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nl Oxercises 


Saturday, June Sixth - Nineteen Fifty-Three 


Thou wilt not cower in the dust, 
Maryland, My Maryland! 
Thy gleaming sword shall never rust, 
Maryland, My Maryland! 
Remember Carroll's sacred trust, 
Remember Howard's warlike thrust, 
And all thy slumb'rers with the just, 
Maryland, My Maryland! 

I hear the distant thunder hum, 
Maryland, My Maryland! 
The Old Line bugle, fife and drum, 
Maryland, My Maryland! 
Come to thine own heroic throng, 
That stalks with Liberty along, 
And ring thy dauntless slogan song, 
Maryland, My Maryland! 


O say can you see, — by the dawn's early light. 
What so proudly we hail'd at the twilight's last gleaming? 
Whose broad stripes and bright stars, thro' the perilous fight, 
O'er the ramparts we watched, were so gallantly streaming? 
And the rockets' red glare, the bombs bursting in air, 
Gave proof thro' the night — that our flag was still there. 
say does that Star-Spangled Banner yet wave 
O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave? 


Candidates for bachelor's degrees are eligible for honors if they have completed at 
least two years of resident work with a scholastic average of B or higher. The candidates 
must also rank in the upper fifth of the graduating class in their respective colleges. First 
honors are awarded to the upp>er tenth of those in each college if they qualify and second 
honors are awarded to the second tenth of those in each college if they qualify. The names 
of students are listed in order of their rank in the graduating class. 


The black caps and gowns worn by the students and faculty in the academic procession 
are of ancient origin. They have been the traditional costume of the scholar since medieval 
times and probably represent an adaptation of the ecclesiastical dress since many of the 
scholars of that period were members of monastic orders. 

An intercollegiate commission in 1893 drafted a uniform code for costumes which 
has since been adopted by the majority of colleges and universities in the United States. 
Each of the three academic degrees — bachelor, master, and doctor— ^has its own distinctive 
gown and hood. The bachelor's gown is distinguished by its long pointed sleeve. The 
master's gown has a longer, narrow, closed sleeve extending below the knee; the arm is 
passed through a slit at the elbow. In contrast the doctor's gown has a full bell-shaped 
sleeve with three bars of velvet. The opening of this gown is faced with wide velvet bands. 
The velvet trim may be black or of a color indicating the general field of learning of the 
wearer, for example, blue for philosophy, green for medicine, purple for law. 

The most colorful and distinctive item of the academic costume is the hood which 
passes around the neck and extends down the back. The doctor's is the largest of the 
hoods and the bachelor's the smallest. The bachelor's hood is often omitted. The color of 
the velvet edging indicates the field of learning. The colors of the silk lining exposed in the 
center of the hood are those of the college or university which conferred the degree. 

The cap or "mortar board" is uniform in design for all degrees. The tassel may be 
either black or the color of the field of learning. The tassel of the doctor's cap may be 

Certain institutions in this country and abroad have academic costumes of distinctive 
color and design. 

^o^niHcticeHieHt T^%&<fn^cutt f^53 


PROCESSIONAL— Coronation March Meyerbeer 

Glenn Carow, Organist 

INVOCATION -The Reverend Canon Frederic J. Haskin, 

St. John's Cathedral, Santurce, Puerto Rico 

GREETINGS His Excellency, Theodore R. McKeldin, 

Governor of Maryland 


Fague K. Springmann, Baritone 

MARYLAND, MY MARYLAND Professor Harlan Randall 

Soloist, and Audience 

"YOU ARE THE HEIRS" Neil H. Swanson, 

Executive Editor, Baltimore Sunpapers 



President H. C. Byrd 


Fague K. Springmann, Baritone 



BENEDICTION Reverend Calvert B. Love, 

The Christ Lutheran Church, Evalton, Maryland 

RECESSIONAL— March from Tannhauser Wagner 

Glenn Carow, Organist 

After the exercises, the audience will please remain in place until the academic 

procession has marched out. 




Doctor of Letters 

Doctor of Science in Business Administration 



LEE WILLIAM ALLEN, Wicomico County 


LOUIS McLANE MERRYMAN, Baltimore County 



Candidates will be presented by Dean Ronald Bamford 
Doctor of Pliilosophy 

Ruth Robertson Adams Maryland 

Mohammad Hamid Alta'i Iraq 

Andrew Bartilucci New York 

George A. Beishlag D. C. 

Warren Benjamin Bezanson Maryland 

Milton Birnbaum D. C. 

WiUiam Wesley Burchfiel, Jr Tennessee 

Eldon James Cairns Maryland 

Marie Chatham Pennsylvania 

Douglas N. Christensen Utah 

Mark Hale Conner D. C. 

Charles Corbin Craft Maryland 

John Lewis Creech Maryland 

Durant Harry daPonte Maryland 

A. Morris Decker, Jr Maryland 

Robert Adkins Elderdice Maryland 

Simone Fagg Fastres Maryland 

Charles Elmo Feazel, Jr Maryland 

Richard Smouse Fey Maryland 

William Louis Flannery Maryland 

Henry Wilburn Garren North Carolina 

Shirley Margaret Grenell Maryland 

Frank S. Grimaldi Virginia 

Ernest Carl Herrmann, Jr Maryland 

Dorothy Drake Hubbard Maryland 

William A. Douglas Jackson New York 

Kung Ying Tang Kao D. C. 

Soma Kumar India 

Berenice Grieves Lamberton D. C. 

George Curtis Langf ord, Jr Florida 

Emory Childress Leffel Maryland 

Genevieve ColHns Linebarger D. C. 

Jose del Rosario Mondonedo PhiHppines 

Bakir Abbas Oteifa Egypt 

Albert Aloysius Piringer Maryland 

Shahid Husain Qureshi Maryland 

WilHam Samuel Ray Pennsylvania 

Andrew Jackson Rogers Florida 

Joseph Neal Sasser North Carolina 

Jack Palmer Saunders Maryland 

William Eugene Shaklee Maryland 

Irving H. Shames Maryland 

Shehata El-Sayed Shehata Egypt 

Joseph WilHam Siry D. C. 

Hugh Delane Sisler Maryland 

Ralph Andrew Slepecky Pennsylvania 

Merrill J. Snyder Maryland 

Francis Gabriel Tromba Maryland 

Doctor of Education 

Alton Cleo Murphy Texas 

Master of Arts 

Bahman Amini Iran 

Marshall E. Baker Illinois 

Dorothy H. Block Rhode Island 

Ann Murphy Brandt Maryland 

H. Theresa Campbell Virginia 

Rebecca Carrier Pennsylvania 

Yung Ping Chen Maryland 

Mildred Helen Cohen Maryland 

Albert Neill Cole, Jr Florida 

Virginia Carolyn Conley Maryland 

Ewin Paul Davis Maryland 

Henri deMarne Maryland 

Walter W. Deshler Maryland 

George Conrad Doepp Maryland 

Ann Joan Fennessey Maryland 

Homer Rudolph Figler Maryland 

James Coleman Grant, Jr Washington 

William Morris Hammerman Maryland 

Irving Berry Kelley Massachusetts 

Nancy Carol Kirchner Maryland 

Joyce Lydia Marmelstein D. C. 

Mary Frances Maxey Virginia 

Imogene Jones McCarthy Maryland 

John Robert McCool Pennsylvania 

Gordon Erie Medinger Maryland 

Doris Marie Neyendorf Illinois 

John Cozart Pitchford Maryland 

C. Herschel Schooley Virginia 

Georgene Issitt Schreiner Minnesota 

Reuben Nathan Shevitz Ohio 

Arthur Siegel Trinidad 

Carey Bryan Singleton, Jr Maryland 

Kathleen Baird Srour Maryland 

WilHam Earl Stahr Maryland 

John David Stevens Maryland 

Russell Paddock Strange Illinois 

Jean Klugh Szaloczi Maryland 

Eustace Lyndon Tarr South Africa 

Alexis vonBretzel Maryland 

Richard Earl Wagner Maryland 

Charles Edward Wainwright Maryland 

George Herbert Weiss D. C. 

Janet Szerlip Wexler Pennsylvania 

Master of Science 

Walter Clark Atcheson Illinois 

John Grove Barker Maryland 

Harold Bernstein Maryland 

Joseph H. Bilbrey, Jr Maryland 

Lloyd Carroll Biser Maryland 

Philip David Bogdonoff, Jr Maryland 

Sydney Salisbury Breese, Jr Maryland 

Roscoe Brown, Jr Maryland 

Harvey Lindy Bumgardner North Carolina 

John Christ Cacheris D. C. 

John Lloyd Campbell New Jersey 

Douglas N. Christensen Utah 

Robert Hugh Clark Maryland 

Lewis Arthur Dalburg, Jr Connecticut 

Bertrand Saul Dann Maryland 

Hendrina Anna deHondt Maryland 

Camille Joan Dorn Maryland 

Kenneth Merrill Downes Virginia 

Charles Wesley Dulin Maryland 

Allan Paul Evans Maryland 

Howard Conrad Filbert, Jr Maryland 

Perry Stewart Flegel Maryland 

Jamal Abdul-Karim Fuad Iraq 

Adriano Ronduen Gabuten Philippines 

WaU Mohammad Gill Pakistan 

Morris Gisser Maryland 

Paul Golovato Maryland 

Charles Wesley Griffin, III Maryland 

Lester Haar D. C. 

Irving Willig Hammer D. C. 

John Cornelius Hansen North Dakota 

Herbert William Harden Maryland 

Leonard Hardis Maryland 

Harold Hessing Maryland 

Ying Chen Hwang D. C. 

Jerome Jacobson Illinois 

Roger Clyde Jones D. C. 

Carl Kaiser Maryland 

Thomas Earl Kaiser Maryland 

Leon T. Katchraar New York 

David Franklin Kefauver Maryland 

Charles Joseph Kokoski, Jr Maryland 

Albert William Kossler Pennsylvania 

Robert Eugene Lawson Maryland 

Albin Daniel Lengyel Indiana 

Helen Jeannette MacMillan Maryland 

Jack Lewis Marriott Florida 

Saad Ahmed Massoud Egypt 

John William Mazur Connecticut 

Robert Elmer McCarthy Maryland 

Robert Bradbury McComb D. C. 

John Joseph McNeill D. C. 

Ernest Charles Merkel, Jr Maryland 

Melvin Raymond Meyerson Maryland 

James Roland Miller Maryland 

Roger Amos Milstrey New Jersey 

Bernard Misek New York 

Lindsay FrankHn Morris, Jr West Virginia 

Harold Ellsworth Muma Marvland 

Gayle H. Nelson D. C. 

Lyden C. O'Day Iowa 

John Joseph O'Neill Maryland 

William Wirt Payne Virginia 

Harold Jackson Peake Virginia 

Thomas Arens Pendleton Maryland 

David Redfield Pennsylvania 

Charles Hopkins Rolston West Virginia 

Medhat Hussein Kamel Rushdi Maryland 

Moe Isaac Schneebaum D. C. 

Mary Steckel Schur Virginia 

Josefina Guidote Sevilla Philippines 

Merwin Sibulkin Maryland 

John Robert Stotts Arkansas 

Paul Francis Summers, Jr Maryland 

William Wallace Thomas Maryland 

James Wetmore Titus D. C. 

Carl Ronald Twining Maryland 

Vir Viranjan Singh Tyagi India 

Donald F. Wetherell Maryland 

Kenneth Emerson Woodward D. C. 

Charles Gerald Wright Maryland 

Robert Harrison Young D. C. 

Bernard Maurice Zeffert Maryland 

Master of Education 

Margaret Eleanor Adams Maryland 

Reginald Neville Arrington, Jr. Maryland 

Martin Michel Beer D. C. 

Carl Wakeman Bevard Maryland 

Dennis Frizzell Blizzard Maryland 

Sidney Blum Maryland 

Catherine Devine Bray D. C. 

Leopold Bridge Maryland 

Lionel Burgess, Jr Maryland 

Frankie Cochran Clark Maryland 

James Herman Clow, Jr Maryland 

Andrew Defassio Maryland 

Harry Emerson Diehl Maryland 

Charlotte May Diekmann Maryland 

Agnes Irene Engelmann Maryland 

Robert Eugene English Maryland 

Henry A. Ercole, Jr Maryland 

Joseph Franklin Fowble Maryland 

Samuel Harold Furman Maryland 

Thomas Francis Gallant Ohio 

Helen Barnes Glazer Maryland 

Elaine Medford Harper Delaware 

Helen Townsend Hearn Maryland 

Downs Edmunds Hewitt D. C. 

Nellie Blonskey Hilton Maryland 

Theresa Marie Hisley Maryland 

Elizabeth Coulbourn Hoagland Maryland 

Harriet NefF Hodges Florida 

Mary Josephine Jansons Maryland 

Mildred Elizabeth Jones Maryland 

Frederick William Kaufman Maryland 

Alan Peppier Keeny Maryland 

William Frederick Kohl, Jr Maryland 

David K. Larioza Hawaii 

John J. Lighter, Jr Maryland 

Mary Jane Lynch Maryland 

William L. Maier New York 

Carl Marshall Mann Maryland 

Mary Martin Maryland 

Regina Monica McCulley Maryland 

John Crysostom Meyers Maryland 

Michael Frederick Nigro New Jersey 

Estelle Gardner Nuttall Maryland 

Alice Mendham Powell Maryland 

Donald Henry Reddick Maryland 

Robert Harvey Risk Maryland 

Marguerite York Robinson Maryland 

Doyle Preston Royal D. C. 

Raymond F. Sanger Virginia 

Robert Allen Schreiber Maryland 

Inez Ozella Schultz Maryland 

Donald Paul Seiger Maryland 

Regina Bernardine Shepperd Maryland 

Keel Silbert Maryland 

Sylvia Bell Sorrells Maryland 

Edna Harmon Stripling Maryland 

Louise Freeman Thompson Maryland 

Susie Mae Trapp Florida 

Margaret Yu-Yi Lu Tso China 

Muriel June Vincent Maryland 

Miriam Julia Waters Maryland 

Josephine A. Wedemeyer Maryland 

Helen M. Weirick Pennsylvania 

Benjamin Currie Williams Maryland 

William Arthur Wockenfuss Maryland 

Master of Business Administration 

Chung Shan Chow Maryland Roger Kyre Lausch Ohio 

David Roy Falke New York Ching Lan Tseng D. C. 

Robert Lee Gable Maryland 

Master of Foreign Study 
Edward Buck Hamer, Jr South Carolina William Douglass Morgan. 

