefs 

Ahmad K. Aman • Electrical Engineering 

A New Receiver Based Combined Coding and Equalization Technique for 
Intetsymbol Interference (ISI) Channels 

Anita K. Amla • Civil Engineering 

Airfield Pavement Condition Forecasting Using a Neural Network 

Kathleen A. Angeletti • Education Policy, Planning, and 

The State's Role in Teacher Education Reform: Maryland's Efforts to Redesign 
leather Preparation 

Tracy L. Armstrong • Sociology 

Access to Health Care Among the Elderly in Russia 

Jeffrey T. Ashley • Marine, Estuarine, & Environmental Sciences 
Factors Influencing the Exposure of Hydrophobic Organic Contaminants to 
Aquatic Organisms 

Ibrahim A. Assakkaf • Civil Engineering 

Reliability-Based Design of Panels and Fatigue Details of Ship Structure 

Mountaga Aw • Physics 

Direct Instanton Effects in the QCD Sum Rules for the Magnetic Moment* 
of Nucleons 

Deepak V. Ayyagari • Electrical Engineering 

Capacity and Admission Control in Multi-Media CDMA Wireless Networks 

Karen J. Baehler • Policy Studies 

One Person, One Grant: Equity, Efficiency and the Distribution of Federal Aid 

Anamitro Banerjee • Chemistry 

Photochemical Deprotection of Functional Groups Via a Photoinduced Electron 
Transfer Process 

Mohamadreza Banihashemi • Civil Engineering 

Multiple Depot Transit I chicle Scheduling with Time Restriction Constraints 

Pat Barr-Harrison • Curriculum and Instruction 

A Study to Identify Program Standards, Goals, Objectives and Projects m 
Existing High School Foreign Language 

Mark T. Beierle • Aerospace Engineering 

Investigation of Effects of Surface Roughness on Symmetric Airfoil Lift and 
Lift-to-Drag Ratio 

Karen K. Bernard • Music 

Prejudice, Pride, and Economics:Tht Neglected Danish Operas of Carl Nielsen 

Heather L. Berndt • Marine, Estuarine, & Environmental 

The I ffects oj Nutrient Inputs on Algal Communtities 

Timothy C. Bertch • Nuclear Engineering 

A Model for the Release, Dispersion and Environmental Impact of a Postulated 
Reactoi Accident from a Submerged Commercial Nuclear Power Plant 

Fassil B. Beshah • Civil Engineering 

Performance of FRP Reinforced Concrete Beams and Slabs 

Monique C. Better • Human Development 

Risk, Resiliency & Adjustment in High Risk Head Start Children 

Debra B. Bowman • Agricultural and Extension Education 

An Analysis of Survivors' Reactions to Downsizing in an Educational 
Organization: Implications jor Planning Organizational Change 



Albert T. Bozzo • Economics 

Increasing Returns, Technology Lock-In. and Stable Market Shares: 
Evidence from the Commercial Aircraft Industry 

Douglas M. Brattebo • Government and Politics 

Presidential Homework: Executive Preparation for Personal Diplomacy 

Christopher S. Brittan-Powell • Psychology 

White Adjustment to Racial Pluralism 

Keita F. Broadwater • Mechanical Engineering 

Fiber Optic Sensors for Measurement of Temperature and Axial Strain in Fiber 
Connector Assemblies 

William R. Bua • Meteorology 

Tlie Effect of Enid Surface Processes on the Variability of the East Asian Summer 

Lee F. Burcham • English Language & Literature 

The Intercourse With Heaven and Earth 

Pamela Burke • Government and Politics 

Tlie Globalization qj Contentious Politics 

Donal A. Byard • Business and Management 

Cross-Sectional and Tune Series Patterns in Information Injected from Analysts' 

William F. Campbell • Meteorology 

Generalized Computational Optimization of Numerical Models 

Curtis P. Carlson • Economics 

S02 Control by Electric I 'tilities 

Nancy A. Carlson • Human Development 

A Social Engagement Model of Listening 

Ana Castano • Spanish Language & Literature 

Cristobal De Salazar Mardoues, Comentarista De Gongora 

Fatma Cebenoyan • Business and Management 

Efficiency and the Value-Revelance of Earnings: A Stochastic Frontier Approach 

Julie A. Celestin • Criminal Justice and Criminology 

Tlie Definition of Community: Implications for Area Studies 

Dawn R. Chamberlin • Human Development 

Tlie Influence of SAF-efficacy and Decisional Balance on the Stabes of Exercise 
Adoption in a Structured Exercise Program 

Chien-Hwa Chang • Electrical Engineering 

Advances in 2D Semiconductor Device Modeling by the Spherical Harmonic, 
Hydrodynamic and Drift-Diffusion Methods 

Peter A. Chang III • Mechanical Engineering 

Relationships between Turbulent Wall Pressure and I elocity Field Sources 

Brett Chapman • Criminal Justice and Criminology 

Prosecutorial Discretion: A Examination of the Decision to Seek the Death 
Penalty in the State of Pennsylvania 

Michael P. Chen-Young • Economics 

A Consolidated Approach to Government Spending 

Kipkoech K. Chepkoit • Civil Engineering 

Effects of Plasticity on Dynamic Properties of Untreated and Treated 
Cohesive Soils 

Sergei Chernikov • Agronomy 

( 'Inornate Reduction in Soils and Simple Systems by Huntic Substances and 
! ancty of Organic Materials 

Kwo-Fu Chiang • Mechanical Engineering 

Dispersion of Contaminant Released from a Line Source at the Wall 
of a Turbulent Boundary Layer 

Si H. Cho • Electrical Engineering 

Fabrication of High-Power Diffract ion -Limited Semiconductor Tapered Lasers 
and Amplifiers 

Sangwook Choi • Engineering Materials 

Small Angle Neutron Scattering of Polymer Solutions and Blends 

Kancham Chotoo • Physics 

Measurements ofH+, He+2. and He+ in CIRs at IAU in the Energy Range 
6-200 keV/e 

Cheng C. Chou • Chemical Engineering 

Production of Virus in Insect Cell Cultures for Biological Insect Control 

Young Chun • Sociology 

Reducing Nonresponse in Establishment Surveys:A Two-Stage Experimental 



Chul Chung • Meteorology 

ENSO Variability and the Asian Summer Monsoon 

Peter A. Close • Applied Mathematics 

Postprocessing and Superconvergence for Boundary Element Methods on Polygons 

Jeffrey P. Cohen • Economics 

/ ssays on the Public Provision of Airport Infrastructure 

Philip N. Cohen • Sociology 

Structural Inequality 

Thomas E. Conway • Business and Management 

The Partial Segregation oj the Total Accrual Variable into Its Respective Initial 
and Reversing Components 

Kelly K. Cookson • Psychology 

Acoustic Startle in Budgerigars and Animal Models ofPTSD 

Will H. Corbin • Linguistics 

Principle-based Approaches to Second Language Tutoring 

Emmanuel Coutoulakis • Kinesiology 

Exercise Blood Pressure Response and Cardiovascular Fitness 

Theresa M. Croy • Speech Communication 

A Rhetorical Account of the Public Response to the Richmond Debate 
in the 1992 Presidential Election 

Melanie Culver • Biology 

I'liylogeographic Variation in the Puma Using Mitochondrial and Nuclear 
Genetic Markers 

John A. Curtis • Agricultural and Resource Economics 

Valuing Preferences for Deer in Maryland 

Elton A. Daal • Business and Management 

A Variance-Gamma Model of Interest Rate Option-Privacy: Theory and Evidence 

Alain Dabdoub • Biology 

The Role oj Protein Kinase C in the I entral Photoreceptor of Limulus polyphemus 

Ying Dai • Meteorology 

Dynamical Diagnoses of the Northern Hemisphere Intcranuuat Variability 

Martha L. Dang • Biochemistry 

Studies oj Spa K and Spa R.'Iivo Components of a Signal Transduction System 
That Regulate the Spa Operou and the Expression of the Lantibiotic Subfilinin 
B. subtilis 

Krishna Darbha • Mechanical Engineering 

A Physics-of-Failure Approach for I irtual Qualification of Area Array 
Interconnect Technologies 

Anahita M. Daroowalla • Psychology 

Negotiating Cultural Discrepancies in Autonomy: A Grounded Theory Study of 
Bicultural Adjustment in College-Age Asian Indian Immigrant Women 

Diganta Das • Mechanical Engineering 

Extended Temperature Range Electronics: Availability and Behavior 

Brook M. Davis • Theatre 

Constance D'Atcy Mackay: Playwright, Director and Educator 

Michael D. Davis • History 

Tlic United States, the United Nations and International Conflict Resolution, 

Natalie A. Davis • Biochemistry 

DNA Deformation by the'TATA-Box Binding Protein 

Paul E. Davis • Geography 

Religion & Settlement in 17th Century New England 

Regina G. Davis • Psychology 

The Effects oj Gender- Role Attitudes, Affiliation Content, and Problem-Solving 
Self-Efficacy on Women's Selection oj ('oping Strategies 

William B. Deutscher • History 

President Nixon and School Busing 

Leyla S. Diaz • Microbiology 

Effect oj DNA Polymerization Errors Catalyzed by HI\ ' Reverse Transcriptors 
on Recombination Efficient y 

Carolyn Dimitri • Agricultural and Resource Economics 

By Our Funis They Shall Know I 's:The Role qfUSDA Inspections 
in Guaranteeing Fruit Quality 

Andrea L. DiCarlo • Biology 

Electromagnetic Field Exposures Induce Protection Against Oxidative Stress 




Yan Dong • Business and Management 

Just-In-Time Purchasing and Supply: A Supply Chain Analysis 

Prateek J. Dujari • Mechanical Engineering 

Analysis of Random Vibration on Repetitive Shock and Electrodynamic Shaker's 
for Accelerated Fatigue oj Electronic Instruments 

Valerie L. Durrant • Sociology 

Children's Work and Schooling in Pakistan: Missed Opportunities or Limited 

Jeanne A. Dussault • Curriculum and Instruction 

Implementation of NCTMs Professional Standards Using Nonroutine Problem 

Peter D. Eckel • Education Policy, Planning, and Administration 

How Institutions Discontinue Academic Programs: Making Potentially Adverse 
Decisions in an Environment of Shared Decision Making 

Thomas A. Edison • Chemical Engineering 

Tlicrmophysical Properties of Fluids and Fluid Mixtures: Including Critical 
Fluctuation Effects 

Khaled H. Eloseily • Civil Engineering 

Reliability Assessment oj Pile Foundation in Sand 

Janet L. Epps • Molecular and Cell Biology 

Characterization of Oroshigare(oro) and seinushi(semi) in Drosophila 

Zina L. Evans • Counseling and Personnel Services 

Impact of College on Self-Concept Development in Black Women College 

Zhencan Fan • Physics 

Single Longitudinal Mode External Cavity Semiconductor Laseis aud'Flieir 
Application in Optical Generation of Radio Frequency Signals by Heterodyne 
Phase Locking 

Lucia S. Foster • Economics 

Employment Adjustments and Plant Characteristics 

Michael J. Frame • Aerospace Engineering 

Analytical Solutions of Hypersonic Type IV Shock Interactions 

Michael K. Francis • Chemical Engineering 

Application of a Novel Video Microscope to the Investigation of Drop Breakage 
in High Shear Mixers 

Thomas H. Frank • American Studies 

Resituating Literature: Belief and the Cultural Work of Narrative 

Bernard A. Frankpitt • Electrical Engineering 

Robust Control of Hidden Markov Models From Input-Output Information 

Brianne W. Friel • English Language & Literature 

Hitting a Straight Lick with a Crooked Stick: Double-Voiced Discourse 
in the Works of Zora Nealc Hurston 

Clara B. Fuentes • Entomology 

Potassium-induced Tolerance to Potato Leafhopper on Alfalfa 

Haruka Fukazawa • Linguistics 

OCP Effects on Features 

David V. Furman • Government and Politics 

Fhe ASEAN Reaction to External Satellite TV Broadcasting 

Aneta Georgievska-Shine • Art History 

The Poetics of Quotation in Rubens' Versions oj Myths 

Asok K. Ghosh • Civil Engineering 

Finite Element Formulation of Masonry and Investigation oj Semi- Infilled Frame 

James R. Glenn, Jr. • Computer Science 

Implementing WSIS Via Finite Automata 

Parke T Godfrey • Computer Science 

An Architecture and Implementation for a Cooperative Database System 

Manish K. Govil • Mechanical Engineering 

Integrating Product Design and Production: Designing for Time-'Io-Market 

Wayne D. Graham • Kinesiology 

Skeletal Muscle IGF-1 and IGF-I Receptor mRNA Responses to Chronic 
Resistive Training in Post-Mcnopausal Women 

Lynda Grahill • English Language & Literature 

Hunchbacks in Literature 

Nikki D. Graves • Human Development 

Racial Identity and Racial Socialization Among Educated African American 
Sorority Women 



Poonam Gupta • Economics 

Essays in International Economics 

Rabih M. Haj-Najib • Civil Engineering 

Jointless Bridges with Integral Abutments 

Mohsen Hajarian • Music 

Ghazal as a Structural Model for Iraian Dastgah 

Carol R. Hamelink • Human Nutrition and Food Systems 
The Role oj Glucocorticoids in Alcohol-Induced Hippocampal Degeneration 

Lisa R Hargrove • Psychology 

The Interrelationships Among the Racial Identities, Womanisl Identities, and 
Body Images of Black II 'omen 

Radhakrishnan Haridasan • Electrical Engineering 

Model- Based Approach to Encoding Generic Moving Pictures at Very Low Bit 
Rates Using Support Layers and Parametric Motion Models 

Gregory M. Harry • Physics 

Detectability of Astronomical Sources of Gravitational by an Omnidirectional, 
Resonant-mass Detector: Development of an Advanced Inductive Transducer 
for the AURIGA Antenna 

Griffin C. Hathaway • Government and Politics 

La Plus Ca Change?: Continuity and Contrast in I IS. Foreign Policy Toward 
Nicaragua, 1979-1990 

Karla B. Heidelberg • Marine, Estuarine, & Environmental 

Effects oj Water Flow and Prey Behavior on Zooplankton Feeding by 
Scleractinain Corals 

David R. Helman • Electrical Engineering 

Efficient Algorithms for Parallel Computation 

Paula F. Henry • Marine, Estuarine, & Environmental Sciences 

The Avian (jiiRH System and Reproduction 

Shirley A. Hess • Counseling and Personnel Services 

Critical Incidents oj Non-Disclosure in Counselor Supervision: A Qualitative 


Patricia C. Hironymous • Linguistics 

Selecting for the Optional Syllable 

Gisli R. Hjaltason • Computer Science 

Incremental Spatial Algorithms 

Li-Te Ho • Engineering Materials 

Polymer Chain Conformations and Thermodynamics in Confined Geometries 

Marie-Claire H. Holland • Marine, Estuarine, & Environmental 

Puberty in Stuped Bass, Morone saxafilis, and Its Endocrine Control 

Ursula A. Horstmann-Nash • Germanic Language and Literature 

Die Grenzen der Nation: Nationale Identitat und Fremdheit in Uteraruschen 
Diskursen deutscher Vereinigungen (1870/71 und 1989/90) 

Yuan-Shin Hwang • Computer Science 

Interprocedural Definition-Use Chains of Dynamic Recursive Data Structures 

Diane S. Illig • Sociology 

Instrument Development lor Assessing the Dynamics of Household and Familial 
Tasks Within Lesbian and Cay Couples 

Elena G. Irwin • Agricultural and Resource Economics 

Do Spatial Externalities Matter? The Role of Endogenous Interactions in 
the Evolution oj Tind Use Pattern 

Frederick M. Ivey • Kinesiology 

77ic Effects of Age and Gender on Muscle Mass Response to Strength Training 
and Detraining 

Shelley M. Jackson • English Language & Literature 

Writers of the (R)evolutiou: Contemporary Southern Fiction in Black and White 

Bin Jiang • Business and Management 

Investment Baukci Compensation Contrast in Mergers of Acquisitions - 
An Empirical Analysis 

Kathleen W. Johnson • Economics 

Tlte Effect of Consumer Automobile Leasing on Replacement Decisions 

Melanie Johnson • Psychology 

Impact of Childhood Abuse on the Working Alliance: A Study of Case Managers 
and Homeless Women 

Valerie C. Johnson • Government and Politics 

The Political Consequences oj Black Suburbanization: Prince George's County, 
Maryland, 1971-1994 



Bjorn T. Jonsson • Computer Science 

Application-Oriented Buffering and Caching Techniques 

Eric W. Justh • Electrical Engineering 

Control of Large Actuator Arrays Using Pattern-Forming Systems 

Sais T. Kamalidiin • Music 

Music, Spun, Ritual and the Process of Cultural Affirmation within the African 
American Catholic Congregation 

Mark W. Kandel • Special Education 

Measuring the Attitudes and Beliefs of Secondary General Education Teachers 
Towards the Inclusion of Students with Learning Disabilities into General 
Education Secondary Classes 

Chandrasekhar Kannepalli • Mechanical Engineering 

Large Eddy Simulation of Shear-Driven Turbulent Boundary Layers 

Maria Karafilis • English Language & Literature 

Uncharted Spaces and Improper Places: Reconfiguring the Sites of 

Phyllis F. Katz • Curriculum and Instruction 

Mothers as Informal Science Class Teachers 

Brian L. Kemp • Aerospace Engineering 

Kinematic Modes and Assumed Strain in Finite Element Modeling 

Duduzile L. Khoza • Education Policy, Planning, and 

Recruitment and Selection Practices Influencing the Advancement oj Women to 
Administrative Positions in SA University 

Kwang-Sup Kim • Linguistics 

(Anti-) Connectivity 

Moon S. Kim • Agronomy 

Use of Remote Fluorescence and Reflectance Spectroscopy to Assess the Interactive 
Effects of Drought Stress, Elevated Troposhperic Ozone, and Carbon Dioxide 
on Crops 

Myung-Ouk Kim • Sociology 

Location of Korean Business in the Washington-Baltimore Metropolitan Area 

Cynthia P. King • Speech Communication 

The Construction of Identity in l l >th Century African American Historical 

Elizabeth S. Kirwin • American Studies 

It's All True: Imagining the East I Wage Art Scene of the 1980s 

William D. Knight • Business and Management 

An Exploration of the Relationships Among Executive Experience, Attenttonal 
Themes and Firm Competitive Behavior 

Satoru Kobayashi • Physics 

Study on Plasma-loaded BWO andTWT 

Lisa M. Koch • English Language & Literature 

"Indecent Exposure": American Women Writers, the Body, and Public Performance 

Lane Koenig • Economics 

Competition in Post-Patent Prescription Drug Markets 

Christos Kostopoulos • Economics 

The Size Distribution of Manufacturing Establishments: Impact of Economic 
Institutions and Policies 

