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DECEMBER 23, 1999 





University of Maryland 
December 23, 1999 

2 Congratulations from 
the President 

3 Message from the Alumni 

4 Message from the Senior 

5 Order of Commencement 

6 Schedule of Events 

7 Campus Map 

8 The University of Maryland 

13 Commencement Speaker 
Boomer Esiason 

14 Graduating Student Speaker 
G. Scott Shaw 

15 August Graduate Degrees 

24 August Undergraduate 

30 Candidates for December 
Graduate Degrees 

50 Candidates for December 
Undergraduate Degrees 

65 Honors and Scholars 

68 Student Marshals 

69 University OfBcials 

70 Commencement Officials 
and Staff 


m ongratulations on the completion ot your degrees! You and your families 

M have just reason to be proLid of your reaching this important milestone, 

^^^^...^^ one you will come to appreciate more and more in the years to come. 

As you leave yom university, I would like you to know how much we, the faculty and staff, 
value your accomplishments as scholars, artists, athletes and leaders. You have enriched your 
lives and have elevated the esteem of this institution. 

We have tried to provide you with a university experience where you could develop your 
academic interests, your special talents, and broaden your intellectual and cultural perspectives. 
Our experience also shows that the friends and associations you have made while here will 
enrich you in many and varied ways throughout your life. I urge you to stay connected with 
us and take full advantage of being a member of the Maryland family. 

I truly hope that you will return to campus often and continue to support this institution 
and future generations of students at the flagship University of Maryland. Welcome to the 
university's family of alumni. 

Good luck. We are proud of each and every one of you! 

Yours sincerely, 
C. D. Mote, Jr. 



M ongratulations on achieving this milestone in your educational pursuit. On 

■ behalf of the University of Maryland Alumni Association, I add our very best 

^^^^,,,i,^» wishes to those you have received from your faculty and other university friends. 

Your commencement ceremony today includes a special tradition. You will be officially 
inducted as a member of the Maryland Alumni Association by this year's association president, 
Adrian Teel '64. Our gift to you on this special day is a one-year complimentary membership. 
In the next tew weeks, you will receive your membership card and more information on the 
list ot benefits and services you receive by virtue of your membership. 

Wherever your plans take you following graduation, you'll find Maryland friends and pro- 
fessional contacts by getting involved in alumni activities. We have more than 30 academic, 
regional and special interest groups. We offer exciting trips abroad, a fun and educational way 
to connect with alumni. And, of course, attending Maryland athletic events is always a great 
way to get together with fellow grads. Regardless of how you choose to stay involved, our pur- 
pose remains the same: to respond to the needs and interests of all alumni, and to encourage 
your continued interest in and loyalty to the University of Maryland. 

Remember that as alumni, the University of Maryland is always your home, and we look 
forward to welcoming you back often m the years ahead. Again, congratulations and best of luck. 


Danita D. Nias '81 

Executive Director, University of Maryland Alumni Association 



The Winter Graduates 


Applicants for degrees 

Total Doctoral Degrees; 


Total Master's Degrees: 


Total Bachelors Degrees: 


Five most popular undergraduate 


1. Crmiinolog\" and 

Criminal Justice 


2. Psycholog\' 


3. Computer Science 


4. English Language 

and Literature 


5. (tie) Electrical Engineering 




Most popular master's degrees 



2. M.S., Electrical Engineenng 


3. M.S., Civil Engineering 


4. M.L.S. Library and 

Information Services 


5. M.S. Mechanical Engineering 


* August and Dfirmlw (omhined 

Today you complete the jour- 
ney that was undertaken sev- 
eral years ago, arriving 
proudly at the threshold of a 
new Ufe. When you look back, can you see 
ho\\- this journey has changed you? As you 
sit here today, what events stand out in your 
muid as experiences that showed you which 
path to travel? 

We have each followed a unique path hut 
have reached a common destination. As 
seniors, it is easier to list the ways in which 
we are diiierent from each other than the 
ways in which we are bound together. 

We are accustomed to describing students in groups — commuters, residents; members of 
ethnic, reUgious, or professional organizations; students in particular departments and colleges. 
These differences should be admired and respected as should the many quahties we share. 

From this point, you can reflect on past journeys. Remember w-hat you learned along the 
way about who you are and what you are capable of achieving. 

Know that your time spent at the University of Maryland will help you arrive at your next 
destination. Finally, always consider our campus to be another home, a stop on your hfe's jour- 
ney to which you can always return. 

Senior Council 1999-2000 



December 23, 1999 • Cole Student Activities Building • 9:00 a.m. 


Dr. CD. Mote, Jr. 

President, University of Maryland 

Master of Ceremonies 

James N. Newton 
Undergraduate Studies 


Symphonic Wind Ensemble 
Mr. John E.Wakefield, conductor 


The Reverend William Byrne 

The National Anthem 


Nathan A. Chapman, Jr. 
Chair, University System of 
Maryland Board of Regents 

Senior Class Gift Presentation 

Elissa Aaronson 
Sohail Zandieh 
Semor Council 

Remarks to the Graduates 

G. Scott Shaw- 
Graduating Semor 

Musical Selection 

A SciiSii Spi'ciiU'iilar 

March Medley by John Philip 


Symphonic Wind Ensemble 


Boomer Esiason '84 

President's Distinguished 
Alumnus Award Presentation 

Mr. Adrian Teel '64 

President, University of Maryland 

Alumni Association 

University of Maryland 
Alumni Association Induction 

Mr. Teel 

Message to the Graduates 

Dr. Mote 

Conferring of Doctoral, 
Master's and Bachelor's 

Dr. Mote 

Presentation of Colleges 
and Schools 



The Rev. Byrne 


Symphonic Wind Ensemble 

Alma Mater 

Hail! Alma Mater 

Hail to thee, Maryland! 

Steadfast in loyalty; 

For thee, we stand, 

Love for the Black and Gold 

Deep in our hearts we hold, 

Singing thy praise forever, 

Throughout the land. 

Floor Seating Arrangement 
for Graduates in Cole Student Activities Building 























Individual graduation exercises for colleges and schools will be held at various campus 
locations on Thursday and several ceremonies wiU take place on Wednesday evening. 
Guests are urged to be seated approximately one half-hour prior to the designated time 
tor the ceremonies if they wish to observe the student and taculrs" processional. 
Graduates, their tamilies and friends are cordially invited and encouraged to join with uni- 
versity' officials and members of the faculty at the reception to be held in the Grand Ballroom 
of Stamp Student Union following the campus-wide commencement. 

Shuttle bus service wiU provide fi"ee transportation across the campus throughout the day. 

Campus-wide Commencement 

9:00 a.m. Cole Student Activities Building 


of Arts and Humanities — Departinent Gatherir 



Alt History 

Art-Sociology Building. Room 2309 


Art Studio 

Art-Sociology Building, Room 2203 


American Studies /Comparative Ulerature/ 
Dance /English/ Theatre/Women's Studies 
Tawes Theatre 


Classia, Foreign Language, Linguistics 
St. Man,''s Hall 


History /Jeunsh Studies / Russian Area Studies 
Skinner, Room 0200 


PUtchie CoUseum 



Skinner. Room 1119 

College of Computer, Mathematical, and Physical Sciences 

Noon Memorial Chapel 

College of Education 

Noon Reckord Armory 

College of Health and Human Performance 

Noon Health and Human Performance Building 

School of Architecture 

Noon School of Architecture Auditorium 

Robert H. Smith School of Business 

Noon Cole Student Activities Building 

College of Library and Infortnation Services 

Noon Biology-/Psycholog\- Building, Room 1240 

College of Agriculture and Natural Resources 

2:30 p.m. Memorial Chapel 

A. James Clark School of Engineering 

2:3(J p.m. Reckord Armory 

Ceremonies held Wednesday, December 22 

College of Journalism 

5:00 p.m. Tawes Theatre 

College of Behavioral and Social Sciences 

7:00 p.m. Cole Student Activities Building 

College of Life Sciences 

7:00 p.m. Memorial Chapel 

Undergraduate Individual Studies 

7:00 p.m. Nyumburu Cultural Center Multipurpose Room 




Paint Branch Drive 

S Represents Metered Parking 
Represents Buiicjing 



A Bold New Era 

From its pre-Civil War roots as the 
state's first agricultural college and 
one of America's original land 
grant institutions, the University ot 
Maryland, College Park, has 
emerged as a pubhc research uni- 
versity of national stature, highly 
regarded for its broad base of 
excellence in teaching and 
research. The momentum of recent 
years has poised the university to 
move into the top ranks of higher 
education and take leadership in 
shaping the research university of 
the 21st century. 

The university's commitment 
to quality education in a research 
environment is key to its academic 
reputation and the success of its 
graduates. The research enterprise 
infiases the curriculum at both the 
undergraduate and graduate levels. 

exposing students to the most 
pressing issues and challenges in 
their disciphne and traimng them 
to respond with rigor as well as 
creativity to contemporary prob- 

There are 13 schools and col- 
leges within the orgamzational 
structure of the University of 
Maryland. Seven of these units-the 
Smith School of Business, the Col- 
lege of Education, the Clark 
School of Engineering, the Col- 
lege of Journalism, the College of 
Computer, Mathematical and 
Physical Sciences, the College of 
Library and Information Services 
and the School of Pubhc Afiairs- 
have been recognized by their 
peers and in various rankings as 
among the 25 best in the nation. 
Programs within the other units 
have also achieved high levels of 

recognition. Our School of Music, 
for example, has been ranked 30th 
nationwide. The breadth of this 
excellence is a source of pride for 
students, faculty and staff, and is 
endorsement for the university's 
flagship status among the state's 
institutions of higher education. 

The university has enjoyed a 
period of rapid advancement in all 
of the areas that atfect quality. The 
qualifications of entering students 
have risen each year tor the past 
1 years, and SATs now range 
fi-om 1150 to 1320 for the mid-50 
percent tier of students. In fall 
1999, 1,239 of the nearly 4,000 
admitted first year students scored 
1300 or above on their SATs. 
Sponsored research has doubled in 
the same 10-year period, and has 
reached $203 milHon for P>'99. 
Private giving has increased even 
more dramatically, from $ 1 8 mil- 
hon per year at the start of the 
decade to $81.7 million in FY99. 
Alumni Association membership 
has been growing at an average 
rate of 10 percent a year since 
1992. Coupled with renewed 
commitment fi"om the state of 
Maryland for funding flagship ini- 
tiatives, these factors ensure that 
the umversiry vvill continue on a 
forward trajectory for many years 
to come. 

One of the largest research 
universities in the United States, 
current enrollment stands at 
24,717 undergraduate and 8,147 
graduate students. There are 110 



undergraduate programs, 100 mas- 
ter's programs and 70 doctoral 
programs, and more than 100 cen- 
ters and institutes engaged in 
research and outreach. 

The university has licensed 
more than 750 technologies since 
1986, and has been issued 135 U.S. 
patents. An average of two new 
invention disclosures each week 
are received by the Office of 
Technology Liaison, a reflection of 
the pace of innovative technolo- 
gies being created at the university. 

Faculty at the University of 
Maryland, in all fields of knowl- 
edge, are engaged at the highest 
levels of national and international 
concern. The university's location 
near the center of federal pohcy- 
making and international political 
and economic activity enables it to 
play an active role in research and 
analysis of public policy. Strong 
links to the scientific and techno- 
logical agencies and organizations 
of the federal government drive 
research in the environment, engi- 
neering, physics, computer science, 
life sciences and agriculture. Schol- 
arship in the arts, humanities and 
social sciences is marked by the 
spirit of intellectual diversity and 
interdisciphnary collaboration. 

Maryland is one of only 32 
public research universities in the 
prestigious 61 -member Association 
of American Universities and the 
only public institution in the 
Maryland-D.C. area with member- 
ship in the nation's most distin- 

guished honor society. Phi Beta 
Kappa. It is classified as a 
Research-I university by the 
Carnegie Foundation by virtue of 
the range of its baccalaureate pro- 
grams, the amount ot federal sup- 
port received, and the number of 
doctoral degrees awarded each 
year, sharing that honor with the 
top research universities in the 

Fall 1999 Students at a Glance: 

University Highlights 

Total enrollment: 


Graduate Students: 








Students of color: 






Average age: 


States represented: 


(plus Guam, Puerto Rico 

and the Virgin Islands) 

Countries represented: 



The University of Maryland was 
founded in 1807 in Baltimore as a 
faculty-owned College of Medi- 
cine. The medical school was con- 
sidered one of the top schools in 
the country, attracting notable pro- 
fessors and lecturers from through- 
out the world. In its beginning, 
tuition cost $140, grades were sent 
home weekly to parents, and stu- 
dents could obtain room and 
board for $300 annually. 

Five years later, the growing 
institution was renamed the 

In fiscal year 1999, grant and contract awards to the 
University of Maryland totaled more than $203 million. 

The September 1998 issue o{ Kipliiij^cr's Personal 
Finance Alagazinc named Maryland one of' the top 25 
values among the nations public universities. 

Rankings continue to reinforce Maryland's rising 
reputation. In the latest U.S. News & World Report 
look at undergraduate schools, the Clark School of 
Engineering, the Smith School of Business and the 
College of Education were among the top 25. Grad- 
uate programs in economics, education, engineering, 
library science, mathematics, physics and sociology 
ranked in the top 25. According to Computeni'orld 
magazine, the Smith School offers the nation's third 
best technology-oriented M.B.A. program. 

The University Honors Program was spotlighted as 
an "Ivy League experience" at a bargain price in the 
U.S. News & World Report 12th annual guide to 
"America's Best Colleges." 

The university collaborates with more than 2S() busi- 
nesses through its Maiyland Industrial Partnerships 
program. The university's incubator has spawned 20 
new companies; three have been recognized as 
among the fastest growing in the state. 

As Washiii'^toiiiiiii magazine stated m a December 
1 997 feature article on the rise of the Universits* of 
Maryland, "The Terps are moving up, and we're not 
just talking basketball." 



Universir.' of Manland. Despite 
the name, the universit)' was not 
considered a state institution as it 
was still owned and operated by 
facult\\ Baltimore College of 
Dental Surgery, the first dental 
school in the world, became a part 
of the university' in 1840, awarding 
the first Doctor of Dental Surger\- 
p.D.S.) degree m 1841. 

In 1859. the Maryland Agri- 
cultural College, which would 
evolve into the Uni\'ersit\' ot 
Mar\land, College Park, was 
opened under a charter secured by 
a group of Maryland planters m 
1856. In addition to spending one 
hour each day hoeing or plowing 
on the college farm, students took 
a broad range of courses in ancient 
and modern languages, namral sci- 
ences, EngUsh and mathematics. 
After a disastrous fire on campus in 
1912, the state acquired the college 
and rebuilt it. 

In 1 920, the state legislature 
combined the College Park insti- 
tution with the professional 
schools in Baltimore to form an 
expanded University of Maryland. 
The entit\' eventually grew to 
include campuses in Baltimore 
County, the Eastern Shore and 
University- College, a continuing 
education institution. 

The following decades saw the 
increasing growth of student pop- 
ulation, e.xcellence in programs 
and curricula, and the burgeoning 
of the University' of Maryland, 
College Park, into a nationally rec- 

ognized research institution. 

July 1, 1988, marked the dawn 
of a new era in higher education 
in the state of Mar\land, as the five 
components of the university' were 
merged with sLx other state uni- 
versities and colleges to form the 
University of Marvland System, 
and College Park secured its flag- 
ship status with a mandate to 
become one ot the pre-eminent 
research universities in the nation. 

The Alumni Association 

With alumni clubs from Miami to 
Taipei, Taiwan, the Mar\'land 
Alumni Association strives to keep 
and strengthen ties between the 

university and its graduates. Mem- 
ber events such as pre-game par- 
ties, bull roasts, picnics, golf 
tournaments, dinner cruises and 
subscriptions to College Park maga- 
zine and the biannual Mar)'ljiid 
Alumni supplement help keep 
alunuii connected to the universit\' 

and to each other. All graduating 
seniors and successfiil master's and 
Ph.D. candidates receive a one- 
year free membership in the 
Maryland Alumm Association. 

The Alumni 

Graduates of the university go on 
to distinguished careers in a vari- 
ety of fields. Chosen from thou- 
sands of qualified alumni, an 
inaugural group was inducted into 
the Universiry of Ma^^'land 
Alurnni Association Hall of Fame 
in April 1995. They included 21 
outstanding indi\'iduals who have 
brought, and continue to bring, 
great honor to their alma mater. 
Their achievements are as varied as 
their Uves, but they all have one 
thing in common: a UniversitN' of 
MarN'land, College Park, diploma. 

Carmen Balthrop, B.A. '71 

World-class soprano and menwr lo 

iispiring I'ocalisrs 
Harry Clifton "Curley" Byrd, 
B.S. '08 

Legendary university president for 

18 years 
A.James Clark, B.S. '50 

Consmiaion magnate and benefactor 
William P. Cole, Jr., B.S. 10 

Congressman and member o/UM 

Board of Regents for 25 years 
Mary Stallings Coleman, 
B.A. '35 

First iivman eleaed as Chief Justice, 

yiichigan Supreme Court 
Geary F. Eppley, B.S. '20, 
M.S. "26 

Det'oted career to university as 

dean of men and athletic director 
Charles F. Fefferman, B.S. '66 

Youngest winner of Field's Medal, 

injihcnuuiis highest award 
Herbert A. Hauptman, 
Ph.D. '55 

Co-recipient of 1985 Sobel Prize 

in Chemistry 
Jun Henson, B.A. '60 

Creator oj the beloved Muppets 
Steny H. Hoyer, B.S. "63 

Public servant to Maryland for 

nearly 30 years 
Carlisle Humelsine, B.A. '37 

Leader of Colonial Williamsburg 

Wilbur Munro Leaf, B.A. '27 

Creator of "Ferdinand the Bull" 

Samuel J. LeFrak, B.S. '40 

Internationally acclaimed urban 

p^hinning leader 
Parren Mitchell, MA. '52 

First African-American student 

and Marj'Lmd congressman 
Jane Cahill PfeiflFer, B.A. '54 

Firsf woman to head a major 

netu'ork; named chair of NBC 

in 1918 
Judith A. Resnik, Ph.D. '77 

Pioneering astronaut; died tragically 

in Challenger shuttle disaster 
Chun-Shan Shen, Ph.D. '61 

President of Taiwan 's National , 

Tsing-Hua University I 

WiUiam Woolford Skinner, 
B.S. 1895 

Nationally prominent agriailtural 

research chemist 



Adele H. Stamp, MA. '24 

Dciui of U'onicii at Maryland from 
1922 to 1960 
Reginald Van Trump Truitt, 

B.S. '14 

Leading iiatiiralist ami marine 
biologist; pioneered CItesapeake 
Bay research 

MiUard E.Tydings, B.S. '10 
Introduced legislation to create 
University of Maryland in 1920 

The Maryland Alumni Associa- 
tion Hall of Fame is located m the 
Commuter Lounge of the Stamp 
Student Umon.The association 
will induct the second group of 
honorees into the Hall of Fame-its 
highest honor — in June 2000. 

Customs of Commencement 

Early commencement ceremonies 
at the Universit)- of Maryland 
were marked with great fanfare 
and celebration. The faculty gave 
huge banquets for the graduates 
the night before the event. The 
toUowing morning, crowds gath- 
ered to watch the young graduates 
parade. It was a gala social occa- 
sion, attracting not only friends 
and relatives, but the fashionable 
eUte of the day. At the ceremony, 
prayers were recited, speeches were 
made, and honorary degrees were 
awarded to distinguished figures 
from across the country. Finally, as 
the audience cheered and threw 
flowers, the graduates came for- 
ward to coUect their Latin- 
inscribed degrees. 

Academic Costume 

The black caps and gowns worn 
by the students and faculty in the 
academic procession have been the 
traditional costume of scholars 
since the Middle Ages. The ordi- 
nary dress of the scholar, whether 
student or teacher, was similar to 
that ot a cleric. Caps and gowns 
were probably worn to keep stu- 
dents warm in unhealed buildings. 
Many medieval scholars were ton- 
sured, Hke monks, and hoods 
served to cover their shaved heads 
until the skuU cap later took its 

Even after the Civil War, most 
students at American universities 
wore caps and gowns daily while 
in residence. These varied in 
design until they were standardized 
by the American Intercollegiate 
Commission in 1894. At that rime 
it was decided that all robes would 
be black. Colors on the trim of 
the gown were also standardized to 
indicate the scholar's academic dis- 

A list of department colors follows: 
Agriculture: Maize 
Arts, Letters, Humanities: White 

Business Administration, 
Commercial Science: Drab 

Dentistry: Lilac 

Economics: Copper 

Education: Light Blue 

Engineering: Orange 

Fine Arts, Architecture: Brown 

Forestry: Russet 

Home Economics: Maroon 

JournaHsm: Crimson 

Law: Purple 

Library' Science: Lemon 

Medicine: Green 

Music: Pink 

Nursing: Apricot 

Oratory, Speech: Silver Gray 

Pharmacy: Ohve 

Philanthropy: Rose 

Philosophy: Dark Blue 

Public Administration, Foreign 
Service: Peacock Blue 

PubUc Health: Salmon 

Physical Education: Sage Green 

Science: Golden Yellow 

Social Work: Citron 

Theolog)' and Divimt\': Scarlet 

Veterinary Sciences: Gray 

The tassel may also be colored 
to represent an academic discipline 
or it may be black. Officially, the 
tassel is permitted "to lie where it 
will" on the mortarboard. How- 
ever, numerous institutions have 
adopted the practice of having 
degree candidates wear the tassel 
on the right front side at the start 
ot the commencement ceremony 
and then shift them to the left side 
after degrees are awarded. 

Student Marshals 

Elected through a nomination 
process, student marshals are 
senior leaders who play an impor- 
tant role in the graduation cere- 
mony. Student marshals assist in 
organizing the thousands of grad- 
uates, leading them smoothly 
through the commencement pro- 
cession. They also supply extra 
caps and hoods, and bobby pins to 
keep headwear secure. December 
1999 marshals are hsted on page 68 
ot this booklet. 

Senior Gift 

The semor gift is a umversity tra- 
dition dating back 89 years. The 
first senior gift, the iron gate 
entrance at the Rossborough Inn, 
was given by the Class of 1910 
(although the gate itself was not 
erected until 1941). The class of 
1999 has elected to estabhsh the 
Henson Garden. The garden will 
be located on the corner of 
Library Lane and Campus Drive, 
site ot the tuture Jim Henson and 
Kermit the Frog sculpture (Senior 
Gift, Class of 1998). 

The purpose of the senior gift 
is twotold. Each year the senior 
class leaves behind a memorable 
legacy for new students and visi- 
tors, and provides the university 
with a gift that enhances the cam- 
pus atmosphere. 

Past senior gifts have included: 
theTestudo statue (Class of 1933), 
the hghts around the "M" in the 
traffic circle on Campus Drive 
(Class of 1986), restoration of the 



Chapel chimes and clock face 
(Class of 1992) and the Bronzed 
Seal on North Gate House (Class 
of 1995). 

Academic Degrees 

A degree is awarded for the suc- 
cessful completion of a course of 
study. There are more than 1,600 
different academic degrees cur- 
rendy conferred by colleges and 
universities nationwide. The Uni- 
versity of Maryland offers degrees 
in 110 undergraduate majors, 100 
master's programs, and 70 doctoral 

The Doctor's Degree 

The doctor's degree represents the 
most advanced earned degree con- 
ferred by American institutions. 
There are two distinct types: the 
practitioner's degree and the 
research degree. The first t^'pe rep- 
resents advanced training for the 
practice of various professions, 
principally Doctor of Medicine, 
Juris Doctor, Doctor of Pharmacy, 
and Doctor of Veterinary Medi- 
cine. These degrees do not involve 
the completion of original 
research by the saident.The Uni- 
versity of Maryland, at the profes- 
sional school in Baltimore, 
awarded the first two dental 
degrees ever on March 9, 1841, 
and invented the name of the 
degree. Doctor of Dental Surgery 

The University of Maryland 
conveys the Doctor of Veterinary 
Medicine (D.VM.) to approximately 

90 students each year in a program 
that was instituted m 1980. Gradu- 
ates receive a diploma containing 
the seals of both the University of 
Maryland and its partner institu- 
tion, the Virginia Polytechnic 
Institute and State University. 

The second type is the research 
doctorate representing prolonged 
periods of advanced study. A dis- 
sertation that usually accompanies 
the study is intended to contribute 
substantially to the body of knowl- 
edge on the subject. The most 
important of these, the Doctor of 
Philosophy, no longer has an 
impHcation of philosophy for its 
holder, but represents advanced 
research in any of the major fields 
of knowledge. It was first awarded 
in the United States in 1861 by 
Yale University. The University' of 
Maryland awarded a Ph.D. for the 
first time in 1920. 

The Master's Degree 

The master's degree is an academic 
honor bestowed upon students 
who have successfiiUy completed 
work beyond the baccalaureate. 
A thesis and an oral examination 
are usually required. In 1920, the 
University of Maryland awarded its 
first Master of Arts (M.A.) and 
Master of Science (M.S.) degrees 
in fields other than agriculture. 

The Bachelor's Degree 

The bachelor's degree represents 
the completion of a four-year 
course of college-level study and is 
the oldest acadeinic degree 

awarded by American institutions 
of higher learning. It was first con- 
ferred in America in 1642 on the 
first nine graduates of Harvard 
College. Maryland Agriculture 
College, which later became the 
University' of Maryland, College 
Park, awarded its first Bachelor of 
Arts (B.A.) and Bachelor of Sci- 
ence (B.S.) in 1862. 





NO matter what his role in Hfe — as a star Terp, professional quarterback, broad- 
caster or humanitarian — Norman "Boomer" Esiason (UGST '84) leaves a 
legacy. During his undergraduate years at Maryland, Esiason reigned over a 
golden era of Terrapin football that still resonates throughout Byrd Stadium today. In 1983, he 
led the Terps to the Atlantic Coast Conference title and secured them a place in Florida's Cit- 
rus Bowl. As an All-American player, Esiason set 17 school records for passing and total offense. 

He went on to spend 14 years (1984—97) in the competitive arena of professional football, 
playing quarterback tor the Cincinnati Bengals, the New York Jets and the St. Louis Cardinals. 
In 1988, he took the Bengals to Super Bowl XXIII and was named the NFL's Most Valuable 
Player by the Pro Football Writers of America and the Associated Press; he was also voted NFL 
Player of the Year by Sporting News and Football Digest. Esiason is among the NFL's top 1(J play- 
ers in all-time passing yards, career completions and career attempts, and ranks 1 4th overall for 
all-time touchdown passes. 

He has since brought his years of field experience to the broadcasting booth as a commen- 
tator for several major networks, beginning in 1991 as an expert analyst for USA Network's 
coverage of the World League games. He joined ABC as a studio analyst for ABC Sports' cov- 
erage of the 1996 and 1997 NFL Playoffs. Now, he has recently completed his second season as 
an expert commentator on ABC's highly rated NFL Monday Night Football, where he is just 
as apt to wax nostalgic about his days at Maryland as he is to comment on the game at large. 

Perhaps Esiason's most poignant legacy wiU be the one he leaves for millions of cystic fibro- 
sis patients — including his own son, Gunnar — as founder and president of the Boomer Esiason 
Foundation. Established in 1993, the foundation employs annual fundraising events, marketing 
cainpaigns, individual pledges, corporate contributions and philanthropic grants to heighten 
public awareness and education about cystic fibrosis, enhance the quality- of lite for patients, 
and financially support research aimed toward finding a cure for the disease. 

Esiason fives in Long Island, N.Y., with his wife, Cheryl, son Gunnar and daughter Sydney. 

Boomer Esiason '84 

1999 Presidents 


Alumnus Award 




G. Scott Shaw '99 

I came to college to be a better communicator," says G. Scott Shaw, "and 
everything I've since pursued has fallen under those premises." hi the realm of 
university communications, the journalism major became tamiliar to the 
Maryland community as first a news reporter, then a design instructor, and finally a bi-weekly 
columnist for the Duvmvidhack. He also served as president ot the university's chapter of the 
Public Relations Student Society of America. Beyond the campus, Shaw found opportunities 
to expand his communication and design skills as an intern tor the High Technology Council 
of Maryland. "This internship was a perfect fit," he says, "because it offered me insights into the 
composition of the state's technology industry." 

It was also a communications project that first introciuced Shaw to the world of hospice 
care: He designed a brochure tor teenagers coping with terminally ill family members that was 
later used by the Hospice of Prince George's County. Shaw would go on to volunteer at Hos- 
pice events, including the XVIII Annual Hospice Cup Charity Regatta, the largest charity 
regatta in the United States, and the Beacon of Hope fundraiser for Hospice of the Chesa- 
peake in MiUersviUe, Md. His belief in hospice care has a rock-solid foundation: "The fact that 
such a service exists in our current medical system is a breath of fresh air." 

Such a phrase may be used by several professors to describe Shaw himself "He is an ener- 
getic, personable and winsome young man," says Reese Cleghorn, dean of the College of Jour- 
nalism. And Ralph Bauer, assistant professor of English, proclaims, "He is a committed, serious 
\vriter with extraordinary gifts and, no doubt, a bright future." 

Post-graduation, Shaw plans to fulfill his dream of driving cross-country ("Everyone does 
Europe after graduation. No one does America.") to explore firsthand the American history 
and literature that have been his academic passions. By next fall, he will have settled near 
Boston, Mass., for a career in high-tech public relations that combines writing, technology and 
politics. He aspires to be an effective writer and one day publish his own magazine. 