.New York 


Doctor of Philosophy 

Morris Lieberman Maryland 

Go Lu Maryland 

Martin William Moser Pennsylvania 

Delbert Donold Arnold Virginia 

Walter Longley Fertig Indiana 

Sidney GroUman Maryland 

John Baltzell Harmon Maryland 

Master of Arts 

Baltas Eugene Birkle Maryland 

Evan Fisher Bowers Maryland 

William Bruce Catton Marj'land 

Daniel Fendrick Maryland 

Gail Feimster Fisher Maryland 

William Clement Gardiner Alabama 

Morley Dene Hoffman Maryland 

Carl Herbert Hough Pennsylvania 

Merle Lee Howes Maryland 

Harold L. Katz Maryland 

Farren James Mitchell Maryland 

Marion Rockwood Maryland 

H. Colman Rosenthal Maryland 

Virginia Keys Stanton Maryland 

Edna B. Stark New York 

Harry Martin Trebing Maryland 

Josephine D. West Maryland 

Eleanor Lauer Wright Maryland 


Louis Franklin Ahalt Maryland 

John Autian Pennsylvania 

Julius Babiskin D. C. 

Rene Miguel Badia Puerto Rico 

Richard Emery Brown Maryland 

Gordon Burley D. C. 

M. Bruce Bush Maryland 

Kyonghi Hong Korea 

Carlos Jimenez de la Rosa Puerto Rico 

Mahmoud Abdou Kheir El Din Egypt 

William Allen Lybrand New Jersey 

Roy Clayton MacGee, Jr Massachusetts 

of Science 

Herbert Malamud Maryland 

George Rudolph Manglitz D. C. 

Harry Thomas Miller Maryland 

John Christian Munson Maryland 

Samuel Olanoff New York 

Armand Paul Poitras Connecticut 

Leah Miller Proutt Maryland 

Jack Sargent D. C. 

Leon Scharff Maryland 

Robert Burger Shearer Maryland 

William Howard Worley Virginia 

Master of Education 

Patricia Anne Albright West Virginia 

Cornelia Ellen Anderson Maryland 

Ralph Luther Angel Maryland 

Elizabeth Jane Beachy I). C. 

Wylda Ford Benson Maryland 

Madison Brown Bordley Maryland 

E. Ruth Brown Maryland 

James Gilbert Busick Maryland 

Joan Ann Caffrey Pennsylvania 

Sarah Hammond Callaham Maryland 

Jane Barrett Chauvenet Marjdand 

Frank Edwin Cobun, Jr Maryland 

Marguerite Hargis Collier Maryland 

Jane LaMotte Connick Maryland 

Frances Cargill Cooke Georgia 

Elizabeth Ann Culver Maryland 

William Joseph Donahue Mississippi 

Raymond Charles Donley Pennsylvania 

Adelia Joan Downey Maryland 

Frank Bruce Durigg Maryland 

Joseph John Dye Maryland 

Mary Elizabeth Ellis Maryland 

Niceforo E. Espinoza Llanos Peru 

Margaret T. Ewing Maryland 

Ray Flanary Maryland 

Louise Hastings Francis Maryland 

Christine George Georgia 

Robert Ellis Gridley D.fC. 

Amelia Morgan Hench Pennsylvania 

Elizabeth Kathryn Hodge Maryland 

Francis Lyman Huff Maryland 

Warren Schneller Jackson Maryland 

Deborah Dean James Maryland 

Charles Raymond Kilbourne D. C. 

Kathryn Elizabeth Laughlin Maryland 

Rebecca LeGardy Louisiana 

Albert Andrew Letiecq Massachusetts 

Francis Xavier MacKinnon Rhode Island 

Harold Carson McGraw Maryland 

John Warne Meracle California 

Georgia A. Meyer Ohio 

James Alfred Miers D. C. 

Savilla Custis Powell Maryland 

Donna Stevens Reiley Michigan 

Edith Andes Reitz Maryland 

Susie Reamy Riddlespurger Maryland 

Ruth Roop Rinehart Maryland 

Betty Louise Sanford Virginia 

Wllsie Griffin Seabrease Maryland 

Robert Samuel Shaffner Maryland 

Sara Mae Shegogue Maryland 

Frances May Silcox Maryland 

Clarence Dewey Smitley, Jr Maryland 

Vance Beidel Snyder Pennsylvania 

Harviene Myers Soine Maryland 

Edith Elizabeth Sponseller Maryland 

Marie Stansberry Mar>'land 

James Elbert Stemple West Virginia 

Eleanor Elizabeth VanDyke Maryland 

Mary Avery Warren Maryland 

Elijah Barrymore Williams Louisiana 

Ruth Vann Wilson Virginia 

Catherine Mary Wolfram Maryland 

Mary Virginia Workman Maryland 

Master of Business Administration 

Edwin G. Levy Maryland 

Maurice Alfred Levy Maryland 

Donald L. Richard D. C. 

Joseph William Wilson D. C. 

Clifford Albrecht Bernd. 

Master of Foreign Study 
.New York Edna Jean Llewellyn 




Candidates will be presented by Dean H. Boyd Wylie 
Doctor of Medicine 

Louis Croft Arp, Jr Illinois 

Richard Moffett Baldwin Maryland 

James Leroy Banks, Jr South Carolina 

Grace Arlene Bastian Maryland 

George Henry Beck Maryland 

Scott Bruce Berkeley, Jr North Carolina 

Robert Berkow Maryland 

Samuel Blumenfeld Maryland 

James Ernest Boggs West Virginia 

Joseph Richard Bove New Jersey 

George Ross Brinkley, Jr West Virginia 

David Ernest BuUuck, Jr North Carolina 

Thomas Joseph Burkart Ohio 

Walter Houck Byerly Maryland 

Bernard Joseph Byrnes, Jr Maryland 

Charles Fisher Carroll, Jr North Carolina 

Donald Sweetser Carter Maryland 

John Vinton Clift Maryland 

John Bonnell Codington North Carolina 

Jerome Cohen Maryland 

Salomon Colon Lugo Puerto Rico 

Wyand Francis Doerner, Jr Maryland 

R. Judson Dowell Utah 

John Donald Dumler Maryland 

Jules Bernard Edlow Maryland 

Harr>' Luke Eye West Virginia 

Hugh Valentine Firor Georgia 

Leonard Harold Flax Maryland 

Sylvan Frieman Maryland 

Frederick Adams Garlock Maryland 

Joseph Shermer Garrison, III Maryland 

George Gevas Ohio 

Joseph Patrick Gillotte Connecticut 

Leonard Barry GHck Maryland 

John McMaster Hartman West Virginia 

John Wilbur Heisse, Jr Maryland 

Kenneth Clifford Henson, Sr Maryland 

Thomas Franklyn Herbert Maryland 

Charles FrankHn Hess Pennsylvania 

George Overton Himmelwright Maryland 

WilHam Lewis Holder Georgia 

Earl Stuart Huntley, Jr Florida 

Henry Albert Jones, Jr Maryland 

Thomas Lawson Jones Maryland 

Walter Francis Judge New Jersey 

Werner Erich Kaese Pennsylvania 

William Nicholas Karn, Jr Maryland 

Robert Coburn Kingsbury, Sr Maryland 

William Sites Kiser West Virginia 

Arthur Clyde Knight, Jr Montana 

Robert Young Lambert Georgia 

Harrison Morton Langrall, Jr Maryland 

Benjamin Buck Lee Maryland 

Herbert Houck Leighton Maryland 

Robert Lee Levine Maryland 

Rafael Longo Cordero Puerto Rico 

Gordon Evans Madge Maryland 

J. William McCracken North Carolina 

Archibald Weems McFadden Maryland 

Ronald Edward Mendelsohn Maryland 

John WilUam Metcalf, Jr Ohio 

Benjamin Martin Middleton Maryland 

James Edward Might Ohio 

Leslie Roy Miles, Jr Pennsylvania 

George Henry Miller Maryland 

Norman Louis Miller Maryland 

Joseph Frank Palmisano Maryland 

George Charles Peck Florida 

James Richard Powder Maryland 

Corbett Latimer Quinn North Carolina 

James Lamar Read Maryland 

Joseph Bernal Richardson Georgia 

Lewis Cass Richmond, Jr West Virginia 

James Earle Rowe, Jr Maryland 

Richard Elias Schindler Maryland 

Joseph Ellyn Shuman Maryland 

Robert Tiffany Singleton Maryland 

Thomas Wayne Skaggs Florida 

William Howry Slasman, Jr Maryland 

William Meredith Smith Maryland 

Edward Verhines Spudis D. C. 

William Pendleton Templeton Maryland 

Martin William Treiber Maryland 

James Roy Troxel Maryland 

WiUiam Alva Way Tyson Maryland 

Arnold Leonard Vance Maryland 

Herbert Guy Walter, Jr Nevada 

Jack Thomas Watson West Virginia 

Karl Hanna Weaver West Virginia 

Joel Stoops Webster Maryland 

Harry Stephen Weeks, Jr West Virginia 

Israel Howard Weiner Maryland 

University Prize Gold Medal 

Ronald Edward Mendelsohn 

Certificates of Honor 

1. Grace Arlene Bastian 

2. R. Judson Dowell 

3. Joseph Patrick Gillotte 

4. Herbert Guy Walter, Jr. 

5. William Sites Kiser 

The Doctor A. Bradley Gaither Memorial Prize Leonard Harold Flax 

The William D. Wolfe Memorial Prize and Certificate of Proficiency Jack Thomas Watson 

The Leonard M. Hummel Medal and Certificate of Proficiency in Internal Medicine 

James Leroy Banks, Jr. 


Candidates will be presented by Dr. J. Ben Robinson, Dean Emeritus 

Doctor of Dental Surgery 

Sidney Charles Abrams D. C. 

William Olas Adkins Delaware 

Daniel Stuart Aiken Maryland 

Harry Basil Arant, Jr South Carolina 

Alfred John Bak Connecticut 

Alfredo H. Berguido Garrido Panama 

Seymour Merrill Bernstein Connecticut 

Jordan Sidney Bloom Maryland 

Charles Graham Blue Mississippi 

Joseph Benjamin Bonura Florida 

Jean-Pierre Edouard Bouquet Maryland 

George Joseph Boyles West Virginia 

Robert Benjamin Bridgeman West Virginia 

Joseph L. Cannizzaro Maryland 

William John Carroll Maryland 

James Richard Childress South CaroHna 

Guillermo Colon Bonet Puerto Rico 

Russell Wilson Combs New Jersey 

Lawrence Francis Conhn, Jr Delaware 

David Eugene Cook North Carolina 

Herman Cooper New Jersey 

Elias Nick Costianes West Virginia 

Harvey Leo Desjardins Maine 

Francis Paul Devanny Massachusetts 

Hector F. P. DiNardo, Jr Maryland 

Gerald Alex Edgarian Connecticut 

Harold Habecker Fellenbaum Pennsylvania 

George Louis Fogtman Maryland 

Alfred Murray Gagnon New Hampshire 

Edward Dean Gardenier New Jersey 

George Everett Garrington South Carolina 

John Gatewood West Virginia 

Jack Tyler Gibson West Virginia 

Arthur Durward Glessner West Virginia 

Howard Herbert Goldberg Maryland 

William Lee Graham Maryland 

Thomas Horton Harris North Carolina 

Richard Lee Harrison Maryland 

Robert Clark Hart West Virginia 

Hall Herbert Haymond, Jr West Virginia 

Hiroshi Benny Htrano Hawaii 

Edward Lee Howard West Virginia 

Carl Worthy Irvin West Virginia 

Leonard Bishop Isbister Maryland 

Oscar Dunwody Jackson Georgia 

Melvin John Jagielski Maryland 

WiUiam Edward Kidd North Carolina 

Jackson Byron King West Virginia 

Gilbert Lothar Koehler Maryland 

Harry Joseph Kohlhepp, Jr Maryland 

Selwyn Landman Connecticut 

Jaime Rafael Lanza Puerto Rico 

Charles Burkhead Ledbetter... North Carolina 

Gerard Joseph Lemongello New Jersey 

Philip Kennedy Litman Oklahoma 

Edward Francis Lynch Connecticut 

Alexander Hugh Maclsaac Rhode Island 

James Anderson Markwood D. C. 

Walter Casper Maslowski New Jersey 

William Fisher McBrayer North Carolina 

Louis Frederick Medeiros Massachusetts 

Joseph Sylvester Mitchell, Jr.. Massachusetts 
Robert Raymond Morrison, Jr., North Carolina 

Jos6 A. Munera Bauza Puerto Rico 

James Gorsuch Murray Maryland 

Rudolph Aldo Novello New Jersey 

Gustavo Adolfo Oduber, Netherlands W. Indies 

Charles Lloy Page, Jr Maryland 

Fred Wilber Parsons West Virginia 

Kenneth William Prentice Maryland 

Biu*ton Harvey Press Connecticut 

Claude Baker Ramsay Maryland 

Kenneth Rhoades Rankin Virginia 

Samuel Newton Riggs Maryland 

Pedro Rivera Torres Puerto Rico 

Donald Herman RoUey Maryland 

Carl Ralph Rosa Connecticut 

Henry Wayde Rucker, Jr Florida 

Roy Robert Sappington, Jr., North Carolina 

Henry Robert Satzger, Jr New Jersey 

Charles Oscar Saul West Virginia 

Norman Alexander Seese, Jr West Virginia 

William Wertz Seibert Pennsylvania 

Wesley Cole Seward Maryland 

Daniel Wertz Shupe Maryland 

Anthony John Spadafore West Virginia 

William Carter Stone, Jr Maryland 

Gordon Trust Massachusetts 

Kenneth Merlin Tucker West Virginia 

John Charles Ulrich Maryland 

Charles Victor Wahlberg, Jr Connecticut 

Percy Frank Walters North Carolina 

Harvey L. Wertz D. C. 

