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Kjommencemeni O 


University of Maryiand 




Thou wilt not cower in the dust, 
Maryland, My Maryland! 
Thy gleaming sword shall never rust 
Maryland, My Maryland! 
Remember Carroll's sacred trust. 
Remember Howard's warlike thrust, 
And all thy slumb'rers with the just, 
Maryland, My Maryland! 

I hear the distant thunder hum, 
Maryland, My Maryland! 
The Old Line bugle, fife and drum, 
Maryland, My Maryland! 
Come to thine own heroic throng, 
That stalks with Liberty along. 
And ring thy dauntless slogan song, 
Maryland, My Maryland! 


My country, 'tis of thee. 

Sweet land of liberty. 

Of thee I sing; 

Land where my fathers died! 

Land of the Pilgrims' pride! 

From ev'ry mountain side 

Let freedom ring! 

Our fathers' God, to thee 

Author of liberty, 

To thee we sing! 

Long may our land be bright 

With Freedom's holy light; 

Protect us by thy might. 

Great God, our King. 


O say, can you see, — by the dawn's early light. 
What so proudly we hail'd at the twilight's last gleaming? 
Whose broad stripes and bright stars, thro' the perilous fight. 
O'er the ramparts we watched, were so gallantly streaming? 
And the rockets red glare, the bombs bursting in air. 
Gave proof thro' the night — that our flag was still there. 
O say does that Star-Spangled Banner yet wave 
O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave? 



March — The Stars and Stripes Forever Sousa 

Overture — The New Moon Romberg 

Suite in Four Parts — ^Atlantis (The Lost Continent) Sajranek 

Nocturne and Morning Hymn of Praise 
A Court Function 

I Love Thee (The Prince and Aana) 
The Destruction of Atlantis 

Waltz — Return of Spring (Retourdu Printemps) Waldtenfel 

Selection — Jack 0' Lantern Caryll 

Intermezzo — In a Monastery Garden Ketelby 

The University of Maryland Band 
Otto Siebeneichen, Director 


Processional March — Aida Verdi 

The University of Maryland Band 

INVOCATION Reverend John J. Murphy, St. Cecilia's Church 

Baltimore, Maryland. 

MUSIC— My Maryland Audience 

ADDRESS— "No Room for Cloisters" 

Paul V. McNutt, Administrator, Federal Security Agency. 

MUSIC — America Audience 



MUSIC — The Star Spangled Banner Audience 

BENEDICTION— Reverend John J. Murphy. 


Recessional March — National Emblem Bagley 

The University of Maryland Band 

After the exercises the audience will please remain in place until 
the academic procession has left the Coliseum. 



PAUL VORIES McNUTT, Doctor of Laws 

HOWARD BRUCE, Doctor of Science 

GEORGE ELI BENNETT, Doctor of Science 







Candidates will be presented by Dean CO. Appleman 

Doctor of Philosophy 

Marriott Warfield Bredekamp D. C. 

Carl Kester Dorsey Missouri 

Fred Wilson Ellis Maryland 

Harriet Louise Frush D. C. 

Howard William Gilbert Maryland 

Lester Philip Guest Massachusetts 

Kenneth Eldred Hamlin, Jr Maryland 

John Clarke Hammond Maryland 

James Grant Hayden, Jr Maryland 

Chester W. Hit>;.^ Missouri 

George Lawrence Kalousek D. C. 

Leonard Karel Maryland 

John Wellington Knowlton Maryland 

Herman Fink Kraybill Pennsylvania 

Joseph Sidney Lann D. C. 

Russell Ernest Leed Pennsylvania 

Nathan Levin Maryland 

Solomon Love. D. C. 

Marlow William Olsen Maryland 

Robert Frederick Pe erson D. C. 

William Arthur Purdum Georgia 

Mark Schweizer Maryland 

Leonard Smith D. C. 

Elsie May Sockrider D. C. 

William Alexander Stanton Maryland 

Carl Kerby Stoddard Nevada 

John Keenan Taylor Maryland 

Albert Edward Tepper New Hampshire 

William Bird Terwilliger Maryland 

Master of Arts 

Willard Osborne Ash Maryland 

Frank Graham Banta Indiana 

Ada Missoura Beall Maryland 

Lola Elizabeth Boyd Panama 

Harold Edwin Carter Maryland 

Henrietta Elizabeth Chesley Maryland 

Jerome Denaburg Maryland 

Charles Wesley Dudderar Maryland 

Raymond Francis Dugan Maryland 

Milo Vivian Gibbons New Jersey 

Mary Olivia Green Maryland 

George Eastham Hand Marjdand 

Albert Franklin Herbst Maryland 

Raymond Jump Maryland 

Mary Eleanor Kephart Maryland 

Mabel Adele Swanson Livingston D. C. 

Cletus Dilmond Lowe West Virginia 

Myrtle Thom McKnew D. C. 

Joseph Martin Mehl, Jr D. C. 

Joe Corby Newcomer Maryland 

Orpha-Bonita Pritchard Maryland 

Virginia Gerardine Pritchard Maryland 

Virginia Lee Riley Maryland 

Carrie Elaine Robey Maryland 

Robert L. Smith D. C. 

Ruth Purvis Smith Maryland 

Walter Marion Sparks Maryland 

John Perry Speicher Maryland 

John ShermanlThatcher ..New York 

Ralph Irwin Williams Maryland 

Howard Edward Ziefie Maryland 

Master of Science 

Richard Warren Akeley Maine 

Maurice David Atkin D. C. 

Irvin Bachman. Maryland 

Richard Henry Barry Maryland 

Thomas Harold Bartilson Maryland 

William Howard Beamer Ohio 

Nellie Monroe Cone Maryland 

John Cotton Maryland 

Edward French Davis Virginia 

Guy Ervin, Jr Maryland 

Walter Christian Gakenheimer Maryland 

Leon Goldman D. C. 

Philip Classon Harvey New Hampshire 

Daniel Kaufman D. C. 

Margaret Cobey Kemp Maryland 

William James Lodman Montana 

Richard Everett Mai. Delaware 

Robert Eugene Mather Indiana 

Earl Edward Miller Kansas 

Ada Fanjoy Peers D. C. 

D. Vincent Provenza.. Maryland 

Harold Berkeley Robinson Maryland 

Milton Jacques Rosen JNew York 

John Parrish Secrest Maryland 

Roger William Snyder Maryland 

Alston Wesley Specht Maryland 

Francis C. Stark, Jr Oklahoma 

Patricia Willingham Stier Maryland 

William Winfield Walton Maryland 

Carolyn Isabelle Webster Maryland 

Arthur Paul Wiedemer Maryland 

Charles Simpson Williams Maryland 

Sarah Elizabeth Wise Maryland 

Master of Education 

Rowannetta Sarah Allen D. C. 

Doris Lanahan Bowie Maryland 

Earl Franklin Brain Maryland 

John Thomas Bruehl, Jr Maryland 

Nellie Margaret Hollabaugh Davidson 


Charles Raymond Gross Maryland 

Clifford Alfred Hack Maryland 

Clark Keironimus D. C. 

James Homer House Maryland 

Robert Wilson Jones Maryland 

Roger Dennis McDermott Maryland 

Thorman Archer Nelson D. C. 

Theresa Barbara Nicht Maryland 

Katheryne Severance Porter D. C. 