"I'm looking forward," says Shaw, "to being successful on my own terms." 




Doctor of Philosophy 

Andrew L. Abram • Education Policy, Planning, and 

Hc'ic Do Schools Mutter? Evaluating Resources, Peijortnauce and NEA's Keys 
to Excellence for Yotir Schools 

Alvaro Alvarez-Parrilla • Mathematics 

Fourier Coefficient Relations ami Geodesic Flo>i' Invariant Distributions 

Soamiely Andriamananjara • Economics 

Regional Integration Arrangeinetils: Insidcrs'Incenth'es and Responses of Outsiders 

Ross J. Apparies • Kinesiology 

Assessing Attention and Expectancy in the Non-Motor Preparatory Interval: 
Perspectives on the I'unciional Significance of the SPN 

Lucy Bartels-Andrews • Entomology 

Characterization of Anopheles Ganihiae Salivary Gland Glycoproteins Involved 
in Malaria Interaction 

Dennis G. Berenschot • Spanish Language & Literature 

(Re) Writing Peijorinance: Exile and Identity in ("uban Litcralurc 

Jef&ey I. Blankman • Chemistry 

Electrochemical Comparison of Heme Proteins Using Insulated Electrode laricty 

Lisa H. Bramble • Marine, Estuarine & Environmental Sciences 

Assessment oj the Role oj Reactive Oxygen Species in Immune Reactions of the 
Eastern Oyster, Crass Ostrea I 'irginia 

Christopher S. Brittan-Powell • Psychology 

IMiile Adjustnuiit to Racial Pluralism 

Scott C. Brown • Counseling and Personnel Services 

Learning Across the Campus: Hon' College I'acilitates the Development ofll'isdom 

Daniel O. Buehler • Communication 

Ideograph and Controversy: A Rlutorical History on the Negotiation of the 
National Park Concept 

Lee F Burcham • English Language & Literature 

The Intercourse with Heaven and Earth 

Yong Cao • Molecular and Cell Biology 

Investigation of Alternative Hairpins at a Group I Intron 5' Splice Site and Tlieir 
Implications in RNA Folding 

Richard Cerkovnik • Curriculum and Instruction 

The Effect of Introducing a Multiple-Function and Non-Function Learning 
Sequence via MBL Laboratories on Students' Concepts of Function in a College 
MBL Class 

Kalyani Chadha • Mass Communication 

Decontrolling India 's Tclecomnmnications Sector: Is It in the Public Interest? 

Dawn R. Chamberlin • Human Development 

Tin- Influence of SAF-efficacy and Decisional Balance on the Stages of Exercise 
Adoption in a Structured Exercise Program 

Brady J. Cheek • Chemistry 

Sensor Development Ewgmuir Monolayer Flow 

Sangwook Choi • Engineering Materials 

Small Angle Neutron Scattering of Polymer Solutions and Blends 

Jyh-Ching Chou • Plant Biology 

Indole- J-Acetyl Aspartic Acid Hydrolase from Enterohacter afflomcraus 

Thomas C. Conte • Government and Politics 

Identity, Difference and the Democratic Imaginary 

Beata B. Czajkowska • Government and Politics 

From Tribunes to Citizens: Polish Intelligentsia During and After Communism 

Alain Dabdoub • Biology 

77)1' Role oj Protein Kinase C in the I entral Photoreceptor of Limulus Polyphemus 

Krishna Darbha • Mechanical Engineering 

A Physics-of Failure Approach forl'irtual Qualification of Area Array 
Interconnect Technologies 

Ramon A. Das • Philosophy 

Human Riglils, Prenegatives and Collective ResponsihiUty 

Regina G. Davis • Psychology 

Tlie Effects of Gender-Role Attitudes, Afjiliation Content, and Problem-Solving 
Self-Efficacy on H'omen's Selection of Coping Strategies 

William B. Deutscher • History 

President Nixon and School Busing 

Eric T. Deweaver • Meteorology 

Zonal /Eddy Coupling and the Dynamics of the North Atlantic Oscillation 



Leyla S. Diaz • Microbiology 

Efftxl of DSA Polyiiu'ri:,ition Errors Catalyzed by HIV Reverse Transcriptors 
on Recomhination Efficiency 

Nancy O. Dickson • English Language & Literature 

Armed and Dangerous: Revising IVarrior Women in Early Irish Literature 

Stephen R. Dunn • Psychology 

An Empirical Investigation of a Revised I'ersioii oj the Chermiss Model of 
Burnout Among Psychiatric Nursing Staff 

Ting Feng • Engineering Materials 

High Performance Cu-Basc GiJ.-4J HEMT Processing and Reliahihty 

Michael K. Francis • Chemical Engineering 

Apphcatioii of a Novel I idco Microscope to the Investigation oj Drop Breakage in 
High Shear Mixers 

David L. Gershon • Physics 

Complex Permitivity Measurements and Mixing Laws of Ceramic Materials and 
Application to Microwave Processing 

Eden P. Go • Chemical Physics 

Hydrogen Adsorption and Mass Flow on Aluminum Surfaces: Combined STM- 
Infiared Study 

Susan E. Gray • Health Education 

Factors Tliat Influence Physical Activity Among Full-Time Employed Women 

Lois A. Groth • Curriculum and Instruction 

Shared Enactment of Original Stories and Its Iiitlucnce on Kindergartners' 
Narrative Competence 

Katharine F. Gurski • Applied Mathematics 

Decay Rates oj Internal Waves in I 7<uii(.< Near-Critical Fluids 

Nina A. Gwatkin • Art History 

Emblem of Space or of Heresy? Tlie Descending Christ-Child in Northern 
European Art of 1100-1550 

Gregory M. Harry • Physics 

Deteciability oJ Astronomical Sources of Gravitation by an Omnidirectional, Res- 
onant-mass Detector: Development of an Advanced Inductive Transducer for the 
AURIGA Antenna 

Wan He • Sociology 

Choice and Constraints: Explaining Chinese Americans' Low Fertility 

Patricia C. Hironymous • Linguistics 

Selecting for the Optional Syllable 

Jeong-Bin Im • Agricultural and Resource Economics 

An Application oj Political Functions for Agricultural Policy 

Lisa M.Jerome • Psychology 

Effects of Identification with Group andTlireat to In-group Favoritism and 
Conformity to In-group Norms 

Mary C.Jeske • History 

Tenants on CarroHton Manor, Fred. Co., MD 1734-1790 

Bin Jiang • Business and Management 

Investment Banker Compensation Contrast in Mergers oJ Acquisitions — An 
Empirical Analysis 

Bjorn T. Jonsson • Computer Science 

Application-Oriented Buffering and Caching Techniques 

Jeremy A. Kahan • Curriculum and Instruction 

Relationships Among Mathematical Prooj, High School Students and a Reform 

Ruth E. Kastner • Philosophy 

Time-Symmetrized Quantum Tlicory:A Critique 

Brian L. Ketnp • Aerospace Engineering 

.-i Simple 4-Node Element for Genetic Non- Linear Static and Dynamic Analysis 

Jason S. Kiddy • Aerospace Engineering 

Modal-based Damage Detection Techniques For Helicopter Rotor Blades 

Alexander D. Kim • Biochemistry 

Tlie Mechanism Study oj Enzyme Involved in Phosphomate Biodegradation 

Stefanie Kirchhoff • Agricultural and Resource Economics 

Tliree Essays on the Aff'ctiveness of Demand-based Mechanism and Disclosure 
Strategies in Affecting Firm 's Environmental and Social Impacts 

Sarah Knox • Psychology 

Clients ' Internal Representations of Tlieir Tlierapists:A Qualitative Study 

Boris A. Kozintsev • Mathematical Statistics 

Computations with Gaussian Random Fields 



Arunav Kundu • Astronomy 

Hiihbk Space Telescope Ohsermtions of the Globular Cluster Systems of Early 
Type Galaxies 

Peter L. Kurczynski • Physics 

Gamma-Ray Bursts: Spectroscopy & Imaging 

Carol D. Lahey • Counseling and Personnel Services 

The IVorh-Family Interface: How Men and Women Cope 

Karen J. Landsman • Psychology 

Personality, Dissociation, and Anger in Male Batterers 

Svetlana Levitan • Applied Mathematics 

Mathematical Modeling of Lateralization and Asymmetries hi Cortical Maps 

Stephen L. Liedtka • Business and Management 

Xonfwancial and Financial Peiforniance Measures: An Empirical Analysis of the 
Airline Industry 

Yi-Hung Lin • Chemical Engineering 

Sinnilation and Model Reduction for a Plasma Processing Reactor 

Sonja G. Linn • Counseling and Personnel Services 

An Int'estigation of Se.xnal Harassment and Acquaintance Rape Experiences: 
Cognitive Appraisals, Internalization of Gender-Role Ideologies, and Negative 
Psychological Impact 

John B. Litteer • Chemistry 

Synthesis, Structure and Properties of Tertiary Transition Metal Sulfide, Oxysiil- 
fides and Oxychlorosulfides 

Nai-Chi Liu • Chemical Engineering 

Deposition and Evaporation ofHydrosol and Organosol Drops on Substrates 

Michelle Lorah-Devereux • Marine, Estuarine & Environmental 

Xalural Attention of Chlorinated Volatile Organic Compounds in a Freshwater 
Tidal Wetland 

David S. Loughran • Econotnics 

Essays on Assortative Mating, Marital Search, and Parental Investment 

Stephanie D. Lovelady • Comparative Literature 

Inside Out: Immigration and Women's Coming of Age in Willa Gather, Martha 
Ostenso, Margaret Atwood, Ana Castillo, Cristina Garcia, Barbara Kingsolver 
and Julia Alvarez 

Wei Luo • Electrical Engineering 

Multiple Access and Multiuser Detection in Wireless Communication Networks 

Patricia Marin • Education Policy, Planning and Administration 

Faculty and Student Experiences in Interactive Multi-racial/ Multi-ethnic College 

AUison L. Marlow • Chemistry 

Supramolecular Assemblies from Nucleosides, Tlieir Structure and Function 

Kiran D. Pandey • Economics 

Effect of Stale Hazardous Waste Taxes on the Generation and Management of 
Metal Wastes 

Goetz E. Pfandcr • Mathematics 

Wavelet Periodicity Detection 

Raadhakrishnan Poovendran • Electrical Engineering 

Key Management for Multicast Communications and Distributed Computing 

Charles W. Rahn • Human Development 

Maternal Influences on Preschool Children's Strategies and Capacities in the 
Delay of Classification 

Shawn E Reed • Psychology 

Using Nonlinear Dynamic Models to Predict Developmental Outcomes 

Kenneth R. Revett • Neuroscience and Cognitive Science 

A Computational Model of Acute and Progressive Stroke 

Lewis S. Ringel • Government and Politics 

Forgotten I hices: New York High Court Free Speech Decision Making 

Quinetta M. Roberson • Business and Management 

Group Justice: A Conceptual Model of Shared Perceptions of Fairness Among 
Members of Organizational Workgroups 

Marcia C. Robson • Physics 

Fabrication and Characterization of Colossal Magnetoresistance Tliin Films for 
Room Temperature Low Magnetic Field Operation 

Virginia W. Rodriguez • Biochetnistry 

Characterization of the Downstream Border of the Siibtilin Operon in B. Suhtihs 
LH45 and Evidence that the Spa K Protein Functions as a Dimmer 

Yu Rong • Electrical Engineering 

Modeling of Combine Coaxial, Ridge Waveguide Filters and Multiplexers 



Ronica N. Rooks • Sociology 

The Effect ofWorkifi<^ in Pink-Collar Occupations on Upward Occupational 

Jesse A. Schwartz • Economics 

Demand Reduction in Mulliple-Vnit Ascendin<^ Auctions 

Ming-Cheng Shih • Chemical Engineering 

Metabolic Flux Analysis for Eschercia Coli 

Vladimir E. Shklover • Mathematics 

Scliijfcr Problems and Isoparomebric Mypersurfaccs 

Murari Srinivasan • Electrical Engineering 

Robust Source Coding for Noisy Channels and Packet Networks 

Cheryl A. Stricklin • Human Development 

An Analysis of Parental Responses to Pre-Scliool Children 

Hsuan-Jung Su • Electrical Engineering 

Combating Fading in Higli Speed Wireless Networks 

Priya Sundararajan • Molecular and Cell Biology 

Transposable Element Interactions and Transposase Functional Analysis: 
Critical Questions for Development of Insect Gene lectors 

Aida E. Sztein • Plant Biology 

Tlie Evolution of Auxini Metabolisni in Ltind Plants 

Richard C. Taffe • Counseling and Personnel Services 

Supervisees' Perception of the Inclusion of Racial and Cultural Factors in 
Supervision. An Exploratory Study 

Joshua A. Tempkin • Mathematics 

Spurious Lyapunor Exponents Computed Using the Eckmaiui-Ruelle Procedure 

Roseanne Tesoriero • Computer Science 

Experience-based Project Management in a Distributed Environment 

Saam Trivedi • Philosophy 

Art as Communication: A Philosophical Inquiry 

Peter E Troiano • Counseling and Personnel Services 

A Grounded Tlieory Exploration of College Students with Learning Disabilities 

Diana B. Turk • American Studies 

Bound by a Mighty lbtv:A Study of Sisterhood in Kappa Alpha Tlieta Women's 

Mary L. Umberger • Communication 

77ic Buffalo Commons on the Great Plains: An Ethnographic Case Study of 
Proposed Change 

Mahesh N.Valiya Naduvath • Mechanical Engineering 

Iiwestigalion of Flow Through Ejectors 

Philip R.Vandermeer • Music 

Religious Ideals, Musical Style, and Cultural Meaning in the Songs of 
Hank Williams 

Gayatri Varma • Molecular and Cell Biology 

Cloning and Molecular Characterization of Rat Glucosidase I 

Sara H.Vollmer • Philosophy 

Observation: Tlie Image and Ttte Reality 

Sara M. Wages • Art History 

Gardens in Seventeenth-Century Dutch Paintings 

Zheng Wang • Sociology 

Effect of Freedom of Choice on A-B Relationships 

Matthew R. Wawrzynski • Education Policy, Planning and 

Tlie Student in the University: A Longitudinal Study 

Shirong Wei • Biological Resources Engineering 

Pesticide Transport and Significance of Naiopore Flou> in the Coastal Plain Soils 

Joan M. Welker • History 

Tlte Winegroivers of the Gironde 

John P. Wilber • Mathematics 

Global Attraction for an Equation from I'iscoelaslicity 

Hyeonsoo Yeo • Aerospace Engineering 

A Comprehensive 1 'ibration Analysis of a Coupled Rotor/Fuselage System 



Wetihai Zhang • Biochemistry 

Meduiiiisin iiiul Aiiastiy Stiulia oj 4-Chlowbi'iizoate Biodfi;nidalivc PaJlnmy 

Wei Zhao • Computer Science 

Adaplii'e Streaming of Scalable Muhimedia Over Heterogeneous Eni'iroinncnts 

Haitao Zheng • Electrical Engineering 

Robust Mfdtiniedia Transmission Framcirork by Exploring Unequal Error Protection 

Nan Zhou • Plant Biology 

Characterization oJ Arabidopsis Genes Involved in Synthesis 

Doctor of Musical Arts 

Jung-Sun Kwon • Music 

"Internal Connections" as a Unifying Element in Large-form Piano Works 

Jinwon La • Music 

Symphony No. 1 

Kimberly M. McCoul-Risinger • Music 

Sonatas for Fhitc and Piano Composed and Published in 1994, 1995, 1996, 
or 1997 and Performed at a National Flute Association Convention in 1994, 
1995. 1996, or 1991 

Hsiu-Hui Wang • Music 

Tracing the Developmetn of the French Piano Trio 

Hsueh-Ping Wang • Music 

Dance — Inspired Music for Piano 



Master of Architecture 

Ran Ilkovitch 
Lyn M. Lawrence 

Master of Arts 

Applied Mathematics 

Dhiranuch Bunnag 
Kittisak Chayantrakom 
Bita Khoshvaghti 
Joshua William Pepper 

Art History 

Ellen Kathryn Kempf 
Katherine Elizabeth Roeder 
Laura Roulet 


Matthew G. Davison 

Counseling and Personnel 

Karla Olivia Benson 
Trisha Marie Brown 
Stephanie L. Clavenna 
Fereshteh Haeri Darya 
Tammra Wilker Echols 
James Lucas Kohl 
Corby Dean Meyer 
John Timothy Ridgely 
Meryl D. Sirmans 
Laura S.Woodard 

Criminal Justice and 

Shirleen Marie Elsie Pilgrim 
David Alan Soule 

Curriculum and Instruction 

Donnette Teloris Dais 
Nousha Mokhtari 

English Language and 

Mark Douglas Larabee 
Erin Anne Sadlack 
Charles Fletcher Warner III 

Government and Politics 

Suzanne Valerie CJilbert 

Hearing and Speech Sciences 

Jennifer Elaine Cashour 
Susana Maria Suarez 


Neil lonathan Coffee 
Mark L. Goldstein 


Christopher Nathan Gosier 
Amanda Costikyan Jones 
Christopher Drew ICirkpatrick 
EHsa D. Ramirez 


Andrew Richard Coutts 
James Peterson Danna 
Eric L. Hand 
Peter L. Marzano 
Jennifer Ann Rogofsky 


Kristine Marie Gerbus 
Ajay Nath Segal 


Clarice D. Evans 

Russian Language and 

EkaterinaY. Poletes 


Gretchen M. Livingston 
Angela Sibylle Stach 
Hongwei Zhang 

Spanish Language and 

Margarita I.Altuna 


Timothy Snowden Fowler 

Master of Arts/ 
Master of Library 
Science Combined 

History/Library and 
Information Services 

Jeannine Steel Swift 

Geography/Library and 
Information Services 

Troy Lloyd Clark 
Jeanette Aviva Rose 

Master of Business 

Papia Pani Alam 
Kevin Baker 
Dihp Kumar Banerjee 
Derrich Edward Beauchamp 
Shawn Emily Beckerman 
Joseph Robert Bobek 
Kimberly Bridgman 
Stephen Douglas Cary 
Beatriz Alicia Castro 
Lisa Anne Coccaro 
Lewis E. Corfrnan 
Gina Lyn Dawson 
Federico Diaz Hernandez 
David Christopher Dina 
Joshua Mark Dix 
Joseph Paul Dupree 
Marianne May Emerson 
Michelle I. Emord 
Ann Maureen Fishman 

Brian Nevin Frantz 
Ravi Ranjan Prasad Gupta 
Janel Harra Herman 
Bradley Jon Hill 
Torence Michael Holmes 
Robert Jackson Hunt 
Adnenne Elizabeth Inzer 
Neil Kent Jones 
Marv'ann Cassidy Kearns 
Simon Y. Liu 
Lori Anne Mallon 
Scott Robert Marcoux 
David Douglas Martz 
Laura Ann Walker Meyer 
Carl Louis Nelson 
Stephen Scott OUis 
Martin Lawrence Oosterhous 
Kevin SungHyung Ro 
Laurie A. Roberge 
William Duniont Scott 
Cliristohper John Selwood 
Lalita Skulratana 
Karen Ann Suter 
Karen Delia Torre 
Jefferson Lee Triplett 
Christopher Michael Troutner 
)ohn Gordon Wallace II 
Maureen Kennedy Wilson 
Daniel Wayne Wingard 
Margaret Eraser Zimmerman 

Master of Business 
of Science Combined 

Scott Simon Asher 

Nitin Ravinderkumar Gupta 

Lisa Lucadamo Jarrett 

Esteban Lemes 

Scott Foster Lowry 

Siveskorn Roongroj 



Krystallis George Sawides 
Joseph John Valeri 
Keith V. Vivona 

Master of 
Community Planning 

Suzanne Mane Fontanesi 
George Jefferson La None 
Amy Eileen McAbee-Cummings 
Michael John Schuster 

Master of Education 

Counseling and Personnel 

Meredith D. Colegate 
Kathleen P. Crosby 
Karen Denise Hough 
Rebecca T. Knovvles 
Melanie Rae Lane 
Soyeon Sunny Lee 
Timothy Lee Lewis 
Lynda Fisher McDonald 
Wakako Minanioto 
April Lynn Mleko 
Nancy O'Neill 

Curriculum and Instruction 

Frah I.Ahmad 
Connie Vest Champ 
Jennifer Leigh Clark 
Marie Labombard Crosby 
Suzanne G. Foley 
Tara Marie Gargas 
Suzanne Lynn Ghosh 
Carri Anne Jakubowski 
Karen Anne Kietfer 
Kristen Marie Kolarz 
BrendaYang Lin 
Robyn Lynn Mancuso 

Emily Ann Markes 
Dianne Mane McDonald 
Cheryl Lerae McDuffie 
Nishi Mehta 
Ray Ramin Minai 
Virginia Ann O'Donoghue 

Ann Elizabeth O'Brien 
Laura Brock Partridge 
Staci Lynn Pippin 
Adam Michael Pizzo 
Julie Schwan Salay 
Mary Jo Schaetfer 
Catherine Anne O'Brien Shoup 
Kerridwen Steciuk 
Emily Claire Waanders 

Human Development 

Amy liana Nees 
"Wilbur E. Steg.Jr. 

Special Education 

Sarah Jane Bias 
Shawn Chandler Bingham 
Michele Mane Bolly 
Deborah Ann Childs 
Susan Marie Fanuele 
Danielle Elyse Haberman 
Jenmfer Mane Huff 
Robert Todd Landy 
Diana Lea Lovingfoss 
Elizabeth Mary Obara 
Melanie Lynn Ogburn 
Michelle Ann Stanton 
Michelle Suzanne Tuwiner 

Master of Engineering 

Shane Richard Beabes 
Khaled Benshmane 
PaulYonkeun Cho 

Adam David Farnham 
Jason Bancroft Faunce 
Noel Alexander Garcia 
Paul Tipton Hargis 
Theresa O. Hilborn 
Navin Jain 
Joel Gerard Kruzel 
Kevin Raymond McCarthy 
Joshua Bradley Pearlman 
Guodong Shao 
Hugh Vincent Thomas 
Johnny Andrew Williford 

Master of Fine Arts 

Creative Writing 

Shannon EHzabeth Curley 


Peter Garcia Avery 

Master of Library 

Library and Information 

Lorelle Renee Anderson 

Roger Harris Kizer Ball 

Holly Fay Cooper 

Mary Louise Cumberpatch 

Melissa Knight Elliott 

Bryan David Fagan 

James Jeffrey Fort 

Michael Joseph Gentile 

Michelle R. Kalech 

Elizabeth Camiile Lyon 

Donna Marie Mignardi 

Mark N. Miller 

Amie Michele Johnson Pfeifer 

Christina Mehta Prendiville 

Kara Denise Rockwell 

Diane EHzabeth Roett 
Laura Ann Slaughter 
David Matthew Smolen 
Kristina Hope Walter 
Veronica Mary Welsh 

Master of Music 

Julie Patricia Duerichen 
AmyJoAnna Peters 
Michael Charles Tayman 
Carlyle Glenn Weber 

Master of Public 

Toby Scott Wilson 

Master of Public 
Master of Business 

Stacey S.Warthen 

Master of Science 

Aerospace Engineering 

Makiko Kosha Duncan 
Harsha Prahlad 
Brian John Roberts 
Paul Duraikan Samuel 
Jon Robert Velapoldi 

Agricultural and Resource 

Oscar E. Cristi 
Valeria Piiieiro 
Camilo Sarmiento 



Animal Sciences 

Lisa Josephine Craig 
Tanya Faust Dunlap 


Waviie Henry Baumgartner 


Amy Elizabeth Beaven 
Nelson Bennett 
Susan M. Davidson 

Business and Management 

Rahul Singh 

Chemical Engineering 

Joo-Han Lee 

Andrew Michael Scanlan 

Miguel Angel Valle 

Chemical Physics 

David Andrew Gent 


Daniel Scott Kohn 
Jerold Serapio LaguiUes 
Tricia Leigh Ryti 

Civil Engineering 

Dragos Andrei 
Tewfik Boutaleb 
Seth Paul Brown 
Neftali Steven Cajina 
Sriram Chellappan 
Kathryn Maria Freiberger 
Evangelos L Kaisar 
Kunnawee Kanitpong 
Lisa D. Lugo 
Dong Chul Park 
Haiying Qiao 
Nancy Alison Straub 
Sonipon Swangchit 
Cynthia-Clare Tagoe 
Hsin-Chung Tseng 

Computer Science 

Asmara Atework 

Adrian Alexandru 

Henrique C. M. Andrade 

Michael Bridges Fredericks 

Rebecca Green 

Fatma Ozcan 

Dmitry Nikolaevich Zotkin 

Electrical Engineering 

Philippe R Absil 

Mark Delan Arkiiig 

Vijay G. Bharadvvaj 

Jianfang Bian 

Vineet Birmani 

Kareem M. Darwish 

Hao Deng 

Camilo Chang Dorea 

Yan Li Fan 

Sreekanth Gangadharan 

Abhik Ghosh 

Rohit Grover 

Zhu Han 

Ying He 

Tasuki Hirata 

Gebran Keith Krikor 

lun Lin 

Li Liu 

ThuVanThi Luu 

Hesham Ibrahim Abouelfotouh 

John Wesley Mitchell 
Swaminathan Narayanaswamy 
Sangeeta Lakshmi Nori 
Stephen Marshall Payne 
Paul Vincent Petruzzi 
Gang Qian 
Jie Song 

Stoehr Ekachack Sukachevin 
Ravichander Vaidyanathan 
Xiaowen Wang 
Wei Yang 

Haifeng Zeng 
Chang Zhang 
Jon V. Zilius 


Xiaozhong Bao 

Family and Community 

Carolyn Therese Biggs 

Family Studies 

Irina Firsa DoctorofF 
Jeanne M. Minor 
Laurel Ann Sydlansky 

Fire Protection Engineering 

Linda Mary Gallahue 
Beverly Theresa Roberts 
Craig Patrick Thompson 


Ronald G. Colyer.Jr. 
Matthew Stewart Hall 

Marine, Estuarine and 
Environmental Sciences 

Heather Lynn Berndt 
Ernest Clarke 
Meredith Guarraci 
William Patrick Mowitt 
Erik Robert Zlokovitz 

Materials Science and 

Nayanee Gupta 
Ki-Chun Kim 
Hsiang-I Wang 
Ruonian Wu 

Mechanical Engineering 

Sundar Balasubraniaman 
Michael Dean Blattau 

Michelle Lasken Bloshteyn 
Niranjan Chandrasekaran 
Gautam Lao Chatur 
He Feng 

Mark Andrew Henry 
Louis Paul Hromada.Jr. 
Jeffrey Earl Morgan 
Douglas J. Ortel 
Manoj Radhakrishnan 
Aravind Ramamoorthy 
Josyula Ramachandra Rao 
Gregory Alan Schultz 
Antonio Pedro Silva 
Anurag Tandon 
Dawn Avril Thomas 
Cheng-Chieh Tu 
Matthew Wagenhofer 


Zhaohui Cheng 
Jingtao Deng 
Gary Scott Partyka 


David Thomas Ingram 

Nuclear Engineering 

Mark Antkowiak 
Timothy Edward BeviUe 
Herbert William Massie.Jr. 


Tina Habash 
Sonali Kumar 


Allan Scott Phillips 
Krishnendu Sengupta 
Constantine P. Vlahacos 

Poultry Science 

Daniel D. Dav 



Reliability Engineering 

Antonio Javier Alvarez 
Gopi K. Mandela 
Robert Arnold Sealock 

Survey Methodology 

Pei-Lu Chiu 

Sustainable Development 
and Conservation Biology 

Xu Duan 
Jeffrey A. Lerner 

Systems Engineering 

Partha Ghosh 
Ravichandran Rajamani 
Lisa Patrice Summers 


Waqas Ahmad 

Rajdeep Suresh Junnarkar 

Robert David Shnerson 

Master of Software 

Eric P. Cicmanec 
Edward A. Feinstein 

Martin M.Jack 
Thomas Andrew Malone 
Gabriel D. Minton 
Jeffrey G. Platts 

Graduate Certificates 

Advanced Graduate Specialist 

John Tnnotliy Ridgely 
Meryl D. Simians 



A. James Clark School 
of Engineering 

Bachelor of Science 

Aerospace Engineering 

Christopher David Karlgaard 

2tid Degree: Mtithcmalia 
Denny Mathew 
Fidel Neto Moore 

Applied Science Engineering 

Jason Neal Emerick 

Biological Resources 

Olawale Oluseyi Akinsehinvva 
John Jeffery Oduni 

Chemical Engineering 

Ana Paula N. Costa 
Robert Deering Leonard 

Civil Engineering 

William Noigaard Brandt 
*Micah Shalom Ceary 
f Alfonso Ignacio Mejia 
Carlton Douglas Nave 

Electrical Engineering 

Samantha Maria Buda 
Jarriel Demond Cook 
Andreas Dermosoniades 
Graham Spencer Edwards 
Azad Omer Kanm 
Gabriel A. Martinez-Silva 
Patrick Curtis MuUikin 
Ly Duy Pham 
Frankie Rogers 
Eser Ahmet Saydam 
Sushanthan Sudaharan, Sr. 
Alien Chung Tin Wong 


George Andreas Konstantakopoulos 
Anthony B. Sanders 

Fire Protection Engineering 

James Russell Downs 
Noah Lael Ryder 

Mechanical Engineering 

Christopher Alter Bloor 
David Albert Burger 
Etan Solomon Chatlynne 
Avi Marnin Gopstein 
Paul Nicholas Gorgas 
Andrew James Guenther 
tjohn Mapes Maloney 
Jason Michael Marcinkoski 
James Ryan Niblett 
Gabriel Benjamin Reilly 
Rashnii K. Sharma 

College of Agriculture 
and Natural Resources 

Bachelor of Science 

Agricultural and Resource 

Scott Andrew Ellsworth 
Edward Lee Keenan 
Kevin Michael Leclercq 
Wilbert Bryan Lewis 
Zakr Omar 

Animal Sciences 

Jennifer Lynn Bilheimer 
Jaime Leigh Dannemann 
Christina Anne Hohn 
Bridget Catherine Teates 

Conservation Soil, Water and 

Ellen Hallenbeck James 
Theodore R. Sufczynski.Jr. 


