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University ofCMaryland 

Commencement <^DECEMBER 20 & 21, 2008 


University of Maryland 

Commencement • December 20 & 21, 2008 

2 Congratulations from 
the President 

3 Order of Commencement 

4 Schedule ot Events 

6 Map of Ceremony Location 

7 Alma Mater and Floor 
Seating Chart 

9 Message from the 
Alumni AssociatiiMi 

10 Graduating Student Speaker 

11 Conmiencement Speaker 

12 The Universir\- of Maryland 

17 August Graduate Degrees 

28 August Undergraduate 

34 Candidates for December 
Graduate Degrees 

49 December Undergraduate 

64 Honors and Scholars 

68 Student Marshals 

69 University Officials 

70 Board ot Trustees 

71 Commencement Officials 
and Staff' 

acr F\r\'~l 


M ongratularions on your graduation from the University of Maryland! This 

M milestone should bring great satisfaction to you, your family and friends. It is 

^^^^_i^^ no small feat. I know that your feelings about your Maryland e.xperience will 
blossom in the years ahead. 

Your time at the university has been filled with new ideas, challenges and opportunities. You 
have probably discovered that the greatest learning comes from asking the right questions. The 
hardest questions, of course, have no "right answers," but they are the important steps toward 
understandmg.You will find this realization important in your life ahead. 

The University of Maryland has oflered you opportunities to expand your interests and 
horizons. I hope that you took full advantage of them and that they have opened your eyes 
and many doors, too. You have made friends and found mentors who will continue to add 
value to your life in remarkable ways. 

As you leave us, I would hke you to know how much the faculty and staff respect your 
accomphshments as scholars, artists, athletes and leaders. You have enriched our university's hfe 
and have helped it to chmb to higher levels of distinction. We welcome you into the alumni 
family, a truly special group. 

I hope that you wiU stay connected to us and take full advantage of the benefits of being 
an alum. Stay involved with us and help new generations of students develop their futures. You 
can do this by returning to campus often, starting with Maryland Day 2009, on April 25. 

You have my very best wishes for all your future plans. We are proud of each and every one 
of you. Stay in touch. GoTerps! 

Yours sincerely, 
CD. Mote, Jr. 


* R Y L A N O 


December 20, 2008 • Comcast Center • 7 p.m. 


Dr. C. D. Mote, Jr. 

Master of Ceremonies 

Mr. James N. Newton 
Commencement Committee 


University of Maryland Concert Band 
Dr. L. Richmond Sparks, Conductor 


Rev. Fr. Kyle Ingels 
Roman Catholic Chaplain 

National Anthem 

Ms. Brittany Baratz '08 


Mr. Barry P. Gossett '62 
University System of Maryland 
Board of Regents 

Senior Class Gift Presentation 

Mr. Pratik Dave 

Chair, Senior Class Gift Committee 

Remarks to the Graduates 

Mr. Sergio Guerra '08 
Graduating Student Speaker 

Musical Selection 

"The Waking" by Theodore Roethke 
Set to music by Kurt Elling 
Ms. Brittany Baratz, Soprano 
Ms. Cyndy Elhott, Acoustic Bass 

Introduction of Speaker 

Ms. Marissa Shirron 
Chair, Commencement 
Speaker Selection Committee 


Dr. John C. Mather 

Senior Astrophysicist, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center 

Adjunct Professor, University^ of Maryland 

University of Maryland Alumni Association Induction 

Mr. Charles "Chip" Solhns '82 


Maryland Alumni Association Board of Governors 

Message to the Graduates 

Dr. Mote 

Presentation of Colleges and Schools 


Conferring of Degrees 

Dr. Mote 

Alma Mater 

Ms. Baratz 


University of Maryland Concert Band 



Campuswide Commencement 
Saturday, December 20 

7 p.m. Comcast Onter 

Ceremonies held Sunday, December 21 

Individual ceremonies listed 
by time 

I p.m. A. James Clark School 
of Engineering 

Cole Field House 

1 p.m. College of Agriculture and 
Natural Resources 

Memorial Chapel 

1 p.m. College of Computer, Mathe- 
matical and Physical Sciences 

Dekclboum Concert Hall, Clarice 
Smith Pert'orming Arts Center 

1 p.m. College of Information Studies 

Gildeiihorn Recital Hall, Clarice 
Smith Pert'orming Arts Center 

I p.m. Departments of Foreign 
Language and Linguistics 

Colony Ballroom, Stamp 
Student Union 

1 p.m. Individual Studies 

Banneker Room, Stamp 
Student Union 

1 p.m. Phillip Merrill College 
of Journalism 

Hotl'Theatre, Stamp Student Union 

1 p.m. Robert H. Smith School 
of Business 

Comcast Center 

1 p.m. School of Public Health 

Ritchie Cohseum 

2 p.m. Departments of Art History 
and Art Studio 

Grand Ballroom, Stamp 
Student Union 

2 p.m. Departments of Dance 
and Theatre 

Kogod Theatre, Clarice Smith 
Performing Arts Center 

4 p.m. College of Behavioral and 
Social Sciences 

Comcast Center 

4 p.m. College of Chemical and 
Life Sciences 

Memorial Chapel 

4 p.m. Department of Communication 

Ritchie Coliseum 

4 p.m. College of Education 

Cole Field House 

4 p.m. Departments of English, Com- 
parative Literature, American 
Studies and Women's Studies 

Dekelboum Concert Hall, Clarice 
Smith Performing Arts Center 

4 p.m. Department of History 

Colony Ballroom, Stamp 
Student Union 

4 p.m. School of Music 

Gildenhorn Recital Hall, Clarice 
Smith Performing Arts Center 


Individual ceremonies listed 


Agriculture and Natural Resources, 
College of 

1 p.m. Memorial Chapel 

Art History and Art Studio, 
Departments of 

2 p.m. Grand B,illroom, Stamp 

Student Union 

Behavioral and Social Sciences, College of 

4 p.m. Comcast Center 

Business, Robert H. Smith School of 

1 p.m. Center 

Chemical and Life Sciences, College of 

4 p.m. Memorial Chapel 

Communication, Department of 

4 p.m. Ritchie Coliseum 

Computer, Mathematical and Physical 
Sciences, College of 

1 p.m. Dekelboum Concert Hall, Clarice 

Smith Performing Arts Center 

Dance and Theatre, Departments of 

2 p.m. Kogod Theatre, Clarice Smith 

Performing Arts Center 

Education, College of 

4 p.m. Cole Field House 

Engineering, A. James Clark School of 

1 p.m. Cole Field House 

English, Comparative Literature, 
American Studies and Women's 
Studies, Departments of 

4 p.m. Dekelboum Concert Hall, Clarice 
Smith Performing Arts Center 

Foreign Language and Linguistics, 
Departments of 

1 p.m. Colony Ballroom, Stamp 
Student Union 

History, Departments of 

4 p.m. Colony Ballroom, Stamp 
Student Union 

Individual Studies 

1 p.m. Banneker Room. Stamp 
Student Union 

Infortnation Studies, College of 

1 p.m. Gildenhorn Recital Hall, Clarice 
Smith Performing Arts Center 

Journalism, Phillip Merrill College of 

1 p.m. Hotl'Theatre, Stamp 
Student Union 

Music, School of 

4 p.m. Gildenhorn Recital Hall, Clarice 
Smith Performing Arts Center 

Public Health, School of 

1 p.m. Ritchie Coliseum 

The campuswide commence- 
ment ceremony will be held on 
Saturday, Dec. 20 at 7 p.m. at 
the Comcast Center, with grad- 
uation exercises for individual 
colleges and schools taking 
place on Sunday, Dec. 21. 

Shuttle bus service will pro- 
vide free transportation from 
the metro on Saturday evening, 
and from the metro and around 
campus all day on Sunday. 

Guests are urged to be seated 
approximately one half-hour 
prior to the designated time for 
the ceremonies if they wish to 
observe the student and faculty 










•\kriinr( TURi 
laii I )i\i, 

D \ 'W \1L,\1 l{IM., 

1 lALL 
MoW3tt Laiit; 

Preinkcrt Drive 




U Parking Garage 

C llMUi M ^DHJM 



i:tN I in. 






Arena Parking Garage 

HOI /Al'll I 

^ NLM-;ll- Ml IIJN I 





Regents Drive 
Parking Cirjgi.- 


I louse BARN 

LOT <',3 

Panil Branch Dn 

Campus Drive Entrance 







lOTlK- lOT'ir 



■ 111! 





Saturday, December 20, 2008 • Comcast Center • 7:00 p.m. 

Floor Seating Arrangement 
for Graduates in Comcast Center 










The Winter Graduates 

For December 


Most popular master's programs 


Candidates for 












Library and Information 

For August 08: 











Most popular doctoral degrees 1 

Electricjl Engineering 





Most popular bachelor' 




Criminal Justice 









Government and Politics 




Data Source: IVarehonse data 
Office of Institutional Research, 
Planning and Assessment 
\vi'. IS, 200S 








Alma Mater 

Hail! Alma Mater 

Hail to thee, Marv'land! 

Steadfast in loyalf\'. 

For thee, we stand, 

Love for the Black and Gold 

Deep in our hearts we hold. 

Singing thy praise forever. 

Throughout the land. 



Maryland's Momentum 

Some recent highlights that identify 
the University' of Maryland as a world- 
class institution with an impact on 
scientific discovery, education, and 
the performing and creative arts: 

Rankings: Mars'land ranks 37th worldwide 
among research universities, according to a 
survey by Shanghai s Jiao Tong University. 
And the 2008 U.S. News & IVorld Report 
rankings put Mar^'land in the Top 20 of 
public research universities, with 31 of our 
academic programs in the Top 1 and 86 in 
the Top 25. 

Faculty: Our faculty' regularly earn national 
and inter national recognition for their excel- 
lence. Maryland currendy has three Nobel 
laureates, seven PuUtzer Prize recipients 
and more than 30 members of the most 
prestigious national academies. 

Private Giving: We've passed the halfway 
mark — S557 million and counting — in Grfiif 
E.xpeciiUioiis, The Campaign for Maryland. 
A priority goal in the $1 bUlion campaign 
is to raise more than S350 million for 
student scholarships. 

Going Green: last spring, the University 
of Maryland became a charter member of 
the American College & Universiry Presi- 
dents Climate Commitment, pledging to 
significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions 
and to move toward a goal of carbon neutral- 
it>'. As part of this commitment to sustainabil- 
iry, the university recently completed the 
first comprehensive greenhouse gas iiwentory 
of campus. 

Informarion Advantage: Our new 

iSchool, Maryland's highly ranked College 
of hiformation Studies, pioneers research 
and problem solving on human-computer 
mteraction, information search and retrieval, 
computer interfaces that are designed with 
children in mind, and more. 

M Square Update: In early 2009, the 
National Oceanic and Atmospheric 
Administration Center for Weather and 
Climate Prediction wUl open in M Square, 
the university's 124-acre research park. This 
new facility will join university researchers 
with government experts to study weather 
prediction and climate change. 

Pioneering Public Health: A School 
of Pubhc Health was estabUshed in 2007, 
serving state and national pubhc health needs 
for research in several critical areas. The 
school's Herschel S. Horowitz Center for 
Health Literacy will advocate for improved 
health literacy and the elimination of health 
disparities and for health literacy research and 

Students Shine Bright: Our Mock Tri,al 
Team took first place in the American Mock 
Trial Associations national championship, 
while Maryland's Academic Quiz Team won 
the National Academic Quiz Tournament 
Division 1 contest, beating out more than 
two dozen competitors. Another team of 
undergraduates, in only its second year of 
competition, won first place for its design, 
construction and use of an autonomous 
submersible vehicle capable of navigating 
realistic underwater niissions. 

On Stage and Off: The Grammy-winning 
Kronos Quartet's residency at the Clarice 
Smith PerforiTiing Arts Center continued this 
fall, including two concerts offered as part of 
UM's"A Semester on War and the Repre- 
sentation ofWar" and extensive work with 
School of Music students and faculty. The 
ensemble's residency began in September 
2007 and will continue through the 
2009-2010 season. 



Dear Graduates, 

On behall ot the Maryland Alumiii Association. I am thrilled to extend heartfelt 
congratulations upon achieving this academic milestone. 
Today, when you reach for your diploma, you wiU receive a torch — the legacy of 
excellence that Maryland alumni have carried for more than 150 years. We know you will hold 
it high, displacing your Terrapin pride for all to see. 

It is my hope that in the years to come you will make the university proud b\- enlightening us. 
Share with your alma mater your newtound experrise anti ideas. In nirn, MarN'lanci will continue 
to educate the country's brightest students, pursue cutting-edge research, explore the arts and 
defend our athletic titles — we will make you proud to be a Terp. 

Along with this commitment, the alumni association is pleased to give you a complimentar\- 
one-year association membership as a graduation gift. 

Alumni association membership provides instant access to; 

• social and professional networking events at the Samuel Riggs IV Alumni Center, your 
new home address at the university 

• health insurance and financial services — tangible benefits designed to ease your transition 
into life after college 

• Terp magazine, connecting alumni with the university- 
Most importantly, it demonstrates your dedication to Maryland and those who will follow 

in your footsteps. 

Best ot luck to you, and thank you for displaying your Terp spirit as you take your place in 
our alumni tamily. We look forward to seeing you soon at the Riggs Alunini Center. 


Danita D. Nias "81 

Assistant Vice President. Alumni Relations and Development 



Sergio Guerra 

Sergio Ckierra is building upon his parents" dreams. 
His tainily tied civil war in Angola, where gunfire exploded his fathers eardrums. 
After emigrating to the poor industrial town of Elizabeth, N.J., his father earned an 
associate "s degree and his mother earned her GED while pulling double shifts at a 
factory. Guerra followed their example and pursued education as well, rather than succumb to 
the poverts- and violence surrounding him. 

"I chose to take the hand my parents had offered me ... and make something of myself as 
they had so passionately urged me to do as I was growing up," he says. 

Choosing Maryland over the University of North CaroUna and Boston University, the 
anthropology major has relied on intelligence, hard work and self-discipline to not only succeed 
but also excel. 

As one of the top students in Maryland's demanding Honors Program, Sergio has achieved 
a nearly flawless grade point average while juggling a part-time job. In the middle of this past 
semester, he stepped in as a teaching assistant for hitroduction to Biological Anthropology. 

His efforts have garnered him recognition on the Dean s List and a Presidential Award for 
Excellence in Academics. 

Outside the classroom, Sergio captains a club soccer team and volunteers for work on cancer 
studies. Fluent in Spanish, French and Portuguese, he is also a member of the Portuguese Lan- 
guage Association. 

In January, he will travel to Angola as part of a research project examining a link between salt 
and stroke. The study wiU compare samples fi-om Angola with samples fi-om African Americans 
in lowland North Carolina. 

Sergio's post-graduation plans also include an internship with a pharmaceutical research 
company and graduate school. Ultimately he plans to earn a doctorate in forensics, considering 
Johns Hopkins and New York universities for graduate studies. 

"I have faced opposition and hardships my entire life and have no doubt that I will become 
everything I've ever wanted to be," he says. "As they say, 'Life's what you make it,' and I'm giving 
it all I've got." 



John C. Mather's sojourn among the stars has proven a boon for mankind and its quest to 
understand the origin of the universe. 
A senior astrophysicist m the Observational Cosmolog\' Laboratory at NASA's Goddard 
Space Flight Center and adjunct professor at the universits'. Mather led a 1 ,(J(.)()-person team 
that conducted satellite-based experiments, which strengthened support for the Big Bang theory. 

NASA's Cosmic Background E.xplorer satellite, or COBE, measured latent radiation daring 
from the universe's formarion an esrimated 13+ billion years ago.Three years after the E.xplorer's 
launch in 1989, the team announced that it had tbund withm that radiation a clue for how clus- 
ters of galaxies formed, stretching hundreds of millions of light years across the universe. The dis- 
cover)- earned Mather and University of California, Berkeley researcher and professor George F. 
Smoot the 2006 Nobel Prize in physics. 

Born in Roanoke, Va., he received a bachelor's degree in physics from Swarthmore College in 
Pennsylvania and a doctorate in physics from the University of California, Berkeley. 

Mather serves as senior project scientist for the James Webb Space Telescope. Scheduled for 
launch in 2013, it is being developed as the successor to the Hubble Space Telescope. 

He has been appointed to advisorv' and working groups for the Narional Academy of Sciences, 
the Narional Science Foundation and the Center for Astrophysical Research in the Antarctic. 

Mather's awards include a NASA Distinguished Service Medal (2007); the Robinson Prize in 
Cosmetology; Newcastle University (2()()6-07); and the Rumford Prize from the American Acad- 
emy of Arts and Sciences (1996). 

He holds professional memberships with the National Academy of Sciences, the American 
Academy of Arts and Sciences, the American Astronomical Society, the American Physical Society 
and the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics. 

His 1996 book, Tlw Icry First Light, chronicles the design and launch of COBE. In 2007, Time 
magazine listed him among its "100 Most Influential People in the World." 

When asked what advice he would offer Maryland graduates, he responded: "My personal code 
is lite is too long not to do what you want. It's too short not to do what you want. So find out 
what you want and give it your heart, and who knows what wonders may be in store?" 

John C. Mather 



A Continuing Commitment 
to Excellence 

From its pre-Civil War roots as 
the state's first agricultural college 
and one of America's original land 
grant institutions, the University' 
of Maryland has emerged as a 
pubhc research university of 
national stature, highly regarded 
for its broad base of excellence in 
teaching and research. Maryland's 
beautiful 1,200-acre campus is in 
the heart of the 1-270 research 
corridor that is fliehng a burgeon- 
ing information technology and 
biotechnology industry. 

The momentum of recent 
years has poised the university 
to take leadership in shaping the 
research university of the 21st cen- 
tury. By virtually every measure of 
quality, the University of Maryland 
has gained national recognition 
as one of the fastest rising compre- 

hensive research institutions in 
the country, Maryland is one of 
the nation's Top 20 pubhc national 
universities, and the quality of our 
faculty — with three Nobel laure- 
ates, seven Pulitzer Prize winners 
and scores of Fulbright scholars — 
IS among the finest of any research 
university in the United States. 

There are 13 schools and col- 
leges within the organizational 
structure of the University of 
Maryland. Seven of these units — 
the Smith School of Business, the 
College of Education, the Clark 
School of Engineering, the Phihp 
Merrill College of Journalism, the 
College of Computer, Mathemati- 
cal and Physical Sciences, the 
College of Information Studies 
and the School of Pubhc Policy — 
have been recognized by their 
peers and in various rankings as 
among the 25 best in the nation. 

The breadth of this excellence is 
a source of pride for students, fac- 
ulty and staff, and is endorsement 
for the university's flagship status 
among the state's institutions of 
higher education. 

The university also continues 
to move forward in the quality of 
our students and the support of our 
faithfiil alumni. Freshman admission 
IS increasingly competitive. More 
than 28, 1 50 fireshman apphcations 
were received for just over 4,000 
spots in the Fall 2008 entering class. 

Once accepted students 
complete their academic journey, 
they wUl join a rapidly increasing 
tamily of alumni who are proud 
to be called Terps. Maryland 
Alumni Association membership 
has grown to more than 30,000 
dues paying members since its 
inception in 1989. 

The university's conunitment 
to quahty education in a research 
envirormient is key to its academic 
reputation and the success of its 
graduates. More than 100 centers 
and institutes are engaged in 
research and outreach. The 
research enterprise infuses the 
curriculum at both the undergrad- 
uate and graduate levels, exposing 
students to the most pressing issues 
and challenges in their discipline 
and training them to respond 
with rigor as well as creativity 
to contemporary problems. 

Faculty at the University of 
Maryland, in all fields of knowl- 
edge, are engaged at the highest 
levels of national and international 



concern. The universiry's location 
near the center of federal pohcy- 
making and international political 
and economic activity' enables it to 
play an active role in research and 
analysis of public policy. Strong 
Hnks to the scientific and techno- 
logical agencies and organizations 
of the federal government drive 
research in the environment, 
engineering, physics, computer sci- 
ence, life sciences and agriculture. 
Scholarship in the arts, humanities 
and social sciences is marked by 
the spirit of intellectual diversity 
and interdisciplinary collaboration. 
Marv'land is one of the research 
universities in the prestigious 61- 
member Association of American 
Universities and the only public 
institution in the Maryland-D.C. 
area with membership in the 
nation's most distinguished 
honor society-. Phi Beta Kappa. 

Total sponsored research and 
outreach revenue for fiscal year 
2008 topped $400 miUion. These 
fiinds for research, training and 
outreach come fi^om a variety 
of sources including the federal 
government, state government, 
corporations and foundations. 

The Office of Technology 
Commercialization (OTC) at 
the University of Maryland was 
established in late 1986 to facilitate 
the transfer of information, life and 
physical science inventions devel- 
oped at the university to business 
and industry. In its 22-year history, 
OTC has recorded more than 
1 ,700 technologies, secured more 
than 325 patents and licensed 
more than 900 technologies, gen- 
erating more than $16.3 million in 
technology transfer income. OTC 
collaborates with university offices 
such as the Maryland Technology 

Enterprise Institute, the Technol- 
ogy Advancement Program, the 
Small Business Development 
Center and the Dingman Center 
for Entrepreneurship. These 
partnerships demonstrate the 
university's broad range of technol- 
ogy transfer services, research and 
development funding, partnering 
opportunities and entrepreneurial 
capabilities to the local community, 
industry and government. 


The University of Maryland was 
founded in 1807 in Baltimore as 
a faculty-ovnied College of 
Medicine. The medical school 
was considered one of the top 
schools in the country, attracting 
notable professors and lecturers 
from throughout the world. In 
its beginning, tuition cost $140, 
grades were sent home weekly to 
parents, and students could obtain 
room and board for $300 annually. 

Five years later, the growing 
institution was renamed the 
University of Maryland. Despite 
the name, the university was not 
considered a state institution as it 
was stiU owned and operated by 
faculty'. Baltimore College of 
Dental Surgery, the first dental 
school in the world, became a part 
of the university in 1840, awarding 
the first Doctor of Dental Surgery- 
degree in 1841. 

In 1859, the Maryland Agri- 
cultural College, which would 
e\-olve into the University of 

Maryland, College Park, was 
opened under a charter secured 
by a group of Maryland planters 
in 1856. In addition to spending 
one hour each day hoeing or 
plowing on the college farm, 
students took a broad range of 
courses in ancient and modern 
languages, natural sciences, English 
and mathematics. After a disastrous 
fire on campus m 1912, the state 
acquired the college and rebuilt it. 

In 1920, the state legislature 
combined the College Park 
institution with the professional 
schools in Baltimore to form an 
expanded University of Maryland. 
The entity eventually grew to 
include campuses in Baltimore 
County, the Eastern Shore and 
University College, a continuing 
education institution. 

The follow-ing decades saw 
the increasing growth of student 
population, excellence in programs 
and curricula, and the burgeoning 
of the University of Maryland, 
College Park, into a nationally 
recognized research institution. 

July 1, 1988, marked the dawn 
of a new era in higher education 
in the state of Maryland, as the 
five components of the university 
were merged with six other state 
universities and colleges to form 
the University System of Mary- 
land, and College Park secured its 
flagship status with a mandate to 
become one of the pre-eminent 
research universities in the nation. 



The Alumni Association 

With alumni clubs from Miami 
to Taipei, Taiwan, the Maryland 
Alunmi Association strives to 
keep and strengthen ties between 
the university' and its graduates. 
Member events such as pre- 
game parties: bull roasts; picnics; 
golf tournaments; dinner cruises; 
and subscriptions to Terp. the 
University of Marv'land magazine, 
help keep alumni comiected to 
the university and to each other. 
All graduating seniors and success- 
ful master's and doctoral candidates 
receive a one-year free member- 
ship in the Maryland Alumni 

The Alumni 

The Maryland Alumni 
Associations Hall of Fame honors 
universitN' graduates who have 
brought honor to their alma mater 
through distinguished careers in a 
variety of discipUnes.The follow- 
ing 51 individuals have shown the 
world what it means to be a Terp. 

Carmen Balthrop '71 

l\vrhi-Clc)>s Soprano 
Adisai Bodharamik "7(1 I'h.l). 

leU'cominiiiiicotioits I'riiilblazcr 
Waldo Burnside '49 

Retail Kiiifi 
Harry Clifton "Curley" Byrd '08 

Legendary University 

of Maryland President 

Robert F. Chandler "34 I'h.D. 

^4 Founding Father oj the 

Green Revohition 
Connie Chung '69 

Prominent Broadcast journaUsI 
A.James Clark '50 

Construction Magnate, Benefactor 
William P. Cole 10 

U. S. Congressman 
Mary Stallings Coleman '35 

First Female Michigan 

Supreme Court Chief Justice 
Larry David '69, '70 

"Seinfeld" Creator 
Raymond Davis '37, '40 M.S. 

Nobel Laureate (Physics) 
Ruth Davis '52 M.A., '55 Ph.D. 

Respected Scientist 
Leonard Elmore '78 

All-star Basketball Player 

and Scholar 
Geary Francis "Swede" Eppley 
'20, '26 M.S. 

Administrator. Coach and Soldier 
Norman "Boomer" Esiason '84 

Football Hero 
John Faber '26, '28 M.S., 
'37 Ph.D. 

Legendary Coach and 

Distinguislu'd Professor 
Charles L. Fefferman '66 

Mathematician, Professor, Winner 

of Field's Medal 
Carly Fiorina '80 M.B.A. 

Trailblazing Executive 
Robert E. FischeU '53 M.S., '96 
Honorary Doctorate 

Medical Technology Pioneer 

Jon Franklin '70 

Pulitzer Prize- Winning Journalist 

Herbert A. Hauptman '55 Ph.D. 

I\'obel Laureate in Chemistry 
Jim Henson '60 

Muppels Creator 
Steny H. Hoyer '63 

U.S. Congressman 
Harry R. Hughes '49 

Maryland Goi'ernor 
Carlisle H. Humelsine '37 

Preservationist and Statesman 
Hugh Newell Jacobsen '51, '93 
Honorary Doctorate 

I Vorld-Renowned A rchitect 
Albin O. Kuhn '38, '39 M.S., 
'48 Ph.D. 

Builder of Maryland's 

Baltimore Campuses 
George J. Laurer '5 1 

Inrenlor of the Universal 

Product Code 
Wilbur Monroe "Munro" 
Leaf '27 

•L-erdinand the BulP.-iuthor 
Samuel J. LeFrak '40 

(.Wii!« Planning Leader 

Liz Lerman '70 

American Choreographer 
Kathleen Magee '72 MA. 

Nurse and Philanthropist 
Manning Marable '76 Ph.D. 

Authority on .African .American 

Russell Marker '23 

Pioneering Chemist 
Tobin Marks '66 

norld-Reiiowned Chemist 
Thomas V. "Mike" Miller 64 

Long-Standing President of the 

Maryland Senate 
Parren J. Mitchell '52 

Maryland's First .-ifrican .American 

Student, U.S. (Migressman 

Renaldo Nehemiah '81 

Irack and Fieldll'orld Record 

Tom Norris '67 

Congressional Medal of Honor 

Michael Olmert '8(1 Ph.D. 

Emmy Aivard- 1 1 'inning Writer 
Jane Cahill Pfeiffer '54 

First Woman Chairman of the 

Board at NBC 
Judith A. Resnik '77 

Challenger Astronaut 
Chun-Shan Shen '61 Ph.D. 

President of Taiwan 's 

Tsing-Hua University 
William Woolford Skinner 1895 

Research Chemist 
Robert H. Smith '50 

Developer of Crystal City 
Adele Hagner Stamp '24 MA. 

Maryland's First Dean of Women 
Reginald Van Trump Truitt ' 1 4 

Naturalist and Chesapeake 

Bay Advocate 

Evelyn Pasteur Valentine '67 
M.S., '86 Ed.D. 

Educator and Entrepreneur 
Gary Williams '68 

Championship- Wimhng Coach 
Morgan Wootten '56 

Basketball Hall of Fame Member 

The Hall of Fame induction 
ceremony takes place once every 
five years, with the last group of 
honorees inducted in June 2005. 



Customs of Commencement 

Early commencement ceremomes 
at the University of Maryland were 
marked with great fanfare and cele- 
bration. The facultN' gave huge 
banquets for the graduates the 
night before the event. The follow- 
ing morning, crowds gathered to 
watch the young graduates parade. 
It was a gala social occasion, attract- 
ing not only friends and relatives, 
but the fasliionable elite of the 
day. At the ceremony, prayers were 
recited, speeches were made, and 
honorary degrees were awarded 
to distinguished figures fiom across 
the country. Finally, as the audience 
cheered and threw flowers, the 
graduates came forward to collect 
their Latin-inscribed degrees. 

Academic Costume 

The black caps and gowTis worn 
by the students and faculty in the 
academic procession have been the 
traditional costume of scholars since 
the Middle Ages. The ordinary dress 
of the scholar, whether student or 
teacher, was similar to that of a 
cleric. Caps and gowns were 
probably worn to keep students 
warm in unheated buildings. Many 
medieval scholars were tonsured, 
like monks, and hoods served to 
cover their shaved heads until the 
skullcap later took its place. 

Even after the CivU War, most 
students at American universities 
wore caps and gowns daily while 
in residence. These varied in design 
until thev were standardized bv the 

American Intercollegiate 
Commission in 1894. At that time 
it was decided that all robes would 
be black. Colors on the trim of 
the gown were also standardized 
to indicate the scholars academic 
A List of deparmient colors follows: 

Agriculmre: Maize 

Arts, Letters, Humanities: 

Business Admimstration, 
Conunercial Science: Drab 

Dentistry: Lilac 

Economics: Copper 

Education: Light Blue 

Engineering: Orange 

Fine Arts, Architecture: Brown 

Forestry: Russet 

Home Economics: Maroon 

Journalism: Crimson 

Law: Purple 

Librar^' Science: Lemon 

Medicine: Green 

Music: Pink 

Nursing: Apricot 

Oratory, Speech: SUver Gray 

Pharmacy: OUve 

Physical Education: Sage Green 

Philanthropy: Rose 

Philosophy: Dark Blue 

Pubhc Administration. Foreign 

Service: Peacock Blue 

Pubhc Health: Salmon 

Science: Golden Yellow 

Social Work: Citron 

Theology and Divinity: Scarlet 

Veterinary Sciences: Gray 

The tassel may also be colored 
to represent an academic disciphne 

or It may be black. OiEcially, the 
tassel is permitted "to he where it 
will" on the mortarboard. However, 
numerous institutions have adopted 
the practice of having degree 
candidates wear the tassel on the 
right front side at the start of the 
commencement ceremony and 
then shift them to the left side 
after degrees are awarded. 

