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Full text of "Commencement exercises"





nl O 



Fifth, Regiment Armory 

Saturday, June Fifth - Nineteen Forty-Eight 
At Ten-Thirty A. M. 



Thou wilt not cower in the dust, 
Maryland, My Maryland! 
Thy gleaming sword shall never rust 
Maryland, My Maryland! 
Remember Carroll's sacred trust, 
Remember Howard's warlike thrust. 
And all thy slumb'rers with the just, 
Maryland, My^Maryland! 

I hear the distant thunder hum, 
Maryland, My Maryland! 
The Old Line bugle, fife and drum, 
Maryland, My Maryland! 
Come to thine own heroic throng. 
That stalks with Liberty along. 
And ring thy dauntless slogan song, 
Maryland, My Maryland! 


say, can you see, — by the dawn's early light. 
What so proudly we hail'd at the twilight's last gleaming? 
Whose broad stripes and bright stars, thro' the perilous fight. 
O'er the ramparts we watched, were so gallantly streaming? 
And the rockets red glare, the bombs bursting in air, 
Gave proof thro' the night — that our flag was still there. 
O say does that Star-Spangled Banner yet wave 
O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave? 


PROCESSIONAL— Procession of the Sardar M. Ippolitov-Ivanov 

The University of Maryland Orchestra 
Directed by Mr. Frank Sykora 

INVOCATION ...Reverend A. Brown Caldwell, D.D. 

Walbrook Presbyterian Church 

MUSIC— Ah! Sweet Mystery of Life Elwood Gary, Tenor 

La donna e mobile Audrey Cadero Plitt, Accompanist 

ADDRESS OF WELCOME His Honor, Thomas D'Alesandro, Jr. 

Mayor of Baltimore City 

MUSIC— My Maryland Audience 

Directed by Professor Harlan C. Randall 

ADDRESS His Excellency, William Preston Lane, Jr. 

Governor of Maryland 

MUSIC— I Love Life Mr. Gary 


President H. C. Byrd 

MUSIC— The Lord's Prayer Mr. Gary 

MUSIC— The Star Spangled Banner Audience 

BENEDICTION Reverend Caldwell 

RECESSIONAL— Triumphal March E. Grieg 

The University of Maryland Orchestra 

After the exercises, the audience will please remain in place until the 
academic procession has left the auditorium. 



Doctor of Laws 


Doctor of Laws 

Doctor of Science 

Doctor of Science 



JOHN HOMER REMSBURG, Frederick County 

MAUDE ECCARD WEAGLY, Washington County 

CLAUDE PHILLIPS, Wicomico County 

MATTHIAS L. DAIGER, Baltimore City 


Candidates will be presented by Dean C. 0. Appleman. 

Doctor of Philosophy 

Ramanbhai Chaturbhai Amin Maryland 

Werner Richard Boehme Maryland 

Dale Carl Braungart Maryland 

Thomas Grover Culton Kentucky 

Frank Davis New York 

Raymond Nicholas Doetsch D. C. 

John Daniel Draper Oklahoma 

Sidney Roland Galler Maryland 

John Andrew Garman Pennsylvania 

Edwin Austin Gee D. C. 

Salvatore Joseph Greco Pennsylvania 

Robert Arthur Hayes Maryland 

John K. Hemphill Kansas 

Albin Owings Kuhn Maryland 

John Joseph Lander New York 

Joseph Paul LaRocca D. C. 

Irvin Levin Maryland 

Norman Hill Maring Maryland 

Robert Krieg Preston D. C. 

Edward J Rubins Connecticut 

Alston Wesley Specht Maryland 

Francis C. Stark, Jr Maryland 

Irwin William Tucker New York 

Edward Walton New Jersey 

Henry James Werner Maryland 

Master of Arts 

Harry Webster Am tower Maryland 

Isidor Max Baumann Maryland 

Carl Donald Bell Maryland 

Janet Louise Bingner Pennsylvania 

Thomas Davis Braun Maryland 

Jane Dice Carman West Virginia 

Roy Allen De Lauder Maryland 

Raymond Nelson Donelson Maryland 

Miriam Beatrice Eckard D. C. 

Hope Godwin Maryland 

Stuart Haywood Maryland 

Kenneth Sherrard Kelleher Virginia 

John Charles Klier Maryland 

Leon L. Lerner Maryland 

Sol Levin Maryland 

Donald Maley Pennsylvania 

Alice Cohill Marquez D. C. 

Arthur Lee Martin Maryland 

Martha Jane Maxwell Maryland 

William Morton McCain Pennsylvania 

Harry Bryan McCarthy Maryland 

Kathleen Burrows McMurphy Maryland 

Abbas Ordoobadi Maryland 

John William Popow Maryland 

Alice Leffler Rich Maryland 

Betty Irene Rudebock New Jersey 

Dorothy Gladstone Schleunes Maryland 

James Robert Spence Maryland 

John Theadore Stone Maryland 

Jose Gonzalo Tagle Rezza Peru 

Master of Scienc 3 

J Frances Allen Virginia 

Anubhai Harilal Amin Maryland 

Jay Oscar Anderson Utah 

Paul David Arthur D. C. 

Sidney Baldwin New York 

William Walter Balwanz Ohio 

Milton Birnbaum New York 

Romald Edward Bowles Mar>'land 

Donald Morrison BroASTi Maryland 

Raymond Merritt Burgison Maryland 

Barbara Hobson Caminita Virginia 

Boyd Balford Gary, Jr Maryland 

Guy Reed Cassell D. C. 

James Atkins Clark Maryland 

Robert Jay Coates Michigan 

Charles Russell Conklin, Jr Maryland 

William Evans Crow Maryland 

Kenneth Eugene Dailey Maryland 

James Da\id Engle Maryland 

John Wallace Foster Maryland 

Shreekrishna Manmohan Gadekar India 

George Burnitt Gibson D. C. 

Leon Gonshery Pennsylvania 

Melba Agnes Grafius Pennsylvania 

John Hersey Hall Maryland 

Mohammed Emdadul Haque Pakistan 

Daniel B. Hasso Mar\'land 

Russell Llewellyn Hawes Maryland 

Robert George Hill. Jr Marvland 

Erwin Schafer Hoffer t). C. 

Norman Louis Horn, Jr Maryland 

John Edmond Jackson D. C 

Bruce Carley Johnson Marylarid 

Bhuwan Chandra Joshi India 

Charles William James Kissinger D. C. 

Norman Kramer D. C. 

Leo Baden Lathroum, Jr Maryland 

Yat-Chun Lee China 

Maximo Ix\an Puerto Rico 

Donald Walter Lynch D. C. 

John Hamilton Alarkell D. C. 

William Augustus McCool Maryland 

John La-^Tence Milligan Marjdand 

Robert Edward Moreng New Jersey 

William Hunter Myers Maryland 

Alfred John Nachtigall D. C. 

Gunnar Peter Ohman Illinois 

Ann Elisabeth O'Rourk Marjdand 

Frank Elwood Potter Mar\dand 

John Harold Reaves West Virginia 

Robert Matthew Rivello D. C. 

Paul Arnold Saxon Marjdand 

Claudia Sue Shirley New Mexico 

John Jones Smoot Maryland 

Frances Jane Stouffer Maryland 

Kenneth Thompson Stringer Marjdand 

Isabelle Irene Tomberlin Maryland 

Kenneth Macmillan Uglow, Jr D. C. 

Rufus H. Vincent Maryland 

George Sheppard Warner Marj'land 

Dorothy Marie Wintermere Maryland 

Robert Otho Zeller Maryland 

Master of Education 

Mary Louise Allen D. C. 

Richard Alfred Barr Maryland 

Sarah Virginia Barrov/ Virginia 

Clarence Nelson Bean, Jr Pennsylvania 

Melva Frances Beard Maryland 

Harry Albert Bertschy Massachusetts 

Lionel Burgess Maryland 

Hazel Anne Moxley Burnett Maryland 

Thomas Girard Bush Maryland 

Allvertta H. Bussey Maryland 

Stephen Castura Pennsylvania 

John Ries Childs D. C. 

Edward ^Maurice Clarke Maryland 

John Herbert Cudmore Maryland 

Warren Philip Culbertson Maryland 

Preston James Daisey Maryland 

Ray Frank Deck Pennsylvania 

Thomas Howard Devlin Maryland 

Harry Schroll Diffenderfer Pennsylvania 

George Hilary Gienger Maryland 

Rebekah Frances Glading Maryland 

Frederick Arthur Goodrich New Jersey 

Richard Wesley Hall Marj'land 

Emory Aldrich Harman Maryland 

Rebecca Howard Harman Man-'land 

Ernest Henry Herklotz Maryland 

Harold Martin Horn Maryland 

John Jacob Horn Maryland 

William Charles Hull Marjdand 

Nelson Francis Hurley Man-'land 

Sister Zoe Hyland Maryland 

Omar James Jones, Jr Maryland 

Oscar Blackford Jones West Virginia 

Margaret Jean KauiTman D. C. 

