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DECEMBER 18 Cr' 19, 2004 



University of Maryland 

Commencement • December i8 and 19, 2004 

2 Congratulations from 
the President 

3 Message from the Alunun 

4 Message from the 
Senior Council 

5 Order of Commencement 

6 Schedule of Events 

7 Campus Map 

8 The University of Maryland 

13 Commencement Speaker 
Hon. Chris Van Hollen 

14 Graduating Student Speaker 
Renee Sihvola 

15 August Graduate Degrees 

25 August Undergraduate 

31 Candidates for December 
Graduate Degrees 

45 Candidates for December 
Undergraduate Degrees 

61 Honors and Scholars 

64 Student Marshals 

65 University Officials 

66 Commencement Officials 
and Staff 


Congratulations on the completion of your degree! This is a milestone in your 
life, and I am sure that you and your family and friends are very proud of your 
accomplishment. I am confident that m the years to come, your appreciation 
of your education at Maryland will continue to blossom. You have learned the current theories 
that underhe your field, and you have also learned how to formulate your ideas. You may have 
thought that you were coming here to get your questions answered, but by now you realize 
that you actually began to question your answers. 

The University of Mar\'land has offered you opportunities to develop your interests and 
expand your horizons. Your experiences here move you along on the course of your life. You 
have also made friends and found mentors, and they too will enrich your life in ways that 
none of us can specify today, even though we are fully confident that it wiU happen. 

As you leave us, I would like you to know how much we, the faculty' and staff, respect your 
accomplishments as scholar, artist, athlete and leader — as individuals. You have enriched our 
lives and have helped the university reach new levels of distinction and esteem. You have now 
become a member of the university's alumni family, and ue welcome you to this special group. 
I urge you to stay connected to us and take full advantage of the benefits of being an alum 
of the University of Maryland. I hope that you will return to campus often, continue to 
support us and help new generations of students shape their futures as you have yours. Please 
consider joining us next April 30 for Maryland Day 2005. This vers' special event has become 
a signature of the campus. 

You have my very best wishes for all your endeavors. We are proud of each and every one 
of vou! 

Yours sincerely, 
CD. Mote, Jr. 



m raduates, 

■ "^^r You are about to participate in one of Maryland's oldest traditions: the 

^^^^,1,.^ graduation ceremony. Congratulations! 

Today, like thousands ofTerps who have gone before, you will mark the conclusion of your 
career as a Maryland student and begin your life as an alumnus. Your alumni association would 
like to recognize your success and celebrate your new status by giving you a graduation gift; a 
complimentary one-year membership. 

Your membership, like your degree, will unlock a number of new doors. It will: 

• entitle you to benefits tailored to your needs 

• help you maintain your connection to campus 

• allow you to continue to support your alma mater 

• offer you professional and social programming 

For more information and to activate your membership, visit our Web site: 
www.alumni.umd.odu. While you're online, sign up for a Terp alum e-mail address — it's a 
perpetual address that will follow you no matter where you go after graduation. 

Over the last decade, the universirs' has introduced many new traditions — Maryland Day, 
class reunions and Terrapin Pride Day, among others. This year we will present several more 
with the opening of the Samuel Riggs IV Alumni Center; but nothing can compare to that 
stroU across the stage to receive a diploma. 

We are proud of your accomplishments and the determination that has brought you to 
this remarkable day. We look forward to your future as an active member ot the Maryland 
alumni family. 

Once again, congratulations ... and a traditional "GOTERPS!" 


Danita D. Nias '81 

Executive Director, Alumni Relations 



The Winter Graduates 

Most popular 

Most popular doctorate 


undergraduate degrees 



Cnnunal Jusoce 






Electrical Engineering 


Computer Science 


Mechanical Engineering 


Government and Politics 


Data Source: lltuehouse airrent data 
Offiie of Institutiom} Research 

and PLinnittg 

Most popular master's 


Business Administration 


Fall 2004 

Education - 



Curriculum Instruction 



Library- and Information 







Education - Counseling 


and Personnel 


Electrical Engineering 








All states and 169 countries are represented. 

Today you complete the journey that was under- 
taken several years ago, arriving proudly at the 
threshold of a new life. When you look back, 
can vou see how this journey has changed you? 
As you sit here today, what events stand out in your mind as 
experiences that showed you which path to travel? 

We have each followed a umque path but have reached a 
common destination. As seniors, it is easier to list the ways in 
%\hich we are different from each other than the ways in which 
we are bound together. 

We are accustomed to describing students in groups — com- 
muters; residents; members of ethnic, reUgious, or professional 
orgamzations; students in particular departments and colleges. 
These difference should be admired and respected as should 
the many qualities we share. 

From this point, you can reflect on past journeys. Remem- 
ber what \ou learned along the way about who you are and 
what you are capable of achieving. 

Know that time spent at the University of Maryland will 
help you arrive at your next destination. Finally, always con- 
sider our campus another home, a stop on your life's journey 
to which you can always return. 

The Senior Council 



Saturday, Dec. 18, 2004 • Comcast Center • 7:00 p.m. 


Dr. C. 1). Mote, Jr. 

President, University of Maryland 

Master of Ceremonies 

Mr. James N. Newton 
Undergraduate Studies 


Symphonic Brass Ensemble 
Dr. Milton Stevens, Conductor 


The Rev. Kim Capps 
United Methodist Chaplain 

The National Anthem 

Ms. Carmen Balthrop, Soprano 


Dr. Patricia Florestano 
University System of 
Maryland Board of Regents 

Senior Class Gift Presentation 

Senior Council Representative 

Remarks to the Graduates 

Ms. Renee Sihvola 
Graduating Senior 

Musical Selection 

"Summon the Heroes" by 
Mr. John Williams 
Symphonic Brass Ensemble 


The Hon. Chris Van Hollen 
U.S. House of Representatives 

University of Maryland 
Alumni Association Induction 

Charles G. Carr '85 

President, Uraversity of Maryland 

Alumni Association 

Message to the Graduates 

Dr. Mote 

Conferring of Doctoral, 
Master's and Bachelor's Degrees 

Dr. Mote 

Presentation of Colleges 
and Schools 



Rev. Clapps 


Symphonic Brass Ensemble 

Alma Mater 

Hail! Alma Mater 

Hail to thee, Maryland! 

Steadfast in loyalty; 

For thee, we stand, 

Love for the Black and Gold 

Deep in our hearts we hold. 

Singing thy praise forever. 

Throughout the land. 


Floor Seating Arrangement 
for Graduates in Comcast Center 



















ndividual graduation exercises for colleges and schools will be held at various campus 
locations on Sunday afternoon. Free shuttle bus service will provide transportation 
around the campus throughout the day. Guests are urged to be seated approximately 
one half-hour prior to the designated time for each ceremony if they wish to observe 
the student and faculty processional. 

Campuswide Commencement Saturday, Dec. 18 

7:00 p.m. Comcast Center 

Ceremonies held Sunday, Dec. 19 

A.James Clark School of Engineering 

10:00 a.m. Reckord Armory- 
College of Agriculture and Natural Resources 

1:00 p.m. Memorial Chapel 

College of Arts and Humanities 

10:00 a.m. An Hiilory,Art Studio 

Art-Sociology Building, Room 2203 


Ritchie Coliseum 

Dame and Tlieatre 

Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center, Kogod Theatre 

English, Comparative Literature, American Studies, 

Women's Studies 

Tawes Theatre 

Foreign Latiguages and Linguistics 

Tydings Hall, Room 0130 


Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center, Kogod 


Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center, GUdenhorn 

Recital Hall 


Nyumburu Cultural Center. Multi-Purpose Room 







9:00 a.m. 

9:00 a 




College of Behavioral and Social Sciences 

9:00 a.m. Comcast Center 

College of Computer, Mathematical and Physical Sciences 

10:00 a.m. Clarice Siiuth Performing Arts Center, Concert Hall 

College of Education 

1:00 p.m. Cole Student Activities Building 

College of Health and Human Performance 

10:00 a.m. Health and Human Performance Building., Room 2240 

College of Information Studies 

1:00 p.m. Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center, Gildenhorn 

Recital Hall 

College of Life Sciences 

9:00 a.m. Memorial Chape! 

Philip Merrill CoUege of Journalism 

11:00 a.m. Stamp Student Union, Hoff Theater 

Robert H. Smith School of Business 

10:00 a.m. Cole Student Activities Building 

School of Architecture, Planning, and Preservation 

10:00 a.m. Architecture Building Great Space 

Individual Studies 

9:00 a.m. Stamp Student Union, Prince George s Room 





A Continuing Commitment 
to Excellence 

From its pre-Civil War roots as 
the state's first agricultural college 
and one of America's original land 
grant institutions, the University 
of Maryland has emerged as a 
public research university of 
national stature, highly regarded 
for its broad base of excellence in 
teaching and research. Maryland's 
beautifiil 1,200-acre campus is in 
the heart of the 1-270 research 
corridor that is ftiehng a burgeon- 
ing information technolog%' and 
biotechnology indust^\^ 

The momentum of recent years 
has poised the university to take 
leadership in shaping the research 
university of the 21st century. By 
virtually every measure of quahty, 
the University of Maryland has 
gained national recognition as one 
of the fastest rising comprehensive 

research institutions m the country. 
Marv'land is one of the nation's Top 
20 pubhc national universities, and 
the qualirs' of our faculty — with 
one Nobel Prize winner, six 
Puhtzer Prize winners and scores 
of Fulbright scholars — is among 
the finest of any research university 
in the United States. 

There are 13 schools and 
colleges wathin the organizational 
strucmre of the University' of 
Mars'land. Seven of these units — 
the Smith School of Business, the 
College of Education, the Clark 
School of Engineering, the Phihp 
Merrill College of Journalism, the 
College of Computer, Mathemati- 
cal and Physical Sciences, the 
College of Information Studies and 
the School of Public PoUcy — have 
been recognized by their peers and 
in various rankings as among the 
25 best in the nation. The breadth 

of this excellence is a source of 
pride for students, faculty and 
staff, and is endorsement for the 
umversit\''s flagship status among 
the state's institutions of higher 

The universiu' also continues 
to move forward in the quahty 
of our students and the support 
of our faithful alumni. Freshman 
admission is highly competitive. 
Last year 22.000 appHcations were 
received for only 4.100 spots in the 
Fall 2004 entering class. Once 
accepted students complete their 
academic journey, they will join a 
rapidly increasing family of alumni 
who are proud to be called Terps. 
Mar\'land Alumni Association 
membership is increasmg at 
a record rate, with a 20 percent 
uicrease in the last tour years 
and nearly 4,000 people joining 
the Alumni Association since 
July 2003. 

The universit)''s commimient 
to quahty education in a research 
emironnient is key to its academic 
reputation and the success of its 
graduates. More than 100 centers 
and institutes are engaged in 
research and outreach. The research 
enterprise infijses the curriculum 
at both the undergraduate and 
graduate levels, exposing smdents 
to the most pressing issues and 
challenges in their discipUne and 
training them to respond with 
rigor as well as creativity to 
contemporar\' problems. 



Faculty at the University of 
Maryland, in all fields of knowl- 
edge, are engaged at the highest 
levels of national and international 
concern. The university s location 
near the center of federal policy- 
making and international political 
and economic activity enables it to 
play an active role in research and 
analysis of pubhc policy. Strong 
links to the scientific and techno- 
logical agencies and organizations 
of the federal government drive 
research in the environment, engi- 
neering, physics, computer science, 
hfe sciences and agriculture. Schol- 
arship in the arts, humanities and 
social sciences is marked by the 
spirit of intellectual diversit\' and 
interdisciplinary collaboration. 

Maryland is one of the research 
universities in the prestigious 61- 
member Association of American 
Universities and the only public 
institution in the Mars'land-D.C. 
area with membership in the 
nation's most distinguished 
honor societv-. Phi Beta Kappa. 

Total sponsored research and 
outreach revenue for fiscal year 
2(104 was a record high of more 
than S352 million. These fiinds for 
research, training and outreach and 
other pubhc service activities come 
from a variety of sources including 
the federal government, state 
government, corporations and 

The Office ofTechnology 
C^ommercialization (OTC) at 
the University of Mar^'land was 
established in 1986 to facilitate 

the tramfer of information, life 
and physical science inventions 
developed at the university to 
business and industry. In its 1 8- 
year history, OTC has recorded 
more than 1,300 technologies, 
secured more than 270 patents 
and licensed more than 750 tech- 
nologies, generating more than 
$21.7 million in technology 
transfer income. Through its 
Maryland Technology Enterprise 
Institute, the university collaborates 
with more than 280 businesses and 
has spawned 45 new companies — 
including r\vo of Maryland's 20 
public biotech companies. 


The University- of Maryland was 
founded in 1807 in Baltimore 
as a faculty-owned College of 
Medicine. The medical school 
was considered one of the top 
schools in the country, attracting 
notable professors and lecturers 
fi-oni throughout the world. In its 
beginning, tuition cost S 1 40, grades 
were sent home weekly to parents, 
and students could obtain room 
and board for $300 annually. 

Five years later, the growing 
institution was renamed the 
University of Maryland. Despite 
the name, the university was not 
considered a state institution as it 
was still owiied and operated by 
faculty. Baltimore College of 
Dental Surgery, the first dental 
scliool in the world, became a 
part of the university in 1840, 
awarding the first Doctor of Dental 
Surger>^ (D.D.S.) degree in 1841. 

The University Is On the Move 

Leading the Way: Among Top 20 national public universities, 
Maryland is No. 1 in the total number of degrees conferred 
upon African American students. 

New Homes for Innovation: We're building the state's 
largest-evcr research park, M Square, which will bring nearly 
6,500 new jobs to the area. The state of Maryland also recently 
approved $6o.6 million m planning and construction funds, 
allowing us to break ground on a new Bioscience Research 
Building, bolstering the university's goal to provide regional 
leadership in education and research for the biosciences. 

Our Constellation of Stars: The quahry of Maiyland faculty 
ranks among the finest of any research university in the United 
States and includes one Nobel Prize winner, sL\ PuUtzer Prize 
winners and scores of Fulbright scholars. 

Impact of Another Kind: NASA turned to the university to 
lead a $279 million mission that promises astronomers a first 
look inside a comet, reveahng the pristine materials that torm 
the basis of our solar system. The projectile is slated to launch m 
Januar\' 2005. 

Lighting a Path: The university is embarking on a new fund- 
raising campaign that includes among its goals raising at least 
$200 nuUion for student scholarships, which are needed to 
ensure that lower- and middle-income students graduate with 
reduced debt load. Co-chairing this important effort is alumnus 
and men's head basketball coach Gary Williams. 

An Economic Force: The Universirs-\iand generates 
$5.93 of econonuc activity for every dollar appropriated by the 
General Assembly, providing a statewide impact of nearly $1.8 
billion annually. 

Lending Knowledge: With 3 million volumes and eight 
Ubraries i>n campus, the universirs's library system is the largest 
in the state. 

Protecting our Communities: The Maryland Fire and 
Rescue Institute trained more than 31,500 sorely needed 
professionals during the last fiscal year. 



In 1859, the Mary-land Agricul- 
tural College, which would evolve 
into the University of Maryland, 
College Park, was opened under 
a charter secured by a group of 
Maryland planters in 1856. In addi- 
tion to spending one hour each day 
hoeing or plowing on the college 
farm, students took a broad range 
of courses in ancient and modern 
languages, natural sciences, EngUsh 
and mathematics. After a disastrous 
fire on campus in 1912, the state 
acquired the college and rebuilt it. 

In 1920, the state legislature 
combined the College Park institu- 
tion with the professional schools 
in Baltimore to form an expanded 
University of Maryland. The entity 
eventually grew to include cam- 
puses in Baltimore County, the 
Eastern Shore and University 
College, a continuing education 

The following decades saw 
the increasmg growth of student 
population, excellence in programs 
and curricula, and the burgeoning 
of the University of Maryland, 
College Park, into a nationally 
recognized research instiaition. 

July 1, 1988, marked the dawn 
of a new era in higher education 
in the state of Maryland, as the five 
components of the university were 
merged with six other state univer- 
sities and colleges to form the 
University System of Maryland, 
and College Park secured its 
flagship status with a mandate to 
become one of the pre-eminent 
research universities in the nation. 

The Alumni Association 

With alumm clubs trom Miami 
to Taipei, Taiwan, the Maryland 
Alumni Association strives to 
keep and strengthen ties between 
the university and its graduates. 

Member events such as 
pre-game parties, bull roasts, 
picnics, golf tournaments, dinner 
cruises and subscriptions to Terp. 
the University' of Maryland maga- 
zine, help keep alumni connected 
to the university and to each other. 
All graduating seniors and success- 
fill master's and Ph.D. candidates 
receive a one-year fi^ee member- 
ship in the Maryland Alumni 

The Alumni 

The Umversity of Maryland 
Alumni Association Hall of Fame 
recogmzes graduates ot the univer- 
sity who go on to distinguished 
careers m a variety of fields.The 
35 outstanding indix-iduals below 
have brought, and continue to 
bring, great honor to their akna 
mater. The next honorees will be 
inducted in 2005 at a ceremony 
in the new Samuel Riggs IV 
Alumni Center. 

Carmen Balthrop '71 

I \ brltl-ihiss sopnitw 
Adisai Bodharamik '70 Ph.D. 

Idccoiiuininiailioiis trailblazer 
Waldo Burnside "49 

Retail king 
Harry Clifton "Curly" Byrd 08 

Legendary University qt 

Maryland president 
Robert F. Chandler '34 PhD 

A Jcundiiig father of the 

Green Revolution 
A.James Clark '50 

Ci)(i.«friii:fiOM magnate 

and benefactor 
William P. Cole 10 

L'.S. iongressman 
Mary Stallings Coleman '35 

First woman chief justice, 

Michigan Supreme Court 
Ruth Davis '52 M.A., "55 Ph.D. 

Respected scientist 
Leonard Elmore '78 

All-star player and scholar 
Geary Francis "Swede" Eppley 
'20, '26 M.S. 

Administrator, coach and soldier 

Norman "Boomer" Esiason '84 

Football hero 
John Faber '26, '28 M.S., 
'37 Ph.D. 

Legendary coach and 

distinguished professor 
Charles L. Fefferman '66 

Winner of Field's Medal, 

mathematic's highest honor 
Robert E. FischeU '53 M.S., '96 
Honorary Doctorate 

Medical technology pioneer 
Herbert A. Hauptman '55 Ph.D. 

.\"i'/'<'/ Liiireatc in Chemistry 
Jim Henson '60 

Beloved Miippels creator 
Steny H. Hoyer '63 

U. S, congressman 
Harry R. Hughes '49 

Popular Maryland governor 
Carlisle H. Humelsine '37 

Preservationist and statesman 
Hugh Newell Jacobsen '5 1 , '93 
Honorary Doctorate 

World renowned architect 
Albin O. Kuhn '38, '39 M.S., 
'48 Ph.D. 

Builder of the Baltimore campuses 
George J. Laurer '5 1 

Inventor of the Universal 

Product Code 
Samuel J. LeFrak '40 

Internationally acclaimed urban 

planning leader 
Kathleen Magee '72 M.A. 

Nurse and philanthropist 
Wilbur Monroe (Munro) Leaf 

Creator of "Ferdinand the Bull" 




Parren J. Mitchell '52 

Fini AJruMi Aiiichniii itiidetit, 

U. S. congressman 
Jane Cahill Pfeiffer "54 

Firsl woman lo head a major 

network, named chair of NBC 

in 1978 
Judith A. Resnik 77 

Astronaut, died tragically in 

Challenger shuttle disaster 
Chun-Shan Shen '61 Ph.D. 

President of Taiwan 's 

Tsing-Hiia I'niversily 
William Woolford Skinner 1895 

Nationally prominent 

research chemist 
Adele Hagner Stamp '24 M.A. 

Maryland's first dean of women 
Reginald Van Trump Truitt ' 1 4 

Naliirahsl and Chesapeake 

Bay advocate 
Millard E.Tydings 1(1 

Introduced legislation to create the 

University of Maryland in 1920 
Evelyn Pasteur Valentine '67 
M.S.. '86 Ed.D. 

Educator and entrepreneur 

The alumiii association inducts 
graduates into the Hall of Fame 
every 6ve years. The association 
will induct its third group of 
honorees in 2005. 

Customs of Commencement 

Harly coiixnienccnicnt ccrcinomcs 
at the University of Maryland 
were marked with great fanfare 
and celebration. The faculty gave 
huge banquets for the graduates 
the night before the event. The 
following morning, crowds gath- 

ered to watch the young graduates 
parade. It was a gala social occasion, 
attracting not only friends and rela- 
tives, but the fashionable elite of the 
day. At the ceremony, prayers were 
recited, speeches were made, and 
honorary degrees were awarded to 
distinguished figures from across 
the country. Finally, as the audi- 
ence cheered and threw flowers, 
the graduates came forward to 
collect their Latin-inscribed 

Academic Costume 

The black caps and gowns worn 
by the students and faculty' in the 
academic procession have been the 
traditional costume of scholars since 
the Middle Ages.The orchnary 
dress of the scholar, whether student 
or teacher, was similar to that of 
a cleric. Caps and gowns were 
probably worn to keep students 
warm in unheated buildings. Many 
medieval scholars were tonsured, 
Hke monks, and hoods served to 
cover their shaved heads until the 
skull cap later took its place. 

Even after the Civil War, most 
students at American universities 
wore caps and gowns daily while 
in residence. These varied in design 

until they were standardized 
by the American Intercollegiate 
Commission in 1894. At that time 
it was decided that all robes would 
be black. Colors on the trim of 
the gown were also standardized 
to indicate the scholar's academic 
A list of department colors follows: 

Agriculture: Maize 

Arts, Letters, Humamries: White 

Business Administration, 
Commercial Science: Drab 

Dentistry: Lilac 

Economics: Copper 

Education: Light Blue 

Engineering: Orange 

Fine Arts, Architecture: Brown 

Forestry: Russet 

Home Economics: Maroon 

JournaUsm: Crimson 

Law: Purple 

Library Science: Lemon 

Medicine: Green 

Music: Pink 

Nursing: Apricot 

Oratory, Speech: Silver Gray 

Pharmacy: Ohve 

Physical Education: Sage Green 

Philanthropy: Rose 

Philosophy: Dark Blue 

PubUc Administration, Foreign 
Service: Peacock Blue 

Public Health: Salmon 

Science: Golden Yellow 

Social Work: Citron 

Theology and Divinity: Scarlet 

Veterinary Sciences: Gray 

The tassel may also be colored 
to represent an academic discipline 
or it may be black. OiEcially, the 

tassel is permitted "to lie where 
it will" on the mortarboard. 
However, numerous institutions 
have adopted the practice of 
having degree candidates wear 
the tassel on the right front side 
at the start of the commencement 
ceremony and then shift them 
to the left side after degrees are 

Student Marshals 

The Senior Marshal program 
was implemented in 1991 for 
the purpose of recognizing and 
honoring exceptional graduating 
students. This year's Marshals were 
nominated by faculty and staff 
members and were selected for 
their scholastic achievements, 
leadership, and contributions to 
the campus community. The 
December 2004 Marshals are 
hsted on page 64 of this booklet. 

Senior Gift 

Since 1910, members of the 
graduating class have supported 
a senior gift designed to 
commemorate their college 
experience. Traditionally the 
gift serves as a contribution to 
the campus community' that 
forever Unks alumni with the 
university. Past gifts include 
the Testudo statue, gardens, 
artwork, contributions to the 
library, and support for projects 
such as the Jim Henson statue 
and the sun dial. 



This year's senior gift, a 
custom-designed clock, will be 
placed in a prominent location in 
the Stamp Student Union food 
court. With your support, the 
graduates of 2004— 2005 can leave 
a legacy that wiU stand the test 
of time. If you would like to 
make a contribution, please visit or call 
301.314.GRAD for more 

Academic Degrees 

A degree is awarded for the 
successfiil completion of a course 
of study. There are more than 
1,600 different academic degrees 
currendy conferred by colleges 
and universities nation%vide. The 
University of Maryland offers 
degrees in 95 undergraduate 
majors, 93 master's programs. 
71 doctoral programs and one 
first professional degree. 

The Doctor's Degree 

The doctor's degree represents 
the most advanced earned degree 
conferred by American mstitutions. 
There are two distinct types: the 
practitioner's degree and the 
research degree. The first rv'pe 
represents advanced training for 
the practice of various professions, 
principally Doctor of Medicine, 
Juris Doctor, Doctor of Pharmacy, 
and Doctor of Veterinary' 
Medicine. These degrees do not 
involve the completion of original 
research by the student. The 
University of Maryland, at the 
professional school in Baltimore, 

awarded the first rwo dental 
degrees ever on March 9, 1841. 
and invented the name of the 
degree, Doctor of Dental Surgery 

The University of Mar\'land 
conveys the Doctor of Veterinary 
Medicine (D.V.M.) to 
approximately 90 students 
each year in a program that was 
instituted in 1980. Graduates 
receive a diploma containing 
the seals of both the University 
of Maryland and its parmer 
institution, the Virginia Polytechnic 
Institute and State Umversity. 

The second type is the research 
doctorate representing prolonged 
periods of advanced study. 
A dissertation that usually 
accompanies the study is intended 
to contribute substantially to the 
body of knowledge on the subject. 
The most important of these, the 
Doctor of Philosophy, no longer 
has an impUcation of philosophy 
for Its holder, but represents 
advanced research in any of the 
major fields of knowledge. It was 
first awarded in the United States 
in 1861 by Yale Universitv'. The 
University of Maryland awarded 
a Ph.D. for the first time in 1920. 

The Master's Degree 

The master's degree is an academic 
honor bestowed upon students 
who have successfioUy completed 
work beyond the baccalaureate. 

A thesis and an oral 
examination are usually required. 
In 1920, the University of 
Mars'land awarded its first Master 

of Arts (M.A.) and Master of 
Science (M.S.) degrees in fields 
other than agriculture. 

The Bachelor's Degree 

The bachelor's degree represents 
the complenon of a four-year 
course of college-level study and 
IS the oldest academic degree 
awarded by American institutions 
of higher learning. It was first 
conferred in America in 1 642 on 
the first nine graduates of Harvard 
College. Maryland Agriculture 
College, which later became the 
Universit)' of Maryland, College 
Park, awarded its first Bachelor of 
Arts (B.A.) and Bachelor of 
Science (B.S.) in 1862. 

Candidates for Degrees: 







For August 2004: 







Tliough he's been in congress less than two years, Rep. Chris Van Hollen has 
already emerged as a fighter for pubHc schools and higher education. 
He was elected in 2( )( )2 to represent Maryland's 8th District — including a 
large swath of Montgomery County- and a sliver of Prince George's County- — 
and immediately made educational initiatives one of his top priorities. 

A member of the Committee for Education and the Workforce and the Committee 
on Government Reform, Van Hollen was named 2003 Outstanding New Member by the 
non-partisan Committee for Education Funding. 

His first bill as a congressman called for full funding of the federal No Child Left Behind 
Act, and this year he's worked to close a loophole allowing government subsidies for private 
student loan lenders. Doing so, he says, would save the Department of Education millions of 
dollars and free up more cash for the loans themselves. 

Van Hollen also co-sponsored legislation that would have expanded federal grant programs 
and required states to provide level funding to public universities, initiatives aimed at increasing 
college opportunities and keeping costs low. 

He says the biggest challenges facing today's graduates are "first to repay their students loans 
and then to save the world." 

In his 12 years as a member of the Maryland General Assembly, Van Hollen also pushed 
for the establishment of the Maryland Prepaid College Trust and for the expansion ot state 
scholarship programs. He has visited campus for Earth Day in 2002, and was recognized here 
in 2002 for supporting relations between the United States, and Israel. He has also called on 
Mar)'land students to help him promote higher education causes. 

"During m\- 1 2 >ears in the Maryland State Legislature, I had the opportunity- to work with 
many students, faculty, and administrators and other members of the University of Maryland, Col- 
lege Park, family," said Van HoUen, 45. "The graduates of this extraordinary institution have reached 
a major milestone, and I am gratefiil for the opportunity to share this joyous time with them." 

The congressman graduated fi-om the Georgetown University Law Center and holds a mas- 
ter's degree in public policy fix^m Harvard University's John F. Kennedy School of Government. 

A father of three, he lives with his wife and children in Kensington. 

Chris Van Hollcii 



Rencc Silwolii 

After interning for a judge in high school, student speaker Renee Sihvola 
thought she might be interested in studying law in college. So when it came 
time for the Frederick native to choose a school, she picked the University 
of Maryland because it was close to the action. 

"It was right by D.C., and I knew whatever I wanted to be involved in was here, whether 
it was politics or law enforcement or something else," says Sihvola. 21. "'That's one of the things 
I love about Maryland — the abundance of activities and opportunities to get involved." 

Graduating with a double major in government and poUtics and criminal justice. Sihvola 
let few opportunities pass her by once she moved onto campus. 

During her freshman year, she helped found the Open Door Fellowship, a non-sectarian 
Christian group that brings students together for worship and Bible study. With Sihvola's help, 
the group organized occasional concerts at the Nyumburu Cultural Center. 

As a member of the Lutheran Student Association, Sihvola also volunteered to mentor 
students from nearby Langley Park Elementary School. She spearheaded clothing drives for the 
local Salvadorian community' and organized food coOections as a resident assistant in Charles HaU. 

She also bulked up her schedule to earn her degree in three and a half years. Classmates in 
the College Park Scholars in Public Leadership program convinced her to major in government 
and pohtics, but she decided to add another major because she was so interested in hands-on 
law enforcement techniques. Her favorite classes, she says, are those that take her into the lab 
to examine tool marks from a crime scene or study polygraph results. 

