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University ofCMaryland 

Commencement <^DECEMBER 19 & 20, 2007 


University of Maryland 

Commencement • December 19 & 20, 2007 

2 Congratulations from 
the President 

3 Order of Comniencenient 

4 Schedule of Events 

5 Map of Ceremony Location 

6 Conuiiencement Speaker 

7 Graduating Student Speaker 

8 Alma Mater and Floor 
Seating Chart 

9 Message from the 
Alunnn Association 

10 The University of Maryland 

15 August Graduate Degrees 

28 August Undergraduate 

34 Candidates for December 
Graduate Degrees 

49 Candidates for December 
Undergraduate Degrees 

64 Honors and Scholars 

69 Student Marshals 

70 University Officials 

71 Commencement Staff 

IAP(1^ f^^CZ^*^ 


University of Maryland 

Commencement • December 19 & 20, 2007 

2 Congratulations from 
the President 

3 Order of Commencement 

4 Schedule ot Events 

5 Map of Ceremony Location 

6 Commencement Speaker 

7 Graduating Student Speaker 

8 Alma Mater and Floor 
Seating Chart 

9 Message from the 
Alumni Association 

10 The University of Maryland 

15 August Graduate Degrees 

28 August Undergraduate 

34 Candidates for December 
Graduate Degrees 

49 Candidates for December 
Undergraduate Degrees 

64 Honors and Scholars 

69 Student Marshals 

70 University Officials 

71 Commencement Staff 

u^u£ es^ ^^ 


M ongratulations on your graduation from the University of Maryland! This 

■ milestone should bring great satisfaction to you, your finiily and t'riends. It is 

^^^^.,<i^ no small feat. Your feelings about your Maryland experience will blossom m 
the years ahead. 

I am certain that your time at the university' has been filled with new ideas, challenges and 
opportunities. You have probably discovered that the greatest learning comes from asking the 
right questions. The hardest questions, of course, have no "right answers," but they are the 
important steps toward understanding. You will find this understanding useful in your life ahead. 

The University of Maryland has offered you opportunities to expand your interests and 
horizons. 1 hope that you took full advantage of them and that they have opened your eyes 
and many doors for you. You have made friends and found mentors who will continue to add 
value to your life in remarkable ways. 

As you leave us, I would like you to know how much the ficulty and staff respect your 
accomplishments as scholars, artists, athletes and leaders. You have enriched our university's life 
and have helped it to climb to a new level of distinction. We welcome you into the alumni 
family, a truly special group. 

1 hope that you stay connected and take full advantage of being an alum. Stay involved 
with us and help new generations of students develop their futures. You can do this by 
returning to campus often, starting with Maryland Day 2008, on April 26. 

You have my very best wishes for all your future plans. We are proud of each and every 
one of you. Stay in touch. GoTerps! 


Yours sincerely, 
CD. Mote, Jr. 



December 19, 2007 • Comcast Center • 7 p.m. 


Dr. CD. Mote, Jr. 

Master of Ceremonies 

Mr. lames N. Newton 
Commencement Committee 


Universir\' ot Maryland 

Concert Band 

Dr. L. Richmond Sparks 



Rev. Holly R. Ulnier, Chaplam 
United Campus Ministry- 
National Anthem 

Ms. Brittany Baratz 


Mr. Robert L. Pevenstein 
Universit\' System ot" Maryland 
Board of Regents 

Senior Class Gift Presentation 

Mr. Ryan Pies 
Senior Council 

Remarks to the Graduates 

Mr. Andres Garcia 
Graduating Senior 

Musical Selection 

"Welcome the Rain" 
Music by Zina Goldrich 
Lyrics by Marcy Heisler 
Ms. Brittany Baratz, soloist 
Ms. Catherine Mann, guitar 
Mr. Loren Westbrook-Fritts. ceUo 

Introduction of Speaker 

Mr. Robert L.ToU 
Chair, Commencement 
Speaker Selection Committee 


Tim Kurkjian 
Senior Writer, ESPS Tlie 
Magazine and 
Analyst/reporter ESPN TV 

University of Maryland 
Alumni Association Induction 

Mr. Charles "Chip" Sollins '82 
President. Maryland Alumni 
Association Board of Governors 

Message to the Graduates 

Dr. Mote 

Presentation of 
Colleges and Schools 


Conferring of Degrees 

Dr. Mote 

Alma Mater 

Ms. Brittany Baratz 


Universirs- of Maryland 
Concert Band 



Shuttle bus service will provide free transportation around campus throughout the day on Dec. 20. Guests are urged to be 
seated approximately one half-hour prior to the designated time for the ceremonies if they wish to observe the student and 
faculty processional. 

Campuswide Commencement 
Wednesday, December 19 

7:00 p.m. Comcast Center 

Ceremonies held Thursday, 
December 20 

Agriculture and Natural Resources, 
College of 

l:{l()p.m. Memorial Chapel 

Arts and Humanities, College of 

American Studies, Comparative Literature, 
English and Women's Studies 

];()() p.m. Dekelboum Concert Hall, 
Clarice Smith Center 

Art History and Art Studio 

1(1:00 a.m. Grand Ballroom 

Stamp Student Union 


Call Department for tniie and location, 


1:00 p.m. Ritchie Coliseum 

Dance and Theatre 

1 1 :00 a.m. Kogod Theatre, Clarice Smith 
Performing Arts Center 

Foreign Languages and Linguistics 

10:00 a.m. Colony Ballroom 

Stamp Student Union 

History andjeivish Studies 

1:00 p.m. Colony Ballroom 

Stamp Student Union 


1:00 p.m. Gildenhorn Recital Hall, 
Clarice Smith Center 


Call Department for time and location, 

Architecture, Planning, 
and Preservation, School of 

10:00 a.m. Architecture Building Great Space 

Behavioral and Social Sciences, 
College of 

9:00 a.m. Comcast Center 

Business, Robert H. Smith 
School of 

1:00 p.m. Comcast Center 

Chernical and Life 
Sciences, College of 

9:00 a.m. Memorial Chapel 

Computer, Mathematical and Physical 
Sciences, College of 

10:00 a.m. Dekelboum Concert Hall, 
Clarice Smith Center 

Education, College of 

2:00 p.m. Cole Student Activities Building 

Engineering, A. James Clark 
School of 

10:00 a.m. Cole Student Activities Building 

Individual Studies 

9:00 a.m. Colony Ballroom 

Stamp Student Union 

Information Studies, College of 

9:00 a.m. Gildenhorn Recital Hall, 
Clarice Smith Center 

Journalism, Philip Merrill College of 

1:00 p.m. Hotf Theatre 

Stamp Student Union 

Public Health, School of 

9:00 a.m. Ritchie Coliseum 



Parking Lot 1 




Valley Drive 

Stadium Drive 
Parking Garaee 
RIGGS ^ **□ 


Stadium ''^ 



1^- _ BUILDINt. 


Mow3tt Lane 

t lUE mi II HOUSE 

__ union une 
u Parking Gara^e 


Ri-p-iiK Kriv 



Arena Parking Garage 








LOT lie LOT9C 


Paint E 

ranch Drive 


LOT 11 B LOT4A LOT 41 



Tim Kiirkjicm 
Senior Writer, ESPN Vie 
Magazine and 
Analyst /reporter ESPN TV 

Tim Kiirkjian "78, a Phillip Merrill College of Journalism alumtius, is a baseball 
analyst and reporter for ESPN. Shortly after graduating, Kurkjian began his 
journalism career by working for the Washington Star. He was with the Bahiiiiore 
News American briefly in 1^81, and then he began his 28-year career covering 
Major League Baseball with the Dallas Morning News, as the Texas Rangers beat writer from 
1981 to 1985. 

A year later, Kurkjian covered the Baltimore Orioles for the Baltimore Sun. He worked as a 
senior writer for Sports Illustrated from 1989 to 1997 and worked as a reporter for CNN/SI from 
1996 to 1997. Kurkjian joined ESPN in March 1998. in addition to his work as an analyst and 
reporter for ESPN TV and the Emmy award-winning ESPN productions Baseball Tonight and 
SportsCeiiter, he is currently a senior writer for ESPNTlie Magazine and, and he 
frequently contributes to baseball discussions on ESPN's Pardon the Interruption, ESPN radio 
and numerous other radio baseball programs, including NPRs Only a Game. 

Adding to his extensive background in journalism, Kurkjian has authored two books. His first, 
America's Game, was released in 2000, and his latest. Is Tliis a Great Game, or llliat?: From A-Rod's 
Heart lo Zim's Head — My 2 5 Years in Baseball, was released in May 2007. He is also a member of 
the Baseball Writer's Association of America, which entiries him to vote annually on the National 
Baseball Hall of Fame player inductions. In 2008, Kurkjian wiU serve on the 16-member Baseball 
Hall of Fame election committee to vote for manager and umpire inductions. 

He grew up in Bethesda, Md., and attended Walter Johnson High School, named for the great 
Washington Senators pitcher, before attending the University of Maryland. He currently resides 
in Darnestown, Md., with ins wife Kathy and two children, Kelly and Jeffr-ey. 



He came to this country just six years ago, but Andres Garcia, a government and 
politics major who minors in sociology, is already living his American dream. 
His love of learning and desire to help others is the source of his achieve- 
ments as a student and undergraduate teaching assistant. 
"Andres is certainly one of three best undergraduate students 1 have had in almost 17 years - " 

at the Universitv' of Maryland," says Vladimir Tismaneanu, professor of government and poHtics 
and director of the Center for the Study of Post-Communist Societies. ^-^ 

Andres Garcia 

As a student, Garcia has studied East European politics, the rise and fall of Communism and 
new evolutionism and the power of the powerless. He wrote an in-depth paper on Vaclav 
Havel's philosophy of living in truth and is currendy doing research on the authoritarian past 
of Chile and East Germany. 

"Andres is a wonderful example of a young intellectual and highly cultivated student," 
Tismaneanu says. 

Lois Vietri, public policy internship program director in the Department ot Government and 
Politics, remarks that his academic and political sophistication put him several "cuts about the 
rest of his peers ... He's working for a small policy think tank and they're expecting him to 
behave as a young policy professional. He might even be getting published. I see a lot ot leader- 
ship potential in this young man." 

Had he remained in his native country of Santiago, Chile, Garcia says liis hirure as a lawyer 
would have been secure but predictable. Since coming to the United States, he says he has seen 
endless oppormnities and is already making plans for a career in acadeirua. At Maryland, in his role 
as a teaching assistant, Garcia works with students to help them understand very complex issues 
involving polirics and societies. The experience had him hooked on teaching the moment he 
started. Deeply committed to political change, he also thinks about returning to his home country. 

"Being a teaching assistant is very flilfilling," Garcia says. "I learn fi^om students as well 
because they express points of view that 1 may not have considered." 

As if his academic success wasn't enough, Garcia is also fluent in Spanish, German and 
English and was named Most Valuable Player for the Montgomery College soccer team, which 
won a regional and state championship in 2002. winter commencement 


Wednesday, December 19, 2007 • Comcast Center • 7:00 p.m. 

Floor Seating Arrangement 
for Graduates in Comcast Center 


















The Winter Graduates 

Candidates for degrees 

Most popular doctoral degrees 



Engineering, Electrical 60 



Physics 37 



Computer Science 35 

Most popular bachelor 

Criminal Justice 



Economics 28 
Music 25 



Data Source: Warehouse currenl data 



Office of histitutiotml Research. 

Government & Politics 


Planning and Assessment 




Most popular master's 


For August 07: 

Business & Management 


Undergraduate 598 


Graduate 617 

& Instruction 


Library & Information 





£-Master's Business 



Engineering. Electrical 


Alma Mater 

Hail! Alma Mater 

Hail to thee, Maryland! 

Steadfast in loyalty, 

For thee, we stand, 

Love for the Black and Gold 

Deep in our hearts we hold. 

Singing thy praise forever. 

Throimhout the land. 



Dear Graduates, 

On behalf of the Maryland Alumni Association, I am thrilled to extend heartfelt 
congratulations upon reaching this academic milestone. 
Today, when you reach for your diploma, you will receive a torch — the legacy of 
excellence that Maryland alumni have carried for more than 150 years. We know you will hold 
It high, displaying your Terrapin pride tor aU to see. 

It IS my hope that in the years to come you will make the university proud by enlightening us. 
Shine your hght on us by sharing with Alma Mater your newfound expertise and ideas. In turn, 
Maryland will continue to educate the country's brightest students, pursue cuttmg-edge research, 
explore the arts and defend our athletic titles — we will make you proud to be a Terp. 

Along with this commitment, the alumni association is pleased to give you a complimentary 
one-year association membership. Visit our Web site, w^'w.alumni., to activate it. 

While you are on the Web, register for the TerpNation Network, the online social and career 
ner^vorking tool that keeps you m touch with your university and your classmates. 
Alumni association membership provides instant access to: 

• social and professional networking events at the Samuel Riggs IV Alumni Center, your 
new home address at the university 

• health insurance and financial services — tangible benefits designed to ease your transition 
into life after college 

• Terp Magazine, connecting alumni with the university 

Most importantly, it demonstrates your dedication to Maryland and those who will follow 
in your footsteps. 

Best ot luck to you, and thank you for displaying your Terp Spirit as you take your place in 
our alumni family. We look forward to seeing you soon at the Riggs Alumni Center. 



Daiiita D. Nias "81 

Assistant Vice President, Alumni Relations and Development 



A Continuing Commitment 
to Excellence 

From its pre-Civil War roots as 
the state's first agricultural college 
and one of America's original land 
grant institutions, the University 
of Maryland has emerged as a 
public research university of 
national stature, highly regarded 
for its broad base of excellence in 
teaching and research. Maryland's 
beautiful 1,200-acre campus is in 
the heart of the 1-270 research 
corridor that is fueling a burgeon- 
ing information technology and 
biotechnology industry. 

The momentum of recent 
years has poised the university 
to take leadership in shaping the 
research university of the 21st cen- 
tury. By virtually every measure of 
quahty, the University of Maryland 
has gained national recognition as 
one of the fastest rising compre- 

hensive research institutions in 
the country. Maryland is one of 
the nation's Top 20 public national 
universities, and the quality of our 
faculty — ^with three Nobel laure- 
ates, seven Pulitzer Prize winners 
and scores of Fulbright scholars — 
is among the finest of any research 
university in the United States. 

There are 13 schools and col- 
leges within the organizational 
structure of the University of 
Maryland. Seven of these units — 
the Smith School of Business, the 
College of Education, the Clark 
School of Engineering, the Philip 
Merrill College of Journalism, the 
College of Computer, Mathemati- 
cal and Physical Sciences, the 
College of Information Studies 
and the School of Public Policy — 
have been recognized by their 
peers and in various rankings as 
among the 25 best iii the n.ition. 

The breadth of this excellence is 
a source of pride for students, 
faculty and staff", and is endorse- 
ment for the university's flagship 
status among the state's institutions 
of higher education. 

The university also continues 
to move forward in the quahty 
of our students and the support 
of our faithful alumni. Freshman 
admission is increasingly competi- 
tive. More than 23,578 applica- 
tions were received for only 3,993 
spots in the Fall 2006 entering 
class. Once accepted students 
complete their academic journey, 
they will join a rapidly increasing 
family of alumni who are proud to 
be called Terps. Maryland Alumni 
Association membership has 
grown to more than 30,000 
dues paying members since its 
inception in 1989. 

The university's commitment 
to quahty education in a research 
environment is key to its academic 
reputation and the success of its 
graduates. More than 100 centers 
and institutes are engaged in 
research and outreach. The 
research enterprise infuses the 
curriculum at both the undergrad- 
uate and graduate levels, e.xposing 
students to the most pressing issues 
and challenges in their discipline 
and training them to respond 
with rigor as well as creativity 
to contemporary problems. 

Faculty' at the University' of 
Maryland, in all fields of know- 
ledge, are engaged at the highest 
levels ot nation. il ,ind international 



concern. The university's locanon 
I near the center of federal policy- 
making and international political 
and economic activity enables it to 
play an active role in research and 
analysis of pubhc policy. Strong 
links to the scientific and techno- 
logical agencies and organizations 
of the federal government drive 
research in the environment, 
engineering, physics, computer sci- 
ence, life sciences and agriculture. 
Scholarship in the arts, humanities 
and social sciences is marked by 
the spirit oi' intellectual diversity 
and interdisciphnan,' collaboration. 

Maryland is one of the 
research universities in the presn- 
gious 61 -member Association 
ot American Universities and 
the only pubHc institution in 
the Maryland-D.C. area with 
membership in the nation's most 
distinguished honor society. Phi 
Beta Kappa. 

Total sponsored research and 
outreach revenue for fiscal year 
2006 totaled nearly S350 million. 
These fijnds for research, training 
and outreach come fi^oni a variety 
of sources including the federal 
government, state government, 
corporations and foundations. 

The OtSce ofTechnology 
Commercialization (OTC) at 
the University of Maryland was 
estabhshed in late 1986 to facilitate 
the transfer of information, life and 
physical science inventions devel- 
oped at the university- to business 
and industry. In its 21 -year history-, 
OTC has recorded more than 

1 ,700 technologies, secured more 
than 325 patents and licensed 
more than 900 technologies, 
generating more than $16.3 
million in technologv' transfer 
income. OTC collaborates 
with university offices such as the 
Maryland Technology Enterprise 
Institute, the Technology Advance- 
ment Program, the Small Business 
Development Center and the 
Dingman Center for Entrepre- 
neurship. These partnerships 
demonstrate the university's broad 
range of technologN' transfer ser- 
vices, R&D tundmg. partnering 
opportunities and entrepreneurial 
capabilities to the local commu- 
nity, industry and government. 


The University' of Maryland was 
founded in 1807 in Baltimore 
as a taculty-owned College of 
Medicine. The medical school 
w'as considered one of the top 
schools in the country', attracting 
notable professors and lecturers 
from throughout the w-orld. In 
Its beginning, tuition cost $140, 
grades were sent home weekly to 
parents, and students could obtain 
room and board for $300 annually. 

Five years later, the growing 
institution was renamed the 
University of Maryland. Despite 
the name, the university w-as not 
considered a state institution as 
it was still owned and operated 
by faculty'. Baltimore College of 
Dental Surgery, the first dental 
school in the world, became a 

The University Is On the Move 

Faculty Awards Abound: Along with three Nobel laureates, seven 
Puhtzer Prize wmners, 40 members of national acaden-ues and scores 
of Fulbright scholars, the university boasts at least one MacArthur 
Fellow and several winners of presidential national medals. 

Great Expectations: The university's SI biUion fiindraising 
campaign. Gnat Expiectalioiis. the Campaign for Mar\'land, publicly 
kicked off in October 2006. By the time of its conclusion in 201 1, 
the campaign wiU raise $350 million for student scholarships and 
fellowships, a priority goal. 

Going Green: Maryland planted itself at the forefront of U.S. cam- 
pus sustainability issues over the past six months. President CD. Mote, 
Jr., was among the academic leaders to sign the American College and 
University' Presidents CUmate Commitment. Grist magazine named 
the university a Top 1 5 Green College, noting that students voted to 
raise student fees in order to pay for clean energy. Maryland's entry in 
the Department of Energy's 2007 Solar Decathlon finished second to 
Germany's Technical University' of Darmstadt. The Terrapin team of 
architecture and engineering students won the BP Solar People's 
Choice Award. 

New Facilities, Greater Opportunities: Our School of Public 
Health, the university's first new school since 1981, will research 
human behavior and the social and enviromnental factors that are at 
the root of many of today's major health problems, including obesity, 
cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular disease. The new Bioscience 
Research Building will house the Pathogen Research Institute. Its 50 
faculty members will work to find new ways to treat infections, new 
methods of tracking and predicting the spread of diseases, and even 
new strategies for biodefense-related public policy. 

PuUing Rank: The university' was ranked in the Top 20 of public 
research universities by U.S. \k'u>s €- World Repwrt in 2007. The maga- 
zine also includes 31 of our academic programs m the Top 
10 and 92 in the Top 25. The Institute of Higher Education at 
Shanghai's Jiao Tong University ranks Mar>'land 37th in the world 
among research universities, according to a fall 2006 survey. 



part ot the university' in 1841), 
awarding the first Doctor of 
Dental Surgery (D.D.S.) degree 
in 1841. 

In 1859. the Maryland 
Agricultural College, which 
would evolve into the University 
of Maryland, College Park, was 
opened under a charter secured by 
a group of Maryland planters in 
1 856. In addition to spending one 
hour each day hoeing or plowing 
on the college farm, students took 
a broad range of courses in ancient 
and modern languages, natural 
sciences, English and mathematics. 
After a disastrous fire on campus in 
1912, the state acquired the college 
and rebuilt it. 

In 1920, the state legislature 
combined the College Park 
institution with the professional 
schools in Baltimore to form an 
expanded University of Maryland. 
The entity eventually grew to 
include campuses in Baltimore 
County, the Eastern Shore and 
University College, a continuing 
education institution. 

The following decades saw 
the increasing growth of student 
population, excellence in programs 
and curricula, and the burgeoning 
of the University of Maryland, 
College Park, into a nationally 
recognized research institution. 

July 1, 1988, marked the dawn 
of a new era in higher education 
in the state of Maryland, as the five 
components of the university were 
merged with six other state uni- 
versities and colleges to form the 

University' System of Maryland, 
and College Park secured its 
flagship status with a mandate to 
become one of the pre-eminent 
research universities in the nation. 

The AluiTini Association 

With alumni clubs from Miami 
to Taipei, Taiwan, the Maryland 
Alumni Association strives to keep 
and strengthen ties between the 
university and its graduates. 

Member events such as pre- 
game parties; bull roasts; picnics; 
golf tournaments; dinner cruises; 
and subscriptions to Terp, the 
University of Maryland magazine, 
help keep alumni connected to 
the university and to each other. 
All graduating seniors and success- 
ful masters and doctoral candidates 
receive a one-year free member- 
ship in the Maryland Alumni 

The Alumni 

The Maryland Alumni 
Association's Hall of Fame honors 
university graduates who have 
brought honor to their alma mater 
through distinguished careers in a 
variety of disciplines. The follow- 
ing 51 individuals have shown the 
world what it means to be a Terp. 

Carmen Balthrop '71 

Uhiiil-tlitss Soprano 
Adisai Bodharamik '70 I'll I) 

Iclcioiiiiimiiiuilioiis Tmilbhizcr 
Waldo Burnside '49 

Rcldil Kiiifi 

Harry Clifton "Curly" Byrd ()8 

Legcndar)' Umversity 

of .\ laiyhnul Ptaidcii! 
Robert E Chandler '34 Ph.D. 

A Founding Father of the 

(-Mm Rci'ohiiion 
Connie Chung '69 

I'roiniuau BroaJciisI JonrikilisI 
A.James Clark '5(1 

C.oiiilruiiioii ALigiidtc, BcmjMlor 
William P.Cole 10 

U.S. CoiigrcssiihiH 
Mary Stallings Coleman '35 

Firsi Female Michigan 

Siiincine Court Chief Justice 
Larry David '69, '70 

"Seinfeld" Creator 
Rayinond Davis '37, '40 M.S. 

i\'ii/>(7 Luireale (Physics) 
Ruth Davis '52 M.A., '55 Ph.D. 

Respected Scientist 
Leonard Elmore '78 

All-star Basketball Player 

and Scholar 
Geary Francis "Swede" Eppley 
'20, '26 M.S. 

.■\dniinislralor, Coach and Soldier 
Norman "Boomer" Esiason '84 

Football Hero 
John Faber ■26.'28 M.S.. 
'37 Ph.D. 

Lxgeiidary Coach and 

I)isiinf;nished Professor 
Charles L. Fefferman '66 

Mathematician. Professor, Winner 

ofImld\ \h-dal 
Carly Fiorina '80 MBA. 

Trailblazing Executive 
Robert E. Fischell '53 M.S., '96 
Honoiary Doctorate 

Medical Technology Pioneer 

Jon Franklin '70 

Pnlil:er Pri:c-u'inning Journalist 

Herbert A. Hauptman "55 Ph.D. 

Nobel Laureate in Chemistry 
Jim Henson '60 

.\ Inppcts Creator 
Steny H. Hoyer '63 

( '. ,S. Cotigressnian 
Harry R. Hughes '49 

Maryland Governor 
Carlisle H. Humelsine '37 

Preservationist and Statesman 
Hugh Newell Jacobsen "51, '93 
Honorary Doctorate 

World-renowned Architect 
Albin O. Kuhn '38, '39 M.S., 
'48 Ph.D. 

Builder of Maryland's 

Baltimore Campuses 
George J. Laurer '51 

hnvnior of the Universal 

Product Code 
Wilbur Monroe (Munro) Leaf 

"Ferdinand the Biiir'.-iuilior 
Samuel J. LePrak '40 

(. 'rban Planning Leader 

Liz Lerman '70 

American Clioreograplier 

Kathleen Magee '72 M.A. 

Snrse and Philanthropist 
Manning Marable '76 Ph.D. 

Attthorily on African .American 

Russell Marker '23 

Pioneering Chemist 
Tobin Marks '66 

1 1 brld-renoivncd Chennst 
Thomas V. "Mike" Miller '64 

Long-standing President oj the 

Maryland Senate 
Parren J. Mitchell '52 

Maryland's First African American 

Student, U.S. Congres.':man 



Renaldo Nehemiah '81 

Track and Field I \ 'odd Record 

Tom Norris '67 

Congressional Medal of Honor 

Michael Olmert '80 Ph.D. 

Emmy Award -winning Writer 
Jane CahiU Pfeiffer '54 

First 1 1 Oman Chairman of the 

Board at NBC 
Judith A. Resnik '77 

f ,7iij//(iJi;cr .-islro/niiil 
Chun-Shan Shen '61 Ph.D. 

President ofTaiwan 's 

Tsing-Htia Vtiit'ersity 
William Woolford Skinner 1 89.S 

Research Chennst 
Robert H. Smith '50 

Developer of Crystal City 
Adele Hagner Stamp '24 M.A. 

Maryland's First Dean of i] omen 
Reginald Van Trump Truitt ' 1 4 

\'atiirahst and Chesapeake 

Bay Advocate 
Millard E.Tydings 10 

Evelyn Pasteur Valentine '67 
M.S.. '86 Ed.D. 

Educator and Entrepreneur 
Gary Williams "68 

Championship-winning Coach 
Morgan Wootten '56 

Basketball Hall of Fame Member 

The Hall of Fame induction 
ceremony takes place once every 
five years, with the most recent 
group of honorees inciucted m 
June 20(.)5. 

Customs of Commencement 

Early conuiiencement ceremonies 
at the University of Maryland were 
marked with great fanfare and 
celebration. The faculty gave huge 
banquets for the graduates the 
night before the event. The follow- 
ing morning, crowds gathered to 
watch the young graduates parade. 
It was a gala social occasion, attract- 
ing not only friends and relatives, 
but the fashionable eUte of the 
day. At the ceremony, prayers were 
recited, speeches were made, and 
honorar)' degrees were awarded to 
distinguished figures from across 
the country. Finally, as the audience 
cheered and threw flowers, the 
graduates came forward to collect 
their Latin-inscribed degrees. 

Academic Costume 

The black caps and gowns worn 
by the smdents and facultv' in the 
academic procession have been the 
traditional costume of scholars since 
the Middle Ages. The ordinary- dress 
of the scholar, whether student or 
teacher, was similar to that of a 
cleric. Caps and gowns were 
probably worn to keep students 
warm in unheated buUdings. Many 
medieval scholars were tonsured, 
hke monks, and hoods served to 
cover their shaved heads until the 
skullcap later took its place. 

Even after the Civil "War, most 
students at American universities 
wore caps and gowns daily while 
in residence. These varied in design 
until they were standardized by 
the American Intercollegiate 

Conmiission in 1894. At that 
time it was decided that all robes 
would be black. Colors on the 
trim of the gown were also 
standardized to indicate the 
scholar's academic discipline. 
A hst of department colors follows: 

Agriculture: Maize 

Arts,Letters,Humanities: White 

Business Administration. 
Commercial Science: Drab 

Dentistry: Lilac 

Economics: Copper 

Education: Light Blue 

Engineering: Orange 

Fine Arts,Architecture: Brown 

Forestry: Russet 

Home Economics: Maroon 

Journalism: Crimson 

Law: Purple 

Library Science: Lemon 

Medicine: Green 

Music: Pink 

Nursing: Apricot 

Orator)',Speech: Silver Gray 

Pharmacy: Ohve 

Physical Education: Sage Green 

Philanthropy: Rose 

Philosophy: Dark Blue 

Pubhc Administration, Foreign 
Service: Peacock Blue 

Pubhc Health: Salmon 

Science: Golden YeUow 

Social Work: Citron 

Theology and Diviniry: Scarlet 

Veterinary Sciences: Gray 

The tassel may also be colored 
to represent an academic discipline 
or it ma)' be black. Officially, the 
tassel is permitted "to lie where it 
will" on the mortarboard. However. 

numerous institutions have adopted 
the practice of having degree 
candidates wear the tassel on the 
right front side at the start of the 
commencement ceremony and 
then shift them to the left side 
after degrees are awarded. 

Student Marshals 

Elected through a nomination 
process, student marshals are senior 
leaders who play an important 
role in the graduation ceremony. 
Student marshals assist in organizing 
the thousands of graduates, leading 
them smoothly through the 
conuiiencement procession . They 
also supply extra caps and hoods, 
and bobby pins to keep headwear 
secure. Fall 2007 marshals are hsted 
on page 69 of this booklet. 

Senior Gift 

Since 1910, members of the 
graduating class have supported 
a senior gift designed to com- 
memorate their college experi- 
ence. Traditionally the gift serves 
as a contribution to the campus 
community that forever hnks 
alumni with the university. When 
you see the Testudo statue on 
McKeldin Mall, the clock outside 
of Stamp, or the Henson statue 
and memorial garden, you're 
looking at Senior Class Gifts. 
These, and other gifts scattered 
around the university, are tributes 
to years ot hard work and to 
unwavering love for Alma Mater. 
Now. It's your turn to take part 
in the tradition that puts us 
"heads and shells above the rest." 



This year s gift will be the 
Class of 2007-2008 Lounge. It 
will transform an emptN' corridor 
in the newly renovated Adele H. 
Stamp Student Union into a flinc- 
tional and aesthetically pleasing 
space with new tlirniture, artwork 
and flat-screen televisions. The 
lounge will establish a trend of 
maintaming the Stamp Union as a 
modern hub for student life. 

To be a part of this 97-year 
tradition of philanthropy, visit or call 
301.314.GRAD for more 

Acadetnic Degrees 

A degree is awarded for the 
successful completion of a 
course of study. There are more 
than 1,600 different academic 
degrees currently conferred 
by colleges and universities 
nationwide. The University of 
Maryland offers degrees in 1,30 
undergraduate majors, 80 doctoral 
programs, 100 master's programs 
and one first professional degree. 

