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iyommencemeni c^ 


University of Mary land 


SATURDAY, MAY 30, 1942 



Thou wilt not cower in the dust, 
Maryland, My Maryland! 
Thy gleaming sword shall never rust 
Maryland, My Maryland! 
Remember Carroll's sacred trust, 
Remember Howard's warlike thrust, 
And all thy slumb'rers with the just, 
Maryland, My Maryland! 

I hear the distant thunder hum, 

Maryland, My Maryland! 

The Old Line bugle, fife and drum, 

Maryland, My Maryland! 

Come to thine own heroic throng. 

That stalks with Liberty along, 

And ring thy dauntless slogan song, 

Maryland, My Maryland! 


My country, 'tis of thee. 

Sweet land of liberty. 

Of thee I sing; 

Land where my fathers died! 

Land of the Pilgrims' pride! 

From ev'ry mountain side 

Let freedom ring! 

Our fathers' God, to thee 

Author of Liberty, 

To thee we sing! 

Long may our land be bright 

With Freedom's holy light; 

Protect us by thy might, 

Great God, our King. 



The University of Maryland Band 
Directed by Sergeant Otto Siebeneichen 

INVOCATION Rabbi Samuel M. Silver 

Director of the B'nai B'rith Hillel Foundation, University of Maryland 

GREETINGS His Excellency, Herbert R. O'Conor, 

Governor of Maryland 

MUSIC— My Maryland Audience 

Directed by Professor Harlan C. Randall 

ADDRESS— "The Absolute in Democracy" 

Right Reverend Monsignor Fulton J. Sheen, 
Professor of Philosophy, The Catholic University of America 

MUSIC— America Audience 


COMMISSIONS, President H. C. Byrd. 


MUSIC— The Star Spangled Banner The University of Maryland Band 

BENEDICTION Rabbi Samuel M. Silver 

RECESSIONAL MARCH— Semper Fidelis Sousa 

The University of Maryland Band 

Incidental Music Played by Mr. Lee Potter on the Hammond Organ 

After the exercises the audience will please remain in place until the 
academic procession has left the Coliseum. 



FULTON JOHN SHEEN, Doctor of Letters 

FORREST EUGENE RICKETTS, Doctor of Engineering 







Candidates will be presented by Dean C. O. Appleman 

Doctor of Philosophy 

Harry Davis Anspon Pennsylvania 

Willis Harford Baldwin Maryland 

William Henry Brittingham Virginia 

Aurelius Franklin Chapman Georgia 

Gordon Frederick Dittmar Maryland 

Theodore Thomas Dittrich Maryland 

Felix Frederick Ehrich New York 

Carroll Pross Foster Maryland 

Albert Barney Godfrey Maryland 

Wilson Clark Grant Maryland 

Samuel Grober New York 

George Philip Hager Maryland 

Alfred Damon Hoadley Maryland 

Robert Edwin Jones Ohio 

Carl Williams Kelley Maryland 

Amihud Kramer Maryland 

Paul Charles Marth Maryland 

Bernard Patrick McNamara Maryland 

Helen Broughall Metcalf Maryland 

J. Victor Monke Maryland 

Selmer Wilfred Peterson Minnesota 

Elwood Clifton Pierce Ohio 

August Raspet Maryland 

Maurice Monroe Rath New Jersey 

Lisette Riggs D. C. 

Max Rubin New Jersey 

Vladimir G. Shutak Maryland 

Richard Corley Tollefson Maryland 

Phillip Jerome Wingate Maryland 

John Paul Wintermoyer Maryland 


Margaret Brereton Missouri 

William Druz Maryland 

Marian Grace Eyler Maryland 

Addie James Howard Maryland 

David Spergin Jenkins Maryland 

James Buckner Massey, Jr Maryland 

Floyd Alfred Myrick Maryland 

of Arts 

Russell Bradley Rice Maryland 

S. Samuel Selsky Maryland 

Florence Louise Spicknall Maryland 

Viola Buhrow Stargel Maryland 

Wilton Roy Todd Maryland 

Wilma Louise Watkins Maryland 

Master of Science 

George Stanley Abshier Indiana 

Fred Frank Bartel Maryland 

Jessica Trussell Biddle North Carolina 

Franklin Anderson Bolth Maryland 

James Franklin Brownell D. C. 

Hilde Marie Christensen D. C. 

Joseph William Cotter D. C. 

Lewis Eugene Cronin Maryland 

Thomas Joseph Davies California 

Virginia Elizabeth Davis Virginia 

Herbert William Everhart West Virginia 

Ellen Hepburn Gray Maryland 

Ralph Curtis Hammer Maryland 

W. J. Haney Maryland 

Richard K. Lynt, Jr D. C. 

Marvin Richard McClung West Virginia 

John Stephen Nowotarski Maryland 

James Burton Outhouse Maryland 

Betty Runner D. C. 

Robert Simonoff Maryland 

Wilson Levering Smith, Jr Maryland 

Robert Nielsen Stewart South Dakota 

Richard Edward Tiller D. C. 

Arthur Woodward Warner, Jr Pennsylvania 

Martin N. Winbury New York 

Frederick Bernhard Winkler Maryland 

Master of Education 

Katherine B. Baroniak D. C. 

Jack Stealton Bierly Maryland 

George Francis Carrington Maryland 

Judith V. Colon — Yordan Puerto Rico 

Marie Denecke Maryland 

Catherine Mehegan Doyle D. C. 

W. L. Edwards Virginia 

William Cacy Feddeman D. C. 

Inez Ellen Flanagan Maryland 

Ruth Bell Hall Maryland 

Clarabeth Joy Holt Oklahoma 

William John Hucksoll Maryland 

Raquel M. Landron Maryland 

Henry Franklin Lehr Maryland 

Rebekah Liebman Virginia 

Edward LeRoy Longley Maryland 

Bessie Arterburn Rich Maryland 

Mary Emily Margaret Smith Maryland 

Phyllis Larue Kemp Sommerfield Maryland 

Edward Guy Stapleton Maryland 

Carrie Orilla Sutton D. C. 

