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March — National Emblem Bagley 

Overture — Orpheus Offenbach 

Selection — The Firefly Friml 

Waltz — L'Estucliantina Waldteufel 

Excerpts — The Serenade Herbert 

Intermezzo — In a Persian Market Kettlebey 

The University of Maryland Band 
Otto Siebeneichen, Director 


Processional March — Triumphal from ''Aida" Verdi 

The University of Maryland Band 

INVOCATION Rev. Don Frank Fenn 

St, Michael and All Angels Church, Baltimore 

ADDRESS Dr. Gilbert H. Grosvenor 

President, National Geographic Society 



BENEDICTION Rev. Don Frank Fenn 


Recessional March — Coronation Eilenberg 

The University of Maryland Band 

The audience will please remain in place after the exercises until the 
academic procession has left the Coliseum. 




Doctor of Letters 
Frank Brett Noyes Gilbert Hovey Grosvenor 

Doctor of Engineering 
Charles Hunter Locher 


Candidates will be presented by Dean C. O. Appleman. 

Doctor of Philosophy 

John Robert Adams, Jr Maryland 

William James Hart Maryland 

Hugh Andrews Heller New Jersey 

Claron Owens Hesse California 

William Appier Home Maryland 

David Fairchild Houston Minnesota 

Frank L. Howard Maryland 

Robert Anthony Littleford D. C. 

George Francis Madigan D. C. 


Lewis Paul McCann 

Warren Campbell McVey Maryland 

Ivan Ernest Miles Arkansas 

Elizabeth Edith Painter Pennsylvania 

Harold George Shirk Pennsylvania 

Alexander James Stirton D. C. 

Albert Holmes Tillson Virginia 

Paschal Philip Zapponi Ohio 

Master of Arts 

Ara Astor Asadorian Rhode Island 

John Sharpley Bayley Maryland 

Carl Allen Carlson Maryland 

Sven S. Duncan Maryland 

William Williams Edwards Maryland 

Edna Earle Elmore North Carolina 

Gerald Elton Fosbroke Maryland 

Thomas Summers Gwynn, Jr Maryland 

Russell Cralle Hammack Virginia 

Mary Grace Hanna Maryland 

Elmer Pitney Hardell D. C. 

William Burton Higgins Maryland 

Frank Taliaferro Hoadley Maryland 

Nellie Rine Kooken Maryland 

Hyman N. Laden Pennsylvania 

Albert Nathanson Virginia 

Jesse Arthur Remington, Jr. Maryland 

Mary Browne Riley Maryland 

Loren Fletcher Schott Maryland 

Geneva Kern-Skinner Maryland 

Mildred Lee Skinner Maryland 

Dorothy Grey Smith Maryland 

Margret Wolf Smith Maryland 

Clare Jean Speaker D. C. 

W, Bird Terwilliger Maryland 

Henry Bernard Waskow„__. Maryland 

Theofield G. Weis Maryland 

Augustine Edward Winnemore D, C. 

Master of Science 

Clyde Wilkinson Balch Maryland 

David Henry Baldwin, Jr D. C. 

John Blackmore Washington 

Francis Miles Bower Maryland 

Paul Sherwood Brooks West Virginia 

Donald Sidney Brownlee Oklahoma 

Jane Hanes Crow North Carolina 

Gordon Frederick Dittmar Maryland 

Wilbur Irving Duvall Maryland 

Joseph Leonard Goldberg... Pennsylvania 

Grace - Louise Greenwood Maryland 

Chester W. Hitz Missouri 

Alfred Damon Hoadley Pennsylvania 

J. Russell Ives Maryland 

Walter Caspar Jacob Michigan 

John Wellington Knowlton Maryland 

Herman Fink Kraybill Pennsylvania 

* Awarded Teacher's Diploma. 

Nathan Levin Maryland 

Hattie Louise Maddox Maryland 

Michael J. Pelczar, Jr Mai'yland 

Alfred Buhr Pettit. Maryland 

John Eugene Pezzuti Pennsylvania 

* Flora Waldman Reid D. C. 

Roy L. Robertson Maryland 

Lewis Allen Schnebly, Jr Maryland 

Donald Emerson Shay Pennsylvania 

Cornelius Barrett Shear Virginia 

Carl B. Smith Utah 

Agnes Priscilla Soper D. C. 

Helen Esther Spicer Maryland 

John Keenan Taylor Maryland 

*Viola Cook Teeter Maryland 

Mary Virginia Tomlinson Maryland 

Marie Elizabeth Wenzel Maryland 

Thomas Moore Whiteman Maryland 


Candidates will be presented by Director T. B. Symons. 

Simond Long Downey Maryland George Ignatius Gardiner 

Ralph Olin Dulany... .— Maryland 



Candidates will be presented by Dean J. M. H. Rowland. 