Thomas Marshall Br\-ant 
Jordana Eve Cohen 
Rebecca Vanessa Dernb 
Kelly Marie Hecht 
Elissa Internicola 
Keisha Cherry Stafford 

Environmental and Park 

Jeremy Victor Wade 

Food Science 

Hailekiros A.Teferi 


Steven James Nagy 

Plant and Wildlife Resource 

Kevin James Kauffinan 

College of Architecture 

Bachelor of Science 


Andrew Lawrence Falkenstein 
Jaclyn Laura Tupper Hay 
Angela SeungHee Kim 

College of Arts and 

Bachelor of Arts 

American Studies 

Melissa Dawn Barbagallo 

Lester R. Clay, Jr. 
Diana Christine Meyer 
Kimmel DawnYeager 

Art History 

Ireti M. Akinola 
Daniel Alan Bondinell 
Robin Rae Hazell 

2nd Major: Erigliih Language and 

Whitney Warwick Yapp 

Art Studio 

Con Lynne Campbell 
Amy Colleen CautBnan 
Allison Diane Chess 
EUzabeth Ann D'Alessandro 
Kristen GeneUe Emanuel 
Eric Scott Fleming 
Colleen Joan Flynn 
Shannon Mary Gallagher 
Susan Ehzabeth Gurriel 
Matthew Henry Holland 
Nelson Hsu 

David Kenneth Johnson 
Peter Sok Kim 
*Stephanie Lynn Maurer 
Daniel Thomas Rodgerson 
Lynde N.Washington 
David Wayne Weingaertner 
Jeffi-ey Joseph Wilson 
Terri Lynn Witherspoon 


Jessica Rose Bolgiano 
Matthew Scott Breslow 
Christie A. Cunningham 
Kelley Jean Emmons 
Jang S. Kim 

Steven James Marcantonio 
Janel Catherine Orr 
Matthew David Rothman 
Mary Buenaventura Santos 


§ Summa cum Laudc "|" Xlagiu cum Ltiude * cum Lauiit' 


Jharna Sareen 

Marc Francis Sullivan 

Jen C.Wang 

Steven James Whitney 

Jamye Helen Woltl' 

English Language and 

Heather Dawn Alexander 
Todd Michael Barrish 
Akiketa Kenice Brown 
Francis Terence Costanza 
John Robert Davis 
Bethany Jean Dixson 
Eugene Lee Eaton 
Rebecca Sue Erskine 
Rachel Dora Gantz 
A. Fedenco Garduno 
James Robert Grip 
Emily Kimball Gutke 
Catherine Ann Handren 
Kimberly M. Hartman 
Eppie E. Helms 
Cassandra Janine Hoke 
Brooke Allyson Insley 
Kimberly Nicole Jackson 
Sean C.Jackson 
Justin S.Jouvenal 
Jonathan Edward Katz 
Ari Judah Mahler 
Sean Preston Moran 
Jonas Micah Nahoum 
Nicholas John Pellicciotto 
Jonathan Bernard Power 
Sara Rouffaer 
Tammy Liza Sasaki 
Mitchell D. Schwartz 
Beth Janna Schwartzman 
Michael Garvin Skipper 
Regina Mane Smith 
f Adam Thomas Trexler 
Marshall Emery Yaap 

French Language and 

§Cynthia Magdalena Thomas 
Mary Margaret Vanlaer 
Amy Michele Yinghng 


Kevin R. Beck 

Gwendolyn EUwen Bowen-Sherman 

Olaimde Olutunde Famuyiwa 

Neal Martin Hallinan 

Scott Francis Hipp 

James Hyun Kim 

Douglas Gregory McComb 

Julia Thritt Neumaier 

Jack Granger Rhodes 

Stacey Elyse Rosen 

Jason Lyle Rundell 

Colm Lee Saba 

Jamesina Ehzabeth Thatcher 

2nd Dcijrt'c.' Geography 
David A.Wardrup,Jr. 

Jewish Studies 

Rachael Sara Forman 
*Sarah Beth Nachlas 


Erica Lee Ames 


Szymon A. Kloska 

Romance Languages 

Nzingha Santiago Kendall 

Spanish Language and 

Soraya Cinira Dos Santos 

2mi Degree: Ftwiily Srndies 
Susan M. Gardiner 
Rayna Trelane Johnson 
Jade Lorraine Jordan 
Cypnana McCray 

Nancy Ivette Rodriguez 

Ana Ruth Silva 

Susanna Christine Vallance 


Paul Jude Alvaran 
Sarah Elizabeth Spargo 

Bachelor of Music 


Michael Steven Sparrow, Jr. 

College of Behavioral 
and Social Sciences 

Bachelor of Arts 

Afro-American Studies 

Shennoa Leshe McDay 
Daniien Southall 


*Kathleen Mary Aiken 

2nd Major: Classical Languages and 

Carol Margaret Busbar 
Lee Stuart Donovan 
Samir Orlando Suarez 
Luz Mercedes Vides 

Criminal Justice 

Alexandre C. Heiche 

Criminology and Criminal 

Kjm Ann Arentowicz 
Orlando Scott Bowman 
Tara Christine Bruno 
Patrick F. Campion 
David John Cervenka 
Joseph Marshall Cooke 
Michael J. Cranmer 

f Sean Wayne Cribbs 
Bryon RandaJ Dietzel 
Jose Adao Escalante, Jr. 
John Earl Feugill 
Luis F. Garcia 
Alexis Renee Guzman 
Jason Peter Hinish 
Shawn Thomas Jefferson 
Anthony Wilson Jenkins 
Anitha Wileen Johnson 
David Rjchard Jones 
Thomas Scott Kenealy 
Farahnaz Kidwai Kidwai 
An Israel Krug 
Derek Benne Lackey 
Jason Lee Levine 
Yu-Kang Lin 

Jennifer Michele Manning 
Margaret Claire Moran 
Najah Mae Mustafa 
Dawn Marie Nelson 
Lisa Marie Olszewski 
Francesco Salvatore Pace 
Kevin Scott Palmer 
Jonathan Scott Pashkoff 
Kevin Scott Perry 
Brent Everett Pollard 
Diallo Kamal Radway 

2nd Major: Afro- American Studies 
Edward Anthony Rosso 
Kofi Etruw Shaw-Taylor 
Michael Brian Strickland 
Laura Elena Varela 

2tid Major: Sociology 
Kendnck Lamonthe Walton 
Patrick Robert Ward 
Brian V.Watkins 
Kathryn Elizabeth Wresche 


Olukemi Adedoyin Adebiyi 
Justin PhiHp Buckner 

§ Suintna cum Laude •[ Magna ctitit Laudc * ctwi Laudc 



Michael James Cudzilo 
Christopher M. Gaston 
Brian A. Governale 
Emily Rachel Hartz 
Sneha Hemant Karnik 
Brian Eugene Keating 
Abraham Yisung Lee 
Alexander Jae Lee 
Seungju Lee 
Su J. Lim 

Gabaseki Dianne Mganga 
Grant Daniel Newman 

2iui Major: Govcrmiieul and Politics 
Adam Michael Parker 
Gustavo Alejandro Petrei 
Suhayl Walid Rouag 
Stephanie Michele Smith 

2nd Major: Covernmait and Politics 
Kyriakos Antonios Solomakos 
Noah J. Szczepanek 
Michael Dean Thompson 
Braden Andrew Wolvin 
Sally J.Yancheski 

Government and Politics 

Joshua David Abrams 
Paul Pereira Abu-Zaid 
Cyracus Chukwunonye Anaele 
Christina Lynn Avgerinos 

2nd Major: Spanish LAingiiii\;e and 

Basma Benmansour 
Randi Dawn Bolden 
Carrie Lynn Caggiano 
Raymond Paul Chung 

2iid Major: History 
Joseph Peter Cohen 
Lillian Cruz 
Vivian Mae Curry 
Garrett Lawrence Hartman 

2nd Major: Criminology and 

Criminal Justice 

Athina G. Kotopoulis 
Mark Thomas Larsen 
Brian Michael Mayhew 
Gerardo Mrllan 
Patrick Moriarty 
Nigel Kenyatta Murray 
Vivek Ramanlal Ruia 
Mark Anthony Salamone 
David Lougheed Sanders 
Karen Mane Stedman 

2iid Major: Spanish Language and 

Dev Anand Terway 

2nd Major: Economics 
Hamida Fatima Zaidi 
Adele Stacey Zilber 
Faraz Zubairi 

Hearing and Speech Sciences 

Vanessa Cabrera 
Bernice Pauline Colaco 
Rebecca Colleen Fisher 
Donna Hankes 
Julia Mane Mclntyre 
Alison Francine Mendez 
Jaclyn Mitrani 
fChaya Segelin Richman 
Marina Shaykevich 
*Yuliya Mira Turkina 


Lea Elmira Anderson 

2nd Major: Family Studies 
Carolyn Rita Babineau 
Christina Marie Bittorf 
Deljan Alex Chen 
Charmaine Frances Condillac 
Malika Adia Dennis 
Piyush Dixit 
Gregory Max Galanter 
Julie Michele Greenberg 
Melissa Beth Heckner 

Maryam Ayesha Ilahi 
Michael Lewis Mann 
Constantine Adam Mavridis 
Scarlett Anne Morao 
Njideka Okechi Nwokekeh 
Inge Ohlenschlager 
Brian Michael Weingart 
Angela Mane Wilkinson 
Khalilah Uganda Coretta Williams 
Robin Yeganeh 


Alvaro Aguilar 
Laura Rose Bongo 
Alesha Rushele Dram 
Grace J. Kim 
Robert Eric Kirkland 
Lorena Ruth Nieto 
Joanna R. Pederson 
Staci Nichelle Robinson 
hignd Christina Stack 
Chole OlaYearwood 

2nd Major: Criminology and 

Criminal Justice 
Susan BinYhim 

Bachelor of Science 


Kevin Edward Fox 
David Joseph Grigoms 
Michael A. Leahy 
Dwayne Edward Liller 
Gaylene Santilla 
Adam Howard Sengbusch 
Mark Thomas Sherwood 
Andrew J. Smith 
Jamesina Elizabeth Thatcher 

2nd Degree: History 
Damon Zawkhin 


Christopher John Atkinson 
Kate Nina Bennett 
Lindsay Benedict Brancato 

College of Computer, 
Mathematical and 
Physical Sciences 

Bachelor of Science 


Sarah Elizabeth Gregory 

Computer Science 

Kumar Anupam 
Charles A. Bieneman 
Aleksey Cherenkov 
Nikita Chernyakov 
Abhishek Diwana 
Yaohua Gu 

Shiloh Cory Slack Heurich 
Michael B. Honmong 
Benjamin lenBin Hsu 
Zeeshan Huque 
Gary L.Jackson II 
Peter Russell Lawford 
Guillermo Jose Lock 
Jason Thomas Martin 
Barbara Anne McGill 

2nd Degree: Microbiology 
Sudteerak Naknual 
John Frederick Reckeweg 
Robert Stephen Rodgers 
Jon Christopher Stanat 
Adam Philip Wenchel 


Patrick Sean Christopher Clancy 
Christopher David Karlgaard 
2nd Degree: Aerospace Engineerittg 


§ Stimma aim Laudc f Magna cum Laude * cum Laiide 


Physical Sciences 

Hengyu Chang 
Arash Danaie 
Lonnie Cecil King 


Scott M. Dolecki 
David A.G. Garofalo 

2iid Major: Asirciuoiny 
Christopher Michael Innes 
William Divine Linch III 

College of Education 

Bachelor of Arts 

Secondary Education-Foreign 

Tama Arroyo 

Bachelor of Science 

Educarion-Music K-12 

Christopher David Campbell 

Elementary Education 

Gretchen Gabrielle Gabreski 
Jill Mehssa Schneibolk 

Secondary Education- 

Jeannie Mane Joyner 

Secondary Education-Science 

Peggy Lynn Fowler 
John David Kirkpatrick 

College of Health and 
Human Performance 

Bachelor of Science 

Family Studies 

Maureen Elizabeth Chambers 
Bernice Lynn Cohen 
Soraya Cinira Dos Santos 

2tid Degree: Spiiiiisli Liiw^uagc and 

Brendan Gill 
Morgan Everett Jones 
Damian Don Joel King 
Amanda Mane Kirkpatrick 
Cassandra Mane Manuel 
Jennifer Lyn Paulette 
Sonya Lea Plakotaris 
*Tracy Marie Robertson 
Angela Y vette Talley 
Tracy Elizabeth Toomey 
Louise P. WilUs 

Health Education 

Anna Maria Cavin 

Kinesiological Sciences 

Louis H. Gilford, Jr. 
Matthew William Green 
Tisha Rene KiUian 
David Leon 

Theresa Elaine Chin Loy 
Kevin Michael McHugh 
Tamara Elizabeth Peterson 

College of Journalism 

Bachelor of Arts 


Magali Barbaran 
Kimberly Ann Beekman 

Matthew Christian Bonner 
Michele Denyce Davis 
Ian Christopher Finnegan 
tjoy ¥. Freeman 
Marisa L. Grimes 
Cory Virginia Howell 
Staci Ann Lotterer 
Stacey Derrell Manley 
John Henning Moltzan 
Heather Ann Morris 
tJanne B. Mutis 
$Sara Jeannette Rose 
Annika M. Stensson 
Lauren Ehzabeth Tyler 

College of Life 

Bachelor of Science 


Jorge Louie Cardenas 
Sylvia Magdalena Glowacki 
Jianhai Terence Hua 

2nd Degree: Biological Sciences 
Hsin-Yi Tsang 
Jung Soo Yi 

Biological Sciences 

Olanrewaju Adeola Alade, Sr. 

fSyed Ibrahim All 

Nameer S. Azalddin 

Erin Elizabeth Burnam 

Jose Miguel Carrillo 

Ray Shiuh Chang 

David Ptolemy Jordan Churchill 

KiesettVernell CoUier 

Mihir Ashok Desai 

Mahdieh Emam 

Adeola Yvonne Field 

Ana Sophia Fuentes 

Stefan Brandes Goldfaden 

Jianhai Terence Hua 

2nd Degree: Biochemistry 
Amena Amy Husain 
Keli Christine Kirby 
Connie Hongnei Liu 
N. Nicholas Lysenko 
Amena Rahim Madjid 
Ram Nath Malhotra 
Kristin Elizabeth Monie 
Angela L. Parrish 
Doan Trang Pham 
Stephen Scott Reid 
Eduardo Alfredo Ruiz 
Karen Michele Schwartz 
Mary Ellen Slaughter 
Paul Alan Smith 
Andrew Reza Teimounan 
Aleka Katherine Thompson 
Jacob Matthew Thompson 


LaTasha Dyan Jean Anusial 
Kebret Tafesse Andarge 
Angela G. Hadjipanayis 
Gwendolyn Renee Harrison 
True Thanh Ho 
Matthew Stephen Walker 
Michael George Webster 


William Patrick Bohlayer 
Laura Jeanne Corvette 
Maxime Ahmed Guindo 
Karen Lee Hicks 
Michael Jayant Joseph 
Barbara Anne McGill 

2nd Degree: Computer Science 
*Iris Ng 

§ Sunwui aim Ltiiide f Magna tiiin iMudf * atm Liiuiie 



Robert H. Smith 
School of Business 

Bachelor of Science 


Aila Afzal 

2iid Major: Maiiagemeiil Science and 

Marc Darnel] Barnes 
John Edward Bragdon 
Shannon Marie Cavanaugh 
Tal Darmon 

2nd Major: Finance 
Emmanuel Djokou 
Jesse Mario Griffin 
*Nazim Yaw Hamilton 

2nd Major: Finance 
Courtney Lynn Luketich 
Deborah Lynn Orrison 
Jaime A. Poller 
Tenaye Ramet 
Jason Michael Reynolds 
Brandon Michael Siok 
Kevin Laurant Smith 
Diane Pi Lan Soo 
NathaHe Boumi Tchouante 


Johnathan Maurice Adams 
Modupe A. Asekun 
Mariama Cire Bah 
f Stephanie Jean Carter 
Benjamin Chuang Yuen Chiu 
Mareme Diagne 
Harold James Falcon III 
James Francis Green, Jr. 
Sidney A. Greenfeig 
Aaron Lyle Hill 
Vibha Hooda 

2nd Major: General Business and 


Denise Kelly 

2iid Major: General Business and 

Liang Le 

Robert J. Manheimer 
loannis Dimitrios Manohos 

2nd Major: General Business 
Maria Michelle Marquis 
Timothy Daniel Marsh 
Vladimir Mazelev 

2nd Major: General Business 
Miguel Nepomuceno Mejia 

2nd Major: Economics 
Sylvia G. Moreno 

2nd Major: General Business and 

Guy H. Morgan HI 
Roxanne Helen Orticke 
Pablo Otero 
Yasemin Oztenur 

2nd Major: Marketing 
Jehan Behram Panthaki 
Matthew Philip Placella 

2nd Major: General Business and 

Vipul Umed Shah 

2nd Major: Marketing 
Brian David Tague, Jr. 
Kourosh Taleghani 

2nd Major: General Business and 

Tri Dinh Tran 
Stefan Craig Vaughn 
*Sara Paige Whimian 

2nd Major: Logistics and Transporta- 
Todd Michael Wilson 

2nd Major: Marketing 

2nd Major: Accounting 
Christopher Paul Wynne 

General Business 

Elena Afanassieva 

2nd Major: Marketing 
^Nicole Ann Dozier 
Michael J. Earley 
James William Farrar 
lan Hilars* Jardine 
Rosanna Lea Morales 

2nd Major: Marketing 

3rd Major: Logistics and Transportation 
Nancy Pounkone 

2nd Major: Logistics and Transportation 
E^alp Ensar Saral 
Jason Gerald Tiede 

General Business and 

Jason W Hardman 

2nd Major: Marketing 
Sophia Y. Im 
Marcy D. Kuhl 

2nd Major: French Language and 

Tamara Beth Springer 

2nd Major: L^istics and Transportation 
Debra L.Wolohan 

2nd Major: Finance 

Human Resource 

Anna Trang Nguyen 

Logistics and Transportation 

Eugene Elmer Bryant 
Stephen Frederick Carnes 

2nd Major: Marketing 

3rd Major: General Business and 

Brian M. Finz 

2nd Major: General Business 
Craig Steven Halper 
Rajeev Laxman Narayanan 

2nd Major: Marketing 

Vinh Phong Quach 
2nd Major: Finance 
Charles H.Yim 
Richard Joseph Zeman 

Management Science and 

JeSrey Fouad Ayoub 
Charlie Kai-hua Chang 
CormieYenhwa Cho 
Omar All Fahmy 
Juan Pablo Foronda 
fjane Pei Hong 
Jason Thomas Huff 
Kobie Lyle Jones 

2nd Major: Accounting 
Hae Ryoung Kim 

2nd Major: Finance 
Adrian H. Ko 
Choi Ping Lam 
Kevin R. Laylor 
Quang Hao Nguyen 
John Matthew Papathakis 
Amiel Oni Sawdaye 
Mona Nandlal Shah 

2nd Major: Human Resource 

Wan-yu Tsai 
Long Zheng 


Jonathan Bates 

2nd Major: Finance 
Steven Phillip Berman 
Evanjavan Biddy 
Stella Bongo 
Kenia Ann Choate 
Jaclyn Christine Corr 
Jessica JaqueUne Espinoza 

2nd Major: General Business and 



§ Suninta airt L^ude f Ma^na aim Laiide ' mm i^ude 


Brian Daniel Frederick 
James Richard KroU 
Ahram Lee 
Supara Maphungphong 

2iid Major: Lo^^islics and Tnmsporunion 
James Patrick Myers 
Vesime Shenel Omer 
Paulette Erika Pnesdey 

2nd Major: General Business and 

Ben Gershon Rosenfield 

2nd Major: General Business and 

Ryan C.Teicher 
John Jerome Zack 

Operations and Quality 

Oren Hamanii 

Certificate Programs 

Certificate in Latin American 

Nancy Ivette Rodriguez 
Sara Rouffaer 

Science, Technology and 
Society Certificate 

Mihir Ashok Desai 

Women's Studies Certificate 

Heather Dawn Alexander 
Lorena Ruth Nieto 

§ Siitnnu aim l^itjc \ Xtti^tia aim Laiide * aim Latidc 



Doctor of Philosophy 

Luis Abarca • Marine, Estuarine & Environmental Sciences 

Comparing Network and Food IVeb Analyser: Ecosystems Patterns and Scale 

Mohamed S. Aboutabl • Computer Science 

Temporally-Determinate Disk Access for Real- Time Applications 

Manish Agarwal • Reliability Engineering 

Software Reliability Prediction Modeling 

Nancy B. Ahalt • Education Policy, Planning and Administration 

A Formative Study of High School Stndents in a School-Based juvenile Court 
Probation Program 

Demet Aksoy • Computer Science 

On-Demand Data Broadcast for Large-Scale and Dynamic Applications 

Saubhe Al-Dellemy • Sociology 

Personal and Social Factors Associated with Social Responsibility Aniong Arab 
Students in the U.S. 

Abdullah A. Alsunaidi • Chetnical Physics 

Computer Simulation oj Phase Transitions in Colloidal and Polymetric Mixtures 

Anita K. Amla • Civil Engineering 

Airfield Pavement Condition Forecasting Using a Neural Network 

Stephanie R. Amoroso • Molecular and Cell Biology 

Consistent Loss of the TGF-beta Type II in Murine Plasmacytomas 

Lena M. Ampadu • Curriculum and Instruction 

Tlie Effects oj Instruction in the Imitation of Repetition on College Students' 
Persuasive Writing Style 

Gaurav Anand • Mechanical Engineering 

^4 Study of Screw Compressor 

Kathleen A. Angeletti • Education Policy, Planning and 

Tlie State's Role in Teacher Education Reform: Maryland's Efforts to Redesign 
Teacher Preparation 

Margaret J. Antonisse • Linguistics 

Processing Temporal Modifiers: Ttte Influence of Lexical Aspect 

Lars An^vandter • Agricultural and Resource Economics 

An Analysis of the Inefflcietiiy of Puhlu Water Supply Operations in Mexico 

George Apostolopoulos • Computer Science 

Cost and Performance Trade-Offs of Quality of Service Routing 

Anne K. Apynys • History 

A New Deal for Poor llbmen 

Todd A. Armstrong • Criminal Justice and Criminology 

Ati Investigation into the Determinants of SpeciaUzatiou 

Susan L. Baker • Marine, Estuarine & Environmental Sciences 

Population Biology. Residency Status and Management oj the Botttenose Dolphin 

Lei Bao • Physics 

Identifying Student Mental Model States with a New Stochastic TIteoretical 
Framework: Apphcations in Quantum Mechanics 

Geofirey L. Barrows • Electrical Engineering 

Mixed Mode ITSI Optic Flow Sensors j'or Micro Air Vehicles 

Santiago Bernal • Physics 

Study of Transverse Density Waves in an Intense Electron Beam 

Karen K. Bernard • Music 

Prejudice. Pride and Economics: Tlie Neglected Danish Operas of Carl Nielsen 

Andreas P. Bernhard • Aerospace Engineering 

Smart Rotor with Active Blade Tips 

Fassil B. Beshah • Civil Engineering 

Performance of FRP Reinforced Concrete Beams and Slabs 

Monique C. Better • Human Developinent 

Risk. Resiliency and Adjustment in High Risk Hcadsiart Children 

Andre>v M. Nyakaana Blair • Civil Engineering 

Risk Analysis oj Cost and Schedule of Complex Engineering Systems 

Beryl C. Bland • Art History 

Tlie Yalalag Cross, A Multitude of Trees 

Fredrick B. Brewster • Health Education 

Women in Treatment jor Substance Abuse: Tlie Effects cf "Gender- Sensitive " 



Keita F. Broadwater • Mechanical Engineering 

Fiber Optic Sensors for Miiisurcinctit of laiipchilurc and Axial Strain in Fiber 
Connector Assemblies 

Robb T. Brumfield • Biology 

Evolution in the Genus Manacus: Moleadar Pliylogenetics, Moleailar and 
Morphological Characterization of the M. I'itellinns/M candei Hybrid Zone and 
the Role of a Riverine Barrier to the Introgression of Sexually Selected Traits 

Timothy J. Bryant • Kinesiology 

Inicgratioti of Inleriollegiate Athletics: Tlie University of Alabama Case 

Rebecca M. Buchanan • Psychology 

TIte Acculturation Gap Hypothesis: Implications Jor the Family Adjustment oj 
Russian Jewish Refugees 

Frances G. Burwell • Government and Politics 

Injhience Among Friends:'nte United States and European Foreign Pohcy Actions 

Karl J. Byrand • Geography 

Changing Race, Changing Place: Special Patterns oj Race and Occupations in 
Shaw, Washington, DC, J880-1920 

William F. Campbell • Meteorology 

Global Optimization oj' Numerical Models by Simulated Annealing 

David M. Cantor • Government and PoUtics 

Divisive Presidential Primaries in the Posl-Rctcrm Era 

Judith A. Card • Human Development 

Relations Between Child Self-Report of Emotional Distress Symptoms and 
Characteristics the Child, Family and Commiinily 

Peter D. Catina • Kinesiology 

T7;f Relationship Between Positive Illusion and Sport Pcrjormance 

Aliona Cebotari • Economics 

Issues in the Design and Choice oj Fiscal Rules 

Julie A. Celestin • Criminal Justice and Criminology 

The Definition of Community: Implications forAreal Studies 

Zackaria Chacko • Physics 

Topics on Siipersymnietry Breaking 

Chien-Hwa Chang • Electrical Engineering 

Advances in 2D Semiconductor Device Modeling by the Spherical Harmonic, 
Hydrodynamic and Drift-Diffusion Methods 

Kuo-Yang Chang • Civil Engineering 

A Simulation Model for Analzing Airport Terininat Roadway Traffic and 
Curbside Parking 

Miao-Li Chang • Marine, Estuarine & Environmental Sciences 

Modeling the Effects of Rcsuspension and Deposition on Early Diagenesis of 
Nutrients and Contaminants 

Yung-Hsien Chang • Nuclear Engineering 

IDA-Crew: A Cognitive Model of Control Room Operation Creiv Behaviors 
During Abnormal Conditions 

Brett Chapman • Criminal Justice and Criminology 

Prosecutorial Discretion: An Examination oj the Decision to Seek the Death 
Penahy in the State if Pennsylvania 

Frank R. Chavez • Aerospace Engineering 

Uncertainty Modeling for Atmospheric Flight Vclhcles 

Michael P. Chen-Young • Economics 

A Consolidated Approach to Government Spending 

Kwo-Fu Chiang • Mechanical Engineering 

Dispersion of Contaminant Released fom a Line Source at the IVall oj a 
Turbulent Boundary Liiyer 

Dominic Chiapperino • Chemistry 

Mechanistic Study of Nitrenium Ions: Photogenerated Arj'lnitrenium Ion Reactions 
with Arencs and Other Substrates 

Sung-Hee Choi • Theatre 

Performing the Other: Asians on the NewYork Stage Before 1965 

Nuchai Chuchinprakarn • Business and Management 

Structure of Relationship Comimlnienl and Its Impact on Cooperation and 
Perceived Performance: An Investigation in the Advertising Agency Industry 

Young Chun • Sociology 

Reducing Nonresponse in Estabhsliment Sun'eys:A Tii'o-Stage Experimental 

Erin E. Connor • Animal Sciences 

Physiological Genetic Indicators of Growth Performance in Beif Cattle 

Will H. Corbin • Linguistics 

Principle-based Approaches to Second Dmguage Tutoring 



R. C. Coski • French Language and Literature 

Conditlac: Man, Metaphysics and Seinuitics 

Deborah Curry • Education Policy, Planning and Administration 

Enhdming ihc African-Anurican Praeiuc al ihc Doiloral Lci'cUA Qiialitatnx 
Case Study of Anticipatory Socialization 

Christer N. Dahlgren • Nuclear Engineering 

Development and Assessment of a Dynamic Condensation Model for REL.4PS 

Jafar Darabi • Mechanical Engineering 

Macro and Micro Scale EHD-cnlianced Tliin-Filni Evaporation 

Christopher D. Dardick • Molecular and Cell Biology 

Molecular and Genetic Analysis of Tobanwi'irus-hosl Interactions 

Arnab Das • Electrical Engineering 

Capacities if Time- Varying Channels 

Debabrata Das • Economics 

Tlie Small Sample Disirihiitioii of Parameter Estimators in a Spatial ARAC 
(hi) Model: A Monte Carlo Study 

Diganta Das • Mechanical Engineering 

Extended Temperatiue Range Electronics: Availability and Behavior 

Paul E. Davis • Geography 

Religion and Sclllemcni in 1 7th Century Sew England 

MonimaUka Day • Special Education 

Supporting Inchision of Young Childreti in Connnunity Settings 

Guy E. De Weever • Government and PoUtics 

Making a Difference: Tlie Influence of Black Stale Legislators on Policy Making 

Pedro L. Del Valle • Toxicology 

Rabbit Kidney Proximal Convoluted IRPCT) and Straight (RPST) Tubular 
Cells: A New In- Vitro Model to Study Segment-Specific Nephrotoxicity 