WiUiam Elmer Wolfel, Jr Maryland 

Basil Otto Yost, Jr Virginia 

University Gold Medal for Scholarship 

George Louis Fogtman 

Certificates of Honor 

1. Walter Casper Maslowski 

2. Leonard Bishop Isbister 

3. Robert Raymond Morrison, Jr. 

4. Norman Alexander Seese, Jr. 

5. Jordan Sidney Bloom 


Candidates will be presented by Dean Roger Howell 
Bachelor of Laws 

Albert George Aaron Maryland 

Bernard Arbesman Maryland 

Mariana Dasch Bagley Maryland 

Thomas Carroll Beach, Jr Maryland 

Wilbur Beck Maryland 

Dorothy L. Beers Maryland 

Karl Frederick Biener Maryland 

♦Marshall Adler Binder Maryland 

Charles Stanley Blair Maryland 

♦Theodore Gilbert Bloom Maryland 

William Raymond Buchanan Maryland 

Herman Carl Butler Maryland 

Charles Merriken Byrd Maryland 

David Arthur Chance Maryland 

Margaret Louise Christ Maryland 

Thomas Jefferson Clagett, III Maryland 

John Isaac Cofer, III Virginia 

Howard Lee Cohn Maryland 

John Sellers Collins Maryland 

Billy G. Corber Maryland 

John Lamb Crawford Maryland 

Richard Albert Dimpfl New York 

Rosemary Cecilia DiPaula Maryland 

Wilmer B. Dodson Maryland 

William Bevard Dulany Maryland 

LeRoy Robert Evans Maryland 

Alice Verna Rohrbacher Farley Maryland 

Donald Phillip Feldman Maryland 

John Joseph Forbes, Jr Maryland 

Robert William Fox New York 

Williams Payne Fulton Maryland 

James O'Conor Gentry Maryland 

Harris James George Maryland 

Eugene Lawrence Girden New York 

Daniel Gordon Maryland 

Daniel Joseph Habeeb Maryland 

Ruthellen Hammer Maryland 

Allen Shayle Handen Maryland 

William A. Hegarty, Jr Maryland 

John G. Hennegan Maryland 

Mahlon Warren Hessey Maryland 

Raymond John Hynson Maryland 

Arthur Richard Jacobs Maryland 

*John Martin Jones, Jr Maryland 

Joseph Schiflfer Kaufman Maryland 

Anthony Frederick Lang, Jr Maryland 

Alvin Marvin Lapidus Maryland 

Nevin Elroy Leese Maryland 

William Roe Lenhard Maryland 

Caiman A. Levin Maryland 

Francis Joseph Locke Maryland 

Robert Paul Mann Maryland 

Thomas Francis Mannion Maryland 

Edward Stanley Margolis Maryland 

Alexander Rubin Martick Maryland 

Richard Moore Matthews Maryland 

Stuart Villmar McEvoy Maryland 

Wilbur Stewart McKay, Jr Maryland 

Robert Briele Merriman Maryland 

*Jay Jefferson Miller, II Maryland 

Richard T. Moxley, Sr Maryland 

*Jack Isaacs Mullen Maryland 

*George Christian Mullinix Maryland 

James Henry Murdock D. C. 

Robert Florian Nayden Maryland 

K. Gordon Oppenheimer Maryland 

Richard S. Paulson Maryland 

Mayer W. Perloff Maryland 

James G. Perry Maryland 

Paul Timothy Pitcher Maryland 

*Norman Winfield Polovoy Maryland 

David Kreigh Poole, Jr Maryland 

Dorothy Jean Powell Maryland 

David Rowley Preller Maryland 

Frank X. Joseph Provost Maryland 

Paul Allen Pumpian Maryland 

Thomas Paul Raimondi Maryland 

Albert Feikin Reisfeld Maryland 

Norman Packett Rocklin Maryland 

Richard Theodore Rombro Maryland 

Harris Morton Rosen Maryland 

♦David Ross Maryland 

William T. Russell, Jr Maryland 

William H. Sandy Maryland 

Mary Katherine Scarborough Maryland 

William Lash Schmidt Maryland 

♦Edward Fitzgerald Shea, Jr Maryland 

Daniel Harold Shear Maryland 

Arthur Wellington Sherwood Maryland 

Suzanne Ruth Sherwood Maryland 

♦Irving Shulbank Maryland 

Harry Glenn Shupe, Jr Maryland 

Harry Scott Swartzwelder, Jr. Maryland 

Stanley Tetenbaum Maryland 

♦Willard Lee Thomas Maryland 

Robert Dodd Thompson, Jr Delaware 

Edward Jennings Tilghman Maryland 

James Francis Tomes Maryland 

Alfred Talmadge Truitt, Jr Maryland 

Joseph Davies Tydings Maryland 

George Thomas Vayda D. C. 

George J. Voith Maryland 

Victor Anthony von Rinteln Maryland 

Thomas Henry Ward Maryland 

Donald H. Weiss Maryland 

John Gill Wharton Maryland 

Ewing Carl Whitaker Maryland 

William Richard Wooters Maryland 

Norman Nathan Yankellow Maryland 

Bill Lee Yoho Maryland 

Casimir Martin Zacharski, Jr. Maryland 

Elected to the Order of the Coif 

Marshall Adler Binder 
Theodore Gilbert Bloom 
John Martin Jones, Jr. 
Jay Jefferson Miller, II 
Norman Winfield Polovoy 

U. S. Law Week Award 

Elizabeth Maxwell Carroll Chesnut Prize. 

David Ross 

Edward Fitzgerald Shea, Jr. 

Irving Shulbank 

Willard Lee Thomas 

John Martin Jones, Jr. 

Edward Fitzgerald Shea, Jr. 

With Honor. 



Candidate3 will be presented by Dean Gordon M. Cairns 
Bachelor of Science 

Dennis Franklin Abe Maryland 

George Manley Albright, Jr Maryland 

Gilbert William Barber, Jr Maryland 

Richard Earl Barrett Maryland 

Randolph Thomas Bender Maryland 

James Hinton Bennington Maryland 

Josephine Ann Doran Blair Maryland 

Herman Bluestone D. C. 

Bartow Hughes Bridges, Jr Virginia 

James Vincent Brogan, Jr Pennsylvania 

John Jenkins Brown Maryland 

Allen Burdell Brj-ant Maryland 

Howard John Bryant Mar>'land 

Angel Alberto Camevali Venezuela 

Donald Willard Chlan Maryland 

Jay Gregory Close Maryland 

George Wilbur Cochran, Jr Maryland 

James Edward Codd, Jr Maryland 

Robert Cecil Cole D. C. 

Donald Wheatley Corrick, Jr D. C. 

George Allen Croushom Virginia 

Maurice Hanford Day Maryland 

Harvey Edward Dennis Maryland 

Edward Bruce Derrenbacher Pennsylvania 

William Emmert Donaldson D. C. 

Henry J. Dom Maryland 

Richard Parish Downes, Jr Maryland 

John Clark Downing D. C. 

Jaime A. Ernst Boli\ia 

Hendrik August Essers, Jr Maryland 

William Longacre Fell Pennsylvania 

Gerard Don Fox Maryland 

Morton Fox Maryland 

Ernesto Julio Groskorth El Salvadore 

Joseph Henry Gross Maryland 

Ronald Tuthill Guthrie Maryland 

David Lakin Hall Maryland 

Paul Hugh Hancock Maryland 

Joseph Donald Harrington Maryland 

Richard Murray Hearn Mar>iand 

George Donald Higgs Maryland 

Robert Homer Holter Marj'land 

Harry Gover Hopkins Mar>'land 

William Louis Huffard Maryland 

Charles Lloyd Jenkins Maryland 

CHfford AUen Jenkins D. C. 

Gertrude-Mary Johnson Jones Maryland 

James Franklin Keefer Maryland 

Harold Kefauver Keller Maryland 

Scott Roland Kezer Maryland 

Joseph Andrew King, Jr Maryland 

Hugh Tonry Lathroum Maryland 

Mariano Lopez Liboro Philippines 

Donald James Lindsay D. C. 

Robert Roy Mclntire, II Maryland 

John Arthur Meade Virginia 

William George Merrill Maryland 

John Edward Miller Maryland 

Robert Sidney Mouser Maryland 

John Howard Orem Maryland 

Paul Joseph Ott Maryland 

William Rapley Owings, III Marj'land 

Tom Moore Potter Maryland 

William Wesley Prettyraan Maryland 

Richard D. J. Proctor Maryland 

Robert Douglas Raver Maryland 

Lowell Herbert Reed D. C. 

William Dean Reese Maryland 

Mohamad-Ali M. Rejali Iran 

B. Russell Robertson Maryland 

Charles R. Rosenberger, Jr D. C. 

Calvin Archie Rosenkrans Delaware 

Moika Andrew Rysavy Maryland 

Donald Gerson Salganik Maryland 

Donald Powell Sanderson New Jersey 

Walter LeRoy Saunders, Jr Maryland 

Richard Salvatore Schifanelli Maryland 

Joseph Thomas Schneider New Jersey 

Edward A. Schram D. C. 

Thomas Herdman Schutte Pennsylvania 

Robert Francis Shaffer Maryland 

Richard Roy Smelkinson Maryland 

Loring Theodore Sparks Maryland 

Edward Fite Stanfield, Jr Maryland 

James Edmund Sylvanus Delaware 

Earl Gilbert Taylor Maryland 

Robert Edward Teale Maryland 

Arthur Wade Teets Pennsylvania 

Robert Thomas Tertell Mar>'land 

George Franklin Thome, Jr D. C. 

Bernard Alvin Twigg Maryland 

Henry Thomas Vincett Maryland 

W. Lee Walbert Maryland 

Neil Ince Walters Maryland 

Tscharner Degraffenried Watkins, Jr., Virginia 

Donald Thurber Willis New York 

Noble Powell Wong Maryland 

James William Zollickoffer Maryland 

Francis Peter Zurmuhlen New York 

Bachelor of Science 

Saverio PVancis Arella New Jersey Robert Arthur Harrington Maryland 

Ernest T. Cullen, Jr Maryland 

Spier DeBemiere Whitaker Maryland 

First Honors 

Spier DeBemiere Whitaker 
Charles R. Rosenberger, Jr. 
William George Merrill 
William Emmert Donaldson 
Harold Kefauver Keller 
William Longacre Fell 
John Arthur Meade 
Allen Burdell Bryant 
Ernesto Julio Groskorth 
Harvey Edward Dennis 
Morton Fox 

Honorable Mention 

Second Honors 

Henry Thomas Vincett 
Cahin Archie Rosenkrans 
John Edward Miller 
George Franklin Thome, Jr. 
Ronald Tuthill Guthrie 
Harr>' Gover Hopkins 



Candidates will be presented by Dean Leon P. Smith 
Bachelor of Arts 

John Alaimo New Jersey 

Andr6 John Anissimoff New York 

Shiela Judith Ashman Maryland 

Herman Stanley Bailey Maryland 

John Barth Baker Maryland 

Diane Foster Balmer Maryland 

Leonard Charles Bass Maryland 

William Wells Beckett Maryland 

Andrew Jack Bell D. C. 

Edward Ferris Bennett, III D. C. 

Nelson Bennett, III D. C. 

Richard Griffin Benson Maryland 

William Wesley Blaisdell Maryland 

Paul Raoul Blau D. C. 

Gordon Bennett Bleil Maryland 

Carol Eleanor Blum D. C. 

Charles Moulton Brewer Maryland 

Dolores Buenaventura D. C. 

Use Bulmash Maryland 

Maurine Parshall Burton Maryland 

Herbert Whelan Byrne Maryland 

Reynold Hugh Byrne, Jr Maryland 

Edward Payson Call D. C. 

Nancye Lake Cann Maryland 

Robert J. Carino New Jersey 

Bemice Gertrude Carl Maryland 

Peter Steven Chaconas D. C. 

Sally Lou Christensen Maryland 

Jeanne Cameron Cipperly Maryland 

Joseph Leo Cleary Maryland 

Herbert Cohen D. C. 

James Gray Collier Maryland 

Robert Garfield Collin Maryland 

Paul Breault Connelly Massachusetts 

Patricia Ann Corey Maryland 

Kenneth Kremer Cornwell, Jr Maryland 

Donna Lillian Cotton Virginia 

Porter Burks Cox Maryland 

Anne Elizabeth Crews D. C. 

Timothy Allen Crofton Maryland 

Michael Aloysius Crombie D. C. 

Bettsy Maria Culbertson Maryland 

Jane Cunningham D. C. 

Thelma Joyce Darby Maryland 

Alice Patricia Davis Maryland 

Robert Francis Day Connecticut 

Joan Harriet Dean Maryland 

Martin Joseph de la Rosa D. C. 

Armen Dermen Maryland 

Raymond Alfred Desibio New York 

Philip DiGiovanni New Jersey 

Robert Dim Dixon Texas 

Seymour Domnitch Maryland 

Keith Sedgwick Donnellan Maryland 

Donald Edward Dube Maryland 

Amelia Eberhart Maryland 

Daniel Jacob Eisenstadt Maryland 

Joan Frances Eney Maryland 

Elaine Maxine Epstein Maryland 

Ronald Francis Esposito New Jersey 

Louis Parker Fairlamb, Jr Maryland 

Melvin Miller Farr D. C. 

Bennett Feigenbaum Maryland 

Matina Fidanis Maryland 

Gilbert Isaac Finkelstein Maryland 

Catherine Mercer Fitch Iowa 

Carol McCoy Florence Maryland 

Ernest James Florestano Maryland 

Carroll Edward France, Jr Maryland 

Michael Vincent P>anciosa Pennsylvania 

Frederick John Fuchs Maryland 

Sarah Elizabeth Gardner . Maryland 

Mary George Maryland 

Howard William Gilbert, Jr Maryland 

Naomi Ruth Ginsburg D. C. 

Frances Goldsmith D. C. 

Ervin Guy Gollner New York 

Ethel Charlotte Goodwin Maryland 

(With Honors in English) 

Myra Elaine Gross Maryland 

Marian Elizabeth Harris Maryland 

Richard Hood Harryman Maryland 

Patricia Hart Maryland 

John Adolf Hellwig Virginia 

Anne Juliet Hennen Maryland 

William Wilson Herndon D. C. 

Diane Virginia Heron Maryland 

Joseph Charles Herrmann New Jersey 

Ronald Charles Hill Maryland 

Andrew Carson Hilton Mississippi 

Gordon Himelfarb Maryland 

Arthora Louise Hipp Texas 

Howard Clark Hopkins Virginia 

Maria Anne Horejs Maryland 

Charles Lowry Horner, Jr Maryland 

Alan R, Hough Maryland 

Malcolm Woods Houston New Hampshire 

Mary Norment Hubbard D. C. 

Gilbert Preston Hull, Jr Maryland 

Ellen Louise Hurson Maryland 

Charles Brinham Huyett Maryland 

William Edward Hynan Maryland 

Mildred Helen Imirie Maryland 

Paul MacBayne Jacobs, Jr Maryland 

Stanley Robert Jacobs D. C. 

Nancy Annette Johnson Maryland 

Richard E. Katz Maryland 

Jerome Adams Kauflfman D. C. 

Robert Michael Keefe Maryland 

Richard Kenneth Keely D. C. 

Emily Kay Kerrick Maryland 

Ronald James Kindness Maryland 

Patricia Spencer Kirkpatrick D. C. 

Betty Lee Klarman Maryland 

James Arthur Koons, Jr Maryland 

Maxene Holman Kotin Maryland 

Stanley B. Kruger Maryland 

Curtis C. Larrimore, II Maryland 

Eleanor Anne Lawrence Maryland 

James Norman Lee Maryland 

Jack Donald Letzer Maryland 

Ann Echols Lewis Maryland 

Carl John Lorenz, Jr Maryland 

Colburn Brundidge Lovett Maryland 

Francis Raymond Lyons, Jr Maryland 

James Toshiyuki Maeda Maryland 

Carole Anne Maher New York 

John Robert Mainhart Maryland 

Betty Taliaferro Mason Maryland 

Frank Ebaugh Mason, Jr Maryland 

James David Matthews, Jr North Carolina 

Robert James McCarthy D. C. 