Dorothy Oliver Young Maryland 


Candidates will be presented by Acting Dean H. Boyd Wylie 

Doctor of Medicine 

William Alstrom Ahroon Maryland 

David Bacharach, Jr Maryland 

Earl Rudolph Baldwin, Jr North Carolina 

Robert Amthor Barthel, Jr Maryland 

Morton Edward Bassan Maryland 

Van Boring Bennett North Carolina 

Joseph Gordon Bird Maryland 

Francis Dorsey Thomas Bowen Maryland 

Alexander Emmanuil Brodsky Maryland 

William Luther Byerly, Jr South Carolina 

Richard Alexius Carey Maryland 

Harry Franklin Coflfmanll West Virginia 

Frank Concilus Pennsylvania 

Sybil Corbett Florida 

Matthew Mordica Cox Maryland 

Warren Eugene Crane New Jersey 

William Ward Currence West Virginia 

Thomas Eugene Davies Pennsylvania 

Jose G. Davila Lopez Puerto Rico 

John Russell Davis, Jr West Virginia 

Newland Edward Day Maryland 

Karl Anton Dillinger West Virginia 

Philip Lafayette Dixon, Jr North Carolina 

Richard Cushing File Illinois 

John Howard Franz Maryland 

Marion Friedman Maryland 

Jose R. Fuertes Puerto Rico 

Joseph Charles Furnari Pennsylvania 

Jewett Goldsmith Maryland 

Arthur Edward Gramse Massachusetts 

Exie Mildred Gregory West Virginia 

Morton L. Hamburger Maryland 

Prevost Hubbard, Jr New York 

Albert Lester Ingram, Jr Delaware 

Robert Clark Irwin New Jersey 

Hansford Fred Johnson Georgia 

Everett Davis Jones Maryland 

Theodore Kardash Maryland 

Joseph Francis Keeley, Jr Connecticut 

Robert Allan Kiefer Maryland 

Stanley Benedict Klijanowicz Maryland 

Lawrence Jacob Koleshko Connecticut 

Martin William Krepp, Jr Maryland 

John Gregory Kroll Pennsylvania 

Paul Charles Kundahl Maryland 

Etta Carolyn Link Maryland 

Robert Hamilton Longwell Pennsylvania 

Irving Robert Lowitz Maryland 

Louis Ottone Joseph Manganiello, Connecticut 

Frank Sebastian Marino Connecticut 

Robert Mazer Maryland 

James Nathaniel McCosh, Jr Maryland 

Malcolm Thomas McGoogan, Jr Georgia 

John James Meli Pennsylvania 

Edgar Allen Miller, Jr Pennsylvania 

Robert Abram Moses Maryland 

George Roy Mullins, Jr West Virginia 

Caesar Francis Orofino New York 

John Carlton Osborne Maryland 

Patrick C. Phelan, Jr., Maryland 

Otto Charles Phillips Maryland 

Dale Morton Posey Pennsylvania 

William Thomas Riaby North Carolina 

Edward Peyton Ritchings Maryland 

John David Rosin Maryland 

Anthony Peter Rousos New York 

Henry Harrison Sadler, Jr Maryland 

Wallace Hyman Sadowsky Maryland 

Isadore Sborofsky Maryland 

Mary Louise Lyons SchoU Ohio 

Joseph Whiddon Scott Florida 

William Jeflfress Senter North Carolina 

Edgar Roderick Shipley Maryland 

Maurice Isaac Shub Maryland 

Louis Harry Shuman Maryland 

James George Stegmaier Maryland 

Andrew James Summa New York 

Francis James Townsend, Jr Maryland 

Francis Willoughby Traynor Maryland 

Joseph Wallace, Jr Pennsylvania 

Charles Monroe Ward West Virginia 

Charles Herman Williams Maryland 

Edgar Percival Williamson, II Maryland 

Edv/in Andrew Zepp West Virginia 

Loy Miller Zimmerman Maryland 


University Prize Gold Medal 
Joseph Whiddon Scott 

Certificates of Honor 

Alexander Emmanuil Brodsky 
Patrick C. Phelan, Jr. 

Anthony Peter Rousos 

Joseph Gordon Bird 
Etta Carolyn Link 

The Dr. A. Bradley Gaither Memorial prize of $25.00 for the best work in genito-urinary surgery during 
the senior year Otto Charles Phillips 


Candidates will be presented by Dean J. Ben Robinson 
Doctor of Dental Surgery 

William Albert Aldridge Maryland 

Andrew James Amatrudo Connecticut 

Clifford Frederic Askins New York 

Alexander Nathaniel Berman New York 

Stanley Gerald Biega Connecticut 

Daniel Bixby New York 

Peter Jeremiah Coccaro New Jersey 

Sylvan Phillip Cohen Maryland 

Woodrow Wilson Corder West Virginia 

Joseph Thomas Coroso, Jr Connecticut 

James T. Criss West Virginia 

Paul Deneroff New York 

Paul Maroni Edwards Maryland 

Morris Eilenberg New York 

Stanley Entelis New York 

Stewart Everson D. C. 

Charles Gibel New York 

Richard Harold Goldstein West Virginia 

Ezra Ben Ami Gratz New York 

Bernard Helitzer New York 

Alan H. Herman New Jersey 

Arthur Herschaft New York 

Seymour George Hyman New Jersey 

Isador Gilbert Katz New York 

Samuel Leonidas King West Virginia 

Irvin Oscar Kolman New Jersey 

Seymour Koppelman New York 

Henry Robert Lasch, Jr Connecticut 

Algert Peter Lazauskas Maryland 

Jason Russell Lewis Rhode Island 

LawTence Lichtenstein New York 

Ricardo Martinelli Panama 

Victor William Mintz New Jersey 

Jorge Eugenio Muiioz Vecchini Puerto Rico 

Louis Leo Murzin Pennsylvania 

Norman Richard Nathanson Massachusetts 

Murray Nussbaum New York 

Raymond Thomas Ouellette... Massachusetts 

Arthur Anthony Pecoraro New Jersey 

Julius Benjamin Powell North Carolina 

David Samuel Rakosky Connecticut 

Chester Biierck Ralph New Jer?ey 

Mario Felix Ramirez Acosta Puerto Rico 

Joseph Ralph Reynolds Rhode Island 

Sidney Rogoff New Jersey 

David Marshall Salutsky New York 

Alvin Henry Savage Maryland 

Harold Schwartz New York 

Glenn Daniel Steele Delaware 

Chester Jerome Stoopack New York 

Joseph Michael Tighe Maryland 

Lewis Cole Toomey Maryland 

Rosalind Irene Toubman Connecticut 

Donald Hovis Towson Maryland 

Edwin Beard Waltman Ohio 

Howard Felix Watsky New York 

Earle Harris Watson North Carolina 

Hans Ernest Weise New Jersey 

Howard G. Weiss New York 

John Thomas Wieland Maryland 

Roger Elwood Williams Virginia 

Riley Seth W^illiamson, Jr Maryland 


University Gold Medal for Scholarship Riley Seth Williamson, Jr. 

Certificates of Honor 

Donald Hovis Towson Stewart Everson Lewis Cole Toomey 

Samuel Leonidas King Harold Schwartz 


Candidates will be presented by Dean Roger Howell 

Bachelor of Laws 

Thomas Carlyle Carrico Maryland 

♦Richard Werber Case Maryland 

John Thomas Clark, Jr Maryland 

Albert Patterson Close Maryland 

William Paul Frisco Maryland 

Edwin Anthony Gehring Maryland 

Alberto Gerardino-Villanueva Puerto Rico 

Louis Click Maryland 

♦Joseph Harold Grady Maryland 

Harry Lindley Grubbs, Jr Maryland 

William Gulbransen Maryland 

Frank Lloyd Hammond Maryland 

Frances Neflf Harris Maryland 

Samuel Milton Ivrey Maryland 

Earle Leonard Kassirer New York 

*William Woodrow Mahoney Maryland 

Marvin Mandel Maryland 

Homer Lerch Miller Maryland 

♦William Bruce Oswald Maryland 

Maurice Judson Page Maryland 

Edward Bernard Reddy Maryland 

Vaughn Edward Richardson Maryland 

♦John Reitz Royster Indiana 

Milton Herman Franklin Saul Maryland 

William Armiger Skeen Maryland 

John Lee Smith, Jr Maryland 

Harold Solomon Maryland 

Arthur E. Tarantino Maryland 

Albert Edward Weir Maryland 

Meredith Richardson Wilson Maryland 

Clark Thompson Wisotzki Maryland 

* With Honor. 