Student Marshals 

Elected through a nomination 
process, student marshals are 
senior leaders who play an 
important role in the graduation 
ceremony. Student marshals assist 
in organizing the thousands of 
graduates, leading them smoothly 
through the commencement 
procession. They also supply e.xtra 
caps and hoods, and bobby pins to 
keep headwear secure. December 
2008 marshals are listed on page 68 
of this booklet. 

Senior Gift 

This year's gift is the renovation of 
the Morrill Quad (in the center of 
Morrill, Tydings, LeFrak. Taliaferro 
and Shoemaker Halls). In front of 
Morrill Hall, the campus' oldest 
building, is the site of the original 
campus quadrangle; it is being 
redeveloped to help preserve the 
history of the University of Mar)'- 
land.The Class of 2008-2009 has 
chosen to honor one of our cam- 
pus' oldest treasures wdth one of 
our campus' oldest traditions. 

If you would like to be a part 
of this tradition of philanthropy 

by donating to the Senior Class 
Gift call 301.314.GRAD for 
more information. 

Academic Degrees 

A degree is awarded for the 
successfiil completion of a course 
of study. There are more than 
1 .600 diff'erent academic degrees 
currendy conferred by colleges 
and universities nationwide. The 
University of Maryland oS"ers 
degrees in 127 undergraduate 
majors, 75 doctoral programs, 
1 (1 1 master's programs and one 
first professional degree. 

The Doctor's Degree 

The doctor's degree represents 
the most advanced earned degree 
conferred by American institu- 
tions. There are two distinct types: 
the practitioner's degree and the 
research degree. The first type 
represents advanced training for 
the practice of various professions, 
principally Doctor of Medicine, 
Juris Doctor, Doctor of Pharmacy 
and Doctor ofVeterinar)' 
Medicine. These degrees do 
not involve the completion of 
original research by the student. 
The University of Maryland, 
at the professional school in 
Baltimore, awarded the first 
two dental degrees ever on 
March 9.1841, and invented 
the name of the degree. Doctor 
of Dental Surgery. 

The University of Maryland 
conveys the Doctor of Veterinary 
Medicine to approximately 90 



Students each year in a program 
that was instituted in 1 980. 
Graduates receive a diploma 
containing the seals of both the 
University of Maryland and its 
partner institution, the Virginia 
Polytechnic Institute and State 

The second type is the research 
doctorate representing prolonged 
periods of advanced study. A 
dissertation that usually accompanies 
the study is intended to contribute 
substantially to the body of 
knowledge on the subject. The 
most important of these, the 
Doctor of Philosophy, no longer 
has an implication of philosophy 
for its holder, but represents 
advanced research in any of the 
major fields of knowledge. It was 
first awarded in the United States 
in 1861 by Yale University. The 
University of Maryland awarded a 
Ph.D. for the first time in 1920. 

The Master's Degree 

The master's degree is an academic 
honor bestowed upon students 
who have successfiilly completed 
work beyond the baccalaureate. 

A thesis and an oral examina- 
tion are usually required. In 
1920,the University of Maryland 
awarded its first Master of Arts and 
Master of Science degrees in fields 
other than agriculture. 

The Bachelor's Degree 

The bachelor's degree represents 
the completion of a four-year 
course of college-level study and 
is the oldest academic degree 
awarded by American institutions 
of higher learning. It was first 
conferred in America in 1 642 on 
the first nine graduates of Harvard 
College. Maryland Agriculture 
College, which later became the 
University of Mar)'land, College 
Park, awarded its first Bachelor 
of Arts and Bachelor of Science 
in 1862. 



Doctor of Audiology 

Jessica A. Barrett 

Dci'ctopmeiil of an Evidence-Based Referral Protocol for Early Diagnosis of 
I cslibtilar Schwannomas 

Justine M. Cannavo 

Predicting the Loudness Discomfort Level from the Acoustic Reflex Tlireshold and 
Growth Function 

Krista J. Heinlen 

Tlie EJicci of Body Position on Distortion Product Otoacouslic Emissions Testing 
in Xeonales 

Doctor of Musical Arts 

William Culverhouse 

Rcijuicni Jor Cliorns and Harp: Conductor is Composer, Composer as Conductor 

Robert B. Henry IH 

Recording Project: Tlie Complete (Puhlisliedj Piano Uorks of Robert Helps 

Michelle Humphreys 

Pertonnance Practice for Percussion in French Baroque Opera 

Pei-Rong Lo 

Refining Sonaea Forms a Hundred Years from Chopin to Prokofien 

Angela M. Marchese 

Tlie Divergent Paths of Opera in the Classical Period as Seen Tlirough the 
Operatic Works of C. W. Cluck and W. A. Mozart 

Aneta T. Otreba 

An Exphnition ot I iolin and Cello Duo Repertoire 

Eui-Hyuk Park 

Study of Composers H7io Influenced Chopin and Hlio Were Influenced 
by Chopin 

Doctor of Philosophy 

Hasina A. Ali • Electrical Engineering 

Development of Self-Assembled ZnO Nanoslructures in Diblock Copolymers on 
Dirge- Area Si Wafers and Gas Sensor Applications 

Gregory W. Anderson • Mechanical Engineering 

Development and Testing of a Multiplexed Temperature Sensor 

Harold A. Anderson • Ethnomusicology 

A Confluence of Streams: Music and Identity in Aotearoa/Sm> Zealand 

Maria I. Angulo Sanchez Prieto • Ethnomusicology 

Following the Trail of the Snake: A Life History of Cobra Mansa, "Cobrinha," 
Mestre of Capoeira 

Aleks Aris • Computer Science 

Visuahzing and Exploring Networks Using Semantic Sidislrates 

Julie R. Arseneau • Counseling and Personnel Services 

"Born Tliat Way" and Other Sotions: Measuring Sexual Minority Individuals' 
Beliefs about Sexual Orientation 

Tsz-Chiu Au • Computer Science 

Synthesis of Strategies for Non-Zero-Sum Repeated Games 

Sasan Bakhtiari • Economics 

Productivity Dispersion, Plain Size, and Market Structure 

Aydin O. Balkan • Electrical Engineering 

Mesh-ofTrees Interconnection Network for an Explicitly Multi-threaded Parallel 
Computer Architecture 

Alice P. Bartley • Curriculum and Instruction 

Tlie Influence of a School District's Early Childhood Education Policy on Urban 
Students' Academic Achievement Toward Advanced Class Placement 

Juliana V. Belding • Mathematics 

Number TIteoretic Algorithms for Elliptic Curves 

Nikolaos G. Beratlis • Mechanical Engineering 

Direct Numerical Simulations ofTransitional Pulastile Floivs 

Christopher W. Bernard • Philosophy 

Vieivs oj God and Evil: A Perspcctival Approach to the Argument From Evil 

Andrea M. Bertone • Government and Politics 

Human Traflicking on the International and Domestic Agend<is: Examining 
the Role of Transnational Advocacy Networks Between Tliailand and the 
United States 

Richard T. Bindel • Chemistry 

Elliptic Flow Measured with the PHOBOS Spearometer at RHIC 



Thomas J. Bing • Physics 

An Epislenik Framing Analysis of Upper- Level Physics Students' Use 
of Mathematics 

Marina A. Bornovalova • Psychology 

Distress Tolerance Treatment for Inner-City Drug Users: A Preliminary Trial 

Michelle L. Brown • English Language and Literature 

Saeams Somehow Echoing: Trauma and Testimony hi Anglophone AJrican Literature 

Jonathan D. Buehl • English Language and Literature 

Instrument to Evidence to Argument: Visual Mediation oj Invisible Phenomena in 
Scientific Discourse 

Courtney R. Busch • Molecular and Cell Biology 

D!\'A Mismatch Repair and Response to Oxidalii'e Stress in the Extremely 
Halophilic Archaeon Halobaclerium Sp. Strain NRC-I 

Chunying Cai • Journalism and Public Communication 

IVomeu's Participation as Leaders in the Transformation oj the Chinese Media: 
A Case Study of Guangzhou City 

Sarah M. Camhi • Kinesiology 

Tlte Effects of Low-fat Diet and Exercise on C-Reactive Protein and Metabolic 
Syndrome: Findings From a Randomized Controlled Trial 

Maurice C. Champagne • English Language and Literature 

Basic Writing, Binaries, and Bridges: Difference and Power in the Production and 
Reception of Representations of Students 

Chih-Wei Chang • Marine, Estuarine and Environmental 

Modeling the Impact of Sediment Resuspension and Floccutalion on the Fate of 
Polyctilorinated Biphenyls 

Ching-Yee Chang • Chemical Physics 

Seasonal and Inlerannual Ocean-Atmosphere Variahiliiy in the Tropical Atlantic: 
Observed Structure and Model Representation 

Qiwen Chen • Applied Mathematics and Scientific Computation 

Dependence Structure for lu'vy Processes and its Application in Finance 

Shih-Nan Chen • Marine, Estuarine and Environmental Sciences 

Density- and Wind-Driven Lateral Circulation and the Associated Transport of 
Sediments in Idealized Partially Mixed Estuaries 

Marlene Cimons • Journalism and Public Cominunication 

The Medicahzation of .Menopause: Framing .Media Messages in the 
liventieth Century 


Allison C. D'Amour • Hainan Development 

77it' Relations Among Child Care Provider Education, Xeighborliood Poverty, 
and the Quahly of Child Care Classrooms 

Tagide N. Decarvalho • Behavior, Ecology, Evolution, 
and Systematics 

Tlte Adaptive Significance and Prevalence oJ Courtship Feeding Behavior in 
Hawaiian Swordtait Crickets 

Misun M. Dokko • English Language and Literature 

Dirty Bodies: Filth and .Marginal Characters in .isian American Literature 

Vanessa L. Downing • Counseling and Personnel Services 

Attachment Style, Relationship Satisfaction, Intimacy, Loneliness, Gender Role 
Beliefs, and the Expression of.4uthentic Self in Romantic Relationships 

Wallace L. Eddy • Counseling and Personnel Services 

Re-Dis-Covering Identity: A Phenomenological Study Exploring the Ontological 
Complexities of Being Gay 

Waseem M. El-Rayes • Government and Politics 

Tlie Political .Aspects of Ibn Khaldun 's Study of Culture and History 

Xueping Fang • Biochemistry 

Targeting Bioniarkers via CITP-Based Selective Protcome Enrichment 

Gustavo Fierros • Spanish Language and Literature 

Pasion por el Mctodo: Poelicas del .Modernismo y la Vangiiardia 

Darran G. Furnival • Applied Mathematics and 
Scientific Computation 

Iterative Methods for the Stochastic Diffusion Problem 

Sean Gahagan • Mechanical Engineering 

Simulation and Optimization oj Production Coiurol for Lean 
Manufacturing Transition 

Raymond W. Gamache • Journalism and Public Communication 

Evolution of the Sportscast Highlight Form: From Peep Show to Pathe to Pastiche 

Cauleen S. Gary • Germanic Language and Literature 

Bildimg and Gender in Nineteenth-Century Bourgeois Germany: .4 Cultural 
.'Studies .Analysis of Texts by Women I'I''ri7(TS 

Hilary J. Gettman • Psychology 

Executive Coaching as a Developmental Experience: A Framework and Measure 
of Coaching Dimensions 


Christina T. Gibson • Music 

Tlic Musk of Mamicl M. Poiuc, liiliiiii Carrillo, and Carlos Chavez in 
New York. 1925-1932 

Lynne M. Gibson • Government and Politics 

Motivations for Change in Support for Social Policy Bills in the United Slates 
House of Representatives. 1972-2002 

Christopher M. Glaze • Neurosciences and Cognitive Sciences 

leinporal Structure in Zebra I'inch Sonc^: Implications for the Motor Code and 
Learniiif; Process 

Christy D. Graybeal • Curriculum and Instruction 

Mathematia Teachers' Interpretations of Messages in Curricular Resources and the 
Relations ofTliese Interpretations to Tlieir Beliefs and Practices 

Melinda A. Grifiin • Public and Community Health 

Scale Development and Dimensionahty Analysis of a Protective Behavioral 
Strategics Multi-Item Scale for Use With College Student Drinkers 

Mark R. Hagerott • History 

Conniianding Men and Machines: Adniiralship, Technology, and Ideology in the 
20th-Cenlury U.S. Navy 

Tyish S. Hall Brown • Psychology 

Tlie Effects of Natural Sleep Debt on Current Mood. Working Memory, ami 
Risk- Taking Propensity 

Zenghu Han • Mechanical Engineering 

Nanofluids with Enhanced Thermal Transport Properties 

Elise T. Harak • Counseling and Personnel Services 

Outcomes of an Elementary Grades Social Competence Experiment According to 
Student Self Report 

Gia L. Harewood • English Language and Literature 

Constructions of 1 iolent famaican Masculinity in Film and Literature 

Rodney Harrell • Urban and Regional Planning and Design 

( hiderstatiding Modern Segregation: .Suburbanization and the Black 
.Middle Class 

Wendy M. Heiserman • Chemistry 

Investigating Two-Dimensional Behavior of Antioxidant Additives and Migration 
From Food Contact Polymers 

Joy P. Heyrman • Art History 

"Signature Drawings": Social Networks and Collecting Practices in 
Antebellum Albums 

Robin L. Hill • Biology 

Characterization of the Role of the Fern Genes in the Sex-Detcrininalion 
Pathway oj Cacnorhabditis brigiisae 

Nathan J. Hoteling • Chemistry 

Structure of Fe Isotopes at the Limits of the pf Shell 

Nazgul Jenish • Economics 

.■isyniptotic Theory fir Spatial Processes 

Yi Jiang • Economics 

7i('(> Empirical Essays in Environmental and Urban Economics 

Gregory M.Johnson • Mathematics 

Abstract Elementary Classes with Lowenheim-Skolem Number Cojinal with to 

Anil K. Kadegowda • Animal Science 

Regulation of .Milk Fat Synthesis by Dietary Fatty Acids 

Wei Kang • Electrical Engineering 

Correlation and Cooperation in Nenvork Information Theory 

Chanh Q. Kieu • Atmospheric and Oceanic Science 

Ttieoretical and Numerical Studies ofTropical Cyclone Development 

Hye-Yun Kitn • Geography 

Estimation of Land Surface Radiation Budget from MODIS Data 

Jusub Kim • Electrical Engineering 

Efficient Renderhig of Large 3-D and 4-D Scalar Fields 

Paula N. King • Ainerican Studies 

Sombreros and Motorcycles: Place Studies on Tourism and Identity in Modern 
South Carohna 

Arash Komaee • Electrical Engineering 

Nonlinear Detection, Estimation and Control for Free-Space Optical Communication 

Madhura D. Kulkarni • Cell Biology and Molecular Genetics 

Rote of Ubi<]uilination in Caenorhabditis elegans Development and Transcription 
Regulation During Spermatogenesis 



Veena Kulkarni • Sociology 

Asians in the United States Labor Market: "Winners" or "Losers"? 

Tina M. Leon • Curriculum and Instruction 

Middle-School Students Comprehending, Analy^ini;. Mid Uvaluaiin^ 
Persuasive Text 

Lixing Li • Economics 

lliree Essays on China's Economic Reform 

Sung H. Lim • Engineering Materials 

Synthesis and Characterization of MuUiferroic Thin Films 

Peng Lin • Measurement, Statistics and Evaluation 

IRT I's. Factor-Analysis Approaclies in Analyziiifi Multi^roup. Multidimensional 
Binatji Data:Tlie Effect of Structural Orthogonality and the Eq\iivaleuce in Test 
Structure, Item Difficulty, and Examinee Groups 

Eric M. Lind * Behavior, Ecology, Evolution, and Systematics 

Ecological Dynamics of Macrolepidoplera Feeding ou Box Elder (Acer Neguudo L.) 

Megan E. Linkin • Atmospheric and Oceanic Science 

North Pacific Chmate Variability and Arctic Sea Ice 

Xiangping Liu • Agricultural Economics 

Land Preservation, Voluntary Programs, and Regulatory Instruments 

Jaime Llorca • Electrical Engineering 

SelJ- Organizing Directional Wireless Backbone Networks 

Jane H. Long • Mathetnatics 

■/■//(■ ('ohomologY Rings of the Special Affuie Group ofVj, and PSL (J,p) 

Abel R. Lopez • History 

A Beautiful Class, An Irresistible Democracy: The Historical Formation of the 
Middle Class in Bogota, 1955-1965 

Paul A. Lott • Applied Mathematics and Scientific Computation 

Fast Solvers for Models cf Fluid Flow with Spectral Elements 

Yueh-Er Ma • Psychology 

Attachment Security, Mindfulness, and Psychotherapy: 'lesling a Medialional Model 

Carlos A. Malpica • Aerospace Engineering 

Contributions to tin- Dynamic!, of Helicopters with Active Rotor Controls 

Teresa A. Manyin • Marine, Estuarine and Environmental Sciences 

Bioenergetic, Reproductive, and Population-Level Effects of Dissolved Copper and 
Cadmium on the Grass Shrimp, Palaemonetes pugio 

Ann M. Mason • Communication 

Nannie H. Burroughs' Rhetorical Leadership During the Inter-War Period 

Loretta M. Mason • Special Education 

A Profile of the Qualifications of Special Education Teachers Among High 
Poverty, Urban, and Rural Schools 

William L. McGiU • Reliability Engineering 

Critical Asset and Portfolio Risk Analysis for Homeland Security 

Melissa P. Mclnerney • Economics 

Responses to Imeniii'es in Public Expenditure Programs 

Nima Mesgarani • Electrical Engineering 

Representation <)/ Speech in the Primary Auditory Cortex and lis Implications for 
Robust Speech Processing 

Melinda S. Morrill • Economics 

Women's Liihor Supply and the Family 

Thayer S. Morrill • Econoinics 

Topics ill Market Design 

Holly M. Mortensen • Biology 

Genetic I ariation at the N-Acelyltransferasc (NAT) Genes in Global 
Human Populations 

Saranga Naganathan • Biocheinistry 

Structural Determinants for Alloslery and Functional Switching in the E. coli 
Biotin Regulatory System 

Julian G. Neaintiu • Computer Science 

Practical Dynamic Software I Updating 

Jennifer A. Nolan-Stinson • American Studies 

Reading Beyond the Page: Conlextiializing Reading Within the Lives of 
Avid Readers 

Laurence M. O'Rourke • Government and Politics 

Con' liihies: American Ambivalence Ibwiml Eqiialiiy. Limited Government and 
Moral Traditionalism 

Michael S. Osmanski • Psychology 

Control of Vocal Production in Budgerigars (Melopsittacns Undulalus) 



Julie E. Owen • Counseling and Personnel Services 

Toward an Empirical Typology of Colkgiale Leadership Development Programs: 
Examining Effects on Student Self-Efficacy and Leadership for Social Change 

Tauno A. Palomaki • Physics 

dc SQUID Phase Qtihit 

Sangeeta Parashar • Sociology 

Marginalized by Race and Place: Occupational Sex Segregation in Post- 
Apartheid South Africa 

Sheetal Patel • Counseling and Personnel Services 

]]'ell-Being and Negative Mood of Soutli Asian American College Students: 
Contributions ol Aduh Atlachnient, Acculturation, and Racial Identity 

Miguel S. Pauletti • Applied Mathematics and 
Scientific Computation 

Parametric A FEM tor Geometric Evolution Equations and Coupled Fluid- 
Membrane Interaction 

Autumn M. Paulson • Psychology 

Examining Potential Mechanisms lor Increasing Emotunial Willingness 

Adam N. Perer • Coinputer Science 

Integrating Statistics and I 'isuali^ation to Improve Exploratory Social 
Network Analysis 

Polyvios Pratikakis • Computer Science 

Sound, Precise and Efjicicnt Static Race Detection for .Multi-threaded Programs 

Joanna R. Pressley • Applied Mathematics and 
Scientific Computation 

Response Dynamics ol Integrale-aml-Fire Neuron Models 

Yi Qi • Engineering Materials 

Artificial Kagoiiie Spin Ice 

Haifeng Qian • Atmospheric and Oceanic Science 

\'ariability of Terrestrial Carbon Cycle and lis Inleractioii with Climate Under 
Global Warming 

Pedro O. Quintero • Mechanical Engineering 

Development of a Shifting Melting Point Ag- In Paste viaTransicnt Liquid Phase 
Sintering for High-Temperature Environments 

Veronica L. Raggi • Psychology 

Development and Preliminary Testing of a Brief Behavioral Iiiten>ention to Address 
the Homai'ork- Related Problems of Middle School Students with ADHD 

Craig M. Resta • Curriculum and Instruction 

Charles Fowler and His Vision for Music Education: An Introduction and 
Selected Writings from 1964 to I9S9 

Richard J. Reynolds • Biology 

Pollinator Specialization and ihe Evolution ol Pollination Syndromes in the 
Related silene, S. carolithiana, S. virgiiiica, and S. stellata 

David C. Richardson • Marine, Estuarine and 
Environmental Sciences 

liansport. Sources, and (jualily of Sestoii in a Piedmont Headwater Stream 

Jocelyn M. Rodgers • Chemical Physics 

Statistical Mechanical Tlieory for and Simulations oj Charged Fluids and Water 

Melissa S. Roffinan • Psychology 

Supervisee Perceptions of Supervisory Focus on Strengths and Constructh'e Focus 
oil Deficits: Development and Validation ol a Measure 

Dalton S. Rosario • Applied Mathematics and 
Scientific Computation 

Algorithm Development for Hyperspectral Anomaly Detection 

Natasha M. Sacouman • Sociology 

Defying Expectations: Associational Participation and Democratization in Poor 
Communities in Argentina 

Nazish M. Salahuddin • Psychology 

Cliallenges and Resilience in the Lives of Multiracial Adults: The Development 
and Validation of a Measure 

Matthew J. Sandelier • Chemistry 

Tandem Reduction /Cyclization of O-Nitrophenyl Propargyl Alcohols: A Novel 
Synthesis of 2- and 2,4-Disuhstituted Quinolines and Application to the 
Synthesis of Sireploiiigrin 

Heather R. Schugar • Curriculum and Instruction 

Fonrtli Graders' Expository Text Comprehension: Indicators Jrom NAEP on 
the Role of Income, Out-of-Scliool Reading Experiences and In-School 
Reading Experiences 



Jordan T. Schugar • Curriculum and Instruction 

Mcltiplwr bistnutioii in One English Teacher's Classroom: His Vmlerslatiditigs, 
Instructional Practices, and Attitudes 

Jennifer D. Sciubba • Government and Politics 

Tlw Pohtics ol Population Aging in German, Italy, and Japan 

Matthew D. Servinsky • Molecular and Cell Biology 

Biological Characteri~ation ol a RecD Mniaiu in Deinococais radiodurans 

Nicholas R. Setzer • Physics 

V Seesaw Uses: UV Insensitive Snpcrsyminetry Breaking without Tachyons 

Shruti Sharma • Cell Biology and Molecular Genetics 

Tltc Crosstalk Betiiren B-Celt Receptor Mediated Signalitig and the 
Actin Cytoskeleton 

Christopher S. Shaw • Mathematics 

Weakly O-Minimal Structures and Skolcni Futictions 

Robert W. Sherwood • Computer Science 

Discovering and Securing Shared Resources oti the Internet 

Brooke E. Shrader • Electrical Engineering 

Distributed li'ireless Multicast: Throughput and Delay 

Paramita Sinha • Agricultural Economics 

llie I ahie of Climate Amenities: A Disequilihrium .Approach 

Andrea D. Smith • Urban and Regional Planning and Design 

Tlie Role of Perceptions in the Relationship Between the Built lltunronment and 
Walking Behavior 

Toni M. Smith • Curriculum and Instruction 

.^» Investigation into Student ( 'nderslanding of Statistical Hypothesis Testing 

Ashley L. Southard • Family Studies 

Understanding Biihmia:.4 Quahtative Exploration of the Roles, Culture, 
and Eamily 

Sogee Spinner • Physics 

Ihe Upsule oj Minimal Left-Right Supersymmelry in Deflected .Anomaly Mediation 

Mathangi Srinivasan • Molecular and Cell Biology 

Regidation of Calcium ,Signaling and Cellular Locah:alion of NEAT in CD8+ 
Anergic T Celb 

Jessica V. Stahl • Psychology 

Hlien the Shoe Is on the Other Foot: A Quahtative Study of Intern- Level 
Trainees' Learning from Clients 

Brooke A. Stipelman • Psychology 

A Comprehensive .Assessment oJ Distress Tolerance as a I'redictor of Early 
Smoking Lapse 

Catherine M. Sullivan • Counseling and Personnel Services 

Tlie Role of Communication, Life Role Commitments, and Sexist Ideologies in 
Dual-Earner Marriages 

Weiran Sun • Applied Matheinatics and Scientific Coinputation 

Mathematical Problems Arising lllien Connecting Kinetic to Eluid Reginws 

Nikhil Swamy • Computer Science 

Ltiiguage-based Etiforcement of User-defined Security Policies as Applied to 
Multitier Web Programs 

Zhuopeng Tan • Engineering Materials 

Formation and Piezoelectricity of Self-.-issembled PbTi03-CoFe204 
Nanostructural Films 

Xing Tian • Neurosciences and Cognitive Sciences 

Testing a Dynamic Account of Neural Processhig: Behavioral and Electrophysio- 
logical Studies of Semantic Satiation 

Son D. Tran • Computer Science 

Robust Techniques for I 'isual Surveillance 

Wang K. Tse • Physics 

Many-Body F-fjecIs in C,raphene 

Octavian Udrea • Computer Science 

Scalable Ontology Systems 

Arunchandar Vasan • Computer Science 

Timestcpped Stochastic Simulation of 802. II WLiNs 

Vlasios Vasileiou • Physics 

.4 Blind Search for Bursts ofl'ery High-Energy Gamma Rays with Milagro 

Benedicte Veillet • Philosophy 

Consciousness, Concepts, and (Content 

John C.Vernaleo • Astronomy 

Hydrodyiiamic Models of.4GN Feedback in Cooling Core Clusters 



Kristy M.Vernille Blocklin • Curriculum and Instruction 

Tlic Impact of Teacher iMeraaion on the Achiei'eiiieiii and SclJ-EJficacy oj 
Sfiidents within a Computer-Based, Developmental Mathematics Course 

Marcella Veronesi • Agricultural Economics 

Hin'iwnmcntiil Risk Factors, Health and the Labor Market Response of 
Households hi the United States 

Matthew W. Wagers • Linguistics 

77n.' Slruclurc ol Memory Meets Memory for Stnictitre in Lini^nistic Cot^nition 

Qin Wang • Electrical Engineering 

I\'ew Algorithmic Techniqnes for Liirge-Scale I'ohimetric Date I'isuali^ation on 
Parallel Aichitecnires 

Rong Wang • Sociology 

WTiai Makes a Good Dad? Contexts, Measures, and Covariales of Paternal Care 

Keisha Watson • Public and Community Health 

Trajectories o) Freshmen Alcohol Consumption: Examinitig the Influence of 
Drinking Refusal Self-Efficacy 

Xingzhi Wen • Electrical Engineering 

Hardii'are Design Protolying and Studies of the Explicit Multi-Tlueading 
(XMT) Paradigm 

Vanessa R. Wight • Sociology 

TIte hitergencrational Transmission of Gender- Role Altitudes and Behavior: How 
Do Parents Matter? 

Kimberly A.Williams •Women's Studies 

Casualties 0/ Cold War: Toward a Feminist Analysis of American NationaUsm in 
U. S. -Russian Relations 

Lisa M. Winter • Astronomy 

Extragalactic X-Ray Surveys ofULXs and AGNs 

Xiaoyu Wu • Economics 

Population Policy atul Human Capital Accumulation in China 

Xue Wu • Computer Science 

hnproving the Performance and Precision of Bioinformatics and Algorithms 

Peng Xu • Electrical Engineering 

Bio-hispired I LSI Systems: From Synapse to Behavior 

Regina A.Young • Curriculum and Instruction 

Reel Black Masculinities: Using Film and Media Literacy to Provide 
Opportunities for White Female Future Teachers to See Black Males Tlirough 
a Culturally Responsive Lens 

Tianle Yuan • Atmospheric and Oceanic Science 

A Study of Aerosol Indirect Effects for Cunuilus Clouds on a Global Scale 

XunYuan • Computer Science 

Feedback-Directed Model-Based GUI Test-Case Generation 

Dongquan Zhang • Measurement, Statistics and Evaluation 

Effects of Model Selection on the Coverage Probability of Confidence Intervals in 
Binary-Response U}gistic Regression 

Mei Zhang • Business and Management 

A Tlieoreticat and Empirical Study of Computing Earnings Per Share 

Ting Zhang • Hearing and Speech Sciences 

Tlie Benefits of Acoustic Input to Combined Electric and Contralateral 
Acoustic Hearing 

Xiangrong Zhou • Electrical Engineering 

Cross-Lityer Cusionhzation Platform for Lou-- Power and Real-Time 
Embedded Applications 

Guy Ziv • Government and Politics 

Hawks to Doves :Tlie Role of Personality in Foreign Policy Decision- Making 



Master of Applied 

Rutang 111 

Master of Architecture 

Brian Francis Essig 
Ian Coleman Fishman 
Jessica Magalindan Green 

Master of Arts 

American Studies 

Anh Hong Duong 

Art History 
Lyrica Evelyn Taylor 

Counseling and 
Personnel Services 

Tricia Rosalind Shalka 

Criminal Justice 

Jic Bai 111 
Na Fang 
Li Guo 
Luyao Liu 
Qidi Wang 
Jing Wu 
Nan Yni 
YangN-ang Zhang 

Criminology and 
Criminal Justice 

Amber Lauren Beckley 
Patricia Dooley Breen 
Rachel Diantha Goodwin 
Mehssa Lynn Roric 

Curriculum and Instruction 

Laura Anne Cathcart 
Hillary Anne Clemens 
Ethan Michael Merlin 
Nicholas Graham Mitchell 


Rubaba Ali 

Eric Christopher Alston 
Esther Grace Lee 
Anthony Lemus 
Jeffrey Michael Perez 

Education Leadership 
and Policy Studies 

Dana Chelsea Krein 
Rigoberto Marquezjr. 
Greg Frederick Orlofsky 
Mauria S. Peckham 
John Louis Seelke III 
Michelle Julie Stanley 

English Language 
and Literature 

Sarah Lucile Danimeyer 

Emily A. Davis 

Diana Elizabeth Owen 

Jana Wilson 

Autumn Mane Womack 


Pablo I'aiewonsky 

Hearing and Speech Sciences 

Amy Mane Strekas 
Christine Rachel Virion 


John Anthony Bernhardt III 

Human Development 

Chen Yang 


Sohit Karol 
Laura Ann Levin 
James Jungwoo Lieu 

Mathematical Statistics 

JoAnn Mane Rudd 


Haejung Park 


Kate Marie Weber 


Chaowen Chan 

Master of Business 

Aaron Aggerwal 

Dirk Baquet 

Honor Lauren Barrett 

Shatarupa Basu 

Joseph Anthony Boland 

Francis Vincent Bonanno 

Hans-Jurgen Brenninger 

Sterling Louis Brinson Sr. 