The Doctor's Degree 

The doctor's degree represents 
the most advanced earned degree 
conferred by American institu- 
tions. There arc two distinct t^pes: 
the practitioner's degree and the 
research degree. The first type rep- 
resents advanced training for the 
practice of various professions, 
principally Doctor of Medicine, 
Juris Doctor, Doctor of Pharmacy, 
and Doctor ofVeterinary Medi- 

cine. These degrees do not involve 
the completion of original 
research by the student. The 
University of Maryland, at the 
professional school in Baltimore, 
awarded the first two dental 
degrees ever on March 9,1841, 
and invented the name of the 
degree. Doctor of Dental 
Surgery (D.D.S.). 

The Universin- of MaryLind 
conveys the Doctor ofVeterinary 
Medicine (D.V.M.) to 
approximately 90 students 
each year in a program that was 
instituted in 1980. Graduates 
receive a diploma containing 
the seals of both the University 
of Maryland and its partner 
institution, the Virginia Polytechnic 
Institute and State University. 

The second t\-pe is the research 
doctorate representing prolonged 
periods of advanced study. A 
dissertation that usually 
accompanies the study is intended 
to contribute substantially to the 
body of knowledge on the subject- 
The most important of these, the 
Doctor of Philosophy, no longer 
has an implication of philosophy 
for Its holder, but represents 
advanced research in any of the 
major fields of knowledge. It was 
first awarded in the United States 
in 1861 by Yale University.The 
University' of Maryland awarded a 
Ph.D. for the first time in 1920. 

The Master's Degree 

The master's degree is an academic 
honor bestowed upon students 
who have successfully completed 
work beyond the baccalaureate. 
A thesis and an oral exami- 
nation are usually required. In 
1920,the University of Maryland 
awarded its first Master of Arts 
(M.A.) and Master of Science 
(M.S.) degrees in fields other 
than agriculture. 

The Bachelor's Degree 

The bachelor's degree represents 
the completion of a four-year 
course of college-level study and 
is the oldest academic degree 
awarded by American institutions 
of higher learning. It was first 

conferred in America m 1 642 
on the first nine graduates of 
Harvard College. Maryland 
Agriculture College, which 
later became the University of 
Maryland, College Park, awarded 
Its first Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) 
and Bachelor of Science (B.S.) 
in 1862. 



Doctor of Audiology 

Julia S. Callahan 

Tlie Benefits of Closed Captioning for Elderly Hearing Aid Users 

Erin C. McAlister 

Ini'estigatioi} of Frequency Characteristics of DPOAEs Using Suppressors 
ofl'arying Bandwidth and Center Frequency Presented in a Forward 
Masking Paradigm 

Caroline M. Roberts 

Tlie Impact of Rlicumaloid Arthritis on Middle Ear Function 

Michele L. Spencer 

Rcliahihty and Test Environment of the SCAS-A with Children Ages 12-15 

Doctor of Musical Arts 

Victor S. Asuncion 

A Performance Exploration of Sonat(ts for Piatio and Cello hy L. ivn Bccthoren 

Juan M. Gendelman 

Unfolding: For Mixed Ensemble 

Robert L. Goodner 

Tliree Different Settings of Chamber Music Featuring Trumpet with Voice, 
Woodwinds, and Strings 

Jung-A Lee 

Agility and Fiioratura: Tlic Foundations of Coloratura Repertoire 

Heloisa D. Maibrada 

Musical Integration:Tlie Stylistic Eroluiion of the Music of Cldudio Santoro as 
Observed in His Works for Piano 

Aldo Ragone 

Alexander Sikotaei'ich Skrjabin: From Romanticism to the Mystic Chord, 
The Ten Piano Sonatas and 24 Preludes, Opus 1 1 

Chi-Ming Shui 

Preludes and Sonatas Inspired by Chopin 

Doctor of Philosophy 

Kimberly A. Adams • Psychology' 

Racial Differences in Psychotic-like Experiences: A Study of Schi:;olypy in 
African-Americans and Caucasians 

Sanaz Adl • Electrical Engineering 

Low Noise Pre- Amplijlcr/ Amplifier Chain for High Capacitance Sensors 

Carlos Agudelo • JournaUsm and Public Coinmunication 

To Dare Tliinking is to Begin Fighling:Tlie History of Magazine Altcrnaliw — 
Colombia, 1974-1980 

Willie M. Aklin • Psychology 

Impact of Residential Substance Abuse Treatment on Affect- and Personahty- 
Rehiled Variables Across Inner-City Substance Abusers 

Animesh Aniniesh • Business and Management 

The Impact of Online Spotisored Search Advertisitig on Consumer and 
Seller Strategies 

Cara D. Appel-Silbaugh • Counseling and Personnel Services 

Acting Out Integrity and Honor: Siudein Honor Council Cultural Influence on 
Members ' Development 

Jose D. Aromi • Economics 

Models of Supply Function Equilibrium with Applications to the 
Electricity Industry 

Kleio Avrithi • Civil Engineering 

Rchability-Bascd Design of Piping: Internal Pressure, Gravity, Earthquake, and 
Thermal Expansion 

Seunghyun Baek • Curriculum and Instruction 

Cross-Language Transfer of Sub-Syllabic Units in the Acquisition of L2 Phono- 
logical Awareness: Semivowel Placement Differences Between Korean and English 

Han Bao • Measurement, Statistics and Evaluation 

Investigating Differential Item Function Amplification and Cancellation in 
Application of Item Response Testlet Models 

Gregory V. Bard • Applied Mathematics and Scientific 

Algorithms for Solving Linear and Polynomial Systems of Equations Over Finite 
Fields With Applications to Cryptanalysis 



Martha A. Bari • Art History 

Mass Mciliii i< llie MesiagirYoko Ono and John Lennon's 1969 Year of Peace 

Gary L. Benedetto • Economics 

Using Linked Employer-Employee Data to Understand Labor Markets and 
Improve Data Products 

Edwin L. Bercaw • Psychology 

^•1 Behavioral Activation Approach to Smoking Cessation for Depressed Smokers 
at Veterans Affairs Medical Centers 

Geoflfrey D. Birky • Curriculum and Instruction 

Implementing Eighth Grade Matliematics Problems in Six Countries: 
A Secondary Analysis oftheTLMSS 1999 Video Data 

Sarah E. Bohn • Economics 

Immigration and Wages in the U.S. Labor Market 

Linden D. Bolisay • Chemical Engineering 

Molecularly Imprinted Polymers for the Recognition of Tobacco Viruses 

David L. Boothe • Neurosciences and Cognitive Sciences 

Saiural lariaiion in Biological and .Simulated Central Pattern Generators 

Virginie M. Cassidy • French 

Les Enjeux du Divertissement dans Les \'ouvelles Francaises dc Jean Rcgnault 
de Segrais 

Arnab Chakraborty • Urban and Regional Planning and Design 

An Experiment in Statewide Scenario Analysis: Towards an Even Stnarler 
Growth for Maryland 

Piyush Chandra • Economics 

WTO Accession as Commitnienl:Tlieory and Evidence from the Choice of 
Redistribution Policies 

Jian Chen • Astronomy 

Spalio-Temporal Dynamics of the Magnetosphere During Geospace Storms 

Li-Chiou Chen • Kinesiology 

Tlie Development of Adaptive .Sensorimotor Control in Infant Upright Posture 

Meng Chen • Electrical Engineering 

Error Resilience in Heterogeneous I 'isual Communications 

Roger B. Chen • Civil Engineering 

Learning and Rish Perception Mechanisms in Route Choice and Activity 
Scheduling Dynamics 

Si Chen • Business and Management 

.4 Study of Four Xetwork Problems in Transportation, Telecomimitiicalions, and 
Supply Chain Management 

Bin Cheng • Applied Mathematics and Scientific Computation 

Long Time Stabihty oj Rotational Euler Dynamics 

Leslie E. Chipman • Computer Science 

Collaborative Technology for Young Children 's Outdoor Education 

Tuck S. Chung • Business and Management 

My Mobile Music: An Adaptive Personalization System for Digital 
Audio Players 

Wendy A. Clupper • Theatre and Performance Studies 

Tlie Peiformance Culture of Burning Man 

Charles B. Cranston • Coinputer Science 

bsties in Visual Querying and Indexing for the Efficient Rctrieval-by- Content 
of Arrangements of Point Objects 

Daniel A. Cronin • Communication 

Computer Mediated Communication and Negotiation: Efjecls oj Media and 
Power on Relationship Development 

Yyannu Cruz Aguayo • PoUcy Studies 

An Evaluation of Active Libor .Market Policies in Developing Economies: 
TIte Mexican Case 

Edward A. Dawley III • Modern French Studies 

Regards Francais Sur L'.-lnu'rique: De L' Entre-Dcux-Guerres a la 
Guerre Froidc 

Katherine A. De Celles • Business and Management 

Locked Up: Exploring the Complex Nature of Contlicting I alues Systems 
andTlteir Effects on Work .'ittiludes 

Rachel K. de Naray • Astronomy 

High Resolutio}! Optical Velocity Fields of Low Surface Brightness Galaxies and 
the Density Profiles of Dark Matter Halos 

Richard J. Deigan • Mechanical Engineering 

Modeling and Experimenlal Invesligatiotis of the Shock Response of 
Viscoelastic Foams 

Yuliang Deng • Mechanical Engineering 

Carbon Fiber Electronic IntcrconneHs 



Andrew J. Dick • Mechanical Engineering 

Advanlageous Ulilizalicn of Xonliticnr Pluiionuii,! iti Micro- Simanrcs tinii 
Structures: Applications to Micro-Resonators and Atomic Force Microscopy 

Bryan N. Dorland • Physics 

An Astromciic Analysis of eta Carituie's Eruptive History Usitig HSTIVF/PC2 
and ACS Obserfalions 

Anthony C. Dvarskas • Marine, Estuarine, and Environmental 

Tlie Rote of Water Quality in Beach Visitation Decisions in Croatia: Implications 
for Development of the Tourism Industry 

Yanique M. Edniond • Family Studies 

Ecological Determinants oj Parenting Practices Among Latin American and 
Caribbean Mothers of Adolescents: Findings From the .\V»' Immigrant Survey 

Jason M. Edmonds • Cell Biology and Molecular Genetics 

Characterization ofArabidopsis thaliana SR Protein Genes: Mutations, 
Alternative Splicing, and ESE Selection 

Angela H. Eichelberger • Psychology 

Measuring Wishful Thinktiig:Thc Development and Vahdation of a New Scale 

Christopher T. Eling • Physics 

Energy. Stars, and Black Holes in Einstein-Aether Tlieory 

Jessica E. Emick • Counseling and Personnel Services 

Tlic Influence of Maternal Sensitivity and Maternal Stimulatioti on Later 
Development of Executh'e Functioning Via Structural Equation Modehng 

David A. Evans • Economics 

Integrated Environmental Regulation with Multiple Pollutants ami Joint 
Abatement :Tlteory and an Application to Air-Quality Management 

Xin Fang • Chemical Engineering 

Impact of Stoclhisticity on Gene Regulation Setworks 

Tuliza K. Fleming • Art History 

Tliomas Satterwhite Noble (1835-1907): Reconstructed Rebel 

Shawn M. Flower • Criminolog\' and Criininal Justice 

Predicting Success in the Montgomer)' County Pre-release Center: Tlie Actuarial 
Efficacy of the Selection Suitability Scale 

Nicole D. Forry • Family Studies 

'rite Impact of Child Care Subsidies on Child Care Problems, Child Care- 
Related Work Disruptions, and Mothers' Desire to Switch Care 

Steven D. Frank • Entomology 

Consequences of Omnivory and Ahernative Food Resources on the Strength of 
Trophic Cascades 

Anthony L. Franz • Physics 

Dynamics and Synchronization of Nonlinear Oscillators irith Time Delays: 
A Study with Fiber Ltsers 

Matthew L. Freedman • Economics 

Lvation Choice, Product Choice, and the Human Resource Practices of Firms 

Ehzabeth A. Freund • Government and Politics 

Sovereigns or Servants — Presidential Relations with Congress on Domestic and 
Foreign Policy 

Brinda Ganesh • Electrical Engineering 

Understanding and Optimizing High Speed Serial Memory System Protocols 

Nadarajasundaratn Ganesh • Mathematical Statistics 

Small Area Estimation and Prediction Problems: Spatial Models, Bayesian 
Multiple Comparisons, and Robust MSE Estimation 

Semen Gelman • Biology 

Tlie Mechanosensory Lateral Line System: Morphological, Physiological, and 
Behavioral Study in Pre- and Post-Metamorphic Lampreys 

Nima GhaUchechian • Electrical Engineering 

Design, Fabrication, and Characterization of a Rotary Variable-Capacitance 
Micromotor Supported on Microhall Bearings 

David R. Gillingham • Physics 

Self-Consisteitt Simulation of Radiation and Space-Charge in High-Brightness 
Relativislic Electron Beams 

Walid E. Gomaa • Computer Science 

Model Tlieory and Complexity Theory 

Carina F. Gonzalez • Spanish Language and Literature 

I 'irtiides de la Errancia: Escritura Migraine Y Dispersion en Juan 
Rodoljo Wilcock 



Andrea J. Goodwin • Education Policy, Planning 
and Administration 

Exploriiii^ ilic Rcltitioiiihip Bclweeri Moral Reasoning and Stndmls' 
Understanding of the Honor Code at the University oj Maryland 

Laura S. Gordon • American Studies 

Field Notes from the Light: An Ethnographic Study oJ the Meaning and 
Significance of "Near-Death Experiences" 

Takuya Goro • Linguistics 

Language-SpccifK Constraints on Scope Interpretation in First Language Acquisition 

Hongmei Gou • Electrical Engineering 

Digital Forensic Techniques for Graphic Data 

Jeflfrey A. Greene • Human Development 

A Model of the Development of Epislemic and Ontologic Cognition 

Stephan C. Greene • Linguistics 

SPIN: Lexical Semantics, Transitivity, and the Identification of hnplicit Sentinicut 

Max L. Grivno • History 

"TItere Slavery Cannot Dwell": Agriculliirc ami Lthor in Northern Maryland 

Stephanie K. Grutzmacher • Fainily Studies 

Family Structure and Inconw Redistrilniliou: Comparing Child Poverty 
Outcomes in Canada, the United Kingdom, and the I hiiied Stales 

Gutemberg B. Guerra Filho • Computer Science 

A Sensory-.XIotor Linguistic Framework lor Human Aclwity Understanding 

Feng Guo • Computer Science 

Calibration and Metrology Using Still and I 'ideo Images 

Alison L. Haley-Ottenbreit • Psychology 

Hhal Matters Most?:Tlie Effects of Goal ConmtitmenI on Claiming Discrimination 

Margo M. Hall • Curriculum and Instruction 

Composing in a Second— Grade Music Class: Crossing a Watershed as Children 
Begin to Understand Song as Structure 

Chung-Ting Han • Nutrition 

Tlie Influence of Zinc Status onAKT Signaling Pathway in Human Normal 
Prostate Epithelial Cells and Human Malignant Prostate Cells 

Xiaohui Hao • Economics 

Infrastructure Investment and Economic Development 

Jereiny T. Harris • Economics 

Measurement and Determination of Rules of Origin in Preferential Trade 
Agreements (PTAS) 

Maryann M. Hartshorn • Education Policy, Planning 
and Adininistration 

Listening to Adolescent Heartsongs: Phenonieiuilogical Possibilities in 
Teaching IVrithig 

Shan He • Electrical Engineering 

A joint Coding and Embedding Frameworh for Multimedia Fingerprinting 

Xinhua He • Electrical Engineering 

Low Phase Noise CMOS PLL Frequency Synthesizer Design and Analysis 

Jeffrey W. Heath • Applied Mathematics and Scientific 

Global Optimization of Finite Mixture Models 

Kelly D. Hennessy • Counseling and Personnel Services 

Work-Family Balance: An Exploration of Conflict And Enrichmeiu lor Women 
in Traditional Occupations 

Carlos P. Hipolito • Counseling and Personnel Services 

Internalized Racism ami Ethnic Identity in Chicana/o and Latina/o 
College Students 

Christian Hofer • Business and Management 

Firm Decision Making Under Financial Distress: A Study of U.S. Air Fares and 
an .4nalysis of Inventories in U.S. Manufacturing Industries 

Kristine N. Hopfensperger • Marine, Estuarine, and 
Environmental Sciences 

Effects ot Animal and Perennial Community Dynamics on Tidal Freshwater 
Marsh Ecosystem Functioning 

David O. Horvitz • Computer Science 

Expressiveness of Definitions and Efficiency of Constructions in 
Computational Crytography 

Xiaohan Hu • Economics 

Essays on the Role of Specific Human Capital 

Hu Huang • Electrical Engineering 

High- Performance Fpaa Design tor Hierarchical Implementation of Analog and 
Mixed-Signal Systems 



Scott A. IniberiTian • Economics 

Essays on the Economics of Eciiicalioii 

Cheng S. Ji • Family Studies 

Materiiiil Mental Health, Education, Acculturation, and Social Support as 
Predictors of the Parenting; of Asian American and Asian Immii;rant Mothers 
Shaju John • Aerospace Engineering 

Development of a Mannetor-Hcoloiiical Fluid Based Actuation System 

Kevin D. Jones • Pohcy Studies 

Tlie Dynaiiucs of Political Protests: A Case Study of the Kyrgy: Republic 

Jae-Yoon Jung • Computer Science 

Ei'olutionary Design of Artificial Neural Neluvrks Using a Descriptive 
Encoding Language 

Vishal Khandelwal • Electrical Engineering 

lariahitily-Aware I LSI Design Automation tor Xanoscale Technologies 

Soojung Kim • Library and Information Services 

Tlte Effect of Users' Work Tasks on Librarians' Database Selection 

Heather Klemick • Agricultural Economics 

The Economics of Fallow: Evidence From the Eastern Amazon 

Chiu Y. Koo • Coinputer Science 

Studies on Fault- Tolerant Broadcast and Secure Computation 

Utsav Kumar • Economics 

Essays on Inequality and Reforms: Evidence from India 

Taesoon Kwon • Engineering Materials 

Evolutioti of Patterned and Unpatterned Surfaces During High Temperature 
AnneaHng and Plasma Etching 

Melissa S. Landa • Curriculum and Instruction 

Crossing the Divide: A Phenomenological Study of Early Childhood Literacy 
Teachers HVio Choose to Work with Children in High Poverty Schools 

Bonne J. Leonard • Counseling and Personnel Services 

Integrative D\irning as a Developmenial Process: A Grounded Tlieory oj College 
Students' Experiences in Integrative Studies 

Lisa M. LesUe • Psychology 

Putting Differences in Context: Incorporating the Role of Status and Cooperation 
into Work Unit Ethnic Composition Research 

Angela T. Lewandowski • Chemical Engineering 

Assembly of Quorum Sensing Pathway Enzytnes Onto Patterned 
Microfahricated Devices 

Genzi Li • Mechanical Engineering 

Online and Offline Approximations lor Population- Based Multi- 
Objective Optimization 

Hong Li • Atmospheric and Oceanic Science 

Local Ensemble Transform Kalman Filter with Realistic Observations 

Houng Li • Civil Engineering 

I'rban ['article and Pollutant Capture via Stormwater Fitter Facilities and the 
Concomitant Water Quality and Hydrological Benefits 

Pengcheng Li • Physics 

Novel Transport Properties of Electron-doped Superconductors Pr2-xCcxCu04 

Su Li • Physics 

Phase Transitions of High-Temperature Superconductors 

Nan Liu • Electrical Engineering 

Capacity Results for Wireless Networks Effects of Correlation Cooperation 
and Interference 

Yan Liu • Education Policy 

Constructing Civil Society in Transitional China: Case Studies of One Private 
University and One Non-governmental Institute for Peasant Education 

Ying Liu • Civil Engineering 

An Integrated Optimal Control System for Emergency Evacuation 

Mark A. Lopez • Education Policy 

Examining Dimensions oJ hitina/o College Student Success: An Analysis of 
Individual Persistence and Success 

Chung-Cheng Lu • Civil Engineering 

Multi-Criterion Dynamic Traffic Assignment Models and Algorithms for Road 
Pricing Applications with Heterogeneous Users 

Kazuhiro Maeshima • Goverrunent and Politics 

Japanese and U.S. Media Coverage of the Iraq IIiir;^'4 Comparative Analysis 

Rayna D. Markin • Counseling and Personnel Services 

Application of the Social Relations Model to the Core Conflictnal Relationship 
Tlienie in Group Psychotherapy: Evaluation of the Social Microcosm Theory 



Julian D. Mestre • Computer Science 

Primal-Dual Algorithms for Combinalorial Optimizalioii Problems 

Marios Michaelides • Economics 

Topics on Wage Differences Across Local Labor Markets 

Ron A. Miller • Marine, Estuarine, and Environmental Sciences 

Development of Standardized Antimicrobial Susccpiibilit)' Testing Methods and 
Aeromonas Salmonicida Epidemiologic Cutoff Values for Antiiniaobial Agents 
Used in Aquaculture 

Zahra Mohaghegh-Ahmadabadi • Reliability Engineering 

On the Tlieoretkal Foundations and Prmaples oj Organizational Safety 
Risk Analysis 

Nancy Morris • Criminology and Criminal Justice 

Social Competeme and Criminal Offending Oper Time 

Abhishek Motayed • Electrical Engineering 

Gallium \iiridc Xaiunrire-Based Electronic and Optical Devices 

Candace A. Mulcahy • Special Education 

The Effects of a Contextualized Instructional Package on llic Area and Perimeter 
Performance of Secondary Students with Emotional and Behavioral Disabihiics 

Athi N. Naganathan • Biochemistry 

Barrier Heights and Diffusion Coefficients in Protein Folding 

Taiga Nakamura • Computer Science 

Recurring Software Defects in High End Computing 

Heidi P. Oliver-O'Gilvie • Curriculum and Instruction 

Excellent Teaching of Literacy in an Urban School: hichiding New 
Literacies and Youth Development 

Ozguc Orhan • Government and Politics 

For the End Is a Limit:Tlie Question Concerning the Environnicnl 

Chiara Orsini • Economics 

Essays on Informal and Formal Care for the Elderly 

Emily G. Owens • Economics 

Government Regulation qt Illicit Behavior 

Hanhee Paik • Physics 

Coherence in dc SQUID Phase Qubits 

Jessica M. Palladino * Curriculum and Instruction 

Exploring the Interplay Between Fifth-Grade Readers' Knowledge, Interests, 
and Beliefs andTlieir Perceptions of the Persuasiveness of Text 

Zhijian Pan • Computer Science 

Artificial Evolution ofArbitrar)' Self-Replicating Cellular Automata 

Sarah E. Pearlman • Economics 

Essays on V'ulnerability, Microfinance and Entrepreneurship 

Wolf T. Pecher • Marine, Estuarine, and Environmental Sciences 

Host Preference of Perkinsus Species: Epizootiological, Environmental and 
Molecular Aspects 

JeflQ-ey K. Pegram • Education Policy 

Political Liberalism. Religion, and the Prophetic Tradition 

Nathalia Perez Rojas • Economics 

Essays on the Impact of Social Interactions on Economic Outcomes 

Michael D. Pfarrer • Business and Management 

Information in tlic Marketplace: Two Essays on Firm Strategies and 
Stakeholder Perceptions 

Michael B. Pomfret • Chemistry 

An Investigation of Sohd Oxide Fuel Cell Chemistry:A Spectroscopic Approach 

Tobin E. Porterfield • Business and Management 

Supply Chain Strategy and the Benefits of Information Exchange 

Luh A. Prasetyaningsih • Womens Studies 

The Maze of Gaze: The Color of Beauty in Transnational Indonesia 

Sandee Pyne • Education Policy 

Migrating Knowledge: Schooling, Statelessness and Safety at the Tliailand- 
Biirma Border 

Peng Qiu • Electrical Engineering 

Model-Based Genomic /Proteomic Signal Processing in Cancer Diagnosis 
and Prediction 

Kelly A. Quinn • American Studies 

iX'laking Modern Homes: A History of Lingslon Terrace Dwellings,A New Deal 
Housing Program in Washington, DC 

Rachael W. Quinn • Animal Science 

Effect of Weight Gam, Diet and Exercise on Insulin Sensitivity in 
Thoroughbred Geldings 



Sara B. Raley • Sociology 

Traiismiitiiig Adi\i}iiiii<c: Maternal Education Differences in Parental 
Investment Activities 

Kara A. Reuter • Library and Informarion Services 

Children Selecting Bucts in a Library: Extending Models of Information 
Behavior to a Recreational Setting 

Michael C. Ricci • Physics 

Superconducting Artijicial Materials with a Negative Permittivity, A Negative 
Permeability, or a Negative Index of Refraction 

Antonio B. Rigato • Civil Engineering 

Influence of AngleoOf Incidence on the Seismic Demands for Inelastic Structures 
Subjeaed to Bi-Directional Ground Motions 

Carol R. Rinke • Curriculum and Instruction 

Career Moves of Urban Science Teachers: Negotiating Constancy, Change, 
and Confirmation 

Maria I. Rodriguez Tejedo • Economics 

State Fiscal Institutions: An Evolution 

Philip G. Roessler • Government and Politics 

Risking 1 1 jr: Regime Crises, PoUtical Exclusion, and Indiscriminate Violence 
in Africa 

Jeremy D. Rosner • Policy Studies 

Reading Tlw Public: How Members of Congress Develop Tlicir Impressions of 
Public Opinion on National Security 

Shashidhara G. Rudrappa • Animal Science 

Energy MetaboUsm in Developing Chicken Lymphocytes During the Embryonic 
to Post-hatch Transition 

Johnathan R. Russ • Cell Biology and Molecular Genetics 

Charactcrizatwn oj Ribosomal Protein L2 and Analysis oj Misscnse Codon 
Discrimination in the Yeast Saccharomyces Cerevisiae 

Yalin E. Sagduyu • Electrical Engineering 

Medium Access Control and Network Coding for Wireless Information Flows 

Michel A. Santos • Aerospace Engineering 

Improving the Coverage of Earth Targets by Maneuvering Satellite Constellations 

Binetou C. Seek • Nutrition 

Supplementation Strategy and its Impact on Hematological Status in the Control 
of Anemia of Pregnancy in Senegal 

Jonathan S. Setliff • History 

The March ol Time and the Ainericati Century 

Barbara L. Shaw • American Studies 

iRelMapping the Black Atlantic: Violence, Affect, and Siibjcctii^ity in 
Contemporary Caribbean Women's Migration Literature 

Hung-Bin Sheu • Counseling and Personnel Services 

Relation of Efficacy Beliefs and l]orkingAUiaiicc to Psychotherapy Outcomes: 
A Multilevel Analysis 

Arlene E. Silva • Counseling and Personnel Services 

A Quasi-Experimental Evaluation of Reading and Special Education Outcomes 
for English Language Learners in Instructional Consultation Teams Schools 

Stephen Sitnon • Government and Politics 

Human Rights or American Privileges ?:Tlie Supreme Court's Evolving Use of 
Universal Reasoning 

Heisnam T. Singh • Economics 

Essays on Price Competition and Firm Strategies in Oligopolies 

Perry D. Singleton • Econotnics 

Three Essays in Public Finaiue 

Lee A. Slocum • Criminology and Criminal Justice 

General Strain Tlieory and Stability in Offending and Substance Use Over 
Time: A Dynamic Approach 

Jon R. Sprouse • Linguistics 

A Program for Experimental Syntax: Finding the Relationship Between 
Acceptability and Grammatical Knowledge 

Ram Sriharsha • Physics 

On String Compactifications to Two (and Tliree) Dimensions: Critical 

and Noncritical 

Mary C. Stapleton • Counseling and Personnel Services 

77if Effect ofH'orkingAlhaiu-e on Client Dropout for Persons with DisabiUties in 
a State-Federal Vocational Rehabiliation Agency 


Patricia E. Steele • Education Policy 

Tlie Effect of State Merit-Based Financial Aid on College Price: An Analysis of 

Florida Postsecottdary Institutions 

Aravind Sundaresan • Electrical Engineering 

Ibwards .\Iarhcrlcs< Molicn Capture: Model Esiitiuiiioii hiiiiiih:Lilwn and Tracking 

Brooke L. Supple * Education Policy, Planning and Administration 

"Life as a Gyroscope": Creating A Grounded Tlteory Model for Full-Timc 
H^rfei»ii; Mothers in Higher Education Administration Developing and 
Maintaining a Fulfilling, Balanced Life 

Stephen J. Swatkoski • Chemistry 

Integration ofASP-SpecificMicrotvave-AcceleratedAcid Hydrolysis into 
Proteomic Analyses 

Liang Tao • Chemical Physics 

\ihrational Relaxation of HF +H and Ian der IVaol's Resonance Dynamics 

Wilson A. Tillotson • Physics 

Numerical Simulations of Magnetorotational Turhuknce in the Liihcraiory 

David A. Tobias • Physics 

i/f Noise and Luttinger Liquid Phenomena in Carbon Nanoluhes 

Constant I. Tra • Agricultural Economics 

Evaluating Tlic Equilibrium Welfare Impacts of the 1990 Clean Air Act 
Amendments in the Los Angeles Area 

Adria J. Trotman • Psychology 

Tlie Relationship Between Risk-Taking and Psychopathy in a Sample of 
Inner-City Drug Users 

Kathryn E. Truman • Mathematics 

Analysis and Extension of Non-Commutative NTRU 

Chen-Yu Tsao • Chemical Engineering 

ReuHring Quorum Sensing Circuitry for Enhancing Recombinant Protein 
Production in e. CoU 

Chih-Yang Tseng • Business and Management 

Internal Control, Enterprise Risk Management, And Firm Performance 

Shih-Huang Tung • Chemical Engineering 

Self-Assembly ofAmpliiphilic Molecules in Organic Liquids 

Mario G. Urdaneta Padron • Mechanical Engineering 

Design oj a Dielearophorctu Cell Loading Device 


Brian Vant-Hull • Atmospheric and Oceanic Science 

Radiative and Cloud Microphysical Effects of Forest Fire Smoke Over North 
America and Siberia 

Victor A. Vicente • Ethnomusicology 

Jlie Aesthetics of Motion in Musics for the Mcvlana Celal ed-Din Rumi 

Guillermo J. Vuletin • Economics 

Essays on Capital Controls and the Informal Econoitiy 

Shawn W. Walker • Aerospace Engineering 

ModeUiig, Simulating, Aad Conlrolling the Fluid Dynamics of Electro- IVetling 
on Dielectric 

Heather M. Walton • Counseling and Personnel Services 

Tlie Intersection of HIV Infection with HIV/AIDS Beliefs Among 
African Americans 

Chunling Wang • Nutrition 

From China to the U.S.: .\ulrilioii. Diet and Acculturation oj Chinese 
Employed in High-Tech Industries, Results from a Web-based Survey 

