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Commencement Cy 


University of Maryland 





My country, 'tis of thee, 

Sweet land of liberty, 

Of thee I sing; 

Land where my fathers died! 

Land of the Pilgrims' pride! 

From ev'ry mountain side 

Let freedom ring! 

Our fathers' God, to thee 

Author of liberty, 

To thee we sing! 

Long may our land be bright 

Vv'ith Freedom's holy light; 

Protect us by thy might, 

Great God, our King. 


Oh, say, can you see. 

By the dawTi's early light. 

What so iDroudly we hailed 

At the twilight's last gleaming; 

Whose broad stripes and bright stars, 

Through the perilous fight, 

O'er the ramparts we watched 

Were so gallantly streaming? 

And the rockets' red glare, 

The bombs bursting in air, 

Gave proof through the night 

That our flag was still there. 

Oh, say, does that Star-Spangled Banner yet wave 

O'er the land of the free, 

And the home of the brave? 


Hail! Alma Mater! Hail to thee, Maryland! 
Steadfast in loyalty, for thee we stand. 
Love for the Black and Gold deep in our hearts we hold. 
Singing thy praise forever, throughout the land. 


PROCESSIONAL MARCH— Tannhauser Wagner 

The University of Maryland Band 
Directed by Sergeant Otto Siebeneichen 

INVOCATION Rev. Nathaniel C. Acton, Rector, 

St. Andrews Church, College Park 

GREETINGS His Excellency, Herbert R. O'Conor 

Governor of Maryland 

MUSIC — My Maryland Professor Harlan Randall, Soloist 

ADDRESS _. The Honorable Sumner Welles, 

Under Secretary of State 

MUSIC — America Audience 


President H. C. Byrd 


Brigadier General Edward W. Smith 

TRIBUTE Colonel Robert E. Wysor, Jr. 

MUSIC — The Star Spangled Banner Audience 

BENEDICTION— The Lord's Prayer Mr. Justin Lawrie 

RECESSIONAL MARCH— Stars and Stripes Sousa 

The University of Maryland Band 

Incidental Music by the University of Maryland String Ensemble 
directed by Professor Harlan Randall. 

After the exercises the audience will please remain in place until 
the academic procession has left the Coliseum. 


Sumner Welles, Doctor of Laws 

David Benjamin McDowell 
James Richard Phillips, Jr. 
Robert Wilbur Shermantine 

Candidates will be presented by Dean C. 0. Appleman 

Master of Arts 

Raymond Frederick Hesler New York Marguerite Martindale Stone Maryland 

Harry William Krausse Maryland Olive Wright Sudler Maryland 

Nicholas George Nides West Virginia Gladys Hildreth Young Maryland 

George Vincent Oberle Maryland Alice Ruth Zerbola Maryland 

Edward Wiltse Paulette Virginia 

Master of Science 

Ming-Chien Chiang China Margaret Towell Goldsmith Maryland 

Lexey Jane Cragin Maryland Harold Ernest Hensel Missouri 

Master of Education 

Louis Pinckney Allen, Jr Virginia 

Benjamin Franklin Barger Maryland 

Dora Goldiner Bresler D, C. 

Richard Rowland Clopper Maryland 

Louise Roberts Colip Maryland 

Florence Newell Cornell Maryland 

Kenneth Walden Frisbie Maryland 

Sydney Taylor Lawler Maryland 

Arria Griflfith McGinniss Maryland 

Ruth Henrietta McRae D. C. 

Sister Philomena Ossenmacher Maryland 

Gustavus Adolphus Sieverts Maryland 

Sister Barbara Storms Maryland 

Robert Henry Weagly Maryland 

Candidates will be presented by Assistant Dean H. F. Cotterman 

Bachelor of Science 

*Julian Bradley Anderson Maryland 

Blair Barnard Barger Maryland 

Alan Wolf Brylawski Maryland 

*Philip Nash Buddington Maryland 

*Nicolas Manrique Cartagena Puerto Rico 

*Francis Alexander Gray, Jr Virginia 

*Max VanKuren Hunt Pennsylvania 

*Lester Kiefer Maryland 

Harry Edward Korab, Jr Maryland 

Thaddeus Joseph Kott New York 

*Elmer Hammond Owens, Jr Maryland 

Arthur George Phillips Maryland 

*Kenneth Lester Ports Maryland 

*Henry John Rassier D. C. 