Doctor of Medicine 

Milton Goldman Abarbanel New Jersey 

Daniel J. Abramson Maryland 

Willard Applefeld Maryland 

Max Baum Maryland 

Robert Alexander Bonner, Jr.—- Connecticut 

Melvin Nachlas Borden Maryland 

John Zimmerman Bowers Maryland 

Stanley Edward Bradley Maryland 

Wilbur Starr Brooks New York 

Manuel Brown Maryland 

John James Bunting New Jersey 

Timothy Andrew Callahan, Jr Maryland 

Burton Chance, Jr Pennsylvania 

Hiiliard Cohen Maryland 

Harold Leo Colleran Pennsylvania 

John Francis Coolahan Maryland 

Donald Dwight Cooper Maryland 

Jaime Luis Costas-Durieux Puerto Rico 

Robert Clifford Crawford Maryland 

Michael Joseph Dausch Maryland 

William Anthony Dodd Maryland 

Victor Dolfman Pennsylvania 

Arnold Herman Eichert Maryland 

Aaron Feder New York 

Lester Irving Fox Massachusetts 

Samuel Louis Fox Maryland 

Louis Calvin Gareis Maryland 

Joseph Mathias George, Jr Maryland 

Samuel Gertman Maryland 

Harry Gibel New York 

Milton Ginsberg Maryland 

Edward Lewin Glassman Maryland 

Louis E, Goodman, Jr Maryland 

Sylvan Chauncey Goodman Maryland 

Florence Harris Gottdiener.. Maryland 

Sidney Govons Maryland 

Frederick Lewis Graff West Virginia 

William Lehman Guyton Maryland 

John Henry Haase Maryland 

Sidney Harris New Jersey 

Mary Lodema Hayleck Maryland 

John Ralph Horky Maryland 

Francis Joseph Januszeski ....Maryland 

Milton Aaron Katz Maryland 

Harry Kelmenson Maryland 

John Joseph Knox Pennsylvania 

Jerome Kotleroff New York 

Albert Barker Kump New Jersey 

Gerald Independence Kurtz New Jersey 

Celeste Constance Lauve Maryland 

Milton Layden Maryland 

Luther Albert Lenker Pennsylvania 

Morton Hirsch Lipsitz Maryland 

Hilton Luis Lopez Puerto Rico 

William Randolph Lumpkin Maryland 

Ernest Michaelson Maryland 

Arthur Vincent Milholland Maryland 

Clarence Lee Miller Missouri 

Royston Miller Maryland 

James Haight Miniszek Maryland 

Leonard Carl Molofsky Maryland 

Samuel Novey Maryland 

Laurence Caldwell Post West Virginia 

Geraldine Kennedy Powell Maryland 

John Rizzolo New Jersey 

Paul Roman Maryland 

Juan Antonio Rossello-Matanzo, 

Puerto Rico 
__New York 




Henry Rothkopf 

Bernard Joseph Sabatino— 
John Ferdinand Schaefer.- 

Sidney Scherlis 

Robert A. Schlesinger New York 

Maurice Jacob Schmulovitz Maryland 

John Matthai Scott Maryland 

Charles Vincent Sevcik Maryland 

Robert Clay Sheppard Maryland 

Edward Siegel New York 

Donald Jared Silberman Alabama 

John Prinz Smith Maryland 

Emanuel Sprei New York 

Aaron Stein Maryland 

Morris William Steinberg Maryland 

Adam George Swiss Maryland 

Bernard Oscar Thomas, Jr Maryland 

James Upshur Thompson Maryland 

Winfield Lynn Thompson Maryland 

Frederick Joseph VoUmer Maryland 

John Alfred Wagner Maryland 

Herbert Leonard Warres New York 

John Edward Way North Carolina 

Alvan Abram Welfeld Maryland 

Harry Fletcher White, Jr Maryland 

Samuel Cottrell White Maryland 

Albert S. Winer Maryland 

Theodore Englar Woodward Maryland 

Richard Walker Worthington, Jr., 


Michael Wulwick New York 

KennardYaffe JVIaryland 


Robert Francis Cooney_ 
James Frenkil 


James Knox Insley, Jr. Maryland 

Sidney Safran Maryland 

University Prize Gold MedaL 


-Stanley Edward Bradley 

Aaron Feder 

Emanuel Sprei 

Certificates of Honor 

Sidney Harris 

Morton Hirsch Lipsitz 
Theodore Englar Woodward 

The Dr. A. Bradley Gaither Memorial prize of $25.00 for the best work in genito-urinary 
surgery during the senior year William Lehman Guyton 

The Samuel M. Shoemaker Memorial prize of $25.00 for the best essay on "Milk in 
Relation to Public Health" written by a student in the senior class Jerome Kotleroff 


Candidates will be presented by Dean J. Ben Robinson 

Doctor of Dental Surgery 

Alvin Aaron Maine 

Milton Baron Asbell New Jersey 

Carl Elliott Bailey Maryland 

Edward Keefer Baker, Jr Maryland 

John Paul Barker Maryland 

Bradley Bingham Barnes New Jersey 

Alex Louis Boro Maryland 

James Titus Cabler Maryland 

Frank Peter Cammarano Connecticut 

Harold Joseph Carrigan New Jersey 

Sigmund Cohen Maryland 

David Cooper New Jersey 

Paul Edward Cramer Pennsylvania 

Edwin Deller Cruit Maryland 

Richard Salvatore Donofrio Connecticut 

Leonard DuBoff Connecticut 

William Erlich Maryland 

Alexander Bernard Eskow __New Jersey 

Wilbur Nelson Falk . Connecticut 

Charles Calhoun Farrington-Massachusetts 

Raymond Finegold New Jersey 

Henry John Gemski Connecticut 

Nicholas Anthony Giuditta, Jr. .New Jersey 

Reed T. Goe West Virginia 

Julian Wetmore Habercam Maryland 

Jack Stanley Haggerty New Jersey 

Perley Burton Hartwell, Jr Vermont 

Roland William Heil Maryland 

William Basil Johnson, Jr Maryland 

Arthur James Johnston Rhode Island 

Charles Saul Jonas New Jersey 

Louis Detrow Kern Maryland 

George Carl Kraus Maryland 

Frank A. Lasley, Jr 

Irvin Martin Lau, Jr.. 

Leonard Lee Levin 

Sidney E. Liberman. 





New Jersey 


Eugene Davisson Lyon 

David Benjamin Margulies 
Edmond Formhals Marsh- 
Lawrence Philip Massucco- 

Craig Prescott Mathias Pennsylvania 

Charles Patterson McCausland Maryland 

Clarence Vaden McMillin South Carolina 

Stanley Joseph Meadows Maryland 

Harry Benjamin Mendelsohn Virginia 

Jack Menefee Messner- 

Hugh Beryl Morris 

Edward Joseph Muller 

Edward Herman Myer, Jr.. 

Floyd Warren Neal 

Otto Morris Rich 

Irvin Roitman 

William Henry Ryan 

David Saltman 

Stanley G. Silverman 

Edwin Anthony Slavinsky. 

