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Saturday, June 5, 1937 

Ritchie Coliseum 

At Eleven fl. M. 



March — The Man of the Hour Filmore 

Overture — Light Cavalry von Suppe 

Selection — Maytime : Romberg 

March — Semper Fidelis Soiisa 

Excerpts — High Jinks Friml 

Waltz— Wedding of the Winds Hall 

The University of Maryland Band 
Otto Siebeneichen, Director 


Processional March — Triumphal from Athsilisi ^MendelsoJm 
The University of Maryland Band 

INVOCATION Rt. Rev. Edwin H. Hughes, Resident Bishop, 

Methodist Episcopal Church, Washington Area 

ADDRESS Honorable Millard E. Tydings, U. S. Senator 



BENEDICTION Rt. Rev. Edwin H. Hughes 


Recessional March — Tannhauser Wagner 

The University of ^^laryland Band 

The audience will please remain in place after the exercises until the 
academic procession has left the Coliseum. 



Candidates will be presented by Dean C. O. Appleman 


Rolfe Lyman Allen D. C. 

George Frederick Alrich D. C. 

Earl Jennings Anderson Washington 

John Oliver Burton D. C. 

Charles Jelleff Carr _._^ Maryland 

Gustav Edward Cwalina Maryland 

Chester Arthur Davis Texas 

K. Pierre Dozois - _ Maryland 

John E. Faber, Jr ..-Maryland 

of Philosophy 

Castillo Graham Maryland 

Donald Cooper Grove Maryland 

William Howard Hunt Maryland 

Marion Lee Jacobs North Carolina 

Virdell Everard Munsey D. C. 

Paul Andrew Parent D. C. 

Robb Vernon Rice Montana 

Edwin Greenwood Stimpson Maryland 

Master of Arts 

Edwin Harry Barnes Maryland 

Rosa Leah St. Clair Bristow Maryland 

Crystal Elliott Maryland 

Lea Kathryn Engel D. C. 

Henrietta Goodner Virginia 

Virginia Cooke Higgins.. D. C. 

Margaret Louise Howard Maryland 

Wilbur Arters Jones Maryland 

Michael Joseph Kelley D. C. 

Alma Essex Marshall D. C. 

Cathryn Elizabeth McFarland Maryland 

Leona Sara Morris Maryland 

Laura Nevius-. New York 

Mary Esther Smith Maryland 

Lowell Martin Sowers Maryland 

Lucille La Toure Stinnett D. C. 

Alice Elizabeth Taylor Maryland 

John Charles Thompson Maryland 

Edmund Henry Umberger Pennsylvania 

Walter R. Volckhausen New York 

Mabel Barnes Wilkinson D. C. 

Gertrude A. C. Williams Maryland 

May-Louise Wood Maryland 

Genevieve Asenath Yonkers Maryland 

Verna Margarite Zimmerman Maryland 

Master of Science 

Howard Franklin AUard Virginia 

Willis Harford Baldwin Maryland 

John Morton Bellows, Jr.... Massachusetts 

Dorothy Frances Burch D. C. 

Spencer Bliss Chase Maryland 

Charles Clayton Croft D. C. 

Mary Ruth Cross .....Maryland 

Katherine Cunningham D. C. 

Giulio D. D'Ambrogi Maryland 

Herbei't Joseph Florestano. ...Maryland 

Sylvan Ellis Forman Maryland 

Herbert Gershberg New York 

Bernard Heinemann New York 

Edgar Harrison Hollis Maryland 

Henry Gilbert Ingersoll Maryland 

•' Walter Fulton Jeffers ..Maryland 

William Bradford Lanham, Jr Maryland. 

Charles Samuel Lowe Maryland 

Jacob Barry Mandel New Jersey 

Howard Anthony Miller... New York 

Carroll Blue Nash . Maryland 

Rodney Andreen Olson Massachusetts 

Arnold Zachary Pfeffer New York 

Paul Routzahn Poffenberger Maryland 

Alfred Benjamin Raby North Carolina 

Elsie May Sockrider D. C. 

Marvin Luther Speck .Maryland 

Howard Livingston Stier Maryland 

Norman Richard Urquhart Illinois 

David H. Wallace... Maryland 

*Awarded Teacher's Diploma. 


Candidates will be presented by Director T. B. Symons. 

Edwin Warfield, Jr Maryland Paul Lewis Gunby, Sr. 

Jesse Peyton King Maryland 



Candidates will be presented by Dean J. M. H. Rowland. 

Doctor of Medicine 

Thomas Gilbert Abbott Maryland 

R. Stanley Bank Maryland 

Ernest Barnett New York 

Eugene Sydney Bereston Maryland 

Leonard Brill Maryland 

Lester Leon Burtnick Maryland 

Carl Edwin Carlson Connecticut 

J. R. Casanova Diaz Puerto Rico 

Roland Arnold Christensen Pennsylvania 

Joseph Michael Cocimano D. C. 