William Edward McGill, Jr Maryland 

Mary Lou McKinley Maryland 


Bettina F. McKinnell Maryland 

Nancy Helen McKinney Tennessee 

Ruth Jickling McNelly Maryland 

Virginia A. Mead Maryland 

James Arthur Miller Maryland 

William Charles Miller Maryland 

Janice Sue Millstein Maryland 

William Seymour Miners Maryland 

Herbert WUliam Monaghan Connecticut 

Dwight Brown Moore Maryland 

Judith Ann Moore Maryland 

Glenn LeRoy Moser Maryland 

Thomas Lowe MuUin Maryland 

Charles Gorsuch Myers Maryland 

Gerard Stanislaus Myers Maryland 

Jane May Nefflen Maryland 

Yvonne Marie Neumuller New York 

Knut Ivar Nilsson, Jr D. C. 

Paul Arthur Norris Maryland 

Reginald Calvert Orem, Jr Maryland 

Ernest Anderson Patterson Virginia 

Audrey Lois Peck New Jersey 

Wayne Lynn Perkins Maryland 

E. Louise Pfannenstlel Maryland 

Powell Phillips Maryland 

Joyce Ann Pocklington Maryland 

George Eugene Porter Maryland 

Leonard Price Maryland 

Kenneth Gordon Pyle Maryland 

Calvin Clyde Quenstedt Maryland 

Karlyn Radcliffe Maryland 

James Alexander Radomski D. C. 

David Meredith Resnick Massachusetts 

Paul Revere Richmond Mar>'land 

Edwin Cranston Riggin, Jr Maryland 

Phyllis Cheek Ross Maryland 

Russell Arthur Rourke New York 

Howard Francis Roycroft, III Maryland 

Stanley Ellis Rubenstein D. C. 

Madelyn H. Rubinstein Maryland 

Elaine Ruth Salganik Maryland 

Phyllis Ina Sapero Maryland 

David Frank Schafer Maryland 

Betty Ann Schmitt Virginia 

Beverly Marilyn Schreter Maryland 

Wilma Harriet Schulman Maryland 

Paul Christian Seefer, Jr Virginia 

Robert Ray Seller Maryland 

Armon Fenno Sharp Marj'land 

Gene Oliver Showers D. C. 

Harry Arthur Simms, Jr Maryland 

Matthew Chancellor Simms Maryland 

Edwin Francis Simons Florida 

Roy Leon Singleton D. C. 

Clagett Gordon Smith Maryland 

Gary Wallace Smith Maryland 

William Andrew Startt, III Maryland 

Mary Perkins Stokes Maryland 

Carol Nelson Stuart Maryland 

Margaret Frances Swann D. C. 

Joseph Milton Szuleski Maryland 

Grafton Packard Tayman, Jr. Maryland 

Robert Shaw Townsend Maryland 

Isabelle Catherine Travers Virginia 

Fredrika Lee Trippe Maryland 

Allen LeRoy Trott, Jr Maryland 

Emma Roney Troxler Maryland 

Michael Tymoch New Jersey 

Ernest Valt, Jr Maryland 

Eugene Villaret, Jr Maryland 

Virginia Louise Warfield Maryland 

Robert Donald WatMns Kentucky 

Robert Lee Watt D. C. 

Arthur Francis Weickhardt D. C. 

Charles Fuller Weiksner, Jr Maryland 

Elizabeth Bettye Weinbaum Marj'land 

A. Christiane Sandelmann West Maryland 

Dewey Quay Wyatt Marvland 

Bill L. Yoho Maryland 

Mollie Bemice Yospe Marj'land 

Ruth Anne Zinder Maryland 

Bachelor of Science 

John Waters Anderson, III Maryland 

Angelo Angelino Baccala Maryland 

Selma Gloria Balco Maryland 

John Carleton Barnes Maryland 

James Leonard Beeby Maryland 

Marj'anne Evelyn Berger Maryland 

William Frederick Bishop Maryland 

Norman Blankman Maryland 

Leroy Preston Bohrer Virginia 

Paul Bormel Maryland 

Rubye Pharr Branch Maryland 

Herman Brecher Maryland 

Gerald Philip Brierley Marj'land 

Charles Edward Brookley Maryland 

Margaret Mary Brown Maryland 

William Cardino Bucciarelli Pennsylvania 

Jerome M. Bulmash Maryland 

Betty Eugenia Burtch Maryland 

Robert Arthur Callens Maryland 

Robert Phelps Caruthers California 

Thomas Cornelius Carver, Jr Maryland 

Herbert Cherner D. C. 

Charles Lee Clagett D. C. 

Victor Robert Clare Maryland 

Gilbert Reed Clark Maryland 

Albert Boyd Cochran Maryland 

Eileen Zelda Cohen Maryland 

Roger Willard Cole Maryland 

Thomas W. Cowan Maryland 

Theodore Ahin Dann Marjiand 

John Alan Da\ies D. C. 

Bruce Karl Defiebre, Jr. Maryland 

Elliott Howard Dickler Maryland 

Robert Edward Edkin Pennsylvania 

James Eric Edlund Maryland 

Kenneth Grainger Edmunds Delaware 

William Stern Eichberg Maryland 

Henry Charles Eichhorn, Jr Maryland 

Dorothy J. Ewin D. C. 

Miriam Ezekiel D. C. 

Paul Francis Faupel Marj'land 

Dorothea Agnes Fenwick Maryland 

Mary Anne Fiock Maryland 

Jerome Friedlander Maryland 

Saul Zausman Friedman Maryland 

Sarah Frances Fritz Marj'land 

Godfrey Robert Gauld Marj'land 

Stanley Irwin Goldberg Maryland 

Marvin Alfred Goldiner Maryland 

Bernard Goldstein Maryland 

David Robert Goldstein Maryland 

Ruth Shirley Haslup Maryland 

Richard Edward Heise, Jr Maryland 


George Milton Henneberger Maryland 

Michael Herbert Pennsylvania 

Harry Herman Herbst Maryland 

Walter Norman Himmler Maryland 

Raymond Watson Hodges Maryland 

Charles Allan Hood Maryland 

William Arthur Hook D. C. 

Gerald Charles Huth Pennsylvania 

Sheldon Lee Hymowitz Maryland 

Walter Edward James Maryland 

Leo F. Judge, Jr D. C. 

Edwin Louis Kahan Maryland 

Murray Martin Kappelman Maryland 

Louis Edmund Kimmel, Jr Maryland 

Earl Leslie Kinsley Maryland 

Yale Lee Klugman Maryland 

Melvin Kogod D. C. 

Leonard Cecil Labowitz Maryland 

Culver Sprogle Ladd, Jr Maryland 

Joseph Walter Les Maryland 

Sidney Levin D. C. 

Carolyn O'neill Lewis Maryland 

Hang Shan Lin D. C. 

Stanley Macklin Maryland 

Philip Anthony Madden Maryland 

Dominick Mangano New Jersey 

James Keith Marshall Maryland 

William Forrest Martin, Jr Maryland 

Prudencio Martinez, Jr Maryland 

Shintaro Matayoshi Hawaii 

William Bruce Matthews, Jr D. C. 

Richard Sterling Merkal Maryland 

Joseph Walker Miller Maryland 

Stanton Sylvester Miller Maryland 

James Irvin Mitchell Maryland 

Robert Hanson Moore Maryland 

Suzanne Moore Maryland 

Leonard Ernest Neale Maryland 

M. Paul Nestor West Virginia 

Marco James Papa Delaware 

Mary Ellen Reinhart Maryland 

Edward Brent Richardson Maryland 

James Wesley Robb, Jr Maryland 

Matthew Rozmarynowski Virginia 

Violet Selma Samorodin Maryland 

Sue Meister Satlin Maryland 

Alice Cresap Schafer Maryland 

Ronald Edward Schindler Maryland 

George Raymond Shaffer Maryland 

Lloyd William Shearer Maryland 

Stanley Leonard Silver Maryland 

Carl S. Singer Maryland 

Sheldon Harris Slater Maryland 

Ronald Walter Smith Maryland 

Signev Sidney Snyder Maryland 

Donald Baker Spencer Maryland 

Richard Otto Stader Pennsylvania 

Phillip Gary Staggers West Virginia 

Mary Louise Stang Maryland 

Richard George Stefanacci New Jersey 

Irone Edmund Stevenson, Jr Maryland 

Mildred Theresa Stewart Maryland 

Joseph Edward Stitcher Maryland 

Frederick Swartz D. C. 

Walter Vaughan Symons New Jersey 

Marvin NeilTabb D. C. 

Andre Jean Toussaint Maryland 

William Trebbi New Jersey 

Edward Bennett Vandoren Maryland 

William James Wagner Maryland 

Melvin Frederick Williams D. C. 

Bachelor of Arts 

Robert McGregor Alkire Virginia 

George Theodore Bachmann Maryland 

Sandra Lee Baker Maryland 

Gerald Max Brown D. C. 

Eugene Martin Colleran Pennsylvania 

Robert Patrick Finzel Maryland 

Eugene Lawrence Girden Maryland 

Paul Reese Grover Maryland 

Charles Izaguirre D. C. 

Leo Edward Lloyd Maryland 

Charles Lane Newberry, Jr Maryland 

James Martin O'Donnell D. C. 

Natalie Parkman Ohio 

Constance Wellen Pierson Maryland 

Alan Jay Polikoff Maryland 

Nancy Lee Robson Maryland 

Lenora Rosenblatt Maryland 

Joseph Schap Maryland 

William Reuben Simpson, III Maryland 

Paul Walter Maryland 

Clifford Lorraine Wickraan, Jr Maryland 

William Ronald Wood Maryland 

Norman Nathan Yankellow Maryland 

Bachelor of Science 

Charles Ray Brown Maryland 

Jerome David Buxbaum Maryland 

Roland Hamilton Chase Maryland 

Arnold Samuel Feldman Maryland 

Charles Joseph Galiardi Maryland 

Doris Marion Price Maryland 

Richard Howard Reichel Maryland 

Max Ludwig Reuss, Jr Maryland 

Perry Robins New Jersey 

Arthur S^miour Schuster Maryland 

Maurice John Zardus, Jr Maryland 


Honorable Mention 

First Honors 

Gilbert Preston Hull, Jr. 
William Seymour Miners 
Nancy Helen McKinney 
Walter Edward James 
John Alan Davies 
Phillip Gary Staggers 
Gerald Philip Brierley 
Beverly Marilyn Schreter 
Robert Hanson Moore 
Mary Lou McKinley 
Andre Jean Toussaint 
Anne Juliet Hennen 
Ethel Charlotte Goodwin 
Paul Walter 
Selina Gloria Balco 
Reginald Calvert Orem, Jr. 
Joseph Edward Stitcher 
Violet Selma Samorodin 
Virginia Louise Warfield 
Shiela Judith Ashman 
A. Christiane Sandelmann West 
Myra Elaine Gross 
Joseph Leo Cleary 
Reynold Hugh Byrne, Jr. 
Keith Sedgwick Donnellan 
WUma Harriet Schulman 
Alice Patricia Davis 
Philip DiGiovanni 
Charles Lee Clagett 
Emily Kay Kerrick 
Maria Anne Horejs 
Patricia Spencer Kirkpatrick 
Murray Martin Kappelman 
Betty Ann Schmitt 
Diane Foster Balmer 
Ronald Walter Smith 

Second Honors 

Irone Edmund Stevenson, Jr. 
Melvin Frederick Williams 
Maryanne Evelyn Berger 
Mildred Helen Imirie 
William Wells Beckett 
Gordon Himelfarb 
Leo Edward Lloyd 
Leonard Price 
Eleanor Anne Lawrence 
Carol Eleanor Blum 
Ruth Anne Zinder 
Dwight Brown Moore 
Marvin Alfred Goldiner 
Clifford Lorraine Wickman, Jr. 
Mollie Bernice Yospe 
Yale Lee Klugman 
Margaret Mary Brown 
Thomas W. Cowan 
Constance Wellen Pierson 
Suzanne Moore 
Leonard Cecil Labowitz 
Janice Sue Millstein 
Natalie Parkman 
Ruth Jickling McNelly 
Miriam Ezekiel 
Judith Ann Moore 
Michael Vincent Franciosa 
Raymond Watson Hodges 
Eileen Zelda Cohen 
James Alexander Radomski 
Catherine Mercer Fitch 
Harry Herman Herbst 
Jack Donald Letzer 
William Wesley Blaisdell 
George Milton Henneberger 
Stanley Leonard Silver 
Daniel Jacob Eisenstadt 
Russell Arthur Rourke 
Bennett Feigenbaum 


Candidates will be presented by Dean J. Freeman Pyle 
Bachelor of Science 

Joel Jonas Adleberg Maryland 

Bernard Stanley Alluisi Maryland 

William F. Andrews Maryland 

Dorothy E. Arant Maryland 

Glenn Samuel Bachtell Maryland 

Benjamin Harrison Baker Maryland 

Edmond Walter Barritt New York 

Harry Ramsay Bates, Jr D. C. 

Mabelle Beck Maryland 

Rov Eugene Beltz Mar>'land 

Robert Morrison Bennett D, C. 

Howard Moses Berman Maryland 

Kinter Diehl Bernard Virginia 

Thomas C. Beyer New York 

Louis Paul Boeri Maryland 

Frederick Theodore Boettcher, Jr Maryland 

Edward Thomas Bolton Maryland 

Edward Benjamin Boorstein D. C. 

Joseph Lynn Boyd Marjiand 

Wilham Edward Bozman, Jr Maryland 

Samuel Grady Brafford, Jr Maryland 

Norton Ormond Braxton Florida 

Robert Marion Brewington Maryland 

John Spencer Brookbank, Jr Maryland 

George Adams Brown Virginia 

William Henning Brown D. C. 

Walter Dent Burch Maryland 

Thomas Martin Burckes, III Maryland 

Charles F. Camp New York 

Richard Albert Canning Maryland 

Joseph G. Caplan Maryland 

John Deviny Carrico Maryland 

James Anthony Carroll New Jersey 

John Campbell Carroll Maryland 

Walter George Chamblin Maryland 

Wilson W. Chapman Marjiand 

Charles Lee Chrest, Jr Maryland 

William Henry Clampitt, Jr D. C. 

Morton Norman Cohen Maryland 

Sidney Herman Cohen Mar>-land 

Jeanne Coker Maryland 

James Homer Collins, Jr Maryland 

Lawrence Dade Conway, Jr Maryland 

Herbert Frederick Com, Jr Maryland 

Robert Mark Coughlan Maryland 

James Philip Coyne, Jr Maryland 

Ira Daniel Crumbacker Maryland 

James Walter Curran, Jr Maryland 

Edwin Lowell Curtiss Maryland 

Robert Edmund Curtiss Maryland 

William Walter Cwiek Maryland 

Marvin Patrick Davis, Jr Maryland 


Charles Herbert Day Maryland 

Robert Anthony Delmar D. C. 

WiUiam St. John DeMayo, Jr., Connecticut 

Raymond Jay Dempsey New Jersey 

Lee Perry Derkay D. C. 