Lisa S. Kretz • Psychology 

Interpersonal Functioning of Dissociative Young Adults 

Valdis J. Krumins • Engineering, Agriculture 

Prediction and NMR Determination of Fluid Velocities in Nitrifying Trickling 

Michael Kumhof • Economics 

Capital Flow Sterilization in Small Open Economies 

Stacey L. Lance • Biology 

A Model of Sperm Expenditure Strategies and Analysis of Male and Female 
Roles in Sperm Competition m the Milkweed Beetle, Tetraopes tetraophthalmus 

Judi M. Latta • American Studies 

"Wade in the Water"- The Radio Series:Tlie Effects of the Politics of 
Production on Sacred Music Representations 

Craig T. Lawrence • Electrical Engineering 

A Computationally Efficient Feasible Sapiential Quadratic Programming Algorithm 

Eric Leblanc • Agronomy 

Physiological and Spectral Characterization ofWheat and Soybean Canopies 
Exposed to Differential Treatments of Carbon Dioxide and Ozone Under Two 
Soil Moisture Regimes 

Michael E. Lebrun • Government and Politics 

Gain Seeking Behavior as a Determinant of International Military Cooperation 



Sung Y. Lee • Computer Science 

Cyclone Technology 

Jeffrey T. Lemmer • Kinesiology 

Effects of Strength Training on Resting Metabolic, Energy Expenditure oj 
Physical Activity, and Body Composition: Age and Condor Comparisons 

Aishao Li • Marine, Estuarine, & Environmental Sciences 
Feeding Physiology and Ecology oj the Mixotrophic Dinqflagellate Gyrodinum 

Beibei Li • Chemistry 

Trace Determination oj Hydroxy] Radical in Biological Systems 

Yao W. Li • Mechanical Engineering 

Spatically Weighted Fiber-Optic Sensors for Vibration Modal, Filters of Flexible 

Lazaro Lima • Spanish Language & Literature 

Pleasure as a Practice oj Frcedom:The Latina/o Body in American Literary and 
Cultural Memory 

Hung-Jen Lin • Electrical Engineering 

New Approaches to Fault Characterization of Resistive Shorts 

Deborah D. Linnell • Counseling and Personnel Services 

Tlie Double ABC-X Model as a Predictor of Maternal Coping for Socially 
Disadvantaged Mothers and Their First-Bom Children 

Keith E. Littlefield • Geography 

Economic Challenge and Mercantile Enterprise in a Southern I ibait System: 
A Case Study of Fredericksburg, Virginia 1850-1880 

Jingsong Liu • Civil Engineering 

Analysis of Adhesive-Bonded Double-Strap Joint 

Yi-Cheng Liu • Electrical Engineering 

Infrared- Sensitive InGaAs/ Liquid-crystal Optically Addressed Modulator 

Susan J. Lockhart • Health Education 

Gender Differences in the Social Context of Drinking Among Amount Military 


Leslie W. Looney • Physics 

Unveiling the Envelope and Disk: A Sub-Arcsecond Survey ofYoung Stellai System: 

Mary E. Loos • Psychology 

Dissociation and the Processing of Threat- Related Information: An Attachment- 
Theoretical Perspective on Maintenance Factors in Dissociative Pathology 

Mary E. Lott • Kinesiology 

Effects of Strength Training on Glucose and Insulin Responses to an Oral 
Glucose in Oldei Men and Women 

Eric D. Lund • Marine, Estuarine, & Environmental Sciences 

Some Functions oj Essential Fatty Acids in Growth and Reproduction oj 
Striped Bass 

Charles R. Marks • Chemical Engineering 

Drop Breakup and Deformation in Sudden Onset Strong Flow 

Emilio Marmolejo-Olea • Mathematics 

On the Moses Type Problems in Clifford Analysis 

Gregory F. Martel • Kinesiology 

Tiie Effects of Strength Training on Muscle Strength and Fiber Characteristics 
in Old and Young Men and Women 

Margaret P. Maslanka • English Language & Literature 

Tltc Myth Made Me Do If.The Influence of Navajo and Chippewa Creation 
Stories on 'transcribers and Fiction Readers 

Zoran Matic • Reliability Engineering 

A Methodology for Probalistic Physics of Failure 

Melinda B. May • Education Policy, Planning, and 

In Search of Educational Leadership: Presidential Leadership oj Educational 
Program in a Maryland Community College 

Patrick J. May • Geography 

Free Blacks in Baltimore, 1840-1860 

Janet G. McCubbin • Economics 

Non-Compliance and the Optimal Design of the Earned IncomcTax Credit 

Margaret M. McGowen • Chemistry 

Pseudomonas I'utnla 3-Carboxy-Cis, Cis-Muconate Lactonizing Enzyme 
and Bacillus Subtilis Adenylosuccinate Lyase Mechanistic and Evolutionary 



Jo H. McLaughlin • Curriculum and Instruction 

Individual Learning in the Context oj Complex Change:A Study oj 
Management Representatives in Organizations Registered to ISO 9000 

William F. Meinecke • History 

Conflicting Loyalties:The Supreme Court in Weimar and UAZ: Germany, 

Reuven Meth • Electrical Engineering 

Target Characterization and Matching in Synthetic Aperture Radar Imagery 

Deborah S. Metzel • Geography 

Approaching Community: The Residential Location Decision Process for People 

with Mental Retardation 

Anne F. Michaels • Counseling and Personnel Services 

Children's Anxieties and Social Cognitions 

Viola G. Miglio • Linguistics 

Markedness and Faithfulness in I bwel Reduction Phenomena 

Frank W. Miller • Computer Science 

Inout/ Output System Design for Streaming 

Joyce A. Miller • American Studies 

The Southern Belle in American Cinema 

Deepak K. Mishra • Economics 

An Analysis oj Business Cycles and Currency Crises from a Political Economy 

Andrew Mitchell • Entomology 

Evolution oj the Cutworms (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) Interred Horn Nucleai 

Gene Sequences 

Pritiraj Mohanty • Physics 

Interference & Decoherence in Mesoscopic System 

Florin Moldoveanu • Physics 

Determination of Dispersion Map of an Optical Fibre 

Angela M. Moore Parmley • Criminal Justice and Criminology 

The Effects of Arrest and I ictim Characteristics on Misdemeanor Domestic I tolence 

Laura M. Moore • Sociology 

A Contextual Analysis oj Southern Gender Attitudes 

Forrest E. Morgan • Policy Studies 

Compellance and the Strategic Cttltiuc oj Imperial Japan 

Jeff S. Morrill • Chemistry 

The Electronic States of Molecular Oxygen and the Spectroscopy of the d'K 
Rydberg State 

James E. Morris • Human Development 

-In Investigation into Duels of Hardiness in Individuals Enrolled in Short-Term 
Drug Treatment 

David E. Mortin • Reliability Engineering 

A Comparison Between Deterministic and Probabilistic Thermal Fatigue 
Modeling qfWires and Wire Bonds and Microelectronic Packages 

Thomas J. Mumford • Human Development 

Tlie Effects of Peer Tutoring on Learning and Study Skills, Grades and Retention 

Keiko Muromatsu • Linguistics 

On the Syntax of Classifiers 

Mahir A. Nayfeh • Electrical Engineering 

Bifurcation Control of Stall and Surge m Aeroengine Compression Systems 

Sinaia Netanyahu • Agricultural and Resource Economics 

Trans- Boundary Water Resources Policy Coordination Under Uncertainty 

Mary M. Ng • Human Development 

Goal Orientations and Strategies During Inductive Problem Solving 

Vinh Q. Nguyen • Engineering Materials 

Fabrication of Low Loss Infrared Transmuting Chalcogentde Optical Fibers 

Sergei Nikitin • Physics 

Guiding of Terawatt Laser Pulses in Preformed Plasma Channels 

Tania Nikolcheva • Molecular and Cell Biology 

Interactions of Group I Introus with rRXA 

Brigid M. Noonan • Counseling and Personnel Services 

Empowerment & Challcnge:A Qualitative Analysis of Highly Achieving Women 
w/Physical and/or Sensory Disabilities and Their Career Development 

Margaret M. Norton • Marine, Estuarine, & Environmental 

Landscape Effects of Din d Cover, Soil Properties, and Geomorphology on 
Stream Water Quality Draininglwo Agricultural Watersheds in the Chesapeake 
Bay Basin 



Beverly O'Bryant • Counseling and Personnel Services 

College Counseling Center Directors' Perception oj Effective Technique 
for Increasing Student Retention of High Risk College Freshman Through 
an Individualized Counseling Model 

Michael E. O'Connell • Geology 

Processes Affecting the Discharge of Nitrate From a Small Agricultural Watershed 
at Different Flow Conditions, Maryland Coastal Plain 

John D. Occhipinti • Government and Politics 
Behavior in Institutions 

John H. Offenberg • Chemistry 

Distribution oj Semi- 1 olalilc Organic Contaminants in the I hban and 
Over- Water Atmospheres 

I. D. Oler • Counseling and Personnel Services 

Syles of Attachment, Parental Care-Giving, and Perceived Images of God 

James D. Ott • Aerospace Engineering 

The Interaction of a Laminar Flame with a Self-Induced Boundary Layer 

Lishu Ouyang • Agricultural and Resource Economics 

Research Funding: Allocation and Effects on Agricultural Productivity 

Jie Pan • Biochemistry 

Alternative Structures and Folding Kinetics oj a Group I Precursor rRXA 

Jun-Cheol Park • Computer Science 

Automatic Synthesis of Time-Dependent Communication Protocols 

Blossom H. Patterson • Measurement, Statistics and Evaluation 

Latent Class Analysis of Sample Survey Data 

Leena K. Paul • Biochemistry 

Role of Suhtilia Leader in the Secretion of C-Terminal Extension Mutants oj 
Subtilin in F.coli and B.suhtilis 168; Construction oj Host-Vector Mutagenesis 
System fot Sublancin Production in B.suhtilis 168 

Lisa A. Perrino • Biology 

Differences m Enzyme Kinetics May Explain Differences m Glycine Betaine 
Concentrations in Chesapeake Bay and Atlantic Oysters 

Lisa A. Perry • Speech Communication 
Legal Rhetoric Boohs in England, 1600-1758 

Todd E. Perry • Government and Politics 

Tlie Origins and Implementation of the 1992 Nucleai Supplier's Group 
Agreement: Prospects for Multi-Literal Nuclear No-Proliferation F.xpoit Controls 

Nicholas G. Phillips • Physics 

Quantum Fluctuation: oj the Stress Feasor 

Anthony C. Pierpoint • Civil Engineering 

Ozonation ol Waste and Soil Contaminated with Anilines and Aniline-Based 

Ralph E. Piper • Psychology 

.-l/i Examination oj the Relationships of Racial Status, Stress and Coping 
Strategics for Black Managers in Predominately White Organizations 

Richard L. Potter • Computer Science 

Pixel Data Access: Interprocess Communication in the Uses Interfile fot 
End-User Programming 

Seyed A. Pourhashemi • Civil Engineering 

An Experimental and Theoretical Study oj the Heat and Mass Transfer in Dry 

and Wet Porous Media 

Douglas A. Powell • Measurement, Statistics and Evaluation 

The Robustness of the Likelihood Ratio Chi- Square Test for Structural Equations 
Models: A Meta-Analysis 

Ana R. Prada • Spanish Language & Literature 

El I 'iaje Que No Pervicrte: Una Lectura De La Narrativa Dejesus I irzagasti 

Fan-Tao Pu • Computer Science 

Data Structures foi Global Illumination Computation and Visibility Queries 
in 3-Spacc 

Marjorie S. Pyle • Counseling and Personnel Services 

Caregiving Grandparents Raising Their Grandchildren Whose Parent Are 
Mentally III: A Grounded Theory Approach 

Arun Raghupathy • Electrical Engineering 

Loir Power and High Speed Algorithms and ! "LSI Architectures fot Erroi 

Control Coding and Adaptive \ 'idea Scaling 

Ishrat Rahman • Marine, Estuarine, & Environmental Sciences 

Studies on liable lint Nonculturable Shigella Dysenteriae Type 1 

Cynthia D. Rais • Computer Science 

Improving Performance in Wireless Networks 



Niraja Ramesh • Engineering, Agriculture 

Development of a Prototype Poultry Transport Cage Decontamination System 

Lubna Rana • Physics 

New Ideas in Representations ofN-Extended Supersymmetry and Super I 'irasoro 


Sara A. Ranck • Plant Biology 

Regulation of the Division Site in Higher Plant Cells: Evidence from Tradescantia 
Stamen Hair Cells for Involvement of the Plasma Membrane and Extracellular 

Sanju Raturi • Agronomy 

Modeling Pesticide Transport 'Through Turfgrass Thatch and Soil 

Jacques Ravel • Marine, Estuarine, & Environmental Sciences 

Characterization of Giant Linear Plasmids Encoding Mercury Resistance in 

Javad Razavilar • Electrical Engineering 

Signal Processing and Performance Analysis of Wireless Networks Using Antenna 

Elizabeth L. Read-Connole • Molecular and Cell Biology 

Tlie Disease Link Between Avian Reovirus Injection and Other Avia Disease 

Marion V. Recktenwald • Government and Politics 

Russian Diasporization Efforts in I Ukraine 

Shawn E Reed • Psychology 

Using Nonlinear Dynamic Models to Predict Developmental Outcomes 

Sheila B. Richardson • Human Development 

Effect of lutergenerational Community Service Experience on Self-Perception, 
Mattering, and Attitudes Toward the Elderly for At-Risk Adolescents 

Lewis S. Ringel • Government and Politics 

Forgotten Voices: NewYork High Conn Free Speech Decision Making 1791-1994 

Sharon E. Robbins • Education Policy, Planning, and 

Tlic High School Principal as a ( faring Professional 

Virginia W. Rodriguez • Biochemistry 

Characterization of the Downstream Border of the Subtilin operon in B. subtilis 
LH45 and Evidence Tliat the Spa K Protein Functions as a Dimer 

Carol L. Rogers • Mass Communication 

Making Sense of Science in the Mass Media: A Study of Audiences 

Marcia A. Rosado • Agricultural and Resource Economics 

Willingness to Pay for Drinking Water in Urban Centers/A Case Study in Brazil 

Kathleen Rose • Germanic Language and Literature 

Politics and Poetics in Yiddish Proletarian Literature 

Evan J. Rosser • Computer Science 

Finc-Graincd Analysis of Array Computations 

Randolph H. Rowel • Health Education 

Reducing Interpersonal Violence Among Adolescents: Evaluating a School-Based 
Program forYouth in High Risks Situations 

Po-Wen Ru • Electrical Engineering 

Perceptual-Based Multiresolution Processing of Acoustic Signals 

Robyn A. Russow • Human Development 

The Effects of Graphing Calculator Experiences on Conceptual I Understanding 
of Algebra 

Robert G. Ryland • Physics 

Application and Development of Scanning Tunneling Microscopy Techniques 

Manjit S. Sahota • Biological Resources Engineering 

Validation of Airflow Perturbation Device and the Pressure Flow Characteristics 
oj Excised Sheep Lungs 

Kay L. Sandow • Health Education 

Quality of Life and the Post-CABG Patient 

John P. Santos • Chemistry 

Probing Biological Systems with Optical and Atomic Force Microscopy 

Mary K. Schneider • Counseling and Personnel Services 

A Grounded Tlieory of the Outcomes of Service Related to Social and Civic 
Responsibility for College Students 

Merrill P. Schwartz • Education Policy, Planning, and 

Assessing the Performance of Academic Presidents 

Miriam D. Sealock • Criminal Justice and Criminology 

Tlie Impact of Offense History on Drug Treatment Efficacy 



Carole W. Sebenick • Counseling and Personnel Services 

Tlie Career Development and Well-Being of Military < >flicers ' II 'ives 

Anne L. Seshadri • Music 

Strauss, Salome and the Jewish Question 

Teresa E. Shattuck • Health Education 

The Relationship Between Parental Support and Control and Intensity of 
Adolescent Drinking 

Michael A. Shay • Physics 

Tlie Dynamics of Collisionless Magnetic Reconnectton 

Eleanor F. Shevlin • English Language & Literature 

Hot Properties: Novel Names, Genre Claims, and Legal Frames in British Fiction, 

Yin-Tzer Shih • Applied Mathematics 

Upwind Finite Element Solutions for Convection- Diffusion Problems 

Mutsuhiro Shitna • Engineering Materials 

Structural and Magnetic Studies of Multilayer Films 

Basmat Shiw Parsad • Sociology 

Resource Power, Ideology, and Marital Violence in the U.S. 