Despite long hours studying for her 3.89 grade point average. Sihvola always found time for 
intramural sports. She took home first place as part of coed basketball and flag football teams. 

Now she's competing for a bigger prize — a coveted spot at one of the nation's most 
prestigious law schools. She's awaiting word from seven programs. 

Internships with a state's attorney, the campus Legal Aid office and the Department of 
Justice" Ofiice of International Affairs helped her set her sights on becoming a lawyer. 

"I saw how difficult it was," she says. "And I really Uke challenges." 



Doctor of Philosophy 

Minu Aghevli • Psychology 

Rf/iMDH' (/((■ Pndiclioii of Risk for Schizoplireiiia: Comhiinn<i Pnlatwe Genetic 
and Neurodcrelopmentiil Meiimrcs to Predict Schizoplirenia-Spectnrm Pathoh^y 

Michael L. Alessi • Chemical Engineering 

Coil-To-HeUx Transition of Poly (ethylene Oxide) in Solution 

Lconel Alvarado • Spanish Language and Literature 

V7ii' Life and Works of Hondiiran Poet Edilherto Cardona Bulnes 

Robert J. Apel • Criminology and Criminal Justice 

Disentangling Selection from Causation in the Empirical Association Between 
Crime and Adolescent Work 

Marco A. Arena Duflfoo • Economics 

Bank I'niidanientats, Bank Failures and Market Discipline: An Empirical 
Analysis for Emerging Markets Diiriin; the Nineties 

Fatma B. Atalay-Satoglu • Computer Science 

Spatial Decompositions for Geometric Interpolation and Efficient Rendering 

Nicholas A. Baer • Marine, Estuarine, and Environmental Sciences 

Macroinvertehrate Community Structure and Ecological Function in Maryland 
Coastal Plain Streams 

Daniello G. Balon • Education Policy, Planning, and 

Racial. Ethnic, and Gender Differences Among Entering College Student 
Attitudes Totfards Leadership, Culture, and Leader Self- Identification: 
A Focus on Asian Pacific Americans 

Celia Bassich-Zeren • Hearing and Speech Sciences 

local Dysfunction in Young- Onset Parkinson's Disease 

Michael S. Bell • History 

77ic Worldview of Franklin D. Roosei'eh: France, Germany and I hiited States 
Involvement in World War II in Europe 

Irina Beyder-Kainjou • Family Studies 

Attachment Styles as a Moderator of the Relationship Between Dvel of 
Perceived Conflict and Constructive and Psychologically Abusive Behavior 
in Clinic Couples 

Nathasak Boonmee • Mechanical Engineering 

Tlieoretical and Experimental Study ofAutoignition of Wood 

Steven Borbash • Electrical Engineering 

Design Considerations in Wiieless Sensor Xetworks 

Shannon Bramblett • Education Policy, Planning, and 

Teaching Expertise as a Ciiltnrally-Enihedded I'henoinenon: A Case Study of 
One ESOL Department 

Nancy N. Carlson • Counseling and Personnel Services 

School Counselors' Knowledge, Perceptions, and Involvement Concerning Gifted 
and Talented Students 

Rubiana M. Chatnarbagwala • Economics 

Tlie Role of Capital- Skill Complementarities in Child Labor and SchooUng 

Samuel S. Chamberlain • Reliability Engineering 

Development of a Physics cf Failure Model and Quantitative Assessment of the 
Fire Fatality Risk of Compressed Natural Gas Bus Cylinders 

Vinay Chande • Electrical Engineering 

Progressive Source-Channel Coding for Muhimedia Transmission Over Noisy 
and Lousy Channels With and Without Feedback 

Robert Chastain • Marine, Estuarine, and Environmental Sciences 

Distribution and Dynamics of the Evergreen Understory Layer in Central 
Appalachian Highland Forests 

Ching-Ju Cheng • Music 

Tlie Significant Harp Repertories from 1905-1956 

Yang Cheng • Mathematical Statistics 

Maximum Likelihood Estimation and Computation in a Random Effect 
Factor Model 

Soon Cho • Engineering Materials 

Real Time in Site Chemical Sensing in Algan/Gan Metal Organic Chemical 
Vapor Deposition Processes for Advanced Process Control 

Yu-Jin Choi • Chemical Engineering 

A Study Of Groud-Level Ozone Over the Bahimore/ Washington Ozone Non- 
Attainment Area 

Conrad J. Choiniere • Agricultural and Resource Economics 

Learning-By-Doing and Contracts in New Agricultural Industries 

Nipa Choopun • Marine, Estuarine, and Environmental Sciences 

Tlie Population Structure of I 'ibrio Cholerac in Chesapeake Bay 



James Cooley • Physics 

AA)Jf/i»_s; hiscr Piilic Evolution in Ionizing Gas and Plasma wiili Application to 
Laser Wakefield Airclcralioii 

Kennon R. Copeland • Survey Methodology 

Panel Surrey Estimation in the Presence of Late Reporting and NonRespotise 

Lorenzo Cremaschi • Mechanical Engineering 

Experimental ami Theoretical Investigation oj Oil Retention in I'apor 
Compression System 

Yupeng Cui • Electrical Engineering 

Experimental Study of Longitudinal Energy Spread in Space Charge 
Dominated Beams 

Robert Day • Applied Mathematics and Scientific Computation 

Expressing Preferences with Price-lector Agents in Combinatorial Auctions 

Suchitra S. Derebail • Molecular and Cell Biology 

Influence of Viral Nucleocapsid Protein and Genomic RNA Structural Intricacies 
on the Mechanism of HI I' Recombination 

Vincent Duriau • Business and Management 

The Performance of Global Business Teams Within Midti-\'ational Corporations: 
Tlie Test of an bitcri'ening Process Model 

Moustafa M. El-Bassyiouni • Mechanical Engineering 

Acth'c Control of Sound Transmission into Three Dimensional Enclosures 

Thomas C. Ellington • Government and Politics 

Official Secrecy: Self Stale and Society 

Joel A. Elvery • Economics 

The Impact of Enterprise Zones on Resident Employment: An Evaluation of the 
Enterprise Zone Programs of California and Florida 

Partamin Farzad Nawabi • Counseling and Personnel Services 

Lifting the Veil on Invisible Identities: A Grounded Tlieory of Self-Disclosure for 
College Students with Mood Disorders 

Courtney Ferrell • Psychology 

Basic Psychometric Properties of the Child Social Functioning Inventory (CSFI) 

David R. Fiske • Physics 

Numerical Studies of Constraints and Gravitational Wave Extraction in 
General Relativity 


Danielle P. Fox • Criminology and Criminal Justice 

Testing the Generah:abilily of Sampson and Dntb's Life-Course Tlieory: 
Examining the Relationship Between Adult Social Bonds and Drug Use 
Among an African American Sample 

Otis C. French • Music 

Civil War Bands and Music: Historical Significance to Today's Modern Band 

Vojtech Gall • Civil Engineering 

Capacity of Frozen Soil for Shallow Tunnel Pre-Support L'liderncath a Building 
Founded on Wooden Piles 

Marc A. Garland • Nuclear Engineering 

Wutronic Effects on Tungsten- 186 Double Xeutron Capture 

Christopher S. Garran • Education Policy 

Encountering Faces of the Other: A Phenomenologicat Study of American High 
School Students Journeying through South Africa 

Eugenio P. Giolito • Economics 

Marriage Markets, Differential Fecundity and Search 

Alessandro Giovannelli • Philosophy 

Artistic and Ethical I ahies in llie Experience of Narratives 

Hock-Seng Goh • Physics 

Muiinial SUSY SO(IO) Model and Neutrino Oscillations 

Hector H. Gomez • Mathematics 

Binomial Motion of Curves and Surfaces in a Manifold 

Gaurav Gopalan • Aerospace Engineering 

Quasi-Static Acoustic Mapping of Helicopter Blade \brtex Interaction Noise 

Emmanuel S. Gouveia • Physics 

Development of a Four Cavity Second-Harmonic Gyroklystron as Driver for a 
Linear Accelerator 

Jennifer S. Gresham • Biochemistry 

Allostery and GroEL: Exploring the Tenets of Nested Cooperativily 

Maximiliano Guimaraes Miranda • Linguistics 

Derh'ation and Representation of Syntactic Amalgams 

Amy A. Halverstadt • Kinesiology 

lnterlevkui-6 (IL6} Genotype Plasma Lipprotcm Lipids, and Tlieir Responses to 
Exercise Training 

Elizabeth A. Hays • Physics 

A Search for Tel ' Emission from Active Galaxies Ushig tfie Milagro Observatory 


Megan J. Heath • Molecular and Cell Biology 

Iliiiiiiiii bmimiwiklkicncy I'lrns SiickoCiipiul Pivlfiii .Analysis oj the 
^k■chamsln of Strand Exchange and the Rok of llic Zinc Fingers in Nuclck 
Acid Chaperone Activity 

Elizabeth E. Hillman • Special Education 

Tlie Developnictit and lixlinual Characteristics of tlic Measure of CoUege 
Students' Organizational Skills 

Laura R. Hoard • Family Studies 

Chronic Illness and Behavior Problems in Children Mediating and 
Moderating Influences 

Stacey E. Holmes • Counseling and Personnel Services 

Adjustment in Victims of September 1 1: Reactions to a Large-Scale 
Civilian Trauma 

Barbara A. Hoover • Curriculum and Instruction 

kive Male I'reservice Elementary Teachers:'fheir I 'nderstandings, Belief and 
Practice Regarding Science Teaching 

David L. Hostettcr • History 

Movement Matters: Anwrican Antiapartheid Activism and the Rise of 
Midticultural Politics 

Yi-Min Huang • Physics 

Magnetohydrodynamic Equihbritim and Stability of Centrifugally 
Confined Plasmas 

Candi M. Hudson • Engineering Materials 

/»ir<(ii;ijfiii» of Liijc Temperature Creep Dcfnmaiioti Behavior oJ a Metastable 
Beta Ti-I4.8Wt% Vanadium Alloy 

Yeong-Sun Hwang • Electrical Engineering 

Private Communications with Chaotic Code Division Multiple Access: 
Peijornuwce Analysis and Sysletiis Design 

Glenn S. Iwerks • Computer Science 

Maintenance of Spatial Queries on Cotitinuously Moving Points 

Laura A. Janusik • Communication 

Researching Listening from the Inside Out:The Relationship Between 
Conversational Listening Span and Perceived Communicative Competence 

E. M.Jariwala • Physics 

On the Typical and Average Contributions to the Persistent Current in 
Mesoscopic Rings 

Kerry L. Jennings • Music 

I ocal Challenges for the Lyric Tenor as Represented by a Diverse Selection 
of Works 

Michael K.Johns • Government and Politics 

Acting Without Reason? Explaining Minority Group Decision Making 

Susan K.Johnson • English Language and Literature 

Cabalas and CJabals in Restoration Popular Lilcralure 

Donna R.Jones • Curriculum and Instruction 

Bringing Teacher Assistance and Evaluation Up to PAR: First-Year Teachers' 
Responses to Supervision in Peer Assistance and Review 

Jennifer M.Jones • Kinesiology 

Influence of the CYPllBI - i4-4T/C Polymorphism on Plasma Aldosterone, 
Sodium Excretion and Blood Pressure Responses to Long-Term Aerobic Exercise 
Training in Middle-Aged Prehypertensives 

Kyeong-Hoon Kang • Economics 

Market Structures and Competition in System Markets 

Malin S. Kerr • Plant Biology 

A Phylogenetk and Biogeographic Analysis of Sanguisorbeae (Rosaceae) with 
Emphasis on the Pleistocene Radiation of the High Andean Genus Polylepis 

Peter H. Kerr • Entomology 

Revision of the Genera of the Rhagionidac of the World (Diptera: Brachycera) 

Deepa Khosla • Government and Politics 

Tliird Party Intervention in Ethnic Conflicts: A Force for Peace or 
Spiraling I 'iolence 

Jonghan Kim • Psychology 

Investigation of Self-Preseiiialioii Ainoiig Low Self-Monitors 

Steven B. Kramer • Business and Management 

Evaluation of Setup Economies in Cellular Maiiiificluring 

Yoon-Hee Kwon • Music 

The Soloisitk Ikda Selected 20th Century I 'tola Works by European and 
American Composers 

Patricia A. Le Page • Modern French Studies 

Spaces of Passion :Tlie Love Letters of Jean Giono to Blanche Meyer 

Jung-Soo Lee • Music 

Nineteenth and 20th Century Lyric Song: Repertoire for the Soprano I bice 



Hui Li • Electrical Engineering 

Beam MaiiipuUiioii and Coniiol 

Lin Li • Mechanical Engineering 

Analysis and Mitigation of Electromagnetic Noise in Rcsotiant Cavities 
and Apertures 

Liliana C. Losada • Molecular and Cell Biology 

Identification and Secretion of Effectors from the Pseudomonas SyringaeType III 
Secretion System 

Janet H. Madigan • Government and Politics 

Being Human, Being Good: Tlie Source and Summit of Universal 
Human Rights 

Shirin M. Malekpour • Mathetnatics 

Fuzzy Predicate Product Logic and Emheddings of Ordered Ahelian Groups 

Sotnpra^vin Manprasert • Economics 

A Tliai Interindustry Dynamic Model with Optimization 

Jennifer A. Marrone • Business and Management 

Cutting Across Team Boundaries:Antcccdcnts and Implications oj Individual 
Boundary Spanning Behavior Within Consulting Teams 

Damali N. Martin • Cell Biology and Molecular Genetics 

Cell Changes During Autophagic Cell Death of Larval Salivary Glands During 
Drosophila Melanogaster Metamorphosis 

Edwin A. Martini • American Studies 

Invisible Ettemies:The American War on Vietnam, 1975—2000 

Karumbu N. Meyyappan • Mechanical Engineering 

Failure Prediction ofWire Bonds Due to Flexure 

Goldie M. Morton • Family Studies 

Typologies of Juvenile Female Ofjcndera. Consistencies with a Feminist 
Developmental Model 

Mary N. Motha • Curriculum and Instruction 

Looking at the Light Cast by Someone Else's Lamp: Becoming ESOLTeachers 

Fabiana F. Moura • Nutrition 

Dose Rangmg Study of Lutein Supplementation in Elderly IVith and Without 
Age-Related Macular Degeneration 

Purba Mukerji • Economics 

Essays in International Economics 

Slew P. Ng • Physics 

.Vcir Mechauisnis forTratisnussion of Supersymmetry Breaking 

Abhijit S. Ogale • Computer Science 

Tlie Compositional Character ofl'isual Correspondence 

Linda M. Oravecz • Family Studies 

Social Skills and Behavior Problems of African- American Preschoolers: Role of 
Parenting, Informal Social Support and Children's Exposure to Family Conflict 
and Community I'iolence 

M. L. Panisset • Curriculum and Instruction 

Meanings of Pedogogy 

Muhatnmad M. Qazilbash • Physics 

Tunnehng and Raman Spectroscopies of the Electron-Doped High-Temperature 

Jana L. Raver • Psychology 

Behavioral Outcomes of Interpersonal Aggression at Work: A Mediated and 
Moderated Model 

Vanessa A. Redd • Special Education 

A Public School-Sponsored Program for Students Ages 18 to 21 with Significant 
Disabilities Lvated on a Community College Campus: A Case Study 

Huaizhong Ren • Mathematical Statistics 

Aiiionomotis Stochastic Perturbations of Hamiltonian Systems 

Ana M. Rcy • Physics 

Ultra Cold Bosonic Atoms in Optical Lattices 

Cilene A. Rodrigues • Linguistics 

Impoverished Morphology and A-movement Out of Case Domains 

Gholamreza M. Roodsari • Biological Resources Engineering 

Modeling and Moiutoriiig Pathogen Transport Tlirough I egelated Filter Strips 

Geoflfrey S. Rothwell • Sociology 

Tlie Routes of Bermudian Society : The Theming of Bermudian Society as a 
Tourist Destination 

Devesh Roy • Economics 

Essays in Trade and Development 

David S. Rupke • Physics 

Outflows in Infrared-Luminous Galaxies: Absorption-Line Spectroscopy of 
Starbursts and AGN 



Jessica L. Saltz • Psychology 

HcyotuI Simple .Siim/iiri/)'; 77;c Rthitioiisliip of Leader- Follower Personality 
Fit with Follower Satisfaction with the Leader and Follower Commitment to 
the Organization 

Diego Saravia-Tamayo • Economics 

International Monetary Fund. Fro^^rams and Capital Market Access 

Reiner S. Schuiz • Computer Science 

One Shot Multi-Winner Self-Organizing Maps 

Bo Shen • Kinesiology 

Modeling the Interrelations Among Knowledge Interests and Learning Strategies 
in Physical Education 

Tina W. Sherman • Government and Politics 

Champions of the Public or Purveyors of Elite Perspectives? Interest Group 
Acliuity in Information and Communications Policy 

John Sismanis • Computer Science 

Dwarf: A Complete System for Analyzing High-Dimensional Data Sets 

David L. Solomon • English Language and Literature 

A Stage for a Bima: American Jewish Tlieater and the Politics of Representation 

Roshni M. Srinivasan • Electrical Engineering 

Scheduling in Packet Switched Cellular H'ireless Systems 

Hsiao-Mei Sun • Music 

Studies and Performances of Transcriptions for Cello from the Violin Repertoire 

Yan Sun • Electrical Engineering 

Miilti User Security for Multicast Communications 

Naoko Takao • Music 

Recording of Complete Twelve Piano Sonatas hy I'inccnt Pcrsichctti 

Stephen C. Trainor • Sociology 

Differential Ejects oj Institutional Socialization on liiliie Orientations in Naval 
Academy Midshipmen 

Dana L. Treistman • Counseling and Personnel Services 

Work-Family Conflict and Life Satisfaction in Female Graduate Students: 
Testing Mediating and Moderating Hypotheses 

Yue-Kin Tsang • Physics 

Two- Dimensional Turbulence with Drag 

Yi-Ren Tzeng • Chemical Physics 

'Ilie Role of F Spin-Orbit Excited State in the F+H2 and F+HD Reactions 

Virginie Van Wassenhove • Neurosciences and Cognitive Sciences 

Cortical Dynamics of Auditory- 1 'isiial Speech: A Fonuard Model of 
Multisensory Intcrgration 

Namrata Vaswani • Electrical Engineering 

Change Detection in Stochastic Shape Dynamical Models with Applications in 
Activity Modeling and Abnormality Detection 

Polina A.Vlasenko • Economics 

Privatization and Neiv Entry in Post-ComiministTransition:Tlie Impact 
on Restructuring 

Matthew A. Wasniewski • History 

Walter Lippmann, Strategic Internaiionalisin, the Cold War, and I ieinam, 

Gwyndolyn J. Weathers • Sociology 

Argentina and Chile: Politics and Fronteras in Geographies oJ Gender 
and Nation 

Christina M.Wells • English Language and Literature 

"Your Garbe Makes Me I KnoweVou Not":The Cavendish Family and the 
Literary Transformation oJ Marriage Practices 

Edward K.Whitley • English Language and Literature 

American Bards: James M. WIritfield, Eliza R. Snow, John Rollin Ridge, and 
Wah Miitman 

Adrienne H. Wicker • Counseling and Personnel Services 

77ic Relationship of Demographic. Aspirational, Situational. Employment, and 
Commuting Factors to Commuter Students' Perceptions if Mattering at a Large 
Public University 

Darryl N.Williams • Chemical Engineering 

Siiijace-Modified Magnetic NanoparlicUs for Cellular Interactions and Improved 
Biological Applications 

Stephen P.Wright • Human Development 

Exploring Psychological Sense of Community in Living- D'arning Programs and 
in the University as a Hliole 

Cynthia C.Yeager • Hutnan Development 

Theater and Self: Putting Self-Concept into Play 



Heather Young • Special Education 

A Siin'cy of Knou'lciifc iiiid hnpli'mciiuition of Best Pmcliccs for Iiwlusioti hy 
Personnel ['repared lo Teiwh Stiideiiis ti'irli Severe Disubilities 

All Zandifar • Electrical Engineering 

Computer I'ision for Scene Text Aniilysis 

Ping Zhang • Economics 

Ecouonnc Aiiiilysis 0/ Stiile Lotteries in the United States 

Lei Zhou • Business and Management 

Hie \ldne of Security Audits, Asymmetric Information and Market Impact of 
Security Breaches 

Ming Zhou • Business and Managetnent 

Tlie Hj}ectii'eness of Seller Credibility Systems in the Online Auction Market: 
Modeling the Seller's Point of View 

Shaohua Zhou • Electrical Engineering 

Unconstrained Face Recognition 

Xuesong Zhou • Civil Engineering 

Dytiainic Origin Deslitiation Demand Estimation and Prediction Jor Off-Line 
and Oii-Line Dynamic Traffic Assignment Operation 

Doctor of Musical Arts 

Ching-Ju Cheng • Music 

Tlie Significant Harp Repertories from 1905-1956 

Otis C. French • Music 

Cifil War Bands and Music: Historical Significance to Today's Modern Band 

Kerry L.Jennings • Music 

Vocal Challenges for the Lyric Tenor as Represented hy a Diverse Selection 
of Works 

Yoon-Hee Kwon • Music 

Tlie Soloisitic \'iola Selected 20th Century Viola Works hy European and 
American Composers 

Jung-Soo Lee • Music 

Nineteenth and 20th Century Lyric Song: Repertoire for the Soprano Voice 

Hsiao-Mei Sun • Music 

Studies and Performances of Transcriptions for Cello from the I'iohn Repertoire 

Naoko Takao • Music 

Recording of Complete Twelve Piano Sonatas by I 'inccnl Persichetti 



AUGUST 2004 

Master of Architecture 

Enrique Manuel Blanco Lorenzo 
P.urici.i Sabin Diaz 

Master of Arts 

American Studies 

julie Kathenne Broadway 
Andrew Robert Johnston 
Alexander Joseph Lourie 
Pamela Kristan Schwab 
Irene Eleanor Tsikitas 

Art History 

Esther Dora Adler 


Martin Downie 

Comparative Literature 

Shun-hang Chao 

Counseling and 
Personnel Services 

Jacqueline H CiUizza 
Michelle Lisa Denny 
Chad William Ellsworth 
Margie Dar\l M. 1 linonangan 
Ryan Clevis Holmes 
Laura Arold Kuhn 
Kara Kennedy Lane 
Thadtisha Andrea McCoy 
Karen L. Nuijens 
Arturo Rivera. Jr. 
Marilyn Sue Rothra 
Tainara Vasilyeuna Selyangina 
Shandol Christine Swalley 
Chun-Shin Taylor 
Suzanne Marie Trotter 
Anne Mane Warren 

Laura Rence Wilmarth 
Rebecca Lea Zonies 

Curriculum and Instruction 

Michael George Conkhn 
Sarah Fernsler Johnston 
Adrieniie Fairhght LaGier 


Lisa L. Kolovich 
Halini Guneri Kucur 
Ignez Miranda Tristao 

Education Leadership 
and Policy Studies 

Michael Cawdery 

Catherine Vliil Higbee 

Sara Catherine Irwin 

Tabetha Rachael Hohneke Mwka 

English Language 
and Literature 

Tanya Elizabeth Clement 
Michael J. Gianelloni 
Margaret Anne Kozicharow 
Heather L. Moreland 
Suzanne Mane Tartamella 

French Language 
and Literature 

Magali Marie Montagard 


Adam C^hnstopher Bailey 
Leah Deborah Choper 
Rhonda Elane Davis 
Juan Carlos Deguara 
Josephine A. Gellman 
Todd Malcolm Greenwood 
L")amien Anthony Kerr 
Ellen L. Krat'cism 

Amy Bowdlcr Kuite 
Ty Richard Marr 
Desta Fawn O'Connor 
Matthew Warren Oliver! 
Kyle Wayne Pittman 
Lynnet Karla Turner 

Hearing and Speech Sciences 

Inbal Eshel 


Raquel Luciana De Souza 
Anastasia Eroica Poulakos 


Richard Kenneth Sine 


Michael Thonns Hamberger 
Tricia Dwyer Santopietro 


Peter Andrew Rankel 

Measurement, Statistics 
and Evaluation 

Yunyun Dai 
Marcia H. Davis 
Xiaomin Huang 
Qianli Ma 


Min A. Chun 


Benjamin David Scofield 


Kimberly A. Adams 

Second Language Acquisition 
and Application 

L^oniinique Anne-Mane Meys 


Alexa Kjestinc Kcnnedy-Puthoff 

Spanish Language 
and Literature 

Fanny Patricia Granja-Falconi 
Vivianne Alejandra Salgado 


Peter C.Wood 

Master of Business 

Ming An 

Christopher John Baden 

Imran Ali Baig 

Nima Baradar 

Uranchimeg Bavundorj 

Carl Alan Bergeron 

Philip Jeffrey Burger 

Chad Thomas Campbell 

Jennifer Trumpy Casey 

Jun Chen 

Jonathan David Christiansen 

Lingchuan Chu 

Christopher George Ciotti 

Ainerico Gustavo Cottely 

Zhong Dai 

Rohit K. Dhruv 

Wei Dong 

Jason Millard Engleka 

Vincent Francis Erfc 

Xianghui Fan 

Yunjun Fan 

Emily M. Fantaskey 

Michael Christopher Finn 



Eric Steven Florimon-Reed 

Daniel Eric Freiman 

Junshi Gao 

LingUng Gao 

Antonio Garcia 

Jason Daniel Goozh 

Cynthia Rose Gregory 

Michael John Gregory 

Zhu Hong 

Yuhong Huang 

Zhaohui Huang 

Zhenwang Huang 

Tatiana V. Hughitt 

James K. HuU 

Christine Elizabeth Hutchison 

Shubha Iyer 

Wanshan Ji 


Hongtao Jia 

Scott Andrew Kass 

Zane Barrett Kerby 

Adam Travis Koontz 

Gunes Kulahgil 


Matthew Patrick Laser 

Gang Li 

Li Li 

Yan Liu 

Yang Lu 

Xianfeng Ma 

Zhengkun Ma 

John WiUiam Mabry III 

Xiaofeng Mao 

Sanjay R. Modi 

Natalia E. Pane 

Madhukar Balvantbhai Patel 

Yuan Peng 

Miguel A. Perito 

Roger Perrault.Jr. 

Jonathan Ronald Retzke 

Daniel Martin Rowland 

Makiko Sano 

Evan T. Scott 

Hongqun Shen 

Dawei Shi 

Minhui Shi 

Kirk Leon Shulman 

Brad C. Silcox 

Kyle David Singleton 

Jing Song 

Wei Song 

Seema Srivastava 

Yanyan Sun 

Dimitris V. Vassiliadis 


Lijing Wang 

Lixin Wang 

Shihong Wang 

Rachel Beth Weisz 

Lisa Ann Winchester 

Hong^'u Yang 



Jun Zhang 

Rui Zhang 

Shixin Zhang 

Wei Zhao 

Xu Zheng 

Eric Matthew Zoschg 

Master of 
Community Planning 

Xiongjiu Liao 
Noushin Rashtian 

Master of Education 

Counseling and 
Personnel Services 

Jason Aaren Arbogast 
Dustin Montano Fisk 
Reiko Maeara 

Curriculum and Instruction 

Kathleen Bernadette Briggs 
Jennifer Cuder 
Nimet A. DuFour 
Blake Murray GiUotti 
Jennifer Charlene Jarrett 
Amanda Mollis Knab 
Camille Alanna Knight 
Jill Anne O'Hanlon 
Malka Frieda Ostchega 
Elisabeth Lee Peebles 
Judith Kerzner Ross 
Anita Sanyal 
Amanda J. Self 
Jessica Ann Smith 
Amanda Youakim 

Education Leadership 
and Policy Studies 

Chonika Ceptember Coleman 
Tina LaChelle Joseph 
Shanee A. Wangia 

Human Development 

Christine Marie McKeldin 

Special Education 

Gail Valeria Boyer 
Keysha Raylice Garner 
Mar^' Ann J. GiUigan 
Yi-Chen Ko 
Luz Maria Landa 
Mary Margaret Luebkert 
Cheryl Ehzabeth Nusz 
Carolyn Ann Yunker 

Master of Engineering 

Abukar Sharif Ahmed 

Ebenezer Wale Akinbohun 

Luis Eduardo Colmenares Alvarez 

Alan Lawrence Gershon 

Peter K. Huang 

Fannie Chan Kee 

Sudhir Kumar 

Gregory Arnold LawTence 

Niketu Khushvadan Parekh 

Ying Peng 

Monkompu (Sam) 

Krishnamoorthy Sriram 
Usha Kiran Sureddy 
Steven Earl Wimbrow 

Master of Fine Arts 


Debra Kim Sivigny 

Master of Journalism 

Charmere Nicole Gatson 
Karen M. Masterson 
Marisa Navarro 
Adrienne Camille Saunders 

Master of 
Library Science 

Library and 
Information Services 

Selnia Regina Amaral 
Stacy Lynn Arth 
Elizabeth Cheney Barnes 
David V. Barnett 
Tony Alan Carmack 
Christina De Stefano 
Joseph E. Farmarco,Jr. 
David Frame 



Emelie Meghan George 
Tanimy Lynn Hamilton 
Susan Reber Hitchcock 
Barbara White Hlavka 
Daniel Carl Kolb 
James B. Labosier 
Kiith Rebecca Lindberg 
Jun Lug 

Sarah Virginia Lyon 
Sarah Kathleen McGowan 
Megan McShea 
Lenora Marie Pughsi 
Jennifer Linda Sanders 
Gregory' Richard Sikora 
Cynthia Luxon Strong 

Master of Life Sciences 

Suzanne Maria Avtges 
Louise Brown Jasko 
Pamela B. Primrose 
Catherine A. Stephens 

Master of Music 

Erica A. Bright 
Michael Bryce Bunner 
Carrie Susan Dreyer 
Bradley Stuart Larson 
Thomas Charles Meldrum 
Sung MinYoon 

Master of 
Public Health 

Community Health Education 

Yewande Arinola Oguntoymbo 

Master of 

Public Management 

Tawanna Charisse Browne 
Soumya Chattopadhyay 
Risha Alanie Henneman 
Ndahcpuluka EHna Ndadi 
Quiili Song 

Master of 
Public Policy 

Rakeb Legesse Abate 
Ravi Balu 

Joseph Alexander Gordon 
Ryan Grim 

Master of Science 

Aerospace Engineering 

|ulic Ehzabeth Blondeau 
Marie-Laure Chauffour 
Vinit Gupta 
Sadie Kathleen Michael 
Jeffrey Russell Smithanik 

Agricultural and 
Resource Economics 

Soma Bhattacharya 
Mohammed Helal Uddin 


Carol Sue Gordon 

Applied Mathematics and 
Scientific Computation 

Rana Durga Parshad 


Rahul Shetty 


Rashnii Ray Dasgupta 

Biological Resources 

Ying-Hsiang Chiou 
Nischom Karl Silverman 


Kweh Bennett Powell 

Business and Management 

Priya Chandra 
Gil Ashar Naveh 
Yishu Wang 

Cell Biology and 
Molecular Genetics 

Meredith Ann Davis 
Vanaja Jaligam 
Jason Eric Savage 

Chemical Engineering 

Harin Haridas Kanani 

Jermey Norman Augustus 


Min Sun 

Civil Engineering 

Serese Mane Aranha-Scott 

Hyunah Kim 

L^orethea L. Labogin 

Peter Jon Macular! 

