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(yommencemenl O 



Fifth Kcgirfwrii Arrnory 

Saturday, June Fourth - Nineteen Forty-Nine 
At Ten -Thirty A. M. 

''. 005 


Thou wilt not cower in the dust, 
Maryland, My Maryland! 
Thy gleaming sword shall never rust, 
Maryland, My Maryland! 
Remember Carroll's sacred trust, 
Remember Howard's warlike thrust. 
And all thy slumb'rers with the just, 
Maryland, My Maryland! 

I hear the distant thunder hum, 

Maryland, My Maryland! 

The Old Line bugle, fife and drum, 

Maryland, My Maryland! 

Come to thine own heroic throng. 

That stalks with Liberty along, 

And ring thy dauntless slogan song, 

Maryland, My Maryland! 


say can you see, — by the dawn's early light. 
What so proudly we hail'd at the twilight's last gleaming? 
Whose broad stripes and bright stars, thro' the perilous fight, 
O'er the ramparts we watched, were so gallantly streaming? 
And the rockets' red glare, the bombs bursting in air. 
Gave proof thro' the night — that our flag was still there. 
O say does that Star-Spangled Banner yet wave 
O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave? 


PROCESSIONAI^—Tannhauser March Wagner 

The University of Maryland Orchestra 
Directed by Mr. Frank Sykora 

INVOCATION Rev. John W. Rustin 

Mt. Vernon Place Methodist Church, Washington, D. C. 

SOLO Glenn Darwin 

The United States Air Force Band, Washington, D. C. 

ADDRESS His Honor, Thomas D'Alesandro, Jr. 

Mayor of Baltimore City 

SOLO Carolyn Long 

Metropolitan Opera Company 

ADDRESS His Excellency, William Preston Lane, Jr. 

Governor of Maryland 

SOLO Glenn Darwin 

ADDRESS Dr. WillardE. Givens 

Executive Secretary of National Education Association 

MUSIC — Maryland, My Maryland Audience 

Directed by Professor Harlan Randall 


President H, C. Byrd 

MUSIC — The Star-Spangled Banner Audience 

BENEDICTION Rabbi Morris Lieberman 

Baltimore Hebrew Congregation 

RECESSIONAL— Turkish March Beethoven 

The University of Maryland Orchestra 

After the exercises, the audience will please remain in place until the 
academic procession has left the auditorium. 




Doctor of Laws 

Doctor of Engineering 


VERE CULVER, Cecil County 






Candidates will be presented by Acting Dean Ronald Bamford 

Doctor of Philosophy 

Rowland Keedy Adams, Jr Maryland 

Benjamin Frank Allen Maryland 

Joseph Gordon Bird Maryland 

Stephen Russell Deane Maryland 

William R. Faust D. C. 

Shreekrishna Manmohan Gadekar.. Maryland 

Edward Walker Glazener North Carolina 

Larry Quentin Green Maryland 

Mohammed Emdadul Haque Pakistan 

Jen-yah Hsie Maryland 

Frank Leuer Keller Illinois 

Oscar Klioze Maryland 

Willys Raymond Knight Michigan 

Ivonne Lastra D. C. 

Robert Jones Lillie Maryland 

William Eldridge Lusby, Jr Maryland 

Morley Gordon McCartney Canada 

Vishwambhar Nath India 

George Watts Newell Maryland 

Norman Gerard Paulhus Maryland 

Edward H. Price Maryland 

Robert DuBois Rappleye Maryland 

Alexander Sadie Virginia 

Louis Herbert Schwartzman Maryland 

Donald Hyde Scott Maryland 

John Deo Sterling, Jr New Jersey 

Samuel Cantor Temin D. C. 

Eleanor Werble D. C. 

Doctor of Education 
David Spurgin Jenkins Maryland 

Master of Arts 

Herbert Irving Abelson Massachusetts 

Ruth Robertson Adams Maryland 

Walter S. Blake, Jr Maryland 

Alice Martin Brumbaugh Pennsylvania 

Emily Marian Brunk Florida 

June Elizabeth Chance Maryland 

Yung-Ho Chang China 

Eitel Wolf Dobert D. C. 

Robert Warren Dorr Maryland 

Edwin Alan Fleishman Mar>iand 

Robert Edmund Galloway.. .„ Marj'land 

EveljTi Levow Greenberg Maryland 

Francis S. Grubar Marjiand 

Arline Gerson Hoenigfeld New York 

Robert Thompson Hyde Maryland 

Catesby Thomas Jones D. C. 

Ruth Anne Keyes New York 

Judith Mae Margaretten New Jersey 

Mary Frank Mauck Mar>-land 

Brooke Meanley ..._ Maryland 

Edna May Merson Marv'land 

Edmund Clark Mester Maryland 

Graciela Palau Nemes Maryland 

L. Charles Pierce _ Maryland 

Charles William Porter Marj-land 

Harold H. Rash J'lorida 

H, Murray Schere D. C. 

Harry Edwin Shilling, Jr D. C. 

Jean Sinclair New York 

Howard James Skidmore Maryland 

Elizabeth Johann Staskewitz....Pennsylvama 

Yi-Hsien Wang Marjiand 

Herbert Chester Whitney >\_.Maryland 

Anna May Williams .^._ Marj'land 

Hubert Lee Williams „ Florida 

Frederick Samuel Wyvill ,^^.....Maryland 

Harry Zemel ^z. Maryland 

Helen Christine W. Zilliacus Maryland 

Master of Science 

Redfield Wilmerton Allen Maryland 

Roscoe Gardner Bartlett, Jr Maryland 

Thomas Edward Beatty..._ D. C. 

Ursula Teresa Biermacher D. C. 

David Blumenthal New York 

Lewis Luther Bonham „...D. C. 

John Charles Bouma Maryland 

David Jerome Bums Maryland 

Eileen Alice Carbery New York 

Anthony Camvale Marj'land 

Irene Margaret Cooney Massachusetts 

Louis Costrell Maryland 

William Curtis Day Pennsylvania 

Arthur Edson Durfee Maryland 

Abdel Halim Abd Allah Aly El-Damaty 

- Egypt 

Matthew Franklin Ellmore Maryland 

Margaret Gillespie Filbert Maryland 

Ian Forbes, Jr Maryland 

Charles Abram Fuller, Jr Virginia 

Samuel Goldhagen New Jersey 

*Melba Agnes Grafius Pennsylvania 

Sidney Grolman Maryland 

Howard Milton Gross Mar>'land 

Richard Bennett Guyer Maryland 

Jacqueline Patricia Hajek Mar>iand 

Arthur Pennoyer Harrison, Jr Maryland 

Cecilia Hartmann-Perdomo Colombia 

Charles Raymond Hayleck, Jr Maryland 

James Milton Headrick..._ JD. C. 

Cecil Gordon Hewes Mar>'land 

Billy Mitchusson Horton D. C. 

Helen Estes Houston. — D. C. 

Henrj' Fuller Howden, Jr Maryland 

John Harry Hoyert, Jr Maryland 

Betty Katherine Job „ Indiana 

John Lloyd Jones, Jr D. C. 

Paul Z. Kalavski _ Maryland 

John William Kauffman. „ D. C. 

Conrad Harper Liden Maryland 

Salvatore Francis Martino New Jersey 

Robert E. McDowell JVIaryland 

Mohammad Nasim „ Pakistan 

Frederick Wilbert O'Green Marjiand 

Anna Belle Owens. ..„ Maryland 

Jogindra Nath Panda „ India 

Ramchandra Mukund Patil Maryland 

Claudia Sebeste Prickett D. C. 

Roland Kenneth Risa North Dakota 

Albert Marvin Rubenstein Virginia 

Wallace Gordon Sanford _ California 

Jack Palmer Saunders JMaryland 

George Wilfred Schmersahl Maryland 

Sukumar Sengupta _ India 

Joseph M. Sherfey ,D. C. 

Sardar Harbhajan Singh. _ India 

Harry Blaine Smith Maryland 

Bruce HoUen Stafford...- _ D. C. 

Martin Carl Steele ...D. C. 

Samuel Dewey Summers D. C. 

Armen Charles Tarjan New Jersey 

George B. Vogt Maryland 

Robert Keith Warner Maryland 

John Robert Williams Maryland 

David Winfrey West Virginia 

Harry Edward Wolf _ Marjiand 

Omer Yoldas _ Maryland 

Willis Harold Young, Jr Mar>iand 

Arnold Jerome Zarett New York 

*As of June 5, 1948. 

Master of Education 

Pauline Elizabeth Abeyounis Maryland 

Worthy Carver Absalom, Jr West Virginia 

Hannah Malinda Struckman Allamong 


C. William Anthony Maryland 

Samuel James Arbes New Jersey 

Harry Bonk ^ Maryland 

Eva May Bradley .TiT.: Maryland 

Richard Thomas Brown, Jr ; Maryland 

Hilmar Arthur Buerger Maryland 

Arvil Newton Bunch .......Maryland 

Winifred Coberly Catington ji!!';i.Maryland 

Don-Chean Chu Maryland 

Doris Madeline Clements Maryland 

Lillian Wyette Coleman _ Virginia 

Guy F. Cook Maryland 

Archa Otis Dart Maryland 

Anna B. Dessez .^^.... Maryland 

Edward Burnett Dexter .X?.. Maryland 

Hilda Molly Farbman ."".^^..-..Maryland 

Irene Marie Gaczynski New Jersey 

Charles Orville Gray .'..?::-....Maryland 

John Courtland Hadder New York 

Gerald Warren Hayes : :.7.: Maryland 

Jacob Earl Hershman ,. Maryland 

Delma Mae Holden "'t.- Maryland 

Irwin Seymour Jacobs D. C. 

Eloise Sloan Jenkins Maryland 

Edgar Guy Jewell Maryland 

Mary Rose Julisson..... ^ JVIaryland 

Norris Alonzo King...:'. H?^. Maryland 

William Earl Krouse, Jr Maryland 

Jim Elmer LaRue Oklahoma 

Tilden Theodore Lawlis Maryland 

John James Michaels New York 

Hilda Claire Mohun D. C. 

Virginia Jean Moyer , Maryland 

Frank David Musgrave '..T.i* Maryland 

William Robert Niemann Virginia 

Leonard Thomas Oass Maryland 

William Albert Odell .; Maryland 

Lowell Andrew Prater D. C. 

Ruth Mann Ries ::•:: Maryland 

George Bosley Royston.:'.?... Maryland 

Anna Marie Schone ..'.. Maryland 

Maurice Herbert Schreiber Maryland 

William Donald Schwanebeck Maryland 

Edward John Schwarz Maryland 

Walter Tracy Scudder, Jr Virginia 

James A. Stach ."..". Maryland 

Dorothy Laird Tomme Louisiana 

W. Norris Weis >.*. Maryland 

John Franklin Wheeler Maryland 

James Benjamin Williams Maryland 

Loviis Leonard Wood - D. C. 

Albert Westle Woods Maryland 

Master of Business Administration 

Jack Manteau Bowman Maryland 

Paul Francis Miller Maryland 

Robert Edward Peters Maryland 

William Marshall Redd, Jr Maryland 

John Lotzia Shumate Maryland 

Donald Lester Sweetman New York 

Anita Norcop. 

Master of Foreign Study 

.California Joseph August Wilderrauth. 


Master of Arts 

Edward Franklin Cooper Maryland 

John McCurdy Eakin Maryland 

Charles Ray Mayes Missouri 

Jane Haller McCafferty Maryland 

Elam Jackson Supplee Pennsylvania 

Nellie Gertrude Thomas Maryland 

William Harvey Wroten Maryland 

Martha Corcoran Bradley. 

Master of Science 


Master of Education 

Loretta Porter Alderton Maryland 

Josiah Alexander Blacklock Maryland 

Marshall Granville Brown Maryland 

Sidney Calvin Maryland 

Alma Ruth Ellis Missouri 

Louis Morgan Fitzell Maryland 

Howard Palmer Hopkins Pennsylvania 

Richard Harold Jenkins Maryland 

Russell Augustas Lombardy D. C. 