Hengmao Wang • Atmospheric and Oceanic Science 

Inferring Radiatiiv Flu.xes from a New Generation oj SatelUtes: Model Updates 

Jinshan Wang • Cheinistry 

Integration oj "O Ltdiclmg and Solution Isoelectric Focusing in a Shotgun 
Analysis of Mitochondrial Proteins 

Xuezheng Wang • Mechanical Engineering 

Understanding Actuation Mechanisms of Conjugated Polymer Actuators: 
Ion Transport 

Youjun Wang • Neurosciences and Cognitive Sciences 

Tlie Pharmacology and Dynamics of the Light- Induced Calcium Signal in 
Limuhis I entral Photoreceptors 

Dongming Wei • Applied Mathematics and Scientific Computatio 

("rilicairincsliolds in Eiilerian Dynamics 

Ricia K. Weiner • Counseling and Personnel Services 

Teacher and Student Perspectives on the Inclusion and Mainstreaming of 

Children with Moderate and Severe Cognitive Disabilities 

Jennifer L. Weisman • Counseling and Personnel Services 

The Same and Di[jerent:A Grounded Theory oj the E.xperiences of College 
Students Who Have a Sibling With a Developmental Disability 


Shihua Wen • Mathematical Statistics 

iSemiparametric Cluster Detection 

IT'Pring Westbrook • Human Development 

Pathways Between Exposure to lloletia; Family Structure, Maternal Depression, 
Parenting Styles, and Child Outcomes: A Multi-Group Analysis 

Ransom K. Winder • Computer Science 

Tlie Influence of Collective Working Memory Strategies on Agent Teams 

Marianna M.Yamamoto * Policy Studies 

OSCR Principles in Practice: Testing Tlieir Effect on Security Tlirough the Work 
of the High Commissioner on Sational Minorities. 1993-2001 

Sue-Ming Yang • Criminology and Criminal Justice 

Causal or Merely Co-Existing: A Longitudinal Study ofVioleme and Disorder 
at Places 

Ai-Ru Yen • Business and Management 

Maiidatnig Disclosure ojR&D Bentjits and Costs to Extract Managers' Private 
Information: Obstacles and Practical Considerations 

Yesim Yilmazel-Sahin • Curriculum and Instruction 

Teacher Education Students' Perceptions of Use of MS PowerPoint and the Value 
of Accompanying Haihiouls 

ZhanfengYue • Electrical Engineering 

Kific Synthesis from Image and Video for Object Recognition Applications 

Chensong Zhang • Applied Mathematics and 
Scientific Computation 

Adaptive Finite Element Methods for Variational Inequahiies : Tlieor)' and 
Applications in Finance 

Ke Zhang • Astronomy 

Resonant and Secular Orbital Interactions 

Ye Zhang • Economics 

Essays in Ltibor Economics 

Tao Zheng • Geography 

Mapping Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR) Using Multiple Remote 
Sensing Data 

Weigang Zhong • Applied Mathematics and Scientific 

Entropliy Stable Approximations oj \'onlinear Conservation Laws and Related 
Fluid Equations 

Yi Zhou • Mechanical Engineering 

Micrqfluidics Interfacing to Mass Spectrometry 

Nan Zou • Civil Engineering 

A Reliable Travel Time Prediction System with Sparsely Distributed Detectors 



Master of Applied 

Nora M. Mueller 

Master of Architecture 

Erin Alyssa Carlisle 
Najahyia Luna Chinchilla 
Jessica Lynn Leonard 

Master of Arts 

American Studies 

Mateo J. Munoz 

Art History 

Hannah Wai Ling Wong 

Counseling and 
Personnel Services 

Jennifer Lynn Edwards 
Sara Haile 

Katherine Randon Hershey 
Allison Joan Nebbergall 
James R. Neumeister 
Nathan Matthew Slife 
Christine Yip 

Criminology and 
Criminal Justice 

Ko-Hsin Hsu 
Chien-min Lin 


Kathryn Nadine Vasilaky 

Education Leadership 
and Policy Studies 

Holly Combe Uear>' 
Monica Fuentes Lam Emery 

Abigail Paige Norris 
Elspeth Breckenndge Payne 
David Lowell Ring 
Angela Christine Shaeffer 
Kevin Matthew O'Neil Shindel 
Sandy Jean Schoeps Tennies 

English Language 
and Literature 

Kevin Michael Davis 
Laura Viets Heninger Hill 


Ian McCord Craig 

Andrew Patrick Macatee 
Rirv'ik Sahajpal 
Jennifer Marie Stephens 

Hearing and Speech Sciences 

Samantha Rose Pannone 
Pei-Tzu Tsai 


Dale Alan Neiburg 

Human Development 

Mary Lou Kitchen 

Erika Rasheedya Rosemond 


Selasi Attipoe 

David Edward Charbonneau 

Joe W. Hearn 

Andrew Todd Ludlow 

Melissa Marie Pangelinan 

Cory Thomas Walts 

Measurement, Statistics 
and Evaluation 

Li Wang 


Tana Leor Clarke 
RadhaV. Gholkar 

Women's Studies 

Rachel Caidor 

Master of Business 

Adila Abukar 

Maks Agamir 

Eduardo Maximo Aviles 

Jason Ronald Beers 

Amanda Ann Biedrzycki 

John David Bradshaw 

Ross Martin Brindle 

Maqone Kathrv'n Brooks 

Mark B. Busby 

Robert Christopher Capuano 

Manish Raniesh Chhabra 

Himanshu Jagdish Choksi 

Brien Lindsay Christesen 

David Abraham dayman 

Andrea Lynn Crawford Mahoney 

Christina A. Davidson 

Charles Frederick Gallatin Day. Jr. 

Rachel Ann Drown 

Kimberly M. Dutchess 

Santanu Dutt 

Megann Parlman Fayhee 

Taylor Nelson Franks 

Bruce Isaac Friedland 

Aaron Michael Gage 

Benjamin Thomas Garthw.iite 

Liang Ge 

Zoya Gorbunova 

John Smith Greenhalgh.Jr. 

Gian A. Guerrero Dujarric 

Karan Raj Gupta 

Haider Haiinus 

Cordell Ray Hansen 

James C'onrad Heffner 

Karthikeyan Jayavelu 

Sarah Elizabeth Cooper Joyce 

Christopher Edward Kelley 

Leif Alexander Kennedy 

Nealjungjoon Kim 

Neil Edward Kotras 

Iv\' Troymay Liu 

Jia Ning Liu 

Natahe Elizabeth Marcy 

Doric Ann McGreevy 

Roderick Maurice McLean 

Thomas Anthony Messina 

Louis Charles Mintzer.Jr 

Manaw Modi 

Hannah Abrams Morris 

Douglas Chadwick Mulvany 

Rosemary Pulane Ngwiri 

David Richard O'Toole.Jr. 

Zachary Michael Oleksiuk 

Bryan Keith Orme 

Ping Pan 

Jorge Ivan Paredes 

Grey Alexander Pfarr 

Ryan K. Rees 

George Bechtel Riley III 

Ankur Saini 

Sangeeta Morand Santani 

Joseph Frank Schmidberger.Jr. 

Sarah Ann Sherwood 

Jun Sup Shin 

Jagjit Raja Singh 

Jason Richard Stapf 

Douglas Alan Steele 

Joshu.i I )avid Szebenyi 

Andrew Mark Tebbano 



AUGUST 2007 

Kandyce Mane Tripp 

Pete E.Truby 

Eddie Tyner 

Kadienne Pinder Van Den Bos 

Aaron Paine West 

Catherine Caroline Williams 

Michael Brett Wilson 

Sean Xiaoyan Wu 

Christian H. Wiudo Wangia 

Wei Yang 

Mariana Jeolas Zand 

Master of Business 
of Science Combined 

Business and Management 

Levent Deniirekler 
Mehmet Hondur 
Chu-tzu Ko 
Meike Reimers 

Master of 
Community Planning 

Azhar Hasan Tyabji 

Master of Education 

Counseling and 
Personnel Services 

Abigail Delgado 

Greta Suzanne Frankhn 

Curriculum and Instruction 

Michelle Patterson Adkms 
Sally Alkon 

Kayra Zurany Alvarado 
Jacquehne Anne Armstead 
Jennifer A. Balachowski 
Carrie Elizabeth Black 

Alexis Karyn Browsh 
Natalie Marie Charbonneau 
Charles David Codling 
Erin Elizabeth Conley 
Julie Ann Cyniek 
Lauren Katherine Dougherty 
Diana Elstins 
Sara Catherine Foraker 
Daniel Joseph Gallagher 
Matthew Thomas Gardner 
Amy Catherine Golladay 
Zachary' Gordon 
Casey Maureen Grenier 
Kendal Elizabeth Harlan 
Heather Marie Henderson 
Sarah Jane Henson 
Kathryn Elizabeth Heslin 
Rebecca Lee Hotfiiian 
Shona Jean Holmes 
Caroline Jean Hyatt 
Ehzabeth A. Im 
Diane Jafari reshteh roudi 
Joseph F.Jelen 
Ste\en Richard Karig 
Steven B. Katz 
Wilham James Keay 
Kimberly Marie King 
Karen Angela Knispel 
Steven David Koppel 
JaeWoo Lee 
Lisa Kyung-Hi Lim 
Carolyn Ehzabeth McGee 
Denise Marie Meadows 
Jacquehne Brindle Means 
Jessica Dawn Merritt 
Shalini Lakshman Nandwani 
Cathryn Buckel Nash 
Kerry Beth Nudelman 
Marcelo Talinao Oduho, Jr. 
Amanda Cara Olsen 
Leor Oxman 

Korinne Naomi Panchura 

Laura Anne Pomerance 

Mary Nicole Powell 

Josalyn Ann Powers 

Tammie CecUe Rhea 

Jessica Leigh Hanwack Riegle 

Amanda Rose Roman 

Kimberly Jean Rudiger 

Peter James Schaefer 

Kathryn Elizabeth Seager 

Aaron K. Shin 

Sonya Elizabeth Shultz 

LaTonia Denise Smith 

Scott Edward Smith 

Erica Vanessa Stein 

Joanna Ehzabeth Stelzer 

Michael Adam Thompson 

Chizoba Uchenna Nicole Udeorji 

Deepa Vivekanandan 

Ayasha Nicole Ware 

Ehsabeth Mary Wedam 

Kristine Willie 

Jessica Jooyoun Yi 

Education Leadership 
and Policy Studies 

Miryam Zehava BendicofF 

Human Development 

David James Douglass 

Special Education 

Shannon Ashley Ambush 
Hebrajanine Fishrnan 
Latoya Renee Gayle 
Juha L.Jones 
Sara Kathleen Kempler 
Kate Jean McCarthy 
Mehssa Anne Overstreet 
Jessica Irene Robinson 

Master of Engineering 

Brian Dail Bachtel 
John Paul Banowetz 
Susan M. Bathalon 
Julie V. Cordero 
Patrick William Finney 
Joseph Robert Fowler IV 
David Sean Hodack 
Christopher Medic 
Atiil Mehta 
Tim Htinaung Min 
Veronica Otero 
Adedayo Olajire Oyelovvo 
Frank Joseph Pappano 
Jian Mei Wu 

Master of Engineering 
and Public Policy 

Carmen Del Socorro Zapata 

Master of Information 

Nazih Ajami 
Dianne Patricia Babski 
Michiko Avantika Chand 
Almoustapha A. Cisse 
Constance Lee McGIothlin Mac- 
Mia T. Mercer 
Ankit Bakul Nagarsheth 
Amit H. Pandey 
Deborah Kay Wallace 

Master of Journalism 

Aliza Devora Krichevskv 



Master of 
Library Science 

Karma Michal Ardrey 

Laura Lea Bartlett 

Melanie LvTin Thompson Bre\ns 

Timothy D. Clarke 

Kathryn Noel Dailey 

Charles Steven Douglas 

Beth Ann Drucker 

Amanda Marie Feigley 

Amy McGehee FitzGerald 

Joy Marie Foust 

Anne Catrine Goska 

Amber Joy Haslinger 

Aiiuradha Kasarabada 

Rachel LUhan Kassman 

Carrie Dawn Murphy Kausch 

David L. Keifer 

Heather Noelle Leonard 

Lindsey Ann Loeper 

Ellen Johanna Loll 

Joseph Michael Neumann 

Shannon Samantha O'Cormell 

Kyla Marie O'Hara 

Erin Elizabeth Peretti 

Rebecca Rice 

Anthony Gordon Ross 

Ann Marie Sabag 

Heather Slania 

Lauren Stanchfield Wright 

Samuel Tobin Wright 

Master of Life Sciences 

EUzabeth Boston Chesnutt 
Alison Kristin Fanchin 
Steve Wayne Lacombe 
Jeffrey Marc Mathicu 
Eric Jonathan Mindrebo 
Jennifer Laura Roland 

Patricia Smith Scronce 
Melissa Ann Wessel 

Master of 
Public Health 

James Allan Freeman 

Master of Public 

Benigno Alarcon-Deza 
Dwayne Anthony Aydlett 
Matthew W. Barthel 
Tyrone Alan Dindal 
Michael L. Gunn 
Megan S. Lynch 
Kristin A. Marrinsen 

Master of 
Public Policy 

Russell Lee Conklin 
Rafael Andres Villa 

Master of Science 

Aerospace Engineering 

Ehzabeth Ann Benson 
Smita Bhadra 
Brooke Teresa Buchholz 
Peter Andrew Puscy Copp 
Ryan Daniel Eubank 
Brandon Kurt Fitchett 
Ryan Ehzabeth Fitzgerald 
Jared Andrew Grauer 
Kristi Marie Kleinhesselink 
Agnieszka Anna Koscielniak 
Chaitanya Mudivnrthi 
John Richard Mularski 111 
David Thomas Pinson,Jr. 
Kenneth David Running II 

Nicholas Anthony Scott 

Emily Minwai Tai 

Timothy Andrew Wassernian 

Agricultural and 
Resource Economics 

Juan Feng 
Beat Hintermann 
Michael Hugh Taylor 
Yabei Zhang 

Animal Sciences 

Sandra Beth Kirsch 

Applied Mathematics and 
Scientific Computation 

Hatshepsitu S. H.Tull 
Xin Zhao 

Atmospheric and 
Oceanic Science 

Anthony C. Santorelli 

Biological Resources 

Laura Marie Schumann 


Diane Lee Miller 
Jean-Francois Louis Savard 

Business and Management 

Sana Arousse 
Lamia Ben Salah 
Ridha Besbes 
Fakhreddine Bousnina 
Amel Bouzguenda 
Sadri El-euch 
Chiheb Escheikh 
Hatciii Frikha 
Amira Gouta 
MohanicdWalid Hdal 

Ismail Jeiiial 
Rim Laarif 
Carol Karming Miu 
Yassine Mzid 
Yadh Sabbagh 
Ali Safarnejad 
Amel Saidane 
Dagniar Spantzel 
Sofiene Tniar 
Sami Tounsi 
Farouk Zouari 

Cell Biology and 
Molecular Genetics 

Erikka Lynnette Carr 
Melba Lucia Munoz Roldan 

Chemical Engineering 

Daphne Anne Fuentevilla 
Christina Kenny Giblin 
Rebecca Mehssa Lennen 

Chemical Physics 

Steven Craig Stutts 


Brittany Katherine McClure 
Juliet Znovena 

Civil Engineering 

Wei-Chen Cheng 
Ryan Christopher Davis 
Gregor Neil Louis 
Erin Elizabeth Mahoney 
Matthew Charles Mulbrandon 
Daniel John MuUcr 
Karthik Ravirajan 
Dorianne Elizabeth Shivers 
Kunal Narcnkumar Suthar 
Sophia L. Williams 



Computer Science 

\ ivek Sehgal 

Elizabeth Johannah Kerin 
Carolyn Ann Klocker 

Systems Engineering 

Rowin Warin Andruscavage 

Intelligence Analysis 

Carlos Manuel Rodriguez-Flores 

Electrical Engineering 

1 Isin-Che Chiang 

I iiiang Han 

1 Ic Huang 

Esau Nderitu Kanyogoro 

Michael Tawfik Khbeis 

Eunini Kim 

Austin Howard Lanhani 

Xue Mei 

Puduru Viswanadha Reddy 

Gavin Eric Rosenbush 

Sankalica Saha 

Yadong Shang 

J.imes Patrick Wienke 

Chao Wu 



Akito Yuji Kawahara 
Jeffrey Sosa-Calvo 

Family Studies 

Marni Beth Duitch 

Fire Protection Engineering 

Wahd K.Alahdulhadi 
Alan J. Kouchnisky 
Andrew William Neviackas 
Nicholas Edward Ozog 
Ning Ren 
Jennifer Lynn Wiley 


Michael James Mengason 

Marine, Estuarine and 
Environmental Sciences 

Todd Michael Beser 
Nicole Porter Harlan 

Mechanical Engineering 

Chris Joseph Bachmann 
Joseph Anthony Currano 
Aaron Joseph Johnson 
Phihp Leland Knowles 
Dennis D. Leber 
Timothy Walter McMilhn 
David Christopher Morgan 
Silas Carl Nesson 
Brian Adam Tuchband 

Natural Resource Sciences 

Meredith Kate Bilek 
Lisa Anne Gruver 


Jianhao Chen 
Bora Sul 


Sarah Ruth Halcrow 
Tracy Darlene Tomhnson 

Survey Methodology 

Stephanie Lynn Costo 
Rachel Ann Edgington 
Cong Ye 

Sustainable Development and 
Conservation Biology 

Maria-Elena Gutierrez Herazo 
Christine Renee Hodgdon 
Jean Fanfan Jourdain 
Wendel Scott Landes 
Marco Rojas 
Sajal Ratna Sthapit 
Aleta Sara Wiley 
Taniara Leah Withers 


Nelson Natividad GaHmba 
Abhishta Ami Paranjpe 
Liji Samuel 

Graduate Certificates 

Computational Harmonic 

Ryan Bensussan Harvey 


Michael Wen-Tseng Liu 
David Ralph Redding 
Martin Mingen Tsai 


Elizabeth Mane Hagovsky 

Jewish Studies 

Miryam Zehava BendicofF 

Urban Design 

Erin Alyssa Carhsle 
Jessica Lynn Leonard 


Latin American Studies 

Rachel Karen La Russo 

Women's Studies 

Christina Marie Anders 
Jillian Quinn Buckley 
Linda Beth Heymsfield 



A. James Clark School 
of Engineering 

Bachelor of Science 

Aerospace Engineering 

♦David Daniel Billingsley 

Eric J. Dvvyer 

Aaron Joseph Friedman 

Biological Resources 

Jennifer Jean Lamos 

Chemical Engineering 

Golnaz Khorsha 

Civil Engineering 

Vimal M. Ainin 
Kevin O'Brien Bur 
'Nicholas Alston Harris 

Computer Engineering 

Christopher James Wasko, Jr. 

Electrical Engineering 

Babatunde A. Adeyemo 
James Nelson Carter, Jr. 
Neal C. Castillo 
Robin Nicole Chambers 
Jianzi Chen 
Evan G. Cohen 
Susitha Hemakumara De SUva 
Timothy Stuart Elliott 
Mario Pierre Lafertte 
♦Jacob Stuart Stiffler 

2iid Defirce: Malhemalia 
Brian Nguyen Tran 
Edward Kenyon Wells 

Fire Protection Engineering 

Alexander Martin Bobowiec 
Andrew John Major 
Aiayna N. Pearson 

Materials Science 
and Engineering 

Michael Luis Figueroa 

Mechanical Engineering 

Thomas George Beekhuysen 
Daniel Vincent Caputo 
Allen Chan 
Boaz De-Medonsa 
Nikhil Gangaraju 
Morris Keith Gentles 
David Louis Lemus 
Ya-Hsing Peter Lin 
Mehssa Anne Moore 
Sandra Alyda Roach 
Adam Lee Rutherford 
David Christopher Schanuel 
Alexander R.Truesdale Perry 
James F.Wilson. Jr. 
Ethan Howard Zweig 

College of Agriculture 
and Natural Resources 

Bachelor of Science 

Agricultural and 
Resource Economics 

Chris Alan Hucbner 
Bradley James Richmond 

Animal Sciences 

fMclamc Anne Benetato 
Mane Annette Betancourt 
Julie Ehzabeth Davis 
Lauren Nicole Schick 


Preety Rajbhandari 
Anna A. Rozanova 

Food Science 

Sean Thomas Hart 

Natural Resource Sciences 

Pedro Miguel Mayorga-JefFs 

Natural Resources 

loshiia loseph Tiralla 

College of Arts 
and Humanities 

Bachelor of Arts 

American Studies 

Darya Arman 

Damon Christopher Curry- 
Sean Patrick Fabel 
Erin Kathleen Harvey 
Brandon Elon Hughes 
Christina Marie Sees 
Oscar Manuel Trejo 
Tama Anne Welker 

Art History 

Emma Anne Goldberg 

2nd Major: Hiitory 
Caroline J. Kim 
Lindsay Rachel Smilow 

2ihi Major: Studio Art 

Central European, Russian 
and Eurasian Studies 

Momc.i Josephine Fmnaii 
Benjamin Weldoii 

Classical Languages 
and Literatures 

Claire Mane Hanson 


Brian Lee Albanese 
Justin Charles Bakewell 
Mariana Barrientos Roig 
Maria Suzanne Broschart 
Megan Christine CarduUo 
lanjef&ey Cruse 
Heather Lee Doll 
Zivya Devora Feifel 
Bridgette Nickole Ferrell 
Ryan Kennedy Eraser 
Erinn Frances Grzech 
Myra Christine Climacosa 

Tahj Jarod Holden 
Pasha M.L. Irshad 
Aaron Ismail Jackson 
Stephanie Kiman 
Setareh Kowkabi 
Alexis Rachel Levine 
Amreth Daniel Long 
Kelly Ann MacWhinnie 
Bryant Maxwell McGee 
Curtresse Leneen Pettaway 
Viktoriya Plotas 
Joshua S. Schultz 
Daniel Ernest Seger 
Batool A. Shaikh 
Daniel J. Waldo 

Wayne Anthony Randolph Watt,s 
Matthew H.Weiss 
Donald A. Wong, Jr. 

2iid Major: Criminology and 

Criminal Justice 
Kyle Paul Zgraggen 


§ Summa aim Ijittdc "f .V/ij^n.i cttiti l^iiiilc 

I Ltiiide 



Shannon Mane Brauner 
Sara |une Malinowski 

English Language 
and Literature 

Robert Kevin Ackernian 
2nd Degree: Covemmeut 
m)d Politics 

Rashid Ahmed Anwar 

Margaret Lee Barott 

Jillian Quinn Buckley 

Matthew Alejandro Castillo 
2tid Degree: Goveriwwiit 
and Politics 

Gina S. Crosse 

Henrique Dion D'Aquino 

Steven Ross Fowler 

Maria Auxiliadora Garcia 

Samuel Peter Goering 
2nd Major: PhilosopliY 

Grant Laurence Goodman 

2nd Major: Secondary Education- 
English Language Arts 

Kenneth Joseph Greco 

Asha Shantee Hunter 

Matthew Christopher Jenkins 

Aaron Randal Kleffman 

2nd Degree: Secondary Education- 
English Latiguage Arts 

A. Stewart Loftin 

Rohan Mahadevan 

Mehreen Sarah Mansur 

Erik Vincent Pecukonis 

Annette M. Ryburn 

Nicole Paige Schreibstein 

Lillian Bess Schwartz 

Stefanie Lynn Squires 

Alison Kvle Wickhne 


Christina Mane Anders 
2nd Major: Governntent 
and Pohtics 
Alexandra Melrose Blogier 
Peter A. Brock II 
Thomas Joseph Curley 
Joseph Otis Denson.Jr. 
Gregory Thomas Ellis 
Kathenne Christina Guise 
Mary Grace Hicks 
Elisa Sun Kim 
Glenn Alan LaPierre 
Haran P. Levenberg 
Thomas Comer Lewis 
Nicholas Patrick Menikheini 
Robert Jeffrey Michlewncz 
Javier Andres Molina 
Jessica Mane Munroe 
Jason Neuringer 
James Poisal 
Nicholas William Pugh 
Erin Elizabeth Richards 
Chrystal Shavonne Williams 

Italian Language 
and Literature 

Orsolya Ferenczy 

2nd Major: Sociology 


Sang Un Shin 

Christine Marie Yenowine 


Paul Cyril Hines 


Jonathan Michael Black 
Kevin Michael Bryant 
Paul Nikolaus Frank 

Pierce Christopher Murphy 

2nd Degree: Journalism 
Rebecca Marie Spigelmire 
Phillip John Torres 

Romance Languages 

Rachel Karen La Russo 
Estefaiiia Andrea Menendez 

Spanish Language 
and Literature 

Erin Elizabeth Baldwin 
Juan Alfredo Carranza 
Antonio Cuarto Elera.Jr. 
Alexandra R. Gonzalez 
Amie Jennifer Hernandez 
Grace Marie Marrero 
Megan L^w7er Mehler 
Peter Benjamin Miller 
Sierra Brooke Mitchell 

Studio Art 

Melanie Lee Bene 
Sarah Ann Bregel 
Alexander Logan Bryan 
WUliam Matthew Currence 
Robin Mary Hudspeth 
Prosha Karen Korangy 
Nam Tran Nguyen 
Brian Todd Young 


Kevin L.Alexander 
Jessica Rachel Bauni 
OrenYri Benamor 
David Warren Fair 

Bachelor of Music Education 

Nicholas Scott Merson 

College of Behavioral 
and Social Sciences 

Bachelor of Arts 

African American Studies 

Courtney Anna Hmton 


Deborah Bekele 
Stephanie Nicole Duensing 
Christian William Mash 

2nd Major: Government 

and Politics 
Miles Radio Tyler Pell 
Paula Katharina Rylands 

Criminology and 
Criminal Justice 

Ryan Christopher Allen 
Lauren Samantha Austin 
Lee Bermams 
David Matthew Berry 
Brandon Dijan Botchway 
Auguste Trahie Boti Gore 
William Loring Bowers, Jr. 
Sean Kerry Brannon 
Matthew Deichsel Brant 
Nicole Ceciha Mane 

2nd Major: Psychology 
Shelley Marie Brett 
Daniel Dubarry Calloway III 
Adrian Ventura Castro 
Jeffrey Edward Bauer Clark 
Ryan Christopher DiUer 

2nd Major: Gouernment 

and Politics 

§ Sutuniii cum L^ittdc f Ma^nii turn Ldintc * iiim L^tidc 



leanne Dinverno 
Kevin Thomas Doherty 
Tori Anne Duke 
Adam Jefi'rey Eaton 
Tristan Kane Edmondson 
Marc Elliot Fechter 
Christopher Armead Feifs 
Ross Blake Fierman 
Sandra Laure Fonkoua 
Christina Ehsabeth Foster 
Alexandra Gissen 

2nd Major: Psychology 
Victor Glouchkov 
David Patrick Goggin 
Chiara Tattiana Goluskin 
David Stuart Greenblatt 
Arthur Gzir)'an 
Amanda Lee Hanscom 
Craig Andrew Harris 
Justin Dennis Holden 
Kristin R. Hosseinzadeh 
Ogheneruemu Florence Susie 

Thomas John Hurley 
Peter Levi^is Johncox 
Thomas Elliott Johncox 
Alonzo William Johnson. Jr. 
MelvettaY. Kargbo 
Elizabeth Kyong Hee Kim 
Emerson Sun-Hyuk Kim 
Na-Young Kim 
Erik Alexander Knapp 
Liana Beth Knight 
Maurice Reginald Koo 
Elizabeth Anne Levitt 
Christina Ann McGrath 
May P. Monahan 
Alberto Baldamero Moreno II 
Mariel Latrese Morris 
John A. Pagnanella.Jr. 
Jane Park 

Sebastian Andrzej Patyk 
Sean Andre Peters 
Hasan Ahmed Qureshi 
Patrick Gerard Reilly 
Elaina Elias Rizakos 
Scott L. Roberie 

2iid Major: Ecoitomks 
Kinaberly Renie Sauls 
Omarr A. Savage 
Spencer F. Schehr 
Andrew Cleveland Sheppard 
Joshua Michael Sink 
Andrew Jae-Ho Song 
Mehsa Soto Gonzalez 
Nicholas Donald Stuart 
Stephanie Anne Swartz 
Patricia Ann Tierney 
Jay Tucker Weatherston 

2iid Major: Spanish Language 

and Literature 
Nicholas Christopher Weikel 
Daniel James Winter 
Megan Marie Wise 
Tyler James Witman 
Rachel Michele Yerkes 


Bcbonchu Atems 
Ahmed Ali Baig 
Aaron Bola Balogun 
Scott Charles Bird 
Ling-Chun C'hiang 
Ahmed Qammar-uz-Zaman 

Robert Thomas Chuako 
Geoffrey Stewart Clasper.Jr. 
John Anderson Coughlan 
Ryan Christopher Coughlin 
2nd Major: Covcrnment 
and Politics 
Rodney Tyrone 1 )alton 

Chioma Michelle Ezc-Wachuku 

Drew R. Frantz 

Joshua Phillip Friedman 

Natalie Helene Fulton 

Christine EUzabeth Gedling 

Zev Jonathon Geller 

Patrick Michael Gibbons 

Adam Seth Goldstein 

Adam Michael Graf 

Robert MacKenzie Greenfield 

Robert E. Harmon 

Farshad Homayoun 

Paul Edward Horan.Jr. 

Kristen Loren Beltran Iglesias 

Nemanja Jovanovic 

David Michael Jump 

Ihita Ahmed Kabir 

Christopher Patrick Keelan 

Philip Kern 

Gulbet Kiros 

Christian Francis Konan 

Kaley Virginia Laleker 

Jaeyoon Lee 

Keith Raymond Long 

Asseged Major 

Meghan McDonald 

Richard Antoine Melvern 

Michael Raymond Mintz 

Daniel Movtady 

Neda Nadjmabadi 

Aliu Buhari Oyoto 

Ari Ozcelik 

2nd Major: Government 

and Politics 
Aia Arlyse Page 
Marcus J. Palmer 

2nd Major: African 

Anicricati Studies 
Armando Panguene 
Gale Park 
Gregory Parkins 

Jacob R. Perler 
George Fotios Prassas 
Dena Lauren RoUman 
Tyler Joseph Ryan 
Omar Sait 
Daniel Ryan Sater 

2nd Major: Criminology and 

Criminal Justice 
Charles Joseph Schultz 
Anna Shakhbekyan 
Jeremy Ray Tam 

2nd Degree: Journalism 
John Michael Tamoria 
Nicholas Paul Tanis 

2nd Major: Criininoloi;)' and 

Criminal Justice 
Marilyne Florence Youbi 
Jonathan Charles Zapata 
Samuel Yohannes Zere 
LuoYan Zhou 

2nd Degree: Computer Science 

Government and Politics 

Robert Kevin Ackerman 

2nd Degree: English Language 

and Literature 
Gregory L. Arbogast 
Isabela Del Carmen Azucena 

2nd Major: Criminology and 

Criminal Justice 
Rachael Marie Brown 
Matthew Alejandro Castillo 

2nd Degree: English Language 

and Literature 
Odysseus Chairetakis 
Mark Jeffrey Cullip.Jr. 
Sana M. Din 

2nd Degree: International 

Nicole Y. Dupont 
Devin Hayes Ellis 


§ Swmua aim tuiiidf f Ma^tiii aim luiiidc * mm Laiiiic 


Meghan Kelly Forbes 

Jenny Liset Gomez 

Brian Matthew Holler 

Jennifer Meghan Guzman Hosey 

Jacquelnie Itohan Zuoke Iloh 

Mila Ashely Johns 

NinaYasmine Koffi 

Claire Nicole Lehman 

Alexander Geoffrey Lessin 

Michael Thomas Le\-ender. Jr. 