Dar^A'in Bert Kirk-man Oklahonaa 

Frances Mar\' Kirkwood Virginia 

Lorraine Gerard Knupp D. C. 

Harvev Wilson Kreuzburg, Jr Mar\'land 

CarevEdv.in Lacey Maryland 

Auburn Joseph Lamb Pennsylvania 

Loren Lee Lindley Maryland 

William Dean Manifold Pennsylvania 

Waj-ne Rosenberry McLaughlin.. ..Pennsylvania 

Frederic Andrew ^liddleton D. C. 

Hester Wirginia Mudd Mar\'land 

LilUan Lorraine Naiman D. C. 

Victor Woodrow Nicholas West Virginia 

Karl C. Peck Maryland 

William Hubert Penn D. C. 

Hazel M. Priest D. C. 

William Griffith Pyles Marj-land 

Morris Wolfe Rannels Maryland 

Kathryn Gillam Reidy Maryland 

Harrv Clement Rhodes Maryland 

George Henri Schmidt Maryland 

John Karl Schwartz Marjdand 

Dorothy Norris Sharp Maryland 

LawrenceMartin Showe Maryland 

Joseph A. Sivigny Virginia 

Helen Irene Smith Maryland 

Isadore L. Stein Maryland 

Wilbur Jackson Stenger Maryland 

Charlotte Mae Stubbs Maryland 

Ross Hood Sullivan New Jersey 

Lorna Lee Sween Maryland 

George Edward Thomas Maryland 

Mona Brown Tillman D. C. 

Katherine Dameron White Virginia 

Emma Elizabeth Ziegler Maryland 

Nylen W. Edwards Missouri 

John Bernard Flynn D. C. 

Master of Business Administration 

Theodore A. Toedt 

New York 


Candidates will be presented by Acting Dean H. Boyd Wylie. 
Doctor of Medicine 

Angelo Andrew Alecce Maryland 

George Malcolm Allison, II Illinois 

Joseph L. Aponte Puerto Rico 

David Auld Maryland 

Frank William Baker, Jr Maryland 

David Henry Beyer Minnesota 

James Milton Bisanar North CaroHna 

Donald Buckey Bond Maryland 

Eugene Leonard Bronstein New York 

John Michael Buchness Maryland 

John Boyd Bullock Virginia 

Matt Heyer Bulluck North Carolina 

Robert Chamovitz Pennsylvania 

AHce Graybill Chelton West Virginia 

James Francis Condron Pennsylvania 

Harold James Crecraft Pennsylvania 

James Breckenridge Dalton, Jr Virginia 

Raymond Joseph Dempsey Illinois 

Frank P. Dwyer, Jr Pennsylvania 

Robert Ellwood Ensor Maryland 

Leonard H. Golombek Maryland 

Bowie Linn Grant Maryland 

James Wilham Green Pennsylvania 

George Vincent Hamrick Maryland 

John Roland Hankins Virginia 

Frederick Joseph Heldrich, Jr Maryland 

Florence Kunst Hoback West Virginia 

Richard Loren Hobart, Jr D. C. 

William Jackson Holloway New Jersey 

Marion Clarence Insley, Jr Maryland 

Lee Norman Kastner Maryland 

Raymond Henry Kaufman New York 

Katharine Virdin Kemp Maryland 

Carl Hubert Kennedy, Jr Pennsylvania 

Stephen Cosmos Leograndis Massachusetts 

Charles Harry Lithgow Maryland 

Harry Patterson Mack New York 

Nicholas Mallis Maryland 

Burton Vincent Matthews Maryland 

Roland Dellwood Matthews North Carolina 

Elisabeth Jane McCauley Maryland 

Fred Rodgers McCrumb, Jr Maryland 

Donald Ignatius Mohler, Jr Maryland 

Edward Alphonso Newell Maryland 

Guy Donald Niswander West Virginia 

Paul Vernon Nolan North Carolina 

Stephen Konstant Padussis Maryland 

Phyllis Ann Petersen Maryland 

Julian Jay Piatt Maryland 

Albert Milton Powell, Jr Maryland 

Joseph Stafford Redding North Carohna 

Jimmie Lee Rhyne North Carolina 

Edsel Antonio Rodriguez Puerto Rico 

Robert Lee Rudolph Ohio 

Merle Sundrell Scherr West Virginia 

Benson Charles Schwartz Maryland 

John Robert Shell Virginia 

Benjamin K. Silverman Maryland 

Daniel Lewis Silverstein Maryland 

Thaddeus Charles Siwinski Maryland 

Rennert Marquette Smelser Maryland 

William Allen Snyder Maryland 

Robert Ray Stahl Pennsylvania 

Kyle Young Swisher, Jr West Virginia 

Norman Tarr Maryland 

Allen Denny Tate, Jr North Carolina 

Frank Joseph Theuerkauf, Jr Pennsylvania 

Clyde Dana Thomas, Jr West Virginia 

William Getz Thuss, Jr Alabama 

Hez Walters, Jr North Carolina 

Charles Ingersoll Ware New Jersey 

Roger S. Waterman Pennsylvania 

James Todd Welborn North Carolina 

Clark Allan Whitehorn Michigan 

John Dean Wilson Pennsylvania 

WilHam Spengler Womack Virginia 

John Paul Young Maryland 


University Prize Gold Medal 
John Roland Hankins 

Certificates of Honor 

Charles Harry Lithgow 
Frank Joseph Theuerkauf, Jr. 
KyleJYoung Swisher, Jr. 

William Getz Thuss, Jr. 
Fred Rodgers McCrumb, Jr. 


Candidates will be presented by Professor George M. Anderson. 
Doctor of Dental Surgery 

Norman Dwight Allen Canada 

William Reed Allen "West Virginia 

Joseph Applebaum Maryland 

Arthur Anthony Aria New Jersey 

William Robert Biddington West Virginia 

William Randolph Bloxom Virginia 

Aleksey Bobenko Maryland 

Ramon Cabanas Vails Puerto Rico 

James Clark Carroll New Jersey 

Ashur George Chavoor Massachusetts 

Robert Joseph Coleman California 

Leonard Otis Copen Massachusetts 

Fernando E. Davila-Lopez Puerto Rico 

Walter Hamlet Davis North Carolina 

Charles Wallings DeVier, Jr Virginia 

William Percy Gillette Dodson Virginia 

Dick Dykes California 

Theresa Rosalie Amato Edwards W. Va. 

Paul Vincent Fazzalari Maryland 

John Patrick Fenton New Jersey 

WiUiam Theodore Fridinger Maryland 

Sterling Ray George West Virginia 

William Augustus George, Jr Virginia 

Homer Jay Gerken New Jersey 

David Isidore Gold Maryland 

Harold Leon Goldberg Maryland 

Bernard Gordon New York 

James Bernard Griffin, Jr Connecticut 

Richard Alexander Grzeczkowski, New Jersey 

Medie B. Guerrieri West Virginia 

Paul Lehmann Heininger Vermont 

Robert Giddens Hill Massachusetts 

Ernest Henry Hinrichs, Jr Maryland 

Fernando Luis Iturrino Tossas Puerto Rico 

Edward Robert Johnston Rhode Island 

Joseph P. Kenneally Maine 

Neil Nathan Kerico New Jersey 

Stephen Michael Kukucka Pennsylvania 

John Joseph Lee Oregon 

Robert Edward Lee Massachusetts 

Paul Hurl Loflin West Virginia 

Edward Bruce McGrath Connecticut 

Jose Enrique Medina de la Baume Puerto Rico 

Charles Henry Meinhold New York 

Luis J. Melendez Puerto Rico 

George McKay Millert New York 

Chris Angelo Mollis Ohio 

Anthony Francis Monaco New Jersey 

Walter Richard Neish New York 

Simon Robert Nord, Jr CaHfornia 

James Claude Page, Jr Florida 

Frank Pavel, Jr Idaho 

Eneas Quintero Piza Canal Zone 

Leo Vincent Ready Massachusetts 

Myron Stuart Reichel Mar^dand 

Harold Russell Stanley, Jr Massachusetts 

John Alford Stephens North Carolina 

William Theodore Strahan Maryland 

Patrick John Strollo New Jersey 

John Charles Thompson West Virginia 

Albert Stephen Vikell Maryland 

Thomas Russell Walter Maryland 

Ernest Benjamin Ward, Jr North Carolina 

Philip A. Weber, Jr West Virginia 

Ben Alvin Williamowsky D. C. 

Sterling Edwin Zimmerman Maryland 

Eugene Robert Charles Zimmerman.. New York 


Edward Belmont Lee New York 


University Gold Medal for Scholarship James Claude Page, Jr. 

Certificates of Honor 

Sterling Edwin Zimmerman 
William Reed Allen 
William Robert Biddington 

Jose Enrique Medina de la Baume 
William Percy Gillette Dodson 


Candidates will be presented by Dean Roger 'Howell. 