Stuart Gray Coughlan Maryland 

Louis Eugene Daily Maryland 

Charles Magno D'Alessio Connecticut 

Thomas Vincent D'Amico New Jersey 

Eli Davidson -New York 

Neshon Edward Deradorian Connecticut 

Everett Schnepfe Diggs Maryland 

William Monroe Eisner New York 

Emanuel Simon Ellison Maryland 

Helen Robinson Ensor Maryland 

Philip Michael Feldman New York 

John Hannon Finn Massachusetts 

Isaac Phillips Frohman Maryland 

Sidney Richard Gehlert, Jr. Maryland 

John Lawrence Gillespie New Jersey 

Herbert Goffin New York 

Sigmund Goldberg Maryland 

William Cecil Gordon New York 

Robert Joseph Gore Maryland 

Elvin Edward Gottdiener Maryland 

Frank Greenwald New York 

Charles Solomon Hahn New York 

Grover Cleveland Hedrick, Jr., 

West Virginia 

Benjamin Highstein Maryland 

Leo Hochfeld New York 

Eugene Welch Hodgson Pennsylvania 

Charles Wilbur Hoffman, Jr Maryland 

William Coolidge Humphries Maryland 

Samuel Jackson New York 

Alan Jacobson Maryland 

Clarence Frederick Johnston, Jr., Maryland 

James Porter Jones West Virginia 

James Earl Kadan Maryland 

Gordon Arthur Kagen..- Pennsylvania 

D. Frank Olewiler Kaltreider, Jr, 


Isadore Kaplan Maryland 

Jack Allen Kaplan New York 

Nathan Kaplan Maryland 

Albert Herbert Katz Maryland 

Isadore Katz New York 

Irvin Bernard Kemick Maryland 

Irvin Philip Klemkowski Maryland 

Lester Norman Kolman Maryland 

Mitchell Frank Kunkowski Maryland 

Louis Woron Leskin .New York 

Leonard Warren Levine Connecticut 

Leonard Jules Levinson New York 

Elmer George Linhardt Maryland 

Ephraim Theodore Lisansky Maryland 

William Broughton Long, Jr Maryland 

Chester James Lubinski Maryland 

Stephen Casimir Mackowiak Maryland 

Frank Vincent Manieri Maryland 

Irene Thelma Marino New York 

Otto George Matheke, Jr. New Jersey 

Milton Joseph Meyer New York 

Edwin Stephen Muller Maryland 

Joseph Ennalls Muse... Maryland 

Philip Myers Maryland 

Maurice Nataro New Jersey 

Richard Spurgeon Owens, Jr Virginia 

Isidore Earl Pass Maryland 

August Constantine Pavlatos, Pennsylvania 

Lawrence Perlman New York 

Pasquale Humbert Piccolo Connecticut 

Frederick Phillip Pokrass Pennsylvania 

Elton Resnick - Maryland 

Samuel Thompson Redgi'ave Revell, Jr., 


Henry Lewis Rigdon Maryland 

Isadore Morris Robins Pennsylvania 

Martin Herman Robinson Pennsylvania 

Reuben Rochkind .Maryland 

Ephraim Rcseman Maryland 

Morris Rubin Connecticut 

Gilbert Elmore Rudman Maryland 

John Paul Sakowski New Jersey 

Norman Ellis Sartorius, Jr Mai-yland 

Clarence Parke Scarborough, Jr., 


Jacob Edward Schmidt Maryland 

John King Beck Emory Seegar, Jr., 


Joshua Seidel Maryland 

Milton C. F. SemofF.- New York 

Sydney Sewall Connecticut 

Abraham Albert Shapiro Maryland 

Meyer Robert Shear Maryland 

Morton Marvin Spielman Maryland 

Manuel Stapen New York 

Bernhardt Joseph Statman New Jersey 

Albert Steiner Maryland 

Thomas John Sullivan New York 

Mason Trupp Maryland 

George Jones Weems Maryland 

Henry Wolfe Weiss New York 

Frank Dixon Whitworth Maryland 

Mabel Giddings Wilkin Texas 

Richard Jones Williams Maryland 

Robert Roderic Williams ...New York 

Eldridge Henry Wolff Maryland 

Jack Henry Woodrow New York 

Frank Anthony Zack. ....Massachusetts 

Israel Zeligman Maryland 


Joseph Louis Stecher Maryland 

George Louis Vieweg-, Jr West Virginia 

University Prize Gold Medal William Broughton Long, Jr. 

Certificates of Honor 

Morris Rubin Morton Marvin Spielman Jacob Edward Schmidt 

R. Stanley Bank Mabel Giddings Wilkin 

The Dr. A. Bradley Gaither Memorial prize of $25.00 for the best work in genito-urinary 
surgery during the senior year Mason Trupp 


Candidates will be presented by Dean ,J. Ben Robinson. 

Doctor of Dental Surgery 

Harry Aks ...Virginia 

Sol Barsky D. C. 

Curtis Muse Beetham Maryland 

Bernard Robert Berkowitz Maryland 

Irving' Berman Connecticut 

Wilbur Darwin Burton, Ji' Delaware 

Joseph Byer New Jersey 

Anthony Victor Caputo New Jersey 

William Raymond Casey Rhode Island 

Albert Thomas Clewlow New Jersey 

M. Rubin Colby New Jersey 

Henry Davis Maryland 

Mark Orsamus Davis, Jr D. C. 

Kenneth Forsythe Downes Connecticut 

Joseph Lawrence Downs NeAv Jersey 

Richard James Eamich D. C. 

Fredrick Melvin Edwards New Jersey 

Louis Benjamin Finkelstein New Jersey 

Isadore Edward Fox New Jersey 

Herbert Friedberg New Jersey 

James Ambrose Fulmer, Jr., South Carolina 

Morris Ralph Gare New Jersey 

Raymond Joseph Gaudreau Rhode Island 

George Harold Glick New Jersey 

Jesse Jerome Greenberg New York 

Gaetan Georges Gregoire Connecticut 

John Conrad Heck Maryland 

Victor Lemoine Heuser New Jersey 

Abraham Hirshorn New Jersey 

Vivian Meyer Jehiel Jacobs New Jersey 

Donald Beebe Booth Jones Maryland 

Peter Theodore Kanelos Rhode Island 

Charles Ben Kupers Pennsylvania 

Harold Harry Lavine Maryland 

Melvin Ralph Leonard Virginia 

Harold Jack Lessow Connecticut 

David Aaron Levin Maryland. 

Guilford Levitas New Jersey- 
Bernard Melvin Lewis D. C. 