Edward Dennis Reed Virginia 

Louis Kennard Rhodes, Jr Maryland 

Dorothy Marie Schneider D. C. 

Ruth White Sessions Maryland 

F. Elizabeth Smith Maryland 

Ethel Snyder Maryland 

Albert Reynolds Van Metre Maryland 

Robert Sidney Watkins Maryland 

David Sterling Wheelwright D. C. 

Dorothy Eugenia White Maryland 

Charles Merrick Wilson Maryland 

Arthur John Wondrack D. C. 

Nadia Wright Zimmerman D. C. 


Candidates will be presented by Acting Dean H. Boyd Wylie 

Doctor of Medicine 

Aurora Frances Alberti New York 

Fred Alexander New Jersey 

Jerome Cayton Arnett West Virginia 

Charles Phelps Barnett Maryland 

Joshua Warfield Baxley, III Maryland 

Joseph John Bowen, Jr Connecticut 

Julius Culpepper Brooks, Jr Tennessee 

William Ross Bundick , Maryland 

John Marshall Carter West Virginia 

Pierson Melvin Checket Maryland 

Carlos Miguel Chiques Puerto Rico 

Charles Edgar Cloninger North Carolina 

Richard Alexis Conlen New Jersey 

LeRoy Gerald Cooper Pennsylvania 

Joseph Vincent Crecca New Jersey 

Gene Albert Croce Rhode Island 

Dwight Phelph Cruikshank, III West Virginia 

John McCleary Culler, Jr Maryland 

Michael Louis DeVincentis Maryland 

Emilio Diez-Gutierrez Puerto Rico 

Anthony Francis DiPaula Maryland 

John Edward Esnard California 

Camille Mary Evola New York 

Edward Leonard Frey, Jr Maryland 

Jose Garcia-BIanco Puerto Rico 

Julius Gelber New York 

William Goodman Maryland 

Theodore Joseph Graziano Maryland 

Thomas Ardis Hedrick West Virginia 

Newton Webster Hershner, Jr. ..Pennsylvania 

Asher Hollander Maryland 

Pearl Trogdon Huffman North Carolina 

James Stanley Hunter, Jr Maryland 

Vita Rebecca Jaffe New York 

Nerval Foard Kemp Maryland 

Keaciel Kenneth Krulevitz Maryland 

Frank Edward Lach New Jersey 

Franklin Earl Leslie Maryland 

Lorman Leon Levinson Maryland 

Jose S. Licha Puerto Rico 

William Cook Lowe Maryland 

Thomas Frank Lusby, II Maryland 

Raymond Nasi! Malouf Utah 

Jacob Barry Mandel New Jersey 

William Arthur Mitchell Maryland 

Jose Gilberto Molinari Puerto Rico 

Margaret Elaine Morgan Indiana 

Felix Raymond Morris Connecticut 

William Herbert Morrison Maryland 

James Joseph Patrick Nolan Maryland 

Miguel Novoa-Caballero Puerto Rico 

Idalia Ortiz Ortiz Puerto Rico 

Margaret Virginia Palmer Maryland 

Benjamin Pasamanick New York 

Thompson Pearcy West Virginia 

Joshua Melvin Perman Maryland 

Irene A. Phrydas North Carolina 

Charles Eugene Pruitt Maryland 

Francis Stanley Renna New Jersey 

Walter Jones Revell Georgia 

Charles Richardson, Jr Maryland 

Marion Ballard Richmond Maryland 

Christian Frederick Richter, Jr Maryland 

Jonas Samuel Rosenberg New York 

Clyde Arthur Rossberg Maryland 

Robert Bowie Ghiselin Sasscer Maryland 

William Hamilton Sawyer, Jr., North Carolina 

John Andrew Scholl West Virginia 

Stanley Eugene Schwartz New York 

Edwin Lincoln Seigman, Jr Maryland 

Edward Patrick Shannon, Jr New York 

Joseph Chester Sheehan Maryland 

Elizabeth Brown Sherrill Maryland 

Thomas Courtland Sims West Virginia 

Benedict Skitarelic West Virginia 

Tracy Neil Spencer, Jr. North Carolina 

Henry Robert Spinnler New Jersey 

John Sutehall Stevens Connecticut 

Webster Mills Strayer Maryland 

Raymond Kief Thompson Maryland 

Richard White Trevaskis Maryland 

George John Ulrich Maryland 

Edmund Joseph Virusky Pennsylvania 

James H. Walker West Virginia 

Lester Aubrey Wall, Jr Maryland 

Dayton O'Lander Watkins Maryland 

John Bernard Wells, Jr Maryland 

Thomas Carroll Wilder Minnesota 

Edwin F. Wilson, Jr New York 

Kazuo Yanagisawa California 

John David Young, Jr Maryland 

Kenneth Levie Zierler Maryland 


University Prize Gold Medal 
James Stanley Hunter, Jr. 

Margaret Virginia Palmer 
Norval Foard Kemp 

Certificates of Honor 

Jose S. Licha 
George John Ulrich 

Lester Aubrey Wall, Jr. 
Raymond Kief Thompson 

The Dr. A. Bradley Gaither Memorial prize of $25.00 for the best work in genito-urinary surgery during 
the senior year Raymond Nasif Malouf 


