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menl O 




Saturday, June Ninth - Nineteen Fifty-One 



Thou wilt not cower in the dust, 
Maryland, My Maryland! 
Thy gleaming sword shall never rust, 
Maryland, My Maryland! 
Remember Carroll's sacred trust, 
Remember Howard's warlike thrust, 
And all thy slumb'rers with the just, 
Maryland, My Maryland! 

I hear the distant thunder hum, 

Maryland, My Maryland! 

The Old Line bugle, fife and drum, 

Maryland, My Maryland! 

Come to thine own heroic throng. 

That stalks with Liberty along. 

And ring thy dauntless slogan song, 

Maryland, My Maryland! 


O say can you see, — by the dawn's early light. 
What so proudly we hail'd at the twilight's last gleaming? 
Whose broad stripes and bright stars, thro' the perilous fight. 
O'er the ramparts we watched, were so gallantly streaming? 
And the rockets' red glare, the bombs bursting in air, 
Gave proof thro' the night — ^that our flag was still there. 
say does that Star-Spangled Banner yet wave 
O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave? 


PROCESSIONAL— Coronation March (The Prophet) Meyerbeer 

Westervelt B. Romaine, Organist 

ESrVOCATION Reverend Ernest J. S. Dettbarn 

Rector, St. John's Concordia Evan. Lutheran Church, Baltimore 

GREETINGS FROM BALTIMORE....His Honor, Thomas D'Alesandro, Jr. 

Mayor of Baltimore City 

PACE, PACE MIO DIO (LaForza del Destino) Verdi 

Carolyn Long, Soprano 

GREETINGS FROM MARYLAND....His Excellency, Theodore R. McKeldin 

Governor of Maryland 

MARYLAND, MY MARYLAND Professor Harlan Randall 

Soloist, and Audience 

ADDRESS Mr. Malcolm R. Giles 

Director-General, Loyal Order of Moose 

STRANGE MUSIC (The Song of Norway) Grieg 

Carolyn Long, Soprano 



President H. C. Byrd 


BENEDICTION Reverend John Letcher Showell, D.D. 

Rector, St. Thomas Parish, Croom 

RECESSIONAL— Fest March (Tannhauser) Wagner 

Westervelt B. Romaine, Organist 

After the exercises, the audience will please remain in place until the 

academic procession has marched out. 




Doctor of Laws 

Doctor of Science in Business Administration 


Doctor of Social Science 





HENRY JOSEPH HOHMAN, Baltimore County 

McKENDREE WALKER, Montgomery County 



Candidates will be presented by Dean Ronald Bamford 

Doctor of Philosophy 

Robert John Allen, Jr Florida John Lawrence Milligan Missouri 

Anubhai Harilal Amin. India Herbert Myers Maryland 

Kenneth Arthur Battersby Virginia Birger MyksvoU Norway 

Mary Kathryn Carl... Maryland Sanford Bernhart Newman Maryland 

Charles Burleigh Cooper Pennsylvania George Gerald O'Brien Maryland 

William Franklin Field Maryland Joseph Joseph Piala Wisconsin 

Richard Bennett Guyer Maryland Robert Edwin Plapinger New York 

Joseph Rhodes Haun Maryland David Schlain Maryland 

Homer Thawley Hopkins, Jr Maryland Henry John Schroeder Maryland , 

John Harry Hoyert, Jr Maryland Norman Edward Sharpless Maryland! 

Hamill Thomas Kenny Maryland John Jones Smoot Maryland^ 

Raymond Franklin Kline Ohio Armen Charles Tarjan Maryland 

Monte Konicov New York Leslie Wayne Teller, Jr Maryland 

Robert Wallfar Krauss Maryland John A. Tiemey Maryland 

Raymond Joseph Kray Maryland John Allan Waite Michigan 

Ludmila Kregiel Maryland George Sheppard Warner Maryland 

Floyd Ervin Kurtz Maryland George R. J. Weigand. Maryland 

Louis Landweber Maryland Richard Gilbert Wiggin Maryland 

Harold Lindner Maryland 


Mxiriel Estelle Crosby. 
Neil Richard Lovelace. 

Doctor of Education 

.New York John Jacob Seidel Maryland 

Virginia Walter Bemhard Waetjen Maryland 

Master of Arts 

Robert Harward Arthur Maryland 

Richard Kenneth Barnes, Jr Maryland 

Helen Virginia Bikle Maryland 

Emmert Foster Bittinger Maryland 

John Pershing Breslin Maryland 

Gerald Slike Brinton Pennsylvania 

John William Burkhard Pennsylvania 

Sajeda Assim Chelabi Iraq 

Craig Lanier Dozier Florida 

John Michael Dunn Pennsylvania 

James H. Fox, Jr Virginia 

Alice May Lewis Geyer Maryland 

Austin Eugene Gisriel Maryland 

Earl Davis Heath Maryland 

Richard Stewart Heintzleman..Pennsylvania 

Lukas Ernest Hoska, Jr Virginia 

Sara Ann Huebl Massachusetts 

Ann Podlucky Hulburt D. C. 

Glennis Lundberg Kabat Ohio 

Hyman Ben Kaminkow Maryland 

Ann White Kurtz Maryland 

William Houston Mahaney Maryland 

Elizabeth C. Martin. Maryland 

Joseph Edward McGrath Pennsylvania 

Rexford George Moon, Jr New York 

Walter Jason Musgrove Maryland 

Robert F. Nolan Pennsylvania 

Elizabeth Anne Putnam Maryland 

William Samuel Ray Maryland 

Mary Chesley Rodriguez Maryland 

Philip Emanuel Rosenberg Maryland 

James Petrie Rouleau D. C. 

Joseph Francis Schmiedl Ohio 

Joseph Emanuel Schwartzberg....New York 

Norma Means Shepherd. D. C. 

Jean Crawford Sisk Maryland 

Charles Todd Stewart Maryland 

Geary Lee Stonesifer Maryland 

Allen Ephraim Turner Maryland 

Anna Mary Urban Maryland 

Laurence David Williamson Ohio 

Doris Beaumont Yingling Maryland 

Richard Zarbock Virginia 

Master of Science 

George Henry Arscott California 

David William Baker Maryland 

La Verne Stanfield Birks, Jr Maryland 

Robert Woosley Bishop Pennsylvania 

Thomas Nicholas Blockwick Virginia 

Albert Brodzinsky D. C. 

John Brown Maryland 

Raymond Joseph Chrobot New Jersey 

Webster Horace Collins Maryland 

Mark Hale Conner D. C. 

Edgar Allen Corbin, Jr Maryland 

Roland Reece Corey, Jr Maryland 

Charles Corbin Craft Maryland 

Ernest Charles Cutchins Maryland 

David James Davis Montana 

Fred Herman Diercks Maryland 

Robert Eugene Dirks South Dakota 

Frank William Douvres Maryland 

Robert Francis Drawbridge Maryland 

Helen Lucille Eckardt Maryland 

Mohamed Ibrahim El-Ghawas Maryland 

Ralph Forman Maryland 

Henry Wilburn Garren North Carolina 

Earl David Giggard Maryland 

Armand Joel Gold Maryland 

Marie Kuulei Goo-on Maryland 

Arthur Lawrence Guess Maryland 

Charles Edward Haines Maryland 

Lester Earle Harris, Jr Maryland 

George Edgar Hauver Maryland 

Norris Carroll Hekimian D. C. 

William Mohn Heller Maryland 

Joseph John Higgins Maryland 

Irwin Hornstein Maryland 

Dorothy Drake Hubbard Maryland 

Fred Elbert Hulse Maryland 

Medhat Amin Hussein Egypt 

Herbert McClellan Irvin Maryland 

Richard Nathan Jones Maryland 

Athanasios Fotios Kalfopulos 


Wimmer Joseph Leonard. Virginia 

Charles Blanchard Leslie Maryland 

Beverley West Lewis Virginia 

Edward August Lindenberg..South Carolina 

Cornell Henry Mayer D. C. 

Grace McCormack Maryland 

John Roberts McGrew Maryland 

Robert Lynn Mills Texas 

John Edwin Moore Maryland 

Wesley Grigg Mullen Virginia 

Jacob Ragnvald Ohm D. C. 

Francis Leonard O'Rourke Michigan 

Fletcher Pope, Jr Maryland 

Pierre Andre Portmann Maryland 

Roy Frank Potter Maryland 

Thomas John Price. Maryland 

Ellen Pratt Pusey Maryland 

George Carlton Remsberg, Jr Maryland 

Ben Reznek Maryland 

Eliseo Dianala Rio Philippines 

George Lynn Romoser Maryland 

Joseph Robert Schulman Virginia 

David Elie Simons Maryland 

Henry Mazyck Simons, Jr Maryland 

Hugh Delane Sisler Maryland 

Frank Herbert Smiley Maryland 

Maynard Weagley Statler Pennsylvania 

Ronald Earl Sugg Delaware 

Charat Suntarasing Thailand 

John Alexander Templeton Maryland 

Willian John Thomas Pennsylvania 

Richard Arthur Tomczyk Illinois 

George Leopold Tritsch New York 

Floyd Harrison Trogdon North Carolina 

Francis Gabriel Tromba Maryland 

John Francis Trower Maryland 

Phillip M. Trujillo New Mexico 

Yu Piao Tsai Maryland 

Theodore Laurance Turner Maryland 

Robert Richard Van Zant Maryland 

Agnes Petronella Wajert Pennsylvania 

Charles Edward Weakley, III 

.....West Virginia 

Marvin Stanley Weinstein D. C. 

Gloria Hooper Weiss — — Maryland 

Pearl Adair Welton „ Maryland 

Roy George Weston New Jersey 

Francis Earl White D. C. 

Thomas B. Whiteley Maryland 

Joseph Roy Wiebush Maryland 

Gerald Edward Garrett Wilkinson..Virginia 

Geraldine Frances Wolfe Maryland 

Fred William Zechman Maryland 

Master of Education 

Esther Mildred Amoss Maryland 

Paul Major Ash _ Indiana 

Marian Elizabeth Bevans -...Maryland 

Ralph George Beveridge Maryland 

Emma May Bowman Maryland 

Flora Belle Bright Maryland 

Basil Melville Burton Maryland 

Theodore Caras „ „ Maine 

James Keith Cartee — Maryland 

Mary Frances Clough — Maryland 

Samuel Colgain Maryland 

Carson Scott Couchman Maryland 

John Francis Davis „...D. C. 

Mary Katherine Dost „. Maryland 

Edith Ethel Drumm D. C. 

Janet Alma Erickson Maryland 

Allen Evry „_ „ D. C. 

M. Alwine Ficker South Africa 

Francis Ellsworth Furgang Maryland 

Abraham Granek Maryland 

Harold Harry Greenwald _ Maryland 

Joseph Anthony Grimaldi. D. C. 

Donald Robert Hammerman Maryland 

Hazel Case Hargrove „ Maryland 

Naomi Price Hentz. Maryland 

Ching-hwa Ho Maryland 

Elizabeth Mure Hodgson D. C. 

Frances de Sales Kearns Maryland 

Bernard Israel Herman Kramer....Maryland 

Bemice Sherman Kramer Maryland 

Holger Christian Langmack. D. C. 

Leo Joseph Lehman -Maryland 

Elizabeth Virginia Lindsay D. C. 

Frederick Stewart McCaw Maryland 

Doris Stewart McPhail. D, C. 

John Charles Miller Virginia 

Eloise Barton Morgan Maryland 

Donna-May Sparks Mulquin. „ D. C. 

David Nathans _ Maryland 

Richard Titus Nell Pennsylvania 

John Gregory Persian Virginia 

Phyllis Jane Peters..„ Maryland 

Arline Grenadine Petry -Pennsylvania 

Robert Eugene Phipps Virginia 

Alan Joseph Richards -.Maryland 

John Alexander Seamon. Maryland 

George Ancil Sites -.Maryland 

Donald Randolph Smith. Maryland 

Paul John Sniegoski Maryland 

Carroll Lee Speck Maryland 

Robert Head Stevenson Maryland 

Lorena Dorsey Thomas Maryland 

Katherine Fern Van Court Texas 

Myrtle Holmes Wake Maryland 

Robert Bancroft Walker Maryland 

Isabel Robbins Ward -...D. C. 

Philip Fessenden Warner Maryland 

Robert Earl Williams Virginia 

Rose Shockley Wiseman. Maryland 

Martin Sylvester Wolfe D. C. 

Joyce Shirley Wood Maryland 

Ray Otto Zimmerman — 31aryland 

Robert C. Zimmerman Maryland 

Robert Benson 

Master of Business Administration 

.....Pennsylvania John Alexander Daiker. 

..-D. C. 

Master of Foreign Study 

Alfred Whitcomb Baxter, Jr California Charles Miras — New York 

Thomas C. Knuckles -...Kentucky Richard Bremer-Keller Schopbach..Michigan 

Sven Vemer Langsjoen Minnesota Paul Bruce Thomas Michigan 

Doctor of Philosophy 

Arthur Ellis Brown 

Stuart Haywood 

Robert Charles Houston — 

New Jersey 

._ -Maryland 


Fred Thornton Reed.... 
Myron Hutzler Vent. 

New Jersey 



Julia Howison Burton Maryland 

Merton A. Christensen Maryland 

Douglas Monteith Duify Maryland 

Dorothy Lois Everitt Maryland 

Richard Beveir Henderson Maryland 

Stella Belle Hutchison Maryland 

Norman James D. C. 

William Francis Kenkel Ohio 

John Jacob Kenney New York 

Wade Mason Kipp Pennsylvania 

of Arts 

Eva E. Maclvor D. C. 

Howard William Miller Maryland 

William McAlpine Richards Maryland 

Andress Owen Ridgway Maryland 

Edward Phillip Rieder Maryland 

Harold E. Russell Pennsylvania 

James Wilson Schaefle Maryland 

Stanley Elliot Siegel New Jersey 

John R. Swearingen Pennsylvania 

Ernest S. Yaniger Maryland 

Master of Science 

Royston Zurmehl Medford Maryland 

Donald Lee Price Maryland 

Shahid Husain Qureshi Maryland 

Arnold Shostak Virginia 

Van Robert Whiting Maryland 

Master of Education 

Florence-Byrd Allen Maryland 

Earl Ruskin Bellis _ Iowa 

Martha Amelia Bennett Maryland 

Leon Milton Billow Maryland 

Clara Mitchell Brewer Virginia 

Lillian Evelyn Buckingham Maryland 

Lula Trundle Chandler „...Maryland 

Ruth Weihe Chase Maryland 

Mary Dorsey Clark „ Maryland 

Nelson Webster Coe, Jr Virginia 

Jerry Marvin CoheH„ Maryland 

Levin Samuel Comly Maryland 

Robert Pearson Connal New York 

Ida Barksdale Crawford South Carolina 

Cyril F. Dean California 

Janet Griffith Dunn Maryland 

Alice Catherine Dwyer „ Maryland 

Robert Frank Fioramonti „ D. C. 

John Arthur Gifford New York 

Elizabeth Gilpin Maryland 

Evelyn Ruth Girardin „ Maryland 

Leita French Hamilton D. C. 

Eleanor Jane Hart Connecticut 

Wilber Edward Henry „...New York 

Fern Rudolph Hitchcock, Jr. Maryland 

Clarence Clark Jones -...Maryland 

James George Koste Maryland 

Charles Edward Lizer Maryland 

Vesta Pollock Lynn D. C. 

Anna Spillman Mills West Virginia 

Carl Francis Montgomery Maryland 

Virginia Dryden Moore Maryland 

Betty Rome Morris „ Virginia 

Lois Taylor Murray Maryland 

Mabel Harrison Parker Maryland 

PVances Virginia Probey D. C. 

Ernest Victor Rhodes Maryland 

Martha Frances Shaner Maryland 

Samuel Sharrow „ Maryland 

Julia Maxine Smith „ D. C. 

Pauline Dunlavy Smith Maryland 

Thomas Watts Stevenson Maryland 

Selma Bertha Strasburger Maryland 

John Henry Strite Maryland 

Delbert Gale Summerville Maryland 

Robert Lee Vincent „ Delaware 

James Benjamin White Maryland 

Elizabeth Walton Whitten Maryland 

Robert Frederick Will. Maryland 

Francis Markham Wingate Maryland 

Anna May Youngldn. „ D. C. 

Master of Business Administration 

Charles Thomas Campbell Ohio 

James David Morgan Maryland 

William Dennis O'Neill Maryland 

Benjamin LeCompte Smith. „...D. C. 

Master of Foreign Study 

Milan David Barnes New York Robert Bernard Weber. 

Lucien Henry Stryk. Illinois 



Candidates will be presented by Dean H. Boyd Wylie 
Doctor of Medicine 

Law Lamar Ager North Carolina 

Robert Key Arthur, Jr Georgia 

John Paul Barthel Maryland 

Earl Miller Beardsley „ Maryland 

Arthur Keith Bell Maryland 

Joseph Bilder, Jr Ohio 

Beverly Robert Birely. Maryland 

Nancy Blades New Jersey 

John Wesley Bossard Maryland 

John Vandale Brannon, Sr West Virginia 

John Russell Buell, Jr Maryland 

Russell Lee Christopher Massachusetts 

Raymond Leopold Clemmens Maryland 

Kaohlin Miner Coffman Pennsylvania 

Solomon Cohen Maryland 

Raymond Ralph Curanzy Pennsylvania 

Joseph Deckelbaum Maryland 

Ernest Albert Dettbam Maryland 

Leon Donner „... Maryland 

Winston Clark Dudley Massachusetts 

George Mitchell Dunn, Jr D. C. 