Vladimir E. Shklover • Mathematics 

Schiffer Problems and hoparomebric mypersurfaces 

Marcia A. Shofner • Biology 

Predation, Patch Type and Prey Dispersal: Interactions Between Meiqfauna and 

Juvenile Fish in a Sandy Stream 

Forrest J. Shull • Computer Science 

Developing Techniques for Using Software Documents: A Series oj Empirical 

Nathalie B. Simon • Economics 

Tlie Health Benefits of Air Pollution Reduction: Flic Case oj Delhi, India 

Styliani Simoneti • Government and Politics 

Eastern European Transformations: Culture and the Politics oj Groups 

Brian C. Small • Animal Sciences 

Metabolism and Utilization of Amino Acids and Carbohydrates by the Striped 
Bass, Morone saxatilis 

Ian M. Snyder • Government and Politics 

Force Planning, Theater H'arlare. and the Future of the US Air Force 

Susan L. Snyder • Health Education 

Work-Life Integration and the Processes oj University Women's Retirement, 
Toward the Developemeut of a Grounded Theory 

Mustafa K. Sonmez • Electrical Engineering 

Robust Speech Recognition by Topology Preserving Adaptive Vector Quantization 

Sridhar Srinivasan • Electrical Engineering 

Linear Techniques for Image Motion and Structure Estimation 

Konstantinos Stathatos • Computer Science 

Air-Caching: Adaptive Hybrid Data Delivery 

S. A. Stavisky • Kinesiology 

An Examination of the Latent Variables That Contribute to Student-Athlete 
Role Conflict: A Structural liquation Model 

David P. Stevens • Geography 

Spatial Decision Support for Regional Planning in Developing Countries 

John M. Stribley • Biology 

Evaluating the Role ofArginine Vasopressin in the Development of Prairie Vole 
Social Behavior 

Laura D. Stubbs • Mechanical Engineering 

Characterization, Analysis and Modeling oj Fire-Protection Foams 

Sheiyao A. Su • Computer Science 

I irtual Panels at Your Fingertips 

Jin K. Suh • Agricultural and Resource Economics 

Agricultural Development and lis Transformation in the Context oj General 
Economic Growth 

Lih-Jiuan H. Sui • Education Policy, Planning, and 

Mothei and Family Values in the Schooling ofLumbee Indians in the Baltimore 

William E. Sullivan • Curriculum and Instruction 

The Economic Value oj Continuing Education 

Lunching Sun • Microbiology 

Characterization oj the imp gem- in Escherichia coli 



Ming Sun • Mechanical Engineering 
Lifetime Resistance Models of Electrical Contacts 

Yumei Sun • American Studies 

Ng Poon Chew and the Americanization ot the Chinese in 1900's 

Priya Sundararajan • Molecular and Cell Biology 

Transposabie Element Interactions and Transposase Functional Analysis: Critical 

Questions for Development oj Insect Gene I ectors 

Craig A. Swanson • History 

Race and American Imagines of Aha California: 1 1 790 to 1846) 

Richard C.Taffe • Counseling and Personnel Services 
Supervisees' Perception of the Inclusion of Racial and Cultural Factors in 
Supervision: An Exploratory Study 

Peter D. Tamburello • Physics 

Measurement of the Top Quark Production Cross Section in Proton Antiproton 
Collisions of Center of Mass Energy oj 1.8TeV 

Lan Tang • Mechanical Engineering 

A Multi-scale Conjugate Thermal Analysis Methodology for Correctively Cooled 
Electronic Enclosures 

Sara A. Tangren • Agronomy 

Quantitative Relationships Among Groundwater, Plant Community, and 

Soil Morphology 

Jason A. Taylor • Physics 

Jlie Contribution of Continuum Reprocessing by Stellat Winds to AGX Specta 

Merwyn G.Taylor • Computer Science 

Finding High-Level Discriminant Rules in Parallel 

Michael A. Taylor • Meteorology 

Tlie Effects of Warm Atlantic SST on Early Season Caribbean Rainfall 

Stoyan V. Tenev • Economics 
Three Essays on Economies in Transition 

Jeffrey R. Terwin • Marine, Estuarine, & Environmental Sciences 
Foraging Plasticity of Juvenile Blue Crabs, Cattinectes sapidvs, in Response to 

Prey Spatial Distribution and Risks oj Cannibalism 

Concetta P. Thibideau • Comparative Literature 

Tlie Image of Christ in the Cinema oj Pier Paolo Pasolini 

Abraham Thomas • Electrical Engineering 
Algorithms for Markov Decision Processer 

Dianne T. Thompson • Geography 
Congressional Redistricting in Xorth Carolina 

Dawn E Thomsen • American Studies 

Popular Literature and Social Change: A Case Study of American Detective 
Fiction, 1 S3 7- 1880 

Gary A. Troia • Special Education 

A Comparison of the Effects of Student-Abstracted Versus Teacher-Informed Strategy 
Instruction on the Composition Skills of Students with Learning Disabilities 

Peter E Troiano • Counseling and Personnel Services 

A Grounded Theory Exploration of College Students with Learning Disabilities 

Yau-Yuh Tsay • Agricultural and Resource Economics 
Agricultural Policies, Engel's Law and the Development of Agriculture in 

Fast-Growing Economies of Asia 

Konstantinos P. Tsoukatos • Electrical Engineering 
Heavy and Light Traffic Regimes for M/GI/OO Traffic Models 

Reiko Tsuneto • Computer Science 

Commitment Strategies in Hierarchical Task Xetwork Planning 

George N. Ude • Agronomy 

Versatility in the I 'se ofAFLPin Genomic DXA Analysis 

Kumar Upadhyayula • Mechanical Engineering 

,-lu Incremental Damage Superposition Approach for Durability ot Electronic 
Interconnects I ndcr Multiple Environments 

Evelyn E. Vance • Aerospace Engineering 

Adaptive Control of Free-Floating and Free-Flying Robotic Manipulators 
with I Uncertainty 

Philip R. Vandermeer • Music 

Religious Ideals. Musical Style, and Cultural Meaning m the Songs oj Hank 

GayatriVarma • Molecular and Cell Biology 

Glucosidasc I, cDXA Cloning, Expression and Retention 

Joan V.Vecchia • Sociology 

Social Knowledge, Intellectual Practice, and Democratic Political Life 



Ramakrishnan Venkataraman • Electrical Engineering 
Modeling and Adaptive Control of Magnetostrictive Actuators 

Sara H.Vollmer • Philosophy 

Observation: The Image and Tin- Reality 

Clare E.Von Seeker • Measurement, Statistics and Evaluation 
( 'sing Hierarchical Linear Growth Models to Examine Factors Related to 
Academic Resilience 

Clare R.Voss • Computer Science 
Interlingua-Based Machine Translation of Spatial Expressions 

Verapong Vuthiphandchai • Marine, Estuarine, & Environmental 

Spermiation in Captive Striped Bass: Sperm Quality Parameters and 
Manipulation by Hormonal and Photoperiod Treatments 

Sara M. Wages • Art History 

Gardens in Seventeenth-Century Dutch Paintings 

Gwenyth R. Wallen • Health Education 

Psychosocial and Cultural Factors Associated with Breastfeeding Intentions 

Among Hispanic Mothers Enrolled in WIC 

Xiang J. Wang • Mechanical Engineering 
Interface Effects on Have Propagation 

Yujin Wang • Chemical Physics 

Experimental Studies of the Production of Nitrogen Oxides hy Simulated 
Lightning Sparks 

Marian E. Wardle • Art History 

Genteel Production: Art and Labor in the Images of Women Sewing hy larbett 
and Wen 

James L. Weaver • Electrical Engineering 

High Resolution Spectroscopy of Visible IV V Light in Alcator C-Mod 

Jerry W. Webster • Curriculum and Instruction 

The Effects of Culture on Ninth Graders' Responses to Literature 

Hsiang-Yi Wei • Engineering Materials 

Growth Mechanism, Strain Relaxation and Ordering in //-I I Semiconductor 
linn Films 

Shirong Wei • Engineering, Agriculture 

Pesticide Transport and Signifance of Naropore Flow in the Coastal Plain Soils 

Ralph D. Whaley, Jr. • Electrical Engineering 

Etched Facet InGaAsP/InP Semiconductor Laser Amplifier Arrays for Monolithic 
Fiber Coupling Assemblies 

Clifford A. Whitcomb • Mechanical Engineering 

A Framework for Multidisciplinary Design of Products 

Michael E. White • Aerospace Engineering 

Hypersonic Shock War, Boundary Layer Interactions in the I icinity of 

an Expansion Comet 

Beverly J. Whitest • Curriculum and Instruction 

Perceptions of African American and Sou-African American College Students 
Toward Classroom Learning Environments 

Reginald G. Williams • Aerospace Engineering 

Experimental Investigation of the Flow Field Above a Plane Rectangular Wing 

at High Angles of Attach 

Michael J. Wiltberger • Physics 

Global Magnetohydrodynamic Simulations oj Magnetospheric Substorms 

Michael C. Wittmann • Physics 

Making Sense of How Students Come to an Understanding of Physics: 
An Example from Mechanical Waves 

Kimberly R. Wrenn • Mechanical Engineering 

Capillary Pumped Loop Evaporator Performance Investigation 

Jianxin Wu • Linguistics 

A Minimalist Analysis of Quantification 

Yu N.Yang • Curriculum and Instruction 

Integrating the World Wide Web into Arts Education 

Kun Yao • Animal Sciences 

Characterization of the 17-KDa Nonstructural Protein of Infectious Bursal 
Disease Virus in I iral Replication and Pathogenesis 

Wei Ye • Mechanical Engineering 

Numerical Investigation qj Time-Dependent Three Dimensional Navier-Stokes 

Hyeonsoo Yeo • Aerospace Engineering 

A Comprehensive I 'ibration Analysis of a Coupled Rotor /Fuselage System 

JianminYou • Mechanical Engineering 

Time-Dependent Hygro-i'hermal- Mechanical Properties of Structural Adhesive 



Henry D.Young • Engineering Materials 

Pb-La-Zr-Ti-O Heterostmctures on GaAsJbr Electro-Optical Modulator 

Jennifer L. Zelenke • Marine, Estuarine, & Environmental 

Tidal Freshwater Marshes as Estuarine Nutrient Sinks: Nutrient Burial 
and Dentrification 

Keqi Zhang • Geography 

20th Century Storm Activity and Sea Level Rise Along U.S. East Coast and 
Tlieir Impact on Shoreline Positions 

Zengyan Zhang • Electrical Engineering 

High Performance Algorithms for Processing Remotely Sensed Imager)' 

/.hi j mi Zhang • Computer Science 

77if Design and Empirical Study of Perspective-Based Usability Inspection 

Wei Zhao • Computer Science 

Adaptive Streaming of Scalable Multimedia over Heterogeneous Environments 

Yongping Zheng • Horticulture 

Studies on Resistance Mechanism of Black Locust to Leaf Miner 

Jin Zhu • Chemistry 

A New Approach to the Synthesis ofAlkylielonccyelopentenones 

Daniel M. Zuckerman • Physics 

Analysis, Improvement, and Extension of Electrolyte Theories 

Doctor of Education 

Urith D. Boger • Curriculum and Instruction 

Undiscovered Common Ground: Patterns of Parenting Practices in Families 

Nlio Have Children with Laming Disabilities 

Theresa M. Flak • Education Policy, Planning, and 

An Inquiry Into the Leadership Orientations of Selected Women School 

Richard C. Fulton • Curriculum and Instruction 
.-1 Case Study of Adjunct Faculty Members Who Have Participated in a Semester- 
Long Staff Development Program at a Community College 

Leslie W. Hughes • Education Policy, Planning, and 

Conflict Resolution: A Case Study of Second Grade Students' Behaviors and 

Emma J. James • Education Policy, Planning, and Administration 

Facilitating School Reform: A Formative Revieiv of a School System's 
Implementation of School- Based Management 

Ruth E. Kolakowski • Education Policy, Planning, and 

Dale E. Parker-Brown • Education Policy, Planning, and 

School Improvement Team Instructional Decision Making Using Tlie Ten-Step 
Strategic Planning Process 

Wendy J. Rode • Curriculum and Instruction 
Role of a Learning Community-Based Program in Doctoral Dissertation 
Completion: A Case Study of Program Factors Related to Dissertation 
Completion in a Professional Development Program with an Emphasis in Staff 
Development at the University of Maryland 

Francine M. Schaffer • Education Policy, Planning, and 

Tlie Processes and Practices of Superintendent Performance Evaluation in 
a Mid- Atlantic State 

Gerald W. Thompson • Curriculum and Instruction 

!I7i(jf is the Reality of the Marching Band Director's Role 

Sharlene P. Thompson • Curriculum and Instruction 

A Multiple Case Study of Professional and Personal Outcomes of a Professional 
Development Doctoral Program with a Learning Community Base 

Doctor of Musical Arts 

Rose M. Bello • Music 

Russian Songs and Anas: An American Singer's Glasnost 

Anne H. Bentz • Music 
.-1 Case for Richard Trunk 

Teresa M. Bowers • Music 

Eighteenth Century Vesper Psalms of Manuel Arenzana and Antonio Juanas 



Hsuan-Ya Chen • Music 

Selected Major Piano Works of Carlos Chavez 

Jarrel B. Crowder • Music 

The Passion of Robert Schumann 

Mareda A. Gaither-Graves • Music 

A Musical Saga of Human Suffering and Global ( )ppression 

Eugene J. Galvin Jr. • Music 
Donizetti's Rita 

Clifton D. Hardin • Music 

Alessandro Grandi's Messa Seconda a Otto I be 

Ta-Hsi Pang • Music 

The Variation Technique I bed in the Classical Era as an Independent Set or 
as Part of a Multimovement Composition in the Works of Haydn, Mozart, 
Beethoven and Schubert 

Jeffery A. Prentice • Music 

Contemporary Timpani Concertos 

John O. Pursell • Music 

Italian Music for Trumpet in the Seventeenth Century with Emphasis on 
the Works of Alessandro Scarlatti 

Carlos C. Rodriguez • Music 

Mozarf.The Complete Piano Sonatas and Fantasies, A Performance Project 

Samuel R. Swift • Music 

Tlte Complete Works for Cello and Piano by Ludwig van Beethoven 

Pamela J. Thompson • Music 

Quantitus Intrinsecu and lis Relationship to Marks of Articulation in the Mozart 
keyboard Sonatas 

Jia-Yue Yang • Music 

The Performance in Selected Chopin Music 



Master of Architecture 

Gavin Wingate Bowie 
Susan Emery Darcey 
Brian S. Dayhoff 
Pablo )ose Guiraldes 
Gabriela Guzman 
Markus R. Holtby 
Hm-Yi Liao 

Georgeanne N. Matthews 
Chhaya D. Nage 
L. Paul Norsworthy 
Douglas W. Paterson 
Sandie Lin Pereira 
Brian Christopher Shaklee 
Mabel Ferragut Smith 

Master of Arts 

American Studies 

Allison Esther Beard 
Amy Catherine Garrett 
Hugh Christopher Krm 
Yuri Kubota 

Applied Mathematics 

Alexandra Brasoveanu 
Taryn Darnella Butler 
Annette Michele Evangehsti 
Xiaodong Guan 
Kimberly Ann Hopkins 
Sasirekha Vinjamun 

Art History 

Adrienne Louise Childs 
Ferdinanda Paulina Florence 
Momka Hirschbichler 


Melody Jean Haymire 

Comparative Literature 

April Lee Householder 

Counseling and Personnel 

Mary Cordelia Baldwin 
Amy Elizabeth Blandford 
Ann Marie Bochmak 
Sheri Lyn Buono 
Patricia Lynn Burleigh 
Gail Ann Callahan 
Ivan Akira Croft 
Vesta Mae Freyhoefer 
Lisa R. Garbarino 
Paul Elliot Martin 
Petra Christina Scholz Gould 
Leon M.Wilson 

Criminal Justice and 

Leana Cristine Allen 

Lynn Suzanne Aronson 

Jodi Melissa Brown 

Katherine Ann Culotta 

Christine Depies DeStetano 

Kalani Joy Douglas 

Shashi S.Jairam 

Patti A. Mattson 

Angela Cosimano Mayhew 

Nicole Leeper Piquero 

April Ann Simonsen 

Gaylene Jacqueline Fay Styve 

Diane HiUVann 

Shannon Christine Womer 

Curriculum and Instruction 

Ayanna Asha Baccus 
Donnette Teloris Dais 
Jennifer Ann Hendricks 


Amanda Ellen Dawsey 
Sarah Sophia Gardner 

John Andrew Hoerner II 
Paul Adrian Lengermann 
Craig Wayne Martin 
Kiran Dev Pandey 
Randeep Rathindran 
Ramzi Michel Shammaa 
Stephen Edward Snyder 
Martha Anne Stancill 
Lumng Yu 
Lan Zhao 

Education Policy, Planning 
and Administration 

Tanya Fedoruk Cook 
Yolanda Sheree Henderson 
Anne Elizabeth Mullen 
Andrea DeShaun Thomas 

English Language and 

Barbara Ann Alsko 
Catherine Eliana Beyer 
Ann Georgia Emily Boerner 
Mary Colleen Chapman 
Steven M. Childs 
Marieke Cassia Gartner 
Sharon Louise Degraw Knowles 
Lisa DeLucia Lewnes 
Levita Diane Mondie 
Andrew Scott Pearlman 
|ustin Robinson Sauer 
Leah Robin Schweitzer 
Anita Oilman Sherman 


Nancy W. Casey-McCabe 
Fang-Yu Huang 
Andrew Kenneth Johnston 
Charles Elting Peters 
Nathan Herschel Pollack 
Robert Allen Sohlberg,Jr. 
Meredith A. Walz 

Government and Politics 

Andrea Marie Bertone 
Amy Lorraine Boggan 
DeWayne Lavell Davis 
Thomas C. Ellington 
Christopher James Fettweis 
Mary Kristen Fitzgerald 
Hidetoshi Hashimoto 
Kwei-Bo Huang 
Eleanor Bride Kennelly 
James Michael Koehler 
Jason Erin Schuknecht 
Antoinette Gail Sebastian 
Randi Smith-Bessette 
Timothy E.Wedig 
Kate McGuire Wesley 

Hearing and Speech Sciences 

Linda Joy Bannister 
Tarra L. Dreher 
Christine Mane Hirrel 
Kristin Ann Krotz 
Susana Maria Suarez 
Anne Marie Wagener 


Michael Walter Dravis 
William AJan Taylor 
Rebecca Wilmer 

Human Development 

Shuhui Chm 

Steven J. Kohn 

Kerry Michele Pisacane 


Ya-Chin Chang 
Rosalinda Dejesus 
Stephanie A. Kalnuch 
Daniel Z. Kuhn 
Patricia Geneva Lee 
AyanaValia May 



Virginia Fancourt McCord 
Daniel Francis Odenwald 
Virginia Theresa Clair Rodino 
Pablo Schickinger 
Maria D. Shepard 
Tracey Momque Terry 


Scott A.Anderson 
Ernest V Cadua 
Emmanuel Coutoulakis 
Jason Russell Fajardo 
Jason R. Lanter 
David Michael O'Brian 
Kelvin Shigeyuki Oie 
William H.Scott, Jr. 
Katherine Dunlap Veazey 

Mathematical Statistics 

Bipasa Biswas 
Eric Samuel Leifer 
LePing Wang 
Zhenshao Zhong 


Roberto De Leo 
Wayne Martin Eby 
Daniel Kluge 
Yong-Seok Lee 
Stephen H. Levitt 

Measurement, Statistics and 

Hui-Fen Cheng 
Lionel Curt Howard 


Karren DM. Campbell 
Marianne Bankston Higgins 

Russian Language and 

Roman 1. Kostovski 


Kevin J. Barth 
Gretchen M. Livingston 

Spanish Language and 

Montserrat Alonso 
Elizabeth Anne McCleary 

Special Education 

Heather Michelle Calkins 

Speech Communication 

Sungeun Chung 


Joshua Michael Buck 
Michelle Washington 

Master of Arts/Master 
of Library Science 

Combined Geography/Library 
and Information Service 

Richard Hendrik Antonisse 
Jeanette Aviva Rose 

Master of Business 

Carolyn Kincaid Bauer 
Craig Stanley Bender 
Thomas Edward Bidinger 
Jared Ervin Biethman 
Yan Cui 

James Lyons Donohuc III 
Donovan F. Gow 
Jorge Hernandez 
Warren Kim 
Malekgloane Malapane 
1 )avid Michael Maxwell 
Daniel S. McGunagle 

Robert I. McKinnon 
Philip Matthew Schockling 
Lori A. Scozzafava 
Martin Orlando Somerville 
Stephen Michael Wheelock 
Jie Rebecca Zou 

Master of Business 
of Science Combined 

David Paul Beaudet 
Keith Alan Ford 
Juan Carlos Goldstrom 
Stanley Orlando Harris 
Yu-Shiang Hung 
Edward Brian Kahn 
Melissa M. King 
Aditya Pratap Padha 
San Sampattavanija 
Susan Shea Sanchez 
Douglas Edward Schulte 
Henson D. Sia 

Master of Community 

Lori E. Dickerson-Odoms 
Charles Steward Kines 
Allison FitzGibbon Ladd 

Master of Education 

Counseling and Personnel 

Carol Ellen Abold 
Renee Burns 
Keven I. Kamalieh 
Timothy Lee Lewis 
Lynda Fisher McDonald 
Christa Mane Carrillo Owens 

Kristi E. Phelps 
Tolonda D. Ricard-Age 
Jeanne P. Schierhoff-Slade 
Barbara Jean Schroeder 
James H. Selbe 
Jennifer Michael Stnngfellow 
Mary Sun Taylor 
Phillip lames Whitehall 