Lawrence Curtis Smyth 

Jerry James Stepan- 

D. C. 

_New Jersey 
_-New Jersey 
_-New Jersey 
—New Jersey 

Ford Atwood Stewart 

Raymond Marwin Theodore- 
Seymour Turok 

Sterling John Weigel 

Carl Victor Westerberg 

Elias Ogden Wheeler 

Ernest Vincent Williams 







few Jersey 




D. C. 


University Gold Medal for Scholarship. 

-Eugene Davisson Lyon 

Certificates of Honor 

Sidney E. Liberman Carl Elliott Bailey Floyd Warren Neal 

Jack Menefee Messner George Carl Kraus 


Candidates will be presented by Dean Roger Howell. 

Certificates of Proficiency 

Norman Edgar Cooper Maryland 

Clayton Wilbur Daneker Maryland 

Ralph Hayward France. 
* Grace Hoffman 



Bachelor of Laws 

Robert Harris Archer, Jr Maryland 

William Bernard Athey, II Maryland 

John Kent Barbour, Jr Maryland 

Frederick Henry Barclay, Jr Maryland 

John Herbert Barrett, Jr Maryland 

Thomas Rogers Bartlett Maryland 

S. Scott Beck, Jr Maryland 

Paul Elmer Benjamin Maryland 

Leonard Samuel Bernstein Maryland 

James Frraiklin Boyd Maryland 

Omar Klauder Boyd . Maryland 

John Lawrence Clark Maryland 

Charles Warren Colgan Maryland 

S. Raymond Dunn Maryland 

Benjamin Arthur Earnshaw Maryland 

Joseph A. Ellis Maryland 

Edwin Walter Filler Maryland 

LeRoy Levald Gamse Maryland 

* Sylvan Adler Garfunkel Georgia 

Lee Seth Gillis Maryland 

Herman Goldberg Maryland 

Louis Lazarus Goldstein Maryland 

Henry Joseph Harding, Jr Maryland 

David Arthur Harkness Maryland 

Isaac Hecht Maryland 

* Edward D. Higinbothom Maryland 

Samuel Hopkins Maryland 

John Edwin Jacob, Jr Maryland 

* With Honor. 

Abe Sidney Karasik Maryland 

*Alvin Katzenstein Maryland 

* Caleb Redgrave Kelly Maryland 

Milton Franklin Kirsner _Maryland 

John William Long Maryland 

*Richard Harvey Love Maryland 

John Edgar Magers, Jr Maryland 

Frederick Charles Malkus, Jr Maryland 

*Bernard Stern Meyer Maryland 

A. Milton Miller Pennsylvania 

George Oswald Motry Maryland 

H. Anthony Mueller Maryland 

Donald Gaines Murray Maryland 

Roy Lewis Rascovar Maryland 

Louis Milton Riehl Maryland 

John MacDonald Robb Maryland 

Walter Rothschild Maryland 

*Jesse Jay Rubin Maryland 

Eugene Joseph Sattler Maryland 

Max Scherr Maryland 

Arnold Silverman Maryland 

John Edward Starr Maryland 

Edward Daniels Storm Maryland 

Charles Wellington Thompson Maryland 

Miles Tawes Tull Maryland 

Cornelius Whalin Maryland 

Thomas Bayard Williams, Jr Mai-yland 

George Lewis Williamson Maryland 

Frank Patterson Dunnington, Jr Maryland 


Elected to the Order of the Coif 

Sylvan Adler Garfunkel 
Edward D. Higinbothom 
Alvin Katzenstein 

Richard Harvey Love 
Bernard Stern Meyer 
Jesse Jay Rubin 

Alumni prize for the best argument in the Honor Case in the 

Practice Court- 

..John Herbert Barrett, Jr. 

George 0. Blome prizes to representatives on the Honor Case in the Practice Court: 
John Herbert Barrett, Jr. Bernard Stern Meyer 

Alvin Katzenstein Walter Rothschild 



Candidates will be presented by Dean Andrew G. DuMez. 

Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy 

Alfred Irving Aaronson — . 

Merlin Ayler Beam 

Richard Stevenson Bixler 

Bernard Isaac Cohen 

Ralph Colvin 

Joseph Lee Combs, Jr. 

Sam Edlavitch 

Melvin Luther Floyd 

Sidney Fribush 

Walter Christian Gakenheimer. 

Roland Paul Galley 

Harry Benjamin Gendason 

Alphonsus Stephen Ginaitis 

Frank Julius Gregorek 

George Philip Kager 

Kenneth Eldred Hamlin, Jr. 

Bernice Heyman 

Carville Benson Hopkins___ 

Charles Jarowski 

Joseph Kaminkow 

Morton Katz 

Gordon William Kelley 

Benjamin Kobin 

Benjamin Samuel Levin_ 

Maryland Jacob Benny Levin Maryland 

Maryland Norman Jack Levin Maryland 

— Maryland Bernard Levy Maryland 

Maryland Howard Edmond Loftus Maryland 

Maryland Olga Pauline Matelis Maryland 

..-.Maryland William August Morgenstern Maryland 

Maryland Ruth Virginia Muehlhause Maryland 

Maryland Bernice Vivian Nurkin Maryland 

Maryland Melvin Joseph Oleszczuk Maryland 

Maryland Albert Pearlman Maryland 

Maryland Isadore Marvin Pressman Maryland 

Maryland Frank Stanley Pucklis__ Maryland 

Maryland John George Rhode —..Maryland 

—.Maryland Jacob Louis Richman Maryland 

Maryland Myer Stoler Maryland 

Maryland Bernard Sussman Maryland 

Maryland Robert Edward Thompson South Dakota 

._Maryland Irvin Louis Wachsman Maryland 

Maryland Milton Malcom Waxman Maryland 

Maryland Thomas Clyde Webster Maryland 

Maryland Joseph Carlton Wich Maryland 

Maryland Harold Zerofsky Maryland 

Maryland Henry Paul Zetlin_._ Maryland 



Warren Eugene Crane 

Chester George Leonard Kosakowski. 
Arthur Francis Novak 

-New Jersey 




Gold Medal for General Excellence 

The William Simon Memorial Prize for Proficiency in Practical 

.George Philip Hager 


-Kenneth Eldred Hamlin, Jr, 

The L. S. Williams Practical Pharmacy Prize. 