William Andrew Dunnagan-.North Carolina 

David Everett Edwards D. C. 

William Hunter Edwards, Jr Maryland 

William George Esmond Maryland 

Otis Druell Evans, Jr North Carolina 

Charles K. Ferguson Kansas 

Joseph Carroll Fitzgerald Maryland 

Rowland E. J. Fullilove Georgia 

James Patrick Gallaher West Virginia 

Mario Ruben Garcia-Palmieri... .Puerto Rico 
Francis Sidney Gardner, Jr... North Carolina 

John Butler Gates Wisconsin 

Benjamin Dichter Gordon New York 

Frederick Joseph Hatem Maryland 

Robert Charles Hopkins Pennsylvania 

George Joseph Iten California 

Frederick Miller Johnson Maryland 

Wallace Edward Johnson.. ..New Hampshire 

Paul Edward Kaschel New Jersey 

Willard Freed Kindt Pennsylvania 

Victor Francis King Maryland 

David Morris Kipnis Maryland 

Harry Lester Knipp Maryland 

Howard Calvin Kramer Maryland 

William Eugene Lamb Florida 

Theodore Reuney Lanning New Jersey 

Jack Leibman Maryland 

Leo Henry Ley, Jr Maryland 

Leonard Melvin Lister Maryland 

James Melvin MacDonald, Jr Maryland 

Earl Boyd McFadden Maryland 

John William McFadden. Ohio 

Charles Winfred McGrady, Jr Georgia 

Kathleen Reilly McGrady New York 

Ricardo Tomas Mendez Bryan.. ..Puerto Rico 

John Shelby Metcalf, Jr California 

Robert Schaaf Mosser Maryland 

Arthur Zelig Mutter Maryland 

Donald Johnson Myers Ohio 

Edward Joseph Nygren Maryland 

John Stambaugh Orth Maryland 

Douglas Richards Packard Maryland 

Dorris Marie Pencheff California 

Frank Robert Perilla Maryland 

Henry David Perry, Jr Florida 

Guy McClelland Reeser, Jr Maryland 

Henry Gray Reeves, Jr North Carolina 

Eugene Braiden Rex. Colorado 

Georgia Reynolds Maryland 

Aubrey DeVaughn Richardson 

North Carolina 

Marvin Jay Rombro Maryland 

Harry Shepard Rowland, Jr New Jersey 

Armando Saavedra Amador Puerto Rico 

Arthur H. Schmale, Jr Nebraska 

Roger David Scott Florida 

John Thorsen Scully Indiana 

William Harold Holland Shea Maryland 

Samuel Norman Sherry Maryland 

Leslie Dale Simmons West Virginia 

Edward M. Sipple Maryland 

Roy Kennedy Skipton Maryland 

David Milton Solomon Maryland 

John Hoskins Stone Maryland 

Julian Theoplous Sutton North Carolina 

Richard Boyd Tobias Pennsylvania 

Homer Lee Twigg, Jr Maryland 

Melvin Udel Maryland 

Robert James Venrose Ohio 

Charles Polk Watson, Jr. West Virg^inia 

Robert Dean Weekley Ohio 

Harvey Pearse Wheelwright Utah 

Charles Ray Williams Pennsylvania 

Shelley Clyde York, Jr North Carolina 

Thomas Luther York North Carolina 

Calvin Lessey Young Maryland 

University Prize Gold Medal 

David Morris Kipnis 

Certificates of Honor 

1. Leonard Melvin Lister 

2. Frank Robert Perilla 

3. Leon Donner 

Douglas Richards Packard 
William George Esmond 

The Doctor A. Bradley Gaither Memorial Prize Leonard Melvin Lister 

The William D. Wolfe Memorial Prize and Certificate of Proficiency-Charles Polk Watson, Jr. 


Candidates will be presented by Dean J. Ben Robinson 
Doctor of Dental Surgery 

Chauncey Godard Alcott Pennsylvania 

Eugene Shipman Armstrong.. South Carolina 

Gabriel Salvatore Azzaro Connecticut 

Thomas Francis Barry, Jr Rhode Island 

Millard McKinley Bartlett.... North Carolina 

Simon Berenson Maine 

Enrique Blondet Puerto Rico 

Carl Paul Brigada Massachusetts 

William Reginald Brown Rhode Island 

David Joseph Buchness Maryland 

Robert Atkinson Carr Maryland 

Domenic Conca Cimini Rhode Island 

Thomas Francis Clement Maryland 

James Clyde Glower Maryland 

Parker Jackson Corbitt, Jr West Virginia 

Donald William Cowe West Virginia 

Benjamin Salts Crosby, Jr Maryland 

Ernest Joseph Crowley Massachusetts 

Gilbert Herbert CuUen Maryland 

Ralph Francis D'Amico Connecticut 

Thomas Hardy Darden North Carolina 

John Jacob Daub, Jr New Jersey 

John Harold Dearman North Carolina 

Carl Wesley Dickens North Carolina 


James Carey Donohue Maryland 

Harry Eugene Elledge Florida 

Gerald Vincent Eskow New Jersey 

John Edwin Fidler West Virginia 

Guido Louis Fontanella Connecticut 

John Reece Funderburk, Jr.. .South Carolina 

John Thomas Gorman, Jr Maryland 

John Norman Grabner Maryland 

Joseph Paul Guido.. West Virginia 

John Vail Hawley Vermont 

Hugh Francis Hicks Maryland 

Donald Hammond Hobbs Maryland 

Raymond Joseph Hojnaski Maryland 

Myron Bernard Hymes, Jr West Virginia 

Yoshito Inouye Hawaii 

John Oliver Knapp, Jr West Virginia 

Jacob Komros Rhode Island 

Golden LeRoy Landgren Utah 

Booth Gilman Leavitt Maine 

Claudius Bancroft Lesesne... .South Carolina 

James Francis Mahon New Jersey 

Stanley Ray Mallow West Virginia 

John Mauro, Jr Connecticut 

Harry Raymond McCauley, Jr Maryland 

Ralph William McCue West Virginia 

Forrest Glen McDougal West Virginia 

William Wayne Merow Wisconsin 

Samuel James Moffett, Jr Connecticut 

Clemm Edward Montgomery, Jr. 

West Virginia 

Philip Stafford Moran Connecticut 

Jerald Joseph Morganstein.... Massachusetts 
John Andrew Noel Pennsylvania 

William Leonard Nufer North Carolina 

Cornelius O'Neil O'Farrell West Virginia 

Eduardo Ortiz de la Cruz Puerto Rico 

Santiago Padilla, Jr Puerto Rico 

Curtis Eugene Patterson North Carolina 

Frank Anthony Pinto Connecticut 

Sylvan Fleet Maryland 

Stanley Anthony Poleway West Virginia 

Glenn Boyles Poling West Virginia 

Roland Vincent Reed, Jr Delaware 

William Lafayette Ridinger Virginia 

Jack Dixon Robertson West Virginia 

John Joseph Robinson, Jr Maryland 

Howard Bertrum Rosen Florida 

Elizabeth Ann Schneider D. C. 

William Johns Shealy South Carolina 

Frederick Henry Stegman Maryland 

Kenneth Lowe Stewart New Hampshire 

Blair Wilson Stump Maryland 

Robert Irving Swan West Virginia 

Herman Byrd Teter West Virginia 

James Edward Tether Maryland 

Louis Charles Tiroletto Connecticut 

Don Harding Titus West Virginia 

Leontius Walter Toffic New Jersey 

Paul Dante Torre New Jersey 

Alvin Ernest Underwood North Carolina 

Kenneth William Volk Maryland 

George Albert Weir, Jr Rhode Island 

William Randall Wilson Maryland 

Thomas Eugene Wolf Pennsylvania 

Edward Henry Zagula West Virginia 

Jose A. Zequeira M. de Andino.... Puerto Rico 


Doctor of Dental Surgery 
Jerome Hayes Kernan, Jr. Maryland 

University Gold Medal for Scholarship 

Ralph William McCue 

Certificates of Honor 

1. William Randall Wilson 

2. John Harold Dearman 

3. James Edward Tether 

4. Jack Dixon Robertson 

5. Philip Stafford Moran 


Candidates will be presented by Dean Roger Howell 
Bachelor of Laws 

John Gerard Arthur, Jr Maryland 

Myron Joseph Ashman Maryland 

William Henry Baker Maryland 

Herman William Barth Maryland 

Solomon Baylor Maryland 

Lewis Addison Beck, Jr Maryland 

*Benjamin Kinzer Blackburn, Jr.. .Maryland 

Joseph Patrick Blocher Maryland 

E. Taylor Boden, Jr Maryland 

Miller Bowen Maryland 

Howard Matheson Bubert, Jr Maryland 

Robert J. Callanan Maryland 

Raymond Ernest Callegary Maryland 

*Alfred Hinds Carter Maryland 

William Edward Chamberlain Maryland 

William Richard Clough Maryland 

Thomas Francis Comber, III Maryland 

Walter Winter Conway Maryland 

James Higgins Cook Maryland 

Gerald Harry Cooper Maryland 

Robert Frank Crocker Maryland 

William James Darrow Maryland 

Albin Potter Davis, Jr _...Maryland 

Francis Howard Deremer Maryland 

Paul Aaron Dorf Maryland 

Walter Bryant Dorsey Maryland 

John Herbert Dryden Maryland 

Eugene Albert Edgett, Jr Maryland 

* With Honor. 

*William H. Engelman Maryland 

Murray Feigin Maryland 

Martin A. Ferris, III Maryland 

Benjamin H. Foreman Maryland 

Kenneth Joseph Gaeng Maryland 

Herbert Sydney Garten Maryland 

Carlos Lee Gartrell Maryland 

James Joseph Gill D. C. 

W. Thomas Gisriel Maryland 

Richard Nicolai Hambleton Maryland 

William Edward Hammond Maryland 

*Ambrose Thomas Hartman Maryland 

Hunter Kimbal Helferstay Maryland 

Frank Hirsch Maryland 

Cullen Harrison Hormes Maryland 

William Albert Humphreys Maryland 

Edwin M. Hurd, Sr Maryland 

Joseph N. Ingolia Maryland 

Linwood Orrell Jarrell, Jr Maryland 

James Edward Jones Maryland 

Jerome J. Kloch Maryland 

James Harker Langrall Maryland 

James Dwinelle Laudeman Maryland 

Lena S. King Lee Maryland 

Harold Lev Maryland 

Harold Kemp MacDaniel Maryland 

Peter Joseph Malloy Maryland 

Joel Margolis Maryland 

David Talbert Mason Maryland 

Jacob Yosef Miliman Maryland 

Charles Frederick Miller, Jr Maryland 

*Donald Edward Miller Maryland 

Marvin Bryan Miller Maryland 

Francis J. Monahan Maryland 

Basil Etherton Moore, Jr Maryland 

Harvey Norman Morgenstein Maryland 

Martin B. Morrison Maryland 

Richard James Moylan Maryland 

Robert Charles Murphy Maryland 

*Herbert Frazier Murray Maryland 

Chester Frederic Naumowicz, Jr.. .Maryland 

Martin F. O'Connor Maryland 

James Joseph O'Donnell Maryland 

Robert William Pahr, Jr Maryland 

Calvin Franklin Pettit Maryland 

*Harry Thomas Phoebus, Jr Maryland 

Louis Pabst Poulton Maryland 

William Lippman Putzel Maryland 

Carroll Stephen Rankin Maryland 

Arthur Lampe Rhoads, Jr Maryland 

John Lenzie Rogers, Jr Maryland 

Melvin Joseph Rose Maryland 

Paul Rodney Schlitz Maryland 

John Raymond Seifert Maryland 

Harry Shapiro Maryland 

Marvin Poe Sklar Maryland 

Jeffrey Bordeaux Smith Maryland 

Thomas Anthony Stavis Maryland 

Wilson Melvin Street Maryland 

Melvin Edward Stubbs Maryland 

*Neil Tabor Maryland 

Richard David Thompson Maryland 

William Owen Treacy Maryland 

Henry Powell Turner Maryland 

Robert Stanley Wahab, Jr Maryland 

Richard Whittington Whitlock D. C. 

James Henry Whitney Maryland 

William Richard Wiley, Jr Maryland 

Harris Jack Winkelstein Maryland 

Murray Woodrow New York 

Frank Daniel Workman Maryland 


John Benedict Farrell Maryland W. Thomas Patterson, Jr Maryland 

Elected to the Order of the Coif 

Harry Thomas Phoebus, Jr. 

Neil Tabor 

Benjamin Kinzer Blackburn, Jr. 

Alfred Hinds Carter 

Donald Edward Miller 

U. S. Law Week Award Francis Howard Deremer 

Elizabeth Maxwell Carroll Chesnut Prize Neil Tabor 


Candidates will be presented by Dean Gordon M. Cairns 

Bachelor of Science 

Warren Louis Allinger Maryland 

Paul Albert Anderson Maryland 

Charles Edward Anthony, Jr Maryland 

Ahmad Shihadeh Ayish Maryland 

George Thomas Backinger Pennsylvania 

Robert Arthur Bayles Maryland 

George Thomas Bennett Maryland 

Richard Doyle Bishoff West Virginia 

Alexander Anderson Blackball, Jr. 


William Melvin Blackball Maryland 

Harold Blake, Jr New Jersey 

Howard Harvey Bosley Maryland 

Kenneth Thomas Bosley Maryland 

Roswell Sedwick Bowersett Maryland 

Richard Emory Bowles D. C. 

* With Honor. 

George Julian Boyce Maryland 

Glenn Victor Brauner Maryland 

Henry Irving Brigham, Jr New York 

Jacob Embree Brown Maryland 

William Max Buckel Maryland 

Walter Wayne Burlin Maryland 

Roger Ellsworth Burtner Maryland 

Warren Turnbull Byrd Maryland 

Ramon Nicolas Carballo P Colombia 

James Francis Carlin Maryland 

Robert Paul Carrion Maryland 

James William Carroll New York 

Richard Dominic Charron West Virginia 

Richard Joseph Chase Maryland 

David Butts Clark Tennessee 

Edwin Ralph Conner Virginia 


Jack Sinclair Conrad, Sr Maryland 

James Francis Corbett West Virginia 

John William Coursey Georgia 

George Linden Craig Virginia 

Barrett Crane D. C, 

Fred Hosea Curtice, Jr Virginia 

Q. Francis Dallavalle D. C. 

William Thomas Davis Maryland 

Stanley Everett Day, Jr Maryland 

Clarence Edward Dickerson, Jr D. C. 

Joseph Michael Doris Maryland 

Byrd Keating Dozier Maryland 

Herbert Lawrence Dozier, Jr Maryland 

John Nicholson Economos, Jr D. C. 

Edwin Buckles Emshwiller Maryland 

Eugene Samuel Emsweller Maryland 

William Linwood Ensor Maryland 

Guillermo Esteves Puerto Rico 

Oldrich Fejfar Maryland 

Ralph Vernon Fisher Maryland 

Harry John Fitch Maryland 

John Kerry Flanagan Maryland 

Jerome Cogan Flood D. C. 

Albert Patrick Fontanella Maryland 

Richard Robinson Forman Virginia 

Jack Raymond Friday Maryland 

George Campbell Fry Maryland 

Adriano Ronduen Gabuten Philippines 

Gene John Galletta New Jersey 

John Haines Gallion, Jr Maryland 

Judson Rowland Geis Maryland 

John Claude Gerken Maryland 

Bedford Cook Glascock Maryland 

Richard Livingeston Googins Kansas 

Edwin Greble D. C. 

Robert Benedict Greenwell Maryland 

Eugene Griffith Maryland 

John William Hallauer New York 

John Cobb Hancock Maryland 

Robert Milton Hanson Maryland 

Wallace Charles Harding, Jr D. C. 

Charles Edward Harris Maryland 

Marshall Earl Harris D. C. 

Roger William Hartmeyer Maryland 

Arnold Claggett Hawkins Maryland 

James Lee Hearn, Jr Maryland 

Charles Jerome Herbert Maryland 

Warren Francis Herzog New Jersey 

Thomas Michael Hill Maryland 

Joseph Frederick Hodgson Maryland 

Robert William Hurlbrink, Jr.. .Pennsylvania 

Ali Abdul Hussein Iraq 

Norman Fenn Hutchinson Maryland 

Vincent Edward Hutton D. C. 

Rowland Hyde Maryland 

Frans Frederik Jobsis Netherlands 

Leroy Elmer Johnson Maryland 

Robert Harrison Jordan Maryland 

James George Kantzes Maryland 

Robert Bernard Karnes Virginia 

William Oscar Karnes Virginia 

George Herbert Keyser Maryland 

James William Kibbe Pennsylvania 

Park DeWalt King Pennsylvania 

Phillip Moore King Virginia 

Robert Martin Kirby Maryland 

Edward Henry Koch New Jersey 

Claude Eugene Koontz Maryland 

Joseph David Andrew Kuchta. Pennsylvania 

Ralph Pilchard Lankford Maryland 

Robert Moncure Latane Maryland 

Francis Joseph Lawrence, Jr Maryland 

Gareth Burall Lease Maryland 

Robert Oiler Leiter Maryland 

Joseph Dodge Libbey, Jr Maryland 

Harvey Joseph Lippy Maryland 

Eugene Lee Long Maryland 

Arnold Leroy Lundquist Maryland 

John Alexander Lynch, III D. C. 