Certificates of Proficiency 

♦Wilfred William Butschky Maryland 

Peter William Leroy Disney Maryland 

Bachelor of Laws 

Gordon Munson Allen Maryland 

Carl Winternitz Bacharach Maryland 

Henry Doterer Blair, Jr Maryland 

Denzell Carlyle Blevins Maryland 

William Boucher, III Maryland 

Edward John Brambel Maryland 

Winston Emerson Brown Maryland 

Walter Eggleston Buck, Jr Maryland 

Jerome Stanley Cardin Maryland 

Herbert Leon Cohen Maryland 

Frank Duncan Cornell Maryland 

Frederick T. M. Crowley D. C. 

Francis Joseph Dolan Maryland 

Vachel Augustine Downes, Jr Maryland 

Edwin John Dreiling Maryland 

George Henri Pearson Eierman Maryland 

Murray Holmes Fout Maryland 

Charles Reubell Goldsborough, Jr Maryland 

Leonard Goodman Maryland 

*Frederick John Green, Jr Maryland 

Joseph Charles Hagner Maryland 

Leigh Hanes, Jr Virginia 

*Arthur Emil Hess Maryland 

Norman Hochberg Maryland 

Harwood Dashiell Jackson Maryland 

William Louis Kahler Maryland 

Richard Stewart KHtch Maryland 

Frances Knopf Maryland 

John William Kraus Maryland 

Federico Laredo y Arencibia Maryland 

WilHam Joseph Little Maryland 

*William Meverell Loker, Jr Maryland 

David Howard Rienheart Loughrie.... Maryland 

Weldon Leroy Maddox Maryland 

James Albert Maguire Maryland 

*Alfred Irving Maleson Maryland 

James Eugene McColgan Maryland 

John Albert McGuire Maryland 

Arthur Chew Meade, Jr Maryland 

Edwin Maury Meyerson Virginia 

*Martin Alan Mitnick Maryland 

Clarke Murphy, Jr Maryland 

Cyril Raymond Murphy, Jr Maryland 

Daniel Travers Prettyman Maryland 

William Robinson Price, Jr Maryland 

Henry Louis Rogers Maryland 

George Henry Rosedom Maryland 

Solomon Max Schapiro Maryland 

James Stephen Sfekas Maryland 

James Thomas Smith Wyoming 

John Wesley Smith Maryland 

Ebenezer Thomas White Stahl Maryland 

Edward WilHam Sullivan Maryland 

George William Sullivan Maryland 

Edward Oscar Thomas Maryland 

Ernest Cleveland Trimble Maryland 

Ernest Victor Wachs Maryland 

Wellford Harrison Ware Maryland 

Joseph Christian Warfield, Jr Maryland 

Victor Meade Wingate Maryland 

Charles William Woodward, Jr Maryland 

WilHam John Yarworth Maryland 

John P. Zebelean, Jr Maryland 

♦With Honor. 


Elected to the Order of the Coif 

Wilfred William Butschky 
Arthur Emil Hess 

William Meverell Loker, Jr. 
Alfred Irving Maleson 
Martin Alan Mitnick 

U. S. Law Week Award Weldon Leroy Maddox 


Candidates will be presented by Associate DeaniR. B. Corbett. 
Bachelor of Science 

Earl Charles Baity, Jr Maryland 

Cornelius Boyden Barger Maryland 

Robert Kenneth Bechtold Maryland 

Jack Adams Bell Maryland 

John Charles Bouma Maryland 

Nevin George Brandenburg Maryland 

Gilbert Patrick Briggs Maryland 

Richard Edward Brown Maryland 

David Jerome Burns Maryland 

Orlando Carbia Puerto Rico 

Jean Francis Carlton Maryland 

Spencer Montague Carter Maryland 

Bruce Edward Caruthers Maryland 

Richard Young Chadwick Maryland 

Harry Speake Cobey, Jr North Carolina 

Charles Willard Crawford D. C. 

Joseph A. Dianda D. C. 

Hugo G. Di Michele New York 

August Ernest Eckels, Jr Maryland 

John A. Edwards Maryland 

William Noah Ensor, Jr Maryland 

Jack Calvin Ferver Maryland 

Robert Hollins Forman Virginia 

Rex Sutch Fox New Jersey 

Louis Fredrick Fries, Jr Maryland 

Thomas Richard Gardiner Maryland 

Donald Gerard Thomas Gies Maryland 

Frederick Raymond Gross, Jr Maryland 

Harry Stroble Groton Maryland 

Joseph Hack Maryland 

J Oakley Hall, Jr D. C. 

Egbert Holmes Hawkins, Jr Maryland 

William Lewis Herbert Maryland 

John Patrick Hurley, Jr Pennsylvania 

Marshall Jones Maryland 

Robert Eugene Kennedy, Jr Maryland 

Franklin Higby Koontz D. C. 

Verlin Arnold Krabill Maryland 

John Edward Lane D. C. 

Robert Cecil Leffel Maryland 

Allyn Sill Lehman Maryland 

Barton Hirst Marshall, Jr Maryland 

Whitney Bruce McCrea Maryland 

Martha Montgomery Maryland 

George Joseph Mountney Maryland 

Carl Warren Neutzel Maryland 

Otto Walter Kurt Noll Virginia 

William Ray Nuttle Maryland 

Keith Mason Parks Maryland 

Lewis Smith Pendleton, Jr Virginia 

Gilbert John Plumer Maryland 

Ray Emerson Ridenour Maryland 

David McDonald Sanner Maryland 

WiUiam Henry Schoolfield Maryland 

Henry August Sohn Maryland 

Harold Charles Thomas Maryland 

Anne Elizabeth Thompson Maryland 

Hubert Quinton Tucker, Jr Virginia 

Marvin Clinton Twigg Maryland 

Floyd Marcel Walker Maryland 

Gerard Theodore Warwick, Jr Maryland 

Clinton F. Wells, Jr Maryland 

Simon Wickes Westcott Maryland 



Joseph Hack 

Nevin George Brandenburg 
Marvin Clinton Twigg 
Allyn Sill Lehman 
Richard Edward Brown 
William Ray Nuttle 

Second Honors 

Robert Kenneth Bechtold 


Candidates will belpresented by Acting Dean J. F, Pyle. 

Bachelor of Arts 

Harriet Abramson D. C. 

Phyllis Aiken Maryland 

Margaret Lee Aitcheson Maryland 

Shirley Todd Andrews Maryland 

Alice Mary Antal New Jersey 

Betty Jane Audish Maryland 

Samuel Joseph Auerhan Maryland 

David Charles Bastian D. C. 

Madeline Marie Baumann Maryland 

Mary Claire Bavis Maryland 

Margaret Rose Becker Maryland 

Julius Reginald Beitler New York 

Bettye M. Bell Maryland 

Rose Belmont D. C. 

Virginia A. Bennett Maryland 

Elaine Joyce Berger Maryland 

Mary Louise Berger D. C. 

Phyllis June Biscarr D. C. 

Albert Turner Blackwell, Jr Maryland 

Evalyn Jane Boots D. C. 

Perry Gray Bowen, Jr Maryland 

John Thomas Boyle Pennsylvania 

Joanne Flint Bramhall Maryland 

Janice Elayne Bregman D. C. 

Alice Calder Peehng Brock Maryland 

Eunice Josephine Brookley Maryland 

Jeanne Clare Brown Maryland 

Murriel Jeanne Brown Maryland 

Virginia Lee Brown Maryland 

Carolyn Esther Bryan Maryland 

Catherine Walter Burger Virginia 

Mary Katharine Burns Maryland 

Ann Luetzenkirchen Cansler Maryland 

Doris Hazel Carl Maryland 

Kenneth Chrissinger Maryland 

George Watson Clendaniel, Jr Maryland 

William Talmadge Coakley D. C. 

Betty Ellen Cole Maryland 

Rose Ann Collier D. C. 

George Arthur Cook, Jr Maryland 

Patricia Anne Costello Maryland 

George Washington Couch, Jr D. C. 

Morton Cummins Maryland 

June Price Danglade New Mexico 

Franklin Dea California 

John Roy Del Vecchio, Jr D. C. 

Dorothy Anne Dinsmore Maryland 

Helen Patricka Draper Delaware 

Rae Drucker D. C. 

Martha Ann Dykes Maryland 

Naomi Esther Ecker D. C. 

George Hobart Eichnor, Jr Maryland 

Fruma Reesa Erkes Maryland 

Charles Leonard Fardwell, Jr Maryland 

Mary Ellen Ferry D. C. 

Madeline B. Fink Maryland 

Donald Simon Frank Maryland 

Shirley Alberta Freedman Maryland 

Fay Henrietta Friedman Maryland 

Joan Sallye Garrigan Maryland 

Paul Ferdinand Gleis Maryland 

Ruth Helen Golboro Maryland 

Rosemary Gordon Maryland 

Francis Theodore Grabowski Maryland 

Doris Hanna Greenwald Maryland 

William Raymond Groome Maryland 

Dorothy Geraldine Guss Maryland 

E. Barton Hall Maryland 

Betty Frances Harman Maryland 

John Norrington Harn Maryland 

Jacqueline Lee Hastings D. C. 