Milton Seth Lubarsky Pennsylvania 

Simon George Markos New Hampshire 

Boleslaw Walter Miksinski Maryland 

Robert Greer Miller Maryland 

Joseph Anthony Mirabella, Jr. ...New Jersey 

Paul Boyd Moorefield North Carolina 

Ernest Linwood Myers, Jr. Maryland 

Chris Anthony Nacrelli Pennsylvania 

Benjamin Leonard Poster Maryland 

Go)'don Scott Pugh Maryland 

Joseph Eniile Ralph New Jersey 

Robert Alton Reed Delaware 

Bernard Henry Reilly Puerto Rico 

Jotham Gay Reynolds Connecticut 

Richard Edgeworth Richardson 

North Carolina 

Harry Ewell Riggin Maryland 

Franklin John Roh Maryland 

Irving Harvard Rosen ..Virginia 

Joseph Zeoli Salvatore Connecticut 

Alonzo LePage Seidler.. ...Maryland 

Jack Shobin Maryland 

Maurice David Shure Connecticut 

William Herman Silverstein New Jersey 

William Bower Simington Pennsylvania 

Morris David Simon New Jersey 

Isaac Walter Sloan West Virginia 

Darwin Robert Swinehart Maryland 

Elmer Louis Sydney. Rhode Island 

Gilbert Yoffe Maryland 

Raymond Edward Zeiner Connecticut 

Alfonce Walter Zerdy.. Pennsylvania 


Alfonse Centanni New Jersey Walter Josef Nelson 

Ernest Gustave Seyfert Connecticut 

Rhode Island 


University Gold Medal for Scholarship ...Darwin Robert Swinehart 

Certificates of Honor 

Albert Thomas Clewlow Richard Edgeworth Richardson Alonzo LePage Seidler 

Henry Davis Alfonce Walter Zerdy 



Candidates will be presented by Dean Roger Howell. 

Certificates of Proficiency 
Anthony Joseph Mraz New Jei'sey 

Bachelor of Laws 

*Irving J. Applefeld Maryland 

Charles Edwards Athsy ..Maryland 

James Stephen Becker Maryland 

William Francis Bender Maryland 

Joseph Gerald Bloom Maryland 

*Allen Eugene Buzzell .Maryland 

*Eberle William Carr Maryland 

William R. Carscaden Maryland 

DeWitt Forman Clarke Maryland 

Bernard Solomon Cohen Maryland 

Joseph Paul Coolahan Maryland 

*Richard Edmund Cullen Delaware 

"^Earl Martin Dixon Maryland 

Sherley Ewing Maryland 

Milton Gerson Maryland 

"•'Clifford Holmes Graves Maryland 

'Thomas Meredith Houff Maryland 

Alfred Theodore Jacobson Maryland 

* William Smith James Maryland 

Maurice A. Kaplan Maryland 

Frank Bai'tholomew Keech Maryland 

Edward John Lipin Maryland 

Paul Tobin Maginnis Maryland 

Edward Wiegand Mattingly Maryland 

* With Honor. 

Harry Algire McFaul Maryland 

Amos I. Meyers Maryland 

Charles Davis Moore Maryland 

Francis Robert Moran Maryland 

James Cooke Morton, Jr.._ Maryland 

Philip John Picario . Maryland 

Charles Joseph Potts _ Maryland 

*Gordon Gilbert Power Maryland 

John Carroll Power Maryland 

James Harford Pyle Maryland 

Lee Bishop Reynolds Maryland 

*James Wilson Rouse Maryland 

John Gould Rouse, Jr Maryland 

Edward Anthony Schaub, Jr Maryland 

Henry Lyon Sinskey, Jr Maryland 

Carl Frederick Stissel Maryland 

Henry Paul Struzinski Maryland 

*William Randolph Tucker Maryland 

J. Edward Tyler, III Maryland 

D. Merle Walker Maryland 

John Warhol, Jr New Jersey 

John Thomas Welsh Maryland 

Lawrence E. Wesner Maryland 

Robert Hope Williams, Jr. Maryland 

Robert Warren Warfel Maryland 


Prize of $100.00 for the highest average grade for the entire course, 

Day School ._.. Allen Eugene Buzzell 

Prize of $100.00 for the highest average grade for the entire course. 

Evening School Clifford Holmes Graves 

Alumni prize of $50.00 for best argument in Honor Case in the 

Practice Court James Cooke Morton, Jr. 

George 0. Blome prizes to representatives on Honor Case in the Practice Court, 

Eberle William Carr Clifford Holmes Graves 

Earl Martin Dixon James Cooke Morton, Jr. 



Candidates will be presented by Dean Andrew G. DuMez. 

Bachelor of Science in I'harmacv 

Benjamin Frank Allen ^Maryland 

Morris Joshua AUiker Maryland 

Reuben Robert Alperstein Maryland 

Sylvan E. Beck :Maryland 

Abraham Bliden . Maryland 

Richard C. Brune . Maryland 

Jerome Jerry Cermak ^laryland 

Hershel Cohen Maryland 

Samuel Damico Maryland 

Leroy Oldham Dawson Maryland 

Sylvan Philip Einbinder Maryland 

Albert Abraham Ellerin Maryland 

Harry Enten Maryland 

Julius Walter Feret Maryland 

Herman Jesse Fish Maryland 

Charles Steele Friedman West Virginia 

Shirley M. Glickman ^Maryland 

William Melvin Hanna Maryland 

Sylvan Allan Hoffman IMaryland 

Fdix H. Kaminski Maryland 

Jerome Jay Karpa Maryland 

Elmer Robert Kellough, Jr Maryland 

Abraham Maurice Levy Maryland 

Frank Ferdinand Levy Maryland 

A. M. Libowitz Maryland 

Frank Joseph Lieb ^Maryland 

Alexander M. Mayer Maryland 

Francis Rowland McGinity Maryland 

Henry Merkel Maryland 

Milton Miller Maryland 

Solomon ]\Iiller 

Charles Mindell 

Emma Louise Morgenstem 

Gordon Anthony Mouat 

Leo Milton Musacchio 

Irvin Louis Myers 

John Frederick Neutze 

Frank Lewis Purdum 

Irving- Wolf Rabinowitz 

Leonard Rapoport 

John Anthony Raudonis New 

Israel Aaron Rosenfeld 

Edward Vincent Rutkowski 

Daniel Anthony Santoni 

Edward I. Sapperstein 

Isadore Sborofsky 

Melvin Gerald Scherr . 