Sameer Shafique Sayed 

Xueli Sun 

Philip Curtis Wheeler 

Computer Science 

Nada Bint-ul-Nasim Hashnu 
Daniel Khodorkovsky 
Kendra Lynn Knudtzon 
Brian Keith Norberg 
Aga Skotowski 
Bogdan Cristian Stroe 
Elena Zotenko 

Electrical Engineering 

Oniri Bahat 
Surupa Biswas 
Ymgyong Chen 
Tejas V. Chitnis 
Clinton Lee Edwards 
Yijie Huo 
Fuat KeceU 
Radostina K. Koleva 
Fang Liu 
Hyma S. Murthy 
Maya Palem 
Charles Pandana 
Nathan WiUiam Panike 
Yi-Hsing Peng 
Narayanan Ramanathan 
Hosam Khaled Rowaihy 
Xi Shao 
Maria Striki 
Eric Liu Tan 
Justin Stevenson Teller 


Kreshnik Bcjleri 
Andre Arthur Mignault 

Family Studies 

Michael John Gialanella 
Jefirey Brown Jackson 
Jamie Rose Marghi 
Ginger Leigh Newman 



Sara Moorhead Phillips 
Paula Marlene Young 

Fire Protection Engineering 

Joelle Dejoseph 
John David Gunderson 
Sean Phillip Jankiewicz 
Xin Liu 

Food Science 

Kazuko Fukushima 

Jian He 

Lisa Noel Sadar 

Marine, Estuarine and 
Environmental Sciences 

Eytan Abraham 
Patrick Anthony Campfield 
Todd Byron Chadwell 
Mark Allen Rath 
Michael Sean Rearick 
Lynn Tomiye Takata 

Materials Science 
and Engineering 

Kai-Chi Lai 

Mechanical Engineering 

Aydin Cehk 

Gregory Thomas Fowler 

Scott Edwin Heatwole 

Kathryn Elizabeth Hitchcock 

Layla Monajemi 

PhiUip T.Yip 

Natural Resource Sciences 

Kathenne Diane Salmon 


CeUa Maria De Souza Batista 

Reliability Engineering 

Lesa Moore Ross 
Anil Sharma 

Wei Zhang 

Survey Methodology 

ZachaPi" Glenn Arens 
Terita ReneJacLson 

Sustainable Development and 
Conservation Biology 

Liza Karina Agudelo 
Lauren Kendra Deane 
Noora Singh 
GuiUermo Javier Terol 
William LeeVarettoni 

Systetns Engineering 

Rajeshree Vijay Varangaonkar 


Sameer Dileep Hemmady 
Sweta Parameswaran Iyer 
Dong Hwi Kwak 
Susmit Panjwam 
Deepak Kumar Prabhakaran 
Muhammad All Raja 
Vikraman Selvarajan 
Joong-Keun Sohn 
Sujat M. Syed 
Vijay Viswanathan 
Priya Wasnikar 

Graduate Certificates 

Advanced Graduate Specialist 

Michelle Lisa Denny 
Kara Kennedy Lane 


Roger William Pisha 11 



A.James Clark School 
of Engineering 

Bachelor of Science 

Aerospace Engineering 

Bradley T. Cooper 
Abrahim M. Daiub 
Jesse Randall Reich 

Biological Resources 

Eric Louis Dripps 
Alisyne L. Fabiszak 

Chemical Engineering 

Jason Allen Repac 

Civil Engineering 

Raymond Leon Butler III 

Computer Engineering 

Christiana Taniunoapiriyc 

Ashish Paul Goel 
William Harland Huhn 
Gene Pian 
Yvette Michelle Word 

Electrical Engineering 

David Wesley Abrams 
Paul C. Barrett 
Kofi Boadi-Boateng 
Shinun Day 
Jason Justin DuChez 
Reham Onier Fagiri 
Allyson Renee Gregory 
Kwasi Karikari 
Nshokano Katabana 
Michael Kenneth Kissel 
Edward A. Kornegay 
•Hung-Quoc Due Lai 

Lawrence Niiadjei Laryea 

Khari Malik Parker 

Ian Ricardo Parra 

Dinutriy Shif 

Panupong Sriautharawong 

•loannis Georgios Stamatiou 


*Craig Douglas Gerardi 

2iid Degree: 

Mechanical Engineering 
Benjamin Karmiol 
Mandy Sarwat Khader 

Materials Science 
and Engineering 

Daniel Scott Janiak 

Mechanical Engineering 

Kehindc Adcbayo AUi 
Richard Calainejr 
Bernadette Therese Del Castillo 
*Craig Douglas Gerardi 

2nd Degree: Engineering 
Robert A. Hackett 
Ranu Phihppe Helou 
Christopher Karl Hubley 
Anthony Kwan Kim 
Timothy Walter McMillin 
David Allen Wolf, Jr. 

College of Agriculture 
and Natural Resources 

Bachelor of Science 

Animal Sciences 

Stephanie Marie De Caro 
Elizabeth MarvWood 

Environmental Science 
and Policy 

Lindsay Beall Rohrbaugh 

Natural Resources 

Colm Alexander Gent 
Michael Scott MacKenzie 
Joseph Raymond Sharbaugh 
Mark Alan Vosburgh 

Nutritional Science 

Brian George Carpenter 

College of Arts 
and Humanities 

Bachelor of Arts 

American Studies 

Christine Katherine Kogok 

Art History 

Samra Kasim 

2nd Degree: Marketing 
Maya Krispin 
Ann Clark Priftis 


Brianna Lee AUigood 
Nicole Marie Antonelli 
Carol Colleen Bailey 

2nd Major: Sociology 
Christina Marie Baum 
Ryan A. Breckenridge 
Keisha Vanessa Broadway 
David Paul Campuzano 
David Soo Chun 
Stuart Weiss Cirulnick 
Stephen Michael Conti 
Mitchell E. Dolinka 
Valerie Antoinette Drakeford 

Kristin Lee Francies 

Alva Chimele George 

Anika Nicole Gray 

Gena Faith Grish 

Meredith Renee' Hawkins 

Jay DeVito Heckman 

Ariane Carleen Jones 

Jana Jean-Terrez Jones 

Iwona Agnieszka Kalinski 

Courtney Janine Kirk 

Laura Suzanne Lindenfeld 

Stephanie Tan Louie 
2nd Major: Chinese 

Mandy Leigh Messinger 

Michael Joseph Nocerino 

Kristin Lee Norcutt 

Chinedum Enunanuel Nwaneri 

JuUa Lorraine Onder 

Andrew Walther Owen 

Nalini Periasamy 

Melissa Robin Deamia Ruddie 

Kyle Ilia Scriven 

Nadine Naonu Sendowski 

Amy Lauren Shavelson 

Jahan Enid Shojaei 

Vedad Siljkovic 

Scott R. Smith 

Eryn Hallie Taylor 

Andrew Lawrence Trench 

Cynthia Pelzar Trevor 

Jason Rogelio Varela 
2nd Major: Spanish 
Language and Literature 

Ehza Elizabeth Wirring 

Victoria Altbrd WeUington 

Ruthie Marie West 

Brian Matthew Williams 

Matthew Evan WiUinger 

Amy Jessica Wilson 

Eve Wong 

Jung ImYoon 

Amad Shojaei Zambrana 

$ Smnma tiini hiiiile j" A/jijMd iiiin Ltitiilc * nun Laiide 




*Talia Dvorah Bar-Cohen 
Erica Elizabeth Michel 

English Language 
and Literature 

Anianda Julie Agatstein 

Nathaniel Thaddeus Bautro 

Megan Ruth Bonnell 

Shayla LaShaun Briscoe 

Gabriella L. Cabrera 

Jared Trenwith Carter 

Anthony DaShawn Clark 

Randall Frederick Clemens III 

Sean Drew CockeriU 

Elizabeth Ann Coyle 

Amanda Teresa Drago 

Jonathan Lowell Fritts 

•Chfford A. Gale 

*Ellen Frances Gibson 

Jesse Mathew Heckhaus 

KeUi R. Herod 

Daniel Dapo Huang 

Cameron Leighamie Hunt-Logan 

Abigail Curlett Joiner 

Jinie Kang 

Sean Bartholomew KeUey 

Alok Kumar 

Darin Spencer Levine 

Akenji Ndengong Ndumu 

Conor Brendan O'Croinin 

Mindllay Pak 

Sean Derrik Rampersaud 

Brian Matthew Real 

♦Daniel Patrick Scheuerman 

Christopher Ryan Short 

Jessica Layne Shupik 

EUzabeth Darcy Smith 

Tamara Anjel Spencer 

Jacob Louis Sugar 

Charisse Margaret Sulhvan 

Evan James Szymanski 
Heather Layne Tryon 
Laura Katherine Yeager 

French Language 
and Literature 

Matthew Scott Greenbaum 
Emerson Lopez-Fuentes 
Quenesha Nicole McNair 
Emily Morgan Nisson 

2nd Major: Russian iMnguagc 

and Literature 

German Language 
and Literature 

Michael James Van Opstal 


Katherine Marion Badders 

Kevin Lawrence Bayly 

Edward Kweku Bempong 

Jon Christopher Biermann 
2nd Major: Art History 

tAndrew WUIson Boss 

Pervenia P.T. Brown 

Benjamin Cleveland Cox 

Erin Dominique DeMagnus 

Peter John Ellis 

Kofi Anthony Marrin-Bolden 

Christopher Andrew Merriam 

Andrae MiUer 

Sokhan Min 

Maria Raquel Ortiz 

Richard Scott Remer 

Joseph Nicholas Sangillo 

2nd Degree: Secondary Education- 
Social Studies 

fOscar Hernan Tovar-Argueta 
2nd Degree: Finance 

David John Zulauf 

Italian Language 
and Literature 

Anne-Francoise Raymonde 


Robin Ehzabeth Shanholtzer 


Olubukola Oluwatoy Akinsanya 
Anthony Santo Batrista 
^Nicholas James Follmer 

2nd Major: English Language 

and Literature 
Jessica EUzabeth James 
Matthew WiUiam Millman 
John Robert Shryock 

Spanish Language 
and Literature 

Jorge Alberto Baez-Mora 
Fidel Amval Castro 
Enuly Marie Heinlein 

2nd Degree: Sociology 
Elvia L. Hembree 
Gerardo Argueta Najera 
Francis B. Rodriguez 
Kelly Marie Torray 
Tracia Maria Toscano 
Mikeal Richard Vaughn 
Francis Augustus Walborn 

2nd Major: Criminology 

and Criminal Justice 
Louise Amanda Williamson 

Studio Art 

Hye Sun Choe 
Agnes Joy Del Rosario 
Hyla O'Neil Dickson 
Joshua Michael Flemembaum 
Alice M. Groves 

Nicholas Adrian Johnston 
Jill Tomiko Kimura 
Bryan AUen Medley 
Bonnie Jean Moulton 
Adrian Ashley Nelson 
Wendy K. St. Clair 


Bruce Edward Pike III 

Women's Studies 

Jessica Michelle Bndgett 
Gwendolyn EUaWarman 

Bachelor of Music 

Jeremy Michael Barth 
Robert Scott Carr 

College of Behavioral 
and Social Sciences 

Bachelor of Arts 

African American Studies 

Joy Dominique Fennell 


Erica Alan Demars 
Nancy Jo Milka Johnston 
tCristina Denise Nelson 
Donyel Marcellene Prince 
Claudia Rossel 

Criminology and 
Criminal Justice 

Joseph James Alvarez 
Adam Wayne Aronsen 
Michael Steven Barnard 
Daniel S. Berkowitz 
Britt Paris Bissett 
Matthew Robert Callaway 


§ Siimma cum Laiidc f Magtiii aim Laudc * lum Laudc 


Brian Joseph Cavanaugh 
Jamal Chance 
Maria Chnzrina Chavez 
Karishnia Chawla 

2ncl Major: PiychologY 
Eugene H. Chun 
Andrew Paul Colaluca 
Jason Dean Dunlap 
Mary Ehzabeth Fabian 
Courtney A. Finnerty 

2iid Major: Sociology 
Ryan Patrick Flynn 
•Daniel Edwin Forrest 
Steven Sidney Frasiolas 
Michelle Nicole Frye 
Ricardo Robert Grant. Jr. 
Stephen Fitzgerald Hull 
Jenifer Lynn Johnson 
Jason J. Kenlaw 
David Kevin Kezer 
Folake Kuye 

Henri Martial Ekedi Makembe 
Jesse Bernard McKeever 
Louie Thomas McKinney.Jr. 
Carissa Mcssimer 

2nd Degree: Government 

and Politia 
Shanelle Rowan Murrell 
Andrew Byran Myers 
Lee Michael Pearlman 
Carmen Rosa Polanco 
David Ah Samadnejad 
Shalita Irene Savoy 
Stephen M. Schmidt 
Erin Hayley Snyder 
Bo Hyun Suh 
Natasha Sharron Sutton 
Judy C.Tang 
Taye Mbanwei Tebo 
Saba Tesfazion 
Aye Jamika Vines 

Darren J. Watson 
Sarah Fehce Welt 
Davnd Michael Will 
Hyun Woo Yi 
Ahmad M. Zaghal 
Andrew Jay Zirolnik.Jr. 


Adebayo Abiodun Adewuyi. Jr. 
Olufenu Olusanya Aje 
Christopher Lee Altizer 
Nathan M. Bardey 
Hope OradeU Brehon 
Pablo Luis Buitrago 
LImar Yusuf Chaudhry 
Andrew Ych-Chi Chen 
Kathenne Park Choi 
Nimrod Cohen 
Matthew Gary DeGourse 
Tran Hong Dinh 
Ugochukwu Onochie Ekezie 
Ayokunle Folajimi Fatokun 
Brandon Colby Flanders 
Anand Francis 
Meera Ganeshan 
Teresa Anne Gorgone 
Kenneth Matthew Handy 
Nicholas Hai Hoang 
Patricia Lynn Hobday 
Ayinde D. Ibikunle 
Pamela M. Ipanag 
James Bradley Kasper 
Daniel Lawrence Katz 
Gabriel Kim 
Mill Kim 

Ian Joseph Konowitch 
Christian Douglas Kramer 
Joy Quynh Lam 
Andrew Lew 
Mark Kingdon Neely 
Wendy Wu Ngo 

Erik Daniel Nikirk 

Danulola Abiola Ornodele 

Yesim Onel 

Sung Woo Park 

Brandon Schuyler Parker 

Justin Allen Price 

Neenia Puri 

Kevin Rhee 

Alvaro Hernan Rdncon-Camacho 

Jeremiah Marton Rothschild 

Ryan Huson Santilla 

Matthew Donald Scholtes 

Mathila Soumahoro 

Liyang Sun 

Vivek Jagdish Thaker 

Aaron T.Troup 

Pamela Jean Victoria 

Wei ChienWang 

Ryan Michael Whipple 

Robert Blaine Wicklein, Jr. 

Ari Bern Wilder 

EUe Wong 

Ronald Y.Wong 

Roxanne Finbah Worden 

2nd Major: Sociology 
Joseph I. Zaiis 
Vincent DePaul Zeller.Jr. 

Government and Politics 

Flavio Averbug 

2nd Major: Economics 
Charles Arthur Barclay 

2nd Major: Philosophy 
Carhe M. Bloxom 
Chloe Mitchiko Chavardes 
•Wonshik Albert Choi 
Alicea Gayle Cragwell 
•Tmiothy Patrick Daly 

2nd Major: Economics 
Aneesa I. Din 
Qwynn Jurelle Dolmo 

Christopher Gilbert Dunn 
Adrian Gabriel Galindcz-Bottim 
Michael Jef&ey Gorman 
Sarah Ann Haak 
Eric Joseph Hawkins 
Corinne Emily Hazzard 
Michael Jeffrey Hinman 

2nd Major: History 
Sheera H. HobfoU 
Haina Karim 
Paul Robert Knisely 
Timothy Richard Leiter 
Asit S. Majmudar 
Michael James Manyak 
Hollie Rae McCrary 
Carissa Messimer 

2nd Decree: Criminology 

and Criminal Jnslice 
Diana Colleen Moore 
Laura Marguerite Murray 
Daniel Joseph Ocasio 
Craig Steven Orlan 
Mustafa Pajazetovic 
Sonita Micole Powell 
Jon Travis Powers 
Adam David Proger 
Kamila Rakhimova 
Benjamin Dov Shapiro 
Michael Aaron Shrader 
Andrew Michael Sutton 
Kenneth A. Swartz 

2nd Major: Criminology 

and Criminal Justice 
Jose M.Villegas.Jr. 
Usha Kumari Vislinuvajuala 
Simret Zeru 

Hearing and Speech Sciences 

Amulya Chandra 
Betsy Isabel Miranda 
Jessica Ehzabeth Mowery 

§ Siiinmti aim Ltiiidc "t" Afd^nu aim Laudc * aim Laiide 




Jovanny Alexander Alfonso 
Kelli Maria Atkinson 
Ingrid F. Cartagena 
Joya Cohen 
Kara Lynn Coll 
Christine Marie Compton 

2nd Degree: Mathematics 
Magda L. Costa 
Nitsa Philis Dalamaras 
Annmarie Deguzman 
Geny Delos Santos 
Aniina Qudsia DivoU 
EmiUan Yeriine Duran 
Jennifer A. Friedman 
Thamar Aida Gonzalez-Kaufinan 
Kyle Stephen Harris 
Gustavo Daniel Hernandez 
Jennifer Lauren Hooper 
fKimberly Ann Jackiniowicz 

2nd Major: Criminology 

and Criminal Justice 
Jessica Lee Jay 

2nd Major: Criminology 

and Criminal Justice 
Stacie Kyritsopoulos 
Nuzhat Nada 

Arlette Joelle Ngoubene Atioky 
Jonathan George Sachariah 

2nd Major: Philosophy 
Erika Pauline Schroeder 
Devin Edward Scott 
Jessica Marie Stone 
Jasniina NazemianTabrizi 
Jewel Mae Terry 

2nd Major: Criminology 

and Criminal Justice 
Javaree Keis Walker 

2nd Major: Criminology 

and Criminal Justice 
Devon Chavonne Wilson 
Angela Marie Windsor 


jMaryam Asi 
Daniel G. Gittleson 
*Enuly Marie Heinlein 

2nd Degree: Spanish Language 

and Literature 
Nicola Catherine Hobby 
Joshua James Kreger 
Sybil Diane Linthicum 

2nd Degree: Geography 
Kimberly Rae Lovett 
Megan Kathleen Powers 
Shireen Mane Sajadian 
Alison Marie Schuster 
Megan Rae Scribner 
Rachel liana Sternthal 
Danielle Nicole Tyson 
Bryna Zumer 

2nd Degree: Journalism 

Bachelor of Science 

Environmental Science 
and Policy 

Erik Marshall Beloff 
Taylor L. Keen 

2nd Major: Geography 
David William McLaughlin 

2nd Major: Government 

and Politics 
Jeffrey William Palmer 


Jamison Kiel Howard 
Cohn Michael Kercz 
Sybil Diane Linthicum 
2nd Degree: Sociology 


Sunjoo April Ahn 

2nd Degree: Computer Science 
Ahcia Renee Caffi 

Ehzabeth Kershner Clayton 
Aalap Shubhang Dave 
Isoke Salome DeLeon 
William Joseph KiUeen 
Royela Jungyeon Kim 
Kristin Ann Lederman 
Karen K. Machhli 
Rachel Beth Markus 
Erin Ehzabeth Meyer 
tSu Mi Park 
Benjamin S. Parsons 
Jasmin Elizabeth Paulson 

College of Computer, 
Mathematical and 
Physical Sciences 

Bachelor of Science 

Computer Science 

Sunjoo April Ahn 

2nd Degree: Psychology 
Wen Chao Chen 
Susie XiaoXi Cheung 
Robert Allan Darhng 
David A. Federman 
Tsega Semere Gebremichael 
Matthew Ross Gray 
Jermaine C. Hicks 
Christopher Adam Horn 
Daniel Soobong Hwang 
Jeffrey Anthony Israel 
Jared Adam Kanter 
Seung Heum Kim 
Eric Lingchao Liu 
Patrick Masterson 
Vinh X. Nguyen 
Garvi Devendra Pandya 
Chintan Pankaj Patel 
Artin Petrossian 
Howard Quach 
Matthew Edward Roberts 

Daniel Joseph Signorini 
2nd Major: Psychology 
David Richard Snider 
Ya-Huei Su 
Ryan Parker TurnbuU 
David Htoo Kyaw Win 
Seung HyunYoo 


Sarah Jean Kearsley 


Folajimi Oluwarotimi Ayodele 
Christine Marie Compton 

2nd Degree: Psychology 
Samira Ghazi-Tehrani 
Michael Allen Gill 
Megan Ehzabeth Gorham 
Nicholas Edward Gruendl 
Laura Janet Kettner 
Yang-Hyun Kim 
James Wilbur Lancaster III 

Steven Benjanun Resman 
Charles John Shook 
Andrew Wilson Snowden 
WiUiam Rene Waldron 
Ping Wang 

Physical Sciences 

Ethelbert Veree Bampoe-Addo 
Kenneth Vermilhon 


Matthew Richard Balkam 

SangTae Lim 

Adan Jacobo Pimentel 


§ Siimma cum Lttudc "j" Ma^na ctitn Ltindc * cum Laitde 


College of Education 

Bachelor of Arts 

Art Education 

Jennifer Lynn Pleva 

Secondary Education- 
Foreign Languages 

Isabel Castro 

2nd Major: French Language 

and Lileraiurc 
JCynthm Kay Nystrom 

Secondary Education- 
Social Studies 

Kristopher Andre JefFers 

Joseph Nicholas Sangillo 
2nd Degree: History 

Bachelor of Science 

Art Education 

Teresa Louise Luiicetord 

Elementary Education 

(Iregory Robert Panmski 

Secondary Education-Science 

Trisha Ann Spnngston 

2nd Major: Biological Sciences 

College of Health and 
Human Performance 

Bachelor of Science 

Family Studies 

Andrea Rachelle Butler 

Rachel Alexandra Chiartas 
Jennifer Margaret Davis 
'Elizabeth Kathryn Delgado 
Angel D. Dickerson 

Amy Marie Evans 
Kendria Denise Jackson 
tShoshana Bess Kaiser 

Miyako Kishimoto 
Riki Michelle Levin 
Deborah Lopez 
Dawn Maureen Scarlis 
Lindsay Michelle Scruggs 

Kinesiological Science 

Kelly Michelle Alexander 
Rebecca J. Bacon 
Elana Louise Barrett 
Karen Mane Crismond 
Kristina Lauren Davis 
Kimberley Amanda George- 
Dwayne Washington Hardware 
Julie Lynn Hodge 
Derek James Hoffrnan 
Celia Gail Jones 
Mark Curtis Kang 
Jennifer Kristen Kopecko 
Shanae Lenise Moody 
Brett John Sandor 
Taruna Devi Tiwan 

College of 
Life Sciences 

Bachelor of Science 


1 )arlene David 

Biological Sciences 

Tamieka-Nicole Armstrong 
Dara Ahmed Aziz 
Shoshana Rachel Bazian 
Marlies Eleana Beerli 
Carrie Choe 
Andra Noelle Doherty 

Deborah Jean Dressier 

Chinedu Iheanacho Ebonine 

Sara Maria Gonzalez 

Sarah Michelle iLill 

Omul Janloo 

Patrick Emerson Jones 

Christina S. Kary 

Sara Khan 

Zaofishan Khan 

Rajvi Jagatkumar Mehta 

Renney Eira Merchan 

Farzm Rashti 

Bradley Thurlow Schwarz 

Daniel J. Urban 

Brenda Faye Webb 


Daniel John Baniszewski 
Njuen Mandi Chendi 
♦Merle McKinley Dickerson 


Andrew Cruz Amparo 
Michelle Lyne White 

Philip Merrill 
College of Journalism 

Bachelor of Arts 


Lindsey Kenwood Anton 
Tim A. Donnelly 
Melissa Asliley House 
Kristie Hecyon Kim 
Sarah Ann Lim 
Amy Rebecca Lowe 
Casey Jill Marks 
Jill Marie Murphy 
Raegan Alexis Penn 
Akua Manubea Tav 

Elena Del Carmen Valenzuela 

2nd Major: Criniitwiogy 

and Criminal Justice 
Amy EHzabeth Vo 
Bryna Zumer 

2nd Degree: Sociology 

School of Architecture, 
Planning, and 

Bachelor of Science 


Jonathan James Catania 
Catherine Elizabeth Chakola 
Jacob Randall Day 
Jennifer Ehzabeth Day 
Chelsea Lynn Dean 
Anne Marie Everly 
C'athenne Lame Kochanski 
Saniantha Beth Polinik 
Michael Lamar Rayburn 
Andrew Carey Suljak 
Jacob Hadley Zager 
Patrick Troy Zimmerman 

Robert H. Smith 
School of Business 

Bachelor of Science 


Josiane Mane-Ange Alagbe 
Darryl Wayne Bass 
Mark Anthony Ferrante 
Regme Gnago 
Ana Lizeth Gonzalez 
David Charles Gordon 

2nd Degree: Finance 
Linda My Tien Hang 

2nd Degree: Finance 

^ Summa cum Laudc "f Xtagna turn Ltiiidc * aim Utttdc 



®ianaV. Ludet 

Lauren Kathleen Miglionm 

Meenakshi Mukherjee 

Cierra LaToya Amanda Neville 

Erick Martin Rivas 

Melanie Leigh Sferra 



Natasha Ahuja 

2rid Major: Genera] Bmiiiess 
Mark Willem Bakker 

2nd Major: General Business 
*Jason Seth Brager 
Catherine Ray Cantave 
Christine Hsunsheng Chiang 
Adam Martm Chudy-Scheible 
Marshall Patrick Combs 

2nd Major: General Business 
Ndeye Aissatou Faye 

2nd Major: General Business 
WiUiam Barker French III 
David Charles Gordon 

2nd Degree: Aaounting 
Stephen Dean HaUock 
Linda My Tien Hang 

2nd Degree: Accounting 
Sevan Khatchtoorian 
Jeffirey Phihp Klaess 
Amit Maini 

2nd Major: General Business 
Shamin P. Mehta 

2nd Major: Accounting 
Jin Woo Park 
Kathy Lynn Ray 
Matthew Charles Roberts 
Justin Andrew Talesnick 
*Oscar Hernan Tovar-Argueta 

2nd Degree: History 
Alan Vinh Truong 

David Colm Walshe 
Joshua Fredric Wishnick 

General Business 

Mariana Arce 
Sharif Shakib Aridi 
Phihp Colwell Bohaker 
Michael Keun-Ho Cooper 
Nicole Denise Gordon 
Neelam Gulati 
Jennine Mildred Jefferson 
Sang Young Kim 
Sajjad Hussain Malik 
Farah Moiduddin 

2nd Major: Management 

Science and Statistics 

3rd Major: Logistics, Transportatio 

and Supply Chain Management 
Jason Keoni Motoshige 
Milica Nacev 

2nd Major: Logistics, 

Transportation and Supply 

Chain Management 
Balaram Aiki Owens 
Roderick Ros 
Harshita Shahdadpuri 
Sarika Singh 