Ella Weems Hawkins Florida 

Julianne Holm D. C. 

Ellyn Claire Holt Maryland 

Barbara Lee Hudson Delaware 

Sara Ann Huebl New York 

Elsie Watkins Hunteman Maryland 

Eleanor May Ibrahim Maryland 

Ella Lee Johnson Maryland 

Mary Landon Jones Maryland 

Bernard Solomon Katz D. C. 

Mary Lee Kemp D. C. 

Edythe Louise Kennedy Maryland 

Constance Anne Kohner D. C. 

Lester Kraft D. C. 

Charles Kramer Maryland 

Corinne Agnes Kranz Maryland 

AHce S. Kurk Maryland 

Elizabeth Josephine Kurz Maryland 

Donald Hart Lamore Maryland 

Mildred Dolores LaRocca Ohio 

Jeanne Marie Laskowski Maryland 

Isobel LeBow Maryland 

Herman D. Lerner Maryland 

Howard Lerner Maryland 

Harry Levin Maryland 

Rachel Anise Lewis Maryland 

Virginia Bolin Link D. C. 

Ilda Margaret Lunan Maryland 

Dunbar Dix MacNemar Maryland 

Thomas Joseph Anthoney Maloney Illinois 

Elizabeth Anne Mangum Maryland 

Charles Wallace Mann Maryland 

Mildred June Manning D. C. 

Jeanette Martick Maryland 

Charles Eugene Martin Maryland 

Irene Mazor Maryland 

Louise McCollum D. C. 

Richard Francis McHale D. C. 

Mary Marguerite McLachlen D. C. 

Joan Ellen Mehlinger Maryland 

Edmund Clark Mester Maryland 

Richard Bellum Miller D. C. 

Sally Ann Morgan Virginia 

Eleanor Lee Morris Maryland 

George Murray Nauss, Jr Maryland 

Robert Howard Newcomb Maryland 

Rhoda Ottenberg D. C. 

Eleanor Butt Parker Maryland 

James Fletcher Parker Maryland 

Marguerite Anne Pearson North Carolina 

Margaret Pennewell Pyle Maryland 

Lois Lucile Redding Maryland 

Mary Barbara Renick Maryland 

Betty Lynn Roberts Maryland 

Marion Blanche Robinson Maryland 

Deana Weger Rosenthal Maryland 

Herbert Walton Rutledge Maryland 

Shirley Jacquelyn Sacks Maryland 

Rita Ross Samuels Maryland 

Marie Savage Virginia 

James Wilson Schaefle Maryland 

Margaret Elizabeth Schroeder Maryland 

Morton Irvin Schwartzman Maryland 

Nicholas Alfred Scibilia New York 

Charles Robert Scoggins Maryland 

Janet Elizabeth Seal Maryland 

Sheldon Bruce Seidel Maryland 

Mary Frances Seward Maryland 

Millicent Margaret Sheldon D. C. 

Barbara Lee Sherman Maryland 

Melvin Stanley Shevitz Maryland 

Miriam Mandell Sibel Maryland 

Ralph Siegel New York 

Marvin Lester Silberman Maryland 

Jane Ann Silverman Massachusetts 

Anne Ward Simmons Virginia 

Joy Ruth Simonhoff Florida 

Elise Page Sinton Maryland 

Vida-Joyce Smith Maryland 

John Freeman Snyder Maryland 

Dee Speed Oklahoma 

Edna Blanche Stark Maryland 

Arlene Beverly Stepper Maryland 

Reuben Sternfeld Maryland 

Helen Lenora Sykes Maryland 

Walter Reitzell Tabler, Jr Maryland 

Geraldine B. Tidier Maryland 

William Hall Trotter ^ D. C. 

Gloria Pasquella Turner Maryland 

Eileen Marie Hickey Velker Maryland 

Patricia Jean Vermilya New York 

Phyllis Marie Weare D. C. 

Corrine Sara Webb Maryland 

Donald Victor Weick Maryland 

Irwin Albert Weisman New Jersey 


Peggy Louise Welty Maryland 

Frank Minium'Wilson, Jr Maryland 

Sam Shepherd Wohl Maryland 

Barbara Jane Wright Maryland 

Louis Walter Zekiel Maryland 

Marielene Palacios Zelaya Mexico 

Helen Christine Ward Zilliacus Maryland 

Mary Emily Zimmerli Maryland 

Bachelor of Science 

Ada Mae Ahraanson D. C. 

Mildred Elizabeth Anderson Maryland 

Catherine Mulvaney Atwater Maryland 

Doris Baker Maryland 

John Gerald Barry Connecticut 

Carl Coulbourn Barthel Maryland 

Bernard Berman Maryland 

Frederick Milton Biggs Maryland 

Francis Joseph Borges Maryland 

Mary Catherine Bowling Maryland 

Florence Marilyn Bozeman Maryland 

Robert Bell Bradley D. C. 

Grace Roberts Brashear Maryland 

Richard Vernal Brown Maryland 

Jennie Hortense Bunting Maryland 

Rolf Jules Burke Maryland 

Marilyn Lucille Cannon New Jersey 

William Frank Cassedy Maryland 

Daniel Clyman Maryland 

Marilyn May Collier Montana 

Mary Margaret Cooper Maryland 

Martha Curtiss Maryland 

Dorothy lone Dansberger Maryland 

Richard Glenn Davis Maryland 

Margaret Anne Decker D. C. 

Francis Anthony Dolle Maryland 

Frank William Douvres New York 

Mioko Eya Illinois 

David Hirsch Ezekiel D. C. 

Mary Ann Fazzalari Maryland 

Jane Fields Maryland 

Herbert Paul Finn Maryland 

Raymond Merrifield Ford, Jr Connecticut 

Lois Evalyn Fraley Maryland 

Joseph Carroll Furey Maryland 

Alice Z. Fusillo Maryland 

Edward Goldsmith Maryland 

John Armel Googins Maryland 

Marie Kuulei Goo-on Virginia 

Henry James Greenville Maryland 

Shirley Margaret Grenell Maryland 

Virginia Audrey Groves Maryland 

Jacqueline Patricia Hajek Maryland 

Arthur Pennoyer Harrison, Jr Maryland 

Helen Louise Stephenson Hawkins... Maryland 

William Lenox Heimer Maryland 

Ada Anne Gregory Howie Maryland 

Janet Gray Huddle Maryland 

Ashmead Scott Hutchison Maryland 

Margaret Mary Karitas Maryland 

Nancy Jean Kincaid Pennsylvania 

Simon Klitenic Maryland 

Frank Rocco Lisciotto New York 

Roy Locher Little Maryland 

Romeo Mansueti Maryland 

Joan Michel Maryland 

Marilyn Blanche Miller New York 

Mary Alice Miller Maryland 

Arthur Paul Moon Maryland 

Doris May Morrison Maryland 

Martin B. Morrison Maryland 

Patricia Wendell Patterson Maryland 

Donald Lee Price Maryland 

Robert Lee Prickett Maryland 

Bernhardt Henry Reincke Maryland 

Stanley Bernard Rosendorf Maryland 

Bette Lee Rosenstein Maryland 

Hugh Neil Ross Maryland 

Benito Miguel Ruiz Puerto Rico 

Sarah Leah Rutherford Alabama 

Marilyn Lee Sacks Maryland 

Mary Jayne Schlenker Maryland 

Annette Rena Shapiro D. C. 

Lois Ann Simonton Maryland 

Nolly StefBer Maryland 

Harry Ross Stegerwald Connecticut 

Stanley Stein Maryland 

Julius Jay Tanenbaum New York 

James Thomas, Jr Maryland 

Sarah Janice Trimmer Maryland 

Jean Marie Warfield Maryland 

Jean Gloria Waters Maryland 

Robert James Weir, Jr Maryland 

Barbara Dorsett Wells Maryland 

Johnsie Bryan Wright Virginia 

Bachelor of Arts 

Patricia Nell Beebe Maryland 

Yvonne Britt D C. 

Giles Leonard Chapin D. C. 

John Hammett Cumberland Maryland 

Robert Warren Dorr Maryland 

Shirley Gershberg Maryland 

Laura Alice Jones D. C. 

Rose Marie Kelley Maryland 


Bachelor of Science 

Ruth Hazel Bancroft Maryland 

Elizabeth Jane Clark New York 

Adeline Rosalie Mosberg Cronin Maryland 

Ruth Drake Maryland 

Honorable Mention 

First Honors 

Ada Mae Ahmanson 

Daniel Clyman 

Marilyn Blanche Miller 

Sarah Leah Rutherford 

Eunice Josephine Brookley 

Donald Hart Lamore 

Rose Ann Collier 

Helen Louise Stephenson Hawkins 

Joanne Flint Bramhall 

John Roy Del Vecchio, Jr. 