*Orlando Ridout, IV Maryland 

Norman H, Rosenberg Maryland 

Aaron Rosenstadt Maryland 

Robert Sandler Maryland 

*Edgar A. Schaeffer Maryland 

Jane Luray Showacre Maryland 

Joseph Matthew Steger Maryland 

Clyde William Stephens Maryland 

*William Codding Stevens Maryland 

Eugene John Sullivan New Jersey 

*Daniel William Talmadge Connecticut 

Amanda Adelaide Ulm Maryland 

*Glen Earl Weston Maryland 

*Donald Fillmore Whinerey D. C. 

John Robert Williams Maryland 

First Honors 
Edgar A. Schaeffer 
Jane Luray Showacre 
John Robert Williams 

Honorable Mention 

Second Honors 
Glen Earl Weston 
Eugene John Sullivan 
Donald Fillmore Whinerey 

* Diploma will be awarded with certificate of commission. 

Candidates will be presented by Dean L. B. Broughton 

Bachelor of Arts 

*John Franklin Adams D. C. 

Cynthia Baylin Maryland 

*Charles August Bechtold, Jr Maryland 

Rex Ricardo Venn Benson Maryland 

Shirley Berman Maryland 

Robei't Foust Bierly Maryland 

Mary Alice Clark Virginia 

*Joseph McLain Crockett Maryland 

Leonard Stanley Freedman Maryland 

Frances Eileen Long Freet Pennsylvania 

Aria Georgeanna Guild Maryland 

Vernon Thomas Hart Maryland 

Betty Cecile Jacoby D. C. 

Miriam Dianna Kellman Maryland 

Charlotte Melcher Kidd Maryland 

Mary Virginia Langbein Maryland 

Joseph Ganam Lindamood, Jr Maryland 

Marjory Jean Mattingly D. C. 

Thomas Stephen McCeney Maryland 

Alma R. Merican Maryland 

John William Neumann Maryland 

Mary-Stuart Montague Price Maryland 

Florence Primm D. C. 

Daniel G. Rice, Jr Maryland 

Nelle Price Robertson Virginia 

*Doyle Preston Royal Maryland 

Nancy Tyler Royal Massachusetts 

Irene Jean Scher D. C. 

Shirley Cynthia Sherman New York 

*Loy Monroe Shipp, Jr Maryland 

Martha Ladd Sparhawk D. C. 

William Perry Stedman, Jr Maryland 

*William Selby Stewart D. C. 

Robert James Torvestad Maryland 

Florence Eleanor Trinkel Rhode Island 

*Frederic Benson Warder, Jr Maryland 

Sonia Weisberg Maryland 

George Blaine Wix New York 

Bachelor of Science 

Norman H. Alshan New York 

Jeanne Dorothy Amlicke New Jersey 

Joseph Stanley Ardinger, Jr Maryland 

*Frederick Louis Bach, Jr D. C. 

James Baido Maryland 

Houston Lesher Bell Maryland 

Walter Jose Benavent Puerto Rico 

Alfred Dement Bonifant Maryland 

Herbert Gibbs Brandes D. C. 

Richard James Brown Connecticut 

Louise Paddon Buckner Maryland 

David Harry Chambers Maryland 

*Paul Chmar Maryland 

Edmund Parker Churchill, Jr. New Jersey 

Gilbert Herbert Cullen Maryland 

Joseph Louis Dantoni Maryland 

Patricia Dodd Georgia 

William Milton Eareckson, III Maryland 

V/illiam Carl Ebeling, III Maryland 

Bertram Joseph Frankel Connecticut 

Franklyn Drennan Gassaway Arizona 

Henry Glassner Maryland 

Daniel Ware Goldman D. C. 

Larry Quentin Green Maryland 

Frederick Landis Hill D. C. 

Robert Wanton Ireland D. C. 

Mary Katherine Martin D. C. 

George Alexander Maxwell, Jr. Maryland 

Margaret Elizabeth McCathran D. C. 

Donald Willis Mintzer New Jersey 

Joseph Herman Mintzer New York 

William Henry Mosberg, Jr Maryland 

*Paul Woolever Newgarden, II D. C. 

Richard Baxter Norment, III Maryland 

Richard Merle Peck Maryland 

Edwin Lowell Pierpont Maryland 

Robert Lee Porter Maryland 

Mildred Radin New York 

*Mark Raum D. C. 