Ralph Alvin MacDonald Maryland 

George Rudolph Manglitz D. C. 

Thomas Stone March Maryland 

William Klare Markley Maryland 

Charles Elijah Massey Maryland 

Jack Irving Matthews Maryland 

Edward Frederick Mayne Maryland 

Vance Wade Mays New York 

Arthur Joseph McDonald, Jr Maryland 

James Francis McDonough D. C. 

James Abram McHenry Maryland 

Claude Gibbons McKee Maryland 

Clarence Bizzell Melton, Jr Maryland 

James Roland Miller Maryland 

Gerard Ignatius Miller Maryland 

William Edward Mitchell Maryland 

William Lloyd Mitchell, Jr D. C. 

Robert Bryant Moler D. C. 

Robert Welburn Moore Maryland 

Herbert Hughes Moorefield Maryland 

Lindsay Franklin Morris, Jr.. .West Virginia 

Robert Allan Morton, II Maryland 

James Robert Moxley, Jr Maryland 

Edward Hanlon Murphy Maryland 

James Edward Murray Maryland 

John Francis Negrey New Jersey 

John Stapleforte Neild, Jr Maryland 

James Charles Nichol New York 

James Le Roy Nicholson Virginia 

Theodore Graham Parkman, Jr Maryland 

Richard Francis Philpitt, Jr Maryland 

Harold Weeks Philpot Florida 

John Seymour Piersol Maryland 

William Randolph Pifer West Virginia 

Merritt Nichol Pope, Jr Maryland 

Richard Kenneth Porter Maryland 

Ferdinand D. Pullman Maryland 

Jorge Quiros S Costa Rica 

Alexander Michael Radko Maryland 

James Bower Reeves Maryland 

Harold Edward Reiley Maryland 

John Homer Remsberg, Jr Maryland 

Richard James Rice Maryland 

Folger McKinsey Ridout Maryland 

James Willis Ritter, Jr Pennsylvania 

Radcliffe Wheeler Roberson Maryland 

William Stanley Romeka Maryland 

Russell Taylor Rooks Virginia 

Lloyd Richard Roper D. C. 

Donald Kennedy Rough Maryland 

Ralph Uberto Ruppenthal West Virginia 

Edmund Robinson Scarborough, Jr. 


Charles Marion Schulz Maryland 

James Scott Massachusetts 

Eugene George Seger Maryland 

Orlando Joseph Shank Pennsylvania 

Max Christopher Sherman, Jr Maryland 

James Yutaka Shigeta Hawaii 

Charles Mayer Shriver, Jr Maryland 

Allan Shulder Maryland 

Rose Lilah B. Smith Maryland 

Howard Kent Soper Maryland 

Earl Crittenton Spurrier Maryland 

Benjamin Ray Stanley Virginia 

Austin M. Stapf Virginia 

George Louis Steffens Maryland 


Rozier Lewis Steinbach, Jr Maryland 

Andrew JoUette Steppe Virginia 

Bruce Calvin Stockman Maryland 

Paul Francis Summers, Jr Maryland 

Frederick Hilding Swahn „Maryland 

Jesse Field Taggart Maryland 

James Bernard Thill Maryland 

George McClellan Thompson Maryland 

John Leonard Thompson Maryland 

Charles Brown Tuley, Jr D. C. 

James Thornton Umbarger Maryland 

Eugene Thomas Wachter Maryland 

Carl Mayo Wagner Maryland 

David Weitzer Maryland 

Walter Howard Wensel Maryland 

LeRoy Eldridge Wheatley Maryland 

Orville Wright Whitmer Maryland 

Norman Thomas Whittington, Jr...Maryland 

Cornelius Perrin Wilder Maryland 

Donald Gene Wilkinson D. C. 

Charles Donald Williams Maryland 

Harlan Cooper Williams Maryland 

Raymond Williams Maryland 

Charles Marshall Wilson Maryland 

John Boger Woodall J). C. 

David Lowell Workman South Dakota 

Calvert Fogle Wright D. C. 

Charles Gerald Wright Maryland 

Kenneth Reed Wright Maryland 


Bachelor of Science 

William Glisan Baker Maryland Donald Elmer Mules Maryland 

John Henry Brenneman, Jr Pennsylvania Arthur Hans Spring Maryland 

Edgardo Rodriguez Lizares Philippines 

Honorable Mention 

First Honors 

Norman Fenn Hutchinson 
George Campbell Fry 
Ralph Uberto Ruppenthal 
Edwin Ralph Conner 
Roger E. Burtner 
James Edward Murray 
John William Coursey 
Arnold Claggett Hawkins 
David Weitzer 
James Yutaka Shigeta 
Herbert Hughes Moorefield 
Henry Irving Brigham, Jr. 
Rozier Lewis Steinbach, Jr. 
Q. Francis Dallavalle 
Francis Joseph Lawrence 
Park Dewalt King 
Richard Kenneth Porter 
Rowland Hyde 
Gene John Galletta 
Edward Henry Koch 
Eugene Griffith 

Second Honors 

David Lowell Workman 

Robert W. Hurlbrink, Jr. 

Leroy Elmer Johnson 

Harold Blake, Jr. 

James George Kantzes 

Vance Wade Mays 

Charles Marion Schulz 

William Melvin Blackball 

William Oscar Karnes 

Alexander Anderson Blackball, Jr. 


Candidates will be presented by Dean Leon P. Smith 

Bachelor of Arts 

Janis Roberts Ahlquist Maryland 

Joseph Leo Allwein Pennsylvania 

Mario Paul Antetomaso Maryland 

Thomas Joseph Ashe Maryland 

Jean Sara Askin Maryland 

Marcus Lewis Auslander Maryland 

Gustav Baer Maryland 

R. George Baker Maryland 

Betty Baldwin Maryland 

Richard Joseph Ballard Rhode Island 

Charles Frederick Bamman, Jr New York 

Jean Ray Barnes Missouri 

Suzanne Elizabeth Barnett D. C. 

Nadja Debbie Barron „.Maryland 

Pamela Bartlett New York 

Julian A. Bartolini Maryland 

Shirley Mae Baumann Maryland 

Wilbur Beck Maryland 

Oliver Duncan Bennett New Jersey 

Virginie Lindsley Bennett D. C. 

Janet Gytell Berman Maryland 

Bernard M. Sniscak Bernard Maryland 

Marjorie Bernstein Maryland 

Ruth Estelle Biser Maryland 

Joseph Cullen Blair, III Maryland 

Bradford Eversfield Blake, Jr Maryland 

Joseph Patrick Blocher Maryland 

Juanita Joyce Block D. C. 

Donald Blumberg Maryland 

Anthony George Bohorfoush, Jr D. C. 

John Henry Boog, Jr Maryland 

Thomas Blake Bourne, IV Maryland 


Joseph Louis Bowen Maryland 

Eleanor Gleason Boyer Maryland 

John Hamilton Brandt, III Maryland 

Marjorie Jean Brungart ~ Maryland 

Kenneth Kizer Burkle Maryland 

Allen Gore Burnett Maryland 

Edward James Butler New York 

George Nicholas Caloyianis Maryland 

Alfred M. Carvajal New York 

William Bruce Catton D. C. 

Eli Isaac Chyatte D. C. 

Melvin Louis Clark, Jr D. C. 

James Vernon Clatterbuck, Jr D. C. 

Emile William Clede, Jr Maryland 

Helene Ruth Cohen Maryland 

Wayne Lionel Combs D. C. 

John Neville Connelly, Jr Massachusetts 

Frederick Andrew Cook Maryland 

Harold Lee Cooke, Jr Maryland 

John William Cooley Maryland 

Arista Hoge Cowan D. C. 

Thomas Andrew Cox, Jr D. C. 

Alan James Craig Connecticut 

Mary Elizabeth Craig Maryland 

Anthony Robert D'Aversa New York 

Richard Ira Davidoff Maryland 

William Zave Davidson D. C. 

Genar Langdon Del Giudice Maryland 

Irwin Oscar Dermer Maryland 

Harry William Detrich, Jr Maryland 

Donald Jackson Detzel Maryland 

Alexander Benjamin Dove, Jr D. C. 

Rita Dover D. C. 

Vincent Robert Doyle Maryland 

Anne Druga Pennsylvania 

Dorothy Fay Duffy Maryland 

James Thomas Dunn New York 

Joan Yvonne Durepo Maryland 

William Maloy Edgett Maryland 

Joseph Thomas Ellicott Maryland 

Charles Moylan Elliott Maryland 

Richard Louis Endres D. C. 

Robert Irving Eshleman D. C. 

John Given Farlee Maryland 

John I. Farren, Jr Maryland 

Felice Rachelle Fedder Maryland 

Geraldine Mildred Fegley Virginia 

Theodore Fishman Maryland 

Arnold Fleischmann Maryland 

Laura Arnold Flippin D. C. 

Samuel Caldwell Ford D. C. 

Alfred Martin Fort, Jr Maryland 

Anthony Ernest Forziati New Jersey 

Jane Fergusson Fowke Maryland 

Elizabeth Ann Fox Maryland 

Allan Bernard Foy Maryland 

Faye Zella Fram Maryland 

Jo Sande Frankel Maryland 

Luther Marshall Frantz, Jr Maryland 

David Forman Fristoe Maryland 

Donald William Fulcher Maryland 

Charles Ridgeway Gale, Jr New Jersey 

John Joseph Gallagher Maryland 

David Wesley Geasey D, C. 

Raymond Geddes, Jr Maryland 

William Gordon Gemeny Maryland 

Barbara Jane Gerber Maryland 

Joanne Kay Gilbert Pennsylvania 

David Aaron Givner Maryland 

Norman Glasser Maryland 

Bert Arthur Goldman Maryland 

Robert Kenneth Graham Maryland 

Jane Clagett Gray Maryland 

James Adams Grim Virginia 

Joan Grossblatt Maryland 

Glenn Edward Gustafson „.D. C. 

Jean Beverly Hagerman Maryland 

Katharine Joan Hallgren Maryland 

Barbara J. Hamilton. Pennsylvania 

Frank Miller Hammond, Jr Maryland 

Robert Michael Hankin Maryland 

Elinore K. Hastings Maryland 

Edgar Alfred Hathaway Maryland 

Shirley Louise Haycraft Maryland 

Virginia Lee Hellmann Maryland 

Shirley Rose Hennesy D, C. 

Robert Brown Henry Delaware 

Edward Gerard Hermann, Jr Maryland 

Brian Joseph Hessler D. C. 

William Howland Hicks Maryland 

Alphin Linton Hines Maryland 

Janet Lee Hitchcock Maryland 

Calvin Bowns Hubbard, Jr Maryland 

Beverly McMahon Huddleston Maryland 

Joan Loris Humphrey D. C. 

Barbara Joan Hunley Maryland 

Harry Civitts Hunt D. C. 

Phillip Olin Button D. C. 

Ruben Hyatt Maryland 

Jane Frances Hynan Maryland 

Frank Sebastian Intelisano New Jersey 

Daniel Grove Jackson Maryland 

Robert Milton Jarrell Maryland 

Lois Jane Jensen Maryland 

Sydney Alroy Jonas, Jr D. C. 

Bernard Joseph Kalnoske Maryland 

Lin Pai Kao China 

Walter Katkovsky Maryland 

Victor Lyman Kebler, Jr Maryland 

Gordon Bernard Kelly Maryland 

Delbert Herr Kendall Maryland 

David Avery Kimball Virginia 

Thomas Norman Kindness Maryland 

Winifred Quinn Klee Maryland 

Raymond George Koritzke Illinois 

William Thomas Kuenstle D. C. 

Alvin Julian Kushner Maryland 

Mary Louise Lakeman Maryland 

Irma Shirley Lann Maryland 

Mary Alice Larson Maryland 

John Franklin Lartz, Jr Maryland 

Irene Crawford LaRue Maryland 

Edward Booker Layne, Jr D. C. 

Gladys Sinclair Lessig Maryland 

Leonard Byron Lincoln Maryland 

Joyce Marie Lindsay D. C. 

James Howard Linn, Jr Maryland 

Nancy Kathleen Long Maryland 

Sarah Perkins Long Maryland 

Shirley Ann Lyon South Carolina 

Theodore Amos Macdonald, Jr. 

(with Honors in French) New Jersey 

Frank Merto Manzon, Jr Maryland 

Malcolm Leonard Marcus Maryland 

Joyce Lydia Marmelstein D. C. 

Turner Ashby Martin, Jr D. C. 

Francis Salvatore Mastropietro.. Connecticut 

Raymond Westbury Maxwell Virginia 

Charles Richard Maynard Maryland 

Robert Wescott McColley Maryland 

John Joseph McConnell D. C. 

Isaac Howell McCormick Maryland 

Ronald Andrew McDonald Maryland 

Doris Viola McGay New York 

Edward Paul McPadden Connecticut 

Doloris McWilliams Maryland 

Robert Bruce Meade Maryland 

Jack Morton Merelman Maryland 


Phyllis Rita Meyerowitz Maryland 

Emily Gail Miller Maryland 

Robert Nelson Miller Maryland 

Ruth Fay Miller D. C. 

Kenneth Young Millian D. C. 

Isadore Millner Maryland 

Anne Mirman D. C. 

Melvin W. Mitchell Maryland 

Edmund Scott Moore, Jr Maryland 

Joan Moore Maryland 

Ansela Myra Morganstein Maryland 

William Edward Moulden Maryland 

John Walter Mullaney, Jr Maryland 

Muriel Ruth Nelson New Jersey 

Howard Johnson Nickles Maryland 

Ronald Orgren Nordeen D. C. 

Paul Edward Oberst Pennsylvania 

James Lawrence Olsen, Jr Maryland 

Nathaniel Ardis Pace D. C. 

Richard Norment Packwood Maryland 

John Pagones Maryland 

Edward Anthony Palamara New York 

John Langtry Palmeter Hawaii 

Ann Carroll Pascault Maryland 

John Edward Penn D. C. 

Carl Lewis Perian D. C. 

Edna Marie Peters Maryland 

Robert Mario Petrone D. C. 

Lucy Marie Piccoli New York 

Francis Clayton Pilkerton Maryland 

Alekso Poptanich Maryland 

David Thomas Price Maryland 

Harold Richard Purdy D. C. 

James Howard Radcliffe Maryland 

Jacqueline Mildred Raport Maryland 

Peggy Nancy Ravner Maryland 

Martha Ann Rayne Maryland 

Fakhir Abdul Razzak Iraq 

Lila Jean Read Maryland 

Raymond Lester Reesey Maryland 

James Aloysius Regan Maryland 

William Fawsett Rice Maryland 

Eleanor Wood Roberts Maryland 

Adrian Claude Robinson Virginia 

Gloria Martell Rogers D. C. 

Marina P. Rois Maryland 

Leonidas George Rousis Maryland 

James Bertram Rowland Maryland 

Edward Charles Rudiger Maryland 

Gerald Leslie Rudolph Maryland 

William Thomas Russell, Jr Maryland 

Martin John Ryan Connecticut 

Helen Marie Saied D. C. 

Adeline Louise Schaefer Maryland 

Dolores Irma Schwartzman Maryland 

Theodore George Shackley, Jr Florida 

Hugh Albert Madison Shafer, Jr D. C. 

Paul Raymond Shaffer Maryland 

William Brent Shew Maryland 

Margaret Bryce Shoemaker Maryland 

Martha Virginia Shreve D. C. 

Gene Paul Siggins D. C. 

James Taggart Simler Pennsylvania 

Paul Edward Simmen Maryland 

Alexander Edward Singleton Virginia 

Frances Marion Slavin New York 

Kenneth Martin Smith, Jr Maryland 

Leslie Ann Bowie Smith Maryland 

William Ellison Smith D. C. 

Barbara Spang Maryland 

William Earl Stahr Maryland 

John David Stevens Maryland 

Richard Nelson Talbott Maryland 

Nancy Lynd Taylor Virginia 

Henry Bien Thielemann Maryland 

John Benjamin Thomas, III Maryland 

Katharine Elizabeth Thomas Maryland 

Paul Lloyd Thompson Maryland 

Patricia Lee Thren D. C. 

John Mercer Timmons Maryland 

Harold Glenn Tittsler Maryland 

Virginia Henson Tower Georgia 

Catherine Angela Trageser Maryland 

Bernard Eugene Treadway West Virginia 

Zenon Nicholas Trivelis Pennsylvania 

John Robert Tucker Virginia 

Ray Earle Tucker Maryland 

James Stanley Urquhart, Jr Maryland 

Lathrop Palmer Utley New Jersey 

Salvatore Charles Valenti Maryland 

Audre Prowell Vargosko Maryland 

Richard Harry Vogel Maryland 

Anne Edgar Vogeler Maryland 

Shirley Lea Vogtman Maryland 

Joyce Ward Volz Maryland 

Estelle Oliver Walker Maryland 

William Joseph Walsh D. C. 

Wallace Earle Whitmore D. C. 

Shirley Gene Wickard Maryland 

Douglass Bailey Williams, Jr. 

West Virginia 

Bill B. Wilson Maryland 

John Harmon Wishmyer D. C. 

John William Wolfgang D. C. 