Arlene Beverly Stepper 

Rachel Anise Lewis 

Helen Christine Ward Zilliacus 

Herman D. Lerner 

Mildred Dolores LaRocca 

Mary Lee Kemp 

David Hirsch Ezekiel 

Eileen Marie Hickey Velker 

Sara Ann Huebl 

Phyllis June Biscarr 

Lois Evalyn Fraley 

Peggy Louise Welty 

Annette Rena Shapiro 

Shirley Margaret Grenell 

Fay Henrietta Friedman 

Eleanor Butt Parker 

Second Honors 

William Hall Trotter 
Stanley Bernard Rosendorf 
Donald Simon Frank 
Martha Ann Dykes 
Morton Cummins 
Sam Shepherd Wohl 
Corinne Agnes Kranz 
Margaret Pennewell Pyle 
Jane Ann Silverman 
Edythe Louise Kennedy 
Edna Blanche Stark 
Jeanne Clare Brown 
Bernard Solomon Katz 
Grace Roberts Brashear 
Jacqueline Patricia Hajek 
Francis Joseph Borges 
Eleanor Lee Morris 
Anne Ward Simmons 
Irwin Albert Weisman 
Marie Kuulei Goo-on 
Alice S. Kurk 
Jacqueline Lee Hastings 
Harriet Abramson 

college::of;business and public administration 

Candidates will be presented by Dean J. F. Pyle. 
Bachelor of Science 

Mary Clare Ahern D. C. 

Harry Samuel Allen Maryland 

Raymond Howell Amador New York 

Hugo Aristizabal Colombia 

Jasmine Armstrong Maryland 

Robert Lee Bacharach Maryland 

Robert White Baker Maryland 

John Hugh Bandiere Maryland 

George Wise Barnes, Jr D. C. 

Rollison Hall Baxter Maryland 

Henry Fred Benson Maryland 

Harold Pershing Berry, Jr Maryland 

Robert Lincoln Black Pennsylvania 

Arthur Norman Block D. C. 

Robert Perry Bohman Maryland 

Jack Manteau Bowman Virginia 

Thomas Marshall Brandt Maryland 

Catherine Cecilia Brockmeyer D. C. 

Malcolm Lindsay Calder Maryland 

Charles Albert Carry, Jr D. C. 

Dorothy Audrey Chlan Maryland 

Lillie Cecelia Clark Maryland 

Charles Thomas Crouch Maryland 

Frank John Cunnane New Jersey 

James H. Curry Ohio 

Harry Shirley Davis Maryland 

John Kendall Davis, Jr Maryland 

Robert Warren Davis New York 

Bruce Allan Douglas D. C. 

Jerome Pierre Dufour Maryland 

Charles William Dunn Maryland 

Tevis Omer Durrett, Jr D. C. 

William Robert Eckhardt Maryland 

Robert Leopold Eichberg D. C. 

Clifton Martin Eisele, Jr Maryland 

William Clinton Ellett D. C. 

Harry Mercer Elliott Maryland 

Lucille Marie Erps D. C. 

Jerome Glazer D. C. 

Philip Glazer Maryland 

Donald George Gleasner Delaware 

Paul Sterling Grove West Virginia 

Rowland Coral Halstead Maryland 

Philip Austin Hannon Maryland 

Russell Hardy Maryland 

Robert Haig Harleston, Jr South Carolina 

Charles Edward Heintz, Jr Maryland 

Gerald Craft Hennesy D. C^ 

John W. Hepburn D. C'^ 


William B. Himes, Jr Maryland 

Bette Lavinia Ingham New Jersey 

Richard Martin Kaiser New Jersey 

Charles Frederick Kraus, Jr Maryland 

Bertram Bruce Lamond D. C. 

Frank Barker LaPorte Maryland 

I. Leslie Lawrence, Jr New Jersey 

William Leizman Maryland 

J. Albert M. Lettre Maryland 

Hal M. Lowry, II D. C. 

Kenneth Anthony Malone New Jersey 

John W. Mann, Jr Maryland 

Isadore Earl Margolis Maryland 

Willard Carlos McBride D. C. 

Aubrey C. McCall Maryland 

Joshua I. Miller Maryland 

Mildred EHzabeth Mooney Maryland 

Miriam Ashton Moore Maryland 

Warren Horace Moore D. C. 

James Kenneth' Morrison Maryland 

Thomas A. Moser Maryland 

David Francis Moylan Maryland 

Beryl Hazel Mullin Maryland 

Elsie Jane Nock Virginia 

Arthur Andrew Palmer, Jr Virginia 

James Alexander Pavesich Maryland 

John Wise Pearson Maryland 

Ralph E. Pennywitt West Virginia 

Charles Valuet Phillips, Jr Maryland 

Ralph Weldon Pletcher Maryland 

George Erwin Proudley, Jr D. C. 

David Latimer Raine Maryland 

Margaret Elizabeth Randall Maryland 

Samuel Eugene Rosser Georgia 

Marilyn Rubin D. C. 

John Doberer Ruppersberger, Jr Maryland 

Lewis Ruttenberg Maryland 

M. Stanley Samuelson Maryland 

Fred Sapperstein Maryland 

Howard David Schafer Maryland 

Charles Scheeler Maryland 

Walter Daniel Scheuch, Jr Maryland 

Christian Stephan Schoeberlein Maryland 

Thomas Franklin Seward Maryland 

John Anthony Somers Maryland 

Marilyn Stein Maryland 

John Warner Stevens Nebraska 

Paul Herman Suttleman Maryland 

Charles Elmer Taylor, Jr Maryland 

Ethel Stansbury Thayer Maryland 

William Edward Turner Maryland 

George Fairbank Vernay Maryland 

George Richard Wainwright D. C. 

Win Corry Weldon New York 

David Herndon Wells Maryland 

Roy Wayne Withers Georgia 

Percy Leithcoe Wolfe, Jr Maryland 

Warren McKenzie Wolfe Maryland 

Bachelor of Science 

Bernard Russell Balch Maryland 

Richard Lewis Bruce D. C. 

Charles West Ellsworth, Jr Maryland 

Harold Wiggins Evans, Jr Maryland 

Michael Mitchell Goldberg D. C. 

David Morris Gruber D. C. 

Florence Grunstein D. C. 

Patricia Mary Madigan D. C. 

Edward Fraley Smouse Maryland 

John Edward Thomas, Jr D. C. 

Honorable Mention 
First Honors 

Dorothy Audrey Chlan 
Harry Mercer Elliott 
Marilyn Stein 
Richard Martin Kaiser 

James Kenneth Morrison 
J. Albert M. Lettre 
Jasmine Armstrong 



Candidates will be presented by Dean Harold Benjamin. 
Bachelor of Arts 

Carolyn Englehart Allender Maryland 

Dorothy Frances Bedell ; Maryland 

Marilyn Mae Beissig New York 

Christian E. Bjerknes Maryland 

Walter Swan Blake, Jr Maryland 

Twila May Brinsfield Maryland 

Selma Eileen Cohn Maryland 

James K. Davis Maryland 

Frederick Luther Dunn, Jr Maryland 

Mary Catherine Finn Maryland 

Walter Edward Gross, Jr Maryland 

Francis Stanley Grubar Maryland 

James Oran Harmon Texas 

Bette June Hollander D. C. 

Barbara Jean Houde Maryland 

Barbara Hossack Kingsbury Maryland 

Mary Koprowski New Jersey 

Dorothy Susan McCaslin Maryland 

Martha L. Foster Preston Maryland 

Robert Edward Ryan New York 

Richard Warren Seltzer Maryland 

Robert Samual Shaffner Maryland 

George Ancil Sites Maryland 

Harriet Krakow Viner D. C. 

Patsy LaRue Welty Maryland 

Jean Alice Williams D. C. 

Dorothy Adelene Worrall Maryland 

Bachelor of Science 

William Raymond Adair, Jr Maryland 

Clara Lankford Annan Maryland 

Katherine Warfield Baxley Maryland 

Marion Elizabeth Benson Maryland 

Harry Bonk New York 

John Augustus Brenner D . C. 

Franklyn Albert Buck Maryland 

Mildred Mary Burton Maryland 

Rosena Margaret Cappelletti Maryland 

Harry Rohr Crouthamel, III Maryland 

Sarah Jane Davis Maryland 

Robert Thomas Duff Maryland 

Ora May Donoghue Maryland 

Clotilde Catherine Drechsler Maryland 

Mary Alice Eiseman Maryland 

William Thomas Elias Michigan 

Miriam Elizabeth Eppley Maryland 

Walter Frank Fehr Maryland 

Robert Frank Fioramonti D. C. 

Mary Teresa Finney D. C. 

William Ignatius Fowler, Jr Maryland 

Ewen Joseph Eraser Maryland 

James Eraser, Jr West Virginia 

Ruth Joyce Garvin Maryland 

Henry James Giauque Maryland 

Jacqueline Gouge D. C. 

Joseph Marion Gugliuzza Maryland 

Lucile Rosamond Hord D. C. 

Jean Thompson Hostetter Pennsylvania 

Willie Edith Howard Maryland 

Kenneth Boyd Hoyt Maryland 

June MacBayne Jacobs Maryland 

Ellen Wallis Ketner D. C. 