2nd Major: Logistics, 

Transportation and Supply 

Chain Management 

Human Resource 

David Lawrence Watt 

Information Systems 

Sam W. Chin 
Jatin Kumar Gola 
Daniel Lee Goodwin 
Naqa Tom-Mane Hylton 

Sundeep Singh 
Behailu Zerihun 

2nd Major: Accounting 

Logistics, Transportation and 
Supply Chain Management 

Varun Kohh 

2nd Major: General Business 
Carmen Margarita Menendez 

2nd Major: Accounting 

Management Science 
and Statistics 

Ki Hyun Kim 


Carrie Elizabeth Boggs 
Shanonpreet Kaur Brar 
EUiot Benjamin Brick 
Latoya Ehse Brown 
Leah Merrill Clark 
Nelson Jose Columbano 
Kelly Anne Coppedge 
Christopher Henson Jones 
Samra Kasim 

2nd Degree: Art History 
Rizwan Lakhani 

2nd Major: Logistics, 

Transportation and Supply 

Chain Management 
Jason WiUiam Letkiewicz 
Michael Joseph Lombardi 
Bindi Nanavati 
Justin Gregory Praske 
Steven Regitsky-Xerri 
Erik Edward Reid 
Mohamed Basiru Olawole Savage 
Daniel Lawrence Tanner 
Zena Michele Thomas 

Undergraduate Studies 

Bachelor of Arts 

Individual Studies 

Shai Fierst 

Ramsey E. Haver-Dieter 

tAlanna Jane Pearl 

Bachelor of Science 

Individual Studies 

Oluwamodupe Fumike Akinuh 
Alfred Norris Godfrey 
Carlos Luceno 
Alexis Michelle Rourk 

Certificate Programs 

African American Studies 

Tiflany M. Edwards 

Mohamed Basiru Olawole Savage 

Asian American Studies 

AUeii C. Chung 
Sokhan Min 

Latin American Studies 

Alvaro Hernan Rincon-Camacho 


! Summa cum Laudc \ Magna cum Lauiic * cum Laude 


Doctor of Philosophy 

Rosclyn A. Abbiw-Jackson 

Discrete Optimizatioti Moiick in Data I 'isuatization Applied Mathematics and 
Scientific Computation 

Traci B. Abbott • English Language and Literature 

Tiu- Futnx l-lappcr: A Way of Readinf^ Race and l-cntalc Desire in tlie Novels 
of Larscn, HiirsI, Hurston, and Cather 

Jawad Y. Al-Khal • Mathematics 

.Wii' Examples of S-i'ninwdal Maps with a Si^ma-Finite Absolutely 
Contiinwus Invariant Measure 

David R. Andersen • Government and Politics 

Foreign Policy Decision-Making and I 'iolent Non-State Actors 

Marcos F. Andrade Flores • Meteorology 

Stratospheric Ozone Trends as Dcterniined hy Regime Analysis: 
Tlie Southern Hemisphere 

Maria A. Aronova • Physics 

Combinatiorial Investigation of Magnetic Materials 

Musaid A. Assaf • Civil Engineering 

Effects of Soil Cross-Sectional Modeling on the Site Design Spectra and 
Fundamental Period 

Leslie J. Atkins • Physics 

Analogies as Categorization Phenomena: Studies from Scientific Discourse 

Meghana Ayyagari • Business and Management 

International Corporate C,overnancc:A Study of Compleinentaries 
and Convergence 

Lisa M. Baker • Psychology 

Biopsychosocial Model of Work Adjustment in Persons Living irif/i Hll ' 

Jinsong Bao • Aerospace Engineering 

Development of Mach Scale Rotors with Composite Tailored Couplings for 
I 'ihration Reduction 

Richard D. Bartleson • Marine, Estuarine, and Environmental 

Interactions of Seagrass Beds and the Hater Column: Effects of Bed Size 
and Hydrodynamics 

Samuel Bauman • Counseling and Personnel Services 

Parents oj Children with Mental Retardation: Coping Mechanisms and 
Support Needs 

Alicia L. Benn • Counseling and Personnel Services 

Communities of Practice: Study of One School's First Year of Implementation of a 
New Problem -Solving Model 

Millicent L. Bentley-Memon • Education Policy, Planning, and 

Slate Policies and Classroom Practice: Adapting Instruction for English 
Language Learners 

Brian K. Bergen-Aurand • Comparative Literature 

Seeing and the Seen: Post-Phenonienological Etltics and the Cinema 

Abigail A. Bickley • Chemistry 

Charged Antiparticle to Particle Rations Near Midrapidity in d+Aii and p+p 
Collisions at si]rl(s_NN) = 200 Gel' 

Steven A. Blahut • Measurement, Statistics and Evaluation 

Latent Class Logistic Regression with Complex Sample Survey Data 

Jennifer R. Boyle • Public and Community Health 

The Influence of Parental Communication About the Negative Effects of Alcohol 
on College Students' Alcohol Use 

James Bretz • Cell Biology and Molecular Genetics 

Pseudomonas Syringae Pathogenesis: Regulation of Type III Secretion 
Identification of a Secreted Effector 

Patrick H. Brown • Chemistry 

A 'Thermodynamic Investigation into the Allosteric Activation Mechanism of tiie 
Biotin Repressor 

David P. Burns • Mass Communication 

Building the Stained Class Prisnu'Ilie Development of the Polish Catholic 
Church's Electronic Media Properties 1989-200.i 

Lisa M. Burns • Communication 

First Ladies as Political Women: Press Framing of Presidential II Vi'«, 

Stephen D. Cain • Curriculum and Instruction 

Using Comprehension Strategics with Authentic Text in a College 
Chemistry Course 



Regina Carlow • Curriculum and Instruction 

Heanitg Ollu-rs'\bia'i:Aii ExplorMioti of the Musidil Experiences of Immigrant 
Students Wlxo Sing in High School Choir 

Ying Chen • Marine, Estuarine, and Environmental Sciences 

Sources and Fate of Atmospheric Nutrients Over the Remote Oceans and 
Their Role on Controlling Marine Diazotrophic Microorganisms 

Barbara L. Chorzempa • Special Education 

Instruction Provided to Students of Different Abilities in a H'ithin-Class Setting 

I-Hsin Chung • Computer Science 

Towards Automatic Performance Tuning 

Sungeun Chung • Communication 

TIte Cognitive Dynamics of Beliefs :Tlie Role of Discrepancy, Credibility, and 
Involvement on Microprocesses of Judgment 

Gabriela V. Cohen Freue • Mathematical Statistics 

On Robustness in Some Extended Regression Models 

Caleb A. Corkery • Enghsh Language and Literature 

Narrative and Personal Literacy: Developing a Pedagogy of Confidence Building 
for the Writing Classroom 

Cesar Costantino • Economics 

Tliree Essays on lertical Product Differentiation: Exclusivity, Non-exchisivity 
and Advertising 

Michael J. Crowley • Psychology 

Subtyping Boys with Conduct Problems: Categorical and Dintciisional 
Approaches with Mulil-Modal Assessment of Psychophysiology and Behavior 

Liyang Dai • Engineering Materials 

Elasticity in Ferromagiielic Slnipv Memory Alloys 

Anubhav Datta • Aerospace Engineering 

Fundamental Understanding, Prediction and Vahdation of Rotor \ 'ibratory Dyads 
in Steady-Level Flight 

Allan E. David • Chemical Engineering 

Inmiobili:atiou oj Enzymes on Nanoporoiis, Siliia Composites 

Carmen A. De Armas- Valdes • Counseling and 
Personnel Services 

Contributing Factors to Resilience in Relapsing-Remilting Multiple Sclerosis 

Michael A. Deeds • Mechanical Engineering 

Qualification of Metallized Optical Fiber Connections for Chip-Level 
MEMS Packaging 

Christopher A. Desjardins • Entomology 

Systcmatics of Diparinae (Hyincnoptera:Pteromalidae) andTlieir Position Within 
the Broader Context of Pteromalid Pliylogeny 

Dante D. Di Gregorio • Business and Managetnent 

Human Capital, Social Capital, and Executive Compensation: How Does the 
Slice of Pic Executives Appropriate Compare to HliatTliey Bring to the Table? 

Ricardo H. Diaz • Aerospace Engineering 

.-1 Critical Evaluation of Oiie-Equalion Near- WairHirbuleiice Models and 
Development of a New Model 

Habiba Djebbari • Agricultural and Resource Economics 

Public Inlerveiuion and Household Behavior 

Daniel B. Dougherty • Physics 

Experimental Studies of Fluctuations and Transport at Solid Surfaces 

Michael J. Dowgiallo • Marine, Estuarine, and Environmental 

Patterns in Diversity and Distribution of Benthic Molluscs Along a Depth 
Gradient in the Baliamas 

Emmanuel C. Ejiogu • Sociology 

T7ie Roots of Political Instability Amongst Indigenous Nationalities and in the 
"Nigerian" Supra-Natioiial Slate, ] 88-1-1 990: A Dingitudinal and Compara- 
tive Historical Study 

Mounya Elhilali • Electrical Engineering 

Neural Basis and Computational Strategies for Auditory Processing 

Matthew E. Elliott • English Language and Literature 

Erasure and Reform: D's Angeles Literature and the Reconstruction of the Past 

Okan Esenturk • Chemistry 

Molecular Structure and Surface Organization: A Study of Liquid/ I'apor 
Interfaces Using Newly Developed Sun Frequency Methods 

Marat FayzuUin • Computer Science 

Algebraic Multimedia :Tlieory and Implementation 

Mark Flanegan • Electrical Engineering 

Remote Sensing Frequency Modulation Spectroscopy 



Ana M. Franco-Watkins • Psychology 

Exmininiig Group and Iiittn'uhtjl Approihiia to Stmicgy Use in 
Frequency Judgments 

Rona M. Frederick • Curriculum and Instruction 

7r.»i.(/or»i.ifii'c Black Teachcrf and Tlictr Use of Computer Technology in 
I 'rban Schools 

Michael G. Frisk • Marine, Estuarine, and Environmental Sciences 

Biology, Life History and Conseri'alion of Elasmobranchs with an Emphasis on 
Western Atlantic Skates 

Angela K. Frusciante • Education Policy, Planning, and 

An Analytic Case Study of the Evaluation Reports of a Comprehensive 
Commuinty Initiative 

Zongming Fu • Molecular and Cell Biology 

Comparamv I'rotcomus Sitidics of Soluble S'uilear Proteins of Drug Susceptible 
and Resistant Human Breast Cancer MCF-7 Cells 

Amitava Gangopadhyay • Geology 

A Petrologic. Gcochemical and Osmium Isotopic Study of Selected 
Precambrian Komatities 

Sharyn D. Gardner • Business and Management 

Understanding Dynamic Capabilities at the Suhunit Level: Operational Flexibihty 
and the Crucial Role of Organization Design and Information Sliaritig 

Eva M. George • American Studies 

"Hungry to See Ourseh'es Rijlected": Identity, Representation and Black 
Female Spectatorship 

Marc Gervais • Aerospace Engineering 

Tiltrotor \oise Reduction Through Flight Trajector)' Management and 
Configuration Control 

Mohammadreza Gharavi • Mechanical Engineering 

Infrared Optical Sensor for Combustion Diagnostics Using Wavelength 
Modulation Spectroscopy 

Ramon Gomez-Ledesma • Mechanical Engineering 

An Experimental Investigation on the Air Entramment by Plunging Jets 

Debra L. Goulden • Education Policy, Planning, 
and Administration 

77IC Terrain of the Self and the Other: A Phenomcnological Study of Animals as 
Cartographic Teachers and Healers 

Nikolay K. Gueorguiev • Economics 

Essays on Exchange- Rate- Based Stabilization Under Fiscal Constraints 

Sarah E. Hall • Aerospace Engineering 

Model Following Control Strategies and Human hilcrface lechiuqucs for the 
Treatment of Time Delay During Telcopcration 

Zennia D. Hancock • Spanish Language and Literature 

Tlie Spanish Sha!ira:ad and her I:ntourage:Tlie Pou>ers oj Storytelhng Women 
in Libro dc Los Enganos dc Lis Mujeres 

Xuejun Hao • Computer Science 

Efficient Geometry and Illumination Representations for Interactive 
Protein I 'isualizatioii 

Linnea M. Hasegawa • English Language and Literature 

Articulating Identities: Rhetorical Readings of Asian American 
Literacy Narratives 

Nancy A. Heiser • Psychology 

Differentiating Social Phobia from Shyness 

Davin E. Henrikson • Marine, Estuarine, and 
Environmental Sciences 

Molecular and Functional Characterization of a 15 KDA Galcctin from Striped 
Bass (Morone Saxatilis) 

Michael B. Howard • Cell Biology and Molecular Genetics 

Complex Polysaccharide Degradation by Microbulbifer Degradans Strain 2-40: 
Studies of the Cliitinolylic System and Carhohydrase Architecture 

Kevin L. Jessar • English Language and Literature 

"I Speak of Fiercely Contested 'lliings": William Carlos \i'illiams, Democracy, 
and the Aesthetics of a "Usable Past" 

Xiaoping Jiang • Mathematical Statistics 

Nonparametric Quasi-likehhood in Longitudinal Data Analysis 

Amit Juneja • Electrical Engineering 

Speech Recognition Based on I'hoiietic Features and Acoustic Liindmarks 



Virginia L. Kalb • Applied Mathematics and 
Scientific Computation 

Low- Dimensional Moiich for Fbiid Flow 

John E. Kaminski • Natural Resource Sciences 

Biology of Ophiosphaerella Agrostis, Epidemiology oj Dead Spot, and a 
Mokcnlar Description of the Pathogen 

Joshua Karant • Government and Politics 

.•4 Peculiar Faith: Navigating Rousseau's Road to Democratic Virtue 

Kenneth G. Karol • Plant Biology 

Phylogenetic Studies of the Charalcs : Ttie Closest Living Relatives of 
Lmd Plants 

Dongkeun Kim • Electrical Engineering 

Compiler- Based Pre- Execution 

Eun H. Kim • Marine, Estuarine, and Environmental Sciences 

77if Importance of Physical Mixing and Sediment Chemistry in Mercury 
and Mcthylmercury Biogeochemical Cycling and Bioaccumtilation within 
Shallow Estuaries 

Jennie H. Kim • Human Development 

Korean American Children's Evaluations of Parental Gender Expectations of 
Children's Gender-Related Peer Activities 

Ivan V. Komarov • Economics 

No Cash and No Purse: Explaining Non-Monetary Trade in Russia in 
the 1990s 

Elizabeth Kopits • Economics 

Traffic Facilities and Econonnc Growth Economics 

Matthew C. Kostek • Kinesiology 

Insulin-Like Growth Factor 1 Genotype Influences Muscle Strength Response to 
Strength Training in Older Adults 

Egor A. Kraev • Policy Studies 

Towards Adequate Analysis and Modeling of Structural Adjustment Progratns: 
An Analytical Framework with Application to Ghana 

Angela A. Kurtz • History 

Rise of the Cult of Will: Ethics and the Search for Meaning in Germany, 

Andres Kwasinski • Electrical Engineering 

Cross-Layer Resource Allocation Protocols for Multimedia CDAL4 Networks 

Heidi L. Laudien • English Language and Literature 

Ladies oj the Shade:The Pastoral Poetry of Apthra Bchn.Anne Finch, and 
Elizabeth Singer Rowe 

Hadley M. Lawler • Physics 

Ab Initio Liittice Dynamics and Infrared Dielectric Response 

Sunghee Lee • Survey Methodology 

Statistical Estimation Methods in \bluntcer Panel Web Surveys 

JeflErey G. Lewis • Policy Studies 

Minimum Means of Reprisal: China's Search for Security in the Nuclear Age 

Bin Li • Reliability Engineering 

Integrating Software into PR.-i (Probahilislic Risk Assessment) 

Lisa C. Li • Psychology 

77if Contributions of Participant Asian Values Adherence, Counselor 
Acknowledgement and Processing of Racial Differences, and Counselor Cultural 
Values Expression, to the Prediction of Perceptions if Counselor Effectiveness 

Ning Li • Mechanical Engineering 

Piisjii't' Scalar Dispersion in a Turbulent Mixing Liiyer 

Yun Li • Electrical Engineering 

Physical Layer Issues And Cross-Layer Design in Wireless Networks 

Kexue Liu • Applied Mathematics and Scientific Computation 

Nonlinear Evolutionary PDEs in Image Processing and Computer Vision 

Xuefeng Liu • Electrical Engineering 

A Study of Optical Properties and Current Emission Processes of Gas Phase 
Field Ionization Sources 

Yuan Ma • Electrical Engineering 

Optimal MEMS Plate Design and Control for Large Cliannel Count 
Optical Switches 

Virginia S. Major • Psychology 

Pregnancy in the Workplace: Stigmatization and Work Identity Management 
Among Pregnant Employees 

Elizabeth L. Malone • Sociology 

Rhetorical Analysis of Arguments Made in the Climate Change Debate: 
Argument Families and Social Network Links as Potential Bases for Agreement 

Jeremy H. Manson • Computer Science 

Tlte Java Memory Model 



Barbara A. Marinak • Curriculum and Instruction 

T/ic Effcils of RfivarJ Proxiiitiiy mid Clwuc oj Reward on the Readings 
Motivation ofTliird-Crade Student^ 

James J. Marshall • Astronomy 

A Large Survey for Very Low Surface Brightness Galaxies 

Joseph Matanoski • Marine, Estuarine, and Environmental Sciences 

77ic Behai'ior of the ScyphoiiieduSi2C ClirYsaora Qmnqucarrha and Aureha 
Aurila and Its Ecological Importance 

Clarissa R. Mathews • Entomology 

Role of Peach {Pninus Persica (L.) Balcsh] Extrafloral Nectaries in Mediating 
Satural Hnemy-IIerhivorc Interactions 

David M. Mayer • Psychology 

Are You In or Out? A Group-Level Examination of the Effects oj LMX on 
Justice and Customer Satisfaction 

Claudia E. Mcndez • Spanish Language and Literature 

Alfonsina Storni:Anahsis y Contextuahzaaon Del Esttlo Impreshnnsta 
En Sus Cronicas 

Todd R. Miller • Marine, Estuarine, and Environmental Sciences 

SuHmmingfor Sulfur: Analysis of the Roseohacter Dinoflagellate Interaction 

Judy W. Moore • Curriculum and Instruction 

Music Education in Prince George's County, Maryland, From 1950 to 1992: 
An Oral History Account of Three Prominent Music Educators and Tlieir Times 

Susan A. Moran • Special Education 

Self- Monitoring of Attention Versus Self-Moniloring of Performance with 
Second-Grade Journal H'riting:A Comparison of Two Techniques 

Claire L. Morgan • Goveriunent and Politics 

Liberty for Individuality 

Melanie J. Moses • Chemistry 

Synthesis and Characterization of Binary Clusters to Controllable Binary 
Nanopartictcs "Ilie Xeu' Rote of Zinti Anions" 

Ileana C. Musat • Meteorology 

Short Term Variability ofAtomospheric Extinction During the Sight, Under 
Clear-Sky Conditions, Investigated by Broadband Stellar Photometry 

Maung S. Myint • Veterinary Medical Sciences 

Epidemiology of Salmonella Contamination of Poultry Meal Products: 
Knowledge Gaps in the Farm To Store Products 

Nicole Nestoriak • Economics 

Labor A/.iii'cr Skill, h'irins and Workers 

Brett W. Neuberger • Engineering Materials 

Dynamics of Near-Alpha Titanium Welding 

Carla S. Neuberger • Chemistry 

Arsenic(III) Speciation in Sulfulic and Carbonate Containing Waters: 
Thioarsenites as Ligands for Ag(I), Pb(II) and Hg(II) 

Jan K. Neumann • Coinputer Science 

Camera Design in the Space of Light 

Sathaporn Opasanon • Civil Engineering 

On Finding Paths and Flows in Multicriteria, Stochastic and 
Time- 1 arying Networks 

Kathleen C. Perencevich • Human Development 

Tlie Associations of Autonomy Support and Conceptual Press with Engaged 
Reading and Conceptual D'arning From Text 

Joseph A. Phillips • Physics 

FornniLition of Free Higher Spin Supersymmetric Theories in Superspace 

Timothy J. Pleskac • Psychology 

Evaluating Cognitive Seijiiential Risk Taking Modek: Manipulations of the 
Stochastic Process 

Rosimeiry G. Portela • Marine, Estuarine, and Environmental 

Integrated Ecological Economic Modeling of Ecosystem Services from the Brazilian 
Amazon Rainforest 

Amir M. Rahbar • Biochemistry 

Protcoiiiic Analysis of Plasma Membrane Proteins from Drug Susceptible and 
Drug Resistant Breast Cancer Cell Lines 

Manikandan Ramasamy • Aerospace Engineering 

Contributions to the Measurement and Analysis oj Helicopter Blade Tip Vortices 

Brandy L. Rapatski • Applied Mathematics and Scientific 

77ie Non-LinearTransmission Dynamics of HIV/AIDS 

Carinne A. Raymond • Natural Resource Sciences 

Factors Affecting Media pH and Nutrient I 'ptakc in Geraniums 



Brian D. Richmond • Public and Community Health 

(.'.u- of Compkmetiiiiry Litid AticriiLHirc Mciliaiif Aiiioiii; L'nii'crsiry Students 

Beatrice F. Roget • Aerospace Engineering 

Individual Blade Control for \ 'ibration Reduction of a Helicopter witli 
Dissimilar Blades 

Donna L. Rowc • American Studies 

From the Inside Oiif.W'oincn Writers Behind Prison Walls 

Theodores Salonidis • Electrical Engineering 

Distributed Topology Orgatiizatioti and Transmission Scheduling in Wireless 
Ad Hoc Setworks 

Jun Shen • Mechanical Engineering 

A Grid-Free LMgrangiaii Dilatation Element Method with Application to 
Compressible Flou' 

Glenn D. Sheriff • Agricultural and Resource Economics 

A Least-Cost Mechanism to Achieve Agricultural Income and Conservation 
Targets Under Asymmetric Information 

Woodrow L. Shew • Physics 

Liquid Sodium Model of Earth's Outer Core 

Zhen Shi • Mechanical Engineering 

Optimization of Test /Diagnosis / Rework Location(s) and Characteristics in 
Electronic Systems Assembly 

Jason A. Shockey • Molecular and Cell Biology 

Upstream Events in Ethylene Signal Transduction in Arabidopsis 

Amir H. Shoushtari • Mechanical Engineering 

Experimental And Computational Analysis of a Mesc Pump For Spot 
Cooling Applications 

Haiyan Shui • Economics 

Time Inconsistency in the Credit Card Market 

Jeflfrey R. Simpson • Physics 

Optral Properties of Magnetic Transition Metal Oxides 

Pameet Singh • Mechanical Engineering 

Forecasting Technology Insertion Concurrent with Design Refresh Planning For 
Cots-Based Obsolescence Sensitive Sustainment-Dominated Systems 

Jayashree Sitaraman • Molecular and Cell Biology 

Functional Analysis oj Tliree Arabidopsis Transcriptional Co-repressors Linking 
Floral Regulators to A BA Hormone Signaling 

Rita P. Smith • Counseling and Personnel Services 

An Exploration of Counselors' Perceptions of Spirituality 

Jennifer W. Solomon • English Language and Literature 

Tlie Body Made Visible: Scientific Practices of Seeing and Literary Naturalism 

Mark J. Stout • Curriculum and Instruction 

Students as Historical Detectives: The Effects of an Inquiry Approach on Middle 
School Students' Understanding of Historical Ideas and Concepts 

Frederick W. Strauch • Physics 

Tlieory of Superconducting Phase Orbits 

Satheesh K. Sundararajan • Civ41 Engineering 

Project Peiformance Based Optimal Capital Structure for Privately Financed 
Infrastructure Projects 

Minjung Sung • Comtnunication 

Toward a Model of Strategic Management of Public Relations: Scenario Building 
from a Public Relations Perspective 

Brett F. Taubman • Chemistry 

Airborne Charactert:aiion of Regional Aerosol Origins and Optical Properties 

Kari E.Tervo • Psychology 

Neuropsychological Characteristics of Putative Schizolypes:A Comparative Study 

Primrose P. Tishman • Government and Politics 

Tlie Rote of Religion in Alexis de Tocqueville's Democracy in America 

Amit Trehan • Mathematics 

Lifting of Characters and Ftiiutions on Metaplectic Groups 

Scott J. Tumey • Chemistry 

A Gas-Injection Negative Ion Source for Accelerator Mass Spectrometry 

Crystal Tyler • Family Studies 

Role of Maternal Social Support and Church Attendatice in Moderating the 
Relationship Between Maternal Depression and African American Preschoolers' 
Behavior Problems 

Youngsoon Um • Chemical Engineering 

Isolation and Characterization of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon-Degrading 
Microorganisms Under Methatiogenic Conditions 

Ranjani Varadan • Biochemistry 

NMR Studies of Polyuhiquitin Chains: Insights into Structural Basis of 

Functional Diversity 



CaroljTi P.Veiga • Human Development 

Qisf Sludiii oj Rcsiliail Retunwig Homcii of African Descent in a RN to 
BSN Completion Program 

Amanda W. Vemuri • Marine, Estuarine, and Environmental 

77ic- Ci)M(n()ii(iii» of Natural Capital to Qnality of Life: A Multifcalc Analysis 
at the County, Region, and Global Scales 

Nikolaus H.Volgenau • Astronomy 

Turbulence in Star Formation : Tracing the Velocity Fields of Dense Cores 

Chunxin Wang • Cell Biology and Molecular Genetics 

Fiitictioiiat Analyses oj Arabidopsis Ribonucleotide Reductase Small Sulnitiit 
Gene Family 

Jianlci Wang • Biochemistry 

Purification and Characterization of the recD Protein - Homilogue from 
Deinococcus radiodurans 

Shengchun Wang • Agronomy 

Efficiency and Ecological Risks of Reducing Soil pH During I'lilaspi caendescens 
Phytoextraction of Cadmium and Zinc 

Linda M.Wasiczko • Electrical Engineering 

Techniques to Mitigate the'ccts ofAtinospheru Turbulence on Free Space 
Optical Commtmication Links 

Laura Weingarten • Spanish Language and Literature 

Homelands in Exile: Three Comtemporary Litin American II omen Writers 
Embody the Written Word 

Carol S.Whitney • Neurosciences and Cognitive Sciences 

Investigations into the Neural Basis of Structured Representations 

Kimberly Wilmot Voss • Mass Cottununication 

Redefining Hoiiifirs News: A Case Study of 'Three Women's Page Editors and 
llieir Framing of the Women's Movement 

Huizhong Xu • Physics 

Quantum Computing with Josephson Junction Circuits 

Ju-Yi J.Ycn • Applied Mathematics and Scientific Computation 

Multivariate Levy Processes for Financial Returns 

Larry T.Younkins • Electrical Engineering 

On the Performance of Multi-Antenna Techniques for Spatially and Temporally 
Correlated Wireless Channels 

Fumin Zhang • Electrical Engineering 

Geometric Cooperative Control Of Formations 

Hong Zhao • Electrical Engineering 

Multimedia Fingerprinting for Multiuser Forensics and Security 

Tong Zhao • Chemical Physics 

Morphological Instabilities and Step Pattern Formation on Vicinal Surfaces 

Junjie Zhu • Physics 

Direct Measurement of the W Boson Decay Width in Proton-Antiproton 
Collisions at sqrt(s)=I.96TeV 

Wei Zhu • Civil Engineering 

Tlicrnuil Generation Asset I iiluation Problems in a Competitive Market 

Irene M. Zoppi • Education Policy, Planning, and Administration 

Tlie Relationship of Self Perceived Leadership Style and Acculturation of Latino 
Women Officers in the U.S. Army 

Doctor of Education 

Allan D. Arbogast • Education Policy, Planning, and 

Supporting Professional Development in an Era of Accountability: 
The Elementary School Principal Perspective 

David W. Thomas • Education Policy, Planning, and 

Perceived Cluillcnges of High-Stakes Assessments to High School Career and 

Technology Education Programs 

Doctor of Musical Arts 

Jiwoong Chung • Music 

Tree of Life for Orchestra 

Silvana Suarez Santinelli • Music 

.Most Representative Piano Works by .Mexican Composer Rodolfo Halfftcr 

Kristian M. IVvottibly • Music 

Play I - (III) 

Octavio Vazquez Rodriguez • Music 

"Hermes," Original Music for Symphony Orchestra 

Stephen K. Wilber • Music 

Tlxe Beethoven Tradition 



Master of Applied 

Katarzyna Agiiieszka Zebrak 

Master of Architecture 

Oluniide Oseyemi Akinsade 
Carol Diahann Bandy 
Laura Jane DeHart 
David Marias Fenchel 
Susan Elizabeth Gibson 
EHzabeth Kramer Golumbeck 
Noah Zvi Harburger 
Seonhee Kim 

Nicolas Frederic Mansperger 
Tracy Ann Marquis 
B. Alexander Martin 
Milan Virendra Mehta 
Kathleen Coleman O'Hearn 
Christopher Jon Pundzak 
Bradford Lee Reed 
Framindhany Elvie Dewandrie 

Vanessa QuinnVap 

Master of 
Master of Community 
Planning Combined 

Patricia Rosa Codina 
Matthew James Fitzsimmons 

Master of Arts 

American Studies 

Jessica Anne Karmenzind 

Art History 

Vivien Ta-Ying Chen 
Phoebe Isabelle Esmon 
Jason David LaFountain 
EHzabeth Nash 
Stephanie LeeTadlock 
Jonathan Frederick Walz 


Julie Wan Tsen Chung 
Saihanjula He 
Erica Jane Lamm 
Meghan O'Shaughnessy 
Baiba Petersone 