Walter Christian Gakenheimer 

The Conrad L. Wich Botany and Pharmacognosy Prize Henry Paul Zetlin 

Certificates of Honor 

Kenneth Eldred Hamlin, Jr. 

Robert Edward Thompson 

Walter Christian Gakenheimer 


Candidates will be presented by Assistant Dean H. F. Cotterman. 

Bachelor of Science 

Lillian Bialek D. C. 

James Harry Buchholz Maryland 

Raphael Floyd Caplan Maryland 

Henry Hurley Carter Maryland 

Ann Elizabeth Carver Maryland 

Ralph Edward Clark__ Maryland 

John Vincent Connelly Connecticut 

Henry Thomas Converse, Jr Maryland 

M. R. Debriddhi Devakul Siam 

Charles Lee Downey Maryland 

Elwood George Fisher D. C. 

Joseph Dunbar Franzoni, III D. C. 

*Merle A. Garletts Maryland 

Harold Edward Gayhart Maryland 

*Warren Hubbard Gilbertson Maryland 

John S. Goldsmith Maryland 

Abram Ziegler Gottwals Maryland 

Bernice Grodjesk New Jersey 

John Hudson Guill, Jr Maryland 

Anne Malin Haynes Tennessee 

Sally Taylor Haynes Tennessee 

Allen Erwin Henkin D. C. 

Frederick Andrew Johnston Maryland 

Charles Ernest Keller, Jr.. 
Amihud Kramer 




Albin O wings Kuhn 

Raymond Vandermark Leighty_ 

Glenn Worth in gton Lewis Maryland 

*Ernest H. Lung Maryland 

Ralph Rudolph Ravenburg Maryland 

Kyle Ruble Maryland 

John Logan Schutz D. C. 

George William Seabold, Jr Maryland 

Charles Henry ShalTer, Jr Maryland 

Clay Walter Shaw Maryland 

Fred David Sisler D. C. 

Calvin LeRoy Skinner Maryland 

Harold W. Smith Maryland 

Wilmer Watkins Steiner D. C. 

David Lee Stoddard Maryland 

Dorothy Schnepfe Wall Maryland 

Donald Hathaway Williams D. C. 

John Paul Wintermoyer Maryland 

Sarah Elizabeth Wise Maryland 

Sara Anita Yeager Maryland 

Bachelor of Science 

James William Bishop Delaware 

Barbara Evelyn Hobson D. C. 

John Meredith Rodier. 
Eugene Thornton, Jr.. 

... -Maryland 

Honorable Mention 

First Honors 

George William Seabold, Jr. 
Bernice Grodjesk 
Elwood George Fisher 
Albin Owings Kuhn 
John Paul Wintermoyer 

Second Honors 

Merle A. Garletts 
Allen Erwin Henkin 
Henry Hurley Carter 
Amihud Kramer 

* Awarded Teacher's Diploma. 



Candidates will be presented by Dean L. B. Broughton. 

Bachelor of Arts 

Julius Emory Ackerman 

Herbert Weybright Baker- 
Robert Elwood Baker 

Charles H. Beebe, Jr 

Carl Behm, Jr. 

D. C. 

D. C. 

Charles Lee Benton, Jr._ 
James Belt BeiTy, Jr- 

Charles Augxistus Binswanger- 

David Lewis Brigham 

Ethel Louise Brockman 

Thomas Carroll Brown 

V. Norman Carrico 

Gertrude Catherine Cohen_- 

Charles Harvey Cooke . 

John Raymond Corridon 

*Mary Frances Dow 

Francis James Gunther 

Perry Irving Hay 

Joseph Henderson 

Philip Lee Hoagland 

Sophia Waidner Hoenes 

*Mary Jane Hoffman 

Warren Anson Hughes 

BeiTiice E. Jacobs 

Malcolm Leslie Johns 

Joseph Edward Keller- 
Christine Kempton. 

Paul Chapman Kiernan 

Wilson Adrian Lansford 

Theodore Seybold Lehman- 
Barbara Rae Lewis 

Venancio Q. Liberate 

Lois Barbara Linn 

Rita Theresa Littleford 

Edwin Dennett Long, Jr 

Margaret Marriott 






-New Jersey 

D. C. 

__D. C. 


D. C. 

D. C. 

D. C. 


-b. c. 


D. C. 

D. C. 

D. C. 

D. C. 


. D. C. 


.b. c. 

Benjamin Curtright McCleskey Maryland 

Arlene Marie McLaughlin Maryland 

William Jameson McWilliams Maryland 

Bernice Molofsky Maryland 

John Edwin Moore Maryland 

William Bolles Mullett-— . —Maryland 

Charles Abraham Park, Jr .D. C. 

*Helen Jean Paterson Maryland 

Paul Ritner Peffer D. C. 

William Smith Phillips, Jr 

B. Sheba Potts 

Stanford Chadwick Pratt 

Donald Wells Richardson 

Vaughn Edward Richardson 

Adelaide Suzanne Schiff 

Betty B. Shaffer 

D. C. 


D. C. 

D. C. 

William Thomas Spruill- 

Evelyn Marr Stevens 

John E. Stonebraker, Jr. 