Elected to the Order of the Coif 

Richard Werber Case Joseph Harold Grady 

William Woodrow Mahoney 

Alumni prize for the best argument in the Honor Case in the Practice Court, 

Richard Werber Case 
George 0. Blome prizes to representatives on the Honor Case in the Practice Court. 

Richard Werber Case 
Louis Click 

Marvin Mandel 
Edward Bernard Reddy 


Candidates will be presented by Dean Andrew G. DuMez 
Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy 

Elmar Bernard Berngartt Maryland 

Sidney Gary Clyman Maryland 

John Michael DeBoy Maryland 

Milton Stanley Getka Maryland 

Milton Goldberg Maryland 

Alice Emily Harrison Maryland 

Alfred Marion Jankiewicz Maryland 

Sidney Raymond Klavens Maryland 

Elmer Wilson Nollau Maryland 

Stephen Panamarow Maryland 

Sherman David Pritzker Maryland 

Milton Reisch Maryland 

Sidney Sacks Maryland 

Melvin Shochet Maryland 

Sidney Smulovitz Maryland 

Warren Eldred Weaver Maryland 

Eugene Clayton Weinbach Maryland 

Wilson Monroe Whaley, Jr Maryland 

School of Pharmacy 

Gold Medals for General Excellence 

Warren Eldred Weaver 
Wilson Monroe Whaley, Jr. 

The William Simon Memorial Prize for Proficiency in Practical Chemistry... Wilson Monroe Whaley, Jr. 

The L. S. Williams Practical Pharmacy Prize Warren Eldred Weaver 

The Conrad L. Wich Botany and Pharmacognosy Prize Milton Reisch 

Milton Reisch 

Certificates of Honor 

Sidney Gary Clyman 


Alice Emily Harrison 


Candidates will be presented by Assistant Dean H. F. Cotterman 

Bachelor of Science 

*Frank Lawrence Bentz, Jr Maryland 

William Wilson Boyer Maryland 

Melvin James Bradley Maryland 

Donald James Brauner Maryland 

James Edgar Bryan, Jr Maryland 

John Daniel Cooley, Jr Maryland 

Joseph Crane Cox Maryland 

William Winston Day Maryland 

Rudolph Graham Degen Maryland 

Marshall Hardcastle Downes Maryland 

Harold Preston Dunster, Jr Maryland 

Robert Hobart Edwards Maryland 

James Daniel Eisenberger Maryland 

Howard Edward Elliott, Jr Maryland 

Matthew Franklin Ellmore Virginia 

Chester Gaitley Ernst Maryland 

Paul Allen Finney Delaware 

*Thomas Crawford Galbreath Maryland 

William Burroughs Groome Maryland 

*Joseph Lane Gude Maryland 

Edward Wright Harcum Maryland 

Robert William Heslop Maryland 

J. Boone Jarrell, Jr Maryland 

Richard Lloyd Jenkins, Jr Maryland 

Joseph Woodrow Jones Maryland 

*Charles Richard Jubb, Jr Maryland 

Elmer Cecil Keller Maryland 

Roland Edwin King Maryland 

Harold Paul Klahold Maryland 

Conrad H. Liden Maryland 

Mehrl Foye Mayne Maryland 

*WiIliam Alan McGregor, Jr Maryland 

Robert Hicks McKay Maryland 

George Gibson Meredith Maryland 

Sheldon Michaels New York 

William Ward Miles Maryland 

Merl D. Myers Maryland 

David Edward Northam Maryland 

James Grafton Osborn Maryland 

Mary Roberts Patrick Maryland 

Carlton Harvey Porter Maryland 

*Frank Sam Reid Maryland 

Donald Bondy Rose Maryland 

Mary Frances Ryon Indiana 

Jacob Calvin Siegrist Maryland 

Charles Harold Smelser, Jr Maryland 

Ernest Edward Smith Maryland 

Verlin William Smith Maryland 

John Jones Smoot Maryland 

Marvin Bernard Solomon Maryland 

Clifford Vernon Sparrow, Jr D. C. 

*Robert Edward Stalcup Maryland 

Leslie Wayne Teller, Jr Maryland 

*Hugh McKelden Walton D. C. 

Maurice Clagett Ward Maryland 

John Schell Wehrle Pennsylvania 

*Mordecai Gist Welling Maryland 

Roscoe Newton Whipp Maryland 

Diplomas will be awarded with commissions. 

Honorable Mention 

First Honors 

Merl D. Myers 
Robert Hicks McKay 
Jacob Calvin Siegrist 
Roscoe Newton Whipp 
Frank Lawrence Bentz, Jr. 
Matthew Franklin Ellmore 

Second Honors 

Frank Sam Reid 
Rudolph Graham Degen 
John Daniel Cooley, Jr. 
Marvin Bernard Solomon 
John Jones Smoot 
Melvin James Bradley 


Candidates will^be presented by Dean L. S. Broughton 
Bachelor of Arts 

Carl W. Bacharach Maryland 

Esther Ethel Balton Maryland 

Katharine Ellen Barker D. C. 

Barbara Louise Bartlett D. C. 

Harry Griffith Baugher Maryland 

Randa E. Beener D- C. 

John Francis Benecke New Jersey 

Henry Doterer Blair, Jr Maryland 

Phyllis Juanita Booher Maryland 

Foster Boyd D- C. 

Margaret Brooke Maryland 

Helen Adele Bruns Maryland 

Doris Beryl Bryant New Jersey 

Ruth Elizabeth Catling Maryland 

Elizabeth Ruth Chamberlin Maryland 

Samuel Cohen Maryland 

Milton Steward Cole Maryland 

♦George Robert Cook New York 

Clayton Sherwood Dann D. C. 

Elizabeth Jane Dennis Maryland 

Charlotte Eisele Maryland 

Helen Thomas England Maryland 

Elizabeth Leila Eves Maryland 

Yolanda Lucille Farina New York 

Hariette Esther Feldman Maryland 

Maxwell Boone Fleek Maryland 

Carmela A. Glenn D. C. 

Muriel Gordon ••• D. C. 

*Walter Kingsley Grigg, Jr New York 

Jerome Winston Grollman Maryland 

Doris Ellen Groves Maryland 

Doris Lorraine Hampshire Maryland 

William Jules Handley British Guiana 

LucUe Anne Hanlon Maryland 

James William Hardey, Jr Maryland 

Charles LeRoy Hein Maryland 

Lillian Dorothy Hendrickson New York 

Adelheid Marie Hermann Maryland 

Kathleen Hope Hevener Maryland 

Anne Ghantt Hoen Maryland 

Jane Carter Howard Maryland 

Erma Kathryn Hughes Maryland 

Harry Marshall Hutson Maryland 

Wilson Gillis Ingraham D- C. 

Irving Jacobs New York 

Helen Alice James Maryland 

Wilbur Thompson Jefferys Maryland 

Stuart Lesser Kadison D- C. 

Celeste Hale Karlstad D. C. 

Marie L. L. Kennedy Maryland 

* Walter Joseph Kerwin, Jr Maryland 

Nancy Ridgeway King Maryland 

Carolyn Lacey Maryland 

Richard Hyatt Lansdale, Jr Maryland 

Betty Stansbury Lynch Maryland 

Rosalie Thornton Lyon Maryland 

Valentine Machen D. C. 

Cecil Roscoe Martin Maryland 

Klovia Elizabeth McKennon D. C. 