Comparative Literature 

Fatima Ghoulaichi 
Xuan Xu 

Counseling and 
Personnel Services 

Ahsa Joy Ades 
Katonya Bendey-Anderson 
Joseph Kevin Carrico 
Scott Alexander Harris 
Linda Mika Mende 
Nancy M. Merfeld 
Shannon Lee Moseley 
Lynette Jo Walters Ojeda 
Claudette Lynn Pridgen 
Hung-Bm Sheu 
Jennifer Jackson Stewart 
Kristina Roseanna Wallace 
Juha S.Wessels 

Criminal Justice 

Langzi Chen 
Xiao Chen 
Yuan Chen 
Haiping Cui 
Gang Ding 

Shaowei Ding 

Jie Gao 

Shan Gao 

Lin Huang 

Huiqin Jiang 


Kellie Lyniie Johnson 

Ping Li 

Ying Li 

Zhen Liu 

Bingyi Lv 

Yadong Lv 

Peiqing Mao 

Changqing Qi 

Haoniing She 

Lixin Shen 

Juan Tao 

Lin Tian 


Haitao Wu 


Songyan Wu 

Ziwen Xiao 

Juan Xu 

Xiao-Xia Xu 

Lei Yang 

Ping Ying 

Yirong Zhang 

Zhiquan Zhang 

Hui Zhou 

Criminology and 
Criminal Justice 

Abraham BenMoshe 
Sara Linn Betsinger 
Megan Ann Canigiani 
Amanda Brown Cross 
Jan Evelyn Davis 
Joshua Conard Hinkle 
Michelle L. Howe 
Michael Bryan Kunz 

Gary Mitcheal Locust, Jr. 
Amanda S. LoCicero 
Lori Anderson McGee 
Erin Anderson Orrick 
Heidi Monica Powell 
Gina Ann Rasmussen 
MeHssa Kate Reimer 
Natahe Mane Schell 
Jeffrey Michael Severino 
Jaclyn Daniie Smith 
April Dawn WaU 

Curriculum and Instruction 

Matty M.W. Lau 
Yu-Jean Wang 



Christian Daude 
Ceyhun Bora Durdu 
Matthew Louis Freedman 
Theodora B. Galabova 
Xiaohui Hao 
Jeremy Tyler Harris 
Scott Andrew Imberman 
Nmg Jiang 
Yi Jiang 
Lixing Li 

Randeep Rathindran 
GuiUermo Javier Vuletm 
Yang Zhou 

Education Leadership 
and Policy Studies 

lanet Tolulope Awokoya 
Kristine Bell Dennard 
Nam Ryoung Koh 
Shasha Yolande Lowe 
Yu Zhang 



Education Policy, Planning 
and Administration 

l.iza Estelle Briggs 
Lee Ellen Harper 

English Language 
and Literature 

Taurus Buck Brown 
Amy T. Karp 
j.iniie Patrice Massey 
Koopa Siikuinaran 
Laura Canulle Williams 


Federico Banuelos 

Francisco Javier Bethencourt 

Diego Jess Bosquet 

Luis Miguel dos Santos Clemente 


Tinuade Omolade Adeboya 
Marzio Luca Dellagnello 
Betty Hunt 
Ellen White Jasinski 
Eric Mors Nielsen 
Patricia Lynne Stewart 
Wendy Lynn Zeller 

Government and Politics 

Bidisha Biswas 
Guy Ziv 

Hearing and Speech Sciences 

Jenny Patricia Anas 
Lindsay Jo-Anne Wilson 


Derek R. Gaines 
Anthony Glocke 
Jedediah Jacobsen Gray 
Michael Robert Keane 

Andrew Wiyne Means 
Daniel Aaron Rubin 
Todd Brandon Sauer 
Nicholas Joseph Schlosser 
Jackson N.Turner 

Human Development 

Mary Lou Kitchen 

Myriah Koledin 

Daniel Charles Moos 

Idaia Maribcl Prcstol-Donunguez 

Margro Anne Purple 


Elizabeth Ann Cogan 
Alfred Robert Hogan 


Jay D. Cloklstein 
Brennan Terrence Harmon 
Amanda Janel Harne 
Stephen June Kim 
Jason Alexander Melnyk 
Robert Wayne Harris Price 
Ryan E. White 

Mathematical Statistics 

Yuming Zhang 


Abdelkrim Bourouihiya 
Maria V. Checa 
Corey Matthew Gonzalez 
Matthew James Konicki 
Clinton Earl McKay 
Aaron Munir Qurcshi 
Patricia Joyce Wallace 

Measurement, Statistics 
and Evaluation 

Tia Mane Corliss 


Vashti Diane Gray 
Jason Charles McCool 
Rebecca Ehzabeth Moore 
Jason Paul 


Susan Marie Bilek 
Craig E. Derksen 
Dwaine Martin Grove 
Jennifer Renee Runnels 
Eugene I. Russo 
Jason Richard Sheppard 


Edwin Louis Bercaw 
Rachel Amanda Frcidus 
Scott Paul Leary 
Lisa M. Sanchez 
Jessica Vogel Stahl 


Thomas James Bern 
Mehmet Murat Celebioglu 
Cecily Davina Darden 
Karolyn P. Eworo-Enfumo 
Marcela Fabiana Gonzalez 
Keeley Aureha McGiIl 
Tracy Elizabeth Roberts 
Melissa N. Scopilliti 
Michael D. Shaffer 

Spanish Language 
and Literature 

Gustavo Fierros 
Hector Arturo Guzman 


Casey Dean Kaleba 

Women's Studies 

Na Young Lee 

Master of Arts/ 
Master of Library 
Science Combined 

Geography /Library 

and Information Services 

Kathleen P. Stroud 

History/Library and 
Information Services 

Ariel Jacob Segal 

Master of Business 
and Manageinent/ 
Master of Public 
Policy Combined 

Klia Maryse Bassing 

Master of Business 

Martin Irwm von Rosenberg 
Jason Paul Andrew 
Khaled A.Arisha 
Ahmad Azcez 
Stephen Louis Bartohni 
Matthew Clemens Beckmann 
Gil Bcn-Menachem 
Susan Burney Beyle 
Amahe Ehzabeth Brandenburg 
Rebecca Aiin Briggs 
Michael Kirk Byars.Jr. 
Weidong Cai 
Xiaofang Cai 



Michael Burke Carson 

Lili Chen 

Yi-Wen Cheng 

Dmitri Alexandrovich Chernov 

Gary A. Clement 

Robert James Cocchiaro 

Scott Daniel Cook 

Soumya Sekhar Dey 

Christopher Stephen Dixon 

Donna Ann Donella 

Peiquan Fan 

Cindy Hsu Fang 

Zhiwei Fu 

Lianne Mehnda Furry 

Donald C. Galante 

Nan Gao 

Michelle Mary Gray 

Nigel Daryl Greaves 

Yohance Lateef Green 

Aaron Samuel Groban 

Cheryl Diane Haas Coakley 

Andrew Mark Hagerman 

Kyung Hahn 

Dennis Richard Hall 

Crista Marie Hendricks 

Christopher Nathaniel Home 

Benjamin Bernard Howe 

JackW. Hsin 

Yongdong Hu 

Jeanelle Jaclyn James 

Jennifer Taylor James 

Nishan Andrew Jayaratnam 

Yiyan Jin 

Maryvenia Lee Johnson 

Steve Scott Kamarek 

Thomas Joseph Krauth 

Dana Marie Lande 

Pui-Ling Law 

Andrew J. Lazur 

Robert Bruce LaCount.Jr. 

John B. Leber 

Michael Adam Levine 

Jianmin Li 


Xiaowei Luan 

Kyle James Lyne 

Shafqat Rasheed Mallick 

James Howard MiUer.Jr. 

Sameer Nisar MuUa 

Aaron Curran Newton 

Nhu-BaoVu Nguyen 

Achu Nyindem 

James Oates 

Ponnappa Karumbaya Paleyanda 

Daniel C. Pohlner 

Richa Prasad 

Stephen Paul Radanovic 

Matthew Scott Rosenfield 

Christopher Jonathan Rossi 

Matthew Philip Roughton 

Noah Lael Ryder 

Gabriel Jason Schneider 

Stephen Matthew Scott 

Qingsai Sha 

Joseph Edward Shashaty 

Jatinder Singh 

Sarah Treeve Stephens 

Ryan Daniel Taibel 

Yoshio Takahashi 

Elizabeth Anna-Mane Tennyson 

Nitin Tewari 

John Duncan Wahl 

Lynn Mane Wasielewski 

Shirley Wu 

Grace Ann O'Hallaren Wydeven 

Qiang Xie 

Hua Xin 

Bing Xu 

Xiaoping Xuan 



Zhendong Zhang 

Yuanfu Zhao 
Xiaohe Zheng 

Master of Business 
of Science Combined 

Carrie Anne Boyle 
Benjamin Levi Brooks 
Hsin-I Chen 
Adithya Gadwale 
Ravi S. Sankararaman 

Master of 
Community Planning 

Michael James Goodno 

Justin Wisely Gray 

Keith Murphy 

Bridgette Lashawn Robinson 


Master of Education 

Counseling and 
Personnel Services 

Cindy A. Carl 
Peaches T. Crenshaw 
Katie Claire Mount 
L.Jean Patterson 
Eric Polite II 
David W.Young 

Curriculum and Instruction 

Angela Mane Battisti 
Sunitha D Bodduluri 
Cynthia Adelene Del Rosario 

Betsy Lee Bratek 
Anna Maria Darewicz 
Colleen Marie Frischmann 

Amy Vernon Hryczaniuk 
Marisa Anne Ives 
Anna Hall Jerome 
Kristen Mader Kelly 
Lila Kim 
Yun Ri Kim 
Xin Lei 
KeUy McWade 
Tom S. Miller 
Melissa Jo Myers 
Sara O. Nathan 
Sara Jane Natlo 
Wendy L. Pang 
Garland Edward Reed 
Cassie Alexa Rogers 
Deborah Christine Ryan 
Sunni Tenai Samuels 
Melinda Renee Schaefer 
Thomas Paul SeUevaag 
Kristen Anita Shanefelter 
Chandra Lynne Smouse 
Harold CUfford Stocking 
Allison Lisa Talansky 
Sherise Joset Vickerie 
Carrie Michele Walker 
Monica Rozzi Weisser 
Kathleen L.Wright 

Special Education 

Jinny L. Crawford 
Maureen Dooher Kehoe 
Gregory John Marancik 
Kara Luise Phillips 
Milagros Isolina Rodriguez 
Tanya Russell Shuy 
Miriam Struck 
Stacy Carter Williams 



Master of Engineering Master of Fine Arts 

Bassein Said Ahmed 

Adedeji Oluniuyiwa Akinycmi 

Steven E. Angelo 

Albert Hilairc Anoubon Moino 

1 lavid Kristortcr Blonistroin 

Matthew Thomas Bohn 

Keginald Maurice Brown 

Michael HalloweU Buck 

Raul Humberto Cancelado Casas 

Eva Jane DLxon 

Vivek Hari Dwivedi 

Jess William Endicter 

Abdulrazaq Sadiq Ferhadi 

Jeffrey Peter Green 

Lauren K. Hamerski 

Peter Hong 

Saurabh Rakesh Jain 

Iviieet Kaur 

K.ipil Khcr 

Michael Osei Konadu 

Elizabeth Anne Koza 

Divya Krishnamurthi 

Gabriel Lifschitz 

Wen-Chun Lin 

Mathurin Ghislain Meillon 

Peter Thomas Nachod 

1 lalima Namatovu 

Richard Gary Parker 

Robert Nikolas Radford 

Juan Carlos Raymond 

Rocio Veronica Salas-Lopez 

Anshul Shrivastava 

Cynthia Wdlis Simmons 

Ritesh Singhal 

Kinjal Suchak 

Ming-Hao Sun 

Nicholas Charles Tuozzo 

Shradha Upadhyay 

David Anthony Vess 

Vanessa S.Virtudazo 

Creative Writing 

Jasmine E. Abeya 
Erin Maureen Baggett 
Amy Elizabeth Couts 
[cssica Brand Dunn 
Karen Mane Keen 
Damien L. Ober 
Jennifer Ann Williamson 

Master of Information 

Stephen Edward Hannestad 
Chaiyong Kongpathoiiiporn 
Lan Zhang 

Master of Journalism 

Joseph McMillan Bacchus 

Elysa Maria Batista 

Judson Berger 

Christina Elena Cepero 

Charis S. Granger 

Samson Fisseha Habte 

Kia Hall Hayes 

K. Kaut'iiiann 

Christopher M. Kotterman 

Marc H. Lightdale 

Laurel Jeanne Robin Luiidstrom 

Subodh Mishra 

Linda M. Nishida 

Peter Rocco Palmieri 

Shivangi Harkishan Parikh 

David Marshall Pittman 

Ryan Michael Spass 

Master of 
Library Science 

Library and 
Information Services 

Anne S. Abaco 
Greg C. Adams 
Jennifer Ann Agresta 
Asta Terese Almenas 
Llenise Mane Augustine 
Melissa Denise Bethea 
Shaileen Sullivan Beyer 
Cynthia Lynn Boeke 
Jerry Warren Bokow 
Diane Virginia Bounds 
Melanie Jean Brown 
Andrew John Buckalew 
Heather Kathleen Calloway 
Kathryn Marie Cheney 
Hananya Aryeh Cohen 
Christopher Laird Eddie 
Ehzabeth Fagin 
Ehzabeth Carol Fell 
Cassandra Lanell Foley 
Kynlle K. Goldbeck 
Beatriz Betancourt Hardy 
Lindsay R. Harris 
Noble E.Jarrell 
Jennifer Irene Johnson 
Anne Lee 
Ethel Ruth Leslie 
Michael Paul Maggioncalda 
Amanda Renee Marecaux 
Patricia R. Martinsen 
William John McNamara 
Wendi Ellen Rosulek 
Mary Catherine Santoro 
Robin Jaleh Sinex 
DeenaTaKara Smith 
Takako Suzuki 

Nedehna LTchangalova 

Claire B. Uziel 

Anjanette Marie Ray Wiggins 

Master of Life Sciences 

Christopher J. Galfano 
Lisa Marie Kless 
Nai-kong Leung 
Keith Patrick Murphy 
Stephen P. Rohm 
Karla Renie WeUs 

Master of Music 

Jill Michele Brandenburg 

Jaewook Kim 

Joo-In Lee 

Magdalina Ararati Mclkonyan 

Leigh Cheryl Pilzer 

Richard Albert Scerbo 

Evan R. Solomon 

Master of 
Public Health 

Community Health Education 

Siddhartha Agrawal 
Jessica Lynne Blake 
Amy Elizabeth Hardt 
Teaniese Porche Latham 
Michelle Lee Schurig 
Jana Ellen Sharp 

Master of 

Public Management 

Jennifer Ann El Marji 



Master of 
Public Policy 

Joseph Alexander Gordon 
Kara Chrisrina Gotsch 
Je&ey L. Kellogg 
SvetlanaVictorovna Krainak 
James Albert Miller 
Raymond Andrew Mosley 
Ari Belgrade Reeves 
Roxanne Helaine Walters 
Geoffrey Todd Werth 

Master of Science 

Aerospace Engineering 

Jefirey Richard Braden 
Joshua Alan Clough 
Kiran Hamilton Dellimore 
Andrew Weidner Drysdale 
Joshua Andrew Ellison 
Spencer Manin Fishman 
Raquel L.Jarabek 
Youngjoon Kim 
Kunal B. Kothari 
Sudarshana N. Koushik 
Alan William Kruppa 
Kristin Joanne Pilotte 
Nicholas Charles Rosenfeld 
Joseph Matthew Simons 
Craig U.Woodruff 

Agricultural and 
Resource Economics 

Xiangping Liu 

Karen Jean Palm 

Shaikh Mahfuzur Rahman 


Jackson Kenneth Fisher 
Shawn Thomas Lucas 

Animal Sciences 

Nitin Singh 
Nishanth E. Sunny 

Applied Mathematics and 
Scientific Computation 

Zehra Akyurt 

Brian David Alford 

Christopher M. Danforth 

Bernard LaWyann Dillard 

Karthikeyan Duraisamy 

Haiming Guo 

Huaqiang Ma 

Robert Raymond Shutdeworth 

Suzanne Soraya Sindi 

Qing Xia 


Franziska Koeckert 


Ishwar S. Chhikara 

Biological Resources 

Priti Ganeshan 
Chong Suk Koh 
Carey Michelle Nagoda 
EUen Rebecca Turner 


Kuburat Famuditimi 
Christopher Robert Koltz 
Lisa Anne Pfeifer 
Jennifer Lymi Ring 
Thomas Frederick Withuhn 

Business and Management 

Brian Gregory Hunt 
Aaron Leonard Logan 
Bradley William Peters 
Rajesh Shetty 
Daniel Kevin Slear 

Cell Biology and 
Molecular Genetics 

Christian Luiz Eriksson 

de Rezende 
Robert Christopher Holder 
Jef&ey David Lewandowski 

Chemical Engineering 

Kedar Himanshu Dave 

Bhaskar Dutta 

Osaretin O. Edobor Onyinyechi 

Angela Teresa Lewandowski 
Justine N'Guessan Niamke 
Yechun Wang 


Bridget Rebecca Duvall 
Mridula Kadalbajoo 

Civil Engineering 

Carohna Valdemarin Burnier 
Regis Luis Carvalho 
Ming-yu Chien 
Gilbert Marc Chlewicki 
Carlos Gustavo Cuneo 
Harsh Dhundia 
Kandice Kreamer Fults 
Veronica Marian Ghelardi 
Scott Andrew Gordon 
Satner Hani Hamdar 
Opio Konata Hunter 
Sommer Nicole Joe 
Mark Adam Johnson 

S. Marie LaBaw 

Subrat Mahapatra 

Erin Mane Morrow 

Justin Keith Myers 

Tibenja Angele Chamba Ngantcha 

Kyung H. Park 

Gopinath S. Penati 

James Phillip Slusher.Jr 

Computer Science 

Aleks Aris 

Hazem Mohamed El-Alfy 

David Russell Greenfieldboyce 

Alexander Grushin 

Akhil Gupta 

Damayanti Gupta 

Aditya Anand Kalyanpur 

Srinivas R. Kashyap 

Grecia C. Lapizco Enemas 

Nargess Memarsadeghi 

Ji Sun Shm 

Evren Sinn 

David Alan Tahmoush 

Taowei David Wang 


Kyongil Yoon 

Xun Yuan 

Electrical Engineering 

Rengarajan Aravamudhan 

Somashekar Bangalore Prakash 

Karthik Bharathan 

Rakesh Babu Bobba 

Irena Bojanic 

Michael Edward Bowen 

Troy Alexander Chesler 

Nima Ghalichechian 

Pel Gu 

Cory David Hauck 

Glenn David Hutchinson 

Daniel R Kelly 



Christopher Redd\' Koiiimareddy 

Sheng Li 

Xuanhua Li 

Daniel Jay Meyer 

Uaharak Mohajeriravani 

Nathan Andrew Moody 

Anna Pantehdou 

Pavlos Papageorgiou 

Latise Anitra F'arker 

Deepika Sangam 

Tharvcen Singh Sawhney 

Ahha M.Tilhnan 

Ashok Narayanan Veeraraghavan 

Sam Lawrence Williams 

Yinung Zhai 

Jmg Zhang 

Yinvin Zhao 


Deborah Tilhnan Ladner 

Family Studies 

Summer Dawn Meyers 
Amy Lynn Sterner-Djangali 

Fire Protccrion Engineering 

Mohammed Falch AlSubaie 
I<.oya Ghoddoussi 
Bryan Lawrence Hoskins 
Joseph Panagiotou 
Justin David Reid 
Justin Wade Williamson 
Meng Wah Yong 

Food Science 

jing Wang 


Callan Bentley 
Tianhuan Dai 
Karen Ehzabeth Phemister 
Mark Anthony Tyra 

Marine, Estuarine and 
Environmental Sciences 

Lisa Mane Clark 

Kiersten Lynn Curti 

Cynthia J. Giffen 

Rachel Rosemarie Herbert 

Olaf P. Jensen 

Zhenghua Jin 

Danika Mane Kuzmick 

Eric Dale Nagel 

Nicole VasiHki Pavlos 

Lori Christen Roth 

Erin M. Schlag 

Pamela Christine Toschik 

Materials Science 
and Engineering 

Arthur Von Wald Cresce 
Olugbenga Olawale Famodu 
Brian Keith Harris 
Kevin McCarthy, Jr. 

Mechanical Engineering 

Ezra Faith Chen 
Yuki Fukuda 
Sathyanarayan Gancsan 
Ira Joshua Golden 
Christopher Douglas Henr^' 
Krishna Kumar Jinka 
Philip Leland Knowles 
Kyle Francis Kratzsch 
Anil Kumar Maddulapalli 
Sony Mathew 
Sandeep Manjunath Nayak 
Michael Louis Pines 

Fletcher Alexi Robbins 
Krista Zanievvski Soderholm 
Sanjay Tiku 


JeSrey Carl Armbruster 
Meng-Pai Hung 
Takemasa Miyoshi 
Ernesto Munoz 
Kenneth Lynn Pryor 

Natural Resource Sciences 

Mitchell Louis Scott 

David Leslie Slak 

Robert Edward Vaughan HI 

Nuclear Engineering 

WiUiam Joseph Keller 


Rachel Marie Evans 
Enimanouel Spyros Hourdakis 
John Robert Pretz 
Andrew James Skinner 

Reliability Engineering 

Jose A. Cruz 

Isaac Addison Heard 

Yunwei Hu 

Xiaojun Li 

Gregory Donald Martin 

Thiago Tinoco Pires 

Survey Methodology 

Andrea Beth Goldstein 

Sustainable Development and 
Conservation Biology 

Lesley Joan Brown 
Whitney Ehzabeth Butler 
Gabrielle Cristine Canonico 
Christine Tanner Fournier 
Megan Ehzabeth MacDowell 
Julie Kasaya Mutongi 
Mary Keren Parker 
Diane Ehzabeth Pitassy 

Systems Engineering 

Vikas Malla 

Dung Hanh Nguyen 


Gaurav Anand 

Lisa Leona Bedbak 


Sami Kamal Gaafar Eissa 

Vasily G. Gerasimov 

Jinny Gupta 

Lavanya Kumara Jayachandran 

Amanpreet Singh Johal 

Yi-Ju Lai 

Joel Nicholas Meyn 

Supakan Pitithammaporn 

Benjamin Reyes 

Olga Biviana Sanchez 

Parth Anil Sanghavi 

Kavitha Swaminathan 

Po-Yi Tu 

Fei Wang 




Graduate Certificates 

Advanced Graduate Specialist 

Patricia Rosa Codina 
Lauren Tracy Costas 
Duane Eugene Wallace 
Matthew James Fitzsinuuons 

Ecological Economics 

Rosimeiry Portela 
Amanda Walker Vemuri 


Roger William Pisha II 

Historic Preservation 

Tracy Ann Marquis 
Vanessa QumnVap 

Measurement, Statistics 
and Evaluation 

Aleck Shih-wei Chen 
Michelle M. Riconscente 

Women's Studies 

Vrushah Bhaskar Patil 
Tammv Lvnette Sanders 



A.James Clark School 
of Engineering 

Bachelor of Science 

Aerospace Engineering 

Joiiii Wesley Albntton 
Nichol John Augustus 
Kevin Carl Eisenhower 
•Nelson M. Guerreiro 
Unindon Patrick Renehan 
Geoffrey Allan Slipher 
Susunui Yanianioto 

Biological Resources 

Andrew Mark Bunin 
Annette Fredricka Dixon 
Joannah Hy Kim 
Megha Mahadevan 
Chan-Nhu Uach Nguyen 
Michael Ulrich 

Chemical Engineering 

C'hristopher Michael Fahrman 
Matthew David Hafner 
Ayodeji Olumide Ibidapo 
•Noah Joseph Berg Lieb 
Krystle Zwandzi McClain 
Brian James Schabdach 
Lessanework Tessera Seifu 

Civil Engineering 

Adebiinpe Maureen Adekaninbi 
Maria Jahangir Bhatti 
Jeffrey Daniel Cheng 
Brick Fernando Cruz 
Brandon Keith Dean 
Robert Desmond Ditroia 
Kevin Christopher Dunniire 
Kevin Christopher Ennis 
Michael Tsing-Pan Farn 

Gregory Robert Ferenschak 
Michael Frederick Gallagher 
Chad Michael Hildcbrandt 
Benjamin Paul Flokuf 
Shawn Jang 
Keiva Genee' Jennings 
Steven James KuUgowski 
Daniel T. Lamb 
Amy Marchand 
Adrienne Ceceha Mickens 
Gabriela Morato 
Felipe Andres Moya 
Douglas Grant Ostazeski 
♦William Norman Pines 
Rita Marie Sparacino 
Gary Warren Swift 
James Patrick Tereyla 
Daniel Lawrence Triman 
Steven Jeffrey Zeender 

Computer Engineering 

Babatunde Adebola Adewuyi 

Shiladitya Chakrabarti 

TzuHsiu Chiou 

Paul Stanley Donohue 

Eric Thomas Fargo 

Oren Moses Fromberg 

Athanasios Peter Handakas 

Sean Rion Holt 

Atif Mohammad Iqbal 

Mayookha Anjalee Kariyawasam 

Naveed Steven Krabbe 

•Jane Lin 

Eric Swewai Liu 

Dothimuni Chamara Jayamal 

Nghi B. Nguyen 
Nicholas Michael Oben 
August Ongkasuwan 
Faris Samaan Petro 
Thomas Han Pyo 

Jonathan Matthew Roy 
Ariamt Rukaj 
Susan Yueshu Shen 

2iid Degree: General Business 
§Hariharan Sivaramakrishnan 

2iid Major: Physics 
Joseph Patrick Sochurek 
Scott C. Sun 
Matthew J. Tolman 
Timothy Bryan Twilliger 
Vidushi Vohra 

Electrical Engineering 

Freshteh Nosrat Aghdam 

Cassie Akua Agyeman-Duah 

Omar Farooq Amin 

Micah Francis Baker 

Raymond Francis Balan 

Sulav Raj Bhatta 

Rajorshi Bhattacharya 

Ryan Christopher Biondo 

Jesse Sherman Bodenlos 

Nathanael Richard Bri^s 

Lyndon Kyle Brown 

Tapaii Chowdhry 

Christopher Ian Tagiiding Conner 

Nicholas Conrad Cranor 

Ronald Jones David 

Anthony James Deniarest 

Brenda Joyce Michele Dupree 

Dommic Michael Fisher 

Joseph Robert Francis 

Matthew John Franklin 

Nicholas C'hong-Eng Fung 

Netsanet A. Gebeyehu 

Ujjwal Thejappa Golla 

Ronald Vincent Vizconde Gonzaga 

Joel Ener Gonzalez 

Daniel Lee Goodwin 

Sharon Rose Harmon 

Antoine Taurean Havnie 

•Andrew Williams Herson 

Wiliiain Joseph Hill 

Lynn Bao Hoang 

Jin Young Hong 

Andre Rashaud Hopson 

Quin Truong Hulanini 

Perry Nicholas Jordan 

Usman Ahmad Khan 

Steve Junetak Kwon 

Carlos Andres Lasso 

Jean-Marie Laucnstein 

Joshua Paul Lennon 

Andy Wei Li 

^Arthur Wayne Liu 

John Yung Liu 

Rui Liu 

Robert Mesina Magsipoc 

Brent Richard Mayer 

Jesse Colwell McMahon 

Menam Meghirbi 

♦Ian Alexander Mroczkowski 

2iid Degree: Ecotiomics 
Siddharth Nagendran 
Mark Alexander Nakamura 
Nguyen Hoang Ngo 
Jinwoo Park 
Sarah Elizabeth Parsons 
Dharti Haridas Patel 
David Kyle Pierce 
Daniel Enrique Pino 
Ricardo Andres Pizarro 

2iid Degree: Physia 
James Thomas Prebble 
Jonathan Raymond Pruskowski 
Jesse Robert Ratliff 
Kyle L^aruis Russell 
Nicholas Salem 
Akeenya Allen Saunders 
Samir Mahendra Shah 
Aman Sharnia 
Erez Sharon 

$ Suitima cum Lautic "{• A/uv'tw aim luiiiitc * ami LaiiJe 



Nathan Paul Siwak 

2nd Major: Physics 
Sidi Ali Slimam 

Carlton Montgomery Snow III 
Olufenii Oluseun Sonde 
Tolulope David Subair 
tRaniesh Ramakrishnan 

Yun Zhen Wang 
Sharlene Antoinette Williams 
Patana Patrick Youngmisuk 
Elena Zaitsev 


Joel Hae Won Aquino Jang 
Bryan Terrell Price 
Jason Matthew Sexton 
Adam Timothy Tatf 

Fire Protection Engineering 

Juan Francisco Aleman 
Dermis Wayne Andrukat 
Andrew Frederick Blum 
Benjaimn Darby Casey 
Ernesto Alexander CasteUanos 
Kevin Thomas Darmody 
Patrick Michael Hogan 
Jessica Anne Kratchman 
Jennifer Ann Wetzel 

Materials Science 
and Engineering 

Charles Morgan Brooks 

2nd Degree: Physics 
Mark David Hanna 
Nicole Kristine Harrison 
Br\an Matthew Sadowski 

Mechanical Engineering 

Justin Brian Adger 
Kelly Aime Aston 
Thomas John Bassolino 
Christopher Harold Batzold 
fChristopherVeates Brown 
Brent Laneaue Burch 
Mark Denton Bystry.Jr. 
fVanessa Denise Chavez 
Kenias Chikerema 
Paul Anthony Chipoco 
David Frederick Choy 
Christopher James Connelly 
Amir Dastouri 