Eugene John Riley Maryland 

Harry Franklin Rolfes Maryland 

Ruth Eleanor Schene New York 

Charles Edward Shaw, Jr Maryland 

George Murray Simons Maryland 

Walter Karl Spelsberg West Virginia 

Stanley Herbert Steinberg D. C. 

William Herman Stellhorn, Jr. Maryland 

Frederick Louis Stichel, Jr Maryland 

Lorraine Long Thomas Maryland 

Max Tryon D. C. 

*Homer Edward Uhland Maryland 

*Milton H. vanden Berg Maryland 

William Edward Waxter Maryland 

Honorable Mention 
First Honors 
Marjory Jean Mattingly 
Edmund Parker Churchill, Jr. 
Charles August Bechtold, Jr. 
Richard Merle Peck 
Stanley Herbert Steinberg 
Joseph Herman Mintzer 
Milton H. vanden Berg 
Mildred Radin 

Second Honors 
John William Neumann 
Jeanne Dorothy Amlicke 
Florence Primm 
Homer Edward Uhland 
Louise Paddon Buckner 
Larry Quentin Green 
Ruth Eleanor Schene 
Mary Virginia Langbein 

* Diploma will be awarded with certificate of commission. 

Candidates will be presented by Dean J. F. Pyle 


Charles Ralph Barker, Jr D. C. 

Joseph George Berlin Maryland 

^Thomas Earle Bourne, Jr Maryland 

James Richard Coffman Maryland 

A. Budd Cutler New Jersey 

Burton Fairall Davis Maryland 

David Messick Dayton Maryland 

William Leslie Ellis Maryland 

*Clemens Weaver Gaines Maryland 

*Charles Pearson Gay, Jr D. C. 

Norman Milton Glasgow Maryland 

*William Martin Goldenzweig D. C. 

Thornton Francis Green Maryland 

*Kenneth Delos Hall D. C. 

Robert Braden Hammond Maryland 

Joseph Charles Harry Maryland 

*William Cramer Heathcote Maryland 

*William Hubert Krehnbrink Maryland 

Donald Edward Lacey Maryland 

*Harrison Lee D, C. 

of Science 

* William Henry Mattingley, Jr D. C. 

Swift McKinney Texas 

*John Frederick Miller Maryland 

Keith Nicholas Montgomery Washington 

Donald Elliott Newell Maryland 

*Page Boyd Pratt D. C. 

William Oakley Roach, Jr Maryland 

Edward Charles Robinson, Jr Maryland 

Norman Philip Rosenfield Connecticut 

Clarence Albert Schauman, Jr. Maryland 

*James Gibbons Sneeringer Pennsylvania 

* Edward Harris Steinberg Maryland 

*John Kefauver Tate Maryland 

Daniel Cleveland Triplett D. C. 

*Bernard Ulman, Jr Maryland 

Carl Elmer Vincent Maryland 

*Reginald Charles Vincent New Jersey 

Frederick Ernest 

Wurzbacher, Jr. Maryland 

Honorable Mention 
First Honors 
Joseph Charles Harry 
A. Budd Cutler 
William Martin Goldenzweig 

Second Honors 
John Frederick Miller 
Thomas Earle Bourne, Jr. 
Thornton Francis Green 

Candidates will be presented by Acting Dean A. E. Joyal 


Lottie Stevenson Adkins Maryland 

Mary Dunn Maryland 

*Ramon Grelecki Maryland 

Mari M. Ellicott Hess New Jersey 

Charles Lingo Hudson Maryland 


Saville Mathews Allnutt Maryland 

Loretta Joy Ashby Maryland 

Elisabeth Benner Maryland 

Louis George Chacos D. C. 

Preston James Daisey Maryland 

Laura R. Durst Maryland 

Catherine Anne Gannon Maryland 

Gloria L Gottlieb New York 

Abraham Granek Maryland 

*Herbert Joseph Gunther Maryland 

Conrad Hohing, Jr Maryland 

Joseph Luther 

Hoopengardner, Jr. Maryland 

George William Jarmoska Pennsylvania 

of Arts 

Irvin W. Katz Maryland 

Alma Barbara Laurer Maryland 

*Judson Duley Lincoln Maryland 

Ernest Alvin Loveless, Jr Maryland 

Harriet Eleanor Morris Maryland 

of Science 

Emmett Patrick Kavanaugh, Jr._Maryland 
Catharine Elizabeth Krafft D. C. 