Doctor of Dental Surgery 
Candidates will be presented by Dean J. Ben Robinson 

Frederick Aurbach Oklahoma 

Robert Nelson Baker North Carolina 

Sterrett Patterson Beaven Maryland 

Daniel Elihu Berman Maryland 

Robert L. Betts New Jersey 

Benjamin Birschtein New Jersey 

Edmund Louis Bohne New Jersey 

Edward Bressman _ New Jersey 

Melvin Robert Briskin Massachusetts 

A. Alfred Brotman ..Maryland 

Joseph Paul Carl Burch New Jersey 

Gilbert Lee Caldwell Maryland 

John Samuel Callaway West Virginia 

Nicholas James Capone Maryland 

Paul Castelle Maryland 

Abraham Chernow New York 

Phillip Lee Chmar Maryland 

William Melick Collins Vermont 

Donald Carder Corbitt West Virginia 

Jerome S. Cullen Maryland 

Joseph Charles Dembo Connecticut 

Frank Louis DePasquale New York 

Morton DeScherer New Jersey 

Paul Samuel Dubansky Maryland 

James Fender Easton, Jr West Virginia 

Daniel Lawrence Farrell Connecticut 

Donald Tiemeyer Frey Maryland 

Michael Fulton New York 

Philip Gold New York 

Maxwell Solomon Golden New Jersey 

Abraham Gudwin New York 

Warren Dunning Haggerty, Jr New Jersey 

Virgil Randolph Hawkins, Jr South Carolina 

Stanley Heller New York 

Earl Christian Hewitt Maryland 

Harold Paul Hyman New York 

Nathan William Hymanson New Jersey 

Bernard Kapiloflf New York 

Leonard Kapiloflf New York 

Seymour Martin Karow New York 

Sidney Kellar New York 

Herbert Ernest Klingelhofer Maryland 

Leonard Koenig New York 

Kenneth Donald Kornreich Connecticut 

Mario Arthur Lauro Connecticut 

Ronald Lawrence Maryland 

Benjamin Levy New York 

Frank Aurelius Marano New Jersey 

Anthony Francis Matisi New York 

Joseph Govane McClees Maryland 

Edward Paul McDaniel, Jr Maryland 

Edward Abraham Mishkin New York 

Abraham Oilman New York 

Malcolm Marsh Parker New Jersey 

Myron Aaron Policow Massachusetts 

George Reusch New Jersey 

Edward G. Rosenberg New York 

Frederick Bernard Rudo .....Maryland 

John Raymond Santeramo New York 

LeRoy Edward Schiller New Jersey 

Carl Haid Schultheis Maryland 

Max Singer Connecticut 

Harry Sloan New York 

Bernard Smith Maryland 

Joseph Hurst Smith Maryland 

Russell Spina New York 

Murray Storch New Jersey 

Charles Taub New Jersey 

John Walter TofRc New Jersey 

Leonard Joseph Tolley Maryland 

Erminio Ralph Vitolo New York 

Irving I. Weinger New York 

Jack Irving Zeger New York 

Raynard F. Zuskin. Maryland 


University Gold Medal for Scholarship George Reusch 

Certificates of Honor 

Warren Dunning Haggerty, Jr. Donald Tiemeyer Frey 

Sterrett Patterson Beaven 
Stanley Heller 

Frederick Bernard Rudo 


Candidates will be presented by Deai Ro£;er Howell 

CertiScates of Pro3ciency 
Charles Jacob Hendrickson Maryland Darwin 3. Martin. 


Bachelor of Laws 

Irving Daniel Alter Maryland 

* Charles Chester Wilson Atwater Maryland 

Robert Taylor Barbour .....Maryland 

John Deems Barnard Maryland 

George Charles Bast, Jr Maryland 

John Darby Bowman, Jr.. Maryland 

♦Eiclard Bertram Brenner Maryland 

Audi's us Freeborn Brown, III ..Maryland 

William Hutchins Cole .Maryland 

C. Osborne Duvall Maryland 

Matthew Strohm Evans Maryland 

Merton Sykes Fales, Jr Maryland 

John Brockenborough Fox Maryland 

John J. Ghingher, Jr Maryland 

Max Glickman Maryland 

*Robert Martin Goldman Maryland 

John Stephen Hebb, III Maryland 

James Knox Huff, Jr Maryland 

Thomas Irving Insley, Jr Maryland 

Charles Earle Kelly Maryland 

* William Branson Kempton, III Maryland 

Anthony Walter Kraus, Jr Maryland 

Victor Hartwell Laws, Jr Maryland 

♦Abraham A. Light Maryland 

James Barrett Maginnis Maryland 

With Honor. 

Elmer Joseph Mahoney Maryland 

Joseph Aloysius Mattingly ..Maryland 

T illiam Edwin Kolt Ma^ilsby Maryland 

*Kenneth Frederick McClure Maryland 

William W. Mohlhenrich Alaryland 

*William Joseph O'Donnell Maryland 

Herman Elwood Perdue Maryland 

F. Leroy Peters Maryland 

Louis Posner Maryland 

Sara Purrington Maryland 

*John PJdward Raine, Jr Maryland 

George Bacon Rasin, Jr... Maryland 

Fred Burnett Rhodes, Jr Maryland 

Morton Pitt Rosenberg Maryland 

Bertram Royce Russell. Maryland 

William H. Sallow ..Maryland 

Samuel Schenker Maryland 

John Henry Skeen, Jr Maryland 

Marvin Hugh Smith Maryland 

Hall Everett Timanus Maryland 

Bernard Charles Vincenti Maryland 

George Waingold Maryland 

John Philip Wenchel, II D. C. 

W. A. Stewart Wright Maryland 


Charles Raymond Fowler D. C. 

John Nevin Maguire New Jersey 

James Joseph Treacy Maryland 


Elected to the Order of the Coif 

Charles Chester Wilson Atwater 
Richard Bertram Brenner 

John Edward Raine, Jr. 

Robert Martin Goldman 
William Joseph O'Donnell 

Alumnijprize for the best argument in the Honor Case in the Practice Court, 

Augustus Freeborn Brown, III 

George 0. Blome prizes to representatives on the Honor Case in the Practice Court: 

Augustus Freeborn Brown, III 
John J. Ghingher, Jr. 

William Joseph O'Donnell 
Hall Everett Timanus 


Candidates will be presented by Dean Andrew G. DuMez 

Bachelor of Science 

Francis Ignatius Codd Maryland 

George Oscar DeGele. Maryland 

Mary Rosula DiGristine Maryland 

Alvin Jay Fainberg „ Maryland 

Samuel Harry Ginsberg Maryland 

Abraham Ellis Glaser Maryland 

Leon Goodman Maryland 

Walter K. Hendin Maryland 

John Mayo Jernigan, Jr Maryland 

Reuben Kahn Maryland 

in Pharmacy 

George Joseph Kreis, Jr Maryland 

Albert Lindenbaum _ Maryland 

Manuel Miller Maryland 

Irvin Noveck Maryland 

Bernard Rosenthal Maryland 

Oscar Rudoff Maryland 

Milton Sarubin _ Maryland 

Harold W. Siegel „ Maryland 

Kenneth Gordon Spangler Maryland 

Irving F. Zerwitz Maryland 


The Conrad L. Wich Botany and Pharmacognosy Prize Alvin Jay Fainberg 


Candidates will be presented by Assistant Dean H. F. Cottsr.Tian 

Bachelor of Science 

Harry Wilbert Anderson D. C. 

Howard Monroe Bailey Maryland 

James Monroe Beattie Maryland 

Donald Stanton Bierer New York 

Glenn Miles Bosley Maryland 

Henry C. Bothe _ Maryland 

Virginia Lombard Brown D. C. 

Georgianna Elizabeth Calver D. C. 

Charles Marion Chance Maryland 

Hilde Marie Christensen D. C. 

Charles Elwood Clendaniel, Jr Maryland 

Daniel Townsend Cox Virginia 

Lexey Jane Cragin Maryland 

Lee Sharp Crist Maryland 

Thomas Chandler Cruikshank, IV ....Maryland 

Jorge de Alba M Mexico 

Maryan Singleton Donn Maryland 

William B. Durm Maryland 

Laura Hampson Eyler Maryland 

Edgar Frederic Faulkner Maryland 

Charles Edgar Fogle Maryland 

Ian Forbes, Jr D. C. 

Jack Lewis Gordon Maryland 

Lelia Marguerite Goss Maryland 

Howard Milton Gross _ Maryland 

Walter Oliver Hawley Maryland 

Frank Henry Hoffman, Jr. Maryland 

Samuel Albert Jacques Maryland 

David Okey Johnson Maryland 

Hugh Bradley Jones Maryland 

David Cleveland Kelly, Jr Maryland 

Robert Warren Kolb Maryland 

Phyllis Stein Lange D. C. 

Clayton Payne Libeau Maryland 

Lawrence Daniel Lichliter D. C. 

Mary Elizabeth Mahrer Delaware 

Donald Powell Marshall Maryland 

Calvin Springfield Z\Iartin Maryland 

Robert Clough Aleyer... Maryland 

Norman A. Aliller, Jr Maryland 

John Thomas Mullady D. C. 

Clark Oland Nicholson Maryland 

Carl Edward Nordeen, Jr Maryland 

Alvin Francis Polan Maryland 

Ruth Suzanne Punnett New Jersey 

Carroll Martin Radebaugh Maryland 

Robert Du Bois Rappleye D. C. 

J. Thomas Reid Maryland 

Floyd English Rice Maryland 

Hilda Helen Ryan „ D. C. 