Kenneth D. Liffiton 

Gregory Scott Markle 

Juhet Wanjiru Munuki 

Jason Michael Puckett 
2ttd Xliijor: EaviomUs 

Saafir Abdul Rabb II 

Gabriela Ivania Ramirez 

*Melanie Kate Share 

Christopher Kevin Smith 
2nd Major: Economia 

Jennifer Kangmi Suh 

Jordan Rebecca Swaim 
2nd Major: Economics 

Shannon Lyn Talbert 

William Kirk Theodore II 

Emmanuel Bernard Thompson 

Emily Suzanne Timchalk 

Philip J.Velez 

Richard Dennis Weitkamp 

2tid Decree: Secondary Education- 
Social Studies 

Maria Yakovlev 

2nd Major: Economics 


Sam Azargoon 
Sarajahan Baig 
Amanda Joy Begay 

2nd Major: Criminology and 

Criminal Justice 
Rachel Lyn Gelling 
Linda Beth He\Tnsfield 

Elizabeth Ann Hum 
Kimberly Ann Johnson 
Noelle Suzanne Jones 
Sugath Wijesmghe Karunaratne 
Mitchell A. Kumin 
Jaclyn Nicole McCallister 
Amanda Mary McGregor 
Brent Lee Miller 
Caithn Mary Spencer 
Emily Ann Stein 
Phyllis Nana Pebi Timpo 
Vanessa Zarou 


KyoungWhan Choe 

Brian Ctirley Michael Curley 

2nd Major: Criminology and 

Crimittal Justice 
Ian Christopher Hall-Hoiigh 
LesUe Ann Heil 
Jeff Sidney Marseille 
Alexandra Jane Mom 
Josephine Ocheni 

2nd Degree: Family Studies 
Martha Anne Whistler 
Tessa Marie Zawalick 

2nd Major: Criminology and 

Criminal Justice 

Bachelor of Science 

Environmental Science 
and Policy 

Joseph Michael Perloff 


Emmanuel Konstantine Diakoulas 

Christian Diana DuUn 

Joshua Scott Ferguson 

Eric Lamar Hines 

Grant Thomas Jones 

Bruno Daniel Neto 


Anish Dilip Arwindekar 

2nd Degree: Finance 
Andrew Richard Bouis 

2nd Degree: Computer Science 
Christopher Robert Cooper 
♦Elizabeth Rosamond Foley 

2nd Major: Criminology and 

Criminal Justice 
Jesse David Fox 
Justin Desmond Hagen 
Amanda Joy Kilbane 
Sukhmam Matharu 
Mark J. Robinson 
Bridget Anne Taylor 

College of Chemical 
and Life Sciences 

Bachelor of Science 


Diana Bitenas 
Michael E. Federman 
Hosein Kafimosavi 

Biological Sciences 

Hamzah Ibrahim Abu-Ragheb 
Victoria Tolulope 

Andre Anthony Allen 
Lana Elkhatib 
Katherine Denisse Giron 
Dawn Barie Goldsmith 
Mehssa Gonzalez 
Mong-Shu Ho 
Katherine Alicyn Hosie 
Sharon Gabriel Jhingory 
Amelia Carohne Louise Mackenzie 
Jacques Alexander Nakkash 
Stan David Nova 
Nirav Atul Patel 

Ravi Sattiraju Prasad 
Derek John Tatum 
Kimberly Ban Tech 
John Austin Chin Wah 
J-Ting Connie Wang 


Colin Gerard Agatisa-Boyle 
Irwin Zachary Benzel 
Christine Euiia Cho 

College of Computer, 
Mathematical and 
Physical Sciences 

Bachelor of Science 

Computer Science 

Andrew Richard Bouis 
2nd Degree: Psychology 

f Daozheng Chen 

Derrick Nana-Egyir Hayford 

Ali Iqudus 

Jorge Enrique Murillo.Jr. 

Abegail Joy P. Olarte 

Robert Thomas Scout 

Matthew Albert Silverman 

Panupan Sriautharawong 

Daniel Addam Webber 

Shawn Christopher Wilhams 

LuoYan Zhou 

2nd Degree: Economics 


Krystle Ann Behrns 
Robert Benjamin Thomas 
David Kurt Weinstein 


Gregory James Arthur 
Sara M. Chung 
Jaime Lara Horton 

§ Stimmii utm Limile t M<i^'i*i cum Lititde * atm Llitde 



Meaghy Donovan Lang 
Ting Lin 

Samecr Haritkumar Pandya 
Khashayar Parsay 
Jordan Andrew Patterson 
Danielle L\Tiise Ross 
Misbah Sadat 
Chun-Che Shih 
Jacob Stuart Stiffler 

2nd Degree: Ekclrical Engineering 


Emmanuel A. Cephas, Jr. 
Girish Joshi 
Jonathan Maher 

College of Education 

Bachelor of Arts 

Art Education 

Polly Joanna Foley 

2nd Major: Studio Art 
Secondary Education- 
English Language Arts 

Aaron Randal KlefRnan 

2iid Degree: English Language 

and Literature 
Chontelle Jenee Matthews 

2nd Major: English Language 

and Literature 
Carly Glickson Schoenstadt 

2nd Major: English Language 

d)ul LitcrMun- 

Secondary Education- 
Social Studies 

Diana Patricia Alvarado 

2nd Major: History 
Benjamin David Bohrer 

2nd Major: Histor)' 
Alex Michael Bryer 

2nd Major: History 
James Henry McVey IV 
Richard Dennis Weitkamp 

2nd Degree: Government 

and Politia 

Bachelor of Science 

Early Childhood Education 

Anna Nicole Davis 

Elementary Education 

Sarah Jane Brown 
Lauren Mane DiPirro 
Tabitha Rae Hemby 
Kevin R.Jennings. Jr. 
Ar%'eh Alejandro Levy 
Jennifer VaUie Norris 
Munachiso Claris Onuoha 
Shamera Nicole Wilkins 

Special Education 

Christine Mane Gavin 
Becky Gruetzmacher 
Lainie Ann Smith 

Philip Merrill College 
of Journalism 

Bachelor of Arts 


Jonathan Richard Aicher 
Meagan Elizabeth Bond 

2tid Major: Coi'ernmeni 

and Politics 

Laura Rose Callahan 
Sarah Beth Clark 
Alexandra Brittany Datt 
Pierce Christopher Murphy 

2nd Degree: Philosophy 
Karen Elyse Salerni 
Amanda Jill Swartz 
Jeremy Ray Tarn 

2nd Degree: Economics 
Stephen James Whyno 

School of Architecture, 
Planning, and 

Bachelor of Science 


Cynthia Shau-Yee Cheung- Wong 

Lindsey Rose Dickes 

Chad Edward Fisk 

Hina Hameed 

Artur Marques Kahl 

Jennifer Anne Kilpatrick 

Benjamin Thomas King 

Xin Liao 

Shurid Rahman 

EUzabeth Alexandra Vetne 

School of 
PubHc Health 

Bachelor of Science 

Community Health 

Natasha Alexandra Glotnis 
Fatima Doussou Koroma 

Family Studies 

Tma AnnMarie Araniburu 

Vidya Ualu 

Joanna Cangiano Balz 


§ Siiinma aim iAiiidc f .\ltii>na cum Laiide * ami Laude 


Kenneth Patrick Beaver 
Kellee Nicole Bowers 
Julia Megan Boyles 
Auntris Greshawn Braxton 
Carla A. Coelho 
Katherine Besdin Doolittle 
Rebecca Lynne Feuersteni 
Jonathan Mitchell Gordon, Jr. 
HoUy Nicole HaU 
Lauren M. Krasko 
Alexandra M. Mancebo 
Tiftany Jean Murphy 
Nasondra Naomi Nixon 
Josephine Ocheni 

2iiii Dcfirfc: Sociohgy 
Lmdsey Anne Quirk 
Christina Mane Smith 
Nina Rachel Tello 
Sharon LolitaVanzego 

Kinesiological Science 

TifFanv Elaine Harlan 

Ama Ihini 

Kevin Gary Kraus Kennedy 

Keri Lee Lounge 

Rima M. Luhar 

Dane Patrick Lynch 

Narges Mohammadi 

Gregg Frederick Morgan, [r. 

*Lindsey Polubinski 

Philip Preston Salver, |r, 

Masha Senic 

Andrew Kennedy Skipton 

Joseph K. Ssemanda 

Carrie Melissa Thieman 

Joseph Franklin Thomas 

Robert H. Smith 
School of Business 

Bachelor of Science 


Lindsay Amanda Brandinger 

2ii<l Di]{;nr: International Business 
William Alexander Candido 

2n(i Deiiree: Finance 
Saeed Elahi 
Jessica Lee Hudson 
D.ivid M.Jacobs 
Daniellah Meirah Klein 
Rasan Amintha Majuwane 

Zachary Strauss Maltzman 
Shahin Rahimzadeh Rahmani 

2ntl Derive: Internationa! Bnsiness 
Jennifer Ann Schlosser 

2iHi DfsjR'f : Finance 
Prithvi Srinivasamolian 

2nd Decree: Finance 
Mai Thanh Tran 
Emanuel Tsegaye 


Henrietta Aifah 

Anish Dihp Arwindekar 

2nil Dei^ree: Psycliology 
Simran Singh Aulakh 
William Alexander Candido 

2n(l Degree: Accoiniting 
Jeffrey Wei Chan 

2n(t Major: Logistics. Transportation 

and Supply Chain Management 
Eugene Chung 

2nd Major: International Bnsiness 
Adam Nicholas Cook 
Brian John Corbett 

2nd Major: International Bnsiness 
Paul H Egli 

David Patrick Feliciano 
Loveness Guzha 
Travis Daniel Holmes 
Mark George Mackey 
John Bjorii Nelson 
Jordan Michael Owings 

2nd Major: Logistics, Transportation 

and Supply Chain Management 
Madhavi Patel 

2nd Major: Logistics, Transportation 

and Supply Chain iManagemcnt 
Jennifer Ann Schlosser 

2nd Degree: Accounting 
Frank Shiau 

2nd Major: Accounting 
Elizabeth Carol Sivels 
Joshua A. Smith 
Prithvi Snnivasamohan 

2nd Degree: Accontiting 
Brandon James Williams 

2iid .Major: International Bnsiness 
Kevin Zhan 

General Business 

David Michael Baker 
Gautam Gupta 
Gerald Wilham Heller, Jr. 
Margaret Elena Metz 
Information Systems 
Jay D. Amin 

Stephen Michael Causey 
Geetesh Kapoor 

International Business 

Lindsay Amanda Brandinger 

2nd Degree: Accounting 
Sana M. Din 

2nd Degree: Government 

and Politics 
David S. Ghoneim 
Robert W Motta, Ir. 

Alon Siegfried Pichler 
Shahin Rahimzadeh Rahmani 
2nd Degree: Accounting 

Logistics, Transportation and 
Supply Chain Management 

Robert Mason Howard Pinson 


Thomas John Austin 

Theresa Marie Cocchiaro 

Timothy Graham Daniel 

Rudolf-Victor de Leon Dinglas 

Jenna Elizabeth Gurtshaw 

2nd Major: Logistics, Transportation 
and Snpply Chain Matiagement 

Robert J. I be 

2nd Major: Logistics. Transportation 
and Supply Chain Management 

Jennifer B. Kirstem 

Jennifer S. Kwoun 

Robert Vincent Marino 

Michael Payum Naghdivand 

Kunal Sharma 

Jade Ashleigh Steele 

Miriam Devora Whitehill 

Robert Michael Zicheni,Jr. 

Undergraduate Studies 

Bachelor of Arts 

Individual Studies 

f Shira Timar Schwartzberg 

Bachelor of Science 

Individual Studies 

Michael Calabretta 

i Suttiiiiii cunt Lijiiilt' ^ M,i\;ihi iniii L.niiic 

iini LiUtdf 



Doctor of Musical Arts 

James A. Dewnre 

Imbalamc, Purification, IntegraiioiiiTlirec Pluiscs of Brahms as Sccti Tlinnii;li a 
Selection of His Piano Works 

Byoungho Han 

A Surj'cy of Russian IVorks Written Between the Late Nineteenth and 
Twentieth Centuries 

Minah Kang 

Tiie Music of Sergey Rachmanitiov (1873-1943): A Surwy from His Three 
Compositional Periods 

Yi-Hsin Lin 

Wliole and Complete: Cyclical Forms and Single Movements in the 
Violin Repertoire 

Kristina M. Lobenhofer 

Stylistic Change and Politics as a Basis for Performaiicc Iiiterpreialion in the 
Piano Works of Shostakovich 

Sheng-Tsung Wang 

Expected and Unexpected Musical Manifestations of the First and Second 
World Wars 

Doctor of Philosophy 

Helma G. de Vries • Government and Politics 

Insiders and Outsiders: Global Social Movements. Parly Politics, and Democracy 
in Europe and Sorlh 4merica 

Shawna L. Acker-Ball • Education Policy, Planning 
and Administration 

A Case Study oj the Influence of Family on First-Cjencration College Students' 
Educational Aspirations Post High School 

Virginia Adams • Art History 

Illusion and Disillusionment in the Works of Jeff Wall and Gerhard Richler: 
Picturing (Post)Modern Life 

Jung-Chul An • Engineering Materials 

Synthesis Characterization and Kinetic Studies of Ionizing Kadialioii Induced 
Intra- and Inter-Crosslinked Poly(Vinly Pyrrolidone) Nanohydrogels 

Isaak Aronson • Education Policy 

Negotiating the Terrain of High-Stakes Accoimtalntily in Science Teaching 

Asgar M. Asgarov • History 

Reporting from the Frontlines of the First Cold War: American Diplomatic 
Dispatches about the Internal Conditions in the Soviet Union, 

Mohammadreza Azarkhail • Reliability Engineering 

Agent Autonomy Approach to Physics-Based Reliability Modeling of Structures 
and Mechanical Systems 

Eden M. Badertscher • Curriculum and Instruction 

An Inquiry into Relationships with Mathematics: Hon' Identities and Personal 
Ways ('/ Knowing Mediate and Respwnd to Mathematics Content Experiences 

Seung-Jong Baek • Electrical Engineering 

Synchronization in Chaotic Systems: Coupling of Chaotic Maps, Data 
Assimilation and Weather Forecasting 

Danielle M. BaldufT* Natural Resource Sciences 

Pedogenesis Inventory and I'tilizatioii of Subaqueous Soils in Chincoteagne 
Bay, Maryland 

Abigail R. Bardi • English Language and Literature 

Tlic Gypsy as Trope in Victorian and Modern British Literature 

Rosemary A. Bauer • Animal Science 

Priming with Oral Progestin Before Ovulation Induction Facilitates Ovarian 
Function in the Cat (Fchs Chains) 

Samuel E. Bish • Cell Biology and Molecular Genetics 

Mechanisms Utilized by Neisseria Gonorrhoeae to Persist in the Human 
Cervical Epithelium: Signaling. Invasioi:. huraiellular Survival, and Escape 

Laura W. Brenneman • Astronomy 

A Spectral Survey ot Black Hole Spin in Active Galactic Nuclei 

Leslie A. Brice • Art History 

Nou La, We Here: Remembrance ami Power in the Arts of Haitian I odon 

Allison P. Brovey • English Language and Literature 

Assessing the .Scholarly \alue of Online texts 

Mardi S. Byerly • Neurosciences and Cognitive Sciences 

Identification of .\'ovel Mechanisms in the I lypothataimis Linked to .-idiposily 



Do-Jun Byun • Computer Science 

Congestion Control in Satellite Networks 

Benedetta Camarota • Physics 

Towards Shot-Noise Limited Detention of a Single-Electron Transistor 

Ingrid A. Cartwright • Art History 

Hoe Scliilder Hoe Wilder: Dissolute Sell-Portraits in Scventeeinli-Century Dutch 
and Flemish Art 

Nicholas L. Chapman • Astronomy 

Dust Structure and Composition IMthiii Molecular Clouds and Cores 

Kim E. Charmatz • Curriculum and Instruction 

A Case Study ol the Development of Htwironinental Action Projects from the 
Framework of Participatory Action Research Within Two Middle School Classrooms 

Po-Hsin Chen • Electrical Engineering 

Analysis and Design of High-speed A/ D Coiu'erlers in SiGe Technology 

Wei- Yen Chen • Electrical Engineering 

Ben:oiyclol'uteiie Micrcrnig Resonators 

Anupam Choubey • Mechanical Engineering 

Alicrostructural Changes Under Isothermal Aging and Tlien Influence on Tliermal 
Fatigue Reliability for Tin-Lead And Free Solder ]oints Including Alicrostructural 
Changes Under Isothermal Aging in Mixed Solder Joints 

Min-Tun Chuang • Curriculum and Instruction 

Cross- Language Transfer.Tlu- Strategic Reading Process of Eighth-Grade 
Tiiwaiiese Readers in Chinese and in English u'ithin a Sell-Regulated 
D-ariiing Framework 

Boo Y. Chung • Civil Engineering 

An Analysis of Success and Failure Factors tor ERP Systems in Engineering and 
Construction Firms 

Bani H. Cipriano • Chemical Engineering 

Stnictiirc ami Properties ot Nanocomposiles Coinaining Anisotropic Nanoparticles 

Joshua A. Clough • Aerospace Engineering 

Integrated Propulsion and Power Modeling for Bimodal Nuclear Tltermal Rockets 

Matthew T. Cornick • Physics 

Problems in Spaliotemporal Chaos 

Holly M. Costar • Counseling and Personnel Services 

Creating Persuasive Health Messages: Consideration of Future Consequences and 
Intention to Pursue \ iuxination Against Human Papillomavirus 

Johnathan S. Coursey • Mechanical Engineering 

Enliancemeut of Spray Cooling Heat Iransjer Usnig Extended Surfaces 
and Nanofluids 

Lara M. Crowley • English Language and Literature 

Manuscript Context and Literary Interpretation: John Donne's Poetry in 
Seventeenth-Century England 

Sherae L. Daniel • Business and Manageinent 

Absorptive Capacity and Open Sources Software Project Performance 

Katherine C. Delhotal • Policy Studies 

Did State Renewable Portfolio Standards Induce Technical Change in Methane 
Mitigation in the I'.S. Lmtdfill Sector? 

Oktay Demircan • Chemistry 

Electrochemical Oxidation Kinetics of Hydrogen and Higher Hydrocarbon Fuels 
on Solid Oxide Fuel Cells 

Tiffany L. Ders'ille • Communication 

Relationship Management and Member Retention: A Case Study oj an 
Advocacy Organization 

Zeynep DiUi • Electrical Engineering 

Physical Aspects of I LSI Design \]'ith a Focus on Tliree-Dimensional Integrated 
Circuit Applications 

Cyntrica N. Eaton • Computer Science 

A Framework for Detecting and Diagtiosing Configuration Faults in 
Web Applications 

Clinton L. Edwards • Electrical Engineering 

On the Pointing and Jitter Characterization of Mems Two-Axis (Tip-Tilt) Mirrors 

Dale J. Epstein • Human Development 

Tlie Impact of Parents' Demographic and Psychological Characteristics and Parent 
Involvement on Young Children's Reading and Math Outcomes 

Diane Evans • Chemical Physics 

Hierarchical Intermolecular Interaction Models of N-Heteroaromatic STM 
Adlayer Structures 



Mohamed M. Fahmi • Electrical Engineering 

Coinptdcr Aided Dciigii of H'idc-Baiid Mkwuuwe Contpoticiils 

Pedram J. Fard • Electrical Engineering 

DyHiiiHiV Reconfiguration of Network Topology in Optical Networks 

Azadeh Faridi • Electrical Engineering 

Croii-Ltiyer Disloriioii Control for Delay Sensiliiv Sources 

Elena M. Fazio • Sociology 

Role Occupancy, Physical Health and the Diniinishmeiii of the Sense of 
Mattering in Late Life 

Xiang Fei • Civil Engineering 

Robust Analysis of Setisor Coverage and Location for Real-Time Traffic 
Estimation and Prediction in Large-Scale Networks 

Amethist S. Finch • Chemistry 

Fundamentals of Excess Electron Transport in Biologically Relewnil Systems 

Amy E. Finkbiner • Mathematics 

Global Phenomena from Local Rules: Peer-lo-Peer Networks anil Crystal 

Guilherme D. Fonseca • Computer Science 

Approximate Range Searching in the Absolute Error Model 

Yingli Fu • Bioengineering 

Sustained Delit'ery and Pharmacodynamics of Inlegrin AiilagonisI for 
Ocular Angiogenesis 

Timothy P. Fukawa-Connelly • Curriculum and Instruction 

A Tale of Two Courses: Teaching and Learning Undergraduate Abstract Algebra 

Chad R. Galley • Physics 

Radiation Reaction and Self-Force in Curved Spacetime in a Field 
Theory Approach 

Vivek Gautam • Mechanical Engineering 

Flow And Atomization Characteristics of Cryogenic Fluid From a Coaxial 
Rocket Injector 

Michael H. Gavin • American Studies 

Narrating 'Fragedy: From Kennedy lo Kalrina, From Sports to National Identities 

Glenn F. Gebler • Biology 

Phylogenetic Relationship Among Polymorphic Oligohymenophorean Ciliates, 
IVith Gene Expression in Life-History Stages of Miamiensis avidus (Ciliophora, 

Danette S. Gerald • Education Policy 

Examining the Status of Equity in Undergraduate Enrollments for Black, Latino 
and Low-Income Students at Public Four Year Universities and Flagship Campuses 

Tolga Girici • Electrical Engineering 

Resoime Allocation for DOS ui OFDMA Based Wireless Networks 

Hernan M. Gonzalez • Agricultural Economics 

Tlte Interaction Between Distance to Work and Vehicle Miles Traveled 

Ainy F. Grimes • Chemistry 

Toivard Optimization of Pholomodulation of Azobemene- Modified 
PPV Derivatives 

Bahman Habibzadeh • Mechanical Engineering 

Understanding Co-Oxidalion in SOFC'S Using Nickel Patterned Anode 

Franz C. Halaschek- Wiener • Computer Science I 

Expressive Syndication on the Web Using A Description Logic- Based Approach 

Guang Han • Electrical Engineering 

Connectivity Analysis ofWiielesiAd Hoc Networks 

Aydin Haririnia • Biochemistry 

Molecular Interactions of Uhiqnitin and Polyiibujuilhi Chains with Ubiquitin 
Binding Domains 

Jason R. Hattrick-Sitnpers • Engineering Materials 

Combinatorial Invesligalion oj Magnelostriclive Materials 

Bo He • Chemistry 

Barcoded Silica Nanotubes for Bioanalysis 

Gregory J. Hiemenz • Aerospace Engineering 

Semi-Active Magnetorheological Seat Sitspensions for Enhanced Crashworthiness 
and Vibration Isolation of Rolorcraft Seals 

Daniel Hines • Chetnical Physics 

Organic Electronics with Polymer Dielectrics on Plastic Substrates Fabricated via 
Transfer Printing 

Stacy F. Hobson • Neurosciences and Cognitive Sciences 

Text Summarization Evaluation: Correlating Human Peijormaiice on an 
Extrinsic Task with Automatic Intrinsic Metrics 

Natalie Hopkinson • Journalism and Public Communication 

GO Co Live 



Emmanouel S. Hourdakis • Physics 

Eleariuil McjiiiiciiiciUi lU the Micro Scale: Air Breakdown ami Si Coiiloiiih 
Blockade Devices 

Patrick P. Hughes • Physics 

Effideiil Surface Conversion for Nenlrat Atom Detection 

Yu-Chu Hung • Electrical Engineering 

Studies of the Optical Properties of Plasinonic Wmostructnres 

Neal H. Hutchens • Education Policy 

A Comparative Legal Analysis of State Constitutional Antonoiny Provisions for 
Public Colleges and Universities 

Gina S. Ikemoto • Education Policy 

Supports for Principals' Seitseniaking: Lessons Jroin the Institute Jor Learning's 
I Instructional D'adcrsliip Program in Baltimore. Maryland 

Darlene M. Iskra • Sociology 

Breaking nirough the "Brass" Ceiling: Elite Military ll'omen's Strategies for Sncces: 

Rezarta Islainaj • Computer Science 

Feature Generation and Analysis Applied to Sequence Classijication fn Splice- 
Site Prediction 

Won S.Jang • Civil Engineering 

Embedded System for Construction .Material Trackitig Using Combination <>/ 
Radio Frequency and Ultrasound Signal 

Chad R. Jarvis • Physics 

A Search for Z Boson Pair Production at the Ferinilab Tevatron Collider 

Tao Jiang • Electrical Engineering 

Difiribnted Trust Management in Autonomic !\'etu'orks 

Yu Jiang • Electrical Engineering 

(.'MOS S-Ditnensionell M-D'vel Hysteresis Circuits and Possible Applications 

Dawn R.Johnson • Counseling and Personnel Services 

.S( use of Belonging Among Women of Color in Science, Technology, Engineering, 
and Math Majors: Investigating the Contributions of Campus Racial Climate 
I'liaplions and Other College Environments 

Lauren T. Kaiser • Counseling and Personnel Services 

/ //(■ Effect of Instructional Consultation Teams on Teachers' Reported 
Insinictional Practices 

Burcu Karagol-Ayan • Computer Science 

Resource Generation from Structured Documents tor Low-Density Lmguages 

Amy K. Karlson • Computer Science 

Interlace and Interaction Design fir One-Handed Mobile Computing 

Kristopher B. Karnauskas • Atmospheric and Oceanic Science 

Interannual Variability of Sea Surface Temperature in the Eastern Tropical Pacific 
Ocean and Central American Rainfall 

Srinivas R. Kashyap • Computer Science 

Algorithms for Data Placement, Reconfiguration, and Monitoring in 
Storage Networks 

Loretta W. Keleher • Philosophy 

Empowerment and International Development 

Dae W. Kim • Mechanical Engineering 

Tliermal Characteristics of Porous Foam Dielectric Liquid Microcollers 

Heekyong Kim • Chemical Engineering 

Analysis of Drug DclivcrY in the Eye ihiiig Magnetic Resonance Imaging 

Hyoungsoo Kim • Civil Engineering 

A Simulation Framework for Traffic Information Dissemination in l^biquitoiis 
Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks 

Ji H. Kim • Astronomy 

The Star Formation History of Low Surface Brightness Galaxies 

Sung M. Kim • Government and Politics 

A Post-Confucian Civil Society: Liberal Collectivism and Participatory Politics 
in South Korea 

Adrienne L. Kish • Cell Biology and Molecular Genetics 

Surviving Ionizing Radiation: General Stress Response and Mechanisms for the 
Prevention and Repair of DNA Damage in Halobacleriimi sp. str. NRC- 1 

Catalina E. Kopetz • Psychology 

Tlie Quest for Multifhiality in Goal Pursuit 

Kamiar Kordari • Electrical Engineering 

Self Organizing 1 1 'ircless Sensor Networks 

Sudarshana N. Koushik • Aerospace Engineering 

Blade Vortex Interaction Studies Anovel Experimental Approach 



Ekaterina Kxivonos Gonzalez • Agricultural Econotnics 
77iref Essays of Coffer Markets 

Shyam KC • Sociology 

Sodely and liifraslniaiire: Geographical Aceessihilily mid lis Effects on School 
Enrolment in Nepal 

Sonya T. Lanier • Counseling and Personnel Services 

Multiple Aspects of Children 's Perceptions of Classroom Peer Support 
and Adjustment 

Jonghee Lee • Physics 

LiJii' Temperature Scanning Tunneling Microscope Development: Investigations of 
Au(111) and Ultra-slow Vortex Dynamics of NbSe2 

Cassandra C. Lewis • Education Policy 

A Balancing Act : An Exploration of How A Piihlic Flaphip lusliiittion 
Responds to Pressures for Racial Equity and Institutional Excellence 

Huilin Li • Mathematical Statistics 

Small Area Estimation: An Empirical Best Linear Unbiased Prediction Approach 

Jianzhu Li • Survey Methodology 

Regression Diagnostics for Complex Survey Data: Identification of 
Influential Observations 

Mian Li • Mechanical Engineering 

Robust Optimization and Sensitivity Analysis IVilli Objective Genetic 
Algorithms: Single-and Multi-Disciplinary 

Song Li • Electrical Engineering 

Covert Channels and Anonymous Communication in Ad Hoc Networks 

Choonghoon Lim • Kinesiology 

Examining Tlie Influence of Sensation Seeking and Gender on Consumers' 
Emotional Responses to P'isual Stimuli in Computer- Siniiilated Slot Madiines 

Patricia A. Lissner • English Language and Literature 

Chi-I'liinking: Chiasmus and Cognition 

Chih-Hung Liu • Policy Studies 

What Types of Fiscal Decentralization System Have Better Performance? 

Junjie Liu • Atmospheric and Oceanic Science 

Applications of the LETKF to Adaptive Observations, Analysis Sensitivity, 
Observation Impact and the Assimilation of Moisture 

Guanhua Lu • Mathematical Statistics 

Asymptotic Theory for .Multiple-Sample Semiparametic Density Ratio Models 
and Its Aptphcation to Mortality Forecasting 

Tracy L. Lucht • Journalism and Public Communication 

Sylvia Porter: CciuUi. Ainbitiitii. And Personal Fuiance loiinhilism. 1935-1975 

Alycia A. Marshall • Curriculum and Instruction 

Black/African American Students' Perceptions of Mathetnatical Success and 
Mathcnutiical Success Factors at a Community College 

Linda M. Massey • Education Policy, Planning 
and Administration 

Pilgrims and Guides: A Phenomenological Study of Montessori Teachers Guiding 
and Being Guided by Children in Public Montessori Schools 

Sabrina A. Matoff-Stepp • Public and Community Health 

The Iiiipaa oj Formal Social Support on Outpatient Care Among a Sample of 
Adults Living With HH7AIDS in the United States 

Peter I. May • Marine, Estuarine, and Environmental Sciences 

Alternate Stale Theory and Tidal Freshwater Mudflat Experimental Ecology on 
Anacostia River, Washington. DC. 