Brian Christopher Bronson 

Jakob Daniel Buikema 

Steven Richard Cady 

Reto Delazzer 

Asliley Gordon DeLaney 

Bin Duan 

William Christopher Dunkerley 

Alexey Egorov 

Martin Benjamin Einstein 

Harald Walter Eitiier 

Diana Jill Emanu 

Yelena Flanigan 

Peter Michael Flynn 

Wolfram FreiherrVon Haxthausen 

Christopher Bryan Frohlich 

Daniel Gamarra 

Roman Glashauser 

Areti Maria Gourzis 

Timothy David Grandison 

Georgjoeri Gredig 

Cheri Lynne Griffin 

Parikshit Singh Gupta 

Sabine Haas 

Khalid Ali Hasan 

Melissa Kay Hawes 

David Howard Haynes 

Jonathan Patrick Heimall 

Amie Suzanne Himes 

Matthew Lee Hooker 

Mark Bartholomew Hurley 

Paul Edward Jones 

Joshua KatTee 

Christopher Young Kim 

Adam Charles Kinney 

David Michael Krause 

Carsten Kuil 

William Andrew Lamain 

Christina Marie Lennon 

Henry Wenxi Li 

Chelsea Christine Mackay 

Lynton Lorein Markham 

Galen Maxwell Maytield 

DeidreYvette McPherson 

Sandeep Kumar Mittal 

Adesh Nangia 

Markus Nievergelt 

Tisola Anika Noel-Birdsong 

Sean Andrew O'Brien 

Jason Bentley Ornstein 

Jennifer Parker Perkins 

U N I V E R S IT> 


Ahsanur Rahman 

Jonathan Dav-id Rappaport 

Ramoncito Escobar Reyes 

Kai Roman Rommel 

Harin Sandhoo 

Michael Schaad 

Philip William Schneck III 

Andre Schommer 

Adam H. Silver 

Walter Beres Stundick 

Theodore C.Towne 

Jared Zachary Townshend 

Luis Ignacio Trujillo 

Kevin Tyldesley 

Sangeethaa Venkatesan 

Michel Danique Washmgton 

Joshua Weston Welle 

Sheng Wen 

Jeremy Paul West 

Dinoo Himali Wickramasinghe 

Adam Robert Zeiger 

Xinyang Zou 

Master of Business 
of Science Combined 

Erik S. Anderson 
Douglas Campbell Britten 
Hari Kishore Kosaraju 
Kevin K. Lam 

Meagan Nicole Van Hoy 

Master of Community 

G. Eric Duneman 
Amy Hotstra 
Eunsoo Yang 

Master of Education 

Curriculum and Instruction 

Linda Rachel Anderegg 
Amanda Arnoult 
Jaclyn C. Balancia 
Taniara Michelle Battle 
Aaron Michael Benoit 
Jeannette Marie Bonomo 
Khadijah Amirah Bossett 
Troy Lee Bradbury 
Zachary Todd Brandt 
Marjorie Alice Quigley Brown 
Sandra V. Buitrago 
Meghan Christine Charmatz 
Jennifer Chiang 
Sara M. Chung 
Joel Ivan Cohen 
Anne Rottinghaus Conrad 
Stephanie Marie DeUer 
Vanessa Jane Descalzi 
Erin Elizabeth DeMoss 
Megan Kathleen Dieckman 
Dayle Marie Doherry 
AUison Leigh Earnest 
Daniel Jungniin Eum 
Stephanie Lauren Failor 
Scott Robert Fairley 
Darius O'Neil Gaymon 
Michelle Golden 
Jamie Nicole Gorsuch 
Elaine B. Granado 
Kenneth Joseph Greco 
Anne Beausang Gregal 
Caithn Pennington Groman 
Michele Brooke Gross 
Kristen Elizabeth Grundmayer 
Jean-Marie Guibert 
Katherine Christina Guise 
Darren Beardall Gwin 
BretT Hadfield 

Mark Joseph Hajjar 

Beth Hanak 

Maureen Brigid Holdsworth 

Valerie Rae Hubbs 

Robin Mary Hudspeth 

Elisa Hull 

JacqueUne Pauline Jones 

Suzanne Nicole Jones 

Anita Heda Khetan 

Yoo Kyung Kim 

Sarah Thornton Kimball 

Nicole Kirkland 

Ashhegh Nichole Kling 

Jaclyn Elyse Klueger 

Claire Alise Kunkel 

Melissa Marie Lay 

Christina Suejung Lee 

Chinwenwa Obunnaeke Madu 

Ehzabeth Ann Maione 

JuUa Carlton McAdams 

Leshe Ann Miller 

Colleen Chaney Moore 

Jennifer Dorothy Morgan 

Kathleen Cronin Murray 

Sarah Ellen Natale 

Thomas Robert Josef Neumann 

Minna NUanont 

Jordan Andrew Patterson 

Katherine Lynn Pluebell 

Jessica Ashbery Powell 

Meredith Paige Rachlin 

Sonali Raje 

Tyler Marie Ramey 

Peter Fletcher Redgrave 

Casey Retterer 

Jennifer Leigh Richards 

Michelle Janelle Claudia Rivas 

Timothy Joseph Rodman 

Anne Rossheim Rubinovitz 

Michael Robert Sachs 

Leena A. Sardesai 

Jay Jun-Yen Shuang 
Lyndsey Ehsabeth Snyder 
Kelly Ann Stewart 
Kelly Kaili Suen 
Kashra Khailiah Taliaferro 
Lanita Nyambi Tanyi 
Sony Lilly Thomas 
Robert Franklin Thompson 
Brielle Nicole Veselsky 
Jennifer Renee Vestal 
Amy Elizabeth Ward 
Alison Cynthia Ware 
Ashley Amber Washington 
Matthew Richard White 
Samantha Yuparak Whitehead 
Jesse Michael Wieman 
Connie Hsing-TingYeh 
Hee-Jin Yoo 

Human Development 

Sandra Ann Baker 
Nicole Vanessa Ford 
Noah Simon Jampol 
Vidhaata Dilip Pandya 

Special Education 

Michele Mane Conrad 
Danielle L. Earl 
Jenifer Kirsten Herrmann 
Carohne Irene Hill 
Tracy Lee Reed 
Jennifer Leigh Sindall 

Master of Engineering 

SaHf Bagayoko 
Brian Ronald Cordes 
Sushim Dudi 
Whitney Shea Grogan 
Charles Lai 



M. Dianne Leveridge 
Stephen Christopher Lindsay 
Joshua David Palmer 
Vishal I. Patel 

Christopher Michael Radack 
Lisa Louise Scott 
Kent Simodynes 
Mukesh Tangri 

Master of Engineering 
and Public Policy 

Taeoh Kim 

Master of Fine Arts 


Jeremy WiUiam Foil 
Cory Ryan Frank 
Rebecca Melissa Wolf 

Master of Historic 

Najah Karima Ciabriei 

Beibei Su 

Maureen Hogan Vosmek 

Master of Information 


RohitVijaya Bangera 
Maura Kathleen Tenner 

AUiah Virginia Humber 
Jackson Muneza Mvunganyi 
Shiho Peko 
Thomas William York 
Ning Zheng 

Master of Library 

Katie Virgmia Ainsworth-Vizenor 

Kendra Nicole Armwood 

Jennifer D. Baugher 

Diann Meredith Benti 

MeUssa Lea Corley 

Joshua William Darland 

Ariel Deiaco-Lohr 

Aiden James Faust 

Claudia Cecilia Hernandez-Halper 

Maryanne Thompson Hussar 

Susan Hennings Kusel 

David Lloyd Lamp 

Jennifer Lynn McLune 

Setsuko Ishibashi Means 

Jennifer Lynn Namsiriwan 

Robin Pachtman 

Mara Jean Pearce 

Donna L. Sebly 

Abby Susan Whidow 

M'Lisa May Whitney 

Master of Life Sciences 

Christopher Leonard Caramela 
William Mark Dendy 
Susanne Beery Duncan 
Jennifer Lynn Fehlan-Jones 
Christine Ehzabeth Oilman 
Marcus A. Gobrecht 
James John Gorman 
Annabella Orsolya Kraut 
Mark A. Marchino 
Amber Nicole McCauley 
Emily LeArme Moore 
Rachel Rose Oser 
Mario Jesus Patino 
Gregory J. Pec 
Wendy Fawn Perelka 
Joan Laura Pierce 

Jamie Richetelli 
Scott Christian Schaub 
Patricia Anne Schneider 
HoUyceJane Schoepp 
Tanmiy Lee Stone 
Rita Ehzabeth Trice 
Shari Lyn Wilson 
Lawrence R.Young 

Master of Music 

Mary L. Bebout 

Master of 
Professional Studies 


Carolyn Jean Burch 
Katherine Anne Campbell 
Santha Laine Cortes 
Bettina Carolyn Proctor 
Deirdre Maeve Ryan 

Master of 
Public Health 

Haixiao Huang 

Ellen Stephanie Robinson 

Master of Public 

Pam Suzanne Allison 
Anthony Ronald Cole 
Sandra P. D. Culpepper 
Nestor Alonzo Ojeda 

Master of 
Public Policy 

Amanda Corinne Balderston 
Alankar Bandyopadhyay 

Pei-Chien Chuo 
Btissam El Hassar 
Andre Rodrigues de Aquino 

Master of Real 
Estate Development 

Tyler Pressman Abrams 
Whoman Sean Bahrami 
Derek Meyers 
Eric Paul Raaschjr. 

Master of Science 

Aerospace Engineering 

Massimiliano Di Capua 
Vanessa Jacquehne Gentzen 
Dory T Lummer 

Agricultural and 
Resource Economics 

Tank Chfadi 

Lucija Anna Muehlenbachs 
Ani Rudra Silwal 
Ravissa Suchato 

Animal Sciences 

Xue Han 
Jaison Jacob 

Applied Mathematics and 
Scientific Computation 

Jhacova Ashira Williams 


Rebecca Lynn Stone 


Ernest Rudolf Hixon 

Business and Management 

Olga Dorokhma 




Yunbo Shi 

Civil Engineering 

Sarah Naveed Ahmed 
Ryan Phihp Carey 
Cintia Mabel Lijeron 

Computer Science 

Morgan Cole KJeene 
Martin Ivanchev Paraskevov 
Sharath Srinivas 
Shashvat Advait Thakor 

Electrical Engineering 

Mustafa llker Beyaz 
Venkatesh Bann,val Bhat 
David Peter Dias 
Konstantinos Dinutriou 

Michael Noam Horak 
Shu-Hung Lni 
Mincy Mary Mathew 
Jonathan Adam McGee 
Lance Adams Mosher 
Sina Sahand 
Sri Harsha Surapaneni 
Pavan Kumar Turaga 
Guangyu Zhu 


Lauren Elizabeth Culler 

Family Studies 

Jocelyn Renee Smith 
Joanna Beth Waldman 

Fire Protection Engineering 

Evan Anthony Patronik 

Food Science 

Katelyn Amber Lamm 
Peter Anderson Machado 


Elizabeth Kaye Brabson 

Marine, Estuarine and 
Environmental Sciences 

Richard Thomas Gardner III 
Nicholas B.Jabro 
Andrew Lee Roy Mason 
Jessica Lynn Nelson 
David Mattliew Riposo 

Materials Science 
and Engineering 

Bryan Jason West 
Sheng-Yu Young 

Mechanical Engineering 

Khalid Haza Ahnitani 
Robert Elliot Benedetti 
Samuel Fomunyam Fomundam 
Ethan Edward Lust 
Ravikumar Sanapala 
Sigmund Max Young 


Sanjeev K. Chauhan 
Stefanie Krysiak 
Dong Sheng 


Stacie Claire Ain 
Sarah A. Gerson 

Reliability Engineering 

Tiftany L. Harris 
Kehai Zhang 

Survey Methodology 

ling Kang 

Sustainable Development and 
Conservation Biology 

Abdel Abellard 
Mauricio Bedoya-Gaitan 
Katherine Anne Dennis 
Raimundo Espinoza 
Briony AngeHca Senior 


Yichun Cheng 

Pavan Mukund Gajendragad 

Wei He 

Hsm-Ming Huang 

Don Punnoose 

Archana Ragothaman 

Varun Santosh 

Graduate Certificates 


Agazi Berhane 

Mansee Bharatkumar Mehta 

Mukesh Tangri 

Albert Wong 


Dennis Winters 

Intelligence Analysis 

MeHssa SueVming 

Public Health Informatics 

Remare Renner Ettarh 
Jason Carl Goldwater 
Shadae Martin 
Cathy Rolande Panka 
Joseph Michael Pardi 
Chris Policastro 
Linda lone Van Houten 



A.James Clark School 
of Engineering 

Bachelor of Science 

Aerospace Engineering 

Emin Uavid Azariah 
David Marshall Berg 
Alexander Nicholas Brown 
Jason P. Leggett 
Brian E. McCall 
Robert Steven Nisson 
Jacob M. Zwillinger 

Biological Resources 

Neha Rustagi 

Chemical Engineering 

"David Lee Wong Jr. 

Civil Engineering 

Joseph Augustus Garafalo 
Sahand Sasha Karinii 
Dustin Charles Ranch 

Computer Engineering 

Eric Asher Kohii 
Kurt Mansperger 
Paul Rosenfeld 
Christopher Ritrick Rowlett 

Electrical Engineering 

Atrouz Akhavan Azari 
Daniel Dean Bonney 
Anderson Kendell Forrester 
Lai Duy Ho 

2ttd Degree: Compuler Science 
Robert John LoForte 
Ibrahim Badereldin Oweis 
Carmen Anthony Renzi Jr. 

Andrew Blaine Schnirel 
James Chiaen Shen 
Amarveer Singh 
Emily Lara Sosin 
Ziyue Tong 
Dennis Xuan Tran 

Fire Protection Engineering 

Meghan Beth Klein 

Mechanical Engineering 

Amir Gamal Abdelsalam 

Frederick Pierre DimpfelVI 

Spencer Lynn Disque 

Christopher Jeremy Maldonado 

Gregory Carlos MarteU 

Brendan J. O'Leary 

David Benjamin Odenheimer 

Bayram Ozdemir 

Justin Edward Pntchett 

Richard Dwane Rose 

Nathanael Robert Seay 

Alba Sofia Serrano 

William Tyler Sines 

Gursimran Singh 

Weymouth Saint Patrick Spence 11 

Ho Fung Tsui 

Kurt Vargas 

College of Agriculture 
and Natural Resources 

Bachelor of Science 

Agricultural and 
Resource Economics 

Eric Olaymka Adebayo 
Geoffrey Karl Bernstein 
Shandra Arlene Gunibs 

Agricultural Science 
and Technology 

Charles Richard Weaver Jr 

Animal Sciences 

Oluwabunmi I. Fakilede 
Amber Rose Martinez 
Erin Jenine Ryan 
l^ana Marie Shaffer 

Environmentalmental Science 
and Policy 

Brian Michael Bovard 
Krystin Margo DeHaven 
Christopher Joseph Kirby 
Amena Zinnia Mozumder 
Shayla Cerrisha Scott 

College of Arts 
and Humanities 

Bachelor of Arts 

American Studies 

Joshua Allen Baynham 

Evangeline Dominique Campbell 

Zeynep Halici 

Caroline Helene Harhai 

Blair Michelle Lashley 

Joshua Adam Pasahow 

Ethan MTeichman 

Art History 

>Luisa Tuck Cole 
Farshad Fouladi 
Dheera Kapoor 
Nghia T Quach 
Metasebia Emebeat Yoseph 


Brian Christopher Pyles 
2tiil Major: Government 
and Politics 


Ashley Adoree Abuthan 
Grace JoAnne Apolenis 
Kelley Andrea 
Meredith Leigh Commins 
Lauren Skillman Davis 
Brian Lee Dickerson 
Loren Antoinette Evans 
Cassandra Pearl Fishkin 
Thomas Jewel Gomes 
Carleen B. Griffith 
Tawmi Lynne Holmes 
Benjamin Jacob Levine 
Keith Thomas Maiorana 
Kevin Dwayne Middleton 
Maria Robin Miller 
Alexis M. O'Connor 
Sirisa Prachumyaat 
Maria Catalina Rojas 
Alison Christina Strassner 
Sherri Natahe Zetlin 


William Albert Dufford 
Christopher Phillip Law 

English Language 
and Literature 

Vanessa Mane Aguilar 
Mehreen Q. Ajaz 
Christopher J. Apple 
♦Adrienne Margaret Bailey 
Karim Amr Baz 
Kyra Rebecca Bernstein 
Jonathan Andrew Cane 
Katelyn Marie Robyn C'assalia 

' E R S I T Y o I 

mm l^md, j Mdfina 


Courtney Ladell Cook 

Ayershia Dastgir 

Avery Allison Ladd Downing 

Emily E. Edgeman 

Jonathan Robert Topacio Flores 

2ud Degree: Secondary Ediicaiicii 

English Language Arts 
Rebecca Marie Fox 
Cynthia Margaret Horin 
Sokyung Kim 
Keith M. Larkin 
Suzanne Marie Leber 
Stephen Thaison Markley 
EHzabeth Lascaris McDonald 
Robert Phihp Mihalcik 
Due Huy Nguyen 
Shadae Levorne Paul 
Christian Michael Pusateri 
Jesse Robin Travis 
John Matthew Whipple 
Tahira SuhirWliite 
Kenesha Nicole WUlianis 
tjames S.Williford 
Lindsay T.Yarnold 
Ashleah KatherineYounker 

German Language 
and Literature 

Patrick James Bush 
Syed Bilal Hassan 
Sean Gilbert McTague 


Mark WiUiam Boniface 
John Michael Carroll 
John A. Cook 
Brenna Kathleen Crowe 
Brian David Datsko 
James Chase Fielding 
*James Matthew Harrigan 

Kara S. Huggins 

2nd Major: English Liingiiage 
and Literature 

Jason Roy Huibregtse 

Frances Anne Joyner 

2nd Degree: Secondary Education- 
Social Studies 

Keir Robert Ketel 

Erin O. Khmelnitsky 
2nd Major: Psychology 

Christopher Alfonse Lopez 

Gregory Seth McCracken 

John Nicholas Pessagno 

2tid Degree: Secondary Education- 
Social Studies 

Andrew James Reid 

Stephanie Frances Robinson 

Khahd Rosenbaum 

Nicholas Jason Scherer 

Rene' Ann Spitz 

Patrick McFarland Wallace 

Melissa Renee Wright 

Michelle D.Yoon 

Christopher James Ziesat 

Italian Language 
and Literature 

Jessica Deborah Portney 

2nd Major: Communication 


Mehssa Linda Hooyman 

Jewish Studies 

Ayal C. Robkin 
Steven Terner 
David Craig Zenlea 


Katharina Hess 
Michael J. Parker 

Bradley Scott Ryan 
Alyssa Menees Wegiier 

Romance Languages 

Anna GabrieHan 

Russian Language 
and Literature 

Corinne Michelle Fitzgerald 

Spanish Language 
and Literature 

Sharae Danielle Felder 
Claudia Veronica Hosea 
Aaron Montero Mednick 
Kathryn Veronica Mockus 
BaUey Leighann Rollins 
Denise Fuenzalida Rossel 

2nd Major: Sociology 
Lucas Alan Runion 
*Joshua A. Sampson 

2nd Degree: Economics 

Studio Art 

Tapkesos Lafanta Bryant 
Alton Daniel Cox 
Cornell Lionel Gray 
Keisha Chantelle Hartley 
Lanny Thien Hoang 
Katherine Elizabeth Kern 
Lauren HaUe Krol 
Kathryn Marie Kucharski 

2nd Degree: Psychology 
Dorothy Lorraine Lewis 
Eva Nicole Maddox 

2nd Degree: Art Education 
Sharon Ann Abad Paraoan 
Amanda Whitney Young 
llya Zhodzishskv' 


Krystal Danielle Brown 
Gianna Rosemary DiPasquale 
Brittany Nicole Graham 
Diana Chirui Ho 
Tyler David Kim 
Bradford Charles Wilkins 

Wotnen's Studies 

Sarah Rachel Lesser Betman 

Bachelor of Music 

Music-Professional Program 

Benjamin Edward Meeker 
Sophia Irene Tobin 

College of Behavioral 
and Social Sciences 

Bachelor of Arts 

African American Studies 

Iniejah Isielah Allen 
Chaz Romeo Ball 
Christopher Graham-Egbo 
D'Wanna Lee 
Sedia Kaemah Lynch 
Jorg Eugene Magruder Jr. 


Marc Ryan Browne 
Ian Andrew Erdman 
Kanika Mamian 
Gregory Linwood Nelson 
2nd Major: Psychology 

Criminology and 
Criminal Justice 

Louis Richard Balaban 
Jasen Anthony Banks 
Andrew Liam Blacker 

r Liliile t Magna aim Laitdf 



Sam Charles Cellino 

Jennifer Dawn Covahey 

William Joseph Crosby 

Patrick John Dykstra 

Tu\Ta Aaron Felt 

Brian Victor Fishman 

Paul Cavender Ford 

jRa\7an Abdulmtaleb Ghuma 

Gabrielle Anna Fairbanks Goulet 

Shakira Christine Greene 

Douglas Scott Haggerty 

Sean Thomas Henderson 

Candace Tiffany Hoaas 

Vincent Joseph Jiordano 

Trevor Wilson Jones 

Melanie Eliane JosseUn 

Jana Rhianne Kersner 

Benjamin SY Kim 

Kyle Andrew Lent 

John Kyung Sup Liin 

Evelyn Sucena Lopez 

Jessica Ryan Mack 

Wesley Paul Madoo 

Christie Marrone 

Daniel Paul Meola 

Kurtis Jef&ey Michaud 

Timothy Clyde Minor Jr. 

Mohsen Mohammadi 

Amanda K. Nguyen 

•Colin Wade O'Brien 

lf)i\'ya Paul 

Hong-PhucTran Pham 

Hung Ngoc Pham 

Melvin Christopher Bankole 

Ariel Michael Plant 
Ashley Melissa Potter 
William Seyed Reza Raoofi 
Katelyn Marissa Reber 
Peter Anthony Sanicola 
Janakan Saravanapavan 
Lorin Mitchell Sheaffer 

Lisa Ann-Mane Titus 

Jonathan Stephen Trencher 


Adam Wayne Updike 

Eric Thomas Van Etten 

Alissa May Vera 

Gina Williams 

John Steven Williams 

Raymond B.YslasJr. 


Stephen Misagh Allahiari 
Indumeet Bali 
Steve Alexander Barrie 
Jonathan Matthew Beard 
Daniel Joseph Bianco 
Craig Jason Binder 
EmiUa Lizet Cabrera 
Joe Chang 

James Robert Colabelli 
Matthew C. Colgan 
Kelly Louie Dizon 
PhiUp Daniel Godwin 
Thomas F. Guillebeau 
Jason Ryan Gurganus 
Kevin Jay Ha 

Raul Antonio Hernandez Jr. 
Robert Aaron Hilderbrand 
Derek John Hock 
Michael Jay Holland 
Megan Huan 
Ugochukwu Anthony Ike 
Allen Maurice Johnson 
Ryan William Kelleher 
Ryan Montgomery Kelly 

2nd Major: Covemmcnt 

and Politics 
Vishal Kliosla 
Hye Sun Kim 
Navpreet Singh Kohli 

Sheku Konneh 
Jay Koo 
Jm Kyung Lee 
Jonghwan Lee 
tjongwook Lee 

2nd Degree: Mathematics 
Michael Liberto 
^Deborah Ruth Loubser 
Elena Alice Luyo 
•John M. Maroglio 
Rujeko Judith Mashinya 
Donald John McCord Jr. 
Craig Stephen Mclntyre 
Alan Mo 

Kwame Owusu Jr. 
MauUk Patel 
Marc Donald L. Raphael 
Jai B. Rathod 
Hamza M. Sadiq 
Arash N. Sadri 
*Joshua A. Sampson 

2nd Degree: Spanish Liingnage 

and Literature 
Laureano Antonio Santiago 
Aarthi Premila Sathya 
Robert Bradley Scharmann 
Sung- Won Anselmo Seo 
Syed Salman Ali Shah 
Nikhil Shahdadpuri 
Jayant Prasad Singh 
Puja Singhal 
Adam Moon So 
Tolulope O. Sogunro 
Nicolas Steinberg 
Richard Allen Stewart 
Jasmine Elana Tirado 
Jerry Tong 

Tyler Timothy Wagner Jr. 
Jeffrey James Wellen 

2nd Major: Criminology and 

Criminal Justice 

Ike R. Wilson Jr. 
Robert E.Wyatt 
Heidi YeonkyongYi 
Merone W.Yilma 
Salman Khan Yousufzai 

Government and Politics 

Kelvin Adefehinti 
Jordan Lindsey Atkinson 
Max Robert Behlke 
Leshe Ann Bentz 
Stephen Kemp Brimer 
Mariette Allison Burgess 
Nicole Kandice Burka 
Valerie Yvonne Dabas 
Nicholas Joseph DeSalvo 
Rijak Grover 
Caitlin Marie Hopping 
Bradley A. Jensema 
Ali Khademian 
Dinelhe LaToya Mascol! 
Javier Ramon Montenegro 
Thomas Patrick O'Neill Jr. 
Sean Cordell Ranneberger 
William Gregory Risen 
Shahan Mohammad Rizvi 
Matthew David Skalka 

2nd Major: (yiniinology and 

Criminal Justice 
Joseph A. Stellato 
Kalinda Mercedes Stephenson 
Wossen Woubishet Tefera 
Philip Lester Tuchnian 
Adriana Margarita Valderrama 
Michael A.Walker 
fChelsea Morgan Williams 
Jad Karim Zakhour 


Sarah Joan Brady 

2nd Major: Criminology and 
Criminal Justice 

' E R S I T Y OF 

1 lM„dc t A'*'"" 


Rona Cohen 

Zelika Wendyara Compaore 
Siniona Danilovska 
Alexander Max Feldnian 
Robert C. Fitch III 

2nd Degree: Geography 
Tocarah Nichole Hargrove 
Lauren Michelle Jurman 
Olga M. Koteneva 
Kathryii Marie Kucharski 

2iid Degree: Studio Art 
Jason Robert Lewis 
Juan Li 

2nd Major: Communiaitioti 
Ryan Cordell Malphrus 
Kaitlin Emily McDonough 
Timothy Clayton Miller 
Andres Daniel Morinigo 

2nd Major: Economics 
Daniel McLoone O'Connell 
Alissa Ilyinichna Ouspenskaia 
Christina Nicole Thibodeaux 
•Alice J.Trageser 

2nd Major: Criminology and 

Criminal Justice 
Charlotte Leigh Yerkovich 


Jayson Adam Alexander 
Aaron Taylor Blair 
Raymond Neal CheU III 
Robert Allen Elson 
Kimberly Anne Forney 
Ruth Kim 

Anne Louise Kovalan 
Nicholas A. Mancuso 
David Antonio Ramirez 
Sarah Beth Smith 

Bachelor of Science 


Terry Patrick Bagwell 
Robert C. Fitch III 

2nd Degree: Psychology 
Kofi Orson Fox 
Joseph Francis Munson 
Anthony Johnson Pins 
Paul Brian Shepherd 
Jonathan Joseph Tomasello 


Adam Michael Berman 
John Joseph Bingham 
Ehzabeth Katherine Fmdling 
Mohamed Abdul-Kadir Juboon 
Kaitlyn Marie Kelehan 
Brian Le 

Caidin M. Moore 
Katherine Anne Sauter 
Kameron Sheikh 
Kristin Elizabeth Slawter 
Namika Zaman 

College of Chemical 
and Life Sciences 

Bachelor of Science 


Sean Neumann Alcorn 

2nd Major: English Language 

and Literature 
Haiyun Lu 

Brandon C. Somerville 
Ashley ErinVorwerk 

Biological Sciences 

Sarah Eniad Akkoush 
Roxanne Victoria Aniceto 
Samuel Ayodeji Arije 
Ajoy Bhattacharjee 

Sean Vincent Boland 
Ashanta Patricia Brady 
Hanhvy T. Bui 
Christopher James Biirge 
Amy Butani 
Tal Davidson 
Robert Perry Eagen 
Olaitan Onolapo Fakinlede 
Erick Eduardo Herrera 
Ikenna Ikechukwu Ihini 111 
Brice Irwin HI 
Jan Alberto Kaczmarczyk 
Jennifer Lynn Kresina 