John Jerome Ryan _i\laryland 

Carl August Sachs D. C. 

Rowan Lester Scarborough, Jr Maryland 

Joseph David Schaffer Maryland 

Raymond Alaxwell Scoville Maryland 

Emma Shelton _ Maryland 

James Hubert Skinner Maryland 

William Jack Suit Maryland 

Thomas Boyd Taliaferro, Jr Zvlaryland 

Frank Whilmore Taylor ^Maryland 

Margaret Jane Thurston _ Maryland 

Hugh Charles Treakle Maryland 

Charles V/ilson Wannan, Jr D. C. 

Jack Edward Weber Maryland 

Honorable Mention 

First Honors 

Howard Milton Gross 
Virginia Lombard Brown 
Robert Du Bois Rappleye 
Jorge de Alba M. 
Lexey Jane Cragin 

Second Honors 

John Jerome Ryan 
Lee Sharp Crist 
J. Thomas Reid 
Hilde Marie Christensen 
Ruth Suzanne Punnett 
Jack Edward Weber 
Maryan Singleton Donn 


Candidates will ba presented by Dean L. B. Brouglltoa 

Bachelor of Arts 

Bessie Leeada Arnold Maryland 

Robert Edmond Ashman Maryland 

Frances Marie Augustine Maryland 

Edna Patricia Beattie Maryland 

Maulsby Ness Blackman Maryland 

Mary Elizabeth Brice New Jersey 

Eva Brooks Maryland 

John Wilson Brown, Jr Maryland 

Ritchie Buckingham D. C. 

Alice Virginia Cann Maryland 

Betsy Jane Carson Maryland 

John Waters Chaney, Jr Maryland 

Elizabeth Mackenzie Cissel D. C. 

Clara Marie Clark Maryland 

Albert Stillman Coleman D. C. 

Ralph Johnson Culver D. C. 

Robert Ernest Dammeyer Maryland 

Frank I. Davis, Jr Maryland 

Charles Duncan Davy _ D. C. 

Margaret Warren Day -...Maryland 

Frances Antoinette Dicus Virginia 

William B. Diggs, Jr _ Maryland 

Dorothea Eleder Maryland 

George C. Evering Maryland 

Robert William Farkas Pennsylvania 

Belmont Greenlee Farley D. C. 

(Honors in Mathematics) 

Allan Carroll Fisher, Jr. Maryland 

Harvey Eldred Fox, Jr Maryland 

Donald Harrison Frye Maryland 

William Larkin Gardner Maryland 

Joseph Genovese New York 

John Brinkley Hayman, Jr Maryland 

Charlotte Magdalen Hellstern New Jersey 

Mary Dawson Henderson Maryland 

Treva Fay Hollingsworth Maryland 

Bette Evora Holt Maryland 

William Purnell Johnson Maryland 

Bertha Katz D. C. 

Hildreth Kempton _ Maryland 

Harriet Virginia Kirkman Maryland 

Bernice Edith Kress Maryland 

Helene Louise Kuhn Maryland 

David Lane Maryland 

Naomi H. Levin Maryland 

Laura Elizabeth Luber D. C. 

Jeanne Amelie Makover Maryland 

Lola Marguerite Mangum Maryland 

G. Franklyn Mclnturtf, III D. C. 

William Edwin McMahon, II D. C. 

John Leonard Meakin D. C. 

Brooke Meanley Maryland 

Martha Putnam Meriam Maryland 

George Carlton Moore, Jr Maryland 

Cnarles Branson Morris Delaware 

Adrienae Irene Nichols D. C. 

Kathryn Louise Nichols Maryland 

Marjorie Nielsen Connecticut 

Theodore White Norcross, Jr Maryland 

Thelma Virginia Lee Pohlman Maryland 

Betty Houston Raymond ._ D. C. 

John G. Reckord Maryland 

Richard Carlton Savage Reid Maryland 

Barbara Ann Richmond Maryland 

Naomi Mae Richmond Maryland 

Matilda Jane Ricketts Maryland 

Kathryn Elaine Riedel Maryland 

Alice Cahill Robertson D. C. 

Patricia Ann Royster Maryland 

Harriet Mildred Sandman New York 

Katherine Maxine Schindel Maryland 

June C. Schmidt Maryland 

Walter Henry Schuler D. C. 

Margaret Wallace Scott Maryland 

Shirley Anne Stapf Maryland 

Worthington Heaton Talcott Maryland 

Franklin Lee Thompson _ D. C. 

Molly B. Tulin Connecticut 

William Wirth Watson Maryland 

William Van Arsdale West Maryland 

John Moss Whitten Delaware 

Irene Leora Wilson Maryland 

Julia Worth Woodring Maryland 

Charles William Woodward, Jr Maryland 

June Lee Yagendorf New Jersey 


Bachelor of Science 

Ruth Ella Almony ^ Maryland 

Melvin Anchell Maryland 

Harold Abner Axtell, Jr Maryland 

Janet King Baldwin Maryland 

Edgar Hamilton BonDurant, Jr Maryland 

Eleanor Jayne Bradley Pennsylvania 

Herbert Sage Bridge Maryland 

Warren Daniel Brill Maryland 

Sylvia Brooks Maryland 

Dorothy Mae Campbell Maryland 

Edith Ann Christensen D. C. 

Richard Alvan Clark Virginia 

Elizabeth Stella Clarke D. C. 

Paul Montague Coe D. C. 

Martha Adelaide Corcoran Virginia 

Elizabeth Jane Curtis ...- Maryland 

David George Drawbaugh, Jr Maryland 

John Wallace Walker Epperson Maryland 

Ruth Estelle Evans Maryland 

Lydia Frances Ewing Maryland 

Ellen Catherine Foote Maryland 

Clara Gale Goldbeck _ Maryland 

William Baker Hagan _ Maryland 

Marjorie Elizabeth Hall D. C. 

James Edward Hamill Maryland 

Daniel Julius Harwood Maryland 

Paul G. Hutson _ Maryland 

William Henry Isaacs D. C. 

Harry Elliot Kaplan D. C. 

Victor Kassel New York 

Charles Fernand Ksanda _ D. C. 

Stuart Charles Levine Maryland 

Thomas Hamilton Lewis, IV New Jersey 

Charles Renwick MacDonald Maryland 

Irving Madorsky D. C. 

Alexander Mazur Connecitcut 

Bernard Milloflf „ Maryland 

Samuel McCready Mills Maryland 

A. Manley Powell Maryland 

Raymond Veto Rangle _ Maryland 

Orr Esrey Reynolds _ D. C. 

Helen F. Rice Maryland 

Marjorie Elizabeth Ruppersberger.... Maryland 

Betty Jean Silver Georgia 

Richard Edward Tiller D. C. 

Arthur Quincy Tool, Jr Maryland 

Joseph John Velenovsky, Jr.. Maryland 

Kenneth Scott White Maryland 

David Kuykendall Worgan Maryland 

Stanley Norman Yaflfe Maryland 

Carolyn Doris Zeller Maryland 

Honorable Mention 

First Honors 

John Moss Whitten 
Belmont Greenlee Farley 
Dorothy Mae Campbell 
Elizabeth Jane Curtis 
Richard Alvan Clark 
Julia Worth Woodring 
Bertha Katz 
KathrjTi Elaine Riedel 
David Kuykendall Worgan 
Eleanor Jayne Bradley 
Lydia Frances Ewing 
Clara Gale Goldbeck 
Molly B. Tulin 
Frank I. Davis, Jr. 