Jeana M. DelRosso • English Language and Literature 

Veiled Tltreats: Contemporar)' International Catholic Girlhood Narratives 

Pamela J. Derfus • Business and Management 

Investigating the Action Challenge 

Ricardo H. Diaz • Aerospace Engineering 

Evaluation of Near- Wall Modeb for the Turbulence Kinetic Energy Budget 

Wei Ding • Library and Information Services 

Cognitive Processing of Muttimodcl Surrogates for Video Browsing 

Kathryn M. Doherty • Goveriunent and Politics 

Emerging Patterns of Housing, Community and Local Governance: Tlie Case of 
Private Homeowner Associations 

Adlai D. Dorsett • Business and Management 

Tlie Dimensions of Brand Loyalty and Its Relationship to Brand Behaviors and 
Marketing Actions 

Michael D. Dorsher • Mass Communication 

Hegemony Online:The Quiet Convergence of Power, Culture and Computers 

Enrique L. Droguett • Reliability Engineering 

Methodology for Treatment of Model Uncertainty 

Prateek J. Dujari • Mechanical Engineering 

Analysis of Random llbration on Repetitive Shock and Electrodynamic Shakers 
for Accelerated Fatigue of Electronic Instruments 

Jeanne A. Dussault • Curriculum and Instruction 

Effectiveness of Staff Development in Nonroutine Problem Solving 

James M. Ebeling • Biological Resources Engineering 

Kinetic Reaction Rale Analysis of Nilrilyiiig Bead Filters 

Lori A. EUs • Criminal Justice and Criminology 

Gender and the Causes of Childhood Antisocial Behavior 

Jeanette J. Epps • Aerospace Engineering 

In-flight Tracking oj Helicopter Motor Blades Using Shape Memorj' Alloy Actuators 

Tahereh Fazel • Electrical Engineering 

Design of Joint Souicc-Chanmi Codes for 2400 bps MELP 

Yanga R. Fernandez • Astronomy 

Physical Properties of Cometary Nuclei 

Alexander J. Fielding • Electrical Engineering 

Investigation of Tapered Single-Mode Optical Fibers for Chemical Senshig 

Ozlem Firtina • Germanic Language and Literature 

Familre in KafUas Schreiben: Biopraphische situation und hterarische verabeitung 



Virginia I. Foran • Government and Politics 

Alliniurs.Asstimiucs. Sccurtiy Gihiraniccs and l\oii-Proliferaliotis: Case Studies 
and a Model for Empirual Analyses 

Cecelia M. Formichella • Sociology 

MiDonaldi;aiion at lloih in Federal Fisheries Manafiement 

Mary K. Frank • Chemical Physics 

Eni^ineermg the Bl Domain of SnepUvoaal Protein C: Structural Investigations 
by Multidimensional Heteronuclear NMR 

Bernard A. Frankpitt • Electrical Engineering 

Robust Control oj Hidden Markov Models from Input-Output Information 

Mila D. French • Counseling and Personnel Services 

Temperament Risk and Mttigatint; Factors m Students Served in SED Programs 
and in Their Non-Preferred Siblings 

Daniel E. Friedman • Electrical Engineering 

Error Control Jor Multicasting in Satellite and Hybrid Networks 

Thomas F. Frohman • Applied Mathematics 

Birttncation ami Stability of Plastic Rods 

Catherine A. Gallagher • Criminal Justice and Criminology 

Tlie Role ofl'ictim Experience in Models ofl'ictiniization Incidents 

Frances K. Gateward • Radio, Television & Film 

Challenging Racism and Sexism Tlirougli Cinematic Discourse: Films Directed 
by African-American l\bnwn 

Thomas M. Gilbert • Physics 

Irreversible Tliermodynamics of Reversible Cynamical Systems 

Ryan T. Gill • Chemical Engineering 

Analysis of Global Stress Gene Regulation in Recombinant Escherichia CoU 

Anne B. Globensky • American Studies 

At Home in Baltimore: An Ethnographic Approach to the Study of Lumbee 
Domesticated Material Culture 

Gervasio Gomez • Physics 

Extraction of the Width of the \V Boson from a Measurment of the Ratio of the 
W and Z Cross Sections 

Cynthia P. Gossage • Nutrition 

Tlie Eject oJ Beta-Carotene on Inninnie Proteins in Early Breast Milk and 
Bacterial Colonization of Breast-fed Infants 

Venu M. Govindu • Electrical Engineering 

ProbabiUstu Model for Motion Estimation 

Wayne D. Graham • Kinesiology 

Skeletal Muscle IGF-I and IGF-I Receptor mRNA Responses to Chronic 
Resistive Training in Post-Menopausal IVonien 

Lynda Grahill • English Language and Literature 

Hunchbacks in Literature 

Nikki D. Graves • Human Development 

Racuil Identity and Racial Socialisation Among Educated African American 
Sorority IVoinen 

Franciscus Groen • Reliability Engineering 

Inference with Uncertain Evidence 

Sanja Grujic-Vlajnic • Music 

Stylistic Development in Music of South Slavic Lands Benvcen H'orld War I 
and II 

Pallabi Guha-Roy • Applied Mathematics 

Midtiple Objective Linear Programming: A Compromise Solution and a Candidate 

Jinhong K. Guo • Electrical Engineering 

Forgery Detection 

Rabih M. Haj-Najib • Civil Engineering 

fointless Bridges ivitli Integral Abutments 

Mohsen Hajarian • Music 

Gluisal as the Determining Factor in the Structure of Dastgah 

Daniel Hajdo • Government and Politics 

National Sendee and Civic Education: American Civic Character and the 
Potential ofAmericorps National Civilian Community Corps 

Kristen A. Hallock- Waters • Chemistry 

Tropospheric Trace Gas Observations in Rural Virginia Photochemistry and 

Barbara M. Hanbury • Criminal Justice and Criminology 

Departure Rates and Personal Offender Characteristics 



Richmond T. Hand • Marine, Estuarine & Environmental 

Ecoh^ic Effan oflVmer Maimgemail Policy: Lower Mekong Watershed 

Shane C. Hardin • Plant Biology 

MUogctt-Activatcd Protein Kinase Signal - Transduction in the Maize Root 

Stephen G. Hardy • History 

Procedural Justice for I 'iciiws of Domestic ]'iolence 

Lisa Paler Hargrove • Psychology 

Racial Identity, llbnianist Identity and Body Image Attitudes: An Examination 
of the Intersection of Identities in Black Women 

James Edward Haynes • Philosophy 

Semantic Nativism and the Language of Tliought 

Sandra B. Hill • EngUsh Language and Literature 

Uhornig to ll'rite: Repicscntationi of Working Class Women m Victorian Britain 

GisU R. Hjaltason • Computer Science 

Incremental Spatial Algorithms 

Marie T. Holley • Health Education 

Tlie Relationship Between Stress. Social Support and Well-being 

Pohsiang Hsu • Electrical Engineering 

Ati;orittimi For Low Bit Rate I 'isual Communication Systems 

Chengquan Huang • Geography 

Evaluatuig and Developing Methods for Dmd Cover and Land Cover Change 

Yunbing Huang • Chemical Engineering 

Process Fault Isolation Utdiziiig Data Based Models 

J. A. Hubbell • EngUsh Language and Literature 

Regency Ethics and the Creation of British Romanticism 

Diane E. Hurlbut • Kinesiology 

Effects of Strength Training on Glucose and Insulin Response to an Oral Glucose 
Tolerance Test: Age and Gender Responses 

Nebojsa lUc • Plant Biology 

Isotopic Methods for Elucidating Indoleacetic Acid Biosynlhclic Pathways in 

Jonathan T. Isham • Economics 

The Effect of Social Capital on Technology Adoption: Evidence from Rural 

Robyn R.Jackson • Curriculum and Instruction 

An Investigation of the Audience Strategies Used hyTwo High Ability Twelfth 
Graders Respondmg to a Teacher- Prepared Persuasive Writing Prompt 

Stacey L. Jackson • Psychology 

Under Which Conditions of Race and Culture Do African American Students 
Perform Best on Cognitive Ability Tests? 

E M. Jariwala • Physics 

Experimental Invaiigalions of Election-Electron Interaction In Mesoscopic Systems 

Xiaodan Jin • Mechanical Engineering 

Multi- Parameter Sensor Based on Fiber Optic Technology 

Dayadevi B.Jirage • Molecular and Cell Biology 

Characterization ofArabidopsis Tlialiana Padiigene 

Brenda B. Johnson • Education Policy, Planning and 

A Study of Two Superintendents Wto Are Chief Executive Officers of School 
Districts of a Predominant Race Other than that of the Superinleiideuts 

Philip R.Johnson • Physics 

Particle- Field Interactions 

Richard D. Johnson • Business and Management 

Tool or Social Actor? Factors Contributing to Differential Social Atlribulions 
Toward Computing Technology 

Grace W. Jones • Counseling and Personnel Services 

lahdation of a Simulation to Evaluate Instructional Consultation Problem 
Identification Skill Competence 

Jamie S. Jonker • Animal Sciences 

Use of Milk Urea Nitrogen as a Tool for Evaluation of Nitrogen Utihzation by 
Dairy Cows in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed 

Soojung Jung • Civil Engineering 

A Genetic Algorithm for the Vehicle Routing Problem with Time Dependent 
Traveling Times 

Krishnan K. Kailas • Electrical Engineering 

Microarchitecture and Complication Support for Clustered ILP Processors 



Sais T. Kamalidiin • Music 

Musk, Spiiii, RitH,i! Mid the Process oj Cullunil Affirmation witlnii tlic AJrkati 
Amerkan Catholic Coiigregatiott 

Dong-In Kang • Computer Science 

Automated Design Techniques for Distributed Real-Time Embedded Systems 

George A. Kantor • Electrical Engineering 

Appropriate Matrix Duigonali:alion for I 'se in Distributed Control Networks 

Camilla J. Kari • Cotnmunication 

RhetoricalTrajectory:Tlie Public Emergence of the Joint Pastoral Letters of Amerkan 
Catholic Bishops 

Phyllis F. Katz • Curriculum and Instruction 

Mothers as Informal Science Class Teachers 

Cynthia M. Kennedy • Physics 

Non Linear Optical Effects in Fiber and I'CSELS 

August M. Knemeyer • Business and Management 

Linguistics Outsourcing Relationships: An Examination of Interorganizational 
Trust oi'cr the Life of the Relationship 

Williain D. Knight • Business and Management 

An Examination of the Relationships Among Execuliiv Experience, Strategic 
Focus, and Firm Action 

Satoru Kobayashi • Physics 

Study on Plasma-loaded BWO and TWT 

Vikrant N. Kobla • Computer Science 

Automated Analysis of MPEG Compressed Video 

Lisa M. Koch • English Language and Literature 

"Indecent Exposure": American Women Writers, the Body, and Public Performance 

Maria R. Kohlman • Sociology 

Locating Sexual Harassment until Intersection of Experience in the U.S. Labor 

Katrin G. Komm • Germanic Language and Literature 

Gender, Nation iind Modern: Hedwig Dohni uiid Eli:aheth von .-irnim in 
Deutschlaiid urn 1900. 

Rose M. Kreider • Sociology 

Interracial Marriage and .Marital Instability 

David Kuijt • Computer Science 

Diir.i Parallel Indexing of I iTfoi Format Polygonal Data 

Kip D. Kuntz • Astronomy 

Small Scale Spatial Fluctuations in the Diffuse Soft X-ray Background 

Sandra J. Landbeck • Education Policy, Planning and 

An Exploratory Study of the Impact of Continuous Quality Improvenieiit on 
Elementary Teacher Efficacy 

Michael E. Lebrun • Government and Politics 

Gain Seeking Behavior as a Determinant of International Military Cooperation 

Taeoh Lee • Aerospace Engineering 

Development oj an Active Trailing- Edge Flap .-ictuator with Piezostocks for a 
Rotor Blade 

Eric S. Leifer • Mathematical Statistics 

Tii'o-stage Optimal Designs 

Bethany L. Letiecq • Health Education 

Strategies Used by African .-iiiierican Fathers to Help Their Head Start Children 
Cope with Community I iolence 

Benjamin S. Levy • Civil Engineering 

Multivariate Trend Detection in Hydrologic Time Series 

Kyle Lewis • Business and Management 

Tlie Effects oJ Interpersonal Relationships and Knowledge Exchange on Team 
Performance: A Field Study of ConsuUing Project Teams 

Zhen Li • Marine, Estuarine & Environmental Sciences 

T7ii' Effects of I ertical Mi.xing and River Discharge on Estuarine Circulation 

Chung-Kai K. Lin • Electrical Engineering 

77k' Spherical Harmonic Bolt:man Method: Steady State Transient and Small 
Signal Frequency Domain 

Jui-Chen Lin • Chemical Engineering 

Control of Particle Morphology and Homogeneity During Spray Pyrolysis 

Deborah D. Linnell • Counseling and Personnel Services 

Tlie Double .-{BC-X .Model as a Predictor of .Maternal Coping lor Socially 
Disadvantaged Mothers and 'Their First-Born Children 



Joan K. Lippincott • Education Policy, Planning and 

Collaboration Between Librarians and Injonnation Technologists 

Jingsong Liu • Civil Engineering 

Analysis of Adhesive-Bonded Double-Strap Joint 

Yi-Cheng Liu • Electrical Engineering 

Infrared-Sensitive InGaAs / Liquid-crystal Optically Addressed Modulator 

Jami R. Long-Onnen • Criminal Justice and Criminology 

Lethality and Motive in the Geographic Concentration oj Gun Homicides: 
An Exploratory Analysis 

Catherine A. Lyssenko • Biological Resources Engineering 

Impact and Recovery oJ S'itrijyitig Biofiltcrs jrom Operating Disturbances 

Xiaoxi Ma • Economics 

Peer Group Effects and Educational Achievement 

Linda C. Macri • English Language & Literature 

Revising the Story 

John W. Maher • Geography 

Retrieving tlie Obsolete: Formatiott of the American Scrap Industry, 1870-1933 

Edwina A. Maksym • English Language & Literature 

Generic Change in English Comedy 1737-1779 

Ayesha Malhotra • Business and Management 

Firm Response to Industry Convergence: An Investigation of the Entry of 
Commercial Banks into Investment Banking in the US 

Kenneth J. Malmberg III • Psychology 

List Composition and Tlie Mirror Effect: Testing Two Tlieories of Recognition 

Joan E. Maloof • Marine, Estuarine & Environmental Sciences 

T?if Ecological Effects of Nectar Robbers, with an Emphasis on the Reproductive 
Biology of Corydalis Caseana 

Antonio Mannino • Marine, Estuarine & Environinental Sciences 

Sources and Fates of Suspended Particles and Dissolved Organic Matter in 
Estuarine Systems by Chemical Characterization 

Philip M. Mansour • Physics 

Orientation oJ Regional Left t entricular Function from Electrocardiogram Gated 
Nuclear Medicine Tomographic Images 

Noemi C. Marin • Cominunication 

Rhetorical Readitigs on Exile and Identity in Eastern and Central Europe: Kon- 
rad, Codrescu, and Drakulic 

Margaret P. Maslanka • English Language & Literature 

Tlie Myth Made Me Do It: Tlie Influence of Navajo and Chippewa Creation 
Stories on Transcribers and Fiction Readers 

Tonya R. Mason • Psychology 

African American Students' Adjustment to College 

Holly A. Massett • Communication 

Culture. Self-Construals and Personal Networks: A ReconcepluaUzation of 
Individuals' Sahent Others 

Zoran Matic • Reliability Engineering 

A Methodology for Prohalistic Physics of Failure 

Akemi Matsuya • Linguistics 

Tlieta Movcnwnt in Japanese Syntax 

Charles O. Matthews • Psychology 

Tlie Detection of General and Specific Defensive Response Styles on the MCMI-II 

Melinda B. May • Education Policy, Planning and Administration 

In Search of Educational Leadership: Presidential Leadership of Educational 
Program in a Maryland Community College 

Laura E. Mazanti • Marine, Estuarine & Environmental Sciences 

Effects ofAttlazine, Metolachlor and Chlorayrifos Mixtures on Survival and 
Growth of Larval Frogs Under Laboratory and Field Conditions 

Lisa D. McAllister • Kinesiology 

Selective Attention Characteristics of Experienced and Inexperienced Rifle Shooters: 
An Eleclrocorlical Study 

Lois R. McDonald • Health Education 

Tlie Relationship of Gender Differences in Coping Resources and Symptoms of 

John C. McGrath • Public Communication 

Situational Theory and the Forniation of Publics as an Effect of Health 
Comtrmnication Campaigns 

Timothy S. Meinke • Government and Politics 

Policy-Making in the American States: Tlie Case of Welfare Reform in Maryland 



Charlene L. Merithew • Spanish Language & Literature 

ll'lial Do Mcxicmi Wviiwii Say?: Coutciiiponny Essays Fii;lil For Women Rights 

Anne F. Michaels • Counseling and Personnel Services 

Children's Anxieties and Social Cognitions 

David C. Miller • Human Development 

Adolescents Decision Making in Academic and Social Contexts: A Self 
Regulation Perspective 

Joyce A. Miller • American Studies 

The Sonlhern Belle in American Cinema 

Archan Misra • Electrical Engineering 

Dynamics of TCP Traffic over Random Drop and Early Notification Queries 

Bingjian Mo • Mechanical Engineering 

Experimental and Analytical Study of EHD- Enhanced Capillary Pumped Loop 

Richard M. Mohring • Physics 

A Comparison of L/T Separated Cross Sections in Kaon Electroproduction 

Florin Moldoveanu • Physics 

Deierminalion of Dispwrsion Map of an Optical Fibre 

Cheryl J. Moore-Thomas • Counseling and Personnel Services 

Minority Middle School Students' Self-referred Use of School Counselors for 
Social and Personal Counseling 

Frida Morelli • Linguistics 

Obstruent Clusters In Phonological Theory 

Molly E. Mowery • Chemistry 

Palladium-cataly:ed Reactions: Development and Use of Hypervalent Sihcon 
Compounds in Organic Synilicsis 

Kyongtaek K. Mun • Nuclear Engineering 

Investigation of Hydrogen Transport and Distribution in the Passively Coiled 
PIVR Containment 

Andrew J. Newman • Electrical Engineering 

Modeling and Reduction with Applications to Semiconductor Processing 

Khanh L. Nguyen • Agricultural and Resource Economics 

jouit Production of Rice and Aijuatic Animal Foods: Policy Implications For 
Pesticides Use in Vietnam 

Renee L. Norris • Music 

Black Opera: Antebellum Blackface Minstrelsy and European Opera 

Kerry A. O'Meara • Education PoUcy, Planning and 

Scholarship ! hiboiind: Rewarding Service as Scholarship for Promotion and Tenure 

John D. Occhipinti • Government and Politics 

Behavior in Institutions 

Juscelino H. Okura • Mechanical Engineering 

Effects ofTemperalure and Moisture on Flip Chip on Board Assemblies 

Christopher A. Olsen • Theatre 

Tlie Arts Ltib Phenomenon 

Tsunehiro Otsuki • Agricultural and Resource Economics 

Implication of Property Riglits on Productivity in the Brazilian Amazon 

Angela M. Moore Parmley • Criminal Justice and Criininology 

Tlie Effects of Arrest and ]'icliiii Characteristics on Misdemeanor Domestic I'iolence 

Gail P. Parr • Human Development 

Tlie Relationship Between Goal Orientation, Beliefs About the Causes of Success 
and Perceived Purposes of Exercise 

Minothi A. Parulekar • Electrical Engineering 

Buffer Engineering for M/G/00 Input Processes 

Michelle C. Paul • Psychology 

Past, Present and Future: Tlie Influence of Prior Training Experiences and Present 
Work Environment Perceptions on Pre-training Self-Efficacy and Training Success. 

Yuan-Te Peng • Engineering Materials 

Hydrogen Sensors Based on Palladium Electroplated Fiber Bragg Gratings 

Todd E. Perry • Government and Politics 

Tlie Origins and Implementation of the 1992 Nuclear Supplier's Group 
Agreement: Prospects for Multilateral Nuclear Non- Proliferation Export Controls 

Rodney J. Petersen • Education Policy, Planning and 

Copyright Ownership Policy and Practice 

Bhakti R. Petigara • Chemistry 

Hydrogen Peroxide Decomposition Meclianism in Natural Soil Systems 



Anthony C. Pierpoint • Civil Engineering 

O:<:oiiatioii oflVaste and Soil Coniaimnated wiih Anilines and Aniline-based 

Cynthia N. Pinkston • Art History 

"Bclu'cen the I 'isii/c atid the Invisibk": Louis H.Ayme's Pre-Columbian 
Columbian Collectiin; for the Smithsonian Institution, 1884—1885 

John C. Powell • Mechanical Engineering 

Maximizing Yield and Reliability in Surface Mount Manufacturing Tliermal 
Adhesive Application 

Michelle Previte • Mathematics 

Tlie Topology of Four-Dimensional Real Algebraic Sets 

Marjorie S. Pyle • Counseling and Personnel Services 

Caregiving Grandparents Raising Tlieir Grandchildren liliose Parents Are 
Mentally III: A Grounded Tlieory Approach 

Nelson D. Pyuzza • Meteorology 

Influence oj Land Surface Processes on the Tropical African Weather and 
Atmospheric Conditions 

Xicheng Qi • Civil Engineering 

Development of a Universal Deformation Law for Asphalt Mixtures 

Leslie A. Rach • Curriculum and Instruction 

Literacy Demands on Deaf Adults in the Work Place: An Investigation of 
Reading and Writing Practices on the Job 

Chandrashekhar Ramaswamy • Mechanical Engineering 

Compact Tliermosyphon Employing Enhanced Structures for Cooling High Poiver 

Elizabeth L. Read-Connole • Molecular and Cell Biology 

Tlte Disease Lmk Between Avian Reovirus Infection and Other Avian Disease 

Lynn A. Jenkins Reid • Health Education 

Tlje Relationship Between Successful Aging and Nutrition Behavior Among the 
Elderly Using the Trans-Theoretical Model of Behavior Change 

Paulette J. Robinson • Education Policy, Plantiing and 

Within the Matrix: A Hermeneutu Phenomenological Investigation of Student 
Experiences in Web-Based Computer Conferencing 

Randall N. Robinson • Chemical Engineering 

Validation oJ Computational Fhtid Dynamics Simulation of a Rushton Turbine 
Mixer Using Laser Doppler Anemonctry 

Emma J. Rochelle-Newall • Marine, Estuarine & Environmental 

/() Situ Biological Production of Colored Dissolved Organic Matter 

Melanie L. Rock • Chemistry 

Chromium(III) Oxidation in Soils by Hydrogen Peroxide 

Andre B. Rosay • Criminal Justice and Criminology 

Narrowing the Cause of Criminal and Analogous Behaviors from Self-Control 
to Risk Seeking and Impulsiviiy 

Randolph H. Rowel • Health Education 

Reducing Interpersonal Violence Among Adolescents: Evaluating a School-based 
Program forYouth in High-risk Situations 

Po-Wen Ru • Electrical Engineering 

Perceptual-btised Multiresolution Processing of Acoustic Signals 

Sarah P. Russell • History 

Cultural Conflicts and Common Interests:Tlie Making of the Sugar Planter 
Class in Louisiana, 1795-1853 

Robyn A. Russow • Human Development 

Tlie Effects oJ Graphing Calculator Experiences on Conceptual Understanding of 

Pekka I. Saarela • Kinesiology 

Hemispheric Asymmetry and Attcntional Perturbation in Marksmanship 

Maria E Saavedra • Biology 

Potential Impact of Climate Change on the Phenology and Reproduction of 
Delphinium nelsoni (Ronunculocebe) 

John W. Sabean • Aerospace Engineering 

Optimization of a Hypersonic Inlet with a Rectangular to Circular Transition 

Mel SabeUa • Physics 

Using the Context of Physics Problem- Solving to Evaluate the Coherence of 
Student Knowledge 

Kay L. Sandow • Health Education 

Quality of Life and the Post-CABG Patient 



Chandrasekar Sankaran • Electrical Engineering 

Miilliviscr Dciciiioii Tccliniqucs and Tlieii Appliuitioiis to Wireless Muttidisliug in 
CDMA Systems 

Virginia W. Schardt • Kinesiology 

Tlie Relationsliip Between Cognitive Beliefs and Psychological Attributes that 
Contribute to Exercise Participatory Decisions of First-time Myocardial bfarction 

Joseph C. Schaub • Comparative Literature 

Bodies, Borders and Screcns:Tlie Techno-Organic Merger in fapan-Amcrican 
Popular Culture 

Mary K. Schneider • Counseling and Personnel Services 

A Grounded Theory of the Outcomes of Service Related to Social and Civic 
Responsibility for College Students 

Christine T. Schuette • Human Development 

Children 's Evaluations of Gender Roles in Familiar Contexts 

Miriam D. Sealock • Criminal Justice and Criminology 

Ttie Impact of Offense History on Drug Treatment Efficacy 

Sarita D. Shenoy • Nutrition 

Role of Ketones in the Regulation of Pancreatic Lipase by Dietary Fat 

Eleanor F. Shevlin • English Language & Literature 

Hot Properties: Novel Names, Genre Claims and Legal Frames in British 
Fiction, 1710-1774 

Marcia A. Shofner • Biology 

Predation, Patch Type and Prey Dispersal: Interactions Between Meiofauna and 
fuvenile Fish in a Sandy Stream 

Alexis Adams Shorter • Psychology 

Implicit and Explicit Perception of Gender Discrimination 

Tatiana Shpeisman • Computer Science 

Compiler Support for Sparse Matrix Computations 

Kosali I. Simon • Economics 

Tlie Impact of Small-Group Health Insurance Reform 

Rajneesh K. Singh • Aerospace Engineering 

Nonlinear Transonic Effects in Aerocoustics of Blade- variety Interaction 

William P. Sipe • Psychology 

Indii'idually Biased Group Decisions 

Saad A. Sirohey • Electrical Engineering 

Eye Detection and Tracking 

Timothy D. Slekar • Curriculum and Instruction 

Learning to Teach American History in the Elementary School: One Pre-service 
Teacher's Experience 

Joanne G. Smale • Biology 

Accunuilalion of Repetitive DNA in Unisexual Poeciliopsis 

Claudia M. Smith • Education Policy, Planning and 

77it' Lived Experience of foy of Low Income Women with Pre-School Children 

Clifford B. Smith • Aerospace Engineering 

Damping Augmentation and Identification in Helicopter Rotor Systems 

Vera N. Stnolyaninova • Physics 

Tliermal and Magnetic Properties if Manganese Oxides 

Nazemeh Sobhi • Civil Engineering 

Tlie Impact of Using Advanced In-vehicle Information System on Drivers' Behavior 
for Decision Making and Rerouting 

Gary S. Solar • Geology 

Structural and Petrologic Investigations in the Central Maine Belt, West-Central 
Maine, with Special Reference 

Amy M. Soli • Marine, Estuarine & Environmental Sciences 

Impacts of Golf Course Management Practices on Benthic Macro- Invertebrates 

Eric D. Soli • Chemistry 

Recent Advancements in the Preparation of Glycoconjugates 

Rajeev Solomon • Mechanical Engineering 

Life Cycle Forecast and Mismatch Assessment of Electronic Components 

Yonho Song • Physics 

Hollow Beam Atom Tunnel 

Joann S. Sorra • Psychology 

A Subculiurat Perspective on Work Unit Conflict and Cooperation 

Michael G. Spencer • Aerospace Engineering 

Development of Real-time Adaptive Neural Network Controller for Rotor-craft 
Vibration Reduction 



Shelley L. Sperry • History 

Natural Relations: Women, Men and Wilderness in California, 1872—1914 

Scott D. Spiegel • Psychology 

Accessibility Effects in Persuasion 1 'ia Heuristics and Message Arguments: 
Ttie Unimodal Perspective 

Suzanne J. Spoor • Comparative Literature 

Searching for a Black Republic: Ttte Textual Invention of Haiti by U.S. African 
American Artists in the 1930s 

Ranjan Srivastava • Chemical Engineering 

Dotvn Regulation of the E.coli Stress Response via Antisense 

Shelly K. Stein • Public Communication 

Listening Strategies Used by Students in the Basic Speech Course 

David P. Stevens • Geography 

Spatial Decision Support for Regional Planning in Developing Countries 

Lisa M. Stevens • Molecular and Cell Biology 

Molecular Biological Effects of a Dominant-Negative Maxin Myc-Overexpressing 

Laura D. Stubbs • Mechanical Engineering 

Analysis and ModeUng of Fire-Protection Agents 

Sheiyao A. Su • Computer Science 

Virtual Panels at Your Fingertips 

Ana E. Suarez • Chemistry 

Influence 0/ Urbati and Industrial Sources in Baltimore to the Dry Deposition 
Flexes of Particles Bearing Trace Elements and Soot 

Jin K. Suh • Agricultural and Resource Economics 

Agricultural Development and Its Transformation in the Context of General 
Economic Growth 

Brook R. Sullivan • Aerospace Engineering 

Technical and Economic Feasibility ofTelerobotic On-Orbit Satellite Servicitig 

Mark W. Sullivan • Public Communication 

Dangerous Music: Tlie Eternal Refrain 

William E. Sullivan • Curriculum and Instruction 

Tlie Economic liihie of Continuing Education 

Lunching Sun • Microbiology 

Characieri:ation oj the Imp Gene in Escherichia coli 

Craig A. Swanson • History 

Race and American Images of Aha California: (1790 to 1846) 

Cheng-Feng Sze • Electrical Engineering 

Reconstructing 3-D Tongue Motion from 2-D Ultrasound Images and Speech 

Mark A. Tacyn • History 

"To Tlie End":Tlic First Maryland Regiment and the Americati Revolution 

Sara A. Tangren • Agronomy 

Quantitative Relationships Among Groundwater. Plant Community and Soil 

Jennifer R. Taylor-Cox • Education Policy, Planning and 

An Exploratory Case Study of the Formal and Ii formal Discipline Policies Used 
in Selected Elementary School Classrooms 

Heather E. Tedesco • Psychology 

The Effects of Need for Closure on Responses to Self-administered Survey 

Jeffrey R. Terwin • Marine, Estuarine & Environmental Sciences 

Foraging Plasticity of Juvenile Blue Crabs, Callinectes sapuivs, in Response to 
Prey, Spatial Distribution and Risks of Catinibalism 

Colin R. Theodore • Aerospace Engineering 

Helicopter Flight Dynamics Shnulation Modeling Including Refined Aerodynamia 

Concetta P. Thibideau • Comparative Literature 

Tlie Image oJ Christ in the Cinema of Pier Paolo Pasotini 

Kritchalach Thitikamol • Computer Science 

Dytiamic Software DSM Systems 

Abraham Thomas • Electrical Engineering 

Algorithms for Markov Decision Processer 

Joseph Thomas • Electrical Engineering 

Space-Time Iterative \Iultiuser Wireless Receivers 

Dianne T. Thompson • Geography 

Congressional Redistricting in North Carolina 



Jenny C. Thompson • American Studies 

Common Mai: An FjlinO{;mpliy oj 20ili C^cutury IVtn Rc-HiiMlitig 

Michael P. Tkacik • Government and Politics 

Post-Cold War Nuclear Strategy: Interaction An\ottg Low Force Levels, Doctrine 
ami Safety 

Jose M. Torres Jr. • Education Policy, Planning and 

A Phenomcnological Study of the Hidden Life of Teams 

Jesse D. Tour • Kinesiology 

Leisure Participation Rate, Leisure Attitude, Leisure Motivation and Leisure 
Satisfaction of Liberians. 