Richard Butler Wollam Maryland 

Benjamin Rosner Wolman Maryland 

Charles Elmer Woolf Pennsylvania 

Bernhard Russell Works Maryland 

Nancy Carolyn Wulfert Maryland 

Leonard Paul Yospe Maryland 

Sarita Zell Maryland 

Raymond Francis Zinzeleta Maryland 

Bachelor of Science 

Walter Lane Acherman Maryland 

Warren Chester Amtower Maryland 

Evangelo Arvanetes New Jersey 

Dorothy Cole Baker Maryland 

Margaret Mary Ball Maryland 

Charles Austin Bancroft Maryland 

Alvin Robert Baylus Maryland 

Edward Stanley Beach, Jr Maryland 

Robert Andrew Beach Maryland 

Joseph Theodoric Best Maryland 

Eugene Leonard Bialek D. C. 

Lawrence Raymond Blake Maryland 

Wilbur N. Blickenstaff, Jr Maryland 

Isaac Block Maryland 

Philip David BogdonofF, Jr Massachusetts 

Joseph Richard Bove New Jersey 

Newell Stedman Bowman Maryland 

Edward Joseph Breyere, Jr Maryland 

Fred Harold Brock Maryland 

Jacob Larkin Caples Maryland 

Elizabeth Chai Tin Chang Malaya 

Patricia Chai Ha Chang Malaya 

Daniel Franklin Chase, Jr Maryland 

William Elmer Chesney Maryland 

Jerome Cohen Maryland 

Alfred Charles Cottrell D, C. 

Paul Mackin Coughlan, Jr Maryland 

Nancy Rose Covington Virginia 

Lewis Arthur Dalburg, Jr Connecticut 

Bertrand Saul Dann Maryland 


Harry Francis Davies, Jr Maryland 

Louis Delia Valle Connecticut 

Elaine G. Diacumakos Maryland 

Raymond Charles Dilzer New Jersey 

Thomas John Dowd Pennsylvania 

Kenneth Merrill Downes Virginia 

Martha Sanders Dozier Maryland 

John Donald Dumler Maryland 

Harold Fred Earle Maryland 

Jules Bernard Edlow Maryland 

Martin Herman Edlow Maryland 

Bernard David Eisenberg Maryland 

Robert Allan Emken Maryland 

Harry Floyd Emmitt D. C. 

Solomon Walter Englander Maryland 

Donald Francis Etherton Maryland 

Clinton Leroy Ewing, Jr Maryland 

Patrick Henry Faherty New Jersey 

Ralph Neil Ferrara New York 

Leonard Harold Flax Maryland 

Henry Louis Fontana Connecticut 

Donald Lee Fresh Maryland 

Vernon Jack Fuller D. C. 

Charles Lee Fulton Maryland 

Frederick Adams Garlock Maryland 

Earl Dixon Carver Pennsylvania 

John Ross Gauld Maryland 

Anthony John Gerardo New Jersey 

George Edmund Gifford, Jr Maryland 

Bettyann Audrey Gillard D. C. 

Joseph Patrick Gillotte Connecticut 

Leonard Barry Click Maryland 

Isabel M. Grabowski Maryland 

Charles Wesley Griffin, HI Maryland 

John Robinson Griffiths, Jr Pennsylvania 

Saverio John Grimaldi Maryland 

Shirley Mae Grossman Maryland 

Robert Jenkins Hall Maryland 

Oscar Morton Hallwig Maryland 

Daniel Bernard Harris Maryland 

Barbara Jeanne Hawkins D. C. 

Mary Martha Hawrisiak Maryland 

Kenneth Luther Heddleston Maryland 

Walter Russell Hedrick, Jr Maryland 

Colen Clifford Heinritz Maryland 

Barry Royal Hicks D. C. 

Raymond Joseph Hill, Jr Maryland 

George Overton Himmelwright Maryland 

Shirley Alice Hodgson Maryland 

Stuart Robinson Hopkins Maryland 

Irvin Hyatt Maryland 

Thomas Lawson Jones Maryland 

David Franklin Kefauver Maryland 

Carl William Kettenbach D. C. 

Robert Coburn Kingsbury Maryland 

William Sites Kiser West Virginia 

Mary Elizabeth Kitchin Maryland 

Charles William Klee D. C. 

Earl Melvin Klinefelter Pennsylvania 

William Charles Kremann Maryland 

Harold Ellsworth Lacey Maryland 

Clara Lee Maryland 

Joseph Paul Lee Maryland 

Ralph Watkins Lee, HI Maryland 

Elridge Paul Leedom Maryland 

Marilyn Patricia Lejonhud D. C. 

Arthur John Letcher, Jr Ohio 

Robert Lee Levine Maryland 

Frank Walter Longo Connecticut 

Donal Ferdinand Luse Maryland 

Nancy Lee Lynn Virginia 

Elinor Jean MacDonald Maryland 

Stanley Stuart MacDougall Maryland 

Leonard Ray Mahone, Jr Maryland 

Jack Lewis Marriott Florida 

Rudolph Joseph Massari New Jersey 

Robert Asbury Mathews Maryland 

James Waldron Maxwell Michigan 

Robert Elmer McCarthy D. C. 

Robert Bradbury McComb D. C. 

Sara Lee McCoy Maryland 

Don Meredith McCurry, Jr Maryland 

Archibald Weems McFadden Maryland 

David Beck Mclntyre Maryland 

Dean Edward McKinnon D. C. 

John Joseph McNeill D. C. 

David St. Clair Melvin Maryland 

Edward Jay Meredith, Jr Pennsylvania 

Ernest Charles Merkel Maryland 

Benjamin Martin Middleton Maryland 

Sylvia Millan Puerto Rico 

George Henry Miller Maryland 

John Francis Miller Maryland 

Norman Louis Miller Maryland 

William S. Miller Maryland 

Anthony Mario Montano, Jr Connecticut 

William Harold Neilund Maryland 

Hillyer Gavin Norment, Jr D. C. 

Erie Leo Norton, Jr Maryland 

Jerome Leo O'Brien Pennsylvania 

Nicholas Richard Oros New Jersey 

Glenn Sydney Ovrevik Virginia 

Joseph Frank Palmisano Maryland 

George Bernard Pelleu, Jr Maryland 

Marion Dale Perdue Maryland 

Miriam Irene Perry D. C. 

Austin Gridley Peterson, Jr Virginia 

Mary Blair Pierrott Maryland 

Francis Osborne Piraro Maryland 

Elzie Louis Powell Maryland 

David Edgar Rawlings Maryland 

Gilbert Douglas Rawlings Maryland 

Mark Bradford Raymond Maryland 

Jacquelyn Lillian Read D. C. 

Julian Ward Reed Maryland 

Norma Elsie Repp Maryland 

Vincent Roberti New Jersey 

James Earle Rowe, Jr Maryland 

Richard Elias Schindler Maryland 

Andrew James Schou New Jersey 

William McLean Scott D. C. 

Charles Serabian Maryland 

David H. Shamer Maryland 

Norman Sheer Maryland 

Margaret Letcher Showell Maryland 

Donald George Simons D. C. 

Robert Tiffany Singleton Maryland 

Frank Joseph Sinnreich, Jr Maryland 

Elizabeth Jane Smith Maryland 

William Jerome Smith, Jr Maryland 

George Baillie Springston, Jr Maryland 

Edward Verhines Spudis D. C. 

Ernest Keith Steele Maryland 

George Paul Stefun Pennsylvania 

Samuel Judah Steinberg D. C. 

Edward Strohmaier Maryland 

Doris Alida Swartz Maryland 

Otto Carl Tabert Maryland 

William Pendleton Templeton Maryland 

Charles Frederick Thompson Maryland 

Dale Edward Tidrick Maryland 

Joan Myrna Torpey Maryland 

Arnold Leonard Vance Maryland 

Andrew J. Vargosko, Jr Maryland 

John Versace D. C. 

Lincoln Arthur Watkins Maryland 

Joel Stoops Webster Maryland 

Gordon William Wehrle Maryland 


Charles Dewey Wheelwright Maryland 

Harold Fred White Maryland 

John Joseph Wildmann Pennsylvania 

Charles Edward Wilford, Jr Maryland 

Donald Orem Wood Maryland 

Leonard Clinton Wright Maryland 

Robert Harrison Young D. C. 

Charles John Zablocki Maryland 

Jeanne Marie Zahrendt Maryland 



Lee Calvin Barnett, Jr Maryland 

Arthur Dean Betts Delaware 

Theodore Gilbert Bloom Maryland 

John Wade Carey Maryland 

Yung Ping Chen Maryland 

Patricia Cooper Maryland 

Donald Dew Maryland 

John Fisher Virginia 

John William Goff Maryland 

James Elbert Good, Jr Maryland 

of Arts 

Inegert Greger Maryland 

Richard Nicolai Hambleton Maryland 

Paul Edward Nugent D. C. 

K. Gordon Oppenheimer Maryland 

Charlotte Dunham Peverley Maryland 

Alan Marvin Resnick Maryland 

H. Colman Rosenthal Maryland 

William Haskell Sandy Maryland 

Alfred George Sapp Maryland 

Martin Zuckerman Maryland 

Bachelor of Science 

Marjorie Teresa Berger Maryland 

Philip Wendel Boesch Maryland 

Jerome Gaine Maryland 

Marion Jean Haughey .Virginia 

Helen Marie Isaacs D. C. 

Milton Schlenoff Maryland 

Harry Russell Schuppner, Jr Maryland 

George William Skelton, Jr Virginia 

Honorable Mention 

First Honors 

Sydney Alroy Jonas 
William Bruce Catton 
Paul Edward Oberst 
Joseph Patrick Gillette 
George William Skelton 
James Thomas Dunn 
Donald George Simons 
Richard Ira Davidoff 
Leonard Paul Yospe 
Irvin Hyatt 
Shirley Mae Grossman 
John Given Farlee 
Joan Moore 
William Sites Kiser 
John Fisher 
William Haskell Sandy 
Walter Katkovsky 
Theodore George Shackley, Jr. 
Suzanne E. Barnett 
Gustav Baer 
William Earl Stahr 
Marjorie Jean Brungart 
Anne Mirman 
Joseph Richard Bove 
Virginia Henson Tower 
Robert Coburn Kingsbury 
K. Gordon Oppenheimer 
Jules Bernard Edlow 
Lucy Marie Piccoli 
Robert Tiffany Singleton 
Robert Bruce Meade 
Theodore Gilbert Bloom 

Second Honors 

Frank Walter Longo 
Bernard Eugene Treadway 
George Edmund Gifford, Jr. 
Richard Norment Packwood 
John Mercer Timmons 
David Avery Kimball 
Joanne Kay Gilbert 
Anne Druga 
Jean Sara Askin 
Edward Verhines Spudis 
Elinor Jean MacDonald 
Ann Carroll Pascault 
William Zave Davidson 
Arnold Leonard Vance 
John Joseph McConnell 
Vincent Robert Doyle 
Emily Gail Miller 
Alfred Charles Cottrell 
Theodore Amos Macdonald, Jr. 
John Donald Dumler 
Anthony Mario Montano 
Janet Gytell Berman 
Raymond Charles Dilzer 
Jean Ray Barnes 
Donald William Fulcher 
Raymond Westbury Maxwell 
Dorothy Fay Duffy 
James Earle Rowe, Jr. 
Samuel Caldwell Ford 
Benjamin Rosner Wolman 
John Edward Penn 
Edward Jay Meredith, Jr. 


First Honors 

Barry Royal Hicks 
Solomon Walter Englander 
Joyce Lydia Marmelstein 
Bettyann Audrey Gillard 
H. Colman Rosenthal 
Ralph Neil Ferrara 
Donald Orem Wood 
Robert Lee Levine 
Charles Elmer Woolf 
Jo Sande Frankel 
Ruth Fay Miller 
Richard Louis Endres 
Eleanor Gleason Boyer 
Shirley Ann Lyon 
Leonard Barry Glick 
Elizabeth Jane Smith 
Jerome Cohen 

Second Honors 

Faye Zella Fram 
Joyce Ward Volz 


Candidates will be presented by Dean J. Freeman Pyle 
Bachelor of Science 

Carl Madison Abernathy New Jersey 

Donald Jules Addor D. C. 

Edward Miles Adlam Maryland 

Benjamin Walter Anderson, Jr Maryland 

Gordon Herbert Anderson Maryland 

Robert Hal Anderson Maryland 

Dominic Aversa Maryland 

George Donald Bailey D. C. 

Arlie Page Baker, Jr Maryland 

Harold Albert Baker Maryland 

Charles Richard Barley D. C. 

Walter Sargent Bauerband D. C. 

Dewey Wade Beall Maryland 

Gene Cover Bean D. C. 

Robert Gordon Beard Maryland 

Thomas Burns Becker Maryland 

Joseph Warren Belcher, III Maryland 

Joseph A. Bennett Maryland 

Sanford Manuel Bennett D, C. 

Stanley Herman Bennett D. C. 

William Robert Berry D. C. 

Robert Kirkland Besley Maryland 

James Lee Bethea D. C. 

William James Biehl, Jr Maryland 

Arthur Edward Biggs Maryland 

John Antrim Bird Maryland 

Baltas Eugene Birkle D. C. 

Howard Melvin Blankman Maryland 

Richard Stanley Boettinger Maryland 

Nelson Ranson Bohn Maryland 

Joseph Hudert Bopp Maryland 

Robert Emanuel Bomstein Maryland 

Carl Paul Bosica Maryland 

John Berry Bourne Maryland 

George Carville Bowen, Jr Maryland 

Richard Franklin Boyd Maryland 

Oliver Porter Boyer, Jr Maryland 

Robert Earle Bradford Maryland 

Clinton Sumner Bradley, III Maryland 

Walter Frank Bram Maryland 

Fred Charles Braun Maryland 

Anath Jonathan Bright Maryland 

Arthur Gordon Bronfein Maryland 

Francis Xavier Brown Maryland 

Edward Oscar Bryant D. C. 

Randall Bruce Buchanan Maryland 

Fred Granville Burall Maryland 

Raymond Lewis Burgdorf, Jr Maryland 

William Devereux Byron Maryland 

Anthony Salvatore Cagiano Maryland 

Louis Warren Calbeck D. C. 

Robert Thomas Carletti Maryland 

William Asa Carr Maryland 

Louis Robert Cedrone, Jr Maryland 

Alfred Thomas Chadwin D. C. 

Calvin Chin Maryland 

Maurice Waters Chiswell Maryland 

Donald Blocksom Coffin Maryland 

Valerio Collazuol New Jersey 

Charles Alpheus Collier, Jr Maryland 

Edward McPherson Collins Maryland 

Nicholas Speros Collins Maryland 

John Maximillian Cook, Jr Maryland 

Thomas Emory Cox Maryland 

Sumner Bowers Cragin, Jr Texas 

William Emmett Crane, II D. C. 

William Franklin Crawford, Jr Maryland 

Charles William Cross D. C. 

Jennings Gene Curry Maryland 

Paul Nicholas Curto D. C. 

Theodore Joseph Cybularz Pennsylvania 

Charles William Dailey Maryland 

Clarence Miller Day Maryland 

Robert Francis Dee D. C. 

Donald Claflin Deitrick Maryland 

Alfred Vito DeLeo Massachusetts 

James Emanuel Demetriou Maryland 

Victor Francis DeVaney D. C. 

Benjamin Roy Dieudonne D. C. 

William Edward Donahue Maryland 

John William Dracopoulos D. C. 

Lorin Hall Drennan, Jr Maryland 

Frank Timothy Driscoll Maryland 

Milton Hammond Earle Maryland 

Paul Martin Eckert Maryland 

Robert Joseph Engelhardt Maryland 

Millard Esterson Maryland 

Bernard Louis Fallon Maryland 

Frank Carroll Fallowfield Maryland 

John Lott Farley D. C. 

William Graham Finlayson Maryland 

John Bellows Finn D. C. 

Abraham Leonard Fischer Maryland 

Eugene Joseph Fisher Maryland 

Lawrence Lee Fisher Maryland 

William Hess Fisher Pennsylvania 


Francis Edmund Flanagan Virginia 

Sherman Edward Flanagan, Jr Maryland 

William Clarke Fletcher D. C. 

James Rexford Flynn, Jr D. C. 

Emanuele Fontana D. C. 

Paul Howard Ford Maryland 

Louis M, Foxwell Maryland 

Charles Franklin Fradiska Maryland 

Robert B. Freeman New York 

Ronald Ernst Froede Maryland 

Bernard Paul Gagnon Massachusetts 

Jorge Garcia-Granados Hijo Guatemala 

Terence Felix Gastelle Maryland 

William Francis Gerald Maryland 

Joseph Bernard Gildenhorn D. C. 

Rudolph James Ginzl, Jr Maryland 

Jay Herman Givans Maryland 

Charles Edward Glaeser, Jr Maryland 

Frank Oatis Gochenour Maryland 

Howard Owen Goldberg Maryland 

Julio Torres Gonzales Maryland 

Jerome Lionel Gottesman Maryland 

Mark Louis Gould Massachusetts 

Robert Rohe Green Maryland 

Frederic Brandt Griffith, Jr Maryland 

Richard Charles Grimm D. C. 