Second Honors 
George C. Evering 
Patricia Ann Royster 
Harriet Mildred Sandman 
Ruth Estelle Evans 
Charles Fernand Ksanda 
Marjorie Elizabeth Hall 
Orr Esrey Reynolds 
Warren Daniel Brill 
Edith Ann Christensen 
Daniel Julius Harwood 
Barbara Ann Richmond 
Martha Putnam Meriam 
Irving Madorsky 



Candidates will be presented by Dean W. M. Stevens 

Bachelor of Scionca 

Andrew Taylor Altmann _ D. C. 

Bert Winfried Anspon, Jr - D. C. 

Bernard Lewis Aymold, Jr Maryland 

Charles Mitchell Barr Maryland 

Caroline Louise Barry _ D. C. 

John Edgar Boice, Jr D. C 

Alan Thomas Bradley Virginia 

Robert Burke _ Maryland 

Robert Bailey Burns. Maryland 

Frank V/illiams Carey, Jr Maryland 

Edmond Thayer Chandler Maryland 

John Joseph Clunk..... Maryland 

Donald Claude Corridon D. C 

John Alexander Daiker D. C. 

Francis James Detorie D. C. 

Frank Arthur Dwyer, Jr Maryland 

Raphael Kyam Ehrlich ....D. C. 

Herman Ehudin... Maryland 

Mary Louise Engel D. C. 

Ralph Wylie Frey, Jr Maryland 

Guy Gray Gantz, Jr Maryland 

John Brown Gunter, Jr Pennsylvania 

Norman Hal Bimelfarb D. C. 

Raymond Louis Hodges Maryland 

Norman McClave Holzapfel ..Maryland 

William Joseph Hopps Maryland 

Eugene Howard Maryland 

Richard Francis Hutchinson Maryland 

George August Waldemar Jansson, Jr., 


Paul Elmer Jarboe Maryland 

George Overton Kephart Maryland 

John Edwin Lewis, Jr Maryland 

Clarence Marcus Pennsylvania 

John Alexander McConnachie Maryland 

Robert Leonard Moog _ New Jersey 

John L. Mueller Maryland 

J. Leo Mueller, Jr Maryland 

Huyette Beck Oswald _ Maryland 

Franklin Kellogg Peacock Maryland 

Robert Culler Rice 'Maryland 

Jose Cristobal Sanchiz Sanchez Panama 

Robert Warneld Saum Maryland 

Leonard J. Shields _...New Jersey 

Norman Harold Silverman D. C. 

Richard T. Skeen Maryland 

William Benjamin Thurston, III Maryland 

Norman .Donald Tilles Maryland 

Gino Valenti D. C. 

Ernest Gunther Wagner ....Maryland 

David Raymond Weathersbee D. C. 

Raymond Leroy Worthington Connecticut 

Honorable Mention 

First Honors 

Norman Harold Silverman 
Ernest Gunther Wagner 
Leonard J. Shields 
Robert Culler Rice 
Frank Williams Carey, Jr. 

Second Honors 

George Overton Kephart 

Ralph Wylie Frey, Jr. 

George August Waldemar Jansson, Jr. 

Franklin Kellogg Peacock 

Bert Winfried Anspon, Jr. 



Candidates will be presented by Dean Harold Benjamin 

Bachelor of Arts 

Ellen Carr Adams Maryland 

Jack Stealton Bierly Marj^land 

Mildred Virginia Bodine Maryland 

Ethel Mae Broome D. C. 

Philip Burkom Maryland 

William Kenneth Gumming, Jr Maryland 

Mary Lyle Glotfelty Maryland 

Thomas Nelson Haase Maryland 

Marguerite Gardner Hall Maryland 

Helen Beatrice Kalbaugh Maryland 

Reita Margaret Lanahan D. C. 

Frances Naomi Lucas Maryland 

Charles J. R. McClure Maryland 

Marguerite S. Monocrusos Maryland 

Frances Leone Nordwall Maryland 

Ellsworth Bassford Nowell Maryland 

Philomena Osso Maryland 

Jane Claire Owings Maryland 

Lillian Powers New Jersey 

Elizabeth Jeanne Reese D. C. 

Hope Reynolds Maryland 

Mary Julia Pyon Maryland 

Lida Esther Sargeant Maryland 

Rosalind Schwartz New York 

Mary Sgrignoli New Jersey 

Keel Silbert Maryland 

Mildred Virginia Stubbs Maryland 

Maxino Eleanor Trout Maryland 

Helen Isabel Yelton Maryland 

Margaret Catherine Zimmerman Maryland 

Bachelor of Science 

Vivian Elizabeth Applegarth Maryland 

Judson Harry Bell.. Maryland 

Susan Elizabeth Benson Maryland 

Mary Virginia Bolden. Maryland 

Katherine Ogle Boone R^aryland 

Barbara Ellen Boose D. C. 

John Joseph Boyda Maryland 

Basil Melville Burton Maryland 

Isabel Reed Butler Maryland 

Carl Albert Cline, Jr Maryland 

Maidee Elizabeth Coffman .D. C. 

Grace Roberta Copes Maryland 

Ruth Claybrooke Creery Maryland 

David K. Davidson Maryland 

Alice Elinor Deitz Maryland 

Gertrude Carton Denaburg Maryland 

Sister M. Constance Domning Maryland 

Paul Colter Edwards Maryland 

Alice Clara Farrell _ Maryland 

Joseph Norris Galley.. Maryland 

George Hilary Gienger D. C. 

Catherine Eleanor Gilleland Maryland 

Carolyn Barnes Gray Maryland 

Albert N. Greenfield Maryland 

Ruth Souder Gue _ Maryland 

Mary Elizabeth Hill Maryland 

Robert Herman Horn Maryland 

Robert Francis Hurley Maryland 

William Edward Hutzell D. C. 

Hilda Mae Hyatt Maryland 

Ethel May Ivins Maryland 

Charles Jirsa Maryland 

Mildred Betty Krieger _ Maryland 

Hildreth SchafTer Lambert Maryland 

Mary Rebecca Lennon Maryland 

Sol Levin Maryland 

Francis Albert Lewis _ Maryland 

Frederick Charles Maisel, Jr Rlaryland 

Arthur Lee Martin Maryland 

Herbert Geer McCarriar Maryland 

John McDairmant. Maryland 

Janet Marie McFadden Maryland 

Margaret Fay McGuire. Maryland 

Virginia Lee McLuckie Maryland 

Pershing Laurence Mondorfi" Maryland 

Louise Frances Muhlenfeld Maryland 

Joseph Michael Murphy New Jersey 

Jerome L. Nathanson Maryland 

Edward Thomas Naughten D. C. 

Nellie Mae Nordwall Maryland 

Evelyn Jean Ramer _ Maryland 

Marion Rockwood Maryland 

Elizabeth Leota Ross Pvlaryland 

Charles SchifT Maryland 

Wilhelmina Virginia Schmidt Maryland 

Melvin James Schul z Maryland 

Richard William Shaffer...^ Pennsylvania 

Kathleen Eva Shanahan Maryland 

Celia S. Silbert. Maryland 

A-rthur-retta Grayson Smith Maryland 

Herman Alexander Tapper D. C. 