Mary A. Trasciatti • Communication 

Tlie Rhetoric of Americanization. 1900-1930: A Study of American and Italian 
Innni^rant Discourse 

Oliver M. Treiber • Mathematics 

Affine Data Repneseutation and Filter Banks 

Vinai S. Trichur • Business and Management 

Integer Programming Models for Product Design 

Gary A. Troia • Special Education 

.-1 Comparison of the Effects of Student-Abstracted Versus Teacher-Informed Strategy 
Instruction on the Composition Skills of Students with Learning Disabilities 

Wei-Chun Tseng • Agricultural and Resource Economics 

Random Parameter Logic with Sampling of Alternatives 

Mustafa Uysal • Computer Science 

Programming Models, Algorithms and Performance Evaluation of Active Disks 

Celestina N. Uzomah • Kinesiology 

File Effect of Challenge /Initiative Recreation Programs as a Treatment Jor Dnv 
Self-Concept, Inner-City Pre-School Children 

Joan V.Vecchia • Sociology 

Social Knowledge, Intellectual Practice and Democratic Political Life 

Lee A.Vedder • Art History 

Contemporary History in the "Grand Style:" Benjamin West, John Singleton 
Copley, and the Changing Aesthetic of Late I8th Century History Painting 

Clare R.Voss • Computer Science 

Inierlingua-based Machine Translation of Spatial Expressiotis 

Kuang-Yeh Wang • Cottiputer Science 

Improving Performance of Wireless Nctu'orks in the Internet 

Xiang J. Wang • Mechanical Engineering 

A Stress Disconliiniity Model oj a Single Interface 

Julie A. Weeks • Sociology 

Late Life Transitions :Tlic Role tf Family and Environment 

Virgen R. Wells • Molecular and Cell Biology 

A Study of the Biochemical Properties and Fidelity of a Polio-virus Protein, the 
RNA Dependent RNA Polymerase and the Interactions with I 'iral Protein 3AB 

Dennis S. Weyker • Government and Politics 

Technologies of Representation and Their Relationship to Public Disclosure on the 
Use of Force 

Ralph D. Whaley Jr. • Electrical Engineering 

Etched Facet InGaAsP/ItiP Semiconductor Djser Amplifier Arrays for Monolithic 
Fiber Coupling Assemblies 

Susan S.White • Psychology 

Pcrtorniance in Coal Hierarchies 

Beverly J. Whitest • Curriculum and Instruction 

Perceptions of African Anwrican and Non-African American College Students 
Totvard Classroom Learning Environments 

Joshua E. Wilk • Psychology 

Role of Assessment in Treatment Planning 

Barbara W. Williams • American Studies 

Similarities and Differences in Perception of Role and Status: Black Women 
Teachers of the 1950s Compared unth Tliose of the 1990s at Dunbar High 
School in Washington, D. C. 

Reginald G. Williams • Aerospace Engineering 

Tlie Computational Investigation of Leading Edge Vortex Breakdoicn Over a 
Double Delta Wing Configuration 

Paul A. Wlodkowski • Reliability Engineering 

Physics of Failure Modes in Accelerometers IJtiHzing Single Crystal Piezoelectric 

Donn C. Worgs • Government and Politics 

Red and Black:Cultnre Politics and Economics and the Development of 
Industrial Education 



Kimberly R. Wrenn • Mechanical Engineering 

Capitlary Pumped Loop Evaporator Performance Iiivesligalioii 

George W. Wright • Mathematical Statistics 

Efficient Semi- Parametric Estimation Via Slightly Misspedfied Models 

Chi-Fang Wu • Chemical Engineering 

Green Fluorescence Protein Fusion Strategies for Monitoring the Expression 
Location and Separation of Organophosphorus Hydrolase 

Jianming Xiao • Chemical Physics 

A 1 6- Channel Time-correlated Single-Photo System and Its Application to 
Brownian Motioti During Biochemical Reaction 

Jingsong Xie • Mechanical Engineering 

Effect of Corrosion on the Shielding of Fine-coated Steel Enclostire 

Jae K.Yang • Civil Engineering 

Competitive Adsorption and Photocatalytic Oxidation ofCu(I) and Cd{n)- 
EDTA in Ti02 Suspension 

Shih-Tsung Yang • Electrical Engineering 

Resource Allocation hi Wireless Networks: Considering Bandwidth Efficiency and 
Energy Consumption 

Jennifer K. Younger • Art History 

Utopia Mexicana: Diego Rivera's Program for Chapingo Chapel, 192-4—1927 

Hsiao- YunYu • Physics 

High-Bit-Rate Optical Signal Processing Using Non-linear Effects in 
Semiconductor Optical Amplifiers 

QishengYu • Economics 

MuDan:A China for Multisectoral Dynamic Analysis 

Angelo M. Zago • Agricultural and Resource Economics 

Quality and Self Regulation in Agricultural Markets 

Jennifer Zelenke-Merrill • Marine, Estuarine & Environmental 

Tidal Freshwater Marshes as Nutrient Sinks: Particulate Nutrient Burial and 

Jie Zhang • Astronomy 

A Study of the Sun's Corona Using EUV and Radio Observations 

Yi Zhang • Gerinanic Language and Literature 

Die Chineseisabe Rezption der Deutschsprachitles Literature ene Rezeptions 
Geschhilite com Antomy Bis sur Gegenwart 

Zheng Zhang • Mechanical Engineering 

Development of Optical Fiber Biosensors with Long Period Gratings 

Wenyi Zhao • Electrical Engineering 

Combining Pattern Recogiiilion and Computer I'ision for Object Recognition 

Jonathan E Zmuda • Biology 

Role of the Golgi Apparatus and Cytoskeleton in Axon Initiation and Elongation 
in Developing Cerebellam Granule Neurons 

Doctor of Education 

Urith D. Boger • Curriculum and Instruction 

Undiscovered Common Ground: Patterns of Parenting Practices in Families Wlio 
Have Children with Learning Disabilities 

Patricia A. Dorsey • Education Policy, Planning and 

Elementary School SIT and NonSIT fudgments of Involvement in Decisions and 
Instructional Leadership 

Harlan A. Eagle • Education Policy, Plaruiing and Administration 

A Study of Long Term Differences Between Participants and Non- Participants In 
"Beyond Tlic Limits" 

Geraldine E. Mason • Education Policy, Planning and 

Effectiveness of Two Alternative Modes of Learning: Indepwident Study Versus 
Learner- Centered Group Instruction 

Mark J. Mechlinski • Education Policy, Planning, and 

Implementing School Improvement in Correctional Education Programs-A Case 

Margaret E. PfafT • Curriculum and Instruction 

An Investigation of School-based Collaborative Activities Structured as 
Professional Study Groups on Teacher Efficacy 



Sharon M. Pitcher • Curriculum and Instruction 

Bridging the dip Bt-lureii Course ami Claisroom:A Case Study of Content 
and Methods in a Professional Development Literacy Course 

L S. Seidenstricker • Curriculum and Instruction 

Tlie Comparative Effects oj Small Group Peer-led Discussion and Large Group 
Teacher-led Discussion on the Strategic Reading Comprehension Literary 
Interpretation and Engagement of Seventh-grade Readers 

Kathleen M. Wallis • Curriculum and Instruction 

Literacy Jor At-Promise Students 

Doctor of Musical Arts 

Jon R. Cart • Music 

Progression of the Lyric Tenor from the Eighteenth to the Twentieth Century 

Lu-Hsuan L. Chen • Music 

Chinese Folk Song: Hidden Treasures of an Old Nation 

Jarrel B. Crowder • Music 

The Passion of Robert Schumann 

Sang-Ha Kim • Music 

The Style of Complete Mozart I'iolin Concertos 

Hsien-Ann Meng • Music 

Tfie Lyric Journey in Schubert's Piano Sonata Before 1819: An Analytical Study 
and Musical Performance 

Rebecca G. Ocampo • Music 

Jean Cocteau: A Peiiormance Project 

Richard L. Roberts • Music 

The Use of Multiple Horns in the Chamber Music of Alec Wilder: Critical 
Editions aiui Recordings oj Unpublislied Worlis 

Carlos C. Rodriguez • Music 

Mozart:nie Complete Piano Sonatas and Fantasies, a Performance Project 

Samuel R. Swift • Music 

Tlie Complete Works for Cello and Piano by Ludwig Van Beethoven 

Yin-Chun Tang • Music 

Harpsichord Music of Handel, Ramean, and Francois Couperin Played oti tlie 
Modern Piano 



Master of Applied 

Kathleen Dwen Browning 
Jessica Kathleen Fritz 
Katlileen Rand Reed 

Master of Architecture 

Laurence Jay Brady 
Li X. Chang 
Sandy Shu-Yu Chang 
Brian S. Dayhoff 
Erica Beth Edelman 
Steven Daniel Greenberg 
Wendy Yvonne Hanes 
Thomas Clayton Jester 
Bernard Arthur Mansavage 
Stephanie L. Ridley 
David William Roach 
Scott Matthew Rosenbaum 
Roger W. Schwabacher 
Brian Christopher Shaklee 
Jennifer Lynn Spitz 
Russell Albert Stacy 
David Brendan Tudryn 
Kristine J. Rennet Wade 
Eric M.Wohnsigl 
Edward H.Wright 
Thomas Joseph Zeigenfiiss 

Master of Arts 

American Studies 

AlUson Esther Beard 
Margaret M.G. Enloe 
Marybeth Kavanagh 
Hugh Christopher Kim 
Yuri Kubota 
Ann B. RossiUi 

Applied Mathematics 

Heather Maria Arnghi 
Katharine Murdoch Feehan 
Xiaodong Guan 
Dhanurjay A.S. Patil 
Nonetta Marie Pierre 
Sarah Mary Standard 
Theodore Coburn Sterhng 
Simon Gikiri Thuo 
Alfredo Nava Tudela 
Rongwen Wu 

Art History 

Adrienne Louise Childs 
Antonia Karen Fondaras 
Kuo-Sheng Lai 
Katherine Ehzabeth Roeder 
Katherine Mary Theimer 


Melody Jean Haymire 
Christopher Scott Welser 

Comparative Literature 

Heather Hope Austin 
Yan Cao 

April Lee Householder 
Huei-Chi Lin 
Tanya Liesel Shields 

Counseling and Personnel 

Sonya Jean Andersen 
Mary Cordeha Baldwin 
Tanya Leigh Barnes 
Amy Ehzabeth Blandford 
Cheryl Beth Blankman 
TifFam Bonita Boykin 
Efrat Amanda Cidon 
JacqueUne CiUizza-Medina 
Laura Katherine Goodwin 
Lacretia Elaine Johnson 
Susan Ehzabeth Johnston 
Carhn E. Kettler 

NKenya Nicole Lassiter 
Christopher Liang 
James Jay Liesener 
Wanda Carolyn Merchant 
FeHcia B. Rawls 
Lavonda Kay Secrist 
Sharon Smalls-Register 
Beth Cher\'lWare 
Karen Lynn Wright 

Criminal Justice and 

James Wesley Boyer 
Kristen Lee Coblentz 
Damon Christopher Franklin 
Carolyn Gates 
Edward Rhea Hickey 
Shelley M. Kirchner 
DameUe Mane Pohzzi 
Delcie Geraldine Rico 
Mark Andrew Rizzo 
Robert Carl Rossi 
Diane Hill Vann 
Michael J. Wilbur 

Curriculum and Instruction 

Rebecca S. Shepherd 


Gwendolyn Mane Alexander 
Michael Paul Chen- Young 

2iid Degree: Ecoiwmks 
Sean Patrick Corcoran 
Amanda EUen Dawsey 
John Andrew Hoerner II 
Ahmed Mushfiq Mobarak 
Daniel Ernesto Ortega 
Neile Josetina Qumtero 
Randeep Rathindran 
Cheryl Ann Restorff 
Ramzi Michel Shammaa 
Arun Sharma 
Theresa Marie Thompson 

Sadanand Madhawa Tutakne 
Francisco Fidel Vazquez 
Shiqing Xie 
Yevgeny Yuzefovich 
Lan Zhao 

Education Policy, Planning 
and Administration 

Liza Estelle Briggs 
Yolanda Sheree Henderson 
Stephen Richard Shipp 

English Language and 

Catherine EHana Beyer 

Brian Da\ad Bloomfield 

Ann Georgia Emily Boerner 

Caleb A. Corkery 

Michael Doerrer 

David Basil Eubanks 

Stephame Larkin Fitz 

Elizabeth Ann Geiman 

Suren K. Grandsoult 

Christine Haddad 

Bryan Thomas Herek 

Lisa Marie Hooper 

Cynthia Lea Johnson 

Robert C. Kenamond 

II Kim 

Steven Dinh Le 

Amy Lyn Levine 

Shirley Cr\stelle Moody 

Kimberly Michele Murphy 

Nicole Robin Rekant 

Jason Christopher Rhody 

Justin Robinson Sauer 

Geoffirey Scott Saunders Schramm 

Amy Rachel Schure 

Allison A. Simmons 

David Lyle Solomon 

Kelley Anna Squazzo 

David Alan StockhotF 



French Language and 

Viviane G. Bekrou 


Ronald Lee Allen 

Roger William Edwards 

Sesalea Orpleen Fuller 

Arthur Charles Rogde Gleason 

Denelle Marie Grant 

James Morrow Harmon 

Fang-Yu Huang 

Peter Richard Hyde 

Claire Ann Jantz 

Colleen DriscoU Joyce 

Annamaria Skultety Morahan 

Kevin James Murphy 

Mahnda Taylor Parris 

Birgit EUen Peterson 

Daniel Bloomfield Ramagem 

Joshua David Rhoads 

Laura Elizabeth Rocchio 

Anil Shrestha 

Robert Allen Sohlberg.Jr. 

Sylvia Sheila Tognetti 

April Anne Tompkins 

Megan Lee Weiner 

German Language and 


Government and Politics 

Andrea Mane Bertone 

Amy Lorraine Boggan 

L.Jonas Brodin 

William Carleton Bushman, Jr. 

Pei-Ru Chen 

Jerry Bernard Moore 

Paul Joseph Runci 

Kathleen Jane Young 

Health Education 

Regina Theresa Richards 

Hearing and Speech Sciences 

Kristin Marie Gumming 
Tarra L. Dreher 
Jenifer Ann Kellner 
Kristin Ann Krotz 
Maria E Lord 
Leslie Ann McCreight 
Stephanie Alexandra Miles 
Michael Parmer Rose 
Nancy Boyce Roth 
Lynnette Ellen Schatten 


Phihp Matthew Bagley 
Daniel Leo Beck 
Jefir-ey Thomas Coster 
Michael W. Dravis 
James Louis Duncan 
Jyoti Mohan 
Mark William Wasder 
Rebecca Wilmer 

Human Development 

Amanda Ellen Benedict 
Kathleen Louise Fulton 
Dana Shireen Jones 
Steven J. Kohn 
Ana Helena Rotta Soares 


Maria Claudia Assis 
Agnes E. Blum 
Ya-Chin Chang 
Te-Chih Chiu 
Rosalinda Dejesus 
Vaishah Honawar 
Natahe Adele Hopkinson 
Amy Renee Jeter 
Daniel Z. KuUn 

Patricia Geneva Lee 

Cynthia Ann Lorenz 

Eva Munk 

Judy Oppenheimer 

Tao Peng 

Virginia Theresa Clair Rodino 

Maria D. Shepard 

Blair Gagnon St. Aniand 

Kristin Danielle Vaughan 

Danyell Tracy Williams 


Leanne Abugov 
Daniel Coleman Barlow 
Craig Chasse 
Ryan Joseph Clancy 
Charles Michael Fischer 
Robert Leroy Harper, Jr. 
Jacqueline Anne Hoffinan 
Cari J. Litton 

Timothy Ryan Rohrbaugh 
Kyle John Savage 
Steven W Snnth 
Kathenne DunlapVeazey 


Aitziher Atucha 
EUxabete Murguia 

Mathematical Statistics 

Bipasa Biswas 
Xiaoping Jiang 
Alexandra Kozintseva 


Daniel Kluge 
Alexander M. Powell 

Measuretnent, Statistics and 

Bertha Siyaiigicha Namfiia 


Mark Lewis Lupisella 

Joshua Adam Rodine 


Naomi G. Dyer 
Mark Gregory Ehrhart 
Lisa Marie Farley 
Karen Michelle Holcombe 
Misty Renee Kolchakian 
Shannon L. Palmer 
Dina Ayn Shackman 
Virginia Lassiter Smith 

Russian Language and 

Roman 1. Kostovski 
Wilham Roy Vernola 


Amanda Loreta Foster 
James Carl Hendrickson 
Bradford B. Hepler 
Kei Nomaguchi 
Maria Bina Pahnisaho 
Angela Romano PapiUo 
VrushaU Bhaskar PatU 
Tavia Elaine Simmons 

Spanish Language and 

Elizabeth Gladys Rivero 


Korey Rothman Bradley 
Timothy Snowden Fowler 
Michelle Washington 



Master of Arts/Master 
of Library Science 

History/Library and 
Information Services 

Jeremy WiJ Brett 
Heather Marie Crocetto 
Jennifer Lynn Gunter 
Kristen Margaret Romano 

Geography /Library and 
Information Services 

Demetns I. Katouris 

Master of Business 

Cor\- Allan Bouck 
Paul Charles Brewer 
Timothy Paul Brug 
Radu S. Burducea 
Eric R. Canuniti 
Adam Pilgrim Carton 
Scott Andrew Chandler 
Marc W. Ciagne 
Karen V. Copeland 
Pramit Kumar Das 
John David Derrick 
Susan Skufca Flaherty 
Ivan Michael Galic 
Nancyellen Gentile 
Christine M. Gerges 
Michael Ardeshir Gracey 
Perry Hardt 
Jane Elizabeth Harris 
Matthew James Horowitz 
Wen-Chen Hu 
Amy Mitchell Kishter 
Scott George Lansing 
Nelson Lee 
Nan Li 

Craig Alan Lotz 
Michele Mantreda 
John Murray Mason II 
Robert Singleton McClure 
PauHne Petitclerc McFadden 
Paul Bernard McLenaghan 
Cheryl Denise Meares 
Da«d C. Mok 
Howard David Moon 
Jef&ey David Moritz 
Michael Charles Nemmger 
Lisa Robin Neuder 
Samantha Neukom 
Jennifer Hayden Patterson 
DaWd Hamilton Shelley 
Scott Jefirey Shoemaker 
Joch Paige Slomsky 
Martin Orlando SomervoUe 
Shou-Li Sun 

Christopher David Tierney 
Upane Vadhera 
Boguslaw Andrzej Wegrzyn 
Robert Leon Whitehouse 
Da\'id HongjinYoon 

Master of Business 
of Science Combined 

Bradley Robb Cohen 
Jae Ho Kim 
Jennifer Kung Leung 
Yu-Fu Lm 

Gregg Franklin Lipson 
Delta Helmer Pelgrim 
Victoria Davis Simek 

Master of Community 

Melissa Carol Bird 
Russell Layton Davis 
Joyce Delaurenris 
William F Gardiner 
WUham Echols Jefiries III 
Kevin Michael Jordan 
Allison FitzGibbon Ladd 
Steve McKindley-Ward 
Nadejda Stancioff Mishkovsky 
Polly Christine Peterson 
Kelly Ann Schuler 

Master of Education 

Counseling and Personnel 

Linda L. Abbott 

M. Elizabeth Asselin 

Janet Leshe Carn 

Mark David EUiman 

Michelle A. Gold 

Anthony Michael Maldonado 

Chnsta Marie CarriUo Owens 

Krisn E. Phelps 

Juan C. Regalado 

Laura Sue Rubinstein 

Mary Sun Taylor 

Cher\^l D.Wright 

Curriculum and Instruction 

Mar\' Margaret Colangelo 
Gina M. Downin 
Ann Jasper Dromslo,' 
Sandra Lanes 
Mary Bison Richards 
Ahson Kate Rudo 
Liana Elena Smith 
Nicole Andrea Young 

Education Policy, Planning 
and Administration 
Christine Marie Deibert 
Renee EHzabeth Ensor 
Alexandra K. Green 
Da\id A. Norment 

Human Development 

EUen Greiner Griffin 
Fran Heyman Iseman 

Special Education 

Arden Elaine Bailey 

Kristina Michele Cooley 

Kimberly Y Ellis 

Andrea June Foster 

Stacey Lauren Gordon 

Cher Lyrme Grace 

Sue A. Hale 

Alyssa Kilsheimer 

Amy Kathleen Lester 

Pamela Ann Mahony 

Daniel John Martz 

Gina Nicole Giachino Robinson 

Allyson P. Taylor 

Master of Engineering 


Jamal Anwar 

Ramesh Ardeli 

Fannie Ting Chan 

Jitendra Wazir Chand Chandna 

Majed A. Eshaq 

Jing Guan 

Nicholas Stephen Ha\Tilla,Jr. 

David Alexander John 

Ki-Chun Kim 

Albert Davnd Larsen 

Francis Michael Ryan 

Rorv Trev Saunders 



Jeffrey Paul Schem 
Bettye Holmes Snuth 
Maryam Tavana 
Sze Hong Yau 
Yolande Denise Young 

Master of Fine Arts 

Crearive Writing 

Joel S. Ballantyne 
Lydia Bonacorda 
Leonne F. Gould 
Ted Emmitt Howard 
Laura Elyn Lauth 
Sarah Anne McCloud 
Michael Kenneth Nelson 

Fine Arts 

[eong-Hee Surrata Kim Muhn 

Master of Library 

Library and Information 

Jane Augusta Acheson 
Gabeyehu Adugna 
Teresa L. Aquino 
Christopher P. Aubry 
Donald Edward Bonsteel 
Kathleen Feeney Chappell 
Elora Lynn Cunningham 
Christina Marie Donohue 
Robin A. Everly 
Michelle Renee Solter Evers 
Irene AmaUa Fuerst 
Marcia Chase Gatewood 
Cynthia R. Gerecht 
Paul Gerard Hackett 
Rebecca Elaine Marie Hunt 
Ann Mane Kershner 

Margaret F. Kondash 
Anne Holston Meininger 
Wendy L. Post 
JuHe Nyman Priess 
Aaron Dean Purcell 
Cassandra Mahealani Shieh 
Laura W. Speer 
Janet Lee Spikes 
Julie Ann S. Stetson 
Eve Ottenberg Stone 
Julie Ann Sruckey 
Martin Stuerzlinger 
Sarah Ruth Terrill 
Diane Jean White 
Kathryn M. Willis 
Maria C.Yost 

Master of Music 

Lisa Diane Brooks 

Scott Cameron 

Shy-Luen Chen 

Jesus Manuel Acevedo Gomez 

Eugenia K. L. Ho 

Bekah Suzanne Hughes 

James Richard Jones, Jr. 

Brendan CHve Joyce 

Linh Elena KaufFman 

Stephanie J. KeUer 

Robert Edward Lemon 

Cheryl Ann Logan 

Jiyoung Park 

Stefan Andrej Rice 

Kira Stchur 

Paola P. Urbina 

Liza Frances Vick 

Laura Anne Weatherington 

Bryce Christopher Westervelt 

Ingrid Astrid Young 

Master of Public 

Health Education 

Robin DeVeaux Morton 
Roberto Jose Valera II 
Robin S. Yentis 

Master of Public 

Emily Q. Dick 
Christopher Ronald Dallas 
Peter Christopher Mucha 
Gudivada Venkateswara Rao 
Kasmera Allegra Santiago 

Master of Public 
of Business 

Business Management/Public 

Tira Delane Robinson 

Master of Public 

Mark Andrew Barolo 
Barbara Coufal 
Angela Gerese Cracchiolo 
James Edward Elliott 
Steven William Gibson 
Jean D. Moody-WiUiams 
Ida Suzarme Rademacher 
Patricia Ann Reese 

Master of Science 

Aerospace Engineering 

John Guy Kolb 

Vijay Madhavan 

Wendy Moore Morgenstern 

Rajesh Narayanan 

Jacob S. Park 

Mark Christopher Shaner 

Divyang R. Shukla 

Kevin Ronald Uleck 

BingHng Wang 

Agriculture Engineering 

Phares Odiewuor Okelo 
Christopher Alan Streb 
Bryan Cletus Tomer 

Agricultural and Resource 

Lars Anwandter 
Fabrizio Bresciani 
Daniel Orth GiUigan 
Ana Maria Ibanez 
Anabela Afonso Rodrigues 
Claudia Bice Romano 


Tracey Anne Buder 
Lawrence Alan Corp 
Anne Marie Grunberg 
Joel Brooks Gruver 
Annette Helene Para 

Animal Sciences 

Llori Mane Colchin 
Joseph Hsiao 
Michael Andrew Tine 
Karen Nelson Wolf 


Amy Christine Fredericks 




Faiza Haleem Malik 
Shujian Ye 

Biological Resources 

Matthew A. Bower 
Kimberly Ann Edwards 


Deepak Malhotra 
Charles Grier Sellers 
Chin-Hsiu Tseng 

Business and Management 

ChawaUt Jeenanunta 
Pablo Javier Musalem 
Arvinder Singh Saluja 

Chemical Engineering 

Matthew Peter DeLisa 
Ashley Kamia Doleman 
Brook Kebede 
Rajath Mudalamane 
Javier A. Nazario-Larneu 
Gurumurthy Thiagarajan 
Ping Jie Wang 

Chemical Physics 

Erika Andrea Jones 


Scott Louis Forman 
Jason Spencer Terry 
Xue-Juan Zhang 

Civil Engineering 

Ehzabeth Alicandri 
Brian Anthony Biddle 
Michael J. Casey 
Eugene E Cauley 
Kun-Hung Chiang 
Shirlene Marie Cleveland 
EUas L. Demetriou 

Fred Ofori Dickson 
Brian Lee Erickson 
Timothy Michael Gary 
Andrew Kenneth Hamann 
Thomas Joseph Hromada 
Thomas Hans Jacobs 
Rajeev Kumar Karamchedu 
Daniel David Leonard 
Cyrus George McCall 
Shawn Paul McKee 
Tim Orland Moore II 
Olu A. Okunola 
Daniel Alan Petno 
Adam A. Pinkard 
Antonio Bruno Rigato 
Mohammed Adil Rizvi 
Bastien Simeon 
Eileen Maria Glass Singleton 
Charles Christopher Smith 
Todd Michael Stephens 
Kevin Jay Stroud 
Michael Lee Swanson 
Brigida FatimaVan Doormk 
Sonya I.Viera-Colon 
Eduardo Antonio ViUalaz 
Amber Ying- Ying Yau 
Liang Zhu 

Computer Science 

Cengiz Celik 
Cheng-Fu Chou 
Mihai Ciocoiu 
Joseph Arthur Dunnick 
Ginsh Kumar 
Jaime Montemayor 
DejanTaoija Perkovic 
Manoj Sharma 
Ruth Sperer 
Jin Tong 

John Joseph Vmer 
Paul Stanley Walczak 

Electrical Engineering 

Bradley Alfred Barrett 

Zulema S. Belyeu 

Bishnupriya Bhattacharya 

Zhigang Bian 

Subbaraju V. Budharaju 

Jinli Chen 

Zhiyun Chen 

Kai-An Cheng 

Brian F. Conaghan 

Madhumita Datta 

Ozkan Dikmen 

John Thomas Dowdal 

Mehmet Ozgur Erinmez 

Igor Filipovich 

Yujie Gao 

Sachin Goel 

Mary Frances Gorschboth 

Steve Wayne Haga 

Qiining He 

Wen-Ting Hsieh 

Chung-Kuang Huang 

Koushik Kar 

Manish Karir 

Gregory Anthony Katona 

llya M. Khazanov 

Himanshu Khurana 

Rishi Kurichh 

Ahtit Limpongsa 

Song Mao 

Gokturk Ozer 

Mark Lewis Plett 

Wei Qiu 

Arvind Raghavan 

Aravindha Ganesh Ramakrishnan 

Sujata Ramasubramanian 

Arup Ray 

James Sheu 

Doron Shiloach 

Jia Jie Song 

Roshni M. Srinivasan 

Sujaya Srinivasan 

Xiaobo Tan 

Gregory Charles Tavik 

Chun Tse 

Vasudevan Venkatraman 

Jason J. Wang 

Linda Marie Wasiczko 

Haifeng Xi 

Yi-Hua Edward Yang 

Junxu Zhang 

Jon V. Zihus 


Gabriel John D'Eustachio 
Deborah Lee Finke 
Clarissa Ruth Mathews 
Raul F Medina 
Donna Louise Stockton 

Family Studies 

Wendy R. Boyer 
Kimberly Beth Briscoe 
Dawn Mane Conner 
Karen Ehzabeth Katrinic-Gardner 
Katharine L. Leavitt 
Alixandra Booth Macomber 
AngeUque Elan McAlpine 
Patricia Lois Most 
Ainisha Bikira Orton 
Marchelle Renae Payne 
Concepcion Rodriguez-Perez 
Terrence Jabvar SneUings 

Fire Protection Engineering 

John Fitzgerald DevHn 
Linda Mary Gallahue 
Stephen M. Olenick 
Robert Louis Vettori 



Food Science 

Li Chen 

Robert L. Sudler.Jr. 