John Charles Grimmer Maryland 

Richard Herman Grubb Maryland 

Joseph Archibald Guard, Jr Maryland 

Rosemary Wade Guenther Virginia 

James Allan Guthrie Maryland 

Benjamin Louis Hackerman Maryland 

Howard Douglas Hall Virginia 

Jack Wilburn Hall Maryland 

Marvin Mann Hall, Jr Maryland 

Robert Taylor Hall Maryland 

Norman Charles Hamer Florida 

Harry Ira Hamilton, Jr Maryland 

James Junior Hamilton Maryland 

Robert Mathias Hamilton Maryland 

Edward Taylor Harned New York 

Gary Elwood Harris Maryland 

James Donald Harris New Jersey 

Robert William Harvey Maryland 

John Henry Hast Maryland 

Archibald Gary Hawthorne, Jr Virginia 

Joseph Earl Hayden, Jr Maryland 

Edward Trail Helfenstein Maryland 

Earl Kenneth Henschen Maryland 

Joseph Lee Herson Maryland 

Eugene Foster Hinman Maryland 

Russell Bahn Hoshall Maryland 

Ralph Elwin Hoyle, Jr Maryland 

William Tipton Huff D. C. 

Charles Donald Hughes, Jr Maryland 

Hobart Britton Hughes Maryland 

Robert Blair Ilderton Maryland 

Walter Clay Ingram Maryland 

Jackson Wilson Ireland Maryland 

George Marshall Irvine, Jr Maryland 

Donald R. Jackson Maryland 

Charles Talmadge Jacobs Maryland 

Fred Carl Jans, Jr Maryland 

Edmund Elroe Jenkins Maryland 

William Clayton Jester, Jr Pennsylvania 

Samuel Garrett Jewell Maryland 

William Henry Jewell Maryland 

Herbert Pitt Johns New York 

William Evans Johns D. C. 

Bernard Ignatius Johnson Maryland 

Dawson Allen Johnson D. C. 

Marshall Peyton Johnson Maryland 

Emory Oliver Jones Maryland 

Jacob Newton Jones, Jr Maryland 

John Tyler Jones Maryland 

Marvin Zell Jones Maryland 

Richard Francis Jones, Jr Maryland 

Andrew William Joran, Jr Maryland 

James Lionell Kapplin Maryland 

Raymond Robert Kazmierski.... Pennsylvania 

Ruth Joan Kearney Maryland 

Robert James Kelley Maryland 

Mary Alice Kellogg Maryland 

Edward Melville Keyser Maryland 

Wallace Whiting Kidwell Maryland 

Walter A. Kimble, Jr New Jersey 

Harold Zihlman Knippenburg Maryland 

George John Koliber Maryland 

Carl Seymour Kolman Maryland 

Howard Krause Maryland 

Joseph Matthew Kremer Maryland 

Frederick William Krug Maryland 

Alvin Henry Kuehn, Jr Maryland 

Edward Joseph Kulda, Jr Maryland 

Joan Louise Kuppe Maryland 

Harry George Kurz D. C. 

Dominick Anthony Lancellotti New York 

Robert James Lange Maryland 

Alvin Benjamin Lann Maryland 

Charles Kenneth Lape Maryland 

Charles Burns Ledbetter, III Florida 

Jay Leikin Maryland 

Richard H. Levine Maryland 

Edwin G. Levy Maryland 

Jerome Saul Levy D. C. 

Maurice Alfred Levy Maryland 

Walter Rolan Lindquist D. C. 

William Louis Lingebach, Jr D. C. 

George Robert Little, Jr Maryland 

David Bruce Lloyd Maryland 

Edward Lucie Maryland 

Hollis Lunsford Texas 

Francis William Maddox Maryland 

Charles Austin Magee Maryland 

Eugene Francis Maholchic Pennsylvania 

George Stewart Mahon Pennsylvania 

James Ferdinand Mann Maryland 

John Bernard Manning Maryland 

Eugene Carroll Marceron D. C. 

Barton Atlee Marshall Maryland 

Henry Channing Marshall Maryland 

Dale Edward Martin D. C. 

John Willis Martin Maryland 

Clyde Edward Martz Maryland 

Dorothy Hazel Matthews New York 

Gordon John Matulonis Maryland 

Thomas Edward McCardell, III....Maryland 

Mary Margaret McCarty Virginia 

James McCombe Maryland 

Joseph Francis McDonald, Jr Maryland 

Thomas Hillary McGrane New Jersey 

John Marshall McKinley Maryland 

William Arthur McMillan D. C. 

Albert Russell McNeill, Jr Maryland 

William Meizlish Maryland 

Martin Saul Mendelsohn Maryland 

Bryan Warick Mercer Virginia 

Peter Mergenovich Maryland 

Robert Thomas Meyers D. C. 

John James Miles, Jr Maryland 

Martin Vincent Miller Maryland 

Robert Denniston Miller Maryland 

Francis Joseph Milliken New York 

Henry Mongelli, Jr Maryland 

Joseph Dilmon Moreland, Jr D. C. 

Maurice D. Morrison D. C. 

Walter Franklin Morrow Maryland 

Stanley Irwin Morstein Maryland 


Mary Lou Motley Maryland 

Carl William Mueller D. C. 

Daniel Joseph Mullane, Jr Massachusetts 

John Gleason Myers Rhode Island 

Don Odel Nave Maryland 

Robert Louis Gustav Neuman Maryland 

William Andrew Newman Maryland 

Richard Carroll Nickels Maryland 

Robert Hutton Nicholson D. C. 

Charles Joseph Nizolek Connecticut 

Henry Joseph Noyes New York 

Charles Francis Ogle Maryland 

William Cleveland Orndorff, Jr Maryland 

Charles Joseph O'Shaughnessy Maryland 

Arnold Einar Ostrom Maryland 

Richard Elmer Painter D. C. 

Herbert Otterson Palmer, Jr D. C. 

Harold LeRoy Parks Florida 

Louis Richard Parmett D. C. 

John George Pearl New York 

John Robert Pedevillano New Jersey 

Philip James Peters Maryland 

James Francis Phillips Maryland 

Louis Francis Phoebus Maryland 

Patricia Loi*een Pine Maryland 

George Lauderdale Plant, Jr New York 

William Edward Plunkett D. C. 

James Roswell Poplar, Jr Maryland 

Richard Charles Point Pennsylvania 

William George Popovich Pennsylvania 

Robert Myron Potter Maryland 

Chester Marshall Potts Maryland 

Walter Marion Prichard Maryland 

Charles William Puffenbarger Maryland 

Robert Edward Lee Putman, Jr Maryland 

Richard Townsend Rabner Maryland 

Salvatore Vincent Rallo Maryland 

William Thomas Randall Maryland 

Donald Neal Reed D. C. 

John Gordon Reed Maryland 

Beachy Reich Pennsylvania 

Robert William Reiter Maryland 

William Frederick Reynolds, Jr Maryland 

Kenneth David Richards, Jr Maryland 

Charles Brotherhood Richter Maryland 

Robert Lee Ridgeway Maryland 

Paul Howard Ripley Maryland 

Charles Leland Ritchie Maryland 

Mary Phyllis Ritter Maryland 

Roy Hooker Robertson Maryland 

Alfred Sprigg Robinson Maryland 

Charles Goodwyn Rogers Maryland 

Louis Herbert Rosenblum D. C. 

Harvey Rosendorf D. C. 

John MacNair Rosson Maryland 

Robert Salter Rothenhoefer Maryland 

Harold James Roush Maryland 

Edward Franklin Rowzee, III .D. C. 

Arthur Carroll Sabin Maryland 

William Cooper Sabin Maryland 

Edward Davis Sacks Maryland 

George Francis Sander Maryland 

Leonard Sandler Maryland 

John Edgar Sandrock Maryland 

Jerome Joseph Schaefer Maryland 

Richard Bruce Schaefer Maryland 

John Edward Schaefle Maryland 

Marvin Herbert Schein Maryland 

Wallace Thomas Schindler, Jr Maryland 

Martin K. Schnurr, Jr Maryland 

Nicholas George Schwalier Maryland 

Wilmer Hall Scotten Maryland 

Bernard Max Serio Maryland 

Mannes Maurice Shalowitz Maryland 

Edward Shelton Shapiro D. C. 

Robert Grahame Sharer Marylard 

John Francis Sheridan D. C. 

Leon Roy Shifflett Virginia 

Vernon Ellwood Shifflett Virginia 

Joseph Frank Shimek, Jr Maryland 

Jean Siemens Maryland 

Anthony Leonard Sileo Connecticut 

Morton Oliner Silesky Maryland 

Charles Willard Simons Maryland 

Carey Bryan Singleton, Jr Maryland 

Bruce Penn Smith Maryland 

France Edward Smith Maryland 

John Chandler Smith, Jr Maryland 

Samuel Edward Smith Pennsylvania 

William Russell Snyder Maryland 

Richard Joseph Solomon Maryland 

Don Albert South Maryland 

Lawrence Edward Speelman Maryland 

John Carlton Sprague Missouri 

Laurence Alfred Stappler Maryland 

E. Harrison Stevens Maryland 

Sidney Walter Stevenson, Jr D. C. 

Robert LeRoy Stewart Marvland 

Scott Stilson, Jr *D. C. 

Sigi Rath Strauss Maryland 

Paul Theodore Strickler, Jr Maryland 

Frank Gingell Swarr .D. C. 

William Robert Sween Maryland 

John Sysak "d. C. 

Robert Eugene Tall Maryland 

Norman Robert Taylor Maryland 

Walter Morris Taylor New Jersey 

Wilson Henry Teal Maryland 

Richard Westerman Tennant, Jr. ..Maryland 

Richard Leroy Thawley Maryland 

Allan Charles Thompson, Jr Maryland 

Thomas Spear Thompson Maryland 

Earl J. Thomson, Jr Maryland 

Charles Cuthbert Thornton Maryland 

Samuel Julius Threadgill D. C. 

Frederic Morrill Tibbetts, Jr New Jersey 

Samuel Sterling Tilghman Maryland 

Frank John Todaro Massachusetts 

Lawrence Walter Tolj, Jr Maryland 

Arthur John Tramer New Jersey 

Robert Herman Treuchel Maryland 

Frederick William Tripp Maryland 

Samuel Markel Trivas Marv'land 

Thomas Edison Trone Pennsylvania 

Donald Ambrose Tuozzo Maryland 

Davey Lee Tyler Maryland 

Spurgeon Struven Tyler Maryland 

Thomas Edward Tvre Maryland 

Thomas Aloysius Tyrrell Wisconsin 

Jacob Shields Ulrich Maryland 

Vance Lawrence Vaniglio D. C. 

Roy Jay Vegren D. C. 

Joseph Rocco Venpziani D. C. 

Theodore Robert Verkouteren Maryland 

Herbert Cyril Vitt. II Pennsylvania 

Patricia Dunham Voneiff Maryland 

John Robert Wade Maryland 

Wade Donovan Ward Maryland 

Howard Joseph Waters, Jr Maryland 

Joseph Charles Watkins J). C. 

Robert Sterling Watkins D. C. 

Wilmer Pole Webster, Jr Maryland 

George Thomas Weeks New York 

Raloh Weil Maryland 

Nathan Smith White, III Maryland 

William Henry Wilkerson, Jr D. C. 

Robert Shryer Wilkinson, Jr Maryland 

Marvin Samuel Winer D. C. 


Robert David Wood Michigan 

Warner David Wood Maryland 

Carl Daniel Wright Maryland 

Melvin Oscar Wright D. C. 

Albert Franklin Wurzbacher, Jr.. .Maryland 
Myron Zuk Maryland 


Bachelor of Science 

Francis Richard Baake New Jersey 

Sidney Bender Maryland 

Alvin Hirsch Blaker Maryland 

Vernon Abbott Bolte, Jr Maryland 

Willard Holt Butler Maryland 

Frank M. Butterfield New York 

Allen Caldwell Vermont 

David Arthur Chance Maryland 

John Bernard Determan, Jr Maryland 

Carl Clinton Drewry, Jr D. C. 

Samuel Jay Frank D. C. 

George Vincent Freaner, Jr Maryland 

Kenneth Ray Gelletly Maryland 

Donald Paul Giles Maryland 

James Edward Green, Jr Maryland 

Arthur John Hart New York 

Richard Preston Hawes Maryland 

Milton King Hill, Jr Maryland 

Stuart Bailey Hopkins Maryland 

Robert Scott Hoyert Maryland 

John Wilbur Ingram, Jr Maryland 

James Austin Jackson Maryland 

John Stewart Jordan Maryland 

Glenn Maher D. C. 

William George Manuel Maryland 

Stanley Leroy Marks Maryland 

Stuart Villmar McEvoy Maryland 

Harold Spence McGay Maryland 

Alvin Newhouse Maryland 

Raymond Clyde Patterson Maryland 

Charles Henry Perkins Maryland 

Harry Wheeler Potter Maryland 

Neel Whitfield Reid Georgia 

Maurice Alfred Richardson, Jr Maryland 

Robert Travers Rohrer Maryland 

George Albert St. Ours Maryland 

Albert Savino New Jersey 

Francis Albert Shaffer Maryland 

Howard Leslie Shores Maryland 

Herbert Joseph Siegel Maryland 

Bernard David Smith Maryland 

Robert Thomas Sommers Maryland 

Edward Wilbur Stiles Maryland 

Glenwood Samuel Troop, Jr Maryland 

Marcus Thomas Zambounis Maryland 

Honorable Mention 

First Honors 

Donald R. Jackson 

Sidney Walter Stevenson, Jr. 

Arthur Edward Biggs 

Edward Shelton Shapiro 

Harold LeRoy Parks 

Millard Esterson 

Archibald Gary Hawthorne, Jr. 

Ralph Weil 

Albert Franklin Wurzbacher, Jr. 

Robert Blair Ilderton 

Joseph Bernard Gildenhorn 

Anthony Salvatore Cagiano 

Jay Herman Givans 

Milton King Hill, Jr. 

John Marshall McKinley 

Stuart Villmar McEvoy 
Donald Paul Giles 
Howard Owen Goldberg 
Dorothy Hazel Matthews 
Theodore Joseph Cybularz 
Frank John Todaro 
Nicholas Speros Collins 
Mary Alice Kellogg 
Terence Felix Gastelle 
Leonard Sandler 
Thomas Edward McCardell, III 
Lawrence Walter Tolj, Jr. 
Jennings Gene Curry 
Jerome Lionel Gottesman 
Thomas Edward Tyre 


Candidates will be presented by Dean Harold Benjamin 
Bachelor of Arts 

Robert Atkinson Maryland 

Albert Isadore Auslander Maryland 

John Richard Bachman Maryland 

Claude Edward Blevins Delaware 

Selma Ilene Bloom Maryland 

Daniel Bonthron Maryland 

Mildred Elizabeth Bowers Maryland 

Betty Nina Bradley Maryland 

Harry Edward Buchheister, Jr Maryland 

James Edmund Cabin Maryland 

Rosalie Cohen Maryland 

Margaret Zieber Degen Maryland 

Lois Marilyn DeHoff Maryland 

Richard Henry Dickie Maryland 


Barbara lone Dobbin.. Maryland 

Mary Louise Weedon Durst D. C. 

Mildred Freishtat Maryland 

Anne Rutter Gallion Maryland 

Ruth Elizabeth Gatchell Maryland 

Edith Margaret Gilmore D. C. 

William Jacob Graham Maryland 

Idalee Gray Maryland 

Dolores Virginia Hancock Maryland 

Walter Rodman Hartjen New York 

Truth Haskell Hienton Maryland 

Jane Marguerite Hosking Maryland 

Jame3 Gordon Llewellyn Howard, Jr. 


Howard Fred Jones Maryland 

Ethel Dorothy Kaighn Maryland 

Helen Katz Maryland 

William Walter Klee Maryland 

Ann Kershaw Kurtz Maryland 

Myrna Rita Lapides Maryland 

Beatrice Irene Lee New Jersey 

Dixie May Lemmon Maryland 

Kenneth Brown Lundberg Maryland 

John Joseph Mandico New York 

Elaine Bresler Marine D, C. 

Joan Barbara Mattingly Maryland 

Earle McCann Maryland 

Nancy Mae McCrohan Massachusetts 

Joanne Clare McLellan Maryland 

Robert Paul Mehr Maryland 

Mary Katherine Morris Maryland 

Marjorie Jean Mudd Maryland 

Carol Lee Ortel Maryland 

Howard Jerome Patterson Maryland 

John Wilbur Pegg, Jr Maryland 

Norma Phyllis Ragonese Maryland 

Bernard Bowers Riefner Maryland 

Eliza Ann Riggins Maryland 

William Henry Robinson, Jr Maryland 

Albert Morris Rochkind Maryland 

David Welby Roszel Maryland 

Myrna Doris Schlossberg Maryland 

Helen Gertrude Spurrier Maryland 

Evelyn Anne Tomlinson Maryland 

Richard John Wieland Maryland 

Rose Ellen Winant Maryland 

Ruth Anne Wood Ohio 

Richard Grymes Wysong Maryland 

Bachelor of Science 

John Quincy Adams Maryland 

Jennie Lyle Alexander Maryland 

John Edward Ambrose Maryland 

Hardin Frederick Appleby Maryland 

Mary Jane Averman Maryland 

Leonilla Eva Baginski Maryland 

Carolyn Sue Baumann Florida 

Elizabeth Jane Beuermann Virginia 

Thomas Stevenson Blair Maryland 

Carol Settle Bowersett Maryland 

Ellen Elizabeth Bradford Maryland 

Marian Woodward Bradford D. C. 