Anne Cary McKinley D. C. 

Joan Marie Moon Maryland 

Julian George Murphy Maryland 

Walter Lee Neal Maryland 

Eugene Charles Ochsenreiter, Jr Maryland 

Eileen Marguerite O'Neil New Jersey 

Elmire Pearson Maryland 

Katherine Perkins Maryland 

Marjorie H. Pinschmidt Maryland 

Dorothy Podolsky Maryland 

Marvin Morris Polikoff Maryland 

Roy Stuart Ramsey, Jr D. C. 

Hennie Froma Rand Maryland 

Edna Blanche Rayburn Tennessee 

Beverly Jean Reinstedt New York 

Albert Ritzenberg Maryland 

Ann Elizabeth Ryon Indiana 

Alan Louis Sagner Maryland 

Janet Lucille Scott Maryland 

Martha Holland Shelton D. C. 

David Laurence Sheridan New York 

*Orville Cresap Shirey Maryland 

Charles Francis Simms Maryland 

Annarose Catherine Sleeth Maryland 

♦Theodore John Stell D. C. 

Bette Roslyn Stone Maryland 

Frances Isabel Stotler Maryland 

Alice Louise Stribling D. C. 

Janet Eileen Stubbee Minnesota 

Richard Craig Sullivan Maryland 

Morton Field Taylor Maryland 

Norma Louise Thompson Maryland 

Rose Marie Udell Maryland 

Adrian Herman van Huizen Maryland 

Josephine Wilma Weare D. C. 

Robert A. Wiggins — Honors in English, ..D. C. 
Sarah Jemima Yates Virginia 


Bachelor of Science 

Dorothy Anne Aiello Maryland 

Benjamin Amsterdam New Jersey 

Grace Elizabeth Angleberger Maryland 

Stewart Lee Baker, Jr D. C. 

Ruth Workman Baldwin Maryland 

Emilie Margaret Ballard Maryland 

David Fowler Bell, Jr Maryland 

Arturo Benavent, Jr Puerto Rico 

Mary Lillian Boggs Maryland 

Frederick Bertram Brandt D. C. 

William Kendig Brendle Maryland 

Dorothy Gertrude Brosius Maryland 

Shirley Byers Maryland 

Oscar Wilde Camponeschi Maryland 

Celeste Esther Capone Maryland 

Vesta H. Cassedy Maryland 

Elmer Ellsworth Cook, Jr Maryland 

Ralph Fletcher Davis Massachusetts 

Harry Michael Doukas D. C. 

Nancy Jeanne Duby Ohio 

Donald Philips Easter D. C. 

Doris May Etzler Maryland 

Emma Gladys Foster Maryland 

Elizabeth Patricia Frohbose Maryland 

Esther Blanche Garrett Maryland 

*Daniel Leonard Gendason Maryland 

Russell Howard Goff D. C. 

Sol Howard Goodgal Maryland 

Joseph Roy Guj'ther Maryland 

♦Robert Charles Henry Maryland 

Shirley Heyman Maryland 

Harry Edward Hill Maryland 

Julia Lee Hodges Maryland 

♦William Addison Holbrook, Jr Maryland 

Edith Holt D. C. 

Gilmore Hyman New York 

♦Robert Settle Insley Maryland 

Robert William Johnson, Jr Maryland 

Nancy Lee Jones Maryland 

Dan Franklin Keeney Maryland 

Irene E. Kuslovitz Maryland 

Margaret Matilda Logan Maryland 

Henry Wadsworth Moore, Jr D. C. 

John Morton, II Pennsylvania 

John Michael Palese Maryland 

Edgar Thornton Pfeil, Jr Maryland 

♦Edward Hector Price Maryland 

Robert Delafield Rands, Jr D. C. 

Hammond Rau Maryland 

Martha Virginia Repp Maryland 

Imogene Lola Rice Maryland 

Marvin Rudo Maryland 

♦Roy Kennedy Skipton Maryland 

LaRhett Livingston Stuart, Jr Maryland 

Talmadge Stanley Thompson Maryland 

Howard Marshall Trussell New York 

Rebecca Alden Tucker Maryland 

♦Theodore Merriam Vial Maryland 

Edward Walton D. C. 

Joseph Weintraub Maryland 

Arthur Fletchall Woodward Maryland 

William Bruce Yowell, Jr D. C. 

Paul Randall Ziegler Maryland 

Norman Earl Zinberg Maryland 

Diplomas will be awarded with commissions. 

Honorable Mention 

First Honors 

Irene E. Kuslovitz 
Cecil Roscoe Martin 
Edward Hector Price 
Harry Marshall Hutson 
Jerome Winston Grollman 
Katherine Ellen Barker 
William Bruce Yowell, Jr. 
Talmadge Stanley Thompson 
Ann Elizabeth Ryon 
George Robert Cook 
Carolyn Lacey 
Katharine Perkins 
Annarose Catherine Sleeth 
Joseph Roy Guyther 
Sol Howard Goodgal 
Anne Ghantt Hoen 

Second Honors 

Russell Howard Goff 
Margaret Brooke 
Edith Holt 
Samuel Cohen 
Mary Lillian Boggs 
Norma Louise Thompson 
Elizabeth Leila Eves 
Roy Stuart Ramsey, Jr. 
LaRhett Livingston Stuart, Jr. 
Richard Craig Sullivan 
Anne Cary McKinley 
Rosalie Thornton Lyon 
Marvin Rudo 
Rebecca Alden Tucker 
Nancy Jeanne Duby 
Erma Kathryn Hughes 


Candidates will be presented by Dean W. M. 

Bachelor of 

i^^::\-~m:.^:-^-'\. z 

Mar .-i 


.•■.-,--- - - ^ — 

, P. C. 

? Taitee, Jr..... 
vr-.:' -- "' --pha- 


= --.!'- - . 1 "^" 

""' . C . 

«::V:; I ^■::-^::"l^ :^^^ji^ZI 


:.:"t? A:-. :i:v- r ^TMiing. 

'_:-.:. / r \ }£ales 


Nr-. -■^r. ; "-.^rbaway 

JrarJ^: X::h !is Heyer, Jr..... 


- -^ ^■■---■- -■ 

... .. Xew .'f:5r 




>: :-; Roy ManiL .Pennsylvania 

^;- .: 1 r A.- in McCloskey Maryland 

?.;::..:: ':. ::.c-e Meacham Maryland 

"Szmue. '\'ar:ek Moore D. C. 

Robert Thjiaas Moran Maryland 

P. rrert Marsiiall Moseley. Maryland 

2.1 \.:-. Warren Xvlen. Massachusd-tts 

::; .::e.5 Z:i:n Parker D. C. 

^frrrrge Cassiry Pendleton Maryland 

^'.'r.iam Carter Pennington. Mar^'land 

"Samuel L. Pfe5erkom, Jr. Marj-land 

"Gerald Eurene P^enrice Marj'land 

*Ch;-:^5 A-:ri5t P.aiisch, Jr.. Mar.-land 

Elmr: 1 -. ^; Reese. Jr. Marjiand 

}.!::.r; : -_5:::.5jn Reside. Mar^iand 

"rl ■::; --.::r.~er Marj'land 

'/:::: ZtX'-- ?. -eers, TTT Virginia 

a: :- C r : :^ :^.:;lk Mardand 

:■:-:::: ?: ^ eel D. C. 