Kathryn H. Mckinley • Modern French Studies 

Ciceronian Rhetoric and the Art of Medieval French Hagiography 

Elizabeth A. McClure • English Language and Literature 

The Ethics of Materiality: Sensation, Pain, and Sympathy in I 'iclorian Literature 

John C. McCormack • Cell Biology and Molecular Genetics 

An Internal iRSA-Like Structure Regulates the Life Cycle of Plus-Sense 
RNA Virus 

Kevin M. McGrath • Governtnent and Politics 

Sheathing the Sword of Damocles: Assessing Al Qaeda and Devising a 
U.S. Response 

Oscar Melo • Agricultural Economics 

.Service Quality and Asymmetric Information in the Regulation of Monopolies 

Rebecca R Mercado • Curriculum and Instruction 

Intersections of Vision, Practice, and Context in the Development of Student 
leachers as Reading Teachers for Students of Diverse Backgrounds 



Jason S. Metcalfe • Kinesiology 

On llie Development oj Positinil Stiihiliiy During; hifaiicy tis it Proicis of Groii'th 
and Aclii'e. Exploratory Seitsoriittoioi Tttititi^ 

Min Min • Mathematical Statistics 

Asymptotic Noriiiitlity in (/',ciiei,itt:eit Linear Mixed Models 

Chad E. Mitchell • Physics 

Cakniation of Realistic Cltarged-Particle Transfer Maps 

Stephanie J. Mitchell • Human Development 

Loti'-Iticoiiic Africait Aiitericait Fathers' Coiitrilmlioiis to Toddlers' Social and 
Emotional Developmeitt 

Alireza Modafe • Electrical Engineering 

Benzocyclobutene-Based Electric Micromachines Supported on Microhall 
Bearings: Design. Fabrication and Characterisation 

Baharak Mohajer Iravani • Electrical Engineering 

Electromagnetic Inteijereiice Reduction losing Electromagnetic Bandgap Structures 
in Packages Enclosures Canities and Antennas 

Naglaa M. Mohamed • Marine, Estuarine, and Environmental 

Ecophysiology oj Microbial Communities Associated with Marine Sponges Ircinia 
strobilina and Mycale laxissinia 

Jesus M. Molina • Electrical Engineering 

Evalcnating Host Intniison Detection Systems 

Christina Morina • History 

Legacies of Stalingrad: The Eastern Front l]dr and the Politics of Memory in 
Divided Germany. 194^-1989 

Ernesto Munoz • Atmospheric and Oceanic Science 

Tlic Caribbean Loii'-lcvel Jet: Its Strnctnic and Interaninial i'ariability 

Jessica L. Nagel • Marine, Estuarine, and Environmental Sciences 

Plant-Sedimetit Interactions and Biogeochcmical Cycling for Seagrass 
Communities in Chesapeake and Florida Bays 

Giridhar Nandikotkur • Physics 

Tracking Spectral Changes in Blazars ii'ilh the Energetic Gamma Ray 
Experiment Telescope (EGRET) 

Seyed H. Nejad-hosseinian • Reliability Engineering 

.4 Methodology for Automated Generation of Generalized Event Secpicnce 
Diagrams for Probabilistic Rixli Assessment of Complex Systetns 

Scott T. Nestler • Business and Management 

Empirical Analyses on Federal Thrift Savings Plan Portfolio Optimization 

Lynn M. Newman • Curriculum and Instruction 

Tlie Effects of Explicit Instruction of Expository Text Incorporating Graphic 
Organizers on the Comprehension of Tliird-Grade Students 

Somnuk Ngamchai • Civil Engineering 

Air Express Xetivork Design With Hub Sorting 

Lauren O'Neill • Criminology and Criminal Justice 

Expanding the Impact oj Peer Networks: Pathways to Turning Points 

Onur Oktay • Mathematics 

Frame Quantization Tlieory and Equiangular Tight Frames 

Amanda L. Osborne • Psychology 

Neuropsychological Assessment of' Geriatric Patients with Depressions and 
Mild Cognitive Decline 

John P. Palastro • Physics 

Interaction of Liisers with Atomic Clusters and Structured Plasmas 

Herman Pandana • Electrical Engineering 

Development oj Electronic DKA Hybridization Detection Using Carbon 
Nanotuhe Field Effect Transistor Arrays 

Eleni Papadopoulou • Special Education 

The Impact oj 1 ocabiilary Instruction on the I ocabulary Knowledge and Writing 
Peiiormance of Third Grade Students 

Kyung H. Park • Civil Engineering 

Lateral U>ad Patterns for the Conceptual Seismic Design of Moment Resisting 
Frame Structures 

Marina Parra Carreiro E Silva • Marine, Estuarine, and 
Environmental Sciences 

The Roles of Nutrients and Herbivory in Controlling the Microbioerosion of 
Tropical Reefs 

Amy E. Pate • Government and Politics 

Ethnic Rebelhon in Democratic Expteriments 



Deanna M. Perez • Criminology and Criminal Justice 

An Outcome Evaluation of the Brunswick Correctional Center Sex Offender 
Residential Treatmetu (SORT) Program 

Nick L. Petroni • Computer Science 

Properly-Based Integrity MiViitorinf of Operating System Kernels 

Michael A. Phillips • Communication 

A Theory of Rhetorical Humor in American Political Discourse 

Violeta A. Prieto • Physics 

SubmillimeterTest of the Gravitational Inverse-Square Law Using a 
Superconducting Differential Accelerometcr 

Jin Qin • Reliability Engineering 

A Netv Physics-of- Failure Based VLSI Circuits Reliability Simulaliou and 
Prediction Methodology 

Shaikh M. Rahman • Agricultural Economics 

Optimal Coiuracting and Vertical Coordination in the Beef Industry: An Assess- 
ment of Value-Based Pricing 

Amy H. Rathbun • Education Policy 

Making the Most of Extra Time: The Role of Classroom Factors and Family 
Socioeconomic Status on Full-Day Kindergartners' Reading Achievement and 
Academic Engagement 

Heather E. Rellihan • Women's Studies 

Ad/ministering Education: Gender, Colonialism, and Christianity in Belize and 
the Anglophone Caribbean 

Jose G. Roa Lobo • Geography 

Identifying Landslide Hazards in a Tropical Mountain F.nvironmeni Using 
Geomorphologic and Probabilistic Approaches 

Subrat N. Rout • Veterinary Medical Sciences 

Ihe Role oj Sewcastle Disease Virus Inlcrnal Prolenis in Pathogenesis 

Sankalita Saha • Electrical Engineering 

Design Methodology For Embedded Computer Vision Systems 

June L. Samuel • Government and Politics 

Adapting to Norms at the I'nited Nations:The Abortion-Rights and 
A nti-A bortion Networks 

Jesse J. Scott • American Studies 

Disturbing the Peace: Cultural Narratives and Reparations 

Aisha M. Sexton • Biological Resources Engineering 

Evaluation of SWAT Model Applicability for Waterbody Identification and 
TMDL Analysis 

Rahul Shetty • Astronomy 

Gas Kinematics and Dynamics: Spiral Structure and Cloud Formation in 
Disk Galaxies 

Min-Ho Shin • Computer Science 

A Fast Scalable User Authetuication on li'ireless Mesh Networks 

Usama M. Soltan • Linguistics 

On Formal Feature Licensuig in Minimalistn: Aspects of Standard 
Arabic Morphosyntax 

Anuja A. Sonalker • Electrical Engineering 

Designing Robust Collaborative Services ni Distributed Uireless Networks 

Sadagopan Srinivasan • Electrical Engineering 

Prefetching vs. tlic Memory System: Optimizations for Multi-core 
Server Platforms 

Sharon R. Stein • Curriculum and Instruction 

How Seventh Grade Readers Hlio Completed an Intensive Phonics Intervention 
Program in Sixth Grade Comprehend Informational Text 

Nichole H. Stewart • Education Policy 

No Child D-ft Behind's Supplemental Educational Services: A Case Study 
of Participant Experiences in an I kban Aftctschool Program in the District 
of Columbia 

Haichun Sun • Kinesiology 

Middle School Students' Learning and Motivation: A Self Determination Perspective 

Marlene K. Sun • Human Development 

Cross-Lmguage Transfer of Phonological and Orthographic Processing Skills in 
Spanish-Speaking Children U-arning to Read and Spell in English 

Tsz W. Sze • Computer Science 

On Solving Univariate Polynomial Etjualioiis over Finite Fields and Some 
Related Problems 

Chenggang Tao • Physics 

Fluctuations on Metal Surfaces and Molecule /Ah'ial Interfaces 

Anne E. Thessen • Marine, Estuarine, and Environmental 

Taxonomy and Ecopliysiology of Psendo-uit::scliia in the Chesapeake Bay 



Rebecca E.Thomas • Education Policy 

Pathways to the Baccalaureate: A Longitudinal Study of Sequence Differences by 
Parents' Education Level 

Scott C. Thomas • Computer Science 

On an Apparent Limit to I erh Idiosyikiasy. Given a Mapping Between 
Argunwnt Realization and Polysemy (Or Argument Optionality) 

Jing Tian • Public and Community Health 

Instrument Development for Continuing Medical Education Evaluation 

Natalie T. Tindall • Communication 

Identity, Power, and Difference. The Management of Roles and Self Atnong Public 
Relations Practitioners 

Ming C. ToiTiayko • Curriculum and Instruction 

An Examination of the Working Conditions, Challenges, and Tensions 
Experienced by Mathematics Teachers 

Kara K. Trenkamp • Curriculum and Instruction 

An Investigation of the Factors that Influence Reform Implementation Practices of 
Middle School Mathematics Teachers 

Amanda A. Truett • Marine, Estuarine, and Environmental 

Ecological Risk to Cetaceans from Anthropogenic Ocean Sound: Characterization 
Analysis Using A Professional Judgment Approach to Uncertainty 

Patrick A. Truitt • Physics 

Measurement of Coupling Between the Electron Gas and Nanomechauical Modes 

De-Hao Tsai • Engineering Materials 

Understanding Electric Field-Enhanced Transport for the Measurement of 
Nanoparticles and Their Assembly oti Surfaces 

Joseph Varghese • Mechanical Engineering 

Effect oj Dynamic Flexural Loading on the Durability and Failure Site of Solder 
Inteconnects in Printed Wiring Assemblies 

Shiv N. Vitaladevuni • Computer Science 

Human Movenicni Analysis: Ballistic Dynamics, and Edge Contiiniily for 
Pose Estimation 

Abby J. Vogel • Biological Resources Engineering 

\oninvasive Optical Imaghig Techniques as a Quantitative Analysis of Kaposi's 
Sarcoma Skin Lesions 

Chengdong Wang • ReUability Engineering 

Hybrid Causal Logic Methodohgy for Risk Assessment 

Kui Wang • Marine, Estuarine, and Environmental Sciences 

Biology and Ecology oJ Synechococcns and Their I 'iruses in the Chesapeake Bay 

Lixin Wang • Chemical Physics 

Ferrocene-Based Molecular Electronics and Nanomainifacturing of 
Palladium Nanowires 

Peng Wang • Mechanical Engineering 

On Chip Tlurmoelcctric Cooling of Semiconductor Hot Spot 

Xiang Wang • Chemical Physics 

Study oJ Elecirosiaiic Interaction between Charged Suifactain lesicles and Ionic 
Molecules by Bulk ami Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy Measurements 

Yijun Wang • Engineering Materials 

High Elastic Modulus Nanopowder Reinforced Resin Cotiiposites for Dental 

Alia P. Weaver • Engineering Materials 

Ionizing Radiation- Induced Copolymerization of 2 Ethylhexyt Acrylate and 
Acrylic Acid and lonomer Formation 

Timothy E.Wedig • Government and Politics 

Tlie Internet and Political Organizations: Force, Tool, or Wildcard? 

Nathan WiUiams • Mechanical Engineering 

Strategic Product Design for Retail Channel Acceptance Under Uncertainty 
and Competition 

Arthur H. Winter • Chemistry 

Tlieoretical and Experimental Investigations of High Spiti Ionic Intermediates 

Rui Xiao • Chemical Physics 

Controlled Electrochemical Synthesis of Conductive Polymer Nanostructures and 
Electrochromism Property Study 

Hua Xu • Physics 

Critical Behavior of Superconductors ami Electrical Transport Properties of Carbon 
Nanolube Tliin Films 

Jing- Wen Yang • Business and Management 

Multiple Audiences and Corporate Disclosure 



Joon H.Yang • Engineering Materials 

Tlic Atlachmenl and Characterizalioii of DNA Probs on GaAi-Bascd 
Semiconduclor Surfaces 

YueshengYe • Chemical Engineering 

Siiidits i<ii ihc Sicji Groicth [>olyim'ri:itiioit oj Awiiuuic Polyanhoiialcs 

YukyungYeo • Government and Politics 

Regulating China's Industrial Economy: A Comparative Case Study oJ Aulo 
and Telecom Service Sectors 

ChengbinYin • Curriculum and Instruction 

L>iiis;»ij_i;i' Learning Strategies in Relation lo Altitudes, Moiii\ilion, and Learner 
Beliefs: Investigating Learner Factors in the Chinese EFL Context 

Joon-HyukYoo • Electrical Engineering 

Harnessing Checker Hierarchy for Rehahle Microprocessors 

Gregory Young • Mechanical Engineering 

Melallii Wmoparnchs Ad Fuel Additives in Anhrealliing Comliuslion 

Nancy D.Young • Education Policy 

Peer Interaction in Compositionally Diverse Residence Halls 

Haibo Yu • Physics 

Flavor Symmetry. Leptogenesis and Grand I 'nitication Theories 

Yuan Yuan • Cotnputer Science 

F.nahhng Dynamic Spectrum Allocation in Cognitive Radio Setu'orks 

Shixiong Zh^ng • Physics 

Unusual Electronic Transport and Magnetism in Titanium ().\ide-Based 

Semiconductors and Metals 

Zhenyu Zhang • Electrical Engineering 

Numerical Study of Plasmon Resonances in \anoparticles 

Qing Zhu • Cheinical Physics 

Metal-Mediated Activation cf Hydrogen Peroxide and Dioxygen hy Copper 
Complexes in Aqueous Sohition 

Elena Zotenko • Computer Science 

Computational Methods in Protein Structure ( A^inparison and Analysis of 
Protein Interaction Networks 

Gail M. Bailey • Education Policy, Planning and Administration 

Allocating State Funds for Piililic School Library Media Programs: A Case Study 
of Education Policymaking in Maryland 



Master of Applied 

Aleithe.i Anne Williams 

Master of Architecture 

Deborah Anne Bauer 
Suzanne Marie Braman 
John W. Bryant 
Aaron Tyler Kreinbrook 
John Edward Morris II 
Andrew Jonathan Murray 
Sarah Elizabeth Sayler 
Kimberly Allison Singleton 
Lee Andrew Swinscoe 
John Michael Talbott, Jr. 
David Joseph Whitehill 
Brittany Loanne Wilhanis 
Nastaran Zandian 

Master of Arts 

American Studies 

Brooke Ellen Murphy 
Andrew Lynn Nelson 
Quincy Winston Roberts 

Art History 

Brighton KeUey Hanson 
HyoSil Suzy Hwang 
Eowyn May McHenry 
Megan Diane Rook-Koepsel 


Brendan Eamon Magee 
Sherri Dawn Stanley 


Erik D. Halvorson 
Lydia M. Swindell 

Counseling and 
Personnel Services 

Hugo Estuardo Najera 
Daniel Seth Newman 

Criminology and 
Criminal Justice 

Amber Lauren Beckley 
Cynthia Lynn Boyle 
Alexa Andrade Briscoe 
Kristina Marie Donnelly 
Benjamin Jacob Falls 
Derek John Fisher 
Hannah Kon 
David Michael Mazeika 
Chera Renise McCoy 
Kristen Michelle Miggans 
Tracy Lynn Parker 
April Dawn Wall 

Curriculum and Instruction 

Dawn Mane Smith 


Yi Jiang 

Xue Li 

Otohiko Matsumura 

Lourenco Senne Paz 

Naris Sathapholdeja 

Dong Wu 

Jing Zhang 

Education Leadership 
and Policy Studies 

David Joshua Beeson 

Dawn R. Burks 

Su Dai 

Gregory Carson Dutton 

Amy Patricia Falk 

Melissa Tanya Faux 

Kelly Lynn Frame 

Andrea Christina Gerarda 

Maria Gourgouliatou 
JiD Michele Manske 
Quinton LeVar McArthur 
Celia M. MeUinger 
Rahul Sampat 
Larissa Ann Winkler 
Wesley A.Yokoyama 
Jeftrey Grant Zwillenberg 

English Language 
and Literature 

Juha Robertson Acker 
Jasmine Shay Lellock 
Aubrey Luxx Cohen Mishou 
Andrew Thomas Tangaro 
Danielle Marie Todd 


Xochitl Ysabela Tafoya 
Chantel LynnYadush 


Taylor L. Keen 
John Kenneth Mills 
Ryan Paul Pavlick 
Joyce C.Alexis Riter 
Julia Lynne Skory 

Gertnan Language 
and Literature 

Muhamed Jasarevic 
Audrey Lee Joyner 

Government and Politics 

Myonnie Corene Angeles Bada 
Sam Fayyaz 
Chu-yun Liu 
Rodrigo G. Pinto 

Hearing and Speech Sciences 

Jenny Patricia Arias 
Ronda M. Hodge 
Michele Denyse Holowatch 
Therese Danielle KJing 
Allison Rose Koski 


Kevin Edward Birch 

Debbie J. Goldman 

Heather Ann JuUussen-Stevenson 

Madahna Y. Lee 

Todd Brandon Sauer 

Human Development 

Anne Gertrude Geary 


Leticia Linn Campana 
Diego Mantilla 


Nikolas Charles Dickerson 
Alexander John Elahi 
James Jungwoo Lieu 

Mathematical Statistics 

Ziliang Li 

Aneesah N.Williams 


Alexandre Rostovtsev 
Morgan Stern 

Measurement, Statistics 
and Evaluation 

Xiaodong Hou 
Helen 1-Lun Liu 




Elizabeth AnneYackley 


Michael Chrisrian Cifone 
niniiter lavorov Kirilov 
Ryan Blake MiUsap 
Wei Zhang 


Ryan Fehr 

Courtney Brynn Forbes 
Elizabeth Keats Reynolds 
Samantha Alison Rodman 
Jeremy M. Schultz 
Patricia T. Spangler 
Thomas James White 

Second Language Acquisition 
and Application 

Natalya Olegovna Coflrnan 
R. Elizabeth Shanholtzer 


Lester Howard Andrist 
Kimberly Bridget Bonner 
Paul Sherman Dean 
Jonathan Andrew Lemich 
Vanessa DeBarros Lopes 
Dawn R. Norris 
Michael John Yaksich 

Spanish Language 
and Literature 

Veronica Rodriguez 
Maritza Solano 

Theatre and 
Performance Studies 

Karalce Dawn 
Paul A. Dunford 

Women's Studies 

Bettina Antoinette Jiidd 
Ana Maria Perez 
Amy Leigh Washburn 

Master of Business 

Gurunadham Alanipalli 

Ryan Adrian Anghelone 

Adebowale Opeyemi Ayeiii 

Jon James Balatbat 

Roberto Enrique Benitez 

Prashant Balkrishna Bhaip 


Leon losifovich Bochkis 

Stacy Ann Braun 

Andre Bustamante 

Christopher John Campbell 

Carlos Ernesto Canales 

Matthew Louis Canzater.Jr. 

Robert Edward Carty 

Gillian Maria Charter 

Sundara Sambasiva Rao Chintaluri 

Michelle Ann Cojocaru 

Fernando Cubillos 

Zarna Mukund Dalai 

Srihari Dammalapati 

Tia Estine Davis 

Akinola K. Dosunmu 

Avron Marc Elbaum 

David Walter Fitzgerald 

Brian Joseph Foster 

Margaret Mary Gaine 

Darik K. Gossa 

Caryn Michele Hall 

Qing Hao 

Andrew Arthur Hartman 

Dru Patrick Heard 

Jennifer Lee Hebert 

Scott C. Herbener 

Seumis Gregory Higgins 

Justin Dennis Hollier 

Chih-Hau Huang 

Elizabeth Velana Huerta 

Timothy John Karacki 

Jacqueline J. Kascic 

Kevin Michael Keuleman 

Michael Thomas Kikuta 

Bethany Anne Klein 

Douglas Barrett Kuckelman 

Valencia Francine Lawrence 

Wenxi Henry Li 

Linda Liu 

Theresa N. Magner 

Art Maples 

Jeremy Robert Martin 

So Yun Jung Maryn 

Shingo Matsuzaki 

SUas Alfred McCuUough 111 

Sean Edward McHale 

Samuel Joseph Meadema.Jr. 

Brian M. Mchnert 

Shirin Mehraban 

Joshua Andrew Miller 

Himanshu Patel 

Timothy Scott Plymette 

Anthony R. Raley II 

Pramod Ramprasad 

Nicole Rizzolo 

Jeremy J. Ross 

Brent Dean Sauer 

Joseph A. Scafidi.Jr. 

Andrea Marie Schernecke 

Gaelic Seide 

Rajeeva Dumind.i Serasinghe 

Nirav G. Shah 

Saqib Ali Mohammed Sheikh 

Kristofer Shields 

Jun Sup Shin 

Scott Stefan 

Christopher Kent Stevenson 

Michelle LeCorn Strong 
John Michael Stropki III 
Laura Ann Tiburzi 
G. KeUer Todd 
Alice Tran 

Kandyce Marie Tripp 
Chandra Sekhar Vavilala 
Amanda Rae Wagener 
Sharif S. Weithers 
Aaron Paine West 
Ross Jonathan Wigdor 
Jesse Albert Wilburn 
Mark R.WiUiams 

Master of Business 
of Public Policy 

William Joseph Grayson 
Natasha Lisette Tickner 

Master of Business 
of Science Combined 

Benjamin Jay Amos 
Cytena ShaVonn Hubbard 
Edwin S. Killinger 
Shashi Babu Koduru 
Joshua Leon Rosenthal 
Yue Tian 
Dana Lynn Weber 

Master of 
Community Planning 

Jennifer Robyn Boniiette 
David Franklin Cookson 
Elana Messner 
Claire Renee Schnitzer 



Master of Education 

Counseling and 
Personnel Services 

Suzanne Ashour 
Megan Michelle Forbes 
Scott JetTrey Jones 
Harold L. Kinter 
Seth Darren Zolin 

Curriculum and Instruction 

Nina Teresa Aldrighetti 

Rachel Jenne Berk 

Rhonda Harris Boddie 

Hasung Bong 

Karree C. Bravo 

Damiah Casimirri 

Young J. Cho 

Heidi Ehzabeth Clifton 

Ximena Diaz 

Margaret L. Doan 

Danitra J. Edniond 

Joseph Furlong 

Lauren Courtney Honeycutt 

Karen N. Irving 

Ingrid Isola Jacob 

Galina Halla Jniourko 

Catherine Therese Kenny 

Melissa Lynn Kochanowski 

Darcy Marie Kraynak 

Christina Mane Lamb 

Pei-Hsien Lm 

William Christopher Medina 

Gracita Ocampo Morris 

William Andrew Moyer III 

Carrie Lynn O'Donnell 

Nicole Renee Odorisio 

Bridget J. Pickett 

John Kenneth Potter 

Teodora Isavel Rosales 

Darcy Alexandra Scott 

Kara Lynn Sherrill 

Rachel M. Smith 

Lanita Andong Nyambi Tanyi 

Betsy M. White 

Mark James Whitehead 

Lilian Jennifer Winters 

AnneMarie Jeanette Wood 

Alisha Nicole Wynn 

Education Leadership 
and Policy Studies 

Thomas Qumn Lawrence 
Jue Wang 

Human Development 

Kenneth Stephen Reading 

Special Education 

Angela M. Nance 

Master of Engineering 

James Tataw Agbormbai 

Aditya Badhwar 

Sulaimin Baqqi-Barrett 

Ralph Joseph Bridge 

Hai Minh Bui 

Barry Michael Caison 

Arjita Chawla 

Ehas G. Demessie 

Anirudh Dhawan 

Annette Fredricka Dixon 

Makeda Ayana Drake 

Jason Terry Dreher 

Kunal Rajendra Dukle 

Omosemwengie Uyiosa Esemuetle 

Daniel Joseph Farnoly 

Jose Luis Galvis 

Kuassi Anselme Ganmavo 

Neelesh Gehlot 

Paul L. Gilliam 

Mark David Hanna 

Samuel Hernandez Quinones 

Giuseppe lorio 

Andrew Jay Levine 

Eric Anders Lindquist 

Michael Wen-Tseng Liu 

Anthony Jean Lteif 

Jad Andre Lutfi 

Christopher Russell Magnan 

Roz Mayer 

Chad Curtis Mayers 

Blaine Matthew Orth 

Frank Obeng Owusu 

Steven Christopher Petras 

Rafael L. Rodriguez-Cainbero 

Werner Stefan Scherer 

Sean Alexander Scott 

Allian Utama Sibarani 

Jason Edwin Smith 

Rosalind JoAnn Steptoe-Jackson 

Gregorio Vazquez Jimenez 

Stanley Everett Wildesen 

Hailegziabher Abiy Yerdaw 

Nihat Erman Yildiz 

Elizabeth Ann Zapata 

Master of Fine Arts 

Creative Writing 

Lindsay Anne Bernal 
Adrienne Marie Casalena 
Richard Francis Fulton III 
Seth Embre Gremaud 
Gerald Mong Maa 


Marie-Noelle Daigneault 
Laurence J. ZoU 

Master of Information 

MaShana Annette Davis 
Alliah Virginia Humber 
Christopher Erich Reed 
Tillman David Saylor 
Shu Ju Weng 

Master of Journalism 

Bernard Abraham Becker 
Anne RUey Cooke 
Ronald Frederick Docksai,Jr. 
Kenneth Reynhoudt Fletcher 
Anju Kaur 

Daniel Gerard Lamothe 
Raechal Courtney Leone 
Rachel Stephanie Mauro 
Katherine Tracy Prahlad 
Aditya Ramanathan 
Robert James Richardson 
Daniel Hynian Rubin 
Robert John TricchineUi 
Danielle Aron Ulman 
Michael Fraley Walsh 
Andrew Michael Zieminski 

Master of 
Library Science 

Carolyn L. Baron 

Miriam Clarice Bridges 

Elisabeth Cohen Browning 

Bridget Burns 

Rose Natahna DeLuca 

Jessica Anne DiBeneditto 

SaUy L. Egloff 

Ann Marie Galloway 

Sara Gayle Godbee 

Laura Roberts Gottlieb 



Allison Yvonne Greene 
Kate Frances Herbert 
Elizabeth Fisher Hodge 
Kelly Michele Hoffman 
Margaret Arleen Hoogland 
Byron Todd Hooten etc 
Melissa Lyn Jackson 
Adrianne West Junius 
Gergana Kirilova Kostova 
Kluane Catherine LaBelle 
Jing Liu 

Karen Ann MacFherson 
Lauren Ashley Martino 
Megan Lynn McCarty 
Zachary Thomas Miller 
Josephine Powers Olson 
Mary Burke Patterson 
Michael Stuart Poston 
Anne Margaret Quick 
Katrina Ann Holton Righter 
Erin Clements Rushing 
Sarah Pontano Salnick 
Jo Ellen Sciremammano 
Melissa Claire Snyder 
Robert O. Steele 
Michael Lloyd Taylor 
Andrew Franklin Young 

Master of Life Sciences 

Christina Anne Blakie 
Jefieyjohn Cayer 
Shari-Ann Cayer 
Jill Deanne Cross 
Heather R. Curton 
John A. Gorrell 
Lori Medlin Howard 
Tinika Shushunna Jackson 
Barbara J, Lee 
Barbrajean Lehto 
Michael James Nuttall II 

Rachel Rose Oser 
Cameron James Peters 
KeUy Marie Rausch 
Wendy Kristine Riggs 
Hollyce Jane Schoepp 
Beth Ann SchuUer 
Calvin Christopher Smith 

Master of Music 

Jonathan Karl Eising 
Ronald Lee Hess 
Stephen Andrew Holmes 
Jesse WiUiam King 
Alvaro R. Rodriguez 
Michael Steven Sparrow, Jr. 
Nicole S. Stanleigh 
Loren Thomas Westbrook-Fritts 

Master of 
Public Health 

Erica Fay Chan 
Jennifer Ann Cohen 
Nasseem Amelia Rouhani 

Master of Public 

Lane C. Askew 
Michelle Ann Baker 
Daniel Joseph Emerine 
Joseph Emmet Gryder 
Cleofe Catacutan Lalimarmo 
Thomas Christopher Miante 
Jeffery Scot Qualey 
Cheryl K. Robertson 
Kathryn Rose Schulin 
Beverly George Sobcl 
George Philip Welzant 

Master of 
Public Policy 

Gil J. Avin 

Rana Danielle Dotson 

Kathryn Amanda Durant 

Kent Paul Laborde 

Lisa Mc Goldrick 

Scott Theodore Morrissey 

Richard Christian Naylor 

Rafael Nieto 

Yi Zhang 

Master of Science 

Aerospace Engineering 

Adam FarreU Beerman 
Timothy David Burchett 
Brandon Lamar Bush 
W. Ethan Eagle 
Sarah Jo Haack 
Paul Lwin 

Jeffrey Keenan Marquart 
Benjamin John Nickless 
Fernando Raffan Montoya 
Sean Howard Roark 
Russell Allen Roder 
Christopher J. Scott 
Daniel Senai-Alemou 
Benjamin Scott Silbaugh 
Jirapat Supamusdisukul 
Jose Efrain Valentin 
Benjamin King Sutton Woods 

Agricultural and Resource 

Hua Di 

Carolina M.imlall 
David Hake Herberich 
Beat Hintermann 
Chad Damon Lawley 

Animal Sciences 

Ashley Elaine Meece 

Applied Mathematics and 
Scientific Computation 

Namrata Uppal Cornick 
Ryan Bensussan Harvey 
Matthew Joseph HotBiian 
Thomas Harvey Lotze 
John Quah 
Poorani Subraiiianian 
Jun Wing 


Megan Elizabeth DeCesar 
Daniel Simon Jontof-Hutter 
Michael James Koss 
Yana Lyubomirova Radeva 
Stephen Ross Schwartz 

Atmospheric and 
Oceanic Science 

David Derieg Kuhl 
Edward Paul Nowottnick 


Geraldine Isabel Mijares 

Biological Resources 

Thomas Junior Grift'eth III 
Shaya Janishidi 


Ernest Rudolf Hixon 
Julian Jenkins 111 
Kristin Anne Kaercher 



Business and Management 

Maurice Afamefuna Anichebe 
Thomas Alexander Bland, Jr. 
Marian Arna Boadi 
Christine Olson CUfford 
Dieynaba Diallo 
Mariania C. Diallo 
Jo-Anne V. Gilbody 
Aniira Gouta 
Joy Jasmine Hodges 
Charles Ray Johnson 
Juliet Nakato Knitu 
Anuj Kiunar 
John Lee 
Mike Sang Lee 
Jason Thomas Leecost 
Marc Alan Lyman 
Robert Walter Marx 
PntiVinodrai Mehta 
Bessie H. Moy 
Hanh Dieu Nguyen 
Celestine Maria Porter 
Somrudee Rattanavadee 
Sherry Arshadi Rellan 
Theresa Ann Ridder 
Jennifer Denise Sarajian 
Maurice D. Senegal 
Angeha Marian Simmerman 
Aminata Soumare 
Jacqueline Del Carmen Tarrau 
C.Thawng Lian Thang 
Rebecca Jean Underbill 
Samuel C.Walker 
Mei PoYip 
Dimitar Zurlev 

Cell Biology and 
Molecular Genetics 

Jessica Joy Neeriemer 

Chemical Physics 

Ling Cai 

Ki Chun Kim 


James Joseph Creagan 
Christina Frances Hayden 
Yang Liu 
Charles Edward Luckett 

Civil Engineering 

Vishnu Charan Arcot 

Jef&ey Brian Blass 

Chiung-Wen Chou 

David F. Choy 

Zahira L. Cruz Perez 

Craig Vernon Hawkins 

Min Wook Kang 

Junaid Sultan Khan 

Woon Kim 

Aaron Takeo ChewYun Kozuki 

Doina Lorena Morar 

Ruizhi Pei 

Supida Piwkhow 

David Richard Scott 

Gustavo Angel Vecino 

Jesse Aloysius Walsh 

Coinputer Science 

Mudit Agrawal 

Saeed Alaei 

Rola Alameh 

Mujtaba Ali 

Adam C. Bender 

George Constantin Caragea 

Carlos D. Castillo 

Sorelle Alaina Friedler 

Hamid Haidarian Shahri 

Vladimir Kolovski 

Nir Jacob Peer 

Jagan Sankaranarayanan 

Gerardo Ignacio Simari 
Amy Lynn Sliva 
Charles Song 
Hyunyoung Song 
Yee Lin Tan 
Ananta Nath Tiwari 
Alexandros Tzannes 
Kenneth Weiss 

Electrical Engineering 

Rajat Ahuja 

Titilope Zaburat Alagun 

Mohammad A. Alhamarneh 

Mustafa llker Beyaz 

Rakesh Babu Bobba 

Michael Edward Bowen 

Athanasios Nicholas Chryssis 

Marc Peralte Dandin 

Sina Firouzabadi 

Ahmed Salah Ibrahim 

Hojin Kee 

Jusub Kim 

Franklin Ma 

Jonathan Adam McGee 

Lance Adams Mosher 

Kristopher Paul Nodianos 

Ejiofor Chidiebere Odo 

Pavlos Papageorgiou 

Sandeep Israel Paulraj 

Rakesh N. Reddy 

Nicolas Arnaud Emmanuel Rentz 

Colleen Jean Rutar 

John Robertson Rzasa 

Nimish Sane 

Karim Gomaa Seddik 

Kiran Kalkunte Seshadri 

Nathan Paul Siwak 

Peter Penney Soukup 

Gelareh Taban 

George John Tehs 

Abraham Thomas 
Zachary William Wilkes 
Binyam A.Yeshida 
Xinhui Zhou 

Fire Protection Engineering 

Matthew James Brookman 
Moriel Esther Kaplan 
Danielle Caryn Leikach 
Christopher Lee Mealy 
Nicholas Ryan Morton 
Brian David Rubeling 
Kevin Byron Spangler 
Gregory Allen Tabaka 

Food Science 

Karen Suzanne Silag^'i 


Adam T Mansur 

Marine, Estuarine and 
Environmental Sciences 

Aimee Racliel Borgatti 
Sean Kevin Cooney 
Annette Hall Elmore 
David Micheal Kidwell 
Antti Ilmari Koskclo 
Jessica Lynn Nelson 
Jennifer Ann O'Keefe 
William S. Rodney, Jr. 