Burgess Alvy Meadows West Virginia 

Abell A. Norris, Jr Maryland 

Jesse Irving Pollard D. C. 

George Henry Sachs Virginia 

Wendell Ellsworth Shawn, Jr Maryland 

Thelma Barton Smith Maryland 

Donald Monroe Sullivan Maryland 

Seldon B. Thomas Maryland 

Lillian Charlotte Rebecca Wagner.. Maryland 

Master of Business Administration 
Robert James Lynch D. C. Gene Meredith Powell Maryland 

Master of Foreign Study 
Joseph Anthony Santanello New Jersey 


Candidates will be presented by Dean H. Boyd Wylie 

Doctor of Medicine 

Robert Auman Abraham Pennsylvania 

Leonard Bachman Maryland 

John William Barnard Maryland 

Joseph William Belkin Connecticut 

William Philip Benjamin New York 

Sara Elizabeth Bennett North Carolina 

Albert Edward Blundell Utah 

Edward Bradford Georgia 

James Alexander Cline, 3rd Nebraska 

Florence Hurtt Deringer Maryland 

Otha Albert Eubanks, Jr North Carolina 

Robert Blaine Forman Oregon 

Charles Richard Fravel Virginia 

Joseph Edward Gill Pennsylvania 

Martin Klaus Gorten New Jersey 

Harry Williams Gray Maryland 

Angelina Guido West Virginia 

James RadclifFe Harris Pennsylvania 

Charles Thomas Henderson Michigan 

Charles Westley Humphreys, Jr D. C. 

George William Knabe, Jr Michigan 

Thomas Earl Lewis Pennsylvania 

Burton Vernon Lock Maryland 

Nathaniel Jacob London Maryland 

George Henry Longley D. C. 

James T. Lukens Pennsylvania 

Alberta Rose Malcamey California 

Harry McCoy Mattax Maryland 

Mary Elizabeth Matthews North Carolina 

Homer Woodrow May Pennsylvania 

Charles Frederic McCord Indiana 

Edmund Bishop Middleton Rhode Island 

Max Jay Miller Maryland 

John Lewis Moyer, III Pennsylvania 

Francis Neumayer Pennsylvania 

Josephine Evelyn Newell North Carolina 

Gilbert Lee Nicklas Maryland 

John Henry Panzarella New York 

Merrill Elliott Parelhoff Maryland 

Robert Raikes Pittman North Carolina 

Jerome Pleet Maryland 

Howard Frank Raskin Maryland 

Clifford Thurston Riddel, Jr Virginia 

Charles Bums Roehrig Massachusetts 

Robert Reuben Rosen North Carolina 

Albert Bernard Sarewitz New Jersey 

Jordan Mayer Scher Maryland 

Nathan Schnaper Maryland 

Richard David Schreiber Illinois 

Margaret Lee Sherrard West Virginia 

Meredith Parks Smith Minnesota 

Kenneth Bruce Snider Texas 

John Allen Spittel, Jr „...Maryland 

Earlin John Stabler Pennsylvania 

Elwin Eugene Stanfield California 

Robert Joseph Steckler Indiana 

Edward Ward Stevenson Virginia 

John Franklin Strahan Maryland 

Russell McFarlane Tilley, Jr New York 

James Kyner Timanus Ohio 

Arnold Tramer _ Maryland 

Gene Douglas Trettin Maryland 

Robert George Wamock Ohio 

Frank Yandle Watson North Carolina 

Elbert Sylvester Welch Alabama 

Carolyn De Witt Wolfe New Jersey 

John Bosley Ziegler Maryland 

Lillian Koch Ziegler Maryland 


William Gordon Sanford North Carolina 


University Prize Gold Medal 

John Allen Spittel, Jr. 

Certificates of Honor 

1. Harry McCoy Mattax 

2. Albert Bernard Sarewitz 

3. Merrill Elliott Parelhoff 

4. Nathan Schnaper 

5. George Henry Longley 


Candidates will be presented by Dean J. Ben Robinson 

Doctor of Dental Surgery 

Norton Joseph Bloch New Jersey 

Herbert Bricken Maryland 

Mitchell Joseph Burgin Massachusetts 

Viron LeRoy Diefenbach Maryland 

Sidney Herman D. C. 

Pedro Honorio Hernandez-Paralitici 

Puerto Rico 

Emanuel Agapios Kostas West Virginia 

Theodore Leizman Maryland 

Charles Albert Lynn New Jersey 

Charles Riddel Milne Vermont 

William Frederick Muhlbauer New York 

George Edgar B. O'Roark D. C. 

John Edward Parent Connecticut 

Albert Carmen Picozzi Rhode Island 

Allen Rekant Rhode Island 

Cancio Antonio Santiago Nieves 

Puerto Rico 

Ruth Schwarz Maryland 

Robert Stanley Simmons Maryland 

George Spiegel Maryland 


Jerome Christopher Doherty New Jersey Edwin Read Rapp Maryland 

Bernard Friedman Maryland James Harold Scribner Massachusetts 

David Lewis Maryland 


University Gold Medal for Scholarship 

Viron LeRoy Diefenbach 

Certificates of Honor 

Norton Joseph Bloch 
Mitchell Joseph Burgin 


Candidates will be presented by Dean Roger Howell 

Certificates of Proficiency 

Ruth Howard Bishop Maryland 

Frederick R. Pausch Maryland 

Frank Vincent Seglinski Maryland 

Bachelor of Laws 

Evangelos Christ Alevizatos Maryland 

Milton Burke Allen Maryland 

Saunders Mann Almond, Jr Maryland 

Jerome M. Asch Maryland 

George Joseph Ayd Maryland 

* With Honor. 

William Henry Badenhoop Maryland 

Malcolm Ridgely Baer Maryland 

James Porter Bailey Maryland 

*George William Baker, Jr Maryland 

LeRoy Bald Maryland 

Carlyle Barton, Jr Maryland 

Edward Parker Beachum Maryland 

Kluck Uz Berkau Maryland 

John Edward Boemer Maryland 

Calhoun Bond Maryland 

Marvin Braiterman Maryland 

Daniel Baugh Brewster Maryland 

Thomas Worthington Brundige, III 


Winston Trueheart Brundige Maryland 

James Lomax Bundy Maryland 

Christopher Theodore Callahan Maryland 

Eugene Mackall Childs Maryland 

Harry Augustus Cole Maryland 

Bert Arnold Collison Maryland 

Thomas Joseph Curley, Jr Maryland 

Alexander Campbell Gushing Maryland 

Ralph Cresap Davis Maryland 

William Earl Dixon Maryland 

John A. Farley, Jr Maryland 

William Davis Fazenbaker Maryland 

Henry J. Fink Marjiand 

Allan Herbert Fisher, Jr Maryland 

Clarence Joseph FljTin Maryland 

John Bernard Garvey, Jr Maryland 

Robert Brattan Gelder Maryland 

Charles Gordon Gilbert Maryland 

*Solomon Gottlieb Maryland 

Adam S. Gregorius, Jr Maryland 

Oliver Robert Guyther Maryland 

Virgil Ward Hickman Maryland 

James E. Hicks, Jr Maryland 

Samuel Omar Jackson, Jr Maryland 

Frank Michael Jakobowski Pennsylvania 

Harry Robert Keller, Jr Ohio 

John Francis Kennedy, Jr Maryland 

Leonard Jules Kerpelman Maryland 

Dixie Donald Kilham Maryland 

Martin Kleinman Maryland 

Paul Dudley Lamson, Jr. Tennessee 

Severn Eugene Lanier Maryland 

Walter Garrett Larrimore Maryland 

*Richard Heaphy Lerch Maryland 

Bernard George Link Maryland 

Frederic Orr Louden D. C. 

Kenneth Johnson Mackley Maryland 

Michael Joseph Manley Maryland 

*With Honor. 

Samuel Sandor Markovitz Pennsylvania 

Charles McCurdy Mathias, Jr Maryland 

Thomas Conway Matthews, Jr Maryland 

James McSherry Maryland 

John Judge Mehling Maryland 

Edward Walter Mogowski Maryland 

Thomas F. Moran New York 

Edward Emerson Murray Maryland 

Herbert R. O'Conor, Jr Maryland 

John P. O'Ferrall Maryland 

Bernard Clement O'Sullivan Maryland 

Stephen Richard Pagenhardt Maryland 

George Leonard Parrish Maryland 

B. Raymond Perkins Maryland 

L, Hollingsworth Pittman Maryland 

Robert Fulton Podlich Maryland 

Richard Malone Pollitt Maryland 

Wilbur Day Preston, Jr Maryland 

Robert Stanley Putterman Maryland 

George Marriott Radcliffe Maryland 

Irving Sanford Reamer Maryland 

Wayne Douglas Riordan Maryland 

John Bernard Russell Maryland 

Jacob Robert Schlenger Maryland 

Charles Lurman Scott Maryland 

Doris Petersen Scott Maryland 

Raphael Semmes Maryland 

George Michael Sherwood Maryland 

Henry Reese Shoemaker, Jr Maryland 

Walter B. Siwinski Maryland 

W. Everett Smith Maryland 

George Dulaney Solter Maryland 

*Ed'win Thomas Steffy, Jr Maryland 

Joseph Healy Sullivan Maryland 

*Edward A. Supplee Maryland 

George Sweda Pennsylvania 

*Rudolph Edward Tighe, Jr Maryland 

Frank Joseph Tripoda Maryland 

Martin Zacharia Vogelhut Maryland 

Leopold Vogelstein Maryland 

Robert B. Watts Maryland 

Edward Oscar Weant, Jr Maryland 

Robert L. Weinberg Maryland 

*Frank Edwin Williams, Jr Maryland 

Jack Howard Williams Maryland 

Werner Windus Maryland 

Richard Stewart Wright Maryland 


William Daniel Taylor Maryland 


Elected to the Order of the Coif 

Solomon Gottlieb 

Edwin Thomas Steffy, Jr. 

Rudolph Edward Tighe, Jr. 
Edward A. Supplee 
Frank Edwin Williams, Jr. 

U. S. Law Week Award Evangelos C. Alevizatos 

Elizabeth Maxwell Carroll Chesnut Prize Edwin A. Supplee 


Candidates will be presented by Associate Dean Ronald Bamford 

Bachelor of Science 

Clarkson Jones Beall New Jersey 

George William Bishop, Jr Maryland 

Elizabeth Helen Bridge Maryland 

Irving Miller Byers West Virginia 

Robert Lee Cain Maryland 

William John Carpenter, Jr Maryland 

Anthony Chi-Wu Chung China 

George Grant Collins Virginia 

German Fernandez Concha Peru 

John Lawson Crothers, Jr Maryland 

O'Dell G. Daniel Arkansas 

Robert Judson Davey Maryland 

William Elwood Davidson New Jersey 

Kenneth Dawson Demaree Maryland 

Thurman DeHart Donovan Maryland 

Harold Eugene Durst D. C. 

Meyer Eckstein Maryland 

Carl Emerson D. C. 

Frederick Franklin Everhart, Jr Maryland 

Donald Talbott Fangmeyer Maryland 

Earl David Giggard Maryland 

Eric Henry Gleis Maryland 

Joseph Sebastian Grabenstein Maryland 

Richard Arthur Greenwood Maryland 

Russell Hammond Hinds, Jr Maryland 

Lester Earl Hogue Maryland 

Samuel EUicott Hopkins Maryland 

Raymond Bradley Howe D, C. 

Lynn Elmer Johnston Maryland 

Harry Lee Jones Maryland 

Stephen Michael Kahoe, Jr Maryland 

Howard Tiffany Kelly Maryland 

Joseph A. Keplinger, Jr Maryland 

William Dixon Leatherbury Virginia 

Leo August Lenherr, Jr Maryland 

Charles Arthur Lewis Maryland 

Raymond Kenneth Lyons Maryland 

Carlton Parks Marcus, Jr Maryland 

Frederick Harold Marschalk Maryland 

James Maguire Mattingly, Jr Maryland 

William Edward McCaslin Maryland 

Karlton Francis Morris Maryland 

John Kunkel Moseley D. C. 