Alvin Joseph DeStefano Pennsylvania 

Robert Peter DeStefano Rhode Island 

Joseph Alexander Dodge Maryland 

Clarence Doolittle, Jr Maryland 

William Lee Dotson, Jr Maryland 

John Frederick Downs, Jr Maryland 

Joseph Timothy Doyle Massachusetts 

John Clymer Dunegan, Jr Maryland 

Frank Winston Dunton Maryland 

John William Dyson Maryland 

Howard Lee Eisenstein Maryland 

Robert Alton Ellis Maryland 

William Leslie Engel Maryland 

George Alfred Erickson, Jr Maryland 

Frank Oliver Estes, Jr Maryland 

Edward Lawrence Evans, Jr Maryland 

Charles Sidney Faller, Jr D. C. 

Jerome Hersh Feldstein Maryland 

John Edwin Fissel, Jr Ohio 

Albert Lawrence Flenner, Jr Delaware 

Herman High Floyd, Jr D. C. 

Edwin Benjamin Fockler Maryland 

Robert J. Fogarty Maryland 

Jack Fortenberry New Jersey 

Charles Samuel Fox, Jr Maryland 

George Ellsworth Fox D. C. 

Stanley Julius Frank Maryland 

Edward Reno Fullerton Pennsylvania 

Pierre Andr6 Gadol Maryland 

Wilber Andrews Gallahan, Jr Maryland 

Philip Charles Geraci Maryland 

John Allen Ginn Maryland 

Marvin Edward Glass Maryland 

Dorothy Golomb Maryland 

Thomas Raymond Gorsuch Maryland 

Joan Esther Grambow D. C. 

Crandall Dean Graves Maryland 

John Rodney Green Maryland 

Frank Tilton Grice Maryland 

Victor Joseph Grieco, Jr New York 

Edna Clayton Griswold Maryland 

Herman Herbert Gritz Maryland 

John Allen Gruver D. C. 

Robert Eugene Gulick Maryland 

Ralph Mahlon Hamaker, Jr Maryland 

David Ehrenhardt Hambsch Maryland 

Murray Sheldon Hankin Maryland 

Arthur D wight Hawksworth Maryland 

Eldridge Kendall Hayes, Jr Maryland 

James Edward Healey, Jr Maryland 

Raymond Earle Hegel, Jr Maryland 

Ernest Bernhard Heine, Jr Maryland 

William Powderly Helm D. C. 

William Kinsey Henson D. C. 

Edward Evan Herbert D. C. 

Dennis Noel Hevener, Jr D. C. 

James Donald Holloway, II Maryland 

George Andrew Houdeshel Maryland 

James K. Houston, Jr D. C. 

Howard Wilson Hovermale D. C. 

George Leo Howard, Jr Maryland 

William R. Hughes Maryland 

William Joshua Huller Maryland 

Robert William Hurst Maryland 

Elmer Martin Jackson, III Pennsylvania 

Kenneth B. C. Jensen Maryland 

Frank Ignatius Jimenez D. C. 

Elbert Laurence Johnson, Jr Maryland 

Raymond Edward Jones, Jr North Carolina 

Robert Edward Jones Maryland 

Eugene Joseph Karwacki Maryland 

Cyril Keene, Jr Maryland 

Jefferson Donald Keith Alabama 

Winfield Scott Kelley, Jr D. C. 

Ralph Clinton Kemp Maryland 

Daniel Butts Kimball Maryland 

John Oscar Koch Maryland 

Richard Thomas Koffenberger Delaware 

George Kovacs New Jersey 

Paul Andrew Kreitz Maryland 

John Edward Lahey Maryland 

William Wallace Larash Maryland 

Donald Routzahn Lighter Maryland 

Robert Hammond Lindeman D. C. 

Ralph Lowell Magee Maryland 

Raymond William Magill Maryland 

George Nick Manis Maryland 

Leonard Markow Maryland 

Charles Lewis McBride, Jr Maryland 

Terence J. McCarty Maryland 

Joseph King Meads Maryland 

Charles Sylvain Men dels Maryland 

Harry Leonce Merrick, Jr Maryland 

Richard Bernard Michell New Jersey 

Charles Henry Miller Maryland 

James Franklin Miller Maryland 

Morton Myron Miller Maryland 

Milton Herbert Mitchell, Jr Maryland 

Francis Harrison Morris Maryland 

Charles Robert Morrison Maryland 

Garner LeRoy Morton New Jersey 

Austin Theodore Moser Maryland 

Charles Henry Mosher Maryland 

Joseph Charles Moss Maryland 

John Joseph Mullen Maryland 

Herbert B. Mutter Maryland 

George Gilbert Nielsen Maryland 

Harry Edwin Nordquist Pennsylvania 

William Wallace Norton Maryland 

Paul Barry Obercash Pennsylvania 

John Arthur Odell Maryland 

Margaret Dene Ohver Canada 

Hector Ormachea-Penaranda Bolivia 

Axel A. Ostrom, Jr Maryland 

David Lewis Ottenstein Maryland 

James Elbert Ourand Maryland 

Thornton Jenkins Parker, III Maryland 

James Culley Pearson, Jr Maryland 

Edward Michael Perrin Maryland 

Marvin Jack Perry Maryland 

Samuel Joseph Phillips Pennsylvania 

Sherman Graham Phillpotts Maryland 

Ronald Houghton Pierce D. C. 

Herman I. Porten D. C. 

Albert Roland Poyer Maryland 

Barbara Ann Pridgen Maryland 

William John Raymond Maryland 

William Glenn Renner, Jr Maryland 

Roland Harrison Resnick Maryland 

Doris Ellen Retzker Maryland 

Craig Shelby Rice Maryland 

Julian Imbrie Richards, Jr Maryland 

Norman Guy Richards Maryland 

Robert Boyd Riddle Maryland 

Joseph Cosimo Rigano Maryland 

James Hooper Ripken Maryland 

Norman Hollis Roberts D. C. 

Douglas Grahame Robin, Jr Connecticut 

Edwin Stoneback Rockett, Jr Virginia 

Donald Everett Rosin Virginia 

Edwin Albert Ruark Maryland 

Sheldon Arnold Rubin Maryland 


Wilbur Ewald Ruehl Maryland 

John Philip Ryan Maryland 

Paul Anthony Ryan Massachusetts 

Richard Sylven Rymland Maryland 

Marvin Lee Sachs Maryland 

Nuhad Majid Sallomy New York 

Arthur Clarence Sampson, Jr Maryland 

William Clyde Sauls Maryland 

Roger Hoag Sawtelle D. C. 

John Joseph Seipel D. C. 

Joseph Jay Shearer Maryland 

Donald Lee Shenk D. C. 

John Hunter Shoemake D. C. 

Joseph Andrew Shureck Maryland 

William Franklin Sibbald, Jr Maryland 

Margaret Ann Simmons Maryland 

Hugh Horace Snowden Maryland 

Max Snyder Maryland 

Robert Donald Smka Maryland 

Frederick Hurst Stanhope D. C. 

Roy Leighton Stansbury Pennsylvania 

Harold S. Stauifer Pennsylvania 

William Thomas Stecher D. C. 

Irvin Lee Steinbach Maryland 

Ramon Phillip Steinberg Maryland 

Constantine Dean Steliotes Pennsylvania 

Gerald Leon Stempler Maryland 

George Stepahin Pennsylvania 

Walter Jewell Stinson Maryland 

Mary Anderson Stout Maryland 

Otto Edward Straif Maryland 

Vincent George Stransky, Jr Maryland 

Elmer Lee Tarwater, Jr D. C. 

James Bartow Taylor D. C. 

Jerry Callander Tobin Maryland 

Alan Embree Travis D. C. 

John Pells Van Wagner Maryland 

John Francis VanWicklen New York 

Alan Quinten Vitt Pennsylvania 

Robert G. Vitt Pennsylvania 

Eugene L. Vogel Maryland 

Thomas Richard Wade Maryland 

Alan Murray Waller Maryland 

Mervin Colin W^ard Maryland 

Leroy Albert Weeks Maryland 

Franklyn Joseph Weinberg Maryland 

William John Weisman Maryland 

James Ferguson Wharton, Jr Maryland 

Joseph Ridgeway Williams New Jersey 

Norman Edgar Williams D. C. 

Denzel Grant Wilson Pennsylvania 

Jay Francis Wilson New Jersey 

Arthur Matthew Wlodkowski Maryland 

Anita Hafermann Wood Maryland 

Jerome Joseph Zaben Maryland 

Anthony Francis Zabicki Pennsylvania 

Martin Stephen Zadravec Connecticut 

Nancy Anne Zimmerman Maryland 

Bachelor of Science 

Christopher Charles Aloupis Massachusetts 

Donald Wayne Anderson Maryland 

Jasper Henderson Armstrong, Jr Maryland 

Thomas Lawton Beight Maryland 

Jack Ernest Brobst Maryland 

John Joseph Buckley, Jr Virginia 

Walter J. Carlson New York 

Louis Martin Davids Maryland 

Peter Paul Devaney, III Maryland 

Anthony Dennis DriscoU Maryland 

William Richard Goodman Maryland 

Harry Bulkley Hambleton, Jr Georgia 

James Clinton Haynie D. C. 

Julius Ruben Israel Maryland 

Alexander Rubin Martick Maryland 

Ralph Anthony Morale Connecticut 

Paul Herbert Naden Maryland 

Paul Barkev Nargiz New Jersey 

Edward E. Obstler Maryland 

Thomas Franklin Schneider, III Maryland 

Jeanne Goodman Smith Maryland 

Arthur Lindamore Wiley, Jr Maryland 

Honorable Mention 

Eugene L. Vogel 
Morton Myron Miller 
Dorothy Golomb 
Edward E. Obstler 
William R. Hughes 
Austin Theodore Mober 
William Kinsey Henson 
Margaret Ann Simmons 
Morton Norman Cohen 
Marvin Patrick Davis, Jr. 
Charles Henry Miller 
Mary Anderson Stout 
Alan Embree Travis 

First Honors 

Arthur Clarence Sampson, Jr. 
Nancy Anne Zimmerman 
Stanley Julius Frank 
William Henry Clampitt, Jr. 
Edwin Lowell Curtiss 
Anita Hafermann Wood 
James Homer Collins, Jr. 
Joan Esther Grambow 
Joseph Lynn Boyd 
Milton Herbert Mitchell, Jr. 
Edward Benjamin Boorstein 
Thornton Jenkins Parker, III 
John Arthur Odell 


Candidates will be presented by Dean Wilbur Devilbiss 
Bachelor of Arts 

Ruth Eileen Almgren Maryland 

Ben Louis Baccaro _ New Jersey 

Edmond Victor Bartas Maryland 

Irving Leonard Becker Maryland 

Albert George Buehler Maryland 

Helen Dolores Chase Maryland 

Joan Brooke Clark Maryland 

Richard Clayton DePuey Maryland 


Susan Patton Donnellan Maryland 

Donald L. Fehr Minnesota 

Gerald Paul Frick Maryland 

William Franklin Goodling Pennsylvania 

Patricia Jean Green Maryland 

Alma Lee Gross Maryland 

Thomas Milton Haislip Maryland 

Katherine Marie Harris Maryland 

Robert Winbum Hicks Maryland 

Herbert Dunkerly Hill, Jr Massachusetts 

Betty Jane Hulcher Maryland 

Barbara Ann Hulse Maryland 

Robert Thomas Hutcheson Maryland 

Jack Kaliner Pennsylvania 

Joseph Edward Kashen Maryland 

Phyllis Delores Kushner Maryland 

Ruth Hirshman Lasky D. C. 

James Theodore Lynch Maryland 

Elliott Harvey Miller Maryland 

Judith Ann Miller D. C. 

Richard Glenn Neal Virginia 

Elaine E. Nicholson Maryland 

Regina Ottenberg D. C. 

Laura Kaplan Popenoe Maryland 

Mary Carolyn Pounds Alabama 

Doris Levy Povich D. C. 

Alethea Willis Richardson Maryland 

George Richard Rocus Maryland 

Stanley Anthony Rozmarynowski Maryland 

William Martin Saterlie Maryland 

James Edward Schallmo Maryland 

Thomas Franklin Spicer Maryland 

Carol Lee Towbes ^i: D. C. 

Roland Joseph Ward New Jersey 

Lois Leota Whiteman Maryland 

Bachelor of Science 

Margaret Vantress Alderson Maryland 

Nancy Lee Ament D. C. 

Sally Gwenn Atlas D. C. 

Beverly Bordwell Auckenthaler. Maryland 

Michael Bakas Maryland 

Eleanor Martina Becker Maryland 

William Berman Maryland 

Evelyn Louise Blume Maryland 

Paul Kenneth Boettger Maryland 

Thomas Alexander Borkowski Maryland 

Lois Anne Brassor Maryland 

Robert Lee Brewrink Maryland 

Charles Jones BroAvn Maryland 

Theodore James Brown Maryland 

Barbara Anne Buckley Maryland 

Edward Joseph Casey Maryland 

George Oliver Chadwick Maryland 

James Bennett Childs, Jr D. C. 

Clifton Anthony Chilson Maryland 

Katharine Sheppard Claud D. C. 

Irma Beverly Cohn Maryland 

Betty Lee Anthony Cooper Maryland 

Frances Liske Corkran Maryland 

Deirdre Maureen Costello Maryland 

Mildred Gonderman Couch Maryland 

Sara Ann Creeger Maryland 

Dorothy Irene Cumings Maryland 

Jere J. Danaher Maryland 

John Henry Davis Maryland 

Ada Jane Davison Maryland 

B. Joan Dodson Maryland 

Barbara Ann Dunkum D. C. 

Edith H. Durkee Maryland 

Sandra Edlavitch Edenbaum D. C. 

Georgia Catherine Eichner D. C. 

Richard Lonsdale Elkins Maryland 

William Joseph Endres Maryland 

Frank Elmer Ensminger Maryland 

Marilyn Ruth Fields D. C. 

Rowland William Fisk South Carolina 

Elizabeth Anne Flather D. C. 

Esther Corinne Fleury Maryland 

James William Freeman Maryland 

Barbara Lee Gascon Maryland 

Patricia Louise Giarth Maryland 

Patricia Diane Godfrey Virginia 

Marjorie FitzGerald Golden Maryland 

Bertha Goodman Maryland 

Louise Grandmaison Maryland 

Mary Louise Gray Maryland 

Thomas Loder Green D. C. 

Harold Philip Hart New York 

Joan Potter Hattersley Maryland 

Garabed Walter Eisenbrandt Heghinian, 


William Anthony Hilton Maryland 

George Elmer Hugg Maryland 

Ruth Ann Hughes Maryland 

Elizabeth Dunlap Hunt Pennsylvania 

Carolyn Ruth Jones Maryland 

Fern Murrell Kalb Maryland 

Nancy Penrose Keith Maryland 

Abraham Kishter Maryland 

Elaine Ruth Kotlowitz Maryland 

Katherine Ellen Kuehl D. C. 