Frederick Albert Schumm 

William Walter Seechuk 

Gerald Melvin Semer 

Ii"vin Israel Silverman 

Sylvan Tompakov 

Millard Tolson Traband, Jr 

Albert Franklin Turner, Jr 

Winfield Alexander Walb 

Theodore John Wasilewski 

David Weiner 

Ruth R. Weisberg 

Solomon Winn 

Bernard Leon Zenitz 

-. Maryland 
_ Maryland 

— Maryland 

— Maryland 

— Maryland 
— Marvland 


William Anthony Dodd Maryland 

Arnold H. Eichert Maryland 

Samuel Louis Fox Maryland 

Francis Joseph Januszeski Maryland 

Benjamin Bernard Laken Maryland 

John Peter Urlock, Jr Maryland 


Gold Medal for General Excellence Bernard Leon Zenitz 

The William Simon Memorial Prize for Proficiency in Practical 

Chemistry Leonard Rapoport 

The L. S. Williams Practical Pharmacy Prize Frank Joseph Lieb 

The Conrad L. Wich Botany and Pharmacognosy Prize Bernard Leon Zenitz 

Leonard Rapoport 

Certificates of Honor 

Frank Joseph Lieb 

Svlvan E. Beck 


Candidates will be presented by Dean H. J. Patterson. 

Bachelor of Science 

Walter Hamilton Armiger Maryland 

Claire Louise Boekhoff .__.Maryland 

Anne Rosaleen Bourke D. C, 

Henry Edward Butler Maryland 

Robert Taylor Crump Maryland 

Edmond Thomas Daly New York 

Roy Carlton Dawson D. C. 

Edward James Fletcher D. C. 

Mary Washington Frazer D. C. 

John Joseph Gormley Maryland 

John William Guckeyson Maryland 

Rodney Travis Hill Maryland 

Lewis Franklin Hobbs, Jr Maryland 

William Scott Comerer James Maryland 

Amiel Kirshbaum D. C. 

John Cornell Lovell Maryland 

Burton Marven McFadden Maryland 

Irving Philip Mendelsohn D. C. 

David Charles Nellis Maryland 

Robert Louis Nezbed Maryland 

William Anthonv Nolte D. C. 

Ardle Patrick O'Hanlon D. C. 

Louis Francis Ortenzio Pennsylvania 

Elizabeth Janet Oswald Maryland 

Alfred Buhr Pettit Maryland 

Price Godman Piquett Maryland 

Alton Eugene Rabbitt Maryland 

Edward R. Shegogue Maryland 

Elmer Clark Stevenson Maryland 

^Virginia Eleanor Thomas Delaware 

J. Calvin Voris .: Maryland 

Kenneth Robert Wagaman Maryland 

Dayton O'Lander Watkins Maryland 

Clay M. Webb, Jr Maryland 

Aaron Waddington Welch Maryland 

Victor Gassaway Willis, Jr.. Maryland 


Bachelor of Science 
Harold Moon DeVolt New York Theron Lee Roy Terbush. 

D. C. 


First Honors 

Henry Edward Butler 
Aaron Waddington Welch 
Clay M. Webb, Jr. 
Alfred Buhr Pettit 

Second Honors 

J. Calvin Voris 

Anne Rosaleen Bourke 

David Charles Nellis 

*Awarded Teacher's Diploma. 



Candidates will be presented by Dean T. H. Taliaferro. 

Bachelor of Arts 

Helen Courtney Amiss Maryland 

Thomas Burch Athey, Jr Maryland 

John Weldon Bell Maryland 

Brian Miller Benson Maryland 

■Sophia Deborah Billig New York 

Charles Bittinger, Jr D. C. 

Warren Lee Bonnett Maryland 

John Edward Boothe, Jr D. C. 

Walter Brooks Bradley Maryland 

A. Freeborn Brown, III Maryland 

Reginald Burroughs, Jr Maryland 

Mildred Frances Clements Maryland 

Bernard Aloysius Cummings Maryland 

Dorothy May Cutler Maryland 

Daniel Ries Daniel Maryland 

Lula Voncile Davis Maryland 

Carmel DeMarco D. C. 

Mark William Deskin Maryland 

Loretta Marie Dolan Maryland 

Harry Albert Dosch, Jr Maryland 

John Ernest Downin Maryland 

Harley Daniel Drake, Jr D. C. 

Edward Dresher New Jersey 

William Williams Edwards Maryland 

Charles F. Ellinger Maryland 

*Dorothy Elizabeth Evans Maryland 

Genevieve Everett Maryland 

Earl Weech Farr, Jr D. C. 

Hugh G. Farrell _.. New Jersey 

Isadore Fischer D. C. 

Gerald Elton Fosbroke Maryland 

Rosella Bowen Gengnagel Maryland 

Donnie Godwin Maryland 

Ferdinand W. Goldstein Maryland 

Raymond Bernard Graeves, Jr Maryland 

William Ralph Gray Maryland 

Robert Otto Hammerlund D. C. 

John George Hart Maryland 

John Stephen Hebb, III Maryland 

Elmer Albert Hennig D. C. 

Florence Raymond Hill Maryland 

Robert Leslie Hughes, Jr Maryland 

Richard Morton Hunt D. C. 

Alfred Warfield Ireland, Jr Maryland 

*Gladys Virginia Johns Maryland 

Pyke Johnson, Jr D. C. 

Doris Havens Johnston Maryland 

Marguerite Elizabeth Jones Maryland 

Francis X. Jordan D. C. 