Eugene Alan Lee 
Pamela Ann Lighter 

2nd Degree: Mathematics 

Sara Helen Low 

Gabriel Ryan Mankovich 

2nd Degree: Computer Science 

Amy Mhatre 

Diana Margaleen Mhuriro 

Nickolai Andreevich 

William Scott Pak 

fSeenu S. Patel 

ThmzarWin Pe 

Rebecca Claire Pedersen 
2nd Major: Psychology 

Hau Ho Phan 

Khoa Anh Phan 

Kent Anthony Shefchek 

Kunal Sood 

Christopher Collin Steinweg 

Marisa Tam 

Christina Tzafaras 

Nidhi Rhea Udyavar 


Erica Blair Holdenried 
Olubiyi Oyawale 

2nd Major: Economics 

♦Burhan Abid Sadiq 

2nd Degree: Mathematics 
Jason Tzung-Jye Shen 
James J. Shin 

Environmentalmental Science 
and Policy 

David Sanderson-Kilchenstein 

College of Computer, 
Mathematical and 
Physical Sciences 

Bachelor of Science 

Computer Science 

Oluwaseun Oluwadare Akinmade 
Kevin Christopher Balon 
Daniel Robert Hackner 
Lai Duy Ho 

2nd Degree: Electrical Engineering 
Arik Fairgraves Johnson 
Gabriel Ryan Mankovich 

2nd Degree: Biological Sciences 
Michael Francis McKay 
Julian Jospeh Moyse 
Sean Smitz 
Xian Xin Wang 


Chrisoula Dimitrios 

Mark Andrew Bloome Jr. 
Patrick Sodre Rocha Carlos 

2nd Major: Economics 
Hyo-Kyoung Kim 
Eric Knight 
•Jongwook Lee 

2nd Degree: Economics 
Pamela Ann Lighter 

2nd Degree: Biological Sciences 
Marielyn A. Reisdorf 

§ Summa aiitt Laude f Magna cum Laudi' 



Brian Thomas Russin 
Kristin Lee Rydland 
♦Burhan Abid Sadiq 

2tid Degree: Physics 
Alice Tseng 

2iid Major: Economics 
Eiiezer M. Zuckernian 

Physical Sciences 

Jcniellie Lagaiidaon Galang 
Man Jing Wang 
Daniel Wilniot Wungko 


Thomas Stephen Gresockjr. 
Michael Paul Harrington 
Zaccary Mills 
Jason Pearson Price 
"Burhan Abid Sadiq 

2nd Degree: Mathematics 

College of Education 

Bachelor of Arts 

Art Education 

Eva Nicole Maddox 
2nd Degree: Studio An 

Secondary Education English 
Language Arts 

Jonathan Robert Topacio Flores 

2nd Degree: Enghsh Language 

and Literature 
Michael Aron Monkc 

2nd Major: Enghsh Lmguagc 

and Literature 

Secondary Education- 
Social Studies 

Can Marie Huffinan 

2nd Major: History 
Frances Anne Joyner 

2nd Degree: History 
John Nicholas Pessagno 

2nd Degree: History 

Bachelor of Science 

Eletnentary Education 

Meghan Laura Gannon 
Brittany Leigh Griffin 
Jessica Li Medeiros 
Ly Nguyen 
Jenna Mane Riehl 
Cassie Paige Rotto 
Ryan James Shore 
Carrie Ann Swiecicki 

Special Education 

Ashley Yvonne Parlette 

Philip Merrill College 
of Journalism 

Bachelor of Arts 


Jeremiah Keegan Anas 
Reynaldo Rodrigo Calvelio 
Sean Michael Gentillc 
Martin-Paul O. Lcbel 
Kevin Christopher Litten 
Stephanie Alise Maruca 
Megha Rajagopalan 
Azuree Che Salazar 
Andrew H.Vanacore 
2nd Major: History 
Lindsey Marie Warne 

Robert H. Smith 
School of Business 

Bachelor of Science 


Chudney Asiedu 
Undraa Batzorig 
Lilia Bejenari 
Salah-ud-din Sabir Butt 
Julien Bechara Chemali 
Adam Blake Cohen 
Sheenee Ehsha Cotton 

2nd Major: General Business 
Rushell Ann Curran 
Danielle Abby Dorenfeld 
Xiaoling Gao 
Jing Hou 
Michael Hsu 
David Pauljarrett 
Lauren Marie Jayne 
Sunghan Jeong 

2nd Degree: Finance 
Arjuii Kathuria 

2ud Major: Information Systems 
Kushal Khadgi 
•Rachel W. Kwok 
Ayomide Oladapo 

2nd Degree: Finance 
Lima Mary Mathew Pallithanam 

2nd Major: Logistics, Transportation 

and Supply Chain Management 
William Gregory Rogers 

2ud Major: Digistics, Transporiaiioi] 

and Supply Chain Management 
'Jing Zhang 

2nd Degree: Finance 


Ariane Axelle Atinkpahoun 
Michael John Checchio 
Rachael Anne Connor 

Aaron Herschel Doades 
Brendan Patrick Downing 
*JuUa Graca 

2nd Major: International Business 
Carl Henry Grund 
Joseph Patrick Hart 
Sunghan Jeong 

2nd Degree: Accountitig 
Michael Thomas Jobe 
John Joseph Marciniak IV 

2nd Major: Information Systems 
Evan Hercules Morville 
2nd Major: Marketing 
Ayomide Oladapo 

2nd Degree: Accounting 
Colin Michael Penoyar 
Nakul Sharma 

2nd Major: Economics 
Biney Preet Singh 

2nd Major: Accounting 
♦Bethany Annette White 
*John Yun-Chung Wu 

2nd Major: Economics 
*Jing Zhang 

2nd Degree: Accounting 

General Business 

Jacqueline Tevy Foelster 

Information Systems 

Thomas Shing Liu 
Gursimran Kaur Math.ini 

International Business 

sSalar Azad 

Olga Sergeyevna Kovalysheva 

Kara M. Page 

Sufia Siddiqui 

2nd Major: Logistics, Transportation 
and Supply Chain Management 
Charlotte Victonnne Thomas- 


I iMidi- t -W.K".! ( 



Amanda Vman Carlson 

James Daniel Dorsett 

2nd Major: Logistics, Tnmsporlafioti 
and Supply Chain Management 

Jeremy Sukwon Kim 
2nd Major: Ecotwmics 

Danielle LoRusso 

Kelly Rozumalski 

Nicholas Holder Solomon 

Karisjanel Stewart 


Operations Management 

Walter DeWitt Clinton III 

2nd Major: Logistics, Transportation 
and Supply Chain Management 

Stephanie Marie Page 

School of Architecture, 
Planning, and 

Bachelor of Science 


Scott Derek Behrens 
Michael Wayne Brewrink 
Marcelo Augusto Garcia 
Jason Michael Langford 
John Ming Song 

School of Public 

Bachelor of Science 

Community Health 

Jessica Wii 

Family Studies 

Marisa Allan Astiz-Martinez 
Nalini Darshini Balram 
Sherita LaSha Berry-Pettus 
Kedra DeVon Frisby 
Candace Renae Holness 
Kelly Anne Kasper 
Marvine Loryn Lancaster 
Carolyn Michelle Mayes 
Rachel Helen Parker 
Jenna Marie Rastelli 
Neil Michael Schwartz 
Amanda Kathr\'n Young 

Kinesiological Science 

Laura Cassidy 
Joseph Chase Dawson 

Jaclyn Nicole Mastrocinque 
Kenneth Paul Sanchez 
Kevin Matthew Savior 
Justin Sobel 
Kristine Lisa Vander Wall 

Undergraduate Studies 

Bachelor of Arts 

Individual Studies 

fSarah Anne Stonesifer 
2nd Major: Art History 

Certificate Programs 

African American Studies 

Vivian Patrice Esquerre 
Tocarah Nichole Hargrove 
Tawmi Lynne Hobiies 

Latin American Studies 

Javier Ramon Montenegro 

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and 
Transgender Study 

Arik Fairgraves Johnson 

Women's Studies 

Courtney Ladell Cook 
Loren Antoinette Evans 

r Lauitt' ■}■ Miigti, 



Doctor of Musical Arts 

Philip G. Cave 

Philippe Rogier (c 1361-1596): "Missa Inclila Slirps Jesse": A Critical and 
Performing Edition with Performance Commentary 

Hui-Ju Chen 

East Meets Ifer.TJif Effect of the Compositional Style of Western Vocal Music 
on Contemporary Taiwanese Composers 

KeUy A. Kazik 

Selected Accompanied and Unaccompanied Flute Works of Rii'ier, Bozza, 
and Francaix 

Steven M. Leflfue 

Tlic Saxophone Enters the 2 1st Century: Performance and Composition 

Chi-Hsin Yi 

Virtuoso Piano Arrangements Based on Opera, Song, and Waltz 

Heekyung Yoon 

Dissimilar Contemporaries: Selected Piano Music of Sergei Rachmaninoff and 
Sergei Prokofiev 

Doctor of Philosophy 

Wuendy Y. Abi Assali Lopez • Chemical Engineering 

Optimal Selection of Measurements and Manipulated Variables for 
Production Control 

Eytan Abraham • Marine, Estuarine and Environmental Sciences 

Tlie Gonadotropin Releasing Hormone-3 System in Zehrafish: Early 
Development and Regulation 

AUsa J. Ades • Counseling and Personnel Services 

Facilitators of Men's Engagement in Power- Sharing Marital Relationships 

Ucheoma O. Akobundu • Nutrition 

Short-Term Home- Delivered Meal Intervention and the Health, Nutrition and 
Functional Status of Hospital-Discharged Older Adults 

Amy L. Anderson • Nutrition 

Dietary Patterns, Metabolic Risk and Survival in Older Adults 

Jacob M. Anderson • Physics 

Measurement of CP Content and Time- Dependent CP Violation in B Decays 

Vikrant C. Aute • Mechanical Engineering 

Single and Muhiresponse Adaptive Design of Experiments with Application to 
Design Optimization of Novel Heat Exchangers 

Seyed R Bahari • Electrical Engineering 

Security oj Wireless Sensor Selworks in the Presence of Captured Nodes 

Xia Bai • Chemistry 

Synthesis of Magnetic Nanoiuhes as Magnetic Resonance Contrast Agents and 
Drug Carriers and the Study ofTlteir Cytotoxicity 

Anand Baneijee • Physics 

Studies of Complex Systems in Condensed Matter Physics and Economics 

Somashekar Bangalore Prakash • Electrical Engineering 

Integrated CMOS Capacitance Sensor and Micoactuator Control Circuits for 
On-Chip Cell Monitoring 

Bryan J. Bloomer • Atmospheric and Oceanic Science 

Air Pollution Response to Changing Heather and Poivcr Plant Emissions in the 
Eastern I 'nited States 

Marina Bonello • Kinesiology 

Sixth-Grade Students' Mental Models of Physical Education Concepts: 
A Framework Tlieory Perspective 

Ingmar B. Broetnstrup • Physics 

Advaiu'cd Liigrangian Simulation Algorithms for Magnetized Plasma Turbulence 

Raymond M. Brooks Jr. • Animal Science 

Developing a Methodology for the Assessment of Freedom of Movement:Tlie Influ- 
ence of Spatial Parameters on Movement and Space Use in Mice (Mus musculus) 

Neil P. Campbell • Chemistry 

Itwestigation Into the Driving Force Dependence of Excess Electron Transport 
in DNA 

Guillermo Cantor • Sociology 

Breaking into the Public Sphere: Temporality, Context, and Innovation in the 
Politicization of Ditin American Imnhgranis 



Yi Cao • Measurement, Staristics and Evaluation 

Mixed-Formal li-sl Equaling: Effati ofTest Ditiiaisioihiliiy ami Common- 
Item Sets 

Heidi L. Castle-Smith • Theatre and Performance Studies 

"/ Should Go Xcar lo Say He Lies with Her, Yet She's a Maid": 
From Virgins lo Hliores, Actresses and Portraits. 1660-1737 

David L. Caudell • Veterinary Medical Sciences 

Development of a Mouse Model for the lllO: 1 l)(pLi:ql4) Chromosomal 
Trauslocalion Associated with Acme Lxukemia in Humans 

Lopamudra Chakraborti • Agricultural Economics 

Assessing the Efficacy of NPDES Regulation: Permit Writers' Decisions. Plants' 
Responses, and Impact of Pollutants on Water Quality 

Michael A. Chambers • Communication 

Traditional Values and Progressive Desires: Tensions of Identity in the Rlieloric of 
the Granger Movcmenl in Illinois, 1870-1875 

An-Ni Chang • Chemistry 

Total Synthesis of (3R,3'R,6'R)-Lulein. (3R.3'R)-Zeaxanlhin and 
Tlieir Stereoisomers 

Rui W. Chang • Mechanical Engineering 

Influence oj Cryogenic Temperature and Microslructure on Fatigue Failure of 
Indium Solder Join! 

Anirban Chaudhuri • Aerospace Engineering 

Self-Conlained Hybrid Electro-Hydraulic Actuators Using Magneloslrictivc and 
Eleclroslrictive Materials 

Yan Chen • Economics 

hitormation. Consumer Choice, and Firm Siralegy in an Experience Good Market 

Jessica Chin • Kinesiology 

Global Capitalism Meets Local Post-Communism: Tensions in Transition as 
Manifested Tlirough Physical Culture and the Female Body in Romania 

Chen Chiu • Neurosciences and Cognitive Sciences 

Adaptive Echolocaiion and Flight Behaviors in Free-Flying Bats, Eplesicus fuscus 

Jong H. Choi • Chemical Engineering 

Silicon Xanocryslals: Biocompatible Fluorescent Xaiuilable 

LeaAnn Christenson • Curriculum and Instruction 

Beyond Slorylime: IVIiole-Class Interactive Reading Aloud in Kindergarten 

Robert A. Creath • Kinesiology 

Sensory-Related Changes in Two-Segment Dynamics on a Sway-Referenced 
Support Surface 

Jill A. Dever • Survey Methodology 

Sampling Weight Calibration with Estimated Control Totals 

John J. Dipaula • CounseUng and Personnel Services 

Addressing the Hispanic Dropout Crisis: Predicting the Educational Persistence of 
Mexican-Descent Students Using Demographic and Process Variables 

Patrick R. Downey • Aerospace Engineering 

Characterizaiioti of Bending Magneloslriction in Iron-Gallium Alloys for 
\anowire Sensor Applications 

Shannon E. Dufiy • History 

An Enlightened American: The Political Ideology olTliomas Hutchinson on the 
Eve of the Revolutionary Crisis 

Sudeshna Dutta • Molecular and Cell Biology 

Genetic Regulation of Autophagic Cell Death in Drosophila nwlanogesier 

Anna K. Eaton • Cell Biology and Molecular Genetics 

Binding Interactions in the Bacterial Chcmolaxis Signal Transduction Pathway 

Hayssam H. El-Sbayti • Civil Engineering 

Optimal Scheduling ol Evacuation Operations with Contraflow 

Diana Elliott • Sociology 

How Suclear is the Snclear Family?: Extended Family Invcslnients in Children 

Sebastian U. Engelmann • Engineering Materials 

Plasma- Surface Interactions of Model Polymers for Advanced Photoresist Systems 

Daniel M. Farley • Mechanical Engineering 

Characterization of Conductive .-idhesive Interconnects in Flip-Chip-On 
Flex Packages 

Rohan Fernandes • Bioengineering 

Biological Naiwfactories : Altering Cellular Response I'ia Locahzed Synthesis 
and Deliver)' 

Kimberly K. Fleming • Curriculum and Instruction 

TIte Teacher's Homecomuig: Understanding I'ocalional Identity Development of 
Military Career Changers 



David R. Foster • Criminology and Criminal Justice 

Exploring Trends in the Targeting of Violence in Iraq Tlirough the Lens of Conflict 
Tlieor)': March 2003 to May 2006 

Michael Friedman • Kinesiology 

Tlie Transparency of Democracy: A Lelebvrean Analysis of Washington's 
Xationals Park 

Shigehiro Fujino • Engineering Materials 

Combinatorial Discovery of a Morphotropic Phase Bontulary in a Lead-Free 
Piezoelectric Material 

Adam S. Fung • Biochemistry 

Mutatiotial Analysis of the Doumhill Folding Protein GPH'iToii'ard Tuning 
Stabihty of a Molecular Rheostat Candidate 

Huina Gao • Business and Management 

Analysis oj Distribution Free Methods for Revenue Management 

Terra L. Gargano • Education Policy 

Grounded Identities.Transient Lives:Tlie Emergence of Student Ibices in an Era 
of Globahsalion 

Tarek K. Ghanetn • Physics 

Electronic Transport in Low Dimensions: Carbon Nanotubes and Mesocopic 
Silver Wires 

Amardip Ghosh • Aerospace Engineering 

Tlie Role of Density Gradient in Liquid Rocket Engine Combustion Instability 

Arindam Goswami • Mechanical Engineering 

Quantitative Hermeticity Assessment of Packages with Micro to Nano-Liter Cavities 

William N. Grimes • Chemical Physics 

Dendritic Integration and Reciprocal Inhibition in the Retina 

Christopher S. Groer • Applied Mathematics and 
Scientific Computation 

Parallel and Serial Algorithms for the Vehicle Routing Problem and Several Variatiotis 

Bin Guan • Attnospheric and Oceanic Science 

Pacijic Sea Surface Temperatures in the 20th Century: Variability, Trend, and 
Connections to Long-Term HydrocUrnate Variations over the Great Plains 

Bella Guner • Human Development 

Maternal Adolescent Parenting Behavior and Child Aggressive and Inattentive 
Behaviors: Findings from the Early Head Start Research and Evaluation Project 

Dale W. Hailey • Cell Biology and Molecular Genetics 

Live Cell Imaging to Study the Assendtly and Fate ofAutophagosomes 

Bing Han • Communication 

A Cross-Cubural Study of the Effect of Empathy on the Moral judgment of 
Distributive Justice Principles: Need Versus Equity 

Joong J. Han • Chemical Engineering 

Kinetics and Morphology of Metallocene Catalyzed Syndiospecific of 
Polymerization of Styrene in Homageneous and Heterogeneous Reaction 

Sarah E. Hankerson • Behavior, Ecology, Evolution 
and Systematics 

Resource and Space Use in the Wild Golden Lion Tamarin, Leonlopithecus rosalia 

Colin G. Hebert • Bioengineering 

RNA Interference Mediated Suppression of Tn-Caspase- 1 as a Means of 
Investigating Apoptosis and Improving Recondnnant Protein Production in 
Trichoplusia Ni Cells 

Adria R. Hoffman • Curriculum and Instruction 

"Like WlioMni Are:" Socially Constructed Identity in the Middle School Band 

Zhixin Hu • Mechanical Engineering 

Numerical Simulation of Lotv- Pressure Explosive Combustion in 
Compartment Fires 

Sharon Huang • Counseling and Personnel Services 

Cost-Effecth'eness of an Enhanced Uliole-School Social Competency Intervention 

David E. Huflfer • Criminology and Criminal Justice 

Risk-Anticipated Community Superi'ision 

Paul S. Hutchison • Curriculum and Instruction 

Epistemological Authenticity in Science Classrooms 

Eun Y. Hwang • Natural Resource Sciences 

Association Analysis in Soybean 

Deena T. Jacob • Cell Biology and Molecular Genetics 

Nucleocapsid Protein Modulates the Specificity of Plus Straiul Priming and 
Recondnnalion Patterns in Human Inununodeficiency I ims 

Bryce A. Jacobs • Education Policy 

Perspectives on Parent Involvement: How Elementary Teachers Use Relationships 
with Parents to Improve Tlieir Practice 



Bonnie E. Jacques • Biology 

A Comparalii'C Sliidy oj FGFR3 Sii;iialiiig During ihc Development of the 
Organ of Corli and Basilar Papilla 

Andreas Jahn • Bioengineering 

Controlled Liposome Formation and Solute Encapsulation with Continuous- 
Flotc Microfluidic Hydrodynamic Focusing 

Clare C. Jen • Women's Studies 

SARS Discourse Analysis :Tcchnosciciitifi( Race-\atioii-Ccnder Formations in 
Public Health Discourse 

Fenghua Jin • Biological Resources Engineering 

.\Uidine I'ision Technology for Food Quahty and Safely Inspection 

Chunyuan Jing • Linguistics 

Pragniatic Computation in L,mguage Acquisition: Evidetice from Disjunction and 
Conjunction in Xegatit'c Context 

Steven L.Johnson • Business and Management 

Impact oj Leadership on Continued Participation in Online Groups 

Andrew D. Kaplan • Journalism and Public Communication 

Investigating the Investigators: Examining tlw Attitudes, Perceptions, and 
Experiences of Investigative Journalists in the Internet Age 

Andrew J. Kellett • History 

Fathers and Sons: American Blues and British Rock Music, 1960-1970 

Lisa A. Kerr • Marine, Estuarine and Environmental Sciences 

Cause, Consequence, and Prevalence of Spatial Striutnrc ofMiite Perch 
(Morone americana) Populations in the Chesapeake Bay 

Youngmin Kim • Computer Science 

Satieitcy- Guided Graphics and VisuaUzation 

Susan L. Klauda • Human Development 

Tlie Relations of Children's Perceived Support for Recreational Reading from 
Parents and Friends to their Motivation for Reading 

Matthew M. Knight • Astronomy 

Studies ofSOHO Comets 

Rinna E. Kullaa • History 

From theTito-SlaUn Spht to Yugoslavia's Finnish Connection: Neutralism Before 
Non- Alignment, 1948-1958 

niana M. Lancaster • Education Policy 

Racing, Classing, and Gendering School-Related I 'iolence in Tliree Johannesburg 
Secondary Schools 

Yik-Loon Lee • Aerospace Engineering 

On Overset Grids Connectivity and I ortex Tracking in Rolorcraft CFD 

Zakiya S. Lee • Counseling and Personnel Services 

Educational Plans Beyond High Sclioot: Narratives of Black Males' 
Postsecondary Decision-Making Processes 

Can Li • Atmospheric and Oceanic Science 

Emissions,Transport, and Evohition of Atmospheric Pollutants from China: 
An Observational Study 

Jianwei Liu • Chemical Physics 

Single Molecule Fluorescence Investigation of Protein Folding 

Ling Liu • Electrical Engineering 

Analysis and Experimental Demonstration tf Conformal .Adaptive Phase-Locked 
Fiber Array for Liiser Communications and Beam Projection Applications 

Qingnan Liu • Chemistry 

Collisional Quenching Dynamics and Reactivity oj Highly I 'ibrationatly 
Excited Molecules 

Elena Lozinsky • Modern French Studies 

Tlie Glass Jars in the Vivonne:Tlie Intertextual Use of Fin-de-Siecle Literary 
Genres in a la Recherche du temps perdu 

Ronald W. Luna • Geography 

Transforming Espacios Cuherales into Cultural Spaces: How the Salvadoran 
Community is Establishing Evangelical Protestant Churches as Transnational 
Institutions in the Washington, DC, MetropoUtan Area 

Xiaolong Luo • Bioengineering 

Programmable Biomolecule Assembly and Activity in Pre-Packaged BNioMEMS 

Maria W. Luther • Food Science 

Promoting the Production and Consumption of HIieat-Based Functional Foods 
Rich in Antioxidants 

Philip W. Lyon • History 

After Empire: Ethnic Germans and Minority Nationalism in Inlerwar Yugoslavia 



John R. MacDonald • Business and Management 

SupptY-Cluiiti Dismplion .\liiiiiigei)icnl:A ConcepUuil l-'mmcwork ami 
ntforclkal Model 

Joseph E. Mahan • Kinesiology 

Iiiresligiititig the Role of Pcrsoiuilii)' in (.Sporl) Consumer Beliai'ior 

Anne M. Marshall • Curriculum and Instruction 

Understanding Opportunilies to Practice IMiat We Preach: Mathematical 
Experiences of Mathematics Education Doctoral Students 

Silvana Marten Rodriguez • Behavior, Ecology, Evolution 
and Systematics 

Evolution of Pollination and Breeding Systems ofAntillean Gesneriaceae 

Edward J. Martino • Marine, Estuarine and 
Environmental Sciences 

Environmental Controls and Biological Constraints on Recruitment of Striped 
Bass in the Chesapeake Bay 

Patrick C. McAvoy • Electrical Engineering 

Processing of Fx-Situ Acquired Sigtials Jrom Magiwtic Disks 

Thomas R McGrath II • Mechanical Engineering 

X'mnerical Modehng of .\hiliiphase Explosions 

Jennifer A. McKenzie • Kinesiology 

The Influence ofVisfatin and Visjatin Gene Polymorphisms on Glucose and 
Obesity-Related Variables and Tlteir Responses to Aerobic Exercise Training 

Moira A. McKernan • Marine, Estuarine and 
Environmental Sciences 

Comparative Effects of Embryonic Exposure to Polybrominated Diphcnyl Ethers 
in Domestic and 1 1 'ild Birds 

Meredith A. MiceU • Special Education 

Tlie Associations Among Youth Characteristics, Secondary School Experiences, and 
Enrollment in'livo- and Four-Year Colleges Among Youth with Disabilities 

Hyunjun Min • Comparative Literature 

Kim Ki-duk and the Cinema of Sensations 

Kevin A. Moores • Mechanical Engineering 

Effect of Tip Clearance on the Thermal and I lydrodynamic Perjormance oj 
Shrouded Pin Fin Arrays 

Douglas C. Morton • Geography 

Changes in Amazon Forest Structure Jrom Land-Use Fires: Integrating Satellite 
Remote Sensing and Ecosystem Modeling 

Thomas Mueller • Behavior, Ecology, Evolution, and Systematics 

Animal Distributions and Movement Behaviors in Relation to Resource Dytiamics 

Buvaneswari C. Narayanan • Molecular and Cell Biology 

Structural Studies of Phosphoenolpyrui'ate mutast/isocitrat lyase 
Superfamily Members 

Edward R O'Brien • Chemical Physics 

Protein Folding and Amyloui Formation in Various Environments 

Tammatha R. O'Brien • Entomology 

Melarhizium anisopliae's Persistence as a Saprophyte, Genetic Basis of 
Adaptation and Role as a Plant Symbiont 

Hiroyuki Oguchi • Engineering Materials 

Cond'inatiriiil Iinrsiigalion of Iniermetallics Using Electron- Beam Deposition 

Wonjung Oh • Human Development 

Children's Perceptions of Their Relationships with Mothers, Fathers and Friends: 
A Cross-Cultural Study 

James S. Olsson • Applied Mathematics and Scientiflc 

Combining Evidence from L'nconstrained, Spoken-Term Frequency Estimation lor 
Improved Speech Retrieval 

Pavlos Papageorgiou • Electrical Engineering 

The Measurement Manager: Modular and Efjicient End-lo-End 
Measurement Services 

Austin J. Parker • Computer Science 

Spatial Probabilistic 'lemporal Databases 

Deborah L. Pavey-Scherer • Counseling and Personnel Services 

Tlie Effects of Online Coaching on Instructional Consultation Skill Development 
and Treatment Process Integrity 

Yi-Hsing Peng • Electrical Engineering 

Study ofTiansient Effects in Photo-excited Semiconducting Polymers 

Jason L. Pereira • Aerospace Engineering 

Hirer- and W'ind-Tinnieriesling of Shrouded Rotors for hnproved Micro Air 
Vehicle Design 



Anand Pillarisetti • Mechanical Engineering 

Meclhviiijl M,ifupiiliilioii and Clhinutcrizalioii of Biological Cells 

Sara J. Pollack • Marine, Estuarine and Environmental Sciences 

Physiological Responses of the Fathead Minnow (Pimephales promelas} to 
Anthropogenic Sources of Endoaine Disniptors 

Siddharth V. Potbhare • Electrical Engineering 

Modeling and Characterization of 4H-SIC Mosfets: High Field, High 
Temperature and Transient Effects 

Samvit Prakash • Applied Mathematics and 
Scientific Computation 

Pricing \blatiliiy Derivatwes L'smg Space Scaled Levy Processes 

Santanu Pramanik • Survey Methodology 

TItc Bayesian and Approximate Bayesian Methods in Small Area Estimation 

Davina S. Pruitt-Mentle • Education Policy, Planning 
and Administration 

Comtmniity and Educational Opportunity in the U.S.iTlie Relative Utility of 
Technology and Digital Literacy in a Transcultural Community 

Abbhirami Rajagopal • Molecular and Cell Biology 

Identification and Characterization of HRG- 1 Heme Transporters in Eukaryotes 

Wendi D. Ralaingita • Education Policy 

Re-maknig the Namibian Teacher: A Study of Teacher Reflection in an Era of 
Social Transition and Policy Reform 

Gloria C. Ramirez Nieto • Veterinary Medical Sciences 

Host Alolecular Responses in Chickens Infected with an Avian Influenza Vims 

Anuj Rawat • Electrical Engineering 

MuUicastmg m All-Optical liT)M Networks 

Gwendolyn B. Rhodes • Geology 

Floods. Hurricanes and Climate: Influences on the Potomac Rh'er Basin 

Maximo L. Rivarola • Cell Biology and Molecular Genetics 

Insights into the Regulation of Ethylene Receptor Signaling by RTEt 

Scott P. Roberts • Psychology 

Tlie Development and Testing of an Implicii Lie Detection System 

Daniel J. Rogers • Chemical Physics 

Sew Technologies for Broadband Quantum Key Distribution: Sources, Detectors, 
and Systems 

Colin G. Rose • Biology 

Population Genetics of the Eastern Oyster in Chesapeake Bay 

Ayan Roy-Chowdhury • Electrical Engineering 

Improving Network Performance Security and Robustness in Hybrid Wireless 
Networks Using a Satellite Overlay 

Kristin L. Ruedel • Special Education 

Examining the Impact of Student- Lei'el and School-Level Variables on the 
Disproportionate Representation of Minority Students in Special Education Using 
Data from the Early Childhood Longitudinal Study — Kindergarten Cohort 

Neha Sahgal • Government and Politics 

Divided We Stand, But United We Oppose? Opposition Alliances in Egypt 
and Pakistan 

Chon Sam • Applied Mathematics and Scientific Computation 

Variable Selection Properties of L I Penalized Regression in Generalized 
Linear Models 

Alice S. Sandosharaj • American Studies 

Ghetto Proclivities: Race and Class in a Model Minority Memoir 

Sarah R. Sarzynski • History 

History, Identity and the Struggle for Land in Northeastern Brazil, 1935-1985 

Nicholas J. Schlosser • History 

Tlie Berlin Radio War: Broadcasting in Cold War Berlin and the Shaping of 
Political Culture in Divided Germany, 1 945- 1 96 1 