Margaret Gertrude Thomas_-, 

Robert Hunter Thompson 

Mary Elizabeth Townsend 

John Oliver Tunis, Jr 

Carleton Wilson Wahl 

Sylvia Rita Waldman 

George Bothwell Watson 

Robert Louis Wells 

Janet Tower Werner 

*Mary Maxine White 

Robert Pearson White 

Ruby Elizabeth Wilson 

*John Albert Wojtczuk 

John Francis Wolf 

George FVancis Wood 

Paul Jacob Yeager 






M aryland 

D. C. 


-New Jersey 







D. C. 




D. C. 



Bachelor of Science 

P.Iauriee David Atkin Maryland 

Robert Everett Barnett D. C. 

Joshua Warfield Baxley, III Maryland 

Joseph John Bowen, Jr Connecticut 

Roswell Runkle Boyer Maryland 

Marriott Warfield Bredekamp D. C. 

Alexander Emmanuil Brodsky, Jr., 


Robert Job Burton ..Maryland 

Eleanor Graham Cooley Maryland 

William Francis Coster New York 

Philip Crastnopol New Jersey 

Robert Marion Creamer Maryland 

Mildred Dorothea Donohue Maryland 

Edwin Epstein Maryland 

*Lois Eld Ernest.: Maryland 

Frank Deen Evans Maryland 

Marion Mendel Friedman Maryland 

Margaret Alta Greer . Maryland 

Harold Allan Grott Maryland 

Joseph Perez Haimovicz D. C. 

Morton L. Hamburger Maryland 

Bettie Harcum Maryland 

Frank Holbrook Jackson.. 

Theodore Kardash 

Bernard Kramer 

Julian Keith Lawson, Jr. 

William Cook Lowe 

Irving Robert Lowitz 

Thomas Elias McGoury_ 

Harry Andrew Miller 

Mary Elizabeth Miller 

Felix Raymond Morris 

James Dorsey Owens 

Alexander Sadie 

Harry Schwartz 

Roger William Snyder 

Mitchel Sokal 

William Nouris Thies 

Alice Jane Walker 

Janice Marguerite Wert.... 

Alfred Case Whiton 

Edward Joseph Willey 

Elizabeth Louise Wolfe 

John Henderson Woodell.. 
Edmond Grove Young 




D. C. 




D. C. 

...__ Maryland 



D. C. 



New York 





D. C. 




Bachelor of Arts 

Robert G. Camp 

Jean Ann Cowie 

Charles Hersey Culp_. 

Frances Evelyn Fuller 

Gorman E. Getty 

Lancelot Jacques, Jr 







Samuel Dale Kalis 

*Stena Ruby I, Matson 

Jesse Arthur Remington, Jr 

David Stevenson Scrivener 

Joan Kathryn Mitchell Wells.. 
Daniel Leonard Zalis 




D. C. 

D. C. 


Bachelor of Science 

Max Milton Ellison 

Robert Herbert Land. 

.Maryland Joseph Hope Morgan Maryland 

-Maryland Ivan Edward Nedomatsky Maryland 

Honorable Mention 

First Honors 

Alexander Emmanuil Brodsky, Jr. 
Julian Keith Lawson, Jr. 
Robert Pearson White 
Philip Crastnopol 
Mary Elizabeth Miller 
Eleanor Graham Cooley 
Marion Mendel Friedman 
Mary Jane Hoffman 
Charles H. Beebe, Jr. 
Gertrude Catherine Cohen 
Joseph Perez Haimovicz 
Felix Raymond Morris 

Second Honors 

Adelaide Suzanne Schiff 

Bettie Harcum 

Marriott Warfield Bredekamp 

Alfred Case Whiton 

Lois Eld Ernest 

Arlene Marie McLaughlin 

Edmond Grove Young 

Irving Robert Lowitz 

Maurice David Atkin 

Charles Augustus Binswanger 

Margaret Gertrude Thomas 

* Awarded Teacher's Diploma. 



Candidates will be presented by Dean W. S. Small. 

Bachelor of Arts 

*Richard Rowland Clopper 

Charlotte Fitzgerald Durrant. 

*Thomas Wliite HaU 

Isabel Hamilton 

Doris Ellen Harlan 

*Mary Martha Heaps. 
*Maryelene Heffeman. 
*Lillian Katz 


D. C. 

D. C. 

Eileen Annette Kellermann Maryland 

*Mary Elizabeth Helen Krumpach, 


Elsie Genevieve Long Maryland 

Grace Ruth Lovell__- Maryland 

Edna Clare Maxwell 

Bernice Elizabeth O'Keefe- 
*Bella Rose Polack. 


"Ruth Virginia Lowry. 


* Grace Ellen Robinson 

Abraham Scop 

Kathleen McCollum Slaearer _-Maryland 

* Richard Brinsley Sheridan, Jr Maryland 

*Cora Lee Shipley —.Maryland 

*Faye D. Snyder Maryland 

Ross Hood Sullivan New Jersey 


— Maryland 

Harry Raymond Vogtman. 

*Bertha Weisberg 

*Vivian Doris Wiser 

Bachelor of Science 

Anne Ashby Beal 

John Vernon Birkland 

*Beulah Mary Burton 

Marjorie Haines Campbell 

Mary Virginia Conway 

* Shirley Florence Danforth_ 

*Ethel Elizabeth Enderle 

Marion Elise Esch 

Gilbert Glime 

Cecelia Elizabeth Goldsmith- 
Thomas Daniel Harryman 

Lawrence Coleman Headley_ 

Laura FVances Heaps 

*Ruth Wilson Heintze 

*Elizabeth Jane Hilton 

*Dorothy Merriam Hobbs 

*Ralph W. Keller 

Frank Disney Lee 




D. C. 

D. C. 


Georgiana Chapin Lightfoot- 
Margaret Esther Matthews— 
*Robei't Mazer 

Aden Thomas Miller 

*Elizabeth Ann Moore- 
*Alice Susan Morgan 

Carol Johnson SchaefFer— 
*Ruth Clara Shamberger. 
^Roberta Frances Shaw— 
*Dorothy Lillian Sinclair- 

*Ruth Rothwell Smith 

'Michael G. Surgent. 