Betty Jane Kemper New Jersey 

Anna Lura Keplinger D. C. 

Alvin S. Klein Maryland 

Melvin Courtney Lankford Maryland 

Mary Ward Lewis Maryland 

Dorothy Evelyn Lindner D. C. 

Richard A. Loeser Maryland 

Ernst Drake Lundell Maryland 

Lawrence Vincent Lutes Maryland 

'Mary Frances Maccubbin Maryland 

Richard Henderson McCaffrey Maryland 

Eunice Miller^ Maryland 

Paul Franklin Mobus . Maryland 

Charles Everett Morgan D. C. 

Robert Andrews Newman Maryland 

Georgia Anne Nordeen Maryland 

Jesse Dale Patterson ___.Maryland 

Dorothy V. Roby Maryland 

Janet Arden Rosen New York 

Dorothy Esther Savage D. C. 

William Randolph Schneider Maryland 

Geraldine Jane Schuh Maryland 

Walter Kenneth Scott ^ Maryland 

Abraham Seidenberg D. C. 

Melvin Stanley Silberg Maryland 

Maurice Benjamin Sinsheimer, Jr D. C. 

Francis Edward Smith, Jr Maryland 

Frank S. Smith Maryland 

Heibert Lee Smith, Jr D. C. 

Ruth Eutelka Somerville Maryland 

Clarence Temple Thomason D. C. 

Kathryn Ellen Thompson Florida 

Carl Edward Tuerk Maryland 

■'Virginia Lockwood Venemann -.. Maryland 

Jerome Wasserman Maryland 

Albert Gregory Waters . ...D. C. 

Stanley Boykin Watson ^ Maryland 

George Wendell White, Jr Maryland 

Iris Elizabeth Wilson Maryland 

Gordon Wood Maryland 

Elwyn Chappel Woodward Maryland 

John P. Zebelean, Jr Maryland 

Richard Edward Zimmerman Maryland 

^Awarded Teacher's Diploma. 


Bachelor of Science 

John Lawrence Avery - D. C. 

Clyde Wilkinson Balch Maryland 

Lucille Kathryn Bennett Maryland 

David Peter Bernian New Jersey 

Francis Miles Bower Maryland 

Walter Philip Brian „ Maryland 

John Louis Capalbo New York 

Harold S. Cole New York 

Edwin O. Daue, Jr Maryland 

Raymond Davis, Jr D. C. 

Gordon Frederick Dittmar Maryland 

Wayne Philip Ellis, Jr Maryland 

Eugenia Teresa Gaczynski New Jersey 

Ray Herbert Greenfield Maryland 

Jay Leon Helfgott Maryland 

Norman Lester Hobbs-— Maryland 

Elizabeth Louise Hooton Maryland 

Vita R. Jaffe New York 

George Bernard Kelly, Jr D. C. 

Schuyler George Kohn Maryland 

Keaciel Krulevitz Maryland 

Joseph Sidney Lann D. C. 

Arthur Ii'ving Levy New York 

Frank Ford Loker Maryland 

Louise Catherine Marche Maryland 

Josefina Martinez Cortez Puerto Rico 

Olin Richard Melchionna New Jersey 

James McClain Osborn D. C. 

Justin Davis Paddleford D, C. 

Mortimer Panoff New York 

Karlton Wayne Pierce D. C. 

Frank Leo Pollack D. C. 

Leonard Posner New York 

Marion Ballard Richmond Maryland 

Christian F. Richter, Jr Maryland 

T. Edgie Russell, Jr Maryland 

Stanley Eugene Schwartz New York 

George Aloysius Sesso D. C. 

Leo J. Sklar New York 

Thomas Richard Sweeney D. C. 

Raymond Kief Thompson Maryland 

Jesse Lee Wilkins Maryland 

Max David Zankel New York 

Frederick Albei't Zihlman D. C. 


Bachelor of Arts 

William Oscar Buckingham D, C. Theodore Clark Langley D. C. 

Miles Tawes TulL-- . Maryland 

Bachelor of Science 

Lex Bailey Golden D. C. Thomas Frederick Scheele D. C. 

Chailes Bullard Hooker Maryland Albert Walter Webb Maryland 

Seymour Wiederlight New York 


First Honors 
Lula Voncile Davis 
Abraham Seidenberg 
Geraldine Jane Schuh 
Genevieve Everett 
John Weldon Bell 
Francis Tililes Bower 
Donnie Godwin 
Vita R. Jaffe 

Richard Edward Zimmerman 
Stanley Eug'ene Schwartz 
John George Hart 
Janet Arden Rosen 
Gerald Elton Fosbroke 
Mortimer Panoff 

Second Honors 

Robert Andrews Newman 
Pyke Johnson, Jr. 
Joseph Sidney Lann 
David Peter Berman 
Richard A. Loeser 
Harold S. Cole 
Jesse Dale Patterson 
William Ralph Gray 
Elmer Albert Hennig 
Charles Everett Morgan 
Jerome Wasserman 
Schuyler George Kohn 
Isadore Fischer 
Mildred Frances Clements 



Candidates "will be pi'esented by Dean W. S. Small 

Bachelor of Arts 

Janet Trouton Anderson 

*Evelvn Mar.euerite Bradford 

^Elizabeth DeBell Brown 

Janet Louise Cartee 

Amy Mildred Cochran 

*Mary Elizabeth Curran 

*Anne Shmuner Dantzig 

*'\Villiam Marshall Fatkin 

Addie James Howard 

*Ruth Kreiter 

Maryland *Donald Foster Melchior Maryland 

Maryland ^'Dorothy Minker D. C. 

- - D. C. Edna Penman Xolan ^.Maryland 

Maryland Eleanor Carolyn Nordeen Maryland 

^Maryland *Samuel J. Polack Maryland 

D. C. ^Isabel E. Resnitsky New Jersey 

Maryland Sarah Margaret Smith Maryland 

Maryland =^Lois Leonora Talcott D. C. 