Antoinette G. Sebastian • Government and Politics 

Transboundary Water Politics: Conflict, Cooperation, and Shadows of the Past in 
the Okavango and Orange River Basins of Southern Africa 

Heather M. See • Human Development 

Tlie Protective Role of Home D-arning Activities in the Development of Head 
Start Children's School Readiness Skills: A Longitudinal Analysis of D'arning 
Growth Rates from Preschool Tlirough First Grade 

Genevieve G. Segura • Education Policy, Planning 
and Administration 

Organizational Change: A Retrospective Examination of the Transition of a 
Proprietary Scliool to a Degree- Gran ting College 

Chung-Ching Shen • Electrical Engineering 

Energy-Driven Optimization of Hardware and Software for Distributed 
Embedded Systetns 




SatneerV. Sheorey • Computer Science 

Raoiiiulioii Jiid .MUihnii in the I'rcsaur of Deforinauon and Lighlin^ Change 

Laura J. Smith • Curriculum and Instruction 

Molivatioii and Long-Term Language Achievement: Undemanding Motivation to 
Persist in Foreign Language Learning 

Erin M. Sorrell • Animal Science 

Moleaiiar Markers oj Interspecies Transmission oj 1-I2n2 and H9n2 Avian 
Influenza A Viruses 

Taryn M. Stejskal • Family Science 

Evaluating an Evidence-Based Intervention for Famihes and Survivors After 
Traumatic Brain Injury: Tlie Brain Injury Family Intervention 

Belinda A. Stillion Southard • Communication 

The Sational Woman's Party's Militant Campaign for Woman Suffrage, 
1 9 Li- 1920: Asserting Citizenship Rights through Political Mimesis 

Clare M. Stroud • Linguistics 

Structural and Semantic Selectivity in the Eleclrophysiology of Sentence 

Colin E. Studds • Behavior, Ecology, Evolution, and Systematics 

Environmental Conditions in Winter and Tlicir Ecological and Evolutionary 
Consequences for American Redstarts (Setophaga ruticillaj 

Soo J. Suh • Curriculum and Instruction 

Plagiarism, Textual Borrowing, or Something Else?: An L2 Student's Writing- 
from-Sources Tasks 

Luyan Sun • Physics 

Characterization of Mclal-Oxide-Semicondiiclor Structures at Low 'Temperatures 
Using Self-Aligned and I'erlically Coupled Aliiminuni and Silicon Single- 
Electron Transistors 

Ashwin Swaminathan • Electrical Engineering 

Multimedia Forensic Analysis via Intrinsic and Extrinsic Fingerprints 

Gelareh Taban • Electrical Engineering 

Secure and Private Date Aggregation in WSN 

Qiong Tang • Marine, Estuarine and Environmental Sciences 

(Jiitinase:An F.volutionary Duality 

Niya A. Todorova • Molecular and Cell Biology 

Energetics of Drug Interactions 

Anduin E. Touw • Reliability Engineering 

Latent Failures and Mixed Distributions: Using Mixed Distributions and 
Cost Modeling to Optimize the Management of Systems with Weak Latent 
Deject Suhpopulations 

Yin-Phan Tsang • Biological Resources Engineering 

Use of Macromvertehrate Predictive Models to Evaluate Stream Restoration Effect 

Kaylen D.Tucker • English Language and Literature 

Racial Choice at Century's End in Contemporary African-American Literature 

Sushant Upadhyaya • Civil Engineering 

Early-Age Strength Prediction for High- 1 olume Fly-Ash Concrete Using 
Maturity Modehng 

Rolando Valdes Aguilar • Physics 

Eleclromagnons in Mitltijerroic Materials 

JeffVan Collins • Education Policy, Planning, and Administration 

Slating a Claim Upon Wiich Relief Can Be Granted: Examining How the 
Development of Standards of Care and Changes in Public Policy Surrounding 
Public Education Potentially Validate Conditions for Educational Malpractice 

Jennifer E.Vardeman • Communication 

How Teen Girls and Parents Make Meaning of a Cervical Cancer Vaccine 
Campaign: Toward a Feminist, Multicultural Critique of Health Communication 

Mary E.Vechery • Mechanical Engineering 

Plate and .Microscale Stniclures: Analysis and Experiments 

Ashok N. Veeraraghavan • Electrical Engineering 

Shape Dynamical Models for Activity Recognition and Coded Aperture Imaging 
for Light-Field Capture 

Rebecca C.Vieira • Chemistry 

Photoinduced Electron Transfer in Ionic Media 

Sirapong Vilalai • Civil Engineering 

Statistical Odor Prediction Models for Supporting Biosolids Odor Management 

HoaT.Vo • Psychology 

Caffeine Abstinence During the Menstrual Cycle: An Evaluation oJ Mood 
Cognitive and Psychomotor Effects of Withdrawal 

Christopher M. Waits • Electrical Engineering 

Microlnrbopump Utilizing Microball Bearings 



Xia Wang • Applied Mathematics and Scientific Computation 

Appliciilii'iis of Gctietk Algorithms, Dynamic Pwgniniiiiiiif, cind Linear 
Programmiiifi to Combinatorial Optimization Problems 

James R. Watkins • Mechanical Engineering 

Evaluating the Susa'i'tihility of Etecirontc Components Assembled With Leaded 
Solder to Flexnral Failures, u'ilh High-Rale Considerations 

Catherine E.Watt • Education Policy 

Tlw Role of Academic Space Management at Research I'nirersitics and Academic 
Medical Centers 

Ryan E.White • Kinesiology 

Baseball, Citizenship, and National Identity in George ]]'. Bush's America 

MinjungWoo • Kinesiology 

Cardiovascular Fitness Modifies the Relationship Between Genotype and 
Seurocognitive Function During Executive Challenge in Lale Adolescence 

Chung- Yu Wu • Biological Resources Engineering 

Predicting Water Table Fluctuations Using Artificial Neural Network 

Yongqi Van • Animal Sciences 

Role oj Noiicoding Regions in Newcastle Disease I 'irtis Rephcatioii 
and Pathogenesis 

Ta-I Yang • Chemical Engineering 

Low-Loss Polymer Nanoparlicle Composites for Radio Frequency 
IRF) Applications 

Yong K.Yeow • Business and Management 

Tlie Work Network Model: Understanding the Interplay of Actor Artifact and 
Action in Technology- Based Change 

Diana M.Yoon • Chemical Engineering 

Insulin-Like Grou'lh Factor- 1 Signaling in Engineered Articular Cartilage 

Andrew G.York • Physics 

Novel Applicaiions of High-Intensity Femtosecond Lasers to Particle Acceleration 
and Terahertz Generation 

Paul L.Yu • Electrical Engineering 

Physical Layer Autlienticalion 

Hui Zeng • Electrical Engineering 

Resource Allocation in Relay-Biiscd Salclhte and ll'ireless Comiminicalion Networks 

Junjun Zhang • Nutrition 

The Effect ofTrifohrhizui and Resveratrol on Human Prostate Cells 

Lan Zhang • Civil Engineering 

Transport and Capture of Bacteria From Urban Slormwaler Runoff 
Using Biorelenlion 

Wei Zhang • Chemistry 

Living Coordinativc Chain Transfer Polymerization of l-Alkenes 

Bin Zhu • Biological Resources Engineering 

Novel Statistical Pattern Recognition and 3-D Machine Vision Technologies for 
Automated Food-Quality Inspection 




Master of Applied 

Jessica Leigh Mundt 
Eli William Pousson 

Master of Architecture 

Deborah Ajine Bauer 
Anita Bui-Yu Chen 
Angelo Claudio 
David Allen Derenick 
Beret Grey Dickson 
Jonathan Timothy Healey 
Adam Scott MacDonald 
Smritilekha Nayak 
Cesar Enrique Ramos 
Martiena L. Schneller 
Louis Peter Soraruf V 
Lee Andrew Swinscoe 
David Brendan Tudryn 
Farzam Yazdanseta 

Master of Arts 

Art History 

Brighton Kelley Hanson 
Jennifer Eileen Quick 
Xingkui Wang 


Marina Alexandrovna Shipley 

Counseling and 
Personnel Services 

Motoko Akutsu 

Criminology and 
Criminal Justice 

Caroline Colleen Becker 
Stuart Allan Hammond 
Marianne Margaret Staroscik 

Curriculum and Instruction 

Nicholas Anthony Caputo 
Emily Ehzabeth Gerrard 
Justin Richard Nero 


Ayeh Bandeh-Ahmadi 
Diether Wolfgang Beuermann 

Javier Ignacio Bianchi Sr. 
Teresa Clark Fort 
Craig Loren Garthwaite 
Kyle L. Handley 
Ermal Hitaj 

Diana Alexandra lercosan 
Terence Robert Johnson 
Ibarra Gabriel De Atoch Lara 
Rong Qian 

Agustin Salomon Roitman 
Naris Sathapholdeja 
Cesar Sosa PadiUa Araujo 
Enes Sunel 
Dong Wu 

Education Leadership 
and Policy Studies 

Joseph Michael Cox 
Shelley Suzanne Hintz 
Austin Michael Lasseter 
Kia Nicole Moat 
Kathcrine Davis Regan 
Alteia L. Robinson 
Rahul Sampat 
Christopher M. Slezak 

Courtney Michelle Sterkel 
April Catherine Terrell 

Education Policy, Planning 
and Administration 

Elizabeth S. Sadqi 

English Language 
and Literature 

Paul Vincent Haynos 
Mark Robert Hoffmann 
Yildiz Nuredinoski 
Chad Allen Sandefiir 
Molly J. Scanlon 
Sherea Andrea Spinner 
Richard Martin Thor 


Xochitl Ysahela Tafoya 

French Language 
and Literature 

Nadiiie Sara Ahmed 
Ann Forbes Bayliss 
Nazanin Khavari 


Donnise R. Hurley 
Taylor L. Keen 
John Kenneth Mills 
Alexander Joseph Schniid 
Apaar Singh 

Government and Politics 

Melissa Ann Bell 

Stephanie Augusta Bier 

Jeremy Scott Boss 

Nathan Michael Getty 

Alma Miriam Gotdieb-McHale 

Bradley Townsend Kerndge 

Micah Keith Lebson 

Michael Kelly McDonald 
Jonathan J. 1. Pearl 
Alyssa Kathleen Prorok 
Scott Andrew Racek 
Benli Moshe Shechter 
Alison Kathryn Staudinger 
Christopher Michael Sullivan 

Hearing and Speech Sciences 

Elizabeth Sarah Sanford Blayney 
Sarah Elisabeth Haszko 
Emily Romei Singer 
Sarah Elizabeth Stimley 
Heather MuirWikle 


Christopher Richard Donohue 
Dennis Anthony Doster 
Sheldon Aaron Goldberg 
Jaime Marie Layne 
Madalina Y. Lee 
M. GyneU McGee 
Ann Raphael McKenzie 
Nancy Su Nalezyty 
Andrew Charles Palmquist 

Huinan Development 

Claudme Mane Costich 
Wei Gao 

Jewish Studies 

Emily HeatherVillarruel 


Karisse Apryl Carmack 
Leticia Linn Campana 


Anne Annette Chaudry 
Alexander John Elahi 



Alexander William Hooke 
Christina Ballard Tolley 
Lindsay Michelle Wohlers 

Mathematical Statistics 

Ling Cai 

Kevin Matthew Foster 

Eun Young Kim 

Ziliang Li 

Mm Tang 

Anastasia Voulgaraki 

Chin-Fang Weng 


Ernest Hunter Brooks 
John Bynum Kuykendall 
Benjamin John Lauser 
Alexandre Rostovtsev 


Jessica Mane Abbazio 
Katherine June Curtis 

Second Language Acquisition 
and Application 

Juha Boiko 
Ashley Lynn Lenker 
Maria Fernanda Lopez 
Inge Maria Siggelkow 


Scott Garrett Albrecht 
Lester Howard Andrist 
Manjistha Banerji 
Thomas James Bern 
Aleia Yvonne Clark 
Karin De Angelis 
Wesrieigh Alan Quattrone 
Michelle Hannah Smirnova 

Spanish Language 
and Literature 

Maria Elena Campero 
Norman Gonzalez 
Nathaniel Peyton Jobe 
Laura Michelle Quijano 
Maritza Solano 

Special Education 

Lisette A. LeCompte 

Theatre and 
Performance Studies 

Paul Alexander Dunford 

Women's Studies 

Maren Ashley Bey Cummings 
Carissa Ann Liro-Hudson 
Safoura Nourbakhsh 
Rachelle Lenore Williams 

Master of Arts/Master 
of Library Science 

History/Library and 
Information Services 

Philip Christopher Hartten 
Jason Henry Schultz 

Master of Business 

Elizabeth Atwood Adams 
Himanshu Agarwal 
Olatunde Akinjide Akinola 
Hayat Taleb Al-Harazi 
James Joseph Allen Ul 
Daphene Altema-Johnson 
Michael J. Ambrose 
Mark Steven Ardila 
Thomas Bander 

Dirk Baquet 
Brent Jason Barcus 
Andrew Peter Beegan 
Koshiko Delaney-Karell Beegan 
Anoop Singh Bhatti 
Reto Bleuer 
Hu Bo 
Jorn J. Braun 
Hans-Jurgen Brenninger 
Christopher Stephen Brown 
Douglas W. Browning 
Andreas Bruehwiler 
Max Erick Busse-Grawitz 
Frank M. Cappella 
Arun Chikyarappa 
Brenna Corinne Child 
Myoung Gene Choi 
Jennifer Lynn Cook 
2n(l Degree: Law 
Reto Delazzer 
Brian Charles Dillow 
Marcel Dorner 
Kristen Marie Dreier 
Xinyuan Dun 
Todd Odniund Egaas 
Diana Jill Emami 
Erin Kathleen Esgro 
Whimey Shea Ferriell 
Hartwig Finger 
Marc Wilham Finsterhn 
Scott Christopher Frasz 
Wolfram FreiherrVon Haxthausen 
Oliver Freudenthal 
Christopher L. Fritz 
Laurent Gagnebin 
Matthew Drake Galbraith 
Kevin Michael Gallo 
Sneha Shirish Ganatra 
Griffith Weir Garwood 
Franco Christopher Gentile 
Parag Ghodgaonkar 

Vikas Gowdra 
Georgjoeri Gredig 
Paul Griffin 
Rikah Marie Grijalva 
Sabine Haas 
Sandra Haberthur 
Qing Hao 

Alexander J. Hardisson 
Grahni Kneibert Hawkes 
Lukas Hebeisen 
Jonathan Walter HoUoway 
Fabian Honegger 
Evan Matthew Hopkins 
Katharyn Lynne Hopkins 
Tobias Huttl 
Noel Tobias Jopson 
Alexander Jun 
Karin Katzer 
Tiffiiny Nicole Keaton 
Mohamed Khalil 
Christopher Young Kim 
Stefan Knefel 
Manfred Kohl 
GaUna Kozachenko 
Carsten Kuil 
Ulrich Stefan Lages 
Nannette Nickole Langford 
Nicholas Scott Layfield 
Bryan David Leslie 
Lin Li 

Michael J. Lorino 
Maranda Sue Luniewski 
Paul Evans Mauerman 
Michael Stephen Mazzotta 
Sindhu H. Meda 
Jocelyn MB Merisca 
Pascal Miserez 
Robert A. Morris 
Eduardo Akira Nakamura 
Radka Z. Nebesky 
Markus Nievergelt 



Ke Ning 

Jason Bendey Ornstein 

Raphael Paglia 


Bn'an Alan Pelley 

Mona Lee Peloquin 

Steven J. Phillips 

Margaret Inez Pochyla 

Ahsanur Rahman 

Paul Anthony Rodriguez 

Kai Roman Rommel 

Michael Schaad 

Torsten Scherl 

Brian Daniel Schettler 

Mathias Schinzel 

Jan Tomas Schlosser 

Jaimin B. Shah 

Meena Nandagopal Shah 

Matthew Charles Sheehan 

Frank Sierck 

Ryan Stuart Sinclair 

Atul Singh 

Patrick Gerald Small 

Sean Ryan Spears 

Brandon K. Stanford 

Tejinder Singh Sujlana 

Jared Zachary Townshend 

Oni vishwavirat Varry 

Grigoriy A.Vinogradov 

Urs Wapf 

Jurma Wessels 

Michael White 

Michele Elaine White 

Dinoo Himali Wickramasinghe 

George Beall Wilson IV 

Lars Winking 

Samantha Leigh Wolman 

Chun Din Wong 


Thomas Zau^ 

Adam Robert Zeiger 
Marc Ziegler 

Master of Business 
of Science 

Business and Management 

Omar M. Amiri 
Patrick Kenyon Crowley 
Nii Narku Dowuona 
Phillip Allen Duncan 
Christopher Gordon Low 
Igor Nakshin 
Sean Kelly Perschy 
Ramin FUahi Khoee 
Ibrahim A. Shafi 
Brian Ray Siever 
Tarun Varma 
Bei Bei Wang 

Master of 
Community Planning 

Emanuel Denard Briggs 
Shuo Huang 
Jennifer LaDon Pinder 
Maria Elena Rivera 

Master of Education 

Counseling and 
Personnel Services 

Megan Michelle Forbes 
Ashlee Mane Kerkhoff 

Curriculum and Instruction 
Stefame Rose Adamson-Kam 
Cher L. Agranov 
Naoki Aizawa 
Hsin-Yi Chiang 

Joanne Michele Dennie 
Jef&ey Riggs Dubel 
Kishanna Laurie Harley 
Paula M. Hayes 
Ehza Erin Hughes 
Karen N. Irving 
Zeljka Radovic Jaysingh 
Feiruz Kateregga 
Maureen Carney Knesel 
Gregory Jason Mahone 
Lisa Suzanne Najafi 
Danielle Antoinette Pate 
Maria Carol Salehi 
Simita Sharan 
Stanley Edward Sinerin 
Shannon Marie Stroud 
Naomi C.Trexler 
Lily Yu-HuiTsai 
Emily Beth Tuck 
Christina Ann Weaver 
Dana C.Wood 

Education Leadership 
and Policy Studies 

AJhson Mane Hudson 
Rebecca Schramm Kristt 
Kyle Edward Schmitt 
John Paul Sherkus 

Special Education 

Amy Levenson Alvord 
Kelly Anne Gray 
Mary Madlyn McPherson 
Kelli Nichole Nelson 

Master of Engineering 

Bhaskar Adhikari 
Nnaenieka Ejikeme Anadu 
Steven Arrey-Mbeng 
Sonia Maria Barrantes 

Raz Barzilay 

Prashant Ghanshyam Bhoyar 

Andrew David Bossi 

Danielle Marie' Brock 

Jason Ryan Budd 

Michael Joseph Cavanaugh 

Joshua Daniel Chapman 

Kendry Alfredo Contreras 

Pavan Subhash Dabade 

Ankita Dash 

Kliyati K. Dave 

Daniel Decker 

Thinesh Devadhas Mohanadhas 

Hadi Sami Eissa 

Shervin Farahi Manesh 

Donna Michelle Forsht 

Jose Luis Garcia Moreno 

Krisnandito Hardjoko 

Suzanne Hemann 

Rohit Chandrashekhar Iyer 

Brian Emanuel Jackson 

SachinVijay Karkhanis 

Sanjay Khanal 

Diwa Ravinder Khanna 

Shahina Kurien 

Edward Walter Lipnickas 

James Arthur Lusby Jr. 

Andrew James McCarty 

Daniel Michael Motto 

Anhquan Dang Nguyen 

Tuong Ngoc Nguyen 

Craig Alan Nickel 

Chijioke Onyekachi Ogbonna 

Godson Okechukwu Ogbuneke 

Gabriel Parrilla 

Khashayar Parsay 

Thomas PhiHps 

Mahesh Ramesh Sahni 

Edward Sekamanya 

Sonik Sikka 

Kizsonya Monyett Smith 



Desmond Anthony St. Rose 
Jennifer Ann Tifit 
Danny Vereen Jr. 
Sumalka B. Wegodapola 
Christopher Jeffrey Whitesell 
George John Wilkie 
Sarah Gilbert Williams 

Master of Engineering 
and Public Policy 

Abigail Ann Daken 
Howard Owen Fiddy 

Master of Fine Arts 

Creative Writing 

Rashada Nawaz Chaudhary 
Seth Embre Gremaud 
Brandon Paul Thomas 


Kathrine Kerry lacono 


SonyaYurkiw Dowhaluk 

Master of Historic 

lames Alexander Bullock 
Leah Marcilliat Burch 
Michelle Mane Farley 
Rei Harada 
Gabnela P. Harris 
January Mane Ruck 

Master of Information 

Rishi Anand 
Sandeep Bhardwaj 
Robert Luther Byrd II 
Erica Nicole Cooper 
NeU Joseph Doherry 
Diti Gandhi 
Gerrod Cale Glauner 
Dean Francis Landolt 
Jei&ey A. Lang 
Pujan Satish Mehta 
Linda Rosario Meichor 
Rekha Pandya 
Samiksha Suresh Piprodia 
Susan Copeland Wilson 

Master of Journalism 

Samia Ahmad Badih 
Jennifer Sally Bogdan 
Bianca Nicole Gordon 
Jessica Leeanne Groover 
Anath Nina Leah Hartmann 
David Edward Hill 
Ashley M. Lewis 
Janelle Nichole Lilley 
Elizabeth Marie Piazza 
Kathryn Anne Russell 
James K. Sanborn 
EU Isaac Segall 
Christopher D. Weaver 
Laurie Anne White 
Cassandra B.Wilson 
Michelle Robles Zenarosa 

Master of 
Library Science 

Ann Elizabeth Burlin 
Martha Janet Caro 
Dawn Conte 
Amber Marie Forrester 
Ursula Gorham-Oscilowski 
Glenda Graves 
Ehzabeth Frances Hadley 
Marilyn A. Hage 
Amanda J. Holgate 
Amy Christine Jenkins 
Margeaux Johnson 
Neal Brendan Johnson 
Deborah Krummejoy 
Stephanie Lynn Malenich 
Bryan Bell Rhodes 
Jennifer Anne Rothschild 
Meghan Elizabeth Sackett 
Karin Ann Stevens 
Catharine Cooney Stoll 
MeUssa J. Thomas 
Christine Elise Turner 
Meredith Eileen Veatch 
Lynn Douglas Waller Jr. 
Amy Cooper White 

Master of Life Sciences 

Karena Marie Bennett 

Christopher Leonard Caraniela 

Patricia Sue Cook 

Heather R. Curton 

Lynn Terese Dehnel 

Kathenne W East 

Roberto Guzman 

Russell E. Holden 

Sheryl Ann Rosier 

Lauren Lucienne Kropp 

Barbara J. Lee 

Terra Anna Merry 
David Alan Nelson 
Michael Rodney Osborne 
Eileen Haussener Perkins 
Janel Kathleen Powers 
Eric Robert Prange 
Samah Nayif Ramadan 
Jamie Richetelli 
Joel Andrew Smith 
Trekker Williams 
Mark Charles Wolfgang 

Master of Mathematics 
of Advanced Industrial 

Leon A. Escobar-Moreira 
William Rene Waldron 

Master of Music 

Leah Rachel Grower 
Stephen Andrew Holmes 
Meghan CoUeen McCall 
Michael Steven Sparrow Jr. 

Master of 
Public Health 

Vanessa Jean Landau 
Kathleen Kolar Quinn 
InhaVarnes Strnad 

Master of Public 

Jason Phillip Annis 
Matthew W Frost 
Miel Hendrickson 
Sharda N. King 
Joshua Hoffinan Pollack 



D;i\vud K. Shillingford 
Jason Kyle Stewart 
John Patrick Tierney 

Master of 
Public Policy 

Febpe De Oliveira Basso 
Pablo Calle 

Jeiuiifer Joyce Cummings 
Rana Danielle Dotson 
Mario Felici 

Leonardo Enrique Flores 
Hyunkang Hur 
Manasi Kakatkar 
Stephen B. Leavitt 
Jessica Jeanne Leonard 
Sean P. McGuire 
Anh L. Nguyen 
William Ross Petuchov 
Gregor\- T. Scagliotti 

Master of Public 
Policy and Master 
of Business 

Sharon D. Boilers 
Chidinnia U. Ikonne 

Master of Real Estate 

Anthony James Agliata 
Whoman Sean Bahrami 
John William Baxter 
Paul John DeVeaux 
Josephine Ingalsbe 
Tiphanie Zhake! Jones 
Jennifer Lee Portillo 
Zachary Adam Smith 

Anhdai Bambi Tran 
Rachel Kathryn Watson 

Master of Science 

Aerospace Engineering 

Michael William Chiiin 
Barrett Edward Dillow 
Peter Nathaniel Gardner 
Brendan James Geraghty 
Joseph Marshall Gland 
Eric Greenwood II 
Robyn Lynn Harmon 
Ian Robert Higgins 
Andrew Maxwell Hyslop 
Craig Michael Lewandowski 
Elizabeth Anne Matzinger 
Benjamin John Nickless 
Fernando RaSan 
Daniel Caleb Sargent 
Richard Dwight Sickenberger 
Monica Syal 
Evan Robert Lflrich 

Agricultural and Resource 

Stephen Andrew Kasperski 
LmgYee Khor 
Dimitrios Reppas 
Juan Cristobal Ruiz-Tagle 
Andrew James Stocking 

Animal Sciences 

Kathleen Marie Paulette Baczynski 
Sarah Lee Ann Benoit 
Taylor Eilers CaUicrate 
Ashley Danielle Choiniere 
Rongyu Zeng 

Applied MatheiTiatics and 
Scientific Computation 

Namrata Uppal Coriuck 
riavid Albert Schug 
Poorani Subramanian 

Atmospheric and 
Oceanic Science 

Hczckiah Matthew Carty 
Elizabeth Ann Sattertield 

Behavior, Ecology, Evolution 
and Systematics 

Carrie Elizabeth Long 

Biological Resources 

Thomas Junior Grirteth 111 
Shaya Jamshidi 
Diana Maimone 


leiiiuter Kimiko Liang 
Krishna Prasad Rajaram 

Business and Management 

Chantella Devon.i Blackwell 
Amanda Ashley Cage 
Bryant Jonathan Calliste 
Tzuyun Chen 
Kevin John Connor 
Liliam Natali Coronado 
Farnaz Daryan 
Katie Leigh Emblem 
John FraioUJr. 
Jiyun Ge 

Francoise A. Gnago 
Vincent Gomes 
Gregory Joseph Haniiiiett 
Andrew Stephen Hildebr.mdt 
Baraka M. Ibrahim 

Abiola S. Idris 

Amy Hyunsun Jeon 

Kenneth Derick Kabuye 

Mark Brian Kaufinan 

Jung Ug Kim 

David Robert Kinard 

Seth Levy 

Xin Lin 

Hsiao-Tmg Liu 

Janelle Lynnea Luckenbaugh 

Christina Laura Markoff 

Neil Bois Markowitz 

Frederico M. G. Mattos 

Guy Cristhian Meruvia 

Elizabeth Ann Minarick 

Stephanose Mitiku 

Amir Mojtahedi 

Maryvenia Lee Niles 

Megan Paolantonio 

Maritess Pasaoa 

Steven R. Pebley 

Shih-Yun Peng 

Upeksha Peramune 

Tia Danae Salmon 

Jessica Blair Abby Sergeant 

Twyla N. Stephen 

Julia Tucker 

Brian Joseph Vallario 

Craig Alan Vaughan 

Elizabeth Ann Wehrle 

Sherry Frances Wright 

Cell Biology and 
Molecular Genetics 

Sharon Azogue 
Sangectha Raghavan 

Chemical Engineering 

Joyce Catherine Breger 



Chemical Physics 

Emily Elisa Edwards 
Amanda Kay Woodward 


Doriann De Jesus Jimenez 
Charles Edward Luckett 

Civil Engineering 

Natasha Almeida Andrade 

Harshal Anil Bhandan 

Hsiao-Chi Chen 

David F. Choy 

Christopher Steven Clarke 

Di Deng 

Vincent Joseph Gardina 

Kristin Leigh GUroy 

Sanjeev Kumar Howlader 

Nor Ehea Eluziea Jamil 

Ryan Edward Janoch 

Philip Sumner Jones 

Dae Gun Kim 

Steven Adam Kolarz 

Mindy Wang Liu 

Poornima Natarajan 

Suhasini Natarajan 

Rafael Ernesto Olarte Valdivieso 

Wenxin Qiao 

Stephen Scott Reid 

Computer Science 

Saeed Alaei 

Neha Gupta 

Christopher Michael Hayden 

Chang Hu 

Fatih Kaya 

Michael David Lieberman 

Maria Vanina Martinez 

Walaa El-Din M. Moustafa 

Adam Michael Phillippy 

Jessica Katherine Seastrom 
Bradley Alan Skaggs 
Ananta Nath Tiwari 
Nathaniel Jay Waisbrot 
Kenneth Weiss 

Electrical Engineering 

Mahmoud Mohamed Gad 

Rajat Ahuja 
Brian Louis Beaudoin 
Anion BrigoU Ducao II 
Peter Hume Dykstra 
Amr Ahmed El Sherif 
Daniel Joseph Gift 
Colby Spottswood Goodloe III 
Hojin Kee 
David S. Kim 
Bipin Mathew 
Mathew Paul 
Mathew PhiUp 
David Morris Sander 
Nimish Sane 
Seth Jacob Seidman 
Naotoshi Seo 

Matthew Stephen Simpson 
BalajiVasan Srinivasan 
Christopher John Stanford 
Constantine Peter Vlahacos 
Enlu Zhou 


Scott Francis Creary 
Laura Catherine Moore 

Fire Protection Engineering 

Haavard R. Boehmer 
Matthew James Brookman 
Snehanshu Sharadchandra 

Justin Lawrence Rovve 

Food Science 

Xiaoyin Pei 

Pavan Kumar Soma 


Katherine Diane Burgy 
Tracey Lynn Centorbi 
Adam T. Mansur 
Rachel Hunter Potter 

Marine, Estuarine and 
Environmental Sciences 

Kristen A. Beckert 
Christopher Roberts Chick 
Lisa Nicole Florkowski 
Deanna McQuarrie Hanks 
Antti Ilmari Koskelo 
Terra Marie Lederhouse 
Rooge Suvanasuthi 