Carolyn Leone Branch Maryland 

Virginia Marion Brandenburg Maryland 

William Donald Brockmeyer Maryland 

Gilda Barbara Brodsky Maryland 

Ruth Huntington Brookens Maryland 

Ethel Cunningham Bruce Maryland 

Mary Catherine Bullock Maryland 

Margaret Jane Burger Virginia 

Virginia Anne Burnside Maryland 

Robert Edward Buxbaum Maryland 

Dorothy Irene Cain Maryland 

Robert Lemoine Carey Maryland 

Betty Baker Chaney Maryland 

Mary Joanne Clunk Maryland 

Joe A. Cobb, Jr Maryland 

Dwight Oliver Coblentz Pennsylvania 

Earcie Ola Comwell Maryland 

Barbara Lois Crescenze Maryland 

Eva Foust Darley Maryland 

Peggy Ann Dashiell Maryland 

Bette Ann Davis Maryland 

Helen Lorene Davis D. C. 

Betty Ross Dellett Maryland 

Anne Marie Derrick Maryland 

Estelle Deutsch Maryland 

Florence Dillon Maryland 

Milford Hanna Dinker, Jr Maryland 

Jean Lee Dorset D. C. 

William Resser Dubs Pennsylvania 

Francis William Eiler Maryland 

Gloria Eisenberg Maryland 

Charles Oliver Ensor Maryland 

Rozella Elizabeth Evans D. C. 

Thaddeus Meade Felton Maryland 

Dolores Ann Fitzgerald Maryland 

Anne Flemer D. C. 

Julia Covington Ford Maryland 

Patricia Ann Ford Maryland 

Josephine Leighton Frank Maryland 

Milton Tall Freburger Maryland 

Gladys Grimes Frock Maryland 

Robert Lee German Maryland 

Frank Harry Goedeke Maryland 

Zane Gray New Jersey 

Lucille Agnes Gupton Maryland 

Carol Osborne Hackett Maryland 

Patricia Ann Hale D. C. 

Jacqueline Lee Hammett D. C. 

Ruth Elizabeth Henry Maryland 

Ina Jenkins Hicks Maryland 

William Paul Hicks Maryland 

Charles Edward Hiden, Jr Maryland 

Mary Phyllis Hoffman Maryland 

Francis Edward Holliday Delaware 

Sharon Lee Honecker Maryland 

Charles Edward Worthington Hook 


Stephen Hopkins Maryland 

Dorothy Virginia Horine Maryland 

Theodore Samuel Hull Maryland 

Dwight Marshall Hurley Maryland 

Elizabeth Cissel Hurt Maryland 

Stanley Edward Imbierowicz Maryland 

Jennie Jergensen Maryland 

Daniel Webster Johnson, Jr Maryland 

James Custis Kellam, Jr Maryland 

Moreland Sinclair Knapp Virginia 

Carl Christian Knepper Maryland 

Raymond Francis Krouse Maryland 

Henry Christopher Lawson Maryland 

Marie Jen-Wan Lee Maryland 

Doris Ann Leon Maryland 

Virginia Ruth Lesch D. C. 

Harry Levin Maryland 

Nellie Alvirda Lloyd Maryland 

Roger William Lynch Maryland 

Marilyn Dolores Macchi Pennsylvania 

George James Makin, Jr Maryland 


Milton Mathiowdis Maryland 

Jeanne Ann Matthews Maryland 

Bonnie June May Maryland 

Elizabeth Katherine Mayer Maryland 

Alison Jean McDermid Maryland 

Donald F. X. Mclntyre Maryland 

Ruth Averill McKay Maryland 

Hugh Daniel McLaughlin, Jr D. C. 

Mary Jean Meaney D. C. 

Ruth Betty Mesirow Maryland 

Donald Hugh Moran Maryland 

Bernard Simon Muller Maryland 

Roland Edward Nairn, Jr Maryland 

Michael Frederick Nigro New Jersey 

Amos Nir D. C. 

William Edward Otto Maryland 

Marguerite Joyce Owen Maryland 

Raymond George Pluemer Maryland 

Robert Berman Poffenberger Maryland 

Helen Dorothene Poland Maryland 

Margaret Lee Rabner Maryland 

Ludwood Robert Ramos Maryland 

Kenneth Vincent Randolph Maryland 

Raymond Ernest Rattan Maryland 

Marilyn Reiskin D. C. 

John William Richardson Maryland 

Sadell Roberta Ruths Maryland 

James Eugene Ryan Maryland 

Herbert Lawrence Sappington Maryland 

William George Schaaf Maryland 

Robert Ernest Schurmann Maryland 

Eugene Benjamin Shaw Maryland 

Jacquelyn Sherman D. C. 

Jean Suzanne Shultz D. C. 

Katharine Carrel Simler Pennsylvania 

Ann Boswell Simmons Maryland 

Elizabeth Greening Rohr Singleton 


Eleanor Louise Slacum Maryland 

George Slate, IH Maryland 

Dorothea Marie Smith Maryland 

Margaret Elizabeth Smith Maryland 

Charles Ernest Spicer, Jr Maryland 

Norman Stanley Stabler Maryland 

William Frederick Stammer, Jr Maryland 

Wanda Standlee D. C. 

Beverly Resnick Stappler Maryland 

James Armand Stofko Pennsylvania 

Gladys Jeanette Stuart D. C. 

Margaret Elaine Sturgis Maryland 

Helen Irene Swartz Maryland 

Robert Joseph Szalwinski New York 

Catherine Elizabeth Thomas Maryland 

Eloise Thomas Maryland 

Alice Carolyn Thompson New York 

Norma Jean Thurston D. C. 

Rufus Milton Todd Maryland 

Paul Anthony Valle Maryland 

Robert Giroux Vaughn Virginia 

Eugene John Volpe Maryland 

Irma Bess Wagner Maryland 

Leonard Scott Wallis Maryland 

William Howard Wertz Pennsylvania 

John Christopher Wilkerson Maryland 

Harry William Wilson Maryland 

Elmer Horsey Wingate, Jr Maryland 

Grace Louise Woodfield Maryland 

Melvin Joseph Woods Louisiana 

Edith Harding Wright Maryland 

Elizabeth Merle Yoder Maryland 

Shirley Louise Youngman Maryland 

Bachelor of Science 

Marshall Erbie Baker Virginia 

Grover S. Brissey Maryland 

Anne Weston Caldwell Maryland 

William Murray Campbell Maryland 

Frederick Arthur Carleton Maryland 

Florence Gribbin Crossan Maryland 

Alma M. Green Denny Maryland 

Paul Ellsworth Fogle Maryland 

Mildred Elizabeth Gale Maryland 

Clara Eloise Gibson Maryland 

Elsie Olive Guthrie Maryland 

Ethel Graves Hearne Maryland 

Dona Jean Heckard D. C. 

Walter Thomas Keesey Maryland 

Fannie Byrd Knode Maryland 

Helen Victoria Kramer Maryland 

William Bernard Logan Maryland 

Marie T. O'Donnell Maryland 

Jennie C. Palees Maryland 

Mildred Inman Parker Maryland 

George Lee Peabody, III Virginia 

Nell Cox Riddle Maryland 

Jane Maloy Riley Maryland 

Emma H. Knoll Stoudt Maryland 

David Erwin Stowe D. C. 

Daniel Anthony Terzi Maryland 

Madge Anna Thomas Maryland 

Mary Virginia Thomas Maryland 

Alice Underwood Turner D. C. 

William John Vanko Maryland 

Honorable Mention 

First Honors 

Myrna Doris Schlossberg 
Jane Marguerite Hosking 
Jennie Jergensen 
Helen Katz 
Alison Jean McDermid 
William Edward Otto 
Myrna Rita Lapides 
Ruth Averill McKay 
Ann Boswell Simmons 
Albert Morris Rochkind 
James Edmund Cabin 
Edith Harding Wright 

Second Honors 

Elizabeth Greening Rohr Singleton 

Joan Barbara Mattingly 

Florence Gribbin Crossan 

Ethel Graves Hearne 

Estelle Deutsch 

Mildred Elizabeth Bowers 

Jennie Lyle Alexander 

Robert Paul Mehr 

Anne Flemer 

Mary Louise Weedon Durst 

Robert Atkinson 

Ina Jenkins Hicks 


Fvst Honors 

Herbert Lawrence Sappin^on 
Emma H. Knoll Stoudt 
Helen Irene Swartz 
Patricia Ann Hale 
Josephine Leighton Frank 

Second Honors 

Norma Jean Thurston 
Carol Settle Bowersett 
John William Richardson 
Truth Haskell Hienton 
Daniel Webster Johnson, Jr. 
Ruth Elizabeth Henry 
Eliza Ann Riggins 


Candidates will be presented by Dean S. S. Steinberg 

Edward Sewell Barber. 

Civil Engineer 


Bachelor of Science 

Jacob Murray Adkins Maryland 

Robert George Alexander Maryland 

Donald Walter Allen Maryland 

Donald Edward Anderson New Jersey 

Edwin Arthur Anderson, Jr Maryland 

Robert Anderson Maryland 

Earl Dennis Angulo Maryland 

William Douglas Archer Maryland 

Vytautas Blaise Bandjunis Maryland 

William Francis Beiderman Maryland 

Harry Benton Benefiel Maryland 

John Francis Berrent Maryland 

Albert James Binko Maryland 

John Neumeyer Birckhead, Jr Maryland 

Warren Edward Bleinberger Maryland 

Alfred Henry Boldtmann, Jr Maryland 

Frederick Charles Boss Maryland 

Edward William Boyce, Jr Maryland 

Thomas Henry Boyd, Jr Maryland 

Edward Murray Brodie D. C. 

Paul Irvin Brown Maryland 

Richard Brucksch, Jr Maryland 

George Newton Bull, Jr Maryland 

Harry Franklin Burdick Maryland 

Robert Johnson Carpenter Maryland 

Calvin Johnson Carter, Jr Maryland 

Paul Franklin Causey, Jr Maryland 

Kevin Eugene Cavey Maryland 

Ralph L. Chambers, Jr D. C. 

Merritt Ogle Chance Maryland 

Daniel Philip Clark Maryland 

Jack Edward Clark Maryland 

Charles Gray Clarke Maryland 

James Elmer Clements Maryland 

Clinton Albert Clubb Pennsylvania 

Carlos Tulio Cordero Maryland 

Jack Wynn Cotton Maryland 

Thomas Webster Coughlin Maryland 

Jeremy Francis Criss Maryland 

Richard Edwin Crosthwait Maryland 

Earl Alfred Crouse Pennsylvania 

Earl Jack Cummings Pennsylvania 

Carroll Curry Virginia 

Robert Jerome Darby Maryland 

Thomas Ferguson Davidson .D. C. 

John DeLawder Davis Maryland 

William Purser Deavers, Jr Maryland 

Kendrick deBooy Virginia 

Arthur F. Dellheim Maryland 

Andrew Carmine De Rosa New York 

Wentworth Hayes Dubendorf D. C. 

Louis William Ehrlich Maryland 

Gordon Bennett English Maryland 

William Henry Ennis Maryland 

August Euler, Jr Maryland 

Harold Earl Evans Maryland 

John Francis Fayman Maryland 

Charles Donald Federline Maryland 

Kenneth Eugene Felton West Virginia 

Charles Fink Maryland 

Robert Emmet Flanagan Maryland 

Alexander Augustine Fleury Maryland 

Robert Frank Fooksman Maryland 

John Joseph Foster D. C. 

Christian Miller Frey Maryland 

Charles Bernard Fyock Virginia 

Ruben Manalang Gloria Maryland 

Edgar Joseph Goff Michigan 

Carl Richard Graham Maryland 

Andrew John Groszer, Jr Maryland 

Paul Joseph Guercio Maryland 

Benjamin Buel Halleck Maryland 

Richard Handler Maryland 

Thomas Knox Crandell Hardesty.. Maryland 

Robert Emmet Harman Maryland 

George William Hellwig D. C, 

Irvin Carl Henschen Maryland 

Joseph James Hickey Maryland 

Homer William Hicks Maryland 

Henry Mareen Hink New York 

William Hayv,-ard Horsey Maryland 

Paul Melvin Horst, Jr Maryland 

Harry Elroy Hughes Maryland 

William Magoffin Humphrey D. C. 

James Clinton Hussong Maryland 

Andrejs Jagars Maryland 

Donald Henry Justus Maryland 

Joseph Russell Kammer Maryland 

Sidney Katz Mar>'land 

William McAllister Keeley D. C. 

Kenneth K. Kennedy Maryland 

Anton Gerard Kettel New York 

Calvin Lee King Maryland 

Melvin LeRoy Klass Maryland 

Earl Mathias Klemer Maryland 

Glenn Boesser Klinefelter Pennsylvania 

Bernard Francis Knell Maryland 

William Bolton Knox Virginia 

Calvin Kern Kobsa Maryland 

John Irvin Kohler Maryland 

George John Kolsum Pennsylvania 

Victor Simeon Koshkin New York 

Francis John Koubek. Maryland 

Irving Kuzminsky D. C. 

Richard John LaManna Maryland 

George Joseph Laurer Maryland 

Norman Melbourne Lawler, Jr Maryland 

William Henry Lawyer West Virginia 


James Henry Lee D. C. 

James Lefter Maryland 

John Gordon Leithauser Maryland 

Harold Hughes Levy D, C. 

Basil Charles Lewis, Jr Maryland 

Lawrence Daniel Leyh, Jr Maryland 

Charles William Liedlich Maryland 

John Marshall Lloyd Maryland 

John Currin Lynch D. C. 

John Dougal MacGregor D. C. 

Peter George Magiros Maryland 

Preston Lee Magness, Jr Maryland 

Paul Anthony Maloney Maryland 

Gordon Milton Maltby Maryland 

Earle Rollins Marden, Jr Maryland 

Albert Eugene Martin Arkansas 

George Cleveland Martin Maryland 

Marcus Clifford Martin Maryland 

Robert George Mathey Maryland 

Preston Taylor Maxwell Maryland 

Charles May Maryland 

Clement Wensing McClelland.-Pennsylvania 

William Robert McCullagh Maryland 

John Thomas McDonald Maryland 

John Francis McDonnell Maryland 

George Vincent McGowan Maryland 

William Butler McKinney Maryland 

Merlin Fred McLaughlin Virginia 

William Angus McLean Maryland 

James Doniere Measelle D. C. 

Carter Denson Messick, Jr Maryland 

Henry Christian Miller Maryland 

Max Grogger Miller Maryland 

Ewell Hudson Mohler, Jr Maryland 

Gene Moss Mohlhenrich Maryland 

John Duncan Moore Maryland 

Reynolds Robertson Moore Maryland 

Arthur David Morgan Maryland 

Robert Allan Morton, H Maryland 

George Frederick Mothersole Maryland 

Michael Joseph Muth Maryland 

Leonard Esterly Needles Maryland 

Frederick William Nesline, Jr Maryland 

James Earl Newland D. C. 

William Irwin Niedermair D. C. 

Harry Smith Nikirk Maryland 

James Carson Nokes Maryland 

Edgar Arthur Norfolk, Jr Maryland 

Brooks Belton O'Neill, Jr Maryland 

George Miller Orr Maryland 

Ranieri Louis Palleschi Maryland 

Howard Lee Parks Maryland 

Donald Sheldon Peck. D. C. 

John James Pertsch Maryland 

John Powell Peters Maryland 

William Thomas Pickens Maryland 

Harry Pinckernell Maryland 

Charles Burton Pinckney Maryland 

James Arthur Bruce Pinney Maryland 

Blutcher Edward Prescott, Jr D. C. 

John Emory Reed Maryland 

Ellsworth Jack Remson, Jr D. C. 

Oscar James Remson Maryland 

Louis Anthony Robl Maryland 

Henry Theodore Roehl Maryland 

Alden Leroy Rogers D. C. 

Charles Howard Roos D. C. 

Sidney Nathan Rosenfeld Maryland 

Ralph Wilson Rowland. Virginia 

Joseph Robert Ruddy Maryland 

John Andrew Russell, Jr D. C. 

John William Ruth Maryland 

John Cannon Ryon Maryland 

Lloyd Martin St. Ours Maryland 

Edward Wilson Schaefer Maryland 

Richard Leonard Schafer D. C. 

Israel Morton Schindler Maryland 

Harold Abram Schlenger Maryland 

Seymour Schwartz Maryland 

Walter Shannon Schs^nik Pennsylvania 

James Kenneth Scott Maryland 

Charles Andrew Seibert, Jr Maryland 

Herbert Hyman Shannon Maryland 

Raymond Henry Siegel Maryland 

William Charles Sigismondi Maryland 

Robert Louis Sima Maryland 

Lafayette Greene Small Maryland 

Albert Andrew Smith, Jr Maryland 

Ramon Wilson Smith Maryland 

Alfred Barnard Spamer Maryland 

Simms M, Spears North Carolina 

Herbert Cecil Spicer, Jr Maryland 

Cornelius Marie Steeman, Jr Maryland 

Robert William Stephens Pennsylvania 

Louis Felix Storm Maryland 

Powell Noah Summerfield Maryland 

Benjamin William Svrjcek, Jr Maryland 

Donald Taylor Maryland 

Dudley Denker Taylor Maryland 

Michael T. Thomas Maryland 

Alec Frank Thornhill D. C. 

John Richard Thorson Maryland 

Henry Donald Tolj Maryland 

Maxwell Lewis Trostle Maryland 

Frank Arthur Tully, Jr Maryland 

Robert Lee Tyler Maryland 

Howard Jesse Umberger Maryland 

Anthony Ramon Vagnoni JD. C. 