Curriculum and Instruction 

Ira Lee Baker 
Kay Anne Boerrigter 
Joseline Carmen Castafios 
John Scott Cleveland 
Caryn L. Conley 
Michelle Ann Cutick 
Virginia Mary Dormitzer 
Gina Maria Downin 
Jung Hee Ha 
Nancye Elaine Hesaltme 
Jennifer Lynn Klein 
Barbara Isabel Murphy 
Ruey Theresa Timberg 
Kerry SooVon Esch 

Education Policy, Planning 
and Administration 

Christine Marie Deibert 
David A. Norment 

Human Development 

Brenda Kay Damano 
[ulia Ann Keener 
Ramesh David Nair 
Rita Jane Wood 

Special Education 

Beth A. Agar 
Juanita L.Anderson 
Christina Lynne Arsenault 
Suzanne M. Bataman 
Dale A. Ehrhardt 



Holly H. Erickson 
Melissa Kaye Ford 
Sharon E. Ford 
Anna M. Gardy 
Leslie A. Hayward 
Roberta M. Herold 
Arlene Huher-Henderson 
Kristin Lee Hunsicker 
Kathleen M. Kleha 
Jo Elizabeth McMaughan 
Mary T. Murray 
Christina Lynn Nash 
Charlotte A. Negley 
Donald Archibald Nero 
Elizabeth J. Page 
Stephanie H. Rambo 
Mary Jo Ruggeri 
Lisa A. Schwartz 
Gwendolyn Regina Tapp 
Carol Y. Watanabe 

Master of Engineering 


Michael James Amato 
Rita Belhm-Goetze 
Khaled Benshmane 
William Keith Bowman 
Ravindra Keshava Chitms 
Ihab Asser Haddadin 
Ronald Anthony Keele 
William J. Kerscher 
ChiVuong Lam 
Michael George Martino 
lames H. Pawloski 
Geoffrey Scott Pierce 
Aditya Surendra Saraf 
Rory Trey Saunders 
Sebastian Silvam 
Bettye Holmes Snnth 
Jiaping Song 

Jacob Paul Staub 

Ana Isabel Tapuerca Sanchez 

Sze HongYau 

Master of Fine Arts 

Creative Writing 

William B. Anderson 
Ian Christopher Fulcher 
Ted Emmitt Howard 
Carolyn Heather Yaffe 

Master of Library 

Library and Information 

Priscilla Reynolds Anderson 
Samuel Lyndon Anthony 
Susan Jane Benz 
David Christopher Cottrill 
Elora Lynn Cunningham 
Barbara Buskell Davison 
Daniel Miles Dollar 
Glenn Robert Gray 
Valorie Workman Huynh 
Nancy R. Kellman-Maddocks 
Kathryn Lynn Kirchoefer 
Tanya Lynn Marshall 
Andrew Gordon Martin 
Quinn Thomas Miller 
Lisa Pitcock Mittman 
Vani K. Murthy 
Shirley Louise Nelson 
Lydiajane Ellen Reid 
PaulV. Rittelmeyer 
Karen Susanne Rocha 
John Michael Salitrik 
John Mitchell Scott 
Devorah Elaine Tarash 
Earl Wayne Thompson 

Vernon Lee Warnick 

Susan Mar Woodward-Macarthur 

Master of Music 

Brian McCaffrey Clancy 
Stephen Ellis Lay 
Robert Edward Lemon 
Hirofumi Noguchi 
Jennifer Anne Royall 
Richard William Twigg 
Carlyie Glenn Weber 

Master of Public 

Anies Rasyid Baswedan 
Sharmt Chakravarti 
Christopher Ronald Dallas 
Roger Friedrich Stott 
Yoko Taniguchi 

Master of Public 
of Business 

Gayle Grablowsky Greenzaid 
Stephen J. Latham 
Talmadge Earl Seaman 

Master of Public 

Patricia Chandler Johnson 
Jamal Martin Kadn 
Travis P.Wagner 

Master of Science 

Aerospace Engineering 

Robert Fadian Cohen 

Bin Hao 

Carl Glen Henshaw 

Lawrnece Holland Kaye 

Makiko Kosha 

Sang Ki Lee 

Joshua Robey Potocko 

Lael vonEggers Rudd 

Wilson Fernando Nogueira Dos 

Marsha Renee Schwmger 
Jinwei Shen 
Jayant Sirohi 
Jon Robert Velapoldi 
Christopher Raymond Watlans 

Agricultural and Resource 

Peter Gottlieb 


Ted Andrews 
Steven Nathaniel Burch 
Tracey Anne Butler 
Anne Marie Grunberg 
Candie E. Schwartz 

Animal Sciences 

Lisa losephine Craig 
Sudha Komaragiri 


Faiza Haleem Malik 
Ning Zhang 

Biological Resources 

Matthew A. Bower 
Tammy Lou Oreskovic 




Catherine Maria Bowler 
Runa Chatterjee 
Linda Joyce Miller 
Tammatha Rose O'Brien 

Business and Management 

Wenching Chao 

Marc Elliott Gordon 

Wen-Shing Lee 

Haiyan Li 

Bryan Roquemore McClune 

Donny Prasetya 

Matthew David Redding 

Wen Ruan 

Qui Yang 

Chemical Engineering 

Matthew Peter OeLisa 
Miguel Angel Valle 

Chemical Physics 
Qianjun Gu 

Erika Andrea Jones 


Yu Guo 
Lin Lin 
Zhibo Lin 

Manvinder Singh Wahl 
Ye Yuan 

Civil Engineering 

Manal M.Al-Fadhala 
Seth Paul Brown 
Shirlene Marie Cleveland 
Christopher Crilley 
Dinorah Kunhardt Dalmasy 
EHas L. Demetnou 
Ruxandra M. Floroiu 
Michael Sean Griffith 
Rajeev Kumar Karamchedu 
Daniel David Leonard 
Christian T.H. Lindfors 

Bo Liu 

Yih Jiun Pan 

Daniel Alan Petno 

Laurence Jason Richards 

Ashok Sami 

Himanshu Sharma 

Bastien Simeon 

Eileen Maria Glass Singleton 

Roger Eugene Snyder 

Nancy Alison Straub 

Cynthia-Clare Tagoe 

Lisa Leigh Tate 

Hsin-Chung Tseng 

Brigida FatimaVan Doornik 

Christine Ann Wilkerson 


Liang Zhu 

Computer Science 

Fatma Betul Atalay 

Akash Bhatia 

Laura Gail Bright 

Jerome Brown 

Cheng-Fu Chou 

|ohn Dorst Guthrie 

Jeffrey Douglas Hetlin 

Kemal Kilic 

Anton L. Kirilov 

Svetlana Levitan 

Dejan Taoija Perkovic 

Eric Lee Peterson 

Darsana Visalakshy Purushothaman 

Scott C. Thomas 

Electrical Engineering 

Mark Delan Arking 
Shikha Bahl 
Efraim Berkovich 
Ruplu Bhattacharya 

SubbarajuV. Budharaju 
Todd Michael Carrozzi 
Nitin Chandrachoodan 

Wenjun Chen 
William Brian Cocks 
Daniel John Degutis 
John Thomas Dowdal 
Ajay K. Gupta 
Steve Wayne Haga 
Zhiyi Han 
Kevin Allan Ho 
Yimin Hu 
Krishnan K. Kailas 
Damianos Karakos 
Gebran Keith Krikor 
Yun Li 

Ahtit Limpongsa 
Michael David Miller 
Masoud Olfat 
Evan Taaved Pert 
Arvind Raghavan 
Tolga Sonmez 
Guoxi Sun 

Gregory Charles Tavik 

Yingwen Xu 
Xaanfeng Zhao 
Yun Zou 

Engineering Materials 

Prakash Shankar Arunkundrum 
John Russell Blackwood 
Brian Donald Cavett 
Elizabeth Miriam Forsbacka 
Ki-Chun Kim 
Frederick H. Lee 
Carl Hugh Nicholas 
Shapna Sultana Pal 
Hua Tu 

Engineering, Agriculture 

Erik Karlsson Biermann 
Kevin Joseph Coyne 
Monique Marie Johnson 
Phares Odiewuor Okelo 

Christopher Alan Streb 


Andrea Frances Huberty 
Hunsung Kim 
Judith Ann Wells 

Family and Community 

Carolyn Therese Biggs 

Kathryn Ducat Brown-Huamani 

Family Studies 

DawnVaden Abell 
Laurie Anne Alexander 
Valencia Andrea Belle 
Melissa Denise Bethea 
Irina Firsa Doctoroff 
Dunya Skolnik Hecht 
Ting Liu 
Laurel Ann Sydlansky 

Fire Protection Engineering 

Fernando Antonio Escalante 
Mary Patrice Hunstad 
John Edward Krawiec 
Ajay Vadlamam Prasad 
Jason Anthony Sutula 
Craig Patrick Thompson 

Food Science 

Pei Chao 

Denise Elaine Frebertshauser 

Michael T. Wetter 


Ronald G. Colyer.Jr. 
William Stephen Greenwood 


Samantha Dawn Heburn 
Jiaan Hu 



Human Nutrition and Food 

Jatinder Dora 
Sonali Kumar 

Marine, Estuarine and 
Environmental Sciences 

Holly A. Bamford 
Timothy Adams Battista 
Shannon J. Busby 
Donna Mane Buscemi 
Sara Jean Gottlieb 
Darnel Jason Hochman 
Hitoshi Kikawada 
Jennifer Ann Kraly 
Angie L. Lawrence 
Sabnna McGary 
Amy A. Merten 
Nicole Elizabeth Muir 
Kenneth I. Penland 
Jennifer Ann Schaatsma 
Mona Elisabeth Schweighofer 
William Anthony Severn 
Lance Thompson Yonkos 

Mechanical Engineering 

Mukul Anand 
Trevor Hendee Cole 
He Feng 
Ashok Gidwani 
Sameer Manohar Kerkar 
Krisada Kimseng 
Young-Do Kweon 
Philip A.L. Lovell 
Kevin Adrian Moores 
Dale Robert Morey 
Sashidhar Narahari 
Douglas J. Ortel 

Brian Austin Self 
Chi-Yu Martin Shay 
Antonio Pedro Silva 

Nivedan Tiwari 
Lei Yang 
Darning Zhu 


Mathew Anthony Barlow 
Running Tian 


Devi Chakravorty 
Thomas Edward Maguire 
Michael J. Popek 

Nuclear Engineering 

Amani Carter 

All Bellou Mohamed 

Brian Flint Rauch 


Tina Habash 


Satyan Gopal Bhongale 

Jesse Snow Alexander Bridgewater 

Heather Julie Fleming 

Timothy Paul Fleming 

Matthew Eric Hill 

Micah Shane Johnson 

Kunal Kishore 

Jeffrey Andrew Miller 

Marc Scheffler 

William Joseph Tangren 

Hsiao- Yun Yu 

Plant Biology 

Michael Roy Shives 

Poultry Science 

Joon H. Kim 

Reliability Engineering 

Mamsh Agarwal 
Nicholas Jerome Bahr 
Gopi Krishna Mandela 
Congmin Niu 

Survey Methodology 

Nancy C. Berson 
Kristin McCue 
Kenneth James Stewart 

Sustainable Development and 
Conservation Biology 

Xu Duan 

Charlene Houle 

Ingrid Kathanna Latchis 

Systems Engineering 

Stephanie C. Green 


Emir Arslanagic 
Sumner Lane Bruns 
Kenneth Eugene Gray 
Rajdeep Suresh Junnarkar 
Tu-Ming Ku 
Blaise Nietcho 
Todd Henry Schramm 
Vigna Tharmarajah 
Walter E. Weichselbaumer 

Candidates for 
Graduate Certificate 

Advanced Graduate Specialist 

Amy Elizabeth Blandford 





A.James Clark School 
of Engineering 

Bachelor of Science 

Applied Science Engineering 

Harry Lawrence Blake 

Environmental Engineering 

Brian Gary Marchionmi 
William Christopher Wallace 

Nuclear Engineering 

Dennis Augusto Garcia 
Edward H. Meehan III 


George Andreas Konstantakopoulos 

Aerospace Engineering 

Melody Dawn Aitken 

Jean-Marc M. Hennette 

George I. Huh 

Kevin Patel 
2nd Degree: Biological Science, 
Cell and Molecular Biology 
and Genetics 

Gregory James Pughese 

Melissa Ruth Turner 

Travis Terell Yerby 

Biological Resources 

Vera Acha-Ngwodo 

Maria Dolores E. Ballesteros 

Chemical Engineering 

Aileen Jeanette Baker 
N. Noel Barnon 
Kelvin K. Choi 
Nathan William Easterday 
-(-Christopher Stanton Hall 
Ravi Kumar Khanna 
Dirmtnos John Tsilikis 

Civil Engineering 

Kenneth Stephen Bauer 
Anthony Roland Becker 
Carrie Anne Bergling 
Scott W.Bradley 
Regina D.J. Campbell 
Paulo Miguel DeSousa 
Karen Mane Fiasco 
William Irenus Former 
Fedenco Garcia Lopez 
Jose Agustin Garzon 
Phesheya Ntokozo Gumedze 

Michael James Hamilton 

Fauwaz Usaid Hanbah 
Johnny Daehyon Horn 
Jella Denis Kaspa 

Timothy Michael Knight 

Jill Marie Kruzick Lehman 

Stephen AW. Mack 

Jose C. Malheiro 

David Lee McDonald 

Brian Mercedes Mdziniso 

Joseph H. Miller 

Jennifer Eleanore Novosad 

Craig Ronald Pool 

Keith Alexander Ramsay 

Carlos Henrique Rossin 
Gordon Fredrick Sheckells III 

Jennifer Elizabeth Tong 
Jenifer Mane Wade 
Carl Robert Wilson. Jr. 
Cynthia Lee Wong 
Fan Yang 

Electrical Engineering 

fOren Avigdor Avissar 
Edgar Spencer Bankhead, Jr. 
Todd D. Barrick 
Curtis Raymond Bly 
Marseille Marra Bunk 

Ni Trong Cao 
Ana Isabel Casas 
Richard Cheung 
Donovan Philip D'Souza 
Nikki Thanh Do 
David Alan Dossman 
Anton K. Dvorak 
John Thomas Eng 
*David Glenn Erickson 

2nd Degree: Music 
John Glenn Eshleman 
Brian Steven Eye 
Han Geeng 
Aviad Gefen 
|uergen Goebeler 
*Erwin Goesnar 
*Beth Amy Goodman 
Stephen Charles Gordy 
§Michael Roland Gouel 
Tinh Trung Ha 
Tarik Hamza 
Toan Ba Huynh 
*Myong Joo Jung 
Chih-Pin Kao 

2nd Degree: Computer Science 
Steven Anthony Kapinos, Jr. 
Christopher Daniel Kelly 
Sangita T Khatn 
Michael Kenneth Kissel 
*Songnth Kattiperachol 
Kwok Tung Lam 
Stephen Patrick Lashley 
John J. Lee 

Jose Alexander Leonor 
*HsiaoYin Lin 
Nancy Tarlton Linton 
*Mrugesh Dihpkumar Majmudar 
Khalid Mansoor 
Richard A. Mason 
Leonard Mazur 
John Scott McVicker 

Billy Huy Ngo 
Joseph Ferrel Nuzman 
Garrett Brant Oncale 
Eric Jong Park 
Paresh Prabhakar Patel 
Vimesh V. Patel 
Jonathan Glen Pfeifer 
Timothy Xuan Pham 
Prakruti S. Prativadi 
Marcel W. Pruessner 
Hayder Qaadri 
Amarjit Singh Rahi 
John Ochiel Reggy 

Brian Jackson Riley 

Francisco Rivas 

Albert N ashed Samaan 

|ohn Richard Sasse 

Tharveen Singh Sawhney 

Jane Annesley Schmidt 

Ihab Semmar 

Denis Antonio Sequeira Silva 

Kevin Chanyung Song 

Zheng Sun 

*Edmond Tomas 

Susan Ming Tsao 

-fNauman Uppal 

Francoise Marguerite Vaucresson 

Yong Wang 

Michael David Wells 

Gregory James Werner 
2nd Degree: Computer Science 

Sze-Lok Wong 

Shin Yuan Wu 




Fire Protection Engineering 

Mohamed A. Abdullah 
Viral Natu Anun 
Melissa Kay Anderson 
Anthony Colletto.Jr. 