Elizabeth Rencher Lane Maryland 

Betty Erickson Layman Maryland 

Judine Margarette Silogy Lengyel Indiana 

Doris Sybil Levin Maryland 

D. McGraw Lewis Maryland 

Ruth D. Lilly Maryland 

Donna Loreck Maryland 

Helen Lushok Pennsylvania 

Dorothy Mae Major Maryland 

Julia Lmn Martin New Jersey 

Warren Alvin Martz Maryland 

Elizabeth Hill Mattie Maryland 

Thomas Stuart McFee Maryland 

Arthur Roberts Mears Virginia 

Anita June Meyer Maryland 

John Ambrose Miner Maryland 

Dorothy Lee Mitchell D. C. 

Paul Gregory Mon Maryland 

Suzanne Morley Rhode Island 

Jane Frances Donnelly Murray D. C. 

Amel Abdul Aziz Mutair Iraq 

Henry Naylor Maryland 

Rolena Catherine Neels Maryland 

William Paul Nelson Maryland 

Margaret Jean Oartel D. C. 

Saran Louise Pattillo Maryland 

Forrest Ann Peters Maryland 

Betty Muriel Petraitis Maryland 

William Ferdinand Pramschufer Maryland 

William Benjamin Prigg D. C. 

Carl Edward Rattan Maryland 

Joseph Edward Rawlings Maryland 

Cecilia Marie Reilly Maryland 

Carl John Reuschel Maryland 

Evelyn Ann Reynolds Maryland 

Ralph Donald Rigger Maryland 

Joyce Fay Roberts Maryland 

Christine Elaine Rohrer Maryland 

Carolyn Elaine Sachs Maryland 

Elaine Sara Sagner Maryland 

Robert M. Sellers Maryland 


Harry Wroth Shenton, Jr Maryland 

Janet Dyer Sheridan Maryland 

William Louis Sherman New York 

Judith Esther Shulman D. C. 

Jerome Silberman Maryland 

Anne Teresa Simpson Maryland 

Ellen Marie Singleton Maryland 

Jane Lucas Snyder Maryland 

Anne Elizabeth Sorrell Maryland 

James Ronald Stine Maryland 

Elva G. Stokes Maryland 

Patricia Ann Thompson D. C. 

Helen Mary Toner Maryland 

Ruth M. Travers Maryland 

Ethel Trotter South Carolina 

Ethel Monroe Troy Maryland 

Maurice Leon Vekeman Maryland 

Shirley Barbara Voltz Maryland 

Eleanor Louise vonBretzel Maryland 

George Emanuel Voultsides D. C. 

Claxton Walker Maryland 

Jack Donald Waterfield Maryland 

Annette Edwards Watkins Maryland 

Marcia Ann Wiebe Maryland 

Marguerite Isabelle Wilson Maryland 

Walter Morgan Wondrack D. C. 

Stanley Allen Woodman Pennsylvania 

John David Zuskin Maryland 

Bachelor of Science 

Clare Whiteley Bangs Maryland 

Marvin Lee Blickenstaff Maryland 

Margaret Z. Bohn Maryland 

Ralph Leo Buckel Maryland 

Ruth Caples Maryland 

Ruth Kathryn Dinger Maryland 

Katharine Cosgrove Fahey Maryland 

Mildred Lull Forward Maryland 

Helene Haines Fulton Maryland 

Hilda K. Gottlieb Maryland 

Laura H. Harp Virginia 

Margaret VanNatter Harvey Maryland 

Marguerite Clifton Hurlock Maryland 

Harvey Taylor Jackson Maryland 

Ruth Judy Johnson Maryland 

Marguerite Mantz Keller Maryland 

Miriam Kennedy Maryland 

Carrie Estelle Liggett D. C. 

Helen Rephann Loewendick Maryland 

Ann Foxall MacCarteney D. C. 

Vema Miller Maryland 

Catherine Augusta O'Neil Maryland 

Jean Kagle Osborn Maryland 

Doris R. Pondo Maryland 

Helen Virginia Purinton Virginia 

Irene Morris Schultz Delaware 

Margaret Adams Stant Maryland 

Morris Tischler Maryland 

Pauline Olivia Waskey Maryland 

Alice Smith Wiseman Maryland 

Samuel Arthur Wood Virginia 

Honorable Mention 

First Honors 

Alma Lee Gross 
Laura Kaplan Popenoe 
Eleanor Louise vonBretzel 
Frank Elmer Ensminger 
Susan Patton Donnellan 
Barbara Ann Hulse 
Laura H. Harp 
Miriam Kennedy 
William Berman 

Second Honors 

Irving Leonard Becker 
D. McGraw Lewis 
Anne Elizabeth Sorrell 
Roland Joseph Ward 
Margaret Jean Cartel 
Katherine Marie Harris 
Clare Whiteley Bangs 
Ruth Eileen Almgren 
Beverly Bordwell Auckenthaler 
Shirley Barbara Voltz 
Paul Gregory Mon 
Evelyn Louise Blume 
Elizabeth Hill Mattie 


Candidates will be presented by Dean S. S. Steinberg 
Bachelor of Science 

Robert Henry Abrams D. C. 

Charles Edward Ackerman Maryland 

Charles Bennett Adams, Jr Maryland 

Lome Bennett Alden Maryland 

Walter Kendall Allen Maryland 

Israel Simon Alpert Maryland 

Richard Spencer Bacon Virginia 

George Adams Barnes Maryland 

William Leroy Barnum Maryland 

Joseph William Bearinger Maryland 

Carleton Lee Bell Maryland 

Oliver Richard Bell Maryland 

Alfred L. Bradley Maryland 

George Spencer Briggs D. C. 

George William Brown Maryland 

John William Caldwell Maryland 

Winfred Otis Carter Maryland 

James Ruthven Caton Maryland 

Paul M. Cavey Maryland 

Ray Chenaweth Cole Maryland 

Sebastian Joseph Corral, Jr Maryland 

Charles William Cripe Maryland 

Paul DeSimon DeMonterice, Jr New York 

Enayat Bazargan Dorosti Iran 


William Howard Dunham Maryland 

Melville E. Eaton, Jr Florida 

Paul Joseph Eichhorn, Jr D. C. 

William Frederick Eiseman Maryland 

Marion Francis Federline, Jr Maryland 

Arthur Paul Ferg Maryland 

Antonio Ferrara Maryland 

William Elmer Gable Maryland 

Donald John Gonsalves Maryland 

John Andrew Groves, Jr Maryland 

Dorlas Ray Hall Virginia 

Richard Elliott Halpern Maryland 

Henry Frederick Heckroth Maryland 

Robert Winfield Hess Pennsylvania 

Howard Alfred Hiltz Maryland 

James Lill Hinson Maryland 

Clifford Thompson Hurd Maryland 

Robert William Hurlbrink, Jr Pennsylvania 

Rosel Henderson Hyde D. C. 

Louis Mario lannuzzelli New Jersey 

Charles Duggan Jacobs D. C. 

Dock Yuen Jew D. C. 

William Frederick Judge Maryland 

Paul Richard Kambies Maryland 

Warren C. Kern Maryland 

Leo Andrew Kerr Maryland 

Kenneth Wooden Kidd Maryland 

Charles Vernon Kincaid Maryland 

Robert Norton Kirsch Maryland 

Edward Joseph Kolsun Pennsylvania 

Donald Koretz Maryland 

George Kurt Kuegler Maryland 

John C. LaBerge Maryland 

Charles Henry Lamb Maryland 

Neil Francis Lamb Maryland 

Robert Martin Langmack D. C. 

Donald William Lashley Maryland 

Francis Perry Lear D. C. 

Paul Lee Maryland 

Wallace Kemp Lehmann Maryland 

James Howard Leith Virginia 

George Lindemann, Jr New York 

Benjamin Francis Love ...Maryland 

Warren George Mang New York 

Marion John Marcinkowski Maryland 

Charles Garland McLamb, Jr Maryland 

Edwin Walter Meredith Maryland 

Lowell Louis Meyer Iowa 

Ralph Peter Mohr Maryland 

Peter Angelo Mollis Ohio 

Robert Kirkland Molloy Maryland 

Rayner Agustine Montgomery Maryland 

Daniel Edwin Neikirk Maryland 

John Joseph Nemethy Maryland 

Richard Henry Norair Maryland 

Alexios John Papavasiliou Maryland 

WiUiam Thomas Patterson Maryland 

Lee Haynes Peery, Jr Maryland 

Albert August Peter, Jr Maryland 

Robert Petersen New York 

Joseph Anthony Petrella Maryland 

Bruce Covington Phillips Maryland 

Sam Anthony Portaro Maryland 

Stanley B. Prosser, Jr Maryland 

Robert Leroy Pumphrey D. C. 

Stanley Howard Raffel Maryland 

James Joseph Rast Maryland 

Lowell David Rau Maryland 

Jerome Marvin Rolnick Maryland 

Donald Henry Russ New Jersey 

Thomas Moore Russell Maryland 

Joseph Lane Salter Maryland 

Robert William Schmid Maryland 

Thomas Marvin Scott D. C. 

Perry Fletcher Sennewald D. C. 

Merrick Edwin Shawe Maryland 

Kwang Yun Shen New York 

Hugh Ballentine Shepard Maryland 

William Joseph Skillen New Jersey 

Theodore James Smith D. C. 

Albion Kelly SneUings D. C. 

Robert Edwin Steinwedel Maryland 

John Stingelin New York 

Gordon James Stoops North Carolina 

Donald Wayne Stultz Maryland 

Melvin F. Tapper Maryland 

Robert Lewis Terrell, Jr Maryland 

Leonard Maury Tinnan Maryland 

Julio Trigo Ramirez Bolivia 

Luigi Anthony Vagnoni D. C. 

Ralph Joseph Vendemia, Jr Maryland 

Richard David Walker Maryland 

Donald William Walter Maryland 

Edwin Otis Weaver Maryland 

Daniel James Weber Maryland 

Walter William Weber, Jr Maryland 

George Badger Wetmore Maryland 

Herbert Etienne White Maryland 

Gene McMillan Wilburn Maryland 

Hugh William Wilkerson Maryland 

Paul Lyle Williams, Jr Maryland 

Donald Ellsworth Wilson Maryland 

Hugh Birckhead Wong Maryland 

John Houston Woodland Maryland 

George Harry Woppman Maryland 

Bachelor of Science 

Stuart Norman Goodman Maryland 

Honorable Mention 
First Honors 

Perry Fletcher Sennewald 
Thomas Marvin Scott 
Robert William Hurlbrink, Jr. 
Paul Lyle Williams, Jr. 
George Harry Woppman 
Lee Haynes Peery, Jr. 

Leonard Maury Tinnan 
Winfred Otis Carter 
Charles Edward Ackerman 
Sam Anthony Portaro 
Jerome Marvin Rolnick 
Melville E. Eaton, Jr. 



Candidates will be presented by Dean M. Marie Mount 
Bachelor of Science 

Ann McKenzie Alves Virginia 

Marilyn Jean Archer Maryland 

Roberta Hoskins Bafford North Carolina 

Ann Hinman Burnside D. C. 

Jane Alice Chinn Maryland 

Margaret Ann Coughlan Maryland 

Nila Marie Countryman Maryland 

Margaret Anne David Maryland 

Donna May Davis D. C. 

Helen Louise Dedicott D. C. 

Barbara Claire Densford D. C. 

Joan Dynes Maryland 

Mary Ann Elting Maryland 

Eleanor Louise Emch D. C. 

Nan C. Erickson D. C. 

Donald Francis Erlbeck Maryland 

Vivian Lee Getz Maryland 

Nancy Ann Gray Maryland 

Evelyn Eileen Haley Maryland 

Patricia Ann Hamilton Maryland 

Jeanne Lois Heffner Maryland 

Florence Joan Hover Maryland 

Elizabeth Louise Howard D. C. 

Mary Kay Labbe Maryland 

Jane Isabelle McCauley Maryland 

Suzanne Marie Overtoom . ..New Jersey 

Dorothy Warren Pelle Marj'land 

Patricia Massing Reynolds Maryland 

Nancy Jane Richardson New York 

Adeline Melis Roche Maryland 

Sally Ann Russum Virginia 

Mary Renee Saulsbury Maryland 

Margaret Ann Schindel Maryland 

Betty Rose Schmidt Maryland 

Lois Virginia Seal Maryland 

Mary E. Shryock Maryland 

Elizabeth Beall Skeats Pennsylvania 

Helen Katherine Sullivan Maryland 

Ralph Elliott Tobiassen Maryland 

Lillian Frances Trageser Maryland 

Virginia VanDerwerker Maryland 

Dorothy Jeanne Watson D. C. 

Alice Elmore Way Maryland 

Rosemary Wilson West Virginia 

Frances L. Winant Maryland 


Bachelor of Science 
Kathryn Martha Kirby Maryland Emma Jane McAllister 


Honorable Mention 

First Honors 

Joan Dynes 
Mary Kay Labbe 
Elizabeth Beall Skeats 
Virginia VanDerwerker 

Second Honors 

Mary Ann Elting 
Ann Hinman Burnside 
Donna May Davis 
Nancy Jane Richardson 


Candidates will be presented by Colonel Joseph R. Ambrose 
Bachelor of Science 

Milton Addis D. C. 

John Scott Albright Virginia 

Richard Jackson Allen Vriginia 

Robert Elmer Barde Virginia 

LaVerna Herman Beneke D. C. 

Arnold Dean Blackwell Maryland 

Robert Glenn Blaylock North Carolina 

William Woodrow Bowden Texas 

Ben William Bradley Virginia 

Calvin Woodrow Brown Massachusetts 

Dante E. Bulli Illinois 

John Whaley Cameron Texas 

John James Carroll Massachusetts 

Robert Barron Clagett Maryland 

Morgan Baxter Coker South Carolina 

Edward Matthew Collins Texas 

Egbert Creighton Cook Maryland 

Milton Bernard Cooper Pennsylvania 

William Bob Creel Virginia 

Frank CuUen Maryland 

Hilaire Gerard deGast Maryland 

Hobart E. Dewey Nebraska 

Frank Edward Dougherty, Jr Maryland 

William Parks Dukes Texas 

James Malcolm Dunn Virginia 

Elmer Forrest Edwards Virginia 

Friedrich Eisner Virginia 

Ralph Daniel Ettinger D. C. 

Wilham Chisholm Flannigan New York 

Frank Lewis Gailer, Jr New York 

Oscar Robert Giordano Massachusetts 

Charles Francis Girard New York 

Kenneth Frank Gornall Maryland 

Charles Hale Cover Maryland 

Frederic Albert Grier, III Maryland 

Robert Kenneth Grier Texas 

Charles Edwin Harris Massachusetts 

Leon Milton Harris Virginia 

Frederick Brockway Heck Virginia 

Paul Bryan Henderson Virginia 

Harold Cornelius Henschel Maryland 

Alvin Rudolf Herzog Wisconsin 

Frederick M. I. Hjertberg Virginia 


Walter A. Indyk New Jersey 

Dwight Edwin Johnson Virginia 

Roland Manning Jones Maryland 

Wesley David Jones Georgia 

Ralph Schaffer Jordan D. C. 