•Ronald Joseph Di Sabatino.Jr. 
•Joshua B. Dinaburg 
Donald Frankhn Driggers III 
Vikansha Dwivedi 
Luis Emmanuel Emmanuelli 
Ashraf Ahmed Fawzy 
Lance Jacob Forrest 
Shinsuke Fujiyama 
Joshua Edward Gorfain 
Regma Mane Gouker 
Brian S. Gresehover 
Robert David Grice 
William Alan Gunther 
Lawrence Steven Gyger.Jr. 
Brian John Hardink 
Hatty Hayes Haywood IV 
Christopher Karl Hubley 
Gabriel Joseph Klein 
Matthew Joseph Krumrine 
Prachi Kulkarni 
Brandon Dongpa Lee 
Lukasz Wojciech Machon 
Mark EUis Main 
Ryan Joseph Manley 
Joshua Robert McAhster 

Lindsey Ann McGaughan 
Troy Robert McMichael 
David Frank McNew III 
Renad Mededovic 
Sylwia Orzechowska 
.^Matthew Phihp Para 

2nd Degree: Computer Science 
NamKyu Park 
Laura G. Petrillo 
Katherine Elizabeth Phelan 
Ronald Aaron Pierce 
Justin Benjamin Rephann 
Charles Healy Robey 
Matthew Charles Brenneman 

tjoseph R. Scovitch 

2nd Degree: Goi'erninenl 

and Politics 
Brian Matthew Singer 
Jodi Beth Tabb 
James Patrick Tagert 
Segen TUahun 
Justin David Turner 
Raymond Mitchell Valentine 
*Melany Maria Vargas 
Troy Christian Venuto 
Daniel Eduardo Vives 
Michael Isaac Weaker 
Cheyenne EUis Welker 
Michael Bennet Jude WUhams 
Patrick Kevin Williams 
Jonathan N.Yoo 
Yosef Ayehu Zeleke 

College of Agriculture 
and Natural Resources 

Bachelor of 
Landscape Architecture 

Arthur Allen Baiter 
Sara Anne Chadwick 
tCynthia Anne Gallant 
Jonathan Paul Greenberg 
Charles RandollHope 
Sean Patrick King 
Jennifer Zampino Rodell 
Da\^d Patrick Swartzendruber 

Bachelor of Science 

Agricultural and 
Resource Economics 

Janece Ranee Allen 
Joseph Peter Downey 
Shankara Prakash Ettigi 

Animal Sciences 

Jennifer Lori Antelman 
Lauren Elizabeth Sinton Ausmann 
Dawn Michelle Brown 
Sarah Rebekah Del Aguila 
Grace Cecelia Green 
Jennifer EUzabeth King 
Matthew Lawrence Lanigan 
Laurie M. Mann 
Diana AguiUon Pedrigal 
Jaclyn Ann Shaw 
Veva Laccina Wallace 
Randolph Glenn WiUiams, Jr 

Biological Resources 

Rodney Brockette Parr 


i Sumina aim Laiidc f Magna aitti Laude * cum Laude 


Combined Program- 
Veterinary Science 

Darnel Gregory' Jacobs 

Environmental Science 
and Policy 

Brian Michael Bovard 
McMillan Nathanael Davidson 
Erin Christine Mauer 
CoUeen Marie Parnell 

2nd Degree: Dame 
Courdand Shaffer-Kelly 

Food Science 

Milutin Slobodan Djurickovic 
Gerasiinos Stathopoulos 

General Agriculture 

Tini Jay CharCier 

Natural Resource Sciences 

Brian Allen Adams 
Diana Lynn Bramble 
Charles Francis Mewshaw IV 
Daniel Leo Schellenberg 
Timothy Burton Smith 

Natural Resources 

Heidi Mane McMillen 
Jet&ey Steven Mentzer 
Laura Beth Senkowsky 
Kane Marie Struder 
Caitlin Patricia Thompson 

College of Arts 
and Humanities 

Bachelor of Arts 

American Studies 

Nicole Mane Bernard 
Emily Paige Brecht 
Donita Denise Douglas 
Domonique Foxworth 
Dais I. Hills 
Jenny Kim 

Jennifer Clare Kulilman 
Heather Dawn Pines 

Art History 

Christi Michele Barnes 
Valerie Jenette Barnes 
Amy Christine Boddorf 
Tria Farrar Brooks 
Erika Elaine Cavanaugh 

2nd Degree: Studio Art 
fAriel Cecilia Evans 
Naomi Kim-Clark 
Theresa EUzabeth Majchrzak 

2nd Degree: Marketing 
Emily Julia Norris 
Kourtney Megan Proctor 
Serenity Kathryn Purcell 
Stephanie Mane Wood 


♦Catherine Marie Matacic 
2nd Degree: Journalism 

Classical Languages 
and Literatures 

Daniel Holmes Ahrnsbrak 

2nd Degree: Computer Science 
Kelly Michelle Higgins 
Wen Chun Amy Kuo 
Joan Pecht 


Courtney Laccticld Anderson 
Joseph Charles Barrett 
Terrell Con Battle 
Michael James Bodnar 
Pat John Bombard 
Jennifer Lynn Bowman 
Karen Breit 
Clinton Brooks, Jr. 
Amy Rose Chaudry 
Joyson Cherian 
Tiffany Lyrm Chilcote 
Theodore Wallace Clifton 
Glenn James Davis 
Kathryn Grace DeCaro 
Christopher Dale Dixon 
AUison Ann Dreskin 
Evanthia Michelle Exis 
Ehzabeth Cara Francik 
David Keith Frederick 
Rachael Aron Freedman 
Sarah Jane Gifford 
Sara Holstein Glass 
Suren Shivan Gosine 
Esther Elenora Haskins 
Shalaya Jamara Henson 
Stephenie Kristen Hill 
Claudia M.Jimenez de Lucio 
Jillian Elizabeth Johnston 
Shiva Z. Kashani 

2nd Degree: Kincsiological Science 
Michael Vernon Kelsey.Jr. 
Kerry Ann Kennedy 
Min K. Kong 
Christina Diane Kraft 
Rachael Simone Kronzek 
Paul Daniel Kumar 
Juhana Joy Langager Abraham 
Regina Michele Laurienzo 
Chien (Danny) Hsin Lee 
Daniel Sean Marell 
Michelle Elaine Mariani 

Ayesha Sahar Murray 
Jaime Elizabeth O'Brien 
Piotr Ostrega 
Emily Beatrice PauUn 
Eric Michael Presman 
Kristen Elizabeth Reese 
Kelly Kathleen Robine 
Nicole Elizabeth Rock 
Shenel Renee Rodgers 
Veronica Natalia Rodriguez 
Jessica Violet Rogers 
Jennifer Ann Ronzitti 
Priya Samuel 
Lauren Hope Sapolsky 
Austin Sam Selvakumar 

2nd Major: Criminology 

and Criminal Justice 
Lerna L. Shafakian 

2nd Major: Psychology 
Derrick Stephen Sieber 
Dana Kathleen Simmons 
Keisha Erica Smith 
Reuben Allen Smith 
Jessica Tennille Solomon 

2nd Major: African 

American Studies 
Heung Keun Song 
David Randolph Spaulding 
Paul Anthony Speakman 
Garen Stepanian 
Sandra Ehzabeth Vasquez 

2nd Major: Economics 
Ean Justin Vessels 
Gregory James Waddell 
Lisa Marie Weber 
Rebecca Lynn Willingham 
Hilary Beth Wilson 
Kristen Evelyn Wise 
Bofta Makonnen Yimani 
Dianne Yoo 

$ Sumtna cum Laude f Ma^na cum Laudc * aim Laude 




Shannon Mane Brauner 
Colleen Marie ParneU 

2tid Degree: Eiiviwtimetilal 

Science and Policy 


Hary Nicholas Puente-Duany 

English Language 
and Literature 

Enuly Rose Adamo 
Sanian Ahmed 

2iui Major: Sociology 
Derek Joseph Alderman 
§Carissa Lynn Baker 

2nd Degree: Government 

and Politics 
Lori Ann Bednarchik 
Joshua David Bowman 
Maggi O'Neill Bradle 
Erin Rose Branigan 

2nd Degree: Tlicatre 
Alicia M. Brown 
Jefl'rey David Bukowski 
Adam Christopher Calvert 
Kimberly Caswell 
Angus Crawford 
Carolyn Jane Crow 
Kristin Karin Dickie 
MiU Vasundhara Diwana 
Matthew Thomas Duran 
Amanda Claudette Eden 
Jonathan Daniel Pratt Ferguson 
Inez Nicole Ford 
Rachel Colleen Franc 
Deborah Anne Gardner 
Erin Kathleen Gargan 
Peter Zachary Goldsnrith 

2nd Degree: Finance 

Puja Gupta 

2nd Major: Government 

and Politics 
Shante Yakeisha Haigler 
Jonathan Brandon Hall 
Grace J. Han 
Gillian Lea Hurley 
Rhadia Scherree Hursey 
David Thomas Kearns 
David Scott Kersner 
Christopher Francois Koenig 
Patrick Charles Konfrst 
Nikki Marie Georgina Lewis 
Evelyn Sonja Lynn 
Sara Paugh Martin 
Carly Masucci 
CoUeen M. Medlock 
Oren Miller 
Judith Lynne Mineweaser 

2nd Degree: Secondary 

Education-English Language Arts 
Zeshan Kamal Mustafa 
Natalie Suzan Ohanian 
Bridgette Angehque Pellerin 
Allison Teresa Peltzman 
Eric George Young Petersen 
Robert Paul Record 
Jason Eugene Reynolds 
Kristine Nataha Rutf 
Richard Thomas Sampson 11 
Svetlana Sanovich 
Enuly EHzabeth Flannery Sargent 
Keara Joyce Schoultz 
Kyle Richard Schramm 
Robin Joanna Shutinya 
Amelia Carlene Simmons 

2nd Degree: Secondary 

Education- English Dmguage Arts 
Paul Gregory Smoluk 
Sean James Topel 
Michael Ralph Tordella 

Hillary Elaine Trusen 
Paul Robert Vivari 
Patricia Connie WiUard 

2nd Degree: Jourtialism 
Michelle Mane Witte 

French Language 
and Literature 

Claudia Mariel Barragan 
Tchida Assoulian Tchamsi 

German Language 
and Literature 

tjuhe Mane Callis 

2nd Degree: General Business 
Robert Roy Hampson 
Zachary D. Lubchansky 
Anthony John Uy 

2nd Degree: Linguistics 
fMehssa Charlotte Wiser 

2nd Degree: Women 's Studies 


Ehzabeth |ean Adamek 

2nd Degree: Secondary 

Education-Social Studies 
Jerry Lucious Anderson 
Toby Robert McFarren Biswas 

2nd Degree: Government 

and Pohtics 
Virgil CapoUan 

2nd Major: Government 

and Politics 
Elizabeth Christina Currey 
Jessica Lynn Daly 
Russell Milton Davidson 
Kimberly Jo Davis 
Ashish Rasesh Dhru 

2nd Major: Philosophy 
Seth I. Emhotf 

Kathryn Maureen England 
2nd Major: English 
Language and Literature 

Nicholas M. FerreU 

January Amber Genovese 

Brad Christopher Grayson 

Fallon Brooke Hanin 

fPhilip Christopher Hartten 
2nd Degree: Music- 
Liberal Arts Program 

Aaron Michael Hollander 

CarmeUa Maria House 

Andy Evan Jacknick 

Anthony P.Jones II 

Melissa Joy Kaufinann 

Matthew Folsom Kerwin 
2nd Degree: Secondary 
Education- Social Studies 

Hxainjung Kim 

David Seth Kletzkm 

Salvador Abad-Santo Lagdameo 

Michael [oseph LaPointe 

Bryant Chon Lee 

Sean Michael Lowman 
2nd Degree: Secondary 
Education-Social Studies 

Sharon M. Marotz 

Stephen Marshall 

Joy Yvonne Mason 

Matthew Francis McLaughhn 

Matthew Wdliam Miles 

Jesse Daniel Mote 

Thaddeus G. Myers 

Ell Aaron Nesson 

Bao Hoai Nguyen 

Matthew John Nietubicz 

Danielle Lynette Paluti 

Bruce Anthony Pankey.Jr. 

Fredrika Latrice Salley 


§ Siinitnd atni Lattdc | Ma^na atm iMudc * cum Laudc 


Kyle Edward Schmitt 
2nd Major: Secondary 
Education-Social Studies 

Erin Jennifer Shochet 
2nd Major: Spanish 
Lani^uage and Literature 

Thomas Hardit Singh 

Jennifer Ann Shngland 
2nd Degree: Journalism 

Laurence Rylan Smith 

Benjamin David Snyder 

James Aaron Tosh 

Marisabel Villagoniez 

Christopher Dale Walkup 

Frederick Vincent Wanner 

Jay Russell Wimberly 


Rence Starre Ferguson 
^Christopher Robert Hennessy 

2nd Det^ree: Linj^uistics 
Eboni N. Roberson 


Bethany Leigh Crcssnian 

^Christopher Robert Hennessy 
2nd Degree: Japanese 

Leslie Dyane Nemeth 

Seungha Shin 

Shannon Caroline Hall Thomas 
2nd Major: Spanish 
Liinguage and Literature 

Anthony John Uy 
2nd Degree: German 
Language and Literature 

Music-Liberal Arts Program 

Brian David Foster 

tPhilip Christopher Hartten 

2nd Degree: Hislory 
Annette Lee Mann 

Abigail Meaghan Underbill 
2tid Major: French 
Language and Literature 

Joachim Van Brandt 


John Lombardy Beckham 
Yaron Cohen 
Alan Christopher Martin 
Stuart Craig McPhail 

2nd Degree: General Business 
Christina Butler Nolan 
Joi R. Orr 
Keely Davis Owens 

2nd Major: Psychology 
Adam James Siegcl 
Maria Lillian Voelkel 
James Alexander Waters 

Romance Languages 

Debbie G. Warren 

Russian Language 
and Literature 

Sherrice Danielle Rogers 
•Jennifer Allison Schade 
Jennifer Marie Stephens 

Spanish Language 
and Literature 

lennifer Michelle Garcia B. 
Judith Helen Huitz 
Amparo Macias 

2nd Degree: Community Health 
Aldo Husai Martinez-Coreas 
Justin Vanlee McClain 
Anakarsni Nadyr Medina 
Anthony M. Rivas 
Emily Rebecca Snow 

Studio Art 

Roberto Euclides Arjona, Sr. 
Yoo Kyung Bang 

2nd Major: Art Hislory 
Erika Elaine Cavanaugh 

2nd Degree: Art History 
Ronald Steve Chacon 
Stephanie Payun Chan 
Ing Ing Chen 
Chui Wah Cheng 
Won Yeong Chung 
Raymond Andrew Custis 
Ronald C. Davis 
Rachel Lynne NeffDrum 

2nd Major: Art History 
Jan Erik Eden 
Estjv Alexander Escobar 
Magda Johanna Gomez 
Maria Elena Green 

2nd Degree: An Education 
Shawn Christopher Harris 
Erinn Mane Hirrlinger 
CeYvonne Sophia Jackson 
Erin ?. Johnson 

2nd Major: Psychology 
Alyson Jayne Lamb 
Carri Ann Lee 
Rafael Lima 
Jennifer Lo 

Rashida Cierr'a McCoy 
Emily Beth Miller 
Thomas Robert Olson 

2nd Degree: Computer Science 
Colleen Gove Pritchard 

2iui Major: Art History 
Stacey Louise Pyle 

2nd Major: Art History 
Amanda Elizabeth Reed 

2nd Major: An History 
Brian William Schumacher 
Heather Marie Stanley 

Hae Lim Sung 
Alexandros Varvoums 
Tommy Wright II 
Olubunmi Bolajoko Yinka-Jaiye 


Erin Rose Branigan 
2nd Degree: English 
Language and Literature 

Melissa Claire Coleman 

Brette Alysse Goldstein 

KrystalJo LaFianza-Pitzen 

Robyn Lynn Meyer 

Alden Blake Michels 

Allison Marie Schenker 

Vera Joy Sines 

Katharine Leigh Snow-Milon 
2iid Major: English 
Language and Literature 

Jamie Lauren Stephens 

2nd Major: Communication 

Marissa Christine Troeschel 

Ashly Chestell Walton 
2nd Major: Philosophy 

Women's Studies 

tMelissa Charlotte Wiser 
2nd Degree: German 
Language and Literature 

Bachelor of Music 

iKatie Rebecca Birch 
Russell Allen Bly 
Jason Matthew Crinii 

2nd Degree: Education Music 
Kimberly Patricia Ernst 
Carlos Antonio Fagundo 
Michael Patrick O'Donnell 
jMeUssa Lindsey Poussart 
Kevin John Rouse 
Kristofer John Sanz 

$ Summa turn Liiiide ^ Alagna fum Latidc * mm Ldjiide 



College of Behavioral 
and Social Sciences 

Bachelor of Arts 

African American Studies 

Damika Danelle Baker 
Chrisrian Bari Brown 
NanaYaa Owusuaa Gyabaah 
D'Wanna Nicole Lee 
Tanya Cie Reid 
Melissa Kadrea Taylor 
Samantha Patrice Taylor 
Krist>- NeSha Wallace 


Alain Marcel Beauparlant 
•Robert Victor Boniface 
Jayrne Mona Cooper 
fMegan Myfanvy Crandall 
Catherine L. Dempsey 
Kelley Mary Gilligan 
Caroline Knorr Haavik 
Adriana Pamela Maldonado 
Gregory N. McGreevy 
Tiniothy Robert O'Neill 
Kelly C. Raschka 
Karen Judith Reichardt 
§Jordan Gipe Rogers 
Jessica Mari Shamoo 

Criminology and 
Criminal Justice 

Brian Timothy Adamonis 

Poupak Atshar 

Mark Vincent Alexander II 

Lauren D.Anderson 

^Christen Adele Ansuini 

Jason Nathaniel Arnold 

Yodit Asfaw 

Amit Bhupesh Babu 

Shaahin Bahmani 

Diana Noemi Banks 
2nd Major: Psychology 

Tiffany Chanelle Barnes 

Anna Patricia Benso 

Amanda M. Betts 

Kathr\'n L. Bletch 

Kimberly Diane Bond 

Jason Travis Brooks 

Rhiannon Christine Brown 

Michael Wesley Burch 

Jef&ey Michael Burek 

Laura Carannante 
2nd Major: Italian 
Language and Literature 

Alexander Francis Cardenas 
2nd Degree: Biological Sciences 

Alexander George Cardy 

Bradley Hylton Cary 

Alvin Chua 

So yoon Chung 

Sean Bradley Clarke 

Major Elkannah Clemens 

Kimberly DaUsha Coley 

Sarah Margaret Conkhn 
2nd Degree: Psychology 

Thomas Charles Conlon 

Gregory Michael Conner 

David Andrew Courtemanche 

Marcus Nosakhare Crenshaw 

Luther James Dismel III 

Sarah Marie DiTizio 

Loana EUzabeth Dominguez 

Jessica Ami Donaldson 
2nd Major: Marketing 

Michael MacTavish Douglas 

Daniel Patrick Doyle 

Papakwaw Essel Duker 

Michael Robert Dunn 

Paul Michael Durand.Jr. 

Keith Colton Dutton 

Michelle Lynn Elden 

^Can Erim 

Andrew Christopher Ethridge 
Danielle Marie Fantasia 
Nathan Patrick Foster 
Johane Francois 

2nd Major: Sociology 
Pegg)' Miluzka Galdos 

2nd Major: Sociology 
Justin Eber GifSini 
Elyin Gonzalez Garcia 
Briana LaShawn Green 
Debby Leigh Green 
Marcy Anne Green 
Bruce Allan Grossnickle, Jr. 
Lauren Elizabeth Gustafson 
Sabrina Ford Hall 

2nd Degree: Journalism 
Kristen Nicole Heaiie 
Ana Morena Hernandez- Vasquez 
Tiffany Lane Householder 
Venetta Denise Howard 
Cyrus Theodore Jaghoorv- 
Andrew Carhsle Johnston 
Sherika Lawanda Jones 

2nd Major: Family Studies 
Babak Joobbani 
Jason M. Kneas 

2nd Degree: Geography 
*Amy Rebekah Koch 
Sarah Danielle Koch 
Sarah Elizabeth Koller 
Jefiirey Thomas Kucz)Tiski 
Boris George Kuiper 
Kelly Lang 
Tarajamese Larabay 
Kenneth Michael Lawn 
Michael C.W. Li 
Louis Breschi Lombardo 
Jennifer Nancy Lovecchio 
Goldie Linette Lucas 
Cait Margaret Lvnch 

David Andrew Marsh 
Ashleigh Elizabeth Martin 
Aimee Lee Mathewes 
Casey Elizabeth McCreary 

2nd Degree: Biological Sciences 
Daniel B. McCuUough 
Meaghan Colleen McDermott 

2nd Major: Sociology 
Joseph Patrick McNally 
Octavio Read Medrano 
Bethlehem MadeHne Metrenas 
John Ethan Milkintas 
Christopher Todd Miller 

2tid Major: Economics 
Ale.xis Marysa Mitchell 
Byung Kuk Moon 
Francis Clark Mort 
Adam Brett Moser 
Jessica Sara Munaker 
Heather Marie Nalley 

2nd Major: Psychology 
Hosam Nasr 

Kanu Ogbonnaya Obioha.Jr. 
Efe Kamil Oruncak 
Nicole Marie Osborne 
Lauren Beth Pagano 

2nd Major: Sociology 
Samantha Mae Panton 

2nd Degree: Psychology 
Margaret Ann Planck 
Patrick Edward Poro 
Christopher Lamar Pruitt 
Corina Faye Putt 

2nd Major: Family Studies 
Lily Pyon 
Merrilyn EUse Rathff 

2nd Degree: Psychology 
Tammy Mehnda Redman 
Scott Alexander Reiss 
Takiyah Catrice Richardson 


§ Suitiina aim Laudc "f Magna {itin Laiidc * aim Laudc 


Geoffrey Paul Rit^dn 
Rebecca S. Rosenzweig 
Joseph Joaquin Serrano 

2n<i Miijor: Communication 
Ravecn Sheiioi 
Christopher Robert Shernn 
Burnetta L. Sininions 

2thl Mtijor: Rimily Studies 
Dawn M. Siiiiounet 
Ryan Patrick Small 
Charles Sant'ord Smith 
Mary Louise Smith 
Terea Geanenc Smith 

2nd Dciirce: Psycholoi;<y 
Juhe Stewart Snyder 

2tid Dci;ree: Biological Sciences 
Jennifer M. Socha 
Javier Sotela 
I Xiniel Mark Stanini 

2nd Dc'^ree: Journalism 
Jenifer Lynn Starr 

2nd Major: Sociology 
Lisa Mane Stephens 
Jesse Gustav Steppler-Krieg 
Carol Elizabeth Stevens 
Melissa Megan Sullivan 
David Robert Svvartzwelder 
Khalid Kristofer Taggart 
Suzan Dalia Taghian 
I hristopher Kyle Taylor 
Keneithia Joyce Taylor 
Jesse Alan Thir 
Abraham Broman Thompson 
Daniel Clondcr Troxell 
•Melissa Martina Vieira 
Marguerite Christine Weese 

2nd Degree: Marketitig 
Dawn Louise West 
Jamielynn Williams 
Elyse Stacy Wolkenfeld 
Herbert Sanghoon Yoo 

Victoria Wai San Yuen 
Eianna Diane Zajdel 


Robert Obintia Abiamin 

2nd Major: Criminology 

and Criminal Jtislice 
Abdulhanud AbduUahi Ahmad 
Rubayet Nizam uddin Ahmed 
Thuwaim Khalid Al-Thu\vaini 
Juan Carlos Alvarado 

2nd Degree: Finance 
David Gillan Amoruso 
Victor Wai-Yee Ao 
tGabriela Aparicio 
Anthony Magaji Ashei.Jr. 
Dasan Norman Bobo 
Anja Boettcher 
Jason Ibanez Castaneda 
Javier V. Castro 
Mina Saito Choi 

2nd Major: Sociology 
Philip Atiam Christy 
Ryan Daniel Clorc 
Thomas Linn Davis, Jr 
Andre Vieira Dc Carvalho 
Thai L^oan 

Onya Marissa Valencia Douglas 
Sean Joseph Farrelly 

2nd Major: Goivrnmcnt 

and Politics 
Marina Fefer 
Eduard Gordon 
Matthew Ruppert Grimes 
Tracy Allen Hall 
Anna Mane Hazel 
Robert James Brewer Heilig 
Nathan A. Hinish 
David Ankuo Hsin 

2nd Degree: Biological Sciences 
Connie W. Hui 
Hendrick Kisunga Isengingo 

Stephen Joseph Jarosinski 

Rabiya Jilani 

Yiasemis Zacharias Kafouri 

Peter K. Kang 

Su 11 Kang 

Demetrios Avraam Karas 

Daniel Hong Kim 

2nd Major: Criminology 

and Criminal Justice 
Kyung Ml Kim 
Mariya A. Kinyenko 
Jared Scott Kogler 
Simon Ryun Lee 
Chiang-Ban Loh 
Alexandre Losik 
Charles Lovejoy 
Katerina M. Lubomir 
Weiluo Ma 

2nd Degree: Computer Science 
Lijith Mam Malithu 
Michael Joseph Manna 
Amol Manocha 
Chauncey Arthur McCall 
Eric Christopher Meushaw 
Justin Michael Monaldo 
Kyle Ramon Morsell 
tian Alexander Mroczkowski 

2nd Degree: Electrical Engineering 
Jacquelyn Erin Mukri 
Dong Suk Nam 
Disan Wanyama Namude 
Linh Nguyen 
Yenmy Dieu Nguyen 
Fred E. Njankou Nganou 
Okwudilichuk Ikenna NzeUbe 
Cornehus Nzume 
Krystal Ogechi Oiji 
Gregory Emmerich Oswald 
Amanda McKinnon Pagenhardt 
Elizabeth Chong Hwa Pak 
Daryl Shane Pape 

Brian Joon Park 
Jae Hong Park 
Mitesh Jagdish Patel 

2nd Degree: Finance 
Zachary Jackson Pearce 

2nd Major: Criminology 

and Criminal Justice 
Nataha Elena Perez 
Eric Martin Primosch 
Hary Nicholas Puente-Duany 
fLesUe Ami Richardson 
John Gabino Rodriguez 

2nd Major: Criminology 

and Criminal Justice 
Mutabazi Rwegasira 
Sachin Sampath 
Kevin Kenneth Samuel 
fPer Hugo Sandstrom 
Thomas Paul Schumacher, Jr. 
Katherine Maeve Scruggs 
Marisajade Scruggs 
Robert Suk Sohn 
Clarence Freeman Stanback III 
Benjamin Patrick Stewart 

2nd Major: Criminology 

and Criminal Justice 
Jermaine Charles Sutton 
Michael Carnes Terry 

2nd Major: Criminology 

and Criminal Justice 
Alexis Marie Tibbs 
William DrewToohey III 
Alan R.Toruno 
Shih Min Tung 
Jason Brad Tunis 
Daniel BenaventeVaira 
Vinod R.Vangimalla 
Chuan Fu Wang 
Stephen Andrew Waskiewicz II 
Diallo Noel Williams 
Thomas Albert Wood, Jr. 