Lewis Odin Myhre, Jr Ohio 

Harry George Neumann Maryland 

Robert Edward Perdue Maryland 

Robert Hartenstine Rhoads, Sr Maryland 

John Daniel Rieck Maryland 

Edward Joseph Robel Maryland 

John Sanjean Maryland 

William Edward Schaefer, Jr Maryland 

Robert John Schutrumpf Maryland 

John Frank Smit New Jersey 

Herman Leonard Sodie ':.-: Maryland 

Paul Stephen Souder Maryland 

Warren Glenn Souder Maryland 

Charles Donnell Spencer D. C. 

Joseph B. Spillman Maryland 

Edwin Leonard Statter Maryland 

William Emmett Sylvester Maryland 

Perry Ford Twining Maryland 

Nick Vukovich New Mexico 

John Simpson Walker Maryland 

Frank Hammond Warfield Maryland 

Kenneth Eric Wherley Maryland 

Francis Earl White D. C. 

Van Robert Whiting Maryland 

Richard Sheldon Wickham New York 

Joseph Holmes Wiley Maryland 

Robert Craig Wiley Maryland 

William B. Wilson, Jr Maryland 

Edward William Winett Maryland 

James Bok Wong New York 

John Thomas Worthington, III Maryland 

Harry A. Ziegler, Jr Maryland 

Bachelor of Science 

Thomas Latane Butler Maryland 

Douglas Byrne Diamond, Jr Maryland 

Thomas Benjamin Hagerman, Jr...Maryland 
William Harold Heritage New Jersey 

Honorable Mention 

First Honors 

James Bok Wong 

Van Robert Whiting 

Donald Talbott Fangmeyer 

John Sanjean 

William John Carpenter, Jr. 

John Lawson Crothers, Jr. 

Harry Albert Ziegler 

Second Honors 

Charles Arthur Lewis 
Anthony Chi-Wu Chung 
Paul Stephen Souder 
Carl Emerson 
Perry Ford Twining 
Robert Edward Perdue, Jr. 
O'Dell Gwin Daniel 



Candidates will be presented by Acting Dean J. F. Pyle 

Bachelor of Arts 

Otis David Ackrill Rhode Island 

Melvin Irwin Albert D. C. 

Jeanne Dolores Alexandre Pennsylvania 

Joan Elise Bare Maryland 

Kenneth Harlan Bargmann Maryland 

Carroll Williams Bartlett Maryland 

Walter Michael Bauman, Jr D. C. 

Henry Stover Bausum Maryland 

William Ashby Beal D. C. 

Norman Hubert Beaulieu D. C. 

Henry Allen Bennett D. C. 

Rosita Rieck Kerber Bennett Maryland 

Gloria Mae Bishop Maryland 

Samuel Blumenfeld Maryland 

Virginia Robinson Bogert, II Maryland 

James Allen Bowers Maryland 

Phyllis Braiterman Maryland 

Mary Ann Brockmeyer D. C. 

Kenneth Cook Buker, Jr D. C. 

Cherron Reddie Callaghan D. C. 

Amy Hunt Cantwell Virginia 

Anne Amelia Carpenter Maryland 

Lois Anne Carroll Maryland 

Robert Powell Carter, Jr Maryland 

George Lee Cary, Jr Maryland 

James Faulkner Channing D. C. 

Margaret Ann Chrisman D. C. 

Joyce Alice Christie D. C. 

Janice Cohen Maryland 

Jonas Kolker Cohen Maryland 

Corliss Rebecca Cook D. C. 

Joel Irvin Coonin Maryland 

Robert Wingert Coover Maryland 

Mark David Coplin Maryland 

Jean Elizabeth Crawley Maryland 

Charles Wendell Curtis D. C. 

Norma Lorraine Curtis Maryland 

Samuel Donald D'Alfonzo Maryland 

William James Darrow Maryland 

Ruth Leah Davidson D. C. 

John Eisele Davis, Jr Virginia 

William Edgar Deichler D. C. 

Frederick Stanley DeMarr Maryland 

Joseph Faries Denniston, III Maryland 

Katherine Lee Duke Maryland 

Olga Marion Dunbar D. C. 

Charles Arthur Eby, Jr Maryland 

Betty Lee Ellin Maryland 

Blanche Elizabeth Emala Maryland 

David Harold Entler Maryland 

Doris Gail Feimster Maryland 

Martha Jane Fisher Maryland 

Elaine Virginia Fitchett D. C. 

Barbara Ann Fitzgerald Maryland 

Joyce Eleanore Frederick D. C. 

Vasiliki Georgiou D. C. 

Betty Doris Getz Maryland 

Payson Getz Maryland 

Joyce Helene Gibbons Maryland 

Charlotte Maxine Gilden Maryland 

Jeanne Marie Given Maryland 

Stephen Hogue Goode Maryland 

Walden Keller Gorsuch, Jr Maryland 

Lois Blodgett Grenier Maryland 

Mary Ruth Griffin Maryland 

Gerald Eugene Groblewski Pennsylvania 

Eleanor Gwathmey Maryland 

Margaret Rebecca Hall Maryland 

William Weldon Halliday Maryland 

Doris Elaine Harder Maryland 

Barbara Hays Hargrave D. C. 

Eleanor Jean Harrington Ohio 

Edson Abbot Hayes Maryland 

Patricia June Henderson Maryland 

Gloria Charlotte Henkelman Maryland 

Ruth Joyce Hens Maryland 

Helen Bowling Hereford Maryland 

Eleanor Mary Higgons Connecticut 

Frank Hirsch Maryland 

Jean Marie Hoff Maryland 

Sloane Hoskins Hoopes Maryland 

Eleanor Dorothy Hoppe Pennsylvania 

Ursula Joy Hull Maryland 

Robert Donald Humbertson Maryland 

Jean Yvonne Huyett Maryland 

Aline Emily Johnson Maryland 

Harold Francis Jones D. C. 

Helen Louise Kaplan Maryland 

Jean Carol Kaufmann D. C. 

William Francis Kenkel Maryland 

Mary Isabel Kershaw Maryland 

Arthur Roland King Maryland 

Myrtle June Kite Virginia 

Barbara Jane Kitzmiller Maryland 

Florence Amelia Kretchmer Maryland 

Barbara Clare Kuhn Maryland 

Russell Marion Kulsrud Maryland 

Arnold Kurland Maryland 

Jean G. Lansdown Indiana 

Elliott E. Lapin Maryland 

Murray Donald Leizman....^. t. Maryland 

Martha Grace Likens .'. Marj'^land 

Sidney M. Lipsitz, Jr Maryland 

William James Lloyd Maryland 

Howard Harries Loos Maryland 

Raymond Howard Lund Maryland 

Joan Helen Mahoney Maryland 

June Roth Margolin Maryland 

Germaine Delores Margolis Maryland 

Muriel Mark Maryland 

Rhona Mae Marmer Maryland 

Raymond Norman Marquart New Jersey 

Helen Burwell Marshall Maryland 

Ralph Augustus May Virginia 

Jeanne Miller McBeath Georgia 

Murray Michael McColloch Maryland 

Penelope McDuffie Maryland 

Ethel Ann McGuire Maryland 

Dorothy Anne McMinn New Jersey 

Alice Virginia Measell Maryland 

Jacob Yosef Miliman Maryland 

Jeralee Joan Miller Maryland 

Naomi Ruth Miller D. C. 

James Alexander Mitchell Maryland 


Robert Laurie Mitchell Maryland 

Robert Edward Montgomery D. C. 

Mary Kathryn Moran Maryland 

James Donald Morgan Maryland 

Mary Elizabeth Morley D. C. 

Ann Marie Murphy Maryland 

Marilyn Auker Murphy Maryland 

Jane Blackburn Musgrove North Carolina 

Lois Patricia Myers Maryland 

Chester Frederick Naumowicz, Jr.. .Maryland 

Pauline Charlotte Oken D. C. 

Mathilde Augusta Osann Maryland 

Marlyn Paper D. C. 

William Darby Payne D. C. 

Betty Marie Pearce Maryland 

Harry Thomas Phoebus, Jr Maryland 

Maurice Benoit Plasse Rhode Island 

Frances Marie Pollard D. C. 

John Ralph Pumell Maryland 

Tema Rankin Maryland 

Fred August Rawlinson California 

Kathryn Minerva Rea Maryland 

Martha Moulton Rea Maryland 

Patricia Ellen Reed Maryland 

Paula Revitz .'D. C. 

Bernard Frank Rhoderick Maryland 

Janet Ruth Richards D. C. 

Harry Wilson Robb Iowa 

Maxine Louise Robertson Maryland 

Carlyle Frederick Robinson New York 

Philip Emanuel Rosenberg Maryland 

Carlton Ehlers Roxbrough, Jr Maryland 

Christina Rudes New Jersey 

Lillian Sonia Scher D. C. 

Barbara Ann Schmall Maryland 

Herman Gustav Schroeder D. C. 

Joanne Marie Scott Maryland 

DeWitt Richard Searles Maryland 

Daniel Gordon Shalowitz Maryland 

Wilma Jean Shipley New Jersey 

Harry Zvi Shoubin Maryland 

Bryan Dare Simpson Maryland 

Bonita Kathryn Singleterry D. C. 

Grover Lee Small D. C. 

Carolyn Patricia Smith D. C. 

Mary Patricia Smith Maryland 

Elizabeth Jane Snow D. C. 

Frank Marcrum Sommerkamp, III D. C. 

Albert Richard Sorbo Pennsylvania 

Benjamin Tolbert Spinks North Carolina 

Bernice Z, Spire Maryland 

Alan Hance Stocksdale Maryland 

Joseph Godfrey Sullivan Maryland 

Neil Tabor Maryland 

Ruth Taub Maryland 

Carolyn Ann Thompson Mississippi 

James Elmer Thompson, Jr Maryland 

Richard David Thompson Maryland 

Nora Pauline Topalian D. C. 

Jean Isabelle Travers Maryland 

Harry Robert Venables Maryland 

Frances Marie Villaret D. C. 

Carol Romaine von Wallenstein Maryland 

Philip Adam Wagner Maryland 

George Cabot Weare D. C. 

Marjorie Evelyn White D. C. 

Richard Whittington Whitlock D. C. 

James Henry Whitney Maryland 

Joan Brunner Wilkinson New Jersey 

Janet Dorothy Williams Maryland 

Barbara Jean Wingate D. C. 

Alma Ann Wojciechowski Maryland 

Bobbie Wood Georgia 

Margaret Elizabeth Wood Maryland 

Isabelle Marie Wright D. C. 

William Clarke Wroe Maryland 

Ernest S. Yaniger Maryland 

Charles Murray Yost Maryland 

Bachelor of Science 

William Olas Adkins Delaware 

Mary Catherine Albaugh Maryland 

Lillian Carol Alcorn Pennsylvania 

Nancy Rawlins Amadon New Jersev 

John Harold Archibald D. C. 

Betty Louise Axt Maryland 

Norman Myron Bacher D. C. 

James Lockhart Baker Maryland 

Marguerite Marion Eloise Ball Maryland 

Paul Gray Bassette Maryland 

John Elwood Baumgardner Maryland 

Basil Byron Benson Maryland 

Robert Berkow Maryland 

Ralph Antonio Bernardo Rhode Island 

Adolf Bimbaum Maryland 

Jean Hayden Boehme Pennsylvania 

Joseph Anthony Brescia New Jersey 

Samuel Hyman Brooks Maryland 

Virginia H. DeAtley Brown Maryland 

Harry Peter Cherigos Maryland 

Raymond Joseph Chrobot New Jersey 

Jay Bernard Class Maryland 

Lensworth Cottrell, Jr Maryland 

Donald Edward Covell Maryland 

Philip George Crook Maryland 

Morris N. Curren D. C. 