§ Summa cum Laude f J '*'"'' """ La '" le 

* cum Laude 



Mark Alan Davis 
Robert Eugene DeLeyos 
Colin Edward Gamble 
Darren Michael Heater 
Jason Paul Huczek 
Keena Caprice Keith 
Shi Meng 
John B. Mitros 
J. David Peterson 
Kana Anitra Robinson 
Kenneth Joel Saks 
Randal] Thomas Sleight 
Steven Mark Strege 
*Eric J. Sutula 
Hsin Pei Wu 

Mechanical Engineering 

Adeleke Adewunmi Adegbenro 
Scott Anthony Carpenter 
*Adam Michael Casalena 
Sidney Grayston Chapman 
*Benjamin Bmg-Sien Chen 
Christopher Lane Cox 
James Philip Coyne 
Ross Adam Dickey 
Tracie Rosalie DiDio 
Timothy Chandler Dodge 
Amanda Clare Douds 
Michael Potter Dunnigan 
*Ongi Englander 
Mohammed Marwan Fariss 
Aaron Stefan Frazier 
Avi Marnin Gopstein 
William Brian Griffin 
Justin Charles James 
Corey Alexander Jovan 
Helen Elizabeth Kane 
Amy Lee 
Bryant Ernest Lee 
Reggie Hee Lee 
tjason Edward Lindler 
§Ryan Shawn McClelland 

Kevin D. Nims 
Kathleen Anne O'Brien 
Curtis Mandel Odar 
David Andrew Olson 
Eluminda T Orozco 
Samir M. Patel 
Brian S. Pienta 
Steven Richard Quinn 
*Charles Armstrong Sakers 
§Jason Scott Souder 
*Earle Malone Sparks 
Curtis Raymund Taylor 
Michael John Vanden Berg 
Guy Henry Wade 
Wayne C.Welch 
James Michael Wornick 

College of Agriculture 
and Natural Resources 

Bachelor of Landscape 

Robert Alan Brough 
Marjorie Claire Callaghan 
Davis S. Colwell 
Richard Nathaniel Jones, Jr. 
Scott Morris 
Babatunde Oyewole 

Bachelor of Science 

Agricultural and Resource 

Donald Christopher Braddick 
Nattily Nga Dang 
Carlos M. Fernandez 
Wilbert Bryan Lewis 
Michael Elliott Mulheron 
Mame Dior Ndiaye 
Gary Nicholas Novello 
John Chester Pavlovski 

Animal Sciences 

Marie Sakae Birckhead 
LaDean Maryn Butcher 
Lily I-Ting Cheng 
fLaura Elizabeth Ellestad 
Takisha Yvonne Knox 
Amanda Lee LaGoy 
Manuel Lopez 
Lonette Wagner Luther 
Hyun Jung Yang 

Biological Resources 

Daniel Seth Speakman 

Combined Agricultural- 
Veterinary Science 

Bridget Catherine Teates 

Conservation Soil, Water and 

Sanjai J. Parikh 

Crop Science 

Diana Marie Dobson 
Sara Moussavi 


Janelle Marie Allen 
Pamela G. Barainca 
Asher Anne Benezra 
Nicole M. Colletti 
Amanda Katherme Halcomb 
Mary Patricia Maday 
Binetou Cheikh Seek 
Jessica Heather Spivack 
Desire Holton Stapley 

Environmental and Park 

Jessica Danielle Conde 
John Andrew Hanna 

Food Science 

Trung-Trinh Thi Nguyen 
John Perry Sakowski 
Fru NdangTadzong 

General Agriculture 

Dori Lynne Thompson 


Marc Nelson Juba 
Amy M. Knotts 


Scott Loughndge Fordyce 
Bradley L. Hager 
Roham Roy Rahman' 
Lynn Marie Taylor 

Human Nutrition and Foods 

Jonathan Jay Chin 

Land and Water Management 

Kyong Ran Chung 
Eric Thomas Duce 
Shannon Kathleen Dunn 
Theresa Marie Kline 
John Joseph Lefeber 
Muhammad Z. Qamar 

Plant and Wildlife Resource 

Justin Matthew Dusza 
Heather Elizabeth Kenney 
>?Karyn Lynn Lehr 
Amy Beth Mongano 
Jeffrey Allen Tomlinson 
Michael Robert Walsh 

Turf and Urban Agronomy 

Kurt M.Wittman 


<: Summa cum Ltiudc "}" Magna cum Laudc * cum Liiutic 


School of Architecture 

Bachelor of Science 


Sean Brian Fisher 
Brett Owen Lundmark 
Steven Monroe Moore 
Enck Christian Morgan 
Charles Salieu Njie 
David R. Shema 
Thomas Anthony Toy 

College of Arts and 

Bachelor of Arts 

American Studies 

Amy Karen Eichenwald 
*Claire Alene Faulkner 
Brian Patrick O'Brien 

2nd Major: English Language 

and Literature 
Kevin Charles Smith 
Elisa Suzanne Stafford 
Meredith Lynn Walker 
Joseph Patrick Ward 
Marleen Heather Wenzel 

Art History 

Ireti M. Akinola 

William Alberto Campos 

Elizabeth May Bounds Davis 

Nicole Jenea Gibbs 

Henrik Pierre Gschwindt de Gyor 

Sung Woo Ha 

Stacy Heather Heit 

Tracy Elizabeth Hook 

Wendy M. Hurlock 

David Matthew Kerstetter 

Amy Lynn Metzger 

Ileana Del Carmen Roman 

Robyn Beth Seelig 
Cynthia J. Smidt 

2nd Degree: Education-Art 
Jane H. Song 

2nd Degree: Art Studio 
Laurie Ann Tylec 

2nd Degree: Art Studio 
Lacey May Vargas 
Alejandra Sofia Velez Paschke 
Shertonne Renee Whiting 

Art Studio 

Edward Alberto Araya 
Michael Basanta 
Regan Anne Billingsley 
Amy Rebecca Bozzo 
Rachel Kate Brandoff 

2nd Degree: Journalism 
Carla Joelle Brown 
Jason L. Brown 
Patrick James Burke 
Joanna Lynn Reyes Cano 
Drew Dwight Chase 
Asa H. Enckson 
Paola Castellon Escobar 
Stefame Elisabeth Fogleman 
Giselle G. Goicochea 

2nd Major: Spanish Language 

and Literature 
Songho Ham 

2nd Major: Art History 
Matthew Sean Higgins 
Joseph Andrew Hilseberg.Jr. 
Joshua William Hough 
Juan Carlos Iglesias 
Yoo-Sung Kim 
David Matthew Lehmann 
Kaneret Shelly Livnat 
Elisabeth Attwood Mahaffay 

2nd Degree: Journalism 

Lauren McCarthy Mallon 

2nd Degree: Speech Communication 
Jeffrey Mercer McArthur II 
Eric Matthew Monares 
Bryan Kramer Murray 
Robm Canete Nelson 
Sunghee Oum 

Abigail Justine Peterson-Finch 
Veromque M. Porter 
Marissa Ann Roche 

2nd Major: Anthropology 
Walter Eugene Rust 
Leila Shams 
Jane H. Song 

2nd Degree: Art History 
§Ken Yves Tanabe 
Laura Jean Taylor 
Judith A.Thompson 
Irene Chennsto Twalla 
Laurie Ann Tylec 

2nd Degree: Art History 
Jennifer Marie Valente 
Bree Andra Wagner 
Melissa Jeanne Yacuk 


Steven James Dineen 
Ji Hun Kang 
Anh Thi Le 

Classical Languages and 

*Daniel Jacob Kapust 

2nd Degree: Government and Politics 
Tonya Michelle Miller 


Jessica Martine Denson 
Jennifer Noelle Richardson 
Caryn Anne Stephan 
Christal Claire Winter 

English Language and 

Frank Vincent Alexander, Jr. 

Alisa Arlene Anderson 

Jen Nai Anderson 

Christopher Matthew Avore 
2nd Major: Speech Communication 

Tioga Inella Bazemore 

Rebecca Lynn Beausoleil 
2nd Major: Linguistics 

Traci L. Bentz 

Ezequiel Berdichevsky 
2nd Major: Psychology 

Jo-Ann Martine Billings 

Courtney Meredith Cabot 

Jonathan Mark Cadle 

Stephen R. Campbell 

Manho David Carrelli 

Sonia Lynn Chase 

Atesa Denise Conklin 

Thomas Cornelius Dee 

Pamela Lynne Dowell 

Maryellen Fickert 

Sophia Galifianakis 
2nd Major: Philosophy 

Eric Justin Goldsmith 

Shawna Jeanette Gooding 

Kristine Gregoire-Cope 
2nd Degree: Secondary Education- 
English (Language Arts) 

Andrew Bernard Hager 

Courtney Lauren Hanson 

Jessica Claire Higgins 

Tiesha Denise Higgins 

D.Andrew Hilder 

Susan Hislop 

My Ha Hoang 

Cassandra Janine Hoke 

Kimberly Nicole Jackson 

Brenda Kathleen Jones 

Justin Shannon Jouvenal 

(j Summa ami Laudc f Magna cum Laudc * aim Laud? 



Brandi Marie Kerns 

Taffanie Monique Ketema 

Wendy Colleen King 

Wendel Jay Damaso Ladnngan 

Abigail Hannah Levin 

Maria Pauline Lignos 

Lauren Rachel Lipscomb 

Michelle Marion 

Brian Neilson McFaden 

Christine Marie Michos 

Anne Mane Morganelli 

Sean Gars' Muller 

Jonathan Arthur Muss 

David Barron Nesselrode 

Colleen A. O'Boyle 

Alexandra Katenna O'Connor 

Courtney Kiernan Odum-Duncan 

Preethi Paresh Parmar 

Jennifer Elizabeth Paul 

Petal Perrina Elecia Powell 

Brian Eugene Rameau 

Melissa Janet Read 

Jill Rodgers 

Rebecca Lynn Ross 

Stacey Kathryn Russ 

Mona Saeed Ibrahim Salah 

Kathy K. Sanders 

Solomon Prabhatchandra Sarang 

Susan Claire Shanahan 

Lisa M. Simmons 

Jennifer Michele Sincavage 

Douglas David Singleton 

Francis James Smith 

Alexis AnOra Steadman 

Laura Marie Stevralia 

*David Alan Stockhoff 

Aimee Larayne Stuart 

Christine Helen Suh 

Megan Alysse Swartz 

Leshe Kay Terry 

Kristian Themstrup 

Claire Elizabeth Thombs 
Kern Lynn Thorpe 
Le Quan M.Turner 
John BeUingham Weir 
Keana Samantha Wilkes 
Ohmca Itasha Wright 

French Language and 

Philip Carter Abraham 
Sarah Broughton Anderson 
Traci Ann Carney 
Jeffrey Damien Gantt 
Natalie Ewa Hasny 

2nd Degree: Government and Politics 
K.ithenne Jean Henderson 
Latifa Fatima Jackson 

2nd Degree: Biological Science, Cell 

and Molecular Biology and Genetics 
Brian Edward Kail 
HyunYong Kim 
Pearce William Karl Miller 

2nd Degree: Economics 
Mary Margaret Vanlaer 
Ann Elizabeth Wolsey 

German Language and 

Alice Mae Berg 
Steven Arthur Birdsall 


Kwasi Awuah Aboagye 

Michael Augustus Ager 

William David Batdes 
2nd Degree: Secondary Education- 
Social Studies 

Jason Mark Bauer 

*Joseph Lanham Beavers 

Francesca Marie Callian 

Andrew Laurence Childs 

Erick Thomas Clark 

Devin R. Edwards 

Itasha I. Edwards 
Nikola Flanjak 
Jeffrey Vincent Foltz 
Kathleen Anne Fought 
Brian Austin Fraze 

2nd Major: Government and Politics 
Stephen Kirk Fn 
Catherine Alena Graven 
*Courtney Brook Hale Hacket 
Ray-Jean Han 

2nd Major: Japanese 
Basam Othman Hasan 
Alan Marshall Herring 
Darren Hess 
Donald Martin Holmes 
Edward J. Holt 
Max Ibadov 
Chima Ikpoidika Kalu 
Erin Jeanette Kanoy 
Edward C. Lee 
Phillip Lee 
Hector A. Martinez 
John Patrick McGuire III 
Sean Patrick Mitchell 
Shannon Elizabeth Mohan 
Kevin Charles Myers 
John Joseph O'Hara 
Michael James Peck 
Timothy Brion Ritter 
Catherine Elizabeth Aaryn Robinson 
Stacey Elyse Rosen 
Colin Lee Saba 
Marith E. Schuhart 
Danm Lynn Sanson 
Ian Douglas Tisdale 
Dungthanh Tran 
Victoria Elizabeth Ann Walsh 
Jennifer Lauren Watson 
Barnaby Leo Wattenmaker 
Jessica Carmel White 

2nd Major: Afro-American Studies 

Sean DWilkerson 


Sun-Hee Chang 
Kang Eric Chung 

2nd Degree: Marketing 
Grace Jae-Eun Han 
Jm Kyung Kim 
SoYeon Kim 
Pin-Fang Su 
Mark A. Wismewski 


Ararmnta Hammond 
Deborah Ann Rickert 


*David Glenn Enckson 
2nd Degree: Electrical Engineering 


Eric Michael Abramson 
Paul Damien Comlish 
William Brian Edges 
Eric S. Parnes 
*Ajay Nath Segal 

Romance Languages 

Giancarlo Gabnele Corsi 
Sara Christina George 
Lisa Kyung-Hi Lim 

Russian Language and 

Deimtry Dorfman 

2nd Degree: General Business 

and Management 
*Carohne Marysa Kovtun 
Angela R. S. McColhster 
Jason Alexander Schneiderman 

Spanish Language and 

Elizabeth Erin Bowers 
Josehne Dos Santos 


£ Summa cum Laude f A^grw cum Ltmde 



Kasey Lane Gronau 
Khaladi Clark Josephs 
Melissa Michelle Roach 
Petra Isabel Rodriguez 
Kendrajoy Southerland 

Speech Communication 

Brandon Keith Agamennone 
Gabriel Ivan Albornoz 
Luther John Alexander 
Linsey Denise Atwater 
Shawnree Lejoi Baker 
Kerri Janese Baldwin 
*Melissa Barlow 

2nd Degree: Government and Politics 
Barbara Benenati 
Ahcia Anne Bevington 
*Emily Noell Blagg 
Scott Phillip Blander 
Amanda Brett Blaskopf 
Islam A. Collins 
Gabriella Maria Dal Mohn 
Daren J. Dean 
Ronald Kenneth Elliott 
Sabiya F. Ellis 
Jessica Ann Francies 
Aarion Lynn Franklin 
Veneet Garg 
Sharon Lynn Gibala 
Laura K. Haser 
Heather Anne Holland 
Gerty Rachel Jacob 
Sinta P. Joyosumarto 
live Won Jun 
Rebecca Heather Kay 
Terence Michael Kennel] 
Michael Wolf Kleinniann 
Bo Young Lee 
Jennifer M. Lee 
Lauren McCarthy Mallon 

2nd Degree: An Studio 
Kevin Michael McCornnck 

Chris A. Mereos 

Lisa Danielle Michnewicz 

Monique Latasha Montague 

Catherine Elizabeth Nelson 

Vonnya Sabrina Pettigrew 

Bradley Morse Phillips 

Hart Matthew Rossnian 

William Richardson Ruhl 

Sanaz Sam Sadaghiam 

( 'hnstina Lynn Small 

Robert Stewart Stauffer III 

Leila Tavakoli 

Ian Richard Thomas 

Michael Alan Woo 



David Charles McKeever 

Women's Studies 

§Shara Lynn Boonshaft 
Dahlia Maria Reed 
Janette Kathleen Robinson 
Alexandra Michele Hunter Travers 

Bachelor of Music 


Ian Lawrence Sikora 


John Darnel Baker, Jr. 

College of Behavioral 
and Social Sciences 

Bachelor of Arts 

Afro-American Studies 

Tanuka Marcella Alexander 
Wanneh Deboe Clarke 
Tiffany Patrice Johnson 
Anneliese Katnn Jones 
Yusef Nathaniel Jones 

Memunah Olive Khadar 
Damien Southall 
Charles Morris Towns II 


Martin Adam Burd 
William Russell Byrne, Jr. 
Brett Emerson Edwards 
fBarbara Ellen Finmn 

2nd Major: Sociology 
Susan Carol Gordon 
Sara Ann Kahsh 
Katalin Jane Koda 
Michael Richard Lawson 
Jennifer Lois Purcell 
Carolyn Anne Schwarz 
Luz Mercedes Vides 

Criminal Justice 

Jeffrey Lincoln Drake 
Kelly Gang Stavely 

Criminology and Criminal 

Michael Ralph Ab.illo 
Stephen Marc Antkowiak 
Philip Arineno 
Cindy Lynn Armstrong 
Amy Mane Atwood 
Detra DaNae Ayers 
Jevencia Marie Barkwell 
fLaura Elizabeth Bean 
Dennis Scott Blake 
Megan Jo Bloom 
Christopher Jay Blue 
John Michael Bolton 
Robert Lee Brown 
Shannon Catherine Brunson 

2nd Major: Psychology 
Michael Oliver Busch 
Kirkland James Byrd 
Keawatin Javaughn Carter 
Christine May Cauble 

Christopher Matthew Coble 
Christopher Lee Coleman 
Michael A. DeMaine 
Alex Garrido Dias 

2nd Major: Sociology 
Jeremy S. Disten 
Roxanne M. Dover 
John Vincent Dutton 
Kevin Taylor Eisentraut 
Mazen Ramzi Eraifeg 
Ah Mahmood Eshghi 
Jessica Leilam Eshghi 
Miguel Antonio Everslev 
Shula W Ferguson 
Patrick Kenneth Fines 
*John Christopher Fischer 
Jason Louis Fisher 
Erin Fitzpatrick 
*Ashlee Susan Fulmer 
Marcus Douglas Galiber 
Matthew Allen Geris 
Melissa Diane Grabowski 
Scott Michael Graham 
Yvonne Joy Hohn 
Sabrina Sherry Hoke 
*Natalie Noel Hovis 

2nd Major: Family Studies 
Michael Todd Isen 
Minda Maude Island 
Sean James Keenan 
Anson More Keller III 
Changsup Kim 
Andrew Scott Krieger 
Christopher T. Kuzio 
John Robert Latino 
David William Light 
Stacy Renee Little 
Brian Patrick Marron 

2nd Major: Government and Politics 
Matthew Charles McBee 
Marcie Beth Miller 
Kenneth R. Molter 

§ Summa cum Laude | Magna cum Laude * cum I audi 



Michele Marie Mosbrucker 
fAshley Mane Murphy 
Sean Carlo Murphy 
Benjamin O. Ngene 
April Dawn Nuhn 

2nd Degree: Sociology 
Kelly Shawn O'Hearn 
Charles Lovette Owens, Jr. 
Bryan Jason Paige 
Demetri M. Pantazes 
Scott Christopher Parrish 
Sandra Alicia Penaherrera 
Sara Ruth Piorko 
Kevin Michael Popko 
Lynn Marie Porte 
Kurt Charles Pouhn.Jr. 
James Michael Quaker 
Francis Paul Radin 
Brian Michael Reese 
Jason Howard Reinhardt 
Alexander B. Rosen 
Jason Patrick Ross 
Joel Clifford Sackett 
Philip Andrew Sakala 
Michelle Christine Salmon 

2nd Major: Government and Politics 
Ellen Marie Salvemini 
Jordan Brian Satinsky 
Robert Johnson Saveland 
Michael Edward Schmidt 
Joseph William Sego 
Laura Anne Shoup 
Alhson Marie Spencer 

2nd Major: Psychology 
Melissa Megan Sperling 
Michael Keith Towles 
Patricia Tranquille 
Anthony Allen Tucker 
Jason Scott Turchin 
Christian Frederick Wetherbee 
John Edward Williams 

Maetmee ReginaYanon 


Mikhail Achilles Adamantiades 

Amanda Lee Adams 

Robert B. Agans 

Komran Reza Aghazadeh 

Faiz Ahmad 

Justin Joseph Aronson 

Karen Cecilia Bloom 

Ian Brown 

Kathleen Michelle Brown 

Antonio Retrig Cabezas 

Alvin Palencia Carbon 

Timothy Rimon Carter 

ChongWon Choe 

Firmus Albert Conte 

ySarah Anne Cooper 

Ben L. Crosby 

Olivia Crosby 

Papa Birama Fall 

Brian Alexander Flank 

Jen Loong Gan 

Maria Celeste Gentile 

Anne Marie Gravallese 

Marcus L. Grubb 

Michael Mathias Hart 

Jason Desmond Hill 

Timothy Michael Hurley 

Taehyung Kim 

Olivia Chikako 

Christopher Lee Leckner 

Hae Dong Lee 

Brian Christopher Loftus 

Scott Timothy McBrien 

Pearce William Karl Miller 

2nd Degree: French Language 

and Literature 
Asburton Augustine Milson 
Kyle Ramon Morsel! 
Bopolo Ndosi 
Kwame Poku Nimo 

2nd Major: Finance 
Kevin M. O'Connor 
Jae-Won Park 
Shreya Jagdish Patel 
fMiehael Eric Paul 

2nd Major: Government and Politics 
Jennifer Theresa Ratanavanich 
Sarah Kay Rosenwinkel 
Robert William Russ 
Mary Meghan Ryan 
Anuradha Salvi 
Michael B. Shekel 

2nd Degree: Accounting 
Michael E. Sommerfield 
Robert Alan Swartz 
Lauren Michelle VanDuser 
Jack S.Velasquez 
Christopher G.Walters 
John Thomas Wolff 
Braden Andrew Wolvin 