Materials Science 
and Engineering 

Adam Patrick McClure 

Mechatiical Engineering 

Herwin Singh Ahuja 

Farbod Askari Farahani 

Joshua C. Crone 

Nicholas Edward Peter Fernandez 

Nicholas Garcia 

Patrice Belnora Gregory 

Maclain Marshall Holton 

Paul Francis Jawlik 

Elnaz Kermani 

Shaughn Michael London 

Timothy James Oberc 

Jonathan Michael Schoenfeld 

Jason James Smoker 

Marcos Vanella 

Weiqiang Wang 


Natural Resource Sciences 

Rebecca Rachel Bourgault 
Kjmberley Ellen Mead 
Philip Klaus Zurheide 


Konstantinos KoutroUkos 
Sergey Sergeyevich Kurennoy 
Safa Motesharrei 
Rebecca Olson 
Ted C.Thorbeck 
Elizabeth Sutton Werbos 


Heidi Mane Buder 
Steven G. Buzinski 
Kristina Michelle Deangelo 
EUzabeth Keats Reynolds 
Mary Eileen Rooney 
Marsha Nneka Sargeant 
Brandi Shawn Stupica 

Reliability Engineering 

Robert George BarrickJr. 
WiUiam Cail Ireland 
Benjamin Charles Mailler 
Kehai Zhang 

Sustainable Development and 
Conservation Biology 

Alison L.Armocida 
Jacqueline Michelle Carroll 
Isis Uraeia Johnson 
Juhe Michelle Kates 
J. EhseVan Metter 


Mohanuned-Anun AbaBiya 
Cheta Ndubueze Kordi Azubuike 
Krishna Sumanth Boinepally 
Kpakpo Buabe 



Prana\- Madhusudan Desai 
Golnaz Honarpisheh 
Paamla Mary Joy 
Manas Sushil Karandikar 
FatemaVahedbhai Kodiari 
Ramgautham Krishnamurthy 
Naomi Sieglynn Luis 
Swikrit Manandhar 
Sarang Shirish Mandke 
Musharraf Nazir 
Subodh Pandey 
Karthik Ranikumar 
Abram Hewitt Rose IV 
David D. Saranchak 
Krishna DwypayanaTiruniaku 
Vikraiit Narondra\Aize 

Veterinary Medical Sciences 

Harikakshmi Kannaii 

Graduate Certificates 


Christine Lauren Fergus 
Georges Edwina Fontiis 
Kliulood M. Kandil 
Jesse Lee Lynch 

Historic Preservation 

Virginia Radley Enies 
Lindsay Gale Moody 
Amanda Darlene Morrison 

Museum Scholarship and 
Material Culture 

Cory Anne Bernat 
Jaime Marie Layne 

Neuroscience and 
Cognitive Sciences 

Clare M. A. Stroud 

Public Health Informatics 

Katherine Darlene Jones 
Ashish Joshi 
Hooman Rowshan 
Rahman Alim Strum 

Real Estate Development 

Patricia Kennedy Brady 
Matthew Andrew Latham 

Women's Studies 

Tamiiiy Lvnette Sanders 

1 V E R S I T Y OF 


A.James Clark School 
of Engineering 

Bachelor of Scieuce 

Computer Engineering 

Alec Porter Colvin 
Joseph Patrick Doughert)- III 
jjanies Alexander Edwards 
Andrew David Ellis 
Arash Farazdaghi 
Adit\'a D. Gaddani 
Thomas Edward Jankowski 
Wahab Farooqjilani 
Julian Maedajung 
iDaniel Buckley LaRocque 
Robert James Meyer 
Zaven Mnatzakanian 
Nathaniel Derek Parrish 
Ohruval M. Patel 
Jaydutt Heniantkumar Shiikla 
Dmytro Sokolovsk\7 
Michael James Weston 
Thomas Stephen Yirenkyi 

Electrical Engineering 

Michael Gregorv' Dicks 
Arthur Allan Lemley 
Kristin Jean Rosholt 

Materials Science 
and Engineering 

Alvin Wayne Wilson 

Mechanical Engineering 

Brandon Carl Clutts 
Stephen John Wandishm 

Bachelor of Science in 
Aerospace Engineering 

Dustin Almger 

Ajay Kumar Baharam 

Michel Stephen Bernabo 
Kanwarpal Singh Chandhok 
Arik Fairgraves Johnson 
Michael Allen Knott 
Chhabindra Koirala 
Michal Krasel 
Joseph Howard Lisee 

2nd Degree: Computer Scieme 
tDavid Alan McLaren 

2iid Dej^rce: Computer Sdeiwc 
Roberto Alejandro Seniidey 

Bachelor of Science 
in Biological Resources 

Duan Chen 

Miranda Kathleen Luken 

Bachelor of Science in 
Chemical Engineering 

Timothy Carl Klawitter 
Michelle Kristine Prentice 
Christopher Michael Thomas 

Scott David Talbott 

Bachelor of Science in 
Civil Engineering 

Faraz Ardekani 
Ajit Singh Bhandhel 
Ashley Jean Brandt 
Timothy Brovv-n 
Jared Isaac Cacciapagha 
Loc Nguyen Doan 
Brian Arthur Dribben 
Brian Patrick Gallagher 
Mark Huizer 
Nicholas Bruce Joines 
EmUy Clare Kloc 
Brandon Daron Lewis 

Michael Manessjr. 
jDavidJohn Miller 
Christopher William Negley 
Sarah Jean Ness 
Stefan Matthew Niziolek 
Colleen Katherine O'SuUivan 
Ryan Thomas Payne 
Christopher Lawrence Watson 

Bachelor of Science in 
Electrical Engineering 

Mohammed Saeed Abaza 
Anakizi Ackla 

2nd Degree: Physics 
Phillip Y.Ahn 
Salahuddin Azad 
Timothy Alexander Babich 
Jarra Balcha 
Spencer Jordan Black 
Craig Silva Blakslee 
Emmanuel Arturo Castro 
Juhus Karl Chang 
Waqas Ashraf Chaudhary 
Han Tue Dao 
Andrew McFee Dorsey 
Aniirhossein Etesam 
Matthew Alan Fritts 
Daniel Nicklas Gould 
Andrew Earl Hiett 
Jeeyun Kim 
Yaojie Lu 

Stephen Daniel Maksim 
Martins Oluwadamilo Ogunbiyi 
Oluwasegun John Oke 
Eric Tabengo Pene 
Gihnar Alexander Perez 
FUipos K. Plangetis 
Oren Poleg 
Robert Charles Prior 
Vedesh Rampersad 
Muhammad Farooq Saleem 

Andradige Prabhath Kumudaiia 

Armstard Cornell Skipwith h'- 
DarrcU Keith Smith 
Jeffrey Michael Szrom 
Kyle Patrick Townsley 
Khadijeh Azimi Vahdat 
Andrew Scott Werner 
Jordan Alexander Wexler 
Minghui Yang 
Je HoonYeon 
Marcus Andrew Young 

Bachelor of Science in Fire 
Protection Engineering 

Brian David Cohan 
Steven Glenn Fletcher 
Andrew Tom Pomeroy 
Eric Matthew Roeder 
Christine Lynn Sauer 
Adam David St. John 
Jeffry De Jesus Urbina 

Bachelor of Science in 
Mechanical Engineering 

Time Osereme Aigbe 
Benjamin Michael Bacon 
♦Michael Myron Barton 
Estifanos Haile Berhe 
Mark David Brill 
John W Buschelman 
Johnny Chia-Lin Chen 
Yi-Chun Chou 
Joseph Dohngee Chu 
Andrew Dinh Collins 
Nathaniel Roy Deyton 
Bernard Emory Duplanjr. 
Andrew David Eisold 
David Philip Frampton 
Aleksandr Borisovich Gorbashev 
Kevin Joseph Grear 



Bn^an Andrew Hammond 
Matthew Charles Huffinan 
Richard Edward Jansen 
Craig Patrick Keenan 
Russell Warren Kress 
Joanes Legiste 
Nicolette Marie Lewis 
Ren Liu 

2itd Degree: Mathematics 
Peter Edmund Philip Mech 
Dageni Mengeste 
Christopher Jordan Meyer 
Brian Michael Moran 
Daniel Joseph O'Donnell 
Cohn Andrew O'Haver 
Bradley Seaton Oliver 
Sean Francis Owings 
Daniel Seth Pearl 
Steven M. Pennington 
Jean-Pierre Rock Jr. 
Daniel Fanshel Rogers 
Sana Sahand 
Darin James Sharar 
Priyanka Rajive Shukla 
•Jordan Eugene Smith 
Jenmfer Marie Spann 
Ryan Jerome Tarleton 

College of Agriculture 
and Natural Resources 

Bachelor of Landscape 

Mary Augustosky 
Dipal Devendra Desai 

2nd Degree: Psychology 
Michael Chet Hansborough 
•Brian Thomas Hughes 
Catherine Elizabeth Jones 
•Timothy Patrick Madden 
Mary Lynne Marcinko 

Bachelor of Science 

Agricultural and 
Resource Economics 

Vindhya Upekha Amarasekera 
Regina Marie Conrad 

2iid Major: Spanish Language 

and Literature 
DustinWilham DeFeo 
Eric H. Scott Fitzgerald 
Nicholas William Hermes 
Nicholas Alan Jowers 
Timothy James Larsen 
Jonathan Trevar MaUoy 
Warren Palmer II 

Animal Sciences 

Catherme Mae Cox 
AUison Rae Deugwillo 
Sarah Anne Evans 
Miguel Andres Gonzalez 
Lauren Michelle Krone 
Kate E. LoBue 
Sonia Eileen Poerio 
Margi Sheth 
Lisa Diane Tucker 
Amanda E.Wardlaw 


Alyce Nicole Osborne 
Amanda Brooke Taiiber 

Environmental Science 
and Policy 

Kristina M. Carroll 
Susan Eunju Cho 
Gene Thomas Hahn 
Lauren Kyla Renee Pitts 
Elliot Thomas Rosen 

Food Science 

Brittany Elizabeth Bessho 
Megan Patrice Johnson 

Natural Resource Sciences 

Yungchung C'hen 
Julia Kristen Felix 
Mary Shannon O'Meara 
fLauren Ann Peddicord 
Piyumi Ranaweera 

Natural Resources Management 

Michael Ryan Anderson 
•Samuel Frank Bosco 
Michael Charles Maddox 
2nd Degree: Physics 

Nutritional Science 

Amanda Jane Hinebaugh 
Rick Sheng Chun Lin 
•Michael Alexander Renner 

College of Arts and 

Bachelor of Arts 

American Studies 

Atahe Ann Abranovic 
Quenton Marcel Alexander 
Haider Ali 
Jenmfer Frances Belak 

2nd Major: Copcrnmcnl 

and PoUtics 
Anna Elizabeth Bordelon 
Kiel Lee Chesley 
Caitlin Speakman ConviUe 
Allison Marissa Davis 
Yusra El-Hibri 
Telelash Feleke 
Chandra Lynn Gallo 
Christina Diane Harrison 
James Patrick Stewart Howard 
Steven Scott Jackson 
Milan Jordan 
sErin Sloane Lester 

2nd Major: VVbiiien 's Studies 

Marcus Reuben Levy 
Meagan Grace McCarthy 
CamilleJ. Nell 
James J. O. 
Joshua Allen Portis 
Esther Rachel Silberman 
Jolie Rebecca Small 
Benjamin Spiro 
sAmy Beth Stupi 
Brian Thomas Taylor 
Derron Terrell Thweatt 
Mark Allen Tinnin 
Julianne Elizabeth Valle 
Gregory Harrison Weller 
James Lloyd Wisniewski 

Art History 

Ashleigh Michelle Herring 
Jessica Lynn Jackson 
fKatherine Frances McDonald 
Heather Nicole Paul 
Katherine Elizabeth Sams 
Tesia Melody Vargason 

Central European, Russian 
and Eurasian Studies 

Joseph Robert Peel 


Jerry John Biehljr. 
Lydia Diya Chao 
Kimberly Ciara Meninga 

2nd Degree: Government 

and PoUtics 
Tiffany Ann Michael 
Hunter William Pavela 
Alexandra Tatiana Wild 

2nd Degree: Linguistics 


Ashley Lauren Albrecht 
Angela Catherine Alexander 


I Uiuk t •*'*'"" 

I iMuJe 


Jessica Rayne Askinazi 
Candace Ann Bayles 
Momque Paula Bosco 
Michael WiUiam Bowers 

2ud Major: Economics 
Kimberly Ann Burton 
Monica D. Costa 
AJana Solange Counois 

2iid Major: Sociology 
Erui Marie Curran 

2ii(l Major: Family Sciciiw 
Theresa Elizabeth DeSanri 
Laura Ellen Dunaj 

2tid Major: Ckrmaii Language 

and Literature 
Ehzabeth Julia Frank 
Lauren Elizabeth Gamble 
Beniam Gulilat Gebeyehu 
Tiahanna Nicole Gierl 
Ilissa Ann Goldenberg 

2nd Major: Art History 
Elissa Beth Greenfield 
Anfon Ha 
HianiaVojo Halay 
Kathr)'n Elaine Hermessy 
Lindsay Nicole Holmes 

2nd Major: German Language 

and Literature 
Eric Donald Klein 
Phyllis Pfiefley Mahoney 
Lana Andrea Matthews 
Lisa Miho\'ich 
Brett Charles Miller 
Maria Robin MiUer 
Michelle Lynn Nozykowski 
Yookyung Rebecca Oh 
Tejal Ravidatt Patel 
John EUiott Redeker Jr. 
Michaela Lynn Rubala 
Knsta Adriana Rudd 
Jorge Sanz-Fuertes 
Elan Sassoon 

*Alyssa RicheUe Schiniiiiel 
2nd Major: American Studies 

•Walter John Schwenk 

Hafsa Siddiqi 

Kyauna La'Chaun Skinner 

Destiny L. Slawson 

Wesley Wade Sutler 

Brett Daniel Tidball 

Margaret Anne Tondo 

Natahe Brooke Updike 

Jason Matthew Wagner 

2nd Major: Criminology and 
Criminal Justice 

Alix Taylor Weiner 

Matthew Neil Welik 

Justin Jeanyung Woo 

Sang HoYoo 

Dominique Renee Young 

Tom Yu 


sMayuri Leela Cherian 

English Language 
and Literature 

Donald George Aro 111 

Matthew Preston Beach 

Keri Michele Bienert 

Saam Bozorgmehr 

Shevaun Brannigan 

John R. Brinjak 

•Elizabeth Ann Campbell 

Irene Charles 

tjulia Elizabeth Clark 

Meredith Lorraine Clark 

Christopher Anthony Clarkson 

Kathryn M. Coles 

Jenna Diane CriscuoU 

Karin Leslie Deck 

Ryan Alexander Derenberger 

•Megan A. Gant 

2nd Major: Philosophy 

Joshua Caleb Garner 
M. Daniela Gomez 
Brendan Christopher Graves 

2nd Degree: Secondary Education 

English Language Arts 
Christopher Joseph Greaney 

2nd Major: History 
Danee" Klairess Grimes 
Daniella N. Hagan 
Megan Elizabeth Hanford 
James Thomas Hennigan 
Breanne Alizaebeth Hiser 
Kristen Leanne Holch 

2nd Degree: Biological Sciences 
•John Christopher Jeffcott 
Temitope Abidemi Junaid 
^Davida Michal Klein 
Kyera L. Lamoureux 
Heather Alison Lewis 
Alexandria Nicole Lindsey Lloyd 
Justin M. MacFee 
Jonathan Stephen Magin 
Marisa Rebecca Mathews 
Desmond Antwon Mathis 
Michael Randolph McGown 
Emily Sara Mikles 
fPetro Andreas Nungovitch 

2nd Degree: History 
Sydney Durrette Otwell 
Daniel PoUis 
A. Mahy Dimitriou 

2nd Major: Studio Art 
•Anne Michelle Price 

2nd Degree: History 
Ryan Christian Proctor 
Savannah O'Toole Renehan 
Kori McKenzie Saucier 

2nd Major: Secondary Education- 
English Language Arts 
Laura Adriano Schierlmann 

Anna Colleen Schoentelder 
2nd Degree: Biological Sciences 

Sarah Reece Sherman 

Sarah L. Shook 

2nd Major: Tlieatre 

fDavida Silberman 

Sue Ellen Sitton 

Laura-Lee Carla Smith 

Zeynep Sumer 

Genesis M. Thistle 

Emily Louise Todd 

Dyanne Lim Tsai 

David Joseph Zainbrano 

Diane Patricia Zellers 

French Language 
and Literature 

Lourdes Arena 
Ryan Lance Carey 
Erica Anne Gueritot 

2nd Degree: Accounting 
Kristina M. Hitchins 
Maijorie Marie Knepp 
•Matthew Benjamin Robertson 

2nd Degree: Government 

and Pohlics 

German Language 
and Literature 

Sean Blanton 

2nd Degree: International Busitiess 
Tinatin Mikeladze 
Christopher Joseph Souweine 

2nd Degree: Mathematics 
Marlies M. E. Stevens 


Daniel Jerome Abed 
Michael Royal Brinsko 
Matthew Steven Buck 
jjennifer Englander Burt 
Matthew D. Cassano 

! Suiitina ami Laitde f A/j^fjd atm Laiidc 



Adam R. Clinc 
Simon H. Cohen 
Matthew D. Crooks 
Jennifer Ann Crown 
Brett Baxter Da\'ies 
Leonard Patrick DiGiiihan 
jKelsey Flynn 
Griffin Lee Gassert 
Alexandra Glass 

2rtd Degree: Aiithropohgy 
Nickolaus Martin Hastings 
Barry Michael Havens 
Martin G. Hendershot 

2nd Major: Criminology and 

Criminal Justice 
Jessica Henriquez 

2nd Major: Secondary Education- 
Social Studies 
Trevor Lewis Hunter 
Ehzabeth Rose Hutchings 
Bryan Michael Jack 
Robert Mansur Jackson 
Heidi Marie Kappeler 
John Koutris 
Terence Joseph Kraemer 
Angie Lee 

Yoon Kyung Elizabeth Lee 
Robert WiUiam Lew 
Daniel H. Lewkowicz 
Mitchell Elliott Liebeskind 
Brian Thomas Lord 
Jeffrey Wayne Mangrum 
Francesca Martone 
Darby Virginia Masland 
Chad Peter McCabe 
Catherme Ann McDonnell 
Sarah Ellen McKisson 
Timothy A. Morris 
Samuel Alexander Myers 
Nataliya Leonidovna Naydorf 

2nd Degree: Russian Language 

and IJteralure 

Christopher Philip Nenieh 
fPetro Andreas Nungovitch 

2nd Degree: English Language 

and Literature 
Sean CarUn O'Donnell 
Vikas Chandra Paruchuri 
Jenny Robin Peckenpaugh 
•Anne Michelle Price 

2nd Degree: English Language 

and Literature 
Ann Bailey Quinhn 
Andreia Catrinel Rauta 
Brandon Kevin Regan 

2nd Degree: Government 

and PoUlics 
Maxwell Joseph Ritz 
Charles Michael Rodgers 
Christopher David Schulenburg 
Scott Michael Shatrowsky 
Brian Paul Shenton 
Lee Peter Sheskier 
Jordan Scott Sly 
Alexandra Stevenson 
Suzanne Marie Swadner 
Jonathan Andrew Swann 
Stephanie P.Taylor 
Wenoka Shenaile Thompson 
David Huy Tran 
*Sooyoung Uhm 
Emily Anne Uthlaut 
Timothy Daniel Weber 
Martriese DeLisa Westbrook 
Amanda Gail White 
Charles Anthony Wiggins 
Melissa Suzanne Wiley 


Iman Azusa Barrow 

Lora Criselda Ocsan Garzon 

Jeffrey James Jankiewicz Jr. 

Kevin Michael Jones 

Jay Woo Kim 

Su Hyon So 
Hyun JungYu 

2nd Degree: Economics 

Jewish Studies 

Hilary Nicole Schultz 


Giselle Angelica Aniezquita 

2nd Major: German Language 

and Literature 
Matthew Yancey Brown 
Daria Firsova 
Karmen Michele Fox 

2nd Major: Spanish Language 

and Literature 
Jennifer Marie Janesh 
Brianna R.Johnson 
Katie Jo Keister Sacco 
Jeffrey Michael Smith 
Sarah Rebecca Solomon 

2nd Major: Russian Dmguage 

and Literature 
Alexandra Tatiana Wild 

2iid Degree: Chinese 

Music-Liberal Arts Program 

Brittany Rose Baratz 

2nd Degree: Marketing 
Darin Linn Carraher 
Joshua Thomas Guenther 
Tristan Conway ICraft 

2nd Major: EngUsh Language 

and Literature 
Trevor Christian Olexy 

2nd Degree: Psychology 
*John Michael PuUen 
Rebecca Susan Rupp 


Christian Richard Berardi 
2nd Degree: Physics 

Ryan Paul Connor 
Daniel Eli Eliezer 
Miguel Boulain Galaz 
Courtenay D. Lanier 
Kesun Jenifer Lee 
Keegan Holmes McClure 

2nd Major: Government 

and Pohlics 
David William Mical 

2nd Major: History 
Jessica Catherine Newman 
Jonathon Blaine Patterson Jr. 
Oluwatoyosi Ibrahim Shitta-Bey 

Radio, Television and Film 

Dale Goodridge Alexander 

Russian Language 
and Literature 

NataHya Leonidovna Naydorf 

2nd Degree: History 
Sjason Blake Shelton 

2nd Major: Government 

and Pohtics 
•Christine Ann Siwak 

2tid Degree: Music Education 

Spanish Language 
and Literature 

Jacquelyn Alicia Alvarez 
Ellen Marie Bryan 
Jessica Jeanyong Choi 
Brooke Marlee Forman 
Ryan Michael Greene 
Andrew Dunnan LoPresto 
Sally Ann Magee 
Raul Marin 
Lucy Leonelly Marius 
Katherine Rene Oden 
Paola Solange Roos 
Natalie Lynn Scurto 
2nd Degree: journalism 


I Imidc t •V'".C"'I """ Li""ll * ' 


Michael Luther Staton 
2iid Major: Coveriitiiciil 
and Politics 

^Dennis Anthony Stinchcomb 
2nd Major: History 

Studio Art 

Vanessa Aguilar 
Bianca Zena Alperstein 

2nd Major: Art Education 
Vladimir H. Aristov 
Jaryd Steven Coleman 
Kfirah Devorah Covel 
Rachael Elizabeth Curtis 
Alessandra Marie Echeverri 
Luis Andres Gimenez 
Erin Marie Gormley 
Max T. Greenberg 
YelenaY. Keyzman 

2nd Major: Art History 
Narae Kini 
Terra Nicole Kyle 
♦Irene Le 
Kisook Lee-Suss 
CliveYat-Hei Leung 
Nettie Lucia Morgan 
Patricia Kathleen Rausch 
Johnny I.V. Rhodes Jr. 
Patricia Carolina Rodriguez 
Youjin "Jenny" Seo 

2nd Degree: Biological Sciences 
Christopher Phillip Thompson 
Ronald Bao-Anh Vu 
Amy Marie Yee 
Frederick S.Yi 


Annie Rose Choudhury 
Lauren Beth Ciandella 
Jenny Solangel Cisneros 
Benjamin Fan 
Thomas William Haman 

Andrea Louise Klawunder 

Noah Alexander Langer 

Javier Jesus Mendez 

Gordon Roger Alexander Parks III 

Nivard R.Wiratunga 

Katherine Ross Wolfe 

Woinen's Studies 

Clarisse Duka Golle 
Molly M.Jang 

Bachelor of Music 

Music-Professional Program 

Heather Kay Aldrich 

2nd Degree: Music Education 
Patrick Anthony Barrett II 
Hannah Eileen Choi 
Michael Christian Feagans 

2nd Degree: Music Education 
Jeremy Ian Feldblyiim 
Sara Jeong Kim 
§Brian Andrew McGillen 

2nd Degree: Music Education 
•Akina Yura 

Bachelor of Music Education 

Heather Kay Aldrich 
2nd Degree: Music- 
Prqfessional Program 

tRachel Priscilla Carlson 

Michael Christian Feagans 
2)11^ Degree: Music- 
Professional Program 

Joseph Donald Hamp 

Michael Wade Maddox 

jBrian Andrew McGillen 
2nd Degree: Music- 
Professional Program 

Vishal Chandrakant Panchal 

♦Christine Ann Siwak 

2nd Degree: Russian Language 

and Literature 
Julia Elizabeth Thomas 
Loren Thomas Westbrook-Fritts 

College of Behavioral 
and Social Sciences 

Bachelor of Arts 

African American Studies 

Oluremilekun I.Aromire 
Kristerfer A. L. Burnett 
Jeremiah Abraham Lowery 
Altmann Rushin Pannell 
Shola Ann Robinson 


Patrick Keolu Ozer Fox 
Alexandra Glass 

2nd Degree: History 
tSergio C. Guerra 
Shawn Sterling Magnuson 
* Laura Rosalyn Messing 
Natasha Regina Paleau 
John Edward Sanders Jr. 
•Melissa Kay Willis 
Elizabeth Glynn WoodaU 

Criminology and 
Criminal Justice 

Kimberly LaVerne Adams 
Laura Mane Adams 
Peggy Sora Ahn 
Jacquehne K. Akyea 

2nd Degree: Economics 
Alon Alexander 
Martin Brian Ansah 
Alejandro Arrese 
Jeet Kaur Bahra 
R.Aaron Ball 

Isis Minerva Barrera 
Virginia Spencer Barroll 
Abdelwahid El Mokhtar 

Ilya B. Beskin 

Donald Richard BeukemaV 
Lucia C. Bohorquez 
Susan Leanne Brown 
Jennifer Nicole Buck 
Chase Andrew Bullock 
Yolanda Lakisha Byrd 
Christopher Joseph Cannizzaro 
Wanda Thuy Cao 
Gregory Thomas Carroll 
Youngshin Jennifer Chang 
Benjamin Mark Chase 
Simpson Chung 
Frank W.Colbert 
Shawn Adam Coleman 
Joseph William Cornelius 
Richard Charles Costa Jr. 
Justin Dale Craver 
Christina Marie Cunningham 
Marcus Antoine Davis 
Colette Loberiza De Castro 

2nd Degree: Psychology 
Christopher D. Deguzman 
Adolph Joseph DeLaGarza Jr. 
William Bryant Duncan 
Casper Dagdag Edora 
Preston Scott Fleig 
^Alexander Christian Fleischer 
Patrick Broderick Flynn 
Moise T. Fokou 
Prashani Ann Fonseka 
Andrew John Fontana 
Sayer Ray French 
Claude Raymond Gardiner Jr. 
Kristy Lee Gardner 
Lindsay Nicole Kim Gibmeyer 

2nd Major: Sociology 
Steven Matthew Giganti 

i SiimmLi iiim Ltiiidt' f Mjpui ami Laiidf 


J C E M E N T 


Jason Elliot Goldvvasser 
Jonathan W^'att Greenwich 
Claudia LaRay Grier 
Kenneth Randall Harris 
Daniel George Harvey 
Christopher Shaw Haywood 
DuaneWade Henriques 
Kyle Ross Hughes 
Keisha Barbara James 
Matthew William Jankovitz 
Jehanie Miranda Jayasinghe 
Shanez Theresa Jenkins 

2iid Major: Psychology 
Christopher James Michael Johnson 
Lyndon Joseph Jones 
Joong K. Kang 
James Gareth William Kime 
Mark Ian Koper 
George Demetrios Kotsis 
My Quoc Le 
Munita Anjalin Lebson 
TinaYura Lee 
BUly Jay Lehman 
Rudrian Unicee Leitch 
Marylanda Linda Lok 
Kegan Leigh Louryk 
Kevin Michael Lowe 
Christopher Malinowski Jr. 