William Bryant Keller, Jr Virginia 

Chester Gustave Kiesel Virginia 

Harold C. King Maryland 

Donald Street Kleckner Pennsylvania 

Robert Anthony Koob Maryland 

George Walewski Laschinski Texas 

Joseph F. Leszcz California 

Aldon John LoCelso D. C. 

William Lorimer, III Indiana 

Ellis Chester Luck Maryland 

George A. Lutz Pennsylvania 

James Macefield New York 

Harold Kenneth Mackey Maryland 

Charles Andrew McGarrigle D. C. 

Stephen Mason Meginniss, II Maryland 

William Joseph Merlo California 

Edward Miccio, Jr. New York 

Dennis Virgil Neill Montana 

Hilton C. Nichols Louisiana 

Willard Albert Nichols Virginia 

Roy J. Nicholson New Mexico 

Paul A. Noel, Jr Virginia 

Howard David Ortel Maryland 

George Warren Parker Missouri 

Jacob Myers Pearce, Jr Maryland 

Raymond Donald Pearsall Nebraska 

William Edward Perry, Jr Arizona 

Henry Gerard Phillips D. C. 

Lunsford Clay Pittraan Virginia 

John Pizurki Virginia 

Patrick Hugh Rafferty Virginia 

Felix George Rajecki Virginia 

James Woodrow Reed Virginia 

Leonard Daniel Riordan Maryland 

James Paul Robertson Missouri 

John Harvey Robinson Virginia 

Leo Hudson Robinson Pennsylvania 

Edward Wesley Rodgers Texas 

FeHx Michael Rogers D. C. 

James Gerard Rosati Virginia 

James Dewey Rosskopf Maryland 

William James Rothery, Jr D. C. 

William Matthew Rowe Virginia 

Sam Isadore Serkin Maryland 

James Thomas Shaver Maryland 

Ernest Thomas Sheen California 

William Bedford Shotwell California 

Eugene Fenton Smallwood Maryland 

Thomas Martin Smatana D. C. 

Frank Joseph Smith Virginia 

Charles Joseph Smithers South Carolina 

Walter Lyle Temple Maryland 

Harry James Thompson Texas 

Julian Emmett Turner, Jr Maryland 

John J. Voynich California 

Charles Leighton Waid Alabama 

David I. Walsh Virginia 

Howard Walter Weinberger Wisconsin 

Charles John Weiss Texas 

Howard Fletcher West New York 

Andrew William Weston California 

Marcus Howard Worde Tennessee 

Leland Alfred Younkin Washington 

Bachelor of Science 

Wayne Milo Bundy California 

Charles Lebeau Duke Maryland 

Milton Joseph Golart Massachusetts 

William Charles GoUaday California 

Russell George Harris ; 9^° 

Henry Julius Heinichen Virginia 

Edward Joe Komyati Ohio 

Edward Levin Oregon 

Wendell Phillips Mar^'land 

James Laird Price California 

Nathan Hoover Ranck Virginia 

Ray Oliver Roberts Florida 

Eugene Edward Rodenburg Virginia 

Adrian Joseph Schultz D. C. 

Charles Sidney Smith D. C. 

Jack K. Sun Ohio 

Douglas Gilbert Tilley Maryland 

John McKinney Tucker Virginia 

Eugene A. Wailes Arizona 

Robert Peyton Walter California 

Arthur Yorra Massachusetts 

Honorable Mention 

First Honors 

William Chisholm Flannigan 
David I. Walsh 
Raymond Donald Pearsall 

Second Honors 

Felix George Rajecki 

Jack K. Sun 

Russell George Harris 


Candidates will be presented by Dean Lester M. Fraley 
Bachelor of Science 

Roy Edwin Bands Maryland 

Lurlene Marilynn Brown Maryland 

William Edward Cookson Maryland 

Marion Bennett Copping Maryland 

John WilHam Dornbusch Maryland 

William Hubert Dovell New Jersey 

Frank Carroll Fellows, Jr Maryland 

"Degree awarded posthumously. 

Diane Palumbo Gaumer Maryland 

Eugene Francis Hames D. C. 

*Irvin Garrett Hofmann Maryland 

Arthur Irving Hurd Massachusetts 

Becky Antonia Kekenes Maryland 

John Patrick Kirby, Jr Maryland 

George Franklin Kramer Maryland 


Edward Homer Laird Massachusetts 

William Paul Maletzky New York 

Robert Paul Marendt, Jr Maryland 

Richard Lee McKenzie Maryland 

John Joseph Mihok, Jr Maryland 

Edward Walter Modzelewski Pennsylvania 

Frank Frederick Navarro New York 

Irene Helen Overtoom New Jersey 

James Leo Overtoom New Jersey 

Donald Roland Redmiles Maryland 

Joseph Andrew Rostkowski Maryland 

James Alexander Ruckert Vireinia 

Robert Edwin Seeders Maryland 

Joseph B. Shearer Maryland 

Jane Elizabeth Short Maryland 

Harry Ronald Siegert Maryland 

Walter Donald Soderberg Maryland 

Marjorie Ann Souder D. C. 

Barbara Anne Stewart New York 

James Michael Stockman Maryland 

Arnold Clinton Stover D. C. 

Richard Campbell Stratton Maryland 

William Dinwiddle Tucker Maryland 

Fred Bosworth Weber New Jersey 

David Kenneth Williams Maryland 

Bachelor of Science 

Wallace Grant Hawley, III New Jersey Charles Nicholas Koulias Massachusetts 

Honorable Mention 
First Honors 

Marion Bennett Copping 
George Franklin Kramer 

Diane Palumbo Gaumer 


Candidates will be presented by Dean Noel E. Foss 
Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy 

Hillel Ruven Aarons Maryland 

Eugene Peter Balcerak Maryland 

Maurice Jerrold Berman Maryland 

Bernard Billian Maryland 

Jerome Block Maryland 

Placido Anthony Bonanno D. C. 

Alden Smith Bradstock, Jr Maryland 

John Gerald Bringenberg Maryland 

Herbert James Burns, Jr Maryland 

William Frank Carouge, Jr Maryland 

John Joseph Creamer Maryland 

Ralph John Crocamo Maryland 

Paul Edward Davis, Jr Maryland 

Benjamin Dickstein Maryland 

Frederick WiUiam Dreyer, Jr Maryland 

Norman DuBois Maryland 

Paul Freiman Maryland 

Jerome Gaine Maryland 

John Edward Gavlinski Maryland 

Burton J. Goldstein Maryland 

Paul Lewis Goldstein Maryland 

Charles Albert Haase Maryland 

Francis Xavier Herold Maryland 

Milton Kahanowitz Maryland 

PhiUp Richard Karn Maryland 

Howard Charles Kerpelman Maryland 

Morris Lewis Kessler Maryland 

Melvin Gilbert Kitt Maryland 

Stanley Howard Kramer Maryland 

Frank Paul Kratz, III Maryland 

Louis Henry Kraus, Jr Maryland 

Sidney Isaac Lerner Maryland 

Richard Leonard Levin Maryland 

Edward Earl Lyden, Jr Maryland 

Irwin Ernest Meyers Maryland 

Alvin Bernard Miller Maryland 

Florence Elizabeth Moorehead ...West Virginia 

Marie T. Murphy Maryland 

Faga P. Oshry Maryland 

John Padousis Maryland 

Charles Edward Pfeifer Maryland 

Donald J. Plank Maryland 

Edwin Plassnig Maryland 

Albert Prostic Maryland 

Arnold Jay Reiser Maryland 

Milton Charles Sappe Maryland 

Dorothy Freida Schaech Maryland 

Oscar Milton Schapiro Maryland 

Morton Bernard Scherr Maryland 

Norma Lee Scherr Maryland 

Henry E. Schmau.?, Jr Maryland 

Morton Irvin Shear Maryland 

John H. Shellenberger Maryland 

Michael Anthony Shimkus Maryland 

Lawrence Ronald Siegel Maryland 

Werner Joachim Sommer Maryland 

John Jacob Strauch Maryland 

Bernard Howard Strauss Maryland 

Charles Judd Swartz Maryland 

Eugenia Carolyn Tatem Virginia 

Edward Willis Thron, Jr Maryland 

John Baker Wheeler, III Maryland 

Joan Helen Zulty Maryland 




Gold Medal for General Excellence Richard Leonard Levin 

The William Simon Memorial Prize Sidney Isaac Lerner 

The Andrew G. DuMez Memorial Prize Francis Xavier Herold 

The L. S. Williams Practical Pharmacy Prize Melvin Gilbert Kitt 

The Conrad L. Wich Botany and Pharmacognosy Prize Ralph John Crocamo 

The David Fink Memorial Prize Edward Willis Thron, Jr. 

The Beta Chapter, Phi Alpha Fraternity Prize John Gerald Bringenberg 

The Kappa Chapter, Alpha Zeta Omega Fraternity Prize Milton Kahanowitz 

Sidney Isaac Lemer 

Certificates of Honor 

Charles Judd Swartz 

Milton Kahanowitz 


Candidates will be presented by Dean Florence M. Gipe 
Graduate in Nursing 

Anna Mae Beddows Maryland 

Nellie Mae Bloxom Virginia 

Margaret Mary Brown Maryland 

Elsie Ardeth Diederichs Maryland 

Janet Glyndine Douglas Maryland 

Barbara Pearl Dunn Maryland 

Jean Frances Elmore Virginia 

Mary Elizabeth Elwell Maryland 

Dorothea Agnes Fenwick Maryland 

Mora Irene FYerie Maryland 

Sarah Frances Fritz Maryland 

Marguerite Barbara Froeb Maryland 

Mary Ellen Garrett Maryland 

Amelia Carol Grimes Maryland 

Shirley Guralnick Maryland 

Charlotte Ariel Eager Maryland 

Margaret Hopper Haring New Jersey 

Maxine Carolin Haynes North Carolina 

Nancy Jo Kohlhoss Maryland 

Kari Margaret Lenning Maryland 

Carolyn O'neill Lewis Maryland 

Esther Elizabeth McCready Maryland 

Mary Lenore Muir Colorado 

Carolyn Elizabeth Myers Maryland 

Joyce Udell Nathanson Maryland 

Dorothy Edith O'Neal West Virginia 

Mary Ann Pancoast Virginia 

Thelma Irene Prigel Maryland 

Elaine Katherine Prince Maryland 

Helena Louise Ramsburg Maryland 

Shirlie Mae Reheard Pennsylvania 

Mary Ellen Reinhart Maryland 

Fae Lucille Renninger Pennsylvania 

Mary McBride Richmond Maryland 

Ruth Carolyn Rogerson North Carolina 

Alice Cresap Schafer Maryland 

Evelyn Koontz Shipley Maryland 

Patricia Robinson Smith Nebraska 

Delores Ann Tucker Maryland 

Esther Jeanne Watkins Maryland 

Susan Hulse Wood Maryland 

Mary Susan Yeager West Virginia 

Lillian Verna Zang Maryland 


The University of Maryland Nurses' Alumnae Association Prize to the student having the 
highest average in scholarship. 

Awarded to Margaret Mary Brown 

The Elizabeth Collins Lee Prize to the student having the second highest average in 

Awarded to Carolyn Elizabeth Myers 

The Mrs. John L. Whitehurst Prize for executive ability. 

Awarded to Susan Hulse Wood 

The Edwin and Leander M. Zimmerman Prize for practical nursing and for displaying 
the greatest interest and sympathy for the patients. 

Awarded to Marguerite Barbara Froeb 

The Flora Hoffman Tarun Memorial Prize, awarded for leadership, loyalty, and school 

Awarded to Amelia Carol Grimes 

The Sarah Finkelstein Memorial Prize, awarded to the nurse who has excelled in Pediatrics. 

Awarded to Mary Ellen Garrett 

The Mrs. Charles A. Reifschneider Prize, awarded to the nurse who has consistently 
maintained the best professional appearance and conduct toward patients and hospital per- 

Awarded to ; Esther Jeanne Watkins 


The University of Maryland Nurses' Alumnae Association Pin and Membership in the 
Association for practical nursing and executive ability, given by the Women's Auxiliary Board. 

Awarded to Kari Margaret Lenning 

The J. M. H. Rowland Award, offered to the most proficient nurse in the Obstetrical 

Awarded to Alice Cresap Schafer 

The Dr. Arthur M. Shipley Award, given by Dr. Hugh A. Bailey to the graduates who 
are judged the best technical undergraduates in Operating Room procedures. 

Awarded to — First Award Elsie Ardeth Diederichs 

Second Awards Evelyn Koontz Shipley 

Margaret Hopper Haring 

The Louisa Parsons Prize, awarded to the nurse who has shown the most outstanding 
growth and development, both personal and professional, by Dean Florence M. Gipe. 