$ Suntma cum Laude f Alagna cum Laiidc * cum Laudc 



Jason David Wright 

tKrisrina F.Yeh 


Loretta T.Young-Jones 

2tid Major: Sociology 
Albert J. Zanger.Jr. 
Alexander Zektser 

2iid Major: Pliilosophy 
Dayuan Zhao 

Government and Politics 

Aubree Jean Allen 
§Carissa Lynn Baker 

2nd Degree: English 

Language and Literature 
EUen Irene Bakke 
Jonathan Scott Barley 
Toby Robert McFarren Biswas 

2nd Degree: History 
Akilah Asha Kaniilah Boston 

2nd Major: Economics 
Heather Arielle Bourne 
Rebekah Randolph Brown 
Michael W. Broz 
Melissa Anne Burdette 
Candice Mane Burke 
Marco Carlo Calcara 
Jennifer Elizabeth Casper 
Robert W. Child 
Kristen Helen Corbett 
Matt Codar 
Emmanuel P. Cruz 
Michael Baskin Davidson 
Scott Jatnes Dempsey 
Vincena Mercedes Dickerson 
Timothy John Dietz 

2nd Major: Criminology 

and Criminal Justice 
Patrick D. Dooley 
*Lisa Janet Epstein 
Okiemute Esiekpe 

Carrie Leigh Fiarnian 
Amalia Rachel Frank 
♦David Alexander Freiman 

2nd Degree: Accounlitig 
Shana Lynn Fulcher 

2nd Degree: Environmental 

Science and Policy 
tKathryn Elizabeth Green 
Amanda Jane Grenter 

2nd Major: Criminology 

and Criminal Justice 
David Brian Hagner 
Titus Marquell Hanilett 
♦Christine Frederica 
^Jennifer Kaye Henderson 

2nd .Major: Criminology 

and Criminal Justice 
tGola Javadi 
Adam G.Jones 
Lauren Joy Karam 
Samuel B. Kelner 
ijustin Patrick Palnier Lee 
Chad Paul Lewis 
Xiaolin Mimi Li 

2nd Degree: Geography 
fDavidJohn Lione 
Lauryn Rose Luppino 

2nd Major: Economics 
Garry Lee Maddox 
Allan Thomas Maloney 
•Eduardo Martinez 

2nd Degree: Accounting 
Preeya Susan Mathew 
Tama S. McField 
John Andrew McNeill 
Lydie Di Mendomo 
Zsofia Mohiar 

2nd Major: Anthropology 
PUckv Lee Moorefield 

Mabaruti Itumeleng Olga 

Gonansa Nkondongole Mugulusi 

2nd Major: Economics 
Thomas Michael Noble 
Andrew Keith Pantehs 
Melody Ale.xa Parsa 
Lauren Yvette Pruitt 

2nd Major: Economics 
Chrystal Lynn Randle 

2nd Major: Criminology 

and Criminal Justice 
Gina Raynor 
Paola Solange Roos 
♦Genevieve Patricia Rosloff 

2nd Major: Psychology 
Sean Patrick Ryan 
Gabriella MeUssa Sackrin 
Carrianne Victoria Santangelo 

2nd Major: Economics 
■jjoseph R. Scovitch 

2nd Degree: 

Mechanical Engineering 
§Mao-Lin Shen 
Lelio Sei Shimizu 
Khiran Kaur Sidhu 
tRenee Michelle Sihvola 

2nd Major: Criminology 

and Criminal Justice 
Melissa Jean Siry 

2nd Major: Secondary 

Education- Social Studies 
Darren Andre N. Somarsingh 
Sophia Stamidis 
Joseph Anthony Sufczynski 
Thomas Michael Sundlof 

2nd Major: Economics 
Christine Ciatta Tenny 
L Atonya Daisy Townsend 
Jose M.ViUegas.Jr. 
Rvan Matthew Walter 

Andre Damon Welbon 
Gregor\' Campbell Wicklein 
Bethany Joanne Windle 
Rachelle Marie Wood 

Hearing and Speech Sciences 

Jessica Yvonne Alford 
Jefirey Russell Blake 
Stephanie Eady 
Jessica Brandi Gordon 
Brenda Sue Lee 
Siobhan Lorraine Murphy 
Amanda Lee Noyes 
Maria Alejandra Rivas 
jHeather Muir Wikle 


Ashley EUzabeth AUen 
Preeti Jayram Apte 
Jaime Sara Brawerman 
Bryan Cohen 
Shannon Patrice Collins 

2nd yiajor: Criminology 

and Criminal Justice 
Sarah Margaret Conklin 

2nd Degree: Criminology 

and Criminal Justice 
Nicole Kristen Craver 

2nd Major: Hearing 

and Speech Sciences 
Tormny Richard CuUiton 
Nerissa Sarah Erdeky 

2nd Major: Criminology 

and Criminal Justice 
Cristina Anderson Fraschetti 
Julia Beth Hadricky 
Lori CrN'stal Hinton 
Aiyana Danett Hobbs 
Rebecca Hurley 
Jearmie Marie Hyson 
Charisse Lejarde Jimenez 


^ Siiinma atm Lattdc f Magna cum Laude ♦ atm Laude 


♦Jordana Rachel Koslovsky 
Dana Louise Kreis 
Gaurav Singh Lamba 
Anissa Rashida Leeks 
Rossalyn Patricia Martinez 
Dana Renee McDanicl 
Tiffany Anne McDougal 
Kentaro Nakajinia 
Carla Ceciha Naupari 
Melissa Christine Nicolaou 
tAlexander O'Connor 
lErika Kristin Palmer 
Tifiany Dawn Puckett 
Lee Blair Roberts 
Roxana Carolina Saenz 
Mark J. Schielke 
Jessie Sue Smith 
Monica Victoria Smith 
Jelia Antonia Martel Tarrant 
Mehssa Ann Terr)' 
Sue Fields ToUiver 
Jennifer Lauren Torncy 
Brian Matthew Weincr 
Courtney Kay Wright 
Lauren Elizabeth Wright 
Michelle Terese Zetts 
Ekaterina Zoubak 


Matthew Franklin Baker 
Raven Nicole Baker 
E.Jacquehne Batambuze 
Christal Le May Borchelt 
Joshua Aaron Brodsky 
Prabhu Chandar 
Christina Marie Fitzgerald 
Harold W.Frye III 
Marc Antonio Hill 
Jennifer Lynn Johnson 
KeUi Kaleena Keith 

•Amy Noelle Keseday 

2iid Major: American Studies 
Benjamin Henry Morgan 
•Marcille N. Moss 
Ruben D. Pena 
Juha Agata Prejs 
Alba Ramos Coreas 
Sally G. Reed 
Michael Damon Riedel 
Michelle Lynn Russo 
Beata Stukan 
Janet Lynn Thacker 
Alysia Rosemary Thomas 
Sarah Ehzabeth Walker 
Courtney Jamalle Ward 

Bachelor of Science 

Environmental Science 
and Policy 

Jacob Robert Feight 
Shana Lynn Fulcher 

2nd Degree: Government 

and Politics 
Trevor Adam Griffiths 

2nd Major: Geography 
Alexis Diane McDonald 
Brian E. Parks 


Kim Martin Caldwell. Jr. 

Robert L. Cannon 

Maurice Lewis Carter 

Paul Damien Comlish 

Michael Bader Fileta 

Sonja Diane Gaines 

Jason M. Kneas 

2nd Degree: Criminology 
and Criminal Justice 

Arthur Brian Kretzschmar 

Xiaolin Mimi Li 

2nd Degree: Goucrtmicnt 

and Politics 
Chun-Tang Lin 

2nd Degree: Computer Science 
Andrew Patrick Macatee 
David Patrick McSpaden 
Aaron Dov Moss 
Michael Stevem Naff 
Apaar Singh 
Joshua Plulip Slay 
Rajeev Tuladhar 


Andrea Anysia Bainbridge 
Keshanna Tyese Cooley 

2nd Major: Criminology 

and Criminal justice 
•Amanda Patricia De Calderon 
Ravi Narayana Gaddipati 
Jeremy Davis Hamii 
Jay Fleming Knecht 
liana Shira Levine 
Nicole Maree LeBlanc 
Samantha Mae Panton 

2nd Degree: Criminology 

and Criminal Justice 
Shannon Kathleen Price 
Merrilyn Elise Ratliff 

2nd Degree: Criminology 

and Criminal Justice 
Katherine Katsuko Shiomichi 

2nd Degree: Biological Sciences 
Anna Slutskiy 
Terea Geanene Smith 

2nd Degree: Criminology 

and Criminal Justice 
Ian Morgan Staggers 
Margaret Anne Stanton 

2nd Degree: Biological Sciences 
Megan Giselle Wessels 

College of Computer, 
Mathematical and 
Physical Sciences 

Bachelor of Science 


Daimy ChiaYu Pan 

2nd Degree: Computer Science 

Computer Science 

Jin Young Ahn 

Daniel Holmes Ahrnsbrak 

2nd Degree: Classical 

Languages and Literatures 
Michael John Anderson 
Justin Shaheen Ansari 
Adam J. Bedrossian 

2iid Major: Criminology 

and Criminal Justice 
Bryan S. Bende 
Seedy Omar Bensouda 
Shivangi Bhatt 

Robert Mario Antonio BrogUa 
Anthony R. Casalena 
Timothy Brian Cleland 
Timothy Paul Cline 
James Michael Costlow 
Nhu Uyen Chuc Cung 
Victor Manuel De La Oliva.Jr. 
Somendra Narayan De 
Vishvveshwar Rao Dumpeti 
Saron Goshu 
Yuxiang Guo 
William David Handy 
Michael Anthony Harner 

2nd Major:. -irt History 
Chase Shahin Ighani 
George Minchev lonkov 
Alexei Borisovich Ivanov 

2nd Major: Economics 
Chiedu J. Iwuchukwu, Jr. 

§ Siunina ami Liindc t ^'^ta^"^ <'*'" t^iit<tc 

I Liiude 



Patrick Tobin Joyce 

2iid Major: History 
Daniel Jue 
John Daniel Kaneko 
Arash Khosh 
Seung Chan Kim 
Colin Paul. Kinder 
Andrew John Kirsch 
Yunling Jennifer Lai 

2nd Degree: Fitmnce 
Young-Hsee Lee 
Chun- Tang Lin 

2ttd Degree: Geography 
Kirill Lokshin 
OiYan Luk 

2nd Degree: Mathematia 
Weiluo Ma 

2nd Degree: Economics 
Evan Richard Machusak 
Hoang-Diep Thi Mai 
Michael Young-Chan Min 
Vikram Kishore Mittal 

2nd Major: Economics 
Dipak K. Modi 
Jonathan A. Nagy 
Khanh T. Nguyen 

2nd Major: Mathematics 
Farhatullah Noor 
Thomas Robert Olson 

2nd Degree: Studio Art 
Danny ChiaYu Pan 

2nd Degree: Astronomy 
fMatthew Philip Para 

2nd Degree: 

Mechanical Engineering 
Matthew Wayne Parlette 
Vincent Alfred Perillo 
*Reed Thomas Porada 
George W. Quinn 

2nd Major: Mathematics 
Jonathan Patrick Resop 

Brandon M. Rice 
Sean Francis Roark 
Merwan Arsenio Rodriguez 
Andrew William Ruse 
Paul Gregory Salaets 
Narinder Singh Saund 
Michael Drakar Schmitt 
Joseph Matthew Schweitzer 

2nd Degree: Information Systems 
Shawn Michael Scout 
Paul R. Seymer 
Edward John Shawaker 
Johnson Keshiah Somaram 

2nd Degree: Injormation Systems 
Sarkis Kevork Tatarian 
Lyudmila Tatarov 
Orin K. Tresnjak-Smith 
Margaret Pei-Yu Tsai 
Anthony John Uy 

2nd Degree: German 

Language and Literature 
Ahmad Samih Wahab 
Steven Andrew White 
Mei Yang 
Michael Ki WoongYoo 
Bashaer E. Zaki 


Laura R. Gilbert 
Jennifer Learme Harvey 
Jeff Thomas Hillebrand 
Marc Daniel Lipella 
Joshua Handfield Long 
Juanita Alicia Stevens 


Abidemi Kassim Adeniji 

♦Yelena Bytenskaya 

2nd Degree: Secondary' 

Andrew Chung 
Fidel Amaah Donkoh 
§Yongrui Fan 

2nd Degree: Finance 
Amanda Lynn GaUi 
Gregory Francois Loman 
OiYan Luk 

2nd Degree: Computer Science 
Amanda Eileen Metzel 

2nd Major: Secondary 

Education- Mathematics 
Jennieve Allen Moser 

2nd Degree: Secondary 

Shaimon Rose O'Neill 

2nd Major: Philosophy 
Rishi Ramlogan 
Amy Catherine Schneider 
Lavinia Maria Siagian 
loana Stoica 
Suman Subhash 

Physical Sciences 

Benjamin Joseph Wauer 


Darjush Mikael Badiei-Boushehri 
Charles Morgan Brooks 

2nd Degree: Materials 

Science and Engineering 
Clay Michael Daetwyler 
Matthew J. KeUey 
Puneet Kumar Khetarpal 

2nd Major: Mathematics 
Christian John Long 
Ricardo Andres Pizarro 

2nd Degree: Electrical Engineering 
Scott Michael Snowman 

2nd Degree: Secondary 


Tudor Marcel Tantu 
Alexey D. Toptygm 

2nd Major: Mathematics 

College of Education 

Bachelor of Arts 

Art Education 

Juhe Arm Diaz 
Maria Elena Green 

2nd Degree: Studio Art 

Secondary Education- 
English Language Arts 

Kristma Renee' Dowtin 
2nd Major: English 
Language and Literature 

Judith Lymie Mineweaser 
2nd Degree: English 
Language and Literature 

Heekyong Park 

2nd Major: English 
Language and Literature 

AmeUa Carlene Simmons 
2nd Degree: English 
Language and Literature 

Secondary Education- 
Social Studies 

Ehzabeth Jean Adamek 

2nd Degree: History 
Matthew Folsom Kerwin 

2nd Degree: Historj' 
Sean Michael Lowman 

2nd Degree: History 
Nichole Marie Strandberg 

2nd Major: Government 

and Politics 


§ Summa cum Laude f Magna aim Ltiiide * aim Laude 


Bachelor of Science 

Art Education 

Margaret Munro Schwartz 

Early Childhood Education 

Nicole Christine Hennig 
Claudia Francine Papillo 
Amanda Christine Paxson 
Edith Mane Richards 
Jenny Barbara Schwartzman 

Elementary Education 

Janine Lori Aughenbaugh 
Liht Badalyan 
Debra Rita Baxter 
Laura Ann Buder 
Crystal Lynn Cain 
jPamela Jo Charity 
tErica Dawn Chasser 
Jessica Ann Clayton 
tAnanda C. Creager 
Gina Marie Crook 
Leshe Marie Cunningham 
Karen Liawson 
Holly Francine DeSantis 
Carolyn Rose Downs 
Cindy Lynne Dwyer 
Sima S. Fadli 
Lindsay Kate Fiorentino 
Patrice Renee Francis 
Rosemary Anne Frey 
111! Aminta Frykman 
Kelly A. Gargiulo 
Jan Rebecca Glasgow 
Valerie Kay Griffin 
.^Annc Elizabeth Hall 
Ashley Nicole Hall 
Jean-Marie Elizabeth Heflin 
Jessica Lynne Holt 
•Sarah Denise Honemond 

Loretta Anita Hood 

•Jennifer Nicole Incavido 

Sarah Ellen Jones 

Mitchell Todd Kallemyn 

Jennifer Lauren Kelly 

Lynette Amanna Kohn 

Patricia Kurrle 

Victoria Susan Lee 

Johanna Rachel Mayer 

Kristen Nicole Menz 

Crystal Jean Meyers 

Robert Mathews Mitchell 

Tara Kathleen Moiesky 

Susan Lee Nyhus 
2nd Major: French 
Languai^c and Literature 

Robert Obstgarten 

Michelle L. Owen 

tKristen Marie Pack 

Hannah Louise Pearson 

Sharon Antoinette Rampersaud 

Alyssa Beth Ray 

Erica Natisha Rogers 

Lindsey Brett Rouen 

Tass Ehzabeth Rupert 

Melora Sapp 

Marta Guedes Scarano 

Joshua H. Schneider 

Jaclyn Renee Smith 

Lyndsey Elisabeth Snyder 

Damaris Mehda Somarriba 

Cliih-Hsuan Su 

Helen T.Thai 

Veronica L.Wood 

Margaret Ann Yednock 


Jason Matthew Crimi 
2nd Decree: Musk- 
Professional Program 

Secondary Education- 

•Yelena Bytenskaya 

2nd Degree: Mathematics 

Jennieve Allen Moser 

2nd Degree: Mathematia 

Secondary Education-Science 

Scott Michael Snowman 
2nd Degree: Physics 

Special Education 

Nicholas Paul Cilento 

College of Health and 
Human Performance 

Bachelor of Science 

Community Health 

Candice Jennifer Ahwah 

Rachel Pinina Block 

Stacy Michelle Cohen 

Tiffany Yvonne Colson 

Michael Patrick D' Andrea 

*Laurcn Mary Edukat 

Amanda Emily Edwards 

Angela Nicole Frey 

Kimberly Tyneka Head 

♦Courtney Leigh Kearns 

Amparo Macias 

2nd Degree: Spanish 
Language and Literature 

Aininata Thienan Makalou 

Ugonna Echeazu Onunkwo 

•Meg Mia Rothenstein 

Inna Elizabeth Rubin 

Shima Safikhani 

§Bjna Ehzabeth Shapiro 

Helen Sook Son 

JacqueUne Beatriz Sorto 

Justin Douglas Weinstein 

Erin Paige ZoUars 

Family Studies 

Stephen Joseph Achstetter, Jr. 
Jessica Marie Alexander 
Teyarnte' Carter Jeehana Carter 
Allyson K. Chapman 
Tammi Marie Fergusson 
Amy Michele Goldenberg 
Danielle Nichole Harris-Mills 
Laura Lynn Holsclaw 
Ryan McCourt Kell 
Jennifer Michele Leeb 
Sandra Michelle Lerner 
Emily W. MarneU 
Maura Kathleen McGonigal 
Delvona Aieshia Oliver 
Eunice Yarahi Perez 
Dawn Denise Prather 
Vanessa Race 
Alhson Marie Reinhardt 
Wendell R. Rene 
Alicia Michelle Ross 
Kit LingTam 
Angela Sue Von Stein 
Danielle Nicole Young 

Kinesiological Science 

Bettina Marie Aguilar 
Robert G. Asbury 
•Selasi Attipoe 
Benedict Malawis Batoon 
Christine Marie Blake 
DeAna Marie Burr 
Daniel Enrique Capote 
Barbara Cervantez 
Cesar G. Concepcion 
Monica Gale Cyphert 
Jessie Lynn Dill 
William Patrick Dougherty 
Kara Lynn Douglas 
Kyle Matthew George 
Kyle Angus Glasgow 
Jerry Lewis Glenn II 

> Sunutu cum LatiJc t jV/j^Hj aitii Laudc * aim Ljiiidc 



Avra Arielle Hart 
Erik George Heyliger 
Do Hoang 

Tiffany Chivonna Isaac 
Derek Anderson Jackson 
Shiva Z. Kashani 

2nd Degree: Comnnitiiaitioii 
Jennifer Sue Lee 
Jennifer Marie Lincoln 
Clara Ruth Martin 
Kate R. Martin 
Pamela Jo McDade 
Tess Lauren McLeod 
Stanton Domenic Mediate 
Nicholas Ryan Novak 
Susan Nicole PaciareUi 
Allan M. Paderson 
Christina Marie Paidas 
Noelle Alexis Peart 
Brandon A Pinkard 
tjulie Michelle Richards 
Emily Claire Roberts 
Jonathan A. Rosenblatt 
Christy Lee Sands 
Andrea Nicole Stone 
Caridad Alicia Suarez 
Maighdlin Ann SuUivan 
Stephanie Renee'Young 
Joseph Edward Zilke 

2iid Degree : Accounting 

College of 
Life Sciences 

Bachelor of Science 


Andrei Olegovich Chertov 
Mary Eileen Fisher 
Jonathan Velasco Gaba 
Franklin Charles Hughes 
Oluvvatobi Opeyeini Ogunlana 

Biological Sciences 

Sinusola Teinitope Adegeye 

Lida AJimorad 

Ahlam Abdulrahman Almarzouqi 

Samantha Park Amato 

Ari Jason Avram 

Amirreza Azad 

Jason Andrew Bailey 

Besem Beteck 

Tara Kathleen Bevard 

April Marie Broyles 

Sarah V. Bruno 

Alexander Francis Cardenas 

2nd Degree: Criminology 

and Criminal Justice 
Jeffrey W. Chiu 
Jason Douglas Coggeshall 
HoUie Mwayi Chamayere Culler 
Kathryn R. Deacon 
Kimberly Ann Dickerhoof 
Andrew August Disque 
"Carolyn Joy Foley 
David Christopher Ford 
§Sulagna Ghosh 
Aida Gizabi 
Christian B. Gonzalez 
Christopher David Gosselin 
Katherine Nancy Grimm 
Julia Belle Grisar 
Ruchira Prabha Gunawardena 
Ahson B. Hemly 
Ron Franklin Henderson 

2nd Major: Secondary 

Dawn Marie Hill 
Jessica Lynn Hoover 
David Ankuo Hsin 

2nd Degree: Economics 
*Shih-Chang Hsu 
Beatrix Jenei 
^Matthew David Johnson 

Nicole Joyce Karikari 
Gina Young Kim 
Susan Kim 
Laura Anne Krass 
Amy Yong Hee Kwon 
Brett Coleman Lastra 
Michael Wesley Lawson 

2nd Major: Criminology 

and Criminal Justice 
Linda Lee 

Tara Christine Mattingly 
Christina Noel Mazcko 
Casey Ehzabeth McCreary 

2nd Degree: Criminology 

and Criminal Justice 
Alison Jean Mendoza 

2nd Major: Secondary 

Education- Science 
Stacy-Ann Maria Miller 
Hehna Moges 
Thanh-Ha Thi Nguyen 
Paul Oyelakin 
Okechukwu Casnur Oboh 
Manish Krishna Pant 
Sesha Arun Patel 
Silvia Fabiola Perdomo 
Ateq Mohammad Rahman 
Aimee Renee Reilly 
Sarah Marie Richardson 
Chelsea Lauren Rio 
Mehssa Ann Remain 
Sana Scherbakova 
Hye-Mee Bona Seo 
Katherine Katsuko Shiomichi 

2nd Degree: Psychology 
Emmanuel Oluflinmilade Silva 
Tonya Lea Smith 
Julie Stewart Snyder 

2nd Degree: Criminology 

and Criminal Justice 
Lauren Rebecca Spanjer 

Margaret Anne Stanton 

2nd Degree: Psyctwlogy 
Jonathan Edward Stotler 
Juh Anne Supsic 
Kanjinga Tambwe 
Larissa Hahna Tukarski 
tKathleen Michelle Tyson 
Adam Justin Van Breen 
Sangeetha Venkatarajan 
Jessica Noel Walter 
Jeannine Rebecca Winston 
Sophie Wu 
Alexis Grace Yahyavi 
Florence Yumi Hayashi Yanagawa 
Yeo JinYoon 
Julie Ann Zimmerman 


Sherma Davina Winston 

Environmental Science 
and PoUcy 

•Annette Neilson Bellafiore 
Meghan Patricia Cadden 
Alexa Casey Schuler 


Felicia Rae Andrade Borbor 
Ifechi D. Anyadioha 
Charna Michelle Coren 
Christopher James Cowles 
Eileen Huang 
Ndidi Simone Jackson 
Crystal Elizabeth Ratanavanich 
Sara Sanborn 
Amanda Mane Steeves 
Christopher Mon Tching L.Wei 


§ Siiinnia citiii luttidc "f Ma^nti ittm l^iiuic 


Philip Merrill 
College of Journalism 

Bachelor of Arts 


Ry.iM I lioMias Allen 
T,il Barak 

2iid Mcijor: P.<ycholi\i>y 
Dana Michelle Barakat 
Ericka Paul Boston 
Carolyn Erin Bunce 
Charles Benjamin Dammcyer 
Jessica Lynne Davis 
Jennifer A. DeGregorio 

2iul A/ii/cr; Biit^lish Ltitii;i(in;i- 
and Liieraliirc 
Emily Blair Duke 
Nicole Mane Gasparctti 
Sabrina Ford Hall 

2iid Degree: Criminology 
and Criminal Justice 
John Matthew Hartnian 
Sheyna Chaia Kosberg 
Jill Frances Lodato 
Kristen Elizabeth Martin 
Catherine Mane Matacic 

2nd Degree: Chinese 
Sarah Leanne Mesa 
Alanna R. Miller 
Russell Ritrick Nohelry 
2nd Major: Sociology 
Adam Joseph Ostrow 
John Richard Parsons II 
Jason Scott Perkins 
Sarah Ehzabeth Rooney 
Cher\'l Stephanie Ross 
Joshua Eric Schultz 
C'hanelle Nicole Sirmons 
Jenniter Ann Slmgland 
2nd Degree: History 
Oda Desiree Solnis-Baruth 

Daniel Mark Stamm 

2nd Degree: Criminology 
and Criminal Justice 
Ehzabeth Eunbee Suh 
James F. Swenscn 
Michael Patrick Tunison 
JusDi-n Kopack Ware 
Erica Madged Watson 
Patricia Connie Willard 
2nd Degree: English 
Language and Literature 
Jason Thomas Woodward 

School of Architecture, 
Planning, and 

Bachelor of Science 


Kimberly Michelle Hughes 
Karl Neil Mrowca 
Richard Lee Root. Jr. 
Jonathan Franklin Thomas 

Robert H. Smith 
School of Business 

Bachelor of Science 


•Jennifer Ahn 
Maria Kristin Alalehto 
Misa Saleem Alhabashi 
Ibrahim Fahad Alotaibi 
Sudan Anduze-Johnson 
Omodehinde Reuben Balogun 
•Danielle Kiana Brown 
Michael Joseph Camardi 
Mounia Chchab 
Stephanie Go Chiu 
Adam H Cook 

Gaurav Anil Dhawan 
Cheryl Marie Dunton 
David Alexander Frcinian 
2nd Degree: Government 
and Politics 
Michael WiUiani Gualtieri 

2nd Major: Finance 
Bernice Hassan 
Katherine Anne Hayek 
Jason Christopher Hess 
Steven Timothy Hofniann 
Huma P. Hussain 
Oluseun Bolanle Jaiyeola 
Brian Joseph Kelly 

2nd Degree: Finance 
Ji H. Kim 

2nd Degree: Finance 
Ernbert Soneye Kule-Thomas 
James Visser Lacer 

2nd Degree: Finance 
Gueck Lang Lim 

2nd Degree: Finance 
Roberto Jose Mantilla 

2nd Major: Information Systems 
Christina Nicole Marson 
♦Eduardo Martinez 

2nd Degree: Government 
and Politics 
Stephanie Rose McBath 
John W Mitchell 
Mariama Mimi Mustapha 
Uzondu Chinenye Obele 
Hiren Natver Patel 
Tanvi Mukesh Patel 
NgocTien Pham 

2)11^ Degree: Finance 
Brian Joseph Pryse 
^Petar Raketic 

2nd Degree: Finance 
Matthew F Reali 
Gregory Shanahan 

Miriam Tina Claire Smith 

2nd Degree: Finance 
Lisa Michelle Stone 

2nd Degree: Human 

Resource Management 
Bcnjamm Lee Supowit 
Michael Peter Uong 
Gary Adam Vie 
Jun Yang 
Chris George Yfantis 

2nd Degree: Finance 
Joseph Edward Zilkc 

2nd Degree: Kinesiological Science 


Ahmad WihdAkbari 
Ashraf Gomma Ah 
Juan Carlos Alvarado 

2nd Degree: Economics 
Reza Aniirmotazedi 
Alexander Phillip Balourdos 
Ryan Edward Bess 
•Matthew James Castaldo 

2nd Major: General Business 
Michael Adam C^herner 
Rene A. Cruz 

2nd Major: General Business 
Arash Darabnia 

2nd Major: Marketing 
Jacob Da\ idoff 
Michelle Kristen Donnelly 

2nd Major: General Business 
SYongrui Fan 

2nd Degree: Mathematics 
Thomas Mantz Fisher 
Peter Zachary Goldsmith 

2nd Degree: English 

Language and Literature 
Jeremy Michael Gordon 

2fid Major: General Business 

$ Siimma mm Laude f Magna aim LaiiJr ' mm Laiide 



Sahil Goyal 

2tid Major: General Business 
Khoa Dang Ha 

2iid Major: Accounting 
Daniel Timothy Holly 
Stephen J. Hsu 
Khalil H. Hunaidi 
Gregon,' Thomas Hyhnski 
Juan Ignacio Jacome 
Dean Robert Jephson 

2nd Degree: Information Systems 
Bethlehem Kavaleri 
Brian Joseph Kelly 

2nd Degree: Aaounting 
Nuzaira Khan 
Ji H. Kim 

2nd Degree: Accounting 
Juhanne Marie Kortz 
James Visser Lacer 

2nd Degree: Accounting 
Yunling Jennifer Lai 

2nd Degree: Computer Science 
Devan Terese Langford 
Nannette Nickole Langford 
John Wei-Ren Lee 
Joshua David Legum 
Rui Li 
Gueck Lang Lim 

2nd Degree: Accounting 
Judson Duley Lincoln III 

2nd Degree: Information Systems 
Nicholas Madejski 
Farzad Mahmoudi 

2nd Major: General Business 
Kamaria M. Martin 
Justin Evan Mitrani 
Nicolas Anthony Neam 
Sean P. O'Connor 
EUi Lauren Papayanopoulos 
Nicholas John Papoulias 

Jaykumar Sharad Patel 

2nd Major: General Business 
Mitesh Jagdish Patel 

2nd Degree: Economics 
Ngoc Tien Phani 

2nd Degree: Accounting 
Allen H. Pyon 

2nd Major: Logistics, 

Transportation and Supply 

Chain Management 
§Petar Raketic 

2nd Degree: Aaounting 
Carly Alhson Reed 

2nd Major: General Business 
Mark L. Rosenblum 

2nd Major: General Business 
Elan N. Rozmaryn 
Christopher Michael Sartwell 
Erica Johnson Saxton 

2nd Degree: Marketing 
Eric WiUiam Schaaf 
Rashmi Sharma 

2nd Major: General Business 
Danila Sergey Sheveiko 
Matthew Alan Sleeman 
Miriam Tina Claire Smith 

2nd Degree: Accounting 
Patrick Carey Smith 
Steven Allan Strycula 

2nd Major: General Business 
Christopher Todd Tedrow 

2nd Major: Accounting 
Hong M.Tram 
Kim Remsberg Waeber 

2nd Major: Logistics, 

Transportation and Supply 

Chain Management 
Chris George Yfantis 

2nd Degree: Accounting 
David Jin Yoo 
Diego AlonsoYrivarren 

General Business 

Bruno Agrario 
Oscar Reynaldo AguilarVega 
Mohsen Attarpour Modjarrad 
Cynthia Ann Brandt 
Wayve-Anne Alicia Brown 
tjuhe Marie Callis 

2nd Degree: German 

Language and Literature 
Rristen Renee Chappell 
Teresa Marie Collins 

2nd Major: Gouernment 

and Politics 
John Henry Deregla 

2nd Degree: Logistics, 

Transportation and Supply 

Chain Management 
Jennifer Dawn Edens 
Peter Whitley Genovese 
Fahad Mumtaz Hashmi 
EUa Adakou Lawson Boe-Allah 
Weih Lee 