Government and Politics 

Camille Alicia Abrahams 
2nd Major: Afro-American Studio 

Cyracus Chukwunonye Anaele 

Teale Channing Armell 

Sara Elizabeth Atwell 

*Melissa Barlow 
2nd Degree: Speech Communication 

Charles Edward Beale 

Marc Avi Ben-Canaan 

Kimberly Ann Boissiere 

David Andrew Brunner 

fSean Andrew Cain 

Kyra Simmons Capen 

Christopher Michael Carbine 

Manosh Chakravorty 

Corey Ann Chandler 

Catahna Cock-Duque 
2nd Major: Sociology 

Claudia Jean Colimon 

Stephen Ray Collins 

Daniel Collins Delaney 
Keith Joseph Dominick 
David Peter Ebbe 
Jeffrey Lynn Eckert 
fGerardo Darnel Eidelman 
Andrew Law-son Farrell 
Eugen Filip 

Jason Christopher Finch 
John Ira Fleet III 
Kirsten Marie Frese 

2nd Degree: Journalism 
Darryl Kevin Giles, Jr. 
Douglas Edward Greise 
Natalie Ewa Hasny 

2nd Degree: French Language 

and Literatim 
Daniel Christian Hemmer 
Karen G. Hilsaca 
Diana Mane Hinton 
Joo Hyung Hong 
Faiza Javaid 
Ross S. Jeffries 
*Daniel Jacob Kapust 

2nd Degree: Classical Languages 

and Literatim 
Francis Frank Joaquin Klemm,Jr. 
Meredith Leigh Krase 
Matthew Robert Krieg 
Jeremy Peter Kuester 

2nd Degree: General Business 

and Management 
Ioannis Aristotle Laskaris 
Huy Anh Le 
William Booth Lescure 
Karen Liu 

*Mernam Sarah Lofgren 
Cylia Evonne Lowe 
Matthew Wade McMuUin 
Tiffarn Shaun McQueen 
Mazna Zaffer Mirza 


■ Summa aim l^iudc f Magna atm L*mdc 



* Andrea Tama Musalem 

2nd Major: Sociology 
Maria Barbara Nacos 
Laura Ann Navarro 
Gerald Jeffrey Noll 
Michael Allan Nurse 
Margaret Mary Palmer 
Christopher John Panuska 
Despina H. Papapostolou 
Esther Eun Kyung Park 
George Jai Park 
Barbara Guadalupe Pulgar 
Michael Francis Pupjak 
Rebecca Amy Reichman 

2nd Major: Criminology and 

Criminal Justice 
Anthony Michael Riess 
Andrea Rose Robinson 
Justin David Ross 
Val Rozansky 
Vivek Ramanlal Ruia 
Christina Joanna Salvi 
David Adam Schaeffer 
Mindi Elaine Sepamak 
Alexander Shames 
Stephanie Michele Simpson 
Joseph S. Solomon 
Karen Marie Stedman 

2nd Major: Spanish Language 

and Literature 
Spiros Nick Tatakis 
Egbevadoh Serge Tshamala 
Justin Wright Ward 
Brent Dwayne Whitlock 
David Wu 

Demetrios Thorn Zacharopoulos 
Hamida Fatima Zaidi 
Christina Lynne Zamer 

Hearing and Speech Sciences 

Sara Jane Booth 
*Chnsrine M. Lmklater 

Sally Louay Mahmood 
fNicole Jennifer Pope 
Monica-Leigh Price 
Marisha Patrice Saunders 
Jennifer Leigh White 


Shannon Christine Bradbury 
Joshua Robert Burdette 
Christopher Martin Chaka 
Mary Choi 
Coleen Christensen 
Joseph Matthew Cioffari 
Sara Michael Conners 
Tonya LaChele Davis 
Daniel Boylan Denney 
Michelle Monteiro Deville 

2nd Major: Criminology and 

Criminal Justice 
Tamir Sammy Diab 
Robert Paul Dickie 
*Joshua James Felsen 

2nd Major: Criminology and 

Criminal Justice 
Arlene Marie Gillespie 
William Edward Golding 
Pamela Waseme Graham 
fKatherine Mae Guenther 
Joshua Mark Hall 
fDebra Lynne Herbenick 
Anne Leah Hilsenrath 
Maryam Ayesha Ilahi 
Jennifer Suzanne Ingle 

2nd Major: Sociology 
Timothy Richard Jansen 
Tijan Samir Kaibni 
Amy Elizabeth Kennedy 
Katherine Elayne Kneale 
Ludwig Sasan Kragler 
Jennifer E. Krause 
Anderson Lee 
Mariela Fuenzahda Light 

Anthony David Majeran 
Kevin Todd Mason 
Shannon Lee Massengale 
Anjali Ram Mitter 
Inge Ohlenschlager 
Damani L. Orton 
Ada Paulett Priest 
Adnan Qureshi 
Louis Nathaniel Randall, Jr. 
Elizabeth Jeanneatte Sanchez 
Matthew Carl Schwimer 
Katherine Elizabeth Scutt 
Jonathan Michael Shatzkamer 
Cheryl Federico Shive 
Naina Shrivastava 
Alyssa Erin. Shultz 
Michelle Lynne Silberberg 
Erica Patrice White 
Herman King Wong 
SooY. Yang 


Bernard Atta-Boateng 
Henry Warren Baker II 
Michael Samuel Barrett 
Lauren Amanda Berodt 
Christine Michele Billings 
Sheila Denise Booker 
Amanda Lynn Bullen 
Laura Marjorie Burns 
Gregory Allen Claxton 
Kristin Santina Covington 
Meredith Anne Coyne 
Andrew Phillip Crawmer 
*BeverlyJan Geesin 
Joseph Anthony Graziani 
Tenta Rene Jackson 
Leon Anthony James 
Jane Xavier Joseph 
Jeane Kim 

Kimberly Ann Kirkland 
William Albert Littleford 

Matthew Marcus 

Matthew Christopher Markett 

Cara Ann McGowan 

Kristin Elizabeth McKmley 

Kara Lynne Morrison 

Tania Mutreja 

Yahaira Norris-Gonzalez 

April Dawn Nuhn 

2nd Degree: Criminology and 

Criminal Justice 
Mitchell S. Patterson 
FeiLxJohn Pompom III 
Ryan Matthew Rezzelle 
Caithlin Donnelley Ryan 
Evan Hunter Schwartz 
Jamie Michael Shuster 
Alexis Jeannine Thompson 
Steven Edward Tillman 
Julianne Venit 
Damela Webber 

Bachelor of Science 


Gordon Patrick Ainsworth 
Brent Douglas Anderson 
Shawn Michael Benham 
Michael Logan Cline 
Jennifer Kathryn Crump 
Elizabeth Anne Denms 
Didier Devers 
Frederick Henry Difiore III 
William Brad Distad 
Gregory Russell Fisher 
Michael Grewe 
Robert Scott Hanna 
Krista Serena Hanson 
Paul Edward Kerza-Kwiatecki 
Ronald W Luna 
Megan Rea Lyden 
Lisa Denise Murphy 
Craig Alan Ostovitz 

§ Summa cum Laude f Magna cum Laude * cum Laude 



Michael James Reed 
Misean Elizabeth Reed 
Louis Francis Saffell 
Patrick Michael Vaughan 
Michael Edward Wade 


Laurita Nkechinyere Ajagba 
Lisa Antonelli 
Caroline Lucy Conley 
Elizabeth Gudsnuk 
Deanna Lynn Hall 
Tracey Lynn Kogok 
Ryan M. Kraven 
*Sze Wai Lam 
Nicole Mane Mihalka 
Jeremy Daniel Pape 
Teneka Binti Polite 
William Bradley Rittase 
Joanna Catherine Rocchio 
Malaika Sherron Shell 
Jaime Danielle Shore 

College of Computer, 
Mathematical, and 
Physical Sciences 

Bachelor of Science 

Computer Science 

Folashade Omotade Adeyosoye 
Zahid M. Akhtar 
Steven Douglas Alexander 
Akosua Ampomabea Amoah 
Eric Frank Andreasen 
Bram Warfield Arrington 
*Russell Monroe Beall 
Bjorne Mane P. Beltran 
Joaquin Beltran 
Lev S. Blintchik 
Kevin M. Carruthers 
Amira Chalabi 

Winry Cheung 
Justin Sheng Chiu 
Peggy Peiyin Chu 
Matthew David Colello 
Edward Oliver Craft 
Douglas Martin Daniels 
Khiem Dae Doan 
Rick Christopher Ernest 
Curtis Neil Fernandez 
Gino Sergio Flores 
Diego Ignacio Garcia Lopez 
*Heather Ann Geber 
*Howard Jeflrey Goldgeier 

2nd Degree: Finance 
Bunny R. Gosalia 
Brian Scott Hak 
Ivan Shao-Fong Han 
Robert Matthew Harris 
^Daniel Jacob Heller 
Sarah B. Holley 
Steven Parks Kaeser 
Chih-Pm Kao 

2nd Degree: Electrical Engineering 
Ashish Manmohan Khianev 
Daniel Kiwon Kim 
Sung Kwon Kim 
Yohahn Hyunjong Kim 
Yowongjohn Kim 
Timothy Robb Kousky 
Hong Dieu Le 
Kathryn Elizabeth Lehker 
Nathaniel H. Lounsbury 
David John MacCormack 
Eugene Diaz Madlangbayan 
John Michael McGann 
Barbara Anne McGill 
Patrick Kenneth McGinness 
Dmitriy Vladimirovich Mylov 
Khanh Quoc Nguyen 
Viseth Peang 
Qitian Pu 

Elizabeth Anne Rodgers 

Robert Stephen Rodgers 

Aaron D. Rosenzweig 

Joel Michael Schnur 

Carlos S. Schooler 

Ashish I. Shah 

Aleksey G Snitkovskiy 

Rohit Soni 

Todd Andrew Surahk 

Onn Paul Sydney 

Christopher Damien Terenzi 


Jayant Arun Vete 

Michael Thomas Walker 

TiffYunfeng Wang 

Feng Wei 

Gregory James Werner 

2nd Degree: Electrical Engineering 
Nanci Nianci Wong 
Ki SungYoon 
QingYu Zheng 

2nd Degree: Management Science 

and Statistics 


Adrienne Tiffany Freda 
Theron Christopher Grim 
Matthew Wayne Heber 
Kathleen Louise Wright 


Meera Sanat Aghera 

*Pete Spencer Barrow 
2nd Degree: Secondary Education- 

Hicham Benkassem 

Michael J. Chung 

Joshua Leigh Fisher 

*Craig Leon Lambert 

Jooyeon Pauline Lee 

Deborah Mane Mahood 
2nd Degree: Secondary Education- 

Phu Dinh Nguyen 

Michael Shai Rosenbaum 

Cairo Srey 

Man-Ci Tarn 


Physical Sciences 

Kim Lee Comedy 
Vern Leroy Shird 


Ever Arnoldo Aguilar Guandique 
Alex Zarechnak 
2nd Major: Mathematics 

College of Education 

Bachelor of Arts 

Education- Art 

Elizabeth Anne Grieco 
Cynthia J. Smidt 

2nd Degree: Art History 
Kathryn Marie Sydnor 

Education-Music K-12 

Cathryn Inez Wanders 

Secondary Education-English, 
(Language Arts) 

*Shannon Carrie Airman 

2nd Major: English Language 

and Literature 
Brendan Joseph Cassidy 
Kristine Gregoire-Cope 

2nd Degree: English Language 

and Literature 

Secondary Education-Social 

Nicole Wendy Asquith 


$ Summa cum Laude "f Magna cum Laude 

cum Liude 


William David Battles 

2nd Degree: History 
Brian Patrick Duignan 
Richard Lee Jaquith 
Charlene Debra Lester 

2nd Major: Geography 
Martin Joseph Monn 
Jennifer Lynne Smedley 
Christopher Michael Smith 
William David Waddell 

Secondary Education-Theatre 
and English 

*Michelle Suzanne Kanotz 

Bachelor of Science 

Early Childhood Education 
Brenda Michelle Andrews 
Kevin Douglas Andrews 
Heather Marie Brown 
Danielle Lee Dorak 
Matthew A. Gamard 
Heather Michelle Gorman 
Amy Lynn Grammer 
Rama Elias Haddad 
Diana Alice Hagan 
Jennifer R. Hammer 
Laura Jean Hoffman 
Jeanna Lynn Knewaldt 
Jessica Lynn Levine 
Lisa Weiss Lihfeld 
Carrie Jennifer Lobar 
Martha Ann McGill 
Heather Laurine Mennell 
Robin Lynn Mohr 
Cynthia Dawn Ofenstein 
Michelle Marie Perez 
Nicole Marie Quinones 
Ona Reckling 
^Maureen Anne Reilly 
Kristine Agnes Ruth Ryland 

Avid Safaipour 
Lisa-Helen Shapiro 
Sherri Dianna Stevens 
Paul Vincent Surowiec 
Sarah Elaine Taylor 
Kimberly Marie Van Sant 
Stacey Marie Veitch 
fEngrid Chui-YingWu 

Education-Music K-12 

Timothy Norris Beall 
Ursula Adnanna Costa 
Timothy Joseph Girdler 
Eileen Mary Gow 

Elementary Education 

Meron Adefns 
Kristie Ann Albright 
Jordana Astrologo 
Cynthia Joyce Bartz 
[enna Michelle Bertrand 
Andrea Lynn Boxer 
Andrew Robert Bradshaw 
|acqueline Marie Carr 
Mary Ursula Carran 
Mi Jin Chang 
Kristina Sue Clark 
Eileen Mary Connor 
Kristen Ann Corbett 
§Donnarae Bemgna Curtis 
Fauzia Dawer 
Kathryn Margaret Enfield 
Michael Emmanuel Esse! 
Georgia Mae Foster 
Evelyn Yuen Ha 
Jee Young Han 
Abby Shaindel Holland 
Sharalyn Anne Hubler 
Melame Meeyoung Hyun 
Jennifer Lynn Jones 
fTrisha Lynn Kagey 
Audrey Michelle Kantorow 

Kimberley Marie Kerns 
Lila Kim 

Corey James Kinsella 
Lynn Michelle Kraft 
Andrew Austin LaVoie 
Sharone Clara Lerner 
James Clark Miller 
Karen Ann Morns 
Donna Elizabeth Perry 
Cynthia Marie Pierpoint 
*Patnck Christopher Richardson 
Francine Marie Scafone 
Mary Lawrence Silverman 
Rossanna Maria Snellings 
^Kathleen Michelle Steele 
Clayton James Stewart 
Rhonda Vernell Thompson 
Lauren Elizabeth Tobin 
Robert Li-HsinTsai 
Sherise Joset Vickene 
Angela Fiorella Vizzo 
Rebecca Jean Wukitch 
Catherine Zizlavsky 

Secondary Education-Social 

*Pete Spencer Barrow 

2nd Degree: Mathematics 
Clifford Kent Bott 
Alison Leigh Brodt 
§Gary W. Roush 

Secondary Education- 

Michele Renee Cocchiaro 
Rikki Renee Corr 
Kelly Ann Hopkins 
Anna Maria Lopez Llanes 
Deborah Marie Mahood 
2nd Degree: Mathematics 

Special Education 

Elaine Ann Greene 

Teresa Ann Schmidt 

College of Health and 
Human Performance 

Bachelor of Science 

Family Studies 

Shana H.Arsenault 
Suk-Ching Sandy Au-Yeung 
Sharon Margaret Battiste 
Cheryl Anita Borden 
Maureen Elizabeth Chambers 
JoAnne Elizabeth Courtis 
Anne-Marie Dabdoub 
Lisa E. Evans 
Julie Lynn Faust 
Karen Elizabeth Files 
Marie Phyllis Gallagher 
Jennifer Ann Graves 
Terry Mason Gunn 
Stephanie Ewinda Hayes 
Norah Catherine Heinle 
Debbie Anne Hewitt 
Nicholas Jon Heynen 
Mehssa Dawn Howell 
Kern Maria Hunt 
Traci Rene Hurst 
Robert Edward Johnson II 
Mary Christine Lalka 
Beth Ann Latzo 
Kara Anne Lotto 
Brian Daniel Marquis 
Olethia Clarice McBnde 
Grace Ann Azcarraga Nebres 
Rachel Anne Petersen 
Kelly Ann Purcell 
Amy Lisa Radinsky 
Karli Richards 
Kristi Saxon 
Rebecca Gae Sheppard 
Shamara Indra Divindi Singh 

§ Summa (wit Lattde "{" Magna (tun Laude 

i Laudt 



Janice Elaine Smith 
Grace Nasser Sussan 
Shawn Deldrea Thomas 
Wendy Lyn Warren 
Alison Eve Wiley 
Sarah Elizabeth Wilkinson 

Health Education 

Lisa Dons Bernstein 
Gregory Cantave 
Cari Ann Hays 
Pardess T. Kahnovitch 
HeeYun Kim 
Susan Lee 
Dana Mandy Lefko 
Julie Ann Maione 
Julia Argentina Matute 
Angela Lynne Milcetic 
Helma Arvind Parikh 
Michelle Lyn Raley 
Natiqua Casilda Riley 
Tncia Alicia Schwartz 
Korto Priscilla Sherman 
Gabnella Miyuki Uza 
Mary Margaret Vines 

Kinesiological Sciences 

Ryan Daniel Abbott 
Jason H. Adams 
Kimberley Britt Adolphs 
Akil Shomari Benjamin 
Jason William Bodnar 
Beth Ann Bradley 
Nealjadormio Caburian 
Michael Anthony Camp 
Mischelle J. Canter 
Kathryn Kirkpatnck Cate 
Stephanie Lorraine Cross 
Eureka LaPearle David 
Christine Marie De Bow 
Mary Lynne Doll 

Marsha Olga Tracelyn Edwards 
Virginia Yvonne Fairfax 
Ansel A. Floy 
Andrea Beth Freidkin 
Roye Joel Greenzaid 
Michael Thomas Guilbault 
Melissa Anne Hoff 
Michelle Lyn Hopkins 
Ryan Kudrak Howe 
Brian Dean Jackson 
Glenn Joseph Kneeland 
Arthur Joseph Lievre 
Mark Lodovici 
Neil Mallinson 
Kristen L. Mannelli 
Kevin Michael McHugh 
Renee Darlene Miller 
Richard Alton Mitchell 
Gregory George Murray 
Nwawueze Ihuaku Onyevvu 
Anthony Gale Page 
Kathryn Grace Reutemann 
Richard Francis Ruyter 
Heather Erica Schadler 
David Anthony Scott 
Eliot David Sokalsky 
Georgina Elizabeth Solon 
John William Studgeon II 
Robert Lane Van Allen 
Andrew Craig Williams 
Danette Alicia Zepeda 

Physical Education 

Tricia Ann Burdt 
John Kevin Kylus 
Lori A. Pauxtis 
Deborah Ann Skelly 
Wendy-Beth Way 

College of Journalism 

Bachelor of Arts 


Christopher Daniel Alexander 
Michael Joseph Arenas 
Byron Griffith Benner 
Rachel Kate Brandoff 