Awarded to Dorothy Edith O'Neal 



Charles Edward Ackerman 
Joel Jonas Adleberg 
William Frederick Andrews 
John Barth Baker 
William Leroy Barnum 
Richard Earl Barrett 
Edmond Walter Barritt 
Edmond Victor Bartas 
Harry Ramsay Bates, Jr. 
Joesph William Bearinger 
Oliver Richard Bell 
James Hinton Bennington 
William Frederick Bishop 
Herman Bluestone 
Louis Paul Boeri 
Charles Joseph Bontempo 
Edward Benjamin Boorstein 
Herman Brecher 
Charles Moulton Brewer 
Robert Lee Brewrink 
Gerald Philip Brierley 
John Spencer Brookbank, Jr. 
Albert George Buehler 
Thomas Martin Burckes, III 
Reynold Hugh Byrne, Jr. 
Robert Arthur Callens 
Joseph Gerson Caplan 
Peter Steven Chaconas 
Walter George Chamblin 
Robert Barron Clagett 
William Henry Clampitt, Jr. 
Victor Robert Clare 
George Wilbur Cochran, Jr. 
Sidney Herman Cohen 
Ray Chenaweth Cole, Jr. 
Lawrence Dade Conway, Jr. 
Kenneth Kremer Com well, 

Sebastian Joseph Corral, Jr. 
Donald Wheatley Corrick, 

Robert Mark Coughlan 
James Philip Coyne, Jr. 
George Allen Croushorn 
William Walter Cwiek 
Jere Joseph Danaher 
John Alan Davies 
Maurice Hanford Day 
Robert Francis Day 
William St. John DeMayo, 

Lee Perry Derkay 
Armen Dermen 
Robert Peter DeStefano 

Keith Sedgwick Donnellan 
Frank Edward Doughertv, 
Richard Parish Downes, Jr. 
John Clark Downing 
Donald Edward Dube 
Mehille Edwin Eaton, Jr. 
William Stern Eichberg 
Paul Joseph Eichhorn, Jr. 
Howard Lee Eisenstein 
William Joseph Endres 
William Leslie Engel 
George Alfred Erickson, Jr. 
Louis Parker Fairlamb, Jr. 
Melvin Miller Farr 
Bennett Feigenbaum 
William Longacre Fell 
Frank Carroll Fellows, Jr. 
Antonio Ferrara 
Herman High Floyd, Jr. 
Edwin Benjamin Fockler 
Charles Samuel Fox 
Morton Fox 

Michael Vincent Franciosa 
Stanley Julius Frank 
Edward Reno Fullerton 
Philip Charles Geraci, Jr. 
Howard William Gilbert, Jr. 
John Allen Ginn 
Ervin Guy Gollner 
Donald John Gonsalves 
Herman Herbert Gritz 
John Andrew Groves, Jr. 
John Allen Gruver 
Robert Eugene Gulick 
Richard Elliott Halpern 
Ralph Mahlon Hamaker, Jr. 
Eugene Francis Hames 
Murray Sheldon Hankin 
Arthur Dwight Hawksworth 
Joseph Charles Herrmann 
Dennis Noel Hevener, Jr. 
George Donald Higgs 
Ronald Charles Hill 
James Donald Holloway, II 
Harry Gover Hopkins 
Howard Wilson Hovermale 
Vv'illiam Louis Huffard 
William Royston Hughes 
Gerald Charles Huth 
Rosel Henderson Hyde 
Stanley Robert Jacobs 
Charles Lloyd Jenkins 
Frank Ignatius Jiminez 


Elbert Laurence Johnson, Jr. 
Roland Manning Jones 
William Frederick Judge 
Richard Eugene Katz 
James Franklin Keefer 
C>Til Keene, Jr. 
Winfield Scott Kelly, Jr. 
Earl Leslie Kinsley 
John Patrick Kirby, Jr. 
Robert Norton Kirsch 
John Oscar Koch 
Edward Joseph Kolsun 
James Arthur Koons, Jr. 
George Kovacs 
Culver Sprogle Ladd, Jr. 
Edward Homer Laird 
Robert Martin Langmack 
William Wallace Larash 
Donald William Lashley 
Jack Donald Letzer 
Frederick William Lewis, Jr. 
Robert H. Lindeman 
Donald James Lindsay 
Benjamin Francis Love 
Raymond William Magill 
George Nick Manis 
Robert Paul Marendt, Jr. 
Leonard Markow 
Thomas Stuart McFee 
Richard Lee McKenzie 
Charles Sylvain Mendels 
Edwin Walter Meredith 
Harry Leonce Merrick, Jr. 
John Joseph Mihok, Jr. 
EUiott Harvey Miller 
Joseph Walker Miller 
William Charles Miller 
Milton Herbert Mitchell, Jr. 
Edward W. Modzelewski 
Ralph Peter Mohr 
Robert Kirkland Molloy 
Joseph Charles Moss 
Charles Gorsuch Myers 
Richard Glenn Neal 
Leonard Ernest Neale, III 
John Joseph Nemethy 
Minor Paul Nestor 
Knut Ivar Nilsson, Jr. 
Richard Henry Norair 
John Arthur Odell 
John Howard Orem 
Howard Da\nd Ortel 
Alexios John Papavasiliou 
James CuUey Pearson, Jr. 

Joseph Anthony Petrella 
Bruce Covington Phillips 
Sherman Graham Phillpotts 
Albert Roland Poyer 
Richard D. J. Proctor 
Robert LeRoy Pumphrey 
Calvin Clyde Quenstedt 
James Joseph Rast 
Joseph Edward Rawlings 
WiUiam John Raymond 
David Meredith Resnick 
Joseph Cosimo Rigano 
Douglas Graham Robin, Jr. 
Donald Everett Rosin 
Stanley Anthony 

Wilbur Ewald Ruehl 
Moika Andrew Rysavy 
Marvin Lee Sachs 
Arthur Clarence Sampson, 
William Martin Saterlie 
Robert WiUiam Schmid 
Edward Albert Schram 

Arthur Seymour Schuster 
James Thomas Shaver 
Joseph Jay Shearer 
John Hunter Shoemake 
Harry Arthur Simms, Jr. 
Matthew Chancellor Simms 
Edwin Francis Simons 
Carl S. Singer 
Sheldon Harris Slater 
Ronald Walter Smith 
Theodore James Smith 
Albion Kelly Snellings 
Max Snyder 

Frederick Hurst Stanhope 
William Thomas Stecher 
Ramon Phillip Steinberg 
Willard Dawson Stevenson 
Walter Jewell Stinson 
Richard Campbell Stratton 
Donald Wayne Stultz 
Elmer Lee Tarwater, Jr. 
Grafton Packard Tayman, 
James Bartow Taylor 

Robert Edward Teale 
Ralph Elliott Tobiassen 
Alan Embree Travis 
Bernard Alvin Twigg 
John Pells Van Wagner 
John Francis Van Wicklen 
Alan Quinten Vitt 
Eugene Lewis Vogel 
Richard David Walker 
Donald William Walter 
Neil Ince Walters 
Jack Donald Waterfield 
Daniel James Weber 
Herbert Etienne White 
David Kenneth Williams 
Donald Thurber Willis 
Denzel Grant Wilson 
Walter Morgan Wondrack 
Noble Powell Wong 
Stanley Allen Woodman 
Jerome Joseph Zaben 
Francis Peter Zurmuhlen 

Elected to Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society 

John Autian 
Charles H. Baer 
George A. Beishlag 
Warren B. Bezanson 
Eldon J. Cairns 
John L. Creech 

Graduate Students 

Perry S. Flegel 
Leonard Hardis 
William D. Jackson 
Genevieve C. Linebarger 
Parren J. Mitchell 
Martin W. Moser 

Albert A. Piringer 
Andrew J. Rogers 
Mary S. Schur 
William E. Shaklee 
Virginia K. Stanton 
Kenneth E. Woodward 

Ann M. Alves 
Shiela J. Ashman 
Selina G. Balco 
Diane A. Balmer 
Maryanne E. Berger 
Arnold D. Blackwell 
Gerald P. Brierley 
Reynold H. Byrne, Jr. 
Charles L. Clagett 
Joseph L. Cleary 
Marion B. Copping 
John A. Davies 
Alice P. Davis 
William E. Donaldson 
Keith S. Donnellan 
S"san P. Donnellan 
Joan Dynes 
William L. Fell 
Dorothy Golomb 
E. Charlotte Goodwin 
Alma L. Gross 
Myra E. Gross 


Anne J. Hennen 
Herbert D. Hill, Jr. 
William R. Hughes 
Gilbert P. Hull, Jr. 
Barbara A. Hulse 
Mildred H. Imirie 
Walter E. James 
Murray M. Kappelman 
Patricia S. Kirkpatrick 
Mary K. Labbe 
Doralee M. Lewis 
Leo E. Lloyd 
Mary L. McKinley 
Nancy H. McKinney 
William G. Merrill 
Morton M. Miller 
William S. Miners 
Walter T. Morris 
Austin T. Moser 
Margaret J. Cartel 
Edward E. Obstler 
Reginald C. Orem 

Laura K. Popenoe 
Charles R. Rosenberger, Jr. 
Betty A. Schmitt 
Beverly M. Schreter 
Wilma H. Schulman 
Thomas M. Scott 
Perry F. Sennewald 
Elizabeth Skeats 
Clagett G. Smith 
Anne E. Sorrell 
Irone E. Stevenson 
Jack K. Sun 
Andre J. Toussaint 
Eugene L. Vogel 
Eleanor vonBretzel 
David L Walsh 
Paul Walter 
Roland J. Ward 
Virginia L. Warfield 
Anita C. West 
George H. Woppman 

Citizenship Prize, offered by President H. C. Byrd, Class of 1908, to the member of the 
senior class who, during his collegiate career, has nearest typified the model citizen and who 
has done most for the general advancement of the interests of the University. 

Awarded to Ronald H. Pierce 


The Sally Sterling Byrd Medal, offered by the family of the late Sally Sterling Byrd of 
Crisfield, Maryland, to the woman member of the senior class who best exemplifies the enduring 
qualities of the pioneer woman. I'hese qualities should typify self-dependence, courtesy, ag- 
gressiveness, modesty, capacity to achieve objectives, willingness to sacrifice for others, strength 
of character, and those other qualities that enabled the pioneer woman to play such a funda- 
mental part in the building of the nation. 

Awarded to Alma L. Gross 

James Douglas Goddard Memorial Medal, offered by his sister, Mrs. Anna K. Goddard 
James, to the senior from Prince George's County for excellence in scholarship and moral 

Awarded to Arthur C. Sampson 

Delta Gamma Scholarship Award, offered to the woman member of the graduating class 
who has achieved the highest scholastic average for her entire course. 

Awarded to Beverly Marilyn Schreter 

Bernard L. Crozier Award, offered by the Maryland Association of Engineers to the senior 
in the College of Engineering who, in the opinion of the faculty, has made the greatest improve- 
ment in scholarship during his stay at the University. 

Awarded to Perry F. Sennewald 

American Society of Civil Engineers Award, offered by the Maryland Section of the 
American Society of Civil Engineers to the senior in the Department of Civil Engineering who, 
in the opinion of the faculty of the Department, is the outstanding student in his class. 

Awarded to Winfred O. Carter 

Algernon Sydney Sullivan Awards, offered by the New York Southern Society of the City 
of New York in memory of Mr. Sullivan in recognition of fine spiritual qualities practically 
applied to everyday living. 

Awarded to Mildred H. Imirie and Culver S. Ladd 

Alpha Rho Chapter of Alpha Chi Sigma Award, to the graduating senior in chemistry or 
chemical engineering with the highest scholastic standing. 

Awarded to Leonard C. Labowitz 

Sigma Alpha Omicron Award, offered to the senior student majoring in Bacteriology, for 
high scholarship, character, and leadership. 

Awarded to Andre J. Toussaint 

Alpha Lambda Delta Award, offered to the senior member of the group who has main- 
tained the highest average for the past three and one-half years. She must have been in 
attendance in the institution for the entire time. 

Awarded to Beverly Marilyn Schreter 

Alpha Lambda Delta Senior Certificate Award, offered to the senior members who have 
maintained the Alpha Lambda Delta average, 3.50. 

Awarded to — Selina G. Balco, Susan P. Donnellan, Dorothy Golomb, Alma L. Gross, 

Myra Gross Kamenetz, Barbara Ann Hulse, Mary Lou McKinley and Beverly M. 


The Charles B. Hale Dramatic Award, offered to the man and woman members of the 
senior class who have done most for the advancement of dramatics at the University. 

Awarded to Patricia S. Kirkpatrick and Stanley B. Kruger 

Delta Sigma Pi Scholarship Key, offered to a member of the graduating class who has 
maintained the highest scholastic average for the entire four-year course in the College of Busi- 
ness and PubHc Administration. 

Awarded to Eugene L. Voge 

American Association of University Women Award to the senior girl for scholarship and 
community leadership. 

Awarded to Nancy Jane Richardson 

Grange Award, offered by the Maryland State Grange to the senior who has excelled in 
leadership, scholastic attainment, and has contributed meritorious service to the College of 

Awarded to James Keefer 

Pi Delta Epsilon Award to the senior who has contributed the most to University Publica- 

Awarded to Edward Herbert 


Borden Agricultural Scholarship Award. 

Awarded to William G. Merrill 

Borden Home Economics Scholarship Award to the senior in the College of Home Econo- 
mics with the highest scholastic rank. 

Awarded to Joan Dynes 

Home Economics Alumni Award to the student who is outstanding in the application of 
Home Economics in her present living, and who shows promise of carrying these into her future 
home and community. 

Awarded to Margaret A. David 

The Education Alumni Award to the outstanding senior man and senior woman in the 
College of Education. 

Awarded to James W. Freeman and Alma L. Gross 

Pi Sigma Alpha Fred Hays Memorial Award, given by an alumnus to the senior in Govern- 
ment and Politics having the highest average in Departmental courses. 

Awarded to Jack D. Letzer 

Men's League Cup to the graduating male senior who has done the most for the male stu- 
dent body. 

Awarded to Ronald H. Pierce 

Silvester Medal for Excellence in Athletics, offered by the Class of 1908, to the man who 
typifies the best in college athletics. 

Awarded to Paul Nestor 

Trophy offered by Louis W. Berger to the outstanding senior in baseball. 

Awarded to David Zatz 

The Tom Birmingham Memorial Trophy, awarded by Benny and Hotsy Alperstein in 
memory of Tom Birmingham, 1937, to the outstanding member of the boxing team. 

Awarded to Jack Letzer 

Dixie Walker Trophy Award for the boxer who shows the most improvement over the 
preceding year. 

Awarded to Calvin Quenstedt 

The Teke Trophy, offered by the Maryland Chapter of Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity 
to the student who during his four years at the University has rendered the greatest service 
to football. 

Awarded to Edward Fullerton 

The Anthony C. Nardo Memorial Trophy awarded to the best football lineman of the 

Awarded to William P. Maletzky 

Halbert K. Evans Memorial Track Award, given in memory of Hermie Evans, class of 
1940, by his friends to the outstanding graduating senior trackman. 

Awarded to George Butler 

The Governor's Cup, offered to the commander of the best drilled squadron. 

Awarded to Cadet Captain Howard L. Eisenstein 

The Alumni Cup, offered to the flight leader of the best drilled flight. 

Awarded to Cadet Lieutenant Roland M. Jones 

The Air Force Association Medal, offered to the outstanding Advanced Air Force R.O.T.C. 

Awarded to Cadet Colonel Leonard E. Neale 

The Reserve Officers' Association Gold Medal, offered to the senior advanced cadet with 
the highest academic average. 

Awarded to Cadet Lieutenant John A. Davies 

The Reserve Officers' Association Silver Medal, offered to the senior advanced cadet with 
the second highest academic average. 

Awarded to Cadet Lieutenant Gerald P. Brierley 


The Reserve Officers' Association Bronze Medal, offered to the senior advanced cadet 
with the third highest academic average. 

Awarded to Cadet Major Reynold H. Byrne 

Scabbard and Blade Coblentz Memorial Trophy to the Commanding Officer who has con- 
tributed to his unit. 

Awarded to Cadet Captain Denzel G. Wilson 

Arnold Air Society Plaque to the graduating senior of the Arnold Air Society for distin- 
guished service in displaying leadership and zeal for the Society. 

Awarded to Cadet Major James F. Keefer 

Armed Forces Communications Medal, offered to the outstanding cadet in communications. 
Awarded to Cadet Lieutenant Melville E. Eaton, Jr. 

Disabled American Veterans' Gold Cup Medal, offered to the outstanding Air Force 
R.O.T.C. Cadet. 

Awarded to Cadet Captain Charles G. Myers 

Awards made to other than seniors have been announced in the program for the Honors 
and Awards Assembly. 



























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