2nd Degree: Journalism 
Candice Teresa Ann Marrin 
Estela Martinez 
Eric Paul Marryn 
Christopher Brian McAllister 
Toni C. McCrimmon 

2nd Major: Sociology 
Graham Goodrich McSweeney 
Brenna Claire McVaney 
Daniel Melcndez 
Arielle D. Menick 
Brian JefFrey Merritt 
»Shizuka Minamino 
Colin Alexander Morningstar 

Christopher Paul Moyer 
Maria Nichole Mychajluk 
Michael Tomas Navarro 
Daniel Derrick Oquendo 
. Landon Seunggu Paik 
Anthony Albert Pallia 
Jessica Anh True Pham 
Michael Anthony Pilkington 
SvetlanaVictorovna Polonchuk 
Nick Gannon Pyper 
Freshta Sahra Rahimi 

2nd Major: German Lttiiguage 

and Literature 
Samuel Matthew Rankin 
Regina Lorraine Reese 
Sarah Aileen Reichert 
Dominique Alicia RifFe 
Nicole Sarah Rosenthal 
Nicholas John Rulli III 
Caithn Conway Ryan 
Andrew Michael Sampson 
Erika Lynne Selimo 
Keith Thomas Seymour 
Joseph Bernard Nathanel Smith 

2nd Major: Government 

and Politics 
Kelly Elease Smith 
Daniel Smolka 
Bonnie Michael Snyder 
Latashia Renee Sellers 
Christopher James Stalowski 
Brad A. Stewart 
Kidist Samson Taye 
Biiita Thiam 

Paul McNeel Thrasher IV 
LaToya Christina Tinsley 
Jason Michael Troiano 
Juan Jose Valladares 
Miriam Caitlyn Walter 
Christopher Mark Wanka 
Larry Melvin Webster Jr. 
Mar\^in Clark Webster 

Douglas Scott Wilson Jr. 
Cadie Roxanne Winningham 
Natasha Mandel Wiscombe 

2nd Major: Kinesiological Science 
Ronald IruYoon 
Michael Shiaw-RuYu 
Karl Albert Zimmerman 


Adil Saif Ahmed 
Jacqueline K.Akyea 

2nd Degree: Criminology and 

Criminal Justice 
Ahmed Kliamis Al Kalbani 
Badawy Itati Ali 
Ross Harold Arnett IV 
Aminat O. Badru 
Pedro Bessa Baiao 
Joseph Brent Baker 
David Alfredo Barrera Flores 
Brandon Lamont Barrett 
Racine Adrienne Bell 
Van L. Bik 

Michael Allen Billingsley 
Anna Aleksandrovna Bitkova 
Michael Samuel Blumenthal 
Olga G. Bolotina 
Ciara Annjelica Bond 
Ruben J. Brekel 
David Albert Browne 
Matthew Michael Buck 
Alexander Jack Burdick 
Hoi Shun Chan 
Jesse Michael Chinni 
Gregory Edward Cohen 
Leslie CoUins 
Erick E. Coronel 
Ricardo Rolando Dacosta 
Ryan James Daniels 
Tiwajopelo O. Dayo 

2nd Degree: Accounting 
Aaron Matthew-Thomas Donald 

Alicia Nicole Ellis 

2nd Degree: Mathematics 
Drew Emselleni 
Shawn C. Eum 
Oluwagbenga A. Fakile 
Jeremy Adam Finkelson-Reece 
Nardos Fiseha 
Paul Harrison Flood 

2nd Major: Criminology and 

Criminal Justice 
Richard Christopher Franks 

2nd Degree: Finance 
Phihp Reeves Gautier 
James Gin 
Flora JuUiet Gomes 

2nd Major: Sociology 
Ana Gushina Rubio 

2nd Major: Communication 
Andrew WiUiam Haddy 
Robert Charles Hoffrnan 
Wei Min Huang 
Amani Huq 
Daniel Hoon Hwang 
Brinkley R. Hypes 
Roddy Vanel Jean 
Nitin Joshi 
Matthew Eyre Kane 
Daniel Youngsuk Kim 
Moon Soo Kim 
Peter Jung Kim 
Brian Daniel Knight 
Eugene Kotov 

2nd Degree: Finance 
Gary Michael Kurlick 
Seong Hoon Lee 
Tae-Hune Lee 
Young Suk Lee 
Adam HiU Leitch 
David Glenn Lenter 
Shao Qin Liu 
David Luc 
Nareneh Manokian 



I t^tttdc f Mill^tui 


Steve Nicholas Margelos 
Richard Martin Marshall Jr. 
Nathan Theodore McDonald 
Sergio Manuel Mendes 
Victor Ishmael Odico 
Edwin Essien-Ita OfEong 
Nima Omidvar 
Anuj Prafial Patel 
Tyler Joseph Paul 
Gregory Joe Phelps 
Manesh Ramachandran Pillai 
Warren Stewart Prentice Jr. 
Deepthi Raghunandan 
Kelvin Ramos 
Michael Evan Ransom 

2itd Major: Malhcnuitks 
Christopher Reed 
Stephen Gregory Relyea 
Mohammed Dean Roshan 
Miguel Saba Jr. 
Matthew C. Saturley 
Alex Phillip Schultz 
Rim Sen 

Arnold A. Serrette Jr. 
Stephen Richard Sessa 
Christine Marie Sheahan 
Eugene E. Shuttle III 
•Stephen Frank Simon 

2tid Degree: Gin'eriiincnt 

and Politics 
Sean O'Brien Sinclair 
Sukhjiwan Singh 
Gregory Francis Snyder 
Gbemisola Yetunde Solarin 
Yee-Ning Soong 
Brandon Alexander SpruiU 
Joseph David Stawski 
Terryn Lee'chele Stokley 

2iid Major: African 

American Studies 
Jacob Teoman Summerlin 
Lindsey Leigh Syropoulos 

Manuel Gerardo Talavera 

Jaimie Franklin Thomas 

llham Ahmed Umar 

Mujahid A. Umar 

Matthew Manuiien Verghese 

Jason Matthew Volack 

Chun-Hsuan Wang 


Christopher Matthew Wenderoth 

Philip Lee WhiiiK 

William Clark Wingfield 

Durell Anthony Wooten 

Hyun Jung Yu 

2nd Degree: Japanese 
Matthew Christopher Zaegel 
Piotr Thomas Zeniewski 

2iid Major: Criminology and 

Criminal Justice 

Government and Politics 

Sarah Razia Abedi 
Sasha Alcide 
Anabella Aspiras 
Brittany Nicole Bailey 
Jessica Lauren Berger 
Eric LeVar Brady 
Andrew John Burton 

2nd Major: Spanish Language 

and Literature 
Daniel Mun Choi 
Eric Matthew Connelly 

2nd Major: History 
Christopher M. Craver 
Michelle Lynn Dadisman 
Marinella Drakos 
Chad M. Drummond 
Brian Daniel Egner 
Thomas Keith Flagg 
Michael Justice Frazier 
Morgan Noel Gough 
tjoshua M. Greenfeld 
Matthew Holden McGee Gregory 

Robert Herbert Hardin 
Jehanzeb Khadim Hussain 

2nd Degree: Accounting 
Kenneth Lamont Hyman Jr. 
Arash Kazemi 
Youn-Jung Kim 
•Madeleine J. Lovette 
Omololu Oluwatosin 

Shawna Demetna Mason 
Kimberly Ciara Meninga 

2nd Degree: Chinese 
Maximilian Musil 
•Hilary Margaret Nachem 
Melissa Mae O'Toole-Loureiro 
Matthew Jude Oster 

2nd Degree: Marketing 
Christine Marie Peterson 
Adam N. Petrone 

2nd Major: Economics 
tRoxana Renee Rahmani 

2nd Major: American Studies 
Brandon Kevin Regan 

2nd Degree: History 
Neil Patrick Reilly 

2nd Degree: International Bnshiess 
•Matthew Benjamin Robertson 

2nd Degree: French Language 

and Literature 
Zachary James Rupert 
•Ryan Stewart Sawyer 
•Stephen Frank Simon 

2nd Degree: Economics 
Benjamin Jeffrey Sohl 
Grace Jean Thompson 
Adriana Margarita Valderrama 
Stephen James Vallone 
Adam Louis Wheeler 
Kimberly Ann Wliite 

2nd Majc: Psychology 

Hearing and Speech Sciences 

Valerie Caimlle Botm 
Cortney Michelle Curry 
2tid Major: Psychology 
Erica Rose Delano 
Jenna Marie Eigenlaub 
Catherine Anne Bowen Long 
Alexandria Lauren Myers 
Rachel Lauren Ports 
Mallory Kate Rudesill 
Rachel Myra Silberg 
Jasmine Angehna Wiggins 
Tamara Roxanne Young 


Alexandra Christine Acheson 
Michael James Bisson 
Madeleine Jansen Black 
•Jessica Greer Block 
Bridget Nichole Blount 

2nd Degree: Kinesiohgical Science 
Theresa Marie Boyce 
Jennifer Amie Castagna 
Maria Corvino 

2nd Degree: Finance 

2nd Major: Economics 
Colette Loberiza De Castro 

2nd Degree: Criminology and 

Criminal Justice 
Dipal Devendra Desai 

2nd Degree: Landscape 

Timothy Richard Gilbert 
Lezley Monet Grace 

2nd Major: Criminology and 

Criminal Justice 
Simon B. Guggenheim 
Caitriona McLoughlin Hayes 
Natasha Henry 
Brittany EUse Kale 

2nd Major: Criminology and 

Criminal Justice 

§ Sunwia nmi Laiidf f i 




Elizabeth Mikyoiing Kim 
Sarah Deborah LaRue 
Vivian Ling 

2ii(l Major: Crimiiioh^y "'"' 

Criminal Justice 
Sarah Michelle Muginon 
Monica E. Nelson 
Kevin Michael Nichols 
Trevor Christian Olexy 

2nd Degree: Music-Liberal 

Arts Program 
Christopher William Plog 

2nd Major: Criminology and 

Criminal Justice 
Sandra Cristina Mendes Rodrigues 
Shairoby R. Sarmiento 
Kristin Ehzabeth Sharek 
Chelsea C. Swinim 

2nd Major: Criminology and 

Criminal Justice 
Dori BethTarakan 
Ashleigh Delois Thomas 
•Lori-Ann Sophia Tyrie 
Niya Samone Ware 
Jamie Lynn Wilson 
Ashley Michelle Woodward 


I )ason Anthony LcaCavin Atkins 

Kevin Eugene Barnes 

Oye Shobowale Benson 

Khai Atoya Booker 

Kenneth Quintcn Bridgers Jr. 

Amy Marie Campolo 

James Salvator Cassese 

Edward Drew Chang 

Sara Ligia Duran-Palacios 

Y;imila Franccsca Evertz 

Soly Faradj-Bakht 

Alicia Antoinette Foote 

Laura Kimberley Frazier 

Kaustav Ghose 

Christina Marie Gutierrez 

Kimberly Anne Harris-Galvez 

Tiffany Corrine Heath 

Ann Cybele Hirschhorn 

Jenny Hsu 

Andrew Hwang 

Steven Hyuk Im 

William Kingsley Johnson 

Erin Ehse Johnston 

Jewel Kade 

Oliver Fortune Kagan 

Kevin J. Keefe 

Jessica Sharnelle Knox 

Eliot Euisub Lee 

2nd Major: English Language 

and Literature 
LisaYoungme Lee 
Erez Leon Levi 
Evan Gallagher Lundgren 
Jillian Rose O'Rourke 
Anthonia Oreoluwa Olatunde 
Jennifer Arlene Romero 
Ashley Ehzabeth Williams 
Sidney Dexter Williams 
Ethel Graham Wilson 
Andrea Carolina Zamudio 

Bachelor of Science 

Environmental Science 
and Policy 

Adam Costas Catevenis 
Natalie Elizabeth Farr 
Hanna Faye Lee 
Laura Danielle Norell 
Christine Massoumeh Noun 
Peter Arthur Pecora 


Sabira Aboosaiedi 

Derek Lee Asendio Jr. 

•Rachel Elise Berndtson 

Jeffrey Brian Gindes 

Elena Jean Harvith 

Leonardo Martinez 

Kyle Douglas McHale 

2nd Major: Secondary Education- 
Social Studies 

Maryam Rahimah MussallihuUah 

Nicholas Raymond Newell 

Robert Anthony Oesterling 

*Amy Elizabeth Perry 

Mark Andris Plavnieks 

Andrew Thomas Schmitt 

John Robert Stephens 

Lance Russell Stockett 

John Howard Whiddon II 


Corrine Michelle Britton 
Dina Hanna Carlin 
NeelimaVelugaleti Charya 
Erin Elizabeth Compton 
*Tara Lynn Custer 
Darya Nur Fakory 
Deborah Rachel Felsenthal 
Leila Culler 

Michael Grannan Leard 
Dana L. Medved 
Gina Park 

Michelle L. Rabiiiovich 
Megan Jean Ritter 

2nd Degree: Biological Sciences 
Rabia Riaz Sahibzada 
Michelle Joy Varona 
D.ivid Michael Wcchsler 

College of Chemical 
and Life Sciences 

Bachelor of Science 


Eric Chau 

Grace Chiou 

Irina Davv'dets 

Christopher Armfield Foscue 

Sintayehu K. Gebreyohannes 

Siavash Ghaemi 

James Eddie Houston 

Anna Kalmykov 

Maraki Shimelis Kebede 

Shirley Y. Lee 

2nd Major: Biological Sciences 
KwanYee Ngai 
Grishma Patel 
Krishna K. Sheladia 
Andrew Edward Yang 

2nd Major: Biological Sciences 
Michelle MiaoYu 
Alexandra Zooravlov 

Biological Sciences 

Aniira Abou-Alfa 
Rania Abu-Taleb 
Novlette Bola Akinseye 
Ashlei Nichelle Alston 
Sayaka Ando 

Terence Tsiambuom Anguh 
Roxanne Victoria Aniceto 
David James Axelrod 
Nicole Heather Bacarella 
Sharada Lakshmi Baddela 
Jasmin Bhalla 
Jessica Hui Boualavong 
Kate Alice Burdekin 
Mandy Rachelle Bush 
lleta Chong Butts 
Christopher John Carpiii 


I Umic -i Mugiui turn iMiiilc *i 


Kjrti ChadliJ 

Deepa Muthuvel Chelliah 

Jason James Chen 

Ikjae Chin 

Michael M. Cieplak-Mendcz 

Yonathon Allon Dassa 

Katie Scarlett Dennis 

Nicole Elizabeth DiPeppe 

Patrick Thomas DiGiovanni 

Knsten L. Gambles 

Aisling Grace Gardner 

Mona Ghias 

Casimiro Gonzalcz-Salazar Jr. 

James K. Han 

Raqueeba Aliyah Hassan 

Gal Hershtig 

Knsten Leanne Holch 

2iid Define: Eiiglisli Li!iii;na{;e 

and Literalure 
Sherry Ching Hou 
Andrew Jacob Howard 
Polina larikova 
Ifegwu Obinna Ibe 
Ngozi Pamela Ihenachor 
Bnce Irwin III 
Karen Grace Isenhart 

2nd Major: Psychology 
Christopher Hyunsoo Jin 
Sushant Kapoor 
Afzal Ahmad Khan 
Taeyeon Kim 
Eric Temour Koraganie 
Thomas Michael Korotka 
Shanae Audrey Lang 
Whitney Rose Law 
Diana PhuongThao Le 
Brisca Chun Lee 
Clara Jooyeon Lee 
Howard Pei Lee 
Jm Ki Lee 
*Yunjie Li 

Paul Joseph Lindler 
jYaqian Liu 

Tatianna Christiadora Luck 
Tara Htin Lynn 
Shwetha Manoharan 
Benjamin Miles Matics 
Megan Rosanna McCurdy 
Naomi Arayamedhin Mersha 
Amy Mhatre 
Shabnamjune Monsef 
Kara Lynn Moss 
Jonathan Robert Modey 
Alisha Ambreen Nanan 
Roozbeh Nazarian Rostami 
Myly Thi Nguyen 
Thuytram Minh Nguyen 
Mason Edward Nuding 
Min Hyeok Pak 
Dipkumar Dhirenkumar Patel 

2nd Major: Biochemistry 
Rushi Jayanti Patel 
Oleg Pelekhaty 

Cassidy Jeaneth Pendleton Erdeky 
Christina Diem Chi Pham 
Jennifer Quach 
Kim-Chi Quang 
Kristen Ann Repoli 
Shahab Rezvam 
Matthew Jacob Rhodes 
Megan Jean Ritter 

2iid Degree: Psychology 
Christopher Lee Robison 
Meletios Joseph Roussis 
Tina Rey Nochefranca Santos 
Anna Colleen Schoenfelder 

2nd Degree: English Language 

and Literalure 
Youjin (Jenny) Seo 

2nd Degree: Studio An 
Juheon Seung 
Shiva Shahandeh 

Mondona Shahrokh 
Jannatun Naim Sikder 
Prabha Singh 
Joan Thora Smith 
Wanna Sribunnak 
David Dean Stoline 
Brislin Maria Thomas 
• Britney Jean Tsui 
Anthony Thames TuUoch 
Ana-Maria Ungureanu 
Cynthia MirellaVeliz 
Christine Ann Walczak 
Jaehee Joanne Yoon 
Qing Zhang 


Erin Selene Boyle 
Elena Y. Chung 
Timothy Adams Foster 
jGiovanni Henry St. O. Greaves 
John Reed McCormick 
Kristin Rose Meredith 
Bryan David Somerville 

Environmental Science 
and Policy 

Jennifer Roell Brandon 
Rebecca Ann Horner 
Mary K. Kazantseva 
^Rachel Blythe Streusand 

College of Computer, 
Mathematical and 
Physical Sciences 

Bachelor of Science 


Carolyn Alicia Crow 
Andrew A. Lee Jr. 

Computer Science 

David Jonathan Blau 
Bradley Michael Burden 
Darren Chen 
*Mariya Filippova 

2nd Major: Mathematics 
Stephen Anthony FioreUi Jr. 
Sean Michael Foster 
George Koehler 
Joseph Howard Lisee 

2nd Degree: Aerospace Engineering 
ChiaChi Liu 
.^Christine Mane Masuoka 

2nd Major: Linguistics 
*David Alan McLaren 

2nd Degree: Aerospace Engineering 
Harris Bac Nguyen 
Wesley John Obenshain 

2nd Major: Litignistics 
Adam Peck 
EHana R. Quiroz 
Dave A. Rabrun 
Brian Aric Rowland 
Patrick Shannon Rutledge 
David Raymond Schloss 
Roshan Hareshkumar Shah 
Drew W. SoUenberger 
Min Kyu Song 

2iid Major: Economics 
jeftrey Alan Steyer 
Devin Michael Taylor 

2nd Major: Economics 
Benjamin EhasTeitler 
Alexey Vedernikov 

2nd Major: Economics 
Xian Xin Wang 
Andrew Griffin Warren 




Peter James Skold 
Marco A. Via 


Akram Ragheb Abdul-Khalek 
Onyeniechi Okenna Ako-Agugua 
Elias Al-Najjar 
Allison Rachel Bell 
2iid Major: Secondary 
Ilan Awaharti Birman 
Alicia Nicole EUis 

2tid Degree: Economics 
Mark David Embley 
David Jacob Finkel 

2iid Degree: Physics 
Farid Hekmat 
Maricel Alexis Hernandez 

2nd Major: Economics 
Asaf Korkut 
Yi C. Li 
Ren Liu 

2nd Degree: Mechanical 
Brian David Mitchell 
Stephanie Elaine Quon 
Bonan Ren 
Kartikay Rikhye 
Juniana Laura Rogers 
Justin Stahl Senseney 
Christopher Joseph Souweine 
2nd Degree: German Language 
and Literature 
Allison Michelle St. Clair 
Brian Viet Tran 

Physical Sciences 

Hamed Akhgar 
David Antonio Alvarado 
Lorelie Marie Diestro 
Scott Alan Faunce 

Steven Gerald Fishbain 
Scott Austin Green 
Michelle Lynn Moore 
Erik Clifford Pearson 
Ell Zvtilhnger 


Anakizi Ackla 

2nd Degree: Electrical Engineering 
Christian Richard Berardi 
2nd Degree: Philosophy 
Edward Earl Carter 
David Jacob Finkel 

2nd Degree: Mathematics 
Garrett Lowell Goon 
Benjamin Katsuo Johnson 
Vijay Raj Kaul 
Michael Charles Maddox 
2nd Degree: Natural 
Resources Management 
Aaron Graham Meldrum 
2nd Major: Mathematics 
Christopher Herman Most 
Oluchi Rebecca Ofoha 
jMark Adam Patrick 
GuiUermo Andres Silva 
Biruh Tesfaye 

College of Education 

Bachelor of Arts 

Secondary Education English 
Language Arts 

Brendan Christopher Graves 
2nd Degree: Enghsh Language 
and Literature 

Secondary Education- 
Social Studies 

Cari Marie Huffiiian 
2nd Major: History 

Bachelor of Science 

Elementary Education 

Lidia Raquel Arevalo 

Shira Engelhart 

Michelle Erin Francis 

*Carey Leigh Hale 

Kristi Marie Myers 

Ly Nguyen 

Knstina Mane Nicholson 

Dun Park 

Jenna Mane Riehl 

Amanda Louise Silva 

Michelle Suzanne Yeron 

Secondary Education- 

Michelle Lynn Swerdlow 
2nd Major: Mathematics 

Special Education 

Michael Ryan Trageser 

Philip Merrill College 
of Journalism 

Bachelor of Arts 


Jefl' Chen 

Aaron Scott Chester 
Nicholas Jordan Drymalski 
Ashley Christina Estill 
PliiUip Albert Hanabergh 
Robert David Higgins 
Michelle Lynn Hora 
Jasinine Leigh Jernberg 
Colin Scott Kendall 
Melanie Lidman 

2nd Major: Spanish Linguage 

and Literature 

Christopher Malinowski Jr. 

2nd Degree: Criminology and 

Criminal Justice 
Ian Matthew McCoy 
fAvital Sara Medoff 
Nkechi Ogechukwu Mogekwu 
Courtney Jordan Erika Poulos 
Neall Raemonn Price 
Nadiah Rodriguez 
Ashley Deandra Rooney 

2nd Degree: General Business 
Eric Daniel Schaffer 
NataMe Lynn Scurto 

2nd Degree: Spanish Language 

and Literature 
Kaitlyn Marie Seith 
Danielle Rene' Taylor 

2nd Major: English Language 

and Literature 

Robert H. Smith 
School of Business 

Bachelor of Science 


Jeffrey Koon Ahn 
Ayosike Adetoymbo Akingbade 
Salma Mohamed Al-Abbadi 
Sudan Anduze-Johnson 
Piyush Arora 

2nd Degree: Finance 
Jillian Eden Barnhill 

2nd Degree: Finance 
Boris Bereznitsky 
Megan Elizabeth Brodie 

2nd Degree: Finance 
Wade Jason Cassamajor 
Jennifer Yu-Ru Chen 

2tul Degree: Finance 
Susanna Chihae Chon 


r luiudc t Mai;tia mm l^mdc 


♦Christopher Charles Clark 

2inl Degree: Fitunicc 
Gelela Daba 

2ud Degree: Finance 
Tiwajopelo O. Dayo 

2nd Degree: Economics 

2nd Major: Information Syslemi 
Manish K. Dureja 
Emily Marie Eisenrauch 

2nd Major: An History 
Chivon A. Fahie 

2nd Degree: Injornuition Systems 
Victoria Lynn Fan 

2nd Degree: Finance 
Ryan Chase Faulkingham 

2nd Degree: Finance 
Ram Francis 

2nd Degree: Logistics, Transportation 

and Supply Chain Management 
Ishani K. Gandhi 

2nd Degree: Internalioinil Business 
Erica Anne Gueritot 

2nd Degree: French Language 

and Literature 
Christopher William Peter Guldin 

2nd Degree: International Business 
Jason Robert Gutman 

2nd Degree: International Business 
Wesley Adam Hasting 
Youngeun Hong 
Jehanzeb Khadim Hiissain 

2nd Degree: Goivrnmcin 

and Politics 
§Lauren Japko 
Damien Jones 

2nd Degree: Information Systems 
Lisa Marie Kadjeski 
Amman Aslam Khan 

2nd Degree: Information Systems 
Anver Saleem Khan 

2iid Degree: Inlormation Systems 

Yoo Jin Kim 

2nd Major: Information Systems 
Sarah Michelle Koelbl 

2nd Major: International Busincs: 
Candice Dan Kuang 

2nd Degree: Finance 
Sandy Qianmin Liang 

2nd Degree: Finance 
*Hong Liu 
Christopher Steven Mak 

2nd Degree: Finance 
Robyn Claire Menish 
Noah Alexander Needleman 

2nd Degree: Finance 
Daniel Alexander Nemec 

2nd Degree: Operations 

Elaine Lyndsay Nesbitt 
Daniel Patrick O'Keefe 

2nd Degree: Finance 
tChnstopher Steven Patterson 

2nd Degree: Operations 

Louis Allan Perraud 

2nd Degree: Finance 
fLavanya Prakash 

2nd Major: Finance 
Ghislaine Cehne Quenum 
*Safa Razeghi 

2nd Degree: Finance 
Sean Michael Ruddy 
Joseph Daniel Santos 
Angle Sha 

2nd Degree: Finance 
Jeremy Alexander Stark 

2nd Degree: Marketing 
Phuong-Uyen Q. Trail 
Andrew M.Venaglia 
tjun Wang 

2ttd Degree: Finance 

Linna Wang 

2nd Degree: Finance 
Jang- Young You 

2nd Degree: Finance 
Jessica Ann Yount 


Achinivu Chima Achinivu 
Piyush Arora 

2nd Degree: Accounting 
Anirban Banerjee 

2nd Major: Economics 
Jillian Eden Barnhill 

2nd Degree: Accounting 
Joan Elizabeth Bennett 
Amin Noureddine Berrah 
Megan Elizabeth Brodie 

2nd Degree: Accounting 
Charles Conrad Burns 

2nd Major: International Business 
Kevin McSweeney Cassella 

2nd Major: Criminology and 

Criminal Justice 
Marie Chau 
Jennifer Yu-Ru Chen 

2nd Degree: Accounting 
Christopher Jung Choi 
Meraj Jobair Chowdhury 

2nd Major: Economics 
♦Christopher Charles Clark 

2nd Degree: Accounting 
•Adam Robert Cohn 

2nd Major: Economics 
Maria Corvino 

2nd Degree: Psychology 
Geleia Daba 

2nd Degree: Accounting 
Victoria Lynn Fan 

2nd Degree: Accounting 
Ryan Chase Faulkingham 

2nd Degree: Accounting 

Max Feldblyum 

2nd .Major: International Business 
Ashish Francis 

2nd Major: Logistics, Transportation 

and Supply Chain Management 
Richard Christopher Franks 

2iid Degree: Economics 
Benjamin A. Friedman 
Kyle Bert Harger 
Dong H. Hyun 

2nd Major: Logistics, Transportation 

and Supply Chain Management 
Erin Elizabeth Kalish 

2)11^ Major: French Lmguage 

and Literature 
Dongwan Kang 

2nd Major: Accounting 
Heather Susan Kelly 
Eugene Kotov 

2nd Degree: Economics 
Candice Dan Kuang 

2nd Degree: Accoimling 
Sandy Qianmin Liang 

2nd Degree: Accounting 
Yang Liu 

♦Nicholas Robert Lumpp 
Andrew Joseph Maciey 
Christopher Steven Mak 

2nd Degree: Accounting 
Paul William Malik 

2nd Major: Operations 

Danny Mansukhani 
Danielle Lou-ann Marryshow 

2nd Major: Economics 
Chad Wright Jung Maudlin- 

John Travis McBride 
David Gregory Morrison 

2nd Major: Economics 
Matthew Patrick Murphy 

S) Stmintti (uni Ljiidc f Mii^iui 



Noah Alexander Needleman 

2n(l Dej^ree: Amounting 
Toan Thanh Nguyen 

2iid Major: International Business 
Daniel Patrick O'Keefe 

2nd Degree: Aaoiinting 
Yuliya M. Ogorodnikova 
Jim Oreifeoluwa Ogunriniein 
Anitta Pious Palliparambil 
Joseph Charles Palumbo 
Louis Allan Perraud 

2nd Degree: Accounting 
•Safa Razeghi 

2nd Degree: Accounting 
Hanjun Rhee 
Mitchell Evan Rishty 

2nd Major: International Business 
Kevin Joseph Rose 

2nd Major: International Business 
Nathan Patrick Rudedge 
Ross Louis Sacks 

2tid Major: Logistics, Transportation 

and Supply Chain Management 
Angie Sha 

2nd Degree: Accounting 
Brandon Edward Shamy 
Katherine Hyunju Sohn 
Andrew P. Sterne 
Denok Sudayati 

2nd Major: Accounting 
Meeraf Taddesse 
♦David Tong 
Maya Tsidulko 

2nd Major: Economics 
tjun Wang 

2nd Degree: Accounting 
Linna Wang 

2nd Degree: Accounting 
Juliette Katelin Whipple 
Jocelyn Yeh 

Jang- Young You 

2nd Degree: Accounting 
Matthew Vincent Zambrotta 
Brian Scott Zang 

General Business 

Marlene Cristina Alfaro 
David Joseph Allen 
Richard Joseph Costanzo 
Howard WiUiam Girvin IV 

2nd Major: Economics 
David Alcides Hernandez 
GeofJrey Francis Hoke 
Ashley Mancuso 
Jonathan Marx 
Lee Joseph Oliver 
Phuong Candy Phong 
Sarah Marie Proffer 
Ashley Deandra Rooney 

2nd Degree: Journalism 
James R. Rosenberger 
Ashley Lauren Snyder 

Human Resource 

Zebulon Thomas Ramsey 

Information Systems 

Luz Andrea Arteaga 

2nd Major: Economics 
Chivon A. Fahie 

2nd Degree: Accounting 
Andy J. Han 
Tommy Harper 
Brandon Matthew Hotmann 
Crystal Tylese Jackson 
Damien Jones 

2nd Degree: Accounting 
Amman Aslaiii Khan 

2nd Degree: Accounting 

Anver Saleem Khan 

2iid Degree: Accounting 
Joseph Kyungjin Lee 

2nd Major: Operations 

Nataliya Leonidovna Naydorf 

2nd Degree: Russian Language 

and Literature 
Tarun Sarin 
Shulin Zheng 

International Business 

Yasmine Saba Askari 
Sean Blanton 

2nd Degree: German Language 

and Literature 
Catherine Butterworth 
Maria C. Crisol 
Marcus Vinicius Monteiro 

De Paula 
Chukwuemeka Obi Egekeze 
Ishani K. Gandhi 

2nd Degree: Accounting 
*Saniantha Erin Green 
Christopher William Peter Guldin 

2nd Degree: Auounting 
Jason Robert Gutman 

2nd Degree: Accounting 
Paul Wesley Hagood 
Emelia Elizabeth Ingersoll 
Ryan Joseph Kamauff 
L^aniel Minsuk Kim 
Evan Matthew Kline 
Matthew H. Kraft 
Christine M. Krupin 

2nd Degree: Marketing 
Daniella Lager 
Yvette Markarian 
Ariel Fabrizio Molina 

2nd Major: Spanish Lmguage 

and Literature 

Diem-Chau Hoang Ngo 
Kristie Nichole Novakovich 
Lakeisha Nicole Prather 
Neil Patrick Reilly 

2nd Degree: Government 

and Politics 
Joshua Fitzwilliam Reister 

2nd Major: Logistics, Transportation 

and Supply Chain Management 
Gabriel Soldi Accame 

Logistics, Transportation and 
Supply Chain Management 

Tiffany Chen 
Rani Francis 

2nd Degree: Accounting 
Shania Lin 

2nd Degree: Marketing 
Marc H. McKenna 
Matthew Kevin Woodrow 


Steven Ira Abramson 
Francis Ayenu 

2nd Major: Logistics, Transportation 

and Supply Chain Matiageweni 
Brittany Rose Baratz 

2(11^ Degree: Music-Liberal 

Arts Program 
Peter James Casserly 
Patricia Alexis Chambers 
Virginia L. Deane 
Brandon B. Dunn 
Nimi Dvir 
Keith Glenjobes 
§Rebecca Jill Kahn 
Christine M. Krupin 