Mary Elizabeth Waters Maryland 

Helen Lucille Willard Maryland 

Paul Yaffe Maryland 

Alice Ruth Zerbola Maryland 

Harrie. Curry Ziegler Maryland 

Honorable Mention 
First Honors 

Mildred Virginia Stubbs 
Mary Lyle Glotfelty 
William Kenneth Gumming, Jr. 
Helen Beatrice Kalbaugh 
Mildred Virginia Bodine 
Isabel Reed Butler 
Frances Naomi Lucas 

Second Honors 

Frederick Charles Maisel, Jr. 
Jack Stealton Bierly 
Carolyn Barnes Gray 
Judson Harry Bell 
Jane Clare Owings 
Paul Yaffe 



Candidates will be presented by Dean S. S. Steinberg 

Bachelor of Science 

John Norman Bauernschmidt. Maryland 

Frank John Blazek Maryland 

William Charles Booze Maryland 

William Bralove, Jr D. C. 

Victor Charles Buhl Maryland 

John Merriken Carter Maryland 

John William Clark, Jr Maryland 

Ralph Frost Crump Maryland 

John Douglas Custer D. C. 

WilHam Myron Darling D. C. 

Louis Rodney Daudt Delaware 

Donald Chatterson Davidson D. C. 

George Walter Dorr D. C. 

Hugh Gifford Downs, Jr Maryland 

Howard Conrad Filbert, Jr Maryland 

James Robert Finton. D. C. 

WilHam Francis Gannon Maryland 

Francis Warner Glaze, Jr Maryland 

Vaden Jones Haddaway, Jr Maryland 

Thomas Addison Hall D. C. 

Robert Brooks Harmon Maryland 

Lawrence Howard Haskin, Jr Maryland 

Samuel Earl Hatchett D. C. 

Edward Carroll Hawkins Maryland 

Frederic Maxcy Hewitt Maryland 

Lawrence Judson Hodgins, Jr Maryland 

Junius Oscar Hutton Maryland 

Alden Elon Imus Maryland 

Willard Cecillius Jensen D. C. 

Holly Martin Keller, Jr Maryland 

Henry Frankland Kimball, Jr D. C. 

James Michael Lanigan, Jr ..D. C. 

Robert Wyune Laughead Maryland 

John Chesley Marzolf _ D. C. 

Robert Douglas Mattingly Maryland 

Arthur Charles Mehring Maryland 

Carl William Meyer Maryland 

Daniel Thomas O'Connell D. C. 

Donald Spoerer Onnen Maryland 

John Marvin Powell Maryland 

William Rimmer Maryland 

Ernest Clifford Saltzman, Jr D. C. 

Paul Otto Seveioak D. C. 

Charles Anton Shivoder, Jr. Maryland 

Stanley Herbert Smith, Jr D. C. 

Samuel Cloke Streep Maryland 

Walter Hart Suter, Jr Maryland 

Turner Grafton Timberlake Maryland 

Thomas Eugene Watson, Jr D. C. 

Lawrence LeRoy Wilson Maryland 

Fred Lee Witherspoon, Jr Maryland 

John Frederick Worden Maryland 

Charles Mell Young D. C. 

Honorable Mention 

First Honors 

Howard Conrad Filbert, Jr. 
John Chesley Marzolf 
Victor Charles Buhl 
Frank John Blazek 
Arthur Charles Mehring 
Lawrence Howard Haskin, Jr. 

Second Honors 

Thomas Eugene Watson, Jr. 
John Merriken Carter 
Alden Elon Imus 
Lawrence Judson Hodgins, Jr. 
Donald Spoerer Onnen 


Candidates will be presented by Dean M. Marie Mount 

Bachelor of Science 

Muriel Etta Anderson D. C. 

Helen Scott Black Maryland 

Helen Edith BondareflF D. C. 

Emma Lydia Boss D. C. 

Lillian Elizabeth Brookens Maryland 

Mary Frances Buckler Maryland 

Alice Kathryn Burkins Maryland 

Mary Helen Cook D. C. 

Norma Lurene Cornnell D. C. 

Barbara Jean Davis Maryland 

Dorothy Marie Davns D. C. 

M. Adele Dixon Maryland 

Milbrey Alice Downey Maryland 

Mar^erite Chaffin Dunlap D. C. 

Bernice Jones Maryland 

Lydia Inez Lewis Maryland 

Margaret Thomson Loar Maryland 

Mary Elizabeth Lung Maryland 

Earla Ball Marshall Maryland 

Catherine Honore McCarron D. C. 

Emma M. Mike D. C. 

Dorothy Nellis Maryland 

Elizabeth Wilson Owens Maryland 

Patricia May Pierce D. C. 

Mary Elizabeth Powers Maryland 

Daphne Reynolds D. C. 

Jeanne Madelaine Santamarie Pennsylvania 

Doris Elizabeth Schutrumpf D. C. 

Margaret Ellen Seiter Maryland 

Lelia Mable Simpson Maryland 

Mary Angeline Skidmore Maryland 

Ruby Elizabeth Soper D. C. 

Elizabeth L. Stephenson Maryland 

Bernice Stevenson Maryland 

Isabelle Irene Tomberlin Maryland 

Eileen Clare Upson Maryland 

Marcia Mary Vorkoeper D. C. 

Evelyn Nadine Watson Maryland 

Mary Eloise Webb Maryland 

Ruth Rosina Wegman Maryland 

Margaret Weil Virginia 

Helen Edythe Williams Maryland 

Honorable Mention 

First Honors 

Bernice Stevenson 

Mary Helen Cook 

Doris Elizabeth Schutrumpf 

Dorothy Marie Davis 

Second Honors 

Jeanne Madelaine Santamarie 
Daphne Reynolds 
Margaret Weil 


Candidates will be presented by Miss Annie Crighton, Superintendent of Nurses 

Graduate in Nursing 

Ruth Ella Almony Maryland 

Charlotte Sue BarkdoU Maryland 

Ruth Ferrell Chesson Virginia 

Elizabeth Stella Clarke D. C. 

Margaret Bernice Edmundson, North Carolina 

Flora Elizabeth Evans Maryland 

Mildred Elizabeth Foster Maryland 

Nell Urbanna Hammer Maryland 

Phyllis Jeanne Heintz ._ Pennsylvania 

Mary Ellen Higgins Florida 

Thelma Madge Jones Virginia 

Rebekah Spencer Lightbourne, North Carolina 

Judy Liles North Carolina 

Charlotte Lee Matthews Virginia 

Catherine Lorraine Neel „. Marjdand 

Anna Janet Parker Maryland 

Margaret Lois Reynolds Virginia 

Helen F. Rice Maryland 

M\Ta Mae Sample JNorth Carolina 

Mary Catherine Scholl Delaware 

Etta Mae Shaver Maryland 

Edna Virgie Simmons Virginia 

Frances Jane Stanley ^Pennsylvania 

Martha Charlene Wilson West Virginia 

Philena Sue Wilson West Virginia 

Elizabeth Louise Wolfe Virginia 

Mary Grace Yates West Virginia 

Carolyn Doris Zeller Maryland 



The Janet Hale Memorial Scholarship, given by the University of Maryland Nurses' 
Alumnae Association, to pursue a course in administration, supervisory, or public health 
work at Teachers College, Columbia University, to the student having the highest average in 
scholarship Elizabeth Louise Wolfe 