2nd Degree: Art Studio 
Sarah E. Chapin 
William C. Chapman 
Elizabeth Hee Chu 

2nd Major: Art History 
Samuel Clover 
Whitney Michelle Detwiler 
Ogochukwu Sylvia Ekezie 
Eduardo Andres Enema 
Christopher George Finan 
Andrew Charles Frankel 
*Amanda J. Crawford Franquist 
Christina Erin Frasch 
Kirsten Marie Frese 
2nd Degree: Government and Politics 

Diego Martin Garcia 

Paul Fritz Hahn 

Eric Scott Hartwig 
2nd Major: Government and Polities 

Tze Shiung Ho 

Douglas Rodney Knight Holl 

Francie M. Israeli 

*Andres Izquierdo 

Michael Eugene Johnson 

Keena Momque Jones 

Kristen Leigh Kmght 

*Stacy Leibowitz 

Matthew Jay Lesko 
2nd Major: Government and Politics 

Elisabeth Attwood Mahaffay 
2nd Degree: Art Studio 

Steven Marc Matty 

Marceia T Melton 

Danielle Bndgid Minogue 

Daniel Thomas Murphy 

DeniseY. Muse 

Melissa Darline Nolan 

Augusta Marie Olsen 

Susanna Nicole Palmer 

Sean Christopher Phelan 

Brian Carlton Reinert 

Claudia Trinidad Melendez Renehan 

David Michael Reynolds 

Darnel Rochkind 

2nd Degree: Accounting 
Renee Cidell Samuels 
Kenneth Robert Schappelle 
Samara Beth Schwartz 
Jenna Ann Seery 
Daniel J. Sernovitz 
Amy Jacobs Shellabarger 

Dana Michelle Silberman 

David Christopher Strickland 

Patrick Gerard Sullivan 

Christopher Nathan Thatch 

Karen Mansa Torneri 
Jaimee Lynn Turek 

Andrea Martins Vieira 

♦Matthew Alan Walcoff 

Catherine Maria Welch 

Brittany Michelle Williams 

Eric Alan Wolk 

Kristy Ann Wright 

Christopher Kenneth Ytuarte 

Carolyn Marie Zajano 

Gregg Robert Zucker 


§ Summa mm Limit t M"S"" """ L "'" lc * '""' ^"^ 


College of Life 

Bachelor of Science 


Aaron Austin 

2nd Degree: Biological Sciences, 

Brian James Boynton 

2nd Degree: Biological Sciences, 

Physiology and Neurobiology 
David Kojo Hamilton 
Anwar Husain 
Jason Patrick Meyenburg 
Moses Clifford Nwala 
Jason Edward Rheinstein 
Gregory Michael Riedlinger 
Phillip Seung Shin 
Chris Edward Surowiec 

Biological Sciences, General 

Cholynne Caday Agumaldo 
Louis William Andrews, Jr. 
Naela Moshtary Bashar 
Shanay Q. Cambosos 
Diana Tik Wai Chan 

2ml Major: Economics 
Song Eun Cho 
Petiecha S. Cummings 
Ryan Craig Diener 
Ngoc B. Diep 
Angeli Nicole Dowla 
Tina Walu Emoungu 
Brandi Frazier 
Ronnie M. Halim 
David Seth Hecht 
Heema Devi Inderdass 
Kosumque Tamesha Jenkins 
Nandita Kapur 
E. Sage Lockhart 
Veronica Francisca Lopez 

Kevin Patrick Mahoney 
Thomas Ramsay McElroy 
Mitchell A. Nicholas 
Maura Kathleen O'Rorke 
Obinna Uniunna Okoroma 
Melissa N. Parker 
Russell Alan Payne 
Kristina Louise Pilitt 
Hina Imran Qureshi 
Kim Mane Redfearn 
Jennifer Lynn Scott 
Nalud Shirzady 
Eugene Sim 
Tihitina Taffesse 
Jerome Edmund Weiland, Jr. 
John Raymond Wilhelm III 
Michael Vincent Williams 
Radha Ram Wilkinson 
Susan Cheryl Zaretsky 

Biological Sciences, 
Individualized Studies 

James Anthony Demas 
Virginie N.Van Wissenhove 

Biological Sciences, Cell and 
Molecular Biology and 

Chye Boon 

Stephen R. Brown, Jr. 

Robert James Cross 

Agnes Joanna Demianski 

Eric Hang 

Susan W. Ho 

Latita Fatima Jackson 

2nd Degree: French Language 

and Literature 
Preeti Kumar 
Jen-Yi Lee 
N. Nicholas Lysenko 
Julia O'Brien Martin 
Mollie Anne Mulhenn 

Toan Dinh Nguyen 
Kevin Patel 

2nd Degree: Aerospace Engineering 
Eric Nathan Rabovsky 
Atika Jaffar Rizvi 
Nooreen Fatima Rizvi 
Mena Royan 

Lori Westmoreland Schoenfeld 
Abdulnasir Mohammed Shash 
Sudhita Karumuri Subbarao 
Ijeoma Oluchi Ugbor 
Erica Kirsten Zeim 

Biological Sciences, Ecology, 
Evolutionary Biology and 

Tamara Rochelle Hinton 

Biological Sciences, 

Bijan Shams-Pirzadeh 
Jaime Michelle Vandarwarka 

Biological Sciences, Marine 

Joseph John Demma III 
Sylvia Michelle P. Diez 
Kasandra Michelle Kent 
■("Louise Parlin Meyer 

Biological Sciences, 
Physiology and Neurobiology 

Rashidatu Aza Adam 
Mane Paula Yancie Ennquez Alvero 
Shahram Amin-Darolzabi 
Michelle Lynn Hye-Ri-Won 

David Robert Blazina 
Brian James Boynton 

2nd Degree: Biochemistry 
In Hye Cho 
Lucy Margaret Clerkin 
Angeline Bertha David 

David Michael Fitzmaunce 
Dara Ann Gidin 
Timothy Gardner Goold 
Robert James Habicht 
Shalanda Denia Lyons 

2nd Major: Psychology 
Stacy Allison Mandras 
fAlex Shokouhi Mohsem 
Scott Holland Muns 

2nd Major: Psychology 
Ugochukwu E. Nwaeze 
Ada-Nkem Angela Nwaneri 
Akash Nayan Pandya 
§Darryn Richard Potosky 
Sarah Ranjbaran 
Michael Deodat Seonarain 
Shekou Momodu Sesay 
Biniyam Tilahun 
*Ilan Z.Weinberger 
Michael Joseph Welch 
YiYa Zhou 

Biological Sciences, Plant 

Rebecca Elisabeth Bierman 
Anna Fielding I nee 
§Jay Edward Taylor 

Biological Sciences, Zoology 

Aaron Soham Austin 

2nd Degree: Biochemistry 
Tressa Lynn Dolbeare 
Anne Louise Ferguson 
Michael John Hmsvark 
Monica Paige Newell 
( uii lad Pribluda 
(Jennifer Marie Price 
Erin Cathleen Stewart 
Andrew Antonio Wright 


Soo-Yeon Keri Aim 
Jane C. Hong 

(; Summa cum Laude f Magna cum Laudt * cum Laude 



Therese Wu Vardon 
Michael George Webster 
Carolyn Rose Williams 
Young-Sil Hong Yang 


Mike Hsieh-Fong Chang 
Emily Elizabeth Clements 
Chinyere Ibegwam Ibegwam 
Christopher James Larkin 
Carl Christian Lewin 
Kehinde Modupeolu Osifade 
Raquel Antonia Peat 
David Jay Rubin 
fTina Louise Tootle 
2nd Major: Biochemistry 

Robert H. Smith 
School of Business 

Bachelor of Science 


Nadeem Akhtar 
Kendra Christine Aldrich 
*Steven Andrew Amato 
Michael Dwight Ansell 

2nd Major: General Business 
Najia Assefi 
James Jason Atkinson 

2nd Major: Finance 
SjBinh Thu Au 
Kristina Lyn Baartz 
Sameh I. Bebavvy 
Michael Brandon Bell 
Adam Scott Benesch 
Dennis Paul Benevicz. |r 
Thomas David Berlin 
Sihen Negatu Beshah 
Marialee Supapo Borbajo 
Carole Lynn Bussom 
Adena Sima Bustow 

William Jon Campbell 
Christopher J. Care 
Nancy Cheng 

2nd Major: Finance 
Thomas Choi 
Michael Brent Cimino 
Gloria Conceicao Costa Cruz 
Delvon Demetrius Darden 
Samaj Kyshen Dass 
Michael B. Davis 
fWei Ding 

2nd Major: Finance 
Lan Do 

Marianne Evette Donaldson 
Paul Maurice Douglas 

2nd Major: Management Science 

and Statistics 
Glen David Eads 

2nd Degree: Finance 
Belete Yeshitila Endale 

2nd Degree: General Business 

and Management 
Adi Englander 

2nd Major: Finance 
Uchechukwu Linda Ezegbunam 

2nd Major: Economii I 
Charles M. Gravallese 
Robert William Gray III 
fBrandon Daryl Grimm 
David Gregory Hilker 
Kevin Matthew Horowitz 

2nd Major: Criminology and 

Criminal Justice 
Victoria Yung-Cheng Huang 
Michael Hung 

2nd Major: Finance 
Shawnna L. Hustings 
Carl Douglas Jones 
Lisa Beth Kaiser 
Wonchoong Kang 
SjAriela Kestenbaum 

Mohamed Mohagoub Kheiry 

*Heejung L. Kim 

Anne J. Kuh 

Christopher Ivers LaBonge 

Brandon |aehyun Lee 

Brian Hyunsoo Lee 

Wilson Kwok-Kid Lee 

fHaiying Li 

Keith Thomas Lister 

Ellen Liu 

2nd Major: Finance 
Jui-Ting Tina Liu 
fHoi Lam Lum 
Ira Adam Lupkin 

2nd Major: Finance 
Van Gia Luu 

Kenule Ronnette Maddox 
Christopher Michael Mahon 
fUmang Malhotra 
Philip Victor Maslan 

2nd Degree: Finance 
Mark Andrew McGrath 
Maria Elena Menjivar 
Christine Le Ngo 
Pamela Chinyere Nwaneri 
*LaTonya Renee' Oliver 
Babyemi Olatokumbo Omotola 

2nd Major: Finance 
fAmir Hanan Peleg 

2nd Major: Finance 
Tram Xuan Pham 

2nd Major: Management Science 

and Statistics 
Richard Allen Atwell Phillips 
Francis James Picktord 
Glenn Edward Pollard 
Jonathan Edward Porter 
Jennifer Gale Posner 
Daniel Rochkind 

2nd Degree: Journalism 
Justin Joseph Rolhson 

Jeffrey Stuart Rosen 

2nd Major: Finance 
Michael Eric Roth 
Charles Peter Rotondo 
Linda Kay Sellner 
David Jason Shane 
Michael B. Shekel 

2nd Degree: Economics 

2nd Major: Finance 
Shlonut Shekel 

2nd Major: Finance 
Sung Chul Sim 
James Christopher Sole, Jr. 
Pei-Tzu Song 

2nd Major: Management Science 

and Statistics 
Pei-Yun Song 

2nd Degree: Management Science 

and Statistics 
Ryan Leslie Speight 

2nd Major: Criminology and 

Criminal Justice 
*Shawn Patrick Streeter 
Nicholas Thomas Stuart 
Christopher Brian Summers 
Evelyn Ann Sumpter 
Nathalie Boumi Tchouante 

2nd Major: Finance 
Barry Jeffrey Tesser 

2nd Degree: Management Science 

and Statistics 
fMichael John Thompson 
Cuong Gia Tran 
Nicholas Peter Tsahalis 
*Vicky Lynn Tucker 
Manish P. Vanodia 
Ella Marie Walker 
Kaylan Wang 
Kareemah Aisha Weans 

2nd Major: Criminology and 

Criminal Justice 


§ Summa cum Laude f Magna cum Laude * cunt Laude 


fLaurie Anne Weiss 
Larry Vann Whitehurst 
Brandy L.Wilson 
*Po Shan Woo 

2nd Major: Economics 

2nd Major: Management Science 

and Statistics 
Kwan-Tseung Alvin Yu 

2nd Major: Finance 


§Laurinda E.Adjodha 

2nd Major: Marketing 
■iPnti Aggarwal 

2nd Degree: Management Science 

and Statistics 
Christopher Joseph Antos 

2nd Major: General Business and 

Michael Jose-Pontes Araujo 
Edwin M.Ashourian 
Christina Renee Beal 
Jesse Michael Birndorf 
Tamika Francester Bishop 
Allen Patrick Blackburn 
Walter Arvine Blair 

2nd Major: General Business 
Vaneesha Rochelle Boney 
Edward Darnel Brooks 
DeShawn Terrell Butler 
Yongjoon Choi 

2nd Major: General Business 

and Management 
Julie Anne Deza Chua 
Erik Riley Clore 
Kevin Joseph Colleran 
Pamela Joy Corrington 
Bradley Walter Dahlin 
Andrew Wayne Dingess 
Eric Ross Dreisen 

Glen David Eads 

2nd Degree: Accounting 
Kim Marie Eifler 
Michael Russell Epperson 
Ronald G. Eritano 
Gregory Jun-Ray Fang 

2nd Major: Marketing 
Susan Frances Filer 
Christopher Michael Fisher 
*Michael Joseph Flannery 

2nd Major: Accounting 
Maria Eugenia Garcia-Lopez 
William Patrick Gillon 
f Howard Jeffrey Goldgeier 

2nd Degree: Computer Science 
Mudit Gupta 

2nd Major: General Business 

and Management 
Michael Hunter Hawes 

2nd Major: Marketing 
Seth Michael Keller 
Shane Ho Kim 

2nd Major: Management Science 

and Statistics 
Jose A. Kliksberg 

2nd Major: General Business 

and Management 
Martine Hugues Laroche 

2nd Major: Economics 
Diane LaiYee Lee 

2nd Major: Accounting 
Philip Victor Maslan 

2nd Degree: Accounting 
Christopher Robert Mattia 

2nd Major: Economics 
Christine Mary McElroy 
Marsha Gaye Mcintosh 
*Ryan Alan McKenzie 
Jeffrey Todd Meacham 
Matthew Timothy Meagher 
Blene Mekbeb 

James Douglas Milne 
Sonia Moon 

2nd Major: General Business 

and Management 
Evan Jeremy Morick 

2nd Major: General Business 

and Management 
Dastin Mirjaya Mudijana 
Stephanie A. Mutchler 
Andrew Jason Nellius 
Patricia Laverne Allouch Owino 

2nd Major: General Business and 

Hee Eun Paik 
Rosemaela Baltazar Parker 
Ariel Baruch Porath 
Kevin Jason Proctor 
Daniel Theodore ProuLx 
Eric Anthony Putney 
Sebastian Lorenzo Ramos 
Prospero Darrell Roda 
*Dani Rae Russell 

2nd Major: Marketing 
Kalajocelyn Samuel 

2nd Major: General Busmen 
Abdulkadir Ahmed Sharif 
Davi Song 

2nd Degree: Management Science 

and Statistics 
Marjorie Stafford 

2nd Major: Accounting 
Xochitl Sunshine Strohbehn 
Hai Hong Sun 

2nd Major: General Business 

and Management 
Kerry Leigh Truban 

2nd Major: Logistics and 

Bryan Thomas Vander Putten 
*Elke Barbara Wolf 

2nd Major: Accounting 

General Business 

fLaura Elizabeth Alexander 

2nd Major: Finance 
Sandra Christine Beaver 

2nd Major: Spanish Language 

and Literature 
Ruhee Sathaye 

General Business and 

Jana Alyse Abramson 
Yetunde Adejumoke Alafe 
Tracy Marie Bland 
Thomas Christian Brunhart 
Julieta Canizales 

2nd Major: Marketing 
Mark Gibson Dildine 
Amy Nicole Donlon 
Demitry Dorfrnan 

2nd Degree: Russian Language 

and Literature 

2nd Major: Management Science 

and Statistics 
BeleteYeshitila Endale 

2nd Degree: Accounting 
Edgar Alberto Garay.Jr. 
Alvaro Eduardo Gonzalez 
Charles Chung-Chi Hsieh 
Catherine Chia-Hui Hung 

2nd Major: Marketing 
Daniel Anthony Jackson 
Sherryl Elizabeth James 
Anthony Daher Kazzi 

2nd Major: Marketing 
Young Joel Kim 
fLanaYou Kong 
Jeremy Peter Kuester 

2nd Degree: Government and Politics 

§ Summa aim Laude \ Magna atm Laude * cum Laudc 



Franky Lengkong 

2nd Major: Management Science 

and Statistics 
Vernon Joseph Matulonis 
Antonios Mavrellos 

2nd Major: Logistics and 

Devin James McDonald 
Elizabeth Frances Moreno 
Safia A. Naqvi 

2nd Major: Marketing 
Jaehyun Oh 
[ason Kenneth Petralia 

2nd Major: Logistics and 

fHolisoa Rasamoelina 
Joy Takia Janace Riley 

2nd Degree: Marketing 
Misato Saiki 

2nd Major: Logistics and 

Keith Wayne Swiger 
Dung Thanh Tran 

2nd Major: Finance 
Thomas Edward Uncheck 
Dawn Mane Woods 
Zhong Xia Wu 

2nd Major: Marketing 

Human Resource 

Lisa Michelle Boyer 
Ani Angelica Carapetian 
*Tiffany Terry Hill 
Evelyn E. Hooker 
Kristie Renee Millnun 
Amy Alyssa Raymond 
John Kevin Renehan 

2nd Major: Marketing 
Matthew David Siegel 
Kathleen Mary Stone 

2nd Major: Psychology 

Logistics and Transportation 

Richard David Bors 
Kristen Jennifer Brown 
Eric Scott Devereaux 
tjoseph Drasin 

2nd Major: Economics 
Philip Jay Ludmgton 
Eric Eugene Mayo 
Meredith Ann Meng 
Shelly Ng 

2nd Major: General Business 

and Management 
Nathaniel Adams Osgood 

2nd Major: Marketing 
Tracey Marie Pederson 
Mark Paul Pistono 

2nd Major: Marketing 
Terence Latrencski Sanders 
Eiad Ziad Sayyad 

2nd Degree: Management Science 

and Statistics 
Ann M. Seegel 
John Louis Steele III 

2nd Major: Marketing 

Management Science and 

jPriti Aggarwal 

2nd Degree: Finance 
Tariq Adnan Al-Muhtasib 

2nd Major: Logistics and 

Vijay Krishna Ankem 
*Epi Atencio.Jr. 
Asim Mahmood Awan 
Adam Berlickij 
Andrew Loren Betaharon 
Mireille J. Chaaya 

2nd Major: General Business 

and Management 
May Chen 
Chhayrithy Phavann Chhuan 

Jamey Brian Cohen 
*Sharon R. D'Souza 
Sheryl L. D'Souza 
fTracey Marie Diep 
Ryan Jeffery Edwards 
Maggie Suet Yung Ho 
Billy Deon Holiday 
Meredith Brookman Huntley 
Dai Hoai Huynh 
Jolly John 
Karen Gillian John 
Steven Paul Johnson 
Paola Liliana Jurado 
Eden Luise Kroeger 
Kevin Shao-Long Lee 