Michael T. Wetter 


Donna Mane Gunderson 
Jennifer M. Gunnulfsen 
Jmmei Turn 


Yiqun Cen 

Valerie Williams Hopkins 

Jiaan Hu 

Gertrude Holman Riedel 

Jun Tian 

Marine, Estuarine and 
Environmental Sciences 

Shannon J. Busby 
Carina Lynn Chiscano 
SriramVenkat Gopal 
Jeremy Channing Haas 
Amanda Bond Hannaford 
Paul Raymond Hetzer III 
Daniel Jason Hochman 
Karen M.Jenkins 
Alycia Anne KJuenenberg 
Jennifer Ann Kraly 
Tara S. Marathe 
Mona Elisabeth Schweighofer 
William Anthony Severn 
Thomas Alan Shyka 
Colin Robert Steven 
Stephanie A. Wilsen 

Materials Science and 

Prashanth Punarur Acharya 
John Russell Blackwood 
Maria A. Linnik 
Carl Hugh Nicholas 
Shapna Sultana Pal 

Marie Diane Weber 
Maureen Elizabeth Williams 
Yiheng Xu 

Mechanical Engineering 

Dhiraj Bansal 

James Sung Cho 

Yubin Cong 

Akash Jain 

Ujjwal Kumar 

Aravind Kurapati 

Young Do Kweon 

Hui Li 

Zhixiong Liu 

Philip A.L. Lovell 

Johnny Andrew Manzari III 

Kofi Agyeman Mensah 

Kevin Adrian Moores 

Dale Robert Morey 

Rajesh Natarajati 

Mark Alan O'Clair 

Rajashekar S. Pappu 

Neeraj A. Pendse 

Lixun Qi 

Uppalapati Venkata Ramgopal 

Keith Leslie Rogers 

Brian Austin Self 

Santosh B. Shetty 

Daniel Mark Swann 

David Charles Tomayko 

Hong Xiang 

Quansheng Xiao 

Nagaraja Kumar Yaddanapudi 

Kang Zhang 


Aiwu Li 

Nikolaj W Nawri 

Zihou Wang 

Nuclear Engineering 

Amani Carter 
Marc Alan Garland 

Ali Bellou Mohamed 
Brian Fhnt Ranch 
Michael Anthony Salay 


Hongjie Bai 
Jatinder Dora 
Shauna Marie Duff 
Jennifer Constance Graf 


Satyan Gopal Bhongale 

Jesse Snow Alexander Bridgewater 

Safraz Waseem Ishmael 

J. David Kokales 

Benjamin Wolf Zeff 

Poultry Science 

Joon H. Kim 

Rehability Engineering 

Manish Agarwal 
Balbir Singh Grewal 
David Brian McGrath 

Survey Methodology 

Tracey Renee Hagerty 
James M. Poyer 
Linda Lee Stinson 

Sustainable Development and 
Conservation Biology 

Thomas M. Gnade 

John R. Griffin 

Tracy Eva Hart 

Pia C. lolster 

Yula Alexandra Kapetanakos 

Bryan Jason Kelly 

Doreen Lynn Robinson 

Amy Brooke Wagener 

Systems Engineering 

Shih-Chi Chiang 
Sumeet Suresh Keswani 
Kawin Ngamkajornwiwat 

Brian Todd Woodard 


Jose L. Gabin 
Margaret Ellen Mitchell 
Pornpan Tadthong 
Gary Frank Tiner 
Mark Foster Tippett 

Veterinary Medical Sciences 

Patricia Rutkowski Bright 

Master of Software 

Joint Program with University 

Clayton C. Dryer 
John William Faucette III 
Srinivas Kadiyala 
Suril K. Marya 
Ganapathy V. Suresh 

Graduate Certificates 

Advanced Graduate Specialist 

Amy Elizabeth Blandford 
Cheryl Beth Blankman 
Fran Heyman Iseman 
Cathy J. Pelosi 

Certificate in Ecological 

Ida Suzanne Rademacher 

Certificate in Historic 

Sandy Shu-Yu Chang 
Erica Beth Edelman 
Patricia Ann Patula 

Graduate Certificate in 

Lynn Anne Marie Jenkins Reid 




A.James Clark School 
of Engineering 

Bachelor of Science 

Aerospace Engineering 

Chokchai Hansupichon 
Yohannes Tedla 

Biological Resources 

Robert Andrew Batz 

Jason Michael Brothers 

El Hadji Djibril N'Diogou FaU 

Darin Noel Fife 

Carmen Dee Patrick 

WiUiam Austin Spicer, Jr. 

Chemical Engineering 

Sakirat Bolanle BeUo 
Maria Christina Darante 
Nicole Moenek Dingle 
Vivek Hari Dwivedi 
Kelly Renee Fhnt 
Lisa Denese Kannegiesser 
Andrew Jay Levine 
Hieu Phung Nguyen 
Elizabeth Antonia Smiroldo 
Joel Jay Ventura 
Jason Andrew Verney 

Civil Engineering 

Kandra JeneU Ashby 
Kevin Clark Buck 
Peter Michael Chaput 
Jason Weller Dance 
Eric Thomas Dymond 
Robert Chor-Fuong Fan 
Patrick Custodio Frias 
*Nelson Harold Gibson 
James Manley Hargett III 
John Morison Heagy 
Vance Livingston III 

Woldeguiorguis Moges Makonnen 

Andrew Louis Mocca 

Mark Scott Morais 

Julianne Moyer 

Saeyin Francis Oh 

|ohn Lyndon Rectanus 

Michael Thomas Rectanus 

Ervin Louis Rogers, Jr. 

f Kristina Antonia Schneider 

Asma Saeed Siddiqui 

Philip Thomas Tanedo 

Alexandra Josefina ViUarreal 

David Kwok-Tsam Wong 

2iid Degree: Computer Science 
David Francis Woods 

Computer Engineering 

f Melany R. Arjona 

2fid Degree: Electrical Engineering 
*Julian Gonzalo Requejo Massacane 

2nti Degree: Electrical Engineering 

Electrical Engineering 

Nayef E.Ahmar 
Steven E. Angelo 
f Melany R. Arjona 

2nd Degree: Computer Engineering 
Oluwatoyin Olukorede Bakare 
Justin Martin Bowlus 
Andrew Scott Brown 
Erin L. Buckley 
Mohamad Osama Bulbul 
Marseille Marra Bunk 
Richard Lennard Charles 
Joseph W Chen 
Yongjin Choe 
Dae Y. Chung 
Chat Cong Do 
Michael Andrew Eudy 
Ndeye Khady Fall 
Kristal Lenore Field 
Han Geeng 

Nazik Haouari 

Douglas Jerome Harrington 

Latasha Patryce DLxon Harris 

*Jef£-ey E. Hazen 

Shiloh Cory Slack Heurich 

Fares Issa Hijazi 

Ka Ho Ho 

Aaron Michael Johns 

David AUen Kahler 

Didier Stanislas KamJa 

Esau Nderitu Kanyogoro 

Billy Kim 

In Ho Kim 

fBruce Eliot Knepper 

Peter RusseU Lawford 

Anh-Minh Hoang Le 

Lana Nguyet Le 

Chan Hee Lee 

Hoon Lee 

Craig Thomas Lewis 

Xing Zhang Li 

Sutthara Lim 

Joseph Michael Lindenberg 

*Julian Gonzalo Requejo Massacane 

2nd Degree: Computer Engineering 
Shivani N. Mehta 

2nd Degree: Fire Protection 

Timothy Randolph Mengers 

2nd Degree: English Language and 

Gregory Allen Miller 

2nd Degree: Computer Science 
Goran Mrkoci 
Mohammad Aamer Mujib 
Geof&ey Thomas Nelson 
Matthew Paul OueUette 
Ijeoina Lilian Ozobu 
Eric Jong Park 
Kye Hyung Park 
Chi Pham 

Claudia Marlene Quevedo 
AUce Anne DelCorse Rush 
Ale.xander Gregory Sarau 
Rudy Nimrod Simhony 
KedricTagore Sires 
Brian Thomas Smith 
Kokong Sour 
Lertop Supadhiloke 
John Christopher Tighe 
^Nadra Emily Wass 

2nd Degree: German Language and 

Jeffrey Steven Westra 

2nd Degree: Computer Science 
Maisha Antoinette Wilhite 
Jay Michael Wolberg 
Denison Miotto Wright 
Kwan James Yau 
Sheryl LynnYourshaw 
Wei Wayne Yuan 

2nd Degree: Mathematics 
Simon Pedro Zimmer 

2nd Degree: German Language and 


Environmental Engineering 

Kibby Michelle Augente 
Christie Lynn Minami 
Robert David Neff 

Fire Protection Engineering 

Timothy Martin Easter 
Jennifer Lea Frank 

Shane Hatmaker 

Heather Lynn Heath 
Jason Keller Kline 

Shivani N. Mehta 
2nd Degree: Electrical Engineering 

Young Hwan Pak 

Brian Austin Smith 

Steven Daniel WoUn 

Mina Zivkovic 



§ Sumnm awi Lnudc f Miigtiii cum Laude * cum Laude 


Materials Science and 

Soon Cho 

Alvin James Henry 

Lema F. Ricks 

Mechanical Engineering 

_^Muhammad Esam Abdallah 

Rhonda Marie Anderson 

Mark Andrew Bahr 

Bryan Robert Boggio 

Christina Marie Burek 

David GritEn Burierjr. 

EUas Joseph Chaaya 

Edward Young Chang 

Daniel Paul Ebersole 

Kathleen Joanne Eiben 

Gumersindo Daniel Espina 

Vincent Pete Reyes Estrella 

Jason Andrew Evans 

Rui Mariguela Lopes Fernandes 

Florentino Petrovitch Garcia 

Seth R. Goodman 

Erin Christine Haslinger 

Todd Wilson HiU 

WiUiam L. Huber 

Radwan Ah Kalo 

Matthew Joseph Kayal 

Eric Allen Kennedy 

Brian Haen Lee 

Timothy Li 

Marianne C. McCabe 

Carleton Jeffrey Michenfelder. Jr. 

TrungTan Nguyen 

Shirley Elizabeth Overfield 

Stefan Paul Pototschnik 

Wesley Alexander Potter 

2tid Degree: Russian Area Studies 
Mark Diego Rivera 
Bradley Allen Salemie 
Brian Christopher SchaefFer 
Vincent Paul Scheuerman 

Young-Sil Shin 
Samuel Shoyelu-Conteh 
Robert S. Simons 
Catherine Anne Stockard 
Ivan ChiVeiTong 
*Michele Alyssa Wellman 

College of Agriculture 
and Natural Resources 

Bachelor of Landscape 

James Joseph Buchheister 111 
Davis Strycker Colwell 
Carl M. Rodio.Jr. 
Steven Michael Zahner 

Bachelor of Science 

Agricultural and Resource 

Kwasi Appiah 
Alejandro Javier Arauz 
Michael Evan Bender 
Lynda Frances Blue 
Michael Alan Eckstein 
Danielle Danese Fiore 
Emelda L. Guin-Allen 
John Angelo Pannucci 111 
Tavares Martin Patton 
Nikicha Da'shawn Webster 

Animal Sciences 

Michele M. Bartels 
Mallarie Brooke Chester 
Sandra Erin Curtin 
Alvaro Godinez 
Salimatu Lamijibril 
Ji Hee Kim 

Tara Michelle Klimovitz 
Kimberely Nicholle Moore 

Laura Jeanne Ohver 
Erin Michele Parsoneault 
Marisol Belen Ponte 
Sarah Schneider-Firestone 
Carrie Anne Sharik 
Rita Annette Uinch 

Conservation Soil,Water and 

Timothy August Seitz 
Heather Michelle Tyner 

Crop Science 

Donald Joseph DeVriendt 
Michele Ann Siebert 


Natalie Rae Fritz 
Laurie Copeland Gould 
Florence Ifeoma Omerennah 
Radka Zach 

Environmental Science and 

Emily Jane Anderson 
Emmanuelle Hans Dasbach 
§E Mark EUis 
Stephanie Ameha Goglia 
*Alexander Michael Hall 
Kihan Bach Kagle 
Cheryl Lynn Ross 
Heather Bridget Whitehead 

Environmental and Park 

Ryan Matthew Bozek 
John Andrew Hanna 

Food Science 

Timothy Hoffler Bowen 
Jennifer Anna MacDaniel 
Eun Hyung Park 

General Agriculture 

Patrick Christian Sandji 


Amy Kathryn Miller 
Kimberly Ann Regner 
Rebecca SuzannahYetmar 


Ins Heather Mars 
Robin Christine Martin 
Amy N. Russell 


Brian Joseph Candida 
Jason Vincent Gebbia 
Elisa Nichelle Hines 
Erica Michelle Jackson 
Terry Ann Kinney 
Milton Mauricio Perez 
Randal Richard Salik, Sr. 

Land and Water Management 

Christopher Thomas King 
Kimberlee Dawn Pezza 
John Lachmarm Robinson 
Benyam Tekle 
Jay Santino Vignola 

Plant and Wildlife Resource 

Christine Patricia Burdette 
Shaun Selby Faulkner 

Turf and Urban Agronomy 

Constantine Dean Lainas 
Blake McLean Murphy 
David Harold Roush,Jr. 
Gregory Walter Scott 

§ Siimma aim LatiJc f Magna awt Laude * aim Latule 



College of Arts and 

Bachelor of Arts 

American Studies 

Jason Ernest Cowherd 
Jason Johnston-Mason 
Megumi Miyamoto 
Matthew Uyen-Binh Moffatt 
Patience Ufudu Musikikongo 
Christopher Joonsuk Noh 
Charity Renee Oliver 
Marcie I. Salzman 

Art History 

f Sharon Benzacar 
Leo David Berman 
Amy Christine Boddorf 
*Corrie Dunice Brian 
Audrey T.F. Chee-A-Tow 
Radha Jagat Dalai 

2nd Degree: Biological Sciemes 
Puntrica April Duangrat 
Laura Elizabeth Fogle 
Suzette S. Grant 
Petra Lee Guiland 
Ehzabeth Nash 
Trisha Dawn Nungester 
*Valerie P. Ortiz 
Alexander William Smith 
Katarina Maria Spears 
Irina D. Stotland 

2nd Degree: General Business and 

Shertonne Renee Whiting 

Art Studio 

Melanie Louise Bonkowski 
Catherine Joy Brakhage 
Ayanna Brown 
Jonathan Frankhn Bruns 

Benjamin Levi Campbell 

2nd Degree: Management Science 

and Statistics 
fMarianne Patricia Cardamone 

2nd Major:Arl History 
Vivian K. Chiu 
Danielle A. Christophe 

2nd Degree: journalism 
Elizabeth Anne Engel 
Kimberly Anne Fischetti 
Meghan Monroe Griffin 
Michael Charles Gurtz 
Ryan Hale Hackett 
Jane Eunkyung Hahn 
Brian Christopher Hanlon 
Josephine Stone HartzeU 
Yi-Ya Hsiung 
Meana Kasi 

2nd Degree: Journalism 
Wen-Po Kuo 

Maria Francesca Maiolatesi 
Amy Ehzabeth McLendon 
Jamie Kane Noguchi 
Richard Vernon Parr III 
Susan Ivette Parras-Rodriguez 
Davis Ezekiel Phillips 
Jeanett Velazquez Reight 
Matthew Bernard Schenning 
Jeanne Mane Seamone 
Rosemarie Erna SturgiU 
Kristin A.Voss 


jEhzabeth Marie Pimper 
Chad Michael SUverberg 
2nd Degree: Biological Sciences 

Classical Languages and 

Karen Elizabeth Moore 
Jenmter May Spiker 


Shirley Mary Abraham 
Jessica Beatrice Agatstein 
James Michael Anecharico 
Lee Jordan Biars 
Renita M. Biddle 
Terri Ehzabeth Boyers 
Derek J. Bush 
David Pontes Coelho 
Nicole Antoinette Cooper 
Christopher John DeVito 
Victoria Lynn Dempsey 
Mary Madehne Dionisio 
Khirma Eliazov 
Fayola Celeste FeHx 
Gregory' James Filippo 
Christopher Edward France 
Audrey Elena Gingras 
Charles Houston Guzman 
Jessica Erin Hanley 
Jeremy Rand Hutman 
Sara A. Katz 

Terence Michael Kennell 
Johnjongwan Kim 
Benjamin Solomon Klinger 
Kara Lynn Konski 
Barbara Suzanne Krasnow 
Michelle Ann Laskey 
Rita Delores Lewis 
Lance Alden Lipset 
Stephen Lubar 
Brian Christopher Martel 
Naomi Beth Mersky 
LaRhonda Shawndrea Mingo 
John Phillip Morgan 
Jamall Charles Nicholas 
Sarah Jane Norvilas 
Albert Selenga Poawui 
Sara Elizabeth Reedy 
Kelly Ann Root 
Robert Anthony Schilke 

Samantha Nicole Smithwick 
Timothy Boldt Strachan 
Stefanie Kristina Timpke 
Pierre Benedetto Venditti 
Timothy WiUiam Watts 
Steven Rudolph Weiner 


Barbara S. Butler 
Jainu Leigh Semper 

English Language and 

Kimberly Dawn Airey 
Darlene Maria Albrigtsen 
Michael Francis Anderson 
Yanni George Angelakos 
James Richard Balda 
Michael C. Bennett 
Kelly Marie Berezuk 
Brandi Lee Broesamle 
Erin Heather Brown 
Hope Lynne Brown 
Chelsea S. Bruun 
Keesha N. BuUock 
Bobby Gene Bynum 
Gene Henry Calvert, Jr. 
Niloc Vaughn Carnere 
"{"Sean Aaron Clark 
Marjorie Ann Clarkson 
Lindsay Marie Clayton 
Jonathan Samuel Cohen 
Troy Scot Corbin 
Thomas CorneUus Dee 
Mary Lenore Deiss 
Michael S. Dombrowski 
Matthew Alfred Donnelly 
§Clarissa Durham Ellison 
Thomas Patrick Foley 
Laura Ann GiancoH 
Tonya LaShon Gregory 
Natalie Mane Henry 


§ Suttima aim Latidf f Ma^tia cum Laiide * cwm Laude 


Simone Felicia Ysanne Henr)' 
Terence Yu Herndon 
Kathryn Lillian Hicks 
Jason William Holleran 
Peter Lee Holzer 
Kelly Marie Horning 
Jeremy Todd Hurley 
Patricia Denise Hutton 
Toya Malekia Johnson 
Jessica Hope Jones 
Keri Lynne Kasalonis 
Erin Leigh Keenan 
Jennifer Bridget Kellogg 
Schana Jill Kramer 
Amy Christine LaPerle 
Kathleen Louise Leaverton 
Deborah Madehne Lee 
OT^onnell Lee 
Benjamin Paul Marks 
Stephen Chnstos Marks 
Leon Michael Maroney 
Jamie Patrice Massey 
Kelly Colleen McCoy 
Patricia Jean McDermott 
Brian Neilson McFaden 
*Justin Ryan McLendon 
Timothy Randolph Mengers 

2iiii DejJH'c: Electrical Engineering 
Brandt Patrick Miller 
Susan Ann Murtha 
Katherine Dawn OTeary 
David Steven Oler 
TitTany Ann Potter 
Knstine Noel Pullen 
Jamie Rachail Reask 
Kevm Anthony Ricche 
Emily Joanna Saglimbeni 
Rebecca Joy Short 

2)11^ Degree: Anthropology 
Jason Andrew Silva 
*Melanie Anne Smnette 

Tawnekia Laketia Spencer 
Carrie Askew Swann 
Kelley Mollean Thomas 
Paul Jarvis Turner 
Alesha Charlette Tyson 
Vilma Alicia Valencia 
Rayna Vogel 
Jonathan D.Ward 
Hahmah Suad Whitby 
Geoffrey Allen Wilt 
Aaron Joshua Zitron 

French Language and 

Amber R. Boyd 
Reema Michael Elaraj 

2nd Degree: Marketing 
Cynthia R. Liang 

2nd Degree: Accounting 
fCatherine Suzanne Nichols 
Kerry Ann Ogata 

2nd Major: Journalism 
Mauna C. Tshamala 
EHzabeth Ann Wieck 

2nd Degree: Logistics and 


German Language and 

Steven Arthur Birdsall 
Christine Mary Flynn 
John Matthew O'Neill 
JNadra Emily Wass 

2nd Degree: Electrical Engineering 
Yvette Elaine Witter 
Simon Pedro Zimmer 

2nd Degree: Electrical Engineering 


Thomas D. Bennett 
Rebecca Anne Branham 
Herbert Richard Wright Brewer, Jr. 
Mehssa Ticktin Cook 

Walter D. Cromer 
William Louis Cusick 
Ryan Marc Eagle 
Christopher Sebastian Evans 

2nd Major: Economics 
Thomas A. Ewing 
Jennifer Lynn Fine 
David Benjamin Fhnton, Sr. 

2nd Degree: Govcrnnu'nl and Politics 
Stephen Kirk Fri 
John B.C. Giuffre 
Michael Tawes Gray 
Jeanne Louise Gregor 

2nd Degree: Journalism 
Jessica Lee Henry 
Joshua George Herring 

2nd Major: Art History 
Brian D. Joyner 
Heather Chanty Keys 
Kevin Edwin Lancaster 
*Mary Bridget Lavaute 
Christopher Lightfoot Lee 
JenraterYounghae Lee 

2nd Major: English Language and 

May Shuan Lee 
David Don Levine 

2nd Major: Economics 
Henry Martinez 
Matthew Edward Glenn Mayer 
Ted Greer McCormick 
Edward L. McCurty 
Erik Scott Meberg 
Daniel Morgan Munsey.Jr. 
Mario Enrique Navas 
Juliane Christine Neale 
David Caruso Nicklas 
fjennifer Lorraine Perry 
Matthew Karl Pinkel 
Mary Alice Ramsey 
CoUn Lee Saba 

David Samuel Schappelle 
Marith E. Schuhart 
Michael Stephen Steadman.Jr. 
Darnel Adam Susskind 
Andrew Worrell Viscardo 
Benjamin Lawrence Whitcomb 
Elizabeth Jansen Woodward 
Yong HoonYi 

Italian Language and 

Meredith April Sena 


Eunice Lee Chung 
Ok-Ju Ha 

Vera Wei-Yin Hwang 
Eunyoung Jee 
Myungjay Kim 

2nd Degree: General Business and 

*Son Kyong Min 
Mark Andrew Wisniewski 


Eirik Sigurd Cooper 


Jesse Wu Barnwanijakul 
Michael David Cohen 
Deianeira Badu Leone 
Mark Steven Nixon 
Joseph Anthony Zanelotti IV 

Russian Area Studies 

Joseph Michael Huculak 
Wesley Alexander Potter 
2nd Degree: Mechanical Engineering 

Russian Language and 

Travis Andrew McHugh 
John Angelo Voxakis 

5 Summa cum Laude f i 

I Laude * cum Laude 



Spanish Language and 

Sandra F. Arez 
Juan-Carlos Arroyo 
Maria Ines Baigorria 
*Anne Lindsay Bailey 

2iid Degree: General Business 
Katherine Betancourt 
Antonio Paulo Borges 
Yolanda Jeannette Brown 
Jennifer Ann Charves 
Andrea Alexis Craig 
Michael Charles Garcia 
Shira Meryl Kamins 
ViNienne Fiona Lettsome 

2nd Degree: Health Education 
Lynda Xiangxi Lin 
Jeannette Maria Mandycz 

2nd Degree: Psychology 
Pablo Ramiro Mantilla 
Gustavo Mohna.Jr. 
Lupe Del Carmen Nieto 
Robert Lawrence Reni 
Mary Michelle Spooner 
Tamara Beth Springer 
Tyler Webster Stinchcomb 
Marsha Leonora Talento 

2nd Degree: Got'enuncin and Politics 
Nick Valencia 
Christina Wu 
Tamniy Lee Zimnier 


Edith Arely Burns 
Terra Lynn HoUern 

Women's Studies 

Jerome Emanuel Glassman 

2nd Degree: Psychology 
Colleen Lynn Moore 
Amy E. Pettit 
Desaray H. Smith 

Bachelor of Music 


Asher Jeffrey Haines 
Christopher Robin Marousek 
Abel Antonio Romero Martinez 

Music Composition 

Allen L. Ronk 

College of Behavioral 
and Social Sciences 

Bachelor of Arts 

Afro-American Studies 

Alfred J. Daley 
Rodney Alexander Giddens 
Tamara Nicole Hamilton 
Pashen Georgette Hutton 
Yusef Nathenial Jones 
Beatrice Ehzabeth Pendleton 


Brett Emerson Edwards 
Errdlyjune Harbo 
Miriam E. Heinonen 

2ud Degree: Government and Politics 
Kimberly Ann Holmes 
Derek Adam Houck 
Prashant Kaw 
Ariel Ehzabeth Landau 
Kareen Keshia Morrison 
Jon Alexander Quiros 
Laura A. Shughart 

2nd Major: French Latiguage and 

Stephanie Dodge Smith 
*Lauren Jean Whattam 

Criminology and Criminal 

John Barr)' Abbott, Jr. 
Alicia Lynelle Allen 
Tiffany Terencia Alston 
Andrea Catherine Banks 
Aaron Howard Baum 
Denton C. Birgel II 
Sean Elmer Blumenstein 
Marija Mary Bogicevic 

2tid Major: Sociology 
Robert John Bosken 

2nd Major: Psychology 
Joshua Kapelle Bradbard 
Natalie Anne Bradley 
John Curtis Bransfield, Jr. 
Andrea Nicole Brown 
Damone Reginald Brown 
Richard Baldwin Brown 

2nd Major: Afro-American Studies 
Shannan Nicole Burdette 

2nd Major: Psychology 
Marie Michele Burton 
Joseph Alun BushneU 
Juh Etia Butler 
Jenifer LesHe Cabrera 
Eric Scott Calendine 
Jeanette Canas 
Sandra Cathahna Castro 

2nd Major: Spanish Language and 

Shane Patricia Chung 
Walter Paul Coatsworth 
Kimberly Joy CoUins 

2nd Major: Psycholog)' 
Thomas Charles Conlon 
Shane Dietrich Coover 
Pamela Aida Coupard 
Kevin Anthony Currie 
Jason Patrick Cushman 
Eve C. Dailey 

Tania Emma Davila 
David Davitaia 
Aimee Anne Denault 
Maria Janette DeLeon 
Freddie Duclos 
Christopher David Duke 

2nd Major: Economics 
Erin Christine Edwards 
Summer Sharese Ellis 
Michelle Renee Evans 
Amanda Jean Fontenot 
Sarah Anne Forrest 
Marcia Katherine Freeman 
Caren Ehzabeth Gibbs 
Stacia Sherree GiUiard 
Scott Fredrick GiUigan 
Michael JeSrey Gilhs 
Matthew WUHam Grove 
Talin Hallajian 
WiUiam Wesley Hardin IV 
Walton H. Harris II 
Ronald Wayne Hartnett.Jr. 
Ronda Jeanelle Harvey 

2nd Degree: Government and Politics 
LaToya Tekech Hawkins 
Pnscilla Lucy Nada Adjoa Hayford 
Kevin Patrick Healy 
Staceyjill Henderson 
Roger Alberto Hernandez, Jr. 
Sylvia Juana Hernandez 
Irene Jenna Holtzman 
Terassa Latoya Johnson 
Jae Han Kim 
fjeremy Raymond Krum 
Christopher Alan Lamy 
LeeAnne K. Laudadio 
Christopher Vincent Leonard 
Cory A. Levy 
Scott Alan Lowry 
Jason Sergio Lucero 
Charlotte Nicole Makhoul 


§ Siimma cum Lliide f Magna cum Laiide * aim Laude 


Delia Maria Marin 
Heather Kathryn Mathews 
Rebecca Lynn Merchant 
Steven Warren Meyers 
Damon Joseph Middleton 
Paul James Morris 
Eric Ezer Nahmani 
Meron Negash 
Dave A. Nenman 
John Darin Norris 
Lajuane Gerald Nurse 
YongT. Oh 
Christopher L. Palmer 
James Park 

Michael James Pattishall 
Jerry J. Pentoney 
Edwin M. Perera 
Ryan Shawn Poston 
Brian WiUiam Prezlock 
Michael Bruce Radford 
Jonathan M. Redburn 
Melanie JiU Ritkin 
SonjiVeniece Roach 
Ryan Michael Robertson 
Paul Haydon Rooney 

2nd Major: Psychology 
Alexandra Karin Rudolph 
Jon B. Sezack 
Peter Matthew Sheldon 
Rebecca Joy Short 

2rid Major: English Language and 

Lisa Evelyn Singer 
Brian Michael Smetana 
Aletheajean Smith 
Kevin Michael Soehner 
Troy Wainwright Springer 
Paulinho Neves Stegmayer 
Aaron R. StiUweU 
Tammy Sharon Streets 
Renee Lorraine Tavlor 

Emily Tova Todtman 
David Leon ToUiver, Jr. 
Michael Keith Towles 
Kelly Lynn Valeo 
Christine EUsabeth Wilson 
Richard Scott Wilson 
Chun YongYi, Sr. 
Lana Doreen Zinnie 


Elissa Robin Aaronson 
Kristopher John Adams 
Michael Adedeji Adekoya 
Cesar Alvarez Daniel Alvarez 
Jeffrey David Arends 
Jay Sunny Bajaj 
Stefan Albert Barney 
Tela Nate" Boone 
Craig M. Brown 
Ebun Abekina Caldeira 
Nathaniel R. Centeno 
Yun K. Chang 
Chung Tony Chen 
SunYong Chung 
Jason Scott Cohen 
Mercedes Yolanda Cooper 
Sean Patrick Daly 
Roryon Duran Davis 
Odell Daye.Jr. 
WiUiam Arthur Delwiche 

2nd Major: Government and Politics 
§lrina Derkacheva 

2nd Major: Psychology 
Francis WiUiam DuBois 
Jennifer Gonzales Edejer 
Omer Ihsan Esiner 
Kyle Stewart Farmer 
Norman Brian Fields 
Anne EUzabeth Finley 
Lewis C. Fimi 
Michael E. Frasca 

2nd Major: Sociology 

Tony Gannacone III 
Justin John Gressman 
Khary Emanuel Hodge 
Katherine Sepedeh Hooshidari 
Kara Michele Houston 
DionneYvette Inman 
Jeronimo Jimenez-Gaona 
HUdur Yrr Johannsdottir 
Beatrice Demse Johnson 
Doreen Georita Johnson 
Shun-Hung Ku 

2nd Major: Chinese 
Daniel Geo&ey Lange 
Shawn Eric Lemko 
Martin Louis Levine 
Christopher Paul Mangum 
Gavin Charles McCarty 
Sean Michael McNaboe 
Howard R. Meinster 
Kyle Ramon MorseU 
Kyle CroU Muehlhauser 
Kristina M. Pan 
Leon Abraham Rosen 
Gary LydeU Rozier 
Carla Shedrick 
Seunghan Shin 
Esther Oluremi Shonola 
Apapan Siriwat 
Andrew Howard Thorn 
Casey Michael Trout 
Nvya Haqikah WelUngton 
York Wilham Whitaker 
Mary-Patricia WUt 
Chi Hung Desmond Wong 
Ah Khayyam Zafar 
Anthony Ibrahim Zaghab 

Environmental Science and 

Jason Anthony Simpson 

Government and Politics 

John N.Achuff III 
Charis Jeannine Beckom 
fNichole Elise Bevilacqua 
MicheUe Aim Bimson 
Chen Inge Boyce 
Stephen James Bradfield 
Kenya A. Brown 
Matthew Sager Burns 
Michael Cavey 
Lourdes Elena Chavarria 
Kathr\'n Douglass Clarke 
Brett H. Dady 
Patrick Jason DePalmer 
Thoinalyn Ann Epps 
Timothy James Fitzgerald 
David Benjamin FUnton, Sr. 