Materials Science 
and Engineering 

Enrique Dario Cobas 
Adam Patrick McClure 
Bryan Jason West 

Mechanical Engineering 

Thomas Buchanan Baunimer 
Damien Carl Bretall 



Kiri Lee Feldman 

Rupal Jain 

Cara Sanderson Martin 

Jason James Smoker 

Nathan Andrew Vickey 



Natural Resource Sciences 

Shawna Joy Behling 
Kimberley EUen Mead 
Ping Xue 

Nuclear Engineering 
Travis Macaulay Albright 


Reem Saeed Al-Shamsi 

Calvin Honiayoon Shirazi 
Kehai Zhang 

Survey Methodology 

Kimberly Anne Henry 
Douglas Charles Williams, Jr. 

Sustainable Development and 
Conservation Biology 

Raimundo Espinoza 

Maria Raquel Flores Mendoza 

Tamar Norkin 

Heidi EUsabeth Ruffler 

Systems Engineering 

Bargava Raman Subramanian 
Jens Nguema Weisflog 


Niti Arora 

Wei-Chung Chang 

Juan Carlos Franco 

Ajay Goel 

Brock Harrison Goodwin 

Kaustubh Ganpatjagtap 

Liang Li 

Xuan Li 

Mayank Pande 

Deepti Suhas Patil 

Anoop Ranjan 

Mohammad Shayanullah Sharif 

Shivangi Indradeo Sharma 

Parag Pntam Thakore 

Veterinary Medical Sciences 

Senthilkuniar Palaniyandi 

Graduate Certificates 

Historic Preservation 

Aleithea Anne Williams 

Intelligence Analysis 

Erin Jessica McNerney 
Richard Christian Naylor 


Sanjeev Chauhan 

Kwan-yuet Ho 

Sergey Sergeyevich Kurennoy 

Nicholas Alexander Mecholsky 

Adrian Perez Galvan 

Manhew Lee Reames 

Michael Clay Scholten 

Mulyadi Tjoa 

Mark A. Zimmerman 


Heidi Mane Buder 

Reliability Engineering 

Sergio Anthony Briceno 
Kevin Anthony Coyne 
Wendy Doubles 
Benjamin Kane Earl 
Katrina M. Groth 
Christopher Stephen Jackson 
Shahrzad Salemi 



A.James Clark School 
of Engineering 

Bachelor of Science 

Aerospace Engineering 

Erin Nicole Marx 

2tid Degree: Mechanical 

Nathaniel Sanders, Jr. 

JarinVasant Shah 

Diana Trujillo 

JeffrN' De Jesus Urbina 

Biological Resources 

Jeffrey Hsieh 
Jane Hak Kim 
Khine Mee Lwin 

Chemical Engineering 

Stefanie Judith Cohen 
Anthony John Miller 

CivTl Engineering 

Abiola Omoruyi Adebanjo 
Krista Marie Baines 
Elyse Kerry Courtney 
Brett Michael Deane 
Thomas Daniel Firstbrook 
Herbert Betanga Fuller 
Stephen Daniel Ghent 
Lorena Gonzalez Michel 
Aron Katz 
Boakai Kollie 
Jordan Delbert Lair 
Conor John Lewellyn 
Gregon.' John Lucas 
Benjamin Abram Margohs 
LawTence Paul Mitres 
Cecilia Clare Newman 

Nikolas Thomas PakuUa 
Robert Andrew Peck 
Artem Petrossian 
Rosdome Gueri Sarkissian 
*Thonias Bernard Wild 

Computer Engineering 

John Spencer Beecher-Deighan 

Kenneth D. Beyerle 

Michael Nicholas Bukosky.Jr. 

"i"Chun H. Cheung 

Inaqui Raynaud Delgado 

John David Demme 

Anthony James DeStefano 

Gigi Le Dubasky 

Douglas Henry Gartner 

Robert Clague Graham 

Lei Guang 

Mark Ke%in Hall II 

Brian D'Angelo Hayes 

Mark James Hogan 

DaWd KeN^won Kang 

Daniel Woodrow Marsh 

Ryan Jeffrey Morton 

Bruno Muscolino 

Geoffrey Nilsen Ostrega 

Yogan M. Patel 

Kevin William Peel 

■jjohn Shiu 

Brian Joseph Thomas 

Lifeng Zhang 

Electrical Engineering 

Edgard J. Aspilcueta 
Kyaw Lin Aung 
Yared Ayele 
Afrouz A. Azari 
Amandeep Singh Bakshi 
Sanjay Bhat 

•Timothy Patrick Burke 
2nd Major: Mathemalics 

Pathros Omar Cardenas 

Julius Karl Chang 

William Behsio Chavez 

Harr\' Ben Chiu 

Matthew Scott Diehl 

Navid Fanaeian 

Zachan,' T. Fjeldheim 

Mingfei Ha 

Michael Ray Hsu 

Sebastian Kellinger Isaksen 

Mohamed Alhaji Kamara 

Pamit Kaur 

fHarneet Singh Khurana 

Janghyun Kim 

Scott Thomas Kubaryk 

Wilfredo George Lyons 

Mohammad Fahad Mahmood 

Nirmal Kantilal Mehta 

Prince Akwasi Mensah 

Evan Mark Merkel 

Quyen Vuong Ngo 

Folabi Gabriel Oladeinde 

Ihng Alice Pan 

Long Duy Pham 

Bonita Khlok Ramos 

Jeffrey Michael Smith 

Ersil M. Stewart 

Chi Shih Su 

Isidore Takougang 

fjerry Michael Thomas, Jr 

Karina Isabella Torres Vasquez 

Steve Tran 

David Tung 

Mohammed Adnan Walid 

Jonathan Mark West 

Girum Telila Worku 

Xiao Yang 

Josef LeConte Yeager 

Alec lianYu 

Fire Protection Engineering 

Meghan Beth Klein 

Andrew Stanislaw Laird 

Joshua Alec Lambert 

Thomas Lee Malone 

Derek Andrew Richard Murgatroyd 

Victor Luis Ontiveros 

Christopher Lawrence Thomas 

Shaun Keith Wrightson 

Materials Science 
and Engineering 

Abiodun Ayodele Osho 

Mechanical Engineering 

f Cyrus AbdoUahi 
•Dawn Mane Abell 
Mohamad Gabriel AfTandy 
Nuri Boran Altun 
Arthur Robert Anderson 
Kenneth Lawrence Anderson 
David Matthew Balban 
Michael Paul Bednarczyk 
Benjamin Paul Breakall 
Christopher Evan Colfack 
Alexis Kaleen Cox 
Andrew Benjamin Cushing 
Carl Richard Diaz 
Laert Dounis 
Shakib Enam 
Jeremy Thomas Fuchs 
JohnWiUiam Gerdes III 
Anthony Edward Giampapa 
Karen Ann Guralnick 
Christopher Russell Kaplan 
Da\dd Anthony Keder 
Joseph Patrick Kelleher 
f Cecilia Sunyong Kye 
Chang Hyun Lee 
Michael Ryan Leichman 
Blake Ashton Levy 

iirmiia aim Lnudc f Manila cum Latidc 

I Ljuiie 



Erin Nicole Marx 

2iid Degree: Aerospace Engineering 
Stephanie Danielle McLaren 
Michael William Mennucci 
Mark Douglas Milam 
Daniel Kwanho Min 
Timothy Lee Molyneaux.Jr. 
Mohamed A. Nafatni 
Elvis Nkwanui Nditafon 
Hung Quoc Nguyen 
Christianna Marie Ryon 
Matthew Ulric Smith 
Tim Dwire Smith 
Alexander Joseph Stein 
Br%son Morgan Stewart 
Matthew Wilson Strawbridge 
Juan Camilo Suarez 
Steven James Trombetta 
Daniel Patrick Tucker 
Christopher Tomas Walker 
Ryan Jonathan Walters 
Christopher Michael Warner 
Jordan Dwight Weaver 
Guo Fan Zhang 

College of Agriculture 
and Natural Resources 
Bachelor of Landscape 

John Anderson Bowen 
Christina Louise Bradley 
fCorinne Madden Lynch 
Ryan M. Smith 

Bachelor of Science 

Agricultural and 
Resource Economics 

Kelly Christine Hogan 
Brian Matthew Swiech 

Animal Sciences 

Christina Alexandra Button 
2nd Degree: German Language 
and Literature 

Catherine Nicole Gannon 

Criscina Marie Lauri 

fjessica Lynn Lewis 

Kate EUzabeth Lobue 

Katherine Mary Nimmich 

Sara Lynn Nyman 

Joshua C.Taylor 

Jessica Michelle Towle 


Melanie L. Canter 
Sofi Mizrachi Steiner 
Angeha Dawn Slayton 

Environmental Science 
and Policy 

Brian Michael Bovard 
Graham Tyler Jarrell 
Katherine Jane Kreysa 
Paul Jeffrey Mullen 
Christopher Jeflrey Weitz 

Food Science 

Sean Songuk Choi 
Steven Hong 

Natural Resource Sciences 

Jacob Caudell Ayers 
Young M. Choe 
Frank Joseph Duda 
Trevor McLean Garbow 
CHnton James Gill 
Jarrett Weber Grosskettler 
Courtney G. Quigley 
Timothy John Riismandel 
Lisa Ann Sinclair 
Susan Marie Sinclair 
Demetra Nicoletta Skaltsas 

Natural Resources 

James William Bressette 
Seth William-Dale Overbey 

Nutritional Science 

Chnstiii Maria Choi 
Ebrahim Rahnama 

College of Arts 
and Humanities 

Bachelor of Arts 

American Studies 

Hafeezah Ruth Abdullah 
2nd Major: Wbiiicn's Studies 

Luke Miller Allen 

Spencer Darman Allen 

Marissa Hope Antoon 

Joshua Allen Baynham 

*Nicholas Matthew Bocchino 
2nd Major: Art History 

Kimberly Marie Cauti 

Julia Margaret Grubman 

Torrey Aurora Guinn 

Charles Davis Hiland 

Alexia Jovanni Joseph 

Hal Maurice Kramer 

Jill Kristina Mueller 

Omar KhaHl Myers 

Sonya Ania Owens-Cobblah 

Ashley Ann Rytter 

Gadi Sadan 

Shaun Elizabeth Salmon 

Catherine J. Sirko 

Melda Dilek Siyam 

George Robert Thomas 

Michael Patrick Walsh 

Benjamin Aaron Wesley 

Sydney Bartlett Wilson 

Hanako Yokoyama 

Art History 

Tria Farrar Brooks 
Aimee Elizabeth Jarboe 

2nd Major: Studio Art 
Megan Cheryl Krefting 

2nd Degree: Marketing 
fLuisa L. e S. R.Valle 
Brittany Lauren Lesnik 
Lauren Elizabeth Morrell 
Vanessa Alexandra Neto Rebelo 
Geraldine Nyabhatende Ruttagah 
Alice Ostino Speck 
Melissa Anne Thomas 
Catherine Akiko Uchino 

2»(/ Degree: Biological Sciences 
Tiffany Danielle Walls 
Jermaine Endre Washington 

2ud Major: Studio Art 


Caithn Marie Hopping 
2nd Degree: Government 
and Politics 

Misoo Kim 

Samuel Woo Kim 

Gregory Steven Padilla 

Paul Tung 

Classical Languages 
and Literatures 

Rachel Jeanne Smith 
Aimee So 
Kyung H.Woo 


Ehzabeth Oluwatoyin Awosika 
Samuel Chaiin Balto 
Zachary Andrew Bcrtamini 
Tiffany Ting Chang 
Chang- Yung Chen 
Kaitlyn Reth Clookie 
Marie Elizabeth C'oleman 


§ Sitmmn (inn Limlc f -^^''.i;"'' n»» Lattdf * cum Lailde 


Kathr\Ti Mar\' Coiida 

Anna Elizabeth DeLuca 

liana Michelle Elfassi 

Keshia Elizabeth EUison-Olden 

Elizabeth Ashley Emen' 

K,ithr\-n Dene Goldbei^ 

; Stephanie Kate Haas 

Tara Shaun Hedges 

Erin N. Henderson 

Sarah Anne Holland 

Subira B. Issa 

Monica EUen Jackson 

Kristin Ann Kemp 

Sara Joanne Kenney 

Katherine Bowdren Kunkle 

■^.ii.t; Eun Lee 

Elizabeth Lorraine Lizama 

Marc Lizmi 

Shannon Kathleen McCarthy 

Elizabeth Maureen McKee 

Maria Robin Miller 

Jessica Louise Mohtor 

Sara T. Moon 

Marissa JuUe Moskowitz 

Matthew Ryan Newberry 

Natahe Nichols 

Courtney Ehzabeth OConnor 

Alina Marie Piacentino 

Dominic Piccirillo 

Tara Danielle Plain 

Syed M. Riz\'i 

2iid Major: Criminology and 
Criminal Justice 
.\ndres Fernando Roa 
>cott Newton Rogers 
^oheil Saeed 
■ latthew P. Sapurstein 
Jonathan Barr\- Shai\-itz 
Ritu Singh 
Andrew Ian Sitomer 
Olufijnlayo Olajimioke 

l%ichard Christopher Taylor 
Chrisnan Varner 
Nora KatlmTi Zeigenfuse 


Nicole Joelle Barton 
Tiffany Ferrell Blackman 
N'okoJuhe Feinman 
I "ancbce Amanda Johnson 

2nJ Degree: Spanish Language 

and Lilerature 
i<athleen Ahcia R\'an 
Nikki Jade Sena 
Laura E.Tucker 

English Language 
and Literature 

Brian McHale Ames 
Ava Nicole Anderson 
Amber Susan Bhatti 
Jessica Marie Billingsley 
Michael Alan Blair 
Lesslyjazmin Bran 
She^■aun Brannigan 
Colleen Leigh Brennan 
Courtney Michele Brooks 
Eileen Marshall Carey 
Jennifer Maribel Castaneda 
Rebecca Jennifer Coleman 

Megan J. E. Connolly 

2nd Major: Psychology 
Nicole Danielle Corse 

2nd Major: Sociohg)' 
Stephen Arthur Crockett, Jr. 
Gina S. Crosse 
Mar)- Dempsey 
Sarah Nicole Gifford 
Ashley Sade Gray 
Pamela Gw^ti Brock Griffith 
R^^an Joseph Haik 
Jordan .\rthur Harriman 
Sonia Maria Herrero 
Mar\' Beth Howard 
VilleVeikko Iso-Ahola 
Jesse James Jackson II 
Jennifer Paige Jones 
Mallor)' Wheadey Kaine 
Siobhan Megan Keenan 
Kyera L. Lamoureux 
fChristina Corazon Lutz 
Scott Aaron Mandell 
Tyler Allen Merchant 
Shane M. Metzbower 
Kathleen A Murray 
Rashida Sharifa Nedrick 
Robert James Ostrowski 
Noella A. Omuse 
Victor Salvador Panales.Jr. 
Benjamin Eh Prinkki 
Patricia Brooks Ready 
Thomas Michael Redmond, Jr. 
Shannon Christine Reed 
Santiago Arkadio Rodriguez 
Christina Lynn Royle 
Erika Salomon 
Nicole Adia Schmidt 
Alejandro Esteban Segaira Torres 
CandiceVirtoria Senior 
Nicholas Andrew Sinlock 
Brenna Elizabeth Skaar 

^•.imma atm Laude "f Sfagna aim Ltiude * cum Ljude 



Aaron C. Smith 
Jake William St. Arnold 
Shannon Marie Steiner 
Lauren Elizabeth Summers 
♦Alison Kay Syring 

2tiil Degree: History 
Dyanne Lim Tsai 
Vanessa Lorraine Wachira 
Jadntha Rence Wadlington 
Alissa Wcinraub 
Christopher Kyle Wheat 

2nd Major: Philosophy 
Angela Nicole Mane Williams 
Lori Lynn WUhams 
Rodney Rusan Gregory Wilson 

French Language 
and Literature 

Hejatu Kjmberly Bah 
Virginia Ann Cowherd 
f Aaron Eh Gaivin 

2nd Degree: Anthropology 
James Carter Glascock III 

2nd Major: EngUsh Language 

and Literature 
Kristen Valerie Gunderson 

2nd Degree: Journalism 
Katherine Elizabeth Hart 

2nd Degree: Mathematics 
•fOhvia Grace Kelly 
Tracie Lopez 

2nd Degree: Accounting 
SElizabeth Taymans Malouf 

2nd Degree: Government 

and Politics 
Mary Kathleen Markelonis 

2nd Degree: Italian Language 

and Literature 
Rachel Lauren Novak 
Benjamin Jesse Re Walt 

German Language 
and Literature 

Christina Alexandra Button 
2nd Degree: Animal Sciences 

Sabine Maria Eubanks 

fKurt Jonathan Pfund 
2nd Degree: Philosophy 

Reza M. Rahimi 


Shannon Jean Bort 

Alec Bradley 

Jeremy Laurence Bum 

Haider Hasan Burncy 

Ceciha Young Hae Cho 

2nd Degree: Secondary Education- 
Social Studies 

Bryan David Clark 

2nd Degree: Secondary Education- 
Social Studies 

Dana M. Cotter 

Marcela Diaz Bacci 

David Warren Eddings 

Kathryn Park Feldniann 

Carohne Frances Guthrie 

Trevor Hardy 

2nd Degree: Government 
and Politics 

Andres Jose Heiney-Gonzalez 

Christopher K. Hoist 

Skye Alexis Isaac 

"fZsuzsanna Jeney 

2nd Degree :Anth ropology 

Christopher Evan Kelly 

Stacey Ray Lancaster 

Paola Blanca Luisi 

2nd Degree: Economics 

Shaina Marie Mattel 

Gregory Seth McCracken 

Allison Maria McFadden 

Sarah Carlcy McNair 

Christopher Thomas Edward Myers 
Nadia Ann Nimley 
Emily Claire O'Connor 

2nd Degree: Music- 
Professional Program 
Sarah Maria Oliveros 
Asta B. Ottey 
Melissa Heather Paris 
Richard Kim Park 

2nd Degree: Criminology and 

Criminal Justice 
Tanu Jeffrey Pongsiri 

2nd Major: Economics 
Eric Domingo Rodriguez 
Paul Rodriguez 
Alex Gabriel Santiago 
Scott Michael Schimmel 
Michael Francis Schultz 

2nd Degree: Government 

and Politics 
sAdam Levington Spiers 

2nd Degree: Economics 
Rene' Ann Spitz 
Lauren Nancy Strempek 
Sean Brian Sullivan 

♦Alison Kay Syring 

2nd Degree: English Language 

and Literature 
Michael Paul Taylor 
lessica Lynne Tyler 
Daniel Jacob Vaeth-Levin 
James Gary Wagoner 
Karla Rochelle Wells 
Douglas WWestfall, Jr. 
Joseph Michael Wheeler 
David Brian Wilson 
Mehssa Renee Wright 

Italian Language 
and Literature 

Mary Kathleen Markelonis 
2nd Degree: French Language 
and Literature 

Lauren V. Mart 

2nd Degree: Aiuhropology 


Nicholas Joel Ganig 
Rachael C. Marr 


$ Summa turn Litiilf t '"^ta^tid aim [Miidv * cum Ijitidc 


Katliryn Mane Phillips 

2iid Degree: Finance 
Sarah Ann Schulnian 

2nd Degree: Sp>iiniili Lunguagc 

and Literature 
Danielle Anne Skears 
Lauren Renee Sniich 

Jewish Studies 

Daniela Alpert 

Emily Heather Villarruel 


Nadim Gijsbert van de Fliert 

2nd Degree: Spanish Liinguagc 

and Literature 
Roshni Caputo-Ninibark 
Jyh-In Luc 

2nd Major: Japanese 
Joseph Michael Mencarini 
Gabriel Erik Modderman 
Edward Peltosalo 
Nicholas Dean Prisak 
Rachael Rebecca Richardson 

2nd Degree: Computer Science 


James Cameron Abell 
"Adam WiUiam Braskich 

2nd Degree: Criminology and 

Criminal Justice 
Caidin Ann Chamberlain 
German Henrique Diaz 
Matthew Robert Karns 
Patrick Brian Kelley 
Nathaniel Preston Miller 
Michael J. Parker 
fKurt Jonathan Phind 

2nd Degree: German Language 

and Literature 

Dane N. Plude 

2nd Major: English Language 

and Literature 
Robert John Rovetto 
Matthew Isaac Saltzman 
§Adi Shaked 

2nd Degree: Psychology 

2nd Major: Linguistics 
Sara Angela Walton 

Roinance Languages 

Karlyvette Acevedo 
Leslie Marie Palermo 

Russian Language 
and Literature 

Massimiliano Ferrucci 
2nd Degree: Physics 

Spanish Language 
and Literature 

Nadim Gijsbert van de Fliert 

2ihi Degree: Linguistics 
Jacquelyn Alicia Alvarez 
David Anthony Carter 
Catherine Antonene Clarke 

2nd Degree: Got'ernnieiit 

and Politics 
Jayme Melissa Hux 
Candace Amanda Johnson 

2nd Degree: Dance 
Kristen Kostecky 
Sarah Ann Schulman 

2nd Degree: Japanese 
Katherine Elizabeth Spivey 

Studio Art 

Olga Vadymovna Berkout 
2nd Degree: Psychology 
Dana CocchiareUa 
Justin Robert Costantino 

Alton Daniel Cox 
fGrace Ehzabeth Duke 
Nahla Moustafa Elsayed 

2nd Degree: Marheting 
Michael Jeflery Falini 
fNina Maria Fontana 

2nd Degree: Anthropology 
Sarah Jean Frazier 
Johanna Wendeline Godefroy 
Cornell Lionel Gray 
JuUus Craig Johnson 
Margo Samantha Konikoff 
Sarah Margrit Marston 

2nd Degree: Journalism 
Jonivan Austin McMahon 

2iid Degree: Criminology and 

Criminal Justice 
Brandon David Mise 
Ashley Elizabeth Newby 
Christine Ngoc Diep Nguyen 
Jessica Margaret Peter 
Luciano Emilio Rjgato 
Besnik Ruka 

2nd Major: Art History 
Andrew William Schlaffer 
Aaron Michael Spindler 
Ashley Jane Staley 
*Robin Lynne Taylor 
Lindsey Denise Vance 

2nd Degree: Psychology 
Andrew Sean Watts 
Adam Stanley Yu 


Michelle Marie Blackmon 
Walter David Johnson Desder 

2nd Degree: Computer Science 
Diana Chirui Ho 
Dali Livne 

'Josephine Elizabeth Wilson 
2nd Major: English Language 
and Literature 

Women's Studies 

Sara Robinson Hussein Aniin 
Mehrnoush Karimian 
fErin Elizabeth Reddy 
Sarah Louise Sample 
Hiriry- Shimellis 

2nd Degree: Biological Sciences 

Bachelor of Music 

Music-Professional Program 

§Lindsay Danielle Buffington 
Shinae Choi 

Franklin Arthur Crawford 
Kevin Joseph Lutz 
Emily Claire O'Connor 
2nd Degree: History 

Bachelor of Music Education 

Joseph Carniel Dacey 
Daniel Edward Doggett 
Elyse Anne Evans 
Dorothy Setsuko Hollingshead 
Benjamin John Kepler 
Michael Todd Martin 

College of Behavioral 
and Social Sciences 

Bachelor of Arts 

African American Studies 

Thomas Cicero Alford 

2nd Degree: Family Studies 
Chimenem Chima Amadi 
Keith LarneU Gatlin 
BikoAbiola Kujifijr. 
Jeanne Marie Long 

5 Sttmma aim Lijtiilc f XLi^na ctini LlKilc * cum Laitdc 



Charles Adrian Lucas 
Justin Wesley Richardson 
Mohamed Basiru Olawol Savage 
Marshal Farrcll Washington 
Denise Marcia Amanda Wilson 


Anbreen Anjunian Baig 

2iid Dej^ree: CrimmoloiiY and 

Criminal justice 
Carli Rae Bernal 
Andrea Graciela Calderon 
•fNina Maria Fontana 

2nd Degree: Studio An 
f Aaron Eli Galvin 

2nd Degree: French Language 

and Literature 
Minna Hsu 
•[•Zsuzsanna Jeney 

2nd Degree: History 
Samuel Lee 
Lauren V. Marr 

2nd Degree: Italian Language 

and Literature 
Michael William Massino.Jr. 
Alexandra D. Oleinik 
Mark James Paape 
Matthew Connor Reilly 

2nd Major: American Studies 
Ann Elizabeth Soley 
Jeremy Carson Weiss 

Criminology and 
Criminal Justice 

Jamal Walid Denise Abu-Laban 
Cathrine Lindsay Amara 
Angela Patricia Araujo 
Anbreen Anjuman Baig 

2nd Degree: Anthropology 
Samuel Joseph Birk 

2nd Degree: Psychology 

*Adam William Braskich 
2nd Degree: Philosophy 
Trinity Elise Brennan 
Jennifer Lynn Brown 
Robert Dabney Browning 
Larry DonneU Bryant 
Alison Andrea Caballero 
Raymond Charles Callow 
Oscar R. Cerna 
Ryan Michael Clarke 
Krystal Lynn Cosmen 
Joshua B. Diesner 
Daniel T, DiCicco 
Carla Andrea Donahue 
Michael Thomas Dowhng 
^Rachel Elaine Elias 
Keith Lisle Estes.Jr. 
Paul Joseph Feeley 111 
Sandra A. Fernandes 
L^ominique Nicole Footes 

2nd Major: Sociology 
Blair Thomas Forte 
WiUiam Lafayette Foust IV 
Isaiah Jahi Gardner 
EUzabeth Ann Goldman 
Gabrielle Anna Fairbanks Goulet 
David Edward Gradin 
Stephen James Green 
John Frederick Grochowski 
Lauren Taylor Grover 
Karen Josefina Guevara 
Michael Joseph Haines 
Timothy Donald Harley II 

2nd Degree: Sociology 
Aleza Beth Hartman 

2nd Major: Sociology 
Kimberly Michelle Hawkes 
Jonathan Edward Henderson 
Daniel Gideon HofBiian 
Li-Ming Luke Hsu 

2nd Major: Japanese 

Martine Ingabire 
Brett Douglas Jackson 
Desmond Craig Johnson 
Lynnae DeAnna Johnson 
Brianna Jeanne Kayton 
Christopher Sassan Kiani 
Steven Benjamin Klein 
Christopher Seth Laydon 
Chac Ho Lee 
Jm H. Lee 
Timothy S. Lee 
Eh Hwa Leong 
Kristina EUzabeth Loveless 
Michael Joseph Lo\-eless,Jr. 