2nd Major: Logistics, 

Transportation and Supply 

Chain Management 
Joshua David Levin 
Eric Thomas Mangasarian 
Raymond Robert McGowan 
Samuel Payton Harwell 

John WiUiam McKay 
♦Stuart Craig McPhail 

2nd Degree: Philosophy 
Delaram Minaie 
Levon Moosakhanian 
Tarn Thanh Ngo 
John Anh Nguyen 
MoUie Jean Nieswand 

2nd Major: Marketing 
Nkemdilim Lily Oraegbu 
Brian Patrick Owens 

Mehran Eric Parvizi 

2nd Major: Logistics, 

Transportation and Supply 

Chain Management 
Kevin Michael Peterson 
Corey Todd Raynes 
Thomas A. Richards 
Mark H. Rosenberg 
Leonar Sardarian 
Susan Yueshu Shen 

2nd Degree: 

Computer Engineering 
Sail Ahmad Siddiqui 
Jennifer Anne Zwahlen 

Human Resource 

Lisa Michelle Stone 
2nd Degree: Accounting 

Kia LaSean Wilson 

2nd Degree: Marketing 

Information Systems 

Daniel Steven Belsky 
Timothy Edward Guyton 

2nd Major: Operations 

and Quality Management 
Eric C. Herzenberg 
Alexander David Huber 
fZhong Jin 

2nd Degree: Finance 
Clemon Ismael Joseph 

2nd Major: Accounting 
Pritpal Kalsi 
Nader Kazemi 

2nd Major: Accounting 
Ari Simon Lukas Knausenberger 

2nd Major: Logistics, 

Transportation and Supply 

Chain Management 


§ Summa {iiin iMude f Aja^na mm Ijiiidc * cum Laudc 


JuAson Dulcy Lincoln III 

2nd Dci,;ree: Finance 
Shameet Mukesh Luhar 

2nd Degree: Logistics, 

Transportation and Supply 

Chain Management 
Guy Malik 

Andrew Evan Marnullion 
Rafael Mazuz 
Daniel Robert Milne 
Anthony John Moskunas IV 
Kyong Soo Pak 

2nd Major: Logistics, 

Transportation and Supply 

Chain Management 
Joseph Matthew Schweitzer 

2nd Degree: Computer Science 
Johnson Keshiah Somaram 

2nd Degree: Computer Science 
Gregory Joseph Spillman 
Ryan Thomas Wild 

Logistics, Transportation and 
Supply Chain Management 

Taeyul Choi 

John Henry Deregla 

2nd Degree: General Business 
Oorota Guszczynski 

2nd Major: General Business 
•Justin William Levis 
Shameet Mukesh Luhar 

2nd Degree: Injormation Systems 
James Matthew Salamon 

Management Science 

and Statistics 

Nicoli Aaron St. Lawrence 


Junaid Shafiq Ahmed 
William Daniel Ames III 
Sara Azani 

2nd Major: General Business 
Sorel Sofia Barcelo 
Matthew WiUiam Barker 
Sean Robert Bascom 
Robert Elliott Bean IV 

2nd Major: Logistics, 

Transportation and Supply 

Chain Management 
Aric Behar 

Eddie Pherozc Bharucha 
Melissa Blatt 
Geoffrey Michael Brower 

2nd Major: D^gistics, 

Transportation and Supply 

Chain Management 
Jeffi-ey Rock Carhn 
•Kenneth Paul Chambers 

2nd Major: Logistics, 

Transportation and Supply 

Chain Management 
Cindy Sau Cheng 
Ehzabeth Heun Choe 
Alireza Choubineh 

2nd Major: General Business 
Ann Marie CoUins 
Sandra Graciela Comiskey 

2nd Major: General Business 
Andrew Craig Davidsburg 

2nd Major: General Business 
Katharine Emily Wilson Dudley 
Rebecca Lee Fuqua 
Alexander Goloborodko 
Jordan Spencer Grace 
Sara Louise Howe 

2nd Major: General Business 
Rosabell Carolina Jimenez 

2nd Major: General Business 

Julia Nyambura Kimani 
Kristen Sue Knopf 
Ketan Kumar 
Manu Kuppalli 

2nd Major: General Business 
Christopher Ming Kwong 

2nd Major: Logistics, 

Transportation and Supply 

Chain Management 
Manishaben Bhagubhai Lad 

2nd Major: Logistics, 

Transportation and Supply 

Chain Management 
Angela Ja Chi Lee 

2nd Major: Logistics, 

Transportation and Supply 

Chain Management 
Oleg Levin 

Phillip Anthony Lipscomb 
Rebecca Mane Lundregan 
Theresa Elizabeth Majchrzak 

2nd Degree: Art History 
Gregory Hall Manger 
Ashley Katrina McAdams 

2nd Major: Logistics, 

Transportation and Supply 

Chain Management 
Amanda Beth McCabe 
Laleh Mehrani 
Justin Scott Mergel 
Macy Ng 

2nd Major: General Business 
Parisima Nourmohammadi 

2nd Major: Logistics, 

Transportation and Supply 

Chain Management 
Steven Michael Perlman 
Juhe Patricia Quinn 
Benjamin Stuart Reed 

2nd Major: General Business 
Paul Curtis Rohwer 

Erica Johnson Saxton 

2nd Degree: Finance 
Jonathan David Sernulka 
Heidi Alhson Sudduth 

2nd Major: General Business 
Zena Michele Thomas 
Vivian Tran 

Steven Michael Vigilante 
Sarah Christine Vogel 
Alexia ErifiliVoyles 
Marguerite Christine Weese 

2nd Degree: Criminology 

and Criminal Justice 
Kia LaSean Wilson 

2nd Degree: Human 

Resource Management 
Lauren R.Wittek 
Douglas Chi-ShienYing 

2nd Major: Psychology 

Undergraduate Studies 

Bachelor of Arts 

Individual Studies 

Randi Koren Bradley 
Yaffa Sarit Rasowsky 
Scott Thomas Robinson 
Michele Lisa Stanback 

Bachelor of Science 

Individual Studies 

Jacob Maxwell Goldsmith 

.^ Sumina turn Latide f Xlagna mm Ldjude * aim Laude 



Certificate Programs 

African American Studies 

Tiffany M. Edwards 

Asian American Studies 

Allen C. Chung 

Latin American Studies 

Aldo Husai Martinez-Coreas 
Emily Rebecca Snow 

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual 
Transgender Studies 

Lori Ann Bednarchik 

Women's Studies 

Toniniy Richard CuUiton 
Kathryn Elizabeth Folstein 
Shalaya Jamara Henson 
Gola Javadi 
Colleen M. Mcdlock 
Melissa Christine Nicolaou 
Kusuma Prabhakara 
Keara Joyce Schoultz 
Melissa Charlotte Wiser 
Ekaterina Zoubak 

University of Maryland 



Commissioning Date: 
December 18, 2004 

Robert D. Ditroia 
Christopher K. Hubley 

The December 2004 class roster comprises degree candidates from the 
graduate and undergraduate programs at the University ot Maryland, 
College Park. As final action cannot always be taken for candidates by 
the time this program is printed, the list of candidates here is tentative 
only. The university reserves the right to withdraw or add names. 
Diplomas (for other than doctoral degrees) will be mailed by the 
Office of Records and Registration. 


5 Stiiniiui cum Liiiuii' -\ Magtia {nin Ltliidc * {nni Ltliiiic 


Bachelor's degree candidates who have qualified 
tor scholarship honors upon graduation are des- 
ignated by appropriate symbols adjacent to their 
names within the alphabetical listing of colleges 
or schools, pages 25-30 and 45-60. 

To be eligible for consideration tor such honors a candi- 
date must meet the following general criteria: (1) have com- 
pleted at least two years of work at the University ot 
Maryland (60 semester hours, 30 of which were earned at the 
College Park campus) and (2) have a scholastic average of a 
"B" (grade point average of 3.0) or higher in the University 
of Maryland work prior to the last semester of registration 
before the awarding of a degree. 

Degree candidates who have met these criteria are shown 
in the listings as qualifymg, upon graduation, for the designa- 
tors Siiniiihi aim Ltiiidc (if they ranked in the top 2 percent of 
the candidates in their respective coOeges or schools). Magna 
iiiiii Liiiitlc (if in the next 3 percent), or iiiin Ltiiidc (if in the 
next 5 percent) based on the grade pomt averages of students 
in the preceding three graduating classes of their degree- 
granting unit. 

University Honors 

Students who haw carin-ii the 
I hiivcrsity Honors Citation may 
ii'car red and jiohl braided cords 
over their academic fowns. 

December and Aujinst 

Jcnmter Aim 
Juan Carlos Alvarado 
Omar Farooq Amin 
Christen Adelc Ansuini 
Yodit Astaw 
Jason Andrew Bailey 
Sean Robert Bascom 
Annette Neilson Bellafiorc 
Rajorshi Bliattacharya 
Erin Rose Branigan 
Charles Morgan Brooks 
Christopher Yeates Brown 
Danielle Kiana Brown 
Julie Marie CaUis 
Matthew James Castaldo 
Kenneth Paul C'hanibers 
Erica Dawn Chasser 
Vanessa Denise Chavez 
Andrei Olegovich Chertov 
Tzu-Hsiu Chiou 
Stephanie Go Chiu 
Teresa Marie Collins 
Charna Michelle Coren 
James Michael Costlow 
M.itt I'ans Codar 
Jason Matthew Crimi 
Elizabeth Christina Currey 
Ronald Joseph DiSabatino 
Joshua Benjamin Dinaburg 
Michelle Kristen Donnelly 

Patrick Donahue Dooley 

Carolyn Joy Foley 

Matthew John Franklin 

Rach.iel Aron Freednian 

Jessica Brandi Ciordon 

Katherine Nancy Grimm 

Michael William Gualtieri 

Puja Gupta 

William IDavid Handy 

Dawn Mane Hill 

Sara Louise Howe 

Alexei Borisovich Ivanov 

Gregory Bryan Jennings 

Samra Kasim 

David Thomas Kearns 

Nuzaira Khan 

Hyunjung Kim 

Jenny Kim 

Juhanne Mane Kortz 

Jennifer Clare Kuhlman 

Amy Yong Hee Kwon 

Xiaolin Minn Li 

Noah Joseph Berg Licb 

Jane Lm 

Judson Duley Lincoln 

KiriU Lokshin 

Weiluo Ma 

Lukasz Wojciech Machon 

Alan Christopher Martin 

Catherine Marie Matacic 

Stuart Craig McPhail 

Alison Jean Mendoza 

Justin Michael Monaldo 

Gabriela Morato 

Lm Alexander Mroczkowski 

Mollie Jean Nieswand 

Parisima Nourmohammadi 

Sean Philip O'Connor 

Nichola,s Michael Oben 

Robert Alan Obstgarten 



Danny Chia-Yu Pan 
Manish K. Pant 
Matthew Philip Para 
Ngoc Tien Pham 
Ateq Mohammad Rahman 
Merrilyn Ehse Ratliff 
Jonathan Patrick Resop 
Julie Michelle Richards 
Chelsea Lauren Rio 
Alexa Michelle Rourk 
Elan Natan Rozmaryn 
Eric William Schaaf 
Amy Catherine Schneider 
Joseph Matthew Schweitzer 
Joseph Robert Scovitch 
Susan Shen 

Robin Joarma Shutinya 
Scott Michael Snowman 
Julie Stewart Snyder 
Joseph Patrick Sochurek 
Margaret Anne Stanton 
loana Stoica 
EUzabeth Eunbee Suh 
Justin David Turner 
Michael Peter Uong 
Melany Maria Vargas 
Sangeetha Venkatarajan 
Gar>' Adam Vie 
Ahmad Samih Wahab 
Michael Isaac Weaker 
Justin Douglas Weinstein 
Jennifer Aime Zwahlen 

Departmental Honors 


With High Honors in 

Government and Politics 

KaniUa Rakhimova 


Andrew Wilson Snowden 

With Honors in 

Art History and Archaeology 

Samra Kasim 

Government and Politics 

Wonshik Albert Choi 
Timothy Patrick Daly 

Mechanical Engineering 

Craig Douglas Gerardi 


Cell Biology and 
Molecular Genetics 

Dawn Mane Hill 

Governtnent and Politics 

Cola Javadi 

Genevieve Patricia Rosloff 

With Honors in 


Carri Ann Lee 

Art History and Archaeology 

Ariel Cecilia Evans 


David Alexander Freiman 
Stuart Craig McPhail 

Cell Biology and 
Molecular Genetics 

Sulagna Ghosh 
Shih-Chang Hsu 

Computer Engineering 

Eric Thomas Fargo 
Jane Lin 

Electrical Engineering 

Omar Farooq Anun 
Vanessa Denise Chavez 
Ronald Joseph Di Sabatino.Jr. 
Joshua B. Dinaburg 
Donald Franklin Driggers 111 
Joshua Edward Gorfain 
Regina Marie Gouker 
Brian John Hardink 
Prachi Kulkarni 
Jean-Marie Lauenstein 
Lukasz Wojciech Machon 
Lindsey Ann McGaughan 
Matthew Philip Para 
Ronald Aaron Pierce 
Joseph R. Scovitch 
Michael Isaac Weaker 
Yosef Ayehu Zeleke 


John Wesley Albritton 
William Norman Pines 


Jenmter A. DeGregorio 

Government and Politics 

Gola Javadi 
Lauren Joy Karam 


Selasi Attipoe 

Juhe Michelle Richards 

Mechanical Engineering 

Christopher Yeates Brown 
Lawrence Steven Gyger.Jr. 


Smart Craig McPhail 

College Park Scholars 

Tlie College Park Scholan program 
honors each graduating citation Scholar 
with a special medallion on a gold ribbon. 


Anthony Santo Battista 

Latoya Ehse Brown 

Richard Calame.Jr. 

Maria Chriztina Chavez 

Joya Cohen 

Marshall Patrick Combs 

Shai Fierst 

Daniel Lee Goodwin 

Da\'id Charles Gordon 

Sheera H. HobfoU 

Jennifer Lauren Hooper 

Cameron Leighanne Hunt-Logan 

Jeffrey Anthony Israel 

Royela Jungyeon Kim 

Kristie Heeyon Kim 

Riki Michelle Levin 



Sarah Ann Lim 

Henri Martial Ekcdi Makcmbc 

Michael James Manyak 

Nancy Jo Milka Johnston 

Jill Mane Murphy 

Emily Morgan Nisson 

Benjamin S. Parsons 

Adam David Proger 

Howard Quach 

Erick Martin Rivas 

Nadine Naomi Sendowski 

Benjamin Dov Shapiro 

Jahan Enid Shojaei 

Elizabeth Darcy Smith 

Trisha Ann Springston 

Eryn Hallie Taylor 

Tariina Devi Tiwari 

Elena Del Carmen Valenzuela 

Gwendolyn Ella Warnian 

Angela Mane Windsor 

Jacob Hadley Zager 

Bryna Zumer 


Adebimpe Maureen Adekanmbi 

John Wesley Aibritton 

Ryan Thc)nia,s Allen 

Kelly Anne Aston 

Ari Jason Avram 

Andrea Anysia Bainbndge 

E.Jacqueline Batambuze 

Bryan S. Bcnde 

Melissa Blatt 

Akilah A. K. Boston 

Heather Arielle Bourne 

Cynthia Ann Brandt 

Geofirey Michael Brower 

April Marie Broyles 

Jeffrey Michael Burek 

Mark Denton Bystry.Jr. 
David Frederick Choy 
Sarah Margaret Conklin 
Erick Fernando Cruz 
Kathryn R. Deacon 
Kristin Karin Dickie 
Jessica Ann Donaldson 
Donald Franklin Driggers III 
Tiffany Melissa Edwards 
Luis Emmanuel Emmanuelli 
Lisa Janet Epstein 
Carrie Leigh Fiarman 
Amalia Rachel Frank 
David Keith Frederick 
David Alexander Freiman 
Cynthia Anne Gallant 
Kelly A. Gargiulo 
Justin Eber Giffuni 
Kelley Mary GiUigan 
Jacob Maxwell Goldsmith 
Daniel Lee Goodwin 
Jeremy Michael Gordon 
Kathryn EHzabeth Green 
Brian S. Gresehover 
Anne Elizabeth Hall 
Sharon Rose Harmon 
Philip Christopher Hartten 
Jennifer Kaye Henderson 
Jessica Lynn Hoover 
Alexander David Huber 
Franklin Charles Hughes 
Gillian Lea Hurley 
Ndidi Simone Jackson 
Gola Javadi 

Keiva Genee' Jennings 
Dean Robert Jephson 
Rosabell Carolina Jimenez 
demon Ismael Joseph 
Amy Noelle Keseday 
Seung Chan Kim 

An Simon Lukas Knausenberger 
Jordana Rachel Koslovsk)' 
Laura Amie Krass 
Jessica Anne Kratchman 
Steven James Kuligowski 
Manu Kuppalli 
Steve Junetak Kwon 
Christopher Ming Kwong 
Manishaben Bhagubhai Lad 
Justin Patrick Palmer Lee 
Weih Lee 

Joshua Paul Lennon 
Justin William Levis 
Gregory Francois Loman 
Nicholas Madejski 
Ashleigh Ehzabeth Martin 
Eduardo Martinez 
Preeya Susan Mathew 
Meaghan CoUeen McDermott 
Colleen M. Medlock 
Sarah Leanne Mesa 
Adrienne CeceUa Mickens 
Alanna R. Miller 
Vikram Kishore Mittal 
Jennieve Allen Moser 
Anthony John Moskunas IV 
Mark Alexander Nakamura 
Leslie Dyane Nemeth 
Thomas Michael Noble 
Kevin Michael Peterson 
Laura G. Petrillo 
Melissa Lindsey Poussart 
Kusuma Prabhakara 
Lauren Yvette Pruitt 
Corey Todd Raynes 
Brandon M. Rice 
Cheryl Stephanie Ross 
Jonathan Matthew Roy 
Kevin Kenneth Samuel 
Kristofer John Sanz 

Akeenya Allen Saunders 
Shawn Michael Scout 
Paul R. Seymer 
Erin Jennifer Shochet 
Renee Michelle Sihvola 
Melissa Jean Siry 
Miriam Tina Claire Smith 
Patrick Carey Snuth 
Clarence Freeman Stanback III 
Garen Stepanian 
Jennifer Marie Stephens 
Katie Marie Struder 
Steven Allan Strycula 
Maighdlin Ann Sullivan 
Margaret Pei-Yu Tsai 
Kathleen Michelle Tyson 
Abigail Meaghan Underbill 
Paul Robert Vivari 
Sarah Christine Vogel 
Courmey Jamalle Ward 
James Alexander Waters 
Marguerite Christine Weese 
Ryan Thomas Wild 
Patricia Connie Willard 
Sharlene Antoinette Williams 
Melissa Charlotte Wiser 
Lauren Elizabeth Wright 
Patana Patrii k Yoiinuniisuk 



The Senior Marshal Program began 1991 as 
an opportunity to acknowledge outstanding 
seniors at their commencement. The students 
selected to be marshals were nominated by 
faculty, administration and stall for their outstanding accom- 
plishments and contributions to the University' of Maryland. 
We are proud to recognize these truly remarkable students. 


Maria A. Aronova 

Carissa Lynn Baker 

Lori Ann Bednarchik 

Annette Bellafiore 

Toby Robert McFarren Biswas 

Robert Victor Boniface 

Erin Rose Branigan 

Alexander Cardenas 

Stacy Michelle Cohen 

Melissa Claire Coleman 

Elizabeth Christina Currey 

Laura DeHart 

Joshua B. Dinaburg 

Chris Eddie 

Rachel CoUeen Franc 

Deborah Anne Gardner 

Kelly A. Gargiulo 

Sulagna Ghosh 

Puja Gupta 

Ashley HaU 

Danielle Harris-MiUs 

Philip Christopher Hartten 

Christopher Robert Hennessy 

Gola Javadi 

Claudia Jimenez 

Matthew David Johnson 

Jillian Johnston 

Amelia Carlene Jones Simmons 

Samra Kasim 

Courtney Kearns 

Brian Kelly 

Jordana Rachel Koslovsky 
DevanTerese Langford 
Michael C.W. Li 
Noah Joseph Berg Lieb 
Jane Lin 

Laurie Michelle Mann 
Clara Ruth Martin 
Eduardo Martinez 
Catherine Marie Matacic 
Alanna Miller 
Oren Miller 
Gabnela Morato 
Andrew Mosley 
Erika Kristin Palmer 
William Norman Pines 
Shiiiia Safikham 
Christy Lee Sands 
Daniel Leo ScheUenberg 
Joseph R. Scovitch 
Rina Elizabeth Shapiro 
Mao-Lin Shen 
Robin Joanna Shutinya 
Renee Michelle Sihvola 
Hanharan Sivaramakrishnan 
Jonathan Edward Stotler 
Maighdlin Sulhvan 
Paul Robert Vivan 
Marguerite Weese 
Melissa Wiser 
Kri.stina FYeh 



Board of Regents 

Cliftbrd M. KciidaU, Cluiir 
David H. Ncvms. ] 'ice-Chair 
Rdbert L. Pevenstein, Secretary 
Niiia Rodale Houghton, Asst. Secretary 
Orlan M. Johnson. Treasurer 
Patricia S. Florestano. Assi. Treasurer 


Adela M. Acosta 

Thomas B. Finan.Jr. 

R. Michael Gill 

Richard E. Hug 

The Hon. Marvin Mandel 

Robert L. Mitchell 

A. D wight Pettit 

The Hon. James C. Rosapcpc 

The Hon. Joseph D.Tydmgs 

Jeremy Horine, Student Regent 

The Hon. Lewis R. Riley, ex officio 

University System Administration 

William E. Kirwan, Cliaiuellor 

Susan Schwab, I'ice Chancellor for Advancemcin 

Irwin Goldstein, Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs 

Joseph F. Vivona, I'icc Chancellor for Administration and Finance 


Norma Allewell, College of Life Sciences 

Judith K. Broida, Associate Prorosl and Dean, Office of Coniinuini^ and 

Extended Education 

Charles B. Lovvry, (Interim) (Gillette of hifornunion Studies 

N.iriin.m Farvardin, /I. JrtHic.« C^lark School of Hnfrineering 

Howard Frank, Tlie Robert H. Smith School of Business 

William A. Galston, (Interim) School of Public Policy 

Bruce L. Gardner, (Interim) College of Agriculture and Wnural Resources 

Robert S. Gold, College of Health and Human Performance 

Stephen Halperin, College of Computer, Mathematical and Physical Sciences 

Donn.i B. 1 l.iniilton, /Isiocitirc Provost and Dean for Undergraduate Studies 

James E Harris, College of Arts and Humanities 

Thomas Kunkel, Philip Merrill College of Journalism 

Charles B. Lowry, Dean of Libraries 

Edward B. Montgomery, College of Behavioral and Social Sciences 

Garth Rockcasde, School of Architecture, Planning, and Preservation 

Edna Mora Szymanski, College of Education 

Ann G.Wylic. (Interim) 'Ilie Craduatc School 

Oflficers of Commencement 

University Marshal 
Ralph D. Bennett, Jr. 
School of Architecture 

Faculty Marshals 
Ellin K. Scholnick 
Academic Affiiirs 

University of Maryland Administration 

(.'.. D. Mote, Jr., President 

William W. Destler, Senior I 'ice President for Academic Affairs and Provost 

Iinda M. Clement, Vice President for Student Affairs 

Jeffrey C. Huskamp, Vice President and Chief Information Officer 

Jacques S. Gansler, Vice President for Research 

John D. Porcari, Vice President for Administrative Affairs 

Brodie Remington, KiVe President for University Relations 

Leon H. Slaughter 

College of Agriculture and Natural Resources 

Student Marshal 
William J. Higgins 
College of Life Sciences 

University Senate 
Arthur N. Popper, Chair 



University of Maryland College Park Foundation 
Board of Trustees 

John M. Brophy, Chair 

Executive Committee 
Robert A. Bedingfield 
Jane C. Brown 
Michael S. Dana 
Barry P. Gossett 

Timothy F. Maloney, Esq. 
William E. Mayer 
Mark G.Turner 

Emeritus Trustee 
Shirley Phillips 

Honorary Trustees 
Jehan Sadat 
Alfred H. Smith. Jr. 

Commencement Committee 

William W. Desder, Chair 

Robert H. Smith 
Leo Van Munching, Jr. 

Elected Trustees 
William N. Apollony 
Waldo H. Burnside 
Albert P. Carey 
J. Paul Carey 
George P. Clancy 
A.James Clark 
B. Gary Dando 
Philip B. Down 
Edward M. Downey 
Leonard J. Elmore, Esq. 
Robert Facchina 
Robert E. FischeU 
Edwin R. Fry 
Petch Gibbons 
Alma G. Gildenhorn 
Joseph B. Gildenhorn 
Ilene Knable Gotts 
Richard J. Greenberg 
Brian L. Hinman 
Wayne T Hockmeyer 
Charles A. Irish, Sr. 
Maxine Isaacs 

Appointed Trustees 
Richard C. Brustein 
John E. Girouard 

Jack Kay 
Jeong H. Kim 
Christopher E. Kubasik 
John N. Lauer 
C.Thomas McMillen 
Arthur S. Mehlman 
John Morton, III 
Neil Moskowitz 
Paul H. Mullan 
Emmett Paige, Jr. 
Robert P. Pincus 
Erwin S. Raffel, D.D.S. 
Philip R. Rever 
Nicholas A. Samios 
Harvey L. Sanders 
Robert B. Schaftel 
Margaret Scott Schiff 
James L. Shea, Jr. 
Adrian G.Teel 
Craig A.Thompson, Esq. 
John R.Tydings 
Robert A.Yellowlees 

John I. Heise 
James L. Redifer 

Javaune Adams-Gaston, Career Center 

Marva Ballard, Scheduling Office 

Diane Barlow, Information Studies 

Ralph Bennett, University Marshal 

Carlotta Botvin, Catering 

Carl Bovill, Architecture 

Lisa Bradley, Life Sciences 

Kathy Broady, Stamp Student Union 

Dianne Burch, University Publications 

Kimele Carter, Arts and Humanities 

Charles Chapman, Shuttle UM 

Ritzie Coleman, Computer, Mathematical and Physical Sciences 

Maureen David, Special Events 

Jessica Davies, Special Events 

John Doerr, Agriculture and Natural Resources 

Sandra Dykes, Facilities Management 

WiUiam Higgins, Student Marshal 

Brain Horick, Robert H. Smith School of Business 

JeffKniple, Individual Studies 

Stan Lohman, Book Center 

Julie Luce, Chapel 

Jill Nagiel, Senior Council 

Chris Nations, Athletics 

Dave Otalini, University Communications 

Phyllis Peres, Individual Studies 

Patrick Perfetto, Conference and Visitor Services 

Aim Petrone, Architecture, Planning, and Preservation 

Bill Powers, Public Policy 

Frank Quine, Philip Merrill College of Journalism 

Vicky Reinke, Information Studies 



Alan Sactor. Environmental Safety 

Ellin Scholmck, Faculty Marshal 

Adam Shervanian, Health and Hnman I'ertbrniance 

Leon Slaughter. Faculty Marshal 

Charles Stubbs, Facilities Management 

Bob Stumpff, Facilities Management 

Janice Summons. Parking 

Brooke Supple, Senior Council 

I )an S\Tnonds, Diploma Office 

Anita Taylor. Parking 

Harr)' Teabout. Facihties Management 

TinaThorburn, Health Center 

Danielle Veith. Behavioral and Social Sciences 

Larry Volz. Public Safety' 

John Wakefield, School of Music 

Donna Walther, Agriculture and Natural Resources 

Sheron Williams, A. James Clark School of Engineering 

Bob Wilson, Information Studies 

Scott Wolpert, Computer, Mathematical and Physical Sciences 

Beth Workman, Beh.ivioral and Social Sciences 

Department of Facilities Management's Building and 

Landscape Services 

OfEce of General Services/ Special Services Staflf 

Rcfpomihle for .SVfliiii; ' '/' ConimciiiViiicnl Sites 
Leroy Blackwell Thomas Saunders 

Earl Blake Carol Shreve 

Larry Garner Bob Stumpff 

Larry Jefferson Charles Stubbs 

Christina Kulp Daniel Thompson 

Sherrell Purnell Kathleen Whclcn 

Or^ifr Units responsible for commencement preparations 

Athletic Facilities Housekeeping Services 

Area Maintenance Landscape Services 

Carpentry Shop Paint Shop 

Electric Shop Sign Shop 

Floor Shop 


University of Maryland Brass Ensemble 

Dr. Milton Stevens, Conductor 


Brandon Almagro 
Justin Bland 
Michael Blutman 
Douglas Fraley, soloist 
Janine Leyser 


Matthew Bachman 
Erica Chenoweth 


Adam Arnold 
Jason Crimi 
Steven Kellner 
James Kent 


Christine Siwak 


Liz Prince 
David Vaughn 


Matt Robotham 
Jeff Steinberg 

Carla Moebius 
Justin Okon 
Michael Piccionc 
Kurt Schewe 

Sally Roberts 
Mark Wakefield 

Jonathan Reycraft 

Adrian Teti 

Travis Dobson, bass trombone 

Michelle Roberts, bass trombone 



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Managing Editor: Monette A. Bailey 

Photography: John Consoli, Cynthia Mitchel. Chan Chao, Jeremy Green, 

Lisa Helfert 

Prodiiaioii: Rhonda Fonte and Shelley Nichols 

Profile H'riler: Kimberly Marselas 

Univenily Editor: Dianne T. Burch 

With extra special thanks tor the behind-the-scenes help from 
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