Joseph Deckelbaum Maryland 

Philip Joseph DiPaula Maryland 

Concetta Marie DiPietro Maryland 

Joseph John Doney, Jr Maryland 

Alice Prigg Drummond D. C. 

Helen Lucille Eckardt Maryland 

Thaddeus Harry Elder, Jr Maryland 

John Stewart Finley, III Virginia 

Arthur John Fistori Massachusetts 

Edward Vincent Fowler Maryland 

Harry M. Frankel Maryland 

Sylvan Frieman Maryland 

George Gevas Maryland 

Murrey David Goldberg Maryland 

Gordon Edmund Green Maryland 

Seymour Gerald Gresser Maryland 

Betty Lou Harmon Maryland 

Janet Wilson Hartley D. C. 

Selwyn Jeffrey Heller New York 

Ruth Lea Horrowitz Maryland 

William Michael Indocci Connecticut 

Paul J. Jones D. C. 

Irvin Bernard Kaplan Maryland 

Norman Harold Katz Maryland 


Jean Marie Kessinger Maryland 

Walter Joseph Koterwas Maryland 

Stanley Phillip Kramer Maryland 

Deborah Rose Krause Maryland 

Columbus Lee Lagrone Alabama 

Michael William Langello Connecticut 

Gordon Lee Lerch Maryland 

Robert Coplan Levin Maryland 

Edward Anderson Looper, Jr Maryland 

Sheldon Losin Maryland 

Marvin Stanley Maxwell D. C. 

Ruben A. Mendez Puerto Rico 

Dorothy May Meredith Maryland 

Anthony James Meushaw Maryland 

June Overton Montgomery Maryland 

George Earle Moore Maryland 

Edmund Morgan Maryland 

Karl Manfred Morgenstein Maryland 

Robert Schaaf Mosser Maryland 

James Milbum Norris D. C. 

William Solomon Orlove P. C. 

Alvin Richard Pivar Maryland 

Alfred Joseph Pratt New Jersey 

Angela Dolores Puleo Maryland 

Joseph Rakosky, Jr Maryland 

Gerald Marvin Rashbaum Maryland 

James Lamar Read Maryland 

Beinard Michael Reges Maryland 

Eddie Richards Virginia 

Pedro Rivera-Torres Puerto Rico 

John Roman Pennsylvania 

Anne D. Ross Maryland 

Albert Edward Sanderson, Jr Maryland 

Lawrence Donald Sarubin Maryland 

Dorothy May Schenck Connecticut 

Adolph Francis Schindler Maryland 

Roland Vincent Shack Virginia 

Carol Lee Shaw New Jersey 

Samuel Norman Sherry Maryland 

Warren Seymour Silver Maryland 

Walter Slavin Maryland 

Edward Patrick Smith, Jr Marj'land 

Herbert Marshall Sohmer Maryland 

Eva Stein Maryland 

Herbert Alexander Stouck D. C. 

Thomas Lee Taylor Maryland 

Jean Marie Thomas Maryland 

John Bounds Tilghman Mar^-^land 

Francis Gabriel Tromba New York 

J. Manuel Velasco New York 

John Michael Louis Venditti Maryland 

Charles Victor Wahlberg Connecticut 

Alford Leroy Ward Maryland 

Helen Odette Werner Maryland 

Ralph Franklin Wiseman D. C. 

Geraldine Frances Wolfe Maryland 

Mary Ellen Worden Maryland 

Florence Ann Wright Delaware 

Bachelor of Arts 

Barbara Bacoff Maryland 

Barbara Elizabeth Brown D. C. 

Elizabeth Virginia Hicks Maryland 

Mariljm Brown Hoffman Maryland 

Effie Hardee Ingalls D. C. 

William Christopher Kyriakys New York 

Laura Patricia Libbey Maryland 

William Bradford Norris New York 

Wilmer Thomas Orpwood, Jr Maryland 

Noel Edwin Paradise D. C. 

Betty Loraine Rector D. C. 

Phyllis Marilyn Rosen Maryland 

Kenneth White Sonner Mar>iand 

Shirley Roberts Speaker Virginia 

Bachelor of Science 

Betty Jane Calloway Maryland 

Wilfred Russell Ehrmantraut Maryland 

Matthew Henry Fusillo Maryland 

Romeo Mansueti Maryland 

Alexander Novick Massachusetts 

Paul Calvin Owens Maryland 

Paul Allen Pximpian Maryland 

Martin William Treiber .Maryland 

Walter Irving Weed Maryland 

Honorable Mention 

First Honors 

Eleanor Gwathmey 
Helen Lucille Eckardt 
Dorothy May Schenck 
Robert Donald Humbertson 
Eva Stein 
Neil Tabor 

Second Honors 

Alma Ann Wojciechowski 
Peter Michael Panopoulos 
Jay Bernard Class 
Germaine Delores Margolis 
James Allen Bowers 
Tema Rankin 


First Honors 

John Stewart Finlay, III 
Rosita Rieck Bennett 
Murray Michael McColloch 
Alford Leroy Ward 
Thomas Lee Taylor 
Maxine Louise Robertson 
Roland Vincent Shack 
Robert Berkow 
Russell Marion Kulsrud 
Doris Elaine Harder 
Cherron Reddie Callaghan 
Norman Myron Bacher 
Mary Ellen Worden 
Naomi Ruth Miller 
Mary Patricia Smith 
Harry Wilson Robb 
Bonita Kathrjm Singleterry 
Edward Vincent Fowler 
James Lamar Read 
Mark David Coplin 
Marvin Stanley Maxwell 
Marjorie Evelyn White 
Betty Lou Harmon 
Joseph Rakosky, Jr. 
Ernest Solomon Yaniger 
Albert Richard Sorbo 
Karl Manford Morgenstein 

Second Honors 

Sidney Melbourne Lipsitz, Jr. 
Frances Marie Pollard 
Joyce Eleanore Frederick 
Herman Gustav Schroeder 
Margaret Elizabeth Wood 
Dorothy May Meredith 
Raymond Norman Marquart 
Harry Robert Venables 
Lois Anne Corridon Carroll 
Joseph Deckelbaum 
Myrtle June Kite 
James Milbum Norris 
Pauline Charlotte Oken 
DeWitt Richard Searles 
Janet Wilson Hartley 
Joel Irvin Coonin 
Barbara Clare Kuhn 
Eleanor Jean Harrington 
Frank Hirsch 
Eleanor Mary Higgons 
Jean Marie Petzold Kessinger 
Carolyn Ann Thompson 
Janet Ruth Richards 
Gloria Charlotte Henkelman 
Bemice Zaline Spire 
Philip George Crook 
Columbus Lee Lagrone 
June Roth Margolin 


Candidates will be presented by Dean J. F. Pyle 

Bachelor of Science 

Ellis Abel Maryland 

Francis Aloysius Ard New Jersey 

Norman Meyer Baer Maryland 

Edmond William Bastek Massachusetts 

David John Becker Maryland 

Sam Allen Behr Florida 

Robert Bartlett Bell Virginia 

Joseph M. Bencomo Maryland 

Melvin Bender Maryland 

Harold Talmadge Bennett Maryland 

Robert Leland Bennington Maryland 

Arthur Clarence Berg Illinois 

Louis S. Berry D. C. 

John Beveridge Maryland 

Robert Orville Bigelow Maryland 

Richard Brown Blackwell Virginia 

Harry Isaiah Bond, Jr D. C. 

John Ernest Bowker Maryland 

Charles Benton Brantner D. C. 

Jack Breakiron Maryland 

Everard Dudley Briscoe Maryland 

Norman Louis Brown D. C. 

Robert Stewart Brown Texas 

M. Patricia Browning Maryland 

Thomas Irving Burbage New York 

Waldo Howard Burnside Maryland 

Percival Elliott Burroughs, Jr Maryland 

Charles Lorenz Burton Maryland 

Robert William Callahan Maryland 

William Henry Callaway Maryland 

Malcolm Alexander Campbell, Jr.. .Maryland 

Donald Henry Caplan Maryland 

Peter John Carroll New Jersey 

William A. Casteel Maryland 

Stanley Irving Charlow .::r.. Maryland 

Paul David Church Maryland 

Herbert Eugene Clark Maryland 

Harold Cohen Maryland 

Lewis Griffith Cook Maryland 

John Paul Cookson Maryland 

Cleo Calvin Custer West Virginia 

Joseph Sunderland Davis D. C. 

Robert Clayton DeBinder Maryland 

Douglas Wade Deitrick Maryland 

John Edward deKowzan Maryland 

Francis H. Deremer Maryland 

William Richard Dinker Maryland 

Harry Gilman Dow New York 

Robert Lincoln Drake Maryland 

Jack Edwin DuBois D. C. 

Robert Finley DuBose Maryland 

Hugh Warren Easter D, C. 

Neal Joseph Edwards...., Maryland 

Sidney Eichner Virginia 

Stephen Bowen Elkins, Jr New York 

Kenneth George Emery D. C. 

Eleanor Claire Ennis New Jersey 

Henry Ameidio Ercole, Jr Maryland 

Vincent Norman Farrell New Jersey 

Robert Townes Faught Maryland 

•@ekimbl»*Lee LagiH>iwt 
Clarence Edgar Fishel, Jr Maryland 


Joseph Henry Fitzpatrick, Jr Maryland 

Preston Eugene Flohr Pennsylvania 

Thomas Edward Foley, Jr D. C. 

Frank Charles Forster, Jr Maryland 

Norman Ross Foster Maryland 

Allan J. Fried Maryland 

Alvin Benjamin Friedman D. C. 

Marvin Richard Fullmer D. C. 

Donald Ward Fulton Maryland 

Isabel Lee Holmes Gaither Pennsylvania 

Elizabeth Jean Giese Maryland 

Irvin Gomprecht D. C. 

Seymour Maurice Gould Maryland 

Robert Emory Gralley Maryland 

Raymond Elmer Grant Maryland 

Chester Phil Grassmuck, Jr Maryland 

Sidney Norman Graybeal Maryland 

Irving Greenberg Maryland 

William Jackson Grey Virginia 

Robert Michael Grogan, Jr Maryland 

Salvatore J. Guarino New^ Jersey 

Howard Louis Gugel, Jr Maryland 

David Veatch Guthrie Maryland 

James Edward Haines Maryland 

Robert Phillips Haines D. C. 

Robert Charles Hainsworth Maryland 

William Walter Hands Maryland 

Raymond William Harrison Maryland 

Charles Wesley Hartsoe Maryland 

Arthur Charles Albert Heise, Jr Maryland 

Hunter Kimbal Helferstay Maryland 

Sidney Charles Hemming Maryland 

Charles Edward Hendrick Pennsylvania 

John Edward Hess Maryland 

John O'Connor Hessler D. C. 

John Joseph Hibbits Maryland 

William Luther Hoff Maryland 

James Leonard Hoffman Maryland 

Irving Bemheimer Horn, Jr Maryland 

Harvey Strickler Horsey, II Maryland 

Edward Joseph Hoy, Jr Maryland 

Harry Roe Hughes Maryland 

John Rodman Hughes Kentucky 

Milton Louis Ilgenfritz Maryland 

Fred Morton Isaac Maryland 

Charles H. Jaecks Maryland 

Lawrence Dawson Jarboe Maryland 

Robert William Keene Maryland 

James Llewellyn Kennedy, Jr. Maryland 

John Winfield Kezer D. C. 

George Henry Kidwell, Jr D. C. 

William Edward King, Jr Maryland 

Marlin Gerald Kirkorian Maryland 

Ralph Lincoln Klein Maryland 

Jerome James Kloch Maryland 

Adolph Samuel Koski Maryland 

Robert James Krehnbrink Maryland 

Robert Lauber Kunkel Maryland 

William Brent Lake Maryland 

Robert Paul Lane Florida 

Robert Leroy Lashley Maryland 

Theodric Hunton Leith, Jr Maryland 

Robert Lewis Maryland 

Samuel J. L'Hommedieu, Jr D. C. 