Robert Lee Maisel Maryland 

Everett Stewart McCauley Maryland 

Arnold Mermelstein Maryland 

Clifford LeRoy Nelson, Jr Maryland 

Alex Passen Maryland 

Sallie Rae M. Phillips Maryland 

Pearl Josephine Romm Maryland 

Maurice Herbert Schreiber Maryland 

Annette Shalowitz Maryland 

Isadore Loy Stein Maryland 

Elizabeth Baughman Swisher Maryland 

Honorable Mention 

First Honors 
Catharine Elizabeth Krafft 
Robert Lee Maisel 
Saville Mathews Allnutt 

Second Honors 
Ramon Grelecki 
Irvin W. Katz 

* Diploma will be awarded with certificate of commission. 

Candidates will be presented by Dean S. S. Steinberg 

Bachelor of 

Redfield Wilmerton Allen Maryland 

Clarence Edward Becker Maryland 

*Anson Wesley Biggs D. C. 

Richard R. Bransdorf D. C. 

David Timothy Brown Maryland 

Ralph Mosher Burlin Maryland 

Fitzhugh Taliaferro Clark Maryland 

Donald Dwight Davis Maryland 

Andrew Stilley Deming, Jr D. C. 

Leland Arthur De Pue Maryland 

Charles Raymond Dietz Maryland 

Howard Frederick Emrich, Jr. Maryland 

David Alexander Falck Maryland 

*Louis Flax D. C. 

Samuel Fradin Maryland 

Charles Luther Gransee Maryland 

Morris William Green D. C. 

Norman Edward Hathaway Maryland 

Charles Ra>Tnond Hayleck, Jr Maryland 

Charles Fiske Hochgesang D. C. 

Edwin William Inglis Maryland 

Irving Kabik D. C. 

Elliott Katzen Maryland 

Howard Lee Keller Maryland 

Richard Henry Kent Maryland 

Jackson Arthur Kessinger Maryland 

*Guy Senseny Kidwell, Jr Maryland 

William O'Connor King D. C. 

*Fredeiick Henry Kohloss Maryland 

Tolbert Harding konigsberg D. C. 

Harry Sylvester Leasure, Jr Maryland 

George William Lewis, Jr Maryland 

First Honors 

Kenneth Macmillan Uglow, Jr. 

Russell Whitney McFall 

John Robert Spielman 

Hugo Grotius Sheridan, Jr. 

George Conner Webster 

John Bonar Tucker 

Irving Kabik 


Charles Cooke Love D. C. 

Angelo Louis Lozupone Maryland 

Edward Warren Lusby Virginia 

*Joseph Valentine Mariner, Jr Maryland 

*James Nathan Marsden Maryland 

'^Paul Rhodes Mattix, Jr Maryland 

Russell Whitney McFall Maryland 

*Robert Clifton McKee Maryland 

^Daniel Merritt McNally D. C. 

John T. Mitchell, Jr D. C. 

George Joseph Newgarden, III D. C. 

Emmet Dennis Owens D. C. 

George Eugene Reynolds, Jr Maryland 

*Robert Matthew Rivello D. C. 

Hugo Grotius Sheridan, Jr Maryland 

Paul Johnson Smith Maryland 

*Burton Solomon D. C. 

James Robert Spicer Maryland 

John Robert Spielman D. C. 

Willis Ray Stafford, Jr Maryland 

George Ray Stuntz, Jr D. C. 

John Bonar Tucker D. C. 

Kenneth Macmillan Uglow, Jr D. C. 

Guy Norman Ullman, II D. C. 

*James Edward Updegraff, Jr. Maryland 

Edward Joseph Warren Maryland 

George Conner Webster D. C. 

Harry Kennady Wells Maryland 

Donald Parker Whittemore Maryland 

Seymour David Wolf New York 

Willis Harold Young, Jr Maryland 


Second Honors 
Richard Henry Kent 
Robert Clifton McKee 
Robert Matthew Rivello 
Emmet Dennis Owens 
Charles RajTiiond Dietz 
Charles Fiske Hochgesang 

Candidates will be presented by Dean M. Marie Mount 

Bachelor of 

Marian Louise Beck D. C. 

