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S^luaoramjUy C^oLLecje Jraric 

Saturday, June Seventh - Nineteen Fifty-Two 



Thou wilt not cower in the dust, 
Maryland, My Maryland! 
Thy gleaming sword shall never, 
Maryland, My Maryland! 
Remember Carroll's sacred trust. 
Remember Howard's warlike thrust, 

I) Pi ) PS ^"*^ ^^^ ^^^ slumb'rers with the just, 

' r-: r '"' >- Maryland, My Maryland! 

0->- L >- --> 

I hear the distant thunder hum, 

Maryland, My Maryland! 

The Old Line bugle, fife and drum, 

Maryland, My Maryland! 

Come to thine own heroic throng. 

That stalks with Liberty along. 

And ring thy dauntless slogan song, 

Maryland, My Maryland! 


O say can you see, — by the dawn's early light. 
What so proudly we hail'd at the twilight's last gleaming? 
Whose broad stripes and bright stars, thro' the perilous fight, 
O'er the ramparts we watched, were so gallantly streaming? 
And the rockets' red glare, the bombs bursting in air. 
Gave proof thro' the night — that our flag was still there. 
O say does that Star-Spangled Banner yet wave 
O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave? 



PROCESSIONAI^Coronation March (The Prophet) Meyerbeer 

Westervelt B. Romaine, Organist 

THE LORD'S PRAYER .....Malotte 

Fague Springmann, Baritone 

GREETINGS His Honor, Thomas D'Alesandro, Jr., 

Mayor of Baltimore City 


Fague Springmann, Baritone 

MARYLAND, MY MARYLAND Professor Harlan Randall 

Soloist, and Audience 

ADDRESS ..His Excellency, Theodore R. McKeldin, 

Governor of Maryland 


Fague Springmann, Baritone 



President H. C. Byrd 


BENEDICTION Reverend Lloyd M. Keller, D.D., 

St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church, Baltimore 

RECESSIONAL— Fest March (Tannhauser) Wagner 

Westervelt B. Romaine, Organist 

After the exercises, the audience will please remain in place until the academic 

procession has marched out. 



Doctor of Laws 


Doctor of Commercial Science 


INEZ ALEXANDER FLOOK, Washington County 
BENJAMIN PARRAN, Calvert County 



Candidates will be presented by Dean Ronald Bamford 

Doctor of Philosophy 

Kaare Aamlid Norway 

Herbert Irving Abelson Massachusetts 

J Frances Allen Maryland 

Roscoe Gardner Bartlett, Jr Maryland 

Frank Lawrence Bentz, Jr Maryland 

Raymond Wilbur Buck, Jr Maine 

Shih-Chuan Chang China 

Lee Ming Chow Maryland 

Robert Marion Creamer Maryland 

William Curtis Day Maryland 

William Henry Duerig Maryland 

Murray Eden Maryland 

Abdallah Kamel Eid Egypt 

Abdel Hahm Abd Allah El-Damaty Egypt 

Ahmed Azmi El-Kattan Maryland 

Porter WiUiam Erickson Maryland 

Warren Chester Eveland Maine 

Morris Fishbein Maryland 

Leon Gonshery Maryland 

Sheldon Boris Greenbaum D. C. 

Marie Philipsen Harris Maryland 

Arthur Pennoyer Harrison, Jr Maryland 

Howard Weldon Hembree Maryland 

Betty Peng-Tung Hsu Pennsylvania 

Thomas Marshall Hunter Pennsylvania 

Donald G. Kubler Maryland 

Wei-Chin Liu China 

Raymond Wilson Luckenbaugh.... Pennsylvania 

Albert Philip Maslow D. C. 

Ken Matsuda Connecticut 

Kathleen Burrows McMurphy Tennessee 

Henry Menge Pennsylvania 

Joseph Robert Merkel Maryland 

Sam Clark Munson Maryland 

Graciela Palau Nemes Maryland 

Wayne LeRoy Ogle Maryland 

George Robert Pappas D. C. 

Dominic Vincent Provenza Maryland 

John Hobart Roscoe Virginia 

James Frank Roth New Jersey 

Harold James Elliott Segrave Maryland 

Sidney Morton Sells Virginia 

Seymour Senderoff Maryland 

Herbert Furman Seversmith D. C. 

Solomon Shapiro Marvland 

Martin Carl Steele D. C. 

Roland Nelson Stromberg D. C. 

Charles A. TafT Maryland 

William Russell Thickstun, Jr D. C. 

Dorothy Zietz Michigan 

Gunter Zweig New York 

Doctor of Education 

Florence Meda Gipe..., Maryland 

John D. Greene Louisiana 

Olive Renfroe Georgia 

William Jennings Rowe Delaware 

Fred Ray Thompson Texas 

William Francis Tiemey Mar>'land 

Julia Weber New Jersey 

Ralph Whitfield Virginia 

Woodrow Wilson Wilkerson Virginia 

Master of Arts 

Sheldon Buckingham Akers, Jr ^Maryland 

Wilhelm Karl Friedrich Anders Germany 

Doris Chrisman Appel Maryland 

David Christopher Berry Maryland 

Robert Donald Bitler Maryland 

Kenneth Thomas Bosley Maryland 

Thomas Joseph Coonan Maryland 

Ruth Margaret Daxis D. C. 

Helen Wilkinson Day Maryland 

Adeeb F. Fargo Maryland 

Thomas John Ford Maryland 

Bernard Semple Fortner D. C. 

Sister Mary Florence Garner Maryland 

David Aaron Givner Maryland 

Helen Vivian Halpert Wisconsin 

James Edward Heanue Pennsj-lvania 

Carl Renard Heidel Maryland 

Andrew Hofer Maryland 

John Baxter Howes Maryland 

Hsien-Wei Hsu Alaryland 

Daniel Richard Hughes Maryland 

Catherine Ann Kelly Maryland 

Frederick Kelly Maryland 

Charles Paul Kretzschmar D. C. 

Thomas Edward McCardell, III Maryland 

Joseph William McDermott D. C. 

John Clark Mester Maryland 

Donald Shink Metz Oklahoma 

Jeralee Joan Miller Maryland 

Edward Byrd Muth Maryland 

Amos Nir D. C. 

Donald Blakeley Norton Maryland 

Enrique R. Ortiz Puerto Rico 

Michal Dawn Overhulse California 

James Fletcher Parker Maryland 

Robert E. Quackenbush Pennsylvania 

Arnold George Rawling Maryland 

Salah Abdul-Karim Safadi Jordan 

Eleanor Parker Schmidt Virginia 

Lois Burrack Senft Iowa 

Harold Gerstell Showacre Maryland 

Hyrum Smith Shumway Maryland 

Bettye Wilton Smith D. C. 

Margaret Jean Smith Maryland 

WilHam Harold Snape, Jr. Maryland 

Audrey LaRue Steele Maryland 

James Carr Teegarden Indiana 

Anders Tejler Maryland 

Richard Semour Thorn New York 

Mary Elizabeth Tronsue Maryland 

Frances Jeanne Valente Connecticut 

Milton Velder Maryland 

Paul Belyea Watson Maryland 

Harry VanFleet Webb Maryland 

Paul Warren Whitney New Jersey 

Carolyn Ruth Wilson D. C. 

George Chao-Chih Yang Maryland 

Benjamin Gravenor Zimmerman D. C. 

Master of Science 

Martha Lovell Adams Maryland 

Ahmet Cemalettin Akpinar Turkey 

Jamas George Angelaras Maryland 

Jack Lawrence Baxter Virginia 

Carl Ernest Beck Kentucky 

Harold Louis Bitter IMaryland 

Theodore Edwin Blakeslee Marj'land 

Herman Blasbalg Maryland 

Gail Everett Boggs Virginia 

Bernard Thomas Bridgers North Carolina 

John Buric West Virginia 

Giro A. Cancro Maryland 

Jean Francis Carlton Maryland 

Edwin Beck Carton Pennsylvania 

David Harry Chambers Maryland 

William Buchanan Coffman Virginia 

Franklin Dero Cooper Rhode Island 

Q. Francis Dallavalle Connecticut 

Andrew Adrian Duncan Maryland 

Jack E. Dye Maryland 

Charles Porter Ellington Maryland 

Frank Durrell Enck Maryland 

Clifford Frederick Evers Maryland 

Earl Hanson Fife, Jr Alaryland 

Thomas A. Fitzpatrick, III Pennsylvania 

Harriet Louise Friemel Maryland 

Robert Alexander Fuhrman Maryland 

William Gasser Peimsylvania 

Joseph Thomas Gay, Jr Maryland 

Chester Huntington Gordon Maryland 

Martin Henry Greenwald Maryland 

William La^Tence Haberman D. C. 

Julius J. Harwood Maryland 

Walter Russell Hedrick, Jr Maryland 

Alfred Gwynn Hess Arizona 

Paul E. Hochstein New York 

Henry Clay Hoffman, Jr Maryland 

Dean Denton Howard D. C. 

Thomas Arthur Hussman, Jr Maryland 

Edward W. Johnson, Jr Maryland 

Henry LeRoy Jones Pennsylvania 

Harold Vernon Jordan Maryland 

Joseph Anthony Kaiser Maryland 

Albert Joseph Karaskevitch Marylarid 

Robert Gregory Keenan Ohio 

George Robert Kennedy Maryland 

Gerald Kessler Maryland 

Joseph Martin Kirshner D. C. 

Walter Anthony Konetzka Maryland 

Bankey Schwar Lall India 

DeWltt, Talmadge Latimer, Jr. Maryland 

William Homer La'WTence Arkansas 

Carl August Lejonhud D. C. 

William John Levedahl Maryland 

Samuel Levinson New York 

Charles Ernest Lewis Virginia 

Arnold Leroy Lundquist Maryland 

Joseph Howard Manning Maryland 

Carlton Parks Marcus, Jr Maryland 

Barton Hirst Marshall, Jr Maryland 

Norton Little Marshall D. C. 

James Pascal Martin, Jr Maryland 

Walter Hamilton Martin, Jr Virginia 

William Ward Miles Maryland 

Jose DelRosario Mondonedo Philippines 

Edgar D. Morgan D. C. 

Karl Manfred Morgenstein Maryland 

Finlay Angus Morrison Canada 

William Sparrow Murray New Jersey 

Joseph Wendell Nisonger Maryland 

Narciso Noval Pepito Philippines 

Mardiros B. Petrossian New York 

Paul Leo Poelma Maryland 

John Popenoe California 

William Henry Preston, Jr Maryland 

Kenneth E. Price Maryland 

Melahat Mevlude Pusat Turkey 

Helen Viola Reed Michigan 

Roslyn Quinby Robinson New Hampshire 

Harry Joseph Rose, Jr Maryland 

William McLean Scott D. C. 

Jesse E. Sherwood D. C. 

Barbara Jane Smith D. C. 

Elizabeth Jane Smith Maryland 

Warren Charles Smith Maryland 

Earl Crittenton Spurrier Maryland 

Paul Michael Sullivan New York 

Alfred Terris D. C. 

William Hewitt Thomas California 

Nicholas Emery Tonhazy New York 

James Henry Turner Maryland 

Tso Wang D. C. 

Maurice Clagett Ward Maryland 

Presley Allen Wedding Maryland 

Frederick Howard White, Jr Virginia 

Michele Williams D. C. 

Ronald James Wylde Maryland 

Philip Yaffee Maryland 

Master of Education 

Mary Patricia Allman Virginia 

Bennie Edison Bailey Louisiana 

John Vogts Baldwin Maryland 

Edward Victor Baublis Maryland 

Ira Jewell Beeson Maryland 

Bernard Blond Maryland 

William Kellam Bott Virginia 

Arthur Curtis Boyd D. C. 

Edmund Thomas Burke Maryland 

James David Button Virginia 

Anne Weston Caldwell Maryland 

Henry dayman Maryland 

Virginia Mary Creed Maryland 

Jane Downing Diefenbach Maryland 

Glenn Hudgins Diggs Maryland 

Helen Hazel Dunnock Maryland 

George Leo Ekaitis New Jersey 

Hilda Coffin Florea D. C. 

Mary Frances Williams Fridley Maryland 

Joan Lillian Garraty D. C. 

Eileen Ryan Gonzalez Maryland 

Emma Sansbury Griffith Maryland 

William Price Hall Maryland 

Colleen Ivey Hartsoe Texas 

John Hubert Harvill Maryland 

Julia Mary Hershfield D. C. 

John Charles Hoffman D. C. 

Elsie Anna Hudak Maryland 

Mary Rose Reeves Isennock Maryland 

George Francis Johnston Maryland 

Helen Dora Jones Maryland 

Irma Rothe Kell Maryland 

Thomas Edward Krontz Maryland 

Jerome Gregory Lapinski Maryland 

James Day Lynch Virginia 

Allan Mainen Maryland 

John Joseph Mandico New York 

Carroll Ely Markowitz Maryland 

Charles Richmond Maul Pennsylvania 

Margaret Buchanan McCanless Virginia 

Helen Elizabeth McMahon Maryland 

Dora Dane McNeill D. C. 

John Richard Moyer Maryland 

George William Murphy Maryland 

John Gordon Neady Permsylvania 

Raymond Roderick Palmer D. C. 

Edith Paul Maryland 

Inez Martin Pearson Maryland 

Esther Hodges Regan D. C. 

Joan Virginia Ricketts Maryland 

Lois K. Roberts D. C. 

Harry Edward Seidel, Jr Maryland 

Louis Silverman Maryland 

Isadore Sokolow Maryland 

Elizabeth Marie Champion Stackhouse, 


Thomas Howard Stockton Maryland 

Ellen Louise Sudlow Maryland 

Mildred Malvina Weinstein Maryland 

Elmer Prinz West Maryland 

Richard Theodore Whisner Maryland 

Emma Ellen Williams Maryland 

Effie LeGardy Wilson Louisiana 

Master of Business Administration 

Donald Raymond Jackson Maryland 

Martin Saul Mendelsohn Maryland 

Raymond George O'Neill, Jr.... Massachusetts 

Robert Paul Storseth Texas 

Richard LeRoy Tansey California 

Master of Foreign Study 

Gerald Dean Davis Iowa 

Joseph Robert Flynn New York 

William Mohr Illinois 

Roger Laurent Pierre New York 

Virginia Leila Werlein Louisiana 

R C Wvatt New York 

Doctor of Philosophy 

Jean Marie Boyer Maryland 

Alan Motter Kershner D. C. 

Henry Frederick Lederle New Jersey 

Kenneth Hottenstein Stahl Virginia 

Doctor of Education 

Harry Bard Maryland 

David Albert Field Maryland 

Robert Ashley Skaife Maryland 

Master of Arts 

Jesse Parker Bogue Maryland 

George Donald Causey Maryland 

Kwo Tsai William Chu Maryland 

Marion Joan Dimmitt Maryland 

Frederick Luther Dunn, Jr Maryland 

George Falk D. C. 

Louise Park Harmon Maryland 

Betty Graham Hayes New York 

Harper LeRoy Marlow Maryland 

Anita Britton Milan Maryland 

Nathan Miller Maryland 

Thomas Witwer Richards Maryland 

Clara E. Richter D. C. 

Eugene S. Sochor New Jersey 

Charles Alvin Summers Maryland 

Master of Science 

Andrew Adolphe Aines Maryland 

Ramon Berrocal-Martinez Puerto Rico 

Richard Edward Brown Maryland 

Norman George Brunner New York 

John Joseph Buckley Maryland 

Amado Campaiia Campos Philippines 

Jos6 Joaquin Canon Colombia 

Virginia H. Cooksey Maryland 

Douglas Byrne Diamond, Jr Maryland 

James Robert Dougherty Maryland 

Frank Anthony Fazzalari Maryland 

Marvin Goldman New York 

Margaret Eleanor Graham Kentucky 

J Oakley Hall, Jr Maryland 

Ruth Hall Delaware 

John Baltzell Harmon Maryland 

Ernest Carl Herrmann, Jr Maryland 

Ernest Reuben Kolsrud Maryland 

Robert Lowell New York 

Milton Kenneth Martin Maryland 

Dorothy Frances Minarik Maryland 

Paul Ferdinand Muller, Jr Maryland 

Bernard Roth New York 

Edward Henry Rowe Virginia 

David Ferdinand Scheets Maryland 

Millicent L. Yamin-Smith Maryland 

Master of Education 

Margaret Kathryn Babka Maryland 

William Homer Babylon Maryland 

Edith Sergent Becker D. C. 