Harvey Morton Libowitz Maryland 

Alexander John Lipske, Jr D. C. 

Benigno Lopez Puerto Rico 

James Wilson Love Maryland 

William Francis Lowe, Jr Maryland 

Alice Sylvia Maravel Lynch D. C. 

Charles Merritt Maddox Maryland 

David Hall Magathan D. C. 

Peter Anthony Majane Maryland 

Wallace Ashby Marshall D. C, 

Robert Ellsworth Marscheck Maryland 

Charles William Martin Maryland 

John Anthony Maslin New York 

Roy Frederic Matthews, Jr Maryland 

Alan Eugene Mayer Maryland 

Charles Harold McGogney, Jr D. C. 

Charles Henry Mclntire Maryland 

David Arabin McNamee Maryland 

John Mitchell McShane, III Maryland 

Samuel Morris Merwitz Maryland 

Gerald Howard Miller Maryland 

Margaret June Miller Maryland 

Wilbert T. Miller, Jr Maryland 

Frank Gordon Millhauser Maryland 

Alfred Gleave Mitchell .1 Maryland 

Robert Henry Monahan Pennsylvania 

James Daniel Moore D. C. 

James David Morgan Maryland 

Wilbur Franklin Morgan, Jr Maryland 

Harvey Norman Morgenstein Maryland 

Bernard Lloyd Morton Maryland 

Raymond Carl Muller D. C. 

James Casper Myers, Jr Maryland 

Robert William Nelson New Jersey 

Willis James Nolan, Jr Maryland 

Morton Howard Offit Maryland 

John Miller Olden D. C. 

William Dennis O'Neill Maryland 

Harry Clayton Ovitt D. C. 

Richard Midkiff Palmer Maryland 

Albert George Parrott Maryland 

Albert Phillips Maryland 

William G. Porter, Jr Maryland 

Reeve Whitfield Pratt Maryland 

Seth Harvey Preece Maryland 

Warren Kenneth Reed Maryland 

Wendell Porter Reid Virginia 

James Patrick Reynolds Maryland 

John William Richards Maryland 

Warren Rose Wisconsin 

Corinne Diana Rubin D. C. 

William Leslie Ruppersberger Maryland 

Howard Jerome Rymland..-. : Maryland 

Harvey Sanford Maryland 

Henry C. Saylor D. C. 

Herbert S. Scherr Maryland 

Robert William Schiedel Marjiand 

Jack Allen Schindel Maryland 

William Frederick Schmid, Jr Maryland 

Edward Schrier Maryland 

Benjamin Franklin Scott Maryland 

Robert Judkins Scott Massachusetts 

Robert Myers Seitz D. C. 

Charles Bernard Sewell Maryland 

Morton Louis Shearer Maryland 

William Stanley Sheppard, Jr Maryland 

James Robert Shields Maryland 

Lester Herbert Shor Maryland 

Harry Carlton Short Maryland 

William Talbott Sigafoose Maryland 

Catherine Marie Sinclair Maryland 

Clarence S. Smart, Jr Maryland 

Frank Albert Smith D. C. 


Gerald Samuel Smith D. C. 

Hayden H. Smith, Jr D. C. 

Warrington Gilmore Smith Maryland 

Paul George Stamatacos Maryland 

Carlton Murrell Steiner Maryland 

John Edward Stevens Maryland 

Wilbert Stevens Maryland 

Stephen James Stofko, Jr Pennsylvania 

Richard Nelson Thompson Maryland 

James Francis Tomes Maryland 

Frances Antionette Townsend Virginia 

Oliver Slater Travers, Jr Maryland 

Victor Turyn Maryland 

Edward C. Tysor Maryland 

Albert Robert Vanaudestrade California 

Virginia Lee Vausha Kentucky 

William Gustav Volke Maryland 

Warren Harding Wagner D. C. 

William Thomas Ward Maryland 

Roderick Dows Watson, Jr, Maryland 

Donald Richard White Maryland 

Herbert Cassell White Maryland 

Willis Hall White, Jr Maryland 

Rita Lucille Widmayer Maryland 

Calvert Livingston Willey D. C. 

Daniel Phillips Willis, Jr Maryland 

Kenneth L. Wilson Maryland 

William Nelson Wisner Maryland 

Alvin Sidney Wolpoff Maryland 

Spencer H. Wright Pennsylvania 

Harold Yatt Maryland 

Howard Louis Zabel Maryland 

Alfred George Zimmerman Maryland 

Bachelor of Science 

Robert Max Callaway, Jr D. C. 

John Stewart Jacobsen D. C. 

Richard Arthur Johnston New York 

Joel Margolis Maryland 

Charles Marion Marsteller, Jr Maryland 

Charles Edgar Moore, III Maryland 

Eugene Augustus Sattler Maryland 

Warren Francis Vandervoort New Jersey 

Honorable Mention 

First Honors 

Francis Howard Deremer 
Warren Kenneth Reed 
Margaret June Miller 
Milton Louis Ilgenfritz 
William Richard Dinker 
Adolph Samuel Koski 
James David Morgan 
Frank Albert Smith 
Kenneth George Emery 
Alvin Sidney Wolpoff 
Harold Cohen 
William Dennis O'Neill 
Sidney Norman Graybeal 
Arthur Clarence Berg 
Hunter Kimbal Helferstay 
John Ernest Bowker 
Joe Manuel Bencomo 
Allan Jacob Fried 
Ellis Abel 
Herbert S. Scherr 
Morton Howard Offit 
Harold Talmadge Bennett 
Alfred George Zimmerman 
Robert Phillips Haines 

Second Honors 

Daniel Phillips Willis, Jr. 
Harry Isaiah Bond, Jr. 
Clarence Edgar Fishel, Jr. 



Candidates will be presented by Dean Harold Benjamin 

Bachelor of Arts 

Jacqueline Adele Adams Maryland 

Dolores Elizabeth Adler Maryland 

John Nelson Andrews, Jr Virginia 

John Vogts Baldwin Maryland 

Alfred Werner Becker Maryland 

Conrad H. Benner Maryland 

Eileen Barbara Bernstein Maryland 

Claire Gloria Boorstein Maryland 

Helene Virginia Brannock Maryland 

Shirley Jane Bro'WTie Maryland 

Richard Martin Carter Maryland 

Frank Edwin Cobun, Jr Maryland 

Marion Goldsmith Cohen D. C. 

Emma Irene Crist Maryland 

Everette Anderson Eades, Jr D. C. 

Bertie Florence Fazzalari Maryland 

Norma Rose Feldman Virginia 

Wylda Jacqueline Ford Maryland 

Sylvia Josefina Garcia Puerto Rico 

Sonya Nessa Goldberg Maryland 

Arnold Gustav Harms Maryland 

Mary Ellen Hicks Maryland 

Catherine Cecelia Howley D. C. 

Janice Jemison Maryland 

Margaret Rachel Jenkins Maryland 

Geroy E. Johnson Iowa 

Martha Virginia Keimel Pennsylvania 

Mary Julia Ann Kurtz Maryland 

John Eugene Lambert Maryland 

Barbara Gene Lilienfield Maryland 

Jean Catherine Lindeman D. C. 

Robert Joseph Martell Maryland 

William Wanan Mines Maryland 

Shirley Anne Mundhenke Ohio 

George William Murphy Maryland 

Shirley Anne Murphy Maryland 

Walter Jason Musgrove Maryland 

Elizabeth Anne Putnam Maryland 

Joseph Brooke Rector Maryland 

Adrienne Travers Sewell Maryland 

Geraldine Elizabeth Smith Maryland 

Margaret Rosaria Spellissy..^..' Maryland 

Marjorie Janet Sprague New Jersey 

Mary Catherine Standiford Maryland 

Joseph Stein Maryland 

Robert Head Stevenson Maryland 

Roy Kenneth Twentey Maryland 

Goldene Zalis Maryland 

Jacqueline Thelma Zelko Maryland 

Bachelor of Science 

Mary Lee Amoss Maryland 

Charles Carlisle Anacker California 

Louise Marie Anderson Maryland 

Julius Joseph Andrus Maryland 

John Frank Armstrong Maryland 

Wallace Erwin Babbitt Maryland 

Charles Winfield Baker Maryland 

Thomas Edward Barton D. C. 

Ralph Calvin Beach Maryland 

Jack Raybum Benson Pennsylvania 

Elinor Louise Lockhart Bettis D. C. 

Marjorie Rosalind Bletch D. C. 

E. Paul Broglio Ohio 

Barbara Ann Brown Maryland 

*Helen Patricia Brown Maryland 

Samuel Zollicoffer Bryson, III D. C. 

Katherine Angela Buckley .>•_.. Maryland 

Elizabeth Burch Maryland 

Wylie Willes Burgess, Jr D. C. 

Jean Fay Burton Virginia 

Eugene Darby Carney Maryland 

Virginia Collmus Carney Maryland 

Albert Charles Cesky Maryland 

Rita Frances Chasen D. C. 

Divert Bull Christophersen D. C. 

Nancy Regester Clapp D. C. 

John Fairfax Clark Maryland 

Nancy Annette Clark New York 

Richard Alan Cleveland Maryland 

Richard Kissam Cooke Maryland 

Ruth A. Cox -t.-r. Maryland 

Mary Gordon Crapster Maryland 

Ellen Margaret Cronhardt Maryland 

Clinton Delos Cutright Maryland 

Frank Clinton Dare .^.-. Maryland 

Weston Lawrence Dean Maryland 

Jeanne Nancy de Laviez Maryland 

Mildred I. Dellinger Maryland 

Marianna Derr Maryland 

June Christina Doolan Maryland 

William Eugene Downs Maryland 

Alice Catherine Dwyer r. Maryland 

Joseph John Dye Maryland 

Peter Taylor Dyer Maryland 

Russell Osboum Eckert Maryland 

Walter Franklin Edwards .". Maryland 

Doris Eisenberg Maryland 

Milton Jones Ester Maryland 

Jean Singleton Farmer D. C. 

George Washington Feehley Maryland 

Alleine Katherine Ford. Maryland 

Mary Lou Forrester Maryland 

Katy Marie Foster Maryland 

Lucinda Ann Fulton Maryland 

Ruth Woods Gammie Maryland 

William Mahon Goldsborough, Jr.. .Maryland 

James Sartorius Goodman Maryland 

Milton Edwin Goss Maryland 

Charles Grandison Goulding D. C. 

Miriam Jean Greenberg Maryland 

Joseph Anthony Grimaldi D. C. 

Mary Isabel Grove „ Maryland 

Grace Dorothea Halterman.. ...'.:._.. Maryland 
Ruth Ann Heidelbach Maryland 

* Degree awarded posthumously. 


Thomas Warren Burch Hoffecker-.Maryland 

Mary Margaret Holter .^^ Maryland 

Harry Tex Hughes D. C. 

Jacquelin Ann Hustis New York 

Manuel J. Hyman Maryland 

Sandra Marie Irwin Maryland 

Lawrence Jackson New York 

Grace Betty Rosen Jacobs Maryland 

Bessie L. Jacobson ^. Maryland 

Nathan Neubert Jaffa .t^ Marylnad 

Betty Burke Janney Virginia 

Mary Kathryn Johnston D. C. 