Stanley Jan Kihn Maryland 

Eleanor Carroll Koenig Virginia 

James George Koste Maryland 

Frances Combs Krauss Virginia 

Betty Maxine Lancaster D. C. 

Robert Marshall Leatherman Maryland 

Margaret L. Lindsay D. C. 

Aimee Marguerite Loftin D. C. 

Blanche Vinacke MacFalls D. C. 

Muriel Mattos D. C. 

Sara Barbara McCutcheon Maryland 

Suzanne Virginia Meyers Virginia 

Marion Bradley Muller Maryland 

Gloria Lucille Myers Maryland 

Anne Gresham Newby Maryland 

Irene Stephanie Radziminski Maryland 

Charles Lourdes Reiter Maryland 

Alan Joseph Richards Maryland 

George Conrad Ruehl, Jr Maryland 

Ada Maxwell Saffell Maryland 

Mary Irene Scally Maryland 

Arrah Boone Schultz Maryland 

Edward John Schwarz Pennsylvania 

Louis Silverman Maryland 

Anna Mae Slacum Maryland 

Margaret Graham Slade Maryland 

Wilda Louise Snyder Maryland 

Raymond Soo D. C. 

Henry Edgar Swann, Jr Maryland 

Sylvanus Edmund Taylor, Jr Maryland 

John Frederick Temple, Jr Maryland 

Janet Pauline Thielscher Maryland 

Mary Ann Tolker Maryland 

Elmer Prinz West Maryland 

Ruth Swann Wilcox Maryland 

Jerome Joel Wilen Maryland 

John Oliver Wright Maryland 

Marie Parks Zee Maryland 

Michael David Zetts Pennsylvania 

Veronica Hetman Zuraw Maryland 


Bachelor of Arts 

Kenneth Milton Murray Maryland 

Harry B. Potts Maryland 

Margaret Turnbull Thomas Maryland 


Bachelor of Science 

Reginald T. Bailey Maryland 

Alice Adele Boswell Maryland 

Virginia Hudson Bowen Maryland 

Dorothy Audilene Brook Maryland 

Clyde Randolph Dahlgren Ohio 

Pauline Gossard Downey Maryland 

Alnetia Knight Ewing Maryland 

Willye Beulah Freeman D. C. 

Marion Virginia Gittings Maryland 

Margaret Catherine Hoover Maryland 

Elizabeth House Lakin Maryland 

Edith Dorothy Todd Maryland 

Ruth Kerns Townshend Maryland 

Honorable Mention 

First Honors 

Barbara Hossack Kingsbury 
Harriet Krakow Viner 
Marion Elizabeth Benson 
Twila May Brinsfield 
Francis Stanley Grubar 
James Oran Harmon 
Patsy LaRue Welty 
Lucile Rosamond Hord 
Mildred Mary Burton 

Second Honors 

Elmer Prinz West 
William Ignatius Fowler, Jr. 
Mary Alice Eiseman 
Betty Maxine Lancaster 
Veronica Hetman Zuraw 
Martha L. Foster Preston 
Christian E. Bjerknes 
Walter Swan Blake, Jr. 


Candidates will be presented by Dean S. S. Steinberg. 
Mechanical Engineer 

Howard Conrad Filbert, Jr Maryland 

Bachelor of Science 

Sheldon Buckingham Akers, Jr Maryland 

Charles Lewis Armentrout, Jr D. C. 

Eugene Filippo Baldi D. C. 

Jack Kelly Bessent Maryland 

Arthur Leroy Binkley Maryland 

Richard Lee Bozman Maryland 

Harold Roger Bradshaw Maryland 

John Milton Brandt, Jr Maryland 

Bruce Kenworthy Bray D. C. 

Gilbert Victor Bresnick Maryland 

J. Ralph Bridges Maryland 

WilHam Keith Broersma Maryland 

Thomas Roy Brookes, Jr Maryland 

Thomas Woodley Brotherton New Jersey 

John T. Burns Maryland 

Hilton Lee Carter Maryland 

Donald Worthington Clem Maryland 

Norman Andrew Crone Maryland 

John Anderson Darling D. C. 

John Mosher Darhng Maryland 

Edwin Eugene Davenport Pennsylvania 

Walter Kennon Duncan D. C. 

Donald Rogers Dunker Maryland 

Robert Bernard Edelson Maryland 

Leonard Earle Eisenberg Maryland 

Frank Anthony Fazzalari Maryland 

Rexford Huffman Feaster D. C. 

Richard Smouse Fey Maryland 

Lionel Madison Fiedler New York 

James Clark Forsyth, Jr Maryland 

Arnold I. Friedman Maryland 

Olin Chappell Gochenour Maryland 

Edgar Beasley Goode Maryland 

Bernard Samuel Gould Maryland 

Charles Calvin Grobaker Maryland 

Reginald Hambleton Hall Maryland 

Henry Ellzey Hartge Maryland 

Bastian Hello Maryland 

Charles Hamilton Hobbs Maryland 

John Orwig Hobbs Maryland 

Earl Vincent Hogan, Jr Maryland 

Roy Joseph HoUingsworth, Jr D. C. 

Hobbs Henry Horak D. C. 

Robert Adrian Jermain New Jersey 

Julius Adam Kaiser, Jr Maryland 

Sidney Martin Kaplan D. C. 

Tom Shields Kelly Maryland 

John Francis Kennedy Maryland 

William Kent Kise, Jr D. C. 

Robert Ira Krider D. C. 

John Newman Libby D. C. 

Richard Dumond Lodge Maryland 

Harry Hewes Loose Maryland 

George Arthur Lundquist Maryland 

Constantine George Makrides D. C. 

Jerome Leonard Maxwell Maryland 

John C. Mester Maryland 

Ezra David Metz D. C. 

James Horace Miller Maryland 


Mattie Gary Moorhead D. C. 

Charles Acker Morell Maryland 

S. Hamilton Mortimer, Jr Maryland 

James Glick Murray Maryland 

Daniel Henry Neviaser D. C. 

Hal Stephen Nickel, Jr Maryland 

Richard James O'Brien D. C. 

Charles Batchelder Raymond Maryland 

George Robert Reese Maryland 

Nowland Edmundson Reynolds, III. Maryland 

Richard Leon Rhoderick Maryland 

Charles Harvey Riddle, Jr D. C. 

Joel Herbert Rosenblatt Maryland 

Edward Ripley Saunders, Jr Maryland 

Henry William Schab Maryland 

John Robert Schrecongost Virginia 

Ernest William Schulte Maryland 

Robert A. Shumaker Maryland 

Joseph Eugene Slaughter Maryland 

Edward I. Small f) q 

Draper Krum Sutcliflfe d' c' 

Edward R. Talone d" q' 

Bernard Leon Taylor d' c' 

James Edward Updegraff, Jr Z." Maryl'and 

ihpmasB. Warren Maryland 

Julian Boyd Waters, Jr Maryland 

Ernest Conrad Wegman Maryland 

Samuel Edward Wheatley Maryland 

Donald Royce Joseph White.. Virginia 

Carl Thomas Winkler ■.:■.■.::■.;.::: DC 

Edward Joseph Wunder, Jr Maryland 


Bachelor of Science 

Charles Rawlings Beaumont, Jr Maryland 

George Howard Dunn, Jr Maryland 

Honorable Mention 

First Honors 

Jerome Leonard Maxwell 
Charles Hamilton Hobbs 
Robert Ira Krider 
George Arthur Lundquist 
Leonard Earle Eisenberg 
James Clark Forsyth, Jr. 
Sidney Martin Kaplan 
Thomas B. Warren 

Second Honors 

Ezra David Metz^ 
Robert A. Shumaker 
James Glick Murray 
Arnold I. Friedman 
Donald Royce Joseph White 
Joseph Eugene Slaughter 
Reginald Hambleton Hall 
Earl Vincent Hogan, Jr. 
Bernard Leon Taylor 


Candidates will be presented by Dean M. M. Mount. 
Bachelor of Science 

Vira Marian Anderson Maryland 

Lucile Betty Andrews Maryland 

Lennis Janes Bell Maryland 

Mary Bolgiano Boyle Pennsylvania 

Dolores Mae Bryant Maryland 

Doris Elaine Burkey D. C. 

Mary Davidson Callahan Maryland 

Ann Marie Campbell D. C. 

Barbara Ann Carpenter Maryland 

Helen Elaine Casteel Maryland 

Catherine EHzabeth Compton D. C. 

Claudia Marie De La Vergne D. C. 

Aline Marie Desmarais Virginia 

Jane Baker Downes Maryland 

Eleanor M. Eccleston D. C. 

Noel Carol Edrington Virginia 

Bobbie Faulkner D. C. 

Mary Dow Ferry Maryland 

Rosella Marie Fleming Virginia 

Anne Branner Gadd Maryland 

Carol Marie Haase Maryland 

Betty Louise Heyser Maryland 

Mary Esther Hynes Virginia 

Ann Marie Jamieson D. C. 

Ruth Esther Jones ."....Maryland 

Dorothy Jean Kaylor Maryland 

Millicent Arlene Keith D. C. 