Ruth Blair Georgia 

Ann E. Bonnett Maryland 

Carolyn Grace Johnson Brown Maryland 

Donald George Buso New York 

Mary Elizabeth Byrnes Maryland 

Raymond Joseph Carriere Maryland 

Connie Kerr Carswell Georgia 

Lonnie Caming Carton Maryland 

Jerome Leslie Clark Maryland 

Jane Mary Cooper Maryland 

George Robert Doenges Maryland 

Clotilde Catherine Drechsler Maryland 

Rachel Ellis Dunlap Maryland 

William Elton Dykes, Jr Maryland 

Helen V. Edgard Louisiana 

Era Madge Ellis Arkansas 

Elizabeth Simmons Emmons Maryland 

Fred Ross Foltz Maryland 

William Huey Ford Maryland 

Marie Burbridge Freeman D. C. 

George Frenett Pennsylvania 

Isadore Earl PViedman Maryland 

Paul Frederic Fries Pennsylvania 

Theodore James George Maryland 

Bernard Glatt Maryland 

Ian Gordon Maryland 

Lydia Mabel Gullett Maryland 

Esther Boyce Hager Maryland 

Thomas Wray Hickman Delaware 

Helen Kathryn Jackson D. C. 

Franklin Snyder Keyser Maryland 

Madeleine Vaughan Leckie D. C. 

Ethel Mary Libbey D. C. 

Leib McDonald Maryland 

Martha Emma Meek Maryland 

Madeline Laughlin Mewshaw Maryland 

Virginia Randolph Milburn D. C. 

Carolyn Elizabeth Motschiedler Maryland 

Hester Anita Neild Maryland 

Frank Louis Perazzoli Maryland 

Lucille Katherine Raphael D. C. 

Frances Theresa Reed Maryland 

Helen Tovell Reese Maryland 

Jeannette Marie Sauter Maryland 

William Woodrow Saylor Maryland 

Ben Michael Scharnus Maryland 

Frederick Harold Sheeley Maryland 

Carrie M. Shelby Louisiana 

Robert Herman Smith, Jr Maryland 

Charles Robert Stanley Maryland 

Vimla Nagrath Surie Maryland 

Felicitas Salvador Tacderas Philippines 

Neita Tanner Georgia 

James Estes Tear Maryland 

Agnes May Thomas Maryland 

Leon Nelson Timmons Maryland 

Sara O, Veale Georgia 

Dorothy Young Wilson D. C. 

Mary Zichichi Wirth Maryland 

Leonard Woolf Maryland 

George Daniel Zepp Pennsylvania 

Master of Business Administration 

Charles Francis Cronin, Jr D. C. 

Master of Foreign Study 

Thomas Walter Bishop New York Louis Lowenstein 

Helmut Hans Haeussler New Jersey 

.New York 


Candidates will be presented by Dean H. Boyd Wylie 
Doctor of Medicine 

Charles Baird Adams, Jr Maryland 

Benjamin Alfred Adelstein Maryland 

Charles Glen Adkins West Virginia 

Richard Elmer Ahlquist, Jr Washington 

George Carl Alderman, Jr Maryland 

James William Andrews Ohio 

Raymond Melvin Atkins Maryland 

Daniel Bakal Maryland 

Timothy Danforth Baker Maryland 

Edward Harold Bergofsky Maryland 

Osvaldo Berrfos-Jimenez D. C. 

Jack Arthur Bridges Maryland 

Lowell Ellis Brittain North Carolina 

James Burch Brooks Maryland 

William Morris Brown, Jr Georgia 

John Edward Carroll, Jr Maryland 

Jack Oliver Carson North Carolina 

Daniel Clyman Maryland 

Phin Cohen Maryland 

Stuart P. Culpepper Florida 

Andrew Joseph Devlin, Jr Washington 

Andrew Monroe Diggs North Carolina 

Anthony John DiGiovanni Maryland 

Robert Arnold Douglas Florida 

Robert Corl Douglass, Jr Ohio 

WilHam Stanley Dunf ord, Jr Utah 

Herbert Lewis Eckert Maryland 

Lawrence Deems Egbert Maryland 

Lee William Elgin, Jr Florida 

Charles Stanley Elliott Indiana 

Jack Fine Maryland 

Joseph Paul Fisher Pennsylvania 

Michael Joseph Foley West Virginia 

Louis Albert Fritz Maryland 

Robert William Gebhardt Maryland 

Charles Franklin Gilliam North CaroHna 

Paul Harold Gislason North Dakota 

Luis Felipe Gonzalez Rivera Puerto Rico 

Jay Calvin Gore Maryland 

James Rodney Grabill Maryland 

David Eric Graham North Carolina 

C. Edward Graybeal Maryland 

William Richard Greco Maryland 

Robert Alvin Grubb Pennsylvania 

Leon Dudley Hankoff Maryland 

William Benjamin Harris North Carolina 

William Lenox Heimer Maryland 

Charles Martin Holmes Maryland 

Romulus Vance Houck, Jr Maryland 

William Baird Hudgins Georgia 

DeWitt Talmage Hunter, Jr Virginia 

L. Virginia Hunter Maryland 

Irvin Hyatt Maryland 

FrankHn Lloyd Keller Maryland 

Frank Menefee Kline Maryland 

Joseph Anthony Knell, Jr Maryland 

John Martin Krager Maryland 

Irving Kramer Maryland 

Morton Morris Krieger Maryland 

Herbert Walter Lapp New Jersey 

Charles Harry Lightbody Maine 

Robert George Love Massachusetts 

William Allen Mathews Ohio 

John Nelson McKay Maryland 

Richard Young Olsen California 

Benton Bloch Perry Maryland 

James Solomon Phelps, Jr., North Carolina 

William Andrew Pillsbury, Jr Maryland 

Gilberto Ramlrez-Santisteban Puerto Rico 

Jonas Ralph Rappeport Maryland 

David S. Rasmussen-Taxdal Pennsylvania 

Julian Ward Reed Maryland 

Malcolm Lee Robbins Maryland 

William D. Rosson Maryland 

Bella Faye Schimmel Maryland 

John Oliver Sharrett Maryland 

Mahlon James Shoff Delaware 

Richard Arnold Sindler Maryland 

Ursula Traugott Slager Maryland 

Boylston Dandridge Smith, Jr., West Virginia 

George Herbert Smith Maine 

Aubrey Cannon Smoot, Jr Delaware 

Norton Spritz Maryland 

Alvin A. Stambler Maryland 

Charles Ray Starling North Carolina 

Robert James Trace Wisconsin 

Belk Connor Troutman North Carolina 

Carlos Nathaniel Vicens Puerto Rico 

Scott Pyper Wallace Utah 

Harry Martin Walsh Maryland 

Bryan Pope Warren, Jr Maryland 

John Lord Watters North Carolina 

Howard Nelson Weeks Maryland 

Albert John Wildberger Maryland 

John Ross Wilkinson, Jr North Carolina 

Donald Anthony Wolfel Maryland 

William Roger Wolverton West Virginia 

University Prize Gold Medal 

William Allen Mathews 

Certificates of Honor 

1. Edward Harold Bergofaky 4. Richard Elmer Ahlquist, Jr. 

2. Daniel Clyman 

3. Leon Dudley Hankoflf 

5. Alvin A. Stambler 

The Doctor A. Bradley Gaither Memorial Prize James Solomon Phelps, Jr. 

The William D. Wolfe Memorial Prize and Certificate of Proficiency Richard Elmer Ahlquist, Jr. 

The Leonard M. Hummel Medal and Certificate of Proficiency in Internal Medicine, 

William Allen Mathews 


Candidates will be presented by Dean J, Ben Robinson 
Doctor of Dental Surgery 

Ray Vaden Allen West Virginia 

Sanford Wilbur Aronson New Jersey 

Franklin B. Avant Florida 

Charles Jesse Averill Vermont 

Richard Axman Maryland 

Robert Axman Maryland 

John Gerald Barry Connecticut 

Donald Arthur Bell Mar^-land 

Morris Lucian Bell North Carolina 

Richard Arnold Bevan West Virginia 

John Gillen Blakely Maryland 

Saul Morton Blumenthal Maryland 

Robert Montgomery Brackbill... Pennsylvania 

Jacques Edouard Brun France 

Guy Paul Burkett Maryland 

Jolm Paul Burns Pennsylvania 

Octavio Concepcion Cap6 Puerto Rico 

Robert Donald Carlough New Jersey 

Fred Robert Carsey, Jr West Virginia 

Norman Jerome Chapin Maryland 

Robert Sanfey Chisholm Alaine 

John James Cirillo New Jersey 

Leo Rodger Currie Massachusestts 

Thomas Edmund Dooley New Jersey 

Irving Morris Edelson Connecticut 

Zeno Lester Edwards, Jr., North Carolina 

David Manuel Eppel Maryland 

Charles W. Eshelman Pennsylvania 

Arthur Italo Ferrante New Jersey 

Pat Fetchero West Virginia 

Jesse WiUiam Fisher West Virginia 

Alvin Paul Friend Maryland 

James Claude Gantt North Carolina 

Norris Garten West Virginia 

Ralph Glover Gilman, Jr Massachusetts 

Louis Phillip Greenberg Maryland 

Robert Charles Hager Maryland 

Glerm Thomas Hartman West Virginia 

Dean Harvey Hausrath Maryland 

Earl Judson Hendrickson Maryland 

Norman High.stein Maryland 

Maurice Eugene Hinds, Jr Maryland 

Ashby Gerald Inscoe North Carolina 

Robert Jacop Jozefiak New Jersey 

William Lewis Keefer, Jr Maryland 

Donald Lee Kiser West Virginia 

Thomas Arrington Komegay.... North Carolina 

Irvin Marx Krawitz Maryland 

Edgar Martin LaBar, Jr New Jersey 

John James Lavelle, Jr Delaware 

Thomas Ford Leggett, Jr Mississippi 

Roger Paul Lescoe Connecticut 

Dale Elwood Lincicome West Virginia 

Glenn Arthur Little, Jr Maryland 

Ir\nng Littman Maryland 

James Gray Macaulay South Carolina 

Franklin Ewers Martin West Virginia 

Jack Richard Martin West Virginia 

Paul Hedrich McFarland, Jr Maryland 

Wilbur Galloway McFarland, Jr., N. Carolina 

Peter James McGivney Connecticut 

Joseph McKechnie, Jr Maryland 

Richard James Messer Pennsylvania 

John Miller West Virginia 

Richard Francis Mitchell Massachusetts 

Walter Scott Moore, Jr West Virginia 

John Joseph Morley New Hampshire 

Alarion Pike Nicholson, Jr North Carolina 

Joseph Aloysius O'Leary, Jr North Carolina 

Robert Howard Orrahood West Virginia 

Vernon Francis Ottenritter Marj'land 

Thomas Lawrence Pa>Tie, Jr Rhode Island 

William Thomas Pennell North Carolina 

Robert Kight Poling Man,-land 

William Bedell Powell D. C. 

Joe N. Price Maryland 

Donzal Ray Pugh West Virginia 

Howard Clinton Reece D. C. 

Albert Charles Reed New York 

Pilar Reguero-Caballero Puerto Rico 

Edward William Roberts New Jersey 

Lino Esteban Rodriguez Puerto Rico 

Thomas Eduin Salimeno Rhode Island 

Perry Ronald Saxe Connecticut 

Jerome Henry Sherman Maryland 

Norwood Shpritz Maryland 

Ahnn Harris Simonson Connecticut 

Jimmie Lue Stinson Oklahoma 

John Joseph Swalec Massachusetts 

Richard Carroll Synowski Maryland 

Bernard L. Tell New Jersey 

Robert Charles Tesher Florida 

Pedro Ernesto Valentin Puerto Rico 

Anthony Da\-id Vance West Virginia 

Adrian James Van Oss Wisconsin 

Raymond James Vassar, Jr West Virginia 

Bernard Vine Marj-land 

Warren Teiji Wakai Hawaii 

Joseph Abbott Walker Alabama 

Clyde Otamus Wells, Jr South Carolina 

Thomas William Willets Maryland 

Robert Brown Williams Florida 

Joe L. Winter West Virginia 


Doctor of Dental Surgery 

JohnClemson Maryland 

Frederick Theodore Legband New Jersey 

Cletus Aube Reed Maryland 

Earl Devens Roy New Hampshire 

University Gold Medal for Scholarship 

Earl Judson Hendrickson 

Certificates of Honor 

1. William Bedell Powell 

2. Vernon Francis Ottenritter 

3. Sanford Wilbur Aronson 

4. Roger Paul Lescoe 

5. Franklin B. Avant 


Candidates will be presented by Dean Roger Howell 
Certificate of Proficiency 

Laroy I. Chadwick Maryland 

Bachelor of Laws 

♦Joseph Patrick Alcarese Maryland 

Charles Henry Amrhine Maryland 

Frederick Hanson Anderson Maryland 

William Gary Antal Maryland 

David Bratt Baker, Jr Maryland 

Lee Calvin Barnett, Jr Maryland 

Samuel William Barrick Maryland 

J. Kemp Bartlett, III Maryland 

Daniel Howard Bathon Maryland 

*Sidney Bender Maryland 

Barry Keller Berkson Maryland 

Arthur Dean Betts Delaware 

Thomas Marshall Brandt Maryland 

*Irvin Sylvan Brown Maryland 

James Robert Brown Maryland 

Richard Austin Brown New Jersey 

Terrence Emmet Burke Maryland 

Thomas Edward Byerly Maryland 

Benjamin Read Cadwalader Maryland 

Louis Elliot Carliner Maryland 

Guy Joseph Cicone Maryland 

William Kirkwood Connor Maryland 

*Mark David Coplin Maryland 

James Kimmey Cullen, 3rd Maryland 

Thomas John D'Alesandro, III Maryland 

Theodore C. Denick Maryland 

Edward J. Dentz Maryland 

Charles Arthur Eby, Jr Maryland 

Irving Marvin Einbinder Maryland 

Joseph Thomas EUicott Maryland 

Robert Farkas Pennsylvania 

Paul Joseph Feeley Maryland 

Harry Wilmer Ferkler Maryland 

John James Foster, Jr Maryland 

Charles Fuller, Jr Maryland 

Francis Xavier Gallagher Maryland 

James Albert Gary, III Maryland 

John WilHam Goff Maryland 

Carmine Joseph Granese, Jr Maryland 

Mae Westmore Green Maryland 

Jack Lee Hardwick Maryland 

Ed-win Hanson Webster Harlan, Jr., Maryland 

Arthur John Hart, Jr New York 

Samuel William Hasson, Jr Maryland 

Thomas Joseph Hatem Maryland 

Arthur Charles Albert Heise, Jr. Maryland 

♦Milton King Hill, Jr Maryland 

Michael G. Holofcener Maryland 

Robert Scott Hoyert Maryland 

George Raymond Hughes, Jr Maryland 

John Terrence Hughes Maryland 

Carlos Leroy Hunsinger Maryland 

Francis N. Iglehart, Jr Maryland 

Malcolm Lee Jacobson Maryland 

John Seaton Johns Maryland 

Joseph Patrick Kearns, Jr Maryland 

Eugene Walter Koch Maryland 

Lee H. Kramer Maryland 

John Stuart Lambert Maryland 

Richard Bruce Latham Maryland 

Coleman Jules Lesser Maryland 

Armand Herbert Levin Maryland 

Elsbeth Levy Maryland 

Thomas Edward Kirby Long Maryland 

Edward Chester Mackie Rhode Island 

John Samuel Mahle Maryland 

Ernest Keese McFadden, Jr Maryland 

Bernard John Medairy, Jr Maryland 

*Constance Moulton Mehegan Maryland 

Jack Morton Merelman Maryland 

George Joseph Miller, Jr Maryland 

Martin Vincent Miller Maryland 

Edmund Scott Moore, Jr Maryland 

William Frederick Mosner Maryland 

Kenneth Harold Moyer Pennsylvania 

Richard Charles Murray Maryland 

* William Robinson Nickey Maryland 

Jay Lloyd Niles Maryland 

Donald Penrith Parker Maryland 

Robsol Grant Pinkett Maryland 

Robert Reeves Price, Jr Maryland 

Alan Marvin Resnick Maryland 

William A. Reutemann, Jr Maryland 

Charles Leland Ritchie Maryland 

John Bartholomew Robins Maryland 

Robert Salter Rothenhoefer Maryland 

Owen John Rouse Maryland 

Herman Bernard Rudolph Maryland 

Lansdale Ghiselin Sasscer, Jr Maryland 

With honor. 