George Gordon Jones .7... Maryland 

Donald Clayton Joseph Pennsylvania 

Gwendolyn Elizabeth Kendle Maryland 

Melvin Eugene Kesner Maryland 

Bettie Fearnow Kiser Maryland 

Herbert Knapp .: Marj^land 

Edna Marie Knoop ..' Maryland 

Martha A. Taylor Knudson..... Maryland 

William Frederick Kohl, Jr....... Maryland 

Loura G. Lemmo Maryland 

Julian William Lewis : Maryland 

Roger J. Link Maryland 

Ruth Bernice Link Maryland 

James Day Lynch Maryland 

John F. McQuade, Jr .*.. Maryland 

Henry Kent Miles Maryland 

Asbury Cummings Moore, Jr Maryland 

Tavia Louise Morgan Illinois 

Jacqueline Morley Rhode Island 

Mary Virginia Neal Maryland 

Myrdon Travis Neumann New Jersey 

Ruth Evelyn Ollendorf ,. Maryland 

Euth Edison Orr Maryland 

Hazel Jeannette Peed Maryland 

Nettye Petroff T... Maryland 

Peter Philip Petroff Maryland 

Jean Phillips Maryland 

John LeRoy Phillips ,^.. Maryland 

Marie Cecelia Proctor Maryland 

Barbara Crockett Pue Maryland 

Mary Patricia Pugh Maryland 

Ralph Lacy Rennard, Jr New Jersey 

Edward Phillip Rieder Maryland 

Courtland Lee Roberts, Jr Virginia 

Elizabeth Johnson Robinson Maryland 

David Austin Rothenhoefer Maryland 

Dorothy Anne Runyan D. C. 

Wadsworth Sadlowski T. Maryland 

Vernon Elliott Seibert ..Maryland 

Albert Byrd Seward .'.. Maryland 

Emmet Francis Shaughnessy Ohio 

Esther Frank Siegel r». Maryland 

Elsie May Sieker D. C. 

Mary Louise Smith Maryland 

Betsy Ann Stafford D. C. 

William Homer Standiford Maryland 

Frances Jeanne Stevens Maryland 

Raymond Paul Storti Maryland 

Albert Thomas Swann, Jr ". Maryland 

Lorretto Julia Taggart Maryland 

Dorothy White Tessier Maryland 

Mary Elizabeth Tronsue ^t. Maryland 

Annetta Eulalia Valliant Maryland 

Janice Yvonne Vieau Maryland 

Nancy Hand Walker Maryland 

Mary Lou Annabel Weiskittel Maryland 

Marjorie Hertel Wenchel Maryland 

Mary Honora Whelan Maryland 

Helen Rhode Whittlesey Virginia 

Audrey Edith Wiggins Maryland 

Evelyn Shipley Williams Maryland 

Betty Jane Wilson Maryland 

Grace Creeger Wood Maryland 

George Thomas Yates D. C. 

Doris Chin-Feng Pan Zia China 

Jane Beatrice Zinck Maryland 

Bachelor of Arts 
Michelina Maria Valle .^....Maryland 

Bachelor of Science 

Charlotte Potter Barnard Maryland 

Anna Engle Bracken Maryland 

Wilfred Bailey BrowTi Kentucky 

Agnes Mary Cain Maryland 

Margaret Hope Casson Maryland 

Naomi Ruth Downs Maryland 

Mary Aldridge Elgin Maryland 

Carlos Perry Englar, Jr Maryland 

Thelma Adeline Furniss Maryland 

Charlotte Oland Gilliam Maryland 

Thelma Fries Gross Maryland 

Anne Welsh Guy Maryland 

Pearl Mohler Hart D. C. 

Vera Kathleen Hutzell Maryland 

Charles Lionell Killman Maryland 

Jeanne Therese Painter Oregon 

Mozelle Walters South Maryland 

Jeanne Bernice Sowter Maryland 

Lorena Dorsey Thomas Maryland 

Lillie Adeline Wheedleton Delaware 

Augusta McCeney Young Maryland 


Honorable Mention 

First Honors 

*Helen Patricia Brown 
Geraldine Elizabeth Smith 
Claire Gloria Boorstein 
Frank Edwin Cobun, Jr. 
Elizabeth Anne Putnam 
Betty Jane Wilson 
Mary Catherine Schaaf Standiford 
Jacqueline Adele Adams 
William Homer Standiford 
Nancy Regester Clapp 
Frank Clinton Dare 
Edward Phillip Rieder 
Harry Tex Hughes 
Nancy Annette Clark 
Mary Lou Annabel Weiskittel 
Lawrence Jackson 

Second Honors 

Asbury Cummings Moore, Jr. 
Norma Rose Feldman 
Richard Martin Carter 
Doris Eisenberg 
Marjorie Janet Sprague 

* Honors awarded posthumously. 


Candidates will be presented by Dean S. S. Steinberg 
Bachelor of Science 

David Miller Abercrombie, Jr D. C. 

Allen E. Abrahams New York 

Walter Orrin Allen, Jr Maryland 

Walter Clarence Anderson Maryland 

Elmer John Auber Maryland 

William Wells Auer Maryland 

Richard Edward Bangham Maryland 

Glenn Parker Beane Maryland 

Bruce Charles Beckington D. C. 

Franklin Ellis Beckman Maryland 

John Andrew Beilein Maryland 

George Albert Benson Maryland 

Robert Louis Berger Maryland 

Justin Anthony Bettendorf Maryland 

Rodolfo Enrique Bragagnini Alonso Peru 

Marshall John Brown Maryland 

William Palmer Brownell, Jr D. C. 

John William Bryan Maryland 

Robert Julius Bunnecke D. C. 

Chester Warren Burgess D. C. 

Charles Owen Burns Maryland 

Raymond Gordon Clark, Jr D. C. 

John Hunter Cochrane Maryland 

Albert Cohen Maryland 

Jay Jonas Cohen Maryland 

Robert Marshall Conlyn D. C. 

James Edwin Crockett D. C. 

Carl Edward Crone Maryland 

Charles I. Dobler Maryland 

Hammond Borman Dorsey Maryland 

Joseph Bennett Dougherty Tennessee 

Rochester Z. DuTeil Virginia 

Lewis Dillwyn Eckard, Jr D. C. 

Joseph Thomas Eichelberger Indiana 

Richard Louis Elliott, Jr Maryland 

Henry Robert Elsnic Maryland 

Norman James Ely Maryland 

John DuBois Emler D. C. 

Frank Parsons Flury D. C. 

William Beverly Fritts D. C. 

Henry A. Gassinger Maryland 

Arthur Neil Gawthrop Maryland 

Harold Glassman D. C. 

Irwin Lester Gold Maryland 

Joseph Conrad Gorub Maryland 

David Ardin Goss Maryland 

Richard Frommeyer Gott Maryland 

David Philip Green Maryland 

Elberson Douch Green Maryland 

Keith Farthing Hale D. C. 

George Francis Hall, Jr Maryland 

Evan Greenwood Hanson, Jr D. C. 

Alec James Hedquist D. C. 

Richard LaMar Hoddinott D. C. 

Charles William Hoffman Maryland 

Samuel Hoffman Maryland 

Thomas John Holden Maryland 

William Albert Homer Maryland 

Charles Howard Hoshall Maryland 

Charles John Hrdlick Maryland 

Robert Leroy Hughes, Jr Maryland 

David Solomon Hyman Maryland 

Jack Howard Jacobs Maryland 

Curt Alfred Herbert Jeschke Maryland 

George Henry Jones D. C. 

Herbert Omar Jones D. C. 

Jack Irving Kaplan Maryland 

Shewell de Benneville Keim Maryland 

George Robert Kennedy Maryland 

John Edwin Kester D. C. 

John Benjamin Kleemann, Jr Maryland 

Philip Douglas Kuldell D. C. 

George Thomas Leonard Maryland 

Lewald Arthur Loebel D. C. 

John F. Loos, Jr Maryland 

Joseph Leonard Luber D. C. 

James Gerod Lutz Maryland 

James Morris McCummings, Jr Maryland 

John Trevor Mclntyre Maryland 

Edward Dickinson Meares D. C. 

William Lamon Monson Maryland 

George Eston Morris D. C. 


Robert Louis Morris Maryland 

Gilbert Franklin Murphy, Jr Maryland 

John Joyce O'Hara D. C. 

Michael Raymond O'Reagan Maryland 

Stanley P. Prosen Minnesota 

James Laurence Queen Maryland 

Carl Elmer Raith Maryland 

William Charles Rawson Maryland 

Gonzalo Arturo Reategui Peru 

Jack M. Reid Maryland 

Hewitt Griggs Robertson, Jr Maryland 

William Warren Roemer Maryland 

Robert Lee Rohrback, Jr Maryland 

Frank Willard Rothenhoefer, Jr Maryland 

Robert Mackey Roudabush, Jr D. C. 

Alfred Joseph Rugo Massachusetts 

Myron Jerome Sachs Maryland 

Clifford Weeks Schmitz, Jr New York 

George Sedlack, Jr New York 

Joseph Charles Sekora, Jr Maryland 

Richard Harding Serra Maryland 

Richard Goshorn Shanklin, Jr Maryland 

Russell Franklin Shew Maryland 

James F. Shook Maryland 

Ralph Allison Simmons Maryland 

David Elie Simons D. C. 

L Morris Solomon Maryland 

William Robert Stark Maryland 

Maurice D. Starr D. C. 

George Frederick Steinmetz, Jr Maryland 

Thomas Lee Stinchcomb Maryland 

John Albert Stone D. C. 

Esco Edward Strickland, Jr New Jersey 

Paul Michael Sullivan Maryland 

David Thompson Maryland 

David Goodrich Thompson D. C. 

Robert James Timms Maryland 

Theodore David Titman Maryland 

Raymond August Toense, Jr D. C. 

Philip Anthony Trout Maryland 

John James Vanko Maryland 

Max Arthur Vogel D. C. 

Robert Walker Maryland 

Robert Emmet Waugh Maryland 

Lawrence Weinberg D. C. 

Marvin Frederic Weissberg Maryland 

Alvis Walton White Maryland 

William Donald Williams Maryland 

Joseph William Wilson D. C. 

William Robert Wilson Maryland 

Sheldon William Witcoff D. C. 

Nelson Baker Woodson Maryland 

Henderson Wilson Wright Maryland 

Bachelor of Science 
John Kraft Bowersox Maryland Robert Adrian Jachowski 

D. C. 

Honorable Mention 

First Honors 

Marshall John Brown 
James Lawrence Queen 
David Elie Simons 
David Goodrich Thompson 
James Morris McCummings, Jr. 
George Sedlack, Jr. 
Robert Louis Morris 
Robert Lee Rohrback 
Charles Howard Hoshall 
Lewis Dillwyn Eckard 
Joseph Leonard Luber 
James Fletcher Shook, Jr. 
Charles William Hoffman 
John Albert Stone 

Second Honors 

Harold Glassman 
Curt Alfred Herbert Jeschke 
Michael Raymond O'Reagan 
Joseph Conrad Gorub 
Irwin Lester Gold 
William Lamon Monson 
William Robert Wilson 


Candidates will be presented by Dean M. M. Mount 

Bachelor of Science 

Marilyn Jean Bashore Maryland 

Josephine Frances Blake Maryland 

Vever Dolores Bowles D. C. 

Ida Frances Brent Alabama 

Hester Martha Brown Maryland 

Katherine Elizabeth Brown Maryland 

Marian Rita Capozzi Maryland 

Edna Ann Chisholm Maryland 

Edith Mae Conant .Virginia 

Royellen Crampton D. C. 

Wilma Louise Crowder Maryland 

Marjorie Scull Dow D. C. 


Eleanor Margaret Ensor Maryland 

Bertha-Lee Fleet Maryland 

Joan Beverly Ford Maryland 

Perry Sultan Foster Maryland 

Ruth Talbert Fritz New Jersey 

Florence Phillips Goss Maryland 

George Craggs Hopkins, Jr Maryland 

Margaret Dent Humphries Maryland 

Marianne Wolters Karlowa Maryland 

Louise Rosalind Lanier Virginia 

Jane Van Story Lynch Maryland 

Helen Jeannette MacMillan Maryland 

Roberta Majesky West Virginia 

Katherine Mavrides Maryland 

William Joseph McDonald Maryland 

Ingrid Edith Mortenson Maryland 

Vivian Moshovitis D. C. 

Patricia A. Neeld Maryland 

Wanda Marie Olds Maryland 

Elizabeth Ann Peter D. C. 

Jeane Pons D. C. 