Salvatore Francis Vizzini Maryland 

William Albert Vogel Maryland 

William John Volk Maryland 

John Frederick Volz Maryland 

Joseph Vincent Vorsteg, Jr Maryland 

Robert Martin Weikert Maryland 

Robert James Westerheid Maryland 

C. Frank Wheatley, Jr Maryland 

Francis Willard White _D. C. 

Frank Elmslie White Maryland 

Melvin Leslie Whitefield Maryland 

Carl Joseph Wiesinger Virginia 

Leon Irvine Wilkinson Maryland 

Robert Bruce Wills Maryland 

Robert Leon Wilson D. C. 

Edward Lee Wolffe D. C. 

Grant Edward Woodside, Jr Maryland 

Jacob Seymour Worrell Maryland 

Charles Russell Yokley D. C. 

Terry Laverne Young Pennsylvania 

Albert Joseph Zyvoloski, Jr Maryland 

Bachelor of Science 

Morris Melvin Abrams D. C. 

David VanDike Benfer Maryland 

Ralph Bird Maryland 

Calvin Henry Boehn Maryland] 

Mario Marcio F. da Cunha Maryland | 

William Erwin Elting Maryland 


Carson J. Gavel Maryland 

Alton Schwartz Geiger Maryland 

Ellis Jack Gottlieb Maryland 

Maxwell Lecron Holland, Jr Maryland 

William Franklin Hubbard, Jr Maryland 

Jerome Joseph Jaworski Maryland 

George Selwyn Nash, Jr D. C. 

Dwight Shober Sapp Maryland 

David Milton Sherline Maryland 

Honorable Mention 

First HoTwrs 

Frederick William Nesline, Jr. 
Ralph Wilson Rowland 
Walter Shannon Schymik 
Charles May 
Ruben Manalang Gloria 
John Cannon Ryon 
John Richard Thorson 
Paul Irvin Brown 
Louis William Ehrlich 
Louis Anthony Robl 
George Miller Orr 
George Cleveland Martin 
Harry Elroy Hughes 
Melvin LeRoy Klass 
Irving Kuzminsky 
Robert George Alexander 
Basil Charles Lewis, Jr. 
Carroll Curry 
Sidney Nathan Rosenfeld 
Robert Johnson Carpenter 
Arthur David Morgan 
Wentworth Hayes Dubendorf 
Robert Frank Fooksman 
Merlin Fred McLaughlin 
Christian Miller Frey 
Alec Frank Thomhill 

Second Honors 

Clement Wensing McClelland 
Charles Howard Roos 
Earl Alfred Crouse 
Raymond Henry Siegel 
Gene Moss Mohlenrich 


Candidates will be presented by Dean M. Marie Mount 
Bachelor of Science 

James Edward Allinger Maryland 

Mary Ellen Andrus Maryland 

Charles Robert Beach Maryland 

Mary Bock Maryland 

Alice Louise Boone Maryland 

Jean Marion Bream Pennsylvania 

Rita Loretta Brockmeyer D. C. 

Frances Elizabeth Camalier Maryland 

Camella Dolores Clare Maryland 

Mary Corinne Clark Maryland 

Patricia Dudley Cole D. C. 

Mary Elizabeth Dansberger Maryland 

Marion June Duffey D. C. 

Mary Ruth Duncan D. C. 

Patricia Lee Froehlich Maryland 

Margaret Virginia Galloway Maryland 

Nina Louise Hecker Maryland 

Hedwig Marjorie Heinemann Maryland 

George Leonard Hewitt New Jersey 

Carolyn Darlene Hickman Maryland 

Lorraine Evelyn Hirrlinger D. C. 

Joyce Joann Hoppensteadt Maryland 

Lillian Johnston Howie Maryland 

Margaret Yvonne Jones Maryland 

Jane Dudley Kemp Maryland 

Kathryn Klosky D. C. 

Nancy May Kneen Virginia 

Miriam Bowles Knibb Maryland 

Marilyn Langford Maryland 

Evelyn Sue Lankford Maryland 

Ruth Mae Lodge New Jersey 

Elizabeth Ann Long Maryland 

Cherry Louise Louie Maryland 

Donna Clyde Lura D. C. 

Flora Leslie MacKintosh Maryland 

Joanne Elizabeth McGrath Maryland 

Mary Kathryn McKay Maryland 

Dorothy Alice Melvin Maryland 

Judith Louise Messinger Maryland 

Dolores Jacqueline Mogel Maryland 

Ruth Carolyn Moore Pennsylvania 

Julia Gertrude Moritz New Jersey 

Katherine Moykee Maryland 

Willie Ann Myers Maryland 

Maryalice Northover Maryland 

Jean Louise Nyberg Maryland 

Abby Carolyn Phillips Maryland 

Genevieve Ann Poore Maryland 

Patricia Anne Randall Maryland 

Walter Edgar Rhodes, Jr Maryland 

Joan Virginia Ricketts Maryland 

John Fenna Roberts, Jr Maryland 

Elizabeth Joan Robey Maryland 

Betty Jane Rogan Maryland 

Joseph Aramis Rosario Maryland 

Ruth Amacker Rowe Maryland 

Luther Earle Scheffler D. C. 

Barclay Ellen Savin Slade Maryland 

Carl William Soine Maryland 

Rae Grisha Specter Maryland 

Elaine Porter Spencer D. C. 

Janet Emma Spencer Maryland 


Joyce Armin Staubus Maryland 

Naomi Hettie Steinraetz Maryland 

Leonard Edward Strott Maryland 

Helen Elizabeth Summers D. C. 

Margaret Ann Valk D. C. 

Betty Lou Vanderschaaf D. C. 

Anne Radcliffe Ward Maryland 

Margaret Ann Welch D. C. 

Evelyn N. Wilson Texas 

Patricia Ann Woodworth Maryland 


Bachelor of Science 

Louise Hines Sydnor Virginia Edythe Amerella Zeck Maryland 

Honorable Mention 

First Honors 

Ruth Mae Lodge 
Marilyn Langford 
Evelyn N. Wilson 
Barclay Ellen Savin Slade 
Janet Emma Spencer 
Dorothy Alice Melvin 
Miriam Bowles Knibb 

Second Honors 

Rae Grisha Spector 
Evelyn Sue Lankford 
Genevieve Ann Poore 
Flora Leslie MacKintosh 


Candidates will be presented by Colonel John C. Pitchford 
Bachelor of Science 

William Albert Anderson Virginia 

William C. Bentley Germany 

Christian Matthew Biersack „... Virginia 

John D. Bridges Virginia 

Earl Bamette Broome, Jr D. C. 

Russell Eldridge Brubaker „ Maryland 

James Euil Burchfield „ Virginia 

Harold Frederick Clark .Virginia 

Matthew Adam Clary, Jr Texas 

Ernest Arthur Coblentz Maryland 

Clarence Grady Collins, Jr _...D. C. 

Gordon Wilbur Cook Maryland 

Howard Alexander Courtney Virginia 

Charles Stuart Cumings, Jr ^...Virginia 

Philip Edward Dunn. — „ Virginia 

Robert Octave Duport _ D. C. 

William John Durrenberger — Virginia 

Erling Jerome Foss Virginia 

*Don Salvadore Gentile „ Maryland 

Alfred Charles Herrera- „ D. C. 

Ronald Lee Ingraham _ Maryland 

Kenneth Elmer Knudson -...Maryland 

George Peter Loesch New York 

James Vincent Loftus Illinois 

John Cawley MacArthur, II D. C. 

Hugh Phillip Marohl Virginia 

Thomas Jackson McQuade, Jr Maryland 

Lawrence Henry Miller Maryland 

James Warren Moon Washington 

Lowrey Robert Moore. Virginia 

Archimedes Leonidas Attilio Patti D. C. 

Richard Nelson Renfrow Missouri 

Charles Edwin Rust Maryland 

James Daniel Schultz Maryland 

Rolf Sanford Scovell _ D. C. 

Raymond Vaughn Sharp Florida 

Donald Charles Shultis Virginia 

Milton Skelly New York 

Elmore Grigg Smith. D. C. 

Richard Edward Smith Virginia 

Charles Robert Stein _..D. C. 

Edward George Sykes Washington 

Tyron Earl Tisdale „... Virginia 

Ollie Lee Tracy Virginia 

Thomas John Trainor Virginia 

Ernest Peter Uiberall Virginia 

Chester Carlton Westfall, Jr, Virginia 

Donald Grant Williams D. C. 

Ernest Woodrow Wilson Virginia 

Edwin J. Witzenburger D. C. 

Roy Douglas Woods Maryland 

Carl Emerson Zeigler, Jr Pennsylvania 


Bachelor of Science 
Robert Axton Pitts -New York 


Candidates will be presented by Dean Lester M. Fraley 
Bachelor of Science 

Frank Joseph Armsworthy. Maryland 

Thomas Oliver Bailey Maryland 

Jean Elizabeth Barnett Maryland 

Paul Henry Beaulac Connecticut 

James Harold Belt Maryland 

June Frances Bladen Maryland 

* Degree awarded posthumously. 


Graber Wayne Burgemeister Maryland 

William J, Burns New York 

James Michael Carey Connecticut 

David Theodore Cianelli Maryland 

Jean Wesley Corrie D. C. 

Edward Paul Crescenze Maryland 

Christopher Litteri DeFrancisci....Maryland 

Granville Putman Diffie Maryland 

Thomas Maitland Dolan, Jr D. C. 

Harold Charles Donofrio Maryland 

Dorothy Ann Drake Maryland 

Alex Druash Maryland 

Joseph Harry Dulin Maryland 

Geneva Dunn Maryland 

Dorothy Moss Ehlers D. C. 

Robert Edward Ellis Maryland 

Carl J. Fahrner Maryland 

Anne Elizabeth Fenton Maryland 

William Jefferson Foland Maryland 

Robert Mitchell Foster Maryland 

William Conwell Fry, Jr Pennsylvania 

Paul Delphey Gaither Maryland 

Elizabeth Angela Ganster Maryland 

Norman George Glover Maryland 

Clifford Lancaster Gonyer D. C. 

John Bernard Gorcyca New Jersey 

Henry Allen Groff, Jr Maryland 

Iva Jane Grove Maryland 

Edwin Bounds Hill Maryland 

Elva Regina Hill Maryland 

Karl Brandon Hooker Maryland 

Sarah Emily Horsey Maryland 

William George Huppert Maryland 

John Joseph Idzik Pennsylvania 

Orville W. Jackson Maryland 

Roland Michael Kinder Maryland 

Walter Hobson Kirk, Jr D. C. 

George Jerome Krein. Maryland 

Ferdinand Albert Kuckhoff Maryland 

Taylor Rickey LeFort Missouri 

Albert Andrew Letiecq Massachusetts 

Arlen Carl Levy Maryland 

John Paul Loomis Maryland 

Ruth Louise Malburg D. C. 

Joseph Patrick McCarthy Maryland 

Thomas L. McHugh Pennsylvania 

Eileen May Miller Maryland 

Elizabeth Elaine Murray Maryland 

Roy Edward Nichols Alabama 

Margaret Norton-Smith Maryland 

William Ervin Paden Maryland 

Nicholas Charles Panella D. C. 

Joann Louise Pennefeather Maryland 

William Herbert Plate Maryland 

Herbert Rathner D. C. 

Herbert Eugene Ratliff Maryland 

Nancy Reeves Maryland 

William Edward Rinehardt Maryland 

Claude Norman Robinson Maryland 

Bernard Joseph Rosenthal Maryland 

J R Rowden Arizona 

Patricia Margaret Ryan „ D. C. 

Dawn Marie Shenk _ „ D. C. 

Dorothy Anita Small _ D. C. 

Archibald Macbeth Smith D. C. 

William Richard Talley Maryland 

Albert Asbury Thompson, Jr D. C. 

Jack Elmer Tull Maryland 

Elizabeth Ann Tullis Maryland 

John Farrand Walker D. C. 

Walter Lee Watkins „ Maryland 

William Thomas Wilson Maryland 

Hyman Zlotowitz Maryland 


Norman Etchison Belt Maryland 

Thomas Bailey Brewer, Jr D. C. 

Bachelor of Science 

William Kekeris. 

D. C. 

Honorable Mention 

First Honors 

Anne Elizabeth Fenton 
Orville W. Jackson 
Iva Jane Grove 

Taylor Rickey LeFort 
Jean Wesley Corrie 


Candidates will be presented by Dean Noel E. Foss 
Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy 

Claris Murray Allen Maryland 

Elwin Herschel Alpern Maryland 

William Joseph Appel Maryland 

John Joseph Ayd Maryland 

Halcolm South Bailey Maryland 

James Angelo Bakas Maryland 

Gary Howard Boyer Maryland 

Stanley Alan Brodie Maryland 

Elizabeth Clarke Cassidy Maryland 

Marvin Joseph Chertkoff Maryland 

Stephen Chick. Maryland 

Marion Roman Chodnicki Maryland 

Joseph Thomas Christopher Maryland 

Estelle Samorodin Cohen Maryland 

John James Colclough Maryland 

Mary Wallace Connelly Maryland 

Warren Edward Crispens Maryland 

Maurice Thomas Cummings Maryland 

Harry Jackson Custis, Jr Maryland 

Eugene George Czapiewski Maryland 

David Gerd Danziger Maryland 

Dudley Alvin Demarest Maryland 

Robert Richard Esslinger Maryland 

Nimrod Earl Esterson Maryland 

Robert Foer D. C. 

Harold N. Frankle Maryland 

John Joseph Gazda Pennsylvania 

Wilfred Howard Gluckstem Maryland 

Jerry Gotkin ~ Maryland 

Clarendon L. Gould Maryland 


Jacqueline Jean Greenawalt Maryland 

Vincent Coy Hammar Maryland 

Charles Lindsay Jarvis Virginia 

Carl Kaiser Maryland 

Charles Joseph Kokoski Maryland 

Elmer Curtis Koller, Jr Maryland 

Stephen Morton Lemler Maryland 

Norman Levin Maryland 

Harry Lichtman Maryland 

Earle George Maseth Maryland 

Albert Temin Meyers Maryland 

Albert Mayer Newman Maryland 

John Leonard O'Neal Maryland 

Huie Wilbert Petty Maryland 

Marvin Stanley Piatt Maryland 

Charles P. Price Maryland 

Morris Rendel Maryland 

Herbert Theodore Rosenthal Maryland 

Robert Francis Royce D. C. 

Michael Sachs Maryland 

Henry A. Santoni Maryland 

Gerald Schonfeld Maryland 

Alvin Simon Maryland 

Leo Sirota Maryland 

Rudolph Martin John Smith, Jr Maryland 

John Ernest Snellinger Maryland 

Walter Joseph Sosnoski Maryland 

James Anthony Spahn, Jr Maryland 

Joseph Anthony Teramani Maryland 

LaRue Estelle Voshell Maryland 

William Frederick Voshell, Jr Maryland 

George William Wagner Maryland 

Richard John Walsh. Maryland 

James Beverly Walter, Jr Maryland 

Norman Wallis Walter Maryland 

William Owen Williams Maryland 


Gold Medal for General Excellence Henry A. Santoni 

The William Simon Memorial Prize Carl Kaiser 

The Andrew G. DuMez Memorial Prize John James Colclough 

The L. S. Williams Practical Pharmacy Prize Wilfred Howard Gluckstem 

The Conrad L. Wich Botany and Pharmacognosy Prize LaRue Estelle Voshell 

The David Fink Memorial Prize Vincent Coy Hammar 

The Beta Chapter, Phi Alpha Fraternity Prize William 0. Williams 

The Kappa Chapter, Alpha Zeta Omega Fraternity Prize Stephen Chick 

Stephen Chick 

Certificates of Honor 

Carl Kaiser 

LaRue Estelle Voshell 


Candidates will be presented by Director Florence M. Gipe 
Graduate in Nursing 

Joyce Anita Blades Maryland 

Marion Kathryn Boland Maryland 

Mary Anna Brislin Maryland 

Mary Juanita Buckner Maryland 

Carolyn Edwards Cadle Maryland 

Dorothy Cochel Calafiore Maryland 

Carmen Marie Caple New York 

Marian Louise Carson Maryland 

Mary Lucretia Chapman Maryland 

Joanne Clark Maryland 

Dana Lou Day Maryland 

Patricia Jane Downey D. C. 

Irene Chambarlis Ewing Maryland 

Peggy June Feiser Maryland 

Sara Jane Fleck Maryland 

Edith Frederick Maryland 

Bettyann Audrey Gillard D, C. 

Wanda E. Gregorius Maryland 

Shirley Anne Hackenberg D. C. 