Francis Leo Schauble Maryland 

Charles Scheeler Maryland 

Allen Polk Schoolfield, Jr Maryland 

FVancis Albert Shaffer Maryland 

WiUiam Brent Shew, Jr Maryland 

Lloyd L. Simpkins Maryland 

John W. Sloan Maryland 

Willis Ray Stafford, Jr Maryland 

Henry William Stichel, Jr Maryland 

Richard Stoner Strickler Maryland 

Douglas S. Tawney Maryland 

Bernard Charles Trueschler Maryland 

G. Fletcher Ward, Jr Maryland 

Wade Donovan Ward Maryland 

Henry Robert Warshaw Maryland 

John Carroll Weiss, Jr Maryland 

David Franklin Wherley Maryland 

Stuart R. Wilcox, Jr Maryland 

Jerome Joel Wilen Maryland 

Archie Daniel Williams Maryland 

Edmund White Winchester, Jr Maryland 

Charles D. Winter, Jr Maryland 

Gordon Hamilton Witherspoon Maryland 

Wilmer Jerome Wolf Maryland 

Paul Francis Wooden Maryland 


Samuel Wliiteford Moore, Jr. Maryland 

Elected to the Order of the Coif 

Joseph Patrick Alcarese 
Irvin Sylvan Brown 
Mark David Coplin 

Milton King Hill, Jr. 
Constance Moulton Mehegan 
William Robinson Nickey 

U. S. Law Week Award Richard Charles Murray 

Elizabeth Maxwell Carroll Chesnut Prize Mark David Coplin 


Candidates will be presented by Dean Gordon M. Cairns 
Bachelor of Science 

Joseph Dent Abell Maryland 

John Hackett Anderson Maryland 

John Wilton Anderson Maryland 

John Rush Baldwin, III Maryland 

Ernesto Balladares Teran Nicaragua 

Max McCallie Barber Tennessee 

Emil George Baroska New Jersey 

William Belcher Bartlett Maryland 

Richard Bassette Maryland 

Ernest A. Behrens, Jr D. C. 

Henry Leventry Beiter Pennsylvania 

Robert J. Beiter Pennsylvania 

Robert Louis Belz, Jr Pennsylvania 

Mohammed Zuhair Bibi Lebanon 

Paul Bilger, Jr Maryland 

John Shepard Bingham, Jr Maryland 

Heber Dean Bouland D. C. 

•*^ice Isabel Boulden Maryland 

Charles Henry Boyer Maryland 

Lester William Boyer Maryland 

Frank Anderson Brinkman Maryland 

Frederick William Bull Maryland 

Donald Grayson Campbell Maryland 

Kwang Pao Chang Maryland 

Richard Lee Clem Maryland 

Judson Walter Clements Maryland 

George Watson Clendaniel, Jr Maryland 

William Joseph Cohill Maryland 

Thomas Leonard Cryer, Jr Maryland 

Vladimir George Cucura Maryland 

Harold Adams Davis, Jr Maryland 

Kenneth Reed Davis Maryland 

James Howard Dorn Maryland 

Robert Charles Dougherty Maryland 

Richard De La Barre Duke Maryland 

John William Dulabahn Ohio 

Richard Russell Dunn Maryland 

Eulon Kendall Elh-ich Maryland 

Richard Whiting Fadeley Virginia 

Gerald Powell Fitzgerald Maryland 

Martin Edward Flaherty, Jr Maryland 

Richard Benedict Florence Maryland 

Louis George Foye Pennsylvania 

Monroe Eilers Fraleigh New York 

Raymond Alfred Galloway Maryland 

Francis William Germaine New Jersey 

Joseph Guy Giampaoli, Jr Maryland 

William Frederick GrofT, Jr Maryland 

David Bentley Hannum Jr Vermont 

Paul Beatty Harlan, Jr Maryland 

William Mercer Harris, IV Maryland 

Howard Kendal Hartraan Maryland 

Loren March Hiddleson Pennsylvania 

John Roger Hood Maryland 

William Lovell Howser Maryland 

Francis Gordon Hueter Maryland 

Isaac Simns Jacquette, Jr Maryland 

Donald Barros Juncal D. C. 

Herbert Kaslow Florida 

David Milton Kelly Maryland 

Harris Jerome Koman Maryland 

Robert Erwin LeClerg Maryland 

Edwin Francis Lynch Maryland 

George Talbot MacDonald Maryland 

Douglas Alan MacFarlane Maryland 

William Henry Marsh Maryland 

James Lawrence Martin Maryland 

Joseph Paul McBride Pennsylvania 

Charles Wight McComb D. C. 

Francis Seaton McKay Maryland 

Carl Melamet Maryland 

Gus Marvin Mende, Jr Maryland 

Edwin Moore Miller West Virginia 


Wilden Munn Miller New York 

Howard Samuel Nash Maryland 

Lyden C. O'Day Iowa 

Dewey Fredd Patterson, Jr Maryland 

Arthur Leone Pease, Jr Maryland 

William Chew Polites Maryland 

William Weston Pusey Maryland 

John Edwin Ray, Jr D. C. 

Charles Franklin Ridgely Maryland 

Robert Stanley Bayne Robertson D. C. 

William Cochran Sadtler Maryland 

Jaime Walter Savage Maryland 

Lyman Overton Schooley, Jr D. C. 

Harry Harrison Shaffer, Jr Maryland 

Donald Huntington Shanklin Maryland 

John LaMotte Shaw, Jr Maryland 

Marion Emma Simpson Maryland 

Robert Gabe Smith Maryland 

Donald Paterson Springer Maryland 

Alberta Mary Stevens D. C. 

Willard Dawson Stevenson Maryland 

Herbert Park Stutts Alabama 

Mitchell Thompson Maryland 

Francis Ridgely Todd, Jr Maryland 

James Anthony Weamert Maryland 

Merrill Wilcox Maryland 

Hugh William Wilkerson Maryland 

Frank Russell Young, III Maryland 

Bachelor of Science 

Flayeh Hassan Ataie Iraq 

Richard Lon Baker Maryland 

LeRoy Jensen Maryland 

Charles Edward Russell Maryland 

James Albert Shelley Maryland 

Harold William Norwood Smith Maryland 

John M. Stull Maryland 

John Wesley Vanaman New Jersey 

Honorable Mention 

First Honors 

Raymond Alfred Galloway 
John Hackett Anderson 
Louis George Foye 

Lyden C. O'Day 
Francis Gordon Hueter 
Willard Dawson Stevenson 


Candidates will be presented by Dean Leon P. Smith 
Bachelor of Arts 

Sylvester Ralph Adams D. C. 

Edward Joseph Albert Maryland 

/James Boyd Alderton, Jr Virginia 

•^Miriam Allsopp D. C. 

^■* Dorothy Catherine Andrews Maryland 

^Richard Erling Andrews Maryland 

'^Joan Hood Appleby Maryland 

Reuben April D. C. 

yWilliam Henry Archer, Jr Maryland 

V'^Barbara Jean Atwell Maryland 

.r Aileen Carolyn Baddock Maryland 

/Richard Francis Bahr Maryland 

y/Peggy Gloria Bass Maryland 

■•/A^ictoria Reese Beam Maryland 

V/Edith Becker D. C. 

v' Dorothy Eleanor Bell Maryland 

^A«slie Roger Bell Maryland 

■^ Margaret D'Arcy Bishop Maryland 

>Charles Joseph Bontempo New Jersey 

"^-^fially Ruth Boorstein Maryland 

v/Betty Ann Bopst Maryland 

Lowell Reed Bowen Maryland 

1 / (With Honors in Literature) 

•y- Patricia Helen Bower Maryland 

Thomas Martin Boyd Maryland 

'. ,> Gale Esker Brown Maryland 

V Jane Brownell ...; Massachusetts 

Grace Geraldine Brumbaugh Pennsylvania 

Ervan Rudolph Bueneman Maryland 

./Barbara Nelson Bumgarner Maryland 

V Peggy Virginia Burgess D. C. 

/Robert Frank Butehorn Maryland 

y Janet Carol Paterson Butler Maryland 

William Lisk Callaway Texas 

Peter Antony Carapanelli Maryland 

^ylPatricia Louise Capehart D. C. 

V Helen Marie Carey D. C. 

John Arnold Carpenter Maryland 

Donald Hopkins Chaney Maryland 

VY— 'Gloria Hieber Chase Maryland 

Hok Hua Chen Maryland 

David Lawrence Christiansen Maryland 

Frank Marbury Clagett Maryland 

Ralph John Cogswell, Jr Maryland 

George Wallace Coleburn Maryland 

Dominic Louis Conoscenti Maryland 

^-^Constance Rose Cook Maryland 

John Sturgis Coonan Maryland 

'/Janet Barbara Crow Maryland 

/Paul Trauger Culbertson, Jr Maryland 

VCarmehta Jean Curran D. C. 

Leslie Eugene Davies Maryland 

Hugh Jordan Davis Massachusetts 

\/Mary Griffin Denton Indiana 

Melvin Joseph Dey Maryland 

Donnie Lewis Dick Virginia 

Paul Monroe Dickey, Jr Maryland 

\->Dorothy Burton Diggs Maryland 

Na'ySarbara Lee Director D. C. 

V Ann Graves Douthat Maryland 

Daniel Dove Maryland 

Clyde Donald Dudley Maryland 

Harold Douglas Dusenberry Maryland 

Joseph Anthony Engelbrecht Maryland 

iSamuel William Eppel Maryland 

a' Betty Ruth Epstein D. C. 


Shirley Jean Etheridge Maryland 

Ruth Rosenfeld Ezekiel Maryland 

/Dewitt Hammond Fariss Maryland 

(''j Irene Louise Farra Alaryland 

/John Petrie Fersinger D. C. 

'V Charlotte Betty Fetternaan D. C. 

Harold Edward Fink Maryland 

A. Martin Finn Maryland 

/Thomas Michael Finn Rhode Island 

V M. Elaine Fitzgerald Maryland 

Bruce Henry Fitzpatrick New York 

John James Fester J^Iaryland 

Paul Guthrie Foster Maryland 

Donald Lee Fox D. C. 

/Stanley Lloyd Fox D. C. 

V Constance Lorraine Fuller .'... Maryland 

John Cahin Fyock D. C. 

Hugh Barbay Garmany Maryland 

V Julian Shelbv Garrett Maryland 
Mary Ann G^tliU Alaryland 

Edwin Norman Ge'.\irz D. C. 

Anthony Sam Giordano D. G. 

/ Lois Ruth Glasser Maryland 

'/ Rosemary Greathouse Marj-land 

f Helene Louise Greiner Maryland 

Richard Edward Gscheidle Maryland 

Randolph Mark Hale Alaryland 

/Blair Parks Hall Maryland 

^Dolores Yvonne Hambright D. C. 

John Thomas Hamilton, Jr Maryland 

Robert Heatoh Hamilton Georgia 

John Alton Harcum Maryland 

, Robert Alan Harder Maryland 

^ Rebecca Pearson Hartshorn Maryland 

Harold Benjamin Hayes Maryland 

Samuel AIIjti Heam Maryland 

Robert Wesley Hedden New Jersey 

I Douglas Merrill Herdt Maryland 

■vj Marjorie Patricia Herdt Maryland 

1 Harold Jerome Herman Maryland 

S/Marlene Joyce Herrmann Maryland 

VLeah Esther Hill Maryland 

? Salman Mahmood Hilmy Maryland 

'• Elizabeth Grace Hilsee Pennsylvania 

Victor RajTiiond Hirsh D. C. 

Donald Raymond Hitchcock Maryland 

Milton Hobbs Maryland 

Herbert Francis Hodge, Jr Maryland 

iLee Hoffman Maryland 

■'■'vLilian Audree Holland Maryland 

, Tsei Suan Hu China 

J Annis Carolyn Huff Maryland 

'■'* Patricia Osmond Hulbert D. C. 

r John B. Hurt Mar>'land 

(William Her Jackson, Jr New York 

^» Katherine Jalepes D. C. 

Joseph Emerson James Maryland 

I George Millen Jarvis, IV Illinois 

>; Grace Marguerite Jefferson Maryland 

Edward Earle Kaiser, Jr Alaryland 

^Bernard Kalvan Maryland 

^yAndrea Luise Karlsson Maryland 

^f*Lucille Marguerite Keller Maryland 

Robert LawTence Kelly Maryland 

James Leonard Kent Marj-land 

j Irvin Leroy Klingenberg, Jr Maryland 

^Katharine Grace Kranz New York 

. Emil Arthur Krenek, Jr Alaryland 

/ Malcolm Da^id Kriger Alaryland 

J Herbert William Larrabee, Jr Alaryland 

J Nancy Joanne Lawshe D. C. 

Robert Arthur Lee New Jersev 

'-^ Catherine Anne Lehmkuhl D. C. 

frito Raymond Leone New York 

-Npovera Hope Le\T Alaryland 

Raymond Samuel Lippens Alaryland 

I Edgar Litt Alaryland 

vl Robert Burnett Livnngston New York 

----^/Charlotte Alae Loehler Alaryland 

— S/Emestelle Alden Loffler Alaryland 

— vJaimie Izil Long Alaryland 

Robert Melvin AlacCallum New Jersey 

John WUliam Alagnan New York 

Calnn Alerritt Alahaney Alaryland 

/Eugene Alayer Alalkin D. C. 

-^V Rose Teresa Alanzione Alaryland 

.George Alexander Alarr Alaryland 

(James Charles Alasten Maryland 

-"^ Nancy Hamilton AlcCaslin, Maryland 

•-\l Alan.' Louise AIcElfresh Alaryland 

j Charles Samuel Aleisenhelter Pennsylvania 

v/ Lois Patricia Alerritt Virginia 

Vernon Stanley Alills Maryland 

Andrew Raymond Alolnar Ohio 

Edward Da\-id Aloriarty Alaryland 

.John Smylie Alorrel, Jr \. Alaryland 

- \1 Alyra Alae Moss Alaryland 

y J&ne Eleanor Alueller New York 

/'Shirley Jean Alulnix Alaryland 

Alan t\liitney Alund Alaryland 

James Henry Alurdock D. C. 

■ Alargaret Alary Alyers Maryland 

Nathan S. Xackman Alaryland 

William Bernard Neser Alaryland 

Nicholas Constantine Nicholas Alaryland 

^.Gertrude Irene Niemi b. C. 

'' John Wesley Noble, Jr Alaryland 

Peter Gerhard Nordlie Alaryland 

Leonard Ivan Norinsky Alaryland 

Alarian CK-mer Nowland AIan,'land 

Francis Carroll O'Brien Alaryland 

'/Alary Lee O'Brien Alaryland 

George John Olszewski Maryland 

Leonard Arnold Orman Alaryland 

Clark LeRoy Pangle Virginia 

;■ Jean Frances Parker Maryland 

Stanley Earl Parrish Alaryland 

Brantley Hamilton Parsley Alaryland 

.^Thalia Peletis Alaryland 

Zelma Perlberg Alaryland 

{ ■ Edith Alarie Perruso D. C. 

y Octavia Dawn Peters Maryland 

_ULibby Postoff Alaryland 

,,^ Aladeleine Rousby Quesenberry Alaryland 

' Daniel Francis Rankin Alarvland 

Alvin Clyde Reeves b. C. 

Wallace Irvin Reigner Pennsylvania 

- -Betty Jane Richter Maryland 

Robert Daniel Robey Alaryland 

Gordon Lee Rome Alaryland 

Frank Paul Rossomondo, Jr Alaryland 

-^*/Virginia Ann Rowland Alaryland 

\- Joan Sabin Alaryland 

ii-'-Marie Schabb Schwartz Alaryland 

John A. Scopino Connecticut 

Walter Isadore Seif AIan.-land 

Claji;on Albright Shepherd Alaryland 

. .-Marihm Sheppard D. C. 