2nd Degree: History 
Sean Derek Gage 
John R. Gibson 

2nd Major: Criminology and 

Criminal Justice 
Jeremy Michael Glesner 
*Todd Richardson GobeiUe 
Craig S. Goldstein 
Jordan Golubcow-Teglasi 

2nd Major: Psychology 
Rocio Hernandez Gonzalez 
Nicole Anne Harpole 
Karin MicheUe Harris 
RondaJeaneUe Harvey 

2nd Degree: Crimitwlogy and 

Criminal Justice 
Miriam E. Heinonen 

2nd Degree: Anthropology 
Brook Hunter HeUie 
Rossanna Hernandez 
Jef&ey A. Herzog 
Brian Mark Hofrneister 
Elizabeth Levan Hopping 
Aaron M.Jacobs 

§ Sttminj ami Ldttde j- Magna cum Laiidc 

I Laiide 



David S. Kao 
Dmiriry- Khnzman 
Amber Rose Kirkwood 

2nd Major: Crimiiwlogy and 
Criminal Juslicc 
Eric Francis Klisiewicz 
Kevin Lee Lauer 
fDanielle Marie Lester 
Seth Gavin Levine 
Waid Cheung Lin 
David Jared Logsdon 
Andres H. Lopez 
Lorena Maymi 
Dennis R. Mercer, Jr. 
Heryka Miranda 
Thomas Boye Nelson II 
Todd Harris Oppenheim 
Erik Edward Osberg 
Tania Elizabeth Paiva 
Rajiv Siddhartha Paladugii 
Shawna Elizabeth Persaud 
Benjamin Cannon Portis 

2nd Major: Economics 
AUison Elizabeth Rentzel 
Erica Marie Rossi 
William Jacob Schmeh 
Jason W. Schreuder 

Zeshan Parvez Shah 

Monica Sharma 

Michele Lee Shores 

Troy Strunkey 

Marsha Leonora Talento 
2nd Degree: Spanish Language and 

Christopher Francis Van Dagna 

Shane Luis Vasquez 

Brian Edward Waters 

Lasheema Watson 

Matthew Christopher Werden 


Christina Anne Wright 

Frederick Eugene Yorkoff 
David J. Zaro 

Hearing and Speech Sciences 

Kerry Jean Black 
Eniily Virginia Brown 
Lindsey Flora Devins 
Coralita Maria Downing 
§Martha Stronach Doyle 
Colleen Marie Flynn 
*Kiniberly Delores Johnson 
Michele Lynn Singer 
Nika Sheree Wilhams 


Masiki May Nyamkoton Akwei 

2nd Degree: Sociology 
Edythe Jane Anderson 
Pauline Lindsay Bailo 
Jennifer Kathenne Barnhart 
Josh Burke Bascom I 
JeneUe Sharron Beale 
Steven George Carroll 
Hannah Hyo Chang 
Lee Richard Chernett 
Gina Teresa Chersevani 
fVeronika Dolejsova 
Claire M. Donohue 
TenishaYvette Evans 
Jascha D. Fields 
Serita Monick Garrett 
Khalilah Tatiana Gibbs 
Jerome Emanuel Glassman 

2nd Degree: Women 's Studies 
*Cristina Gutierrez de Pineres 
Brandon Patrick Guzzone 
Heather Henderson 
Tyra Fanchon HiU 
Larisa Lee Howard 
Jason Robert Ingram 
Briagh Noel Jameson 

Dana DAndra Johnson 

Laura Leigh Josselyn 

Shannon L. Kelly 

Na-Young Kim 

Sun-Hwi Kim 

Sara Elizabeth Kwolek 

Farah Claire Lamarre 

Tiffany Jane Lens 

§Ava Irena Levin 

Erin Kristin Longenecker 

2nd Degree: Journalism 
Jeannette Maria Mandycz 

2nd Degree: Spanish Language and 

Michael Thomas Marquette 
Adam Daniel Marr 
*Catherine Anne McClintock 

2nd Degree: Biological Sciences 
Serena Chandelle McCAnn 
Aisha Cherie Mills 
Thomas Francis Moore 
Lisa Ann Musumeci 
Cherise Victoria Neville 
Christian Mark Papa 
Valentine PariUon 
Catherine Mehssa Payne 
Onome F. Pela 

2nd Major: Afro-American Studies 
Jessica Lynn Pentoney 
Tamil Nadu Person 
Ciji Chnstien Portis 

2nd Major: Journalism 
Cristofer Malvern Price 
Garrett Eugene Randall 
Laura Anne Rosencrantz 
Jennifer Lorrie Rowe 
^Stacey Lynn Seibel 
Maryam Pervaiz Sheikh 
Layla Angelique Shields 
Miho Shimizu 
Janet S. Shin 
Maria Spassiani 

Adrianne Renee Thompson 

2nd Degree: Human Resource 

Tina Jean Urlacher 
Myriam VUmenay 

2nd Major: Criminology and 

Criminal Justice 
Stephanie Lange Wade 
Diane Louise Walsh 
*Jennifer Tracey Wolbransky 
Bauback Yeganeh 
Andrea LUliam Zepeda 


Masiki May Nyamkoton Akwei 

2nd Degree: Psychology 
Tanya Angehque Baril 
Susan Marie Bilek 
Shameeka Miasia Bowman 
Patrick Joseph Burns 
Sonia Maria Columbano 
Tamara Lee Cramer 
Mark L. Danziger 
Steven Michael Day 
^GUma Patricia De La Cruz 
Vitaha Gerturde Forbes 
DaisrU Cindy French 
Michelle Kerry-Ann Grant 
Joseph Anthony Graziani 
f Christina Debosis Halstead 
Milagro De Jesus Hernandez 
Shannon Elaine HUlery 
Aileen Kim 
Wesley Koo 
James Goddard Lausch 
Chris Andrew Lawson 
Liza Christine Mataac 
Garland Louise Obrecht 
Janelle Alicia Persico 
Teresa Ann Porrini 
Dameka M. Reese 
Nicole Mia Richardson 


§ Sttmma atm Laude f Magna mm Laude 

r Laude 


Kathryn Mar\' Riggs 
Valerie Christine Riggs 
Michael Thomas Schwartzberg 
Meghan Lynn Small 
Tyrone M. Smiles 
Darren Joseph Smith 
Todd Edwin Stark 

2rui Major: Crimiiiohgy and 

Criminal Justice 
Jonathan Sakanoto Vassil 
Robert Scott Vincent 
Jeffrey Alan Williams 
Yvonne Mane Zachman 

2//i/ Major: Family Studies 

Bachelor of Science 

Environmental Science 
and Policy 

Edwin Wone Pak 


Valerie Florence Bonhomme 
Dale A. Fields 
Garry Owen Grubenhoff 
Megan Rea Lyden 
Kenneth W Plumer 
Ronald Anthony Saccoccio 
*Ann Margaret Wallas 
2iid Major: History 


Sandra Fabiola Alban 
Christopher Bautista Aquino 
2iid Degree: Biological Sciences 
Shelley Winkler Brown 
Tonya LaChele Davis 
Mita Mahesh Dhora 
Ijeoma Aurora Eke 
fVeronica Franco 
§Nayeli Garcia 
Meridee Ann Halmo 

Su-Jong Kim 

Tracey Lynn Kogok 

Sharon Deborah Lake 

Brian Matthew Lappin 

Jaime Rose Mazzocchi 

Marc Nahmani 

Supak Anne Ngamsnga 

Arshon Celena Parker 

SJennifer Nathanson Pilkey 

Shiwani Rastogi 

Nicole Carole Rock 

Eric Thomas Toussaint 

Marianne Alyssa Van Keerbergen 

Jessica Elizabeth Zieg 

College of Computer, 
Mathematical and 
Physical Sciences 

Bachelor of Science 


Raymond T Gauss 

2nd Degree: Computer Science 
Keith Joseph Larson 
John Sergey Metelsky 

Computer Science 

Mohamed Tamer Abdelrahman 
Neil Patrick Anstey 
Wai Shun Au 
Ashenafi Ayalew 
David N. Balamucki 
Jonathan Andrew Bixby 
Christopher Carey Braunberg 
Manish Dhanesh Butani 

2nd Degree: Finance 
Sun Young Chan 
Xin Che 
Gavin Chen 

Sheau-Jiun Emily C^hern 
Ivan Chou 

Tung-Yu Jade Chu 
Christopher G. Cohoon 
James Austin Crifasi 
Thomas Blake Crowley 
Gener Punsalan Cunanan 
Yancy Wayne Davis 
Marcus Tadeo DaSilva 
Brian Ahmed Dowdy 
Russell Steven Edwards 
David Asher Friedman 
Lyann Frye 

Shikha Sonia Gambhir 
Raymond T Gauss 

2tid Degree: Astronomy 
Addis Alem Getachew 
Samuel Charles Glover 
Boris Gomelsky 
Christopher Michael Griffin 
William Rodiger Gross 
Steven Samuel Hallman 
James Andrew Hancock 

2nd Major: Economics 
Robert Matthew Harris 
Lenworth Dale Henry.Jr. 
Paul S. lobst 
Wayne Alan lobst 
Shawn S.Jing 
Yowongjohn Kim 
Joel Gideon Korb 
Ara A. Kotchian 
Jared Daniel Lake 
Kun Sik Lee 
Jeremy Lipari 
Jean F Lo 

Gregory Adam Marton 
Jef&ey Scott Mason 
Michael D Milam 
Gregor\' Allen Miller 

2nd Degree: Electrical Engineering 
ManhphatTam Nguyen. Sr. 
Erik Richard Nolke 

Paul Joseph O'Neill 
Vikram Alagudu Chandra Prasad 
Michael Daniel Reyes 
Nathalie Louise Rollins 
David William Rutstein 
Moshood Olasunkanmi Salami 
Wallace Lee Schmidt 
Michael Arthur Schor 
Brent Edward Scott 
Moshe-Dovid Teitelbaum 
Linh Thuong Tran 
Chithuan Nu Truong, Sr. 
Raymond Kwokleung Tse 
Ted Nathamel Unnikumaran 
Natalia Vainshtein 
Jayant Arun Vete 
David Matthew Warden 
*Xuezhi Wei 
Jeffirey Steven Westra 

2nd Degree: Electrical Engineering 
John Joseph Wickhffe 1 1 1 
David Kwok-Tsam Wong 

2nd Degree: Cii'il Engineering 
Matthew John Woytowitz 
Harry Tak Yeung 
James Il-sooYoo 
Jun SeonYun, Sr. 
Omar AJcides Zelaya 


Blessing Etim Asuquo 
Kelly Rose Corcoran 
Claire Marie Coyne 
Daniel Joiner Earnest 
Russell Stuart Meyer II 
Grahme Beaman Smith 


Cedric Bailey Anderson 
Reid Patrick Crosby 
Rachel Miryam Herbst 
Richard Michael Mack 

§ Summa mm Ltittite "f Magna cttm Laudc * (um Laitde 



Woo Sik Oh 
Anna Catherine Pfeifer 
Jennifer Ann Rezeppa 
Melissa Louise Rogers 
Masha Tzivia Sapper 

2iid Degree: Secoiidar)' Eduaition- 

"fCara Rae Stockham 

2iid Degree: journalism 
fWesley Eu-KwangYin 
Wei Wayne Yuan 

2iid Degree: Electrical Engineering 

Physical Sciences 

Gene D. Broadwater 
Hadiye Pinar Celebi 
Brian Christopher Meyer 
All R. Saiyid 


Dana L. Kirkvvood- Watts 
Heather Rachel Norton 
Stephen Paul Terrell 

College of Education 

Bachelor of Arts 

Education- Art 

Renata Szalovska Bagniski 

Secondary Education-English 
(Language Arts) 

Jennifer Sun-Sook Koh 

Secondary Education-Social 

Carissa Lynn Brooks 
Laura EUen Edkins 
Kenneth Dayle Robertson, Jr. 
Erin Marie SchmoU 
ToddWinslow Stephens 

Secondary Education-Theatre 
and English 

*Amanda Michele Dewhirst 
lulie Anne Garner 

Bachelor of Science 

Early Childhood Education 

Nicole Lee Adams 

*Shelly S.Adascheck 

Catherine Joan Albers 

Marr-lon Niajii McCormick Brown 

*Sarah Helen-Dasher Clagett 

Mary Elizabeth Comegno 

Laura Renee Curry 

Mark Joseph Harrigan 

Kathryn Marie Henderson 

Jennifer Anne Keenan 

Patricia Barrett King 

Janiie Dineen Kinney 

JMary Lou Kitchen 

Angela Lynn Mace 

Hana'a Saeed Malik 

Maureen Ehzabeth Milasi 

Wendy Elizabeth Rickert Molter 

Kristen Elise Nelson 

KeUy Christine Ridgely 

Kisha Bianca Ruffin 

Christina Faye Schiller 

Ji Eun Seo 

Desira St. Pierre 

Jennifer Renee Tobin 

Tasha T. Tran 

Kristen Marie Wright 

Education- Art-Professional 

Andrea Lynn Reish 

Education-Music K-12 

jDeborah Ellen Mandell 
*Melanie Veronica Morrison 

2nd Major: Engliih Language and 

Christina Mane Schwartz 

Elementary Education 

JPaul Theodore Ajainian 
Reyna Suzanne Aniron 
Kate Mane Ball 
Nathan Eberhard Ballard 
*Rachel Ann Barnett 
Daniel Thomas Bauder 
Christopher James Brodmerkel 
Kristin Beth Carbaugh 
Jennifer Michelle Casey 
William Joseph Collins 
AUison Elizabeth Deily 
Kimherly Lynn Dorsey 
Aisha Asghar Elahi 
Bridget Kathleen Eser 
*Rae Leanne Euler 
Marcelo A. Flores 
Robert Ian Glass 
Rodrigo Godinez 
Heather Michelle Gorenstein 
Linda Jin Ham 
Michelle Alicia Harrison 
Constance Dale Healy 
Page Nicole Hewitt 
Jennifer Michael Kahler 
John Thomas Lee 
Stephame llene Litsky 
*Courtney Ann McCool 
James Clark Miller 
NataUe Mane Misorek 
William Ross Moulden 
Sudabeh Namazi 
Janelle Aisha OUivierre 
Sherri Beth Pargament 
Lindee Suzanne PoweU 

Bonnie Jean Pulley 
Sejal Chandrakant Raichura 
§Lori K. Rolston 
Lindsay Augusta Rupp 
*Nicole Mane Scholz 
*Denise Jeanette Shier 
Shayla Momque Simmons 
Brian Kenneth Stark 
Cara Lynn Stilli 
Maria Ann Thomas 
Stacey Robin Trop 
Erin Elizabeth Winch 

Secondary Education-Social 

Brian Patrick Laird 
Christopher Benson Langley 

Secondary Education- 

Wai Fieh Chan 
Susan Baxter Pannell 
Masha Tzma Sapper 
2nd Degree: Mathematics 

Special Education 

Elaine Ann Greene 
Teresa A. Schmidt 
Jennifer Susan Ulrich 

College of Health and 
Human Performance 

Bachelor of Science 

Consumer Economics 

Eric Alan Kraftsow 

Family Studies 

Tiffany Cardiss Arrington 
jill Renee Basso 
Shannon Claire Bognovitz 
Tiffany Lynette Brown 


§ Stonmd cuw Luulc f Magna ami Laude * citm Lattdc 


Dashlene Adina Bull 
Todd Maynard Cohen 
Pamela Ann Cooper 
Mariececile Thanhtinh N. Doan 
Jennifer Lynn Dunn 
Margarita Escarfullet 
Alison Lowe Ess 
Mirit Greenstein 
Taryn Nicole Harris 
Asa Mallory Heath II 
Dusty Dawn Jenkins 
Cindy Michelle Kleinman 
Sharee Melissa Krueger 
Christine T. Lam 
fCynthia Ann Lane 
Rachel Laurie Librach 
Brian Daniel Marquis 
Jennifer Browning Milne 
Norris Howard Moore, Jr. 
Joseph E. Neville 
Mohamed Bakarr Nyelenkeh 
Akim Marie Prettyman 
Amy Michel Rosenberg 
Christa Lynn Sawyer 
Michelle Lee Smith 
Rebecca Lynn Spare 
Patricia Kennedy Staeden 
Christine Marie Stewart 
Juanita Maria Valencia 
LaShea LeeVann 
I ngridYomara Ventura 
Amanda Alison Vohs 
Erin L.Walsh 

2nd Major: Criminology and 

Criminal Justice 
Cherika Evette White 
Kelly Ann Wickersty 
Jamillah Tamara Williams 
Towanda Missalene Williams 
Adria Zambrano 
David Anthony Zorn 

Health Education 

Angela Leonor Bartlett 
fMerril! Dana Bender 
Ettereteen C. Brookins 
Humera H. Chaudry 
fjean Maxine Coleman 
Katherine Jane Coyner 
Kathy A. Cummings 
Lezia L. Gethers 
Tasia Ann Holmes 
Linda Arm Lang 
Eric Gorrell Larsen 
Vivienne Fiona Lettsome 

2nd Degree: Spanish Language and 

Monique Nicole Mauge 
Tarsha M. McCrae 
Josh Swain Merck 
Heather Lynn Nelson 
Gregory Andrew O'Brien 
Claudia Abdia Simon 
Cynthia Louise Soto 
fVanessa Lynn Strunk 

Kinesiological Sciences 

Nicholas Steven Agapis 
Sonia Ehse Baum 
Robert Ernest Belluomo 
Michael Raymundo Belonia 
Chris Jason Bengson 
Stacy W. Bradford 
Katherine Carey Brown 
Diana Patricia Castro 
Kathryn Kirkpatrick Cate 
Joseph Opoku Wisdom Cofie 
Jason Raymond Conner 
Stephanie Lorraine Cross 
Kara Marie Dallesandro 
Roland Cesar Francisco De Dies 
Christopher Brian Doyle 
Robert Babatunde Fawehinmi 
Jason William Galati 

Divina Gracia Geronimo 
Jaime B. Gervasi 
James Roe Goodlatte 
Kathryn Jean-Marie Gossard 
Kevin Andrew Gregan 
Anthony C. Haylock 
Christopher George Hernandez 
Joino Brian Huggins 
Kim Ellen Janelle 
Timothy J. Jarek 
Nicol Alexandra Jarratt 
Jennifer Dawn Josephson 
Glenn Joseph Kneeland 
Bryan WiUiam Kreitlow 
Carmen Danica Law 
Sella Liv 

Ehzabeth Danielle Lodato 
Jacob Aaron Loewenheim 
Sonia Virginia Martinez 
Tara Anne Melega 
Scott Evan Miller 
Richard Alton Mitchell 
fKatherine Suzanne Morris 
Katherine Elaine Mullikin 
Duane Anthony Myrie 
Michelle Huong Ngo 
Robert Francis Ngo 
Matthew James Nobleman 
Michael Robert Nool 
Ahson Burger Pulver 
Season Paige Rumpff 
Kimberly Celeste Samuel 
Sergio Ignacio Santiago 
Kathryn Leigh Schermerhorn 
Karen Kyung Sturtz 
Timothy Wayne Tucker 
Carlo Ritchie Villanueva 
Mark Edward Vliet 
Phillip Reed Voorhees 
Jason Allen Wilcox 
Lee Ann Wisniewski 
Christine Tijuana Zammett 

Physical Education 

Jason Michael Conley 
Christopher Edward Hooks 
Dessalyn ShriJoUey 
Andre' Lawrence Jones 
Mike Francis Robison 
Jane E.West 

College of Journalism 

Bachelor of Arts 


Mary Catherine Ball 
Cecelia Frances Bender 
Cara EUsabeth Bibbiani 
Jaime Eileen Bloss 
Seth Cyrus Blum 
Barbara Lynn Chearney 
Chi Hea Cho 
Danielle A. Christopher 

2nd Degree: Art Studio 
Kelly Cramer 

Danielle Christina DeAngelis 
Marissa Rose DeAngeUs 
Vicki Lauren Duckett 
§Tricia Clare EUer 
§Je£&ey David EzeU 
Tracy Lynn Fercho 
Ian Christopher Finnegan 
Anthony Joseph Fiteni 
Kelley Annette Fitzgerald 
Diego Martin Garcia 
Jennifer Laine Goodale 
Gail Sharon Greenberg 
Jeanne Louise Gregor 

2nd Degree: History 
Lesley Amanda Hall 
John Louis Henderson. Jr. 
Amanda Fay Hillman 
Nneka Ale.xandra Iwucliukwu 
Brett Allen Johnson 

§ Sutmna cum Luiidf "J" Ma^na cum Laude 



Means Kasi 

2nd Degree: Art Studio 
David Alan LaHuta 
Nicole Anne Leandro 
Erin Kristin Longenecker 

2nd Degree: Psychology 
Aaron Daniel McFarling 
Kevin Sean McNulty 
Angela Sue Melkisethian 

2nd Major: Art History 
EUen Michele Miller 
Isabel M. Munilla 

2nd Major: French Language and 

Julie Ann NefFerdorf 
Zachary Robert Nestler 
Laurie T. Nguyen 
Raegan Alexis Penn 
Renee Cidell Samuels 
§George Scott Shaw 
Amy Shuman 

Nicole Priya Siniithraaratchy 
Jennifer Lanning Smith 
Michelle Cristine Smith 
Laura Alyce Sobers 
Sandhya Hosagrahara Somashekhar 
Michael Taekyu Song 
Reema Soudah 
Lisa Raine Sowers 
Clarissa Lee Spasyk 
Keisha Donyelle Stewart 
§Cara Rae Stockham 

2nd Degree: Mathematics 
Carmelia Aurelia Strickland 
Richard Douglas Taylor 
Daniel Hench Valentine 
Sharon Bari Wald 
Shantee' Cherese Woodards 
Christopher Kenneth Ytuarte 
J. Erik Zimmermann 

College of Life 

Bachelor of Arts 

Environmental Science and 

David Matthew Pyziak 
Christian Michael Root 

Bachelor of Science 


Thoa Diem Dang 
Allison Marsha Johnson 
Carole Diane Long 
Emily Judith Luckman 
Mimi Man-Yee Lum 
Fathy D. Majadly, Sr. 
Anisha Wellsely Pedapudi 
Michael M. Pesm 

Biological Sciences 

Olanrewaju Adeola Alade, Sr. 
Shelton Lonnel Alexander 
Feroze Ahsan Ali 
Judith A. Allen-Close 
Soheil Amiri 
Myrde E.Andrew 
Alexander Lucas Aquino 
Christopher Bautista Aquino 

2nd Degree: Psychology 
Thelma Afua Takyiwaa Ayensu 
Adebambi Omosalewa Bademosi 
David Matthew Bailey 
Jamy AdeUna Barahona 
Eduardo Luis Barcelo 
Lewanna Teresa Thomas Bazemore 
Jennifer Suzanne Benson 
Edward Thomas Bierma 
Chye Boon 
EUen Mane Boszormenyi 

James Anthony Brucculer 
Nathan Cooper Butler 
Carrie Marie Ceresa 
Suzanne Marhne Charles 
Mandy K. Chesnutt 
Vivian Nkem Chidi 
April Jasmin Chin 
Joseph Choi 
John Michael Contreras 
Radha Jagat Dalai 

2nd Degree: Art History 
Andra Noelle Doherty 
Annie Laura Donnelly 
Cumberland James Breezy Dugan 
Kingsley Ofosu Fianko 
Steven David Frank 
Alicia Nicole Gardiner 
Maksim Garkavi 
Jeremy Michael Goetz 
Cassandra Natalie Grenade 
Anamaria Ramona Guerrero 
Kinh Hann 
James Joseph Harne 
Cory D. Harris 
Courtney Guiheen Havens 
Shelley Anne Heap 
Melissa Ann Hennessey 
Paul Michael Hines 
Matthew Joseph Howard 
Mark Daniel Ibrahim 
Vincent Mark Javier 
Christina Susanne Johnson 
Eric Alan Johnson 
Kimberly Jordan 
Karen Jing-Fei Jung 
Kimberly Ann Marie Knight 
Mohammad Reza Komaily 
Amy Kathleen Kowalski 
Peggy Nga-Yee Kwong 
Karaina Anne Lantzky 
Tokunbor Ayodele Lawal 

David Lee 

Natalie IsabeUe Leon 
Unjoo Senna Lim 
Byron Reid Lindley 
Kevin Patrick Mahoney 
Anna Mazuruk 
Timothy Dawson McCall 
Catherine Anne McCUntock 

2nd Degree: Psychology 
*Darla Jean McDonald 
Bianca Kamakea Kam Lin Arao 
Amy Marie Mikula 
*Jetfi-ey Nathan Molk 
Edgar Andres Navas 
Hannah Catherine Neumeier 
Mitchell A. Nicholas 
Yuka Noda 

LaShawn Danielle Palmer 
Seyong Park 
Galina Petrosian 
Doan Trang Pham 
*Monica Ann Powell 
Erin Michelle Rdey 
Agnieszka Anna Sadowska 
Anthony John Sanchez 
Diana Mihaela Scumpieru 
Kia Renece Sewell 
Farah Jilla ShahnematoUahi 
Neda Alagha Sharifi 
Chad Michael Silverberg 

2nd Degree: Chinese 
Anna Marie Sloan 
Brian Keith Snyder 
Jordan Alan Sopher 
Emily Dawn Steplowski 
Matthew Edward Studham 
Payman Taei 
Belayhun Tekalign 
Willow Ruth Tr\'buch 
Z. Simten Ulug 


t Summa awi iMude f Magiiil cum iMude * cum Laude 


lei-Tao Wang 
Lisa Nong OkYoo 
*Syed M. Zeyad 
Steven David Zumbrun 


Christopher Douglas Afdahl 
Terrez Monique GrifEn 
True Thanh Ho 
Yunyi Julieanna Kim 
Jason Alan Lagona 
Jimmy Michael Munoz 
Michelle Elaine Stettler 
Charnita Patrice Whitmyer 


Lauren Nicole Caldwell 
Katrina Juanita Campbell 
Ronald Manfred Claros 
V-Tsien Gaius Fan 
Karen Elizabeth Thomas 
Aisha Ibrahim Yansaneh 

Robert H. Smith 
School of Business 

Bachelor of Science 


Meghann Lynn Abell 
Ikoekiwa Y. Adeyeye 
Stephanie Kim Anderson 
Mariama Nene Bah 
Leonard Ernest Beckford.Jr. 