2nd Major: Spanish Language 

and Literature 
Windy R. Majer 
Monique Michelle McBride 
Brendan James McDermond 
Michael Stephen McEntegart 

2nd Major: Psychology 
lonivan Austin McMahoii 

2nd Degree: Studio Art 
Jason Randolph Mead 
Mehssa Ashley Meeks 
Daniel Paul MeMn 
Ernest Nana Siaw Apau Mensah 
Brian Daniel Mezick 
BelHnda E. Monge 
Tara Dahae Moon 

2nd Degree: Government 

and Politics 
Jessica Ehzabeth Nasser 
Ivain Zacharie Ngue 
jason William North 
Brian Francis Luther O'Connor 
Oluwatosin Omolabake Ojo 
Jillyanne J. Ottey 
Susan Paek 
Richard Kim Park 

2nd Degree: History 

Jonathan Matthew Parker 
Katrina Ann Pctrovich 
Hong Phuc Trail Pham 
Tyler Pearson Price 
Danilo Jose Quintanilla 
Sean Wesley R ahold 
Martha Selby Raver 
Paul-Alexandre Taylor Rischard 

2nd Major: Communication 
Derrick J. Roos 
Trevor Rose 
Arian Rostami 
Matthew Charles Rout 
Kristofer Domenick Running 
Stephen Carlton Sachariah 
Lauren Elizabeth Sanders 
Shua Shah 

*Kevin Michael Smith 
Tyrone Smith, Jr. 
Brian Alan Tanner 
Lordana Dorraine Thompson 
Sharif E.UUah 
Alissa May Vera 
Shawn Dustin Wagner 
PhiUip Timothy Wakefield 
Angela Shiao-Lang Wang 
Everett Anthony Waters 
Talia Shoshana Weinberg 
Everett Jamall Williams 

2nd Major: Sociology 
Kristopher Kevin Wilt 
Mary Katherine Wittig 

2nd Major: Psychology 
Fang Fang Xu 
Da\id Yacob 
Shanna C.Yi 

2nd Major: Psychology 
Russell Robert ZiebcU 


§ Siimnui dim ImiuIc t Ma^m atm Laude * atm hniilt- 



Andres Eduardo Abello 

2iid Major: Spanish Language 

and Literature 
David Brian Adeknan 
Jorge Alberto Aguilera 
Khalid Bila) Ahmad 
Patrick Michael Bailey 
Jonathan Charles Baker 
Yoav Banai 

Lissonia Natalie Barbosa Paquete 
Jerome Edem Bell 
William Robert Berard 
Shaun Karl Betton 
jShawn Michael BLxby 
Kishelle Renee Blaize 
Genoveva Abena Boama 
Rosalynn AdeUe Bourgeois 
Emily Diane Buckland 
Jacob Allen Hurley 
Carolina Del Carmen 

Erika Lmet Cabrera 
KeUy Lee Campion 

2nd Major: Criminology and 

Criminal Justice 
Brian Kim Chase 
Gar\- Y. Chiang 
Damian J. Clar 
Michael E CoUins 
Andrew Robert Coxen 
Walter Nicholas Cunningham 
Laura Kay Dannemiller 
Earle Stewart Dashiell III 
Christopher Lee De Almeida 
Juan Andres De La Cruz III 
Luis Alberto Di Negro 

2nd Degree: Got'ernmcnr 

and Politics 
James Ernest Edwards III 

2nd .\Liior: Matliemalics 

David Patrick Evans 
Samuel Eyob 

Patrick Adetokunbo Fagbola 
Keith Darren Matthew Falcao 

2nd Major: Government 

and Politics 
James Tien Fang 
Bolade Olubunmi Gbadebo 

2nd Major: Criminology and 

Criminal Justice 
Guneet Gill 
Adam An Goldstein 

2nd Major: Criminology and 

Criminal Justice 
Steven Michael Grella 
Joseph Terence Griffin 
Joseph Michael Haynos 
•Nicholas Caleb Henderson 
Catherine Helen MiRan Herzog 
Baining Hu 

2nd Degree: Computer Science 
Anthony Christopher Hubbard 
Ugomia R. Ibebuchi 

2nd Degree: Government 

and Politics 
Uhimwen Robert Imohe 
Darian Indig 
Naisham Jamshidi 
Brendan Scott Janet 
Jeffrey Leonard Jenkins 
Diane Kapinga Kalonji 
John Kim 
Sheku Konneh 
Michael S. Korin 
Alan Meichung Lau 
Stephanie A. Lawrence 

2nd Degree: Mathematics 
Grace Lee 
Evan Gene List 

2nd Major: History 
Douglas Ryan Logue 

Paola Blanca Luisi 

2nd Degree: History 
Michael Douglas Maile 

2nd Major: Criminology and 

Criminal Justice 
Qasim Mehdi Malik 
Gerson Wilfredo Martinez 
Justin Eric Mayo 
Rachel Erin McGaughey 

2nd Major: Government 

and Politics 
Adam T. McGee 
Jonathan Thomas Mechak 

2nd Degree: Psychology 
♦Kathleen Lynn Miller 
Amin Mohammad Sadeghy 
Vikas Mohindra 
Barati Angel Mokokong 
Casey Jay Morris 
Mujobu Moyo 
Vu Hoang Nguyen 
Aurelie Anne Noirez 

2nd Major: Spanish Language 

and Literature 
Pauhna Nusino\'ich 

2nd Major: Russian Language 

and Literature 
Ian Matthew O'Dett 
Erin Marie Pare' 
Gaurang K. Patel 
Verenice Paucar 
Jaya Rao 

Joshua Lee Robinson 
XimenaV. Rojas Zarate 

2nd Major: Spanish Lcviguage 

and Literature 
Christian Musanganya Rwakazina 
Sergei Rylkov 
Sami Hassen Said 
Austin Cyril Sanders 
Christina Dolores Santiago 

Sean O'Brien Sinclair 
Aditya Singh 
Ilia A. Soloviov 
Michael Robert Soong 
sAdam Levington Spiers 

2nd Degree: History 
Christopher Michael Stavely 
Adewole Adeolu Sunnionu 
Sabir Ali Syed 
Jonathan Dat Thanh 

2nd Major: Criminology and 

Criminal Justice 
Jason Michael Thomas 
Brennan Dean Hatcher Tolstoi 
Amel Toukabri 
Nghia Tuan Tran 
James Hilary Tubman 
Angelica RamonaVeras 
Alex Michael Viehmann 
Ryan James Walderman 
Denny L.Ward 
Ryan Jerome Washington 
Jenel Aisha Williams 
Stephen Michael Williams 
Bradford Hunter Wray 
Scott Jaenam Yoo 
Catherine SiUn Zeng 
Nan Zhou 

Government and Politics 

Joseph J. Azzarello 
Adam Scott Bedzow 
Derek Ronald Bolden 
David Andrew Brunner 
Daniel Edward Burlas 
Salvatore J. Cardile 
Catherine Antonene Clarke 

2nd Degree: Spanish Language 

and Literature 
Andrew Douglas Crunimey 

2nd Degree: Geography 

SiimfMij iKjn Liiuilc "j" Mai^nii cum Ltitide * {um Lattilf 



Kacarina Csomova 

2nd Major: Economics 
Thomas J. Curtin 
Java Suneja Das 
Aja Marie Del Gaudio 
William Robert DeFrancis 
Luis Alberto Di Negro 

2nd Degree: Economics 
Jonathan Harris Feinberg 
•Sharlene Anne Ferguson 

2nd Major: Criminology and 

Criminal Justice 
Tanya Leigh Flores 
•Andres Garcia Aravena 
Harerta Ghebrai 

2nd Major: Japanese 
Kristen Leigh Gustavson 

2nd Major: Criminology and 

Criminal Justice 
Kimberley Ann Siobhan Hall 
Trevor Hardy 

2nd Degree: History 
Mala Hertz 
Caitlin Marie Hopping 

2nd Degree: Chinese 
Jonathan Brian Hutt 
Ugonna R. Ibebuchi 

2nd Degree: Economics 
Scott Joshua Jaffa 
"tjennifer A. Joseph 
JuUe B. Kim 
Scott James Lawson 
Kirby Allison Lucas 
Rachel Davidson Ludwig 
SElizabeth Taymans Malouf 

2tid Degree: French Language 

and Literature 
Jason Benjamin Manger 
Dinellic LaToya Mascoll 

2nd Degree: Sociology 
J. Burke Miller 

Tara Dahae Moon 

2nd Degree: Criminology and 

Criminal Justice 
Rachel Catherine Moore 
Eniola Okubanjo 
Eboni Nicole Pearson 
Meghan Denise Pennington 

2nd Major: Philosophy 
♦Elan Sam Raffel 
Paola Solange Roos 

2nd Major: Spanish Language 

and Literature 
f Krishna Lynn Rosinsky 
Matthew Rothstein 
Michael Francis Schultz 

2nd Degree: History 
•Austin Kendall Stack 
David Tansey 
Joshua Mateo Troncoso 

2nd Major: Economics 
Davina Tsao 

2nd Degree: Finance 
Ibrahim Uyar 
Karla R.Vayanis 

2nd Major: Economics 
•Sarah Jane Weiner 
Mandana Yousefi 

2nd Major: Criminology and 

Criminal Justice 

Hearing and Speech Sciences 

Allison Adair Adams 
Ishraq Abdullah Alkibsi 
Hassanat Brunah 
sRachael Alison Caruso 
McKenzie Lea Daniel 
Pnyajayant Desai 
Michele Rena Dobiecki 
Christina Lace Ellison 
Melissa Anne Ganginis 
Kimberly Elizabeth Healey 
■fAdrienne Veronica Johnson 

•Ashley Michelle Orkm 
Stella Pelekanos 
Geoffrey Alan Sherren 
Lydia Eve Shultz 
Robin Natalie Weber 
Ting Wei 


Lucy Mane Aranguren 
Kathryn Mane BattisteUo 
Olga Vadymovna Berkout 

2nd Degree: Studio Art 
Juhe Anne Bright 
Lauren Marie Brown 
Margarita A. Chukhina 

2iid Major: Italian Dviguage 

and Literature 
Emily Evans Clouse 
•Basma S. Fayyad 
Sarah Bradley Anne Foster 
Simon Barak Guggenheim 
Joshua Leonard Harshman 
Katrina Waiying Hsen 

2nd Major: Critninology and 

Criminal Justice 
Tiffany Ru-Shuan Huang 

2nd Major: Communication 
Susanna Maria Jabine 

2nd Major: Family Studies 
Jennifer Ellen Jeff'ery 
f Shana R. Kasdan 
•Elisabeth Claire Kassan 
Anna Kim 
Amber Noel Kuh 
•Jennifer Robin Kulik 

2nd Major: Criminology and 

Criminal Justice 
Ji Eun Lee 

Rachel Nicole Middleton 
Alireza Nasserghodsi 
Alissa Ilyinichna Ouspenskaia 
Sean Patrick Roberts 

Daniel Kaspar Rosskamp 
Patricia Ann Tan Talavera 
Lindsey Denise Vance 

2nd Degree: Studio Art 
Stephanie Leigh White 
Whitney Laura Wides 

2nd Major: Criminology and 

Criminal Justice 
'jjessica Lynn Zdatny 


Stephanie Michelle Arnold 
Angela Kay Bettis 
Andrew Robert Caporaso 
Vanessa J. Carbajal 
Andrew Nicholas Dunlap 
Evgueni Gavrilov 
Etienne L. Hanopole 
Timothy Donald Harley II 

2nd Degree: Criminology and 

Criminal Justice 
Christopher Jerome Hayes 
Jarret Shannon Jeffery 

2nd Major: Psychology 
Stacey Lavora Jennings 
Eugene Oliver Kim 
Briana Suzanne Lefinan 
Lauren Ellen Mahaney 
Cheryl Danielle Martin 
Kristen Ashley Martin 
LlmeUie LaToya Mascoll 

2nd Degree: Government 

and Politics 
Shelby Nicole Mays 
Melanic Shcrrie McKay 
Melissa-Ann Metzger 

2nd Major: Cyiminology and 

Criminal Justice 
Asma Maryam Mohseni 
Melissa Ethel Murray 
Teryn Leeann Papp 
R.mak Shashikaiit Patcl 


§ Sliniin>i inin hiiiiti' f A/(7i.'»(j mm Ltiitiie * cum l^iudt' 


Kara Lee Savory 
Sophia Chanel Stoute 
Katherine Marie Sturtevant 
Charlotte Lorraine Tubman 
*Luciana Perham Villela 

Bachelor of Science 

Environmental Science 
and Policy 

Jason Adam Hess 

Mary LeeAnn King 

Monica Leigh Pearce 

Braxton Robert Richardson IV 

Jamie Diana Rowe 

Adam Garrett Schwartz 


Elizabeth Ciistodio Bowen,' 

2ii(l Degree: Comimiiiiiy Health 
David Zachary Cearfoss 
Nathan Francis Conway 
Andrew Douglas Cruinmey 

2iiii Degree: Goreriiiiieiil 

and Polilics 
George Johnathan Dizelos 
Clare Anina Erslev 
Robert William Gaines 
Robert Piotr Galecki 
Paul Michael Gionis 
Erica Lea Hafer 
Michael Patrick Larsen 
Justin Kevin Maynard 
Sean Timothy O'Donnell 
Alice Quintana 
Fernando Andres Ramirez 
Samuel Archer Snellings 

2iui Major: Gcvertiiiicin 

ami Politics 
Darien Donva Watkins 


Samuel Joseph Birk 

2nd Degree: Criiitiiiology and 

Criminal Jiistiee 
Mark Allan Cabellon 

2nd Major: Criminology and 

Criminal Justice 
Gary Marvin DeVor III 
Sanaz Sony Faradj-Bakht 
Kelly Maureen Hardy 
Jungeun Hong 
Divya Jalota 
Eva Lynn Kwong 
fChristina Mane Matthews 
Jonathan Thomas Mechak 

2nd Degree: Economics 
Erez Minka 
Diana Cynthia Pleener 
James Byron Rodgers 
tjEliana Rachel Rosenblatt 
■(Joshua Michael Schwarzbauni 
sAdi Shaked 

2nd Degree: Pliilosophy 
Joseph Harvey Wakenian-Linn 
Megan Renee Wareham 

College of Chemical 
and Life Sciences 

Bachelor of Science 


Rishi Kumar 
Tram Bao Nguyen 
Matthew Franklin Nicholson 
Vaidehi D. Sheth 
Louis Jared Siege! 
Omar Sillah 

2tid Major: Economics 

Biological Sciences 

Dilenc P. Adams 
Yomna Ateefy 

Samantha Nell Ferree Ahmed 
AkinBola Adewole Ajayi-Obe 
Oluropo Fadeke Ajibulu 
Robert Tillman Alford, Jr. 
Ashlei Nichelle Alston 
Andrew Pena Andrada 
Roxanne V. Aniceto 
Emma Marie Barrios 
Samantha Bauchiero 
Farah Mona Bekdash 
Gbessay K. Bockai 
Tahrra Elke Uri Bonaga 
Jessica Hui Boualavong 
Amy Butani 
Nicole Choe 
Bao Hien Ngoc Chu 
.^Kristine Tiffany Chu 
William Joseph Cooke 
Robert Joseph Covert 
Kimberly Ann Daut 
Joseph Ryan Manzo Delfin 
Maria Elena Diaz 
*Cindy Ding 
Sarah Jessamine Dixon 
Shakia Danielle Dorsey 
Linda Nonye Eligwe 
Heba Ali Farag 
Sophia Feikert 
David Adam Freed 
Michael Carey Galantino 
Jennifer Shana Ginsberg 
Gwendolyn M. Gisiner 
Joe A. Gonga 
Kalpana Gopalswamy 

2iid Major: Spanish Lungnage 

and Literature 
Vikash Gupta 
David Michael Haberman 

Arash Hassantoufighi 
Jessica Elizabeth Hazelton 
Farid Hedayati 
Katie L. Heiser 
James Emmett Henry 
Parsa Hosseini 
Nicholas Michel Houde 
Chisom P. Ibebuchi 
Dylan Thomas Irion 
Jan Alberto Kaczmarczyk 
Jacob Morgan Kames 
Leanna Mee Kelly 
Sraddha Khanal 
Rama Tony Khoury 
Andrew S. Kim 
Rena Kim 

Susana Yvonne Korolevich 
Iclal Hilal Koyuncu 
AnishaVijay Kunnath 
Jonathan Peiyu Kuo 
Anna My Le 
Kang Hoon Lee 
Jeffrey Li 
Rui Ma 

2nd Degree: Finance 
Gabriel Ryan Mankovich 

2iid Degree: Computer Science 
Bruce Lynn Martin. Jr. 
Ma.xine Amber Norcross 
Christos Ntanas 
Sung Hwan O 
Adekunle Raheem Oki.Jr. 
Mikhail Panyutin 

2nd Degree: Finance 
Rashmin Navinchandra Patel 
Olga Eva Peterfalvy 
Hau Ho Phan 
Kelsey Elaine Phelps 
Yuval Pinto 
Janaki Purushe 
Alexander Kavon Rahimi 

? Stmima {itin Lattde f .Yiii^iiij aim Latide 

I Ijiitdc 



Roshan Nilantha Randeniya 
Alberth Rodriguez 
Benjamin Alfred Salah 
Ganiyat Aderinola Salami 
Ayobaniidele S. Salimoii 
Elizabeth Santos 
Kimberly Renee Satterfield 
Ryan Bausch Schmidt 
Lydia Seifii 
Hirity Shimellis 

2nd Degree: Women 's Studies 
Jenny C. Shinn 
Taha Dina Shnider 
Minhee Song 
Nirali D. Soni 
Sherri-Ann Mary Stewart 
Tanzi Zh Strafford 
Eric Alan Swett 
Farhan Ali Syed 
Sangnyui Tani 
Amber Jean Tietgens 

2nd Major: Dance 
Vy Bao Tran 

Theresa Twumasi-Ankrah 
Catherine Akiko Uchino 

2iid Degree: An History 
Angela Darlcnc Williams 
Glendon S. Wu 
Bonn (Cassie) Zhang 


' A. Aghamolla 

Fharzana Inian 

Bettina E. B.Jensen 

I )aniel Lup Fu Moy Lew 

Thii Lan Thi I.uong 

Christopher Garland Roberts 

•Fanny Widjaja 

Stephen Anthony Wieroniey 

Environmental Science 
and Policy 

Robert Kris Burnett. Jr. 

Aiko Shimizu 

Nicholas Paul Van Gorden 


OLuiinieji Oluwadare Abegunrm 

College of Computer, 
Mathematical and 
Physical Sciences 

Bachelor of Science 


Noam Solomon Reisner 
2nd Major: Physics 

Computer Science 

Jung Ho Bae 
David Jonathan Blau 
Steven Gregory Biibcrl 
Guang^'u Guy Cao 
Robert Steven Caudill.Jr. 
Veysel Cetiner 
Jin Woong Chun 
Walter David Johnson Desrier 

2nd Degree: IJieatre 
Carolyn Gail Eby 
Adesh Pramod Francis 
Daniel Freedman 
Scott Edward Gearhart 
Lawrence John Gilliam 
Kenneth Eugene Grauel 
Tiffany Delia Gray 
Alexander Nelson Gretsinger 
Bernard Edward Hackett III 
Joon S. Hong 
Steven Andrew Horvitz 

Baining Hu 

2nd Degree: Economics 

2nd Major: Mathematics 
Tilak Joshi 

2nd Degree: Finance 
Patrick J. Kessler 
Gregory Kenneth Kraft 

2nd Major: Anthropohtgy 
Anthony Michael Lazzaro 
Dave Kumar Malhotra 
Gabriel Ryan Mankovich 

2nd Degree: Biological Sciences 
Fan Meng 

Minh Thanh Nguyen 
Andrew Timothy Parrish 

2nd Degree: Mathematics 
Amer Jameel Ramamni 
Jacob Barrett Reed 
Rachael Rebecca Richardson 

2iid Degree: Linguistics 
Daniel Leon Slaughter 
Raymond Ndiebnso Takor 
Timophey E. Zaitsev 

Environmental Science 
and Policy 

Christine Horngjeii Liu 


Peter Damian Streker 
2iid Major: Secondary 
Education- Science 


Stephanie Christina Baynes 
John Robert Bressler 

2iid Major: Computer Science 
Marie Chau 

2nd Degree: Einauce 
Stuart Adam Fox 

Katherine Elizabeth Hart 

2nd Degree: French Language 

and Literature 
Christopher Bryan Hurst 
Wendy Alicia Kelley 
Hyo-Kyoung Kim 
Joon Sung Kim 
Ryan Monroe Kitts 
Jeremy Tarun Kraeuter 
Stephanie A. Lawrence 

2nd Degree: Economics 
William Lee 

2nd Major: Economics 
MingYan Lui 
Cory Mass 

Aagosh Narain Mathur 
Erika Oshiro 

2nd Major: Philosopliy 
Priti Pamnani 
Andrew Timothy Parrish 

2nd Degree: Computer Science 
Elon Reed Plotkin 
Justin Michael Serota 
Mya Jo Thaxton 
Erik Twombly 
§Sara Kathryn Wade 

2nd Major: Economics 
Mary Ann Wall 

Physical Sciences 

Peter Igoche Agada 

Ato Aidoo 

Osaze Inyeseh Ihator 

Anish Khatri 

Julia M. Lawless 

Jeanette Antonieta Paucar 

David Pierce Slnitak 


§ Sunmtd funi Laitdc f Marina atm l^wdf * awi Latiiie 



Elliott Carson Bradshaw 
Christina Marie Ferrari 
Massiniiliano Ferrucci 

2nd Degree: Russian Language 

and Literature 
Son T. Nguyen 
Jacqueline Mane Owens 
Eshwar Pooran 
Ryan Richard Van Fleet 
Matthew Michael Vanderhoof 
Jessica Rae Walters 

College of Education 

Bachelor of Arts 

Secondary Education- 
English Language Arts 

Michael Aron Monke 

2ud Major: English Language 

and Literature 
Rebecca Helene Semiatin 

2nd Major: English Language 

and Literature 

Secondary Education- 
Theatre and English 

Charles Edward Abel 

Secondary Education- 
Social Studies 

Timothy Damian Auth 

2nd Major: History 
Cecilia Young Hae Cho 

2nd Degree: History 
Bryan David Clark 

2nd Degree: History 
James Francis Gormley 

2nd Major: History 

Bachelor of Science 

Early Childhood Education 

Alexandra Miriam Marzouka 
2nd Degree: Family Studies 

Elementary Education 
Elizabeth Rosander Babcock 
Charlene Alan Caldwell 
Laura Marie Coddington 
Jamie Mane Ferguson 
Bonnie Ann Gallion 
Jennifer Marie Lawson 

2nd Degree: Family Studies 
Heather Mady Palmieri 
Lauren Elizabeth Seeley 
Angela Caro Tiernan 
Monica RaquelVasquez 

Philip Merrill College 
of Journalism 

Bachelor of Arts 


Ben Aaron Block 
Max Jonathan Brodsky 
ElanaTali Brownstein 
jRaquel Adonia Christie 
Christina Michon Cobb 
Pouya Dianat 
David Michael Duberstein 
Salome Eguizabal 
Alexander George Eubanks 
Graham Sayre Fitts 
Candace Renee Greene 
Kristen Valerie Gunderson 

2nd Degree: French Lijnguage 

and Literature 
Toby Linder Hershkowitz 
Robert David Higgins 

Sarah Margrit Marston 

2nd Degree: Studio Art 
Brandon Tucker Metheny 
fjessica Ann Milcetich 
Sara Elizabeth Murray 
Ajoke Oyegunle 
MadeUne Christine Pinckert 
Erica Yuying Poon 
Kevin McKeown Rector 
Marc Henry Shapiro 
Connor Adams Sheets 
Brandon Thomas Weigel 
fDawn Cherie White 
Michael David Wish 

School of 
Public Health 

Bachelor of Science 

Community Health 

Aishah Nabhan Babaa 
Barbara Anne Banchero 
♦Elizabeth Custodio Bowery 

2nd Degree: Geography 
Hawa Camara 
Hilton Cermeno 
Nicole Monica Chaffin 
Candice Olivia Coleman 
Thomas Bartholomew Conroy 
Lynmarie I. Figert 
Tamala Gondwe 
Patricia Isabel Granados 
Victoria Natalea Ann Magdolena 

Renee Nicole Houser 
Meredith Kate Jenkins 
sKrista Kay Johnson 
liana Tamar Kafka 
Mackenzie Kaplan 
Mallory Dene Lewis 
Megan EHzabeth Lhotsky 

Sukhna Matharu 
Neda Petrova Mihneva 
Ashley Renee Morant 
Linda Moraa Nyanchoka 
Claudine Roxanne Oakley 
Rachel Renee Pranschke 
Susan Tariana Riley 
Marisa Caterina Sambataro 
Emily Lauren Sharpe 
Madhu Shrestha 
Mary Therese Smith 
Julie Michele StoU 

Family Studies 

Thomas Cicero Alford 
2nd Degree: African 
American Studies 

Daisha Marie Amos 


Deborah Marlene Avila 

Lance Alfred Ball 

Aha Man,'am Bey 

Jason Michael Blanken 

Subrina Victoria Bradley 

Elaine Chang 

Carey Brett Cherner 

Reginald Colbert 

Rachel Arielle Dack 

Cecelia D. Dennis 

Regina Ehzabeth Gruner 

Raquel Ann Henry 

Vy T. Hoang 

Samuel Alexander Howden 

Christina Maria Jackson 

Monique LaShawn Johnson 

Jamal Karimi 

Ashly R. Kennedy 

Shannon Elizabeth King 

Mar\-ine Loryn Lancaster 

Nicholas Anthony Laubach 

§ Summa aim Laiide f A%"'' """ l-^"<le * """' i^"* 



"("Jennifer Marie Lawson 

2nd Degree: Elemenlary Ediicalion 
Michael Charles Lieberman 
Alexandra Miriam Marzouka 

2nd Degree: Early 

Childhood Education 
Sara Louise Misorek 
Meagan Elizabeth Montgomery 
Darby Michelle Moore 
Marchondray James Moore 
Mary Janet Patricia Murphy 
Sae Mee Nah 
Ashley Lucille Parker 
Krista Marie Pellizzi 
Rebecca Ann Phelps 
Alexa Suzanne Pilchtchikov 
Tiffany Ann Reed 
Ashley Maria Smith 
JuUan Kyle Smith 
Jessica Marie Stickell 
Heather Michelle Tidman 
Nicole A. Wallace 
Andrew Ray Weatherly 
Lanika Roshae Womack 

Klnesiological Science 

Anthony Allen Absalon 
Olugbenga Oluyemisi Akmgbe 
*Sarah Marie Anderson 
jMichael Joseph Auriemma 
Lisa Diane Aver^' 
Adam Robert Babitts 
Timothy Russell Baker 
Edward Baum 
Elizabeth Christine Bellamy 
Kendra Blatzheim 
Christopher D. Bocus 
James Watson Borell III 
Nyome O. Bright 
Erin Anne Cashen 
Timothy Joseph Cesa 

Brian Patrick Connors 
Gina Michelle Dal'Mohn 
Caidin Allison Falls 
Natalie Jacqueline Ferdinand 
KeUy Denise Flanagan 
Kevin Michael Ford 
. Sherlene Lashae Fox 
Christopher Michael Glynn 
Megan Kathleen Gregory" 
Thomas Glenn Hamblin 
Nahketah Louise Hamilton 
Steven P. Hering 
Jonathan Michael Isen 
Lutfah Issah 

David Abrahm Jacovsky 
Kevin J.Johnson 
Kimberly Michelle Kalapos 
Zachary Aaron Kaplan 
Hee Young Kim 
Andre Patrick Lane Jr., Jr. 
Jason Gete Lee 
Leah J. Maher 
Astrid March 
Kate Elizabeth Mazerski 
Kevin B. McCoUister 
Erin Ashley McMillon 
Paris Ashley Miller 
Nicole Michele Nespor 
Max Andrew Nickey 
♦Megan Anne O'Connell 
Jill Ogues 

Edosa Nathaniel Osadiaye 
Martha Panselinos Ms. 
Christopher Aaron Parker 
Neepa Dinesh Patel 
Benjamin Matthew Pierce 
Kristen Dana Potts 
Egan Sarah Pratt 
Sophia Danita Reid 
Paula Reis 
Chanelle Rogers 

Pim Saeung 
Asian Samghani 
Kevin Matthew Saylor 
Kan Lynn Scott 
Tiambi Rebecca Simms 
Frederick Zachary Streckewald 
"t"Sarah Kathryn Tabia 
Melanie Denise Watson 
Erin McClain Woolever 
Adam Joseph Young 

Robert H. Smith 
School of Business 

Bachelor of Science 


Nancy A. Aimni 
Samantha Kim Bement 
Michael James Bisson 
Gregory' S. Boone 
Tingting Chen 

2nd Degree: Finance 
Matthew Ming Chin 
Sheenee EUsha Cotton 

2nd Degree: General Busincs!: 
Lauren Vera Crow 
Michael Joseph Czan 
Michael Stanley Dodd 
Manish K. Dureja 
Steven Barrett EUinger 

2nd Degree: Finance 
Candacy Marcie-Ann Fraser 
fYvonne Fricke 
liana Ruth Fried 
fRachel Beth Fried 
Lindsey Eagan Gillenwater 

2nd Degree: Finance 
Joshua Saul Goldman 
Maijan Hatami-Far 
Emma Virginia Johnson 

Michael Edward Katz 

2nd Degree: Finance 
Matthew Sam Kiang 

2nd Degree: Finance 
•Christopher John Kishel 

2nd Degree: Finance 
Brandon Andrew Kleeman 

2nd Major: Finance 
fChristine Sunha Kye 

2nd Degree: Finance 
Grace Lau 
Jennifer Chaukwan Lee 

2nd Degree: Finance 
Rachel Emily Liberati 

2nd Degree: Marketing 
Stephen Paul Lippenholz 
Tracie Lopez 

2nd Degree: French Language 

and Literature 
sAli Ostadali Makhmalbaf 

2nd Degree: Finance 
John Patrick McMullen 

2nd Degree: Finance 
Caitlin Hunt Migliorini 

2nd Degree: Finance 
Anthony M. Musungwa 
Jainik H. Patel 

2nd Degree: Finance 
Nalini Lakshmi Persaud 

2nd Degree: General Business 
Ghislaine Celine Quenum 
Raafat Ahmed Raafat 
Kristin Blair Rasmussen 
Drew Harris Rosen 
Alexandra Lee Schmidt 
Surya Shivakumar 

2nd Degree: Finance 
Nicholas Nadav Singer 
Samantha Spino 
Robert Edmund Surmacz 


§ Sumniij mm Ltimle f Maffihi miti l^iuilt' * cum l^uilc 


Benjamin Cohen Taylor 

2tiJ Degree: LogisiUs, Transponation 

jitd Supply Cluun Xlanageinetu 
Ashley Mae Walz 

2tid Mjjor: Operations 

Mahilet Wehibe Yilma 


fPatrick Saguios Agusdn 

2nd Major: International Business 
Pouya Alimorad 

2nd Major: Eamomia 
Marc Bry^an Anolik 
Max Joel Bergen 
Simon Blekhman 

2nd Major: Economics 
Anthony Bradlee Bolino 
Gadi Briskman 

2nd \tajor: International Business 
James Paul Caolo 

2nd Major: Bionomics 
Marie Chau 

2nd Degree: Xlatliematics 
Tingling Chen 

2nd Degree: Accounting 
*Mar\' Ling Chiu 
Kyx)ung Eun Choi 
Sho\-ana Nafiz Chowdhiiry 