*Margaret Ellen Swanson 

*Lucille Banghardt Weller_ 
*Edith Heyward Wetherby- 
*Elwood Lewis Wheeler 


D. C. 

D. C. 


D. C. 

D. C. 

D. C. 


-West Virginia 

^William Caroal Wolfe Pennsylvania 

Commercial and Industrial Education 
Bachelor of Science 

A. Harris Baer 

Ralph Bargteil 

Howard Sherry Boote. 

Bessie Brusowankin 

Joseph George Fisher. 


Norman Nathan PYeedman Maryland 

Stanley Louis Heylmun Maryland 

Frank Kidd Maryland 

Maurice M. Weisberg Maryland 

Charles Wolfe Maryland 



Bachelor of Arts 

Edna Earle Elmore 

Albert Bernard FarrelL. 

*Minnie Gomborov 

Carlisle H. Humelsine— 

-North Carolina 

D. C. 



Margaret Barbara Pahlman. 

Kathryn Eugenia Pultz 

Mortimer Schwartz 

-New York 

Bachelor of Science 

Loretta Porter Alderton. 
Charles Milton Arnold— 
"Alice Janette Ayers_ 

Hollis Roberta Boyd — 
Eunice Eveline Burdette — 

Isador J. Dalinsky 

Merle Dallas Frantz 




-D. C. 




Nellie Griffith Hardell 

Mildred M. Hickman 

Adrienne Roe Howard 

Frank Hedges Lewis 

Maud Frothingham Roby. 

Michael Saltzman 

Ruth Rice Wolford 




Honorable Mention 

First Honors 

Shirley Florence Danforth 
Marjorie Haines Campbell 
Lillian Katz 
Faye D. Snyder 
Bella Rose Polack 
Richard Rowland Clopper 

Second Honors 

Gilbert Glime 

Marion Elise Esch 

Mary Elizabeth Helen Krumpach 

Carol Johnson Schaeffer 

Grace Ellen Robinson 

Robert Mazer 

* Awarded Teacher's Diploma. 



Candidates will be presented by Dean S. S. Steinberg. 

Robert Edward Dunning- 
Everett S. Lank 

Allen Carroll Stephens. 

Civil Engineer 


lew Jersey 

Lewis George Phillips. 
Hale French Sehorn 

D. C. 


Electrical Engineer 

-.D. C. Nicholas Volney Stonestreet- 

Bachelor of Science 

-D. C. 

John Taylor Andrews, Jr._ 

Albert Paul Backhaus 

Joseph Harry Bennett.— 

Frederick Mitchell Bishoff_ 

George Alfred Bowman 

George Clinton Brookhart. 

John Richard Browning 

Harold Cladny 


D. C. 

D. C. 


D. C. 

D. C. 

Ralph Aloysius Collins, Jr. _D. C. 

Malcolm Needham Collison Maryland 

Francis Thomas DeArmey Pennsylvania 

Robert Schnepfe Diggs Maryland 

Page Goldbeck Maryland 

Paul Goldberg Maryland 

Vernon Henry Gray Maryland 

Frederick Harris D. C. 

Curtis LeFray Hollister D. C. 

Austin Smith Horman Maryland 




Edward James Kennedy 

Frederick Henry Kluckhuhn- 
Arnold Alva Korab. 

Henry Latterner, Jr.... 
Robert Lee Mattingly. 
William Grant Majmard- 

Roy Crawford Meinzer 

Lee Morgan. 

Herbert Malcolm Owens— 

John Raymond Parce.... 

Adon Wilson Phillips 

Charles Henry Pierce, Jr.. 
Raymond Scott Putman- 
Paul V. Roundy, Jr. 

Alfred Everett Savage 

Irvin R. Schreiber 

Thomas Newton ShafFer_ 

John Louis Siems, Jr 

Warner Taliaferro Smith. 

Harold Clifton Sperry 

James Turnbull 

Howard Albert Vernay, Jr. 

Robert Lucius Walton 

Reuben Wolk 

--. D. C. 

D. C. 

D. C. 

_-__D. C. 


D. C. 

D. C. 


D. C. 

D. C. 


Mathews Joseph Haspert- 

Bachelor of Science 
— Maryland Merriwether Lewis Roylance. 

Honorable Mention 


First Honors 

John Taylor Andrews, Jr. 
Robert Lee Mattingly 
Vernon Henry Gray 
Harold Clifton Sperry 

Second Honors 

John Richard Browning 
Charles Henry Pierce, Jr. 
Roy Crawford Meinzer 
Herbert Malcolm Owens 



Candidates will be presented by Dean M. Marie Mount. 

Bachelor of Science 

Josephine Ramsey Allen Maryland 

Mary A. Beggs Maryland 

Elinor Courtney Broughton Maryland 

Miriam Brown Maryland 

Nellie Laura Burdette Maryland 

Letitia Scarlett Burrier Maryland 

Katherine Caldwell Maryland 

Eleanor M. A. Cruikshank Maryland 

Katherine Isabel Davis D. C. 

Jean Mary Ann Dulin Maryland 

Ida Antoinette Fisher Maryland 

Josephine Mills Good Maryland 

Margaret Jeannette Rankin Gorsuch, 

Irene Sinclair Gould Maryland 

Mildred Louise Hearn . Maryland 

Harriet Elizabeth Hughes Maryland 

Vera Walker Hutton Maryland 

Evelyn Marguerite Jefferson Maryland 

*Mary Elizabeth Jenkins Maryland 

Audrey Snowden Jones D. C. 

Helen Louise Kaylor Maryland 

Ruth E. Knight D. C. 

Mary Grebb Krauss Maryland 

Lois Mary Kuhn Maryland 

Betty Louise Lyons Maryland 

Eleanor Katharyn Quirk D. C. 

Ruth Carolyn Reville Maryland 

Anne Harriet Rosin Maryland 

Esther Rand Wellington Maryland 

Bachelor of Science 

*Nona Eloise Dahn Maryland Dorothy Virtie Millar D. C. 