Jeanne Shirley Regus Maryland 

Jean Marie Robinson Virginia 

Mary Elizabeth Rockwell Maryland 

Mary Virginia Rustin D. C. 

Barbara Louise Ryon Alabama 

Elizabeth Ann Simpson Illinois 

Rosabelle Somers Maryland 

Thelma Stathopoulos D, C. 

David Reynolds Sterrett Maryland 

Peggy MacKenzie Stockett D. C. 

Janet Elaine Turner Maryland 

Ora Evelyn West D. C. 

Katharine Margaret Wood Maryland 

Bachelor of Science 
Grace Evans Enfield Maryland 

Honorable Mention 

First Honors 

Jeanne Shirley Regus 
Mary Virginia Rustin 
Ida Frances Brent 
Annette Perry Sultan Foster 
Roberta Majesky 


Candidates will be presented by Colonel Harland C. Griswold 

Bachelor of Science 

Louis Joseph Churchville Maryland 

Louis Gelling Maryland 

William Timothy Halton New York 

Sanford W. Hickey D. C. 

Harriett Hobson Maryland 

Waldo Brigham Jones D. C. 

Frank Llewellyn Kaufman Maryland 

Leo William Killen Massachusetts 

James Reno Locher, Jr Pennsylvania 

George Edward Martin Maryland 

Andreas Jersiin Moller D. C. 

Robert Colea Newman, Jr Maryland 

Robert Emmet O'Brien Maryland 

James Andrew Raley D. C, 

Kenneth Souleyret Texas 

Honorable Mention 

First Honors 
Waldo Brigham Jones 

Second Honors 
Louis Gelling 


Candidates will be presented by Acting Dean B. Olive Cole 
Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy 

Jerome Angster Maryland 

Luther Rhodes Blair Virginia 

Maurice Erwin Brill Maryland 

Harry Carl Cohen Maryland 

James Washington Crook Maryland 

John Herbert Dougherty, Jr Maryland 

Charles Howard Edenfield Maryland 

Daniel Moses Eichberg Maryland 

Samuel Harvey Exler Maryland 

Emanuel G. Freeman Maryland 


Joseph Francis Getka Maryland 

Henry John Glaeser, Jr Maryland 

Leon Greenberg Maryland 

William Albert Hahn Maryland 

Carleton William Hanks, Jr Maryland 

June Rose Heinritz Maryland 

Mitzie Marion Holen Maryland 

James William Johnson, III Maryland 

Charles Washington Kelly Maryland 

LeRoy Everett Kexel Maryland 

Jeffie Gertrude Langston Maryland 

Milton Levine Maryland 

Seymour Lewis London Virginia 

Ronald Edward Mendelsohn Maryland 

Lila Miller Morgan Maryland 

Jackson Moore Nave Maryland 

Irving Morton Pruce Maryland 

Leonard M. Rice Maryland 

Melvin Morris Savitz Maryland 

Jerome Schwartz Maryland 

Paul Siegel Maryland 

Benjamin Joseph Silver Maryland 

Charlotte Rubinstein Stombler Maryland 

George Mervin Stratmann Maryland 

Betty Gayle Wagner Maryland 

Joseph John Waldsachs Maryland 

Francis Xavier Ward Maryland 

Sally Degen Weinberger Maryland 

LeRoy Delbert Werley, Jr Maryland 

Myron Joseph Wright Maryland 


Gold Medal for General Excellence JefRe Gertrude Langston 

The William Simon Memorial Prize Ronald Edward Mendelsohn 

The L. S. Williams Practical Pharmacy Prize Jerome Schwartz 

The Conrad L. Wich Botany and Pharmacognosy Prize Benjamin Joseph Silver 

The David Fink Memorial Prize Carleton William Hanks, Jr. 

The Beta Chapter, Phi Alpha Fraternity Prize Maurice Erwin Brill 

The Kappa Chapter, Alpha Zeta Omega Fraternity Prize Mitzie Marion Holen 

Andrew G. DuMez Prize LeRoy Delbert Werley, Jr. 

Certificates of Honor 

Mitzie Marion Holen 

Ronald Edward Mendelsohn 

Benjamin Joseph Silver 


Candidates will be presented by Director Florence M. Gipe 
Postgraduate Nursing Education for Foreign Graduate Nurses 

Cacilda Rosa 

Ghazala Elias Bagdad, Iraq 

Gloria Galdona Venezuela 


Graduate in Nursing 

Lillian Carol Alcorn Pennsylvania 

Nancy Rawlins Amadon New Jersey 

Dorothy May Bechtold Maryland 

Peggy Benton Virginia 

Martha Ann Bollinger Pennsylvania 

Joan Elizabeth Bower Maryland 

Doris Royer Burgess Maryland 

Ruth Virginia Carmine Maryland 

Dorothy Lorraine Conelius Maryland 

Lois Jean Doolittle Maryland 

Thelma Elaine Grove Pennsylvania 

Charlotte Mary Habib Maryland 

Eleanor Maye Harrison West Virginia 

Lois Evelyn Henderson Pennsylvania 

Ana Maria Iruretagoyena Cuba 

Gilda Iruretagoyena Cuba 

Mary Joneckis Maryland 

Dorothy E. Koerner Maryland 

Pearl Virginia Larmore Maryland 

Dorothy Louise Lawler West Virginia 

Melvina Rita Malek Massachusetts 

Kathryn M. McCoy Maryland 

Sara Lee McCoy Maryland 

Gloria Lorraine Mclntyre Maryland 

Madeline Ruby Mellor Maryland 

Dorothy May Meredith Maryland 

Phyllis Kathleen Moody Maryland 

Mildred Jean Morne Maryland 

Gloria W. Nestor Maryland 

Helen Muse Maryland 

Nan Virginia Rittenhouse Maryland 

Norma Marie Schriver Maryland 

Joan Manning Seiders Pennsylvania 

Doris Jean Shipley Maryland 

Clara Margaret Shockley Maryland 

Marjorie D. Stewart Pennsylvania 

Virginia Stull Maryland 

Margaret Ann Walter Maryland 

Mary Kathryn Warner Maryland 

Bessie Jane Woolger Pennsylvania 

Florence Ann Wright Delaware 




The Janet Hale Memorial Scholarship, given by the University of Maryland Nurses' 
Alumnae Association, to pursue a course in administration, supervisory, or public health 
work, to the student having the highest average in scholarship. 

Awarded to Dorothy E. Koerner 

The Elizabeth Collins Lee Prize to the student having the second highest average 
in scholarship. 

Awarded to Dorothy May Meredith 

The Mrs. John L. Whitehurst Prize for executive ability. 

Awarded to Mary Joneckis 

The Edwin and Leander M. Zimmerman Prize for practical nursing and for dis- 
playing the greatest interest and sympathy for the patients. 

Awarded to Melvina Rita Malek 

The Mary K. Waltham Prize, awarded to the nurse who shows the most human 
understanding in the attention given to the patients on the wards. 

Awarded to Pearl Virginia Larmore 

The Flora Hoffman Tarun Memorial Prize, awarded for leadership, loyalty, and 
school spirit. 

Awarded to Nan Virginia Rittenhouse 

The Sarah Finkelstein Memorial Prize, awarded to the nurse who has excelled in 

Awarded to Margaret Ann Walter 

The Dr. Cyrus Horine Prize, awarded for neatness in uniform and personal appear- 

Awarded to Lois Evelyn Henderson 

The Mrs. Charles A. Reifschneider Prize, awarded to the nurse who has consistently 
maintained the best professional appearance and conduct toward patients and hospital 

Awarded to Florence Ann Wright 

The University of Maryland Nurses' Alumnae Association Pin and Membership 
in the Association, for practical nursing and executive ability. 

Awarded to Doris Jean Shipley 

Operating Room Service — First Award Melvina Rita Malek 

Second Award Charlotte Mary Habib 

The J. M. H. Roland Award, offered to the most proficient nurse in the Obstetrical 

Awarded to Phyllis Kathleen Moody 

The Mabel Merriken Roth Memorial, awarded to the nurse in the graduating class 
who is chosen by ballot vote of her classmates as the one rating highest in character 
and personality. The award will be a certificate entitling the girl chosen to receive 
two Florence Nightingale caps. Given by Mrs. Garland Hogge and Mrs. James Hipp in 
memory of their mother Mrs. Mable Merriken Roth. 

Awarded to Nan Virginia Rittenhouse 


Awarded Commissions as Second Lieutenants in the Armed Forces 

Presented by Col. Claud E. Stadtman, Infantry, U. S. Army, PMS&T, 
University of Maryland 

tHerbert Eugene Clark Infantry 

tFrederick Stanley DeMarr Infantry 

jWilliam Eugene Downs Transp't'n Corps 

*John Stewart Finlay, III Infantry 

fMilton Louis Ilgenfritz Transp't'n Corps 

*Andreas Jersiin Moller Infantry 

fHenry Clay Saylor Infantry 

fDavid Reynolds Sterrett Signal Corps 

fWilliam Nelson Wisner Infantry 

Presented by Lt. Col. Harold V. Maull, U. S. Air Force, Assistant PMS&T for Air 
flrwin Lester Gold fMurray Michael McColloch 

t Distinguished military graduate. 

* Distinguished military graduate nominated for regular army commission as of June 15, 

J Distinguished military student. 


College Park Division 

Elected to Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society 

Jacqueline Adele Adams 
Ruth Robertson Adams 
Norman Myron Bacher 
Rosita Rieck Bennett 
Arthur Clarence Berg 
Robert Berkow 
Lewis Luther Bonham 
Claire Gloria Boorstein 
Ida Frances Brent 
Helen Patricia Brown 
Marshall John Brown 
Cherron Reddie Callaghan 
William John Carpenter, Jr. 
Jay Bernard Class 
Frank Edwin Cobun, Jr. 
Harold Cohen 
Mark David Coplin 
John Lawson Crothers, Jr. 
Francis Howard Deremer 
William Richard Dinker 
Robert Warren Dorr 
Arthur Edson Durfee 
Lewis Dillwyn Eckard, Jr. 
Helen Lucille Eckardt 
Kenneth George Emery 
Donald Talbott Fangmeyer 
John Stewart Finlay, III 
Edward Vincent Fowler 
Robert Edmund Galloway 
Louis Gelling 
Sidney Norman Graybeal 
Richard Bennett Guyer 
Eleanor Gwathmey 
William Timothy Halton 
Doris Elaine Harder 
Betty Lou Harmon 
Arthur Pennoyer Harrison, Jr. 

Frank Kellogg Haszard 
James Edwin Hawes 
James Milton Headrick 
Marilyn Ruth Hoffman 
Charles Howard Hoshall 
Robert Donald Humbertson 
Milton Louis Ilgenfritz 
John Lloyd Jones, Jr. 
Waldo Brigham Jones 
Frank Leuer Keller 
Oscar Klioze 
Adolf Samuel Koski 
Russell Marion Kulsrud 
Joseph Leonard Luber 
Joel Margolis 
Marvin Stanley Maxwell 
Murray Michael McColloch 
James Morris McCummings, Jr. 
Margaret June Miller 
Naomi Ruth Miller 
Hilda Claire Mohun 
Andreas Jersiin Moller 
James Donald Morgan 
Karl Manfred Morganstein 
Robert Louis Morris 
Elizabeth Anne Putnam 
James Laurence Queen 
Joseph Rakosky, Jr. 
James Lamar Read 
Warren Kenneth Reed 
Jeanne Shirley Regus 
Harry Wilson Robb 
Maxine Louise Robertson 
Robert Lee Rohrback 
Benjamin Rosenberg 
Albert Marvin Rubenstein 
Mary Virginia Rustin 


John Sanjean • Eva Stein 

Dorothy May Schenck Thomas Lee Taylor 

George Sedlack, Jr. David Goodrich Thompson 

Roland Vincent Shack Alford Leroy Ward 

David Elie Simons Lillie Adeline Wheedleton 

Bonita Kathryn Singleterry Marjorie Evelyn White 

Hugh Delane Sisler Van Robert Whiting 

Frank Albert Smith Herbert Chester Whitney 

Geraldine Elizabeth Smith Betty Jane Wilson 

Mary Patricia Smith Alvin Sidney Wolpoff 

Albert Richard Sorbo James Bok Wong 

Mary Schaaf Staniford Mary Ellen Worden 

William Homer Staniford Ernest Solomon Yaniger 
Elizabeth Johann Staskowitz 

Citizenship Prize, offered by President H. C. Byrd, Class of 1908, to the member of 
the senior class, who during his collegiate career, has nearest typified the model citizen 
and who has done most for the general advancement of the interests of the University. 