/ Stanlev N. Sherman Alarvland 

Paul St. Clair Shipley Maryland 

Gilbert Edwin Shortt, III Mar\-land 

^ly Rosalie Silverman Alaryland 

James Grover Slunt Alaryland 

-Vt" Joanne lone Slye Alaryland 

/ James C. Smith, Jr Alarj-land 



Margaret Anna Smith Virginia 

Margaret Jean Smith Maryland 

Eleanor Solnitzky Maryland 

Candace Crittenton Somerville D. C. 

Jack Howard Stanley Maryland 

George Berry Stauch Maryland 

Richard Evans Stewart D. C. 

Lewis Francis Stilson Maryland 

Lois Marie Stone Maryland 

Russell Paddock Strange Illinois 

Lewis Tipton Stringer Maryland 

John Richard Suria Maryland 

Ronald Leitch Taylor Maryland 

Raymond George Teeling New York 

AHce Jane Thompson Maryland 

CHnton Paul Thompson D. C. 

Robert Dodd Thompson, Jr Delaware 

Harold Sherbourne Thorpe Maryland 

James LeRoy Tobin, Jr Maryland 

James Norman Tracy Maryland 

Charles Edward Travers, Jr D. C. 

PhiHp Irving Trupp D. C. 

Richard Bailey Twigg D. C. 

George Stewart Underwood Maryland 

Charles Edward Utermohle Maryland 

George Nicholas Vagionis New York 

John Page VanWie, Jr Maryland 

Paul Munson VonSchulz Maryland 

Charles Edward Wainwright Maryland 

Patrick Henry Walker Maryland 

Howard Wayne Warner Maryland 

Richard Adolf Waterval Virginia 

Charles Edward Wehland Maryland 

.\/ Patricia Jane Weiland Pennsylvania 

( pertrude Weintraub Maryland 

; -Charles Vernon West Maryland 

; Larry D. White Virginia 

^ ;■ Nancy Willcox Maryland 

/ Thad Moore Wilson D. C. 

Harris Jack Winkelstein Maryland 

Daniel Howard Wolfe Maryland 

...-/•Joan Maisie Wolle Maryland 

,,/Ritalee Doris Woronoff Maryland 

' Wesley Arnold Wright Maryland 

, Jackson Yeager Maryland 

.,/ piaine Yospy Maryland 

v/Nancy Jane Zeleny Maryland 

Alvin John Thomas Zumbrxm Maryland 

Bachelor of Science 

. NThomas Adams D. C. 

PP^ Charlotte Younkin Anderson Maryland 

r^ t Arthur Baitch Maryland 

< .J^Jean Carol Bechtold Maryland 

Edward Jerome Becker D. C. 

Lee Howard Eelaga Maryland 

Charles Thomas Benson Maryland 

Philip Bernstein D. C. 

Anthony A. Bialczak Maryland 

Morris Larrie Blue Maryland 

Herbert Lee Blumenfeld Maryland 

Roland Bonorden New Jersey 

Donald Hall Boughton Florida 

Stanley Louis Brown Maryland 

Stuart Morton Brown Maryland 

Charles Huntington Buchan Maryland 

Walter Joseph Butkus Maryland 

Richard Dwayne Cales Maryland 

.">fr* Shirley Elizabeth Callahan Maryland 

^ Bernie Odell Coberly Maryland 

Earl Cohen Maryland 

— - Elizabeth Mezick Collins Maryland 

Patrick John Collins D. C. 

Irving Aaron Cooperman D. C. 

Leslie Carl Costello Maryland 

Jean Marie Coyle Maryland 

Charles Marshall Dahlgren Maryland 

Robert Charles Danek Maryland 

.Robert Lee Daugherty Maryland 

Walter Joseph Davis Maryland 

John Myrick Dawson Maryland 

A / EHzabeth Anne Delsasso Maryland 

John-Edward Stirling DeMurley....New Jersey 

Don Dennis Maryland 

Mary Louise Dickinson Maryland 

John LeRoy Donley Maryland 

- ~ - Patricia Jane Downey D. C. 

John Dent Downing, Jr Maryland 

Wilbur Eugene Dunkelberg, Jr D. C. 

William Gene Durham D. C. 

Arthur George Edwards, Jr Maryland 

Morton Jack Ellin Maryland 

Leon Tracey Ellis Maryland 

Raymond Robert Ellison Maryland 

Frances Rita Eppley Maryland 

Richard Vernon Erkenbeck Maryland 

Edward Carroll Esslinger Maryland 

Theodore Cannell Farr Pennsylvania 

Joseph Fedorko Pennsylvania 

Jean Hook Ferguson Maryland 

Gerald Hugh Fine Maryland 

Louis Edward Flaig, Jr Maryland 

Fred Ernst Folk Maryland 

Joseph William Foster Maryland 

Daniel Herschel Framm Maryland 

Edith Frederick Maryland 

Malcolm Felix Freed Maryland 

Britta Helene Fris Virginia 

Walter DeLay Gable Maryland 

George Dewey Gardner, Jr Maryland 

Shirley Elaine Garner Maryland 

Diane Wagner Gartside Maryland 

Platon Leonidas Gerachis D. C. 

Edmond Thibault Gerardi Connecticut 

Loyal Glenn GofT Maryland 

Sonya Goodman Maryland 

Robert Goren Maryland 

Robert Clark Gromley Maryland 

WiUiam Joseph Grabenstein Maryland 

Sarah Gayle Hamlen New Jersey 

WilHam Charles Hansen Maryland 

Albert Edward Heimert, III Maryland 

David Hofif Maryland 

Lloyd William Ice Maryland 

Martha AmeUa Jennison Maryland 

Peggy Louise Jones Maryland 

Alan Donald Jung Maryland 

Henry Calvin Kaufman Maryland 

Ellen Frances Kehne Maryland 

William Francis Kennedy Maryland 

Kenneth Kemble Kirk Patrick Maryland 

John Bryan Kolseth Maryland 

Irene Patricia Konieczny Maryland 

Lloyd Melvin Black Koontz, Jr Maryland 

Scheldon Kress D. C. 

Milton Laikin Virginia 

WilHam Arden Lemmert Maryland 

Alan C. Levy Maryland 

David Alfred Levy Maryland 

John Breckenridge Littleton Maryland 

William Thomas Lloyd Maryland 

Grafton Fairfax Mangum, Jr Maryland 


..^Priscilla Kent Marsh Maryland 

' phris Thrasyobolus Matthews Maryland 

UiAnne Beall Mattingly Maryland 

-J^'fielen Doris Maxwell Maryland 

Clayton Swearingen McCarl Maryland 

Theodore Roland McKenzie Maryland 

James Andrew McNamara, Jr D. C. 

Jules Myron Merkler Maryland 

David Glashan Mitchell Maryland 

Robert Stanley Moore Maryland 

Arnold Moss D. C. 

w0^ JacquelvTi Saunders Mothersole California 

' ' Raymond Elliot Mullaney Massachusetts 

Albert MuUer, Jr Maryland 

Jose A. Munera Bauza Maryland 

Catherine Claire Nonamaker Maryland 

Edward James Olney Pennsylvania 

Ivan Bernard Oshrine Maryland 

Raymond Walter Palmer, Jr Maryland 

Robert R. Parks Maryland 

Ralph Alexander Pentz, Jr Maryland 

Alan Ellsworth Poole Maryland 

Wnold John Roccati Maryland 

feyron Richard Roseman Maryland 

•^Beverly Jean St. Clair Maryland 

Frederick Charles Schramm Maryland 

Dominic Carman Scolaro New Jersey 

^Lionel Edward Sellman, Jr Maryland 

/^^Carole Jane Sewell Maryland 

I \ Kopel Max Shatenstein Maryland 

^ Melvin Benson Sherman Maryland 

Bernard Richard Shochet Maryland 

Herman Shulman Maryland 

Joel Shulman D. C. 

Sidney Francis Sigwald Maryland 

Henry Allan Sinar Maryland 

George William Smyth New Jersey 

Thomas John Solon Maryland 

John Walter Stanford Virginia 

Donald Dietrich Stagman Maryland 

Katherine Ruth Stintz Maryland 

J'erdinand Edmund Stone Massachusetts 

>Nancy Jean Strong Maryland 

Warren Edward Thurston Maryland 

I- Virginia Harrington Truitt Maryland 

'Francis Anthony Veltre Marj'land 

Maurice Alerton Wachtel New York 

John Preston Walker New York 

Elizabeth Snowden Warfield Mar/land 

Morris Jesse Warren Maryland 

Harold Robert Weiss Maryland 

Mary Anna Westerman Maryland 

Ellen Louise White D. C. 

Edwin Warfield Whiteford, Jr Maryland 

Robert Eugene Willey Maryland 

Donald Arthur Wilson Maryland 

Donald Bower Wilson, Jr D. C. 

Samuel William Wilson D. C. 

Lucy Gray Winslow Maryland 

James Lee Winter Marj-land 

■ Ruth ^largaret Wolfram Marj-land 

John William Wright Maryland 

-'Mary Helen Young Maryland 

Conrad Erhardt Yunker New Jersey 

Chester Norbert Zembroski Connecticut 

Bachelor of Arts 

Leo Clive Badart Maryland 

Philip Edward Bettendorf Maryland 

Jerome Nathaniel Biller Maryland 

Christ Constantine Christ D. C. 

Howard Lee Cohn Maryland 

Eric Schroeder Collins Pennsylvania 

John Sellers CoUins Maryland 

Pompeo Leslie Converso Maryland 

Constance Alexandra Cook Alabama 

/iFrank Anthony Delgado, Jr D. C. 

V/ Rosemary Cecilia DiPaula Maryland 

Wilmer B>Td Dodson Maryland 

LeRoy Robert Evans Maryland 

Adrian Paul Grape Maryland 

Husain Fareed Ali Haddawy Iraq 

Beverly Jean Hall D. C. 

/4e. Ruthellen Hammer Maryland 

Allen Shayle Handen Maryland 

Daniel Greeley Higgins, Jr. Maryland 

Charles Gerafdus Painter Hill Maryland 

Hugh Newell Jacobsen Maryland 

John Martin Jones, Jr Maryland 

Stanley Robert Kamash Pennsylvania 

Joseph Schiffer Kaufman Maryland 

Anthony Frederick Lang, Jr Maryland 

Caiman Alter Levin Maryland 

Robert Mason Linkins Maryland 

Janet Lean MacDonald D. C. 

Edward Stanley Margolis Maryland 

Jack Isaacs Mullen Maryland 

Charles Gordon Schmidt Maryland 

Harry Scott Swartzwelder, Jr Mar\'land 

Willard Lee Thomas Maryland 

Joseph Davies Tydings Maryland 

Murray Woodrow New York 

Bachelor of Science 

George Elliott Ashby Maryland 

Dana Lou Day Maryland 

Chester Earl Fasick, Jr D. C. 

Jerry Frank Krejcik Marj'land 

Eugene Manuel Madeiros New Jersey 

George Brenton Malsberry Mar>'land 

Emanuel Joseph Picek Maryland 

Fred Ellsworth Ray Maryland 

Thomas Knefely Rettew Maryland 

Donald Victor Robertson Maryland 


Honorable Mention 

First Honors 

Margaret Jean Smith 
George Millen Jarvis, IV 
Peggy Virginia Burgess 
Betty Jane Richter 
Russell Paddock Strange 
Richard Erling Andrews 
John LeRoy Donley 
Frances Rita Eppley 
Gerald Hugh Fine 
Harold Jerome Herman 
Sally Ruth Boorstein 
Beverly Jean St. Clair 
David Alfred Levy 
Donald Raymond Hitchcock 
Joseph Davies Tydings 
Marie Schabb Schwartz 
Bernard Richard Shochet 
Fred Ellsworth Ray 
Virginia Ann Rowland 
Peter Gerhard Nordlie 
Paul Guthrie Foster 
Samuel William Eppel 
Aileen Carolyn Baddock 
Charles Joseph Bontempo 
Lowell Reed Bowen 
Malcolm Felix Freed 
Kenneth Kemble Kirk Patrick 
Bernard Kalvan 
Joel Shulman 
John A. Scopino 
Harold Benjamin Hayes 
Charlotte Betty Fetter man 
Rosemary Greathouse 
Ruth Rosenfeld Ezekiel 
Harold Robert Weiss 
Jaimie Izil Long 
Willard Lee Thomas 
Janet Carol Paterson Butler 
Herbert Lee Blumenfeld 
Rutbellen Hammer 
Lee Hoffman 

Nancy Hamilton McCaslir 
Lucy Gray Winslow 


Candidates will be presented by Dean J. Freeman Pyle 
Bachelor of Science 

Second Honors 

Robert Lawrence Kelly 

Daniel Herschel Framm 

Marilyn Sheppard 

Arthur Baitch 

Frank Marbury Clagett 

John Myrick Dawson 

Lewis Tipton Stringer 

Walter DeLay Gable 

John Breckenridge Littleton 

Milton Hobbs 

Edwin Warfield Whiteford, Jr. 

Stuart Morton Brown 

Walter Joseph Davis 

Harry Scott Swartzwelder, Jr. 

Edward Stanley Margolis 

Hok Hua Chen 

Leonard Arnold Orman 

Katherine Grace Elranz 

Harris Jack Winkelstein 

Sheldon Kress 

Itobert Eugene Willey 

Jean Carol Bechtold 

Robert Stanley Moore 

Thad Moore Wilson 

Alan Ellsworth Poole 

James Henry Murdock 

A. Martin Finn 

Virginia Harrington Truitt 

Nancy Jane Zeleny 

Joan Maisie Wolle 

Hussain Fared Ali Haddawy 

Helen Marie Carey 

William Thomas Lloyd 

Fred Ernst Folk 

Morton Jack Ellin 

Jean Marie Coyle 

George Brenton Malsberry 

John Walter Stanford 

Edgar Litt 

Joseph Alexander Alabama 

Calvin Sherman Ander Maryland 

Gosta Ernst Anderson Maryland 

Bernard Arbesman Maryland 

Robert Marvin Arnold Maryland 

George Raymond Asay, Jr D. C. 

Peter Werner Augsburger Pennsylvania 

Arthur Douglas Baker Maryland 

Warren Stanton Baker Maryland 

William Burney Ballentine Maryland 

John Morrison Balmer New York 

Joseph Stevenson Barclay Maryland 

George Andrew Bauer, Jr Maryland 

Bertil Gustav Bergquist D. C. 

Steve Olaf Bergquist D. C. 

Howard Robert Berner New Jersey 

Calvin Francis Berry Maryland 

Cameron Arthur Black Virginia 

Charles Cleveland Blanton Maryland 

Nancy Chloe Blew Maryland 

Bertold Bodenheimer Maryland 

Cornelius Hiram Booth Maryland 

Ellsworth Leroy Bosien, Jr Maryland 

Eugene William Boylston New York 

Eugene Anglebert Bozay D. C, 

Harold Alvin Brandenburg Maryland 

William Walker Brookshire, Jr Maryland 

Donald Mclntyre Brown Maryland 

Marjorie Jane Brown Maryland 

Robert Lee Brubaker Maryland 

Marshall Hughes Bruce, Jr Maryland 

Howard Albert Buchanan Maryland 

Charles Frederick Burchinal Maryland 

Harold Morgan Burgard Pennsylvania 

Edwin Russell Burtner Maryland 

William Southworth Burton New Jersey 





Robert Clemens Bush Pennsylvania 

Gene Lynde Byrd Maryland 

Warner Lee Campbell Maryland 

Robert Campello, Jr Maryland 

Patrick Joseph Cassidy D. C. 

Paul Ignatius Cavey Maryland 

Walter Theodore Charlton Maryland 

George Cheely Maryland 

Walter Leland Childs Maryland 

William Lawrence Chiswell Maryland 

George Edwin Christopher Maryland 

Harrison Blair Clayton Delaware 

Robert Allan Cooley New York 

William Lee Copperthite Virginia 

Edward Parker Crouch, Jr New York 

Melvin Francis Cwiek Maryland 

Edwin Jean Davis Virginia 

Nicholas G. DePalma New Jersey 

Walter Hamm Deyhle Maryland 

Kenneth Essex Donaldson D. C. 