WL: .- ^:r:^ :. Seltz, D. c. 

Car.:; n z.'.:zs.':t:'z Se\^oII^. Marj'land 

Hiram Kenry Spicer, TTT Maryland 

Edgar Reed TUTon New Jersey 

Albert Eug-ene Vog'el Marj-land 

Frederick Bitzer Walker Marjiand 

Jokn Douglass Wallop, lEL D. C. 

Joseoh HiDean." White Ohio 


Honorable Mention 
Firs: Honors Sec-ond Honors 

.":-:: "-;^r:^ ~;^"- Rcbf- : ?:sn:ev Canee, Jr. 

1-r A:::-- 1 - :: Jcb:: 7 -:.,5S WalloD. Ill 

:.~:i^. '.A::::: 1 A : r^ Rcbr:: :.::ir5nall Moseley 

l::i~ Mr :■.-;■ S;::r:. Ill William Carter Pennington 

i:.r;::.r S:.:.: r. RT;:ir Lovrell Tniscott Keagj" 



Candidates will be presented by Dean Harold Benjamin 

Bachelor of Arts 

Sevier Semmes Baumer Maryland 

Marian Hemmons Bochau Maryland 

Martha Elizabeth Bowling Maryland 

Helen Joan Carnin Maryland 

Shirley Nudd Conner D. C. 

Hiltrude Adelaide Duvall Maryland 

♦Mearle Daniel DuVall Maryland 

Dorothy Maxine Garlitz Maryland 

Joseph Ernest Gerstell Maryland 

Francis Vernon Getty Maryland 

Betty Deloris Hall D. C. 

Dorothea Kathleen Bockover Hamilton 


Esther Handler New York 

Shirley Pfeiffer Herbert New Jersey 

Mary Catherine Kahl Maryland 

Mary Elizabeth Kane Maryland 

Marie Poole Kuehle Maryland 

Vivian Carson Lamm Maryland 

Eurith Linthicum Maynard Maryland 

Caroline McGill Maryland 

Cecil Virginia Myers D. C. 

William Francis Oberle, Jr Maryland 

Mary Dorsey Parlett Maryland 

Mary Virginia Powell Maryland 

Ruth June Ramsdell Virginia 

Morris Roseman Maryland 

Katherine Jean Shea Massachusetts 

Jean E. Stealey Maryland 

Rbbert Benjamin Steele Pennsylvania 

Helen Duer Stephens D. C. 

Catherine Audrey Stewart Maryland 

Sarah Lila Stewart D. C. 

Charlotte Mae Stubbs Maryland 

Charlotte Blake White Maryland 

Dale Bryant Woodburn Maryland 

Bachelor of Science 

Isobel Adkins Maryland 

Hannah M. Struckman Allamong Maryland 

*Isadore Hotsy Alperstein Maryland 

Elsie Francis Amoss Maryland 

Gertrude Mildred Amoss Maryland 

Charles Ralph Anderson Maryland 

Melva Frances Beard Maryland 

Margaret Croswell Bedsworth D. C. 

Gertrude Larman Biggins D. C. 

Athol Byrd Boone Maryland 

Blanche Lucile Bowie Maryland 

Agnes Hayden Carpenter Maryland 

Elias Cohen Maryland 

Helen Louise Crane Maryland 

Mary Carter Dillon D. C. 

Floyd Charles Faulkner Maryland 

*Thomas McCoy Fields Maryland 

Dorothy Helen Foerster D. C. 

Katherine Guinnette Garner Maryland 

Harold Goldstein Maryland 

Helen Casteele Griffin Maryland 

Mildred Elaine Hamilton Maryland 

*Phillip Charles Heath Pennsylvania 

Stella Hutchison Maryland 

Sylvan William Jacobs Pennsylvania 

Marjorie Evelyn Jost Maryland 

Elizabeth Jane Jullien Maryland 

Claire S. Kennedy D. C. 

William Harold Kinlock, III Maryland 

Helena Mathilda Alma Knauer Maryland 

Norma Louise Leonard Maryland 

Eleanor Elizabeth Linthicum D. C. 

Dora Mildred Magaha Maryland 

Robert Louis Main Maryland 

Carroll Ely Markowitz Maryland 

Alice Ray Martin Louisiana 

Mary Josepha McGuigan Maryland 

Dora Malcolm McLuckie Maryland 

*J. Paul McNeil Pennsylvania 

Margaret Reed Meiser Maryland 

Elna Mae Miller Maryland 

Lillian Gertrude Morgan Maryland 

J. Harvey Nichols Maryland 

Carole Novick Maryland 

Harry Austin Peregoy Maryland 

Nina Claflin Piozet Maryland 

George Milford Riggin New Jersey 

*William Thomas Riley, Jr Maryland 

Henry J. Rockstroh Maryland 

Florence Broughton Rost Maryland 

Harriet Miller Schacht Maryland 

* William Harvey Schoenhaar Maryland 

Harold Gerstell Showacre Maryland 

Olivia Kerby Sims Maryland 

*Robert Herman Smith, Jr New Jersey 

Helen Kuhn Sperry Maryland 

Ruth Hammond Staley Maryland 

Henry Norman Steckler Maryland 

Catherine E. Stiles Maryland 

Ruth Faye Surosky Maryland 

Effie Orra Thomas Maryland 

Jean Campbell Thomas D. C. 

Anna Marie Urquhart Maryland 

Eleanor James Vaughan D. C. 

*James Henry Wharton Maryland 

Aileen Marie Williams Maryland 

Josephine Eleanora Wilson Maryland 

Ann Oldham Wolf Maryland 

Margaret Estelle Wolfinger Maryland 

Doris Wood Pennsylvania 

Millicent-Xois Yamin Maryland 

* Diplomas will be awarded with commissions. 


Honorable Mention 

First Honors 

Charlotte Mae Stubbs 
Isobel Adkins 
Martha Elizabeth Bowling 
Helen Duer Stephens 
Cecil Virginia Myers 
Charlotte Blake White 
Olivia Kerby Sims 
Josephine Eleanora Wilson 
Francis Vernon Getty 
Morris Roseman 

Second Honors 

Effie Orra Thomas 
Joseph Ernest Gerstell 
Betty Deloris Hall 
Mary Carter Dillon 
Doris Wood 
Caroline McGill 
Sevier Semmes Baumer 
Elias Cohen 
Catherine Audrey Stewart 


Candidates will be presented by Dean S. S. Steinberg 

Bachelor of Science 

Robert Drury Baldwin Maryland 

Jack Ralph Barrett Maryland 

Hyman Alexander Berg Maryland 

Joseph Hendricks Bilbrey, Jr Maryland 

George William Bollinger Maryland 

*Rodney Leonard Boyer Maryland 

Robert August Brand, Jr D. C. 

*Frank Gilbert Carpenter Maryland 

John Edward Cordyack Maryland 

*John Francis Curtin, Jr Maryland 

*Harold Elwood Earp, Jr D. C. 

John M. Eberhart Maryland 

Thomas Renwick Finlayson Maryland 

Elmer Leroy Freemire Maryland 

Paul Diehl Freeze Maryland 

Gurney Lindale Godwin Maryland 

William McLean Graham, Jr Maryland 

Robert Edward Greene Maryland 

Robert Ashby Groves, Jr Maryland 

Stuart Haywood Maryland 

*Jeremiah Collins Hege D. C. 