Awarded to Frederick Stanley DeMarr 

_ Citizenship Prize,_ offered by Mrs. Albert F. Woods, to the woman member of the 

senior class who, during her collegiate career, has nearest typified the model citizen 

and who has done most for the general advancement of interests of the University. 

Awarded to Eleanor Mary Higgons 

Men's League Award, oirered to the senior man who has exemplified strong char- 
acter, successful achievement and service to his alma mater and the welfare of the men 
students on campus. 

Awarded to Victor Turyn 

James Douglas Goddard Memorial Medal, offered by his sister, Mrs. Anna K. God- 
dard James to the senior from Prince George's County for excellence in scholarship 
and moral character. 

Awarded to James Allen Bowers 

Sigma Chi Award, offered by the Gamma Chi Chapter to the man in the freshman 
class who makes the highest scholastic average during the first semester. 

Awarded to Donald Raymond Jackson 

Delta Delta Delta Sorority Medal, offered to the sophomore girl who entered the 
University of Maryland as a freshman within three years after graduation from high 
school, and who made the highest scholastic average during the first three semesters. 

Awarded to Harriet Sue Goldress 

The Alpha Zeta Medal, awarded by Alpha Zeta honorary agricultural fraternity to 
the agricultural student in the previous year's freshman class, who attains the highest 
average record in academic work. 

Awarded to „ George Campbell Fry 

The Dinah Berman Memorial Medal, offered by her son, Benjamin Berman, to the 
sophomore who has attained the highest scholastic average of his class in the College 
of Engineering. 

Awarded to Frederick William Nesline, Jr. 

Omicron Nu Medal, offered to the freshman girl in the College of Home Economics 
who makes the highest scholastic average during the first semester. 

Awarded to Joan Blakelock 

Bernard L. Crozier Award, offered by the Maryland Association of Engineers to the 
senior in the College of Engineering who, in the opinion of the faculty, has made the 
greatest improvement in scholarship during his stay at the University. 

Awarded to David Elie Simons 

American Society of Civil Engineers Award, offered by the Maryland Section of 
the American Society of Civil Engineers to the senior in the Department of Civil Engi- 
neering who, in the opinion of the faculty of the Department, is the outstanding student 
in his class. 

Awarded to James Morris McCummings, Jr. 


Tau Beta Pi Award, offered by the Maryland Beta Chapter of Tau Beta Pi, to the 
junior in the College of Engineering who, during his sophomore year, has made the 
greatest improvement in scholarship over that of his freshman year. 

Awarded to _ John Edward Casson 

Alpha Lambda Delta Sorority Award, offered to the senior girl who has maintained 
the highest scholastic average for three and one-half years. 

Awarded to...„ Eleanor Gwathmey 

Rabbi Edward L. Israel Interfaith Scholarship of $300, awarded by the B'nai B'rith 
Lodges of Maryland and Washington, D. C, to the student in the junior class who has 
done most to improve interfaith relations on the campus. 

Awarded to Marjorie Malka Cimmet 

The Charles B. Hale Dramatic Award, offered to the member of the senior class 
who has done most for the advancement of dramatics at the University. 

Awarded to James Allen Bowers and Jeralee Joan Miller 

Sigma Alpha Omicron Award, offered to the senior student majoring in Bacte- 
riology, for high scholarship, character, and leadership. 

Awarded to Helen Lucille Eckardt 

Delta Gamma Scholarship Award, offered to the woman member of the graduating 
class who has achieved the highest scholastic average for her entire course. 

Awarded to ;.. Eleanor Gwathmey 

The William S. Rosenbaum Memorial Foundation Award, Barbarossa Lodge No. 133, 
Knights of Phythias, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, for excellence in Hebrew Studies. 

Awarded to Irene Fishman and Ritalee Doris Woronoff 

Alpha Rho Chapter of Alpha Chi Sigma Award, to the graduating senior in 
chemistry or chemical engineering with the highest scholastic standing. 

Awarded to Jay Bernard Class 

Silvester Medal for Excellence in Athletics, offered by the Class of 1908, to the man 
who tsrpifies the best in college athletics. 

Awarded to Victor Turyn 

Maryland Ring, offered by Charles L. Linhardt to the Maryland man outstanding 
for the year in athletics. 

Awarded to Edward Philip Rieder 

Trophy offered by Edward Powell to the player who has rendered the greatest 
service to lacrosse during the year. 

Awarded to Patrick Henry Walker 

Trophy offered by Louis W. Berger to the outstanding senior in baseball. 
Awarded to Alfred Frank Tuminski 

The Tom Birmingham Memorial Trophy, awarded by Benny and Hotsy Alperstein 

in memory of Tom Birmingham, 1937, to the outstanding member of the boxing team. 

Awarded to Edward Phillip Rieder 

The Diamond back Awards for efficient and faithful service on the student weekly 

Awarded to: Gordon Beard, Virginie Bennett, J. Allen Bowers, Walter Carlson, 
Louis Cedrone, Richard Chatelain, George Cheely, Ernie Coblentz, Mark 
Coplin, Richard Dunlap, Betty Getz, Doris Harder, Clyde Houle, Robin 
Kearney, Kenneth Kefauver, David Klein, Dorothy Kroeger, William Lewis, 
Donald Mortimer, Harry Ortiz, Morton Paulson, Jeanne Regus, Richard Searles, 
Helen White, Thad Wilson. 

The Terrapin Awards for efficient and faithful service on the student year book. 

Awarded to: Virginie Bennett, Philip Bettendorf, Ernie Coblentz, Jean Culbert, 
Frederick DeMarr, Marjorie Scull Dow, Richard Dunlap, Robert Grigsby, 
Eleanor Gwathmey, Edson Hayes, Richard Hays, Nyla Jordan, Jack Lartz, 
Janet MacDonald, Virginia Martin, Frank Masterson, Naomi Miller, Lynne 
Rossmann, Carolyn Smith. 


The Old Line Awards for efficient and faithful service on the student quarterly 

Awarded to: Alvin Cohen, Mollee Coppel, Arthur Cosing, Fred Denston, Richard 

Dunlap, Betty Getz, Alan Mayer, Virginia Rustin, Charles Schaeffer, Diane 


The M Book Awards for efficient and faithful service on the freshman handbook. 

Awarded to: Virginie Bennett, J. Allen Bowers, Amy Cantwell, George Cheely, 
Gene Clagett, June Danglade, Louis Eisenhauer, Wiley Gilstrap, Gayle Hamlen, 
Clyde Houle, Donald Mortimer, Donald Pierce, Lynne Rossmann, Henry Saylor, 
Helen White. 


Regular Army — Infantry 
John Stewart Finlay, III 

Air Force Reserve 

Sam Allen Behr 
Richard Wallace Boughton 
Charles Elmer Campbell 
Michael Edward Doyle 
IiT\dn Lester Gold 

fOliver Hugh Hine 
James Lionel Kapplin 

fCharles Paul Kretzchmar 
Kenneth Franklin Lidie 
Chester Harding Magruder 
Paul Ellsworth Massey 

Infantry Reserve 

Herbert Eugene Clark 
Frederick Stanley DeMarr 

fRobert Carl Ebersberger 
Robert Newton Hinds 
Edward Albert Kimball 

*Herbert Jack Langenfelder 
Robert Denniston Miller 
Brent Van Swearingen Peabody 

Signal Corp Reserve 

*Raymond Gordon Clark, Jr. 
fAlfred Danegger 
•{•Joseph Earl Hayden, Jr. 

Thomas Russell Holmes 

Roger William Lynch 
* Alfred Ben Merendino 
fCharles J. Norris 

Transportation Corps Reserve 

♦Dallas Wilson Butler 
William Edward Donahue 
fWilliam Eugene Downs 
•^Maurice Aloysius Gainey, Jr. 

Andreas Jersiin Moller 

Paul Herbert McCloskey 

Murray Michael McColloch 
*Winnant Consol McGinty 
fCarlton Harold Miller 

James Carson Nokes 
*Daniel James Ostrowski 
fWilliam Frederick Reynolds, Jr. 

James Bamett Robinson 

David Welby Roszel 
f John Paul Young 
•fCarl Joseph Zarcone 

Byron Wilbum Purdy 
fAlfred George Sapp 

Henry Clay Saylor 
*Byran Dare Simpson 
f Carl F. Smith 

Ray Earle Tucker 

William Nelson Wisner 

fTheodore Graham Parkman, Jr. 
f James Daniel Schultz 

David Reynolds Sterrett 

Louis F. Storm 
*John Graham Watson, Jr. 
fWilliam Philip Weyforth 
*Grant Edward Woodside, Jr. 

Milton Louis Ilgenfritz 
f *Joseph Rice Luttrell, Jr. 
fRussell Perry 
James Grover Slunt 

Mahlon N. Haines '94 Trophy and Military Department Award, offered to the 
Commander of the winning battalion. 

Awarded to Cadet Lt. Col. William McKendref Headley 

The Governor's Cup and the Military Department Award, offered to the commander 
of the best drilled company. 

Awarded to Cadet Lt. Col. Paul E. Massey 

* To be commissioned at the successful completion of Summer R.O.T.C. Camp, 
f Distinguished military student. 


Scabbard and Blade Cup and Guidon Streamer, offered to the company (or equiva- 
lent imit) winning the annual drill competition. 

Awarded to Squadron C 

The Alumni Cup and the Military Department Award, offered to the commander 
of the best drilled platoon. 

Awarded to Cadet Lt. Joseph Davies Tydings 

Pershing Rifle Medals, offered to the members of the best drilled squad. 

Awarded to Louis Francis Phoebus 

Donald Walter Allen 
Robert LeRoy Appier 
David Gray Clough 
Alfred Burl McClintock 
Douglas Nelson Oler 
Henry Abe Ullman 

The Baltimore Sun and the Military Department Award, offered to the best drilled 
individual soldier. 

Awarded to Clayton Albright Shepherd 

The Air Force Association Medal, offered to the outstanding Advanced Air 
R.O.T.C. student. 

Awarded to John Paul Young 

The Army Transportation Association Award, offered to the outstanding Trans- 
portation Corps student of the first and second year Advanced R.O.T.C. 

Awarded to Maurice Aloysius Gainey, Jr. (second year) 

Robert Benjamin Rigler (first year) 

The Maryland Department of Reserve Officers' Association Award, offered to the 
three outstanding cadets of the graduating class. 

Awarded to Frederick Stanley DeMarr 

Murray Michael McColloch 
John Stewart Finlay, III 

The William Randolph Hearst Trophy, offered to the winning R.O.T.C. university 
or college. Third place awarded to the University of Maryland. 

Members of the team George Donald Bailey 

Robert Lee Brubaker 
Carlyle Smith Harris 
James Waldron Maxwell 
James Mills Wells 

Mehring Trophy Rifle Competition, offered to the individual with the highest aver- 
age score for the year. 

Awarded to Arthur Edwin Cook, Jr. 

An award to the student showing most improvement during the year. 
Awarded to Edward Mylo Downey 

The Meeks Trophy, offered to the individual winning the Meeks Memorial Trophy 

Awarded to Arthur Edwin Cook, Jr. 

The Military Department Gold Medal Award, offered to the member of the fresh- 
man rifle team firing high score of the season. 

Awarded to Ward Willard Fetrow