The Elizabeth Collins Lee Prize to the student having the second highest average in 
scholarship Nell Urbanna Hammer 

The Mrs. John L. Whitehurst Prize for the highest average in executive ability 

Carolyn Doris Zeller 

The Edwin and Leander M. Zimmerman Prize for practical nursing and for displaying 
the greatest interest and sympathy for the patients Carolyn Doris Zeller 

The University of Maryland Nurses' Alumnae Association Fin, and Membership in the 
Association, for practical nursing and executive ability Charlotte Lee Matthews 



John Norman Bauernschmidt 
James Monroe Beattie 
William Kendig Brendle 
Elmer Francis Bright 
James Bradford Burnside 
Jack Foster Cherry 
Richard Alvan Clark 
Carl Albert Cline, Jr. 
John Lynwood Crone 
Ralph Frost Crump 
John Douglas Custer 
Hugh Giflord Downs, Jr. 
David George Drawbaugh, Jr. 
Frank Arthur Dwyer, Jr. 
James Robert Finton 
William Francis Gannon 
Francis Warner Glaze, Jr. 
John Francis Greenip 
Robert Ashby Groves, Jr. 
Vaden Jones Haddaway, Jr. 
Daniel Julius Harwood 
Elliott Brooke Harwood 
Lawrence Howard Easkin, Jr. 
Thomas Eldon Hitch 
Lawrence Judson Hodgins, Jr. 
Arthur Warren Max Horn 
Alden Elon Imus 
William Purnell Johnson 
Nelson Riede Jones 
Bobby Lee Jones 
David Cleveland Kelly, Jr. 
Edward Melvin Lloyd 
Frederick Charles Maisel, Jr. 
Donald Powell Marshall 

John Chesley Marzolf 
Richard Charles McDevitt 
Vv^illiam Edwin McMahon, II 
John Leonard Meakin 
Norman Albert Miller, Jr. 
Allen Vogel Minion 
Donald Spoerer Onnen 
Michael Pennella 
John Marvin Powell 
Joseph Howard Randall 
Robert DuBois Rappleye 
John Gekler Reckord 
Richard Carlton Savage Reid 
Alvin Blair Rice 
Robert Culler Rice 
Henry Jacob Rockstroh 
John Jerome Ryan 
Robert War field vSaum 
Leonard Treherne Schroeder, Jr. 
Paul Otto Sie'i enoi -[.en 
Norman Harold Silverman 
Richard Tinney Skeen 
Samuel Cloke Streep 
William Jack Suit 
Worthington Heaton Talcott 
Herman Alexander Tapper 
Gino Valenti 
Ernest Gunther Wagner 
Charles Wilson Wannan, Jr. 
Thomas Eugene Watson, Jr. 
Jack Edward Weber 
Robert Ramsay Westfall 
Stanley Morris Whalen 


College Park Division 

Elected to Phi Kappa Phi Honorary Society 

Frank John Blazek 

Mildred Virginia Bodine 

Eleanor Jayne Bradley 

Virginia Lombard Brown 

Victor Charles Buhl 

Isabel Reed Butler 

Dorothy Mae Campbell 

Frank Williams Carey, Jr. 

Richard Alvan Clark 

Mary Helen Cook 

Lexey Jane Cragin 

Lee Sharp Crist 

William Kenneth Gumming, Jr. 

Elizabeth Jane Curtis 

Dorothy Marie Davis 

Jorge de Alba 

Ruth Estelle Evans 

Lydia Frances Ewing 

Belmont Greenlee Farley 

Howard Conrad Filbert, Jr. 

Harriet Louise Frush 

Mary Lyle Glotfelty 

Clara Gale Goldbeck 

Lester Philip Guest 

Lawrence Howard Haskin, Jr. 

Helen Beatrice Kalbaugh 

Bertha Katz 

Charles Fernand Ksanda 

Frances Naomi Lucas 
Frederick Charles Maisel, Jr. 
John Chesley Marzolf 
John Alexander McConnachie 
Arthur Charles Mehring 
Nellie Mae Nordwall 
Robert Du Bois Rappleye 
Robert Culler Rice 
Kathryn Elaine Riedel 
Patricia Ann Royster 
John Jerome Ryan 
Harriet Mildred Sandman 
Jeanne Madelaine Santamarie 
Doris Elizabeth Schutrumpf 
Mark Schweizer 
Leonard J. Shields 
Norman Harold Silverman 
Bernice Stevenson 
Carl Kerby Stoddard 
Mildred Virginia Stubbs 
Albert Edward Tepper 
Molly B. Tulin 
George Britton Vogt 
Ernest Gunther Wagner 
John Moss Whitten 
Arthur Paul Wiedemer 
Julia Worth Woodring 
David Kuykendall Worgan 

Citizenship Prize, offered by President H. C. Byrd, Class of 1908, to the member of 
the senior class, who during his collegiate career, has nearest typified the model citizen and 
who has done most for the general advancement of the interests of the University. 

Awarded to John G. Reckord 

Citizenship Prize, offered by Mrs. Albert F. Woods, to the woman member of the senior 
class who, during her collegiate career, has done most for the general advancement of women's 
interests at the University. 

Awarded to Carolyn Barnes Gray 

Silvester Medal for Excellence in Athletics, offered by the Class of 1908, to the man who 
typifies the best in college athletics. 

Awarded to Robert Herman Smith 

Maryland Ring, offered by Charles L. Linhardt to the Maryland man outstanding for 
the year in athletics. 

Awarded to Thomas McCoy Fields 

Mortar Board Cup, offered to the woman member of the senior class who has been in 
attendance at least three full years and who has made the highest scholastic average. 

Awarded to Mildred Virginia Stubbs 

James Douglas Goddard Memorial Medal, offered by his sister, Mrs. Anna K. Goddard 
James to a student from Prince George's County for excellence in scholarship and moral 

Awarded to William Addison Holbrook 


student Medal and Junior Membership, offered by the American Institute of Chemists 
to the member of the senior class who has attained the highest average in chemistry. 

Awarded to Richard Alvan Clark 

Service Award, offered by the Staff of the Office of the Dean of Women, in recognition 
of her outstanding service, of her excellent leadership, of her success in bringing about a closer 
relationship among all women students by fostering activities in which all could participate. 

Awarded to Lida Esther Sargeant 

Sigma Phi Sigma Medal, offered by the Delta Chapter to the man in the freshman class 
who makes the highest scholastic average during the first semester. 

Awarded to Theodore Allison 

Delta Delta Delta Sorority Medal, offered to the sophomore girl who entered the Uni- 
versity of Maryland as a freshman within three years after graduation from high school, and 
who made the highest scholastic average during the first three semesters. 

Awarded to Margaret Susan Clarke 

The Dinah Berman Memorial Medal, offered by her son, Benjamin Berman, to that sopho- 
more who has attained the highest scholastic average of his class in the College of Engineering. 
Awarded to Kenneth Macmillan Uglow, Jr. 

Honor Key, offered by the Class of 1926 of the School of Business Administration of the 
University of Maryland at Baltimore, to the senior student graduating in business administra- 
tion with the highest average for the entire four year course taken at the University of Mary- 

Awarded to Norman Harold Silverman 

Omicron Nu Sorority Medal, offered to the freshman girl in the College of Home Economics 
who makes the highest scholastic average during the first semester. 