2iid Degree: International Business 
Angela Chaejung Lim 



Shania Lin 

2iid Degree: Logistics, Transportation 

and Supply Chain Management 
Habib Afoni Malloum Bako 

2nd Major: International Business 
Amanda Lee McCarra 
Meaghan Diana McKissic 
Sara Lynn McMahon 
Stephen Michael Metzger 
Taylor Nicole Miller 
Michael Henry Mongeon 
Rachel Elizabeth Mowrer 
Matthew Jude Oster 

2nd Degree: Government 

and Politia 
Kaithn Ehzabeth Parnell 
Eireann Rosemarie Patterson 
Jocelyn Michele Redmond 
Ryan Douglas Ross 
Jamie Paige Rothnian 
Susannah Elizabeth Rowe 
Pavel Rukhlya 
Jennifer Claire Sharlin 
Jeremy Alexander Stark 

2nd Degree: Accounting 
Kathleen Ehzabeth Taylor 
Vania V. Vasquez 
Anna Volper 
Phillip Joseph Watson 

2nd Major: Economics 

Operarions Management 

Nicholas Owen Bartlinski 
Robert Eugene Carpenter 
tPhihp H. Debaugh 
Danielle Abby Dorenfeld 
Sean Nye Hammer 
sllana Beth Jolson 
Amy Katelyn Lipari 
Daniel Alexander Nemec 
2nd Degree: Accounting 

fChristopher Steven Patterson 

2tid Degree: Accounting 
Scott Adam Silverberg 

School of 
Public Health 

Bachelor of Science 

Community Health 

Hiba Mohammed Abduljabbar 

Joy Christina Awosika 

Fernanda Mayela Azucena 

Mehssa Baiyewu 

Tinashe Nelvina Batia 

Claudia Scares Bezerra 

Tabinda Ansar Burney 

Karen Eleanor Chisley 

Christopher William Daniel 

Katarina Alexandra Daragan 

Natasha Teneka Emmanuel 

Angle Ehzabeth Garcia 

Pamela Anne Jabonete 

Amy L. Kerrick 

Maria Ann Kolanowski 

Katherine Anne Kowalchek 

Judy Li 

Katherine Kirkbride Loya 

Joel Muriithi Mbugi 

Jeanny Munachy Mlemchukwu 

Helena Mo 

Meagan Ehzabeth Paulk 

Hooman Saberinia 

Jessica Alana Scott 

Sydnei D.Thomas 

Karimah Zahra WiUianis-Layne 

Family Science 

Katherine Nataly Arias 
YesindeYemnde Ayodeji 
Brittany Mae Baker 
Miranda Nicole Beans 
Alexandra Shea Britt 

Tonya Renee Cain 
Jeannine Andrea Caldwell 
Katherine Milagros Cisneros 
Jenna Lynn Chfton 
Kimberly Yvette Coleman 
Patrick W.Doyle 
Jennifer Ponciano Faria 
Moiuca Latrese Fedderick 

2nd Major: Criminology and 

Criminal Justice 
Gabrielle Chelsy Furman 
Faten Adel Gharib 
Timothy Eugene Gibson Jr. 
Jessica Concepcion Gomez 
Reuben Haigler Jr. 
Melissa Marie Hornfeck 
fPatricia Marie Leffson 
Kristen Anne Leyton 
Tanisha Ashley Littlejohn 
Ashley Marie Lyons 
Arshpreet K. Mann 

Kristin Anne McArthur 
Erin Kathleen McCarter 
Juhe Dianne O'Brien 
Jenna Marie RasteUi 
Jessica Teresa Rego 
Atlantris Natassia Reynolds 
Jonathan Warren Robertson 
Taylor Jean Rogers 
Chiquita Adriana Serpas 
Rose Katherine Shirron 
Yolanda Michelle Snuth 
Kathleen O'NeiU Stedman 
Courtney Rose Stephens 
Pamela Marie Supsic 
Camille Crystal Sussewell 
Lauren Ashley Switalski 
Amanda Leigh Thornton 
Manuela G.Tingbo 
Seth Wilham Tucker 
Mayumi Evano Williams 
Kari LynnWoodley 

§ Sttmma cinri Ljiide "}■ Magna cum Laiidc 



Kinesiological Science 

Uniar Fahrouk Abdul-Gani>'u 
Ryan Gordon Ferree Ahmed 
Agnes Laura Altenor 
Obrimpong Kwabena Amoa-Awua 
Mary Beth In Asuncion 
Kyle Lee Atvvell 
Victoria Rene Beasley 
Matthew Peyton Bembenek 
Bridget Nichole Blount 

2nd Degree: Psychology 
Mark Paul Brenneman 
Thomas William Broadbent 
Jamesa Shamera Brown 
Hojin Daniel Choe 
Caren Christine Clift 
George Vassar Covington 1 1 1 
Derek Carroll Curran 
Gina Michelle Dal'Mohn 
Matthew Lvnn Daniel 

Brian Glen Da\ns 
Ryan Downey 
Robert Chibuike Duru 
Sarah Catherine Easterwood 
Shannon Ashley Engelking 
Courtney Corrinne Fletcher 
Emily E. Goldberg 
Robert Martin Green 
Dominique Ellesse Gross 
CoUn James Haller 
Tawnya Melody Hawkins 
John Gordon Hays III 
Christopher Daniel Henr\' 
Steven Blayne Hofirnan 
Jessica Reid Ingram 
Matthew B. Jacobs 
Ryan Michael Jones 
Chelsea Danielle Kapp 
Bruce Devin Knox 
Nicole Christina Koebke 

Issouf S. Konate 

Ashley Brooke Kowzun 

Jenna Marie Kucan 

Mark Andrew Leh 

Saravuth Robert Lerkaram 

Mark Andrew Leydecker 

Pilgrim Yao En Lin 

David Lucks 

Casey Jai Magor 

Christopher Michael Mancim 

Kyle Anthony Martin 

Ceha S. Martins 

Micah Njeh Mbah 

Kevin B. McCoUister 

Frederick Michael MeUUo HI 

Jeremy Eugene Navarre 

Daniel Rafael Ontiveros 

Christine Denise Ortiz-Zalduondo 

Vanessa Renee Quandt 

Douglas H. Rainey 

Brandy Irene Richardson 
Peter P. Riche 
•Matthew Kirk Ryan 
Nathaniel Patrick Schoeb 
•Andrew Theodore Somerville 
Jamie Robin Taylor 
Rachel Ann Taylor 
Michaela Rose Tierney 
Patrick J. Topper 
Ashley Marie Weber 
Christine Peng Wojciechowski 
Catherine Blair Wooton 
•Samantha Anne Yang 

Physical Education 

Paula Intante 


Siimnia ami Littdc f '\%"'i '"'" I'Htidt * aim Laiide 


Undergraduate Studies 

Bachelor of Arts 

Individual Studies 

fAndrew Charles Brash 
Jiihe Ehzabeth DeGrafft 
Katherine Lynn Garvin Kelly 
Steven Robert Lapkoff 
tCinger Rose Park 
fOphraYona Paul 
sKurt Jonathan Pfund 
Allen Robert Reynolds 

Bachelor of Science 

Individual Studies 

Robert Ray Dombrowski 
Joseph Michael Nash 

Certificate Programs 

African American Studies 

Brandon Lament Barrett 
Vivian Patrice Esquerre 
Joshua Caleb Garner 
Shawna Demetria Mason 
Kelly Nicole Wallace 

Asian American Studies 

Caleb Chih-Ping Lee 

Science, Technology 
and Society 

Lauren Ashley White 

Women's Studies 

Mariama Kancou Henry 
Marisa Rebecca Mathews 
Johonna Rachelle McCants 
Saman Saba 

The December 2008 class roster comprises degree candidates fix)m the 
graduate and undergraduate programs at the University of iVlaryland, 
College Park. As final action cannot always be taken for candidates by 
the rime this program is printed, the list of candidates here is tentative. 
The university reserves the right to withdraw or add names. Diplomas 
(for other than doctoral degrees) will be mailed by the Office of 
Records and Registration. 



Bachelor's degree candidates who have quahfied 
tor scholarship honors upon graduation are des- 
ignated by appropriate symbols adjacent to their 
names within the alphabetical listing of colleges 
or schools, pages 28-33 and 49—63. 

To be ehgible for consideration for such honors a candi- 
date must meet the foUowing general criteria: (1) have com- 
pleted at least two years of work at the University of 
Maryland (6(1 semester hours, 30 of which were earned at the 
College Park campus) and (2) have a scholastic average of a 
"B" (grade point average of 3.0) or higher in the University 
of Maryland work prior to the last semester of registration 
before the awarding ot a degree. 

Degree candidates who have met these criteria are shown 
in the listings as qualifying, upon graduation, for the designa- 
tors Siiminn aim Laniic (if they ranked in the top 2 percent ot 
the candidates in their respective colleges or schools), A'ld'^iia 
aim Laiide (if in the next 3 percent), or aim Laudc (if in the 
next 5 percent) based on the grade point averages of students 
in the preceding three graduating classes ot their degree- 
granting unit. 

Departmental Honors 


With Honors in 

Aerospace Engineering 

Alexander Nicholas Brown 
Jason P. Leggett 

African Atnerican Studies 

Chaz Romeo Ball 


Hye Sun Kim 
Jongwook Lee 


lames Matthew Harngan 

Mechanical Engineering 

Brendan J. O'Leary 
Alba Sofia Serrano 
Ho Fung Tsui 

With Honors in 

Aerospace Engineering Krasel 


Christopher Charles Clark 
Rebecca Jill Kahn 
Jun Wang 

Cell Biology and 
Molecular Genetics 

Jonathan Robert Motley 
Christina Diem Chi Pham 
Youlin "Jenny" Seo 

Computer Science 

Christine Marie Masuoka 

Criminal Justice 
and Criminology 

Jacqueline K.Akyea 


Danielle Lou-Ann Marryshow 

Electrical Engineering 

Han Tue Dao 


Andrew Theodore Somerville 

Mechanical Engineering 

Time Osereme Aigbe 
Benjamin Michael Bacon 
Michael Myron Barton 
Yi-Chun Chou 
Nathaniel Roy Deyton 
Aleksandr Borisovich Gorbashe 
Kevin Joseph Grear 
Craig Patrick Keenan 
Dagem Mengeste 
Colin Andrew O'Haver 
Jordan Eugene Smith 
Jennit'er Marie Spann 



University Honors 

StudaHs who hiiiv earned the 
University Honors Citation may 
wear red and gold braided cords 
oi'er their academic gounis. 

December and August 

Ellas Karl Al-Najjar 
Christian Richard Berardi 
Erin Selene Boyle 
Megan Ehzabeth Brodie 
Rachel Priscilla Carlson 
Duan Chen 

Tiffany Chen 

Grace Chiou 

Elena Yin- Yin Chung 

Julia Ehzabeth Clark 

Alec Porter Colvin 

Han Tue Dao 

Alhson Rae Deugwillo 

Joseph Patrick Dougherty 

Victoria Lynn Fan 

Jeremy Ian Feldblyum 

Richard Christopher Franks 

Garrett L. Goon 

Giovanni Henry St. O. Greaves 

Leila Guller 

Jason Robert Gutnian 

Lauren Erica Japko 

John C.Jeffcott 
Shanez Theresa Jenkins 
Benjamin Katsuo Johnson 
Brianna R.Johnson 
Michal Krasel 
Christine Marie Krupin 
Daniel Larocque 
Diana PhuongThao Le 
Brisca Chun Lee 
Erin Sloane Lester 
Yunjie Li 
Ren Liu 
Yaqian Liu 

Nicholas Robert Lumpp 
Michael Wade Maddox 
Michael Maness 

Christine Marie Masuoka 
Brian Andrew McGillen 
David Alan McLaren 
Daria L. Medved 
Helena Mo 

Jonathan Robert Motley 
Noah Alexander Needleman 
Petro Andreas Nungovitch 
Bradley Seaton Oliver 
Alyce Nicole Osborne 
Matthew Jude Oster 
Mark Adam Patrick 
Christopher Steven Patterson 
Oleg Pelekhaty 
Daniel PoUis 
Anne Michelle Price 



Robert Charles Prior 

Safa Razeghi 

Kartikay Rikhye 

Matthew Benjamin Robertson 

Ashley Deandra Rooney 

MeUssa Ann Rothstein 

Mallory Kate Rudesill 

Matthew Kirk Ryan 

Ryan Stewart Sawyer 

Natalie Lynn Scurto 

Roberto Alejandro Semidey 

Stephen Frank Simon 

Christine Ann Siwak 

Katherine Sohn 

Jennifer Marie Spann 

Jeremy Alexander Stark 

Britney Jean Tsui 

Soo Young Uhm 

Christine Ann Walczak 

Jun Wang 

Andrew Edward Yang 


All academic citation program within 
the College of Behavioral and Social 
Sciences, centered on citizenship, 
leadership and community building 
ill a diverse society, scholarship and 
communily service learning. Scholars 
will he wearing a silver invdallion on 
ii blue ribbon. 

August and December 

Caitlin Conville 
Erin Curran 
Kevin Keefe 
Melanie Lidman 
Michael Mongeon 
1). Scott Wilson 

College Park Scholars 

.4 coimnuiiity of 12 special liviiig- 
'learning programs for academically 
talented first- and second-year studeiiis. 
Graduating seniors receive an academic 
citation. Scholars will be recognized 
with a medallion on a gold ribbon. 


Time O. Aigbe 
Ayosike Akingbade 
Yasmine Saba Askari 
Timothy Alexander Babich 
Benjamin Michael Bacon 
Sharada Baddela 
Jeet Kaur Bahra 
Brittany Rose Baratz 
Victoria Rene Beasley 
Andrew Charles Brash 
Andrew John Burton 

Catherine Jane Butterworth 
Jared Isaac Cacciapagha 

Brian David Cohan 

Kfirah Devorah Covel 

Tara Custer 

Gelela Daba 

Philip Henry Debaugh 

Lorehe Marie Diestro 

Andrew David Eisold 

Daniel Ehezer 

Benjamin Fan 

Deborah Rachel Felsenthal 

Kelsey Flynn 

Richard Christopher Franks 

Beniam Gulilat Gebeyehu 

Maria Daniela Gomez 

Brittany Nicole Graham 

Brendan Christopher Graves 

Joshua Mikel Greenfeld 
Bryan Andrew Hammond 
Joseph Donald Hamp 
James Matthew Harrigan 
Sherry Ching Hou 
Christopher Hyunsoo Jm 
liana Beth Jolson 
Lauren Michelle Krone 
Angela Chaejung Lim 
Shan Lin 

Amy Katelyn Lipari 
Jeremiah Abraham Lowery 
Darby Virginia Masland 
Keegan Holmes McClure 
Marc Henry McKenna 
Peter Edmund Philip Mech 
Laura Rosalyn Messing 
Brian Michael Moran 
Timothy Alton Morris 
Kara Moss 
Christopher Most 
MylyThi Nguyen 
Wesley John Obenshain 
Oluchi Rebecca Ofoha 
Jim O. Oguntimein 
CoHn Andrew O'Haver 
Rushijayanti Patel 
Hunter William Pavela 
Erik Clifford Pearson 
Lauren Ann Peddicord 
Christina Diem-Chi Pham 
Andrew Tom Pomeroy 
Jennifer Quach 
Andreia Catrinel Rauta 
Joshua Fitzwilliam Reister 
Megan Jean Ritter 
Rebecca Susan Rupp 
Rabia R. Sahibzada 
Anna Colleen Schocnfelder 

Hilary Nicole Schultz 

Kaitlyn Marie Seith 

Justin Stahl Senseney 

Youjin Seo 

Margi Sheth 

Sean O'Brien Sinclair 

Jeffrey Michael Smith 

Sarah Solomon 

Christopher Joseph Souweine 

Brandon Alexander Spruill 

Amanda Brooke Tauber 

Sydnei Darcel Thomas 

David Tong 

Maya Tsidulko 

Vania Vasquez 

Aima Volper 

Tamara Roxanne Young 

David Joseph Zambrano 


Aaron Taylor Blair 
Ashanta Patricia Brady 
Hanhw T. Bui 
Marcelo Augusto Garcia 
Erica Blair Holdenried 
Mohamed Abdul-Kadir Juboori 
Dheera Kapoor 
Benjamin Jacob Levine 
Aaron Montero Mednick 
Robert Philip Mihalcik 
Caitlin Michelle Moore 
Andres Daniel Morinigo 
Daniel McLoone O'Connell 
Kara Michelle Page 
Andrew James Reid 
Christopher Patrick Rowlett 
Arash Najm Sadri 
James Chia-En Shen 
Weymouth Saint Patrick Spence 
Alice Jayne Trageser 



Christina Tzafaras 
Chelsea Morgan Williams 
John Yun-Chung Wu 
Michelle D.Yoon 
IlyaVinokurov Zhodzishsky 

Global Communities 

Utuhr llic Office of hucmational 
Programs, students earn a transcript 
notation of Global Competency 
through scholarship in the areas of 
intercultural communication, global 
issues and international research or 
service learning. Scholars wear a 
symbolic globe mcdalUon on a lighl- 
blue ribbon. 

Zeynep Sumer 

Language House 

Created in 1989. it was the first lir- 
ing-learning program established. It 
provides students the opportunity for 
language and cultural immersion in a 
clustered, organized study environment. 

Matt Robertson (French) 
Liz Campbell (German) 
JefF Smith (German) 
Deborah Felsenthal (Hebrew) 
Nathan Cohen (Hebrew) 
Estela Martinez (Spanish) 

Philip Merrill 
Presidential Scholars 

Scholars ivere nominated hy the 
colleges and represent the university's 
most successful seniors. Tlie program 
also honors the university faculty 
member and K-i2 teacher named 
by each student for their mentorshi}>. 
Scholars will be wearing red braids 
on their robes. 

Giovanni Henry St. O. Greaves 

Mortar Board National 
Senior Honor Society 

Madeleine Lovette 
Time Aigbe 
Cohn O'Haver 
Maijan Asi 

Omicron Delta Kappa 

Adam Robert Cohn 
Erin Marie Curran 
Alyssa Richelle Schimmel 

Phi Beta Kappa 


Adrienne Margaret Bailey 
Joshua Andrew Sampson 
EHezer Moshe Zuckerman 


Anabella Aspiras 
Rachel EHse Berndtson 
Jennifer Englander Burt 
Alicia N. EUis 

Brendan Christopher Graves 
Joshua Mikel Greenfeld 
Craig P. Keenan 
Madeleine Jane Lovette 
Christine Marie Masuoka 
Marisa R. Mathews 
Rostami Roozbeh Nazarian 
Petro Andreas Nungovitch 
Lauren Ann Peddicord 
Amy EHzabeth Perry- 
Christina Diem-Chi Pham 
Anne Michelle Price 
Roxana Renee Rahmani 
Matthew Jacob Rhodes 
Sandra Christina Rodrigues 
Michaela Lynn Rubala 
Katie Jo Keister Sacco 
Ryan Stewart Sawyer 
Walter John Schwenk 
Natahe Lynn Scurto 
Jason B. Shelton 
Davida Beth Silberman 
Stephen Frank Simon 
Sarah Solomon 
Rachel Blythe Streusand 
Amy B. Stupi 
Nicholas Jackson Tucker 
Soo Young Uhm 

Phi Kappa Phi 

Stephanie Agbu 
Elias Al-Najjar 
Sarah Katherine Bail 
Candace A. Bayles 
Jennifer Englander Burt 
Robert L. Byrd II 
Frank M. Cappella 
Philip George Cave 
Desiree Davis 
Patrick Stewart Elliott 
Gwen Elizabeth Emmons 
Alexander C. Fleischer 
Samara Rose Gottlieb 
Joshua M. Greenfeld 
Steven L.Johnson 
Deborah Krummejoy 
Julia Khusnutdinova 
Daniel Buckley La Rocque 
Patricia M. LefSon 
Young Ern Ling 
Hong Liu 

Madelemejane Lovette 
Avital Sara Medoff 
Robyn C. Menish 
Laura Rosalyn Messing 
Christopher S. Patterson 
Sara J. Pollack 
John Michael PuUen 
Bryan B. Rhodes 
Elan Shpigel 
Andrew Yang Sun 
Britney J. Tsui 
MehssaK. Willis 
Susan Copeland Wilson 
Jane Lai Woodburn 
Yong K wang Yeow 



The Senior Marshal Program began in 1991 as 
an opportunity to acknowledge outstanding 
seniors at their commencement. The students 
selected to be marshals were nominated by 
faculty, administration and staff for their outstanding accom- 
phshments and contributions to the University of Maryland. 
We are proud to recognize these truly remarkable students. 

Jacqueline Akyea 

Wade Cassamajor 

Karen Chisley 

Erin Compton 

Christina Cunningham 

Erin Curran 

AUison Deugwillo 

Andrew Eisold 

Jorge Fuertes 

Miguel Gonzalez 

Giovanni Henry St. O. Greaves 

Andy Han 

liana Jolson 

Sushant Kapoor 

Michal Krascl 

Lauren Krone 

Diana Le 

Yuiijie Li 

Brian McCJillen 

Hilary Nacheiii 
Colin O'Brien 
Martins Ogunbiyi 
Colleen O'Sulhvan 
Mark Patrick 
Ryan Payne 
Lauren Peddicord 
Michael Renner 
Matthew Robertson 
Christine Sauer 
Alyssa Schinimel 
Walter Schwenk 
Sarah Sherman 
Jannatun Sidker 
Christopher Souweine 
Khadijeh Vahdat 
Jun Wang 
Christopher Wanka 
Amanda Wardlaw 




Board of Regents 

Clifford M. KendaU, Chair 

Orlan M.Johnson, Vice Chairman 

Patricia S. Florestano, Treasurer 

Barr>' P. Gossett, Assistant Treasurer 

R. Michael Gill, Secretary 

The Hon. C.Thomas McMillen, y4ssisfiiHl Secretary 


Norman R.Augustine 

Alicia Coro Hoffiiian 

The Hon. Francis X. Kelly Jr. 

The Hon. Marvin Mandel 

David H. Nevins 

A. Dwight Pettit 

Frank M. Reid III 

James L. Shea 

Thomas G. Slater 

Joshua L. Michael, Student Regent 

The Hon. Roger L. Richardson. E.v Officio 


Norma M. AllevveU. College of Chemical and Life Sciences 

G. Anand AnandaUngam, Robert H. Smith School of Business 

Charles A. Caramello, Associate Provost and Dean, Graduate School 

Steve Fetter, School if Public Policy 

Roben S. Gold, School of Public Health 

Stephen Halperin, College of Computer, Mathematical and Physical Sciences 

Donna B. Hamilton, Associate Provost and Dean, Undergraduate Studies 

James F. Harris, College of Arts and Humanities 

Edward Montgomery, College of Behavioral and Social Sciences 

Jennifer J. Preece, College of Information Studies 

Herbert Y^ihin, A. fames Clark School of Engineering (Interim) 

Garth Rockcastle, School of Architecture, Planning, and Preservation 

Lee Thornton, Philip Merrill College of Journalism (Interim) 

Desider Vikor, Libraries (Interim) 

Cheng-i Wei, College of Agriculture and Natural Resources 

Donna L.Wiseman, College of Education 

OflScers of Cotnitiencement 

University Marshal 

Bruce R.James 

College of Agricultiire and Natural Resources 

University System Administration 

William E. Kirwan, Chancellor 

Leonard R. Raley, Vice Chancellor for Advancement 

Irwin Goldstein, Senior Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs 

loseph F. Vivona. COO /Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance 

University of Maryland Administration 

C. D. Mote, Jr., President 

Nariman Farvardin, Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost 

Mehan Bernstein, Vice President for Research 

Linda M. Clement, Vice President for Student Affairs 

Jeffi-ey C. Huskamp, Vice President and Chief Information Officer 

Brodie Remington, Vice President for University Relations 

Ann G.Wylie, Interim Vice President for Administrative Affairs 

Faculty Marshals 
EUin K. Scholnick 
Academic Affairs 

Leon H. Slaughter 

College ot Agriculture and Natural Resources 

Student Marshal 

William J. Higgins 

College ot Chemical and Life Sciences 

University Senate 
Kenneth G. Holum, Chair 



f'^i^gS^ Hl^Sl^ 




"•srOEB^ 1 POUCY 

University of Maryland 
College Park Foundation 
Board of Trustees 

The Hon. Joseph B. 
Gildenhorn, Chtiir 

Exeailive Commiuce 
Harvey L. Sanders, Chair 
John N. Laner 

The Hon. Timothy F. Maloney 
Wilham E. Mayer 
Margaret Scott SchifF 
Craig A.Thompson 
Mark G.Turner 


David M. Baggett 
Robert A. Bedmgfield 
John M. Brophy 
Jane C Brown 
Richard C. Brustein 

Albert P. Carey 
AJan C. Cason 
Connie Chung 
George "Pat" Clancy 
A.James Clark 
Hugh F.Cole Jr. 
Ralph W. Crosby 
John "Jack" Cullen 
Michael S. Dana 
Christopher M. Darnell 
David C. Driskell 
Leonard J. Elmore 
Robert Facchina 
Emilio A. Fernandez Jr. 
V. Raymond Ferrara 
Richard M. Finkelstein 
Robert E. FischeU 
Winston H. Gandy Jr. 
Michael C. Gelman 
Andrew "Jody" Gessow 
Ahiia G. CJildenhorn 

Lowell R. Glazer 
Dave Goldfarb 
Linda R. Gooden 
John I. Heise Jr. 
John S. Hendricks 
Wayne T. Hockmeyer 
Phillip H. Horvitz 
S. Bruce JafFe 
Raymond G. LaPlaca 
Deborah B. Lawrence 
Singleton B. McAllister 
Neil Moskowitz 
Jean MuUan 
John R. Nyland 
Y. "Buno" C. Pati 
Jane Cahill PfcifFer 
Kevin A. Plank 
Marilyn Bernian Pollans 
Deborah L. Potter 
Marvin H. Rabovsky 
Nicholas A. Samios 

Thomas H. SchoU 
Michelle Smith 
Edward A. St. John Jr. 
The Hon. Joseph D.Tyding 
Pedro E. Wasmer 
Robert A. Yellowlees 
Erik B.Young, M.D. 

Emeritui Trustees 
Waldo H. Burnside 
Ruth M. L^avis 
Shirley Phillips 

Honorary Trustees 
Jack Kay 
Jehan Sadat 
Robert H. Sinith 
Leo Van Munching Jr. 


Commencement Committee 

Nariman Farvardin, Clhiir 

Javaune Adams-Gaston, Career Center 

Kathy Angeletti, College of Education 

Monette Austin Bailey, University Publications 

Diane Barlow, College of Information Studies 

Carlotta Botvin, Catering 

Carl Bovill, School of Architecture, Planning, and Preservation 

Lisa Bradley, College of Chemical and Life Sciences 

Lauren Brown, University Publications 

Kirsten Budd, Shuttle UM 

Joan Burton, Individual Studies 

Curt Callahan, Cole Field House 

Ernest Cartledge, Diploma Office 

Ritzie Coleman, College of Computer, Mathematical and Physical Science 

Maureen David, Special Events 

Megan Dillard Miller, Memorial Chapel 

Terrill Drake, Robert H, Smith School of Business 

Laura Dyer, Public Safety 

Sandra Dykes, Facilities Management 

Luisa Ferreira, Environmental Safety 

Khadish Franklin, Senior Council 

Lisa Geraghty, Facilities Management 

Mike Gore, Bookstore 

Allie Hall, Comcast Center 

William J. Higgins, Student Marshal 

Brian Horick, Robert H, Smith School of Business 

Bruce James, University Marshal 

Cassandra Jones, College of Information Studies 

Michael Kashtan, Crimiital Justice 

Karen Logan, School of Public Policy 

Laura Madison, Library and Information Services 

Amy Meyers, Individual Studies 

Dona Morgan, College of Behavioral and Social Sciences 

Tina Murphy, Special Events 

James Newton, Undergraduate Studies 

Krystal Norman, College of Behavioral and Social Sciences 

Patrick Perfetto, Cotferencc and Visitor Services 

Ann Petrone, School of Architecture, Planning, and Preservation 

Teresa Prince, /I. James Clark School of Engineering 

Frank Quine, Philip Merrill College ofJournaUsm 

Nicholas Roberts, Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center 

Kyle Rudgers, Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center 

Alan Sactor, Department of Environmental Safety 

Ellin Scholnick, Faculty Marshal 

Matt Sheehan, Philip Merrill College of Journalism 

Adam Shervanian, School of Pubhc Health 

Leon Slaughter, Faculty Marshal 

Ray Stncklin, College of Agriculture and Natural Resources 

Charles Stubbs, Facilities Management 

Brooke Supple, Senior Council 

Ernest Cartledge, Diploma Office 

Anita Taylor, Department of Transportation Services 

Caryn Taylor, Philip Merrill College of Journalism 

Alex Teh, Campus Recreation Services 

Kelly TerriU, Stamp Student Union 

Tina Thorburn, Health Center 

Donna Walther, College of Agriculture and Natural Resources 

Jessica White, College of Arts and Humanities 

Sheron Williams, /I. James Clark School of Engineering 

Beth Workman, College of Behavioral and Social Sciences 



c K E L D I N 1 II'' " ■ '■ 

Department of Facilities Management's 

Building and Landscape Services 

Office of General Services/Special Services Staff 

Responsible for Selling L'p Commencement Sites 
Danny Barnes Larry Jefferson 

Sandra Dykes Sherrell Purnell 

Larry Garner Thomas Saunders 

Lisa Geraghty Charles Stubbs 

Other Facilities Management units responsible for commencement preparations 

Athletic Facihties 
Area Maintenance 
Carpentry Shop 
Electric Shop 
Floor Shop 

Housekeeping Services 
Landscape Services 
Paint Shop 
Sign Shop 

Cover Design: Brian Payne 

Managing Editor: Monette Austni Bailey 

Photography: John T. Consoli, Mike Morgan and Jeremy Green 

Production: Katherine Davis, Leonard Sparks, Rhonda Fonte and Patti Look 

With heartfelt thanks to Tern Marcos and Helena Simpson, Diploma 
Office; and Dianne Barrett and Debbie Pruett. Office of the Registrar. 

Commencement produced by Office of Special Events 
Book produced by University Publications 
Division of University- Relations 
December 2008 


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