Patricia Frances Koehler D. c' 

Ida Amelia Lillie ..Maryland 

Dorothy Frances Luther Malone D. C. 

Ann Montague Marshall Virginia 

Patricia Ann McKee Virginia 

Jane Marie Mundy .....D. C. 

Betty Ann Muss '''"''''"'" TX C. 

Noreen Nichols Pennsylvania 

Mary Louise Obold D. C. 

Patricia Ann Patton Maryland 

Patricia Ann Piper New Jersey 

Rosalie Teresa Rafter New Jersey 

Mary Downey Reinhart Maryland 

Joan Martha Ryan Pennsylvania 

Louise Marie Siegrist D. C. 

Nancy Eunice Simmons ....D.' c! 

Emma Pearl Moy Sing D. C. 


Janet Marie Smith Maryland 

Helen Harriet Snyder Maryland 

Juanita Moore Sparrow D. C. 

Mary Ann Spicer Maryland 

Sara Lucille Traband Maryland 

Betty Beatrice Troeger D. C. 

Jeanne Ann Wannan D. C. 

Mary Lou Wilson Maryland 

Bettie Mae Windsor Maryland 

Frances Watterson Wragg D. C. 

Janet Main Young Maryland 

Bachelor of Science 

Mildred Ruby Firtag D. C. 

Doris Pearl Keplinger Maryland 

Adel May Seed D. C. 

Mary Ellen Wentz Maryland 

Honorable Mention 
First Honors 

Nancy Eunice Simmons 
Carol Marie Haase 
Juanita Moore Sparrow 

Joan Martha Ryan 
Patricia Ann Piper 
Patricia Ann McKee 


Candidates will be presented by Colonel Harland C. Griswold. 
Bachelor of Science 

William Nelson Boaz, Jr Kentucky 

Max Sanford Kable Alabama 

Thomas Lee Myers Maryland 

Robert Atkins Seaman New Jersey 

Willard Mayes Shankle Georgia 

George Brenner Simler Pennsylvania 

Bert Nelson Smiley Missouri 

Burr Sells Watters, Jr Ohio 


Bachelor of Science 

Therman Devoise Brown Florida 

Honorable Mention 

First Honors 

William Nelson Boaz, Jr. 


Candidates will be presented by Dean Andrew G. DuMez. 
Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy 

Jerome Berlin Maryland 

Martin Rudolph Bowers Maryland 

John Regan Caldwell Maryland 

Joseph Francik Maryland 

Arnold M. Friedman Maryland 

Jerome S. Friedman Maryland 

Herbert Eugene Gakenheimer Maryland 

Gene Natalie Geist Maryland 

Selig Sidney Hertz Maryland 

Joseph LeGrand Johnson, Jr Maryland 

Joseph Krall Maryland 

Meyer Kramer Maryland 

John George Magiros Maryland 

Barbara Idella Marshall Maryland 

Jacob S. Meyers Maryland 

Hans Morgenroth Maryland 

William Louis Pearlman Maryland 

Aaron Rosenstadt Maryland 

Norman Leonard Schenker Maryland 

Irving Edward Shochet Maryland 

Stuart Shpritz Maryland 

Shirley Shulman Maryland 

Alvin Melvin Waldman Maryland 




Gold Medal for General Excellence Shirley Shulman 

The William Simon Memorial Prize John George Magiros 

The L. S. Williams Practical Pharmacy Prize Joseph Francik 

The Conrad L. Witch Botany and Pharmacognosy Prize William Louis Pearlman 

William Louis Pearlman 

Certificates of Honor 

Aaron Rosenstadt 


Candidates will be presented by Director Florence M. Gipe. 
Graduate in Nursing 

Catherine Mulvaney Atwater Marylanp 

Thelma Elizabeth Baugher Maryland 

Dorothy Lee Brooks West Virginia 

Jennie Hortense Bunting Maryland 

Jeanne Burgess Massachusetts 

Betty Jane Byers Maryland 

Grace Matilda Colburn Maryland 

Marilyn May Collier Montana 

Dolly Jane Covington Maryland 

Joan Virginia Cowles Maryland 

Amanda Virginia Crew Maryland 

Martha Curtiss Maryland 

Clara Mabel Daugherty Pennsylvania 

Betty Jane Eselhorst Maryland 

Flossie Margaret Day Fitzgerald Virginia 

Lois Evalyn Fraley Maryland 

Doris Louise Frederick Pennsylvania 

Martha Helen Gasser Virginia 

Bettie Monn Geesaman Pennsylvania 

Eleanor April Gorke California 

Betty Lee Hahn Maryland 

Charlotte Louise Halter Maryland 

Barbara Lee Hart Pennsylvania 

Edna Virginia Hinkel Maryland 

Elizabeth Jane Kauffman Pennsylvania 

Phyllis King Virginia 

Jane Astrid Knudsen Maryland 

Augusta Mae Kossman Maryland 

Anita Mary Krause New York 

Mary Eda Lewis Maryland 

Annetta Muir Colorado 

Maria Constanca Nogueira Brazil 

Brunehilda Gondim de Oliveira Brazil 

Leona Ruth Osterman Maryland 

Harriett Roselyn Pollack New Jersey 

Kathryn Marie Prokop Maryland 

Stephanie Rakoczy Maryland 

Ellen May Reapsomer Maryland 

Peggy Sappington Texas 

Elsie Elizabeth Schuff New York 

Esther Lucille Schwab Maryland 

Nolly Steffler Maryland 

Alexandra Carol Tanona Massachusetts 

Darlene Betty Trostle Pennsylvania 

Ellen Mae Tschantre Maryland 

Jean Marie Warfield Maryland 

Jean Gloria Waters Maryland 

Annie Ruth White North Carolina 

Marjorie Louise Withington Maryland 

Ethlynn Elaine Woodburn Maryland 

Norma Fuller Yeager Maryland 




The Janet Hale Memorial Scholarship, given by the University of Maryland Nurses' 
Alumnae Association, to pursue a course in administration, supervisory, or public health work, 
to the student having the highest average in scholarship. 

Awarded to Dorothy Lee Brooks 

The Elizabeth Collins Lee Prize to the student having the second highest average in 

Awarded to Peggy Sappington 

The Mrs. John L. Whitehurst Prize for executive ability. 

Awarded to Lois Evalyn Fraley 

The Edwin and Leander M. Zimmerman Prize for practical nursing and for displaying 
the greatest interest and sympathy for the patients. 

Awarded to Thelma Elizabeth Baugher 

The Mary K. Waltham Prize, awarded to the nurse who shows the most human under- 
standing in the attention given to the patients on the wards. 

Awarded to Annie Ruth White 

The Flora Hoffman Tarun Memorial Prize, awarded for leadership, loyalty, and school 
spirit. ^ „. 

Awarded to Marilyn May Collier 

The Sarah Finkelstein Memorial Prize, awarded to the nurse who has excelled in pediatrics. 
Awarded to Betty Jane Byers 

The Dr. Cyrus Horine Prize, awarded for neatness in uniform and personal appearance^ 
Awarded to Thelma Elizabeth Baugher 

The Mrs. Charles A. Reifschneider Prize, awarded to the nurse who has consistently 
maintained the best professional appearance and conduct toward patients and hospital per- 

Awarded to Jean Marie Warfield 

The University of Maryland Nurses' Alumnae Association Pin and Membership in the 
Association, for practical nursing and executive ability. 

Awarded to Nolly Steffler 

Operating Room Service— First Award Kathryn Marie Prokop 

Second Award Lois Evalyn Fraley 

The J. M. H. Roland Award, offered to the most proficient nurse in the Obstetrical De- 
Awarded to Elizabeth Jane Kaufifman 

The Mabel Merriken Roth Memorial awarded to the nurse in the graduating class who 
is chosen by ballot vote of her classmates as the one rating highest in character and personal- 
ity The award will be a certificate entitling the girl chosen to receive two Florence Nightingale 
caps. Given by Mrs. Garland Hogge and Mrs. James Hipp in memory of their mother, Mrs. 
Mabel Merriken Roth. y,r - rxr a ia 

Awarded to Jean Marie Warfield 



College Park Division 
Elected to Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society 

Ada Mae Ahmanson 

William Walter Balwanz 

Alarion Elizabeth Benson 

Janet Louise Bingner 

Phyllis June Biscarr 

Joanne Flint Bramhall 

Nevin George Brandenburg 

Twila May Brinsfield 

Eunice Josephine Brookley 

Richard Edward Brown 

Mildred Mary Burton 

Dorothy Audrey Chlan 

Daniel Clyman 

Rose Ann Collier 

Warren Philip Culbertson 

Frank Davis 

John Roy Del Vecchio, Jr. 

Raymond Nicholas Doetsch 

Leonard Earle Eisenberg 

Harry Mercer Elliott 

David Hirsch Ezekiel 

Richard Smouse Fey 

James Clark Forsyth, Jr. 