Honorable Mention 

First Honors 

Mary Elizabeth Jenkins 
Letitia Scarlett Burrier 
Ida Antoinette Fisher 

Second Honors 

Esther Rand Wellington 
Harriet Elizabeth Hughes 
Evelyn Marguerite Jefferson 

* Awarded Teacher's Diploma. 



Candidates will be presented by Miss Annie Crighton, Superintendent of Nurses. 

Graduate in Nursing 

Victoria Willard Bates South Carolina 

Anna Mildred Baughman Pennsylvania 

Ada Grey Bowling North Carolina 

Katharine Elizabeth Burbage Maryland 

Dorothy Ellen Coleman Pennsylvania 

Myrtle Ashley Coleman Maryland 

Nancy Virginia Connelly Maryland 

Mary Ann Dees North Carolina 

Dorothy Lee Dixon North Carolina 

Mary Rachel Eckenrode Maryland 

Treva Lou Gambill Maryland 

Alice Virginia Garrison D. C. 

Carola Beatrice Graham Maryland 

Lois Catherine Hanna Virginia 

Gwendolyn Haugh Maryland 

Anna Lee Hedrick West Virginia 

Nelda Kalar Maryland 

Mary Esther Kalbaugh- 
Louise Emily Kroh 


Anne Parry Llewellyn Maryland 

Sara Jane Mays Maryland 

Lena McNabb Tennessee 

Vivian Virdin Monath Maryland 

Ingrid Elizabeth Selkamaa Maryland 

Katherine Elizabeth Stephens, 

North Carolina 

Doris Virginia Stephenson Maryland 

Flora Mitchell Streett Maryland 

Virginia Annette Terry D. C. 

Iva Lois Tharpe Maryland 

Alice Jane Walker Maryland 

Janice Marguerite Wert Maryland 

Kathryn V/ilson Maryland 

Irma Hott Winfield Maryland 


The Janet Hale Memorial Scholarship, given by the University of Maryland 
Nurses' Alumnae Association, to pursue a course in administration, supei-visory, or 
public health work at Teachers College, Columbia University, to the student having the 
highest average in scholarship Ingrid Elizabeth Selkamaa 

The Elizabeth Collins Lee Prize to the student having the second highest average 
in scholarship _ Alice Virginia Garrison 

The Mrs. John L. Whitehurst Prize for the highest average in executive ability 

Gwendolyn Haugh. 

The Edwin and Leander M. Zimmerman Prize for practical nursing and for display- 
ing the greatest interest and sympathy for the patients Gwendolyn Haugh 

The University of Maryland Nurses' Alumnae Association Pin, and Membership 
in the Association, for practical nursing and executive ability Sara Jane Mays 


The Infantry Reserve Corps 

Herbert Weybright Baker 
Robert Elwood Baker 
Robert Everett Barnett 
James Belt Berry, Jr. 
Frederick Mitchell Bishoff 
George Alfred Bowman 
John Richard Browning 
William Cullen Bryant 
Ralph Aloysius Collins, Jr. 
Henry Thomas Converse, Jr. 
Charles Lee Downey 
John Joseph Egan, Jr. 
Joseph Perez Haimovicz 
Perry Irving Hay 
Charles Crompton Heaton 
Warren Anson Hughes 
John Stark Jacobs 
Ralph Waldo Keller 
Edwin Dennett Long, Jr. 
John Cameron Lynham, Jr. 
Robert Lee Mattingly 

Benjamin Curtright McCleskey 
William Jameson McWilliams 
John Edwin Moore 
William Bolles Mullett 
Herbert Malcolm Owens 
Paul Ritner Peffer 
Charles Henry Pierce, Jr. 
Raymond Scott Putman 
Ralph Rudolph Ravenburg 
Samuel Winchester Reeves, III 
Donald Wells Richardson 
John Logan Schutz 
Clay Walter Shaw 
Ross Wendel Shearer 
Benjamin Biser Shewbridge 
Fred David Sisler 
Harold Walter Smith 
Robert Lucius Walton 
John Francis Wolf 
Leon Ryno Yourtee, Jr. 



College Park Division 

Elected to Phi Kappa Phi Honorary Society 

William Appier Home 
Mary Elizabeth Jenkins 
Lillian Katz 
Albin Owings Kuhn 
Julian Keith Lawson, Jr. 
Robert Lee Mattingly 
Mary Elizabeth Miller 
Felix Raymond Morris 
Bella Rose Polack 
Virginia Lee Riley 
George William Seabold, Jr. 
Elizabeth Brown Sherrill 
Faye D, Snyder 
Harold Clifton Sperry 
Viola Cook Teeter 
John Paul Wintermoyer 
Charles Anthony Youch 

John Taylor Andrews, Jr. 

Charles Howard Beebe, Jr. 

Alexander Emmanuil Brodsky, Jr. 

John Richard Browning 

Letitia Scarlett Burrier 

Marjorie Haines Campbell 

Eleanor Graham Cooley 

Philip Crastnopol 

Shirley Florence Danforth 

Marion Elise Esch 

Elwood George Fisher 

Ida Antoinette Fisher 

Marion Mendel Friedman 

Vernon Henry Gray 

Bernice Grodjesk 

Joseph Perez Haimovicz 

Claron Owens Hesse 

Mary Jane Hoffman 

Elected to Sigma Xi Honorary Scientific Fraternity 

John Robert Adams, Jr. Ivan Ernest Miles 

Hugh Andrews Heller Harold George Shirk 

William Appier Home Alexander James Stirton 

Charles Samuel Lowe Albert Holmes Tillson 

Lewis Paul McCann Paschal Philip Zapponi 
Warren Campbell McVey 

Citizenship Prize, offered by President H. C. Byrd, Class of 1908, to the member 

of the senior class, who during his collegiate career, has nearest typified the model 

citizen and who has done most for the general advancement of the interests of the 


Awarded to Robert Lucius Walton 

Citizenship Prize, offered by Mrs. Albert F. Woods, to the woman member of the 

senior class who, during her collegiate career, has nearest typified the model citizen 

and has done most for the general advancement of women's interests at the University. 