James Baldwin Doten, Jr Maryland 

George Shearer Douglass, Jr Virginia 

John Francis Doyle Maryland 

Michael Edward Doyle Maryland 

John Francis Durkee Maryland 

John Hunt Eiseman Maryland 

William Leon Etzler Maryland 

John Bernard Fahy Maryland 

Raynor Almon Fairty New Jersey 

John Chandler Falls D. C. 

John Reynolds Faulconer, Jr Maryland 

Joseph Siskind Felser Maryland 

John Herman Fields, Jr Maryland 

Edward Charles Fincke Maryland 

Charles Ernest Fink, Jr Maryland 

James Richard Fitzell Maryland 

Mark Philip Fleischmann Maryland 

Peyton Brown Fletcher, III Maryland 

Richard Walker Flynn Maryland 

Henry Ward Fox New York 

Elder Joel Frank, Jr Maryland 

Michael Thomas Frascella New Jersey 

Clarence B. FVy Pennsylvania 

Robert Lee Gable Maryland 

Armour C. Gamble West Virginia 

Wilfrid George Gapetz Maryland 

Ted Carroll Gardner, Jr Maryland 

George Wylie Gaylor Maryland 

Rudolph Joseph Gayzur New York 

Leonard Gigantino New Jersey 

Marlyn Glatfelter Pennsylvania 

Robert Stuart Glotfelty Maryland 

John Edward Gogarty Maryland 

J. Philip Goldberg Maryland 

Alexander Page Graham Maryland 

Edwin Joseph Graser New Jersey 

Fred Atwell Greene, Jr Maryland 

Charles Benedict Greenwell, Jr Maryland 

William Frederick Grund Maryland 

Douglas LeRoy Gunn Maryland 

George Mercer Haas Maryland 

Robert Franklin Haas Maryland 

Gerald Peter Hackert New York 

Jacques Garvin Hager Maryland 

Thomas Kenneth Haje D. C. 

Richard Hayes Hall Maryland 

David George Hannum Maryland 

John Welch Hardman Maryland 

Leroy Harrison Hartley D. C. 

Frank K. Haszard Maryland 

Robert Lee Heinbaugh Maryland 

Paul Nelson Henck Maryland 

David Joseph Hessler D. C. 

Louis Frederick Hiban, Jr Maryland 

Russell Lee Hoagland, Jr Maryland 

James Norman Hobbs Maryland 

Marvin Alvin Hodges Maryland 

Daniel Hoffman Maryland 

Francis Eugene Hogan D. C. 

Richard Daniel Hogans Maryland 

Henry Thomas HoUingsworth New Jersey 

Spencer Newton Hopkins Maryland 

Ross Edward Howes Virginia 

Joseph Hoyas, Jr Maryland 

Richard Pattison Hubbard Maryland 

Fred Jacob Huber, Jr D. C. 

Robert Kenneth Hudson Maryland 

Felix Saul Jacob Maryland 

Evelyn Mary Jacobsen Maryland 

Paul Charles Janigian D. C. 

Arthur Jensen New Jersey 

Edward Matthew Johnson, Jr Maryland 

Raymond Lloyd Johnson Maryland 

G. Lawson Jump Maryland 

WiUiam Robert Kammer Maryland 

Elizabeth Karavangelos Maryland 

Konstanty Kebalka, Jr New Hampshire 

George Benson Keen Maryland 

Charles Ellsworth Kenney Maryland 

Edwin Lyons Kerr, Jr Maryland 

Gordon Albert Kessler, Jr. Pennsylvania 

James Franklin Keyes, Jr Maryland 

Joseph William King Maryland 

Allen Walter Kirby Maryland 

John Alfred Kirk Maryland 

Curtis Hale Knight D. C. 

Paul Edward Koehler Maryland 

Charles Emory Kohlhaus Maryland 

Edmund James Koser Pennsylvania 

Edward Joseph Kroupa, Jr Maryland 

Louis Charles LaChance, Jr D. C. 

Nelson Daniel Lawhon Maryland 

Paul Eric Leisz Maryland 

Harold Sylvan Levin Maryland 

Sidney Morton Levy Maryland 

Joyce Elizabeth Lincoln Maryland 

Corlys Brentwood Loban D. C. 

Richard Eugene LofBer Maryland 

Salvatore James Lucco New Jersey 

John Francis Lucid Maryland 

South Trimble L^Tin D. C. 

Selvin Louis Madow Maryland 

James Ebeling Mahoney Maryland 

Thomas Francis Mahoney Connecticut 

Robert Paul Mann Maryland 

Bennett Manter Maryland 

Richard Robert Mariner Maryland 

Robert Henry Marshall Maryland 

Robert Landis Mauger Maryland 

William Joseph McAnallen Maryland 

Peter Michael McCluskey, Jr Maryland 

Melvyn Albert McCubbin Maryland 

John Joseph McDonald, Jr Maryland 

William Barba McDonald, Jr D. C. 

Robert Francis McGinley Maryland 

Jacques William McKenzie D. C. 

Edward Walter McMahon D. C. 

Donald William Meadows D. C. 

Joseph Price Metz New Jersey 

Henry Albert Meyer Pennsylvania 

Lloyd George Mitchell D. C. 

Eugene Raymond Mitz Maryland 

Forest Dolbear Montgomery Maryland 

Ormsby Smith Moore Maryland 

Robert George Moorhead Maryland 


John Melvin Moran Maryland 

William Robert Mosher Maryland 

Stella Louise Mudd Maryland 

Charles Irving Mullaney, Jr Massachusetts 

Richard Hazen Nagle Maryland 

Albert Louis Nardone Massachusetts 

Bob Allan Newmark Maryland 

Clayton George Nielsen Maryland 

Charles Edward Obold D. C. 

Earl James O'Brien Connecticut 

John Joseph O'Connor Virginia 

Rogar Lawrence Odette Maryland 

Winfield Henry Oppegard Maryland 

John Conrad Pack, II Maryland 

Albert Nicholas Palmieri Maryland 

William P. Palo Connecticut 

Samuel Darby Parker Maryland 

David Duane Patton Maryland 

James Vincent Phalon New Jersey 

Delerene Kelly Phillips, Jr Maryland 

Edward Paul Pobiak Pennsylvania 

Ernest Robinson Porter Maryland 

Earl Adrian Posey Massachusetts 

Stanley Pressman Maryland 

Frank Baker Proctor, Jr Florida 

Robert Clendenin Proctor New York 

Edgar Francis Puryear, Jr Maryland 

Benedetto Quattrociocchi D. C. 

Joseph Thomas Rae New Jersey 

Edward Raskin Maryland 

Roy Anderson Rector South Carolina 

John Richard Reynolds Virginia 

Paul Byron Rice Maryland 

Clifford Mackall Ricketts Maryland 

Martel Trueworthy Ricketts Maryland 

Virginia Jane Ritter Maryland 

Grant McCall Roberts Maryland 

Cornelius Francis Roche Maryland 

Victor Daniel Rosso Maryland 

Ellis Rottman Maryland 

George Roland Ruark, Jr Maryland 

Ralph Albert Runyon, Jr New Jersey 

Robert Marion Vincent Russell Maryland 

Charles Luce Ryan Maryland 

Walter Schmid, Jr Maryland 

Vernon George Schramm Maryland 

Calvin Henry Schurman Maryland 

Joseph Burquin Scott Maryland 

Philip Allen Scott Maryland 

Jack Samuel Seidman Maryland 

Richard Lane Seiss Maryland 

Robert Lee Seitz Maryland 

Albert Joseph Settino Maryland 

Francis Barry Sheehan Massachusetts 

Samuel Darwin Shotwell Maryland 

Lloyd Bruce Shue Maryland 

Ralph Jerome Sigler, Jr New York 

Talmage Eugene Simpldns Maryland 

EUwood Arthur Sinsky Maryland 

Lee Warren Skidmore New Jersey 

Robert Nelson Smelkinson Maryland 

John Walter Smith Maryland 

Wilton Lester Smith isiew York 

Ray Leonard Snyder, II Maryland 

Milton Aloysius Sorrell, Jr Maryland 

Roger Stump Staples Maryland 

Stanley Harold Stearman D. C. 

John Gilbert Steinkraus Maryland 

Julius H. Stopak D. C. 

John Wilson Stump Maryland 

Richard Warren Sturges D. C. 

Harry Ambrose Susini Maryland 

-.? Arlene Frances Sutherland Maryland 

. David Dallas Thoma D. C. 

John WilHam Tomlinson, Jr New Jersey 

David William Turner D. C. 

John Richard Tyrie Maryland 

Howard William Uhl Maryland 

Henry Abe Ullman Maryland 

Angelo Uriarte New York 

Derryle Diane Varn Maryland 

Jack Waters Walker Maryland 

Wilbert Smith Wallis Maryland 

Donald Kay Wand Maryland 

Robert Richard Ward Maryland 

William Ayres Warner Maryland 

Georgia Ellen Washington D. C. 

William Hammill Watson D. C. 

/Norman John Weinelt Maryland 

AOlga Ann West Maryland 

' Melvin Edward Wiener D. C. 

Herman Franklin Wilkins Maryland 

David EUwood Williams, III Maryland 

Stanley Ray Williams Maryland 

William McCormick Wilson Pennsylvania 

William Louis Witzel D. C. 

Frank Edgar Wright, Jr Maryland 

Wesley Arnold Wright, Jr Maryland 

Robert V. Yeloushan Pennsylvania 

Andrew Frederick Young, Jr Maryland 

Garlin Albert Young Maryland 

Harold Mercer Young Maryland 

Lawrence'Eugene Young Maryland 

Bachelor of Science 

Philip George Altenbaugh, Jr Maryland 

Paul Edward Anderson Maryland 

William Blair Bachschmid Maryland 

David Lincoln Bamford New Jersey 

Charles Stanley Blair Maryland 

Albert William Chipman, Jr D. C. 

Harold Beech Coffee Virginia 

Warren Allen Davis D. C. 

Barbara Ann Dunigan D. C. 

Richard Fuller Going, Jr Maryland 

Arthur Richard Jacobs Maryland 

Lloyd Lewis Jenkins, Jr Maryland 

William Alvin King D. C. 

Eugene Paul Kinney Kentucky 

Russell Charles Lucas Pennsylvania 

Bruce Farquhar Macrae D. C. 

James Murphey McCanless Virginia 

John Hoffman Moose D. C. 

Thomas Irvin Myers Maryland 

Michael John Novick Maryland 

^ -Shirley Jean Peters Maryland 

Robert Webster Phillips Maryland 

William Henry Pleam, Jr Pennsylvania 

Robert Westman Rausch Pennsylvania 

Neil Robert Regeimbal Maryland 

Bernard Eugene Schultz Maryland 


Houston Scofield Seymour D. C. 

Otto F. Sieke Pennsylvania 

Douglas White Smith Maryland 

Christopher MacNair Speed Maryland 

Alvin David Weinstein D. C. 

Honorable Mention 

First Honors 

Robert Lee Gable 
Richard Eugene Loffler 
Stella Louise Mudd ■ 
Felix Saul Jacob 
John Welch Hardman 
Charles Stanley Blair 
Clarence B. Fry 
Stanley Harold Stearman 
Edward Raskin 
Derryle Diane Varn 
Harrison Blair Clayton 
Warren Allen Davis 
Marlyn Glatfelter 

Walter Leland Childs 
Edgar Francis Puryear, Jr. 
Fred Atwell Greene, Jr. 
Ellwood Arthur Sinsky 
Robert Westman Rausch 
Nancy Chloe Blew 
Charles Cleveland Blanton 
Konstanty Kebalka, Jr. 
Walter Schmid, Jr. 
Bob Allan Newmark 
David Duane Patton 
Walter Hamm Deyhle 


Candidates will be presented by Dean Wilbur Devilbiss 
Bachelor of Arts 

Reginald Neville Arrington, Jr Maryland 

Donald Vinton Bennett, Jr Maryland 

Robert Thomas Carey Maryland 

David Parker Carlisle California 

William Godfrey Carter Florida 

Norman Johnson Clark Maryland 

Barbara Byrne Close Maryland 

Charles Holter Coblentz Pennsylvania 

RolDert Kenneth Collins Maryland 

Thaddeus C. Czarnecki Maryland 

George Peter Dausch, III Maryland 

T Margaret Mcintosh Duff Maryland 
Al Gargiulo New York 

Elizabeth Mae Hecht Maryland 

William Harvey Hutton, Jr Maryland 

S^ Marlene Lee Kelley Maryland 

Francis Xavier Kelly Maryland 

Philip Carlyle Krouse Maryland 

1 xjNorman Lynn Laser Maryland 

4s>rMary Jones Magee Maryland 

•V/Thuraya Aziz Mutair Iraq 

\j Etta Reva Nezin D. C. 

♦~ Marian Quisenberry Phillips Maryland 

George Worthington Ramer Maryland 

Angelo Michael Ravita Maryland 

Donald Henry Reddick Maryland 

Edward Joyce Rigolo New Jersey 

\^ Joan Elizabeth Robinson Maryland 

William Charles Rogers, Jr Maryland 

Charlotte Page Shirk Maryland 

, Earl Louis Stanton, Jr Maryland 

A-" Frieda Starobin Maryland 

, Thomas Peter Staup Maryland 

William Carl Strasser, Jr D. C. 

William Harold Thomas, Jr Iowa 

- • Margaret Bryant Walker Maryland 

. 'Donna Eastlack Wood Maryland 

' Hugh Rufus Wood, Jr Maryland 

yJPearl Lee Zallis Maryland 

, Bachelor 

*— Margaret Elizabeth Paris Anderson Maryland 

Lois Jane Atkinson New Jersey 

I'Thelma Duncan Becker Maryland 

y Ruth Berger New Jersey 

Irene Clayton Birely Maryland 

Alfred Bisset, Jr.. ; Maryland 

Ernest Woodrow Blobdsworth Maryland 

t taurine Brandt Maryland 
^ elma Moody Brawner D. C. 

elvin Charles Brennan Maryland 

avid Clinton Brotemarkle Maryland 

uth Nancy Bubes Maryland 

osalyn Elizabeth Reck Buchanan... Indiana 

A( Elizabeth Ann Buckley New Jersey 

^-r^orothea Hisley Bush Maryland 

\i Betty Lorraine Cavileer Maryland 

Jj Julia Hall Chesser West Virginia 

of Science 

Godfrey Byrd Child Maryland 

; Robert Powell Clagett D. C. 

_J Dorothy DeVore Coburn D. C. 

- Mary Ainsworth Cockey Maryland 

•^•Cynthia Conover Pennsylvania 

John Walter Cooney Maryland 

y^/ Ann Kingsley Cope South Dakota 

> Beverly Ann Curtiss Maryland 

Harriet Ann Cutts Maryland 

Lewis Albert Dillon Maryland 

Edward Clarence Dobbs Maryland 

•r Muriell Duey Maryland 

• Edmund Samuel Duklewski Maryland 

V' Natalie Sinclair Eck Maryland 

-^•rSelma Eisenberg Maryland 

Lewis Clayton Ensor Maryland 

.'Clara Louise Fairley Maryland 





Isabelle Hughes Fenner Maryland 

Mary Mae Garrison D. C. 

M. Kathryn Gerdeman Maryland 

Eloise Byrer Gertsch Maryland 

Charles Francis Gillis D. C. 

Jane Lee Godwin D. C. 

Nancy Lois Gordon Maryland 

Elinor Zula Graybeal Maryland 

James Myrle Haines Maryland 

Helen Louise Harris Maryland 

Paul Hugh Hartman D. C. 

Margaret Higgins Maryland 

Phyllis Himmelstein D. C. 