2nd Major: Management Science and 

Statistics: Decision and Information 

Brian Scott Lupson 
Andres Eduardo March 
Brian Mitchel Markowitz 
Ah Nesson 

Margaret Wai-chuen Ng 
*Nikhilesh Rao 
Eric Charles Rehr 
Eiad Ziad Sayyad 

2nd Degree: Logistics and 

Rina Shrestha 
Jason Paul Siesko 
Donald Howard Singer 
Davi Song 

2nd Degree: Finance 
Pei-Yun Song 

2nd Degree: Accounting 
Steven Michael String 
Kathleen V. Suryadeth 
Sewell Tang 
Barry Jeffrey Tesser 

2nd Degree: Accounting 
Steven P.Thompson 

Brent Morris Wamble 
SSachith Madhava Wijetunga 
James Christopher Woo 
Leonard Meng EweYeo 

2nd Major: Finance 
[in Bin Zhang 
QingYu Zheng 

2nd Degree: Computer Science 
David Benjamin Zucker 

Management Science and 
Statistics: Decision and 
Information Sciences 

Bobbie Jane Dickerson 
Jason Thomas Huff 
Rajeev Mannan 
Nikki D. Shah 


Tina Nichole Ambrosini 
Carrie Anne Boyle 

2nd Major: Spanish Language 

and Literature 

3rd Major: General Business 

and Management 
Josephine Brent 
James Christopher Brown, Jr. 
Andrew John Cho 
Kenia Ann Choate 
Kang Eric Chung 

2nd Degree: Japanese 
Kan Lynn Clifford 

2nd Major: Finance 
Peter William Coughlin 

2nd Major: Logistics and 

Jayme Palmer Dawson 
Karen Farrell Dippenworth 
Chad Andrew Feldman 
Lisa Ann Feldstem 
Sergio Miranda Fernandes 
Teresa Marie Flamgan 


§ Summa aim Laude t AAjcmj mm Laude * cum Laude 


Dianne Marie Gooch 
James Francis Green, Jr. 
Joel Michael Greenberg 
Daniel Keith Guenther 
Daniel Solomon Haber 
Kendra Inesa Halper 
Andrew Scott Haninie 

2nd Major: General Business and 

[essica Ann Hartman 
Priya Job 

Brian Christopher Kaminski 
Howard Michael Knopf 
§Albert Lee 

2nd Major: Management Science 

and Statistics 
Peter Ian Levine 
Sean Patrick McGuire 

2nd Major: Logistics and 

Megan Dodd McNeha 
Christopher P. Miller 
Sepideh Naficy 

2nd Major: General Business 

and Management 
ijFelix Andres Olmo 
Felipe Cerbino Peres 

2nd Major: Finance 
Koswara Pradmata 

2nd Major: Logistics and 

Traci Diane Richards 
Joy Takia Janace Riley 

2nd Degree: General Business 

and Management 
Andrew Kenneth Robinson 
David Andrew Schey 
§Amy Melissa Schlom 
Ryan Thomas Smith 

Laurie Stein 

2nd Major: General Business 

and Management 
Ronald Shelton Stewart 

2nd Major: Logistics and 

John Marshall Williamson 
Brigitte Leigh Wmklbauer 

2nd Major: General Business 

and Management 
Wenbo Yao 

2nd Major: General Business 

and Management 

Undergraduate Studies 

Bachelor of Arts 

Individual Studies 

Susan M. Gardiner 
Brendan Patrick Heneghan 
Daton Antheus Lynch 
Melame Anne Rosen 

Bachelor of Science 

Individual Studies 

Eric Derector 
Lisa Renee DeReggi 
Stefan Paul Gagne 
Susan Elena Nader 

Candidates for 
Certificate Programs 

Afro-American Studies 

Ronald Kenneth Elliott 
Tina Walu Emoungu 
Terita Rene Jackson 
Kito Adrian James 
Kosunique Tamesha Jenkins 

Kevin Lee Lauer 
Huy Anh Le 
Blene Mekbeb 
Christine Helen Suh 

Science, Technology and 
Society Certificate 

Gary W. Roush 

Women's Studies Certificate 

Sonia Lynn Chase 
Nicole Marie Mihalka 
Kelly Ann Purcell 
Mona Saeed Ibrahim Salah 

University of Maryland 



Commissioning Date: 
December 21, 1998 

Timothy M. Knight 

§ Sumtna cum Laude t Magna linn Laude * cum Laude 



The College Park Scholars program was founded in 1994. 
The first citation class of scholars graduated in May 1998. 


Sohrob Collett Farudi 
Joseph Michael Finneran II 
Makhabele Nolana Kabwit 
Sean C. Keogh 
Anthony Gerard Koval 
Ralph Laguerre 
Alison Bonita Lang 
Sheetal Ramesh Majethia 
Katherine Bennett Moncrief 
Eric B. Neadel 
Robert Benjamin Preville 
Jessica Ann Shay 
Michael Adam Strauss 
Lisa Jean Ulmer 
Gregory Todd Wasylak 


Shannon Carrie Altman 
Michelle Lynn Hye-Ri-Won 

Amanda Brett Blaskopf 
Adena Sima Bustow 
Sean Andrew Cain 
Kyong Ran Chung 
Christopher Lane Cox 
Ryan Craig Diener 
Keith Joseph Dominick 
Amy Nicole Donlon 
Joseph Drasin 
Eduardo Andres Encina 
Ronald G. Eritano 
Sean Brian Fisher 
Stefame Elisabeth Fogleman 
William Brian Griffin 
Natalie Ewa Hasny 
Darren Michael Heater 
Katherine Jean Henderson 
Tamara Rochelle Hmton 
Susan W. Ho 

Michael Hung 

Steven Paul Johnson 

Michael Eugene Johnson 

Michelle Suzanne Kanotz 

Caroline Marysa Kovtun 

Christopher Ivers LaBonge 

Matthew Jay Lesko 

Arthur Joseph Lievre 

Nathaniel H. Lounsbury 

Lauren McCarthy Mallon 

Meredith Ann Meng 

Nicole Marie Mihalka 

James Douglas Milne 

Christopher John Panuska 

Melissa N. Parker 

Jennifer Elizabeth Paul 

Ariel Baruch Porath 

Brian Carlton Reinert 

Jason Edward Rheinstein 

Hart Matthew Rossman 

Walter Eugene Rust 

David Adam Schaeffer 

Matthew Carl Schwimer 

Ajay Nath Segal 

Alexander Shames 

David R. Shema 

Jennifer Lynne Smedley 

Cynthia J. Smidt 

Laurie Stein 

Steven Mark Strege 

Xochitl Sunshine Strohbehn 

Barry Jeffrey Tesser 

Steven P.Thompson 

Laurie Ann Tylec 

Mamsh PVanodia 

Wayne C.Welch 

Carl Robert Wilson, Jr. 

Rebecca Jean Wukitch 

Demetrios Thorn Zacharopoulos 

Carolyn Mane Zajano 



Bachelor's degree candidates who have qualified 
for scholarship honors upon graduation are des- 
ignated by appropriate symbols adjacent to their 
names within the alphabetical listing of colleges or schools. 
To be eligible for consideration for such honors a candi- 
date must meet the following general criteria: (1) have com- 
pleted at least two years of work at the University ot 
Maryland (60 semester hours, 30 of which were earned at the 
College Park campus) and (2) have a scholastic average of a 
"B" (grade point average of 3.0) or higher in the University 
of Maryland work prior to the last semester of registration 
before the awarding of a degree. 

Degree candidates who have met these criteria are shown 
in the listings as qualifying, upon graduation, for the designa- 
tors Summa cum Louie (if they ranked in the top 2 percent of 
the candidates in their respective colleges or schools), Magna 
cum Laude (if in the next 3 percent), or cum Laude (it in the 
next 5 percent) based on the grade point averages of students 
m the preceding three graduating classes of their degree- 
granting unit. 

University Honors 

Students who have earned the Univer- 
sity Honors Citation may wear red 
and gold braided cords over their acade- 
mic gowns. 


David Allan Bitterman 
Stephen Lloyd Brune 
Alicia Lenore Buergler 
Carrie Ann Chase 
Roger E. Chen 
Catherine Marie Cross 
Michelle Nicole Desrosiers 
Vinh T. Diep 

Kimberly Renell Ferguson 
Donna Marie Gelchion 
Renee Michelle Giroux 
Daryl Khan 
Eric Robert Kimmel 
Jennifer Jen Lee 
Bonnie Lynnette Milton 
Darcy Meagan Pietryka 
James Sfekas 
Melissa Chansse Tulig 
Jeffrey Warren Williams 

December Ahmad 
Aaron Soham Austin 
Kristina Lyn Baartz 
Russell Monroe Beall 
Ezequiel Berdichevsky 
Steven Arthur Birdsall 
Carrie Anne Boyle 
Rachel Kate Brandoff 
Joshua Robert Burdette 

Kyra Simmons Capen 

Adam Michael Casalena 

Lily I-Tmg Cheng 

Sarah Anne Cooper 

Tracie Rosalie DiDio 

Tracey Marie Diep 

Ongi Englander 

Anne Louise Ferguson 

Brian Alexander Flank 

Amanda J. Crawford Franquist 

Beverly Jan Geesin 

Dara Ann Gitlin 

Howard Jeffrey Goldgeier 

Beth Amy Goodman 

Stephen Charles Gordy 

Michael Roland Gouel 

James Francis Green 

Katherme Mae Guenther 

Steve Wayne Haga 

Fauwaz Usaid Hanbah 

Tiffany Terry Hill 

Meredith Brookman Huntley 

Anwar Husain 

James Francis Green, Jr. 

Michelle Suzanne Kanotz 

Daniel Jacob Kapust 

Rebecca Erin Kerr 

Kimberly Ann Kirkland 

Geban Keith Krikor 

Eden Luise Kroeger 

Jeremy Peter Kuester 

Jeremy Peter Kuester 

Bryant Ernest Lee 

Jen-Yi Lee 

Jason Edward Lindler 

Mrugesh Dihpkumar Majmudar 

Stacy Allison Mandras 

David Charles McKeever 

Scott Holland Muns 

Gregory George Murray 



Monica Paige Newell 
Joseph Ferrel Nuzman 
LaTonya Renee' Oliver 
Akash Nayan Pandya 
Sanjai J. Parikh 
Alejandra Sofia Velez Paschke 
VimeshV. Patel 
Samir M. Patel 
Michael Eric Paul 
Margaret Yao-Mei Peng 
Pochard Allen Arwell Phillips 
Noelle Lynn Piscitelh 
Nicole Jennifer Pope 
Darryn Richard Potosky 
Prakruti S. Prativadi 
Kathryn Grace Reutemann 
Paul Duraikan Samuel 
Amy Melissa Schlom 
Jane Annesley Schmidt 
Jason Alexander Schneiderman 
Jaime Danielle Shore 
Christopher Danuen Terenzi 
Tina Louise Tootle 
Melissa Ruth Turner 
Robert Lane Van Allen 
Matthew Alan Walcoff 
Ilan Z.Weinberger 
Gregory James Werner 
Ki SungYoon 
Alex Zarechnak 

Departmental Honors 

August, 1998 
High Honors 

Government and Politics 

Daryl Khan 


English Language and 

Pamela S. Puchalski 


Stephen Lloyd Brune 

December, 1998 
High Honors 

Computer Science 

Russell Monroe Beall 


Sarah Anne Cooper 

Government and Politics 

Sean Andrew Cain 
Daniel Jacob Kapust 
Val Rozansky 


Nooreen Fatima Rizvi 
Tina Louise Toode 

Spanish Language and 

Kasey Lane Gronau 



Richard Allen Atwell Phillips 
Ella Marie Walker 

Electrical Engineering 

David Glenn Enckson 
Michael Roland Gouel 
Joseph Ferrel Nuzman 


Jason Edward Lindler 

Mrugesh Dilipkumar Majmudar 

English Language and 

Ezequiel Berdichevsky 


Priti Aggarwal 

Government and Politics 

Michael Eric Paul 

Management Science and 

Nikhilesh Rao 


Amy Melissa Schlom 


Carl Christian Lewm 


Ajay Nath Segal 


Nicole Marie Mihalka 




he Senior Marshal Program began in 1991 as 
an opportunity to acknowledge outstanding 
seniors at their commencement. The students 

selected to be marshals were nominated by faculty, adminis- 
trators and staff for their outstanding accomplishments and 
contributions to the University of Maryland. We are proud to 
recognize these truly remarkable students. 

Priti Aggarwal 
Faiz Ahmad 
Michael Arenas 
Adam Berlickij 
Scott Blackwell 
Megan Bloom 
Shara Boonshaft 
Carrie Boyle 
Patrick Burke 
Christine De Bow 
Michelle Deville 
Bobbie Dickerson 
Keith Dominick 
Lisa Evans 
Dennis Garcia 
James Green, Jr. 
Debra Herbenick 
Andy Izquierdo 
Amanda LaGoy 

Lauren Mallon 
Julia Matute 
Monica Newell 
Michael Nurse 
Vimesh Patel 
Michael Paul 
Nicole Pope 
Nooreen Rizvi 
Amy Schlom 
Deborah Skelly 
[oseph Solomon 
Curtis Taylor 
Tma Tootle 
Jason Turchin 
Ijeoma Ugbor 
Gabriella Uza 
Kristy Wright 
Engrid Wu 




Board of Regents 

Lance W. Billingsley, Chair 
Benjamin L. Brown, Vice Chair 
Margaret Alton, Secretary 
Nathan Chapman, Treasurer 

Henry A.Virts, ex officio 
Mary Arabian 
Richard O. Berndt 
Earle Palmer Brown 
Charles W.Cole, Jr. 
Edwin S. Crawford 
Thomas B. Finan.Jr. 
Michael C. Gelman 
Louise Michaux Gonzales 
Wendell M. Holloway 
Harry R. Hughes 
Lillian Hobson Lincoln 
Susan E.Woda, Student Regent 

University System Administration 

Donald N. Langenberg, Chancellor 

George L. Marx, Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs 

Joseph F. Vivona, Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance 

John K. Martin, Vice Chancellor for Advancement 

University of Maryland Administration 

C. D. Mote, Jr., President 

Gregory L. Geoffroy, Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost 

Charles F. Sturtz, Vice President for Administrative Affairs 

William L.Thomas, Jr., Vice President for Student Affairs 

Reid W Crawford, Vice President for University Advancement 

Academic Deans 

Thomas A. Fretz, College of Agriculture and Natural Resources 

Steven W Hurtt, School of Architecture 

James F. Harris, College of Arts and Humanities 

Irwin Goldstein, College of Behavioral and Social Sciences 

Howard Frank, Robert H. Smith School of Business 

John Osborn (Interim), College of Computer, Mathematical and Physical Sciences 

Thomas D.Weible (Acting), College of Education 

William W Destler, A. fames Clark School of Engineering 

John J. Burt, College of Health and Human Performance 

Reese Cleghorn, College of Journalism 

Ann E. Prentice, College of Library and Information Services 

Paul H. Mazzocchi, College of Life Sciences 

Susan Schwab, School of Public Affairs 

Administrative Deans 

Charles F. Wellford (Interim), Associate Provost for Research and 

Dean of the Graduate School 
Robert L. Hampton, Associate Provost and Dean for Undergraduate Studies 
Judith K. Broida, Associate Provost and Dean, Office oj Continuing and 

Extended Education 
Charles B. Lowry, Dean of Libraries 



Commencement Committee 

Suzanne Baer, Scheduling Office 

). Frank Brewer, Physical Plant 

K.ithy Broady, Stamp Studentl Won 

Dianne Burch, University Publications 

Adam Carter, Shuttle UM 

Gene Corcoran, Health Center 

Jessica Davies, Special Events 

Lori King, Records & Registration 

Nancy Loomis, Catering 

Melissa Marvel, University Book Center 

Gary Parker, Intercollegiate Athletics 

Pat Perfetto, Conference & Visitor Services 

Alan Sactor, Environmental Safety 

Bill Scales, Disability Support Service 

Charles Stubbs, Physical Plant 

Bob Stumpff, Physical Plant 

Janice Summons. Campus Parking 

Dan Symonds, Diploma Office 

Harry Teabout, Physical Plant 

Lt. Larry Volz, Police Department 

Pat Wadsworth, Catering 

Officers of Commencement 

( 'nivcrsity Marshal 
Ralph D.Bennett, Jr. 
School of Architecture 

Faculty Marshal 
Alfred C. Boyd 
Chemistry and Biochemistry 

Unit Representatives 

Javaune Adams-Gaston, Undergraduate Studies 

Craig Arnold, Arts & Humanities 

Diane Barlow, Library & Information Services 

Charles Beatry, Education 

Carl Bovill, Architecture 

Brian Bradbury, Arts & Humanities 

Ritzie Coleman, Computer, Math & Physical Sciences 

Jane Fines, A.James Clark School of Engineering 

Brian Horick, Robert H. Smitlt School of Business 

Albert Klavon, Life Sciences 

Delores Mulligan, ( Undergraduate Studies 

Joe Murray, Health & Human Performance 

Ann Petrone, Architecture 

Tern Harris Reed, Public Affairs 

Vicky Reinke, Library & Informtaion Services 

Leon Slaughter, Agriculture & Natural Resources 

Grieg Stewart, Journalism 

Lisa Tenley, Undergraduate Studies 

DaleVanderWall, Behavioral & Social Sciences 

Ann Wylie, Computer, Math & Physical Sciences 

Jennifer Zovko, Behavioral & Social Sciences 

Student Marshal 
James L. Reveal 

John E.Wakefield 
Director of Bands 


Department of Physical Plant 

Office of General Services/Special Services Staff 

Responsible for setting up commencement sites 

Marcellous Anderson Catherine Ku 

Leroy Blackwell Sherrell Purnell 

Earl Blake Thomas Saunders 

Mordecai Brower Johnny Sellers 

Wayne Daniels Ravrield Sellers 

Shannon Ferro Bob StumpfF 

Larry Garner Charles Stubbs 

Larry Jefferson Danny Thompson 

Marvin Johnson 

Other units responsible for commencement preparations 

Area Maintenance Housekeeping Services 

Carpentry Shop Landscape Services 

Electric Shop Paint Shop 

Floor Shop Sign Shop 

TERP Services 

About the cover: Three talented design interns in the Office of University 
Publications collaborated on the commencement program cover. All had 
a special interest in the project as they, too, will be enjoying the festivi- 
ties. Best wishes to graduating Art Studio majors: Elisabeth Attwood 
Mahaffay '98, Abigail Justine Peterson-Finch'98 and Melissa Jeanne Yacuk 

Photography: JohnT. Consoli, Cameron Davidson, Jeremy Green, Michael 

Morgan, Mark Nystrom, Scott Suchman 

Interioi Layout: Sheila Johnston Sherer 

Writers: Brenna McBride and Marianne Eismann 

Production Assistance: Reprographic Services 

Managing Editor: Dianne T Burch 

With special thanks to Terry Marcos. Diploma Office, and Debbie Pruett, 
Graduate Studies. 

Produced by the Office of University Publications, 
Division of University Advancement 
December 1998