Maryland *Dorcas Rosalia Teal __Maryland 

-D. C. *Mai-garet Williams Mai-yland 

Bachelor of Science 

Jean Barnsley .- Maryland 

*John Sharplev Bavley Maryland 

*Edith Ursula "Bell' Maryland 

Bertrand Samuel Berman Maiyland 

■■^^A.nna Baker Bonner ._.•. Maryland 

*Viola Marian Buhi'OAV D. C. 

Rosemary Jacob Burtner Maryland 

Virginia Pendleton Carpenter D. C. 

*Jeanette Frances Chatham Maryland 

Sidney S. Cohen Maryland 

=^Mary Brandon Crisp Maryland 

Robei't Edward Davis D. C. 

Blanche Elizabeth Forsyth Maryland 

Helene Luve Granberv D. C. 

-Harry B. Gretz D. C. 

*Marjorie Adele Higgins Maryland 

Lucile Virginia Laws Maryland 

*Marion Lee D. C. 

*Michael Lombardo New Jersey 

*Charles Edward Lugar Maryland 

*Lois G. Molyneaux Maryland 

Angela Birmingham Murphy Maryland 

■'Elizabeth Margaret Norris^ 

Harry E. Parker, Jr 

=-'Marv Pence 

*Paul Emil Pfeiffer_ 
'James Franklin Pusey^ 

D. C. 


Helen Bryan Ramsburg Maryland 

Michael Joseph Ryan, Jr D. C. 

Alice Jeanne Solliday Pennsylvania 

Carl Gerhard Stalfort . Maryland 

John Theadore Stone Maryland 

* Elsie Anne Sti'atmann . Maryland 

'^Olive Wright Sudler Maryland 

Beatrice Sugar North Carolina 

Harry Roy Swanson ... D. C. 

*Lorna Lee Sween . Maryland 

*Clara I\Iae Tarbett ^ . Maryland 

==Ella Katherine Weaver...' Maryland 

Edith M. Williams ^ D. C. 

Charles Frederick Yaeger, Jr Maryland 

*Carolyn Roberta Young Connecticut 

"James Franklin Zimmei'man Maryland 

*Charles Martin Zulick Pennsvlvania 

^Awarded Teacher's Diploma. 


Commercial and Industrial Education 

Bachelor of Science 

James Thomas Blackiston Maryland 

Alice Anna Ekas Maryland 

Charles Raymond Gross ..Maryland 

E. Kenneth Grove... Maryland 

Lillian Karpa Maryland 

Julia Marguerite Neilson — Maryland 

Frank Silverman *. Maryland 

George Philip VogeL Maryland 

Teacher's Diploma 
Marion W. Hughes Maryland 

Bachelor of Arts 

Margaret Glendora Downs Maryland 

Leonard Sharp Griffiths Maryland 

^Anna Mary Nicht Maryland 

^Edith Louise Stiles Maryland 

Bachelor of Science 

Helen Doty Bickmore D. C. 

*John G. Byers - Maryland 

Elizabeth S. Downing Maryland 

■Robert Creecy Henley D. C. 

Margaret Leona Nowell Maryland 

Kathryn G. Reidy Maryland 


First Honors 

Janet Trouton Anderson 
Clara Mae Tarbett 
Donald Foster Melchior 
Isabel E. Resnitsky 
Viola Marian Buhrow 
Lorna Lee Sween 

*Awaided Teacher's Diploma. 

Second Honors 

Lois G. Molyneaux 
Samuel J. Polack 
Maigaret Williams 
Edith M. Williams 
Elsie Anne Stratmann 
Evelyn Marguerite Bradford 
Angela Birmingham Murphy 



Candidates will be presented by Acting- Dean S. S. Steinberg. 

Civil Engineer 

Ulpicino Coronel Zevallos Ecuador Milton Allender Pyle 


Electrical Engineer 
Harry Warren Wells D. C. 

Bachelor of Science 

Robert Woodbury Beckham Maryland 

Herman William Berger, Jr. Maryland 

Martin Luther Brotemarkle Maryland 

Wright Gaddess Calder Maryland 

Willson Carpenter Clark Maryland 

Herman Ponsford Dial Maryland 

William John Donahue, Jr D. C. 

Harold A. Eggers D. C. 

Charles Wheeler Felton, Jr D. C. 

Philip Firmin D. C. 

Charles Shirley Furtney Maryland 

Ralph Glenn Gall Maryland 

Edward Harry Drake Gibbs Maryland 

George Edel Gilbert Maryland 

John Welden Heiss D. C. 

Houlder Hudgins D. C. 

Louis R. Hueper Maryland 

Benjamin Thomas Hynson D. C. 

Robert Austin Jackson D. C. 

Charles Francis Janes D. C. 

Harold Leon Kelly, Jr Maryland 

William Carlton Leasure 

Alexander Andrew Lopata. 

Fiancis W. Ludlow 

Arthur Wilbur Mann 

Allen Marans 

William Augustus McCool. 
Philip Charlton McCurdy— 

Thomas S. McDonald 

John A. McLean, Jr 

Robert John McLeod '-. 

Emerson D. F. Ogle 

Charles Bernard Orcutt 

Norman Parks Patterson.- 

Doran Stone Piatt, Jr 

Glen Willard Rose 

John Semple Shinn 

Francis Dodge Shoemaker. 

Gilbert Earle Teal 

William S. Tibbets 

Presley Allen Wedding 

Alvin Hurd Willis 


D. C. 

D. C. 

D. C. 


D. C. 

D. C. 


D. C. 

D. C. 





D. C. 

D. C. 


Bachelor of Science 

Joseph Montgomery Harris D. C. W'illiam Appleton Pates- 

Ellis Pollock Root - Maryland 



First Honors 

Robert Austin Jackson 
William Augustus McCool 
Alexander Andrew Lopata 
Allen Marans 

Second Honors 

Charles Francis Janes 
Robert John McLeod 
Alvin Hurd Willis 
Willson Carpenter Clark 



Candidates will be presented by Dean M. Marie Mount. 