Barbara Ann Hockman Maryland 

Thomas Frederick Horton Maryland 

Carol Maredith Hosfeld Maryland- 
Ann Travers Howell Maryland 

Dorothy Carol Hutson Maryland 

Stephen James Ignatowski Maryland 

Nathan Max Ingber Maryland 

Lois Tanya Johnson Maryland 

Richard Smith Johnston Maryland 

Michael Ernest Karas Maryland 

Joan Kaufman Maryland 

Alan Peppier Keeny, Jr Maryland 

Maurine Lyon Kempfer Maryland 

Robert Francis Kendall Maryland 

Ruth Agnes Kernohan Maryland 

Joseph John Komoroski Maryland 

Herschel Elmer Kraft Maryland 

Arthur G. Lambert Maryland 

Evelyn Margaret Lane Maryland 

Cvirtis Edward Lantz Maryland 

Ursula Virginia Lawrence Maryland 

Effie Adeline Magaha Lawyer Maryland 

Suzanne Charlotte Leppart Maryland 

Maxine Ann Lesnar Maryland 

Harry Lieberman, Jr D. C. 

John J. Lighter, Jr Maryland 

Anthony Lisehora New Jersey 

Don E. Logsdon Maryland 

Patrick James Lynch Maryland 

Cyril Henry Atwood Markley Maryland 

Robert Kent Marshall Maryland 

Pauline Griffith Matthews Maryland 

Gearl Wayne Meushaw Maryland 

Richard Cyril Mihok Maryland 

Frances Ann Miller Maryland 

r" Jane Dniry Mooney Maryland 

^"""Marguerite Elizabeth MuUer Maryland 

Bessie Meyer Neild Maryland 

.''Frances Ruth Nuger Maryland 

Clifford Stephen O'Hearne Maryland 

Janet Gorfine Oppenheimer Maryland 

■ Judith Ellen Steinberg Peck D. C. 

William Wallace Phelps Maryland 

Frank McGinn Porter Maryland 

Harry Byrd Powers Maryland 

Robert Henry Preisinger Maryland 

/- Mary-Ellen Robinson Maryland 

Samuel James Rolph, Jr Maryland 

Betty Mae Rosenstein Maryland 

-. Kenneth Edward Rudkin Maryland 

' Eileen Bernhardt Sakin Maryland 

Donald Gilmer Schley Maryland 

Adele Schneider D. C. 

Dorothy Anna Schultz Maryland 

Ijouise Dennison Scotton Maryland 

Robert Harry Sharp Maryland 

Marian Campbell Sheehan Virginia 

Mabel Wesley Simmont Maryland 

Willie Agnes Snyder Maryland 

Betty Caroline Strobel Maryland 

Joan Swearingen D. C. 

Sara Savilla Teiger Maryland 

\ Geraldine Quint Testa Maine 

Frank Kingsbury Thomson, Jr. Maryland 

George William Trout, Jr Maryland 

Joseph Andrew Valle Vermont 

Ralph Eugene Wachter Maryland 

Fred Welch Maryland 

James Alan Weller, Jr Maryland 

Patricia Campbell Welton West Virginia 

David Everett White, Jr Maryland 

Rita Boyd White D. C. 

Agnes Brittingham Willard Virginia 

, Emily Dark Williams Maryland 

' Ralston Thomas Willis Maryland 

, V Kathryn Winifred Wolfe M ary land 

Blanche Wolk Maryland 

Jean Lorimer Wootton Maryland 

Margaret Frederickson Wrightson .. Maryland 

Dorothy Nellie Zeller Maryland 

Harro Curt Zitza Maryland 

Mary Elizabeth Zumstein Maryland 


Bachelor of Arts 

Norman Joseph Haldeman, Jr Pennsylvania George Gladstone Talbot, Jr Maryland 


Beulah White Beck Maryland 

Edythe Wainer Bolton Virginia 

Frances Humin Brookes Maryland 

Loleta Henrietta Callahan Maryland 

Marguerite Colbert Maryland 

Joanne Foster Crichton Maryland 

Jane Seuel Davies D. C. 

Margaret Briley Fuchs Maryland 

Mary Frances Genevieve Yantz House, 

Margaret Clark Howard Maryland 

of Science 

Ruby O'Rell Meredith Maryland 

Wyona Todd Mills Maryland 

Kathryn Fatkin Ortenzio Maryland 

Ina Sevenen Shields Maryland 

Nora McDonald Snyder Maryland 

Virginia Haddaway Thome Maryland 

Alice Elizabeth Tyler Maryland 

Homer Lawrence Works, Jr. Maryland 

Lydia Welford Yowaiski Maryland 

Ellen Betty Zeller Maryland 


Honorable Mention 

First Honors 

Geraldine Quint Testa 
Maurine Brandt 
Donald Henry Reddick 
William Carl Strasser, Jr. 
Marian Quisenberry Phillips 
Margaret Bryant Walker 
Marian Campbell Sheehan 
William Harvey Hutton, Jr. 
Philip Carlyle Krouse 
Barbara Ann Hockman 
Rita Boyd White 

Second Honors 

Elinor Zula Graybeal 
Wyona Todd Mills 
John J. Lighter, Jr. 
Ruby O'Rell Meredith 
Don E. Logsdon 
Margaret Mcintosh Duff 
Kenneth Edward Rudkin 
Maurine Lyon Kempfer 


Candidates will be presented by Dean S. S. Steinberg 

Bachelor of Science 

Charles Abert Maryland 

Winston Nicholas Allen New Jersey 

John Lucas Baldwin, Jr Maryland 

James William Bannerman New York 

Milton Daniel Behrens Maryland 

Cesar Antonio Benites C Peru 

Conrad Lee Berman D. C. 

Robert Boyle Bissell Maryland 

William Salisbury Bissell Maryland 

Walter John Blaha New Jersey 

George Franklyn Bobart Maryland 

James Richard Bookstaver New York 

Heber Dean Bouland D. C. 

Joseph Henry Bourdon, III Maryland 

Charles Earhart Bouton D. C. 

Allen Atvill Bowers Maryland 

John Charles Bowers Maryland 

Ellsworth Hudson Boyd Maryland 

Robert Uhler Brey Maryland 

Newell Henry Brown D. C. 

Frank Anthony Buflfo, Jr Maryland 

John Barnes Carpenter New Jersey 

Robert Thomas Carpenter Maryland 

Roger LeRoy Carpenter Maryland 

Howard Irvine Carroll Maryland 

Philip Sheridan Cashman Maryland 

Sanford Charles Cassell D. C. 

Robert Frick Cecce Maryland 

Hesham Assim Chelabi Iraq 

Edwin Charles Chenowith Maryland 

Robert Felix Childs D. C. 

Weldon Edward Combs Maryland 

Henry Becker Cooke, Jr Maryland 

Wilbur Michael Cooney Maryland 

William Boice Corbet New York 

Ray Harold Cornett Maryland 

Alfred Joseph Cot6, Jr Maryland 

Calvin Carl Coulbourne Maryland 

William Clayton Crosley Maryland 

William Jones Davis, III Maryland 

George Franklin Dickey Maryland 

Charles Richard Dillon Maryland 

Carl Chester Domanski Maryland 

John Joseph Eck Maryland 

Henry Raymond Eckert Maryland 

George William Edmunds D. C. 

Lloyd H. Eney, Jr Maryland 

Edward Alban Engelmann Maryland 

Leopold Engler Maryland 

Robert Calvin Ensor Maryland 

Abraham Isaac Erkes Maryland 

Harry Wesley Eumont, Jr Maryland 

George Amos Evans, Jr Maryland 

John Byrnes Evans Maryland 

John Russell Field Maryland 

James Driscoll Flanagan Maryland 

Joseph Lawrence Fohner Maryland 

Edward Louis Franke, Jr Maryland 

Charles Edward Fridinger Maryland 

Robert William Frye Pennsylvania 

Thomas Keough Galvin, Jr Maryland 

Daniel Leedy Garber, Jr D. C. 

Richard Robert Garrett Maryland 

Louis Arnall Gausman D. C. 

John Bendon Gooch Maryland 

David George Goodrich Maryland 

Hugh I^e Gordon Maryland 

John Scholl Gott Maryland 

Philip MacFarlane Guard Maryland 

Thomas Edward Hainsworth Maryland 

Robert Thomas Hall Maryland 

Walter Paul Halm New York 

James Richard Hammer Maryland 

Norman Kirby Hargett Maryland 

Bruce Munroe Harman Maryland 

Reinhold Walter Hendel Ohio 

George Dale Herget Maryland 

Arthur Chandler Hibbets Maryland 

Jay Leonard Hirshfield D. C. 

Leroy Schorr Holden Maryland 

Joel Hurwitz Maryland 

Robert Marshall Hutcheson Maryland 

Charles Allen Irish Maryland 

John Walter Jennings, Jr Maryland 

Charles Lloyd Johnson, Jr Maryland 

John Lamberton Jones Maryland 

Philip Edward Kammerman Maryland 

Paul James Kennedy D. C. 

Joseph George Kennelly New Jersey 

Richard Kirk Maryland 

David Thomas Klaphaak D. C. 

Philip Michael Klosky D. C. 

Jerome Peter Kostos Maryland 

Frederick Jerome Kull D. C. 

William Benton Lake Maryland 

Robert Huber Larsen New York 

William Michael Leonard D. C. 

Peter Leone Maryland 

Joseph Edward Leto Maryland 

William Paul Ludtke, Jr Maryland 


Littleton Corbin MacDorman Maryland 

Harry Henry Magazu New Jersey 

Joseph Mariano Maryland 

Jerry Lee Massey Maryland 

Fred Conrad Mattern Jr Maryland 

James Paul McDonagh Maryland 

Jay Walter Miller Maryland 

Wesson Hartig Miller Maryland 

Samuel Seabright Moore, Jr Maryland 

Robert Gong Moy Maryland 

Otho Charles Mullineaux Maryland 

Richard Donald Murphy Maryland 

George Wallace Neumann Maryland 

Robert Noon Maryland 

William Richard North, III Maryland 

Bernard John O'Donnell D. C. 

Daniel Paul O'Donnell D. C. 

Douglas Nelson Oler Maryland 

James Lewis Parker, Jr Maryland 

Adolph John Parulis Maryland 

Allen Irvin Perlin Maryland 

Andrew Pickens Maryland 

Joseph Stephen Prevosto Maryland 

George David Ratliff, Jr Maryland 

Raymond Frank Resta Maryland 

John Alan Richard Maryland 

Donald Louis Riley Maryland 

John Bernard Rogalski Maryland 

Charles Hammond Rogers Maryland 

Robert John Rothenhoefer Maryland 

Mark Maurice Rottenberg Maryland 

Joseph Julius Rudigier, Jr Maryland 

Joseph Rives Rymer D. C. 

Donald Wing Sawtelle, Jr Maryland 

Edward Mclntire Sawtelle D. C. 

Charlotte Edwina Schellhas Maryland 

William John Schuman, Jr Maryland 

Michael Francis Schuncke Maryland 

George Walker Scott Maryland 

Robert Hamilton Scott Maryland 

Arthur Eugene Scribner Maryland 

Saul S, Seltzer Maryland 

Eugene Arnold Servary Maryland 

Benjamin Allan Shaw, Jr Maryland 

Ronald Arthur Siegrist Maryland 

Francis Herbert Small Maryland 

Alan Leslie Smith Pennsylvania 

John Neville Stack Maryland 

Robert Herbert Stange Maryland 

Stanley Stelmach Maryland 

Calvin Leslie Stevens Maryland 

Robert Joseph Stickell Maryland 

Steven Frank Stubits Maryland 

Palmer Wallace Sullivan Maryland 

James Edward Sunderland, Jr. Maryland 

George Frederick Taylor, Jr Maryland 

Gilbert Lee Taylor Maryland 

Neil Eugene Thalaker, Jr Maryland 

Joseph Randolph Tornlinson D. C. 

Warren John Tripp Maryland 

John Robert Utermohle Maryland 

James Harland Van Wagner D. C. 

Carl Lewis Wagner, Jr Maryland 

Howard Homer Walters Maryland 

Gordon Henry Ward Maryland 

Heman Metcalf Ward D. C. 

Weldon Warren Ward, Jr Maryland 

Thomas Oliver Watson, Jr Maryland 

Louis Benjamin Weckesser, Jr Maryland 

Louis Albert Weiskittel, Jr Maryland 

Richard Raymond Weiss Maryland 

Edwin Elwood Westerfield D. C. 

John Frederick Wett, Jr Maryland 

George Ernest Wieland, Jr Maryland 

Donald Myron Witters D. C. 

Edward Vincent Wondoloski Maryland 

Harry Weyrich Wong Maryland 

Clifford Roderigh Woodford D. C. 

William Neal Wray Maryland 

Robert Clyde Wright Maryland 


Bachelor of Science 

Frederic Cochrane D. C. Chauncey Harris Patterson, Jr. 

George John Heimberger Maryland Robert Browning Sherfy 

Gladstone Samuel Lewis, Jr Maryland 

D. C. 

Honorable Mention 

First Honors 

Thomas Edward Hainsworth 
Henry Becker Cooke, Jr. 
William Neal Wray 
William Richard North, III 
Philip Macfarlane Guard 
Richard Raymond Weiss 
Edward Alban Englemann 
Leopold Engler 
Calvin Carl Coulbourne 
Milton Daniel Behrens 
Reinhold Walter Hendel 
Robert Boyle Bissell 
Charles Richard Dillon 
Robert Thomas Carpenter 
Charles Abert 
John Frederick Wett, Jr. 
Ronald Arthur Siegrist 
Louis Benjamin Weckesser, Jr. 
George Franklyn Bobart 

Second Honors 

Daniel Leedy Garber, Jr. 
John Lucas Baldwin, Jr. 
William Paul Ludtke, Jr. 
Charles Earhart Bouton 



Candidates will be presented by Dean M. Marie Mount 

Bachelor of Science 

Shirley Ann Alberts Maryland 

Ann Kissinger Bartle Maryland 

Dorothy Cecelia Bealle Maryland 

Joan Blakelock D. C. 

Hazel Ruth Burton Maryland 

Jacqueline Virginia Carpenter Maryland 

Phyllis Chase Maryland 

Eileen Ruth Clark New York 

/Patricia Christensen Clements Maryland 

Rowena Lyle Creer D. C. 

/ Anne Truax Darlington Maryland 

Gene Marie Decker Maryland 

- Dolores Deutsch Maryland 

Florence Ruth Doleman D. C. 

Madelyn Dougherty Maryland 

Xionel Engle Edwards D. C. 

'/Hilda Rachel Ely Maryland 

Elizabeth Sharlane Estes Maryland 

.Ella Margaret Fazzalari Maryland 

Madeline Ethel Feucht Maryland 

Phyllis Loy Fohrman Maryland 

r^'^Martha Washington Fortney Maryland 

Nancy Ann Fresen D. C. 

'. Amy Elizabeth Fry Maryland 

\ Margery Ogle Fry Maryland 

Nancy Louise Fullen New Jersey 

, Doris Joan Hammann D. C. 

f Nelle Christine Hardy Maryland 

Barbara Elinore Hebden Pennsylvania 

• .Elizabeth Anne Hemstreet Maryland 

V Margaret Plondke Huntington Virginia 

W'Joan Mae Jeanguenin Maryland 

Elizabeth Mae Joseph Maryland 

— Janet Cynthia LeVelle Maryland 

Philip Paul Levin D. C. 

Thomas Sewell Mallonee Maryland 

Patricia Ann Marland Maryland 

- Sabina Anne McCarthy D. C. 

Francis Fabian Miller, Jr Maryland 

Suzanne L. Miller D. C. 

,. Charlotte Virginia Mitchell Maryland 

. Shirley Anne Mularkey Maryland 

Helen Patricia Murphy Pennsylvania 

Josephine Margaret Porlino Maryland 

Charlotte Anne Reeder Maryland 

V Margaret Anne Richards New Jersey 

•-''Helen M. Ridgeway Maryland 

'Phyllis Brown Rowe Maryland 

'- Dorothy Lee Ruark Maryland 

, Harrv Allen Saull Maryland 

. Marguerite Kate Schnabel Virginia 

Maril^Ti Mae Stone Maryland 

^ VSuellen Taylor Maryland 

Mary Claggett Twilley Maryland 

Nancv Lewis Vosburgh Pennsylvania 

-' Barbara Ann Ward Maryland 

' Patricia Anne West Maryland 

' Vivian Lai-Wan Yue Hong Kong 

'Peggy Bowman Zirkle Maryland 


Dianne Thyra Lura 

Bachelor of Science 

...D. C. Doris Ruth Myers. 