Awarded to Ruth Virginia Lowry 

Silvester Medal for Excellence in Athletics, offered by the Class of 1908, to the 

man who typifies the best in college athletics. 

Awarded to William Caroal Wolfe 

Maryland Ring, offered by Charles L. Linhardt to the Maryland man outstanding 

for the year in athletics. 

Awarded to Lawrence Coleman Headley 

Moi'tar Board Cup, offered to the woman member of the senior class who has been 

in attendance at least three full years and who has made the highest scholastic average. 

Awarded to Shirley Florence Danforth 

James Douglas Goddard Memorial Medal, offered by his sister, Mrs. Anna K. 

Goddard James to a student from Prince Georges' County for excellence in scholarship 

and moral character. 

Awarded to Edward Martin Wharton 

Student Medal and Junior Membership, offered by the American Institute of 

Chemists to the member of the senior class who has attained the highest average in 


Awarded to Julian Keith Lawson, Jr. 

Sigma Phi Sigma Medal, offered by the Delta Chapter to the freshman who makes 

the highest scholastic average during the first semester. 

Awarded to John Chesley Marzolf 

Delta Delta Delta Sorority Medal, offered to the sophomore girl who makes the 

highest scholastic average during the first semester. 

Awarded to Frances Jane Stouffer 

The Dinah Berman Memorial Medal, offered by her son, Benjamin Berman, to that 

sophomore who has attained the highest scholastic average of his class in the College 

of Engineering. 

Awarded to Joseph Mossier Marzolf, Jr. 


Honor Key, offered by the Class of 1926 of the School of Business Administration 
of the University of Maryland at Baltimore, to the senior student graduating in busi- 
ness administration with the highest average for the entire four year course taken 
at the University of Maryland. 

Awarded to _.__ Charles H. Beebe, Jr. 

Omicron Nu Sorority Medal, offered to the freshman girl who makes the highest 
scholastic average during the first semester. 

Awarded to Dorothy Mae Green 

Service Award, in recognition of the growth and quality of her influence among 
women students. 

Awarded to Elinor Courtney Broughton 

The Diamondback Medals awarded for efficient and faithful service on the student 
weekly paper. 

Awarded to Robert Elwood Baker, William Jameson McWilliams, 

Herbert Malcolm Owens, Lawrence Grant Hoover, Jr., Mary Martha Heaps, 

Helen Lucille Reindollar, Margaret Leslie Maslin. 
The Terrapin Medals awarded for efficient and faithful service on the student 
year book. 

Awarded to Gustavus A. Warfield, Robert Paul Benbow, Nora 

Louise Huber, John Taylor Andrews, Jr. 
The Old Line Medals awarded for efficient and faithful service on the student 
quarterly magazine. 

Awarded to Christine Kempton, Jerome Spilman Hardy, Ruth 

Virginia Lowry, John Francis Wolf, Irving Phillips. 
Governor's Cup to the best drilled company. 

Awarded to Company M, commanded by Cadet Captain Edwin Dennett Long, Jr. 

The Reserve Officers' Association Award to the commander of the winning company. 

Awarded to Cadet Captain Edwin Dennett Long, Jr. 

The Alumni Cup, offered to the best drilled platoon. 

Awarded to Second Platoon, Company E, commanded by Cadet 

First Lieutenant Perry Irving Hay. 
The Scabbard and Blade Award, to the commander of the winning platoon. 

Awarded to Cadet First Lieutenant Perry Irving Hay 

The Military Medal, offered by the Class of 1899, to the member of the battalion 
who proves himself the best drilled soldier. 

Awarded to . Cadet Thomas Wise Riley 

Pershing Rifles Gold Medals to the members of the best drilled squad. 

Awarded to Cadets Alan Randolph Miller, Richard Francis 

Hutchinson, Joseph John Devlin, Wilson Gillis Ingraham, Pershing Laurence 

Mondorff, William Baker Hagan, Frank Cooper Borenstein, Robert DuBois 

Gold Medals for First Place in Third Corps Area Intercollegiate Rifle Match. 
Awarded to Cadets Ralph Aloysius Collins, Jr., George Everett 

Meeks, Thomas Wise Riley, Robert Wynne Laughead, Robert Lee Mattingly, 

George Alfred Bowman, Warren Pruden Davis, John Francis Greenip, Alden 

Elon Imus, Jr., Lawrence Howard Haskin. 
William Randolph Hearst Rifle Match Medals for First Place, Third Corps Area. 
Awarded to Cadets George Alfred Bowman, George Everett Meeks, 

Warren Pruden Davis, Thomas Wise Riley, Robert Lee Mattingly. 
Military Department Gold Medal to Individual Firing High Score on the Varsity 
Rifle Team. 

Awarded to Cadet George Everett Meeks 

Gold Medal to Individual Winning Mehring Trophy Rifle Competition. 

Awarded to Cadet George Everett Meeks 

Silver Medal to Individual Showing Greatest Improvement during Year in the 
Mehring Trophy Rifle Competition, 

Awarded to - Cadet Robert Wynne Laughead 

Pershing Rifles National Rifle Championship Medals. 

Awarded to Cadets Robert Lee Mattingly, Warren Pruden Davis, 

James Michael Lanigan, Thomas Wise Riley, Robert Wynne Laughead. 
Medals to Best Drilled Individuals in the Pershing Rifles. 
Awarded to Cadets John Chesley Marzolf, Thomas Eugene Watson, 

Jr., William Arthur Maidens, Jr. 
Military Department Gold Medal to Individual Firing High Score on Freshman 
Team during the Year. 

Awarded to Cadet Alden Elon Imus, Jr.