Margaret Murray Head West Virginia 

Margaret Crumbaugh Higgins Maryland 

Beverly Jane Hoxie Florida 

Dorothy Elenore HucksoU Maryland 

Doris Jean Hudgins Maryland 

Sara Jane Kelly Maryland 

Ellen Dorothea Lang Maryland 

Lorraine T. Lysack Pennsylvania 

Cary Bruton McCurdy Maryland 

Maxine McGraw West Virginia 

Jeanne Hook Miecznikoski Maryland 

Norma Marilyn Miller Maryland 

Rosemary Morgan Virginia 

Ellen Ann Peregoy Maryland 

Dove Delia Pilson Virginia 

Lillie Flora Porter Maryland 

Alice Pearl Pritchett Maryland 

Patricia Lee Pyles Maryland 

Elizabeth Ann Ray Maryland 

Evelyn Baxter Robertson Maryland 

Ellen Ruth Schuster Maryland 

Shirley May Shafer Pennsylvania 

Margaret Letcher Showell Maryland 

Doris Marie Stevens Maryland 

Mary Jean Strohecker Pennsylvania 

Evelyn Gaver Venezky Maryland 

Joanne Alice Wilson West Virginia 

Helen Winnifred Winks Maryland 

Laura Lee Witte Maryland 

Roberta Evelyn Wortman Michigan 

Jeanne Marie Zahrendt Maryland 

Pauline Naegele Zeller Maryland 



The University of Maryland Nurses' Alumnae Association Prize to the student 
having the highest average in scholarship. 

Awarded to Dorothy Cochel Calafiore 

The Elizabeth Collins Lee Prize to the student having the second highest average 
in scholarship. 

Awarded to Lorraine T. Lysack 

The Mrs. John L. Whitehurst Prize for executive ability. 

Awarded to Rosemary Morgan 

The Edwin and Leander M. Zimmerman Prize for practical nursing and for dis- 
plasring the greatest interest and ssrmpathy for the patients. 

Awarded to Dove Delia Pilson 

The Flora Hoffman Tarun Memorial Prize, awarded for leadership, loyalty, and 
school spirit. 

Awarded to Evel3m Baxter Robertson 

The Sarah Finkelstein Memorial Prize, awarded to the nurse who has excelled in 

Awarded to Shirley May Shafer 

The Mrs. Charles A. Reifschneider Prize, awarded to the nurse who has consistently 
maintained the best professional appearance and conduct toward patients and hospital 

Awarded to Margaret Letcher Showell 

The University of Maryland Nurses' Alumnae Association Pin and Membership 
in the Association, for practical nursing and executive ability. 

Awarded to Helen Winnifred Winks 

Operating Room Service — First Award Lorraine T. Lysack 

Second Award Dana Lou Day 

The J. M. H. Rowland Award, offered to the most proficient nurse in the Obstetrical 

Awarded to Laura Lee Witte 

The Dr. Arthur M. Shipley Award, given by Dr. Hugh A. Bailey, to the graduate 
who is adjudged the best technical undergraduate in operating room procedures. 

Awarded to Joanne Alice Wilson 

The Louisa Parsons Prize, awarded by Miss Florence M. Gipe, for neatness in 
uniform and personal appearance. 

Awarded to Mary Anna Brislin 

HONORS, MEDALS, AND PRIZES— College Park Division 

Elected to Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society 

Robert G. Alexander 
Robert Atkinson 
Gustav Baer 
Suzanne E. Barnett 
Kenneth A. Battersby 
Arthur E. Biggs 
Joseph R. Bove 
Mildred E. Bowers 
Henry I. Brigham 
Flora B. Bright 
Paul I. Brown 
Marjorie J. Brungart 
Roger E. Burtner 
James E. Cabin 
Anthony S. Cagiano 
Robert J. Carpenter 
William B. Catton 
Edwin R. Conner 
John W. Coursey 
Florence G. Crossan 
Carroll C. Curry 
Theodore J. Cybularz 
John A. Daiker 
Q. Francis Dallavalle 
Richard I, DavidoflF 
Marie Denecke 

Estelle Deutsch 
Fred H. Diercks 
James T. Dunn 
Jules B. Edlow 
Louis W. Ehrlich 
Adbul H. El-Damaty 
Mohamad L, El-Ghawas 
Ahamed A. El-Kattan 
Solomon W. Englander 
Millard Esterson 
John G. Farlee 
Anne E. Fenton 
Ralph N. Ferrara 
John Fisher 
Josephine E. Frank 
Jo S. Frankel 
George C. Fry 
Jennie Gergensen 
Joseph B. Gilderhom 
Jay H. Givens 
Ruben M. Gloria 
Howard 0. Goldberg 
Eugene Griffith 
Shirley M, Grossman 
I. Jane Grove 
Arthur L. Guess 


Archibald C. Hawthorne, Jr. 

Barry R. Hicks 

Joseph J. Higgins 

Mahat A. Hussein 

Milton K. Hill, Jr. 

Lukas E. Hoska 

Jane M. Hosking 

Harry E. Hughes 

Norman F. Hutchinson 

Robert B. Ilderton 

Donald B. Jackson 

James F. Jenkins, Jr. 

Sydney J. Jonas 

Helen Katz 

Alan M. Kershner 

Park D. King 

William S. Kiser 

Melvin Klass 

Edward H. Koch 

Irving Kuminsky 

Floyd E. Kurtz 

Berenice G. Lamberton 

Mariljm Langford 

Myma R. Lapides 

Emory C. Leffel 

Robert L. Levine 

Basil C. Lewis Robert E. Plapinger Janet E. Spencer 

Ruth M. Lodge Richard K. Porter Rozier L. Steinbach, Jr. 

Joyce L. Marmelstein Louis A. Robl Sidney W. Stevenson 

Betty C. Martin Ralph W. Roland Emma H. Stoudt 

George C. Martin Sidney N. Rosenfeld Helen I. Swartz 

Joan B, Mattingly H. Coleman Rosenthal Armen C. Tarjan 

Charles May James F. Roth Leslie W. Teller, Jr. 

Alison J. McDermid Ralph U. Ruppenthal Beatrice J. Thearle 

Ruth A. McKay John C. Ryon John R. Thorson 

John M. McKinley William H. Sandy John A. Tierney 

Dorothy A. Melvin Herbert L. Sappingrton Frank J. Todaro 

Joan Moore John J. Seidel Virginia H. Tower 

Herbert H. Moorefield Myrna D. Schlossberg Thomas J. Trainor 

Arthur D. Morgan Walter S. Schymik Walter B. Waejen 

James E. Murray Alex T. Shaner Ralph Weil 

Herbert Myers Edward R. Shapiro David Weitzer 

Frederick W. Nesline, Jr. James Y. Shigeta Richard G. Wiggin 

Sanford B. Newman Ann B. Simmons Evelyn N. Wilson 

Paul E. Oberst Donald G. Simons Donald O. Wood 

K. Gordon Oppenheimer Robert T. Singleton David L. Workman 

George M. Orr George W. Skelton Edith H. Wright 

Harold L. Parks Barclay E. Slade Albert Wurzbacher 

Lucy M. Piccoli John J. Smoot Leonard P. Yospe 

Citizenship Prize, offered by President H. C. Byrd, Class of 1908, to the member of 
the senior class, who during his collegiate career, has nearest tjrpified the model citizen 
and who has done most for the general advancement of the interests of the University. 

Awarded to Elmer Horsey Wingate, Jr. 

Citizenship Prize, offered by Mrs. Albert F. Woods, to the woman member of the 
senior class who, during her collegiate career, has nearest typified the model citizen 
and who has done most for the general advancement of the interests of the University. 

Awarded to „ Mariljm Langford 

Men's League Award, offered to the senior man who has exemplified strong char- 
acter, successful achievement and service to his alma mater and the welfare of the men 
students on campus. 

Awarded to Elmer Horsey Wingate, Jr. 

James Douglas Goddard Memorial Medal, offered by his sister, Mrs. Anna K. 
Goddard James to the senior from Prince George's County for excellence in scholarship 
and moral character. 

Awarded to George Cleveland Martin 

Sigma Chi Award, offered by the Gamma Chi Chapter to the man in the freshman 
class who makes the highest scholastic average during the first semester. 

Awarded to Gilbert Preston Hull, Jr. 

Delta Delta Delta Sorority Medal, offered to the sophomore girl who made the 
highest scholastic average during the first semester of her sophomore year. 

Awarded to....Selina Gloria Balco, Susan Jane Patton, and Virginia Louise Warfield 

Delta Gamma Scholarship Award, offered to the woman member of the graduating 
class who has achieved the highest scholastic average for her entire course. 

Awarded to Myrna Doris Schlossberg 

The Alpha Zeta Medal, awarded by Alpha Zeta honorary agricultural fraternity to 
the agricultural student in the previous year's freshman class, who attains the highest 
average record in academic work. 

Awarded to Charles Rupley Rosenberger, Jr. 

Omicron Nu Medal, offered to the freshman girl in the College of Home Economics 
who makes the highest scholastic average during the first semester. 

Awarded to Alice Marjorie Phillips 

The Dinah Berman Memorial Medal, offered by her son, Benjamin Berman, to the 
sophomore who has attained the highest scholastic average of his class in the College 
of Engineering. 

Awai'ded to — George Harry Woppman 

Bernard L. Crozier Award, offered by the Maryland Association of Engineers to the 
senior in the College of Engineering who, in the opinion of the faculty, has made the 
greatest improvement in scholarship during his stay at the University. 

Awarded to Charles May 

American Society of Civil Engineers Award, offered by the Maryland Section of 
the American Society of Civil Engineers to the senior in the Department of Civil 
Engineering who, in the opinion of the faculty of the Department, is the outstanding 
student in his class. 

Awarded to George Cleveland Martin 


Tau Beta Pi Award, offered by the Maryland Beta Chapter of Tau Beta Pi, to 
the junior in the College of Engineering who, during his sophomore year, has made the 
greatest improvement in scholarship over that of his freshman year. 

Awarded to Richard Raymond Weiss 

Alpha Rho Chapter of Alpha Chi Sigma Award, to the graduating senior in 
chemistry or chemical engineering with the highest scholastic standing. 

Awarded to George William Skelton 

Sigma Alpha Omicron Award, offered to the senior student majoring in Bacteri- 
ology, for high scholarship, character, and leadership. 

Awarded to « Shirley Mae Grossman 

Alpha Lambda Delta Award, offered to the senior member of the group who has 
maintained the highest average for the past three and one-half years. She must 
have been in attendance in the institution for the entire time. 

Awarded to Ruth Mae Lodge 

Rabbi Edward L. Israel Interfaith Scholarship of $300, awarded by the B'nai B'rith 
Lodges of Maryland and Washington, D. C, to the student in the junior class who has 
done most to improve interfaith relations on the campus. 

Awarded to Derryle Diane Vam 

The Charles B. Hale Dramatic Award, offered to the man and woman members of 
the senior class who have done most for the advancement of dramatics at the University. 

Awarded to Bernhard Russell Works and Jean Louise Nyberg 

The William S. Rosenbaum Memorial Foundation Award, Barbarossa Lodge No. 133, 
Knights of Pythias, Philadelphia, Pennsylavnia, for excellence in Hebrew Studies. 

Awarded to Eleanor Sue Shenker and Judith Piatt OlanoflF 

American Association of University Women Award to the senior girl for scholar- 
ship and community leadership. 

Awarded to Ruth Rosenfeld 

Delta Kappa Gamma Award, offered by the National Professional Teachers Fra- 
ternity to a foreign woman student for outstanding scholastic achievement. 

Awarded to Maija Helene Vilums 

Grange Award, offered by the Maryland State Grange to the senior who has excelled 
in leadership, scholastic attainment, and has contributed meritorious service to the 
College of Agriculture. 

Awarded to Roger Ellsworth Burtner 

Pi Delta Epsilon Award to the freshman who has contributed the most to University 

Awarded to Morris Morton Lebowitz 

Silvester Medal for Excellence in Athletics, offered by the Class of 1908, to the man 
who typifies the best in college athletics. 

Awarded to „ Elmer Horsey Wingate, Jr. 

Maryland Ring, offered by Charles L. Linhardt to the Maryland man outstanding 
for the year in athletics. 

Awarded to James Harold Belt 

Trophy offered by Edward Powell to the player who has rendered the greatest 
service to lacrosse during the year. 

Awarded to Blair Parks Hall 

Trophy offered by Louis W. Berger to the outstanding senior in baseball. 

Awarded to James Elden Moeller 

The Tom Birmingham Memorial Trophy, awarded by Benny and Hotsy Alperstein 
in memory of Tom Birmingham, 1937, to the outstanding member of the boxing team. 

Awarded to Andrew Quattrocchi 

Dixie Walker Trophy Award for the boxer who shows the most improvement over 
the preceding year. 

Awarded to Paul Kosty 

The Teke Trophy, offered by the Maryland Chapter of Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity 
to the student who during his four years at the University has rendered the greatest 
service to football. 

Awarded to John Joseph Idzik 

The Anthony C. Nardo Memorial Trophy awarded to the best football lineman of 

the year. " '^1?^ 

Awarded to Robert Richard Ward 


Donald E. Anderson Kenneth T. Bosley Harry F. Burdick 

Evangelo Arvanetes Thomas B. Bourne, IV Robert J. Carpenter 

Charles F. Bamman G. Carville Bowen, Jr. Alfred M. Carvajal 

Arthur E. Biggs Charles H. Boyer Charles G. Clarke 

John A. Bird William D. Brockmeyer Emile W. Clede, Jr. 

Alexander A. Blackball Paul I. Brown Jack W. Cotton 

William M. Blackball Edward 0. Bryant Arista H. Cowan 


Richard E. Crosthwait Hollis Lunsford John M. Timmons 

Robert J. Darby John C. MacArthur, II Bernard E. Treadway 

Thomas F. Davidson Robert G. Mathey Zenon N. Trivelis 

Raymond C. Dilzer John P. Miller John R. Tucker 

Robert R. Estep Eugene R. Mitz Richard H. Vogel 

August Euler John S. Neild Joseph V. Vorsteg, Jr. 

John F. Fayman Clifford S. O'Heame Joseph C. Watkins 

Charles R. Finch Brooks B. O'Neill Thomas O. Watson, Jr. 

Jerome C. Flood Richard E. Painter Norman T. Whittington 

Robert F. Fooksman Edward A. Palamara Richard J. Wieland 

Jack R. Friday Blutcher E. Prescott Gene M. Wilburn 

Don W. Fulcher John A. Remsberg, Jr. John C. Wilkerson 

William G. Gemeny Ralph A. Runyon Charles D. Williams 

Carl R. Graham Wallace T. Schindler Douglas B. Williams 

Norman J. Haldeman, Jr. Bernard M. Serio Charles M. Wilson 

Robert M. Hanson Raymond V, Sharp Elmer H. Wingate, Jr. 

Charles E. Harris Joseph F. Shimek, Jr. Edward L. Wolffe 

Donald R. Jackson Carey B. Singleton, Jr. Benjamin R. Wolnum 

Samuel G. Jewell Cornelius M. Steeman John B. Woodall 

John L. Kelley Calvin L. Stevens Charles E. Woolf 

Joseph Kuchta Robert J. Szalwinski Melvin O. Wright 

Gladstone S. Lewis, Jr. Frederick M. Tibbetts 

The Governor's Cup, offered to the commander of the best drilled squadron. 

Awarded to Cadet Lt, Col. John R. Tucker 

The Alumni Cup, offered to the commander of the best drilled flight. 

Awarded to Cadet Capt. Harry B. Powers 

The Air Force Association Medal, offered to the outstanding Advanced Air Force 
R.O.T.C. Student. 

Awarded to Cadet Col. Clayton A. Shepherd 

The Reserve Officers' Association Gold Medal, offered to the outstanding Army 
R.O.T.C. Advanced Student. 

Awarded to Cadet Col. Clayton A. Shepherd 

The Reserve Officers* Association Silver Medal, offered to the second nomination 
for the outstanding Army R.O.T.C. Advanced Student. 

Awarded to Cadet Col. William A. Warner 

The Reserve Officers' Association Bronze Medal, offered to the third nomination 
for the outstanding Army R.O.T.C. Advanced Student. 

Awarded to Cadet Col. John B. Lakin 

The William Randolph Hearst Trophy, offered for the highest individual score in 
R.O.T.C. Rifle Matches. 

Awarded to Cadet Capt. Emile W. Clede 

The Air Force Area Match Award. 

Awarded to Cadet Roy E. Oster 

The Mehring Trophy Rifie Competition Gold Medal awarded for the highest score 
in competition. 

Awarded to „ Cadet Robert M. Hodes 

A Gold Medal awarded for the high score of the Freshman Rifle Team. 

Awarded to Cadet Allan L. Luke, III 

A Gold Medal to the Rifleman showing the most improvement during the year. 

Awarded to Cadet Herman H. Floyd 

Pershing Rifle Medals, offered to the members of the best drilled squad. 

Awarded to: 

Cadet Sgt. Charles Kincaid Cadet Eugene Shue Cadet Ronald Brooks 

Cadet Douglas H. Burch Cadet Donald Morin Cadet Russell Smith 

Cadet William Donaldson Cadet James W. Ramsay 

The Baltimore Sun Award, offered to the outstanding individual Basic cadet. 

Awarded to Cadet John T. Schneider 

Scabbard and Blade Trophy for the best drilled flight. 

Awarded to Cadet Lt. Col. John R. Tucker 

Military Department award for the best drilled squadron. 

Awarded to Cadet Lt. CoL John R. Tucker 

Military Department award for the best drilled flight. 

Awarded to Cadet Capt. Harry B. Powers 

The Mahlon N. Haines Trophy for the best drilled group. 

Awarded to Cadet Col. Bernard E. Treadway 

The Pershing Rifle Achievement Medal for the outstanding Basic cadet in 
Company C, 5th Reg. Pershing Rifles. 

Awarded to Cadet Edwin L. Wallace 

The Arnold Society of Air Cadets award to the graduating cadet who has done 
the most for the Air Force R.O.T.C. program. 

Awarded to Cadet Col. Eugene W. Mitz