Reginald Kenning Hoddinott, Jr Maryland 

Page Fillmore Hopkins Maryland 

John LeRoy Hutchinson Maryland 

Bernard Bertram Klawans Maryland 

Howard Joseph Klug D. C. 

Philip Elledge Kurz Maryland 

John Lopata Maryland 

*James Edwin Malcolm Maryland 

Richard White McCusker Maryland 

Benjamin Morris Owens Maryland 

Ernest Herbert Peterson Maryland 

Weldon Newton Rawley, Jr Maryland 

William Marshall Redd, Jr Maryland 

Elijah Rinehart, Jr Maryland 

Thomas McDowell Rives, Jr D. C. 

Samuel Thomas Robertson, Jr Maryland 

*Robert Welsh Russell Maryland 

Francis Robert Schmidt D. C. 

Irwin Joseph Schumacher D. C. 

Robert Wellington Searls Maryland 

Fred Shulman D. C. 

*Joseph Alvin Sirkis D. C. 

John Franklin Stevens, III Maryland 

♦William Reeves Tilley Maryland 

Vahl Elbert Underwood D. C. 

*Arthur Howard Valentine Maryland 

♦George Lawrence Wannall Maryland 

Norwood Reeves Warehime Maryland 

Edward Webster D. C. 

Robert Ramsay Westfall Maryland 

Roland Gilbert White, Jr D. C. 

Donald Herbert Wick Maryland 

John Wright Williams Maryland 

*Thomas Theodore Witkowski Maryland 

* Diplomas will be awarded with commissions. 

Honorable Mention 

First Honors 

Stuart Haywood 
Frank Gilbert Carpenter 
John Edward Cordyack 
Robert Welsh Russell 
Gurney Lindale Godwin 
Benjamin Morris Owens 

Second Honors 

Vahl Elbert Underwood 
James Edwin Malcolm 
Jeremiah Collins Hege 
Arthiu- Howard Valentine 
Thomas McDowell Rives, Jr. 



Candidates will be presented by Dean M. Marie Mount 

Bachelor of Science 

Marjorie Leah Allen Maryland 

Helen Irene Bedell D. C. 

Doris Madeline Clements Maryland 

Adelaide Emma Coe D. C. 

Mary Elizabeth Cole D. C. 

Rebecca Ruth Dashiell Maryland 

Mary Johnston Davidson D. C. 

Alberta Rose Dorsey Maryland 

Erin Ellis D. C. 

Audrey Louise Erickson Maryland 

Alice Katherine Fisk D. C. 

M. Elizabeth Funk Maryland 

Mary Ann Griffith Maryland 

Susan Gusack D. C. 

Jessie Wallace Halstead D. C. 

Edwina Hambleton Maryland 

Eleanor Elizabeth Jenkins Pennsylvania 

Louise Bendette Ladd Maryland 

Mary Bessant Latimer Maryland 

Margaret Alice Lillie Maryland 

Marian Loomis D. C. 

Agnes Louise Marks Maryland 

Doris Helen McFarland Maryland 

Dorothy Ann Medbery D. C. 

Ruth Louise Meehan D. C. 

Mildred Melton Muma Virginia 

Elizabeth Munn Mumma Maryland 

Betsy Anne Myrick Maryland 

Phyllis June Newmaker Maryland 

Jane Elizabeth Page Maryland 

Martha Locke Rainalter Maryland 

Carol Remsberg Maryland 

Elma Louise Staley New York 

Ruth Elaine Stowell Maryland 

Betty Lou Sullivan D. C. 

Margaret Louise Teller Maryland 

Ruth Lee Thompson Maryland 

Catherine May Trundle Maryland 

Edythe M. Turner Maryland 

Elizabeth Louise Tydings D. C. 

Mary Virginia Vaiden Maryland 

Clara Elizabeth Vawter Virginia 

Dorothy Werth D. C. 

Honorable Mention 

First Honors 

M. Elizabeth Funk 
Doris Helen McFarland 
Dorothy Werth 
Ruth Lee Thompson 
Mary Johnston Davidson 

Second Honors 

Mary Bessant Latimer 
Agnes Louise Marks 
Jessie Wallace Halstead 
Alice Katherine Fisk 
Louise Bendette Ladd 


Candidates will be presented by Director Annie Crighton 
Graduate in Nursing 

*Ivy May Albaugh Maryland 

*Anna Doris Alt Maryland 

fGrace Elizabeth Angleberger Maryland 

JEmilie Margaret Ballard Maryland 

Emmett Elizabeth Beach Maryland 

Nancy Mae Black Maryland 

fShirley Byers Maryland 

♦Louise Mason Coard Virginia 

Jean Louise Conrad Maryland 

Helen Pauline Cope North Carolina 

fDoris May Etzler Maryland 

JEmma Gladys Foster Maryland 

Grace Cecilia Frederick Maryland 

fEsther Blanche Garrett Maryland 

tJulia Lee Hodges Maryland 

♦Florence Hubbard Maryland 

fNancy Lee Jones Maryland 

Gladys Maude Leonard Maryland 

fMargaret Matilda Logan Maryland 

♦Marguerite Elizabeth Loock Maryland 

Louise Dukes Magruder Maryland 

Mary Ruth Retry Maryland 

fMartha Virginia Repp Maryland 

Karolyn Gwendolyn Shaffer Maryland 

♦Rachel Louetta Skiles Maryland 

Rosalind Jane Small Maryland 

Anna Penelope Tucker North Carolina 

fRebecca Alden Tucker Maryland 

* In Military Service. 

t Also Receiving Bachelor of Science Degree, College of Arts and Sciences. 




The Janet Hale Memorial Scholarship, given by the University of Maryland Nurses, 
Alumnae Association, to pursue a course in administration supervisory, or public health 
work at Teachers College, Columbia University, to the student having the highest average 
in scholarship Jean Louise Conrad 

The Elizabeth Collins Lee Prize to the student having the second highest average in 
scholarship Helen Pauline Cope 

The Mrs. John L. Whitehurst Prize for the highest average in executive ability 

Jean Louise Conrad 

The Edwin and Leander M. Zimmerman Prize for practical nursing and for displaying 
the greatest interest and sympathy for the patients Anna Penelope Tucker 

The LTniverfity of Maryland Nurses' Alumnae Association Pin and Membership in the 
Association, for practical nursing and executive ability Margaret Matilda Logan 



Candidates will be presented by Colonel Robert E. Wysor, Jr. 