Bachelor of Science 

Elizabeth Louise Benton Maryland 

Emma Louise Booth Maryland 

Bernice Anne Ellis D. C. 

Mary Frances Gainer D. C. 

^Martha Louise Giles D. C. 

Katharine Eleanor Goll D. C. 

Edith Wagstaff Hazard Maryland 

Elizabeth Chester Jeffers D. C. 

"* Virginia Elizabeth Leishear D. C. 

Mary Florence Miller Maryland 

Margaret Aileen Price New Jersey 

Joan Warren Rymer Maryland 

Ruth Irene Snyder Maryland 

Helen Somers Canal Zone 

Elizabeth Spitler Virginia 

Margaret Eleanor Starr Maryland 

Lois Elaine Stearns Maryland 

Helen Anna Stolzenbach Maryland 

Katherine Craig Volland Maryland 

Flora Edith Waldman . D. C. 

Janet Stewart Weidemann D. C. 

Vivian Edith Wulf D. C. 


Bachelor of Science 
Barbara Elinor Cornell Maryland 


First Honors 

Elizabeth Spitler 
Flora Edith Waldman 

Second Honors 

Katherine Craig Volland 
Elizabeth Louise Benton 

♦Awarded Teacher's Diploma. 



Candidates will be presented by Miss Annie Ciightoii, Superintendent of Nurses. 

Graduate in Nursing 

Mary Virginia Banes Maryland 

Wanda Delphine Bosley Maryland 

Catherine Elizabeth Carpenter Virginia 

Sarah Cornelius Maryland 

Mildred Elisbeth Cramer Maryland 

Esther Mary Dallmus Maryland 

Naomi Grace Hersh Maryland 

Mina Geraldine Hooe West Virginia 

Marjorie Lucile Kautz Pennsylvania 

Mai'y Klvika Pennsylvania 

Sallie Frances Knight Virginia 

Edith Evelyn Lewis Maryland 

Evelyn Lucille Mattson Maryland 

Muriel Hill McArthur South Carolina 

Louise Manning Moye North Carolina 

Beatrice Patricia O'Connor Florida 

Willye Frances Parks Virginia 

Rose Pennington Maryland 

Beatrice Lorraine Pilgrim Pennsylvania 

Lena Winifred Quarterman Georgia 

Carolyn Roberta Rayme Maryland 

Mary Laurie Rudisill North Carolina 

Frances Virginia Sappington Maryland 

Dusetta Elizabeth Scarborough „.. Maryland 

Charlotte Eileen Shaffer Maryland 

Evelyn Freelove Sherrill __ Maryland 

Mary Imogene Skinner West Virginia 

Jane Isabelle Slick Maryland 

Eleanor Frances Stauffer Maryland 

Rose Elizabeth Strickland Pennsylvania 

Edna Earl Sutton North Carolina 

Dorothy Merle Toom Maryland 

Margaret Catherine Turner___ North Carolina 

Helen Kathryn Wagner West Virginia 

Mabyl Jane Wilson Maryland 


The Janet Hale Memorial Scholarship, given by the University of Maryland Nurses' 
Alumnae Association, to pursue a course in administration, supervisory, or public health 
work at Teachers College, Columbia University, to the student having the highest 
average in scholarship Jane Isabelle Slick 

The Elizabeth Collins Lee Prize to the student having the second highest average 
in scholarship Mina Geraldine Hooe 

The Mrs. John L. Whitehurst Prize for the highest average in executive ability, 

Naomi Grace Hersh. 

The Edwin and Leander M. Zimmerman Prize for practical nursing and for display- 
ing the greatest interest and sympathy for the patients Mina Geraldine Hooe 

The University of Maryland Nurses' Alumnae Association Pin, and Membership in 
the Association, for practical nursing and executive ability Eleanor Frances Stauffer 



The Infantry Reserve Corps 

Albert Paul Backhaus 
Herman William Berger, Jr. 
John Edward Boothe, Jr. 
Francis Miles Bower 
Martin Luther Brotemarkle 
Wright Gaddess Calder 
Willson Carpenter Clark 
Charles Harvey Cooke 
Charles Hersey Culp 
Raymond Davis, Jr. 
Herman Ponsford Dial 
Harry Albert Dosch, Jr. 
Philip Firmin 
Edward James Fletcher 
Charles Shirley Furtney 
John Joseph Gormley 
Raymond Bernard Graeves, Jr. 
Robert Otto Hammerlund 
Thomas Daniel Harryman 
John George Hart 
Elmer Albert Hennig 
Norman Lester Hobbs 
Carlisle Hubbard Humelsine 
Alfred Warfield Ireland, Jr. 

Robert Wellington Jones 

George Bernard Kelly, Jr. 

Harold Leon Kelly, Jr. 

Joseph Sidney Lann 

Robert John McLeod 

Irving Philip Mendelsohn 

Charles Everett Morgan 

Eugene Frederick Mueller, Jr. 

Justin Davis Paddleford 

Jesse Dale Patterson 

Norman Parks Patterson 

Alfred Buhr Pettit 

Paul Emil Pfeiffer 

Karlton Wayne Pierce 

James Wilmer Price, Jr. 

Alfred Everett Savage 

Walter Kenneth Scott 

John Semple Shinn 

Maurice Benjamin Sinsheimer, Jr. 

Clarence Temple Thomason 

Clay M. Webb, Jr. 