Honorable Mention 

First Honors 

Margaret Anne Richards 
Phyllis Brown Rowe 
Nancy Ann Fresen 
Joan Blakelock 

Elizabeth Sharlane Estes 
Phyllis Chase 
Mary Claggett Twilley 
Patricia Anne West 


Candidates will be presented by Colonel John C. Pitchford 

Bachelor of Science 

William Alonso Adams, Jr Florida 

Bryant Yeck Anderson D. C. 

Richard Leroy Ault Texas 

William Gardner Bastedo New Jersey 

John Frederick Bates Pennsylvania 

Roland C. Beasley Virginia 

Everett I. Bibb Virginia 

William Oscar Bradley Maryland 

James Smith Bryant California 

Gene Nicholas Chomko Pennsylvania 

John Clapper, Jr Virginia 

Frank Dustin Covell Texas 

Noral Farrel Crowder Virginia 

J. E. Davis Maryland 

Joseph David Dowless, Jr Virgima 

Edward Mylo Downey Maryland 

Gene Ernest Fisher Indiana 

Donald John Gehri Virgima 

Fred George Ginther Maryland 

George Arthur Godding Kansas 

William Ragan Graham Maryland 

John Templeton Gray Verrnont 

Enoch Lewis Harlan, Jr Maryland 

Wilham James Hillard West Virginia 

John Richard Hinton, Jr Texas 

Embert Jay Hoover New York 


Robert Joseph Hullar Virginia 

Roy Lester Inman Virginia 

Grove Charles Johnson Virginia 

Marguerite Adelaide Johnson Illinois 

Grace Jayne Kelleher Virginia 

Robert Fay Kendrick South Carolina 

Harry Joseph Kieling Virginia 

Donald Harrison King Colorado 

Robert Carroll King Maryland 

Ralph Wilson Kiser Maryland 

Albert Knudson D. C. 

William Karl Konze Virginia 

Arthur Linnehan Virginia 

William Mancini New Jersey 

James Harrison Mangan Arizona 

Harold Vincent Maull. Maryland 

Richard Gilbert McAuliffe New York 

George Robert McLaughlin Virginia 

John Edward Murray Maryland 

John William Northing, Jr New York 

Charles Martin Opeil Virginia 

George Marion Peters Ohio 

DavidC hristian Pinholster Maryland 

William Edward Potts Oklahoma 

John Francis Reid Maryland 

Howard Deschler Rhodes Virginia 

Alvin J. Ricles Maryland 

William Garforth Roberts New York 

Emil Delbert Sasse D. C. 

Lewis Weyburn Saxby Virginia 

Lewis Curtis Smith D- C. 

William Harold Staten D. C. 

William Columbus Stinnett D. C. 

Joel Hunt Teasley Virginia 

Anthony Wayne Urbine Virginia 

Wendell J. Van Riper Maryland 

Elvin V. Vestal New Jersey 

Marvin Dale Volkert D. C. 

Charles Duane Waldecker Maryland 

James Peterson West Virginia 

Golden L. Williams Utah 

David Nichols Wilton Illinois 

James Russell Woods New York 


Bachelor of Science 

Edwin Branan Cooper Georgia Charles John Rahaeuser California 


Candidates will be presented by Dean Lester M. Fraley 

Bachelor of Science 

Robert George Andrus Maryland 

Eric A. Baer Maryland 

Joyce Bloom Maryland 

Jane Waters Blunt Maryland 

Walter Joseph Boeri New York 

Clarence Lee Brawley Maryland 

Gordon Webster Browne Maryland 

Eleanor Theresa Cain Virginia 

Norman Louis Chaudet Virginia 

Robert D. Chiodi Pennsylvania 

Charles Everett Clift Maryland 

Don Ashworth Comer Maryland 

Tyson Hartman Creamer Maryland 

David Lynn Davis Maryland 

Lois Wilma Deitemeier Maryland 

Harry Dubick Maryland 

Mary Frances Ellis Maryland 

Chester Stanley Gierula Pennsylvania 

James Wilbur Gilmore Maryland 

Alvin Glass Maryland 

John Joseph Grubar Maryland 

Glenore May Hall Maryland 

Kenneth Henning Hildreth, Jr Maryland 

Robert Poole Hooper Maryland 

James Francis Johnson D. C. 

Perry Brooke Johnson, III Maryland 

Edsel Byard Kensler Illinois 

Marvin Lawrence Kramer New Jersey 

William Lloyd Kyle Maryland 

Demetrois Simos Lambros D. C. 

William Herbert Layman Maryland 

John Brice Mallonee, Jr Maryland 

William Walthour McLean, Jr D. C. 

Gustave August Meier, Jr Maryland 

Bryan Wilton Miller Virginia 

James Elden Moeller Virginia 

James Richard Molster Maryland 

Doris Jeanne Morrette D. C. 

Edward Albert Moyle D. C. 

Ernest Harry Plutschak Maryland 

Albert David Pobiak Maryland 

Anne Purcell Maryland 

James Aloysius Ralston Maryland 

Nancy Jean Scarborough Maryland 

Walter Everett Scheyett Maryland 

Wilson J. Schuerholz Maryland 

Karney Scioscia New Jersey 

Harold Albert Sherline Maryland 

Harry Thomas Sisk, Jr D. C. 

Daniel Thomas Staffieri Pennsylvania 

Irma Catherine Stallings Maryland 

Bertha Elizabeth Stone Maryland 

John Elmer Troha Pennsylvania 

Francis Daniel Wagner Maryland 

Charles Edward Wenzel, Jr Maryland 

Sager Albert Williams Virginia 

James Donald Wolfe Maryland 

Calvin Hale Zimmer D. C. 



Bachelor of Science 

Thomas Joseph Penrod Maryland 

Dudley Edward Prince Connecticut 

Mario Lewis Salvanelli Maryland 

Gardner Thompson Umbarger Maryland 

Honorable Mention 

First Honors 

James Francis Johnson 
Walter Joseph Boeri 
Wilson J. Schuerholz 

Lois Wilma Deitemeiw 
Eleanor Theresa Cain 


Candidates will be presented by Dean Noel E. Foss 

Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy 

Robert Thomas Adkins Maryland 

Irvin Jack Albert Maryland 

Adolph Baer Maryland 

Ethel Baroti Maryland 

John Howard Beam Maryland 

George Benkovic Maryland 

Davis Nelson Bishop Maryland 

Thomas Harry Blatt Maryland 

Morris Bookoff Maryland 

Allen Gerald Brickman Maryland 

Robert Lee Buck Maryland 

David Champ Clarke Maryland 

Gordon Melvin Crispens Maryland 

Bernard John Dembeck, Jr Maryland 

Leon Feit Maryland 

Irvin Fink Maryland 

Aaron Jacob Friedmann Maryland 

Stanley Goden Maryland 

Marvin Bennett Golberg Maryland 

Harvey Greenberg Maryland 

Samuel Meyer Halpem Maryland 

Robert Walter Holthaus Maryland 

Albert Martin Japko Maryland 

Thomas Joseph Kelly Maryland 

Gerald King Maryland 

Mary Joseph Knecht Maryland 

George Albert Kohlhepp, Jr Maryland 

Robert John Kokoski Maryland 

George Agapios Kostas West Virginia 

Edward M. Lane Maryland 

Jay Elliott Levine Maryland 

Raymond Lichter Maryland 

Nicholas Cosmas Lykos Maryland 

Herbert Augustus Martello Maryland 

Frank Henry McNew, Jr Maryland 

Julian Irvis Miden Maryland 

Frank Remo Milio Maryland 

Beverly Sonia Nadol Maryland 

Stanley Naplachowski Maryland 

David Pearlman Maryland 

Anthony John Petralia Maryland 

Salvatore Joseph Ravita Maryland 

Howard Sheldon Rice Maryland 

Earl Robert Ross Maryland 

Philip Schenker Maryland 

Gerald David Schuster Maryland 

Lionel Malcolm Shapiro Maryland 

Lawrence Sheer Maryland 

Sidney Shifrin Maryland 

John Wilson Steffe Maryland 

Joseph Strauch Maryland 

Mechem Eugene Streett Maryland 

Leo John Vilkas Maryland 

Howard Joel Wagner Maryland 

Karl Gordon Wagner Maryland 

Ferdinand Francis Wirth, Jr Maryland 

Robert Francis Wolf Maryland 


Gold Medal for General Excellence Marvin Bennett Golberg 

The William Simon Memorial Prize Sidney Shifrin 

The Andrew G. DuMez Memorial Prize Robert Thomas Adkins 

The L. S. Williams Practical Pharmacy Prize Davis Nelson Bishop 

The Conrad L. Wich Botany and Pharmacognosy Prize Morris Bookoff 

The David Fink Memorial Prize Edward M. Lane 

The Beta Chapter, Phi Alpha Fraternity Prize Anthony John Petralia 

The Kappa Chapter, Alpha Zetz Omega Fraternity Prize George Benkovic 

Samuel Meyer Halpem 

Certificates of Honor 

Sidney Shifrin 

Edward M. Lane 


Candidates will be presented by Dean Florence M. Gipe 

Graduate in Nursing 

Catherine Jacqueline Adkins Maryland 

Charlotte Younkin Anderson Maryland 

Pauline R. Moxley Andrus Maryland 

Louise Ada Baugher Pennsylvania 

Phyllis Virginia Booth Maryland 

Jane Alice Boynton Maryland 

Helen Florence Brennan Maryland 

Shirley Elizabeth Callahan Maryland 

Frances Ellen Campbell Maryland 

Diane Chellini Pennsylvania 

Elizabeth Mezick Collins Maryland 

Miriam Louise Croft .Maryland 

Nena Maureen Dellinger Pennsylvania 

Mary Louise Dickinson Maryland 

Genevieve Parks Dulaney West Virginia 

Clara Byerly Evans Maryland 

Janet Louise Eyster Pennsylvania 

Bntta Helena Fris Virginia 

Matilda Jean Galton North Carolina 

Joann J^Yances Gross Maryland 

Barbara Catherine Gump L" Pennsylvania 

^^?i, eW^ Hamlen New Jersey 

Ruth Shirley Haslup Maryland 

Minam Matlack Heck Maryland 

Joann Louise Hilt Massachusetts 

Mary Huddleson Michigan 

Ann D Jackson Maryland 

Joyce Ellen Johnson Maryland 

Peggy Louise Jones Marvland 

Margaret Mae Kesler Maryland 

MTrl^^^^^"?'^ ^*^^y ■■■■■■.■.■Maryland 

K^Zfr^^^^'^ T West Virginia 

Kathryne Kessey Larmore. . . . Marvland 

Virginia Miller Mathews Mary and 

Helen Doris Maxwell ::::.;:KylaSd 

Elizabeth Ouzts McClendon South Carolina 

Marion Eva McClure Maryland 

Pamelia Watson McHenry Virginia 

Dorcas Ann McLaughlin Maryland 

Carolyn Barbara Miller Maryland 

Betty Arthur Moore Maryland 

Peggy Lewis Moore Maryland 

Jacquelyn Saunders Mothersole California 

Marilyn Jeanne Murray Virginia 

Catherine Claire Nonemaker Maryland 

Doris Marion Price Maryland 

Ivery Claire Reiter Virginia 

Barbara Ann Riecks Maryland 

Ann Mae Rindosh Pennsylvania 

Helen Crooks Rose Illinois 

Vivian Delores Sawyer North Carolina 

Betty Suzanne Schiflfbauer Pennsylvania 

Ethel Andrea Sellers Rhode Island 

Carole Jane Sewell Maryland 

Mary Helena Shreve D. C. 

Nancy Poultney Silver Maryland 

JoRetta Ann Snowberger Pennsylvania 

Roxey Adele Stambaugh Pennsylvania 

Nancy Jean Strong Maryland 

Anna Mae Swartz Maryland 

Elizabeth Snowden Warfield Maryland 

Mary Anna Westerman Maryland 

Helen Mae Wheatley Maryland 

Patricia Wheeler Indiana 

Ellen Louise Waite D. C. 

Geraldine Kilby White Maryland 

Elizabeth Charlene Willey Delaware 

Lucy Gray Winslow Virginia 

Ruth Margaret Wolfram Maryland 

Shirley Jane Workman Maryland 


The University of Maryland Nurses' Alumnae Association Prize to the student having the 
highest average in scholarship. 

Awarded to Virginia Miller Mathews 

scholarshi^^'^^^^*^ Collins Lee Prize to the student having the second highest average in 

Awarded to Et'^^l Ai^drea Sellers 

The Mrs. John L. Whitehurst Prize for executive ability. 

Awarded to EHen Louise White 

The Edwin and Leander M. Zimmerman Prize for practical nursing and for displaying 
the greatest interest and sympathy for the patients. 

Awarded to Matilda Jean Galton 

■ it'^'^^ ^^^^^ Hoffman Tarun Memorial Prize, awarded for leadership, loyalty, and school 

Awarded to.. Mary Louise Dickinson 

The Sarah Finkelstein Memorial Prize, awarded to the nurse who has excelled in pediatrics. 
Awarded to Djane Chellini 

• 1^^ ¥+1" ^^^^^^^ A- Reifschneider Prize, awarded to the nurse who has consistently 
maintained the best professional appearance and conduct toward patients and hospital per- 

Awardedto Britta Helene Fris 

The University of Maryland Nurses' Alumnae Association Pin and Membership in the 
Association, for practical nursing and executive ability. 

Awarded to Helen Florence Brennan 

Operating Room Service— First Award Elizabeth Charlene Willey 

Second Award Mary Anna Westerman 


The J. M. H. Rowland Award, offered to the most proficient nurse in the obstetrical De- 

Awarded to Barbara Ann Riecks 

The Dr. Arthvir M. Shipley Award, given by Dr. Hugh A. Bailey, to the graduate who is 
adjudged the best technical undergraduate in operating room procedures. 

Awarded to Miriam Louise Croft 

The Louisa Parsons Prize awarded to the nurse who has shown the most outstanding 
growth and development, both personal and professional by Dean Florence M. Gipe. 

Awarded to Carole Jane Sewell 

HONORS, MEDALS, AND PRIZES— College Park Division 
Elected to Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society 

Anne W. Caldwell 
Ruth M. Davis 
Marie P. Harris 
Sam C. Munson 

Graduate Students 

Enrique R. Ortiz 
John H. Roscoe 
Lois B. Senft 
Herbert F. Seversmith 

M. Jean Smith 
Roland N. Stromberg 
William H. Thomas 
Woodrow W. Wilkerson 
Ronald J. Wylde 

John H. Anderson 
Richard E. Andrews 
Aileen C. Baddock 
Joan W. Bennett 
Robert B. Bissell 
Charles S. Blair 
Charles C. Blanton 
Charles J. Bontempo 
Sally R. Boorstein 
Lowell R. Bowen 
Maurine Brandt 
Peggy V. Burgess 
Frank M. Clagett 
Henry B. Cooke, Jr. 
Calvin C. Coulbourne 
Charles R. Dillon 
John L. Donley 
Edward A. Engelmann 
Leopold Engler 
Samuel W. Eppel 
Frances R. Eppley 
Ruth R. Ezekiel 
Charlotte B. Fetterman 


Malcolm F. Freed 
Nancy Fresen 
George S. Fritz 
Clarence B. Fry 
Robert L. Gable 
Raymond A. Galloway 
Elinor Z. Graybeal 
Rosemary Greathouse 
Philip M. Guard 
Thomas E. Hainsworth 
John W. Hardman 
Reinhold W. Hendel 
Harold J. Herman 
Donald R. Hitchcock 
Barbara A. Hockman 
William H. Hutton, Jr. 
Felix S. Jacob 
George M. Jarvis, IV 
Bernard Kalvan 
Kenneth K. KirkPatrick 
Philip C. Krouse 
David A. Levy 

Jaimie I. Long 
Stella L. Mudd 
Peter G. Nordlie 
William R. North, III 
Marian Q. Phillips 
Fred E. Ray 
Margaret A. Richards 
Betty J. Richter 
Phyllis B. Rowe 
Virginia A. Rowland 
Beverly J. St. Clair 
Marie S. Schwartz 
John A. Scopino 
Marian C. Sheehan 
Bernard R. Shochet 
Joel Shulman 
Margaret J. Smith 
William C. Strasser, Jr. 
Joseph D. Tydings 
Margaret B. Walker 
Harold R. Weiss 
Richard R. Weiss 
Rita B. White 

Citizenship Prize, offered by President H. C. Byrd, Class of 1908, to the member of the 
senior class, who during his collegiate career, has nearest typified the model citizen and who 
has done most for the general advancement of the interests of the University. 