Isadore Hotsy Alperstein 
Taileton Smith Bean, Jr. 
ChaHe? Rawlings Beaumont, Jr. 
Frank Lawrence Bentz, Jr. 
Harry Arthur Boswell 
Rodney Leonard Boyer 
J. C. Bray 

Frank Gilbert Carpenter 
Robert Driscoll Condon 
George Robert Cook 
John Francis Curtin, Jr. 
Robert Lee Dorn 
Bruce Allan Douglas 
Neal Dow, Jr. 
James Edward Dunn 
Mearle Daniel Duvall 
Harold Elwood Earp, Jr. 
John Dechert Eyler, Jr. 
Thomas McCoy Fields 
Theodore Eiswald Fletcher, Jr. 
Thomas Crawford Galbreath 
Daniel Leonard Gendason 
Walter Kingsley Grigg, Jr. 
Joseph Lane Gude 
Robert Dale Hall 
Phillip Charles Heath 
Jeremiah Collins Hege 
Robert Charles Henry 
Fred Carlisle Hicks, Jr. 
William Addison Holbrook, Jr. 
Lloyd Gordon Huggins 
Vincen Joshua Hughes, Jr. 
Paul Breathed Hutson, Jr. 
Robert Settle Insley 
Charles Richard Jubb, Jr. 
Walter Joseph Kerwin, Jr. 
Lawrence MacKenzie 

Donald Richard Magruder 
James Edwin Malcolm 
William Rowland Maslin 
James Elden McFarland, Jr. 
William Alan McGregor, Jr. 
Vernon LeRoy McKinstry 
J. Paul McNeil 
Samuel Varick Moore 
George Cassity Pendleton 
Samuel L. Pfefferkorn, Jr. 
Gerald Eugene Prentice 
Edward Hector Price 
Charles August Rausch, Jr. 
Charles Batchelder Raymond 
Frank Sam Reid 
William Thomas Riley, Jr. 
Harry Rimmer 
Robert Welsh Russell 
William Harvey Schoenhaar 
John Lester Scott 
Orville Cresap Shirey 
Joseph Alvin Sirkis 
Roy Kennedy Skipton 
Robert Herman Smith, Jr. 
Robert Edward Stalcup 
Theodore John Stell 
Louis Martin Tierney 
William Reeves Tilley 
Arthur Howard Valentine 
Warren Francis Vandervoort 
Theodore Merriam Vial 
Hugh McKelden Walton 
George Lawrence Wannall 
Mordecai Gist Welling 
James Henry Wharton 
Thomas Theodore Witkowski 
Robert Raines Ziegele 


College Park Division 

Elected to Phi Eappa Phi Honorary Society 

Isobel Adkins Cecil Virginia Myers 

Katharine Ellen Barker Merl D. Myers 

Fred Frank Bartel Benjamin Morris Owens 

Harry Arthur Boswell Katharine Perkins 

Martha Elizabeth Bowling Edward Hector Price 

Albert Joseph Carry Marjorie Stinson Reside 

George Robert Cook George Bergin Reynard 

John Edward Cordyack Morris Roseman 

M. Elizabeth Funk Robert Welsh Russell 

Francis Vernon Getty Ann Elizabeth Ryon 

Gurney Lindale Godwin Jacob Calvin Siegrist 

Russell Howard Gofif Hiram Henry Spicer, HI 

Sol Howard Goodgal Helen Duer Stephens 

Jerome Winston Grollman Charlotte Mae Stubbs 

Stuart Haj'^-ood Ruth Lee Thompson 

Anne Ghantt Hoen Edythe M. Turner 

Harry Marshall Hutson Dorothy Werth 

Irene E. Kuslovitz Roscoe Newton Whipp 

Carolyn Lacey Charlotte Blake White 

Cecil Roscoe ^lartin Phillip Jerome Wingate 

Doris Helen McFarland William Bruce Yowell, Jr 
Samuel Varick Moore 

Citizenship Prize, offered by President H. C. Byrd, Class of 1908, to the member of 
the senior class, who during his collegiate career, has rearest typified the model citizen and 
who has done most for the general advancement of the interests of the University. 

Awarded to William Addison Holbrook 

Citizenship Prize, offered by Mrs. Albert F. Woods, to the woman member of the senior 
class who, during her collegiate career, has done most for the general advancement of women's 
interests at the University. 

Awarded to Ruth Lee Thompson 

Silvester Medal for Excellence in Athletics, offered by the Class of 1908, to the man who 
typifies the best in college athletics. 

Awarded to Ralph Mosher Burlin 

Maryland Ring, offered by Charles L. Linhardt to the Maryland man outstanding for 
the year in athletics. 

Awarded to Mearle Daniel DuVall 

Mortar Board Cup, offered to the woman member of the senior class who has been in 
attendance at least three full years and who has made the highest scholastic average. 

Awarded to Charlotte Mae Stubbs 

James Douglas Goddard Memorial Medal, offered by his sister, Mrs. Anna K. Goddard 
James to a student from Prince George's County for excellence in scholarship and moral 

Awarded to Levin Barnett Broughton 


student Medal and Junior Membership, offered by the American Institute of Chemists 
to the member of the senior class who has attained the highest average in chemistry. 

Awarded to Edward Hector Price 

Service Award, offered by the Staff of the Office of the Dean of Women, in recognition of 
her outstanding service, of her excellent leadership, of her success in bringing about a closer 
relationship among all women students by fostering activities in which all could participate. 

Awarded to Mary Virginia Powell 

Sigma Chi Medal, offered by the Gamma Chi Chapter to the man in the freshman class 
who makes the highest scholastic average during the first semester. 

Awarded to Sidney Herman Sachs 

Delta Delta Delta Sorority Medal, offered to the sophomore girl who entered the University 
of Maryland as a freshman within three years after graduation from high school, and who 
made the highest scholastic average during the first three semesters. 

Awarded to Ruth Margaret Blackwell 

The Dinah Berman Memorial Medal, offered by her son, Benjamin Berman, to that 
sophomore who has attained the highest scholajtic average of his class in the College of En- 

Awarded to Felix Joseph Cardegna 

Honor Key, offered by the Class of 1926 of the School of Business Administration of the 
University of Maryland at Baltimore, to the senior student graduating in business administra- 
tion with the highest average for the entire four year course taken at the University of Mary- 

Awarded to Albert Joseph Carry 

Omicron Nu Sorority Medal, offered to the freshman girl in the College of Home Economics 
who makes the highest scholastic average during the first semester. 

Awarded to Mary Alice Spielman 

Bernard L. Crozier Award, offered by the Maryland Association of Engineers, to the senior 
in the College of Engineering who, in the opinion of the faculty, has made the greatest improve- 
ment in scholarship during his stay at the University. 

Awarded to Thomas McDowell Rives, Jr. 

American Society of Civil Engineers Award, offered by the Maryland Section of the 
American Society of Civil Engineers, to the senior in the Department of Civil Engineering who, 
in the opinion of the faculty of the Department, is the outstanding student in his class. 

Awarded to Fred Shulman 

Tau Beta Pi Award, offered by the Maryland Beta Chapter of Tau Beta Pi, to the junior 
in the College of Engineering who, during his sophomore year, has made the greatest improve- 
ment in scholarship over that of his freshman year. 

Awarded to Tolbert Harding Konigsberg 

Alpha Lambda Delta Sorority Award, offered to the senior girl who has maintained the 
highest scholastic average for three and one-half years. 

Awarded to Charlotte Mae Stubb?; 


The Charles B. Hale Dramatic Award, offered to the member of the senior class who has 
done most for the advancement of dramatics at the University. 

Awarded to Walter Lee Neal 

Sigma Alpha Omicron Award, offered to the senior student majoring in Bacteriology, 
for high scholarship, character, and leadership. 

Awarded to Irene E, Kuslovitz 

Hillegeist Memorial Award for excellence in English, offered by Mrs. W. M. Hillegeist 
in memory of her husband. 

Awarded to Cecil Roscoe Martin 

The Diamondback Medals awarded for eflBcient and faithful service on the student 
weekly paper. 