Eileen Beryl Carr Maryland 

Jane Almy Chapin D. C. 

Ruth Cohen D. C. 

Marjorie Louisa Cook Maryland 

Elizabeth Jean Donahue D. C. 

Frances Jean Dunberg New Jersey 

Betty Lou Fike D. C. 

Rita Christine Frey Maryland 

Beulah May Gisriel Maryland 

Elizabeth S. Haase Maryland 

Mary D. Harris Maryland 

First Honors 

Elizabeth S. Haase 

Mary D. Harris 

Charlotte Elissa Weikinger 


Mary Catherine Henley D. C. 

Frances Evelyn Hidnert D. C. 

Nancy Brandes Holland Maryland 

Mary Jeannette Kaylor Maryland 

Shirley MacKay D. C. 

Caroline Tandy Meng D. C. 

Catherine Marianna Ritchie D. C. 

Ruth Anne Sleeman Maryland 

Lois Gertrude Suit Maryland 

Charlotte Elissa Weikinger D. C. 

Anne Lacy Young Maryland 


Second Honors 
Frances Jean Dunberg 
Nancy Brandes Holland 

Diploma will be awarded with certificate of commission. 




Candidates will be pi-esented by Colonel Robert E. Wysor, Jr. 

John Franklin Adams 
Julian Bradley Anderson 
Frederick Louis Bach, Jr. 
Charles August Bechtold, Jr. 
Anson Wesley Biggs 
Thomas Earle Bourne, Jr. 
Edward Lee Boyer 
Philip Nash Buddington 
Harry Millaway Butler 
Richard David Carr 
Nicolas Manrique Cartagena 
Paul Chmar 
Luther Burkey Conrad 
Jacquelin Stuart Cooley 
Charles Willard Crawford 
Joseph McLain Crockett 
David Robert Fetters 
Louis Flax 

Clemens Weaver Gaines 
Charles Pearson Gay, Jr. 
Ulrich Aloysius Geller 
Harold Napoleon Gilbert, Jr. 
John Douglas Gilmore, Jr. 
Vei-non Ragan Gingell 
William Martin Goldenzweig 
Fi-ancis Alexander Gray, Jr. 
Ramon Grelecki 
Herbeii; Joseph Gunther 
Kenneth Delos Hall 
William Cramer Heathcote 
Max VanKuren Hunt 
Ellsworth Allen Hurlock, Jr. 
Thornton Ennells Ireland 
Guy Senseny Kidwell, Jr. 
Lester Kiefer 
Frederick Henry Kohloss 
William Hubert Krehnbrink 
Harrison Lee 
Judson Duley Lincoln 
Joseph Valentine Mariner, Jr. 
James Nathan Marsden 
William Henry Mattingley, Jr. 

Paul Rhodes Mattix, Jr. 

Robert Clifton McKee 

Daniel Merritt McNally 

John Frederick Miller 

John T. Mitchell, Jr. 

Geoffrey MacDonald Nairn, Jr. 

George Joseph Newgarden, III 

Paul Woolever Newgarden, II 

William Bradford Norris 

Juan Luis Oliver, Jr. 

Elmer Hammond Owens, Jr. 

Thomas Alan Payne 

William Hamilton Pindell, Jr. 

William Lockhart Port 

Kenneth Lester Ports 

Page Boyd Pratt 

Henry John Rassier 

Mark Raum 

Orlando Ridout, IV 

Elmer Charles Rigby 

John Blackstone Riley 

Robert Matthew Rivello 

Doyle Preston Royal 

Edgar A. Schaeffer 

Loy Monroe Shipp, Jr. 

James Gibbons Sneeringer 

Burton Solomon 

Edward Harris Steinberg 

William Codding Stevens 

William Selby Stewart 

Daniel William Talmadge 

John Kefauver Tate 

Philip Wesley Tawes 

Homer Edward Uhland 

Bernard Ulman, Jr. 

James Edward Updegraff, Jr. 

Milton H. vanden Berg 

Reginald Charles Vincent 

Frederic Benson Warder 

Glen Earl Weston 

Donald Fillmore Whinerey 

Paul Millard Wimert, Jr. 