Awarded to Frank Edgar Wright, Jr. 

The Sally Sterling Byrd Medal, offered by the family of the late Sally Sterling Byrd of 
Crisfield, Maryland, to the woman member of the senior class who best exemplifies the enduring 
qualities of the pioneer woman. These qualities should typify self-dependence, courtesy, 
aggressiveness, modesty, capacity to achieve objectives, willingness to sacrifice for others, 
strength of character, and those other qualities that enabled the pioneer woman to play such 
a fundamental part in the building of the nation. 

Awarded to Jane Drury Mooney 

James Douglas Goddard Memorial Medal, offered by his sister, Mrs. Anna K. Goddara 
James to the senior from Prince George's County for excellence in scholarship and moral 

Awarded to Alan Ellsworth Poole 

' Sigma Chi Award, offered by the Gamma Chi Chapter to the man in the freshman class 
who makes the highest scholastic average during the first semester. 

Awarded to Philip Handwerger 


Delta Delta Delta Sorority Medal, offered to the sophomore girl who made the highest 
scholastic average during the first semester of her sophomore year. 

Awarded to Frances Ann White 

Delta Gamma Scholarship Award, offered to the woman member of the graduating class 
who has achieved the highest scholastic average for her entire course. 

Awarded to Margaret Jean Smith 

The Alpha Zeta Medal, awarded by Alpha Zeta honorary agricultural fraternity to the 
agricultural student in the previous year's freshman class, who attains the highest average 
record in acadmic work. 

Awarded to Neri Anthony Clark 

Omicron Nu Medal, offered to the freshman girl in the College of Home Economics who 
makes the highest scholastic average during the first semester. 

Awarded to Charlene Louise Kreh 

The Dinah Herman Memorial Medal, offered by her son, Benjamin Berman, to the 
sophomore who has attained the highest scholastic average of his class in the College of En- 

Awarded to Eugene George Michel 

Bernard L. Crozier Award, offered by the Maryland Association of Engineers to the senior 
in the College of Engineering who, in the opinion of the faculty, has made the greatest im- 
provement in scholarship during his stay at the University. 

Awarded to Thomas Edward Hainsworth 

American Society of Civil Engineers Award, offered by the Maryland Section of the 
American Society of Civil Engineers to the senior in the Department of Civil Engineering who, 
m the opinion of the faculty of the Department, is the outstanding student in his class. 

Awarded to Henry Becker Cooke, Jr. 

Algernon Sydney Sullivan Awards, offered by the New York Southern Society of the City 
of New York in memory of Mr. Sullivan in recognition of fine spiritual qualities practically 
applied to everyday living. 

Awarded to Joseph Emerson James and Madeleine Rousby Quesenberry 

Tau Beta Pi Award, offered by the Maryland Beta Chapter of Tau Beta Pi, to the junior 
in the College of Engineering who, during his sophomore year, has made the greatest improve- 
ment in scholarship over that of his freshman year. 

Awarded to Perry Fletcher Sennewald 

Alpha Rho Chapter of Alpha Chi Sigma Award, to the graduating senior in chemistry or 
chemical engineering with the highest scholastic standing. 

Awarded to Edward Alban Engelmann 

Sigma Alpha Omicron Award, offered to the senior student majoring in Bacteriology, for 
high scholarship, character, and leadership. 

Awarded to Beverly Jean St. Clair 

Alpha Lambda Delta Award, offered to the senior member of the group who has main- 
tained the highest average for the past three and one-half years. She must have been in 
attendance in the institution for the entire time. 

Awarded to Margaret Jean Smith 

Alpha Lambda Delta Senior Certificate Award, offered to the senior members who have 
maintained the Alpha Lambda Delta average, 3.50. 

Awarded to — Sally Ruth Boorstein, Peggy Virginia Burgess, Frances Rita Eppley, Betty 
Jane Richter, Margaret Jean Smith, and Beverly Jean St. Clair. 

The Charles B. Hale Dramatic Award, offered to the man and woman members of the 
senior class who have done most for the advancement of dramatics at the University. 

Awarded to Peter Antony Campanelli and Ella Margaret Fazzalari 

Women's National Airport Club Award, offered to the outstanding student in Transporta- 

Awarded to John Richard Reynolds 

B'nai B'rith Women of Prince George's County Award, offered for excellence in Hebrew 

Awarded to — Edwin Louis Kahan, Thelma Sylvia Racusin, Eleanor Sue Shenker, and 
Geraldine Sherman. 


Delta Sigma Pi Scholarship Key, offered to a member of the graduating class who has 
maintained the highest scholastic average for the entire four-year course in the College of 
Business and Public Administration. 

Awarded to Robert Lee Gable 

American Association of University Women Award to the senior girl for scholarship and 
community leadership. 

Awarded to Frances Rita Eppley 

Delta Kappa Gamma Award, offered by the National Professional Teachers Fraternity 
to a foreign woman student for outstanding scholastic achievement. 

Awarded to Maija Helene Vilums 

Grange Award, offered by the Maryland State Grange to the senior who has excelled in 
leadership, scholastic attainment, and has contributed meritorious service to the College of 

Awarded to Francis Ridgely Todd, Jr. 

Pi Delta Epsilon Award to the freshman who has contributed the most to University 

Awarded to William Edward Holland 

Silvester Medal for Excellence in Athletics, offered by the Class of 1908, to the man who 
typifies the best in college athletics. 

Awarded to James Francis Johnson 

Maryland Ring, offered by Charles L. Linhardt to the Maryland man outstanding for 
the year in athletics. 

Awarded to David Theodore Cianelli 

Trophy offered by Edwin E. Powell to the player who has rendered the greatest service 
to lacrosse during the year. 

Awarded to William Mather Hubbell and William Wallace Larash 

Trophy offered by Louis W. Berger to the outstanding senior in baseball. 

Awarded to Walter Donald Soderberg 

The Tom Birmingham Memorial Trophy, awarded by Benny and Hotsy Alperstein'Jn 
memory of Tom Birmingham, 1937, to the outstanding member of the boxing team. 

Awarded to Ronald William Rhodes 

Dixie Walker Trophy Award for the boxer who shows the most improvement over the 
preceding year. 

Awarded to James Anthony Carroll 

The Teke Trophy, offered by the Maryland Chapter of Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity to 
the student who during his four years at the University has rendered the greatest service to 

Awarded to George Roland Ruark, Jr. 

The Anthony C. Nardo Memorial Trophy awarded to the best football lineman of the year. 
Awarded to Robert Richard Ward 


Thomas Adams 
Edward J. Albert 
John H. Anderson 
John W. Anderson 
Jasper H. Armstrong, Jr. 
Robert M. Arnold 
G. Raymond Asay, Jr. 
Peter W. Augsburger 
John R. Baldwin, III 
John M. Balmer 
James W. Bannerman 
William G. Bastedo 
Thomas L. Beight 
Henry L. Beiter 
Conrad L. Berman 
Howard R. Berner 
.John S. Bingham, Jr. 

Robert B. Bissell 
Charles C. Blanton 
George F. Bobart 
Bertold Bodenheimer 
Walter J. Boeri 
Ellsworth L. Bosien, Jr. 
Joseph H. Bourdon, III 
Charles E. Bouton 
Lowell R. Bowen 
Ellsworth H. Boyd 
Eugene W. Boylston 
David C. Brotemarkle 
Howard A. Buchanan 
Frank A. Buffo, Jr. 
Frederick W. Bull 
Edwin R. Burtner 
William S. Burton 


Robert Campello, Jr. 
David P. Cariisle 
John A. Carpenter 
Robert T. Carpenter 
Patrick J. Cassidy 
Roland H. Chase 
R. Felix Childs 
Aaron J. Chmar 
Gene N. Chomko 
Norman J. Clark 
Harrison B. Clayton 
Jay G. Close 
Wilbur M. Cooney 
Tyson H. Creamer 
William C. Crosley 
Robert L. Daugherty 
Walter J. Davis 

Charles R. Dillon 
Lewis A. Dillon 
Henry J. Dorn 
Edward M. Downey 
John D. Downing, Jr. 
Richard V. Erkenbeck 
George A. Evans, Jr. 
Raynor A. Fairty 
Harold E. Fink 
Howland W. Fisk 
Donald L. Fox 
Henry W. Fox 
Elder J. Frank, Jr. 
Clarence B. Fry 
Al Gargiulo 
Rudolph J. Gayzur 
Edmond T. Gerardi 
Anthony S. Giordano 
Marlyn S. Glatfelder 
Stuart N. Goodman 
Alexander P. Graham 
William R. Graham 
William F. Groff, Jr. 
Philip M. Guard 
Gerald P. Haekert 
Thomas E. Hains worth 
J. Thomas Hamilton, Jr. 
Robert H. Hamilton 
Robert A. Harder 
Norman K. Hargett 
Enoch L. Harlan, Jr. 
Bruce M. Harman 
Robert A. Harrington 
Wallace G. Hawley, III 
Albert E. Heimert, III 
Paul N. Henck 
Douglas M. Herdt 
George D. Herget 
Louis F. Hiban, Jr. 
Jay L. Hirshfield 
Robert P. Hooper 
Joel Hurwitz 
Charles A. Irish 
John W. Jennings, Jr. 
G. Lawson Jump 
Donald B. Juncal 

Paul R. Kambies 
Herbert Kaslow 
Jefferson D. Keith 
Paul J. Kennedy 
William F. Kennedy 
Edsel B. Kensler 
Gordon A. Kessler, Jr. 
Irvin L. Klingenberg, Jr. 
Curtis H. Knight 
Jerome P. Kostos 
Marvin L. Kramer 
Louis C. LaChance 
Curtis E. Lantz 
Herbert W. Larrabee, Jr. 
Robert E. LeClerg 
William M. Leonard 
Peter Leone 
Edwin G. Levy 
Maurice A. Levy 
Sidney M. Levy 
Raymond S. Lippens 
George R. Lyles, Jr. 
Robert M. MacCallum 
Harry H. Magazu 
Richard R. Mariner 
Jerry L. Massey 
Robert L. M auger 
Charles W. McComb 
William W. McLean, Jr. 
Gustave A. Meier, Jr. 
Forest D. Montgomery 
Robert S. Moore 
Edward D. Moriarty 
Paul B. Nargiz 
Nicholas C. Nicholas 
Robert D. O'Hara 
Leonard A. Orman 
James L. Overtoom 
Arthur L. Pease, Jr. 
Edward P. Pobiak 
Harry B. Powers 
Daniel F. Rankin 
John E. Ray, Jr. 
Richard H. Reichel 
J. Alan Richard 
Robert B. Riddle 

Donald L. Riley 
W. Garforth Roberts 
Byron R. Roseman 
James D. Rosskopf 
Robert J. Rothenhoefer 
Mark M. Rottenberg 
George R. Ruark, Jr. 
William H. Rudderow 
John P. Ryan 
Paul A. Ryan 
William J. Schuman, Jr. 
Karney Scioscia 
George W. Scott 
Saul S. Seltzer 
Stanley N. Sherman 
James L. Sinclair 
L. Warren Skidmore 
Eugene F. Smallwood 
Robert N. Smelkinson 
James R. Snyder, Jr. 
John W. Stanford 
Jack H. Stanley 
Richard W. Sturges 
Herbert P. Stutts 
Raymond G. Teeling 
Francis R. Todd, Jr. 
Warren J. Tripp 
Allen L. Trott, Jr. 
Robert G. Vitt 
Ralph E. Wachter 
Howard H. Walters 
Gordon H. Ward 
Heman M. Ward 
Robert R. Ward 
H. Wayne Warner 
Norman J. Weinelt 
Edwin E. Westerfield 
John F. Wett, Jr. 
Edwin W. Whiteford 
H. Frank Wilkins 
Vernon L. Williams 
C. Lawrence Wiser 
Andrew F. Young, Jr. 
F. Russell Young, III 
Garlin A. Young 
Harro C. Zitza 

The Governor's Cup, offered to the commander of the best drilled squadron. 

Awarded to Cadet Robert B. Riddle 

The Alumni Cup, offered to the commander of the best drilled flight. 

Awarded to Cadet Charles W. McComb 

The Air Force Association Medal, offered to the outstanding Advanced Air Force R.O.T.C. 

Awarded to Cadet Col. Gene N. Chomko 

The Reserve Officers' Association Gold Medal, offered to the outstanding Army R.O.T.C. 
Advanced Student. 

Awarded to Cadet Col. John H. Anderson 

The Reserve Officers' Association Silver Medal, offered to the second nomination for the 
outstanding Army R.O.T.C. Advanced Student. 

Awarded to Cadet Lt. Charles C. Blanton 

The Reserve Officers' Association Bronze Medal, offered to the third nomination for the 
outstanding Army R.O.T.C. Advanced Student. 

Awarded to Cadet Col. Clarence B. Fry 

The William Randolph Hearst Trophy, offered for the highest individual score in R.O.T.C. 
Rifle Matches. 

Awarded to Cadet Robert Martorana 


William Randolph Hearst Medals, awarded to the members of the AFROTC Rifle team 
winning the William Randolph Hearst Trophy. 
Awarded to: 

Cadet Elwood R. Barton Cadet Richard J. Gorey Cadet Richard W. Waters 

Cadet Herman H. Floyd Cadet Robert D. Martorana 
Gold Medal for High Score (Member of Freshman Rifle Team). 
Awarded to Cadet Herbert Tobias 

The Mehring Trophy Rifle Competition Gold Medal awarded for the highest score in 

Awarded to Cadet Roy Oster 

The Baltimore Sun Award, offered to the outstanding individual Basic cadet. 
Awarded to Cadet James W. Ramsay 

Scabbard and Blade Trophy for the best drilled flight. 

Awarded to Squadron R 

Military Department award for the best drilled squadron commander. 

Awarded to Cadet Robert B. Riddle 

Military Department award for the best drilled flight commander. 

Awarded to Cadet Charles W. McComb 

The Mahlon N. Haines Trophy for the best drilled group commander. 

Awarded to Cadet Louis Hiban 

The Arnold Society of Air Cadets award to the graduating cadet who has done the most 
for the Air Force R.O.T.C. program. 

Awarded to Cadet Col. William G. Bastedo 

Armed Forces Communication Association Award, offered to the outstanding second- 
year advanced student. 

Awarded to Walter S. Schymik 

Armed Forces Communication Association Award, offered to the outstanding first-year 
advanced student. 

Awarded to Melville E. Eaton 

Republic Av-iation Award, offered to the outstanding second-year advanced aircraft main- 
tenance student. 

Awarded to Cadet Philip M. Guard 

Hamill Memorial Award, offered to the outstanding basic cadet. 

Awarded to Cadet A. J. Kuprenas 

American Legion Citizenship Award. 

Awarded to Cadet Robert M. Arnold 

Air Force Association Ribbons for the outstanding first-year advanced student in each 
ROTC option: 

Cadet Denzil G. Wilson (Administration & Logistics) 

Cadet William H. Clampitt (Air Comptrollership) 

Cadet Charles C. Myers (Flight Operations) 

Cadet John A. Davies (General Technical) 

Cadet Howard H. Walters (Air Installations) 

Cadet Benjamin F. Love (Aircraft Maintenance & Engineering) 

Cadet Melville E. Eaton (Communications) 

Pershing Rifle Achievement Medals: 

Gold Medal to Cadet Edwin L. Wallace 
Silver Medal to Cadet Clarence D. Gaddy 
Siver Medal to Cadet Harvey T. Casbarian 
Bronze Medal to Cadet Edward P. Niner 

Pershing Rifles Medals to winning Squad (Squad Q-2-1): 
Cadet William H. Rutherford (Squad Leader) 
Cadet Robert N. Kirsch Cadet Stuart E. Jones 

Cadet Jay E. Ricks Cadet Kenneth C. Roche 

Cadet Herbert D. Hill Cadet James M. Keir 

Cadet Sheldon J. Davis Cadet Franklin E. Vandegrift 

Cadet Raymond Stachowski