2nd Degree: hnemntional Business 
LeShandra Bianca Curtis 
Chukwuemeka Obi Egekeze 
Ste\"en Barrere Ellinger 

2nd Degree: Accounting 
Paul Phihppe Frere 

2nd Major: International Business 
Lindsey Eagan Gillenwater 

2iid Degree: Accounting 
Jennifer S. Goldstein 

Erin Dawn Gotdeib 

2nd Major: Criminology and 

Criminal Justice 
Isha Gupta 

2nd Major: Operations 

Matthew Patrick Hall 

2nd Degree: Logistics, Thnsportation 

and Supply Chain Xfaiu^eman 
Brendan Joseph Hart 

2nd Major: International Business 
Li Hou 

2iu] Major: Logistics, Transportation 

and Supply Chain XIanagement 
Teresa Hung 

Waleed Nathaniel H\-poUte 
Richard Harold Johnson 

2nd Degree: Computer Sdaice 
Ilia Karas 

2hJ Xlajor: Information Systems 
"{■Matthew Jason Karp 

2nd Xlajor: International Business 
Michael Edwiard Katz 

2nd Degree: Accounting 
Matthew Sam Kiang 

2nd Degree: Aaounting 
Moon Jae Kim 

2nd Xlajor: Economics 
Stephen Wilhams King 
•Christopher John Kishel 

2nd Degree: Aaounting 
Sen Deborah Kocer 

2nd Xlajor: International Business 
tChrisiine Sunha K>-e 

2nd Degree: Accounting 
Jennifer Chaukwan Lee 

2nd Degree: Accounting 
Gary R. Le\Tne 

2nd Xlajor: Logistics, Transportation 

and Supply Cliain XIanagement 

"{"Daniel Benjamin Le%"y 
Vinh Dieu Luu 

2nd Degree: Biological Sciences 
sAli Ostadali Makhmalbaf 

2nd Degree: Accounting 
Michael Davnd Marshall 
John Patrick McMulIen 

2nd Degree: Acamnting 
Caitlin Hunt Migjiorini 

2nd Degree: Accounting 
Joseph Alftedo Navarro 

2nd Xlajor: Economics 
Mathew Paul Nelker 
Marlon Nkomesha Nsofii 
Ke\"i Christiana Oborokumo 
Mikhail Pan\"utin 

2nd Degree: Biological Sciences 
Jainik H. Patel 

2nd Degree: Accounting 
jZong Zhong Peng 

2nd Major: XIarkeiing 
Kathryn Marie Phillips 

2nd Degree:Japcuiese 
Ari Rosenberg 
Surya Shi\akumar 

2nd Degree: Aaounting 
Benjamin Ross Shoster 
Neelmani Singh 

2nd Xlajor: Logiitia, Transportation 

and Supply Chain XIanagetnent 
Metta-Alem Bitew Sinishaw 
Benjamin L Solot 
Davina Tsao 

2nd Degree: Gofertnnent 

and Politics 
Aime Michelle Turto 
Allen QuocVuong 
Barry" Vuong 

2nd Major: International Business 

Ke\"in Lawrence Wieciech 

Albert Jong-Ting Yeh 

2nd Major: Logistics, Thmsportation 
and Supply Chain Xlanagemetit 

King Yip 

2nd Xlajor: International Business 

General Business 
Sheenee Elisha Cotton 

2nd Degree: Aaounting 
Alexandra C. Eaton 
Matthew Scott Goldberg 
Adam Paul Goldstein 
SohlTina Han 
Patrice Marie Leslie 
Kara EUse Marston 
Da\"id Edward Mulock 
Christine Marie Murphy 
Candace Marie O'Donnell 
Nalini Lakshmi Persaud 

2nd Degree: Aaounting 
Joshua Max%vell Rome 
Courmey Lauren Thomas 
Jerad Anthony Villecco 

Information Systems 
Abdul Basil 
Jason Woo-Sik Chong 
Beau Lowe Parrish FV 
Alena Pokrashe\'skaya 

International Business 
Monifa Safiya BrowTie 

2nd Xlajor: Spanish Language 

and Literature 
Shovana Nafiz Chowdhury 

2nd Degree: Finance 
Scandia Adriana DiSaverio 

2nd Xlajor: Logistics, Transportation 

and Supply Chain Managemait 

>'nffu atm L^ude j Stagnj aan LjuJc 



Allen Bconisoo Kim 

2iid Major: Economics 
Moon Gyu Lee 
Yvette Markanan 
Kathryn Marie Phillips 

2rid Degree: Japanese 
Fatim Seek 
Dina Shevtsova 
Rachel Cara Soronson 

2ud Degree: Logistics, Transportation 

and Supply Chain Management 
Cynthia Ashleigh West 
Ehzabeth Anne Wilhelm 

Logistics, Transportarion and 
Supply Chain Management 

Adam Joshua Gross 

2nd Major: International Bnsincn 
Matthew Patrick Hall 

2nd Degree: Finance 
Megan Elizabeth Hart 
Faiza A. Khalil 
Alexander Matov 

2nd Major: Operations 

Shafer Warren Minnick 
Rachel Cara Soronson 

2nd Degree: Intertiational Busuicss 
David Jacob Stadler 
Benjamin Cohen Taylor 

2nd Degree: Accounting 
Jonathan Nichols Ulrich 

2nd Degree: Marketing 
Ena MariekeVan den Berg 

2nd Degree: Marketing 


Clara Abdurazak 

Alexander Matthew Badtlock 

2nd Major: Logistics, liransportation 
and Supply Chain Management 

Emily Martin Barrett 

2nd Major: Logistics, Transportation 

and Supply Chain Management 
Candice Rose Caldarella 
Anna Chih-Chien Chou 

2nd Major: International Business 
Sean Patrick Coleman 
Sarah Ehzabeth CuUison 

2nd Major: Accoutning 
Shireen Maria D'Souza 
Clarence Dang 
Christina Michelle DeVaughn 
Mark Robert Ellis 

NahLi Moustafa Elsayed 
2ihl Degree: Studio Art 

Hcdrani Farsaii 

♦Allison Elizabeth Feelemyer 

2nd Major: Logistics, Transportation 
and Supply Chain Managcmein 

Jason Brian Float 

Karina Gold 

Jane Jee 

2nd Major: Logistics, Iransporlation 
and Supply Chain Management 

Scctha Kartholv 

Aliza Khalil 

2nd Major: Logistics, Transportation 

and Supply Chain Management 
Soo Ml Kini 
Amy Rebecca Knell 

2nd Major: [Psychology 
Megan Cheryl Krefting 

2nd Degree: Art History 
Patty S. Lee 
Yevgeniy Leshchinskiy 

2nd Major: International Business 
Rachel Emily Liberati 

2nd Degree: Accounting 


^ Siininui iiitii tannic f ;V/.Ji_'/M ini/i l^iiuii' * lum l^nuiv 


Robert Llano 

2nd Major: Logistics, Transportation 
and Supply Chain Management 

Robert A. Lopata 

Seth William Lueck 
2nd Major: Psychology 

Shivali Madan 

Zachan' Julian Maggin 

Jennifer Yin Ching Mao 

Christopher Michael O'Brien 

Jefirey David Oldham 

Abiemwense Doreen Onaghise 

Samuel Lawrence Orgel 

Erica Anne Rabbin 

Nick Resnick 

Melissa Anne Ryan 

Eduardo Andres Salazar 

2nd Major: International Business 

JeSrey Scotti Schroeder 

Deborah Joy Scibek 

2nd Major: Logistics, Transportation 
and Supply Chain Management 

Karisjanel Stewart 

Jennifer Heather Suit 

2nd Major: Logistics, Transportation 
and Supply Chain Management 

Jonathan Nichols Ulrich 

2nd Degree: Logistics, Transportation 
and Supply Cliain \Ianagement 

Ena MariekeVan den Berg 

2nd Degree: Logistics, Transportation 
and Supply Chain Management 

Lee Van Ginkel 

2nd Major: Information Systems 

Jacinto J.Vargas 

Andreas Maik Ohver Zimmer 
2nd Major: International Business 

Operations Management 

Phillip Evan Chalker 
David Van Hoang 
Steven Yu 

Undergraduate Studies 

Bachelor of Arts 

Individual Studies 

Emily Suzanne Firestone 
Katherine LvTin Garvin Kelly 
jKurt Jonathan Pflind 

2nd Degree: German Language 

and Literature 
Brian Scott Popowitz 
Sadia R. Siddiqi 

Bachelor of Science 

Individual Studies 

Brian Matthew Corcoran 

Candidates for 

African American Studies 

Derek Ronald Bolden 
Vivian Patrice Esquerre 
Alexandra Franceska Tyson 

52KeUy Nicole WaUace 

Asian American Studies 

Caleb Chih-Ping Lee 

East Asian Studies 

Aja Mane Del Gaudio 

Women's Studies 

Dawn White 
Vera Yakovchenko 
Emily Heather Villarruel 
Alhson McFadden 
Rebecca Phelps 
Nicole Resnick 

The December 2007 class roster comprises degree candidates from the 
graduate and undergraduate programs at the University of Maryland, 
College Park. As final action cannot always be taken for candidates by 
the time this program is printed, the list of candidates here is tentarive 
only. The university reserves the right to withdraw or add names. 
Diplomas (for other than doctoral degrees) will be mailed by the 
Office of Records and Registration. 

^ Summd aim Laudc "t* Magna cum Laude 

I Latide 



Bachelor's degree candidates who have qualified 
for scholarship honors upon graduation are des- 
ignated by appropriate symbols adjacent to their 
names within the 'alphabetical listing of colleges 
or schools, pages 28-32 and 49-63. 

To be eligible for consideration for such honors a candi- 
date must meet the following general criteria: (1) have com- 
pleted at least two years of work at the University of 
Man,dand (60 semester hours, 30 of which were earned at the 
College Park campus) and (2) have a scholastic average of a 
"B" (grade point average of 3.0) or higher in the University 
of Maryland work prior to the last semester of registration 
before the awarding of a degree. 

Degree candidates who have met these criteria are shown 
in the listings as qualifying, upon graduation, tor the designa- 
tors SiiiHiihi cum Ltuide (if they ranked in the top 2 percent of 
the candidates in their respective colleges or schools). Magna 
aim Laudc (if in the next 3 percent), or aw\ Laudc (it in the 
next 5 percent) based on the grade point averages ot students 
in the preceding three graduating classes of their degree- 
granting unit. 

Departmental Honors With Honors in 


With Honors in 

Aerospace Engineering 

David Daniel Billmgsley 

Computer Science 

Daozheng Chen 


Sara M. Chung 

Government and Politics 

Devin Hayes Elhs 

Mechanical Engineering 

Jennifer Jean Lamos 
MeKssa Anne Moore 


Jesse D.ivid Fox 

Jaclyn Nicole McCallister 


With High Honors in 


Michael Joseph Auneintna 


Andrew Timothy I'arnsh 

Spanish and Portuguese 

Ximena V. Rojas 


Christine Sunha Kye 
Daniel Benjamin Levy 
Vinh Dieu Luu 


Nicholas Caleb Henderson 
Kathleen Lynn Miller 


Shannon Christine Reed 

Electrical Engineering 

Harneet Singh Khurana 


Ceciha Sunyong Kye 
Thomas Bernard Wild 

Mechanical Engineering 

Cyrus AbdoUahi 
Dawn Marie Abell 
Mohamad Gabriel AfFandy 
Kenneth Lawrence Anderson 
Laert Dounis 
Karen Ann Guialnick 
Joseph Patrick KeUeher 
Cecilia Sunyong Kye 
Chang Hyun Lee 
Mohamed A. Nafatni 
Tim Dwire Smith 
Matthew Wilson Strawbridge 
Juan Camilo Suarez 
Steven James Trombetta 


Joseph Harvey Wakeman-Linn 



The Universitrv' 
of Mary'land 
strives to pro- 
vide students 
with the best educational 
experience imaginable. 
Providing a wide range ot 
enrichment and Hving-learn- 
mg programs that cultivate 
intellectual excellence, it 
helps students realize their 
greatest dreams and their 
full potential. By working 
with renowned scholars and 
learning about the world in 
which they live, students are 
equipped with the tools to 
make them influential addi- 
tions to the community'. 


CIl'ICUS, tin academic 
citation program within the 
College of Behavioral and 
Social Sciences, is centered 
around citizenship, leadership, 
community building hi a 
diverse society, scholarship and 
comnmnity service learning. 
Associates will be wearing 
a silver medallion on a 
blue ribbon. 

College Park Scholars 

College Park Scholars is a 
community of 12 special 
limng-learning progratns for 
academically talented first- 
and second-year students. 
Graduating seniors receive an 
academic citation. Scholars will 
be recognized with a medallion 
on a gold ribbon. 

Global Communities 

Global Communities is an 
international community under 
the auspices of the Office of 
International Programs. 
Students earn a transcription 
notation of Global Competency 
through scholarship in the areas 
oj intercultural conununication, 
global issues and international 
research or service learning. 
Mettdwrs will be wearing a 
gold medallion on a light 
blue ribbon. 

Hinman CEOs 

Hinman CEOs, the nation 's 
first living-learning entrepre- 
neurship program, is a citation 
program placing entreprencuri- 
ally minded students from all 
academic disciplines in a 
unique community to explore 
new ventures. Hintnan CEOs 
will be wearing a gold medal- 
lion on a red ribbon. 

Philip Merrill 
Presidential Scholars 

Philip Merrill Presidential 
Scholars were nominated by the 
colleges and represent the uni- 
versity's most successful seniors. 
The program also honors the 
utiiversity faculty member and 
K-i2 teacher named by each 
student for their mentorship. 
Scholars will he wearing red 
braids on their robes. 

University Honors 

University Honors students, 
which hail from all majors, 
earn their citation upon 
completion of 1 6 Honors 
credits. Students help design 
their curriculum, selecting 
from a broad array of inter- 
disciplinary semiitars and 
Honors-version courses. 
Graduates will be recognized 
with red and gold cords. 



University Honors 

Stiideiils ii'lw have earned the 
I 'iih'crsiiy Honors Cilalion may 
wear red and i^old hraided cords 
over their academic frowns. 

December and August 

Thomas Buchanan liaumnier 
lohn Robert Bressler 
Timothy Patrick Burke 
Roshni Caputo-Nimbark 
Chinmayi Chandrasekhara 
Raquel Adonia Christie 
Kristine Tiffany Chu 
Heidi E. Chfton 
Sheenee Ehsha Cotton 
Johnathan Stuart Coursey 
Walter Uestler 
Grace Ehzabeth Duke 
Walter Ethan Eagle 
Lesbia Salome Eguizabal 
Pedram Mohamad Farsaii 
Kin Lee Feldman 
Megan Michelle Forbes 
Stuart Adam Fox 
Rachel Beth Fried 
Aaron Eli Galvin 
Stephanie Kate Haas 
Mark Kevin Hall 
Matthew Patrick Hall 
Aydin Haririnia 
Megan Elizabeth Hart 
Caitlin Marie Hopping 
Nicholas Michel Houde 
Leanna Mee Kelly 
Olivia Grace Kelly 
Jane Hak Kim 




Adam Braskich 

Thomas Currin 

Natasha Glotms 

Andres Jose Heiney-Gonzalez 

Matthew Karp 

J. Burke Miller 

Erica Rabbin 

Michael Wish 

College Park Scholars 


Cohn Gerard Agatisa-Boyle 
Jonathan Richard Aicher 
Nicole Ceciha Marie 

Robin Nicole Chambers 
William Matthew Currence 
Sana M. Din 

Elizabeth Rosamond Foley 
Christine Marie Gavin 
Morris Keith Gentles 
David S. Ghoneiin 
Katherine Denisse Giron 
Alexandra R. Gonzalez 
Grant Laurence Goodman 
Kenneth Joseph Greco 
Hina Hameed 
Claire Marie Hanson 
Sean Thomas Hart 
Eric Lamar Hines 
Courtney Anna Hinton 
Jennifer Meghan Guzman Hosey 
Jennifer )ean Lamos 
Alexander Geoffrey Lessm 
Amelia Caroline Louise Mackenzie 
Sukhmani Matharu 
Nicholas Scott Merson 

Jacques Alexander Nakkash 
Madhavi Patel 
Jacob R. Perler 
Gabriela Ivania Ramirez 
Karen Elyse Salerni 
Nicole Paige Schreibstein 
Matthew Albert Silverman 
Jennifer Kangmi Suh 
Shawn Christopher Williams 


Andres Eduardo Abello 
Tamara A. Aghamolla 
Marc Bryan Anohk 
Michael Paul Bednarcz^'k 
Kenneth D. Beyerle 
Sanjay Bhat 
Simon Blekhman 
Ben Aaron Block 
Candice Rose Caldarella 
Andrea Graciela Calderon 
Rachael Alison Caruso 
Phillip Evan Chalker 
Mary Ling Chiu 
Anna Chih-Chien Chou 
Christina Michon Cobb 
Megan J. E. ConnoUy 
Nicole Danielle Corse 
Kimberly Ann Daut 
Juan Andres De La Cruz III 
Aja Marie Del Gaudio 
Inaqui Raynaud Delgado 
Scandia Adriana DiSaverio 
Sarah Jessamine DLxon 
James Ernest Edwards III 
Steven Barrett Elhnger 
Elyse Anne Evans 
Emily Suzanne Firestone 
liana Ruth Fried 
Clinton James GUI 

Jennifer Shana Ginsberg 
Joshua Saul Goldman 
Jennifer S. Goldstein 
Kalpana Gopalswaniy 
Candace Renee Greene 
Megan Kathleen Gregory 

Margaret Juha Grubinan 
Kristen Valerie Gunderson 
Isha Gupta 

Jessica Elizabeth Hazelton 
Catherine Helen Miran Herzog 
Jason Adam Hess 



Steven Andrew Hon,itz 
Li Hon 

Katnna Waiying Hsen 
Dylan Thomas Irion 
Susanna Maria Jabine 
Adrienne Veronica Johnson 
Candace Amanda Johnson 
Christopher Russell Kaplan 
Ehsabeth Claire Kassan 
Michael Edward Katz 
Anna Kim 

Brandon Andrew Kleeman 
Megan Cheryl Krefting 
Jennifer Robin Kulik 
Rishi Kumar 
Eva Lynn Kwong 
Gary R. Levine 
Daniel Benjamin Levy 
Jeffrey Li 

Rachel Davidson Liidwig 
Rui Ma 

Benjamin Abram Margolis 
Sarah Margrit Marston 
Michael Todd Martm 
Erin Nicole Marx 
Sukhna Matharu 
Aagosh Narain Mathur 
Allison Maria McFadden 
Sarah Carley McNair 
Melissa-Ann Metzger 
Nathaniel Preston Miller 
Max Andrew Nickey 
Paulina Nusinovich 
Ashley Michelle Orkm 
Mark James Paape 
Mikhail Panyutin 
Bit-Na Park 
Katrina Ann Petrovich 
Kathryn Marie Phillips 
Alina Marie Piacentino 

Erica Yuying Poon 
Alexander Kavon Rahnni 
Sophia Danita Reid 
Drew Harris Rosen 
Eliana Rachel Rosenblatt 
Jamie Diana Rowe 
Marisa Caterina Sambataro 
Alex Gabriel Santiago 
Christina Dolores Santiago 
Kimberly Renee Satterfield 
Alexandra Lee Schmidt 
Nicole Adia Schmidt 
Ryan Bausch Schmidt 
Lydia Seifu 

Rebecca Helene Semiatin 
Surya Shivakumar 
Talia Dina Shnider 
Sean O'Brien Sinclair 
Rachel Cara Soronson 
Alexander Joseph Stein 
Sarah Kathryn Tabia 
Vy Bao Tran 
Paul Tung 
Ting Wei 

Jonathan Mark West 
Kevin Lawrence Wieciech 
Shaun Keith Wrightson 
Xiao Yang 
Doo Yun Yoon 

Global Communities 

Catherine Clarke 
Stefanie Cohen 
Joy Hodges 
Melanie McKay 
Sarah McNair 
Luciana Villela 

Hinman CEOs 

Marc Anolik 
Brian Hayes 

Philip Merrill 
Presidential Scholars 

Raquel Christie 
Rachel Ehas 
Daniel Levy 
Jessica Milcetich 
Kathleen Miller 

Mortar Board National 
Senior Honor Society 

University Publications mistakenly did 

not publish names of the May 2007 

graduates in last semester's book. 

Christina Joy Arthur 

Julia Bancroft 

Melissa Anne Boudre.ui 

Ripneet Singh Brar 
Laura H. Caplan 
Fumiyuki Chin 
Jaya Suneja Das 
Stephen Matthew Davis, Jr. 
Omar El Shal 
Michael David Fontz 
Cassandra Renee Fox 
Donald J. Hahn 
Edneka LaNetta Haynes 
Courtney Christin Hejl 
Steven Adam Hoffenson 
Melodi P.Javid 
Megan Ehzabcth McGinnis 
Taryn Ashley Nicholas 
Shannon Leigh Nys 
James Edward Royer 
Celine Salman 
Sarah Ann Schramm 
Randi Melissa Schuster 
Kelsey Elizabeth Skjei 
Kathryn Maria LIgohni 
Christopher Andrew Widmer 



The Senior Marshal Program began in 1991 as 
an opportunity to acknowledge outstanding 
seniors at their commencement. The students 
selected to be marshals were nominated by 
faculty, administration and staff tbr their outstanding accom- 
plishments and contributions to the University ot Maryland. 
We are proud to recognize these truly remarkable students. 

Tamara Aghaniolla 
Jacquelyn Alvarez 
Elana Brownstein 
Christina Cobb 
Nicole Corse 
Frank Duda 
Rachel Elias 
Sanaz Faradj-Bakht 
Sharlene Ferguson 
Nina Fontana 
Andres Garcia 
Johanna Godefroy 
Matthew Goldberg 
Candace Greene 
John Grochowski 
Vikash Gupta 
Kimberley Hall 
Caidiii Hopping 
Zsuzsanna Jeney 
Rishi Kumar 
Tracie Lopez 
Windy Majer 
Elizabeth Malouf 
Sarah Marston 
James Miller 
Sotl Mizrachi 
Richard Naylor 
Nadia Nimley 

Andrew Parrish 
Caruso Rachael 
Alexander Rahimi 
Erin Reddy 
Shaun Salmon 
John Shiu 
Alison Syring 
Davma Tsao 
Nadim van de Fhert 
David Weinstein 
Dawn White 
Josephme Wilson 
Sydney Wilson 




Board of Regents 

Clifford M. Kendall. Chair 
Orlan M.Johnson, Vice-Chairmati 
James L. Shea, Secretary 
R. Michael Gill, Asst. Secretary 
Robert L. Pevenstein, Treasurer 
Patricia S. Florestano. Asst. Treasurer 


Barry P. Gossett 

Alicia Coro HofBnan 

The Hon. Francis X. Kelly, Jr. 

The Hon. Marvin Mandel 

The Hon. C.Thomas McMillen 

Robert L. Mitchell 

David H. Nevins 

A. Dwight Petit 

Thomas G. Slater 

Richard Scott, Student Regent 

The Hon. Roger L. Richardson, ex officio 

University System Administration 

William E. Kirwan, Cluinccllor 

Leonard R. Raley, Vice Chancellor for Adtmicemetit 

Irwin Goldstein, Senior Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs 

Joseph F.Vivona, COO/Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance 

University of Maryland Administration 

C. D. Mote, Jr., President 

Nariman Farvardin, Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost 

Melvin Bernstein, Vice President for Research 

Linda M. Clement, Vice President for Student Affairs 

Douglas M. Duncan, Vice President for Administrative Affairs 

Jeffrey C. Huskamp, Vice President and Chief Information Officer 

Brodie Remington, Vice President for University Relations 


Norma M. Allewell, College of Chemical and Life Sciences 

Judith K. Broida, /ls50oaff Provost and Dean, Office of Professional Studies 

Charles Caramello, Associate Provost and Dean, Tlie Graduate School 

Steve Fetter, School of Public Policy 

Howard Frank, Tlie Robert H. Smith School of Business 

Robert S. Gold, School of Public Health 

Stephen Halperin, College of Computer, Mathematical and Physical Sciences 

Donna B. Hamilton, Associate Provost and Dean, Undergraduate Studies 

James F. Hams, College of Arts and Humanities 

Thomas Kunkel, Philip Merrill College of Journalism 

Charles B. Lowry, Libraries 

Edward Montgomery, College if Behavioral and Social Sciences 

Jennifer J. Preece, College of Information Studies 

Herbert Ksbin, A.James Clark School of Engineering (Interim) 

Garth Rockcastle, School of Architecture, Planning, and Preservation 

Cheng-i Wei, College of Agriculture and Natural Resources 

Donna L.Wiseman, College of Education (Interim) 

OfGcers of Commencement 

University Marshal 

Bruce R.James 

College of Agriculture and Natural Resources 

Faculty Marshals 
EUin K. Scholnick 
Academic Affairs 

Leon H. Slaughter 

College of Agriculture and Natural Resources 

Student Marshal 

William J. Higgins 

College of Chemical and Life Sciences 

University Senate 

William L. Montgomery, Chair 



University of Maryland College Park Foundation 
Board of Trustees 

William E. Mayer. Cluiir 

Honorary Trustees 
Jack Kay 
Jehan Sadat 
Alfred H. Smith, Jr. 

Robert H. Smith 
Leo Van Munching, |r. 

Exeaitii'e Committee 

John M. Brophy 

The Hon. Joseph B. Gildenhorn 

John N. Lauer 

The Hon. Timothy F. Maloney 

Elected Trustees 
Robert A. Bedingfield 
jane C. Brown 
Richard C. Brustein 
Waldo H. Burnside 
Albert P. Carey 
Alan C. Cason 
Connie Chung 
A.James Clark 
Hugh F. Cole, Jr. 
Michael S. Dana 
Ruth M. Davis 
David C. Driskell 
Leonard J. Elmore 
Robert Facchina 
Emilio A. Fernandez 
Richard M. FinkeLstein 
Robert E. FischeU 
Michael C. Gelman 
Alma G. Gildenhorn 
Lowell R. Glazer 
Dave Goldfarb 
Linda R. Gooden 
John LHeise.Jr. 
John S. Hendricks 

Emeritus Trustee 
Shirley Phillips 

Margaret Scott Schiff 
Craig A. Thompson 
Mark G.Turner 

Wayne T. Hockmeyer 
PhiUip H. Horvitz 
S. Bruce Jaffe 
Raymond G. LaPlaca 
Deborah B. Lawrence 
Neil Moskowitz 
Paul J. Norris 
John R. Nyland 
Yagyensha "Buno" Pati 
Jane Cahill Pfeilfer 
Robert P. Pincus 
Kevin A. Plank 
Marilyn Berman PoUans 
Deborah L. Potter 
Nicholas A. Samios 
Harvey L. Sanders 
Thomas H. SchoU 
Michelle Smith 
Edward A. St.John, Jr. 
The Hon. Joseph D. Tydings 
Pedro E.Wasmer 
Robert A.Yellowlees 
Erik B.Young, M.D. 

Commenceinent Committee 

Kathy Angeletti, College of Education 

Diane Barlow, College of Information Studies 

Carlotta Botvin, Catering 

Carl Bovill, Sctwol of Architecture, Planning, and Preservation 

Lisa Bradley, College of Chemical and Life Sciences 

Monette Austin Bailey, University Publications 

Ernest Cartledge, Diploma Office 

Rosetta Clay, Robert H. Smith School oj Business 

Ritzie Coleman. College of Computer, Mathematical and Physical Sciences 

Janis Cornell-DeMoss, College of Education 

Maureen David, Special Events 

Jessica Davies, Special Events 

Megan Dillard, Memorial Chapel 

John Doerr, College of Agriculture and Natural Resources 

Laura Dyer, Public Safety 

Sandra Dykes, Facilities Management 

Kirsten Fox, Senior Coutuil 

Lisa Geraghty, Facilities Management 

William J. Higgins, Student Marshal 

Brian Horick, Robert H. Smith School of Business 

Leah Howell, Individual Studies 

Bruce James, Vnh'crsity Marshal 

Cassandra Jones, College of Information Studies 

Dona Morgan, College of Behavioral and Social Sciences 

Patrick Perfetto, Conference and I 'isitor Services 

Bill Powers, School of Public Policy 

Teresa Prince, .4. Jihiic.': Clark School of Engineering 

Frank Quine, P/;i7i;) Merrill College of Journalism 

Kyle Rudgers, Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center 

Kelly Terrill, Stamp Studetn Union 

Alan Sactor, Environmental Safety 

Ellin Scholnick, Faculty Marshal 

Matt Sheehan, Phihp Merrill College of Journalism 

Adam Shervanian, School oJ Public Health 



Carol Slirecvc, Facililics Matmijaneiit 

Leon Slaughter, Faailly XUrsluil 

Charles Stubbs, Facilities Management 

Janice Summons, Department ofTransportation Services 

Brooke Supple, Senior Council 

Dan Symonds, Diploma Office 

Anita Taylor, Department of Transportation Services 

Harry Teabout, Facilities Management 

Ellen Ternes, University Communications 

Tina Thorburn, Health Center 

Larr^'Volz, Public Safety 

Donna Walther, College of Agriculture and Natural Resources 

Sheron Williams, A . James Clark School of Engineering 

Scott Wolpert. Individual Studies 

Beth Workman. College of Behavioral and Social Sciences 



Department of Facilities Management's 

Building and Landscape Services 

Office of General Services/Special Services Staff 

Responsible for Setting Up ConnncnccmenI Sites 
Sandra Dykes SherreU Purnell 

Larry Garner Thomas Saunders 

Lisa Geraghty Carol Shreeve 

Larry Jefferson Charles Stubbs 

Other Facilities Management i'nits responsible for commencement preparations 
Athletic Facilities Housekeeping Services 

Area Maintenance Landscape Services 

Carpentry Shop Paint Shop 

Electric Shop Sign Shop 

Floor Shop 

Coi'pr Design: Catherine Nichols 

Managing Editor. Monette Austin Bailey 

Photography: John T Consoii, Mike Morgan and Jeremy Green 

Production: Katherine Davis, Cassandra Wilson and Rhonda Foiite 

With heartfelt thanks to Terri Marcos and Helena Simpson. Diploma 
Office; Dianne Barrett, Debbie Jenkins and Debbie Pruett, Office of the 
Registrar; and Lynne Hanukoii, Enrollment Services Operations. 

Commencement produced by Office of Special Events 
Book produced by University Publications 
Division of University Relations 
December 2007