Aaron Waddington Welch 

Samuel Gordon Wood 

Max David Zankel 


College Park Division 

Elected to Phi Kappa Phi Honorary Society 

Janet Trouton Anderson 
John Weldon Bell 
Elizabeth Louise Benton 
Francis Miles Bower 
Viola Marian Buhrow 
Willson Carpenter Clark 
Chester Arthur Davis 
Lula Voncile Davis 
Lea Kathryn Engel 
Genevieve Everett 
Gerald Elton Fosbroke 
Donnie Godwin 
John George Hart 
Robert Austin Jackson 
Vita R. Jaffe 
Charles Francis Janes 
Alexander Andrew Lopata 
Allen Marans 

William Augustus McCool 
Robert John McLeod 
Donald Foster Melchior 
Robert Andrews Newman 
Isabel E. Resnitsky 
Robb Vernon Rice 
Janet Arden Rosen 
Geraldine Jane Schuh 
Stanley Eugene Schwartz 
Abraham Seidenberg 
Elizabeth Spitler 
Edwin Greenwood Stimpson 
Lorna Lee Sween 
Clara Mae Tarbett 
Katherine Craig Volland 
Flora Edith Waldman 
Alvin Hurd Willis 
Richard Edward Zimmerman 

Elected to Sigma Xi Honorary Scientific Fraternity 

Earl Jennings Anderson 
Charles Jelleff Carr 
Gustav Edward Cwalina 
John Edgar Faber, Jr. 
Castillo Graham 
Donald Cooper Grove 
Oliver Glenn Harne 
William James Hart 
David Fairchild Houston 

Frank Lee Howard 
William Howard Hunt 
Robert Anthony Littleford 
George Francis Madigan 
Virdell Everard Munsey 
Paul Andrew Parent 
Robb Vernon Rice 
Edgar Bennett Starkey 
Edwin Greenwood Stimpson 

Citizenship Pi'ize, offered by President H. C. Byrd, Class of 1908, to the member 
of the senior class who, during his collegiate career, has nearest typified the model 
citizen and who has done most for the general advancement of the interests of the 

Awarded to - - —John William Guckeyson 


Citizenship Prize, offered by Mrs. Albert F. Woods, to the woman member of the 
senior class who, during her collegiate career, has nearest typified the model citizen 
and has done most for the general advancement of the interests of the University. 

Awarded to Flora Edith Waldman 

Silvester Medal for Excellence in Athletics, offered by the Class of 1908, to the 
man who typifies the best in college athletics. 

Awarded to .. John Joseph Gormley 

Maryland Ring, offered by Charles L. Linhardt to the Maryland man outstanding 
for the year in athletics. 

Awarded to .— John William Guckeyson 

Mortar Board Cup, offered to the woman member of the senior class who has 
been in attendance at least three full years and who has made the highest scholastic 

Awarded to Lula Voncile Davis 

James Douglas Goddard Memorial Medal, offered by his sister, Mrs. Anna K. 
Goddard James to a student from Prince George's County for excellence in scholarship 
and moral character. 

Awarded to Charles Francis Janes 

Student Medal and Junior Membership, offered by the American Institute of 
Chemists to the member of the senior class who has attained the highest average in 

Awarded to . . ^ Francis Miles Bower 

Sigma Phi Sigma Medal, offered by the Delta Chapter to the freshman who makes 
the highest scholastic average during the first semester. 

Awarded to May Elizabeth Harrover 

Delta Delta Delta Sorority Medal, offered to the sophomore girl who makes the 
highest scholastic average during the first semester. 

Awarded to Lydia MacMullan Evans 

The Dinah Berman Memorial Medal, offered by her son, Benjamin Berman, to that 
sophomore who has attained the highest scholastic average of his class in the College 
of Engineering. 

Awarded to Thomas Parker Wharton 

The Diamondback Medals awarded for efficient and faithful service on the student 
weekly paper. 

Awarded to ^ Carlisle Hubbard Humelsine, Jesse Dale Patterson, 

Christine Kempton, Janet Stewart Weidemann, Robert Elwood Baker. 

The Terrapin Medals awarded for efficient and faithful service on the student 
year book. 

Awarded to Paul Smith Wise, William Jameson McWilliams, 

Dorothy Merriam Hobbs. 

The Old Line Medals awarded for efficient and faithful service on the student 
quarterly magazine. 

Awarded to Pyke Johnson, Jr., Xorman Parks Patterson, 

Helen Somers. 

Governor's Cup to the best drilled company. 

Awarded to _. . Company C, commanded by Cadet Captain 

Irving Philip Mendelsohn. 

The Reserve Officer's Association Award to the commander of the winning 

Awarded to Cadet Captain Irving Philip Mendelsohn 

The Alumni Cup, offered to the best drilled platoon. 

Awarded to Second Platoon, Company A, commanded by 

Cadet First Lieutenant Xorman Parks Patterson. 

The Scabbard and Blade Award, to the commander of the winning platoon. 

Awarded to - Cadet First Lieutenant Norman Parks Patterson 

The Military Medal, offered by the Class of 1899, to the member of the battalion 
who proves himself the best drilled soldier. 

Awarded to Cadet Francis Zalesak 

Squad Competition Gold Medals, to the members of the best drilled squad. 

Awarded to Cadet Corporal Harvey Wilson Kreuzberg, Jr., Squad Leader 

Cadets William Bryan Rowe, Jr., Robert William Farkas, Robert August 
Brand, Jr., Thomas Ludlow Coleman, Lawrence John Mattingly, Richard 
Westley Carroll, George Carlton Remsberg, Jr. 

William Randolph Hearst Rifle Match Medals for First Place, Third Corps Area. 

Awarded to . Raymond Davis, Jr., Willard Cecillius Jensen, 

Aaron Waddington Welch, Warren Pruden Davis, Robert Lee Mattingly. 

National Society of Pershing Rifles Medals to outstanding students in Company C, 
Fifth Regiment. 

Awarded to Gold, Thomas Wise Riley; Silver, John Gekler Reckord; 

Bronze, William Henry McManus, Jr.