Fay Henrietta Friedman 

Edwin Austin Gee 

Leon Gonshery 

Shirley Margaret Grenell 

Francis Stanley Grubar 

Carol Marie Haase 

Joseph Hack 

James Oran Harmon 

Helen Louise Stephenson Hawkins 

Robert George Hill, Jr. 

Charles Hamilton Hobbs 

Erwin Schafer Hoffer 

Lucile Rosamond Hord 

Jean Thompson Hostetter 

Sara Ann Huebl 

John Edmond Jackson 

Sidney Martin Kaplan 

Mary Lee Kemp 

Barbara Hossack Kingsbury 

Robert Ira Krider 

Donald Hart Lamore 

Mildred Dolores LaRocca 

Allyn Sill Lehman 

Herman D. Lerner 

Maximo Levin 

Rachel Anise Lewis 

George Arthur Lundquist 

Robert James Lynch 

Alice Cohill Marquez 

Arthur Lee Martin 

Jerome Leonard Maxwell 

Marilyn Blanche Miller 

Hester Virginia Mudd 

Abell Archibald Norris, Jr. 

Gunnar Peter Ohman 

Eleanor Butt Parker 

Zita Ponti 

Alice Leffler Rich 

Sarah Leah Rutherford 

Joan Martha Ryan 

Dorothy Gladstone Schleunes 

Annette Rena Shapiro 

Nancy Eunice Simmons 

Juanita Moore Sparrow 

Marilyn Stein 

Arlene Beverly Stepper 

Marvin Clinton Twigg 

Eileen Marie Hickey Velker 

Harriet Krakow Viner 

Thomas B. Warren 

Patsy LaRue Welty 

Peggy Louise Welty 

Henry James Werner 

Helen Christine Ward Zilliacus 

Citizenship Prize, offered by President H. C. Byrd, Class of 1908, to the member of the 
senior class, who during his collegiate career, has nearest typified the model citizen and who 
has done most for the general advancement of the interests of the University. 

Awarded to John Robert Schrecongost 

Citizenship Prize, offered by Mrs. Albert F. Woods, to the woman member of the senior 
class who, during her collegiate career, has nearest typified the model citizen and who has done 
most for the general advancement of interests of the University. 

Awarded to Carol Marie Haase 

Men's League Award, offered to the senior man who has exemplified strong character, 
successful achievement and service to his alma mater and the welfare of the men students on 

Awarded to Walter Frank Fehr 

James Douglas Goddard Memorial Medal, offered by his sister, Mrs. Anna K. Goddard 
James to the senior from Prince George's County for excellence in scholarship and moral 

Awarded to Joshua Irvine Miller 

Sigma Chi Award, offered by the Gamma Chi Chapter to the man in the freshman class 
who makes the highest scholastic average during the first semester. 

Awarded to George|Suppes Fritz 

Delta Delta Delta Sorority Medal, offered to the sophomore girl who entered the Uni- 
versity of Maryland as a freshman within three years after graduation from high school, and 
who made the highest scholastic average during the first three semesters. 

Awarded to Margaret Hawley Mendum 


The Alpha Zeta Medal, awarded by Alpha Zeta honorary agricultural fraternity to the 
agricultural student in the previous year's freshman class, who attains the highest average 
record in academic work. 

Awarded to James Bok Wong 

The Dinah Berman Memorial Medal, offered by her son, Benjamin Berman, to the 
sophomore who has attained the highest scholastic avergae of his class in the College of En- 

Awarded to John Cannon Ryon 

Omicron Nu Medal, offered to the freshman girl in the College of Home Economics who 
makes the highest scholastic average during the first semester. 

Awarded to Louise Marie Steinle 

Bernard L. Crozier Award, offered by the Maryland Association of Engineers to the 
senior in the College of Engineering who, in the opinion of the faculty, has made the greatest 
improvement in scholarship during his stay at the University. 

Awarded to James Clark Forsyth, Jr. 

American Society of Civil Engineers Award, offered by the Maryland Section of the 
American Society of Civil Engineers, to the senior in the Department of Ci^-il Engineering 
who, in the opinion of the faculty of the Department, is the outstanding student in his class. 

Awarded to James Clark Forsyth, .Jr. 

Tau Beta Pi Award, offered by the Maryland Beta Chapter of Tau Beta Pi, to the junior 
in the College of Engineering who, during his sophomore year, has made the greatest im- 
provement in scholarship over that of his freshman year. 

Awarded to Joseph Leonard Luber 

Alpha Lambda Delta Sorority Award, offered to the senior girl who has maintained the 
highest scholastic average for three and one-half years. 

Awarded to Nancy Eunice Simmons 

Rabbi Edward L. Israel Interfaith Scholarship of $300, awarded by the B'nai B'rith 
Lodges of Maryland and Washington, D. C, to the student in the junior class who has done 
most to improve interfaith relations on the campus. 

Awarded to Jonas Ralph Rappeport 

The Charles B. Hale Dramatic Award, offered to the member of the senior class who has 
done most for the advancement of dramatics at the University. 

Awarded to Jacqueline Lee Hastings 

Sigma Alpha Omicron Award, offered to the senior student majoring in Bacteriology, 
for high scholarship, character, and leadership. 

Awarded to Ada Mae Ahmanson 

Delta Gamma Scholarship Award, offered to the woman member of the graduating class, 
who has achieved the highest scholastic average for her entire course. 

Awarded to Nancy Eunice Simmons 

Silvester Medal for Excellence in Athletics, offered by the Class of 1908, to the man who 
typifies the best in college athletics. 

Awarded to George Brenner Simler 

Maryland Ring, offered by Charles L. Linhardt to the Maryland man outstanding for 
the year in athletics. 

Awarded to Harry Bonk 

Trophy offered by Edward Powell to the player who has rendered the greatest service to 
lacrosse during the year. 

Awarded to William Leslie Ruppersberger 

Trophy offered by Louis W. Berger to the outstanding senior in baseball. 

Awarded to Julius Joseph Andrus 

The Diamondback Awards for efficient and faithful service on the student weekly paper. 

Awarded to: Betty Jane Audish, James Allen Bowers, George Cheely, Mark David 
Coplin, Louis Charles Eisenhauer, Chester Phil Grassmuck, Carol Marie Haase, 
Harrison Puckette Hagemeyer, Jr., Ella Weems Hawkins, Julianne Holm, Clyde 
Fred Houle, Ethel Helen Jongeneel, Harvey Morton Libowitz, James Ferdinand 
Mann, Charles Edgar Moore, III, Donald Leslie Pierce. 


The Terrapin Awards for efficient and faithful service on the student year book. 

Awarded to: Philip Edward Bettendorf, Waldo Howard Burnside, John E. Clark, Alfred 
Danegger, Frederick Stanley De Marr, William Raymond Groome, Frank Arthur 
Masterson, Jr., John Burton Miller, Patricia Ellen Reed, Elise Page Sinton, Carolyn 
Patricia Smith, Shirley Roberts Speaker. 

The Old Line Awards for efficient and faithful service on the student quarterly magazine. 

Awarded to: Sheldon Buckingham Akers, Jr., Alvin Maxwell Cohen, Arthur Paul Cosing, 
Jr., Philip Glazer, Margery Winifrede Huff, Louise McCollum, Donald Samuel 
Mortimer, Patricia Wendell Patterson, Patricia Ann Piper, Dee Speed. 

Mahlon N. Haines '94 Trophy andjsMilitary Department Award, offered to the Com- 
mander of the winning battalion. 

Awarded to Lt. Col. Harold William Fisk, Jr., Commanding the 2nd Battalion 

The Governor's Cup and Company Award — Reserve Officer's Association, Montgomery 
County, offered to the Captain of the best drilled company. 

Awarded to Capt. WiUiam Reed Cook, Captain of Company "D" 

The Alumni Cup and^Scabbard and^Blade Cup, offered to the Commander of the best 
drilled platoon. 

Awarded to Lt. Bryan Dare Simpson, Commanding the 1st Platoon, Company "E" 

Class of 99 Gold Medal and Baltimore Sun Award, offered to the best drilled soldier. 

Awarded to Staff Sergeant Hugh Madison Shafer, Company "C" 

Meeks Trophy, offered to the individual winning the Meeks Memorial Trophy Match. 
Awarded to Pvt. Arthur Edwin Cook, Jr. 

Mehring Trophy Rifle Competition, offered to the individual with the highest average 
score in standing position for the year. 

Awarded to .^ Pvt. Arthur Edwin Cook Jr. 

Pershing Rifle Medals, offered to the members of the best drilled squad. 
Awarded to members of the 2nd Squad, 1st Platoon, Company "E": 

Staff Sgt. Warren Willard Bechtold, Squad Leader 

Sgt. David Clyde Shafferman, Assistant Squad Leader 

Pvt. Leonard Esterly Needles 

Pvt. Walter Wayne Burlin 

Pvt. Henry Preston Fogg 

Pvt. Gladstone Samuel Lewis, Jr. 

Pvt. William Henry Preston, Jr. 

Pvt. Harold Richard Purdy 

Pvt. Charles Lloy Page, Jr. 

Pvt. Walter Ernst Schmidt 

Pvt. James John McGrath