Elected to Phi Kappa Phi Honorary Society 

Saville Mathews Allnutt 
Charles August Bechtold, Jr. 
Robert Harold Benson 
Eli Matthew Brown 
Margaret Washington Brown 
Edmund Parker Churchill, Jr. 
Benjamin Bernard Cohen 
Jacquelin Stuart Cooley 
Charles Raymond Dietz 
Leon Goldman 
Ellen Frances Gray 
Ramon Grelecki 
Elizabeth S. Haase 
Mary D. Harris 
Joseph Charles Harry 
Charles Fiske Hochgesang 
David Saul Hurwitz 
Irving Kabik 
Richard Henry Kent 
Catharine Elizabeth Krafft 
Robert Lee Maisel 
Marjory Jean Mattingly 
Ernest Ray Mattoon 
Russell Whitney McFall 
Robert Clifton McKee 

Robert Morgan Miller 
Joseph Herman Mintzer 
Martin Hammond Muma 
Harry Ivan Neuman 
John William Neumann 
Emmet Dennis Owens 
Richard Merle Peck 
Jean Murday Persons 
Robert Willms Petzold 
Mildred Radin 
Robert Matthew Rivello 
Edgar A. Schaeffer 
Irvin Philip Schloss 
Hugo Grotius Sheridan, Jr. 
Jane Luray Showacre 
John Robert Spielman 
William Ellsworth Tolley 
John Bonar Tucker 
Kenneth Macmillan Uglow, Jr. 
Homer Edward Uhland 
Milton H. vanden Berg 
George Conner Webster 
Alfred C. Whiton 
Edmond Grove Young 
Irene Florence Zaladonis 

Citizenship Prize, offered by Mrs. Albert F. Woods, to the woman member of the 
senior class, who during her collegiate career, has done most for the general advance- 
ment of women's interests at the University. 

Awarded to Nancy Brandes Holland 

Mortar Board Award, offered to the woman member of the senior class who has 
been in attendance at least three full years and who has made the highest scholastic 

Awarded to Catharine Elizabeth Krafft 

James Douglas Goddard Memorial Medal, offered by his sister, Mrs. Anna K. 
Goddard James to a student from Prince George's County for excellence in scholarship 
and moral character. 

Awarded to Arthur Holcomb Ballard 

The Dinah Berman Memorial Medal, offered by her son, Benjamin Berman, to 
that sophomore who has attained the highest scholastic average of his class in the 
College of Engineering. 

Awarded to Miriam Kleeger Gerla 

Bernard L. Crozier Award, offered by the Maryland Association of Engineers, to 
the senior in the College of Engineering who, in the opinion of the faculty, has made 
the greatest improvement in scholarship during his stay at the University. 

Awarded to Joseph Valentine Mariner 

Tau Beta Pi Award, offered by the Maryland Beta Chapter of Tau Beta Pi, to the 
junior in the College of Engineering who, during his sophomore year, had made the 
greatest improvement in scholarship over that of his freshman year. 

Awarded to William Earle Sturges, III 

Charles B. Hale Dramatic Award, offered to the member of the senior class who 
has done most for the advancement of dramatics at the University. 

Awarded to Aria Georgeanna Guild 

Sigma Alpha Omicron Award, offered to the senior student majoring in Bacter- 
iology, for high scholarship, character, and leadership. 

Awarded to Robert Sandler 

Hillegeist Memorial Award for excellence in English, offered by Mrs. W. M. 
Hillegeist, in memory of her husband. 

Awarded to Florence Primm 

The Diamondback Medals awarded for efficient and faithful service on the student 
weekly paper. 

Awarded to Herbert Gabriel Carhart, Jr., Eugene John Sullivan, 

Jane Luray Showacre, Jacqueline Anstead Brophy. 

The Terrapin Medals awarded for efficient and faithful service on the student 
year book. 

Awarded to Rosaleen Bernardeth Pifer, Joseph McLain Crockett, 

Jeannette Owen Jenkins, Burton Fairall Davis, Paul Woolever Newgarden, 
Frederick Miller Johnson. 

The Old Line Medals awarded for efficient and faithful service on the student 
quarterly magazine. 

Awarded to Pauline Hardy, Frederick Louis Bach, Jr., Edward Harris 

Steinberg, Mildred Anita White, Bertha Ann Paterson, Joseph McLain 


Diamondback Award for the Outstanding Football Player of 1942. 

Awarded to Thomas Allison Mont, Jr.