Awarded to Irene Florence Zaladonis 

Bernard L. Crozier Award, offered by the Maryland Association of Engineers, to the 
senior in the College of Engineering who, in the opinion of the faculty, has made the greatest 
improvement in scholarship during his stay at the University. 

Awarded to Lawrence J^Judson Hodgins, Jr. 

American Society of Civil Engineers Award, offered by the Maryland Section of the 
American Society of Civil Engineers, to the senior in the Department of Civil Engineering 
who, in the opinion of the faculty of the Department, is the outstanding student in his class. 

Awarded to Lawrence Judson Hodgins, Jr. 

Tau Beta Pi Award, offered by the Maryland Beta Chapter of Tau Beta Pi, to the junior 
in the College of Engineering who, during his sophomore year, has made the greatest im- 
provement in scholarship over that of his freshman year. 

Awarded to Robert Welsh Russell 

Tau Beta Pi, Certificate of Merit, offered by the Maryland Beta Chapter of Tau Beta 
Pi, to the initiate of the Chapter who, in the opinion of the members, has presented the best 
thesis during the year. 

Awarded to Alden Elon Imus 

Alpha Lambda Delta Sorority Award, offered to the senior girl who has maintained the 
highest scholastic average for three and one-half years. 

Awarded to Mildred Virginia Stubbs 

The Charles B. Hale Dramatic Awards, offered to the man and woman members of the 
senior class who have done most for the advancement of dramatics at the University. 

Awarded to Albert Stillman Coleman, Earla Ball Marshall 

Sigma Alpha Omicron Award, offered to the senior student majoring in Bacteriology, 
for high scholarship, character and leadership. 

Awarded to Ruth Estelle Evans 

Hillegeist Memorial Award for excellence in English, offered by Mrs. W. M. Hillegeist 
in memory of her husband. 

Awarded to Molly B. Tulin 

The Diamondback Medals awarded for efficient and faithful service on the student week- 
ly paper. 

Awarded to — Orville Cresap Shirey, Judson Harry Bell, Lola Marguerite Mangum, 
Turner Grafton Timberlake, Mary Ann Griffith, Mary Dawson Henderson, Julia Worth 
Woodring, Carolyn Barnes Gray. 


The Terrapin Medals awarded for efficient and faithful service on the student year book. 

Awarded to — David Okey Johnson, Lida Esther Sargeant, Gerald Eugene Prentice, 
Wilson Gillis Ingraham, Donald Stanton Bierer, John Gilroy Luntz, Eva Buchwald Brooks, 
Mary Elizabeth Powers. 

The Old Line Medals awarded for efficient and faithful service on the student year book. 
Awarded to — Charles Fernand Ksanda, F. Margaret Wallace Scott, George Overton 
Kephart, Walter Joseph Kerwin, Joseph Hilliary White. 

Governor's Cup to the best drilled company. 

Awarded to — Company L, commanded by Cadet Captain David Cleveland Kelly, Jr. 

The Reserve Officers' Association Award to the commander of the winning company. 
Awarded to Cadet Captain David Cleveland Kelly, Jr. 

The Alumni Cup, offered to the best drilled platoon. 

Awarded to — Third Platoon, Company G, commanded by Cadet Lieutenant John Leonard 

Scabbard and Blade Cup, offered to the commander of the best drilled platoon. 
Awarded to Cadet Lieutenant John Leonard Meakin 

The Mahlon N. Haines Trophy, to the winner of the battalion competition. 

Awarded to Cadet Lt. Col. John Chesley Marzolf 

The Military Medal, offered by the Class of 1899, to the member of the battalion who 
proves himself the best drilled soldier. 

Awarded to Cadet William Hamilton Pindell, Jr. 

Pershing Rifles Medals to the members of the best drilled squad. 

Awarded to — Sergeant William Welch Bagby; Cadets Frederick Miller Johnson, Eugene 
Arnold Gough, George Wilson Cairnes, August Ernest Eckels, Jr., Albert George Goldberg, 
John Edward McCarty, Jr., Gail Ray Holmes, Robert Hugh Yeatman, Fred I. Edwards, 
Robert Harold Benson, Robert Barton Willis. 

Medals for First Place in Third Corps Area Intercollegiate Rifle Match. 

Awarded to — Cadets James Atkins Clark, Lawrence Howard Haskin, John Chesley 
Marzolf, Alden Elon Imus, Robert Delafield Rands, Jr., Ulrich Aloysius Geller, Paul Woolever 
Newgarden, Raymond Louis Hodges, Robert Harold Benson, Robert Matthew Rivello. 

National Intercollegiate R. O. T. C. Rifle Match Medals for Fourth Place. 

Awarded to — Cadets Ulrich Aloysius Geller, Raymond Louis Hodges, Alden Elon Imus, 
William Alexander Reith, Paul Woolever Newgarden, Lawrence Howard Haskin, Robert 
Matthew Rivello, James Atkins Clark, Joseph Murray Decker, Robert Delafield Rands, Jr. 

Military Department Gold Medal to Individual Firing High Score on the Varsity Rifle 

Awarded to..- _ „....Cadet Alden Elon Imus 

Military Department Gold Medal to Individual Firing High Score on Freshman Team 
during the year. 

Awarded to Cadet Dorsey Meredith Owmgs 

Col. R. E. WVsor Medals to Individuals Firing High Average Score on the Varsity Rifle 
Team during the year. 

Awarded to— High Average Cadet Alden Elon Imus 

Second High Average Cadet Ulrich Aloysius Geller 

Third High Average Cadet Fletcher Hudson Jones, Jr. 

Col. R. E. Wysor Medals to Individuals Firing High Average Score on the Freshman Rifle 
Team during the year. ,.., ^ • 

Awarded to— High Average Cadet Dorsey Meredith Owmgs 

Second High Average Cadet Joseph Murray Decker 

Third High Average Cadet Clifton Bradford Currm 


Athletic Department Goid Medal to Individual Winning the Mehring Trophy Rifle 

Awarded to Cadet Alden Elon Imus 

Mehring Trophy Rifle Competition Silver Medal to Individual Showing Greatest Im- 
provement During the Year. 

Awarded to Cadet William Alexander Reith 

Medals for Second Place, Championship of the District of Columbia, Marine Corps Rifle 

Awarded to — Cadets Ulrich Aloysius Geller (Second High Individual), Robert Wynne 
Laughead (Third High Individual), Willard Cecillius Jensen, Alden Elon Imus, Paul Woolever 

A Felt Shield to be Worn on the Left Cuff of the Uniform Coat to the Members of the 
R. O. T. C. Rifle Team and the Managers for Rifle. 

Awarded to — Cadets James Atkins Clark, Lawrence Howard Haskin, John Chesley 
Marzolf, Alden Elon Imus, Robert Delafield Rands, Jr., Ulrich Aloysius Geller, Paul Wool- 
ever Newgarden, Raymond Louis Hodges, Robert Harold Benson, Robert Matthew Rivello, 
Frank Gilbert Carpenter, Guy Howard Goodman, Jr., William Alexander Reith, Dorsey 
Meredith Owings, Joseph Murray Decker, John Francis Conlon, Stanley Morris Whalen, 
Lacy Hall, Clifton Bradford Currin. 

Trophy offered by Edward Powell to the players who have rendered the greatest service 
to lacrosse during the year. 

Awarded to John L. Mueller 

Trophy offered by Louis W. Berger to outstanding senior in baseball. 

Awarded to William Henry England, Jr.