2nd Degree: Finance 
Karen Christine Blood 
Jessica D. Boyd 

2nd Major: Finance 
Sean M. Brennan 
Robert Walter Brewer 
Darnel Joseph Catalano 
Donna Marie Darvish 

f Mona M. Dowuona 

2nd Major: Finance 
Kelly Renee Hevner 
tQun Jiang Ji 
Katrina Michelle Johnson 

2nd Degree: Marketing 
Majed M.Joumaa 

2nd Degree: Management Science 

and Statistics 
Donna Michele Kennedy 
Abla Kpetigo 
Donna Marie Lauer 
Sze Ho Leung 
Cynthia R. Liang 

2nd Degree: Frencli Liingiiage and 


2nd Major: Finance 
*Derek David Ligeikis 

2nd Major: Finance 
Jason Mahler 
Rhen Nolan Morris 
Hosey Rashid 
Eddy Patrick Raymond 
Elizabeth Brewster Sanders 
Sarah Heisey Slaugh 
James Christopher Sole, Jr. 
Roger Jason Stattel 

2nd Major: Finance 
Jaime Linn Summers 
Steven Ventura 

2nd Degree: Finance 
Melanie Elizabeth Vincent 

2nd Major: Finance 
Chaowei Wang 
Lisa Natasha Watson 
Todd Stuart Willnecker 
Robert Michael Wooden 

2nd Major: Finance 
Vicky Chia-ChiYang 
Linda Ling Zhang 


Olaide O. Adebowale 

2nd Major: General Business 
Juan Amaya 

2nd Major: Economics 
Brenda Owusua Appiah 
Mohamad Sunan Arief 
Richard Olufenu Audifferen.Jr. 
Carol Ehzabeth Bahou 

2nd Major: Accounting 
Bryan D. Beatty 
Leonard Ernest Beckford.Jr. 

2nd Degree: Accounting 
Eric Scott Beer 
*Van Thomas Bennett 

2nd Major: Accounting 
Michael Scott Benson 
David Martin Bowie 

2nd Major: General Business and 

Joshua Robert Boyle 

2nd Major: Gctieral Business 
Scott Kendall Bryan 

2nd Major: Marketing 
Ahmed Kamal Bur 
Jeremy Matthew Burch 

2nd Major: Marketing 
Manish Dhanesh Butani 

2nd Degree: Computer Science 
Christine Cassidy 
D. Kyle Cerminara 

2nd Major: Accounting 
Erik Gannon Channell 
Neil Sebastian Chelhah 
Jing Hui Chen 
Joshua J. Chung 
Eric Louis Clarke, Jr. 

2nd Major: Management Science and 

Jason Michael Cohen 
Kevin McGraU Cone 

Erik Michael Cnbbs 

*Michael Patrick Daugard 

Mauricio De La Cruz 

Cristina Alicia Delasuaree 

Michael G. Deo 

J.Terry Dorland 

David Samuel Drishpon 

Ali Ehsani 

Joseph Damon Ellis 

2nd Degree: Marketing 

2nd Major: Accounting 
Sharon Alayne Ficklin 
Christiaan Thomas Gentile 

2nd Major: Economics 
Jacob Mark Goldstein 
Alba P. Gonzalez 

2nd Major: General Business 
Caitlin Ann Greer 

2nd Major: Human Resource 

Philip John Groven 
Feb Kaflih Gwanyalla 

2nd Major: Economics 
Wei Hsiao 

2nd Degree: Management Science 
and Statistics 
Zhen F. Huang 
*Brian David King 

2nd Degree: Marketing 
Thomas John Klier 
ByeongWha Lee 
Heather A. Lowry 

2nd Major: Human Resource 

Mark Daniel Lucas 
Sheel Dev Madan 
Susan L. Madren 

2nd Major: Marketing 

3rd Major: Logistics and Transportation 
Robert J. Manheimer 

Stimnia mm Ltitidc "(■ .Magna cum Laude 

I Laude 



*Ezekiel McMillan 

2nd Major: Marketing 
Matthew Timothy Meagher 
Daniel Dietrich Meyer 
Eugene Igor Mizin 
John Thomas Myers 
Michael Edward O'Hara 

2nd Major: Logistics and Tramportation 
Libby Damore Panek 

2nd Major: General Business and 

Nicholas John Papoulias 
Kwanghoon Timothy Park 
Anthony Dwayne Parrish 

2nd Major: General Business 
Sejal I. Patel 
*Adam Robert Rocco 
Tarita Monique Rooths 

2nd Major: Marketing 
Christina Leigh Sandrock 

2nd Major: Economics 
Laureano Anthony Santiago 
Mehdi M. Sayed 
Joshua Nathan Sircus 
Young Jin Song 
Warren Matthew Stock 

2nd Major: General Business and 

Janine ArieUe Stuart 

2nd Major: Marketing 
Paola Elena Vasquez 
Steven Ventura 

2nd Degree: Accounting 
Jason Thomas Vernon 

2nd Major: General Business 
Marcelo C.C. Vieira 
*Christopher OwenWienk 
Albert Kuo-Wah Wong 

2nd Major: Management Science and 


Brandon Christopher Woodward 

2nd Major: Marketing 
Erica Kay Yang 

2nd Major: General Business 
Richard Berg Zsakany.Jr. 

General Business 

*Araie Lindsay Bailey 

2nd Degree: Spanish Language and 

Melanie Calabria 

2nd Degree: Logistics and 


2nd Major: Marketing 
Carlos Cipriani 
WUhamJohn Dierker.Jr. 
Amy Tae Johnson 

2nd Major: Marketing 
*Joaime Maria Kiersarsky 

2nd Major: Human Resource 

Karina D Korenczuk 
Dav'id Barton Kuhns 

2nd Major: Human Resource 

Michael Kenneth Myers 
Lisa Ann Newton 

2nd Major: Marketing 
TrangThi Nguyen 
Jef&ey Warren Proctor 
Danielle Nayri Shegerian 
Agustin Silvani 

2nd Major: Marketing 
Jose Antonio Sorto 

2nd Major: Logistics and Transportation 
Cindy Jean Waldecker 
Annehe R.Werling 

2nd Major: Logistics and Transportation 

General Business and 

fSol Caballero Bosch 

2nd Major: Marketing 
Eric Ingvard Christopherson 
Mark Gibson DUdine 
Constance Lynn Dodmead 

2nd Major: Finatice 
Nicholas Anthony Festino 
Marylou Ilaria Giangaspero 

2nd Major: Logistics and Transportation 
Robert Phillip Greenblatt 
Sherryl Elizabeth James 
Ryan Patrick Jennings 
Myungjay Kim 

2nd Degree: Japanese 
Omar Alberto Lazo 
Seungjo Lee 
Judith Grace Reyes 
Brian Jef&ey Smith 

2nd Major: Finance 
Kyoung Woan Son 
Nathan Andrew Stewart 
Irina D Stodand 

2nd Degree: Art History 
Gregg Elliot Tabachow 
Mina Tai 

2nd Major: Marketing 
Patrick J. Tobin 

Human Resource 

Kristin Mane Archibald 
Vicky A. Georgiadis 
Kirsten Ginelle Jennings 
Tiffany Lynelle Jones 
Cindy Overton McNamara 
Adrianne Renee Thompson 
2nd Degree: Psychology 

Logistics and Transportation 

Janet Mane Bonnie Baker 

2nd Degree: Marketing 
Jason A. Barmash 
Melanie Calabria 

2nd Degree: General Business 
Joseph Damon Ellis 

2nd Degree: Finance 
Damon Michael Fladung 
Christopher Tyson French 
Stephen Charles Gierisch 
Mohammed Helmy Kurtom 
Amber Marie Shores 
Elizabeth Ann Wieck 

2nd Degree: French Language and 


Management Science and 

Arimboh Makwang Achu 
Lena Janel Bansal 

2nd .Major: German Language and 

*Tanzina Bashar 
Benjamin Levi Campbell 

2nd Degree: Art Studio 
Veronica Frances Garraway 
Kenneth Jason Handwerger 
Wei Hsiao 

2nd Degree: Finance 
Wei-Yu Hsm 
Tahsin Imam 
Myungjay Kim 

2nd Degree: Japanese 
Quincy Jamel Jones 
Majed M.Joumaa 

2nd Degree: Accounting 
Hyung Suk Kim 
Kihyun Kim 
ShailaVijay Kulkarni 
Yat-Lun Kwok 

2nd Major: Economics 



§ Summd turn Ldudf f Miigtia cum Ldiide * 

ami Laude 


Chun Kay Lam 

2iid Major: Management Science and 

^Patricia Reidy Lawrence 
Vivian Kataque Ly 
Pamela Kuiiiari Malhotra 
Wilbert S. Marte 
Nirajkumar Shashikant Mehta 
Mimi Ngyaneune Ngay 
Vu Le Nguyen 
Christopher John Nohe 
Sarneena Parveen 
Koswara Pradinata 
Patrick Lynch Randall 
Ana Alicia Rivera 
Deborah Marie Ross 
William Aaron Rubin 
Dinesh Ramesh Salvi 

2nd Major: Finance 
Michael Yaw Sam 
Mona Nandlal Shah 
SangHo Song 
Michelle R. Suwandi 
Zar-Zar Tun 

2nd Major: Finance 
Brian Clinton Wilkinson 
Lyn C.Wong 
Fang Xie 


Meezan Shabana Azam 

2nd Major: General Business 
Janet Marie Bonnie Baker 

2nd Degree: Logistics and 


2nd Major: General Business and 

Ericka Marie Burnnngham 
David James Campbell 
Marc Matthew Carrol] 

2nd Major: Logistics and Transportation 

Ivanhoe Wai-Ho Chan 

2nd Major: Management Science and 

Ranu Chaudhary 

2nd Major: General Business 
§Wai Ling Cheng 

2nd Major: General Busitiess and 
Ana Coma 

Michael Joseph Del Balzo 
*Dennis Timothy Dembia 
Dyan Carrie Diamond 
Cornell Charles Dumbravo 

2nd Major: Logistics and Transportation 
Reema Michael Elaraj 

2nd Degree: French Ltinguage and 


2nd Major: Logistics and Transportation 
Joseph Damon Ellis 

2itd Degree: Finance 

2nd Major: General Business and 

Chad Andrew Feldman 
Michael Alan Ginsberg 
Jamal Farah Greene, Sr. 
David G. Guthaim 
Daniel Solomon Haber 
Jason Allen Hairston 
John Paul Helmer 
Shawn Michael Hooper 
Monique Suzanne Jean-Baptiste 
Katrina Michelle Johnson 

2nd Degree: Accounting 
Courtney Allison Katz 
Eun-Hye Kim 
Wang K. Kim 
*Brian David King 

2nd Degree: Finance 
Matthew Eric Landsberg 

Fen Marie Lee 

2nd Major: MatiagenienI Science and 

Chae Dwen Lim 

2nd Major: General Business and 

Noah Matthew Lipman 
fWilliam Bryan Lobig 

2nd Major: Digistics and Transportation 
Roshan A. Loungani 

2nd Major: Finance 
Lisa Ann Mauck 
Geoffrey Louis McBurrows 
James Dortordjie Mensah 
Jessica Ann-Ah Minardi 
Gun Zoo Moon 

2nd Major: General Business 
Daniel James Oddis 
Elicia Yvonne Paisley 
Charmaine Deomattie Parsad 

2nd Major: General Business 
Lynsi Rebecca Pendergist 

2nd Major: Logistics and Transportation 
Adam Benjamin Radspinner 

2nd Major: Logistics and Transportation 
Sapna G. Ramchandam 
Jennifer Anne Slosman 
Aaron R.Tomblin 

2nd Major: Logistics and Tiansportatioti 
Melanie Lynn Treanor 
Jayne Tze-Jay Tung 
Keith Kyaw Thurein U 
Michael S.Veasey 

2nd Major: Finance 
Alison Nicole Wiener 
WUliam Kuo Long Wong 

2nd Major: Logistics and Transportation 
Jennifer Lauren Wuensch 

2nd Major: Finance 
John Jerome Zack 
Cory Lev Zajdel 

Karlie Ann Zaruba 
2nd Major: Digistics and Transportation 

Operations and Quality 

Margarita M.Alonzo 

Undergraduate Studies 

Bachelor of Arts 

Individual Studies 

Bryan Patrick Bohn 
Byran Deondray Davis 
Rebeka Hannah Dolid 
*Denis T. Flanigan 
Thomas James Ryan, Jr. 
Sohail Ethan Zandieh 

Bachelor of Science 

Individual Studies 

Lisa Renee DeReggi 
Michael Brian Fortune 
Shawn Hartley GUnter 
Jorge Antonio Gutierrez 
Kevin Wayne May 
Susan Elena Nader 
^Katherine M. Rockwell 
Tyler Magill Townsend 

Certificate Programs 

Afro-American Studies 

Andrea Nicole Brown 
Niloc Vaughn Carriere 
Tenisha Yvette Evans 
Fayola Celeste FelLx 
Dana DAndra Johnson 
LaRhonda Shawndrea Mingo 

§ S»"i»i*j atm lujude "{■ Magna cum Laude 

t Latiilc 



East Asian Studies Certificate 

Shun-Hung Ku 
May Shuan Lee 

Latin American Studies 

Heryka Miranda 

Science, Technology and 
Society Certificate 

Noah Matthew Lazar 

Women's Studies Certificate 

Shannon Claire Bognovitz 
Laura Leigh Josselyn 
Larisa Kofrnan 
Nicole Aline Leandro 
Robin Denise McCullough 
Erica Marie Rossi 
Emily Joanna Saglimbeni 
Carrie Askew Swann 
Diane Louise Walsh 

Unversity of Maryland 



Commissioning Date: 
December 23, 1999 

Pamela Cesen 
Matthew Crumley 
Wendy Farnsworth 
Oren Goldstein 
Garrett Grochowski 
Tom Katsikides 
Roman Pyatkov 
Ricky Schafer 
Michael Schwan 
Robert Tournay 
Edward Williams 
Jonathan Witkin 

The December 1999 class roster comprises degree candidates from the 
graduate and undergraduate programs at the University' of Mar\'land, 
College Park. As final action cannot always be taken for candidates by 
the time this program is printed, the list of candidates here is tentative 
only. The university reserves the right to withdraw or add names. Diplo- 
mas (for other than doctoral degrees) will be mailed by the Office of 
Records and Registration. 


^ Summa mm Laitde f Magna cum Laude * cum Laude 


Bachelor's degree candidates who have quahfied 
for scholarship honors upon graduation are des- 
ignated by appropriate symbols adjacent tt:) their 
names within the alphabetical listing of colleges 
or schools, pages 25-64. 

To be ehgible for consideration for such honors a candi- 
date must meet the following general criteria: (1) have com- 
pleted at least two years of work at the University ot 
Maryland (60 semester hours, 30 of which were earned at the 
College Park campus) and (2) have a scholastic average of a 
"B" (grade point average of 3.0) or higher in the University 
of Maryland work prior to the last semester of registration 
before the awarding of a degree. 

Degree candidates who have met these criteria are shown 
in the listings as qualifN'ing, upon graduation, for the designa- 
tors Siiinma cum Laiuie (if they ranked in the top 2 percent of 
the candidates in their respective colleges or schools), Magna 
cum Laude (if in the next 3 percent), or cum Laudc (it in the 
next 5 percent) based on the grade point averages of students 
in the preceding three graduating classes of their degree- 
granting unit. 

University Honors 

Students wlio have earned the 
University Honors Citation may 
wear red and gold braided cords 
over their academic gowns. 


Muhanuiiad Esam Abdallah 
Kathleen Mary Aiken 
Rhonda Marie Anderson 
Tania Arroyo 
Heather Hope Austin 
Jamy Adehna Barahona 
Cecelia Frances Bender 
Steven Arthur Birdsall 
Christopher Alter Bloor 
Carol Margaret Bushar 
Manish Dhanesh Butani 
Stephanie Jean Carter 
Edward Young Chang 
Ray Shiuh Chang 
Erik Gannon ChanneU 
Etan Solomon Chatlynne 
Tung-Yu Jade Chu 
Sean Aaron Clark 
Michael Patrick Daugard 
Mihir Ashok Desai 
V-Tsien Gains Fan 
Christine Mary Flynn 
Joy F. Freeman 
Ana Sophia Fuentes 
Jordan Golubcow-Teglasi 
Seth R. Goodman 
SriramVenkat Gopal 
James Francis Green, Jr 
Lynnette E. Hafken 
Steven Wayne Haga 

Jaclyn Laura Tupper Hay 
Jef&ey E. Hazen 
Amanda Fay Hillman 
Kimberly Ann Holmes 
Jane Pei Hong 
Lisa Marie Hooper 
Kara Michele Houston 
Benjamin JenBin Hsu 
Jennifer Bridget Kellogg 
Eric Allen Kennedy 
Ilya M. Khazanov 
Thomas John Klier 
Bruce Ehot Knepper 
Jennifer Sun-Sook Koh 
ShailaVijay Kulkarni 
Rishi Kurichh 
Noah Matthew Lazar 
Ahram Lee 
Abraham Yisung Lee 
Timothy Li 
Staci Ann Lotterer 
Deborah Ellen Mandell 
Jason Michael Marcinkoski 
Courtney Ann McCool 
Kelly Colleen McCoy 
Darla Jean McDonald 
Shivani N. Mehta 
Amy Marie Mikula 
Gregory Allen Miller 
Melanie Veronica Morrison 
Grant Daniel Newman 
Lisa Ann Newton 
Stephen Miller Olenick 
Matthew Paul OueUette 
Carmen Dee Patrick 
Birgit Ellen Peterson 
Anna Catherine Pfeifer 
Jennifer Nathanson PUkey 
Mark Lewis Plett 
Benjamin Cannon Portis 



Ashish Sudhakar Purekar 
Cheryl Ann Restorff 
Brian Christopher SchaefFer 
Vincent Paul Scheuerman 
Mark Christopher Shaner 
Agusnn Silvani 
Anna Marie Sloan 
Cara Rae Stockham 
John Christopher Tighe 
Jayne Tze-Jay Tung 
Sharon Bari Wald 
Nadra Enuly Wass 
Michele Alyssa Wellman 
Jennifer Tracey Wolbransky 
Steven Daniel Wolin 
Jung SooYi 
Wesley Eu-KwangYin 
Wei Wayne Yuan 

Departmental Honors 


With Honors in 


Carol Margaret Bushar 


Syed Ibrahim Ah 
Jeremy Goetz 

Cell Biology and Molecular 

Amena Amy Husain 
Ins Ng 


Grant Daniel Newman 


Regina Marie Smith 

Spanish and Portuguese 

Nancy Ivette Rodriguez 

With Honors in 

Art History and Archaeology 

Irina D. Scotland 

Business and Management 

Sol Caballero Bosch 
Michael Patrick Daugard 
Brian David King 
Adam Robert Rocco 

CeU Biology and Molecular 

Chad Michael Silverberg 
Sved M. Zeyad 


William Arthur DeKviche 

Electrical Engineering 

Jetfey E. Hazen 
Bruce Eliot Knepper 
Nadra Emily Wass 


Gregor\- Alien Miller 
Kristma Antonia Schneider 


Veronica Franco 
Nayeli Garcia 


Sonia Maria Columbano 
Christina Debosis Halstead 
Milagro De Jesus Hernandez 
Janelle Ahcia Persico 

College Park Scholars December 

Tlie College Park Scholars program 
honors each graduating citation 
Scholar with a special medallion 
on gold ribbon. 


Paul Pereira Abu-Zaid 

Christina Lynn Avgerinos 
Erin EUzabeth Burnam 
Jordana Eve Cohen 
EHzabeth Ann D'Alessandro 
Jaime Leigh Dannemann 
Ian Christopher Finnegan 
Brooke AUyson Insley 
Christopher David Karlgaard 
Sneha Hemant Karnik 
Marcy D Kuhl 
Mark Thomas Larsen 
Margaret Claire Moran 
Brian Michael Weingart 
Sara Paige Whitman 
Sally J.Yancheski 

Reyna Suzanne Amron 
Emily Jane Anderson 
Jill Renee Basso 
Robert Andrew Batz 
Nichole Ehse Be\dlacqua 
Jonathan Andrew Bixby 
Bryan Robert Boggio 
Sean M. Brennan 
Andrew Scott Brown 
Michael David Cohen 
Brett H. Dady 
Emmanuelle Hans Dasbach 
Annie Laura Donnelly 
Eric Thomas Dymond 
Russell Steven Edwards 
Tracy Lynn Fercho 
Lewis C. Finn 
Ian Christopher Finnegan 
Sean Derek Gage 
Divina Gracia Gerommo 
Boris Gomelsk\- 
Steven Samuel Hallman 



Linda Jin Ham 

Nicole Anne Harpole 

John Paul Helmer 

Natalie Marie Henry 

Paul Michael Hines 

Irene Jenna Holtzman 

Katherine Sepedeh Hooshidari 

William Wesley Hardin IV 

Laura Leigh Josselyn 

Brian David King 

Sara Elizabeth Kwolek 

Brian Patrick Laird 

Chun Kay Lam 

Deborah Madehne Lee 

Roshan A. Loungani 

Mark Daniel Lucas 

Maria Francesca Maiolatesi 

Ellen Michele Miller 

Zachary Robert Nestler 

Hannah Catherine Neumeier 

Michael Edward O'Hara 

Todd Harris Oppenheim 

Young Hwan Pak 

Monica Ann Powell 
Patrick Lynch Randall 
Adam Robert Rocco 
Erica Mane Rossi 
Lindsay Augusta Rupp 
Alexander Gregory Sarau 
William Jacob Schmeh 
Chad Michael Silverberg 
Brian Thomas Smith 
Brian JetTrey Smith 
Michael Taekyu Song 
Lisa Raine Sowers 
Keisha Donyelle Stewart 
Nathan Andrew Stewart 
Janine ArieUe Stuart 
Elizabeth Ann Wieck 
J. Erik Zinimermann 



The Senior Marshal Program began in 1991 as 
an opportunirv' to acknowledge outstanding 
seniors at their commencement. The students 
selected to be marshals were nonunated by 
faculty, administrators and staff for their outstanding accom- 
plishments and contributions to the Universirs" of Maryland. 
We are proud to recognize these truly remarkable students. 

Arimboh Achu 
Melany Aijona 
Elissa Aaronson 
Sol Cabellero Bosch 
Soon Cho 
Sean Clark 
Marjorie Clarkson 
Emma Dasbach 
Allison Deily 
Nayeli Garcia 
Jeremy Goetz 
Stephanie Goglia 
James Goodlatte 
Fey Gwanyalla 
Alvin Henry 

Amber Kirkwood 
Jeremy Krum 
Shaila Kulkarni 
Melanie Morrison 
Ijeoma Ozobu 
Ehzabeth Pimper 
Monica Powell 
Katherine M. Rockwell 
Erica Rossi 
G. Scott Shaw 
AHson Wiener 
Jennifer Wolbransky 
Sohail Zandieh 
Erik Zmimerman 




Board of Regents 

Nathan A. Chapman, Chair 

Adm. Charles R. Larson (Ret.), Vice-Chair 

Steny H. Hoyer, Secretary 

Lillian Hobson Lincoln, Asst. Secretary 

Louise Michaux Gonzales, Treasurer 

Michael C. Gelman, Asst. Treasurer 


Henry A.Virts, ex officio 

Lance W. Bilhngsley 

Edwin S. Crawford 

Thomas B. Finan.Jr. 

Nina Rodale Houghton 

Leronia A. Josey 

Clifford Kendall 

Jeong H. Kmi 

Andrew D. MiUer, Student Regent 

David H. Nevins 

William T.Wood 

University System Admitiistration 

Donald N. Langenberg, Chancellor 

John K. Martin, Vice Chancelhn for Advancetnent 

George L.Marx, Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs 

Joseph F. Vivona, Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance 

Academic Deans 

Thomas A. Fretz, College ofAgricidture and Natural Resources 

Steven W. Hnrtt, School of Architecture 

James F. Harris, College of Arts and Humanities 

Irwin Goldstein, College of Behavioral and Social Sciences 

Howard Frank, Robert H. Smith School of Business 

Steven Halperin, College of Computer, Mathematical and Physical Sciences 

Edna Mora Szymanski, College of Education 

Herbert Rabin (Interim), A.James Clark School of Engineering 

Jerry P. Wrenn (Interim), College of Health and Human Performance 

Reese Cleghorn, College of Journalism 

Ann E. Prentice, College of Library and Information Services 

Paul H. Mazzocchi, College of Life Sciences 

Susan Schwab, School of Public Affairs 

Administrative Deans 

Judith K. Broida, Associate Provost and Dean, Office if Continuing and 
Extended Education 

Robert L. Hampton, Associate Provost and Dean for Undergraduate Studies 
Charles B. Lowry, Dean of Libraries 

OfEcers of Commencement 

University Marshal 
Ralph D. Bennett, Jr. 
School of Architecture 

Faculty Mashal 

Alfred C. Boyd 

Chemistry and Biochemistry 

Utiiversity of Maryland Administration 

C. D. Mote.Jr., President 

Gregory L. Geof&oy, Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost 

William W Destler, Vice President for Research and Dean of Graduate School 

Brodie Remington, Vice President for University Relations 

Charles F. Sturtz. Vice President for Administrative Affairs 

William L.Thomas, Vice President for Student Affairs 

Student Marshal 
WiUiam J. Higgins 
College of Life Sciences 


John E.Wakefield 

Director of Bands 



Commencement Committee 

Gregor\' L. Geotfroy, Chair 

Michele Abadia-Dalmau, Scheduling Office 

Javaune Adams-Gaston, Individual Studies 

Diane Barlow, Library & Information Services 

Charles Beatry-. Education 

Carlotta Borvin, Catering 

Carl Bo\ill, Architecture 

Lisa Bradley, Life Sciences 

Kathy Broady, Stamp Student Union 

Dianne Burch, University Pubhcations 

Adam Carter, Shuttle UM 

Rjtzie Coleman, Computer, Mathematical & Physical Sciences 

Gene Corcoran, Health Center 

Jessica Davies, Special Events 

Jane Fines. A.James Clark School of Engineering 

Brian Horick, Robert H. Smith School of Business 

Melissa Mar\-el, University Book Center 

Joe Murray, Health & Human Performance 

Gary Parker, Athletics 

Pat Perfetto. Conference & Visitor Services 

Ann Petrone, Architecture 

Terry Harris Reed, Public Affairs 

Vicky Reinke, Library and Information Services 

Alan Sactor. Environmental Safety 

Bill Scales, Disability Support Services 

Leon Slaughter, Agriculture & Xatural Resources 

Greig Stewart, JoHmafem 

Charles Stubbs. Facilities Management 

Bob StumpfF, Facilities Management 

Dan S^Tnonds, Diploma Office 

Anita Taylor, Parking 

Harr\' Teabout, Facilities Management 

Lisa Tenley, Individual Studies 

Dale VanderWall, Behavioral and Social Sciences 

Larr\'Volz, Police Department 

Jessica White, Arts & Humanities 

Ann Wylie, Computer, Mathematical and Physical Sciences 

Jennifer Zovko, Behavioral and Social Sciences 



Department of Building and Landscape Services 
Office of General Services/Special Services Staff 

Responsible for setting up commencement sites 

Marcellous Anderson 
Pat Austin 
Leroy Blackwell 
Earl Blake 
Mordecai Brower 
Wayne Daniels 
Larry Garner 
Larry Jefferson 
Marvin Johnson 

Catherine Ku 
Sherrell PurneU 
Thomas Saunders 
Johnny Sellers 
Rayfield Sellers 
Bob Stumpff 
Charles Stubbs 
Danny Thompson 

.^S *f ' 



Other Facilities Management units responsible for commencement preparations 
Area Maintenance Housekeeping Services 

Carpentry Shop Landscape Services 

Electric Shop Paint Shop 

Floor Shop Sign Shop 

Coi'er Design: Mark Nystrom 

Photography: ]ohnT. Consoh, Cameron Davidson, Jeremy Green, 

Michael Morgan, Mark Nystrom, Scott Suchman 

Interior Design: Sheila Johnston Sherer 

Speaker Profile: Brenna McBride 

Production: Media Express 

.Managing Editor: Dianne T Burch 

Pnhlications Intern: Erin Medea 

With special thanks for the behind-the-scenes help from Terri Marcos, 
Helena Simpson and Sandra Toussaint, Diploma Office; Toyin Oguntolu, 
Graduate Records; and Debbie Pruett, Records and Registration. 

Produced by the Office of University Publications 
Division of University Advancement 
December 1999