Awarded to Marvin Morris Polikoff, Helen Alice James, Alan Louis Sagner, 

Doris Helen McFarland, Paul Breathed Hutson, Jr., Charles Batchelder Raymond, Rosalie 
Thornton Lyon. 

The Terrapin Medals awarded for efficient and faithful service on the student year book. 

Awarded to — Gerald Eugene Prentice, Paul Donathan McCloskey, Ruth Lee Thompson, 
George Cassity Pendleton, Dorothy Anne Aiello, William Rowland Maslin. 

The Old Line Medals awarded for efficient and faithful service on the student quarterly 

Awarded to — John Douglass Wallop, III, Carolyn Lacey, Walter Joseph Kerwin, Jr., 
Neal LeRoy Hathaway, Cecil Roscoe Martin, Norman Edward Hathaway. 

Governor's Cup to the best drilled company. 

Awarded to — Company K, commanded by Cadet Captain Theodore Merriam Vial. 

The Alumni Cup, offered to the best drilled platoon. 

Awarded to — Third Platoon, Company L, commanded by Cadet Second Lieutenant 
Robert Driscoll Condon. 

The Military Medal, offered by the Class of 1899, to the member of the battalion who 
proves himself the best drilled soldier. 

Awarded to Cadet James Polk LaCroLx, Jr. 

Pershing Rifles Medals to the members of the best drilled squad. 

Awarded to — Second Squad, Third Platoon, Company B, Commanded by Cadet Sergeant 
Peter Francis Vial. 

Military Department Gold Medal to Individual Firing High Score on the Varsity Rifle 
Team during the year. 

Awarded to Cadet Llrich Aloysius Geller 

Military Department Gold Medal to Individual firing High Average Score on the Fresh- 
man Rifle Team during the year. 

Awarded to Cadet Stephen Tyree Early, Jr. 


Gold Medal to Individual Winning the Mehring Trophy Rifle Competition. 

Awarded to Cadet Ulrich Aloysius Geller 

Mehring Trophy Rifle Conipetition Silver Medal to Individual Showing Greatest Im- 
provement During the Year. 

Awarded to Cadet Levin Barnett Broughton 

Third Corps Area, William Randolph Hearst Trophy Rifle Match Awards for Second 

Awarded to — Cadets Ulrich Aloysius Geller, Paul Woolever Newgarden, Dorsey Meredith 
wings, Stephen Tyree Early, Jr., Joseph Murray Decker. 

Third Corps Area, William Randolph Hearst Trophy Rifle Match Awards for Third Place. 

Awarded to — Cadets Walter Hammond Wessels, Conrad Hohing, Jr., Robert Matthew 
Rivello, Henry James Greenville, Levin Barnett Broughton. 

National Intercollegiate, Shoulder to Shoulder Rifle Match Bronze Medals for Third 

Awarded to — Cadets Ulrich Aloysius Geller, Paul Woolever Newgarden, Dorsey Meredith 
Owings, Joseph Murray Decker, Robert Delafield Rands, Jr. 

A Felt Shield to be Worn on the Left Cuff of the Uniform Coat to each Member of the 
R. 0. T. C. Rifle Team and each Manager for Rifle. 

Awarded to — Cadets Ulrich Aloysius Geller, Dorsey Meredith Owings, Joseph Murray 
Decker, Robert Delafield Rands, Jr., Paul Woolever Newgarden, George Joseph Newgarden, 
III, Robert Harold Benson, Levin Barnett Broughton, Clifton Bradford Currin, Robert 
Matthew Rivello, Stephen Tyree Early, Jr., Conrad Hohing, Jr., Hilton Lee Carter, Henry 
James Greenville, Walter Hammond Wessels, Vernon LeRoy McKinstry, Bastian Hello. 

Fifth Regimental Drill Meet, National Society of Pershing Rifles Award. 
Awarded to — Company C, University of Maryland. 

Fifth Regimental Rifle Match Trophy, National Society of Pershing Rifles. 
Awarded to — Company C, University of Maryland. 

Trophy offered by Edward Powell to the player who has rendered the greatest service 
to lacrosse during the year. 

Awarded to William Alan McGregor, Jr. 

Trophy offered by Louis W. Berger to outstanding senior in baseball. 

Awarded to James Henry Wharton 

Diamondback Award for the Outstanding Football Player of 194L 

Awarded to Ralph Mosher Burlin 



OCTOBER 2, 1942 






Lee William Adkins 
Paul Earl Sigrist 

Bachelor oi Science 

Joyce Jacquelyn Uthus 

Richard Luther Andrews 
William Henry Badenhoop 
Read Turner Bailey 
Betty Fahrney Beachy 
Oliver Robert Guyther 


Bachelor of Arts 

David Saul Hurwitz 
Delno Edward Ingram 
Marie Marilyn Janof 
Ernest Ray Mattoon 

Bachelor of Science 

Ellsvirorth George Acker 
Gilbert Canter Bowen 
Francis Vernon Burke 
Clarence Ashton Thumm, Jr. 

Dominick Robert Traina 
Raymond Albert Watson 
Harvey O'Niell Webster, Jr. 
Gunther Adolf Werner 

Walter E. Christmas 
Herman Farr Kaiser 

Bachelor of Science 

Alexander S. Rabins 

Bachelor of Science 

Hilda Brandenburg Greene 
Helen Irene King 
Clara Berry Leonard 
Katherine Marshall Leonard 

Ruby Welker Myers 
Margai-et Pow^ell Payne 
Herbert Silver 
Nellie Ida Speicher 

Bachelor of Science 

Richard Harrison Funke, Jr. 

Bachelor of Science 

Phyllis Beilock 

Mary Charlotte Farrington Chaney 

Mary Hilda Gautier 

Marilyn Gene Mason 

Bachelor of Laws 

Joseph Vernon Niemoeller 

Helen Louise McDanicl 
Sylvia Perlstein 



Reverend Edgar W. Beckett 

Honey Dew Melon 

Fried Chicken and Smithfield Ham 


Deviled Crab 

Frosted Peas Golden Bantam Corn 

Parkerhouse Rolls Pv.elish Tray 

Sparkling Amber Salad 

Strawberry Sundae 


Mint Patties Assorted Nuts 


Professor Harlan Randall 

Hail! Alma Mater! Hail to thee, Maryland! 

Steadfast in loyalty, for thee we stand. 

Love for the Black and Gold deep in our hearts we hold, 

Singing thy praise forever, throughout the land. 


.-President H. C. Byrd 


College of Agriculture 

College of Arts and Science 

College of Commerce 

College of Education 

College of Engineering 

College of Home Economics 

-Dr. H. F Cotterman 
-Dean L. B. Broughton 
Dean A. F. Pyle 

-Acting Dean Arnold E. Joyal 

Dean S. S. Steinberg 

Dean Marie Mount 


Thou wilt not cower in the dust, 
Maryland! My Mai-yland! 
Thy beaming sword shall never rust, 
Maryland! My Maryland! 
Remember Carroll's sacred trust. 
Remember Howard's war-like thruFt, 
And all thy slum.b'rers with the just. 
Marj'land! My Maryland! 

I hear the distant thunder hum, 

Maryland! My Maryland! 

The Old Line bugle, fife and drum, 

Maryland! My Mar>'land! 

Come to thine own heroic throng. 

That stalks with Liberty along, 

And ring thv dauntless slogan song, 

Maryland! My Maryland!